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i V :. - >. 

f''~> *>. n.K.i\ 




PQ ::^ 






^ ' ONDOX: DAVH) XUTT, 57-59; Acrk, W.C. 

ger gc.^. 

(/mm grammatical, 

her heraldry, 


coKpameHiH m SHaKOBi), ynoTpeSuflewibixi) bi. stoniI) cjioeapt. 

ace. nccns accusative case. 

adj adjective. 

ado adverb. 

adv. Joe adverbial locution. 

agr., agric agriculture. 

alg algebra. 

anat anatomy. 

apoth apothecary. 

arch architecture. 

arith. . arithmetic. 

art., artil artillery. 

ast., astr astronomy. 

astrol astrology. 

augm augmentative. 

hib., bibl biblical. 

hot botany. 

build building. 

c case. 

' cares caressingly. 

carp carpentry. 

chem chemistry. 

chir cbirurgical. 

chron chronology. 

coll colloquial. 

coUec, collect. . . . collective. 

com commerce. 

co7np comparative. 

con contempt. 

conj conjunction. 

cook cookery. 

dat. . dative. 

dim • diminutive. 

dipl diplomatic. 

disd disdainfully. 

. disp., dispar disparagingly. 

eecl ecclesiastic. 

engr engraving. 

ent entomology. 

fam familiar. 

far farriery. 

fig figurative. 

forg forgery. 

fort fortification. 

fut future. 

gen genitive case. 

geneal genealogy. 

geod geodesy. 

geog., geogr geography. 

yeol geology. 

geom geometry. 

ger gerund. 

gram grammatical. 

her heraldry. 

hist history. 

hunt hunting. 

hyd., hydr hydraulics. 

ichth ichthyology. 

indecl indeclinable. 

indef. indefinite. 

instr., instnim. . . . instrumental case. 

inter., interj interjection. 

iron ironically. 

join joinery. 

jiir jurisprudence. 

laio law. 

lit. «s little used. 

log logic. 

mach machinery. 

mas., mason masonry. 

math mathematics. 

meeh. ... ... mechanics. 

med medicine. 

met. metal metallurgy. 

meteor meteorology. 

mil military. 

min mineralogy. 

mm music. 

myth mythology. 

n. us not used. 

nat. hi.^t natural history. 

naut nautical. 

neg negative. 

num number. 

obs obsolete. 

opt optics. 

orn ornithology. 

p, pr participle present. 

paint painting. 

partic particle. 

part, p participle past. 

perf. perfect aspect. 

2)harm pharmacy. 

philol philology. 

philos philosophy. 

2)hot photography. 

phys physics. 

physiol physiology. 

pi plural. 

poet poetically. 

pop popular. 

prep preposition. 

prepos prepositional. 

pres present. 

print printing. 

pron pronoun. 

pron. dem pronoun demonstr 


pron. ind pronoun indefinite. 

irron. pers pronoun personal. 

2>ron. pasf; pronoun possessive. 

pro7i. rel., relat. . . pronoun relative. 

prov proverb. 

rail railway. 

rhet rhetoric. 

s, c substantive common. 

sculp sculpture. 

g f substantive feminine. 

sing singular. 

si Slavonic. 

s,m, substantive masculine. 

s,n substantive neuter. 

sport sport. 

superl superlative. 

surg surgery. 

tech technology. 

theat., fheatr. . . , theatre. 

theol theology. 

threat tlireatening. 

typ typography. 

V. a verb active. 

V. imp vero impersonal. 

V. irr verl) irregular. 

V. n. ....... . verb neuter. 

V. p . verb passive. 

V. r verb reflective. 

V. rec, recip. .... verb reciprocal. 
vet. ........ veterinary. 

vulg vulgar. 

zool zoology. 

^epTa oananaeTt noBTOpeHie cioBa. 
^epxo'jKa aaM'inacTi Ha'iaao caoiia. 

SnaKx 3T0TI pasfltMeTT, pasHua sHaiOHi^ cjioBa, a TaKJKC h (I)pa3H, rjiaBiibia cjioBa 
KOTopHxii nepcRCj5enH paajH^uHMH aurjiiflcKHMH caoBaMH hah iiepH({)pa3aMH. 






.<;. n. the first letter of the Russian alphabet. 
conj. and, but; ^eAosthK^ npednoAataemo, a 
pacno^alaenl^, man proposes and God dis- 
MHih HyMHu He deuuu, a coennio, it is not 
Eioney but advice that I want. 
A! Aa! inter, ah! well! 
AaHFH^'B, s. m. the winter duck. 
A6aa:ypi», s. m. lamp-shade; || Venetian blind. 
AOaKa. s. f. arch, abacus. 
A66aTHCCa, s. f. abbess. 

AodaTCKitt, adj. belonging to an abbot, ab- 
batical, abbatial. 

AOSfiTCTBO, s. n. abbacy, abbotship; i| abbey. 
AfidaTTb, s. m. abbot. 

AO^HKai^ia, s. f. abdication; |l -n,ioHHHii, adj. 
of abdication. 
A6eppau,iH, s. f. astr. opt. aberration. 
ACsai^'b, s. m. print, a fresh paragraph. 
AdJieraxt, s. m. ablegate, vicar of the legate. 
ACoHeMeHTTb, s. m. subscription; ama Kuuza ue 
daemon e^—, ueudeim o^—, this book is ^not to be 
lent, is nor for lending; ne eh cuenio -MeHTa, the 
free list suspended. 

ASoHCHTt, s. m. subscriber. 
AGoHHpOBaHie, s. n. -poBKa, s. f. subscribing. 
AOoHHpoBaxb, V. a. to pay a subscription, sub- 
scribe to; Jl - CH (ua umo), v. r. to subscribe, be a 
subscriber to^ take a season ticket for;lpart. p. 
-poBaHHUfi, subscribed to; having an entry, free 
A6op;i;aa:'B, s. m. naut. boarding; |j -;i,aaKHHfi, adj. 
A6op;i;HpoBaxi., v. a. naut. to reach or approach 
the shore; to board, come alongside; to run foul; 
-jjHpyiomee cydno, boarding ship. 
ASopHrcHbi, s. 7)1. pi. aborigines, natives. 
A6paKa;j;a6pa, s. f. abracadabra. 
AOpHKOCt, s. VI. apricot; || -KOCHEiilf, -koco- 
BMii, adj. apricot, apricot-coloured. 
ASpHCt, s. m. outline, sketch, contour. 
AOceHTi., s. m. absinthe, bitters, absinthium. 
A6coJiiOTH3M'L, s. VI. absolutism. 
AScoJiioTHUfi, adj. absolute; || -ho, adv. — ly. 
AGcTpaKTHufij see OTsaeqeHKHfi. 
A"iOc'rpiisii,iH, ,?./". see OrBJicieHie. 
A(»cyp;i;'iij s^ m. absurdity, absurdness. 
A6n,Heca, .s. /. geom. absciss, abscissa. 
AdajTitf s. m. deal (in a game of chance at 

AOuiHA*, s. VI. mil. certificate of discharge. 
ABaHrapj^x, s.m. mil. van-guard, van: j] «";i,HHii, 
ABaHsaaa^ s. /'. entrance-room, anteroom. 
ABannocTTb, s. vi. inil. advanced post. 
ABaHcn^ena, s. f. fore-scene, proscenium. 

ABaHCb, s. m. advance. 
ABaHxaasHbiJi, adj. advantageous; j] pretty. 
ABaHxaaK-B, s. m. advantage, profit; || coll. ounib 
Go -a:*, to look well, pretty. 

ABaHxypHH'b, s. vi. viin. avanturine, aventu- 
rine;|l -pHHHHtt, -pnHOBHfi, adj. 
ABaHxiopncxx, s. m. adventurer. 
ABapiH, s. f. com. average, damage, injury; 
Ij -pifiHEJ^, adj. 

ABrypi-j s- ">»• augur; || -pcKift, adj. augural, 
augurial, belonging to an augur. 

ABrycxiiHeii,ij s. m. Augustinian, Austin-friai*. 

ABxycxi., s. m. August, month of August; nep- 
oaio -cxa, the first of August. 

ABrycxBlimifl, adj. most august, august. 

Abiiso, s. n. aviso, advice-vessel, advice-boat. 

ABOCb, Abocb-.ihOo, adv. pop. perhaps; dtb.iamh 
ua asocb, to do at random, at a venture, at chance. 

ABpa-it, s. VI. naut. (a word of command) all 
hands on deck! || -.ibHHii, adj. -.ibnaa pa6oma, 
work performed by all the crew. 

AspaH-b, s. m. bot. centaury; dttKih—, hedge 

ABpiiKy.ia, s. f. hot. auricula. 

ABpnniirMeHX'b, s. vi. min. orpiment. 

ABpopa, s.f. aurora. 

ABCxpa.ibHMft, adj. austral, southern. 

ABCxp-b, s.m. auster, southern wind. 

ABXo6iorpa(X)HiecKiif, adj. autobiographic, au- 

ABXo6iorpa#ifl, s. f. autobiography. 

ABXo6iorpa(]()'r,, s. vi. autobiographer. 

ABXorpa(J>ia, s. f. autography. 

ABXOrpiUJf)!., s. VI. autograph. 

ABXOKpaxia, s. f. uutocracy; || -XHiecKitt, adj. 
autocratic, — al. 

ABXOMaxu.^Mi, s. m. automatism. 

ABxoMaxHiecKiii, adj. automatic,— al. 

AsxoMax'b, s. m. automaton. 

ABXOMo(>ii.ib, s. VI. motor-car. 

ABXOHOMia, s. f. autonomy. 

ABxoHOMHbiii, adj. autonomous, autonomic. 

ABXopHxexH&ifi, adj. authoritative. 

ABxopiixexT., s. VI. authority. 

ABXOpCKifl, adj. author's,belonging to an author. 

ABX0pcxB0,s.7^. profession of author, authorship. 

ABXopcxBOBaxb, v.n. to exercise the profession 
of an author. 

ABXOpi., s. VI. author. 

Ara! inter, ah! ah! J, s.m. aga. 

AraBa, s. f. hot. agave. 

AraMa, s. f. zool. agama. 

Arapb, s. f. bird, snipe. 

Arax-b, s.m. agate; l| -xOBHii, -XHbifl, adj. 

AreHxypa, s. f. Arencxso, s. n. agency. 

ArcHxi, s. m. agent; ;i -xcKifi, adj. 


— 2 


ArHTaij^p'L, s.m. agitator, seditionary, mutineer, 

ArHTai^ia, s. /'. agitation; see BojineHie, 

ArHTHpoBaTB, V. n. to agitate; see Bo;i ho bstb. 

Ariacma^ s. f. holy water, the water of baptism. 

Arnen;*, s. m. dim. arH^HKi, lamh, agnus; || cath. 
host, consecrated wafer, offering; — nacxaAhuuti, 
paschal lamb; || -He^HEiii[; adj. pertaining to the 

ArHHi^a, s. f. ewe; || fig. an innocent girl, a 

ArHOBM B-BXBH, s. f. pi. branches of the 
Palestine willow. 

ArHiitt, adj. lamb's. 

ArOHia, s. f. agony. 

ArpaMaHTt, s. m. ornament, adornment. 

ArpapHMft, adj. agrarian. 

Arpacpt, s. m. clasp. 

ArpeccHBHMli, adj. aggressive. 

ArpHKjrjibTypa, s. f. agriculture, 

ArpoHOMifl, s. f. agronomy; i| -HOMH^ecKiiij 
adj. agronomical. 

ArpoHOMt, s. in. agriculturist, 

Ary, aryHWuiKH, interjection addressed to little 
children to make them smile. 

Arj'TH, s. m. indecl. zool. agouti. 

A^aasio, s. n. indecl. mus. adagio. 
- Aj^aMJiHTOBHft, adj. adamantine; || fig. firm, 

A;^auaHT'B, s. m. adamant, diamond. 

A;^aMOBi, adj. -Mosa roaoBa, death's-head; ||6o^. 
mandrake, mandragora; jj -mobo aCjOKO^ anat. 

A;];bji31>^ s. m. com. letter of advice. 

A;i;BOKaTypaj s. f. A;i;BOKaTCTBo, s. n. advo- 
cateship, advocacy. 

A^BOKtiTCTBOBaTB, V. n. to advocate, exercise 
the profession of an advocate. 

A;^BOKaTi», s. m. advocate; || -axCEitt; adj. 

A;^eHOJioria, s. f. adenology. 

A^iieHOTOMia, s. f. adenotomy. 

A;^enT'B, s. m. adopt, 

A;^MHHHCTpaTUBHEifi, adj. administrative. 

A;i;MHHHCTpaTop'B, s. m. administrator. 

A;i;MHHHCTpimia, s. f. administration. 

A;^MHpaJTeiiCKift, adj. belonging to the ad- 

Afl,MHpaaTeftCTBO, s. n. admiralty; navy-office; 

A/TMHpa.iTcttCTB'B-CoB-BT'B, s. m. the board of 

A^^UHpiiJX, admiral; II £roo/. admiral-shell, 
cornet (shell); {["hjihCKiAf adj. -ajbCEitt nach, 
admiral's hour (old custom to take a glass of 
hrandg at noon). 

A;i,MHpiiJii.CTBO, s. n. admiralship. 

A;^MHpajiBiua; s. f. wife of an aihniral. 

A/Toni>j udj. belonging to hell, to tht; infernal 

AAOHiiiecKift, adj.—cmuxi, adonic verse. 

Aj^pocaTt, s. m. addressee; receiver of a letter. 

AAPf^cnutt, adj. of address;— 6 HJi en., certifi- 
cate of town-residence; — ctojit., address-office. 

A;^pccoBaTb, v. a. to address, direct; || -ca, 
V. r. (i:z >:oM)/), to address one's self to;\\ part. p. 


A;^pcc'i>, s. m. address, direction; petition; 6.iaio- 
dapfmncHiihih — ,an address of thanks; — KajieH,';apB, 
s. rn. Directory (Post-office JJirectorg); — KOiiTopa, 
.9. /'. passport-otfice. 

A;'^CKift, adj. infernal, liellish; diabolical; || — Ka- 
Heiib; .s. 7/1. lapis inf -rnalis; II -CKH, adc. — ly. 

A;^7.j .s. m. hell, infernal regions. 

A;^'bK)HKT7., s. 3". adjunct, assistant; |l -xCKift, 

A^^'LioxaHTi; s. »i. aid-de-camp, adjutant; {j re- 
nepajii. — , adjutant-general; hojikoboS — , adju- 
tant-major; njiaux— , assistant of a town-major; 
II -CKiuf, adj. 

Aaiio; s.m. indecl. com. agio; see .laa^. 

A:KioxaaE:'B; s. m. stock-jobbing. 

AacypHHit, adj. open-work. 

X^SB.!,, AacHO, adv. even, so that. 

Asaaia, s. f. hot. azalea. 

AaapiHHiaxB, v. n. to hazard, run or stand 
the hazard of. 

AsapxHBifi; adj. audacious, irritable; hazardous; 
-ana mpa^ a game of chance. 

Asapx*, s. m. anger, irritability; eoumu <3o— , to 
fly into a passion, to lose one's temper. 

A36ecxi., s. m. asbestos; || -cxOBBitt, adj. as- 

AsOyKa, s. f. dim. asdy^Ka^ alphabet, spelling- 
book, abc-book; HomnaH — , mus. the scale, gamut; 
dmo Oah mchh KumaucKaH — , it is Hebrew to me; 
II -.yiHUH, adj. alphabetic. 

AsOyiHHKi, s. 7/i.-HHi^a, s.f. an abecedarian, 

AsHMyxi, s.m. astr. azimuth;— KOMnaci., s. m. 
naut. azimuth-compass; || -XHEifit, adj. 

AsoxHCXOEHCiBiA, adj. "Jiaa., nitrite. 

AsoxHORHCJiBitt, adj. -jaa co.ih, nitrate. 

Asoxi, s.m. chem. azote; || -XHBift, -XHCXuii, 
adj. azotic, azotous, consisting of azote; nitrous, 
nitry. ^ 

AsTb, pron. si. I; || s. m. the letter A; om asa «» I 
lAaaa ue 3Haem^, he does not know a from b; eu- * 
dnmh ua asaxi, to be at the abc. 

Att, inter, hey! ohljjs. »?i, zool. ai, sloth. 

Afina, s.f. quince (fruit); see Kbhtx; |j aftBO- 
BBifl, adj. 

Aapii; s.m. hot. sweet-flag, sweet-rush, sweet seg, j 

Ahcxhhk^, s. m. hot. geranium, pelargonium. ^ 

Amcx'b, s. m. stork; i| -xobbiu^ adj. 

Ahcb, s. m. mus. A sharp or La sharp, 

AKa;i;eMHK'B, s. m. an academician. 

AKa^^eMHCXi, s. m. academist. 

AKa;i;eMHiecKift, adj. academic, — al; [j -ckh, 
adv. — cally. 

AKa;i;eMia, s. f. academy. 

AKaHX'B, s. m. arch, acanthus. 

ARaii,ia; s. f. acacia-tree, acacia. 

AKiiOHCXHHK'B; s. m. book of acathisti. 

AKJiOHCxtj S.m. acatliistus;|| ""CxaBifi, adj. 

AEBamapnaii, s. in. aquamarine; || -■ HHHElft^ 

-lIHOBBlfi; C(dj. 

ARBapeaacxTb, s. m. painter in water colours. 

AKBapCtiB^ s.f. picture in water colours; ;] -nufl, 

AEBiipiii; see AKsapiyMi. 

AEBapiyM7., s. m. aquarium. 

AEBaxiiHxa, s. f. aquatint. 

AEBe;^yKX'i., s. m. aqueduct. 

Aebhjoh'B, s. m. aquilon, the north wind. 

Arm, conj. si. as; -Ou, as if, as well as. 

ARHJioii, s. m. ARBaaeria, s. f. hot. aquilegia. 

AERanMaxHsaii^ia, s.f. acclimation, acclimatiza- 

ARR.iiiMaxHBHpoBaxB, V. a. to acclimatize, 
acclimate; || -ca, v. r. to become acclimatized^^^^et 
used to a climate. •"*' ^^ 

AKEo,ia;:^a, s. /'. mus. brace, accpAra'e. 

ARROMo;^imia, s. f. accomodation. 

Arkoi);^'!., s.m. mus. chord- |l'-;^Hrjft, adj. 

.\'^.-K0MnaHeMeuT7., s.m. mus. accumpaniment. 

AiiKUMnauiipoBaxB, v. a. mis. to accompany; — 
ccnih, to accompany one's self; eny -poBaaa, he 
was accompanied. 

AEEOMiianiaxopi; s. ih. accompanist. 

ARRpe^'^HxoBaHie, s. n. AKEpe;i(lToBRa, 5. /". ac- 


— 3 - 


AsKpe,i;HTOBaTB, v. a. dipl. to accredit; com. to 
give credit, open credit with any one; || -ch, v. 2^. 
tc be accredited; \\part.2}. -TOBaHHHft, accredited. 

AKKyMy-iaxopi., s. m. jjJiys. accumulator. 

AKKypaxHOCTb, s. f. accuracy, exactness. 

AKKypaTHufi, adj. accurate, punctual; || -ho, 

Akcihti, .s\ m. acolyte. 

Akohhtii, s. m. bot. aconite. 

AKpn.^a, s. f. zool. locust. 

AKpofiax-fc, .^. )». acrobat, rope-dancer. 

AEpono.ib, .^!. m. acropolis. 

AKpoCTHXt, s. m. acrostic. 

Aspi, s. in. acre. 

AKceasOaHTi, s. m. mil. shoulder-knot. 

AKCioJia, s. f. axiom. 

ApxepCTBO, s. n. profession of an actor. 

AKxepcxBOsaxb, 0. n. to exercise the profession 
of an actor, be an actor. 

AKxepx, s. m. actor, player; || -pcKiii, adj. 

AKXHBHUtt, adj. active; operating, operative. 

AkxhbIi, s. m. com. assets. 

AcxOBBitt, adj.—3a^^, public hall (of a school); 
—Baa ojj.Maia, stamped paper. 

AKxpiica, s.f. actress. 

AKxyapiyci, s. m. actuary, clerk; ',| secretary; 
jl -ycHbiit, pdj. 

AKXt, s. m. roll, deed; document; title-deed; 00- 
euHunie.ibHuu—, indictment; KprbnocmHoii—, title 
of possession; \\ act (of a ijlaij); \\ annual session; 
I)ublic act; nHuoepcamemcKiu — , solemnity of uni- 
versity; || aKXU, pjl. records (papers). 

AKyja, s. f. shark. 

AKYnyHKxypa, s. f. chir. acupuncture. 

AKycxHKa, s. f. acoustics. 

AKycxiqecKift, adj. acoustic;— cffO(?s, -Kaa laA- 
jiepeji, vfhispering-dome, whispering-gallery; II -ckh, 
adv. according to the acoustics. 

AKyniepKa, s. f. midwife. 

AKymepcxBO, s. n. midwifery; obstetrics. 

AKyinept, s. m. accoucheur, man - midwife; 

-pCEifir, adj. 

AEi^eHXOBaxb, 0. a. to accent, accentuate. 
Aki^chx^b, s. m. accent; || accentuation. 
AKi^enxaxopi, s. m. com. accepter. 
AKi^enxania, s. f. com. acceptance. 
AKii;enxoBaxb, v. a. to accept (a bill of exchange); 

1 -ca, v.p. to be accepted; ]|jjar^. p. -xoBaHHtift. 

AKD,H^eHXH, s.m. pi. mus. accidents (flat, sharp, 

AEii,H;^eHi^ia, s. f. perquisites, fees; chance 

AKii;ii8'B, s. m. excise; I -SHBift, adj. - 3Hoe 
ynpa'j.ieHie, excise office. 

AEi^ioHep'b, s.m. actionary,share-holder;||-Hep- 
Huit, adj. -pHoe oomecmoo, joint-stock company. 

AEJ^ia, s. /'. share, stock. 

AJia;];bH^ see Oxa^hn. 

A.ire6pa, s-. /". algebra. 

AJireOpaHCX'B, Ajrefipacxt, s. m. algebraist. 

AjreOpauiecKitt, adj. algebraic,— al;il -ckh, 
ado. — cally. 

AjrH;i;uutt, adj. med. algid, cold. 

A.ie6ap;i;a, s. f. halberd; || -j^Huft, adj. 

Ajedap;i;mHKT>, s. m. halberdier. 

AaeOacxpi., s. m. alabaster; || -poBufi, adj. 

AjieKcaH;i;pux'B, s. m. min. chrysoberyl. 

AaeKcaH;^pifi[CKiff, adj. — .memo, Alexandrian 
senna; — cmux^, Alexandrian verse; -CEaa 6i/.Haia, 
royal paper. 

AaeMouK'B, s. m. chem. alembic. 

AaeHbEifi, adj. dim. see A;iuh. 

AaexpnCB, s. w. bot. dragon-tree. 

Aaa,, pop. see Hjih, PaaBi. 

A.in6H, s. n. laic, alibi. 

AJH;^ii;](a, s. f. geom. alidade. 

AjHsapuHit, s. m. chem. alizarine. 

AJHKBaHXHUtt, adj. math. - aaa mcyhs. 
aliquant pait. 

A.inEB6xHi>iii[, adj. -aaa uacmb, aliquot part. 

AjU(I>a, s. f. drying oil (f>r colours). 

AjB(J)HXb, V. a. to cover with drying oil. 

AjKaJif, s.n. indecl. chem. alkali. 

A.iEaJU3HpoBaxb, i'. a. to alkalize, alkalizate. 

AaEa.iHnecKift, adj. alkaline. 

AjEiiHie, s.n. hunger, thirst; ||/"i^. eagerness, 
strong desire, longing after, for. 

AjiBaxb, v.n. to be hungry, thirsty; || to hunger, 
thirst; to long for. 

AjiKepMeCT., s. m. alkermes. 

AjEioHi, s. /«. bird, halcyon, king-fisher; see 


AjiEoroauieCEifl, adj. alcoholic,— al. 

AJiEoroJiHSiM'b, s. m. alcoholism. 

A.iKoro.iHE'b, s. 7)1. habitual drunkard, dipso- 

AJiKoroab, s. m. alcohol. 

AjKopaHX, s. m. alcoran, the koran. 

AJiBOxa, s. f. great appetite; || fasting, tem- 

Ajjaxi, s. m. Allah. 

AjiJieropHCX'b, s. m. allegorist, allegorizer. 

AjjeropuiecKitt, adj. allegorical; || - ckh, 
ado. — ly. 

Aaaeropia, s.f. allegory. 

Aji.ierpexxo, s. n. indecl. mus. allegretto. 

AjJierpH, s.n. see JToxepea. 

Aji.icrpo, s. n. indecl. mus. allegro. 

Ajjea, s. f. dim. -aeftEa, avenue, walk; || -.leii- 
HEifir, adj. 

Aji.iHraxop'b, s. w. alligator. 

AjUHJiyia, s. f. indecl. hallelujah. 

AjiJio;i,iaJibHuii[, adj. allodial, allodian. 

Ajijioj^i, s. m. allodium, freehold. 

A.iJionaxiaqecKiu, adj. allopathic,— al; || -ckh, 
a(Zy.— cally. 

AaJionaxia, s. f. allopathy. 

AjJiOHiixi, s. TO. allopathist. 

Aaaoxponia, s.f. allotropy; isomerism. 

AaJiWBiaabHHft, adj. geol. alluvial. 

AaJiH)Bift, s. 7)1. geol. alluvion, alluvium. 

AJiaropTb, s. m. pace, gait (of a horse). 

AJiHasHHBi, s. m. jeweller. 

AJiMa3<iHK%, s. 7)1. diamond-cutter, lapidary. 

A.iMa3i>, s. TO. dim. -Maaei^'b, -:(ia3HB'b, dia- 
mond; jewel; || -set, pi. diamonds; jewelry; || -Mas- 
HEJA, adj. of diamond. 

Aao, naut. ho! hoa! ship ahoy! 

A.iOBaxbiA, adj. di))i. rather ruby-coloured; see 

Ajib&f s. TO. bot. aloe, aloes; jj -Huii, adj. aloetic. 

Aaocxb, s. f. ruby-colour. 

Ajxapb, s. TO. sanctuary, chancel (in the Greek 
church);\\ altar; || -xapawtt, adj. 

Aaxett, s. m. bot. althcea. 

Ajixmhhhk'b, s. to. -HHi^a, s. f. scrape-penny, 
skinflint, pinch-penny, pinch-fist, niggard. 

AjxhiBHuqaxb, 0. n. pop. to be niggardly or 
sordidly parsimonious, be stingy; to pinch. 

AaxuH-b, s. m. three-copecks (ancient coin); 
ll -Huff, adj. 

A.i<K)aBiix'B, s. TO. alphabet; no -xy, alpha- 
betically; II -XHHii, adj. alphabetic,— al. 

AaxiiMUK-b, s. TO. alchemist; 11 -MHqecKifl, adj. 

AaxiiJiia, .•«. f. alchemy. 

A.iioa, s.f. see AjKanie. 

Aaqanqaxb, i>. ?i. to be greedy, long greedily 
after, for. 

A.iiHOCib, s. f. greediness, avidity. 



— 4 

AJi^Hutt, adj. famished, greedy of, eager for, 
to, covetous; i -ho, adv. with avidity, greedily. 

Aji^Tffl,itt, part. act. thirsty; longing, yearning 
for, greedy of. 

AJufi, adj. dim. aaeHbKift, blood-red, ruby- 
coloured: i -ao, ado. 

Aaupa, AjiMpmHKT., -m,Hn,a, see Ajspa. 

AawpHTb, v.n. pop. to deceive, dupe, cheat; 
II to juggle. 

AjiupH, s. c. deceiver, cheat, swindler. 

AjibCaxpocb, s. m. zool. albatross. 

AjibOnroititBJ, s. m. pi. hist, albigenses. 

AjibOuHKSM'b, s. m. albinism, albiuoism, leu- 
copathy. , 

AjibfiHHocb, s. m. albino; i -HOCKa, s. f. albino- 
woman. , , <^ y 

AjibOoM'B, s.m. album, keepsake; |J -oomhhb, 


AJlbfivMUH'b, s. m. albumen; || -HHHft, adj. 

AabKUBi, s.m. arch, alcove; l| -KOBHEifir, adj. 

AJibManaxT., s. m. almanac. 

AJbnara, $. f. alpaca. 

Ajbnapu, adv. com. at par. 

AjbTt'pHaxHBa, s. f. alternative. 

AJbTHMexpia, s. f. altimetry. 

AabTHMexpi, s. m. altimeter. 

AJibTHCTT,, S.m. counter-tenor singer; ||violist. 

AabTpyiiSMt, s. m. altruism. 

AabT-bj s. m. counter-tenor; il viola, tenor-violin; 
Ij iTOBbii^, adj. 

AJib(|)a, s. f. alpha, the first letter of the Greek 
alphabet; |' the beginning. 

Ajib(|>pecKO, s. n. indeel. fresco. 

Aa-bTb, V. n. to grow blood-red, ruby-coloured; 
]| -ca, V. n. to appear rather blood-red. 

AawMKHitt, s.m. aluminium (metal). 

Aaaiio, ado. see AaauoBaxo. 

AaanoBaxocTb, s. f. clumsiness, coarseness, 

AaanoBJiTHii, adj. coarse, clumsy, rough; |1 -to, 
(sdy.— ;-ly,— msily. 

Aaanbiiif, adj. see AjianOBaTuii. 

AMasouKa, s. f. amazon; || lady on horseback, 
female rider; ,] riding-habit. 

AMaabraMa, s. f. chem. amalgam; ji fig. medley, 
mixture; II coZZ. hodge-podge; || see CopxyiKa. 

AMaabraMaii,ia, s. f. chem. amalgamation. 

AMaabraMHpoBaxb, v. a. chem. to amalgamate; 
\fi(l. to amalgamate, mix, blend. 

AMaHaxi, s. m. hostage, pledge. 

AMapaHXT., s. m. bot. amaranth, cockscomb, 
love-flower; -xoBuft, adj. amaranthine, amaranth, 

AMaxepi., s. m. amateur, lover. 

AMfiapro, >'. n. indeel. naut. embargo. 

AM^iapHuff, U'lj. of storehouse, warehouse; |j s. m. 

AMriuiiiuHKii, s.m. warehouse-man. 

AMrtapiiuma, s. f. AMOapuoe, s. n. com. ware- 
housing, storatre, loft-rent, warehouse-rent. 

AMGap-b, s. m. warehouse, storehouse; x.iit,i'- 
Huh — , corn-lo{"t, granary; c.t.iadhiaaiiih ah — , to lay 
up, to house; store, provision, stock. 

AMr)iiu,ia, s. f. ambition; ^ self-love. 

A.u6pa, s. f. amber; :i -OpoBUtt, adj. of amber, 

AMr»pn.3ypa, s. f. fort, embrasure; i| -pHUrt, adj. 

AMTtposia, AMBpoaia, s. /'. myth, ambrosia; 

il -SMICf'Rift, (Ulj. 

AMrtyaaxopia, s.f. ambulatory; ;; -piiutt, rf(/y". 

AMr»yiuiopi., s. m. miis. embouchure; blowing, 

A.MBuu'b, s.m. arabo; ij tribune, estrade; i -boh- 
HKiitf adj. 

AMcpiiKaousM'b, s\ m. americanism. 


AMexHcxoBHKT>, s. 771. matrix of amethyst. 
AMexHCXt, s.m. amethyst; jj -HCXOBHfi, adj. 

AMiirji.aaHH'b, s. m. chem. amygdaline. 
AMHr;^aab, s. m. AMHr^^aaoBufi, adj. see Meh- 
aaaB, MHHxajii.HhiH. 

AMHacHX., s. m.. chem. amylene. 
AMUHb, adv. amen. 

AMianxx., s. m. amianth, amianthus; |i -anxo- 
Bbift, adj. 

AitfKa, s. f. coll. bow-wow, dog (in childish lan- 

AMMiaK'b, s. m. chem. ammonia, ammony. 
AMMiaiHUii, adj. ammoniac, ammoniacal. 
AMMoniu, s. ni. chem. ammonium. 
Ammohhxi, s. ?n. ammonite. 
AMHMCxia, s.f. amnesty, general pardon; see 

Amop<K)H3M1., s. m.. amorphism. 
AMop^HOCXb, s. f. amorphy. 
AsioptpHbifl, AMop(|)HMecKift, adj. amorphous. 
AMnepi, A\ m. phys. ampere. 
Asinaya, s. n. indeel. theat. department, line of 

AMnyTan,ia, s. f. chir. amputation. 
AMnyxapoBaxb, x>. a. to amputate. 
AMyaext, .?. m. amulet, talisman. 
AMyHHii,iH, s. f. mil. articles of outfit, mu- 
nition; Ij -HHqHHfl, adj. 

AMyHHtHHKX., s. m. mil. magazine of uniforms. 
Awypaxbca, o. n. coll. iron, to court, pay court 
to, woo. 
Aiuypi, s. m. myth. Cupid, love. 
AM(|)HOioabria, s. f. nat. hist, amphibiology; 
jj -aoriinecKiii, adj. amphibiologic, — al. 
AMiliHOioaor-b, s. m. amphibiologist. 
AM<]{)H6ia, s.f. amphibious animal; see Somho- 

Ai»i«J)H6paxiii, s. m. amphibrach; jj - 6paxH- 
lecKitt, adj. amphibrachic,— al. 

AM(j()uCKiH, s. m. pi. geog. amphiscii, amphis- 

AJKpHxeaxpii, s. m. amphitheatre; j| -axpaab- 
ubiif, adj. amphitheatral. 
AMiJuixploHT., s. m.. amphitryon. 
AM(]()opa, s. f. amphora. 
AHa6aiiTU3M'b, s. ?». anabaptism. 
AHaOanxHCTi., s. m. anabaptist. 
AHarpaMMSi, s. f. anagram. 
AnaKpcoHXHiecKifl, adj. anacreontic. 
AuaaaB-b, s.m. pectoral, breast-plate Co/" Miowi-«j. 
AaaaeKXtT, s. m. pi. analects. 
AHaaiiaiipoBaxb, o. a. to analyze; || gram, to 

AaaaHBHCb, AHaaiisi, s. m. analysis; || gram. 
Aiiaaiicx'b, AHaaiixHRii, s. m. analyzer. 
AiiaaiixifKa, s. /". analytics; [ -xuieCKiii, adj. 

AnaaoriisMx., s. m. analogism. 
AHaaorH'iecKiil, adj. analogical; i, - ckh, 
adv. — \'j. 

AHa.ioripinMil, adj. analogous, similar. 
Anaaoria, s. f. analogy, similarity. 
Aiianacb, s.m. pine-apple, ananas; il -HacHMit,, 
-iiaooBijtJf, adj. -Hacnaa meiiAuna, -nacnaa 
y;o('ca,pinery; ; -uaciiaa K.iyijiiKicn, pine-strawberry; 
-Hiicuija, anaitacoBHjiiHbia pacmcniH, bot. bro- 
melaceous plants. 
Ananci^TH'iocKitt, adj. anapestic. 
AHiiuecx'i., s. m. anapest. 
AiiapxiiSMi, s. ni. anarcliism. 
AiiapxiicxT., s. m. anarchist. 
AHapxiiuecKift, adj. anarchical. 
.Vnapxia, s. f. anarchy. 


— 5 — 


AHaiOMHK'B, AHaxoMi, s. m. anatomist, dis- 

AHaxoMiipoBauie, s.n. anatomization, dissection. 

AuaxoMupoBaTb, v. a. to anatomize, dissect. 

AHaTOJiH^ecKitt, adj. anatomical; |: -CKH,rtdy. — 

AkaTOMia, s. f. anatomy, dissection. 

AHaxopcTt, s. m. ancliorite, anchoret. 

AHaxpoHuaMi,, s. m. anachronism. 

AuaeeMa, s. f. anathema, excommunication; vpe- 
d'lmb -eeM'fe, to fulminate an anathema, to anathe- 
matize; d(t ui/demi oiio — npoKJhHim, may he be 
cursed; \ fig. imprecation, malediction. . 

AHGiipi., AHOapHHfl, see AaSapT., AMSapHufi. 

AHraaceMCHTrb, s. m. engagement. 

AnraacHpoBaTb, v. a. to invite, engage. 

AHrc.iOBii;i,HHft, adj. of angelic figure. 

AHreJiT., s. m. dim. "-reaoieKi., aHre.iB^iHK'b, 
angel; — xjxinutnc.tb, guardian angel, tutelary angel; 
dcHb -aa, name's day, Saint's day. 

AnrejiBCKitt, adj. angelic, — al; -CKia CGouemoa, 
angelicalness; ;] -ckii, adv. — Iv. 

AnruHa, s. f. med. angina. 

AHrio.ioria, »-. /'. med. angiology. 

AnrjeaTb, .s. m. English dance. 

AnrjiisupoBaTb, v. a. — .romadb, to nick a 
horse's tail. 

AHrJUKiiHCKitt, adj. Anglican, of the church 
of England. 

AnraimusMi., s. m. anglicism. 

AHrjiucKiit, adj. English; -CKafl Goji-fesHt, 
rickets; -CKaa, Epsom Salt; -tCKiti posoKi, 
r/ius. English horn. 

AHr.iOMiiuifl, s. f. anglomania. 

AHraoMaHi., s. m. person infected with anglo- 
Tnania, anglomaniac. 

AHropcKaa, adj. zool. — uoiuKa, Angora cat. 

AH;i;aHTe, s. n. indecJ. 7nus. andante. 

AHj^aHTHHO, s. n. indecl. mus. andantino. 

AneBpHSMaTiiqecKifl, AHeBpHCMaxH^ecKiit, 
ndj. aneurismal. 

AHeBpiisM'i,, AHCBpiioii^s. m. AneBpHSMa, s. f. 
zned. aneurism. 

AHeK;i,oxHqecKiii, adj. anecdotical. 

AneK^T.ox'b, s. m. dim. -;i;6xei^'b, anecdote. 

AneMia, s.f. see MajiOKpoBie. 

AneMorpacp'B, s. m. phys. anemograph. 

AHejioMexpt, s. m. anemometer. 

AHecxesiipoBaxB, v. a. to anaesthetize. 

AHOCxes'ia, s. /'. ansesthesis, anaesthesia. 

AH3a^•B, s. m. mus. embouchure, mouth-piece. 

AHii.iiiHi>; s. m. chem. aniline; -HOBBiii, adj. 

AHUcoBEa, s. f. aniseed, anisette (cordial). 

AhucobuiI; AHHCHHii, adj. of anise; -boo 
ObMH, anise-seed; ^Baa eodna, see AHHCOBKa. 

Anncb, s. m. anise, aniseed. 

Ahuxi, s. m. hot. dill, anethum; i "HXCBHii, 
-lUXHBiJi, adj. 

AHKepoKi>, s. m. anker (10 gallons); small 
'Cask; ' -po'iHuft, adj. anker, in ankers. 

AHKepuixoKi., s. m. naut. anchor-stock. 

AHua.iEi« s. m pi. anuals. 

AHHiOHxexi., s. m. com. annuity. 

Aho;i,i>, s.m. pihys. anode. 

AHOMajiicxiiiecKifi, adj.—todi, anomalistic or 
periodical year. 

AHOJiaJiia, s. f. anomaly. 

Ahohhmhocxb, .S-. /'. anonymity, anonymousness. 

AHOHiiMHHiit; adj. anonymous; -HO, adv. — ly. 

Ahoehmii, s. m. anonymous writer. 

AHopMa.ibHBifi, adj. altnormal. 

AHCsiMCib, s. m. mus. a piece of music har- 
monized for several voices, ensemble. 

AHxaoJiOMCHX'b, s. m. arch, entablement. 

AHxaroHUBMTb, s. 7)1. antagonism, opposition. 

AHxaroHHCxi, s. m. antagonist. 

Aaxaax, s. m. antal (measure of 60 bottles); 
] -xajibHbitt, adj. 

AHxapjtXH^ecKifi, adj. geog. antarctic. 

AHxei^e;;cHX'B, s. m. antecedent. 

AHXii^^iLiiOBiaabUbiii, aJj. antediluvian. 

AHXH,'^6p'b, s. m. antidoron, consecrated bread; 
ji ■-;]((>pHbii1, adj. 

AHXii;i;()X'b, s. m. antidote, counter-poison. 

AHxiiKBa, s. /'. print. Roman type. 

AHXiiKBapifi, s. m. antiquary, antiquarian. 

AaxHKBapcxBO, s. n. antiquarianism. 

Ahxuk'b, s. m. antique, ancient; , old, out of 
fashion; ; Jro>^ old, quaint person. 

AHXHaona, s. f. zool. antelope. 

AHXHMiiHCb, s. m. corporal, communion cloth. 

AHXHMOHapxHiecKiij, adj. antimonarchic, — al. 

AHXiiHOHiaJibHbiJi, adj. antimonial. 

AHXHMOHia, s. /". antimony; see CyptMa. 

AHXiinacxa, s. f. Quasimodo, Low Sunday. 

AnxanaxHiecKitt, - ^iHufi, adj. antipa- 
thetic, — al. 

AHXiinaxia, s. f. antipathy, aversion. 

AHXiinupuH'b, s. m. antipyrin. 

AHXHn6;i,M, s. m. jd- geog. antipodes. 

AnxucenxuEa, s. f. antiseptic. 

AHxacenxHqecKitt, adj. antiseptic, antiseptical. 

AaxiiCKin, s. m. pi. geog. antiscii. 

AHXHCOi^iaaBHbitt, adj. antisocial. 

AHXiicxp6()(>a, s. f. gram, antistrophe, antistrophy. 

AHXHxesa, s. f. AHxaxesacB, s. m. antithesis, 
contrast. ^ 

AHXHxesHHfl, adj. antithetic,— al. 

Ahxh(|)OH'b, s. m. antiphone, anthem. 

AHXH(j(»pa3a, s. f. antiphrasis, irony, ironical 

AHXiixpiicxt, s. m. Anticlirist. 

Aaxii^HHft, adj. antique. 

AHXcioraiecKifl, adj. anthological. 

AHXoJioria, s. f. anthology. 

Ahxohob'b oroHB, s. m. med. Anthony's fire, 

AHxpaKXi, s. m. theat. interact, interlude. 

AHxpai^HXi, s. m. min. anthracite, stone-coal. 

AHxpenpenepcxBo, s. n. management (of a 

AHxpenpeHepi., s. m. manager (of a theatre). 

Anxpcnpiisa, s. f. enterprise. 

AHxpeco.iB, s. f. -coJiu, pi. arch, entresol. 

Aaxpeuia, Aaxpuia, s. n. caper, cut (in dan- 
cing); cd)b.%amh — , to cut a caper. 

AHxponoaoruiecKiii, adj. anthropologic, an- 

AHxponoJoria, s. f. anthropology. 

AHxponoMexpia, s. f. anthropometry. 

AHxpoaoMop(J)U3M'B, s. HI. anthropomorpliism. 

AHxpono3iop<)(tuqecKiii, adj. anthropomorphous. 

AHxpono(||)ar'b, s. m. anthropophagite, mnn- 
eater, cannibal. 

Ah(I)H ja;];a, ,s. f. a suite (of rooms); |' mil. enfi- 
lade-, 1, na%ct. enfilading, raking fire. 

AH(J)iiaiipoBaHi(', s. n. mil. enfilade. 

AH(|)HJupoBaxb, V. a. mil. to enfilade, rake. 

Au^oycb, *\ 711. anchovy; ,i -chuA, adj. 

AHmc*!*!., s. 7)1. 7nil. obs. tenepajih — , general in 

Awh, C071J. pop. and, on the contrary. 

Ahwxhhu rjiasKii, bot. heart"s-ease, pansy. 

AaepaKCb, s. »«. anthrax. 

Aopiicxi, s. m. gram, aorist. 

Aopra, s. f. a7iat. aorta: ' -HBiii, adj. aortic, 

AnaHepT>,n«i/f. a-pic,a-peak;«/i;oj36 — ,the anchor 
is a-peak. 

AnapxaweHXi., s. »«. apartment, room. 


— 6 — 


AnaTH^Hufi; AnaxH^ecKift, adj. apathetic, 

Anaxia, s. f. apathy. 

AneJiJiHpoBaTb, v., to appeal. 

Ane.iJHHT'B; s. m. aflHTRa; s. f. law, appel- 
lant, app'^llor. 

AneJiJiai^ifl; s. f. laic, appeal, appellancy; 
ij -jiHH,ioHHMii, adj. -heiA cydo, the court of 
appeal. ^ , 

AneabCHHt, s. m. orange; 1 -CHHHMfi, -chho- 
BMfi, adj. -CBHOBoe depcm, orange-tree. 

AneH;^Hi^HT'b, s. m. med. appendicitis. 

AnJiHKe, s. n. indecl. see Ann.iHKe. 

A^J^o;^upoBaTI», v. n. to applaud. 

AnJOj^HCMCHTM, s. m. pi. applause, clapping 
of hands. 

AnaoMOt, s. m. aplomb, assurance, self-con- 

Anorett, s. m. astr. apogee, apogseon; ji fig. height.^ 

AnoKajiHncBCi., s. m. Apocalypse, the book of 
Revelations; ;-JiHncHqeCKitt, adj. apocalyptic,— al. 

AnoKpH4)HiecKift, adj. apocryphal, doubtful; 
-CEifl KHuiti, Apocrypha. 

AnoKpHfln., s. m. apocryphal book. 

AnoJorkcTt, s. m. apologist. 

AnoJioraqecKifi, adj. apologetic,— al. 

Anojiorifl, s. f. apology, justification. 

AnoJiori., .s. m. apologue, fable. 

Anon.ieRcifl; s. /". apoplexy. 

AnonJieKTHKi, s. m. a person seized with 
apoplexy, apoplectic; || -KTH^ecKlft, adj. apoplec- 
tic,— al. 

Anopxi, s. m. u -xoBoe a6jiOKO, a species of 
large appje. 

AnocxeMa, s. f. med. aposteme, abscess. 

AnocxepiopH, adv. a posteriori. 

AnocxBJib, s. VI. apostil, marginal note. 

Anocxojn, s. m. apostle; | the Acts of the 
Apostles and the Epistles (hook). 

AnocxojBHHKX, s. m. wimple, veil (of nuns). 

AnocxojibCKifi, adj. apostolic, — al; jj -ckh, 
adc. — cally. 

AnocxoJBCXBO, s. n. apostleship. 

Anocxp6$a, s. f. rhef. see AnocTpO(})i. 

Anocxpoil)!*; s. m. gram, apostrophe, apostrophy. 

AnocJteerHa; s. f. apophthegm. 

Anoeeoat, s. m. apotheosis. 

Annapaxiij ,s. ;h. tech. apparatus, gear. 

AnnexuxHUiif, adj. tasty, relishing; that excites 
the appetite; 11 /■?■(/. tempting; (| -ho, adv. with ap- 
petite; temptingly. 

AnnexHXi., s. m. appetite. 

AnnjiHEaxypa, ,s'. f. nius. fingering, order of 
finger-position; the upper register (of violin); 
uipamb «a -pt, to play in the upper registers. 

.\nnJHRe, s. n. indecl. plated goods, plated 

Annjio;^HpoBaxB, AnnJio^HCMeuxBi, see Ahjio- 
AHpouaiL, An.iOAHCMenTH. 

Anno^xiaxypa; s. f. mus. appoggiatura, grace- 

AnpiopH, ado. a priori. 

AnpoOauiH, s. f. approbation, approval. 

AnpoCoBaxb, v. a. to approbate, approve. 

AiipouiH, .s. /'. pi. fort, approaches. 

Anpiijb, s. III. April, month of April; nepaoe 
-.iH, the first of .\pril: iir.puot: -Jia fdcHb o6.uaiM), 
April-foolsMay, all fools'day; o6.vaHymb nepaato 
-Jii, to make one an .Vpril-fool; on.MaHi/muh nep- 
eaio -.ifl, an .Vpril-fool; j -JiBCRift, a<^y. 

AdcciB; s. in. naut. mizzen stay-sail. 

AncH;^bi, 8. m. pi. antr. apsides. 

AnxeRa, s. f. dim. -xe^RU, apothecary's shop: 

AnxeRapuia, s. f. apothecary's wife. 

AnxeRapB, 5. m. apothecary; jj -KapcKifi, adj. 
-EapcRift cuem'o, an apothecary's bill, an over- 
charged account. 

Anxe^HHft, adj. of apothecary's shop; -Hue 
inoeapu , drugs. 

ApaOecRa, s. f. ApaOecRx, s. m. arabesque. 

ApaBa, s. f. crowd, great number. 

ApaR'B, s. m. arack, arrack, rack; jj -robbi^, adj. 

ApanacHpOBaxB, v. a. to arrange, set, put {in 
order, to rights); to make up; to suit; — nhecy cU.a 
(fiopvienbjiHo, ^to set a piece for the piano. 

ApaHacupoBRa, s. f. arrangement. 

ApanHHRi; s. m. a long whip. 

ApanqeHORi, s. m, a young or a little negro. 

Apanij s. m. negro, blackamoor, black man; 
ii -HRa, s. f. negress, black woman. 

Ap6a, s. f. a tilted cart (among Eastern 
nomadic tribes). 

Ap6aJiexRa, s. f. cross-bow, arbalest. 

ApGnxpasBXi; s. m. com. arbitration, arbitrage. 

Ap6y3i, s. VI. dim. - 6jseu,'h, water-melon; 
II -SHBifi, adj. 

ApraJH, s. m. indecl. argali, wild goat. 

AprauaRii, s. m. race-horse (in Cabarda). 

AproHaBXi, s. m. argonaut. 

ApryMenxanifl, s. f. argumentation. 

AprymeHXt, s. m. argument, reasoning. 

AprycB, s. vi. myth. zool. Argus. 

Apena, s. m. list; eucmynumb ua -ny, to enter 
the list. 

ApeH^a, s. f. lease, lease - hold, farm; rent; 
!J estate given in usufruct; essimb oo -;^y, to take 
on lease, take lease of; to farm (a land); omdamb 
e^ ~fl.j, to lease, give on lease; || -h^^ubi^, adj. 
■iHaa nAama, rent. 

ApeH^^axopi, s. vi. -xopma, s. f. lessee, farmer, 
tenant; lease-holder; |j -xopcRiii, adj. 

ApeH;^OBaHie, s. n. leasing, farming, renting. 

ApeH^OBaxB, v. a. to take on lease, take lease 
of: to rent (house, land); to furm (land); '\\ part. p. 


ApeoMcxpi., s. VI. areometer. 

Apeonar-B, s. v\. Areopagus. 

ApecxaHxcEaa, s. vi. lock-up house, guard- 

Apecxanxt, s. m. -XEa, s. f. person under arrest,, 
prisoner; f; -cxaHXCRifi, adj. 

ApecxoBanie, s. n. arresting, seizing, putting- 
under arrest; apprehension, sequestration. 

ApecxOBaiB, v. a. to arrest, put under arrest; 
to have a person arrested; to sequestrate, appre- 
hend, seize; | part. p. -cxoBaHHwfl. 

Apecxij s. m. arrest; seizure, apprehension; m~ 
AOoKumb — , to apprehend, lay hold of; noeadumh,. 
GSRiiib iiodo — , to put under arrest; naxodumbca 
nodi -xoMi, to be or lie under arrest; euny- 
cinumh ii3-> nodo -xa, to release, discharge from 
arrest; najiOHcumb — na u.mbuie, to sequestrate or 
sequester an estate; cmpoiiu — , close confinemeui; 
OoMautHih — , home-arrest. 

ApHCxoRpaxHiecRitt, adj. aristocratic, — a] ; 
jl -CRH, ado. — rally. 

ApHcxuKpaxiii, s. f. aristocracy; nobility. 

ApiicxoRpaxi., s. m. -XRa, s. f. aristocrat. 

ApneMexiiRa, s. f. arithmetic. 

ApHeMOXHRi., s. til. arithmetician. 

.VpHeMcxH^ecRiJi, adj. arithmetical; || - CRH^ 
ado. — ly. 

ApHOMOMCxpi,, s. m. arithmometer. 

ApiaiicxBO, s. n. ai-ianism. 

.ipifl; ,«. f. mus. aria, air, tune. 

.ipRa, *■, f. arch, arc, bow. 

.\pRa;ia, .v. f. arch, arcade. 

ApKa;^^, f. m. a species of apple. 

ApKaHHXB, 0. a. to catch with a 1 isso. 



ApKaHi, $. m. lasso, rope with' a running noose. 

ApKTHiecKifi, adj. geog. arctic, northern. 

ApJieKHHCXBO, s. n. harlequinade; harlequin's 

ApJieKDHCTBOBaTB, Hi. n. to play the harlequin. 

ApaeKHHi, s. m. harlequin: j| -KHHCKifl, adj. 

ApHa;^a, s. f. armada, Spanish fleet. 

ApMa;i;uj[Ji'Bj s. m. zool. armadillo. 

ApMaxopi, s. m. naut. ship-owner, privateer; 
>pcEi£[^ adj. 

ApMaxypa, s. f. armature, armour, trophy; plate 
(of shako): armour (of magnet); \\ -pHufi, adj. of 
armour, trophy; -pnuft cnucoKo, regimental-roll. 

ApMeeu,!., s. m. soldier or officer in the line; 
-ettCKifi, adj. of the line. 

ApMcfifmuHa, s. f. iron, soldiers or officers in 
the line. 

ApMHJiapHMft, adj. geog. -Haa afepa, armil- 
larv sphere; '! hot. armillary. 

Apuifl^ .■!. /"• army; , troops of the line; CAyMumh 
67. -mIh, to serve in the line. 

ApMy^^i, s. m. hot. quince-tree; || quince. 

ApHflacHBift; adj. see ApMaKi. 

ApMaKt, s. m. a peasant's overcoat; || artil. 
cartouch-stuff; -MaasHBifir, adj. belonging to the 
peasant's overcoat or to cartouch-stufF. 

ApnayTKa, see BijioxypKa. 

ApHHEH, s. f. arnica. 

ApouaTBmecKifi, - MaxHuii; - HaxH^HBitt^ 
adj. aromatic, — al. 

ApoMaxTb, s. VI. aroma, perfume, scent. 

Apne;^acio, s. n. iiided. mus. arpeggio, arpeg- 

Apieprap;^*, see Apteprapii. 

Appopyx'b, s. m. arrow-root. 

ApceaaJit, s. m. arsenal; |! "nk^ihUnH, adj. 

ApceHHKT.. s. m. arsenic, ratsbane; see Munib- 
£KT,; II -KOBBift, adj. 

Apxa^HXbca, v. n. to jibb, be restive, stubborn. 

ApxesiaHCKifl, ady. artesian; — KOAodenh, see Ko- 

Apxeab; s. f. workmen's association; jj a company, 
mess; I -JiBHuft, adj. 

ApxeJbmHKX., s. m. member of some workmen's 
association; jj caterer of a mess; !' com. servant or 
boy in Exchange-house and other public offices; 
I -n^Hiiifl, adj. 

ApxeJBn^BHa, s. f. property, funds of workmen's 

Apxepia, s. f. anat. artery; || -piajBHBitt, adj. 

ApxEKyjit, s. m. mil. — eocHHUu, articles of 
war; — .nemdmh, to perform the manual excercise. 

ApxEJUiepHCXi., s. m. artillery-man, gunner. 

ApxHJiJiepia, s. f. artillery; ordnance, guns; 
npuopejKHOH — , artillery for coast defence; .le/- 
KUH — , flying-artillery; ij -piiiCKift, adj. 

ApxHCxiiiecKift, adj. artistic,— al. 

ApxHCXt, s. m. -XHCXKa, s. f. artist. 

ApxHrndEii; s. m. hot. artichoke; || KOKOBKiti, 

Apxoci., s. m. artos, consecrated bread. 

ApxBiiai>, s. m. sabine, sabine-tree. 

Ap$a, s. f. harp. 

Ap(J)iicxi., s. m. -HCXKa, s. f. harper, harp- 

.ipxaesMi) s. ?.>?. an obsolete idiom, word. 

ApxaH^ecKifi, adj. archaic, — al. 

ApxajtyKi, ApxajhiKi, s. m. an overcoat (of 
the inhahitants of Caucasus). 

ApxanreJi-b, s. m. archangel; | -reJiBCKift, adj. 
archangel ic. 

Apxeorpa^HiecKijI, adj. archfeograpliic,— al. 

Apxeorpa(|)ia, s. f. archseography. 

Apxeorpa<|n, s. m. archaeographer. 

ApxeojornqecKiii, adj. archaeologic. 

Apxeojorifl, s. f. archaeology. 

Apxcciori., s. m. archaeologist. 

ApxH; Apxi-, prefix, archi...., arch,... 

ApxDBapitt, ApxHBapiyc^B, s. m. keeper of the 
records, archivist. 

ApxHBii, s. m. archives, records; record-office; 
II -BUBitt, adj. 

Apxuj^iaKOHCXBO; s. n. archdeaconry, arch- 

ApxH^iaKOHT., .s. m. archdeacon; || -HCEiii, adj. 

ApxHMaHj^piixcxBO, s. n. dignity of an archi- 

ApxHMaH;i;pHX'B, s. m. archimandrite; i| -xcKiii, 

ApxHMaH;^pia, s. ;. archimandrite's convent. 

ApxHMCj^OB'B-BnHX'B, s. m. mech. Archimedes 
screw; j arcJi. helix. 

ApxanacxBipcxBO, s. n. prelateship, prelacy. 

ApxnnacxBipB, s. m. prelate, head - pastor; 
li -pcEiH, adj. 

Apxaneaan, s. tn. geog. archipelago; (.specially) 
the Grecian archipelago; j; -JiaiKCEifi, adj. 

ApxHCxpaxariE., s. m. archistrategus. 

ApxHxeuxoHHEa, s. f. ai-chitectonics. 

ApxnxeKXop'B, s. m. architect, master-builder. 

ApxHxeExypa, s. f. architecture; see 3oA^e- 
CTBo; II -xypHBifii, adj. architectural. 

ApxHxpaBX., .«. m. arch, architrave. 

ApxienncEonia, s. f. archbishopric (jurisdiction, 
dignity, revenue): archbishop's palace. 

ApxienacEoncxBO, s. n. arcliiepiscopacy, archi- 

ApxienaCEon'B, s. m. archbishop; |i -CEitt, adj. 

Apxiepett, s. m. prelate, bishop. 

ApxiepeftcxBO, s. n. prelacy, prelateship. 

ApxiepettcxBOBaxB, v. n. to exercise the func- 
tions of a prelate. 

Apxcnxx, s. m. archont; j] -iXCEift, adj. 

Api^a^ s. f. see ApxHnn,. 

ApiaETb, s. m. saddle-tree, saddle-bow, wither- 
bands; [| tech. bow; j| -^axHBifi, adj. 

ApniHHHHEi, s. in. pop. nickname of a petty 

ApmHHHMfi; adj. arshine; arshine-long. 

AprnHHi, s. m. arshine (Russian measure); 
prov. Mnpumh noto na ceoii — , to measure other 
people's corn by one's own bushel. 

ApBeprapji.'B, .s. »n. mil. rear - guard, rear; 
II -ji;HBift, adj. 

ApacHHa, s. f. pop. club, cudgel, bludgeon. 

Ac6ecx'b, see AaoecTi.. 

AeenxHEa, s. f. aseptics. 

AcenxHiecEiii, adj. aseptic, antiseptic, anti- 

AcHMexpH^ecEift, adj. asymraetral, asymmetric. 

AcHMexpia, s. f. asymmetry. 

AcHMnxoxa, s. f. geom. asymptote; || -xoxir- 
qecKitt, adj. asymptotic, asvmptotical. 

AcEexHSMTb, *\ m. asceticism. 

AcKexHiecEifl, adj. ascetic. 

AcEext, AcEHX-B, *\ m. ascetic; i| -XHBrft^ adj. 

AcEiH, see Act^iH. 

Acoxi, see Ocoti. 

Aciiapanb, s. m. hot. asparagus. 

AcneExx., s. m. ast. aspect. 

Acnepx, s. m. asper (a Turki'sJi coin). 

.\.c^H;^HHE'B, s. m. plate of slate. 

.icnH^i., s. m. slate; i| asp, aspic (serpent); 
|i -jiiHUfi, adj. -ji;Haa docKa, slate. 

AcnapaHX'B, s. m. aspirant, aspirer. 

AcnHpaxopi, s. wi. aspirator. 

AccaMOjea, s. f. obs. assembly. 

AcceHHSJmia, s. f. sanitation. 

ACCE - ' 

AcceHnsMpoBaTi, v. a. to make or render 
healthy or salubrious. 
Acceccopnia, s. f. assessor's wife. 
Aceeccopi, s. m. assessor; assistant; koaacm- 
CKtu—, collegiate assessor; || -pcKiii, adj. 

AccnrHai^ifl, s. f. bank-note, paper - money, 
assignat; ;| - i^ioHHBlfi, adj. — 6allK^, bank of 
issue; -nafl oyMaia, assignation, bank-note. 
AcCHrHOBanie, s. n. assignation, assignment. 
AccnrHOBaTB, v. a. to assign; to allot, appoint; 
Wpart. p. -HOBaHHHft. 

AccurHOBKa, s. f. assignment, grant. 
Acciisw, s. f. pi. H AccHSHHtt cy^^t, assizes, 
court of assizes. 

AccHMiKiiipoBaTB, V. a. to assimilate. 
AccnMii.iJmia, s. f. assimilation. 
AccHCTeHTi., s. m. assistant. 
Acco, s. n. indeel. fencing -match, assault at 
arms. ^ ^ 

AccopTiiMCHTi, s. m. assortment. 
Accoi^iauiflj s. f. association. 
AcTcpHKCb, see SB-fesjtO^HHKl.. 
AcTMa, s. f. asthma. 
Acxpa, s. f. hot. aster, star-wort. 
AcTparaJii., s. m. hot. astragalus, milk-vetch; 
jl anat. ankle-bone, astragalus; | arch, astragal. 
AcTpaJiBHMfi, adj. nstr. astral. 
AcTpoJorii^ecKitt, adj. astrological. 
AcTpoaoriH, s. f. astrology. 
AcxpoJion, s. m. astrologer. 
AcTpoaaOia, s. f. astr. astrolabe. 
AcTpoHOMHuecKift, adj. astronomic, — al;! -ckh, 

AcTpoHoMia, s. f. astronomy. 
AcxpoHOMX, s. m. astronomer. 
Ac(J)aabTT., s. m. asphalt, asphaltum; jj -atTO- 
Bbift; adj. asphaltic. 

Ac(|)UKciaj s. f. vied, asphyxia, asphyxy 
Aci^in^ s. m. pi. geog. ascians, ascii. 
Aci; s. m. mus. La flat. 
Acb, inter, pop. eh? what? 
AraBmrn,, s. m. atavism. 
AxaKa, s. /'. mil. attack, onset; charge; | assault 
(of a place); aggression. 

AxaKOBaxb, v. a. to attack, assault, assail; 
Wpart. p. -KUBaHHiiift. 

AxaMiiHCXBO, s. n. hetmanship. 
AxaMJiHT., s. m. hetman, ataman; chieftain (of 
Cossacks, of rohhers); naKasuoh — , hetman by de- 
legation; prov. mepnii Kaaani, — di/deiub, patience 
brings every thing about; -uaHCKifi, adj. 
AxeH3Mi., s. m. atheism. 
AxcHCXHqecKift, adj. atheistic,— nl. 
AxcHCXT., .s'. m. atlieist. 
AxcpMHieCKift, adj. phys. athermanous. 
Axjiaciixb, V. n. to make as smooth as satin; 
y -Cfl, V. r. to get a lustre like satin; \< to fret, 
ravel (of velvet). 

Axjiaci; s. m.dim. - jacoui, satin; '! -CHUtt, adj. 
Axjiaci, s. m. atlas, collection of maps. 
»AxJiexx., s. m. athlete, wrestler; ji -exiiuecicift, 
adj. athi(!tic. 

AxMOC<|)epa, s. f. atmosphere; H -pHWft, -pii- 
srecKift, (idj. atmospherif, — al. 
AxoMii3M'ii, .s. m. atomism. 
AxoMHc.xii'iccKift, adj. atomistic. 
AxoMii'iccKift, (idj. atomic,— al. 
Axoin., .9. m. atom. 
Axoiiii'iccKift, iidj. atonic. 
AxoiriM, 8. /'. atony. 
Axpiir>)'n., see Attphovt^. 
Ax|)oiiiiirii, ,s. m. chem. atropine, utropin. 
Ax]>o(|)iipoBaxb, v.a. to atrophy, cause atrophy; 
[j -ca, /;. r. to he ;itrophied, waste away; i j)ar^ 2'- 

- A8P0 

Axpo^ia, s. f. atrophy. 

AxiaKOBaxB, see ATaKOBaxi.. 

AxxecxaxTi, s. m. certificate, testimonial. 

Axxecxan,ia, s. /'. attestation, testimony. 

AxxecxoBaxb, v. a. to attest, certify; ]1 /t^. to 
testify; ij par*, p. -xo«aHHbii"i. 

AxxiiiecKlil, adj. attic. 

AxximiisMT., a. m. atticism. 

AxxpiiGyxt, s. in. attribute. 

Axy, inter, ven. tallyho! hallo! 

AxyKaxb, axvKHyxB, v. n. to halloo (to hounds). 

Ay, inter, hollo! holla! 

Ay^UHXopiax'B, s.m. a regimental court;]' -xcKia, 

AT,Hiix6pia, .s'. f. auditory. 

Ay,a,uxopcKaa, adj. s. f. session-chamber of 

Ay,a,uxopcxBO, s. n. auditorship. 

Ay;i;HXop'B, .s. m. mil. auditor;! -pcKitt, adj. 

Ay,HieHn,ia, s. f. audience; npoma.nHa/i—, audi- 
ence to take leave. 

Ay,a,ieHi^'b-3aja, .s. f. audience-chamber. 

AyKaHbe, s. n. the crying holla! hollo! (in the 

AvKaxb, avKHyxB, v. n. to cry aoo! to hall» 
(in the forest); \\ -ca, v. rec. to cry aoo, to halloo 
to one another. 

AyKU.iouep'B, .s\ m. bidder at an auction. 

AyKi^iOHHCX'B, s. m. auctioneer. 

AyKH.ioH'B, s. in. auction; upodaoamh c^-ona, 
to sell by auction, put up to auction; [i -ohhbiA, 

Aywit, s. in. a village (in Caucasus). 

AycKyaBxania, .■*. f. med. sounding, aus- 

AycKyJiBXflpoBaxB, v. a. med. to sound, aus- 

Ayxo;i;a(J)e, s. n. indeel. auto-da-fe. 

A^aaia, s. /". med. aphasia. 

A(j()eJiifi, s. m. astr. aphelion, aphelium. 

A^ena, see 0(|)eHa. 

A«]()epa, s. f. speculation, business. 

A^epacx-B, s. m. - cxKa, .s. f. speculator, 
speculative person. 

A(pBiua, s. f. dim. a^tiiiuKa, play-bill; a bill 
posted up or set up; programme (of a concert). 

A(|)HmHpoBaxB, V. a. to bill, post bills; jj to 

A<pouia, s. f. med. aphony, aphonia. 

A«|)opH3M'B, ,s. m. aphorism, maxim, sentence. 

A(]()opiicxHqecKirt, adj. aphoristic,— al. 

A()()poHX'B, s. m. affiont. 

AfJixFJ, N. m. pi. med. aphtlife, thrush. 

A<j()(I)eKXJmia, ,v. f. ariectation, pretension. 

A«j()()(»OKXiipoBiiHHBiii, 2X(r#. p. affected. 

A^xiteKxi, s. m. aberration, temporary insanity: 
nod7, H.riHHicMi -xa, in a state of temporary 

AxanBO, s. n. ahling and oliling. 

AxaxB, axHyxB, v. n. to cry ah! oh! to groan, 

AxiiHca, N. f. pop. nonsense, absurd story. 
Axi»oMaxii3in., s. m. opt. achromatism. 
AxpoMaxii'iecKift, adj. opt. achromatic. 
AxxppaiOK'i., N. m. naut. after-hatchway; wine- 
and spirit-room. 

AxxeinuxeBCHTi, s. m. naut. stern-post. 
Axxii, inter, lieigh-ho! alas! ah! 
Ax-B, inter, ahl ohl 
Ai^exiueHX, ,v. m. chem. acetylene. 
Am*', conj. si. if, in case; l| -TiKr, but if. 
A3po;^iiniiMiiKn, s. f. aerodynamics. 
A»p<MMX'j., s. m. aerolite, meteoric stone. 
Aai)o.ioriiiecKifl, adj. aerological. 
A3]M)auria, s. f. aerology. 

A9P0 - 9 - 

AapoJieTpiiiecKiH, adj. aerometrical. 
AspoMCTpia, s. f. aerometry. 
AapoMCTpi., s. m. aerometer. 
AapoHiiBTiih-a, s. f. aeronautism, aeronautics. 
AapoHaBTUiecKift, adj. a?ronautic, — al. 
AapoHiiBTi., s. m. aeronaut. 
AapocTiiTiiKa, s. /'. aerostatics. 
AapocTaTHqecKiii, adj. aerostatic. 
Aapocxaxt, s. m. aerostat, air-balloon. 



B, .s. n. the second letter of the Russian 

Ba! 6a, 6a, 6a! inter, bah! ah! see! 

Ba6a, s. f. woman, countrywoman, peasant's 
•wife; 11 pile-driver; pi/HHa;i—, beetle, paving-beetle, 
rammer; , bird, white pelican; \. a sort of cake; 
\ -6hif pi. ast. Pleiades; I ^?'oy.—cj aoaa, 
Aeiue, it's a good clearance. 

Bada-Sra, see iIra-Ba6a. 

Ba6eHKa, s. f. dim. coll a young woman, wife. 

Baduu^a, s. f. iron, a tall and stout woman. 

BaOiil, adj. woman's, feminine. 

BadKa, .•>\ f. dim. grandmother; deowpoduasi—, 
great aunt; — , iioouea.ibHaa — , midwife; |i pastern, i 
foot-bone; i-OKH, jsZ. knuckle-bones C^ame);ij small 
posts; it trestles; [ sheaves of hemp. 

BaOHiiuaube^ ,s-. n. midwifery. 

BadHuiaxb, v. n. to follow or exercise the 
profession of a midwife. 

BaOoiKa, s.f. insect, butterfly;; a young woman. 

Bado^iHuit; adj. - naa mp)a, the game of 
knuckle-bones, cockals. 

Ba6pii, s. m. zool. ounce; daCpoBHii, adj. of 

BaOvK'B, s. m. zool. jerboa, jumping - mouse, 

BaOymRa, s. f. grandmother; deoKpodnaH—, 
great aunt; ]| ^'J'O*^- xopom'j mo.My oicnmb, ko.^dj— 
eopojiciinn, it is easy to live under protection 
(expl.);'\ — noe 1160.1 bHaa, midwife; j| coZZ. good wife, 
good woman (addressing on old woman); eoim 
me6}h — u lOpbeoz dem! who could expect this! 
good-bye to our expectations! 

BaOyniKHH'B, adj. grandmother's;— eM?/«<eKi, fig. 
favourite, darling; a spoiled child. 

"Bn^hii^ s. f. pop. iron, women, females. 

BaBOJiBHUKt, s. m. hot. bombax. 

Bar:ia:'B; s. m. dim. Oara:Keii,ii, baggage, lug- 
gage; 1| -atHBift, adj. 

BarcTi, s. m. arch, baguette, baguet (a little 
round moulding). 

Baropt, s. lii. dim. -piiKii, boat-hook, harpoon, 
^aff; i! -pHHfi, adj. 

BarpcHbe, s. n. harpooning, spearing. 

Barpei^i>; s. m. purple, purple colour; 1| -eu,o- 
££ifi, adj. purple, purple-coloured. 

Barpu.iBn^UR'B, s. m. harpooner, spearer. 

BarpuTb, V. a. to purple, dye of a purple col- 
our; see OoarpaTi.;,} -ca, v. r. to be dyed purple. 

BarpuTb, Bu-, v. a. to harpoon, spear; j9nr^2^. 

BarpoBiina, s. f. bruise, livid spot. 

BarpoBHm,e, s. n. harpoon-shaft, spear-shaft. 

BarpoBOCXb, .9. f. lividness, lividity. 

BarpoBbiiif, adj. purple; livid (spot). 

BarpoB'bxb, v.n. to grow or become purple, livid. 

Barpx, s. m. purple colour. 

Barp-BXb, V. n. to grow si'arlet, 

BarpaHiiK'b, s. m. hot. Judas-tree. 

Barpaanxb; v. a. to empurple. 

6arpaHui],a, s. f. purple: purple robe, purple 
cloak; \ -HH^HUtt, adj. 

BarpaHKa, s. f. the purpura (shell). 

BarpaHop6;iHUfi, adj. born in the purple, 

BarpaHOCXb, s. f. the quality of being purple- 

BarpaHuii, adj. purple. 

Ba;^M;];£EaH'b; s. m. bat. mad-apple, egg-plant. 

Ba;i(ba, s. f. dim. 6a;](eiiEa, bucket; trough; 
\ fish-tub. 

Ba;];ara, s. f. spongilla (water-plant); y »ax- 
Hbiii, adj. 

Ba;^auiHU^axb, v. n. to jest, joke. 

Basa, s. f. arch, base, basis; foundation, ground- 
work. ^ 

BasajibXTt, s. m. basalt; i -xobuu, adj. basaltic. 

Basap'b, s. m. market, bazaar: -Hbifl, adj. 
-HBiu de-db, a market-day: -Hwa pmmi, vulgar 
chat, Billingsgate-language. 

BasHJiHEa, s. f. basilica, basilic. 

BasHJiHK'b, s. m. bot. basil. 

Baft-daft, dauHbRU, lullaby, by-by; udu—, go 
to lullaby. 

Baftdak-b, s. m. zool. bobac, marmot; iJjojj. a 
short, stout^ and slow man; a lounger, idler; \\ a 
recluse; -daiitt, adj. 

Batt^apa, s. f. a canoe; . -pHMft, adj. 

Baft;i;apKa, s. f. chiton (shell). 

Baii^iapmHKi, s. m. maker of canoes. 

BaftKa, .?. /: baize, frieze; 1 -ftKOBHft, -ftqa- 
xbift, adj. 

BaftpaMi, s. yn. bairam. (Turkish feast). 

BaftxoBbift laft, s. m. Bohea tea, bohea. 

BaKaaaBpcxBO, s. n. bachelorship, baccalau- 

BaEa-iaspTb, s. m. bachelor; cmenem - spa, 
baccalaureate;— wi^ae^, bachelor of laws; — ooiocjio- 
eiji, bachelor of divinity; !| -aaBpcKift, adj. 

BaKaaeftmHKi., s. m. grocer, chandler.^ 

Basajiea, s. f. dried fruits, grocery; -JieftHtift, 
adj. — 'B-ae h npnuue mo^apu, grocery wares, co- 
lonial commodities- 

BaEaHHXb, V. a. to dye of a lake colour. 

BaKaHi., s.m. lake; :na?<#. see BaKeHt;,! -HO- 
Bbift, adj. , 

BaKayxt, s. v>. pock-wood, guaiacum; jj -yxo- 
BHH, adj. 

BiiKdopxi*, s. m. naut. larboard: -XHbifl, adj. 

BaKeHdap;i;M, s. f. pi. whiskers. 

BaneH-b, s. m. naut. beacon, can-buoy. 

BaicKa-iaBpoTBO, BaKKaaaBp-b, see BaKa- 
.laBpcTBO, BaKa;iaEp^. 

BaREapa, s. f. baccarat, baccara (a game at 
cards). , ^ 

BaRJiara, .9. f. dim. -.lasKa, wooden vesse. 
Avith a double bottom; ' flask. 

BaRjaHi, .?.»«. bird, a cormorant; 1; -aaaifi, 

'BaRJVuia, s. f. a cast-iron wheel; block, log 
of wood; fig. oumb -mn, to idle, remain idling; 
to spend one's time uselessly. 

BaKJiviuHHE-b, s. m. -Hima, s. f. idler, drone. 

BaRJiyiuHUMaxb, v. n. coll. to idle away one's 


BaKOBMfl, adj. nant. of fore-castie; see baKi. 

BaROi>; s. m. naut. fore-foot. 

BaBCOBijft, adj. nant. -Baa luxyKa, see BaKci. 

BaETei>ioJioriiMecBiii, adj. bacteriologic, — al. 

BaRxepioaoria, s. f. bacteriology. 

BaEXcpio.ior'b, .s'. m. bacteriologist. 

BaRxepia, ,s. f. bacteria. 

BaKv.iOMexpia, s. f. baculometry. 

IJaKuia, s. f. ground sown with melons and 

BaRinxarx, s. in. naut.. back-stay; j wind upon 
the quarter. 


— 10 — 


EaEm TOE'S, s. m. naut. guess-rope. 

BaKi, 5. 7)1. naut. fore-castle; ; mess-kid, bowl. 

BajafiaHi, s. m. butcher-bird, laneret; j; coZ/. 

BajaOoJiEa, s. f. pendant, bob, trinket, bawble. 

BaJiaraHin,HKX, s. m. -mni^a, s. /. show-booth 

BajaraHi; s. m. booth, tent; ij show-booth; |1 sum- 
mer hut (of Kamtshadales); \\ -raHHBifi, adj. 

BaJiarypHTb, v. n. coll. to jest, play the buffoon; 
to trifle, joke. 
BaaarrpcTBO, s. n. jesting, drollery. 
Baaarypi, s. m. merry Andrew; -pEa, s. f. 
jester, droll person. 

BajaaaeiHEEt; s. m. player on the ballalica. 

BaaajiaftKa, s. f. dim. -aae^Ea, ballalica, a 
kind of a three stringed guitar; [j -aae^HUfi, adj. 

Ba.iaaafin^HE'B, s. m. ballalica-maker or player. 

BajaMTTHTb, B3-, V. a. pop. to trouble, muddle; 
fig. to disconcert, disturb. 

BaaaMYTii, ,s. m. -MyTEa, s. f. an intermeddling 
person, busybody; [j -MyTHHfi, adj. troublesome, 

BajiaHcep-B, s. m. - pna, s. f. rope-dancer; 
il -cepHUtt, adj. 

BaJiaHCiipoBaTB, v. n. to dance on a rope; 
,! to keep the equilibrium. 

BaaaHCHpij s. in. mecli. beam, working-beam. 

BajiiHCi, s. m. equilibrium, balance, aquipoise; 
com. balance, balance-sheet; jj - JiancoBHft, adj. 

BaJiaHi; s. m. acorn, acorn-shell (mollusk). 

BajiacTHTb, V. a. to ballast (a ship). 

BajaCT-B, s. m. naut. ballast; j] -cxOBHfi, adj. 

BaJiacb; s. m. balas, ruby. 

BajaxoHi, «. m. dim. -xoHeii,^, -xoH^HETb, 
a kind of peasant's overcoat; a wide and large 
dress; \\ -xoHHUtfi, adj. 

BaaaxpMCTi), s. m. -xEa, s. f. vulg. vagrant, 

BajOecHnqaxB; v. n. coll. to idle away one's 
time like a sluggard. 

BajiCecB; s. m. coll. lazy fellow, sluggard, drone, 

Baj;](a, s. f. pommel, knob (of a stick); \\ large 

Bajij^axHH'B; s. m. baldachin, canopy, dais; 
I -XHUiiLliif; adj. 

Ba^ijUtJ^hkwh, s. m. hot. valerian. 

BaaepuHa, s. f. ballerina, ballet-girl, ballet- 

BajiexMciiCTep'L, s. m. ballet-master. 

BaaexiHKTi, s.m. -<iHi],a, s. f. ballet-dancer. 

BasiaT'hf s. m. theat. ballet; || -thbiA, adj. 

Bajiucxa, s. f. l)alista. 

BajHCTHKa, s. f. balistics; |i -cxM'iecEitt, adj. 

Ba.iKa, 8. f. beam, girder; ; dell, valley; ravine. 

BajKOHii, s. 7)1. dim. -■e6h<ihe'B; balcony; 
'/ ■•onnuA, (((//. 

Bajija;^a, .v. f. ballad; 1| -a^^iiutt, adj. 

Baj.iacT'h, Baaaacxiixb, see BajiacTi, l>a- 


Ba.i.TOTiii»oBaiiie, s. n. -XHpoBEa, s. f. vote liy 
ballot, balloting, l)allot. 

BnJiJOXH|)OBaTb, bm-, v. a. to ballot, elect by 
]>allot; i -Cfl, V. p. to be lialloted; j)ar^ p. -po- 


BaJiJii>, s. m. 2>l. fiaJiJiia, ball, ballot-ball; mark 
(at Kchoolj; y neio Oi/pnue CaJlJliil o^ nooeOeiiiu, he 
has bail rnarks for conduct. 

Bajuiiaiibe, s. n. indulging, conniving; spoiling 

Bajioeaxb, v. a. to spoil (children;; to fondle; 
to connive; \v.7t.pop. to play, dally; -ca, c.r.p. 
to Irolic; to get spoiled; j2>a/"^ p. OajoBaiiHuit. 

BaaOBeHb, s. m. spoiled child, favourite;— 
CHacnib.i, fortune's favourite. 

BaaOBHHE'B, ■■ JIOBn^HE'b, S. 711. - Hi^a^ s. f. 
spoiler, indulger. 

BaaoBCXBO; s. n. overindulgence, spoiling; 
i| pranks, mischievous tricks. 

Baao^Hbifi, adj. of beam, beam. 

BaaxbiBaxb, see BoaiaTb. 

Baait; s. m. pi. OaJibi, ball; KocmTO-Hupoeau- 
HbiH—, fancy-ball; j] 6aaEi, idle talking, nonsense; 
OaJiEi moHumb, to talk nonsense, to chat, jest. 

BajibiEOBnHa, s. in. flesh of dried sturgeon or 
some other large fish. 

BaJibiEX>; s. m. the back of dried sturgeon or 
some other fish; || -jieieoboiK; adj. 

BaabSEMUUi; s. m. hot. common balsam; balsa- 
mine; Il -MHHHMttj adj. 

BaabsaMHpoBaHiC; s. n. -JinpoBEa, s. f. em- 

BajibsaMHpoBaxb, v. a. to embalm; i| |)ari. j:'. 


Bajib3aMHpuBiii;HE'b; s. ni. embalmer. 

BaabsaMH^ecEifl, adj. balsamic,— al; balmy. 

BaJibsaMHHE'b, s. w. hot. balsam - tree, bal- 

BaabsaM'b; s. m. balm, balsam; |j hot. balm-mint, 
garden-balm; eudibAawiniu — , balsam sweating; co- 
depoKamiu e~o ceSih — , balsamiferous; j] -iMnuii, adj. 
-iHoe depetio, balsam-tree. 

BaJibHbiii, adj. of ball, ball; ;| -Hoe ii.iamte, 

BaJiiocxpa;i;a; s. f. balustrade. 

BaJEflCHHa, s. f. baluster. 

BaaacHHRii, s. in. baluster-turner; j| pop. jester, 
trifler, banterer. 

BaJHCHUiaxb; i;. n. pop. to jest, joke. 

BaaacBT, s. f. pi. baluster; || drollery; nonsense, 
stuflf; momimb — , to jest, joke. 

BaMOyEi, s. w. hot. bamboo; i| -OyEOBBifi, adj. 

BanajibHOcxb, s. f. commonplaceness, platitude, 

BaHaabHBift, adj. hackneyed, banal, trite, 
commonplace; ji -ho, adv. tritely, in a common- 
place manner. 

BanaHi, s. 7n. hot. banana; || -iiHOBBitt, adj. 
-anoBoe dcpeeo, banana-tree. 

BaH;i,a, s. f. band, company; gang. 

BaH^aacHCXTb, - ;i;axHHE'B, s. in. bandage- 
maker, truss-maker. 

BaH^^aaci, s. m. chir. bandage, truss; || -acHBiii, 
adj. -aKHUii .\lacnl€p^, see BaHAaatncTi. 

BaH;i;ep6jiB, s. /'. banderole, band-label (with 
ticketed tax), excise label-band; postal wrapper; 
01 -poJiaxT., nodo -poJiBio, in postal wrapper, 
with excise label-band; || -poJiBHBiii, adj. 

BaH;^iIXl.J s. wi. bandit. 

BaH;]^yjiBepa, s. f. 7nil. shoulder-belt. 

BaH;^ypa, s. f. mandore; \ -pHBift, adj. 

BaH;^ypHcx■B, *•. m. mandore-player. 

BauHXB, Bhi-, V. a. to wash, foment; to water 
or soak (salt fish); ij artil. to sponge, wipe out. 

BaHEa, s. /'. di7n. OaHO'iEa, pot, bottle; jar; 
AcudcHCKUM—, Leyden - phial, Leydcn -jar; |i wed 
cupping-glass; jnait^ liank, shoal; ,| thwart, seat 
for rowers. 

BaiiKepi, see BauKOMeii. 

BaHKCXHHuaxB, 0. n. to banquet, junket. 

BaiiKoxT,, s. m. banquet, banqueting, regale; 
II fort, banquette; || - xHBilt, adj. - xaaa u>cpa, 
caviar of tlie l)est quality. 

BauKupcxBO, s. n. profession of a banker; 

BaHKiipi>, .v\ >H. banker: ,| -pcEiJi, adj. 

BauiKOBUtt, adj. banking, bank; — CuAvvn, bank- 
note, hank-bill. 




BaHKdMexi., s. m. banker (at qcunes). 

BaHKpoTCTBO, BauEpoTi, see BaHh-pyicTBO, 
F«aHKpy TT.. 

BiHKpTTHTbca, V. n. to become or turn bank- 
rupt; to fail. 

BaHKpjTCTBO, s. n. bankruptcy, failure; a.iocm- 
tijc—, a fraudulent bankruptcy. 

BaHKpvTi., a. m. bankrupt; |i -iTCEiti, adj. 

BaHRi; s. in. bank; || — na aKniJtvh, joint-stock 
bank: faro (game); uipavib ei — , to bank; dep- 
Mcanib — . to keep the bank; copoamti — , to break 
the bank. 

BaHEHKi, s. m. bath-broom; jj artil. sponge. 

BaHHoe^ adj. s. n. bath-tax. 

BaHHEJ^; adj. fit for the baths; — Aucmz, the 
leaf of a bath-broom; ohi, npucma.l^ ko .Hiub, koki — 
.tacnn, he sticks to me. 

BaHOQHbifi, adj. of pot, glass, jar. 

BaHT'B, s. VI. dim. 6aHTnKi>; bow, knot of rib- 
bons; \\ breeches-flap. 

BaHii];HET>, s. m. ■•n^Hi^a; s. f. bather, bathing- 
woman, bath-keeper. 

BiiHflj 5. f. bath-house; napooaa — , vapour-bath; 
d.idatnb -HH), to give a person a thrashing; to 
s:old. reprove one;!; sZ. ablution. 

BapaOaHeHbe, s.n. drumming. 

Bapa6aHHTB, npo-, v. n. to drum, beat the 
drum; ;i v. a. coll. to divulge; ' to strum (onthc piano). 

BapaOaHHBift, adj. of the drum;— 6o«, beat of 
the drum-.— cmapocma, drum-major, drum-sergeant; 
■■Haa nepenoHKa, amt. tympanum, ear-drum; 
-Haa KOMa, drum-head; -Haa na.iOHKa, drum- 
stick; -Hua namnoKKu, drum-strings. 

BapadaHn^HEi, 5. m. drummer; || drum-fish; 
[i *6aHii;Htiitt; adj. 

BapaOaai, s. wt. rft/w. -hihk'b, drum; 6o.ibiuou 
UAU mi/peuKtu—, mil. the big drum; || anat. cavity 
of the tympanum, ear-drum; , barrel (of a icatch). 

BapaOomHTb; v. a. coll. to heap up in disorder, 
tu.-n over, rummage. 

BapasaHi; s.m. barracan; j -aaoBEift, adj. 

BapaEi>; s. m. barrack. 

BapaHei](i>; s. m. hot. fir-leaved club-moss, earth- 


BapauHHa^ s. f. mutton. 

BapaHiit, adj. ram's: made of sheep-skin;— to- 
pox^y hot. chick-peas. 

BapaHEa, s. f. dim. -Hoqsa, a round cracknel; 
\\hot. arnica. 

BapaaoKii^ s. m. a rough i>lane. 

Bai>aH^HEi>, s. VI. hot. officinal primrose, 

Bapaai, s. m. dim. - ameEi, ram, sheep; 
ii battering-ram (machine); !i two-beaked ewer. 

BapaxTaHbe, s. n. struggling, sprawling, floun- 
dering: resisting. 

BapaxTaTbca, v. n. to wrestle, sprawl, struggle, 
flounder; to resist. 

BapameRT>; s. m.hird, snipe; || coll.—e% 6yMaMKn, 
a present of money, bribe; !i^Z. - auiRH, foam, 
froth on tlie sea; || little curls; ij hot. little screw- 
nuts: I' see Bai)aHi., 

Bap6apti3Mii, s. m. barbarism. 

6ap6apHCHHEi>, s. m. barberry-bush. 

BapOapuci.. s. m. shrub, barben-y; \\ -hchuiI, 
-iicoBKitt, adj. 

BapCexi., s. m. fort, barbet. 

BapBeaa; s. f. fish, red surmullet, gurnet. 

BapBHHOEi>, s. m. hot. lesser periwinkle. 

Bapj];a, s. f. malt-grains; ; -^^ouhuA^ adj. 

Bap^^i, s. m. bard (poet - mu<:ician of Celtic 

Bapex'i, .<!. m. barege. 

Bapeabe^tij s.m. has-relief; i, -4>**"fi> udj- 

Bapaca, s. f. barge. 

BapHEa;^a, see EappHKajta. 

BapHH-b, s. m. gentleman, nobleman; ii Sir (com- 
mon people addressing a nobleman); owiimb wBom,, 
to live like a nobleman. 

BapHTOUl; s.m. mus. barytone. 

BapuTi^ s. m. chem. baryta, baryte. 

BapHTbca, OapHEqaxb, v. n. to play the great 

BapHii, s.7n. nobleman's son; i| om cmpauiHuu—, 
he plays the great nobleman, he has too much 

Bapifi; s. m. chem. barium (metal). 

Bapsa, s. f. dim. Gapo^Ka, bark, boat;iiCa- 
po<iHbii(; adj. ^nnnA .llbc^, timber of demolished 

BapsaHi, Baph-aHOBbii^; see EapaKaHi. 

BapKapoja, 6\ f. barcarolle. 

BapEaci, s. m. naut. long-boat {of a man-of- 

BapEoyTi, s.m.naut. main wales; i| -tthhA, adj. 

Bapubi; s. f. pi. small shoulder-mantle (worn 
by the ancient czars the day of their coronation). 

BapOHaEpoHexp'b, s. m. baromacrometer. 

BapoueTpH^ecEift, adj. barometric,— al. 

Bapostexporpa^'b, s. m. barometrograph. 

BapoMexp'b^ s. m. barometer, weather-glass. 

Bapouecca, s. f. baroness. 

BapoHexi, s. m. baronet. 

BapoHCEift, adj. baronial, baron's; || no -ceh, 
ado. baron-like. 

BapoHCXBO, s. n. baronage; i| barony. 

BapoHi^ s. m. baron; prov. y ecuKato -na ceon 
0anmn3iH, every man has his peculiar bent. 

BapocEon'b^ s. m. baroscope. 

BaponHHEi; s. m. bark-man, barge-man; ji mas- 
ter of a bark. 

Bapo^Hbifi, adj. see Bapna. 

BappHEa;]^a, s. f. barricade, barricade. 

BapcEifl, adj. seigniorial; belonging to a noble- 
man; oKumb Ha -CE710 Hoty, to live like a noble- 
man; il -CEaa c;?ec6, aristocratic pride; hot. scarlet 
lychnis, knight's cross; ii -cku, no -CBH, adv. in 
a nobleman's way, like a nobleman. 

BapcxBO, s. n. state of gentleman; i| fig. fas- 
tidiousness; vmo 3a — ! what pretensions! 

BapcxBOBaxb, v. n. to play the grand gentle- 

BapcyE-B, s.m. dim. OapcyqoE-b, badger, hog- 
badger, brock; ii -yqifi, -yEOBbiJ^^ adj. -y^ba 
codana, terrier-beagle. 

Bapcb; s. m. panther; ;! dapcoBbifi, adj. 

Bapxaxei^i; .s. m. velveting, velvet-ribbon; j| bat. 
Indian pink. 

BapxaxucxHtt, adj. velvet, velveting, velvety. 

BapxaxEa, s. f. velvet-ribbon. 

BapxaxRHRi, s. m. hot. amaranth, cockscomb, 

fiapxaxit, s. m. velvet; HcpasptbaHou— , terry- 
velvet; Kunopnbia,6y.HaMCHbiu — , velveteen;'! -XHUfi, 

BapqeaoE'bj Bap^yKi, s.m. dim. pop. son of 
a nobleman. 

Bapn^HHa, .«. f. average, husbandry service; i| fig. 
unpleasant task. 

Bapi, s'. m. naut. bar (of a harbour). 

Bapbi; s.m. pi. see Bapnui. 

Bapbiua, s. f. nobleman's wife, mistress, lady; 
iJ madam; {| -hh, pi. ladies, women. 

BapbiiuuHE'b, .-?. m. -HHi^a, .s. f. jobber, fore- 
staller; .lomadujiuu — , horse-jobber, horse-dealer; 
Il -HHiecKiff; >iHu<ii^, adj. 

BapuiUHuiaube^ .s. n. forestaller's or jobber's 
trade; buying-up. 

BapbimHU<iaxb; v. n. (u>b.u^), to job, forestall. 

BapbimuHHecxBO^ see BapumuHHanbe. 




BapbiniHUfi, adj. of profit, gained, acquired. 

BapuiuHfl; .s. /'. unmarried lady, damsel; miss; 
td)b—l where is Miss (with christian name)? 

Bapbimi, s. m. profit, gain, lucre; prov.—c^ 
HUK.rado.m na odHwxh caiiMXh ibadnim, there is no 
trader who does not meet with losses; ne do -ma, 
obi.ia OM cmua xoi)oma, a good name is better 
than riches. 

Baptepi., s. m. barrier, fence. 

BaceHHnKi., s. m. fable-maker, fable-monger. 

BaccHHHii, adj. fable, of a fable, of a tale. 

BacHCTTi, s. m. bass-singer; bass-player. 

BacHCTHft, adj. base, deep-toned. 

BacHTB, V. n. to sing the bass: 1| to speak in a 
bass or coarse voice. 

BacKaK-B, .<. m. Mongol tax-gatherer. 

BacMa, .S-. /". slight setting of image. 

BacHonHcei^'b, .s. m. fabulist, fabler, writer of 

BacHOCJOBHTb, V. n. to fable, tell tales; to dote, 
talk idly. 

BacHOcaoBie, s. n. fable, mythology. 

BacHOCJOBHOCTB, .s. f. fabulousness. 

BacHOCJiOBHBitt, adj. fabulous, mythological; 
!| -HO, adv.—ly. 

BacHOCJioBX, X. m. babbler, liar. 

BacHb, s. f. fable, fiction. 

BacHH, s. f. dim. CaceHKa, fable; tale; prov. 
co.ioabJi -HHMii lie KOl)MHm^, a hungry belly has 
•no ears. 

BacoBhiii, adj. mtifi. bass; — KAwm, bass-clef; 
-Baa cmpijna, l)ass-string. 

BacoKX, s. m. bass-string. 

BaconmnEii, -mima, s. /". galloon-maker, 
lace-maker, trimming-maker. 

BacoH'B, .s. m. galloon, trimming; jj -OHHUfi adj. 

BacceiiH'i., s. m. basin, reservoir of water; 
I -ttHBiii, adj. 

BaccexTb-ropHii, x. m. mus. basset-horn. 

Bacxa, adv. coll. enough. 

BacxioHi., s. m. fort, bastion; 1| -OHHbift, adj. 

BacTOBaTb, 3a-, v. n. to cease, leave otf, 
give off. 

BacypMaHTi, see BycypMani. 

BacB, s. m. mus. bass; : bass-singer. 

Baxa.iep'B, s. m. naut. steward, store-keeper; 
ynmep-o — , steward's mate; H -CKiit, adj. -CKaa 
Kanmri, steward's room. 

Baxa.iiicx'b, .v. m. painter of battle-pieces. 

BaxiuiiH, .s. /'. mil. battle, fight, engagement; 
i] - aabUMii, adj. ■■ Huft otoub, running-fire; 
— ajBHafl u.iu -a;iHnccEa}i jtcumnuct,, battle- 

BaxajibOHi>, .s-. m. mil. battalion; I -ohhwA, adj. 

Baxap;^u, v. n. indecl. batardeau, embankment 
{of a river or moat). 

Baxapea, s. f. mil. battery; il -pettHwJi, adj. 

Baxeubh-a, .v. m. dim. of oxei^T.; [ /a»n. my dear 
sir, my dear. 

IJaxep-b, s-. m. hot. meadow-sweet, moadow-queen. 

BaxHCXi., .s. m. batist; || -cxoBuft, adj. 

liaxMJiii'b, s. ■)u. weight used in Southern and 
Eastern Russia (oari/in/j in different localities). 

Baxor'b, .s'. m. stick, rod, cudgel; ipZ. -xorn, 
-xuKbM, rods. 

Baxo:K6K'j., v. m. dim. of Baxonj ,1 rest-stick, 
maul-stick (of painters). 

Baxpiiii'b, .V. 7/1. journoyman, workman (among 
peasants); i -panifl, adj. 

fiaxpaxHX'b, s. m. min. batrachites, frog-stone. 

Baxpii'iK)!, Baxpa'iHxa, s. f. hiri-d work- 
woman; wife of a journeyniaii. 

BaxpiiMHXb, V. n. to labour, work as a jour- 

Baxiupiij^HKii, s. w(. prinf. inker, printer. 

BaxbRa, s. m. pop. father: prov. Ka):037, — , ma- 
KOGu y neto u dibmnu, as is the master, so is the 

BaxiomKa, s. m. dim. father, papa; jj fam. dear 
sir; ;| reverend father (addressing a priest). 

Baxfl, see BaieHbRa. 

BayJit, s'. m. dim. -yjien.'b, —yabiHK'b, trunk, 
case, coffer; il -yJibHH A, adj. 

BaxBiiJiHXb, V. n. -ca, v. r. pop. to praise 
one's self; to boast, brag, play the braggart; to 
bluster, swagger. 

BaxBaJii, s. m. -Jisa, s. f. pop. boaster, brag- 
gart, rodomont. 

BaxBaabCXBO, s. n. rodomontade. 

Baxuaa, s-. /". peasant's boot. 

Baxpo5ia,s./'.(Zi»t.daxpoMKa, fringe; ji -OMHHft, 

BaxpoMHCXufi, BaxpoMqaxHtt, adj. with long 
fring.". ^ 

BaxpoMHXb, V. a. to fringe. 

Baxposim.uK'b, .s. m. fringe-maker. 

Baxua, s. /'. box of one pound of tea; see 

Bai^axb, Oai^Hyxb, v. a. pop. to slap, strike; to 
flap; i! -ca, V. n. to fall heavily. 

BauH.iJia, s. f. bacillus. 

Bau.'b, inter, pop. abbreviation of the ver'' 
Cimnyxb, slap! l)ang! oht, eto—n'> mcKib, and there 
he deals him a blow on the cheek. 

BauicuKa, s. f. turritella (shell); \ dim. of 

BaiuBa, s. f. jowl (of a fish); \< coll. head, pate, 
noddle; li block-head; \\ head of bellows. 

BauiJiUK'b, s. m. Caucasian cowl. 

Bam9iaK%, s. m. dim. -MaiOKi, shoe; obimb 
nodi — KOMi y .wcHbc, to be henpecked by one's 
wife; 1 iron, iron shoe (of a pile); \ -sia^Hbift, adj. 

BauiMa<iHUKX, s. m. -Huu,a, s. f. shoe-maker; 
]| -Hnqiti, adj. 

BauiMa'iuMiaHbe, s. n. shoe-making. 

Bauiiia^HH^axb, v. n. to practice the trade of ' 
a shoe-maker. 

Bamaa, s. f. dim. OameHKa, tower, turret; 
j rock, castle (at chess); ;. uaiueuubii^, adj. 

Bawt, 6aft, OaioiUKn, lullaby (song to make c 
hnhy sleep). 

BaioKaHbe, s. n. lulling. 

BaioKaxb, v. a. to lull. 

Baa;^epKa, s. f. bayadere (a Hindu dancing- 
girl). ^ 

BaHH'b, s'. m. poet (of the ancient Slaves). 

Baaxb, v. n. pop. to say, speak. 

B;^HxeJib, s. in. -HUi],a, .s. /". waker; watcher. 

B;^Hxo.ibHOCXb, s. f. vigilance, watchfulness. 

B;^uxeJbUi>iii, adj. wakeful; watchful, vigilant; 

-HO, ad(;.— ly. 

Bj^BHie, s. n. vigilance; watchfulness; oceHom- 
noe — , evening service (before a feast). 

B,^'fexb, V. n. to be awake; to sit up (at night); 
I fig. to attend to, watch over; to keep a watchful 
eye over.^ 

BsrcMox'r>, s-. m. zool. beliemoth, hippopotamus: 

-uTOBUii, adj. 

BeruH'b-pert, s. m. naut. cross-jack-yard. 

Beri., see Ben. 

BoAPa, N. f. Be;i;po, s. n. hip, haunch;! «««?. 
femur, tliigli-l'one. 

Be;^poII^^■I., n. m. hot. pimpernel, burnel; 
; -Hl^oltutt, adj. 

llt'j^piicxMtt, adj. strong-haunched. 

l»(\T,l)HHr.ift, Bo.'^eimwtt, adj. femoral, of hij.. 
j Be;^yl^H'^., >. m. bedouin. 

HciKii, .s. m. beige, unbleached serge. 

Boaa.iiiOepiiot'Xb, s. f. want of order (in one's 
I action^), insipidity, absurdity. 


— 13 - 


BeaajaOepHBifi, adj. absurd, insipid, acting 
without the least system; , -ho, adc. — ly. 

Bes6oa:ie, s. n. atheism, impiety. 

BesOoacHHK'b, s.m. -HHi^a, .<?. /'. atheist, ungodly 
man or woman; impious person. 

Be3(io:KHU»iaHbo, .s\ n. an ungodly life. 

BesuoaKHiiiaTb, -HH^ecxBOBaTb, v. n. to lead 
an ungodly life. 

BesOoXHiiiecTBO, .s. n. impiety, impiousness, 
irreligion, irreligiousuess. 

BeafioxHWil, - OoasuiiqecKiii, adj. impious, 
irreligious, godless; ;i - ho, - ckii, ado.—lr,o,^^ 
-HO <-■^ H^^.H^ iiocmi/naevih, he treats him without 
pity, without the least compassion. 

BesOoKift, adj. thin-flanked. 

BesOoaisHeHHOCTb, s. /'. perfect health. 

BeaOo.i-BSHeHHutt, adj. perfectly healthy; j| -ho, 
ado. painlessly, without pain; soundly. 

Be36ol)6;^Htt, adj. beardless, without a beard. 

BesoojisHCHHOCxb, .s. /'. fearlessness, intrepidity; 
undaunteduess, dauntlessness. 

BesCoasHeHHRii, adj. fearless, intrepid; un- 
daunted, dauntless; -ho, adv.—\\. 

BesOpaHHbitt, adj. peaceful; quiet. 

BeaOpaiic, s. n. BesOpaiHOCTb, .s. f. celibacy, 
single life. 

BesOpauHHU, adj. unmarried, single; ;; hot. aga- 
mous; j -HO, adv. in celibacy, singly. 

BesfipexHHit, adj. shoreless,unlimited, limitless, 
boundless, unbounded. 

BesfipoBEiff, adj. browless. 

BesOpioxiii, adj. flat-bellied. 

BesOypHHfi, adj. stormless, calm. 

BeaO Bj^HOCTb, s. f. competency, easy circum- 

BesO-ii^^Hbift, adj. not poor, secure, in easy 
circumstances: \ -ho, ado. securely, in easy circum- 

Be3Be;i;pie, s. n. bad weather. 

BesBHHHOCTb, s. f. iunocencc; guiltlessness. 

BesBHHHutt, adj. innocent, guiltless, not guilty; 
ji harmless; inoffensive: 1; -ho, ado. — ly; cio ocy- 
di(.iu -ho, he has been unjustly accused. 

BesBKTcni^a, s. /'. BesBKycie, s. n. want of 
taste, tastelessnoss; ^ insipidity; nanoe -cie oh eto 
nnp.Hdii., he is dressed without any taste. 

BesBKyCHUit, adj. tasteless, savourless; ij -HO, 
adv. — ly. 

BesBJiaa^HBiit, adj. unwet, dry. 

BesBjacTie, s. n. anarchy. 

Be3B.iacTH0CTb, .9. f. powerlessness, want of 
authority, impotence. 

BesBjaCTHHfl, adj. powerless, impotent. 

Be3B0;^H£itt, adj. waterless, droughty, dry; \\ arid. 

BesBoj^se, s. n. - B6;i;im,a, - Bo;i;HOCTb, .s>. /". 
want of water, want of rain; dryness, aridity , drought. 

BesBOsOpaHHEJli, adj. not forbidden, permitted, 

BesBOSBpaxHHit, adj. irrevocable, irreparable, 
irreversible; [ -ho, adv. — bly. 

Bc3B03J^yuIHKItt, adj. airless; -hoc npocmpan- 
cineo. vacuum. 

Be3B03Me3;^uo, ndo. without reward, gratis; 
free of cost, for nothing. 

Bc3B03Me3;^uHii, adj. gratuitous, free of cost. 

BesBO-iocHna, s. f. -Baacie, s. n. want of hair, 

BesBO.iocbitt, Be3BaacHft, adj. hairless, bald. 

BesBpej^HOCXb, ^\ f. harmlessness,innocuousness, 
innoxiousness; ', innocence, innocency. 

Be3Bpe;iiHbiiir,rtf?7.harmless,innocuous, innoxious; 
innocent: ' -ho, adv. — ly. 

BesBpeMeHHOCXb, s. f. untimeliness; unsea- 

BesBpesieHHUii, adj. untimely; unseasonable; 

ill-timed; \ -ho, adv. untimely; unseasonably, not 
at a proper time. 

Be3BpeMeHbe, s'. n. -speMeHHHi^a, s. f. un- 
seasonable weather; improper time. 

Be3Bbiro;i;HOCXb, .s\ f. disadvantage. 

Be3Bwro;i,HEiit, adj. disadvantageous; jj -ho, 
adv. without any profit or advantage. 

Bc3BIJX0J^H0CXb, H. f. the state of having no 
issue; helplessness; — noAOMeiiiH, a helpless po- 
sition, the most critical state. 

Be3Bwxo;i,HHit, adj. not going out. always 
present; having no outlet or issue; -hoc 
sKenie, a helpless position; jj - ho, adv. without 
absenting one's self; om ouat, npu nea -ho, he 
never left her. 

BesBMiypHbift, adj. simple, without affectation. 

Be3BM']&3;i;HBitt, adj. not absenting one's self: 
il -HO, adv. Olio MUA^ wa.M7> dea loda -ho, he did 
not leave the place during two years. 

Be3B-B;^0Mbiii, adj. unknown, unwarned; clan- 
destine, secret; i -mo, adv. unknown to, clan- 
destinely, secretly. 

BesB-Bpie, s-. n. incredulity; irreligion. 

BesB-Bp'b, s. m. -pKa, s. f. unbeliever; impious 
man, woman. 

Be3Bi}CXH0CXb, s. f. uncertainty; Ji obscurity; 
owumb 8^ -XH, to live unknown to the world. 

BesB-BCXHBitt, adj. unknown; obsure; j| -ho, adv. 
unknown to; obscurely. 

BesB-BxpeHMfi, adj. windless, calm. 

BeSBixpie, s. n. calm, want of wind. 

Be3raaBHTb, see 06e3r.iaB.iHBaTt. 

Be3rJiaBbi]^, adj. headless; acephalous. 

BesrJiasbiii, adj. eyeless, without eyes. 

Besrjacie, s. n. aphony, loss of voice. 

BesrjiacHocxb, .s\ f. want of notoriety. 

Be3rJiaCHbitt, adj. mute, voiceless; -Ha« oynea, 
gram, mute letter; i clandestine; without notoriety 
or publicity; I; unentitled to vote. 

BesrH-isBHbiit, adj. without anger. 

Be3rHii3;i;HHft, adj. having no nest, deprived 
of nest. 

Be3ro;i;be, .s. n. Be3r6AHii,a, .9. f. pop. bad year; 
misfortune, disaster. 

BesroaoButt, adj. headless; without a head; 

I stupid, brainless. 

Be3ro.i6cbiu, adj. voiceless, having no voice. 
Be3rocy;i;apHbitt, adj. -hop opeMH, interregnum. 
BesrpaMOXHOCXb, .9. /". ignorance, illiterateness. 
BesrpaMOXHuft, adj. unlearned, ignorant: 

II s. agrammatist. 

BesrpaHHiHOCXb, s. f. unlimitedness, unbound- 

BesrpaHH^Huii, adj. unlimited, unbounded, 
boundless; jj -ho, adv.—lj- 

Be3rpHBBiii, adj. maneless, without a mane. 

Be3rpy;i;Hft, adj. narrow - breasted, narrow- 
chested, tight-chested. 

Besrpiiuie, 6. ». BesrphinHOCXb, .s. f. sinless- 
ness, innocence. 

Besrp-BiuHHft, adj. sinless, free from sin; [i -Htie 
doxodbi, casual or accidental benefits: -ho, ado. 
without sin, sinlessly. 

BcsryGwif, adj. lipless, without lips. 

Be3;^aHHMft, adj. duty free: , -ho, adv. gra- 
tuitously, for nothing; -HO-0e3n6maHHHO, adv. 
without paying the entry duties. 

Be3;i;apH0CXb, .s\ f. Avant of talent, incapableness. 

Bc3;^apHbi£[, adj. without genius, not talented: 
incapable: Jl -ho, adv. without talent. 

Bc3;^CHea:HHfl, adj. moneyless, poor in money, 
penniless, not having money, destitude of money: 
,j gratuitous: I -HO, ado. gratis. 

Bc3;i;eHca;be, .«. n. BesjencaiHOCXb, s. f. want 
or scarcity of money; pennilessness. 

BE3JI; _ u - 

Bes^Ha, $. f. abyss, gulf; precipice; || immense 
quantity, a very great number, a very great or 
goor deal, a world of; 1/ Heio—dpyaeU, he has 
numberless friends. 

Be3;^6aK;i,ie, s. n. want of rain; dryness of 

Be3;^6xAHHttj adj. rainless, arid, dry. 

Be3;^0H>I01HBItt, adj. clear of arrears; \ -ho, 
adv. without arrears. 

Be3;i;oKa3aTeji.HHi1[, adj. proofless, unproved, 
that remains to be proved; that cannot be proved. 

Be3;i;oja:HOCTH6fi, adj. without office or duty. 

Be3;T;6.iacHfjfir, adj. free from debt. 

Be3;i;6jHT&, see OfieaaojiHTi.. 

Be3j;oabHMft, adj. unfortunate; || hot. acoty- 

Be3;^6MHHKi,, .5. m. -HHi^a, s. f. houseless or 
homeless man or woman. 

Be3;i.6MHua, adj. houseless, homeless, destitude 
of a home. 

BesAOMOKi, s. m. -j^OMKa, s. f. see BesAOM- 

HHKT., — HHUa. 

Be3;^6Mbe, .,\ n. -;i;oMHn,a, s. f. state of being 
houseless, homelessness. 

Be3;i,6HHHfi, adj. bottomless; fig. very deep; 
jl -Haa ooHKa, fitj. lavisher, spendthrift. 

Be3;^op6aKH^a, s. f. -poasbe, s. n. impassable 

Be8;^ox6;i;HOCTB, s. f. barrenness, unproduc- 

BesAOXOAHHft, adj. giving or producing no 
income, no revenue. 

Be3;i;yiuie, s. n. lifelessness; || heartlessness, want 
of feeling. 

Be8;i;yiuHHiecTB0, s. n. heartlessness; narrow- 
ness of mind; want of feeling, of conscience. 

Bes^^yiuHOCTB, s. /'. heartlessness, want of 

Be3;^yI^^Hft, adj. soulless, lifeless; heartless; 
ll -HO, adv.— ly. 

Bes^^MMHKi^, adj. smokeless. 

Bes^^uxaHHOCTb, *;. f. breathlessness; lifeless- 

Be3;^MxaHHUtt, adj. breathless, lifeless, dead. 

Be3,^iittCTBeHHMii, adj. inactive, inefficacious; 
ii unemployed, unoccupied. 

Be3;^•i4ttCTBie, s. n. inaction, inertness; inactivity, 
indolence; 1| inefficaciousness. 

Be8;^-BJiCTB0BaTb, v. n. to remain inactive, 

Bo3,iB.iui;a, s. f. dim. - ;^-BJiBa, - .i^ibjo^Ra, 
- ;^•fe.lyuIKa, trifle, bagatelle, trifling matter; 
bauble; gewgaw; oui sanAamiiA^ aa dtno -JiHi^y, 
he paid a trifle or very little for this. 

Be3;^'BJbe, s. n. inaction, want of employment, 
of occupation; indolence; oim -jbh, for want of 
employment, for lack of business; from idleness. 

Bca^B.iBHME'B, s. 711. - uHi^a, s. f. rascal, 
miscreant; rogue, knave. 

Be8;i;B.ibiiH<iaiiBC, - hhicctbo, s. n. idling 
away one's time; || rascality. 

Bc3;^B-ibHHiaTB, v.n. to idle away one's time; 
Ij to act like a rascal. 

Bc3;^B.iBiiii<iecRiii, adj. rascally, roguish, knav- 
ish; jj -ucckh, ado. like a rascal, roguishly, 

Hes^T B.1BHUA, adj. unemployed; idle; \\ - HO, 
ado. iiily. 

Bos^'^BTUBitt, adj. childless, without progeny or 

Be8;^BTCTB0, s. n. - thoctb, s. f. want of 

Bea^-^rjJiTO.ibHOCTB, s. f. inactivity; sec Bc3- 

Bc8,T;hHTC.iBiiiiitt, adj. inactive. 

Be3e,s.«.a liglit pastry of white of eggs and sugar. 


Besxa.iouHEiit, adj. what is not to be pleal 
or cannot be plead against. 

BesacaaocTHOCTb, s. f. pitilessness. 
Be3SKa.iocTHMft, adj. pitiless; || -HO, ady.—ly, 
without pity. 
Bosaca.ibHbiu, adj. stingless, having no sting. 
BesateJiiHutt, adj. bileless, without bile. 
BesaieHHBii^, adj. without a wife, wifeless. 
BesaieHCTBO, s. n. celibacy; widowerhood. 
BesaceHCTBOBaxb, v. n. to live in celibacy or 
remain a widower. 

BesaciiSHeHHOCTB, s. f. lifelessness, inanimation. 
BesxusHeHHbii}, adj. lifeless, inanimate; [i -ho, 
ado. — ly. 

Be3aiu.ibHBiii, adj. veinless. 
BessaOoTJiHBOCTB, s. f. carelessness, indolence. 
Be33a66TJiHBbiJi, Be33a66THBii'i, adj. careless; 
II -BO, -HO, adv. — ly. 
BcssaOoTHOCTB, see BesaaSoTJHBOcTb. 
BessaBucxjinBbitt, -bhcthbi^, adj. free from 
envy, without envy. 

BessaB-BXHbift, adj. not in defence, not pro- 
hibited; allowed; Ij unlimited, unrestrained; || -ho, 
ado. without defence; - ho npedannuu, devoted 
heart and soul. 

Be33a36pHOCTb, s. f. irreprehensibleness, irre- 
j)roachableness, blamelessness, 

Be33a3opHbiiir, adj. irreprehensible, irreproach- 
able, blameless. 

BessaKOHie, s. n. iniquity, injustice, impiety. 
BessaKOHHHK-B, s. m. - HHU,a, s. f. lawless, 
iniquitous , impious man or woman. 

BesaaKOHHHiaxb, o. n. to act unlawfully, 
against the law; to be impious. 

BesaaKOHHOcxb, s.f. illegality; jl lawlessness. 
BessaEOHHHtt, adj. unlawful, iniquitous, impious; 
jl -HO, ado. — ly. 

Be33ap6,^HmHbifl, adj. hot. inembryonate. 
BessapoiHBift, adj. free from a vow, who did 
not make a vow. 

Be33acxyuHbiA, adj. defenceless, unprotected. 
Be33acx-BHiHB0CXb, s.f. impudence, immodesty. 
BessacxBHqHBHfir, adj. impudent, immodest: 
Ij -BO, ado.—lj. 

Be33ax^fijiHBbiff, -xiftHMft, adj. unceremo- 
nious, not capricious, simple. 

Be33a'iexHMfl, ac{j. unreckoned, not counted or 
included in; exchmve;—peKpymi, a recruit entering 
the service as a punishment. 

Bc33au;iixH0CXb, .s. f. defencelessness. 
Bessau^nxHuii, adj. defenceless, unsheltered, 

Be33Byiie, s. n. the want of sound. 
BessByuHUii, adj. soundless; dull;— ^o.toc5, a 
hollow voice; ;| -ho, ado. soundlessly. 
BossBBS^'^HUii, adj. starless; i| dark. 
BesBCMeabe, .9. n. want of arable land. 
Be33eMe.TBHfaii, adj. doticient in arable land. 
Bc83o6bitii, adj. wenless. 
BoasyOuft, adj. toothless. 
BcsuK'b, s. m, bezique (a game at cards). 
Be3Ka6.iy'iHbift, adj. witliout heels (of boots). 
JioaKBiicie, s. n. unleavened state. 
BesKBiicuiiitt, adj. unleavened, free from acid. 
JJcsKOBiipHOCTB, ,s. f. sincerity, frankness, 

Be3K0Uiipiii>n1[, adj. sincere, frank. 
lioaKOShipiiMil, adj. without trumps (at cards). 
lieaKO.i BiiHuft, - j-BUO'iHuft, adj. hot. not 

Be3K03iau,;Hbn1, adj. having no command over 
any one; done without command. 

li(>;)KOiic>iuocxB, s. f. endlessness, infinity; 
everlastiiigness; ]| immensity. 

BeaKoiieiHTjA, adj. endless, infinite; ;| —eunm^, 


15 — 


endless or everlasting screw; |i immense; || - ho, 

BesKOHHUtt, adj. without horses, 

BesKOHTpoabHHli, adj. - ho, adv. without 

BesRopMiii^a, s.f. want of fodder, deticiency 
in fodder, in provender, in forage. 

BesBopMHUtt, adj. wanting fodder or ])rovender. 

BesKopwcTio, s. n. BesKopHCTHOCTb, s. f. 

Be3KopfaicTUu£[, adj. disinterested; j| - ho, 

fldy.— ly. 
BesKoCTHMii, adj. boneless; i| without fish-bones 

or whalebones. 

BesKpaMOJbHMtt, adj. not mutinous, not se- 
ditious; peaceful. 

BesKpoBBJiBHUft, adj. roofless. 
BesKpoBie, s. n. -kpobhoctb, s. f. deficiency 
of blood; ined. anemy. 

BesKpoBHHii, adj. bloodless; not bloody; H hav- 
ing no parents or relations; homeless, roofless. 
BesKpyiuHHHfi, adj. free from sorrow. 
BeSKptiJiHft, - KpMJibHHfi, adj. wingless, 
Be3Ja;i,Hn,a, s. f. discord, misunderstanding. 
BesJanBi^, adj. pawless. 
BesaenecTKOBHtt, adj. bot. apetalous. 
BesJiecTHHft, adj. unflattering; sincere. 
Bea.iiiCTBeHHkft, BesJiHCTHUft, adj. leafless. 
Be3auii;Kifi, adj. faceless. 

BesjiH^HBift, adj. gram, impersonal; jj - ho, 

Besaodufi, adj. with a low or narrow forehead. 
BesayHic, s. n. moonless time. 
BeaayHHHii, adj. without moonlight. 
BesJ^Cbe, s. n. want of wood; woodless tract; 
I, -iJi-BCHEift, adj. woodless. 

BesaixHOCTB, s. f. eternity; || -JiixHBitt, adj. 
eternal, having neither beginning nor end. 
BesjfO^HTB, see OSesarojiHTi.. 
Bc3JiK>;i;HBift, adj. unpeopled, thinly peopled. 
Be3JiH)ji;Be, - jih);i;ctbo, s. n. deficiency of 
population; prov. na -A^H m Ooua daopHHum, in a 
waste every one can be king or in the land of 
the blind one-eyed people are kings. 
Bes J w^li'feTB, see OSesarojil'feTb. 
BesMajia, adv. coll. nearly, almost. 
BesMaxepHiii, -TepHMft, adj. motherless. 
Be3Me3;i;ie, s. n. -Me3;i;H0CXB, s. f. disinter- 

BesMes^HHK'B, s. m. disinterested man. 
Be33iC3;i;HBi:&, adj. disinterested, gratuitous; 
|1 -HO, adv. gratis. 

fie3HeHiii;nE'B, s. m. steelyard-maker. 
BcsMCHT., s. m. dim. •■ MeHiHK'B, steelyard; 
j -HeHHBifi, adj. of steelyard. 

Be35i03rj[0CXB, s. f. want of brains; silliness, 

BesHosrjiBifi, adj. brainless; stupid, silly. 
BesHO^iBic, s. n. silence; taciturnity; calm. 
Be3M6jiBHHK'B, x. m. who has made the vow to 
remain silent; anchorite. 

BesMOJBHBiit, adj. silent, not saying a word, 
taciturn; calm, quiet; ij -HO, adv. silently, without 
saying a word; calmly. 

BesMOJiBCXBOBaxB, V. n. to keep silence; to 
remain or be silent. 

BesMpaiiHBiJi, adj. not obscure. 
BesMy^ie, s. n. the state of a woman without 
a husband. 

BesMysKHaa, adj. unmarried, without husband. 
BesMipie, s. n. - m^phocxb, s. f. excess, 
immensity, enormity. 

6e3MspHFi[M, adj. excessive, extreme, immense, 
enormous; II -HO, ado. — ly. 

BesJiicxHBifif, adj. without place or employment. 
BesMaxesKHOcxB, s. f. tranquillity, quietness, 

BesMflxe^KHBifi, adj. undisturbed, tranquil, quiet: 
,1 -HO, adv. — ly. 

BesHaBOSHBili, adj. without dung or manure, 

Be3Ha;T,e:iKUXB, see 0Ce3HaJ^e2CHBaTI.. 
Be3Ha;iiea:HocxB, s. f. hopelessness; hopeless or 
desparate state. 

Be3Ha;i;e3:HBi£[, adj. hopeless, past hope, des- 
perate; II -HO, adv. past hope, — ly. 
BesHaKasaHHOCXB, s. f. impunity. 
Be3HaRa3aHHBrft, adj. unpunished; i| -ho, adv. 
with impunity. 

Be3HaM-BpeHH0CXB, s. f. absence of design, 

Be3HaM-BpeHHBiii, adj. undesigned, unintention- 
al; li -HO, adv. without design,— ly. 

BesHJinacxHEiii, adj. having no calamity. 
Be3Hapfl;i;HUH, adj. done without being or- 
dered; II not ornamented, unadorned. 

Be3Hacj-B;i;ie, ,s. n. the state of being without 
heirs, want of heirs. 

Be3Hacj-Bji;HBift, adj. heirless, without posterity. 
Be3Ha>ia.iie, s. n. anarchy; lawlessness. 
BesHaiaJiBHHiaxB, v. n. to remain without a 
chief; to be one's own master. 

BesHaiaaBHBiu, adj. anarchic, — al; ij having no 
beginning; || -ho, adv. anarchically; without begin- 

BesHaiaJBCxBeHHBifl, adj. anarchical, having 
no cliiefs. 

Be3HeB'BCXHaa, adj. not betrothed (of the 
Holy Virgin). 

Be3H0rifi, adj. without feet or legs, footless; 
apodal (of insects);^ -ria, s. pi. apodes (insects). 
BcsHocBiii, adj. noseless. 
BesHpaBCXBeHHOCXB, s. /". immorality. 
BesHpaBCXBOHHBitt, adj. immoral; U - ho, 
adv. — ly. 
Be3HyaBHEitt, adj. free from want; \ needless. 
Be30, see Beai.. 

Be30ap'B, s. m. med. bezoar-stone. 
Be3o6H;^HOCXB, s. f. inoffensiveness. 
Be30(>HAHHlt, adj. inoffensive; harmless; H -HO, 
adv. — ly. 

BesofijiaiHOCXB, s. f. cloudlessness; serenity. 
BesodjaiHBifi, adj. cloudless; serene. 
Be30()J[Ha:HHtt, adj. coll. not lying or cheating; 

Be30dpii3HTB, see OSesoopasHBaTt. 
Be3o6pa3ie,s.«. deformity, ugliness; i| unbecoming 
deeds, indecency. 

Be3o6pa3HHiaxB, v. n. to behave one's self 
indecently, in an unbecoming manner. 

Be3o6pa3HOCxB, s. /". nat. his. amorphy, want 
of form. 

Be3o6pa3HOCXB, s.f. see BesoSpasie. 
BesoOpasHBiii, adj. disfigured, deformed, ugly. 
Be366pa3HBiu, adj. nat. his. amorphous, having 
no regular shape. 

Be306p6iHBiii, adj. free or exempt from tlie 

Be3oroBopoiHMii, adj. without excuse, not 
admitting any reserve or clause. 
BcsuKiJi, adj. eyeless. 

Be30nac.iHB0CXB, s. f. security; incautiousness, 

Bo30uac.iHBBiu, adj. incautious, improvident: 
II -BO, adv. — ly. 

BesonacHOCXB, s. f. safety, security; Smnh a^ 
-cxH, to be in security, in safety. 

BesonaoHBitt, adj. safe, secure; not dangerous; 
II -HO, adv.—l'i. 


— 16 


BesopTj^HHfi, adj. -svithout organs. 

BesopyatHHit, adj. unarmed, withvoiit arms. 

BesocxaHOBOiHOCTB, s. f. uninterruptedness. 

BesocTaHoBO^HHU, adj. uninterrupted, un- 
ceasing; II - KO, adu. without interruption, un- 
ceasingly, not stopping. 

Be30T6oiinHfi[, adj. pressing, urgent; !, - ho, 


Be30TB6;^HH«, adj.—ceudnme.i'o, a witness that 
cannot be challenged or rejected. 

BesoTBixHOCTb, s. f. impossibility to answer, 
no wish to answerer to justify one's self; 1| a mild, 
yielding temper, compliance. 

BeaoTB-BTKHit, adj. who cannot justify one's 
self; giving no answer, no reply; i| patient, mild, 
tranquil; ;i -ho, adv. without answering or replying, 

BeaoTBBTCTBeHHOCTB, s. f. irresponsibility. 

BeaOTB-BTCTBeHHHft, adj. irresponsible; || -ho, 

ado. — bly. 
BesoTBHSHOCTb, s. f. importunity, obsession; 


BesoTBHSHHft, -BasiHBMif, adj. importunate; 
pressing, besetting; -ho, -bo, ado.—l)'. 

BesoTrOBopoiHUu, adj. - ho, adv. without 
excuse or reply. 

BesoT;i;aToqHMu, adj. that cannot be given 
back or returned. 

Be80T;i;oxHOBeHHO, adv. without rest, inces- 

BesoT.iaraTe.ibHOCTB, s. f. urgency, state not 
suliering or admitting delay, state of being urgent, 

Be.30T.iaraTejBHHfl, adj. undeferred, admitting 
of no delay, not suffering delay, urgent, pressing; 
il -HO, adt\ without delay or deferring. 

BesoxaoacHOCTB, sec BesoT-iaraTe-iBHOCTi.. 
Be30T.ioacHi.ift, -ho, see BesoTJiaraxeat- 
nufi, — HO. 

BesoT-iyuHOCTB, s.f. continual presence. 

Be80T.iy'iHBrii, adj. continually present, perm.a- 
nent;|j-H0, adv. without absenting one's self, 
continually present, never leaving. 

BesOTM-BHHBift, adj. irrevocable; i -HO, adv. 

Be80TH0cnTe.iBHBiii, adj. absolute; irrespective; 
Il -HO, adv. — ly. 

Be80Tpa;i;H0CTB, s. f. disconsolateness, deep 
atlTiction. ^ 

Be30Tpt!;^HBii1[, adj. inconsolable, cheerless, 
desolate; -ho, a'/t-.— })Iy, — ly. 

BeaoTcpo'iHBiii, adj. admitting of no delay, 
urgent, pressing. 

BesoTOxynuMtt, see HeoTcxynHu Ti. 

Bo30xx<^,'^HFJi'f, see BeaoTJiy ihhm. 

Be30X'i('XH0(!XB,s'./'. unaccountabilityjUnaccount- 
ablenessiirresjjonsibility; ! involuntariness, involun- 
tary feeling; unconsciousness of .-.n act. 

BesoTucxHBift, adj. unaccountable; irrespon- 
sible; I involuntary, unconscious; ,1 -ho, ruiy.— bly, 

J»e8t)X'BeM.ieMBitt, see HeoxxeM.ieMHH. 

BesoinHuoiHOCTB, v. /". faultlessuess; certainty, 

BcaoiuiiCio'iiiBiit, adj. faultless, correct, certain: 
infallilil": -no, ado. without fiults, — ly,— bly. 

B<'3na;KHTiir.iii, adj. wanting p;xsture. 

Ke3Ha.iyruii.ift, adj. without deck. 

l>C3na.ii>ift, adj. witliout fingers or toes. 

IJcsiuniJixiiocTB, s.f. want of mf;mory, deficiency 
in memory, forgotfulness. 

Bcsna.MaxHBitt, adj. forgetful, having no 

BesHaMHTOXBO, s. n. fox'getfulness; unconscious- 
ness, senselessness, swoon, fainting-fit; unacmb 

away, become senseless; to 
to lose the memory; to 

e^ — , to faint, faint 
lose the memory. 

Be3naMaT'fcxB, v. 
grow forgetful. 

Be3nap;i;6HHBift, adj. without indulgence, not 
sparing any one; cruel; '| -naa lOAoea., a darer, a 
bold, daring fellow. 

Be3nai)HBifl, aJJ. unpaired, matchless, odd; -naa 
liCjmamKa, an odd glove, a glove without a fellow. 

BesuacnopxHbift, adj. having no passport. 

Be3naxaxHHft, adj. unemployed for tilling. 

Be3nepeBo;i,HBifl, adj. not transferable; i| inces- 
sant; li -HO, rtcZy.- bly, — ly. 

Be3uepeM-BHHBift,o(^j. unchangeable, invariable; 

;j -HO, rt(/r.— bly. 

BesnepexHBift, adj. fingerless. 

Besneptift, adj. featherless, unfledged; apodal 

(of fishes). 

BesneM.'iJiBHbitt, adj. sorrowless. 
BcaneiHOCXB, .«. /'. carelessness, unconcern. 
Be3ne»iHBift, adj. careless: unconcerned; || -HOj 
adv. — ly. 

Be3nJiaTH0CXB, s.f. gratuity. 
Be3nJ[axHBift, adj. gratuitous, without payment; 
il -HO, adv. gratis, gratuitously, without payment. 
BesnJteMCHHBift, adj. without kindred. 
Be3nj6j^ie, s. n. sterility, infecundity; j| inutility,, 

Be8njio;i,K0CTB, s.f. see Besnaojiie. 
Be3nJio;i;HBift, adj. sterile, infecund; |1 useless^ 
unsuccessful; jj -HO, rt^y.—ly. 
Bc3nji6xHOCTB, s.f. incorporality, immateriality. 
BesHJOTHBift, adj. incorporal, immaterial. 
Be3noBOi>oxHbin, adj. irrecoverable; ji -ho, 
rt;/v.— bly. 

Be3^o^6J^^^a, s. f. inclemency of the weather^ 

Be3no;i;Mi&CHBiH, adj. not mixed. 
Bc3no;i,60Hbift, adj. incomparable; matchless, 
superb; || -ho,^ m??;.— bly,— ly-, ..^ 

Be3no3BOHOiHBrft, adj. invertebrate. 
BesnoKoenie, s. n. disquieting, disturbing. 
Be3noK6fiHocTb, .s\ /'. disquietude, uneasiness, 

BesHOKoftHBift, adj. uneasy, restless;— aKM«a»cj5, 
an incommodious, inconvenient, uncomfortable 
equipage; ;| troublesome (visitor); tiresome (charac- 
ter); turbulent (times); — com, an unsound or 
agitated sleep; :| -ho, adv. uneasily,— ly. 

Bo3noK6ftCTBie, KesnoKoflCTBO, .s\ n. unquiet- 
ness, want of trn.nquility, restlessness; | uneasiness, 
trouble (of mind); agitation, disturbance, anxiety; 
turbulence; uhtmh 6^ -Bf., to be alarmed, uneasy 
about a thing, to be pained with anxiety, to feel 

BesnoKonxB, v. a. to incommode, disturb, dis- 
quiet; to trouble, agitate, alarm; to make uneaSy: 
tice eio -XT., every thing makes him uneasy; .i, 
6o)ocb aach—, I am afraid of being troublesome, 
I fear to disturb, trouble, inconvenience you; I fear 
to put you out of the way, to make you uneasy;— 
\ ueiipi.'imc.u'i, to liirass t!;e emeny; n -ca, v. r. to 
i be disturbed, uneasy, alarmed, disquieted; to dis- 
i quiet one's self, to put one'sself to inconvenience; 
I to fret about; iie -KoflxocB, don't trouble yourself, 
let that not make you uneasy. 

Uoano.ieanoi-XB, s. /'. uselessness, inutility, 
unjirofitableness, inetficacy. 

Uortno.ieanwft, adj. useless; Jl -HO, a(/i'.— ly, to 
no purpose. 

Bosno.iBift, adj. without floor; |1 sexless. 
B03IIOMOZUH0CTB, s. f. hclplessuess, state of 
being liolpless. 

BcanoMoii^HBift, adj. helpless, succourIess;ii-HO, 
adv. witliout help, helplessly. 


— 17 — 


BesnOMicTHHfi, acZ/. without au estate,landless. 

BesnoHflTHHii, adj. not intelligent, unintel- 
ligent, stupid. 

BesnonuBD^HHa, s. f. the Priestless sect (a 
sect not acknoioledging the priesthood). 

Besnopo'iHOCTb, s. f. faultlessness; innocence, 
purity; irreproachaltleness, irreprehensibleness. 

BesnopoiHHii, adj. faultless, blameless; inno- 
cent, pure; irreprehcnsible; 3HaK^ omAumH 3a 
-uyio cAMydy, mark of distinction for an irre- 
proachable service; |1 - ho, adv. irreproachably, 

BeanopToiHHlSf, adj. without trousers. 

Beanopaj^OKt, s. m. -ipa;^ima, ^. f. disorder, 
confusiou; nincdmu oi — , to be thrown into disor- 
der, to come out of order. 

Be3nopa;i;oiHOCTb, .s. f. disorderliness; i, laxness, 
laxity; want of moral principles. 

BesnopajiiOiHiiili, adj. disorderly; H loose, lax, 
without principles; - iiaa oKusub, an irregular, 
disorderly life; ]| -ho, ado. disorderly; laxly, loosely. 

BesHO^BeHHUii, adj. ill-founded, unfounded, 

BesnomjHHHMfi, adj. duty free, exempted from 
entry duties: i| -ho, adv. without paying the entry 

Be3noni;aAHHfl, adj. unsparing, unmerciful; 
II -HO, a(Zy.— ly. 

B08npe;i;MeTHHft, adj. aimless, that leads to 
no result. 

Be3npe;i,-BJibH0CTB, 5. f. boundlessness; immen- 
sity, infinity. 

Be3npe;i;ijiBHEiu, adj. boundless, unlimited, 
infinite; || -ho, adt-.— ly. 

BeanpoKOCJiOBHOCTb, s. f. incontestableness; 
indisputability, incontrovertibility. 

BcsnpeKOCJioBHMfi, adj. incontestable, incontro- 
vertible; -Hoe noavHogcHie, an absolute submis- 
sion or obedience; il -HO, aa!y.— bly. 

Be3npeM'BHHi.itt, -ho, see HenpesiiHHtiH, 

-HO. , ^" 

BesnpenoHHHft, Be3npenaTCTBeHHHfi, adj. 
unimpeded, having no hinderance, no obstacle; 
jj -HO, adv. without hinderance, without impedi- 
ment or obstacle. 

BeanpepwBHOCTB, s. f. uninterruption, inces- 
sancy, continuity. 

BesnpepHBHtiii, BeanpecxaHHufl, adj. unin- 
terrupted, incessant, continual; jj -ho, adv.—ly. 

BesnpHfiuaBHBitt, adj. profitless, disadvanta- 
geous, giving no profit: jj -HO, adv. without profit. 

Be3npH;^aHHHH,a, s. f. a girl without dowry; 
.1 fig. a fair girl. 

BesnpHK ja^HOCTB, Be3npHKJia;i;HBift, see B e 3- 
npHMtpnocTb, BeanpnMtpHHH. 

BesnpHM-BpHOCTB, s. f. state of having no 

BesnpHMBpHHft, adj. unexampled, that has no 
example, no precedent, no match; j| - ho, adv. 
without example. 

BeanpHM'hcuKiii, adj. unmixed, unalloyed; pure. 

BesHpncTpacTie, s. n. - ctpjicthoctb, s. f. 

BesnpHCTpacTHuft, adj. impartial; 1| - ho, 
adv. — ly. 

BeanpHTBopHOCTB, s. f. -TBopcxBo, 5. n. sin- 
cerity, frankness. 

Bc3npHTB6pHMii, see HenpHTBopuuil. 

BesnpHi.iCTHtiii, see HenpHiacTuufi. 

BesnpHiuHHFjfi, adj. without reason or cause; 
unjust; - Hoe npediioAOJiceiiie, gratuitous suppo- 
sition; ii -HO, adv. without reason, unjustly. 

Be3npiibTH0CTB, 5. f. homelessness, want of 
asylum, of refuge. 

Be3npiH>THHfl, adj. having no asylum, no 

refuge, harbourless; homeless; || -ho, adv. without 
an asylum, homelessly. 

Be3npo6y;]^HBiJi, adj. not to be awaked;— co«i, 
a deep, sound sleep; the eternal sleep, death; |i -HOy 
adv. not to be awaked; without rousing. 

Be3nporyJiBHBift, adj. not failing in one's 
duty;— dewft, a work-day not lost. 

Be3np63BHui;HBiii, adj. - Hp63BaHeu,'B, s. m. 
having no name, no surname. 

Be3npoiirpBixuHBiii, adj. that cannot be lost 
at play; sure; -naa .vnnepes, a lottery without 

Be3npoEiii, adj. good for nothing, useless, 

BcsnpoCBBTHEiff, culj. dark, without a glimmer 
of light. 

BesnpocMHHBiJt, - ho, see B e 3 n p fi y a- 

H H H, — H 0. 

Be3nyTHn,a, s. f. Be3nyTie, s. n. bad roads, 
want of roads; Ifig. disorder, disorderly life, lewdness. 

BesnyTHHKB, s. m. -HHi^a, s. f. debauchee, a 
lewd or loose man or woman. 

Bc3nyTHH»iaTB, v. n. to lead a licentious life. 

BcsnyTHOCTB, s. f. BesnyTCTBO, s. n. de- 
bauchery, looseness, licentiousness, rakishness. 

Be3nyTHBitt, adj. lewd, loose, rakish; i] -ho, 
adv. loosely, rakishly. 

BesnvTCTBOBaTB, see BesayTHHiaxb. 

Be3n'BHHBiit, adj. frothless, scumless. 

Be3pad6THn,a, s. f. dead season, dull season, 
want of work. 

Be3pa366piHBOCTB, s. f. want of discrimination, 
indifference in one's choice, state of being not 

Be3pa366piHBBiH[, adj. indiscriminating: indif- 
ferent, not particular in one's choice, not difficult. 

Be3pa3;i;i&JiBHBifi, ofZ/. undivided; || -ho, adv. — ly. 

BespasJiHiie, s. n. uniformity, equality, resem- 
blance: indifference. 

Be3pa3JiHiH0CTB, $. f. indifference. 

Be3pa3aii<iHBiJI[, adj. uniform, equal, indif- 
ferent: I! -HO, adv. — ly; smo Oah .uenH -HO, that's 
all the same or all one to me. 

Beapascy^^HOCTB, s. f. Bespascyj^cTBO, s. n. 
inconsiderateness, indiscretion, unadvisedness, im- 
prudence; foolishness. 

Be3pa3cy;^HBifi, adj. inconsiderate, imprudent, 
unadvised, foolish; |1 -ho, adv.—\y. 

Be3pa3cy;i,CTB0BaTB, Be3pa3cj,a;HHiaTB, v. n. 
to act imprudently, inconsiderately, unadvisedly, 

Be3pac^eTH0CTB, BespaciCTJHBOCTB, s. f. 
want of calculation, of combination, of economy. 

Be3pacieTHMii, BespacieTJiHBBiii, adj. uncal- 
culated, uncalculating, without combination; not 
economical: il -HO, -bo, adv. without calculation, 
without combination or economy. 

Bespesy.iBTJiTHHft, adj. resultless. 

Besporift, adj. hornless. 

Be3p6;i;ic, -p6;^CTB0, s. u. want of relations, 

Be3p6AHBitt, adj. without parents or relations. 

Be3p6noTHOCTB, .s-. /'. resignation. 

Be3p6noTHHii, adj. not murmuring; resigned; 
ii -HO, adv. without murmur, resignedly. 

Bc3py2CHBiii, adj. without annual income; ^ee 

Be3pyKaBKa, s. f. pop. a sleeveless garment. 

Be3pyEaBUBifi, -naBBiit, adj. sleeveless, with- 
out sleeves. 

BespvKiii, aJJ. armless: /V^r. unhandy, awkward. 

BespufiuBift, adj. fishless. witliout fish. 

Be3puOBC, s. n. want of fish; prov. na -bh u 
paK^ puva, in the land of the blind one-eyed 
people are kings. 





- pa^^bC; s. n. see B e 3 y- 

or bought 

Bespa^i^ni^a, s. f. 

Be3pa;i;HHft, adj. sold 
cheapening or haggling. 

BescBcpcTHHil, adj. matchless, incomparable. 

BescBasHOCTb, s. f. incoherence, incoherency. 

BescBasHUft, -ho, see HecBasHui,— ho. 

BeaceJiettHHtt, adj. having no family, without 
family. , 

Be3cep;i;e^ie, s. n. BeBcep^eiHoeTb, .s. /. heart- 


Be3cep;^eqHHft, adj. heartless, unpitying, 
pitiless, hard-hearted, unfeeling; || -ho, adv. unpi- 
tyingly, pitilessly. 

BescHJHTb, see OoescHaHBaxt. 

BeacHJiie, s. n. weakness, impotence; med. 

BesCHJibHbitt, adj. weak, feeble, impotent; mcd. 
adynamic: i\ gram, atonic; || -HO, adv. in an im- 
potent manner. 

BeacHJ^Tb, see 06e3CHJiiTb. 

BescjaBUTb, see OfieacjiaBflHBaTt. 

Bescjaflie, s. n. infamy, dishonour. 

Be3CJiaBHHtt,af7J. fameless, dishonourable; li-HO, 

«riv.— bly,— ly. 

BescJioBecHOCTb, s. f. speechlessness, loss of 
speech; dumbness; \\ muteness; || dullness, stupidity. 

BeacJiOBecHbift, adj. speechless; dumb; ^ dull, 
stupid; 11 -Hbia MueomHUH, the irrational animals. 

BescJOBHutt, adj. speechless, dumb; silent, 

BescJt^^Hbitt, adj. trackless, not leaving any 
traces; I -ho, adv. without leaving any traces. 

BeacMepTHTb, v. a. to immortalize, eternize. 

BescMepxie, s. n. -cMepTHOCXb, s. f. immor- 

BeacsiepTHHM, adj. immortal. 

BeacMUCieHHOCTb, s. f. nonsense, absurdity; 
insipidity: want of reason. 

BeacMUcaeHHUii, adj. nonsensical, absurd, in- 
sipid; irrational; ,| -HO, adv.—ly. 

BescMUCJHJua, ,9. f. -CMHcaie, s. n. nonsense; 

BescM-BHHOCTb, s. f. permanence, irremov- 

Be3CMiiHHbifi, adj. unrelievable, pertnanent; 
-Haa cmpaMa, a permanent guard; Ij -ho, ar/w. — 

BcacJi-BTHHtt, adj. innumerous, uncountable, 
numberless, innumerable; H incalculable. 

fiesciihasHui'i, adj. .snowless, without snow. 

BeacHiiXbe, .v. n. want of snow. 

BeacoB-fecTHOCTb, s. /'. want of conscience, 
unconscionableness; dishonesty. 

BeacoB'ficTHi.ift, adj. unconscionable, dishonest; 
;' -HO, arftf.— bly,— ly. 

IJescoB-Bxie, x. n. unadvisedness; helplessness: 
ll si. imprudence. 

BescoBbTHbiti, adj. unadvised, inconsiderate, 

Bc3C0;Xep3iaT(MbHMtt, adj. -no, adv. empty, 
inane, void, devoid. 

Bc3C03H»iT('.ibiiocTb, s. f. want of consciousness. 
Be.iC03HUT('JibHUtt, adj. unconsfious; involun- 
tary; |1 -HO, «r/y. — ly,— rily. 


Be3C.OHUHHU, s. f. sleeplessness, want of sleep. 

BoacoiiHMtt, adj. sleepless. 

Be.ic«»«iuo('.Tb, .V. f. saplessness, juicelcssness. 

Besco'tHMtt, adj. jniceless, sapless. 

BeaciiopHOCTb, s. f. incontestability, incou- 
testablencss; Inio^ indefeasibility. 

BescnopHbitt, adj. incontestable; without con- 
tradiction, beyond debate; -HO, af?y.— bly, without 

m. -HHa,a, s. f. a disin- 
termless, indefinite; ij -ho, 

BescpeCpeHHK'b, s. 
terested i^erson. 
BescpoiHbitt, adj. 


BesCTpacxie, s. n. impassibility, apatky. 
BescxpacxHbifi, adj. unimpassioned, impassible, 
apathetic; ;j -HO, ady.— ly,— bly, — ically. 

Bescxpamie, s. n. fearlessness, intrepidity. 
Be3CxpamHbitt, adj. fearless, intrepid, undaunt- 
ed; II -HO,^«dy.— ly. 
Be3CxpyHHbift, adj. stringless. 
Be3CXKi;i;HHK'b, s. m. -HHi^a, .s. /. shameless 
man or woman. 

Be3CXW^HHft, adj. impudent, shameless; bawdy; 
ll -HO, ady.— ly,— dily. 

Be3CXbr;^cxB0, s. n. impudence, shamelessness; 

Bescxbiaci^, see BescTtiAHHH. 
BescxbiqHHfl, adj.—noM, floor of solid planks, 
of a single piece. 

Be3cy;^Hbrfi, adj. not submissive to any court 
or trial. 

Be3cycxaBiaxHft, adj. nat. hist, inarticulated, 
unarticulated, not jointed. 

Beac^exHbitt, adj. innumerable, innumerous; 
uncountable; IJ -ho, adv. without number; without 

Besc^MBHHbifi, -MHHHHJi, adj. bot. seedless, 
without any seed; IJ immaculate; -Hoe Sauamie, 
the immaculate conception. 
Be3C*MeHo;i;6jibHbitt, adj. bot. acotyledonous. 
BeactMHHKa, s. f. pipless fruit. 
BeaxaKXHOCXb, s. f. tactlessness. 
BesxaKXHBift, adj. tactless. 
BeaxaaaHHHft, adj. pop. unlucky, unfortunate, 
unhappy, ill-fated; -Haa .moh toAoeyxuKa! poor me! 
BesxajianxHEifi, adj. untalented, without talent, 

Be3X0JKOB0CXb, s. f. stupidity, dullness, want 
of apprehension. 

BesxoaROBH^HHa, -xojKOBHi^a, s. f. absurdity, 
unintelligibleness; H disorder. 

BeBXOJiBOBbiit, adj. dull of apprehension, stupid, 
dull; il obscure, absurd, unintelligible; ii -BO, adv. — 

Besxoaoib, see BesrojiKOBiuHHa. 
Be3xop%Hi^a, s. f. stagnation of trade. 
Bc3xpaBHi^a, s. f. -xpjiBbe, s. n. deficiency in 
grass, want of hay. 

Be3xpaBHMft, adj. deficient in grass, in hay; 
wanting herbs, without grass. 
BeaxpenexHUtt, see BescxparaHNfi. 
BeBx-fe-iecHOCXb, .s\ f. incorporality; immaterial- 
ity, bodiless state. 

Be3xi(iJiecHUft, adj. incorporeal, immaterial, 
bodiless; fleshless, destitude of flesh. 
Bc3xijHH0CXb, ."?. f. want of shade. 
BeaxBHHbift, adj.^ shadeless, without shade. 
Beaxarauili, -xarojibHwii, adj. not taxable, 
exempt from compelled services. 

BesyOuxoiHwft, adj. without loss or prejudice; 
-HO, adv. without loss. 

Besvro.ibHijfl, adj. having no angles, angleless. 
BosyroJibHHft, adj. wanting coals, without 

BeBy;^^pacHrJtt, adj. without delay, immediate; 
: not to be stopped; impetuous. 

BoayKJioHHOCXb, ,s. f. undeviation, firmness, 

BpsyK.iOHHbiff, -KJioH'iHBHtt, ailj. undevia- 
ting, right, straight; - steady, firm. 

Bc3yKopH3HeHHOCXb, ,s-. f. irreproachableness, 

BcayKopiiBHOHHHtt, adj. irreproachable, irre- 
prehensible, irreprovable; j -HO, adv.—hly. 


— 19 - 


BesyMen,*, s. m. -yMni^a, s. f. insensate man, 
woman; madman, madwoman, lunatic; fool. 

BeayMie, s. n. insanity, alienation of mind, mad- 
ness; 11 foolishness, nonsensicalness, absurdity. 

BesyHHBiJt, adj. insane, mad, senseless; foolish, 
silly; 11 -HO, ady.— ly,— llily. 

BeayMOJiKHuft, adj. never keeping silence, 
unceas"ing, incessant; i| -ho, ndv. without keeping 
silence; — ly. ^ 

BeayMOJiiHMfi, -ho, sec BeaymroaKnuH,— ho. 
BeayMCTBO, sec Besysiie. 
BesyMCTBOBaHie, s. n. acting like a lunatic; 
see Besyaie. 

BesyMCTBOBaTB, v. n. to act foolishly, madly; to 
lie mad. 

BeayMtxb, v. n. to lose one's senses; to get 
mad; see OfiesyMixB. 

BeaynpeqHOCTb, s. f. irreprovahility, irre- 

BeaynpeiHHii, adj. irreprovahle, reproachless, 
irreproachable; II -ho, adv.— bly,—ly. 

BeaynycTHxeJibHBift, adj. unremitting, imme- 
diate, prompt. 

BeaypoHHMft, adj. without loss or prejudice. 
Be3ypaAHii,a, s. f. disorder, confusion. 
BeaycJioBHOCTB, s. f. absoluteness. 
BeaycjOBHuii, adj. unconditional, absolute; 
jj -HO, ady.— ly; to all intents and purposes. 
Beaycn-BuiHOCTb, s. f. uusuccessfulness. 
Beaycn-Binntrli, adj. unsuccessful, without suc- 
cess; li -ho, adv. unsuccessfully, without success. 

BeayCTaHHHii, adj. indefatigable, unwearied, 
untiring; li -HO, adv. — bly,— ly. 

Beaycufi, adj. without moustaches; H without 
feelers (insects). 

BeayxpaTHHfl, adj. that cannot be lost. 
BeayTiniHocTB, s. f. inconsolableness, discon- 

BeayxiniHuft, adj. inconsolable, disconsolate; 
I -HO, adi;.— bly,— ly. 

BeayxaHHuft, adj. inodorous, scentless. 
Beayxiii, adj. earless. 

Beay^aCTie, s. n. indifference, unconcern; impas- 
sibility; 11 non-intervention. 

Beay^acTHHft, adj. impassible, indifferent. 
Beay-Ba^^Htiii, adj.—^opo^^, a town without a 

Be3«I)aMHJibHUii, adj. without a family name. 
Bea(J)6pMeHH0CTb, s. f. amorphy, formlessness. 
Bea(|)opMeHHHft, adj. amorphous, unformed, 

BeaxapaKTepHOCTb, s. f. want of character, 
want of firmness. 

Beaxap^KTepHEift, adj. characterless, weak. 
BeaxBocTuft, adj. tailless, having no tail; 1| zool. 

BeaxMTpocTHOCXb, s. f. artlessness. 
BeaxHTpocTHHit, adj. artless, not artful; sin- 
■cere; |1 -ho, ady.— ly. 

BeaxJonoTHMft, adj. that gives no trouble, no 

Beaxjir)Hii,a, .s. f. famine, scarcity of bread. 
BeaxJi-fiOHUfi, adj. without corn, barren. 
Be3n,ap('TBie, s. n. anarchy. 
Beai^B-BTHOCTb, s. f. state of being flowerless, 
■colourless; || paleness, deadness. 

Beai^B-BTHMii, adj. flowerless, colourless, un- 
coloured; pale; -naH uipa, playing without expres- 
sion; jl lot. ananthous; opt. achromatik; \ -ho, ado. 
without expression or shade. 

Bean,epeM6HH0CTb, s. f. easy manners. 
Beai^epeMoHHbiii, adj. unceremonious, not 
ceremonious; H -ho, ady.— ly, without ceremony. 
Beai^^JibHfiiJt, adj. aimless. 
Bean.'BHHOCTb, s. ^. an inestimable price. 

Beai^sHHbifi, adj. inestimable, invaluable, inap- 
preciable; II dear, adorable; i, priceless, cheap. 

Beai^-BHOKi, s. m. very cheap, of very low price; 
npodamb aa—, to sell for a trifle, for an old song, 
for a mere song. 

Be8qa;^ie, s. n. childlessness, sterility. 

Bea^a;^Hbitt, adj. childless, sterile. 

BeaqeaoBMie, s. n. BeaicjiOB-iJiHOCTb, s. f. 
inhumanity, cruelness, cruelty, barbarity. 

BeaiCJiOB-BiHHft, odj. inhuman, cruel, barba- 
rous; ^ -ho, adv.— ly. 

BeaiecTHTb, o-, v. a. to dishonour; see 06e3- 

BeaieCTie, s. n. dishonour, ignominy; infainy, 
defamation; outrage; defloration (of a girl);\\a. tine 
imposed for defamation; ucKamb cydo.vt 3a — , to 
prosecute one at law for defamation. 

BeaiecTHOCTb, s. f. dishonesty, want of probity. 

Bes'ieCTHHft, ody". dishonest, dishonourable, igno- 
minious; infamous; II -HO, ady.— ly. 

BeauemyflHHft, adj. scaleless, without scales. 

BeaiHHie, -^hhctbo, .s. n. disorder, trouble, 
licentiousness; tumult; 1| indecorum. 

Bea^iHHHHK'b, s. m. -HHHi^a, s. /'. a dissolute 
man, woman. 

Be3iHHHHiaTb,-iHHCTB0BaTb, V. n. to behave 
licentiously, indecorously. 

BeaqiiHHHii, adj. licentious; indecent, indeco- 
rous; 11 -HO, adw.— ly. 

Bea^HHOBHUtt, adj. without rank, having no 

BeaqHCJieHHOCTb, s. f. innumerableness, innu- 
merable quantity. 

BeaqHCJicHHbi]&, adj. innumerable, countless, 
uncountable, numberless; || -ho, adv. innumerably, 
without number. 

BeaiJieHHKrfl, adj. deprived of some members 
or limbs; without joints. 

BeaiTBCTBeHHOCTb, s. f. -qyBCTBie, s. n. 
insensibility, insensibleness; absence of feeling, 

Bea^iyBCTBeHHFjfif, adj. unfeeling, senseless, 
insensible; ij -ho, ady.— ly,— bly. 

BcamaCaiUHOCTb, s. f. carelessness, thought- 
lessness, heedlessness, turbulence. 

Bc3nia6auiHH[£[, adj. restless; turbulant. 

BeaniepcTHHft, BeaiuepcTHft, adj. hairless, 
woolless, destitute of hair. 

BeamyxoiHO, adv. without jest. 

Beai, Beao, prep. gen. without, but, but for, 
had it not been; Oea-b deueth, without money; om 
He .MOMerm dmoio oudthinb deal mow., nmoou ue 
paaccpdunibCH, he cannot see it without becoming 
angry; doa naca fieai nemeepinu, it is a quarter 
to two; il this preposition^ with the elision of i, 
joined to other words, gives them a negative sense: 
otbdnuu -6(^36>bdHbiu. 

Bca-bHaBBCTie, s. n. Beai-HaBicTHOCTb, s. f. 
see BesuicTHOCTb. 

BeaiiHaBBCTHufi, adj. unknown; obscure; j -ho, 
ado. — ly; ."«"< hc -ho, it is known to me. 

BeaiiiMeHHwA, a<lj. anonymous; nameless; 
innominatum;— nr/jt('!(i, the fourth or ring-tiager; 
■•Haa Hed}b.%n, the third week of Lent; j; -ho, ado. 

BeaitHMiiHRa, .s-. f. anomia (shell). 
BeamMaHHEift, BeauHiiHHbift, see Bea^- 

H M e U H u u. 

BcaiHCKyccTBeHHOCTb, s. f. artlessness. 

BeaiHCKyccTBenHMft, adj. artless, unskillful. 

Be3'bHCXo;i;H0CTb, see BesBHXOAHCCTt. 

Bea'bHcx6;i,HHft, adj. everlasting, continual, 
perpetual, without issue; — KaAendapb, a perpetual 

BeauueHHBitt, BeabiiiHHKa, BeaHCKjccTBeH- 



- 20 - 



.see BeaiHMeHHHH, BesiHwaHKa, BesiHCKyc- 
CTEenHOCTi., BesiHCKyccTBeHHHH, Bes^HC- 


IJe3i.aBoqHHft, adj. undenounced. 

Be3i,a3MqHUfl, adj. tongueless, speechless, 
dumb, mute. 

Bett, s. m. hey. 

BeitA<?BHH;i,'B, ado. naut. close-hauled; tidmic—, 
to siil with a scant wind, close to the wind, 

Befiityxi., s. m. naut. parrel, truss. 

BeKapi, s. m. mus. natural. 

BeKacHHHHKt, .?. 7H. shot for shooting snipes 
or woodcocks. 

BeEacHHi; s. m. bird, see BapamcK^. 

BeEacB, .s. m. bird, snipe, woodcock; |j -CHHBifi, 


BeBemii; s. m. -emBa, s. /'. a short winter-coat. 
BoKpeHB, MO—, adv. uadrbtm mAHny iia—, to 
put a hat on awry, on one side. 
BeKi>; see BeS. 

BeJieMHHT'b, .5. m. min. beleranite. 
BeJiena, s. f. hot. henbane, mad-wort: hyoscya- 
mus; om -hm ooiwach, the devil is in him. 

BeJieH;i;i)acH, fiddle-faddle, twaddle, 
BeaH6ep;i;a, s. f. nonsense, gibberish; absurdity. 
BeJiJia;^oHa, .•^. /'. bot. belladonna, deadly night- 

BeaJiexpHCTHKa, s. f. polite literature, belles- 
lettres; !| -TpncTHqecKitt, -TpuiecKiii, adj. 

BeJiaexpHCTi, s. m. one versed in polite liter- 

BeJbBe;nepi, s. m. belvedere. 
BeJbMeci) •«. m. booby, lout; om mi -ca hc 
cMMCMi7m, he is totally ignorant, he does not 
know a from b. 

heJih-9Tkx'b, s. m. the second floor (of a house), 
second tier of boxes (in a theatre). 

BeuoJb; .<?. m. mus. flat; A — , A flat; || -MOJib- 
uuit, adj. flat. 

BeHCKiiii, adj. -CKoe cmeKAO, crown-glass. 
BcHC^HCb, s. m. benefit: benefit-night: | -CHHft, 

BeHe(|)Hi;iaHT'b, s. m. -anxKa, t. f. beneficiary. 
BeHe<|)Hn,iH, s. f. benefice, living (ecclesiastical). 
BeHseJib, s. m. naut. seizing, lashing. 
BeHsiiHibj s. m. chem. benzine. 
BcHsoit, s. m. chem. benzoin, benjamin. 
BeHSottHbift; adj. chem. benzoic. 
BcHSo.ib, s. m. chem. benziile. 
BeHyapi; s-. m. a box on the pit-tier (in the 

BepraJiOTT., s-. m. bergamot, bergamot pear; 

-OTHMff, adj. 

BepraMTT., s. 

Bepruycp-b, n 

BcprayuTHaH'b; s. m. superintendent of tlie 
minos: wc/^t, — , chief superintendent of the mines. 

IJoprcuiBopPHT., .s\ m. juror of the mines. 

BeprHHcncKTOp'b, .s. m. inspector of the mines. 

BeprMcftcTop'b, s. m. surveyor of mines, berg- 

BeprnpoGiipop'b, .s. m. assayer of the mines. 

Bep;^0; .«. n. dim. (iepv-^ne, comit, sley, slaie (of 
weaver); j| Aep^^ouubin^ adj. 

Bep;^o'iiiHK'b, s. m. siey-maker, comb-maker. 

Bcp;^ijiiii>) .s. m. l)attle-axe, halberd; ]| -uiHbitt, 

Bepe^ .s. 7)1. hufter-jiear. 

BeporoBiime, s. n. beacli, strand, shore, bank. 

BeperoBoft, adj. of shore, littoral: — (iihmeph, 
land-wind, land-breeze; -Boe npaoo, shorage, la- 
^'an;j towing. 

Bepen., s. m. dim. OepeasoKi, shore, coast. 

strand (of sea); bank (of river); npudepoKU- 
eambCH -ra, naut. to keep the land. 

Bepe;i;HTb, v. a. to irritate (a sore). 

Bepeacaa, see JKepc6afl. 

Bepeajenie, s.n. safe-keeping, preserving, guard- 
ing, conserving, reserving. 

Bepe^CHHU, adj. guarded, preserved; prov. 
-Haro Eo^^ 6epe^Kcm^, help yourself and God 
will lielp you. 

BepeaKJiHBOCTb, s. f. savingness, sparingness. 

Bcpe^JiHBBiit, adj. careful, sparing, saving, 
economical: om — jabi na ceou nAavihH, he 
takes care of his clothes: I -bo, ady.— ly. 

BepeKHHEi, s. 7)1. towing-path. 

BepeaKHOCTb, s. f. care, cautiousness. 

Bepe^HBift, adj. careful, cautious: jj -ho, adv. — 
ly; oicumb -HO, to live close. 

Bepeajb, s. f. pop. thrift, economy, saving. 

Bepesa, s. f. di7)i. 6epe3Ka, birch, birch-tree. 

Bepe3HHa, s. f. birch, birch-tree. 

BepesHaKTb, BepesHHEi., s. i/). birch-wood, 

7)1. mine-office. 

, 1)1. miner, mine-digger. 

BepesoBHKt, s. m. bircli-mnshroom. 
Bepe30BHi;a, s. f. birch-sap, birch-wine. 
BepesoBBiit, adj. birchen, birch; -Baa iy6Ka, 
agaric of the birch; -Boe rmtfo,— Baa nama, pop, 

BepeiiTop'b, s.m. riding-master. 
BepeMCHHaa, adj. pregnant, with child, big 
with child. 

BepeweHHOCTb, .s. f. pregnancy, gestation. 

BepeMeutTb, v. n. to become pregnant. 

Bepema, see BpcMJi. 

BepecKJiexT., s. m. shi-ub, prick-wood, spindle- 
tree, priest's cap. 

Bepecxa, s. /'. -cxo, s. n. birch-bark. 

BepecxBHHK'b, s. m.. vessel coated with bircb.- 
bark; || sandal of birch-I)ark. 

BepecxBHb, .«. m. thing made of birch-bark. 

BepecxHXb, v. a. to coat with birch-bark. 

Bepecx-b, tree (vt.tjtKaparai'b), pedunculate- 

BepecxaHHft, -cxoBHft, adj. made of birch- 

Bepex-b, s.m. biretta, berettajlja woman's cap. 

Bepeib, V. a. irr. to take care of; to keep, 
preserve; to look after; to watch, guard; to save; 
;j -ca, V. r. to take care of one^s self, be on one's 
guard: to heed; Oeperiicb! -ruxecb! take care! 
look out! 

Bepiia.Tb, s.7n. beryl, aqua marina. 

BepKOBeu,!., s. j«. weight of 400 Russian 

Bepuyx-b, s. w. bird, golden eagle; j] -xOBMii, 

BcpjiuHRa, s.f. a kind of boat; j| Prussian blue. 

Bepaora, s. f. den, haunt (of a bear); jj -.loac- 
HHtt, adj. 

BepMa, s'. f. fort, berme, bench. 

Bepxa, .s. /'. berthe, liertha. 

Biipue, .s. n. tibia, shin-lione, shin; j -^eBbIfty 
adj. tibial. ^ 

Bcpiu-b, s. 7)1. di7)i. fiepuiBK-b, fish, percacingel, 

Bccxiiipift, s. m. bestiarius, beast-fighter. 

Becxia, s. f. rogue, rascal; knave, cheat. 

BeC'B;^a, s.f. conversation, discx)urse; colloquy; 
dialogue; j company, assembly; jj -c-B.'^HMft, adj. 

IJec-B;i;Ka, .s. f. dini. -cb^^O'iKa, arbour, bower, 
summer-house; 1| painter's stool. 

BcciiAon'iHi<'> «• «• conversation, discourse; 

Bec'B,'^OBaxb, v. w. to converse, discourse; to 
hold intercoursf; to preach. 

BexeJib, s. m. bot. betel. % 


BeTOWb, s.m. tech. concrete; cmpoumb cs -homii, 
to lay or cover with concrete; jj -HHHii, adj. 
-Haa paooma, concrete masonry. 

BeT-b, s. m. beast, loo (game). 

Be'QieBa, s.f. dim. -'lesKa, halser, tow-rope, 

Be^eBiiHie, s. n. hauling, towing, towage. 

BeiCBiiTb, 0. a. to liaul,^tow (a boat). 

BeieBaa, adj. s. f. - qcBHHK'B, s. m. towing- 
path; li -Boii, (idj. towing. 

Be^eBmiiKTi, s.m. hauler, tower. 

Beiexjij s. /■. ruby, garnet. 

Beuianeab, s. f. bechamel sauce. 

BeaiMCT'B, s. m. under tunic (of the Tartars). 

Bu6JieiiHbifl, -jeiiCKift, adj. biblical, of tlie 
Bible; scriptural 

BH6jiiori)a(()iiueCKili, adj. bibliographic,— al. 

BH6aiorpa(|)ifl, s. f. bibliography. 

BH^JiiorpacJI)*, s. m. bibliographer. 

BHSaiojiaHifl, •?. /". bibliomania; bookishness, 

BnOjioMaH'B, s. 7n. bibliomane, bibliomaniac; 
book-worm. , 

BH6JiioTeKa, s.f. dim.-an-Ra., l\hra.VY;—dA/i wie- 
viHy.temyna/i—, circulating library; ji -TenHhiA,adj. 

BH6JiioTeKapb, s. m. librarian; ,1 -TCKapCKiH, 

BH6jio(j|)HJi'b, s. m. l)ibliophile. 

BH6.iia, s.f. Bible, Holy Scriptures. 

BHsaE-b, BHByaKi, s. m. mil. bivouac; cmoHnib 
«a— Kax-b, to bivouac, camp in a bivouac; |i -Ba'3- 
HbiK; adj. 

BHrasiifl, s. f. bigamy. 

Bh;i;^ s. n. bidet. 

BHSaHb, s. f. naut. mizzen, mizzen-sail;— .wftwia, 
mizzen-mast; — eaumu, mizzen-shrouds. 

BnayabHHKTb, see BysyjifcHHKi.. 

BnKBa;i;paT'b, s. m. alg. biquadrate; jj -aTHBift, 
adj. biquadratic, sursolid. 

Bbjichii; s. m. flail-bat, flail. ^ 

BHJieTTb, s.m. dim. -eTon,!., -eTHK-b, billet, 
bill, note, card, ticket:— ()x<< exoda, entry-ticket, 
admission-ticket;— ^.iv? nocmon, billet for quarters: 
npiiLiacumcAbnuh — , ticket or card of invitation; 
i:pedumHbiu—, bill of credit, bank-note; jl license, 
permission, permit; omnfjcKHOu—, ticket of leave. 

BHJJiiap.T.'b, see BH.ibaps'B. 

BHJiJiioH'b, s.m. arith. billion; jj -OHHbiit, adj. 

Bnaaowh, s. m. billon; ij -OHOBHtt, adj. 

BHJiJib, s. m. bill (act of parliament). 

Baao, s. n. oil-press: | beetle, agiosymandrum; 
see BnaeHt. 

BuJib, s. m. BHjba, s. f. billiard-ball. 

BH.ib6oRe, s. n. bilhoquet, cup and ball (game). 

BHJbap;i,Haa; .s. f. billiard-room; || -Hbift, adj. 

Bn.ibap;i;'b, s. m. billiard-table, billiards. 

BaJiapii; s. 7)1. bat. psychotria. 

BHMexa.iaiisM'b, s. m. bimetallism. 

BHMeTa.i.iifiecKift, adj. bimetallic. 

BHMCb, s. m. naut. beam, cross-beam; ij 6hmco- 
BbiK; adj. 

BHHUKJb, s. m. binocle, double eyeglass, opera- 

BHHOH'b, s.m. -HOMia, s.f. alg. binomial. 

BHHTOBaHie^ s. n. -TOBsa, s. f. putting on a 

BHHTOBaTb; V. a. surg. to put a bandage; to l)ind 
up, tie up. 

Bhhti., v. m. surg. dim. (JHHTHKt, bandage, liga- 
ture; roller. 

Bap^a, s.f. com. Exchange, Stock-exchange; 
II coach-stand, hiring place: il -xeBoii, adj. 

BHpseBiiE'b, s. m. stockbroker, financier, a 
person engaged in Stock-exchange operations. 

BapKa, s. f. tally, scoring-sticks, core. 

_ 21 - BHTL 

Bnpiosa) s.f. turquois or turkois; ji see Kysia- 
HHKa;||-3oBMii, rtdj. 

BapioKi, s.m. wolf; c.Mompnmb -KOJi'b, to look 
black; .«;«<j»4— KOJi'b, to avoid society, live lone- 

BapK).ibKa, s.f. bawble, gewgaw; -pwjbKU, 
pi. jack-straws, spillikins (game). 

BapioiiiHa, s.f. tree, privet. 

BaproiT., s. m. obs. lierald, public crier. 

BiicepHHa, s. f. dim. OacepnHKa, glass-bead, 
bugle; see Bacepi. 

BucepHnE'B, s. m. head-band garnished with 
glass-beads; 11 see B a c e p m h k i.. 

BiicepHHi^a, s. f. glass-bead-box. 

BiicepmaKTb, s. m. glass-bead-maker. 

Buccp-b, s. m. glass-beads, glass-pearls, bugle: 
cmajibHOu — , steel - beads; ne .nemime — nepedo 
cdUHbHMU, cast not pearls before swine; jl -pHBifi, 
adj. garnished with glass-beads, of glass-beads. 

BacKBUT'b, s. m. biscuit (confectionery and 
china);\\^kTUhiiiy adj. 

BacE'b, s. m. bisque, bisk. 

BaccHpoBaTb, v. a. to encore. 

Bncxp^b, s. »i. bistre. 

BHCxypa, BncTypitt, s. m. surg. bistoury. 

Bacb, s. m. encore. 

BaxBa, s. f. fight, battle, combat, engagement; 

I -BeHHbifi, adj. 
Baxenr-b, Baxcb, s. m. naut. bitts, bits. 
BHxeiHHK-b, s. m. spangle-maker. 
BaxEa, s.f. throwing cockle (at cockals); {pop. 

bold fellow. ^ 

BaxoKTb^ s. m. beetle, bat; daxEOMi, naoumuu, 
overfilled, quite full; i; beef cutlet. 

Bnxb, s. f. spangle; flat-beaten gold-thread or 

Baxb; OaBiixb, v. a. n. to beat; to strike; to 
flap against; to break; — naJiKoil, to beat with a 
stick;— »o Auug, to strike or slap on the face:— 
ei 6apm6am, to beat the drum;— sa uaoam-o, to 
ring the alarm-bell;— ^?/»ij9eM«ww aopw, mpeeonj, 
to beat the reveille, the general;— si jiadomii, to 
clap one's hands;— wejjCAWft, to beat wool;— .MO«emy, 
to coin money:— .«ac.*o, to shake butter (in a 
bottle), to churn (in a churn);— maxmz, mus. to 
beat time; .teei Oaai ce6a xeocmo.Mh no 6oKa.\ro, 
the lion lashed his sides with his ta,\h—6aK.i>,'uiu, 
ULe6a.ny, fig. to beat the hoof, to idle;— CKomwKjf, 
to slaughter or kill cattle:— wie^e«6, to break ^oh- 
h\Q^\—jiceA7b30, to strike or hammer iron;— ceaw, 
to drive piles; || naeu Obioxi. decnmb, the clock 
strikes ten; iJ coda 6i,'^T'b usi ae.vAu, the water 
spouts, rises, gushes out of the ground; H^^wcse 
obex^b xopouio, the gun carries well; ij npoub dbexT. 
flo lOAoey, the blood ruslies or mounts to the 
head; II K036(i5b dbexii npocmym icapmy, the trump 
beats or takes the common c&rd; \\Aomadb Obex'b 
aadoMc, tlie horse kicks: || —nejioMi, to make a low 
bow, to salute: to beseech liumbly;ii —no KapMauy, 
fig. to compel one; to make losses or expenses, to 
make one pay; to dupe one:[)— «« y-mo .iuoo, to 
aim at, have in view:— ?(// oifi^eKim, to aim at effect: 

II y. imp. .\ieHa Obex-b jiuxopadica, I have an access 
of fever; II pnr*. p. OiiXHtt; -xaa oyMaia, papier 
muclie; -xoe M.<ico, beef cutlets, bashed^ beef: 
-xaa dopoia, beaten road or patii; -xwft Ha€^, 
a wliole hour; prov. 3u -xaro dayxh neOiixbix'b 
^amm^, fore-warned, fore-armed; -xaa nocyda dsa 
oibKu DKuaemh, cracked pots or ailing people last 
the longest. 

Baxbca, v.rec.—na noeduHtob, to fight a duel; — 
ua umataxh, to fight with swords;— wa KyjiauKaxh, 
to box; ii V. n. cepdm, nysbcb Obexca, the heart, 
tlie pulse beats; puoa " Obexca oi oodn, the fish 
is struggling in the water: nmuna Obexca to m- 


— 22 

7nAXi, the bird is struggling in the net;— e* cydo- 
po%ax%, to writhe with convulsions; — lOAoeow o 
cninmj, to knock one's head against the wall; fig. 
to dash against the rock; ;, Aomadb Obexca aadoMZ. 
the horse kicks: |1 —o6^ 3aK^a^^, to het, wager, lay 
a wager;— Ktto puoa o6% Aedf, fig. to be hardly 
put up for a livelihood:— ttJi sa Kycna xjiwoa, to 
strive for a livelihood; om ne u^^ oo.ibmaio 
CBeTca, he would be satisfied with little; mi/im 
lie ii3i neto—, it is not worth while, it does not 
pay the cost; c^ «u.hs npudemca mhoio—, one will 
have much to do or much trouble with him; ci:oai,ko 
Hit CeftxecL, HUHeio ne doobcmecb, you may do 
best you will not succeed; \\ -ca, v. p 


to be 
ware does 

broken; dma nocyda ne dbexca, this 
not break. 

Bhtbc, Bixie, .<;. n. beating; driving; breaking 

Bhxmr'B; s. m. train-horse. 

Bh^cxckc-b, BH()[)mxeKCi., s. m. beefeteak. 

BH^HKJIHCX■B, s. m. bicyclist. 

Bui^HKJiHqecKift, adj. bicycle. 

Baqesa, s.f. dim. 6HieBKa, see BeMCBa. 

BuqeBaKie, s. n. whipping, flagellation. 

Baqesaxb, v. a. to whip, flagellate; || -ca, v. r. 
to whip one's self: fig. to give one's self much 
trouble, sorrow, plague. 

Bum,, s. m. dim. Ch^hk'B, -whip; || fig. scourge, 

Bamo^ii^ s. m. bishop (wine). 

Bninb, particle, pop. then; naKi—eio aoeym? 
oh, dear me, what is his name? let me remember 
his name, what can it be? 

Bie, s. m. cross-cut, cross-strip {dressmaking). 

Bieaie^ s. n. beating, palpitation. 

Biorpa«I)HqecKifi, adj. biographical. 

Biorpa^ifl, s. f. biography. 

Biorpaijt)^, biographer. 

BioaoruiecKift, adj. biological. 

Bioaoria, s. f. biology. 

BiK>HiJi; adj. -laa otcuAa, artery. 

Baarift, Bjarott, adj. good; happy, favourable; 
■roii coenm-o, -roe dibjio, good advice, gond or 
useful deed; -roe na.Mihjjcnie, an honourable in- 
tention; -raa .uwc.ift, a happy idea; || stubborn 
(horse): pert (child); wicked (man); aaKpuuamb 
•mTum, .namo.Ho, to cry out or scream with all 
one's strength, to shout at the top of one's voice. 

BaarO; 5. n. good, welfare; o6uf,ecmoenHoe, 06- 
mee — , public good, public interest; — <?«.«* 6ydcm~o, 
much good may it do you; -ra schhuh, the bles- 
sings of the world; ohu npuanoAu aa—amo cdib- 
.lamb, they judged it right or well to do so; || v. imp. 
ado. — UMibmb uucmyto cootbcmb, it is well to have 
a clear conscience:— /i ocmepetcn, it was very for- 
tunate that I was on my guard; !| co7ij. om dib- 
.laem^,^mo xoHe>m,—/i .noAuy, he has his own way 
seeing that I do not object; omdaiime do.m,—y 
each ccmb deiibtu, pay your debt, as you have 
money now. 

BjiaroBH;^HOCxb, s. f. good appearance; deco- 
rum: seemliness. 

BJiaroBUj^iiuii, adj. good-looking; I] plausible. 
BaaroBOJieHic, «. n. benevolence, affection; 
J content, gratitude, satisfaction. 

BaaroBOJHXoab, a.m. -nim,a, .>*./'. well-wislier, 
favourer, protector; j| -xeabHMif, adj. benevolent, 

BaaroBOJUXb, co-. v. n. to deign, condescend; 
1[ —m KOMy, to wish well, to favour, to feel kindness 
to one; /.i iic.\iy ".liiT'b h'imhoc .mii/i, he is fa- 
voured by a great personage. 

BjaroBouic; .s. n. sweet smell, perfume, 

BaaroBOHHocxb, s. f. quality of what is sweet- 
smelling, sweet smell, fragrancy. 


BjiaroBOHHEiit, adj. sweet-smelling, fragrant; 
-Hbre mooapu, odoriferous goods. 

BjiaroBocnnxaHHOCXb, s. f. good education, 
good-breeding; || -iixaHHHft, adj. well-educated. 

BJiaroBpeMeHHOCXb, s. /'. opportuneness, time- 

BJiaroBpeMeHHbiii, adj. timely, seasonable; 
il -HO, adv. timely, — bly. 

BaaroBi&pie, s. n. -Bipaocxb, s. /'. orthodoxy. 
BJiaroBspHbiJt, adj. orthodox, true believer; 
II title of the members of the Imperial family; I] s. m. 
-Haa, s. f. pop. husband, wife. 

BJiaroBtcxiixeJib, s. m. -HHi^a, .^. f. messen- 
ger of good news. 

BJiaroB-fecxHXb, - Bi&cxBOBaxb, v. a. to an- 
nounce good tidings, good news; I to preach the 

B.iarOB-fecxHXb, v. n. to ring for church; |i fig. 
to divulge. 

BjiaroBiiCxie, *•. n. good news; || evangelical 

BaaroB-fecxt, s. m. ringing for church; cam- 
uiem—, the church-bells are heard; || -BtcxHUft, 
adj. -HHtt Ko.lo^:o.^^, the bell calling to church. 
BjaroB^mcHie, s. n. announcing^ of good 
tidings; || Annunciation, Lady-day; || -BimcHCKiii, 
BJiaroraacie, .s. n. fine voice; jj harmony. 
B.iaror.iacH£ift, adj. soft-voiced, melodious. 
BjaroroBiiiHbift, adj. reverent, respectful; 
II -HO, adv. — ly. 

BJiaroroB-BHie, s. n. veneration, devotion, 

B.iaroroB-BXb, 0. n.—nepedh, to revere, 
venerate one. 
BJiaro;i;apeHie, s. n. thanking, thanks. 
Baarojuapaxb, -;i;apcxB0Baxb, y. a. to thank, 
give thanks, return thanks; -^ap^ ^c-"^, thanks 
to; -;^apa Eoia, thanks to God. 

BJIa^OJ^apHO, - ;i;apcxBeHHO, adv. thankfully, 

BJiaro;iiapHOCXb, .s\ f. gratitude, thanks; ne 
cmoutm - CXH, it is not worth mentioning or 

BJiaroAapHUfi, adj. thankful, grateful; » oa.uh 
o'/ewo-peHt, I am very thankful, very grateful,, 
much obliged to you. 

Baaro^^apcxBeHHuft, adj. — .MO.ieoem, Te Deum. 
public prayer, thanksgiving. 

BJiaro;i;.axejib, s. m. - HHi^a, s. f. benefactor, 

BJiaro;i;a,xeJibHMtt, adj. beneficent. 
Bjinro;^axHbift, adj. beneficial; bhsscd; abun- 

B.iaro;^axb, s. f. blessing; benevolence; bene- 
faction; abundance; !j bat. hyssop. 

adj. prosperous; 1| -ho,. 

. prosperity, thriving. 
V. n. to thrive, be pros- 
compliance, mansuetudi'. 


adv.— I)'. 
BJiaro;^eHCXBie, s. n 


BJIa^o;^yulie, .s\ ii. 

BJIa^o;^J•u^HbIft, adj. good-natured, good-heart- 
ed; compliant, l)enign; [j -ho, adv. — ly. 

BJiaro;i;iiXeJib, s. m. - HHi^a, s. f. benefactor, 
benefactress; ij -cKitt, adj. 

BJIa^o;^■BTe.^bHOCXb, s. f. beneficence; benefits, 
great usefulness; — nayKU, nueuAuaaniu, the 
benefits of science, of civilization. 

BaarOAfixcibHWfl, ad,j. beneficent, bountiful; 
iiben<'ticial, salutary;— do:^c(9(., a kindly shower. 

B.iaroA*xcJibCXBOBaxb, v. n. to do good to: 
to load with favours, with ben- fits. 

B.iaroji.'fcaHie, s. n. benefit, favour, grace. 


23 — 


Bjaroaceaaxejbj s. m. »HHi^a, s. f. one who 
wishes well, a friend, well-wisher. 

BaaroateaaTeJtbCTBO, s. n. the desire or dispo- 
sition to do good; good wishes. 

Bjaro»:ejaTeJibCTBOBaTL, v. n. to be well- 
disposed to one. 

BjiaroBB} lie, s.n. -SBj-qHOCXb, s-./". euphony, 

BaarosBj'iHHft, adj. harmonious, melodious; 
euphonious, euphonic; ,, -ho, ady.— ly,— cally. 

Bjarou36paHHUtt, adj. well-chosen. 

BaaroHBBOJieHie, s. n. good-will, consent, con- 
des^^endence. * 

BaaroHBBUJHTb, v. n. to consent, condescend. 

Baaroabnie, s. n. elegance, beauty; y magnifi- 

Baaroj^iiubifi, adj. magnificent, splendid, pomp- 
ous; i| -HO, adv.—lY- 

BjaroJiio6HBUft, adj. disposed to do good. 

BaaroJi H)6ic, s. n. love of good. 

BjaroMucjeHHUii, - MucJiflii^iii, adj. well- 
intentioned, reasonable: j] -JieuHO, adv. with good 
intentions, reasonably. 

BjiaroMhicjiie, s. n. good intentions, good 

BaaroHa;^ea:HOCTb, .s-. f. fidelity, solidity; assur- 
ance, certainty; — CAifiu, fidelity of a servant; — 
aKunaoKa, solidity of an equipage; — uauncmiH, the 
certainty of news. 

BJiaroHa;^eaBHbiiJ[, adj. hopeful; trusty; firm, 
solid; !| 0M7n5 -ny, to be depended on, be sure, 
certain; 6i/dhme - hu, depend upon me; CAyta 
-:EeH'b, the servant is to be depended on; Mocnnj 
He -ascH'b, the bridge is not firm; [j -ho, adv. in 
all confidence. 

BjiaroHaM-BpeHie, s. n. good intention. 

BaaroHaMipeHHBift, adj. -ho, adv. well-inten- 
tioned; made with a good intention. 

BJiaroHpaBie, s. n. good principles, morality, 
good behaviour. 

BjaroHpaBHufi, adj. well-behaved, well-prin- 
cipled, moral; |1 -ho, adv. conformably with good 
principles, morally. 

BaarooOpasie, s. n. good mien, beauty. 

B.iaroo6pa3H£i]&, adj. good-looking, beautiful. 

Baarono^^aTcab, s. m. -HHi],a, s. f. benefactor. 

Baaronoay^ie, s. n. happiness, felicity. 

BaaroHoayqHufi, adj. happy, fortunate; ij -ho, 
or7y.— pily,— ly. 

BaaroHocnimecTBOBaHic, s. n. help, succour, 

BaaronocnimecTBOBaTb, v. n. to assist, for- 

BaaronocnBmHuit, adj. helping, advancing, 

BaaronoxpedHuft, adj. necessary for good 

BaaronpnB^TaHBOCTb, s. f. affability, kindness. 

BaaronpHB^T.iHBbitt, adj. affable, kind, courte- 
ous; i| -BO, ado. — bly, — ly. 

BaaronpHBiiTCTBie, s. n. hearty Avelcome. 

BaaronpnaiTCTBOBaTb, v. a. to welcome. 

BaaronpnaHiie, s. n. propriety, decorum. 

BaaronpHaH^HMtt, adj. becoming, decorous. 

BaaronpucToiiHOCTb, .9. f. decency, becoming- 
ness; cooAwdamb — , to save appearances. 

B-iaronpHCToftHbiii, adj. decent, becoming; 
i-HO, adv.—ly. 

Baaronpio6piTeHie, *•. n. acquisition, property 
(not inherited). 

BaaronpioOpixeHHHfl, adj. acquired by one's 
self: II -Hoe u.Hnnie, an acquired property. 

BaaronpiflSHeHHHfir, adj. friendly, kind: ami- 
cable; favourable; j| -ho, rtdy.— dly,— ly,— bly. 

BaaronpiasHb, s. f. friendship, affability. 

Baaronpiaxeab, s. m. -HHij;a, s. f. friend. 

BaaronpiaxHOCXb, n. f. favourableness. 

BaaronpiaxHHli, «dj. favourable, propitious: — 
oibjnejn, a favourable breeze; jj -ho, adv. — bly, — ly. 

BaaronpiaxcxBO, v. «. obs. benevolence, pro- 

BaaronpiaxcxBOBaxb, v. n. to favour, be pro- 
pitious; to befriend. 

BaaropaacMoxpiiHie, see li.iaroycMOTpiHie. 

Baaropa3cy;i,HxeabHOCib, s. /". considerateness, 
solidity of judgment. 

Baaropa8cy;i,HxeabHMft, - pa3cy;i;HHit, adj. 
reasonable,judicious, prudent; \\ -ho, adc—hly — ly. 

Baaropa3yMie, s. n. good sense, wisdom, pru- 

BaaropasyJiHufl, adj. reasonable, wise, pru- 
dent, cautious; || -ho, «(Zy.— bly,— ly. 

BaaropacHoaoaKenie, s. n. benevolence, good- 
will, kindness. 

BaaropacnoaoaieHHHtt, adj. well - disposed, 

BaaropacxBopeHHoexb, s. f. salubrity, mild- 
ness, wholesomeness (uf the air). 

BaaropacxBopeHHHfir, adj. — eoodyxh, salubri- 
ous air. 

BaaropacxBopaxb, - pxixb, v. a. to render 

Baaropojiie, s. n. noble birth, nobility; Honour 
(a title); eame—, your Honour, sir. 

Baarop6;^Hijft, adj. well-born, gentle; noble: 
'i who has the title of Honour; \ -Hbie .uemaAMi, 
the noble or perfect metals; dejJOfcamb koio hu 
-HOfi ducmaHV/iu, to keep one in awe; | -HO, adv. 

Baa^op6;^cxBO, *■. n. nobility, noble birth; 
jj nobleness, elevation (of character). 

Baarocep;j;ie, see E.TaroAyniie. 

Baarocepj^wi, see B.iaroAvniHUH, 

BaarocKaoHHOCXb, .s. f. affabillity, good-will, 
benevolence; courteousness; favour. 

BaarocKaoHHHfi, adj. well-disposed, affec- 
tionate, benevolent, gentle; npe6ueaio ki ea.Ho — , I 
remain your affectionate;— vM7/iawe.ti., gentle or 
courteous reader; li -HO, adw.—ly.—tly. 

BaarocaoBenie, 5. n. blessing, benediction 
(of parents); jj consent; assent. 

BaarocaoBCHHHii, adj. blessed, blest: '.. -ho, 
adv. with benediction. 

BaarocaoBaaxb, -BHXb, v. a. to bless, give 
one's blessing; to consecrate (a church); to hallow 
(bread); jj to praise,^ glorify; to thank: to endow 
ivith; Bote -caoBHax eio adopoube.sto, God gave 
him health; II to consent, assent;— «a opaKh, to con- 
sent to the marriage; ,1 -ca, v. r. to bo blessed 

Baarococxoanic, s. n. well-being, prosperity. 

BaarocxhiHHMfi, adj. beneficent, bountiful, 
clement; jj given, granted. 

BaarocxuHH, s. f. alms, boon, benefaction, gift, 
donation; Ij coll. wages, salary. 

Baarocxb, s. f. goodness, clemency, mercy. 

BaaroxnopeHie, s. n. benefaction, works of 

BaaroxBopuxeab, .9. m. -HHi^a, s. f. benefac- 
tor. — tress. 

BaaroTBopiixeabHOCXb, s. f. beneficence; 

BaaroxBopHxeabHbifl, adj. beneficent, chari- 
table; -HBia saoedenis, charitable institutions. 

BaaroxBopiiXB, 0. n. to do good; to exercise 

BaaroxBopuocxb, s. f. beneficence; 1| salutary 


BaaroxBopHUfi,'((Zj.l)eneficial; 1] salutary: , -ho, 
ado. beneficently; in a salutary manner. 

BaaroxepntaHBufl, adj. patient, forbearing. 


BJiaroTepninie, s. n. patience, resignation. 

BaaroyroJUJinBOCTb, s. f. complaisance, com- 
pliance; officiousness. 

BJiaroyro;i;wiHBBjii, adj. complaisant, officious. 

BaaroyroAHOCTB, s. /'. condescension, desire. 

BjiaroyroAHUfl, adj. desired, agreeable, pleas- 
ant; II -HO, <ido. e.\iy -ho 6uao ne omomnunib, it 
pleased him not to answer; da 6ydevii -ho Ba- 
lue.ny Bucouecms)/, may it please your Highness. 

BJiaroyroai;i;aTb, v. n. see yroJKAarb. 

Baaroycepj^Hufi, adj. very zealous. 

Bjiaro'ycepjiiCTBOBaTi., v. n. to be very zealous. 

BjiaroyCMOTp-BHie, «. n. judgment, decision; 
npedcmaeumb ua—, to submit to the judgment, to 
the decision of. 

BJiaroycn-BiuHOCTb, s. /'. good success, good 


BJiaroycniiuHHft, adj. successful. 

BJaroyCTpoenie, s. n. establishment of order, 
good organization or regulation. 

B-iaroycTpoHBaTb, -ycTpoHTb,y.a. to arrange 
well, bring in good or Aer;\i part. p. -pocHHUti, 
well organized or arranged. 

BJiaroycTpbttCTBO, s. n. good order, good 

BJiaroyTp66ie, s. n. mercy, compassion, pity. 

BaaroyTpuOHMfi, adj. merciful, compassionate. 

BJiaroyxaHie, s. n. sweet odour, fragrance. 

BJiaroyxaHHHtt, ndj. odoriferous, odorous, 
fragrant, sweet-scented. 

Baaroyxaxb, v. n. to be odoriferous; to diflfuse 
or emit sweet odours. 

BaaroiecTHBbifi, adj. pious, religious, devout; 
-qeCTUBaa Muaub, religious life; jj -bo, ado.—lY. 

Bjaro^eCTHBiifiuiift, adj. snperl. most pious 
(title of Bu.'isUm sovereigns). 

B-iaroieCTie, s. n. piety, devotion. 

BJiaroiiiHie, s. n. good order, decency, deco- 
rum; '1 a certain number of parishes subordinated 
to a superintendent; Ynpnea -Hia, see YnpaBa. 

BJiaroiHHHO, adv. orderly, decently, decorously. 

BJiaroiHHHHfi, adj. orderly, decorous; || s. m. 
ecclesiastical superintendent, provost. 

Bja»:cuH0, adv. blissfully, happily. 

BJiaaEceHHbid, adj. blissful, happy; glorious, 
glorified; beatific; - huh dijmu, beatified souls; 
-HOfi naMfimu, of blessed memory; || s. m. an eccen- 
tric fanatic. 

BaaiKeHCTBO, s. n. beatitude, happiness, felicity; 
ooceMh snnouibdeh -CTBa, the eight beatitudes. 

BjaHCi'HCTBOBaTb, V. n. to enjoy felicity. 

B^axMTb, V. a. si. to beatify, glorify; j| v. n. coll. 
to fool, be capricious. 

BjaaciMBOCTb, s. f. capriciousness, capricious 

BaaxjiiiButt, -acHott, adj. capricious. 

B.ia3Cb, .s. /". caprice, folly, act or piece of folly, 
extraviganco; »a iieto uaxodunv, — , he has fits of 
folly, he is sometimes extravagant. 

BJianaceBMii, ailj. flesh-coloured. 

B.iiiHEa, .s. /. B.iaHKT., .s. w. blank; j| -KOBHtt, 
adj. -KOBaa tiaOnu'b, signature in blank, carte 
blanche. ^ ^ 

BJanKCTT., s. m. carte l)lanchc; jj - KCTHMtt, adj. 
B.iaHMauvKe, .s. n. indecl. blanc-mange. 
B.ieBiiHle, s. n. BacBOTa, s. f. vomiting, spew- 

BJOBaTb, fi.iCBnyxb, v. n. to vomit, spew. 

BJi'-nita, s. f. bait, lure. 

BaciioTHua, .s. f. the matter vomited. 

Bji03iV)'b, s. m. coll. dAH - py, jestingly, for 
form's sake; for pleisure's sake. 

B-ieK.iocTi., s. f. fidingness, withering. 

B.ieK.ii>iA, adj. faded, withered; colourless; 
\ -jaa pyda, min. gray copper. 

_ 24 — BJIHH 

BjcKHyxb, V. 11. to fade, wither; to decay. 
BaeKOxa, see Beaena. 

BjieH;i;a, s. f. min. blende, blende ore; miner's- 

BjieH;i;yHr:b, s. m. fort, sheeting. 
BaeCKOb, s. m. lustre, glitter, shine, glare; fig. 
splendour, brilliaucy, magnificence; pacnpocmp"- 
itHmb—, to shed a lustre over; Aootomu—, a false 
splendour; II c/iem. fulguration; ceumi/Oauu—, min. 

BaecHa, s. f. tin bait, artificial fish. 
BaecxKa, s. /'. dim. OaecxoiKa, spangle; gold- 
dust, 'sparkle; -kh yMa, sparks or flashes of wit; 
II -xoiHUft, adj. 
BaecxoqHHKi, s. m. spangle-maker. 
Baecxixb, d.iecHjxb, v. n. to shine, sparkle, 
glitter, be resplendent; to flash, twinkle, glisten, 
gleam; to blaze, be bright; (o coaetbddiu) to con- 
stellate; || /"t/;. om AToCwm - HVXb ceou.ui yMOMo, 
lie likes to' make a show of liis wit; prov. ne ace 
mo aoAomo, umo - cxiixt, all is not gold that 

BaecxaKi, s. m. micarel, mica; || insect, golden 

B.iecxam,ifl, adj. blazing, bright, shining, 
sparkling, glittering, flaring, glaring; resplendent, 
brilliant; splendid; -m,ie KaMeubH, bright gems; e^ 
-ni.eM'b conmn, in a full blaze of light, all ra- 
diant with light; — .uoAodocrubHi, KjMComoii, radiant 
with youth, beauty; -mee o6mecmoo, fashionable 
society; see BjiHcraTeabUHin. 
BJieaHie, s. n. bleating. 
Baeaxb, V. n. to bleat. 
Banasai^miilr, adj. sup. of BansKift. 
Baiiasc, adv. (coinp. of BaasKOJ, nearer; Kal:^ 
MOMHO — , as near as possible; see Bjihsko. 

BJiiiacHitt, adj. near, next, nigh; || s. m. friend, 
relation; bibl. neighbour; AwSumb - Haro ceoeto, 
to love one's neighbour. 

Bausnxb, V. a. to approach, bring near; || -ca, 
V. r. to near, approach, draw near, come near. 

BJiiiSKiJif, adj. nigh, near; close, close by, close 
to, proximate; h e^o—coc7h^^, I am a near neigh- 
bour of his; o>n .«kw> — podcmoenHumy he is my 
near kinsman; -Kia omuomeniH, close connections; 
Oauacaituiaa npuuuna, proximate cause; jjs. rela- 
tive, near relation, kinsman, friend, favourite. 

Bjusko, adv. dim. OJHBCHbKO, OjlHsexoHbKO, 
nearly; close, closely; apcMn—, the time is near, 
at hand. 

Bausjieasaa^ift, adj. neighbouring, near; adja- 
cent, contiguous. 

BJinsua, s. /". flaw (in the web);\sl scar. 
BaHSHCi^TE., s. m. twin, twin-born; 1123?. - e^w, 
ast. Twins^ Gemini. 

B.iii3opyKift, adj. short-sighted, near-sighted, 

BJiHSopyKOCXb, s. f. short-sightedness, short- 
sight, myopy, near-sightedness. 

IiJiiiaocxb, s.f. nearness, neighbourhood, proxim- 
ity, vicinity. 

BjiHS'b, prep. gen. near, in the vicinity of, nigh, 
close to. 

BJiiisb, s. f. see Bjih3 0cti>. 
BaHKOBiUiie, .s. n. chcni. fulguration, coruscation. 
BjiHKOBiixb, v. n. chem. to fulgurate; 1| v. a. paint. 
to put liglit in, to enligliten. 

B.iHRi>, s. m. paint, lights; \\phys. lightening, 
sliine; \\coll. spot. 

BJiHH;^a:R'b, s. m. fort, sheeting. 
B.iuHj^OBaxb, -;^npoBaxb, v. a. fort, to blinJ, 
slieet witli iron. 

B.iHH,i;iipoBaHie, s. n. blindage. 

B.iHn,-^T,, B.iuH;^3eft.i7., s. m. naut. sprit-sail. 

It.iuH,^T>i, s. f. jil. fort, blinds, screen. 


— 25 — 


BauHei^'B, s. m. fritter, pancake, flatcake. 
Bjuhhuk'b, s. m. -HUi^a, s. f. pancakemau- 

BJuuHEift, adj.—pacm'iopi, paste for pancakes. 
BjHHHfl, s. f. pancake-shop. 
Bjhhoe'B, s. m. dim. a little pancake; jj flue- 
plate, lid, cover (of a stove). 

BauH<iaT£itt, adj. filled with pancakes, of pan- 

B^HH-B, s. m. dim. -HOKi, -hoick-b, pancake: 

prou. nejJtiuh—, da ko.momi, evpl. a bad beginning. 

BaHCTiiHie, s. n. shining, glittering, Hashing: 

fig. splendour, brilliancy; || scintillation, twinkling. 

BJiHCTaTeabHOCTt, s. /' brightness, splendour, 


BanCTiiTeaBHHU, adj. splendid, brilliant, bright; 
-Haa Ropma, the Sublime Porte; || -ho, ctdy. — ly. 
BjHCTaTb, sec Bjecxirfc. 
BaoKaJ^a, s. /'. fort, blockade; |1 -a;i;HHfi, adj. 
B.iOKapHfl, s. f. block-shed. 
BJOEiipb, s. m. block-maker. 
BjiOKfiaxapea, s. f. fort, block-battery. 
BJiOKrays'b, s. m. fort, block-house. 
BJOKHpoBaHie, s. n. fort, blockade, blockading. 
BjiOKHpoBaxb, V. a. fort, to block-up, blockade. 
BjOKOBaa, s. /'. block-shed, block-workshop. 
BaoKOBUJliHMii, adj. anat. ginglymoid; -Hoe 
coHAeneHic, ginglymus.^ 

Bjioei>, s.OT.dim.OJioieKi., block, pulley, sheave; 
II OaoKOBHu, adj. 

BjoeiuhbIi, -mnn'B, s. m. naut. block-ship. 
Bjoua, s. f. anat. after-birth. 
BJI6HJ^a, s. f. dim. -;i;o^Ka, blond, blond-lace: 
-;i;oBHfi, adj. 

B.ioh;i,uh'b, s. m. -;!i;HHKa, s. f. light-haired or 
fair person. 

BJi6H;i;oiHHn,a, s. f. blond-maker. 
Bjioxa, s. f. dim. doinKia, flea; fig. e^ 
.uHOio OJioxt, he is full of mischief; euoiimb 
Ca.ox'bf to make one give up his follies. 

BaoxoMopt, s. m. Baoinba-CMepxB, s. f. hot. 
flea-bane, flea-wort, ploughman's spikenard. 
BaouiHCTBitt, -uiJiHBBiii, adj. full of fleas. 
BJOuiKa, s. f. hot. purslane, portulaca; || see 

BJomuuB'B, s. m. hot. fern, polypody, conyza. 
BaoiUHHTB, V. a. to bring fleas. 
BJioiUHUi^a, s. f. hot. origanum. 
BjioiUHBifl, adj. of fleas, fleas. 
BjiOfflHaK-B, .s\ m. hot. scolymus. 
Bjioni;u^HHE'B, s. m. hot. flagellaria. 
Bjiy;i;HTB, v. n. to rove, ramble; to wander; 
l|to do mischief; to steal (as a cat); to wanton: 
II si. to rake, fornicate. 

BJiy;i,auBOCTB, s. f. mischievousness, mis- 
chievous tricks: inclination to steal (as cats, dojjs). 
BJiy^^aHBBiH, adj. mischievous; prov. "ji^s.viB'h 
naK^ KOvtKa, mpyc^uo^ KaK^ aanm, thievish as a 
cat and tinud as a hare. 

Bay;i;HH, s. f. pi. knaveries, wanton or mis- 
chievous tricks. 

B.iy;^HHK'B, BJiy;^o;^*li, s. m. Bjiy^Hui^a, s. f. 
fornicator, fornicatress. 

B-Ty^HBifi, adj. dissolute, lecherous; — cum.^ 
prodigal son. 

BJiy;i;o;i,4}inic, s. n. adultery, prostitution. 
Bay;!,!*, s. m. fornication, lechery. 
Bay;^a^a, s. c. vagabond, wanderer, vagrant. 
Bayji;ani,iii, adj. wandering, errant; -mie otnu, 
ignis-'fatuus, will-of-the wisp, jack-'a-lantern, tire- 
drake, night-fire. 

Bayac^aaic, s. n. wandering. 
Bayx^aTB, V. n. to err, wander, rarnble, stroll, 
rove, straggle, roam; eio .Muc.iti -;^aH>T'B, his 
thoughts are wandering. 

BJiysK^^aioii^ift, adj. roving, wandering, errant: 
rambling; — oai.iHdb, a haggard look: -mie otnu, 
see B.!iyjiamifi. 

Baysa, s. f. blouse, smock-frock; jj see .lysa. 
B.iysHHK'B, s. m. one who wears a blouse, a 

B.i-b;i,ho, adv. palely, wanly, blankly; — tOAyoon. 
pale-blue; — aeAemiu, pale-green; — AuutUii, pale- 
taced, wan, pale, pallid. 

Bjt.;i;HOBaTBiii, adj. palish, rather pale, 
BJii;i;HOCTB, s. /'. paleness, pallor. 
Bab;!;Hiatt, adj. pale, pallid; — cenim^ a dull or 
dim light; — , KUKi cmpmh, as pale as ashes; -aaa 
He.HOHh, vied, clilorosis, green sickness. 

Bat^^HiTB, V. n. to grow or turn pale; to grow 
wan, get dim, become dull: to fade. 
BJi'Iji.HaK'B, s. m. hot. ochre. 
BaH),'^eHie, s. n. preservation, guard, safe-keep- 
ing, care.;i;eiKO, s. n. dim. of Bjikao; uaunoe—, 
saucer; \i hut. scutellum. 

BJiK)ii(o, s. n. dish; platter; |1 dish, mess; .HHcnoe — , 

a dish of meat; y una oueaeim mo.ibKO doa -;^a 

3a o6>bdo.Hi, we have only two courses at dinner. 

Baio;^OJU3HHiaTB, v. n. to sponge, sponge upon; 

to hang on, get by sponging. ^ 

BJlH);i;0aH3HH^eCTB0, - JIHSHH^aHBC, s. n. 
sponging; hanging on. 

BaiOji.oJius'B, s. m. -SHHi^a, s. f. sponger, hang- 
er-on, dinner-hunter. 

BjiM);i;ne, s. n. saucer; j| zool. patella; 1| bat. scutel, 

BaiocTH, V. a. irr. to keep, guard, preserve; to 
observe, fulfill: to watch over; to attend;— aaKOMw, 
to observe the laws; \\ -ca, v. p. r. (om^ neio). to be 
kept; to keep one's self or guard one's self from. 
BjiiocTUTeJiB, s. m. -Hiin;a, s. f. keeper, 
guardian; -xeJiB nopHdna, keeper of order. 

BjiiocTUTeaBHOCTB, s. f. vigilance, carefulness, 

BJiH)CTHTeJiBHHfi[, adj. vigilant, careful, watch- 

BjarHJiB, BaarapB, s. m. chem. massicot, mas- 

ticot. ^ , 

Baaxa, s. f. dim. dJiaiuKa, daame^Ka, plate, 
metal plate; ij OaaiUHBift, daameiHHft, adj. 

BaaxapB, s. m. metal-plate worker. 

Bo, conj. si. see 11 60. 

Boa, s. m. indecl. boa (serpent and fur). 

BoSepTEi, see BoSpi.. 

B06KH, s. m. pi. bay-berries, Tonquin-beans: 
[ -EOBBIH, adj. 

BodoBiiAHMii, adj. pulse-like, leguminous. 

BoCoBUEi, s. m. bean-stalk, bean-haulm. 

BodoBUHa, s. f. bean-plant, bean-pod. 

BodoBHHE'B, s. m. bean-trefoil, dwarf-almond. 

BodoBufi, adj. -Boe pacmenie, leguminous 
plant, l)ean-plant. 

BoOoEi, BoOoiOKT., s. in. a bean; a seed, grain. 

BoOon-B, .see Bydon^. 

BoOpeHOEi., .s\ m. a young beaver. 

BoO'u'ixa, s. /". female beaver. 

BoOpuBiiEii, s. m. hot. meniauthes, marsh-trefoil. 

BoCpoBHHa, s. f. flesh of the beaver. 

Bo()p6BUi;a, s. f. hot. clover, trefoil. 

BoOpoBMtt, adj. -Baa cmpija, apoth. castor, 
rastoreum. , 

BoOp-B, Bofiep-B, .s. m. zool. dim. doOpHK'B, 
beaver, castor; .nopcKOu uau KaMHnmcKiii — , otter, 
sea-otter; .uiicnycoeuu -CpiiE'B, beaver-rat; iron, 
neueto CKUSamb, y6u.n -Opal he has made a fine 

Ho^'h^ bean, bean plant; mypenKiu—,\<.\i\- 
I ney-bean; oo.miu—, lupijie; KaKaoobtu—, cacao-bean, 


- 26 — 


cacao-nut; ko^cuhuu—, coffee-berry, coffee-bean; 
II fig. ocmambCH va doOaxt, to be taken in, come 
off a loser; eio na do6axi. ne npooedeuih, he is not 
so easily cheated. 

BoObiJib, s. m. -aHxa, s. f. a peasant with- 
out land: — ()06HJieM'B, poor, wretched fellow; 
11 ijibCEitt; -Jiifl, adj. 

Bora;i;-B.ieHKa, 5. f. alms-woman. 
Bora;i;-BJibHa, s. f. dim. -;^iJieHKa, alms-bouse, 
poor-house: -^^iaeHHBifi, -;i;-BJlBHHa, adj. 
Boraxeft, .«. m. pop. rich man, moneyed man. 
BoraxHHKa, s. f. hot. flea-bane. 
BoraTHXb, see 60 ram ait. 
Boraxo, adv. camp. Ooraie, richly; —y6paHHuii, 
richly adorned. 

BoraxcxBO, s. n. riches, opulence, wealth; prov. 
i.iijnoMi/ cuHi/ )ie 80 noMouib—, riches are of little 
use to a fooi. 

BoraxHii, adj. rich, wealthy; copious, abundant, 
opulent: magnificent; -xaa Aomadb, a magnificent 
horse: -xaa .mamoa, an abundant harvest; -xaa 
3e.HAfl, fruitful earth; prov. Hlh.\^^ CoraxTb, mib.m u 
pado, you are welcome to all I have (expL). 
BoraxbipKa, s. f. a female athlete. 
BoraxupcKitt, aclj. valiant, athletic, heroical:— 
coHo, a very sound sleep; i| -ckh, ady.— ly,— cally, 
like an athlete. 

BoraxhipcxBO, s. n. the qualities or state of 
an athlete, of a hero. 

BoraxbipcxBOBaxb, v. n. to act as an athlete, 
act heroically. 

Boraxupb; s. m. athlete, hero, valiant knight. 
Borax-BXb, pas-, v. n. to grow or become rich, 
wealthy; to thrive. 

Bora^'b, s. m. -a^Hxa, s. f. rich man or woman; 
-qa, pi. the rich. 

Bor;i;uxaHT>, *\ m. Chinese emperor, eastern 

BoreMa, s. f. gipsy, wanderer, vagrant; 
BoruHa, s. f. goddess. 

Boro6Jiaro;^axHbrfi, adj. rich in the blessings 
of heaven. 

BoroOopei^'b, -OopHnKi., s. m. theomachist. 
impious man. 

BoroOopHHfi, adj. striving against God, im- 

BoroOopcxBOBaxb, v. n. to strive against God, 
lie impious. 

BoroOoasJHBOCXb, -OoasHeHHOCXb, s. f. fear 
of God, piety. 

BoroOoasJiHBHii, -asueHHEiii, adj. fearing 
(rod, pious, religious; 1 -BO, -uho, adv. piously, in 
the fear of God.^ 

BoroB;T;oxHOBeHHMft, adj. divinely inspired. 
BoroBH;]^^!,^, s. m. one who has seen God. 
BoroBH;^ubifi, adj. of a divine figure, godlike. 
BoroBb;^eu'b, .s. m. one who knows God. 
BoroB'Lj^'hiiic, s. n. the kn.iwledge of God. 
Boror.iar«>aaHio, s. n. the preaching of the 
word of God. 
Boroj^aHiiHft, adj. heaven-sent, heaven-born. 
Boro;i,opa;aBio, >. n. theocracy. 
BorosHaiiie, .s. n. the knowledge of God. 
BoroMaOpaiiiiKifi, adj. chosen of God. 
BorojioOiiuutt, adj. loving God. 
BoroJii«6i«', .s. n. the love of God. 
BoroaioGi., -JiioOeu,7i, s. m. one who loves 

BoroMas'b, f. m. a l»ad painter of images. 
BorOHaxepb, s. f. Mother of God, Our Lady. 
BoroMrpsKift, adj. impious, sacrilegious, un- 
goldy, godless: -KG, ody.— ly,— dlily,— lessly. 

BorOMOJ04l, -MuabHIiKX, -MOJIbU^UKl, S. Vl. 

-MOJiHi^a, -MoJEa, -MOJibiiiiii^n, -u^iii^a, s. f. 

one who likes to pray to God; pilgrim; ] -MOJb- 
HHMift, adj. 

BoroMOJiTb, >. in. -JiRa, s. f. see BoroMO- 
.lenix,— JiHua; praving mantis (insect). 

BoroMOJibe, -MoabCXBO, s. n. praying to God; 
devotion; pilgrimage; udmu na—, to go on a pil- 
grimage. ^ 

BoroMOJibHHqaib, -MOJibCXBOBaxb, v. n. to 
pray to God, be devout; to go on a pilgrimage. 

BoroMOJibHHfi, adj. devout; pious, religious; 
I -HO, adv. — ly. 

BoroMy;i,pie, .s. n. godly wisdom, theosophy. 

BoroHaia-iie, *. n. theocracy. 

BoroHeBicxHaa, s. f. virgin devoted to God, to 
the service of God. 

BoroHeHaBHCXHHK'b, s. m. -HHn,a, s. f. hater 
of God; impious, ungodly man or woman. 

BoroHCHaBHCXHMfi, adj. hating God, impious, 
ungodly, godless. 

BoroHocenTb, s. m. who bears God in his heart; 
!j collector for the church (bearing God^s image on 
his breast). 

BoroocxynHMK'b, s. m. -HHi^a, s. f. apostate, 

BorooxcxynHHiecxBO, s. n. apostasy, atheism. 

BorooxcxynHbitt, ad^j. apostate, impious. 

Bo^o^o;^66HbIif, adj. God-like, divine, deiform. 

BoronosHaHie, s. n. the knowledge of God. 

Borono^HxaHie, s. n. divine worship. 

Borono^HxaxeJib, s. m. -HHn,a, s. /. worshiper 
of God. 

BoronpiiiMen.'b, s. m. God-receiver (St. Simeon's 

BoronpoxHBHOCXb, s. f. impiety, impiousness, 

BoronpoxiiBHHii, adj. impious, ungodly. 

Borop6;i;Hi^a, s. f. Our Lady, the Virgin Mary; 
npaaduum -U,w, Mary's day; ij Ave or Ave-Mary 
(first words of the prayer); i; -^HqHUft, adj. 
Borop6;i,CKiii, adj. -CKaa mpnea, hot. wild 


BoropoacHHK'b, ,s. m. bat. lote-tree. 

BorocJioBie, s. n. theology, divinity. 

BorocJiOBCKift, adj. theologic, — al, divine; 
ij -CEii, adv. theologically. 

BorocjiOBCXBOBaxB, v. n. to theologize. 

BorocJiOBi., s. m. theologian, divine. 

BorocJiyacefiHufi, adj. of divine service. 

Borocjyxenie, .s. n. divine service; worship; 
church; epCMH - nia, churcli-time; — OKOHHeno, 
church is done, church is over. 

BorocuacaeMWfl, <(dj. protected or saved by God. 

BoroxBopcHie, ,<;. n. deification, apotheosis. 

BoroxBopiixb, V. a. to deify; |1 to idolize, idola- 
trize; to worship (idoU). 

BoroyO'iiicxBO, .s\ n. deicide. 

BoroyC'iftn,a, .s. c. deicide. 

Boroyro;i;ie, -yroacA«Hi<^> ■'>■• *»• ^i^c agreeable 
to God; piety. 

Bo^oy^o;^HHKl., s. m. -uim,a, s. f. a pious 
person, saint. 

Boroyro^^HMii, adj. agreeable to God; -Hoe, a pious deed; - Hoe aaeedeme, charitable 
board or institution. 

Boro-vpaHiiMHli, adj. protected by God. 

Boroxyacnio, see EoroxyabCTBO 

BoroxyJibKHK-i., s.m. -HHna, s. /*. blasplK 

BoroxvJbHH'iaxL, v. n. to blaspheme. 

BoroxyJbHMfi, adj. blasphemous. 

BoroxyJiboxBOBaxb, see BoroxyJibHHnaTb. 

BoroxyJiM'.XBO, s. ». blasphemy, cursing. 

Boro'io.iOBT.K'b, .s'. m. God-Man. 

BoroHBJieHie, .«.«. manifestation of Our Lord: 

Epiphany. Twelftli-niglit, Twelfth-day; I -encKift, 



— 27 — 


Bon, s. m. Crod: Creator; dah—, dati mo—, 
God grant, would to God that; cAam Bory, God 
be praised; 6.iaiodapio Bora, thank God; e^ Bo- 
roMi! God be with you, God speed you (at start- 
ing on a voyage); forward, go ahead! pndu Bora! 
for God's sake, for the love of God! eudumo—,eh 
Borv! by God, indeed, as true as God is in heav- 
en! coxpnuii.—[ God forbid!— «0(?acw^ (refusal to 
a heggnr), God help you: cuacm.m8^ ineou—, you 
liad a narrow escape; noo^m^aeM^ mbMo—, 
will you not partake of our simple fare;— w(^ weso 
Mujo'cmu, we will hope the hest.—noMOHb! God 
help! rocnodb—, God our Lord; prov.—dacmo deub, 
dactm u numy, every day brings its food; 6epe- 
QKenato u—CepeoKemo, ho, Bora nadnucn, a cumo 
ne nAotaau, help yourself and God will help you; 
i:mo Bory «e tpnuieHh, I^apw ne euHoeaim, nobody 
is without faults;— «e eudacmo, ceuHbH ne mbcim, 
whom God helps nobody can liarra; mi Bory cewia, 
Hu Hopmy Kouepta, good lor nothing; CMib.iuM^— 
SMidibetm, God helps the brave. 
Bo;i;aHie; s. n. butting. 

Bo;i;aTb, doj^nyxb, v. a. to butt (of a ram); to 
gore (of a bull); to spur (of a cock); ij -CH, v. rec. n. 
to butt: to gore. 
BoAe^'i., s. m. spur, cockspur; jj&oi. spui-, heel; 
-^^i^OBLiiij adj. 
Bo;i;, s. n. goad. 

Bo;i;aaKi., s. m. hot. sloe, sloe-tree, black-thorn; 
see TepHT>. 

Bo;i;aHBOCTb, s. f. inclination to butt, to gore. 
Bo;];jHB£iit, adj. disposed to butt, to gore; 
mBOU Kopoujb Both po%^ ne daerm, see KopoBa. 

Bo;i;MepeflHHK'B, s. m. com. lender on bot- 
Bo;i;Mepea, s. f. com. gross-adventure; bottomry; 
-pefiH&iii; adj. -peftnuft Kon)npaKm^, bottomry 

BOAPHTb, V. a. see 05oApflTb: |i -CH, v. r. to 
take courage; to go boldly; to conceal or stifle 
one's emotion. 

B6;i;pocTb, s.f. vigour, cheer;— ^ya-o, courage, 
boldness, valiantness; heart. 

B6;i,pcTB0BaHie, s. n. watching, vigilance. 
B6;^pcTB0BaTb, v. n. to sit up, stay up (the 
night); to watch;— dya;o.uo, to take courage. 

Bojlipud, adj. brave, vigilant; sound, healthy; 
dmo evufi—cmapum, that old man is still hale and 
hearty;— KOMft, spirited, mettlesome steed; y nux^— 
eudo, they have a good, healthy appearance; || -po, 
adv. courageously, firmly, boldly. 

Bo;^yH'b, s. m. - THba, s. f. butter, butting 

Bo;i;ara, Bo^^aaKHHiaTb, see BaAara, Ba;i;aK- 


Bo;i:flK'b, s. m. hot. holy thistle. 

BoeBoft, adj. battle, of battle; — nampom, bail- 
cartridge: -BMe aanacu, mil. ammunition; -Baa 
.lomadb, battle-horse:— Jipoe.Ki, embrasure; - Baa 
jjaxetna, congreve rocket: -Baa npyoKuna^ detent; 
«Bbie nacu, striking clock or watch; -Boe KO.teco, 
count-wheel (in a watch);— ue.ioonm, fig. quarrel- 
some person. 

Boen.'B, s. m. champion, fighter, gladiator; 
wrestler; KyAauHuii-., boxer, pugilist. 

Boa:6a, s. f. swearing. 

Boxe, s. m. (exclamatorily), God;— .wou.' oh God! 
Lord! uaoaeu—! God ioTh\&\—II,apH xpauu, God 
save the king; o—! good God! good Heavens! oh 
dear, dear me! noMu.iyu — ! God bless me! God 
forbid! ^ , 

Boace^i;!*]*!*, s. m. - ;^6MKa, - fl;oMHn,a, s. f. 
orphanage: ii a place in the cemetery for burying 
self-murderers; i| -;i;6MCKitt, adj. 

BoscecEifi; adj. godlike, divine; OKUMume -Koe 

.MUAocepdie ondno.My, for God's sake have pity on 
a poor person; , - ckh, no - ckh, ado. as God 

Boa:ecTBeHHOCTb, s. /'. divine nature; divinity; 

BoatecTBeHHMfl, adj. divine, adorable; jj -HO^ 

BoaKCCTBO, s. n. divinity; ,i deity, god, goddess. 
Boxuxbca; V. n. to swear, utter oaths; o«» 
6offiHTca «« Kaolc^o.\^^ vxaty, he swears at every 

B6a:it1, adj. God's, of God, divine: heavenly: 
decmma -asba, the arm of God; -aiieio .huao- 
cmiw, by the grace of God; -acbeii no.MOUibio, 
God willing, God helping; 6^ cmpaxib -xieM-b, 
in the fear of God: — doMh, -asbe depeuv.o, hot. 
abrotanum, southern-wood: - a:ba Kopoena, lady- 
bird, lady-cow (insect). 

Boa:HUii,a, s. f. image-case. 
BoxoKt, s. m. (dim. of Bon), godling, god. 
BosHaEi), s. m. hot. grove of black elder. 
BosOBbiilr, B03i>; see BysHEHHS, BysHHa. 
Bost (Bb), lac. adv. is only used in speaking 
of sovereigns; 6^ — )iomcaaiomiu KopoAb, the lat& 

Bofl, s. m. battle, fight, fighting, combat, en- 
gagement: conflict: pyKonamnuu— , close fight: nn- 
mymiu—, cock-fight, cock-fighting, cock-match;— 
obiKOGo, bull-baiting, l)ull-fight;K(/.iff'<«6n"'— , boxing, 
boxing-bout, pugilism, boxing-match: dcsh 6oa, 
without striking a blow; eaamh ObeMi., ch 66a, 
to take by storm, take by force; oushioamh na—,. 
to challenge, champion:— c;;o7?irt, see yCofi; — v«- 
con, striking of a clock; 6apa6anHuu—, dvnm- 
\)e&t-,—pyMbH, shot, reach of a gun:— csok, ram- 
ming of piles; || eto doMz ua ca.Mo.\a Ooh), his house 
is situated on the most frequented spot, in a place 
of resort: n breakage, breaking. 

Bott-6a6a, 9. /". bold, daring, insolent woman, 

BoftKa, s. f. ramming of piles. 
BoftKitt, adj. bold, daring, forward; alert, brisk, 
dexterous, adroit, expeditious, energetical; ijpai*i*. 
vigorous, lively: || -Koe .uncmo, a very much fre- 
quented spot, a place of resort; „ rugged, rough 
(roads); \-K0, ado.—l)'. 

BottKOCTb, s. f. alertness, briskness, vivacity, 
dexterity; adroitness; j, ruggedness, roughness, une- 
venness (of the roads). 
BoiiKOTHpoBaTb, v.a. to boycott. 
BottHHi^a, s. f. fort, battery, barbacan. 
BofiHa, .s\ f. slaughter-house, butcliery; udmu- 
ua -HH), to go to the butchers; i! A'/7- slaughter, 
massacre, carnage. 

Boft^iaKi, s.m.pop. brisk man; ii quarreler. 
BoEaji-b, s.m.dim. -ajbiKKi., beaker, goblet: 
champagne-glass; ', -abHbiti, adj. 
BoKaaei^'L, s. m. naut. bumkin. 
BoKOBHa, s. f. pile of fish for drying. 
BoKOBofi, adj. lateral; of flank, collateral: -Baa 
KO.MHama, by-room, side room; -Baa unmnb, later- 
al branch: -Baa dopota, sideway, by-way; -Baa 
doe2)b, side door; -Baa mponuHKa, by-path;— a^;/"*, 
corner - tooth (of a horse);— pajpnsi, lateral in- 
cision; — nopmperm, likeness in profile, side-face: 
;; coll. nopa ua -bth), it is time to go to bed: naid. 
-Baa KaMKa, rolling. 
BoKcep-b, s. m. boxer, pugilist; prize-fighter. 
BoKCHpoBaaie, BoKcepCTBO, s. n. boxing, pu- 
gilism; prize-fighting. 

BoRCHpoBaxb, V. n. to box. 
BORCb, .^. m. boxing, pugilism. 
BoR-b, s. m. dim. Oo^oKi., side, flank; .v«}6 i:o- 
j^g^T,—^ I have a stitch in my side; wupoKie 60Ka 
.lowadu, the large flanks of a horse; cxuamumivH 


— 28 - 


no^^ OoKa onn CMnxa, to shake one's sides with 
laughing; .leowami) na OoKV, to lie on one's side; 
fig. to grow lazy; esanih koio 3a 60Ka, fig. to put 
one on the screw; xeamunib mno no dOKy, fig. to 
sell, engage, give away a thing (for debts or other 
reasons); am cm;/ c» dOKV npuneua, he is nothing 
to him, he is not even a distant relation of his; 
oindyeamhCH ceouMu 6oKaMH, to bear alone all 
the expenses; ua.HHvib -Ka, to beat to a mummy, 
to cudgel; ,1 adv. no -kjim*, on each side; nocumh 
lunaiy ct OoKy, to wear a sword at one's side; 
CB OoKT (y veto), by the side of; y nen nenen^ 
Ha "KT, her cap is all on one side; udmu Bi-, 
to go sideways; -6-, side-by-side, side-to-side; 6o- 
KOH'b; OoqKOM'B, sidewise, laterally; udmu 6o- 
KOMi; do^KOMi, to go sidewise; naut. bodily. 

BojBaHnTb; V. a. to roughen, rough-hew, rough- 

BoJiBaHEa, s. f. tech. shingled lump of ore, pig 
[of lead or iron). 

BoJiBaHHBiu, adj. of a statue, of a mould. 

BoJiBaH'B s. m. dim. - anqHRi^ - sameR'B; 
block, trunk: rough statue, idol; manikin, lay 
figure; barber's block; |1 mould, model; || block-head, 
clod-head; j mpanih a ^BaHUMt; to play dummy 
(at cards). 

BoJiBaH']&TB, v.n. see JI^ypiTt. 

BojBamcK'B; s. m. sleeve-board (of a tailor); 
jisee Bo.iBaHi. 

BojiBaiuKa, s. f. button-mould. 

BoJiBepKi, s. m. fort, bulwark; bastion. 

BojrapcKoe noiOHO^ s. n. sorgo, sorghum, 
Indian millet, Guinea-corn. 

Boji;i,a, 6oJi;i;6BHHa, see Baaia. 

B6j;:^Kipb, .see Y6Av>]i,0K'h. 

BoJiecTb, s.f. pop. see BoaisHL; Auxan — , see 
Elaxy^aa CoaisHt. 

BojevTOjiiTeabHEitt, adj. assuaging, soothing; 
med. anodyne. 

BoauroJiOBii, s. m. hot. hemlock. 

Bojh;!;!!, s. m. bolis. 

Bo.ioOaH'b; see Baa a 6a n%. 

Bojiona, s. f. excrescence, gall (on trees). 

BojoHEa, X. /". lap-dog, spaniel. 

Bojioub, s. f. sap-wood, blea; ji first rind of a 

BoJiOTHHa, s. /". marshy place; see Bojioto. 

BojoTHCTUft, «dy. marshy, l)Oggy, swampy, fenny. 

BoJioTHUK'b^ .s'. m. hot. andromeda. 

Bo.ioTHbitt, adj. of marsh, marshy, moorish, 
swamjjy, boggy; — .^(ox^, hot. bog-moss;—A://eccj, fen- 
cress: -naa ymna, fen-duck; cununa -uaH^ coal- 
mouse (bird). 

BojOTHHKi., s. m. marsh-wood. 

BoaoTO, s. n. dim. -.loxi^c, - jotc^ko, marsh, 
bog, swamp, moor, morass, fen; 2>>'oi^- <)chk''> icy.iUKi, 
cooc — xauAumh, it is a bad bird that fouls its 
own nest. 

Bo.iTanie, s. n. shaking, stirring, moving: 
jj chatting, prattling, chattering, babbling. 

BOJTllTb, fiO.lTIIJ'Tb, r»a.iTbiBaTb, V. a. to 
shake: to move, agitate; I to chat, chatter;]! to gossip; 
to babble, prattle lOf children); \\ imCHf v. r. to be 
shaken; ,| to move, bol), dangle; |j to lounge about, 

BoaTCHb; s. m. trowel, staple (of a lock). 

BojiT.iHBonTb, s.f. talkativeness, loquacity, in- 
clination to chatter. 

BojiTJiuBbiJi, adj. talkative, loquacious. 

Bo.iTOBiifl; s.f. cliat, cliattor, chit-cliat; clack. 

Bo-ixyii-b, .1.7)1. cliatterer, chatter-box; babbler; 
il addle-egg; j /Vr/. unsuccessfulness, failure. 

Bo.iTi'Ubfl, s.f chatter-box, babbler. 

BowixyiiiKa, .s, /". twirling-stick, chocolate-stick; 
II chatter-box, chatterer; babbler. 

BoJiTi; s. in. dim. Oo-ithki, bolt, peg; cnptb- 
njiJimb, aadueamb -TaMu, to bolt. 

Bojib, s.f. ache, ake, aching; ail; smart; to.ioe- 
HUH — , head-ache; med. cephalalgy; aydHan—, tooth- 
ache; II — dymeeuuH, grief, pain, suffering, affliction. 

BojibHun^a^ s. f. hospital, infirmary; lazaret; 
ll -HHUHbiit; adj. 

B6.ibH0, adv. painfully; h onem — yKO^OA^ ce6n 
naAeii/i, I pricked my finger very badly; 6a.^t^ 6y- 
de7m — , it will give you pain, it will make you 
smart; it will afflict you; .v(«w. — , it pains me, it 
ails me, it smarts me; .w«?6 o^ew* — ,umo^ I am very 
sorry for, I am grieved; cepdny — , the heart aches; 
I pop. and coll. very, much; soundly, heartily; 0H^ 
He — y.ucm, he is not very clever. 

Bo.ibH6Ji:) adj. sick, ill, unwell, diseased; CMcn- 
meAbuo — , sick to death; om OoJieH'b 3y6aMii, Jiu- 
xopadKOu, he has tooth-ache, fever; ceajiumb ct. — 
lo.iosbi, da Ha adopooyio^ to lay the fault at 
another man's door; omdymeeiio — HeAoonm, he is 
mentally afflicted, he is crazy; fig. aadibmb aa 
-Hoe .M)bcmo, to touch in the most tender point; 
y 8CHt:aio ecnib ceoe -Hoe Mncmo, every one has 
his weak point; ||s.>n. i-Hafl, s. /'. patient, sick 
man or woman, sufferer. 

Bojbuia.B'b; s.m.pop. village elder; || eldest son. 

Bojiboie, adj. (comp. of BoJibmofi), greater, 
larger; [| adv. see Boji k e. 

BoJibuiedepiJ^OBbi:^, adj. anat. tibial; - Baa 
Kocmb, tibia. 

BoJbmcroJiOBBifi, adj. macrocephalous. 

Bo.ibmBHa; s. c. pop. the eldest, the principal; 
ij authority; power. 

BojibmHHCTBO, .s. n. primacy, pre - eminence; 
il majority, plurality; no -By ^o^ocoe^, by majority 
or plurality of votes. 

BoJibiulH, adj. {comp. of Boai>moS), greater, 
larger, most important; no •■uieit nacmu, -meio 
Hacmbw, for the greatest part, for the most part; 
6'5 -uiHM'b oHU.MaHicMb, with morc attention. 

BoJbuioit; adj. great, large, long, tall, big; 
stout, grown, grown up; — lum, high rank; -maa 
dopoia, highway; — naAe^^ (na pynib), thumb; — 
iKiAeVib (na noitb), big toe; -nisia CijKea (nponuc- 
uaa), a capital letter; c^ -luuMib mpydoMz, with 
much difficulty;— ctfMmo, a great light; fig. the 
great or fashionable world, high-life; -maa mpa, 
deep play; -uiaa nacnib napoda, bulk of the people: 
cuMoe -uioe, nmo h .uoty, the utmost that I can; 
caMoe -inoe, ecAu ea deadnamb .intm, at the ut- 
most she is but twenty; caMoe -moc, ccaii amo 
iipodoAJicumnji ^ac^, it will not last at the very 
utmost more than an hour; nc ch -uiiimt.^ cz hc- 
doJbuiMiu'b; a little more than;||s. »j. the eldest, 
principal; proo. uieh iopmoKh,da caMi—,with. little 
means but one's own master. 

Bo.ibuiyxa, s. f. pop. eldest daughter. 

BoJibui'^iUiA, adj. aiigm. coll. enormous. 

B<).iif.e, (5oJ[1>, Oojbiue, adv. (comp. of Maoro), 
more, the more, any more; longer; some more: — 
moto, more tlian that; mn.MZ — , so much the more: 
mib.m — cto nyjiCHO doHmbai, he is so much the 
lUDrf to be feared; — « — , more and more: nn.sto — 
,</ na nee cMomp'to^mrbMb — aocxumaiocb t'w, the more 
1 see her, tlie more I admire her; ^tb.H^—, in7b.H7> 
xiiMi', the more the worse; .>(«/* npaaumcn — , it 
pleases me much better; ue — , no or not more, not 
any more, no longer, not any longer; but; ne — , 
KaK^, no or not more tlian; h >ic .uoty — ocma- 
oambCH, I cannot stay longer; amoto ne cyuiecmoif- 
em^ — , it is no more; ne xomume au emc.'^ unrm, 
ji—ne xony, will you have more? not any more; 
ne.HHoto — , a little more; — ecezo, above all, above 
anything; smo cdihAauo padu yduaoAbcmaijt, uc — 
moio, it was done for pleasure, nothing else; om 


29 — 


.iwoumi — Muoonucb, he likes painting best; kcikt, 
MOMHO—, as much as possible;— M^?t Menne, more 
or less, thereabouts; Kit— , hh .weM»c, neither more 
nor less. 

BoJiisneHHOCTb, s. f. sickliness, weakness, un- 

BoJi-B3HeHHHii, adj. sickly, valetudinary; puny, 
unhealthy, ailing: painful; jj -HO, ado. sickly, 

Bo.i-ii3HOBaTb, see CoSo.itBHOBaTt. 

Eoa-BSHb, s. f. illness, sickness, disease, malady; 
dijmenHaH— , mental disease, disease of mind; nad//- 
HUH—, see UaAVHifi; odph -hh, sick-bed. 

BOJ'BHic, s. n. paining, pain, aching: affliction; 

BoatCTB, pop. see Boatsni.. 

Boaixb, daJiHBaxb, v. n. to ache, ail, pain: 
// MCHH tOAoea -.iHT'b, my head aches, I have a 
head-ache: !| to be ill, be sick;— dyiuou, to be afflicted; 
to grieve, sorrow: prov. nmo y koio -jht'b, moim 
moMh u ioeopnm~o, every one thinks most about 
his own concerns. 

BoJirocb, s. m. bole. 

BoaapHHi, Bo.iai>CTBO, see BoapsHi, Bo- 


BojaiRa, .'J. /'. slough, scab. 
BoMda, s.f. bomb: HenpooueaeMuii -6aMH, bomb- 
proof; \ -6oBHfi, adj. 

BomSasea, s.f. bombasine; sec ByMasea. 
BoM6ap;i;HpHMtt, adj. bombarding. 
BoMOapAHpOBanie, s. n. -poBKa, s. f. bom- 
bardment, bombarding. 

BoM6ap;iiHpoBaTb, v. a. to bombard. 
BoMCap^HP'B, s. m. bombardier; | zool. bombar- 
dier ('fteefZeJ;,! -iipcKift, adj. ^CROe cydno, bomb- 
ketch or bomb-vessel. 

BoMOoHbepKa, s. f. box for sweets, bonboniere. 
BoMi* - fipaittceJiL, s. m. naut. royal (sail); 
tpotm—, main-top-gallant-sail. 

BoMt-GpaMcxeHtra, .<?. f. naut. royal mast, top- 

BoH;i;apHa, s.f. cooper's shed, cooper's shop: 
see Boiapua. 

BoHj^apB, s. 1)1. bushel-maker, cooper. 
BoHsa UAU BoHSt, s. m. bonze (a Buddhist 

BOHMO, s. n. bon mot, witty word; omnyemumb—, 
to fling a bon mot. 

BoHHa, s. f. a nursery-governess, bonne. 
BOHHexi, s. in. fort, bonnet. 
BOHXOH'B, .-?. in. fashionable manners, bon ton, 
good form: || -ohhmh, adj. 

BoH'b, s.m. naut. boom of a harbour; ;] bar; i| com. 
cheque, bill. 

BopaHHBaxb, see Bopohhtb. 
Bopan,HXT., s. m. min. boracite. 
Boprccb, s.m. print, bourgeois (aTiindoftype). 
Bop;i;H)p'b, s. m. border. 
Bopeii, «. m. north wind, Boreas. 
Bopenic, s.n. wrestling; see Bopi.6a. 
Bopeu,i», s.m. wrestler; athlete; ||6oi. aconite. 
Bopaofi, adj. -saa coOaxa, greyhound, hare- 
hound, harrier. 

BopsonnciiHie, s. n. ragiug way of writing; 
li scribbling; |1 short-hand, stenography. 

BopsonHcen.'b, s. m. raging writer; jj scribbler; 
;i stenographer, short-hand writer. 
BopsocTB, .s\ /". fleetness, quickness. 
Bopsutt, adj. raging; fleet, swift, quick. 
BopiiCTBiii, adj. full of folds, folded (of a dress); 
' covered with pine forests; see Bopi.. ^ 

BopMoxa, s. c. BopMoxyH-b, s. m. -xynba, s. /. 
inurmurer, mutterer, mumbler. 

BopMoxaHbc, s.n. murmuring, muttering, mum- 
bling; fig. cooing. 

BopHOxaxb, y. a. to murmur, mutter, mumble; 
fig. to coo; 0H^ -MouexT, upo ce6H, he mutters 
to himself. 

BopMOXJHBUii, adj. murmuring, muttering. 

BopMOxyHX., s. wi. A\'\\m\nQr (pigeon); \\ see Bop- 


BopHbiii, rf(?J. c/ie/«. -Haa ?:?/c.iomrt,boracicacid. 

Bo])OBHK'b, s.m. pine-musliroom. 

BopoBOJi, adj. growing in a pine forest. 

BopoBii, s. in. dim. OopoBOKi., boar, boar-pig: 
! flue (of a chimney); 1| -poBift, adj. 

BopoBHXHHa, s.f. boar's flesh. 

Bopo;i;a, s. f. dim. 6op6,^^Ka, beard, barb; ij apo- 
Hoea — , hot. calf's-foot. 

Bopo;i,aBUCXbifi[, Bopo^aBqaxufl, adj. warty, 
warted, verrucous, verrucose. 

Bopo^aBEa, s. /. dim. -^aBOiKa, wart; i -;^a. 
BOiHbifi, adj. 

Bopo;i;aBHHKX., s. m. hot. virgin's-bower. 

Bopo;i;acxHa, Bopo;^axBift, adj. long-bearded, 

Bopo;i;ai'b, s. in. pop. man with a great beard; 
,| nickname of petty shop-keepers. 

Bopo;^Ra, s. f. little barb, barbule; ;i bit (in a 
key); key-bit; — ?/ puooAoeitaw kpiohku, barb; jj dim. 
sec Bopojia. ^ 

Bopo;i;oOpeH, s. m. shaver, barber. 

Bopo;^oOpeflHHfi, adj. barbers, for shaving. 

BopoAoOpeflna, s. f. barber's shop. 

Bopo;i;6K'b, s. m. tech. puncher. 

Bop6;i;iaxHfi, adj. hot. barbated, bearded. 

Bopo3;i;a, s. f. dim. Oopos^Ka, furrow, brake: 
'1 trench. 

Bopos^^HJio, s. 11. paring-knife. 

Bopo3;i;ii.ibHHK'b, -s. m. furrow-plough. 

Bopo3;i;iixb, v.a. to furrow; to ridge; to inter- 
sect; to stripe, scratch;— .wope, to plough the sea;— 

803^yx^, to sail the air. 

B*opo3;^HHK'b, s.m. hoe, weeding-hook, weed-hook. 

Bop63;i;qaxuft, adj. furrowed; IJ striped. 
BoposaKCHic, s. n. furrowing. 
Bopona, s. f. dim. OopoHKa, harrow; i; - ho- 
BOtt, adj. ^ 

BopoHCHie, BopoHOBanie, s. n. harrowing. 
BopoHHJibni,HKTb, BopoHOBmHKt, s. m. har- 

rower. , 

BopoHHXb, BopOHOftaxb, v. a. to harrow; impart, 
p. fiopoHeHHtifi, 

BopoHHXb, 2>op. see 06opoHflTb. 

BopoHHHK'b, s. m. clods of earth and weeds 
left in harrowing. 

BopOHbCa, s.f. harrowing; il harrowing season. 

Bopoxb, see IIo6opoTi.. 

Bopoxbca, V. rec. to wrestle, struggle: to con- 
test, oppose, resist;— M3S aa ueto, to wrestle for:— 
Co koio.n, to bid God defiance:— cs nopoKOMU, to 
strive against vices;— cs, cs ^0A0^0M^, to 
struggle against wind, against hunger. 

BopxHUK-b, s. m. keeper of wild hives, bee- 
master. ^ . 

BopxHHiaHbC, BopxHHiccxBO, s.n. apiculture. 

BopxHH^axb, V. n. to keep bees. 

Bopx-b, s. m. dim. OopxHK-b, border, hem (of 
narments ); rim, border, brim (of a hat); \\ naut. 
board, side (of a ship);—o-, board and board; 
ynacmb aa — , to fall over board. 

Bopxb, s. f. hive, wild hive. 

Bopn^eBHHKT., .s\ m. hot. aconite. 

Bopn^'b, s. VI. soup with beet-root and bacon: 
\\bot. cow-parsnip. 

Bop-b, s. m. dim. dopoK-b, pine forest on sandy 

frround; prov. omb ucKpu cwp^.-fiop'b aatopaemcn, 

a spark is sufficient to kindle a great fire;||&o?^. 

panic, panic-grass; ji c/icm. \iOvon:{\pop. -pw, pU 

i folds. 


30 — 


BopB6a, s. f. wrestling, figliting, combat; strug- 
gling against, struggle, strife, contest. 

BoCHKOM-B, adv. barefoot. 

BocoBHE'B, s. in. -BHKH, ^^Z. slipper, slippers. 

Bocott; BocoHoritt, adj.^ barefooted, bareleg- 
ged; «rt Cocyw HOty, na 66cy noiy, with bare 
feet, barefooted. ^ 

BocoMura, s.c. BocoMHaEHHKt, s.m. -acHHi^a, 
s.f. coll. vagabond, beggar, poor devil; tatterde- 

BocoMwaHHiaTB, V. n. to go barefoot; to 

BocoHoacKa, s. f. barefooted person. 

BocoTa, s. f. BocoHOKbe, s. n. barefootedness. 

BocTOHi, s. in. boston; j] -OHHUft, adj. 

BoTajepi, see Baiaaepi.. 

BoxaHHBHpOBaxB, V. n. to botanize, herborize. 

BoTaHHRa^ s. f. botany. 

BoTaHHEi*, s. m. botanist, herbalist. 

BoTaHH^iecKitt, adj. botanical. 

BoxaxB, OoxHyxB, v. a. to beat; Ij to drive the 
fish in the nets;'! to stamp with the feet. 

BoxBa, s. f. leaves of beets and pot-herbs. 

BoxBHHBa, s. f. cold soup of pot-herbs with fish. 

BoxHEi, s. m. argonaut (mollusk);\\pL -kh, 
high galoshes: 11 see Boti. 

BoxHHKa, s. f. lady's boot, half-hoot. 

BoxyHi., s.m. hot. Altay leok. 

Box^opx-B, s. m. Box(j|)6pxa, s. f. -TBI p^. 
hessian boots, jack-boots. 

Boxi; s. m. dim. Ooxhei, canoe, boat, skifi', 
ship's boat; tpijaoaou—, bumboat; [| nsher's pole; 
jl beet-leaf: ji^Z. Ooxbi, coarse boots of peasants. 

Box^xB; paa-, v. n. obs. to grow corpulent, 

Boi^NaHMaxi), s. m. naut. boatswain's mate. 

Boi^MaH'B; .S-. m. naut. boatswain; H -HCKiii, adj. 

Bo'^ara, s. f. Bo^ian, s. in. a deep pool or hole 
filled with water; a deep place in a stream. 

BoiapHHiaHBe, BoiiipHaqecxBO, s. n. cooper- 
age, coopering. 

Bo^apHH^axB, v. n. to do the work of a cooper. 

Bo^apHfl; s. f. cooper's shop. 

Bo^api, s. m. cooper; jj -lapHBitt, adj. 

BoieHHXBca, Bo^HXBCfl, v. n. to bend one's 
self sideways. 

BoieHOKi., s. in. dim. 6o^eHOieK'B, barrel, 
cask, keg: li -ho^hbiK, adj. 

Bo^HCXBili; adj. broad-sided. 

BoiKa, s. f. cask, l)arrel; 6e3doHHaa—, fig. 
spendthrift; aucvoACHiiaji—, naut. fire-barrel. 

BoioKii, s.m. fioiKOM-B, adv. see Bokx. 

Bofls.iHBOCXB, s. f. timnrousnoss, timidity, fear- 

Bofl8.iuBU[tt) adj. timorous, timid, fearful; Ij —BO, 
adv.— ly. 

hoh»HenHUlifadj. caused by fear,fearful; i| -ho, 
/tdv. with fear, fearfully. 

BOHSHB, s.f. fear, dread, awe; apprehension: 
M35 -3nn, for fear. 

BoHpuui, s.m. boyard; .see BapHui. 

BoHpuxBCH, V. n. to play the great gentleman. 

BoHpHU'B, s.m. son of a boyard; sec BapHHi. 

BoHpcKiif, ailj. boyard's; .see BapciciH; i| -ckh, 
fidv. like a boyard; .see BapcKH. 

BoiipcxBO, s. n. rank of a boyard. 

Boiip'ieHOKT., s.m. little son of a boyard. 

Boiipii^HHa, .s';e BapiuHiia. 

BoHpMun, BoHpBiiUHH, see Bap una, Ba- 


BoiipuiaHHEii, s. m. hot. hawthorn, white 

BoHXF,CH, OaHBaxBOH, v.n. to fear, dread, be 
afraid of: to approliond: ne OottxocB, do not fear, 
never fear: ccmb hhkj—, there is nothing to be 

afraid about; aacmaoumb dpytuxh ceoa — , to make 
one's self be feared; prov. eoAKa — , maKi u e^ .tnci 
He xodumb, he who is afraid of leaves must not 
go into a wood; hcOocb, pop. don't fear; hcCocb 
aaioeopujii, ah, now I think you will speak. 

Bpa, s. n. sconce. 

BpaBHpoBauie, s. n. bravado. 

BpaBHpoaaxB, v. a. to brave, dare, defy. 

BpasiiccHMO, interj. bravissimo! 

BpaBO, interj. bravo! very well! 

BpaBOCXB, s. f. bravery, courage, valour. 

BpaBypHBift, adj. mus. -naa apin, bravura. 

BpaBBiti, adj. brave, brave-looking. 

Bpara, .s. f. dim. OpaSEa, country beer; mash 
of brewers; H naut. thick cable. 

Bpa^^a, see Bopoia. 

Bpa;i;o6pett, .see BopoAoSpeS. 

BpasECHHRi, .s. m. - HHi^a, s. f pop. feaster, 
reveller, drinker; ^ — HepxBaa roaoBa, death's- 
head moth. 

BpaxHiinaHBe, Bpa:KHHiecxBO, s. n. pop. 
feasting, revelling, drinking, tippling. 

BpaacHH^iaxB, v. n. pop. to feast, revel, carouse; 
to boose; to drink. 

BpaacHBitt, adj.—2nicm8opi, mash of country 

fipa3;)(a, see Bopoa^a. 

Bpa3;];u, s.f. pi. bit, bridle, curb; fig.—npa- 
eAenin, the reins of government. 

BpaEOBanie, s. n. BpaEOBEa, s. f. sorting, 
choosing (of goods); rejecting. 

BpaEOBaxB, v. a. to sort, choose; o-, aa-, to 
reject; i: part. p. OpaKOBaHHUft. 

BpaEOBin;HE'B, s. m. sorter of goods. 

BpaEOHBepcxBo, s. n. poaching. 

BpaEOHBcp'B, s. m. poacher. 

BpaEopasBO^^UBiit, adj. of divorce. 

BpaEOCoqexanie, s. n. mairiage, union, nuptials. 

BpaEi, s. m. marriage: hymen; y com. garbage, 
trash; ,1 -EOBoft, adj. belonging to garbage. 

BpaMr6p;^eHB, s.f. naut. top-rope, brail. 

BpaaiMSM'B, s. m. brahminism. 

BpaHUHi, s. m. brahmin: oKena —Ha, braminee, 
braminess; || -MHCKiii, adj. 

BpamcojiB, s. m. naut. top-sail, gallant-sail, top- 

BpaMCxeHBra, s. f. naut. top-gallant mast, top- 

BpaHj^axaucxi, s. m. coll. any bad, mixed 
drink; dmo ne ouuo, a—, it is not wine but dish- 

BpaH^^BUXxa, s. /'. naut. guard-ship, police-ship. 

BpaH^^cp-B, ,s. m. naut. fire-ship; j, -epHBifi, adj. 

BpaH;i;siaiop'B, s. m. head of the firemen. 

BpaHJ^Mayep^i, s. m. party-wall (constructed 
in case of fire). 

BpaH^^Meflcxep'B, s. m. second head of the 

BpaH;^CKyrcJIB, s. m. art. fire-ball, red-hot ball. 

BpaH;^c^oiix'B, s. in. naut. fire-engine. 

BpaneJiioOiiBBiit, BpaH0.iK)6uBBlii[, adj. liking 

BpaHc.iH)6ie, BpanoJiibCie, s. n. love of war. 

BpaneHorHBitt, adj. occasioning war. 

Bpauiina, s. f. pop. checked linen cloth. 

BpaHJkxB, 6paHHBaxB, v. a. to scald, ul)use; to 
call nanu's: to rebuke, chide; |i to reprimand, re- 
prove; ll V. n. si. to forbid; \\ -ca, v. rec. n. to quarrel, 
have a quarrel; to scold, rail. 

Bpan.iiiBocxB, BpaHiuBOCxB, s. f. love of 
scolding, a quarrelsome nature. 

BpanjiiiBiiiit, BpanqaBhiii, adj. scolding, quar- 
relsome; cbiding, grumbling. 

BpaHnojiioGuButi, adj. liking war; \\ quarrel- 


31 - 


BpaHHBitt, adj. warlike, martial; -HHe do- 
cnnxu, armameuts of war;— npuKo, war-cry: ,1 abu- 
sive, insulting, injurious; - naa pnyt,, abusive 

fipaHBifi, adj. checked (linen). 
BpaHb, s. f. abuse, chiding, scolding, revile; 
quarrel, high words; pnapaaumhCH na koio 6paHLH), 
to break out into abuses against one; prov. — ho 
eopomy ne eucuerm, words do not hurt; || war, war- 
fare; il checked linen-cloth. 

BpaHbe, s. n. pop. taking, capture. 
Bpanqyra, s. c. pop. scolder, quarrelsome per- 
son; shrew (woman). 

BpacjexBa, s. f. see Bpacaexi. 
BpacjieTi; s. m. bracelet; ]■ -THHft, adj. 
BpaconHTB, v. a. naut. to brace, brace up 
(sail-yards); to set a sail. 

Bpaconna; s. /". naut. act of bracing the yards; 
inner quarters of a yard between the shrouds. 
* Bpac-b; s. m. naut. brace, braces of a yard. 
BparauH^'b, s. m. si. nephew, brother's son. 
BpaTiiHBC, s. n. fraternization. 
BpaxaxBCH, no-, v. rec. to fraternize. 
BpaxenHKi., s. m. first cousin, cousin german. 
BpaxeHHCb, s. m. arch, free-stone of the first 

Bpaxei^'b, dim. see Bpart. 
BpaxiiHa, s. f. large pitcher or goblet. 
BpaTuniKa, s. in. dim. coll. little brother. 
Bpaxifl, .s. /'. brotherhood; fraternity, confrater- 
nity; hihl. brethren; 1| companionship, association; 
MOHatuecmeifwimfi — , friars, monks, nuns; mman—, 
beggars, poor; j .hhoio mi/mi oameu -in! here are 
many of your kind! 

BpaTHHHi., BpaxHift, adj. brother's. 
BpaxoBmHHa, s. f. confraternity, brotherhood. 
Bpaxory6ei;ij, s. m. fratricide. 
Bpax0JH)6HBBi&, adj. loving his brother, his 
neighbour. ^ 
BpaxoJH)(5ie, s. n. brotherly love. 
BpaxoyGiftcxBO, s. n. fratricide; [I -yCiftcxBCH- 
uBid, adj. 

BpaxoY6ittn,a, s. c. fratricide, murderer of his 
own brother. 

BpaxcEitt, BpaxcxBeHHBitt, adj. fraternal, 
trotherlike, brotherly; ! -ckh, no -ckh, adv. like 
a brother, fraternally. 

BpaxcxBO, s. n. brotherhood, fraternity, confra- 
ternity; I -CXBeHHHft, adj. 

BpaxcXBOBaxb, v. n. to live in brotherhood. 
BpaxqHHa, s. f. brotherhood, fraternity, con- 
fraternity; association. 

Bpaxt, .<;. m. pi. OpaxBH, brother; podnou — , 
brother; nooouHua — , natural brother; deowpod- 
umi — , cousin; mpompodHuu — , second cousin; uem- 
eepowpodHMu — , third cousin; mo.iohhuu— , foster- 
lirother; — moAbKO no omuy ujiu no .Mumepu, half- 
T)rother; npecmnue OpaxBH, the godson and the 
son of the godfather; || comrade, friend; «oc.«^i««m, — , 
bear, my friend; j] the like of; tdib ttautcMj/ fipaxy 
C5 HU.Mu msnamhCH, how can the like of you re- 
sist them; smo ite cooii — , it is not one of our kind; 
immphMu ne ceoii — , prison is not so easy to bear; 
^c.wy ca.\n uopim ne — , he defies every one. 

Bpaxx CB cecxpoft, s. m. hot. see UTt&wb-na.- 

BpaxB, CnpaxB, v. a. irr. (asp. perf. eanmi), 
to take, seize; to take hold, coassume; to receive, 
take in; to take away; — as ^o.^^^, aaau.Mbi, to 
Isovr ovr•,—np^lM'^bp^, to take example;— a* uau.Mu, 
to hire; — ffa caudmne.iu, to call to witness;— i^jjm- 
<:mynoM^^ to assault;— "ihw mioo cmopnny, to tuke 
the part of; H om 80 pom^ Huueio ne ecpex-B, he 
is a very sober man; ;; to carry, reach; dmo pyoKhe 
•iOepex-B ddAeno, this gun carries or reaches far; 

;i — Hiodbi, to pick up berries; •; to obtain, gain; 
oHo Cepexi .lecmbK), he gains, succeeds, obtains 
by means of flattery; jj to extort; toaopHmb, tmo 
om depexTb, they say he commits extortions, 
peculations; || v. imp. eio nuumo ne Oepexx, no- 
thing does aflfect him; .ki-k/? Oepexib mocna, omuoH- 
nie, I am seized with anguish, with despair;' -ca, 
;;. ^;. to be taken, seized; \\ v. n. to take upon one's 
self; to undertake; -ca aa opyMie, to take up arms; 
-ca «e 3a ceoe dtbAO, to undertake a business not 
understood; jj «e OepaxecB an amy doepb, do not 
touch this door; j v. imp. oniKyda gee dmo Oepexca' 
whence comes all this? omxyda nmo Cepexca, it 
comes as by magic. 

BpaxHrpa(I)ia, s. f. brachygraphy. 

BpaxarpatJIfB, s. m. brachygrapher. 

BpaiHUit, adj. nuptial; conjugal, connubial, 
matrimonial, spousal; -Hoe, bride-bed, nup- 
tial bod; — cow3o, union, alliance; -HOe cosKumie, 
cohabitation; -Hua yjw, the nuptial knot, the 
bonds of matrimony. 

BpamHO, s. n. si. aliment, victuals; i| - fflCH- 
HBifi, adj. 

BpamnHJB, s. m. naut. windlass, capstern. 

BpeBBH^aK-B, BpeBeHHHK'B, s. m. coll. forest 
of timber-trees. 

BpeBenqaxHtt, adj. timber, of beams. 

BpeBCQiKO, s. n. dim. see BpeBHO. 

BpeBeHHUfi, ad/.— .*)6e*, timber, strength timber. 

BpeBHO, s. n. beam, joist, balk. 

Bper-B, BperoBoft, si. see Beperi, Bepe- 

Bpe;i;eHB, s. m. drag-net, casting-net. 

Bpe;i;HXB, V. n. to be delirious; to rave; fig. to 
talk nonsense; 0H^ -x'b, he is delirious; fig. he 
is crazy, he talks nonsense; 0H^ moAbKO MyauKOu. 
u -X'B, he only raves about music; i -ca, v. imp. 
to rave; e.wy ece -xca eto neetbcma, he raves of 
his intended day and night. 

Bpe;i,HH, s. 7". P^- ravings, dreams; ; nonsense, 

Bpeji;*, s. m. delirium; frenzy; enacmb eo—, to 
grow delirious. 

Bpesraaie, s. n. the action of being squeamish 
or overnice; dislike. 

BpesraxB, BpearosaxB, v. n. to dislike, have 
aversion; \\ to be squeamish or overnice; ' to disdain. 

BpesraHBOCXB, s. f. dislike, aversion; squeam- 


BpearJiuBHff, adj. fastidious, squeamish; [i -bo, 
adv.—lj, ■w'ith aversion. 

Bpearyn-B, s. m. -hbh, s. f squeamish person. 

BpescH^l.yK'B, s.m.naut. duck, canvass, sail-duck. 

BpeacHX-B, .s. m. naut. tarpauling, tarpaulin. 

Bpeaacaaie, see BpenHanie. 

BpesasaxB, see BpemaTb. 

BpeaarHXB, v. n. -ca, v. imp. to dawn, break 
(of the day); to shine in the distance; -xca, 
aapfl -xca, it begins to dawn, the day begins to 

BpettABMMnej'B, s. m. naut. broad-pendant, 
commodore's pendant. 

BpcKBiixep'B, s. m. naut. breakwater. 

BpeR^iia, s. f. breccia (sort of marble). 

BpeJioKTb, s. m. trinket. 

BpcMCHHXB, see OfipeiieHaTb. 

BpcMa, s. n. burden, burthen, charge; jl fig. load, 

BpeHie, s. n. clay, argil; '„ mud. 

BpeHHOCXB, s. f. fragility, perishahleness; frail- 
ness, instability. 

BpeHHHft, adj. fady, fragile, perishable, frau. 

Bpeaiaaie, s. n. tinkling, rattling; jingling, 
bad execution (on the piano, on the guitar). 

BpeaqaxB, v. n. to resound: to tinkle, jingle. 


- 32 — 


rattle; denuu, -laTt e^ KapMann, money resounds 
in the pocket; i| to play badly;— ma lumaptb, to 
thrum the guitar. 

BpecTH, see Bpo;inTB. 

BpcTep^b, s. m. bully, fighter. 

BpexaHie, s. n. Bpexna, s. f. pop. yelping, 
Itarking; brawling; jj absurdities; lies. 

BpexaTb, dpexHyTb, v. n. pop. to yelp, bark; 
fig. to bawl; to lie. 

BpexyHi, s. m. -xyHBa, s. /'. pop. liar. 

Bpemb, s. f. breach; jj —damapen, breach-battery. 

Bpcn^H; V. a. si. see EepsHb. 

BpH; s. ill. Brie cheese. 

BpH^a;^a, s. f. mil. brigade: |! -ra;iiHHfl, adj. 

Bpnra;;!!!)*, s. m. brigadier; || - j^upuia, s. f. 
wife' of a brigadier; |1 -;i;HpCKifi[, adj. 

BpnraHTHHa, s. f. naut. brigantine; |l -thh- 
V.U.&, adj. 

BpHn, BpHKi, s. m. naut. brig (vessel). 

BpH;^eJib; s. m. naut. chain-moorings, sheet- 

BpHReT'b; s. m. coal-cake, coal-dust brick, 

BpHRi>, s. 'in. a half covered vehicle. 

BpHJiaiaHTt, see BpHJitaHTT.. 

BpBJibHUU. adj. for shaving. 

BpuJbHfl, s. f. barber's shop. 

BpnJibHHTU^HK'B; s. in. jeweler. 

BpnjbflHX%, s. m. brilliant, diamond; nopoH- 
Hue -TH, crown jewels; || -TOObift, adj. 

BpnxBa, s. f. razor: y neto hsuko, kuk^ — , he 
has a very sharp tongue; jj razor-bill (fish);'\\ -Ben- 
uBiJi, adj. -BeHHbitt peMCHi, razor-strap. 

BpHTBeHHHU,a, BpiiTOBHHi^a, s. /'. razor-case. 

BpHTb; 6pnBaTb, v. a. to shave; || -ca, v. r. p. 
to shave one's self, be shaved; |i par*, j?- OpaTHH. 

BpaTbC; BpHTie, .*;. n. shaving. 

BpniRa, BpbiKa, s. f. see BpHK^. 

BpioHia, s. f. hot. bryony, briony. 

BpoBacTuft, adj. with thick eye-brows. 

BpOBb, s. f. eye-brow; HaxMijpumh OpoBH, to 
frown, to knit the brows;— df/toii, arched broM'; 
He e^ — , a npHMO «* ^.^aa^, that is well hinted, that 
is the truth and nothing but the truth; |j dpoB- 
HbiJi; adj. 

Bpo;i;HJbHbi]ft, adj.— nam, fermenting-tub. 

Bpo;i;iiJibHa, s. /'. the place where the fer- 
menting-tub stands. 

Bpo;HHJ^b^^HK'b, Bpo^^oBn^BR'b^ s. m. bush- 
lieater, guide of hunters. 

Bpo;^iICTUft, adj. having several fords. 

Bpo;^HTb, GpaKHsaTb, v. n. to ramble, wan- 
der; to rove, roam about; i| to go slowly; |, to fer- 
ment, rise, work (of liquors); ^\ v. a. to drag for 

Bpo;i;HiiK'b, see EpoAGBb. 
Bpo;^na, s. f. going and coming. 
BpOA'b; s.m. ford, fordiug place; nepenpaeambCH 
Hpesh — , to cross a ford; uepenpaoumbcH uepejh 
pTbKtf a^—, to ford tlio river; prov. ue cnpovacb 
6po;^y, Hc ojucH ea oody, look before you leap. 

Bpo;i;ara, s. c. vagabond, vagrant; ji -;^aa£ara<i, 

Bpo;i,aH:HH<iaTb; v. n. to vagabondize, prowl 

fipoj^aacnifqccTBO, Bpo^^asBHaqaHbO; s. n. 
vagabondage, vagrancy, prowling. 

BpoAHuiff, adj. migratory, wandering, vaga- 
bond; ambulatory, strolling. 

BpoaceuiO; s. n. rambling; j c7tem. fermentation, 
working; fig. — yMoaz, fermentation of minds. 
BpoKaTc.ib, s. f. brocatel. 
BpoicaTi, s. m. brocade. 

KpoM7>, s. VI. chem. brome; OposiHCXbitt, Opo- 
HOBUfi, adj. 

BpoHeHocei^i, s. m. armour-bearer; armour- 
clad ship;i|20oZ. armadillo, tatouay;i|dasypus (insect). 
BpoHeHocHHMT, adj. armour-clad (ship). 
BpoHsa, s. f. bronze; I -sobhh, adj. -sOBaa 
Kpacxa, bronze colour, brown colour. 

BpoHSupoB.aHie, s. n. BpoHsapoBEa, s. f. 

BpoHsapoBaxb, BpoaaoBaxb, v. a. to bronze. 
BpoH30Bn],nKi>, s. m. bronze-maker. 
BpoaHaKi; s. m. obs. man in armour; i| armou- 
rer, gunsmith. 

BpoBHbift; adj. of armour. 
BpoHXH, BpoHxia, s. f. pi. anat. bronchiae, 
bronchia, bronchi. 

BpoHXMX'b, s. in. med. bronchitis. 
Bponxia^ibBbiii, adj. med^ bronchial, bronchic. 
BpoHH, s. f. armour, cuirass. 
BpocaJibUHi^a, s. f. flax-comb, hemp-comb. 
Bpocaaie, s. n. throwing, flinging, darting, 
casting, tossing. 

Bpocaxe^HbHUfi, BpocaabHbifi, adj. missile, 
used for casting or flinging. 

Bpocaxb, 6pacbiBaxb, Opocaxb, v. a. to throw, 
cast, fling, launch, dart, sling; 6poCHXb a3l^H^^y 
to cast, dart a look, a glance; 6pocHXb 3Jio6Huh 
esiAHdh, to cast an angry look, to look daggers 
at; — Ayuu, to dart beams; — carbrmj, to throw light; — 
Kapmu, to throw down the cards; || to leave off, 
quit, abandon; to part from, forsake, desert, re- 
nounce; om ^cuji* nbHHcmoOy he left off drink- 
ing; cm -CHJi'b MyauKy, he gave up music; OHit 
-CHJi'b ce.\tbfo, he forsook, abandoned his family; — 
cjiyoic6y, to quit an office; -Cbxe eto, eio ue y6ib- 
duMb, let him alone, you cannot convince him; 
dmo xovib 6pocb, it is nothing worth; i| — Kpoei, 
to bleed; ]] v. imp — 3^ oauoCn, eh dpootcb, to be taken 
with a cold shiver, to begin to shiver, shudder; to 
feel a thrill; || "-ca, v. r. to throw one's self; to 
leap, spring, rush; -ca ks Ho^a.^t^, to throw one's 
self at some one's feet; -ca hu mem, to throw 
one's self on the neck, throw one's arms round 
the neck of a person, fall upon a person's neck; -ca 
ua KOMbHu, to fall on the knees; 3anpb -caexca 
Ha do6umj, the animal springs upon its prey; -ca 
Ha uenpiHme.iH, to fall, rush upon the enemy; 
-ca e^ mopzoejiw, to give one's self up to trade; 
-ca do xa.HOKecmeo, toturn devotee: om -oCHJica 
unotcamb, he took to his heels, he betook himself 
to his heels, he took flight; Kjwib -ociLiacb 
eb tOAOoy, blood flew to his head: atuio -caexca o^ 
lojioay, wine flies up to the heaJ; -ca eb ijiaaa, to 
strike the eyes, to catch the eyes; dmonih aanaxh 
-caexca so hoct,, that odour gets up the nose; 
ij -ca viyda u cwda, to throw one's self or run here 
and there; Aouiadb -ociiJiacb oh cmopouy, the 
horse stepped aside, winced aside; [ v. rec. -caibca 
KaMHH.Hu, to throw stones at one another: ]; -ca, 
0. p. to be thrown away, be renounced or left off; 
^part. p. OpoiucHHUtt. 
BpocRoiHt, adv. at a throw. 
BpocHOBKa, ,s'. /'. wooden mortar (for hemp). 
BpocHyxb, V. a. to comb (hemp). 
BpoxKaM('!i)a, s. f. naut. br(uul-room (in a ship). 
BpoiiiH]>OBaiiie, s. n. BpomupoBKa, s. f. 
stitching (books). 

Bpoiuiiponaxb, v. a. to stitch (a hook). 
Bpoiub, ,s. /'. dim. rtpouiKa, brooch. 
Bpouuopa, s.f.dim. -pKa, brochure, pamphlet; 
li -|>iiMii, adj. 

lipy;^«piua(|>x'b, .<?. m. brotherhood; mimb—, to 
drink (swear) brotherhood. 

Bpy:i:Meab, see BepecK.ien.. 
Itpyjbuiii>, v. m. brouillon, rough or foul copy. 
Hpyii^^iJiUKa, s. f. hot. bulbocodium ruthe- 


— 33 — 


Bpynex^i., see BeApeHen;^. 
BpyHKpeccb, s. m. hot. cress, water-cress: || -co- 
BHfl, adj. 

BpyCKoBHii, adj. in squares, having the form 
of a brick: -KoBoe muao, soap in cakes, in bric-ks; 
}i — leoadb, joist-nail. 

BpyCKt, s. m. see M ape Ha. 
BpycHHKsi, -H^^a, s. f. hot. red bilberries; 
-HH^HMit, adj. 

BpycHHKOBKft, s. f. liquor of red bilberries. 
BpycHUUHUK'B, s. m. plant of the red bil- 
BpycoBKa, s. f. file. 
BpycoBoflf, adj. squared as a beam. 
BpycTBep-b, s. m. fort, parapet, breastwork. 
BpycMJiTHli, adj. made of squared beams. 
BpyCTb, s. m. dim. -coki, -coieKi., squared 
beam, joist, girder, plank - timber, block-wood; 
1; cake, brick (of tin, soap): |1 whetstone. 
BpvTTO, adv. com. gross weight. ^ 

BpiaaieflKa, s. f. anat. mesentery; ] -aseflHMfi, 
adj. mesenteric. 

BpH^H, s. f. pi. dim. 6pbiaKHKn, frill, ruff; 

BpiJsraJiKa, s. f. -araao, s. n. syringe, asper- 
gile, squirt. 

BpMsraHbe, s. n. sprinkling, splashing, 
gushing; spurt. 

Bptiaracb, s. m. naut. borer (^workman). 
BpwsraTb, OpuarHBaTb, OpusHyxi., v. n. to 
splash, splatter; to squirt, gush; to spirt, spurtle; 
9)110 nepo -saieT-b, this pen sputters;— ^i;/^36W, to 
dab with m\\A;—8odoi't, to spurt water; upooh 
-BHyja l<3^ nocy, the blood gushed or spurted 
from the nose; jj to run away or out; Ji -CH, v. r. rec. 
to splash one's self, splash. 

BpHBryHt, s. w. -ynba, s. /". splasher, squirter. 
BpHsri., s. m. arch, asperion (of a wall); 
ij pinking, spot, speckle, marbling; :1 -rH, pi. splash, 
sprinkle, water-dust. 
BpuKa, see BpHHKa. 

BpBiEiiHie, s. n. kick, kicking, wincing, flinging. 
BpBiEaxb; OpuKHyTb, -KaTbca, v. n. to kick, 
givi a kick. 

BpHKJUBOCTb, s. f. habit of kicking, inclina- 
tion to kick. 

BpbiKJiHBbifi, adj. in the habit of kicking, 
kicking. ^ 

EpbiKyni., s. m. -KyHba, s. f. kicker. 
BpHJiii, s. f. pi. lip (of dogji). 
Bpucb, exclamation for driving away a cat. 
Bpwaraj s.c. grumbler, growler,snarler; iJ scolder. 
BpwsrjiiiBOCTb, s. f. grumbling or snappish dis- 
position, snappishness. 

. BpiosrjiuBbiii, udj. grumbling, snappish; jj -bo, 
adv. — ly. 

BpHtarjiutt, adj. flabby; soft, shrivelled. 
BpiOBriiyTb, 0-, v. n. to become flabby, 
Bpioaryiiii, s. m. -rynba, s. f. see Bpiosra. 
Bpiosaiauio, s. n. grumbling; growling. 
Bpiosaiaxb, v. n. (na koio), to grumble, mur- 
mur at. 

BpioKaHei^i., s. m. naut. coat. 
BpioKBa, .s. f. large turnip; n -BCHKHfl, adj. 
Bpu)Kn, s. m. pi. ti-owsers. 
BpiOKTE., 8. m. naut. breeching. 
BpwHeTi., s. m. dark man, dark person; 
-HexKa, s. f. dark woman, brunette. 
BpioxaHT., s. m. -auba, s. f. big-bellied man, 

Bpioxacxuii, adj. big - bellied, abdominous, 

Bpioxaxaa, adj. pop. pregnant, with child. 
Bpioxax-fexb, 17. n. pop. to become pregnant. 

Bpioxo, s. n. belly, abdomen; maw, paunch (of 
a beast)-, ■ fig. gut; nojinoe—, bellyful; prov. hi7io 
Oi — HU no.xooKii, ece cMCAeitiz, a bellyful is a bellyful; 
y ueio na — xt lueAKh, a (ji — xii u^eAl:^, he robs 
his belly to cover his back; y -xa Htbitia ymeu, 
a hungry belly has no ears; uadxo .ie^-M?rti, — 6o- 
Auim<, opportunity makes the thief: ,pop. pregnancy. 

UpioxoBiiHa, s. f. anat. ventricle (of animals). 

BpiouiiiHa, s. f. anat. peritoneum; i| -UHHbitt, 
adj. peritonial. 

BpiooiKJi, s. m. pi. belly-pieces of furs. 

BpiouiKO, dim. see Bpwxo. 

BpioiUHOJt, adj. abdominal; anat. ventral, ven- 
tricular: li -Haa noAOcmh, abdomen; -aaa apmc- 
pin, cceliac artery. 

BpiomaxBitt, adj.—.ytbxh, fur of belly-pieces. 

BpaKaHbe, s. n. jingling, clattering, tinkling, 

Bpanaxb, 6paKHyxb, v. a. n. to clash, throw 
with a clash; to jingle; to let fall heavily or 
with noise; |1 to resound; \\ to say a thing incon- 
siderately, incautiously, inadvertently; || -ca, v. r. 
to fall heavily. 

BpaRyiUKa, see IIoSpaKymKa. 

BpaB'b, interj. tap, rap, clink, 

BpaHianie, see BpeHianie. 

Bpaauaxb, see BpeniaTb. 

Bpaii,aJio, s. n. si. all tinkling instruments. 

Bpan^tiHie, s. n. tinkling, jingling. 

Bpau,axb, v. n. to jingle, chink, clink. 

Bpauaxb, see BpanaTb. 

ByOenea.'b, s. m. little bell. 

BrOeHuxb, v. n. pop. to trumpet, divulge. 

ByOeHHHli, adj. of tabour, of tambourine. 

ByOeHUHEi., s. m. dim. of ByOeHeu*; I bot. 
Siberian iris. 

ByOenmHK'b, s. m. player on the tambourine. 

ByOcHX., s. m. tambourine; tambour, tabour; 
Ipop. indigent man; lOJio, KaKi.—, as poor as a 
church mouse; pi-ov. cAuoim OyOHbi aa topaMu, 
travellers have a privilege of lying. 

ByOanK'b, s. m. cracknel, cracker. 

ByOuuBsa, s. f. card of diamonds; il -hobhIi, 

ByOHbi, s. m. pi. diamonds (suit of cards); xo- 
dum'b ch OyOeHT., es— , to play diamonds; |li>Z. of 
By Gem.. 

ByOoHTi, .s\ m. med. bubo. 

ByOpeacHHKTb, s. m. med. nephritis. 

Byrcib, s. m. naut. hoop, iron-hoop. 

ByrJiaai., s. m. bot. bugloss. 

ByropoK-b, s. m. bot. med. tubercle; | see By- 


ByropiiixKa, s. f. med. phthisis, consumption. 

ByropiaxHfi, adj. resembling a hill; i| med. 
tubercular. , , .,, , 

Byropi, s. m. dim. CyropoK-b, -oieK-b, hillock, 
small hillock, hill, mound, heap (of sand, of snow); 
protuberance; knob. 

ByrpficxBift, ByrpoBsixHli, adj. full of hillocks. 

Byrpuxb, v. a. to raise in heaps. 

ByriunpuxTb, see ByiniipiiTT.. 

ByAapa? «• /'• <^*»*- Oy^apKaj ^ark, boat; \\ a 
bad ship. 

Hv^^AusMi., s. tn. Buddhism. 

ByAJ^iftcKifl, adj. Buddhist, Buddhistic. 

ByA^MCX'b, s. m. Buddhist. 

BvAC, conj. obs. if, in case, provided. 

BV^PHb, s. m. pi. By;i,nn, work-day, busy-day. 

ByAH-ibHUK-b, s. m. awaker; |l alarm-clock. 

ByA>i>ii>i<i>i^.'> C'<^j- wakening, rousmg. 

ByAM.ibmuK'b, s. m. waker, awaker, rouser. 

By;i,HpoBaxb, o. n. to pout. 

By^MTb, V. a. to wake, awake, wake up; to 

rouse, call up. 



34 - 


BrXKa, s. f. dim. 6jao^kh, sentry-box; \\ watch- 
house; |lno<?tf2*.>«;«avj—(3.t/»'MOi>CKaio«J/woM»/j,bathing- 
machine; || -;j;oqHHft, adj. 

By^HHiHufl, Byj^HHiUHift, adj. —deKft, working- 
day;' - Hoe 7iAambe, week-day dress. 

By;^opaaciiTb, b8-, v. a. to^ alarm, disturb, 
make uneasy; |!/>«r*. p. BafivAopaxcHHHtt. 
By;^o'IH^KT., .<;. >n. a police-soldier. 
By;^pa, s. f. hot. ground-ivy, ale-hoof; gill. 
By^TO, ByATo-Ou, conj. tliat, as if; as though; 
H cAmuaAh—oHo ifMeph, I heard that he was dead; 
om KaKii 6yji;T0 Mepmauli, he looks as though 
he were dead; s euOthA^ MumenKa. By;jiTo 6hJ 
I saw a little mouse. No, did you? om KaK'b 
6y;^T0 MCHH ne ciuuiutm, he seems not to hear 
me, as if he did not hear me.^ 

By^^yapt, s. m. boudoir; |i -apHMtt, adj. 
By;i;ymec, .s. n. By;iiymHOflTb, s. f. future, fu- 
turity; "after ages, years to come, coming ages. ^ 

By;^ymitt, adj. future;, coming, to come; -mie 
eibxa, after ages; - ^^aH .Hctiam, after life, after 
state, future he'ng: - mia opeMena, after times, 
times to come; na -mee opCMH, in future, for the 
future; ffz> - meai. MibCHV,u,, in the next month; 
\gram. «-mee opeMn, future, future tense. 
ByeKi, see By ft. 

ByepaKTb, s. »«. dim. -paiCKi, ravine; ij -pai- 
HHft; adj. 
ByepaqiiCTMit, adj. full of ravines. 
Byept, .s'. VI. naut. boyer, sloop; jj slodge with 
sails (for skating on the ica). 
ByecjoBie, s. n. si. idle talk, dotage. 
BySB;i;eHie, By^enie, s. n. wakening, rousing. 
ByaeeHHHa, .s. /". pickled pork prepared with 
vinegar and onions. 

Bysa, s. f. buza, oat-ale; ';; rock-salt. 
BysHHa, s. f. hot. elder, elder-tree; |1 -SHHHHii, 
-HOBUii, adj. -Haa moda, elder-berry. 
BysHHHHK'b, s. m. elder syrup. 
BysHiiRiv s. m. buza-brewer; sec Bysa. 
Byana, s. f. buza-brewery. 
BysyHT., s. m. common-salt (of the steppes). 
BysoeaTb, ot-, v. a. pop. to thrash, cudgel, whip. 
ByBTJifcHHK'b, s. m. hot. crepis tectorum. 
ByayHii, s. m. bay-salt, fossil-salt. 
Byft, s. m. dim. fiyeKi, naut. beacon, buoy; 
cnacameAbiiuu — , safety-beacon, life-buoy. 
ByiiBOJiHn,a, s. f. female buflfalo. 
BvttBO.Tb, .s. m. liuflFalo; jl -Bt).TOBU.e, adj. 
BVftiiocTl., .s'. /'. violence, turbulence, wildnoss, 

ByttHM, s. m. pi. naut. awning. 
ByftHbiit, ByttcTBeHUUil, adj. boisterous, tur- 
bulent, insolent, wild, impetuous, violent, vehe- 
ment;— owme/^, tempestuous, ragmg wind; -ubia 
lOAOnu, turbulent minds, boisterous lieads; — xa- 
panm^.ph, turbulent temper; | -ho, ac/y.— iy. 
Bvttpeni, s-. m. naut. buoy-rope. 
ByftCTBO, .s. n. violence, turbulence, impetuosity. 
ByftcTBOBaTb, i;. «. to rage, storm; to behave 

Byua, s. f. bugbear, bull-beggar; || s. c. an unso- 
ciable, shy fellow or person, a misanthrope. 

ByuauiEa, s. /'. dim. (iyKiuueiKa, sm^ll beetle, 

ByKBa, .s. f. letter, character; print, type; npo- 
nucuaji — , capital letter; lomnnecKaH — , black-let- 
ter; topmannaH — , guttural letter; jj Ovkbu, pi. 
letters; lettering. 

ByitHiLibHOOTb, 8. /". literalneas, literality, 

ByKRa.ibiiufi; adj. literal; verbal; m, -iioM'b,, in a literal sense; ]] ■•ho, adv. — ly, to the 

ByKBa)»nMtt, adj. alphabetic,— al. 

BycBapb, s. m. abc-book, alphabet, primer, 
BvEBeHHEitt, adj. alphabetic,— al. 
ByEBHE^a, s. f. glagolitic alphabet; H hot. betony; 
otbAaA—, primrose, cowslip; |i -BHiHtitt, adj. 
ByKBoi;i,CTBO, s. v. bookishness. 
ByKBO^iJ^'b, s. m. fig. book-worm. 
ByKexi, s. m. dim. OyKCTen,!., CyBexHK'b, 
bouquet, nosegay; jl flavour (of wine); |j -KeTHWft, 

ByBH, s. /'. si. the letter B. 

ByKHHHCT'b, s. m. dealer in old books, second- 
hand book-seller. 

BvKuui'b, s. m. hot. sea-side laurel, mirabolans. 

ByKaa, s. f. ringlet; lock; ]; -KOJibHUtt, adj. 

ByKOBHHK'b, s. w. plot oT plantation of beech- 

ByKOBEJtt, adj. beechen, beech; -iBbrtt ^Kexydt,, 
beech-mast, beech-nut. 

ByKO-iHiecKili, adj. bucolic, pastoral. 

ByKCHpHBifi, adj. towing, fit for towing; -Hoe 
cifdno, naut. tug, tow-boat;— wa^rt.codn, steam-tow- 
boat, steam-tug. 

ByKCHpoBaHie, s. n. -poBKa, s. f. towing, 
taking in tow, towage, warping. 

ByKCiipoBaTb, v. a. to tow, take in tow; to 
drag, tug, warp. 

ByKeHpt, s. m. naut. tow, tow-rope; tug; eanmh 
ua—, to take in tow. 

ByKC'b, s. m. hot. box; i; GyKCOBwtt adj. boxen: 
-Boe depeoo, box-tree, box-wood. 

ByKt, s. m. beech, beech-tree; ,1 lye, buck; jj buck- 

By^iasa, s. f. mace; |1 staff of command; Ij head 
of a stick; club. 

ByJiaBacTHKi., s. m. clavaria (mushroom). 

ByjiaBKa, s. f. dim. GyaasoiKa, pin; brooch;— , 
Hocu.MaH Ha rpydii, breast-pin; |i -.laBO^HUft, adj. 

ByJiaBOBH;i;HHft, adj. hot. clavated; clubbed. 

ByjiaBOUHHKT., s. m. pin-case; j| pin-maker. 

ByaaBiai'Mfi, adj. dotted; spotted, speckled; 
terry (velvet); -Taa vipocmh, stick with a head. 

By.iaHbift, adj. dun, light bay (horse). 

Byaaxt, s. m. steel, sword, blade; jj-THHtt, adj. 

ByJ^;^bIpb, s. m. pop. hovel. 

ByjiAMpbaHt, s. in. hot. valerian. 

Bj'JiHHb, s. m. naut. bowline. 

ByaKa, s. f. dim. Oyjoiija, a white loaf; ';|-.ioi- 
Hbiii; adj. 

ByJija, s. f. bull (of the pope). 

BvaoiHaa, ,s. f. baker's shop. 

Byao'iHHK'b, s. m. baker; jj -•HHi^a, s. f. baker's 
wife; female baker. 

ByJiTHxaxb, OyaTHXHyxb, v. a. pop. to throw 
something into the water; Ij-ca, v. r. -oa eh 
eodg, to fall into tlie water. 

Byjixhixi., abbreviation of the verb ByaxMX- 
Hyxb, -ca; 0H^ — ah aody, and there he falls into 
the water. 

By.iijra, .«. /". great cobble-stone; H club, knotty 

ByJiuxHnKi>, .<;. m. collec. cobble-stones, cob- 
stones (Used for paving); \\ ^TKHHiif adj. 

By.iiJHa, .s'. w». a jobber of flax, of cattle. 

ByJib, s. m. buhl, buhlwork (furniture orna- 
mented xvith such). 

By-ibfiyjib, s. m. gurgling. 

ByJibBiipT>,.s.j«. boulevard, public walk;i|-pHHft, 

Byjib^^on, .s. m. bull-dog. 

ByjbKaHbo, s. n. gurgling, gurgle. 

ByjibRaxb, 6yjbKHyxb, v. n. to come out with 

HyjibuuTi, .s. m. broth; — U3i loenduuhi, beef- 
tea;— «/.?s OapanuHbi, mutton-broth; KypuHbiii — , 


- 35 - 


chicken-broth:— «» uycxaxi, hard jelly; Ji -OHHHft, 


fiyMura, .s. f. paper; nanupocHUA — , cigarette- 
paper, smoking paper; o6epmoHHaH — , whity-brown 
paper, wrapping paper; npouycKHas—, blotting- 
paper; noAupoaajihua/i—, glass-paper; HomnuH — , 
nmsic-paper; Oumaa—, papier-mache; ciAeKCandpiu- 
CKaH—, royal paper; tcp6og(ui—, stamped paper; 
mopt~o -rofi, paper-trade; x-ionnnmaA—, cotton; 
j -re, pZ. papers, acts, documents, writings, deeds; 
ece exo cocmoaide eo -raxt, all his fortune is in 

ByMaroMiipaxejb, .<;. m. scribbler. 

ByMaronpo;iiaBen,'i., .v. m. stationer. 

ByMa^o^pfl;^uabHHft, adj. - naa Mdmuna, 
cotton-machine; — ^aao^^, cotton - mill or cotton- 

ByMaronpfl;^MabHH, s. f. cotton-factory, cotton- 
mill, cotton-works. 

ByMaxEa, BvMaaKenKa, .s, f. little piece or 
slip of paper: bank-note: Kiiuta 6h -K't, stitched 

ByMaxHHK'B; s. m. pocket-book. 

ByuaxHuii; adj. of paper, papered; - HBia 
denbtit, paper - money, bank-notes; — 0a6pui:aHim, 
paper-maker; -Haa (pa6puKa, paper-mill, paper- 
factory; I of cotton; - Haa npaoica, cotton - yarn; 
—Haa rnKctub, cotton-stuft". 

BywaJKOHKa, s. f. dim. disd. little piece or 
slip of paper. 

Byiiasefl, .v. /'. fustian; ij -settHUii, adj. 

BTHTOBaTt, V. n. a. to raise, excite, revolt; to 
cause a riot; to stir up; |i -ca, v. r. to rise in 
mutiny; to revolt, rebel. 

ByHTOBCKoli, adj. riotous, mutinous; [j -ckh, 
ad».— ly. 

ByHTOBmaKt, s. m. -mHn,a, s. f. rioter, rebel, 
mutineer, revolter: ij -mimifi, -mnqecKift, adj. 

ByHTi, s. in. riot, mutiny, rebellion, revolt, 
insurrection; ji com. bale, pack, bundle. 

ByHiyKOButt, adj. — moeapal^^^ obs. officer of 

ByniyKi., s. m. Turkish standard; jj staff of 
hetman; jj - 'lyaEHHfl, adj. mpexi - CyH'iyaiHHtt 
nauta, three-tailed pasha. 

Bypa, s. f. chem. borax. 

BypaBej^-B, s. m. zool. borer (worm). 

BypaBHTJE., V. a. to bore, pierce. 

BypaBjeaie, s. n. boring, piercing. 

BypaBiaTBik; adj. auger-shaped. 

BypaBi., s>. m. dim. OypaBOKX, OypuBiHKi., 
auger, borer, gimlet. 

BypaKi, s.m.dim. Gypa^oKi, a pat of beech- 
bark; ;i fire-pot, rocket (in fire-worJcs); ji beet-root. 

BypaKU, s. m. pi. beet-root: pickled beet-root; 
beet-root soup. 

BypaH'B; s. m. storm of snow. 

BypaiHHKii, s. m. hot. borage; j] -iHHKOBUtt, 
adj. -Bua pacmeHin^ hot. boragineous plants. 

BypfiOHi, s. m. coll. a rude upstart, officer of 

ByproMucxepcTBO, s. n. burgomastership. 

ByproMHCxepuia, s. f. wife of a burgomaster. 

ByproMMCTpi., s. m. burgomaster; jj - icxep- 
CKitt, adj. 

Byp^a? s. /■. muddy, bad beverage. 

Byp;^M>^■I., $.m. leathern bottle (in Caucasus): 
P -^^lOiHUft, adj. 

BypcBTjCTHnKt, s. m. bird, storm-finch. 

BypcJioMHHKi,, BypeJioM'B, s. m. windfallen 

BypcHie, s. n. boring, piercing. 

Bypxya»!a, s. f. the middle classes, trades- 

BypjEvasHLiti, (ulj. middle-class. 

BypH.ibiUHB'B; s. m. borer. 

BypHTb, V. a. to bore, pierce; to break through. 

Bypsa, 8. f. felt-cloak; I; chestnut-horse. 

BypKaJio, i'. n. dim. OypBajbi^e) sling; rattle; 
ii 6ypRa.ia) CypKa.iu, pi. pop. goggle eyes. 

fiypKaJibii^HB'ii, s. m. sliuger. 

BypKaxb, fiypKHyxb, v. a. pop. to sling, hurl; 
!: to say curtly, discontentedly. 

Bypjacb, 6'. m. workman on the barks on the 
Volga: hauler; fig. a rude fellow, clown, boor, 
clod-hopper; iJ - Jiai],Kift, adj. belonging to a 
hauler; rude; |1 -i^km, adv. as a hauler: rudely. 

BypjaieHbe, BypJia'iecxBO, s. n. haulers 
trade; || clownishness. 

BypjiaiHXb, V. n. to exercise the trade of a 
hauler, be a hauler; to behave clownishly. 

Bypaeaie, s. n. pop. blustering, turbulence. 

BypaHBOCXb, s. f. pop. turbulent or trouble- 
some disposition, storminess. 

Byp.iHBbifi, adj. tempestuous, stormy; turbu- 
lent, wild; ii -BO, rtf/u.— ly, stormily. 

BypJiuJa, 8. c. blusterer, turbulent person. 

BypJiHXb, V. a. coll. to bluster, storm. 

BypiaacBK-b, see Koti. 

BypMHCxpi, s.m. bailiff in a village; jj-CTpcKiii, 

BypMHXCKitt, adj. - CKia aepua, large pearls. 

Bypnacxwit, adj. deep-brown 

BypHO, adv. stormily. 

BypHOCXb, s. f. tempestuousness, turbulence, 
impetuosity, storminess. 

Bypaycb, s. m. burnous. 

BypHUfi, adj. stormy, tempestuous; boisterous, 
blustering, wild; -Hue enmpu, careering, stormy 
winds: - Haa noioda, stormy weather; - Haa 
ctnpacmi, impetuous, wild passion; \\ -Haa nmwua, 
storm-bird, stormy petrel. 

BypoBHXb, V. n. to bubble; ji to ferment. 

BypoBEitt, adj. boracic; see Bypa. 

BypoEUCJbifi, adj. chem. - jaa coda, borax: 
-jaa coAb, borate. 

Bypca, s. f. bursary (in a school); jj college. 

BypcjiK-b, s. m. bursar; jj -cai^Kift, -caqHBifi, 

BypyH^yK^b, s. m. zool. striped squirrel; jj -Ay- 
KOBbitt, adj. 

Bypyn-b, s. m. naut. breaker, surf; backwaves. 

Bypianie, s. n. grumbling. 

Bypuaxb, v. n. to grumble; jj pop. to ferment. 

Bypuiii, s. m. bursch, a German^ student. 

Bypt, s.m. see Bypasi; jj -poBofl, <ulj. 

Bypbifi, adj. brown, browny; jj chestnut (ho-rse); 
fallow, fawn coloured (fox); \,mi7i. — jKcitbauani, 
hog-ove;—mnatm,, boracite, brown-spar. 

Bypban-b, s. m. high grass (in the steppes). 

BypBXb, V. n. to grow gray-brown. 

Bypa, s. f. storm, tempest, hurricane; fig. com- 
motion: oKumeucKiH 6ypH, the storms of life; — 6* 
cmaKUHtb eodu, a tempest in a tea-pot. 

Byceab, s. f. bird, white stork. 

Bycnna, s.f. dim. 6ycHHKa, bead, glass-bead, 
false pearl. 

Byc6.ib, s.f. ftec KoMuaci. 

BycypMaHHXb, o-, v. a. pop. to pervert one 
to Mahometanism. 

BycypMaHCKitt, adj. pop. not orthodox; Ma- 
hometan, mussulman; jj no - cku, ado. like an 

BycypMaHCXBO, s. n. pop. state of being not 
orthodox, apostasy, Mahometanism. 

BycypMaHB, BycypMiiKHH-b, s. m. -MaHKa, 
s. f. pop. not orthodox, an apostate, a Mahometan, 

UycM, s. f. pi. beads, false pearls; see Ey- 
CHua: //>a6p)fKnumz Oycb. bead-maker. 



36 - 


ByTa^op-B s. m. theat. property - man; jl-op- 

CKitt, adj. -opcKia eemu, properties, requisites; 

Mataaum -opcKHXt eeineii, property-department. 

ByxeHb, s. m. hot. cherophyllum sylvestre. 

ByxepOpoTi., s. m. a slice of bread and butter, 


BYTepaaKt, s. m. hot. peplis. 
Bj-THTb, BM-, V. a. to fill with rubble; \\part.p. 
' ByTOHi, s. m. bud. 
ByTOHbepKa, s. f. button-hole. 
BTTopaaKiiTb, see By^opaacHTB. 
ByTop-b, s. OT.J30J?. goods and chattels, baggage. 
Byiya-b, s. m. nickname of a short, thickset 
man; chubby child. 

ByT-b, s. m. rubble, rubbish; rough stone; jj 6yT0- 
Bbitty adj. ^ 

ByTMJiKa, 3. f. dim. fiyTtiJio^Ka, bottle; CMy 
HunoveMh eununib dan -kh, he stands his couple 
of bottles very well: uodcmaeKa nod% -Ky, bottle- 
stand; pa3AU3amh 6i -kh, to pour in bottles; to 
bottle, bottle off, 

ByTWJOiHbiii, adj. bottle; -Haa muKea uau 
-jio^HHi^a, s. f. gourd, bottle-gourd, calabash. 
ByTHJib, s. f. large bottle; il -XM.ibHHtt, adj. 
By(|)a, s. f. puff. 
By^epi, s. m. rail, buffer. 
By^eTiHKi, s. VI. butler. 
BytlJexTb, s. m. sideboard; ij refreshment - room, 
refreshment-bar; ';i -XHHii, adj. 
By(I)OHa;i;a, s. f. buffoonery. 
By^OHHXb, V. n. to play the buffoon. 
By(J)6HCXB0, .'f. n. buffooning. 
By^OH-b, s. m. buffoon, jester; li -OHCKift, adj. 
By^x., s. m. meamp^ — , the bouffes. 
Byxaxb, OyxHyxb, v. a. pop. to throw with a 
clash; to bomb, pop, slap; ^^ to say something incon- 
siderately, incautiously, inadvertently; ,1 -ca, v. r. 
to fall with a slap; - ca e^ hoiu, to throw one's 
self at any one's feet. 

Byxraaxepia, s. f. com. book-keeping. 
ByxraJixep-b, s. m. book-keeper; j| -pcKift, adj. 
Byxayxb, v. n. to swell, dilate;;;«. a. see Byxaxb. 
Byxxa, s.f.naut. bay, creek, cove, bight; jj coil 
of rope; bight of a rope; — Oah Kpemoaanijt, ca- 

ByxxapMJi, .s. f. flesh-side of leather. 
Byxx:b, s. m. naut. spare-anchor, sheet-anchor. 
Byx-b, abbreviation of the verb Byxaxb; om — 
.MHtb o^ noiu, and there he is lying at my feet; 
OHi — 8^ eody, and suddenly he falls into the water. 
Byi^e<|)iiJii>, 5. m. Bucephalus. 
Byianic, s. n. humming of bees. 
Byiaxb, V. n. to hum, buzz. 
BvichIc, s. 11. filling with rubble. 
By^eaie, s. n. bucking (of linen). 
By^HJibHa, s. f. bucking-house. 
ByiHXb, V. a. to buck, steep in lye;l;ptr<. p. 

BynicBiiHle, s-. n. blustering, roaring. 
Byiueaaxb, v. n. to bellow, bluster; to storm, 
chafe; to howl: onmcjn -luyexi, the wind rages, 
howls; Mope - uiyexi., the sea roars, surges; 
■ fig. to be turbulent; to roar, squabble, storm. 
ByiucJb, s. m. bushel (measure). 
ByiUMex'b, s. m. mil. lance-bucket, standard- 

BymnpHX'b, s. m. naut. bowsprit. 
Byannxb, v. n. pop. to beliave one's self with 
turbulence, be turbulent; to 8qual)ble, storm. 

Byaii.inBiJit, ddj. turbulent, wild, outrageous; 
ij -BO, adv.—l'j. 

ByancxBo, .<?. n. turbulnnfc, wildness, violence; 

ByaHinHKT., s.m. wharf-porter, labourer. 

Byani, s. m. -aaKa, s. f. a turbulent, insolent 
person,squabbIer,noisy fellow or child; ji -HCKift,«d/. 
ByaHTb, s. m. landing-place, wharf, staple: 
II -HHuft, adj. 

Bh, Bi, sign of the conditional and subjunctive 
moods; h UMrb.l^ — , y Mens 6uao — , I should or 
would have, I should have or would have had; 
a odrbA^—, I should have dressed; » 6uA^—o^1bm^, 
I should be dressed, I should have been dressed; 
H xomtbAi — oudnmb eaxueio opuma, I should like 
to see your brother; h notbxa.^^ — a^ depeento, eau — 
noioda 6uAa xopouia, I should like to go into the 
country, if it were fine weather; cdn.iuAu—eu smo, 
ecAU—mytni 6uau oauiu podumeAU, should you do 
it, if your parents were present; fimo—HUCAyuuAoeb, 
whatever happens; umo — mo hu 6uao, be all this 
as it may or will, come what may come; umo— 
om HU toaopu.ii, say what he may, or he may say 
as he pleases, or whatsoever he can say; KaKi — 
OHU HU 6uAU 6otamu, however rich they be, or 
though they be ever so rich; nam—HU Suau ee- 
AUKU Hx^ nodamu, however great may he their 
exploits; Kmo—om uu 6u.^^, let him be who he 
will; idtb—om hu 6u.^^, wherever he is; neto—mo 
HU, cost what it will or whatever is costs, 
at any rate. 

BbiBajiocxb, s. f. experience. 
BuBajbift, adj. that happened, that befell, 
past: ii experienced, versed, skilled in; awio vcao- 
enm—, this man knows the world. 

BuBaabii^HHa, s. f. event, fact; see BuJih. 
BbiBaxb, Cbixb, V. n. imp. to be, happen; to 
exist; om ptbdno -Baex-b 6o.iem, he is seldom ill; 
dmoMy HUKOtda ne—, that can never happen; cua- 
c7nAuobi.m MHtb He—, I shall never be happy; -Bajiu 
CAynau, it chanced, it happened, there were occa- 
sions; mooKC -BSiexi ?< co mhoh, it is so with me; 
gmoto a uu.m we-Baao, it did never happen to 
him; erne ne -bjijio manoio SAOto ue.iootbKu, such 
a wicked man never existed; u edpyih eto Kani, 
ne -BJiJO, and in a moment he was away; ,i to 
frequent; to go to visit; omy Meua -Btiexx., any 
ueio ne -Baw, he visits me, but I never go to see 
him;, to take place, to be kept or held (of a 
sitting, assembly); aaendaHia -saiox^b no nnm- 
HunaMi, the meetings are held on Fridays; { -bjijio, 
formerly, used to, in former times; npeoKde n nacmo nucaAh eny, formerly I often used 
to write to him; jj xaxi hu ez vc.«2. ne, as 
if nothing were the matter; hu vymb ne -BaJio, 
not at all, not in the least. 

BhiBiuitt, adj. former, ex, late; — conepnum, 
former n'<l2t.\■,—^npeKmop^, ex-director;— meajw^)?, 

BuEi, s. m. dim. ebmoKi., bull, ox, neat; 6oii 
-KOBX, bull-baiting, bull-feast, bull-tiglit, bull- 
fighting; Msco -KJi, beef; prov. cKOAbKO ch -komt. 
HU 6umiCH, a .\to.iOKa om^ neio ne doOumbca, bray a 
fool in a mortar, he will never be the wiser; 
II arch, buttress, pier (of a bridge); \\ fort, counter- 
fort; : Omkh, pi. beeves, oxen. 

Bu.3iiHa, s. f. dim. ObiauHKa, blade of grass, 
blade; j| legend, tale. 

Br>f.iie, see Bu.iLe. 

BiJ-io, pret. of tlie verb Bhxb; .««n. smo— 
uysKHO, I wanted it; HHymh—neyna.^^, I was very 
near falling; eio mjmb-ne yduAU, he was within 
a hair's breadth of being killed; am xomn.<i7,—to- 
ooj>'imb, lie was just going to speak or was on the 
point of speaking. 

BiJ.ioii, adj. that happened, that befell; past; 
\\o^ -JiKia apeMcna, in past times, in times of yore. 

Bi>i;ib, s. f. fact, event, past occurrence; prov.— 
MOAodny He oh yKop^, one cannot reproach the 
brave for past errors. 


— 37 — 


BBiJibe^ s. M. collec. herbs, plants, vegetables: 
prov. 6biA0, da -cmx nopocAo, this is no longer of 
any use. 

Bupcb, s. f. zool. hyena. 

BucTpHHa, s. f. rapid course; ;j rap^iii. 

Bwcxpo, adv. dim. -peHbKO, -poBfiTO, rapidly, 
swiftly, quickly, nimbly; dartingly;— coo(Jprtwaw- 
uiiii, nimble-witted, quick to perceive. 

BHCTporaasbiii, adj. quick-oyed, bird-eyed. 

BucxpoKpHaHft, adj. swift-winged. 

BHCxpOHoritt, adj. fleet - foot, swift - footed, 

BHCxpoTa, s. f. rapidity, agility; swiftness; 
despatch, nimbleness, quickness; promptitude; 
— yMa, coo6paMeHiH^ readiness or sharpness of 
wit, of apprehension. 

BEiexpoxeqHUft, adj. quickly passing, tran- 

BHCxpoxoK'B, s. m. rapid, flow (of a ricer). 

BBicxpovMie, s. n. acuteness of mind, sagacity. 

BHCxpovMHEitt, adj. sharp-witted. 

BHCxptrii, adj. dim. dhicxpeHBKifi, Chicxpo- 
Baxuit, rapid, swift, nimble, quick; precipitous: 
swift-sailed (of a vessel); Ij fig. quick-witted, sa- 
gacious:— o?ho/6)hi, quick or prompt answer; -poe 
cooopajKenie, a ready apprehension. 

Buxie, s. n. being, existence, consistence; co- 
e.»ibcmHoe— , coexistence; Kumn -xia, Genesis, the 
first book of Moses; |i -xeliCKitt, adj. 

BMXHOCXb, s.f. stay, abode, sojourn; presence: 
e^—M01o o^ Hma.iiu, during my stay or abode in 

BuxoBoft, adj. representing the way of life. 

BtixonncaHie, s. n. history, record of events: 
-ieaxe.ibH£iii, adj. 

BHXoniictixeJiB, s. rn. historian. 

BbixIi; s. m. state, condition: existence; way of 
life, life; do.Hauiniu—, household, houselife; Kpccmb- 
shckIu—, peasant's condition, peasant's life; smoio 
He cjiyna.iocb na .woe.w^ Obixv, that never hap- 
pened during my life. 

Bhxb, v. n. to be, exist: to happen; to take 
place; to become: to come; — npu ue.Ho mi6ydb, to 
be at, to be present;— e&, to be in; .nooKerm—, it 
may be, may be, perhaps:— ffs cocijiohhiu, e-o cii- 
.laxi, to be able; u.Hnw miu— , tha.t will take place: 
CpaKocoHemanie uMttemh—oi Gpedy, the wedding 
comes off on Wednesday; KaKh—"^ what is to be 
done?— »o ce.ny, so be it; TnaK% u—, be it so, well 
and good, I consent to it, I grant it; 2irov. ueMy—, 
wuio He .HiiHooamh, one cannot escape one's destiny; 
efXb, there is, there are; ecxt .iii y eac^ denhtn? 
have you money? ecxb, yes, I have some; mo ecxb, 
that is, that is to say: ecxb lodi, mKz a 
eto 8u^tb^^, it is a year since I saw him; ccxb o 
ve.vo lopeeamb, padoaumbcn.' there is no reason 
to grieve, to rejoice! ccxb mame SMie .iiodu, 
umo..., there are men wicked enough to — : om 
KaK-o ecxb Huneto ue aHaeim, he knows nothing at 
all: 0H^ Krtjc* ecxb ye.loenK^, he is just like other 
men: j e.ny f)jjiOTh decmnb .iibtno, he will be ten 
years old; n Oy^y mtcanib, I shall write: aacnda- 
nie (iy;i;ex'b aaampa, the sitting will take place 
to-morrow: om Oy;^ex'b ko Mun eenepOM^^ he will 
come to me in the evening; Oy;i;ex'b au cb aacb 
amoio? will you be satisfied with it, will it be 
enough for you? will it do? 6y;i;ex'b, it will be 
enough, it will do: Oy;;b, mno Oy;i;oxi,, umo Oy- 
;^ex■b, mo Oy^^ex-b, come what may, happen what 
may, at any price; xydo c.vy 6y;tex'b aa dmo, 
6y;i;ex'b e.\iy 3a smo, he will smart for it, pay for 
it; cKoaauo, losopeno, he was told, it 
was said to him; eto^ He 6uJO, he was not 
at home; eacb emc He 6biJio na ceibmtb, you were 
not yet born, you were not yet in the world: 

Cbi.ia dypnuH noiodn, it was bad weather: umo6u 
97)1010 6oAbiue He ()! that it may never happen 
again, you dare not do it again! ic 6u.n. oh» 
maKoab, and he was off in a trice: ue mym-o-mo 
6KTJ0, HUHymb He rtbiBaao, far from it, not in 
the least, not at all; Orj.ia nu r)FJ.iu! come what 
may! happy be lucky! ue 6y;^b myim eact, nuKOtda 
6u amoto «e c.iyuH.tocb, if you had not been here 
that would not have happened: ue Oy;^yqH, with- 
out being, not being. 

Bbixbe^ .S-. n. existence: noc.Homptime na naute 
Mumbe — , see how we live. 

BbiqaMiit; Bbitiifi) adj. bullish: bull's, ox, oi- 
like;— ^.^l'?35, hot. bull's-eye, ox-eye; -Mba mpaea, 
hot. cammock;— .«3WK5, neat's tongue: -ube .w/jco, 
beef; -^ba Kooica, bull's hide. 

Bbi^OR'b; s. m. dim. bullock; cnasKu npo CtbAuto 
m-^Riif a cock and bull story; [ fish, chub, miller's- 
thumh: I, pop. Kussian dance; '.see Bukx. 

BH^nxbca, v. r. pop. to be obstinate, be 

Biranie, s. n. run, running: — e^ aanycKU, 
running in emulation. 

Biraxb, Otxaxb, OirnBaxb, v. n. to run:— 
05 aanycKU, to run in emulation of each other; 
see BaanycKH: — aa KibM^, to run after: fig. to 
dangle about, after: -xaxb co ecnxo hoio, caomh 
toAoey, to run as fast or as hard as possible; \ to 
flow, run away; to flee; to elope; to avoid; to evade, 
escape, break loose from, make one"s escape; eodu 
-aciix'b, the water flows off; -asnx'b, time 
flies away; deubiu -ryx-b lOo pyxo, fiq. money 
slips away from the hands: 6om:a -asHXi, the 
tub runs or leaks: -.xaxb \i3b miopb.ubt, to escape 
from prison; 'I -acaxb uai ayjKdbi, mil. to desert 
the regiment; ,| -aiaxb, to fade (of colours). 

B-Braxbca, v.rec. to go to rut (of animals). 

B'feraen.'b, s. m. fugitive: mil. deserter. 

Birao, adv. fluently, currently: numnmb — , to 
read fluently; superficially. 

BBFJOCXb, ''s. f. agility, rapidity. 

B-BrJHfi, adj. fugitive: fig. agile, rapid;— 
33i.iHdo, a fugitive look: — Heeo.ibuuKb, runaway 
slave: — coAdatm, soldier - deserter: mil. — lm^^, 
run:— otoHb, running fire; s. fugitive, runaway; 

B*rJiaHKa, s.f. female fugitive. 

BtroBOft, adj. for course, for racing; -Bbia 
dpoMicu, a sort of droschky (used at races). 

BtroMX,, adv. at a run, running. 

BtroMBP'b, s. m. odometer. 

BtroxHa, s. f. run, running, running about; 
running to and fro. 

BircxBO, s. n. flight, running away, escape, 
evasion: oOpamumh eo—, to turn to flight; oopa- 
mumbcit ffi— , to betake one's self to flight; ■ mt7, 
deserting, desertion. 

B^rynen.'b, s. m. tech. plummet, plumb-line, 

BtryH'b, s. m. dim. fitrvHOK-b, runner; i, muller, 
mullar (for colours); ' upper millstone, runner (iyi 
a mill). 

B'bryqiii, adj. v\mmng■.—maKe^aM^, naut. run- 
ning-rope; I fluid; j] fading ( colour). 

Btr-b, .9. m. running, course, race; KOHCKiu—, 
horse-race; cadence, cadency (of a horse);] 6umb 
e-o -raxii, to have run away or deserted. 

BtAii; «■ /'. misfortune, misery, distress: ill, ill- 
luck, harm, calamity;— .w«».' ali me! ay me! woe 
to me\—eaMo Cydeim, you shall smart for it;— , dc 
a mo.ibKo, a real calamity; kkko na -;^y, as ill- 
luck would have it, to complete the misfortune; 
na -Ay> unfortunately, unhappily: c.iymimbca na 
-;^y, to misfall; ne ee.iuna — , amn eme «e— , nmo 
3a—, there is no great harm in that; 7no-7no u—, 


— 38 


«j moMi-mo u— , aom-b mynn-mo u—, there's just 
the difficulty, there's the devil on't; om max^ no 
5'B;^aM'b u xodum-h, he carries mischief or misfor- 
tune with him, he is always mischievous; prov. 
Ktno HaKAUKaeim ^AYf morm e^^ nee u nona^em^, 
harm-watch, harm-catch; —6*^7 podurm, -^oii 
notoHHetm, one excess leads on to another or deep 
calls unto deep; ce.Hb 6'fe;^^., odum omennn, in for 
a penny, in for a pound;— «e npuxndutm odna, 
one misfortune comes on the back of another; 
it never rains, but it pours; Auxa—Hauujio, it is 
the first step that costs. 

B'BAHOCTb, s. f. poverty, indigence, penury; 
p-(,t,._Me nojMKi, poverty is no crime. 

Bt^HOTii, s. f. poverty, want, destitution; ,1 the 
poorer classes. 

B'B;i,HHit, adj. poor, indigent, needy; ij destitute, 
penurious, meager; miserable; pitiful;— oacc* na- 
poda, the poor; ;i -ho, adv. poorly, needily. 

BBAHUfi; s. tn. poor man, pauper; poor creature; 
6Z. no.ib3i/ -Hux-b, for the benefit of the poor; 
KpyoKKud.ifi c6opn na -HHXTb, poor-box; ^0M^ 
d.ia npuspnHiH -hhxt., poor-house. 
Bt^liH-BTS, V. n. to grow poor. 
Bt;i,Hara, Bt^HaKi., ,s\ m. poor fellow, poor 
man, poor creature, poor soul; pauper, miser. 
B-feAHasKsa, s. c. poor little thing, poor soul. 
B'i^^i.oBKiii, adj. dangerous, perilous; \\ not easy 
to be governed, mischievous;— we^o^/tKi, an un- 
manageable, importunate or troublesome man; jj se- 
vere, exigent. 

B'fe;^OKJ'p^Tb, V. n. coll. to hurt; to bring waste 
or harm; to play tricks. 

BtjiiOKypi., s.'m. -Ka, s. f. bringer of ill-luck, 
of waste or of harm: a person full of mischief. 

Bt^^OHOCHBifi, adj. bringing ill-luck, producing 
waste or harm. 

Bi;^CTBeHHHft, adj. calamitous, distressful, 
disastrous; fatal, sad (accident, fate); woeful; 
-HOC cocmoiiHie, a state of calamity, of misery, 
of distress; j -hho, adv.—\^. 

B-B;^CTBie, Bi;i,CTHo, .*. n. calamity, misfortune, 
distress, misery, disaster. 

Bi;tCTBOBaHie, .s. n. a state of calamity, of 
misery, of distress. 

B-Bj^CTBOBaxb, V. 71. to be in distress, in need 
B-i^acaHic, see Biranie. 
Bi^aiaTb, see Btrarb. 

B-bJiCBOit, adj. of linen thread, linen;— ^i/jeccs, 
linen-press; -Baa Kopsima, cloth-basket. 
Bi&JieRi>, s. m. zool. young seal. 
Bii.ieuia, see Bejiena. 

B-ibjeiiie, s. n. bleaching (of linen); blanching 
(of wax); whiting; ,: chem. dealbati.m (with fire). 
Bli.ieHbKift, adj. dim. see litaHH. 
BIjJiecoBaTOCTl., s. f. whitishness. 
BtJecoBaxBifl, adj. whitish. 
B'B.iftCTi., s. n». fish, roach. 
BliJiei^i., s. m. novice, probationer; lay brother; 
I, -alalia, s. /". novice, lay sister; i| OtJibuia, pi hot. 
primrose, cowslip. 

BJi.iH, s. f. pi. med. see Bifli. 
Bti.iHBiiu, s.f. whiteness, white. 
Bt>jiii.ia, .s. n. pi. white-lead; ceruse, whiting; 
MeMHyMHUH—, pearl-white: cuuHnoaua — , white- 
lead, ceruse:—, Spanish white, white 
paint; Ij -JiM.ibHiatt, adj. 

B'bJHJibiiHii,a, s.f. powder-box. 
BliaH.ibHH, .s. f. t)lanching-houso, bleacbing- 
house, bleachery, bleach-works. 

BliJHJibii^HR'i., s. m. - n^iii^a, s. f. blancher, 
bleaclior; whitewasher. 

B'b.iHTb, (>iiJiHBaTb, v.a. to wliitnn; to bleach, 
blanch; to whitewash: — xo.xam «a mpaotb, to 
grass-bleach; |1 c/iem. to dealbate (with fire);'\ -ca, 

V. r. to become white; to be whitened, be bleached: 
to use white paint; H^jrtr*. p. OtJieHMft. 

BsJiKa, s. f. dim. O^JOVKa, squirrel; i| Oxjih- 
^ifi, Oiaift, adj. 

B'l&.iKOBHHa, s. f. chem. albumen; \\ -HHbitt, adj. 

Bi^Ji6, adv. white; li cleanly, purely; |j MejscnMcami 
Ha 64.10, to write fair, copy fair, make a fair 
copy of a writing; see 4ncT0. 

B'feJIo6op6;^Hfl, adj. white-bearded. 

B-feaoOpucHtt, adj. coll. with white eye-brows 
and eye-lashes. 

Bi&Jo6pH>xitt, adj. white-bellied. 

B-fejiOBaTbift, adj. whitish, whity. 

BtjioB.iaCbift, -BOJiocbift, adj. white-haired. 

B^JiOBolif^ adj. fair copied. 

BtjioroJioBei^'b, s.m. hot. see Baxept. 

B1iJioroJi6Bnn,a, s. f. hot. eriophorum. 

BtJioroJioBHHK'b, .s. m. bat. achillea nobilis. 

BfeJorcioBuii, adj. white-headed. 

Bi^JiorpHBiiiii, adj. white-maned. 

B']kJo;i,yxKa, s.f. white-necked animal; j] -;^y»- 
qaxuiK, adj. Avhite-necked. 

B'bJiosepKa, s. f. bark on the lake Bieloozero. 

BtJiosyCHli, adj. white -toothed, with white 

Bli^iOBaJieHUtt, Bt.iOKaJHJibHK[ii, adj. red- 

BtJOKaMGHHUfl, adj. built with white stone; 
-Haa MocKea, bright Moscow. 

BtaoKonMTHHK'b, s. m. hot. officinal colt's-foot 

BtJiOK|)bi.'iHii, adj. white-winged. 
BtJiOKypufi, adj. light-haired, fair. 
B'l^JiOR'b, s. m. white (of the eye, of an egg): 

glair (of an e^t/j/ji&oi. prickly poppy; ij -jkh, pi. 
pop. disp. eyes; |i CtaoiHHfl, 6'&JiB0Bbitt, adj 
med. albugineous, glairy. ^ 


sweet sultan, centaury, bull-weed. 

B'feaodHU.bifl, adj. white-faced, fair-faced. 
B'bJiOMoftRa, s. f. laundress. 
B'&.iouopj],biA, adj. with white chanfrin. 
B'feJionauieu,T>, s. m. freeholder, free peasant. 
B'feJionoM-BCTHUtt, adj. tax-free, freehold. 
B'fe.iopHseii.'b, s. m. secular priest. 
B-feJiopyiKa, s. c. coll. lazy man or woman. 
B-feJiopuOHi^a, .s. /'. white fish of large size (to 
be found in the Volga). 

B'feaoCH-BaKHHfl, adj. snow-white, as white as 

BiiJUiTypKa, s. f. hard-wheat. 
BliJioTbJUfi, adj. white-bodied, white-skinned. 
BtJioycb, s. m. hot. mat-grass, beard-grass. 
BliJioycHfi, adj. with white moustaches. 
UbJoquHK'b, s. m. a hunter of squirrels. 
H'b.iouiBettEa, .s. f. seamstress. 
BtJioiipaa, Bt.ioapoBaa, adj. — nmeuunu, 
maize, Indian corn. 

Bt.ayra, s.f. white sturgeon; j| -yacift, adj. 
B'&.iy2BHua, s.f. flesh of white sturgeon. 
Blijyxa, .s. f. white grampus. 
BiiJuit, adj. vi\\\ti^:—Mcdandb, sea-bear, polar 
hi'.i\,v:—6oHpumHUKh, white-beam, white-tree; -Joe 
MHCO, white-meat; -aaa U36a, a peasant's house or 
hut with a cliimney; naKUAeuHuu do 6'Ii.ia, whitc- 
heated; yoKe—deub, it is high day; cpedu 6iiJia dun, 
at liigh noon, in broad day-light; npu - jiomt. 
cumntb, by day-light; na - Aoni, cenmn, in this 
world: -aaii oAbxa, vf\ntten-trcc;—mono.ib, abel- 
trce; -aaa pu6a, scaled fish; -aaa puCKa, kam- 
cliatka licrring; -« .aaa puCuna, see Btjiopu- 
(.Hua: ; blank, neat, clean, fair; -Jiue cmuxn, 
blank-vt;rse;— .tMCJni Oyjuatu, a blank sheet of 
paper: -Jiaa tpyma, blanket; -.laa iauhu, cala- 


- 89 - 


mite;— uinaun, mui. albite; -aaa Kanycma, cab- 
bage heads without their external leaves; .j free, 
tax-free; - aHe KpeomsHe, free peasants; - aoo 
dyxoeeucmeo, secular clergy; — KaMem, free-stone: 
y-jaH lopamia, momentary insanity of mind, 
delirium tremens: —pyH^^, mil. a round made 
before sunrise. 

Bt;ib, s. f. linen thread, linen yarn; || blea, sap 
(on trees)) \\ Oian, pi. mcd. whites, leucorrhoea. 

B'^^JiBe^ s. «. linen, linen clothes: cmoxoeoe— , 
table-linen:>Hoe — , bed-linen; HUMHce — , 
under-garments, nether-garments; \\ - JbCBoii, adj. 
B'i^JibMO; s. n. pi. OiJibMa, cataract, white spot 
(in the eye); fig. oht, y mchh Kam—Hci lAaay, he 
is an eye-sore to me, I cannot bear him; |1 OBabHa^ 
pi. pop. disp. eyes. 

fi'i^jbMOB'ii, s. VI. sarcocol (gum). 
B'i^JBMop'BS'B, s. m. chir. pop. cataract-knife. 
B'l^Jl^TB; V. n. to whiten, grow or get white; 
jj, V. n. to appear white; to whiten: edajiu 
Mmo-tno -a-Bexca, there appears something white 
in the distance: |j -ca, nniit. to comb (of waves). 
B^JikKitf s. m. shoal (of fish); see Pyno; ji foam, 
foaming waves: noKpueamhCH - Kaun, to foam; 
!! white ball (in balloting). 

Bi&JiaHRa, - HouKa, 6\ f. fair-faced woman; 
whitish mushroom. 

BtceHOKt, s. m. dim. (pi. CifeceHaTa), imp, 
little devil. 

B'i^CHTb, B8-, V. a. to madden, drive mad, 
drive to madness; to enrage; r, -ca, v. n. to run 
mad; to rage, storm: jpart. p. BsO'fcineHHKifi. 

B'i&CHoeaHie, s. n. demoniacal possession; Ij rage, 
fury, frenzy. 

B'^CHOBaxbiii, adj. possessed with or by the 
devil, possessed with an evil spirit; demoniac,— al. 
BtCHOBaxbca, v. p. to be possessed with the 
devil: i'| v. n. to be mad; to rage, storm. 

Bi^coBCsiJi; adj. demoniacal, diabolical, devil- 
ish; I -CKH, adv. — cally,— ly. 

B'fecoBii^nHa, s. f. diabolicalness; devilry; lii)(^j9. 
frenzy, rage. 

fHiCb, s. m. demon, devil; paacunamhcs .neA- 
KiiMi OiacoM'B, to fawn to any one, to cringe. 
B-BmeHUi^a; s. f. hot. hemlock. 
B^uicHKa, s. f. alose (fish); Caspian herring. 
B^meHCTBO; s. n. rage; madness, frenzy, fury; 
npueecmu eo— , to drive to frenzy. 

B^meHUit; adj. raging, rabid; mad, rageful; 
furious, frenzied; -aaa co6aKa, rabid or mad 
dog; "Haa euviHs, hot. belladonna, deadly night- 
shade; -Haa pu6a, see BimenKa; jj -ho, adv. 
madly, furiously. 

BioBap'b, s. m. blotting-book, blotting-pad, a 
writing pad, blotting-case. 

Biojs^xeT'b, s. m. budget; i| -XHbitt, adj. 
BiOJiJexeHb, s. m. bulletin. 
BwprcpTb, s. m. burgher, burgess, citizen;!! -pma, 
,*. f. citizeness. 

JSiopO; s. It. bureau; writing-table, desk. 
BiopoKpaxHMecKift, adj. bureaucratic. 
BwpoKpiixia, s. f. bureaucracy. 
BiopoKpaxi, s. m. -Ka, s. f. bureaucratist. 
Bwcxt, s. m. bust; liCwcxoBbifi, adj. 
Basb, *•. /". cotton cloth made in Persia and 

BaKa, BauiKa, s. c. a naughty child. 


B, s. n. the third letter of the Russian alphabet, 
anciently called endu. 

BaGHE-b, 8. m. hunt, bird-call: decoy-bird; ,1 young 

BaOuJO, s. c. hunt, lure, hawk's lure. 

Bu(iHabuilUE'b, s. m. hirer, trainer of birds. 

Ba6nxb, v. a. hunt, to lure, allure, decoy; l: to 

Ba6.3eHie, s. n. BaOua, s. f. hiring, alluring. 

BaBiiRauie, s. n. cry of the quail. 

BaBiiKaxb; BaBUKHyxb, v. n. to cry like a 

BaBMJOHCRiti, adj. -CKoe cmo.inomoopeHie, the 
Tower of Babel: fiy. disorder, confusion. 

BaBH.ioHKi, s. f. pi. guilloche; ;i disconnected 
scrawl, bad and oblique writing; nucainb—, to 
stagger (of drunken people). 

Bara, s. f. balance: jl splinter-bar (of a carriage); 
II gin, crane, handspike, lever, heaver. 

BarcMeflcxep'bj s. m. custom-house weigher. 

BarcHOypr'b, s. m. mil. baggage-train. 

BareHMoflcxepi., s. m. mil. b:tggige-master. 

BaruHi, .9. m. carriage, car (of a railicay-train); 
6niaoKHbtu—, luggage-van; naccuMiipcKiii— , pas- 
senger-carriage; moaapHuU— , goods-waggon, goods- 
van; ii -HHMii, adj. 

BarpaHRa, s. f. met. cupola, cupola furnace. 

Ba;i(HXb, V. a. to attract: to lure; see IIoBa- 
SHBaTR, IIoBaAHTb; \ -ca, V. r. see IIoBa- 

BaxcHRa, s. f. female rein-deer. 

Ba^HBaxb; -Baxbca, see BesTH, Bbcth. 

BiiacHHR7>; s. m. weigher. 

BaacHHiaHbe, s. n. assuming lofty airs, airs of 

BaxHUMaxb, v. n. to give one's self airs, assume 
airs: to look consequential, carry it high. 

Ba»CHO, ado. gravely, seriously, consequentially; 
weightily; smo d.ta .whh ouem—, it is of great 
importance to me; smo we—, that is of no conse- 
quence;— a;o^«rrtb, to walk with an air of conse- 
quence, of importance; 11 97rto—,—cdw>.m«o, j;o/j. it 
is capitally done. 

Ba»:HOCXb, s. f. importance, seriousness; jj 
gravity, consequence; considerableness; ueeciuKa—! 
gKa—! it is not of much consequence! 

BaacHHfi, adj. important, serious, grave, griev- 
ous; great; -Hoe dtbAO, an important business: dmo 
-Hoe, the affair is a serious one; smo—npo- 
cmynoKi, it is a grievous fault; i| of consequence, 
consequential, eminent; weighty; ^eAoenK^—, a man 
of consequence, of importance. 

BaHCHa, s. /. weigh-house, weigher's office. 

Baaci, s. m. mail (fitted on the top of a car- 
riage), i 

Baaa, s. /'. dim. Basoika, vase. 

BasejHH-B, s. »?. vaseline: , -hobuA, adj. 

Bafl;i;a, s. f. hot. woad, dyer's woad: pastel; 
i| -;^OBHft, adj. 

Baia, s. f. palm-branch, palm-bough. 

BaRJiHcifl, s. /■. vacancy: vacant place. 

BaRaHXHUii, adj. vacant, not occupied: in 
abeyance (of a land). 

BaRaHa,ia, see BaKancia. 

BaRa^ia, s. f. vacations, hoHdays, breaking up. 
(of schools); \ -^i6HHIJfi, adj. 

BaRca, s. f blacking: ,| -cobmA, adJ. 

BaROHXb, V. a. to black (boots). 

BaKy(|ti., s. m. property of a mosque: jl -(pHtift, 


BaRxaaaaia, s. f. bacchanals, bacchanaha; 
Ij -iiajbHuli, adj. bacchanal, bacchanalian. 

BaRxauKa, s. f. bacchant, bacchante. 

BaRXUiecKift, adj. bacchic. 

BaEU,HHa, s. f. cow-pox, vaccinia; i, vaccine matter, 
vaccine virus. 

BaRii,HHau,ia, s. f. vaccination. 

Ba.iaR^aHbe, s. n. coll slowness of work: loi- 


— 40 - 


Bajau;i;aTbCfl, npo-, v. r. coll. to work slowly; 
to dallv, loiter, lag. 

Bajxranri., s. m. fort, terre-plein, rampart. 

BaJiesEUHKit, s. m. wind-fallen wood, fallen 
trees, wood blown down; \\ -iaBHidtt, adj. -asHUtt 
AthCh, wind-fallen wood. 

BaacKt, s. m. beetle; swing-tree, whiffle, whiffle- 
tree (of a cnrringe);\\a,vm, loom (of an oar); cylin- 
der; !1 bolster (of a sofa); | priHt. roller, roll, cylin- 
der; li -.le'iHUu, adj. 

BaJCHCi^'b, s. VI. dim. -aeHunKt, a wheaten 

BaacHEa, s. f. Ba.iCHOE'B, s. m. felt boot; pi. 
-JOHRH, felt shoes, felt boots. 

BaaepiaHa^ s. f. hot. valerian: -JiepiaHOBHfi, 
(^dj. , 

BaJiexi, s. m. dim. -aeTHKi., knave (at cards). 

Baaei^i., s. m. print, roller; jj -aoHurjA, adj. 

Baa.u.K'h, s. m. dim. small cylinder; || bolster (of 
a sofaj; [^ arch, astragale, fillet; || print, roller; |1 see 

BajiiTb, BiLinBaxB, v. a. to throw down, abate; 
to blow down; to cause to fall; to overturn, upset: 
li — a~o KijHi/, to heap, heap up; |j to accumulate, put 
together, pile, stock; to lumber; j] v. n. to advance 
in crowds; to throng, crowd; uapod^ Ba;iiiTi», 
people are thronging; j| to advance slowly, approach 
(of great animals); \\ to fall, go out; cwuh maK^ m 
BajnTi; the snow falls in great flakes; du.M% 
mam u bjijiiit'B U3^ mpyou, smoke comes in thick 
clouds out of the chimney; e.Hy brjiut*, fig. he 
has a run of luck; H «rti<^. to lay on careen, to 
heave down in order to careen (a. s/wp^; ji -ca, 
V. r. to fall, throw one's self; to threaten ruin 
(of a building); to die of an epidemic; omo adauie 
BajlHTCH; this building is tottering; fig. y neio 
ece U3^ pyKh BiiJiHTCfl, he is very awkward in 
all he does, he does not succeed in his work; 
\\prov. Ha oibOuaio MaKapa u uiuiukk, -aaxca, 
an unfortunate man would be drowned in a tea- 
cup; ,'^part. p). BiiJieuHRiii. 

Ba.iKa, s. f. felling, cutting down (timber); 
careening, heaving down (a ship). 

BiUKlitj adj. tottering, crank, unsteady; easily 
upset:il-KO, adv. totteringly, unsteadily: «« maniKO, 
Hu Bn.iRO; see lIIaTKO. 

BaJiKocTb, s. f. unsteadiness, facility of being 
upset; il naut. craiikncss (of a ship). 

BaJOBoA) adj. wholesale, by wholesale;— ffjics, 
gross weight;— c>oa;o()*, gross receipts; -Boe cnacmbe, 
fig. he is very lucky. 

Ba.ioiuoHbOj 8. n. emasculation. 

Ba.iomiiTfc, V. a. to geld, castrate. 

BaaxopHa^ s. f. horn: French-horn: -xopniiifi, 

BaaxopHucxTh, .<?. m. player on the horn, hornist. 

Baayfi, -aycK'h, s. m. a mushroom (agarictis 

BaayH'x.,s. m. bowlder-stone, cobble-stone, pebble. 

Baax, s. m. dim. BaauR'B, fort, rampart, bul- 
wark; oKpyjicumi, naaoM'B; to en'-lose or surround 
with ramjjurts; \nant. wave, billow; surge, roller; 
\\mech. arbor, axle-tree, cylinder, beam, sliaft; uo- 
Aemammi~j cranked sliaft, crank-shaft: nepeda- 
mouHMil, paoipcdrbAjmwMi—j working-shaft;— a;;- 
^eHmpuKa, reversing-sliaft; I| arch, round bowti;!!, 
boltill: BaaoitfB, ado. in lump; coll. aa.rumb Bii- 
aoM'i., to come in crowds (pjeople), come in clouds 
(smoke); to put in heaps. 

Baai>ji;iuHun'b, ,•?. m. woodcock, snipe. 

BaaLCiipouaxi,, v. n. to waltz: to dance the 
waltz; 1^ .tm6nm-h—., he is fond of waltzing. 

Uaai>("i>, s. m. walti; ' BaabcoBMTi, adj. 

Baabxpiin-b, .v. m. mil. housing, saddle-cloth. 

Bnabi^oBiiHic, s. v. see IIpoBaTica. 

Baabi^OBaxb, see IlpoKaiuBaTB. 

Baabiu.HE'b, s. m. tech. paper-layer (in a pa- 

Baabfl^cHbifi, adj. massive, bulky, heavy, solid; 
jj-HO, rtrfy.— ly,— kily,— vily. 

Baapoxa, s. f. amount (of a bill of exchange). 

BaaaBKa, s. c. popi. lie-abed, lazybones. 

BaaaabHbifl^ adj. fulling; -Haa tAuna, fuller's 

BaaaabHa, s. f. fulling-mill, fullery. 

Baaaabn^HK'b; s. m. fuller; — luepcmu, felt- 

Baaaaie; s. n. rolling; kneading (paste); \ fulling 

Baaaxb; BaaiiBaxb^ v. a. to xqW-.—koio e^ cmbiy, 
to roll one in snow; j| to full (cloth); — aouAom, to 
felt; li to knead (doughy paste); '\ pop), -aaxb, ox- 
Baaaxb koio, to beat, whip, thrash; to give a good 
drubbing to any one; i| pop. to execute badly, 
negligently, carelessly: -aaii dmy nncum! hollo, 
go on with this songlji^w^. to run or drive at 
full speed; -aafi oo ecn .nonamK%i! tear along! 
sweep along! go at full speed! ij -ca, v. r. to 
roll, be rolled; to lie, wallow; -ca «« noAy, to 
roll or lie on the floor; -ca e^ tpnaa, to wallow 
in the mire; -ca o^ nocmcAU, to lie or stay in 
bed sluggishly; eob eio eetu,u - awxca ua no Ay, 
all his things are scattered on the floor; || to lie 
in neglect, be neglected; dmo 6ydem% dapo.v~o -ca, 
it will be neglected, will be of no use; amo -aexca 
as nuAU, it is lying in dust; -ca e^ no^ax^, to 
lie at one's feet; 1| pxirt. p. BaaaHbiii; -hhc 
canotu, felt-shoes or boots. 

Baiuif, pron. pi. (instrum. case of Bh), by you, 
with you; you; om cnacem—, he is saved by you: 
n doooAcm—, I am pleased with you; Hmo Cb—'^ 
what have you got? what ails you? 

BaHnupi), s. m. vampire, vampire-bat. 

BaM'b, pron. pi. (da,t. of Bm), for you, you, to 
you; om npucAaA^ nodapnu Mun w— , he sent pres- 
ents for me and for you; }i ^a^^—, I gave you: — 
lie uy^KHO 3Ha7nb, you need not know; mcneph— 
xodumb, now it is your turn to play; nyoicno no- 
3a6omumbGM — , it is your duty to care about it; 
CKOAbKO — .iiimb? how old are you? npedannuu — , 
yours truly. 

ViAiikxh, s. in. vanadium (metal); \\ mmi^OBuik, 

BaH^^aaHSMi), s. m. vandalism. 

BaHji^aa'B,. s. m. vandal. 

Banuab, s. f. hot. vanilla; j} -abHUli, adj. 

BauHa, .S-. f. dim. BJiHHOUKa, bath, batli-house; 
II bathing-tub; cistern; ,, BJiHnH, pd. bathing-rooms: 
ij BiiHHbiii, adj. -Haa KO.Muama, bath-room. 

BanxTj-KaoxHir, s. f. pi. naut. trucks of the 

BaHX-b-iiyxeiJciJ, s. f. pi. mmt. chain-plates. 

BaHXM, .s. m. pi. nant. shrouds. 

BaubKa, .s. m. (dim. of Tlmtm), nickname given to 
bad slodge-driv(!rs. 

Bani, s. m. red chalk, ruddle; reddle; || colouring 

BapiiKca, s. c. coll. scribltler, scrawler. 

BapaRcaxb, v. n. coll. to scribble, scrawl. 

BapiiRvma, s. f. dim. -RyiURa, bird., blue- 
throatod warbltir. 

BapBa]>('Rin, adj. barbarous; inhuman; cruel: 
;1 -CRii, arZw. — ly. 

BiipBapcxHo, .S-. JJ. barbarity: l| cruelty. 

BtipBapcTBonaxb, v. n. to behave barltarously. 

Bajmap'i.j.s.w. barbarian; barltarous man. 

Bapraiiiixb, v. n. pop. to make a noise; || to 
play on tlie Jew's harp; j| to play badly; to jingle, 

.J ^ !'• 

KapritiiTi, .9. m. pop. Jew's liarp. 


— 41 — 


Bap^^oBiiTB, V. a. to assay (metals). 
BapcBO, see Bap HBO. 

Bapera, s. f. dim. BapexKa, worsted mitten. 
Bapenen,-!., s. m. baked and fermented cream. 
BapeHHKH, s. m. pi curd-dumplings. 
Bapenic, s. n. boiling, coction; cooking, dres- 
sing (of food); li — MCiydiux, digestion; ;; brewing 
( heer). 
BapeHvxa, s. f. mulled wine. 
BapeHBe, .s. n. jam, preserves; preserved fruit. 
Bap HBO, s. n. broth, soup, pottage. 
BapiiKusuMui; adj. anat. varicose. 
BapiiTb, BapuBaxb, CBapnxb, v. n. to boil, 
cook: to dress (food); Ho brew (heer);lio digest 
(of the stomach); \\v. n. to scorch, burn (of the sun); 
11 -ca, V. p. to boil, be boiled, be concocted, be 
digested; cauoku CBapiLiHCb, the cream is turned 
or curdled on the fire; jjnr*. />. BapcHMft, boiled, 

BapiaHT-b, s. m. different reading, explanation 
(of a text), variation. 
Bapiau,la, s. /'. math. ast. mus. variation. 
BapiiipoBaTb, v. a. to vary, make variations 
on; to diversify. 

Bapsa, s. f. boiling, cooking; dressing (food); 
brewing (beer). 

BapHaKi, s. m. convict (in Siberia). 
BapHHn,a, Bapna, s. /". boilery; brewery; \ Bap- 
uu^HBiJt; adj. 
BapHUfi, adj. boiling, fit for boiling. 
BapoBiiKt, s. m. hand-leather (of a shoe-maker). 
BapoBHHa, s. f. waxed thread; tarred rope; 
-BHHHbiii, adj. 
BappaHTt, ,s-. m. com. custom-house licence; 
dock-warrant; jl -thmA, adj. 

Bapt, s. m. boiling water; \\ resin, rosin; ij pitch, 
shoe-maker's wax; jj si. scorching heat (of the sun). 
Bapa, s. f. dim. B.apbKa, brewing; Jl mash-tub. 
BacHjeK-b, s. m. dim. - jeqeKi., corn-flower, 
blue-bottle; - abKOBMfl, adj. light blue; blue- 
bottle col ured. 

BacnjiucK'bj *•. m. zool. basilisk. 
BacnaiiCHHK'b, s. m. hot. meadow-rue. 
BacHC,Haci., s. m. see $opTKa. 
Baccaa'b,.<^. Hi. vassal; j -subHHtt, -ajibCKitt,adj. 
Bacca.ibCTBO, s. n. vassalage. 
Bacb (accus. gen. of the pron. Bh), you; 6Aa- 
todapw—, I thank you; h amojiw—, I love you; 
amo djin—, it is for you; .hu loeopa.iii o—, we 
spoke about you or of you; meneph Mun iie do—, 
now I have no time to think about you. 
BaTa, .s. ;'. wadding; cotton. 
BaTara, &•. f. band, gang, company; jj fishing 

BaxaacHTBCa, v. r. pop. to enter into a company 
or gang. 
BaxaacHbiii, adj. of a society; ji numerous. 
BaTepOsiKUixari., s. m. naut. water-backstay. 
BaxepBcttcb, s. m. naut. water-way. 
BaxepBjMiiHr'b, s. m. naut. water-gammoning. 
BaxepK.i03ex:b, s. m. water-closet; j -XHiJti, adj. 
BaxepaHHia, s. f. naut. water-line; :; -ueftHUtt, 
adj. ^ 

Baxepnaci., s. m. level (math.instr.);l -aCHUtt, 

BaxepupviJ)!., s. m. waterproof. 
Baxepmaaur'b, s. m. naut. leather-hose. 
Baxepmxar'b, s. m. naut. bob-stay; water-stay. 
BaxHsaH'b, s. m. Vatican; j -HCKift, adj. 
BaxHbiJt, BaxoiHbift, adj. wadded. 
BaxpyiUKa, s. f dim.. - mc^Ka, curd-cake; 
il -nieiHHft, adj. 

Baxi., s. m. fish, sort of skate. 
Ba()f»eabHima, s. f. waffle-iron; , wafer-maker, 

Bii^JH) s. f. wafer, waffle; -$eabHUli, adj. 
-i|)eJBHaH docKa, waffle-iron. 

BaxjaKi) s. m. pop. hump, lump; i blockhead. 

BaxjaiKa, s. f. pop. a vulgar woman, a fish-fag. 

BaxJiaaic, s. n. botch, bungle. 

Baxjaxb, v. a. pop. to bungle, botch. 

BaxMHCxp*, s. m. mil. quarter-master; cmap- 
miu — , serjeant-major; :; -cxpcKili, adj. 

Baxaa, s. f. fish, haddock. 

Baxxa, s. f. naut. watch; — Oo Mopn, the sea- 
watch; nepma — , the starboard watch; omopan — , 
the larboard watch; cmomnh na -xli, to be upon 
watch; nocmaeumb na -xy, to set watch; || — xpn- 
jiHCXHaa, bot. marsh -trefoil, bog-bean; jj -xeH- 
HuHf adj. 

Baxxepi, s. m. store-keeper; [ -epcKitt, adj. 

Baxxnapaji,*, s. m. mil. parade. 

Banirepji;*, s. m. met. huddle. 

BauiXi; adj. m. and pron. poss. (/". BJiuia, n. 
Bauie), your; yours;— do.«a, your house; amo Baine, 
this is yours; H—noKopnuu CMjia, I am your obe- 
dient servant or I am yours; eoAH saiua, as you 
please: Bame Bucouecmoo, Your Highness; no 
BameMy, in your manner, after your own way, 
acccording to your wish, after your meaning; 6umi> 
no BauieBiy, let it be or may it be as you wish. 

BaaJio, s. n. chisel, graver. 

BaaJibHbitt, adj. sculptural, of sculpture; -naa 
pa6oma, chisel-work. 

Baanie, s. n. sculpture; carving: statuary. 

BaaxeJtb, s. m. sculptor, carver. 

BaaxeJibHHft, adj. sculptural, sculpturesque; 
-HOC ucnyccmao, sculpture. 

Baaxb (pres. Baaio), v. a. to sculpture, chisel. 

BOHBaaie; 6\ n. BOiiBKa, *. f. beating in, 
driving in. 

BCuBaxb, BGuxb (fut. Bo6bi«), v. a. to beat 
in, into; to drive in, into (a nail); \\to knock in, 
into: il —ceau, to pile; ' fig. to inculcate, impress 
(on the mind); smoio ue Bo6beiub e^ lOAoey, 
one cannot beat that into his head; : -ca, v. p. 
to be beaten or driven \n\'\\part. p bOuxmA. 

Bfinpanie, .s. n. taking in, absorbing. 

BCnpaxb, Bofipaxb (fut. Boepy), v. a. to soak 
up, suck up, in, down; to sup up, absorb, drink 
in, imbibe: to take in\—a^ ce6H eoadgxh, to inhale 
air, draw breath; H -ca, v. r. to introduce one's 
self, find one's way into; to get in; jj to be imbibed, 
be sucked up, be soaked; ^xtr*. p. BoCpanHUfi. 

B0JH3H, adv. near, in the vicinity, in the 
neighbourhood, in proximity. 

BfipacwBaaie, s. n. throwing in. 

BdpaCHBaxb, BOpocuxb, v. a. to fling in, throw 
in; to cast in, up: to dart in; to hurl, sling; j| -oa, 
V. p. r. to be throAvn in: to rush in, dart in; ^part. p. 


BOpw.'JriiBaxb, B6pwBHyxb, v. a. to sprinkle 
in, inject: II ^wr^ p. BOphiBnyxbift. 

BOiranie, s. n. running in; precipitate entrance. 

BObraxb, Bfifeaiaxb, v. n. to run in, into. 

BBiiaiHBaxb, see Bboahti. h Bboshti,. 

BBajiiiBaxb, BBaJiixb, v. a. to tumble in, 
throw in; |j -ca, v. r. to fall in, roll in: to pre- 
cipitate; -JiH.iacb uihAaH moAna, a whole crowd 
rushed in: y ueio laaaa -.aiiJHCb, his eyes are 
sunk in his heiiA;jpart. p. BBa.ieHiiHtt. 

BBo;i;eHie, s. n. leading in, introducing: ji intro- 
duction (in a book); \— 00 xpa.\ro, Presentation of 
the blessed Virgin; j, -j(eHCKili, adj. b.donging to 
the feast or concerning the feast of the Presen- 

BBCseHio, s. n. see Bbo3ks, Bbo31. 

Bbosxh, see BBOSHTb. 

BBcpraxb, BBcpruyxb, v. n. to throw in, cast 
in, precipitate: -ca, o. r. to throw or to cast one's 




self in; to fall (into poverty, misfortune); -rtiTBCH 
e^ notu6eA.b, ^to hasten to one's ruin, to go to ruin; 
ij part. p. BBeprHyxHft « BBepaceHBifl. 

BaepTEa, s. f. screwing in; jj -pTHuft, adj. that 
can be screwed in. 

BsepTHBaHie, s.n. see BBepTKa. ^ 

BsepTUBaxb^ BBep^HBaxb, BBepT^Tb, BBep- 
HVTB, V. a. to twist in, turn in, screw in; fig. 
-kyxb KptoMOKh, to play one a chicane; -nyxb 
CA08U0, to slip in a word; j] -ca, v. r. to turn in, 
be turned in; to go in;i|to come unawares; ||j3art. 
p. BBepnyxHft. 

BBepxy, Baepxt, adv. up, above, over, upstairs, 
at the top of; upward, upwards; on the upper 
floor; aloft; on high; am iHcuaetm 8^ smo.uh amaoKtb, 
a A BBopxy, he occupies this floor, and I lodge 
above; mo BBepxi, via ohusi, now up, now down; 
CMomprbmh, cmpthjiavib BBepxi>, to look up, shoot 
up; eio KO.MHama BBepxy, his room is upstairs, 
on tlie upper floor; noudeMtne BBepxTb (no .Mbcm- 
HUHtb), come upstairs; nanuiuume amo BBepxy 
cmpammu, write that at the top of the page; dmo 
n.\am%e BBopxy luupoKo, this dress is too wide 
in the upper part or above; njiunib BsepxTb no 
ptbKn, to go up the river; BBepxy u oHusy, BBepxii 
H eHioh, upwards and downwards, up and down; 
BBepxii dH0M7,, bottom upwards, topsy - turvy; 
BBcpxi> Hota.HU, upside down; om cmourm BBepxT. 
HOia.HU, he stands on his head; nojiemnmh BBcpxi. 
mop.uatuKa.HU, see TopManiKH. 

BaecxH, see Bboahtb. 

BBe^epy, ado. in the evening, towards evening. 

BBHBaxb, BBHXf> (fut. BOBBH)), V. a. to intwiue, 
interlace, interweave, twine in; |j -ca, v. p. to 
be interlaced, be interwoven; Jl^J^r^ p. BBHXufl. 

BBHBBa, s. f. BRHBaHie, s. n. intwining, 

Bbhbho^, BBHBOiHHtt, adj. for intwining, 
to be intwisted. 

BBUii^HBauie, *•. n. screwing in. 

BBUHqiiBaxb, BBHHXMXb, V. a. to screw in; 
; -ca, V. p. to be screwed iB;\\part. p>. BBBH^ieH- 


BBo;^HXb, BBecxu uj,u bbccxb, BBaxHBaxb, 

V. a. to lead in, into; to introduce, show in, usher, 
usher in; to bring in, induce, carry in, into; bbc- 
CXH Koto 6^ doMn, to introducc one to a family; 
BBCCXH Oh ynompeS-ienic, to bring into vogue, into 
use, come into fashion; — ffs doMu, to lead into 
debt; bbccxh 3n pyr.y, to hand in, into; u we 
BBe;^H nam, 00 iieKyiueHte, hibl. and lead us not 
into temptation; - ;^HXb uh 3a6AyoKdenie, to lead 
into error, to put a person on a wrong scent; — 
e^ oOMum, to delude; bbccxh 87, uadepowKU, 
to put to expense; bbccxh koio at, doAOKiiocmb, 
to install one in tlie office; bbccxh or, dmu- 
cmeie aaKom, to put a law in force; bbccxh koio 
eo 8Aadnnie n^h.u^, to put one in possession of; eio 
BBCJiH on oAadibiiie, lie took possession: bbccxh 
a^ yfiuniKii, to hit one undergo or sustain losses; 
[\prov. ue KMidu, 8opa 8i tpnx7> ne bbo;^h, 
opportunity makes the thief; ji -ca, v. p. to be led 
in, be introduced; to get into vogue; j| par^. p. 
BBe;i(eHH uit. 

BB6;^Hriift, adj. inserted; |j interpolated; H quoted; 
stated, alleged; cited; - uoe npedAooKeme, yram. 
incidental proposition; -HUC auaKU, signs of quo- 
tation, invert(Hl commas. 

Bbo^'i., s. m. introduction; jj insertion; — no oau- 
dthHie, taking possession. 

Bbobhxb, BBeaxii, v. a. to import, ])ring in 
(goods); i^to carry in; ,1 -ca, v. p. to be imported, 
be brought in, be carried in; (i part. p. BBCSeHUMit. 

BBU8Ka, s. f. ItB03T>, s. m. com. importation, 
importing (Df goods); carrying in. 

BBOBHOe, adj. s. n. entry-duties; import-duties, 

BBOSHbitt, adj. imported; carried in; - naa 
nouiAuna, entry-duties, import-duty, import. 

BsoJiaRHBaxb, -Jioqaxb, v. a. to drag in. 
train in. 

Bbojio, adv. pop. at will, at pleasure; see 

BBopa^HBaxb, BBopoxHXb, V. a. to turn in. 
BbIiRIi, see BouiKT.. 
BBtpenie, s. n. intrusting, confiding. 
Bfliipaxi., BB'ispHXb, v. a. (noMy ntno), to intrust 
any one with, intrust any thing to any one, to 
confide, trust to, commit to the charge of; to put 
a person in trust of any thing; to put any thing 
into the hands of; /» -pnat eny eocnumanie mo- 
uxh dtbmeu, I intrusted him with the education 
of my children; jl - ca, v.p.r. to be intrusted; to 
confide in, to trust; oH^ e.ny - pHJica eo ecen^, 
he relied on him or he confided in him entirely; 
I! part. p. BBipcHHHft; -hbic moeaptt, goods in 
trust, deposit. 

BBHSBiBanie, s. n. knitting in. 
BBasuBaxb, BBasaxb, v. a. to knit in; to tie 
in; il to implicate, involve; to engage, force into; 
to draw into, entangle; eto -saJiH e» amo, 
they implicated or involved him in this busi- 
ness; il - ca, V. p. to be knitted, be tied in; i| v. r. 
to interfere; to meddle, intermeddle; ne -Baftxecb 
ne eh coou dnAa, do not meddle with other 
peoples affairs; iii^ari. p. BBasannbiJt. 

BxHOauie, s. n. bending in or inwards, incur- 

BrnCaxb, Boruyxb, v. a. to bend in, bend 
inside; to incurve, incurvate. 
BxHd'b, s. m. a bend inwards. 
BrayOaaxbca, -CHXbca, v.r. see YrjiyCflflTi.- 
Cfl, — CuThca. 

BrJiy6b, adv. deeply, profoundly. 
BrJiaAHBaxbca, -ABXbca, v. n. to look stead- 
fastly at one; to stare; to examine; to observe; 
H7b.ut 6o.ine -Baiocb ea neio, mtbMT, 6o.%ne.... the 
more I observe him, the more.... 

Brnexaxb, -ccxh, v. a. to push, press in. 
B^H'feB;^HXbca, v. r. to take root in. 
Bronaxb, Boraaxb (fut. bfohh)), v. a. to 
drive in, into; Bornaxb sa ipo6o, to bring down 
to the grave; Bornaxb 07, Haxomny, to lead to 
consumption; med. Borniixb enympb (6o.in3nh), 
to drive back or repel (the disease); Boraaji'b 
om MHib dmo OS Konnuny, he made me pay dearly 
for it; odna aap/i BroHHXii, a dpyian euiouumo, 
never at home; ij/xiri. p. BorHanHMft. 
BroH-b, .9. m. BroHKa, s. f. driving in. 
BrpeOaxb, BrpccxH, v. a. to rake in. 
Brpyacaxb, -y3HXb, v. a. to load, freight. 
B;^aBaxb, v. a. -ca, v. r. to give one's self up to; 
to submit one's self, addict one's self; to devote 
one's self to, give one's mind to; -ca Oh u>py, to 
give one's self up to gambling; - ca ei naoojic- 
Hocvib, to give on(''s mind to devotion; ne -Bafl- 
xecb 0* cnopu, don't enter into disputes; -ca e;. 
paaapaim, to plunge into debaucliery; - ca e)> 
()6MaH7,, to be imposed upon, be cheated, be de- 
luded; ;| to project, stand out; to r ommunioate with; 
to give into; muci, dmotm da.teno B;^aexca ot, .nope, 
that promontory stands out a long way into the sea. 
lt;];aRJic>Hic, B;^anjHBaHic, s. n. impression, 
dcjircssion; (jncavation. 

B;^)iBjiHBaxb, B,a.aBHXb, v. a. to crush in, press 
in; I -ca, v. p. to \w crushed, be pressed, be bent 
in;\\part. p. B;i;aBJicHHiJft. 

B;^aBni>, adv. of old, formerly. 
lifl,iiA(t.ianiiH\o.f s. n. inculcation. 
BAaaO-HHRaxb, B^^o.iOuxb, v. a. to work in witli 


43 - 


the chisel: to knock in >?ith;||to mortise, hollow 
out; li fig.—6^ lOAoey, to drive into the head, to make 
one understand; ;[ -ca, v. p. to he worked in with 
the chisel, be heaten into; , jjar*. p. B;ii6a6.ieHHMfl. 
Bxa<ieK'B; Bxa-iiH) ado. far, a great way off, 
distantly, far off, afar off, at a remote distance; 
jicunib—omh cewma, to live far from the world. 

B^aJB, adv. a great way off, at a distance; 

afar; ynxanib—, to go far off, go a great way off. 

BXBHrnuio, s. n. moving in, pushing in. 

B^BHraTb, Bj^BMHyTb, V. a. to move to, push 

in, into; | -ca, v. r. to move in, be pushed in; to 

go in, enter, I part. p. B^BHHVTHfl. 

B;^BH:sHoii; «'(/'. that may he moved in or 
pushed in:—ftin,uK'o, drawer. 

Bj^Boe, adv. double, doubly; twice, twice as 
much, twofold; oHi—anapiue en, he is double her 
age; aanAamunib — npoiuuei cmouMocmn, to pay 
double the value; n.tamumh—, to pay double, pay 
twice as much; CKAadbieanib—, to fold in two, to 

B;i;BoeM'J., adv. two together, two. 
B^i^BoitH'B, adv. doubly, twofold; twice as much; 
eudibvib umo—, to see double; aan.iamumb—^ to 
pay double. 

B^CBaTcpo, adv. nine-fold, nine times more. 

B;i;eBaTep6M'&, adv. nine together, nine. 

B;^eprHBaTb, -raxB, -pnyTB, v. a. to pull in; 

to draw in; - ayTb numKy ob uto^Ky, to thread 

a needle; i - ca, v. p. to be pulled in, be drawn 

in, be threaded; to enter; I part. p. B^epuyTuft. 

Bj^ecaxepo, adv. ten times more, ten times as 
many; om—Ootaue ceoeio 6pama, he is ten times 
richer than his brother; CAo:>Kumb 6y.Haty—, to 
fold a paper in ten. 

B^ecaTepoMii, adv. ten together, ten. 
B^^Hpaibca, Bo;^paTbca, v. r. to force one's 
way in, get in with difiRculty. 

B;i;o6aBORii, adv. more than that, besides, 
moreover, furthermore; into the bargain; after all; 
in addition. 

B^OBa, B;i,OBifi^a, s. f. dim. BAOByiUKa, widow; 
i|B;i,bBiJ[i, a(Z/. widowly; -bbh mc7nb, see BiOBbe. 
B;i;oBei^'b, s. m. widower. 

B;i;6B0Jib, adv. sufficiently; hearty, full; om 
ft.**— , he ate to the full, he took his fill; y neio 
eceto—, he has plenty of every thing. 

B;i;oBCTBo, s. n. widowhood, state of a widower, 
of a widow; i| B;i;oBCTBeHHbift, adj. 

B^^OBCTBOBaTb, V. n. to be a widower, be a 
widow; -CTByiomaa KopoAeea, the queen dowager. 
B^^OBKiJt, adj. widowed. 
B;i;oBbC, s. ». laiv, jointure, dowry. 
B^OBiiTb, V. II. to be a widow or widower. 
B;i;oJiOHTb, see B;ta.i6iHBaTb. 
B;^OJ()asKKy, adv. yHuvib—, to learn by rote. 
B^oJb, adv. lengthwise, lengthways, in length; 
KOAonib—, to split lengthwise; ilijrcp. along; udmu — 
pibKU,—do2)oiu, to walk along the river, along the 
road;— « nnnepetb, in length and breadth, up and 
down; fig. far and wide; anantb — u nonepeib, to 
be thoroughly acquainted with one, to know all 
the circumstances or particulars of. 

B;^OMeK'b, adv. pop. Mun, 6ua<> ue — , it did not 
come into my head, I did not think about it, it 
escaped me. 

B^ocTaJib, adv. pop. wlioUy, entirely. 
B;i,oxHOBeHie, s. n. inspiration. 
BAOXHOBeHHUiif, adj. inspired; H -ho, adv. with 

B;^o.vHOBHTeab, s. m. -HHii,a, s. f. inspirer. 
B;i,oxHOBHTeabHbifi[, adj. pertaining to inspira- 
tion, having the power to inspire. 

B^^oxHOBJiflTb, -BHTb, V. a. to inspire; j -ca, 
r. r. to be inspired. 

B;^oxHyTB, «ee BxaiaTi.. 
B^peOearH, adv. in thousand pieces, all to 
flinders; paaOumb—., to break into pieces; pasAC- 
mtbiiibCA—, to fly into shivers, into pieces, into a 
thousand fragments. 

B;^pyr6pa^b, adv. pop. a second time, again. 
B;^pyr'b, adv. suddenly; on a sudden; of a sud- 
den, at once; yMepemb— , to die suddenly; OHb— 
ijnxaAb, he set out all of a sudden: | at once, at 
a single stroke, at a time; gutieume AeKupcmoo — , 
take the medicine all at once, at one draught; 
il together, at the same time; ue toaopume ocn — , 
don't speak all together, all at the same time. 
B;](pbi8r'b, adv. pop. entirely, wholly, totally. 
B^yBaJibHbiit, adj. for blowing, inflating. 
B;^yBaHle, s. n. insufflation. 
B;i;yBaTb, B;^yHyTb, v. a. to blow in, inflate; 
to breathe into; to inspire. 

B;^yMMBaTbca, B;i,yMaTbca (eo umo), v. r. to 
reflect on, dive into, go deep into a subject. 
B;i,bixa.ibRHKi., s. m. -HHii,a, s. f. insufflator. 
B;^uxaHie, s. n. inhaling, inspiration. 
B;^bIxaTb, B;i;oxHyTb, v. a. to breathe; to inhale, 
draw (air); \\to inspire. 

Bjl.'i^BiiJbHBijfi, adj. for threading, for putting 
in; -Haa uto.ina, bodkin. 

Bjl.'feBaHie, s. n. putting in; threading. 
B;i,'bBaTb, B;^'6Tb (fict. B;i;tiHy), v. a. to put 
in, draw in; B^i.'feTb uumKy eb utoAxy, to thread 
a needle; 1| -ca, v. p. r. to be put in, be threaded; 
to go in; ^ijmrt. p. B;^•BTblft. 

Ba^^RA, $. f. threading-needle, bodkin. 
B;i,-BJiKa, s. f. setting in, enchasing; !| piece 
set in. 

B;j;t.ibiBaHie, s. n. setting in, enchasing, fitting. 

B^iiabiBaTb, B;i,-B.iaTb, v. a. to set in, enchase, 

enshrine, incrust, inlay voitlr, -aaTb a.iua3b n 

nepctneHb, to set a diamond in a ring; <\ to put in; 

Ipart. p. B;^ijiaHHbift. 

BereTapianen.'b, s.m. -Hsa, s. /". vegetarian. 
BerexapiaHHSMb, s. m. BerexapiaKCTBO, s. h. 

Be;i;a, s. f. the Veda (a sacred book of the 

Be;i,eHie, s. n. leading, conducting; Ij guidance, 
direction; — xoanucmaa, house - keeping, house- 
hold;— cweJHoei, book-keeping;— dw..t^, npoJtecco, the 
pleading of a cause, the carrying on of a law- 
suit; \see BecTH. 

Be^^epnaa, adj. s. f. shop for the sale of hquors 
by the vedro; see Be^po. 

Be^epHHK'b, s. m. pail-maker. 
Bej^eTii, s. m. rnil. vedette, mounted sentry. 
Be;^HJio, s. n. vaut. hollow floor. 
Be^po, s. n. dim. BC^^epKO, Be;^epoiKO, vedro, 
pail, bucket; no.tuoe—, bucketful; dojKdb Abcmz 
naKb u3h -Apa, it pours, it is pouring with rain, 
it rains in torrents; H -;^epHKitt, adj. containing 
one vedro, of the size of a vedro; -aaa GymuAb, 
a Itottle containing one vedro. 
Be^po, s. n. pop. fine weather. 
BeAP*Tb, V. n. pop. to become serene. 
Bej^paHuit, adj. fine, serene (of weather). 
Bes^ii, adv. everywhere. 

BeBj^-ficymifif, -cymnutt, adj. omnipresent, 
being everywhere. 

Be3;^'fecymH0CTb, s. f. omnipresence. 
Beseaie, s. n. conveying, carrying (in a cart); 
carting; driving (in a coach); transporting, ferrying 
(in a boat). 

BesHKyJiapHbitt, adj. med. vesicular, vesicu- 
lose, vesiculous. 

BeSTU, BOBHTb, BaaiHBaTb, V. a. to convey, 
carry; to cart; to transport;— wa vieACtn, to cart, 
carry in a cart;- wa Aoxuadnxb, to carry on horses 


— 44 


or by horses;— ffo^ow, cyxuM% nymeM^, to convey 
by water, by land; — x^1bo^ ua puHOK^, to bring 
corn to market; || to drive (in a coach, carriage); 
ll V. imp. cMy BcaeTt, he has fortune on his side, 
he has a run of luck, he is in the way of good 
luck; MHn, ne BeaeTt, I have no luck, I have ill 
luck; II -ca, v. pi. to be conveyed, be carried, be 
transported, be driven; [[^wr^. p. BeseHHwii. 

BeKceaeii;aTeaB, s. m. -JibHHi^a, s. f. com. the 
drawer (of a bill). 

BeKceje;i;e3)aKaTe.iB, s. m. com. payee, remittee, 
holder (of a hill). 

BeEceJb, s. m. bill or letter of exchange; eu- 
damb—ua Mbe au6o icmji, to draw a bill on one's 
name; jl "-ceabHtifi, adj. -HBifi Ki/ji^h r^^te of 
exchange; - Haa Kuuia, bill-book; - HHtt nyp- 
maM;^, bill-brokerage; - Htah MaKAep^, bill-broker. 

BeKTopi, s. 7)1. pa^iyc^—, vector, radius vector. 

BeEuia, s. f. squirrel; jj mech. pulley-block. 

Be.^6JIFo;^T., see BepGjjoAt. 

Bejer.iacHbiii, adj. loud-voiced, high-toned. 

Bcjeainie, s. n. -Ji-BnHUfi, adj. see Bcah- 
KOJit. nie. BeaHKOJiinHHH. 

BeJieMy;i;pie, s. n. great wisdom. 

Beaeuy^pcTBOBaTb, v. n. to philosophize. 

Be;ieMy;i;pHfi[, adj. wise, very wise. 

BejeHCBEift, adj. -saa dy.Hata, vellum paper, 
woven paper. 

Bejiep'feiHBOCT&, s. f. bombast, talkativeness. 

Beaep'feiHBHfl, adj. talkative; bombastic; || -BO, 
a^Zw. — ly,— cally. 

BeJtep-Biie, s. n. grandiloquence. 

BeaHEaHT>, s. m. giant; ij -Eaeina^ s. f. giantess; 
ii -KaHTCKili, adj. gigantic. 

BeaiiEitt; adj. dim. - aHKOHbKift, great, 
grand;— t<e.*o(?«)K^, a great man; dnjio -JiHiafiuieii 
eajKHOcmu, a most important business; Ilempi — , 
Peter the Great; — KH^3b,the grand duke (inBussia); 
»uaa Khmuhh, KuHJ/cna, the grand duchess; — 
Matucmp^, grand master; — nocm^, -Kaa uemupe- 
decflmmma, Lent (before Easter); i-Raa cedbMUna, 
passion - vfeok;—^em^epmoK^, Maundy - Thursday; 
prov. -Ka Oedopa, da dypa, a fine show and a 
small crop. 

BcJiHKorepnorcKifif, adj. grand-ducal. 

Bej[nKo;^epa;aBHutt, adj. all-powerful, most 

BeJiHKo;^yiuocTBOBaTB, BeJiHKo;^yfflHHMaTB, 
V. n. to be magnanimous. 

BejiHEo;i,yiuie, s. n. magnanimity, generosity, 
gi-eatness of mind. 

BejiiiEo;i;yiUHBifi, adj. magnanimous, generous, 
great-hearted: ij -ho, adv. — ly. 

BejiiiBOEHa:KecEiJi; adj. grand-ducal. 

BojiHEoa-nnic, s. n. magnificence, pomp; state; 

BejiuROJii&nHBitt, adj. magnificent; splendid; 
pompous: ' -no, adv. — ly. 

BeaiiBouou^HBifl, adj. most powerful, high and 

Be.iHRosiv'ieHME'B, s. in. - Hui^a, s. f. great 
martyr; ;| -HH'iccEitt, adj. 

BcJiHEOHeEi, adj. rather tall, tallish, pretty 

BeJtHEOiioMijcTiiwft, adj. having large estates. 

BcJiHKoiiocTHiiKi., s. m. -UHi^a, s. f. one who 
keeps Lent. 

Bo.iHKonocTHuA, adj. of Lent (before Easter). 

BeJinRO]>o;i(iiKiA, adj. of nnble birth. 

BoJinuopucjiuil, adj. tall, of great stature. 

BcJiiEOOBftTCKift, adj. (if high life, belonging 
to the fashionable world. 

BcTHKOCTB, s. f. grcatncss; enormity; gravity. 

BcJiiMiiBocTB, s. f. stateliness, state: majesty; 
11 pride, haughtiness. 

BeJiH'iaBHtt,rtdy. stately, lofty, majestic; haughty; 
j; -BO, adv. stately, haughtily. 

BeJHianie, s. n. glorifying; dignifying; ij exalta- 
tion, extolling. 

BeJinqaTejBHBiii, adj. magnifying, laudatory. 

Be-iniaxB, v. a. to praise, magnify, extol; to 
celebrate, glorify; to cry up; — koio npeeocxodii- 
meAbcmoo.M^, to give the title of excellency to 
one, to call one excellence; ij to call by the patro- 
nymic name; KaK^ eaci—'? what is your patronymic? 
li -ca, V. r. (ntb.H^), to exalt one's self; to glory 
in: to plume one's self, be proud of. 

BeaiiiecTBeHHOCTB, s. f. majesty, stateliness, 
majestic air, augustness; grandeur. 

BeaHuecTBeHHBifi, adj. majestic, stately; august, 
grand;!] -HO, adv. — cally,— lily,— ly. 

BeJiHiecTBO, s. n. majestj; || Majestv (title of 
emperors and kings); Bame — , Eio — , Eh — ,Your, 
His, Her Majesty. 

Bej[HiHHa, s. f. greatness, size, bulk, bulkiness; 
bigness; aanada nepoou -hi>i, a star of the first 
magnitude; cpedueu -hm, middle-sized; o6u«ho- 
ecHHou -hh, ordinary sized; nedocmamoHHou -hh, 
deficient in size; -koh) c% aumnw, of the size of 
a cherry; om -hoh) ct. ouKa, he is as big as an 
ox; ll math, quantity. 

BeJH^ie, s. oi. majesty, greatness, grandeur, 
augustness; sublimity; — Bota, the greatness of 

Beao;i;p6M'b, s. m. cycle track. 

BeJiocHnc;i;HCTi., .s. m. cyclist (bicyclist, tri- 

BeaocHH^jll'B, s. m. velocipede, cycle; j| -;^HHft, 

BeJiB, s.f. naitt. well-pump; see Jtaao. 

BeJiBOoTT., s. m. naut. whaler, whale-boat. 

BeJiBBOByjCB, s. m. Beelzebub, Belzebub. 

BeJiBMH, adv. obs. very, extremely. 

BeJiBM6:Ka, s. m. grandee, great lord; n -asu, 
2)1. the great; jl -acccKJft, -^HBifi, adj. lord's, 
grandee's; y -ceh, adv. lordly. 

BeJBMoarecTBO, BeaBMoaKCXBO, s. n. dignity of 
a great personage, lordship. 

BeJiBHi., s. m. naut. whelp. 

BeaBCB, s. m. naut. wale. 

BeJiBHic, s. n. order, orders, commands. 

Bea-BTB, V. n. to order, bid, command;— jaaj- 
eecmu mom, to order a fire; — euumu, to order 
away, off, out; dtbAahme, Mmo oa.m -Jiiixx, do as 
you 'are bid;jl«e— , to forbid; «e Beji*HO, not 
allowed, forbidden. 

Bena, s. f. anat. vein. 

Bencpa, s. f. ast. Venus. 

BenepHHTi - rpeOcHB, s. m. bot. Scandily 
Pecten Veneris. ^ c. 

BenepHHT. - noacB, s. m. zoophyte, ^e'stuni 

BcHcpii'iccKiiir, adj. med. venereal, syphilitic. 

BeHen,iaHCKaH uau - JneftcEaa apB, s. f. 

B('H30.iB, s. m. cipher, initials, monogram: 
II BeuacJieBrjtt, adj. -Boe umh, initials. 

BoHiica, s. f. garnet; |i -coBBiii, adj. 

BcHUSHuti, adj. venous. 

BeHTH.iH]>()BaTi>, V. a. to ventilate. 

KoHTHJiaTopi., s. m. ventilator. 

]{cHTHJiaii,iH, s. f. ventilation. 

BeiipHi^a, s. f. wild sow, female of the wild 

BonpB, .s. m. wild boar, wild hog. 

BepiiMjtu, s. f. veranda, verandah. 

]topaTpin!i>, s. in. chcm. veratrin, veratrine. 

Bi'|>r)a, ,s. /■ dim. Bepfio'iEa, willow, willow- 
tree; sallow; ii willow-twig, palm-branch, palm-twig; 
|1 -ftoBun, adj. 


- 45 - 


BepOeflHHKi) s. in. hot. money - wort, loose- 

Bep6J[H);^Hii;a, s.f. she-camel, female camel. 

Bep6JiH>;^UHKi., s. m. camel-driver. 

BepOjiHt;^!., s. m. dim. - fijiio^^iiKi., camel; 
odHOtop6uU—, dromedary, one - humped camel; 

I -MXitt; adj. 

Bep6ju>ai:HHa, s. f. camel's flesh. 

BepCaJbffiiiMK'B, s. m. hot. agul. 

BepOHUil, adj. -hoc i^ocKpece«fte, Palm-Sunday. 

BepOoBRa, *■. /'. BepCoBauie, s. n. enrolling, 
recruiting, enlisting. 

BcpfiOBiiTb, sa-, V. a. to enroll, enlist, recruit; 
\part. p. BepOoBaHHBitt. 

BepOoBHHK'B, s. m. hot. salicaria, willow-herb. 

BepOoBiUHKi., s. m. recruiter, recruiting- 
sergeant, recruiting agent. 

Bepsa, s. f. shoe-maker's thread. 

BepBt, s. f. dim. BepBHi^a, cord, string. 

Bep^^HRTT., s. in. verdict. 

BcpeBKa, s. f. dim. -eBOiKa, rope, cord; string; 
Kpyma/i—, tight rope; prov. om u^^ necKy -kh 
0bem^, he would skin a flint. 

BepeBo^HHK'B, s. in. rope-maker; i] rope-mat. 

BepeBOlHHfi, adj. made of rope, of cord. 

BepeBiaTUii, adj. rope-like, twisted. 

Bepe;^iiTb, v. a. to spoil; to hurt, injure. 

Bepe;i;jiHBufi, adj. ulcerous; ll sore, tender. 

Bepe;^'b, .<f. m. furuncle, abscess. 

Bcpeara, s. c. pop. whiner, whimperer; Ij -araH- 
BBitt, adj. whining, whimpering. 

Bepesacanie, -pemanie, s. n. whining, whim- 

BepcsKJiTt, V. n. pop. to^ whine, whimper. 

BepefiKa, s. f. dim. -pec^Ka, wherry, small 
boat; see Bepea. 

Bepenuii,a, s. f. file, troop, range, band, flight, 
row; series. 

BepecKjeTt, see BepecKJieTi. 

BepecKi, s. m. hot. heath, heather, sweet-broom; 

II BepecKOBbift, adj. 

Bepec/B, s. m. hot. juniper; ji -cobbiA, adj. 

BepexeHHi^a, see flmepHuia. 

BepcTeHO, s.n. dim. -TCHAe, spindle; iJ pivot; 
axle (of a balance); arbor (o/" a grindstone); \\7umt. 
shank (of an anchor); ;1 art. caliber-stafif; I -Ten- 
Huft, adj. 

BepeTeHOo6pa3HHft, adj. fusiform, spindle- 

BepeTeHmHKi., s. m. spindle maker. 

Bcpexbe, -eTHin,e, s. n. coarse cloth, used to 
wrap corn in for transporting it in carts. 

Bcpemara, s. f. omelet. 

Bepemaxb, see BepessaTt. 

Bepea, s.f. dim. -peftKa, post, door-post, jamb; 
,1 ■■pettHUit, adj. 

Bcpsiiaa, s. in. a big fellow, a big blockhead. 

BepiarH, s. f. pi. chains, irons, fetters; I] -iia- 
HEiiJT; adj. 

BepBH, >\ m. pi. fort, works. 

BepMHaioHTb, s. in. vermilion. 

BepHHuicJb, s. /'. vermicelli; j -.iBHHfi, adj. 

BepHiepi., s. m. vernier, nonius. 

Bepnyxb, v. a. to call back; to make one 
return;— CoO?* dcubtn, to call in one's money; i| to 
recover, regain, retrieve; — nomepnnuoe ope.mi, 
adoposhe, ajmme, to recover lost time, health, 
sight: — CMj'iau, to regain or retrieve an opportu- 
nity; I -CH, V. r. to return, come back, come again, 
turn back. 

BepoHHKa,. s. f. hot. veronica, speedwell;— 2>2/- 
ucnnaa, brook-lime. 

BepnoBaHie, s. n. naut. towing, warping. 

BepnoBiixb, v. a. u -ca, v. r. naut. to tow, warp. 

Bepni, s. m. naut. stream-anchor. 

BcpCH^MKiixopii, s. w». versifier, versificator. 

Bepcn$iiK!mia, s.f. versification. 

Bepcia, s. f. version. 

Bcpcxa, s. f. verst (3500 English feet); j] verst- 
post; ll equality; i\ each of the two faces of a wall; 
^\sl. the degree of age. 

BepcxiiKi., s. m. dim. -xaioKt, bench-board; 
shop-board; joiner's bench; j -aquufl, ailj. 

liepcxauie, .s. n. laying out by liue; equalizing, 
ranging; ijjrJH^ making up into pages. 

BepcxaxouKa, s. f. print, justification. 

Bcpcxaxb, V. a. to compare; ;[ mil. to equalize, 
draw up in a line (soldiers); \\ print, to make up 
into pages; to impose; || -ca, v. r. p. to compare 
one's self; H to come up to, attain; H mil. to fall into 
line; to be ranged. 

Bepcxaxb, 5. f. print, composing-stick. 

BepcxoBoii, adj. of a verst;— cwo.t^s, mile-post, 

BepxeiKT., s. m. giddiness, vertigo. 

BepxcJii., s. m. spit; omuKumh ua — , to spit, put 
on a spit; 1! rtn«i. trochanter; [j -xeabHbift, adj. . 

BepxeabmHET., s. m, turnspit. 

BepxenncxHfi, adj. cavernous, full of caverns, 
of caves. 

BepxenHnKi, s. in. -Hun,a, s. /'. a troglodyte. 

Bepxenx., s.m. cavern, den, autre; paaSouHii- 
uiu — , a den or cave of robbers; || -enHWtt, adj. 

BepxHroJiOBKa, -xHuieftKa, s.f. hird, wryneck. 

BepxHKaabHOCXb, s. f. verticalness. 

BepxnKaabHHa, adj. vertical; iJ -ho, ady.— ly. 

BepxKift, BepxaHBEJfl, adj. vacillant, unsteady 
(of a vessel). 

BepxKocxb, s. f. vacillation, unsteadiness. 

Bepxaiur-b, s.m. anat. condylus, knuckle; ijari. 
trunion; || pivot, spindle; axis; \\join. wimble, brace, 
hand-brace, breast-borer, crank-brace; || —y mbrm^ 
shackle; f| -aioaiHMfi, adj. -naa onaduua, anat. 

BepxjiaBOCxb, s. f. excessive nimbleness. 

Bepx.iaBHfi, adj. too nimble, mobile. 

Bepxorpa^^apb, s. m. si. gardener. 

Bepxorpa.H'b, s. m. si. garden; orchard; ][ -a;^- 
HEifi, adj. 

Bepxonpaxx., s. m. giddy - goose, giddy - head, 
weather-cock, giddy fellow. 

BepxonpamecxBO, s. n. giddiness, thoughtless- 
ness, giddy trick, volatility. 

BepxonpauiHXb, -auiHiiMaxb, v. n. to be giddy, 
be volatile, be thoughtless. 

BepxonpaiuHWfl, adj. giddy, volatile. 

Bepxymita, .s-. f. whirligig; ii ventilator; |1 s. c. 
weather-cock, giddy man or woman. 

BepxiBHie, s. n. turning round; twirl; rotation. 

BepxiiXb, BepxuBaxb, Bcpnyxb, v. a. to turn, 
turn about or round; to whirl, twirl; — Ko.ieco, to turn 
a wheel; 0}ia BepxHXi> .uy.}ice.\n, KitKi eii xouemcn, 
fig. she turns her husband round her finger; ,; to 
perforate; to A^i\h—6ypaoo.H^, to bore; \\ -ca, v. r. 
to turn, turn round, about; to roll; BepxHXca 
ooKpyn co.tHm, the earth turns round the sun; 
mucM'ta .HHCMu -x-B.iHCb // new e^ VKioeib, a thou- 
sand thoughts ran in liis head; pajioaopo -x-BJca 
OKOAO odiioio npe.d.Hemn, the conversition ran on 
the same subject; ece ocmaAbuoc Bepxiixca ua 
smoMz, all besides depends or turns on that; om 
Bepxiixca see okoao cooeto uaMa.ibHUKa, lie pays 
court to his chief; ';; to tergiversate; to use strat.igem; 
to shift; neneio -xnxbca, toenpume npaedy, don't 
go on in a round-about way, but tell the truth: 
KaKi HU -XHCb, a n.iamnmb nado, you may turn 
and twist as much as you please,^ but pay you 
must; 9mo caooo y mchh >ia M3UKib BepxHXCa, tlie 
word is at the tip of my towgwa;} part. p. Bep- 
iieiibiJ!; giddy petulant. 


— 46 — 


Bepxaiitt, adj. whirling, rotatory; easy to be 

Bepi|)b; s. f. dock-yard, timber-yard; wharf, 
shipwright's yard: |j Bep0flHi>itt, Bep(|)HHft, adj. 

Bepxnifi; adj. upper, higher; over, superior;— 
&maoteh, the upper story; -nee nAatme, overcoat; 
mnan Hacmh, top-piece, upper part. 

BepxoBHOCTb, s. f. sovereignty, supremacy: 

BepxoBHMii, adj. supreme, sovereign; head; 
-Haa e.iacmb, supreme power, supremacy;— c?/()5, 
supreme court; — oAacmume.tb, a sovereign. 

BeyxoBoiif; s. m. an outrider; || adj. upper; 
jl -Baa Aoiuadb, riding-horse, saddle-horse; -Baa 
nsda, equitation, riding; horsemanship. 

BepxoBEJfi, adj. upper; lying up the stream; 
-Bua .HibcniHocinu, the countries up the river;— 
eibmepb, east wind, easterly wind. 

BepxoBbe, s. n. source (of a riocr); \\ upper part, 
upper side; the country up the river. 

BepxorJiaj^HHiaHie, s. >i. gaping. 

BepxorJia;i;HH«i!JTb, o. n. to gape. 

Bcpxorjia;!;'!., s.m. -ii^Kii, s. f. gaper, ninny. 

BcpxOM'B, ado. on liorsjhick, astride; »M()um6 — , 
to go on liorsebxck, to mount a horse, to ride; 
nadumb — un naAouKtb, to ride a cock-horse, ride 
on a hobby-horse, ride on a stick. 

BepxoM'b, ado. heaped, quite full; to the top; 
.M7bpumb—,trj give heaped measure; || upwards; above; 
npoumu—, to pass by the upper part. 

BepxyuieiHHfi, adj. apical. 

BepxyiUKa, s. f. dim. -lueiKa, top, summit; 
head;— <)epf(?a, the top of a tree;— xo^3<a, summit 
of a hill. 

Bepxi, s. m. upper part, top, tiptop, summit; 
upper-story (of a house); jj crown of the head; 
ij —luyou, the outside or covering of a fur; na 
Bepxy, see Hasepxy; kt, B^pxy, see Ksepxy; 
\yflg. zenitli, pinnacle, summit, highest pitch; — 
CAaou, the pinnacle or climax of glory; amo—ue- 
cuacmifl, it is the height of misfortune; odep- 
Mcanib — , to prevail on one, to get the advantage 
of one; to have the upper hand, have the best 
of it; to be uppermost. 

Bepqeaie s. n. boring; turning round: jj avertin 
(disease of sheep). 

Bepiua, s. f. weel, creel, bow-net. 

BepiuaTb, BopmiiTb, v. a. to accomplish, ex- 
ecute, conclude; |i to crown, top (a rick of hay, 
a house); Impart, p. BcpmeHHHii. 

BepiucHie, s. n. conclusion, crowning. 

BepuiiiHa, .s. /". summit, top; ridge (of a mount- 
ainj;iis.)urce (of a rtwer^; jj -iiHHiJfi, adj. 

Bepmuxe.ib, s. tn. -iiHi^a, s. f. accomplisher, 
finisher; — cydeob, the accomplisJier of one's destiny. 

BepinHiiKT., s.m. an outrider. 

BepuioKTb, s. f. dim. <mm»neR'hfyiii-shok (16-th 
p'lrt of ail arshinc); || summit, top, peak; || fig. 
superficies, superficial knowledge, smutiering; 
BepuiKii xaamnmb, to get but a superficial know- 
ledge of things; ji -lUKOBMli, adj. of vershock, 
vershock long. 

Bftce.iiiTb, V. a. to rejoice, cheer; to enliven; to 
make merry; prov. huho -.iiitt. cepdue hca lanKa, 
wine gladdens tlie heart; | -ca, v. r. to rejoice, 
clieer: to enjoy or divert one's self, amuse one's 
si'Jf; to be merry. 

Beceale, see iiecejbe. 

BeccjRa, s.f. dim. -.lO'iKa, whisk, stirrer. 

BucoJio, ado. dim. -JCiibKO, joyfully, gaily, 
merrily, clieerfully; jKuvib—, to live merrily; nuMb 
6uAu oueiib — , we amused ourselves very much; — 
CMomptbinb un nuxi, it is a pleasure to see them; 
lie — CMompwmb na amo, it is not amusing to see it. 

BoceJOFipaBHMli; adj. of a cheerful temper. 

Bec6 JOCTB, s. f. gaiety, cheerfulness, merriness, 
good humour, hilarity. 

Bccejufij adj. dim. -jeubRifi^ gay, cheerful, 
merry, joyous, jovial; -aoe auho, cheerful look; 
-aaa 0KU3Hb, merry life; -aaa Ko.Mnama, merry- 
meeting; — Hpaeb, jovialness; |1 amusing, diverting, 
entertaining; -Joe apibAuitie, a diverting sight. 

BcceJibe, s. n. rejoicing, diversion, merriment, 
mirth, delight, pleasure, joy, jolliness, joyfulness. 

BecejibUHRi., s. m. rower, oarsman. 

BeceJbHhiii, adj. of oars, rowed with oars. 

BeceJbnaK'B; s. m. jolly, merry fellow, jovialist, 

BeceHuifi, adj. spring, vernal; BeecHHee epcMH, 
spring-time, spring-tide. 

Becjio, s. n. dim. Bece.i&ne, oar, boat-oar: 
pacnamuoe — , single-handed oar; |1 beater, peel, 
spatula; j; — y Ka.HemmiKoeb, beater, lime-rake. 

BccJiapHff, s. f. oarmaker's shed. 

BcCHa, s. f. spring, spring-time; ,i -hoh), adv. 
in spring, in spring-time. 

BecHOBJiTb, sa-, v. n. to pass the spring. 

BoCHOBJiTbifi, -Hyiu^aTMft, adj. freckled. 

Becayxa, s. f. pop. spring fever, vernal ague. 

BocHyiUKa, s.f. freckle; -HyiuKH, /jZ. freckles: 
freckledness; ar, -nyuiKax'b, covered with freckles. 

BeCHaHEa, s. f. insect, spring-fly, may-fly, phry- 

Becxa, s. f. ast. Vesta (planet). 

Becxaasa, s. f. vestal. 

BecTH, BecTb, v. ■ a. irr. indef. Bo;^uTb, to 
lead, conduct, guide, direct; — aa pyvy, to lead 
by the hand: — npaewAbuyio awu3Hb, to lead a 
regular life; Bo;^HTb aa noch, fig. to lead by the 
nose; BO;i;HTb ubeu pyKom, yna nueamb, to guide 
one's hand in writing; — eeOji, to behave, behave 
one's self, conduct one's self; — Aoiuadeu na eodonou, 
to take horses to water; om eio ocfody Bo;^HTt, he 
takes him everywhere; bo^^htb no topody, to take 
one about the town; qo^^utb naAbneMb no cmoAy, 
to finger the table; Bo;^iiTb CMWiKOMb na cmpy- 
Ha.Hb, to pass the bow over the strings; Ij — caou 
drbAa, to manage one's aflairs; — dttAo, npoueccb, 
to carry on a business, a lawsuit; — mopioaAto, to 
carry on a trade; — nepen iiCKy, moptoeun khuiu, 
cuemu, to hold correspondence, to keep books, 
accounts; — xoaMicmeo, to keep house; — cnemi 
deubia.Hb, to keep an account of one's money; bo- 
fl,WiTb dnmeU micmo, to keep children neatly clad, 
to dress them well;— tfOM«y, to make war; — nepe- 
toaopu, to negotiate, hold conferences; mil. to 
parley; to capitulate; — caou podb onib aua.Henumuxh 
npeOKOob, to derive or take one's origin from 
illustrious ancestors; |1 BO.niiTb cb kumu KO.MnaHtu), 
to frequent company; ij to warp, bend, bow down; 
to stoop; owapo.Mb doom Bo;^eT'b, the heat warps 
the planks; y mchh noiy Be;^eT^ (cydopotou), my 
leg is seized with cramp; || to breed, rear (animals); 
to increase; Bo;^HTb ymoKb, tyeeu, to rear ducks, 
geese; |i coll. om u yxo.ub ne Bt'j^eT'b, he does not 
take the least notice of; \\ -ca, v. p. r. to be led, be 
conducted, etc.; dmomi <)6unau Be;^eTca uadpeoAe, 
this custom has its origin from ancient times; 
MbniocHucAenie Be;^eTca cb P. X., time is reck- 
oned from the birth of Christ; |^jar*. /;. Bo;^eHHbltt. 

BeeTiifnoJb, .s. m. vestibule. 

BecT'j., s. m. naut. west: || west, westerly wind; 
jj BUCTOBhift; adj. west. 

Bocb, s. f. village. 

Beeb, adj. and /jro/?. (f. Bca, n. BCe, pi. Bct), 
all, whole, total; ciopmyKb — uaopoaub, the coat is 
all torn; — cenmh, the whole world; n BCIO HOHb 
lie cnii.ib, 1 did not sleep the whole night; jqyu- 
uamb nu Boio ILiaHoecKym, to shout, to disputtt 
as loud as one can biiwl: novib u Bt'a hcOoaiu, 


- 47 - 


see BoTi.; Bct deuhiu uadepoKcinu, all the money 
it spent; oHU BO/fc jKueu, they are all alive; BCfe 
CKOAhtco naci hh ecvih, every one of us; Bcfe, all, 
every one, everybody; Bcfe amo anaiorm, every 
one knows it, all know it; tipu bccmt. moMi, co 
Bci^Mii fnibMi, in spite of all that, for all that; 
BCH erjMMa, sum total: h bccb ealu,^, I am wholly 
yours; nm Beer, ht, M(tmb. he is the very image 
of his mother. 

BccbMa, ado. very, much. 

BcTCpaHt, s. rrt: veteran. 

BeTcpHHupifl, .s. /'. veterinary medicine: farriery. 

BeTcpuuapHHtt; adj. veterinary. 

BexepHHapi., s. m. veterinary surgeon, veteri- 
narian, horse-doctor, farrier. 

BoTHniKeT'B, .V. m. mil. braid (of a hiissnr^s 

BexJlii, s. /". hot. common white willow; |l -Jl6- 
BhlAf adj. 

BeTJiaHHiiKi., .V. /u. white willow grove. 

BeTO, s. T). veto. 

BeTOiUBa, s. /'. dim. -lue^Ka, rag. 

Be.TouiHHK'B, s. m. -HHi],a, s. f. rag-gatherer, 
rag-man, rag-woman: fripper, fripperer. 

BeTomHHMaTb, v. n. to deal in rags. 

BcTomuKii), adj. rag, ragged;— ^.«do, a row of 
old clothes shops, rag-fair, rag-market. 

BeTonib, s. f. BexoiULB, s. n. old rags, frippery: 
old clotlios, old stuff. 

BeTXiA, adj. old, ancient; worn out; - xoe 
tiAambc, old coat; — 3a8n>m7>, the Old Testament; 
ji infirm, frail, decrepit, worn out. 

BexxosaB^THbifi, adj. of the Old Testament. 

BeTXOsaEUHHEJH, adj. of the old law. 

BeTxocTB, s. f. ancientness, oldness; decrepi- 
tude, decay. 

BexiHHa, s. /'. ham; '•■ -quHHHfi, adj. 

BexmaHie, s. n. senescence, decaying. 

BcxiUiiXB, H3-, V. n. to get old, grow old: to 
decay, go to decay. 

BciepHUEa^ s. f. evening party. 

BeiepHHi^a, s. f. see nocH^tijKH. 

Be^epHHi^a, s. f. evening-star; vesper; ij hot. 
Julian-flower, hesperis. 

Be^epniti, adj. of evening; vespertine; -HJia 
MOAumea, evening prayer; -Hee epeMji, evening- 
time, even-tide. 

Be^epHfl, s. f. vespers. 

BeqepoMTb, BenepKOMi., adv. in the evening; 
enepa — , last night: jaempa—, to-morrow evening. 

Be^ep-b, s. m. dim. BC'iepoK-b, - poieKi, 
evening, evening-time, eve, even; west; ca )jmpa do 
-pa, from morning till night; npotnaUme do -pa, 
good-bye till this evening: nodi — , about, towards 
evening: >,-,. odum npeKpacnuk .mmHiu — , one fine 
summer's evening: y nacu cetoditn — , we give an 
evening party to-day; prov. ympo -pa Mydpenne, 
see Yxpo. 

Be^epixb, c. n. to decline (of the day), decline 
towards evening: to get dark: yjKe -p^exi., the 
day is declining. 

Beiepa, .s. f. supper, evening meal; TauuaH—, 
the Lord's Supper. 

Beiepaxb, v. n. pop. to sup. 

Be^ea, s. f. dim. -^eftKa, hole in a mill- 

BeqopoiUHifi, adj. pop. of yesterday. 

Beqop-b, ado. pop. yesterday evening. 
' Beianid, ad,j. of spring, vernal; see BeceHHifi. 

BeinaaKB, s. m. sluice, sluice - gate, paddle, 
mill-gate, flood-gate, stop-gate: j tech. trough. 

BemcBOft, adj. of things and articles; see 

Ben^ecxBeHuocxB, s. f. materiality, substan- 
tiality;, substantialness. 

BemecxBeHHbittjOc^". material,substantial;;i-Ho, 
adu.— ly. 

BemecxBO, s. n. matter, substance; \ essence. 

Beii(uu,a, s. f. dim. - u^HiEa, a small thing: 

Beu;B, s. f. thing; object, article; |||)i. Beii^H, 
things, effects, goods, luggage. 

BacMB'J^, ado. alive, living. 

BxHuaxb, BXiixb (fut. BoaKMy), v. a. to squeeze 
in, press in. 

B.?a;i(H, ado. behind; in the background. 

B3a;^'b, adv. behind, hack, backward, back- 
wards; — II enepcdh, up and down, to and fro, 
backwards and forwards; hu — , hh enepe^^, neither 
forwards nor backwards. 

BsaeMTt, BsafiHM, ado. as a loan, in loan, on 
credit: 63Hm^ - mfj, to borrow; damb - Mu, to 
lend; h ne aio6a>o daoamb - mij, I don't like lending. 

BaaHMHOCXb, s. f. reciprocity, mutuality, soli- 
darity; return (of feelings). 

BsaiiiUHbiu, adj. reciprocal, mutual;— I4at0ji5, 
a reciprocal verb; |, -ho, ado. — ly. 

B3aHMo;^BficxBic, s. n. reciprocal action; Ij chem. 

BsaiDionuuou^b, s. f. mutual assistance, help. 

BsaaKaxb, see AaKaxt. 

BsaMBHT., ado. instead of, in lieu of, in return. 

BsancpxH, ado. under the lock, under lock and 
key; depMcamh—, to keep under lock and key; 
owm — , to be shut up. 

B3anpaB;i;y, ado. coll. really, verily, indeed, in 

BsanycKH, adv. in emulation of each other, 
with emulation; 6mamb — , to vie with each other 
in running, run base or bars. 

BsaiexT., ado. on account, in part payment. 

Bsainea, Baauieft, ado. by the back; eumamb—, 
to oust, drive out; to kick out. 

BsGajiaMyxHXb, see BaaaMyxHTt. 

BsOaaiMOUiHOCXb, «. /'. giddiness, inconsiderate- 
ness, foolishness. 

BsOajiMOiUHHfi, adj. giddy, foolish; ;j -naa to- 
.looa, a hare-brained fellow, a madcap; j| -ho, 
ado. — ily,— ly. 

BafiaaxbiBanie, s. n. shaking up. 

BsOaaxMBaxb, BsCo-ixaxb, BsCcixnyxb, v. a. 
to shake up; I! -ca, o.p. to be shaken \xp;ilpart.p. 

BsCapadouiHXb, see Bapa6oraHTB. 

BaOeJCHHXb, v. a. perf. to enrage, irritate, 
chafe; ii -ca, o. r. to grow or get extremely angry, 
irritated; to chafe. 

BsOHBaxb, B36uxb, V. a. to shake up, beat up: 
to churn (butter j; jl -ca, v. p. to lie shaken up, 
be beaten uiy,)part. p. BsOiixtifl; -xua causku, 
whipped cream. 

BsOapaxbca (fut. BsfiepycB), v. r. to climb 
up, clamber; to ascend, mount up. 

B36o.ixiiXb, -XHjxb, see li36a.iTHBaxL. 

B3()opo3;^i^XB, see Bopo3;;HXb. 

BsOopoHiiXb, see Bopouuxb. 

B36pacbiBaTb, BsOpoCHXb, o. a. to throw up, 
toss up; to hurl, dart up; ij part. p. B36pu- 

BaOpecxii, v. n. irr. to mount or ascend slowly; 
|! to come, occur; mhw BsOpeao «a yMh, it occur- 
red to me, it came into my mind; toeopumb, mno 
-pcAeTT. Ha yMh, to say what comes uppermost. 

B36pM8rHBaxB, BSfipMSHVXB, V. a. to splash 
up, spurt up. 

BijOyrpuxB, see ByrpHXb. 

B.<}0y;^opa3KHXb, see By;^opaaIHXb. 

Ba^vHxoBaTb, see Byuxoeaxb. 

B36yiKa, s. f. coll. noAynumi -KV, to receive 
a reprimand, be hauled over the coals. 


BsO'^raHie, s. n. running up. 

BsCtraTb, BsO-ltKaTb, v. n. to run up; -xaTB 

na lopy, to run up a hill. 

Bs6'!kcuTB, V. a. to excite to extreme anger; to 
madden, drive mad; ;| -ca, v. r. to be driven mad; 
coduKa -CHjacb, the dog grew mad, rabid; ]|_par^ 
p. Bs6^m(iHnhiA. 

BsBa^^'UBaxB; v. a. to put on the reins. 

BsBaacHBaTb, see Bsboahtb, Bijboshtl. 

BsBaaHBaHie, s. n. charging. 

BsBaJiHsaxb, BSBa.iuTb, v. a. to load (a bur- 
den on); — Mibiuom ceOib na cnuny, to lift a sack 
on one's liack; ij to burden, load; to lay against; to 
impose; -jhte m« ceon doAhiayw ooyay, to take 
a great charge upon one's self; -jihts e^iuy ua 
Koio, to charge a person with a fault; j| -ca, v. r. 
to roll one's self upon; to tumble upon; |; part. p. 

BsBapuBaxb^ BSBapiiTB, v. a. to boil up, boil 
enough: !i to bang;||p«r#. p. BaBapcHHEJtt. 

BseapBa, s. f. boiling up. 

BsBap'b, s. m. decoction. 

BsBecTH, see BsB 0:11; HTB. 

BsBHBaTBCfl, BSBHTBCfl, V. r. to rise in the 
air; to soar (of birds of prey); to mount; to twine 
up: ij to disappear, vanish. 

BsBH^^i&Tb, V. a. perf. to recover one's sight 
(after cecity); a «c -^^'feat ceibtna, fig. my sight 
became confused. 

BsBiisrHBaHie, s. n. utterance of piercing 
screams, shrieking. 

BBUsmBaTB, BSBusrHVXb, V. 11. to set up or 
give a piercing scream. 

B3bo;i;hxs, v. a. to lead up; to erect, raise; — 
KypoKi, to raise the cock, to cock (a gun);\\fig. — 
na KOio, to impute, bring upon, accuse of; ho, ueio 
BSBeju dmo npecmyn.ienie, they imputed this 
crime to him; \\part. p. B3Be;^eHRBiii. 

BsBO^^HKifl, adj. of a platoon. 

BsBO^ii, s. m. leading up; || mil. platoon; noJ^l{^ 
npoiue.i% B3B0,T;aMH u.iu noBSBoj^HO^ the regiment 
defiled by platoons: ;i notch (of a gun-lock). 

BsBOSuxb, V. a. to convey, carry up; to cart up, 
drive \x^\lpart. p. BSBCseHUBitt. 

BsBOSi., s. m. carrying up; \\ ascent in a vehicle. 

BsBOJiaKHBaxb, B3BOJi6<ib^ V. a. to trail up. 

BsBOJHOBbiBaxb, BSBOJiHOBaxb; V. a. to raise, 
raise up, stir up (waves); to move, agitate (hu- 
mours); to irritate; - uoBaxb cmpauy, Hapodr,, 
to raise the country, rouse up the people; -ho- 
Baxb cmpacmuy nyocmua, to raise the passions, 
to agitate the senses; om, cmpamuo ■■HOBaH'b, he 
is in great agitation, emotion; eio xetKO >HOBiixb, 
he is easily moved; j} -cjr, v. r.p. to raise one's self; 
to be roused, be agitated, be moved; ||j3ar^. jj. 


BsBbixb) V. n. perf. to sob; || to set up a howl. 

B»Bt>itaTb, B3B-iiHXb; V. o. to Tiiise, raise up, 
lift up, heave up; || -ca, v. p. to float, wave up. 

ItSBtcb; 6-. m. weighing;weight:j quantity weighed 
at once. 

BBB^iiiiiBaniC; s. n. weighing. 

BsB-BiuiiBaxb, B3BiKcuxb, V. n. to weigh; |i fig. 
to weigh, ponder, consider; to turn in the mind; 
I, - ca, V. T. to weigh one's self; ^part.p. BSB-BiueH- 
If biff. 

HsrapKHBuxb, -Knyxb, v. n. to set up a bolloo. 

liHTJiHJi'h, s. tn. look, glance, gaze, view; 6po- 
f-umb — , to cast a look, a glance; cmpotih — , a se- 
vere look; odiiuMb Bur.ia^'^oH'b, at a glance; c.o 
neponio Barjiiij^a, na neiwuh — , at the first glance, 
at first sight, at first view: at first appearance; ch 
Ddiioto i<:tr.ia;^a; at a glimpse, at one glimpse; 
npucma.\,bi(UH — , a fixed gaze, fixed stare; uniK- 
iiue,o.itof).ieuHbie BHr.ik^M, amorous glances: iron. 

— 48 — B3j];y 

sheep's-eyes; ;] sight, eye, eye-shot, eye-beam; aspect; 
opinion, mjnd, point of view; .HUM0AemHuh,6ibi.i.uu — , 
eye-glance; npu Bsrjia^i na, at a view or at a 
glance of; nunmo ue ynpoemcH omz eio BSrJiaj^a^ 
nothing escapes his eye; na .mou — emo xopomo, 
according to my judgment it is well; u.^mm eihp- 
Huu—na ocmu, to have a sound judgment of things: 
B3rjia;^bi paajiuHuu, there is a dififerent way of 
seeing things; y ecaKaio ceou — , as many men, as 
many minds; na — , by sight, according to appear- 

B3rjia;i;brBaxb, Bsraaayxb, v. a. to cast, throw, 
fling a look, a glance; to look upon, give a look, 
to glance; oua cepdumo "Hyjia na MeuH, she cast 
me an angry look, she looked angrily at me; jl -ca, 
V. rec. to exchange looks: I -ca, v. imp. naKb-mo 
eMy na amo -nexca, how will he look at it or 
like it. 

BsroHi., s. m. driving up, starting. 

Bsroaaxb (fut. B3roHH>), v. a. to drive up: 
Ihunt. to start, dislodge; to rouse. 

BsrpeMixb, see SarpeMixB. 

BsrpoMasacHBaxb, BsrpoHos^HXb, v. a. to pile 
up, heap uj); to raise; Jl -ca, v. r. to raise one's 
self, to scale; to clamber, perch, roost; \\ part. p. 

BsrpycTHXb, BsrpycxHjxb, v. n. u -ca, v. r. 
imp. to get sad, sorrowful; to grieve; cm -cxayai. 
ujiu — cxHVJiocb no ce.Hhthy no poduutb, he 
got sad calling to mind his family, he got suddenly 

B3;i(BaHBaxb, B3;^B0HXb, v. a. to divide in two; 
II to double (the roics); \\ to turn up a second time 

Bs^Buaceube, see Boa^BHaenBe. 

Bs^eprHBaxb, B3;i;epiiyxb, v. a. to raise up, 
lift up; to jerk up; to draw up; -ayxb Hoc^, to 
get proud; -nyxb na euobMiny, to hang (a crimi- 
nal); \\ part, p. B3;(epHyxHA; -xufi hoct,, snub- 
nose, a nose turned up. 

B8;i;emeB-BXb, v. n. to become cheap, fall in 

B3;i,Hpaxb (fut. BS^epy), v. a. to tear up, break 
up the superficies; jj v. imp. to swell; j] -ca, v. r. 
to force one's way up. 

B3;i;opKXb, B3;^opHnqaxb, no-, v. n. to quarrel 
with, pick a quarrel. 

B3;i;opJiHBOCXb, s. f. quarrelsomeness; quarrel- 
some disposition. 

B3;i;6pJiHBbift, adj. quarrelsome. 

B3;^opHOCTb, s. f. triflingness, absurdness. 

Bs^^opiibitt, adj. sottish, captious; absurd; — le- 
jioetbKj,, captious, quarrelsome person. 

B3;^opo%ajibifi, adj. grown dearer, risen in 

B3;^opoacaHic, s. n. a rise in price. 

B3;i;opoiKiixb, B3;^opoHtlIXb, v. a. perf. to raise 
the price, render dearer. 

B3;^op'b, s. m. absurdity, trifle; nonsense, fiddle- 
sticks; necmu — , to fiddle-faddle, talk bosh. 

B3;^oxnyxb, .see BsjuxaTB. 

B3;^(>xi>, s. m. sigh; breath, gasp; ucnycmuvih 
noc.rjbdiiiii — , to give the last gasp, to breathe 
one's last. 

Bs^i^parnBaiiie, s. n. sliivor, shivering, shudder, 

BsApaninaxb, B3;i,i)orHyxb, v. n. to sliudder: 
to shrink; BiJ^^poruyxb om?. cmpaxa, to shudder 
with fear: H3;^po^Hyxb o»i& padocnm, to thrill 
witli pleasure. 

B3;^peMaxb, B3;^peMHyxb, v. n. to doze a little, 
slumber a little, take a nap, a little nap. 

B3,^yBiinle, s. n. blowing up; swelling, inflation, 
distension (of the stomach). 

Ba^^vBUTb, B8;;yxb, v. a. to blow up, inflate. 


- 49 - 


to inflame; BSAyTb oioub, to light a fire; [] to swell; 
to rise; | to beat, thrash, give a good drubbing to 
oae.uV. imp. y mchh B3jt,f.xo jji/kij, my hand is 
swelled or swollen; [ -ca, v. r. to swell, rise, 
inflate, distend; to inflame; ,2J«''^- P- B3;i;TTMtt. 

B3;i,yMaTii, v. a. perf. to think of, on, upon, 
about; "to imagine; to have an intention, to intend; 
to take it into one's head; ne - MattTC pascep- 
dunihCH Ha amo, mind you don't get angry about 
it; OHh - Ma.Tb yibxamh 3% ^puHuuy, he took it 
into his head to "go abroad; ,; -ca, v. imp. (KO.My), 
to take into one's head; e.\ty -MaJiocb, the idea 
occurred to him, it camo into his mind. 

B3;^y{)UTi., V. n. to fool, play the fool; IJ -ca, 
V. r. to fool; to behave or to act foolishly; to get 
into a passion. 

B3;^yTie, s. n. swelling, inflation; \\ med. pneuma- 
tosis; — Musoma, meteorism, tympanites. 
B3;i,yT0CTb, s. f. see BsAyxie. 
B3;i;u6JiHBaTb, B3;j;Ki6HTb, v. a. to give the 
strappado (a sort of torture). 

B3;i;HMaHie,B3;i,HMaTb, see Bo3J];HMaHie,Bo;j- 
J^H aiaxb. 

B3;i;MxaHie, s. n. sighing; jj breathing. 
B3;i,bixaTeab, s. m. -nni^a, s. f. sigher; fig. 
suitor, wooer; admirer, aspirant. 

Bs^TMxaxb, -;i,0XHyTb, v. n. to sigh; to long 
after, for; ,1 to breathe; dau -nyxb .iomad»Mh, let 
the horses breathe or take a little breath, let 
them blow. 

B3;i;'feBaTb, BSj^liTb, v. a. to put on; see Ha- 
;^•bBaTb: jjjar^. j3. B3;i;iBTbift. 

BsHMaeMocTb, s. f. taxability, taxableness. 
B3HMaHie, s. n. collecting (of taxes); gathering. 
B3niHaxb, V. a. to collect (taxes); to gather; 
jl - ca, V. p. to be collected, be gathered. 
BsHpaaie, s. n. looking on, upon. 
Bsapaxb, Bossp^Tb (fut. B033pH)), V. a. to 
look on, upon; to consider; «e -paa na, notwith- 
standing,^ in spite of. 

Bsjaraxb, see Bo3:iaraTb. 
BsjaMUBaHie, s. n. breaking open. 
BsaaMUBaxb, B3aoMaxb, BSJOMuxb, v. a. to 
break, break open, up; 1| -ca, v. r. to break, be 
hroken; part. p. BsaoMaHHbiii, BSJioMJieHHbift. 
B3.ieJii>axb, v. a. to take care of; to bring up; 
to fondle; j^ari. p. B3Jie.iiaHHHtt. 

Bs.iexaxb, Bsaexixb, v. n. to fly up, take 
flight; to be blown up; xuapo -xaex-b, the balloon 
is rising or rises; -xixb na eo3dyxh, to explode, 
be blown up. 

BsjiexT., s. m. flying up, upward flight. 
BsJiHsa, -u3HHa, s. f. dim. -suHKa, bald place 
-on the temple. 

B3JiH3HCXBifi, adj. having bald places. 
B3jHE0Baxb, see Bo3;iHKOBaTB. 
Bsjioasuxb, see BosaoatHTb. 
BsjoManie, s.n. -JioitiRa, s. f. see Bzaowh. 
BsJOMuxb, -MHXb, see BsjiaMtiBaib. 
BsJOMii, s. m. breaking, breaking open, into; 
KpaoKa CO BSJOMOM-b, house-breaking, burglary. 
BsJi'^saaie, s. n. climbing up, scaling, escalade. 
Bsj'i&saxb, BS.Ttaxb, v. n. to climb, climb up, 
clamber up, scale, escalade; — no.i3KO.H7,, to creep 
up; — na cmmiy^ to climb or scale a wall. 
B3Juo6HXb, see Bo3JK)6HTb. 
B3HaHUBauic, s. v. allurement, seduction. 
B3}iaHHBaxb, BSMaHiixb, V. a. to lure, seduce, 
allure; to entice, attract; |j -ca, v. p. to be seduced. 
BsJHauuHBOCXb, s. f. seductiveness. 
BsNaHiRBbiii, adj. enticing, alluring, seducing. 
BsMiixHBaHie, s. n. flapping (ofwings). 
BsMaxHBaxb, BSJiaxayxb, v. n. to flourish, 
brandish upwards; to swing; -HVXb upu.ibn.ytu, to 
flap or clap the wings. 

B3Hax'b, s. m. swing upwards, flourish, bran- 
dish, sweep; stroke; odnu.Mh BSMaxoHi., at one 
sweep, stroke. 

BsManHBaxb, BSHo^itixb, v. a. to wet, make 
wet; to drench, moisten, soak. 

B3MiimiiBaxb, V. a. to raise a scaffold; || -ca, 
V. r. to rise by a scaffold. 
B3MeT'b, s. m. first tiltli. 

B3Mexi.iBaxb, BSMcxaxb, BSJiexuyxb, v. a. to 
fling up, throw up; || -ca, v. r. to throw one's self 
upon; to fall upon (in anger); [to fly at;\\2)art. p. 

BsMoaiixbca, V. n. perf. to go imploring, be- 
seeching; to crave. 

B3MupHUK'b, s. m. hot. wrack-grass, sea-grass, 

BsMopbe, s. n. shore of the sea, beach, coast. 
BsMocxiixb, see BsMamEBaxb. 
BsJioiiixb, see BsMaiHBaxb. 
Bsmymaxb, BsiiyxKXb, v. a. to muddy, render 

B3H0CiiXb, BSHecxu, V. a. to bring up, carry 
up; II to pay in, into; to deposit, disburse, lay out, 
contribute; see Bo3HOCHTb;|j -ca, v. p. to be paid, 
be paid in; to be slandered; ua Meun -Hocnxca 
ecanaH Heuujiiina, they charge me with unheard 
of things; I jj«>-f. p. BsaecenHbiit. 
BsHocubifi, adj. payable, to be paid. 
B3Hoc'b, s. m. BsHOCKa, s. f. payment, deposit, 
installment, imbursement. 

B3Hy3;i;biBaxb, BSHys^^axb, v. a. to bridle, put 
on the bridle. 

B3o6paxbea, see BaSHparbca. 
Bsoraaxb, see Bsronaxb, BoaroaaTb. 
B3orptBaxb, Bsorpixb, v. a. to warm up, heat; 
||/)«r^. p. B30rpixfiitt. 

BsoApaxb, see Bs^npaTb. 
Bsofixu, see BocxoAHtb. 
B3onpi.ibi&, adj. pop. sweating, in a perspira- 

Bsonpixb, pop. see lIpiTb. 
BsopBanie, see BspuBaHie. 
Bsopsaxb, see BspuBaxb. 
B30P'b, s. m. look, glance; o6pamumh na ceoa 
ecn BsopH, to attract all eyes; ycmpcMUVih B30pBi 
na Koio, to fix one's eyes upon; nomynumh—, to 
cast one's eyes down; o6pamamh BSopH, to look 
on, upon, towards; omepanayuh BSopH, to look off. 
BaoxKHyxb, v. a. perf. see B-rHKaxb. 
B3pacxaxb, Bspacxa, v. n. to grow, grow up; 
to get tall; to increase. 

B3pacxHXb, see Bospamaxb. 
BapaiHocxb, s. f good, fine, pretty appear- 

Bspa^Hbitt, adj. pretty, handsome, nice; good- 

B3paiii,aTb, see Bospamaxt. 
BapcB^Tb, see Sapesixb. 
Bspociocxb, s. f. mature age, full growth, 

BspucjMii, adj. grown up, adult. 
Bspocxaxb, Bspocxii, see Bapacxaxb. 
B3pyOaxb, B3py0iiXb, v. a. to hew up, cut off; 
to split; ;j to erect, build (timber work).\ 

BspyOei;!., BapyO-b, s. m. frame (of timber 

B3puBauic,s.>i.the act of exploding;seeB3pHB'L. 
BapuBiixb, B3puxb, V. a. to dig up, rake up; 
to turn u\r.'\part. p. B3phiXHii. 

BspiJBaxb, BSopBaxb, v. a. to explode, blow 
up; to burst, Aeton?Lt&\—Kopa6.ih, to blow up a 
ship;— .«u«2/, to spring a mine; n fig. to revolt, 
irritate; |l v. imp. .venn dmo, that roused 
mv indignation: ' -ca, v. p. to explode, blow up; 
to' be blown up; part. p. B3opBauHLifi. 


- 50 - 


BapuBHofi, BapbiBOiHun, adj. explosive. 

BapwH^nBRift, -Buaxml, adj. explosive. 

BspwBT., s. m. explosion, blowing up; detona- 
tion, detonating, bursting; npo)i3Gecmi<, — ,to explode, 
to burst, blow up; to detonate, to detonize. 

B3p&i;i;aT&, see SapHxaxh. 

BspH^TiT. (h.i-), adv. see HaBspHAt. 

Bsps^iTle, s. n. digging up. 

Bspuxb, see BspuBaTb. 

BspMx.iaxb, Bsphix.iHTb, V. a. to render ligbt 
(earth, ijround). 

Bap-BSKa, s. f. Bsp'feai., s. m. cutting open, dis- 

BspisHBaHie, s. n. cutting open. 

Bsp-BSHBaTB, BspisaTB, V. a. to cut open, 
dissect; |i -Cfl, v. p. to be cut open, be dissected: 
lipart. p. Bsp-DsaHHHfi. 

Bspt>3i., adv. brimful, chokeful. 

BsieponeHHTb, v. a. pop. to give a sound 

BstepoineHic, s. n. bristling, dishevelling (of 

BsTbepoiuHBaTb, BsteponiHTb, v. a. to dishevel 
(half); to bristle, touse; || -ca, v.r. tojiristle up, 
stand on end (of hair);lpart. p. BS-beponiCHHwii; 
i-HHaa loJioGa, head with dishevelled, disordered 

B8T.ifi;!;aTbca, Bsi-BCTbca, v. n. pop. (na koio), 
to fall upon tooth and nail, have a spite against 
one, owe a grudge. 

B3i.t.3j?;i., s. m. ascent; ride up; Ij fort, talus. 

Bs'b'bsaiaTb, BSTi-BxaTi., V. n.. to ride up, drive 
np, ascend (in a vehicle). 

BsMBaHiO; s. n. invocation. 

BsBiBiiTb, BossBaxb, V. a. to invoke, invocate; 
to call to: \\ part. p. BOSBaHHUii. 

Bsbirpaxb, -ca, v. n. perf. to leap for joy; to 

BsbiCKaHie, s. n. calling to account, exaction; 
ij punishment, penalty, pain; || pay, payment, re- 
covering (debts); )iodamb oeKceAb no -hIh), to follow 
up the payment of a bill of exchange; — nedou.HOK'o, 
recovering of arrears. 

BaiJCKiixciib, s. TO. -HHi^a, s. f. person who 
calls one to account; requirer; exactor, exact- 

BsMcrcaxeabHOCXb, s. f. exigence, severity. 

BsbiCRaxeabHbiJi, adj. exigent, particular, 
exa(;ting, severe; ouh oneuh -.leai. m ceoeu npu- 
CJiyin, he is very exacting with his servants. 

BsMCRnBaaic, s. n. exaction. 

BaucKiiBaxb, BaucRaxb, v. a. (ct, koio), to 
exact, require, recover;— cj/()o.«s, to prosecute, to 
sue (at law); ca Hew -CKa;iH ooh yCmrnKii, he was 
obliged to pay all the damages; 1| —('wa komi,), to 
ask account, to call for an account; to punish; ocn 
amu c.iesu na aac^ Hoih Babimexi, God will ask 
you the account of all those tears; cz. neio cmpoio 
BBuinyxT. 3a 9mo ynywenie, he will be severely 
punislied for this negligence; || to seek; to load with, 
to fill; -CKiixb .Hu.'iocniHMUj to load with favours, 
gifts, to favour; j^fov. Hn,M% koio B8Biu;cuib, oiie- 
j)€dh u ce6tb moaice ctmeuib, as you make your lied 
so you must lie; || -ca, v. j). to be required, be 
t;xacted; ji/jar?. ji. BSiJCKaiiHbiit. 

BabiCKT., s. 7)1. recovery; || proceedings; prosecu- 
tion, n^quisifion; claim. 

ItahiiHiini., s. m. -ii^iii^a, s. f. exactor, requirer, 

HaiiTio, s. n. taking; capfure; — oopamiio, taking 
back, withdrawal. 

BaaxKa, s. f. dim. -xo'iira, trick (at cards); 
||cx(ortion: concussion, bribe; Opamh -kh, to 
crmmit lu'ibery: ci, neio —kh i.tadna, tliere is 
noihiiig to gain from him: -xoMin.iii, adj. 

Baaxo^HnKi., s. to. -Hni^a, s. f. bribe-taker, 
extortioner, peculator; |1 -HHiecKlft, adj. 

BaaxoiHn'iecxBO, s. n. concussions, mercena- 
riness, venality. 

Baaxb, V. a. irr. perf. (fat. BoabMv), to take, 
take away, from, up; to take or lay hold of; to 
seize; — cii.iom, to take by force; to capture; — 3a py>cy, 
to take by the hand;— dibAO ei pyKU,to undertake the 
affair; ca .wew/j B3a.iH 3a smo dea 'py6AH, 1 have paid 
two rubles for this; Co neio eu emo BaajiH.' who 
told you that, what gave you cause to say that, 
where did you bear that?— ee^ajo, to have the over- 
hand, the upperhand; — cooe, to get one's own 
way; — uasadT,, oSpamuo, to take back, draw back, 
withdraw;— «a3a5ft caoe c.ioso, to retract one's 
word; — nasado denua, to call in or back one's 
money;— 6's ceudvjme.ui, to call to witness; eto 
Ksa.i'b cmpaxh, he was seized with fright; eio 
jtSH.ik oxoma nymemecmooeamh, he was seized 
with the desire to travel; om Bsa.ix. sa otceHom doa, his wife brouglit him two houses as por- 
tion; — aKKopdH), mits. to take a chord; — nod7> 
cmpaowy, to lay hold on, to arrest; — «?< n.nrbm, to 
capture, to take prisoner;— 6'o.i?o, to take one's 
own way, to disobej; to listen to nobody; — koio 
oo pyKio, to keep a tight hand over a person; — «too 
ce6ib e^ zo.iony, to take something into one's head; 
OMs Baajcb y.uo.\n, he owes all to his wit; om 
eob.m Baajii., he has all that can please; om, hu 
daimy HU — eio omeui, he is the very picture of 
his father; umo B3aj['b! well, what did you gain 
by this? Co neio neueio—, he has nothing to give; 
amu.m, Huueio ne BOSbMeuib, you will gain nothing 
in that way; uopim BOSbMHl the devil take it, 
how the deuce! coll. — da u, without the slightes^t 
warning; ouh B3a.iXi da it y6iboica.n,, om B03bMH 
da a yCibiu, and without a word he was off; 
Ipop. BoabMH i.iaaa ei 3y6u, consider the matter 
well; l| nmo saaxo, mo comno, give a thing and 
take a thing is the devil's plaything; jj Bi^axbca, 
V. p. to be taken; II u.r. -ca sa umo, to undertake, 
begin to do; -ca 3a eociiaynunie dibmev., to under- 
take the education of children; ne 3namb, 3a nmo 
-ca u KaKh -ca, not to know what to do, what 
course to adopt, and how or in what way to 
begin; h .uoiy -ca 3a ocHKym pa6omy, I can turn 
my hand to any thing; -ca sa opyMic, to take 
up arms; 11 to take upon one's self; to attempt: om 
-.ica no.Movh na.\th, he took upon himself to help 
us; II -ca 3a yM^, to grow reasonable; omnyda 
Baajiocb y neio manoe Soiamcmau? from where 
did he receive such a fortune? omuyda uu Boab- 
MHCb eojiKo, suddenly there appeared a wolf; oto- 
icyda om Bsaacfl? whence did he coTaf?\\part. p. 

Bii6p>iu,ia, s. f. vibration. 

BaOpiipoBaxb, v. ti. to vibrate. 

BBBaxii, interj. hurrah I 

BiiBHCeKi^ia, .s\ f. vivisection. 

Biiruiib, s.f. ^oo/. vicunia;ii vicunia-wooI;|l-6He- 
BKItt, adj. 

IlH;^aaHrt, ndj. who has seen much. 

BH;^a.ibiHiiHa, s. f. pop. common thing, com- 
mon sight. 

nH;(,axb, v.a. to see often; no iie—, he is not 
to be seen; naucto ne — , one sees nothing; h hu- 
ueio nodoOtiato ne -;i,a.'ii>, I never saw^ anything 
similar to that; neio n ma.uh ne -;^a.ii>! Ivi^ 
nothing to do there! || -ca, (;. rec. to see one an- 
other often; to visit one another; ci:o.ibKO .inrm, 
CKo.ibKo 3H.Mr, .HU 716 -J^il.^IlCb, it is au age since 
we have met;i|^jar<. p. niiAaJiiiwft; -iioc mi smo 
dih.ujf was such a thing ever seenl 

Bi(;khmo, adv. visibly; by the ejo;—7ie—, an 
immense qn;intity; iiapody 6hi.uj — iie—, tliere was 

an immense croMd of people; 1| evidently; om—xu- 
vin.%0 cdib.iamb dmo, evidently he would have 
done it. 

Bhahmoctb, s. f. visibility, visibleness; percep- 

BiiAHMwii, adj. visible, pcrceivablo, evident, 
apparent;— toj^wjoKm-o, visible horizon; Bar,, ccmb 
leopei(<h eceto -aiaro u neundiiMaio, God is the 
Author of all things visible and invisible; - moc 
iqxj/ie.ieiiie Bojichmo Moiywecmea, the evident 
manifestation of God's power; 6e3b -Moii npumiHu, 
without an ai)parent cause; no -momv, loc. adv. 
see ELoEHjinMOMy. 

Bu^HO, V. imi). it is clear; it is to be seen;—, 
HVio OUT, uo.ienh, one sees, that he is ill; u 6e3i 
oinH—, one sees clearly witliout lights; tto eceMij—, 
WHO, it is evident, all shov/s, all proves that; eio— 
dcucKo, he is seen far off, from far; see BHAtTt. 

Bii;i;HO, adv. seemingly, apparently; — oiih we 
npiibdenn, apparently he will not come. 

Bif^^HUii, adj. evident; apparent, visible; con- 
spicuous, eminent; -Hoe, a clear case; aanu- 
.namb -Hoe no-iooiceme oa ctiunm, to occupy an 
eminent position, make some figure in the world; 
Oo.\ro eio naxodumcn na ca.MOMh -HOJii. .\mcm)b^ 
his house is situated on the most conspicuous 
place; ii stately, good-looking;— .w^;>/c'/«Ha, a stately 
man; -Haa Jioniadh, a superb horse. 

BiiAHi&Tbca, V. 11. to appear; to be in sight, be 
visible, be seen; 6da.v.(, -H-ibcTCfl topa, far away 
a mountain is visible. 

BHji;OB<)ii, adj. of the kind; see BTS.f.'h. 

BH;^0H3M'fcHeHie, s. n. phase, phasis, variety; 
aspect, view; - Henia .r?/«w, the phases of the 

BHji.onBM'feHaTBCa, v. n. to vary, change the 

Bh;i;i., s. m. face, countenance; air, look, aspect; 
OUT, noKasueaemo .mh» nedoao.tbHUu — , be shows me 
a displeased face; Owau upuHH.iu (?/)^^o^t—, affairs 
have taken another aspect; Had.\teHHUu — , haughty 
air; adojioeuh, neadopoouii — , a healthy, an un- 
healthy look; d.iaiojJodHuu—, a noble aspect; jj ap- 
pearance, sight; njju BVji^'fi eio om, d2}0.')H;iiim, he 
shudders at the sight of him; [[figure, form; oho 
npiinfi.i7,—cmapiiKa, he assumed the figure of an 
old man; Oo BHj,t. anieAu, under the form of an 
angel; d.iH bh^^v, for form's sake; , sight, eyesight; 
nomepHtrib U3h BM;i,y vmo, to lose sight of a thing; 
n3^ BH^y, out of sight; a% BH;i;y neio, in sight, 
within sight of, within view of; in consideration, 
in behalf of, on account of; 6umb eo Bii^y, to be 
in sight; no BH;^y, c^ Bu^^y, by sight, from eyesight; 
ne mepmmb ust, BHj^y, to have or to keep an eye 
over one, upon one, not to lose sight of one; to 
have a watchful eye over one; nocmaonnib (ko.hij 
Htno) na — , to observe, to animadvert; ne 
cmaeiinib Ha — emou ouiu6ku, there was no occa- 
sion to make any animadversion upon this blun- 
der; 6umi ua BH;i;y y uaua.ibcmea, to be in favour 
with one's chiefs; !j landscape, prospect, view, point 
of view; npe.iecmmie bu;^ej, beautiful landscapes; 
semblance, show, appearance, exterior; nudo bh- 
^^OMi. dprj'MCu^ under a show or pretence of 
friendship; ncAbSH cijdumb o Awdnxi no Bu;iiy,^ one 
must not judge people by appearance; ci BH;ty, 
BH^^OMii 0?/?. noxo^HCh na oOesbHuy, he is like a 
monkey in appearance: utrpi/Mcuuu—vm.iz, 3e.M.iH, 
configuration of bodies, of earth; jdnAavtb u.iu no- 
Kasmamb—^mno, to feign, to pretend, make as if 
or make as though; om, dnaaenih—, mno nxf, ne 
eudunn, he feigns not to see them; ^ view, prospect, 
intention, design, aim; oh vii}i,axj, oonecmeeunoh 
no.ibsu, in consideration of the public good, with 
respect or regard to the pnlilic good; y new 07, 

— 51 - BHJIO 

BH^y mo.xbKO tinmejjecu, he has but his interests 
in view; K.Mumb bu^m «« umo, to aim at a thing; 
OHh n.vibemo es Bu;i,y ooAbudn uuiodu, he has the 
prospect of great profits; KUKie y each buj^u uo' 
cueim amoto, what are your intentions, designs 
concerning this: ;i species: sort: kind, wise, way; 
pusmie bii,t;u .sfpa.Mopa, different species of marble; 
}iodo Bii,r,i!MH, in botli kinds; «;- BUji.'fe co- 
amna, by way of advice; a?, Bii;i,'fe itonyuKu, by 
right of purchase: !l permission, passport:— h« mcu- 
rne.ibcmooj passport; na nodh naKUMh bu^^omx, by 
no means, in no wise; ne nij);a3amb a Bii;^y, to 
pretend ignorance of anything; e« nbiinoMb bha*)^, 
in a drunken state; eh .na.ioMh bha'I'j on a small 
scale; aiida.i;, n bh;i;h, I have seen much of life; 
Bii^i.ftM'ii ne eudanib, it was never seen. 

BH;i,biBaT&j V. a. h eio -Baai, I saw him for- 
merly, in former times. 

BH;i;ijHio, s. n. sight; vision, apparition. 

Bnjl.'fcTb, V. a. to see, view; eto ne.ib3H—, he is 
not y'\sihle;—npedcmaeAenie do Konua, to see the 
performance out; — eo cnw, to dream, see in a 
dream;— cfl/w, to have a dream: j| do.u-o y-me -^ijeH'B, 
the house is already seen; Hproy. veto ne -j^hiiib, 
mo.Mh He opedumb, out of sight out of mind; 
ii -Cfi, c. rec. to see each other, one another; .«h?6 
HyMHo C7, neit -ca, I must see her; mu yoKe 
-.H'liJiHCi., we have seen one another; ji -ca, v. 
imp. to seem, dream; .Hnn BH^i.'fejioci., I dreamed; 
it seemed to me;\\2Jart. p. BH;i,'feHHUi'i. 

BHsaBif, s. m. indecl. vis-a-vis. 

BMsrauBufi, adj. squeaking, shrill, whining; — 
lOAOCb., a squeaking voice. 

BasroTHa, s. f. squeaking, screaming. 

BHsrjHTb, s. m. -ryHLa, s. /'. squeaker, 
squealer, whiner. 

Biiarii, s. 711. squeak, squeal; yelping, whining; — 
nuAbi, screaking of the saw. 

BnaacaHie, s. n. squeaking, yelping. 

BnaasaTii, BusrayTi., v. n. to squeak, squeal, 
whine, howl, yelp; to scream; to screech (of an owl). 

Basara, see Eaanra. 

Bii3H{)Ka, s. f. tech. ranging-pole. 

BHSHpoBaHie, s. n. vise, visa. 

BiiSHpoBaxb, V. a. to vise, visa (a passport). 

BHsapcTBO, s. n. vizierate; viziership. 

Basiipb, s. m. vizier; eepxaenuii— , grand vizier; 
-pcEitt; adj. 

BasHTaTopt, s. m. inspector; visitor; I -opcKift, 

BasaTai^ia, s. f. inspection; visitation, visit 
(of a doctor). 

BasiiTEa, s. /'. morning coat. 

BasaTi, s. m. visit; cdib.iamb—, to visit, pay a 
visit; Ii -axBEjii, adj. -aaa K«^i7«o«A:rt, visiting card. 

BaKapiJt, s. m. vicar, suffragan; || -apHBili, adj. 

BaKapcTBO, s. n. vicariate, vicarship; jj >CEiiij 
adj. vicarious. 

Bhkobctbo, s. n. viscountship, viscounty. 

BuKOHTi; s. m. viscount; t -Koaxecca, s. f. 
viscountess; il -oaxcKift, adj. 

BaKCaxBBi>, s. m. oil-cloth. 

BaKXopiaJibHUii, adj.—denh, victory day. 

BiiJiai^a, s. f. b<it. ivy. 

BaJiRa, s. f. dim. -ao'iita, fork; mech. fork- 
link; II - JO'iHWii, adj. 

BaJiKOBMft, Baaoft, adj. headed (cabbage). 

Ba.iKooOpasHMil, adj. forked. 

BiJ.TJia, s. f. villa. 

Bn.ioK7,, s. m. dim. -JioiCK-b, head of cabbage, 

BajLooOpasHHff, adj. forked, forky. 

Hiiao'iKa, s. f. dim. see \i-aAv.a,:\anat. breast- 



— 52 — 


BuJiTb, s. m. hot. lark-spiir. 

Bhjbi, s. f. pi. pitchfork; pitcher; dmo ewe bh- 
jiasiH na eodtb nncauo, it is a mere chance, a 
waiting for dead men's shoes. 

BHJibiypa, s. f. vilchoura (a coat of wolf s fur, 
worn the hair ow^swZe); ; -ypnuii, adj. 

BHJiaJbmHKTb, s. m. -iii;Hii,a, s. f. shuffler, 

BHJiaHie, s. n. shuffling, shifting. 

Bhjihtb, BHJi&HyTb, V. n. to turn here and 
there; to change direction in running; co6aKa 
-.laeT-b xaocmo.Hh, the dog wags its tail; ji /if/- to 
tergiversate, use evasion; to shift, shuffle; om 
-jraeTi xaocmo.vo, he shifts, he shuffles (of a 


f, guilt, fault, wrong; blame; cause: 

BiiHonoCHHft, adj. wine-producing. 

BniionHTie, s. n. use of wine. 

BHHoniflD(,a, s. c wine-drinker. 

BHHonpo;i;aBeii,'ij, see BaHOToprOBen;!.. 

BuHOCioBie, s. n. argument, proof, cause. 

BHHOCJiOBHOCTb, s. f. causality. 

BnHOc;iuBHBitt, adj. causal, causative, showing 
the cause;— ^adeawo, gram, accusative case. 

BKHOToproBen,!., s. m. wine-merchant. 

BBHOToproB-ia, s. f. wine-trade. 

BHHOiepneu.'B, -lepnift, s. m. cup-hearer. 

BHHxapua, s. f. BaHTeCeJib, s. m. see Bhhto- 

I BuHxiiTb, V. a. to screw, worm; ['i to play a 
j sort of whist; \part. p. BHHqeHHuft. 
I BBHTOBaJiBHUft, adj. - Hoe pi/MCbe, rifle-bar- 

ceaA^tnn b^hhy '^Ha'dpyiow, to throw the blame I relied gun; -naa docKa, screw-plate. 
QOther; biihom dmoii ccopu BnHTOBajibHa, s. f. see BaHTopt 

of a thing on another; 

HedojMOi/MMiie, misunderstanding was the cause 
of this' quarrel: amo cdibAajiocb ne no eio bhuij, 
that did not happen through any fault of his: 
coanatocb 8b ceoeu BHH'b; I acknowledge my fault; 
.MOH—, my wrongs. 

Bnarpaji;!., s. m. art. cascabel; button;, -a;i;HUfi, 

BHH;!;3eftJib, s. m. naut. wind-sail. 

BuHerpeT-b, s. m. vinaigrette (a dish). 

BHHHTeJbHHft, adj. gram.—nadeMh, accusa- 

BHHHTb, V. a. to accuse of, to blame; to charge 
or tax with, to lay to one's charge, to impute to 
one (crimes); to bring in one guilty; to lay a charge 
against one; aob eio -naTTb, every body lays the 
blame at his door; H -ca, v. r. (ot, ueMo), to own 
one's self guilty, to confess one's fault. 

BHHHOKaMCHHbitt, adj. chem. tartarous, tar- 

BHHHoaro;i;HHK'b, s. m. fig-eater, fig-pecker 

BHHHHfi, adj. of wine, winy, viny, vinose, vi- 
nous;— wot^je^j, wine-vaults, wine-cellar, wine-shop; 
-aaa 6om:n, wine-cask; — icaMem, tartar, wine- 
stone; -Haa moda, dried fig. 

BuHo, s. n. dim. buhi^o, wine; uepKoenoe—, 
red wine; x.^ibSiioe—, brandy. 

BnnoBiiTBifl, adj. culpable, guilty, faulty; e^ 
sinoMh ue OHb -BaTTf., it is not his fault, it is no 
fault of Ids; 1; -buti., I beg your pardon; I am in 
the wrong; 'prov. ecnrMH eiina -aaia, -BfiTaro 
CbKtmh, he who makes a mistake loses. 

BuHOBHBR'b, s. m. -HiiB,a, .s. f. author, au- 
thoress, causer, cause-abettor (of a crime);— ducu 
Monxh, the author of my existence. 

BHHOBHOCTb, s. f. Culpability, guilt, guiltiness. 
BnHOBHTjfi, adj. culpable, guilty; faulty. 
BHHoroHHHft, adj. distillatory, for distilling. 
BHUorpii;i,apb, s. m. vine-dresser. 
BHHo^pa;^HHa, s. f. grape. 
BHHO^pa;■^HHK'b, s. m. vineyard, grapery. 
BHHorpiiAi'j «■ m. hot. vine, gra])e-vine (plant); 
grapes (fruit);— MycKamnuu, muscadel, muscadine: 
co6upanie -rpiij^a, vintage; j -aj^iiMft, adj. viny; 
-Haa moda, grape; -iioe aepnuuiKO, grape-stone; 
-naa Kucmb, a buncli of grapes; -aaa .lojn, 
grape-vine, vine, vine-shoot; -iraa ov.mob, vine- 
lira nch; -iiaa men.tima, vinery. 

BHHO;i;BJio, s. n. wine-making, wine-manufac- 
ture; art of making wine; i ocnology; \\ -Jibiiuft, adj. 
BHno;^ii.n., s. m. wine-grower. 
Binionypeiiie, s. n. distillation of brandy. 
BanoKvpeHHUit, -KypHUii, adj. distillatory;— 
aaaodh, l)randy-distillery. 

BHiioKypna^ s.f.aee BHnoKyponHu'i naBOAi'. 
BaHOKvp-b, .•«. m. brandy-distiller. 
BuHOMiip'b; s. m. oenometer. 


BnaxoBaxb, sa-, v. a. to screw, worm, 
(a g mi); I to caracole. 

BHHTOBKa, s. f. dim. -TOBOiKa, rifle; carabine, 
carbine; \\ -BOinbifr, adj. 

BHHTOBoft, adj. of screw, screwed, spiral; — na- 
poxodh, screw-steamer; —wa^)635, mech. channel, 
turn, worm, thread of a screw, fillet of a screw; 
-Baa launa, screw-nut; -saa jiunin, geom. spiral; 
helix; helical line or 'curve; — deuiame.ib, screw- 
propeller, screw - propelling; - Btia pacnopxa, 
mech. stay. 

BnHTOodpasHHtt, adj. spiral; | bot. circinal, 
cochleary;i] -ho, adv.—ly-^ 

BHHTopisT., s. m. -pisKa, s. f. screw-plate. 
BaHTi, .9. m. dim. BuHTHK-b, screw; 
^0G^—, Archimedean screw, Archimedes screw; j??/"/- 
Hoti—, hand-screw; 6e3KOHeuHuu—, endless screw, 
perpetual screw; KaaeuHuii—, art. breech;— jjjciJmoh, 
screw-propeller; —dbi.uoeou, chimney-floe:— m«wc?*jm- 
Hou, set-screw; I] a sort of whist. 

BHHTpaaen.'b, s. m. naut. wing-transom. 
Baaucnie, s. n. screwing. 
BHHiypa, see EnjibHypa. 
BuHbi, s. f. pi. obs. spades (at cards). 
BnabcTKa, s. f. vignette, flourish; jjj3?-m*. tail- 

Bupa, s. f. obs. fine, penalty. 
Bapa:K'L, s. m. phot, toning; ii cycJtw^r, banking 
(of a track). 

BapiiJi.i'b, BapnjiJiitt, see Bepnafli. 
BapTVoaaocTb, s. f. virtuosity. 
BapxyosTh, s. m. -sua, s. f. virtuoso. 
Biipiui], s. f. obs. rhymes: verses; paltry rhymes. 
BacKH, s.^ f. whiskey, whisky. 
BHejiOKpH.iKa, s. f. insect, raphidia. 
Bacjioyxift, adj. flap-eared, with hanging ears; 
|l s. m. pop. drowsy fellow, humdrum. 
Bucauft, adj. hanging, pendent. 
BacMyTi, s. m. chem. bismuth; } -yTOBbitt, adj. 

BacuyTb, v. n. to hang, hang on; to depend. 
Bhcokoct,, .s. m. bissextile, leap-year: ij -koc- 
Huft, adj.-iodb, leap-year; -Kocarjtt dem, in- 
tercalary day. ^ , 

Bhcoki., .s. m. dim. -co'ieKi, temple; H -coikh, 
pi. roundlets of hair on the temple, kiss-curls; 
I -eo'inrjft, adj. temporal; -aaa Kocmh, temple- 
bone. , 

Bhccoht,, Bbccx, s. m. byssin; jl -oHHMii, adj. 
BacToBaxb, v. n. (KO.Hg), to play with. 
Bhctt., s. m. whist; ndmu uh—, see BncTOBaTt. 
IliicyJibKa, BacMMbKa, s.f. pendant, l)ob: |1 icicle. 
Hiict.anua, ,<;. /". gallows; gibbet; iJ-JiaiHUft, adj. 
UHct.JibHHKi., s. m. -UH^a, s. f hanged man 
or woman; rogue, gallows-bird, gallows-swinger. 
Baciinie, s. n. state of being hanged, hanging, 


- 63 — 


Bncixb, V. n. to lie hanging, he suspended: to 
suspend (in the air); to hoh, dangle: ymech -ciiTt 
Ha^^ MopeMh, the rock hangs over tlie sea: i to 
impend; to hover; paaopeHie, CMeirmb -cuTi, nadh 
eio to.ioeoH), ruin, death hovers or hangs over his 
head;— «« uo.iockw, na JiU7noHK>b, to hold only hy 
a hair, by a thread, to be within the turn of 
a die. 

BHcaiift, adj. hanging, pendent, pendulous;— 
aa.HOKh, padlock: — Mocnn, suspension-bridge; ij bot. 

BHTa.iiisMt, s. m. vitalism. 
BHTHHie, s. n. si. dwelling, abode; ji soaring. 
BuTJiTB, V. n. to live, lodge: i| to soar; to hover 
liy;_e~o o6.iaKax~o, to take flight to the sky. 
Buxic, BuTbe, s. n. torsion, twisting, twining. 
BHxieBaTOCTb, s. f. a declamatory eloquence, 

BnxieBaxBiti, BHTiticxBeHHuii, adj. eloquent, 
oratorical; , -to, adv.—lj- 

BHxiflCTBO, s. n. eloquence, oratory. 
BuTiflcxBOBaxb, V. n. to speak in an oratorical 
manner. , 

BHTia, s. m. orator, declaimer; ■, -iftcKift, adj. 
oratorial, oratorical. 

BnxoBa, adj. med. — n.iJiCKa, St. Vitus's dance, 

BflXOKt, s. m. card for winding thread in a 
bottom; il a wai. see 3aBHT0nx. 

BHxpHHa, s. f. show-case, show-glass. 
BHxyuiKa, s. f. dim. -yiueiKa, a twisted thing; 
iJ a twist, twisted bun. 

Biixb, V. a. irr. to twist, twine; \\ to wind (silk^ 
thread); to coil;—tHtb3do, to build a nest;— m35 
neubKu gepeaKu, to twist or make ropes of hemp; jj — 
gibHKu, to weave or plait garlands, v/reaths; '.| -ca, 
V. r. to twist, twist one's self; to twine, wind round; 
to serpentize, meander; njiwmi Bbexca ooKpyi^ 
KOJioHHhi, the ivy twines itself round a column; 3.huh 
Btexca, the serpeut wriggles; ii to curl, fall 
into curls (of hair); to whirl; to cabbage (as cole- 
icort); oo.iocu Bbioxca y neio ca.Mu co6oh), his hair 
curls naturally; 1| to move in a circle; to hover, 
soar, fly high; opjCA^ Bbexca nodo oo.iaKaMu, the 
eagle soars or hovers; ,1 to turn round, go round; 
to fawn; coGaica Bbexca eoKpyio .Hena, the dog 
fawns upon me; n part. p. BHXofi; "iha^.DbonuHna, 
winding stair-case, spiral stair-case: -xaa Ko.ionna, 
wreathed column. 

BHxasb, s. m. obs. knight, knight-errant. 
Bnxaaii, s. m. pop. saunterer, lubber. 
Baxjiaxb, v. n. pop. to saunter, reel. 
BHXHjXb, V. a. pop. to move. 
BuxopTb, ,v, m. dim. -xopoKX., forelock, toupee; 
eanmb sn—, eudpamb 3a—, mepeoamb sa—, to pull 
by the hair. 

Buxopb, Bnxpb, s. m. whirl, whirlwind; Jl-xop- 
BM&f oc/y. Ij BHxpeM-b, ailv. impetuously, like a 
whirlwind. ^ 

Biixpcii^'b, s. m. anat. rump-bone; \ -oi^oBbiii, 

BMn,e-a;i;MHpa.Tb, s. m. vice-admiral. 

BHU.c-ryOepHiixop'b, s. m. vice-governor. 

BHU,e-;^npeKXop'b, s. m. vice-director. 

BHi^e-Kiinn.Jiep'b, s. m. vice-chancellor. 

BHH.e-KOHcyji'b, s. m. vice-consul. 

Bai^e-KOHcyjbCXBO, s. n. vice-consulship. 

BHn,e-KopoaeBCXBO, s. n. viceroyalty, vicc- 

BHii,c-Eopo.ib, s. VI. viceroy.^ 

BHU,e-MyH;i;HP'b, BimMyHAnpij s. in. undress, 

BHi^e-npesHAeHXCXBO, s. n. vice-presidency. 

BHn,e-npe8n;i;eHT'b, s. m. vice-president. 

BumeHHHR'b, 5. m. cherry-orchard. 

BnnicHHUli, adj. -Hoe (Jejicao, cherry-tree. 

BuuiCHbe, s.rt. pop. co?Zef. cherries, cherry-trees. 

BuiuaeBKa, s. f. cherry-brandy. 

BiimiieBbitt, BiiuiHeBufi, adj. of cherry; cherry- 
coloured; — uoibvih, clierry-colour; -Baa KOcmoHKa, 

BiiiUHa, s. f. dim. BHUiCHKa, cherry; .laopo- 
ean — , cherry-bay, cherry-laurel; 6)biaeHaH — , bot. 
belladonna, deadly-nightshade; oKudoeeKua — , bot. 
winter-cherry, morel-cherry; 6.iai080HHaji — , maha- 
leb; AibCHua — , merry: duKan — , choke-cherry. 

BuiUHaK'b, see BBDieauHKi. 

Bauib, pjartide (abbreviation of Bvi]ijiimi„), pop. 
look, see there, there is; — , nmo, there, see 
what he has invented;— KaKOii.' look, what a cunning 
fellow he is! 

BiOaia, s. f. alto, viola. 

Bio.iHCX'b, s. m. violist. 

BiojOHieaucx'b, s. m. violoncellist. 

BiojOHieab, s. f. violoncello. 

BioJib-;i;aMypT., s. m. viola-d'amore. 

BRanuBaHie, s. n. digging in, burying, sinking in. 

BnanbiBaxb, BKonaxb, v. a. to dig in, bury (a 
treasure, money); to drive in (stakes); i, -ca, v. r. p. 
to earth one's self, bury one's self; to be dug in; 
\part. p. BKonaHHUfl. 

BKaxMBanie, BKaxKa,s./". rolling in, bowling in. 

BKaxHsaxb, BKaxaxb, BKaxaxb, v. a. to roll 
in, bowl in; -XHXb 6ouKy Oo nolpe6^, to put a 
cask in a cellar; ij -xaxb ei, yCumoK'o, to cause a 
prejudice to: jj -ca, v. r. p. to roll in; to be rolled 
'm;\part. p. BKaxaHHwft. , ^ 

BKaiHBaxb, BKaiaxb, BKa^iHyxb, v. a. to 
pump in. 

BKHAMBanie, s. n. casting in, throwing in. 

BKii;i,iJBaTb, BKuayxb, v. a. to cast in, throw 
in; [1 -ca, v. r. p. to rush in, dart in; to be 
thrown m;\\part. p. BKHHyxMfi. 

BKJia;^Ka, s. f. laying in, putting in. 

BKaaj(,H6ii, adj. that can be put in. 

BK.ia;i;Hbrfi, -a;i,oiHbitt, adj. of donation; de- 

BK.ia;!;iHKT., s. m. -'iHna, s.f. depositor: donor, 


BKJiaAtj s. m. deposit, deposit money; donation. 

BRjaAHBanio, s. n. laying in, putting in. 

BK-iaAMBaxb, BKaacxb, B-ioaMixb, v. a. to lay 
in put in; B.ioaJHXb 8^ homhu cao.iM, to sheathe 
a 'sword; aaoaiiixb oduy mpydy eh dpyiym, to fit 
in or join pipes; j, to invest (money );\\ -ca, v. p. to 
be laid in. 

BK.ieHBaHle, s. n. gluing in. 

BKaenBaxb, Bu.icHXb, v. a. to glue in, paste 
in; ii -HXb CAoewj, fiy. to put in a word. 

BK.ieftKa, s. f. gluing in; Ij piece glued in. 

BK.ienwBaxbca, BKaenaxbca, v. r. (oo nmo), 
to take one thing or person for another; ouo 
-na.ica er, .«ow xu.utnij, he took my hat for 
his;— OT neh lo.ioch, to he mistaken in a voice. 

BK.iioqaTb, BK.iH)iiiXb, v. a. to insert, include; 
to inclose: -'iHXb e?, ^o^oeop^, to insert in a 
contract: -'liixb koio si uucao dpyaeu, to rank 
some one among one's friends; ii -ca, v. p. to be 
included, be inserted in;lpart. p. BK.iioueHHUft. 

BiMiO'iaa, ado. including, inclusively: com- 
prising;— (« Q/oO'oj«2/, Saturday included, to Saturday 

BiMioHCHie, s.n. inclusion, insertion, inclosing; 
CO -'leHicsi-b, including, with the inclusion of; co 
-«ieuieMX» noiu.uinh, the taxes included. 

BhMioyiixeabno, adv. inclusively. 

ItKOBUsaxb, BKOBUXb, V. u. to forgc in, weld; 
part. p. BKOBaHiiraft. 


V. n. to hobble in, limp in. 


— 54 


BKOiaiHsaTb, bko.iothti., v. a. to drive in, 
into; tf> thrust (a nail); to knock in, into;— .«'M0_»}- 
KOMh, to hammer in; Ij -ca, v. p. to be driven in, 
be knocked m\lpart. p. BKOJioueHHMti. 

BKOMKHBaxb, BKOMKaxb, V. a. to squesze, 
thrnst in. 

Bkohcii.'B, (ulv. entirely, wholly, totally. 

BKonaHH&ifi, part. p. dug in, buried;_o«5 cu- 
damh, emoiimh, KnKr,—, he is nailed to his chair, 
he stands rooted to the spot. 

BKonaTi, see BKanHBaTt. 

BKonna^ s. f. digging in; burying. 

BKopeneHie, s. n. inculcation, insinuation, en- 
rooting, impressing. 

BKopeuiiTCib, s. m. -HHn,a, s. f. inculcator, 

BKopeHb, see BKonen^. 

BitopeHflTb, BKopeHiiTb, V. a. to root in, 
inculcate; to impress (ns rnles);'\\ -ca, v.r. to take 
root; to be inculcated; snvi 6oMb3Hb yowe -hh- 
jiacb, this disease has taken root. 

BKopOTKB, adv. soon, shortly, ere long, before 


BKOCb, adv. obliquely; paspibsamb— , to cut on 
the bias; 11 awry, aslope;— ;* sKpaob, adv. at random. 

BEpa^'iiiBOCTb, s. f. insinuating character, 
insinuation; wheedling. 

BKpa^^iiiBHfi, adj. insinuating, insinuative; 

BKpa;i;MBaTbca, BKpacTbca, v. r. to steal in, 
slink in, creep in, into; G^ amo coHuneHie BKpa- 
jacb ouiitoKa, a, fault has slipped into that work; 
II to insinuate, insinuate one's self; to find one's 
way: BKpacxbca e?, ubm Mit.incmb, to insinuate 
one's self into the good graces of a person; 
BKpacxbca tf5 doaibpie, to work one's self into 
a person's confidence. 

BKpaHBaxb, BKpoHXb, V. a. to cut in, fit in 
(by ciittiny). 

BKpaCH*, adv. in a favourable light. 

BKpaxn,f>, adv. briefly, succinctly, in abbrevia- 
tion, in short, shortly. 

BKpuBb, adv. aslant. 

UKpyn., prep. gen. around, round-about; round; 
all-round; oooumu — cada, to go round the garden; 
dmoto d)hMi — na.uHa ne o6.»omaeuib, that cannot 
be done so easily. 

BKpyxTH), ado. (of)h Hunib) hard-boiled (egg). 

BKpy^HBaxb, BKpyxHXb, v. a. to screw in. 

BKptnaHXb, BRp'l^auxb, v. a. to fasten in; 
to strengthen. 

BKvn'ixhca, BKynHXbca, v. r. to purchase 
one's admission. 

BKyn-b, s.m. price of admission; |! BRjnnuii, adj. 

BKvnfe, adv. together, in concert, conjointly. 

BKvpiiBaxbca, BKypHXbca, v. r. to accustom 
one's self to smoke. 

BKyciixb, see BKyiiiaxb. 

BKyciiBitt, adj. tasty, exquisite; savoury; delicate; 
-HOC etiHo, exquisite wine; -iiwe njiodu, savoury 
fruits; -hoc o.mido, a dainty dish; '; -ho, adv. 
tastily, exquisitely, delicately. 

BKycoBort, adj. gustatory; — nepoh, nerve of 

BiiVCTj, s. m. taste, savour; ue u.Mmtib BKvca, to 
be witliout taste; sdthcb d)b.%o BKyca, it is a matter 
of taste; npi/imnuh—, savonriness; ytnomeiuiu'a—, 
delicacy of taste; no onmcHi/ .in smo HKvcy.' is 
it to your tasteV style, manner; a, (lOjtbiuu.Mi, bkv- 
C0UT>, in style, in good taste; proo. y ocAKaio 
coou — , Ha — moaapiiwi nibtm,, every one to his 
taste; ua — a na uiibmb cnopa unrm, there is no ac- 
counting for tastes. ^ 

ItnyiiiiiXFi, BKyciixb, v. a. to taste; to relish, 
savour; — cnoicoucuioie, to enjoy rest; - CHXb 

CMepmb, to taste of death, to d\e;jpart. p. BKy- 


BKyiueHic, s.n. taste, tasting; relishing; li en- 

Bjara, s. f. humour; humidity, moisture. 

B.iara.inni,e, s.n. sheath, case; jj purse; jj -nm- 
Hbift, adj. 

Bjiaraxb, B.ioaciixb, o. a. to put in; B.ioiKMXb 
85 uoMHhi umaiy, to sheathe a sword; |; to invest 
(capital in an enterprise); — .Muc.ib, to suggest an 
idea; j| -ca, v. p. to be put in. 

BjiaroM-ispi,, s. m. hygrometer. 

BJia;i;nxb, see BjiaatHBaTt. 

B.ia;i,riiKa, s. m. lord, master; jj (title of the high 
clergy); il^-^uiecKift, — ;i;MiHMii, adj. 

Bjia;i;!jiecxBO, s. n. dominion, sovereignty; 
power, empire; nodh B.ia^ uiecxBOM^b . . . , under the 
power of...; — paacydKa, .Hodu, tlie reign, empire of 
reason, of fashion. 

B.ia;i,FjqecxBOBaHie, s. n. domination. 

Bjia;i;MqecxBOBaxb, v. n. to dominate, reign; 
to lord. ^ 

B.ia;i;w'iima, s.f. sovereign; || the holy Virgin. 

B.Ta;i;Bjeii,'b, s.m. -.iHB,a, s.f. possessor, owner, 
occupier, proprietor; holder; jl -h.ibuecKiii, adj. 

B.ia;i;-BHie, s. n. possession; dominion, estate, 
territory, domain; esecmn ao — , to put in posses- 
sion of; eoilmii, ecmy numb eo — , to take possession: 
nepehmii eh nyMoe — , to be alienated; iiepedamb 
ah uyMoe—, to alienate, to deliver up the posses- 
sion, to transfer the property; nacindcmaeuHbiH 
-Hia, hereditary lands or possessions. 

B.ia^BHHaa, adj. s. f. title-deed, right of pos- 

B.ia;i;Bxe.ib, s. m. -HHii,a, s. f. possessor, pro- 
prietor, owner, sovereign, governor, reigning prince. 

B.iaji;Bxe.ibHHfl, adj. reigning, ruling; possessory. 

B.ia;i;iixe.ibcxBOBaxb, v. n. to reign, rule. 

B.ia;i;BXb, V. n. Cvmn,), to possess, own; to be 
in possession of; — ti.MibmeMh, to hold or possess an 
estate; II to rule, govern, command; ^m^.^j/j -j^iexi. 
.MopfiMU, England rules over the seas; — co6ou, 
cmpacmH.Hn,, to govern one's self, to control one's 
passions;— cepd((e.w7j, to possess the affections of 
a person; ouh xopomo -^^-bcxTi (ppaiiKiyacKH.uo 
HSUKO.uh, he is master of or he lias great mastery 
of the French language; || to make use of; to 
manage, wield:— ^yKOw, to make use of the arm; — 
nepoM7>, py^Kbe.Hh, fig. to use or wield the pen, to 
wield arms. 

BJiasBUBaHbe; s. n. adjusting, fitting in. 

BJiaasHBaxb, B.ia;],HXb, v. a. to fit 'n\\\part. p. 

Bji.asKHXb, VB.Taarnxb, v. a, to moisten. 

BjiiiajHocxb, s. f. moisture, humidity, damp- 

B.ia:sHi>ifi, adj. moist, humid, damp; H -ho, 
afZy.— ly. 

BjiiiMbTBaxbca, B.ioMiixbca, v. r. (eo umo), to 
get in by force; to break in, into; — eh deeph, to 
force open a door; B.ioMiixbca o^ a.Hduuiw, fig. 
to take offense. 

B.iacxBOBaHio, s. n. domination, government, 

B.iacTBOBaxb, v. n. to dominate, rule, reign. 

B.iacxe.iiiH'b, s. m. master, sovereign, domi- 

B.iacxiixo.ib, .s-. m. -HHii,a, s. f. dominator, 
potentate, sovereign, arbiter: ; -xcibCKifl, -xc.ib- 
HUfi, adj. of a sovereign; -CKH, ado. like a 
master, imperiously, lordly. 

BaacriixcibcxBO, s-. /;. sovereignty, dominion. 

B.ia('xiii.iii, ailj. having the power to act, 
having free-will; /? ne -cxoHTb o^ dino.Hh, I am 
not free to dispose of it. 



B.iacToawOen.'b, s. m. "Onu&f s. f. ambitious 

IJaacro.TioOiiBHij, adj. desir./us or fond of 
power; aral)itious; jl -bo, ado. ambitiously. 

BjacToaioOie, s. n. love of powei', ambition. 

IJaacTi., s. f. power, authority; ascendency, 
empire: najjcican — , royal power; eepxoeHUH — , 
sovereignty; uciio.iHtime.ibHan — , executive power; 
lumvib — undo i:tb.H7., to have power over one; 
eoennuH B.iacTH, military autliorities; eannih oojib- 
mipo—.iiadh K)h.'.<h, to gain a great ascendency over 
one:— He.U)0)bKa nadb vtcnaomHUMii, the empire of 
men over animals; obum oo ubc'u BaucTii, to be 
at the mercy of a person; ne npaaHaaanib—, not 
to acknowledge a superior; \\ B.iacTH, pi. theol. 
powers, dominions (yradr of angels). 

B.iacb, Baacaxhifl, B.iacHHuil, see Bojocx, 
Bojiocaiuji, Bojiocauou. 

B.iacaHima, s. f. hair-cloth, hair-shirt; [j -hh^i- 
UMfi, adj. 

B.iaquTi,, V. a. to drag (life, time); to drag 
along, draw; to trail, train; \\ -ca, v. r. to crawl, 
crawl along, drag one'sself along; see BaeHt. 

B.ieTiiTB, B.ieTBTb, V. a. to fly in. 

B.ieTEJBaHie, B-ieTaaie, s. n. BaeTi., s. m. 
flying in. 

B.ieieHic, s. n. trailing, training; ;| inclination, 
attachment; tendency. 

Baeub, V. a. asp. iiidef. B.iaMUTL, to trail, 
train; to draw along; to drag (life, time); to drag 
along; to cause; to attract; dmo -leTt aa coooio 
necHacmie, it brings misfortune with it; odua oibda 
-leT'B 3a cuoom dpyit/to, one misfortune brings 
on another; jj -ca, v. p. to be trailed, be dragged, 
be drawn; il^Jar^. p. BjeieHHUfi. 

B.iHBaHie, BaiiTie,.s. n. ll.xuBini, s.f. pouringin. 

BjDBaTB, B.iHTi., 0. a. to pour in, into; ,1 to 
inspire, suggest; ;| -ca, v.p.r. to be poured in, n to 
flow in; to discharge itself, to fall into, to inflow; 
p)bKa -BJieTca <?d .MOpe, the river falls or disem- 
bogues, discharges itself into the sea,; '^ part, j}- 


BaiaHie, >t. n. influence, empire, ascendency; 
nodHiiHambCH B.iiiiHiH), to be under the influence 
of; u.Mibnib Ha koio — , to have influence, ascendency 
over a person; ''\ mouth (of a rioer). 

BjiiiTeJBUuft, adj. influential. 

B.iiaTb, V. a. to influence one, have an influ- 
ence on, upon, over; [j n. as. to pour in. 

BaoHieHie, s. n. putting in, inclosure; inser- 
tion; imcbMo CO -Hiesii deneih, letter containing 

Bjo^eutb, see BjaraTb, BKJiaAHBaTb. 

BJOMUTboa, see BjiasiuBaTbca. 

BJOuaxLca, v. r. coll. to get, l)ecome entangled; 
to encumber one's self with; to put one's foot 
into it. 

Bauraxbca, BOJiraibca, v. r. to get into the 
habit of lying. 

BaBBo, BaiiBt, ado. to the left, on the left, 
at the left. 

Balisaiiie, s. n. climbing, creeping in. 

Bjiiaaxt, bj1>3XI>, v. n. to climb in, on; to 
creep in; to introduce one's self, find ones way, 
get in; our, b.I'Bsx* o& okho, he got in by the 
window; canotii .Huib uc -.aaioxx. iia hoik, I cannot 
get my boots on;U'i(j. BJiiaxb ob dymij, to gain 
one's confidence; e^ neio ne B.i&3cuib, one cannot 
guess liis thoughts. 

Bjlinaeuie, s. n. Bjiiuca^ s.f. pasting, gluing in. 

Ba-fen-iaxb, Bafeiiaxb, v. a. to paste in, stitcli 
in, glue in; il -niixb noweuuni/ komi/, to give a 
box on the ear; -niixt eb otiuiy (no.ny), to cudgel, 
to whip one; -nuxb mjAm tn koio, to send 
a bullet, a ball into one; -naxb ceOib ny.iio 6b 

.io6b, to blow one's own brains out: -nuxb nonih- 
.lyh, to give a kiss. 

BabiioKT., s. m. piece stuck in. 

BjioOiixb, V. a. to enamour, make enamoured; 
I -CH, see BjitoOnmbCH. 

B.iio6.ieHHMfi, adj. (eb koio), in love with, 
enamoured of one, amorous; 6umb -fijieay no 
yiua, to be deeply in love, be over head and 
ears in love; jj BJiioOjeHHue, pi. lovifrs. 

BjiioO.iaxbca, BJiioOuxbca, v. r. to fall in love 
with; to be or become enamoured of: om no ymic 
eb nee -6iiaca, he is deeply enamoured of her, 
he is taken with her. 

BjiioOuiiBocxb, s. f. an amorous constitution. 

BJCKiO'iuBbiii, adj. of an amorous constitution. 

Bjiiiiiuxb, V. a. perf. coll. to lay on, plunge in; 
to apply; i| -ca, v. n. to get in, plunge in: (eb koio), 
to be enamoured with, fall in love vc[th;'\ part. p. 

Biuasua, s. f. cementing in. 

BiuasbiBaHie, s. n. cementing in. 

B.ua3i.iBaxb, Biiasaxb, v. a. to cement in, putty 
in; -saxb Komc.ib, to adjust the boiler; -saxb 
cmeicto, to enchase a glass; i|j:>a;'^ ^j. B-nasaHUBiii. 

BuaHiiBaxb, Buauaxb, v. a. to entice in, 
allure in. 

BMJiXHBaxb, BMoxjiXb, V. «. to wiud in; j -ca, 
0. p. to be wound in-j'^jxirt. p. B:tiuxaHUUM. 

BMexaxb, bmbcxii, BJiecxb, o. a. to sweep in; 
I part. p. BMexeHHMfl. 

BMexHBaxb, BMexaxb, BJiexayxb, y. a. to 
cast in;, I to tack in (in sewing);] —as., o. r. p. to 
be cast in; to cast one's self in; ,1 to be tacked in; \ 
part. p. BHCxanHbili. 

BaiHri., adv. in the twinkling of an eye; in a 
trice; see Mnn>. 

BMHHaxb, BMaxb {flit. BOMHy), 0. a. to 
crumple n, press in, knead in; ;i part. p. 

Buoxaxb, see BMaxHBaTi. 

Bitt'&ueuie, s. n. imputation; j supplying. 

BiitHaeMocib, s. f. imputability, imputableness; 

BMliHaeMbitt, adj. imputable. 

BM-feaaxb, BJiliHuxb, v. a. to impute; to lay 
on or upon; to reckon as; — ei iipecmi/n.ieHie, »b 
euny, to impute as a crime, as a fault; apecmh 
-HiiwiH e.My do Hanaaame, his incarceration was 
reckoned as a punishment; — ee('m e^ oGnaaHHOcmb, 
to consider as a duty; e.\iy -Huaii et ooHaaHHOCinb, 
it was imposed on him as a duty; j -ca, o. p. to be 
imputed; to be reckoned, be considered ai.s\\\part.p. 


Bsi'&CHXb, V. a. to knead in; to put (in paste); 

{\part. p. BMBUlCHHWii. 

B.M'lfi('.xuaume, 6-. n. receptacle: depository. 

BitttcxaMocxb, s. f. capaciousness, capacity; 
.\uhpa -Mocxu, measure of capacity, dry measure. 

BurfecxuxedbHocxb, s. f. c ipacity; spaciousness; 
contents; j naut. burden, tonnage, bulk (of a ship). 

BMlicxuxeabiibifl, adj. capacious; spacious, 
roomy, vast: — jh«ki, -Haa, gram, parenthesis. 

BJifecxuxb, see BMtmaTB. 

Bmbcxo, prep. gen. instead, for, in place of: — 
Hew, in lieu of, instead of: — moio, umoou amo cdti>- 
Aamt, instead of doing this; docKa CAyjwium, e.^y — 
nocmeAu, a board serves him for a bed; udume 
myda — .Henn, go there in my place: smo cAoeo 
ynompc6.%HemcH — maKoio-mo, this word is used for 
sucli a word. 

BMBCX't, ado. together, conjointly, jointly: -cj, 
together with, with the inclusion; jwunib — , to live to- 
gether: — cb mwMb, at the same time, moreover; 
oHb nynuAb dmo ece—, he l)ought all that in one 
lot; OHb — n.uiHemb u CMibemcH, he both weeps and 


56 — 


laughs at the same time; dnucmeoaamb — , to act 
conjointly; nohdeM'o — co mhoto, come along with 
me; «c loeopume ecrt — , don't speak all together, 
all at once. 

BMtiuaxeJibCTBO, s. n. interference, interposi- 
tion, intervention, meddling, intermediation. 

BiMkuiHBaTb^ see BjiicHTt. 

Bai-BiaHB.iTb, BMtiuiiTb, V. a. to mix in, iramix; 
to mingle; || to implicate, involve; to intermeddle; — 
KOto eh KaKoe dn,.io, to involve one in an affair; 
II -cfl, y. r. to meddle, interfere; to intermeddle, 
interpose; -ca eh HyMiH diMci, to meddle with 
another's affairs; om -luaaca eh 9my ccopij, he 
interfered in this quarrel; om -Baexcfl eo ece, 
he meddles with every thing; jj jw/-^. j). bm-b- 


Bji-femaxb, BM^CTHTb, V. a. (eo nmo), to put 
in, place in; to insert; — ei ce6ib^ to contain, to 
comprise, to hold; ij -ca, v.^. r. to be placed in; to 
go in; eeui,n ne -in.aiOTca 8^ amomh ojudym^ all 
those things can never get into that trunk; jj^jflri. 
p. BM']&ni;euHbiti. 

BsitmeHic, s. n. insertion, putting in. 

BMaxb; see BMHHaTb. 

BnaiaJ!*, adv. in or at the beginning; at first, 
at the first; dmo oujio — eecttu, it was at the beginning 
of spring. 

BHesanno, adv. suddenly, unexpectedly, una- 

BHCsanHOCTb, s. f. suddenness, unexpectedness. 

BHesiinHEift, adj. sudden, unexpected; -naa 
CMeprnh, sudden death. 

BaeceHie, s. n. bringing in; || payment, deposit 
(of taxes, money); \\ insertion, inscription;— cmamiit 
e^ doioeoph, insertion of a clause in a treaty;— e* 
enucoK^, eh npomoKOA^, enlisting, enregistering;— 
ez KHUiy, inscribing in a book, booking. 

BaecTH, see Bhochti,. 

BHH3y, adv. below, down, in the lower part; 
om Mueenih—, he lodges below, down-stairs; ijpre^. 
gen. down; — cmpaumi/U, at the bottom of a page; — 
jitbcmnmiu, topu, at the foot of or at the bottom 
of the stairs, down-stairs; at the foot of the 

Bhiisi, adv. down; below; downwards;— no me- 
Heniro, down the stream; coumu — , to come down; 
coepxy—, downwards, downright; riAumb — no pibun, 
to sail downward; vpocitmbcfi eh eody — tojioeoio, to 
throw one's self into tlie water head foremost. 

BHHRauie^ s. n. diving into, investigation. 

BuHRaTb, BHHKHTTb, V. n. to dive into, inves- 
tigate; to fathom. 

BHHaiiiHie^ s. n. attention; application; heed; 
o6pa%namh — , to pay attention; o6pamumt> uhc 
An6u — Ha nmo, to draw one's attention to; ouh hu 
Ha mno ne oopatnaerm— , he minds nothing, he 
pays attention to nothing; paOomamb co -nieMi>, 
to work carefully, attentively; paComumb 6c3h 
-hIh, to work carelessly, negligently; ue o6pa- 
tuaume na dmo — , don't mention it, don't pay 
attention to it; om ne o6pamuAb -iiia na moh 
coetbrm, he took no heed, he gave no heed to 
my advice; consideration, regard; OKaabtoamb—, 
to show attention, consideration; our, ne o6pa- 
maerm — na oauiu c.tooa, he does not mind 
what you say; o.inmb, npuuMmb oo — , to take into 
consideration; eo — i:?., in consideration of, out of 
regard for, on account of, for the sake of, con- 
sidering; 6c3h acnicato -iiia, totally regardless; ne 
o6painan -iiia na njxiChoti, regardless of en- 

BnifMUTcibHOCTb, s. f. attentiveness; heedful- 
ness, mindfulness; [regard, consideration. 

BanMiiTcabHuA; adj. attentive; mindful; ' -no, 

BHHMaxb, BHaTb {fut. BOHLMy), V. a. to hear; 
to grant; to mind; Bon BBaai> .MouMh Mo.iumeaAn, 
God heard my prayers; H fig. to listen; — lOAOcy 
paacydna, to listen to reason. 

BaoBb, adv. again, afresh, anew, once more, 
over again, recently. 

Bhob'I^, adv. newly, recently, lately. 
BnocMTb, BHecTH, BHauiiiBaxb, V. a. to carry 
in, into; to get in, into; to bear in, bring into; 
Baecnxe »& KO.»Hamy .hou eetnu, carry my thinga 
into the room; bhccxh x.itb6h eh aM6apo^ i.o get 
the corn into the warehouse; BaecxH dibAo e^ 
ceuamh, to bring an affair before the senate; ,', to 
insert, put; in to enter, enlist; — eh o/cypnajih, to 
insert in a journal; — ah chucoko, to enregister, to 
inscribe; — eh umhhhou, nocAyMuoh cnacoKh, ta 
matriculate; — eeoe, to enter one's name in; 
[I to pay in; to deposit; — nodama, to pay in taxes; 
Ij -Cfl, V. 2). to be brought; to be inserted, be paid 
in, &iQ.\\\part. p. BHeceHHBitt. 
BaocKa, s. f. see Bnecenie. 
BHOCBWii, adj. inserted, in order to be paid, 
deposited; -HHe anaKU, gram, inverted commas. 

Baocb, s. m. bearing in, carrying in; ][ 

BayKa, s. f. dim. BHyiKa, granddaughter, 
grandchild;deowpoc>«ff/? — , grand-niece. 

BayK*, s. m. dim. BayieKi., grandson; grand- 
child; deotopodHuu — , grand-nephew. 

Bayxpeaaifl, adj. interior, internal, intestine; 
— ueecnoKohcvieie, internal peace; - aa a mo^?off.?vi, 
internal or inland trade; MUHiicmpo -bbxt. d)bAo, 
minister for the home department; nopnych -aeik 
cmpaMic, the body of the internal guard; -aaa 
oo.tb, inward pain; "-aee .leicapcineo, internal med- 
icine; "Bie paadopbi, intestine discords; eo "BHX'b 
tyoepnisxh, in the interior; -aie ynu, geom. 
interior angles; — saMOKo, mortise lock; jl hidden, 
secret, concealed; intimate; — csmcjib pnuii, hidden 
meaning of a speech; "Hee yCnrndeme, intimate 

BBJ'TpeaBO, adv. internally, inwardly; inly; h — 
eh dmo.uh y6)boicdeHh, I am convinced of it in my 

Baj-xpeaaocxb, s. f. interior; ;] "CtUfpl. insides; 
inwards; anat. viscus. 

Bfiyxpii, Bayxpb, 2:>rej). gen. and adv. inside, 
within, withinside; wxamb — (duAHCHcanca), to travel 
inside; — cmpanu, in the interior of the country; — 
u otub cmpanu, within and without the country; 
Ij inwards, inwardly; sma deepb omenpnemcH BHyxpby 
this door opens inwards, inwardly. 

Bayiaxa, s. c. pi. grandchildren; H -^axHUit, 
adj. -Bbiii 6pamh, second cousin. 

Bayiuaxb, BBvaiiixb, v. a. to inspire, suggest; 
to instill; — .imooeb, cmpaxh, noHmcnie, to inspire 
love, fear, respect; -muxb .nucib, npoeKmh, to 
suggest an idea, a project; IJ^jar^ p. BaymeHBHtt. 

Bayuieaie, s. n. inspiration, suggestion, insinua- 
tion, instillation; cdtb.iamb—, to reprimand slightly. 

BayaiBxcjb, n. m. -iBHi^a, s. f. inspirer, 
suggcstor, instillator. 

IJaymuxcJibBKift, adj. imposing. 

Ba'h, prep. gcii. out, out of, beyond; without; 
outwardly;— ow«CMoc?»«, out of danger, of peril; — 
doMa, out of doors; am 6bi.ih — ce6ji omh iiiwea, he 
was l)(\side himself with rage. 

Ba'li;^peB!C, .s. n. inculcation, instilling. 

BBf.;^paxb, BBii^^paxb, v. a. to inculcate, 
instill;; -ca,«.r. to take root;|i/yrtr^^.BBt;^peBaHtt. 

BuiiMiixonaMtt, adj. med. extra-uterine. 

BniiUiaiJt, adj. exterior, external, outward, 
outside; -aia yKpavicnin, the exterior ornaments; 
-aaa mnpioa.xH, foreign trade: 1| -ne, adv.— ly, 
from the outside, externally. 


— 57 


Bh-buihoctb, .s. f. exterior; appearance. 

BHflTic, s. H. attention; | liearing, granting. 

BHaTHOCTb, s. f. distinctness; intelligiblcness. 

BnaTHHrt, adj. distinct; intelligible; audible; 
»Hoe npoHsnomeHic, distinct pronunciation; loeo- 
punih tpoMKKMi u "-HMMi. lOAoco.m, to speak in 
a loud, audible voice; j -ho, atZy. — ly,— bly. 

BHHTb {fat. BOHbMy), .set' BHHMaTt. 

Bo, prep, witbin; see Bt.; BO-nepou.Vh, no-emu- 
pux%, u m. d. firstly, secondly etc. 

BoOpaxb, see BCnpaTb. 

BoBJeRUHie, -eienie, s. n.. drawing in, dragging 
in; involving, inducing. 

BoBJieKaxcab, s. m. -Hima, s. f. tempter, 
seducer, inducer. 

BoB.ieKaTb, BOBjeib, v. a. to involve; to drag 
in, draw in; to induce; um BOBJieK-b eio e^ «e- 
cnacmie, he involved hira in misfortune; ilj9rt/"<. ^. 

BoBpeMH, adv. in time, in the nick of time; in 
due season; npiidmii KaK^ ne.ihSH 6o.ine — , to come 
in good time; «tf— , out of time, untimely; unsea- 
sonably; out of season. 

BoBce, adv. see Cobc4mi. 

BoB^Ki, adv. eternally, everlastingliy; bobbkh 
8)bKoe^, for eternity, for ever and ever; uti bobbkh 
etbKoeh, never. 

Boraaxb (fat. BroHW), see BroHSTb. 

BornyTOCTb, s. f. concaveness, concavity. 

BornyxHii, adj. bent inwards; concave; conca- 
vous; deoHKO — , concavo-concave; "TO-ouni/K.itiu, 
; oncavo-convex; .;^ hot. depressed. 

BorHJ'Tb, sec BrafiaTb. 

Bo^^a, s. f. dim. Bo;i,Mi^a, Bo;i;H»iKa, water;— 
ebim.ia tOo 6epetoeh, the waters are out; .uHi;caH — , 
soft water; rain water; cmoHuaH — , standing, dead, 
still water; npomoHHaH — , running water; paoo- 
vrtfl — , moving water; cenmaH — , holy-water; ny- 
ne.ibuan — , baptismal water; dtna .uamepin ne npo- 
nycKaenih bo;!,ki, this material is waterproof:;|TOe-it- 
Haa — , med. drop serene, gutta serena, amaurosis; 
II water (of diamonds);^,no.iHaH hmv eojibuaa — , naut. 
high-water; noMm—, high flood; jj nxarm Bo;i,6io, 
to go by water; nMimb npomnei, bo;i;m, to go up 
the river; nocadunih koiu ua x,t7b6^ u iia Bo;i;y, 
to put a person upon bread and water; Ji^w^Mcpcwi- 
HUH BOAM, mineral waters, watering-place; ynxamh 
Ha BO^bi, to go to a watering-place; eio noc.ia.iu 
Ha men.xbiH boj^h, fig. he lias fallen into disgrace; 
eunecmu ua cenoicyio Bo;^y, to bring a matter to 
light; euumu cyxuMi U3h bo;i;h, to be clear of 
an affair; .mhoio cs mrbx^ nop^ bo;i;m ymeKAO, 
there has been many a peck of salt eaten since 
that time; oht> n2J0lueA^ eneosb oiOHb u bo;i;5', ^^*^ 
has suffered the greatest hardships and privations; 
he has seen the world, he has experience; 
OHh KooKtmcH Bo;i;hi mc aa.Mymitfm, he seems to 
be quiet as a lamb; Bo^^y moAoui), to lash the 
waves; u kohuu ob B6;i;y, all traces have disap- 
peared; KUKh cb tycH — , like water off a duck's back; 
KaK^ deib KauAu Bo;^M, as like as two peas:^roy. « j 
.Hymnou m}fl,hpbt(jy .ioeumh,t() fish in troubled water. 
Bo;^Bopenie, .s-. n. settlement, installation. 
Bo;i;BopaTb, •■ |)HTb, v. a. to settle, install; 
li -ca, V. r. to settle one's self; iij)«ri;. p. bo;^bo- 
Bo;i;eBH.iucT'b, s. m. vaudevillist. 
Bo;i;eBHab, s. m. dim. -.ib'iHK'b, vaudeville; 
li -JibHbitt, adj. 

Boj^HJBH^HKi., s. m. leader, conductor. 
Bo;i;HTe.ib, s. m. -Hnn,a, .s\ f. conductor, con- 
ductress, guide. 
Bo;^HTc.lbCTBO, s. n. lead, conduct. 
Bo^HTb, see BecTH. 
Bo;^HTbCfl, V. n. to live, inhabit (of animals); 

to thrive (of plants); o.teuii B6;^flTCfl «a cibeepn, 
the rein-deer inhabit northern countries; eh dmoii 
ptbKib BO^^HTCfl .HHow pbt6bt, this river abounds in 
fish; dma )imaii,a b6;^htch S.iiob endu, that bird 
is found near the water; neu Bo;^aTCfl 6<, 
Cbipuxi .HTbcmaxb, willows thrive in damp 
places; ]| aa humz Bo;^HTca smotm ijmxb, he is 
subject to this fault; y neio Bo;^aTca deubui, he 
has money, ho is not poor; i v. rec. — ci- KnM^, to 
haunt one, keep company with one; r. imp. 
maKb Bo;^HTea, such is the custom; 7naK^ ne 
B6ji;HTca, such things cannot be suffered, allowed. 

Bo;i;ui;a, Bo;i,M<iRa, s. /'. a beverage made of 

B6;i;Ka, s. f. dim. Bo;i;o<iRa, brandy; napcnafi — , 
aqua-regia, aqua-regalis; KprbUKan — , aqua-fortis; 
damb ua Bo^RV, to give drink-money; [| -^^oiHUfi, 
adj. of brandy. 

Bo^^HHR-b, s. m. reservoir of water. 

B6;^HbiJt, adj. abundant in water; -hoc coedu- 
nenie, chem. hydrate. 

Bo;^o06fr, s. m. fountain, jet; || - ottntiit, adj. 
—Hue KOjieco, flash-wheel. 

Bo;^o6oa3Hb, 8. /". hydrophobia, canine madness, 
rabidness, rabies. 

Bo;^OB^E'b, s. m. dim. ^ bhiori, a sort of 

Bo;i;oBBi'ficTH.iHin,e, s. u. cistern, reservoir. 

Bo^OBo;i;Hbift, adj. -b6;i,ctbo, s.n. see Boao- 


Boj^oBOj^t, s.m. water-conduit, water-pipe, canal. 

Bo;^oB0.3HH'iaTb, v. n. to cart water, carry 
water (hy help of liorses). 

Bo;^OB03HHw, adj. for carting water; - naa 
ooHica, water-cask. 

Bo;i,OB03'b, s. m. water-carrier. 

Bo;i;oBop6T'b, s. m. Bo^oBepTb, Bo;i;oKi)yTb, 
s. f. eddy, wliirlpool, whirlpit, vortex (at sea); 
I -oxHbiiii, adj. 

Bo^oroHi, s. m. hot. lady's-seal, black briony. 

Bo;i;orpsflHa, -rp-Bflnaa, s. f. place for boiling 
or heating water. 

Boji,o;i;iffCTBie, s.n. water-manoeuvres; play of 

Bo;i,o;i;iiiiCTByH)mitt, adj. hydraulic, moved by 
water; -mee Kcut'co,water-wheel: -moe oepxo6ouHoe 
KOMCo, overshot-wheel; -mee eaemee koacco. ship- 
mills wheel; -mee lopiuonma.ibHoe KOAeco, turbine, 
tube-wheel; -mee nnd.iuoHoe koacco, -in,ee nouisew- 
Hoe Ko.ieco, undershot-wheel; -mee KOAeco noucie, 
undershot-wheel with curved float-boards; -mee 
no.iynaAtieHoe koacco, middle-shot wheel; -m9® 
peaKmueHoe noAeco, reaction wheel, wheel of recoil; 
-mee Ko.ieco C'emepa, B&rki^r's mill; -mee cpedo- 
6ouHoe KOACCO, high-breast wheel. 

BoAoesiHna, s.f. pit, gully. _ _ 

Bo;i;oeMRiii, -eMHCXutt, adj. containing or 
absorbing much water. _ 

Bo;i,oeM'b, s.m.. basin, cistern, reservoir; ii-MHUO, 


Bo^^oaop-b, s. m. hydroscope. ^ 

Boji;oH3M*meHie, ,s. n. naut. displacement oi 
a vessel; displacing (of water). 

Bo;^ORaua.ibHMft, adj. for pumping water. 

Bo;i;oRa'iiiJiRa, Bo;^ORaiaJbHa, Boj^okiiirji, 
s. f. tank -house, water - station, watering-station. 

Bo;i;oRpon.ieHie, s. n. sprinkling witli holy 

Bo;i,oKpyTb, s.f. see Bo^OBopoT^. 

Bo.HORT., s. m. guide, conductor. 

BoAO.iasHH'iaxb, v. n. to be a diver, exercise 
the trade of a diver. 

BoA<>-ia3HH«iecxBO, s. v. trade of a diver. 

Bo;^o.^n3'b, s. m. diver; , water-dog; Ij -aasuHtt, 
adj.—K0A0K0.^^, diving-bell. 


Bo^TO-iefi, s. m. astr. Aquarius, Water-bearer; 
ll see BoKojiBBT,. 

Bo;^o.■IeHb, s. m. hot. wild nard, asaruui. 

Bo;i;'ie6HHii,a, Bo;^o.ieie6Hbift, Bo,T;o.ieie- 
Hie, see BoAOJiiweoHHi^a, Boio.ii^eouuH, Bo- 
ji, Ji i 1 e u i e. 

Bo;i;o.iHBHijft, adj. for pouring water. 

BoAO.iiiBi., s. m. water-pourer, water-pumper. 

Bo;j;o.iucT'B, s. m. tree, water-leaf, holly. 

Bo;^oa^Tie, s. n. pouring, aspersion of water. 

Bo;^o.i'feie(>Hnn,a, s. f. hydropathic establish- 
ment, hydropathic. 

Bo,T;o.i'fe'it'6nHii, adj. hydropathic, — al. 

Bo;i;o.if.MeHie, s. u. hydropathy, water-cure. 

Bo;i;oMeTT>, s. m. jet, fountain; ij -th, j)^- water- 
works; il -exHBiiif, adj. 

Bo;i;oM6HHa, Bo;i;oM6flHfl, s. f. ravine, water- 
gall; II -oiiHMil, adj. 

Bo^OMBpHuff, adj. — npuooph, water - gauge; 
-Haa mpyuKa, glass-gauge. 

Bo,'^OM'BI)'b, s. m. hydrometer, water-poise, wa- 

Bo;i;oH(>CHiintj adj. serving to carry water, 

Bo,!i;oh6c'£, s. m. yoke (of icater-earrler); water- 
bucket, water-pitcher; || — , -CKa, s. f. water-car- 

Bo^^oonncjiHie, s. n. hydrography. 

Bo;i;ooniicaTeas, .s. m. hydrographer. 

Bo;i;oonHcaTe.ibUBiH,r/4/.hydrographic,— al. 

Bo,T;ooTBo;i;HHft, adj. -uaa mpyoa, waste-pipe; 
■■Hafl Kauaea, draining-ditcli. 

Bo;i;ooT;iuBHwfi, adj.—HacocT,, water-emptying 

Boj^onii;!;^, s. m. cataract, water-fall, cascade; 
II -^liHBlfl, adj. 

B6;fi;ona;T;i., s. f. decrease or fall of water. 

Bo;i;oni!Tie, .<?. a. water-drinking. 

Bo;i,oniiiu,a, s. c. a water-drinker; jl teetotaler. 

Bo;i;on.iaBHbiii, adj. -hbih dpom, Posited wood. 

Bo;i;ono,T;7.e5iHHil, adj. for raising water, 
hydraulic; -naa .\ia\uuHa, mcch. engine for raising 
water, water-raising engine, water-works. 

Bo;^onoeMHHft, adj. laid under water, over- 

Bo.Tionoi'i, .s. m. -nofina, s. f. •'Xio^iio, s. n. 
water-trough; horse-pond; omoecitiu Aouiadeu ua — , 
to take horses to water. 

Bo,i;on6iiKa, s.f. dim. -noeuKa, water-trough 
(in a cage). 

Bo;i;on6fiHoe, adj. s. n. waterage, water-duties. 

Bo;i;ori6.ii.e, .s. n. Bo^onoab, s. f. overflow, 
overflowing; water-flood (of rioers); high water; 
li ^AhiUAii, adj. 

Bo;ii;(>n])OB6;i;eu,i., -npHBo^^eu,!., .<;. m. hydraulic 

Bo;-^onj)OBo;^Hijri, rttZy. water conducting, leading 
water; -Haa mpySa, water-pipe, water-conduit, 
water-spout; conduit-pipe of an aqueduct. 

Bo,'^(mi)OBo;^CTBO, s. a. hydraulics. 

Bo,^()npoBo;i,'niK'i., s. m. plumber. 

Bo/^oiipoBo;^!., .s'. m. aqueduct, water -course; 

Bo^^inipoTOKi., .s. m. wuter-duct; i| -TO'iHUtt, 

Bo;^oi)a3;i;b.i'b, .<;. m. watershed. 

Bo,T;opo;^'i., .s. m. clicm. hydrogen; j -po;^nuft, 
-p<V'^if(!Tr.iii, adj. 

B(»,xop6ft, s.m. opuHiia^ s.f. see BoAOMOHHa. 

B6,^opo<Mi,, .s'. f hot. soa-wecd, sea-ware, sea- 
wrack, fucusalga, flag, hydrophyte. 

BOy^oj)-b3i», .s\ m. nant. cut - water; j| hird^ 

Bo;^ocOop'b, s. m. hot. columbine, aquilegia, 

- 58 - Bo;i;a: 

Bo;^ocBBT'B, s. in. mill, hydrophane; ,| -BTHMft, 

Bo;i;ocBaTie, -CBameaie, s. n. blessing or 
consecration of water; |j "GnkrHhiikf adj. -Haa 
nama, holy- water basin. 

Bo/^ocKaTi., s. m. fall of water; j| -.THuft, adj. 

Bo/"^ocKo^'I., s. m. cistern, reservoir. 

Bo;i;oc.iiiB'b, s. m. hyd. waste-weir. 

Bo;i,oCHa6aseHie, s. n. supplyind with water. 

Bo,T,oco;i;epaiamiii, adj. min. — KaMem, see 


iio^I.ocon'B, s. m. source of water; [| -naHft, 

Boj^ocnyoK'B, s. m. hyd. flood-gate; fish-channel, 
race-through; i| -EHbiii, adj. 

Bo^^ocToii, s. 7». pond, pool; || -oiiHWii, adj. 

Boj^ocTOKT., s. m. sink, drain, shore. 

Bo,'i;oCTO.i66Bbift, adj. i-Baa .uamuHa, water- 
column engine. 

Bo;i;ocTuuHMft, adj. «- Haa KanaoKa, drain; 
«"Haa mpyoa, gutter, rain-pipe; nodae.HuaH -Haa 
mpyoa, sewer. 

Bo;i,ocTpoHTe.ib, s. m. constructor of hydraulic 

Bo;i;ocTpoiiTe.ibHHii[, adj. of hydraulic works. 

Bo^ljOTBop'b, see BoAopoAT>. 

Bo,i,OT('K'b, .9. OT. Bo;^OTeib, s. /'. current of 
water; |i leak. 

Bo;i,6TOK'b, s. m. current of water; |j leaden- 
pipe, gutter. 

Bo;i;oTo.iia, s. f. water-pestle-mill. 

Bo^TjOTOUHHa, s. f. a current of water, which 
has pierced through a dam. 

Bo;i;oToiHbift, adj. giving water; flowing, run- 
ning (water). 

Bo;i;oxo;i;eu,'L, "XOXb, s.m. navigator, boatman, 

Bo;i;oxo;i;Hbiii, adj. navigable, for navigation. 

Bo;i;oxo;i,CTBO, s. n. navigation. 

Bo;i;oxpaHHaHme, .9. n. reservoir, cistern. 

Bo;^oiepnaHle, s. n. drawing of water; '\ -uep- 
naTejbHHft, adj. for drawing water; -hoc ko- 
.leco, wheel to draw up water; -Haa .Hamuna, 

Bo;^oyHCTUJIbHa, s. f. water-filter, 

Boj^ouncTuxeJibHbitt, adj. ■■ naa .Hauimia, 
filtering-machine, filtering-stone. 

B6;i,o«iHbiii, adj. of brandy; made of brandy;— 
aasodh, distillery. 

Bo;i;paTbca (fat. B,T,epycb), see I3AHpaTbc;i. 

Bo;i,py3KaJibHbiii, adj. — npcom, the cross put 
up to mark the place for the altar (when laying 
the foundation of a church). 

B();i;pyiKaTi., Bo;i,pyaHTb, 0. a. to erect, set up; 
-3MTb 3Ha.HH, to raise, to set up a standard; jj /"t^;. 
to immerse (the crossj; || -ca, v. p. to be erected, 
be set up;i|^jr(r*. p. Bo;^py»(iHHbift. 

Bo;^pya:cuic, s. n. setting up, erecting (of a 
standard); immersion (of the cross). 

Bo;i,aHiiK7>, s. m. min. enhydrite. 

Boj^aniicTOCTb, s. f. ^vateriness, waterishness. 

Bo^'^aHiicTi.iili; adj. waterisli, watery; aqueous; 
-TiJC njiodu, watery fruits. 

B<»;^auiii^a, a-, f. tree, bear's whortle-berry; 
crow- berry. 

Bo;^}niKa, .9. /". dropsy, hydropsy; cmpadawmiu 
-.^auKoft, dropsical, iiydropic, hydropical. 

BO/^aauft; adj. of water, watery; -Hiia .ue^i- 
H'Off, water-mill; -Hija coodwciiifl, water-communi- 
cations; -iiaa Kpucn, water-rat; -niia ntnHua, 
water-Cowl; -Hbia paoncnin, aquatic plants; -aaa 
6aHii, chem. balneum, water-bath; -aaa ooAthjub, 
dropsy; sec. BojiauKa; -iimo nacu, water-clock, 
clepsydra; — SMnU, hydra; astr. W-^Avi, {constella- 
tion); II hot. -naa 9e2JO«M«a,brooklime;becabunga;— 

Aanj/iuHiiin,, water-lily: -HiMi Manvi, hrookmint;— 
02? ""'"C", water-caltrop: — !K?<.i6«it):5, water-plantain; — 
QMel^, cicuta, cow-bme: -iiaa veuesima, Icmna, 
duck's-moat; j; s'. m. a water-sprite. 

Bo;u,iiHocTb, Bo;^aH£iil[, see Bojihuhctocti,, 

Iio;i;iiHBT&, V. n. to grow watery; jj to grow 
serous (of blond). 

BoeBsiTb, V. n. to war, make war against; 

BOM)ioin;iJi dcpucaau, belligerent powers. 

BocBoj^a, x. 111. obs. waywode, chief of an army, 
commander of an army; governor of a town or 
province; li -;iiCKitt, ailj. 

BocBOj^cTBO, s. n. waywodeship. 

BocBo;i;cTBOBaTB, v. n. to be a waywode. 

Boe;^i^HO, ado. in one, at one, together, conjointly, 

BoOiHaqa.iBHnKt, s. m. chief, commander of an 
army: j -nnqift, -nnnecKiii, adj. 

BoeHaiiLiBCTBO, BoeHaua.iie, s. n. command 
of an army. 

BoeHaia.ibCTBOBaTb, v. n. to command an 

BoeHHOHaia.iBHHK'B, see BoenaiajiBHHKi.. 

BocHHon.iiHHUft, adj. s. m. prisoner of war. 

BoeHHonox6;i,HHtt, adj. used during the cam- 

BoeHHopa6oiiii, adj. s. m. military workman. 

BoeHHOCMpoTCKiit, adj. of military orphans. 

BoeHHOCjyasamift, adj. serving in the army, 

BoeHHOciTaKHTeJB, s. in. an attendant soldier; 

BoeHHOcyAHBiii, adj. of a court martial. 

BoenHOyiedHEitt, adj. -hoc aaeedeme, military 

BoeHHMii, adj. of war, military; martial; -Hoe 
CJi().to, military-saddle: -HOC ^?, military art;-HaH 
0KU3Hb, warfare, soldier's life: -naa c.njMon, 
warfare, military service, military profession; 
-HEIH itayKii, military sciences; — coamnn, ci/dh, 
council of war, court-martial;— ;;/cw«e&, articles of 
war, martial-law; -Hwe Awdii, soldiers, military, 
military m en; -Hoe.wu««c^Mej^cm«o, war-department, 
ministry of war;— .Mi(«wc??i^5, minister of war; kuh- 
ice.iapia -Haro MiiHncmepcmoa, war-office; -HBia 
dtbucmmn, operations of war; -Hoe cnqpHMenie, 
war-fnrniture; -hoc opeMH, war-time; o6hH8mnh 
(lopodh) na -homt. noAOMenia, to proclaim martial 
law, to place under the martial law. 

BoeainHHa, s. f. soldiership, soldiery, soldiering. 

BoxiiE'B, -aKiiTafi, -SKJiTuft, s. m. leader, 
conductor: — .ytedoibda, bear-ward, bear-driver. 

Boa:;i,ea'BHie, s. n. longing, wish, desire, appe- 
tite; n.iomcKtH -nia, the desires of the flesh, the 
pleasures of the flesh, the thorn in the flesh. 

Boa;;i;e.TBHHMft, adj. desired, wished; -aoe 
sdpaeie, perfect health; |1 -ho, ado. at a wish, 
according to one's desire. 

BoaE;i;eaiTB, v. n. to long, long after, for. 

Boac;i;eHie, .s. n. leading, conducting. 

'Ro7E]i,h, s. m. chief, chieftain; {\ leader, conductor. 

BoffieHBiit, adj. pop. romping, wanton, petulant. 

Boxssa, s. f. rein. 

Bos^aTB, V. a. to rein, to fasten or put on 
the reins. 

Bo3, Boc, B3, BC, particles serving to form a 
quantity of words by giving them the meaning 
similar to prepositions: up, re, in. 

Bo.^OJtaro^^apeHie, s. n. thanks, thanksgiving. 

Bo36JiaroAapHTB, o. a. perf. to thank, give 
thanks to. 

Bo36paHeHie, s. n. interdicton, prohibition. 

Bo36paHiiTeaB, s. m. -HHi^a, s. f. interdictor, 

- B03B 

BosCpaHHTCiBUBiJi, adj. intei'dictory, pro- 

BiujOpaHHTB, B036paHUTB, V. a. to prohibit, 
interdict, forbid. 

Bo30y,^iiTe.iB, s.m. -unH,a, s. /". exciter, insti- 
gator, encourager; inciter, stimulator: jjrovoker. 

Bo30y;^HTe.iBHOCTB,.s./". incitability,provocative- 

Bo30y;^iiTeJiBHBift, ndj. stimulating, stimula- 
tive; exciting; provocative: -Hoe AeKapcniao, cped- 
oueo, med. a stimulant, incit;int. 

Bo36yac,"i;aeMOCTB, .s. f. excitability, easiness to 
be excited. 

Bo36yJK;^aTB, BOsOyj^iiTB, v. a. to excite, iiro- 
voke; to urge, rouse, start; to kindle (anger, pas- 
sion); to incite; — MaAocmb, annemaim>, to excite 
pity, appetite: — sHUMauie, aaoucnibj peeuocmb, to 
rouse attention, envy: to awaken jealousy; — .Myjme- 
cmeo, to cheer on, up, to encourage: — oonpoch, to 
start a question; jj -ca, v. j). to be excited, be 
awakened, etc.:\}part. p. BoaOyacjteHHuff. 

BosOyKj^aiomitt, adj. and part. pr. exciting, 
excitive, stimulant; -mee cpedcmeo, vied, excitant, 
stimulant, stimulus. 

Bo3(»yH:;i;eHie, s. n. excitation, excitement, 
incitement, inciting; ] stimulation; instigation; ;'; 

Bo30ya:,i;eHHOCTB, s. f. excitement: i: med. exal- 

Bo3Be;i;eHie, s. n. elevation, preferment (in 
rank, dignity); exaltation (of the pope); ij — es cme- 
neub, see BosBHraenie. 

BosBCiHioHiej s. n. exaltation, elevation: lead- 
ing up to. 

Bo3Be.iHiHBaTB, B03Be.iHnnTB, V. a. to raise 
(to dignities); to exalt: l] -ca, o. r. to be honoured: 
to exalt one's self; to be proud oi:\\part. p. bos- 

BosBeceJiaxB, BOSBece.iiiTB, -ca, see Bece- 
.iHTi., — ca. 

B03B0;i;iiT&, B03BecTii, V. a. to raise, lift up; 
-;i;uTB sdanie, -bcctu omi kt, ueoy, to raise an 
edifice; to raise one's eyes towards heaven; 1| to 
raise (in dignities, rank); -;i;utb oodunenie, 
to accuse, to inculpate: — ao cmeneub, see Bo3bh- 
raaTb;i -ca, v. p. to be raised up, he elevated: 
I part. p. B03Be;i,eHHBifi. 

Bo3BpaTiiMocTS, s. f. rctrievableness. 

Bo3BpaTH3iHfi, adj. revertible, retrievable; 

BosBpaTHwfi, adj. returning: — nymb, return, 
returning; na -hoiwb nymii h ecmpibmu.n eio, I 
met })im on my way back; — ^.la^o.^^, gram, reflective 
verb; -noe npaMOAUHeiiuoe douMeuie, reciprocating 
motion, backward and forward motion; -uoe 
KpyioGoe ddiiiiceHie, seesaw: med. -uaa lopHHKa, 
recurrent fever. 

BosBpaxi., s. m. return, returning: restitution, 
restoral; restorement. 

Bo3Bpain;aTB, BosBpaxiiXB, v. a. to return, 
give or bring back again: to recall:— «35 ccuaku, 
to recall from banishment; |. to recover, restore; to 
retrieve; to reinstate, set up again; BoSBpaxuxB 
KOio Kh doopodibmeAK, na nymb ncmiiuHuu, to 
reclaim one to virtue, to put in the right way; — 
Kb 0KH3HU, to restore or recall to life: — deiibiii, 
adopoube, to recover one's money, health: — Ko.sty 
Awooob, to reinstate one in tlie affections: ;, -ca, 
V. r. to return, come back or again; || part. p. 

Bo3Bpau](eHie, s. n. return; no Moe.Hh -nin, on 
my return; jj restitution (of a debt); reversion 
(of an estate); recovery, restoration (of health). 

BoaBumaxB, BOBBwcnxB, o. a. to heighten; to 
raise (a wall, a house, prices); to lift, lift up; to 


— 60 


augment; — lojioa, to raise one's voice;— cmoit- 
Mocmb, to increase the value; || to elevate, exalt 
(to dignities, ranks); to advance (the price); 
|i math. — e^ cmeneuh, to involve; || -ca, v. r. to raise 
one's self; to lift; to increase, augment; [part. p. 


BosBEJuieHie^ .«. n. raising, heightening (of 
constructions); augmentation, increase, rise; — 
meMnepamypu, I'ising of the temperature; — eodu 
ei pibKtb, the rising or increase of water in the 
river; t| elevation, height, eminence, rising ground; 
\\math. — 60 cmeneub, involution. 

Bo3BiJUieHHOCTb, s. f. height; eminence; rising 
ground; jj elevation; nobility; — xapanmepa, eleva- 
tion of character. 

BosBhiuieiiHUfi, adj. high, elevated, lofty, 
exalted, sublime; -naa dt/uia, an elevated soul; 
»HUfl nyscmoa, lofty sentiments; ij -ho, ado. — 
ly,— tily. ^ 

BosBtcTHTCib, s. in. -Hiiii,a, s. f. messenger, 

BosB-feCTHTeJibHiaS, adj. giving notice, de- 

BosB-femaTB, BOSB-fecTHTL, V. a. to anuouuce, 
advertise, notify, give notice; i| -ca, v. p. to be 
announced; il^Jrtr^ p. B03B']&iii,eHHUti. 

BosBtmeHie, s. n. announcement, notification, 

BosrjiaciiTeaB, see B 3 r .i a ui a t e ji t. 

BoarJiacHtifi, adj. loud, sounding. 

BoarjiacB, s. m. end of a prayer pronounced 
in a loud voice; || exclamation. 

BosmauiaxeaB, s. m. proclaimer, public crier. 

BoBr.iamaTB, BosrjiacHTb, v. a. to sound, pro- 
nounce in a loud voice; \\ to publish, proclaim; 
[part. p. BOHrjiaineHHUfi. 

BoaraameHie, s. n. sounding, pronouncing in 
a loud voice; proclaiming; i{ rliet. epiphonenia, 

BoaroBopuTb, v. n. perf. to begin to speak. 

BoaroHKa, s. f. BosroHi, s. m. chem. sublima- 
tion, volatilization. 

BosroHO'iHHtt, adj. — coci/d<>, chem. sublimatory. 

BoaroHaTB, B3orH<T,TB, V. a. chem. to subli- 
mate, volatilize. 

BoaropaeMocTB, s. f. inflammability. 

BoaropacsiBiif, adj. inflammable. 

BcsropiiTB, BCiropixB, v. n. -ca, v. r. to 
kindle, take fire, inflame; i, to be kindled, be 
stirred up, be roused; -piiJiacB eouna, war has 
broken out. 

Bo3rop;^HTB, v. a. perf. to pride, make or 
render proud: to puff' up; j -ca, v. r. to get or 
be proud of, to pride one's self upon; -;!i;HBiuncb 
jjcmbKo.H7j, exalted or puffed up with success. 

BoarpeMiiTB, see ^arpeMiTb. 

Bo3;^aBaTb, B03;^aTb (pres. BOB^^aio, fut. B03- 
XaMi), V. a. to render; to reward, recompense, 
requite, remunerate, retaliate; — do6po.\i^ aa 3.10, 
to return good for evih—oAaiodapeuie Boty, to 
give or return thanks to God; -;n;jiTb KOMy dn.ioic- 
Hoe, to pay duo honour to one;— j^ 3a, 
to retaliate injnTies;—decfimepuu,eK, to requite 
tenfold; 1 -ca, v. p. to be given, be rewarded, be 
recompensed; I jjari. 2>- Boa^^amiHti. 

Bo3;^aaiiie, s. n. reward, recompense, remu- 
neration; requital, retaliation. 

BoHj^aaxcib, - j^axcib, ,s. m. - iiHua, .s\ f. 
remnnerator, requiter, rcwarder, recompenser. 

Bo3;^BMraHic, -;^Bii;Kciiie, s. n. erection, raising 
(of a statue, monument); exaltation (in rank, 

Bo8;;BHraTb, -^^BiirnyTb, v. a. to raise, erect, 
set up, rear (a monument )\ na Ka.Miin cv.Mh -my 
uepKOuh Mow, upon tliis rock will 1 build My 

church; —nodMocmKU, .tnca, to raise a scaffold; 
-THyxb toneHte, to raise up a persecution; Ij -ca, 
V. p. r. to be raised, be erected; || to rise, rise up; 
\\part. ]). B03;i;BiirHyxbifi. 

Bo3;](BH2BGHbe, s. n. raising, erecting; — y^ecmnaio 
Kpecma, the Exaltation of the Cross, Holy-cross- 
day, Holy-rood-day; ;, -aseHCKifl, adj. 

Bos^^BHsa^iBHUfl, adj. — npecm-o, a large cross 
used in religious processions. 

Bo3;i;epa:aHie, s. n. temperance; abstinence, 

Bo3ji;epacHBaxB, -;i;epaKaxB, v. n. to restrain, 
re])ress; -a^axB ceoh iHibGh, to bridle or contain 
one's anger; j| -ca, v. r. to abstain, forbear (from); 
jj to contain or restrain one's self; om dojitbe ne 
M017, -acaxBca, he could no longer contain him- 
self; -xaxBca 07m lunea, to bridle, contain 
one's anger. 

Bo3;i,epasH0CXb, s. f. see BoaAepajanie. 

Bo3;i;epa:HUfi, adj. temperate, abstinent, abste- 
mious; moderate, sober; jj -ho, adv. — ly. 

Bo3;i;yxo;i;yBKa, B03;i;yxo;i,yBHaa .uamitHa, s. f. 
mech. blow engine, blast engine. 

Bo3;^yxoM-Bpic, s. n. aerometry. 

Bo3;^yxoM-Bpi, s. m. aerometer. 

Bo3;^yxoHarp'feBaxejibHHti, adj. air-heating. 

Bo3;iiyxoHocHHtt, adj. aeriferous. 

Bosj^yxooOpasHbifl, -xobh;^hbh1, adj. aeri- 

Bo3;^yxon.iaBaHie, s. n. aerostation; ucKyccmeo 
-Bania, aeronautics. 

Bos^^yxonjiaBaxe.ib, s.m. -Hnna, s. f. aeronaut. 

Bo3;i;yxon.iaB.aTe.ibHHfi, adj. aerostatic, aero- 

Bo3;^yxoHpoBo;^HMii, adj. met. -naa mpySa, 
air-tube, air-shaft. 

BosjiiyxoiHcxuxe.'tbHKifi, adj. air-purifying. 

Bos^l.yx'b, s. m. air; ether; euhmu na — , to take 
air; na omKpumo.M'o, micmo.Ho — xt, in the open 
air, out of doors; eucmaenmh na — , to air, to 
put a thing out to air; |, pall, paten (of the 

Bo3;i;yiUHLiii, adj. aerial, airy; phys. pneu- 
matic, pneumatical;— ?«fl^w, air-balloon, aerostat; 
-naa maxmc, air-shaft; — nacoch, phys. air-pump; 
pneumatic engine, ^^vmge\—peiyAmnopi>, air-chest; 
-Hoe na.ienie, meteor; fire-ball; -Hoe npocmpau- 
cmeo, air-space; — Ka.uenb, aerolite, meteoric stone; — 
KAanam, air-valve, wind-pipe;— coci^da, air-vessel; 
j{ fig. — JcuiOKo, castle in the air. 

Bo3;i;biMaHie, s. n. raising, rising. 

Bo3;i;biM}ixe.iBHHfi, adj. raising, soaring. 

Bo3;i;RMaxb, B3;iibiMaxb, 0. a. to raise, uplift; 
[| -ca, V. r. to rise, soar, mount. 

Bo3;i;MxaHic, see lisAux&nie. 

Boa^bixaxciB, Bo3;^bixaxB, see BsAHxaTeab, 
B 3 A H X a T t. 

Bo3;i,'hBaxb, BOS^^BXb, V. a. to raise up, put 
up, lift up; ii 2)art. p. B03;i;BXbiii. 

Bo.'{;i,iiiU'XBi(', .s. n. action, effect. 

Bo3;i;ijlicxBOBaTb, 0. n. 2)erf. to begin to operate. 

Bo3;^ii.ibiBiiiiic, -.lanic, *•. n. tilling, ploughing 
(land); cultivation (vine, land). 

|{03;i;ij.iMBaxo.ib, .><■. m. -HUi^a, s. f. husband- 
man, tiller, ploughman, cultivator. 

Bo3,^Tj.iMBaxb, B03^'B.iaxb, V. a. to cultivate; 
to plougli, till; I -ca, V. p. to be cultivated, be 
tilled, l)e ploughed; jj^nr*. p. BO»;^D.iaiiHutt. 

Itosiaca, l{<)3H£axb, see Boxaca, BoaiataTt. 

Bo33KC'.'iiniic, N. n. desire, wish; j] concupiscence. 

Bo33Kc.iaxB, V. a. perf. to begin to desire; to 
long for, covet. 

B(>3»;]iraHie, BosaccHie, .s. n. kindling up. 

Bo3»<iiraxo.ib, s. m. -Hiii^a, s. f. kindler. 

BoaHcuraxcibHUit, adj. kindling, lighting. 


61 — 


BosacnraTb, Bosxe'^B, v. a. (used mostly in 
a figurative sense), to liglit, kiudle, fire, inflame; 
to stir up; — euMia.Hh, to burn incense; — eouui/, to 
kindle war; i -ch, v. p. to be kindled, be lighted, 
be fired; ii^ari. p. Bosaceniiuft. 

Bo33BaHie, s. n. appeal: calling up, invocation; 

BoasBaxeabHHft, adj. invocative. 

BoasBaxt, .see BsHBaxi. 

Bo33p-BHie, s. n. look: opinion, mind, meaning: 
H pasdihAHK) isame—, I agree with you in opinion. 

B033pBTb, see Ban part. 

Bo33UBaTb; see BsuBaTL. 

BoSHRi, s. in. dim. small cart-load; see Bosi. 

Bo:iu.ibHLift, adj. for carting. 

Bosu.ibiu.iiR'B, s. m. carter, carrier, waggoner. 

BosHTbj sec BesTH. 

BosHTbca, V. r. to make an uproar, kick up 
a row; to move, have no rest; ue -sucb! be still! 
Ch HU.Hh npmuA'iCb .unoio Bosiixbca, they had 
much trouble or much to do with him. 

B63Ka, s. f. transporting, carriage, carting, 
conveyance, wheeling. 

Bosaaraxb, BOsaoaKsixb, v. a. to lay upon; to 
charge; to put on; to confer; to bestow upon; — 
dtbAo, omeibmcmeeHHOcmh, to confer a business 
to, to charge with the responsibility;— ^j.'/km, »'fc- 
uextio, to lay or impose hands, to crown;— wa- 
dejKdbi, ynnaauie wa, to put expectations in, 
put trust' in; || -ca, v. p. to be laid, be charged, 
be imposed, be conferred; li^jari. p. BOSJioaBCH- 


Bo3.ieaKaxb, B03.ieib, v. n. to lie down upon; 
to be lying. 

Bo3Jie.iTiflXb, see BsjieaiaxB. 

Bosaexaxb, B03Jiex-BXb, see Bajieiait. 

BosJiiiBaxb, V. a. to pour in. 

BosjHKOBaxb, V. n. to give one's self up to 
joy, to triumph. 

Bosaianie, s. n. aspersion, pouring on; libation. 

BoBJoaseHie, s. n. imposition (of hands); laying 
on, charging. 

Bo3Jioxuxb, .see Bos.iaraTB. 

Boaa*, prep. gen. beside, by, near; ft cmonM— 
ueto, I stood beside or by him: (^ado. nigh, by; om 
u^e.^^ — , he walked by the side. 

BosjiJoO.ieHHbiu, -Haa^ adj. beloved, dear; 
II s. beloved man or woman, love, sweetheart. 

Bo3Ji«)6.iaTb, -.iH>Oiixb, v. a. to take a liking 
to; to cherish, love. 

Bo3Me3;i;ie, s. n. reward, requital, remunera- 
tion, retaliation; aaKoub -Aia, the law of re- 

BosMeuxaxb, v. n. perf. to fancy; — o ce<J», to 
get a high opinion of one's self. 

Bo3H03:ho, adv. possibly; i v. imp. it is possible; 
CKOAbKO — , as much as possible, as far as possible; 
ecjiii — , if possible; uaynnu ace, umo moAhKO — 
aicamb, learn all that can possibly be known; ao3- 
epaw/aumecb CKO.tb — CKopwe, come as soon as 
possible;> — 6ojine, as much or as many as 
possible; CKo.ib—.iy>i\ue, as well as possible; -ho- 
Au! is it possible! you don't say sol 

BosMOSUocxb, .s'. f. possibility; feasibility; po- 
tentiality; no -cxn, loc. adv. as much or as far 
as possible. 

BosMOXHbiiJf; adj. possible; feasible; practicable: 
-Hoe, what is possible; cdn.iae.Hb ace -Hoe, let us 
do our utmost. 

Bo3My5Ka,Jiocxb, s. f. -aBanie, s. n. virility, 
manhood, puberty, age of puberty. 

Bosmy^EaJiuti; adj. adult, pubescent, nubile, 

BoBMyKfixb, V. n. to attain the age of puberty; 
fig. to become or grow strong. 

BoBMyxHTOJib, s, m. ■•Hm^a^ s. f. an agitator, 
disturber; a seditious person. 

BosMyxHxeJibHMfl, udj. seditious, rebellious, 
mutinous: revolting; sliocking; -Haa pwib, a se- 
ditious speech, a shocking discourse; .i -ho, adv. — 
ly; om oederm ce6H -ho, his behaviour is re- 
volting, shocking. 

BosMymaxb, BOSMyxHXb, v. a. to agitate, 
disturb; to perturb; — cnoKo'ucmeie, to trouble one's 
peace; II to revolt, stir up, raise up; cio nm.iocmb 
— XH.ia occ co6paHie, his boldness roused the 
indignation of the wliole assembly; dmo -maexi 
dyiuy, it is revolting: om -XM.Tb eecb Kpaa, he 
caused the whole province to revolt; |i -ca, v. p. r. 
to be disturbed; to rise against, revolt, rebel; 
KOJiouiu -XH.iHCb npomuay, Mempono.iiti, the colo- 
nies rose against the metrop>)lis; ne.iv3H »e -ca 
eio nocmynKa.HU, one cannot help being indignant 
with what he does: \part. p. BOSMymPHHuii. 

BosMymenie, s. n. sedition, revolt, mutiny; 

BosMijcxuxcib, s. m. -unu,a, ,s. f. one who 
substitutes, replaces, compensates. 

Bo3Mlim;ixb, BOSMlicxiixb, V. a. to put in its 
place; to substitute, replace: to compensate, make 
up; to repay, indemnify; — npomopu u y6umKu, to 
indemnify expenses and damages: j -ca, v. p. to be 
replaced, be compensated, etc.;\\part. p. BOSMt- 

BosM-femeHie, s. n. replacement; compensation, 

BosHarpaac^^axb, -rpa^uxb, v. a. to reward, 
recompense, requite, remunerate; to indemnify, 
compensate; -;i;HXb nomepHHHoe epe.nn, to make 
up for lost time;-;iiHXb 3a y6umom, sa noneueniH, 
to indemnify for the loss, compensate for the 
cares; il -ca, v. r. p. to be compensated, be indem- 
nified; \\part. p. B03Harpaxj;eHHHtt. 

BosHarpasE^^CHie, s. n. recompense, reward; 
remuneration: i indemnification, compensation. 

BosHaMipHBaxbca, -M-Bpnxbca, v. r. to get 
an intention, conceive a design. 

Bo3Hero,i,OBaxb, v. n. to become indignant. 
Bo3HeHaBH;i;'fexb, v. a. to feel hatred to. 
BoBHecenie, s. n. bringing up; as; ent;— -Toc- 
nodne. Ascension of Christ; Ascension-day, Holy 
Thursday (feast). 

BoBHHKiiHie, BoBHHKHOBCHie, s. n. rising up, 
starting up; breaking out; — oonpoca, the starting 
of a question. 

BoBHHKaxb, BOBHHKHyxb, V. n. to arise, break 
out; to start, start up; oh .voe.vo cepdii,n -Kao 
co.HHtbHie, doubt arose or sprang up in my heart; 
y MeHH -KJia .uwc.tft, a thought came into my 
mind; U3b dmoto .MOOKcmi, -KHyxb dn.w, this may 
cause a lawsuit; ,|par^ p. BOaHHKuiifl. 

BoBHUEX., BoBOBHK'b, s. m. draught-horse. 
Bo3HHn,a, -HHqitt, s. m. coachman, driver; 
I astr. Charioteer. 

BoBHocHXb, BOBHCCXH, V. a. to raisc, raise up; 
-Hcca pyKU m ueoy, witli liands raised to heaven; 
il to laud," exalt, praise, cry up;— KOto do He6ech, to 
praise a person up to tlie skies:— .Ho.tumoy, to 
offer up a prayer; i| -ca, v. r. p. to ascend, mount, 
rise; fig. to exalt one's self; to be lifted up; to 
become yroud: Cnacutne.tb -uecca na ne6o, our Lord 
ascended into heaven: Kmo^KnM^ -hochxch, 
6ydemi yntUKcm, wliosoever exalteth himself shall 
be abased; \\pcirt. p. BOBHecennutt. 

BoBHOinenie, s. n. raising up, lifting up; ]| eleva- 
tion, exaltation:— ^ajjoe* au oSibdneh, elevation of 
the Host. 

BoBHH, s. f. bustle, romping, racket. 
Bo3o6.ia;^axb, v. n. to repossess, take posses- 


— 62 — 


Bo3o6noBiiTe.ib, s. m. -HHU,a, s. f. renewer, 
restorer: reviver. 

BoaoGHOBKxejibHMtt, adj. renewing, restoring. 

Bo3o6HOBaeHie, s. n. renewing, renovation; 
restoration; revival;— flooHe.i/e«TOrt, the renewal of 
a subscription. 

Bo3o6HOB.iae3iHfi, p. pr. renewable. 

BoaoOHOB.'iiiTb, bosoOhobute, v. a. to renew, 
renovate, restore; to l»egin anew; -bhts npenifi, 
to recommenre discussions; -butb pa3lo<iop^, to 
resume the conversation; -biitb moptooAio, to 
restore a trade; |j -ca, v. p. r. to be renewed; to 
recommence, begin again; sauna -BUJiacL, the war 
recommenced; il_por^. p. BOSodHOBJieHHiiiii. 

BosoBHKi,, see Boshhkx. 

BosoBoii, adj. draught; brought by carriage. 

BosoKi., s. VI. dim. Boao'ieiii, coach on slides. 

BosonuTB, BoaouiaTb, see BoaHTL, Bo- 
n i ;j T b. 

Bo3pa;i;oBaTB, see Pa^iOBaxt. 

Bo3i)aa:aTejb, *•. m, -Hun,a, s. f. replier, 

BospaactiTb, B03pa3iiTb, v. a. to object, reply, 
make an objection; to repartee, refute; to counter- 
check; He -atauTel not a word! npomulS^ amoio 
ueueto-—, there is no objection. 

Bo3paac;i,aeMocTb, s. f. reproductibility. 

Bo3paae;^aeMbIfi[, p. pr. reproductible. 

Bo3paac;];aTB; B03po;^HTb, v. a. to reprodu e; 
to regenerate; to revive, bring to life again; Kpexne- 
uie ■.;i;aeT'b waca, baptism regenerates us; i, -ca, 
v.p.r. to be born again, be regenerated; 'n to renew; 
to revive; 0eHUKCo -^^aexca u^^ caoeio nenjia, the 
phcenix rises from its own ashes; uadeoicda -^^aeTca 
oi Moe.m cepdun, hope revives or springs up in 
my heart; \\^part. p. B03poac;i;eHHHii. 

Bo3pa3CeHic, s. n. objection, reply, repartee, 
refutation; I Zaw, answer. 

BospacxaHie, s. n. growth; | augmentation, 

Bospacxaxb, BOspacxH, v. n. (pres. B3poc'b), to 
grow, grow up; to augment, increase; doxodu eio 
-xaKtX'b, his income is increasing; maMz, tdib 
ondCHOcnih -xaexx., wherever danger increases; 
-xawmaa c;coj9ocwi6, accelerated velocity; -xaH)iu,ia 
vmpomu, natit. high latitudes. 

Bospacxi., s. m. age; ona yotce na -cxi, she 
is no longer young. 

Bospau^axb, BOspacxHXb, v. a. to bring up 
(children); to rear (miimals^ plants);^ -ca, v. p. to 
be brought ■a\}]\\part. p. B03pameHHMft. 

Bo3paui,eHic, s-. n. bringing up, rearing. 

BospeBHOBaxb, v. n. to become or get jealous. 

BospHXbca, V. r. hunt, to look about (of dogs); 
to perceive. 

Bospo^uxcJib, s. m. -HHua, s. f. regenerator, 

Bo8poat;^aeMocxb, see BoapasKAaeMOCTB. 

Bo3p():u;^acMbiA, see BonpaaAaeMUH. 

Bo3po»c;^axb, Bospoj^uxb, see Boapaat^^axi.. 

BoHpoHCj^eiiio, s. n. regeneration; || revival (of 
arts); .veoeAb no aKi/cth -;^euia, furniture in the 
style of the Renaissance: || revival (sjriritual). 

Hospoiixaxb, V. n. to begin to murmur. 

Bospbij^axb^ see .'J ay) 1.11 an.. 

no3('iaxb, 0. n. to begin to shine, gleam. 

Boacjaxb, see Bo3CHjiaTi>. 

Bo3C<)Cj^HHeHie, s. v. reunion, rejoining; — 
uepK'ich, the reunion of tlie Clmrches. 

Bo3Coc;^iiiuixb, B03(•oe;^IlIl^^TI., v. a. to reunite, 
join again: iljxtr^. p. B()8(;o('^HiieHiibitt. 

Bo3co3;^anie, s. v. recTcation. 

B(»:jco3ii;^axb, l{03C03,'^aBaTr., noacos.iiaxb, v. n. 
to recreate, create anew: to reluiild, re-estabiisli; 
II 2)art. p. Bosco3;^auHwfi[. 

Bp3CxaBaTb, B03cxaxb (pres. -exaio, fut. 
-cxany), v. n. to rise, arise; to revive; -cxaxb 
u^^ uepmeux^, to rise from the dead; \\ to revolt, 
rebel, mutiny; to rise in insurrection; -cxaxb c^ «-o pyKUXhj to rise in arms; —npomue~o 
Koio, to rise up against one; to arm one's self 
against; opomh -cxaJOE. na opama, a brother 
armed himself against his brother. 

BoscxaBJiaxb, B03CxaBuxb, v. a. to set on 
foot, set up; || to re-establish, restore; to erect; 
il'-CHf^v. p. to be erected; to be restored; ||^«ri. jj. 
B03CxaB.ieHHHii; \\see BoscTaHOBAflTB. 

Bo3CxaHio, s. n. revolt, rising, insurrection; 
nodaoumb — , to put down an insurrection; eceo6- 
tuee—, general rising; — tear, .\iepin(suxu, resurrec- 

Bo3CxaHOBiixcji&, .s. m. -Hnn.a, .'j. f. restorer, 
re-establisher, renewer. 

Bo3CxaHOBDTejibHMu, adj. reparative; II c/te»». 
deoxidating, disoxidating. 

BoscxaHOBJieHie, s. n. restoration, re-establish- 
ment, renewal, renovation; — do6paio UMenu, reha- 

BoscxaHOBjaxi, BoscxaHOBHXb, v. a. to re- 
establish, restore, reinstate; i-BHXb cooe adopodie, 
cooto penytnaritiHj, to recover one's health, to 
re-establish one's reputation: |j to restore, rehabili- 
tate (one's name, rights); to reinstate (in an office); 
11 to revolt, raise; to stir up against; || chem. to 
reduce {metals); jj -ca, v. r. to be re-established, 
be restored, etc. ;l part. p. B03CxaH0BJieHHMft. 

BoscMaanie, s. n. sending up; offering up, 
addressing (prayers). 

Bo3Cbi.iaxb, B03CJiaxb, v. a. to address (prayers); 
to send up, offer up; jj -ca, v. p. to be addressed, 
be sent m^•,^^^part. p. Boscaaaubifi. 

Bo3ct;^aHie, s. n. sitting. 

Bo3C'fe^axb, BoscBCXb {fut. -caj^y), v. n. to 
sit in, on, down; to seat one's self, to take a 
seat; — na npecmoAib, to sit on the throne; to be 
throned; — na npecjin, iron, to sit in an armchair. 

Bos'iuK'b, see BomnKt. 

Bo3MTBCXBOBaxb, V. a. perf. to begin to feel. 

Bo3T., s. m. cart-load, \&-a\—dpooh, cart-load of 
wood; prov. umo c^ Boay, mo, 
ex'pl. what is lost, is lost. 

Bo3'bHMiiXb, Bo3biM^xb, V. u. to get, conceive 
(a hope, a doubt). 

BoH, >s. m. pi. obs. troops, forces, army. 

Boii, s. m. groan, moan; || howl, howling (of 

BofiJioKi., s. m. dim. -jio^ckx, felt, felting; 
jj -jionHhifl, adj. -Haa tiunna, felt-hat. 

Boftao'iUHKi., s. m. felt-maker. 

Boiiiia, s. f. war; Me-JtrdyycoCHnn—, civil war, 
intestine war; na -h-b, at war; oecmu -ay, udmii 
-Hoii, to make, to wage war with, against; to be 
at war with; to levy war against. 

BoftHCiioOHBuft, adj. liking war. 

BuuHCKiii, adj. martial: military; || -ckh, ado. 
— ly, — tarily. 

BouiicxBCHiiocxb, .9. f. martialism. 

BoiiucxHCHHutt, adj. warlike, martial;— dya;^, 
napodh, warlike spirit, nation:— «Md», a martial air. 

BoHHCXBO, s. n. army, troops, forces: soldiery; 
xp)Hcmo.i)(i6i(u(ie — , the most pious army. 

BoiiiiCTiiyiouUi^, adj. militant; -lu;aH uepKOob. 
the churcli militant. 

ItoMiii., s. 7)1. warrior, combatant, figliter, sol- 

HoMCiio, x. //. army: j'l- noftcKa, troops, 

HoftcFCoiJofi, adj. of the Cossack troops; —na- 
Ho.ihuum,, cliief of the Cossack troops. 

BoHCXMiiy, adv. indeed, truly, verily. 


— 63 


BoHTCib, .S-. 7)1. warrior: I -Hni^a, ,?. f. female 
warrior; astr. Bellatrix (star). 

BoJiTU, see Bxcahtb. 

BofiTOBCTBo, s. n. funrtion of a bailiff, bailiwick 
(in Poland). 

BoftTT., s. m. bailiff, prefect (in Poland); [ Bofi- 
TOBCKiif, adj. 

BoKJiOy.ia, s. /'. word, term, vocable; ,| -aw, pi. 

BoKii.iH3imin, .9. /'. vocalization. 

BoKaaiiiiujioBiiTB, v. n. to vocalize. 

BoRajbuufi, adj. vocal; -Haa .MyauKa, vocal 
music., s. m. public ball, hall on the railway- 
station, station. 

BoKpiri., prep. gen. ado. round, around; about, 
round about; nymemecmoie — ceibma, a voyage 
round tlie v.-orld; domamhcji — , to move round, 
round about; ac.HA.H uepjinnmcH — eoAuna, the earth 
turns round the sun; — dodpcmaoeaAa cmpa:?ica, the 
guard watched around. 

Bo.iiiHTb, s. tn. shuttlecock; mpa es— , battledoor 
and shuttlecock. 

Bo.iauM)i;i, s. m. volapiik. 

BciBflHRa, -Hvxa, s. f. a yellowish mushroom 
(agaricus torminosus). 

Boar-iocTB, s. f. moisture, humidness, damp. 

BojrJiHiii, adj. humid, moist, damp. 

B«).irHyTB, 0T-, V. n. to grow humid, become 
moist or dami^. 

Boj;^H})eBaTi.ifi, adj. covered with blisters; 
pimpled, pimply. 

Bo.i^ijupHHK'B, s. m. hot. bladder-campion. 

Bo.i;!;Krpb, s. in. dim. -^^upeK:!., -^^RpeieKt, 
ampulla, blister; pimple; wen; \\ bump, lump; 
\\ -upHEjfi. adj. 

Bo-iKaHHieCKifi, adj. volcanic. 

BciKtiHt, s. m. volcano. 

BoaKOj^aBT., s. m. wolf-dog. 

BciKOHoacie, s. n. hot. lycopodium, club-moss. 

Bo-iKi, s. m. wolf; .MopcKou — , sea-wolf, wolf- 
fish, hHBS-.'i] pro V. KaK^ BOJRa hh Kop.Hu, a am ece 
e^ ATbcz lAfiduvn, expl. to turn a deaf ear to all 
the advances or what is bred in the bone never 
gets out of the flesh; Bo.iRa GomntCH, see Boatl- 
ca; cz BOJKaMH Mumh no bo-imbh ehinib, when 
you are at Rome you must do as the Romans do; 
npo B6.iR<a puHb, a^na ecmpnub, speak of the 
devil, and he is sure to appear; omoMnmcH BoaKV 
oeeubu CAesKU, expl. the harm done will he repaid; 
cdibAumb mam,, nmoGz a — cuim u oonu mb.iu, 
to run with the hare and hold with the hounds. 

Bo.iHii, X. f. wave, billow; .uopcKi/i, ptbHuun 
BOJiHu, the waves of the sea, of a river; bojhh 
eoAoch, waves of hair; .HajieHbKaH— , wavelet. 

Bo.iHa, ,s. f. fleece, wool. 

BoJiHenie, s. n. agitation; tumult; emotion; 
undulation (of waves); — .Mopji, agitation or rough- 
ness of the sea: naut. high sea; ez napodn — , 
there is some agitation or commotion among the 
people; — i/mooo, effervescence of minds: di/uicauoe — , 

BoJiHHCTuii, adj. wavy; \\ watered, tabby (of 
stuffs); II -CToe oKc.inao, corrugated iron-plate. 

Bo.iHOBaHie, s. n. agitation, rising. 

BojHOBaTe.ib, s. vt. agitator. 

BojHOBiiTb, V. a. to agitate, trouble; fig. to 
raise a commotion; Gibmep7> -HyeT'b Mope, the 
wind agitates the sea; |i -ca, v. r. to be in agita- 
tion; to get rough (of the sea., waves); to wave, be 
in commotion. 

Bojiho.i6mi>, s. m. naut. breakwater. 

BojHOoOpasHUit, adj. indulatory. 

Bo.iHyxa, s.f. dim. -HviuRa, set' BojiB^iHKa. 

BoaoBaut, .s. m. vol-au-vent (pastry). 

BoJOBHiia, .«. f. ox-hide. 

Bo.ioBift, adj. ox's, of an ox; -Bba Kootca, ox- 
hide, bull-hide; — s3biK-h, see Bo;ior.iOAKa. 

B<>.i«)Bi{a, s.f. ox-stall, ox-house. 

BcioBmiiKTb, s. m. drover, driver (^i oxen. 

Bo.i();i;Ku, s. f. hot. bugloss, ox-tongue. 

Bo.Tu;i;yuiKa, s. f. hot. hare's-ear. 

Bo.ioKiiTa, s. m. gallant, dangler, ladies'man. 

B0.10KHTCTBO, s.n. gallantry, dangling. 

Bo.iOKHTCTBOBaTb, V. n. to seek intrigues, 
to dangle. 

Bo.iOK.iioft, s. m. hird, beef-eater. 

Bo.iORHHHa, s. /'. chem. fibrine. 

Bo.iOKHHCTuii, adj. fibrous; filiimentous; hot. 

Bo.ioKHO, s. n. dim. -iK6Hn,e, filament, fibre, 

Bo.iOKOBoii, adj. -Boe okho, sash-window. 

BoaoKVUia, s.f. met. sledge; i casting - net, 

Bo.iOK'b, s. m. dim. bojoiok'b, geogr. portage, 
carrying place; i| forest, road crossing the forest; 
jl ar^. truck; i| met. hook, iron-hook; .| -iKOMi., adv. 
by drawing. 

BoJiOHXepi, volunteer; ij -TepHHii, adj. 

Bo.ionucii, s.m. neat-herd; \astr. Bootes (con- 

BojrocaxnK'B, s. »j. \\&\v-vfovm (intestinal worm); 
jl gordius aquaticus (water-worm); I rock - crystal; 
ij hot. maiden-hair. 

BojiocacTwft, BoaocaxMil, - ciiCTufl, adj. 
hairy, pilose. 

Bo-ioccHb, s. m. coronet (of the pastern). 

BowiocHHR-b, s. m. a head-dress worn by peasant 

BciocHOii, adj. of hair; |j anat. capillary. 

Bo.iocHOCTb, s. f. phys. capillarity. 

Bo.iocoBH;i;HHfir, adj. capillary, capillaceous. 

BoaocoKi, s.m. main -spring (of a watch); 
il dim. see B a c t. 

BoJOCOHOCHHft, adj. hot. piliferous. 

Bo.iocTHoft, adj. of a volost (of a district); 
— C7naptuiina, see CxapinHHa: — cydh, tribunal 
of a volost; -Hoe npaoAenie, administration of a 

Bo.ioCTb, s. f. volost (a district including 
several villages). 

Bo.ioo/b, s. m. irr. dim. ^ BOJOCOK'b, bo.ioc6- 
•xeKi., hair; -cokx. o -ckt, no -OKy, hair by 
hair; moAwuna -ca, hair-breadth; aa — omi, within 
a hair-breadth of; hu aa— , not the least bit; eu- 
ciimb Hit -CRB, to hold only by a hair or thread; 
-COMT. eio ne mpouy, I will not hurt him in the 
least; 6bimb na -coKi. om^ paaopeHijt, to be on 
the very brink of ruin; DKencKiu — , hot. maiden- 
hair, adiantum; ,1 pi. bo-tocw, hair; c» pibOxuMU 
-caiMH, thin-haired; macicamb, dpamb koio aa 
-Jiocu, to pull a person by the hair; poamb na 
ce6>b -CH, to tear one's hair; ovu smoio -Cbi 
cmanotiHmcH du6o.Hh, that makes one's hair stand 
on end; 1] .vampano, naOuniuu -COMl, a mattress 
stuffed with horse-hair. 

Bo-iocaaiiKi, s. m. horse-hair shoe. 

Bo.i<)caaHU,a, see B;iac;iHHi^a. 

B(».t<)<!aHRa, s.f. bolting-cloth; |i a game at which 
little boys [lull each other's hair; (^awft Ko.vy -RV, 
fig. to pull one by the hair. 

Bo.iocaaoi, adj. of hair; -naa Mumepia, hair- 
cloth; -aoc cumo, hair-sieve; il of horse-hair;— .««- 
mj'ii !(,'•, hair-mattress.'icnie, s. n. training; dragging; || wire- 
drawing.'iif.ibawfii, adj. wire-drawing; -naa .««- 
muiia, wire-drawing-machine; — aaoodi, wire-mill; 
—, draw-bench (for wire). 


— 64 — 


Bo.ioiH.iBHH, s. f. drawing-frame; draw-plate; 


BoJioqH.ibmHKi., s. m. wire-drawer. 

Bo.ioiiiTi., V. a. to draw, drag, trail; to protract, 
prolong;— «oi//, to drag one's leg; |1 to wire-draw; 
— soAomo, cepe6po, to wire-draM' gold, silver; jj -CH, 
V. r. to drag, trail; to draggle; to be trailed, be 
dragged (of garments); ji fig. to court, run after, 
dangle about, after; to make \o\e; .\part. p. BO.10- 


B0.101MH, adv. pop. dragging, trailing. 
BoJioib, v.a. irr. see Bojohhtb. 
BOriTcpiaHeu,!!, s. m. -HKa, s. f. follower 
of Voltaire; free-thinker. 
Boayft, see Baayfi. 

BoJixBOBRHie, s. n. magic, sorcery; ;| divina- 

Bo.ixBOBaTe.ib, s. m. - HHi^a, s. f. diviner; 
il magician. 

Bo.ixBOBiixe.ibHBiii, adj. belonging to magic. 
BoJXBOBaTB, V. n. to use ma^ic. 
Bo-ixBt, s. m. magian; jj -bh, pi. magi, the 
wise men of the East; yHenie -bobi, magianisra. 
Bo.iqiiHKa, s. f. med. lupus. 
Bo.iiaHi., s. m. hot. lupine. 
Bo-iieHOKi., s. m. a young wolf. 
Bo.i^eii,*, s. m. hot. thistle, way-thistle, foal-bit; 
shepherd's-rod, shepherd's-statf; — oAmocAoeeHHuu, 
holy-thistle; |i min. tungsten; \\ met. wolfram; ij -n,©- 
Buhf adj. 
BoJiiixa, Bo.iiHi^a, s. f. a she-wolf. 
BoJiiiti; adj. wolfs, wolfish; — annemurm, a wolf's 
appetite;— io.40^5, canine hunger, ravenous hunger; 
coll. wolf in the stomach; --ibh 3y6u, wolf's teeth; 
-iUBfl HMa, ha-ha, haw-haw; fort, covert, ])\t;[\hot. 
— ai:omimo, monk's-hood; — iBfl moda, spurge-flax, 
paris,herb-paris, true-love; -ibh mpaea, flowering- 
rush; -iBG .lUKO, spurge-laurel, mezereon; — 6060, 
axe-vetch, lupine; — Kopenb, wolf's-bane, aconite, 
fox-bane; -iBe .mo.ioko, wolf's-milk; H.^row. u.^inmb 
— porrn u Miciu xeocrm, to join the fox's cunning 
to the lion's strength oi- to the lion's skin. 
BoiinBjiK'h, t>. m. hot. daphne, spurge-flax. 
Bo-moEi, s. m. top, peg - top, humming - top; 
nycKamh—, to spin a top; 1| hydrometer, water- 
poise; Il head or cover of a sledge or cart. 

Bo.iuie6HnKi>, s. m. magician, enchanter, be- 
witcher;!! -HHU,a, s. f. a female magician, enchant- 
ress, fairy; i| -HH'iifl, adj. 

BojiiuefiHHiaTB, - meOcTBOBaxB, v. n. to use 
magic, be a magician. 

BoJuieOHBii'i, adj. magic, magical; fairy; enchant- 
ing;— i^/^e^.^?., npynihj magic-wand; -Haa (fjAeiima, 

Bo.imeGcTBO, s. n. magic power, witcliery, sor- 
cery, enchantment; magic. 

BoJimc'OcTBOBaHie, s. n. using magic. 
Jio.i'bf s. m. ox, bull; prov. a odnoio Bojca no 
detb lUKypu lie dejjymi, a bull cannot be skinned 
twice or a bull cannot be stripped twice of his 

BojfjHEa, s. f. bagpipe; il -laHO'iHUtt, adj. 
Bo.iiJHO'iHHE'B, -.iijHHi.HR'B, s. 771. bagpiper. 
BojBKaMopiH, .s. f. hot. volkameria. 
Bo.iBroTHTjft, adj. pop. alleviated, eased; ;] -ho, 
adv. in an alleviatt'd or eased manner. 

BojiBHUH, adj. s. f. letter of enfranchisement. 
BoJBHHi^a, s. f. c^^ZZec. volunteers; !! coWec. liber- 
tine, rake. 

Bo^iBHHiaHBC, s.n. licentiousness; II wilfulness; 

Bo.iBHH'iaTB, V. n. to be licentious, be wilful. 
Bo.iBKo, V. imp. wliy? — c.w?/ 6htA0 othpiinib o6n- 
maniMMi, why did he put faith in the promise, he 
was wrong to believe the promise. 

B6.1BH0, adv. freely; jj boldly; frankly, openly; 
Il mil. slop arms. 

BojiBHoj^yMOi^'B, s.m. -fl;yMKa, s.f. free-thinker; 
latitudinarian; |1 -mhhiI, adj. 

BoJiBHo;i,yMCTBO, s. >i. free-thinking. 
Bo.iBHo;i;yMCTBOBaTB, v.n. to be a free-thinker; 
to reason against religion. 

BciBHOHaeMHuit, adj. hired, free; -hmc pa- 
douie, workmen hired of their own accord without 

Bo.iBHOOHpe;i;fe.iaiomific}i, adj. s.m. mil. volun- 

Bo.iBHOOTnyn;eHHijft, adj. s. m. -naa, s. f. 
freedman or freedwoman. 

Bo.iBHonpaKTHKyioiu,ift, adj. freely or privately 
practising (medicine or some other art). 

Bo.ifcHonpHxo;i;amifl, adj. s. m. day-scholar, 

Bo.iBHOCJiyuiaTe.iB, s. m. foreign-hearer (in the 
Bo-iBHOCTB, s. f. liberty; j| license (poetical). 
BoJBHUd, adj. free, voluntary; free - minded; 
liberal; licentious; om BOaeHi dib.tamb ece, umo yiudHo, he is quite free to do all that he 
wishes; — ropodh, free - town, free-city; — nepeeodi, 
free translation; - hhg cmuxu, free verses (of 
nneiinal metre); — nopm^J free-port; - naa mop- 
tooMi, free-trade; -Hoe deiiotceme, voluntary motion; 
— eoadyxT,, open air; npodaeamb no »Hoit iijibmb, 
to sell at a price not prescribed;— ()^j;s, moderate 
heat (of an oven); fig. liberal opinion; 0H^ noaeo- 
.%Hemo ce6n oueub -Hoe o6pameHie, he is too free 
in his manners. 

Bo.iBTHacepi., s. m. vaulter, voltigeur; |i -xep- 
ckIh, adj. 

Bo.iBTHiKHpoBaHie, s. n. - acHpoBRa, s. f. 
vaulting, vanltage. 

Bo.iBTHa:iipoBaTB, v. n. to vault. 
Bo.iBTOB'B, adj. phys. — cmo.ioh^ galvanic battery, 
Volta's pile, voltaic pile, galvanic pile; voltaic 

Bo.ibtij, s. m. volt (ter7n of horsemanship). 
Bo.iB(|)pjiMi., s. m. mi)i. tungsten, wolfram; see 
B a H e n B. 

BoJiioxa, s.f. georn. volute; arch. —ioHunecKaa, 
ionic scroll, volute. 

Boaa, s. f. dim. BOJBRa, BOJnniKa, will; 
doopan — , good-will, willingness, free-will; no boji']^, 
at will; no ceoch Boat, of one's own will; npo- 
miitih B0.1H, against one's will; y atnoio wnomu 
MHOio do6pou b6.ih, he is a very willing young 
man; da Oydemb — BomcIh, God's will be done; no- 
AOMumhCH na Bo.iro HooKiio, to wait God's will; 
u.uib7nb caoH) bojio, to have one's will or have a 
will of one's own; nocA7bdu»H — y.Hupaiowato, the 
last will or testament of a dying person; npu 
do6pou, Boat oceio dociriuiHeuib, where there's a 
will, there's a way; ,1 liberty, freedom; omnycmumb 
pa6a 7ia BO.iH), to give liberty to a slave, to 
manumit a slave; (iunycmu7nb na Boaw, to set at 
liberty; \\ will, inclination, free-will, discretion; om- 
dambcn na bojh) uOAHaM7,, otbmpy, to give one's 
self up to tlie mercy of the waves, winds; omdatmc/i 
na «<«)« BOJiWj^to lay one's self at a person's mercy; 
cdambCH na bo.ih) no6ndumeAeu, to surrender at 
discretion; || cao6odHaH—, free-will, full liberty; 
— oauia, as you please; — uama, a a ue Moiy, do 
as you like, but I cannot; BO.iew, HeooAew, willing 
or not, willing or unwilling; by fair means or 
foul; daoamb boam pyKa.Hh, to be free with one's 
liands; ne daoah bo.ih pyKUM-,, keep your liands 
still; na gmo 6uAa eama do6paH — , such was your 
pl(;asurc; no cooeu Boaii, of one's own will or 
head; damb ceoti.Mi cmpacm/tMo, cooe.My 
eoo6paMceniH), to let loose one's passions, give free 



— 65 - 


scope to one's imagination; easmb bo.ho, to listen 
to nobody, to have one's own way; UMmnb no.inyw 
BoaH), to have things one's own way; prov. eo.ih- 
HOMij—, a cnaceHHOMij pan, our wills are free; 1| e» 
BOJK) u.iu BBOJH), ailv. at will, at pleasure; at 
discretion; uach noKopMUAu eb bo.ih), we liad a 
hearty dinner, we have eaten heartily. 

BoMqjiTb, V. (I. perf. -ch, v. r. to hurry in, 
drive in at full speed. 

BoHitaxb, noHsuTb, v. a. to pierce, stick; to 
plunge (a sword); ] -cfl, v. r. to be stuck, be 
plunged: iij^ar^. j9. BOHseHHUfi. 

BoHseHie, s. n. piercing, sticking; plunging. 
BoH-B; adv. out, away; there; oho obt^ue.l^—y he 
is gone out; 9»io cahiukomi, abidaemcH—, that pro- 
jects too much;— muMb, yonder;— o«& uderm, there 
he is coming; 3mo y mciui ii3b yMa—, that has 
escaped my memory; 3tno U3b pyKb—, U3^ pyKb— 
njioxo, see PyKa; ij i^ierj.— ! out! out upon you! 
away! get o\xV.—eio! out upon him, with him! away 
with liim! 

BoHb; <. f. stench, stink. 

BoHW'iift, BoHbKitt, adj. stinking, fetid; foul; 
-mia lumedb^ asafoetida,assafoetida;— KO.«e«6, min. 
stink-stone; hot. -laa mpnoa, bug-M'ort. 

BoHWHKa, s.f. stinkard (animal); \\ hot. ascle- 
pias, bean-trefoil. 

BoHHTb, V. )i. to stink, smell, have a bad smell. 
BoodpaacaeMOCTb, BooOpaauMoCTb, s. f. im- 

BooOpaacacMBift, adj. imaginary, imaginative, 

BooOpaacaxb, BOo6pa3HTb, v. a. to imagine, 
fancy, figure; oho -:KiieT'b ceoH oe.iuKU.'^b doKtno- 
poMh, he imagines himself a great doctor; -sine 
ce6tb, fancy, imagine; smo ue maKb aciko, KaKh eu 
ceStb -KiieTe, it is not so easy as you fancy; 
)| -CH, V. r. to imagine, figure; exy -shjocb, he 
imagined; II isar^ p. BOoOpaxeHHbift. 

BooOpaxeHie, s. n. imagination, fancy; oicueoe, 
nuAKoe — , a lively imagination; stno odno moAbKO — , 
it is nothing but a fancy. 

BooOpasHMHtt, adj. imaginable. 
BooCpasHTCibHOCTb, .9. f. imaginative faculty. 
BooCpasHxeJbHUft, adj. -aaa cu.ia, power 
of imagination. 

Boo6ii^e, adv. in general, generally; tosopH—, 
generally speaking. 

BooJ^yffleB.Ie^ie, s. n. animation. 
Booji;yrueB;iaTb, -lueBUTb, v. a. to animate; 
to hearten; to cheer up, on; dina pnns -BH.ia 
soucKO, coAdartib, that speech revived the courage 
of the troops, roused the soldiers; || -ca, v. r. 
to become animated; |lj;ar<. 2>- BOO^^ymeBJeHHuft. 
Boopyxaxb, BOopyacHXb, v. a. to arm, equip; 
— Kopa6Ab, naut. to fit out a shi'p,—6amapew, to 
put a battery in a state of defence; -XHXb npo- 
musb Koto, to arm against one; \\ -ca, v. r. to arm 
one's self, take up arms, put on one's arms; fig. 
to set against; -asiixbca ca6AeH), .HyoKccmooMb, to 
arm one's self with a sword, with courage; eca 
Eepona -H:H.iacb, all Europe has taken up 
arms; -aciixbca u.xane.Hb, to provide one's self 
with a cloak; II ^Jct^^. P- BoopyateHHutt. 

BoopyJKeHic, s. n. arming; outfit, armament 
(of a ship). 

BooibH),'<cZ<;.evidently,plainly,obviously; in front. 
BonepBbix'b, adv. firstly, first. 
Bonuxb, Bosoniixb, v. n. to cry out, lament, 
wail, clamour, vociferate. 

Boniioni,ifi, adj. crying, clamant; dmo -iniaa 

Bon.iuBbitt, adj. crying, wailful, lamenting. 

Bon.ion;iixb, Bon.ioxiixb, v. a. to incarnate; 
jl -"Ca, v.p. r. theol. to become incarnate; to assume 
the human body; j] part. p. Bonjoii|,eHHud, incar- 
nate, incarnated; 3mo -Hijft de.noHb, he is a devil 

Bonjomeaie, s. n. ini arnation, incarnification, 
assuming of a human body; — Xpiiema, Christ's 
assumption of our flesh. 

Buujb, s. 711. sobs, lamentation, wail, wailing, 

Kon^eKiifprep.dat.m spite of,in despite of;again8t; 
— adpaao-Hy cmucai/, in spite of sense and reason; 
— coorbiny podumeAeu, against the advice of the 
pau'ents^—npUAUHia.Ho, in defiance of decorum. 

BonpocHxeab, s. m. -HQi^a, s. f. interrogator, 

BonpocHxeabaMfi, adj. interrogative; — aiiam, 
note of interrogation, question stop; i -ho, adv. 

-ly- , 

BonpocHFjft, adj. law, interrogatory; question- 
ary; of the question; -Hue nynninu, interrogatory 
about deeds and articles. 

Bonpocb, s. m. question, interrogation, demand; 
OHb npedAaia.ib .\tHib — aa -coM'b, he asked me one 
question after another; nodnjimb, eo36ydamb — , to 
bring in question, call in question, put to question; 
KHUia ah — caxi. ii omenmaxb, a book in questions 
and answers: j^''^^'^- "" tAynuu — ue 6u6aemb om- 
enma, a silly question needs no answer. 

Boiipoiuaxe-ib, s. in. -HHi^a, s.f. see Bonpo- 
cHxejib, — Hima. 

Bonpoiuaxb; Bonpockxb, v. a. to question, 
interrogate; jj -ca, v. p. to be questioned; part. p. 

BonponieHie, s. n. question, questioning; jlrftei. 

BopBanb, s. f. train-oil, blubber; neHeuoHHaa—, 
hepatic oil; ji - BaHHbifi, adj. - HUii moeaph, 
leather dressed with train-oil. 
BopBaxbca, see BpuBaxbca. 
BopHUiKa, s. m. dim. of. Bop-b, little thief; pilferer. 
BopKJHBOCTb, s. f. querulousness; i, grumbling 

BopKJiHBbift, adj. cooing; || querulous; grumbling. 
BopKOBaaie, s. n. cooing (of the doves). 
BopKOBaxb, V. »i. to coo. 
BopKOxna, s. f. cooing; li mutter, grumbling. 
BopKyH-b, s. m. murmurer, grumbler; maunder, 
maunderer; i| -KVHba, s. /'. vixen, shrew. 

BopoOefi, s. 7)1. dim. BopoOHuieK-b, BopoCy- 
mcK-b, sparrow; prov. cmapato - Cba na .MSKunn 
He o6.HaHemh, there is no catching old birds with 
chatf; c.iooo He—,euAemumbtie nou.vaemh, a spoken 
word takes its flight. 

BopoCeikHHE-b, s. m. hot. graymill, gromwell^ 

BopoGKa, s. f. hen-sparrow. 
BopodbenoKTb, s. m. young sparrow. 
BopodbHHKa, s. f. hot. sparrow-wort. 
Bopo6biiHMft, adj. of sparrow;— Cd.weitTi, cock- 
sparrow;— to/wxj, vetch; - Hoe cn.v/i, gromwell, 
gromill, red-root, stone-crop; amo moHbuie bo- 
po6bHHaro noca, as thin as a wafer; -aaa nonb, 
a very dark and stormy night; yoeAUHueambca na 
-uhitt lUdib, to grow very slowly. 

IJopoBJixufi, adj. sly, crafty; roguish, knavish; 
\\ -xo, adv. slily,— tily,— ly. 

BopoBaxb, V. a. to steal, thieve; to purloin, 

HopoBEa, ,s. f. thief;,! sly woman. 
BopOBCRofi, adj. thiijvish: roguish; stolen; -CKia 
HnK.ioHHocmu, thievishness: I -CKii, adv. like a 

HecnpaeedAiiaocmb, it is a crying injustice 

Boniaxb, Bosoniaxb, v. n. to cry out, clamour, 
exclaim; — n6b omMXneniii, to cry for vengeance; tliief, thievishly, by stealth. _ 

—Kb Eoiy, to call upon God. I BopoBCXBO, s. n. theft, larceny, pilfering 




Bopori., s. m. pop. enemy, foe; prov. ne ecnoa, 
He ecKop.Ma, Bopora we yeudumt, good deeds are 
often paid by ingratitude (expl). 

BopoarafiKa, see Bopoatea. 

Bopoffi6a, s. f. - po:KeHio, v. n. fortune- 
telling; conjuring. 

Bopoacea, s. f. fortune-teller. 

BopoacBTB; V. a. to tell fortune; |i -ca, v. r. 
to have one's fortune told. 

BopoHa, .s. f. crow; 1| simpleton; cmimamb -poHi., 
pop. to be a gaper, to gape in the air; svio — e& 
nae.ittMuxz ne2ibax^, it is the daw in peaco'k's 
feathers; [j prov. nyiauaH — it xycma 6oumca, a 
burnt child dreads the fire; 3c'jiemn.ia—eh eucouie 
xopoMu, set a beggar on horseback, he'll ride to 
the devil: -n't cokoao.^io ne ouoanih, one cannot 
make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. 

BopoHCHie, 5. n. burnishing, browning. 

BopoHeHOKi, s. m. young crow. 

BopoHCii,!., s. m. lot. herb-Cristopher., s. n. burnisbing-stick. 

BopoHDJii.m,HKt, s. VI. burnisher. 

BopoHHTb, V. a. to burnish (iron, xteel); j| 
part. p. BopoHeHufi. 

BopoHifi, adj. of crow; — lAash, s. m. hot. true- 

BopoHKa, s. f. dim. - poHOiKa, funnel; |1 fort. 
funnel (of a mine); \\ fish, gudgeon, gobio; Ij -HOi- 
uu^, adj. 

BopoHKOodpasHEifi, adj. funnel-formed, funnel- 
- BopoHofij adj. black (of horses). 

BopoHon-Britt, adj. - raa Aomadb, piebald 

BopoHO'ia-iBiii, adj. roan-black (horse). 

BopoHi>, s. m. raven; corby; kukz — upoeu oicdemh 
(loc. pop.), eagerly longing for: Kyda u — Hoemeu 
He 3nnocu.l^, where a living being has never set 
foot; XJ^'OV. — -Hy lAaso ne euK^Knem^, hawks do 
not pick out hawk's eyes; \ -HOBt, adj. 

BopoHB, s. f. blue colour given to iron and 

BopoHbe, A\ n. crows, rooks. 

BopoTa, -poTa, s. n. pi. gates, gate, gate-way; 
mpiyMffia.xhuuH — , triumphal arch; om^ Bopoxt 
Mttiopi, assistant of a commandant of a fortress; 
fl channel (of ct river); wak3huh — , flood-gate, 

BopoTiiaa, s. m. a person of great power; 
manager, director (of an enterprise, etc.); om 
(fCCMy dih.iy—, he has all under his thumb. 

Bopoxiiao, s. n. mill-handle, mill-tail (of a wind- 

BopOTUTB; see BoponaTB. 

BopoTHMKX, s. m. dim. -hh'iok'b, collar; -uh- 
noKi. y pyCaiUKU, sliirt-collar; cvionmu — , standing- 
up collar; omAooicHoii — , turned-down collar. 

BopoTiiKiit, adj. anat. -naa eena, gate-vein, 
vena porta. 

BopoTi., .s. m. mcch. winch, windlass; capstan, 
capstern; \, collar; cxoamumb 3a~, to seize by the 
collar; | -poxHuft, adj. 

BopoxT., s. m. divi. BopoiuoKt, heap, pile. 

Boponaiiie, s. n. turning, rolling, moving. 

Bopo'iaxb, 0. a. asp. pcrf. Bopoxaxt, to turn, 
turn up, over, round; to turn or ted (hay); — 
eejj7neAz, to turn a spit; — t.iasaMu, to roll one's 
eyes; II to take one out of his way, recall; to call 
again; cs noAOnuitu dopoin cto Bopoxif.iii, when 
half way he was recalled; -poxiixc eio, call 
him bark; |1 to catch again; to retake, recover 
(money); see Bepnyxb; [1 to move; sacmaoumb 
Ka.vnu—, fifj. to make one work very hard;— ae.iwjo, 
to dig the earth; || — dibA0.v7>, to direct an enter- 
prise; oHh ->'iaex7> octb.m,,, he manages the 

whole household; |1 -ca, v. r. to come back, again; 
om - XH.iea doMOu, he has returned home; jl to 
move, toss, toss about; to budge; ■- vaxbca eh 
nocmeAK, to toss about in the bed; ama MeAbuwua 
- ^aexca enmjWM^, this mill is moved by the 
wind; |] to dawdle, loiter; 'imo eu majuo -qaexecB^ 
«o^ja pa6omamb, why do you loiter? it is time to 
set to work; ny! -^aflca! now then! be quick! 
^\2Mrt. J). BopoieHHBifl. 

BopomiixB, BopoxHTXB, V. a. to move, rum- 
mage, stir; to ransack; to turn or ted (hay); j] to 
disturb; to molest; || - ca, v. r. to move, stir, 
budge; j] part. p. BopomeHHBili. 

Bopca, s. f. Bopcx., s. m. nap (of doth); 
frieze; naeodumb -cy, see BopcHxt. 

BopciuBKBift, - coBa..iBHBiit, adj. carding, 
friezing; - Haa mttiuKa, teasel, fuller's - thistle, 
fuller's-M'eed; thistle-head; - Haa .vatuuna, gig- 
mill, gig-machine. 

Bopi'iiJiBHa, s. f. wool-card: carding-house. 

BopciiJBmnKX, s. m. carder, teaseler. 

BopcHCXBiif, adj. nappy, fleecy, friezed (of 

BopcHXB, - coBaxB, V. a. to tease, frieze; to 
give a uap (to the cloth); to teasel, tease. 

BopcoBjLiBHa, see Bopcnabua. 

BopcoBaHie, BopmcHie, s. n. teaseling (of 

BopcaHKa, s. f. hot. fuller's-thistle; fuller's-weed, 

BopcaHoii, adj. carded (of cloth). 

Eopiaaie, x. n. grumbling (of persons); growl 
(of an«wrt7.s\);li chiding; rumbling. 

Bop^axB, V. n. to growl (of animals); to snarl; 
II to grumble, mutter; ona uTbAbiu dent -qnx'B, she 
grumbles the whole day: nmo mu ma.^^^ -niiBiB? 
now then, what are you muttering about? to 
grumble, rattle (in the belly). 

Bop'i.iHBOcxB, s. f. querulousness, grumbling 
disposition or character. 

Bopu.iiiBHfi, adj. querulous, grumbling. 

BopuvHX., s. m. -HBa, s. f. grumbler. 

Bopiuxx., s. m. naut. foot-hook staff. 

Bopxi, s. m. thief, stealer; jj/jroy. na Bopifc u- 
manna lopuvn, a guilty mind is never at ease; 
nAoxo lie KAadu, Bopa e?. ipnxh ne eeodu, oppor- 
tunity makes the thief; sure bind, sure find; no 
dtbAU.uo Bopy u .Hyna, he pays the penalty of 
his own rashness; Bopy nomanamb mu owe, umo 
caMO.My eopoaamb, ymaumiim movn jice^, the 
receiver is as bad as the thief. 

Bo-CBoacif, adv. home, at home; (iOSopamumbCH 
— , to return liome, to return from whence one 

BoccMnaj^i^axB, -Ha;^u,axBiii, num. eighteen. 

BoceMB; num. eight; diicii — , about eight 

BoecMBjlccaxi, nuvi. eighty, fo^urscore. 

BoccMBCOXT., num. eiglit hundred. 

BocoMBH), adv. eight times;— tfoce-«6, eight times «. 
eight. m 

BocKiiiiaxB, BOCKnn^xB, <;. w. see BcKHnaib, * 

BoeKaim,iiiiio, -KJHKHOBCHie, s. n. exclama- 
tion, shout. 

Bo<'K.nii;!ixc.iBHi.iii, adj. gram, exclamatory, 
exclamative; of exclamation;— Jjmjcb, note of excla- 
mation, of admiration. ^ 

Bo('K.inn,axB, -K.iHKHyxB, V. n. to exclaim, 
cry, shout. 

BocKoOiVrie, s. n. wax-refining. 

Bo(Mior)<;ft, -OofiuiiKi), s. 711. wax-refiner. 

BocKoOoiiHii'iaHBC, s. n. the trade of wax- 

IJocKofioiiiiu'iaxB, V. n. to be a wax-refiner. 


_ 67 - 


BocKo66flHa,s./'.wax-foundery; \\ -fiofluuft, aJJ. 

BocKoO'feaeHic, *\ n. wax-bleaching. 

BocKo6t.iH.ibHa, s. f. - Haa 0a6puKa, wax- 

BocKOBaTUfl, adj. waxy. 

BocKOBUHa, *■. /; nat. hist, cere (of some 

BocKOBHiiKt, s. m. hot. gale, candle - berry 
myrtle, sweet-willow. 

BoOKOButi; adj. wax, waxen, cereous; -Baa 
cetbHKCi, wax-candle, wax-light; -Baa (fiutypa, -Boe 
lodtb.xie, M^ax-work; -Boe depeao, hot. wax-palm, 
wax-tree, candle-berry-tree, bay-bush. 

BooKO-iefl, s. m. caster in wax. 

BocKCiHTie, s. n. casting in wax; i] ceromancy. 

BpCKopMjaTb, BOCKopMuTb, see BcKapMan- 


BocKpecaxb, BocKpecnyTt, v. n. to rise from 
the dead, rise again. 

BocKpecenie, s. n. resurrection, rising (from 
the dead); jj^- cencKiii, adj. 

BocKpeceHbe, s. n. Sunday, Lord's-day; Bep6- 
Hoe—, Palm-Sunday; CetbmAoe—, Easter, Easter- 
day; OoMHiio — , Low-Sunday, Quasimodo-Sunday. 

BocKpecuxeaB, s. in. - Hnn,a, s. f. reviver; 
ji deliverer, saviour. 

BocKpeCHHft, adj. of Sunday;— ^ewb, Sunday; 
-Haa 6yKea, the dominical letter. 

BocKpeiujiTb, BOCKpecHTb, V. a. to raise from 
the dead, bring to life again, revive; to resusci- 
tate; dmo .lenapcmeo -eiiao eio, that remedy ^has 
brought him to life again, has revived him; -chtb 
uadeoKdy, to reanimate hope; Jl part. p. BOCKpe- 

BocKpemeHie, s. n. raising from the dead, 
reanimation, bringing to life again. 


BocEpnaeHie, s. n. giving wings, soaring; 
il transport. 

BoCKpiiJie, s.n. si. lappet (of a garment). 

BocKpH.iaTb, BOCKpH.iHTb, V. «. to give wings; 
li to enrapture, transport; ,; -ca, v. r. to give wing 
to one's thoughts; to soar; ij part. p. BOCKpn- 


BocKypcHie, s. n. burning (of incense). 

BocKypiiBaTb, BOCKvpaxb, BOCKypuTb, V. a. 
to burn; — eu.Mia.Mo, to burn incense. 

BocK'b, s. m. dim. BomenoKb, wax; bees'-wax; 
Hpoeuu — , spmi — , virgin wax; Cib.xuu — , bleached 
wax; oice.imuu—, unbleached wax; lopHtiii—, fossil- 

Bocna.ieHie, s.n. inflammation; — jietKiiXo,mQL&m- 
mation of the lungs; med. pneumonia. 

Bocna.iHMOCTb, see Boon jiaMeH;ieMOCTi.. 

BoonaJHTeabHbifl, adj. inflammatory. 

BocnaJiaTb, Bocna.iuxb; v. a. to inflame, heat; 
to set on fire; eutio -.laeib Kpoei, wine heats 
the blood; || -ca, v. r. to blaze; to be inflamed; 
-.iHXbca .moooiw, to be inflamed, smitten with 
love; i|iJ«r^. p. BOcnajeHHbiii. 

Bocnapaxb, BOcnapuTb, v. n. to fly up; to start. 

BocnHXanic, s. n. education, tutorage; bringing 
up; omdamh peCeuKU na—, to give a child to be 
brought up. 

BocniixaHHHKb, s. m. - i!iiu,a, s. f. pupil; 
j -HHHiecKift, adj. 

Bocnnxaxeab, s. m. - HHii,a, s. f. educator, 
tutor; l)ringer up; tutoress. 

BocniixaxcibKUit, adj. educational; -noe aa- 
eedenie, establisiiment for the education of children; 
—do.n, the foundling hospital. 

BocniixbiBaxb, Bocnuxaxb, v. a. to bring up, 
educate, train; — wnouiecmoo, to bring up youtli; 
om - TCiWb d.m .MopcKoli ciyowCn, he has been 
brought up as a sailor; I; -ca, v. p. to be educated, 

be brought up; ,| part. p. BOcnHxaHHufi; xopomo 
-HHUit ue.ioeibKh, a well educated man. 

BocnaaKaxb, .^et; BcnaaKHyTB. 

Bocn.iaMCHeHie, s. n. inflammation; chem. accen- 

BocnjaMenixb, v. n. to get or become inflamed; 
to blaze. 

BocnaaMenacMOCXb, s. /'. inflammability, com- 
bustibility, combustibleness. 

Bocn.iaMenaeMHifl, p. pr. inflammable; com- 

BocnaaMenaxb, BocnaaMCHnxb, v. a. to in- 
flame, kindle into a flame, fire up; to heat: fig. 
to stir up, incense; 97no -hilio eto .vyjKecmeu, eto 
eoo6paoiceHie, it stirred up his courage, imagina- 
tion; Il -ca, V. p. r. to be inflamed; to inflame; to 
take or catch fire; -HHXbca imboo.m, to fall into 
a rage; ijpaji. p- BocnaaJieHeHHbifl. 

BocnoJiHaxb, BOcno.iHHXb, v. a. to complete. 

BocnoabsoBaxbca, see 

BocnoMHHaHle, -noMiiHOBeHie, s. n. remem- 
brance, recollection; reminiscence; y Menn ocma- 
.locb c.ia6oe—o6z amo.m, I have a slight recollec- 
tion or remembrance of it; ] -Haxe.ibHBifl, adj. 

BocnoMHHaxb, EocnoManyxb, see Bcdomh- 
Haxb, BcnOMflHyTt. 

Bocnoc.ii;i,OBaHie, s. n. accomplishment, re- 

Bocnocj-Bji;oBaxb, v. n. perf. to result, ensue; 
to happen. 

Bocnpa3;iiHOBaxb, v.n. to begin to celebrate. 

BocnpenaxcxBOBanie, s. n. hinderance, pre- 

BocnpenaxcxBOBaib, v. n. to hinder, impede, 
prevent; — 6paKy, to prevent a marriage. 

BocnpexHxeabHHfl, adj. prohibitive, prohibit- 

Bocapemaxb, Bocnpexaxb, v. a. to forbid, 
interdict, prohibit; , -ca, v. p. to be interdicted, 
be forbidden; ji pari. p. BOCnpen^eHHbift. 

Bocupemenie, s. n. prohibition, interdiction. 

BocnpHHHMaxb, -npiaxb, v. a. to take, as- 
sume: to receive;— c»»r» Kyne.iu, to receive or hold 
at the baptismal font, to stand godfather or god- 
mother;" part, p. BocnpHHaxMii, Bocnpiaxbifi. 

BocnpHKaxie, - anj^AHie, - npiaxie, s. n. 
receiving;— ows Kyne.iu, holding at the baptismal 

BocnpiesiHHK'b, s.m. -HHii,a, s.f. godfather, 
godmother; sponsor; |i successor. 

BocnpJHM'iHBOCXb, s. f. receptivity, impressi- 

BocnpiHM'iHBUff, adj. impressionable. 

Bocnpiaxie, see BocupHHflTie. 

Bocnpon3Be;i;eHic, s. n. reproduction. 

BocIIpoH3Bo;^HMbIft, p. pr. reproducible. 

Bocnpoii;^Bo;i;uxcj[bHocxb, *\ f. reproductibility, 

Bocnpou3Bo;i,HxeabHbiii, adj. reproductive, 

B0Cap0H3B0AHTb, - npOHSBCCXb, V. a. to 

reproduce, produce; ^part. p. BOCnponsBC- 

Bocnj)oc.iaB.iaib, sec HpocjiaBJiJiTk. 

BocnpoxuB.ienic, *". n. resistance. 

BocnpoxHB.iaxbca, -npoxuBiixbca, v. n. to 
oppose, resist; om -xiiBiiaea .min.Mh Me.taiiisMo, 
he opposed my desires. 

BociipaHyxb, v. n. to jump up;— owix. cna, to 
start out of one's sleep. 

Bociiuaaxb, v. n. perf. (uibjuo), to burn with; 
—.Mooooim, to get inflamed, smitten with love. 

BdCH'IiBaHie, s. n. singing (praises); celebrating, 


68 — 


BocntBiiTOJib, s. m. - HHi^a^ s. f. celebrater, 
singer of praises. 

BocnteaTb, bochbtb, v. a. to sing (praises); 
to celebrate; |i^ar^. p^ Bocn-BTHft. 

Bocnamaxb, BcnaTHTb, v. a. to move or put 
back; to impede, hinder; |{ -ca, v.r.p. to go back, 
be impeded; lli^ar*. p. BcnaqeHHutt. 

BoCTOKi, s. m. east, orient, levant; enmep-b 
dyetm c^ - Ka, the wind blows from the east; 
nymeuiecmeoeamh ua—, to travel in the east; 
mopioejiH -Ka, the trade of the Levant (Turkey, 
Persia, Asia Minor, etc.);--(KpauHiu,), the Orient 
(the states and provinces of oriental Asia);\\ poet. 
—amopaemcH, daylight appears. 

BocTopraTb, v. a. to enrapture, enravish; to 
transport with delight, throw into rapture: H -ca, 
V. r. to become enraptured, be transported with 
delight; to become enthusiastic. 

BocTopri, s. m. enthusiasm, transport, rapture, 
ecstasy, cnravishmcnt; om npunarm Co ■• 
TOiiTb, he was received enthusiastically; oumb enn 
ceon oniT, -xopra, to be beside one's self with 
rapture; to be in rapturous transports; npiidmu 
0?,—, to fall into ecstasy; npuooduvii ot> — , to enrap- 
ture, enravish. 

BocTopatcHHOCTL, s. f. exaltedness. 
BocTopaceHHutt, adj. enraptured; enthusiastic. 
BocTopareCTBOBiiTb, v. n. perf. (uadh HtbM^), to 
triumph (over). 

BocTOiHUft, adj. east, eastern, easterly; orient- 
al: -Haa TlndiH, the East-Indies; -Htie aauKu, 
eastern or oriental languages; — oKume.ih, an orient- 
al; — omneph, east wind, easterly wind; ■■ Haa 
IfepKOdb, the Church of the East. 

BocTpeOoBanie, s. n. demand, demanding; re- 
quiring, exigence; do -aia, till called for (on a 
letter); nucb.Ho, adpecoaanuoe do -Hia, a letter 
to be left till called for. 

BocTpe6oBaT6, v. a. perf. to demand, require, 
call for; i| part. p. BocxpeOoBaHHuft. 
Bocxpenexaxb, v. n. perf. to begin to tremble. 
BocxpHXb, see OcTpHTt. 
BocxpHil, see OcTpHH. 

BocxpyOnxb, v. a. p)erf. to begin to trumpet; 
j'i to trumpet, divulge; see TpySnTi.. 

BocxpaKTb, s. m. -pyxa, s. f. pop. frolicsome, 
arch, waggish, sharp man or woman. 

BoexBa.ieHie, s. n. praise, praising, laud, 

BocxBa.iaxb, BocxBajiaxb, v. a. to praise, 
laud, cry up, extol; j, -ca, v.p.r. to be praised, be 
lauded; to praise one's self; ji part. p. Bocxsa- 

BocxHXHxeJbULifif, adj. charming, delightful, 
ravishing, enravishing; || - no, adv. deliglitfully, 

Bocxamaxb, BocxHxiixb, v. a. to carry away, 
off; to rescue; || to enravish, enrapture, transport, 
charm; -ca, v. r. to be enraptured, be delighted; 
to admire, delight, rejoice; to be in ecstasy, in 
rapture: , port. p. BocxHiu^euHutt. 

Boc.vHinenio, s. n. rapture, transport, ecstasy, 
cnravishmcnt, admiration. 

Bocxo;i;HXb, BC.\o;^HXb, BCxa:KHBaxb, bsoIIxh, 
v.n. to ascend, go up, mount; to rise (of the sun); 
— Ha lopy, to ascend a mountain; Baoiixii na 
'npc';moA%, to ascend to or to mount the throne; 
BSOftxH Ha Kaeedpy, to go up into the pulpit; 
.tyna BuouMa, th(! moon is risen; jl to rise; wwcmo 
nanunnemh Bcxo;i;iiXb, the paste begins to rise; 
ii to come up, get up; to sprout; x.xnfjh iiauuuaemr, 
yMc B(;xO/i;HXb, the corn comes up already; (i .««»«. 
B3uiu.i6 na yMo, it came into my mind, it oc- 
curred to me. 

Bocxo;:^^, Bcxo,'^!., >•. m. ascent (of a mount- 

ain); 11 rise, rising (of the sun); \ sprout; shoot 
(of plants); bcxo;i;h Hpoauxh dypnu, the sprouts 
of the oats are bad. 

Bocxo;^ani,iii yse-fb, s. m. astr. ascending node. 

Bocxoa:;i;eH|e, s. n. ascent, ascension; || rising, 
rise (of luminaries); — co.iHua, sunrise, sunrising. 

Bocxoxixb, see XoT'feTi.. 

Bocii;a, s. f. ring-worm with itching. 

BocivBCXBOBaxb, see ^yBCTBOBaxi.. 

BocuiecTBie, .s\ n. mounting, ascent; — na npe-, accession to the throne. 

BocbMepEKi., BocbMepKa,BocbMepHa,see Ocb- 
MepHKi, OctMcpKa, OcbiiepHa. 

BocbMepo, see OcbMopo. 

BocbMii;i;ecaxHtt, num. eightieth. 

BocBMHHa, -HHbiit, See OcbMHHa, — hhhh. 

BocbMOH, num. eighth. 

BoTupoBaxb^ v.n. to YOiQ] I part. p. Boxapo- 


BoxiipoBKa, s. f. BoxapoBaaie, s. n. voting. 

BoxKaxb, V. a. irr. perf. to weave into, inter- 

BoxKHyxb, see BTHKaxb. 

BoxnnMii, see Othhmx. 

Box'iHua, s. f. patrimony, patrimonial estate. 

BoxqHHHHKTb, s. m. possessor of a patrimony, 

BoxiHHHbi&, adj. patrimonial; -Hoe ynpaoAe- 
nie, provincial registrar's office. 

Boxui,e, adv. in vain, vainly; to no purpose. 

Box'b, adv. there, here; — om, there he is; — maMi, 
there; —, ouusy, below there, down there; 
— maMi, eeepxy, up there; — , mou muauu, — , there, 
my dear, there;— eoapaoKeuia, a —omnnmu, there 
are the objections, here are the answers; — udymi 
locmu, here's company coming; ua — , 6epu, here, 
take this; — ywe uoah tea, KaK^ h cmom adncb, I 
have been standing here half an 'ho\xv\—daeph, 
that is the door;— see, mno om mpe6yem^, that 
is all he demands; —mam, xopouio! that's a good 
one! — u ece m,ym^, that's all; — u ecu uedoAta, 
that's all, that includes every thing; — xaKiA 
so, that's it! — me6')b na! there you have it! what 
a pity! I did not expect this! — me6ib u npaadnuxi! 
iron, farewell pleasure! 

Boxpa, BoxpaHufl, Boxpnxb, see Oxpa, 

OxpaHHfl, OxpHTB. 

Boi^apeaie, s. n. accession to the throne; resto- 

Boi^apaxb, Boi^apiixb, v. a. to raise to the 
throne; jj -ca, v. r. to ascend the throne, be en- 
throned; to begin to reign; to succeed; to follow; 
llimrt. p. BOi^apeHHHtt. 

Bo'ie.iOBiqeHie, s. n. theol. incarnation (of 

Bo'ioJiOBiiiHXbca, V. r. to incarnate, become 
incarnate; to assume the human nature. 

Boqiio, Boibio, adv. see BooKb». 

Bouib, s. f. dim. BOUiRa, louse; —mpagsHas, 

Bou^iiHKa, s. f. waxed-cloth, cere-cloth; || bot. 
cerinth, honey-wort. 

Bom,an()ft, adj. waxen, waxed; see BocROBOfi. 

Bomt'Hie, ,s. n. waxing. 

Boii;ifK'b, s. m. charioteer, driver. 

Boii^ifXb, V. a. to wax, rub with wax; i| - ca, 
V. p. to be waxed, be rubbed with wax. 

Hoioionutt, (idj. belligerent, making war. 

lloajKiiponaxb, v. n. to travel, journey. 

Boaas'b, .s-. m. voyage, travel, journey. 

Biia;^axb, Bnanxb, v. n. to fall in, into; to 
empty itself or discharge itself (of a river); to 
flow in; to enter; 9ma ptbica -j^iiex-b <?» Mope, this 
riv(>r falls, discharges itself into the sea; — eh 6ibd- 
uociub, ui ncMU.iocmb, to fall into poverty, into 
disgrace;— 0* oiuuOny, oh npecmyn.xenic, to commit 



— 69 — 


a fault, a crime; j^to sink, he sunk; y ueio iiieKii 
BoajiH; tAttJii Bnaaii, he has sunken cheeks, his 
eyes have sunk into his head. 

Bna;^euic, s. u. falling in; || mouth (of the 

Bna;i;nH.a, s. f. dim. Bnaj^HHKa, cavity, hollow, 
hollowncss; i.tasHaji—, orltit, eye-hole, eye-socket. 

Bna;i;HCTKift, adj. full of cavities, of hollows. 

BnaHBaxb, BnaiiTb, v. a. to solder in. 

BnaJiKa, s. f. soldering in; n piece soldered in. 

BnajauBauie^ Bno.i3aHie; s. n. crawling or 
creeping in. ^ ^ 

BnaJSMBaTb; BnojisaTb, BuoasTH, v. n. to 
creep in, into; to crawl up. 

BnsiJOCTb, s. f. hollowness. 

BuaJBift, adj. hollow, sunken, sunk; co -jieimh 
uienaMu, hollow-cheeked; -.iMe lAaact, sunken eyes. 

BnepBwe, adv. first, for the first time. 

BneperoHKy, adv. in emulation of each other. 

B^epe;^u, adv. before, in front; HaxodiirmcH — , 
to be before; y Menn doeo.ttHo epeMeuu — , I've got 
plenty of time before me; om 6bu^ daAeno — , he 
was far on in advance; eaiuu uacbi—, your watch 
is in advance; || in future; oatua pnuh — , you will 
have your turn to speak, your turn to speak 
will come; npodo-iMeuie — , to be continued. 

Bnepe^^t, adv. forward, forwards, onwards; 
udmu — , to go forward; udmu — , eee npn.MO—, to 
pursue an onward course; fsadh u — , to and fro, 
backwards and forwards, up and down; om mi 
e3a^^, hu — , he is not moving; smo 6o,it,mou 
^ua^^ — , that is a great step forwards; |1 in future, 
for the future; henceforth, henceforward;— amojo 
CoMbe He dtb.taume, don't do that in future;! be- 
forehand, in advance; nAamnmb — , to pay in advance 
or beforehand; davih—, to give the advantage 
(at billiards); h daA^ cmi/ daadnanib — , I gave him 
twenty points in advance; nocmaoumb nacu — , to 
put a watch forward; smo nodeinaemcH — , 
this business is getting on or gains ground. 

BnepaTb, BnepiiTb, v. a. to inculcate; \ -puTb 
eh KOio ceou e3op^, to fix one's eyes upon a person; 
I -CH, V. p. to be inculcated, be imj)ressed; ||_prti'^. 
p. BnepeHHHft. 

Bne'iaTaiixejibHOCTb, s. f. impressibility, im- 

BneiaTJ[HTeabHMH, adj. impressionable, im- 
pressible, impressive. 

BneiaxJi'feBaTb, sneqaxjiiTb, v. a. to impress, 
imprint; to engrave; — «& naMnmu, ff* eepdun, to 
engrave a thing in the memory, in the heart; 
II -ca, V. p. to be engraved, be impressed, be 
imprinted; J ^jar*. p. BneiaTaiuHbift. 

BneiaTjiuic, s. n. impression; sensation; — 
uoihjna na apibuie, the impression of colour on 
the sight; pnub npouaaeAa 6o.ihiuoe — , the speech 
produced a great sensation. 

BnHBaxb, BDHTb, V. a. to imbibe, drink in, 
absorb, suck in, up; ty6Ka -BJiex'b e^ ceCn eody, 
the sponge absorbs water; \\ -ch, v. r. to accustom 
one's self to drinking; -ca es KOto, to drive one's 
sting, teeth or claws in, into; to stick; KOMupr, 
BBHaca ti^ py^y, the gnat stuck its sting in the 
hand; \\ om BUHJcii oi uee tJia.ia.MU, lie looks at 
her eagerly, ho feasts his eyes on her. 

BnHpaxb; BnepeTb, v. a. to thrust in, push in. 

BnacBiBaHie, -canie, s. n. inscribing, en- 
tering (in a book). 

BnHCTJB<aTb, BBHcaxb, V. a. to write in, inscribe; 
to enter (in a book); 1^ -en, v. r. p. to write or put 
down one's name, inscribe one's name; to be 
inscribed; lljjfflr^. j9. BBHcauiiutt. 

BnHTbiBaTb; BBHTaTb, V. a. to absorb, imbibe; 
ae.MAH -BacT'b e^ ceCa eody, the earth soaks in 

BnuxHBaTb, BnnxaTb, BnnxHyTb, v. a. to 

push in, shove in. 

BnaaBb, adv. swimming. 

BiijecKHBaxb, BnaecHyxb, v. a. to splash in. 

Bnaexanie, s. n. twining in. 

Bnaexaxb, Bn.iecxH, v. a. to plait in, twist in: 
to twine, intervolve; |i to implicate, involve; to 
entangle; ;| -ca, v. p. r. to be twisted, be intervolved; 
to interfere v/hh;jpart. p. Bn.iexeHHutt. 

Bnaoxnyio, adv. entirely, wholly; closely. 

Buaoxb, adv. close, quite close; to, till; — y 
cmibHu, close by the wall; — do deepen, to the very 
door; c* yinpa — do eenepa, from morning till 

BnJibiBauic, BnJiiiixie, s. n. swimming in. 

BnjbiBaxb, BBJibixb, v. n. to swim in; to 
sail in. 

Bnoaroaoca, adv. in an undertone, in a low 
voice, in a whisper. 

BnoJiSiiHie, .sec Bna.i3UBaHie. 

Bnojisaxb, see BnajisuraTb. 

BnoJiH-B, adv. fully, entirely, completely, totally; 
om — CHacDi.iue^, he is perfectly )\2k^\\^\—y6rbjicdem, 
fully convinced. 

BnoaoxRpuxbifi, adj, half open, uncovered, 

BnoanyxH, adv. half-way. 

BnoJinbaHa, adv. half-drunk. 

BnoJiCBixa, adv. half-sated. 

Bno.i'b, adv. in half, by halves. 

Bnona;^'b, adv. opportunely, in good time. 

BnopoacHB, adv. pop. empty, without a pas- 
senger, without load. 

Bnopy, adv. at a proper time, in time, in good 
time, in tlie nick of time, timely; seasonably; «e— , out 
of time, out of season, not timely; [; just; fitting, 
suiting; dmo n.iambe .«««. — , this dress fits or suits 
me well; e.Hy — cnpaeumbCH cb udniiMh d)b.^0M^, he 
can hardly manage one business, he cannot get 
through more than one business; myim — cnpa- 
eumhCH daouAn, there is quite enough for two or 
two can hardly do it, 

Bnocji'B^i.Hie, adv. for the last time. 

B^oca•BJ^cxBiH, adv. in course of time, after- 
wards, after that. 

BnoxbMax'b, adv. in darkness, in the dark. 

BupaB;^y, adv. really, in reality, indeed; 

BnptiBKa, s. /'. setting to rights, putting in a 
right direction; setting, reduction (of a bone into 
a joint). ^ ^ 

BnpaBaHBaxb, -Baiixb, BnpaBnxb, v. a. to 
set to rights; to put in a right direction; to set 
or put into joint; y -ca, v. r. p. to get into the 
socket again; to be set or reduced (into joint); || 
part. p. BiipaBJOHHbift. 

BnpaBO, BnpjiBt, adv. to the right, on the 
right; eajinib — , noaepnymb—, to take, to turn to 
the right. 

Bnpaxi., see Biiyxi. 

B^pc;^b, adv. lienceforth, in future;— ()o npu- 
KUdaniH, till further orders; see Biiepe^i. 

Biipe^KH, adv. pop. see Bnpe;ti.. 

BnpoO'fe.ib, adv. whitish.^b, adv. half-sated, witliout having 
satisfied one's luinger. 

Bnpoaceaxb, adv. slightly yellow. 

BiiposcieHb, adv. slightly green. 

BnpoK-b, adv. for keeping, for the future, for 
preserving; II smo ite nouderm e.\ty — , it will not 
thrive with him, it will not turn out to his advan- 
tage; prov. xydo na-Mumoe—neUdeim, ill gotten 
wealtli never thrives; ill got, ill spent. 

BnpocaKi., Qfiu. nonacim—, to get into a scrape; 
to stick in the same mire. 


— 70 — 


BnpoxMe.ib, adv. pop. half-drunk. 

BnpoieM'L, adv. as for the rest; otherwise; 

BnpoiepHB, ndv. blackly. 

BnpHrHBaxb, EnpHrnyTB, v. n. to jump, skip, 
leap in. ^ 


V. a. to sprinkle in, inject; to syringe, squirt; 
II -cflj V. p. to be sprinkled in, he injected; '^part. 

p. BnpMCHyTBIU. 

BnpucK'B, s. m. BapKiCKHBanie, s. w. injection. 

Bnparauie, s. n. putting, harnessing (horses to 
a coach, cart); yoking (to a plough). 

Bnparaxi., BnpaiB, v. a. to put (horses to a 
cart); to yoke (to a plough); — aaiom, to couple 
a waggon; |j -ch, v. r. p. to harness one's self 
(to); to be put, be yoked to (a coach, plough); 
\part. p. BnpaaKeHHHfi. 

Bnpa;i;aTB, Bnpa;i;EJBaTB, snpacTB^ v. a. to 
spin 'm\\\part. p. Bnpa;iieHKMit. 

Bnpa;j;BiBaTB, BnpanyTB, v. n. lit. us. to 
jump in. 

BnpaMJHBaTB, BnpasiHTB, v. a. to straighten, 
make straight. 

BnpaMB, adv. straightly; ij in reality, Indeed. 

BnpaxBiBaTB, BupaxaTB, v. a. to hide, conceal; 
to pocket: i;23ar^. p. RnpaxaHHuft. 

BnpaqB, see BnparaTB. 

BnyrHBaxB, BnyrnyTB, v. a. to frighten (in); 
\\part. J?. BnyrayTBifi. 

BnycKiiHie, ^. n. see BnycKi. 

BnycKaTb, BnycTHXB, v. a. to let in, admit 
to; a)iat. to inject, immit; — ican.iu e^ i.iaaa, to 
drop medicine in the eyes; j] -ca, v. p. to be admit- 
ted or let \n;\part. p. BnymeuHBii*. 

BnycKHott, adj. that may be let in or admit- 
ted; — 6ic.iemh, ticket of admission. 

BnycKi, s. m. BnycKanie, s. n. admittance, 
admission; letting in; -CKaHie napa, steaming; 
jl -■CEaHie KaneAh eh t.iaaa, dropping medicine in 
the eyes. 

BnycTt, adv. empty, vacant, unoccupied. 

BnyTMBanie, -Tauie, s. n. entangling, em- 
broiling: 1 involving, implicating; |j meddling, inter- 
fering with. 

BnvTBiBaTB, BnyxaTB, v. a. to entangle, embroil; 
li to involve, implicate; H -ca, v. r. to meddle, inter- 
meddle, interfere in, with; to thrust one's self 
into; -ca oi iienpinmHyn) ihcmopiio, to spike one's 
self; llpar^. p. BiiyTaHuBift. 

Bnyx-B, ado. entirely, finally; npouiparmcH — u 
enpaon, to lose all at cards; paaopanibCH —u 
enpaxi, to ruin one's self entirely; paaodnmuii — 
u enpax^, dressed splendidly. 

BnaaiiBaxB, bhjijihxb, v. a. to stretch in a 
frame; jj to put on (n coat) with difficulty; Jl^ar^. p. 

Bnaxepo, adv. fivefold, five times more. 

BiiaxcpoMT., adv. five together. 

Biia'iHBaxB, BiiaxHXb, v. a. to back m\\\part. 
p. Biiii'ioinri.Tti. 

BpaBU'h, see IlapaBH'fe. 

Bpar'B, s. VI. enemy, foe. 

BpaH{;i;!i, s. f. enmity, animosity; H rancour. 

npa:K;i;e<)H(>cxB, .s. f. animosity, liostility. 

Bpaac;^e6Hrjtt, adj. hostile, inimical; |l -ho, 
adv. — lv. 

HpaKAWBaiiie, s. n. animosity; dissension; 
bearing ill-will. 

ltpa3c;^0B!ixB, V. v. to be at enmity, show 
enmity; to bear ill-will to, towards. 

BpaiKOCJiift, IJpiiJKfft, adj. enemy's, hostile; 
II -CRH, (c^y. as an enemy, as a foe; inimirally, 

B\)fi96\)bfl,'bf see Pa36po;|i. 

BpascBinHyw, .see PascunHoi. 

BpasyMHxeJiBHOCTB, s. f. intelligibility; com- 
prehensibility, perspicuity. 

BpasyMHxe.iBHBift, adj. intelligible, perspicuous; 
II -HO, adv.—hly, — ly. 

BpasyMJieHio, s. n. explanation, clearing up, 

BpasyMjiaxB, BpasyjiHXB, v. a. to teach, 
explain; ;| -ca, v. r. to comprehend, understand; 
\part. p. BpaayMjieHHHfir. 

BpaKH, s. f. pi. BpaEbe, s. n. idle talk. 

BpaJiB, s. m. -JiHxa, s. f. babbler, humbug, liar. 

BpaH'B, si. see BopoHt. 

Bpacnjoxi, adv. unexpectedly, unawares; aa- 
cmam-b koio — , to take a person unawares, aback. 

BpacxaxB, spacxH, v. n. to grow in; u36i/mKa 
Bpocjia e^ seM.iw, the hut has sunk into the 

BpacxaaKKy, adv. flatwise, at full length; ac- 
Mamb — , to lie at full length; to be very ill; 
ynacmh — , to fall at full length. 

Bpaxa, s. si. gate, gates; see BopoTa; — 
uapcKiA ujiu cdHttiuH, the holy gates (of the 

BpaxB, V. n. irr. pop. to babble, talk idly; to 
lie; om Bpgx-B, KaKh cueuu nepum, pop. he lies 
like a conjurer; || spaxBca, v. r. imp. eMi/ ceiodnH 
umo-mo oco6enHo Bpexca, he is to-day especially 
inclined to lie. 

Bpa^eCHBifi, adj. medical, physical; - Haa 
nayna, the medicine; -Haa ynpaea, board of 

BpaieBanie, s. n. curing, treating. 

BpaiesaxejB, s. m. -HHii;a, s. f. curer, doctor. 

BpaieBaxB, v. a. to cure, treat; || -ca, v. r. p. 
to physie one's self; to be cured. 

Bpai-B, s. m. physician, doctor; Menmuna — , 
female doctor, doctress. 

BpamaxeJBHBitt, adj. gyral; rotatory; -Hoe 
dauMCHie, rotatory motion, rotation. 

Bpau];axB, v. a. to turn round; j| -ca, v. r. to 
turn one's self; to turn. 

BpameHie, s. n. rotation. 

Bpe;^IIxeJIB, s. m. -HHi^a, s. f. injurer, hurter. 

Bpe;i;HxeJiBHBitt, adj. injuring, hurting; \ -ho, 
ado. injuriously. 

Bpe;i,MXB, V. n. to injure, harm, prejudice; to 
be injurious, be prejudicial; to do harm; om cma- 
paemcH — MH)b, lie seeks to harm me; smoim «a- 
numOKh — HX* adopoebK, that beverage is injurious jij 
to the health; moh Hecnpaned.iU8ocmf> -itxii moAbKO ^ 
.HHtb, my acts of injustice are prejudicial only to 
me; a ne xomj—CHy, I don't wish to stand in his 
light; 9mo ^u'X'b90rpeKmy, it weakens the effect; — 
dpytz dpyiy, to injure each other. 

Bpe;^HOCTB, s. f. perniciousness, noxiousness, 

Bpe;];uBi]K, adj. prejudicial; pernicious, noxious; 
— d.iH sdopoGbH, unhealthy, unwholesome; -Haa 
KHiaa, a dangerous book: 1| -ho, adv. hurtfully, 
prejudicially; cepdumhcn -ho, it is prejudicial to 
be angry, anger does harm. 

Bpe;^0H6cIlMft, .see Bpe^HHii. 

Bpc;^7., ,s. m. harm, damage, prejudice, detri- 
ment, injury; wrong; om cdn.ia.%% dino Muib no — , 
he did it to my prejudice; eo — ceocMy do6po.Hy 
UMCHU, to the prejudice of his reputation; KaKoii 
OKC omb moin —? wliat harm is there in that? s ne 
Me.iaio c.vy Bpft;^a, I ])ear liim no ill-will. 

BppMCHa, .s. n. pi. times; see BpejtH. 

HpeMCHiixB, .sec lIoBpeMeHHTb. 

BpoH(MiiiHK7>, s. ni. chronicle, annals. 

RppMrHHoft, adj. provisional, temporary; -Haa 
o.Kwmh, a temporary power; -Hoe npae.ienie, a 
provisional government. 


— 71 — 


BpeMCHHOCTb, s. f. a temporary state, transito- 
riness, instalnlity. 

BpeJiCHnHit, adj. temporal; temporary, transi- 
tory: -Hue 3aK0HU, transitory laws; j -h«, adv. — 
rally^ — rily, — orily; -ho oGnsaHHue KpeembAue, 
temporarily obliged peasants to work for their 

BpeJieHiauK-Jb, .s\ m. powerful favourite. 
BpeJiJi, s. n. time, while; season; docrjMee, cso- 
^^^;(oe—, leisure; Bo-BpeMH, intime, betimes, timely, 
in good time; KaK% pa3T> Bo-Bpesia, just at the 
right time, in the very nick; «e Bo-BpcMJi, out 
of time; not in time; eo ecjiwe—, at any time; 
gT, cHoe—, formerly: at tlie proper time; ho ece—, 
ail-along; co -MeHesi-b, in time; e^ Hacmoanee—, 
now at present: enjiodo.ij/ceuie -mbhh, omeneHie 
-ueHB, in process of time, in the space of time; 
e^ cmapbia -Mena, in old times, in days of yore; 
«j mo ca.MOC — , nam, at the point of, at the mo- 
ment that; e% mo caMoe—, KaK^ om yitajicaM, at the 
moment of his departure, just as he was setting out; 
a meHenieMh -MeHH, in tlie course of time; ua 
HihKomopoe—, for some time, for a while, for a 
season: eo aob -MOHa, in all times; na onuHhiH 
-MeHsi, for ever, in perpetuity; otm, -MeHH do 
-HOHH, no - MenaMi,, from time to time, now 
and then, some times, at times, ever and anon; 
upesh do.ttoe—, after a long time; ca moto -mghh, 
from that time, since, ever since, ever after; eep- 
nymb notnepnuHoe — , to make up for time lost; 
omHUManih—, to take up a person's time; na ace 
ecuib aoe—, there is a time for every thing;— 
Ilacxii, Eister time: npaadnuHHOe, eaKaumuoe — , 
holiday season; coi.iacoeamtcH co -sieneM'B, to 
yield to the times, to comply with the times; to 
go with the tide; to serve the time;—, nopa, it is 
time; yoice daiuo npmujio — , it is high time, it is 
more than time; pOMdenHuU npe.vcde -.HeHU, born 
before its se&son;— loda, season; dino ue no -mbhh, 
He coomenmcmeyemh -mohh, it is not seasonable;— 
oxomu, shooting season;— noc/dsa, sowing season, 
seed-time; — noKoca, hay season; nosduee — loda, the 
advanced season; cnycmn doMoe—, after a long 
time; miioio -Menn moMy uasadh, long before this 
time, a long time ago; es uedaeHee—, not long 
since or ago; 6'5 nociibdiiee — , newly, latterly, of 
late, lately, recently; d) moto -mchh, till, until, 
till that time; doMoe—, a long time or while; mtbMo 
-HeHeH%; meantime, meanwhile; in the mean- 
while; Co daoHHio -MeHH, a long time ago, of 
longstanding, of ancient date; Co HedMHHio -mbhh, 
not long since, for a short time; eo — eto uapcmao- 
eaHiH, under his reign; oo CKopoMh uau KopomKOM^ 
-MBHH, in a little time, within a little while, 
ere long; soon; do nopu, do -mbeh, till a certain 
time; i/6umb—, to kill time; 'jma .HcenwtiHu xodumb 
noc.iibdHee — (SepeMeuHOcmx,), this woman is near 
her time; 6umt> eo -mbhh, fiy. to be in authority; 
ll weather; cyxoe, cupoe, doMd.Mooe—, dry, wet, 
rainy weather; |i gram, uucmojiinee, npouiediuee, 6y- 
dymee—, present, past, future tense. 
BpeMaiipenpoBO!K;i;eHie, s. n. pastime. 
BpeMflcuHcaeHie, s. n. chronology. 
BpeTBHo, si. see BepereHo. 
BpeTHHC, s. n. a very oarse garment; j! sack- 
cloth; H -THmuHil, adj. 

BpHHyTb, V. a. perf. to throw in, cast in; 
\^part. p. BpHHyxMii. 

BpoBBiib, adv. to the brim, even with, upon 
the level with; Ha.mmt> (suna—ch KpanMu, to pour 
wine up to the brim; cpy6twib depaio—Ch, 
to cut a tree even with the ground. 
Bpox;^eHHOCTb, s. f. innateness. 
Bpoasj^euHuii; adj. innate, inborn;— Mifwawms, 
innate talent. 

Bpo3Hb, Bpo3b, adv. asunder, separately. 

BpocTHTb, BpocTM, See BpacTaTb. 

BpocxMeab, adv. half drunk. 

Bpy6iiTb, BpyOiiTb, v. a. to chop in, hew in, 
cut in; -cfl, v. r. mil. to hew one's way in; to 
break through; -CH ab pndu uenjuHmcis, to break 
the ranks of the enemy; \\2Mrt. p. BpyCacnabifl. 

BpyOsa, s.f. BpyCaeiB, s. n. hewing in, cut- 
ting in, breaking in. 

Bpyui., s.m. BpvHbfl, s.f. babbler, liar. 

BpyxT., s. m. insect, bruchus. 

Bpyi^'fe.iiiTO, -.iBTie, s. n. the dominical letter; 
ij -jiiTHWft, adj. 

BpyqiiTb, BpyiuTb^ v. a. to hand, deliver; to 
commit, intrust; — niicb.HO eh coCcmaeunuH pyKii, to 
deliver a letter into a person's own hands; j -ca, 
V. p. to be handed, be committed; ij/^ar^. p. Bpy- 


BpyuBHie, y. n. handing, delivering; committing, 

BpyiHTB.ib, s. m. -HHu,a, s. f. presenter, 
bearer (of a letter). 

BpMBiiHlB, BpbiTJB, s. n. digging in, burying. 

BpjJBaTb, BpuTb (flit. BpoH)), V. a. to dig in, 
bury in; {. -ca, v. p. r. to be dug in; to bury one's 
self: jpari. p. BpwTbift. 

BptiBaTbea, BopBaxbca, v. r. to break in, 
through; — o^ KO.uHamy, to enter a room by force. 

Bp-B3Ka, s. f. cutting in, fltting or setting in. 

BptsHoft, adj. fit or set in, cut in;— at.KOKS, a 

BpisHBaHie, Bp'feaaHlB, s.n. see Bpiana, 

BpibsbiBaTb; Bp^saTb, v. a. to cut in, fit or 
set in; Ij to engrave; iJ -ca, v. r. to cut one's way 
in; to break in or through; Aodna -saaacb eb 
necoKh, the boat stuck in the sand; \ to be engraved, 
be impressed or imprinted in, on; dmo -aaJiocb oj 
.Moeu naMHmu, that is imprinted or impressed in 
my memory, in my mind; 1 to sink in, go deep in, 
bury one's self in, plunge in: to give one's self up 
to a thing, be extremely fond of; oho -aaaca no 
ytim Hb amy oKeumuHy, he is in love with that 
woman up to his;{\ part. p. Bp-BsaeHbifi. 

BpH;i;'b, Bpa^ijii-JiH, udf. hardly, scarcely; it is 
doubtful whether; Bpa;i;'b-aH ona uaitdemb mamio 
3A010 HeAoenna, she can hardly find any one so 
bad; -an n noiidy lyAamb, I shall hardly go for 
a walk. 

Bca;i,Ka, s. f. planting, implantation. 

Bcaj^HiiK-b, s. m. rider, horseman: ;' -nni^a, s. f. 
female rider, horsewoman; |i -naiecKili, -iiuqifl, 


BcasBiiBaTb, Bca;^HTb, v,a. to plant m]—KUH- 
MaA^ at tpydb, to plunge or thrust a dagger into 
a person's breast; - ;^HTb nyjw, to lodge a ball 
in; - ;i;uTb nyAio oo .mub, to blow one's brains 
out; j, to hand, seat (in a carriage); ;| -ca, v. p. to 
be planted, etc.;\\2}nrt. j). BcaaieHHUrt. 

BcacbiBaHie,! Bcocanie, s. n. absorption, 
sucking in. 

BciicuBaTeabHMft, adj. — nacocb, sucking- 

BcacHsaxb, Bcocaib, v. a. to suck in; to absorb, 
imbibe; ,1 -ca, v. r. p. to soak; to be sucked in, be 
absorbed, be imbibed; Ji -Bawmie cocydn, anat. 
the absorbents; i|/x£r«. ^. BCocaaiibifl. 

BcauHBanbB, s. n. absorption. 

BcauiuiaTb, BcuuHTb, v. a. to absorb; jj -ca, 
V. r. to be absorbed. 

Bee, pron. n. (m. secb, f. Bca, pi. Bct), all; 
anything; da u — myim, oomh ««.«» !*—, that's 
all; .H)in>—2M6HO, that is all the same to me; eny 
— He naneMb, he cares for nothing; co BCtM* 
mrhMb. npu BCeMi mo.vh, with all that, notwith- 
standing; ;: acZ/. all, whole; see Becb; c.Hmnnbca eo 


— topAOj to laugh most boisterously; jl atit;. always, 
still, ever; oHu—ccojjflmcs, they are always quar- 
relling; oH-b—eme 0i nocmcAU, he is still in bed; 
— 6bt ea.m, utpamb, you think only of playing; 
Bcero Ha Bcero, in all, altogether, for all things; 
OHo no.iyuHAo Bcero na Bcero mo.ibKo smo, that's 
all he received; a — muKU ucnoAHUM ceou duAt%, all 
the same I have done my duty; jj Bcero 6oAne, the 
most, the most of all, at the most; Komopaio 6oAne 
Bcero MeKcieudn.i-n, that he detested most; o6ukho- 
ecHHO 6oAne Bcero loeoputm moim, Kmo nenne 
Bcero MOM-emz nmo nudydh cnaaamh, he who has 
the least to say, generally talks most; Bcero mc- 
nne, the least; Bcero Ayiiue, the best, the best of 
all; Bcero demenAc, the cheapest of all; Bcero 
name, most frequently; Bcero emodmhe, the most 

BceaBrycxittiuift, adj. most august (title). 

BceOJiaritt, Bce6aarott, adj. most good, most 

Bcc6.ia:KeHHi]ifi; adj. most blessed, most 

BccBBj^en,!., s. m. All-seer (God). 

BceBH^^amift, adj. all-seeing; - ui,ee oko, all- 
seeing eye. 

BccBO.iMoasHBift, adj. all-possible; ynompe6umh 
-tHhifl cpedcmaa, Hmo6u...., to use all the means 
possible to....; 11 -HO, adv. as possible. 

BceBHCoqaiiiuift, superl. supreme (of God). 

BceBUiuHifl, adj. supreme; j] s. the Most High 
(God). ^ 

BceBi;i;eu,*, s. m. the Omniscient. 

BceBi;3;ym,ift, adj. all - knowing; omniscient, 

BceBB;i;'feHie, s. n. omniscience. 

Bcer;i;rt, adv. always; ever; in all times; «a — , 
for ever, for ever and ever. 

Bce^;^aI^Hifi[, adj. usual, habitual, perpetual, 
constant; customary; smu ■» nia jwaAoCu, this 
constant complaining; - Hie locmu, customary, 
usual visitors; eto - naa Munepa, his usual 

Bec;^epa:HTe.lB, s. m. the Almighty. 

Bce^^HCBHuft, -;^eHH£itt, ar/j. daily, every day's. 

Bce3na:;^HTejib, s. m. the Creator of all 

Bcc3Hac;^;y^^ifi[J adj. omnific, all-creating. 

Bce8naH)iii,ift, adj. all-knowing. 

BceB3BijCTHraiir,^a(Z;. well or generally known. 

BceKoneiHEift, adj. complete, total; \\ - ho, 
adv. without doubt, certainly. 

BceaeHHaa, s. f. universe, world. 

Bce.iencKitt, adj. of the universe; universal; 
I] — co6opo, an oecumenical council. 

Bceaai'B, BceJiHTB, v. a. to settle (in a place); 
to inspire, suggest; — cmpax^, to inspire fear; — 
nadej/cdi/, to suggest hope; 'j «-ca, v.r.p. to settle, 
take abode: to be settled, be inspired; ||2>ar^ j). 


BceMcpo, adv. seven times; oui — 6otaue .uens, 
he is seven times as rich as I; [\ sevenfold, sep- 

BccMcpoMi., adv. seven together, seven. 

BceMiLiocTHutttiuiii, adj. most gracious; — 
Focyddph, Sire; -luaa rocydapuitji, most gracious 
Queen; J -mo, adv. most graciously. 

BccMHuyTHHfl, atlj. - HO, adv. of every 

BccMipHWiif, ailj. universal; IJ -HO, adv.— ly. 

BccMoryn](,ecTBo, s. n. almiglitincss, omnipo- 
tence, omni potency. 

BceMorjiu,ift, -Muu^Huft, adj. almighty, om- 
nipotent, all-p iwerful. 

BccuitpHUil:, adj. omnifarious; \\ - ho, adv. in 
every way. 

72 — BCKA 

BccHapoj^HUft, adj. public, general; jj -ho, adv. 
— ly, before all the world. 

BceHenopoiHOCTB, s. f. all-purity, all-chastity. 

BceHenopoiHUii, adj. most pure, most inno- 

BceHHHcafiniili, adj. most humble; || - xkikme, 
adv. most humbly. 

BceH6ni,HEiil, -hoh^hoj^, adj. -Hoe 6dnHie, 
-Haa cAy9K6a, -Haa, s. f. vespers, evening-service. 

Bce66n^iii, adj. common, general, universal; 
- mee ueiodoeanie, general indignation; - n^aa 
ucmopiH, universal history; -mna nadaua ^OAocoe^, 
universal suffrage. 

Bceu6ni,H0CTb, s. f. generality, universality, 

Bceo6i.eM.iiom,ift, adj. all-comprehensive, uni- 
versal;— v/.ks, a universal genius. 

Bceopyxie, s. n. complete armour. 

Bceno;i;;^aHH'feflmitt, «dj. mostdevotediJl-HHifl- 
uic, adv. most devotedly. 

BcenoacHpaioni,ifi, adj. omnivorous. 

BcenoKopHMft, adj. most humble; ij - ho, adv. 
most humbly. 

BconoKopHlittuiitt, adj. most humble. 

BcenocTHraiomifi, adj. omnipercipient. 

BcenpecB'feT.i-Bflmiii, adj. — Focydaph, most 
serene Sovereign (title). 

BcenpoH3Bo;i;amiit, adj. omniparient, omnipa- 

Bcenponi,eHie, s. n. amnesty, general pardon, 
act of oblivion. 

BcecB-BTHBifi, adj. universal, common; |1 -ho, 
adv. — ly. 

BcecBHTofi, BcecBaxHfl, fld/.most holy (of God). 

BceCH.ibH£itt, adj. all powerful, omnipotent. 

BcecjiaBHbiit, adj. most glorious. 

Bcecoa:a;eHle, s. n. holocaust, burnt sacrifice. 

BceycaMiuanie, s. n. eo—, loc. adv. loudly, 
aloud, to be heard by all, for every one to hear. 

Bce.xBa.ibHUtt, adj. most laudable. 

Bcen.'h.iedHKiii, Bcen.'b.iuTe-ibH&ifi, adj. all- 
healing; li -Hoe AeKapcmeo, universal panacea. 

BceiVB-iiMfiij adj. whole, entire, complete, full; 
I' -JIG, adv. wholly, entirely, fully; -Jio npedaimca 
dtbay, aauHrn'm, to be wholly absorbed in or to 
give one's self completely up to a work, a study. 

BceiacHO, adv. -HHft, adj. hourly, happening 
every hour, at all hours. 

Bce'iecTH-Bftuiitt, adj. most reverend (title). 

Bcei^^Hbift, Bcea;^HbIfi, adj. nat. hist, om- 
nivorous; II -a;i;Haa nediu/i, meat-week. 

BcKaKHBanie, s. n. leaping up, jumping up. 

BCRaKHBaXb, BCKOlilXb, BCKOKHJTb, V. n. to 

leap, jump, skip up; to arise suddenly;— «« abdAo, 
to leap into a saddle;— c?. nocmeAU, to jump out 
of heA;—do nojnoAKa, to jump up to the ceiling;— 
na men), to fall upon one's neck;— co cmyAa, to 
rise suddenly from one's seat; y .nenn - KO'iiU'b 
npumuKh na iiocy, I got a pimple on my nose, a 
pimple came on my nose; y coll. BCKO'iHXb oh 
Kap.Manh, BCKO'iiiXb oi KoneiiKy, Oi deneMKy, to 
cost dear. 

]{rKaiiMiiiiiiie, s.n. digging up. 

BcKaniJBaxb, BCKonaxb, v. a. to dig up; ta 
delve; li^^^frf. p. RCKonaHHUft. 

BcKapuOuHBaxbca, BCKapa(5Kaxbca, v. r. to 
get clambering or climbing on, up. 

BcKJipMauBaxb, ncKopMiixb, v. a. to feed, 
bring um'^part. p. BCKopMacHHbitt. 

BcKaxi>, s. m. an inclined plane, slope, talus. 

BcKaxMBanie, s. n. rolling up, bowling nj). 

BcKaxFjnaxb, -uaxiixb, -icaxiixb, -Kaxnyxb, 
v.a. to roll up, bowl up;;|-ca, v. p. to be rolled 
np, be bowled up;ljpnr<. p. BCKaxaHHUft. 

BcRa'ib, adv. in a gallop. 


— 73 — 


BcKHAMBanie, BcKn;^aHie, x. n. throwing up. 

BcRU^UBaTb, BCKH;i;aTb, BCKiiHyTb, V. a. to 
throw up; II -Cfl, v.p. r. to he thrown up; to tlirow 
one's self on; ,1 to vent one's anger, one's hile on 
one; jl par^. j:i.BCKUHTTijfi. 

BcKHuaHie, BcKoninie, s. n. hoiling up, ebulli- 
tion; effervescence. 

BcKHnaxB, BCKHn-BTb, V. a. to begin to boil, 
get boiling; ,, to burn (icith anger, indignation). 

BcKUWh, s.m. see BcKHiianie. 

BcunnaxHTb, v. a. to boil u^^;^\part. p. bckh- 

BcKUCanie, s. n.^ growing sour, fermenting. 

BcRHCaxb, BCKHCHyTb, V. n. to grow sour, 
ferment. , 

BcKjern., .9. m. BcK.ienuBaHie, BcKJienanie, 
s. n. false denunciation, calumny. 

BcKaenuBaTb, BCKjenaxb, v. a. to impute 
falsely; il i>ar^ p. BCK.ienaHHMft. 

BcKJioKoieHHUft, adj. dishevelled, rumpled. 

BcKao'iHBaTb, BCKJioiHTb, V. a. to put in 
disorder, to entangle (the hair); 1; -ca, v. r. to 
be entangled, be in disorder; ,j3a/-i. p. 

BcKOK-b. s. m. leaping or jumping on, upon. 

BcK0.ie6aTb, v. a. to bring in agitation, in 
motion (a liquid); to agitate; j -ca, v. n. to come 
or be brought in agitation. ^ 

BcKoaynMBaTb, -.lynaxb, -jynHyxb, v. a. 
to remove (a pimple) by scratching; to scratch 
away; i-ca, v.p. to be scratched away; ||^ar«. p. 

BcKoaMxaxb, see EcKOjeGaxB., ado. slightly, superficially; om koc- 
Hj/.iCH amoio—, he mincingly passed it over. 

BcKonanie, see BcKannBaHie. 

BcKonaxb, see BcKanuBaTi.. 

BcKopMUxeab, s. m. - Hnii,a, s. f. nourisher, 
maintainer, fosterer. 

BcKopMuxb, see BcKapMaHBaiB. 

BcKopM.ieHie, s. n. see EcKopMi. 

BcKopM.ieHHHK'B, s. 111. -HHn,a, s.f. foster-son 
or foster-daughter. 

BcKopM-b, .s. m. feeding, bringing up. 

BcKopodJHBaxb, BCKop66HXb, V. a. to warp 
up, bend; || -ca, v. r.p. to^ be warped, be bent, be 
crooked: .part. p. BCKop66aeHHUtt. 

BcKopt, adv. soon;— «oc.*«), soon after, a short 
time after. 

BcKO^HXb, see BcKaKHBaxb. 

BcKpHKHBaHie, s. n. outcrying, shrieking, 
screaming, screams; ; ejaculation. 


V. n. to cry out, shriek, give or utter a shriek; to 

BcKpyainBaxb, BCKpyxi'Xb, v. a. to turn; 
-suxb uuooy, to turn one's brain; j -ca, v. r. 
to grow giddy, a,vt giddily: ;^part. p. BCKpyajeHHtiii. 

BcKpuRaxb, BCKpHXb, V. a. to uncover, open; 
— nucb.HO, to open a letter; j| —xapmy, Koaupn, to 
turn up or face a card, a trump; ,1 anat. to make 
an incision; to dissect; — napum,, to open an 
abscess;— .Mq;meoe mn.w, to open or dissect a body; 
II -ca, V. r. p. to break up; to be uncovered, be 
opened, be turned up, be dissected: pnua -pijjiacb, 
the ice in the rivcr^ broke up, the river is 
clear; || part. p. BCKpuxtift. 

BcKpuxie, s. n. opening; I breaking up (of a 
river); \ dissection (of a body); post mortem 

BcEpuuia, s. f. turn-up card, trump. 

BcKpMuiHHtt,a(//.— K03w;)b,turn-up card, trump. 

Bcjiacxb, adv. coll. see iiAOBo;ib. 

Bcayxi., adv. aloud. 

BcayuiHBaxbca, BCjymaxbca, v. «. to listen; 

to lend or give an ear, lend an attentive ear, be 
attentive to (a discourse); h ue ^ maaca e^ uxo 
paaioooph, I did not hear their conversation well. 

BcJ[lJ;^cxBie, prep. gen. in consequence of, 
consequently; according to, in pursuance of, pur- 
suant to; — eamu,x^ npuKasaHiu, jtce-ianiu, according 
to your orders, pursuant to your desires. 

Bc.i'ii;^'b aa, prep, immediately after. 

BcMiixpHBaxbca, BCMOxpixbca (00 vmo), v. r. 
to look into; to examine, observe; i, to accustom the 
sight (to a thing). 

BcMaxKy, ado. see CMATKa. 

BcoBbiBaHic, s. n. thrusting in, shoving in. 

BcoBUBaxb, BCOBfixb, BCyHVXb, V. a. to thrust 
in, shove in, put in: — 2^1/'^!/ '^^ napMam, to thrust 
one's hand into a pocket; — .Houemy eo pyny, to 
slip a piece of money into one's hand; jl -ca, v.p. r. 
to be thrust, be put, be shoved in; to push one's 
self in, ] part. p. BCynyxufl. 

Bcocaxb, see BcacuaaTb. 

Bcna;i,axb, Bcnacxb, v. imp. to occur; .«««. 
- naao iia y.m, it occurred to me, it came into 
my mind. 

Bcnanaaxb, BcnoHXB, v. n. to nurse with rnilk; 
BcnoRXb u ecKop.Mumh, to bring up (a child); 
\part. p. BCnocHHuii. 

BcnaasHBaxb, Bcnoasaxb, Bcnoaaxu, v. n. to 
crawl up, creep up. 

BenapHBaxb, BCnapHXb, v. a. to soften by 
warm water: || —.louiadb, to put a horse in a sweat; 
il -pnxb cnuuy, to thrash, give a thrashing; \part. 
p. BcnapeHHbitt. 

BcnapxHBaxb, BcnopxHyxb, v. n. to flutter 
up, fly up, take wing. 

BcnaptiBaxb, BCiiopoxb, v. a. to rip up, rip 
oi^en;—^uoomo, to disembowel; j; part. p. Bcno- 

BcnaxHBaHie, s. n. ploughing, tillage. 

BcnaxHBaxb, Bcnaxaxb, v. a. to plough up, 
till; I jiart. p. BcnaxanuhiA- 

BcnamEa, s. f. ploughing, tillage. 

BcnaaKHyxb, v. n. to begin to weep, to cry; 
I! - ca, V. r. imp. .mib - KHyaocb, I wept a 

Bcn.iecKHBaxb, Bcnjecnyxb, v. a. to splash 
up, dash up; - nyxb pyKOMU, to clasp one's 

BcnaecK*, s. m. splashing. 

Bcnjouib, BcnJOUiHyw, adv. without interrup- 
tion. ^ 

Bcn.iHBaHie, BcnjHxie, s. n. swimming up; 
coming on the surface: floating. 

Bcn.iUBiixb, Bcn.iHXb, v. n. to swim up, come 
on the surface (of the water); to float; pano .lu, 
noadno.iu, a npaoda Bcn.iHBex-b naeepch, sooner 
or later truth comes to light. 

Bcnoiixb, see BcuaHBaTb.^ 

Bcno-iacKHBaxb, BCiio.iocKaxb, Bcnoaocayxb, 
V. a. to rinse: to wash slightly; HiJarf. p. Bcno- 
.loCKaHHHfi, Bcnoaociiyxhift. 

Bcno.TiiuiHBaxb, BCiio.ioiuiixb, v. a. to alarm, 
give or spread the alarm: to startle: ;, -ca, v. r. 
to take alarm, alarm one's self: to take fright, be 
frightened: 11 /^ar«. jj. BcnoaouieHHwrt. 

Bcno.ioxT,, s. 111. alarm, trouble, fright. 

BcuoMiiiiunie, sec BocnoMnn aaie. 

BcnoMHHaxb, BCnoMHHXb, BCiiOMaeyxb, v. a. 
to recollect, remember, call to ^mind, bear or keep 
ill mind, in remembrance: BcnoMHHxe 060 .Hnn, 
recall me to mind, remember me: i, -Cfl) 
be remembered, be recollected, etc. 

BcnoMoraxe.ibHMft, adj. subsidiary, auxiliary: 
-HOC aaaedenie, branch establishment; || — ixaio.n>, 
gram, auxiliary verb. 

BcnoMoraxb, v. n. to assist, help, aid, succour. 


— 74 — 


BenoMoaBeHie, BcnoMomiecTBOBaHie, s. n. 

assistance, help, succour. 

BcnoMoiii,ecTBOBaT&, v. n. to aid, lielj), succour; 
to relieve; to contribute. 

BcnoMflHyTb, see BcnoMHHaTb. 
BcnopxHyTb, see BcnapxHsaTt. 
BcnoT-BaBifl, adj. sweaty; perspiring. 
BcnoTSTb, V. n. to be in a perspiration, in a 

BcnpurHBaxb; BcnpHrnyxB, v. n. to jump 
np; li to skip, gambol. 

BcapMCKHBiiHie, s. n. BcnyHCK'b, s. m. sprink- 
ling, aspersion. 

BcnpucKHBaTB, BcnpucHyTb, v. a. to sprinkle, 
asperse; —o6nooij, to drink to the handsel, to the 
new gift; !l to thrash, give a thrashing; ijiJarL jj. 

BcnyxaTB, BcnyxnyTB, see PacnyxaTt, pac- 

Bcnyx.iBifi, adj. swollen, tumid. 
BcnyiHBaTB, BCnyiHXB, v. a. to swell, distend; 
to raise; II -ca, v.jj. r. to be swollen; to rise; \\ 2) art. 
p. BcnyieHRHft. 

Bcn&i.iHTb, V. n. perf. (na koio), to get angry 
with, get irritated, get out of temper; to fly out 
against, fly into a passion; to take pepper in the 
nose; to be as hot as pepper. 

BcnfJ.iBinBOCTb, s. /". irascibility, irascibleness, 
passion, heat, fits or bursts of anger. 

BcirujiBiHBBiHja^/. irascible, fiery, hot-brained, 
passionate; il -bo, ado.^ hastily, irascibly. , 

BcnMXHBaTB, BCni'ixnyTb, to flash, burst 
out; to light up, take fire; cy dno '•^ oh oduy 
.MUHyiny, the boat was in flames in an instant; 
noMaph -xnyj'B noubio, the fire broke out in the 
night; \\ fig. to fly out, grow or become incensed; 
to blush (with shame); to boil up (with anger); 
om -XHCTi. U3T) ecHKUx'o nycmHKOOT), he gets into 
a fume for nothing; eouiia - xnyjia, war has 
broken out. 

BcnbiuieiHHK'B, s. in. naut. gun for the night- 

BcnbiinKii, s. f. flash of the prime; || a fit of 
caprice or anger, a maggot, whim. 

BcniHHBaTB, BcniHHTB, V. a. to froth, make 
foam; |i -Cfl, v. r. to froth, foam; to get covered 
with lather (of a horse). 

BcnaTHTB, see Bocnain,aTi>. 
BcnflTB, adv. backwards, back; odpamumhCH—, 
to turn back. 
BcTaBaHie, s. n. getting up, rising. 
BcTauiiTB, BCTaxB (pres. BCTaio, fut. BCTJiHy), 
v.n. to get up, rise; to stand up; — pduo, to rise 
early; Bcxa.i'B.tit ouo? is he up? BCxaTB «« notii, 
to rise on one's feet; fig. to get a fixed, settled 
position in the world; eoAune Bcxajio, the sun is 
risen; — na cmyAh, to get on a chair; jj to get well 
again, to recover (of an illness); om yoice ne 
Bcxanex-B, he will not recover; jj naut. to get 
atrip (of a)i, a)ichor). 

BcxaBEa, s. f. setting in, inserting; \\ dim. 
BCXJiBOHKa, a piece put in; — (d^Jt nepa), pen- 

BcxaBJiiiXB, BCxiiBHXB, V. a. to set in, put in; 
to insert, interpolate; - bhxb o^ na3h, carp, to 
fit in; -bhxb oh mnypmi,, to plough and tongue 
together; — c.iooo oh pibub, cmamwo oi doioooph, 
to insert a word in a speech, a clause in a 
contract; ii -ca, v. p. to be put or set in, be 
\nscrt('d;\\part. p. BCxaB.ioiiHufi. 

BcxaBHoft, adj. for being set in, put in, in- 
serted; -iiu(f 3y6u, artificial or false teeth. 
BcxaBoniiFiiA, adj. put in, inserted. 
BcxapiiHv, BcxapB, adv. iu old times, an- 

BcxacEHBaaie, s. n. dragging up, trailing up. 
BcxacBHBaxB, BCxamnxB, v. a. to drag or 
trail up; j| -ca, v. r. to be di-agged or trailed up; 
\\part. p. BCxameuHBifi. 
BcxaxB, see BcTaBaTb. 
BcxpeBoaKCHBe, s. n. alarm. 
BcxpeBosjHBaxB, -aiaxB, v. a. to alarm; || -ca, 
V. r. p. to alarm one's self; to be alarmed; j||9ari. p. 

BcipencHyxBca, v. r. perf. to start or give a 
start; || to shake the wings. 

Bcxpeniia, s. /". coll. pulling by the hair; aa- 
damb -Ky, to touse one, to give one a thrashing. 
BcxpenMBaxB, BCxpenaxB, v. a. to put in 
disorder, to ruffle (the hair); \\ part. p. Bcxpenaa- 
HBitt; coll. KaKh - naHHBiu, as if nothing at 
all were the matter. 

Bcxp-Bia, s. f. meeting; udmu na -iy, to go 
to meet; — no)b3do8b, train-crossing; |1 welcome, 
reception; cdn.iamb -ly, to give a welcome or 

Bcxpi^uaxB, Bcxp-BXHXB, V. a. to meet, encount- 
er; to go to meet; i| to receive, welcome; — uoeuu 
lodh, to welcome the new year; |i -ca, v. rec. to 
meet with; to encounter; to meet each other; to 
get together, fall in; -na-iHCB maKie .ttodu, such 
people have been met with; [j to happen, occur; 
-XHJiocB npennmcmeie, an obstacle presented 
itself; II .mi -xh-ihcb c^ deyMn eoeiiHUMii Kopa6.iaMii, 
we fell in with two men-of-war; lopa Co 
lopou He - laioxca, a ne.ioeibKb ch ^e.^oo)bKOM^ 
BCxpBXHXCfl, men meet whilst hills stand still; 
-ca eh Muc.tHXb, to be of the same oj)inion with 
one;i|^ar^. p. BCxp-BieHHBiii. 

BcxpiqHHfi, adj. meeting; contrary (wind); 
coll. — u nonepeuHuli, the first comer, every body; 
jar. — ucK^, cross-bill. 

BcxpaxHBaHie, s.n. BcxpacKa, s.f. shaking up. 

BcxpaxnsaxB, BCxpaxayXB, v. a. to shake up; 
1 -ca, V. r. to shake one's self. 

BcxynaxB, BCxyaiixB, v. n. to enter;— «& do.iM- 
Hocnib, to assume the office, to enter the employ- 
ment; — eb C0W37,, to make an alliance; — oh6ou, to 
come to action; — «?, camriT,, to enter the world or 
upon the stage ofthe world;— eo ojiadtbuie, to take 
possession; — ebeoapacmh, to come of age;— «a^a3- 
loeop-o, to begin a discourse; — <?& ooeuiiyw c.iyMdy, 
to turn soldier; -niiTi, ob mohuxu, oh .uoHamecmoo, 
to turn monk, to assume the religious habit; to 
take the veil (of a woman); — oh doiooopb, to 
begin a negotiation, to come to terms;— «« npe- 
cino.ib, eh KupayAf,, to ascend the throne, to mount 
guard; ■! -ca, v. n. (ao umo), to meddle with; -ca 
3a KOio, to take one's part, defend, protect one. 

BcxyniixciBHUft, adj. introductive, introductory; 
-aaa j/)6'<i, speech of inauguration, inaugural 
address; -naa .leKni/i, lecture of inauguration. 

Bcxyu.ieiiie, s. u. entrance, entry; ,1 introduction 
(in a book); [\ — iia npecmo.ib, the accession to the 
crown or to the throne. 

BcTynuuBFJit, adj. intercessory, defending. 

BcxynmiiKT., s. m. -iuiiu,a, s. f. interposer, 

BcxarHBaxb, BCxanyxB, v. a. to pull, haul up; 
ii -ca^ v.p. to be pulled'up; lpart.2). BCxauyxMtt, 

Bcyc, adv. si. in vain; npu3uoa)iib — umh BuMie, 
to take the name of God in vain. 

Bcj'iiyxB, .see licoBUBaxfc. 

Bcy'iHBaxB, BcyiiiXB, v. a. to intwist, inter- 
twist; fig. linn ne ana.Mt dino -'IHXB, they 
did not know how to got rid of it; j] -ca, v.p. to 
])e or get intwisted; ili^ar^. p. BCyueuHwii. 

Bcx.iiiiirjBaMio, s. n. Bcx-ibh-b, s. m. sobbing, 

Bcx.ittiiUBaxB, BCxauniiyTB, v. n. to sob. 


- 75 - 


Bcxo^HTb, see Bocxoxhti.. 

Bcxo^^Tb, see BocxoA't. 

Bcxpaninxb, v. n. to snore or give a little 

snore; j! to slumher, sleep. 

BcxpanHBaxb, v. n. to snore from time to 
time. ^ 

BcbiniiHie, s.n. BcunKa, s. f. strewing in. 

Bcunaxb, Bcunaxb, v. a. to strew in; || to 
thrash, give a drubbing; ;| -ca, v. p. to be strewed 
in;'] part. p. BCMnanHHft. 

BcHnHoft, ndj. for strewing in. 

Bet, see Bee b, Be 6. 

BcfeBaxB, BCBSXb, V. a. to sow in; j to instill, 
inspire, suggest; I, -ca, v. p. to be sowed in; |1 part. 
p. BciflHuuii. 

BcK);i;y, ado. everywhere. 

BcH, see Beet. 

BcHKiii, BcHKoft, BcHKt, pron. everybody, 
every one; any one;.;, adj. every, eskd\; ] prov. we 
-KOMy ciyxy etbpb, one must not believe all one 
hears: «a - kvh) 6)bdi/ ne ynacemhcn, excessive 
prudence sometimes defeats its own end; - Koe Mnpa Kpacumo, there is a limit to every 
thing: — ve.toerbKo y dn.xa noauaemcH, a man is 
known by his works; -komv ceon 6oAHHKa 6o.ibHa, 
-KOMV ceoH o6itda lopbr.a, every one's own burden 
seems 'the heaviest;— i'/je.»n6r( npo ce6n pasyMTbu, 
speak to your own company; bchk'b d.iH ce6a, a 
Boio d.iH octbXh, every one for himself and God for 
us all; — 3a ce6/i onidibuaenn, who breaks, pays; 
He—oKCHumcH, Kmo noceamaemcH, many a slip'twixt 
the cup and the lip. 

BcaqecKiii, adj. of all kinds; \ every way; 

-CEH, ado. in every way. 

BcaiHHa; s. f. dim. BcaiHHKa, miscellanies; 
ecHKan—, hotchpotch, mishmash, mash, olio. 

Bxafinli, adv. secretly, in secret, under the 
rose. ^ 

Bxa.iKHBanie, s. n. pushing in. 

Bxa.iKHBaxb, Bxo.iKaxb, BXOJKHvxb, V. a. to 
push in, shove in: j -ca, v. r. to push one's self 
through; iipar^. p. BXO.iKHVXbiii. 

BxanxHBanje, BxonxiiHie, s. n. trampling in, 
stamping in, treading in.^ 

BxanxbiBaxb, Bxonxiixb, v. a. to tread in, 
trample in; Bxonxaxb ai, ipnat, to drag in the 
mire; fiO- ^'^ ^^^^ ^^^^ abuse, to vilify; upar^. p. 


BxacEiiBanie, s.n. dragging on, in, up. 
BxacEHBaxb, BxacKaxb, Bxamiixb, v. a. to 

"drag in, on, up, draw in, pull in; [i -ca, v. p. r. to 
be dragged on, in, be pulled in; to trail one's self 
in: part. p. BThmeuuhiii. 

BxacoBUBaxb, Bxacosaxb, v. a. to shuffle in 
(cards), thrust in shuffling; || ^^ar^. p. BxacoBan- 


Bxii'^HBaxb, Bxa<iaxb, v. a. to stitch in; \\ part, 
p. BxaieHHbift. 

BxaiKa, s. f. stitching in; 1| piece stitched in. 

BxeKaxb, Bxeib, v. n. to flow in, fall in, 
discharge itself (of a river). 

BxcMauiHXb, V. a. pop. perf. to put into one's 

Bxeienie, s. n. flowing in (of water); entrance. 

Bxe'iEa, s. f. hunt, way, pace, rate, trim (of 
an animal). 

Bxapaaie, s. n. friction, rubbing in. 

BxHpaxb, Bxepexb, v. a. to rub in;— .•/& pyKU, 
to press in one's hands; ij -ca, v. p. r. to be rubbed 
in, be pressed in; i| ('«& KOMy, eo unio), to worm 
one's self in, intrude one's self; Bxepexbca Kyda 
An6o, to push one's way into a place; jl par*, p. 

BxHCKHBanie,' s. n. pressing in. 



press in, squeeze in: '] -ca, v. p. r. to be pressed in: 
to press in; -ayxbca oh mo.iny, to squeeze one's 
self into the crowd; jj par*, p. Bxucayxufi. 

BxHXOMo.iEy, ado. on tlie sly: in secret, 
stealthily: dih.iamh umo—, to do a thing l>y stealth. 
BxojRaxb, -EHYTb, see BTa.iKnBaxb. 
Bxo.iEOBHBaxb, Bxo.iBoBaxb, c. n. to inculcate, 
explain; 7>ari. p. BXO.iEOBaKHbiii. 
lixonxijxb, see BranTUBaTb. 
Bxopa, s. f. mas. second fiddle. 
Bxopii'iHBaiiio, s. n. fastening to the saddle. 
BxopaquBaxb, Bxopo'iiixb, v. a. to fasten to 
the saddle; II i^ari. _p. Bxopo'ieHHbift. 

Bxopraxbca, Bxoprnyxbca, v. r. to make an 
irruption, to invade (as an enemy); to burst in, 
press in. ^ 

BxopjKeHie, s. n. irruption, invasion. 
BxopHXb, V. n. to repeat:— KO.wy, fig. to chime 
in with one. 

BxopHqurjfi, adj. second; reiterated; -hoc no- 
Kymeme, reiterated attempt; I, -ho, ady. for the 
second time. 

BxopHHE'b, s. m. Tuesday; [, -Haqiibifi, adj. 
Bxopo6paiie, s. n. Bxopo6paiHOCXb, s. f. 
second marriage, deuterogamy. 

BxopoCpaiHHii, adj. deuterogamist; i; born of 
the second marriage. 

Bxopu6paiHHE'b, s. m. -HHua, s. f. deuter- 

BxoporojilHHK'b, s. m. a second-year boy. 
BxopoaaBOHie, s. n. Deuteronomy (book of the 

Bxopofi, adj. second; noicynanib U3h -pux-B 
23yKb, to buy second hand; KanumaHh -paro pama, 
second captain;, second volume; E'Ka?Hej3W«a 
-paa, Catherine the second; eo -puxi., secondly, 
it the second place;— vaca, it is past one; eo 
-poM-b uacy, between one and two o'clock; yMe 
cnpoKh Munymh -paro, it is twenty minutes to 
two; Hemeepmh -paro, a quarter past one; «» 
uexodrh -paro, not far from two o'clock. 
BxopoflHji;i;ecaxb, adj. si. twelfth. 
BiopoEJcaccHHETb, s. m. a pupil of the second 

BxopoEjaccHbitt, adj. of the second class or 

Bxoponaxx., ado. in a hurry. 
BxopocxeaeHHOcxb, s. f. secondariness. 
BxopocxeneHHHii, adj. secondary, second-rate, 
of second rank. 

BxpaB.iHBaxb, BxpaBjaxb, Bxpasuxb, v. a. 
to inure to evil; \\ -ca, v. r. to be inured to evil; 
[part. p. BxpaB;ieHHbiii. 

Bxpu;i;opora, adv. three times dearer; very 

Bxpoe, Bxpoftai, ado. trebly, three times as 
much, thrice as much. 

BxpoeM-b, ado. three together, by three. 
Bxy.iEa, s.f. bung; stopper; | box (of a wheel); 
\ art. nut, screw-nut. 

Bxyno, ado. in vain, vainly. 
Bxiaicaxb, BOXBHVXb, v. a. to stick in, drive 
in, into; to thrust; to' enter;— «a eepme.l^, to spit, 
put on the spit; ,1 -ca, v. r. to stick in, sink; 
[[part. p. BOXRHyxbitt. 

BxiJUKa, s. f. expletive; stop-gap. 
Bx-fecaaxb, Bxteaiixb, v. a. to S(iueeze in, into; 
to press in, push in with difficulty; ' -ca, v. r. to 
press in; -CHHXbca tfs, -to elbow one's 
way in the cro-wd; ypart. p. BxtcaeHiiuft. 

BxiopHBaxb, BxibpHXb, v. a. coll. to implicate; 
-ca, V. r. to be involved; „ -ca eh koio, to fall 
deeply in love with, to be smitten, be enamoured; 
;j)art. p. BTiopeaHbift. 

BxarHBaHie, s. n. drawing in, pulling in. 


- 76 - 


BxarHBaTb, BXHHyxt, v. a. to pull in, draw 
in; -Hyxb Koimu, to draw in one's claws; — aoa- 
dyxh, to draw air; lydna -rHBaex'b eh ceon eody, 
the sponge absorbs water; || fig. to entangle, 
implicate, involve; -nyxb eh xuKoe .iu6o dnAo^ to 
entangle into a business; j] -ca, v.p.r. to be drawn 
in; to accustom one's sell; -HyxBca er, maMejiym pa- 
Corny, to inure one's self to hard labour; \\part. p. 

ByaaexKa, s. f. small veil. 

Byajib, s. f. veil; muffler. 

ByaHHri, s. vi. naut. woolding. 

ByJiKaHHSHpoBanie, s. n. tech. vulcanization. 

ByJiEaHH,siipoBaxBj *. a. tech. to vulcanize. 

ByjKaHusM'b, s. m. vulcanism, vulcanian theory, 
plutonian theory. 

ByaKaH'B, -HuiecKiM, see Bo;iKaHi, — hh- 

ByjibrapHocxb, s. f. vulgarity. 

ByjiBxapHuft, adj. vulgar, coarse. 

Byjibraxa, s. f. the Vulgate (Latin version of 
the Bible). 

Byi^tj s. m. wootz (Indian steel). 

Bxo;i;HXb, boAxh, o. n. to enter, enter in, into; 
to get in, come in, walk in, into; boiixh 67, taean-b, 
to enter the harbour; — so nodpo6Hocmu, to enter 
into particulars;— ffo dtb.ia, to set up in business; — 
ez cnop^, to enter into a dispute; Mun, amo uuKOtda 
He Bxo;i,iiJio Oh zu.iuey, it never came into my head; 
BoflxH Oh MucAh aemopa, to penetrate the meaning 
of an author; smo ue Bxo;i;nxx. eh .uoe puuieuie, 
that does not hold a i)lace in my resolution; dtna 
\u.iHna He Bxo;i;Hxii na tojiooy, this hat will not 
go on my head; — Oo nyowdu dpyiaio^ to take interest 
in the wants of another; oh dmo AeKaponoo Bxo- 
;^ax'b Muoiis cnadnChH, this remedy is composed of 
many drugs; || to get in, into; to contract; BofiXH 
e-, .vu.iooiib Kh Ko.ny, to get in favour with one; 
BofixH Oh cMioy, to get renown, become famous; 
— Oh do.mi, to contract debts, get into debt; ue 
Bxo;i;iixe Oh nooue do.itu, do not incur fresh debts; |j 
Bofixu Oh cydb Co npomemeMz, to bring a request 
before a tribunal; — ch doK.iadoMo, to present a re- 
port; j| oHh nil 00 nmo ne bxo^hxi., he does not 
concern himself about any thing; ana oo oce bxo- 
;^HX'b^ she takes an interest in every thing; |j aoda 
BOiuaa ar, necoKh, the water went into the sand 
or was soaked in by the sand; H — e7> ynonipeCAeuie, 
Oh .Hody, to come into use; to get into vogue, into 
fashion; |1 BoftxH oh ceos, to come to one's self. 

Bxo;i,Haa, adj. s. f. introit (the heginning of 
the mass). 

Bxo;i;i>, s. )». entrance, entrance - hall, entry; 
cmoHvth y Bxo;i;a, to stay at the entrance; — onc- 
npeui,uciitCH, no entrance; ii access, admission, admit- 
tance; n.iama 3a — , entrance-money; 6uji,eim 
Bxoj^a^ admission-ticket; nMnnih — Kh Munucnipjy, 
to have admission to the minister. 

Bxojiiin^ii'f, adj. entering; reentering; — yto.ih, 
reentering anj.!-lc; -u^aa icmi/a, book of entries. 

Bxoaiifi, adj. having admittance; ouh bxo3CT> 
eo MHotie doMu, be is admitted to many houses. 

BiVRHCJiBaxb, BU,'fc;^IlXb, v. a. to decant, pour 
in, transfuse; il/xtr^ p. iiii,-b»ceHHbift. 

Bu,'hn.iaxbC}i, BH'Iinuxbca, v.r. to seize, hold 
fast; to cling, clutch;— ;;o<wi/j.KM, to cling to witJi 
the claws; -iiMXbca dpyih oh dpyta, to claw one 
another, cling to one another;— ea ooaocu, to seize, 
clutch the hair; 2-"'"e''«'<'w' -nii.ioa oh .\toe tiAaimc, 
the burdock stuck to my dress. 

Bucpa, adv. yesterday: — oeuepoMh, yesterday 
evening; — uoubw, last night. 

Biicpucb, ])op. see Lnepa. 

Bucpaiuuift, adj. yester, of yesterday;— oevejji, 
yesterday evening, last evening; -Haa xoub, last 

night;— detib, yesterday; prov. ucnamb -Haro dnn, 
to look for a knot in a bulrush. 

Biepn-B, ado. in the rough, unfinished; uanu- 
cavib — , to make a foul copy. 

B»iep^HBaxb, BiepxHXb, v. a. to trace in, draw 
m;\part. p. B^epieHHHft. 

BiexBepo, ado. four times more, four times as 
much, fourfold; cioawunib uia.ib — , to fold a shawl 
in four. 

BqexBcpoM-b, ado. four together. 

B^HHanie, s. n. beginnig, initiative. 

B'lHHaxb, V. n. to begin, take the initiative. 

BiiixwBaxbca, Biaxaxbca, v. n. to take in 
the sense or meaning (of a writing). 

B^iyacfe, adv. without being either relation or 
friend; Mun — eto aicaAb, I pity him without being 
a relation of his. 

BmecxBie, s. n. entrance. 

Biuecxepo, ado. sixfold, six times more or as 

BmeexepoMi, ado. six together. 

BuinBaxb, Binaxb (fiit. Boiubio); v. a. to sew in, 
stitch in;l part. p. BuiEXbifi. 

Buii'.BHKii; BiuHBei^^b; s. m. -BBi^a, s. f. lousy 
man ov woman; brat (to a child). 

BiuuBKa, s. f. sewing in; n piece sewed in. 

BmnBHott; adj. sewed in. m 

BuiHBOCXb, s. f. lousiness. t! 

BniuBKift, adj. lousy; mcd. pedicular, pedicu- 
lous; [1 -Baa 7npaoa, hot. louse-wort, staves-acre; 
-Baa 6oMb3Hf>, med. phthiriasis, pediculation, lousy 

BiUHB'fexb; o6o-, V. n. to grow lousy. 

Hit H Bo, prep, in, into; bo umh, in the name; — 
SHUKh new, in token of; bo XMejim, in drink; — 
cpaoneHiu, in comparison; — ciynaib '/e^o,in case of; — 
npudany, into the bargain; — topodib, in the town; || 
to; ibxaiiib — JIondoHh, to go to Loudon; — miho, to his 
face; «<3o deepen — doepii, from door to door; j] for; 
MU omripneujiucb—MocKoy, — A.uepuKy, we left for 
Moscow, Me sailed for America; — nepouh u no- 
ciibduiu pash, for the first and last time; \\ on, by, 
at; — Houb na 25-e hucao, on the night of the 
25-th; — ypoei'Hb ch, on a level with; — noHedibAb- 
nam, on Monday; bo Hmo6u mo uu cmaAo, by all 
means, at any price; — Mopib, at sea; obinib — uecotAa- 
ciu, — ceopn,, to be at odds; npodamb— y6umom, to ; 
sell at a loss; \ upon; 6u7/ib—c.i.yoic6)b, to be upon 
duty; li under; — 6oAbiuou neuaAU, under great af- 
fliction; 6umb — nAaoaniu, naut. to be under way; 
nycmuvibCH — nyvib, to set out; naut. to get un- 
der way; |j om cAyoicu)m — icynepaxh, he serves as 
coachman; — napodn,, among the people; pash — todh, 
once a year; — omoMh mu ounoaamu, the fault is 
ours; — odunh npeKpaenuii deub, one fine day; 
deaowdu — deub, twice a day; n cmaoAio ce6n, — o6a- 
aaunoonb, I reckon it my duty. 

B'bt.;i,axbca, B-bicxboa, v. r. to eat in, into, 
through; to corrode (said of colours or corrosive 
liipuids); HcpiiuAd B'bii.iHCb oh no.n>, the ink has 
penetrated the floor; to get accustomed to eating. 

Bi>ii;;^HBOcxb, s. f. corrosiveness. 

B^,■iJ;^UIIBbIft, adj. corrosive, gnawing. 

li'hf.Aji^i,^ s. m. entry (riding or driving);^ en- 
trance (of a house); || avenue; || approach; || B'b'B3;i;- ^ 
Hoii, adj. ^ 

B'bfiaataxb, ni.bxaxb, v. n. to drive in, ride in; 
to enter or come in (by railway); ouh -xaJiTb o^ 
lopjadh Oh Kapeinib, oepxoMh, he entered the town 
in a carriage, on hoi'seback. 

Bi-Bascitt, adj. giving the right to make use 
of; — AUjCh, forest in which wood may be cut. 

BbiiBb, BbaB'Ii, adv. openly, in a public manner. 

Bm, jjron. 2>l. you. 

Bu6arpHXb; see EarpHTi. 


- 77 — 


BM6a.iJOTHpoBaTb, v. a. to elect by ballot. 
BBi6iiaTMBaTb, Bra6i)jTaTb, BMOo.iTHVTb, y.a. 

to shake out, splash out (a lui'iid); '\ to blah, di- 
vulge; !| -CH, V. r. to be shaken out; to divulge; , 
pirt. p. BW60.ITaHHHft. 

BuOaHHTb, see BaHHtb. 

BHCapuuiiiHuaTb, v. a. to profit by bar- 
gaining; j] to gain profit by traffic or exchange. 

BuOHBaTb, bij6utb, v. a. to boat out; to break, 
break open; to burst, burst open; to strike 
out; -6nTb cineK.ia, ayou, d-jepb, to break the 
windows, tlie teeth, to break open a door;— lunaty 
U3h 2)i/Ko, to strike a sword out of the hand;— ko- 
eep-o, to beat a carpet, to beat dust out of a car- 
pet; il to ravage, lay waste; 1/ neio ipadoMh 
ece, his field has been devastated by hail; 
cocndniii ci:oim -Chji. moU .11/ ih, my neighbour's 
cattle ravaged my meadow; I to break up; -6HTb 
dopoiy, to l)reak up the road; | to drive out; to 
dislodge; - GHXb nenpiHme.ia U3h eio no3uit,iii, to 
dislodge the enemy from his post; i| to hammer out, 
up; to emboss; — Mcdajin, to strike off medals; — 
(pop.Hi/, to make a mould; ij to drive out, throw 
out; Mope -Ohjo hi 6epeth o6.iomku, the 
sea has cast on the shore the fragments of a ship; 
I to print (cloth, linen); jj coll. - 6HTb ii3b tcoio 
dypb, to knock nonsense out of^one; |j -ch, w. r.p. 
to get out; to be beaten out; Bufinxbca U3b dM- 
to3h, to get out of debt; BUduTbCH U3h cum, to 
exhaust one's self, to be knocked up; |1 Tpart. p. 


Bu6HBRa, s. f. - BiiHie, s. n. heating out, 
chasing, embossment. 

BHOiipaHie, s. n. choosing, selecting. 

BfiiOHpaTb, BtiCpaTb, v. a. to choose, select; 
to single out; to elect;— ()/)// jeft, to choose friends; 
BM6paTb 8h deny mamu, to elect as a deputy; |i to 
sort out, pick out (herbs, salad); to cii\h—dopoiy, 
to pick one's way, one's road; j to empty; -OepHxe 
ece U3i cyndyna, empty the box;||prtH^. to correct; 
J -Cfl, V. r. to get out, remove, turn out; -paTbca 
M35 Keapmupbi, to remove from the lodging; 
\\natit.—Ha enmepi, to haul (the wind); \\ part. p. 


BbiOHTb, .see BuOHBaTt. 

BhiOJieBhiBATby Bu6.ieBaTb; v. a. to vomit, 
vomit out, throw up, regorge. 

BbiOJieHKa, s. f. -kh, pi. naut. ratlin, ratline; 
IJ -eHOiHbift, adj. 

Bu6oft, s. m. Bbi5oHHa, s. f. rut, hollow, hole; 
lart. chamber (of a cannon). 

BwOoftKa, s. /". printed linen; || boltings, second 
flour; ii -OottiaTHft, adj. 

B^iOoHCTHtt, adj. full of hollows or ruts. 

BKiOoftn^HR'b, .s\ ??t. linen-printer. 

B f jfiojTtiTb, see BaSajTUBaTt. 

Bbi6opRa, s. f. choosing, selecting. 

Bbi6opHUft) adj. of choice; chosen; || s. m. deputy, 
delegate; jj peasant-elder. 

BuOopouHTb, V. a. to harrow (a field); \\ to 
earn money by harrowing; i| part. p. Biadopo- 


BwCopt, s. m. choice, selection, choosing; option, 
election; ua — , to choose from; » noAaiaKCb Ha 
eatu^—, I leave it to your choice; U -pu^ pi. the 

BuGpasHBaxb^ BuOpo^CHTb, v. a. to go over, 
wander over, through; to stroll through; om bTj- 
dpo^^nat eob yAvmu, he has wandered through 
all the streets; || v. n. to ferment, rise, work (of 
r. to have fermented 


a beverage); 
B^fipauHTb, V. a. to give a good rating. 

OKHa, Oo OKHO, to throw out of the window; — na 
6epeth, to cast on the shore; ;i to leave out, throw 
out; -OpocHXb CAoeo, to leave out a word; -CpocbTe 
esdoph uih toAoau, beat that nonsense out of your 
head; U3h mpyCu, the soot in the 
chimney caught fire; || -ca, v. p. r. to he thrown 
out; to throw one's self out; || ^^ar^ p. BUdpo- 


BijOpccTb, V. n. to walk out slowly (as an old 
or sick person). 

BuOpHBaTb, BKiOpHTb, V. a. to shave out, 
entirely; ;i to earn by shaving; ;^ -ca, 0. r. to shave 
one's self; il />r«r^. p. BwOpnTfaft. 
Brjfipoj^HTb, see BaSpaacHBaTt. 
Bu6pocKH, s. m. pi. refuse, rubbish. 
BuOpuarHBaxb, BuOpHsraxb, v. a. to splash 
out; to bespatter; || -ca, v. r. to be splashed (with 
water, mud). 

BwCyKCHpoBaxb, see ByKcnpoBaTb. 
Bi46yxnxb, see ByxuTi.. 

BwOMBJiXb, BuOrjXb, V. n. to retire, leave; to 
go away, quit (service, employ metit). 

Bu6Fii.i6ft; adj. retired; one who has quitted or 
resigned his employment. 

BbiS'feraxb, Bbi6taKaxb, v. n. to run out; — ua 
ecmpwiy, to run to meet; jj to sprout, shoot rapidly. 
BbiOsrHBaxb, BwOiiraxb, v. a. to get or obtain 
in running, riding; || torun over. 

BuOtr'b, s. m. BbiO-fesKKa, s. f. sprout, shoot. 
BbiOsjUBaaie, s. n. bleaching (of linen); whiten- 
ing (of silver); blanching (of tvax). 

Bbi6B.iaBaxb; Bu6i&.iHXb, v. a. to whiten, 
bleach, blanch, whitewash; jj -ca, v. r. to be 
whitened, be bleached; jj pari, ^. BwO-feJieHHiiilt. 
BhiC'fejiKa, s. f. whitening, bleaching. 
BwCfecnxbca, v. n. perf. to be weaned from 
one's follies. 

BbiBi^EHBax'b, BUBo;i;HXb, V. a. to lead about, 
conduct about; n BhiBo;i;ua'b eto no oce.vy topody, 
I have taken him all about the town; j| to train, 
break in (hounds). 

BHBaiKHBaxb, BMBOSHXb, V. a. to take about or 

carry about (in a carriage) into different places. 

BtiBiiaHBaxb, BUBa.iHXb, v. a. to throw out; to 

overturn, upset: || -ca, v. r. to be thrown out; jj to 

tumble out, fall out; 1 pari. p. BUBa.ioHHBift. 

BuBajaxb, v. a. perf. to full, felt (cloth);] to 
roll in;;|-ca, v. r. to wallow, have a good roll; coduKa oi ipH3u, the dog is dirty from wal- 
lowing in the mire;!iP«ri. p. BWBajiaHHHtt. 

BrJBiipHBaxb; BMBapHXb, V. a. to boil out, 
decoct, extract; |j -ca? v. p. to be boiled out, be 
extracted; 11 pari. p. BsiBapeHHuft. 

BiJBapBa, s. f. de-octure, extract; [j pZ. - kh, 
residuum, sediment (by boiling). 

BuBapoqHbit, adj. -aaa co.xb, salt obtained 
by boiling. 

BhiBiicxpHBaxb, BrjBOCxpHXb, V. a. to sharpen; 
ll-ca, V. p. r. to be sharpened; [j fig. to become alert; 
[ipari. p. BMBoexpeuHijft. 

BuBamHBaxb, BiJBOiHHXb, r. a. to wax, rub 
with wax; ipfrf. p. BiJBomcHHbift. 

BfJBaaxb, V. a. perf to sculpture; to carve, 
cut; |1 pari. p. BUBaaaiiuii. 

BiaBo;i;C!Hie, s. n. drawing out; jj extrication. 
B»JBo;^eHbini'b, s. m. a cliicken just liatched. 
BbiBej^PHBaxbca, BrjBe;^pHXbca, v. r. to become 
serene (of the tveather). 

BfJBeaeHio, s. n. exportation, carrying out. 
BiJBesxH, see Bunoantk. 
BiJBopcxKa, s. f. levelling, equalization. 
BFjBepcxbiBaxb, BMBepcxaxb, v. a. to level, 
make even, equalize; I' to retaliate, revenge; 11 to 

BbKipacMBaxb, BijSp^saxb, Bj6;)oeHXb, v. a. re-over; H -ca, v. jj. to be levelled, be made even; 
throw out, cast out, to reject; BsrSpaeaxb itj. 1 pari. p. BiaBepexaHHUfl. 


— 78 — 


BuBepTEa^ s. f. subterfuge, shift. 

BHBepTMBaTB, BhiBepHyTB, V. a. to draw out 
(by turmiKj); to wrest; — nyTb na usuaHKy, to 
turn inside out; -HyTb pyKy, to put the arm out 
of joint; II -ca, v. r. to slip out of one's hands, get 
out; to extnVate one's self (out of difficulties);\io 
appear suddenly; om "Hvaca u3o sa yiAa, he 
appeared suddenly from round a corner; \\ part. p. 

BwBepiHBaTb, BWBepT'feTi., V. a. to hore out, 
screw out;||pflr^. |j. BHBepieuHHfl. 

BMBepiUHTb, see Bepraaxb. 

BuBHBaxb, BMBHTb; V. CI. to wicathe, weave; 
to twine out, wind out; ';'^ar^ p. BiMBHTbifl. 

BMBUBHOft, adj. for winding out, spiral. 


screw out; 11 -ca, o. p. to be screwed out;||2J«r^. 

p. BblBHHqCHHMli. 

BHBHXHyTb, V. a. to dislocate, put out of joint; 
to luxate; -Hyib ceOn pyKy, to put one's arm out 
of joint; 'j -ca, v. r. to be put out of joint, be luxa- 
ted, be dislocated; |j part. p. BHBHXHyxHH. 

B^BHX'b, s. m. luxation, dislocation. 

BuBniUHHK7>, .s. m. hot. mountain knot-grass. 

BMBo;i,HTb, BiJBecTb, -CTH, V. a. to lead 
out, take out, bring out; — ua Kasm, to lead to the 
scaffold; eta BUBe^iH uai co6paniH, he has been 
turned out of the assembly; ■• cth Aomadb U3b 
Komomim ua nonaai^ to bring a horse out of the 
stable for show; -cth tapHUsom u3o Kpnnocmu, 
to withdraw a garrison from a place; |j to trans- 
plant or remove (peasants from one village to 
another); jj to complete, finish, terminate (a biiild- 
ing); cmibHu BMBeAeuH, the walls are complet- 
ed, finished; j] to extirpate, exterminate, destroy, 
extricate; to take out, drive out, dispel;— jciowos^, 
to destroy, exterminate bugs; -cth cupoc7ni>, to 
remove or dispel moisture (ofabuilding); — namna, 
to take the stains out (of a coat); -ctu 3anax% 
detmn, to drive out or dispel the smell of tar; jj — 
V/UnAmm, to hatch chickens; icyjnitia BKiBeJia 
VtUnAHim, the hen has hatched chickens; ]j to deduce, 
conclude; to draw out; -cth aaK.iWHcuie, to deduce 
a conclusion; om bmbctb e^ pacxodi GoAhviin 
cyMMU, he has drawn up a large account; -cth 
u^^ aaOAyMdeuiii, to turn from error, to disabuse, 
undeceive; -cth na cenim, uapyywy, to bring to 
light; —cth KOio u^^ ce6s, U3^ mepnnuiH, to i)Ut 
one in a passion, to try a person's patience to 
the utmost, to make one lose patience;— xozo e^ 
Awdu, to open a career for a person; — ysop^, to 
take a drawing; — pyAadu, mpeAU, mus. to make 
roulades, shakes; || -ca, v. p. r. to be led out, be 
taken out, etc.; || cmapuHuue oOwiau -B6;^aTca, 
ancient customs fall into desuetude; duuh -Bo;i;MTca 
e^ Haulux^ Arbcax^, the game becomes scarce in 
our forests: MOAt, u k.iohu BbiBciHCb, moths and 
bugs are destroyed; || U3h 9mux^ num ne BiJBe- 
;^yTca uunAJima, these eggs will not hatch; mi- 
iiAHma yjice BiJHe.iHCb, the cliickens are already 
hatched: Ipnrt. p. BMBe;]:eHiii>itt. 

BbiBOjUHTb, see IJuBaatnuaTi,. 

BbiBO,T;HUH, adj. s. f. permit of marriage (for 
peasant-girls marrying in another village); -^Hoo, 
6'. n. duty paid for this permit. 

Br>iBo;i(Hott, IiiJno;^HiJtt, adj. removed, trans- 
planted (of peasants); n paid for removing, trans- 
plantation; |: who lias the permit of marriage; see 

Bj''.ino;i;oKT., s. m. ])rood. 

BuBO^'b, s. m. transplantation, removal (of 
peasanrs); tlcdncJion, inference, consequence, result; 
IJ — njinietu, scouring, cleaning. 

BbiBOSiVri., BHBesTH, BbiECBTb, V. a. to convey 
out; —cHuti CO d'lopa, to convey out or carry out 

snow from the yard; oua BbiBesjia U3h sa tpanuvibi 
MHOto 6Tb.iha, she brought much linen from abroad; 
11 to export (goods); \ to draw out; -8th Kapemy 
ush capan, to draw a coach out of the coach- 
house; li to introduce; ana Ha^a^a—cooux^ donepeU 
(G^ cerbtm, e^ oCmecmeo), she began to introduce 
her daughters: H -ca, v. p. r. to be carried out, be 
conveyed out, be brought out, be exported, etc.; 
II to remove, move; [jjjorr^. p. BhiBeseHHUJJr. 

BbiBOSHTb, see BHEaaHBaxb. 

BwBOSHoft, BbiBOSHbift, adj. exported; || im- 
ported, brought out (from abroad); BbiBOSHbifl 
noiuAUHu, export-duties. 

B&iBos^HK'b, s. m. -Hnn,a, s.f. one who carries 
out, who exports. 

BwBOS'b, s. m. BbiBOSKa, s. f. exportation, ex- 
port; notuAUMa ua — , export-duties. 

BblBOJiaiCHBaTb, BtlBOJIOIHTb, BblBOaO^b, 

V. a. to draw out, drag out. 

BMBOJio^Ka, s. f. dragging out, drawing out. 

BwBOJioqHHiii, adj. -Haa coAb^ salt extracted 
from salt-pits. 

BbiBopa^HBauie, s. n. turning inside out. 

BbiBopa^HBaTb, BUBopoTHTb, V. a. to turn 
out, turn inside out; -THTb nAamie, to turn a 
coat; ii to regain, discount; || -ca, v. r. to turn out, 
be ti^rned (of a coat); ^ part. p. BHBopo^enHbifl. 

BbiBOpoTHbifl, adj. turned, reversed. 

BbiBOpoTT., s. m. wrong side, under side, reverse; 
na — , adv. wrong side out, inside out; contrary, 
opposite; in a wrong or opposite sense; mtieopotm 
na — , in a wrong manner, wrongly, hind side 


BWBOu;HTb, see BuBamsBaxi.. 

BHBliBaTb, BbiB-feaTb, V. a. to winnow (wheat, 
corn);\\pjart. p. B&iBliaHHbifi. 

BHE-feBKH, s. f. pi. winnowings, chaff. 

BbiBB^^biBaHic, s. n. exploring, finding out. 

BbiBB^^MBaTcaB, s. m. -HHn,a, s. f. explorer, 
discoverer, scrutator, scrutineer. 

BhiBJiji^aBaTh, BBiBt^^aTb, v. a. to sound, 
scrutinize, investigate, explore; — ubu HaMnpemn, to 
sound a person's intentions; BBiB'fc;i;aTb mauny y 
i:oio, to worm a secret out of a person. 

BwB'feftKa, s. f. winnowing. 

BbiB'IipRa, s. /'. adjusting. 

BbiB'j&paTb, BHBtpHTb, V. a. to regulate, set; 
— Hacu, to regulate or set a yvatch; [^ part. p. 


BbiBtcHTb, see BHBiranBaxi.. 

Bi^BiiCKA, s. f. sign-board (of a shop): || com. 
deduction of tare; ,; -co'iHufl, adj. 

BbiB-BTpHBanie, s. n. airing, ventilation; jj 
destruction by the influence of the atmosphere; jj 
chem. efflorescence, efflorescency. 

BMBBTpHBaTb, BBiB'tTpHTb, V. a. to air, put 
a tiling out to air; to ventilate; jj to destroy by the 
influence of the atmosphere; |1 -ca, v. p. r. to be 
aired; to be destroyed by the influence of the 
atmosphere; il to wither; [|^j«r^. j?. BUBibTpeuHbiii. 

IJiJB'IiTpf..iocTb, s. f. chem. sec i5iiB4xpH- 

Bf.iBt.Tpli.ibift, adj. eftlorescent. 

HuKBiuHBaTB, Bi.iB'kcHTB, V. a. to hang out; 
II to weigh; ji to make the weight even; to equalize 
(the scales)-, ,| to put on a level, to plane; iJ -ca, 
V. r. p. to hang out; to be hung out, be weighed; 
\\2iart. p. BhiBiiuioiiiiBifi. 

]{biBii:{iJBaTB, KhiBasaTB, v. a. to knit; to 
make a pattern in knitting; || to gain, earn l)y knit- 
ting; ||^;r</^ 2'- BiJKa;jaiiMhiff. 

BbiBa.iUBaTb, BbiBa.iiiTb, v. a. to dry in the 
open air; || -ca, v. r. to be dried; to dry, wither; 
\\2>(*rt. p. Br>iBa.icinirjn. 


79 — 


Bwra;^Ka, s. f. BEira;^UBaHie, s. n. con- 
trivanco, sparingness. 

Bwra^^wBaTb, Bwra;^aTb, v. a. to try to econ- 
omize; to spare, save; to profit; — npu KpotiKn, 
to spare in cutting out; U3^ dtnoto cynna edea ah 
Bi.ira;i,aeiu& doa MUjicma, from this cloth one can 
hardly make two waistcoats; nopmuou butaj^h- 
BaeTi. U3i Kajwdaio kijcku, tlie tailor knows how 
to save in every piece; ^ to contrive, imagine, 
discover; ]i to gain by fortune-telling; j jpa>-«. p. 

BwrapKU, V\ m. pi. lees of brandy; |1 scoria; 
recrement, dross (of metals). 

Bwrapt, .s. m. strength of brandy; |scoria, scum, 
recrement, sLig, dross. 

Brjra'inBaxb, BhiraTiixb, see FaxnTb. 

BurnOaTb, BMrnyTB, v. a. to bend out, camber, 
curve, arch: j; -ca, o. r. p. to curve; to be bent, 
be cambered,' be curved, be arched; |1 part. p. bm- 


BuruOHoit, adj. bent, curved. 

BBirHCi, s. m. bend, bending, curve; flexure, 

BHraa;i;HBaTb,;i;aTB, v. a. to gnaw out; 
\part. j5.;i;aHHEiit. 

Bur.iaaKKBaTb, Bwrjia^^HTb, v. a. to smooth, 
level, plane, make even; || to iron (linen); j -ca, 
V. p. to be smoothed, be levelled; to be ironed; 
II par?, p. BwraaaseHHUfi. 

B£jr.ia;i;biBaTb, BbiraanyTb, v. n. to look 
out; — u^^ okhu, -nyib 6^ okho, to look out of 
the window; [| v. a. asp. perf. Biarja;i;'feTb, to spy, 
watch, observe, remark, notice, discover. 

BbirHcaxb; see BHroHflxt. 

BbirneTaTb, BHraecTb, v. a. to press out; 
Wpart. p. BHrHeTeHHbifi. 

BbirHHBaTb, BLirHHTb, V. a. to rot, putrefy. 

BwrHyxb, see BHrHCaTt. 

BbiroBapnBaxb, BbiroBopnxb, v. a. to pro- 
nounce, speak out, articulate;— /Jtfc/«eeK«o, to pro- 
nounce distinctly; \\ to reserve, keep for one's self 
(by agreement); \\ to reprimand, rebuke, reprove; 
[| -ca, V. r. p. to express one's sentiments, 
speak out; to be pronounced; I part. p. BbiroBopen- 

BbiroBop'b, s. m. pronunciation; jj reprimand, 
rebuke, reproof; dnAamh cmpotiu — , to reprimand 

Bbiro;i;a, s. f. advantage, profit, interest; gain; 
benefit; looAeKami -;i;y U3h aceto, to take advan- 
tage or make a profit of every thing; to derive 
profit from every thing; aama — nocmynavih muKh, 
it is in your interest to act so; KUKym Me -aj 
noAymcme ou ami, dmoto? what benefit will you 
reap by it? 

BHro;i;HOCTb, s.f. profitableness, advantageous- 

BHro;i,Hbift, adj. advantageous, advantageable, 
profitable: gainful; "HaanoaMi^/fl, advantage-ground; 
npedcmanumh mno ez cumomo —homt. cenmn, to 
show a thing to the best advantage; H -ho, adv.— 
ly^—hly, to advantage; om -;i,ho owenuACS, he 
has married advantageously. 

BbiroHKa, s. f. chem. distillation; 1| residue. 

BuroHHbiJi, adj. destined for pasture or for 

BMrouui;nKX, s. m. hunt, beater-up. 

BbiroHX, s. m. driving to pasture; jj pasture, 
pasturage; o6miu—, common, common of pasture; 
II distillation. 

BMroHJixb, Bwraaxb, v. a. to drive out, expel, 
turn forth, turn out, dislodge; to beat out;— m3» 
doMy, to turn out of the house; — 7ia nacm6amc, 
to take to pasture; |1 to distill (brandy );\\ part. p. 

BbiropasiuBaxb, Bhiropo;^DTb; v. a. to fence 
out, exclude; ';' fig. to excuse, exculpate, try to 
justify; H -ca, v. r. to extricate one's self, clear 
one's self (of an affair); part. p. BiJropoxeHHbiii. 

Bbiropaxb, Bwropixb, v. n. to be burned out, 
be consumed; to burn out; och depeauH -ptaa, 
the whole village was reduced to ashes; .nacio 
-pliJio, the oil has burnt out; -ptjo, «e 
-p-feao, fig. the business succeeded, did not 
succeed, failed; || ?«ei. to pickle, dip;|jto tarnish, 
fade (of colours). 

B;'»rop'feaiJfi, adj. burnt-out; || tarnished. 
. BAjrpaOa3;i;axbca, v. r. perf. pop. to extricate 
one's self; to clear one's self (of an affair). 

BurpaBnpoBaxb, see rpauHpouari.. 

BrarpaHHBaxb, Bhirpannxb, o. a. to cut into 
facets; jjart. p. BwrpaHeHuuii. 

BurpcOaxb, Burpecxb, v. a. to rake out (ashes, 
cinders); ;; to scrape out, dig up; ; o. n. to row out; 
'•^part. p. BHrpe6eHHW&. 

BbirpeOKH, s. m. pi. scrapings, rakings. 

BbirpeOaoft, adj. -eaa, cess-pool. 

BbirpeO'b, s. m. raking out. 

Bbirpyxaxb, Bwrpysnxb, v. a. to unload, 
discharge; to disembark, unship (go>ds);—Kopa6.ib, 
to unlade or discharge a ship; ,, -ca, v. p. to be 
unladed, be discharged; H/jar^ _p.BMrpyaieHHbifl. 

BurpysKa, .5. /'. unloading, disembarkment, 
discharging (of a vessel). 

BHrpysHofi, adj. destined for disembarking. 

Bbirpya^iHKir, s. m. unloader, lighterman. 

Burpbisaxb, BurpMSXb, v. a. to gnaw out; 
Wjjart. p. BLirpEiaeHHUfi; bot. suberose (of 

BwrpasHHXb, see TpmnuTh. 

BbiryaHBaxbca, Buryaaxbca, v. r. to refresh 
one's self^by walking; to recover (after sickness). 

BBi;i;aBaTb, BH^^axb (pres. Bbijtaib, fut. bh- 
^aM-b), V. a. to give out, away, up; to deliver; to 
distribute; — oKa.iooame eoucKa.Ho, to pay troops; 
-^axb cy.»My deiietz, to pay away a sum of 
money; -^axb nacnopim, to give a passport;— wj30- 
eiaHvio, to give out victuals; to serve out rations; 
-;i,axb ecKce.ib, to draw a bill; -;i,axb Koniw cb dony- 
.ueiima, to deliver the copy ofadeed;— »/)ecmj/H««Ka, 
to deliver a culprit; } to forsake; to betray, disclose; 
lie -;i;aBalixe .vena, don't forsake me; to.ioch -^ijaat 
eto, his voice betrayed him; \[ -;i;axb Hbio aicSo 
mauny, to betray a person's secret; -;i;axb ce6Jt, 
to betray one's self; -;i;axb doHb aa.nyoich aa noto, 
to marry one's daughter to some one;— ct'(J/i aa koio, 
to pretend to be, to give one's self out for; om 
-;!;aaT. ceOn aa, he passed himself otV for; — .lOMh 
aa ucmmiy, to affirm a lie, an untruth; ] -ca, v. p. r. 
to be paid, be delivered, etc.; \ito project, stand 
out, jut; Kpuma -;i;aexca, the roof projects; cmnna 
-;^aexca enepedh, that wall juts out; a>MO OHem 
-;^aexca, j3am?. this comes off well; I to happen, 
occur, arrive; nam cnopo -;i;acxca c.iyua'u, as soon 
as an opportunity o(cuvs;'i part. p. BUHaUHhiii. 

Bbi;i;aBaHBaxb, Bw^^aBHXb, v. a. to press, press 
out, squeeze out, crush out; ij -ca, v. p. r. to be 
pressed, be pressed out; to squeeze; i| ^jar*. p. bij- 

Bbr;i;aHnaxb, bh;^ohxb, v. a. to milk out; j -ca, 
v.p. to be milked o\it;\\part. p. BWAOonawtt. 

|{br;i;a.i(5.iHBaxb, B^I;^o.I05IXb, v. a. to hollow, 
excavate; to work with t^^he chisel; ;! Afi'- ^o learn, 
get by heart; 11 i>or«. p. Br.f,T,oa0.icuHiJft. 

BiJ^aua, s.f. payment, remittance; deliverance; 

distribution; issuing; 11 extradition (of a criminal). 

BbT;i;BaHBaxb, Bu^^Boiixb, 0. a. chem. to refine 

or purify by repeated distillation; |i ^ar^ jj. bi.i- 


Bbi;i;Bnraxb, Bw;^BnHYXb, v. a. to draw out. 


80 — 


move out; -HyTb xapemy, to draw out a carriage; 
eeAibnih -HyTb Kapemy, to order out a carriage; 
-HyTb amuKh, to open a drawer; || -ch, v.p.r. to 
be drawn out; to go out of one's place; to give 
way; ii />«''*• 1^- Bu;i;BHHyTEjft. 

BbiABHXHoft; adj. that can be drawn out;— 
Hmum>, a drawer; -naa Kpoeamh, truckle-bed. 

BKi;i;eprHBaHie, s. n. drawing out. 

BH^eprHBaTb, BM;i;epraTb, Bhr;i;epHyTb, v. a. 
to pull out, pluck out, draw out; -pnyTb aySh, to 
pull out a tooth; -pnyTb looadb u3h cmtbutt, 
to draw a nail out of the wall;— caa;t, to draw 
piles; ii -ca, v. r.p. to be pulled out, be plucked out; 
ll^Jare. p. Brj;i,epHyTHfi. 

Biii;i;epaKHBaTb, BU^epaeaTb, v. a. to support, 
sustain; to hold out, up; to endure, bear; to 
undergo; — ocady, to withstand a siege, to hold out 
against a siege;— cflor6 xapaKinepi,, to keep up one's 
character; ne -SKaTb xapuKmepa, to quit one's 
ground;— nuDiKy, to support, bear torture; dmoim 
KopaS.ii He -a:HT'b MopcKuio nepexoda, that ship 
is not seaworthy; etna khuiu ne -aciiTi) emopmo 
uadamH, this book will not bear another print- 
ing or will not pass through another edition; ./le^o 
He -pxa.Tb, the ice did not bear; om -paja-iii 
OKecmoKoe Hcnumauie, he was severely tried; -JKaTb 
9K3aMeno, to succeed in an examination, to pass 
an examination; we -KaTb SKaaMeua, to fail in an 
examination; Jl to keep;— es imophMn, to keep in 
prison; |1 to train; jioiuadb dma xopomo -pxana, 
this horse is well trained; \\ oh dinoMh poMann, xa- 
panmepu -pxaHBi xopomo, in this novel the 
characters are well sustained; jprtri. j?. BM;i;ep- 


Bhi;^epaE:Ba, s. f. supporting, sustaining, bearing, 
maintaining; — xapaumepa, the keeping up or 
maintaining of character, firmness; ii extract; -kh 
U3h couiineiiiH, the extracts from a work; || training; 
II tia -Ky, adv. at random, by chance. 

Bbi^^npaTb; BM^^paTb, v. a. to tear out; to pull 
out; -;i,paTb koio an yuiii, to pull one by the 
ears; [j -ch, v. p. r. to be torn out; to extricate one's 
self (from the crowd, from pooerty); \\ part. p. 

Bhi;];HpKa; s. f. tearing out. 

Bij;i;oxj[iiift, adj. exhaled, evaporated; flat. 

BhiAOXHyTbCfl, see BH;tHxaTbCH. 

Brj^pa, s. f. otter; aMepuKancKajt— , grison. 

Bbi^l.peHOK'b, s. m. young otter. 

BH;^pHXHyTbC}^, v. r. perf. pop. to have one's 
sleep out. 

Bili^TH; see BaxojiHTb. 

Bu;^yBaHie, .s. n. blowing out; || blowing (of 

Bia;^yBaTb, Bf4;^yTb, v. a. to blow out; |1 to 
blow (glass); jj to carry away, off (of the wind); 
\\part. p. Brj;^yTHft. 

Bbi;i;yBHutt, adj. done or obtained by blowing. 

BiJAy^HTb, V. a. pop. to drink to the last 

Bhi;^yMRa, s. /". invention, fiction; false rumour, 
story, fib. 

Bu;i;yM'iHBufl, adj. inventive, quick at con- 
trivance; imaginative, ingenious. 

BiJAyHn^HRii, s. m- - n^Hi^a, s. f. inventor, 
invcntrcss, contriver: boaster. 

BM;^yMrjBaTb, B}J;^yMaTb, v. a. to invent, find 
out, contrive, imagine; Ij to lie, i\\);\part. p. BU- 

Bw/'^yii.iHTb, BlJ;^y^JIHTb, v. a. to hollow out 
(a tree). 

BiJ,^bi.V!iHiC) s. n. evaporation, exhalation; 
Ii expiration. 

Bu^^uxaTb, Bfj;^oxHyTb, v. a. to exhale; jj to 
expire, breathe out. 

Bu^bixaTbCH, BM^^oxHyTbCH, V. r. to become 
vapid, flat (of wine, beer); to evaporate. 

BT>i;^']&jiRa, s. f. Bbi;i,B.iMBaHie, s. n. preparing; 

il dressing, tanning (of skins). 

^injljk.T'b) s. m. portion, share, lot (of an inherit- 

Biii;i;s.iHBaTb, Buj^t-iaTb, v. a. to make out, 
prepare; to execute; \\ to tan, curry, dress (the 
skins); to pare (hides); \\ -en, v. p. to be made; to 
be tanned, be dressed; ||_par<. p BH^tjiaHHHtt. 

BBijl.'feabHott, adj. dealt out, apportioned. 

Bbi;i;'fe.iaTb, Bhr;i;'fe.iHTb, v. a. to deal out, 
apportion, allot; -.iHTb KOMy nacmh uacjindcmea, 
to give a person his share of the inheritance; 
II -CH, V. p. r. to be apportioned; [j to receive one's 
share; to stand owt;lpart. p. Bij;i;tJieHHMft._ 

BueMKa, x.f. Bmcmi., s. m. takingout; jj confisca- 
tion, seizure, arrest; \\ dim. BueMOlKa, hollow; 
scallop, slope, cut; jj arc/i. grooving, fluting, flute; 
II aeMAHHUH—, cutting. 

BueMHoft, adj. that can be taken out. 

BAieMOiHHft, aiUj. taken out; || confiscated. 

BMBM'iaTHfi, adj. hollowed out; jj fluted, grooved; 
j! hot. dedalous, emarginate, sinuate, striated. 

Bbi2EapMBaTb, BHSEapHTb, V. a. to dry by the 
fire; to put in the stove for purifying (earthen 
pots); 11 to destroy by the heat; Ij to chastise, chasten; 
Il -ca, V. r. to be dried by the fire, be destroyed 
by the heat: ij part. p. BhiacapeHHuft. 

BhiasaTb, see BuatHMaxt, BaKHHaxb. 

BM2KeJo6HTb, see jKe.iio6HTB. 

BHiate-iTHTb, V. a. perf. to paint or dye yellow; 
\\part. p. BrJKeaTBHHutt. 

Buxeib, see BaffiHraTb. 

BuxHBaTb, BUXHTb, V. a. to live a certain « 
time, live out; to gain, earn (hy service); am w« fl 
-BCTi uedibAu, he will not live a week out; om lodh u -xaJi-b tutixuh, he lived a year and 
did not earn anything; li to supplant, dislodge, drive 
away; to extirpate; -acHTb koio waa doMy, to get 
one out of the house; to get rid of any one, pack 
one off; dypnoU aanaxb -bjictt. uach U3h KO.HHatnu, 
the foul air drives us from the room; jl v. n. -aEHXb .. 
U3i .i7bm^, U3h yMa, to get childish; || part. p. a| 

BbiaCHTbltt. H 

BiJacHBRa, s. f BtiKHBaHie, s. n. living a 
certain time; driving away (out of a house); sup- 

BiJSEHra, s. f. smelted gold or silver procured 
by burning old galloon; ,] fresh land; jj s. c. cunning 
rogue, sly dog, artful blade, crafty fellow. 

BbiacHranic, s. n. burning out. 

BbiacHraxb, BiJSKCib, v. a. to burn, burn down, 
out; -a:e»ib depeeiix), to burn down a village; IJ to 
brand (with iron); |j to refine, sublime; i| to burn, 
smelt (silver, gold of old galloons); jj -ca, v. p. to 
be burnt, be refined, etc.;'\ part. p. BUXxeHUbitt. 

BuacH^^aHie, s. n. waiting for; watching. 

Bi>iaEH;taTe.ibHMA, adj. expectant; cunctatory. 

Bi>i»cii;^aTb, BUJEAaxb, v. a. to wait, wait 
for, outstay; to watch (for an occasion); \\ part. p. 

BusM.iHBaTb, BfjaiH.iHTb, V. a. fig. to squeeze 
out, spunge; to get by constraint or slily. 

BhiHcuMiiTb, BuxaTb (ft<t. BuaiMy), v. a. to 

express, squeeze out, press, press out;— cokj ust, 
ane.ihcuna, to press out the juice of an orange;— 
6ib.ibe, to wring, wring out linen;- oo^y U3h Otb.ibA, 
to press water from linen; j] fig. to exhaust, grind 
down; — coKh U37, koio, fig. to try one heartily, 
drain one out of money; 1, -ca, v. p. to be pressed 
out, be squeezed out, be wrung; |1 p<>.rt. p. bu- 

UMaiiiMKa, s.f. pressing out;I|-KH, pi. residue 
(after pressing). 


— 81 — 


BUSHHUTb, BUXaXB (fut. BUSHy), V. a. to 

reap, reap out; part. jj. Bhiasaxud. 

BtiaiHpaTb; BMxpaxb, v. a. to devour all; 
Wpart. p. BUxpaHHETiK. 

BMa:aei;T>, s. m. hound; || -XJiHii,a; -azJOBEa^ 
5. f. liouad-])itch. 

BMasjUEi, s. m. hot. calfs-snout, calves'-snout, 
snap-dragon; |i see BHacaeiii. 

B£J2E:.iaTnnEi>, s. m. dog-feeder. 

Bu[3B?iHnBaTb, BUSBOHUTJb, V. a. to ring out, 
chime (an air). 

BMSBaxb, see BiissBaTB. 

Bki3B'1^3;];ut!>j v. a. pop. to reprimand, taunt. 

BH3B'fe3;^•feTI., V. imp. to be studded with stars; - 
^ife.TO, the sky is covered with stars. 

Bbl3,■^<)l>aBaHBaHie, s. 71. convalescence, con- 

BM3;3;opaBanBaTB, BW3;^opoB'feTB, v. n. to be 
convalescent; to grow better, recover health. 

BH3;3;opoBaeHie, s. n. recovery, cure. 

B&iseaeHUTb, v. a. to dye green; ;i^ar#. ^. bm- 

Bbi3HaBaTb, BMSHRTb, V. o. to investigate, find 
out, learn; |; part. p. BHSHauHbift. 

Bi^soB'b; s. m. calling out; evocation, recall; — 
Bo eydb, summons; jj defiance; provocation; — na no- 
eduHOKo, challenge; ij ■- SMBnott, adj. 

BbisoJia^HBaxb, BM30.iOTHXb, V. a. to gild; 
\part. p. BBi30J0<ieHHbifi. 

BusojHXb, v.a. perf. to wash in lye; Ij pari. i?. 


Bbiso.ibHnR'b, s. m. hot. lark's-heel, lark-spur. 

BbisptBaTb, BBispliXb, V. n. to grow ripe; to 

BBi3p'feabrii, adj. ripened, ripe. 

BbiayOpnxb, v. a. to leai-n or get bj heart, 
learn by routine; to know; seeSySpuTt; ^part. p. 

BbiSHBfixeJbHbitt, adj. evocatory; provoking. 

Bbi3HBaxb, BBi3Baxb, V. a. to call, call out, 
up, away, forth; to make come; to evoke, provoke, 
tempt, urge; to invite, tempt, get out:,— coMmbnie, 
to excite doubt; -Baxb o& naMmnu, to call to 
mind; a.ioynompeoJieHiH •■Baiox'b pe^op.Hu, abuses 
urge or call for reforms;— aK?nepo, to call for an 
actor; uxh BUSBajH uah depeeuu, they made them 
come from the country; xopomun notoda -Baex^b 
waea ua npoiy.iKy, the fine weather tempts us 
out; — I'M omKpoeeHHocmi), to incite to frankness; — 
e^ cydi, to summon to court; — nucbMeuHO, to 
summon by writing; — ua noeduuoKh, ua 6ou, to 
challenge; smo jieKapcmeo ■•3Baao paomy, this 
medicine caused vomiting;j[-Cfl, v. p. r. to be called, 
be invited; i| to offer one's self; oho cumo -ssaJiCH 
noMOHb .HHib, he offered to assist me himself; ;;23aj'<. 

p. BblSBaHHblJi. 

Bbi3fl6aTb, BtisHfinyTb, v. n. to perish from 
cold (of plants). 

BbisaCjuii, adj. frost-ldtten (of plants). 

BbiHrpbiBaHie^ s. n. winning, gaining. 

BbiHrpuBaxb; Bunrpaxb, v. a. to win, gain; 
to draw or get a prize; -rpaxb ei napmu, eh 
Aomepem, to win at cards, in the lottery; to get a 
prize; -rpaxB cpajicenie, to gain a battle: -rpaxb 
viHowoy, nponecch, to gain a lawsuit, a cause; to 
overthrow one at law; - rpaxb epeMa, to gain 
time; -rpaxb aibuicpb, naiU. to gain the wind; 
jl -ca, V. p. to be gained, be won; jj pari. p. bm- 


BbiHrpbimHLifl^ adj. won, gained; — 6u.%eim, 
a lottery ticket. 

BbiHrpum'b, s. m. gain, winning; profit, advan- 
tage; — tuHMcou, the gaining of one's cause; i.iaa- 
Huu — , first prize; oumb Oh -mt, to gain, be a 

BhiiiHbitt, adj. of neck, cervical. 

BuucKUBaxb; BMHCEaxb^ V. a. to seek out, 
search out; to find out: — ciyuau, to seek an 
opportunity, to find an opportunity; ; to watch; to 
wait, wait for (a favourable inonient); |'| — ca, v. r.p. 
to^ present, offer one's self; to be ionxiA;] part. p. 

BwHCEX., s. m. BbiiiCEUBaHio, s. n. search, 
searching out. 

Bhifixu, BLr;i;xH (fat. BLiii;i;y), see Bhxo- 

BrJEa, s. f. hot. vetch, bitter-vetch, fitch, tare. 

Br.TEa;i;HXb, v. a. perf. to get out by incensing; 

fig. to show out politely; |i pari. p. BbiEassea- 


BbiEasHuiij adj. exhibited. 

BbiEasuBaxb, BMEa3axb, v. a. to show, exhibit, 
evince, display; — padocnib, neua.ih, to manifest joy, 
sorrow; —ceou ma.iaumh, to show off one's talent, 
to let one's talent be seen; -saxb,, to display 
wit, make a show of wit; j} -ca, v. r. to show one's 
self, prove one's self to be; to put one's self for- 
ward; -saxbca tf5 Hacmosvie.Ho cemnib, to show 
one's self in a true light; we c.mdyeim c.iuulko.ho 
■•sbiBaxbCH; one must not put one's self forward, 
make a display of one's self; jj part. p. BbiEa- 


BbiEa.ibiBaxb, BMEoaoib, v. a. to prick, prick 
out; — yaoph, to prick out a pattern; -EOJOXb 
t.iaaa, to put out the eyes; , to cut out (icith an 
axe); I part. p. bmeo.ioxuu. 

BbiEaHH)MHBaxb, BbiEaaio^HXb, v. a. coll. to 
obtain by entreating, importuning: ipari. p. BMEa- 


BBiEan^iUBaxb; BMEonxnxb, v. a. to smoke, 
smoke-dry; i| pari. p. BMEon^eHHHft. 

BJEJKanbiBaxb; BMEonaxb, v. a. to dig out, up; 
to grub out; — KO.iodeii,o, to dig a well; coSuKa 
BhiEonaj:a nocmb, the dog has grubbed out a 
bone; jj to disinter, exhume (a dead body); i] coll. 
OMKyda cm BUKonaj'b omy uoeocmb? where did 
he pick up this news? j! -ca, v. p. to be dug out, 
up, he grubbed out, up; |! pari. p. BbiEonaHHbiii. 

BwEapaCEaTbca, v. r. to scramble out; to 
extricate one's self (from some troublesome affair). 

BbiEap»jnBaxb, BUEopjiHXb, v. a. to bring 
up, rear; to feed, fatten; .[pari. p. BMEopjiaea- 


BuEax'b, s. m. BbiEaxbiBaHie, s. n. rolling 
out; zjiaaa ua -xt, goggle-eyes; |1 -XHbifl, adj. 

BbiKaxuBaxb, BuEaxaxb, v. a. to roll out, 
bowl out; II to calender, mangle (linen); || to gain 
by driving about; ;| -ca, v. p. r. to be rolled^ out, 
come rolling out; i| to wallow; || part. p. Bbisa- 


BbiEiixbiBaxb, BMEaxHXb, 1;. a. to roll out; 
II part. p. BUEa^eHHbitt. 

BbiEa'vnBaxb, BJJBaiaxb, v. a. to pump, pump 
out; - uaxb oody U3h KopaS.iH, to free a ship of 
water; | to gain by swinging; jj -ca, v. p. to be 
pumped, be pumped out; jj pari. p. BUEaian- 


BMEaniHBaxb, BMEOCnxb, v. a. to mow (a 

certain simccY^ j to gain by mowing; i| -ca, v. p. r. 
to be mowed; to wear away by mowing; i| pari. p. 


libiEaiUJnBaxb, BHEaiuaaxb, BUKaui.iaHyxb, 

V. a. to expectorate by cougliing, cough up;!, pari. 
p. BhiEaiujaaubiit. 

BbiEBHiniiBaxb, BUEBacHXb, V. a. to leaven, 
ferment; li pari. p. BUEBaiueHHMft. 

BiJEHJ^Ea, s. f. casting out: , supputation, cal- 
culation; JipZ. -;^EH, dregs; things thrown out. 

BbiEuii,Hoft, adj. cast out, refuse. 

BbiBu^biBaxb, BLiEu;i;axb, BMEHHvxb, V. a 


BHKH — 8 

to cast out, reject; to throw out; -hj-tb U3h 
OKua, to cast out of the windo^y; ;| to retrench, 
exclude; -HyTB was KOHmpaKma ciiambio, to 
exclude a clause of a contract; — c.toao, to 
leave out a word: |1 to miscarry; oiceHa moh 
-Hyja, my wife has miscarried; \\ to calculate, 
reckon;— Hrt cnemaxh, to calculate with an abacus 
(counting apparatus); jj -HyTb (fi.iaro, to run up 
a flag, to display colours; || /7^. -HbTe dmo^ u3o 
tojioau, put tliat out of your liead, think of it no 
longcr;;;crj/Z. -HyTb lumi/Ki/, to play a trick; || imj?. 
«36 mpyou BMKHHyjio, the soot in the chimney 
has caught ^vQ\\ijart. p. BMKHHyTBifl. 

BuKH^^Hiu'b, s. VI. abortion; castling; 1| -;^HIa- 
HEJii, adj. 

BHKHnaTb, BbTKun-feTb, V. 11. to boil away, 
out: \i to fade (of colouis). 

BtiKHn'feawja, adj. boiled away. 

BHKHCiiTi., BbiKHCHyTb, V. li. to become acid, 
turn sour to a certain degree. 

BiiiKnciHii, adj. acid, soured to the necessary 

BMKJa;i;Ka, s. f. BtJKJia^BiBaHie, s. n. un- 
packing; II facing, covering; garnishing; arch. 
casing, frame-work; ijcalculation, reckoning;ji-AHoit, 
adj. ^ 

BMKJia;i;'inK'6, s. m. calculator. 

BMK.ia;i;trBaTB, BMK.iacxb, brjio^dtb, v. a. 
to lay, lay down, out; to put out; — n.iamha nsr, 
cyudi/Ka, to take the clothes out of the box; ]| to 
cover, garnish; — depnoMb, to turf, to cover with 
turf; jj to castrate, geld (a horse, a ram); \\ to cal- 
culate, reckon: |i|j«ri. p. BBiKJia;i,eHHBift. 

BtiK.iauuBaTB, BUK.iaHHTB, V. a. to obtain 
by reverences. 


V. a. to peck out, up; to eat up; jj - ca, v. r. to 
come out of the egg-shell; i| part. p. BbiKJieBaH- 

HElit, BMKJIH)HyXBlii. 

BwK.ieiiBaTB, BMKJienTB, v. a. to glue, paste 
on; — Hui/UKh 6yMatou, to paste paper round a 
hox;\\ part. p. BHK.ieeHHHft. 

BbiK.ieiiKa, s. f. BbiK.ieHBaHie, s. n. glueing 
on, pasting on. 

BuKjefiMHTB, ^jcr/". see KaeSMHTb. 

BuKaenbiBaTb, BWK.ienaTb, v. a. to beat out, 
make thin in beating out; || part. p. BMK.ienaH- 



to call (by name); to call out, forth; \ part. p. 


BMEJiiiK'b, s. m. BMK.iH»iKa, s. f. calling out. 

BwK.iHHnBaxb, bbikjiiihhxb, v. a. to drive 
out a peg with a peg;j|-CH, v. r. min. gcol. to 
disappear (of a lode). 

BuKawiaTB, bbirjioiiixb^ v. a. to exclude 
(from society, from service); to expel (from school); 
to leave out; to except; || to retrench (a word, a 
sentence); to deduct, subtract, defalcate (a sum); 
II -cii, V. p. to be excluded, ])e expelled, be ex- 
cepted; ,| /;ar^. p. BlJK.lWieUHIjft. 

BUK.iiO'iiiH, ger. except, excepting, with the 
exception of, save; see HcKJUo'iaa. 

BbiK.iiO'icHie, s. n. exclusion, expelling, re- 
trencliing; deducting. 

BwK.iiiH'iiinaxb, BMKaHUUHXb, see BHuaHio- 

H H B a T L. 

ItiJi.-ouKa, s'. f. forging. 

Ri>ri:oRi>iHaxB, bmkohiixb, v. a. to forge, ham- 
mer out; 2;r/r/!. p. BMKOHaiiiJi.ift. 


uyXB, V. a. to i)ick out; : -cjr, v. p. to be picked 

out: ';/;«r^. J^- BWKOBUpeilHJjfl, BUKOHbipHyXUft. 

BMKo;i:';;)5;r,aTr., lu.iKJKtupHXb, v. a. to get 
out the trumps; I /;c/rA. p. Br.;no3r.i»)HHHHrt. 

: — , BHKy j 

BbiRO.ia^HBaxB, bhko.ioxhxb, v. a. to knock 
out; to stave out, beat out;—> n3o ueto, to beat 
the dust out of; -.ioxhxb njiamhc, to beat the 
coat; |i -ca, v. p. to be knocked out; to come out; 
\\part. p. BbiKoaoieHHijfi. 

BHKO.iaiUHBaHie, s. n. BuKOJiocKa, s. f. 

BMEo.iaiunBaxbCH, BbiEoaocHXBCH, V. r. to 
ear (as rye), he eared. 

BfaiECiEa, s. f. cutting blocks of ice. 

BiJEoaoxEa, s. f. block (of a shoemaker);jprint. 

BHK0.10XB, see BHKajiHBaTB. 

BMECiynHBaxB, BWECiynaxB, BWEOJiyn- 
Hyxb, V. a. to pick out; \\jjart. p. BMEdynny- 

BHEOHona^iHBaxb, BHEOHonaxHTb, V. a. to 
calk, calk out;} part. p. BWEOHona^ieHHBitt, 

BwEonaxb, see BHKanuuaTi.. 

BMEonxHXb, see BuKanHHuart. 

BHEopsinxb, 6'ee BaKapMaHBaxt. 

BbiKopMEa, s. f. BwEopMT., s. m. fattening. 

BHEopMeBMBaxB, see KopieBaTb. 

BMEOcnxB, see BHKamHBaTb. 

BBiKpa;i;biBaxB, BUKpacxb, v. a. to steal, steal 
out; li to purloin, pilfer (an author);\[''(iHf v. p. r. 
to be stolen out; i| to slink out; jj ^ar*. p. BUEpa- 

BbiEpaHBaxb, BHEpouxb, V. a. to cut out, cut 
from a pattern; || pari. p. BuKpoeuHbiii. 

BihiEpacEa, s. /'. dyeing, painting. 

BHEpaxMajiHBaxb, BwEpaxMa.iHXb, v. a. to 
starch out; || ^or*. p. BUEpaxMaJieHHbiii. 

BuKpaiuHBaxb, BUKpacHXb, v. a. to dye, 
colour; to paint; |! -ch, v. p. to be dyed, be 
painted; li/jrtri. p. BiJKpameHHbitt. 

BwEpecTKXb, V. a. perf. to convert to Chris- 
tianity; jl^ar^ p. BUEpemeHHbiii. 

BbiEpecx'b, s. m. a man converted to chris- -m 
tianity. I 

BbiRpKEnBaHie, s. n. crying out. 

BuEpHEHBaxb, BMEpHiaxb, V. a. to cry out. 

BMKpoftKa, «. f. dim. -KpoeiKa, pattern; cHHDch 
-EV, to take or draw a pattern, to cut out a 
pattern; 1| -Kpoe'iHHft, adj. 

BbiEpoiunBaxb, BbiKpouiHXb, V. a. to crumble, 
shred, mince; i| -ca, v. r. to crumble; to be lost 
by crumbling; to break in little pieces; |1 ^^ar*. p. 

BbiEpyrJUBaxb, BbiEpyrJiHXB, v. a. to give a 
round form; n^ari. p. BUEpyrJieHHbifi. 

BwEpyaciiBaxb, BrjKpyataxb, BiaKpyxMXb, 
V. a. to round, scoop, chamfer; |!/>rtr^. p. BhiEpy- 

BbiKpyasHH, N. f. pi. arch, moulding, scoops, 
chamfers; cavetto, hollow, concave mould. 

BbiKpy'iHBaxb, BhiEpyxHXb, v. a. to twisty 
wring, wrest strongly;— ^M.i6e, to wring linen; jj to 
extricate, exculpate; j -en, v. p. r. to be twisted, be 
wrung; to exculpate one's m\i\\part. p. BWEpy- 

BHKiM.rnaxB, BWRpraxB, v. a. to cover (n 
house); I part. p. BWEpwxutt. 

BbiKyiiiixB, BiJEyiiuxb, v. a. to redeem, buy 
off, out, back; to repurchase; to ransom (front 
rapflvity); dodpoma em -iiaex'b miiou> nedocmam- 
Kinn., iiis kindness compensates for many defects; 
-iiiixb U31, saAota 3a.iojiceuuuH ^ uet((u, to take 
effects out of pledge, of pawn; jj -c'li, v. r.p. to buy 
oiie'.s self (from captivity); to be redeemed; i;jO«r^ 
2>. BuicyiiJieuufaifl. 

BuKyiiaxb, v. a. perf to bathe; |j -CJi, v. r. to 
bathe one's self; jj jMr<5. p. Bhiuyiiaiiubili. 

BiJEynEa, *■. /'. BuKynauBC, s. w. buyiu" cJf, 



BwKynHofi, adj. redt'cmable; destined for 
redeeming; :, -Hoe npaoo, riglit of repurchase, of 

BMKvnmifK'B, s. m. -w,Hi;a, s. f. lie or she 
who repurchases. 

BhiKvinb, ,9. vi. redemption, repurchase; !| ransom 
(of a 'prisoner). 

Br.iKvpiiBaTb, BBiKypnxb, v. a. to smoke out; 
BhiKvpnTb cHiajjy, to smoke out acigar;|lto obtain 
by distillation; ;:jJrtr^^ iJ. BiJKypoHHHll. 

BHKycHRaxb, BijKyciixb, v. a. to bite out; 
2)art p. BhiKVUieHHuft. 

BhiKViuaxb, V. a. perf. to drink out, take; «e 
ytodno .in — namKy nam? will you not take a 
cup of tG-A'i^part. jA^ BWKyuiaHHHii. 

BfjaaB.inBaxb, BwaoB^xb, v. a. to catch out; 
to draw out (fish); to catch (all the fish or game) 
out; — ecw 2^^'^!/ '^° npyd)b, to draw out a pond; — 
tfo .iibcy duHb, to thin or clear a forest, to kill all 
the game; j] -CH, v. p. to be all caught, be fished 
out, be killed; l\part. p. BuaoBaeHHbiff. 

BM.ia3Ka, s. f. mil. sally, sortie; j| -.lasHbiii^ 
adj. ^ 

Bi'MaaTb, s. m. outlet, hole to creep out (in a 

BM.iaKnpoBaxb, see JIaKHpOBaTt. 

BH.iaMUBaXb, BH.105iaXb, BM.lOMHIb, V. a. 

to break open, out; BMJOMaxb deepb, to break 
open a door; BiJ.ioJiaxb 3y6b, to break off a tooth; 
-M«xb ce6)b pi/Ky, to dislocate one's arm, put 
one's arm out of joint; ij -ca, v. p. to be broken 

out; ;^rt?-f. p. BfciaOM.ieHHblft, BUJOMaHHBlfi. 

Bbiaaiu,uBaxb, BKiaomiixfc, v. a. to gloss, 
polish; I -CH, V. p. to be glossed, be polished; Ipart. 
p. BiJ.ioni;eHHHft. 

Bbiaeriaxb, BHjerinxb, v. a. to geld; Ij -ea, 
v.p. to be gelded. 

Brjaeasajbift, adj. spoiled by lying, through 
being laid aside or not used, having lost its 
strength, freshness. 

Bm jeKiiBaxb, BM.ieataxb, v. n. to lie out, keep 
one's bed or be bedridden for a certain time; \ to 
obtain by inaction; || -ca, v. r. to be spoiled by 
lying or through being laid aside; || to repose, rest 
one's self, take rest as long as necessary. 

BbiaeJi'feaxb, see Banejitmb. 

BHJexaxb, Bw.iextxb, v. n. to fly out; to go 
out swiftly; nmuua -x'fe.ia U3h,mKU, the^bird 
flew out or escaped from its cage; du.m, -xaexi 
u3'o mpyCu, the smoke escapes by the chimney; 
KyponumKa -xtaa u37>-3a nyana, the partridge 
flew up from behind the bush; adjjo -xtao ush 
nyiuKH, the ball M-ent from the cannon. 

BM-iex-b, s.m. flight, flying out; jl swift course; 
jl «a— , .see HasHjieTi.'iHBaHie, s. n. cure (of an illness), 

Bbiae'iHBaxb, BM.ieiiiXb, v. a. to cure, heal; 
eta BW.ieiHaH otm o^iacnou 60.^311^1, they have 
cured him of a dangerous illness; j] -ca, v.p. r. to be 
cured, be healed; to recover; i||j«r*. })• BwaeiCH- 
Hbiiif. ^ ^ 

BbiJiemaxb, BWjecxHXb, v. a. to obtain by 
flattery; jl part. ^^.^BUJiemcHHufi:. 

BbiJiHBaxb, BU.iHXb, V. a. to pour, pour out; — 
U3^ 6ymujiKU, to pour out of a bottle; -JiHTb 
oody 67, OKHO, to throw water out of the window; 
ij to found, cast (a bell, vase, candlesticks); to 
mould (a statue); |1 -ca, v. r. p. to run, run out (of 
fusihle things); to be poured out; to be founded, 
be cast, be moulded; jj part. p. BhiaiiXHH; om. 
-xwfl omem, he is the very picture or the very 
likeness of his father. 

BHaitaMBaxb, BH.iii3aTb, v. a. to lick up, out; 
Wpart. p. Bbf.iH3aHHMfi. 

Bbi.iuHUBaxb, BhMiiHaxb, see JIehatb. 

Bbr.iuHaai.itt, adj. shed, moulted (said of ani- 
mals );\\fa,ded (of materials). 
BbiJOBUXb, sec BuaaBjiHsaTb. 
Bijaoacnxb, see BunaaAUBaTb. 
BwaoKaxb, v. a. perf. to lap o\it]lpart. p. 


BbLioMaxb, see BuaaMUBaTt. 

BbiJOMEa, s. f. BhiJiOM'b, 6. m. breaking out, 
demolition; |i quarry. 

Bbijomiixb, see BujiamHBaTi,. 

BH.TyatHBaxb, Brj.iy;^iixb, v. a. to im:) part, 
p. Bbi.iyaseHHuft. 

Bw.iynaxb, Bu.iyn.raxb, BH.iyiiiixb, v. a. to 
bark (a tree); to peel (a)i orange); to take the 
shell oiT, to shell (ivalntits, pease); 1 -ca, v. p. r. to 
be peeled; j] to break the shell, hatch (of 
chickens); I part. p. BM.iyn.ieHHbifl. 

Bbi.i>iu;HBaxb, Bw.iymiixb, v. a. to unhusk; 
11 -ca, v.p. to be unhusked; n j9rt/-^ p. BuraymeH- 


BbiJiMcfexb, V. n. to become bald. 

Bbi.ili3aHie, s. n. climbing out, creeping out;— 
so.ioc-t>, depilation, falling off of the hair. 

Bbiatsaxb, Bw.i'fcsxb, v. n. to climb out, creep 
out; l! to fall off (of hair); y ueto omb 6o.i}b3mi 
-jiis.iH ecrb eo.iocu, his illness made his hair 
fall off. 

BbiJiinaaxB, Bbiainnxb, v. a. to mould; -ca, 
v.p. to be moulded; il^Jrtri. p. BW.iifen.ieHHbift. 

Bbi.TfenoE'b, s. 711. mould, model, cast. 

BMai^HBaHie, sec BuaeiBBanie. 

BbMiiUiiBaxb, BW.i'feiHXb, see BH-ienHBaxB. 

BbiJiaaHBaxb, BWMa3axb, v. a. to anoint; 
-saxb oapny, to tar a bark; — ccuo.w?., to 
grease; H to use all the grease or ointment; ,• to 
besmear; IJ -ca, v.p. r. to be anointed; to be greased; 
to make one's self dirtY::\ part. p. BMMa3aHHbitt. 

BbiMaEHBaxb, BHMaKaxb, v. a. to steep out, 
sop, soak; il^jar^. p. BbTMaKaHHuii. 

BbiMaacBbiBaxb, BWMajieBaxb, v. a. to paint, 
embellish; II jjort. p. BbiMaaeBaHHBiti. 

BbiMajiiiBaHie, s. n. impetration. 

BHMaJiHBaxb, BbiMo.iHXb, V. a. to obtain by 
prayers or entreaties; i/wr^ p. BbiMOJeHHuft. 

BwsiaJiHiBaxb, BWMoaoxb, v. a. to grind out, 
obtain a certain quantity of flour; .; to earn by 
grinding; |, -ca, v. p. r. to be ground; \\ to wear away 
by grinding; j;«r^. p. srjMO.ioxKfi. 

BuMaHHBaxb, BuijiaHHXb, v.a. to entice out, 
lieckon out: [ to obtain by cunning; to screw out; 
'ipart. p. BhiMaHOHHuft. 

BiJMapaxb, see B u nap u Bait. 

BMMiipiiEaxb, BFjMopiixb, v. a. to starve out, 
kill, destroy; —,, to famish, starve; ,, to 
slacken (lime); [\ part. p. BUMopeiiHua. 

BHMapHBaHie, s. n. cancellation, cancelling. 

BiJiuiipbiBaxb, BWMapaxb, v. a. to dirty, soil, 
daub, besmear; -paxb pyKii, nMimbe, to soil or 
dirty one's hands, one's dress; iJ to cancel, erase, 
blot out, strike out (a passage of a book); to strike 
off (of a list); \\ -ca, v. r. p. to dirty one's self; to be 
blotted out; '^\part. p.^ BiJMapaHHWft. 

BHMac.iiiBaxb, BiJMac.inxb, v.a. to oil, butter, 
grease; |j -ca, v. r. to oil or grease one's self; ^to 
soil one's self with oil or grease; Hi^jr^ p. bu- 

BbiMaxbiBaxb, BiJMOxaxb, v.a. to wind out, 
wind up;] to earn by 'wim\mg;.}2)art. p. bijmo- 

BiJMaxHBaxb, BWMaxaxb, Bhujaxiiyxb, v.a. 
to flap away (flies); to tire with swinging (f/n/iS, 
etc.);\part. p. BhiMaxaHHuft. 

BbiMauiiBuxb, RiJMoniixb, v.a. to wet, wet 
tJirough; .mchh -MOUH.i'b dojicdb, the rain has 



— 84 - 


wetted me; jl to macerate (hemp); \\ to soak, steep, 
drench; to freshen (salt beef); to -water-soak;— 
ceAcdKi/, to soak or take the salt out of a herring; 
to water a herring; '\ -CH, v. r. p. to get wet; ^to 
be wetted, be wet; to be soaked: (jjjar^. p. bm- 


BuMam,nBaTb, BHMOCTETb, V. a. to pave (with 
stone, brick, flint); ] part. p. BMMomeHHHS. 

B£iai6bBKa; s. f. naut. capstern-bar, capstan-bar. 

BMMeiKeBHBaTL, BWMeaceBaxB, v. a. to meas- 
ure off, survey off; ipart. p. BHMeaieBaHHHtt. 

BfciMepaaxB, BrjsiepsHyTb, v. n. to freeze, 
congeal; || to be frozen, be destroyed by the frost 
(of plants). 

BwMep3.iMfi, adj. congealed; frozen, destroyed 
by the frost. 

BHMep.iMH, adj. extinct (of a family), died out. 

BbiBiecTHTbj see EHMeiuaxb. 

EHMOTiiTB, BwaiecTL, BHMecTH, V. a. to sweep, 
sweep out; ij ".CJi, v.x). to be swept o\\t;\part. p. 


BuMOTKa, s. f. trimming, edging; ij calculation. 
Bmbibti., s. hi. sweepings, outcast. 


to cast out, throw out; |] to hem, bind, edge; — 
nem.iu, to make button-holes; |j to calculate, reckon; 
II to handle (a gun);l''eHf o. p. to be cast out; to 
be stitched, be trimmed: \\ part. p. BMMexaHHHfi, 


BBiMein;ax&, bmjigcxhxb, v. a. to avenge, re- 
venge one's self; out, "Cth.tb ua epaiaxi coou 
ooudu, he revenged himself for his injuries on his 
enemies; — docady Ha komu, to vent one's despite 
upon one;lpart. p. BBiMeiu,eHHH&. 

BBiMnHaxB, BHMHXB, V. a. to rumple, crush 
out (flax, hemp); \\ to knead, work (clay); \\ to 
trample down (grass);lpart. p. BMMflXBifi. 

BfciMHpaTB, BHMepexB, V. n. to die (in great 
numbers); to become extinct; gch ama depeeua 
-Mep.ia, the inhabitants of this village have all 
died; oecb smoim ptodh — Mep^, all this family 
died out. 

Bwainexaa, adj. f. with a large udder. 

BwMor?iHie, - raxe.iBCXBO, s. n. extortion; 
dbiinb npeOMemoM7, -raxejiBCXBaj to be the victim 
of extortion. 

BbiMoraxejB, s. m. -HHn,a, s. f extorter. 

BuMoraxB, bmmo'ib, v. a. to extort; to screw out. 

BM.«onna, s. f. gully, ravine. 

BBiMOKaxB, BMMOKHvxB, V. «. to get wet 
throngh; to be wetted, be drenched, be soaked; 
to be thoroughly soaked or steeped (in ivatcr). 

BiJMOK.iBift, adj. wet, soaked, drenched. 

BBiMo.ia'iHBaxB, BMMO.ioxHXB, V. a. to thrash 
out, beat out (corn);\}to gain by tlirashing: jj -ch, 
V.2)- to detach itself from the ear (of corn); to be 
thrashed out: \\ part. p. BhTMOJOieHnBiS. 

Bmmojbhxb, v. a. perf. to uttei', pronounce, 

speak; II /jro-^. p. BMSIOJIBJICHUBlft. 

Bf.iMo.iiixB, see BHMa;[HBaTi>. 

Bbi.-iio.ioxua, s. /". thrashing out (corn); \\ pi. 
-KHj filth of the corn tlirashcd out. 

B'.fMo.ioxB, .see BuMajiuBaTi.. 

BuJio.i'B, s. m. the quantity of flour ground out. 

BBiiiopa;i:iiRaxB; BiJMoposnxB, v. a. to freeze, 
freeze out; |; to kill by cold or {vost;\\2)art. p. BU- 


BhiMojmxB, see BuMapiiBaxb. 

Bf.iMopo.ioK'B, s. 7n. a frost-bitten plant; || -skh^ 
2d. spirits of a frozen liquor. 

BbtMopoquBiti; adj. law, - hoc uM»/nie, an 
escheat, a vacant succession. 

Bmmocxhxb, .see iiuMainnnaTi.. 

BMMoxaxB, .see l^UMaruBaTb. 

BBI.UOUUXB; see BuaaunBaxL. 

BHMO^Ea^ s. f. soaking, drenching. 

BuaineJi'B; s. >n. naut. pendant, pennant; 
11 -.iBHBii^, adj. 

BHMVciHBaxB, BHMycJHTB, V. a. to slaver 
over, beslabber; |l|>ari. p. BHMycjieHHBift. 

BbiJiyinBaxB, BfJMVinxB, v. a. to torment; 
to obtain by tormenting; to extort; ijjiarf. p. bm- 

BMHiyiuxpoBaxB, see MymTposaTb. 

BBIi»BIBaXB, BMMHXB (flit. BBIMOH)), V. a. tO 

wash, wash away, off, out; ;| to scoop out, excavate; 
II -Cfl, v.r. to wash; 11 j9ari. i). BMMBixBifi. 

BBiMBiEaxB; BBiMEiKaxB, V. a. to hackle, 
break: || asp. perf. BMMKHyxB, to take out (the 
ear-rinij);\part. p. BMMKHyxtift. 


(linen); \ to lather, cover with lather (horses); 

ii part. p. BHMMJieHHBlit. 

Bmmhc.i^b, BMMMCe.ii, s. m. fiction; ]| inven- 
tion, contrivance, lie. 

BBiMBiuiJieHie, s. n. contriving, inventing. 

BwMBifflJiaxB, BMMHC.iHXB, V. a. to invent, 
contrive, devise; |1 to imagine, feign; |i par*, p. bbi- 


BMM^anxB, V. a. to chalk, rub witli chalk; 
\\2Mrt. p. BHM'lfe.ieHHHii. 

BHMijHiiBaHie, s. n. exchanging. 

BBiMiHHBaxB, BEiMtHHXB, V. a. exchange, 
truck, barter, give one thing in barter for another; 
-HaxB n.inuKuxh, to exchange prisoners; '>\part. p. 


BiJM'feH'B, s. m. exchange, barter. 
BBiM-BpnBaHie, s. n. m^iasuring out. 

BBIMSpHBaXB, BBrMf,3>aTB, BbIM'hpHX&, V. ff. 

to measure out, measiire; |! _prt»*^- P- BHSiipeH- 


BtiMBniHBaxB, BHM'fecHXB, V. a. to knead 
enough (pa.ste);'\p':irt. p. BbiMtaieHHUfi. 

BMni-BiuHBaxB, BHM'femaxb, V. a. to mix, dilute; 

II to stir or poke (the cods in the stooe);\part. p. 

Bixtsia, s. n. dim. l-mmhiko, udder (of a 
cow). ^ 

BtlMaXB (fut. BMMHV), See BHMHHaTb. 

BbiHauiHsaxB, bbihociitb, v. a. to wear out 
(garments); \\ to train (falcons); |[ -ca, v. p. to be 
worn out; to be trained; i|pa/^ p. BMHOiueHHBitt. 

BuHHSbiBaxB, BaHHsaxB, V. a. to trim or 
embroider (with beads); to string (beads); I part. p. 


BBiHnMaxB; BiJHyxB, V. a. to take out, up; 
■> HyxB U3h Kap.Hana, to take out of the pocket; 

- nyxB deoHHUH p)a.\iu, to take out the double 
windows; || to draw out, off, extract: — Oenhiii ua-b 
6aHKa, to take out or draw out money from the 
bank;— .y/tpe^irt, to draw lots; -HyxB Kapmii KO.My 
cdaoamb, to draw for tlie deal: -hvxb ny.iiu U3b 
noin, to extract a ball from the foot; ;j to cut; 
— HyxB n2)oe.Mb oh cmibuib, to cut an opening in a. 
wall: iJ to seize; -nyxB Kopne.Mnoe ouno, to seize 
prohiiiited brandy; !; -ca, v. p. to be taken out, 
be drawn out, etc.; I part p. BMHyxbifl. 

BbiHociixB, BuiiocTH, V. rt. to carry out, off, 
bring out, liear out, take out; to convey away;— 
u3h KOMuamu Mcoc.ib, to take the furniture out of 
the room, unfurnish a room;— noKOimuKa, to bear 
out a body; y to endure, bear, sutler, undergo; — 
lo.xodt,, jica.iicdy, to suffer or bear hunger, thirst; 
dmoio KyxuuHbfi mou oice.iydoKo ne bmuochxt., that 
dish does not agree with me; — mHJice.iun uenu- 
manin, to undergo severe trials; jj to bring back; 

— eocnoMiiuaiiie ii3h nymemecmeiH, to bring back 
the remembrance of one's journey; || to divulge; — 
oibcmii, to divulge news; i; -ca, v.p.r. to be borne 
out, etc.; Ij to remove: do.Hh aatopibJicH, iiado -ciiXBCa, 


85 - 


the house has caught fire, we must remove; \\part. 
p. BUHeceHHuit. 

BMHOCEa^ s.f. marginal note; |1 reference (of a 

BuHOCJiBBufi, adj. tolerant, tolerable; endur- 
ing- , 

BuHOCHUit, adj. destined for hearing out; 
ji divulged; ii noted in the margin, marginal. 

BbiuocB; s. m. bearing out (of a body); funeral 
procession; n npodanica nuineh pacnuoomio u na — , 
sale of spirits and wine for consuming in the 
public-house or elsewhere. 

BMHxpeu'b, see CTeHb-BHHTpenB. 

BMHya:;i;aTii, BMHy;;nTB, v. a. to force, extort; 
o«5 - Hy;^Hji> MCHfi Kh ccopib, he forced me to 
quarrel; oiih 6ti.i^ ■■aK;i;eH'b K^ otm^bady, he was 
obliged to set out; om, -Hy^^nai t/ Meiin coi.iacie, 
he extorted my consent; h -nyj^HJi* 1/ ueio amo 
npuanaitic, I drew or wrested from him this con- 
fession; \\part. p. B&iHyas^^eHHuft. 

BBiHyxB, see BHiiHMaTb. 

BEJHwpiiBaTB, BBiHupHyxb, V. n. to dive out, 
rise out upon the surface of the water. 

BBiHK)xiiBaTB, BMHioxaxB, V. a. to snuff about; 
to snuff out, use all (tobacco); <\ part. p. bmhio- 

BwHaHBiHTB, V. a. pcrf. to nurse (a child); 
\part. p. BMHaHBveHUBifi. 

BBina^axB, see BHnajiHBaTi.. 

BBina;i,eHie, s. n. falling out; — eo.ioch, depila- 
tion, fall of the hair; med. fox-evil; — aijboeh, fall 
of the teeth; — .\iamKU, med. descent of the matrix. 

BBina;i,i>; s. m. BBina;];Ea, s. f. falling out, 

BBjna;i;BiBaTB, B£ina;i;aTB, BtinacTB, v. a. to 
fall out, drop out; to escape; y ueuH -naJii ko- 
lueACKo, I dropped my purse or I let my purse 
fall, my purse fell; y neio - najH ecn 3i/6u, he 
has lost all his teeth; -najo Mrwio cnmy, much 
snow has follen; dmo - najio y MeuH u3o pyKo, 
that escaped, slipped from my hand; || to perish, 
die; eecb ckoiho - naaos^ all the cattle died, per- 
ished; il -• ;^aTB na, to fall to, fall to the lot 
of; to concern; 9ma paOoma -naaa na mom, 
this work fell to my lot, to me, on me. 

BBina^iiBaxB; BBinasiiXB, v. a. to groove; 
\\part. p. BBinaa:eHHBitt. 

BBinai^BaxB, BBinonxB, v. a. to spend in mak- 
ing a person drink; || to feed with mi\k;\\part. x). 


BBina.i3BiBaxB, BBinojisaxB, BBinoJSxn, v. n. 

to crawl forth, out; to creep out. 

BBinajHBaxB, BBina.inxB; v. a. to singe, 
scorch, parch; ij to fire off, shoot off, discharge (a 
cannon); \\ part. p. BunaJieHHBijg. 

BBinaJiBiBaHie, s. n. weeding, sarculation. 

BBinajiBiBaxB, bbibojioxB; v. a. to weed, weed 
out; \\ part. p. B&inoJioxBift. 

BBinapHBaHiC; s. n. evaporation. 

BBinapBBaxB, BkinapnxB, v. a. to steam, steam 
out; II chem. to evaporate; j] to rub with soap and 
birch-branches in a hot bath; || to put (earthen 
pots) in a hot oven to clean them;lpart. p. Bi.i- 

BKinapHBiff; adj. serving for evaporating. 

BBrnapxHBaxB, BwnopxHyxB, v. n. to flutter 

BBinapBiBaxB; BhinopoxB, v. a. to rip out, 
unsew; || to gut (a7i animal); \\ to whip, thrash; 
I part. p. BHnopoxBifl. 

BBinacaxB; BwnacxH, v. a. to earn l)y past- 
uring; ||j3«'*. i^. BunaceHHBitt. 

BfainacxB, sec Buu&ji.uua.'T h. 

BBinaxHBaxB, BBinaxaxB, v. a. to plough; i| to 
earn by ploughing; || to exhaust by ploughing 

(earth); j - ca, v. r. to be exhausted (of earth); 
'iipart. p. BBinaxaHHBiit. 

BwnauKaxB, v. a. pcrf. to dirty, soil, daub; 
Ipart. p. Buna<iKaHHUti. 

BhinaiUB, s. f. an exhausted field, exhausted 

BBincKaxB, BBineMB, v. a. to bake enough (of 
bread); || to bake a certain quantity of loaves; 1 to 
obtain by baking; ij -c«, v. r. to be baked, be 
baked Gno\\g\\\{^part. p. BhineieHUBiii. 

BBinepeaEHBaxB, BH^epe;^^XB, v. a. to get 
before, outgo; I j)art. p. BunepeaceuHBitt. 

ItunecTpnxb; see ITecTpHTB. 

BBine^axBiBaxB, BuineiaxaxB, v. a. to print, 
print off; |i -ca, v. p. r. to be printed; |i to wear 
out by printing (of types); || part. p. Bune^a- 


BBinuBaxB, bbibrxb, v. a. to drink, empty (a 
glass); — do dua, to drink out all: -nuxB 3a.ino.'i>h, 
to drink at one draught; -nnxB namny uaw, to 
take a cup of tea; o>a nopHdoHiio bbiuh.i'B, he 
has had a drop too much; nuueto ne BhinHBUin, 
with dry lips; || v. n. to get tipsy; i| -ca, v. p. to 
be drunk out; -ca u3h to lose one's senses 
by drinking; |i^«?"^. p. BBinnxBifi. 

BunnsKa, s. f. drinking-bout, spree. 

BBinHJHBaxB, BBiunjiBXB, V. a. to saw, saw 
out; II to file out; I to gain by sawing or filing; 
II -ca, v.p.r. to be sawn, be filed; to wear out by 
sawing or filing; |i part. p. BbiBBjeHHEiit. 

BBinapaxB, BUBepexB, v. a. to thrust out, 
push out; ;| pari. p. BwaepxBitt. 

BuBBCKa, s. f. extract, summary. 

BHBBCHon, adj. written or copied from; brought 
or ordered from elsewhere. 

BBiBiiCBiBaxB, BMBECaxB, V. a. to extract; n 
-caJiTt nibCKO.ihKO emuxoeo, I extracted some 
verses; ;i to write for, order; — lasemy, to order a 
newspaper; ouh -ctiBaexi. vioeapu lOo sa ipaHuuii, 
he has his goods from abroad; to exclude, expel; 
eio -ca.iB H3o no.iKtt, he was excluded from the 
regiment; •{ -ca, v. p. r. to be extracted, be written 
for, be ordered; to be struck out of the list; ,, to 
exhaust one's literary talent: || pari. p. bubb- 

BbiBBCB, S.f. extract, copy; see BunHCKa. 

BBinuxBBaxB, BBiBBXByxB, 0. a. to push out, 
shove out; i pari. p. BhiBBXByxMfif. 

BbinaaBKa, s. f. smelting, founding. 

BBiBaaBJiBBaxB, Biiin.iaBHXb, v. a. to melt, 
smelt; to obtain by smelting; || pari. p. BBiBJia- 


BuBJiaBHofi, adj. smelted, obtained by smelt- 
ing. ^ 

BBiBJaBOKi, s. m. met. piece of smelted ore; 
button, regulus; ;| — na dcpeatb, knob of wood. 

BsJUJaKaxB, v. a. to obtain by crying, weeping; 
- KaxB i.iasa, to cry ones eyes out; iie -KaxB 
lope 07, c.te3axo, tears will not drive away grief; 
li - ca, V. r. to have one's cry out; [part. p. 

BBiBjaqBBanio, s. n. BtiBaaxa, s. f. paying 
out, discharging. 

IJBiBaa'iHBaxB, BhinJiaxnxB, v. a. to pay out, 
up; to discharge by degrees; — dn.iv., to pay off 
one's debt; \\ to patcli, mend; [i -ca, v. r. to be paid 
out, off; ij pari. p. BuB.iaieBUBift. ^ 


V. a. to spit out; pari. p. BBiBJiiouyxuft. 

BBiBjecBBBaxB, BMB.iecKaxB, Bi.iBaecayxB, 

V. a. to splash out, spill or shed in splashing; to 
spread in splashing; , -ca, v. r.p. to splash out, be 
splashed out; pari. p. BiJaaccByxBift. 

BuHJiexaxB, Bijujecxb, v. a. to plait out, 
unplait; jl to plait, braid; to earn by plaiting; 


- 86 — 


ji -CH, v.p.r. to be unplaited; |i to go out, creep 
or crawl out; to extricate oue's self; IJ part. p. 

BunjiMBaTB, BMnjHTb, V. n. to swim out; 
fig. to come up on the surface. 

BMnJiiOHyTb, see BunjieBUBaTt. 

BBiujiHCUBaxB, B&iajiacaTb, v. a. to dauce 
(with gesticulations);\\to obtain by dancing; j| ^Ja/"^ 
p. BbinjHcaHH&ii't. 

BunoHXB; see BmiaiiBaTt. 

BunoJiacKnBaxB, Bwuo.iocKaxb, v. a. to rinse 
out; - JOCKaxb pomh, to rinse one's mouth; 
Ipart. p. BunciocKaHHSiji. 

BbinoJSiixb, see Buna-isHBaTt. 

BMno.iH])OBaTb, v. a. perf. to polish up; Jl^Jari. 
p. B&rno-inpoBaHHHii. 

BbinojHeHie, s. n. execution, fulfillment, per- 

BHnoJiHaxb, BTjno.iHHXB, V. a. to execute, 
put in execution, fulfill, perform, effect; a -Hii.i'b 
npiiKaaaniH, I executed the orders; om - hhji'b 
ceou o6)bn(,aHi/i, he has fulfilled his promises; 
- HHXb ceoii ^0M^, to fulfill one's duty; jj -. ca, 
V. p. to be fulfilled, be e-s.eci\ted;l part. p. bh- 

BBino.ibaoBaTb, v. a. perf. to cure, restore 
health to; || - c.i, v. r. to recover; to be cured; 
Ji part. p. B5JnoJib30BaHHbiii. 

BuuopaxHHBaxb; BMnopoKHHXb, V. a. to 
empty; i| - ca, v. p. to be emptied; H^jar^. p. bm- 

BbinopoxB, see BunapuBaTb. 

BMnopxayxB, see BHiiapxnBaTt. 

BrJnoxpouiHXB, see IIoTporaHTfc. 

BiJnoxtxB, see IIoTiTi.. 

BjjnpaBKa, s.f. correction; rectification; jj in- 
formation, inquiry; cdnjiamh -Ky no drhAy, to make 
an inquiry about a deed; || appearance, mien, port, 
carriage; drilling; — co.idamo, the mien, appear- 
ance of soldiers; ooeHuaH — , military drilling. 

Br.inpaBJiaxB, BbinpaBnxB, v. a. to set riglit; 
to level, make straight, even; to stretch out (a 
material); — opumeu, to set razors; I to correct, 
repair, mend; j| to procure, obtain; to have (a thing) 
delivered; — ce6>b ondh, to get or obtain one's pass- 
port; ij to discipline, drill (soldiers); to give a good 
appearance; '\ to set again in the right way; || -ca, 
V. r. p. to improve; to be corrected, be set right, 
be disciplined; ij par^. p. BunpaBJieHHBiit. 

BbinpaBOiiaBitt, adj. for correction, proof. 

BunpacxriiBaxB, BiJupocxaxB, v. a. to empty: 
r, - ca, V. p. to be emptied; 11 j>ar^. p. Bijnpo- 


BHnpiiumniVHie, s. n. obtaining by begging; 
ji entreaties, begging. 

BuupaiUHBaxB, nunpociixB, v. a. to obtain 
by begging; to entreat; || - ca, v. r. to ask leave 
to go out; 0117, - cii.ica 07> cnda,, 07, liepKooh, he 
ohtaiiind pcirmission to go into the garden, to 
church; , I /jari. p. KsmpoiucHHMft. 

BFiinp(Miii;i:anaTB, i{MirpoBO,'i;uxb, y. «. to draw 
out; to dispatch, send away; to convey away; 
to see away, off, out; — na dopoiy, to set in the 
right way; ,) - ca, v. p. to be drawn out, be 
dispatched, be sent away;||^arf. j>. BijapoBOHEcu- 


BiJnpocHXb, see Bu iipaiimiiaTt. 

BunpocxaxB, see Bu iipacTuuaTt. 

BbinpurHBauic, s. w. jumping out, skipping out. 

BrjnpMniBaxb, BuiiuBiriiyxB, v.n. to jump 
out, skip out; ji to earn by jumping. 

HijiipijcKiinaxb, HMiipBicuaTb, BijnpMcnyxb, 
V. a. to sprinkle out; to use in sprinkling; j -ca, 
V. p. to be^ sprinkled, l)c used by sprinkling; 
\\part. p. BMiipBicKaHiiurt. 

Bbinpi^BaxB, BBinpi^xB, v. n. to boil enough; 
to boil away; |j to sweat out, perspire. 

Bbrnp-fejiBift, adj. boiled enough; || evaporated, 
used in boiling. 

BfiinpariixB, Bsinpaib, v. a. to unharness, 
unyoke; jj - ca, v. r. p. to get or be unharnessed, 
unyoked; \\part. p. Bbinpaa:eHHBiii. 

Bbinpa^^BiBaxb, Bbinpa;i;sixB, BbrnpacxB, v. a. 
to spin out (a certain quantiti/ of thread); |i to earn 
by spinning; ]1 -ca, v. j)- to be spim;\\part. p. 

BBinpa:KKa, s.f. -nparanie, s.n. unharness- 
ing, unyoking. 

BbinpaMJiHBaxB, BbinpaMJiaxb, BijnpaMHXb, 
V. a. to straighten, make straight; |] - ca, v. r. to 
stand up straight, sit upright; 'Impart, j). Bbinpa- 


BbinpacxB, see BHnpaAHBaTb. 

BBinyriiBaTb, Bbrnyrnyxb, v. a. to frighten 
out, scare out; y pari. p. BunyrHyxbift. 

BbinyKJiHHa, s. f. prominence, boss. 

BbinyKJO-BorHyxBitt, adj. convexo-concave. 

BhjnyK.iocxb, s. f. convexity; protuberance; 
prominence; salience. 

BbinyK.iBift, adj. convex, convexed; protu- 
berant; prominent;d(?o.'?KO—, convexo-convex; II -Jio, 
adv. in relief, prominently, convexedly. 

BBrnycKJiHle, s. n. letting out; -aapoBt, educ- 
tion, exhaustion (of steam); see BHnycKi. 

BbinycKaxb, Bbinycxiixb, v. a. to let go, let 
out; to set at liberty, set {vee;—co(jaKi/ na deoph, 
to let the dog out; — oody, to let out the water; 
-CXHXB eody u3o m.iio3Haio aKCJioGa, to dam off; 
— KOimu, to put out the claws; pynaeh yaoia, uado 
BBinycxHXB, the sleeve is too narrow, it must be 
let out; — Kposb, to bleed, to draw blood; — vmo u3o 
pyKh, to let a thing go from one's hands; to let 
fall, drop, to let a thing slip; — nmiiny, to let a 
bird loose; — uar, nod;, apecmn, to release, to 
discharge from arrest; — ttai, mmpbMu, U3b n.inna, 
to release, set free, liberate a prisoner, a captive; 
law, to enlarge a prisoner; a dmo - cthji^b ust, 
naMHma, u37, oiidy, that has escaped my memory, 
my observation; H — es orpunepu, to promote to the 
rank of officer; MHonixb - ob offiaii/epii, 
many left school with the rank of officer; jj to leave 
out, omit (a loord in a speech); || — Knxiy, to pul)lish 
a book; ii - ca, v. 2). to be let out, be released, be 
omitted; U3b dmoh xaKO.iu - Kaioxca miiKepaMU, 
they finish at tliis school with the rank of under- 
officers; |||3art. p. BianymeHHHli. 

BraaycKHoii, adj. for letting out; — yncioiKh, the 
scholar of the highest class, ready to leave the 
school; — 9K3aMeii7, the last examination before 
leaving school; || - iiaa Hituniina, poached eggs, 
eggs fried in butter; {] -aaa 7»j;//6'a, waste-pipe, 
waste-tube; - Hua uyK.m, puppets, Punch and 
Judy; -iiaa nyK.ia, fig. an affected person. 

BfjnycK'B, s. m. outlet, letting out; emission; ob 
smoMb yHu.tiiuitb f>yde»ih 6o.ibiuoh — ob nuHibitiHe.stb 
tody, this year a great number of scholars will 
leave this school;; issue (of paper-moyiey );'^om\ss\on 
(of a word); jj part, number; usdaaanib Kiiuiy 
- CRa.>iii, to publish a book in parts; Kuma »tna 
neuainaemcH - CKaiuii, this work is published in 
numbers; 1| edging, braid (of a goion); || art. pro- 
jection; |[ -ciiii, pi. extremities (of a beam). 

BiJuyTBiBaxB, BilmyxaxB, v. a. to unravel, 
disentangle; fig. to disengage, extricate; |j - ca, 
V. r. to extricate on(;'s self, to get out of, to clear 
one's self (of an affair); oiib BhinyxaJica nneub 
AooKo, he carried it nil cleverly; [prt;-^ p. Buny- 

BrjayniiBaxB, Btlinyqaxb, v. a. to protrude, 
make convex; — i.iasa, to open the eyes wide; — 


opwxo, to extend the belly;'ljpari. p. Bunyqen- 


BbinyiURa, s. f. edging, braid. 

BEinymenie, s. n. letting out, letting loose; 
;, releasing (from prison); law, enlargement (of a 
prisoner); \\ gram, elision (of a letter); ellipsis ((jf 
a word). 

BunuTEaBOTB; BhinuTiiTb, V. a. to sound, 
question; \ to extort by torture; ij^ar?. p. bijiili- 


Bunb, s. f. bird, bittern, bittour, bumble, 

BunfeBaxb^ Bhin-fexr., v. a. to sing; to express 
bv singing; .1 to gain by singing; || to reproach; j] 
pitrt. p. BriintTufl. 

BhinfeCTOBaxB, see Ban^Ht^HTb. 

B&rna.iHBaTb, BMnjiaiiTb, v. a. to take out of 
tlie frame; [] — ?.i«3a, see BHnyiHBaTt; j] - CH, 
V. p. to be taken out of the frame; Ij part. i). 

BHnainBaTb, BunaTHTb, v. a. to protrude, 
put forth: -ca, v. p. r. to be put forth; to project; 
S part. p. BfjnaqpHHHft. 

BhipaOoTKa, s. f. a finished work; working 
out; improving of a work by successive operations. 

BHpa6oTHBaTb, BbrpaOaTUBaxb, Bhipa6o- 
TaTb, V. a. to work out; ji to finish, perfect, improve 
by successive operations; 1 to earn by working; 
" -ca, V. p. r. to be worked out, be finished; to 
improve; li ^ar^. p. BbipaCoTaHHtitt. 

BbipaBHUBaxb, BupoBaaTb, v. a. to even, 
equalize; to make even or level (aroad);\mil. to 
set in a line, lay out by a line, draw up in a line 
(soldiers); — na t.iaah, to set by the eye; — nodi 
mnyp^, to set by the line; — nodh eamepnach, to 
level; iJ -ca, v. r. to get or become even; -to get 
into line (of soldiers); d to improve in looks. 

Bbipaazaxb, BupasuTb, v. a. to express; to 
declare; to pronounce; — ceoto mucu, ceoe nyecnieo, 
to express one's idea, feeling; smo do.iMHo 6umb 
Bhipaaieeo gt, KOHmpaniwb, it must be mentioned 
in the contract; | -ca, v. r.p. to express one's self, 
be expressed; i,/)«ri. p. BupaaKeHHbitt. 

Bbipa^;i;aTbca, see BapoatjaTtca. 

BupaaseHie, s. n. expression, elocution, locution; 
term; saying; cnocodr, - nia, elocution; neceou- 
cineeHHoe — , an improper term; momwcmb -Hiit, 
the precision of the terms; |! expression (of the 

BupaauxeabHOCTb, s. f. expressiveness; energy. 

BHpasHxe.ibHbiH, adj. expressive; energetic; 
ij -HO, adv. — ly; — cally. 

BfiipaavMlixb, see ypasyMirb. 

Bbrpacxaaie, s. n. growing, growing up, out. 

Bwpacxaxb, BupacxH, see Bapocxarb, bh- 


Bupamfixb, BMpocxnxb, v. a. to rear, bring 
up (animals); to raise (plants); I "dUf v. p. to be 
brought n\}\\\pnrt. p. Bijpom,euiarKiii. 


BF'.ipo,T;oK'b, s. 7)1. a degenerate animal, hybrid; 
-;i(0<iHuft, adj. 

BEipo2K;i;aeMocxb, s.f. degenerateness, degenera- 
tion, degeneracy. 

BEipo;R;];axbca, Bwpojunxbca, v. n. to degener- 
ate; 'i to debase,become impure. 

BHpoa»;^eHie, s. n. degeneration; jj debasement. 

BbipoHaxb, BbipoHuxb, V. a. to let fall; to 
lose; \part. p. BhipoHcaHHtt. 

B^pociMit, adj. grown, grown up. 

Bbipocxaxb, Bijpocxn, v. n. to grow up: to 
advance in growtli; om> ohchh BMp()Ci>, he is much 
grown; -xii ust, n.iambH, to outgrow clothing. 

BbipocxoK/L, s. m. a dressed calf leather; 
-ocxKOBbiii, adj. made of calf leather. 

— 0' - BEICA 

BbipyCaxb, BupyCnxb, v. a. to hew out, cut 

out; ij to cut down, fell; || —oiom, ^ to strike fire 
(with steel and flint); jnirt. p. BijpyOaeHHHft. 

BijpyOKa, s. f. chopping out, hewing out, cutting 
out; II notch. 

BupyGi,, s. m. cut, notch. 

JJhipyraxb, v.a.perf. to abuse, ^colii; part. p. 

Bupyqaxb, BJjpyinxb, v. a. to deliver, release; 
to rescue; — nsh n.Dbiia, to deliver a captive; — u3j> 
aajioia, to take out of pledge, out of pawn, to 
redeem a pledge;— koio u3h Ctbdu, to rescue a 
person from danger, to get him out of a scrape; 
II to gain, receive profit; to earn; om, -laexi 
.MHOio cb ceoeio iiMibiuH, he receives a great deal 
from his estate; » Bijpyiy omh smo'd npodamK, 
cmo.ibKO-mo nucmaio 6apuiun, I shall net so much 
by the sale; ,1 -ca, v. r. p. to free one's self, deliver 
one's self; to be delivered, be received, be redeemed, 
etc.; \\ part. ^ p. BMpyieHHbiit. 

Bbipyqeaie, s. n. delivering; receiving, gaining. 

Bbipy^Ka, s. f. delivery, relief; || receipt, gain; 
il counter (in the shop); bar. 

BupbiBiiHie, s. n. digging out (earth); drawing 
out (teeth); — C5 nopne.snj, unrooting. 

BupuBaxb, Bhipuxb, V. a. to dig out, up 
(earth); — .nepmeoe, to exhume a dead body; — 
Co KopneMi depeao, to unroot or uproot a tree; 
I'i -ca, V. p. to be digged out, be exhumed; I part. p. 


BupHBaxb, BixtpBaxb, c. a. to draw out; to 
pull ont; — 3)/67,, to draw out a tooth; .wk;* nyjicHO 
B!jpBaxb dmomh 3i/6b, I must have this tooth 
out; — nmo U3h pt/Kb, to pull a thing out of one's 
hands; — K.^o^vS eo.toch, to pull out a tuft of hair; — 
ch Kopne.Hh depeoo, to unroot or uproot a tree: 
II BbipBaxb, V. imp. to vomit; eio -pBaao sKejiubJO, 
he brought up or vomited bile; , -ca, v. r. to escape, 
get away; to burst from, away, out; to break 
forth; to sally forth; -ca U3b pi/Kb, to escape 
out of the hands; BbrpBaxbca ii3b new, to break 
out; dmo CAoeo BbipBa.iocb ?/ .\(e»Ji Heoo.ibiio, that's 
a slip of my tongue; i| ^ar('. p. BijpBauHbiit. 

BbiptsKa, s. f. cut; j pattern; : round of beef. 

Bbipi&SHoft, adj. cut out; -aaa pnooma, cut- 
work; ji for cutting out. 

Bbip'i^soKXt, s. m. geom. sector. 

Bbipi&s'b, s. m. cut; Kynumi ap6ij3b iia—, to 
buy a water-melon on trial. 

BupESHBanie, s. n. cutting out; ;{ surg. excision. 

BbipisMBaxb, Bijp'fesaxb, v. a. to cut out, cut 
up:— .M030.16, onyxo.ih, to extract a corn, extirpate 
a tumour; — (pecmonu, 3y6nu, to scallop; i; to slay; 
Henpinme.ib -aa.!!. eobXb Mume.ieh lopoda, the 
enemy slew all the inhabitants of the town; |: to 
engrave, carve; j —comu lOb y.ibeah, to deprive 
hives of a portion of comb; -ca, v. p. to be cut, 
be extirpated, be carved, be engraved; ;|^rtri. ^. 


BupaKaxb, Bhrpa;i;uxB, v. a. to dress out; 

II -ca, v.p.r. to be dressed: to dress or trick 
one's self up, out; [ijjar^^. BiapaxeuHFJit. 

BMca;^Ka, s. /'. transplanting, transplantation 
(of a plant);\\sk\\i{\\\^, diseml)arkment: , ^^((7. descent. 

BHca,^Hoft, Buca;^HHfl, adj. for oc of landing; 
iJ transplanted. 
■' B^aca;^OKX., s.m. a transplanted plant. 

BiJCiisBiiBaxb, BiJCa;^HXb, v. a. to transplant 
(vegetables); to set down; — U37i i:apemu, to hand 
out of a carriage; — ><a 6cpeib, to set ashore, put 
ashore, to land; — oohcko, to disembark troops; |,^'>/>. 
to beat out; om, e.vy BhIca;^H.n• i.iasb, he put his 
eye out; j -Ca, v. r. p. to land; to be set out, be 
transplanted, be landed; ,pnrt. p. BbicaxeuHbitt. 

BucacHBaHic, s. n. sucking out. 



BfiicaCMBaTB, BHCOcaTB, V. a. to suck out, get 
out by sucking; fi fig. to draw off, rack off: to extort 
(money from a person); jj -Cfl, v. p. to be sucked 
out, be drawn out hj &nckmg:\\ part. p. bhco- 


BHCBaTEiBaxb, BMCBaTaxB, V. a. to seek in 
marriage; to promise in marriage; to match, make 
up a match; |i -ca, v. p. to be sought in marriage; 
Impart, p. BMCBaxaHHBift. 

BMCBepjHBaTL, BHCBep.iHTb, V. a. to drill 
out, bore; II -CH, v. p. to be drilled out, be bored; 
\part, p. BMCBepaeHHHfi. 


out; II to earn by whistling; jl^jari. p- BHCBHCTan- 


BIJCBo6oa:;^aTb, bhcbo(5oji;htb, v. a. to set 
free, deliver; |i to disentangle; ji -ca, v.r.p. to get 
free, free one's self; to be set free, be disentangled; 
ll^rtT^. p. BHCBo6o3:;i;eHHBifi. 

BHCBO()oac;i;eHie, s. n. setting free, deliverance; 
getting rid of. 

BHCBopHBaTB, BwCBopHTB, V. a. to train to 
the leash; jj -ca, v. r. to get accustomed to the 
leash; ii^ar/i. p. BMCBopeHHBitt. 

BucBopKa, .■;. f. training to the leash. 

BHCB-BTJHBaxBj BMCB-fexjinxb, V. a. to brighten, 

polish; II ^r/r<. ^J. BMCBi&XJieHHBlft. 

BbiceJiOE'B; s. m. settlement, dwelling (of colo- 

BticejiaxB, bhccjihxb, v. a. to transplant 
(peasants); to settle; i| -ca, v. r. p. to change abode; 
to be transplanted, be settled; \\part. p. BMceJieH- 


BMCepe6pnxB, CepeSpHTi,. 

BbiCH;i;Ka, s. f. a quantity of liquor obtained 
by distilling: |) flight (of pigeons). 

BBiciiZECnBaHie, s. n. remaining at home for a 
time; || brooding, hatching (of birds). 

BBicu3BnBaxB; Bhrcn;i;'fexB, v. n. to remain at 
home for a time: — nodh apecmoMo, to be under 
arrest; || to distill or draw out by distillation; — 
deiomh, to make tar; — oodxy, to distill brandy; 
11 to brood, hatch (of birds); \\ -ca, v. p. r. to be 
distilled; to grow lean by sitting; to be hatched; 
Ipavt. p. BMcnaKeHHHifi. 

BwciinnBaxB, BwcnHHXB, see Chhhtb. 

Bmchxb, v. a. si. to raise, elevate; || -ca, v. r. 
to strut, be proud. 

IJBiCKa0.iHBaxB, BbiCKoO.iHXB, V. a. to plane, 
shave off, scrape out; || to scratch out, erase (a 
writing); i' -ca, v. p. to be scraped out, be scratched 
out, be erased; II jjari. p. BWCKoOjeaHMH. 

BHCKasuBaxB, BHCKasaxB, v. a. to speak out; 
to emit; II -ca, v. r. to show one's intentions; to 
give one's opinion; to come out with; i| ^ar*. p. 



to leap out, spring out, skip out; to run out, come 
out; jj to fall out, slip out, get loose; jj — ei, huiu, 
to rise unexpectedly to a rank or dignity; n to gain 
by running (of horses). 


slide out, slip out. 

BiJCKonKa,.s.c. a pert fellow; upstart, a new man. 

BMCKpoOaxB, BwcKpecxB, V. a. to scrape out; 
to curry out (horses); ij -ca, v. r. p. to come out by 
scraping: to be scraped' j^ar/'. p. BiJCKpcOeuHrJftt. 

Bwc.iJiB.iHBaxB, Bhfc.iaBHXB, V. a. to gain by 
caroling or singing Christmas - carols; || _pari. j^- 

BiJcaaxB, see Bucujaxb. 

Biiicayra, s. f. service; i| term fixed for service. 

BHCiyjKnBaxB, bwcjivxiixb, v'. a. to serve 
out a certain space of time; i| to obtain or gain 
by one's service; to deserve; H -ca, v. r. to obtain 

by one's service; to advance in the service; |i to 
gain one's favour by flattery; to wheedle; || |)ar*. p. 

BticayiUHBaHie, BucaymaHie, s. n. hearing; 
listening; no Bbicjynianin ceudume.ieh, after the 
hearing of witnesses; || auscultation. 

BBiciymnBaxb, BMCJiymaxB, v. a. to hear, 
listen; II to auscultate; '(,part. p. BucjiyniaHHbid. 

BbiCJi-BSHBaxb, BMC.i'fe;i;HXb, v. a. to search 
the traces; to find the path, traces; || par^.j^. Bbi- 

BbicjiutHHBaxB, Bbicj[ioHUXB, V. a. to beslaver; 
'^part. p. Bbic.iioHeHHBifi. 

BbiCMHjiHBaxB, BUCMO.iiiXB, V. a. to pitch, _^ 
tar: li pari. p. BbiCMCienHbin. ^'J 


V. a. — H0C7>, to blow the nose; j -ca, v. r. to blow 
one's nose;\\part. p. BbiCMopEaHHbiii. 

BbiCMaxpHBaxb, BMCMOxptxB, V. a. to look 
out for; to observe, discover; to scout; to watch; 
Wpart. p. BbiOioxp'i&HHbiii. 

BbicoBbiBaxB, BHcyHYXB, V. a. to shove out, 
thrust out; to poke out;— to.iooy e^ okho, to put 
or to poke one's head out of the window; jj -ca, 
V. r. to thrust one's self out; -ca es okho, to lean 
out of the window; jj to jut out, stand out, project; 
Ipart. p. BbrcTHyxbift. 

BbiooEitt; adj. (dim. -KOHBKift, comp. Bhicinitt, 
superl. BBicoiaMiuifi), high, tall; great, eminent; 
superior; 6umh -Karo pocnta, to be of a tall, 
lofty stature; — ao6t>, a large forehead; — 6aAdaxiim, 
a lofty canopy; Bbicmaa aOMunucmpania, the 
chief administration; BMCaiie n.iaccu oCmecmea, 
the upper classes of society; - Koe yuaMenie, 
great consideration; Bticmia coo6pa..7iceHiji, lofty, 
highest considerations; — CJl,o^^, lofty, grave, sublime 
style; -Koe dag.ienie, high pressure; -Kia do- 
cmoitHcmaa, eminent qiialities; — noom, eminent 
post; 80 -Koii cmeneuu, m a high or eminent degree, 
eminently; BHCOiafiinaa Mujiocnih, the highest 
favour of the monarch; Bucmee Hana-ibcmeo, buc- 
mie HUHUf the superior authorities, ranks; 60 
epeMH -Koft eodu, at full sea; || astr. Bucinaa 
moHKa, culminating point; fig. docmutnye'b bmc- 
lueft moHKit caoeio oeAunin, having arrived at the 
pinnacle of greatness; jj -eeh Hopma, the Sublime 

BbicoEO, BbicoEO, adv. (dim. -euhbeo, comp. 
B'bim.e, superl. Bbrco^afime), highly, high; || much, 
too much; II eminently. 

BbicoKo6.iarop6;^ie, s. n. Most Honourable 
(honourary title); Baiue — , your Honour, your Wor- 
ship; Right Honourable Sir; ij -rop6;i;Hbi]fi, adj. 
(title) Most Honourable; thrice noble. 

'BhicoRo6o\^TiiXAi'i,adj.—Kopa6.ii>,a. high-boarded 

BiacoEo;i;epa;aBiiwft, adj. most potent. 

BfJCOEOMommjIi, adj. lligli and Mighty. 

BTjcoKOM),npio, s. n. wisdom, sageness. 

BbicoEOHyAPWi&j «f?7- wise, sage (used only on 
solemn occasions). 

BwcoEOMiipie, s. n. -M-hpnocxB, s. f. haughti- 
ness, presumption; arrogance. 

BbicoKOMnpHniaxB, v. n. to be haughty, be 
presumptuous, be self-conceited. 

BucoKoMiipHbitt, adj. haughty, presumptuous; 
II -no, ar/v.— tily,— ly. 

Bbicokohbeo, see Bucoko. 

BucoKonapnocxB, s. f. bombast. 

BrjcoRonapHBift, adj. high - soaring; || stiff, 
bombastic, emphatical; magniloquent (discourse), 
higli-flown (style); \\ - ho, adv. — ly, — tically; 
wonpumb -HO, to speak with emphasis, pompously; 
nucumh -HO, to write bombast, bombastically, 


— 89 


BticoKonoiHTaHie, - no^Tenie, s. n. great 
respect, high consideration, veneration. 

BEicoKOiioiTeHH&ifl, adj. highly respected. 

BHCOKonpeBOCxo;i;iiTeai.CTBO, s. «. Excellency, 
Noble Excellency: Bauie — , Your Excellency; 

II -^^HTedBHElfi, adj. 

BBicoKonpcoCBflmeHCTBO, s. n. Eminence; 
II -mcHHHft, adj. Most Eminent. 

BMCouoiipeno;i;oOie, .s-. n. Reverence; || -npeno- 
;^oOHHtt, adj. Right Reverend. 

BucoKop6,i,ie, 5. n. Right Honourable; jl -po;^- 
HBlti; adj. 

BucoKopocjLitt, adj. of tall or great stature. 

BucoKop'feiHBOCTb, s. f. homhast, floridness. 

BKTCOKop'fe'auBHtt, adj. bombastic, florid. 

BBicoKOCTeneHCTBO, s. n. High Dignity; \\ -CTe- 
neHHUit; adj.^ 

BiiicOKO0TB6.itHHtt, adj. of high stem; — MbCn, 
forest of full grown trees; -uoe dejieoo, forest-tree. 

Bhcokoctb, s. f. highness, height; j| grandeur, 

BfcicoKOTopasecTBeHHHifi, adj. very solemn. 

BHCOKOj'Mie, s. n. self-conceit, haughtiness, 
presumption; [[ - KOVMHtiii, adj. high - minded, 
haughty, presumptous; || -ho, adv. presumptously. 

BHCOJa^KHBtiTb, BHCo Jo;i;nTb, V. a. to convert 
or change into mA\t]\j)art. p. BMCOJOx:eHHKifi. 

BBicojiHBaxBj BMCoaHTB, V. a. to salt 
thoroughly; II parii. p. BMCO-ieHHtifi. 

BiJCOcaTb, see BHcacHBaTt. 

Bbicoxa, s. f. height, altitude; elevation; jj emi- 

BHCOTOMip'b, s. m. geod. altimeter, theodolite. 

BMCOxabiii, adj. dried, dried out, dry; sap- 

BMCOXHyTb, see BucHxaTt. 

BHCOianiniH, adj. (superl. of BbicoKifl), 
the highest; 11 sovereign; supreme, imperial; -maa 
eo.i/i, supreme will; co -luaro coioeMeuiH, with 
the permission of His Imperial Majesty; no -nieMy 
nooe.mHiw, by order of H. I. M.; by supreme order; 
— i/Koa-o, an ukase of H. I. M.; - maa oco6a, 
august iierson. 

BHCO'iecTBO, s. n. Higlmess (title). 

BMcntiTb, V. a. to get a thing by mere chance, 
without any evident reason; — 6)bdi/, to fall into 
misfortune unexpectedly, unawares. 

BwcnaT&ca, see BHCunaTtca. 

BHCnpaiUJiBaTb, BMcnpocHTb, v. n. to ask, 
inquire, question; to try to find out; \\part. p. bm- 

BbicnpeHHifi, adj. bombastic, high-flown (style); 
i -HO, adv. — ly, — tily. 

BticnpeHHoCTb, s. f. magniloquence, bombast. 

BbiCH'^BaTb, Bhicn^Tb, V. n. to ripen, become 

BHcnt.iHft, adj. ripe, mature. 

BwcTaBKa, s. f. exhibition, exposing; fig. na 
-Ky, for show; '! lead (at billiards). 

BHCTaBJiaxb, BucxaBJiBBaxb, BMCxaBnxb, 
V. a. to set out, put out; to take out; — wn-mu na 
6a.iK0H7,, to put or set out flowers in the balcony; 
— deouHtiH pa.MU, to take out the double windows; 
iito expose, exhibit;— woaaj^w na noKash, na npo- 
daowy, to expose goods for show, for sale; — na 
ooadyxi, na co-iime, to expose to the air, to the 
sun:— (na eucmaoKtb), to exhibit; jj —(no nodjj/tdy), 
to furnish, deliver; |1 —na eu^^, to set or put out 
a thing for view; — vucio na nucbMv,, to date a 
letter; na nucb.Hn ne -BJ[eHO uucAa, the letter is 
not dated; || — utaxjh (na Ou.rhHpdn), to lead, to 
take the lead; |1 -BHXb na noaop^, to disgrace, 
dishonour; II -Cff, v.r.p. to put one's self out; to be 
put out, be exposed, be exhibited, etc.; \\ part. p. 

BucxaBHoM, iidj. that may be set out; j| ex- 
hibited; -BHOP OKHO, show-window (in a shop). 

BbicxaiiBaxb, BwcxoaxB, v. n. to stand out 
(a certain time); n v. a. to obtain by standing; ; -oa, 
V. r. to stand out (a certain time); to lose strength, 
colour, flavour; to get vapid, flat 1 of wine); j to fade 
(of coloi<rs);'l^to grow dry (of a house); i\to take 
breath (of a horse). 

BbicxaHaB.iuBaxb, BiJCxaHOBHXb, v. a. to set 
out, expose, exhibit: || j)ar#, p. BMCxaaoBjeHHbifi. 

BbicxeruBaxb, BMCxeraxb, v. a. to quilt, stitch; 
Ipart. p. BiJCxeraHHbift. 

BHCxerHBaxb, Biacxernyxb, v. a. to lash out, 
whip out (an eye); n to unbutton, unlash, take out; 
Wpart. p. BHCxerayxbift. 

Bbicxaraxb, bmcxh'ib, v. a. to outrun, outstrip. 

BK[CXH.iaxb, BMCX.iaxb, v. a. to floor, pave, 
garnish; [! -ca, v. p. to be floored, be paved, etc.; 
\\2>art. p. BMCXJiaHHHii. 

BiJCXHJiKa, s. f. pavement, flooring. 

BbicxHaoiHHft, adj. paving, for paving. 

BHcxapUBaxb, Bhicxapaxb, v. a. to wash, wash 
out;iij9«r^ p. BMCxnpaHHHft. 

BwciOHKa, s. f. resistance. 

BMCXoaabiii, adj. vapid, flat, evaporate. 

ButcxparnBaxb, Bucxporaxb, v. a. to plane, 
plane OMi^lpart. p. BUCxporaHHbift. 

BrJCxpaHBaxb, Bwcxpoaxb, v. a. to build out; 
to erect, set up; ^ to range, draw up, place; bu- 
cxpoHXb eoucKO Oo Coeeou nopadoKo, to draw up 
an army in battle: jj BMCxpoaxB (fiopmeniauo, to 
tune a iiiano; |j -ca, v.r.p. to build a house for 
one's self; to be built out; to be drawn up; to 
range one's self; |j mil. to be in line: -ca ea au- 
niio, to fall back into line, to get into line; ij j?ar*. 

p. BUCXpoeHHblU. 

BHCxpa^iHBaxb, Bwcxpoinxb, v. a. to back- 
stitch; j|^>arf. p. BUCXpOieHHBlft. 

Bwcxparaxb, BMCxpnib, v. a. to clip, shear, 
cut, cut out; ,[ -ca, V. r. to have one's hair cut; 
\\part. p. BMCxpnajeHHBifi. 

BucxpoflKa, s. f. building. 

Bbicxp-BJHBaxb, BMCxpiaHXb, V. a. to fire, 
fire off, dischai'ge, shoot off;— oj koio lOh nucmo- 
.leiita, to fire a pistol or slioot with a pistol at a 
person; edpyio pyjwbe BHCxp', suddenly the 
gun went off; ,', »a«t^. to rig out (a 'boom);\part. p. 


BucxpiJiHBaxb, BMCxp'fejiaxb, v. a. to use by 

shooting, spend in shooting (poicder, cartridges^ 
etc.); {\ part. p. BMCxp-fe.ianHbitt. 

Bhicxp'feJiT., s. m. shot, fire, discliarge: pyMcli- 
nuu — , a gun-shot; etbcmoeoli — , alarm-gun; lopodo 
e3Him 6e3h, the town is taken without striking 
a blow; na paacmoHuiu pyjiceliHaio, within 
a gun-shot or musket-shot, about a gun-shot; da.iibe 
nymeunnio, beyond the reach of the cannon; 
il naiit. boom, staff. 

BbicxpanuBaxb, Bucxpanaxb, v. a. to gain 
by cooking; il to gain by one's advocacy; |i j3ar#. p. 

BucxyacHBaxb, BHCxysKaxb, B^.ICxy;^HXb, 
V. a. to cool, make cold: i| -ca, v. r. to cool, grow 
cold;||^«r<. p. BhicxyaceHHWii. 

BrjcxyKHBaale, s. n. »ied. percussion. 

BucxyKHBaxb, v. a. med. to percuss, sound. 

Bwcxynuxb, Bbicxyniixb, v. n. to stoj) out, 
come out, forward; to stalk: onh -naexi. oajicHO, 
he steps out gravely; jmna Bhicxynn.ia ti3h 6e- 
peioob, the river is come out of its bed; — uah 
npcdn.iooh npu.nmia, to go beyond tlie limits or 
to exceed the limits of good breeding: pyMSuem 
BiJCxynH.n> na en .iuit,ib, a blush covered her 
face: Bwcxynaxb oo noxodo, to take the field; |1 to 
project, jut out. 


90 — 


BMCTynaiomiilr, part. pr. salient, 
BMCxynKa, BwcTynb, s. f. step, walk, gait. 
BH[CTyn.ieHie, s. n. stepping out; IJ departure. 
BHCTyn'L, s. m. arch, juttj, jetty, projection; 


become cold; to cool. 

BMCTBi.itift, adj. cooled; cold. 

BHcyeyTb, see BHCOBHsaxB. 

BucypMHTb, see CypMHTt. 

BHCyuHBaTb, BMCyinxb, v. a. to untwist; H to 
twist a certain quantity; I pari. p. BMCyqeHHHfi. 

BbicyinnBaHie, s. n. drying. 

BMCyfflHBaTb, BbicyniHTb, V. a. to dry; to 
drain (land); 3hou BMcymHJi'b pacmeniH, the heat 
dried the plants; — 6oAomo, npijdh, to drain a 
marsh, a pond; |i -CH, v. p. r. to be dried, be drain- 
ed; to dry, get dry, dry one's self; |i part. p. 
BMcymeHHbifi, fire-fanged; dried out; drained. 

BbicyuiKa, s. f. drying; draining; exsiccation. 

Bbicuiiit, adj. comp. higher, superior; see Bu- 

c K i H. 

BMCBi.iaxb, BHCJiaxb, v. a. to send away, out; 
to despatch; to banish; ji -cfl, v. p. to be sent 
away, out; to be despatched; |i _part. _p. Bbicjian- 

BbicM.ina, s.f. sending away, out; despatching; 
[ banishment. 

BbicbinaHie, s. n. med. eruption. 
Bbicbinaxb, BMCunaxb, v. a. to strew out, 
pour out; — oeech ii3i Mnmna, to strew out oats 
from the bag, to empty a bag of oats; || to break 
out, come out; Koph HamiHaemh -inaxb^ the measles 
begin to come out or break out; y neio bmch- na mnAti, the eruption broke out on his 
body, covered his body; || Hapodo BMCbinaJi'b na 
y.mi(,y, the people got out into the street; 'i -ch, 
V. p. r. to be strowu, be poured out; || to unravel 
(of a stuff); \\ part. p. BbicbinauHbiti. 

BbrcbinaxbCfl, Bijcnaxbca, v. n. to sleep 
enough, sufficiently. 

BbiCbiKEa, .V. f. strewing out, pouring out; l| coll. 
sleeping out, enough, soundly; a ^a^aJl^ -Ky, I 
slept very soundly. 

BucbrnHottj adj. strown or strewed out. 
Bbicbixaxb, Bhicoxeyxb, v. n. to dry, dry up, 
parch; fig. to wither, waste, pine away. 
Bbicb, s. f. height; top, summit. 
BHcliBJixb, BhicfeHXb, V. a. to sow out; 11 to sift, 
sift o\it;lpart. p. BbicIiflHHHft. 
BbiciiBEU, s. in. pi. siftings, bran. 
Bbicfej^Ti, s. m. (nmit,u,h), brood, flight (of 
poultry., game). 

BHCf>K;iTb, Bbicfeib, v.a. to cut, cut out, 
sculpture; to engrave; — ua naMuib, to hew out; 1 to 
pink (a material); \\ to whip, flog; |1 to strike fire 
(with steel and flint); i\ -en, o.p. to be cut, be 
whipped, etc.; \\ part. J). BMcfeqeHHHft. 

Bbic'feiKa, s. f. sculpture; Ij cutting, pinking (a 

BrjxaiiBaxb, Bijxanxb, v. n. to thaw out; || v. a. 
to nif'lt. 

Buxii.iKiiBiixb, Br.ixojiicaxb, Buxo.iuHyxb, 
v.a. to pusli out, jostle out; — «?. laew, to tlirow 
out, cast out; (■ -en, v. p. to be pushed out, he 
jostled out;'{^part. p. BMXo.iKaHnrjJt, Bilixo-iKHy- 


BHxan.iHBaxb, Bbiroimxb, v. a. to heat (a 
stove); — KOMuaviy, to warm a room (by heating 
a stove);\to melt out, down; y -ch, v. p. to be 
heated, be molted; to molt mi\,\\part. p. bmto- 

BbixanxrjBaTb, Buxorixaxb, v. a. to tread 
out, tramjilc down; ,i to dirty; to use by treading 
upon; l^ja'^ p. BUXOUxaiiHbift. 

Bbixapan^HXbj v. a. — tjiasa, to open one's eyes 

BbixacRDBaxb, BMxacKaxb, SMxamnxb, v. a. 

to drag out, pull out; to fetch out; to draw off, 
out; BhixacKaxb aa eojiocu, to pull by the 
hair; jj to take away, steal, Toh;\\part. p. Bbixa- 
CKaHHbi^, Bbixain;eHHbitt. 

Bbixa<iHBaxb, BtixoiHXb, v. a. to turn (in a 
lathe); \\ to sharpen; jl to gnaw (of worms); \\ -ca, 
V. p. to be turned, be sharpened, etc;lpart. p. 


Bbixaiii;HXb, see BuTacKneaTi.. 

Bbixaaxb, sec BaTanBaTb. 

BbixBeptEHBaxb, BbixBep;i;HXb, v. a. to learn 
(by heart), rehesLTse, learn by repetition; |] -ca, v. p. 
to be learned; ii pari. p. BHXBepsKeHHbift. 

BHxeKiixb, BHxe^b, v. n. to flow out, run out, 
leak out; to rise (of a river); |1 to result, ensue; 
ii3h smoio -Kaext nmo...., it follows, it results 

BHxepefijHBaxb, BwxepefiHXb, v. a. to pluck 
out, pull out; II pari. />. BbixepedJieHHbilt. 

BbixepnaiiBaxb, Buxepn-fexb, v. a. to endure, 
bear; to suffer. 

BMxecHBaxb, Bwxecaxb, v. a. to hew out, cut 
out, form; || -ca, v. p. to be hewn out, be cut out, 
efc.;\part. p. BbixecaHHbifi. 

Bhixe^Ka, s.f. leakage; jj /i/mi. start. 

Bbixiipaxb, BMxepexb, v. a. to wipe out; to 
rub out; to wear out by using; Jl to exclude from, 
drive out; i| -ca, v.r.p. to wipe one's self; to be 
wiped; to be worn out, off, eic.;||pari. p. Biaxep- 

BwxHpKa, s. f. BbiXHpaHie, s. n. wiping; -pa- 
Hie docyxa, dry-rubbing. 

BbixiiCKHBaxb, BiJXHCKaxb, V. a. to squeeze 
out, press out, impress; 1| -ca, v. p. to be squeezed, 
be pressed out, be impressed; Ipart. p. bhxhc- 


BwxHCK'b, s. m. impression, proof. 


to imprint, impress; to print off, take a proof; 
ll -ca, V. p. to be imprinted, be printed, be impressed; 

ll pari. p. BblXHCHeHHbTH, BUXHCHyXHfi. 

BwxKaxb, see BHTHKaxi,. 

B«xo.iKaxb, see BuTa-iKHBaxt. 

BHXonHXb, .see BHTaujiEBarb. 

BbixoDKH, s. in. pi. scum, slag, dross. 

BMXOiixaxb, see BuTanTHBarL. 

BHxoproBbiBaxb, BuxoproBaxb, v. a. to gain 
by trade, gain by bargaining; || to haggle out; 
IJ pa7i. p. BhlXOprOBaHHblft. 

IJuTopMoiunxb, o.a. perf. to obtain by impor- 
tunity; jpari. p. BuxopMOuiCHHUii. 

Bhixo'iKa, s. f. turnery, tlie art of fashioning 
a turner's work. 

BwxpaB.icHie, s.n. BuxpaBKa, s. /\ corrosion. 

BMxpaB.iiiBaxb, BUxpaB.iaxb, BbixpaBnxb, 
V. a. to let tho cattle browse; || to eat away, corrode; 
\—njiodi, to cause an abortion; 1| -ca, v. p. to be 
eaten away, be corroded; i| pari. p. BbixpaBJCH- 


BMxpaitiioii, adj. corrosive, corrodent. 

BuxpaMOoHaxb, see TpaiiSoBaTi.. 

BiJxpeOoBaxb, v. a. perf. to order to come, 
bring or send; to send for, call for; eio -Ba.iii 
cmda, they ordered him to come here, tlicy made 
him come; II to demand, require, exact; cydh -fio- 
Ba.ix. doKy.Heumu, the tribunal ordered that all 
the documents miglit be sent; our, -Ba.i?. cooe 
jica.%n(inHbc, lio liad his salary paid to hiin: \part. 
p. BuxpeOouaHHutt.^ 

BbixpesB.iaxb, BWxpcsBHXb, v. a. to make 
seller; to accustom to sobriety; H -ca, v. r. to get 
sober again; llpari. p. nMxpc3BJieHHHff. 


— 91 — 


B&iTpenJHBaxb, BHTpenHBaxB, BUTpenaxb, I 

v.a. to strip, peel (flax); see Tpeaaih/fjiart. p.\ 
BbiTpenaHHBitt. I 

BHTpacaxb, Buxpacxu, v. a. to shake out, ' 
jolt out;l fig. to shake, incommode; ; -ca, v. p. to 
be shaken onUjpart. p. BMxpaceHHUJi. | 

BMxpaxHBaxb, BMxpaxaxs, Bhixpaxnyxb, 1 
V. a. to let fall hy shaking; ij -ca, v.r.p. to fall in 
shaking, be shaken out; I ^ar/i. ^. Buxpaxayxwii. 

BsixynjiaxB, Biaxynaxt, v. a. to blunt, dull; 
II -ca, v.r. to grow blunt; jji^ar^. p. BiJxyn.iea- 


BuxypnBaxb, Btixypnxb, BWxypHyxb, v. a. i 

coll. to drive out, turn out, cast out; 'j -ca, v. p. \ 

to be driven or turned out; \\part. p. BwxypeHHHfi. j 

BuxyiueBbiBaxb, BUxyuiOBaxb, n. a. to shade I 

with Indian ink: Impart, p. BUxyiueBaHHEiii. [ 

BEJXUKaxb, BMXKaxb, i\ a. to weave; 1, to gain j 

by weaving: IJ/jarC. p. BhiXKaHHHii. j 

" BMiEiKJixb, BhiXKHyxb, V. a. to poke out, put 

out (an eye); to push out, thrust 0Vii\ part. p. 


Buxb, B3BMXb, v. n. to roar, cry; to howl; to 
wail; e^bmepo Boex'b, the wind roars or howls; 
coSaKu Boex'b, the dog howls; dibmu, oaobi Boioxi., 
the children, peasant women cry. 

BMXbe, s.n. howling, howl; ij crying: see Boh. 
BHxIiCHeHie, s. n. displacing, supplanting. 
Bbix-fecaaxb, SMxicHaxb, v. a. to squeeze out, 
thrust out; to lorce out from; to dislodge (from 
a lodging); to supplant (from a service); j| -ca, 
v.p. r. to be dislodged, be supplanted; to get out of 
a crowd; Ijjjarf. p. BbixtCHeaHHii. 

BMxaraxb, v. a. perf. to gain by pleading, 
gain (a lawsuit). 

BbixarHBaxb, Bbixanyxb, v. a. to draw out, 
pull out; 1! to stretch, stretch out; — meto, to stretch 
out one's neck;— .luiio, to make a long face; j| wt7. 
to dress; -HVXb (pponmo oamajiioua, to draw up 
in a line the front of a battalion; i| naut. to leave 
(the port), go out (of the port); \\ — Kapnusu, arch. 
'to work the mouldings; ijpo/^. to give a lash with 
a whip; ji -ca, v. r. p. to stretch, be drawn out, be 
pulled out, be stretched out; to grow longer; to 
lengthen: eio hoc^ BHxanyjica, his nose had 
grown thinner; eepeana Bbixanyjacb, the rope 
has stretched; j mil. -ca nepedh nanajibHUKOMa, to 
stand upright before the chief; jj -ca e5 cmpyHK)/, 
to stand upright as a post; ll naut. to leave (the 
port); \ part. p. BMxaHyx&ifi. 

BwxHSKa, s. f. drawing out; stretching; j| wwZ. 
carriage, port, appearance; cmamb ua -Ky, to 
stand upright, to front; || med. extract, 

BbixaaiHott, adj. tractive; :| chem. extracted; '| — 
n.iacmupb, vesicatory plaster. 

BHyacHBaxb, BMy;i;nxb, v. a. to hook out, 
fish out; 'part. p. BuyareHHMiR. 

BMyxioacHBaxb, Bhiyxioasiixb, v. a. to iron out. 

Buy^iHBaxb, BMyiHXb, v. a. to learn, liave 

learned; — ua n iMHnib, to learn by heart; j, to teach; 

-iiuxb KOio nucamb, to teach one to write; h eio 

Bbiyiy! threat. I will show him! |j -ca, v.r. to 

learn, have learned; am, Bwyqajica ani.iiacKO.Mij 

. HSbiKy, he has learn(;d the English language; 

.\\part. p. lujyqcHHiJli. 

Buy»iKa, "s. f. teaching; learning; omdamb na 
-KT, to put as an apprentice. 

Bb[xa;sHBaxb, Bijxo;i;uib, v. a. to bring 
up (children); to rear up (chicketis);\ito have 
walked a certain time or distance; to earn by 
walking; j -ca, v. n. to be brought up; to be 
reared up; to grow well again (of a horse); \\ to 
ferment enough; nueo eme ue BIJXo;^HJIOCb, the 
beer has not yet fermented sufficiently. 
B&ixau:saxb, v. a. to obtain by bigotry. 

BuxapBHBaxb, Bbixapnaxb, BuxapBHyxb, 

V. a. to expectorate; -oi, v. p. to be expecto- 
rated, be discharged (by coughing); '^part. p. bu- 

BbixBajHBaxb, BUXBajaxb, BUXBajiixb, v. a. 
to praise, load with praises, bepraise; ,, part. p. 

BuxBiiexMBaxb, BuxBacxaxb, v. a. to boast; 
to obtain by boasting; j; part. p. BuxBacxaHHbitt. 

libixBaxEii, s.f. BuxBaxMBanie, s.n. snatching 

BbixBaxbiBaxb, BKixBaxaxb, BiJXBaxuxb, v. a. 
to snatch o\ii;\part. p. BUXBa^eHHutii. 

BuxJieObiBaxb, BMXjeOaib, BiJXJcOnyxb, 
V. a. pop. to eat all (with a spoon); to drink all; 
I part. p. BJJxaeOaHHwtt. 

BuxaecxHBaxb, B»jxjecxaxb, BHXjecHyxb, 
V. a. to thrash, drub, whip; to lash out (with a 
whip); I part. p. BuxaecxaHHufl, BwxJiecHyxBitt. 

BbixaonaxHBaxb, Bux-ionoxaxb, v. a. to pro- 
cure or obtain with some trouble; lijjar^. p. bu- 

BtiXHUKaxb, V. a. to obtain by whining; \\ 

part. p. BhlXHEIKaHHHtt. 

Bhixo,i;ei^'b, s. m. an emigrant; OHb movno — cb 
mo 10 ceibma, he looks like a spectre. 
BMXo;i;HXb, v.a. see BHxaavHBaxt. 
BbIxo;^HXb, BJjflXH, BbixxH, Bu;i;xn, v. n. to 

go out, come out, walk out, get out; to burst 
forth; to leave, retire; — u3o-3a cmoAa, uai-aa 
o6rbda, to leave the table, to rise from table, from 
dinner; — na ecmpnHy Ko.ny, to go to meet one;— «a 
y.iuny, to go in the street; BufixH hu eosdyxh, to 
take air; [mKa Bbiuija U3h 6epeioeh, the river 
broke out, the river came out of its bed; ^UM^ 
BBixoji.HX'b U3h mpy6u, smoke comes out of the 
chimney; BuiixH enepedr,, to come forth; 3ma ptbna 
BHXojj;HXt u3o 03epa, this river rises or takes 
its rise in a lake; .xyna BBix6;!;HX'b U3h-3a oSau- 
Ka, the moon comes out from behind a cloud: — ic3o- 
3a yi.ia, to come round the corner; om mo.tbKO 
nmo Bsjuieaii u3o ynuAuma, he has just left 
school; Bhiftxn u3o no.iKa, to leave the regiment: 
Bbittxu Oo omcmaor.y, to resign one's office, to 
accept one's dismission:— «36 dibmcmsa,^ to emerge 
from infancy, from childhood; OHh Bbimej'b usr, 
yueub/i, he has served his time or his apprentice- 
ship; BufiXH u3o dtb.t-,, u3h c.iyMou, to leave 
the service, to retire from service, from business; 
9mo B&ix6;i;HX'b usr, o^UKUoaeHHUXh pasMnposo, 
that is out of the usual proportions; BijfixH ez. 
.xmdu, to make one's way, one's career, fortune; to 
rise in the world; — «35 aaCiyMdenin, to free one's 
self from error; BMttxH U3b npedib.iuoh npu.iumit, 
to go beyond the limits of good breeding; om 
Bumej'b u3o ocHKuxh npedtb.iodo, he is beyond 
])Ounds; 9mo y mchh u3o na.\mmu, that 
escaped my memory; 9mo iie BHx6;^HX'b y mchh 
U3h lo.ioou, U3h y.Ha, that's never out of my mind; 
smo Biaui-'io u3o nodh nepa N, that is M'ritten 
by N; KOida dyuia BblxoAHXi. xi3h mibAa, when 
the soul leaves the body; Co.xbmu ue Bbixo.^nx'b 
H3h KOMiiamu, the patient does not leave his room: 
OHh He BMXoAHXTb M35 do.itoob, he is always in 
debt; om, hc BMXO^tnxT. u3o inen.iaio n.iambn, he 
never leaves off his warm clothing, clothes; sma 
fnciypa Bijui.ia .vopouw, that figure stands out 
^ffQ\^ — u3h ccCh, to lose temper^ get out of temper; 
to be hurried out of one's self; — ush dootbpeHHO- 
cmu, U3b mepnibniH, to lose confidence, patience; 
— U3h yioouHooenia, to become disobedient: om 
BiJUie-i-b M3J .Koew eo.ui, he withstood my will; 
BMiixn U3h 3ampydHeHiA, to get out of a scrape: 
BwftXH U3h Modbi, U3b ynompco.ieuiH, to be out of 
fashion, out of use; cunt Bumaa uapyMy, the 


eruption came out; || buAth saMj/oKi aa koio, to 
marry any one; to wed; ona B&iinJia aa Kijnua, 
she married a merchant; BUiiTH 6h orfiimepu, to 
become an officer, to obtain the grade of officer; 
Buitxn u3h nodo onenu, to be exempt from guardi- 
anship; ij BMineJi'B Hoeuh yKa3^, a new ukase has 
been promulgated; Bwraeji^b noeuu oKypnaji^, a 
new journal has come out; ema taaema BUx6;a;HTi 
KUMcduu dem, this newspaper comes out, appears, 
is published daily; 9ma taaema nepeema.ia — , this 

— 92 — BH^H 

BMxoac;i;eHie, s. n. going out, coming out. 
EuxoJiazcHBaTb, bbixojto^hti., v. a. to cool; 
Ij -• CH, V. p. to get cool, cold; |j|)ari. p. bhxo- 


Buxojiaii^HBaTB; bbtxojiocthtb, v. a. to geld, 
castrate; ji -ca, v. p. to be gelt; jj ^ar*. j). Btrxoao- 

BBixojiiBaxB; bhxojihtb, see Xo.iHTb. 

Bhxojio;i;hti., see BaxcjiaHCHBaTi). 

BbixyxoJb, s. f. musk-rat, desman; \ -xojiift, 
newspaper has ceased appearing: i| Bwme jb we- 1 - xoaBHtifi, mlj. - Hoe cumh^ hot. amber-seed, 
npedeudnunuu c.ii/uau, an unforeseen accident | musk-seed. ^ 

happened; Mim BMiue-it ciynau eio eudnvih, an j BtixipHBaxb, ehx^phtb, seeBmepicHBaTi,, 
opportunity presented itself for me to see him; j EHiepKHyTB. ^ 

Buniea-B maKou cAi/uau, it happened, it was so; y I BBmapanHBaxB, BBiii,apanaTB, Bui^apan- 
ueio BUiUJiH 6oMidifi HenpiHmmcmn, he has met I nyxB, v. a. to scratch out; to scratch; j] part. p. 
with great annoyances; n3i> dmoto dnjia nimeio ne : BhmapanaHHBifi. 

BBifij^exB, this business will end in nothing or i BHii,Bt.TiBifl, adj. blossomed, blown, flowered; 
will be of no consequence; «3a neio nuneio ne j [j grown whitish (of furs); faded, discoloured. 
BMtt;i;exB, one can make nothing of him; he is j BBin.B'fexaHie, s. n. discoloration, fading; getting 
good for nothing; ?(3o Heto Mooicetm BMflxn ovi- whitish (of fur). ^ 

Aunuuu MyauKamm, he may become or turn out i BBiii,BtxaxB, bud,b*cxb, t'. «• to flower, blow, 
an excellent musician; no emue.My bhx6;^hxxi, umo \ blossom; jj to lose colour. 

om npaeh, according to you he is right; bhiujo j BBmiatEHBaxB, BBI^*;^HXB, v. a. to filter out, 
no Moe.m/, it resulted or it occurred as I said or j decant, rack; jj - ch, v. p. to be filtered out, be 
as I wished or as I expected; bmiujo ne mawo, I decanted, be racked; yjjari. p. BtmiaBeHHBitt. 
KUKo a, it disappointed my expectations;! BMn,iiJiOBaxB, v. a. per f to kiss; iJ to obtain by 
u bhx6;i;hxb, nmo om npaeh, and it follows that kissing. ^ 

he is right; bhAxh cyxuM^ ua^ eodu, fig. to get BBiqeKaHHBaxB, BHieKannxB, v. a. to coin, 
off unmolested: li ^<35 dmou .Mamepiu njiamh.H we chase; |i -ca, v. p). to be coined, be chased; iijjori. 
Bhifij^exB, a dress cannot be made out of this p. Bw^eKaHeHHHfi. 

material; i; BtimeJiB cpOKh MoeMy nacnopmy, the 
term of my passport is out; eMt/ eme ne bbiuijih 
toda oweHumhCH, he is not old enough to marry 
yet;|l.MOM duAetm BwmeJi'B eo niupa^n, my ticket 
is drawn (in the lottery) to be paid off; |j denhiu 
BBimJin ffc>6, the money is entirely spent; nau eech 
BbimeJi'B, the tea is finished, is all used; y uan 
BBixo^nxB MHOio conuell, mhoio npoouaiu, we use 
many candles, much food; BHifiXH uai na3O0^, to 
put out of joint; i| BbiuiJia natjjada, BwiueJiB 
Kpeam, he obtained a recompense, a cross; |i OKua 
Mou BBixoj^axB er, cadh, my windows look into 
the garden; nodhibsdh bhx6;j;hx'b na y.iimy, the 
houseporch faces the street; |j nymemecmeie BBrniJio 
OHeuh yduHHO, the travelling was very i)leasant; 
amo Bhiii;^ex'B, BBIx6;^HXB «« mo owe, it will come 
or it comes to the same; || BhifixH e^ uope, to set 
out for sea, to embark; bhSxh eh oviKpumoe 
Mope, to sail large; to stand out to sea; jj mpaea 
HamiHaeim — , the grass begins to sprout; iiiunAsma 
bbiiujih uao jiunh, the chickens are hatched; H .1 
BBimeaB oo mpecjiu, I played clubs; \\ KOJionucmu 
BuniJiii uah FepManiu, the colonists emigrated 
from Germany. 

BBixo;^Ea^ s. f. sally, prank, freak; h ne ooicu- 
doAz om~, new mar.ou -kh, I did not expect such 
a sally from him. 

Bbixo^^hoA, adj. for going out; — Auam, print. 
the title leaf. 

Bmxo;];^, s. m. outlet, issue; way out; moh Koap- 
mupa UMnem-o daa - ;^a, my lodging has two out- 
lets; oxod7, u—, ingress and egress; !| going out, 
coming out, departure; leaving; eio apecmooa.iu 
npii -;i,li uay, uepKOU, «.?» meampa, he was arrested 
coming out of churcli, on leaving the theatre; no 
— fifk noAKa, at'tfT tlic departure of the regiment; 
no - J^t U3?, lUKOAU, after leaving school; npu -;^^^ 
.MUHuempa ocn ocmuA^i, at the appearance of the 
minister every one rose; — «5 ovtcmaoKy, taking 
leave; || reception, levee (a ceremonial at Court); 
■\0eAUKiu — u .HaAuu — , the great and the little 
issue (two ceremonies of a mass according to the 
Greek rites); \\ edition (of a book); jj brewing; fer- 

BBi^iepKHBaxB, BM^epKHyxB, V. a. to cancel, 
rase, blot out; 1| part. ^p. BHiepKHyxBiii. 

BbiiepHHBaxB, BH^epHHXB, V. a. to blacken; 
11 to dirty, stain; 1| to blot out; j, -ca, v.j). r. to be 
blackened; to get dirty; || part. p. BbivepneH- 

HBlfl. ^ ^ , 

Bu^epnBiBaxB, BBiiepnaxB, BwqepnHyiB, 

V. a. to bale out; ji - ca, v.^. to be baled out; 
l2)art. p. BiJiepnaHHBifl, BBiiepaHyxHii. 

BwMepxHXB, V. a. to make a plan, make a 

Bu^ecKa, s. f. combing out; || -ckh, pi. comb- 

BBi^ecBiBaxb, Bbi^ecaxB, v. a. to comh out; 
Bbi^ecaxB toAoey, to comb the hair; jj to hatchel, 
hackle (hemp);\\ to earn by combing: iJ - ca, ». r.p. 
to comb one's hair; to be combed; to be hackled; 
\^part. p. BM^ecaHHBifl. 

Bu^exHBift, adj. of discount, of deduction, 

BbiiexB, s. m. discount, deduction, defalcation; 
II calculation. 

Bbi^uHHBaxB, BH^HHHXB, V. a. to mend, 
repair; II - ca, v. p. to be mended, be repaired; 
\part. p. BiJ^HHeHHHli. 

BunHcaeHie, s. n. calculation, supputation, 

BwiHcaaxB, BunncinxB, v. a. to calculate, 
count, supputate, cast up, reckon; jj - ca, v. p. to 
be calculated, etc.;\\part. p. BBrqHCJieHHBiii. 

BiJiHCxnxB, see BHiHiuari.. 

BwiHcxKa, s. f. cleaning, cleansing. 

BiJiHxaeMOO, s. n. math, subtrahend. 

BunHxaaie, s. n. discounting; y arith. sub- 
straction, subtraction. 

Bu'iHxaxb, nfjiccxB, v. a. to discount, deduct, 
defalcate; ;i«>-i</t. to substract, subtract; || -ca, v.j). 
to be discounted, be deducted, etc.;\\part. p. bki- 

BBiiHTBiBaxB, BHiHxaxB, V. fl. to read; to 
learn by reading; om amo BWiHxaJi'B omnyda 
nuriydb, he has read it in some book or he knows 
it from some book; i, to earn by reading; ||i)«r«. p. 



- 93 - 


BEii^Hn^aTb^ BM^HCTHTb, clean, cleanse; 
to scrape; -cthtb canoix, to clean the boots; — ; 
KOAodeJdo, npijdo, to cleansu a well, a pond; — .toay, \ 
to prune a vine; part. p. BtJ'inmeHHtift. | 

BfciqypHOCTB, s. f. studied elegance, laboured | 
refinement, pretension, atfectedness. ! 

BMiypHutt, (idj. aifected, pretentious, with 
studied elegance, M-ith laboured refinement; [| -ho, 
adv. aifectcdly, pretentiously. 

BM^ypu, s-AiJ^- whims, freaks; || scrolls; carved 

BuinapHBaxb, BijaiapHXB, v. a. to rummage j 
out, ferret out, find out (after a scrupulous search); \ 
\\part. p. BbiuiapeHHKjii. j 


v.a. to throw out; jj -ch, v. p. to be thrown out;' 
Wpart. p. BhiuiBMpuyTEJu. i 

Btime, pdj. (comp. of BhcokIiI), higher, taller; | 
OHo lo.iosoa—ea, he is taller or higher than she 
by a head. 

BiJiiie, adv. (comp. o/^ Bhcoko), above; beyond; 
upwards; above all; sina.MeMh — , a floor above; ua 
cmo ifiymooi — ae.H.Mi, a hundred feet above the 
ground; naKo CKaaano — , as said above; — 
eeeio, above all; — mouKU aaMepaania, above zero, 
above freezing - point: — .Mocmi^ above bridge; — 
ecHKOu noxoaAu, above all praise; cniamb — .iiod' 
CKiiXo nw.'iKosh, be above caring for people's talk; 
eio penymaniH — KAceemu, his reputation is be/ond 
the reach of calumny; — nautuxo, beyond our 
strength; o«o Muoemo eh nepeo.uT, dinaown, a h — eio, 
he occupies the first floor and I lodge above or 
overhead; niuc/ma x — , a thousand and upwards; 
amo npeeocxoduo, n Himeio ne suaio — , this is 
admirable, I know nothing superior to it. 

BBiiuencqHc.ieHHtrii, adj. above numbered. 

B&nneJiyiUHBaTb, BBHuejymnxB, see Illejy- 


6£iiiieo6'BflBjeHHr>iii^, adj. above-mentioned. 

BMineosHaqeHHBitt, adj. above-named, afore- 
said, fore-cited. 

BMiaenpnBe;i;eHHi>i&, adj. fore-alleged, fore- 

BE>iQiepe<ieHHBid. BBimecRasaHHBi^, adj. 
above-named, afore-said; afore-mentioned, afore- 

BBimeynoHflHyxBitt, adj. above-mentioned, 
above-named, afore-said; afore-mentioned, afore- 

BBiuiH6aHie, s. n. knocking out, breaking out. 

BtiniHOaxB, bmuihOhxb, v. a. to knock out, 
break out, stave, burst open; ;; to spring (the ball 
at billiards); |j -ch, v. p. to be knocked out, be 
broken out, be burst open; \\part. p. BumnOaea- 


BKiinH($Ra, s. f. BrjiunG^, s. n. knocking out, ' 
breaking out; || springing (at billiards). 

BBimHBaxB, bAciuhxb, v. a. to embroider; || to 
gain by embroidering; || -ca, v. p. to be embroider- 
ed; \\part. p. BbiuiuxBitt. 

BuuiHBKa, s. f. BuinHBaHBC, s. n. embroid- 
ering; embroidery. 

BBiaiiiBHod, adj. embroidering; embroidered. 

BfiiiUHHa, s. f. height, elevation. 

BuniRa, s. f. garret; 1| watch-tower; cmopoMC- 
ean — , alarm-post. 

BBiuiKOJeHHEitt, part. p. scliooled. 

BHuiKoaHXb, perf. sec 1IIko.ihts. 

BuinjiH(J)OBaxB, see III ji h (f o b a t t. 

BBiniMiarHyxB, v. n. perf. to make off, to 

BijiUHiii, adj. high, superior; \ Supreme (of 
God);ls. )H. Supreme Being; see BceBuraHiH. 

Bmiuhbiphxb, see lUnNpflxs. 

BBimnapuBaxB, BwuiuapiiXB, see IIInapHTi.. 

BuinxyKaxypHXB, see HlTyKaTypHTi.. 
Bwme.iaiHBaHie, s.n. lixiviation: ;i alkalization. 
Bun^e-ia^HBaxB, BH^eJoinxB, v. a. to buck; 
II to lixiviate; to alkalize; | -ca, v. p. to be bucked, 
etc.;lpart. p. B'^imcio'ieHHUii. 

BHme.iKHBaxb, BMme.iKaxB, Bu^e.iEHyxB, 
V. a. to fillip out; |i to imitate by snapping one's 
tongue; |i -ca, v. r. to get loose from tlie cup (of 
nuts);\part. p. BBiin^eJiKaHHKiit. 

BBiu^KnusaHie, s. n. pinrhing out, plucking 
out, pluming: — eoAOCh, depilation. 

BBiu^MnuBaxB, Bhin^HiiaxB, v. a. to pinch out, 
pluck out, plume out, pick (a bird); : -ca, v. p. 
to be pinched, be plucked, be plumed, be picked; 
Ijjjari. p. BMii^KnaHHUii. 

BbimynHBaxB, BwmynaxB, v. a. to feel, sound, 
]^vohe:l part. p. BhimynaHHMfi. 

Bbi'Ii,i;ax£., BiJ^CTB, v. a. to eat out; to eat 
all; to gnaw, corrode; !i -ca, v. p. to^be eaten out, 
be gnawed, be corroded; i part. p. BMi&;i;enHrjrf. 

Bbita^^Ka, s. f. breaking in, training (of a 

BhIi>3;^'B, s. 711. going out, departure; 1| a way 

BBi'laS^saxb, BM^xaxB, v. n. to ride out, go out 
(in an eq^iiipage, on horseback); — a& siainaotob, to 
drive out; jj to depart; to remove; ouo BU'tx&.i'h 
U3u topoda, he left town; — na dpytyto Koapmiipy, 
to remove to another lodging; jj — iia, fig. 
to use one for ^ one's interests, to put upon a 
person; oiib — ataex* Ha csocmo no.\toui,HUKn, he 
makes his assistant work for him. 

Bu^sasHBaxb, Bbi-fesacaxB, bu'^s^hxb, v. a. 
to break in, train (horses); \\ to earn by driving; 
[[ to travel over; | -ca, v. p. to be broken in, be 
trained; ',1 part. p. Bbi']^»;scHHbiH. 
BMa, s. f. si. the neck. 

BbiacHiiBaxB, BbiacHliXB, v. imp. to clear up 
(of weather); na deopn BaaCHfeJO, the weather 
has cleared up. 

BuacHaxB, B&racHHXb, «. a. to clear up, 
explain: \\ -ca, o. r.p. to clear up; to explain one's 
self; to be explained; jj 2J«r*. j?, BHacneHHufi. 
BBM)ra, s. f. a snow-storm. 
BBioaBJHBuit, adj. with a snow-storm. 
Bbmei, s. in. pack, burden. 
BbioHOKTi, s. hi. plant, bind-weed, black bind- 
weed, convolvulus; morning-glory, rope-weed; with- 
wind, withy-weed; !| -HKOBbiii, adj. -Bbia pacme- 
uiH, bot. the convolvulaceous plants. 

BbWH'b, s. m. dim bbiohoexi, BBiOHoqeKii, 
river loach, groundling (fish). 

BBiopoK'B, s. m. dim. Bbiopo^eE'B, reel;|t6iVd, 
mountain finch, brambling. 

Bbwimxb, v. a. to burden, load, saddle (beasts 
of burden); W to pack, pack up. 

BBiOQHbid, oilj. of pack, of burden; -Hoe 
C'bdjio, a pack-saddle. 

BBioniEa, s. f. dim. BBHuneisa, reel; j| the damp- 
er, flue-plate; Ij -meiHbift, adj. 

Bbioiii^iiica, adj. bot. climbing, creeping, scan- 
dent; -meeca pacmeuie, climber; -mittca «.t»u*5, 
tree ivy. 

Bii;i;axb, v. a. to know, have cognizance; Ka6u 
auamh da—, if one could know it; Eou B'fecxB, 
God knows: i| to superintend; [j -ca, v. rcc. -ca c» 
KibMh, to liave to do or have to deal with one, to 
arrange matters with one; -ca ch ntiMb cy^^).H^, 
to sue one at law. 

B-b;(,u, s. f pi. Slavonic name of the letter B. 

Bb;^omo, adv. coll. really, indeed: notoriously; 

ch -Jia, with the privity of; ch .\ioeio -na, with 

my assent or knowledge; 6c3b -Ma, without the 

privity of; nesh .Hoeto -Ma, without my knowledge. 

Bi;^OMocxb, s. f. list, roll; jj account, report; 


— 94 


-CTH, pi. newspaper, gazette; MocKoecKin -cth, 
the gazette or the journal of Moscow; \\ -MOCTH&ifi, 

B-b;i;omctbo, s. n. department, jurisdiction, prov- 
ince; dmo nod.ieatcu'im deopiioaoMij -CTBy, this 
is cognizable in the court of the palace; .iJtcwoe— , 
forest-district, woods and forests; cocniomnb e^ bb- 
;^'feHiH M^?* (?o B'B^iiOMCTB'fe .w!(«!<CH(e^c/«ea (punan- 
0087,, to be dependent on or be in the department 
of the ministry of finances. 

Bi^^OMEiii, p. pr. known; j'j dependent on. 

B^l;^yHI., s. m. -Hsa, s. f. sorcer, sorceress, 
enchanter, enchantress, wizard, witcli. 

Bii;^b, covj. but, v,-cll then; now you must 
know;— /^ oaMh loaopuji^? did I not say it to you?— 
dmo manh, but it is so;— amo npaeda? is it not 
true?— tfa.Ko cKoauHO, but you have been 

B-iiA^sia, s. f. witch; hag. 

B-Bjll^Hie, s. n. knowledge, cognizance; jj inquiry, 
report; [i jurisdiction, department. 

BiepHHKt, s. VI. the fan-palm, bourbon-palm 

BiepooOpasHHii!, adj. fan-like, fan-shaped; |1 
hot. flabellate. 

Biepi., s. m. fan; inpamh -poMt, to flutter 
one's fan, to flirt a fan; Ij -pntifi, adj. -Haa 
iia.ihMa, hot. macaw-tree. 

B'B'Ka, s. f. si. a tower: |1 tent. 

B'Bac;i,a, s. /'. si. (pi. Bii;E;^H), eyelid. 

Biiai.iHBOCTi., s. f. civility, politeness, urbanity. 

BiaciKBEifi, adj. civil, polite; well-mannered; 
11 -BO, arfw.— ly. 

B-BBO, s. n. eyelid; n hand-basket, hand-box. 

BitKOBaHie, s. n. long abode in a country. 

B'feKOBaTB, V. n. to make a long stay; otoKTi — , 
to remain for ever. 

B'feKOBoft, adj. secular, of an age; j| perpetual. 

BtKOBi^HOCTb, s. f. sempiternity. 

BtKOBiiHHfi, adj. sempiternal: j| -ho, adv. 


B'feK'B, s. m. century; age; life, days; e^ deeam- 
na^^a1noM^ b-bkIi, in the nineteenth century; mj- 
deca nauieio B-BKa, the wonders of our century; 
aoAomou — , the golden age; Mndnuu — , the brazen 
age; cpednie B-feKa, the middle ages; BtKa .mu- 
nyeiuie, the past ages; B^Ka ipHdyit(,ie, the ages 
to come; u3t> B^Ka er, — , from age to age; umh 
eio Cydeim nepedaaamhcn U3u B-BEa oh — , his name 
will be handed down to posterity; eo b-bkh Bt- 
KOBi, for ever and ever; nunn u npucHO ii eo 
B^KU BliKOB*, now and ever; iiu eo bsrh B-fe- 
KOBit, never; do CKOHuaniH B-BRa, to the consum- 
mation of the world or of ages; Focnodb iie Ouao 
CMij B-BKy, God did not give him a long life; na 
MoeMi Bin^f in my life, in my time; d'lawueamh 
ceou — , to spend the rest of one's life; nyowou — 
aaotcueamh, to live too long, too long a time; aandamb 
vyDKo'u — , to spoil another's life; oiio omMHJi7> cooh 
— , he has lived his time; amo n.iamt,e 
ceou — , that coat has seen its best days, has had 
its day:j|a(/t;. o?. Kou-mo b^kh mu yeudiMiicb c% 
oaMU, it is an age since we have seen one an- 
other; 7ia B-iiKH, see HaBiicH; \\o7, — , eo — , eo B'BRH, 
(with negatio)! ), never in my life, never; h a?,— 
97)1010 lie 3a6ydy, I shall never forget it; prov. — 
MCU0U, — ynucb, live and learn; — npoMtunb tie 
nojie nepeiimu, to live one's life is not so easy as 
to cross a field. 

B'hHt'U,'!., .s. m. dim. B-bu'iHR'b, crown; Myuemi- 
ueciciu — , martyr's crown; inep>noouu — , crown of 
thorns; prov. Koneno ece.ny dtbAy — , the end crowns 
the work, all's well that ends well; I] tiapcKiu — , 
hot. crown - imperial; jl — (na oCpaaih coHviam)^ 
nimbus, glory; ji /"t^. fame; honour; |; wedding, wed- 

ding ceremony; eecmu nodz — Heencmy, to take the 
bride to church (for the wedding); udmu nodh — , 
to go to the wedding ceremony (speaking of the 
bride and bridegroo'u); neencma lomoea m BiiHii.y, 
the bride is ready to go to church; H — 85 cpy6n, 
arch, a row of lieams; layer. 

BifeHe^iHtift, adj. coronal; || of a nimbus; i| nup- 

Bi>HHR%, s. m. dim. -HHieKt, besom, bath- 
broom; iB-BHEnHufl, adj. 

BtHOK-b, s. m. dim. B'fcHOieR'B, garland, 

B'tHoiHnn.a, s. f. a garland-maker, garland- 

BiHueBHjllHijfi, BtHii,eo6pa3HBift, adj. coroni- 

B'feHn.eHocen,'!., s. m. -HOCHH,a, s. f. a crowned 
head; } a saint. 

B'feHU.eHOCHEjfi, adj. crowned (of monarchs). 

B'feH^iajiBHKfi, B-feHiaxe-ibHEifl, adj. nuptial, 
of wedding; wedding; -Hoe ii.iantbe, wedding- 

B'^^H^aHie, s. n. the ceremony of wedding, 
nuptial benediction;— ?ia tdapcmeo, coronation. 

B'j^HMaTb, V. a. to crown, wreath;— wa napcmeo, 
to crown (a Czar); ;| to finish, reward; KOHCii,-. 
dibAo -laeTi,, the end crowns the work; all's 
well, that ends well; jj -ca, v. r. to crown one's 
self; to be crowned; i\part. p. BiniaHHufi. 

BtHiaTB, V. a. to marry; to give the nuptial 
benediction; jj -ca, v. r. to be married; to receive 
the nuptial benediction; |!jx(r^. p. BinqaHHHft. 

BiHUHK-B, 8. m. dim. glory, nimbus; jj band of 
paper put on the forehead of a dead person; 
jl edge (of a vase); i| bot. corol, corolla; corona. 

Bipa, s. f. faith, belief; religion; meepduii eh 
-p-h, firm in the faith; Gu.Heo.i~o -ptij creed; — 
uaiaux-o omuoez, the faith of our fathers; o«j «e 
aac.iyoicaeaetm -pu, there is no trust to be put 
in him, he is not to be trusted; dann -py cio- 
eaMo, to give credit to the words of a person; 
omdanib na -py, to trust to one, to give on trust; 
— 85 Cydymyw owuaub, belief in the future life; 
nepe.ujbuumb -py, to change religion; o6pammnb 
85 xpucmiaucKyio -py, to convert to the christian 
faith; npaeuAa -pw, principles of faith. 

B'bpuTeJiB, s. m. constituent, warranter. 

B'fepHTe.ibHufi, adj. accrediting; -Hua tpa- 
.Hoviu, credentials, letters of credence. 

BipHTb, V. n. to believe, trust; to give credit 
to; to credit; -pHTe-.tit ew smo.Hy ueAoenKy? do 
you believe that man? e.vy nado — tia CAoeo, he 
must be b(dieved on his word; do.iio -pnan, vmo, 
it was long believed that; -pbxo .uutb, believe me, 
trust me; oiiz ne -pHTTb doKmopoMr,, he does not 
believe in doctors; — 85 Boia, to believe in God; ne 
CAtbdyemz—cna.Mz, no faith must be put in dreams; 
—cAyxy, to credit a report, give credit to a 
report; — o^ do.ith KOMy, to trust one, give credit 
to one;||-ca, v. imp. to be believed; .MUtb He 
-Tca, I cannotjbelieve it; oxovino -pHTCH moMy, 
umo naMo npinmuo, it is easy to believe what is 
agr('eal)le to us. 

Bipuo, adi\ faithfully, truly; c.ryoicumb—, to 
serve faithfully; i accurately, riglil, just, correctly; 
— nibmb, to sing correctly, justly: on?, ciiipnAAcmh 
oncub—, lie is a good shot or marksman; |j as- 
suredly, certainly, for certain; —om, na .Menti cep- 
diimcH, probably he is angry with me; ch nodAun- 
nuMh—, conformal)le to tlie original; || correctly, 
precisely, exactly; nex>eiiHcueainb — , to copy 

BtpHonoAAJJHHHqecKifl, adj. faithful; iJ - hhh- 
'lecKH, ado. like a loyal subject. 

BfcpHOiio;^;^aHnbitt, adj. s. m. loyal subject. 


— 95 


B■fepHOUo;^;l;aHCTBo, s. n. the duty of a loyal 
subject, allegiance. 

B'spuocTb, s. f. fidelity, faithfuluess, loyalty; 
uciiMinaHHaH—, tried fidelity; npucniHijmr) iia—, 
to take an oath of allegiance; ci/iqji/MecKUH—, 
conjugal fidelity: napymaini> — , to break faith with 
one;;ipreciseness, precision, justness;— ^Ow^ocrt, c.iyxa, 
justness ofthevoice, oftheear;—i.ia3aK>fcpa, accuracy 
of glance; \\ certainty, certainness; truth; MamcMa- 
vumecKaa—, mathematical certitude; h ue pi/namcb 
aa—dmuxo uaaihcmiU, I do not guarantee the cer- 
tainty or the truth of this news. 

B-BpHBjfl, adj. faithful, loyal; true; — CJiyia, 
faitliful servant; ubunb -hmmi. ceocMij ciooi/, coo- 
tiMo oCibman'tHMh, to be true to one's word, to one's 
promises: -huh naMHiiib^ retentive memory; xpa- 
opuii u —punapb, valiant and true knight; doOpan 
u -Haa c.iyM6a, good and loyal service; ji sure; 
certain, positive; Htbtuo Huueto - Hie CMeptnu, 
nothing is so sure as death; y smoio xupypia pyna 
o'ieHb -Ha, this surgeon has a very steady hand; 
iljust, right, correct, exact; Btpn-Be cKasaim, to 
say more justly, correctly; -Hwe encu, just scale; 
— pa3CHe7Hh, correct reckoning:— 3ff^Kz., right sound: 
uMibmb—c.iyxh^ to have a good, correct ear; uMnnib 
— Hoe noHfimie o HCMh Hu6ydb, to have a just idea 
of a thing; dtnu uacu - hh, that watch is right; 
a 3Hato dinu lOh - naro ucmoHHUKa, I know that 
from good authority; -Hoe do ;:fl3rt»ie.r6c?«eo, certain, 
sure proof; — dapuuio, a sure profit;— cvewt?., correct 
account; 11 s. the faithful; npusueamb - HKixt na 
Mo.iumey, to call the faithful to prayer. 

BtpHaKi., s. m. Ha •■ Ka, adv. see Hauip- 

BipoBaHie, s. n. belief, believing, creed. 

BipoBiiTeaB, s. m. believer. 

B-BpoBaxfc, V. n. to believe;— So Eoia, to believe 
in God; - pyw eo eduuaio lioia Omna, I believe 
in God the Father; 6.iaoweHh, umo -pyex-b, blessed 
is he who believes. 

B'fepoHcnoB-B;i;aHie, s. n. confession of faith, 
creed, religion: ceo6oda -Hia, religious liberty. 

Btpo-ioMen,!., s. m. - JOMEa, s. f. perfidious 
man or woman, traitor or traitress. 

BtpoaoMnHft, adj. perfidious, disloyal, treach- 
erous; false-hearted; j, -ho, adr.—ly. 

BtpoaoMCTBO, s. n. - aoMHOCTb, s. f. perfidy, 
treachery; false-heartedness. 

B'fepoaoMCTBOBaTB, V. n. to act perfidiously. 

BtpooTCTvnHHK'B, s.m. -HHn,a, s. f. apostate, 
renegade; forsaker of religion; sectarian; || -hh- 
lecKift, adj. 

B'fepooTcxynHHqecTBo, s. n. apostasy; ij -cxyn- 
HBid, adj. apostate; recreant. 

B'iipo^o;^66ie, s. n. verisimilitude, likelihood. 

B'fepouo;i;60Hijfi[, adj. likely, probable; ji - ho, 
adv. probably. 

B'feponponoBT4;i;aHie, s. n. preaching the Gospel. 

B'feponponoBii.^HHK'i., missionary. 

BtpoxepHMMOCTb, s. f. religious toleration; 

B'i^poxepnuMiiiJt, adj. tolerant. 

Bipoyienie, s. n. religious doctrine, sect. 

BtpoyiHxeab, s. m. religious teacher. 

Btpoaxie, s. n. credence, credit; amo uaatbcmie 
He aacjiyMtieaenih nuKUKOto - xia, that news 
deserves no credit, is not worthy of credit; ij 

Bt.poaxHO, V. i7>ip. proba])ly, apparently, likely; 
—om amo cdtb.iaemo, probably he will do it. 

BtpoaxHOCXb, s.f. proliability, plausibleness; 
no eceu - cxn, in all probability, iu all appear- 

BtpoaxHbiflj adj. probable, likely, plausible; 
- Eoe npednoAOMciiie, probable supposition; ama 

eew,b dooo.ibito -Haa, the thing is likely or prob- 
able enough; — itacAibduuKh, heir-presumptive. 

Bipyiomiii, adj. s. m. believer. 

BipiOH^iS^, adj. credent; - mee nucb.MO, procu- 
ration, power of attorney; I co»i. letter of credence, 
letter of credit. 

BiicucxBiu, adj. which weighs much, weighty. 

Biicnxb, B-BUiHBaxb, v. a. to weigh, weigh out: 
to scale; - uiaxb co noxodo.Ho, to make a good 
weight; ;] v. n. to weigh, have weight; '| -ca, v. p. 
to be weighed: li ^jar^ p. K-bUieHHiiifi. 

B'CCUiii, adj. weighty; ;; -KO, adc. — tily. 

BbcKocxb, s. f. weight, heaviness, ponderability, 

BtcoBoe, adj. s. n. dues for the use of official 

B'fecoBott, adj. of scales, ponderal; -Baa docKo, 
scale: 1 weighable, sold by weight; j| -Bua denbiu, 
postage (of letters). 

B'fecoumHKi., s. m. weigher, weigh-houseman; 
Ij -m,Hiift, adj. 

BicoK-b, s. m. plummet, plumb-line (of carpen- 
ters); I pjl. B'feCKH, weights, a pair of weights; 
.MOHemnue -CKH, money scale. 

BtcoMOCXb, s. f. ponderability. 

B']&coubiiJ[, adj. ponderable, v.'eighable. 

BtcxMMO, adv. pop. indeed, certainly, surely. 

BicxHMuft, adj. pop. known, true, certain. 

BicxHHKi., s. III. -uHii,a, s.f. messenger, bearer 
of news. 

BtcxoBofi, adj. of signal, who gives the signal; 
-Baa nyuiKa, alarm-gun, sign&l-gnQ-.—, 
alarm - gun;—KO.iOKO.ih, alarm-bell, warning-bell; 
li s. m. an orderly, orderly sergeant: orderly soldier. 

BtcxoBni.HK'b, s. m. -ii;uii,a, s. f. newsmonger, 
tell-tale; I] messenger: Ij s. m. bird, secretary-bird. 

B'fecxb, s.f. dim. B-icxouKa, piece of news, news, 
tidings; intelligence; rumour, veiwrt; padocmnaH—, 
joyous news; .iomchuh b-bcxh, false tidings or news: 
nponacmb 6e3b bbcxb, to disappear without leaving 
a trace; dannie .unib o ceoib BBCTOUKy, let me 
hear from you; i, ouim na -cxax-b, to be orderly. 

B'fcC'b, s. in. weight; uMibnib — , to weigh; — 30- 
.loma, gold-weight; npodaeanib na—, to sell by 
weight; u.Htbnib ho.xhuu—, to bear down the 
weight; noKynamb na — so.ioma, to buy at an 
extravagant price; eio c.iosa u.\i7bK>inb oo.ibvwu — , 
his words are of great weight; ij importance, con- 
sequence; He.ioeibKb cb BBCOMi., a man of impor- 
tance, of some weight; npudaeamb—c.ioea.Ho, to 
give much importance to some words; i, ydnAbnuh—, 
specific gravity; f, BicOM'b, adv. by weight, in 
weight; pu6a bbcomi. ot, dea (pymna, a fish 
weighing two pounds. 

B*CH, A\ in. pi. dim. BtcoiKH, balance, scales, 
pair of scales; weights, a pair of weights; eaion- 
icue—, weigh-bridge, wtighing-machine; decHviuM- 
nue—y decimal balance; npyjwiiHuue—, spring- 
balance, spring-yard; uyocmeume.ibuue--., sensible- 
balance; oojHutiOdue K.ieiiMeHue—, adjusting-weight; 
cmpib.iKa y -coB-b, turn of the scale; cmopoMcoKb, 
lanu.ib y -coBi., trial of a balance; navia -coBt, 
scale; uaK.toiuinib nauiy -coBi, to turn the scale: 
i:oj) y -coB'b, scale-beam; 1| astr. Balance, 
Scale, I/ibra (constellation). 

BiiXBuaa, s.f. branch, bough, iyi\g;\hut. atra- 

BtxBHCXbift, adj. branchy, twiggy, ramous, 

B'txBb, s. f. dim. aixKa, BixoiKa, twig, 
branch; o.iuoKOoaH—, olive-branch; — Hiodnan, a 
bunch of berries;— /voda, a branch of the family; 
[: — jice.Mb3H0u dopoiu, branch-line: ;] ramification. 

BBXBaHbitt, ad), made of twigs, of branches. 

Bijxep-b, Biixp'-b, s. m. dim. BtxcpoKi., Btie- 


9Q — 


po^eKX, -wind, breeze; ctbeepnuu — , north 
wind; n-MHuh — , south wind; noduuMaemcH — , the 
wind rises; — dyevn, ceuinemh, the wind blows, 
whistles; eiberm -poKTb, it blows a light breeze; 
paaeibeambca, HocumwH no -Tpy, to flutter in the 
wind; cenoiciu — , strong breeze; cujuhuu — , drift- 
wind; Ha deopih ciiJiiHuii — , it is very windy, the 
wind is very high out of doors; ck603hou—, draught; 
naceamHua — , trade-wind; nocmoHnnuu — , a settled 
wind; npomueHuu—, dead, foul wind; naut. head- 
wind; nonijinHuu — , favourable, fair wind; || naut. 
npomueubie BBxpEJ, contrariety of winds; 6oko- 
aoU — , a side wind; — oaKuimaih, a quarter wind; 
cross-wind; eepxoeuu — , east wind; nuaoeuu — , 
westerly wind; no^^ -xpoMi., leeward; udinu no 
-Tpy, to have a leading, a fair wind; udmu 
npomudo -xpa, to hunt against the wind; npn- 
depjicueaiuhCH m --Tpy, depotcariih 6jiuoKe m — xpy, 
to work to windward, to sail near the wind; 6umh 
ua "•I'p'fe y dpyiaio Kopao.ia, to have or get the 
weather-gage; dmorm ocnipoeb dujin, y uacb na 
-Tpi, that island was windward of us; dmovn 
ocmpoai) 6u.ib y uaco nodh - xpoMx, we were 
windward of that island; |1 BixpHj pi. med. wind, 
flatulence (in tlie stomach); itcnyci:amb «»xpiJ, to 
break wind; jj fij. volatile man; l| fiy. loaopiimh 
Ha — , to speak at random, to talk idly; cioea, CKa- 
sauHUH Ha — , idle talk; y neio 67, lOJioen — , he is 
very thouglitless, giddy; y ueio ace nomjio Ha — , 
he dissipated all his fortune; mimcib, nodoumaH 
BtxepKOMt, coll. a very light cloak. 
BixKa^ s. f. dim. wattle; see BiTBB. 
B^xpeJbHHE'Bj s. m. weather-cock, vane. 

B'BxpeHHE'B, s. m. -HHn.a^ s. f. volatile man 
or woman, giddy man or woman, a puzzling fool. 
BixpeHHii,a, s.f. hot. anemone, compana, rose- 
campion, pasque-flower, wind-flower. 

B-BxpcHHiaxB, V. n. to be volatile, flighty. 

BixpeHO, adv. thoughtlessly, giddily; nocmy- 
nanib—, to act thoughtlessly; I v. imp. na daopib — , 
it blows, it is windy. 

BixpeHoexB, s. f. flightiness, thoughtlessness, 

B-BxpeHHfi, adj. windy; -naa notoda, windy 
weather; -Haa Me.ibiiima, wind-mill; |l flighty, giddy, 
giddy - headed, giddy-brained, idle-headed, idle- 
pated; volatile; thoughtless;— "iciOtfriKs, volatile 
person; jj -Hbifl aiodu, hot. felon-wort, nightshade. 

BtxpenixB, v. imp. to blow, be windy; 
-H'iiexx»j the wind blows. ■--.^-.rai 'iifyj 

B'l&xpHJO, s.n. si. sail. :'»"'^-.'! i,yf>?V, 

B'^&xporoHHBiit, adj. med. carminative; -Hoe 
cpedcmoo, carminative. 

BixporoHi., 6\ in. «HKii, s. f. volatile man or 
woman, weather-cock. 

BivxpoM-ijpx, s. m. anemometer. 

Btxpoyuaaaxejb, s. vi. anemometer, wind-dial. 

Btxpt, sec BiTepi. 

BbxpaHHKTb, see iiiTpeHHKi. 

BijxpaHHina, see BiTpcHHi^a. 

B-iixpaiiHiaxb, see BtTpenHHaxt. 

B-Bxpanocxb, see BiTpeuocxb. 

BBxpauuii, see BirpenuH. 

Btxii, .s. f. perch, way-mark; guide-post; || naut. 
beacon: buoy; I, stake, pole; rod; jj lath-back, tall 
and thin person. 

Bine, s. n. common council (in Russia in 
ancient timcs);\\ ^ncBoAy adj. 

BimHO, adv. eternally, for ever and ever, 
everlastingly, perpetually; ever and anon; OjinMcit- 
cniGO ii.puoedHUX7, Oydeiuh — , the bliss of the just 
will last for ever; ouii—ceopamai, they are always 

Bli'iuoiiaMaxuuft, ailj. ever memorable, of 
everlasting memory. 

BiiHOCXB, s. f. eternity. 

BiiHHft, adj. eternal, everlasting, endless, 
perpetual; oduub moM>KO Eoto -ncHi, God only is 
eternal; -Hoe 6.iaM;eHcmQ0, salvation; -naa na- 
.uHiUh, eternal memory; -HMe cnopu, everlasting 
disputes; -Hoe dauMeuie, perpetual motion; ocy- 
dtcnib Ha «"Hoe uaiHauie, to condemn to banishment 
for life; ouh ocyaicdem ua -Hyio natnojny, he is 
condemned to hard labour for life. 

BbmaJiKa, s. f. peg, clothes-peg; cloak-pin; 
\\ print, peel, printer's peel. 

B-BinaHie, s. n. hanging; jj suspension. 

B-BOiaxejiB, s. m. hanger; hangman. 

B-BiaaxB, p. a. to hang, hang up; — 6njibe Sas 
npocyniKU, to hang up clothes to dry; ij to suspend; — 
Amcmpu, to suspend chandeliers; 1| -ca, v.r.p. to 
haug one's self; to be suspended; oua ecn^^^ 
•-uiaexca ua w,eio, she sticks to every body, she 
gives herself up to every one; |i part. p. BimaHHEift. 

BiiuaxB, CBBuiaxB, see BicHTb. 

B-BineHie, s. n. weighing. 

B^iii;aHie, s. n. announcing, speaking, speech, 

B'^maxeJCB, s. )n. -HUi^a, s.f. narrator, speaker; 
II messenger. 

B'fcmaxB, V. a. to speak, tell, relate, harangue. 

Bin^ifi, adj. announcing, soothsaying, predicting; 
prophetic, fatidical; | eloquent. 

BtinyHTb, s. m. -yHBa, s. ;'. diviner, soothsayer, 
prophet, prophetess. 

BiajiKa, s. f. winnowing - machine;*' corn-van; 
scuttle, sail. 

B', s. n. winnowing-fan; fan; scuttle; || fan. 

BBajBHHi^a, s. /'. winnowing-machine. 

BBa.iBHufi[, BiaxeJiBHBifi, adj. winnowing, 
fanning; ■• naa Mamuna, agric. winnowing- 

B-BaHie, s.n. winnowing; jj blowing (of wind). 

BiaxeJiB, s. m. -HHU,a, s. f. winnower. 

BiaxB, 1). n. to blow; emnepo Bisexx., the wind 
blows; B-Bex-B eibme^iOKb, the breeze blows; || v. a. 
to winnow (wheat, oats, barley); to fan, hummel 
(corn);l~Gn, v. p. to be winnowed; || j>ar«. p. 


Ba;i;»inHa, see BcT^HHa. 

Baajynuif, adj. med. astringent; -mee jiexap- 

emeo, restringent. 

Ba;{aJiBHHft, adj. for knitting; -Haa cnuna, 

BasaJBHj^HK'B, s. m. m.mjinsiy s. f. binder, tier; 
fl knitter. 

BasaHic, s.n. tying, binding; jj knit, knitting; — 
KpiovKOMh, chain-work. 

BnsaHua, s. f. dim. -.■jaHO^Ka, truss, bunch, 
bundle, string. 

BasaHsa, -;teHHi;a, s. f. mitten. 

BasaxB, c. a. to bind, tie; to join; — cnonu, to 
bind or tie up sheaves;— pJ/Ktt KO.vy Hu6ydb, to 
tie a person's hands; |1 to knit;— ny-inu, to knit 
stockings; |i -ca , v. p. r. to be tied; to be connected, 
be joined; cuenu oh smou nbectb xydo Baacyxca 
Mcmdy coC)Oio, the scenes in that piece are badly 
connected; i| to tamper with; ouh jitoGumi -aaxBca 
He Ob cuoe, he likes to meddle with what 
does not concern him; j] to prosper, succeed; dn>AO 
amo He Baacexca, that business does not succeed; 
[\part. p. itaitaHBift. 

BaaeJB, s. m. hot. hatchet - vetch, scorpion- 

Uaaiira, s.f. dried spine of a sturgeon. 

!{:i3Ka, s.f. tying, binding; jj bundle. 

BJnuiitt, adj. viscid, viscous, sticky, glutinous; 
ll slimy, sloppy, clammy, swampy. 

BauKocxB, s. /". viscidity, viscosity, stickiness; 
il tenacity, tenaciousncss; [; clamminess, swampiness. 


97 - 


BflSHUEi, s. m. elm-grove. 

BHSHVTbj V. n. to sink iu, sink, stick;— ©5 tpmu, 
to stick in the mud, to sink into tlie mud. 

BH3oa:ej;ii;b; s.f. tree, knee-holly, knee-holm, 
oak-evergreen, ilex. 

Bfl^'L; s. m. tree, elm, elm-tree; ulmus; || -30- 
BHAf adj. 

Bfl3b, s. f. binding; band, tie; euonu npynnou 
BflSH; sheaves of great bulk: \ marsh, swamp. 

Bfljeubii^; adj. dried in the open air. 

BH.ieHie, s. n. drying in the open air, in the 
sun, in the oven. 

Ba.TUTb, c. a. to dry in the air, in the open 
air, in the sun, in the oven; ij -ch, v. r. to be 
dried in the open air, sun, etc.;\i)art. p. Bii- 

Bhjo^ adv. drowsily, indolently, slowly. 

BflJOCTb, s. f. witheredness, fadiugness; li slow- 
ness, drowsiness; languidness. 

Bajuii; adj. faded, withered; I slothful, drowsy, 
slow;— ciojs, languid, pithless style; — ^e.^o0TbK^, an 
indolent man. 

BiinyTb, u. n. to fade, wither; to fall away (of 
flowers); fig. to droop; \\ om maKh epenio, mno yiuti 
-HTTi, he talks enough to tire one's ears. 

BaxHpb; BexioTeHb, s. in. bird, wood-pigeon, 
ring-dove; cushat. 

BHni;uie; ado. more, much. 

Ban^iai^, adj. si. greater, superior; ko -mesiy 
Hecnacmm, to complete or to crown the misfor- 
tune; Ko -lueMy cHacmifo, for the height of 

BrccoHi, Brccb, see Bhccohx, Bhcci.. 


r, s. n. the fourth letter of the Russian 

Fadapa, 5. f. naut. gabbart. 

radioH-b^ s. 7)1. fort, gabion; 'j -OHHUfi; adj. 

TaBaHb; s. f. haven, harbour, port, jj -aHHEitt; 

FaBOTX, s. in. gavotte. 

Para, s. f. orn. eider, eider-duck; H rara^ift; 
adj. —liti nt/xo, eider-down. 

Farapa, s. f. orrt. plungeon, arse-foot, cargoose, 
grebe, diver; mudsucker; || -apifl, adj. 

FaraT^b, s. m. gagate, jet, pitch-coal; \ -raro- 
BBitt; adj. jetty, made of jet. 

Fa;];ajbiii;HK'b, Fa;i;aTeab, s. m. divinator, 
diviner, fortune-teller; ][ -mHi^a, >HHii,aj s. f. 
divineress, fortune-teller. 

Fa^aHie, s. n. divination, fortune-telling;— no 
.lUHiHMi pyKii, palmistry. 

Fa;]^aTeJbHi>itt, adj. divinatory, fortune-telling, 
of fortune-telling; [j conjectural; 1| -ho, ado. conjec- 
turally, by conjecture. 

Fa;^axb, v. a. to divine, tell fortune; — eh xap- 
mu, to tell fortune by cards; jj to conjecture, 
surmise; ue dijMa.%i, ue ra;^aji, I did not foresee 
in any way. 

Fa;^HHa, s. f. vermin; j| pojj. riffraff, rabble. 

Fa;i(HTb, V. a. to foul, dirty, soil; to spoil; || 0. n. 
to excite nausea; jj -ca, v. r. to dirty or soil 
one's self. 

Fa;!;Kiff, adj. (comp. raaie), disgusting, disgust- 
ful, nauseous; |j dirty, foul, nasty, ugly; || odious, 
bad; — nocmynoK^, wicked action; jj —kg, ado. — ly, 

— tiiy,— glily- , 

Fa;i;KOCTb, Fa;i;ocTb, s. f. nastiness, odiousness, 

Fa^.iHB!jii, adj. squeamish, fastidious. 

Fa^Iji, s. m. reptile; i|/"t^. rabble, riffraff. 

FaepcTBO, s. n. buffoonery, harlequinade, harle- 
quin's tricks. 

FaepcTBOBaxb, v. n. to play the buffoon. 

Faepi, s. in. buffoon, harlequin, mountebank; 
kickshoe; saltimbanco; jack - pudding; ,j -pcKitt, 

Fae<iKa, dim. see FaiiKa. 

FaeiHHtt, adj. of a screw-nut; — K.twvs, 
screw - key, screw - wrench, screw si)anner. 

Fa3r6.ib;i;ep'b, s. m. gas-holder. 

Faaejb, *■. f. zool. gazelle, gazel. 

Fa-sexa, s. f. gazette, newspaper, paper;Ji-THHtt, 

FaacxqiiK'b, s. m. gazetteer; news-man, news- 

FasoeMX, s, m. gasometer. 

FasoMexpi., -utpHxeab, -u^pi, s. m. gas- 
ometer, gas-meter. 

FasoMoxopt, s. m. gas motor. 

FaaoH-b, s. m. gazon, grass-plot, greensward. 

Fa3oo6pii3HMii, Fa30BHji;H£ili, adj. gasiform. 

FasoocB'fem.eHie, s. n. gas-lighting; gas-light. 

Fa3onpoB6;i;Hbifl, adj. - naa mpy6a, gas- 

Fa3opa3H6cHbitt, adj. fit for bearing the 

Fasx, s. in. gauze (stuff); \ eliem. gas; pydmcH- 
Huti — , fire-damp; eece.isiniu — , laughing gas; 
jj rasoBuii, adj. — poMom, gas-burner; — aaeodh, 
gas-works, gas-work; -Boe ocdmmemc, gas-lighting; 
-Baa cMo.ia, coal-tar, gas-tar. 

FauBopoH'b, s. m. orn. daw, jack-daw. 

Faft;ia3iaK'B, s. in. 06s. robber, Cossack robber; 
li soldier of the ancient Ukraine; || -Maqili, adj. 

Faft;i;yK'b, s. m. heyduke (a man in waiting); 
ji -yqifi, adj. 

FaSKa, s. f. nut of a screw, screw-nut, box of 
a screw; female screw, hollow-screw; axle-nut; 
jl ring (of muskets). 

FafixaH'b, s. in. vulg. string. 

FaKadop;^*, s. m. naut. tafferel, taffrail. 

FaE'b, s. m. naut. hook; can-hook; !j hack (land- 

FaaaHHXb, v. a. to scull. 

FajiaHxepeiiHbili, adj. -HHa oetnu, jewelry, 

FaaaaxHp'b, s. m. cooTc. galantine. 

FaaanxHbitt, adj. gallant. 

Faj6aH:b, s. m. galban, galbanum. 

Faji;^-BXb, V. n. to racket. 

Faaepa, s. f. galley (ship); napadnaH—, galley- 
foist; ;l pi. -pu, galleys (punishment); jj -pHbi:^, 

FajeiHHK'B, s. m. collect, flint, flint-stones;||^eoZ. 

FajHuaxba, s. f. galimatias, nonsense. 

Fa.iiox'b, s. m. naut. galliot, galiot, barge; 
II -XHbid, adj. 

FajEa, s. f. dim. -.lOiKa, orn. daw, jack-daw, 
caddow; || brand, fire-brand; || - JOiiii, adj. 

Fa.iaepea, s. f. arch, gallery; —a KO.iouHaMU, 
peristyle; Kapmuman—, picture-gallery; JI -pett- 
Hbifi, adj. 

Fa.i.iHi^HSU'b, s. m. gallicism. 

FaajOMania, s. f. gallomania. 

FaJUouaHi, s. m. person prejudiced in favour 
of everything French, gallomaniac. 

FaJiJOH'b, Fa.ieHOE'b, s. in. gallon (measure). 

Fa.iJiO(j()oCia, s. f. hatred of the French, gallo- 
phobia.^od'b, s. m. a hater of the French, gallo- 

Faajioi^HHai^ia, s. f. hallucination. 

Fa.tJioi^HnDpoBaxb, c n. to be subject to 

Fa.iMefl, s. m. chem. calamine; brass-ore; Jl -eft- 
Hbitt; adj. 



— 98 


Faaonajii'B, s. m. gallop, gallopade (dance). 

FajonHpoBaHie, s. n. galloping. 

ra.ionHpoBaTB, v. n. to gallop. 

rajionnb, s. in. gallop; jieiKiu—, hand-gallop, 
easy gallop; — oo eech Ka2ybep7,, sweeping gallop; 
e3Mu.inmh .tomadi, npocKaKaoo -noMi., to gallop 
a horse into foam. 

Fajioma, s. f. galosh, galoche, overshoe; [j -oiu- 
waHij adj. 

FajCTyKt, s. m. dim. - xyieKij, neck-tie; 
neck-cloth; cravat; coll. sa.nonb, aanycmuuih aa — , 
to be in one's cups; j -Tyquuii, adj. 

Fa-iCTy'iKHK/L, s. m. cravat-maker. 

Faacb, s. m. nant. tack (of sails); stretch, 
board; cdtb.%avii> — , to make a tack; noeopomu)>ib 
na dpyioii — , to tack-about; — ma.iii, tack-tackle., see To jit eat. 

Fa.iynmHK'b, s. m. galloon-maker. 

FaJiyHij s. m. dim. -jivhiuki., galloon; i/3Kiu 
— , crown-lace; Jj -HHHii, adj. 

Fa.iyinKa, s. f. cook, galouschka, pellet, small 
ball of dough (a dish of Little Russia). 

Fa.i(|)BHH/i,'b, s. m. naut. wind upon the beam. 

Fa.i^iftHOK'B, s. in. young jack-daw. 

Fa.ii>BaHii3au,ifl, s. f. galvanization. 

Fa.ibBaHH3iipoBaTB, v. a. to galvanize;[jj9ar^. p. 

Fa.iBBaHiiBM'b, s. m. galvanism; electro-motion. 

Fa.i&BaHHiecEiiij adj. galvanic. 

FajibBaH0MarHeTii3M'b,s.v». galvano-magnetism, 

FaabBaHOMexpi, s. w. galvanometer, rheom- 

Fa.ibBaHon.iacTHKa, s. f. galvanoplastics. 

FaJibBaHon.iacTHqecKift, adj. galvanoplastical. 

FavibBaHOCEom, s. m. galvanoscope. 

FaabKa, s. f. dim. -.leMKa, pebble, pebble- 
stone; shingle; noKpumuu ■■EasiH, shingly; |j -ae^- 
Hbift, adj. 

FaJibtOHi, s. m. naut. ship's head; jj -MHHHft, 

FaHaRii, s. m. hammock. 

FanaiuH, s. /'. pi. gaiters, spats, leggings. 

FaMOHTTij s. m. gambit (at chess). 

FaMHTTb, s. m. hamite (shell). 

FaMMa, s. f. mus. gamut, scale. 

Fau'b, s. m. noise, hubbub, ado, rattle, outcry, 

FaHanyxi, s. m. naut. slab-line; crow-foot. 

FaHr.iiii, s. m. anat. ganglion, 

FaHr.iloHHbifi, adj. anat. gangliac, ganglial, 
ganglionic, ganglionary. 

FaurpcHa, s. f. med. gangrene, mortification. 

FaHrpeHOSHuft, adj. med. gangrenous, morti- 

FaHj^nKani, s. m. sport, handicap. 

FaHsa, s. f. Hanse, Hansoatic league. 

FauaeflcKifl, -acaTHqccKitt, adj. Hanseatic, 

FaHiuiiyr'b, s. m. naut. lever; handspike. 

FapaHTifpoBfiTb, V. a. to guaranty, warrant; 
to securei J)ar^ p. rapaHTHpoBaiiHUJi, warranted; 

FapaHTifl, .s. f. guaranty, warranty. 

FapAtMb, N. f. naut. jear, gear, halyard. 

rap;^eMapHHi,, ,s. m. midshipman; ij - HCKift, 

Fapj^CHln, s. f. hot. gardenia. 

FapAepoOMeftCTcp'b, v. m. -piiHa, ,s. /". master 
or mistress of the wardrolte. 

Fap;^cp60Han, adj. s. f. wardrolx', wardrobe 

Fap;^ci>60iuiiK'b, s. in. -mima, s. f. keeper of 
tlie wardrolii'. 

Fap,Tepo67,, s. m. wardrobe: j; -(iHHtt, adj. 

^ap;^HHa, s. f. curtain, window-curtain. 

FapeMi», s. m. harem; seraglio ^i -mhuS, adj. 

FapKaHbe, s. n. bawling, squalling. 

FapKaxb, rapEHyxb, o. n. pop. to bawl, 
clamour, squall; ji to halloo, hem (the hounds). 

Fapjieii.'b, s. m. hot. bistart. 

FapMOHHKa, s. f. harmonica (a mus. instr.). 

FapMOHHsaxop'b, FapMOHHCxi., s. m. harmo- 

FapMOHHpoBaxb, v. n. to harmonize. 

FapMOHUiecKifi, adj. mus. harmonic, harmon- 
ical; li harmonious; \\ -ckh, adf>.—\y. 

FapMOHiyMi., s. m. mus. harmonium. 

FapMOHia, s. f. mus. harmony, concord; har- 
monics; 11 concert, concord, harmony. 

FapHeu,!., s. m. peck (a measure); \\^'Bn,0'Bhiiif 

FapHiisoHt, s. m. mil. garrison; ward;'i-HHbiii, 
adj. presidial, presidiary. 

FapHHpoBanie, s. n. FapHiipoBKa, s. f. gar- 

FapHHpoBaxb, v. a. to trim, adorn, set off, 

FapHupx., s. m. cook, garnish; loesduHa Co^ 
-poMi, beef with garnish. 

FapHHxypa, s. /'. -xypxi, s.m. set (of buttons), 

FapnHHCH, s. m. pi. naut. harpings. 

Fapniycb, s. m. tech. white resin; ji -CHHii, 

Fapnia, s. m. bird, eagle-hawk; harpy. 

FapnyHx., s. m. naut. harpoon; ;, -HHHfiy 

Fapxx., s. m. print, type-metal; || rapxoBHfi, 

Fapycnna, s. f. a thread of worsted. 

Fapyc-b, s. m. worsted, yarn; bay-yarn;i-CHHifi^ 

Fapi^OBaHie, s. n. caracole. 

Fapi^oBaxb, v. n. to caracole; ij to skirmish. 

Fapb, s. /'. chem. empyreuma; |1 smell of burn- 

^°^- , > • • 1., s. n. -OH.ibHHK'b, s. m. extinguisheiv 

FaCH.ibHbitt, adj. fit for extinguishing. 

FaCHJbmnKi,, s. m. -mim,a, .s. f. extinguisher. 

FaCHXb, V. a. to extinguish, quench, blow out, 
put out (a - candle); to slake (lime); \\ part. p. 

FiiCHyxb, V. n. to be extinguished, be slaked: 
I fig. to tarnish, wear away. 

FacniiCH, s. m. pi. naut. hawse-pieces. 

FacxpH'iecKifi, adj. gastric. 

Facxpo.iapoBaxb, n. n. to star (said of an 

Facxpo.ib, s. /". (na -^Jiu), starring. 

FacxpoHOMHiccKitt, adj. gastronomic. 

FacxpoHoMia, s. /'. gastronomy. 

FacxpoHOMTb, s. m. gastronomist, gastronomer. 

FaxHXb, V. a. to dam up (with hrush-woody 
earth); to make a road (on swampy (jround). 

Faxb, ,s. f. dam, fascine-way, fagot-way, wear, 

Fjiy6ima, .s. f. art. howitzer, howitz; |i -Ch'i- 
Hijft, adj. 

FaynxBiixxa, .s. /". mil. guard-house, watch- 
bouse; 11 -xeHHHfl, adj. 

^a<^e.Ib, s. f. naut. gaff; |i -JbHuit, adj. 

Fa'iiiiiKii, s. m. string of drawers. 

Faiueiiio, s. n. extinguishing, extinction, putting 
out (candles); qucncliing (f'>'c); slacking (lime). 

FaiueuRa, s. f. slacked lime. 

FBa.iTi>, .s. m. force, violence, riot. 

FauiifiuTi, s. m. haslieesh, Iiasliisb. 

raiuniiK'b, ,sYe FaiuHKi. 

FHap;^('en,'b, .s. m. soldier or officer in the 


- 99 - 


rBap;i;iH, s. f. mil. the guards; .le^^6^ — , life- 
guard; ipaMdaHCKnn — , train-bands; ^Bap;^eflCKift, 
adj. -CKJiH n)h:i'oma, foot-guards. 
rBaaKOBoc ^epPBo, «. n. pock-wood. 
rBcOp-B, x. m. Parsce. 
FBUjauj^uun, ^. f. l»onduc, nickar-trec. 
rB03;^apB, .see Fbosaohhhk'l. 
rBO.i;^!!^^, s'. /; dim. -;;iniKa, hot. clove; july- 
flower: pink, carnation, clove-gilly flower: dayx- 
uoniiiuiaji — ■, flake; inj/pcuKCH — , sweet-william; 
II -i^^uMiiijfi, adj. -Hoe depeao, clove-tree; -hmh 
iO.toeKii, cloves. 

rBO»;^iiK'i,, s. in. tack, tacket. 

^BOH;^II.lbHa, s. f. nail-tool. 

^Bo;^;^HTI,, V. n. to nail, drive a nail;|//(/. to 
inculcate: to strike on the head. 

rB03;i;ii'iHiiK'B, .s. m. bed of pinks. 

rB03;i;oo<5pa3HBjft, adj. nail-shaped. 

rB03;^o'iHnK'B, .s\ m. nail-maker; nail-seller. 

rB03;i;6MHBitt, adj. — aaoodo, nailery, nail-raanu- 
factorj, nail-works. 

rB03;^&, s. m. dim. tbosj^uhTj, -^^okI), -;iio- 
iCKTb, nail, stud; pin, plug, spigot; uuaniia rB03;i;a, 
nail-head: mopi~, rB03;i,aMii, nail-trade; — 6pycKo- 
eu'u, lath nmih — depeoaHHuh, peg, tree-nail; dowel; 
— aaepmeuHuhj rag-nail:^ — saK.ienKU, clinch- 
nail; — KoeanHuh, wrought-nail, hand-maid nail; — 
KOCDiuAbiwauii, hook-nail: — MamitHnuh, pwanoh, cut- 
nail, machine-made nail: —.uvjdiiuh, copper-nail; 
— vpneo.touuuil (fipaui(,y3CKiu, wire-tack; — mecoouu, 
plank-nail; — ch KpwuKOMo, tenter-hook; || rB03;i;a- 
Hoft, adj. 

^Bo:^;^aHHKll, s. m. nail-box, nail-chest. 

r;i;'fe, adr. where, in what place; whereabout, 
whereabouts: r;^B-TO, ^;^■B-.^H6o, r;i,t-HH6y;i;i., 
Tfl,'k Hii ecTb, somewhere, anywhere; in some 
place; r;!;* 6h to hh, wherever, where- 
soever; r;i,ii .... r^t, here and there; ^;^■fe e.ny 
9mo cdib.iamb! he Avill never be able to do it! r;i;t 
Gpouiena ui.iana, Tj^-k nepnamKa, here is lying a 
hat, there a glove. 

FcBa.ib^i.Hrep'b, .f. m. provost (in the army). 

FereMOHia, s. /'. supremacy, paramountcy, 

FeeHHa, s. f. gehenna, hell; jj -encKiii, adj. 

FeseJB, s. m. assistant to an apothecary. 

FeA, interj. hollo! holla! hey! 

FeKaxoMCa, s. f. hecatomb. 

FeKsaMexp-b, s. m. hexameter. 

FcKTapi., s. m. hectare. 

FeKTorpaMMn., s. m. hectogram, hectogramme. 

FeKTOrpa(j(>iiiecKifi, adj. hectographic. 

FeKTorpa<J()i., s. m. hectograph. 

FeKTCiMTpi., s. m. hectolitre. 

Feaiorpa(|)ia, .s. f. heliography. 

FeaiorjiiKlci,, ,s. m. heliograph. 

reaioMexp'b, s. m. astr. heliometer. 

Fe.iiooKoni., v. tn, astr. helioscope. 

FeaiocTaTi., s. m. phys. heliostat. 

FejioTponH3M"B, s. m. hot. heliotropism. 

Fciioxponi., s. m. heliotrope (plant and 

Fe.ibMnHxo.iorH^ecKili, adj. hclminthologic, 

Fe.iii)iuHxo.ioria, s. f. nat. hist, helminthol- 


Fe.iBMnopx'b, s. m. naut. helm-port. 

FeMaxMXT,, s. m. min. blood-stone, hematite. 

reMnc(J>epa, ,s-. f. hemisphere. 

FoMHCipepHiecKift, adj. hemispheric,— al. 

FeMopoftj s. m. -poM^^w, v. f. pi. vied, hemor- 
rhoids, piles. 

FeMopon;i;a.iBHutt, adj. hemorrhoidal. 

FcHBapii; FeHBjipcKiii, see yfaBapt, JlHsap- 

Feueaaoria, ,s. f. genealogy; pedigree; i; - jori- 
'lecuiit, adj. genealogical. 

FeHea.iori,, n. m. genealogist. 

rcHcpa.iCaci,, -OaecT., ,s. m. mu.^:. figured bass, 
art of playing the figured bass; | thorough-bass 
or base. 

FeHcpa.iHccnMycTi, s. m. generalissimo. 

FoHepaaHxex-B, s. m. corps of general officers. 

Fenepa^'b, .s-. m. general; — oim, uiifjaHmcpiu, 
Kaaajieinu, general of infantry, of cavalry: -a;^iiH- 
paji, s. VI. lord high admiral; - a;^l,H)TaHT'b, 
s. m. adjutant general: - aHuiec))!,, no.iHbift— , 
N. m. general in chief; - ayj^nxopi., .«. m. auditor 
general; - ryGepHaxopoE., .s. m. governor general; 
-KBapxupjieftcxep'b, ,s-. w. quarter-master gener- 
al; - Kpiircb - KOMiiccap'b, s. r,i. commissary 
general of the army: -.lertxenaHxi., .s. m. lieu- 
tenant general; -Maiopi., major general, 
camp - marshal; - Mapiu'b, s. m. mil. assembly; 
-npoBianxMeflcxepi., s. m. master general of the 
stores; - (peJb^Mapma.i'b; s. m. field - marshal; 
-^e.ib;^u,eKXMeliCTcp'b, .s-. m. grand master of the 
ordnance; || reHepa.ibCKiii, adj. 

FeHepa.ibHLih, adj. general; — KOHcy.n>, the 
consul general; "Hbie lamainu, the states gener- 
al; — uimaoo, general statf of army. 

FenepaabCXBO, s. n. generalship. 

Feaepa.ibma, s. f. general's lady. 

FeHepaii,ia, s. f. generation. 

FcHexuvccKiii, adj. genetic. 

Fenia.ibHOCTb, s. f. genius, talent. 

FeHia.ibHbiit, adj. of genius, ingenious; || -ho, 
adv. ingeniously. 

Fenittj s. m. genius; spirit. 

FeHa,iaHa, s. f. hot. fellwort, gentian. 

FeorenuiecKift, adj. geogonic, geogonical. 

Feorenia, Feoronia, s. f. geogony. 

Foornosia, s. f. geognosy. 

FeorHoexuiecKiit, adj. geognostic. 

Feorpa^iinecKitt, adj. geographic,— al. 

Feorpa^)iflj s. f. geography. 

Feorpa^ii, s. m. geographer. 

Feo.TesHCXi., s. m. geodesist, land-surveyor. 

Feo,T;e3HMecKifl, adj. geodesic, geodesical, geo- 
detic, geodetical. 

Feo;i,e3ia, s. f. geodesy, land-surveying. 

FeoaoriiiecKifl, adj. geological. 

Feo.i6ria, s. f. geology. 

Feojiorx, s. m. geologist. 

FeoMexpa.ibHbiit, adj. geometral, geometrical; 
jj -HO, adv. — ly. 

FeoMexpuqecKiJi, adj. geometric, geometrical; 
II -GKn,adv. — cally. 

FeoMexpia, s. f. geometry: Hanepmame.xhHaH — , 
descriptive geometry: eticman — , sublime geometry; 
— anaMcmuuecKaji, analytic geometry. 

FooMexpob, s. m. geometer, geometrician. 

FeopriiHa, s. f, hot. georgina, dahlia. 

Feoi^CHxpniecKlft, adj. astr. geocentric,— al. 

Fepa.^b,^^IlKa, ^^ /'. blanzonry, heraldry. 

Fepa.ibjiliiK'b, X. m. herald, blazoner, armorist. 

Fepa.'ib,'^M»u'ci;ift, adj. heraldic, armorial. 

FepaHiiif, FepaHiyM-b, Fepanb, .s. m. hot. gera- 
nium, crane's-bill, pigeon-foot, herb-robert, stork's- 

FcpOaplfl, s. III. herbal, herbarium. 

FepOoBHiiKT., .-J. 7H. armorial, book of heraldrf, 
book of armory. 

FepOoBijfi, adj. armorial: - Baa Kinaa, book 
of armory; -Baa .ix.iijt, her. fleur-de-lis, flower 

FepOoBbift, adj. stamped; -naa ^)/.waio, stamped 
pajier; -Baa iiouLturta, stamp-duty. 

Fep()OBii,it.nie, .<;.«. see T epa.iBAHKa. 
Fep(iopn8au,ia, s. f. herborizing, herborization. 



100 — 


repCii, s. f. dim. repdnK-B, arms, coat of arms, 
armory, armorial bearings; mpai/pHuU—, hatch- 
ment; imimo repda, escutcheon; \\ stamp (of 

repjiaHusM'B, s. m. germanism. 

repMa()f)o;i;nTH3MX, s. m. hermaphrodism, her- 

repMa()()po;i;HT'B, s. c. hermaphrodite. 

repMeneBTHEa, s. f. hermeneutics. 

repMeHeBTH'iecKift, adj. hermeneutic,— al. 

FepMeTaqeCKifi, adj. hermetic, hermetical; 
II -CKH, rtdy.— cally,— ly. 

Fcpoff, s. in. hero. 

repoiisM'B, s. m. heroism. 

repoHHH, s. f. heroine. 

FepottCKift, -poiiiecKiff, adj. heroic, heroical; 
-leCKaa no'dMa, heroic poem; ;} -ckh, adiJ.— cally, 

-ly. , 

FepofiCTBO, s. n. heroism. 
repd.ib;i;iH, s. /'. heraldic office. 
repo.ib;i;jieHCTep'i>, s. m. president of the 
heraldic office. 

Tepoab;!;!,, s. m. herald; herald at arms; 
11 -;^CKifi, adj. 

repn,orHHfl, .s. ;'. duchess. 
repu,orcKift, adj. ducal. 
repn,orcTBO, s. n. duchy, dukedom. 
repniOrt, s. m. duke. 

Texepa, s. f. hist. Hetsera, Hetaira, a Greek 

rexepnaMTE., s. m. hetarism, hetairism. 
rexepocKiH, s. m. pi. geojr. Heteroscians, 
TeTMaHCTBO, s. n. hetmanship. 
rexMaHt, s. m. hetman; \ -HCKitt, adj. 
rsHMsx., s. m. arch, cornice; moulding; screed; 
li r3UM.30BMft, adj. 

rnOeaB, .s. /'. loss; wreck (of a vessel); I perditjon, 
ruin, destruction; break-neck; dypnou coeiwm 6u.ii 
eio, bad advice caused his ruin: i| great 
number; — Hapod>j, an immense crowd of people. 

rHOeabHHii, adj. pernicious, ruinous, disastrous, 
baleful, fatal; ;, -ho, adw.— ly. 

rKdKiff, adj. pliable, supple, flexible, pliant; 
j;/"i^. tractable, yielding; ,1 6oi. virgate; i| -ko, ado. 

Thokocxb, s. f. flexibility, pliability, jmancy, 

riidHyxb, v.n. to perish; to pine away, wither 
away. , to disappear. 

riiranxcKifi, adj. gigantic, gigantean, giant- 

rnraHXt, s. m. giant. 

FnricHa, s. f. hygiene, hygienics; ,1 rnrieHH- 
lecKift, adj. hygienic; sanatory, sanitary. 
FHrpoMexpiiieCKitt, adj. hygrometric,— al. 
FHrpoiiexp-B, s. m. ithys. hygrometer. 
FHrpoCKoniiqeCKifi, -^HUft, adj. hygroscopic, 

FHrpocKoni., s. m. phys. hygroscope. 
FHr'L, s. m. gig. 
FH;iiaabro, s. m. hidalgo. 
FH;i;axH;i;a, s. f hydatid. 

Fu;i;2i:pa, s. f. Hegira (the Mohammedan era). 
Fii^^pa, s.f. bydra (serpent). 
FH^pjiB.iHKa, s.f. hydraulics. 
FH;)(paBJiH<iocBi:ti, adj. hydraulic; — opiam,, 
hydraulicon; -CKaa .Haumna, water-engine;— ma- 
paiih, watering-ram; — ucMeHim, water-cement; — 
Kpum, water-crane; -CKaa cu.ta, water-power; — 
npecch, liydraulic press, hydrostatic press, bramah- 
press, water-press; -ckoc koacco, water-wheel. 

Fu;i,paxi., s. in. chcm. hydrate —.«aiMe«w, min. 

rH^porpa<K)uieCKift, adj. liydrographical. 

FH;i;porpa$iH, s. f. hydrography. 

rH;i;po;i;HHaMHKa, s. /. hydrodynamics. 

FH;i;po;^HHaittHiecKift, ac^y.hjdrodynamic, — al. 

FH;i,poiiexp'B, s. m. hydrometer, water-poise. 

FH;i;ponaTH«ieCKift, adj. hydropathic. 

FH;i;ponaxisi, s. f. hydropathy, water-cure. 

FH^^pocKomb, s. m. hydroscope. 

Fnj^pocTaxnKa, s. f. hydrostatics; » -cxaxa- 
lecKift, adj. hydrostatic, hydrostatical. 

FH;i;poTepaniff, s. f. hydropathy. 

FH^^poxexHHKa, s. f. hydrotechnics. 

FH;i;po{J>aH'b, s. m. min. aqueous opal; hydro- 

FH;i;po(J)60ia, s. f. hydrophobia. 

Fh;i,i., s. m. guide. 

FHsanse, s. n. hue, hue and cry, hoot. 

FiiKaxb, THKHyxb, V. n. to cry (in attacking); 
to cry, whoop. 

Fuktj, s. m. pitch and tar; residue of coal-tar; 
il naut. ma-n-boom; thkh, winding-tackle; |j cry in 
attacking (of Cossacks). 

Fn.ib, s. f. orn. redtail; || nonsense, fiddle- 

FH.ib;i;ia, s. /'. guild; || ^HJIb7^eficKifi, adj. 

FH.ibsa, 5. /". case (of a rocket, of a cigarette). 

FH.iboxiiHa, s.f. guillotine; il -HHHii, adj. 

FnabOXMHapoBaHie, s. n. guillotinement. 

FHjboxHHiipoBaxb, V. a. to guillotine; l\part. p. 


FHMeHeii, s. m. myth. Hymen; ij^oe*. union, 
marriage; wedlock. 

FHiiaasHCT'b, .s. m. scholar of a gymnasium. 

FHMHasia, s. f. gymnasium; J -HasfeieCKitt, adj. 

FHMHacxHKa, s. /'. gymnastics; || -HaCTiiqecKift, 
adj. gymnastic. 

rHMHi., s. m. hymn. 

FHneKOjiorHqecKifi, cdj. gynecological. 

FnacKO-ioria, s. f. gynaecology, gynecology. 

FHHeKOjiori., s. m. gynecologist. 

FHHea, s.f. guinea (^1 shillings). 

FHHb, s. f. naut. wiml'ng-tackle. 

FHnepoo.ia, s. f. rhet. Iiyperbole; \ math, hyper- 

FnaepdoJiiiiecKifi, adj. hyperbolic, hyper- 
bolical; ii ■"CKH, ady.— cally,— ly. 

FunepdojoHjii'b, s.m. hypo'rbolic conoid, hyper- 
boloid. ^ 

Fnnepdoneei^i., s. m. liyperborean; J| -dopeft- 
CKift, adj. hyperborean, northern. 

FunepeMiH, s. /'. med. hypersemia. 

rHnepxpo(J)ia, s. f. med. hypertrophy. 

FuriHos'b, s. m. hypnotic state. 

FHiiHOTnaiipoBaxb, o. a. to hypnotize. 

FiiiiaoxusMT., .s\ m. hypnotism. 

FanoiioxaMi., FiiiinonoxaM-b, s. m. hippopota- 
mus, behemoth; water-elephant. 

FHnoxcaa, s. f. hypothesis, supposition. 

FanoxeEa, s.f. hypotheca, mortgage. 

Fiinoxeayaa, s. /". geom,. hypotenuse. 

FHiioxexuqecKift, adj. hypothetic, — al. 

FHiioxoH;i,pHK'b, .s. m. hypochondriac, splenetic; 
I'l -X0H;i;p!iiecKili, adj. hypochondriac, hypochon- 
dria:-al, splenetic. 

FHri(»xoii;i;pia, s-. /'. hypochondria, hypochon- 
driacism, liypocliondriasis, spleen. 

rHuiio;i;p6M'b, s. m. race course, race-ground. 

FHiicoM'.vrpH'iecKift, adj. hypsometric,— al. 

FHiicoMOxpia, s. f. liypsomctry. 

Fnnc7>, s. m. gypsum, plaster of Paris; plaster- 
stone; nenb o6MUiaui» riiiica, plaster-kiln; — 
6e30odHuii, anhydrite; Ij riincoBUfi, adj. gypseous; 
-BTjit c.iwnoKi., plaster; - Baa /?.««, plaster-quarry. 

Fiinfop-b, s.7n. gimp, guimp. 

Fiipi:a, s. f. a kind of wheat cultivated in 
southern Russia. 


— 101 


Papjio, s. n. estuary, inout]i (of a ricer). 

rBpjflH;i;a; ,s. f. dim. -;i;oqKa, garlaud, wreath. 

rapJAHEa, s. f. hot. bottle-gourd. 

riipfl, s. f. dim. rupBKa, weight (af a balance 
or clock); balance-weight; daepntiH — , door-weight; 
11 plummet; \\ -pHufl^ adj. 

rHCToaorunecKift, adj. histologic, histological. 

riiCToaorifl, s. f. histology. 

rHCTOJon, s. in. histologist. 

FHTapa, .<;. f. guitar; |1 -pHwii, adj. -Hoe depeeo, 

rHTapiiCTi., s. 7)1. -pHCTKa, s. f. guitar-player. 

TuTepcB, s. m. naut. scoop. 

ruTOBX., s. m. naut. clue-garnets, clue-line;— t/ 
6u3aHi(, throat - brail; eaftmi na -BH, to brail, 
clue up. 

FiiiKa, s. f. naut. gig; outrigger. 

^ia;^IJ, s. f. pi. astr. Hyades, Hjads (con- 

Fiajypria, s. f. hyalurgy, glass-making. 

riaxycB, s. m. gram, hiatus. 

rian.uHT'B, s. m. bat. hyacinth, crow-toe; hair- 
bell, hare - bell; .uyiuKamnuti — , grape-hyacinth; 
II min. hyacinth; ,j -tobmA, adj. 

riena, s. f. zool. hyena, hyen. 

rieporjiH$'b, see Ieporj[E(j[)t. 

r^aBa, s. f. head; eo -b-b eovcKa, at the head 
of the army: | cupola (of a church); \\ chapter, 
section (of a book): |j fig. chief, head, headman, 
superior, foreman, provost, principal; see ToaoBa. 

rjianapB, s. m. chief, conductor, leader; ring- 

FjiaBeHCTBO, s. n. supremacy, principalness. 

rjiaBeHCTBOBaxb, v. n. to command, take the 
lead; to be at the head of; to have the priority; 
to bear the bell. 

raaBHOKOMaH;i;yH)ni;ift, adj. s. m. commander 
in chief. 

FaaBHOHaiaJiBCTByiomiii, adj. s, m. general 

FjaBHOynpaBjaiomiftj adj. s. in. director in 

FaaBHHfi, adj. chief, capital, main, principal; 
essential, paramount; cardinal, premier, primary, 
prime; special; -HUMOb o^paso^i, chiefly, principally; 
specially; ca.voe -Hoe or, dtno.ha dnjin mo, the 
main, capital or essential point in this business 
\^\ — demame.ih, master-mover; — lopodi, chief town, 
capital; -Hoe ueniupa.ihHoe yupeoicdcHie, the parent 
establishment; jl in chief;— doKmop~o, chief-physician: 
— KOMandup-o, commander in chief; i| -Haa onmeh 
(dopcnu), trunk-line, main-line; jj s. the chief, 
principal, foreman. 

F^aBH^tiinHM'b oOpaaoMt, adv. principally. 

FjiaBOxaad; s. vi. frontlet, frontal. 

FJiaro.iaxb, v. a. si. to speak, tell, say: \part. 
p. raarojaHHufi. 

FaaroaHiccKifi, adj. - an^ecKaa asOyKa, 
glagolitic alphabet. 

Faaro.iXj s. m. word; iJ gram, verb; ,| - JBHHili; 
adj. gram, verbal, of the verb. 

Faar6.ibj s. wt. Slavonian name of the letter F; 
ii crane (of a machine); i, gibbet, gib, gallows, crook; 
li fcwiM. ^scaffolding - pole. 

Fjia;i;HJiKa, s. f. stamp, die. 

Fjia;i,, .«. n. tech. polisher, polishing-stone, 
burnisher, glazing-barrel: sleek-stone. 

FJIa;^HaI.HHK1>, s. m. planisliing-hammer. 

Fjia;^H.iBHi>ifi, adj. polisliing, smoothing. 

Fja^ii.iBm.HK'B, s. m. -muAa, s. f. polisher, 

r.ia;i;HXB, v. a. to smooth, polish, make level, 
glaze; to plain; to planish; to press; , to iron (linen); 
i|to soothe, caress, stroke; — cooa^y, to stroke a 
dog;— KOiO no lOAoen, to stroke on the head: fig. 

to be very indulgent to one, to connive at one's 
faults: — KOio npomue^ mepcmic, to stroke against 
the grain; fig. to contradict a person, tease one: — 
no mepcmu, fig. to smoothe, flatter one; 1, -ca, 
v.p. to get smooth, be smoothed, be polished; 
^part. p. r.iaaceHHBift. 

F.^a;^iaxopcKifl, adj. gladiatorial, gladiatorian, 

F;IaJ^iaxop'B, s. m. gladiator. 

Fjia;i,Eiti, adj. dim. -;i;eHBKift, smooth, sleek, 
slick, polished; slippery; polite; even, plain; flat, 
level; waveless (of the sea); — no6opodoKn, a smooth 
chin; -Kie eo.iocu, straight, lank hair; -Kaa 
.•namepiji, plain stuff; -Kaa dopoia, easy, even 
road; ^i flowing (style, 6-erses J;;|spruce, well fed (dog, 
horse); ji ch neto esHmKU rja;^EH; nothing can be 
got out of him. 

Faa;i,EO, adv. dim. ■J^eHBKO, smoothly, sleekly, 
slick, evenly, plainly; ocmpuMeHuuh — , close-crop- 
ped; j| fluently, flowingly. 

F.ia;i;EOCXB, s. f. smoothness, sleekness, evenness, 
plainness; [j fluentness, fluency, flowingness (of style, 

F.ia;!;*, F.ia;i;HMii, see Tojioji'h, Po.iojihhh. 

F-ia^Biiut, s. )H. hot. laser-wort. 

FJia;i;Bj s. f. a smooth or even place;, A'^. peaceful 
state: li flat stitches; muvtb TJ.h^hV)f to make flat 

Faa:Ee, comp. of TaaAKifi and FaaAKO. 

Faaffienie, s. n. polishing, smoothing; satining: 
Ij ironing. 

FJiasacxBifi, adj. large-eyed; full-eyed; quick- 
sighted;^ oculate. 

glazed brocade; j, -xoBBitt, adj. 


rt. to hot-press; 

s. f 



Faasex-B, s. m. 



F.ia5jOBH;^KBiii, adj. zool. ocellated. 

FJiasHofi, adj. of eye, ocular, ophthalmic;— 
epauo, oculist; -naa npu.MOHKa, collyrium: -Hoe 
a6A0K0, eye-ball; the ])ulb of the eye: -naa ena- 
duna, orbit, eye-hole; -Hoe, ocular. 

FJiasoKii, s. m. dim. -soqeKx., bezel, bezil (of 
a ring); \\ bud, leaf-bud (of trees); ^ bot. eye: hilum; 
[| aimniunu raasKH, heart's - ease, pansy (a 

F-'iaaoMipHHii, adj. -ho, adv. by the eye, by 
sight, by looking at or upon; ,, -naa che.HKa, hasty 
sketch, eye-sketch. 

F.iasOMipxi, 6\ m. measure by the eye, eye- 
sight. ^ ^ 

FjasvHi, s. m. -ayHBa, ^\ f. gazer, gaper, 
cockney; , rjiasYHBa (auHmma), eggs dressed in a 
dish, fried eggs. 

FaasypHXB, v. a. to varnish, glaze, lacker, 
enamel { pottery );l part. p. r.iasypeHUBiii. 

F.iaaypB, .«. /. varnish, glaze, glazing (of 
pottery); frost-work; cover-plate; . enamel (of 

dypuoii — , 

overpowers the eye; raaaa ua abiKamih, goggle 
eyes; cb 6.iecmji'inu.HU raasjiMn, bright-eyed; 
.Hiin pTbMem-o, oKMevn raasja, my eyes smart; 
eunynumb r-iaaa, to gloat; ne cnycKamt—, ne 
ceodiinib ct, kow—, not to lose sight of a person: 
nodamb aiiauh raasauu, to give, to tip one a wink: 
nycKumb nu.ib oh r.iaaa, to tlirow dust into 
the eves of a person; dn.iamb, cmpnumb KO.vy 
r.ia;jKn, to give sweet looks; to cast a sheep's- 
eye on, upon; to ogle; to smicker; 6b r.iasa, to 
the face of; Cpocambca 6b raaaa, to be obvious 

.t. 7)1. dim. raaaoEi., -so'ieKi., eye; 
evil eye; coudih))ie.ib, eudHwiu ceou.»u 
evidence, eye-witness; — ue .M0Me))io 
ciuxuKOMb cn.ibHato co)b))ia, much light 


- 102 — 


or visible to every one; to fly in the face; to hit 
the sense of sight; to ^be as clear as day; oino 
6pocuAoch MH)h eh r^iaaa, it attracted my sight; 
ypoHumh Koto ei ubuxb r.iasax'B, to lower one in 
somebody's opinion; oiuKpumb komij r.iaaa, to 
undeceive one, remove the film from the eyes; 
UMibMb MficAHHue T.iaaa, ^ to have a la,nguishing, 
loving look; y neio r.ia3a nod6iimu, his eyes are 
black and blue; y new r.iasa najiu-iucb Kpoebw, 
his eyes are blood-shot; cMompmm, lAsdwrnb eo 
em r-iasa, to stare at, look with staring eyes; 
npo6rb:)icamt raaaaaiH, to glance upon; cMompume 
eo 8C)b r.ia3a, look and see; fig. y ueio nab— 
ucKpu cbinAtotHCH, his eyes strike fire; yiimii 7i3h—, 
to disappear; ne Kaaaitib coouxh—, ue KaaambCH na 
r.iaaa, not to make one's appearance, not to show 
one's self; udma nydn raaaa u,adsmh, to follow 
one's nose, to leave home without knowing where 
to go; Ko.iomb KO.siy raaaa, KO.noinb niiMh r.iaaa, 
to reproach one icith, to cast in the teeth; vie.uHO, 
xomb—dbiKOMi, it is pitch-dark; npoub ch rjiasi. 
Mouxh! Ch r.iaat do.tou! out of my sight! away 
with you! get out of my sight! j3'"0f- c'- rjiaaii 
do.tou, U3h cepdna oom, long absent, soon forgotten; 
fig. eo3bMU r.iaaa ea 3y6u, consider the matter 
well; fig. npomepenib rjaaa uMtbHim, to dissipate 
one's property; jjrov. nmo cmapoe noMHtiemh, moMy 
—eoHb, when sorrow is asleep, wake it not; ^^^'oo. 
(•sou — aceio etbpuibe u.iii xosaucjiih — CMompoKo, the 
master's eye makes the horse fat; pror.—eudamb, 
da 3y6h ueuMemh, it is above or beyond the reach; 
prov. y cmpaxa raaaa ocaukh, terror magnifies 
objects; li «i30cww.wa raaaoMt, with the naked eye; 
jl ua r.iasax'B^ na .MOUxh rjiaaaxi., in my sight, 
in my presence; in my view; |j na r.iaaTb, adv. by 
sight, by looking at, upon; jj h'b raaaa, to one's 
face, in the face; h eio oh raasa ue eudaji-o, ue 
3Ham, I have never seen him; om eh rjiaaa Aotcemb, 
lie lies to one's face; |i 3a r.iasa, behind the back; 
too much; n Kynu.ii 9mo 3a rjiaaa, I bought it 
without having seen it; sa r.ia3a doao.ibuo, it is 
more than sufficient; |1 cb rjaay na— , — na — , 
adv. face to face, between two persons, cheek by 
jowl; tete-a-tete; || KOiucmiu — , oculus cati, cat's-eye 
(a precious stone). 

r.ia3iHie, s. n. gazing, staring, gaping. 

Tjiaa-BTb, V. n. to gaze, stare, gape. 

rjiaH;i,a, see JKe.iesa. 

r.iace, s. m. glace silk. 

FaacHCb, s. m. fort, glasis. 

r.iaCHTb, r. a. to say, expi-ess one's self, declare. 

TJiacHOCTB, .s. f. notoriety, publicity. 

r.iacHUtt, adj. notorious, public, evident; jigrram. 
■ Han 6yKea, a vowel; ; -ho, ado.— ly. 

TakcuhiA, s. m. member of the town-council. 

r.iacb, s. m. voice; prov. — uapoda, — EomHI, the 
voice of the people is the voice of God; .i sound, 
tune, tone; .see Fojiocx. 

r.iay6ei)0Ba co.ib, s. f. med. Glauber's-salt, 

r.iayKOMa, s. f. med. glaucoma. 

r.iaiuaTaft, s. m. public crier, common crier, 
outer ier, proclainicr, lidl-man. 

r.iGT'h, s. m. diem, litharge; || rJiexoBHft, adj. 

rJiCT'iepx, s. m. glacier. 

r.iHHa, s. f. clay, argil; lopniennaji—, potter's 
clay or earth; oa.ui.ibuaH — , fuller's-earth; cijkho- 
oa.ihuaH—, fulling clay, fuller's-earth; oiiicynop- 
HOH — , fire-clay; Hcnpnan—, loam, unctuous clay; 
— moui/ui, meager clay; KKpntciiiaH — , brick-eartli, 
brick-clay; ifiap'fiopouan — , china-clay; inpyfionnan 
— , pipe-rlay; — ,cM)huiaHiiaji ch co.iOMoh^ (;ol)wall, 
cobwork; (f>opM0tiaM—, putty. 

r.iiiHHCTUft, (nrj. clayey, clayish, argillaceous, 
argillous, loamy; — ipyiimh, clayey soil, loamy 

ground; -xan noma, clay-ground, clay-land;— cta- 
uem, argillite; slate-clay;— .Maj3?e.i6, marl. 

FjiHHittj s. m. min. alumin, alumina. 

fJiMHOBaa'B, s. m. clay-treader or kncader. 

rjiHHOBa.ii.Ha, .S-. f. clay-trough. 

rjiUHOseMHbift, adj. aluminous;— ^)M0K5, alum- 

FjinHOseMt, s. m. chem. alumin, alumina, alum- 
earth;— as nAacmaxb, bedded clay. 

FJiKHTBeiiHi,, s. m. mulled wine; d)bAamb—, to 

FwiHHaHbifi, ndj, clay, of clay, earthen; -Hafl 
HMa, clay-pit; -Han nocyda, earthen-ware, stone- 
ware, hollow-ware. 

FjiHHTHKa, s. f. glyptic. 

FaHnTor})a(|)ifl, s. f. glyptography. 

FjiHHTOTeKa, s. f. glyptotheca. 

FjiHCxa, s. f. worm, belly -worm, intestinal 
worm, helminth; maw-worm; n.iocKan, .lemnoHHaH 
— , taenia, tape-worm; nodKOMCHan — , dracunculus. 

Fjihcthhkt., s. m. F.iHCTHHii,a, s. f. hot. mug- 
wort; worm-grass, worm-wood, semen-contra; — 
MopcKon, coralline, coral moss. 

F.iHCTHuft, adj. of worm, vermicular. 

F.iHCToroHHbiii, adj. vermifuge, helminthic, 

FjiHCToroHi, s. m. hot. santolina, santonine, 

FaHCTi, s. m. see FjiHCTa. 

F.iHH.epuH'b, s. m. chem. glycerine- 1^ -HOBufi, 

F.iHitiiHa, s. f. chem. glucina, glucine. 

F-ioCyCb, s. m. globe (celestial and terrestrial); 
j] -CHbiti, adj. 

F-iort, s. m. hot. bloody dog-wood. 

F.lo;^aHie, a\ n. gnawing, nibbling. 

FjiOj^aTb, V. a. to gnaw, nibble, ]^ick;\\ part. p. 

F;io;t'b, s. m. hot. celtis, may-bush, white-thorn. 

r.iOTaHie, s. n. swallowing, gulping; deglutition, 
tossing oft". 

F.ioxaTO.ibHutt, adj. deglutitious, deglutitory. 

FJioxjixb, r.ioxHTXb, ;;. a. to swallow, gulp, 
gulp down, toss off; to sup, inhale;— Me.3w, to 
restrain or stop one's tears. 

F.ioxKa, .s. f. gullet, throat; pacnycmumb -Ky, 
vulg. to cry, bawl, brawl: samKuymb -Ky, to stop 
one's mouth, to give one a bone to pick; |i -xoi- 
Hbiii, adj. 

F-ioxoK-b, s. vi. dim. - oucK-b, mouthful, 
draught, gulp, sup; odunMh -xKOM'b, at a gulp, 
at a single draught; ouopojicnumb odiiuMh -XKOlti'b, 
to toss off; Oh doa -Ka, at two go-downs. 

F.ioxnyxb, v. n. to grow deaf; I to dry, wither, 
fade (of plants). 

FjiyOsKe, cojnp. of r.iy6oKifi and r.iiy6oKO. 

F.iy6HHa, s. f. depth, dee]), bottom; profound- 
ness, profundity; —.iwca, mid-wood; —no ipydb, 
l)reast-deep, breast-higli; HHcmpyMcnm^ d.iH )t3M)b- 
penin -hij eodu, water-gage, water-gauge; ehioecma 
na -Hy oodu, to l)ring afloat, get afloat; ob -hb 
dyuiK, in the bottom of tlu; beart. 
" F.iyfioKitt, adj. comp. F.iyfisKo, deep, deep- 
drawn, jirofound; -icaH mape.iKa, soup-plate, hollow 
plate; -itan nonb, dark night; oh -Kyw noub, in 
the dead of night; -Kaa cmapocmb, extreme old age; 
-Kaa dpeanocmb, remote ant'\qmtY;—mpayph, deep 
or full mourning; — ejOoxh, deep-lieaved, deep- 
fetclied sigh; -Kan nopa, dead-time; d -KO, -CoK?), 
adv. — ly; -ito ciidnmih, dee])-drawing.^ 

F.iy6oKOMiJC.ienH«K!Xb, s. f. -Mijciie, .s. ri. 
profundity of tliouglit, profoundness. 

F-iyfioKOMiJciCHHiaft, (/((/. of profound thought; 
—ue.t'ooibKo, a deep thinker; ,• profound; -HO, 
adr. — lj. 


103 — 


rJiyOoKOCTb, s. f. depth, profoundness, profun- 
dity (of thoughts). 

r.iyOb, s. /". depth, deep, profound, profoundness, 
profundity, bottom. 

rJiyMHTe.ibHwfi, ltd), mocking; scoffing, de- 
riding; scorning. 

r.iyMUTbCH, V. n. to mock, make game of, 
scoff, deride, scorn at, jeer. 

r.iyM.icHic, .s\ 11. mockery, mocking, scoff, de- 
rision, jeer. 

T-iyneuT., s. m. stupid fellow, blockhead, fool, 
booby, ninny-hammer, simpleton, dullard, uisey, 
noddy, numskull, wantwit. 

r.iynocTb, .s. f. stupidity, stupidness, folly, 
foolishness, silliness, dullness, simpleness, lump- 
ishness, blockishness; \\ nonsense, foolery; aaona- 
onmb KOio cd)b.iamb—, to wind one into an absur- 

r.iynutt, adj. dim. -neHbKift, r.iynoBaTuii, 
stupid, fool-begged, foolish, dull, simple, absurd, 
lumpish, blockish; beetle-headed; bull-headed: -naa 
KHuta, a paltry book; on-, rayni. i:aKb npo6Ka, he 
is a regular dunce, mere ninny; \ -no, ado.—\y, 
— uUy,— ply. 

r.iyniaui'b, s. m. stupid fellow, numskull; j, orn. 
petrel, fulmar, storm-bird. 

r.iyniiTb, no-, i\ n. to grow stupid, foolish, 

rayxapb, s. m. orn. heath-cock, heath-pout, 
black-game; black-heath; moor-cock, moor-fowl, 
moor-game: wood-cock. 

Tayxo, adv. dim. r.iyxoBaTO, deafly; j, dully, 

r.iyxoft, adj. dim. r.iyxoBaTHtt, deaf; |i dull, 
dark, obscure: ;^ choked (corn); ] — .jmcs, thick 
forest; -xaa deepb, false door; -xaa noub, dark 
night: -xaa nojia, dull or slack season; -xna 
OKOHHHua, fixed window-frame; -xoe .wmc?«o, a 
dull place: a by-place; -xoe okho, dead window, 
black window:— 3ff^K5, dull or dead sound;— nepey- 
.tOKh, blind alley: by-street; a no thorought-fare:— 
me)iiepe6h, heath-cock, heath-pout; hot. -xaa 
Kpantioa, mother-wort. 

rayxoHliMoft, adj. s. m. -Maa, adj. s. f. deaf 
and dumb; deaf-mute. 

r.iyxoTa, *\ f. deafness, thickness of hearing. 

r.iyfflHTb, V. a. to deafen, make deaf; I, to 
stun, deaden (sound); |i to choke (plants); jj to 
strike (fish). 

r.-iymb, *■. f. thicket, thick (of a wood); || dull 

r.iwCa, s. f. dim. -6Ka, clod; ji lump, block. 

rahi6nCTHift, r.iHC0BaTHtt, adj. cloddy; 

r.ibi6o;i;i)o0'b, s. m. agric. paddle-staff. 

r.ia;i;b, abbreviation of the verb r.TH;i,^Tb; pop. 
— , Hiiueto nnmh, we look about, all is gone. 

r.ia;^iiHie, .s. w. looking. 

r.ia;i;BTb, raaayxb, v. n. to look upon, at; (3a 
xtbMb), to look after, overlook, keep a watchful 
eye over;— «3a py^b, to depend on, lie in one's 
power; fig. — eoHh, Oh .ma, to be ready to decamp 
or withdraw; —CKOOSb naAbmi, fig. to shut one's 
eyes to a thing; — ob ipoob, on aeMAto, to have one 
foot in the grave; na new Heueto—, don't mind 
him; r.ia;^a na, after the example of, in imitation 
of; moio u ^.Ta;^M, always ready to; I fear, I 
apprehend; moio u r.ia;iiu om, npifdemh, I fear 
he will come, he may come at any moment; moio 
u T^Hji^hj Htno OHo ne npudemh, I fear he will not 
come; j -ca, v. r. to look at one's self r in the glass). 

r.iaaeu.'b, s. m. gloss, lustre, lacker, polish, 
water (of stuff). 

TaaHi^cBaTb, -i^oBaxb, c. a. to gloss, lacker; 
Ipart. p. r.iaHn,6BaHHutt. 

r.iaHi^eBr>itt, r.iaai^oBbitt, r.iaHii,OBuTbift, 

adj. glossy, lackered. 

raaxb, y. a. irr. to drive, drive away, turn out, 
chase, chase away; roaiixe eio omcmda, drive him 
away, turn him out: — cmado eh no.te, to drive 
cattle to graze; i to pursue; — HeuptMme.ia, to pursue 
the enemy; . to float, convey in rafts ( wood); to 
drive away, dismiss (a servant); to drive on, pursue 
closely; ] to oppress, pursue, persecute; cydbOa eio 
roHnx-b, fate pursues him; ronaxb, to reprimand, 
rebuke; ^i c/iem. to distill; i| -ca, v. n. (aa H)bMo), to 
chase, pursue: to hunt; -ca no numa.Mh, to pursue 
closely; jj fig. to run after, court, sue for; roHaxbca 
5a nouecmHMU, to run after honours; jjr/r<.j)r. 


raettcb, s. m. min. gneiss (a kind of granite); 
rHeficoBbitt, adj. 

reecxii, v. a. to press, squeeze; fig. to per- 
secute, oppress; :| -ca, v. p. to be pressed, be 
squeezed; part. p. THexeHHuft. 

raexeHie, s. n. pressing, squeezing. 

Fhcxi., s. m. press, weight; packer's stick. 

rHn;i;a, s. f. nit; || -;i;Hbifi, adj. 

rHD;i;HUE'b, s. in. bot. staves-acre, staphy- 

rHH.i6tt, adj. dim. -.lOBaxbitt, rotten, carious, 
putrescent, putrefied; worm-eaten; |; putrid; -.laa 
lopHHKu^ see FopaHKa. 

THHaocxb, s. f. rottenness, putridity, putridness, 
caries, cariosity. 

rHnayuiKa, s. f. rotten trunk. 

FHH.ib, s. f. rotten thing, rottenness, rot; 

THHTb, V. n. irr. to rot, putrefy, grow putrid, 
become carious; to decay, corrupt. 

raieHie, s. n. rotting, putrescense, putrefaction; 
corruption, decay. 

raiMiecxb, »•. f. putrefactiveness. putridness, 

rnijoiift, adj. putrefactive, putrescible, carious. 

rHOCHic, s. n. suppuration, purulence, impost- 
humation, ulcerousness. 

rHoeBH;i;H£itt, adj. vied, puriform. 

raoexeieHie, s. n. suppuration. 

rHoexo^iiiBbiii, adj. suppurating, suppurative. 

FHOtt, s. m. pus, matter; (lOb lAajb), blear- 

rHoii.THBbiil, raoflHUfl, adj. blear, bleared, 

rHOHCXMtt, adj. purulent, sanious, full of pus. 

THOUXb, raauBaxb, v. a. to rot, putrefy; to 
suppurate; to gather to matter, to gather to a 
head; il to dung, manure (a field); -gh, v.r. to 
suppurate, fester; y new Liaaa raoaxca, he is 
blear-eyed, he has blear eyes; his eyes run; |;2>«r*. 
p. rHoeHHwfl. 

rHOMO.ioria, s. f. gnomology. 

rHOHOHiiKa, .-;. f. gnomonics. 

FHOMOH-b, «. m. astr. gnomon, hand (of a sun- 

FaoH'b, .s. m. gnome. 

Fhocxiikh, n. m. pi. gnostics (heretics). 

FBOCXimusMi., .s. m. gnosticism. 

Faoioiifl, adj. purulent; suppurative. 

Fay, .S-. m. zo(d. gnu. 

FaycaBiixb, see V ii y c h ti>. 

Faycapb, n. m. snufTler. 

FayCHXb, r. n. to snuffle, speak tlirough the 

FayciMBOCXb, s. f. snuffling; -Bbifi, adj. 

FHycHOCXb, s. f. abominableness, hideousness, 
turpitude, outrageousness; baseness, 

FaycHbifl, adj. abominable, heinous, hideous; 
base; 1, -ho, a(/r.— bly,— ly. 


— 104 - 


TnyTB, V. a. to bend, overhend, bow, curb, 
stoop; il AV- to oppress; 11 A'^r- —top6o, to be over- 
whelmed with work; |1 fig.—cnuny nepedh Kii.m, to 
crawl before a person;— Hff ceom cmopouy, to try 
to gain to one's side; |1 rnyTbCH, v.r. to bend, 
stoop, bow down; to couch down; \\ fig. to cringe, 
crawl; || rnyTtCH oo ecrt cmopoutt, to turn and 
wind in every direction; jj^rtr^ jo. rnyxHii. 

rnymaTBCa, o. n. (Htb.m), to abhor, abominate, 
disdain, despise, loathe; to hold in abomination. 

rHiBaxbca, v.n. (na koio), to fall or fly into 
a rage with, to grow angry with. 

rntBHTb, V. a. to anger, make angry, vex, 
irritate, incense. 

rH4B.iHB0CTB, s. f. irascibility, irascibleness, 

rniB.iHBHii, adj. irascible, wrathful; |j -bo, 
adi;.— bly, — ly. 

TH'BBHBifi, adj. angry, wrathful, incensed, irate, 
irritated: H -ho, adv. angrily, wrathfully. 

rni&BT., s.m. anger, wrath, ire, rage, passion; 
„e so — 6ydb cKcoam, let it be said without 
vexing you; nodnacnib nodi — , to incur a person's 
anger; noAOMUim—na MUAocnih, to forgive. 

rni^liKo, s. m. coll. bay horse, bayard. 

rnt^^oii, udj. bay; spadiceous, spadicose; -^aa 
MCicmi, sorrel. 

rH'fejiiOia.iwit, adj. -.laa jioiuadb, roan horse. 

rH'Ji3;i;HJHiii,e, s. n. den, lair; haunt (of thieves). 

rH'fe3;i,HTbca, V. r. to nest, build one's nest; 
to nestle. 

rH48;i;o, s. n. dim. rH'B3;a;HniK0, nest, eyry, 
aerie, aery; \\ covey, nest, nestlings; l| couple; jj carp. 
mortise, guin, top-hole, peg-hole; slout; || pivot-hole; 
[naut. step (of a mast);\^hot.—crb.uHnHoe, locula- 
ment;|lwei^. nidus; || mee/i. seat, shell;— 9ffn|)/!.w«rt«o 
KpiOKa, shell of a draw-hook;— 7»op.»frt3««to ouHina, 
support of a brake screw;— n2)edoxpaHumeAbHato 
KAunaua, seat of a safety-valve. 

rnisjiiHHfi, rH'!i3;iiOB6tt, adj. of nest; ji for a 
nest; il hot. locular. 

rodeJCHM, .s. m. pi. Gobelins, gobelin tapestry. 

ro66fl, s.m. hautboy; [: -oiiHEitt, adj. 

roCoHCT^, s. m. hautboy-player. 

roBopHTB, roBapHBaTb, V. a. to speak, tell, 
talk, say; diimn HauuHaemh—, the child begins 
to speak;— 7<rt mpex^ /isuKuxr,, to speak three 
languages; — o kom^, o ^e.»^, to mention, to speak 
about, report, name; umo om uii -})h, a h cmj 
lie oibpM, he may say what he likes, 1 don't believe 
him; -paTt, it is said, they say; it is noised, it 
is reported; ue CjijdeM^ 6ojibiue—o6T> dmoMi, let us 
say no more about it;— Kjmcuo, oucoKonapuo, to 
talk big, large; nycmb om -puTt, he will have 
his say; kuko -paTi., as the saying is, as the 
saying, the story goes; -pii eoo6mc, generally 
speaking; omKpooeuHo roBopa, excuse my saying 
so; o6^ ^moM^ ocn -pail., 'tis in every body's 
mouth; muKh -paTT., people say so; nmo cma- 
uymi—7 what will people say? '-\)hnpaody, to tell 
the truth, properly speaking; ne 6yde.m—o dih.iaxz, 
don't let us talk about business, sink the sliop; 
ofl^ omoMi He cmoiim%—, it is not wortli men- 
tioning; do not name it; that's not talk-wortliy; 
:nnomT, (fianmy, -piiTi. cci.mj sn ce6}i, tliis fact 
recommends itself;— oc)ko u mo owe, to repeat the 
same thing, to ring ever the same chime;— o(?^f?</J- 
mMH, to speak ambiguously, in ambiguous terms;— 
6e3b o6iin/iKoeh, to speak plainly;— ?:«.i«JK<r//^w, to 
pun;— j«e, lOAocoMb, to disguise one's voice;— 
iia o()yMb, na aoocb, na yiadh, to speak at random; 
sacmaoumb-o ee6n, to be talked of;—KOMnjiu- 
Mcnmbi, to pass com[ilimcnts to; to pay compli- 
ments;- (3o xpunomu, to speak one's self hoarse; 
om -pHT'L coeejjiueHHO mo one, umo u oua, he sings 

the same note with her; — uaedunrb, no cenpemy, 
to speak in private; ne -paTe o6o emoMr, nuKOJuy, 
keep it private; useuniime, nmo » -pM) o, excuse 
my talking about; mu ^py^^ Co dpyiOMo ue -pHMi., 
we are not on speaking terms; — uyuib, to rant, to 
talk nonsense;— sdpaeo, to talk reason; — aaiadKaMU, 
dHuiMUMU, to riddle; to speak ambiguously;— 
no^^ ycA,oe^eM^ ccKpema, es mauHTb, to speak in 
secrecy, to speak under the rose; — npauo, omnpo- 
eeuHO,' to speak round; .i -pro er.y npaody o^ 
tjiaaa, I tell him my mind plainly; I am severe 
on him; — oduo^ a dnAam'b dpyioe, — ne mo, umo dy- 
juaeiub, to say one thing and think another, to 
look one M^ay and draw another; — mo da, mo 
utbrni, to say and unsay; — ocnooamcibHo, to talk 
sense; — , umo e36pedem"o Oo toAoay, to say whatever 
comes uppermost, to speak at random;— o anaKO- 
.^^0M^ nped-'demn, to l)e at home at it, with it; — 
MHiKo, to speak gently; omKpoeeimo -pa, h ne 
euoKy, KaK^ h Moty...., candidly speaking I do not 
see how I can...; prov. — npaedy, nomepHmb dpyowCy, 
'tis only truth can give oftense; -pa, do eceto doioeo- 
pniubcji, — 6nda, a .MOAuamb dpytait, too much 
talking does great m.ischief; jj to pronounce, recite, 
deliver (a speech, a sermon);^pibHb, to deliver a 
speech; ij -ca, v. imp. to be said, be told, be 
spoken; -pHTca, it is said; jj par*. 2^- roBopeH- 


roBopKOMt, adv. speakingly. 

roBopjiHBOCTB, s. f. talkativeness, loquacity, 

roBopjiHBBiil, acZj. talkative, loquacious, verbose, 

roBopna, s. f. constant talking, chatter, 

FoBopyH'b, s. m. -pyHBa, s. f. talker, chatterer, 
prattler, a man of many words; holder-forth. 

roBopi, s. m. rumour; j| jargon. 

roB-BJiBmHETb, s. m. -niHU,a, s. f. preparer for 
the sacrament. 

roB-BHie, s. n. preparation for the sacrament. 

FoBixB, V. n. to prepare for the sacrament; 
11 to fast. 

roBaji;HHa, s. f. beef; flesh-meat; pydAeuas—, 
mince-meat; I -Ba:Kii1i, adj. of flesh; — 6y.iwHi, 

ToroJib, S.7H. om. golden-eye, clangula; H A'^. 
xodumb -.lesii, to strut, to assume airs of impor- 
tance; ttVprance; to set up for a beau; |i roroai- 
HBiii, adj. 

ForeaB-More.iB, s. w. egg-flip. 

ToroTaHbe, s. n. cackling, cackle, gaggling, 

ToroxaTB, v. n. to cackle, gaggle, gabble. 

ToroxTHTi, s. m. -xyHba, s. /'. cackler, gag- 

ro;i;iiHa, s.f. time; jj -;i;khu, s.f.j^l see ^o- 
;l; o b ni, h n a. 

^o;^HXb, V. n. to loiter, linger, wait, tem- 

ro;i;HXbca, v. n. to do, suit, be fit, be good, 
become; to be of use, be useful; ««.«?> ne -^^iixca 
maia, tooopiimb, it does not become yoii to speak 
so; ro;i,iixca au ama Mamcpi/i"? does this stuff suit 
you? .mo nuKyda ne - ;i;HXca, that is good for 
nothing: that "is of no use; out, na ticc - J^llxca, 
he is fit for any employment; i| ro;i;iixca, v. imp. 
it will do; well. 

ro;i,inHOCXb, s.f. a yearly space of time. 

ro;^iinHMfl, adj. of a year, annual. 

ToAHOPTb, s.f. suitableness, fitness, goodness, 
convenience, convcniency; serviccableness; — 
nunibu, potableness. 

r6;i;ubiii, adj. suitable, fit, proper, good, con- 
venient, of use, apt;— KT> MopcKou ciyoKdn, kj w.»«- 


— 105 — 


eaniw, sea-worthy; smorm uAam nuKi/da ne—, this 
scheme will not avail, is good for nothing. 

FoAOBaaHii, adj. of one year, one year old; 
|i perennial. 

Fo^^OBaTb, nepe— , v. n. to live or stay a 

ro;i;oBHK'b, s. m. yearling. 

roAOBofi, adj. yearly, annual; perennial; -Boe 
uadanie, year - book; — ^oxo^^, annual revenue; 
ij anniversary (feast). 

Fo^OBmiiHa, s. f. anniversary, anniversary 
day; il anniversary service; annats, obit (for a 

To;s,'h, s. m. dim. TO}i,bK'h, -ji;6qeKi. (jjI ^o;^a, 
r6;^ij), year; twelve month; ot,—, per annum; 
Hoou'u—, new year, new year's day; eucoKocnuti—, 
leap-year; daa ^6;^a nasadh, two years ago; Oo 
xopouiiu u eh xydoii — , one year witli another; 
j)a3o $0 — , once a year; nepcai — , in a year, after a 
year; no npomecmeiii, r6;i;a, at the end of the 
year; cs ro;i;a na— , H.3'b ro;i;y es— , — ox'b ro;i;y, 
from year to year; Kpi/tAuu—, the whole year, 
all the year round; yepuuu—, unfortunate year; 
Komopuu da.Ho — ? how old are you? MWb 32 r6;i;aj 
I am twenty two years old; || ro;i;H, pi. years, age; 
MOAodue r6;i;Bi, youth; wnouiecKie ro^i^j the prime 
of life; dnmcKie r6;i;Bi, infancy, childhood; e& cma- 
pue roj^H, in old times, in times of yore; es .wow 
roj^Bi, at my age; omdamb koio eh r6;i;iii, to put 
apprentice for years; Oesi. ro;;y Hcdth.iH, coll. a 
very short time. 

roasiit, po}). see Foahuh. 

roftj interj. liol 

roaaB.iB, s. m. dijii. ■■BJinE'B; mullet, mugil 
(a fish). 

rojiaHji;Kaj s. f. canvass over-shirt, worn by 
sailors when at work. 

rojiden;!., s. m. buttery or pantry under the 

FojeHacTHfi, adj. long-legged, long-shanked; 
ii - CTHH nmiitibi, grallic order, wader, wading- 
birds, boat-bills. 

roJieHum,e, s. n. boot-leg. 

FoJieHL, s. f. leg. 

roaeHBKift, see ro;iHH. 

FoaeT'B, s. )ii. naut. schooner. 

Fojen,!., s. ?«. — .vopcKoa, aphua (fish). 

FoJiHSHa^ s. f. nakedness, nudity, bareness. 

FoaHKT., s. m. dim. roaiiioKX, besom, broom; 
whisk;Jl naut. sea-mark, beacon. 

Fojo, ado. nakedly, barely, close; || poorly; jia—, 
see H a r Ji 0. 

Fo.ioCopoAKa, s. f. apagon (fish). 

FcioOpibxifi, adj. with a naked belly; jj - xia 
puCu, apodal fishes, apodes. 

FoJiOBJi, s. f. dim. -aoBKa, -.lOByniKa, head; 
top; poll; pate; npudmu eh roaosy, to come across 
one's mind: ch -bij do noth, from top to toe; neck 
and heels; cmo/imi> Co uenoKpumou -Boil, to stand 
bare-headed; pijmwcb -Bott; u7no, I'll lay my life 
that; mepamh roJOBy, to lose one's wits; .lOMamb 
ce6n ro.iOBy, to rack one's brains; 7ia.Hu.iu7nh 
KOMy roaoHV, see HaMHJiHBaxi,; h daw roaoBy 
na oyncnHeuie, omothvaio -boio, I lay my head 
upon it, for ^ it, I'll lay my life upon it, for it; 
omennato -boio, umo oiih dmo cdibjiaerm, on my 
head he will do it; I'll lay my life he will do 
it; aadpamb cefm umo eh roaoBy, to get something 
into one's head, to run away with a thing; ouku- 
Hymb umo U3i -bij, to get rid of an idea; e()umb 
KOMy uu6ydb nmo Hu6ydb oh ro.iOBy, fig. to incul- 
cate into one's head; y neto Kpibfinas—, he has a 
good head-piece; y neio cenm.iaH—, he has a sound 
mind; mynan — , thick-head, blockhead; ^ c.m.Mn 
rojioBy, at full speed, like mad; oHepms roJiOBy, 

headlong, with might and main; fool-hardily; hand 
over head; smo 6yuHajt — , copeu — it is an un- 
restrained, violent, turbulent nature, a daring 
fellow; cyMacOpodnan — , a hare-brain, madcap; 
OKumb odiioTo -BOH), to live single; nuCumb, pa36umb 
Ha roaoBy, to defeat completely, to cut to pieces; 
7ia COOK) roaoBV, at one's own risk; nam cnnth 
HJi - By, unexpectedly, unawares; y .mckh npy- 
OKumcH—, my head reels; my head turns round; 
CHJimb ch Koio roaoBy, to put one to tlie blush; 
\\prov. CKo.tbKO - .lOB'Jb, cmo.tbKo yMooh, so many 
men, so many minds; ctijiemit roaoBy «o eo.iocajnh 
He nAanymh, when the mischief is done it is 
needless to unstring the bow; noauHuyto ro.iOBy 
w MCHh He cnnemo, a sin confessed is half forgiven; 
e.ny ua "-B-is xo7nb ko.h 7nemu, he is as obstinate 
as a mule; \eudamb koio roaoBOH), to place a 
person completely at one's disposal: j w//Z. eh -Bi 
KOAOHHu, at the head of a column; jj nodbiMamb eucoKO 
ro.ioBy, to carry the wind (of a horse);'{\ —caxapy, 
a loaf of sugar, sugar-loaf; |j — (?nk«., build, star- 
ling;— .Maioma, forg. hammer-face; 11 6of. mandrake, 
mandragora; ji a\ m. chief: tpadcKou—, mayor; 

FoaoBacTHKT&j s. m. tadpole, bull-head; ijjjop. 

FoaoBacTHfl., adj. large-headed. 

FoaoBait, s. m. miller's - thumb, bull-head, 
poll, pollard; mud-fish; chub, cob, kasel (a fish). 

FoaoBeiaEa^ dim. see FojOBHa. 

FoaoBHSHa, s. f. jole, jowl, head, poll (of a 
fish). ^ 

FoaoBEa^ s. f. head, small head (of poppy, of 
a inn); clove (of garlic); \ knob, pommel, pummel 
(of a sword, stick); — y .leiiKU, rose; ;, fig. best 
piece; \\ canoofcnuH -beh, vamps; npudtb.iamb -En 
Ko canoiaMo, to vamp or new-front boots, to cap 
a pair of shoes; ij 5i)6;ni/!«6it -brH; hot. stinking 
dead-nettle, galeopsis. 

FoaoBHott; adj. of the head; med. cephalic; — 
y6opo, head-dress; -Haa 6ojib, head-ache; cep- 
halalgy; -Haa eeua, cephalic vein; -uaa .leuma, 

FoaoBHa, s. f. brand, fire-brand, fire-stick; 
Ii mildew, ergot, blight, blast, smut, rust: ; hot. 
darnel, tare, gith. 

FoaoBOEpyacenie, s. n. vertigo, giddiness, swim- 
ming; scotomy. 

FoaoBOEpyacuTcabHUii, adj. vertiginous, dizzy, 

Fo.iOBoaoMHHtt, adj. head -breaking, head- 
splitting; II heady. 

FoaoBoaoMX, s. m. head-breaking or head- 
splitting work; -i hot. hemlock. 

FoaoBOMoiiBa, s. f. rebuke; noAyHumt xopouiym 
-Ey, to be finely pickled. 

FoaoBooCpaaHUfi, adj. hot. cephaloid. 

FoaoBOpbai, s. m. cut-throat, bully, ruffian; 

FoaoBqaxBiii, adj. capitate, many-headed (of 

FoaoBaa:Bii, s. f. pi. forepart of a sledge. 

Foaorpy;^wfl, adj. hare-hreasted. 

FOdio;i;auie, s. n. famishing, famishment. 

Foao;i;aTb, v. n. to hunger, hear hunger, be 
hungry, starve. 

Foa(»;^HPXOHeB'b, adj. augm. very hungry. 

FoaoAHutt, adj. dim. -^Ht'HbKift, roao^HO- 
BiiTwft, hungered, hungry, famislied, starving, 
starveling; belly-pinched; ua -Hbie syou, for an 
empty stomach; — cmo.ih, pitiful fare, sorry meal; 
Ii of famine; — wdh, a year of famine. 

Foao;^y.\a, s. f. hunger; ca -xh, being hungry, 
pressed by hunger. 

Fuao;^^, s. m. hunger, starvation, famishing; Ch 


— 106 — 


■";i;y, pressed by hunger; eo.iuiti—, ralnd hunger; 
the hungry evil, wolf in the stomach; ravenous 
hunger; yMupamb Cb -Ay» to die of hunger, to 
starve; lunypeHHUu "■;^OM'b, hunger-hit, hunger- 
Intten; ij famine, time of famine; \\jrrov. —ue ceou 
6pavu, hunger will break through stone walls; 
2)rov. — Jiyumiii noeapi,, hunger is the best sauce.;i;Hii,a, s. f. glazed frost, rime. 

FoaouflHEa, s. f. dragonet, lyra; —Aupa, dra- 
cunculus (fish). 

roaoMaHHbiit, adj. — eibmeph, sea breeze. 

FoJOHorifl, adj. bare-legged, bare-footed. 

rcionepuii, adj. featherless; unfledged. 

FoJioCHCTiiiA, adj. -CTO, adv. with a strong 

FciocHTb, V. n. to speak or sing loudly; 1 to 

FciocjidBHOCTB, s. f. -c.ioBic, s. n. unfounded- 
ness, mere verbalism, absence of proofs. 

FoJiociOBHuft, adj. merely verbal, without 
foundation, proofless; \\ -ho, adv. without proofs, 
merely verbally. 

FoJiocoBaniej s. n, vote; show of hands; nod- 
eeptnymj} -Hiio, to put to the vote; to come to 
the vote. 

FciocoBaTB, V. a. to put to the vote. 

FoJiocoBoft, adj. of the voice, vocal, plionetic. 

rbjioch, s. m. dim. roJiocoK'L, -co^eui., augm. 
ro-iocume, voice, tone; ^poMKUM^ -comii, aloud; 
muxuMh -coMt, in a low tone of voice, under 
one's breath; eoaeuciinib — , to raise one's voice; 
Kpimavih en eecb — , to scream with all one's might; 
tooopumb He caouMh — com., see ToBopHTb; 
lOMnHuiiib — , to change one's voice; nomepH 
-ca, aphony; ipydnoh — , chest-voice; io.ioghou — , 
falsetto, head-voice; e^ odum — , in unison; unani- 
mously; |, >?t/<.s. part; tdm — CKpmiKU? where is the 
part of the violin? ;! air, tune, tone, voice; cjiooa 
Ha inaKou-mo — , words for such a song; Kauom na 
mpa -ca, a canon for three voices; opiamiuu — , 
organ-stop; voice, vote, suffrage, motion, poll; 
co6iipamb ro.ioca, to collect the votes; to put a 
thing to the vote; uMiimb 6o.ihiae acv,xh uadnpa- 
mejibuuxh -coBT., to be at the head of the poll, 
to be at the poll; — , dammiii nepeotbCh, pn>ma.ioiniu, 
casting-voice, casting-vote; coomname.ibHua — , con- 
sultative voice; eoh rojioca aa neio, all the votes 
or voices are for him; nyemtunb npedjiojiceuie na 
ro.iocii, to put a motion. 

ro.ioclfiMaHHuft, adj. hot. gymnospermous. 

FcioycMtt, adj. unwhiskered. 

Fo.ioinea, s. c. person with a bare neck. 

Fo.iTeab, s. m. moulding-plane, cornice-plane, 

FoJirCe.iB, s. f. bat. l)lue bilberry. 

Fo.iyGeHOK'B, s. m. young dove or pigeon. 

FciyCei^T., s. m. Idue, mountain-blue; [j wooden 
monument; !! a by-building (in a liassian peasantl'^ 
/t'(<j; i Russian dance; ,| orw. pigeon-hawk, sparrow- 

Fciyfiinca, s. f. blea-berry. 

Fo.iyOHHMft, adj. pigeon, pigeon's; — noMeim, 

Fo.iyOima, s. f. female pigeon, dove; 1| see Fo- 
ji y (j H K a. 

Fo.iyfiiiiHHKi., .S-. 7)1. blue bilberry bush. 

FojiyfiKa, s. f. my darling; jj .?C6' FoJiyGiiua. 

Fo.iyftKif, s. m. pjl. hut. columbine, aquilegia, 

Fo.iyrtorjiasHtt, -URitt, adj. blue-eyed, with 
blue eyes. 

Fo.iyCott, ndj. sky-blue; azure, columbine; 
watchet; welkin; dim. -(loniiTraft, bluish, bluey. 

Fo.iyfioo/BpMtt, ad), blue-gray. 

Fo.iyOi^ia, s. /«. 2?/. meat fried in cabbage-leaves. 

FojiyOinK-B, s. m. my darling; || -OyiUKa, .s. f. 
my dear. 

Vha^Y^h, s.m.dim. -.lyOoK'B, -(JoieKt, pigeon, 
dove; culver; dragoon, runt;^^^'''"'''''' — , house-pigeon; 
dtiicih — , ring-dove, wood-pigeon; nepejievmuh — , a 
passenger pigeon; — xox.iamuh, capuchin; jacobin, 
jacobine;— flop;:?/«5, pouter, powter. 

FoayfiBTb, V. n. to become azure. 

FojiyfiaTiiHa, s. f. the flesh of pigeons. 

Fo.iyOaxHHKi., s. m. -HHu,a, s. f. pigeon 
fancier; |j orn. sparrow-hawk. 

FciyCaxanMaxB, c. n. to keep pigeons. 

Fojy6aTHa, s. f. dove-cote, pigeon-house, dove- 
house, culver-house; columbary, pigeonry. 

Fo.iy6aniii, .see TojiyoHHHfi. 

ro.iM;i;B6a, s. f. coll. beggarly crew, poor 

F6.iBift, adj. dim. -.leH&Kift, naked, bare; in 
a state of nature; ci> -.loio to.ioeoio, bare-headed; 
ch -.iBiMii noiaMic, bare-footed, bare-legged; o.iaa 
lunaia, a naked or drawn sword; -.lan iionuHa, 
naked truth; Aeyicavtb na —.loft ae.M.iib, to lie flat 
upon the ground; -.iHa c.iooa, unfounded words; 
li bald; ch - .loii tojioeoii, bald - headed; |i pure, 
unmingled, unmixed; — cniqnnT,, pure alcohol; \\ poor, 
indigent, miserable; ro.i'B, KaK^ cokojii., as poor 
as a church-mouse; j)rov. —.leHBEitt oxb, a aa 
-JiBHBKMM'B Bon>, God cares or stands up for the 
poor (expl.); |} hot. achlaniydeous. 

FoJiEJuieBEitt, adj. pebbled, pebbly, shingly; 
ii silicious. 

Fcibimi., s. m. pebble, pebble-stone, flint-stone, 
flint; shingle; copple-stone; || poor fellow. 

FojiB, s. f. nakedness, nudity; [j poverty, misery; 
]i a beggar; || poor people; U, pi. ambs-ace 
(at dice). 

F6jiBKe.iB, s. m. arch, cavetto. 

F6.iB«|)uiTpoM'B, s. m. gulf-stream. 

FojiBTB, V. n. to become bald; ij to become poor. 

Fo.iaK'B, s. m. a very poor fellow. 

Fo.iaiuKa, .see Fo^steHi.. 

FoMeonaTH^iecKifi, adj. homeopathic, homeo- 
pathical; ]| -ckh, adv. — cally. 

FoMeonaTla, s. f. homeopathy. 

FoMeonaT'B, ,s. m. homeopathist. 

FoMepHqecKitt, adj. homeric. 

FoMH.iexHKa, .s. f. homiletics. 

FoHF'B, >s. //(. gong (a resonant instrument). 

FoHj^PKi., ,s. m. naut. gun-deck. 

roH;i,6jia, .s. f. gondola; ;[ -.iBHHtt, adj. 

FoH^^o.iBepi., ,s. m. gondolier. 

FoHealo, ,s. n. persecution, oppression, pursuit. 

FoHei^T., .s. in. courier, runner, messenger, 

FoHHxe.iB, s. m. -mma, s. f. persecutor, 

FoHioMexpiiiecKifl, adj. goniometrical. 

FonioMexp'B, .s. m. goniometer. 

FoHKa, s. f. pursuit, chase; — MeoKdy cyda.vii, 
regatta; boat-race, yacht-race; ]| float (of wood); 
; raft, rafting; ' distillation; i; scolding, reprimand. 

Fouopapiii, Foiiopap'B, s. m. fee, fees, honora- 
rium, honorary. 

FoHopea, s. f. med. blennorrhea, the running 
of the reins. 

FoHopii, s. m. ambition, self-love, love of self, 

T'oHXiiiia, .s. f. arch, shingle. 

I\)irroBU^iiK'B, .s. m. shingle-maker. 

FoiixT., .s. m. arch, shingles; |j roexoBoft, adj. 
-BiiH Kpwun, shingling. 

FoH'iapmi'iaxB, v. n. to be a potter; to exercise 
the trade of a potter. 

FoHiapua, s. f. pottery. 

FoHqapcxBO, .s. n. pottery, trade of a potter. 


- 107 


FoH^ap'B, s. m. potter; -pHuft, adj. -Han 
neub, pottery-oven; -iHan mpy6a, claypipe. 

FoHiittj adj. -i<iaa co6aKa, hound, harrier, 
jowler; -naa C)/i:k, hound-hitch. 

roHbOa, s. f. galloping; ■ driving, posting. 

FoHHTb, r. a. to whip ahout, round; — Ky6apb, 
to whip a top; see ruaTi.; i| -ca, v. n. to run in 
a race; to hunt; ue.iootbKb, -aiomiiiCH aa 6oiamou 
Hed)bcmou, 3(1 6oiamcni30Mh, foTtune-hnntev, fortune- 
stealer; j 6'ee rnaxBca. 

Fopa^ s. f. mountain, mount, hill; no -paMi., 
no do.ia.H7., up hill and down dale; .ledHnan — , 
iceberg: I /'jr/. immense quantity, heap, mass; 
Q)hK^ — ropoflj a very corpulent man; | fig. ci/.iumb 
Ko.Hij 30AombiA ropti, to promise heaps of gold 
to a person; .mamb, noUinii eb ropy, to rise, make 
one's fortune; om udeim oh ropy, his shares rise; 
cmoHinb 3a koio -poH), to defend one by all 
means; y .sienH Kanh — ch yi.ieub coa.m.iacb, I feel 
myself relieved from a heavy burden; nupb -pofi, 
a sumptuous regale; ^^roi;.—cs -pott ne coHdemc/i,a 
HejiootbKb cs ue.iosfbKOMb cmo.xKHemcH, two mountains 
never come together, but two men may meet; 
prov. — .Kwuii poduAu, the mountain has brought 
forth a mouse; 3a ropaMH, beyond the mountains; 
He 3a ropaMH, not far, near, nigh; prov. c.nepmb 
ne aa -painn, a aa n.ieHa.MU, death is always at 

Fopa3;i;o, adr. much, far (ivith a comparative); — 
6o.itbe, much more, a great deal more; — 6oiaHe, 
much richer, far richer; — panbiue, much before. 

Fopaa;!,*, adj. clever, expert, quick. 

FopOaTOCTb, .s\ f. gibbosity, gibbousness. 

FopCaTHtt, adj. dim. -fioBaxbiii, hump-backed, 
hunch-backed, crook-backed; bunch-backed; camel- 
backed; gibbous; buckle -backed;, prov. -Taro 
Motu.ta iicnpjaaiimb, an inborn quality cannot be 

FopOuHa, .<t. f. dim. -fiuHKa, small hump. 

Fop6iiCTMfi, adj. knotted, knotty (of luood). 

FopOaxB, C-, V. a. to bend, bow; j -ca, v. r. to 
bunch; to stoop; ipar^ p. cropOJieHHBitt. 

FopCoHOCHfif, adj. hook-nosed. 

FopCyHii, s. m. -6yHba, s. f. hump-back; 
hunch-back, crook-back. 

Fop6yuia, s. f. sickle, reaping-hook; ,| salmo 
gibbosus (a fish). 

Fop6yaiKa, s. f. dim. -laeiRa^ outside piece 
(of a loaf). 

FopfiT., s. m dim.. ropfioKt, -CoieKt, hump; 
hump-back; bunch, protuberance; hunch; \\pop. nape 
of the neck; back; fig.tuymb — , see TayTb; fig. 
Ha.Hamh KOMy — , to beat a person. 

Fop6hr.ib, s. m. slab; m naut. check or clamps 
of a gun-carriage. 

Fop;i;eaiiBoPTb, .see rop;(ocTt. 

Fop;i;eauBMft, adj. proudish, fastuous. 

F6p;i;cHb, s. m. naut. brail, bunt-line. 

Fop;i;eu,'b, -^e.iHBeD,'b, s. m. proud or haughty 

Fop;i;HTbca, v. r. (utb.ytb), to pride one's self in, 
upon; to get proud; to take pride in; to magnify 
one's self; to bear one's self upon; to flush; to 
overween; to stand upon one's pantofles. 

Fopji.ieB'L, adj. — yae.ih, gordian knot. 

Fop;;6BiiHa, .s\ f. hot. arrow-wood; hedge-plant; 
leather-flower, spiked willow, mealy-tree. 

F6p;i;ocTb, s. f. pride, haughtiness, uppishness; 
shine; ouh Gu.ib -cxbio ceocio ce.veucinaa, he was 
the boast of liis family. 

Fop;!;!,, s. m. Fop;i;6BHHa, s. f. hot. viburniim, 
mealy-tree; .J rop;i,OBbili, adj. 

F6p;^Mtt, adj. hauglity, proud, prideful, uppish; 
high-flown: prov. -;^biM'b Boio npotnusumcH, God 
resists haughty men; jj -;^o, adv. — t'\U, — ly; prid- 

ingly, with a high hand; -;^o o6pani,ambCH cr. 
KibMb, to bristle up to one. 

rop;];biHa, s. f. pride, arrogance, arrogancy, 

FopjiiaHKa, Fop^auKa, .s. f. a proud woman. 

Fope, s. n. afifliction; grief, misfortune, sorrow, 
distress; wo, woe; fi anam eio—, I know where 
the shoe wrings him; om ucnuma.n, .hhow ropa, 
he has undergone many trials, he has bit of the 
bridle; ydpyienHbih -peM'b, overwhelmed with 
grief; CHtbdaeMuh -peu'B, preyed upon by grief; 
8b ropt, in sorrow; oHb ob Co.ibmo.m, ropii, he is 
in great affliction; cnpuaamb cooe — , to conceal 
one's grief; cs ropa, out of grief, from grief; 
prov. — He u3.Mcuoemb ci:opo, sorrow mounts the 
pillion and gallops along with him; interj. woel 
alas! — no6)bMcdeiiHu.Hb.' woe to the vanquished! — 
moMy, Kmo...., evil be to him that...; e.vy u -pa, he does not care in tiie least. 

FopeBaaie, s. n. grieving, sorrowing, lamenting, 
moaning, wail, wailing. 

FopesaTb, v. n. (o ve.Hh), to grieve, sorrow, 
lament, moan, wail. 

FopeJibecl)*, s. m. high relief, full relief, alto- 

Fope»biEa, s. c. coll. a poor wretch, fag. 

FopeJiMKaTb, V. n. to lead a miserable life; to 
be hard put to for a livelihood. 

FopeMMiHHit, adj. wretched, miserable. 

FopeHKa, dim. see ropHHn,a. 

FopecTHuii, adj. woeful, sad, sorrowful, 
grievous, distressing, painful; » HaxoMcycb 8t> 
-HOHi no.ioMceHm, I am at the worst; |; -ho, 
adv. — ly. 

FopecTb, s.f. woe, affliction, sorrow, bitterness. 

F6pei;'b,s. m. mouqtaineer, highlander, brae-man. 

Fopeib, s. f. bitter, bitterness, bitter taste; 
^fig. bitterness, poignancy. 

ropH30HTa.ibHOCTb, s. f. horizontality. 

FopHaoHxa.ibHuii, adj. horizontal; - Haa 
npoenti/iH, ichnography, ichnographic projection, 
ground-plan; — aopomb, wheel and axle; axle-tree; 
jl —HO, adv. — ly. 

FopHSOHXt, s. m. horizon; flood-mark; noa- 
aumbCH na -xi, to heave in sight. 

FopH.T.ia, s. f. zool. gorilla. 

Fopacxocxb, s. f. mountainousness. 

Fopncxbift, adj. mountainous, raontanic; high- 

FopnxBocxKa, .s. f. orn. redtail, redstart. 

FopHii,a, s.f. hot. pearl-grass, pearl-plant, pearl- 

FopHi^Biixi., s. m. bat. lychnis. 

FopH'iHHK'b, s. VI. hot. milk-parsley, mountain- 
parsley, sulphur-wort. 

FopRB, s. f. dim. hillok, monticle, mountlet, 
mount; 1 what - not; jj — dAH pacmeniU, garden- 

Fop.iuHHXb, V. n. pop. to bawl, brawl, squall, 
mouth; to rant; — u my.Mibmb, to be obstreperous 
and noisy. 

Fop-iJiHi, s. m. -JiaHba, s. f. bawler, brawler, 
squaller, a noisy man. 

Fop.iacxMfi, adj. having a strong voice; full- 
mouthed; bawling, brawling, squalling. 

Fop-ieuoKt, .s\ m. oni. young turtle-dove. 

Fop.iei;!., s. in. hot. bistort, snake-weed, easter- 
giant, water-pepper. 

Fop.iHKT., s.m. orn. turtle-dove (male). 

Fop.iui^a, s. f. dim. -.iCHKa, turtle, turtle- 
dove (female)., ,s. n. dim. - .iuuiko, throat, gullet, 
swallow; scrag; duxame.ibuoe — , throat-pipe; y 
.Menu — Co.num, 1 have a sore throat; so ece — , at 
the top of one's voice; Kpu'iauib oo ece — , dpamb 


— 108 — 


— , to shout or bawl as loud as one can; to call 
out; nn7nb eo ece — , to sing at the top of one's 
voice; xoxomamb eo ece — , to laugh most bois- 
terously; to laugh out; to laugh outright; Ij fig. ua- 
tbcmhCH no — , to cram, stuff one's self, to eat till 
ready to burst; naAuvit — , to get drunk; om cuim 
no—, he is quite satiated, he has his belly full; 
he is completely satisfied; y neio eceto no — , he 
rolls in wealth; uacmynn na — , by force; j| neck, 
gullet (of a bottle); cocydu c^ uiupoKUMU ropjium- 
KasiH; wide lipped vessels; I| ropjiOBofi, adj. 

ro})JiOBUH.a, s. f. mouth, crater, orifice; j] neck- 
hole (of a shirt); [j mcch. man-hole. 

ropjioj^epi., s. ni. see Topjiani; |1 burning the 
throat, throat-rasper (of strong drinks). 

FopaonepHfl, adj. - paa pu6a, jugular fish. 

Fop.iaHKa, s. f. hot. calabash, cudweed, self- 

FopHBepK'b, s. m. fort, horn-work. 

FopHiwro, s. n. furnace, smelting-furnace, forge, 
burning-house; il fig. do6podwmeAb ouwmemca e7> 
-Jit Hecuacmi^, virtue is refined in misfortune; 
jj -JihUhiik, adj. 

FopHHCTTb, s.m. mil. clarion, clarionist, player 
on the clarion. 

F6pHHii,a, s. f. room, chamber, apartment; 

jl -HH<IHBltt^ adj. 

FopHHiHaH, adj. s. f. chamber-maid, house- 
maid, waiting-woman, waiting-maid, servant-girl, 
servant-maid; maid-servant; waitress. 

Fopni&j adj. high, celestial, heavenly; |j ■- nee 
Mtbcmo, archbishop's stall (behind the altar); -Hee 
ue6o, empyrean. 

FopHOBofi, adj. furnace, of furnace; jj tnil. see 

FopH03aB^;^CKift, adj. of metallurgic works. 

FopH03aBo;i,qHKX, s. m. iron - master, iron- 

FopnoKaMeHHHfi, adj. - Haa nopoda, rock, 

FopHOOUHCTHTeJIbHElfi poBi, s. m. pit of 
examination, ash-pit. 

FopHopaOo^iit, adj. s. m. workman in metallur- 
gic works. 

FopHOCJiyaKan^ift, adj. serving in the mines. 

FopHocTiifl, .S-. in. zool. ermine, wintel:-weasel; 
II - CTaeBwfi, - cxaa^ifi; adj. - bhS MtbXh, 

FopHTiUKa, s.f. grate for coals (in Bussian 

FopHi., s. m. furnace, forge, hearth; — Kprnunuu, 
refinery, running, out-fire; — nojieooii, field-forge, 
travelling-forge, lorge-wagon; ij mil. clarion, bugle, 

Fopuhifl; adj. of mountain, mountainous, mon- 
tanic; — nomoKz, pyueu, mountain-sti'eam, mountain- 
tide; - Haa nyuixa, art. mountain - howitzer; 
II fossil, mineral; || lund-carried; || of mines, metallur- 
gic; ii - Hoe, - Haa nayna, metallurgy;— 
UHcm^imym^, institute for the science of mining, 
mining school; -Haa nopoda, rock; — xpycmaAt, 
rock-crystal; — .lem, amianth, amianthus, asbestos, 
asbestus; -aaa cmo.iu, bitume, bitumen, mineral- 
pitch, asphalt, asphaltum, elaterite; -hoc Macjio, 
naplitha, petrol, petroleum; — dyjJ'!', punch; — kum- 
oicum, bot. atragene: — u.xu dySoeuu mox^, bryum; 
—Haa Msma, bot. calamint; — ynpom, bot. hart's- 

Fopo;i;iiTb, v. a. to enclose, hedge, fence; 
II — uenyxy, to talk nonsense, tell idle stories; 
Il -ca, V. p. to he enclosed; li V. r. to perch; i| pari. 
p. ropoaciiHHKitt. 

Fopo;^MiuRO; s. m. a paltry town, 

ropo^Mii;e, s. m. auym. of FopoAi«5 H site of a 
town with its ruins. 

Fopo;i;HHiecTBO, s. n. provostship, office of a 

Fopo;i;HHiifi, adj. s. m. provost, town-bailiff. 

Fopo^aiOBofi, adj. see ropo^CKofi; ||s. m. consta- 
ble, policeman. 

Fopo^ilOK'B, s. m. carp, timber-yard; |j cojiauou — , 
public magazine of salt; || festoon, scallop: || -;i;kh, 
pi. game of skittles; |j divi. of Fopo^x. 

Fopo^CKoiij adj. of a town, of a city, urban, 
townish: -CKaa nouma, penny-post; — CKoe Hace- 
Aenie, urban population; -CKie owumeAU, towns- 
folk, towns-people: — t.?oi«awiaM, town-crier; -CKie 
cjiyxu, town-talk; -CKaa dyua, town-hall; — doM%, 
town-house; — oKjiyt^o, - CKoe o6mecmeo, town- 

F6po;i;ii, s. m. town, city; t.iaeHuu — , capital, 
capital town, chief-town; npoeunma.'ibHuu — , 
country-town; npuMopcKiu — , maritime town; eojib- 
nuu — (60 repMauiu), ixee-Q.\i)\lprov. umo — , mo 
Hopoe^, nmo depeeu/i, mo oSuuau, so many countries 
so many customs; «« CAoeaxz ropo^a hepem^, he 
is valiant as far as words go; uu kt, ce.iy, hu 
m -;i,yj that's neither here nor there. 

Fopo;i;bOa, s. f. enclosure, fence. 

FopoacaHHH'B, s. m. -acanEa, .s\ f. inhabitant 
of a town, townsman; -He, town's people. 

Fopoasenie, s. n. enclosing, fencing, hedging. 

FopocKon'6, s. m. horoscope, nativity: scheme; 
cocniaeameAb - noBi., figure-caster, figure-flinger; 
CQcmaeAniiLb ueti .11160 — , to calculate the birth or 
the nativity of a person. 

FopoxoBHHKt, s. m. bot. peas, robinia. 

FopoxoBBift, adj. of peas; - Boe nmpe, pease- 
pudding; — KUMeiib, pisolite; luymh—, ridiculous 

Fopoxi., s. m. collect, dim. -poniCKi, peas, 
pease; '\\prov. 9mo 6ujio npii xttapn -x'fe, in the 
days of yore, in the time of queen Bess; || oicypa- 
dAUHuUj noAceou — , vetch, tare; aeAemiu — , green 
peas, boiling peas; caxapnuu — , honey pea, sugar 
pea; — eoAOiucKiu, chick-pea; — cyxou, grinding 
pea; — e» cmpyn'bfix^, pea-pod; cmpyuoKo -xa, pea- 
shell, pea-shuck; me.iymuiut — , to shell peas. 

Fopo^iKa, diin. see To pa. 

FoponieKX, s. m. collect, green pease; dymucmuu 
— , sweet pea. 

FopoiuHHa, s. f. dim. -mnHEa, pea. 

FopoxoBoe ;i;epeBO, s. n. bot. acacia. 

Foponi^aTiiifi, adj. pisiform. 

FopcKifi, adj. of mountains, inhabiting mount- 

FopcTB, s. f. dim. ropcTKa, ropcxoiKa, hollow 
of the hand; J handful; maniple; Jj/"/^. small quan- 
tity; — c(i.rdam"o, a few soldiers. 

FopTaHHBifi, adj. guttural, of larynx, laryn- 
geal, laryngean; jugular; gram. -Haa Cyxoa, a 
guttural letter. 

FopiaHB, s. f. larynx, tliroat, gullet, swallow; 
y neio jisbiKh npuAum ko -hh, he does not know 
how to make use of his tongue. 

FopTCHsia, - cia, .9. /'. bot. hortensia, hydran- 

Fopnaut, s. m. bot. water-pepper, biting snake- 

Fa4><iaHKa, s. f. bot. bitter - wort, felwort, 

Fop'iaTb, see ToptKHyTi.. 

FoiJie, Fopqie, adj. con 

FopqiiTB, V. a. n. to make bitter, imbitter; to 
ha*; a bitter taste. 

Fopviii^a, s. f. bot. mustard, mustard - seed; 
Iprov. nocAtb yMuna—, that is like mustard after 
meat; it comes a day after the fair or what need 
of the doctor when the patient is dead: after-wit 

cow^J. bitterer, more 


— 109 — 


comes too late; ,J}ot. — dtiKctJt, rocket; — noAeaa/i, 
winter-cress; [j -^HiHuft, adj. -Hoe aepno, mus- 

rop»iH«iHHK'&, s. m. -HHi^a, s. f. mustard- 

ropuHiUHS'B, s. m. sinapism, mustard-plaster, 

Fopine, ado. si. worse. 

ropnieqHHK'B, s. m. -Hm^a^ s. f. potter. 

ropmin, adj. si. worse. 

FopiuoKi, s. m. dim. ■- moneK'b, pot; mug; 
noHHoh — , chamber-pot, chamber-utensil; prov. — 
Kom.ii/ lie moaapiiui/0, an earthen pot is not a match 
for an iron kettle; ne ooia -uikh oOjicuiawmo, it 
is not so difficult to do as it appears; no -uiKy 
u noKphiiuna, as is the brain, so is the hat; 
II nnut. iron socket; i| -meiHtiii, -uieobej^, adj. 
- Haa pi/da, gelena; -HuA xa.HeHb, oUaris, pot- 

TopbRitt, adj. dim. -KOHBEifi, ropbKOBaxtift, 
bitter, bitterish; •■Kaa iiacmoma, bitters; - Kie 
cinpyHKU, sauce-alone (plant); Ij fig. sad, painful, 
grievous, afflicting, bitter, poignant; - Kia cteau, 
bitter tears: -Koe eocno.HiinaHie, a painful remem- 
brance; -Kaa npaeda, a hard trutli; nunih -ktio 
uamij, to bear misery and all sorts of grief: -Koe 
epcMH, alas the while; '\ — nbHHUnn^ a real drunk- 
ard; dumb " KEMi, nbMHUu,eu, to drink like a 
fish; proi). ue OKycush -Raro, ue tbdaiub u c.iad- 
Kaio, one cannot enjoy the sweetness without having 
tried the bitterness. 

ropbEJEJil; adj. grown bitter; rancid, rank. 

ropbKHVTb, V. u. to grow bitter, rancid or 
rank: to rust. 

FopbRO, adc. comp. ropic, bitterly; || sadly, 
painfully, grievously; — pncKauenmbCH, to feel 
sadly; ,i o. imp. y .vena eo pmy — , I have a bitter 

FopbRoseMHCTEifi, adj. magnesian. 

FopbsoseH'B, s. m. magnesia. 

FopbRoexb, s.f. bitterness, bitterishness; Ij/V^. 
sadness, acerbity, affliction, poignancy. 

Fop-ii, ado. si. on high, upwards. 

FopB.iEa; s. f. corn brandy: ,, gas-burner, lamp- 
burner; ;| -kh, pi. catch-play. 

Fop-BJiEJu, adj. burnt, burnt out; j -.loe, s. n. 

i'opBHie, s. n. burning, combustion. 

Fopixb, V. n. to burn, flame, glow, be burning; 
II to burn, long, be longing, be inflamed with: — 
jiTooosbH), HemepntbuieMo, me.tanie.Hh, to burn with 
love, impatience, to be agog on, about, for; — KaKb 
8h oiim, to be all in a glow; i to sparkle, twinkle, 
glisten, glitter; eto i.iaaa - pari. iH)booMo, his 
eyes sparkle with fury; aonadu «■ paxi na He6)b, 
the stars twinkle in the sky; fig. Kb ucny cnm- 
xuumb? erbdb ue -paxi, why hurry so? the house 
is not on fire. 

FopiDH'b, s.m. •■Hba, s.f. an unfortunate man 
or woman. 

Fop:'oiecxb, s. f. combustibility, combustible- 
ness, inflammability, inflimmableness. 

Fopfoqift, adj. combustible, combustive, inflam- 
mable: pop. -'lia c.ieau, bitter tears; *iaa Kposb, 
heated blood. 

FopiouiRO; s.n. dim. see Tope; jj care, anxiety, 
uneasiness; e.vy h -oiRa lobmb, he does not care 
in the least. 

Fopaice, adj. s. n. common nami of all soups, 
pottages, etc. 

Fopa'iHxoJbHtjfi, ndj. heating, hot. 

Fopaqkxb, o. a. to heat, warm; | to irritate, put 
into a passion; I - aa, o. r. to heat, grow hot, to 
grow warm (in a dispute); to grow angry, be angry, 
fly into a passion; to be upon the high rope. 

Fopaqitt, adj. dim. - qeabEitt, burning, hot, 
glowing; parching:— yio.jj,, ])urning coal, live coal; 
-ice dymbc, hot blast; - »iaa io.ioohh, fire-stick; 
il heated; boiling, boiling-hot, scalding-hot; '\ strong, 
spirituous (liq^aors); fvQih, recent (traces);] fig. 
ardent, fervent, fervid, eager, warm, live; im- 
petuous, vehement, hot, hot-brained, hot-headed; 
hot-spirited, hot-spur, hot-spurred, passionate, 
mettlesome, fiery; hasty; - qee oKciauie, ardent 
wish: — He.ioo)bKi, a passionate, violent, hasty man; 
y neio - qaa lo.ioaa, he is hot-headed; -. qee 
ycepdie, an ardent zeal: - qaa Kpoob, heated 
blood; -. qaa .loiuadb, a fi^ry horse; oma .louiodb 
c.iuiunoMo - qa, that horse has too much mettle; 
iJB'b ropaqaxii, bt. ropaqi, adv. in heat, in 
passion; in anger; gt* ropaqa, see Cropflia. 

FopaqRa, s. f. burning fever, glowing fever; 
iHiiMXH — , putrid fever, typhus; — ch njimuaMu, 
nHmniicmaa—, purple fever, purpura, petechial 
fever; oib.ias — , delirium tremens; ,j fit of anger; 
\\coll. -Ky nnpomb, to toss about like one possessed; 
to exert every effort; to be in the greatest hurry; 
•. -aqeqHLi&,atZy. -aaa js^^awKa, strait-waistcoat, 

Fopaqaoexb, s. f. ardour, fervour, zeal, fer- 
vency, fervidness, passion, passionateness, warm- 
ness, warmth; eagerness, fieriness, impetuousness, 
vehemence, heat, mettlesomeness. 

Fopaqo, adv. hotly, warmly; ardently, fervently, 
fervidly, eagerly, passionately; OHi—npuHfi.icH 3a 
dmo, he is hot upon it. 

Fopamia, adj. burning; ^jjko—, bright-burning. 

FdcnHxa.ib, s. m. hospital; ij -.ibHHii, adj. 

Focnoji;apcxBo, s. n. hospodarship. 

FoCBO;i;apb, s. m. hospodar; || master: | -pCRitt^ 

Focno^eab, adj. (f. - ;^Ha, n. - juae), the 
Lord's, of God; .Mo.iumaa " ,^Ha, the Lord's 

FocBo;3;HH'b, s. m. lord, master, seignior; gentle- 
man; Sir, mister, Mr.; na.iama rocno;!;^, the 
House of Lords; am eute ne 6o.ibiuou — , he is not 
a great gentleman; au rocno;i;a N are Mr. 
and Mrs. N. at home? is the family iit home? KaKo»- 
mo — , a gentleman; adpaecmoyame rocno;i;a! good 
morning ladies and gentlemen! 6umb -;^UHOM■b 
ceoeio c.iooa, to be a slave to one's word; 6umb 
caMO.ny ceoib -homIj to be one's own man. 

Focn6;i;cKift, adj. lord's, manorial, seigneurial, 
seiguiorial; -CRaa o.iacmb, seigniorage, seigniory; 
— doMb, manor, manor-house; — npaadHUKh, the 
Lord's day; j| no -crh, adv. like a lord, like a 

Focu6;^cxBO, -BOBaaie, s. n. domination, rule, 
reign: seigniory, sway, government; prevalence, 
prevalency, predomination. 

Focn6;^cxBOBaxb, v. n. to dominate, reign, 
govern, rule, sway, lord over, domineer over: to 
overpower; to take the lead; j to prevail, predom- 
inate, command; 3ma lopa -cxByex'b uadb pae- 
HUHoU, that mountain commands the plain; u,ib.%yH> 
nedtb.iw -cxByexi wmhuU otbmepb, the south wind 
prevails for a week. 

FocB(>;^cxByIOB^^ft, adj. predominant; prevailing; 
prevalent: I -maa Jte/)K09!», mother-church; -u^aa 
cu.ia, predominance, predominancy. 

Fociioj^qHRi, s. m. lordling, young gentleman; 

Focno;^b, s. m. the Lord, God. 

Focnoasii) *•. /'. lady, mistress; madam, mistress, 

FocaosHHKU; s. f. pi. Lent before Assump- 

FocxenpiHMHiiitt, ••nuqaBbiA^ adj. hospitable; 
,| -HO, -BO, adv. — i)ly. 


— 110 — 


rocxenpiHMCTBO, s. n. hospitality. 

FocTHHaH, adj. s. f. -Haa KOMuama, drawing- 
room, sitting-room; parlour. 

FocTHHen.'b, s. m. dim. -h^hki^ present, gift, 
fairing. ^ 

rocTHHnn,a, s. f. hostelry, hotel; inn; eating- 
house: victualing-house; codepimamejib -i^Hj inn- 
keeper, tavern-keeper; jj -HHUHHft, adj. 

^ocTHHo;^B6pe^■&, s. m. shop-keeper in a 

rocTHHo;i;B6pcKift, adj. of a bazaar. 

roCTUHKiii, adj. guest's, visitor's; I merchant's; 
— deopi, bazaar, shops. 

FocTiiTL, ramHBaTb, v. n. to be on a visit 
(for a time). 

FocTb, s. m. rocTbH, s. /. guest, host, visitor, 
visit; roCTH, company; ooKudamb, npuHUMamt 
rocxeft, to expect, receive company; Cmnih eh 
rocTaxt, to be on a visit; HaaMamieuu, naaoujiu- 
euu—, a troublesome visitor, scambler; prov. tie 
eo epe.MH — xyoKe mamapuna, a guest not in time 
is as welcome as a dog at a wedding; jyrov. es 
rocxaxTi xopotuo, a .lyniue, home is home, 
let it be ever so homely. 

Focxbfia, s. f. see TomeHie. 

Focy;i;apcKifi[, adj. sovereign's; jl - ckh, adv. 

Focy^apcxBO, s. n. state, empire, dominion, 
kingdom; power; realm, weal; |i -cxBeHHHtt, adj. 
BHUtt ne.'ioerhKT), statesman; -Hoe ynpaejienie, 
policy; -Hafl naMinia, state-house; -Haa uaMnna, 
higli treason; -hhA npecinynHHKh, state-criminal; 
-iHue eudu, politics; ■.HBie doxodu, the revenues 
of the state; -naa c.iyM:6a, public service; ««• 
cnenro aHoli Kaauu, at the public charge. 

Focy;^apcTBOBaxb, i\ n. to reign, rule. 

Focy^^apb, s. m. -pmhh, s. f. sovereign, mon- 
arch; potentate; prince, princess; Ij sire, madam 
(title); MUJiocmu8Uu—, Mr. (mister), sir, my lord; 
.Miijiocmuean -pbiHa, Madam, miss, my lady; mu- 
jiocmueue —pH, gentlemen; mujiocihuduh •■puHH^ 
ladies, my ladies; — HMnepamoph, His Majesty the 
Emperor; -pHHa JlMnepampuua, Her Majesty 
the Empress. 

FoxHqecKift, adj. gothic; "CKaa 6yK6a, black- 
letter; — mpu^im, old English; "CKaa apxumen- 
mypa, pointed architecture. 

FoxoBajibHa, ,s. f. -sa.ibHHE'b, s. m. case, box 
of matliematical instruments. 

FoxoBnxb, €. a. to prepare, make or get ready, 
arrange; iJ to cook, prepare, dress (meal); \ - ca, 
n. r. to get ready, prepare one's self; -ca m ueMy, 
to be on foot, afoot; oh7, -bhjch yxoduniby he 
was ready to go away; -xca tpoaa, there is a 
storm brewing; \\part. p. roxoB.ieHHEitt. 

FoxoBHOCXb, s. f. readiness; depMcanih ooucko as 
-CXH, to keep an army ready to march; || dispo- 
sition, aptitude, aptness, preparedness. 

FoxoBbift, arZ/. ready, ready-made; -Boe riAavihe, 
a ready-made dress; j disposed, apt; — k^ ycAyta.vh, 
(in a letter), yours obediently; 6umh - bkihi> 
cdibMimh nmo nuSydb, to be about to do a thing; 
("mnn ■•BbiMi, to be well prepared for; to be 
willing; 6umb - nuM-b na ace, to abide by tlie 
event; Ciumh -bijmt. m, ncpoo.Hy npusbioy, to be 
ready at a call; :/icu)in iia oce.m -bomt., to have 
all one's expenses paid; 1 na -B'b, at point, on 
the point. 

Foxxonia, s. f. hot. water-violet. 

Fo<J[»n'i)MXX'b, s. in. aulic council (in Lironia 
and yinlond); odeph — , supreme cotirt of justice. 

F<)(I>MiiK.iep7., .9. m. court-brokir; -pncifi, adj. 

Fo^Mupuiaj'b, ,s. 7«. marslial of the court; tlie 
knight marshal; oCepy.—i, Lord high marshal; 
\ -.ibCKitt, adj. 

Fo^MC^l.HK'bj s. m. court-physician. 

Fo^MeftcxepHHa, s. f. governess to the court. 

Fo^Meftcxepx, s. m, steM'ard of the household; 
! -pcEiiK, adj. 

Fo^pHpoBa.ibHMii, adj. -uaa ruuGUKa, gauf- 

Fo^pnpoBaHie, s. n. Fo^piipoBKa, s. f. gauf- 

Fo$pHpoBaxb, V. a. to gauffer; to ruffle; ||_p«r^. 
p. -•BaHHbiJ); -Huft pi/KaoHHKz, ruffle; -Hoe 
.Me.mao, corrugated iron. 

Fo^cjjypbep'b, s. m. harbinger of the household; 
jj -pcEifi, adj. 

ro(J)xnpypr3., s. m. court-surgeon, surgeon to 
His Majesty. 

Fo(|)'b-nHxeH;i;aHxi., s. vi. court-intendaut. 

Fomniixaabj see FocnHTaab. 

Fomeeio, s. n. visiting, being or staying on a 

FpaOeaEi., 6;. m. spoil, robbery, pillage, plunder, 
rapine, depredation; jj -asHbiii, adj. 

Fpa(5eJbmHKii, s. m. -uijii^a, s. f. raker. 

Fpa^HHa, s. f. hot. witch-elm, yoke-elm, hard- 
beam; II -CHHHbifi, adj. 

Fpabnxeab, s. m. -Hin^a^ s. f. spoiler, robber, 
pillager, plunderer, depredator, rifler; cut-purse; 
moss - trooper; ij extortioner, extorter; j} tuauKa 
- .leii, a predatory party; i| - xeabCKift, adj, 

Fpa6Hxe.ibCKH, ado. like a robber. 

FpadaxeJibCTBO, s. n. pillage, extortion; see 

FpaOaieabcxBOBaxb, v. n. see FpafiHTb. 

Fpafinxb, V. a. to spoil, rob, pillage, plunder,, 
rifle; ji to extort; to ransack, sack, peel; to prey on, 
prowl; ii|>ar^ ji. rpaO.ieHHbitt. 

Fpa6.iH, -dcibKH, rake; pyKonmna 
-<3.iefi[7 handle of a rake, rake-stale; ij ^d^^i,' 
HEjfi, adj. 

Fpa6iuxHx:b, s. vi. graver, graving-tool, burin. 

FpaOTbj s. m. see FpaCHHa. 

FpaBepi, s. m. engraver, graver, carver; — npibn- 
Kou eodiiou, etcher; — na .mbda, copper - plate 
printer; — na depeert, wood-engraver. 

FpaBH.iax'b, s. m. hot. bennet, avens; punctata- 
saxifrage; | -aaxHUft, adj. 

FpaBnpoBa.ibHbift, (idj. of engraving, graving, 
carving; ;, -naa docKa, copper-plate. 

FpaBupoBJi.ibmHK'b, see PpaBepx. 

FpaBupoBJiHie, s. n. engraving, graving; carv- 
ing, etching. 

FpaBiipoBaxb, v. a. to engrave, grave, carve; — 
KptbriKou oodKou, to etch; \\ part. p. rpaBupoBaH^ 


FpaBiipoBKa, *'. f. see rpaBHpoBaHie; || print, 
cut, engraving, graving;— «« Mctiia.i.m, celature; — 
KptbiiKou eodKoU, aquatinta; — na .Htbdii, copper- 
plate printing; — na depeeib, xylography, wood- 

FpaBitt; s. m. gravel, sand. 

FpnBiopa, s. f. engraving, graving; plate;— 
6e3h nadn ucu (.lyuuiiu o)»7«mca-7.), proof-impression; — 
na depeen, wood - engraving; — KpmiKou oodnou, 
etcliing; aqliatinta; 6y.Mata d.ia -Biopi., plate- 

Fpa;i;iii^ia, s. f. gradation. 

Fpa;^Hiia, *•. f. dim. -HKa, hail-stone. 

Fpa^^iipoBiiHic, .V. n. tech. evaporation, evapo- 
rating, refining, graduation. 

Fpa,i;iipoKaxb, v. a. tech. to evaporate, refine 
(water from .^talt). 

V]y.i,i,H\)i,, s. m. -pHoe 3aBe;^eHie, s. n. tech.. 
Kradiialion-liouse; ; -pnutt, adj. 

F|>a;^HiJJi, adj. of hail. 

Fpa;i;o()6ttj s. m. damage caused by hail. 


— Ill 


ri)a;i;oHa'iaatHUK'&, s. m. goyernor of a town; 
]| .HH^ecKiii, adj. 

Fpa^^oHU'iuaBCTBO, s. n. governorship of a 
town: \] district. 
rpa;^ooTBoj,T., «. 7)1. hail-conductor. 
rpa;^onpaBUTejB^ s. m. magistrate of a town; 
II -JbCKifi, adj. 

rpa;;cKoii, adj. of a town; — lo.ioaa, president 
of the town council, mayor; provost. 
rpa^^ycHMKi, s. VI. thermometer. 
rpa;^TCi., s. m. degree; dn,.ieHie na -cu, grad- 
uation;— Ko.Hjmco, points of a compass; — cnupma, 
proof; [i -CHhiA; adj. -Hufl cmepMeuh, index-rod. 
rpa;i,mTOKi., s. in. naut. cross-staff, jacob's- 

rpa;^'!., s. m. hail; shower; — udemi., it hails; cs 
new noiiih rpa;i;oM'ij Kamwmcn, the perspiration 
falls in largo drops from him; he is streaming 
with perspiration; — ny.ib, a shower of bullets; — ydajyoeo, walloping; jj sZ. town, city. 

^pa»;^aHUHl,, s. vi. -j^aHKa, s. f. citizen, 
burgher, burgess, denizen; freeman. 

rpaai;](hHCRiii, adj. of citizen, civic; civil; 
social; private; -CKia do6podnme.ti(, civic virtues; 
-iCKaa nu.iama, civil court, common law-court; 
county-court; -CKaH neuanih, Russian characters; 
-CKoe npaoo, civil law; -CKH,.rtdy. civilly, like 
a citizen. 

rpaa£;i,aHCTBeHHOCTb, s. f. civil state, state or 
qualities of a citizen. 

rpaac;i;aHCTBeHHHifi, adj. civil, civic. 
rpaaB;^aHCTBO, 6\ n. citizenship, burghershii); 
li citizens, burghers. 

FpaMaTa, see P pan ox a. 
TpaMMaTHKa, s. f. grammar. 
rpaMMaTHKT&, s. m. grammarian. 
rpaMMaTHqecKiii, adj. grammatic, grammatical; 
— j)a36opn, parsing; il -CKH, odr.— cally. 
rpaMM0(I)6H'B, s. m. gramophone. 
FpaMMii, s. m. gram, gramme (weight). 
TpaMoxa, s. f. reading and writing; j, edict, 
decree, charter; record; ycmaoHaH—, charter of 
regulations; || diploma, patent; daopsHCKas—, a 
patent of nobility; letter, bill; eyhpiime.ihHUH -tbi, 
credentials, letters of credence; oxpuHHa/i—, safe- 
conduct, safe-pledge; safeguard; oKa.ioeannafi—, 
letters patent. 
TpaMOTKa, .9. f. pop. letter, billet, note. 
rpaMOTHOCTB, s. f. knowledge of reading and 
writing; paatpocmpaHeHie -cth, the propagation 
of reading and writing. 

FpauoTHKrft, adj. knowing reading and writing; 
literate; well written. 

FpaMoxift, FpaMOTHHK'B, s. m. -Hui^a, ,9. f. 
one who can read and write; learned man or woman. 
FpaHaxa, s. f. mil. dim. -TKa, grenade, shell; 
; iTHBift, adj. 

FpanaTt, s. m. min. garnet; —aocmoHHuu u.iic 
C.inwpodnuu, almandine; ; -TOBMfl, -thuA, adj. 
hot. aBhitt cy.coU natbmh, duKoe -TOBoe depeeo, 
balaustine; -XHoe h6.ioko, pomegranate. 
Fpan^^ioBHocxb, .s. f. grandiosity. 
FpaH;i:io3Huft, adj. grand, grandiose. 
Fpan^i, *•. m. grandee (in Spain a nobleman 
of the first rank). 

FpaHCHie, s. n. cutting into f Acets;— a. una aoer,, 
FpaOHJo^ s. n. tech. cutter, polisher. 
FpaHH.ibHutt, adj. for cutting into facets. 
FpaHiijbin;HK-b, s. m. lapidary, diamond-cutter; 
il -n^H^lfi, adj. 
FpaHHCXbift, adj. faceted, crystallized. 
FpaHEX-b, s. m. granite, granit; -HHXHbitt, 
adj. granitic. 
FpaHHXb, V. a. to cut into facets; to grind; to 

he\r;—a.iMa37,, to cut a diamond;— jMoc/Hoayw, fig. 
to ramble about; ,; part. p. rpaHeHUfl; -Huft 
62)u.ibftHmo.s<h, diamond cut. 

FpaHHi^a, s. /'. frontier, border, bound; boundary; 
confine, limit; precinct; nepeibxamb uepesh -i;j-, 
to pass the frontier; ouciamb 3a -^J', to send 
beyond the frontier, send out of a state; Ilupeueu 
ciyjicami, -i^eio .Hcjicdy..., the Pyrenees are bound- 
aries between...; na -i^axi, u.Mnepia, on the 
confines of the empire; uxaiiih 3a -i^y, to go 
abroad; npiibxamb iot, 3a -i^u, to come from 
abroad; m -i^efi, abroad; beyond the sea, seas; 
[fig. limit, bound; aulimii U37, -HUi^'b npu.iauis, 
to exceed the limits of decency. 

FpaHHieHie, s. n. settling 'the limits, demar- 

FpaHH'iiixb, V. n, to border upon, be on the 
confines of. 

FpaHM'iHull, adj. of frontier, situated on the 
frontier; , limitary. 

FpaHKa, s. /". ^rin^. slip; Koppenmypja &o -Eax'b, 
proof-sheet in columns. 

FpaHOBuxuii, adj. faceted, angulous; -xaa 
juuama, angulous palace of the Kremlin (in 

FpaajMai^iH, s. f. granulation. 

Fpani, s. m. grain (ivcight); | weight of a 

FpaHb, s. f. face, facet, side; limit, bound; 
; matJi. period; , -Hbio, facet-ways. 

rpa<|)ji, .9. f. column (of a register). 

Fpa$jr.ibHMii, adj. ruling, for ruling; -Haa 
nodKAadna, transparent lines. 

Fpa«|»HH'b, s. m. dim. - h^hki., decanter; 
■ HlBKi. (<ih cydt:ib), cruet; 1 -HHUfi, adj. 

rpa<|)HHH, s. f countess. 

Fpa^iixi., .s. m. min. graphite, black - lead; 
plumbago; jj -XHHli, -xoBbifi, adj. 

Fpa^HXb, Ha-, pas-, v. a. to rule, draw lines; 
\part. p. rpa(|)aeHiJii. 

Fpa$HqecKift, adj. graphic, graphical. 

Fpa^HBifl, Fpa^Hud, adj. divided in columns. 

Fpa$cxBO, s. n. earldom; county. 

rpa^iHK'b, s. m. young count. 

rpa(|)i., s. m. earl, count; rpa^CKift, adj. 

Fpa^ba, s.f. dim. -$efiKa, print, point, iron 
point; II -(|)eflHbifi, adj. 

Fpai^iosHOCXb, s. f. grace, gracefulness. 

Fpai^i6:{Hbiti, adj. graceful, gracious; i| -HO, 

FpaB,ia, s. f. grace; gracefulness, graciousness, 

Fpa^CHOKT., .9. m. young rook. 

Fpaii., s. m. orn. rook; || rpa<iifi, rpa<ieBbitt, 

Fpe6eHEa, s.f. dim. -uoisa, comb, large-toothed 
comb; il dressing comb; ao.ujcu, ormpuMHuue nodh 
-KV, hair cropped short, close-cropped; |i hatchel, 
hackle; heckle, hemp - comb; ^ mech. scrow tool, 
chasing-tool; \join. claw, dog, holdfast; i sea-comb 
(mollusk); scallop (fish, shell); cockle, escalop 
(shell); ^ -HOMHijfi, adj. 

FpeOeHHHKJ., -(iaeBHS'b, hot. see PpaBH- 

FpefieHoiHHK'b, .s. m. comb-maker, comb-cutter, 

Fep6eH«iaxijft, adj. pectinal, pectinate, pecti- 
nated, cfinib-like. 

FpeOeHinHK-b, ,s-. m. comb-maker, comb-cutter; 
comb-seller; bot. tamarisk. 

FpeOeHb, .S-. m. dim. rpeOemoKi., comb, hatchel, 
hackle, heckle, hemp-comb, card; poioooh — , horn 
comb; I crest; comb {of a cock); crest (of a roof); 
\ ridge; summit, water-shed (of a mauntain): |i carp. 
tenon^ tenant; jj bot. Bcnepum — , lady's-comb; '\ rpe- 
60HU0A9 adj. 




rj)edeii,t, s. m. raker; ij rower, oarsman; paddler; 
il -6en,Kift, adj. 

Tpedao, s. n. 7)ms. strickle; Mnpa nodi^, 
strickle measure, level measure; npodaeatm nodh—, 
to sell with a level measure; jl oar, paddle. 

rpeOJifl, s. f. raking: f rowing; udmn ua -.1*, 
to go with oars. 

rpeOHeBH^HHft, see rpeSeniaTHH. 

TpedHHK'b, s. m. hot. avens, bennet, dog's-tail 


rpeOHofl, adj. — ecu'o, paddle - shaft;— (?w".»n?i, 
propelliug-screw, screw-propeller; -Hoe cyduo, row- 
boat, rowing-vessel; -Hoe Kojieeo, paddle-wheel. 

rpedoKTj, .% «i. strickle; ii was. plaster - beater; 
II naut. paddle; stroke of an oar. 
rp8din,iiKTj, s. m. raker. 

TperopiaHCKifi, adj. — Kcueudapb, Gregorian 

Tpesa, s. f. raving, reverie, dream; musing; 
ij nonsense, idle talk 

rpesHTi., V. n. to rave, talk m one's sleep; 
II to talk nonsense; i| -ca, v. imp. to dream, rave; 
MHtb -HHJiocb, I dreamt. 

rpejiynitt, -Mfltiift, adj. rattling, rumbling; — 
G03dyxh',—ia3h, oxyhydrogen gas; - 'iaH 3MrhH, 
rattlesnake; -uee cejjeopo, -lee aojiomo, fulmina- 
ting silver or gold;— /ca.«e»6, eagle-stone, cetites. 
rpeniyuiKa, s. /'. dim. -meiKa, coral, rattle; 
Ij -lueuHHA, adj. 

' rpeM^Tb, V. V. to rattle, rumble; to peal; H to 
thunder, roar; nyiuKU -sihti>, the cannons^ are 
roaring; tpo.Hh -mhti., it thunders; nomoKh -mhtx, 
the torrent roars; |1 to sound; to resound; mpy6u 
-MflTi., the trumpets are sounding; cJiaea eio 
-MHT'i., his glory rings. .* j- 

rpeHa^epi., s. m. mil. grenadier; |1 -pCKift, adj. 
r pen OKI, s. m. rusk. 
rpeni., s. m. naut. gripe, cut-water. 
rpecTH, rpecTB, v. n. to row, oar, pull, paddle, 
paidle; ouh rpedeTt xopoiuo, he rows well; ciubHO 
— , to ply one's oars; il v. a. to rake (hay); ij ftg. to 
scrape, take up (money); to appropriate to one s 
self; I -ea, v. r. to be raked. 
Tpei^Kiii opix-B, see Opixt. 
rpeqa, Tpe^Hxa, s. f. buck-wheat; white-crop; 
sarrasin;|| -eiHeBHtt, adj. 

TpeiecKitt oroHb, s.m. see Otohb. 
rpe^HHa, s.f. bot. milfoil, yarrow. 
rpeiKa KpaCHJibHaa, s. /". lot. polygeny. 
rpeqHeBHKT., s. m. conic cake of buck-wheat. 
rpnOHoii, adj. -Haa ipnda, mushroom-bed; 
»Haa 3cceHni». mushroom-ketchup. 

rpnOoBHAH"**? f^^dj. mushroom-shaped, fungi- 
form; i| wed. fungous, proud. 

rpHdoBHHua, s.f. bot. water-lily, nymphsea, 
nenuphar. , 

rpHd-b, s. m. dim. rpHCoKi., -doiCK-b, mush- 
room, fungus; fidoaumuu, notanuu—, toad-stool; 
pixy-stool; coll. 0H■b—c^1bA^, he got nothing, he is 
frustrated in his expectations. 

rpHBa, s. f. dim. - BKa, mane, crest; |1 bot. 
KoncnnH — , water-agrimony. 

TpHBeHKa, s. f. ten copecks; \\ ornament upon 
images; il slope in the back for the collar. 

rpHBeHHHK'i., s. m. dim. -HH'ieK'b, ten copeck 

TpHBHCTHft, adj. long-maned, thick-maned. 
FpuBHa, .s. /. ten copecks; jj -BCHHHlij adj. 
rpiiByiisnutt, adj. racy, spicy, broad, obscene. 
rpH;i;Hn'i., s. m. obs. life - guard, satellite; 
il -iicKiit, adj. 

TpiiAiiHua, -AHa, s.f. obs. hall of audience. 
Tpn.'jeTKa, s. f. grisette. 

rpHMiica, s.f. grimace, wry face, moe, mouth, 
•wry mouth. 

rpHMaciHBHfi, adj. - BO, ado. full of gri- 

rpHMiiCHHKi., s. m. -HHi^a, s. f. grimaccr. 

rpHMacHnuaTb, v. n. to grimace, make faces; 
make grim faces, make wry faces; to make a 
mouth. , 

rpHMHpoBiiHie, s. n. rpHMHpoBKa, s. f. tiieatr. 

making up. 

rpHMHpoBiiTB, V. a. to paint, make up, rouge; 
il -ca, V. r. to wrinkle one's face; to paint oneself. 
TpHMii, s. m. make up. 

rpHnnB, s. m. a violent form of catarrh, cold 
in the head; mad. influenza; || -nnosHtifi, adj. 

rpH(3()ejib, s. m. slate; i, slate-pencil; 1| -abHMfi, 

rpn*!., s. m. bird, griffon; || myth, griffin; || mus. 
neck, fiager-board (of stringed instruments). 

rpo6HHii,a, s. f. tomb, sepulchre, monument; 
sarcophagus; ii shrine, reliquary;'! -niiiHtilt, adj. 

TpodoBofi, adj. of coffin; of tomb, of grave; 
sepulchral; — lOAocb, sepulchral voice; do - Bott 
docKU, as long as I live. 

rpoOoBmHKB, s. m. coffin-maker, undertaker, 

rpodoatHTCJib, s. m. grave-worm. 
rpodoKOnaTeJiB, s. m. grave - digger, grave- 
maker, sexton. 

^podOKpaAe^'B, TpodoKp^B, s. m. resurrec- 
tionist, a resurrection man. 

rpodoHOcen.'B, s. m. coffin-hearer, mute. 
TpodB, s. m. dim. rpodHKB, rpodoKB, tomb, 
sepulchre; \ coffin, bier, hearse; npocmou—, shell; 
KJiacmh Oh—, to hearse; Ka.^ieHHUu—, sarcopha^gus; 
\\fig.gra.\e; lAndnmh os- , cmoamb uaKpaw rpoda,- 
to have one foot in the grave; npii dsepaxn, rpoda, 
death's - door, at death's - door; meou no—, yours 
till death. 

TporB, s. m. grog, brandy and water; — cs 
caxapoMz, palm-wine; .HnmHuu-, mint-julep; nepeab 
uyph^ paadaeAeuHuu—, grog prepared by mixing 
little brandy with much water. 

rpo^enauJB, s. m. gros-de-Naples (silk goods); 
il -njieBBiti, adj. 

Tpoji.eTj'p'B, s. m. gros-de-Tours (silk goods); 
Ii -poBBiii, adj. 

rpoaa, s.f. thunder-storm, storm;— j3a3pa3M.jiaci., 
the storm burst out; do.mdb oa - SOH), thunder- 
shower; 6ypH Co - sow, thunder-storm; |1 rigour, 
severity; li/^i^. threat, menace; terror; amotm ua- 
HUjibuuKo-dAH..., this chief is the terror of.... 
TpoBi.'Bj s. m.dim. rpo3;iii[>K'B, -^oieK-B, bunch 
of grapes; racemation; ii bunch, cluster; |i ^p03;^o■ 
BBift, rp63;iiHBiii, adj. 

rpo3UTB, -ca, V. n. to threaten, menace; om 
-.SHTi. Miub Ki/AfrKOjM^, he shakes his fist at me; 
9ma myvu -3HT'B npojiiioHUUh doMdeM^, this 
cloud is threatening with heavy rain. 

TposHOCTB, s.f terribleness, formidableness, 
dreadfuluess, sternness, rigour. 

rp63HMft, adj. stern, rigorous; —unHaAhuuKh, a 
severe chief; j| threatening, menacing; — lOAOCh, 
threatening voice; 1| terrible, formidable, redoubt- 
able; dreadful; — eudh, formidable aspect; UMtbmb 
—aiiOh, to look as black as thunder; -HBia ciuu, 
formidable forces; — ypatam, a terrible storm; 
Inaum-, John the Terrible; i| - ho, adv. — ly, 

— bly. , . 

TposoBofi, adj. of thunder-storm; -Boe ooAaKO, 


FpoMiiAa, s.f heap, pile;Iima3S, hugeness. 

rpoiniAHHa, i>op. sec TpoMajia. 

rpoMUAHOCTB, s. f massiveness, hugeness, 
enormity, enormousness, prodigiousness. 

rpoMJiAHMftj (^dj- mi^ssive, huge, enormous, 
olossal; prodigious; -i^f^cwj, a colossal shape 




- 113 - 


enormous waist; - naa jmanuua, a prodigious 

rpoM;i;oja, .s. f. hot. bastard dittany. 

rpoHHJia, s.m. burglar, housebreaker, 

rpoMHTb; V. n. to batter, ruin, destroy, devas- 

rpouRifi; adj. loud, noisy, sonorous, sounding; 
bombastic, high-sounding (words); - kIh e.ioGa, 
sonorous words; i| /'i(/- famous, renowned, eminent: 
-KOC UMS, a famous name. 

FpoMBO; ado. loud, loudly, aloud, noisily, sono- 
rously;— a;»ia?M6, to laugh loudly, with a loud 
voice; — mpc6oeamb veto, to demand with loud 

rpoMKoroJOCHfi, adj. loud - mouthed, loud- 

TpoMKOCTb, s. f. loudness, noisiness, sonorous- 

TpoMJeHie, s. n. battering, destroying, devas- 
tation, ruining. 

rpoMOBeparei^i., s. m. the god of thunder, 

TpoMOBoft, adj. of thunder, thundering; loud;— 
otmodo, lightning-conductor;— j/f^^i^o, thunder-clap: 
— Ka.MeHb, thunder-stone; - bjih myua, thunder- 
cloud: ■ Baa cmpn.ia, thunder-bolt; min. belem- 
nite; eo30)bU(/amb — bijmt. io.iocom~o, to thunder 
out, announce with a voice of thunder. 

FpoMOBHtt, see FpoMOBofi. 

FpoMorJiacHBifl, adj. loud, thundering; — kuko 
mpyOa, trumpet-tongued;|l -ho, adv. loud, loudly, 
in a loud voice. 

rpoM03;^iiTL, V. a. to heap up, pile up, lumber: 
to scaffold; to settle; || - ca, v. r. to raise one's 
self, scale, settle. 

^poM03;^Kifi, adj. bulky, cumbersome, cumbrous. 

rpOMOHOCHHii, adj. thunder - bearing, thun- 

rpoMOOTBo;!;!., s. m. lightning-conductor, light- 
ning-rod, thunder-rod. 

rpoMHxaxb, rpoMHXHyTb, see PpoxoTaTb. 

FpoMie, comp. of FpoMKifi and FpoiiKO. 

FpoM'B, s. m. thunder, thundering; |1 noise; I clap, 
clash, rattle, roar, din, peal; naKo no- 
paDKeHHuh, struck with thunder, thunderstruck, 
thunderstricken; it was a thunder-stroke for him: 
rpoMH BamuKaHa, the thunders of the Vatican; 
—pi/Kon.iecKaniu, a thunder of applause;— tjae.wMWto, 
if thunders, the thunder rumbles: prov.—ne tpji- 
ueim, MyMUKo ne nepeKpeonumcH, without a 
warning a peasant will not he careful. 

FpocMeflcxept, s. m. grand-master (of an order); 

-pcEiii, adj. 

Fpocci., s. m. com. gross. 

FpoTecKi., s. m. paint, grotesque, grotesque 
figures; |1 -ckobm^, adj. grotesque. 

FpoT-b, s. m. dim. rpoTiiKt, grotto, grot; 
cavern; il waM^. main sail; — Maixa, main mast; — 
pefl, main yard; || rpoTOBWli, adj. 

FpoxHVTbCH, V. n. to fall suddenly and with 
a great noise, fall heavily. 

FpoxoxaHie, s. n. - thh, s. f. rumbling, noise, 
roar, rattling. 

FpoxoxiiTb, ;;. n. to rumble, rattle, roar, peal, 
crash, make a noise. 

FpoxoTiiTb, V. a. to bolt, sift, riddle. 
FpoxoTT., s. m. noise, rattle, rumble, racket: 
roar, din, peal; enmepo 2)a3HOCicM, doMOCU.ti— 
naAb6t.i, the musketry was breezing up on the 
wind; ji peal or burst of laughter; ji bolter, bolt, 
sieve, sifter, riddle, screen. ^ 

FpoffleBHKi., s. m. dim. -BH'ioK'b, a two- 
copeck piece. 

FpomeBoft, - lueBHfi, adj. two-copecks, low- 

Fpouii, s. m. dim. rpomnR'b, grosh, two copecks; 
Ij money; y ueio rpoiua nibiin, an dyiu)H), he is 
penniless, be is not worth a groat; he has not a 
cross to bless himself with; 6bi)nt> ocjo rpouia, we 
UMtbmb rpoina aa di/iuoh, to be hard up; fig. nu 
es — He cmaeumh, not to have the least considera- 
tion, not to set the least value on; nu na — , not 
in the least; es ne.Hb nnmh nu na — , he has 
not a grain of wit; st nc da.Mr, an smo .vndnato 
rpouia, 1 would not give a pin's head for it; it 
is not worth a hair; I would not give a doit for 
it; H HH na — ne 3a6oHycb o6r> dvioMh, I do not care 
a farthing for it, a fiddlestick for it. 
FpyGHTb, V. n. to offend, affront. 
FpyCiaauTb, v. n. to behave rudely, answer 
rudely, be impertinent. 

FpyOiaHCTBO, s. n. rudeness in speech, imper- 

FpyOianii, s. m. -Hua, s. f. impertinent person, 
rude in speech, clod-hopper. 

FpyCocxb, s. f. roughness, rudeness; coarseness, 
harshness, churlishness, unmannerliness, scaliness; 
Hatooopicvib dpyio dpyiy -CTeii, to exchange 
broad words. 

rpy6Hii, adj. dim. - OeHbKiii, rpyOoBaTHft, 
rough, rude; coarse, churlish, uncourteous, harsh, 
unmannered, unmannerly, gross, hard; obdurate, 
scraggy; ribald; — neAoanm, a rude person, ribald; 
—xo.icmi, coarse linen; - 600 cynno, pilot-cloth; 
-6afl omi(6Ka, a grave mistake: -Owa .vanepu, 
gross manners; — xoxovio, hurse-laugh; |j -Oo, ado. 
— ly; - 60 oopamambCH ch K)b.uo, to handle one 
without mittens; nocmynamb -60, to bear hard. 

Fpy6%Tb, V. n. to grow rude, grow rough; to 
roughen, harden; KOMa na pyicaxh -(JieTt, the 
skin of the hands gets rough. 

rpy;i;a, s. f. dim. - ^Ka, heap, pile: mass, 

Fpy;i;acTHft, adj. broad-chested. 
Fpy^HHa, s. f. dim. -HKa, breast, brisket (of 
an animal). 

rpy;i,HCTHft, adj. large-breasted. 
Fpy;i,Hima, s. f. med. mastitis (inflammation 
of the mammary gland). . 

rpy;tHoii, adj. breast, thoracic, pectoral;— pe^e- 
M')KS, child at the breast, v^\^.rs\\ng\—nopmpem^, 
half-length portrait:— j)e.Me«&, -naa .i.«.M/;rt, breast- 
collar;— j^e.ut^H* •(/ .imuadu, breast-plate; -naa no- 
.locmb, thorax: -naa oice-ieaa, thymus; -naa Kocmb, 
breast-hone, sternon, sternum; -Hwa muau,^ the 
thoracic veins; - hoc mo.ioko, woman's milk; jj hot. 
-HMa vipaeu, -pGctoval herbs; -naa ^loda, jujube; 
-Hiui mpaon, jnjube tree, scabious. 

FpyAO0pM)mHHfl, adj. anat. - aaa npeipada, 
diaphragm, midriff. 

Fpy;^b, .9./'. dim. ^py;^Ba, rpy;i;o^Ka, breast, 
chest, thorax; bosom, neck and shoulders; —py- 
oaiuMi, shirt-front; Kop.Mumb T^y^hW, to suckle, 
give suck; omuuMamb om~o ^py;^H, to wean; tig- 
opavib rpy^fcro-. to take by force; cimMamhCH — 
Co rpv;i,bH), to be at half-sword with; om npu- 
'Ma.l^' pe6cHi:a kt. cooch rpy^M, he pressed the 
child to his breast; 3Mih/t, omoipn.maH na Moeu 
rpy;i;ii, a snake that I warmed on my bosom; 
II chest (of a horse); iJ rpy;i,u, )>l. breasts. ^ 

Fpy3,nb, s. m. dim. rpysAoKi., rpy3;^oieK'b, 
rpy3,'iiiKT,, a kind of brown mushroom: Hi^roi'. 
na'mi.icn rpysj^ejix, noAnaau e-h nyaooh, in ap- 
propriating to one's self certain qualities, one 
must put up with the consequences; rpy3;i,eBoft, 

'rpyBiiJio, s.n. hook-lead, net-lead; n plummet, 
plumh-level, plumb-line, fathom-line, sounding-lead, 
water-gage, water-gauge. 

Fpysii.ibimtE'b, s. m. loader. 





rpysHTb, V. a. to sink; || to load, lade, stow, 
freight, weight;— c^^wo 6a^acmoM^, to ballast a ship; 
— eydno moeapaMU, npunadjieowaumMU wbCKO/vhKUAn 
xoaneeaMh, to freight jointly; || -ca, v. p. to be 
loaded, be loading; dino cydno - TCa? this vessel 
is taking in her cargo; ~part. p. rpyaseHHft; 
-Hufi oatom, loaded wagon. 

rpi'SEifl, adj. heavy, ponderous, weighty; |j -ko, 
acZy.— vily,— ly,— tily. 

rpysKOCTbj s. f. heaviness, ponderousness, 
weiglit, burden. 

FpysHO, adv. heavily laden. 

FpyaHyTii, v. n. to sink. 

rpysHHS, adj. loaded, laden; I pop. drunk. 

TpysoBoe, ailj. s. n. tonnage, tonnage - dues; 
li pay of the loaders. 

TpyaoBofi, adj. of a load; \\ loaded; laden; 
-Boe' ci/dno, keel-boat; -Baa sainepAuma, 
line, load water-line. 

Ppyaii, s.Jii. burden, weight; load, waggon-load, 
wagon-load; cargo, freight, freightage, tonnage, 
lading; clog; — ebTounmo MueoniHaio, pack-load; — 
oeanojieamiu, mech. weight of a machinery; — no- 
Aeamm, capaciousness of a machinery; mH.meJhuu—, 

FpyMt, s. m. groom. 

rpyna, TpyHb, s. f. racking-pace. 

rpyHTOBJiHiei, s. n. laying the ground (in 
painting), priming. 

rpynTOBaxb, v. a. to ground, lay the ground, 
impaste, prime. 

FpyHTi, s. m. ground, soil, land; — otcupnuu, 
swampy ground, marshy ground; — KaMeHucmuu, 
stony ground;— pwx-.^WH, half strong ground;— ck«- 
.lucmbiu, rock; — CMi6uh, soft ground;— wecvaMitri, 
sandy ground;— »v<owhwm, strong ground; — moepduu, 
very strong ground;— xprnneGamuu, gravel ground, 
gravelly ground; jj priming (of a p<c^«re^;lJ ^ec/i. 
couch; il -TOBoS, adj. 

FpyneTTO, s. n. mus. groupetto. 

Fpynna, s. f. group (of figures, isles, 
plump; period (math.). 

FpyiinHpoBaHie, s. n. FpynnnpoBKa, 

FpyniinpoBaTb, v. a. to group; I -ca, v. r 
group, be grouped; jj prjr^. p. rpynnHpoBaHHMft 

FpycxiiTb, r. n. to grieve, sadden, be sad, be 

FpycTJiuBuii, adj. melancholy, inclined to 

FpycTHUft, adj. sad, dull, sorrowful, sorry, 
pensive, melancholy, mournful; J! - HO, o(/y.— ly, 
— ily, — rily; j| /;. imp. .Murb -ho, I feel sad. 

FpycTb, .s. /". grief, sadness, dullness, sorrow, 
sorrowfulness, melanclioly, mournfulness; plaintive- 

Fpyma, .s./". dim. -lUEn, pear-tree; pear, pome;— 
d^n oapKU, baking pears; KO.Mnoim, u.n -uiTi, stewed 
pears; |j pear-shaped diamond or pearl; ji ^m.j«/z—, 
blanket; lopbKaH—, chock-pear; dntcan — , achras; 
.seM.iHnan — , Jerusalem artichoke: Mi/mKam}U(/i — , 
muscadel, muscadine, musk-pear; — nepeapnjiaH, 
MHtKan, sleepy pear; 6o.ibiaaii — , pounder; — 6oAh- 
mafi, maepO'iji, warden; I — uicBHli, adj. 

F|)yiuoBH;i;HMft, - <)6pii:jHFJii, adj. pyriform, 
piriform, pear-shaped. 

FpymeuHHa, .s. /'. tree, pear-tree. 
FpyiiiCBoe AcpcBO, .s. n. join, pear-wood. 
FpyiiiHHa, FpyinoBKa, .s. /'. hot. pyrole, winter- 

FpyiiioBKa, s. f. perry; a kind of sweet apple. 
FphHKa, s. /". hernia, rupture; nifnoHuaji — , om- 
phalocele, navel rupture; MomoHOHnaji — , oscheo- 
cele; .v/iciuiH—, sarcocele; Mamo'inaji—, hystero- 
cele; cmpadawutiin -atcii, broken-bellied; uaMumh 


s. f 

.p. to 

-my, to rupture one's self; tcMtbiouiiu -sy^ rup- 

FpHajecfeienic, s. n. siirg. section of the 

rpbiacHBlfl; FpHSEeBoft, adij. hernial, of rupt- 
ure; -Haa uo6H3Ka, suspensor, suspensory; -naa 
mpaea, hot. rupture-wort; cudweed. 

FpHseHie, s. n. gnawing, nibbling. 

FpbiSTL, o.a. to gnaw, nibble; to hite;— Hotnni, 
to bite one's nails, to pick flesh upon one's fingers; 
Wfig. to worry, torment;— «a Koto ayou, to bear a 
person ill-will; eio rpHaeT* KUKoe-mo tope, he is 
a prey to some grief; || -ca, v. rec. to bite each 
other; to quarrel, dispute angrily; codanu rpbi- 
3yTca, the dogs are fighting. 

FptrsyHi., s. m. gnawer, rodent; wood-beetle 

Fpusymifi, gnawing, rodent. 

FpiJiKa, s. f. warming-pan, foot-stove; foot- 
warmer, chafing-pan; — Oaa naipibeauiH mapeAOK-b, 

Fp-i&Hie, s. n. warming, heating, chafing. 

FpifeTb, v.a:. to heat, warm; to make warm; to 
chafe; jl -ca, v. r. to warm one's self: -ca nepedh 
oiHCM^, to roast one's self near a tire; to get a 
vvarming, to take a warming; -ca okoao koio, 
fig. to profit by one, to feather one's nest; || w. p. 
to be warmed; li par^ p. rp-BTHft. 

FpiixoBHOCTb, *\ /'. peccability, sinfulness. 

Fp-fexoEHblft, adj. sinful, liable to sin, trans- 
gressional, transgressive, peccable, peccant. 

rp4xoB6;[tHHK'b, .s. m. transgressor, sinner, 
tempter, seducer; |i -HHi^a, s. f. temptress; || -hh- 
qeCKift, adj. 

FptxoBo^^HHqaTb, V. n. to act sinfully, lead 
into temptation. 

Fplixona^^enie, s. n. falling into sin, fall, 
transgression, \z.^s'i\A^aM^ coeepmti.ih — , xA.dam fell. 

Fptxt, i\ m. sin, transgression, trespass; ce.\(b 
cuepmHuxh rp'IixoB'b, the seven capital sins; 
KOCHtbmb 6b rptx-B, to wallow in sin; oicmm 
eo rp-fex-B, to walk after the flesh; n.iomcKiu 
— , sin of the flesh; aaecmu Oo—, to lead into 
sin; il fault, error, mistake; Ji wrong, misfortune; 
enacnih eo—, to commit a blunder; bibl. to turn or 
go backwards; dmo mou — , it is my fault; ceaAumb 
ceou rpixH ho dpytato, to lay one's sin at an- 
other person's threshold; ecmb momh—, I own it; 
3a man oodumcH smorm — , he is liable to that 
fault; ch rp-feXoM-b no7ioAa.\n,, so so, tolerably; 
lamely; |) — nonoAUMT,, we will go halves, let us 
split the difference;— CKfl3ffHJ6, it would be unjust 
to say; ji pro<;. na — Macmepa mbm^, the most learn- 
ed are liable to err; excessive prudence some- 
times defeats its own end; prov. — da oibda Ha koio 
He oicuuemb, it is a good horse that never stumbles; 
nAOXo ne K.iadit, oopa m—ne ooodu, see Bo pi. 

Fp'&uiuTb, V. n. to sin, trespass, transgress, 
oftend; — vpnmuoo sdpaoaio CMuc.ia, to be contrary 
to good sense; — na koio, to slander, traduce, 
impute as a crime; — n^wmneh .mnoaiideh, to sin 
against or transgress the commandments of (Jod; 
}j to he mistaken. 

FitiiiuuiiKii, ,s. ///. - HUii^a, s. /. sinner, tres- 
passer, transgressor. 

Fp'IiiUHu, r. imp. it is a sin. 

Fp'BiUHufi, adj. sinful; \ culpable, guilty; h ai, 
;)m<).'.ro ne - iiieH'b, I am not guilty in it;— 
0MK7., m.iiiHhi'yi'itdnMmb,An)6jiiounH(>, I own it or i 
must confess it, I like wine. 

FplimoKi., s.m. t/tw. peccadillo; see Tptxi. 

Fpjij^ii, .s'. /'. dim. rpa;^Ka, layer, stratum (of 
sand); !, b.Ml, border, platband (of vegetables); 
duHiian — , melon-bed;— , .yc'yopcMHo.rt naeojo.Mb, hot- 
bed; ]j ridge, chain (of mountains). 


115 — 


^pa;^yI^iftJ adj. coming, future; see FpaciH. 
rpflSHHTb, i\ a. to bemire, mire, dirty, soil, 
sully; li -ca, v. r. to make one's self dirty, soil 

one's self. 

ri)fl3Hiii;a, s. /". Jiot. mud-wort. 

FpasHOTji, .s. /". miriness, dirtiness, filtiiiness, 
nastiness, sluttishness. 

Fpa.'JHyTb, v. n. to sink in the mire. 

FpaaHUJif, adj. dim. - HcnbKifl, miry, muddy, 
marshy: wallowish: dirty, filthy, nasty, smeary, 
foul, slnttisli, scabbed; — ue.'.ooihKh, s'-ab; - HBia 
v.iunu, muddy, dirty, sloppy streets; -Hua p>/kh, 
dirty hands; -aaa di/^ua, miry soul; -Hua c.iooa, 
foul words; i| -ho, adv. — ily, — ly; - ho, it is 
sloppy; lid i/.iunaxh -HO, tht- streets are muddy, 
dirty: Jtcuint -ho, to live dirtily; -HO-ctpHH, 

FpasHBTB, r. n. to grow miry or dirty. 

Fpasb, A-. /'. mire, mud, dirt, dirtiness, filth, 
filthiness, nastiness, foulness, sludge; podge; saur; 
s<'um, dross: \\ fig. Gbimamumb koio ujh rpasH, 
to extricate one from an abject condition; anmon- 
inantb koio C5— , to disparage one; Mncumb—, to 
walk in the dirty streets; om ne ydapmm 
AUKOMh eh—, he will keep up his dignity, he will 
do nothing to blush at; „ rpasH, pi. (nrb.ie6nun), 
mud, silt; mud-bath. 

FpaHTTB, V. n.perf. asp. — n>bcnio,tQ strike up; — 
:-a epaiooh, to rush or fall upon the enemy; ij fig. 
to exclaim, inveigh (against something); ^^ta., 
V. n. to tumble, fall suddenly. 

FpacTU, V. n. irr. to go, come, approach. 

FyaHO, .s\ n. guano. 

Fyami, s. m. painting in water-colours. 

ry6ii, s. /'. gulf, bay. 

FyOa, -s". f. lip; co omeuc.iu.\m - 6aMH, flap- 
mouthed: aaHHbH — , hare-lip; j' f/«i«. -6Ka, -OoiEa, 
liplet; uadi/mb -Obi ua koio, to make up a lip; 
to sulk, bo sulky; fig. y Hew eu(,e .ho.ioko ua 
ryoax'B ue, lie is but a beardless boy, he 
is but a greenhorn; fig. .Haaamb Kcno no ryOaMX, 
to delude a person with vain promises; \\ -6Kn 
fHcamh, to be daXnt^ : paaencumb, pacmjcmumb -Obi, 
to bo indolent; npuKycuDib, suKycumb - 6y, to 
hold one's tongue; prof. y ueio — ue dypa, he 
knows what is fine; ij bot. eepxHaa — HowniKa, 

FydaH-B, s. m. pouter, blobber-lip; jj wrass, wrasse, 
raerula (fish), drum-fish. 

FyOacTiiK'B, s. m. hot. monkey-flower. 

FyOacTwii, adj. thick-lipped, blobber-lipped. 

FyOepnaTopcTBO, s. v. governorship. 

FyOepHaTopi, s. m. governor; warden; jl -pma, 
s. f. governor's wife; [| -pcKitt, adj. 

FyOepnia, s. f. government (district); || -HCBitt, 
adj . 

FyOuTGJiB, .s. m. -HUi^a, s. f. destroyer, miner, 
undoer; overthrower. 

FydHTCiBHHfi, ad)- ruinous, pernicious, hurt- 
ful, mischievous; '[[ -HO, adc.—\^. 

ryOHTCiBCTBO, s. n. ruin, destruction, perdi- 
tion; overthrow, waste. 

FyOuTB, V. a. to ruin, destroy, lay waste, fling 
down; to overthrow, spoil; om cawo ceoH ryOnxi, 
he ruins himself. 

Fy6Ka, s. f. dim. -OoiKa, sponge, spunge. 

FyOKOBaxMft, sec ry^iaTuii. 

FyOHoii, adj. of lip, labial; — K.ieu, lip-glue; 
-Haa no.Mada, lip-salve; -Haa oyKoa, gram, labial, 
ialnal letter: j|6oi. see ryoouB-kTHHri. 

FyOoBH^THBifi, adj. labiate, lip-like. 

FyOoi^BBTHBirt, adj. bot. laliiatc, labiated, rin- 
i,';nit; -HBia paemeuiH, mint-tribe. 

ryOoiujeni., s.m. see Pa-^nna. 

ryfiqjJTOCTB, s. f. sponginess. 

FyOqaxBitt, adj. spongy, spongious, spungious, 
spungiform; i|6o<. — uapocmh na Aucmbaxh u o)bm- 
mxh dy6a, oak-apple: oak-galls, oak-Ieaf-gall; 
li med. proud. 

FyBepHiiHTKa, s. f. governess, tutoress, tutrix. 

FyBopnepTb, s. m. governor, tutor; [ -pcKifi,r/(/y. 

Fyry, inter, ooh smo.Hh hu ryry, not a word 
about that. 

Fy;^ujBmnK'B, s. m. fiddler, scraper. 

Fy;^6KT., s. m. dim. - ;];o<ieB'B, rebec, rebeck; 

I -6'iHBifi, adj. 

Fy;^oiHiiKi., s. m. player on the rebec, fiddler. 

Fy^-BHie, s.n. playing on the rebec; || fiddling; 
sounding, tinkling, droning. 

Fy;^i}TB, o. n. to sound, tinkle, drone, hum. 

FyaceBoft, adj. land-carried. 

FyaioMi, adr. by land, in carts, by wheels. 

FyacB, s. m. rope; || till-tug, collar-straii; prov. 
e3HXCH 3a — , He loeopu, umo ue ^}o^^c^, as the ale 
is drawn it must be drunk. 

FysKa, s. f. rump, croup (of birds). 

FyKapx, .9. m. naut. howker, hoy (ship). 

FvKaTB, -KHyxB, V. n. to hum, hoot. 

FyaeBott, adj. — deub, holiday. 

Fy.ieHa, .s. c. coll. sluggard, lounger. 

Fyanxb, v. n. to lisp, begin to speak; to crow 
(of babies). 

FyjiKili, adj. resounding, sounding; || -KO, adi- 

Fyai, s. in. rumbling, rumble, drone; '| echo. 

Fy.ibOa, s. f. idleness, roving, strolling, saun- 

FyaBOnme, s. ii. public walk, promenade. 

ryjiB;i;eH'B, s. m. gulden, florin (Germav coin). 

Fy.iB.TiiBBiii, adj. idle, slothful, lazy; i -bo, 
adv. idly,— ly, — zil/. 

FyaBHYXB, V. n. to feast, merry-make, divert 
one's self. 

FyaB^nKTb, s. m. flap (of trowsers). 

FyjiioiKH, s. f. pi. hide-and-seek (a game). 

Fy.iaBHi^a, .9. f. hot. nosebleed, yarrow. 

FyaaKa, s. c. idler; saunterer; gadder: \. rake, 

Fy-iaaBmuKt, s. m. -miin,a, .9. /'. walker. 

Fyaanie, -HBe, s. n. walk, walking, prome- 
nade, sauntering. 

Fy.iaHKa, s. f. leisure, leisure time; ; na -Bax'B, 
adv. at leisure, leisurely. 

FyaaxB, v. n. to walk, take a walk; j] to divert 
one's self; || to be at leisure, be out of work, be 
idle; ,1 to lead a loose life; pap. ana -aox-B om. 
.»ynca, she is unfaithful to her husband: -cn, 
V. imp. to be disposed to walking. 

Fy.ia!U,ifl, adj. leisurely, idle, unoccupied: 

II free. 

Fy.iaromiit, adj. s. jn. walker. 

FyMaHiicxi, s. m. humanist. 

FyjiaHiixapHHii, adj. humanitarian. 

FyjiaHHOCXB, s. f- humanity, compassion; 
il -HHBilt, adj. humane, compassionate. 

Fy.MeHHiiK'B, »•. m. stack-yard. 

FyMt'Hue, s. n. tonsure; ; *////!. see FyMHO. 

FyiieHui;nK'B, s. w. keeper of the stack-yard. 

FysiMH, s. ?». indecl. gum, resin. 

FyMMH-apaOifKi., s-. m. gum-arabic. 

Fy.MMnryxT., s. in. gamboge, guni-gutta. 

FyMMii.iaKTi, \. »/. gum-lac, gum-liicva. 

FyMMU-iaoxiiKi., .s-. m. gum elastic. India-rubber, 

Fyjiiio, s. n. dim. ryMeHi;c, thrashing-floor, 
b;irn-floor, barn; corn-floor; -JieHiiBirt, adj. 

FynaBUtt, adj. bald, bald-headed. 

Fvpia, s. f. houri. 

FypxHKT., s. m. the milling on a coin, tV.e ring 
on a niece of coin. 



116 - 


FypTH.iBmHK'b, s. m. one who stamps the mil- 
ling of a coin. 

FypTHTb, V. a. to mill the edge (of a coin). 

rypTOBoii, adj. of a herd; || wholesale, 

rypTOBmHKi>, s. m. wholesale merchant; |i driver 
of a drove, drover. 

FypTOMt, ado. by wholesale, in a lump, in the 
lump; by the lump; by the great; in gross, in the 
gross, by the gross; npodaeatnh — , to sell by the 
whole; II in a body; ohu nom.tu — , they went in a 

Fypxi, s. m. flock, herd, drove (of cattle). 

FypLfia, s. f. pop. herd, crowd; || -Cott^ adv. in 
a crowd, all together; thick-coming. 

FycaKt, s. m. gander, male of a goose; || pluck 
(of a calf). 

Fycapi, s. m. hussar; cAyowumh e^ -paxi, to 
serve in the hussars; nycmumh KOJ»y -pa e^ Hoc^, 
to tickle a person's nose with a twist of paper 
when asleep; |i chance hit {at billiards); \\ »pcBiti^ 

FyceBt, s. m. dim. gosling; || goose (a game): 
\\arch. ogee, cyma, recta, cymatium, doucine;l|waM*. 
catch-anchor; II see Pycb. 

FyceJibHHKt, s. m. dulcimer maker or player. 

FycBMi., see FycBKOMi.. 

FyceHHn,a, s. f. insect, caterpillar; palmer; 
palmer-worm; canker-worm; pynnaH — , procession- 
ing caterpillar; |1 -HH^HBiit, adj. 

FyceHOKi, s. m. gosling, green goose. 

FyCHHEitt^ adj. of a goose; -Haa KOMa, goose- 
skin; II hot. -Haa AanKa, goose-foot, wild tansy; 
wild orach; ■■Haa mpaea, silvef-weed. 

FycjH, s. f. pi. dulcimer, psaltery, psalterion; 

-CBJIbHElfi, adj. 

Fyciap-b, -aucT-B, 5. m. dulcimer-player. 

FyCTHTb, V. a. to thicken, condense; ji -ca, v. r. 
to thicken, grow thick, condense. 

FyCTO, ndn. dim. rycxeHbKO, thick, thickly, 
densely; — HaecAeHHuu, many-peopled; — HaceAeHHan 
cmpaHa, a country overlaid with inhabitants. 

FycToOpoBMfl, adj. bushy-browed. 

FyCTOBOJioCHft, adj. bushy-haired. 

FyCTott, adj. thick, dense; thick-set; deep 
(coice, tune); bushy, sad (colour); hot. leathery; 
rank (grass); "Xaa moAna, a thick crowd; —Toe 
oepeeo, rank tree; -xoe euuo, thick wine; -xoe 
aiiuo, a hard egg; — Anc^, jungle; eoda -x-Be eo3- 
di/xa, water is denser than air. 

FycxojHCXBeHHbiii, adj. bushy-leaved. 

Fycxopacxymiii, adj. growing thickly. 

Fycxoxa, s. f. thickness, thick, density, dense- 
ness, bushiness. 

FycxBib, V. n. to thicken, grow thick or dense, 
condense, condensate. 

FyChiHa, .s. f. tlie female goose. 

Fycb, ,s. in. goose; Kpacxuh—, flamingo, pheni- 
copter; duiciii — , birgander, wild-goose, ganza; fig. 
smo —Mnmnmuu, he is a cunning rogue; xopoiu% 
— I it is a fine gooscl kuko c% ryca eoda, as if 
nothing were the matter. 

FycBKOM-B, ado. in a file, one after another; 
tandem (of horses). 

FycaxHHa, s. /'. goose-flesh. 

FycaxKHK-B, .s. m. -iTiiii,a; s. f. goose - herd: 
goose-merchant: ji -iinnifl, adj. 

FycaxHa, .s. /'. goose-house, goosery. 

FycaqiJi, see FycHnHfl. 

FyxopHXB, /•. n. pop. to talk, chat, chatter, 

Fyxxa-nep'ia, .9. /; gutta-percha, resin, elastic: 
I -qeitF.iN, adj. 

Fyma, s. f residue, residuum; sediment, grounds, 
lees, dregs, settlings, grouts; potale; KO'fieuiiaH—, 
coflfee-groonds; || ryn^anott^ adj. 

Fyaaa, s. f. hot. guava, guava-tree. 
FioftCB, s. m. naut. jack; jack-flag; o6miu—, 
union-jack; — mmoKi, jack-staff. 
Faypi, s. m. giaour. 


JI,, s. n. the fiftli letter of the Russian alpha- 

J^a, ado. yes; uu ;^a, uu uwm, neither yes nor 
no; II conj. but, and; that; may; a coiAacna, fl,SL 
moAbKo ch yc.iooieM~o, I consent, but under one 
condition; x.%n6i—eoda, bread and water; «e xony, 
— u moAt>Ko, 1 will not and that's all; — 6y^em^ 
om npoK^f^m^! let him be cursedl — uy eto! let him 
be! — 6y^em^ mam! so be it, so let it bel — Hucno- 
xuAemi eaM^ He6o do.itie dnu! may Heaven grant 
you a long lifel — 3^paecmeyem.^ Poccin! Russia for 

JI,a6EJ, conj. in order that, so that, that, in 
order to, so as to, to, for; — ou dmo auaAu, in 
order that you might know it; — hu es ^eM^ «e 
ynpcKamh ce6H, in order not to have anything 
to reproach one's self with. 

J],aBaJibii];HB'b, s. m. bidder, employer. 

JI,aBaHie; s. n. giving, dispensation. 

J|,aB<axb, ;^axb 0. a. irr. (pres. ;i(aH), fut. ;^aM'B)y 
to give, bestow, grant; to yield, produce; to 
permit, allow, let; to set; — .mi.iocmuHio, to give 
alms; ;i;axb cpajiceuie, to give or offer battle: — 
docmym, to give way, admission; — noeodh, to give 
cause, occasion; — omuemi^ to give an account; — 
doonpeHHOcmi, to warrant; — HacmaoAenie, ypoKi, to 
school; —moAUOKh, to give a push; — no HeMHOiy,MTbpofu 
to inch, to give sparingly; h ^i.aM'B lOAoey na omctbve- 
uie, nmo dmo max^, I'll wager my head it is so; /i 3a 
dmo He ;^aM'B hu noneuKii, I would not give a 
farthing, a straw, a pin's head for it; nmo ^^aibx'b 
ceiodna eh onepn? what do they play to-day at 
the opera? ;^axb noseoAeuie, to give or grant 
permission; ;i,axb «a enpy, to leave or refer to 
one's own conscience; — na eu6oph, to set before; 
H ;^aM) oaM^ na eu6op^, I leave it to your choice; 
;];axB npuMibpi, to set an example; ;i;axB notne- 
mmy, to give a person a slap in the face; e.My 
HCAhSH ;i;axB 6oAhme doadnamu Anm^, he does not 
look more than twenty; emo depeoo j^aexi mhoio 
nAO^oo^, that tree yields much fruit; aw«o nped- 
npinmie ;^ mhoio Gapwuia, this enterprise has 
produced much profit; ckoai>ko ;i;aexi ea.^^ gmo 
UMiMiie? what does that estate bring you? ;^axb 
mnopu Aomftdu, to spur a horse, clap spurs to 
one's horse; ;i,attxe cjny loeoprimb, let him speak: 
ji,afixe MHn, oaMh omewmumb, let me answer yon: 
H UMb lie ;^aMi cHnnmbCH nadh ?<?f.w», a ue ;^aM^> 
e^o eb o6i(di/, I will not allow them to laugh at 
him, to offend him; c.w// ;^ajin Kpecm^, they 
bestowed a cross upon him; ^i^axB komii na 
u.-idepoKKU, to supply tlie expenses; dmo ;^aa(^ 
nuui/y ofmhecmocHiiOMii .iK>6onumcmey, tliat has 
furnished food for tlie public curiosity; amom-o 
ane.ibcuHh j(,a\':T'h mhoio cony, this orange is very 
juicy; ;^axB AeKapcmon^ to administer a remedy; — 
e3au.HU, to lend; — eaau-Hu nod7> aaAOih, to lend 
on de])osit; ;^axB K.iamoy, to swear, to take an 
oath; ;^axb siianib, to let know; ;^axf. suamb Ko.vy 
ucMb, to ar-quaint a person with a thing, impart 
or communicate a tiling to a ])erson; ;i;axb noHHmh, 
to intimate; to hint; — ceiin JHammie, to tliink one's 
self of great consequence; ;^axb celjji snainb, to 
show one's self; oHb j^aJiTt ccfin anamb cb outodnok 
cmopoiibi, he appeared in a very advantageous 
liglit; ;^axB no'iyocnioooamb caae veydoooAbcmeie, 
to make one's displeasure felt; fl,snh xodh dibAy, 
to set an affair going, give an impulse to an 


- 117 — 


affair; ;^aTb dopoiy, A^Tb Mttcmo, to make room, 
stand aside, on one side; ;^att Bon, ;^afl-«io Bon, 
God grant it, would to God; hu A^Tb, nti ejnmb, 
just so; exactly; 0H^ hu ;],aTb; hu u-nimh eto omenh, 
he is the very picture or image of his father; 
;^aBaft utpanib, ;^aBaflTC uipainh, let us play; a 
MU Ai^Batt CMibHinbCH, and we began to laugh; 
11 — aaduiu xodh, naut. to aback, make stern way; — 
saArn,, to lire a broadside; jj j^ror. AaBiuii c^ioao 
depMucb, a ne AaauiH Kptbrnicb, if one promises, 
one must perform; ;^aii cpoKh, ne c6eu a, Hon>, 
let me consider, give me leave to consider where 
I am; il -ca, v.p.r. to be given; to give one's self 
to, let one's self; to allow, suffer one's self; ;^aTbca 
35 o6MaHhj to be mistaken; ««» ue A'lCTca e^ 
o6Mam, he is not the man to be taken in; ama 
Aoxuadb He ;^aeTca Kooatiib, this horse does not 
allow itself to be shod; j^aaacb eMi/ ama tubCHA, 
he always comes back to the same thing, to the 
same point; ne fl,a,akch e.Hi/ dtna HayKci, he does 
not succeed in this science; || ^ar#. j>. ^aHHbitt; 
Si "Hoe epcMji, as -ayio Munymy, in or at a 
given time, moment; at present. 

^aBeqa, ado. pop. lately; a—eaMi toeopuAi smo, 
1 said it lately. 

Tl^aBeiUHiit, adj. that has been or happened not 
long ago. 

^aBHJO, s. n. weight (for pressing). 

^aBHJbHbift) adj. pressing. 

^aBHJbaa, s. f. press-house. 

^aBHabmHKii,*. /H.presser, pressman Co/'^raj9es^. 

JI,aBHTb, AaBHJ'Tb, V. a. to press, squeeze 
(lemon, orange); to press down, crush; to strangle, 
throttle; to oppress: — auHotpadh, to crush grapes; 
eopomHUKT, pySaxuKU ;^aBHT'b eto, his shirt-collar 
chokes him; ij -ca, v. p. r. to be pressed, etc.; 
to strangle one's self; to choke one's self;! pa r^j?. 

^aBsa, s. f. crowd, press, throng, mob. 

^aBjeHHHa, s. f. an animal choked or strangled. 

JI^aBJeaie, s. n. pressure, pression, pressing; 
strangling; arch, thrust; .hchuuhci -Hia, 
HU3Kato -Hia, high-pressure engine, low-pressure 
engine; «e u-nthwuiiii eucoKaio -Hia, non-con- 
densing; II opression; — ea ipydu, oppression in the 
chest; — eo cmb, nightmare, incubus. 

J^aBHHniHitt, ^aBHiii, adj. long past, remote; 
ancient, old, of old; 9iiio .mU—dpyih, it is my 
friend of long standing; ca ;^aBHaro epeMCHU, Co 
^aBBBXit nop-o, long since, long ago, for a long 
time, of^long standing, a long while ago. 

Jl^aBHO, adv. dim. -HeHbKO, long, long ago, 
long since, for a long time; long ere now; long 
ere this; a long while ago; — au? how long? smo 
ouAo — , it is long since that; — oKduHHUii, long- 
expected; ;^aBHiJM'b— , OMCHh—, very long ago; 
time out of mind. 

JI,aBHonpome;^niitt, adj. -;^iiiia epcMena, remote 
times; || gram. -;^uiee epcMn, pluperfect. 

JIjaBHOCTb, s. f. remoteness, oldness, antiquity; 
\law, limitation; npaoo -cth, prescription; decsmu- 
AthmHHH—, ten years prescription. 

Jl,arepoTHnia, s. /'. daguerreotypy. 

J^arepoTHHi, s. m. opt. daguerreotype; jj -nauft, 

J^a^aHCT^, s. m. naut. small bower anchor. 

JI,aase, adv. even; h — u ne CAUxaAh o6i amoMi, 
I have not even heard that spoken of. 

JI.asHJieTp'b, s. m. phys. dasyraeter. 

Jl^aHBaTb, see jI,OHTb. 

JI.aKa.ibn^HR'b, s. m. -luai^a, s. /'. a person 
who always says yes; complier, affirmer. 

JI^aKaHbC, s. n. saying yes, affirmation. 

J],aKaTb, V. n. coll. to say yes, consent. 

J^asTHJHuecBitt, adj.—cmuxi. dactylic verse. 

JI|aBTU.ib, s. m. dactyl (poetical foot). 

/I,ajaft-jaMa, s. m. dalai-lama. 

^aaeKifl, adj. dim. ;^ajes6HbBill, far, remote, 
distant; II o«s «e -Kii, uHh ueAoaibKb ne — , he is a 
man of limited capacity. 

/I,a.ieK(), ;^ajeEu, ;^aaeie, adv. dim. ;^aae- 
KoHbKo, far, far off, a great way off; distantly, 
remotely; — .n(? how farV— .i« omcwda'^ how far is 
it otl? — He...., far from l)eing;— we moim., quite 
another; onenb — , very far; Mumb — omi ueio, to 
live a great way off; om -ko oudiimh, fiy. he has 
great penetration; KUKi .homcho ;^a.l'!lo, as far as 
possible; we eudnnib j^aabute cooeio noca, not to 
see beyond one's nose; cmaubme neMHoto ;i(a.i'6e, 
go a little farther; u muKo ^^a-ite, and so on, 
and so forth; udimc ;^a.^'fee, to go on; «e ;^aj']ke, 
KaKo euepa, even yesterday; o«a npoMUAb ece ceoe 
cocmoaHie, ^aate: ceoe ddopoabe, he 
has squandered his fortune, and then ruined his 
health; dmo nooedemi — , this will lead far; o«i — 
noudemh, he will go far, he will make his way; 
ccopa 3am.ia ciutUKo.Hh — , the quarrel was carried 
too far; ohj, 6u.%h — onepedu, he was a great way 
on; prov. muvue ibdeiub, ;^ajbiae 6yde\ub, fair and 
softly goes far; || much; by far; om — 6otaue ceoeio 
6paina, he is much richer than his brother; o«j — 
npe33ome.ih eio, he surpassed him by far; h — «e 
jHttKT. 6oiamo, KaKi oho, I am far from being as 
rich as he; 9ma cy.H.Ha — ne noAna, much is wanted 
for that sum to be complete; jj oi Mame.Hainutnb oho 
He — yuieAi, he has made very little progress in 
mathematics: ne omK.iadueaa ;^a.i'fee, without 
deferring longer, without further delay; utb.uo 
;^ajibine, iwm.ks Aymue, from better to better; nmo 
HU ;];aJibme, mo Ayniue (iron), or vmo ;^aJbine, 
7)10 xyMce, worse and worse. 

^aJiia, s. f. hot. dahlia. 

J^aJib, JI,aj[HHa, s. f. distance, farness, remote- 
ness; Mumb ea ;;ajH omi ceibtna, to live estrang- 
ed from the world; HeyjKCAU eu nondeme ea ma- 
Kyw—? is it possible that you will attempt such 
a distant voyage? 

Jl^ajbHlit, Jl,aJbHbiii, adj. distant, far, remote; 
a tbdy ob—Kpau, I set out or depart for a distant 
country; — podcmeeHHUKb, distant relation; j| long; 
tbxantb oo—yiymb, to undertake a long journey; 
MHib npedcmourm -aaa dopoia, I have a long way 
to go; -aee nAaeanie, voyage beyond seas or 
across the high seas;j|0H5 «e -aaro y.\i(i, he is 
of limited capacity; (?eja -aax-b oKOAUHHOcmeu, 
6e3i -HHXi uepe.Moniu, no formality; without 
ceremony; || superl. -H-Bftmiti, ulterior, further, 
furthermost, furthest. 

JI|ajbHOBH;^ei^'b, s. m. clear-sighted man. 

JI,ajbBOBH;^HOCTb, s. f. perspicacity, penetra- 

J]^ajibHOBH;i(Hbiit, adj. perspicacious, provident, 

J1,aJbH03opEitt, adj. far-sighted, sharp-sighted: 
long-sighted, presbytic; — HCAoeibKi, presbyope. 

Jl^aabHoaopEOCTb, .<?. f. far-sightedness, long- 
sight, presbyopia; | med. presbytia. 

^I.ajbHOMip'b, .s. m. apomecometer. 

Jl,ajbHOCTb, s. f. great or long distance, farness, 
remoteness; — oucmptbAu uau noAcma cunpHdci, 
range; 3a -tIh), on account of great distance. 

Jl,aabT0HH8M'b, s. m. med. daltonism, achroma- 

;|,ajbuie, /I,aa"feo, adv. any {nvther.—pyMceuHaio 
ObtcmpiiAd, out of musket sliot; ser ^XaacKO. 

JI,!iMa, s. f. dim. ;^aMO«IKa, lady, dame; cmamci — , 
lady of honour; "■ queen (at cards); || ;^aHCEitt, adj. 

^^asiaa'b^ .<. m. zool. daman. 

,I,aMacKMpoBaTb, v. a. to damaskeen, inlay 
with gold or silver; -part. p. ;^aMaoKHpoBaHBUft. 


- lis 


J^asiaccKift, adj. -Kaa cniajib, damask; -Kiii 
'KJt,UHOK^, damaskin: \\ -Kaa cjiuea, Damask-plum, 
Damson, damascene. 

JljaMOa, s. f. dam, dike, jetty-head. 

JaMKa, s. f. king, dam (at draughts). 

Tj;aHHafl, adj. s. f. bill or title of possession. 

^T^aHHHKt, s. m. -HHii,a, s. f. tributary, vassal; 
-HHiecKifi, adj. 

,II,aHHoe, s. n. datum, given, known quantity; 
ground, basis, notion; y .mchh nibmh -hbixi., nmoou 
cydumb o6h smo.uo dib.iu., I have pot the necessary 
information to judge of this aft'air. 

J^aHTHCTi., s. m. dentist; tooth-drawer. 

J],aHb, s. f. tribute, tax, contribution; o6.iooicumh 
jCaHbiO; to impose a tax o\\\—yeaMceHiii,z. tribute 
of esteem. 

J^apEnHHSM-b, s. m. Darwinism. 

T^apenie, s. n. donation, making a present. 

Ti;apHTe.!ii., Ji;apik.ibui,HKi,, s. m. donor, giver. 

J^apiiTb, V. a. (Ko.My nmo, koio H1bM^), to give, 
grant, bestow (a thing), present, make a present 
of; om .iToounn, nmoou eio -pHJiH, he likes to 
receive presents or to have presents: prov. nn.Mo 
-paTi., mih.Ho ne Kop.Him^ it is not proper to 
i-eproach a person witli a benefit conferred; ij part, 
p. ;i;apeHfiifi; pi-oo. - homv kohw eh ayou ne 
CMompHnio, you must not look a gift-horse in the 
mouth; beggars must not be clioosers. 

J^apMOBofij adj. gratuitous, free of cost. 

JI,apMoi;i;HH»iaTb, v. n. to idle, laze, slug. 

Jl^apMoij^CTBO, s. n. idleness, laziness, sloth, 
slothfulness, sluggishness. 

^^apiioiji;!., s. m. -;^Ka, s. f.idle, lazy person, 
sluggard, idler, drone; obiim -i^i.oai'b, not to be 
worth one's salt. 

J^apOBanie, s. n. donation, gift; concession; 
I' talent, ability, capacity, genius; npupodnuH, 
(ipoMOtHHUH -Hia, endowments. 

JI,apoBaTb, V. a. to give, make a present of; to 

grant; amo npaeo -poBano e.siy nopojie.M-o, 

that right was conceded or granted to him by 

tlie \i\ng\—npow,eHie, to grant a pardon, to pardon; 

part. p. ;i,ap6BaHHbitt. 

Jl^apoBHTOCTb, s. f. capability, capableness, 
giftedness, skill, skillfulness, talents. 

Jl|apoBHTHfi, adj. endowed with talent. 

J^apoBofi, adj. gratuitous, free of cost; cost- 
free; given; -Boe .iuko .lymae KynAeHuato pe.uHH, 
no acquisition like a free gift; lAMmm oce -Boe, 
to have all one's expenses paid. 

J]^apoBiu,iiHa, s. f. dim. -m,HHKa, present, gift, 
donation; ua -maHKy, loe. adv. at the expense 
of others. 

Jl^apojibOie, s. n. the love of presents. 

JUapoMT., adv. gratis, gratuitously, at free cost, 
free of cost, without cost, for nothing; i| in vain, 
vainly, uselessly, to no purpose; mepHmh—epe.MS, 
to lose or waste one's time; oMo—nomepH.l^ ceou 
mpydo, he has lost his labour, he has worked in 
vain; ouo «e — npiibxa.ih aoaa, he has not come 
here in vain, he had a reason for coming here; 
n,cmb—XMb6o, not to be worth one's salt; an—, 
almost for nothing; amo mno-mo iic—, that is not 
without causf; there is something in the wind; 
,] ^iiapoMi. nmo, tliougli, although; ^apoM-b umo 
.unrnepo, a dn.icn ui, orhtain,, though he is cunning, 
he has been imposed n\mn:—uuHeio ne drbJiaemai, 
nothing is done for nothing; utpa—^ ne ua deubW, 
Jl^apoHOCHi^a, .s. /■. pyx, ciborium. 
JI,apoxpaHMTeJibHiii;a, .s. /'. tabernacle. 
JI,apcTBeiiHrjii, adj. of a donation, donative; 
-Hiiaa j((tiuc%, title-deed of donation, donation. 

;i;api., s. m. gift, giftedness; present, donation;— 
c.iooa, the gift of eloquence; om lutncmo—tipa- 

eumbCH eerbM'o, lie has the gift of pleasing every 
body;— Me6^ffl, divine present, gift of God; || C'e/?mt..e 
/I,apbi, the holy sacrament. 
ji,aTa, s. f. date. 

Jl^axcJib, ^aaxc.ib, s. m. -iHHii,a, s. f. donor, 

JI,aTe.ibHbiii, adj.—nadeom, gram, dative, dative 
^HaTHpoBaTb, V. a. to date. 
JI^aTOiBBiti, adj. given for a recruit. 
JI,aTb, V. a. irr. see ^acart. 
JI,aqa, s. f. dim. ^a^Ka, pay, paying; j country- 

Jl,a»ieBja;i;ijien,'b, s. m. owner, proprietor of a 

J^aiHHK^, s. m. inhabitant of a country-house. 

JI^a'iHHii, adj. -Haa owiuub, country life; — mu- 

meAb, see Jl,a^HEKT.. 

JI,aaHie, s. n. giving, donation. 

Jl,Ba, num. (f. JI;b1i), two; naMdbie — dmi,^ every 

other day; narndbic — wjm. every otherhour; no — ,two 

and two; e^ — naca, at two o'clock; om dvio 

Bo — uaca, he did it or made it in two hours; aa — 

diiH do, two days before; nepeah—diiM, in two days; 

.KHJ6 Hi/owHO cKa3!imb ea.HTi—c.iooa, I have a few 

words to say to you; o?ro 07> ^syxii matax^ om- 

CH)da, he is a few steps from here; oduo u3o 

ji,BYXTa, choose either of the two; smo scno^ nam 

deaotcdu—nemupe, it is as clear as that two and 

two make four. 

Jl,Ba;j,i^aTHrpaHHnK'b, s. m. geom. icosahedron. 
JI,Ba;;n,aTHKonee'!H£ifi, adj. twenty-copeck. 
J^Ba;i;ii,aTHaiTuift, adj. of twenty years. 
J^,BaJ^i^aT^Mya^Hiii, adj. hot. icosandrian: 

,Il,Ba;^^aTuy^OJIbHbIii, adj. geom. with twenty 
angles, icosagonal. 

Jl,Baji;i^aTBiiij num. twentieth; e^ — pa3^, for the 
twentieth time: -TOe Maa, the twentieth of 
May. ^ 

j|,Ba^i^aTb, mi7n. twenty, number twenty. 
Ji;BaK;i;H, adv. twice; twofold; — dea uemupc, 
twice two four. 

T^BaHa;^ecaTb, -caxbift, si. see ^BiHajtuaxi., 
^Bt.HajmaTHfi; -Tbifi upaadrntKo, one of the 12 
high holidays (in the Russian Church). 

JI^BepHoft, adj. of the door; -naa pajna, door- 
case; -Haa pynna, door-handle, door-knob;— ko- 
cHKo, door-post; — nopoih, door-sill, threshold. 

Ji;Bepn,a, s. f. (pi. ;i,Bepi^M), door (of a car- 
riage);— ao.ibuuua, damper; -ii,m nenmin, fire box- 

Jl^BepL, s. f. (pi. J^BepB), dim. -pEa, -po^Ka, 
door; door-way: ncpcdnHH, jadiiHH—, front-door, 
back-door; napy.Hcnnn—^ entry-door; nomauuafi — , 
private-door, jib-door; onycKHan — , slote; doouHaji—, 
lancy-door; deycmoopHamaH—, folding-door; odiu.- 
cmuoinamcH—, door with one leaf: ua nojioouny 
cmei:.iHHu.i—, a door half snshed with glass; cmy- 
i/«7Mb e?. .HBCpn, to knock at the door; npumoopumb 
3a coooHi—, to shut the door after one; o'o ab*"- 
paxT., in the door-way; ]1 law, npu .iatqibimuxz 
' ;i,Bepax7., with closed doors, in private. 

;i,BHraHie, s. n. moving; stirring: -iioiaMit, 

JI,BiiraTeJb, s. m. -Hnu,a, s.f. mover, motor, im- 
peller, impellent, motive power; contriver; stirrer; 
propell(T:o«o ObUh r.iaomuih -JiCMi. aviow npednpin- 
min, he was the principal contriver of that enter- 
prise: c.iaea Cuoaem'o -Jipmi. ociuKtixi, 
glory is an incfntive to groat actions. 

JJ,BiiraTeJibnMft. adj. -iiaa cu.ia, motive 
jiower, moving-power. 

J^BuraTb, ;^BlJHyTb, v. a. to move, put in 
motion; to set forth, forward: to keep on; to 


- 119 — 


agitate; to stir; to waggle; to whirl on; — uoiaMu 
no noAy, to scrape; '| -ca, v. r. to move, stir: to 
oscillate: to waggle, wag, wave: to wlnrl on; edda 
BraflCb. with barely strength enough to move; 

part. p. ABMHYTHfi. 

J{iiUTtiWia,i&,part. j)r. motor, motory, motorial. 

J^BHaieHie, s. n. motion, movement, moving, 
move: exercise, waving; — HtipoOa na i/.iumxo, tlie 
movement of the jieople in the streets: napodnoe—, 
stir of tlie people: — xa jtce.iibdHuxo dopoiaxi, 
traffic; — epeMenuoe, provisional traffic: — ao3opam- 
noe, invented motion;— eo-iopamuoe, Kpi/weoe, Kcma- 
vie.ibHoe, oscillatory motion; — ammoe, perpetual 
motion; — Kpueo.iuHeimoe, motion in a curved line; — 
i:o.H'6ame.ibHoe,opauiame.ibHoc, movement of oscilla- 
tion, of rotation;— K/iy(c/tfot', rotation, revolution, 
rotatorv motion, circulation; — oopamuoe, retro- 
grade "motion; — nepeMihHHoc, variable motion: 
iiotH'peMibHHoe — , reciprocating motion; — nocmymi- 
ine.nHoe, forward motion; — npocnioe, single mo- 
tio-v.—npHMOMiHetiHoe, rectilinear motion, straight- 
lined movement; — paenoMiojjHoe. unii'orra-motion, 
equable motion; — paeHOMnpuo - nepeMibHHoe, uni- 
formly variable motion; — e.ioMuoc, composed 
motion; — yKncmime.ibuoe, decreasing motion; — ycKo- 
■pumeAbHoe, increasing motion; nopueucmoe, yiAO- 
eainoe—i indented glide; —t>3ndo u encpe^^, re- 
ciprocating motion, seasaw motion; npneecmu 6u — , 
to put in motion: npudamb — , to set agoing; na- 
d.ixjdamb aa -HiaMH nenpitime.iH, to watch the 
movement of the enemy; — no.ie3Ho O.ih adopoebu, 
exercis*^ is very healthy: -Hiesiii owndKocinu, by 
the impulsion of a fluid; am loeopuAo no nepeoMi/ 
-Hiio, be spoke from impulse. 

J^BHXHMOCTB, s. f. mobility, movableness; ] 
movables, movable property, household goods, house- 
hold stuff. 

JJ^BHSHMBifi; adj. movable; put in motion; — 
cocmpadciHicMh, moved by compassion; i -MOe imy- 
mecmeo, laio, movables, chattels, movable estate: 
furniture, stock of furniture; house-gear. 

JIJEHacnxeJiB, see JI,BHraTe;ii.. 

JIlBHxymifi, see .iBHraroiuiH. 

l^Boe, JI|b6kj num. two; — .itodcii, ;^b6h eopoim, 
two men, two gates; naco — , M'e were two; 
no — , two and two; omnpaaumbc.H na ceouxo na 
jUBoax.'bf to ride upon shanksmare; to travel on 
foot, with a stick in one's hand; prov. oaoytuKa 
Ha ;^Boe cnasaAa, it is a question, it is undecided. 

.l^BoeOpaiie, s. n. bigamy. 

J,BoeOpa^HMft, adj. twice married. 

TI,BoerjaButi, see JI^Bvr.iaBHH. 

JI,Boeji;yniie, s. n. duplicity, falseness, double- 
dealing, dissimulation. 

JJ,Boe;^yinHKift, adj. double-minded, deceitful;— 
'ii:.ioe)bK7,, doiible-dealer. 

,'^Boe2ceHe^'b, s. m. bigamist. 

J^BoeaccHCTBO, s. n. bigamy. 

.T^BoesyOen,!., .sec JtoysyfJen;!.. 

J^BoeKpaTHEiii, adj. twofold, reiterated. 

.iBoeMoqHMtt, see J^BycHJbHHil. 

^T,BoeMMCJiie, s. n. ambiguity, ambiguousness; 
double-dealing, indecision, irresolution. 

.T^BOeHie, s. n. dividing; ploughing the second 
time; 11 chem. rectification. 

^^BoecaoBi, s. m. Homiliastes (the surname of 
St. Gregory). 

JJ^BoeTeci, s. m. -TecHUft laoadb, two-incli nail. 

JI,BoeToqie, s. n. gram, colon; — nado 6yKaoU, 

JI^BO^Ra, s. /■ deuce (at cards);— nepoeu, two of 
hearts; ]'• two (mark at school). 

JI^BOiVjiBHBifi; adj. distillatory. 

J^BOHakii^HKi>; ^BOiiTeJb, s. VI. distiller. 

j^BofiHif, s. c. p)l. dim. ;nBOftHH^KH, twins. 

y MCHH ffs lAaaaxv -Tca, 


doublo-fruits; !l two things 

double; j| hot. twin, didy- 

m. majordomo, steward; 

topda Mspa oo 


Jl^BoiiHiiKi, s. in. twin, double; -EOBiaii; adj. 

^TiBOUHU'iHiiKt, s. 711. twin. 

,T,BOfiHiiqHKift, adj. twin, geminous. 

;(,ROiiH6d7 adj. double, duple, duplicate, liinary, 
geminous: -Hwa^ja.Mw, double-windows: c?- -humii 
^HO.H^, double-bottomed, with a false bottom; -Hua 
oyxiaAmepi/i, com. double-entry; no—6yxiaAmepiu, 
by double-entry: -Hoe uucao, binary number; 
- Haa Mumepiji, double-threaded stuff;— Hj/ms, 
double way;;!feoi. didymous, geminate. 

Jl^BoiiHa, s. f. double, duplicate, doubIet;|,gemini, 

JI,BoftCTBeHHOCTb, s. f. duality, duplicity, double- 

JI^BoflCTBeHHutt, adj. double; ' -HHoe uucao, 
(jram. dual, dual number; l| -hho, ado. doubly. 

JI^BoiiTb; V. a. to divide in two; to double; to 
twist double; 1 to plough the second time, turn 
up the ground a second time; || chem. to rectify, 
distill; to draw over; ;j -ca, c. p. to be doubled: 
to be divided; jj c. imp 
I see double; \part. p 

JI,BoiiiaTKa, s. f. 
joined together. 

JI,BOfi[^aTtifl, adj. 

Jl^Bopei^Kitt, adj. ; 

/^Bopei;*, s. m. palace, castle; 
JoHdoHtb, Mansion-house. 

T^BopHHKi.j s. rn. yard -man, house 

Jl,BopHnqHxa, s. f. M^ife of the duornik. 

J^BopHoii, adj. -Haa cooaKa, yard-dog. 

Tl,B«pHfl, s. f. menials, domestics. 

^Bopnara, s. f. dim. -HaasKa, yard-dog, cur, 

J^BopoBufi, adj. belonging to the house of a 
nobleman; of house; menial; -Bue .iwdu, house 
servants, domestics, menials; -Baa co6aKa, house- 
dog; watcli-dog; :! -Bwa nmtmbi, x)Oultry, fowls. 

^BopcKifi, adj. ohs. of court. 

Jl|B0pn;6BHii, adj. of tlie palace, palatial: of 
the court:-BiJe ipeuadepu, the guards of the palace. 

JlBopt, s. m. yard, court, court-yard; KpucHuh 
— , entrance court; front yard: nepedHin uah uu- 
cmuit — , fore-court; sadnlh — , backyard, back- 
court, dung-yard; na moM^ kohhv, ;TBOpa, at the 
far end of the court; nocmoH.iua — , inn; codepjwu- 
me.ib ;^Bopa, inn-keeper, inn-holder; noMmoeuli — , 
post-house; .HonemHuu — , mmiywcmunuh — , bazar, 
bazaar; .Hbunnui'. — , obs. a kind of custom-house; 
nmuHtii — , poultry-yard; court of offices; cKomnuu 
— , cow-house, neat-house; cattle-shed; stables; 
dpoeHHOii — , fire-wood-yard; Ancnoh — , timber-vard; 
moeapnuii—, ware-house; jj court (of « prince); 
JLunepamopCKih — , Imperial court; npie.vo npu 
;^Bop-B, drawing-room; !| home-stead, family, bouse; 
iidmu CO ,i,Bopa, do go out; oho Mcuoemh — ouo — co 
.HHow, he lives in tlie next house; // new nnmh hh 
KO.ui, Hii ,'^Bopa, he neither house n-n* home; 
il na ;^Bopi, adv. out of doors; out; na ;^BOp-ii 
xo.iodno, it is cold out; na j^BOp-b, 3ii.Ma 
Kamiim-o na—, winter is coming on or winter 
approaches. ^ 

^X^BopaHiiHi., s.7n. nobleman, gentleman; i| -pan- 
Ka, .«. /. a noblewoman, lady; ;] -pane, i^/. nobless, 

^T,Bop}iHUTi.CH, r. r. to play tlie fine nobleman. 

Jl,Bop«HCKifi, adj. noble:— y'oc);, nobility; -CKaro 
poda, noI)le-horn, of noble liirtli: - CKoe co6pavie, 
club of the nobility: !| - ckh, no - ckh, adv. like 
a gentleman. 

ji,BopaHCTBO, s. n. nobility, nobless, aristocracy; 
.MCAKoe — . gentry. 


— 120 


J^BopHH^HKt, s. m. disj). young nobleman; 
lordling, country-gentleman. 

Jl,BO}opo;^HHft, aclj.—6pamh, first cousin, cous- , 
in-german; a male-cousin;— «jte;i(/j«MM«5, son of a 
cousin-german; — (?^c)/j, uncle once removed, uncle- 
cousin; — ^rb^^, great-uncle, grand-uncle; — enym, 
grand-nephew; ■■ Haa cecmpa, first cousin; - naa 
memKci, aunt once removed, aunt-cousin; ■■ naa 
njieMHHHuiija, daughter of a cousin-german; ■■ naa 
Caona^ great-aunt; - naa enynKa, grand-niece. 

^BOflShiuic, s. n. duplicity. 

^BOasijqHbiA, adj. double-tongued. 

^BOflRitt} adj. double, twofold; || ambiguous. 

J^BoaEOj ado. doubly; in two ways. 

J^BOaKOBornyTHft, adj. phys. concavo-concave. 

Jl,BoaEOBunyK.iijii, adj. phys. convexo-convex. 

J^BoaKOCTb, s. f. duplicity, doubleness; ambi- 
guity, arabiguousness. 

^By66pTHuii, adj. double-breasted, double- 
buttoned (of yarinents). 

^ByOpaTCTBO, s. n. hot. diadelphia. 

JIJByOpaTHift, adj. hot. diadelphous; I - nee 
pacmeme, hot. diadelphia. 

J^ByBBceaBHEjft, adj. two-oared. 

Jl,ByBa3HKifi, adj. mus. ■ naa noma, demi, 

J^ByrjaBuft, adj. two-headed; double-headed; — 
ope^^, two-headed eagle, Imperial eagle; || with 
two cupolas. 

J^ByrjiacHwfi, adj. gram, ■ naa 6yK8a, diph- 

J]^ByrHS3;^Hbitt, adj. hot. bilocular, two-celled. 

JI,Byro;i;OBaJiHtt, /l,Byro;i;OB6fi, adj. two years 
old; II biennial. 

ji,Byr6p6ufi, adj. two-humped. 

JI^ByrpHBeHHHK'B, s. m. twenty copeck piece. 

JI^ByryCuft, adj. hot. bilabiate. 

JI,By;^HeBHHft, ^l^By^^eHHuft, adj. two days, two 
days old. 

^By;^6JIbHIl^fi, adj. hot. dicotyledonous; H -Hoe 
pacmeHiej dicotyledon. 

J^By;^oMHUft, adj. hot. diclinous; i| -Hoe pacme- 
uie, hot. diecian. 

JI^Byj^oMCTBO, s. n. hot. diacia. 

RBYfl,onBhiikf adj. double-bottomed. 

J\By3i(inuu&f adj. hot. digynous; || -Hoe pa- 
cmenie, digyn. 

JI^BysaocTpeHHutt, adj. hot. biacuminate. 

Jl,By8y6e^'b, s. m. hot. hemp-agrimony. 

^HBysyO-B, s. m. diodon (fish). 

^ByKO.iiiHHaa TpyOa, s. f. arch, goose-neck, 

/I^ByBonrjTH£itt, adj. nat. hist, cloven-footed; 

/I,ByKopo6qaTuft, adj. hot. bicapsular, two- 

JI,ByKpaTHuft, see ^soeKpaxHUH. 

/],ByEpi>ijutt; adj. two-winged, dipteral; - aoe 
uacnKO.Hne, dipter. 

Jl^ByjeiiecTKOBUfi, J^ByjenecTHuft, adj. hot. 
dipetalous, bipetalous. 

J^ByJiHCTHUKt, s. m. hot. bee-flower. 

JI,ByJiHCTHMit, adj. hot. two-leaved, dii)hyllous. 

J|,ByjiHi^eButi; adj. - Baa .vamepiH, double- 
sided stuff. 

Jl,Byjiii'ile, s.n. /T,ByJiH«iH0CTb, s. f. duplicity, 

JI,By.iii'ineBrjft, ;I,By.iiiqui>ifl, a(Zj.shot,change- 
able (of silks). 

JI,ByJiHqHuft, adj. double-faced, double-eyed, 
double-lianded, dissembling; biform; — veAoenxi, 

Jl^ByjiiiXHhxii, see )[by AoymaPi. 
JiByjionacTuuii, adj. hot. bilobale, bilobed. 

^Byjibxie, s. n. two years, space of two years. 

JI,ByjiiTHitt, adj. two years old, biennial. 

JI^ByMaiTOBUfl, see ^ByxMa^TOBHfi. 

JI,ByMya:ie, s. n. hot. diandria. 

J|,ByM-BCTHHft, adj. two-seated (of a carriage). 

J^ByM-BcaqHuft, adj. two months old. 

JI,ByH6ritt, adj. bipedal, two-legged. 

JI,Bynaj£i^; adj. zool. didactylous. 

^Bynapuii, adj. hot. bijugous. 

jI.BynecTH'moe pacTenie, see JI^ByateHHoe 

JljaynoJibifi; adj. nat. hist, bisexous, bisexuous, 

JIiBynoj-BHHEjtt, adj. of two billets in length. 

^Byny;^OBHK'b, s. m. two poods or eighty pounds 

JI,Bypa3;i;-BJBHHfi, adj. hot. bifid, bifidate; 
bipartible, bipartile, bipartite, two-parted, two- 

Jl,BypyKift, adj. nat. hist, bimanous, double- 
handed, two-handed. 

J^BycBbD^HHEi, s. m. two - branched candle- 

J^BycHJiie, s. n. hot. didynamia; || -JibHU^^ adj. 
didynamian; -hob pacmenie, didynam. 

J],BycEaTHEift, adj. -naa xpuuia, roof with a 
double slope. 

JI,BycJi6a:HHft, adj. gram, dissyllabic; - Hoe 
CAoan, dissyllable. 

JI,BycMMCjeHHOCTb, s. f. ambiguity, ambiguous- 
ness, double-meaning, equivocalness. 

JIJByciubicjeHHbifi, adj. equivocal, ambiguous; 
double-meaning; || -ho, ado.—lv. 

JIJBycnajibHBi^, adj. - naa Kpoeamh, bedstead 
for two persons. 

JI,Bycpoeuiiftca, see ^syopaTHiS. 

Jl,BycTB6abHiJli, adj. - hoc py.Mi>e, double- 
barrelled gun. 

J^BycTBopqaxHii, adj. two-leaved, folding (of 
a door); l| nat. hist, bivalve, bivalvular. 

^ByCTHiuie, s. n. distich. 

/I,BycT6nHutt, adj.—cmux%, verse of two feet. 

J^BycycTaBiaxBitt, adj. zool. biarticulate. 

^Byc^HaHO^^OJibHEifl, see /l,ByAOJibHUH. 

^ByTBiqHHSOBblU, ^^ByTHIHHOIHUtt, adj. 

hot. diandrian; - EOBoe, - HoiHoe pacmenie, 

JI,ByyTp6(}Ka, s. f. zool. didelphis, sarigue. 
marsupial; opossum; .HbimeeudnaH — , marmose. 

Jl,ByyTp6(}Hwft, adj. nat. hist, marsupial. 

^Byx^^eiHuft, adj. naut. — Kopadjib, two- 

JI,Byx.i-BTHitt, see JI^ByjifeTHifi. 

/],Byxaia<iT6Butt, adj. naut. two-masted; •■ Boe 
cydno, two-masted vessel. 

Jl,ByxMica'iHMft, see /iByM-fecaieNH. 

)l,ByxHe;^-BJibHHft, adj. of a fortnight. 

JIjByxcoTufl, adj. two-hundredth. 

;T,Byx»iaeHHufl, adj. zool. biarticulate; || -HHoe, math, binomial. 

JI,ByxmepcTHKiii, adj. with hair of two col- 

JI,Byxi9Ta3KHHft, adj. two-storeyed. 

^(.Byxi^BBTHwii, adj. two-coloured. 

JI,Bya3i>niHiJtt, adj. of or in two lan- 

/|,Bt>Ha/^i^aTiirpaHHHE'b, s. m. geom. dodeca- 

;|,Bt»ua;^i^aTHxeHHOo pacxeaic, s. n. hot. do- 

JI,Bt>Ha;i,x^axHMy2BHCc pacxenie, .«. n. hot. do- 

Jl,B'bpa;^i^axHyroJibHHE'b, s. in. geom. dodec- 

JI^B-bHi'i^^i^axutt, nu7n. twelfth; -xaa cmpaHuu,a, 
twelfth page; iCai^^j—, Charles the twelfth; -xaro 


— 121 — 


/wM/j, the twelfth of June;— vacs, it is past 
eleven; oh -tom'b uact/, after eleven, past eleven, 
between eleven and twelve o'clock; as Hanajnb 
-xaro, soon after eleven. 

/],B'bHa;^i^aTB; num. twelve; — Macooi, twelve 

;T,BBCTii, nui7i. two hundred;— ()cc/J»i6 py6Aeu, 
two hundred and ten rubles. 

^e, Jl^ecKaTb, ^J^iiCKaxb, pop. particle, said 
he; H—ne oonaam me6H CMjmamhCH, I, says he, 
am not obliged to obey you. 

JI,e6apKa;^ep'fe, s.m. passengers' bridge. 

}T,e6aTU, s. m. pi. debates, pleadings, trial. 

JI,e6eaocTb, s. f. corpulence, corpulency, stout- 

,],e6eautt, adj. corpulent, stout; full-fleshed; 
,, —.10, adv. — ly. 

JIiCOeatTB, 0. n. to grow corpulent or stout. 

J^eOcTt, s. m. com. debit, debit-side, debtor- 

J^edHTop'B, s. m. debtor. 

JI,eOoaiHpHTb, V. n. to be dissolute. 

JI,e6oniupcTBO, s. n. debauchery. 

JI,e6omup'B, s. m. debauchee. 

/I|e66ui'B, s.m. debauch. 

JI,e6pHCTHifl, adj. full of thick forests. 

J^eOpb^ s. f. dale covered with a thick forest; 
II ;^eOpeHH^fl, adj. 

JI,eOiOTaHTi., s. m. -TanxKa, s. f. theat. debu- 

JI,e6H)THpOBaTb, v.n. to make one's first appear- 
ance (on the stage); to come out. 

JI^e6iOT'h, s. m. debut, first appearance (of an 

J]^eBajibBaii,ifl, s. f. reduction of value. 

JI,eBepb, s. m. brother-in-law, husband's brother. 

JI,eBii3i., s. m. device, motto, posy, emblem; 
II msuhiA, adj. 

J^eBHHOCTO, num. ninety. 

J^CBflHOCTHft, num. ninetieth. 

T^eBHCHJ'b, ^eBaTHCHa-b, s. m. hot. elecampane, 
golden-saxifrage, inula, scabwort, 

Jl,eBaTepHK'b, s. m. weight, measure or account, 
which contains nine unities; Kyjih—, a sack con- 
taining nine poods; cennu — , candles nine to the 

J^eBHTepHoii, num. ninefold, nine times larger. 

T|,eBaTHiaya:ie, s. n. hot. enneandria. 

T|,eBaTHHM, s. f. pi. ninth day's obit, nine days 
after the decease; || -HHBift, adj. 

/^eBaxHcoTMtt, nmn. nine-hundredth. 

Jl,eBaxKa, ,s. f. nine (at cards). 

JI,eBaxHaAHaxufl, nu7n. nineteenth; - xaro 
HUCAa, the nineteenth of the month. 

JI,eBaxua;^i^axufl, nu7n. nineteen. 

J^esaxutt, num. ninth; — naco, it is past eight 
o'clock; tf J HauaAih -xaro, just past eight o'clock; 
e^ noAoeumb -xaro, at half past eight; e^ uc- 
xodib -xaro, near nine o'clock; \ Q^ - XHXi, 
ado. nintJily. 

J^eBaxb, num. nine; — ^aai, nine times; c-wy — 
Afbmh, he is nine, is nine years old; -xbio— , nine 
times nine. 

Jl^esaxbcox'b, num. nine hundred. 

Jl,eraxHpoBaHie, s. n. -poBKa, s. f. sponging. 

,ll,eraxHpoBaxb, o. a. to sponge (woollen cloth); 
II part. p. -poaaHHbift. 

JllcraxHpoBmuK'b, s. m. sponger (of looollen 

JI,ereHepau,ia, s.f. degeneration, degeneracy. 
Jl^eroxb, s. TO. tar. 
Jl,erpaj^an,ia, s.f. degradation. 

Jl,erxapHMtt, adj. of tar; - aaa eoda, tar- 

J^erxapaa, s. f. tar-works. 

JeATKxiiBHiJtt, adj. deductive. 

/(eAyKi^ia, s.f. deduction. 

/I,oatypHXb, f. n. to be on service, be on or 
upon duty. 

,l|«'XypHFjrt, rrd/. upon duty, waiting; — 0(fiuu,ep^. 
officer on duty;— jt'«epo.!n, chief of the inspecting 
department of the war-olFice. 

JI,csKypcxBO, ,s\ n. attendance of the day. 

;^c8epx^poBaHie, s.n. deserting, desertion. 

,T,e3epxi!poBaxb, o. n. mil. to desert, forsake 
one's colours. 

/J,e3epxiip'b, s. m. mil. deserter. 

J^e8HB(j()eKi^ia, s. f. disinfection. 

Jl^esnu^ni^iipoBaxb, v. a. to disinfect. 

Jl,e8opraHH3auifl, .<. f. disorganization. 

JI,e3opraHH3HpOBaxb, v. a. to disorganize; ' -ca, 
r. r. to become disorganized. 

,3,eft;^By,;^'i., s. m. naut. dead-wood. 

^eusMTi, s. TO. deism. 

JI,eHCTiiqecKifl, adj. deistic, deistical. 

J^eacxii, s. m. deist. 

^CHcycb, s.m. obs. three holy images of Jesus 
Christ, the Virgin and John the liaptist, put 
together according to custom. 

JI,efi, s. TO. dey. 

/I,eKa, s. f. mus. table, sound-board, sounding- 
board (of instruments). 

J^eKaOpacx'b, s. to. hist, a person implicated 
in the conspiracy at Petersbourg, December 1825. 

JI,eKa(Jpb, s.m. December, the month of Decem- 
ber; jj -pCKiii, adj. 

J|,eKa;^eHX'b, s. to. decadent, a representative of 
one of the new literary schools. 

^eKaacxBO, s. n. deanship, deanery. 

J^eKiiH-b, s. TO. dean; || -acKift, adj. 

JI,eKaxHpoBaHie,-p6BKa,-pOBaxb,-mHK'B, see 
^eraTHpoBanie,— poBKa,— poBaxb,— mHKi. 

/l^eKejib, s. m. print, tympan. 

J^eKJaMaxopi., s. w. declaimant, declaimer. 
spouter; \\ -pcKiii, adj. declamatory. 

J^eKjaMaii,ia, s. /'. declamation. 

Jl,eKaaMHpoBaxb, v. a. to declaim, spout; ||2>ffr^ 
p. ;^eEJiaiiiHpoBaHBKiA. 

^GKaapai^ia, s. f. dipl. com. declaration. 

^CKOKXTi, s. TO. med. decoction. 

/l,eKOJibxe, s. n. in a low dress. 

T^eKOJBxiipoBaxb, c. a. to cut low (a dress); 
to bare the neck and shoulders; H -ca, v. r. to 
wear a low-bodied dress, go barenecked; || ^ar*. p. 

JI,eKopaxBBHMii, adj. decorative. 

JI.eKopaxop'b, s. m. decorator; scene-painter. 

Jl^CKOpauia, s. f. thent. decoration, scenery, 
scene; jj -u,i6aHBili, adj. -aaa oKueonuch, sce- 

^CKopupoBaxb, v.a. to decorate; jl jjfl / ^ i>. ;^e- 


,j,eK6pyM7>, ^. TO. decorum. 

;i,eKpexaaia, s.f. decretal, a decretal epistle. 

^T,ei:pexHpoBaxb, v. a. to decree. 

JI^eKpex'f., .s\ m. decree. 

Jl,CKCxpMH'b, s. m. chem. dextrine. 

;|oK'b, s. m. naut. deck (of a ship); jl ;^eKO• 
BMit, adj. 

T|,ejerimia, s. f. delegation. 

Jl.ejerax'b, s. m. delegate, secondary. 

Jl^eaHKaxaaiaxb, o. n. iron, to act with deli- 

;i,e.iBKaxiiocxb, s.f. delicacy, delicateness. 

;i,OJHKaxaufi, adj. delicate, nice; dainty; jj -ho, 

ado.— ly, — ily. „ ^ , , • 

,T,eabxa, s.f delta (a Greek Ze<^er;;l| delta (of 

a river). 

JI,ejb(|)iiU'B, s. 711. fish, dolphin; caMKa -aa. 



— 122 — 


Jl^eMarorH^iecKift, adj. demagogic, demagogical. 

;i;eMarorifl, s. f. demagogy. 

^eMaror*, s. m. demagogue. 

Jl^eMapKai^ioHHMii, adj. of demarcation. 

Jl,eMai)Kan,ia5 s. /'. demarcation. 

Jl^eMacKHpOBaxb, r. a. mil. to unmask (n bat- 

JleMecTBeHHHif, adj. -Hoe nibuie, the ancient 
chant of the Greek church (in unison). 

/^eMHKOTOH-b, s. m. jean, jane. 

;i,eMo6HJin3ai^ia, s. f. JI,eMoCHJiH3HpoBaHie, 
s. n. demobilisation. 

^eMoCHJiiisiipOBaTB, V. a. to demobilise; '^part. 

p. ;i;e5I06HJIH3Up0BaHHMH. 

J^eMOKpaxiiiecKift, adj. democratic, democrat- 
ical; 1| -CKH, arfy.— cally. 

T^eaioKpaTla, s. f. democracy. 

JI^eMOKpaTi., s. m. -TKa, .s\ /'. democrat. 

J^esiOHCTpaTUBHEJu, adj. demonstrative. 

^eMOHCxpai^ia, s. f. demonstration. 

J^eMOHCxpiipoBaTb, 0. a. to demonstrate; || 
part. p. ;i;eMOHCTpupoBaHHUfl. 

J^eMOHTb, s- m. demon; 1| «HCKifl, adj. demoniac, 

J^eMopjiJiu3aii,ia, *". f. demoralization. 

Jl^eMopaJinsHpoBaTB, v. a. to demoralize. 

JI|eM«]{)ep'Bj s. m. mns. damper (in a piano). 

JI^eubauRa; s. f. hot. egg-bearer, egg-plant, mad- 

^tjbnAii, s. m. dandy. 

.^^enj^poJiHTi., s. m. min. dendrolite. 

^en^^poJioria, s. f. dendrology 

JI^eHeaBsa; s.f. ^enQiks, (half-penny), mite; 6epeuh 
-KV ua uepHUu deiib, see ^eni.. 

J^eneajHEifl, adj. of money, monetary; pecuniary; 
pecunious; — cyndyKo, money-box; — ^ypci, mcmey- 
market, exchange; adrbcb — paacnerm, it is a money- 
matter; 97no eonpoc'o — , it is a money question; it 
is a matter of pounds, shillings and pence; 
sthKh — , a moneyed man; -Hoe nocoGiey ecno.Hoaice- 
nie, subsidy; 6umb 60 cmncueHHO.m ■■HOMt 
tHceniu, to be pressed for money. 

JI^eHHHK'bj s. m. day enclosure for cattle. 

J^eHHHn,a, s. f. dawn, day-break, break of day, 
anrora; H morning-star. 

/l^eHHOHomHO, ado. day and night. 

Jl^eHHofl, adj. daily, diurnal. 

^T^CHTajiiflj s. m. zool. dental. 

^eHmuKi., s. m. mil. a soldier in the service 
of an officer; officer's servant; || -ii];H>iifi^ adj. 

Jl^eHb, s. m. dim. ^tencK^b, ;i;eHe^eKTb, day, day- 
time; light; cpedu 6)bAa ;^Ha, ut high noon;—, 
cK.ioHHminiiica K7j Konny, the parting day; .hchuu 
— , clearj serene day; hcho, KaKh — , as clear as 
daylight; — na doopib, y.Jice — , it is daylight; yMe 
fm.iuu — , it is broad dayliglit; KaK^ euopo uaona.i-u 
— , as soon as it was light; Ji Konny amo 6^ odum 
— , I will finish it in a day; om npijbdeim nepesz 
mpu ^aa, be will come in three days; KaKoil 
ceiodHH—7 what day is to-day? padomu—, work- 
day; «_p«3()«H»<«w;t — , saint's day: holiday; — cmpaui- 
HHiO c;/d(i, judgment, judgment-day; — octbx^ con- 
iiMX'o, Hallow-mas, All-IIallows or All-8aints'-day; 
— ocibXo yconmuxz, All-Souls'-day; Tpounum, — , 
Whitsuntide; npucymnmnciiiiuu—, law-day; court- 
day; (ja.utpHua — , market-day; — eoeiiuuxh ynpaotc- 
7ieniu, field-day; — cncKmuK.iH, play-nigbt; nihAuu—, 
— ;^eHbCK6ii, all tlie day hmg, live long day; ;^Ha 
vtbim, nmoDU oiia nc n.iaKa.ia, not a day passes 
v.'ithout her crying; na fl,nax'h, one of these days; 
nihCKO.ibKO ;i,H<iii moMy najadh, some days ago; (it> 
H!i3H(tHCH)mh—, at tlie appointed day; co ;^Ha Hii 
— , from day to day; — Ou — , to a day; oniicamb 
ctioe nymemecmoie—oi — , to describe one's voyage 
to a day; e.«»/ nMivm)m no mpu oo — , he 

is paid three rubles a day, per diem; naoicduu — , 
every day, each day; naoicdue dea j^^aa^ nepeah — , 
every other day; cn t:aM:duMn ^^nesiTb, — onio ^Ha, 
from day to day; every day; om co KaowdM.Mi, 
^IIHeM'b cmawjeumcfi uecmepnuMne, he becomes 
every day more and more insufferable; — 3a-;i(eHb, 
day by day; from one <lay to another; oo odum 
npeKpacHuu — , one fine day, some fine day; aa dea 
,T,Ha do eio cnepmu, two days before his death; 
,ia dpyioa — , na cAndymmih — , the next day, on 
the following day; saovipaiuHiu — , to-morrow; ne 
dyMamb o aaempaiane-ub ^JiHt, not to think of the 
morrow; do ceio ;i;Ha, do ceiodHHummo fl,Uii, till 
to-day, until to-day; cuacm.iuciuu — , a lucky day; 
npacnue ;^HH, fine days; fiy. days of prosperity, 
palmy days, best days (of youth); — poMdeniH, 
birthday; — ii.<4Hmim^ name's day; uepHuu — , an 
unlucky day; j^homi., by day, in the day-time; 
mpembsw ^aa, the day before yesterday; prov. — 
Ha— we npuxodiimcH, ail the days are not alike; 
6epeMb deneoKKy ua nepHua — , to lay up something 
for a rainy day, for hard times; — da noub, cymKU 
■npoHb, to take things as they fall out. 

JI,eHbra, s.f. see JteHtru. 

J^eKbru, s. f. dim. ;i;eHesKH, money, coId, 
specie; oyMUMHUH — , paper-money, paper-currency; 
sadamoHHUH — , money given in advance, earnest 
penny; — HaoyAasKU^mn-raowQ^ypaaMihUh ujiu Mnna 
-Her-b, money-change; cmctoabta—, table-money, 
alimentary expenses: — ua eodKy, beer money; hu- 
jiUHHUH — , ready money, cash; w.iomHmb tiaAUuuu.HU 
-raiiH; to pay ready money, pay cash; dumb npu 
-raxij to be in cash, bo flush; y new ne 6uJio 
Ha.iUHHUxo -aerii, he was not flush in ready 
money; 6e3o — aen, bare of money; ne UMibmb 
-iH'^r'b, to be short of cash, be out of cash, run 
out of cash; opocamb — , copumb -trasiH, to throw 
money to the dogs, make ducks and drakes with 
one's money; Haatcueamh — , to thrive, a 'cumulate 
a fortune; 6u.\iaHuaamb — y noto, to wheedle one 
out of his money; — iidym~o Meoicdy pyKh, CKOosb 
nuAbiiiU, money slips through the fingers; utpamb 
ua Hucmua — , to play for ready money, play 
the money down; uipamb ne tia — , to play 
for fnn or love: c~, -raMH mooicho ace cdibMtmb, 
money answers all things; hu 3a uaKin ■■ rn, 
not for all the gold in the world; 9mo 
.Hum 6o.ibiuuxo -nerii, that cost me large sums; 
.mbdubiH — , copper coin; om yneuo ua Mmdnun — , he 
has received no education; prov. ;i;eHeaKKH c^cm^ 
.Dooiimo, short reckoning makes good friends; 
yioaop-t, .lymue -aen, one must stipulate the 
conditions well; vpu -raxi^. IlamfiuAo eob.wo .im-, money makes one loved, witli money 
one is welcome everywhere. 

Jl^eHbacoHKH, s. f. pi. dim. cares, money, some 

/^enapTaMCHT-b, s. m. department; || -xCKifl, adj. 

JI,eBema, s. f. despatch. 

Jl^eno, s. n. indecl. depot, depository; store-house; 

Jl^eaosHT'b, s. m. deposit; || -THbift, adj. -Haa 
KOumaimi.H, deposit receipt, gold certificate. 

Jleao.iapuBjmia, s. f. pliys. depolarization. 

J^eao.iapHSiipoBaTb, r.a. phys. to depolarize. 

Jl,ca|)«ccia, s. f. meteor, depression. 

JI,eByTaTX, s. m. deputy, delegate; jj -TaxCKifl, 

JI,eayTaii,ia, .s\ f. deputation, delegation. 

Jl,ep6oBaTb, c.a. ayr. to rlear the ground for 
plougliing; to root up tlie undergrowth and turf. 

^|,oi)Buia'b^ s. m. dervis, dervish (Turkish or 
Persian wtonA;^; || -BHniCKlft, adj. 

Jl,e|>rftHic, s. n. plucking, pulling, drawing, 
tugging; II twitch, twinge; shooting. 


— 123 - 


Ji;epraTB, ;^epHyTb, o. a. to pull, pluck, lug, 
give a tug; to draw:— ja eo.iocu, to pull hy the 
hair;— 3J/0?., to pull out a tooth; — .ich?., to pick 
flax; .lomadu ;^epHyJH, the horses gave a start: 
;i;epHyja mchh He.ieiKcui ;^epHT.'i'b .mck.i .ty- 
Kuebih cKu.iamb amo! wliat demon drove me to say 
that! \v. imp. to feel shootings; to twitch, twinge; 
CIO SesnpecmauHo ^epracTi., he has continual 
shootings, twitches; y Mcna na.teno -raexi., my 
finger shoots, twitches: ij 2'«?"^- P- ;i,epraHHUi'i, 


^epriWi., s. Hi. orn. land-rail, crake; royl, royle; 
rail-bird; see 

JI^epeOaHKa, s. f. hot. graymill, red-root, 

JI|epeBeHCKift, adj. of village; country, rural, 
rustic, rustical; — yipaadnuKh, village-feast; — aicu- 
me.ii, villager, countryman: -CKaa Mcuaub, country 
life, rural life; — (?o.hs, country-seat; rustic house; 
-CEn, no -CKH, aHo. rustically, as in the 

JI|epeBeHmHHa, s. c. clown, boor; clod-hopper. 

T^epeBHUiuKa, *;. f. small and poor village. 

Jl|epeBHff, s. f. dim. -BCHbKa, -ByniKa, village, 
country, hamlet; otaimb ai -Ht, to live in the 

Ji;epeBO, s. n. (pi. -peBJi, -peBBfl), tree:— .w 
KopuH), standing tree, standing timber, timber still 
growing; tppi/icmoeoe — , fruit-tree; eucoi;ocnwo.ib- 
Hoe— , forest-tree; I wood, timber; Kt/coK?. -sa, a piece 
of wood; Hepnoe— , ebon, ebony; Kpacnoe—, mahog- 
any; ': arbor; _ jjroc. cKpuni/Hee — do.ito ctnounih, 
ailing people live the longest. 

^epeBn,6, s.n. dim. small tree, shrub, sapling. 

JepesaajKa, s. f. dim. -xenRHf piece of woodj 
wooden leg; |i button-mould. 

Ji^epeBaHHCTHfl, adj. ligneous, woody. 

J^epeBaeHBifi, adj. of wood, wooden;— <?o.w7., 
wooden house; -Hoe .vacio, olive oil. 

JIlepeBaH'BTB, v. n. to lignify, become woody, 
change into wood:;;/^^;. to grow benumbed, grow 
stiff, become torpid; ortio xo.ioda pynu -BaHiiOTt, 
cold benumbs one's hands. 

Jl^epesa, s. f. hot. false acacia, locust tree, 

JI^epeH'b, s. m. hot. cornel, cornelian-tree; cor- 
npiian-cherry, dog-berry;': -HOBSitt, adj. -Boe de- 
peeo, dog-berry-tree, dog-wood. 

Jl^eparaBa, s. f. state, empire, power; dominion; 
['imperial globe. 

Ji;epaK.iBHHft, adj. reigning, sovereign, ruling; 
powerful, mighty, potent. 

JepxiiBCTBOBaTB, V. n. to reign, rule, sway, 
have dominion. 

^T^epajanie, s. n. holding: keeping. 

J^epxaHBitt, adj. worn, used, second-hand. 

^T^ep^KfiTB, V. a. to hold, keep; to guard, retain;- 
to.ioei/ npH.HO, oucoKO, to carry one's heail high;— 
nodo ja.HKO.m, to keep under lock and key, lock 
up: 6o.iv,3Hb ,T;epaKHT'B eio e~o nocme.iu, the illness 
keeps him in bed;— (^6. pynaxo koio, fiy. to keep 
one short, have strict hand over one;— ea nodnu- 
neniu, to keep down or under;— k6Z0 «a npu0H3i<, 
to hold one to his tether:— .h3uk7. na npuenau, 3a 
.vffM.Hii, to tie up the tongue;— »ocw7., to keej) 
Lent;— ceoe cioeo, to keep one's word, be as good 
as one's word, perform one's promise;— sK^n-KCKT., 
to pass an examination:— iaiv/ocM, to keep or rear 
pigeons:— vftw crnopjouy, injuy, to stand for one, 
side with one, keep by one:— (/?- mauioh, 6i i/Mto, 
b-h Muciiixn. to keep in secret, in mmA.—nymb, 
to pursue a way, go a way, keep or follow a way 
to; K!/()a eu ;i;epaBHTe nymb? which road do you 
take?— wrt abb-ep'o, to sail northwards, be bound 
northwards, steer one's course to the north; amo 

0opmenbHHO ne ;](epaBHT'B cinpon, this piano does 
not keep in tune: oho hc '/.mmcw?, ce6n—, he does 
not know how to behave, he has no tact; om 
-acaJT) .MCHH nn.iuu Oeiib, he has kept or retained 
me all day; -acH, .toon aopa! stop tliief! -aHTe 
eto! have after him.' — KoppeKnvipy, to correct the 
proofs; — napu^ aaK.iadh, to wager, bet; to lay a 
wager, make a bet: h -xy cmo npomuoo oduoio, 
I'll bet a hundred to one; — koio oa dn.ioMr, to 
keep one employed; -asH npn.HO, go straight 
on; — na npaeo, ea npaao, npaatbe, to take 
to the right; 9ma .loiuadb ne ;^epa£UT'B mnMt, 
this liorse does not grow stout; proc. -acif h^uko 
3a 3i/(>a.HU, keep it to yourself, keep your own 
counsel: mum for thiit; — yxo oocmpo, to look 
about, be on the guard, stand upon one's guard:— 
.Mipica nodo 6am.:iaK0Mo, see My»T,;|l-ca, i\r. 
to hold, hold one's self: to hold up; to be held; 
to stand, keep one's ground; -ca «i omKpumo.vh 
.Hopib, to stand off shore: -ca neio, to hold to, 
hold with, keep to; to abide by a thing; -ca aa 
umo, to hold by; -ca eh omduAeuiu, eh cmopouu, 
to keep aloof, away, back, out, oft'; -ca csadu, 
to keep behind; -ca oMibcmih, to keep together; 
-ca 6o npedtbjiaxo, to keep within l)Ounds; -atii- 
TCCB upHMOj xopoiue.ubic'j sit upright, stand 
upright; 9mo ne ;^epacuTca, that does not hold; 
npimecKd .hoh ne ;i;epffinTca, my hoad-dress does 
not hold; -ffiuxecB 3a .neHtt, hold by me: xopomi 
-xaTBca na Aomadu, to sit well on horse-back. 
oHo ne ;i;epa:HTca na notaxo, he can no longer 
stand on his legs; ouo do.iio ;i;epa£nTca «a ceoe.vo 
Mibcmn, he stays long in his situation; -xhtccb 
amoro Mibcma, stay in that place or keep that 
place; ama irpniiocmb ne .nomemh -ca Mib- 
cana, this fortress cannot hold out more than a 
montli; dmo cyduo ne .tiojKerm -ca eo .uop^b, thai 
vessel is not sea-worthy; Kpacna ama ne ;^ep- 
XUTCH, that colour is not fast; n -asyCB eameto 
co3)bma. I stand by your advice: -aciiTCCB ocetda 
npuodbi, always keep to the truth; h iie anaw ueio 
-ca, I don't know what to keep to; -ca cooeto 
cioea, ceoeii nibiiu, to abide by one's word, by 
one's price; -ca mea cmopoNbi, to keep to the 
OT)inion of a i»erson, side with a person; to fall 
into the views of, agree with; -ca aa koio, to 
rely upon: j| nomo.^oK^ ;^epacHTca na 6a.^Kax^, the 
ceiling rests on beams: n^nm.lbumK^ ;nep»HTca 
na eodih, the swimmer supports himself on the 
water: || -ca HopoHKU, fig. to be given to drinking: 
II -ca ocpeia, to coast along, run along the coast: 
-ca e~o .Moptb, to keep the sea; -ca na mpaeepoi., 
naiit. to keep abeam', abreast; -ca nudo napy-, to keep under saih'Jiwr*. p. ,TepacaHHbiii. 

HepsKH-ja^Ba, s. f. ichth. remora, sucking- 

J^epatKa, s. f. dove-cote, dove-house, colurabary 
il flight of pigeons. 

JI,ep3aTB, j^epsHVTB, ». n. to dare, venture, 
presume, take the liberty; to risk, hazard. 

Ji;ep3Kitt, adj. bold, daring, temerarious, 
audacious, high - spirited: i| insolent, impertinent: 
saucy, bold-faced;;! -KO, a(7t'. — ly.— ily. 

JI,ep3noBeHic, .s\ n. audacity, daring, temerity. 

JI,ep3H0BeHHijft, adj. audacious, daring, bold: 
-HO, ado.—ly. 

Jl^cpaocTHBift, see JlepsHOBennHH. 

JI,ep;jocTi>, *;. /'. audacity, boldness, temerity; 
ji insolence, impertinence, sauciness. 

JI,epMaT0Ji6ria, s. /". med. dermatology. 

Jl,epMo, 8. n. dung, muck, excrement. 

^I^epHUHa, s-. /". sod, turf, sward. 

'^epiiHCTbift, adj. turly, soddy, swardy. 

^^epuopBB'B, s. m. sward-cutter, turf-cutter. 

'l^epH-B, .'*. m. collccf. turf, sod, sward; '; gazou: 


124 — 


^\euKAadu3amb, eucmu-iamh ;^epHOHi>; to turf, to 
cover with turf; to sward; odKAadueanib ;^epHoal'B, 
to sod; Ji -HOButt, adj. 

JSfi^jwb, s. m. pop. pungent (of pepper); sharp 
(of tobacco). 

Jlfi^ioTH, Jl^epioxnna, s. f. sarp-cloth, sack- 
cloth, sacking; pack-cloth, pack-duck; very coarse 
and bad cloth; ||;^epH)a:HMfl, adj. 

^epaORa^ s. f. hot. momordica, squirting cu- 

JIjecaHTt, s. m. mil. descent, landing; 1| -thhA, 
adj. , 

j^ecepTi, s. m. dessert; aa -cepTOMt, at dessert; 
il -THUtt, adj. 

JI,ecKaTb, see Ji,e. 

J^ecMOJioria, s. f. med. desraology. 

JI,ecHa, s. f. (pi. ;^ecHH), gum; || ;^eceHHutt, 
adj. gingival. 

TJ^ecHHi^a; s. f. right hand, right arm; — BooKin, 
right hand of God; |1 -anqHEift; adj. of the right 

J^ecHoftj adj. si. right, on the right hand. 

J^ecnoTHSMi, s. m. despotism. 

J^ecnoTH^ecKiit, adj. despotic, despotical; 
11 -CEH; adt;.— cally. 

Jl^ecnoT'b, JI.ecnoT'B, s. m. despot. 

JI,ecTb, s. f. quire (of paper); || ;^ecTeBoii, 

^ecHTepHKi, s. m. weight, measure or account, 
containing ten unities; Kyjih—, a sack containing 
ten poods; ceibuu — , candles ten to the pound. 

JI^ecaTepHMHHtt, adj. tenfold, decuple, ten 
times; -Hoe i, the vowel i; || -ho, -piii^eiO; adv. 
tenfold, ten times. 

Jl^ecaTepHoft, adj. containing ten, of ten in 

JI,ecaTepOj num. ten. 

^ecaxHBeceJiBHufl, adj. with ten oars. 

JI,ecaTHrHiB8;];HbiK, adj. hot. decemlocular. 

^ecaTH;^HeBHIJfi, adj. ten days, ten days old. 

JI,ecaTHxeHRa, s. f. hot. decagyn. 

^ecaxHJiHCTHuA, adj. hot. decaphyllous. 

SecaxHJionacTHEifi, adj. hot. decemfid. 
ecaTHJiixie, s. n. ten years, space of ten 
years, decennary. 

SecaTHj-BTHifl, adj. decennial, ten years old. 
ecaTHMyaie, s. n. hot. decandria. 

JI,ecaTHMBCa»iHuA, adj. of ten months. 

J|,ecaTHHa, s. f. acre (land measure); || tenth; 
tithe, decimation (collect ion);ltenth part;|l-HHHfi, 

J^eeaTHnecTKOBHii, adj. decagyn. 

;1,ecaTHpa.3;^'BJibHiiitt; adj. hot. decemfid. 

JI,ecaTHCJi6acHuli[, adj. — cmux^, decasyllabic 
verse, verse of ten syllables. 

JI,ecaTHCTpyHHi.ift, adj. of ten strings. 

JI,ecaTHTiJiHHKOBoe pacTCHic, s. n. hot. 

^'IjecaTnyrojibHHB'B; s.m. geom. decagon;||-HMtt, 
adj. geom. decagonal; decangular. 

JljCcaTHiHijii, adj. decimal, of decimal arith- 

Jl,eciiTKa, s. f. ten (at cards);'^naut. ten-oared 
boat; Il -Tonuuit, adj. 

JI^ecaTUHE'b, s. m. overseer, foreman, head- 
workman, tithing-man. 

J^ecaTOEi, s. m. ten, half a score; om ne 
mpyc.iuaato -TEaj he is a man not easily 

JI,ecaTOCJiOBie; s. n. decalogue, the ten command- 

Jl,ecaTCEitt, adj. s. m. assistant of a starosta, 
policeman (in a viltnge). 

J^ccaxbiii, 7ium. tenth; eh — ^2^«3^> for the tenth 
time;—Hnc7>, it is past nine o'clock; oj -tomi> 

tacy, after nine, past nine, between nine and ten 
o'clock; 8^ nauajiTh -Taro, immediately after nine 
o'clock; e* ucxodtb -Taro, a little before ten or 
towards ten o'clock; -Toe hucao, the tenth of the 
month, the tenth; paacnaaueamh ^epe^^ nnmoe e~o 
-Toe, fig. to skip from one thing to another, 
speak by fits and starts, by snatches; 1| es -thxi, 
adv. tenthly, in the tenth place. 

Jl,ecaTb, num. ten; dueu — , about ten days. 

Jl^eTajb, s. f. J],eTaJiH, pi. details; || -JbEbift, 

^eTOHupoBaxb, V. n. to sing out of tune, be 
out of tune. 

JI^eiJteEai^iH; s. f. defecation. 

^e^BETi, s. m. imperfect copy; \\ print, waste, 
waste sheet; || naut. list of deterioration, of dete- 
riorated things; || -THUtt, adj. 

Jl^e^HJiea, s. f. JI,e$HJiett, s. m. mil. defile, 

J]^e4)HJiHpoBaHie; s. n. mil. defilading, defiling, 
filing off. 

JI,e<{)HjiHpoBaTb; V. a. mil. to defile, file off (of 

JI,ei^0HTpa.iH3ai^ifl) s. f. decentralization. 

^ei^BHTpajiHSHpoBaTb, ^ei^oHTpaJiHSOBaTb; 
c. a. to decentralize. 

JI^e^Hi^HT'b, s. m. deficit; deficiency. 

Jl,ei^eMBHp'b, s. m. decemvir. 

JI.ei^HrpaMM'b, s. m. decigram, decigramme. 

J^ei^HJiHTp'B, s. m. decilitre. 

J],ei^HMa; s. f. mus. tenth. 

J^ei^HMCTpi., s. m. decimetre. 

^e^HHft, adj. naut. of a deck, deck. 

J|,eineBH3Ha, s. f. cheapness, low price. 

Jl,eineBHTb, v. a. to depreciate. 

JI,eoieBO, ado. dim. ^^ooieBeHbEO, cheap, cheap- 
ly, at a cheap rate, at a low price; omdnAamhCH 
om^ neio — , to come or get off cheap; a^ dmoM-b 
topodtb oKumh — , one lives cheaply in this town; 
prov. dopoio da muao, — da ikujio, to buy cheap is 
dear in the long run; (| cotnp. ^^emeBJiej cheaper, 
at a lower price, for less, for less than, at less 
than; -meBJie napcHou pnnu, dog-cheap; KaK7> 
MOWHO -mcBJie, as cheap as possible or the 
cheapest possible; wo-^einesjie, for something less. 

JIjeineButt, adj. dim. -BeabEitt, cheap, low 
priced; -bhb moeax)u, goods at a low price; npo- 
daoamb no -BOft it,rbmb, to sell at a low price; to 
sell one a good bargain, a good pennyworth; 
noKynamb no -Bofii ii,tbHtb, to have the cheapest 

/I^emeB-BTb, no—, v. n. to grow cheap, fall in 

JI,euiH4*P0BEa, s. f. Jl^emH(|)pupoBaHie, s. n. 

Jl,emH$piipoBaTb, v. a. to decipher. 

JI,a5eHT;ibMeB'b, s. m. gentleman. 

^xarexatt, s. m. zool. dziggethai, djiggetai, 
Kiang, Khur, goor, wild ass. 

J|,aKiirHTOBEa; s. f. military trick-riding, Ara- 
bian fantasia. 

)\as.nTV^T'hf s. m. an asiatic horse-soldier; mili- 
tary trick-rider. 

^X-sRiiWh, s. m. gin. 

JI,ncouKa; s. /'. Chinese junk. 

J\'Ai]'T'h, s. m. hot. jute; || -TOBbitt, adj. 

)l,HBa, s. f. theatr. star, diva. 

JljiiBaHHaH, adj. s. f. divan-room, room or saloon 
for company furnislied with soft seats. 

Jl^iiBaH'b; s. 7)1. dim. -aqHEi; divan, sofa; 
II divan (the Turkish council of state); W^BaBBVLAy 
adj. ^ 

JI^HBcpcia, s. f. mil. diversion. 

JI.HBopTHCMenT'b, s. 711. theat. divertisement; 
after-piece, by-play. 

JI;HBH - 125 - 

J^HBH;^eH;^'i., ,s. m. com. dividend. 

^HBHsioHi, s. in. mil. division (of cavalry). 

^HBHSifl, s. /'. mil. naut. division (of the army 
or fleet); \\ -sioHHuA, adj. 

J^HBHTb; 11. a. to astonish, amaze, surprise; 
II -Cfl, V. n. to be astonislied, be amazed, be sur- 
prised; to wonder, marvel; ;^hbjk)C& eameMy mep- 
ntbHiw, I am astonished at your patience. 

JJ^iiBHOCTb, s. f. the marvellous, marvellous- 

J^HBHutt; adj. surprising, astonishing, amazing; 
wonderful, prodigious, miraculous, marvellous; 
il "HO, ado. — ly. 

JI,HBO, s. n. marvel, wonder, wonder-work; 
miracle, prodigy; «e — , e^ moM^ Htbm^ ^^uBa, no 
marvel; —diiouoe, wonderful prodigy; 7l3^ j^nBi, 
— , a rare prodigy: a —By dajicn, I was greatly 

JI,HBOBaT&, -ca, V. n. (ua nmo), to wonder at, 
marvel at. 

^HrHTaaHCTb, s. m. lot. digitalis; see Hanep- 


J]^H;);aBTHRa; s. f. didactics; |j -THqecKifi, adj. 
didactic, dida^-tical. 

J^HBapb; s. 7)1. -apBa, s. f. savage; \\fig. misan- 
thrope, misanthropist, man-hater. 

Jl,HKacTepiH, s. f. consistory. 

Jl^HEiA, adj. wild, wilding, savage, ferocious; 
desert; odd, strange; unsociable, shy; — npaor,, 
savage temper; om ^he'l, nyMdaemen o6uf,ecmea, 
he is unsociable, he avoids society; -Kaa uden, 
whimsical or odd idea; || — uemm, grayish, gray 
colour; || - Koe mjico, med. proud flesh; jj - Koe 
jiS.ioKO, crab, crab-apple; -Kaa »6.iohh, crab-tree: 
-Kaa poaa, sweet-brier; || — tych, -Kaa ymua, see 
rycB, YxKa. 

JI,HKO, ado. wildly, strangely; om pa^cy.M^aem^ 
7HaK^—, he reasons in such a strange manner; 
cMy adibcb eee — , all appears strange to him 

J],HEo6pa3i>, s. m. zool. porcupine. 

JIiHKOBHHa, s. f. dim. -HRa, rarity, wonder, 
prodigy; 9mo d.iH neto — , amo e.ny e^ -hkj", it is 
an unusual thing for him. 

JI^HKOBHHHKiA, adj. rare, wonderful, astonish- 
ing: strange. 

JI|HKopacTyin,ifi, adj. hot. growing wildly. 

J^kKOCTb, s. f. wildncss, savageness, savagery; 
I! unsociability, unsociableness, shyness. 

Jl^HKTaTopi,, s. m. dictator; Ij -pcKiii, adj. 
dictatorial, dictatory. 

JI,HKTaTypa, s. f. dictatorship. 

JI,nRTOBaHie; s. n. J^HKXoBKa, s. f. dictation, 

^HKTOBJiTB, V. a. to dictate; ij^jari. p. ;^hkto- 


JI,HKn;ia, s. f. diction, elocution! 

JI,HJieMMa, s. f. dilemma. 

JIJHJieTaHTii.m'fc, .s\ vi. dilettantism. 

J^HJiexaHTi, s. m. -TKa, s. f. dilettante, ama- 

JI^QJiBa:aHCi>; s. m. stage-coach, diligence; hoh- 
moeuu — , fly-coach; Konmopa -coBTb, coach-office: 
thcamb oHympu -ca, to travel inside; || -coBHii, 

Jl,HJiiOBiaJibHHii, adj. (jeol. diluvial, diluvian. 

JI^HMop(|)u:m%, .s. m. dimorphism. 

JI^HM6p(t>Hufl, adj. dimorphous. 

J^HHaMHRa, s. f. dynamics, energetics. 

JI^HHaMifTT.; s. m. dynamite; |I -thhA, adj. 

J^HHaHu^ieCKiti, adj. dynamic, dynamical; -CKoe 
dmicmeie, mech. gross effect (full poiver of an 

Jl^HHamia, s. /'. phys. and. msch. dynam, dy- 
namical unity, unit of work. 

J^iiHaMOMeTpi,, .«. VI. phys. dynamometer. 

JI,nH|iM0-9JeRTpQqecEifi,' adj. dynamo-electric. 

JI,nHiipiii, s. m. denarius (coin). 

Jl,HHacTia, s. f. dynasty; n -CTuqccEifi, adj. 

JI,iiiiJiOMaTHKa, ,s. f. diplomatics (the art of 
reading ancient public documents). 

JI,HnJioMaTHqecKifi, adj. diplomatic, diplomatic- 
al; of diplomacy: — tcopnya, the diplomatic body; 
II -CRH, ady.— cally. 

JI,nnJO!tfaTia, 4"^.^0Ma^ia, s. f. diplomacy. 

Jl,HnJiOMaTi., s. m. diplomatist, person versed in 
diplomacy; fig. Sk cunning, crafty man. 

J^nnaoM-L, s. m. diploma. 

JI,Hn'b-.iOT'B, s. m. naut. deep-sea-lead. 

Jl,Hpa, see JI,Hpa. 

J^npcKTopia, s. f. directory (in France). 

Jl,HpeKTO])'i>, s. m. director; manager, warden. 

JI,HpeKTpHca, s. f. directress, directrix. 

JI,HpeKii,ifl, s. f. direction, management, adminis- 
tration; meampa.ibnaH—j direction of the theatres; 
II ohs. mil. direction. 

Jl,HpHa:ep'B, s. m. mus. leader of a band; con- 

JI,iipnxupoBaTb; V. a. mus. to conduct (a 

J^HpnCTHft, JJ^HpoBiiTUit, Jl^HpaBuA, See 

^HpHCTHH, ^T^HpOBaTHH, ^'I,HpflBHH. 

JI|HCrapMoHia, s. f. discord, inliarmoniousness. 

T^HCCHTepia, s. f. dysentery. 

JI^HCKaHTHCTi., .9. m. soprano, treble singer. 

J^nCKaHTt, s. m. 7nus. soprano, voice treble, 
first treble; |j -thmm, -xoBUfi, adj. treble. 

JI^HCKaTb, see ]le. 

JI,HCKOHTep'B, s. m. discounter, discount-broker. 

JI,HCKOHTHpoBaTb, V. a. com. to discount; to 
negotiate, discount a bill of excJiange. 

JJ^HCEOHTi), s. m. com. discount; || -THutt adj. 

JI.HCKOC'B, s. m. paten, patin, patine. 

Jl^HCRpasia, s. f. 7ned. dyscrasy. 

J^,HCKpe;^HTHpoBaTb, V. a. to discredit; \\part. p. 

JJ^HCKt, s. m. face-plate, disk; || distant-signal, 
auxiliary-signal, station-signal (on railways). 

JI,HCJiOKai^ia, s. f. mil. dislocation, shifting (of 

J^Hcnamep'b, s. in. co7n. adjustor of averages: 
average-stater, average-taker; | -pcKifi, adj. 

Jl^iicnaniTb, s. m. com. adjustment of averages. 

Jl,ncnencia, s. f. 7ned. dyspepsia, dyspepsy. 

Jl,ncno3Hn,ifl, s. f. mil. disposition. 

Jl^KcnyT'b, s. 7n. dispute, disputation. 

Jl^HCcepxai^ia, s. f. dissertation: tliesis; aaim- 
t(i,a77ih -Timiio, to maintain a thesis. 

,HHCCH;^eHT'b, s. m. dissenter, dissident, non- 
conformist, seceder, separatist. 

JljHCCOHaHCb, s. f. mus. dissonance. 

Jl^nCTaai^ia, s. f. distance; dcpMamb Koiona 
6.iaiopodHou -i;in, see EflaropoAHHfi; iJ -i^ioH- 
Hbiit; adj. of the distance. 

JI,HCTHJijiipHbiti, adj. — aaaodo, distillery, still- 

JI,IICTHJJMpOBaHiO, S. H. JI^HCTH JJiai^ifl, s. f. 


JIiicTii.'ianpOBaTb, v. a. to distill, st\U]\\part. p. 

J^nc.Tn.iaiiTO])^, s. m. distiller. 

^T^ncypin, s. /. med. dysuria, dysury. 

JI,iici^iin.iiiHa, s. f. mil. discipline. 

J^nci^iinjiiHapHhift; adj. disciplinary, disciplin- 

JI,iici;nnanHiipoBaTb, v. a. to discipline. 

JI,HTa, s. n. irr. (pi. ;^bth;, dim. ;^HTaTKO, 
infant, child (pi. children); HeanKonnopooKdenHoe— ., 
a natural child; — .jw<7<y», love-child; |l|jrop. — «e 


— 126 


nMiuenio, Mcimb ne pasyMnemo, if the child did 
not cry, tlie mother would not know it was hungry; 
II ;^HTaT^H'b, adj. 

Ji;H(J)paKn,ifl, s. f. phys. diffraction. 

JI|H<)()TepuT'B, s. m. med. diphtheria. 

JI,H(]()TOHr;&,»s. m. gram, diphthong. 

JI,H<J)(|)aMaTop'b, s. VI. defamer, libeller, slan- 

J^^()[)^aMa^ia, s. f. slander, defamation. 

J^H^fj^epeHTi., s. m. naut. difference (of draught). 

/i;H(|)<|)epeHi^HpoBaHie, s. n. math, differen- 

Jl|H(J)(|)epeHn,HpoBaTb, v. n. math, to dift'eren- 

Jl,H(|)<J)epeHi;iaJi'i., s. m. math, differential, dif- 
ferential quantity, fluxions; ij -ajiBHHft, adj. dif- 
ferential, riuxional, fluxionary. 

Jl,n«|)(j[)y3ifl, s. f. diffusion. 

JI^H^aTB, o — , V. n. to grow shy, become savage 
or misanthropical. 

JI,HiHHa, s. f. game, venison. 

J^HMHTBCa, V. n. to shun, avoid one; to be misan- 

JI^H^OKTb, s. m. wild stock; wilding; iJ ;i;HiKOBHiir, 

Jl^H^b, s. f. game, wild fowl; jj wild place; \ fiddle- 
faddle, nonsense, rigmarole; uecmu, nopomb—, to 
talk nonsense, tell or relate idle stories. 

^l,HmKaHT'B, see JXa.cKSkUTh. 

J^HeHpaiidTb, s. m. dithyramb, dithyrambic, 
dithyrambus; jj -OHuecKiii, adj. ditliyrambic. 

J^iaSeTHiecKifl, adj. med. diabetic, diabetical. 

Jl^iaOcTt, s. m. med. diabetes. 

Jl^ia.BO.i'b, see /[tiinoTt. 

T^iaOasTb, s. m. min. diabase. 

JI,ijirH03x, s. m. med. diagnosis. 

JI^iarHOCTHua, s. f. med. diagnostics; ji -cth- 
necKiii, adj. diagnostic. 

Jl^iarHOCT'B, s. m. diagnoser. 

Jl,iaroHaJiB, s. f. math, diagonal. 

JIjiarOHaabHMfi, adj. diagonal; -iHaa pacnopna, 
cnrp. cross-stud; -Haa censb, saltier -cross-bar, 
diagonal stay; I -ho, adv. — ly. 

ji,iarpiiMMa, s. f. geom. diagram, figure, scheme. 

JI,ia,T;eMa, s. f. diadem. 

Jl,iaKOHucca, s. f. deaconess. 

J^iaKOH!., see Jl^bHKOH^. 

Jl,iaJieKTHKa, s. f. dialectics. 

JI,iaJieKTiiK'B, s. m. dialectician. 

JI,iajieKTuqecEifi, adj. dialectic, dialectical; 
Ij xCEii, adu. — cally. 

Jl^iaacKT^b, s. 771. dialect; .see Hapiiie. 

/I,iaaoriiuecKiii, adj. dialogistic, dialogistical; 
II -CKif, ado. — cally. 

J^ia.iori., .9. m. dialogue. 

JI,iaMeTpa.ibHUii, adj. diametrical, diametral; 
■■naa npomucoiwAOMHOcmh, diametrical oi)position; 
ll -HO, fld/;.— ly. 

J^iaMCTp*, s. m. matli,. diameter, size; enympieH- 
7iiu — , diameter inside; — uajjyMHuu, diameter out- 
side; mech. — pdoouiu, actual diameter. 

^iana»MH7>, s. m. mus. diapason, pitch. 

J^iaTOHJi'iecKiii, adj. mus. diatonic, diatonical; 
II -CKH, fldy. — cally. 

JI,ia(|)pHrMa, s. f. anat. diaphragm, midriff. 

Jl.ien'i., s.m. mus. diesis, sharp; || -SHUtt, adj. 

J^ieTa, .9. f. diet, regimen; cmpoiaa — , a low 
diet; drpsKumb KOto ita -Tli, to keep one on strict 
diet; nocadmnh na ■■ Ty, to put upon allowance; 
|! -THbitt, adj. dietetic, dietetical. 

JI,ieTeTHKa, s. f. dietetics; ji -TiiiecKitt, adj. 
dietary, dietetic, dietetical. 

JI,ionT.i37>, ,s\ m. min. dioptase. 

J],ion'rpHKa, s.f. dioptrics. 

JI,ionTpHnecKiJi, adj. dioptric, dioptrical. 

Jljionxpt, s. m. diopter, pinule, vane, sight-vane; 
II -TpeHHBift, adj. 

J],iopaMa, s. f. diorama. 

JI,iopMT'B, s. VI. min. greenstone, diorite. 

Jl,i93i, ^iaTa, J^iaTCTHKa, see Ai^^i., /ijexa, 

JI,aaHeBH^H&[J1[, adj. hot. digitate, digitated, 
palmate, palmated. 

JIjaaHb, s. f. palm; hand. 

JIjJiHHa, s. f. length, lengthiness; go acm - ny, 
all along, full-length, whole length; pacmMuymbCH 
60 ecto -HV, to lie sprawling along; -roh), long; 
■■ HOK s^ apxauHo, an arsliine loiig; Mibpvmb 
e% - HV, to measure lengthwise. 

^JiHHHHEi>, s. VI. length; jj beam laid lengthwise. 

JI,JIHHH0, adv. long; oub paacyMda/io — , he was 
prolix or long in his discourse. 

JJjJiHHHOBaTbift, adj. dim. longish, rather long. 

/l,,iHHH0H6ritt, see ^T^ojroHoriH. 

JIjJiHHHonoJlbiii, see Jl,ojironoJiHH. 

J^jHHHOTa, s. f. length, lengthiness. 

JI,JIHHHOUiepCTBIH, .see Jl, O-irOffl epc TH H. 

JI,jiHHH£jfi, adj. dim. -HHeHBEiii, long; rcmtmb 
-HEja pyf:u, to have long arms; fig. to be light- 

/l,JiHTej[bHHii, adj. lingering, slow; i -ho, adv. 

ji,.iHTb, V. n. to delay, defer, loiter, linger, pro- 
long, spin; to draw out; — d)bjio.m, to spin out, 
prolong things; |i - ca, v. n. to last; to be 
protracted; dnjio amo - Tca, that affair gets on 
but slowly, lingers or goes heavily on. 

^Jia, prep. gen. for, to; smo—eacb, that is for 
you; — neio, why. wherefore; — koio? for whom? .wio 
—neto? why so, for what reason? maico eom^ — neto, 
tliat's why; smo — .vena nomepaHO, that is lost to 
me; om yiocmuA,% .neHH — npaadnuKa! iron, a fine 
pickling he gave me in honour of the feast! smo — 
eac^ wmeto ne cmoumh, that costs you nothing; — 
moio umo, because, as; — moio, ■ninoou, in order to, 
in order that; oho CAUiuKOMi yMem — moto, umoou 
cdtbjiamb 3mo, he has too much sense to do that; 
mo.ibKO — moio, unioobi pascepdiwib .uena, only to 
vex me; ne - lero, there is no occasion or rea- 
son; .w/m He -lero GudnmbCH cb mi.m, I have no 
need to see him; auiUKTj — yaa, tea-caddy; Kyjib — 
yto.ibeob, sack for coals. 

Jl,HeBaJbHbitt, adj. s. m. waiting; mil. soldier 
upon duty; naut. boat-keeper. 

/l,HeBiiHbe, s.n. see ;I,i!eBi.:a. 

Jl,HeBaTb, V. n. to pass the day; oub maM7, 
jl.HJoex'b u Ho^yem^, he stays there day and night; 
he is p.lways there. 

^T^HeBEa, .s. /". ?Hz7. halt, day of rest. 

J^HCBHME^>, s. m. journal, diary, day-book, 
itinerary. ^ 

JI^HPBHott, ^T^HCBHuii, adj. day, daily, diurnal; 
— coibmh, day-light; — mpydh, day-labour, day-work; 
-HOC, luminous orb, sun. 

J^HCMii, adv. by day; in the day-time; — tc noubM, 
])y day ami night; ne u.utbmb hokoh hu — , hu. 
HDHhw, to have no rest either day or night. 

,l|uecb, adv. to-day, now-a-days; no—, till or 
until to-day. 

J^iiiiine, s. n. bottom (of a baric); \ -n^eBbiii, 

;I,HO, s. n. dim. ;^0HbIraK0, bottom, ground: 
MopcKoe—, bottom of the sea; uecnanne, njiuctnoc 
— , sandy, oozy bottom; — uimmKa, keel; nnumu, 
norpysiimbcn na — , to sink, founder; nycmumb 
cydno KO ;)',Hy, to sink a ship; doemavn do Ji,ua, 
to find, touch the bottom; lUKamy.iKa ch duouHU-Mi, 
,■^HOH^., double-bottomed box; aiuminib do .^na, to 
drink out; ncnHinb do ;^Ha namy cmpadania u,.%n. 
lopecmeh, fig. to drink the cup of bitterness to 


127 — 


the dregs; smo UMnnie ao.iomoe — , this estate is a 
gold-mine; nepeoepHijinb oce eoepxi ;^homi», to put 
everything topsy-turvy or upside down; to overset; 
umoobi e.Mij Hu ;^Hii^ Hii noapbtiuKu! pop. (oath), 
may he have neither liouse nor home! 

rt®> prep. gen. to, so far, as far as, till, until; 
— noc.itbdneu KoneuKu,, to the last penny, 
to the last drop, to the dregs; — Komopux}, nojn, 
— ueio, how far; — cuxi nopy,, thus far, till now, 
hitherto; — inwxh nop?,, till then; — HacnioHme'a .hu- 
Hymu, up to the present moment: doMunib — cma- 
pocmu, to reach old age; h)iu> — mchm hjih nmo 
Kacaeincn—.HeH.H, as for me, for my part; oin, do- 
6nia.icH — moio, mno, he rau so much that 
he fell; ;i before; 3a do.ito—, long before; ; nearly, 
about; uxh — decHtnu nejiooibKh, they were 
about ten men; jj — ueio eu .nenji doeodume. to what 
do you reduce me; h — eaco cs npocboou h.ih y 
MCHH — each npocboa, I have a favour to ask you; ji 
UMtbw — oach HJH y .ttenH ectiih d) — onco, I 
have need of you, I have business with you, have 
something to say to you; MHtb we — CMtbxy, I am 
not disposed to laugh; .nmb ue — each, I have no 
time to attend to you. 

JjoOiiBKa, s. f. dim. - BO^Ra, complement, 
addition, supplement. 

,3;oOaBaeHie, s.n. see jI,o6^BKa. 

Jl^oOaBJiaTb, JI,o6aBjHBaTb, ;i;o6aBnTi., v. a. to 
ad I, make up, supply, complete, fill up; to put 
to; : -CH, v.p. to be added, be completed; ij^ar^. 
p. ;];o6aBJeuHi>i]t. 

^oOaBOKT., s. m. dim. - oieKt, complement, 
supplement, addition; eo—, see B;iooaBOKi. 

T^oOaBO^Hiiifl, adj. supplementary, additional, 
complementary, complemental. 

/I,o()HBauie, s. n. killing completely; beating in 

/^oOuBaxb, jS,o6uTh, v. a. to kill, despatch; ama 
nomepa -fiBaa eio, fig. this loss completely killed 
him; pop. to expend, lay out; ouo - OaBaeT'B 
nocAihdHHm KoneuKy, lie squanders away the last 
of his fortune; i| to beat in, drive in completely; 
;i;o6efiTe s/woma leoadb, drive this nail completely 
in; li -ca, V. n. to endeavour to obtain; to seek 
after; to sue; to apply for, solicit (an employment, 
a place); to get; to come at: to make out; - ch 
jHu.iocmeii, to sue fur favours; neio mpyduo ■■OnTbca, 
hard to come at; h -6u.ica y neio dmoio Mtbcma, 
I prevailed on him to procure me this place: 
■• CiiTbca cooeto, to have one's will, have a will of 
one's own; n ne .Moiy -Ohtbch, umo6bi ouh npouj- 
Heco amy oyKey, I cannot make him pronounce 
that letter; —OuTbca mo.tKy, to obtain a categor- 
ical answer; otm new c.ioea ne ;^o6beIUIlCa, not a 
word is to bo got out of him; aino>o - mo h u 
M Bii Jca, that is what I was aiming, driving at; 
\part. p. ;];o6uTi>iu. 

/I^oOnpanie, s. n. gathering, plucking, culling 

J^oOapaTb, j,o(i\}hTh, v. a. to gatlier, pluck, 
pick, cull (what is left); to finish gathering; || -ca, 
V. n. (do neto), to reach, come at, attain; to trace, 
clear up, take up; to get at; ■CpaTbca do Kaun- 
Aa, do npuHUHw, Id trace a thing back to its 
origin, to its first cause; -ca da ucniuHu, to find 
out the trutli; xaKh vio.ihKO — 6piiaca om do 6y- 
mbi.tKii, as soon as he secured the bottle: n daano 
do Htio -Oupaiocb; threat. I liave long had a rod 
in pickle for him; ;^o6epycb .h do meOii! you sliall 
hear frum me soon! I^jar^. p. ;i;o6paHHbifl. 

,II,oOnTb, see ^loSnnaTi.. 

4,60aecTHUfl, adj. valiant, valorol\s, stalwart, 
brave: ij -ho, ady.— ly. 

J|,6().TecTb, s. f. valour, valiautness, prowess, 
bravery; virtue. 

,l(o6opaHnBaTb, - poHUTb, v. a. to finish 

;i;o06p'b, s. m. ;i;o06pKa, .«. f. receipt of remain- 

,I,o()pacMBaHie, s. n. throwing up to, reaching 
in throwing; finisliing throwing. 

;i;oOpaci.iBaTb, j^oOpocaxb, ;i,oCpocHTb, v. a. to 
throw up to, reacli in throwing: to finish throwing, 
throw to the endL,\\iKirt. 2>. ;^oGp6uieuubiri. 

JI,o6peHbEii1[, see ^T,o6puJl. 

JI,o(5pecTii, V. n. to drag one's self along to, 
stroll up to. 

Ji;o6pHBaTb, ,^oOpifTb, v.a. to finish shaving: 
^^part. p. ;^o6puTbrii. 

JI^o6po, s. n. goods, property; oiih npoMoma.Xo 
ece omnoecKoe — , he spent all his paternal prop- 
erty; /)ro<j. yyMcoe — enpoKo neudemo, ill got, 
ill spent; good, weal: dih.iamb KO.vy — , to do good 
to a person; eoddamb — poMii 3a 3.10, to render 
good for evil; nmo ne m - py, that forebodes no 
good; omo new -pa «e domdembcH, he will never 
turn out well: yumii no -py «o ddopoey, to get 
off with a whole skin; prov. omh - pa, - pa nt 
umymh, let well alone; proo. — CKopo saohioaemca, 
a swallowed morsel tastes no more or past services 
are soon forgotten; prov. sa — ,'^oOp6lI'b v 
n.iatnsim, h.ih kiuo — meopurnh, mow Eoio uaipa- 
dumh, do well and have well; Ij -poM'b, adv. 
amicably, friendly: Ch hhm% - poiiTi ne ^wa^/a- 
A(icvjhbCH, one cannot settle one's affairs amicably 
with him. 

^odpo, adv. well; good: — , noMuu mu 9mo, well, 
remember it: — noMu.iosamb, welcome, you are 
welcome; well met; ; — 6u, conj. if. 

,J,o6p6, s. n. name of the Slavonic letter ji^. 

JI,o6poBOJei^'b, s.m. volunteer, voluntary. 

Jl,oCpoBo.ibHOCTb, s. f. voluntariness, spontane- 
ousness, spontaneity. 

/^o6pOB6.ibuufi, adj. voluntary, willing-hearted: 
spontaneous: - Hoe npuHOiuenie, free-gift; , -ho, 
adv. — ily, — ly, of one's ou-n accord. 

/IioOpo;i;yiuie, s. n. good-nature, kind-hearted- 

JI,oOpo;^yraHHtt, adj. good-natured, fair-natured, 
kind-hearted: " -ho, adv. — ly. 

JI,oOpo^BTe.ib, s. /". virtue, virtuousness. 

;l,o()po;i;iTeJbHbiii, adj. virtuous;i|-HO, adr.—\y. 

^HoOpojKeaaTeab, s. w. -Huna, s. /". well-wisher, 

^!,oOpoa:(M!iTe-ibHOCTb, s. f. ,]^oOpoa:eaaTeab- 
CTBO, s. n. kindness, l)enevolence, favour. 

/l,o6poaKeaaTcabHuti, adj. kind, well-wishing, 
benevolent; [1 -ho, adv. — ly. 

/I,o6poxejaTejbCTBOBaTb, v. n. to wish well. 

Jl,oOpoKa'iecTBeHHHft, adj. of good quality: 
benign; -naa ocna, a benign small-pox. 

,iI,oOpoj[H)6io, s.n. love of good. 

JI,oOpoHpaBHbift, adj. good-tempered, well-tem- 

^T,oOponopaj;oqHrji'f, a'//, orderly, well-ordered. 

JI^o«)pocep,Te»iie, ,l^o6pocep;;ie, s. n. ,T|oOpo- 
cep;^ciHO0Tb, s. f. kind-heartedness, warni-lieart- 
edness. kindliness, goodness of lieart, cordiality. 

Ji;o6poce|>;i;eqHiJfl, ,^,oOpocep;^Hii, adj. kind- 
hearted, v.-arm-liearted, cordial. 

,ljoOpoeep;t('TBOBaTb, v. n. (Ko.\iy), to be kind- 
liearted, warm-liearted to. 

^T^oOpocon-fccTHocTb, s. f. conscientiousness; 
scruple, s'TUjJulosity, scrupulousness. 

J^ofipocoBbcTHUft, adj. conscientious, scrupu- 
lous; ,1 -HO, adv. — ly; J .<;. m. arbiter, arbitrator, 

^"|,o6pOTa, s.f. goodness, good-nature, kindliness, 
kindness; 3.ioynompe6.\Hmb ubeh - roil, to abuse 
one's kindness. 

3;0BP — 128 

JI,o6i)0Ta, JI,o6i)OTHOCTB, s. f. quality, solidity 
(of a material); ct/KHO eucuieh - th, cloth of a 
prime quality. 

^oCpoTHHfi, adj. good, of good quality; solid. 

J|,o6pox6THHtt, adj. well-disposed, obliging; 
j -HO, ad;'.— ly. 

J^oOpoxoTCTBO, s. n. good-will, obligingness. 

JI,o6pox6TCTBOBaTt, V. n. to be well-disposed. 

J|,o6pox6Ti, s. m. - TKa, s. f. well - disposed 

^ofipHsrHBaxB, ;i;o6pH3HyTL, v. a. to sprinkle 
up to, squirt up to; |j to finish sprinkling. 

^oOpEJtt, adj. dim. ;i,66peHBKifl, kind, good, 
well-natured; KaK% ou -pH,how kind you are; -pEie 
jiwdu, kind-hearted people; es — ur/cs, well and 
good, very well, in good time; -paa ooah, good- 
will; -poe auHO, good wine; ornctoda 6ydeim -paa 
MUAH, it is a full league from hence; -pue doa 
uaca, two full hours; ei -pomi. adopodbn, in good 
health; —dem, good-day, good-morrow, good-morn- 
ing; good-evening; onto - paro Kopun u » pan 
ompacAh, true blood will always show itself; ueio 
-pare, I fear that, I am afraid that; neio -pare, 
om paseepdiimcH, I fear lest he should get angry. 

JI,o6piTB, 0. n. to grow stout or corpulent. 

JI,o6paK'B, s. m. good soul, simple easy man. 

JI,o6y;^HTBCH, V. n. to wake with difficulty; 
cto He ;^o6y,^HUIBca, he is not to be awaked. 

J^oOuBi'iHie, s. n. getting; acquiring, earning. 

J^o6BiBaTB, ;^o6htb, v. a. to acquire, obtain, 
procure, get, gain, earn; to work; -"Omtb deueih, to 
procure money; — mjcoKh x.itb6a, to gain a living; 
— sojiomo, to work a gold-mine; to extract gold 
from the mine: || -ca, o.p. to be got, be gained; 
to be worked; IJ 7>ari. pi- J^oOBlTBifl. 

JI,o6htok'b, s. m. profit, acquirement, gain. 

JI,o6hiTB, see JtoousaTB. 

JI,oCTJia, s. f. booty, prey, prize; capture, plun- 
der, seizing; spoU (military); 6umh omdaiiHbiMi «& 
-»iy, to be delivered a prey to; om6iimh 6otamt/K 
-^y, to carry off a rich booty; paadoiiHUKii om- 
npasujiuch ua -ly, the robbers went out to look 
for booty; cdn.iamhCH - 'leH), to fall a prey to; 
amomy, nopaCjib aaKOHuaji — , that shijj is a lawful 

Jl^oO'feraTB, ^oO-fearaxB, v. n. to run up to. 

Jl,o6iraTB, ;i;o6-BraTBca, v. n. to run; — do mow, 
vmo, to run till. 

JI,60t.ia, ado. naKajicuHuli — , heated to incandes- 
cence, at a wliite boat. 

JI^oO BJHBaxB, ;i;of)'fe.iHTB, V. a to finish whit- 
ening; to whiten enough; il/^ari. ^. ;i;o6'6jieHHHfi. 

JI,OBapnBaHle, s. n. boiling enough, sufficiently. 

JI,OBapiiBaTB; ^oBapuTB, V. (I. to boil enough; 
II - ca, V. r. to get boiled or cooked enough; 
il part. p. ;];0B;ipenHB(ft. 

JI,6Be;^B. s. f. (lam, king (at draughts). 

JI,0Be3Tii^ ;^0Be3TB, see ,/l,oBo:tHTi.. 

JI,OBepuiiiTB, j^oBopulHTB, V. «. to accomplish, 
consummate, complete, finish; to get over; dmo 
- eio pfi3opeHie, this completed his ruin: 
.HupHO ■■uiiiTB ciioe nonpuiae, to end peacefully 
one's career; uvioobi •■uiiitb cio nopmpemb, to 
give a finishing stroke to his portrait; — coou 
6AaiodibJiuiji, to crown, complete the benefactions; 

part. p. /TORcpuioiiiirjii. 

JI,OBopmeHic, s. n. accomplisliment, completion, 
consummation, finishing; k?, -meiiiio necnacmin, 
to complete or consummate the misfortune. 

Jl,OBepuiiiTO.iB, s.m. -iiima, s. /'. accomplisher, 
completer, finisher. 

JI,OBopmHTB, see Jl^oBepmaTr.. 

Jl,OBeeTH, J^OBCf^TB, sec jl,0H0AHTB. 

J^OBiiHiHBaTB, ^i^OBHiiTiiTB, V. a. to screw up; 
to finish screwing; ipart. p. ;i,OBiiHueiiHT>]fi. 


,HoBHpaTBca, ;i:0BpaTBCfl, v.n. to babble or 
lie so much till, tell stories till. 

,a,OBo^HTB, ;i;oBecTH, ;^OBecTB, y. a. to lead up 
to, bring to, in; ;^OBeJ^;HTe Menn do eio Ksapmupu^ 
lead me up to his lodging; ;i;oBecTH vmo do cooep- 
meucmea, to bring a thing to perfection; — y67b- 
jKdeHiAMU do, to reason one into; ;i;0BecTH koio do 
tpo6a, to bring a person down to the grave; || to 
reduce; to drive to; to bring to; to work down; — 
do KpauHOcmu, to reduce to the utmost; — do no- 
CATbdueu KpauHOcmu, do ci/Mamecmeisi, to drive to 
the last extremity, to madness; j^OBecTH do cstb- 
dibnia, to bring to the knowledge; ;^OBecTH do 
pacKannin, to bring to repentance; ;i;OBecTH koxo 
do c^e3^, to make a person cry, to draw tears 
from a person; ji ;i,oBe;^y eto do smoto, I shall 
bring him to that pass; || -ca, v. imp. to chance, 
happen; MHn HUKOida ne -;i,HaoCB amoio oudnmt, 
I never had a chance of seeing it; I never happen- 
ed to see it; junn, ;^0B6;i,HTca cs He^o eine dea 
py6AH, I have still two rubles to receive from 
him; jj to turn out, to be; om Mun ;^0B6;^HTCfl 
poduem, there is a relationship between us, I 
reckon him among my relations; i| jsar^. p. ;i,OBe- 

^OBO^i.iHK'B, s. VI. -iHna, s. f. informer, 
accuser, denunciator. 

}\h^O}i,'h, s. m. argument, proof, demonstration; 
aucKaaamb, eucmaeumt een — ;^bi, to bring forth 
all the arguments. 

J1,0B03HTB, ji;0BC3Tu, ;^0Be3TB, V. a. to convey 
to, carry to, drive to; || to finish carrying, driving; 
Wpart. p. ;i;0Be3eHHBiii. 

JI,OB.OJiaKHBaTB, Jl,OBOaoqHTB, ,H0B0JI01B, V. a. 

to trail up to; || -ca, v. r. to trail up to, drag 
one's self along to; to reach; !| part. p. ^obojo- 

J1,ob6jibho, adv. enough, sufficiently; — xoAodno, 
rather cold, cold enough; emo — cmpaniio, that is 
somewhat strange; — doMO, — pauo, rather long, 
rather early;— a;o/»OMto, well enough; || v. imp. to 
suffice, be enough;— ^zt oaMi Qtnuxh dem^^? have 
you money enough? will that money do for you? 
dmoio — , that will do, that will ])e sufficient; — 
CKaaamb eaMh^umo..., suffice it to tell you, that. 

/I^OBOJiBHBifl, adj. content, contented, satisfied, 
pleased, well -pleased, glad; light-hearted; om 
-jieHT* caM^ co6om, he is satisfied or pleased 
with himself; iron, he does not think small beer 
of himself, he is pleased with his dear self; om 
MUAUM^ -JieHi., he is easily satisfied; 6umb -HBiifB, 
to approve of. 

JI^OBOJiBCTBo, J^oBOJiBCTBic, s.n.ease, sufficiency; 
abundance; an easy fortune; owumh ea -cxB'fe, to 
live in clover. 

Jl,0B6.iBCTB0BaHie, s. n. satisfying, contenting, 

JI,OB()JiBCTBOBaTB, V. a. to Satisfy, content, , 
please; to provide; jj -ca, v. r. (M1bM^), to be satisfied, ! 
be contented with; to please one's self; to take 
up with; -CH odnuMi, cmnKaHOMb euiin, to confine 
one's sell' to a single glass of wine; -CTBviiTeCB 
neooxoduMu.n, confine yourself to necessaries. 

JljOBlinaiTB, ;i;OB ijaxB, v. a. to finish winnowing; 
Iprirt. p. ;i,OBi>aHiiBitt. 

Jl,OBi[i;^BinaTb, ;i;oBij;i,aTB, v. a. to discover; to 
elicit; ij -ca, v.n. to learn. 

JI,oBBi)eHHOCTB, s. f. trust, confidence; see J[,o- 
B'lipie; il letter, power, warrant (of attorney), 
lirocnration; no -cxa, by procuration; damb 
KOMy — , to give a power of attorney; to empower; 
ynu'imoawumb — , to revoke a letter of attorney. 

Jl^oBBiteHiiuJt, adj. confided, trusted; acting in 
virtue of a procuration; — ve.toffMK*, trusty, trust- 
wortliy man, trustee. 

JliOB'fepiiTe.ib, s. tn. --BHuaf s. f. constituent, 
principal, warranter, confider, truster. 

^T^OBtpiiTCiBHUii, adj. ronfidential. 

JI^OBiipiITb, .set' JI,OBipaTi.. 

^T^oEtple, s. n. trust, confidence, credit, reliance; 
faith; UMionib — kt> komi/, to trust one; aKpacmbCH 
ei — , to work one's self into credit; iinompeCmmh 
60 3A0 V6e .iHoo — , to betray the confidence of a 
person; .tuuKinib -piH^ to discredit: .luiuambCH 
«pifl; HomepHmb — , to lose confidence or credit; 
c.i7b)we — , implicit faith. 

J^OBiip'iuBocTb, s. f. trusting or confiding 
character: confiden^'i>. 

^OBup'iHBHii, adj. disposed to confiding, 

^OB'iipaTL, ^^OBiipnxB, y. a. (komi/), to trust 
confide, credit: h oaMo -paw ecn caou maunu, I 
trust you with all my secrets, I trust all my 
secrets to you; || ""Caj l\ r. p. to confide or trust in 
or to; to repose ones trust in one; to rely on; to 
commit one's self to: to be trusted. 

Jl,OB-ijCHTb, sec ^OBimnBaTB. 

^OBiiCOKii, s. m. what is added to make weight, 
a make-weight. 

^OBBxpy, adc. euUnm — , to go out for a call 
of nature. 

^OBBinaTb, V. a. to finish hanging. 

^OBBiiiuBaHie, s.n. making up the weight. 

^uBBuinBiiTB, .noBBcnxb, r. a. to finish weigh- 
ing: to^ make up the weight. 

^OBBHTb, see Jl^OBiBaTb. 

^OBHSbiBaHie, s. n. finishing tying, finishing 

~I,0Ba3MBaTb, ;i;0Bfl3aTb, v. a. to finish tying, 
finish knitting; ij^jft/-^ p. ;^0Bfl3aHHiJit. 

/l,ora;i;Ka, s. f. conjecture, surmise, guess: me- 
pnmbcH 6b -Kaxi, to lose one's self iu conject- 
ures; j! perspicacity; conceit: y neio Hnm~o -Kit na 
dmo, he has not sense enough to do it. 

JI,ora;i;.inBOCTb, s. f. sagacity, sagaciousness, 
perspicacity, perspicaciousness, conceit. 

^ora;i;jinBbifi, adj. sagacious, perspicacious. 

Jl,ora,a;oiHBift, adj. conjectural. 

^1,ora;i;quK'b, s. m. -i'iun,a, s. f. conjecturer, 
guesser; sagacious man or woman. 

^ora;^!., s. m. 60 — aio me6ib dujio? have you 
thought to? M/iib smo dbCAO ne fib — , I did not think 
of it, it did not come into my mind. 

JI,ora;i;biBaTbCH, ;i;ora;i;, v.n. to conjecture, 
guess, surmise, perceive, suspect, think; to make 
out; .1 -Baiocb o eto naMnpeuiu, I conjecture 
or I suspect his intention: prtoiff)6 6U «c -saexecb? 
do you not guess? h -;^aaca o6^ smoMb c.iuiu,ko.\ii 
7i03dHO, I thouglit of it too late. 

;l,orapiiHie, s. n. burning out. 

^T^orapaTb, ,T,or(»pBTb, r. n. to burn out; co)bua 
-paex'b, the candle is going out; ceibua -p-Bja, 
the candle is burnt out. 

Jorapecca, s. f. dogaressa (the wife of a doge). 

^T^oraaaciiBaHie, s. n. finishing smoothing or 

JI,oraaajHBaxb, ;^;o^aa;^^Ib, v. a. to finish 
smoothing or ironing; || part. p. ;i;orjaa!eHHbiii. 

^T|orja;i,Hnaxb, ,T;<)r.ia;^hxb, v. a. to remark, 
observe, notice; !| -ca, /-. r. to look till. 

J^orsia, .s. f. theory (of a science). 

^T,orMaxiJ3M'b, s. m. dogmatism. 

T^orjiaxiiKa, s. f. dogmatics. 

J^orMaxiiKT., s. m. dogmatist, connoisseur of 
the dogmas of the church. 

JI|orMaxii«iecKirt, adj. dogmatic, dogmatical; 
-CKOe us.ioMenie nayKU, dogmatic expounding of 

J^OFMaxii, s. m. dogma, tenet; -Maxu nepneu, 
the dogmas of the church. 

— 129 — j];o;n;A 

^ornauie,s.«. overtaking, reaching.coming up to. 

^'l,<trHaxb, see ,1^ or oh at b. 

^T,oroBapHBaxb, ;^<>r(»B()piixB, c. a. to speak 
out; OHb -pu.ii> c'sow nponooibdb, lie lias delivered 
his sermon; om ne -Baexi. nocmijnuxb c.ioi06%, 
he does not pronounce the last syllables; dahme 
.mm -piixb, let me finish speaking; ]j to hire, 
engage:— «iiom«?<vo(??., to hire carpenters; |t -ca, 
c. rec. to agree, capitulate; to negotiate, contract, 
treat; to stipulate; -ca 6b mbim, to agree about 
the price; -ca edaun topoda, to agree to surren- 
der the town or to capitulate; -ca .niipib, to 
negotiate for peace; ij -ca, r. n. (do ueio), to drop 
or turn the conversation on a subject; to speak 
so much till; || -Baiou^iaca cmoponu, contracting 
parties; .^part.p. AOi'OBopcHiibiff. 

.T^oroBopHUH, adj. stipulated; agreed; || of a 
treaty, inserted in a contract. 

.T.oroBop'b, s. in. covenant, convention, stipula- 
tion; pact, compact, contract, treaty, transaction: — 
c.iooectibik, nucb.MeHHuu, verbal, written agreemenf: 
Hapijmumb — , to break a compact, violate stipu- 
lations; ceadeoHuu — , contract of marriage; sasAnj- 
Hiinib — , to enter into a contract; MupHuh — ,treaty 
of peace;~«a Mupoei/w, a compromise; — cdanw 
Kpibnocmu, capitulation. 

/l,oroB-BXb, tf. n. to finish one's preparation for 
the holy sacrament; to finish one's fast. 

^oroHt, s. m. ^oroHKa, s. f. overtaking; o^ 
;i;or6HKy, adv. to overtake, in pursuit of; noun- 
Dwamb, opoctmibCH 3a nib.Hb Aiioo Ob /i;or6HEy, to 
run in pursuit of a person. 

^oroHaxb, ;i;orHaxb, v. a. to overtake, join a 
person, come up with; to reach; to cat^h up; eto 
-Haioxt, they are overtaking him; cmi/nanme 
enepe^^, h eaco -hm, go on, I will join you; co- 
6aKa He .Moi.ia -rHJixb saima, the dog could not 
catch the hare; om CKopo pocmo.vb omua ;j;oro- 
Hnxi, he will be soon as tall as his father; si 
yuetiin Mim eio ne -rnaxb, I cannot come up to 
him in learning. 

^oropaaie, ^l,oropaxb, see JI,orapaHie, ^T^o- 

^l,orpc6axb, ;i;orpecxH, v. a. to finish raking 
or scraping; to row up to; \ part. p. ;^o^peOeH- 


^orpya»UBrtuic, .<;. n. finishing loading. 

rTiOrpyiKiiBaxb, ;i;orpya;axb, 3;orpy3uxb, v. a. 
u -ca, V, p. to finish loading; to complete the 
freight; || part. p. ;i,orpyavt'HHUii. 

^orpHSaxb, ;i,orpiJ3Xb, r. a. to finish gnawing; 
to gnaw all. 

Jl^or} MiiBaxb, ;^o^yaaxb, r. n. to finish walking; 
pop. to finish feasting; || -ca, v. n. (do veto), to 
bring on by dissipation. 

Jl,ori., s. m. JlnmcKin — , Danish hound; Y.ibM- 
CKiu — , Ulmei hound. 

;i;o,^aBiYxb, ^o;i;axb (pres.Ai),iiiWf fat. ,■^o,^a3I'b). 
0. a. to make up, pay up, supply: obi .vinb ur jo- 
;],ajn doy.xb pyo.icii, you gave me two rubles 
less: Hcto ne doctnaHCim, a ;^^^■^aM'b, I shall make 
up tlie rest, I will make up the deficiency; ^, -ca, 
0. p. to be paid up, be added; jl part. p. ;^o;^aH- 

,I,<>,^a.iC.iHBaHic, s. ti. finishing hollowing, 
scooping out. 

,T,o;taaOaHBaxb, ;^o;^(»af»^lXb, r. a. to finish 
hollowing; l;/w/•^ p. ;^(^^o.lOJCUHbItt. 

/[.o.^aTOKT., ,s. m. .see ^"^OAaia. 

,T,o,^ax<mHuft, adj. forming tlie complement of 
a sum of money. 

,'I|<>,XiiTb, see ,1, J a u a T b. 

,^o,^a'ia, s.f. supply, after-paying, complement 
of a sum of money;— ho pa3c>temy, balance account 
or sheet, 



— 130 


Ji;o;i,BHraTB, ,a;o;^BMHyTB, V. a. to move up to; 
\\2)nrt. p. AOJ^BIlHTTMii. 

Jl,o;^epasaHie, Ji;o;i;ep3KHBaHie, s.n. holding till, 
keeping till; \ expending. 

^l,o;i;epa:HBaTL, ^oj^epacaxB, v. a. to hold till, 
keep till; || to expend; i| part. p. fl;o;i;epacaHHHft. 

Jl,o,'^Hp;iTB, ;i;o;i;paTb, v. a. to finish tearing; 
II -ca, r. 7-. to go through the crowd; l|2>«r«. p. 


Jl,o;i;HecB, ado. till to-day, hitherto. 

J^oj^oji6HTb, see ^OAajfiiaHBaxi.. 

Ji^oj^iiYtrh, s. m. pop. -py mbm^, there is no 
passage, one cannot go through the crowd. 

JI|oji;piiTb, see ^o^HpaxB. 

JI,o;^-B.iKa, s. /', Ji;o;^tiaHBaHie, s. n. completion, 
finishing, termination. 

Ji;o;i;BJiHBaTi., ;iio;i;-BJiaTb, v. a. to complete, 
finish, terminate; II j9ari. p. ;^o;^■B.laHHHft. 

Jl,oeHie, s. n. milking. 

J^oxapiiBanie, s. n. roasting or fi7ing enough. 

Jl,02EiipuBaTB, ;i,oa:apHTB, v. a. to roast or fry 
enough; H -ch, v. p. to be enough roasted; ;| part, 
p. ;^oa:apeHHBjfi. 

ji,oajaTb, see Jl^oatHMaxt, JtoatHHaxb. 

J^osK^^eBiiKT., s. TO. puff, puff-ball, puffin, puck- 
ball, puck-fist, paddock-stool (fungus):^ waterproof. 

J^oaj;iieBoft, adj. of rain, pluvial; -Baa eoda, 

J^oat^^eMip-B, s. TO. pluviameter, rain-gauge. 

JI,ox^eHOCHbift, adj. pluvial, pluvious, rainy. 

JI.offi^iiHK'B, see Jl,os;tb. 

JI,o:KJ^MTB, V. n. imp. to rain; -xi., it rains. 

Jl,6jKji;HieK'B, s. TO. dim. rain; nocin, -^Ka e^ 
^emaep^^. at latter lammas day or when two 
Sundays come together. 

JI,oaK;i;jiHBHfii, adj. rainy, wet, pluvious, pluvial, 
showery: -saa noioda, wet, rainy weather. 

JI,oaK;i;B, ;i;65k;^hk'b, s. to. rain; shower; Kpyn- 
Huu—, heavy rain, rain in large drops; npojiuemu—, 
pouring rain; cuAhuuu—, heavy rain, pelting rain, 
beating rain; mcjikIu — , drizzling rain, mizzle; 30- 
AomoH—, a shower of gold;— Mdem*, it rains;— 
AUOM/t .ihom, — .lhem^ KaK% U3^ eedpa, it pours, it 
pours down, it is pouring with rain, it rains in 
torrents;' it is showery;— 7^^o.«o^^M.^7, no do ko- 
cmeu, he is wet through, wet to the skin; npo- 
6umb na jt^oiRji,^, to stay in the rain; nepe- 
Mdainb-—, to let the rain pass; Uproy. nocMb }i,o:xi- 
fl^wRa daam Boii coAUhimKO, noe.iib ;i;oa:;i;a u 
co.iHuuiKo ce)hmum%, after clouds fair weather; om^ 
J^o:KJf,h, 0(1 07, eodi/, out of the frying pan into 
the fire. 

Ji;o;KPBBiBaTB, ;^03^eBaT&, v. a. to chew 
sufficiently, entirely; i|/w;-?. ^). ;^oaKeBaHHHfI. 

Jl^oaceib, see JloatHraxi.. 

^HoacHBiiHie, .s. n. Hving till, living out. 

/I,OH£HBaTB, ;^oai:HTB, V. n. to live till, attain 
thi; age of; h ue -By do mnx^ nopi,, I shall not 
live till then; -a:HTB do ccuudecmwi .imm, to 
attain tlio age of seventy; -;khtb do t.iydoKou 
cmnpocmri, to reach an extreme old age; o«« 
XoasHJ'B do ctbdux% ooaoc7,, his h lir has grown 
gray with age; ooniT, do ueio h ;i;6h:hjii.I what I 
have come to, what I must witness! umodu .mm 
do i/mpd Hc -aiiiTB (oath)., that I may not live 
till to-morrow, that I may die before to-morrow! 
.vH)h ocmnevicfi — do cpona mo.ihKO .Mtbcnuy,, I have 
only a month to complete my term. 

J^o^Kiiraeic, s. n. burning out, suffiiiently. 

JI,oaKiiriiTB, ;^oxe«IB, v. a. to burn sufficiently; 
II -ca, V. p. to burn out, finish burning: Ij^^wr^ p. 

JI,oacn,'^iiHift, s. n. waiting, expectation. 
J]|(oacn;^!iTbcaj J^oaE;^aTLca, v. n. to wait, wait 
for; to expect; am ue j^0XJ^aJ^ca caoeio cuna, be 

waited in vain for his son; uaKOHen^ OHh js^o- 
a:;^aJica caoeto Chmn , at last he sees his son arrive; 
ne -;i;aflTecB .mchh, don't wait for me; owdy ue 
jl,omj^YGb eacb, I have been waiting for you 
impatiently; euduo h ue ;^oaK;^ycB ejo, it seems he 
will not come to me; Koidn h ;i;offi;i;ycB smoio 
CHacm.meato epjeMemt, when shall I see this happy 
time come; j^oa:;^eToa om mmo, nmo eio 
mnm-o, he will end by being beaten. 

JI^oacH;];aion];ifica, adj. waiting. 

Jl^ovKHSiaTB, ^oacaxB, v. a. (fat. ;^oa:My), to 
press, squeeze enough; || to wring (linen); {[part. p. 

JI,oxHHaTB, ji,oxhTh, v.a. (fut. ;i;osKHy), to 
reap, harvest the remainder; to finish reaping; 
ll^ar^ p. ^oa:aTEitt. 

JIiOKHHii, s. TO. end of harvest. 

J^oacB, s. TO. doge. 

Jl,63a, s. f. dose. 

JIjosBO.ieHie, s. n. permission, permittance,allow- 

JljosBoaiiTeJtBHOCTb, s.f. permissibility. M 

J^osBO^iHTCJiBHHft, adj. of allowance, allowable: M 
permitted; permissive. 

Jl^osBOJiaTB, ;i;03b6.ihtb, v. a. to allow, permit, 
admit of, grant; to authorize; Both He -bo.ihjh 
e.Mij doMumb do, God did not grant him to live 
till; -BOJHTB KOMIJ ynpedumb oSmecmeo , to author- 
ize a person to form a company; j] -ca, v. p. to 
be allowed; il ??. imp. -aaexca, it is permitted, 
allowed; 1| part. p. ;i;o3B6.ieHHHtt. 

JI,03HaBaHie, s. n. inquiry into, finding out. 

J^osnaBfiTB, ;i;o3HaTB (pres. ;^03HaH), fut. 
ji,osBAio)f V. a. to inquire about; to take informa- 
tion, find out;]l-ca, v. n. to obtain information, 
find ont;\\part. p. ji;63HaHHHft. 

JI,03HaHie, s. n. inquiry, search; taking infor- 
mation: — eio noeedeHiu, inquiry about his con- 

Jl,03opHiJtt,a(^'. s.TO. a soldier on patrol, watcher: 
-Haa lUAwuKa, naut. guard-boat. 

^036pii, s. TO. patrol, round: xodumh -poMi, 
to patrol, walk the rounds. 

^osopmnKi, s. TO. obs. custom-house officer: 
il -miiiiii, adj. 

Jl^ospiiBaHie, s. n. ripening. 

Jl^osptBaTB, ;i;o3p-BTb, V. n. to ripen com- 

Jl^ospij.iBiii, adj. completely ripe. 

Jl^osBiBaTBca, ;^03BaTBca, V. n. eio ue ;i;o30- 
BeuiBca, it is difficult to make him come; oac^ 
He ;^030BeuIBca, you never come when you are 

T^oiirpiJBaHie, s. n. playing out, playing to 
the end. 

Jl,oiirpMBaTb, j^onrpaxB, ik a. to play out, play 
to an end, finish playing; -paCMxe napmiw, let 
us finish tlie game; || -ca, v. n. (do new), to incur 
by playing; to play till; il^jar*. p. ;i;oiirpaHHbitt. 

Ji;oMJibHnK'b, .s. 7)1. -HHi^a, s. f. milk-pail. 

J^OHJibHa, s. f. dairy, dairy-house. 

J^oiiMKa, .s. /". dim. -MoiKa, remainder, rest, 

Jl^oiiMouHufi, adj. in arrear, remaining. 

J^oHMinHK-b, s. TO. collector of arrears. 

;i,ottHiiK7., s. TO. dim. - HHqoKi,, milk-pail; 
j] hot. melilot. 

,T,oftHMtt, adj. milch, giving milk; -Haa ko- 
pnaa, milky cow, a good milker. 

Jl,ottiia, see JoH-ima. 

JI,oiiCKHBaHie, s. n. seeking out, finding out; 
finishing searching. 

Jl,OHCKHBaTbca, ,'^OHCKaTBoa, V. n. to seek 
after, search into, find out; -ca npaedu, to try 
to find out the truth. 


— 131 - 


^OHCTopHiecKifl, adj. prehistoric. 

^Hottxii (flit. ;i;oii,^y), see JI,oxoAvn:h. 

11,011Tb, V. a. to milk: \ -ch, /•. p. n. to be milked; 
to give milk; II /)a)-^ p. ,"i;oeHHtt. 

J^OKa, s. m. coll. connoisseur, judge; master; 
clever fellow; nonacmb ua -Ky, to find one's 
match; wiCKOHumh na -icy, Hnumu -K'b hc -Ky, 
to catch a Tartar; — ua -Ky uniueAh, diamond cuts 
diamond, he has found his match. 

^T^OKaaaxeaB, s. m. demonstrator. 

JI,0Ka3iiTe.iF.HHft, adj. demonstrative, demon- 
stratory; evincive, conclusive: ■ -ho, ado. demon- 

JI,0Ka3aTeJibCTB0, s. n. proof, argument, demon- 
stration: evinceraent, evincing; testimony; ooopy- 
owanih -CTBOMt, to proof-arm; Kaxi—eio micmo- 
cepdeHHOctmi, as a test of his sincerity; HZaw, nped- 
cmaeumh -Ba, to tend an averment in law. 

^OKasaxb, see ^ouasunaTb. 

JI,0Ka3yeMMft, part. pr. demonstrable. 

J^OKiisinKT., s. m. -Kasini^a, s. f. accuser; laiv, 

^OKtisHsaHie, s. n. demonstrating, proving. 

J^OKasHBaTb, ;i;oKa3.aTb, v. a. to demonstrate, 
prove, give a proof; to argue; to evince; to make out, 
set ont:—H)b.H7,, to prove by, to approve with; — neo6- 
xoduMocmb neto, to demonstrate the necessity of; 
ocmaemca ;^0Ka3aTb, it remains to be proved; — 
npaedy, to prove the truth; ;i;oKaSiiTb cooto m- 
npunacmHocm\ ko npecmun.ienim, to clear one's 
self of a crime: — meopejuy, to demonstrate a propo- 
sition; vviKou nocmynoKh -BaeT* dypuoe cepdu,e, 
such an action argues a bad heart: Ij^'"?'*. p. ;i;o- 

J^OKaJMBanie, s. n. cleaving or splitting to 
the end: :j stabbing to death; giving the last stroke 
(ivith a sharp instrument). 

Tl^OKaaHBaTb, ;i;okoj[otb, v. a. to finish 
cleaving or splitting: to cleave or split all; i] to stab 
to death; to give the last^ stroke (witJi a sharp 
instrument);\\part. p. ;i;oKOJOTHii. 

^OKaHunBaHie, s. n. ending, bringing to an 

Jl^OKanqiiBaxb, ;i;oK6HiHTb, v. a. to end, bring 
to an end: '^ part. p. ;^0K0H1eHHHii. 

Jl|OKanqiiBaHie, s. n. smoking (flesh or fish) 
till ready. 

j^OKanqHBaxb, ;i;oKonxHX&, v. a. to smoke 
(flesh, fish) till ready; ji -ca, v. p. to become 
ready by smoking; ||pa>-^ p. j^OKonneHHUii. 

J^OKanHBauie, s. n. digging to an end. 

^OKJinMBaxb, ;i;oKonaTb, v. a. to finish digging, 
dig to an end: [ -ch, v. n. to dig till; to obtain 
by digging: to find out; -Cfl do ucmuHbi, to find 
out the truth; jljjrrr/^. p. ^noKonaHHBiii. 

J!;oKai)M.iiiBaHie, s. n. feeding up. 

JI,oKiipMJinBaxb, ,T;0K0i)MUTb, V. a. to finish 
feeding, feed to an end:\\part. p. j^oKopiajeH- 


JI^oKaxbiBaxb, ,•^0Kaxaxb, ,-^OKaxiixb, v. a. to 
finish or come to an end with rolling, mangling; 
to roll to; ;i -CH, v. p. to be rolled, be mangled; 
Wpart. p. ;i;0KiixaHHHtt. 

Jl^OKiiiinBaHie, .9. n. completely pumping out, 

JI^OKaniiBaxb, ;^OKauaxb, v. a. to finish pump- 
ing, pump all out: jl to swing: || part. p. ji,OKii- 

JI,ORauiHBaHie, .9. n. finishing mowing, bringing 
the mowing to an end. 

JI,OKauiiiBaTb, ;i;oKOCuTb, v. a. to finish mow- 
ing, bring tlie mowing to an enAijpart. p. f,o- 

JI^oRBainiiBaHie, s. n. fermenting sufficiently. 

J^OKBainnBaxb, ;^0KBacnxb, ik a. to ferment 
sufficiently; il pa?-f. p. ;i;oKBanieHHMtt. 

^oRii;^iJBaHie, s.n. ^l|oKii,\Ra, s. f. casting up 
to; finishing casting. 
JI,ORii;];biBaxb, ;^OKH;^)lXb, ;^OKHHyTb, v. a. to 

throw or cast up to; to finish casting: jj ^ar^. p. 
J^OKlV'^aHHhltif, j^OKHHyxuii. 

;i;oKH('aHie, s. n. getting s'>ur enough, fer- 
menting to an end. 

Ji;oKiicaxb, ;i,0KucHyxb, v. n. to finish ferment- 
ing, ferment to an end: to get sour enough. 

^^OKiicibitt, adj. sour or fermented enough. 

JI,0KiiCHyxb, see ^OKHcaTb. 

,HoR.ia,HKa, s. f. the finishing of some brick- 
work; laying up to. 

/i;oK.ia;i;Hoii, adj. added, completing; |1 of a report, 
of presentment; -nan aanucKa, a note of report. 

ji,oKaa;^iiiKi., ,9. m. secretary of a meeting, 
reporter, announcer. 

J^OKJIaJ^'b, .9. 7)1. report, presentment; announce: 
Boumu de.ih -,na, to come in without being an- 

JI,OKJia^biBaHie, s. n. finishing laying, adding, 
filling up: 11 reporting. 

Ji;oK.ia;i;biBaxb, ;i;0RJiacxb, ;i;ojoa:uxb, v. a. 
to finish laying: II to add; to fill U'p-.'jpart. p. ^o- 

JI|oK;ia;^HBaxb, ;^oao2KilXb, v. a. to report, 
announce: to make or draw up an official report: 
to notify; -.lomnxb K0.•n^, to announce a person: 
e.^iy -Jiositan 060 Mun, I was announced to him: 
eejubmb -.loaEHXb eeSn, to send up one's name: 
\\2Mrt. p. ;^oji6aceHHMtt. 

Ji;oK.ieBbiBaHie, s. n. pecking up, finishing 

Jl^OKJieBHBaxb, ;i;0KJieBaxb, v. a. to peck up. 
finish pecking; II pari. p. ;^OKaeBaHHHfi. 

JI^OK.ieHBaHie, .9. n. finishing gluing. 

^oRjeHsaxb, J^oKJ^e^xb, v. a. to finish gluing: 
\part. p. ;^OKaeeHHHii. 

J^OKJinKaxbCH, V. n. to call (till one is heard): 
myim hukoio ne -JinqeuibCH, one calls here in 
vain, nol)ody comes. 

Jl^OKOBHBaHie, s. n. finishing shoeing, bringing 
the shoeing to an end. ^ 

J^OKOBMBaxb, ;i;oKOBaTb, v. a. to finish shoeing, 
bring the shoeing to an end;i|jjfflr^ p. ;^0R6BaH- 

JI,OKOJainBaxb, ;i;oKoaoxuTb, v. a. to finish 
knocking, driving in; to drive up to; || to break 
completely; to beat or tlirash to, till; eob cma- 
Kanu -KOJOTiiJiH, they broke to the last glass;— 
do c.Mepmu, to beat to death; jjprtr^ p. ,t;okojo- 

Jl^OKOJOXb, .966 JtoKaJIHBaTfc. 

;i,OKo.ib, J1|ok6ji*, adv. as long as, till; how 

JI,0K0HiiTb, V. a. perf. to make an end of one: 
tope -HiiJio eio, grief has ruined him. 

Jl|oKOHona'inBaHie, s. n. finishing calking. 

JI,OKOHonaiiiBaxb, ;^0K0H0^axHXb, v. a. to 
finish calking; II jjor^ p. ,TOKOUon!"nCHHr.ift. 

J^OKOunnxb, see AoKaniHBaTb. 

J^oKonaxb, see Jl,0KanHuaTb. 

,HoKOirxiixb, sen /I^oKainnBaTb. 

Jl|oKonxii.iMii, adj. sufficiently smoked. 

JI^OKonxbxb, V. n. to be sufficiently smoked. 

Jl^oKocuxb, .'iee ^OKainHBaxb. 

;i,oKpacHa, ado. to redness, to blusliing; red- 
hot; HaKo.iumb — , to heat the iron red-hot. 

JI^OKpiiuiHBaHle, s. n. finishing painting or 

J^OKpiuiiHBaxb, ;^0Rpacnxb, r. ((. to finish 
painting or dyeing; H^jar^ p. ,■^OKpaIUCHHbIfi. 

;i,0KpiiqaxbCH, V. n. to cry out till one is 
heard: ft ne .Mon- ew -CH, as much as I cried 
out I could not make him hear me. 



— 132 — 


JI^OKpy^iuBaHie, s. n. twisting up. 

JI,OKpyqHBaTi., ^oKpyiiiTb, v. a. to finish 
twisting: II i^ori. p. ;i;oKi)yneHHMft. 

/^OKTopaJiBKBiit, adj. doctoral. 

J^OKTopaHTi., s. in. aspirant to the doctor's 

^OKTopcKitt, adj. of doctor, doctoral; -CKaa 
cmenem, doctor's or doctoral degree. 

Jl^oKTOpcTBO, s. n. doctorate, doctorship. 

^OKTopuia, s. f. the wife of a doctor; |1 doctress, 

Tl^OKTopi., s. m. doctor; coll. surgeon, physician; 
— xupi/piiu, MedunHHbi, doctor of surgery, of med- 
icine; law,—npaeo, sergeant, Serjeant. 

^OKTpHHJi, s. f. doctrine. 

Jl^OKTpnHepcTBO, s.n. docti-inarianism. 

^loKxpuHepij, s. m. doctrinaire; || -pcKiff, adj. 

^OK},a;a, adv. n. us. whither? how far? till 

^OKVKa, s. f. importunity; teasing, tiresome 

^OKyMCHTaJibHHfi, adj. documental. 

^OKyMeHTii, s. m. document, title-deed. 

TI^OKynaTB, v. a. to finish bathing; to bathe 
till; !i -Cflj V. r. to bathe one's self till. 

Jl^OKynaTb, ;^OKy^ilTI., v. a. to buy in addition; 
part. p. ;i;oKynjieHHBiii. 

^OKynKa, s. f. additional purchase. 

TJ^oKypHBanie, JI,OKypeHie, s. n. ^OKypua, s. f. 
finishing smoking, distilling. 

^OKypHBaxB, ^OKypuTb, V. a. to finish smok- 
ing, smoke all out; jj to finish distilling; |||)fflri. p. 

^OKYiaTB, V. n. (komij), to importune, annoy, 
incommode one, weary, trouble, tire. 

^OKyqai[BOCTb, s. f. importunity, tiresome 
questions, wearisomeness, troublesomeness. 

^OKV'ianBwit, JIJ0Eyini.n1, adj. importunate, 
tiresome, troublesome, wearisome; sad. 

^T,OEymnBaTB, ;i;oEymaTt, v. a. to cat or drink 
up all; ii p)art. p. ^OKyuiaHHHil . 

^OKT., s. m. naut. dock: cyxou — , graving-dock, 
dry-dock; .mokjouu — , wet-dock; eopoma ;i;6Ka, 
dock-gate; CMompume.ii} ;i;6Ka, dock-master. 

JI,o.iiiiB.iHBaTb, ;i;ojiOBiiTb, r. a. to catch all, 
fish all owUlpart. p. ;i;o.T6B.ieHHEjti[. 

^T^o-ifiMMBaHie, .s. n. breaking up, breaking the 

^T,o.i;iMHBaTri, ;i;o.iOMaTi., v. a. to break all, 
l)reak the remainder; ll/;ff}-i^. p. ;i;0Ji6MaHHbiii. 

^"l,o.ioea;Ka, .s. f. JI,o.ioea;i., .s. in. mortise; || coll. 
learning by lieart, by routine. 

^T^o.i6eacHr.i$ cxaHOKi., .s. m. mech. punching 
machine, cutting-press, mortising-machine, slotting- 

^I,o.iChjio, see JI^o-toto. 

^o.iOiiTh, ;i;o.iCiHyTi>, i\ a. to cliisel, mortise, 
liollow; II coZ/. to commit to memory: to learn by 
heart, by routine; y;«?-^ p. ;^o.iOJieHuriiii. 

,"I,o.iCjieHie, s. n. chiseling, mortising, hollow- 

J^OJiOna, ,T,»yxa, s. f. mallet, chasing-ham- 
mer: rammer, lieetle. 

,T,o.irift, adj. long; lasting;— CA02?i, a long syl- 
lable; cdMUu — , the longest; y iicto -riji pijKii, 
fi(j. he is given to stealing; he has sticky hands, 
lie is light-fingere<l; omKAdOiuofinib a<, — hw,uk-o, fig. 
to put off till Doomsday: to ])ut off to latter 1 im- 
mas-day: nxanih na -riiX7., to travel witli liirod 
horses; onim u acn nc -ra, and that's all, tliat 
includes every thing: -roc a/icM/i, a long while; 
diiu cmmioejimcn -ni, the days are getting long. 

,'^o.iro, adv. dim. -roiii.Ko, long; a long time, 
a great whih; fo:* a long time:— .'>/c'fwh, to live 
long; cm — nendetm,, he is long in coming; nm— \ 

He npoMiieeim, he will not live long; coll. he is 
upon his last legs; 3a— do, long before;— cw^/c???.^, 
a long time after; na — , for a long time; dtno vpo- 
doji3Ka.tocb He—, it did not last long; — jiu? how 
long?— -e?o oMuda.iU, we waited for him a long or 
good while; d)no d) — rnHHemen, that affair goes 
on but slowly; oho dibJiaenro oce oneHh — , he is so 
slow or long in whatever he does; sma MamepiH — 
npoHocumcH^ that stuff will wear well, will last: — 
jin, KoponiKO Ml, soon or late; 0H^, — 
oicumh, he died, he is dead; — au do 6ii,du, a misfor- 
tune is so easy to happen; j| comp. ;i;oJiifee, ;^o.ibiue, 
longer, any longer: OHh npoobui maM~o /T;o.i'fec, 
HibMi dyMttAij, he stayed there longer than he 
intended; H1b^^^ ^^ojite^ inih.uT, Ayume, the longer tlie 
better; kuko .vomcho ^^o-itc, as long as possiblp. 

Ji;ojiro6op6;i,Mfl, adj. long-l)earded. 

/I,o.irOBiiTE,iii, dim. see ^OJirifi. 

JI,oaroBofl, adj. of debts; of a debt; -bob om- 
dib.ihCHie, debtor's prison; aaHOcuiiih eh -bvio KHUiy, 
to carry to account, place to one's credit; -Boe 
OvHsameAbcmoo, law, an obligation. 

JI,OJiroB0^6cbn1, adj. long-haired. 

JI,oaroBpeMeHHOCTi., s. f. permanence, long 

^ojiroBpeBieHHBiH, adj. permanent, long-con- 
tinued, of long duration, of long time; 1| -HO, adv. 
— ly, long, long time. 

JI,OJiroBiqeocTB, s. f. longevity, long life. 

Jl,o.iroB-B'iHBitt, adj. long-lived, long living, 
longeval, longevous; of long duration, lasting, 
time-proof; || -ho, adv. of long duration, last- 

^ojiroBasBiH, adj. long -bodied; — ue.ioeibKh, 

JI,OJirorpHBBifi, adj. long-maned. 

JI,ojiro;i;eHCTBeHHMfi, adj. long-lived; of many 

Jl,o.iro;i;eHCTBie, s. n. long life; 1| the longest 
days (in the year). 

JI,o.l^o;^eHCTBOBaTB, v. n. to live long. 

^OJiro.iBxie, s. n. long life; longevity. 

JI,OJrrojiiiTHiii, adj. of many years; eo eHUMauie 
Ko eio -Hefi ayoicun,, in consideration of his long 
service: 11 &o^. perennial. 

JI^o.iro.i'BTCTBOBaTB, V. n. to live long. 

Jl^ojroHoriii, adj. long-legged; long-footed. 

/I,OJiroHOHSEaj s. f. insect, crane-tly. 

Jl,OJ[ron6ciiin[>, s. m. insect, weevil, corn-weevil,, 
wire-worm, calendar; eiiHotpadnuh — , vine-fretter, 

JI,o.iroHO«Biff, adj. long-nosed; long-beaked; 
II -can niimna, longiroster. 

Jl,o.iroii6jiBiii, adj. long-skirted, long-lapped. 

Jl,OJiropyKiil, adj. long-handed, long-armed. 

^^O-irocpouHBUI, adj. for a long term; law, 
emphyteutic; -nan ondaua uh apendy, emphy- 

JI,ojirocTBOJiBHBiJi, adj. long-stemmed (of a 
tree); long-barrelled (of a fire-arm). 

Jl,OJiroTa, ,s. f. length: geogr. longitude. 

Jl,o.iroTepirfc.iij«rjii,f/dy'. forbearing, long-suffer- 
ing; Ii -BO, ailv. with great forliearance, with 
great patience. 

/I,OJiroTeim-iiHi(', s. n. longanimity, forbearance. 

Jl,ojiroycnK'i,, s. m. hot. goose-tongue. 

JI,(Kiroyxiii, adj. long-eared. 

,l!,o.'iroxBocTHK'B, s. VI. or». long-tailed tit- 

^^ojiroxBoexutt, adj. long-tailed. 

JI,o.iroiiieriin>iJt, adj. long-neckod. 

/I,o.iroiu('p('Twii, adj. long-wooled; long-haired. 

;\o.^ronaujuU', s. n. talkativeness, inclination 
for cliattering. 

,l,o.irojiBiJ'iHUfi, adj. talkative. 


- 133 - 


Jl^OJir'fc, s. m. duty; ucno.iHumb coou — , to fulfill 
or perform one's duty; ne ucno.iuicmb caoeio ;i;6jra, 
to fail in one's duty; omdanib nocubdniU — , to pay 
the last duties, last honours, last offices; nocma- 
e.ininb ceoib 3a — , to make it a duty, consider as a 
duty; no ,T;6ary, by right of, as, in virtue of; no 
3;6jiry aeauiH, in virtue of one's rank or office; 
II debt, due; obligation; credit; oj— , on trust, upon 
trust: d«6<t)iib ah—, to give on trust, to credit; 
dtb.ianih ;^o.irii, o.codamb eb ;^ojru, to contract 
or imur debts; lociidapcinoeHHuh — , the debt of 
the State; national debt; HeoinaepMdeiiubia — , 
floating debt; omacpoicdeHnbiU — , funded debt; 
Mcmie, MCiomibic ;i;oJirii, trifling, dribbling debts: 
npu3Hamb—, to acknowledge a debt; — upiOHu- 
me.tbHocmn, the debt of gratitude; amiAamnmb — 
npupodib, to pay one's debt to nature; to untruss 
a point: o«s no i/tuu, no oh ;^OJ^y, om eh 
j^oary, kuko oh iucik)/, he is over head and ears 
in debt, he owes more than he is worth; he is 
deeply indebted; opanib mooapu es— , to take 
goods on credit, on trust; h y each e-b ji;ojrry, 
I am still indebted to you; h ne xomj ocmavibCJt 
y new eh ;i;o.iry, I shall not be behindhand with 
him; ocmaau Ha.n ji^OJirk namu, forgive us our 
trespasses; pirov. — nMimcMOMh K2)'tcem, one good 
turn deserves another. 

T^oaevKiiTB, -CH, V. n. to lie till. 

^T^ojepuTt, s. m. min. dolerite. 

^^oaexaxb, ;i;oaeTiTb, v. n. to fly up to, reach 
in flying; do mchh ;i;o.ieTBwio mbCKOJibKO cjiooo, I 
overheard some few words. 

Jl^oJxaTS, V. n. to get into debt, run into debt; 
to incur debts. 

^ciaieHCTBOBaTb, v. n. to be obliged, be 
forced, be necessitated; Mbi -Baaii 9mo cdw.tavib, 
we ought to have done it. 

J^oaaEHHET., s. m. -iHftn,a, s. f. debtor. 

Jl^oaaiHO, TJ^o.iacHOj v. imp. one must; dvio "HO 
oumb, it must be; ea.m ne — loeopumb dmoio, you 
must not say it; c.My,-HO 6bijnb,oHeHb xoAodHO,he 
must be very cold; we — euxodumh 1137, ceon, one 
ought never to lose one's temper; 9mo -ho 
dnciiiauamb ydooo.ibcinsie, that ouglit to have 
pleased him-. — no.imamb, mno^ it is to be presumed 

Jl,6aacHoe, s. n. due; om -.tpeoyenia moMKO 
-aaro, he only asks for his due; oiio eosduM 
ea.Ho—, he served you right. 

^o-iasHOCTHott, adj. official, functional; -Hoe 
.luido, functionary; — He.^oe)bK^, a man in office. 

^T^OJXHOCTb, s. f. duty; employment, office, 
function, charge, situation, place; oumb eh -CTn, 
to be on duty, upon duty; ecmynunib oh — , to enter 
upon an office: omKaJanibCH oiuo -cth, to resign 
one's functions: xopomo ucno.iuHinb ceow — , to fill 
a situation well; obimb oeso -cxii, to be out of 

^6.i'.KHHrt, adj. due, owing; es -HEiMt nonme- 
nic.Hu, wiili due deference; eh -uoft tfiopMib, in due 
form; om -/KeH'i> npiibxaitib eetodiiH, he is to 
arrive to-day; no kukoII dopoiib ebi — ajuij nxainb? 
what road arc you to take? ceadboa -Hzua obi.ia 
obinih eueprt, the marriage was to come off yesterday; 
ji -aieuT. noobiuainb y iieio jaompa, I am to call 
on liim to-raorrow: au -hchm pnoom'imb, you nuist 
work: ouh -^Kcin. 6hijih cduinbc/i, he was compelled, 
obliged, forced to surrender; oiih -aicm. cot»(JM««»i6 
npaedy, he ought to communicate the truth; j[ owing, 
in debt; cm -aKeH7> .mub dcaiiub'u, he owes 
me ten rubles. 

^o.i;koki., s. 1)1. dim. a little debt. 
J](oaiiBaHie, >•. n. pouring full, filling up (liquid^:). 
Jl,o.iHBaT&, ,'^<>.iuTb, r. a. to pour full, fill up; 
II part. p. ;i,OJiuTiatt. 

JI^ojuBEa, s. f. pouring full (liquids). 

,I,oaiiHa, pop. see JI,.iHua. 

^ujuHa, s. f. dim. ;^OJUIIKa, ;^<>.iuHyiuEay 
dale, vale, valley; bottom-land: i -auuHEjA; adj. 

^oaiiHiiCTUii, adj. full of valleys. 

,1,0.111x16, see iI,0JiHBaHie. 

^i^oaiixb, .see Jl,o.iHBaTb. 

/I^oaaapii, s. m. dollar. 

;I,o.ioxuxb, see Jl|oK.iaji,HBaTi). 

JI,()Jofl, interj. off! down! away! cGumb c^ hou — 
Koio, to throw any one down; — c^ t.ta3h .nouxb! 
out of my sight! xu.iHnid — ! hats off! 

JI,ojoMiiH'j,, s. m. mil. hussar's jacket. 

Jl,o.TOMiVri., s. VI. miyi. bitter spar, dolomite: 
i -MJixoBEiii, adj. 

^0.10x6, s. n. dim. }i,oaoTa,b, chisel, mortise- 
chisel, chasing-chisel; gouge; — Kpyi.ioe, carp, round 
gouge; — Co jKinymoiMb ocmpieM^., bent gouge; — 
iiAomnwiuoc, mill-wright's chisel; — ysnoe, paring 

JI,6jiy, alo. down: off. 

JI,oJiiii, s'. m. p)l. see /l,0JiHHa. 

,I,oaL, s. f. length. 

J1,6jbUMft, adj. hot. partite, pedate, pedatifid, 
lobate, lobated. 

Ji;6.ibiue, Jlioj'fe, J^oj'fee, comp. of ^oaro. 

,T,oa'£3axb, ;i;oa-B3Xb, v.n. to climp or creep up to. 

^o.ia, s. f. dim. ;i;6.ibKa, ;i;oaM)iuKa, lot, share, 
portion, part; contingent, dividend; d)b.iumb na, to make into lots, divide in parts; daume eto -aw, give him his share; ohu no-iynuAU 
Kajwduu COOK) -aio, every one of them came in 
for a share; eoiimu e^ -aio c* jjm.ho, to come in 
for a share: 6umb e^ —at ci km.ho, to have a 
share with one; to share in the profits; to have 
a hand in a work; eunadamb na -aio, to fall to; 
iope ebumdaemi na Kaowdaio, every body 
has his share of trouble: mpembs, nsmaH — , the 
third, fifth part; nnuia ss uemeepmyio, eh ocb.uyw, 
eh deibnadnamyio -.110 .lucma, a quarto-book, an 
octavo-book, a duodecimo; || the 96-th part of a 
zolotnik; !| bot. cotyledon, lamina {of a seed): lobe 
(of a leaf). 

Jl^oMa, ado. at home, within; ew mbrm — , he is 
not at home; he is without; 6bimb KaK% — , to feel 
at home. 

JI,o.\ia3brBaxb, ^noMaaaxb, c. a. to finish greas- 
ing, anointing: '}_p«ri. p. ;i,o.Ma3aHHbifi. 

^OMiiaMBaaie, *•. n. finishing grinding, grind- 
ing down. 

/l^oMiiahiBaxb, ^OMoaoxb, r. a. to finish gvln^- 
\ng\\part. p. ;^OMo.ioxbift. 

T^oMiiTMBaHie, s. n. finishing winding; jj dis- 
sipating, spending, squandering one's last. 

^T^OMiixbiBaxb, ;i,0M0xaxb, v. a. to finisii wind- 
ing, reeling; j| to dissipate, spend, squander one's;\\part. p. ;^OMOxaHHbIrt. 

Jl,OMiixHBaxb, ;i;oMaxiiyxb, v. a. to finish shak- 
ing "/• bi-andisliing: 'j to throw up to. 

;i;»»MaunBauie, .s. n. wetting or soaking 

^I^OMauuBaxb, ."^oMoiiixb, v. a. to wet or soak 
thoroughly; il/xo-^ p. ;i;oMo'ii'HHbiii. 

,I,oMaiUHitt, adj. house, iioine, household, do- 
mestic; home-made; home-born, home-bred: -Hce 
eocniimaiiie, private education:— ym met b, tutor, 
private teacher: -luui yuHme.ibiiuna, governess; — 
apec7iv,, confinement at one's own house; -uiH 
cpcdvmea, Aenapcmen, household medicine; — fmmh, 
house-life; -()o/;wopi, family physicinn; a pliysician 
in ordinary: -Hie pacxodu, household expenses; 
-HJia i/meapb, household goods;— .ro-jcma, home- 
spun linen; home-made clotli;— .T.n6(7i, household 
bread, home-baked or liome-made bread; —eopi,, 
tliiof within doors;— o(7wt-/;o, domiciliary visit: -iiia 


- 134 - 


Hmuuu, MueomuhtH^ cloniestic fowls, animals: -nee 
CHucmie, domestic happiness; -naa uepKOob, house- 
chapel; -Hia dnAa, oocmosmeAbcmea, family-affairs, 
house-concerns; -Hee xoanuemeo, household, house- 
keeping; oKurnb -Heio otcuaiibw, to live in private; 
il -Hie, s. m. pi. household, family. 

Jt^OMan^nBaaie, s. n. finishing paving. 

TI|o]uaiii,nBaTb, ;i;0M0CTHTb, v. a. to finish pav- 
ing; Il -ca, 0. p. to be all paved; yAima -BacTca, 
the paving of this street comes to the end. 

Jl|OMeaceBHBaHie, s. n. finishing surveying. 

J1,0Me2:eBKiBaTB, ;i;oMeafeBaTb, v. a. to finish 
surveying; II -ca, v. p. to be entirely surveyed; 
\\part. p. ;^0Me2KeBaHHHH. 

JI|oMeKaTBCa, ;i;oMeEHyTBca, v. n. to suspect, 

JI,OMeKi», s. m. conjecture; Mum dino ue e^ — , I 
did not suspect or notice it, that did not occur 
to my mind. 

J^OMeHHMH, adj. -HHaa jieub, see ;I,OMHa. 

J^OMecTHKi., s. m. cotton stutf. 

Jl^OMeTaxB, ;^OMecTH, v. a. to finish sweeping; 
|j -CH, V. p. to be swept; KOMHcima -Taexca, cuopo 
-MOTexca, the sweeping of the room will be 
soon finished; |i/ja/'#. p). ^OMexeHHEifi. 

JJ^OMexHBaxb, ;i;oMexaxb, v. a. to cast or throw 
up to; to finish casting; i| to finish basting, tacking; 
impart, p. ;i;oMexaHHufi. 

JI^OMHnaHxa, s. f. »ius. dominant. 

Jl^OMHHaxb, ;^OMaxb, v. a. to finish kneading 
(argil); iparL p. AOMaxbifl. 

Jl,OMHHHKaHeii;x>, s. m. Dominican, black-friar; 
-HCEifi, adj. 

J^OMHHO, s. n. indecl. domino (dress and game). 

T^oMHiuKO, s. m. cant, a small old house. 

JI,OMHUi,e, s. m. an enormous house. 

J^OMKpaxx., s. m. jack, screw-jack, hand-screw, 

JI^OMHa, s. /'. high furnace, blast-furnace. 

JI^OMOBHXOCXb, s. f. housewifery, economy; thrifti- 

Jl^OMOBHXwfi, adj. economical, housewifely, 

J^oMOBJia;i;i.iei^'b, s. m. -ji,Bauna, s. f. owner, 
proprietor, proprietress of a house. 

JI,OMOBHimaHbe, s. n. the keeping at home, 
keeping house. 

JI,OMOBHHiaxb, V. n. to keep at home, keep 

JI^OMOBOACXBO, .s. n. domestic economy, house- 
wifery, house-keeping. 

Jl^oMOBo^i^'b, s. m. - AKa, s. f. house-keeper, 

Jl^OMOBoli, s. m. house-demon, house-spirit, hob, 
hob-goblin, puck; || adj. — omnycK%, leave to go 

JI^OMOBbii'i, adj. house, belonging to the house; 
-Baa ii,epKO(ib, house-chapel; — oomck},, search in 
a liouse, domiciliary visit; -Baa Kiiuta, book of 

JI,OMoraxc.ibcxBO, s. n. suing for, seeking for, 
.solicitation, pursuit. 

Jl,o.Moraxbca, v. n. to sue for, seek, solicit, 
pursue; to gape after, at, for; to scamble, come 
in for; to make interest; mhoiIc -raioxca dmoto 
Mtbcma, there are many wlio apply for that situation; 
there's great interest for tliat place. 

Jl^OMott, ((do. home; liomewards; nopa — , it is 
time to go home. 

J^OMOKX., s. III. a small house; Jicumb -mkomi., 
to keep house. 

Jl^oMoaa'iuBauie, s. n. finishing thrashing 

Jl,o)iOJia<iHBaxb, ;'^OMOJioxuxb, ^ r. a. to finish 
thrashing (corn);\\port. p. ji,OMOJiu<icuHbilt. 

/I,0M0Ji6xb, sec JI,oMajiuBaTi.. 

JI,OMonpaBiixeab, s. m. house-steward. 

/^OMonpaBHxeabCXBo, s. n. management of a 
house, stewardship. 

Jl^OMopon^eHHUH, adj. bred in the house, home- 
bred, country-bred (of animals); home-spun. 

JI,OMOcxpoBxeab, s. m. -HHn,a, s. f. a good 
manager; economist; jj house-builder; || -xeabHBjft, 

J^OMOcTpoMxeJibcxBO, s. n. good management, 
economy; jj house-building. 

Jl,OMoci;i,HHqaxb, V. n. to lead a domestic life, 
love one's fire-side, keep home, keep house. 

JI^OMOCB^^HBifi, adj. -Haa oKuanb, a domestic 
or sedentary life. 

J^OMociji.cxBO, s. n. a domestic, sedentary life, 

JI,OMoc-B;i;'b, s. m. -C'B;^Ea, s. /'. domesticated 
man, woman; ohuiib ooAbtuuMo -j^OMx>, to be a 
great stay-at-home. 

JI,OMoxaxb^ see /[oMaTHBaxt. 

JI,oiMOTCxpoHCXBO, s. «. house-keej)ing, house- 
wifery, household. 

^OMoxosaHH'b, s. VI. the owner or master of a 
house, householder. 

JI^OMoia^en.'b, s. m. a domestic. 

JI,OMiaxb, c. a. to draw rapidly or swiftly up 
to; li to reach (by a rapid drive); jj -ca, r. r. to 
reach (by rap)id driving); eh oduy Mtmyrny Mbi 
-lajiHCB do lopoda, we reached the town in a 

/I,OMT., s. m. dim. ;i;omhk%, house; domicile; 
family; muaou—, dwelling-house; aaiopodHuu—y 
country-house; II.Mnej^amopcKiu — , the Imperial 
Family; MOJumeeHiibih — , — 3.1^ cxodoKo, meeting- 
house; 6apcKili — , manor-house; manor-seat; mop- 
toeuti — , commercial house or establishment; ooc- 
numame.ibHbiu — , the foundling hospital, found- 
lings;— c^-Mflcj«e(?mwa;;i, mad-house, lunatic-asylum; 
padoHtu, CMupumejihuull — , work-house, house of 
correction, magdalen - house; — npedoapiDiiejiiHaio 
aaKJimueHia d.ia dojio/CHUKOOh, sponging-house; na- 
pamnunHUH — , quarantine building; 6peeeHHai.'iUu — , 
log-house, log - hut; numeunuu — , public - house, 
tavern; o63aoec7nuc^ ^i.OMOM'b, to form one's house- 
hold establishment; owumb ^^omomi., to keep house, 
have a household; :ncnmh do.ibtuuMz ;^OiMO^Il>, to 
live in great style, have a large houseliold;— , 
codepMUMbiu Ha 6oAbiuyn> pyny, house on a grand 
scale; ua ;^OMy, in the house, at liome; obiiimu 
k'STt ;^OMy, to go out, leave the house; xoaaiiHa 
Htbm'o ;i;6Ma, the master is out; pttoomnuKu pa- 
som.iucb no ;i;oMaJi'b, the workmen returned home; 
npitbxamh ecn.Mh ^^oMOM-b, to arrive with one's 
whole family; omKuaanib onih ;i;oMa, to forbid the 

Jl^oMMBaHie, s. n. washing the remainder, 
finishing washing. 

;I,OMMBaxb, ,'^OM^.IXb, o.a. to M'ash the remain- 
der, finish washing; jj part. p. ;^osibiXBiJi. 

JI,OMipiiBaHie, s. n. finishing measuring, 
making up tlie measure. 

JI,OM hpiiBaxb, ,'^oMijpiixb, V. (I. to finish 
measuring; to make up the measure; H part. p. 

JI,oMt.'iaxb, ^OMiiXHXb, r. a. to finish marking 
(linen); to mark the remainder; |i part. p. ;^OMi- 

J|,OMi>iuiiBaHio, .v\ n. finishing kneading. 

J^oMbuiiiRaxb, ^oM'IiuiaxB, ;^o!iil[iciixb, i-. «. to 
finisJi kneading; II /JorL 23. ^^OMBUieHHuii. 

JI,oMaxb (fut. AOMHv), .sec jI^oMHiiaxb. 

Ji,oiiauiiiBauie, s. n. carrying up to; i, wearing 

JloHauiHBaxB, ;i;onociixB, o.a. to carry up to; 


- 135 - 


1 to finish using (a gownj; to wear out; h -HauiH- 
BaH) ^mo n.iamte, I use this dress till it is worn 
out; li -CM, c.p. to get or be worn out;;i^ari. p. 


Jl|0Heab3a, ado. to the utmost. 

J^oHeceHie, s. n. report, reporting, information, 

J^OHecxii, iee ;]|ohochtb. 

J,0HU3MBaHie, s. n. finishing stringing. 

JJ^OHHSMBaTb, ;^0HH3aTb, c. a. to finish 
stringing; jj part. p. AOHiisaHHuii. 

JI,OHiiMJiHie, s. n. persecuting, vexing. 

;i,OHHMaTb, ;^OHaTb, L\a. (fut. j^otiny), to 
;)ersecute, vex, plague: h eio ;iiottMy, I shall make 
him repent, 1 shall subdue him; eto, ne 
;^ott3Iemb, he is insensible to every thing, he 
braves all; !| to collect tlie remainder; ij part. p. 

JJ^OHKa, s. f. mcch. I'eed-pump, feed-engine, don- 

I^OHHa, ,l,OHbjr, 6\ f. donna. 

^OHHHK'b, s. III. hat. hart's - clover; melilot; 
sweet-trefoil, lotus. 

^J^OHOCHxeab, s. in. - Huu,a, s. /". informer, 
denunciator, denouncer, accuser, impeacher; tell- 

Jl,OHocuxb, ,^0HecxM, 0. a. (o ne.Hh), to report, 
denounce, declare, inform against one; to lodge 
an information against, accuse; ji to carry up to; 
to have strength enough to carry; 9mo inaMCAO, 
He - Hecy, it is too heavy, I cannot carry it; 
, -ca, 0. r. p. to reach; to be carried, be brought, 
be reported; do mchh - cujiacb asijKU cKpunoKo, 
the sounds of violins reached my ears; || |Xfr^. j>. 

JI^OHOciixb, i\ n. to go one's time, be delivered 
at time; oua ne - cuja, she was confined or 
delivered before her time or prematurely, she has 
not gone her time. 

JI^OHOCuxb, see /l,OHamHBaTB. 

JI.OHOcoK'b, s. m. dim. J^OH6co1eK'b, worn 
clothing, garment; ij child born at full time. 

.T^OHodHKi., s. m. - iHn,a, s. f. see JI,ohoch- 
xejiB, — HHita. 

JI.OHoC'b, s. in. denouncement, denunciation; 
information; cdib.iainb — , iidmii eh — na koio, to 
denounce a person, inform against, to give in or 
lay an information against a person. 

JI,OHouieHie, see ^oneceaie. 

,T,6Hi^e, s. n. small bottom; !| spinning bench. 

^OH-b, s. VI. don (a title in Spain). 

^^OHWH-fe, adc. until now; hitherto. 

^l,uHMmKO, dim. see ^ho. 

Jl,OHM)XHBaxb, ;i;oHioxaxb, c.a. to consume or 
use by snuffing; to snuff the remainder; il/xfit. p. 

Jl,OHaxb, see JI,onHMaTb. 

J^oopauie, s. n. finishing ploughing, tilling. 

Joopaxb, 0. a. to finish ploughing, tilling. 

^ona.i.HMBaHie, s. n. crawling or creeping up 
to: i obtaining something by meanness, baseness. 

^oiia.isHBaxb, ;i;oiioJ3aTb, J^o^o.l3xiI, o. a. 
to crawl or creep up to;i|/V(/. to obtain by mean- 
ness, baseness. 

JI,oiia.ifaBanie, s. n. finisliing weeding. 

Jl^onaJiMBaxb, ;^ouo.i6xb, o. a. to finish weed- 
ing: , -ca, c.p. to get entirely weeded. 

JI^onapHBaHie, s. n. unripping to tlie end. 

;i;onapr>iBaxb, ;^OIIop6xb, c. ". to finisli unrip- 
ping to the end. 

;i,onaxuBaHie, .*. n. finishing ploughin^^ 

;i,onaxiiBaxb, ;^OIIaxaxb, v. a. to finish plough- 
ing: I - ca, V. p. to get or be entirely ploughed; 
Ipart. p. AonaxaHHbifi. 

JI,oneK«ixb, ;^one«ib, v. a. to bake enough; to 

bake the remainder; fi(j. to plague, vex, rebuke; 
, -ca, c.p. to be or get sufficiently baked; jjpori. 
p. ;^oneqeBHult. 

^one.ibuiHen'b, 5. m. orn. a large snipe. 

;i,one'iaxKiBaxb, ;^one'iaxaxb, v. a. to finish 
printing: to finish sealing; j| - ca, v. p. to be or 
get printed, sealed; {[part. p. .^oucqaxaHHUtt. 

^one'ib, see ^oiieKaxt. 

;i,oniiBaxb, ,^oniixb, v. a. to drink tlie remain- 
de'r, drink out, up;;; -ca, c.n. to drink till: o«j 
- nii.ica do cy.HKcmecmeiH, he drank till he 
became mad; jj part. p. ;^onuxbi(t. 

Jl,oniiJ[HBaHie, s. n. finishing sawing, filing. 

,T,onu.iuBaxb, ;^onHJiuxb, c. a. to finish saw- 
ing, filing; — ()ci neio, to saw till; \\part. p. ;^onH- 


^oniicKaj >-./'. ,l,oitucbiBaHie, s. n. finish- 
ing writing, painting. 

JI|oniichiBaxb, ;^oiiHCaxb, c. a. to finish writ- 
ing or painting; — do ueio, to write till; || - ca, 
c.r. to write till; ]\part. p. ;i(ouiicaHHbifi. 

^onitxuBaHie, s. n. pushing up, shoving up to 
the end. 

/I,oni!XHBaxb, ;i;onHxaxb, ;^onHXHjxb, c. a. 
to push up, shove up: '\\ part. p. ;i;oHiixHyxufi. 

JI,onjiaxa, s. f. J^onjauHBaaie, s. n. remaining 
payment, rest of the payment. 

TI,onjiaiHBaxb, ;i;onaaxiiTb, v. a. to pay up, 
pay the rest; \iP'(rt. p. ;i;<tn.iaqeuHbiJt. 

jI,on.iexaHie, s. n. finishing plaiting, braid- 

Jl,onJiexaxb, ;^onjiecxM, v. a. to finish plaiting, 
braiding; H - ca, 0. p. to be plaited or braided; 
1 V. n. coll. to crawl up to; |i part. p. ;^on.iexeH- 


Jl^onjibiBaHie, J^on.iwxie, s. n. sailing up to; 
reaching (the shore); swimming up to. 

J^onaHBaxb, ;i,on.ifcixb, v. n. to sail up to; to 
reach (the shore); to swim up to. 

Jl,onJiacbiBaHi(', s. n. finishing dancing; dancing 

/l,onj[acbiBaxb, ;i,onaacaxb, 0. n. to finish 
dancing; to dance out; J - ca, 0. n. to dance 

^o^6;^.^HHHuii, adj. certain, sure, positive, 
genuine; || -ho, ado. certainly, for certain. 

^onoaacKUBanbC, s. n. finishing rinsing. 

Jl,onoJiiiCKHBaxb, ;^onojioCBaxb, 0. a. to finish 
rinsing; to rinse all. 

JI,onoa3axb, ;^onoa3XH, see JI,oaaji3UBaTB. 

/I,onoJiHeHie, s. n. complement, supplement; 
do — Ki nectaciiibw, to make it worse; |i gram. 

J^onoJ[HUxe.ibHbifi, <(dj. complementary, com- 
plemental, supplementary: -aaa ueAiiHUHa, math. 
complement; — »0J6J(?5, accomodation-train. 

J^onoaaaxb, ;i;oiioaHuxb, c. a. to complete, 
supply, make up, fill up: |, -ca, r.p. to be com- 
pleted, be filled up: j part. p. ;^<►^o.IHOHHl.tfi. 

Jl,ouo.i6xb, .see ,I,ouajii Barb. 

^T,(ino.iy;^eHUiJft, adj. of the forenoon, in the 

,I,onopoxb, see ^touapuBaTL. 

^I^onoxonHi.ift, adj. anti>diluvian. 

/I,oiipa3;^aoiJaxb, r. a. to finish feasting; '^w/7. 
p. ,T,onpa;<;j,H(>BaHHijfl. 

^I,on|>auiHHaai(', s. n. see ^oupocx. 

,|,onpamHBaxe.ib, s. m. interrogator, asker of 

,|,onpamuBaxb, ;^o^l)ocIlXb, c. c to question, 
interrogate, examine; to ask questions of, put 
questions to a person: — koio no ni/iiKiiicHi, to 
question a person on the facts: , -ca, r-.^). lO be 
examined: part. j>. ;tonpoui<'aHiu'ft. 

,l,<inpeacb, .-ce lipea^e. 


— 136 — 


IIonpocHT&ca, v. n. to obtain by asking, beg- 
ging; 7/ Hew Hmeio ue -npociiuibca, one cannot 
obtain anything from him; eio we -npocHinbca, 
one cannot make him do (anything), one cannot 
make him come. 

J^onpociuKT., see /J^onparaHBaTejii.. 

JI^onpocB, s. m. law, examination, inquest; dn,- 
jia7nb—, to submit one to an examination; to hold 
an inquest; nepeKpecniHuh—, cross-question, cross- 
examination; — ceudwmejieh, the hearing of wit- 
nesses; I'l -CHBiii, adj. -CHbie nynKmu, the points 
or matters in question. 

;i,onpbiruBaHie, s. n. jumping up to, as far 

jl,onpbirHBaTb, ;i;onpbirHyTb, v. n. to jump 

up to. . 

Ji^onpbiCKnBaHie, s.n. sprinkling up to; tinisn- 

ing sprinkling or spurting. 

JI^onpbicKHBaTb, ;i,<>npsiCHyTb, v. a. to sprinkle 
up to;' to finish sprinkling or spurting; \\part. p. 
j^onpbiCKaHHbitt, ;i;onpwcHyTHfl. 

j^onptBaTb, ;i;onpBTb, v. n. to be sufficiently 
stewed; ii to sweat till. ^ _ 

JI^onpflAMBaxb, ;i,onpacTb, v. a. to finish 
spinning; Ij j/^ri. j). ;i;onpa;i,eHHHH. 

;i,onpa;i;biBaTb, ;i,onpaHyTb, v. n. to jump 

up to. 
JonycKacMOCTb, s\ f. admissibility. 
J^onycKanie, s.n. see JljonycKx. 
Jl^onycKJiTb, ;i;onycTiiTb, c. a. to admit, admit 
of, give access or admission to, into; to allow, 
tolerate, suffer; to receive; to let; om ecnxh do 
ceoH - CKaeTi, he is easy to be approached; om, 
ue " CKiiJi'b 0^ cQOu doM^ daMce dibmeh, he would 
not even let his children enter his house; dmo ue 
m. cKaeT* om.i'name.ibcmea, it brooks no delay; 
dmo npaeuAO -CKJieTt mhoio ucK.itoneHUi, this rule 
admits of a great many exceptions; Eoi^ ue -cth-ii. 
CIO do smoto, God did not allow him to do that; 
aaHtbMh eu smo - CKaexe.' why do you allow or 
tolerate that? iie - CKafiTC do dpanu, let 
tliem not come to blows; om - nymeai., he is 
entered; jj -ca, v. p. to be admitted, be allowed, 
be tolerated; to have or gain admittance or access; 
j)art. p. ;i;onyiii;eHHwii. 
,T,oiiycKH6ftj ndj. of admission, oT access. 
J^onycKt, s. m. access, admission, admittance. 
Jl,onycTiiTeJibHHfi, adj. admissible. 
T^onycTUTb, see Jl,onycKaTb. 
JI,onyni,eHie, s. n. admission, admittance; toler- 
ation, tolerance, sufferance, reception; allowing, 
letting; — OT, o6ui,ecmeo, admission into a society; 
eio omcm'iouAii 3a—6e3>iopndK00h, he is dismissed 
for having tolerated, suffered or allowed disor- 
^onHTiiTb, see /XoiiHTUBaxi.. 
;i,oni''.FTMBaine, s. n. extorting, inquiring, wring- 
ing from. 

^^onbrxMBaxb, ;i;onbixaxb, v. a. to extort, 
wring from; j to finish torturing, racking; |i -ca, 
v.n. to inquire, find out; to question; ooi doA-ncuu 
-Xiixbca, you must try to find out; [, part. p. 

J|,onbaiia, adv. till drunk. 
Jl^onliBimie, s.n. singing out, singing to the 

JI,oirliBaxb, ;i;oiiiiTb, v. n. to sing out, sing to 
the end; ;| part. p. ,'^OIIiiXbI!^. ^ 

Jl|opa6oxbiBaiiie, .9. n. ,I,opa66xKa, s. f. finishing 
a job, finishing working. 

^T^opartoxbiBUTb, j^opaCuVraTb, v. a. to finish a 
work, finish working; |1 - (?a, v. n. (do neio), to 
work till; j| part. p. ;^opaOoTa!II£rJii. 
^^opacraxb, see jtopociarb. 
^opeipopMCHiiMfi, adj. ante-reform. 

J^opacoBBiBaHie, s. n. J^opncoBKa, s. f. 

finishing drawing, painting. 

Jl^opHCOBHBaxb, fl;opHCOBaxb, V. a. to finish 
drawing, painting; to be at the end of drawing, 
painting; ii -ca, v. p. to be nearly drawn, painted; 
II V. n. to paint till; |1 jxf ri. p. ;i;opHCOBaHHHtt. 
J^opjiest, s. vi. dormeuse, travelling carriage. 
Jl,opbra, s. f. dim. -poacKa, -poaceabEa, road, 
way; path; do.tbiuKH, cmoji6oonji—,high.-vfa,Y, high- 
road, public road; npocejiouHaa — , a road between 
villages, by-way, side-way, by-road; ipyHtnoeaa—, 
common road; McejimnaH—, railway; KOHHO.tKejina- 
nan—, tram-way, horse rail-road; cuHuaH—, sledge- 
road; npo7b3Maji—, horse-road, horse-path;—, «f.Mr6W- 
man aacmasu, turnpike-road; — dAH eepxoouxi 
mdoKOSh, bridle-path, bridle-way;—, uepecnKamimH 
dpyiyw, cross-path, cvoss-voa.d:,—d.iH ebWHHUXh jku- 
eomnujch, pack-way; ecto -ry, all the way; no my 
cmopony -rn, across the way, over the way; 
ounib eh -r'S, to bfe in the way; ounib y koio 
ua - r:fe, to be in a person's way; cmonmb 
nonepe^^ - rn, to stand in the way; 6bimb 
ua xopotueu -rli, to get on in the world; om- 
npaeAHTtibCH sh -ry, to set out for, go upon a 
journey, go on one's travels, begin a journey: 
eepnymbCH ct, -rn, to turn back, retrace one's 
steps; to return from one's travels, from one's 
journey; cmynumb ua .lOMHym -ry, to take the 
wrong step; udmti ue moh -foti, to go the wrong 
way; udmn cooeh -roit, to go one's way, go along, 
pass along; udume caoeh -roii, pass on; npouAa- 
duanmb, npooueam-b ceon -ry, to cut one's way; to 
force one's way; udmu npnuou -roit, to go straight 
forward; ymabiaamb -ry, to show the way; to 
lead out; cowmcH cb -rn, to go, run astray; 
ocmaHoaambCH ua noAOauHrb -rn, to stop mid-way, 
half-way; nooKeMimb cnacmAunou -rn, to wish a 
good journey; nponb Co -rn! clear the way, make 
way! danib -ry i:oMy, to make way before one, let 
one pass; daume Mwrn -ry, let me pass; arMopo^wm* 
KOMy -ry, to stop one's passage; om, nodMudaAi, 
eio ua -r4, he watched for his passing; e.My 
myda aanajia—, he is going there no longer, no 
more; viyda euy u—\ he deserves it! he deserves 
nothing better! He snau kg .hhm -rn, don't put 
your foot in my house again; obinutiib ua -ry, to 
drink a parting cup or stirrup-cup; Ii prov. ua 
oiiviou H.iH mopiwu -t1& mpnaa ue pacmenih, no 
grass grows on a trodden road; i] -roii, adv. on 
the way, by the way, on the road; as one passes; 
-roft onh aaum, as he passed or as he 
was going along he saw a hare. 

Jl^oporo, ado. dear, dearly; at the worst hand: 
9mo nymeiuecmoie ooxodnmcH—, tliis travelling is 
expensive; 9mo ooohdemcn e.wy — , that will be a 
heavy pull upon his purse; ouh .uinb—sa omo 
aanMtmtimh, he shall pay dear for it, I'll make 
him smart for it; adti.cb oicmnb nucub—, living is very 
dear in this country; bt, xpii ;i,opora, loc. adv. 
extromely dear; see iirpHAOpora. 
Jl,oporoBiiXbitt, adj. rather dear. 
,I,oporoBii3Ha, .s'. f. dearness; expensiveness; — 
xjifboa, the liigli price of bread. 

^|,opor6ii, adj. dear, expensive; costly, precious; 
heart-dear; opcMH ;i;uporo, time is precious; -tic 
!:a.\tiiit, precious stones: cdtb.ianib -riiM'b cepdny, 
to endear; .)tok—dpyn,, my dear, beloved friend; — 
locmb, welcome guest; -raa noi:y»>:a,2i(\nU bargain. 
^^,opo;^uocxb, s. f. corpulence, obesity, obese- 
nes<!, stoutness, fullness. 

^l,oi)o,T;Hbiii, ndj. corpulent, obese, stout, big- 
bodiod, full-liodied, full-fleslied. 

,I,op(>;;('XBO, s.n. sec ,l,opoAHOCTb. 
.(opoHCiiTb, V. n. to grow or become dearer, 
rise in price. 


— 137 — 


^T,opoa:c, coinp. o/" ;I|oporo, .Toporofi. I 

^opoaiHTB, V. n. (H)b.m.), to value, prize, esteem; 
fl mnuMo vc -'«Ky, 1 set no value upon it:||-CH, 
V. n. to charge high (in selling), ask too much 
for one's goods, overrate a commodity. 

^T,oi)oxKa, .S-. f. a little road, path; j rib (of k. 
stocking);\\join. carp, channel, groove, flute. 

;i;opoaKHHK'b, s.m. dim. -HU'ieKi., itinerary, 
road-book, guide-book; \\join. carp, grooving plane, 

Jl,opo;KHuit, adj. fit for travelling, for a journey; 
of road: -hoc n.iamhe, travelling dress: — .\nbmoKh, 
cirpet-bag; -hhh ohkh, goggles, eye-preservers:— 
ucAoeihKh, a traveller. 

^T,op6a:uiiTLiii, adj. arch, chamfered, fluted; 
''K)t. canaliculate, canaliculated; n ribbed (stocking). 
^'J,op6caHli, adj. grown up to, for. 
^opoCTaxb, ;^opocTiI, v. n. to attain a certain 
growth, be tail or grown enough for,— do now, to 
be of a size with;— ()o yeio, fig. to be developed 
or clever enougli for. 
J^opTvapt, s. 7n. sleeping-room. 
^opybaTb, ii,opyOiiTb, v. a. to finish hewing 
or cutting; to hew or cut through; to hew to; 
II -ca, V. p. to be hewn or cut through; j v. n. 
to cut till;i|j9fflr^ p. j^oprdaenHHii. 

,l,opiU'b, s. m. ichth. melwell, melwel, capelan, 
hake, john-dory. 

J^opuBiiHie, s. n. finishing tearing, tearing up; 
plucking the remainder. 

Jl^opHBaTb, ;i;opBaTb, v. a. to finish tearing, 
tear up; to pluck tlie remainder; Ji -ca, r. p. to 
be torn; II v. r. (do ueio), to fall greedily upon 
(after having fasted); \\part. p. ;i;6pBaHHRft. 

^opUBiixb, ;i;opHTb, u. a. to finish digging; 
\\ -ca, V. n. to come at in digging; to dig till; 
Ipart. p. ;i;opuTbiu. 

Jl,opb3UBaTb, ;i;opi3aTb, v. a. to finish cutting, 
cut up: to finish killing (animals);\ part. p. Ji,o- 

p;oca;i;a, ,s. f. despite; spite, vexation; grief, 
heart-sore, heart-break; .lonuymb. mpecnymb ^ ch 
^ji,M, to liurst with spite; ca ^JJ^m, out of spite; 
Kh -i;^'fe, in spite of, in despite of; ichoo.ibiaoa -A*j 
to the great vexation; i:aKaH—\ it is a pity, a 
great pity! 
J^oca;i;iiTb, see JI,oca3KjiaTi., JI|oca;i:HBaTi.. 
Jl,oca4;KO, V. imp. it is vexing, provoking;—, nmo 
eaco He ci, ua.MU, it is a pity you were not 
with us: MHn OHem—, nmo, I am very sorry that. 
;i,ocu;^HMH, Jl,oca;i;anBHri, adj. vexing; disa- 

/Iioca;i;oBaHie, s. n. spite, despite, vexation. 
^oca;i;oBaTb, v.n. (na nmo), to be vexed at, 
with, be cross with; OHh ■.:^yeT'b iia mo, nmo eu 
CKaaajiu, he is put out with what you have said. 
^ocaacaTb, see JI^ocaxiiBaTi.. 
,l,ocaac;i;aTb, ^oca;i;iiTb, u. n. to vex, plague, 
tease, weary, mortify, importune, provoke. 

Jl,0Ciia:HBaHic, ,s. n. finishing setting or plant- 

^ocaaciiBaTb, ;l;oca;^HTb, v. a. to finish setting 
or planting; i^sar^. j). ;^0Cll;KeHHMii. 
Jl,ocaJHBaHic, s. n. finishing salting. 
Jl,Oca.iuBaTb, ;^ocoaiiTb, v. a. to finish salting, 
salt sufficiently; ij -C)i, r. p. to be or get entirely 
salted: I prof. p. ,'^o('.o.le^!IlrJft. 

J^ocaaHBaxb, AOC''-i"Tb, v. a. to finish greasing; 
11 -ca, o.p. to be or get sufficiently greased; 
II part. p. ,T;oc.a.ieHHWtt. 

Jl^ocaf^wBauic, s. n. sucking tlie remainder. 
,T,ocacMBaTb, ;^ococaTb, /-. a. to suck the 
remainder; ii -ca, v. p. to be sucked out;]|i'.«. 
to suck till; II ^Jw*. p. AOCocaiiHi.ift. 
JI,0CBepaHBaHie, s. n. finishing l>oring. 

J^ocBcpanBaxb, ;^ocBep.lHXb, v. a. to finish 
boring or piercing: -I'H, r. p. to be bored through; 
Ipart. p. ;^ooBep.le^HHii. 

,T,()ceJit, ,l,<>ceab, ((do. till now; hitherto. 
,(,<)CiiH:DHaHie, s. j<. sitting out a given time, 
holding out one's time. 

,|ociia:uBaxb, ,T;<»CH,T;T.xb, v. n. to sit out a 
given time, hold out one's time: om -Baexi. caoh 
cpoKh (i7> 3aK.iH)Heniii, his confinement draws to 
the end; h hc -cii^'^'b.n. do Koiina cncKmav.Aa, 1 
did not stay till the end of the play; -CH;^-iiXb do 
ymp'i, to sit up till the morning: jj r. «. to finish 
hatching; to finish distilling; j -ca, v. ». to sit 
up till; li to come to the end of hatching; |j to come 
to the end of distilling: || f. p. to be hatched; 
to he distilled; prnf. /). ,■^ocuaceHHuft. 

,T,ocKa, s. /". dim. ;i;ome'iKa, bo:ird, plank: plate, 
table, tablet; uiax.HnnmaH — , a chess-board; nepj- 
nan — , a black board (in schools); ipuffie.ibuaH, 
acnudnan—, a slate; — «rf()^ KaMUHOMo, mantel, 
mantle-piece, mantle-shelf, mantle-tree; oar;? t!.i6«afl—, 
waffle-irons; Kpooe.tbuaH—, roof-plank;o(>/jM3«afl, vn- 
cman — , chamfered-board; no.xyo6pib3naH, no.iy- 
micman — , shell-plank, shell-board; — d.m pyoKU 
.Mjica, chopping-board;— , ua Komopou cmup&iom-, 
oihAbe, wash -board, waste-board; ofljfjo'i/m/j — .deform- 
ed plank, full of holes; douapuan—, clap-board; 
euHmooa.ibHaH — , screw-plate; -me'iiia, na Komo- 
pjoh numym'o u ^a.MUAim, name-plate; Jl h^c- 
Humamh nnuuj omh -kh do -kh, to read a book 
over, from beginning to end, from one end to the 
other; do ipoooeou -kh, till death; cmaeumb ua 
odiiy AWCKy (koio Co K)b.Mo), to put upon a level 
with, rank with. 

Jl,oCKa6jiHBaHie, s. n. finishing scraping, 
erasing, raking, planing, shaving. 

Ji;ocKa6.iuBaxb, ;^ocKO(5JIIXb, v. a. to finish 
scraping, erasing, raking, planing, shaving; [\2:)art.p. 

Jl^ocKasHBanie, s. n. finishing one's sentence; 
telling or saying all out.^ 

J^ocKiisHBaxb, ,T,ocKa3axb, V. a. to finish telling; 
to tell or say all out; II -ca, i\ p. to be told or 
said to the e\Kh\\part. p. .locKasaHHutt. 

,T;ocKaKHBauic, .s. n. galloping up to, leaping 
up to; leaping till. 

J^oCKiiKUBaxb, ,T;ocKaKaxb, v. n. to reach gal- 
loping, at full gallop; -ca, r. ;/. to leap till. 

;i;ocKaKHBaxb, ;i;oeKOiirrb, ;i;ocKaKHyib, r. ?f. 
to leap or spring up to. 

^I,<>CKO(>.iHTb, see JI,ocKa6aHBaTB. 
^ll^oCKOKHvxb, see Jl,ocKaKnBaTi.. 
Jl,oCKOHaiibnHJi,-HO, see ,)i;ouoj.iniiHHu,— ho. 
;^0CKpeCMBaxb, ;i;oCKpcr)axb, ,^ocKpecxb, v. a. 
to scrape to the end, rake ort"; , -ea, r. p. to be 
quite scraped, raked off. 

^^ociaxb (flit. ^,, see ,HocHJiaTi.. 
Jl^ocjoBHufl, -HO, see ByKBaaBnaft,- no. 
TI,ocay:EHBaHic, s. n. serving out one's time. 
Jl,oeav;KHBaxb, ^^ocayaciixb, /•. a. to serve out 
one's time; H -ca, r. n. to obtain by one's service; 
to deserve; on7, -:EiiJca do (x/tunepCKato vM«a, 
he rose to the rank of officer; |1 />ar*. p. A^f-^y- 

;i,oe.iyiuuBaHie, s. ». hearing out, hearing to 
the end. 

I^ocivuninaxb, ,:(ocayiuaxb, t-.n. to hear to 
the eiul hear out;j-CH. r. p. to be hoard to the 
end, till; j jxtrt. /;. ,-^oc.iymanHbift. 

,i;ocMaxpHBaHie, s. n. seeing something out to 
the end. 

I,ocMaxpHBaxb, ,nocMOxpBXb, v.a. to see to 
the end; to inspect, have the inspection; to search, 
examine (goods); to observe; n ne -fMOxpfiJ-b 
dmow, it escaped my notice, 1 did not notice or 




see it;jl-CH, o. p. to lie ex&mineA;\\ part. p. fl,o- 


JI.ocMOTpmuK'i., s.m. searcher, inspector: vis- 
iter; mciMooiccHHuu—, land-waiter, custom-house 
officer; i| -mniecKifi, -mnqiii, adj. 

JI,ocMOTp'i., s. m. inspection; visitation; search 
(of goods). 


;i,0CMliaTbCH, V. n. (Oo teto), to laugh till. 
^ocoxHyTb, see J^ocuxaTt. 
JI,ocnaTb, see ^ocHnaxb. 
JI,ocn6pHTb, (,'. n. -cfl, V. 11. rec. (do neto), to 
dispute (till); oiiu -pHJiH do moio, umo noccopu- 
.lucb, they argued, disputed till they quarrelled. 
Ji;ocntBaHie, s. n. growing ripe. 
Jl,ocntBiiTb, ;i,ocnBTb, c. 11. to grow completely 
ripe, come to ripeness. 

;]|,ocnB.iocTb, s. f. full ripeness, maturity. 
Ji;ocn-BJibifl, adj. completely ripe. 
J^ocHBTb, see j^ocatBaxb. 
JI^ocn-BXi., s. m. /I,ocnBxn,^^Z. complete armour, 

T^ocyoiHUii, adj. before the term; before ma- 
turity. . . 
;i,0CTaBaHie, s. n. getting, procuring, obtaining. 
^ocTaBaTb, ;^0CTaTb, w. a. (pres. ;i;ocTaio, fut. 
,T,00TaHy), to get, procure, obtain; - cxaxb 
ceoib KlJCOK^ XJinda, to get a livelihood; omnyda 
tiu 9ino -cxaJH? where did you find it? |1 to take 
out, fetch out; -CTaHBTe smo U3h nodh cmojia, 
take or fetch it from under the table; |1 to reach, 
attain; soto oucoko, h ne -cxaHy, it is too high, 
I cannot reach it; jjedeHonh xeamaeim ece, mm 
mo.ihKO -cxanext, the child seizes every thing 
it can come at; ni/iuKU cwda ne -cxaHexi., the 
cannon cannot reach so far as here; smo ptjowbe 
m, cxaext dajiite, nn-Mi na cmo luatoei, this gun 
carries more than a hundred paces; fig; do neto 
menepb u pyKou ne -cxancuib, he' is now inacces- 
sible, he is very proud; |j v. imp. to be sufficient, 
enough; to suffice; -cxaHexx* Jiu dmuxh ^elle^^ na 
noibsdKij'i will this money do for the voyage? 
-cxanex-i., it will do, it is sufficient, enough; eio 
-exanexx. na smo dtbjio, he can get through that 
work by himself, he is able to do it; ne —, to 
fail; to be deficient in, wanting in; tofall short; 
CM)/ He -cxaexT. Oenetb, XMb6a, he is short ot 
money, of bread; Mim ne -cxaex'B epe.sieuu, Awdeii, 
1 am in want of time, of men; .w«j5 ne - cxaexx. 
CA,oe^, I am short of words; m - cxaexi. mpex^ 
Koneeo, three copecks are missing; eu ne -cxaexB 
uanmecmea, she is devoid of a certain elegance; ?/ 
7ieto ne •-cxaexi> di/xy, mcxnvibmn, his heart fails 
him, he has no patience; neio ea.m ne - cxacxi.? 
what are you missing? wliat do you want? moAhKO 
.unoio ne -cxaBiLioI that is all that was wanting! 
I -ca, V. n. to fall to one's share; to come in for; 
e.w'/ -cxaaacb mpydnan xjuooma, hard work fell 
to his share; najicdoMy a3b huxt, -cxaJioch, every 
one of tliem came in for a share; na (:mv,x%, umo 
.in, H «.«7> - cxa.ica' whaU would they laugh at 
me, make a fool of me? - cxauexca e.My aa amo, 
- cxaiioxca eMy na optbxu! he will smart for it 
or feel it! ^ 

;I,o(;xaB.i('nic, s. n. Jl^ocxaBKa, s.f. furnishing, 
procuring; delivery. 

JJ,ocxaB.iaxb, ;i;ocxiiBiixb, v. a. to furnish, pro- 
cure; to afford, help to, get, give; —ydooojibcmoie, 
to procure or give pleasure; on?, -bujh cAy- 
nrtu, deueih, he furnished liiin with the opportu- 
nity, with money; — coibdibiiin, to give information; 
to carry (in a vehicle); to transmit, remit; to 
deliver (a letter, a parcel, goods); — nacbMo no 
(idpecy, 07> coOcinoeHuun pyicio, to carry a letter to 
its address, deliver it into a person's own hands; 

ll -ca, v.p. to be procured, be furnished, be deliv- 
ered; II part. p. ;i;ocxaBjieHHHfl. 

Jl,ocxaHBaxb, ;i;ocxoaxb, v. a. n. to stand or stay 
to the end of; || -ca, t'. n. to stand till. 

JI,ocxaJib, s. f. rest, remainder. 

J^ocxaJLbHott, adj. remaining. 

JI.ocxaxoK'b, s. m. dim. - axoieKi., fortune, 
wealth, opulence, easy or good circumstances, 
competency; abundance. 

JI,ocxaxoiHO, adv. sufficiently, enough; dvioio 
— , that will do;— CKrt5rt?H6 oaub, suffice it to tell 
you; adtbCh — dss nacb, here's as much as will 
serve our turn; ita.^a oydetm — odnou 6ymuAKU, one 
bottle will serve us. 

^ocxaxo«iHOCXb, s. /'. sufficiency; competency. 

Jl,ocxaxoiHBiii, adj. wealthy, opulent, suffi- 
cient, in easy circumstances, well off; competent; 
li wantless; satisfactory; -aaa npamiua, sufficient, 
satisfactory reason. 

Jl^ocxaxb, see ^ocxasaxb. 

JI,ocxerHBaHie, s. n. quilting to the end, finishing 

Jl|ocxernBaxb, ^ijocxeraxb, v. a. to quilt to the 
end, finish quilting; \\part. p. ;i,ocxeraHHHfi. 

J^ocxnraxb, ;^ocxH^Hyxb, ^^ocxuib, v. n. to 
reach, attain; to get, get to, arrive at, obtain; to 
come to, come up to; to make out; to grow to; — 
cmapocmu, to come to old age; — CAaeu, to acquire 
fame; — ^^nAU, to answer the purpose; to gain one's 
end; obi .uocHceme -xiirHyxb ycnnxa moAbuo dmuM% 
nymcMh, cpedcmeo.ui., your only chance of success 
lies through this channel; l| -ca, v.j). to be 
reached, be attained; ii ^ar*. j). ^ocxHrHyxuft. 

^ocxHaseHie, s. n. reaching, attaining, coming 
up to. ^ 

Jl,ocxH.iaxb, ;^ocxaaxb, v. u. to finish laying, 
planking, boarding; \^ -ca, v.p. to be quite planked, 
boarded; to come to the end with laying, board- 
ing, planking; 1| part. p. ;i;6cx.iaHHBifi. 

;locxHj)HBaxri, ;i;ocxHpaTB, v. a. to finish 
washing; II -CH, o.p. to be quite washed; iJ^JO'"^- jP- 

JI,ocxuib, see ^ocxHraxb. 

JI,ocxoBBpHO, adv. authentically, undoubtedly, 
certainly; — ah ou amo anuAu? did you know it for 
a certainty? — mo, umo, it is certain that. 

JI^ocxoB-BpHOCTb, s. f. authenticity, authen- 
ticaluess, credibility, credibleness; certainty, certain- 

JIjOCXOBBpHbitt, uilj. worthy of credit, authen- 
tic, authentical; certain, undoubted, undubitable; 
warranted; - naa ucmopia, an authentic story; 

- Haa noooci)ib, certain news; Mun dmo nuduoaAK, 
aa -HOC, it was told me as a fact. 

J^ocxo^o.iacHLiii, adj. due, just; j| - ho, adv. 
duly, justly. 

J^ocxoHHcxBo, ». n. merit, worth; — amou paCo- 
mu, the merit of tliis work: || dignity; «* eio Ma- 
ncpitxh MHOio - cxBa, Iiis manners are full of 
dignity; KuowdoMy ooadacmcH no -cxBy, every man 
will receive bis desert. 

JJ,0('x6ttHiafi, iiilj. worthy, deserving; smti CAoea 

- uBi a(u:^, this is spoken like yourself: |1 -ho, 
udr. worthily, deservedly. 

,)I,ocxouaMaxuo('Xb, .v. /'. memorableness. 

^locxoniiMaxiiBifi, adj. memorable; ] -ho, adv. 
— bly. 

^I,ocxonoixeHUBiff, adj. respectable, venerable; 
i| -HO, adv. — bly. 

JI,ocxoHpHM'fc«iaxe.iBH<)CXb, s. f. remarkable 
object, curiosity, rarity. 

;I,ocxoHpuMt.«iax('.'ibHBift, aitj. remarkable; 
11 -HO, ado. — 1)1 y. 

JI,o('Toc.iaBHMtt, adj. glorious, famous: || - HO, 
ado.— h. 


— 13i) — 


;i,oeT(»XBa.ibuufi, adj. piaise-wortliy, laudable, 
meritorious; -ho, ode— thily,— bly,— ly. 

^T,ocToaHie, s. n. property, fortune; eo7no ece 
Moe—, there is all my fortune; ;, inheritance. 

J^ocTpaniBanie, s. n. finishing planing. 

Ji;ocTparuBaTb, j;ocTporaTb, c. a. to finish 
planing; II j3o/-<. p. ;;ocTp6raHHLift. 

Jl^ocTpauBaHie, a-, n. tinishing building, con- 
structing: ; tuning. 

J^ocTpauBaTb, A«»t'TpoiiTb, V. a. to finish 
building, constructing; to build up: jj to finish tuning; 

-cfl, v.p. to be nearly or quite built, construct- 
ed, erected; to be tuned; . part. p. AOCTpoen- 


J,0CTpauiiBaTb, ;^0CTp«tiHTb, V. a. to finish 
backstitching: ]: iron, to finish writing; |i part. p. 

^ocxpiiraTb, ;i;oeTpii»ib, c. a. to finish shear- 
ing: ^; part. p. AOCTpiiaieHUMii. 

J^ocxporaxb, see JocTparHBaii.. 

J^oexpouBaxb, ;i;ocxp6uxb, see ^T^ocxpan- 

JI,ocxp6liKa, s. f. finishing building, construct- 

^T^ocxp-BJiHBaHie, 5. n. shooting up to; Ij finishing 
shooting; shooting dead. 

J^ocxpijHBaxb, ;^ocxp'fe.lI^xb, v. n. to slioot 
up to; II V. a. to finish shooting; to shoot dead; 
\\perf. asp. ;i,ocxp'feaaxL, to shoot all; \\part. p. 

J^ocxpanMsaxb, J^ooTpa^axb, v. a. to finish 
cooking, dressing, baking; ', part. p. ^ocxpanaa- 

^ocxynuuii, adj. accessible, approachable, of 
easy access; easy to be spoken with. 
Jl.ocxyn'b, s. m. access, approach. 
Jl^ocxyiaxbca, «. n. to knock at the door till. 
J^ocyri., s. m. leisure, leisure moments, leisure 
time; odd times; ua -ri, na -rax-b, loc. adv. at 
leisure; (.w dtno cdtb.iaevie na - rt, you will do 
that in your odd moments, when you have time. 
^ocya:ecxBO, s. n. ^T^ocyacecxb, s. /'. dexterity, 
alertness, adroitness. 

JI,ocyJKii1, adj. see JI^o cy acn h h; i| coW. dexterous, 
alert, adroit. 

JI,ocyaiHbiH, adj. of leisure; - Hoe, 

Jl^ocyxa, adc. till dried. 
JI|ocyMHBaHie, s. n. finisliing twisting. 
JI,ocyiHBaxb, ;i,ocyiuxb, 0. a. to finish twist- 
ing; li - ca, V. p. to be nearly or quite twisted; 
part. p. ;^ocy^eHHHf!. 
^T,ocyuiHBaHie, s. n. finishing drying. 
^ocyuiHBaxb, ;i;ocymiiXb, c. a. to finish dry- 
ing, dry sufficiently; j| -ch, v. p. to be drying; to 
get dry; ;| part. p. ;^ocyuIeHHbIH. 

Jl,ocnaxHii, /tociaaofl, adj. deal, of planks, of 
boards; planked, boarded; - xaa nepetopodKO, a 
partition-wall of planks. 

Jl^oc'iiixuBaHic, s. n. counting to an end. 
JI,ocuiixHBaxb, ;i,oc«iHxaxb, 0. a. to count to 
an end, finish counting; || - ca, v. p. to be count- 
ed; || y. n. to come to an end with the count- 
ing; to count till; n nc - ciiiXLiBaioCb uibCKo.ib- 
i:uxh nAuniKOOo, there are some handkerchiefs 
missing; li^ar^. p. ;^oc«iiixaHHuft. 

^ocujiixb, ;i;ocaaTb, v. a. to send up to; to 
send the remainder; jlpar^ p. ;^ocaaHHMft. 

JI^ochiaKa, s. f. sending up to, sending of the 

Jl|ocHuaxb, ;^ociiaxb, 0. n. to sleep out, sleep 
a necessary time. 

J^ocHnaxb, ;t<)CiJiiaxb, o.a. to strew tlie re- 
mainder; to finish strewing; to fill ^up; to strew 
as mush as is wanted; |!p«r<. p. ;;ocr.iuaHHtift. 

^ocunKa, s.f. filling up by strewing, strewing 
up the remainder. 

^ocuxa, ndc. to satiety, till satisfied; Haibcmtcs 
— , to eat to satiety, eat one's fill of anything. 

^ocuxaxb, ;^oc6xHyxb, v. n. to get or become 

,'I,oC'}iBaHie, a\ n. finishing sowing, winnowing. 

;I,«>C'bBaXb, ;^ociaxb, r. a. to finish sowing; 
i| to finish winnowing or sifting; \\ part. p. AO- 


/I,0("feKaxb, ;i,oc-B'ib, v. a. to finish liewing, 
chopping, cutting; to hew the remainder; 1| to finish 
carving, cutting; 1| to whip till, to; |( part. p. 


JI,ocH>;^a, ado. hitherto, till now. 

^T.ocaraxb, ;i;ocarHyxb, <-. n. to reach, attain. 

/I,(>xaaKHBaHie, s. n. pusliing up to. 

^oxaJiKHBaxb, ;^oxojiKHyxb, ca. to push up 
to; to finish pusliing; || - ca, c. n. to come hard- 
ly to. 

lI,oxaujiHBaxb, j^oxo^uxb, v. a. to finish 
melting; to melt sufficitntly; i| to finish heating; to 
heat sufficiently. 

Jl,oxacKHBaHie, s. n. dragging up to. 

JI,oxacKHBaxb, ;i;oxacKaxb, ;^oxal^uxb, c. a. to 
drag up to, draw up to; || - ca, v. r. to drag 
one's self up to; | v. p. to be dragged up to; ]part. p. 

JI^oxacKHBaxb, ^oxacKaxb, v. a. to wear out, 
off (a dress); j| - ca, c p. to be worn out, off; 
I part. p. AoxacKaHHHii. 

Jl^oxaMHBaxb, ;^oxoiiixb, t\ a. to finish 
turning; to sharpen sufficiently: |l_par^ p. ;^ot6- 

Jl,oxauHBaxb, ^oxoisixb, v. a. to finish stitch- 
ing; |lpar^ p. ;i;oxaieHHufi. 

T^oxamiixb, see JI,oxacKHBaxi). 

^oxBcpiKHBaxb, ji;oxBepAHXb, «. a. to learn 
completely by heart; Upori. i?. ^oxBepaceHHuii. 

JI,oxeKaxb, ;^oxeib, v. n. to flow to. 

JI,oxepe6JiiiBaxb, ;^oxepc6ilXb, v. a. to finish 
plucking; II 2)((r*. p. ;^oxepe6aeHHhift. 

T^oxepexb, see /(.oxHpaxb. 

Jl^oxecLiBaHie, s. n. finishing cutting or hewing. 

JI^oxecuBaxb, ;i,oxecaxb, v. a. to finish cutting 
or hewing; \\part. p. ^oxecaHHwii. 

T^oxeib, see ^l,oxeKaTi>. 

;i,oxiipaxb, ;i,oxepexb, o.a. to finish rubbing; 
to rub iill;{\part. p. ;iiOxepxwii. 

TJ^oxMCKUBaxb, ^oxiicKaxb, ;^()XBCHyxb, c. a. 
to press to, push to; 1| - ca, c. n. to reacli by 
opening or cutting one's way through a crowd; 
jpart. p. ;^oxllCHyxl.Ifl. 

/i;oxKaxb, v.a. to finisli weaving; , - ca, o.^)- 
to be woven; I! par*, p. AOTKaauuii. 


Jl,0XJia," adc. entirely, tlioroughly; paaopumb— 
Koio, to ruin a person utterly; oujweHb—, to lay 
in ashes, reduce to aslies. 

;i,oxoja«iiiBaxb, ;i,<txoa6'ib, c. a. to finish 
pounding, stamping, grinding; to pound or grind 

,l,oxoa'fe, «(/('. thereto, tliitherto. 

,|OTporHBaHie, 6\ «. touch, touching, feeling, 


^T,oxp6rHBaxbca, ;^oxpoHyxbca, v. n. to touch; 
to i'ceh—ptfKOK do, to touch with the liand. 

,■^oxy;^a, adv. so far, thus far. ^ 

'loxviucBLiBanio, ;i,<»xyuieBaini', s. n. Jl,0Ty- 
lui'BKji, >•. /'. finishing sliading, wasliing with Indian 

ink. , <•• • 1 

.HoxymcBiJBaxb, j(oxyuieBaxb, i\ a. to finish 
wasliing with Indian ink;;;-cH, 0. p. to be com- 
pletely waslied, be sluided with Indian ink; ipart. p. 






Jl^OTHKaTb, ;^OTMKaT&, ;i;oTKHyTB, V. a 

finish sticking in; j part. p. ;i;0TKHyTi.iit. 

Jl^OTaraTbca, v. n. to litigate or plead till; to 
vie with one till. 

J^OTarnBaxb, ;i;oTflHyT&, v. a. to draw up to, 

stretch up to; || to suffice, be sufficient; to last, 

prolong; amitxi deneih ue - TaneTTb do M)bcm(,a, 

this money will not last out a month; 6o.ibHou ue 

-xaHexi. do aecnu, the patient will not live or 

last till spring; || -ca, v. r. to reach slowly, with 

difficulty; to last, hold out; || /jar^^A ;i;oTaHyTHit. 

J^oyinBanie, s. n. finishing learning. 

/l,oyiiiBaTb, ;i;oy'iiiTb, ;T;oyqHTb, v. a. (koio 

He.H)/), to finish teaching, learning; j| ■> ca, v. r. 

(leMt/), to finish learning; i|par^. p. ;i,oyqeHHbifi. 

J^ocj^iiHT., s. m. dauphin. 

Jl^oxaacHBaxb, ;T,oxo^HTb, v. n. (do new), to go 
to; to reach; to go a fixed time to; — (epeM» oepe- 
MeuHocmu), to go out the time; to he in the family 

/l,0XJie6HBaHle, s. n. eating or supping up the 
remainder (ivith a spoon). 

Tl|oxae6MBaTb, ;i;oxaedaT&, v. a. pop. to eat 
the remainder (loith a spoon). 
/I|oxJiHft, ndj. dead (said of animals). 
^oxHVTb, U3-, v.n. to die (of animals). 
JI,oxHyTb, see ^biiuaTt. 

7l,ox6;^eH,i., s. m. dim. a little income, revenue, 

J^oxo;i;iiTb, ;i;ottTU, v. n. to go up to; to come, 
come to, come at; to go as far as; to reach, attain; 
to get; to come to the knowledge of; Muth ue ;i,oiiTH 
do doMt/, I am not able to walk home; ji;oft;i;eMTe do 
dmoiQ .mbcma, let us go as far as this place; do 
MeuH ;i;oiuJiH cjiyxu, mno..., it has come to my 
ears that..., it reached my ears that..,; oi 9mou 
tnoAnib H He moio ;i,ottTU do neio, in the midst of 
this crowd I could not get to him; .?»io nucb.vo 
ji,0!l;i;eT'b do iieio, this letter will reach him; ji;ofiTH 
do coeepmeHcmaa, to attain perfection; eto cmpacmb 
;i;ox6;i;HT'b do oeay.uia, las passion borders upon 
folly; eoda ;i;oxo;i,iiJia do nepoaia smajiea, the 
water reached the first floor or rose to the first 
floor; ;i;ottTii do opami, do dpanu, to come to liard 
words, to blows; ,T;om.i6 do mocio condtbrnn, it has 
come to my knowledge; out, ^ouieJn& do moio, 
nmo.., he went as far as to..; ;i;ott;i;eT'b u moon 
OHcpedb, your turn will come; noktii do Kpaimo- 
cmu, do nocAndiiuxi npedibJioso, to be reduced to 
extremity; 3om^ do new .mu ;i,ouijiii! see what we 
are come tol om ^^oiue.Ti. do dmoio choumo yuo.m, 
he attained it by his own genius; 'I to come up, rise, 
grow: XAn/>h ;i;oxo,i;ht'i,, the corn is growing ripe; 
?<M«rt j^Oxc^THTTi do..., the price comes up to or is 
risen to...; cyM.wi ;i;ox6;i,hti. do..., tlie sum amounts 
to...; 11 to meddle with; ona Oh xosnucmeib nu do 
uezo He ji,Gxoji,UTi>, she does not meddle or inter- 
fere witli anything in her housoliold; ona do aceio 
;i;oxu;i;iiT'b, slie cares or thinks about every tiling, 
she takes interest in every thing; 1[ npuwichi ;i,o- 
x6;i;aT7., ;i;<mu.iii, the provisions are near their 
end, are all consumed. 

Jl,oxo,'i;in.ift, adj. profitable, lucrative; amo uun,- 
Hie -i^^HO, tliis property gives a good income or 
is highly productive. 

,T,oxo;^'b, s. m. income, revenue, rent; return; 
produce: — ci, dojun, liouse-rent; vocmonuuuu, c.iy- 
Hfihiiuu— , a fixed, a casual revenue: nojicuJueiiiiidU 
— , life -rent; tiocmoponiiih, noooHiihi'A — , by-profits, 
by-gains; uucmuu — , net produce; locydapcinoennuc 
— ,T;f.i, the state revenue; )iped)ipimnie, ot, KopoiiiKoe 
apCMji npUHOC/imee oojibmie -,i,FiIj a business mak- 
ing quick returns: our, UMihemh .H vihic. ifiynmoob 
emeioduaio -,T;a, he is worth three tliousand a 
year; no cuou.w, -,^iiM'r>, within one's inromo. 

Jl|on,B^.iHtt, adj. faded; fig. blighted, withered. 

/l^on,B4TaTb, ji;oi^BicTb, see 0Tu,B4TaTi). 

J^OH.CHT'b, s. m. sub-professor; npueamo—, sub- 
stitute to a professor, professor's substitute, 

Jl^oi^iiMasuiecKifi, adj. docimastic. 

Jl,oii,HMa3ia, s. f. docimacy, docimastic art, 

Jl,oii,-BaKHBaHie, s. n. straining off the remain- 

Jl,oii,iiKUBaTb, ;j;oii,'fe;i;uTb, v. a. to rack off 
the remainder; y -ca, i\ p. to be racked oft'; 
\part. ^p. ,T;onixeHHMfi. 

JI^oiepHitt, J^ouepuHH-b, adj. daughter's. 

Jl^oiepiHBaHie, s. n. finishing tracing, sketch- 
ing- , 

Jl^onepniiBaTb, ;i;oiepTUTb, v. a. to finish tra- 
cing or sketching; jl j3ar^. p. ,T;oqepieHHBUl[. 

J^oiHCTa, adv. till cleaned; |1 completely. 

Jl,o»iHCTnTb, see .iIjoiamaTb. 

J^oiuTMBaHie, s. n. reading to the end. 

^T^oiHTHBaxb, ;i;oiHTaTb, ;i;oqecTb, v. a. to 
read to the end; — do, to read up to a place, to 
read as far as; \\ -ca, v. p. to be read to the end 
or to a place; |] v. n. to read till; |j part. p>. 

^oinm,aTb, ;i,oiJiCTHTb, v. a. to finish clean- 
ing: to clean completely; || part. p. ^0*iHmeH- 

Jl^oib, Jl^ouepb, s. f. dim. ;i;oqKa, jijO^ypKa, 
;i;oqypoiKa, ;i;o'iymKa, daughter. 

Jl^oiuarHyTb, v. n. to step up to. 


hurling or whirling up 

to; finishing hurling. 

T^oiUBwpnBaTb, ;i;oiUBHpaTb, ;^OI^BbIpHyTb, 

V. a. to hurl or whirl up to; to finish hurling. 

Jl^ouinBaHie, .5. n. finishing sewing. 

/l,oiuuBaTb, ;i;omiiTb, c. a. to finish sewing; 
Ipart. p. ;T;omiiTMii. 

J^omaHHKt, s. m. raft, ferry; || carp, jack- 

Jl,oni,aHofl, Jl,oui;aTHfi, adj. deal, of boards, of 

/I^omeiKJi, s. f. dim. a small board; see JI^ocKa. 

Jl,oiii,unHBaHie, s. n. finishing plucking. 

^'^omsmMBaxb, ;i;oniinnaTb, r. a. to finish 
plucking; II |jr«ri. p. ;i;oii);unanHHiii. 

JIjcfe^iiHie, s.^ n. eating up, finishing eating. 

Tl,0'fe;^aTb, ji;o-JScrb, v. a. to eat all, finish eating; 
11 -ca, c. p. to be all eaten; i| v. n. to eat till: 
\\part. p. ;i;oi;i;eHUHii. 

J^o-feavKiiTb, ;i;o-BxaTb, v. n. to ride or drive up 
to; to arrive, reach, attain; 1| fig. n eio ,'^oi;^y, I 
shall make him smart, he shall smart for it. 

Jl,0'fe3;Kaiiii, adj. s. m. ren. wliipper-in. 

^oiiSaiHBaTb, ;i;oB3;i,nTb, v. n. to drive or ride 
out the time; ij v. a. to wear out by driving; 1| -ca, 
V. p. to be worn out by driving; '| r. n. to 
drive or ride till. 

JI^oiiCTb, see /I,olj^aTb. 

JI,oiixaTb, see ^oisaiaTb. 

JI,paoiinT'b, s. m. body-guard, satellite. 

;^piira, .s'. f. drag, dredge. 

J^pariipoBaxb, i\ a. to drag, dredge. 

;I,pai'o:>iiiiri., s. m. dragoman, interpreter; 
[| -MiiucKiit, adj. 

JI,paroii,!iUiioeTb, s. f. preciousness; a precious 
thing, jewel, gom. 

,I,paroi^ijimr.irt, adj. precious, dear; invaluable; 
— KitMCHb, a precious stone, gem; -Hhia aemn, 
jewels, trinkets: dino—He.ioimKi, that is an invalu- 
able ])erson. 

;i,parym., s. m. mil. dragoon; || -CKitt, adj: 

,\\r,i;i,c.Vi:nu, s. m. drap-de-dame, ladies' cloth; 
jl -MOBMii, adj. 

/I^paeK'b, s. m. naut. wooden roller. 


— 141 — 


J^pasKaiiiuift, siqjerl. of /toporofi; eio -luaa 
7W.t06uua, his better lialf, wife. 

3,paace, s. n. sugar-plum, romfit. 

^l,pasHeHio, s. n. teasing, provoking; exciting. 

^pasHHTb, I', a. to tease, provoke, mock; j| to 
excite, stimulate. 

^T^paftpom., s. m. nnnt. tyo. 

,T|paKa, s. f. figlit, scuffle, brawl, squabbling, 
s luabble, affray. 

,T|paKOHor.iaB'ji, s. in. hot. dragon's-head. 

J^paKOH'fe, s. m. zool. dragon, draco; n -hobii, 
".({j. -BO depeeo, dragon-tree. 

J^paao, s. n. pop. danih, to betake one's 
self to one's heels, take flight; a ono h—, and off 
he was. 

^T^paMa, .s'. /■ drama; play; i| fig. plot. 

^T,paMaTH3Mi., s. m. dramatism;. dramatic in- 
terest: dramatic situation. 

;i;paMaTiiiecKift, a<lj. dramatic, dramatical: 
-cKn, «rfy.— cally. 

JpaJiaxyprifi, .<;. f. dramaturgy. 

^paHaTrpr'i., s. m. dramatist. 

,i;paHBHa, s. f. a torn pie'^e; slip. 

,l,paHHn,a, ;i,paHb, s.f. lath: shingle; scantling: 
monio, vmo depcmh ;i;paHF., lath-render; l|-HJiiHHli, 
n dj. 

^l,paHie, s. n. tearing, pulling. 

^T^paHEa, see XpaHHii;a. 

^paniipoBaHie, s. n. ^pannpoBKa, s. f. draping, 

^T^pannpoBiiTB, «. a. to drape; ]| -ca, v. r. to dress 
or wrap one's self \i\);\part. p. jiipanHpoBaHHMli. 

^'I,panpH, s. n. drapery, hangings. 

^T^pant, s. m. drap, thick cloth, heavy cloth. 

,T;!)aTBa, s. f. waxen-end. 

^paxB, ;i;npiiTL, v. a. to tear; to pull;— aa yiw^t, 
. 3a eo.iocbi, to pull by the ear, by the-hair; — K05«;y, 
to take off the skin, flay, skin: fig. to extort; to 
fleece; — nojicy Co eoAu, to flay an ox; om Kpimmm, 
Kfiich 6gdmo co neto nojicy ;i;epyTi), he cries as if 
he were being fla3'ed alive; dmomo Kyneuo ^epexi. 
C', noKynamcieu, tliat tradesman fleeces his 
customers; om .'^epext c^ otcwiuio u c« .siepmeaio, 
see iKHBofi; — .iuko, to bark lime-trees; — depm, to 
take up sod; dmo euuo ;i;epexT. jjom,, this wiuo 
rasps the palate; dtbmu cmpmano ;i;epyxi> cooe 
ii.iambe u odgoo, the children wear out a great 
many clothes and shoes; eio nnnie .T.epexi. ymu, 
liis singing grates on the ear:— to^;.2o, to bawl, 
rry as loud as one can, at the top of one's voice; — 
l>o:naMU, to whip; 'j v. imp. Menn no komio ,'i;epHX'i>j 
[ am taken with a cold shiver; omh dmoio miih, 
ri.i'Kfi ;i;epex'fe, it makes my cheek smart; docKU 
;i,epexi., the planks are warping; j pxirt. p. ;^pa- 

^[paxbca, V. rec. to fight; to have a push j 
together;— Krt dydMi, to figlit a duel;— w/f caOMiXo, 
na nucmo.2emax^, to fight with SM'ords, with 
l)istols; — Ha Ki/.iaMKaxo, to box; to take a round 
at fisticuffs: onu cxeamnAucb — , they came to 
l)lows, to fight; ij -ca, o. r. to tear. 

Ji;i»axBa, s. f. am. bustard, field-duck. 

,T|paxMa, s. f. drachm. 

^T,pan,eiia, .s. f. hot. dragon-tree. 

,T,pa'i.iiiBoi'.xb, s. f. inclination to fight, to deal 
out blows: pugnacity. 

^pa'iJHBniff, adj. fond of fighting, free with 
one's hands, pugnacious. 

JlpanvHT., >;. m. -nynba, s. f. fighter, squabbler; 
bully; scuffler. 

^TIpaiT.^ s. VI. carp, jack-plane. 

,'l,po6e,i^C'Hb, .s. f. thin material, a loose texture: 
fig. absurdity. 

^1(p<'0e:irH, ' s. in. pi. flinders, sliatters, shivers; 
e'o—, see B;ipe6e3rn. 

,T^[>('0f3a;iiHio, s. n. jar. 

,T^peOo3a:axB, o. n. to jar: cmpyua -xiixx^ the 
string jars. 

.TpeBK'MHa, s. f chcni. lignine; j] -cuHHMfi, 

;i.peBecHHli, adj. of tree, of trees:— k.who, wood- 
bug;— w^wi,, wood-worm:— ?/?aii, charcoal, wood- 
char, char<-oal of wood; -aaa kojmi, bark: -aaa 
3o.ia, wood-ashes; -aaa .ijiiyiuKa, tree-frog, tree- 
toad. ^ 

;i,peBKO,, .s. n. spear-staff; i; tent-pole: tent-post. 

^■l,p«>, ado. anciently, of old, of yore. 

^T^pcBHiff, adj. ancient, antique: -Hie, s. pL 
the anoients. 

;i;peBHOCXb, s. f. antiquity, great age; i.njoo- 
KUH—, the remotest or farthest antiquity. 

;i;peBO, s. n. si. (pi. ^TpeBeca), tvee-.—cwuaHu, 
the tree of life: ^ecmnoe—, —Uecmnaio Rpecma^ 
the cross: — no-vianiH doopa u sau, the tree of the 
knowledge of good and evil: podoaooHoe—, genea- 
logical tree, pedigree. 

,l,p('BOBii;i,Hbifi, adj. tree-like, dendroid. 

^peBOMbpi:, .s. m. dendrometer. 

/i;peBOH:icaiK,T,(>,Hie, s. n. plantation of trees. 

;i;peB0xo'icii,i., s. m. ent. borer, timber-sow, 

^'l^pcsuHa, s. f. rail, velocipede. 

JI,pei1(]()rar.i'i., s. m. art. grape-shot. 

Jl,peft<j()OBaxb, 0. n. naut. to drive, drift; to fall 
to leeward. 

JI,peii(|)b, s. m. naut. drift, drift-way, lee-way; 
./icii sh—, to bring to, heave to; .tcMamb <?o ;^pett(j(>'i, 
to lie to, lie by. 

Jl,ppKo.iie, s. n. coUec. si. piles, clubs, staves; 
i| -Eo.ibHbiu, adj. 

JI,peKi>, s. m. naut. grapnel, grapling. 

JI,pe.ib, s. m. join, drill, drill-bow, drill-brace. 

J[,peMaHie, s. n. slumbering, dozing. 

^I,pe3iaxb, V. n. to slumber, doze; fig. not to be 
vigilant enough; to sleep, lie dormant: opato ne 
^^peji.TeTi., the enemy is vigilant, is watching, has 
a watchful eye; — tiadh piaoomoii, to nod over one's 
work; II -ca, r. iinj). .vhii, ;i;pe.iiaexca, I am sleepy. 

^pcMJisBocxb, s. f. somnolency, somnolence, 

JpeM.THBbiit, adj. somnolent, sleepy. 

^T^piMiaiomiii, p) slumberous. 

^poMoxa, 5. f. drowsiness, doziness, sleepiness, 

,"i,peJiyMefiXb, s. f. thickness (of ivood). 

^pesiyqift, adj.—Aibc~n, a very thick wood. 

JIjPeHaaK'b, s. m. drainage, draining; || -iBHbifi, 

Jl|pcHHpoB;jHie, s. n. draining, top-draining. 

T^poHiipoBaxb, V. a. to drain; i^J"'"^ p. APt'HH- 

,^pecBa, .<. /'. gravel. 

J^necciipoBjuiic, s. n. ^tpeocnpoBKa, s. /". train- 
ing: breaking in. 

,T,pocciipoBaxb, c. a. to trnin. 

^T^pecciipoBu;iiK'b, s.m. trainer. 

^'l,l)»()[)Xi., N. m. iiaut. drifts. 

Ji;pi;'i,"ta, SI. f. wood-nymph. 

;I,poOHua, s. f. a grain of small shot, hean- 

^'l,poCiiTb, V. a. to break into pieces; to divide, 
share; -ca, v. n. p. to crumb, crumble; to bo broken 
into pieces, be divided into little lots, portions; 
,ij)art. p. j,]io6ai}niaA. 

^T^porueiilc, s. n. breaking into pieces, dividing 
into little lots or portions; || vius. — aKKopdUy 
ar])eggio, arpeggiamento. 

,I,|)o6Hifi^a, 5. /'. shot-bag. 

^l,po6HO"Tb, s. f. divisibility. 

,l,U()OHHii, adj. divided, broken; fraotioual. 


- U2 — 


J^\)06b, s. f. small shot; Me.iKa/i, upiinuaH—, 
small shot, hail-shot: \\math. fraction; decamuH- 
uaH—, decimal fraction, decimal; HenpepueHaa—, 
continued fraction; nepioduHecKan—, circulating 
decimal; jl mil. oapaounHcisi—, the roll of a drum; 
ruffle, ruffling. 

Jl^poBa, s. n. pi. wood, fire-wood, fuel; prov. 
idtb — pydHtm, mciMh u taenu Aemnm-h, one must 
take things with their consequences. 

/l^poBHH, .s. f. 2^1. dim. -obciukii, a peasant's 

Jl^pOBOHOcei^'fc, Jl,i)0B0H6c'b, s. m. a carrier of 

TJ^poBoCBKi., s. m. wood - cutter; j] Capricorn, 
goatchafer (insect); wood-pecker (bird). 

JI,]»OBaHHKi», .s. m. fire-wood monger, wood- 

Jl^pOBfiHofl, adj. — deopi,, wood-yard; —capau, 
log-liouse, wood-hole, wood-house. 

,Hpora, s. f. perch, crane-neck, shaft (of a car- 

ji(porH, s. f. pi. perch, crane (of a carriage); 
dray-cart; j| — (noipeonjimuH), liearse. 

JI^porHCT'b, s. m. druggist. 

J^pornyTB, see Apoataxt. 

7|;pO!Ka.iKa, s. f. star-jelly (plant, mushroom). 

J^poaKJiHie, s. n. trembling, wavering; i| vibra- 
tion (of sound); vacillation, flickering (of light). 

Jl^pO/KaTb, ji;porHyTb, v. n. to tremble, shiver, 
quiver, waver, shrink, shudder at; to shake with 
cold; ;i;i)OjEa, shiveringly; npu endn eio ohu 
-aciiTi., the sight of him makes them tremble, 
shudder: h j^poxy ectbAn mrbJiOMo, I tremble in 
every bone; y neto hoiu -acaxi., his legs falter; 
cmpyna -^kutt., the string vibrates;^ canrm 
-xiiTi), the liglit flickers; y ueio pyKa ;i;p6rHyji.i, 
his hand shook; y neto ue ;i;porHeTi. pyxa youmb 
ueAooibKa, he would make no scruple to kill a 
mnn; HenpifimeM ;i;p6rHyjii>, the enemy wavered 
or fell back; || — imdb uihM'h, to take the utmost 
care of a thing; — nado luiMdon KonnuKOu, to be 
niggardly or sordidly parsimonious. 

/[poffij^H, T^poSKaiH, s. f. pi. yeast, barm, lees, 

^poaKKH, s. f. p)l. droshky (ec[n.ipf'ge);\''is.Q^- 
HHII, adj. 

Jl^poaKb, s. f. shivering, shiver, shudder; cliilli- 
ness; .we«/« oepeim — , mchh opocaetm ei, — , I am 
taken witli a cold shiver, I shudder at it; auxo- 
padoHHriH—, a shivering fit, cold fit, cold chill; 
C7, AP05KM0, shiveringly. 

Jl,po3j^'J., s. m. blackbird, ousel, litorn; merula, 
missel, missel - bird; merle; redwing: nihviiu—, 
mavis, thrush; a.MepuKancKiti — , cat -bird, mock- 
bird, mocking-bird; |j merula (fish); \\ - ^^OBHft, adj. 

J^woKt, .5. m. hot. broom, dyer's broom, rush- 
broom, gorse, furze, furze-bush, furze-whins, fuzz, 
mat-weed, way-thorn, wliin; — KpacuAhnuu, wood- 
wash; wood-wax, wood-waxen, woad-waxen. 

JI,poMa;^epT., s.m. zool. dromedary. 

,Hp6Mre;T;'B, s. in. naiit. drum-head of a capstan. 

J^poTHKi., s. m. dart, javelin, band-stiff, shaft, 

J^poxB.a, nee JtpaxBa. 

,T,pout'iia, s.f. a kind of pancake. 

;|,pyr()ft, adj. other, another; different; second; 
nibKomophic -rie, a few others: .Mnoiia ~Ti(^, a 
great many others; nmo au6o — , ocjiKiu — , any 
other; HUKmo — , no other, none other; o^ — pasb, 
anotlier time; oCHKiii — cnuiA^ oh ompunamh dmo, 
any other than he would deny it; «?, kukomi Hii6ydb 
-roMi. Mtbcmn, any-whore else; -r'la tipe.vetia, 
-rie npaohi, other times, other manners; onu 
tooopuAii moM^^ o -roMTi, they were talking of 
various things: morm v — , l)Oth: -ruMH c.iooaMu, 

that's to say; ,« omat, w 8% mou u eT> — cmpamb, I 
have visited both countries; a ue eiidnA^ uu moto, 
ml -roro, I have seen neither of them; hu monih, 
Hu — ue npume^^, neither has come; wm.MS ti.iv 
-rH»i> cnoco6oM^, one way or another; odno cmo- 
iirm -roro, one is no better than the other: 
odum 3a -rnMi., one after another; kuio nuoydb 
— , some other; 9ino -roe, it is a different 
thing; it is quite another tiling; smoym topodo— 
IlapuMi, this town is a second Paris; na — detib, 
on the following day, the next day; -raa uedn.rn, 
rMK^ OHo y1hxaA^, it is eight days since he went 
away; ueio -roro, a XAn6a y uacb doeo.ibHO, it is 
not bread that we are in want of or that fails 
us; 2M31, — , mpemiu, once, twice, thrice. 

J^pyrt, s. m. dim. ^py^oKi., ^^pyaioiOKi. (pi. 
;^py3bfl), friend; cepdeuHuu—, a bosom friend: — 
^pyra, one another, each, other;— cs ^lipyroM'b, 
one with another; Am6umb — ;i;pyra, to love each 
other; ccopumbcn — c* ;i;pyroM'B, to quarrel with 
each other;— 3a ^pyroMt, one after another; ouv 
cmapawmcH — nepedh ;i;pyroMi., they arc trying 
with each other, they will surpass one another; 
ecHKi cnocuy noneeoAn,—, every one likes his own 
best; to every one his own is fair; cat to her 
kind; || 9mo doa uepaaAyuHbte ;^pyra, they are 
finger and thumb; .uHUMbiu—, mouth-friend; jj prot;. 
dAH .Hiuazo ]i,\)jmKii ii cepeawKy U3i </!«««, between 
friends all is common; i| at cards: duMa ca.H^ — , 
queen second. 

^pyatOa, s.f. friendship; ohu <?* ooAbmou -d'S, 
they are great friends; cdtb.naiime, oKaMumc .hh», 
-6y, do me the favour; u3^ -6h, in friendship: 
He e^ c.iyMdy, a e^ -6y, out of friendship; j] threat. 
H e.My doKamy -Oy, oydenii om noMHumb Mom 
-6y! I will make him rue it! prov. c.iyM6a cAyoic- 
6ou, a — ji;pya:6oH, friendship does not exempt 
from fulfilling one's duty; c^em^ -61.1 ue nopmumy,, 
short reckonings make lasting friends. 

Jl|py3Ke.iio6HBwfi, adj. friendly, inclined to 

J!;py:KejiH)6ie, s. n. affability, kindness. 

Jl|py3KejiK>6HHft, adj. affable, kind, friendly: 
II -uo, odf.— bly,— ly. 

Jl^pyiKecKifl, Jl^pyatecTBeHHuii, adj. friendly, 
amicable; familiar; 6um>^ o^ -CKHXt omuomeniHX^, 
to be on friendly terms; oumb na -CKofi uoin ca 
K}b.M%, to be on familiar terras with one; ij -ckh, 
no -CKH, -CTBCHHO, ady.— dly,— bly,— ly. 

Ji;pyiKeCTBO, s. n. amity, good understanding, 

JI,pyjKeueK:b, dim. see jl\)\vh. 

Jl,pyajiiua, s.f. troop, militia; ;| -HHHfij adj. 

/J,pyaEHTi., V. n. to be on friendly terms; 1| -ch, 
V. rec. (cb), to associate with. 

Jl^pyHCiiiuP, s.m. coll. friend, dear friend. 

^^pyacKa, .5. m. bride-man, paranymph; jj one of 
two equal parts of a pair; — (nepmmKu), fellow- 

Jl^pyaKHo, ado. friendly, amicably: Mumb—, to 
live in friendship; ;} at once, together; unanimously; 
6epume—\ take at once, together! paoomaume 
;^pya£H•Be! work with more energy! 

^pyjKiirart, adj. amicable; s cb mun -aECHi, 
we are friends with him; amo -Hoe ceMeiicmoo, 
this family lives in concord, in good understand- 
ing; il — nanop%, an energic, unanimous, vigorous 

JI,l)yH,'^<'Cca, s. f. Druidess. 

/Ipyii;^ii3Mi., s.m. druidism. 

J^l)yii;i;iiiccKirt, ad/, druidical, druidic, druidisb. 

Jl^Xtyiiju^'hy s. m. Druid. 

.ipyuidiiiKt, s. m. colander. 

Jl^pwraxb, ^TpwrHyxb, v. n. to kick about, 
jerk, twitch. 


113 — 


J^pMXHTTfc, V. 71. pop. cont. to slet'D. 
J^pnfijiOBaTUtt, adj. rather withered. 
J^pHfiaocTb, s. f. witheredness, flabhiness. 
Jl^pflfiawft, ndj. withered, wizened, flabby; washy; 

Jl,pa6HTTfc, V. n. to wither, wizen. 
J^parjiHie, s. n. swinging the legs. 
J^pnraTB, ,^^pH^HyTI., v. a. to swing one's 

^^^^- . . ., 

Jl,parH.ib, s. m. porter, street-porter; || -niJiB- 

CKitt, adj. 

Ji;pH3ri,, s. m. filth, dirt; |1 ;^pa3^lI, pi fig. 
dirty tattle, prittle-prattle, scandal. 

JI,pHKBa, s.f. b'd. swine-bread, sow-bread. 

/I,pHHHO, ndo. badly, pitifully, miserably. 

J^UHUHofi, adj. trashy, vile, h&dj—nucameAb, a 
wretched aiitlior. 

Jl^pHHb, s. f. coll. dim. ;^paH^o, trash, sweep- 
ings: ;| nonsense; i| stuif, trash. 

JI^pa.\.iocTb, s.f. decrepitude, craziness, very 
old age: weakness. 

JI,paxaufl, adj. decrepit, crazy, weak, infirm, 
very old. 

J^paxHyTb, JI,pax.i*Tb, v. n. to grow decrepit, 
weak, very old. 

JI|yaaii3>i'b, s. m. dualism. 

J^yaaHCTiiiecEift, adj. dualistic. 

Jl^yajiiiCTi, s. 7)1. dualist. 

J^yCiicnxb, 1-. a. pop. to cudgel: to thrash, 
thrash one's coat; to lay on. 

J^yfiHKi., s. m. dim. a small oak. 

JI^ydiiabHEifi, adj. for tanning, fit for tanning: 
«■ HOC eemecnido, chcm. tannin; -Haa MeAhuuna, 
bark-mill: -Haa, bark-pit, tan-pit, tan-vat. 

J^yfinJibmuK'b, s. m. tanner. 

JI,y6HHa, s. f. dim. -HHKa, a big cudgel, club, 
bat, "waster; fig. block-head, logger-head; || -HHbift, 

Jl^ySHHOBaTHfl, adj. clownish, boorish. 

J^yfiuTb, v.a. to tan;il^ar^. p. ;i;y6JieHMii. 

JJ^yOjenie, s. n. tanning. 

J^yO.iexT., s. m. double copy; jj doublet (at bill- 
iards); ' -THHft, adj. 

T^yCJiiKaTi., see JtynjinKaTi. 

J^yOnaKi,, s. m. oak-grovo. 

Jl^yCoBUK'b, s. m. a kind of mushroom. 

JI|y()uBHfi, adj. oak, oaken; -Baa Kopa, crut, 
oak-bark: -Baa poma, oak-grove. 

J^yfioKi,, s. m. dim. a small oak, oakling. 

J!,y6oH6cKa, s. f. barley-bird, green finch. 

Jl.yfioHOC'b, s. m. haw-fincli (bird). 

;^y06ieK'b, see /I,y6oKi. 

J^y6paBa, -poBa, s. f. a grove of leafy trees; 

JI^yfipaBHCTMfi, adj. woody, abounding in 

Jl^yOpaBnbift, adj. pertaining to a grove of 
leafy trees. 

J^yOpoBHHK'b, s. m. bot. germander; — veciioHmuh, 

Jl^yOT., s. m. oak; oak-tree; oak-wood; Kn.MennuH 
— , evergreen oak, live-oak. 

JI|y6be, s. 71. collec. cudgels, clubs, sticks, bats; 1| 
fig. tools. 

J^yBiiHi., .s. m. pop. share; jj air-hole (of a 

J^yrhf s. f. arc, arch, bow; ui-ch. fornication; ouee- 
demibia - roH), fornicate, fornicated; 1| shaft, bow; 
coiH7j)nb Gh -ry, to bend in a bow; fig. to reduce 
to a servile obedience, to an extremity; j| -roH), 
ado. in a bow, bow-shaped; opoaa -roH), arched 

Jl|yroo6pa3HHft, adj. bow-shaped, in a bow, 

Ji;y;^a, see J^y;^Ka. 

/l^y^HTb, V. n. to pipe, play on the pipe. 

/l,y;^Ka, s.f. dim. ,:^y;^o'^Ka, pipe, reed: ^ijni- 
.vaiinas — , bird-call; fig. inMCfnub 7io mjoKoii -B'&; 
to dance to every man's pipe; 3ac77iaoumh koio 
HAacamb nodh ceow -Kv, to dance any one upon 
one's wire; coll. -kii! tricks, fudge, humbug! 
jl ^VAO'iiiHit, adj. of pipe, of reed. 

JI,A\HO'iuiiK'i., s.m. piper, player on the pii)e. 

JI,y;^uaTUfl, adj. tubulous. 

,,'l,ya£Ka, .s-. /'. di7ti. a small bow; handle; guard 
(of a sword); \(uiat. clavicle. 

^'I^yKaTi, s. 771. ducat. 

JI,, .s. n. bore, muzzle (of fire-ar7ns); mouth 
fo/" cr/nnoMS^; II ;i;yjibHriiii, adj. -nasi nacnib, art. 
mouth (of cannons). 

J^y Jb^e, s. n. moutli - piece (of wind - itistrii- 

JI,y.ibi^HHea, s.f. Dulcinei, sweetheart. 

Jl,y.ibmHK'B, s. 7n. blower. 

Jl.y.ia, s. f. a species of yellow pear; || ;^y.^CB6fi, 

j^yjia, s. f. council, assembly; lopodcuaji — , town- 
council, town-hall, common-hall, council; opden- 
cnan hjih KaeaAepiueicaa — , the chapter of an order: 
II thought, idea; mHMe.taji, Kp7bnKaH — , a painful 
thought, a deep meditation; dy.siamh -siy, to 
ruminate on, about; to think over, reflect upon: 
to revolve in one's head. 

JI,yMaTb, noj^yjiaTb, ;i,yMMBaTb, v. n. to think, 
think of, on, upon, about: to mean; to believe, 
imagine, suppose: to intend, will: n77io ou ooh ^7)w.v^ 
-MaexeJ what do you think of it? -MaiOTi., u»io 
om He oc77iasu.n> hu i:07ieiiKU, he is thought not 
to have left a copeck; o6h awo.wj npudemca no- 
;i;yMaTb, that shall be thought of: mymi ec77ib o 
ue.HT, no;i;yMaTb, there is much to be thought of. 
about; — npo ceoa, to think to one's- self, within 
one's self; mhoio—o ceSib, to think much or highly 
of one's self; — 77io.ibKO o cc6ib, to be all for one's 
self; K7710 6u 97710 ^o;^yMa.l'bI who would have 
thought it! -Maeie ji,n eu ud)nu? do you mean to 
go? -Maexi. .i7c o/l^, vwio toeopu77i%? does 
he mean what he says? a -MaaT. y.>ice t/.vodi(77ib, 
I was on the point of going out; ouh -Majii da7)ib 
oajih, he intended to give a ball; 7ipudei7n .lu oho? 
a -Maio, will he come? I believe so, I suppose 
so: ne -MiUit, ue lada^n., I never expected, I had 
not the least notion, I could not imagine; tuym-, 
iieneio mhozo — , imjini, ue'ieio — , there is no room 
for hesitation; «e do.iio -Man, without the least 
hesitation; -MajH, -MaJin u p/bum.iu, after long 
meditation they resolved; a -Maio, methinks; a 
-Maji>; mothought; || -ca, r. i))ip. to seem, appear: 

.HHih -MaexcH, U7710 , it seems, appears to me 

that, I think that. 

Jl,yMKa, s. f. small pillow. 

Jl^VMBMu, adj. of council: || thoughtful. 

JI,yHOBeHle, s. n. blowing, blow; breath, puff. 

JI,yiiyxb, see ^TyTb. 

,T,viicab, s. m. double snipe; !1 - aiiHUtt, adj. 

JI,yii.iiiKaxT., s. 771. duplicate, copy:||-xnHrt, 

J^yn.iiicxLirt, adj. very hollow. 

J^y^.^IlXb, v. a. to hollow (a tree). 

j\yn.Jo, s. n. liollow (of a tree, of a tooth). 

,,I,yu.iOBaxwrt, adj. hollowy. 

;i,ypa, s.f dii7i. ,T;ypo«iKa, a silly woman, a 
mad woman, a fool: pron. oeMiKa Oedopa, da—, 
the exterior appearance does not correspond with 
tlie talents: see lie-inKiS; y neio ty6ii we—, he 
is not a fool, he knows what is good. 

J^ypaKOBiixMtt, adj. sottish, clod-pated. 

J^ypiiK-b, s. m. dim. -paioKt, fool, dupe, silly 
man", madman; buffoon, clown; blockhead, dunce; 
— ,i;ypaK()M'b, 07)tn>i.)7ifuu—, Kj^ — , a downright 


— 144 — 


blockhead, an arch-fool; ocmaeunib 80 -kjixt., 
to dupe one, gull, take in; ocmambCH 80 -KJiX'b, 
to be duped, gulled, taken in, deceived; to be 
a loser uy an affair or bargain; naKo 6u ne muKo, 
Hauiejih -Kti, nomii/it dpyicuo -Ka, not such_ a 
fool as you think, I am not so easy of belief 
or so easily duped,^ taken in; no tricks upon 
travellers; jj jjror. -KaMt cuaciube, fools have good 
luck; -KOB-B ue opijnro^ ne obwiiio, a ccmit po- 
dHmcH, fools arc never w denting- -- 6 pocium naMenh 
8h eody, a decniiib yMHUxr, eio ne eumaw,amu, fools 
set stools for wise men to stumble at; aacmaob 
-Ka Soty MOAumbCH, oHh a JI060 pacuiuoemi,, make 
a fool bow and he will be sure to knock his head; 
yc.iy.MCAU8iiH—0)iacH)be epaia, an obliging fool is 
often more dangerous than an enemy: Co -komt. 
misa ne caapuuih, nothing is well, that is done 
with a fool; nbUMiwi npocnuineH,—HUKOida, atter 
sleep a drunkard recovers, but a fool never; -Ka 
yHiinib, Hino Mepiiieaio Aemum, it is useless trying 
to wash a blackamoor white; to bray a fool in 
a mortar; y -kji nmo na yMtb, mo u na jidUKib, a 
fool's bolt is soon shot. 

^ypaaeii, s. m. coll. simpleton, ninny; clumps, 
malt-horse: oo.ibxaoh — , a great lump of flesh. 
JypaH^^acb, see Jl|ypajiei1. 
;i,yi)au,Kiu, adj. fool's, foolish, silly;— KOAraawa, a 
fool's cap, cap and bells; || -nta uianica, hot. barren- 
wort; 1| no -HKH, adv. foolishly, like a fool, stu- 

XypaieHie, s. n. mystification, hoax, duping. 
■l,ypa^ecTBO, s. n. act or piece of folly, foolish, 
giddy tricks; silliness. 
pi^ypauiiHa, s. m. fool. 

T|,yi)aqHTb, V. a. to make a fool of, mystify; to 
play* the fool with one; to dupe one; h ne xouy, 
mnoou .i(e«fl.-Huaii, I do not like to be played 
upon, to be made a fool of; |1 -ca, v.r. to fool, 
play the fool; to play apish tricks. 

,T,ypainiii;c, s.m. aagm. coll. a great, downright 
fool: see ^ypairt. 

;i;yi)aiKu, s. m. yl. dupe, fools (a game of cards): 
uipairtb Bo — , to play at dupe. 
^■^ypay&e, s. n. collec. fools. 
'l^ypeHb, s. m. coll. simpleton, dunce, blockhead, 

^ypisTi., y. n. to play the fool; to be fool- 

;i,yi)niua, s.f. anym. coll. a great silly woman, 
a great fool: see JI,ypa. 

J][yi)jiaHi., s. m. hot. thorn-apple, stramonium, 
datura; jimson; i| A'^. dizziness. 

;i,ypHO, adv. bad, badly, ill, wrong: na.viiciiro—, 
it smells bad, badly: looupumi—o ko.ho, to speak 
ill of a person; — 8ecmu ceoji, to behave improperly: 
CIO dib.ia udyiHo—, he is badly off, he is at an 
ill pass; 9m'o — Co eaxae'd cmoponu, it is bad, wrong 
of you; proo. — HaoKUinoe a^ npoKh uciidenn, evil 
got, evil spent; II w. imp. mhu—, I am sick, qualm- 
ish, fainting: I feel giddy; e« cdrb.1a.%0ch—, she 
swooned, fainted away. 

■^ypnoii, adj. ugly, ill-looking; unsightly, ill- 
favoured; 0H<( -Hii KaK->, cMcpmimil tptbXb, she is 
as ugly as sin, as a toad, as a devil; ona ne -na 
i-oooii, she is not ugly, she is pretty; jl bad, ill; 
wrong; -hsih noioda, bad weather; mo.ii:08amb tn, 
-iiyio cmojiony, to take in ill part, take amiss, 
take it grievously, put a bad construction on; Cuvib 
iia -HOMi. enemy, na -ii6m7. sa.xib'ianiu, to be 
badly thought of; iio.tb.toua )iibcn — ciaaoh, to go 
under an ill report: «& ne.vh ccmb u -noe u xo- 
jjomec, he has some good and bad points; naxo- 
dumhCJi Ob -Ho.iri. no.%o3KCHiu, to be in a sad 
condition; -Hini 6oMb3Hb, a shameful disease; -uoe 
nthHie, sing-song; Ch -humt,, evil-eyed;— 

npoeodnum, non-conductor; eudib^m enepedu -hoc, 
to foresee mischief: to have a blue look out. 

T|,yi)nouaxyiHHKT., s. m. 60^. ferula, asa-fo3tida, 

JI,ypHOTa, 6\ f. ugliness; Ij swoon, qualm, giddi- 
ness; nouyecmeo8amb -xy, to feel giddy. 

Jl,ypHyiiiKa, /I,ypHMniKa, s. f. coll. an ugly 

JJ^ypH-BTb, V. n. to grow ugly, lose some of one's 

JJ^ypo^Ka, dim. see ,sypa. 
)XyphiH;i.a, s. c. see ^ypajieS. 
Tl^ypi., s. m. mus. the major mode. 
J^ypb, s. f. folly, caprice, whim, extravagance. 
T^ypijTb, V. n. to grow stupid. 
Jl^yxr., ;i;yHyTi., v. n. to blow; emnep'o ^i.yeTi., 
the wind blows; adtbcb y OKua ;!,yeTi., there is a 
draught from this window;— ff?. naAbim, to blow 
one's fingers; i| v. a. — cmeicjio, to blow glass; — 
e^ yuiu, fig. to whisper in a person's ears;— e^^w 
M« KOto, to sulk, be sulky with one; to pout;|| jjoj;. 
to beat unmercifully: \\ AV^ eto topou! the devil 
choke him! plague on him! I -oa, v. r. to swell; 
\\fig. to pout at; oho na .mchh ;^yeTca, he pouts 
at ma^lpart. p. ;j;yTEitt. 

^yx&e, s. n. blowing; ii —lopmee,^ see ropflHifl. 
JI^yyMBHpaTii, s. m,. hist, duumvirate. 
JI^yyMBupi., s. m. hist, duumvir; |1 -pcKiii, adj. 

Jl|yxii, s. m. pi. scent, perfumes, odours; (fj.ia- 
Koiih Co -xaMH, scent-bottle. 

^^yxoOopen,!., s. m. the denier of the divinity 
of tlie Holy Ghost; jj -OopiecKiii, -OopHHiecKiu, 

)i;yxo6«pcTBO, s. 11. sect of the deniers of tlie 
divinity of the Holy Ghost. 

JJ,yxo5opcTBOBaTB, V. n. to belong to the sect 
of the deniers of the divinity of the Holy Ghost. 

Jj^yxoBCHCTBO, s. 11. clcrgy; 6>b.ioe — , secular 
clergy; uepHoe—, regular clergy. 
^)I,yxoBH;i;en,'&, s. m. ghost-seer. 
JI,yx6BHaa, s. f. will, testament. 
JI^yxoBHHKij, s. m. confessor. 
JI,yxoBHO, adv. spiritually; ji mentally. 
Jl,yx6BK0CTB, s. f. spirituality. 
Jl,yxoBHHi1, adj. spiritual, incorporate; -Hoe 
aoauie, holy orders; hcioowko -iiaro ssanin, a man 
belonging to the clergy; j| ecclesiastic; — omeuh, 
confessor;— Cfc««J, penitent; -hoc aaemmnie, will, 
last will, testament; ocmaeumb nocm ceon -Hoe 
aaommnie, to die testate; -.noQ j:pacnoprbHie, pnlT^it 
eloquence; Mumicmpi, -hmx'i. dw.i^, the minister 
of public worship; oiciomb -hok) 'jmuHbm, to walk 
after the spirit. 

;T,yxoBOtt, adj.—K(iuaA7., wind - i)i\)e:—itHcmpy- 
Mcmm,, wind-instrument: -Boc pyjicbc, air-gun, 
wind-gun; -Baa iieub, wind-furnace;— //?«»«■& op- 
idwrn,, sounding-board, sound-board; -Baa phi6a, 
inckled fish. 

J^yxoBT., adj.—deiib, Whitmonday. 
;i,yxoJi'Bpi., s. m. wind-gage, wind-gauge; blast- 

JI,yxoTa, s. f. sulTocatiug beat; iJ exhalation. 
^I^yxi., s. m. spirit, ghost; C8Hmbiu—, the Holy 
Gho'^t; — EoMcih, the spirit of God; neuucmbiu, 
3M>u—, evil spirit; oumoamb ;;yxoB'i., to raise or 
call up spirits, ghosts; — wi&.mw, spirit of darkness;— 
npomnoopnmH, spirit of contradiction; Oodph mn- 
AoMo ti ^^yxoMii, in sound health and spirits, well 
in body and mind; uciiycmuntb—, to give up the 
spirit ur ghost; to expire: oce dibucmoyemz eh smouh 
;i,yxf., all things work that way;' —Hacmoiimato 
ape.HeHU, the spirit of tlie present age; jj humour, 
temper, spirits; heart; r/«a or, dypuo.Mi, pncnoMiMe- 
Hta JKyxii, she is in a bad humour, she is out of 


- 143 — 


frame; ouitib tn, ;^yx'fe, nh eece.iOMo, <?;. xopomcM,, 
;^yx'fe, to be in good spirits, in good temper, in 
high spirits, in good humour; hi: m. ;^J"X'fe, not in 
spirits, out of spirits, temper or humour; in an ill 
humour, not in the vein; cnuKoucinuie ;i;yxa, tran- 
quillity of the mind, heart's-ease; ll breath: nepe- 
eecmu—, to gather breath, recover one's breath; 
If MeuH 3<—, breath fails me, 1 
get out of breath; ne nepeaodn ;i;yxa, in the same 
breath; dahme Mun nepeoecmu — , give me some 
breath; odmiMh .-^yxoMi., without stopping, at 
a stretch, in one breath; oununib odituMi, J^y- 
xo.m-, to drink oft", drink a .long draught, to 
drink all up at a drauglit; om ^yxoMi. smo 
cdn.inem-., he will do it in a trice, in the twink- 
ling of an eye; cKaiuimb, tiiamb eo oecb—, to ride, 
drive at full" speed, as fast as one can; jj courage; 
spirits; heart; coOpambCH Cu ;i;yxOMij, to gather 
lieart, take heart; to muster all one's courage; 
OHh na^aem^ ;i;j'X0M7>, his heart fails; «e nadahmc 
j,yxO->n., keep up your spirits; ynadoKh ;T,yxa, 
low spirits, depression or lowness of spirits; y 
MeHJi He xaamuAo ;i;yxa, I had no courage, no 
heart; my heart failed; I was out of heart; enoGb 
coopambcn ch ;^yxoMl>, to pull up a good heart, 
regain courage; || scent, odour, smell; adtbch mMOice- 
.ibiu — , here is a disagreeable smell; o hcmo hu 
cxyxy, hu A)'-^)'? there is no kind of news of 
him; jj heat; aoAbHuu — , a moderate heat (of an 
oven); fig. free-thinking; j| confession; oumb ua 
;^yxy, to be at confession. 

Jyina, s. f. soul; heart, conscience; oim, oceh 
-lun, with all my soul, heart; 803Myxm'H)iii,iu 
;i;ymy, heart-swelling, heart-sickening; h mpoiiynru 
do lAyouHu -mil, I am touched to the soul, to 
the heart; ei, iJiyduHrb Moeu -luu, in my inward 
soul; MOAunibCH mi ynomu -nifi, to pray for the 
repose of one's soul; ynoKoh Focnodu eio ;i;ymy, God 
rest his soul, may his soul rest in peace; omdartib Boiy 
,:^yuiy, to give up the ghost; tft. hcm-c, nymh—dep- 
c/wiimcji, eo ueMn—depMcumcH, he is on the point 
of death, he is skin and bones; npedantbCH ue-uy 
-moil M nmAOMTj, to be heart and hand for a 
thing; nwnib Co -moft, to sing with expression: 
63Hmb mno nk ^ymy, to t:ike upon one's conscience; 
esHMb tptbxo Ha Aymy? to commit an injustice; 
.^ino ACOKumo y hcw hu -mii, that lies lieavy 
upon his heart, he broods upon that; amo ocma- 
nemcH ua eio -m-B, his conscience will reproach 
him with, le will answer for it to God; noKjni- 
euiiib -moll, to act against one's conscience: pud;. 
-iiioft, pjudo oceji -ffloft, oiuo -mu jJrtcJo, I am 
pleased witl) all my heart; noAOJicumb 3a koio 
;^ymy, to give one's life for one; y mchh 
Hci -m^, my heart is heavy, I have my heart 
full; noioeopumh Co KnMh no -mi, to talk togetli- 
er unreservedly; 0H^ juntb ne no -mi, smo MHib 
ne no -mi, he does not please me, it does not 
please me, I hnvo no sympathy for it; oo uyoKyw 
;i;ymy ne 0A)b3eucb, the human lieart is a mystery; 
// MCHM — HC Ha Mibcm)b, I am in great anxiety; coll. 
y neio — yvxAa m, namKU^ his heart went down to 
his heels; ovioecmu ;^ymy, to find consolation, 
relieve one's heart; ornKpumb coom — , to break 
one's mind; omnycmuvib ;i;ymy tia noKaanic, to 
spare one's life, to let one live; jKumb — 6% J^ymy, 
to live in perfect harmony; to be all in all with 
one; oumb -nioM) satonojm, to be at the bottom 
of a conspiracy: na -mi Mymuvv',^ c;. -mii viBucm-'., 
—ne npuHUMuvim, ot, .nymy hv. tidnm,, it makes the 
stomach rise, I feel my stomach rising, I am sick, 
it makes one sick; i:ai:h Eou Ha ;^ymy noAojicumh, 
as it comes into one's head; 6umb 6e3-; -mil orrn. 
KOto, om-o neio^ to be extremely fond of; oht, maKh u 
.msem-o oi ;i,ymy, he is extremely obsequious; daiime 

e.vy tbcnih, oiavib cko.uko -mi ytodHOj let him eat 
his fill, sleep to his heart's content; 6epume cKOAbKo 
-mi ytoOu'i, take your fill of it; Onhmf pe6eHKy 
Kpunamh cicoaiko -mi yioOito, let that child have 
its cry out; y ueio sa -moft huhcio lobiiio, he is 
not worth a groat; proo. 'lyDKaH—nome.HKii, the 
human heart is a mystery; jj HuceAeme ot. Otub 
muciiHU ,nym'i>, population of two thousand souls; 
eihpHitn, do6p(ui — , a faitliful being, a good soul, 
creature; hh odnoii jfcueoh -mil, not a living 
soul; jj — .«w/, my dear, my heart, my darling. 

i^ymeBHo, adv. sincerdy;—6o.ibiioii, heart-sick. 

^^ymeBHiJiy, ai!j. of the soul; hearty: sincere: 
cordial: - naa >i2iua/imHHocmb, sincere affection; 
-Han oo.insKb, heart-sickness; <?;, -hIiIM1> npu- 
CKOjioicMh, deeply grieved. 

^I^rmerpisi, 4,ymerpiiiKa, s. f. dim. -rpieqKa. 
a warm woman's jacket. 

^ymeryOen'i, ,3,ymeryOi., .9. »». homicide; mur- 

Jl,ymeryCcTBO, s. n. murder, homicide; bibl. 

/^vmorvOcTBOBaTB, v. n. to murder, massacre, 

Jl|ymeHBKa, s. f. my dear, my heart, my darling. 

^ymenpHKaH^HK'i., s. m. -mHii,a, .9. f. executor, 
executrix of a will; fidei-commissioner. 

J^ymccnacuTCJtHUft, adj. salutary. 

^ymeyOlflCTBeiiHLiii, adj. soul-deadening. 

JI^ymeyGiftCTBO, n. )(. murder; jj deadening the 
soul. ^ * 

^ymcy6ifm,a, s. c. murderer; || one who kills 
the soul. 

;l,ymenKa, see /tymeHiKa. 

^T^ymHCTijii, adj. sweet-smelling, fragrant:— 
wjjomcKh, sweet-pea. 

Jl^ymuTB, sa— , v. a. to choke, stifle, suffocate: 
to strangle; fig. to oppress: .mchs ;^ymHT'J> mocna, 
3Ao6a, 1 am choked, stifled with grief, anger; 
dpysbii uynib tie 3a;i;ymHau .Mena eo coou.i-t, o6oh-, I was nearly stifled with the embraces of 
my friends; eio ;i;yiiinT'i> jicaoa, a quinsy suriocates 
him; |j to perfume; || — .mjico, to jug, stew, make 
a stew: I; -ca, r. r. to perfume one's stlf, use 
perfumes, odours, scents; |ji;«r#. ^j. AyueiiMJI, ;^r- 
moHUii; -Hoe .\iaco, estouffade, stewed meat. 

JI,ymHi^a, .s. f. hot. origan, origanum: marjoram, 

J^yiUKa, .s. f. dim. sound-post, sounding-post 
(of a i-iolin);\\see JtyraeubKa. 

Jl^ymHUK-i., s. m. dim. -hh'ioki., ventilator; 
warm-hole, air-hole, air-exhauster. 

JI^yiuHO, V. imp. 3dncb—, it is stifling here, 
sultry, one stifles here: .w«/6— , I am sufi'ocating. 

JI,ymHHli, adj. dim. -HOsaxHii, suffocating, 
sultry; -naa K0.MHam--f, a sultry room, badly 

J^ymoKi., s. »«. a slight smell; fig. whim, freak: 
daubCh~mE.itw.jyf high game: -ima pmu c?. -mKOMT., 
this fish is tainted; fig. oho ch -mKOMTb, }'e is 

;i;ym'i., s. m. (pi. ;^yuIH), doufhe, shower-bath. 

^^ya.iHCTb, s. m. duellist. 

Jl^yaJB, .9. /". duel; meeting, single fray: eujeamb 
HU—, to challenge a person; iipxmbC.H hu -au, to 
fight a duel; on;. omKaaa.xcH Opambcs ua dyaAH f. 
B., be would not meet U.; 'j ,T;yi»aBHiJtt, adj. 

^[^yUnbii, .9. /'. duenna; governess. 

/^y;^T'l>, s. m. tmis. duet, duetto. 

'l,iHcpB, src J[OHh. 

^Ihifia, s. f. beam, post; strappado. 

l\hi()Vii\, s. m. pi. cmanib ua—, to stand upright, 
up (of a b<diy that is on the point to begin to walk). 

;i,u(>OM'i., adv. upright, on end; eoAOCu cmano- 
o/mra—, tlie hair stands upright, on end. 



— 146 — 


J\hif)hi, s. m. pi. nodiiHmb ua — , to throw a 
horse ou its liaunches; cmanih ua — , to take head, 
rear, prance, kick up the dust (of a horse); fig. 
to fly into a passion; to get stubborn. 

JI,bij;i;«, .s\ c. coll. hop-pole, hop-prop; flander- 
kin; a tall person. 

JI,MMHCXEift, adj. smoky, fumid, 

^l^HMETB, V. n. to fill with smoke; i|-ca, v. n. 
to smoke, smoulder. 

,T,MMEa, s. f. crape. 

^T.HMHO, V. imp. it is very smoky. 

JI,EiMHOBaTBifi, adj. rather smoky, fumous. 

JI,HMHHff, adj. smoky, fumous, fumacious. 

J^biMOBHiiKi, s. m. part of the chimney just 
near the stove. 

Jl^siMOBofl, adj. of smoke; i| -Baa mpy6a, chim- 
ney-flue, chimney-neck; || ••Boe, adj. s. n. hearth- 
money, fumage. 

Jl,HMorapHHtt, adj. smoke-consuming; -rapnafl 
inp!/6n, smoke-box. 

J^hmokij, J^HMOieKT., .s. tn. dim. a little smoke. 

J^HMiaTBift, adj. smoky, smoked; smoke- 

J^HMi, .s. m. smoke;— cmo.i6oMo, a column of 
smoke; nycKamh — , to smoke; fig. maMo tidenu— 
Kopo.Hbic.ioM7>, there is the devil to pay there, the 
devils are let loose. 

T^HJiaHKa, s. f. hot. fumitory, fumiter. 

JI,MHHnE'ii, s. m. melon-bed. 

I^LiHHHii, adj. of melon, melon; -Hoe depeeo, 

^HKa, s. f. melon;—. My mKaniHa^, musk-melon. 

J^Hpa, .9. /'. dim. ;i;wi)Ka, ;i;M:poiKa, hole, bore, 
gap, rent; 3amKnymi> -pyj to stop a hole, a gap; 
fig. to pay a pressing debt; ooHeunaa — , bung- 
hole; coGaubH — , naut. lubbor's-hole. 

JI|HpHCTMtt, JI,&ipOBaTEJ[ft, J^HpaBuft, adj. 
full of holes. 

JI,j>ixa.iio, s. n. dim. -xaabi^e, wind-pipe; blow- 
hole (of cetaceans); spiracle. 

JljHxaHie, .s. n. breathing, breath; gasp: nepe- 
eodumh — , to take breath; ucnycmumh nocjindnee 
— , to breathe one's last; take the last gasp; to 
gasp one's last breath; H creature, being; ocHKoe— 
da x(ta.tumo Focnoda, let every creature praise 
the Lord. 

J^HxaxcifcHHtt, adj. breathing, respiratory; 
-Hoe, windpipe, trachea, weasand. 

iI,KriUJiHie, .s. n. respiration, breathing. 

/^Hiuaxb, ^TioxuyTTb, ;i;r,ixiiyTb, v. n. to breathe, 
draw breath, respire; to gasp, blow; om nymh 
;i(biui]iT'b, he scarcely breathes; cs mpydo.m — , to 
gasp for breath; — mnoKcio, to pant for breath; 
om ne ,T;hruiHT'b, he is breathless; ;i;i.ixHyTb 71a 
OKOHHoe, to breathe on the window-pane: 
\\oll^ -xuvjETb Ha .mchh ouHo.m,, he gave me a whiff 
of wine, he exhaled wine. 

J^, s. n. beam, shaft, draught-bar (of a 
carriage);\\ ^biuiJiOBotit, j^uiui.iOBHft. 

J^Miu.iaKT., s. m. shaft-horse. 

Jl^baBOJieHOKii, s. m. a devilkin, little devil. 

JS^hkno.jT,, s. m. devil, old Nick, old Harry, Satan; 
II -BoabCKitt, adj. diabolical, devilish, satanical; 
-CKOO tianoMdeme, a diabolical suggestion; || -ckh, 

Jl^baBoabn^HHa, .s. f. devilry; diabolicalness, 

JI^baKOHHi^a, s. f. deacon's wife. 

J^biiKOHCKirt, adj. diaconal, of deacon. 

,'l,baKOHCTBO, .s. n. dcaconry, deaconship. 

J^bJiKOHT., s. m. deacon. 

JI,baRT>, .'?. m. obs. secretary. 

Jl,baqnxa, s.f. wife of a diatchok. 

J^baioKT., .s. m. diatchok, clerk and chanter (of 
the Russian church), sexton. 

JI^iiBii, s.f. y'lrgln, mukld; JIpecG/imriji — , the Holy 
Virgin; opAeancKaH-, the maid of Orleans; yue- 
pe^nh cmapou -Boft, to die an old spinster; || astr. 
Virgo, Virgin (constellation). 

^■feBaxb, ;i;tTb (fut. fl;-BHy), v. a. to put; vyda 
om -BaJiTi, ji^'k^'h MOW KHuiy? where did he put 
my book, what has he done with my book? om 
He 3Haem^, nyda — ceou denbtu, he does not know 
what to do with his money or where to put his 
money; j] - ca, v. r. to become; to hide one's 
self, retire, take refuge; Kyda -Bajiacb, ji;BJiacb 
Moa KHUia? what is become of my book? 0H^ ne 
3Haem%, nyda -ca om^ Kpedumop06~o, he does not 
know where to hide himself from his creditors: 
Kyda MHtb j^-BTbca om^ CKynu, I don't know how 
to escape or get rid of the weariness; Kyda h 
meiiepb j^-Baycb! where am I to go, where shall 

I take or find refuge! 

JIl'feBHn.a, J^SBRi^a, s. f. maid, maiden, girl; 
miss; cocmapumbCH ei -i^axiij to grow an old 

J^-feBuiecKift, Tj^-BEHiift, JIl'iiBiiqifi, adj. maid's, 
maiden, virgin; virginal: ;i,-BBHiba ne.HOHh, med. 
chlorosis, green sickness; ^iiBHiBa kooku, pharm. 
pastea althea. 

J^'feBK^eexBO, s. n. maidenhood, girlhood. 

JI,'6bh'IHhkx, .s. m. evening party ou the nuptial- 
eve in the house of the bride. 

JIl'BBHiba, s. f. maid-servants'room. 

JI^-BBin KopeHb, s. m. hot. black bryony; lady's- 

Jl^-BBEa,.s. /".jjo^. maid, girl, lass; wench; a maid- 
servant; 8^ -Kaxi, as a maid, unmarried, wlien 
unmarried; sacudnmhCH ea -KaxT., to grew an 
old maid. 

^■feBOBiaxepb, s. f. the Holy Virgin. 

JIj'BBOiKa, s. f. dim. a little girl, maid-child. 

Jl^-BBCXBeHHHK'b, s. m. -Hnn,a, s.f. virgin man 
or woman. 


Jl^'BBCXBeHHbiit, adj. maiden, virgin. 

JI^ibBCXBO, s. n. maidenhood; virginity. 

JI^-BBCTBOBaHie, s. n. keeping one's virginity. 

JI,-BBCXBOBaxb, V, n. to keep one's virginity. 

Jl^BBTfflKa, .s. f. girl, maiden; servant-girl, ser- 

^T'feBnaxa, s. f. collec. girls. 

Jl^'feBiikKa, s. f. pop. girl, maid. 

JI,*Bq6HKa, .s. f. cont. girl, hussy, slut. 

Jl^-B;^nHa, ,9. f. estate inherited from ancestors. 

Ji;-B;i;oBCKitt, adj. of a grandfather, grandfather's: 
-CKOe noMTbcmbe, inheritance from the grand- 

J^B;i;oBinnHa, .9. f. inheritance from the grand- 

JJ,B;i;yinKa, .9. vi. (npu pam:n>), showman. 

J1,*;^'B, s. m. dim. ;i;ii;i;yraKa, grand'ather, grand- 
sire;j|^Z. ^ij,T;br, forefathers, ancestors. 

Jl^'Benpniiicxio, ,9. n. verbal adverb, gerund. 

JI,tocnoC()OHOCXb, -Hbitt; see ITpaBocnoco'i- 
nocTb,— u Hii. 

Jl^'TittcxBHXO.ibHO, adv. indeed; in fact, in tiffect, 
really, in act, in reality; as I live; om, — dmoto 
sacAyoKuoaeim, be really deserves it; — 9mo 6uao 
maK^, it so happened indeed. 

^T,i.tiOTBnxo.ibnoe.Xb, s. f. efficacy, efficacity: 
reality, authenticity; ^mo ne obiMbicejif,, a — , it is 
no fiction, it is a fact, a reality; npunamt mihHb 
3a — , to catch at the shadow for the body; i| validity 
(of a deed, act). 

JIl'feitcxBHXO.ibHMrt, adj. efficacious; in force, 
of force; -hoc jieKapcman, an efficacious remedy: 

II effective, real; valid; -hoo o6a3ame.ihcmao, an 
effective obligation; ^noa co6bimie, a fact, a reality; 
-nan nrbU'(, a really intrinsic value or price; — 


— 147 - 


uAem oSmecmoa, an effective member of a society; 

KOHmp'^'^"^'''^ * valid or real contract; amo -hhji 

eto CAoaa, these are his real words; ;[ actual; -Haa 
ciyoicoa, an actual service; — cmamcKiu coewmHUKo, 
actual councilor of state; ti gram, active (verb); 
\iMch. -iiaa eu,.m, duty, effective power, useful 

Jl,-BftCTBie, s. n. action; o» -bIh, in action, at 
work; npuoecma MamuHij <n — , to set a machine in 
motion, working or going; (5m;»6 «e ceaaany oh ceouxb 
-iBiflx'B, not to be controlled in one's actions; to | 
go in and out; Ij effect, influence; ne OKaaamv -Bia, | 
to take no effect; uMibnib — , to have effect; o6pam- 1 
■Hoe—, retroactive effect, retroaction, reaction; ' 
\inpuoecmii npoemm do — , to bring a project into ■ 
operation; eaecmu aaKom es — ,to set a law in vigour, 
in force; '•\ act; working, deed; uenpindHeHHUH -Bia^ I 
hostility, hostile acts; KO.uediH aa mpexh -BiaxTi, | 
a play in three a,cts;—npoucxodu)m eh, the scene | 
is laid at; h Ha6Awda.t% an ecibMU no ""BlnMn, I i 
observed all his doings, his behaviour; AeKapcmoo I 
HnuuHacmb oKaaueamb csoe — , the medicine begins ! 
to act or operate; |j ooeuHbia -Bia, the operations I 
of war, of the campaign. I 

J-BiiCTBO, see JttiicTBie. 

J^ifiCTBOBaTb, V. n. to act, operate, work; to 
influence, gain on, upon;— coodpajuo, coomonm- 
cmeeuHO neMy, to act up to;— «a, to work upon; 
nopa—, it is time to act; .uamuHa -CTByex-b 
xopomo, the engine works well; npyoKUua ne 
-CTBTexi., the spring does not act; .leKapcmoo 
cuMHo -CTByexTj, the medicine acts, operates 
powerfully; amo -o.TBjeT'b na adopoebe, it affects 
the health, it has influence on the health; «a 
HCto Hunmo ne -CTByexij, nothing can affect him; 
smo na Mens oHeub -cxByexi., it goes far with 
me; om -cxByex'B na o6yMb, na ydauy, he cares 
not which end goes forward. 

TI|-BitcxByK)n;itt, jxtrt. pr. -in;aa ap.mH, the 
active army; -mia .iima, persons (of the drama); 
performers, actors; MuiuuHa, -ni;aa xopomo, an 
engine that plays well. 

.T^ti-taHie, s. n. making, execution, construction, 

Ji;T.aaxe.ib, s. m. -Hnn.a, s. f. maker, worker, 

J^B.iaxb, ^ni.ibiBaxB, c;i;-B.iaxb, v. a. to make, 
do; to work; to render; to exert; nmo su -aaexe? 
what are you doing? nmo .uuTb — 1 what is to be 
done, what shall I do! Heneto—l there is nothing 
to be done, nothing to do! om, c;i; mo awe, 
umo c; ou n eu, he did as you would have 
done: nmo - jaexTb e.ny necnib, that does him honour; 
that redounds to his honour; hc aiiamb umo — , 
to be at one's wits'end;— vwo Hu6ydb y koio nepedb 
tAriaa.Hii; e^ eto npucymcmoiu, to do a thing before 
a man's face; omi neneio—, for want of business, 
of occupation; — maKh u caKb, to proceed without 
method; to be off and on; c,xii.iaxb euaum-o, to pay 
a visit; oo.ibuoh -aaext nodh ceon, the patient 
cannot retain; — emouKy, to set (of a dog);— 
aaKyuKU, to shop:— ''hio 6e3^ mo.iKy, to do a 
thing without a right understanding; — no coocMy 
otceAaniH), to please one's self; -Jiaii d.iH dpyiuxb 
mo, neto mcmiaij-ou 6.ih cen/i, do by others as you 
would be done by; uar. amoio peffeuKa nuneto ne 
c^BJaeuiB, this child is unmanageable; c^ii-Baaxb 
math, to take a step; c;^B.Taftxe MaAocnib, do me 
the favour, have the goodness;— cw/cMi.rztow.wj, to 
make one happy; dmo c;^B.iaex'i. eio ocmopooK- 
HUMh, that will render him cautious;— /jj/imw.ks 
Aboa, to tame a lion; |i -ca, c. p. r. to be done, 
made; to make one's self; to become, grow, get, 
turn; om c;^B.ia.ica HeHueucmeiib, he made him- 
self hated; om ;^-Baaexca ootamb, cmap-o, he grows 

creditors; || part. p. 
s. m. sharing, share, 

or becomes rich, old; ;, v. imp. to get; to liappen. 
take place; to come; ehcnubun -.laioxca mpeu(,uni. . 
the wall is getting cracks: y .steun -.laoxca uapu's: 
«rt^)?//:;6,Iaragettingan abscess on the hand; csk«.i' 
uacmo -.laioxca, lie has frequent swoon>,. 
he is subject to swoon; ma.uT, -aawxca cmpaHnuM 
uemu, strange things happen there: c;^^J.•Ia.a<•i! 
noHcap-h, a fire broke or burst out; ch nuMh o;^■6- 
^aJiacB AUxnpadKa, a fever came upon him; c.ti>- 
jajacb 6ypH, there ai'ose a tempest, a storm; nmo 
Co HUM7, c;^BJIaaocb? what lias happened to him, 
what is the matter with him? KaK7, smo c;^BJa- 
aoCB? how did it happen? Miub -aaexca tpycmu',, 
I get sad, sorrowful; eu c;^B.iaaocb dypno, ah- 
became sick, she fainted; -aaexca mcMHo, xo.iodno. 
it gets dark, cold; I c;i;BJ[ax&ca ca KibMb, v. rec. n 
c,T;B.iaM)Cb Co dmuMh ueiodHCMh, I shall obtain 
satisfaction from this scamp, I shall make this 
scamp reckon for it; am c;i;baaaca co ceouM" 
KpedumopuMu, he came to an agreement or 
has compounded with liis 
;i;'B.iaHHuft, CABjaHHbifi. 

JI,'&ae2SEa, s.f. ^tJieaii, 
lot; II -asHbltt, adj. 

JI^taeHie, s. n. dividing, parting; sharing; di- 

Jl^taen,!., s. m. a person versed in law, versed 
in affairs. 

J^tJiuMOCXb, s. f. divisibility, divisibleness. 

J^'feainibiii, adj. divisible; [j -Moe, s. arifh. 

Jl^'fe.iiixe.ib, s. m. arith. divisor. 

/I'feaiixe.iBHHH, adj. for dividing; -aaa .na- 
tuuHO, dividing-machine. 

Jl^'fi jHXb, V. a. to divide, part, share, share in: 
OHH ]x,'hjiujin onaCHocmu u cAaay, they shared 
danger and glory; ,1 -ca, v. p. to be divided, be 
parted; i| (un.Hb), v. rec. to share; om ecthM-e ;t-BJiHXca 
CO .uHOto, he shares every thing with mQ;.\part. p. 

JIl'fejiuiUKO, s. n. cont. a trifling business; .ioano 
oQdtbAuoamb — kh, to know how to manage one's 
business; to bring grist to the mill. 

Jl,-BJio, s. n. dim. ,TBJBu;t', affair, business; occu- 
pation; concern; dmo—uecmu, it is an affair of 
honour; .iKooeuoe — , a love affair; oomccmeeHnutt 
;i;taa, public affairs or concerns, public things: 
ynpaeAHmb, auerbdueamb .TitjaMH, to have the 
management of affairs; amo — .vtiuymu, it is bur 
the business of a moment; — .?on«_?/vio, the business 
has miscarried; eu hohjiah, eb He.uo—, you have 
hit the right nail on tlie head; y .Mens «e odno—, 
I have something else to do; ow?* npume.ib no —ay, 
ho came on business; eto ,it>.ia zidymh dypno, ir 
goes hard with liim: he is badly otV, he is on an 
ill pass, things go badly with \\\m.;—udemb xopomo, 
the business goes on well; k«/v-5 udymb eto ;i;-Baa'? 
how does he get on? uMniiib,eccmt< Cb Kib.Hb j,i:iA. 
to do business with; to deal, have to deal witl; 
one; nycmnmb ob xodb — , to set a business nu 
foot; Koida—doudemo do mchh, when it comes to 
my turn; aanymainbcn eb ;^^..T'fe, to become in- 
volved in a business; .\tejicdy ,^-BaoM'b, at odd 
times, at leisure time; npn ino.\ih no-xoHceHiu jfkAb^ 
as things stand; ocib o6cmonmeAbcmei( ,lB.ia, all 
the particulars of the case, the ins and outs of 
an affair; umo oa.ub an — ? wliat imports it to you, 
what does it matter to you? adiiuMambcH KaKii.uh 
ah6o ;^baoMi., to be employed or engaged in a 
business: eb ca.HOMh ^ii.if>? is it even so? mo u—, 
ever and anon;— oi moMb, umo..., tlie fact is...: 
ec.iu — moAbxo eb amo.vb, were it but for tliat; amo 
ne Moe—, tliis is no concern of mine: eo.iouiimb— . 
to spin out a business; amo eaiue—, it is you: 
business, your duty; OHb aansmb jfkuknvif he i = 





engaged, he is busy; auahme cooc~, iie Mmaaumech 
>ie 60 ceoe—, mind your own business; ,v MC7ifi do 
new ecmb—, I have need of hira, I want to speak 
with him; om ua dmoMo ji.iji'fe co6aKy crjnM, he 
is a perfect dab at it, that is his speciality; mu- 
HKcmepcmeo uHOcmpuHHUXo ^ii^Jii, foreign office; 
MUHuemepcmeo oHi/mpeHHUXi ;i;t.Jii., home depart- 
ment; |j work, doing, deed, act, fact: ouim npa 
;i,-BJt, 3n ;i;-B.ioMi., to be at work; npaiinmbCA 
3a—, to go to work; ^mo—oamux^ pyK^^ tliat is 
some of your handiwork or doing; ynomptomm 
(yi— , to use, employ, make use of; ynompeoumh 
,a—(Mamepia.t~o), to work up; do6poe—, a good 
work, deed; no AB-iy ^H'dn'm pa6om>mKo, the 
Morkman is known by his work; uadnMiM om, Mtiw 
Miioio Ti,ia^a, he cut out a great deal of work for 
me;' doKcmimb na ^;i;-Ba*, ,i,iiJOM'b, to prove by 
deeds; hijmhu ^ij-fejia, a ue cwea, deeds are neces- 
sary not words; npucmynumh npjiMO m ^BJiy, to 
come directly to ihe point, to the fact;— «* moMh 
nmo, e^ moAn mo u—nmo..., the fact is, that...; na 
,1,-BJi'fe, na aiMOAn ;i;-BJit, in fact, in reality; nep- 
(juMo MOUMo ;i;-B,iOM'b SbtAO..., the first thing I did 
was...; cepe6po, Mibdb a^ J^i-it, wrought-silver, 
wrought-brass; |1 thing, matter; question: case;—, 
nomopoM^ udenn, pnub, the matter in question; 
01l^ xopoxw omneccH ko omoMi/ ji.'B.iyj he took the 
thing in good part; 97no—pibuieHHoe, it is a settled 
thing; cmpauHoe—, a strange thing; smo coocnMh 
dpijtoe—, that is quite another thing, matter, 
concern; t.ifuiMoe—, nmoou, the principal thing, the 
main thing, main point is to...; dvw—nnyca, that 
is a matter of taste; amo nycmoe—, that's no 
great matter, that's small matter; mth.Ho — n kox- 
mi.iocb, thus the matter ended; <?•- ueMo—'? what 
is the matter? what is going on? oonio oo ueMb — , 
the matter is as follows; the question to be con- 
sidered is;—moMKO ah moM^, mnoou, the question, 
the matter is only to...; Oo emoMh mo a cocmoumz 
ece—, the chief, principal point in question is...; 
Koida — uderrn Awdeu, when love is in question 
or at stake; .^tun nnim ;i,-Baa do nen, I have 
nothing to do with her; Kmo Mnn 3a—\ KOKOe 
MHtb—l what is it to me! what do I care! 
nnm-o do amoio uaKaKoio ji;-bjia! it does not mat- 
ter to him, what does it import to him! 'iff nnMh— 
cmaAO? what hinders the thing being done? 3a 
.ijuHMo—ue cmauemo, that will not meet with any 
objection; Moe—cmopoim^ it does not concern me, 
I wash m.y liands of; MOe — moAbKO doAOJivumb, I 
have only to announce; oumb y ;^•bJIa, to be 
occupied, to liave an em[)loymeut, a situation; 
numh He y ,T;f.jn., to be out of employ; naatbcm- 
iioe — , certainly, of course; e.ny mi do ncto nibmo 
,i;-iiJia, he does not care about any thing; dmo—\ 
nmo— mo— \ that's right! that is speaking! there 
cannot be any objection! dmo hc — , that's not 
right; toeopumb-, to talk sense, sensibly; or, moMo 
mo u — , nmo ouh..., but tlie fact is lie....; cAuxau- 
Hoe Au, audauHoe au—1 was such a thing ever 
heard or seen! acikoc au—1 it is not a trifling 
thing! it is easy to say! 9mo itAceoe—, it is a 
trifle; om mou — ,vmonbe7m, he does nothing but 
drink; mo ah — jicamb ei dcpeaim! what a difference 
to live in tlie country! ipnvinuMh ;thviOMi., a)<>6aio 
(lUHO, 1 must confess or I do not deny it, I like wine; 
,10 ;i;>n., 311 — cMy! lie deserves it! prov. neh, 
da — pa3yMnu, driuk, but fulfill your duty; ,1 art; 
pamnoc, twenune — , the art of war, military art; 
.mmchuoe — , foundry, founding, casting; monap- 
iioe — , turning;, moKupiiuxb ;i,IiJ'i> 
Macmepb, goldsmith, turner; name — McencKoe, 
ciipomCKOe, we are women, orphans; ' suit; cause; 
brief; mnMeCmoe—, a lawsuit; ywAoouoe, ipaoKdan- 
CKoe — , a criminal, fivil suit: xodumb no ^^tJiaM'b, 

to carry on lawsuits; eecmu—npovmei kow, to 
be at law with one; to prosecute a person at 
law;— ?iO()o j\s 2, brief number 2; |irn<7. fight, battle, 
action, engagement; om eu(,e ne 6bUo ob j^iji'fe, he 
has not yet taken part in a battle. 

Jl^t.ioBdfi, adj. skilled, versed in business; — 
ueAOfmn, a man of business;— Kaowwejrto, busi- 
JI,'fejionpoH3Bo;i,HTeJiB, s. m. secretary. 
J^'fejionpoH3B6;i,CTBO, s. n. expedition of business. 
J^BJiBHOCTB, .s\ /". pertinence, reasonableness, 
judiciousness, sensibleness. 

,H,-B.ibHHft, adj. capable, intelligent, judicious, 
pe'rtinent,reasonable, sensible;— '<e.*oe?(.Ko,acapable, 
intelligent person;— ome^tms, a sensible answer; 
-Haa MbicAb, a judicious thought; -nan npnuuna^ 
a pertinent reason; 1| -ho, rtd(;.—bly,—ly; toeo/jwnik 
-HO, to talk sense. 
J^-feTBopa, s. f. collect, children. 
J^'IiTeHMUii., s. m. dim. -HHiueEi., a young 
oup, cub. 

,T,i>TH, s. 11. pi. dim. ;i,iiTKH, -TOIKH, -TyiUKi:, 
see JI,HTa. 

Jl,1iTiiHa, s. m. a big boy, a young fellow. 
Jl,'BTHUi,e, s. n. child. 
^^'feT0JiH)6HBMfl, adj. fond of children. 
^■feTOJioOie, s.n. the love of children. 
JI,tTOi)o;i,HEifl, adj. genital, generative; -hbih 
'lacmu, pudenda, privy parts. 

Jl^iiTopoacj.eHie, s. n. generation, procreation, 

Jl^fiToyOificTBo, s. n. infanticide. 
JIi'iiToyOiitn.ii, s. c. an infanticide. 
Jl,-BTCKaa, s. f. children's room, nursery. 
^T,-BTCKiH, adj. children's: childish, infantine;— 
jqnmm, infant-school;— c«c)o, kindergarten;— wa- 
ipydnuKh, V\h;—po^KOKh, feeding-bottle; -CKoe 
n.mmbe dAH Kpemenifi, christening robe; -CKaa 
AOMcenm^ scoop; -ckIh CKasmt, nursery tales; -CKia 

Wbcnu, nursery rhymes; 1| -ckh, no -ckh, ado. 
childishly, like a child. 

_H-iiTCTBO, s. n. childhood, infancy, nonage; npu- 
i:AWHeHiH eio pauuHto -CTBa, his teething and 
swaddling adventures; euamn H^^ -cxBa, to be 
past the spoon. 

Jll^TB, see JlisnTh. 

J^tHHie, s. II. action, act, deed; doing, trans- 
action; -Hia Ce. AnocmoAoe^, the Acts of thi^ 

;i,baTeJiB, s. m. agent; manager, promoter; 

J^iaTeJiBHOCTB, s. f. activity, e.xpeditiousness, 

J^iiaxe.iBHMft, adj. active, busy; expeditious: 
|i -HO, adv.—h, busily. 

^l,bHTBca, n. n. to happen; to pass. 

JI,i<)ffic, ,i,io5EO, adu. pop. strongly, stoutly; jj a 
great deal, a good deal. 

Jl^ioasecTB, «. f. stoutness, sturdine-s, vigour. 

Jl^ioacHHa, s.f. a dozen; npodaeamb -naMii, to 
sell by dozens; daibiiadnamb -HaiH'i., a gross. 

J^iosKCHHtiii, adj. of dozen; fiy. common, 
sovry, — onnxomooj^eiiib, a poetaster; — //«Crtwje.i*, 
everyday writer; :)mo ne -uaa eeinb, it is not to 
be found everywhere. 

JI,ioH»ltt, adj. robust, vigorous; thickset. 

;],ioiiiHUBKa, s.f. inch-board, inch-plank; inched- 

;i,ioiiH'i,, inch;ll«s^r. digit; lUiofljioBBitt, 
adj. inch, inched, of an inch, inch-thick. 

,l,iOHa, s. /'. down, sand-hill. 

'l,ioiu('OC'i., s.m. duchess (a sort of mellow pear). 
ykvvLJib, Jl^nrifJiBHUK'B, s. m. bo', angelica, 
lingwort, ash-weed. 

Xhtahhh, s. f. hot. gout-w-'cil, gout-wort. 


- 149 — 


Jl,fl;(BKa, s. m. under-tutor, man-nurse. 

^a;^fl, s. m. dim. A»j;iouiKa, ;^;fl;^eHbKa, uncle; 
deowpodHbin—^ father's or mother's cousin german; 
see J^BOH)po;^uuH;l| -;^IIH'I., adj. 

J^^axeat, s. m. oni. wood-pecker; acAenuu — , 
green wood-pucker, wood-spite, ox-pecker, hew- 
hole, hickwall, hickway, modwall; Ma.iuu—, 

^aT.iHiia,,'|,HT.i<»BHHa, .<?./". hot. clover, common 
red clover; trefoil; onobrychis; KpncHan—, purple- 


E, s. ». the sixth k'tter of the Russian alphabet. 

EBanreaHCTi., s.m. evangelist. 

EBaHreJHiecKifi, adj. evangelic, evangelical, 

EeaHrciie, s. n. Gospel; evangelists. 

EBaHrcabCKifil, adj. evangelic, evangelical; 
II -CKH, rtf/y.— cally. 

EsHyxi., s. m. eunuch. 

EBxapHOTiiqecKlft, adj. eucharistic, eucharist- 

EaxapiicTifl, s. f. Eucharist, Lord's Supper. 
Er;^a, conj. si. when, though. 
ErepMettcxept, s. m. master of the hunt (at 
coftrfj; 11 erepjiettcxepcKiii, adj. 

ErepcKitt, adj. of huntsmen; — no.iKh, regiment 
of chasseurs. 

Ercpt, s. m. hunter, huntsman; mil. chasseur. 
Ero, gen. and ace. of the pers. pron. Ont, 
Oho, him; h no — nuKOida we cdibAam, I will never 
do as he likes or after his way; nyemb—eepdumc/i, 
coll. he is free to be angry; || adj. poss. his, its; — 
omeiii, his father. 

EroBJi, s. m. Jehovah (God). 
Eroaa, s. c. coll. a fidgety, restless, talkative 
and coaxing child or person; dmo nacmomniu—, 
he is all quick-silver. 

ErosHXi., V. n. coll. to be all quick-silver; om 
maKo u -3HXT>, fig. he is all quick-silver; ue -sn, 
«e doMz, don't talk and coax, I shall not give. 
Eros.iiiBUft, adj. fidgety. 

E;^sa, adv. hardly, scarce, scarcely, narrowly; 
scant;— OMJ yibxaji^, kuko...., he scarcely went 
away as...; om—y-vnemT, Humanib, he can scarcely 
read";- r«rtCKa?nb uotti, to creep about; eio—ue 
youAU, he was within a little of being killed; — 
om amo cdn.iuAh, kok~o pacKaajicH^ he no sooner 
did it, than he repented;— e,T;Ba cnactnucb, to 
make a narrow escape; au — MCHfi ite sacmaAu 
doMa, it was a mere chance that you saw me; 
II — .tu, it is duubtfnl, not likely;— ^« en Oo.iibe 
dnadnaviu .iri?H5, I doubt that she is more than 
E;iieM'ii, see 9^031^. 
Ej^HHCHie, s. n. union, unification. 
E;^HHHxeabHr.Ii'I, E;^llHHXHuii, adj. uniting, 
iinitive:— JMa/c5 h -HHXHaa nepma, gram, hyphen. 
E;^IIHHXb, V. a. to unite, unify; ij -ca, ;•. r. to 
unite one's self. 

£;^HHiii^a, s. f. unit; unity; one: MOHeynnan—^ 
monetary unit; yuume.ih nocmaeuAo -l^v, the 
master put him one. 

E;^HHlt'IHOCXI., s. f. singleness, unicity. 
E^^HHH'inbitt, adj. one, only, sole. 
E;^H^o6o:Kie, s. v. monotheism. 
E;^iiHor)6peH'f»> 'S. »'■ monomachus, duellist. 
Ej^HHoOopcxKO, s. n. monomachy, single combat, 

EJ^IIHo66pcxBOBaxb, v. n. to combat singly, 
fight a duel. 

E;^HHo6pa«ne, .s. n. EAHHoOpii'iJioexb, .•<. f. 

E,xHno(}paqHutt, adj. monogamous, married 
once;';6o^ monogamian; -•HOCjjocmeM/e, monogam. 
E;i;HHOBaicTBOBaxb, >•. n. to reign as a kin?. 
Ej^HHOBaaexiixeab, s. rn. monarcli. 
E;^HHOBjaoxie, s.n. monarchy. 
E;^UH(>B.iacxHbitt, adj. monarchic, monarchical; 
1 -HO, adu. — cally. 

adj. -HO, adv. once, at 
nocoCie, assistance grant- 


once, but once; -Hoe 
ed but once. 

E,'l;HHOB^.pe^^., s. m 

-pea, .s. f. co-religionist, 
fellow believi'r;lldissident from the orthodox church. 

E;^HH<»Bbpie, s. n. the same religion, conform- 
ity of religion; ,| a sect dissenting from the 
orthodox church. 

Ej^HHoBbpubiJt, adj. of the same religion. 

E;i;HuoBiipiecKitt, adj. dissenting from the 
orthodox church. 

Ej;HHOBip'iocxBo, s. n. a sect dissenting from 

E;i,HHoraaBHfi, adj. one-headed; || of one cupola. 

E;i;Hnoraacie, .s. «. unison; |! concord, unanimity, 

Ej^HHorjacHbii}, adj. • unisonant, unisonous: 
11 unanimous; 'I -ho, adv. — ly, with one accord, with 
one assent. 

E,HnH0;iiep2KaBie, s. n. monarchy. 

E;i;HHo;i;epacaBHbifl, adj. monarchic, monarch- 
ical, monarchial, sovereign. 

E;i;HHo;i;epaiaBcxBOBaxb, r.n. to monarchise. 

E;i;HHo;;epa:ei;'i>, s. m. monarch, sovereign: 
i; -,T;epasHi^a, s. f. monarchess. 

E;^HH0;^ymie, s. n. unanimity, harmony. 

E^HHo;i,yuiHHi"i, adj. unanimous; [i -ho, adv. 
— ly; with one accord; dnucniooeamb -ho, to act 
in perfect accord; fig. to draw the yoke 

E;i;HHoa:^br, see OjHajKAM. 

E;i;nHoa:eHei^'b, .s. m. monogamist. 

E;i;nH02:eHCXBo, s. a. monogamy. 

E;i;uH03Byqie, s. }t. E;^HH03ByqH0CTB, ?. f. 
homophony; consonance. 

E;^IIH03ByqHbIft, adj. consonant. 

E;^HH03eM0ii,o, -scMKa, see .Ben .i a k i, — .i ;! 'i k a. 

E,TnH03eMCXB0, s. n. compatriotism. 

E;i;HUOHMeHniiitt, see 0;tH0HMeHnu5. 

E;^HHOKpoBie, s. n. E;^HHOKp6BHOoxb, s. f. 

E,T;nH0Kp6BHijji, adj. consaguineous; — <Tpfl?Ho. 
half-brother; -Hbia OMnu, half-blood. 

Ej;HH(>Mhn'JicHHuii, E,^nHOJihiuijeHHbxft, adj. 
of the same opinion, unanimous. 

E,■^HH().1lwcJie, s. n. agreement of opinion, con- 
cord, harmony. 

Ej^nHOMijiH.ieHHHK'b, s.m. -HHi^a, s.f. adlier- 
ent, partisan. 

E;^nH(>Haq:i.iie, .«. n. government under one 
head; monarchy;!] -qaabHHft, rtd/. 

E;^nHOHaqa.ibHiiKi., s. m. a chief invested with 
entire power and autliority. 

E.THHOoOpuaie, .V. );. E;^HHOo6pa8Hbift, adj. see 
0;iHoo6pa3ie, OAnoofipaaiiuu. 

E.THHoii.ieMeHHHKi., s. m. -HHi^a, s. f. person 
of the same race. 

E;^nnoii.ieMeiiHwft, adj. of the same race. 

E.THnoporb, .<. m. zool. unicorn, monoceros; 
\\ichtli. MopcKOH—, soa-unicorn, narwal, narwhal; 
monodon; '| astr. monoceros; ;| art. howitz, liowitzer. 

E;^HHop6;^HbIft, adj. only begotten;— cwmi, only 

son. . 

E.T""<»<'^"Ui<><'Tb, ,9. /'. fheol. consubstantiality. 
FUiiHOi'vni,uufl, adj. consubstantial; i| -HO, ode. 

Ej;uHoyxpi»OHMii, adj. uterine, born of the 
same mother: by one venter, half-blood. 


150 — 


E;i,uHCTBeHHO, adv. only, solely, uniquely. 

Ej^uHCTBeHHOCTb, s. f. soleness. 

Eji;HHCTBeHHKiii, ndj. only, unique, sole, alone; 
smo eto—cuHi, it is his only son; dmo—HeJioeibm 
eh ceoeMh podn, he is unique in his kind; ,1 -Hoe 
HUCM, gram, singular number, singular. 

E^HHCTBo, s. n. unity; j| union, concord, 

EJiOBUfl; adj. of fir, of spruce;— .iJtcii, lir-grovej 
fir wood, pine-wood: !! -Boe depeao, deal; -Baa 
docKci, a deal board; -Baa mumKu, fir-apple, fir- 
tree, pine-cone. 

Ejioshtb, see EpaaTt. 

Ejib, EaKa, s.f. dim. eao'iKa, fir, red fir, fir- 
tree, spruce, pine; FooKdecmeemKan e.iKa, Christ- 

E;i;HHbiH, E;i;iiHi., adj. only, only one, unique, mas tree. 

sole: E^HH'Jb Gemm Both, Holy One; hu -naro 
ij^oiua, not a copeck. 

Ee, accns. of the pers. pron. Ona, her; eu — 
anaeme, you know her. 

EaEa, s.f. hot. gramen, iiuitch-grass, squitch- 
yrass, twitch-grass. 
Eace, conj. si. in order that, so that, that. 
EmeBHKa, s. /'. black-berry, bramble-berry, dew- 
berry,, knot-berry; il -n^iHEifl, adj. 
EaseBKa, see EjKOBKa. 
Eatero^HHKT., s. 711. year-book. 
Eaircr6;i;HHfi, adj. annual, yearly; i| -ho, adv. 
— Iv, yearly, every year. 

Easej^HeBHHtt, adj. daily, diurnal, every day, 
quotidian; jj -ho, ado. daily, every day; day in 
day out. 
^stean, conj. if, in case; see Ecah. 
EaJeMHHyTHH&, adj. -ho, adv. every minute, 
at every minute, at every instant; at every 

EaceMicaiHHfi, adj. -ho, adv. monthly, every 
E3KeHe;i;iaBHHK'i>, s. m. a weekly review. 
Exenexn^hHhiiif adj. weekly; |j -ho, adv. every 
week, weekly, every eight days. 
EaceHORi, s. m. hedge-pig. 
Eaee^aCHHtt, adj. -ho, adv. hourly, at every 

E:kutb, v. a. to shrivel; i| -ca, v. r. to shrivel; 
to shrink; to bristle. 

E:s:oBnHa, s. f. urchin's skin or flesh. 
EsEOBKa, s. f. hot. arbute; wilding. 
EacoBMii, adj. of urchin; fig. depowamb koio e» 
-BHX'b pi/Kaauuaxh, to keep a person short, be 
hard-handed, keep a tight hand over a person; to 
handle one without^ mittens. 

EajTb, s. m. zool. dim. eaKHKi., hedge-hog, urchin, . , ^ 

t'chinus; | Mopcuou—, echinus, sea-urchin, sea ic»6?ow6 na -Ka, to smell of the fagot, 
hedge-hog, button; fairy-stone; jew's-stone, sea-' ^•^— ""—-'» -''■■ v,,.,..,f,«..i 
egg (shell). 

Efi, efl, adv. indeed, verily; in faith; efl JBoty, 
by God, in faith. 

' Eft, dat. of the pers. pron. Ona, her, to her; h 
cvMOKy — , I shall tell it to lier; ouh cdibJiaAh no- 
OapKu — u en eecmpn, lie made presents to her 
and to her sister;— ove7<5 xonemcn, she has a great 
wish to. 

EK8fi])Xi., s. m. exarch. 

EKKaeci{iCT'i>, s. m. Ecclesiastes (book of the 

ERKJiHciapxi., s. m. ecclesiarch. 
EKTCHiii, s. /'. liturgical prayer. 
EjIOoti., s. m. dim. -TUK't, yawl; jj -THWii, rtdj., adv. si. hardly, scarcely; narrowly; ejie- 
eJie, narrowly: oiio—xodmm, he can hardly walk; 
om—jic'aoh, he scarcely lives; .«w — ne ymoHyjiu,viQ 
narrowly escaped being drowned; .mw eao-eJic 
citacMiCb, we made a narrow escape. 
EiiieBLitt, .see E.'iOBwfi. 

Eaeti, s. m. oil (olive oil);{]coMmuu—, holy oil, 
chrism, unction; || -efimart, ailj. 
E.ieHen,'h« s. m. ent. Jifirn-lieetle. 
EjeonoMaaanic, s. n. unction. 
EaeocBUB^euie, .<. n. extreme unction. 
Ejimko, ado. as much as, so much as; — oosmomho, 
as much as possible. 
£j[Ka, see E.i l. 

EabHHE'b, s. m. dim. -hh^bki., fir-grove, fir- 
tree-wood, fir-wood, fir-plantation; H twigs of fir. 
branches of red fir. 

EMKiti, adj. capacious. 

Emkoctb, s. f. capacity, capaciousness. 

Emt, dat. of the pers. pron. Oh*, Oho, to him, 
him; a cuaowy smo mo.nKO—, I will tell 
it only to him; omdaume—dmo imcbMO, give him 
thisletter;— o'/e«6a;o«cOTc;f, he has a great wish to. 

EuAOBa, s. f. a brass vessel with a spout, for 
pouring out liquids. 

EHOTt, s. m. zool. raccoon; 1| -otobhh, adj. 
-Baa myoa, raccoon-pelisse. 

Enanqa, s. f. dim. -ne^Ka, a round cloak, 
mantle; |j -neiHiaii, adj. 

Enapxia.ibHMtt, EnapiiiecKift, adj. diocesan. 

Ensipxia, s. f. diocese, bishopric. 

EnapxTb, s. m. eparch; jj -puiiii, adj. 

EnHCKonia, s. f. bishopric, episcopate. 

EniiCKoncKift, adj. episcopal. 

EnucKoncTBO, s. n. episcopacy, bishopric. 

EnHCKoncTBOBaTi., v. a. to be a bishop, occupy 
the episcopal see. 

EnHCKont, s. m. bishop. 

EHHCTOJiapHbift, adj. epistolary. 

EniiTHMia, s. f. penance, public penance; naxo- 
dmmucH oiodr, -siieft, penitent. 

EnBTpaxBJib, s. f. stole (of a priest); \ -abHEifi, 
adj. y 

Epa, s.m. see EpHHKi. 

EpaJiaoiTb, s. m. absurdity, nonsense, nonsens- 
icalness; || medley of preserves; || game at cards, 
(sort of whist). 

EpeceHaiajH.HHKii, s. m. heresiarch. 

Epeciapxt, s.m.. heresiarch. 

Epecb, s. f. heresy. , 

EpeTKKT., s. m. -THiKa, s. /'. heretic; fig. c.«a- 

EpexHiecKitt, adj. heretical. 

EpeTHqecTBO, s. n. heretical nature, heresy. 

EpeTKqecTBOBaTb, v. n. to hold heretical 

EpsaTb, V. n. pop. to slide upon one's bottom; 
to be constantly fidgeting about. 

EpJiwK'b, .see HpjiHKt. 

E^MOJiKa, s. f. dim. -ao'iua, skull-cap. 

EpHMK-b, S.m. debauchee, rake. 

Epocpeuui., .s. m. infusion of brandy. 

EpouiHTb, V. a. pop. to dislievel (the luiir); 
jj -ca, V. r. to bristle, bristle up; to be restive 
(of animals). 

EpyH;i,a, s. f. coll. fiddle-faddle, fiddle-sticks, 

EpyH;i;uTb, v. n. coll. to behave foolishly; to 
talk nonsense. 

KpynoK-b, s. m. carp, bevel, square, mitre, 

EpiuiiTbca, V. 11. pop. to resist, be restive, 

tpiH'b, s. m. dim. iJpiUHK'b, ichth. common 
gremilie: i, build, rag-bolt: toothed, cogged nail; 
li stubborn fellow; |j cpiuoBM ft, ((dj. 

EpT., s. m. name of the Russian letter i.. 

EpAi, s. m. pi. name of the Russian letter u. 

EpT.ira, s.f. dim. cpiJajKa, fishing net;lls. »». 

see EpHJKHHKT.. 

EpbiacHiiK-b, s. in. pop. debauchee, rogue, drunk- 




EpusHH'qaTb, c. n. pop. to act like a debau- 
chee, like a rogue or knave. 
EpB^ s. m. name of the Russian letter b. 

EcayJit, s. m. captain (of the Cossacks); |] the 
assistant of the robbers' chief; j| -JbCKiit, adj. 

EcayJbCTBO, s. n. captaincy (of Cossacks). 

EcjH, covj. if, in case; — kc, if not; unless, but 
for;— ^« ne eu, but for you; !| — moMKO, j)rovide(l;— 
moAbKo tie, unless; — muAbKo .nti ne bi/de.Ho ttcmb, 
MM yMpe.\n, unless we eat, we shall die; ,1 oub hu- 
Heio ne cdib.inemo, — viomko eu i<e ecAume e.My, Ii8 
will do nothing unless you order him; — 6u h u 
.nomibAo, even if I would; Ji ne 6u, — 6u 
'laoice u Ohi.i'i naKuaauo aa dino., I would not go, 
1 hough I should be punished for it. 

ECMb, v.n. I am; see Bhtb. 

EcTecTBCHHOCTb, s. f. naturalism; naturalness, 

ECTecxBeHHHli, adj. of nature, natural, physical; 
— n.iymh, fig. arrant rascal, arrant knave; ]| -ho, 
'. Zf.— ly; of course. 

EcTeCTBo, s. n. nature, substance. 

EcTecTBOB'B;!;']&Hie, EcTecTBOSHaHie, s. n. 
natural sciences, natural history, natural phi- 

ECTeCTBOHcnuTaHie, s. n. natural history. 

EcTecTBOncn&ixiiTeJib, s. in. naturalist, natural 

EcTb, pres. of the v. imp. Beitb; (past, 6mjio, 
ftU. dy^eTT.), there is, there are; ~au y each 
diiHbtu? ecmb, have you money? I have some;— 
maKie AXidu, Komopue dyMummb, there are people 
M'lio tbink; nocMompume, oce au ma.uh—, see if 
aught be wanting; || s. m. Slavonian name of the 
letter^ E. 

E(j{»eci, s. m. handle, hilt (of a sword); {\ -CHbiii, 

E(I)HSiOHbi, s. m. pi. evening prayers (i)t, Lent). 

E^pefiTopt, s. m. mil. corporal, lance-corporal; 
-pcRitt, adj. 

Exn;^Ha, s. f. viper, adder; || -HHH'b, adj. 

ExHj^HHiaTb, Exi!;i,CTBOBaTb, V. n. to be 
spiteful, be malicious. 

ExH;i;HMfi, adj. spiteful, malicious, pernicious, 
dragon-like; viperous. 

Exh;i;ctbo, s. n. spite, malice. 

Eme, ado. still; yet; as yet, more, again;— 
oDAbme, still more, some more; — XArb6a, more bread; 
MHib nado — , I want more; — odno caogo, one word 
more; — odum, one more; nmo—, what next;— ^aas, 
once more: om — owuei, he is still living; ouo—ue 
npuvieAh, he is not come yet; ohu—}13uhhu- 
■KriMU, they were still heathens; — Hepune, still 
blacker; — ooiane, still richer; — doAne, still more; 
— AU, is it possible: — au smoto muao'} is it 
sMll too little for him? — 6t>i, eu ouau 9mu.\n> nedo- 
ea.ibHbi! bow can you be discontented with iti upa- 
uitmcH AU oa.uh dma .Myauna? — 6u! do you like 
this music? 1 should say so, of course, can it be 

Eh), ahl. case of the pers. pron. Ohsi, by her, 
with her; om, ouupooam — , he is enchanted with 
her; H we doeoAem,—, I am displeased with her. 

Eiij adj. poss. her; its; — 6pamh, her brother; 
eomh nnmna, a eomi—inmdo, here is a bird, and 
there is its nest. 


y&f s. n. the seventh letter of tlie Russian 

HEaCa, s. f. zool. toad, pa Idock; ; med. angina, 

iKaOcHb, 5. m. ichth. toad-fish. 

jlKaOiiE'b, s. m. niin. toad-stone. 

iKuCuHEii, s. »j. bot. cotton-weed, cuckoo-bud; 
— Ma.iopocAbiii, cotton-rose. 

^iiOHbiii, adj. of, for or against quinsy; -Haa 
mpaea, hot. iron-wort; self-heal, paddock-pipe. 

Jrtta6u, s. n. indecl. frill (of a shirt). 

VKaCpeii, s. m. hot. calf's-snout, calves'-snout, 
cymbalaria-, galeopsis, snap-dragon, toad-flax. 

VKaOpu, s. f. pi. branchiae, gills; ,1 -OcpHbitt, 
adj. iHafl nepenoHKa, gill-cover, gill-lid. 

jKaBopoHUKi, s. m. om. lark; laverock: || — 
Aytoeou, sky-lark, titlark, titling: — no.ieeoii, field- 
lark; — vjpnuu, calandra, calendar;— J«o^;c;;ori, purr; 
il -HoqHuii, adj. 

^Karja, s. f. bot. pond-weed. 

J(l£a;i;HH^aHBC, s. n. thirsting after, avidity, 

iKa;^HHq:lTb, v. n. to be greody, thirst after, 

iKa;i;HOCTb, s. f. avidity, greediness. 

il£^i;i,HEitt, adj. greedy, covetous, avidious; 
sharp-set; eager; — m 6oiamcmoij, eager for riches; 
—do noOapKooh, bribe - devouring: j| "Ho, adv. — 
dily, — ly; -HO ncmb, to eat ravenously. 

^!S,k:^^sif s. f. thirst, thirstiness; uyecnwoeamh 
-;^y, to he thirsty; mo.uumbcfi -;^oh), to suffer 
from thirst, be dried up with thirst; eoaoyMOamh 
"HY} to make thirsty; nonyecmnoeamh -;i;y, to 
get thirsty; ymoAsmb -AJ? to quench or slake 
one's thirst; — ao.ioma, thirst for gold. 

jrK<a2s;];aTb, v. n. (pres. asaa5;^y), to thirst, be 
thirsty; jl v. a. (new) to covet, long for, lust after, 
thirst after, for. 

JKaK^TKa, s. f. iKaKCTOb, s. m. roundabout. 

^aEOHexi, s. m. jaconet. 

^aJieHie, s. n. stinging, sting. 

^ajHTb, V. a. to sting, prick, bite. 

litK^aJiuig, adj. piteous, pitiful, woeful, woful; sad; 
cdrbAai/ib -Eyio .mmy, to have a pitiful or piteous 
look; om -JiOKi*; he is to be pitied, he deserves 
to be pitied; -khm-b oSpaaoM^, sadly: — n7icamejn>, 
poor, wretched author. 

^aJiRO, adv. piteously, pitifuly. woefully, wo- 
fully; Mim onenb — , I am very sorry: it is a 
thousand pities; I pity him greatly. 

'MkjiOj s. n. sting; fig. shafts (of envy). 

IKliJioOa, s. f. complaint; grievance: lamentation; 
npunecmu -Oy, to lodge, make a complaint; «a- 
doibdavib ceou.mi — 6aMii, to annoy with one's 
wailings, lamentations. 

^{uJoOHUii, adj. complaining; wailful; plaint- 
ive, mournful, lugubrious, doleful; |i -ho, adv. 

JKa.iodn^HK'b, s. m. -mui^a, s. /. complainant, 


iKaJOBauie, s. n. granting, conferring. 

.SKajiOBaHHUJii, adj. gratified: -Haa depeeus, 
village received as gratuity; - Haa tpa.Homa, 
grant-charter, deed of gift. 

iK:-i.ioBaHfce, s. n. salary, allowance, wages, pay, 
payment; ciemz -Hba, pay-bill; uiii no.iyvaeim 
deohiioc — , he receives double pay: eMHur.iamt, 
ydcpmuoamb xuh -BaHba, to keep back part of 
salary, of M'ages; noAoeuunoe—, half-pay: obimb ua 
-BaHbH y iwto, to be in the pay of. 

iUiiJOBaTb, V. a. to grant, confer, bestow;— K«.«y 
3C.V.IH) n.ia—Koio acvAem, to grant land to a per- 
son; — opdeta, Hum h.ih — apdeuo.m,, to 
confer an order, a grade on a person; ' (koio), to 
favour, like; ona cio He -ayexi., she does not 
like h\m: npociiMh A)o6ui>tb uuch u — , we beg you 
to favour us with your friendship; |; f. ?<. to come, 
visit; om pibdr.o Kb aciuiyexi., he visits us 
seldom or he seldom romos to see us; i| part. p. 


152 — 


'fKk^0BaThca,v.n. (HaicoiOjUa H)iio),to complain, 
make complaints of, wail; -BaTbca ua koio gi, 
c)/^^, to sue or prosecute a person at law; to lodge 
a complaint with the magistrate against a person; 
om -.ij'exca «« dypuou npiejuh, he complains of 
having been hadly received; -BaTbca na eeoio 
6tbdHocmb, to bemoan one's poverty. 

aCaJOHepi, s. m. mil. marker, javelin-man: 
II -pcRitt; adj. 

'iKa^OH-B, s. m. mil. javelin, stake, staff. 

aCa.iocTJiHBHft, 'Mk.m6jinBU&f adj. com- 

iKa.iocTHHfi, adj. worthy of compassion; pite- 
ous, pitiful, woeful; lamentable, rueful; I] -ho, adv. 


iKaaocTb, s. f. pity, compassion; mercy; U3h 
-CTH, for mercy's sake, for pity's sake. 

^aJiysii, see ,}K,a.ii»3H. 

;iCajib, v. imp. it is a pity, I regret; onem—, it 
is a very great pity, it is a thoiismd pities; KaKh 
— ! what a pity it is!— .hm«) eio, Mun eio — , I pity 
him, I am sorry for him, I take pity on him; 
HUKOMi/ eto Hc—, nobody pities him; eMy — Kycna 
xMb6a, he is stingy of a piece of bread; djifi oacr, 
.MHtb mmeio ue—, I do not regret anything I give you. 

/KaJibHElfi, adj. of a sting. 

31£aa£Hie, s. n. regretting, pitying. 

iKa-iixb, no— (o uoMh, o ne.m), v. n. (now, 
nmo), V. a. to regret, be sorry for;— o nomepHHHO.m 
epe.neHU, to regi-et lost time;— o ceouxi oiuuomxz, 
to be sorry for one's faults; \\ to pity, have pity; 
to compassionate; h -ji-bh) o eamcMh Heciacmiu, 
I pity your misfortune; noa:aji*flTe eto, take or 
have pity on him; || to spare, grudge; He-'denei-o, 
not to grudge one's money; to be regardless of 
expense; «e -.i-BJn eiiua, the wine was not 

iEajiK)3H, s. f. pi. window-blind, Venetian blind. 

lKaH;i;apMepifl, s. f. gendarmery. 

/KaH^apM'b, s. VI. gendarme; 1| -MCKitt, adj. 

VKaHpHPT'b, s. m. painter of genre. 

JKaHpt, s. lu. paint, genre. 

ataHTMJibHHiaHie, -HHiaTb, see JKeMan- 


iKapa, s. f. heat; jinmniH -pUj the summer 
heat; KaKun—, it is extremely hot; doAio cmoflAU 
:rKapki, the hot weather has lasted long; mamm 
om% -pJJ, to be frying with heat; t>i6bi eio pac- 
mpecKaAHch om-o -pwj his lips were baked with 

VKaproH'b,^ s. m. jargon, slang, cant. 

3Kap.a;HHbcpKaj .?. f. flower-stand. 
VKapcHie, s. n. roasting, toasting, frying. 

HiapoHoe, see jKapKoe. 

'.KapiiTb, V. a. to roast, fry, toast, hTO\\;—toan- 
dun;/, to roast meat;— ^wr7//, to fry fish;- Kowuemw, 
to broil chops; |1 to parch, scorch, burn (of the 
S(tn;;|jto thrash, give a good drubbing to;||-ca, 
V. p. r. to be roistcd, be fried; to scorch; to broil; 
-ca «rt coAHHib, to be scorching in the sun; 
]| part. p. SEiipeiibifi. 

eKapiviit, 'i4j. hot, sultry, ardent, warm;— ^e/tt., 
a hot (lay: — cnopi, fij. a warm dispute; -Koe 
cpa.MCHie, a hot engagement;— Jioz/cs, torrid zone; 
6oh cmaiiooiimcH aiap'iP, the combat thickens. 

VKapKO, ado. dim. -KOHbKO, hotly, warmly; 
ardently: iie>ib vctnoiiJieua c.%Uihkom% — , the stove 
is heated too mucli; || v. imp. it is hot. 

iKapKOBiiTbifl, adj. rather hot. 

(KapROO, s. n. roast meat. 

'•KapuBHa, s. f. dim. -Beubua, chafing-dish; 

rCapoRofi, adj. -Biia myxua, heartli (of a 

'illsi\yh, s. m. heat; ardour; ]»urning fit {of a 

fever); 6rbX0Ka.iuAbHbiu.—, white-heat; cojiHeuHuii—, 
.luxopadoumiu—, the heat of the sun, fever heat; 
cuAbHMu — , scorchiugness; om e^ asapy, he is 
burning; eouHcmaeHHuu—, warlike ardour; npu- 
HHmbCH n SBapoMTi 3a pa^iomy, to set to work 
with ardour; ct, atapoMt, warmly; || embers, burning 
embers; live embers; 8u^pe6amb—v^^ neuu, to take 
the embers out of the stove; aadaAu aKapy, 
fig. they made it too hot for him; KaK^—toprbmh, 
to glitter like gold; prov.nyoKtiMupyKaMU—aatpe- 
6amt, to make a cat's paw of one; he beat the 
bush and another caught the hare; |1 SKapiJ, pi see 

IKapTb-HTUi^a, s. f. fairy-tale bird. 
iKaCMUHT., .s. m. hot. jasmin, jessamine. 
IKaTBa, s. f. harvest, reaping, crop, corn-crop; 
epeMH -BM, reaping-time: omopunHaH — , after- 
crop; || "-BeHHEift, adj. -Haa MamuHU, corn-cutter, 

VKaxb, V. a. irr. (pres. '^nj), to harvest, get in 
the harvest, reap, crop, mow, cut down; jpart. p. 

H£axb; V. a. irr. (pres. acjiy^, to squeeze, wring, 
press. strain; — ucny piyKy, to shake hands; — au-mohi, 
to squeeze a lemon; 6aiuMaKi XMext MHtb uoiy, 
the shoe hurts me, pinches me; || to oppress; f; -ca, 
V, r. to lay close; to be stingy; to pinch; -ca ^py^^ kj 
dpyty, to press close, stand or sit close to one another; 
lipart. p. aKaxEJfi. 

iK6aHi>, s. m. wooden can, jug: tub with 

HCBiiKa, JKBaqKa, s. f. cud, chew; rumination, 
chewing the cud; H cud, quid (of tobacco). 

'i^KBa'iHbifi, adj. chewing; ruminant; -naa 
Mbimv,a, masseter; -Hbia oKueomHua, ruminant 

iKryx-b, s. m. dim. aKryxiiKT!, braid, plait; 
twisti^d handkerchief;— «a ^noAemax^, shoulder- 

JIKryqecxb, s. m. vied, causticity, corrosiveness 
(of acid). 

JKryulfi, adj. burning: hot Co/" s/v/ct'sjj-j'i caustic, 
corrosive, corrodent; -qaa 6oAb, smart. 

JK;^axb, V. a. irr. to wait, wait for, stay for, 
expect; to cool one's heels; doMo, uaupacHO—, to 
wait to no purpose; nc ;K^Hxe ov^^ iieio nuueto 
xopomaio, expect no good from him: aj;ty ue 
dooKdijcb, KOida mou doMo ()y^em^ obicmpocm, I long 
for my house to he built; n lBfl,y nc doMdycb ami,- 
nsda, I wait impatiently for my de])arture: aacma- 
mmib doMO—'ieio nu6ydb, fig. to send a thing by 
Tom Long the carrier; | part. p. a:;i;aHBiii. 

>Ke, JKi., couj. hut, as to, now, then; om vott- 
demi, H a;e ocmanycb, he will go, but I shall 
stay; uino ase .nmb OihAamb? what shall 1 do then? 
omeibHaUme H;e, answer then; ny ;Ke, now come, 
come now; iioudeMi ace, come along: noida a;e.' 
when then? 1| ado. also, even; ceiodiiH ace, even 
to-day; ob mo ace epe.H.i, at the same lime, to- 
gether; OK'a oce mom^ SKe, ge is always the 

jlitCBiiKa, .s. c. chewer. 

VKeBauic, s. n. mastication, chewing; |[ —MeaMKU, 
rumination, cliewing the cud. 

VKoBaxeJibarjJi, adj. masticatory, chewing. 
JKoBaxb, V. a. to chew, masticate;— 3«tf«wy, to 
ruminate, chew the cml^—viafiaKo, to chew tobacco; 
11 -ca, v. p. to be cliewed; \\ part. p. accBaa- 

Vi£c3J[ora.i^aHie, s. n. rhabdomancy. 

VKe3J^onocc^'b, s. m. crosier - bearer, mace- 

iKesJit, «. m. sceptre, mace, crosier, staff, rod 
wand, warder. 

iKeJiUiie, s.n. desire, wish; will; coiAacm eto 


— 153 — 


oHiio, according to his wish; j/o -hih), to desire; 
according to one's desire; UMmnb — kt, hcmij hu- 
oijdh, to have a mind for; roprbim -esi'b, to burn 
with desire. 

VKejauHuit; adj. welcome, desirable, wished 
ioT\—iocmb, welcome visitor; daeHO—dcub, tlie long 
wished for day; -uaji MUHi/ma, the wished for 

/KeJiaTCifcHO, v. imp. it is desirable, desired. 
aJeJUTeJii.Hwft, adj. desirable, desired; i| wished, 
wishful; oumb -ay, to be wished; -HO 6u, 
it were to be wished; |i gram, optative: -hoc 
uaK.toxeHie, optative mode. 
iKejaxiinh, s. m. gelatine. 
H:teJiaTb, 0. a. to desire, wish, long; to bi' 
willing; w,i<)6m6 mo, ueio -jjiji'i., to have ones 
v,-ish\—do6pa, to wish well to;— new cmpacmno, to 
long for; OHh topnuo -.laexi., nmoou, he; is very 
sanguine of; -JiaJi'b ow h dnamt, nmo CKasaAh 9mo, 
I should like to know, who said it; h hc -jaio 
each fiejiiOKOiwib, I don't wish to intrude upon 
you; proc. .niioto -.laxb, dodpa ne eudamb, grasp 
all, lose all; || -ca, v. imp. Mun -aaexcH, 1 wish, 
I diQS\TQ\lpart.p. aseJiaanHtt. ^ 

jKeaBaRii; s. m. dim. - BaiOKi., tumour, scir- 

Hi^eje, s. n. indecl. jelly. 
iKejesa, s. f. dim. acejesKa, med. gland. 
ateaesHCXHft, adj. med. glandular, glandulous. 
iKi^aKHTXb, V. n. to grow yellow, take a yellow 

VKeaofiiicxHft, aZeaoOKOBaTHtt, adj. hot. can- 
aliculate, cauiliculated. 

IKeJoOuxb; V. a. to channel, hollow, flute, 
gutter; l| arch, to chamfer, chamfrain; || -oa, v. p. 
to be channeled, be hollowed. 

iKe.ioOoBaxutt, adj. gutter-formed; — KUMem 
I'na mpomyapaxi,). kennel-stone. 

VKe-iodoKTi, s. m. dim. small leaden pipe; faucet, 
recess; wat 'r-furrow; dib.iamb -6eh, to water- 

iKeJOfiooOpasHUft, adj. hot. obvolute, obvoluted. 
iKeJi66qaxuK^ adj. channelled, holloM'. 
aKeaoCi., s. m.. dim. -OoKi., -ooieni., gutter, 
spout, water - pipe, water - course; water - shoot; 
scupper, trougli; ,1 cmoHHua—, sink, house-eaves; 
— iiooh nane.wo (na mpomyapaxh), kennel-stone; 
jl mech. groove, s-^'ore, channel; cmpijih dAH eudaA- 
o.iusriHiH -OoB'ii, old-woman's tooth. 
iKeaxcHbKifif, see JKcituh. 
aiiCixexoHCKh, adj. quite yellow. 
VKeaxHSHa, - XHHa, s. f. yellow, yellow colour, 
yellowishness; sallowness. 

iKeaxiiTb, v. a. to colour yellow, paint yellow, 
::ive a yellow tint. 

/Kc.ixo, ado. yellow, of a yellow colour. 
VKe.ixoBaxocxb, ,9. f. yellowishness; sallow- 

IKejxoBaxbitt, adj. yellowish; 1| vied, icteritious, 
icteritous, sallow. 

iKcaxoOpi'oxifl, adj. yellow-bellied. 
JKejxoraaauft, adj. yellow-eyed. 
iKejxorojoBHHKit, s. m. hot. butter-flower. 
VKcJixorpy;^uft, adj. yellow-breasted; — nndn- 
poMHUKh, greenfincli (bird). 

VKcJixoKopeHb, s.m. hot. thrift. 
iJCejixoKi., s. m. yolk of an egg, yelk. 
xlio.ixo(|[)io.ib, . <;./". 6o^ wall-flower, white stock. 
iKcixyxa, .5. f. mvd. icterus, jiundice; jj hot. 
goos'.'-tougiie; ragwort, stagger-wort, weld, yellow- 
weed; li -yiiiuwft, adj. icteric, icterical. 

JK^JXbifi, adj. "jcWow-.—ipu^h, hot. calieta, ca- 
liette; — Kopeia, curcuma; — dp'ua, green-broom, 
green-weed; -xaa .tu.uii, day-flower, hemerocallis. 
i£e.lXbXb, 0. n. to grow m- turn yellow. 

iKe.lxaHH^a, .«. f. hot. safflower, bastard 

't^dAy^ifiVi'h, s. m. dim. -oqcKi, stomach, abdo- 
men; xeeapeiiie ••;^Ka, indigestion; cs uojuiumi, 
■■;^K0Mi>, full- stomached; cakouu—, squeamish 
stomach; y ventricle, paunch (of aniinahi; iiepabtu 
— , see Pyoei^t; u)iiopou — , see PyKanv. mpetnih 
— , see .iHTOHbfl, liHHffii;a; nemeepmuU — , see 

V!iejy;^oiHUrt, adj. of the stomach, stomachic, 
stomachical, abdominal. 

/K(».iy;i,b, s. m. dim. -;^0K'I., af-orii, mast; 
glandule; omKop.M.ieHHuu -j^aMii, fuU-acorned; 
II -Ai^^Bbiti, adj. 

VtZeJqiiuti; adj. I'ilious, biliary, of the gall; 
aitlaneth -. — meMttepa.HeHmh, bilious constitution; — 
ue.iooibKh, choleric, passionate man; — upowoKo, 
anat. bile-duct, biliary duct; — Kaiia.i-o, gall-duct; 
—Ka.neiib, bile-stone, g ill-stune; -naa jiuxopadxa, 
gall-sickness;— 'i!/3wi>&, gall-bladder; -naa trjpeub, 
bitterness of bile. 

VKeJiib, s. /'. bile, gall; fi(j. spleen; pucmpotamt, 
pacmeeeMimb — , to stir up the bile; om u3.iUAo 
ceoto—iia 6yMaiij, he gave vent to his bile on 
paper; om noAom a:eJi<iH; he is full of gall. 

jKej'bsa, see JKe.iesa. 

SEeJ-BSHCXbiti, adj. ferruginous, irony. 

HZeJiiiSKO, s.n. dim. head (of an arrow); plane- 

iKe.ib3Hnna, s.f. ichth. chad, shad, alose. 

JKealiaHOjllopoaiHHK'b, s. m. railway con- 
cessionaire; railway magnate. 

iKcJife3Ho;i;opoa;nMit, adj. railway. 

iKeabSHHii, adj. iron, of iron, irony; -huh 
dopota, railway, railroad; la, -HOtt dopoub, by 
rail; no6oH)iaH Aumn -Hoft doponi, branch-line;— 
3aoo^^, iron-works; -hoc uadibAie, iron-work;— 
Aucmh.^ iron-plate;— « .mbdnuu moaapi, hard-ware; 
.Me.tKie -Hue i/ioaapw, iron-mongery; — d.iecKo, iron- 
glance^ specular iron, oligist iron, oligistic iron; 
-naa pyda, iron-ore, earthy-ore, iron-stone; 60- 
AomnoH -eaa pt/da, bog-earth; -Hbie ohuaku, 
iron-dust, iron-filings, iron-sand; — ci/puiro, red- 
ochre, liematite;— .i".«"o, broken, old iron, scrap-iron; 
-naa oKa.iUHa, iron-scale; -naa oKUCb, peroxide 
of iron; -hoc oepeeo, hot. tree ot life, lignum- 
vitse: - Hoe adoposbe, fi(j. strong constitution; 
ynpaejiHmb -HOio pynom, to rule with a rod of 

iKejitsHaKi., s. m. iron-clay; iron-ore, iron- 
stone; 6ypuu—, bog-ore; Kpaciiuu—, blood-stone, 
hemitite; || firebrick; |i hot. vervain, lemon-plant, 

^KcJii^so, s. n. iron; doAsaHKoooe — , pig-iron; 
ooAvnoQoe-, Kpyt.ioe—, round-iron, rod-iron; oi>t/c- 
^(Qgoe—, Keadpamnoe—, square bar-iron; oaJbHo- 
auHuoe-—, n.immuAbWH'—, upoKamHoe—, rolled iron, 
drawn-out iron, mill-bar; uoAHucmoe—, corrugated 
plate; oo.toKiiucmoe — , soft iron, fibrous iron; 
MAboniniaitpoaaHHoe—, galvanised iron; aepiincmo- 
eoAOKHUcmoe — , — , cold-short iron, 
hot-short iron, red sear iron; aepitucmoe—, grained 
iron; Kodamioe—, hammered iron, black-work; 
KooKoe—, MHiKoe—, soft-iron, wrought-iron; KpuH- 
fific — ^ fined iron; Kpyiinoaepuricinoe — , coarse 
grained iron; .lucmoooe — , iron-plate, sheet-iron; 
.taws -3a, scrap-iron, broken-iron; MCAKojcpHU- 
C)„„e — ^ tiiie-grained iron; oopyinoe—, hoop-iron, 
hoops; ciuponpoKamuov—, mill-bars, puddled bars; 
ncpciprbmoi' — , burnt-iron; ueptKonanHat:—, half- 
converted steel; n.icHucmoe—. weak - iron, iron 
with black Sj)Ots; nodKnewx—, horse-shoe iron; 
Ho.iacneoc — , flat-iron, flat bar-iron, chmt-iron; 
npiimK<i9oe — , bar-iron, rod-iron; >iyd.%tiiiioooe—, 
puddled-iron; paKnoucmoe—, onicaceous, oligist 


— 154 — 


irou; pejibcoeoe — , rail-iron; cuoupcKoe — , Russian 
iron; cmapoe — , broken iron, old iron, scrap 
iron, nut-iron: jjnsHoe — , slitted iron, slit-iron; 
ceapoHHoe—, fagotted iron; copmoeoe — , merchant- 
ix-on; cupnoooe — , wrought-iron; mwspoeoe — , T-iron; 
meepdoe — , cast-iron, brittle iron; mouKoeoJOKHU- 
cmoe — , fine metal, refined iron; yiAoeoe — , angle- 
iron; XMidiiojioMKoe — , cold-short ironj xpyiiKoe — , 
brittle iron; KUHKoeandoe — , zinced iron; nepiioaumi- 
cmoe — , soft-weak-irou; meedcKoe npoKoeauuoe — , 
SwedisL' iron foi'god twice; meedcuoe cupoe — , fissile 
Swedisii ore; luuHuoe — , hoop-iron, hoops; OKoeaHuuu 
-30Mi>, iron-bound, iron-cased; — , KomopuMh KAeh- 
MHinh, brand-iron; ||^:>i"o<;. i:iju — nona zopnuo^ one 
must strike the iron while it is hot;||^Z. -JtBaa, 
irons, fetters; fig. chains. 

,ii£e.'i'j^3o;i;ijaTeJibHiiifl, adj. — auoodh, forge, 
iron-forge, iron-works. 

iKe.i'fesoa.iaBnJi&Hiaii, adj. — aaeodi, iron- 

•VKeJi'fesopiiSHHfl^ adj.—cmum, -Haa Mcicmep- 
cKiiH, slitting-mill; "HHfl hookhwhu, shears. 

iliteji'£3ii,e, s. n. dim. bit of iron, iron bit, piece 
of iron. 

IrEesiaHeHbe; see ^i,eMaHCTBo. 

itJSesiaHiiXbCfl^ V. n. to affect, mince, look prim. 

^e]iiaHHHii,a^ s. f. affected creature. 

JiikeMaHHEJii, adj. affected, mincing, prim; 
-HO, ado. — ly. 

iKeMaHCTBO, s. n. affectation, affectedness, prim- 
ness, mincing manners, namby-pamby. 

iKeMiyr'i., iKejuiyri., s. m. pearls, pearl; 
HiirtiKa -1.1, a string of pearls; caMuu Mejiniu — , 
pearl-seed, s»^ed-pearl; ao6jih -ra, pearl-fishery. 

iJSeM^TffljnHa, s. f. dim. acemqy^HHKa, pearl. 

jl!bC}i<iy2EHEJtt, adj. of pearls; pearly, pearled; 
-Hoe oowepcAbe, a necklace of pearls; "-Hwa 
6)bAUAa, pearl-powder, pearl-white; -naa pano- 
ouua, pearl - oyster, pearl - shell, nacker, nacre- 

jtKeHa, .s. /'. wife, spouse; uaxodurmcH nodb 6am- 
ManoMo caoeh -hh, to be hen-pecked. 

JKeHaTUj^, adj. married, wedded, wived (of a 

XeHHTB, V. a. to marry, wed, wive; oho -hhjii. 
(juHU Ha douepu ceoeto dpyia^ he married his son 
to the daughter of his friend; |1 -ca, v. r. to marry, 
be married, get married, take a wife; to wed, 
wive; "-ca na uepoeuib, to mismatch; pjrov. ne eai- 
Kiu aieHHTca, Kmo noceamaemcH, see BcaKiS. 

IKeHHTbOa, s. f. marriage, match, -wedlock, 

ateHiixi>, s. m. diih. -jimoii'h, bride-groom, 
betrothed; intended, suitor, wooer; y nee 6buo 
MHOw -xoBi., she had many suitors; H match; smo 
6oiu)Hbtu—j it is a rich match; jj marriageable 
young man. 

liiteuBa; cares, see JKena. 

jKcHoaioOuBMfl, adj. given to women. 

4KeHOJH>0ie, s. n. love of women. 

VKcHOMViKie, s. n. hot. gynandria. 

il£euouo;^60HJbiii, adj. effeminate, M^omanish, 

jKeaoiKa, dim. see JKeua. 

VKc-HCiiin, adj. woman's, women's; -CKoe^ 
side - saddle, lady's saddle; |1 feminine, female, 
womanish, womanly; — jioaz, female sex, woman- 
kind, womanhood; jj — ooAOCb, hot. see BoJioci; 
. -CKn, no -CKn, adv. like a woman. 

ilieHCTBenHOCTb, s. /'. womanliness, woman- 
ishness, feminacy, feminality. 

irKeucTUCHUuit; adj. womanish, smock-faced. 

liikeiiyuiEa, cares, .see JKcna. 

jKt'Hii^HHa, s. f. woman, female: auMyjicHJiM — , 
married woman; laic, feme-covert; cuaii.meuH — , 

scold, screw; nyo.muHUH — , a girl of the town; — 
nucamejibHima, authoress. 

iKep;teB6ft» i[l£ep;^aH6fi, adj. made of poles, 
of perches, of rods, of stakes. 

ji£kep;i;uHa, s. f. dim. -HKa, build, thin cross- 

ii£ep;i;b, s. f. dim. ai:ei>;i;Ka, a£ep;i;o^Ba; perch, 
pole, rod, stake. 

iKcpeOaa, adj. with foal (of a mare). 

SKepeOeu, iiiepe6if«, s. m. lot; no -d&io^ by 
lots; II part, share, portion; mm.iuu — , tax, duty. 

iKepeOeHOKt^ s. m. dim, -oieETi, colt, foal; 

iitepeoeni., s. m. dim. -peO^HETb, stallion, cob; 
ucnancKiu — , genet. 

jEepeOuTbca, v. n. to foal (of a mare). 

iKepedbeBbiii, adj. obtained by lot. 

iiiepeSaiifl, adj. foal's; || stallion's. 

iKepcBiiKa, jilepoBisEa, see KjiKKBa. 

iKep-io, s. n. mouth, orifice: i| crater (of a 

iSepHOBt, s. m. mill-stone, grindstone, edge- 
stone; II -Bofi, adj. -Bofl KaMeub, mill-stone, burr- 

jlKepTBa, s. f. victim; offering, sacrifice; oblation; 
— y.wKAOcmuGjieuiji, j)i^opitiatory victim, peace- 
offering; — ucKyuAeniH, victim of expiation; ouu- 
cmume.ibHaH— , trespass offering, sin-offering; npu- 
uecmu ceCn ea -By omeneemay, to offer one's life 
for one's country. 

SKepxBeHHHKt, s. m. altar, altar of offerings; 
small altar; || astr. Ara (constellation). 

xKepTBeHHHfl, adj. of sacrifice, sacriticatory, 
sacritical, sacrificial. 

SKepxBOBaHie, s. n. sacrificing. 

iKepTBOBaxeJib, .5. m. -HHna, s. f. one who 
gives a thing for some benefaction. 

jEepTBOBaxb, v. a. to sacrifice, immolate, offer 
up; — Mod)b^ to sacrifice to fashion; » -XByio «o 
6rbdHUX'o cmo py6.ieu, I give a hundred rubles for 
the poor; — endow, to sacrifice one's self for, im- 
molate one's self. 

iUepxBonpHHomeHie, s. n. offering, oblation, 
sacrifice; Mtbcmo -lueHia, hihl. high-place. 

iliepxBonpHHOCHxeJiB, s. m. offerer; sacrificant, 
sacrificator, sacrificer. 

iKepxByioii^iH, part. pr. —cooow, self-devoted. 

jKepyxa, s, f. hot. water-cress, dittander. 

iKecxHKyjiHpoBaxb, v. n. to gesticulate. 

JKecxHKyaaii,ifl, s. /'. gesticulation. 

iKfiCXKlii, adj. dim. acecxKOBaxbiii, hard, 
harsh, rough, tough, stiff; stale (hread); -Kaa 
nocmeAb, hard bed; -Kaa oopoda, rough beard; 
-Kaa Kooica, rough skin; -Koe m»co, tough meat; 
jj -KO, adv. hardly, roughly; -kg HaKpaxMaAenHbiu 
eopomHum, stiffly starched collar; -ko cnamb, to 
be lying on a hard bed;proy. mhiko cmeAetm, da -KO 
cnamb, sweet as honey and bitter as gall. 

VKecxEHyxb, v. n. to grow or become hard; to 
harden; to grow rough. 

ilvecxK0Kpr.fJiMfi,«4y. m,xaaHacn,KOMbia, coleop- 

IKecxEocxb, s. f. hardness, harshness, roughness; 
toughness; stiffness. 

VKecxoKift, adj. cruel, atrocious; smarting, 
severe, rigorous, violent; grievous; sharp; outra- 
geous; dog-hearted; ?,ov(i(of grief); "KHm dyma, cruel 
soul: ^liiiii 6o.m:)iib, a servere disease; -huh ooitda, 
grievous insult; -sla .Myucni.'i, atrocious tor- 
ments; "Kaa 6oAb, excruciating pain, acute pain; 
-Kaa cmyoica, excessive cold; -Kaa ^yjt.ifa, rigorous, 
severe winter;— (/ftwe^ro, violent, high wind;— voh, 
a fierce battle; -KOe oCpuuienie, cruel treatment, 
ill-usage;|l-KO, a.?i>.— ly; -ko noKo.wniHiiib, to give 
a severe drubbing. 




iKecTOKocep^^ie, s. n. hard-heaitedaess, cruelty, 
cruel ness. 

iKeCTOKOcep^^hift, adj. cruel, hard-hearted; rock- 
hearted; :; -AO, ado. cruelly, without pity. 

iEecToKOCTB, 6'. /'. frnnlty, cruelness; atrocious- 
ness, atrocity; rigour, severity; fierceness, violence; 
Soreness (of grief), sharpness. 

ilieCTue, coinp. of jKecxKiii and jrKeCTKO. 

iKecT'Jb, s. m. gesture, action, sign. 

iH£eCTb, s. f. tin, tin-plate, iron tinned over, 
latten, white-iron, iron coated witli tin; — 
ci:uH, Mack iron-plate;— P2/ccKa/<, tin-plate. 

/KccTBTb, see JKecTKuyTb. 

^cCTHUUK'ii; s: 111. tinman, white-smith. 

jKeCTaHEa^ s. f. dim. -hoiku, tin-box; || -hoi- 
HU&, adj. ^ 

iKeCTflHofl, adj. of tin, tin;— hui,uko, tin-canis- 
ter; -HJiii noci/da, tin-ware. 

jliexoH'b, s. in. dim. accTOHiuKT^, counter. 

iKeibj 0. a. irr. (pres. a>ry), to burn, consume: 
— KOifie, to burn or roast coflee; cepdne acaieTii, 
jjop. I have the heart-burn; Kpunuea a^ajeT'i., tlie 
nettle stings; 1| v. imp. Muib aca:eT'i> zAaja, my 
eyes smart; || -en, v. p. n. to be bnrnt: to burn, 
sting, prick; oionb 2c:£exca, the fire burns; upa- 
miea af aiexca, the nettle stings or pricks; umo au 
aj^execb y neuKU? why are you baking near the 
stove? xopomin euua acryxca, fig. fine wines cost 
dear;|ii>a»-^ p. acajeauM. 

JiKacenie, s. n.. burning, consuming. 

SK^eHKa, s. f. a kind of hot punch. 

j£nBUKa, s. f. hot. sideritis, siderite. 

H^HBiixcJib, s. m. -Hiii^a, s. f. vivifier, reviver. 

IKuBiixeJiBBBiri; adj. vivifying; jj rued, aggluti- 
uant, agglutinative. 

j3£nBiiXB, V. a. to vivify, give life to; to animate; 
10 revive, reanimate; ;-ca, v. n. to profit. 

/KaBMH, ado. see jKetb. 

iKuBHOKXb, s. /". collect, fowl, poultry; ij victuals. 

VKhbO; adv. briskly, quickly, promptly, wantonly; 
OHb—9mo cdib.iaeim,, he will do it in a moment; 
aiBBBC pe6Hma'. now then, my lads! 

lKnBo;];epHa, s /'. knacker's yai'd, flaying-house. 

iKMBo;i;epi«, s. m. knacker, flayer, slaughterer; 
fi(j. fleecer. 

IKuBoe, 8. n. quick flesh, live flesh; aadttmb 
ja—, 3a7npOHyint> m — , to touch, to sting one to 
the quick; dmo .hchu aadiboaerm aa — , that goes 
to my very heart. 

^UBott, adj. alive, living; owo eme aiUBB, eme 
0-h -Bhixt. he is still living; "Boe ci/mecmoo, a 
living being; Botb 6i/dein-> cyoiwib -Bi.ixi. u Mepm- 
eux^, God will judge the quick and the dead; 
1naM^ ne guao — di/mii, there was not a living soul; 
• — H3w:h, a living language; -Bua Kupmimu, 
tableaux vivants; noKa acBBi. 6ydy, as long as 1 
live; Ou -Bi'.rx'i., above ground; ji live, lively, quick, 
brisk, sprightful, sprightly, spiritful, spirituous, 
wanton; -Baa uaiopodb, quickset liodge, liedge- 
row, quick fence; ^him ypomiuie, natural boundary; 
-Boe .vMco, live flesh, the quick; -Boe eoo6pajice- 
nie, lively imagination; -Baa aoOa, running water, 
spring v,'&tev;—pe6eH0Ki, lively child: -Bhie zauju, 
bright,sparklingeyes; — y.Hb,\ivelywh,mind;—ii/tmm'o 
.tuna, bright complexion; -Boe cxodcmao, striking 
likeness; -Baa y.iUKu, eye-witness, ocular evidence: 
—Mocm-o, flying or floating bridge; luynib ua -Byio 
HumKy, to baste, tack: cOwAumb -bum pyKom, to 
do in liaste, hastily, quickly: hu vnvivihy hk. .vepmoh, 
in a great, mortal frigljt, in len-ible anxiety; om, 
depeim ch -aaro u a Mepmaaio, he takes from 
all; he is ready to rob the very dead; all's fish that 
comes to his net; acHBi) u adojwob, safe and sound. 

jKaBOBOCXb^ 5. /'. b'lt. consound, comfroy, lark's- 
hecl, lark-spur. 

ilvBBOUui-Bufi, adj. vivifjing, vivific. 

ii^BBuaacaxb, v. a. to paint, depict, describe. 

jKaBoaucoi^'b, s. m. painter, picture-drawer. 

orKuBunacuocxb, s. f. pictui-esqueness. 

VKaBouiiCHbifi, adj. picturesque, pictorial; 
-Boe Mibcvioii'JA/jMceHie, picturesque site: !| -ho, 
a(/i;.— ly. 

iUuBonucb, s. f. painting, picture;— .«ac-i/»MN;KW 
KpacKaMU, painting in oil; neuauMuaa — , landscape- 
painting; — cyxuMU i:pucKu.HU, crayon-painting. 

iKaB0[)6;^Hrjfl, lKaBupo;i(aaj,iti, adj. tool. 

HikfiBopocJib, 8. m. zool. zoopliyte. 

iiijiBo;)».iOHMtt, adj. — cadoKi, fish-pond, nurse- 

jUkUBOCxb, s. f. vivacity, liveliness, ardour, anima- 
tion, quickness, briskness, spiritfulness, wantonness, 
speed, sprightiulness; — ?/.««, readiness oi' wit; — 
6oMt, smartness. 

iUHBOXBopeaie, s. n. vivificatiou. 

iiiiiBoxBopiixb, V. a. to vivify; to reanimate, 

:bKaB0XB6pHfaiii, iKHBOXBopau^iii, adj. vivific, 
vivifying; life-giving. 

jiKnaoxuKii, dim. see jKhbott>. 

iiiuBoxKHa, s. f. cattle; li fig. beast, brute. 

jikHEoxuoe, s. II. animal; uemeepoHOioe — , quad- 
ruped; deynoioe — , biped: HemupexKonumnoe — , 
quadrisulcate; li/V;^. beast, brute. 

liiHBOXHopacxeHie, s. n. nat, hist, zoophyte. 

iKHBoxaocxb, s. f. animality. 

iiiHBOXHbiH, adj. of life; (i animal, of animals; 
— MUiHemunMo, animal magnetism; -Hoe uapcmeOy 
animal kingdom. 

^nBOXO.iio6iiBU&, adj. loving live, attached 
to live. 

SKHBOxoaibfiie, s. n. love of life. 

VtiBBOxpenemyn^ifi, adj. alive, living, full of 
life; -maa puoa, a fish leaping alive; ,i;iy. the 
most interesting (question). 

iiiHBOx'b, s. m. dim. -xbex, life; .iuiuumt>cji 
-xa, to depart this life; Aiimumb -xa, to put to 
death; -xomx. u cuepmbto Boih eMidnemi, uh -xi 
u c.Mepmu lioio eoAeub, God disposes of life and 
death; oiib loouAi eio ne na — , a Ha c.Mtpmb, coll. 
he thrashed him to death; dpambcn ne hu—, a na 
CMtprnD, to tight to the deatli: —(Ub'iHbiu, life 
everlasting; |, belly, stomach, abdomen; y .whh— 
6oM(mb, i Imve a stomach-ache, a belly-ache; y 
.'.ieiiH 6ypHumb oh -xb, my gut rumbles; oypHanie 
do -xi, a rumbling in the bowels; pw3b 6b -xb, 
gripes in the stomach; HaOopeavib ceotb -xhku 
uvib CMibxa, to split one's sides with laughing; ;ii)i. 
-xf.J, goods, chattels. 

iKuBVifcCXb, ,s. /'. viability, tenacity of life. 

jKaayiiii, adj. viable, able to live; n tenacious 
of life (of animals); om, -BVii. KUKb KinuKa, he 
has as many lives as a cuv, i,bot. -qaa inpaau, 

iiiuBvuuil, adj. living; ace -n^ee, every living 

lUuBqMKi>, s. m. lively cliild, sprightly ciiild. 

UiuBbeuxi, ado. alive. 

JiiaB-iiXO, s. /(. indecl. name of the Slavonian 
letter iii. 

lUurauyxb, v. a. to lash; fiy. to cause a loss; 
oll^ .\icHH -ay.ib «a HneKOAbKopy6*eu, lie occasioned 
me a loss of some rubles. . 

VKHrya('a,'b, s. m. hot. bertram. 

".liHry'iitt, adj. burning, slinging; .sie iKryniH. 

;KHAHTb, 0. a. to liquel'y: to rarefy, dilute. 

;Ki<AKiii, adj. dim. a;iiAeHbKlii, -KOBaxufi, 
liquid, fluid; waterish; -uia vmAa, liquid or fluid 
bodies, fluids; •; rare, thin; uosoyxh aiiixe eudu, 
air is thinner than water; -Kaa OopoOu, a scanty 


— 156 


scratch-wig; -Kie eoAOCbi, thin 

beard; —napuKn, aoia,i,uu-Y, ig, -x.x^ y,^,,^^^^, 

hair: -kIji causku, thin cream; .nau aiHji.OK'b, the 
tea is weak, not strong enough; | flexible, pliant, 
supple;— ?ii??/w'>, flexible rod.^ 

HChabO; adv. dim. acHj^eHBEO, in a liquid 
manner; il not strong. 

iKu;^KoeTb, s. f. fluidity, liquidness, waterish- 
ness; \\ li^quid, fluid. 

VKH;i;oBKa; s. f. Jewess. 

iKe;^oBCKaa cmo.isi, see Ac(|)aabTi. 

5KH;i;oBCKitt, adj. Jewish, Jew-like: Judaic. 

1KH;^6BCTB0, s. n. Judaism. 

VKHj^oBCTBOBaxb, V. n. to judaize. 

kKH^^OMop'i., s. m. -opKa, s. f. skinflint, mi- 

}Kh;i;i>, s. m. Jew, Hebrew; etbUHuti—, the wan- 
dering Jew. 

',Kn;i,-BTb, V. n. to grow fluid; to liquefy; to 
become rarefied, grow thin. 

^Hacii, s. f. dim. a:H^Hii,a, anything that is 
liquid; juice, gravy. ^ ^ 

iKuace, comp. of Vli:H;i;Kifi and 'iKuji,KO. 

}EH3He;i;aBei;'b, iKH3He;i;aTe.ib, s. m. giver of 

;Kn3He;i;iiTe.iBHHtt, adj. giving life. 

/KH3HeHH0CTb, s. f. vital principle, vitality. 

'<KH3HeHHHtt, adj. vital; of life; -HHe npuna- 
cu, provisions, victuals, stores; -Hoe depcoo, thuja, 
arbor vitse, tree of life. 

iKiiSHeonucaHie, s. n. biography, life. 

iKHSHeoniicaxeJibj s. vi. biographer. 

aKnsHeonucaTeJBHBift, adj. biographic, bio- 

iKH3Hei)a;i;ocTHOCTb, s. f. joy of living, cheer- 
fulness, buoyance. 

iliu3Hepa;i;ocTHHfi, adj. joyous, cheerful, 
buoyant; j| -HO,, ofZy.— ly. 

/KH3Hecuoc'6r)HOCTb, s. f. vital capacity, viabil- 
ity. ^ . . -, 

VKHBHecnocoOHBiH, adj. capable of living; i| med. 


/KH3Hb, s. f. life; living; goings, goings on; 
npodo.xMammiacn acw—, life-long; Cydyimn, aa- 
tpooHnn—, the future life, life to come, the next 
world, after-life, after-state; ei admuneu sckshh, 
here below, in this world; noAOJicumb aa koio conm 
— , to give one's life for a person; eecmu cnoKou- 
Hynj — , to live a life of ease: onpaso iEii3Hii, po^^ 
2EH3un, way of living, course, way or manner of 
life: the tenor of man's life; aecmu aeceAi/m—, to 
lead a jolly life; to play the boon companion; 
.lynuee epe.MH ikhshh, the pith of life cndHuaH 
— , a sedentary life; npaon.thHhm o6pa3h aciisiiH, 
the even tenor of one's way or life; e.mj—KoneuKa, 
he counts his life for nothing;— ffHOfe-J a na oojiocKib, 
life vras hanging by a thread; .idttcb — dopoia, 
living is dear here; nu or, — , never; n oh — cooio 
e.ny smoio ne npomy, I will never forgive him as 
long as I live; npjn 'jimnn, during life, during 
one's lifetime; n «e .von, f)u edtb.iamb dinow^ ecAu 61,1 WL.10 dajice :kii3Iiu, I could not do it for 
my life; npu skiishh cooeio Opama, when his 
brother was alive; no — , for life; na — n na 
cuepttih, for ever; /? n 7BM3UII ne pad;,, nmo, I am 
extr. mely vexed or grieved that;— ?«h KOiueAem! 
deliver! your purse or your life! pror. nanooa — , 
manntih u noncm, people die as they live. 

',liii.iii, s. f. dim. ;kii.ik)1, asuaotiKU, vein; 
cyxafi—, tendr)n, sinew; || nerve (in a /efif);\\gi',ol. 
vein, load, lod(!, seam, shotul, matrice, ore-stone: 
—(fodimaH, vein of water, spring (of water); \\pop. 

VKujeubc, s. n. squeezing out: swindling. 

jikHjeT'b; s.m. dim. ;KHjeTei^T., HtH-icrnKT., 
■waistcoat; \\ -THuli, adj. 

^Hjei^'b, .s. m. iKHJiHn;a, s. f. lodger, dweller; 
OHi ne—ceio .vipa, fig. he will not live long. 

fKHaHCTbifir, VKiiJiOBaTbifi, adj. veiny, venous, 
sinewy; li fibrous, stringy, filamentous; j| musculous. 

^n.iHXb« V. a. to squeeze out; to swindle; to 
quibble, chicane, cavil (at a game); \\ -ca, v. r. 
to exert one's self, force one's self, strain one's 
self, strive. 

JKn.iuii];e, s. n. lodging, abode, dwelling, dwell- 
ing-house, domicile, home-stead, seat. 

VKHwiKa,.?. /". dim. see JK.HJia; — y pacmenih, string, 
fibre; nerve; pendicle; rib, beard; cpedHsn—, mid- 
rib (in a leaf); fig. nonacmh 05 "Ky, to hit the 
nail on the head. 

^KHJEOBaxEifi, adj. veiny, veined, fibrous, 

^HJottj adj. habitable, inhabitable, tenantable; 
xjoe cmpoenie, an inhabitable building; -Jibie 
noKOU, habitable ryoms; || inhabited. 
JKHJiouKa, dim. see fltH-ia, jKHiica. 
^<iHHi];<a, s. f. hot. byssus. 
IKHJibe, s. n. dwelling, domicile, habitation; 
II storv, floor; uuHcnee - , ground-floor. 

^H.ibHbiJi; jfKuJOHHbift; adj. venal, of veins. 
SKaMOJOCTb, s. f. hot. honey-suckle; caprifole: 
K03hH — , wild honey-suckle, woodbind, woodbine. 
lKiipaHji,oJib, s. m. girandole. 
Jliupaco.ib, s. f. girasole (stone). 
5KHpa(J)'b, s. m. zool. giraffe, camelopard. 
JKnpHHii, adj. dim. -HeHbKifi, fat, greasy; 
stout, corpulent; squabbish; — xapuffimi, fat face; 
||c/it'/«. sebacic, adipic; |j -ho, adv. dim. -HeHbKo. 
fatly, greasily; fig. coll. -ho oyOem-h, it will be 
too much. 

iiCnpoBHK'b, 5. m. min. steatite, French-chalk. 
iKHpoBofl, adj. fat, fattened; suety; jj anit. 
adipose, adipous; i| -Boe nmitO, wind-egg. 
JKHpOTOHHH, s. f. melting-house. 
VKHpoTOH'bj s. m. fat-smelter. 
VKupii, s. m. dim. acnpoK-b, grease, fat, 
suet; II puoiu — , train-oil; || Kumoohiu — , whale-oil, 
spermaceti, sperm; speck, blubber. 

iKapiiTb, V. n. to grow or become corpulent, 
fat, stout; to fatten. 

JliHpjiK'b, s. m. zool. daman. 
iitHTeflCKiff, adj. of life; -Kia .laoomu, cares 
of life; II worldly, earthly; -Kaa cyema, worldly 

VKMTOjb, s.m. -HHi^a, s. f. inhabitant, resident, 
resider, dweller; lopodcKoh—, townsman, cit; ce.ih- 
ckIv, depeoeucKiu — , countryman; npupodHun — 
cmjiauu, native. 

liiiixeabCTBO, s. n. dwelling, residence, home, 
domicile; abode, sojourn, habitation; om nepetbxajn. 
Ha— Oh depeoHKi, he removed to the country; oiuemh 
na — , abode license; omcymcmnic n.n .'.mcma -Ba, 
non-residence, aV)Scnce from home. 

LiiHTP.ibCTBOBaxb, V. n. to reside, live, dwell, 
lodge, abide, sojourn. 

HiHxie, s.n. life: || biography (of a saint). 
Vi^iixiiiiK'b, s.m. zool. harvest - mouse, field- 
mouse, campagnol. 

;lLitxuuu,a, s.f. granary, corn-loft, corn-house, 

iKiiXHrjil, ddj. of corn; of barley; — 6)';(>j)5, corn- 

^Kiixo, s. n. corn, bread-corn, grain; |1 barley; 
\proi-. (tcfiKaw Hciixa no jionamn, there are some 
of all sorts. 

' ilviixoxpanH.inu^e, s.n. see WiHTHima. 
! UbHXb, 0. n. irr. (pres. jehbv), to live, be alive; 
I to subsist;— c<?ojf.«9<. mpy^aMU, to live by one's 
' labour; — na coon cpedcmoa, to support onp's 
I self; — orof^HMKO.M7,, cuouMh, to live by 
j one's self: — 6apunoM%, to live like a lord:— 


— 157 — 


omKpbimo, to keep open house; to keop an open 
table;— no janoewdH.Mo, to live according to the 
commandments; e.w// He'itbMo—, he has nothing to 
live on;— .cuhooMh, to live upon hroad; — na ueh 
rucim, to live at another person's expense; to quar- 
ter one's self upon another; 'jau.J-h-o'jt.ih KopoAb, in 
times of old there M'as a kii\g;—npi(nth<in>oHu, to 
live in clover;— co Ohm mi deub, — Kdico 6u denb k» 
senepi/, to live from hand to mouth; cdaauMmiib 
HibMh—, to have barely wliere