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bnaoDccvmr Votm T 

I>KxrACB la 

L Tkk Old Ptvchboh Family .... IT 

IL Tarn Littls Sbot-Wiidow 46 

nL Tbb Fiut Ccstomkk 60 

IV. A D*T BsHiitp Tak ComiTU 76 

v. Mat Aim XorBMBKm 9t 

TX Macli's Wbu. no 

VII Tai Gl-kst 128 

Vin. Tbe Prscneos of To-dat Ms 

IX. CLirrosD asd Phibbk I6S 

S. The Ftxcrbom Gakdeh ITS 

XL Tns AkCHSD WiaDow 193 

X[L Tbb Daguebbsottpibt ...... SOS 

Xm. Alice Ptxcheo!i JS4 

XIV. Pbixiib's Good-bt Si) 

XV. The Scowl add Svilb S6C 

XVL CurroMD's CnAXsaK !S.$ 

XVH Tub Flicbt or Tvo Owis .... 300 


XIX. Alice's Pobiu ....... 336 

XX. Tbb FLOWEm op Ema 3S5 

XXL Tbb Dbpabtdkb 366 



PbuaC* 3BI 






Ix St>pU<iiibur of Um) yi-ar during tlic PtbruakT^ of 
vliieh liawtborDe luul oooipleted "Tlio Scarlet Let-.. 
ter.** he Iwgin "The Uowmi of U>« Seven GulJiw." 
HeaowbUc be luul rvcwved froin Salam to Lenox, in 
Berkntair* Coaut]^, MjuaacbuHnttit. i»bfT» Iw (xx'oipied 
with lits bntljr a aaudl rod wikhIcu huiue, still stand- 
ing at tlu due uf this edilioa, unu* tfae Stockliriilge 

•■ I tUi&'n't liavc tlur B<'w «ton,' n:-*<iy by November," 
be bxjiIiuimkI to bia pablisbor, iia ibe lat of Octobei 
" fur I un never f^xl fur uuythinf; in tlw litnnu^ 
vay till after tbo fint autumnal frost, wbicli baa 
aonuntluit such an effect on my imagination that it 
tloM on tbe fuliagv here about nic — multi^tlying and 
brij^fabounx it» boes." But by \igt>rous ap|>licatioD 
be wan altlii b> voiu|ilr'tit; the nvw work about iJie mtd- 
iU« of tbe Jano&r}* foUowin((. 

Since reseaivb bait iIincImlhI th« manner in which 
tI>o romanMi i» intenrovt-n witli invidi^ta from tl>o 
luUury of thi» Havrtburne family, "Th« House of the 
Sena Gables" has turtgLiintl im tnt«re!it apart from 
that by which it firvt appealed to tbi^ public. Job 
Uatbomo (aa the name wan iti«n flpell«d>, the 
gnndfkther of Natkuucl Uuwthorae, was a magi*] 



trftto Rt Snlem in tlin latter port of the servntMnth 
centiuy, and officiutnl . at tbe faniona trialii for witcb- 
ornft<J there. .1> ji of rcoonl tlint h<i usod pvculior 
severity towards' if 'fcrtain wutnan who was among the 
iwtiused : aud ' Jltf liutiband of this woinan |iro[>hi.'aiMl 
that Ood W»'(^i toki^ rvvongc u]M>a his wife's perse- 
cutors. ' This oiKomsbuioe doubtlees furnished a hint 
for tbat t«ec« of tradition in thu book which rvpnv 
sentS-.WJ'j'ncheon of a former generation an having 
perceoMtod mie Maidf-, why d<^;litn-«l Uot God would 
. ^Vs his vneiny "blood to drink." It became a con- 
• '■■^ttion with the Ilawtltonie family tliat a curse had 
'■'•. b«eit pronounced iiiran itn members, which ountinoed 
in force in tlic time of the romancer; » oonvictioQ 
perhaps dcrivecl from the rocordwl prophet-y of the ia- 
jiirt'd woman 'a husband, just mentioned ; and, hero 
sgain, we have a oorresiwndvuoo with Maule's male- 
diction in thv stoiy. Fkinlicrnmn-, tlwre oecura in tlic 
"American Note-Books" (August 27, 1887), a remi 
nisuoQW of the Author's family, t*) the following effoi-t. 
Philip English, a character well-known in early Ralem 
annulK, wa» among thorn who HiifTcix>d from John 
Ilathome's maf^isterial hnmhncss. and he maintained 
in coniieqiii^ncc a lasting feud with Itic old Puritan 
official. But at his death Engltfsli U*ft daughter^ one 
of wltom ia said to liare married tJie son of Justio* 
John Itatliomc, whom Kngliith had dw^arcd be would 
nevor forgive. It is Bcarcely timeesary to point out 
how clearly thin fon>NluuIuwH the final tmion of tliose 
hereditary foes, the Pracheons and ^laiiles. through 
the marriage of Pbcelie and Holgiavc. 'Hn- Kinuince, 
however, describes tlie Kfanles aa poaaessing some of 
tile trtuts known to ha^'e l>een characteristie of the 
llawthanies : for example, " so long as any of the race 







B be fmmd, tfanjr bad bc«& nutrlted oat from 
otber men — not atrikiDgljr, nor as with a sliarp Itm<, 
but with an vtlvtt that «rw felt rather than spidun of 
— b; an beieditaiy chancteristic of maerre." Thus, 
while tfaa gmanl mggntian of the Hawthortie line 
and its fortuoee was followed in the rotraiu<c. tJin 
PrnrhMiaa talcing the place of tfa« author's faniiljr, 
eertain distinfraiJung oaarica of tbe Hawthomes wero 
mil. I ml to the ima|;inary Maule jwMtt'rily. 

Them are one or two other points whkh iudi<.>atd 
Hawthorne's method of baAin^ kia (.■ompontionn, ilio 
result in the main of pore inrration, on the solid 
gniand of partinnlu' facu. Alltuion is made, in th« 
fint efaapter of the **S«ven Gubles," to a gian^rfx., 
lands in Waldo Cofmtr, Maine, owned b; th« Pyo- 
dwoa family. In tbe ** Ammvan NottsBonlcs " there 
ta an entry, dated Augtut 12, 18^17, which speaks of 
the R«rotatioBary f^enend, Knox, and his land-^rant 
in Waldo County, by virtue of whii^h tbe owner bad 
biped to establtab an estate on the KnglUh plan, witli 
a Muutiy to tnaki; it profitable for him. An incident 
ef BHteh greater importanoo in thu story is tbe sop- 
poeed murder of one of tbe I^rntJieona by his nephew, 
lo whom wc arv introduood a* Cliff»nl Pyncbeon. In 
all probability flawtliome oonnwtMl with this, in his 
mind, ibf omrdiT of Mr. While, a wealthy genUeman 
of Sal^^n, IoUhI by n luan wboui his nt^'pht-w \uiA hired. 
This took pbM; a ffw y*ars after llawtbom.-'* ^roA- 
nation inta eoUegc, and was one of the celebrated 
of the day, Daniel Webster taking part prou- 
itly b the trial. Hut it sh'Kilil )>e observed here 
that snrli reeemhUttces aa tbne between sundry elo- 
metitn in the work of Hawlliomc'H fttney and details 
o( really are only fisf^eotary, and are reartaagMl 
to suit tho autbor'a j>urpo8es. 



In tJiti Kutnf vxj- be haA niaHo hiit dcHcriptioti of 
Hcpul«Lh fynvlMmn's seven-^bled luaiuiion conform 
%o ticarlj U> seventJ old (lweIliii;;;H formcrlv »t tttill vx- 
tant in Sak-in, tUal strcQuwis vflurt« luive beon made 
to flx upon sonie one of them aa the veritable e^liiioe 
of thf ruinaiii'W. A t)iintgRti>h in the ojH-niii]; clia]>ter 
lias perhapti assisted tiiiii deluHioo that tberu must 
hnvu bvun a single original Hou»c of tlio Seven 
Gables, framed by flesb-aod-blood carpenters; for it 
runs tbuM : — 

" Familiar aa it stands in the writer's reootlectioD 
— for it ha.t U'l'n an objr^t of ciirinsity with hita 
from boyhood, both us a spi-i-imen of tho best and 
Htat«liiwt arc!hit4^*turv of a t«»g-]uuit o^h, and aa tho 
scene of erents more fall of interest perhaps thim 
thcwu of a gray ft-iuliil castle — fainiltar as it i^t^idit, 
in its msty old age, it is tiiercfoiti only the mow; diffi- 
cult to iniiigiiM- the bright novelty with which it tint 
iMdUght the sunshine." 

UuudrwU of {nlgrims annually vixit a ImoM in 
Salem, belonging to on« branch of tlie IngersoU 
family of that jilace, whieh ia stonily niailitaine<(l to 
have hcim the niodel for llavrthomc's visionary dwell- 
in;;. Others have an[>[msed that the now viinUIwd 
house of tile itloutiuil Philip English, whose blood, aa 
we have already notieed, became mingle*] with that 
of the Havrtlionie^ »iip)>lii«l tJie |Kiltvrn; and still 
a third building, known as the Curwen mansion, luut 
\}kmti di-ubtre<l Uie only genuin« estitbli^hmcnt. Not- 
withstanding per8ist4-nt jMpular belief. tJie auUientidty 
of all %\n'*« must {Msitively be denied; although it vt 
possible tluit isoliited remini^^vm-eH of uU tlinw may 
have blended nith the ideal image in the niind of 
Uawthomo. He, it will l>u aven, ruuarlui in tho Prol- 


■Ml^ allildu^ Ui fabntdf in tlia thin) peraon. that he 
IbbMb not to be modeuum) for " lajing out m •trevt 
tfttt inhingM apoo nolxxly't t*"**!"*) right* . . . ukI 
tMiattmg (t AoWM <^ materials tony in »»e far con- 
atnutimg eiuHta in tie air," M»nt lltnn thw. be 
itatod to penons still li\-ing lltat the hoose of the ru- 
«M iMrt i!ij|ii^Hl fnicu aay luituol wlilloc, hut 
I Mi&ply m g«iwnU rcprodaetiaD of « etyU of arohi- 
laetinre belonging to eoiunial days, uxaiuplva of whii'h 
■orvifed into the period of his youth, but lutve auoo 
boat ndkalljr nHxlified nr fleatroyed. Here, aa eU^ 
wbMv, bo HXBidard th*- iitivrty uf a omtive mind to 
bM|;lih9n the probabilitj- of bis pictures witboat «m>> 
fining iiiunlf to a lii«nil dwcriptioo of wMovthing 
br iuui seen. 

While Hawtbornr nxnaliuKl at Lonox, aad during 
tbtt compoiution of this tomaaoe. rarioos other literary 
pnanagoi tectlod or Mityo) fi>r a time in the ridnitj' ; 
UMog tlwin, Homuin Mi-lviUc, wboM iDteRNiunw 
HaKtborae greatly enjoyed, Henry •laintw. Br.. Doctor 
Boltnen, J. T. Headli'y, •tunoa BokM')! Ix)Wi-Il, F4lwin 
P. Whipple, Frederika Bremer, and J. T. Fields: m 
tkll ihen wna no Uok of intolkriuid tMx-iety in the 
nidat of the beaolifiJ and inspiring tDountain ec^ncry 
of the plaoe. " lu tlti> aftemoon-t, noT&daj-s," he re- 
««dj^ ahortly Ivforv livginning th« work, '* thi« valley 
in which I dwell aeema like a vaHt basin filled with 
goUan mnshine ait with wim> ; " and, luippy iu the 
«(MB|i«nIonship of his wife and their thrw children, 
he led a oiinple. n'finoil. i<lyUic lifw, de8{>ite tbe restrio- 
tiuiu (if X M^utT atid luioi'rtain ineome. A lL-1t4-r writ- 
ten by Mr*. Hawtltonu-, nt this tiiDC to ii member of 
ber family, ^ves inrideotally a glimpse of tbi? scene, 
which may projterly tind a place here. She says : " 1 



delist to think tltaC yoo aiao can look forth, aa I do 
aoTr, upon a broad vuUcy and a fino amphiUiMtre of 
hilla, and are about to wat«b tlw statelj' ceremony of 
the HunNot from your piaxxa. But you ba\'e not this 
lovely lake, nor, I suppoee, the ddicate purple mist 
ll'Vbioh foliU (Ik-mu nliiinbenng moiuitains in aiiy rdls. 
Uavrttiomv has l>een lying donii in the sonshine, 
slightly fl«olu!rud with Uie Kltadowii of a tree, and Una 
Land Julian have l>evn makin;; him look like the nii^h^ 
, Pan, hy (\iv^>riiig hii chiti aixl lin-jmt with long ip^M*- 
bluk'A, that looked liko a I'erdant and venerable 
.board." Th« itlearaalneKS and jx-acv of hia surroimd- 
Dga aod of his modest home, in Lenox, inay be taken 
iato oocoont as barmoniziof; with the mellow serenity 
of the romance then pnnliired. Of tliu work, when it 
appeanxl in tliv early Hprinj; of 1851, he wrote to Ho- 
ratio Bridge these words, now publiiJteil for the fint 
time: — 

" 'The Hoiute of the Seven Oablea,* i» my opinion, 
is better tlian ' Tlwi Scarlet Lettl-r ; ' but I should not 
wonder if 1 hiu) refined u|>on the principal dianutor a 
little too much for popular iippreciation. nur if the F0< 
jice of llie I>ook should be somewhat at odda with 
humble and familiar sccnei^ in whteh I invest it. 
But I feel that portions of it are as good as anything 
con hoi>e to write, and tlie publiithcr 8p«uks vneoui^ 
Ijingly of its EucL-css." 

From England, e:»ipecially, came many warm ez^ 
bressiona of praise, — a fact wliich Mrs. Hawthorne, 
a privatu hitter, commented on as the fulfilment of 
a pOM-iibility which Ilawtliomc, writiii]; in boyhoo«l to 
his mother, had looked forward to. lie hu^l asked 
lier if «he would not like hiiu to become an author and 
tve bis booka read lu England. 

0. P. L. 


Wtnsr % writer eaOii liui work % Bomanco. it oMd 
hmrdly be observed that he vriahed to ctaun a oertatn 
butUtil4-. bod) M to iu fiubioR anil nuitvrUl, vrliich 
be would Dot bftve felt lunueif entiLlvd to nastuno hut] 
be pmfeMed to be wrtting • KnveL Tbo hltcr fiinn 
ol oonpoatioii u preeumed to aim at a very minute 
ftdalin'. Dot Rim'ly to tb« possible, but to tbtt pmb. 
•hie anJ onliuary oonne of man's experienw. Tbe 
focmer — whi]«, aH n work of art, it nmst rigidly nu1>- 
ject itself to laws, and while it sina unpardonafalf m 
far as it out; •werre a«do fmn th« truth of tbo fau- 
inaa beart — ion fairly a ri;;ht to pres^at that tnitb 
nnder ctreiuaatanutu, to a great extont. of the writer's 
own choosing or creatioa. If be tbink fit, also, he 
nay io oianage bia atnuwpherical medium as to bring 
eat or idcUow the ligbta and deepen and enricb the 
ibwlowa of the picture. He will be wtw.', no d^iubt, to 
make a very moderaCe use of the privileges bare stat- 
ed, and. eapeoallT. to mingle tbe Mtu^-elloas rUbar aa a 
■ligbt, delicate, and cnuieeceat flavor, than ax any poi< 
ya of thv ai-titad Bubetanoe of the dinb offered to tlie 
ililii^ II" can luirdly bo Haid. bowwcr, to oonuntt a 
Uleniry L-rime even if be disregard this caution. 

In the present work, tbe ituUior hw pn>pu<m) to 
biutSf-if — but with what sut-waa, futtuoately, it is not 
tor bim to judge — to keep uuduviatiugly within liij 



immuniti«R. Tlut point of view in whivh this talo 
oomes nnder tbe Romantic deBnition lies in tJie at- 
.tempt til (■•■iitiiHrt a bygonu timi' witli tW vt-ry prcw-iit 
tiiiit U flitting avfsy from us. It is ■ legend prolong- 
ing itAelf, from an epoch now gtmy in tlic (]ii»ta»c«, 
(liiwn into our nwn broad daylight, and bringing along 
with it flome »f itA legendary uiint, wliich tlu- rx^ader, ac- 
oi,irdi»g to hiM plvatuirv, may either disrdj^aid, or kllow 
tt to float almost iniperoeptibly about X\w characters 
and cv«nta for the sdto of u i(ii-1un.<»qiK- viTtvt. Th« 
narrative, it niay he. in woven of m Itumble a texturn 
a» to tvi\nttv tliiH ndvantogt-, ami. at tliL> miui) tiniv, to 
render it the nioi¥ difBeult of altaiiiiiti^nt. 

Many writtm! laj very great stress upon some defi* 
nite moral piirpiKM.-, at whii^li lliry pnifcss t') aim thvir 
works, Not to he dclieit^nt in thLi partieidar. the au- 
thor has provided himself with a niond, — tlie truth, 
namely, that the wmng-doing of one generation lives 
intti till* itm-i-eHsive uiifi. and. divesting ilMulf of every 
temporary advantage, lieconies a pure and uneontrol- 
labli- iiiiM-hivf ; luid \w wnidd fi-el it a tdiigidar grat- 
iHt-'atluQ if this romaDoo nitghl elfeetually cmnvinoo 
mankiml — or, ind«-i.Hl, any ono man — of the folly of 
tumbling down an avalanebv of ill-gotten gold, or rv*l 
Htati<, on tbe brails of an unfortunate posterity, tli«i«. 
by to niaiiu and oruidi them, until tlw; »(.'<-» mulatvd 
masa shall he scattered abroad in its original atoms. 
In giMxl faith, howtver, he is ntrt unffnioiitly tmagiua- 
live to flatter himself with the slight«f<t hope of tliifi 
kind. When nHnancwt dt> n-ally ttatch anything, or 
produce any cfTeetive operation, it is uMiatly through 
a far inon; subtile jirooeaH than the ostensible one. 
The iintlior bnit eonsiderwl it hardly worth hiit while, 
therefore, relentlessly to itapale iJio story with 





rnorml u with im imn nnl, — or, rather, as tiy titif-lung 
m jiin throngih a butte tDy, — Uiiu ut imiii ili'}>ri viii)r it 
tt lifoi Ktul (Wising it to i-itiffcn in ui aoguinljr atul iiii- 
n&tuml attitude. A higb tnitb. iji<l««<i, fairly, finely, 
anil ululfully wrought mit, briglitvntng ut every step, 
sail crowning the final ileTelofuuent of a work of do- 
taoo, may nitl sia artiiitic ^liir}-, Imt is nt^vor any tnwr, 
mnd Beldotn any more oviili'Dt. at the laat page than at 
the first. 

The Hinder may perliaps chnoee to asiign an actual 

lity tu tli« imagiiinry t'vt-nu of this narnitiv«. If 

pennittt«l by the hiattiricai M>uiie<;tion, — w)iii<h, thuugh 

alight, WM cswmtiid to bin pbin, — tlte Author would 

Tery wUUngly huvi- avuidod anything of this luliire. 

(ot to H|ieak of othi^r ohjwtioiw, it exposes thu ro- 

to an intlexiblf and nxoeeiUngly dangerouH him'- 

I of critivimn, by brining bin fan(-y-|)ii'turvs nlinoMt 

into pooidire mntofl with tht^ reaUtics of the utotufni. 

It hiut beMi DO jMirt (if bin ubjoi't, bowpri^r, to dtwrilw 

IoiaI naiukeiB, nor in any way to meddle with the 

dianiiOtoriKtlcs of u <roiniiiittiity fur whntn bt- i-lwrisibm 

a pTOprr r^npect and a natural n-;;ard. lit* trusts not 

tfi Im poonidisrml aa unimrdunnbly offending by laying 

; a atrcrt that infiuigv m ujHin itotHMly'^ privati- ri-cbu, 

a)))>ropTiating a lot of laod which had no visible 

owner, and Imibliuf; a lioutte of niutvrials long in um) 

fur winatrui'titij- i-antli-a in the air. Tlie personages of 

tlw tall- — tbmtgb tJwy give tlM-nwclvir* out to W of 

a»ri<.>nt staliility and coOBiderahle proniineow — am 

^Ti'nlly of thi- author^ own making, or, »t all tivtints, of 

kiA own mixing : llM'ir nrtues can »bi-<l no lufltr«, nor 

tbrir dfi^^tM redoum), in the reuiot««t decree, to tlie 

' xf lh>- vruembltf town of whi<:h they pnfDM 

t" I ' . L..ibitautii. lie would be glad, therefore, if — 






Half*way down m by -street of oofi of oar Sew 
"Epglantl toinu HtJuubt a nutjr wood«Q honse, witli 
KveD aruUJy peaked gabW, being towards Tariotu 
points of die compsM. and a htij^, ulostered chimney 
in the midst. The street is Fjucheou Stn->:t ; ibe 
hoofio is the old Pyochcon Hoiuo; and im elm-tree. 
of wide cdrcuniference, rooted before the door, in famtl' 
iar b) ewry town-bcni child by tliv title of tlio Pyn- 
efaeon Elm. On my oceaaiooal visits to the town 
■lotcuid, I Hcddom fuilnl to turn tlowm Pj-nrhoon 
Straet, for the sake of passing through the shadow 
of tbfC two anticftiities, — the gi«at <.'itn-tn« and tho 
wealber4»il«n ediJioe. 

The aiipMt of the reiurafale uamuou has alwayaj 
afTm.'ted nie tike a humaa oountetuiooe, bearing 
tracm not roervly of outward storm and •unshinc, but 
lUITvnsiTi!, also, of the long lapse uf mortal Itfi-, und 

v-uinpunying vicisoitndea that have passed witiiin. 

ftn these to be worthily n-i'<oiintvd. they wnidd 

fonn a narnttiTo of no uuall interest and instructioo, 

and posaearang, moreover, a certain remarkable uoity, 

vok to. t 


wtiii'h might aliuost seem Che re^ull of artiiitic arrange 
■iirnt. But thv story wrndd iiivIihIv r i^bain of I'veut^ 
extoitiling ov«r the better ]iiart uf two oeiituriiiH, aatl, 
writtsa ont with reosonjihlc nniplitudo, would fill a 
bij^r folin v<>lutti(>, or s longer .-u^rk-a of (liuxteeitnoa, 
tliau cotilil prudently hv iipiiropriated to the anniilii of 
all New England during a similar |)eriocL It L-onae- 
4{iii;i4tiy bviwuira itii|R'r»tivi; to inako i>li(irt work with 
iiioHt of tlte traditionary lore of which the old Pyn- 
diLHrn lIoiiNiT, otliurwixv known im i\w IIoiim- of Uiu 
Seven Gables, has been the tlieuie. With s brief 
sketch, th«n-foru, of tin; cireunixtaMw:* aiuid which Uio 
foitiidatiun of the house was luid, and u ritjiid glimpse 
at its (jimint cixterior, lui it gtvvt hhu'k in tlie prevalent 
eoBt wind. — pointing, too, here and there, at some 
8|>ot of more vi-nlant nioKtiovKH on itn roof imd woUa, 
— we bhall oomnienee the real action of onr talo nt au 
epoch not very rejuotc from the present day. Still, 
tliere will !«■ a connection with the long past — » ruf- 
CTeni!« to forgolt«n events mid personages, and to 
manners, feelings, and opinions. almoMt or wholly ob- 
wdi'to — wliith, if iideipiately tr<inKlutcd to the rewlw, 
would fVTVv to illustrate how mui-li of old material 
goes to inidce up the freshest novelty of human life. 
HenOft, tiK>, might \» drawn a weiglitj- less^m fi-om the 
ItUlfr-reguTtti'd trutb, tlmt the w\ of tbu [Muwing ge»i>r- 
alaon in the germ which may and must produra good 
or evU fruit in ii frtr-ili»uinl linns (hat, togi-ther with 
tlie Hoed of the merely temporary' crop, which uiortals 
term expediency, they inevitably how th« ueoma of a 
■noif titduring growth, which may darkly ovorsliudow 
their jKMtcrity. 

The House of llie Svven Gnblcs, u»ti<iiic on it n<iw 
looks, woa uol the first babitatioD erected by eivillzed 



BMB OD pfeeia^ Uw Bune spot of ^nmt. PyncbMn 
Stnrt fomutriy ban the bumklor appelUtion of Ihlaula'a 
Lmw, from the djuik.' of the uri^iuU oocupuit of the 
JoQ, befon whuw oottagi'-d<M>r it «u a now-puth. A 
mcanU ^riog of soft uutt iiluunnt iraitu- — ii mt« 
tnnttuv on tfav aeo'gitt pgainwJa. whvre tJii'' I'lintan 
•ettlemetit was modti — bad early imlnocd AUttbow 
Muik to builil n tiiii, A»^gj with thatcb. at ihu 
point, although somewhat loo remote from what vaa 
thcti th« L-etitn> of the riUagt?. In the grawtJi uf thu 
town, bowcTcr. after sotne tfairtj or forty ytvn, tti« 
■it* eomed by thin nwlu hovrl hati iNtcDme wtooaiM 
tn^j iloonbie in the eyta of a praniini>nt ntui pcnm^J 
ful jnmamge, wbo aoMrtvil [ilaunilik- ilniiad to tba 
pTupnt>Uirahii> of this, and a Xuffs iit1}:u.-mt tnu't uf 
land, oD the strength of a grant front iIm- li-^riiJadiiv. 
Colooel PyoobeoB, tbe chumant, as wt- ^^thur from 
whaterar trait* of him an pniMrwd. wa» ph«ract«i> 
taed by an iron energy of purpose. Matthew Alaula, 
on tb» other hand, though an obvitirf inan, waa stub- 
bom ID tbe dt^foDFe of viliat Iw fKittniilvntl hi* rifjlit ; 
atwl. for wvunil yi'auM. In- i>ucrei*>leil in iin)U>i-l4ug tb« 
acre or two of i-artb, which, willi hi« own toil, tiv hadi 
hftwii out of tb» primcvnl fnrvst. to be liis pirtli-o- 
gTooad and h<HiM«t«iad. No written n-conl of Uib 
dnpote ia known Ut be in exiatenoe. Our aoi|uiunt- 
anM> witJi iht- iitliol«« ■iibjtTt in derived obit-fly fi^)iii 
tradiciou. It would U.' l>uUl, thetwfora, an*! )>iiK«il>ly 
najnat, to veuturv n drciaive opinion as to ila merits; 
■Itlioagb ir aiipmrs lo li.tvt; btwn at least a roatn-r of 
doubt, wlwtli'-r Colttiiet IN-nobeun'fl claim witc nut 
unduly Btreioh«l. in onlir to uuikr it v-twx thr sjnall 
nMoa and bnuiitlH of Matthew Maulv. AV'luit greatly 
BtmiiglliAlts BUi-h a suaptcion ui tbo fact that this con- 


troveniy Wtwacn two ill-niat<'I>e>l antagnniatji — nX m 
.period, moreover, Und it a» w« may, wlien p<>rsonal 
tnfliieiuse liail f»r OKirw W4!iglit Uiau uow — remautMl 
for ycani undvcidixl, and ciune to » nloMt only wilii the 
death of the party mvupyinj; the disputt^d soU. Tbe 
mwlu of 111* cluitli, (ou, afft'cU Ui« mind <lifrcr««Uy, 
in our day, from what it did a century and a half ago. 
It wttJt u dvatli that liLa-stvd w!U) stnuige horror the 
billable name of tbe dwellvr in Uiv ooUagv, and made 
it Kem almost a tvli^oua act to drive the plougli over 
tbe litUe ar^a of his b;ibibktion, aiid obliterate bia place 
and UK-ioory fmiu lunoii^ tiieu. 

Old Matthew Maule, in a word, vnw executed for 
the crime of wit^-hcraft. II«> waa one of the martyrs 
to litat terrible delusion, which shotdd teach lis, among 
itH other inondH, tlutt tlie inHuential da«M?A, and tlioM) 
who take upon themselves to be leaders of the people, 
nn fitlly liable to all the pusMtonnte error that has 
ever charaeterized the maddest mob. Clerg^ymcttt 
judtCcM. HUteauen, — the wim-Mt. cadmi'St, holiest per- 
.Bonfi of their day, — stood in the inner circle round 
I ftbout tbe gnllowii, loudest to sppbnid the work of 
l)lood, lat«wt to confcHX (hemselvea miserably deceived. 
If any one part of tJteir proceedings out be xaid to do- 
servo lc98 blame than another, it wss the slnf^ular in- 
diAcrintination with which tliey penooutei), not merely 
tile poor and aged, iw in former jiulitrtal massacres, but 
■people of all ranks ; tlu'ir own equals, bn'tliren. and 
vives. Ajuid the disorder of «ucb various ntin, it is 
not strange that a man of inconsidetahle twte. like 
Maide, Hhoithl have tnulden tbe ninrtyr'H patli to tbe 
hill (^ execution almost unrcmiirkcd in tbe throng of 
litf feUow-iiufFerera. But, in after days, wlicu the 
frenzy of iJiat htdeoua epoch had aulwi<lo<I, it was r^ 



atlicnd Imw ImmUj Coloatl Pyiu>b*on hxd jmned 
in llie genenl riy, to parjCB the land fnMn witciicnf t ; 
nor lUd it hul to bo wliL)(]it<nMl, that there was an in- 
vidSoas leriisoby in the k»\ with whioh be IumI lougbt 
tfas eondsniBatioD of MatUii^w Maul(r. It was weU 
known that tlw victim had n<n>gni2«d tbo litttenHw 
of (MincMuil Mimi^ in his persecutor's oondnct towards 
him. mod that be decbuvd biiuself honted to death for 
bia apoU. At the moiDeat of executtoo — with the 
halter abont hLi oei-k. aad white Colonel Pjm-heua 
nt an bonebark, griudy gazing ut the ecpot* — Maak 
had addressed bitu from the MtaffoUt, and uttered a 
pnppbeqr, of which biatory, aa well aa Sre<ide tradi- 
tam, baa preaemd the rety words. " God," said the 
dying man, juintit^ biji fb^>r. with a ghastly look, 
nt tba nndiamayed oounteiuuice of bis enemy, — " God 
will pve bim blood to drink I " 

After the reputed wixard's deftth. bis httmbb) 
atead had fallen au easy H]>r>il into Ci^nel Pynebeon'a 
graMpi. WIm-ii it wnn iiuiU>[«tnod. however, that the 
Oilmiel intended to ereutit family mansaoa — spairiooa, 
poodemtuly Erauuil of laktii tiinU-r.and cali^idated to 
B Udnw for many i^ne rati uns of his posterity — over 
the Bjiot flrat covered by thr kig-built bnt of Matthew 
Maulv, tbare was manh shaking uf the bead among 
the villa|{e goastps. Wiiliont absolutely expressing a 
doofcA whstber the stalwart Piirilnn luu) acted as a man 
of eonaraeooe and inlefn^ty throughout the pvooeedings 
wbicb have been aketchetl. they, nevertbeleas, bin(e<l 
that he was aboat to bntld bin bmise over an tmipiivt 
grave. His home would include the boitie uf the deail 
and buried wlxard. ant) would thus afford the gbo«t nf 
das lattt-r a kiTuI of privilege to haunt itii new- apart- 

uita, and the cbambvrs into wbieb future bridegrooms 


to l«ail th^ir brideft, aud wbeiv cliilitren cif tlie 
?yuobeon \>\oi«\ «■<•«• u> In- l)orn. The terror uul ugli- 
ness of Mitiile's critue, itnit Uie wr«tclieduEss of hiis 
pmiMlituvtit, wmil<l tlai'kon Uti; frvxhly itUvtUtrwd wiUIa, 
ftiid iiifix-t thttiD mi-ly witli tlie iM-i-ot of un old and ini>l- 
oticlioly lumse. Why, tlii-ii, — whtlu w* inucli uf tin- 
Huil uroiiiid liim wiw Iwittrcw'ti with thv virgin forc»t- 
l«!iive!>, — why sbouM Colonel Pyncheon |>ruf«r a site 
tlinl hod idriiiily \>v«a mtxnnfi 

But (he Fitrilau soldier uiid niagiHtrat^ wan not a 
man in In- Itiruwl luidv fruiu hi* wull ■ w>nM<lin^<d 
BohcKie. either by dr^ad of the wixaixl's ^host, or by 
fiiiniiy KOnliimrntitlitii-Jt nf any kind, liowowr MjxviotiK. 
liatl he bevii told of a bad aii*, it nitglit hare moved 
him Momvwhut ; bnt lu) wu ready to i.-ni.'oiintiT an i^vil 
sjiirit on hiA own groiiml. EiKlowed with eoimnun- 
eenw. as inaii)ii%'n and liard im bloolcH of pwiitf, ftu- 
tencd to^^tltcr by stent ri^lity uf piir)>use. aa with 
iron c1aiii{>s. he followvd out bin original ilcHtgn, |>roI>- 
iibly wiliiout HO niui?h aa iroaginiug an objection to it 
On tliM M-onc of dtliwH-y, or i«iy !«frii|)nl<H»snfH-* wliieh 
a finer Mt-n*ihility imj;bt have taught him, the Colonel. 
lik« most of hi» brm^l and gv^nei-ntion, w:li iiniH-netra- 
ble. He, therefore, dug his cellar, and laid the deep 
foiiDdtttionA of hiH Hiaiinioii, on tho !U|iiart; of inirth 
rbenvu Matthew Maidv, forty years before, had first 
■wept away the fallen learea. It was acuriouK, and, a« 
eonie )KH>]>h- tlioiight, nn otninoux fact. that, very soon 
siiUtr the wotkuien began tiieir o]>i-ration.4, tlie Hpriog 
of wat4-r, nbow mcutionetl, entirely lost the dvlit-ious* 
neas of its pristine (junlity. Wliotlier its som-ces were 
diittiirbvd by tin* <b')>lli of tlw new rvllnr, or wlmt^-vcr 
Bubtl«r fiuufie inifflit lurk at the Iwttom, it is certain 
tliat the water of MauU'^ Well, a» it ooniluiK-d to Ihi 


mUmI, grew bard and bncldab. Even sucfa w» 'RitA it 
now : ami oa; old wmuan o( tlui m-igbborbooit will ivr- 
tSy \iat it is prudui-tivv of intuBtituU tniscluef to tbtNw 
who qneocfa Uxrir tJiirat tbcm.'. 

The nwler nuij deem tt sin^^iilar thst thv bead oar* 
pator of the imw cdiflca mu tw otliur ihaa the wo uf 
the yvef nan from wbixm duiul ^pi- the proiwrtj of 
tlw nfl bad bo-n wn'»l4-<). Nut iiu|irulKtltlv Iw^ wiu tha 
beat workman of bis tinw ; or, pi!rlui]M, Uu> C-oloni'l 
tbon|;ht it espAili^^nt, or waa inipellMl by aoue beUur 
fMlin;;, tfaus opctilr to L-aat amiv lUl ommoAtj agautit 
the raoe nf bis fallen antagonist. Nur vms it out of 
kw^oD); with tbo gnncial ca«r»mna iui<I nuUiKt^of-fort 
ebanu!(«r of tbe age, tbat the san sfaoulil be wiUio}; to 
earn an lioncnt |H-nuY. or, rather, a wei;;htv iimouiit of 
•terliuj; jiouuila, fixxu the pune of hi^ father' it demlly 
coraiy. At all ovratK. Thomaa ilanh) Itecarac Iht^ ar- 
chitect of the IJousu of U)o tvven (iabW, ami pciN 
formft] hia dulr ••> fitittifullr tbat tlti< tu]i)M.T frani*- 
vutk faatentnl by his buntts still boUIs together. 

Tbiu the ^yvat biHiM wai> built. Fatniltar aa it 
atanda in the writer's rerallectian, — for it has been an 
object of inirioHity with him f roin bnybuotl, both aa a 
a paci m an of the bent and stateliest antbiiectnr^ of a 
lon^jMHt epoch, and aa the aomo of owntu ^at^xy- fidl 
of hnuum intvnet. {MrbapH, than those of a j^y feu- 
dal raatlc. — fumiluir n^ it Htandit, in JtM ru.ity nM ap>, 
it is thuntfiirv only tlio Dipn> ilifficalt to iinnj^iie t!ie 
IpnKht novelty with whi<.>b it flret cat^fat the Bunnliiiu-. 
The tmprcaciut o( its aetnal state, at this dbtanoe of 
a hundred and sixty yeats. darkenH ineritaltly tbronf()i 
the incture which wv wonld fain give of tta appeamnc-o 
<Ni the Buitniag when the Puritan magnate bade all the 
t be h^ guMta. A cenmony of vootwciation. 



fentJvo lut weU aa t«Iigiouti, was now to be |>erfoniic<]. 
A prayer and discourse from tke Hex. )[r. IliggmsoD, 
ftiid thv oiit|>uiiring of a juialui fniin tlie general tbi-oat 
of the corn lu unity, was to U> mado aL-oeptablu to tlui 
grnK.ti>r sense hj ale, cider, wine, and brandy, in copi- 
ous effusion, and, aa sonio atitltoritics av«r, by an ox, 
roa&ted wliule. or at i<^a»U by the weight and itubcttaneo 
of an ox, in more uianagi-able joinbt and sirloins. Ttu3 
fBWniii of a deer, shot within twenty initea, liad sup- 
plied matrriid for the vast virvuntfereuoi) of a pwity. 
A coiUiiili of sixty ]wunds, caught in the bay, bad 
btMU diMolvud into the rit^h liqtii*! of a chowder. The 
chimney of (he new liouse, in short, l>el<!hiiig forth 
itH kitchen -unuke, imprcgnati'd the whole air with the 
•eent of meata, fowls, and liitbra, sjiiinly conooctod with 
odoriferous herbs, and onions in almndanee. The 
men smell of such festivity, making its way to every- 
I body's nositrib, waa at onra an invitation and an ap)>e- 

Maule'a Lane, or Pynnheon Street, hn it were now 
more decorous to call it, waa thronged, at the appointed 
hoiu-, a-i with a iv)ngTi-gi»tion on iu way to cliim-li. 
All, UN they approiu'hcd. looked upward at the imjMS 
ing etlifice, which was h<-iir>.'fi>rth to MCiuno it« rank 
among the habitations of mankutd. Tbere it rose, a 
little witlidrawn from the line of tlie street, Imt in 
pride, not nu>dea^. Its whole visible exterior was oi^ 
namcDted with <]iinitit fi^ire^s eniieriv<-d in tlte gro 
teeqaeaeas of a Uothie fancy, and drawn or stamped 
in the glittering plaster, coiniMwed of lime, pebblefii 
and bits of glass, with wliieh the woodwork of the 
walla waa overspread. On i-very side ibe seven gables 
pointod shar]>ly towards the sky, and prcttentvd the 
aspect of a wholo eiRterhood of edifloes, br««thing 



Um qiimdw of oos gn»t chimBey. Tbe 
OHUij lattwes, with their staall. diamoud^bkpwl puiMt, 
■dmin«d tbc Minlight istu halt mnil (!luuu)M>r. wfaUo, 
BBfenhekatt, the aeuooti fttoiy. piiij«vtin^ fnr nvi-r tbti 
Imsb. and itaelf ratiruig beoputh the tliinl, threw » 
•hwlowy and thougfatful g;looiii into th« lowt>r roonu. 
CrttmI ^obM of wood wtra afluni uodw the 
M oriaa. Littk qnval rodfl of iron beanttfted Moh 
^ wvoo pmIij. Od tJhr Criaagtdar {MMtioo «f tbe 
gahla, that fmiled next the strmt, was a dial, put up 
that vary awmiiif;, and on wbiob the min wm Mill 
uarkitig the passage of tbe fii-st brif;hl hour in a liii^ 
lofj that wax niit dntinad to bn all w )iri);ht 
aroond were scattend ahavtOKa, ohiiM. Hltinglefi, 
bculuin halrea of briclu: tluim, tit^thrr with 
Ut>*ly turned earth, on whirh tbe gnua bad noi, ' 
to grow, oontnbat«(l in tlie impiTMidn of straof 
and Donl^ proper to a house that liad yet its 
III malb* among tnrn's ibuly inh'ivtiui. 

Tbe pnQinpal cntRUice, nbirh had almost the breadth 
of a ofaurab-door. wan in tbe aitgln betwevu tliu two 
tnmt gablea, and waa vovend by an open porch, withi 
beodbn btMath tta ahelter. Tculer this arched 
way, B'liapiag tbur feet on llir iinwnm tlm^shokl, now 
trod thfl cl«rgyBu>n, th« elders, the magiatratta, thaj 
daaoou, and whatever of ariatoonu^ tfasia waa 
bnra or county. Thitber. too, tbronKod the plebeian 
daaM6 aa freely as tbetr btittvn, and in largvr »tuu- 
bar. ivMt wiUiin the entraoce, bowerer, stood two 
Mrving-men, pointing MMDe of the goasla to thi; nci^b- 
borbood of ^ tdlcben. and nsheriog others into tha 
■tattdiur rooiaii^boopitable alike to all, but still with 
a KTUtiniztnt;* regard to tbe high or low ili-grtt^ of 
ValvM garments, sombre bat rich, slifily pUitcd 


ntA wad bwMk. anbraidncd glovca. mienbte bmds, 
tbe ndeo sad —--*——*- «f Mttbnritr. maile it easy 
tftdfalingaiahAegwirtwwnrf wnrA^al tJmt period, 
from ihe tnAesama, wttli bis plodding air, or the 
labon-r. in bx» leatliem jrrkin. ffiealir^ Bwe-strickea 
into the bnose whtch he had pMhape helped to buUd. 

One inaaspiriciiis ■"—■*"**""■— there ms, whidi 
awakfioed a hardly eoneMlnl diapl— ■m e in tbr brauts 
of a few of the mote ponotiBoas viaitots. The fbonder 
of dits stati-lr imuuiiin — a gentleuan noted for tlw 
■qtiare anil ponderoos ooortesy of his demeoiMr — 
tmght Rnrclj to have stood to hi** own lull, nutl to 
have offered the first vbImhiw to so many emincab 
per*onag«« a» bent prmcnti'il tbiii»clTi.'!ii in honor of 
hti solemn festiniL He was as yet iQvisilil<>: the 
nio«t favorvd of tbr fni^-!(ts had no* Im^Iu^M him. ThiA 
Blwg^ihnets on Colonel Pyncheon's part be^-ame still 
luon- nnRwntuitabiB, wlxrn the urconil di^itarj- of lliu 
province made his appearance, and found no mora 
cerrninnioiis n reception. 11»« lieutenant - governor. 
> alth(>ii;;h his visit waa one of the anticipated glories 
of the (Lay. hai! alij'lilfd fmni Win horw, and aNHUttvd 
hi* huly from her ride-saddle, and croGsed thu Colonvra 
thmibold, without other greetaug than that of the prin* 
|,dpa] domestir. 

This person — a ffray - headed man, of quiet and 
moMt niM|><^tfnl dv]>OTtmL>nt — found it necessary to 
explain that his master still remained in htH Htiidy, 
or private apartment : on eote.riug which, an hour he- 
forv, he hail expressed a wish on no account to be din- 

"I>o not yon Nce, fi'llnw," wiid the hij^h-Klu-rifr of 
tlin poutity. Inking tliv servant aside, *' that this ia no 
but a man than tlw Uinitenant-govcmor ? Sumnioa 



Colond PjrDcbMa at onro t I know Uuit Im> ivocivmI 
Ictten ttem Ei^^d thu nioniiiiff ; snil, in the pe- 
ruisl fttid niDiwlKratton of tlu-tu. un hour mav tnrn 
passed ftmj witbout bis nodoiu^ it. But lit> will be 
Sl-plaMBd. I jnJgc if yoa mttvr ktm u> nv);k-ct tbe 
etmxttty due to one of our pkief rulers, uul wh(> may 
besaid to rviirvMnt King WillJAiii, in tliv aliM-nou uf 
dw gmvraor hinuiplf. Cull ^oiir roaster iostaiilljr \ " 

" Naj. please yata w«>nhip," aiuiwrrad tbe man, in 
paqikri^. bat witb a backwardness tbat strik- 
' iadicatttl the bard and Mvurv cbaractor of Col- 
aa«l Pj^chmn'i dommtic rule ; " taf tuasti'r'a ordi-n 
wen exceeding stnot; and, an yo4ir wondiip kuuwa, 
he petnuts of no diaorwtioQ in the obcoliL'tM^ti of those 
who o«« bun perrioo. Let who liat op(>n jrandar door ; 
1 (Un iMit, thoogh tbe governor's omi voire ehofitd 

■* Puoh, pooh, maetar bigtMberilT ', " rned the licn- 
lanaotgOTttmor, wbo had oTcrhnard the foregoing tlis- 
eossiaot aad fcJt biniaelf hij^ i>tiuuji;h in statwa to 
phr a littlr with hu di^iit}'. "I wtU lake tbe matter 
iotu my i>wn luinde. It is timii that the good Cnloool 
came forth to gnx-t h» tiieada ; else we shall be apt 
to MSpert that he hits takea » sip Uta miii-li of lufl 
Cuauy wini*, in hu cxtruuu deliberation whtob cask! 
it were best to bmuh in honor of thi^ ilay ' Rut sinoa 
hv is so much behinilhand, 1 will give bim a reuMin- 
bmuwr myself ! " 

Acmndin^ly, with audi a tnrap of bis ponderona 
riding-boots oa m^^t of ita^ bare been audtlile in 
lb* remotsst of the sev«n gaUes, be advouctHl to thv 
dour, whii^h tbe servant potnled out, atui mado its new 
refiJiu wiib n loud, five knoek. Tlien, looking 
with a uuilc. to the tjKvbitoRt, he awaited a 


re«poase. As none rani^ hovrerer, lie knocked again, I 
hut with Uti* HaiuK uuiuiti.^fiti-ttirv n'.->iilt iln *t KrsL 
And nuw, licin;; h tritiu chukric in his U'lnpemuent, 
tJw lieulenaiit^Ternor uplifted th« hcivy liilt of Yn» 
sword, whrrewith be mi Iwut uiid bunfjiMl ii])od the 
door, that, aa mme of tlie hy-Hianders whisiwrmd, tho 
mdcot might havi- diHturUsl the dtad. Bi^ tliat as it | 
iiiiffht, it sevmcd to pixxluoe no awakening effect on 
Ciiliiiit'l I'yiielieon. A\'h(rn tii<! M>iin(l Kiiluiihil, tliu 
«ilencw thittiigli ihv hanm was deep, drBarr, and op* 
preRsire, ootu-ith^landing tliat tho tongurH of many of | 
tlw ^intlx hiid iilix-:i(ly \>wn loosened by a surrepti- 
taouB cap or two of wine or epirita. 

•• Slnuigv, fonmoih \ — very strung' ' " cried the lieu- ' 
tenant^vernor. whotu* xmile visu. changed to a fntwii. 
" Biit m'cing that Mir hovl sots us the good example of 
forgetting een^mouy, I hhall likowitie throw it aaide,j 
luid uiaki! fivv Xt} iutrtidi^ on his privacy \ " 

He tried the door, wbiuh yielded to bis hand, and 
W4S fltmg widf! open by » suddi-Q gust of winti tluit 
passed, aa nitJi a Imtd sigh, from tJie oubermoat portal 
throngh all tJio pn««igi>s and ii)MtrtinvntH of Ihv new 
faon»e. It rufitte<l liie silkea gannents of the ladies, 
■ad wHvnl ilw long eurln of tlto gcutJcmcn's wigA, 
and shook the n-indon-hangings and the ciulains of 
tbv iKidvhamhcrs ; raiising vvrrj'wh«rp a singular BtJr, 
which yet was more like a hush. A shadow of awe and 
btilf - fi-ikrfiil aiiticii>ait>in — nohoily knew wherefore, 
nor of what — had all at oncofnllon o>-itUw coR)|iaiiy. 

They tlironged, however, to tbe now opm door, I 
prMsing the liciitenant-govcmor. in tliu i-ngi-mesa of 
tfaeir curiosity', into (he mom in advance of tlicm. At 
the Brat glimp^o they iM-bi-hl nothing «xtraonlinary :\ 
a handsomely fnniislted room, of moderate sixv^ kuids- 







wbat tUrlwuM) bv nuteiiu : bo»lt« antuifp^ on sbcittts ; 
% faugit tn.-iii iin tlte nil, atu) lilu-vriM* ii pnrtnitt of 
CoIodbI I*vtit-hi<oi]. lwiM.-«tli Khifh sat tlip ari^nol Col- 
cnwl Ittmaelf, in an uokea ell'tw-t-iuur. witli n pr« in 
fan haaiL Lt-tlvns |ai\-htncnt». ascl Itliink olMMts of 
paper wne on th« table before hitu. He a]Pi»eare(l to 
C^un m tbr (niriona crowd, in fmnt of wliicb Hbnx) tint 
tiratiiiunt-iiiurpmor; nad tbere was n frovm on bis 
darii sad nuuwiw outinMuanr. ■» if Blvnily tvsrntiul 
at tb> btildncw that bw) iiu|>i41«l tbun into bi» pri- 
TBte rvttniimit. 

A littlp Iray — tli* ColoiMira inwitU'Iiilil, fttui tlw 
ontj btmuui bun^; thnt i-vtT iliirttl to l«e Euuiliar with 
hiin — lunr uuulv hii> wa)' tunun^ tlto giH^b*. luiil run 
lowards the a«al«d li^rv ; tben {muimii^ balf-way. h* 
Im^:*!! Ui Ahrirk witli Ivmir. Tin- i-oiiiiuiny, ln-miiloU)i 
m» tiae lea<r«s uf a tree, irbeu all um ^baking tugL-tlit^r, 
drrw tunnr. awl |«-twin^ that Uiere was an unnal- 
nrrnl di)tCi>Mi<>n in the fixedness of Colnm^l PyDclitMnH 
Starr ; tluit tltciw «a« blow) on bix niff, and that hia 
hoaty beard vrsa satunted with it. It was too late to 
^re Msutabue. Thi' iroa-hvarlml Piiriuui, the ndvul- 
laapMwoaUr, the ^moinDgand Btrong-wiUMl man. was 
dt»d! Ihad. in his new bouwt Thrn> in i\ tradition. 
Miljr worth alluding to n« lending a tin^ of suponti- 
timaa awe to ft w«oe ]>erhapa ginuiny nuou^b wiibnut 
it, that a Tiiion spolH* lotidl)- aniung tbv giiratx, the 
tsoaa of whiuh were like those of old Malihow Maule, 
the exeenl«d wiord. — " God bath givi-ii liiiu bbxnl to 
drink! - 

Thua raxXy ImuI that ooo i^oett, — the uulv gue«t wbo 
is tvrtiiitL, at one time or another, to find bis way into 
pTory human dwelling. — thus mrly Ivul r>eatb stepped 
■eroas thti thnsholtt of the Houw of the Svrvn Oa- 


Colnnel Pyucheon'n midtlon ntul myMtvriouM end 
I made a va»t deid of noitur ia itx day. Tl>ei-e were 
mniij' rumon, noine of vrliicti luivo riigixOy driftitd 
down to tlu! pix'Mfnt tin)i>, Iivvr that np|>eJtruDoes indi- 
caii'il violence ; that th*^ro wtn-e ilii> iDurks of tin^;ni 
on liJK throat, niid Uic print <>f » bloody luind on Ilia 
plait«d ruff ; and that his peaked bcaixl was dLili«v> 
LxUmi, wt if il IukI )»;rd fiaiwcly chiU-hiHl nnd puUod. 
It waa averred, likewise, that tite latti<-e-wiiidon-, near 
tlie Co)oner» rliair, wait o)wii ; and that, only a few 
.minutt-A lR:fon' thv faliil o<-curi-eit«e. the fl^ire of a 
man had Uwn seen claiulH-i-inj^ ovi^r thn gunleii-fcnrc, 
in tbe tvar of tltu lu>uf(c. Itiit it were folly to Uy any 
, stress on §torie3 of this kind, which ar« »iirv to !i)irinfi; 
up annind such an ureot aa that now relalvtl. and 
which, aA in the presient cmms aometiuiVK prolong ttivrnt- 
wtvea for ages aftcv^wanl^. Iik<> the tombtools that in> 
dicate where the fallen and biirivd trunk of n tree has 
long Binee moidderad uit:> tlte eiarth. For our own 
part, we allow them just iw littlt- «-r*'dfnw ns to that 
Otlivr fithie of lliB skeleton hand whii-h th<^ lieuli^iiant- 
governor wae Kiii<l to liuvo iinen at the ColonL-l's tbroAt, 
hut wliii'h vanished away, as he advancod farther into 
tlu^ room, ('crtain it in, howrvcr, that there was a 
great consultation and dispute of dootoK orer the dead 
body. Onv — .lohn Swinnurton hy nanw; — who ap- 
Lpram to havi^ Inren a man of eminence, upheld it. if we 
l^ave rightly iiiKtei-^loiHl hiii ttM'ntx of art. to he a caaw 
rof apoplexy. Hio professional brethren, each for him- 
self, ailopted variouii liy})otheAea. nior« or less pUiuiblc, 
but all <IrcHw>d out in n |H^ri>lexiu<; inyi>t4^'ry of pbnuo, 
which, if it do not tdiow a bewildertuvnt of mind in 
I ihew eruditfi phy^ciaiiH, oertainly muAeii it in Ute tin- 
leoniMl peruser of their opinions. Tlw t-oroner's jury 





Mt upon thv Mirpsa!, ami, like sdiiHilitD ro«>f). rotimpd 
u tmaHaauliiliIp vi<nlk-t uf *' SiuMiti Dt-ath ' " 

It M indaiNl tliffioiiit (u inuLpix; that there oouM havf 
Wm ft •erious m»iHcion of mitnlrr, or tb« kliglitest 
pwnds for bnjilirittin^ any imriu-tiljir imliviiliu) as 
til* perptftralor. The runk, we:Utb. atid i-miuirut rbu^ 
Ktfriif the «]«ecued taanX tiuvc tuminil tlH> tftrirlMt 
•cntiiijr intii e^-cnr auibigtious ciKDinstance. As none 
•neb M ou rM^ml. it i« tain to a»sun)« tbat noiw ex- 
tstr<I. Tradition, — nbioii sotDctimce IiHd)^ <luwti 
tmth that hintjjry haa i<^t !iU|t. but i.t nfimcr ibe wild 
liablili* of lUi< Haw. Mit-h km wan fiiriiicrl}- >[Kikcn at 
the tirvsMb* atul now roogealu iii ne«'8]ia]M>rvi. — tradt- 
tiMi M r*-a{Mmt>ililo for all cuiitmn' iivmutrnUi. Id 
Coltiufi I'yi)i-J)f>oD*« fiui«ntl mnnoii, wbti-h viait jirinted, 
ud u NtiU vstniit. tlic Itpv. Mr. H i;r^'iiiMiii cittimrr- 
atcN. Mmoing thu uiany felicities of bis ilii>tiu;:iu«bMl 
pftruhioDer'a earthly vatriT, tb« hui>)>.V M-a-uimbb-tti-M 
■if hi* deatb. IIi.i diitict al) |>f rfuruient, — ibt? lii;;bfHt 
imwiwriQ' ottaiiu'd. — bu raiv uiul fiitun? gi'DL-nUioiia 
fixnl OB a Mable basis, atkd with a stately roof to 
■bdtor ttit'in. for co-iiinririt to conw, — what oibor iip> 
wanl tiuy n^maimil for tbls good man to biki-. sav» tbe 
final Mcp from twi-tJi to tbn piMcn gate uf heaven 1 
T - clergyniAtt Burt-ly wihiIiI not hnw iittcri'd 

r .■• th«« had bi- in thv b-aat niBpt-Pted that 

the CoIoDiil hail Ix-cn tbniHt into thv utbur world witb 
n ' i •){ violdooo u)M>t) his throat. 

riiily of Colntwl Pjiifhi-on, at th<i cpo«'b of bia 
dcAth. ai<«>Ri<<d ib'Muim) to aa Fortunate a pcriuwK*Dro 
a» ran anyv'tiw coiiminI vith the inbtirfnt iti^taliility of 
huioan affairs. It might r»irly ))e unliL'i|>^l<^) tlint tlte 
pfopHM of linM would rutlinr kn<?roase and ri|>*-n tl»-ir 
[irofpttrity, than wear uwny and dv«tivy it. For, not 




only had his hoii and lieir rom4> into iminediab^ cujoy* 
ment of 11 rivli cstntrt, Ixit Uhmx' whs » vlnim through 
an Inilian deed. coatinnMl by a xiiWiiuent g^aitt of 
tbp Cifiiwnd C*>iirt, to » viwt nnd iw yvl iinexjdrtri'd 
and unnienxui'ed tract of Ksuiterii landn. These pos- 
KuMJonK — for lut xuoh thvy niiglit aliiioi^t t^crljuuly Iw 
reckoned — Poin]>riHP<l the greatvr yuut of what is now 
known iLx Waldo County, in the Slate of Maine, and 
were nioiv extensive tliau tuauy a dukedoni, or even a 
reigning ))i-in(<«'N territory, on Enro|>eaii aoil. When 
the pathless forest that still covetrd thix wild prini^i- 
pality hIiouU) gxvo place- — as it inevitably niu»t, tbougli 
peHiaiM not till agvti henw — to tlic gukleii fertility of 
hiimi^n oidtntT', it would Ix- the sooive of ini'itlcnlable 
wealth to tile i'ynelK-on blowl. lliul thv ColotK'l Hiir- 
Tivnd only a few woekn longer, it ia probable that hia 
great political iiiflmnce. and [lowerfitl connections at 
home and abroad, woid.t liave eonHumniati^l all tliat 
was necessary to rvndcr the elaini avaihilde. But, in 
epite of good Mr. Ili<;;^iii»on's cMjugmloIatory elo- 
qnenetv tliin npiK-an-*! to In- llw one thing ^hieh t'olo- 
nel VyneheoD. provident and sagainoiiH as he wax, bad 
llllownl to ^ at loiMM* vaih. So far km llm pnwiH'etivo 
territory w*a eouoemed, he untiiiestionably died too 
■oon. HiH son hh-ke<l not niervdy the father's vokinent 
position, hnt tlie talent and ion* of character to 
lU'hieve it : he i^tnlil, thi'irforr-, vffrct nothing by dint 
of political intei-est; and the bare justioe or le^lity 
»f tlie elaini was not m> appan-itt, iifti^r t\w Oilnnel's 
ilooeuc, W it )uid Ix'irn pi-onoun^'Ml in his lifetime. 
Some conoeetin;; link had slipjied out of tlte oidenee, 
fend coidd not anywltoiv lie found. 

Efforts, it is true, were made iij the Pyneheons, 
not only then, but at rariotH iwrioda fur ucorly a hun- 



TiiK oLP prscnnos family. 

. jmn ttftanrutU, tn olitain whnt thry Htiil>lM>riiIy 
|iansbtd in deetniat; thi-ir right. But, in ounrsc 
ton*, thm tmitury mw pturtiy n»-$;rBiiti-<l bi toon 
vvnd indnrulDatB. and portly clcanxl and ocriiitieil by 
Httnal artUeni. Tbeso luit, if tliey evi>r btwnl ot Ota , 
Pynfhetio title, woulil baw Uu^^IimI at tlie idea of nnj 
nuui'a Mwe rti ng » right — nn tho ntn'ii^li "f uiniilily 
pBivlmMDtm aigDiNl with thi; fiideti tuitu^-uplu of gur- 
KTnun at>d It^gi^Utun Inog iluad anil fnrgottvii -* tu 
iIm Uad* which th«<y or their htherw bad ormtMl fr 
dw wild hand of natnre by theJr own atunly 
Thin iiu|«]paht» cbuu, tii«n'fan% r«aultt^d in nn 
moK mImI thau to cherish, frum p^nentiao to | 
tiim, ID abaurd dutnnoo of f:uuily importatica, 
all along oharaoti'riaMl the I'vacheona. It oaused the 
poonU iBMnlivr iif the ran- tu fm-I nx if he inhoritod : 
kind of DobiUty, ainl might yvt vamn into the 
■inn of princvly itrollb to wiiiport it. In the better 
apeoiiiienii of the bived, this peruliaHty throw an 
gnutt OVMT thai bani material oi liiiiiiiui lifi-, uHt 
itfjaling away any truly raloable (|uality. In the 
baipf wnt, itH offaet waa tn inorKwu the liability to 
■lng||;iahnBtt> atkd dAptedenoP, an<l indnce the nctitn of 
a abaduwy bupt* to r«iuit all i»elf-«]Iart, while await- 
ing th« rHaliiati»n of hi* dn-Jinu. VvarK and years 
aftt-r ibiir claim had paaMil out uf the piiblio ui<'itii>ri,', 
tfa*t Hyntjuou witn* aivuslxinit^l to i.-onMiill ifac Culo- i 
od'n aanent map, which had U^t-n projected whil»] 
Waldo C^jonty was Ktill an uubn)k<>u wiM^-nM 
Whecv the old lantl^RnrvcyMr had put down woods,^ 
UeM| and rivera, they marked out the elearud Hjuwiea, 
tad dotted the rilUgoa attd town*, and cal'^uhited the 
pwgre w ivly incawaJng value of the territorj-, as if 


tfaeTo •Kvrv ret it prospc^H of it« tiltitnutfly forming i 
]iri»cetloin fur lIieniselv<-M, 

In nliiHKtL vvt-rj- •^fiicnttioti, nfvvrtlicle^ii. llit-n; hap- 
pened to Iw same one deaoendant of the fatnily pSteA 
wiUi a )M>rti<>» of tlut hard, Vvt-n wnni', itiiil ]>i'urlJcAl 
ener^'. Ihiit hnd so remarkubly dLstiiit^iiftbi-d Lbe orig- 
iiinl founder. Hia character, indeed, might be tntwd 
all Uw way down, sa di^^inctly as if tlio Oolunel him- 
self, a little dilute), had ht^en ^fled with a .tort of 
tnl(:rttiittt?itt im mortality on t-at-Ui. At two or thn'H 
epochs, when the fortune* of the family wen> low, this 
ropreivtitatire of berMlitary qualities bail made his a|>- 
peunuim-. and cuuMnl the traditionary gossipA of tho 
town to whisper among tliem»elTe«. " Here ii the old 
Pynvheon oome again ! Now the Seven Gahlcs will 
be now-sliirigliHl ! " From fatht-r to iM>n. they clung to 
the ADoestral house with sin^ilar tvnacity of home at- 
taohnefit For vnrionH rea.4oa>i, however, and fi-oui 
impresaioiiH often ton vni^H'ly fnnndi'tl to Iw put on 
]iii{M:r, tlii^ writ<T chcrishea the hclief that many, if not 
most* of the 8U(<(<es8ive proprit'ion of tli>» estate were 
truulded wiih duulics a.t to their moral right to hold it. 
Of tlifir h^il tcnum there ctHiId lx.> no qu^ration ; hut 
o]d Matthew Munle, it i« to be feared, trode downward 
from liM own agn to a far hiter one, plitnting a li«-avy 
footstep, all tliv way, on the oonscieace of a P^-nclicoo, 
If au, we are left to dLs])osie of tlie awful i^uerj', whether 
(•Mcli inlwrilor of the pnipi-rtj' — ^.-onsciotu of wrong, 
and failing to rectify it — did Dot commit anew the 
great giillt of hifi aniHiitor, and iuvnr nil itH originul 
respouKihilitieA. And Bupiwising siurh to he the caae. 
woiiJd tl mit Im) a far tttM^r nitxlt' of t!Xprei>«iun to «ay 
of the Pj'ncheon family, that thuy inborilvd a gnMt 
mistortiuie, tluui Uie reverse ? 





Wb have alrcnd)* hiutod that it m not our |iHq>o«e 
to tmw down the biiitur;- of the I'ynchtHUi fmuily, in 
iu tniliniken nuiaectiuo witli the IluoM of the ^v 
G»Ues ; nor to show, as in » luigu- ))ti-tun.\ liow 
nntitwM nixi iutinuity of Kge gUheml over the vc 
able baiuw itwK. As rrganls tt« inU-rior li(i>, a li 
dim hmkioiE^laaa naeil !<■ hsax^ in one of the nxMns, 
•ad wiu EaUed to contaiii wiUita ila depth* all the 
ahapw Uuit bad erer he*n retlM-te(t Un're, — the old 
ColoDel litmself. oik) his tnaoy dtwriMlantA, nonMi in 
thf garb of aaii'itu! InhvlKKt). auil otbim in tbc liliiotn 
of fnaiaiw) bcttu^ or nuuilj |l^iIIll^ or mhIiLi-hM witli 
tht wriaklm of tntAy age. llatl we the sn-n-t of 
that mimr. «ri> wmiM ^litilly utt ilovro Mom it. and 
tntaafvr ito n-irehitti»i« lo nur page. But tlwru vnu a 
tlonr, for which it is difficiUt to concviw luiy foiiudai>j 
tion. Uuit the poutKrity of Matthew Maule had son 
H vooneition inth the nn^tory of the lookinfr-fjlatw. and 
^ that, tiy whnt aii)>i'arit t^ hav« heeo a sort of iiieftin4>riu 
piTic«jM. tli«y oould make it« inner ivpon all alira with 
tba di>tNUrted Pynvlieonft ; not as Uiey ha<I &hnwn tlient- 
aelnai to tlut world nor in tlicir bettL-r nod happier 
IwarK. hut ■& doiuji; ovrr again »onie di-«(l of aiu, or in 
the uriflis of hfo'ri bitlpreM norruw. Tht^' {lojiidiir inu^ri* 
twtu^n, iiuliiHl. hiu^ kept tiM'lf biw)' wttli the affair of 
thu ohl Puritan I'}-nchv<on and tlie vrizanl Maule ; tba 
cniae. whu-h lite lali'^r fluug front bis scaflFokt, was re- 
iiu.iulwnxJ, with the wry iotportaiit widition, that it 
had become a part of the Pynoheoa inheritanoe. If 
one itf thtt fantily did but ^irglt- in Iiiti throat, a by- 
•taadttT would Ut Itkt'ly luoui^b to wUiiqicr, bwtwMti 
JMt and namwrf. " lie hiu Miiule'a Iilood to drink ! " 
i| Tbo Stiddui diAth of u PTnoheon, uUmt a hundred 


htm been rttbtm] of tlio Colonel's exit, wu held aa 
goring fttlditionu] probability to tliu received opiiiiitu 
on this tojiic. It wiw wnttiilcmt, tntirvfiwr, rii ugly 
and ominous ciix-uutstanoe, that (Jolooel Pyni'LeoD'a 
pk'tun- — ill obwIk'Di'i*. it wha Hitid, to u iiroviHinn of 
Uis will — renuuued uilisvd to thv whU of tliv riHmi 
in which hu died. Tliuiie Hb^ru. iri)iuitjgal>l« ft^atures 
seemed to symboliie an tfvil int^iMMira, nitd mi <liu-l<ly 
to minglt! the shadiiw of their presence with tiie siin- 
sliine of the pn«sing lioiir, tlutt no g<Kid tliougliU or 
[MiqM»efl pould ever spiiug up and blosson) tltere. To 
the thoiif;)itful uniid (lu-ru vrill he uo tiagv. of iinpeniti- 
tJon in wlmt we tijfuratively express, by afftriniDg that 
the ghoHt of u dwid pro}^-niUir — ]Hn'ii»p» iw a i>onjon 
of bia uwii piuii.-UiUMvul — u ofu'n dootuisl to become 
tile Evil ()«<niiis of his family. 

Tliv Pj-iichoons, in brief, lirM itloo]*, for the better 
pail of twu centurittH, witli jierliapa less nf outwalk 
riciMifcudc than has Httvn<liMl mo«t other New Knghuid 
^ntliea during the oaine i>i-rio«l of time. FnsflfSHing 
vvry di»tinctivc traitd of tlwir ovm, they tivv<;rliuJeiN> 
took tlio fi;eneral rharacteriatir-H of tlio littlt* ooniinunity 
in which tJiey dwt-ll ; n town nou-d for it« (ragal, dis- 
creet, well -ordered, and home -loving inhabitants, an 
wi-11 aa for tho aoiiu'wlmt cinitinttd kpo|)u of ita »vin- 
pathivs; but in n-hit:h. be it Kiid, there are odder in- 
dividuals, and, now and then, Ktratiger 0(<curr('i)cv«, 
timn ono Di(<«t« with idmoot anywhere else. During 
tlie Revolution, the I'yncltonti of titat epttch, wlopting 
the royal side, beciuno a n?fug«e ; but re]>enle<i], and 
made his reaiijiearanoe, jiLsl at the jMiiol of time to 
prowrvc tile Iloiioe nf Uw St-vvn Onbles from conHsca- 
tioa. For the last seventy years the most noted event 
in the Pyticlwoii annaU had Umd likuwiHe tlui lioaviost 



FffE OLD fiyctihOy F.IUILY. 


lilr tUxt ever befell thu rnot- -. vm 1m» tbui tlia 
. ilia4i) — (or iK> it mu> a'ljuil;;iil — of OSM maa^ 
b»ro{ tbfr ftunily by the critniual iu>t <if utoth^r. Car- 
'aio fiirawMbUMM atMnding tfai> fntnl uworraooe bad 
biva^ the Ami itreaJatibly borate Ui'a nvphew of Um 
dauMBed Pynobodit. The young msa was tried and 
codiriGtad of Ibe crime ; l>at nitber tb« ctreuniirtantial 
Datura ef tbo erideDce, Hnil ixMsibly wine Inriunj; 
dwobt ia tb« brvost of tbv fxvcu^vi^ nr, Lutljrt — an 
ar^omcat of givator woif^t ia a rtptiblic tliati it iwnld 
bave beea uoddr a nooarobjr, — tltv hij;b roHportabili^ 
and )M>Iitii»l iafltiMMW of dw rriuiiual's coaaectiaiii, 
had arotled to mhigato bia dtxNii fruiu deatb to per- 
pataal iapriMMtaMBt, This muI afTsur luui uboiK-^Hl 
about thirty yvani 1>of<>n> thi.' wiioix of oitr utory oo»* 
aaMKtsa. IjattHrly, tbeiv were nirnors (whicb fnW be- 
IwTad, aoil only iMtq or turu felt ^rt-ntly iuUtrv<tt<><l lo) 
tbat tbl* Idog-biiried niun wiut liki-ly. for Borae 
■>r oth«r. to lie imnuiuMMMl f urtfa f min bta liring tomb. 

It ii cwottal to sa^r a f«w words rwpaetiDg tbo 
vietia of tbb oow alnMMt furj^ntten tnuitli^r. He 
KB old baebabir, and immmissmI uf great wvaltb, in 
4tliuB lo tba bouM and real «t«te wbicfa oooBtituted 
wbat ivnuiui^ of tlic nm-tpnt Pyni.-lii'on jiroptrty. Ile- 
iitg of an wswiitrM: and oielaoeboly turn uf mind, and, 
gnadj girro to ruiBinaf;u^ old mwrda and 
il^ to oLl tr:uliEt'>n<i, be bail hrfni^til tiimwif. it is 
BvamK), lo ttu' cuiK-liifiioii tluu Atattlii-n .Manle, ilie, 
wiaard. had tdtrn fiviiDy wnifi^v<d out uf his Itooid 
•tMd, if iMit out of his lifi-. Sii^Ii )>etD^ tlx- <■»■■<«■. and 
be, Ibe old bachrlnr. in poM»eo«ioii of the ill-g<>ttcQ 
«|»U, — witb tiM! Iilnck stain of blood mnkcn det-p 
into it, and •4in In l>i> Kn-iitnl \i\ (■■>iiMHeii[ioui> ikm- 
tribii, — tlM* ituMttoo ocdtmUr wbctbcr it «■ 


perativn u[ki» liim, even at this late lintir, to nuike 
restitution U> Maiilo's |iocit«ritj:. To a tfiiui living m» 
much ill t}ie pant, and so little in the present, as Hie 
mh'IikIi'nI uihI Hiitiijuariaii old l)lat■ll4^1or, a oeiitury and 
a lialf seemed not so vast » period us to oV>vLntv the 
propi'toty of Hiilis tit u ting right for wrong. It was tlio 
helief of those who knew him Iwst, that h# wotdd 
positivelv hare taken the very singular step of giving 
up the House of the Suvi'q (jnhlvs to tlio rtrpresciitA- 
tive of Matthew Maule. but for the unspeakable tu- 
mult whieh a suxpititon of tl)C old guntlciuBii'H project 
awakened among his Pyncheon mlutivps. Their exer- 
t!ont) had ihi; cfTit-t of su.ijH-mlin^ hi-t pnr)M>^- : but it 
wuH fi-iirvd that he would |K>rfonii. uftur deuth, by tlw 
opt^mtion of bi« Iwtt will, wliat be hiul iw) luirdly l)een 
preveiiteil from doing in his proper lifetime. BtiC 
thcr« in no oun thin^ whirli mvii no rurrly do, wliiit- 
«Ter the provocation or tnduoement, as to bequeath 
. patrimonial pro^ierly away fruui tlieii- own blooil. They 
may love otlier indinduals far better tlian their rela- 
tirao, — th«y may oven eherish diidike, or positive 
hatred, to tltu latter ; tiul yet, tn viw of death, tbu 
strong prejudice of propinquity revives, and impels tlie 
tentator to Hcnd down bia wtato in tlw line marked 
out by custom na immemorial that it looks like nature. 
In all tlic l'yiK.-hf<iii8, this fwlin^ luul the energy of 
disease. It waa too powerful for the oonscieotioua 
scriipk'* of the old haoheLir ; nt whow> death, iiecord- 
ingly, the mansion-house, t<>getlier with most of his 
othi;r rieheH, pa!4»e<l into the possession of hi» next 
legid n^])rcsentiitive. 

This was a nephew, tlie cousin of the nitserabln 
young man who ha4l been eonviutod of the uncle's 
(ourder. The new heir, up to tJie period of his acoes- 


reckooed ratlier a diMipatod jrooUi, hut luul 
Ibofw rrfonnett, and ma<lo bunwtlf nn excN^ingly 
rMpvcbUiU rarmber of tunttAs. In bot, he idinwed 
of tb»> V n iiiiality, aoti bail vriin liigtMr 

ID 1 1 ttiiui mny of bin ni-v i>iii«v llw 

tame a( tb« originaJ Puritui. Applying bimsclf in 
earUer maobood tu tlie juiuIv af tlxi Uw. iin<l linving 
• naSnral Uindvnuir IwwanU (i(Hn>, be luul iittiiitivil, 
many yean aiga, bi a juduual tutoation iu some tuffrior 
eouit, wkirh g>rc kirn for life tlw wry tlMitoUr and 
inpanng ihle ul jiulp!. Later, be kad en{(ag»] in 
pulitica, nod wrvrd a pan n( twu trrtiiA in Cunpviw. 
bnudtts making a ronalderalilH (iriu^' >n l*olli ImncbM 
af Uh) Stale k>gulatun>. Jtulgi' Fyui'iu'un v.-m txa- 
qnMtiotmbly on bonur to Iun ruv. Ho iiiul built 
Unuelf n t'oDntry-s<>at within u fi'W miles of kia nativa 
town, iLod tki'iv %yrM »uv\\ ]H)rtit>n» nf hiit tine a* 
eoold b« Hpared from public sarrice in tbe dispUy 
9VfTj gnu!c und virtite — aa a n«wppap<T pbnuwd 
im thv ifVP of an I'Wtion — lirlitting thv Clirifitiitti. 
tbn guot) vitiu>a. tlx* boriiculturiat. and the i^ntl<;mnn. 
Tketv -rnvn frw of the Pyn<'bi!ons left to sun tlu>nt- 
•elvtw in thtt ghtw of tbe Judge's pnM[>i'ritj'. In re- 
to natural incrvaMS tlii! lin^-d liail nut thrir<*n : 
Appearvl nuln-r U\ be dyinK out. Ttie only moui- 
b"tit of lb** fnniily known tu Ui I'Xtant wvrc. fir»t, tbe 
ud|^- liiniM^Lf, and a tiiugk- Hurvivinc Hun, who waa 
wow tnivcUin); iu Ruro{M> ; next, tlie thirty years' prift- 
unttr, alrratly alluded to. and a sister of the lattvr, 
hii oinTDpiril, in Uii ■■xtn^uirly retired manner, tho 
uao of the- Seven Gables, in which »bi? hiul a life- 
by tbe nil! of tbe old bacbolor. She wh» uu- 
ntuod ti) hi; wretchedly poor, mul i^-i-ujed to make 
cihuioe Xa remain so ; inasmuch tA hmx affluent 


oousiii. tlw Jtutgis had n-pcatc^lly offerutl hor nil the 
oomlorts of life, either iit the ulil insiisiou or hia own 
mwlcm nMnili'Uco, Thr lawt luitl yuuHgvMt I'jiiohcon 
was a litUe oouiitn'-girl of Beveuteen, the daughter oi 
snnther of tins Jitdgit'it (^iuiii.4, who had niKiriifd a 
young wmiian uf do fimiily or [)ru)>ert3,', and divd early 
aiid ill poor (■innmiiitaui'wii. Ilia widow had recently 
taken anotlter hii«lKmi1. 

Ah fur M:ttl}ti-w Maule's poiiterity. it was snppoiied 
now to be extiiu't. Fur a wry Ion-; pi-riod aftvr tlnJ 
witc-lienft dtdu-iion, however, the Maules had eon- 
tiniuid to iiiluiliit the town wlu'n^ tlioir progiTnitor liiul 
suffered so unjust a death. To all appearunve, they 
Were n ({uint, honcjit, wi'll ■ lueaiiing rwt of jH'ojilc, 
eherUhiug iio malice against individuals or the pukUo 
for the wniiij!; which hiul Ixi^ii done tiuMii ; or if, ai 
tlieir owu fireside, they transmitted, from father to 
eliild. any tvostik rcooUiMrtiou of ilw wiard*M fate aiid 
their loi^ patrimony, it was never ut.'le<l ujion, nor 
u[M-n)y vxpniiMvd. Nor would il have bet-ii aiuguliir 
hurl tliey ceased to renioDiWr that tltu House of the 
Btiveti (inhlcH was renting its heavy framework on a 
foumUlion that wax rightfidly tltvir own. There is 
•oroethirig so maniva, atahle, and aliuost irroaiatibly 
fiDponing ill the exti^rior pn>>ii.-nliiK'nt of vstHblLshed 
rank and great possessions, tliat tlieir very existence 
•Minn tu give tiicin n right to exiKt ; at Ivaitt, ito i^cd- 
lent H eotuiterfi'il of right, that few ]>nor and humble 
uiru Imvi? moral fnixiv vnoiigh to rpicHlioii il, evi'.u in 
tlietr aeorut uiinds. Snob is the iMue now, after bo 
maiiy anrit^ut |>r('judi(-i<M have liceii overthrown ; and 
(t WM txr aioiv Mu in anle-ltevoliitionary days, whun 
the arisbocnury eouhl ventiifv to be pmnd, ao<l tlie low 
were oontont to be abuMd. Thus tlw MauleH, at idl 



, kept Ikrtr ivtHMitmeiits tnthin Uieir uwu hnuti. 
Thtrf WKPT gvncmll)' |M>verty-9trirki!U ; iilw&v-ii iJi-lwiui 
atui obacuTD : workiii^ with uiuuMaaBfu] dUqtvuce at 
kaacUenifU : Iftboriog on the wrharres, or CoUowing tlto 
••a, M Mikn* beforv tli>- matt ; living hen uwl tfavra 
Klx>ut the liiwii. 111 iiirval It^ni'nieiilH, anil i-iiniin^ iiiinUy 
to thv alnuibiKwc iu» tite uutural hiiuw of tiwir uki age. 
At last, after i»o«|iiDg as it w<<rv. fur vooh s length of 
!!■•. nltmg (lip Httnoat verge of the op»(}U« {KiiUle 
rf olMKurit}', thin' hiut bikirn tlmt ilmmrigiit |ilnnfps, 
whicli, —Jootr ur later, te tlw ili^tir of all fuiitUm, 
wWtlirr priiiii-ly or pkAi^Ul. Kur tliiilv Vriim ))ai>t, 
tMith>-r tuwiircL-ord. dot f>nive8toue, uor the tlinKturj', 
•or tliP kunwlndgv or uftmcHnr of man, bon* aay Usco 
n( MiUlhi-v> Manlv'ti iti^iHx-ndftiitD. His Mom) nii^lit 
paMM}' <^Kt«t (<Lwwbm : lii-r<-. wlifrv itA lowly ^■urtx^'nt 
«mld be trared so far bock, ii hail oeaaed to kMip an 
Bowanl coiine. 

go laog u atnr uf tbit rare vere to be found, tfaay 
luul been markvd oat f rcnn otlu-r nun) ■— twt strUuDgly, 
nor w with a sharp lini-. but with nn vfteH tltat waa 
felt ntbtir thau sinikfu of — by tin lH>rvilitArA' chaivr- 
tar of raeerre. Thrir oouiiHtuiuas, or ttuise who uo- 
daKTured tii t>. ' fonscuma irf a drale 

nxnul abont t . u the wDetitrf or the 

•{■■U of whH<fa, in a)>ite of an exterior of Biifficivnt 
fmnlctiiiHt and guiMl-f<rllowAlii|i, it wais iinjtouiililr fwr 
auT man to step, ft tnut tliU iti>Mliial<Ie ]>eoitltarily, 
IMrfaafM, thiit, bjr ioMiUting thtftn from bninan 
ktfpt thcDi iiiwa)-s so uQforttLuate in Uft<. It c^rtanil^^ 
opwrated to pmlfMi;; in tlirir vant, untl Ixi «'oiiKnn to 
tbem a« tlwir tmly inlwrritanw, thnmj fw>liiij8 of n-puj;- 
uod i>u|M>r«titiiiUN Icrmr with tvbich tlte people 
tbtt (owoi ev«n after awKkouiag fnun thuir Crow^i 


I oonUniiod \n rL*j;nnl tliu niotnui-y of tli« r(']>iit«'l wiU'Ik*. 
The mantle, or nttltor the nii^ed vliiak, uf ulil Mftt^ 
tlx^w Maiile, bad fallt^ii u)><>u hb chililn^d. They were 
half belii'vwl U) inherit inydteritmialtrilmtv!* ; the bun* 
ily eye was said to possess stnui^ power. Aeuod); 
oth(-r gWKl-for-wothmg ]iro|»ertii'Jt and iirivileges, one 
was es{>ecially »flsi;^ed thetn, — that of lixurdMn^ un 
iiifliieitit! ovi'r )ii-<i|)lv'ft dn^iuiis. The P^iiDbeniis, if all 
stories were true, hati^tily as they boru thenuclvM ID 
tlie tiooiidity sln:^«lH nf their native tonn, were no bet- 
t«r tluLn lN>nd-serv]mtH tu tXwfv \AvW\i\a Mwilcft, on 
entering tJie topey-tur^y coniinonweitlth of sleep. MinI- 
cni psyehohigA-, it n)»y be, will enik'avor to n-doon 
these tdlegwl nt-cromanciefl nithln u system, iub 
of rujevting llieut lU altogether falndous. 

A deseriptivL- gnaragrapli or two. tnratisg 
seven-^.ihled innii»iou in it« more recent aipMt« 
bring tliiA ptx-Iiniinary eliapler to a eloae. Thi> utittrt 
in whieh it iipreKned its venerable peaks has long 
OOdtted to be a fashionable quarter of lliw town ; no 
that, though tho old editiec wa« surroumled by bahil^ 
tions of modern date, they were nioftlly smalt, hnilt 
entirely of wood, and typi<'iU of t)ie must plodding 
uniformity of eoimnon life. Doubtless, howe\'er, the 
wholo HUu-y of biuuMi existeiK-K may hv latent in each 
of tliein. hnt with no iitctdrMqavuess. externally, tliat 
ran iittraet the iuiagimition or sympathy to seek it 
then-. But ai« for llie old stnictnre of our story, ita 
whito-oak frame, and ita boanln, shingltei, ami crum- 
bling ]>laHter, and evi-n the hngi', clusteri'd ehimney 
in tlie midst, seemed to eonstitute only tlie h^ast and 

' muuiext ]ian of >tx n-jdity. So mucli of mankind'a 
varied experieniv had plumed tlwre, — so niiu-h had 
b<wn suffered, and something, too, enjoyed, — that 


the very timbers were oozy^, as with the moistme of 
» heart. It was itself like a great human heart, with 
ft life of its own, and fall of rich and sombre reminis- 

The deep projection of the second story gave tfae 
bouse sach a meditative look, that you could not pass 
h without the idea that it had secrets to keep, and an 
eTentfnl histoiy to moralize upon. In front, just on 
the edge of the mipaved sidewalk, grew the Puncheon 
Elm, which, in reference to such trees aa one usually 
meeta with, might well be termed gigantic. It had 
been planted by a great^randson of the first Pyn- 
cheon, and, though now fourscore years of age, or 
perhaps nearer a hundred, was still in its strong and 
broad maturity, throwing its shadow from side to side 
of the street, overtopping the se^en gables, and sweep- 
ing the whole black roof with its pendent foliage. It 
gave beauty to the old edifi<-e. and seeme<t to make 
it a part of nature. The street ha^-ing been n-idened 
about fortv years ago, the front gable was now pre- 
ciselv on a line with it. On either side extended a 
ruinous wooden fence of open lattice-work, thi-oiigh 
which could be seen a grassy yard, and. especially in 
the angles of the building, an (-normous fertility of 
burdocks, with leaves, it is hardly an exa<;geration to 
say. two or three feet long. Behind the house there 
appeared to be a garden, which imdoubtedly had once 
been extensive, but was now infringed upon by other 
enclosures, or shut in by habitations and outbuildings 
that stood on another street. It woidd be an omission, 
trifling, indee^l, but unpardonable, were we to forget 
dte green moss that had long since gathered over the 
injections of the windows, and on the sl(>))es of the 
t ; nor must we fail to direct the reader's eye to 


» crop, nrit of womIs. but flow«iM>hnibit, wliich wont 
fHwiuf; aloft in tlie air. not a great wuy fruiit tliu 
cliiiiitit'y, ill tbf nnok U^tvnH'n twii of Ux; galilfs. Tlusy 
were fullvd Alicio'it Posies. The tnulition wan, Uutt 
a tt-rtaiii AIi<'e P_vtii'!w^"ii bad fliing u|> the geedit, in 
niHirt, ami tluiL lUi- liuot of tlir Ntn.x>t uiil tlu; lU'ciiy 
of tlw roof gradually formal a kiiid of mil for tliiMD, 
»»t of wtiicli tlivv ^>vr, wlii-u Aliiw luul long Ik-eu iu 
ber grave. Ilowewr thu flowi-rs might haw vnuw 
tJifiitA, it wa» lioth Mut and nwnet to observe how K^ 
ture antopted to herM'lf this deiwhitc. dvcuying, gii»^'. 
rusty old house of Uto I'ytitiltiMU family ; aud bow the 
eTer-Kturoiiig mituinur did Iwr l>v«t tu glu<ld»ii it with 
tender lieatity, awl grew nielaiicliiily in the effort. 

Tbeiv is one other featm<e, very essential to b« 
tintif-Ml, Iwit wliii-b, w(« grciiUy fwir, luay damage any 
picturesque aud romautic impression which wu luivo 
l«-i>n willing Ui throw ovi^r our j>kvD-li of lliix n'5«p«4- 
able edifioe. In tlie front gable, under the iin|M>iu)ing 
brow of (he »e4iitHi Ntory, :in(l «oiitigiiouH to tbr Mtrr^^t, 
wtm n shop-door, di rid I'd horizontAlly in the midst, aiid 
with a window for itn upper m^^ent, mioh a» i* ultfxt 
BOen in dwi-llingM uf a eonmrwhat snrient date. Tliis 
same shop-door had been a subject of no »Ji^it mortU 
fifiitiim to tlic prcfU'iit occu]»ant of the ai^^nst. l*yo- 
cheon House, as well aa to some of ber preditwasom. 
The iiuittOT i» dimgrecabiy delicotv to handle : but. 
»ini.'e the ruidur luutit needs he let into tlie secret, lie 
will plcJtMc to tindontaud, tlint, about a ci-tit»ry ago, 
the head of the Pjiicheons found hintself inrolrvd in 
soriouH fItiiiiii'iHl d!fni-idti<!S. The fellow (gentleman, 
aa be styled himK^'lf ) <.-&» barxlly luiru bwn othi^r than 
a Rptirioiu interloper; foT) instead of seeking ofllce 
from the king or tlw royal govemor, or ur^ig Iiia 



hereditary claim to Eastern lands, he bethought him- 
self of no better avenue to wealth than by cutting a 
sfaop-door throngfa the side of his ancestral residence. 
It was the custom of the time, indeed, for merchants 
to store their goods and transact business in their own 
dwellings. Bnt there was something pitifully small 
in this old Pyncbeon's mode of setting about his com- 
mercial operations ; it was whispered, that, with his 
own hands, all bemffled as they were, he used to give 
change for a shilling, and would turn a faali-peimy 
twice over, to make sure that it was a good one. Be- 
yond all question, be bad the blood of a petty huckster 
in his veins, tbrongh whatever channel it may have 
found its way there. 

Immediately on his death, the shop-door had been 
locked, bolted, and barred, and, down to the period of 
our story, bad probably never once been oixjned. The 
old counter, shelves, and other fixtures of the little 
shop remained just as he bad left them. It used to 
be affirmed, that the dead shop-keeper, in a white wig, 
a faded velvet coat, an apron at his waist, and bis 
ruffles carefully turned back from his wrists, might 
be seen through the chinks of the shutters, any night 
of the year, ransacking his till, or poring over the 
^^gy V*S^ °^ ^^ day-book. From the look of un' 
ntterable woe upon his face, it appeared to be his 
doom to spend eternity in a \'ain effort to make his 
accounts balance. 

And now — in a very humble way, as will be seen — 
we proceed to open our narrative. 



It tilill loj-ked half an Iiour of aunri-ie, when Miss 
HrpzilKili I'ynoliofiti — we wili not »ny iiwoke, it \vi- 
iiig (loubtftil wliedier the poor lady had 80 much aa 
olowxl her nyv* (liiring Uiv ht'mi night »f nii<l«nn)n)cr | 
— iKit, nt iill erL'utfi. arose from bor soUtarr pillow, 
nni] tM-^n wluit it would 1m' mockery to tvnn t.Jw , 
iHlummeDt of h«r pureon. Far from aa be tli« in- 
d«o<>nuii of aHHiHting, own in intiij;) nation, at a niiiidca 
Iwly'i toilet t Our stoty niuat therefore await Miaa 
Ilcpzitml) at tlin tfan-xltold of lu-ri-liamlHT ; only prv- fl 
Biiniio^, meanwhile, to note some of the heavy sij^liB ^ 
that lalmrt-d fn>ni Iht baNoin. with little K^traint lu 
to Iheir lugtihriouH dcptli and volume of sound, inas- 
much A8 tlu'V uonid htt aiuUMc to nolmdy Have a diK- 
embodied listener like ourst-lF. Tlte Old Maid was { 
alone in tiw old houite. Alone, exeept for a certain 
respectable and orderly young iniui. im artist in the . 
da^ierreotype Un«, who. for about three mouths back, I 
hnd biMcn a Indj^-r in a njmott' jpible, — i|nit« a botiM 
by itstlf, iudet'd. — with Wks, boItH, and oaken bara 
on all tlw iutrrvcning <loora. Inaudiblo, (■<>nmMiuently, 
wt-r« poor Mi»ii llepnbab*8 ^^wty si^liB. Iiinudible 
tJie creaking joints of h«r xtltTon-'d kmvit, »* slic knelt 
down by tile luxlHidv. And insiHlilde, too, by mortal 
i-nr, bnt liennlwith all-cutiiprt'ht-tidtnc: ^t^'*' 'Mul pitv in 
tita fartlii^kl beavt-.ii, llial oIiiiomI Ojfuiiy of priiyur -* WW 




now • groMi. DOW a etrof^gtuif; sQenoe — 
itb dIu- liQMt^t tbtr Liivine aiwuUuHW tbrotigb 
tlwt limy I Ex'iiUntly. tfaia » to Im> a iLij nf Diorw lltan 
tmi tti Miaa Ili^pgdliali, wlto, fur nlxivn a 
: uf a oeatnrjr f^e by, hiu ilwrit in Mrurt nts-Ju- 
don. taking di> part id the business of life and just as 
Bttk in its iabrvittirM' anil pleaHUTM. Not wttJ) imch 
fervor {•rayi Uit- loi^iil ni-luM* looknfr (orwanl U> the 
eold. nmluiw, stsgiuac calm of a da; tlut is lo be Ukv 
intiiitiKniblr jv^terdays t 

Tbe Qiniilcti bulv'e tlovotiucui an> coofluil«d. Will 
•Ik DOW t3»Mv ftirth over tbii tbtVAlKiIil nf ntir stoi^ ? 
)>ot yet. by many monientx. First, every drawnr in 
tbc tall, old-fasliioned bureau is to be o|wni<<l. with 
difficulty, and witli a eocCHuuun of BpaMuutlic jvrkit : 
then, r'. niut cIimc again, wilb the hoiih! tiilgvty rn- 
hiciaoon. ThaiT is a nulling of stiff silks ; a tread of 
barlcward an<t fi>rw:inl f<xiuti-jn tu :iiitl fro acroM tlui 
chamber. U'e iiu^|nx<t Mi^ IIi<|>zibab, moreover, of 
takinir a stfp u{>wan] into a chair, ui »rd«-r to gifa 
hr< .ml to hiT apjwenuic^ on all sid«a. and at 

fuii „L_.. in tlio i>vkI, dingy-fraiu)»l luilet^IatM, lliat 

Kao^ aUiTA her taltlv. Truly! veil, iudeei): who 
woiikl bave tboa^bl it! t» all th!?< |irr4'i(iiii> tiiim to 
b« Uvikbfsl nil iliv uiututitial repair and bcautifno^ of 
an dderly perwm. who never goes abrtKul, wtioro no- 
be ' ' > UitA. and fmin whom, wben nix- shall hare 
doi' iimiNit, it weru ilti* beet charily tu luru WM^a 

\ tjfm amither way 7 

Now aba ia aUoont ready. Let ui* paniim ber one j 
otharpaaMi; fur it in givt-n to tbf kAv «^-iiiiiiiciil, or. 

and rendered in- 

' mi{;bt lietti^r say. 
IcoM, aa it bun bhiin. bv 
Itnaf pnaion of her life. We heard the turning of 



lu the 

Tim nousB OP the seven gables, 

ft kej in a niiall lock: nhe luw oitpm^il u M-crvt drnwer 
of MI vxcritotrc, anil ii probably Iuokin>; at a rartain 
minuUnre, done iu Malboim'H muai {m^Km-i Mjlv, and 
re{>n>iH'DLing a tnee worthy of no lew ddicata a peacU. 
It was onc« onr good fortune to sec- this picture. It in 
a Ukt^iMm of a yuting miin, in a ftilkt-ii tliviifitn^-gon-n 
of an old fashiou, the soft riohneaa of wliieli in wtrll 
iu):i|it<!'I to tlw ctKintunauoi' of reverie, with its full, 
tvndi^r Up«t, and beautiful eyea, that oeeta to indicate 
not »u uiut-h ra{<a<-ity uf tki>u);ht, u« gnntki aiid volupt- 
uouH (.-inotiun. Uf the poaaeaBOT oi aucli features we 
Hludl havfl a rij^ht to wdc nothing, except that h« wuuld 
take the i-ui)(- world eauly. and niakft liiuiHulf liajipy in 
k. Can it have been an early lover of Miss I lepzibah ? 
No ; she never had a lo\-er — poor thing, how eould 
ibo? — nor ovrr km'w, by her own cx]MTii»ni-Os what 
loTC teehnii-ally means. And yet, her undying faith 
and tniiit. her frv^h run)4^iibnin<H', and coutiiiual du- 
votednewt towards the original of (hnt ruitiiutHn.-. have 
been the only mibtitauce for her iutart ti> ttn-ti ii]M>n. 

She HtituiH to liave put aside tbe miniature, and is 
standing iiguin l>efon.' lh<- to!lft-gla.-«A. Tht^re art' t<>an< 
to b« vri[>c«l off. A few more footstep* to and fro; 
and hens at last. — with another (ntiful sij^b. like a 
gust of fhiU. (lamp wind out of a long-closed ruidt. the 
door of whi<rh hiut acx^ideutally \mhiu set ajar, — here 
oometi Misa Ifepxihab Pyncbeon! Forth 8fa« stepe 
into the dusky. tinicHlnrkeni'^l puwtage ; a tall figiin>, 
clad in black silk, with a long and Hhrunkni waurt, 
fe<eling ber way toward* th« utairs like a nea^dghted 
Iterwiti, an in Iniili ^lie is. 

The sun. niiiui while, if not already nl>oY« ths kiofr 
jton, WAH aM-rnding nearer and nenrer to ita vergv. A 
few cluuda, fkNUiiig high upward, catight aoan of tba 

ht, iinil threw dona ita goklca gUsam on Um 
( ali tbr boiMM in th« itnirt, not forgeUing 
lite UtMiw uf the Seven Gnltb-a, whtcb — mnuy Burh 
M it luul witP w id — looked dioorfuUy s4 tha 
prMiinl one. Tbt) rafleotol ndiatMv Mmvd to «birw, 
pn«^ diminctly. tbi nq>oct uid iimin(^i»Gnl of tlte 
riKiRi wlui-li llvjinl'iih eDteml, after ilMNxndJag Um 
•tuf*. It wii» ■ ItiW'Ntuildi'd nHiin, vrilii H beooi noroM 
tl» tMilinp. fMui'll«(I with tlnrlt wood, ami luiring • 
Urge cbinuM^-piR*, tul tomul witli pii-Umi) tili-K, Imt 
auw eUmeA by ua iron fitv-bonnL Uirou^)i wbk-li nia 
ill* fntttid of ft noilnrn tUtn: Tbm wwi » vorjiot on 
die Boor, orij^riudtj' of rirh U-xtun-. but no Mont aixl 
bdod iu lb'-**' latter 3rvBrH lluit il« irno<< lirilliimt figuni 
had i]tiili! i-unbilml into one imliatin^ni^hable line. In 
the wm^ of fiirnitim-. Uicn' vm two ul>li-« : uiic. <>oi^ ' 
(tnietnt wiib ]H-r]'U-kio^ iiitricat-'y uiid t^xbibiliug u 
mmay feut u it (vnti|M«lv : tko oiImt, mo»t di-lio»U'ly 
wron^t. wilh fiKir b>ng and slviidvr legs, so apimvnlJy 
fmil tbtit it wii> uliQiMt ini-niliblv wbttt a t<>»gtli of 
tim* tfan annt-nt lea-tublv luul stood npon i1m>iii. Ilaif 
n rhatn stiwK) alioiit tlte nxiru, nlni^bt iiud htilT, 
io^JiiDoalir coutrivwl fur the disouni/ort of the 
bntnnn peraoo that tbi>y wi-n* trkaomo own to nght, 
awl cuoreTvd the i^est poMible idm of (be state oE 
uriet)- Ur wbich tli«y oonltl have Iwen adapted. Om' 
•srrfition tlit're tms. however, iti a vei^ anti<|ue elbow* 
Htuir, witfa a hi^b Imrk, mrved elaborately in oak, 
uiil a roomT' depth wiiliin it« arms, that iniulo \t\K \>y 
tt» •pai'iiiiu i'iiinpn-lifiv!iirfn<v-i.H, fur th« bu^k of any of 
tbn*« arti»ti<' ritrvei arliii.'h aiwuod iu a modvm cliair. 
A» for onkamriital artii'Iwi of fnmitiin>, wt- rxH.-olb-ct 
bat two, if mrh (hey may be coIImI. One was a map 
the I'jrwiheon territory ni l)i- <-aatwaTd, not eu- 

I fnul t 

■ timet] 


UT OWJLt't. DelUR I 

liit, HtllUt) OUl^ i» I 

f tlie amrtitii-iit, ™ 

graved, but the handiwork of snmo akUful old <lraiigbtE»> 
miui. Mill gri)t4'!>i)U('lv i]liiiiiin:tt<il witli jiictuiv;!. of In- 
dians and wild I>eaat8, among which «'a§ seen a lion ; 
till* natural liUhiry of tlti' region bi^ng wt littJu known 
OB \iA geography, which waH put down most fantastic- 
ally awry. 'I'lie other ailDnitiutiit wan llii' jHiilntil of 
old Colonel Pynt-hwrn, at two thirds length, represent- 
ing tlic Nt'Tn fi-iituii-siif a Puritaiiii^]iK>ktng porsonitgn, 
in a BkiUl-cap, witii a la*'ed band and tt griwjy beard ; 
holding a Uilik* with one liand, and in th« otliur ujv 
lilttng an irun Eword-hill. T1h> lattvr uhJM-t. Wing 
more siteiciHHfully ilopiclMl by the ariul, 
far grwttvr prominence tluin the aaored 
to fniv f»itli tltiA ptctiir«. on ent«riug the apartitu-iit. 
Miss Ilepzibah I'yncheon came to s pause ; r^;ardiug 
It witli n tiingulur mcowI, a strango vonCorUon of tba 
brow, whictti, by people who did not know her, would 
' probably hare bevn iutorprvted an au expDKwion of 
bitter ang«r ami ill-will. liut it was no such thing. 
Sh«. in fart, felt n«o for tin' pictun-d virago, 
of wliirh oidy a far-deaoemied and time-slricken virgin 
I oould be susceptiblii ; and thi« forbidding hi»w1 was 
Ithe iunoce-nt result of her near - sighteilnefis, and an 
^•ffort «> to «ontwntnit« her i>c>wt*rji of vision as tn sub- 
stitute a firm outline of the object inst«ad of a vague 

We must linger a moment on tHs tmfortimute ex- 
pn'NHJnn of \hk>v HcpzilMih'.-t brow. Her miuwl. — at) 
the world, or such |Nirt of it an sometimes caught a 
tran.iitory glinipsf of her at the window, wickedly per» 
sist*-<1 ill iiilltng it. — h«r twowl had dont: Mi** Ilfpxt- 
bah a very ill ofHi^. in e-atablisliing her rharactt^r as 
an ill-t(^<m)>ut\s) old maid ; nor «]<>«« it ap|» improba- 
ble tlut, by often gazing at benelf m a dim lookiii|f> 



peqtettudly t^counu^ng her own trawn 
iU ghosU/ <plH-r)-, r\v luu) U-rtt Inl tn tultrjinrt 
Uk t>si»«aaioa altuiMt a* imjuaUy iw tin* «t>rlil ilid. 
-* llinr uiM-mlit,v *Ttom 1 lonk ! " i^ miut pftcn li»ve 
whupetwt to berwU ; and uttimiitcljr have fsaeivti ber-j 
■ell M, li; ft aniM of inevitalUt* doatn. Bat bur 
nnrar fniwiMcl. It wm oattinUIy tender, eensitive, 
aad full of little tnuunn and puljiitatiotui ; all o( 
vtuch wealntesaea it ivtiuititl, wKJU* ber visage wuj 
powing so [wrv«rwJy Ht«ni. aiid evi^n tierce. No 
had H«-pKtbah e\et any lutnlibMHl, incix-pt wliat cmnte 
{ram tbv T«ry waniM«>t uoi>k in hvr itiTe«-tioos. 

All Uii)> tinu*. bowen-r. wi* are loiU'riug faiat-hi-urt- 
«dljr on tbe tbresbold uf <iur &torj'. In nry trutb. we 
bam ail tn^'iniriblu relurLnncA to diaeluw wluit Mim 
Hgjaibah Pj^nubeoo vaa about tii d«. 

It baa already boMi obaM-ml. lluu, tii Utc bguwnmfe' 
•tory of tbe gable frontit^ an the otivet, an unwortby 
mncaKvr. ncariy a mntitry a^i>. lutd fitUil up n !di»pi.| 
Ever unne tlw idd gcntlMnan rvtinnl fruui tnulr, atidj 
ftU a«l4^ tinik'r bis onffin-lMl. not uoly the sbop-dootyi 
but tbe inner arraii|;eiueubi, biid \n-vn suffi-ml to nv 
Biain unchanged ; wbik- tbi> dust of B{^ Kstbered 
imdMleep over tbe BkiUves tiiid iMuuliT, and partly 
old pair of ecaW. as if it were of ralott'. 
to be weigbed. It tr«uiirHl iuelf up, too. in 
tilt haU-op*o till, where tbero still Unp-'n-d a base ux- 
pmca. worib nritber \m>K Diir leas than tbe bervdititry 
pridv wbii-li luul bt'rv Imvu put to shanw. Sm-b h»d 
been tbe state and randitian of the little shop in nld 
llep«ilMLh*H {■litldhood. when ^bi- luul Ikt ))nither tuwd 
to play at biile-and-fwvk in itA fonuikt-n pnitnctA. So ' 
it had Tvaiaii»o<l, until within a few lUya past. 

But now, ihongh tbe sbup-window was atill clu»el; 


cnrtattted from tlie public piwe, a rent&rtuible ohiingfl 
hwl takeo place in it^ iiit#ri<>r. The ri«-)i aiid heavy 
fwtooDS of twbweb, whioh it hatl cost a lon^ ancestral 
•QOcemion of 8j>tcl«nt \iw\r WU-'n lalxir lo .s[iin siiiiL 
wimve. bad been enrefullr bnuheil avray from tbu ceil- 
ing. The m>uiit«r. Ahelvfyi, am) floor luul all been 
■cowretl, and the Litter wa« overstrrwii with fnwli liluo 
sauii. The brown ewalea, too. had ex-idently undergone 
rigid disviplim.', in an unavailing c-fTort to rub off the 
mst, which, alas! had eaten through nnd through 
tlicir Rubjttiuiw. Nvithvr wuh tlM^ littlv old shop any 
longer empty of mercihantable goods. A ciiriooa eye, 
privileged to tAk« an ofieonnt of »tock, anil Jiivtwti- 
gatu behind the counter, would have di.srowred a bar. 
rel, — yea, two or tlint- barrels and luilf ditto. — one 
contaiuing flour, another apples, and a third, perhapo, 
Indian inval. Tliore was likewise a wiiiitrv Ixix of 
pine-wood, full of soap in Imrs ; also, another of the 
Mune Mze, in which wrrt^ tiilIow-caiidle«, ten ta thv 
pound. A small stock of brown sugar, some white 
bi^anii and split [H-a-s atid a few otlxtr i^minioditivH of 
low price, and suvli as ar« constantly in demand, made 
up thf bulkier jxirlion of ihi- nien'li.indtsi^ It might 
have beeu taken for a ghostly or pbantasmagoric re- 
flection of tlte old shop-keeper Pynolieon'A ahabbiljr 
pTOrided Bhelve«, save that some of the article* were 
of a deacription an<l outward form which ooukl hardly 
have been known in his day. For inHtanoe, tiierc was 
B gUsB pickle-jar, filled with fragments of Gibraltar 
riK'k; noL, iiidetil, Hidiutent uf tlie vi-ritablo titone 
foundation of the famous fortress, but bits of dclcirtuble 
euidy, ni^atly done up in whit<' [lajx^r. Jim Crow, 
moTc:>vcr, wa« se«n exn-uting his w*orld-ri>nownvd 
daace, in gingerbread. A party of leaden drsgooiu 


TitB uTTiE snop-wiyaow. 



gkllopiiif; aJnnj; tme of tbe shelves, in eqntp- 
I Bod uniform of iuimIitu imt ; nuil tltero weru 
•eme R^;*f Sfj^nns. vitli do Ktroo;; rcwinblutce to Um> 
faanuuiity <if uuy rjMH'h, but lefM ouiuttUfaictorily r«pre- 
ffftttftg oar own fuhians thiui tboM* of b liumlml 
yean ago. AnoUwr pbeiwiuetuni, atiU more Btrikingljr 
nwdon, wu a {tarloige of lonfcr nuUrht^, wiik'li, in 
dd riwf , wonU bavi^ bfvu tlioafrbt artuKll; to bonov 
thi'ir t&AtnotauiMiu tUiiut fnim iImi netlier fires of 

la fthi'rt. til brin^ i)k- iiinitfr Kt oncv to a point, it 
wa» innititnivertilily fviili^iit tluit FM>lu«'l>»i)y luwl tkkvn 
the shofi nnd tijctuna of tbv tiitig-nrtired luul forgutten 
Mr. ^jncheoa. and was abont to r«-»i>w tbu «it«r|irtw 
nt that dvpar(«^l wuctfay. with a dilTurcnt ewt of ctti- 
fcrnwas. WIm) coulil tliis btiltl ailwuturvr bv? And, 
of aU plami in thi- wnrid, why bad be dmaen tlw 
Hocua of the iivvvn < ittbles w tbo acetic of his oon- 
ntcdal apactiUtioim f 

Wi> ntam to tbe eUerly maiden. She at len^fa 
witbdrvw htr vyii fntm tb« diu-k conntrniuiw of the 
Colonel't portrait, heaved a sigh. — indeed, her breoat 
a wry cave of Jl>^)Iu« Uiat inomin;;, — and slept 
the loam on tiptoe, as is tbe ca^t'imary gait of 
eldrrly women. Paiwing throng^ an intm-tmifi^ pw- 
t^mted a door (Itat oominuDicrated with the 
now DO flnlMM-ntcIy di'K-ribif). Owing to 
pmJMTtidn of thu itpper Btury— and etill more to 
thitrk Mhadiiw of tbe I'ynebeon Elm. which stood 

Hwt dirwtly in fmnt of the galilo — the twilight> 

bwe. was »till aa much akin to night an morning. 
Aoutbrr bitavy nigh from MU« Hrpziliah; After a 
WMMBt'a pauMj Qli tbu thrt«liolil, peerinf; towiinU tli« 
wwdflw wkh bv DMT • ttgbted aoowl, aa if frowning 



down iHiiQc \ntAet rnvroy, slw suddenly projected her- 
self into the shop. Tlie haate, nitd, lu it were^ the 
galvanic itupulw! of the luowtnvnt, wi>re nsully qiiit« 

^urvMiHly — in a sort cl froMy, w« might idmoet 
say — she Iwgiin to busy herself in arranginjj; soiw? 
chilctn-n'n playtbings, an<l cithvr littJv wuivx, uti tin- 
shelves and at tlw slioji-window. In tbe aspect of this fl 
(lark-amy«l, pale-foeec), huly-likc old tipinr thi^rc wax 
a dt.-eply tragio charact«T that contrasted iiretroDoilalily 
with tite ludicrous jtettiueaa of her cttuployinont. It 
scpiiied » quoer anomaly, tbat so flaunt and disDiol a 
{>eriiuuage should take a toy iti hand ; a mtracli-, tliat 
tbe toy did not nuiish iii her ^^sp ; a miserubly ab- 
surd idea. Uiat site should go on )>eriilexing lu-r itliff 
and sombre intellect with the question how to tempt 
litth' bora into her pi-wn !»«')«! Yet xueh is iindoubl- 
eiUy li«r object. Now she plaees a giogerbreatl elts _ 
phaiit u<:^iniit Xhv- window, lint with Ko in-nniloiiK ftf 
t^iucli that it tumbles upon the floor, with the dlsuicm- 
berment of tlirti- legs and it« trunk ; it lum iwasiod to 
be an elephant, and has beeome a few bit» of mns^ 
gin^vrbwad. Tlu-ri', again. *\m' has iipw>t a ttunbler 
of marbles, all of which roll ilifFercut W3V8< antl eaeb 
indiridnal niarblr, dtrvil-ilirected, into the inost diffi- 
cult ol)sriu-ity that it nui find. Heawn help our poor 
old Hepxibiih. an<i forgive us for taking a ludicrooa 
view of her position ' As h«r rigid and mtty fnuue 
goes down npon it« hands and knees, in quest of thu 
absconding marbles, we ])0Hitiv('ly fi-<-I m> nmi-h Uiu 
more inelined to shed team of )i}*m|Kit]ty. from tJw 
very fact that we must needs turn aiiide and bugli at 
her. For here, -~and if we fail to imjin-wt it suitably 
upon the reader, it is our own fault, not that of tlia 



, — b«r» M one of tl>e tru««l iM>ititit ri( rucbti- 
dwlr ititvimt that occur tit ni\lituir}- lire. It was ihu 
StuU thiw itf what i!al]Ml n^U oM f^Dtilitj-. A bily 
— wbu hail fed harMilf frutn ehUiUMtMl wiili tht- tiinA- 
owT food of uistocntic tvminisoeiKVN und wUiifk^ n>- 
lij^Kiii it wu that ft hdy'i lumd aoibi itM<lf timtiiM]!- 
al*Iy liy diMo^ lui^ht far hnad-^thu Ijurn liuly, after 
uity le-Ai-B of tuu-n)wiuj{ mmni. i« fain 1<i »ti'|i dutro 
fatten hrr ptylmtal of iniuginarir rank. Fovirrty, truwi- 
ti^ ckMelir at her heels for a Ufednw. has wine u|i 
v^ bar at last She mast earn hrr uwii fiHitl, or 
tfarra! And we hare stulen u|>od M'ks Uepziliah 
Pj-ncheoiu tew irmrvrrtttly, ut the iiuiUnt oi tumi^ 
when the patrician lady is to be tnuisformnl into 
plelNftao vonum. 

In thia npnIJicnn country, amid the fluirtuatingi 
waves of our aorial life, lutiiicliody is altrnyn nt tin' 
drowning-poinL The tTsfr*^ly '^ eiiai.-te<1 «iil) aa cun- 
tisual ft nt{ivtitJtMi a* tliat of a jN^piilar drama iM ftj 
Kolidftj ; and, nevertheless, k felt as deeply, 
bap«. w> wlivn an ln'riili'iir)' itiil>U' ninkx below hw or- 
der. Mure deeply ; siiu!e, with uh, rank is the fn'oxser 
aobalanoft nf wmlth nml a oplendUI ii3Uil>li.«limcut, and 
has Du spiritual existcui'e nfter tliL> desktli of llM-se, Itiit 
dm bofwUwdy alimg with thvio. And, tht:T«fore, 
aiow wa hare been tmfortnnate eoottgfa to introdt 
our hrroinft at no tnnuHpi>-t(>iiN a juncture, we wou 
■ntn-at fur a muot) of dii« sok-mnit)' in tlu- K|H<ctaturt^ 
of ber [at**. Let ua )m-1i>i1iI, in ponr Hepzibah, the tm- 
■nunonal lady, — tu" hiimln-il yntnt old, im this side 
of tb» water, and ihrieu as mnny on the other. — with 
ber antique porlraita, psdigreaa. mota of anntt, records 
and tnditiiiDii. nnd Iht irlaiin, sm joint heiress, to tha 

•ij leiriluiy at the eastward, no longer a wilde 


ODRH. hut a populous fertility. — born, too, in Pjiioheon 
Street, iiniU-r the Fynulieon Kltn, luiil iii Uid Pyiicht-on 
House, where she has speot ull her tlays, — reduced 
uow, in that v«ry kuuac, to be the huclcstvnitH of h 

Tltis buaineas of siottuig up a petty shop U aJmoxt 
the only rewiuree of womito, in cireuinatonom at all 
Bimilar to thow of our uiifurt'jiiate recluHc. With licr 
Dsar-sightadnesH, tnd ihust^ trfmidoux fiugi<n> of hers, 
Bt once inflexible and delicate, she ootdd not be a 
Beamstretw ; allhi>uf;h h'-r HainjikT, of fifty yoar» gone 
by, exhibited some of the most recondite spcciniens of 
onuncotal ixmUvvrork. A whool for little rhildn.'oi 
had been often in her thoughts ; and, at one time, she 
Iia*l Ixfpin II rt-nuvf of htr early studio in iJio Nuw 
England Primer, with a view to prepare Itorat-lf for 
the trffice of instnictrcM. liiit tli« love uf children had 
uever been <)uiekened iu llepzibah's heart, and wa» now 
torjild, if not extinet; she watehi<d tliu little pco|de 
of tJie neif^lilwrhood from her i:haiiil}er-n-indon-. and 
duubted whether she ooiUd tolerate a inorv intiinatfl 
aoqiuiintanee with thum. BesideH, in oui' day, the 
very ABC has become a scienoe greatly too abMtruM 
to be any longer taught by pointing a pin from letter 
to letter. A modem ehild cotihi teaoli old ilepzibah 
wore than old IlL-pzibalt eould U-ach the ehild. 80 — ' 
with iiiiiny a cold, deep heart-quake at the idea of at ■ 
la^t L'oiiitn^ into sordid eniilai-t witli th« world, from 
whiuh hIiv bad »<> long kept aloof, while every added 
day of seclusion had mlled another stone agunat the 
Oavern-door of her Iwrmtliigc — tli*i jnior tiling be. M 
tbou;;lit herself of the ancient sJiop-window, the nisty fl 
sealcA, aiitl duHty till. She might have held back a 
tittle longer ; but anollutr eircumstance, not yet hinted 







■t, bail MBMtwIut butafwd ber dodaum. H<>r liumUs 
pwpanirtuiM. liicrefoi*, won Uuljr BUule, ami Ui<- I'nter- 
prin« WW now to be cnmixteaceii. Kor was she tnititled 
to ootapUin of uiy nnnarkal>lt! iiiiit^ularitjr in bcr fate ; 
(ur. ia tLe town <rf ber nativity, wu uit){lit pniut to itev* 
acal littlv lUtops uf a uaiilai- «]«Ni;ri|>titM>. wvnu* uf tbm 
in Ikkuw a« aacknt as that of tho 8«vno (iablm ; and 
one or two, it uay \>ti, wlK-nt a dccayvd geotlewouao 
tantii b«iluntl the coohU-T, m fixaa an inio^; uf feuuilj 
iniiv 9B 31Jss lltipiihafa l^^udH^m buretilf. 

It waa overpownriugly HiliculiKta — W4t oitut hoti* 
m»Xy OMtiosa it — tbe (lu[K>rtnLe]it of th» uiaitlen luljr 
whila aettinj; lier ii1mj)i iu onJvr fur the jNibUi; vjrii. 
Sbo •Cob) un ti|ituo to tbe wiuduw, as (autioual; aa if 
■be raooeingij hvuv bloo<l^'-tuin>kii vilUun (o be vruti-fa- 
ing bcbitwl the elin-tru!, witb intunt to take h«r life. 
SttTtt'liin^ out bvr Ian;;, bink anu, hIio pot a paper of 
pod bottuui, a jrwVhar]!, or wlmli-ver tbn hmuiII ar- 
ticbl alj^t l>e. in its dt-stiunj ))Lu.-e. and Htmi);btw^ 
Tanisbed back into tlie diuik, as if tbe worM 
Mter bop« for onotbur gUmpMU of bar. It might Iu 
bom fanciwl, iniliwd, that she expected to minister to ' 
Uw waut» of tbe oorautuntty onseLii, like a diwm- 
bodied divinitj or en4:bun[n!fi8, boMio^ forth lier bar- 
gaine to tbe rwerwiluil ud<1 awtt-ctriukim puruluiM^r in 
tax invimlilr Itand. Bat Ilepiibab had no such flattvr- 
my dnam. Sbn watt w«ll aware that tAve muai utj 
timatel; Dume forward, and stand revcnliil in beri 
pmper tadindualitjr ; but, like otlter wositiTO persons, 
•bo oodd not bear to lie obeerved iu tltt* graditnl pn^; 
oeaa, and uboae nther to flaab forth on the world's : 
tuniahvil i^uti aX onne. 

Tbe incviialilu niutneot was not niuvb lon^r to baj 
ibUj'ed. Tbe sun&hiitu might now be seen at 


down the (rout of Uie opposite buuite. from th« wia> 
ilow.t of wliicli nanf a n-fli-4-l«-<) )j;leaiii, aii-uggliiig 
through the houghs of the ijm-trw, iiiiJ enlightening 
tlio iiit^irior vf th« shop more iluitincUjr thnti licn-to> 

.lore. The town appeaivd to hi- wnking up. A bsker'a 

[ewt hat) ain-udv ntttlitl through tii<- Htreet, cbKsingf 
away the Utteot vestige of night's sanirti^ mth the 
jingle-jangle of its ilissonant hells. A milkman wan 
dUtrihuting the conlvntx of Iiit* uins frum door to 
door ; and the harsh peal of a tUbennan's ooncb shell 
WW hcani fi»r off, around the tnmvr. None of tlicse 
tokens escaped I iepitiliati's nolice. Tl>e moment had 
arrived. To deby longer wckiM lie only to k-ngtlivn 
out her miseiy. Nothing remained, except to take 
down llti; liar from tlto idinp-diHir, leaving tlii^ ontninoe 
free — more than free — welcome, aa if all were 
boustehold fricndn — to every iwwser-hy, vrhosw eyes 
might be attraoted by the commodities at the vrindovr. 
Thin last act Hcpzibidi now ]>erforDtc<(, letting the lutr 
fall with what »mot« upon her exoited nerves as a 
Ri08t futounding eliitler. Then — an if the only har- 
rier betwixt herself and the world had been thrown 
dowii. iukI a flood »f evil conw|U4-iK>:-H would como 

i tumbling through the gap — she fled into the inner 
parlor, tlirew herself into th« ancuitral elhow-cluur, 
and wi-jit 

Our miBera1>h^ old Hejixitedi ! It is a livavy annoy- 

lHQei9 to a writer, who endeavors to represent nature, 
its various sttiMidt-s and ciiviunstanoc«, in a reiasona* 
bty correet outliim and true eolunng, that m> tnueh of 
the iiK-an and Indit-'roiu should be hopelessly mixed up 
with tlie pinstl )»:kthiui wlatrli life IUlywhi'n^ su])plie-s 
to him. What tnif^c dignity, for axample> can be 
wrought into a scene like this 1 llow oan we elevate 



oarMttoryof rrtribatum for th* cia of long a^, wheD, 
M cm of iMtr nioet pnitoinetit Bgures, wu arv I'timiH-llM 
to iotroiluni — nut b yiituig anil lowly womiiiu nur vveti 

\y Tvoaxix* of beaun-. sturm-sluUtored by «f. 

-bat & gwint. wUl'tv, rusty -juinUHl ttwulcn. in ' 
a loo^-Wwtrd Mtlk ffyvm, and with tlw stnuige bnrror 
of B tarliaD ou her huad! Her riftage is nut omm 
t^y. It is redeenwd from ioMgnitivatim oaly by dM 
eo(itnu?6on of her eyebrows into a oeaisatglited mwwL 
And. fituUy, bcr gmU Uftstriol bm^toii to be, tbat. 
*iu-T sixty Tears of kUeniias, sbo finils it moveotent 
to rwn comfortaMf brrml by u-tliiig; up n ftliu|t iu n 
aaaU way. Net'c-rtbeless. if wi> loiik tbmu;;h all tlie 
bm>ir fortuiMM of maukiiul. we shall Urul thia aaaM 
ataoglvniitnt of wnDt-tUin^ m«.-ao anil tri>'tal with 
vlulvwr i* tHibb-ft iu joy or Mirrow. Life U aud* 
ap of tnarblc an<l mud. And. without oil the da«|Nr 
tmst iu a comin'«hcntii%'e synijMUliy above iiA,we nlgliC 
heooe be led tu sas)wct tho inxalt of ■ raeer, as well 
■a ma iininitifcable frown, on the iron oounteuance of 
late. What is i-allH piwtii- inii^hi i» \hv (lift of di»- 
wernii y. in this sjibere of stnui;;;ely mingled elenientH. 
the bvau^ nod the majesty which arc compelled to a»- 
umu! a garb so sordid. 



IlEPZiBAJt Pr.NciDXJK tat in t)l«uak<^n oJbow> 
ctiair, «ith Ikt li»niU over hiT face, p%"iiig way to 
that bea\'}' doivn-^inkiug of Lite Iteail wlikh most per^ 
Honti bav« t;xfM:rit!»<.\>(l, wImmi Uio iua^ uf Iioih- it«olf 
■eenu jwudcrotuly tuouMed of lead, on the ere of an 
eaterprise at oucc dtntbtlul Mid uxHiuriitouM. She 
was suddenly startled by lh« tiultling alarum — high, 
wliitqi. uiid irrvgular — of a littl<; btU. 11h^ inaidi-Ji l:uly 
artiHu ii|H>» her feet, as pale an a ^lOAt at euuk-^ruw ; 
for ahv wan aii vitslavoi] s))ii-it, imd tliiti tho taltKtnoii 
to wbioh she owed obedieiice. "niia little bell, — to 
speak in plainiT t«niM, — bviiig fiiNtt'itM) overtlie Kliup- 
door, van ao contrired as bj vibrate by means of a eteel 
•pring, and Uiils coDvey notice to thb- inner regions of 
(he faouKc wIk'u Hijy cuAtuiner nhmdil erotta the tbreal)> 
old. Its ugly and sjHteful littlt? din (beard oow for 
tlu- first tinx', iwrhnpti, Mimtr I lepxiliAh'H pcriwjggvd 
prede^i^ssor liud retired from traile) at once set eveiy 
ticrve »f her Uxly in res|H>nitivc and tumulttionx vibra- 
tion. The erisis wan ujwn her! Uer Qrst ouiitumer 
wan at the <loor ! 

Willw>iit giving lii^nwlf time for a second tbon^t, 
alu) rushed into the shop, pale, wilil. des^pt- rate in gt:»- 
tnro and expTv-SMiou, Hcowling ]K>rt<^'titoiiHly. and look- 
ing far better (juiLlified to do fiewe batllu »ilb a hotiiie- 
breakur llmu to 4taud smiling bvhini) tlw (K>unl«r, 




Urtcring snuU w&mi for ■ i)n|>prr rvconpsBaa. Any 
imli uu]' (*iiM(tner. inileed, urtiuli have turned liU 
lack and HimI. Ami vvt Uieni m* oodbing &treo io 
Urpdlub'a pour old limvrt; imf bod sbe. at Uw tao- 
tneoU s nngle bitter ibought ii{(aitut tbe world »t 
large, or «d« iodindual nuvn or wcittuui. Sho wuhod 
tbom ail w<-ll. but wigJivit, Uni. Uiat tdiie btmwlf wen 
done with tlten, and in bur quiet gmra. 

Tha applicant, b; tlus liiue, btouJ «.itLio the door- 

ws;. Coaang fnsJily. a* 1m* did, <mt uf the luoming 

■ Itglit. bft apiMorcd to IkaTi> brou(;^t stano ot iu chftry 

tBHuraoes tntu tbo shop along wttJi him. It waa a 

, aUa^at jrouDg utan, not more than one or two and 

H tventj years old. with nOht-r n ^ruve and tJioughtful 

^MBnauinii fur his y«an, but likcwiM a »[iriiigy alac- 

^^^^ and vi^r. ThoM qualitiea wvre not only {>er- 

(iai)tibb<, phyML-aJly, in hiA make and nintiiiiui, but 

madtf thttmH.-lv*'* fult oliuiwt tmninltately in hui t:har^ 

a>-t*T. A brawn licanl. not Uto nilkra in its texture, 

biagBd bta chin, but aa yet vrithout itMnpk-tcIy biding 

it ; be mire a short mtmtaclN*. tmi, and bis dark, high- 

fuCored coontcttanca touknl all tb« better for tlM«e 

natural omamenta. As fur hia dma, it was of tbe 

aimplest kind ; a sumainr aaek of cheap and ordinary 

Tj^ilfCpl thin cbeiTkert'il (aiitalounss and « straw bat, 

by ao tneatu of tbe fine»C braid. Ouk Ilall raight 

Inn Mipplied his entire equijunent. lie wax i-bictly 

BMiked as a goatltnHin — if such, iodn^l, be made 

any elaitn tii U- — by tlic nitber remarkable wiut^-turata 

■ awl ninvty of hi> uluui lini-n. 
Uu met tb<< Mwwl of old Hepzibali vrithout apparvat 
alarm, as having berelofon; encountered it and found 
"So. my dear Miss Pyikcbeon," said the daguerreo- 



fr^ist, ^ for it waa iKat sole othi^r ooctipont of tbs 
Reren-^bled mansion. — "1 am gbul to see tltat you 
have not itliniiik fnun your go.^1 puqiow, 1 roetwly 
look m to offer my best wislipH, aud to ask if I van as- 
tUftt joii aiiy furt)i«r tu your [tntjiAriUions," 

People in difficulty and distn^se. or in any manner 
at otliU witli th« world, can endnre a \'aat amount of 
liar&li tntatmeni, and pi-rliajw be only tliv Htrongcr for 
it ; whereas tltoy give way at once before the simplest 
expnwtitna of what th«y pcrreiw to btt Ki-nuino sym- 
pathy. So it proved with poor Hepzibah : for. wh«n 
ihe saw the yoitng num's Mmili;, — looking »o vaneh 
the brif^ter on a th«u<;litf id face, — and heanl his 
kindly tone, slii: broke tint into a hj'itteric giggle and 
then beffan to aob. 

" Ah, Mr. Holgmvc," otifd kUc. a* noon as she could 
Bpak, " I never can go through with it t Never, 
nevtir, iwit^r ! J winh I vi'en; AfoA, an<l in the old 
family-tonib, wHth all my forefathers! \\'ith my 
ratlier, and my mothi-r, and my HtHlor I \e%, and with 
my brotltcr, wliu had far better find mo tliuro than 
here I The world is too chill and hart), — atMl I am 
too old. im<l Um> fecldc, and too hoiwlewi;" 

"Oh, believe me, Mias Hepzibah," said the yoimg 
man, (gnii-tly. "Ihestt fiH-lin'^M will not trutddo you any 
lon^-r, after you are once fairly in the midst of your 
enterprise. They are unavoidable at this moment, 
Ktandiiij;. iu( you <lo, on the outer verge of your long 
seclii&ion, aud peopling the world with ugly Bhapes, 
which y<H) will soim find to be aa unrvnl as the gianta 
and ogres of a child's story-book. I find nothing so 
■iogular tu life, us that cveri[-tbing appvarH to loae ita 
eubslanee tJie instant one actually grapples with it. Sa 
it will be with what yoti tlunk bo terrible." 




"But I BID a wominl'* mA Hppulmh. piiiviiuly. 
^ I WSB gntng to ny, ■ UAy, — but 1 rououlcr Uint m 

** Well ; tm natter if it Iw piut I " wuMrrrad tin 
ttrtut, s «tnu)g*- gU-«ju cil IaIMiuIiIi'h MrcMm flAafatttf; 
thiuagfa tbc kindtitwo of bla manner. " Ijirt it gol 
V«» ■« th« W-Ker williont it. 1 itpL-ak frnnkir, my 
iHitrnx AliikM P>-nrhuon \ tor nru we Dot friends ? 1 lo»k 
DpiiD this M otw of the fiirtUDuU' day" of >'oiir life. 
It e»di an •poeh mod t>e}pit» one. Hitherto, the lif«> 
blood luu been iffMdually ehiUiiij; in yuut ttio* m yon 
Mt alonf. within vnir t-irolf of p-titilitj-, whik' the njst 
of tin: wirrhl wus %htio^ out its Xaltlm with <>»« kiud 
of Denwity or luintlter. Hrtu-«'forlti, j-on will at JeWt 
h»n tlw now of houlthy and nabirU efiFort for a pni^ 
pow, atkd of leuiiiug your ftrvii^i — he it great or 
onall— to tliw united stnij;gle of niantdud. Tliia is 
MWcesB, — all tlie suoccas that anybody meets with t " 

" It i> tulttml enough, Blr. Ilolpare, that yoa 
aboald have idea* like time," rvjoined Ilepeibah, 
dawiog up her «aant fi|>ure, with sli^'hlly ofTcniliHl 
dignity. " You are » tiuin, a youug man. nnd brought 
ap, [ ntppoM, as almost ereryhody is tiowiulays, witJi 
■ view to seeking your forltine. But I wm bom a 
bdy. aad haw alwn^-K liveil ooe; no matter iu what 
narruwneM nf ateans, always a Luly '. " 

" But I waa lutt bom a gentleman ; neitlier have I 
Gved liki> one," said IIolgiaT^ aUghtly Mniliiig ; " so, 
my dear maiUm, yon will hardly expect roe to sym- 
patkiiu witli MnsibiUtie« of this kind ; tltougli, unless 
I ilevrrve wynelf, I hare soine im^ierfeet enm]trehvn. 
MOD of them. TlieM names of gentleman nod lady 
had a meaning, in the past history of the worltl, ant) 
■QDlerred privilagaa, deHrable or otharwiite, on thoaa 


entiUed to Iwar Uiein. In tl>o (iKsent — awl stitl 
morv ill Utc futurv CMiiilitioii of society — they ituply. 
not privilej^, but restricdoii ! " 

"'nitfiu] im- ni-w iiutiiiiiM," Kiiiil tlt« olil gcDtlowomftn, 

ng Iwr boftd. " 1 eluill ttevor lutdentand litem ; 

er do I wish it." 

" Wv will M^jLsv to siMHik of tbem, then," replied 

tlie artist, with a frieudlier ajiiili; tbaii liix Uutt ono, 

" juid I wili leave yoti to fuel whether it is not lietter 

< be Ik true wotuoit lliaii a lady. Du }'ou really think, 

I^Usft IlepzilMib. tluit luiy lady of yoiir family has ever 

Idone a more heroic thing, ninoe tliU hoiue was biuJt« 

tlum yon iin; jwrfuniiing in it to-diiy? Ni^vvr; and if 

the Fyncheons had always acted so nobly, I doubt 

whc-tluT lui old wizard Maule's anathema, of wUoh 

lJTou told me otiov, would liaTe liail uiucli weight with 

Providence against them." 

** Ah ! — no, DO ! " tmi*! Hupzibah, not dhi)ilcased at 
this allusion to the sombre di^it^' of nn inherited mirse. 
" If old Maule's gluMt, or a d<!sc<.-tidai]t of hi», could 
«ee me behind the counter to-day, he would oall it tlio 
(tilfilnii'nt of hia woi-kI wiidic^. But I thank you for 
your kindness, Mr. Ilolgravei and will do my utjuost 
to be a good ahop-keo^wr." 

" I'niy do." said Holgrave, "aiKl let m« have tb* 

pleasure of b(>ing your first oustomer. I am ^wnt 

luking a walk to the sea-short', licforv going to my 

una, wltere I miiuLie IIi>aveii'a blessed stiuslune by 

[Inuang mit iiuniau fi-jitnn« thrmigh its a^-ucy. A 

BW of (hose blscnita dipt in sea-water, will bo just 

rlint J need fur broftkfaat. What in ihe prira of half 

E* doxfiD ? " 

" Let me bo a lady a moment longer," replied Hep- 
nbab, with a manner of antique Htutdinuas to wLicli 

TUK FIRST cusroinsR. 


m mnlMni'holj «uU« Itmt a kind oi fcrrtn'. SIm.- pat tbe 
bbcnitB into hu luui<l, but h-j<vt<f 1 tlu- eouipeuaMina. 
** A Wnt-hnHi luuat not, at nil oVBobt nndor Imit fore- 
en' tvuf. rECOtn inoDvy fur a monel of bread 
[ifan hnr <inly fri«nJ ! " 

Bolgrmva look bia departure. l«aviDR her, for the 

at. with Bjiirits unt ■{uil« im mueti depreasixL 

bowerer, tlwy had eubbul«d ni<arl}- to tliur 

,fomM-r deail level. With ft beating bean, &be Uststked 

^*a tbo footnttrpK of au4y [MUa«np:r», vhieb now b^an 

ba fR<|tieat along tiio An-et. Otux or twice tbay 

to linger 1 tbeee rtrangew. or ningbbor*, m 

oaae migbt be. were looking at tlie didpluy of tofs 

pBtty conmodidea in Uepiiluh'* iibop - window. 

Bbe TCu dodbl.v turturvd ; in put, widi a hmso of 

; afvrvbulining uluuiic tbal atraoge and imloviug u/ua 

111 bave the priiikgc of nanng, and partly beoaoee 

I tlui idea noeurrvd to tier, with ridiruIouB importunitj, 

I that tbe window wm not anaognl w> tdulfully, nor 

t nearly to m much adrantaga, aa it tiu};ht have bem. 

It wiiiiii il aa if tlH' wholu forttii]« or failure uf h«r abop 

ndii^ depend od tbe <)i»]iUy nf a diSennt set of arti- 

eUa, or rabstituting a fain-r npplo for oiw wbiob u^ 

Liwaml to be !t|H'vkM). So ahe made the cbanf^. and 

' straightway fa»i-iod that vviTjUiiiig was apoiled by 

it; DiA reoo^iziog tliat it wba the nerroiuaesfl of tbe 

jJoBrtitTx-, Hud h«r own nalivo aqucamuthneas aa an old 

'• Maid, thu wrooght all tbe seeminjf miachief. 

AtMin. tlKT* waa an encwontur, jiut at tJw doornitep, 
l>[<twiit twit lidnirin^ inf-n, as tlit^ir n)ii);li voiiies denoted 
tbetu to be. Aftvr mub*: sli^^ht talk uIkhiI tlx-ir own 
■ffaix*. on« of tbcm chanced to noti<.-e tbe abop-wiitdow, 
an<l directMi the otbor'a attuntion to iL 

"See here!" loied be; **wliat do you tlunk of 
*gi. to. a 




this? Tiwie aeems to be looking up in Pynchfon 

" Well, well, this ia a Hight, to be siire ! " exclaimed 
the oUtcr. '* In Uie ol<l Pyuchcmi IKmiw, mi<l uii<l«r- 
Desttli tli« P)*iiclicon Elm ! Who wotJd have thought 
it? OM Maiil Pyiieheton h nutting u]i a n-iitAltup ! " 

" Will *\>v iRftk» it gu, think you, I>ixoy?" said Uitr 
Liriend. " I don't call it a very good stand. TbeT« 'a 
Jicr Hiiop jitxt r»uiicl thi; <vjnii;r." 

" Make it go ! " vried Dixey. with a most ooo- 
tcmptuoufl expreaiuon, an if tlifi \t^vy iilca wpr<* impcw- 
siblii to be uunceived. *'Nut a bit of it ! Why, her 
£aoe — I 've eeea it, for I dug hei- gnnleit for hvr one 
year — bcr fiu<o is onongli to frigliu-n thu Old Niek 
biiiiMdf, if Imj \\itA trav Mt gn.-at a mind tx> Indo witlt 
her. People can't stand it, I tell you ! She aoowla 
dreadfully, rouon or nonv, out uf pure ugliness of 

" Well, Uiat 's not so much matter," remarked the 
other man. " The«« soiii'-tcjii|>fnHl folks art.' mostly 
■ handy at buainem. and know pretty well what tkey are 
about. Hut, AS yon my, 1 don't think mIui 'It do much. 
This business of keeping cent-shops is overdoue, like 
all otlter kimls of tnutc, Itundicmft, mid Uwlily liil»r. 
I know it. to my cost \ My wife kept a oentrshop 
three mouthx, itnd Inst 'Alt'. doUitm on her outlay I " 

" Poor business ' " responded Dixey. in a tone as if 
he wrrc HliaUiufT hiii hciid. — " j>«>or l>t»ine»H 1 " 

For some reason or other, not very easy to analyze. 
there had lianlly been ao bitter a pang in nil her pre- 
vious mtscr>' aliout the mutter sh what tbrilU-<l Ili'pn- 
bah'H heart, on overhearing the alwive conversation. 
The twitiDiouy in n^^ard to her aeowl was frightfully 
important ; it seemed to bold op her image wholly co- 

rilK FIRST rtrSTOMBti. 

BevMl tram tbr fiiliw^ li^t of her nrlf-jmrtinlitit'is ntwl 
•n hideous lliat s.\m> dared Dot look nt it. Slie wa« ab- 
ratiUj bnri, in«n<nvrr, by the itlight anil iilli' fffc<-t 
that hrr M-ttiii;; tip abop — no evrnt of snch l)n?athli?K« 
intcrrat to KcnwU — appeared to havK upuii th« pub- 
Ik', uf which tlmM two mra vnn Ihv nearest r*pr^ 
stetinc A ^laaoe; a passing word or two; a 
buigb ; and abe waa duubtlwu forgotten Man 
tbuy tamed the conwr! Tbey cared nolhing for her 
dignity, anil just aa Iittlo for hi-r dr;:nMiiiii(.ii. Thi-n, 
abto. the augory of JU-sucxniss. uttared fruui the sure 
wiMluni of (>x}ierime«% fiall ujkui k»r half-dead ii'>j>o 
lilui a dod into a grave. Tin' man's vUc had already 
tried tht oune cxpftriment. ami fuUnl! How could 
tbe liora lady, — the recliise of lialf a lifetime, uttt-rly 
impnKtiMd in tha world, nt nixtr yvM* "( i*^'. — !>»«' 
eoold riM ever dream of sui-iitiling, wWn iW hanl. 
nlgmr. hetn. buxy, backncywl New England woman 
bad lost fire doUan on h«r littlo outlay ! Siicocm pre- 
■BBtod itsdf a« an im{)ow<il<il)ty, and the hope of it as 
a wild baUacinjition. 

SoBM mikvolmt «pirit. doiti^ iua atmoet to drive 
Bvtaabnb mad. unrolled Man- Imt imagination a kind 
of pnooraua, repreaenting the great thoroughfaro of a 
Vty nil astir vrith onstomcn. So many and ao niagnif- 
Bt ibapa aa thnv were I Gpoceriea. toy-sh»ii:4, dry- 
I stunra, witli tlH-ir imnu-nito yaaiea of plal»ffauw, 
. &rtnre8, tbeir vafit iind <iimplete assort 
Ifaie. in whifh fortunes hail bn-n in- 
and those unhlL< mirront at the further end 
(wh mtabliahmviit. doubling all thia wealth by a 
brijchlly bnmudiud riata of uiin^altttf« I On one BJd» 
el iba ativut ihui ■{lUndid baxaar. with » miil(itur1» of 
pwfimad and gIo«y saleamttn, umirking, uniUng, bow- 


lag, anil measuntig out the goodn. On titp othpr. the 
duslgr old lloiisc of tbu 8i-vuu GablvH, witb tliu anti- 
quated (dioi>-wuidow uuiler ita projecting story, and 
Hejiuluih iK-rtt-lf, in a gown of ni.tty Uitvk nilk, InOiind 
titi! roimter, acowling at thv world aa it vreut by ', Tbifl 
atiglitj contrast tbrust itself forward as a fair exprea- 
sioQ uf tb« odds ii|;niiixt wliii-li lOii.- mi» U> Ix-giii Imt 
Btrugglu for a auliiUAteuce. Success? l'n>[KNitvruiis ! 
Sbi- would noTGir tliink of it ugaiu I Tbo huuMj might 
just u veil l)e btmed in an eternal fo;; while ull othi-r 
faoUBQ* luid till.'' mui^biiK.* on tlivin ; for not ii foot would 
ever cross the threshold, nor a hand so mtuJi «s try 
tho <loiir ! 

But. at t)ii« inst&nt> the shop-bell, right over hor 
heul, tinkled aa if it were bcwitelted. Tlie old gentle 
woniiin'!! lM.-iLrt mm^'IIIi^iI to Iw »ttJU'hc^) to the eiinip ^^toel 
»|iriug, for it wt^nt llirougli a st-rit^s of idtarp jeika, in 
unisou wiUi the tiouud. The door was tfarust open, 
although DO huiuau forui wni) {M.Ti'i>ptibl« on tlve other 
siilo of titv iudf-wiiidow. Ilvpxiltali, nfriTtlti^leaa, 
stood at a gaxe, with hi^r h&nd» i-laspod, looking very 
much a.4 if aim luul suuiuiouimI u)i mi vvil spirit, iintl 
wi-ru afraid, yet resolved, to hazurd tlie eni.'ounter. 

" Heaven help me '. " she groauvd, munUUly. " Now 
i» my hour of nticd I *' 

The door, which moved witli ilillloulty ou it« crcok- 
iag uiul ratty hing^w, iK-itig forovd qiutu open, ■ 
M)uai« and sturdy little urchin became ap]uiTvnl, witb 
ahovla u icd a* an Mp])lu. IIv wuh vhul rather sliab 
bily (bat, w it seemed, more owing to his uiotli^r's 
esreleHnesa tluui hi* fatlter's |MVfrty ), in a bltic apron, 
very wid« and short troosere. sboen souiowhut out at 
the toes, and a cliip-luit, with tlte frimdea uf hi:i rurly 
hair sticking tlux>ugb ibi crevices. A hook and a 


•lata, nndcr hU luin, imltcMoi] Uiat bp wu on 
^ktt m; U) HhooL Ml- starvd at Hepzibah a luutnuit, 
ta «I>)er cu»tijuier tbaii liuufleU wuultl luivn hv*a 
• •ftoogb to do, nnt knowing what to make of tka 
■ttitiide and queer soowl wberewitk nbr 
gafiU<(i him. 

Well, child." said she, taking heart at sight of a 
tneaago m littlo formidable, — ** weU, my child, what 
did yoa wish fur ? " 

** That Jim Cixfw then in tlM> wiudow," anawcmd 

Ufdiin. holding col a cent, and {mUiting to the 

Ggutv tJuit had altntctcd bi» witic'e, n» he 

almg to aehool : " the one that lui« not a 


So Ut!]nilMLh |Ntt forth hur lank arm, and. taking 
«ffig> from the shoi>-wrinduw, dulivered it to h«r 

** No matter for the moner," said she, ^ving him a 
littfo path toward* th« door ; fur hvr old gtmtility was 
CODttunM^oasly •queamish at sight of the Mi|i]x>r coin, 
sad, IwaidtM, it MMmed iiw>li |)itifid tnoannota to take 
I child's pocfaet-moocry in exchange for a bit of stale 
f'jginpttbnad. "No mau<!r for tlw M^ut. Von are 
weloame to Jim Crow." 

Tba child, stariu]; with n>iif>d eje* at this instance 
ol libaralJQf, wholly iu]|ireoeiIented in his largi? vx- 
< of i'fut^bops, took llie man of gingerbread, 
^tted th<- [intniiscft. No soonvr had be readied 
mdewalk (little cannibal that he wan '.) than Jim 
'niw*» head was in his moiith. As bo had nut Iteeo 
^Can-ful to shut ttu) dtair, Hi*|>ztbah was at tlu^ {lotii^ of 
liinntf it uftt-r hint, with a pettitJi i*)u<;iiLuion or two 
l>oiit tbr tnitibtt'sr 'iiieneas of young people, and par- 
'tj.-'ularly of snudl bo>a. She bad just placed another 



rvprfM-nialive of tli« ivnownei] .Jim Omw nt l\\v wia- 
dow, wlicn iif^iin (hv fbojvbuU tiaklml clanioroiisly, 
utJ agaiti tbe iliKtr Wing tlirtiat opeo, witli itsi cluiruo- 
teriotio j«>rl( imX jitr, ()iM'loHi-<I tliii Kutic Htiirdy little 
Uivlliu who, preciiiely two ininiit«s ago, had idsiIc hiM 
oxit. Thu cnitnbs nn<l ilUt'oloration of the* cutinibol 
feaBt, as yet hnnlly coniHuiiinBtod, were exraediugi; 
VNihU^ abiiiit hi.i luoiitJi. 

•• What U it now. child?" tuked the maiden lady, 
ruther iiii|iatieiit]y ; "did yon oon>c hack to shut tbe 

>* No," aimwertil the un-hiR. poiiitiug to th« flgure 
that hiul juM boL-n put up ; '* I want that other Jim 

" Well, hero it is for you," Mtid Hriuiiliah, n-ub- 
ing it down ; but i-eeogiiiring that this iiertinacioua 
rutUotutrr would not ipiit \wt on luiy other tvmui, so 
long as h1m> liad a gingerbread figure in her shop, she 
partlv drew baok li«r extended liand, " Wlieru in Um 

The little boy Itad the cent ready, but, liko a true- 
bom Yankee, would huvi< prcfern-d the better bargain 
to the wtiRt^-. Ij(M>kiiig homewbat ebagrined, he pnt 
tlw ema into Ileprahab's hatwl, and departed. Bending 
tlw wcoml Jim Orow in quest of the fomit-r otiv. TIm> 
new abc^keeppr dtx>pped the first Holid i-e»ull of her 
ooauDereial enterprise into tlie till. It was dono \ 
The Minlid stnin of that coppi-r coin could n«vtT be 
waslieil away fmiu her [hsIdi. The little itebool-ltoy, 
wded by tltr iinpiiih ftgun! nf iIm^ negro dunvcr, hud 
vrrotight an irreparable ruin. The structure of an- 
cient arirtocnu-y had Iwn deiunlislied by him, cwn »a 
if his childish gn|ic )k:id torn down the seven-giibled 
luuiisioit. Now l^c Uepiibuh turn the old P^'nchuoa 

Fiitsr cvsrouER 

(Mrtniits with tbi'ir fius* tn tlii> wall, nntl taki.* Um' ntap 

jut ber Ctwu-ro territor) Ui kiuiUf tliir kiu-ben firv. «uil 
up tlie flwn« with llw eui)>tv bmatli (if hft iu»t.-it- 
tnkl tradidcms I WbiU luul hIk- In do with iiQeoRtry? 
Kothing : no more than with posterity '. No tndir, 
bat simply Il<-)»»ljcib t'^iicbooa, n forlam old 

LbuhI, and lumper of a ceut-almp! 

Nerertbtileu. evfii wbiJi* abe jnundcd thtMe ideas 

[•omewhu ootentadoiiajy thruu^ ber aiind. it is alto* 

lather Mtr^iriiiiR^ what a colmtunw h«(l oone over her. 

[The umety autl luia^inQga which hul tormented her, 
rbrthvr ulcwp or io mebuvboly dav-drwuuH. vnr 

^atUM ber proJMTt be^a to take wi upeot ol solidity, 
now vntuKh<Hl igiiitt- ft«»j. Sbo fult the norelty 
of h«r pawitiiiii, iiiileed, but no loo^rwith lUaturbanoe 

, or KffHgbt Now uul t]M.-n. thore vwtM> a thrill of al- 
most youthful enjoyment. It was the invi^ratinjf 
bmlh of n freth outward atmoxplivn-, after thi.' long 
lorpor atkd numotonoaa aeduaian of her life. So 
rtokMime n effort! So mitaculoiiii thr elrcngth that 
we do tiot know of ! The liL-althietit glow tltitt I]epid- 
bafa had kuown for yaam bad cone now in tlK> tlrvatied 

*enri». wht-o. for the ftrst time, she bad put forth her 
band to help benieU. The little cin^ia of the HphooU 
toy'H eopper efiio — dint and lostreleee thouf-b it waa, 

I -with tlic Huoll itcrviei'rt u-hicb it bad been doing here 
and there about the world — bad proved a talisman, 

> fraipiuit witfa giMHl. and deiter^'ing to Iw «et in gold 
worn next her heart. It wan a» potent, and per- 

^ha)M endowed «itb the same kind of efficacy, aa s gal- 
vanic ring I llepzibiah. nt all events, wa« indebU^l to 
Iti Hibdle oiwraiirin both in body and spirit ; bo tnoeh 

ifllie BKire. a« it itisptml biT wirh cm-rg}- to get soma 

I'braaktut at which, still the better to keep up har 


courage, she allowed bentelf an extra Rpi>onful in ttcr 
uifuHuin of tilni'k t<-ii. 

Iler introductory day «f abop-keeping did not ran 
on, liowcwr, without nuiny and iwrioas iDtvrraptianii 
of this mood of (.-lioerfid vigor. As a f^noral rule, 
Pn>vi()i-ii<-(> Mdiloiii viiucli-iafcD to niortalit iiny nmre 
than just tliat depre uf i>Dcoitrsgemeot which sufllces 
tu ko<^)i tbeui at a n-aiinnnlily full exertion of tlieir 
powtrs. In thv case of titir old giMitli'womnn. after 
Ite exeitciiwnt of new i-ffort luul Htibuidod, tlir dc- 
'^■pondctK-y of btr whol« lift- thivatenwl, ever and aticni, 
to rettini. It was like the hear}- luaut of cloutU which 
wo may often wo nhnt-tinng the nky, lUid making a 
gray twilight everj-where. untjl, towarils nightfall, tt 
yields t«m]wnirily to u glimpse of DunHliino. lint, al- 
wajB, tlie i^vinuA eloiul Htriven to gather again afrou 
the streak of e^elestial azure. 

Curfomera came in, iis tlw forenoon advanced, b^it 
ratlxT ftlowly ; in Nome ejues, too, it muKt be owned, 
with little Nutixfwtion eitlier to tlteJnjwlvttt or Minn 
Hepititcth ; nor. on the whole, with an aggr^fpite of 
very rieh cmnlumeni |o tl»e till, A lillli> jjirl, wnt hy 
her mother to match a idcein of eotton thrund, of a p^ 
euliar hn«, took one that tlie nenr-sighted old lady pro- 
nounced extremely like, hnt tioon came running back, 
with a blunt and *'tw» message, Utat it woukl not do, 
atw), besides. wa« very rotten! Then, tber» was a pale. 
«*re ■ wrinkled woman, not old but hagganl. and al- 
rewly with streaks of gray among her hair, like sil- 
ver rthbmiit ; one of those women, naturally delicate, 
whom yon at oneo rwogiiiw as worn ^t^ <|(Mith by a 
hnile — probably a drunken brute — of a liushaud. 
and a( h-aHt nine e1iiIdR>n. Site wanted a few pounds 
of floor, and offered the money, which tho deMyod 

TUB FIRST cvsrouns. 

rgeotlewoBUUi sUcntly rwjoctml, xnd gav-e the pnot- soul 
Iwtter nutHMin- tlmn if «hf Iitul iJikt-n it Shorily n/- 
teffWktds, ft nuui !d a lilutt otitioii fni-k, iniicli w)iJcil, 
caaw in Hud bnugbt » pijMf, filling the whole sliop. 
OMMiwfane. with the bot ottor of strong (Iriuk. aoi ntily 
udHled in tlx' t<>rri<l aUnosphciv of hin l>n'UK. Inil 
poxiof; nnt of Lis pntir(< srslvni, like an mHamionltlo 
|[aa. It wtts tmiirvAMHl on I[f|>iil>iLh'i> nittut tJmt tliia 
was the hmbauHl of thi.' <^»r(--wi-iDkl*Ml wotuait. lie 
Kaked for « p^per of tobncco ; and t» lixn luul ti*>g- 
lenMl tu pnnridr bcrwlf willi lh« artirttf. Iter Imital 
owtMner dubm) down hk iifwK-lH>ught jtipe nii<] left 
the abop. niutlvring mmiw unintelligible words, wliiob 
bad the tuiu- anil bitterness of a ome. Hsnitiwii 
Hepsibah threw ap her ejM, uDiutentionally aoowling 
ID thi* fwe <if PmvirlciKif 1 

No Ims than fire persons, dnring the forennon, in- 
quired for giiigirr-lioer, or ront-tx'rr, or nuy drink of a 
ritnilar brewage, and, obtainin;; oirfhin^ of tin* kind, 
went off in an eJin'cdiugly bad huiiior. Thive of them 
U>ft tl»e door open, and the ntbvr twu puUrd tt so 
sjMtefaUy in g"in^ i>iit tltnt llie little bell pUyed the 
TPT}- deun* witli Ilepdbtth's nenTA. A roiiud, bus- 
tling. fire-r\u)dy hounewife of the neighborhood, bur«t 
bnuhleu into the shop, dercoly denuinding yeast ; 
Ud wbro the poor irentlewotoan. with her oold shy- 
BMB of ntaUDer. gavi' Imt hot euiitocner to undemtiuid 
that 'he did imt keep tlie article, this renr capiible 
housewife look ujwu b«nv:lf lo iuluilnL<(ter a tvgutar 

" A nlt^I-ldlll|^ nnil no I " qiioth «hc ; " thai 
will ni-rirr do! Who erer heard of eiu-h a thing? 
Your toaf will nonr riw. no wore than mine will to- 
day. Yo«i had better ihitt up «hop at on<v." 



" W«U," Hsu] HcjxitMih, faciiving n dce]i mglt, " fw 
hapH 1 hail I " 

Si^vt'nl timeit, moreover, b«fl)()c« tko ulmvo iiuitennc, 
her lady-liliv MDMbilities were serioofily infrin^^ed upon 
by the f&iuiliar, if not ruili>, u>ni- with wliii-h jM^opla 
■ddrewed her. Thvy evideoUy ooQBtdervd thrniBelves 
not lofnly lift M)uabi, but lM>r patroDn aod superiiiTs. 
Xow, tiepzibah had uncoriM-uiiiHly flattered henielf 
with thf iilt-a Uint tlMi« would he a gleam or luilo, of 
some kind or otlwr. about hvr p<-n*on, which would in- 
Kurtt ail obeiHince to Iter sterling gi>utility, or, at leust, 
a tacit rwKi^nition of it. On tlM^ <ilh«T tuiad, nuthiog 
lorturMl h«r more intolerably than wbea this recogni- 
taoii wtut to«» pr4)mitii>nlly vxpivHtiwl. To one or two 
rather offtt^ious o(TerH of a\-iupalhy. her respooses were 
litllu Mhort of aorimoniotu ; and, wo regret to aay, 
llepalwh wafl thrown into a jKisitirely uai-hmtian 
atjUv of mind by ih^^ itUMpioton that odo of hi-r cua- 
tomera was drawn to the shop, not by any real need 
of the article whi<Oi »iho prct4-ndm1 to Nefk. but by 
a wifked wish to sture at her. The vulgar creature 
wait dvtenpinitt to )we for henti^lf wlmt iwrt of a liguni 
B mildewed pieoe of aristocracy, after wasting all tlie 
htoom and much of the- dc^dine of her lifu U]>»rt from 
the world, would cut behind a counter. In this pai^ 
ticular cajic, Imwevcr niis-hanical and innocuous it 
might tw at other limeti, Hepzibsli's oontortion of brow 
served lier in giMx) Ktcad. 

" I never wa§ so frightened in my life ! " said the 
curiotiit ctiKloituT, ill dcM'i-il>iiig tliv itici(U'-ut to one of 
h«r actiuaintaiices. *" 81h> '» a r«al old vixen, taku my 
word of it ! ir-hv wiya little, to be Hiire ; but if you 
could only see tl>c niisclticE in her eye ! " 

On the whole, therefore, her uiiw experience led out 


TtlB FlBSr ClISTOitBR. T5 

decajed gentlewomaa to very tUsap-ecalili^ cnnt-liiNioiui 
u Ui tbtt tvmiMr and uuuiiii-ni «f wlnic »lu< k'j-moil the 
lower rlrimw. wboot litn'tofore slie Iiail loaiked dtiwn 
u(Hi» with n gvnUc mu) pitying (xnnpUiHUioo, wi Iwr- 
hU oecupyiu;^ u Epbere of anqiuwtioDAble superiority. 
Bat. tmfortuiuiti'ly, >tbc luut Ukuwrn Ui fttni)^ln 
■gsiiiHt a liitur umotioa of a ilm^'tly '>pi>fiaitt.> kinit : a 
aentutwut of vimlitum, wu luean. b>wanl.i liin idle aru- 
tooraey to whielt it had bo revcmUy Itevo her pride to 
bvloi^. ^Vlteii a huly. in a (Uiii-att! and oiMtly man* 
mer garh, with a tttutiog veil und f^nu-i-fidiy sway- 
i"? K"*'^! lu^' altug)-thfr, an etfaerud liglitunM that 
Bade yoa look at her beaudfiitly Hlip^wrK^l (aet, to 
n» whether she trod on the dust or doaced iu the air. 
— wbeo sui!h a Tiaion happened to pass throu);h tliia 
ntirvd Mrrrt, leaving it Uiidcj-ly aotl di'Jiuivuly fm- 
ftrant with her pgura^ as if a bouqavt of u-a-roMes 
hail hprti Uimo along, —thiii again, it id U) h4) fi'nml, 
dd Uepaibafa'ii scowl oould no loiter viiKUcate itaelf 
•ntirely oa the pk>a of nrar-sightvtltWM, 

" For what eoA." thought aJie, giring vent to that 
knliag of buttility which in Uh- imlr n-»l :diiiM-mi-nt 
of tb*> poor io preaenra of the rit-h. — '■ for wliat good 
end, in thv wimloui of Pntvidrwc doi'it that woman 
Irw? Most the wbolo world toil, (hat the palms of 
htr IuukIii nay bo k«|it whit<- and <i<-li<ni« ? " 

T1m.*ii. ashauivd and penitent, she hid her face. 

** May Gud foi^tvr nut ! " mtid idiu. 

Doabtlim. God did forgivo her. But, taking the 
inwanl oiid uiitward hiintory of the fint half-day intii 
oaDaiilaTntion. Dcpiibali begun to ft^r iJiat tliv Khogi 
voulil proTe ht^r ruin in a moral and religious point 
of vi<>w, triihotit cniitrilmting very tMwtitiidly towanl^ 
•*«n b«r tcanpoml welfare. 



ToWABM noon, IK'jizibah saw an elderly Renflf*- 
mau, lar^ atid [wrtjy, and n( nuuwkalily di)^ilU.-d 
dvRKMUinr, pwwinf; slowly alonj; on the opposite side 
of the white and diistj sti-ec^t. On cotning within the 
■faiulow of tlu! Pj-neheon Elin. he sbopt, and (taking 
off bis hut. meanwhile, to wipe the perepiration from 
kia brow) BiH-nii.^1 U* (M-ruliHiw, with cspirinl inb-rvst, 

' tfas dil^tdated and rusty-vtsu[;^l IIouhg of the Seven 
Gables. lie hinifltilf, in a very iliffrrvnt xtylv, was na 
well worth lookin); at a^ the tioime. No better model 
twnl lie »oiighl, iiiir could liavc tM'i'n foiiiKl, of a very 
high order of reiqwcUbili^. which, by Mime indwwrib- 
sUe mn^r, not mcn-Jy t>x{tit-N.-<iil iLM>lf in hiH looka 
aod gestures, but even governed the fashion of hia 
garmenta, aiul r^nderw) them all propter and ewtential 
to tho man. Witliotit apitearin^ to diffor, in any 
tangible way. from oIImt pcoph-'i* I'lothea. there was 
yet a wide and rich gravity aboat thiFm that moat 
have been a eham«t«ri«ti<^ of liw woorrr. sincf it could 
not be defined as pertaining cither to the cut or nu^ 
tvrial. Ilix gold-hi'wlMl cane. too. — a aerrieeable 
staff, of dark polished wood, — had similar tniita. and. 
had it choiMTn in tttki- a walk l>y itttvlf. wotd<l have 
been recognized anywhere as a tolerably adequate Kp- 

'reaentative of its mantiT. 'th'iA chiirarU'r — which 
•bowed itself so strikinjjly in everything about hiin. 





and tlie effect tif wliteb vre ewk In coovej tn the reaili^r 
— weut no d«e|M!r Uuui his atrndoii. haliiu of life, iuh) 
eztonutl cireuBUtSDCM. One pnveivMl him bo be a 
penmuige at markiMl tiiHuenra aiu) aulburity; am), 
etpedally, j'un rould ftrcl jiiot lu oi-rUiin Uiat lii> «-&& 
opnlmt M if he had exhiliilMl hid luank a<voutit, ur 
u if jroD hod •wn bim tntinhlDg Utr twipi nf iIh' Pyn- 
dieoa Qm. um), MiHus-like. traiisimiting Uwin to gob). 

In Uh ;r<'"''i< hr luu) protolily t"i'n ninHdm<d n 
haodMNDT DUin : nt his prment n^. his lirow was too 
bcBTv, hi* ti^i)ili« bio Inn?, hb> tviiuuning liiir tuo 
gny. his rye too 4x4^, his lips too oloeclr Mmpmseitt 
to b(«r any rrlntkm tu mere ]>n-M>n»l Watity. He 
woubl bat-i.* mailt* a |?>ocl an<l mHseivp |><irtrnit ; bcrtler 
D()W, pt^rlmp*, tluLR nt nny pn'vifxit iH-riixl of hin liff, 
ahiMiOfHi hia look inij^it ^row positively linnOi in tJie 
pnxvw of bring flxiil uptin Uic raiinui. 'I'Im* urltHl; 
waalil have foua*) it tlt.-8inili|t< bi stndy his fwe. am) 
pntrtf its cniwcity fur variitl t'X|tn'MiiKi; to ilarki'D it 
with u fnnrn, — bi kinille it up witli a smik. 

Whil<> the ehlm-ly g;entJeuan »too<l lookinj^ at tho 
Fynchecin MotM'. Ixiih thv frinm ami the smile pawed 
Ron-eamnily otct his vtmnleiiaiK^. His eye rested on 
dwp-windnw, uxA pattint; up a pair of frnld-bowed 
[>1m, whioh he Iwl'l in his haitil, hv minutely fttir- 
d Hcpaluh'n lillle nmnt^-ment of toy*, aud com- 
suiditiM, At first it seemed not to please him. — my, 
to niiuo him exeetilin]; <li«|iW«iiir. — and yi't, tlu' 
Ttty tutxt moment, he Hnil«>tl. While the luticr ex- 
pfmnon ww ytt on hi« li|M. he ranght a gliinpsw of 
fl«|Hibah. wlm had involmiturily Iteiit forwani to the 
window : md tbrn the xinLlc okingml fnim acrid »nd 
illw^tiawliWi' to the Bonuiwt rmnpUceury ad<1 benevo* 
ImM. Hr liowiil. with a liappv mixtnn' of dignity 
■ad murtviiiu kinilliiicAH. nnd pursued liis w»y. 


'•*■ There be in ! " eaid Hopzihab to herself, gulping 

down A v<*ry Inttt-r ciiiotiun, imd, xiiicu rXw coitlil not 

' rid faereelf of it, tryiug to drive it back into her heart. 

"What docii he tliink of it, I vromlor? Doe* it jiliMue 

him? Aht he IB looking Itui-k : " 

The gentleman lui«I iuuimiI iti Uie xtm't, siid tnmct) 
hiiDBelf half about, Htill with hu eyes fixed on ibe 
Nho|»-wiiKlow. In fai^^ lie wheeled whollj n»ui<l, anil 
oommcnoed a step or two. lu if designing to enter thu 
idiop ; but, as it chanced, his purpose was antk-ipateil 
by HepKJlHih'n lint ciiittoiiker, the littli^ euniiilMl of •lira 
Crow, who, staring up at the window, was !m»istihly 
attnu^wl by oii I'lepliant of {^iogerlirviul. WluU a 
grand appetite had this small ureliin ! — Two Jim 
CrowH iiiuuviliitbily aft^tr brvakfatt ! — and now an 
elephant, as a preliminary whet before dinner! By 
Uh- time thiK latter {uirvhuMi wiw eomplfted, the «)• 
derly gentleman hail resumed his way, and tunrnl the 
street comer. 

" Take it as yoo like. Cousin Jaffrey I " muttered 
the maiden lady, a« hIic dn^w iMek, 4ift<!r caiiticUMly 
Uinuting out her head, and looking up ami down the 
street, — "take it as yo" HI"'- Vou havn iwea my 
little shop-iviiidow I Well ! — what have you to aay ? 
— is not the Pvncheon ilouAe my own, wliile I'm 

After tbis ineident, Ilepnbah retreated to the back 
parlor, where »ihe at fintt iiiughl up i» hnlf-fini»hed 
»toeking. and began knitting at it with nervous and 
irregubu- jerk.t ; but quiokly finding iM-ntclf at odds 
with tile stitches, she tlirew it aside, and walked hur- 
riedly alxiut lla' room. At length, 8li« [mwed before 
the portrait of tlie stem old Puritan, ber aaeestor, and 
the founder of the hoiue. In one •ease, this pioture 



bad almoM fmltHl inlu tti« cannw, luid hiddt'n itself 
bduod the diuUdnesB oF a^ : in another, ali« cmdd 
tmt bttt F11U17 Uint it luul U«D growing tnnrv promi- 
nent, and rtrikin^;!)- cx]>iv««iTF. cv«r einre her earlit«ti 
familianty with it 0.1 a cbiid. For, wliilv tlw physkat' 
niitliiM> and subetunce wt-rv darkening away from the 
lM-b<>ld)*r'» v^, tJw Inid, hard, aud, at tho mam tina, 
iodimct rhanirU'r of the man seemnl to b« btxnififat 
oat in a kiittl of spiritual mlief. Such an «ffnct Toa/f-k 
oOCwkmaUy Iw otNwrvttI in pti-tiuva of ai)ti4|iti- date. 
Thejr SMjiiiK a look whtt-h an artist (if \w hare 
anythh^ like the coui|ilaoaicy uf artixta dowmUjts) 
wonld HL-vt-r dmm of presenting to a ptUrcai as his 
own chantcteriMi4> exjirvasion, but whii-h. nortrtheleM, 
«e at ince reoogniite as reflecting the unlorely truth 
of s htttnan mwI. In Much rajwM, (lu) [MUntvr'H dts-p 
eoaceptim of bis miij^rl's invrsinl traits has wrought 
ita«lf into tlN' iMMnn> of tin- pioturc. and i» seen after 
the aoperfieial coloring ba» Ui'n rul>l>i-d off by time. 

While glUBng at tlx* jHirrrait, Ilopxitwh trembled' 
undfr its t^ye. llvr liereditary trvvrtruM^ made her 
afraid to jvlgi' the character of the original so barshly 
as a penxpttun of the tnitli I'ompelli'd her to do. Bat 
•till she gawd, iMTnuHe the Unx of the picture enabled 
her— at least, she fawifd tui — lo n-iid more Mva- 
nUely, and to a greater depth, the face which she had 
JoA ttra in i1m> iittvot. 

" Tliis is the very man ! " uiarmnred abe to hereelf. 
"Ijft Jaffn-y Pym-lixon Ninih! ad Im; vML, l\u^tv \» that 
luok betKtttb ! Put on him a stndl-cap. and a band, 
and a black trliuik. and a Biblf in one baud and a 
itwfinl in the other. — tln-n let Jaffrey smile iw ho 
^K might, — uoIkxIv would doubt that it waa the old Vyra- 
H thoon coin« again ' Uw has pntvtnl hiutsvlf the vary 



man to littiiti up a new LouAe \ PorlupH. tuo, to draw 
down a new <.iir»e \ " , 

Thu« (lid Hu)HiiUUi bewildur Im-'twII witb Uimo 
fantaaiefl of the old time. She had dwelt too touch 
aL>nt% — toil long it) tl)i> Pyncheon IIousv, — until hvr 
very brain was imprvgiin'.L-d with the dr3--rot of iti> 
timbora. Shu nuvdvd a walk along the nooodaj sticnt 
to keep her sane. 

By the H]N-U of cvntraHt, another portrait ro»e up 
before hor, paiotMl with more daring flattery tlian any 
ortiitt woulil Ua,w venturiid u(khi, but yet so dtiUcate- 
ly touL-htd that the likvncHS ri'DiaiDHl pcrfcvt. Mal- 
boiw*!t Diiiiiiiture, itiuii^h fmiii thw luune original, was 
fiu- inferior to [Ifpzibah's air-drawn pii-ltire, at which 
affeetioD and :iorrowful remembraoce wrought together. 
Soft, niildiy, luad vlu-crfiilly i-ontvinplHtivi-. witl] fidl, 
red li|Ki^ joat on the verge of a smile, which the eyvii 
•wninl to b«ruld bjra gentle kindling-up of their orbs! 
Femiuine traits, moulilMl inseparably with tltose of llic 
other m-x ! Tliu luiuiiilurv, likewi^-, h;ul this last pe- 
ouharity; so that yw inevitably thouglit of the orig- 
inal as ivM-iiil>lii)^ hi* mother, otkd sliv n lovi-ly and 
laraUe woniun, with ^lerluiim some beautiful inllnnitj 
of chanit.-t4>r, that made it all tJw plMUwnU>r Ui know 
and msier to low her. 

"Y«H," thoiight IlfpKibah, wiih grivf of which it 
was only tlw more tolerable portion that welled up 
from her heart to her cyeliiU, "tlicv |H'nu'<-tit«d Itia 
mother in him t He never was a r^-nvlieoii ' " 

But here the shop-boll rang ; it was like a mnmd 
from a rvmote distance, — so far h:ul Hepdbah d& 
w^endiil into tlw M-])u](-iinil doptlitt of her rcminii^ 
conces. On cnu-nng tliv shop, »be found an old nun 
a humble r«^deot of P)'nobeoD Street, luid 

J DA r Bsmsn thb cooster. 


For n ^jvjA luMjr yeus |«st, she had nffand 
to be a ktud of f;imili»r ctf Uie Ituiue. lie was aa iu- 
ttufcnorial iwnonagL-, who MX' alirays to haru had 
a while beaJ and wrinkles, and oever to hare pa**-, 
HJiBd but a ttaglti tootit, aod that a )utlf-ditai)'nl one, 
in Uu frout of Ui« U)>|)t>r jaw. Well advanced a» 
Hgpiibali waa, hIm- iimiUI »»( n-nu-uiU-r wlwn Unclw 
VeniMr, aa the ueighlMrhuod <^(iUed luiu, had not gitiu) 
iq> mad down Uw Mnwt, nUwptng a litUe and diawin^ 
his foet heavily ov«r tbe gnva) or pavenijeiiL But 
•till Ukore was auoMttliiitg too^ and ▼igorouH about 
turn, that not only ku{>t him in duly breath, bat va- { 
•Uvd hitn to fill a place wliu-Ji would (Jhc have b«en 
ncwtfc in th« a)tpai«otly cron-dwl world. To go of 
•rmadi witli bin alow and itbafBing gait, whiob madei 
yuu doubt bnw he ever was to arrive anj-where ; to 
•aw a koiaU bouwliold'H f(H>l or two of firawcHMl. or 
ktwMik to |)i«>cie8 lui old bamJ, or split np a pine l)oanl 
[or kindlinit-Htuif ; in miuiiner, to di^ tbu few ynrvln of 
gaitlm ^Huul n|>portaiuint; tn a Itnr-rented tenenientt 
and hIuuv tiu- prodncn of hin talMir at tbo haX wa ; in win- 
ter. Xa tthovi^l away the snow froon the sidewalk, or tqwn 
paths to the wiwtbihcd, or nlong the dothea-Un*; anclt 
ware nmne of the wwenlial offices which Uncle Venner 
parfonuad auaiig at leaitt n itcore of faniili^vt. Within 
that citvle* be claimed the same sort uf priviJcf^e, and 
|m>bably fi-lt iw miK-h wunnUi of iiiU^rcitt, aa a clct^g^i 
nan dues in the range of his parishiooere. Not that 
he laid claim to thfi tithe pig ; bfit, an an analogous 
mode of revenmcc, he went liit^ roumU, pTcr>' mnming, 
to gather np the enunbe of the table and oversowing)) 
of the dinner-pot. as food for a pig of bis o«'n. 

In his younger days — for, after all. there was a 
dim tndttian that ho hail bceoi iwt young, but 

88 TJiB ttOVSB OF rnH SEVES OAItT.E.<i. 

joaager — Uncle Vciinrr wnx coitiniofily n-f^nnled aa 
rather defk-ient, than otherwiHe. in liin vita. Id truth 
be Itiul virtually jiIl^M guilty t» the cfaftrf^, by 
HomMJy aiming at sw-li ituoean H otlier men seek, and 
by taking only tluit biuuMo and modt'Ht |uLrt in ttie 
iDtcti»uiw of lifo wiiirli Wlunpt to the allegt^d deA- 
cieiu^. But now, in his extreme old ag«, ^ whetfaer 
it wore llutt Iuh long itml )utn) i-x|HTirnpi! had aotually 
bri];ht«itMi him, or tliat hi.4 det^viiig jiiilgincnt nn- 
d«Tvd him ktu capahli? of fiiirly im-amiring lumM-lf, — 
the vvnerublfl man made preteoBions to no little wis- 
dom, and really enjityn) tlw cmlit of it. Thrrv was 
likewise, at timro, a rein of something like poetiy in 
him ; it wan tiw moiM or wa]>w<-r of hiii minil in it« 
smull dilapidation, and gave a vharm to what might 
hitvo IwKui viUgar a»rl n>mtnon]>lai% in hia t-arUt-r luid 
middle hfo. Ilppzilukh had a rpgard for him, be(.-aiise 
hilt naiiio wa* ancient in the town and had formerly 
been respectable. It wtw a xtill iM-tttrr n?a»on for 
awarding him a iipecieti of familiar revt-renca that Un- 
cle Venncr was himm-lf tlw ntutt ancient cxititence, 
wht'thi-r of man or thing, in PyiicSeon Street, enwipt 
tbu House of the Seven (jabbus and perhaps thv elm 
that Qvonthatlowcd it. 

TbSs patriiirrb now pn>f>entcd bimKolf W-fore Hcpiti- 
htii, elad in an old blue coat, which had a foAhionahle 
air, and muxt have luictiHtl to him fmin Hn: omit-off 
wanlrobe of some dashing clerk. As for his troiisors, 
ibi-y wore of tow-rlolli. vi-iy abort in the b-gsi, mid ling, 
ging down strangely in the rear, but yet having a stut- 
ablrnLTM to bin flf,i'"i wbi<'h bis otlwr garment entirely 
lackinl. His hut hiul rt-lution to no oUkt |KU-t of hiv 
dress, and but rery little to the head that wore it. 
Tbun Unelo Vi-nntT was a misoulljuiooua okl gvutW- 





mall, partly huu.'Klf. but, in good measure, somebody 
eUe ; patched to{;etbei-. too. «f difftwul epooha ; an 
f|i>{toii» of tim«s and faahioDs. 

** So, yon hare noUy begun trade," said be, — 
" raJly began trade ! ' Wdl, I 'ri p\aA to e»- iL 
Totmg peoplQ flbonld n«v«r Uw uUc in the vrorliL unr 
old aDK» neither, onleas when the rheiunatixu get* hold 
of them. It ha« giwn luf warning alreadj" ; and in 
twit or tluve years lun^r, I shall tliink ><( ptiUiiig 
aaidc bwuneiM and retiring to my farm. That 's yon- 
der. — Ibe gwat hrick house, yo« know. — tin; work- 
boaM, moMt folk* coll it ; hut I mean to do my work 
flrat, oiul p) there to \>c idle -ind vnjoy tnr!*elf. And 
I 'm glad to we yiMi beginiting to do your work, Miw , 
Heinibab ! " 

** Thank you. L'ni-U- V«iner," naid llepzilmh. siiiU- 
'm^\ for nhe alwara felt kindly toiwardu the M>u[tl 
and talkative old man. Hml \k Iwtv an old wn 
•he might prolmbly have repelle<l tbi* fn^-dotti, whtrh 
■be now took in good lort. " It i^ time for me to_^ 
t«gin work, indeed! Or, to speak tbv trntli. 1 hai 
jiwt b(^in wbrn I ought to W );i^■i^g it np." 

"Oil. never 5ay that, Miss ikpzibali ! " aunwered 
the old man. ** You are a young woman yvt. Why, 
I bwdly thou^it mjiw.-lf >-oitnt^T than I am now. it 
w«iO M a» little while a^o since I uaed to see }tiii play- 
in<; about the duor of tbc old bonw, i}uit« a snmU 
rhild I Ofteoer. though, you nseil to W> Kilting at ' 
thrtidiolil, oixl lookin); gmvcly into che ntreet: for 
hiul always a grave kind of way witli you, — a grown- 
up air, whrn yon wctr only tbi* height of my knc 
It ■M-ma as if I Baw you now : &n<l your gnuulfatbe 
with bi« ml rlimk, and hi« whit«* wig. and his codec 
bat, umI bis cane, ooming out of tlui bouse, and step- 


jHOg RO gnuitUy np tike titroet I Those old g«titJeme& 
Ihiit grvv u|i Iwforv tln' Iti-volutitm uwil to ptil oo 
grand ail's. Iii niy j'tiuug AayA, the great man of the 
tavn waa roniniouly called King ; and liU vnf«, not 
Queen to be sure, but Ladv. Nuwada^'K n ntiin would 
not dare to be Cftlk-d Kini;: and if liu UvU liimu'lf a 
little above common folks, be only stoojis ho mta-b the 
towur to tltvni. I lurt ^uur tiodsiin, llii> •Judge, tm 
niiiutes ago; and, in my old tow-cloUi trousen, as 
you nee, Hm: Jtulgv raim-d iiin hut to me, I do beliure! 
At any ratv, tin- Jud)^> buvrvd and siuilm] ! " 

"Yen," said llu{>xibali, with something bill«r steal- 
ing tmMwnirttii into her tone; "my couifin Jaffruy is 
thought to have a very jdaa»ant &uule ! " 

"And so Ik- haH!" n-pliol Uncle Vi'oncr. "And 
that 'a ratJier ivniarkable in a Pynoheon ; for, hegging 
your paniun, Mi«» He]idbuh. they uvver had the name 
of U'ing an dasy and agrt-ealih' M-t of fidicK. Tlicni 
wait no getting close to them. But now. Miss Hepon- 
bah, if an old man may be bold to ask. why don't 
Jndgi* PyiitJieoD, witJi his great nicAnic, >iU.-|) forward, 
and tvU hia cousin to shut tip h«r little sltop at oncu? 
It '• for your onslit to b« doing soinvthiug, but it 'a 
not for the Judge's credit to let you ! " 

** We won't talk of thisi, if you plciutc. Uncle Ven- 
ner," said Uopnl<ah, coldly. " I onght to say, liow- 
ever, that, if I choose to earn bread for luysclf, it a 
not Jtulgv Pj-nolit-on's faidt. Ncitiicr will he de^rve 
the blame." added she, more kindly, remembering Ud- 
de Vroners pririlcgi.<« of age and litmible famiUsri^, 
*' if I sbnnld, by and by, find it convenient to retire 
with you to your fiinn." 

"And it's DO bad place, eitber, that &nn of mine I" 
cried the old man. vliwrily. ii» if ihcrv were ftumcthisg 





pMsdv*^ ili'li^hlful in tfao {irospevl. "No bud place 
u Uie ^Tvat lihclc fnnu-liuuaie, t\t|MviiJIy fur tlicut Uut 
will find a |!«)o>l many old crotiieH tJ>en% -M will be n^ 
ou*. 1 (|uit« long to be uuong tbeiu, jomrtimi*, of 
Uw vioUir cveuings; for U is but dull baHtneM for a 
lawntHB eUmlj nun, liko me, to be nocUiiag, by Um< 
boor togtrtber, witb no t^vtiijiatiy but bis iiir^tif^fat stove. 
Sunuuer or winler, tbere 'a a grvat d«al to be ttaid in 
bvor of my fHnu ! AntI, tAke it in tbc- sutamn, wltat 
can b« pitianntilttr lltau tn spi^ud a wliole day un tb 
lunny itidt? of a bom or a wiM>d-}iiIc, ebatting with^ 
•omebody as old as one's kU : or. perhaps, idling 
away tbe tiniv witli a nahiml-boni Hiiuiilvton, wl 
knows hoff Ut be idle, becaxue even our busy I'anke 
nerer bave found out bow to put Kim to any 
I'piin my wuni, Mkh Ilcjizitmh, I iloabt whether t'n 
KsnT IfWQ Ml i-uiufurtHlili' as I rnvaa to be at my (am^" 
whicb no«t foUcn uail the wurUtutue. But yoo, — 
yon 're a youn>; wcmiun yvU — you upwr need go 
tberol Somfttliiug still U-tter will turn up for yon. 
I 'm sum of it ! " 

Ilcpzituili faniHfil tltitt llierewas something jteculiarJ 
in brr venerable fricud's look and tune ; insomucb 
that sh(> gBiwd into \m faoe witJi cotuidetable earae 
nexB. emU-aToring to dii^-over wlutl wcrvt tneaiung, : 
any, tniglit be liurkiug there. Indiriduals wboae 
tain haw roaehed an utl45rly dfi^Mimte crisis 
innuiably keep themselveB idire with hopes, so : 
the more airily nuLgnitU.'ent as thrv liavo the leSH of 
nuliil matter within tlieir grnsp whereof to monld uiiy 
jwUciotu aud tniHliTale exju'etAtion of ffioA. Thu3|tj 
all the while Ile]iziliidi wm perTuL-ting the »c-li«>me 
Imt lilile shop, h)m' hail clierbbed ait uuacknowledf 
ido that souie burlvtjuin trick of fortuou would 


torvetw In bcr fftvor. For exniii|i!v, lui unde^who 
had sailed for Indui fifty years before, aod never 
\nn-o livani of mihw — miglit yirt nrt^irn, an<J adojtt 
her to be the oomfort of his wry extreuie and det^repit 
iigc, mmI iidom bcr with jiearU, diaii)uti<U, ami Oritm- 
tsl shawls and turbans, and make her th« ultimate 
lii'ii-t-iM of hit) tinrepkoiiable ricbea. Or tlie nit-.iiibnr 
of Parliament, ouw iit tlie bead of thv Kn^jlUh brunch 
iif tho fainil)', — with which the elder sto<^|{, nu ibta 
Hide of tite AtJiuitiv, hiu] hvld Uttlv or no intcrcxxiTM 
for tlie Uttit two (.■enttirie'), — this emiiieiit gentleman 
might inviu! lIo)»dbsi1i to quit tltv niinotut House of 
the Seven (lables, and come over to dwell with her 
kindred at Pynohvon Hall. But, for rvawma tbc motit 
imperative, she oindd not yield to hiii request. It was 
more probabl«, thvrafor?, that the deMMndanlii of a 
Pynoheoit who had emigratetl to Virgitiin. in itome 
past f^notalion, and became a }^-at planter ther«, — 
hearing of Ilepdhali's destitution, and iin[)elle(l by the 
Hplendid gencHMity of chanictcr with which tlicir Vir- 
giniau mixture )mve i'nriehe<) tbi^- New Kn^'laitd 
blood, — wonhl send h4;r a nrmittance of a thousand 
doUani, with a hint of repeating the favor annually. 
Or, — and, HUrt-ly, anytbiii(; ito undeniably just t-ould 
not be beyond the limits of reasonable antieipation, 
— the great cliiim to tlw heritage of Waldo County 
migbt finally be decidcnl in favor of the Pyneheons ; 
■0 that, instead of kc<>ping a crnt-Hhop, Mepdbah 
would build a palaee, and look down from it« bigbtrst 
tower on hill, dalcr, fon-nt. fitdil, and town, as her own 
sbare of ilw uneeKtral territory. 

These were some of tlie fantaai«-s wbioh she had long 
dreamed about ; and, aiiU-d by tlK-w. UneJo Venner'i* 
casual attempt at euoouragement kindled a strange 




in the (wfrr, hmns, tueUiK'tiiily cbuulwn tif 
IH if thnt iiiii«r wurUl wi>n- xinlilcnlv liglitod 
up with gBA. But viUier he ktipw notliin); of her ow- 
t^ in tbu air — as bow iilMkiild he '! — or vht> lier 
mrotet soowl dtslarlmd his retwllMrtioD, &» it niight 
b BUNV ooiuBgeooi man's. Iniiteail of ponoing anj 
wetghdi-r u>)itc, UdoIo Vennor wiu )>]ciuted to brar 
B«p»UUi with wme aKg« euonael in her ahoivJcwpiBg, 


" Give DO rrwlit ! " — th«te «reni »omi? iif hU KoMrB 
fnpT^tM^ .^ " Ni'VtT take |Mjw:<r-iiiiitu!y I Louk vrtdl u> 
joar change ! Vling the siiver on the f<>ur-|<<Mind 
WO^^I ShuVA badt htt Engliiih )i.ilf {M-nii^ and 
tappBt tokena, sanh as are ver;- pli-ntj aUmt tcnml 
At yam huarv houn, knit chUdrea'a wtioU«n soci 
and initt4niit Braw ytMir own yeast, and maku yoti 
own gioeerJifwr I " 

And wbiln Ilt-itzilwh was doin^ h^r utmost to 
the hard Utt]« jHlkts of his already ult«red 
ha gave n>nt Ut liis final, and wliat be dedand to ' 
his aU-important adrnv, as (ullows : — 

** Pnt no « bright faee for ynur customers, and 
pkuantly aa jruu hand tbFm what th«T ask for 1 
•tala artic-Jo. if yoti dip it in a good, wartn. sunny nnilo, 
wiD go off better than a fresh one that yon 'ire acowled 

To this last apothe^i poor IU'pub»h responded with 
a tigfa an deep and iMwvy that it idtnnst nuUed Vnc 
ToQoer qnita away, Hkr a withered leaf, — as be 
— Uifore an autumnal j^e. Uucorvring himiwlf, I 

■>r. he bent forwai^l, and, with a good deal of fc«]ing 

hta amneut ?iaage. beckoned ber oearur to bim. 

" Whi'O do you expect him liome ' '* whisjwred he. 

" Wbou do yon mnut '.' " asked Hepzibah, tonung 


" Ah? j-oti (lou't love to bUk about it," saitl Uncle 
V«mi<rr, "Woll. wulll Wf 'li any no niore. though 
there 'b word of it all over towu. I remember him, 
liss Hepzilnli, before lie eouJd run aluD« 1 " 
During (Ik^ n>niititiikT of thv day poor Hepmbab mo- 
tiuit.U'il ttui-^-lf i-vei) lt.-3d onnlilably, an a aliop-keeper. 
than in Imr carlior efforts. She uppounMl to be wulk- 
iDg in a di«am ; or, more truly, the \vni\ life and real- 
ity luisunitrd liy her ciiiotioiift luutic uU oiitwunl occur- 
rences ansubetantial, like the teasing phantaenu of a 
if-conMciouM hIiiidIkt. She Klill rv!t{>oiidifl, mnoluui- 
Jy, to the frei[uent guuiinons of tJie h1)0|>-1>o11, and, 
at the deiiioiK) of her vutttonu-nt, vrtiit prj-iug with 
Tague eyes ahont the shop, proffering them one artiele 
tSust auothor, and tliniHting a«idu — pvrvvnMily, u 
most of them supp«)6ed — the identical thing they 
uiutkctl for. Thvn; U Mid vuiifuition, indoc-d, when the 
mrit thus llit« away into tiie post, or into the more 
awful fulurv. or, in any nuumvr, «t«|>it acrtiwt the apac4>- 
h!8s Ifouudary betwixt its ovra region and the aolual 
wuriil ; wIkt^i Uiu Imdy nwitiiiw to guide itoidf mt Iwitt 
it muy, with little mure tlmn the mMthAni&in of aumud 
Uf<>. It in likv dealli, wiUiotit dvathV quiet privilege, 
— its fre«loro from mortal wire. Worst of all. when 
tlie ai.'1tud dutivH arc n>nipnHC<l in itti<<li [M-tty di-taiU 
, w now vexed the brooding snul of the old gcntle- 
^Dian. Ah tlie aniinoitity of fntv would have it, Ui«re 
. a, great influx of i-iL«totu in the i-our?w of tlio itftor- 
loou. Ilep/ibah bhitidortsl to luitl fro about her 
»nudl place of biuinvsit. cotumitting tho ranst luibeard- 
of errors i now stringing up twclvp, and now seven, 
tallow-ciuidk-ti. inntL-iul of ti'ii to the poimd ; milling 
ginger for Scotch snuff, jiins for n«edles, and needles 
for iiiiu ; uuitreckouing hvr vhungo, aometiniM to tlie 


puliliu datrutHnt, and miu^ (ift^thn- to her ono : and 

Llhu* ike m>ot an, iloiiig bxr uUiHMt to bring eluuw hark. 

until. Kt the ckwt of the (la.v'& labor, tn hrr in- 

bio uUmbbiDent, h1m> f'luml the iuon«y-(Irswer 

f-«linc-' J-'-'^rte of coin. AftiT nil linr |>ainful tzaffio, 

tlir Hv«<l> «(.■(« p(?rlui))« hiilf a dou.-D Dopptra, 

! nini'iMHiw wtiit-b ultimately pTovud 

At A{« iirin'. ur al winterer prire. she rejoJoett that 

the itay liail R«ch«>(l ita t-ixl. Nvvi-r l^fore ba<l mIm 

.Juul himJi • aamae of the inlolemUi? leo^b of titne that 

I bctwKia Aawa and ninwt, and of lb« mtHvmlile 

I of havinf* ai^tit to do, and of tin* Wttar 

I that it wootd bu tn li^D down at onoir, in tiuUmi 

and Lrt tifv, and ita tatU anil rexatiiias, 

< over one's prostimie body a« llu'v umy ! IK-|>- 

ifaab'« final o|wntion vaa with the litUc^ devourer of 

Jun Crow and tliv clvithant, who now propoatd lo «at 

cstni-L In her hewilderrm-ul. »hi- i-fTcrMl him ftnt 

wondni dngoun. and next » liuiilful nf uuirliltM; 

ni-ithcr of which Wing adapted to his eW oiniiivorotu 

LA[iprtib>. abe hanlily hi'ld tNtt bt-r wbolv rvmnining 

^KltxL-k uf natonl bUbiry iu gio^>rlire»<l, and biuliUtMl 

tin* atuAD puatmnvr out of tlic abi)]). SIm' th«u mulIlMl 

'tha bcU in an unlinisbed Btodting, and put up the 

^Oalwn hmt ntruwi tin- iloQr. 

Datinic the btter process, an omnibus came to a 

I «taad-«tiU under th« liRUii-hei of the «lm4nf. I Ifp- 

^■i1ndi'» booit wa« in lu?r mouth. Kemote and dusky. 

anil with no Mm^luneon iitl the InU^rt'itiing space, waa 

-that nf^on '>f tlie I'act whem-o her only funvnt might 

[Imt K«j»in.'iw1 til arrive ! Was kIm- Ut meet hini now ? 

S«tin-lKi>]y, at nil evcntM. tna |Nunng from the 

faitfamt interior of the omnibus towards its entnuiuu. 


A ^ntleninti aligliUKl ; liat it vnut only to otter his 
hund to a youn;; girl whose slt-ndiT fi^re. unwise 
nettling Htich aH-sixtniici-, now Uglitiy di^wcetKtixI tliv 
»U!l», uxui Dindc oil uin' little jump from the finul oni" 
to the siden-alk. She rewanlei] her cavalier with a 
Kinlltt, th*- ohwry glow of whtiJi wiw ikhmj n^thioted on 
hiB own {aee as be reentered tlie vehicle. The girl 
then Itirtifd townixb th<- l]iiii.i« of Uic Si^x'cii Oahtffl, 
to the door of whieli. meiinwhUe, — not tlie shop^oor, 
but tlio aiitiqiu! jwrtal, — tlw oiutiibu»-nian had eor- 
.Tted a li);ht trunk and a bandbox. I'irflt pving a 
' sharii rit)i ■>( tlit! old iron knock«r, be left hiM iDts- 
flen]>er and b«r ll^;);»^ at tho door-Kt«)>. and deported. 
"Who can it he?*' ihoti^'ht Hepxibah, who had 
beeu screwing her visual organs into tlie acutest fociw 
of whioh th«y wore capuhl«. '*Thc girl ntiut buvu 
mUtaken the house I " 

SIui stole Hiiftly into tlie bull, and, hi>r8i>lf invisible, 
pused through the dusty siilivligbta of the portal at 
tin- youujj, hldiiinin^, and wry chwrfiil fiiM-. whieh 
pr^Si'nlcd itself for admittance inti) the gloomy old 
'maaHion. It waa a fam to whieh almost any door 
would have opened of its own a(.-cord. 

Tlie yoiiii^ girl, aa fre«h, iw iiuconvenlional, and yot 
HO onlcrly and obvdivnt to pommon rules, as yon at 
onoe recognixeit her to tte, was widely in eontraat, at 
tliat inoDK-nt, witb i-vvrytJiing about her. Thv sordid 
and ugly luxuriance of gigantic weetls that grew hi the 
angli; of Uii- bouw. and the hwi^T projertiou tlut ovi-r- 
shadowed her, and the Unie-wom framework of the 
door, — none of these things belonged to her sphere. 
But, even as a niy of Hun>tl)in«, fall into what diainal 
place it may. instantaneously ereatos for itself a pro* 
privty in being tliere, ek> ilid it wem altogellier lit that 


Av^rl !kboul<) lie staoding Nt tlu' llm-HtioUI. It vnw 
DO leu i'vitl<-»Ujr proper thttt tbo door ftltnuld swio)^ 
open Id ftdrait ber. The nuuden lady, herself. ftU^ruly 
inbiMpttabW in h>-r fint (turpoaM, moo began to fit-l 
Uwt tbe dotir ni^lit u> be sbnved back, and tii« nuljr 
key U) Ujmi<d id the rrliu-tiuit look. 

"Cm it be Plwpbe/" ijuestiimM she frithiii hrnelf. 
*• II ntut Iw littU- ITurW ; fur il n\\ U- iuiUhIv else, 
— and tbere b a look nf hit faUier about biu-, too I 
Bat what doea abe want hen- ? Ami bow likft a oouiw 
try omunn, to oomo down upon u poor body in tbia 
way, without ao much aa a day'n notaov. or asking 
mbctber abe wmdd h« welcoino [ Welt ; sti« mtut 
bav« a nif^t'fl ludjinDg. I suppose ; and to-uiotrow tJir 
duld tthall gti biu'k to \wt mother I " 

Pbobe, it ratut be nodervtood, wm that one littla 
cffilnmt ti ibe Pyncbeon rae* to whom we haw al- 
nady referred, as a uatire nf a nirnl port of New 
Englawl. whrm thr olil fwdiinn* and frvljngis of rela> 
tiowdup iu« Htill pamally kept tip. In Iter uvm ('ircb», 
it waa ngardvd as by no uu'anM improper for kinsfolk 
to «iut ooe attotber witbuat invitatiun. or pn- liminary 
aul wmmxMiinqi warning. Yet, in >Mn.-«iik'nition of 
Uias Uepeibab'fl nwluse war of life, a letter h»d aot» 
ally bmrn wrlttra an<l tlnspatJ'bi^). <vnvi;jing informa* 
tion of Phu-lK-'ii pr»ji.-<i4^«l vUit. This upistle, for three 
or fiHir (la^** {•.ost, luul lieen in the pocket of the penny- 
ptHXnian. whis Iui)<|H-ning f i have no other busineM in 
I'yiti'ht'on Street, hail not yet miule it oonTenient to 
ndl at till' lloiuw ol tbo Srvcn OnUlea. 

*> No t — abe i-ao itay odly one iiiRbt," add Hepzi- 
bab, Dubol^^ tlu donr. " If Clifford were to find 
b*r ben, it mi^fat distorb hiin ' '* 



PnflEBF. PrNCiiBOH alept. on Uie night of her ar- 
rival, io a c-hauilwr tliitt lookod ilown on Uic pirdvii of 
tlie old house. It Eronted towards the eaat, so that at 
B wry sviwoiuiblft hour a glow of irriniKuu light ciunv 
tioodiiig through On: wiudow, aad bathed the diii)Qr 
cvilinp! and }»)>er-hau)^Qg8 iu ibt ovm hue. Tliunt 
wi-rn i-iirtalu!t ^> I*Ii(i>Ih''h Ih-^1 ; «, <l:tric, aiiti(|ue i^an- 
0]>y. luid ponderous fi-iitoons of a stuff which luul l<M;n 
riiili, aiid oven uagniGoent, in ita time; but which now 
liroudLil ovvr the prl like u cloud, nwkin^ a ui^ht in 
lliat uni; cunicr, wltilo ehwwhere it was beginniu); to 
ho (lay. Tho inomin); light, kuwover. soon stoic into 
tlii> a]>oi-ture at ihe font of the bed, betwixt those fjuied 
euriainn. Kinding the ui-w guwt thcro, — with a bloom 
on her eheeks like the moming'a own, and a gvntle 
frlii- of iK-]iitrliufr nluinlMrr iu her liuiha, ba when so 
early bi^-eu- uioves tim foliag<% — tJio dawn kimed her 
brow. It waa tJie careas which a dewy maiden — aucb 
M thn Uawii ik, immortnlly — given to her Hlmping 
sister, partly front the impulw of irreaistible fond- 
ucw, and jiartly lu k pretty hiut that il ia ttiue now 
to undosu hor «yc«. 

At tho touch of thow^ lip* of liglit, PhaelMt quietly 
Bwoke. aitd, for a moment, did not riKogniKO where 
elte waa, nor liow those heavy rttrtaitis clianced to be 
festootwd around hor. NoUiiiij;, indeed, was uXtno- 


lately |iLuii to bt-r. except that it wsb cunr nariy atna- 
iafC, Uid tJiiU, wluttt-vrr might hs|i|MJD uust, it Ww 
proper, first of all. to gci up and uy hur pntyera. 8hv 
mu Uki III ItiK^I to (Ii;vutii>ii fmiii Um- i^m an- 

pect ci( I. ilx.T ami its fiiruihiTv, t.-ap»fially tlw 

taJl, slilT ciwirs ; uoi> uf whuh stuod d<Mu bjr ber bed- 
Bubu mm) I(h)Ium1 iia if witm' old-fiuibiuDed pOTMoaKv 
had U-m NJtting Uwk Mil uigbt, uid bad vaniabed only 
ja>t ta w^oMiii to MCBpc diwuVBty. 

WIimd rbiisbti was qdle ilnrsitMl. she peeped oat of 
tlio window, and mw n nMi^bu>b ia lh« gardi'u. Bis 
iog a nrr tall ooe, nnd of luxuriaut growth, it faa4l 
beKO proppird up a^nitiMt tbc udti of thu boiuB, ami 
w«a litfnUy »ivt-tvil with a ran and vpry Iwwitifiil 
«pad» uf white nMe. A \u^ |x>rtinu of tbem. as the 
liiri Bfu-rwanl* <liitoovvnKl, had blight or mildew at 
tlkeir heartn ; lint, viewed at a fair dietaoce. tb« nbole 
mac-bwh hxike*! ibt if it bail Ut-ii bmugiit fniiii Kib-n 
that TBiy sutuiD^r, together with the mould in whicli it 
fgnm. The tnttii wna, lu^vertbeleiM, that it bad be«ii 
pliDlcd by Alice I'yiiolKmi. — abe wan Fha-be'« grvAt- 
prmu-tfTaiid-auDl. — ia aoi] whitsh, reckoatag ooly ita 
cultivation as a gnrden-plat, was now onetaous with 
Dciarly two hundred yeatii of vegetable decay. Graw- 
tng aa they did, howrrer, out uf tbc wld t»rtb. tlto 
Bowttf* still sMot a freah ao'l sweet iDDease up to tbeir 
Ci«tttor ; nor oould it bavc b«<ea tbr Ivw jnin- and ao- 
ceptabltt, becamw Plusbe's young breath Diiugletl wttb 
it, aa tb* ftagnuKW floated post the window. Ilasteo- 
iag down the cimking and cnrpetleea staircase, slie 
found bt^r way into the gardi-n, gittheted some of llic- 
most perieot of the roses, and brougbt thvm to ber 

Little PbcBbe was one of those persona who possess, 



M their t^xchiMivc pRCrimnny, Ui« gift of pmclical >r> 
ruijfeuient. It ia a kind of uatiira! magic tliat enaliles 
tlii'M' favDtTKl iJiH's Ut Itriiig otil tlii- liiilil<'n (■u)i9ililjili(;8 
of things around them ; and partictdarly to give a 
liMtIc of n>uif<irt aiid hnl<ttalili<D<^sH U* nny pl«r« whirl), 
for hoWL-vvr bi-iirf a jM-riud. iiiiiv hajipen to bt' tbeir 
home. A wilil hut of uuderhnitih, tiiMwil together t^ 
wuyfiuvn tltmtigh tltv primitive fon-Kt, would acquire 
tJie home aajieet hy one night's I(Hl^ng of su<-h a 
wontiU), and wotild retain it long Hft«<r lii.-r quiet fig- 
ure bad <liBa|>]<eare() into the surrounding aliade. No 
lew* H jwirtion of mwh honii.'!)' witvlK-rnft wiw rf(]iii«it« 
to redaitn, as it were, I'lMEbe's waste, cheeiless. and 
dusky fhanilx^r, wliidi had Iktu untvuanttHl no long — 
eici'ept by spidenL, and mire, and rats, and ghoatu — 
that it wiu> all overgrown with the dvHolation which 
watehes U* obliterate every traee of man's happier 
hount. Wluit was prci.<i«ely PhwW'K proecn we find 
it impossible to say. 8he appeared to bare no pr& 
limiuary dmign, but gave a touch hvre luid luiothitr 
I there ; brought some articles of furniture to light and 
dra^;ged other* into thf tdindow ; IdoimhI up or let 
down a wimlow-curtuin ; und, in the i-ouree uf half an 
hour, luid fully sticntctlcd in tlimwiiig a kindly and 
hoKpitJiblc Hinite ovur tl>c upiirtuK-nt. No longtrr ago 
than the night W-fore, it had re-iembled nothing so 
much a<t tJ>e old tnaid'ti heart; for there wu* nvillicr 
muiHliine nor hoiLsebold fire in one nor the otlii?r, and, 
tuivi! fur (;l>i>ilH luid gboHtly n'uiiiiifK-eiiccs, not a gni^Kt, 
for many yi-am gone by, had entered the heart or the 

Tlieru wa« still anutlier peculiarity of thta inscrut- 
able charm. The bedchamber, no doubt, wiui a chiuo- 
[ of wry great tuid wii»l experioooe, as a scene of 




the joy of bri'lol nighta had throbbrd it- 
' hoTf ; new iiiiatrinnlti had first dmtm eanldy 
lireath hen i azul her* old peojiU- had dii-d. Itut — 
wbvtber it wen the white toaea, or wliat«ver tlw Mib- 
tiltt itifluMicn mi^t be — a panoti o£ deliuite tustinnt 
W4iukl have known at once that it waa oow a mauhm'tt 
bcdchantbtTf and bad been purified of all fonner eril 
and sonvw bjr hex tvnei brestli aatl hii|>{iy thoufdila. 
Hrr dnwtiw nf the yuuH Di);ht, l>emg »wb cheerful 
utMW. hud i-xorcised the gloom, and now kauntvd tbo 
chamber in itii Dtuad. 

After ammpng matt4St« to bi^r ratittfactiun, IHi'itlw 
ooHijprd fntni tu-r i-Iuupber. with a porpoee lo deauend 
■gaiti into the gnrden. BosLdeii the roae-biuli, she had 
obavrvad aeiranii other mimtmw nf fiowera growing ihera 
ID a wtldomeM of neglert, and oLstmrting ooie an- 
oUwr** devrluptneDt {an U ofu-u Ow pnndM eawt in 
bnaaa aooiety) by their oneduniU'd vntanglemeot 
Mid eonfiuiun. At the bead of the Htjiirn. faoiM-vt-r, 
ahm nurt llepzibak, who, it bein^ ittiU «rK. invited ber 
ini') a nM>ui whit'h the would probably have cnUad her 
boudoir, luul her edtication L-mbrat-ed any suoh Frenoh 
phnap. It waa Btrawu about willi a few obi ImmIcx, 
and D wnrk-liaxkt't, and a dusl^ writiDg-desk ; and luul, 
OD UDB tud«. a lu-g^ bbu-k article of furniture, of ver^' 
•tru^ appuaranw. which the old gentUwoiaan tobi 
Fbcobe was a harimidinrd. It looked more like a 
cofHn than anything tbii- ; and, in<li-vd, — not having 
been playM) u[hmi. or opened, for years, — there must 
have been a vtut deal of dead tnutii-- in it. atifltH.! for 
want of air. Human finger was hardly kno«-n to bavi; 
lonebetl iu cbunU ninec the days of Alice Pyncheon, 
who had leanied the sweet accompliHluuent of melody 
ia Eura{M. 


n«^b»h baile her yoiing; ^irat ait down, niul, lutr- 
ccK Ijtkinj; ti ctinir iioiir by, IihiIc^kI u camcsitly nt 
Ph(pbe's trim lit(k' figure as if ahe expected to see 
right iiito iu Mpritigs an<l mottru iKHnvtn. 

" CouHin Pho^bv." suid she. at last. " 1 tealljr can't 
iriH.> my way el«ar to k«i-]) ynti u-itli nu>." 

Theae woidit, however, bad not the mhoapitaUe 
hliuitn«aa witli whii-h tliey luity Htrtki- thi- iraib-i- ; fnr 
tbi.' two reUtiro^ ju a Ulk Ufore Wtltiaie. had ari'ived 
at a oertain d«gree of iiiutiud tuidvntanding. i^Iupti- 
bah know viioiigh ity oniibli' her to appreciate the uir- 
oaiiifltaui.-e3 (ivNiilting from tbo Kcwotid marrittf;*.- of Uw 
gfirl'x ninthfr) wliiuh ituulc it dwirable for Phtsbe to 
establiiih henwtlf iii anotli^r home. Xor did tOw tnittin- 
terprtt PliuLibe'a chanu.-ter, and the genial activity pei^ 
va«liiig it, — one of the most valuabk- tniitx of tliL- 
tnie New Kngbitid woman, — which Iiad iiu]M>lle<l Imr 
forth, as mti^lil V> Maid, to seek ber fortune, but with 
a !)elt'-T«s)XM^^inf^ puqwMe to confer aa much benefit aa 
she rould aiij-wiw rwwivc. An <nw of \wT iwum-xt 
kindnnl, site tuul uattirally I)cl.iken herself to Ilepzi* 
bah, with no idun of forcing )icrM-lf on her oouhid'h 
protection, but only for a visit of » week or two. which 
tnifjlit be indefiniti^ly (;xt«n<Icd, iiliould it prov^i for tliu 
Iinppiitc^M of both. 

To Hepdbah's blunt obMin-ation, tlitroforo, l^cebo 
replie«l, as frankly, and more cl»eerf uUy. 

" Dear (v>ui<in. I cannot tell how it will be," Kftid 
she. " But I really think we may suit one another 
mut li W-ttcr Ui»n yon supjww." 

" You are a nice pir'- — I see it plainly." <'ontinued 
Hep^LilKtli ; " and it ia no| any qnuition a.-* to tliat 
point which malcra me bwitnte. But, Pha-br, tlits 
houw of mine ia but a melant^holy place for a young 



u> Im> in. It li-b> in tlx- wi»i) ninl rain, and th<i 
r. too. in tlM> gmnvt uiil ii|>[ii-r rluimlN-nt, in winter- 
tiiBr* hut it newr 1«U iii the Riinsliine t And an fnr 
njwiU. ynu iM what 1 am, — n iluunn] luid loacMiiw 
old woman (for I begiu to t-all ni}-EeU oU), PlHebfi), 
wfana* tanpn-. 1 am afestd. in HMte a( the hMt, enil 
whoae spirits an aa bad as can )m. I mnnttl inaJie 
your fi6) pkaiant, Ooumu I'htvbc, Dttttlutr van I mo 
much as ^ve yon bread to «it." 

** You will tlnd me a diwrful tittl<> iHHly," nnawpntt 
PbiebB, smiling, and yet tritb & himl nf gi.-ntle di^- 
lutj : ** and I mean to «ani ny briiul. V(»u know 1 
ire not bv^n brought up a P^ticliMin. A girl learaa 
tliinpi in It NfW Ki)f;taii(l villnga,'' 

"All I Phtebe." said IIe|>Ei)>nb, ttighin^, "ynar 
biowlrd|!v would do but little Uit ywx brrr ! And tlu-n 
it bi a wretched tbuuglii that you ehmUil fling away 
ynar yoni^ dayii in a pbuw liko tliu. ThMte rhveka 
Diit be BO rosy aiivr a tuuuth or two. Look nt 
■y fami " — and, indvetl. ihn ouutnutt wbk ver>' Ntrik- 
tng. — ** yon «« bow pale I am 1 It is my idea tlmt 
Hut dan and contimuU de«y of tbew old huttfwH nre 
anwkdesotne fur the loDgB." 

" Tbcn) ta the ganlntn, — lli>' Iti-ttY-nt tii bv taken t-tini 
of." observed Phtebc " I sliould keep myself be4dtby 
with BKawb w in tltc ojten »ir." 

"Anil. aft«T all, i:hil<i." i-xclaimed Hcpzibah. sml- 
dmly risuig, as if to lUmniwi l1m> subject, " it i§ unt 
Sot nw to Hay who lUiall ba a guiwt or inhabitant of 
tha old I^vlieoa Hoiim;. Itp< master is mmin;;.'' 

" Do you mean Judge Pyuckeon? " asked l'hu.'bi% 
in iRirpritie. 

**Jud}Ei' Pyifl"""!! ■ " answered Jinr cousin, angrily. 
"Hs will hardly frow the llm-)'h4>l<l while I Viw ! No, 



no : But, Phoebe, jou sluUl aw tho face of him I epeak 

She went in quest of the nuniataro alt«ady dfr* 
iirrllH.-4l, nnd n-turtiocl with it in h«r hand. Giving it 
to Plia-be. she watrhod h«r fvatun-s narrowly, and 
with a certain jeitliitu))' aa to th« mode in whii-lt tl»o 
girl would tO>ow horm-lf iilTuctMl by tiw pictoru. 

" How do yau like the face?" saked Ilepxitmh. 

" It is hniid»omc ! — it in voty ItcjuitiftU I " mid 
Phtsbe^ admiringly. " It is as sweet a face as a man'tt 
Mui bfi, or ought to Iw. Ic han itometliing of a child's 
expressioD, — and yet not childish, — ooly one fe^la 
»o very kindly towanln hiui ! He ought iievvr to suf- 
fer anything. One would bear much for the sake of 
»ipuring liim toil or sorrow. Wlio ia it. Cousin H«p- 
nbuh ? " 

" l>id you never h«ar," whisitored her cotuiit, bond- 
ing towards her. "of Clifford Pynebeon?" 

" Never '. I tliought thenr wen- im PynclwonH left, 
except yourself and our cousin .laffrey," answered 
Pbtsbe. "And yi-t I neeni to luive beard the namo 
of Clifford Pyncheon. Yes! — from my father or my 
inotht-r ; but luus he not Im'od a lung wliih- d^iuil ? " 

** Well. well, child, perhaps he has I " said Hepnhah, 
with a sod. hollow taiigli : " but, in old ItouwH tike thi#, 
you know, diiul jK-iipl'.- arc very apt to conic baclc 
again! We sliall see. And, Cousin Ph<e)>e, aince, 
after all that I tiave oitid, your itmmge Anva not fail 
you, we will not ])art so soon. Yon are welcoine, my 
child, for the preaent, to mk-1i a home u* your kina- 
woman can offer yon." 

With thi.-i measured, bttt not exactly cold assuranro 
of a Iins|>itahle piirpiM(.% t^h-imiliah kinMil her cbetik. 

They DOW went below stairs, where Phmbe — not so 




nodi usmniQit; tlte offioo a* mttmotuig il to hcrNotf. \fy 
the magiurti'uii nf iuiute fitaen — took Ui« m>Mi ao 
ta«e part in prepariug brukfiut. The inistnM of tbe 
huoae, mennwhtlr. m U wnal vhb peraons of ber 
•Ciff Bad tminitllealile oaat, alood moatlj ande ; willing 
tu lend bur niil, jr«t cooncwiw that hrr Dotonil inapti- 
tude would be Uk«lir to tn)])e4l« tbe biuiiiewi in hand. 
Pbcabe, and thi' fin* tlutt buiktl lliv ttukvttU<, nera 
•qttally bright, cbwrful, and efficient, iii tJ>eir n^Hpcct- 
iw offioea. !I«|tzil>aIi pax*\ f»rtli from bar habitual 
ahiggtahneas. tbv noccssary result nf loaf; Bolitode, aa 
Crom another ^bere. She ii>uki not l>etp \mng Jn- 
ti<TMt««). hotrcrrr. and wen amoaed, at the readtneas 
with which hn new in]nat« ada))ted beraelf to thf^ nir- 
nwalinces. and brooght the hcmsp. inoreorer, and all 
tta nutjr ok) applianiivm into a «iitabkinew4 f»r \i»r 
ptirpfNWfl. Wbaterer she did. too. was done withnat 
uooariona eGFort. and witli fixfiuRDt outbreakit of fma^^ 
whirb wen' exceMlinj^ly jiliosant to the car. This 
natunil lunefulnettH ntaile PbiKU- M^m Ukf a binl in a 
■liadowy Xjw ; or tionvp^'ul the idm that the stTBam of 
life warltW through h«r Itetul aa a brook Aomotiines . 
warldw tbniugh a plvaMuit little d«ll. It betokoDodi 
the cheerioees of an active teuiperauteut. fiudinp joy 
in itM actirity. and. tben.'futv. tvntk'ring it U^auiiful ; 
h waa a New England ttait, — the stem old staff of 
Puritaniim with a gnld tlin-ad in tJii* w^b. 

Hepoibah brought out some old silver spoons with 
the famUy crest upon tbein, and a ebina t«»«et painted 
firirr with gniteai|iw fignr«a of man. bin!, and bwu^, 
in as );n>l«a^uo a laadacape. Tbeee pictured people ' 
w«t« odd hiiionriiita, in a world of their own, — a 
worltl of rivid brilliancy, so far as color went, and 
■till tuifadiHl, iiltiuMigh tiu* t«ai>ot and small cups were 
as aaciMl «• tli« ciiubKn itself of t4»dnnking. 


" Your gnat£reat-great'^>TeaC-f!TaD<lraother bad these 
nipH. wht'ti hIw was miu-riral." Hoiil I Iv{>zttNtli U> Hha-bc. 
" Sh<i w&s H I)avvii)>ort, of u ;^Dod fumilv. They were 
altiioiit Uh! tlrst teacupH i'.vf.r fMieii iit ti>e ci^ony ; uid if 
onu of tfaviD wcrv to hv )>ro)c*m. mv hcnrt would break 
wiUi it. But it is nonseoiw to upeak so about a brittle 
teacuji, nltcR 1 n.:nirnilM.-r wluit mj liMrt ha* guoe 
through without breaking." 

Th<^ vu{M — not hnriiif* he«n tt»od. porhiqw. itinc* 
Ilepzibafa's Toutb — had Rontrart«d no amall burden 
of (bmt, wbinb 1'Imi-Ih- waiilH-d awiiy with m> intirli nro 
ftnd dtilicncy as to eatisfy even th« proprietor of this 
iuvalualili! china. 

" Wliat a nice Utile housewife yoa un I " cxebumed 
the UittiT, Htniling, am], at the mme tinie, frowning a» 
prodipoiisly that the smile was sunshine under a tfaun- 
dcr<!lou(l. " Do you do oUwr things as well ? Are 
yoa as good at your book as yon are at washing tea- 

'* Not quite, I am afraid," said Phoebe, laughing at 
the form of Ileimbab's quimUon. " But I was nchool- 
mistms for the little <?)iihlren in our di«triet hut sum- 
xua, and might hav<- l>e«-u !«> Atill." 

" Ah I 't is all very wvll '. " observed tlw maiden 
lady, drawing benelf tip, '■ But tliese things must 
have eeine U* ynu with vnur mother'* ttlixMl. I 
knew a Pyncheon that had any turn for them." 

It in vfj-y (\uf^t, but not the 1cm true, tliat 
are generally quite as vain, or even more so, of tbeir 
defloieiieies titan of tlkeir available gifta ; as was Hep- 
zibah of this native innpplioability. ko to s{>viik, (>f the 
Pynclieona to any u-teful juiqKise. She regarded it ss 
an hcrediUiry trait ; and tto, |>vrhap)i, it whs, but, im- 
fortunately. a morbid one, micb as is elten generat«d 



. fiinili^ tliftt ranAin Lme sboTS tba mt&oo of lo- 

Before tbey left the bivivic^M-uble, thv fthop-bell 

; •barpljr, uul Hopubah arf- ttown Um' tvtuuaiit of 

' final n)|> of (es, with a look of Mallow dwgnur tlmt 

tnily piWaiu to IwlwkL In caMsi nf dialastefiil 

the second diiy is g«noraIly v»9e tban tlw 

rflctt; we reCitni to tlu' nu.-k with idl iLi- sptnuiM of 

tin? pransdm^ torture io oar limtMi. At hU ciroata, 

Hapafafth had fully mtiafled hent^ of tlae iuipaMibtU 

'1^ of «\-«r bM-ouin^ wonted to thu peevishly obetntp; 

•rnaa little WiL King a« uften an it mightt ttte 

I eoond always «iBote npun h^r nerroaa eyttem nulely 

niddonly. And vKjtcptiilly nuw, whilv, with hor 

IraspMiDS and aatiiiao diina, she wba flattering 

If with idoaH of {rentjlit}-, she full an an»peakablo 

to cooftottt a customer. 

" IXi nut triKililu jxiinwlf, dvarcuiuiDl*'cruxI Phcvbe, 

■tartto^ Uclitly up. ** I am jiluijt-keeper ttxlay." 

" Y'lu. rliil.1 1" cxpIaitDf^l H.pnliah. » What can 
a littk oountrr-^tl know of Rich matten?" 

** Oh. I havr dime all thv nlwippin); for the family 
at our villa^ stiire," said Plucbe. " Am) I have had 
a table at a bnny fair, and nuule better nloa than 
anybody. These thinga are not to be learnt : they 
dapasd open a knack that cocdm, 1 ftuppom-," addtid 
smiling. " with oan's inoiber's blond. Yoii shall 
that I ant a» tiice a IttUa lalMWOtnan u I lun n 

The old gontlewoman itolp l^'hind Plurlio. ami |>m>pm1 
fniin thtf powape way into thi' lUiup, to noU; how ahu 
winild raaiuigt^ her iniJertakin)r. It was a caae of 
intrieary. A veiy aai-icnt wnnian. in a wltit«- 
I gown and a green petticoat, with a string of gold 





b«a(U about ber neck, and wbafJot^ed like a aigbtcap 
on b«r liojul, hod brougbt.n tivimtit}' of jam Ui luirter 
for the ronunodities <if"tbe Hliop. Sbe was probably 
the- wry U»t {wrwrn in t^>wll wlio ttUU ki-]>t tbe titno- 
honored spuuiiiig. wtwel in constant r«voIutioD. It 
wu worth wbilk' to hcur thu croaltin^ and tiollow bmes 
of tbe old .hdyr and tbe pleasant voice of Pbcebe. 
mingling- in'<in4> tvriitU'd ftin-Jid uf talk ; and atill Wt- 
ter to. tttutnutt their fi^ires, — bo lij^bt and bloomy, 
^ 90 tfecnipit aa<l tliuky, — with only tb« oouiittir 
b^tWixt thvm, in one senge. bat more than thrMscore 
yeans in another. An for tlie bargain, it was wrinld«d 
riynees &»d craft pittol against native truth and sa- 

"Waa not that well done?" asked Phcebe, laugh* 
ing. whoii liH' m»it*iiin'r vrjw gone. 

"Ni<>i^ly done, indee<l. chilli !" annwernl Ilepribah. 
'* I couhl not have goiu.' through with it nearly so well. 
Ah you say, it most be a knack that belongs to you on 
tho mothu-'n xide." 

It ia a very genuine admiration, that with whicli 
penu>iiN too nhy or to« nnkwnnl to take a due part in 
tbe bustling world regard the rea) actors in life's stir- 
ring scenca ; so genuine, in fact, tKat the fonu«r are 
Doualty fain to make it pnlntutile to their self-love, by 
•naming tliat these active and forcible qualitie« ar« 
incompatible with otJHTs, whieh tlioy choose to deem 
higher and more important. Thus, Ilepxibah was weJ! 
conU'iit Ut iw'kiiow biigi- P1mi-1h?'« vastly »ini«-riiir gift* 
as a shop-keeper ; she listened, with compliant ear. to 
lior Auggcfltion of various metlio<la whereby the influx 
of trade might be increased, and rendered prolitaUe, 
without a luixanloua outlay of capital. She consented 
that tbe village maiden should uianufacture yoast, botli 



liijuiil util in caknat ; miitl nhnult) tln^w m ccftun idoA 
of Lwer. uecuroous to tiw {wUtOt mm! of nre stmnarliM) 
virtues : and, moreover, iilMnld bake otitl exhibit for 
I'Ule aamt little uptcc-ciUci'tf, wliiiJi wkosoever tasted 
riiulil loapati^y desiru to bute again. All auch [mxifa 
tif a Rady niiiid iuul alulful Iiaodiwork vren* liighly 
ejttaltU; to tlie ariatosratio tuwlutereaa, so long aa 
■ba could uumtur to benelf witk a grim smile, and • 
half^iatttnl lugh, nod n M^ntimvnt uf mixed woDder, 
|)itT, and growing affection, — 

" What a uioo littlv body slw in I If sbu eonld only 

be a lady, too 1 — bat that 'a impoaaible t Pbislie i» 

faoPyndtooo. Sbe takes everything frtxn bvnuotbur." 

Aa to J^ffibe's iMt bein^ a tady, or wketJwr sha 

a lady or no, it was a ]>oint, iMrhaps, difficmlt to 

but wliicli ciitdd hardly have caaw up for jud^ 

'ment at all in any fair and badtby mind. Out of Ni^ 

Knjcbod, it would be inipoanble bi meet with a person 

. eonliiniDg aa many lady-like iittrilititi-.H with tut wuiy 

|othet« that form no oeoessury (if Muiiuitilile) part of 

ttbe ehataoter. Sbu abocikul no canon iif tniitv ; idie 

['WIS admirably in beepin]; with berseU, anil ni.>ver 

'^smxl agaiort surrounding cin^tunfltancM. Ut^r ti^iin% 

to be sure. — bo anall as to be almost childliki;, and 

^M tiaattc that motion M'enied as easy or easier to it 

rost, — votdd hardly have suited one'n idea of a 

etmolMM. Nt^ither did her Eaoe — witb the hrown 

rio|;lotB on atbn- side, and the .lUghtly piquant nnse, 

and the wholewiroe bloom, and the clear shndv of ton, 

and the half a dozen fn.vkb'*. frii-ndly remerabtamnn 

ipril sun and breeae — precisely give xu a 

[xigbt to c-all ii'ir iMsintiful. But there wa« both lostre 

rand depth in hfir ejree. She watt very pretty : as graoe- 

fal u a bird, and graceful mncb ic the naine way ; as 


plcnwint abmit ll)c< hoiuo m k plciun at KiuMliint^ fall- 
; on tlie floor tIiro(i;;li a shiwlow of twinklin),' leaven, 

rerix 11 my of tin-Uj^lit Lbat <liuii-«H ou Ibi* widl whila 
eTcning is flruwinf; nigh. Intttewl of (liMcuitwng ber 

^oluin to rank among ladies, it woultl W preferable to 
pganl Phcrbo a« the rxain|J(! of fi^uiiniix; graiv and 
availabilitj eorabioed. in a stato of society, if there 
wcrv any nwh, wlH'rt- laiHi-H ilid not kxxaI. Tlicrc it 
Bltotdd Xie woman's ofl)<!e to move in the midi^ of firao* 
tival affairs, a»d to gild tbem all, the very hoiiieliiwt, 
■ vrero it eren tbe scouring of puts and kvttlvx, — 

^with an atmo«]iliere of ]ov<dineH.H an<l jny. 

Such wa» the K]ih<Tc of Phmbo. To find tl>c bom 
and ediiea ted laily, on tho other hand, we nee<l look 
DO fartm? iJiuii llcpxiluih, mir fnrliirD old tniuil, in lior 
nifitling and rusty silks "itb her deeply chvrishwl ami 
ridtmilous ronwiouHiti-sH of long dcwent, ber shadowy 
clainiH to princely territory, and, in tbo way of accom- 
pliithnHMit. luT rMMUeotioux, it may be, of liaring for- 
merly Uinunmed on a harpsiiibord, and walked a min- 
Udt, awl wiirkixl an antiijue tapestiy-ctilch on iMrr Mim- 
pler. It was a fair (Kindlul bvtwM-u new Ilebeianism 
and old (ieittili^. 

It rvally aconiL-d aa if Uio battened visage of tJw 
Hoiist- of ihL- Seven Gables, bbek and beavj'-brownd 
an it still viTrtJiinlr bwknl, tniust have shown a kind of 
cheerfulnesa glimmering through ita dusk^' windows 
as Fhdtlx! ]>nkMhI to and fro in tin- int4'riiir. OiIht- 
wise, it \s im[>ossililu to vxplain bow tbe people of tbe 
lu-ighborlioM) so anon became aware of tlie girl'a pras- 
enn-. Tlwre was a gn-Jit ran of cuKton). setting stead- 
ily in. from aboot ten oVloL'k until towards noon. ^ 
rvhixing, noinewluit, at dinn«r-tim«, bat rocuninii'mnng 
in the afternoon, and, finally, dying away a half an 


fTiobefan tba long ilav's fiuiiMrt. One nf the 
ftninH—* patnsM wu Unlv N'x] ilig^tw, Hw dwourer 
of Jim Crow aad tbe elc|»liant. witu (o-tliiy had n^nal- 
iud bia MBlUTOiMna pniwoM by HWidluwing twn dnm. 
wiMriiM um) ft lucnntotire. PImcIw Iiu^;lM!il, w tdw 
tli""~^' up bor Df;gTf)E;nt« of mW ii|iim th« ftUto; 
while HepEUNib, fin* dnwing on u jiatr uf silk (^vm, 
MdcoDcd over tbe sofdid ■ntuuuLitioii uf ixjiiM-r otnn, 
D«t witltuiit mIvvt iutcnuLxm], duit bad jinglvd into 
tbe tUL 

" Wr IUIU4 renew oar Mock, Cotiun Hepzibab ! " 
cntA tbe little nWwoutan. -•1\w pingvrbniail figitnw 
•n >U gncw, kad to aiv tbuw I>ut<Ji wuutlpn milk- 
aoajdft, aad most of our <>tber pUvtbiiigs. Tbertt luu 
b«en L-uii»iuil iotjuirr for i-fatap nusiDs, and a great 
err fur wbiiitlt^ ami tnimpfta. and jt-wVharpe ; and 
»t Iroat a dtizpn Ultltr bms buve aakod for ui'JaaaM- 
cmdjr. And wv tuoat oontrivn Ui grt a |)tN-J( nf nuutet 
applM. bu ia tbo MMMa m» it fa. But, d«Kr cousin. 
«duU as anonnoiMi ba^ of «op)Kr ! Pontivdy a «>]>. 
par DKiontaiB I ** 

- Wet) doDc ! wU doDe ! veU daiM> \ " ijuulb Uocb) 
Teoaer, wbo bad token occhsiod to sbufflp in and out 
of tbe sbop iWYcra) tiiniea in tfat- oHirse uf ibe day. 
** Utsra '» a girl tbat will nvvrr i-nd bcr ilays at my 
lam \ BlaH my ry«a. wbat a bri-ik little amil ! " 

** Vm. PbariM ia a nir-<- girl ! *' »aid M<-]iziliali. with u 
■ccrwl of aiutMie ajiprolialion. "But. Uixle Venner, 
pio have kmjwn tbe family a great many vt-ar*. ( an 
yoa t**!! lue whether tbene ever wba a Pym^buun whom 
■be tak«8 after?" 

" I don't believe then) ever wiw." answered the ven- 
«TaUfl man. '■ At any rate, it never waa my look 
to iee her Uk<.- amoog tben, nor, fur tbat mattar, uty> 



vbera ebe. I 'v« itc«n a gnuit (li>«l af tho worM, not 
only in people's kitchens und lutok-yiinK but iit tbe 
stnwt-i'ortivrA, uud uti llitt uliarAcii, auil iu otlxT pliu'OH 
where my bufiiiiLiss calls me ; and I 'oi free to say, 
MiM Hc]ntil>nh, tlmt I nvvor kttvw a hiimftit cieattiTO 
do her vork so much like one of God's angela » tliis 

cbiiti pimvW diHo : " 

Unt-le Venner'a eulo^iuu, if it appear rather too 
high-Htraitifd for the prntoii awl occasion, had, never- 
theksB, a sense la which it was both Hubtile and true. 
Thiire waa a itpiritiuil quality iu Ph<i!Ws aeti\-ity. 
The life of the long and huay day — apent in occ-tipar 
lions that might m> easily Itave taken « it(iua]i<l and 
ugly n;;pe<^l — had been made pleasant, and even love- 
ly, by tbe H]>ontimeoii)t gnwo with whicii tlnnw bomcly 
diitif s ^K^med to bloom out of Iier character ; so that 
labiir, while mIio dealt witli iuluul thv 4»tNy aiul flexible 
charm of play. ^Vngels do not toil, but let thoir i;:ood 
work* grow out at thvm ; anil *o did Photbe. 

The t«'o n'lativee — the young maid and the old one 
—found tiiui' iHtfoit! nightfall, in tbe intfrvahi of trade, 
to make rapid advaooea townnis atTcetinn and <^x>nfi- 
deiioe. A rediue, like llepulutli, uxunlly diHjilaya nv 
markable &aukoess, and at least temporary affabili^, 
on W-iiig alitiiibiU'lyoonierad, ami bnnight Ut the {mint 
of [it'i-suiial intereoutse ; like the angL'l whom •Jacob 
wivfitl*^! vritli, she i» ready to hU'^ you when once 

TIk old gentlt'wnmMi took a droary and pronil satis- 
faction in Iciuling Phtebe from room to room of the 
liouse, and rt^cnuntiug tb<- trH(iit!i<nii with whti-li, a» wb 
may nay, tiio walls ni-re iu^ibi-iously freAcoed. S!lO 
Hhowed the indentations maihi by the lieutenant-gov- 
ernor's BWord-hilt in tlu: du«r-)iauu]ii of tlw ajiartmciil 



when i>t<l Coloni'l rynrhnni, a (kacl bout, hiul rrci-inid 
hia iifFrii;btAl \'iiuhirs witti au awful frawii. TIm* ilusUy 
b>rmrnf that (rown, HopzibiUi obwrred, waa thought 
to be liug«ring erar aince iu Um> paaaai^way. She 
iMile PIkbU* fttfp into OHO (>f tlM' tall chain, and in- 
a|wnt tike aneifut map of the I'ynclu-on U-rrilon- aA Ll>e 
fttwanl. In a trwTt of luid ou wlucb dui Uiil Iw-r 
finger, tiwro exwted a sUrer-uitnc tlu.- locoUty nf which 
WM prMUM-ly {H)itiuil out m luiiue UKinoranda oi Col- 
Doel INniibtoD himself, hut imly to Inr uituJ*' known 
wbea tlko fiunDy rlniio uliouM be reL-oguiaed hv ^veni- 
mcat. Tluia it wiui for the int<'niit i>f iil) N't'w V.n^- 
laiul that the p5iK'JMK>n« nhould liavr jttHticiT done 
tbeai. Sbe biU, too, how that tliun* waM undoiibt- 
mUjt an imnwinao treunn of Engliab gnioeas bidden 
wnMrwlicr* about the bonae, or in the cellar, ot [>o»> 
nblf xa the f^ardvn. 

" If yon ajuiuld Iuip)<«o Ut find it. Phcebe," said He 
aibab, ^taan^ aiode at hrr with a ^rim yot kindly 
•milo. "wewill Ue up the »])0)>4>eU for good and all!" 

" Yaa, dear ooubui." answered Pboebv ; *- but, in th« 
tmnn time, I bnar iMmebodj riu^ng it 1 " 

When the ctuitotoer waa etme, Uepnbafa tailed 

rfttb"' . aitil at j^-" ' 'i. nlxnit a certain 

tri, who luul i 1 1^(1111 ;;ly heautiftd 

id ii«ndu|>liAbeiI in bir Uf«titu«,a hundRtd yvun iigt>. 
' 'ir noil and deliRhtfid chara^-ter i«till 
pUuw whn'n* ."'"' W) livi-il, im a 
dried rjm-1iU;I Mn-iiU tlit' drjwer -where it hax withered 

Bi ' ; 'i ' Tljii InVfly Alin-' toil DH-t with .■KilllB 

^■- 'Its cadfliinity. uiul had ;;t<>wd tJua 

and u I fpvdiiolly fmivd invl <>^ t)i« worUI. Hui. 

ri MUH Hii)j|>o?('<l til haunt the House of tlin 

S aiitl, a ^riat \uaay times, — especially 


irtivn ontt of the Pj-nobcoM wu to die J— >ih« liadbem 
hwA pbiying siully aud beairtifuUy on flia harjmk-liord.^ 
One oT these tuiicjt, juiit nit it hiul miuikIm) frnin hvr 
ii])intu&] touch, had l^n-n writtvn down l>y an om&teur 
of Diiisk' ; it waa ho «X(]iu»itely mournful tJiiit tiulxidy. 
to this diij, ty>iild lK>Jir to liviir it playp<l, imli-jot when • 
great sorrow hud n)ade theni know the still profounder J 
ewwtuvsK of it. * 

"WaA it the same harpsichord that yoa showed 
me?" iniiiiin-4l Pha-hc. 

" The Tcry some," said Ilepzihah. " It was Alice 
Pynuluion'K haqK<i<-l>onl. When I was U^amiii); muitie, 
my father woidd nert-r k-t nio o]k-d it. So, iih 1 ooidd 
only play on my U'actu'r'M instrument, I have fut:gott).'Q 
all my miuiie long Rg<)>-" 

Leaving fhene antiiue themes, the old Indy l)egWlt| 
tci talk abinit the daguerTeutypisI, whom, an hv M'Cinnd 
to be a well-meaning and orderly young man. and in 
narrow oin-umHtaiKfu, she had jHTiiiitttil to tiik<? up hi« 
residence in one ti( the seven gjdilea. But, on seeing 
nton.> of Mr. Holgnvo, she bunlly know wluit to make 
of him. He had the Htraugest eomjianions imaginable; 
mvii willi I'mf; In-atxlii, nn<i dri-HM-d in linen blintsv:!, 
and oiluT ftiu-h iH-w-fangliM and ill-fitting garments;fl 
refomiem, temperance levturerK, and all munnor of 
ero»'-l<>>iktng philaiitliropUtA : community -men. and 
ComLM)Uter«, a« Hepdbali beliiMrcd, who arknowledgcd 
no law. and at*- no Mdi<l fcHid, but lired on the soent 
of other people's cookery, and turned up tlieir ntmOk 
at tlw! fare. Aa (or tbc dagueneotypist, she had read 
a para;n^ph in a penny paiwr, the othvr day. aiN^uung 
Iiini of riiitkiiig a npt^n^'b full of vrild and lUsorgani^ 
iog matter, at a meeting of his bctnditti-like associates. 
For bor own part, afae had reason to belwT« that bt 




pnctiaed uunift] magneiMin. and, if sticli things were 
IB bwhinn mnrndKys, (i1k>r1i1 he ajit t<> suspei-t bim 
(>f stuityiog the fflack Art ay thetv in bis liHuwMne 

*> But. dear oounn," aaul fbcebe, *' if the yoaag tnAB 
» M (langeroUft, why do ;nu li-t hiiti tXay '.' If b» doM 
DoCbing WDTw, be ma; act tbe house un tm> '. " 

** Wby, mtuetiiiuM," autiw«i«d IIr[>2ilKili, >* I kaTO 
HOOdily atadfl it a qtmtioD. wlK-tlw-r I oii^'bt uot to 
M*d lum away. But. with all Itia oil(lit»^». be in a 
quiet kind of a penon, and ha* nuub a VHy at taking 
ImU of oob's ndnd, tliat, without exactly liking; liim 
(far I doo't know eiuMigb of tbo yoang man), I ■bnuld 
be Hony to loae sight of him rotindy. A womim 
eUaipi to hlight Boqimintaaocs wfacn slie livei ao much 
I d.)." 
But if Mr. Holgraro is a bwlMs peraoo * " remon- 
it rtiicW. a part of whose eeaeiioe it wu to k4.-o|i 
iiin tbv liruitA of [aw. 
''Oh ! " said Hepzibah. oanleialy, — for, formal tm 
, mm. ID her lifr's Mcperiroce, she had gnashed 
bor teeth against human law, — - I mpfma he has a 
Uw of his own I " 


hacle's VFLI^ 

After im early tea. the little cnontiy-girl atniyed 
into the garden. T)w riiclo^im- liad fonn^riy )M>en 
imy extensive, but was now coutiacted within small 
compMN, uid h<-iniiuf) alKiiit. pnrtly hy higli vroo<li.-n 
feueea, an<) jartly by t]>e oatbaildings of bounes that 
stood on iidoIImt stnt't. In lU rvntru vnut a gnuu-jiLU, 
surrounding a ruinous little Btructure, which fihawed 
jiiHt fnough of itJt origiual datign to itMli<-at4! tliat it 
had once boon a somnicr-houfle. A liop-vinc. spring, 
ing from last year's root, wiui banning to clamber 
otvr it. but would 1m; long in covering the roof with tta 
j7«en mautle. Thre« of the newn gnhleti eitlier fronted 
or looknl sideways, witii a dark soli-Jiini^ of wpect, 
down into tite garden. 

/ The bi.'K'k. rich uoil had fi*<l ilaplf witli tlie dway of 
a long |>eriod of time ; such as fallen leaves, the {>etals 
of fl<>w<-r». and tlie Hbdkit and tH-eH-virnMls of vagrant 
and lawlesii pLuits niore usefid after their death than 
ever wbili- tliuiuiing in tiie Nun. Tho evil of tlie^v d«- 
partod yean wuuld naturally have sprung up again, in 
such rank weeds (syiubutio of the tmn.Hraitted noes of 
(inc-ii'ty) a« are alwaj'x prone Ui nnit thcnuulTes abont 
human rlwellingsV Phcebe saw, however, tliat tl>^ ■ 
growth niuM havi- lui-n c-hwked hy a degrw of carefid 
labor. Itestowed daily and systt-'iuatically on the garden. 
The wbito double rose-bush bad evidently been propped 



vp anew against the boiBe rinee the comraeiweinrnt nf 

tt» ■aaAon; u>d a pear4rM and thnM dttnuwo-trrfii, 

which, ex(«[)t a row of fnuTaiii-bttsh«B, oonadtatcil the 

otUy varitrtira of frnit, bore inu-ki) of the tecetit am- 

patatun of aereral BoperiltMiu or defective Hmba. 

iTbert wen alio a few i<]m>cms of antique and bereditaty 

' Aiw«n, in do very flmiriithing n>n<litiu[i, but M,ini|)u- 

looalj weeded ; a& if fiouie iktm)ii, either out of love or 

curitMtty, had liMin anxtotu to briog tbi-in Ui ntii-h (wr- 

lection as tlip; were capable of attaiatng. The t«- 

in"r4" of thi' gnnli'U [ireiw-nteil a wejl-aelccted aiwort- 

it of eoL-ulenl rugBtahli's, in a ptaiMwurthv state 

'ef advanvcment. Siuuuuir Miuatthea, ahniKtt in their 

(golden bloiMOin ; eueumberft, now ox-tnnng a tendency 

I to »i)read nway from the main fitock, and ramble ^ 

, and wide : two or three lowa of Ktrui;;-l>eans, awl as 

i many uore that wi<re almut to feotonn themaelvea eo 

poles: totnatoe?. oi-c^p\-in<; a Bite SO sbettered and 

ninny that iIm- plnnla w rrv already gigantae, and prom- 

I ised an early and aliundant hamat. 

Pborlw wmdenil whuse eare and toil it eould have 
' been that bad pliu]t<.>d theee vegetobleii, and kept the 
sol) ao clean and ohterly. Not surely her coumii Hep- 
libab'si wbo lutd no tast« nor vjiiritt for tin- Iiuly-like 
employment of i^uliivatin^ flowers, and — with her re- 
duae habit«. and tviuU-ney to itlielter horwlf within the 
. dtimai shadow of Ute house — would hardly hare oome 
forth under the KjHvk of open sky to weed and hoe 
amoof; tlie fraternity of beans and squashes. 

It beio); bur titvl day of unupteto estrangement from 
rural ol>j«.-ts. llxehe found an nnexpected charm in 
thi« little uouk of grass, and foliage, and iiristocratio 
flownrs, and plcboiiui vi-p;tubl(.-s. The eye of H««ven 
seemed la loi^ down into it pleasantly, and with a pu- 


eitliar umile, u if glad to p«ir<nro that niUurv, «!«»• 
wbero ovcnt'beltned. and driven out of the dusty townt 
hml herw be<-n nl)li>i to retain u linuuhiug-plaoi*. Tho 
spot uequired a somewhat wilder ^T^'ace, and yet a very 
gentle on«, from tin: faiM that a jiair of roluns had buiH 
dieir oeHt in the pcar-trve, and wore making tbmtselvea 
exceedingly bn^ and liup)>j in the dark intricacy of ita 
tioiigliM. Beo«. too, — Htrniige, to wiy. — had tlwugbt it 
worth tlieii' while to oome hither, po«sihly from the 
range of hi%'v« IwMidi; xnine fiirm-houw mile* uway. 
How many srial voyuf^-ti might they have made, in 
quest of honey, or honey4ailen, betwixt dawn and hod- 
set ! Yet, late as it now wan, there still anme a pleas- 
ant hum out of one or two of the Hquasb-UoHaoms, in 
the deptJtfi of which thrae tiecs were plnng tlieir golden 

. labor. Tlieiv was one other ohjeK-t in the j^ii'den which 
Natarr miglit fairly claim a» her inalieuiiliU' pr<>iM-rty. 
in spite of whaterer man could do to render it his own. 
This was a fountain, »c-t routxl witli n rini of old mouy 
BtonoB, and paved, in '\Ia betl, with what appeared to 
bo u sort of mo«iac-work of variouidy twlured inebblegi. 

.The play and slight aptation of the water, in its np> 
van] gu^h, wrought m:igi(-:dly with Uiese variegated 
pehbU^ and made a oontinually shifting apparition of 
quaint figurcN, T»ni.-<liiMg Ukj suddenly to hv definable. 
Theooc. swelling over the rini of iiio!H»-grown stones, 
Uie water stole away under the fenec, through what we 
regret to call a gutter, rather tlian a channcL 

Nor must we fot^t to mention a hen-coop of very 
TCvetend antiquity that stood in the farther comer of 
the garden, not a great way from the fountain. It now 
ct^nlJuiHtl only Clianticlecr. hit two wivcji, and a soli- 
tary chicken. All of them were pure specimena of a 
breed which hud been trausmitied down aa an heirloom 

MAtTLE'S mil. 

\o tha PytM^WMi family, and w«t« nid, whtfo in ibrir 
pciiB«, to bavs attaiDod alinart tlw dm of toifceyR. uul, 
on Uw aeon of ddicate flesh, to be fit for a jmniv't 
tiblc is proof vS tba autbmtuhy of tlii« Ii-p-mluy 
iMBBWii Hvpgdfaah oaald Inre (ix)ut>it^ th« sbell nf a 
gnat c^. which lui oMtrieh luwd lianllj haw b«>ti 
■ahaowd of. B« that m it m^t, the bpOB w»n now 
mmmij laigvr than p^ecMa, and bad a qurer. rtu^, 
withifrMl aspect, ao'l a goatj luod of lunvvnxiit, luul a 
and mtiMOKiteiy tone thrm^KKit all tlie varifr- 
. of their elwtking and cavUing. It wu cvidant 
that th« nww hwl d c g c n a fated, like many a tM>bl« race 
bwMua, in coiu«qovaoe of too «tr!vt a watchfulnwMi tu 
kaefi tt poro. These featbeivd people had exbtetl too 
iattf m tlM^diAilu-t varit-ly : a fiu'1 of whjt^h {lie ptv»- 
•nt ra p wawrtativf*. judging by tJielr tugnbriouii ilep^trt- 
nant, aeaowd to b« awsi«. Tbej kept tfaeniMtlvoa 
alive, aimmwti'wnhly. and Utd now ami tl»en an vgg, 
and hatcfavd a (.■hii'krn ; not for any plMuiura uf thvir 
own. but that the work) might not ahHolntaly loM wliat 
had aaev bven ma adinirnbU- a bri'^tl of U>vr]n. Th>- ilin- 
tia£inijnii)i: nuric of tb« bens «-aa a crest of liuti^ta- 
hljp douity growth, in tluse Utter dnyii, but mt oddly 
■Dd wickedly analojroiu to Hepzibah's turban, that 
FlKebe — to tha poignant tlLitretta of Ixir conncivnov, 
bat taentaUy — was kd to fancy a general iMen- 
bboMM hotwizt these forlorn bipeds and her reopecta- 

Tbo girl mn into the boose to get some crumb-i of 
«). enUi potBbMta, and othrr xntli »eTi\\r» lu wan 
lilr to Uie aMmnuodating a]>])etiie of fowLi. Be- 
ainfr. obo eant a pMtiliar isdl, whirh tbry iwuicd to 
111*. Tbi' obkken ctvpt tbrongh the palea of the 
aoopmid mn,witliMiaieahowof liraUneMttohar faeti 

vet, at B 


«hi]0 OianttoWr anc3 the lailiRii of hia household r»- 
f^inlvd hor witli ([ueer, Bidelong glanociv, wiil then 
croaked uae to anotlier, a» if wnunuukating their ugQ 
opiiiiutiH of h«r chftmctvr. So wu«, w wcU as antitiue, 
van their aspect, as to give color to the idea, nut iiivrvly 
tliiLt tht^y vmrts tiw d«-Mvndjuit:i of a tirutshoDored race, 
but that tliey had existed, id thi-ir iDdi>'i(liuil caiuicity, 
ever funco, tliv tlutUH; of t)u) Sovt^ii Gahles was founded, 
and weru somehow tuixud up with it« destiny. Tliey 
were a speciea of tut^Uary sprit*, or Banshee ; although 
wingod aiid fvatherud differently from uxut other 
guiu-dian xugela, 

" IK-re, you oihl tittle ■■hiekon ! " >uud Pli<vlie ; " here 
are norm: nice vnimhs for you '. " 

The chioltvn, herviiimn, tltough nliiHWt it.i v«n«nibh! 
in appearance as its mother. — |>oisse&sing, indeed, the 
wholt: antaqnity of it« progenitont in miniuturL-, — mus- 
b-nsl vivacity enough to flutter upward and alight on 
Phfchp'a iiliouldi-r. 

'■ Thwt Hide fowl paj-s you a high compliment ! " 
[Mud a voice behind Phoibc. 

Tuniin*; ipiickly. she vras surprised at sight of B 
young man. who hai! found ae(^;.u into tlic garden by 
a door ogwuing out of another gable liian that whence 
ehe liad cmergMl. 1*10 Iwld a hoi! in Im hniid, ami. 
'whih; FlKebo was gonu in (|uest of tlie crumbs, hiul be- 
gun to busy hintself with drawing up frciih eortli uJjout 
the rootM of tlic t4>niatoe!i. 

"The ohieken r^.oUy treats you like an ohi acquaint- 
ance," oonlitiuetl liv, in a cpiict way, while a sniila 
made hb face pleasant«r than Phmbe at first fancied 
it. " Thone veuunible perMtnagtM in the ooop. too, 
ftH-m verj- affably dispo«ed. You are lucky to be in 
thuir good graoes bo soon I TL«y liave known me 


Boeb longer, bat otvw bonor ni« witli any fnmiliarit^, 
llwagfa lunll; a day paasM without luy liniigmg iIh-ui 
(ood. &lim Hc]Hci)inli, I sappose* will interweave the 
l*et with h«r Qthiv tnulidonM, oad net h down that 
fowl* knuw yoa to lie a Pynvheon ! " 

'*'Tbe sMvut in," uiiil ihisbe, uniling, •• that I ha* 
\imnun\ b'lw to talk with Iivrh und rhiokcn*." 

*'Ah. but these hena," auiiwcreil tbu youug nun, ^ 
" tbaw heos of aristocratiu liaeage would soorn to ud- 
dantand the ml^tar language of a ham-yard fowL Ij 
pnrfsr t» think — ami m would MUm Hc|KEibah — t 
tbejr reoogniM the family tone. For yoa are a Pyn* 

** My name is Ph<pbe I^^itdieoii," said the ^I, with 
m ■"n*"'— of some merve ; for she was awarv that h«r 
Drew acijaamtance cotdd be no other than the (UgtMTrw> 
Otypist. of whoM lawl«w propensitioe the uld miiul luu) 
givrn biT a diitagreeable idea. " I did not know that 
my MMuio Uepobab's garden waa under another per- 
son'' oare." 

*' Vm," said Holf^ve, " I dig, and ho«, nnd weed, 
in this black old earth, for the sake of mfrvidiiiig my- 
self with what little nature and simplint)- may )>« lof 
in iL after nien have so long sown and reaped bt^re. 
I turn np tlio earth by way of partinio. My kqIkt oo- 
cnpatian, ao far as I bare any> is with a lighter uia> 
tflriaL In ihort, I maltr pictiin-H out of Huniihiiu>{ 
and, twt tn be too much diLZzled with my own trade, 
havk prevailed with Miss Ilvpzibali lo h^ me lodge 
Doe oi these dosky gabW. It is like a liandage over 
bois'b eyas, (o come into iL But would you like to sea 
a spochuai of my praduotJoiiii ? " 

** A da^eiTMtypH Ukeoess, do you mean ? " 
ebe, with leas resurrv ; for, in spiu- of prajv 



her own youtbfiilivPM sprang forward to roe^H hU. "I 
don't mucli Uko incttircK <>( tluit sort. — Hwy arc to 
ban) awl (•Vera ; beai<t«i <]o<)giug away fmn) tiic cje, 
and tryinj; U* cscajic iill<ig\-Ui(-r. Titcy arv Minftcions 
of looking veiy unamiablo, 1 soppose, and therofbve 
liatr to Iw iM?pn." 

" If you would jiormit me," said Hw artiRt, looking 
at Pliielns " I Hluiuld like to try wlic-Uicr Uii; daguvrrv- 
otype van bring oat diitagroeable traits on a pprfectly 
itniialili- fiu'r. \\al tJiero ecrtatiily is truth in wliat 
you hare said. Most of ray likt-4icsM'8 do look on- 
aDitii)il<> ; but t)i« very anERcient reason, I fancy, is. 
boniiioo thp ori^nnto arv^ so. There in a wondi-rful 
insifitit in Heaven's broad and simple sumdiine. 
Whik) wc give it crt-dit only for de)actiDg the mcin>:«t 
Rurfacv. it nrltiallr briugs out the st^crct chanurti.T with 
A trutli tliiil nil [Ktinlvr would eriT venture u]>iiii, cri>D 
could be detect it. There i-s at least, no flattery in 
niy hmolili* ttni.- of art. Now, ht're is a likonuM which 
I liavu taken over and over again, and »till with no 
belter result. Yet th« ongiiuJ weara. to ooniinoD 
eyob, a very different ex)>n.>A«ion. It would gratify 
nw to have yinir jiulgutinit on thi% ch^inuivr." 

He exhilntcd a daguerreotyju miniature in a tn» 
roono ease. Phahe merely glanced nt it, and gave it 

" I know the fn4<e," i>he repltetl ; "for iu titcni eya 
has been fuUowini; mo about all day. It ts my I^uri- 
tan ancestor, who liuogii yonder in the parlor. To be 
Sim-, you have found vamv way of (.'spying tb« portrait 
without its black ^'elvct cap and gray beard, and liave 
giv<>n him a m<Hii!m coat and witin i-ruvnt, iiutvod of 
his uloak and bund. I don't think turn improved by 
your alterations.'* 



** Ton woolU IwTC wen otiictr different* had jroa 
b>ok«d ft little ku^er," aud llolgrave. loii^iiug, yM 
Rpl«rRrtly modi atrudt. " I can tLMun> ym titat tJita 
ia a BKidem facv. aod ooe whirh voti will very prob- 
ably neat. Nuw, tite rtaiiarkalile jannt U, tbnl lli« 
orifpnal wean, to tLo world's eye, — und, for aufjiit L 
know, to Ilia most intiiiuite fri«i>ds, — an excetiduigly 
pleaaaat aoimfaaBaiin-, inrlk'alivv ol iMnevolnioa, opon- , 
neoB of beart. sntmy guod-buioor. and otht^r ptaia^^ 
wortky qoalituw of tbat ouA. The mm, as you aea^ i 
teOs qoHe another Bbny, and will not be voax«d oafe 
of it, aftiT half a doaen patient nUcinptt on my part. 
Hoiv we bavn ibe man, sly, sulitlif. baid. imperiooa, 
and. witbal, mid aa kc. ImvAh at that eye ! Would 
yoa Uke to bo at its ntcn-y '' At Uuit inoutb ! Could 
it ever smile? Arul yi.-t. if ynu could only «iee tlio 
hemgn aaiile of tfai; oriftttial I It is so ratM>h the mtm i 
■mfortnnatff. as he is a pablie cbarw-tt^r of Mtow em^ 
neiMw. aad the likmcas was intended to be sngtaved." 

" Wdl. I don't wish to sm it any moro," olMerved 
Pkebe, tnminp away her eyes. " It U wrtainly very 
Hke li» eld porttttiL But my oouKin lU-pziliiih luis 
aaodwr pirtnre. — a mimacure. If the original is still 
in. the worid, I think 1m> might defy the mn to nak* 
^ Um look st«m and hard." 

** Yoa hav« seen tlial )ri<-tiin'. thvn ! " «xebumi«d tb« 
aitist. with an expieuion of much tnurat. ** I ocver 
did. but bB¥« % f;nat rarioaity to do ao. And you 
jwlp- favomlily of the fa«e 7 " 

** There iWTer was a Bw««t«r one," Baid Pluebe. " It 
M abnoit too aoft ami frratlv for a mao'a." 

" la there nothing wild in the eye ? " (lontinaed IIoU , 
gravf. ao oamestly tlmt it enborratiMit) l^bcrlN-. a^ did 
also the goiet fireecUun with which h« [nvsiimud on 


their 8» n-^N-iit lu-quaintanw. " Is there nothing (Ikrk 
or BuiUt«r anywlnTO ? Coald you not conccivo ths 
originnl to have been piilty of a great orinie?" 

" It ia nonwntti-," naiil I'ha'lic, s Uttlr tni[Hiticnt1^, 
" for tt8 to talk about a pu-ture which you have nvver 
Been. You mititak)! it fur Mmo other. A mme, in- 
deed I Since y«u are a friend of my eouain Hcpri* 
bail's, you should a*k \vn to show you Uip picture." 

" It will suit my purpose still better to see the or%* fl 
isal," repliwl ibc diipierrwtypist coolly. "Aj> to his 
obancter, ne need not discum its points ; they have 
nln-july been »ettlt--d by a oonipetcnt trilKinal, or on* 
which called itwlf competenL But, stxy ! Do not go < 
yi>t, if you pleaite! I have a projHMiition to 

Phtsbe wu on tlie point of retreating. b«it tur 
back, with eomti lievitjitton ; for Aw dii) not exa^rtJy 
vompnliend hi)t manner, although, on better obscrTa- ■ 
tion. its feature seemed ratlier to hn iiu'k of ovrcinnny 
tliiu) any nppniaAh to offensive rwleneas. There was 
an odd kind of nutliorily. too, in wluit \\» now pn>- 
ooeded ia say, ratlier as if the garden were his own 
dian a plac-e to which he wu« aduiitt<>d nicn.-ly by 
Hcpsilwb's courtesy. d 

'* If agreeable to you," ho obMir%-ed, " it would giv© " 
Die pteamire to turn over these flowers, and those an* 
cicnt and rciijtMtaUe towbt, to y*)ur carv. Coming 
fresh from coontiy air and occupalionft, yon will soon 
fevl tli« niMMl of itome sueh out>of-door empluyment. 
My own sphere does not so mneh liv among flower*, fl 
You ean trim and tend them, therefore, as you please j ' 
and I will ask only the least triflo of a bloMom. now 
and then, in excbange for all the good, honest kitt'hen- 
rvg«tablrs with which I propone to enrich Miwt \hi^ 



nbah's table. So we will be feUow-bbontni, Mmowhat 
on the earamaaitjr tyxtem." 

SSmtIr, util ndlMT siirprisHt at her nwn i-ompIi> 
saee. Pltivtw iu.-conliugly iMrtoak hrnH'If lu wtWing ft 
Biiwer-bod. but bomod herself atill more «-iUi nn^bi- 
tiotu wp wi titig thi<i yoiinff roan, with whom »bt m 
anexpertwlly fimiiJ lii-rsi^lf on t^nos approaching to 
faumiliarity. She (lit) not alto^ictlier llkv him. Iliit 
duuaclcr |>«r]>L'x«l the littlv vo«uitrir-fnrl. as it ini}*lit 
a more pimct ia ecl observer ; for, while the tone of hiii 
cooTrnatfkin hail ^iierally hcta playful, tho itnprrs- 
noQ left oo her miuil wa^ tliat nf gravity, aoil. t^xivpt 
M hu youth niixlitied it, ubrnKcl Ktrrnnr-M. She n>- 
bdlrd. SB it were, agaiust a certain inagitetic element 
in th« arttstV n:itnn', which he exenrtM.'d toiranU her, 
poanhlj witlK'ut )>cin); Mimcious of it. 

After a little while, the twili);ht, deepened by tho 
dndowa ol the fmit-trce-s anil t)ie surronnding build* 
inga. thr«w an obscurity orer tlti* ganlvo. 

** There," aaiil llol^rave, " it is time to give orer 
work ! That hut stroke of the hoe han cut off a bean- 
atalk. GDod-oight. Miw I'hcebe Pynoheon* Any 
Wight day. if yoo will pnt one of those roaebudj in 
your hair, and oonie to my rooms in Central Street. I 
wiU Mue the purest rny nf «imshine, and mak& a pitv 
ture of the Bower and ita wearer." 

Be retired towards his own solitary gable, but turned 
bii head, m reaching the dour, and called to Pha-i<>>, 
with a tone which certainly hiid la)i|;liter in it, yet 
which ieemed to ho more than half in earumt. 

** Be careful not to drink at MauU^'M vAl '. " said 
Imu *• Neither drink nor bathe yoiir face in it I " 

« Mnol'/i wvU I " BiMwered Phu>U>. " In iliat it 
with the rim of moaay atones ? I hMve no thought of 
brisking (here, — but why not ? " 


" Oh," rpjoiuwJ the dafHwrreotrpiBt, " because, like 
U) ohl liuly'd cup of U-a, ii m watvr lw«iU^lH.-tl ! " 

lie vanished ; and Phajbe, Ungeriag a mocoftit, saw 
■ gliuiiiKTin;; light, and then the «l«ady boam of a 
laui)», in A cli^LiuWr of the gable. On retamiQg into 
Hu]H[il>nli'!i a[K4rLiu4!»t of tliu bouse, ahe found tlie low- 
Btuddt^d (iiu'lor m> dim und dtiitky th»t hi.-r vyv* could 
not ]N-iii-tr»tv Uiu iutvrior. Sh« was iudkliiK'tlv awara, 
however, that tbo gaunt figure of Uk old gviitlewonan 
wiiH tutting in miL' uf tiu: siraight-ba^kod chairs, a little 
withdrawn fi-om the win<l>tw, Uic faint gk-juit »f which 
•howeil the hhuiched paittuess of her cbe«k, turned side- 
way towai-tU a corner. 

" 8hull I light a lamp, Cotuln Uepzibali ? " 

" Do, if you pkasc, my dear child," answered Hcp^ 
tlhidL " Biit put it on the table in the comer of the 
panage. My cycti ore weak ; and I can ecldom bmr 
the loiDplight on tlieni." 

W hat an itiKtrutiunit iK tlie huiniui voice ', How won- 
derfully resjjoiisive to every emodon of the htmian 
Boul ! In I If{)zilicilt*» Utnc. at that nionienl. then- waa 
a (wriain rich deptii and moisture, as if the words, 
eoiiunonplftM tvn tlwy wen, hud l>een stocjHil in the 
warmth of her heart. Again, while lighting the lamp 
in tlw kiU'hoii, Ph<B)ie fancied titat her coiuiu spoke to 

*' In a moment, cmiHln ! " anairered the girl. "TTieaa^ 
matches just glimmer, and go out." H 

Rut, insleatlof nresjMmse from 1 Icpzibnh. she seentei) 
to IifAT thf: iiiumiur of an unknown voice. It waa^ 
stransrely indistinct, however, and less like artiuulatfl 
wcinU tliaii an utuihapetl noiind. such as would be tlin 
ottenmou of feeling and sympathy, rather tbao of 



PBoMbet. So v^Qe WM it, tint ibi impmntiiMi or i-cbo 
in Pba'be's mind wii« that of aureaJitj'. She con- 
idltdm) tbat abe muiit have misUkea Kuna other Miund 
far th*l of till- liiiiiuui Toice ; or due Uiat it was al- 
tugetlier in ber fiui«y. 

SW Mt the liglib:^ lanp in tlu pawMge, and agab 
•Btered tiie parlor. Hepnbah'a form, tliougfa its saUe 
outline mingled mtli the diwk, was now leu intpet^ 
feotJj viublR. In the n^uinter paitanf tlu! room, lw>w- 
«vvr. it« wallx beiu^ i«> ill wlnptrt] to n^flect liglit, then 
was warly tbo same obscurity as befor& 

** Caaiin," aaid Plwebe, " did jrou speak to nw just 

I DOW?" 

■ " Nu, child : " reidicd n<<piibaii. 

H Fewer words lliaii before, bat with the same mya- 
^P tisriuiu tniutr in them! Mellow, tnelancboly. yet not 
aiNimfid, the tone seemed to guali up nut uf the tleep 
Well of Ueinihalt's heart, all tit«.i'|wd in it« profonudwt 
•ototion. Thtrre was a tremor in it. too. that — as all 
strmtf frvling is t^lMtrif — iiarlly njuiiuuui«ali'«l itai-lf 
to PbvU). 'rW ^rl sat silently for a roomeut. Bat 
pooo, het semes Wing vt-ry lu'iitc, h1h> bcciLPn- cotuekicn 
of ao iire^nditr respiration in an obs<?ure corner of 
thr Kimn. Hit phyoicnl orgtwiziition, i»un-ot'i;r. Wing 
at oavG delirate and healthy, gave her a pemtptjon, 
operating with alntiwl tlix effi-cl of a HpirituAl mvuliiim, 
that somebody was near at hand. 

** My dtiar «ouiin," aitk<Hl xhe, OTprooming an inde- 
Anable relootanoe, " is there not some one in the room 

•• I'boebe. my dear little giri." said Hepribah, after 
a iDonent'x pauMr, *• yoii wvre up lH-tiiHi>s, and hare 
been basy all ilay. Pray go to \m.-A ; for 1 ain Htin- 
you muiit need rest. I will &it iu the parlor awhile. 


and collect in; Uiotighu. It haa be«n my custom for 
motv yuitnt, i-litJi), tixtva you Ituvc livod ! " 

While thus dismissing ber, the maiden Udy stept 
flCHTmrtl. ki>»*wl PIkiOk', »iid jin-jMeci her tn her hvart, 
which beat against the gill's bosom with a strong, 
bigfa, uid tumultuous swcU. How ciunu thvre to be m 
mui<h love in this ilesokto old heart, that it could 
■ITonl to well over thus itbiindiinlly ? 

** Good night, coutiin,'* said Pbcebe, strangely at- 
fected by Hepxibah's matuicr. " If you begin to love 
me. I am gUui ] '" 

8hu retiml to her ehamber, but did not toon fall 
asleep, nor tJieii very jmifouiidly. At some uncertain 
|>criod in the depths of oight, and, as it were, tltrough 
the thin veil of a dream, ijte wait eoniKiioDa of a foot* 
Kti-j) mounting the stuini heavily, but not with forco 
and decision. The voice of Hi^jiribiUi, with ii hush 
through it, wag going up along with the footsteps ; 
and. again, responsive to her cou.«iii'H voiiv, PImbIia 
hi'iml that strange, vagoe mtirmur, nhich might ba_ 
likened to an indisIiDct shadow of human utlcnuicfl.1 



TBB Gr£8T. 

'Wnvi Plwi'W Kwolce, — wbirli hIm HA wttli tlw 
rl}' twiUisriug ul tbe conjogHl oouplo of robtaa in 
the pear-tiea. — she beard mowmeDU Mow vUin, 
•nil, buOmi'mg ilown, foiind Hf[>zilinli drwulv in tlw 
Idteben. Sbe stoml by a k-umIow, Iioldiog a InxiIc in 
doH ootitigaity to Imt uoao, an if witb tb« l>u[>« of 
gamJPg an <>l^-1onr ar<]uainlaare with its {Hintcot«, 
•iaoe ber imiierfect vvdua uuule it nut very vmsj to 
hmhI tbom. If any volutav <>ould have manifiaittMl ila 
aasMitinl wudiiiu in the mode Bi^gestcd. it woald car- 
tainly bavr bwin tht- one now in Hrpxtl)«fa'« linm) ; 
sad tha kitchen, in Huch an ewnt, would fnrthwith 
have aMMunad with ihu fngnuM ttf vrtil.4in. Uirkny», 
capons, lank'd partrid|>e8, podding*. caki%, »nd Christ- 
tWM picM. in all tnanm-r of vlaUirotir mixture auil ootf 
otfTtign. It waa a cooker)- Ixnik, ftdl of iDimmi-nilile 
old faahtmu of English diiUii'-N, lunl illu<4tn(i^ with 
et^nvitiga, which repreDunted the arnuig«iiMnt» of 
the table at rach lMuti]ut*tn an it might hav« befitted 
a Dobknuui t» gin? in tlw grvat ball of hiti ciiHtl«>. 
Anal, amid theae rich and (lotent deviceji of the uiili- 
aary art (not one of wliit^'h, probably, had bc«n tv* 
within file meiuoty of a»y uan'ti grandfather). 
Hvpnbali was Kcdcing for Hume nimble little tiUiit, 
wbkh. will) what sbill she bad, axul such maturialit an 
m* at band, aba might tow up Cor brvalifiwL 


Soon, with a Aeep fif^h, she |)ut asi<Ie the savory 
iimi\ niul inquiriKl of I'lKbtw wWUicr oU) Spn'klr. an 
sbe vnllnl one of the liens, had laid ao ff^ tli« pnt-ed- 
iag day. Phcebe ran tn mh>, but n-tumed without 
the expected treasure in her hand. At that instant, 
hnwttver, the blaMt of a flsh-dealer'a conch waa lM«rc). 
annoum-ing his uppixMK-h nlonj; the strt-ct. With 
energetic raps at the h)io]) - window, Ilepzibali muu- 
monod tlii? man in. tuiil made par^ham of what he 
warranted as the ftncst mackerel in his cart, and as 
fat a one as ■.-vi'^r hi; fi-lt with hi^ fingvr »o early in tfao 
season. Requesting Ptiffibe to rout some coffee, — 
which she coaiudly oliwrvi-<l wan (!«• ri-al Mix-hn, and 
BO long kept that each of the small herries ought to be 
worth itii weight in gold, — the inaitlcn lady heaped 
fnel into the vast tvceptacle of the ancient (iiv|ilace 
in ftiicl) quantity la hooh tn drive IIk- liiijriTiiig ilnak 
oat of the kitchen. The country-girl, willing to give 
her iitinikit a)uiMtan<'(!, )>ropa!>i--d to make an Inilian 
cakf, aft«T her mother's peculiar method, of easy 
manufacture, and wliich kIic euuld vouch for as posaea. 
Biag a rlfhnoiw, and. if rightly prepared, n delicacy, 
noeqtnllL-d by anyotlu-r motif of breakfafttrcake. Hep- 
zibah gladly assenting, the kitchm wae noon tlw »wne 
of savory prvparntion. Perchance, amid their ]>roper 
element of smoke, which eddied forth from Ihv ill- 
conRtmctvd chimney, the ghotttA of departed cook- 
maids lookeal wonderingly on, or |)eepod down the 
gn-Jkt breadth of (lie Hue, tlespising the simplicity of 
the projected meal, yet ineffccttially pining to thnutt 
tlH'ir Hluidowy hands into each inchoate dish. Tlw 
half-starved rats, at any mt«, kIoIc viiubly out of their 
hiding-pbici'«, and sat on llieir hind-legs, snufSog the 
fumy atmosphere, aiul wintfuUy awaiting an opportu- 
nity to nibble. 


rfff Gt'EST. 




ITf'fwiWi hit'l no nntiiral turn forooultm', wiil, bt 
fl^ Uic tnitb. luil Uirlv iDcun«i) Imt {tnvcnt mf*- 
ii?w l<y often dKNMUii; to g<) wtthiml Imt dinurr 
tathtir than bi< attrndont nn the n>UU)cm of the spit. 
or vbnUitjon of tlw juA. Uer xeai over tlw fin, tborn- , 
for*. WM (|ittt« ko boroit! tMrt of Hmtiinvnt. It wul 
loachiop. Mid puHitirely vortliy of t(;»nt I if Pbfbe, 
the aaSj ipmtsl^ir, i-xi-i*|>l lln' r»t» utid gbimLs ufim*- 
Mill, bod iMit U-iMi ln'tttT rtu])liiy«d than id shedding 
tbrm"), to M<f Imt njtp "ill a \>eA of frvsK iitxl frlowing 
cu&Li, nntl |>niOM'(l to liftil iIm- ni»ok(-n-l. ifvr luually 
pal** RliTC>tc» WKCv all nlilaze wiili Ih-sI uhI hurry. Shti 
wstebed the liah with lut mik'h (I'udiTCAre mul mitinti^, 
Dtm of attmitian a» if, — we know not 1)w»- to exjir 
it othenrW, — as if b«r own boirt vien on iIh? ;^i<l> 
m>o, mul hn imiuortal luijfpiueM were iuvolvwl in it« 
being dono preri^ly to a turn ! 

Lifp, within (loom, tun fvw p)i<aianl«r prtM(]>cm than 
» neatly arranged and wcll-iirurifttoneil bnuikfsst-taMe. 
We wwnf Co it fnwhiy. in Uii- d<?wy ymitli of the day, 
and when our spiritual and MMisiial eleurnta arv !n 
batter aoconl than at a lator intmm] : so tbat the m&- 
terfad lidiglita of tbe tnonting meal are tnpahlA n( 
bring folly miju|j«d. without any \-ery ^evoiu re- 
proaeliaB, wfaether i;aatrir or conscientiotts. for yiekU 
lag ev«D a trifle ovemrach lu tfar animal dopartmi-nt 
nf our untiirv. Thu thoiiKlttH. too. that mo arotind 
thn ria^ nf fanuliar gtHitlH havr ii pii|iiiin<>Y nnd inirth- 
fulnnai, and oftcntinies a vi\-i<] truth, which more 
jpniy find lln-ir way into iIm- elnlmmt*- intvmonrMI 
df^MtiT. Ilrpraluih'* nDinll anil ancii-nt taUe, aop- 
pwrtod on >t« ftJmder and ^ran-fiU If^^, an<t oovetod ' 
with • cjotji of tjn* rirh(wt djunank, loi>k<:-il worthy to 
be tba tuvae and rentre of one of the cheerfuUest of 


pnrlu^a. Tlic vapor of Umj broUetl fixh nnwc like iti> 
cvusc from the Khrine of a luirluiriaii iilol, w-|iU«> tbu 
fragrant.<e of lite Mot-ha luiglit liave gnuitivtl Uiu nuft- 
triln of n tiiU'lary Lur, or wliatover power has soupo 
over a modern breakfa^t^able. Pb^eWs Ituliui vii!kMt 
were Uui .swi'«t«At offering of all, — iii tlH-ir bue befit- 
tiDg tho nistio altan of the innoceot and f^obk-n age, 
— or, HO brightly yellow were llu'y, ruAt-iobling •oiucj 
of tlic brMid wbk-h wu» t^tauprd to gtiftteiiuig go)<l' 
wlien Midas triexl to eat iL Tbe buttiT imt bo 
forgoUeu, — btittvr whicli PIml'Uc bvnwlf bad clmmed, 
in ber own raral home, and brought it to her eoiuin 
«* It iirnjiitiatiiij' gift, — lutH-Jliiig wf I'lovfr-bltMWonis, 
and diffusing tlie c-bunn of paatural wenery tliniugh 
tiw dark-|ianvllvd {larlor. All tliift, with tltc <]iuuot 
gDrg«^uusu«iUi of the old eliinn cii])s and snocers, and 
tlw i-rvskt! H|K>(>n!t, iiimI n iiilvt?rrrvimi-jug (H«^'] net bull's 
only other artkJe of plate, and shaped like the rudofit 
IMirringiT'). iwt out a tHuinl at wbicb tbt^ Ktatclitt»tol 
old ('nlom-l Pynelteon'-i giieflta Qe««l not have acoroed 
to tukv bis place. But the Puritan'* faoo wcowlod 
down out of tbi> piet4ire, oa if nothing on the table 
pK'iimxl bis a])|M.-tit(^'. 

By way of contributing what graoe &be could, I^hccbe 
gntlii^ml tomv m«i«« and a U-w oUirr IIhwitn l^woc* 
fting I'ither xH-iit or beauty, and arrangt-d iJh-di in a 
glass piU'hur, wbii-h. having long ago liiett ita luiudU), 
was w much tlie fitter for a flower-vaso. The early 
BOiuhine —- iLA fn>Kh aai tbiil wbii-b jieeped into En's 
bower while she and Athuti Nkt nl brcakfunt there — 
came twinkling through tJie bntnoluw of tlie pvar-tree, 
and fi'll quiie aeroea the tabk-. All was now rtady. 
Tliiir« wprv rbaim and ptitUw fur three. A chair aiui 
plut«! fur ncpzilmib, — the xntnc for Phtsbe,— 
what uthvr guest did her cousin look for? 



H Thra^jlMut Ihtii pn-paratinn thcrp hait \>evn h ran- 

V Btsni tremor in tloiwiliaVii fnnw, »a aptation no 
P powrrful thai PJupljt- r.inU »w tlw qiiiv.*rii>p nf Iwr 

f^unt shailnw. as llirnwn bv th(^ firt'li*;!!! nu th« 
ItitrtM-n wall, or lir thr Kin«iliin(> on Uw i<nrlur fluur. 
Itn innnlfMtatiniM wpra wi mrioiM, anil .i|^-c<(] m little 
with one uotlwr, tlint tbc girl kuew n'>t wtiat to tnnlce 
<if it. ScawtitDcii it mvuuhI oh i-c-ttaxj of ik-li<;bt tind 
happiness. At such moments, n^pxibah wmild fling 
oat her artat. and infold Phn-lH" in thrm, and kiss ber 
cbmek as tenderly as ever ber modier had : hIw «p> 
pMued to do so I]/ sn [Heritable imimlHc, a»rl an if hftr 
boaam were opprcaaed with teademeas, of whidi she 
■ BMut neada poor out a Ihilr. in nnWr to |*ain breath- 
H in^miDi. The ttezt BMmfnt. wlthmit anr viiiilile 
oaoav for tlw change, her nnwotit«il 'yy fibrnnk biiek. 
^palled, as it were, and fiiitlM-il it-^'lf in monrniu^; 
or it nui and hid ittelf, m> tii speak, in the dnngvon of 
ber heart, wheiv it Iiad I-m;; Liin efaained, while a n>1d, 
•pmHral luyrmv Uiok tht- itl*-^' of the imprisoned joy, 
that was afraid to be enfranchised. — a sorrow as 
htaek as that was 1iri;;hf. ^he often broke into n lit- 
tle, nerroiiH, hyittiTti* lnti;;h, mora tom-liing than any 
luu* couU bo ; and forthwith, as tf u> tr^- whii-h was 
lli« noflt touf-hin^. a p»h of tears wonld follow ; or 
pwfc n pa lb'- Iiin<;lit>'r anil tenn* i-anir both at once, and 
•utT^tuniltHt our poor Ili?|tdbah. in u niond siMixe, with 
a kind iif juilr, dim ratntiow. TowBrdn Phtcbe. as 
we hare said, she wa* iifTi-ctionate. — far (endi-rer 
than evi»r before, in tlii*ir brief neqnaintanoe. except 
f,,^ .1 .. — ^ |jjg^ pQ ji,^. jinvrdinj; nij^Ut, — vft with 
B I lly n^'tirrinB! [M-itisKm-sH and irritability, 

H 8be wouJi) ■firidi Kliarjily to lier ; then, throwing aaide 

V all the staruhed reserve of her ordinary mantter, ask 


partlon, nnd Uiv next instant nmi'w tha ji»t-foTpvrti 

At Ia«t. when Ui«tr iniitua] liiltnr wiu all finUluKl, 
she to(>k PhcBbc'H baud in Iter ovm trembling one. ■ 

" Bear wilJi nii-, my di-ar diiltl," she crwd ; " for " 
tnily my heart is fiiU to tke biim ! Bear nith me ; for 
I lovo you, Fli(vl)(% tituiigh 1 H]H>ak mi n>nf;li]y I Tliiiik 
nothing of it, dearest child ! By and by, 1 shall be _ 
kind, nud oidy kind!'" f 

*' My <leare«t cousin, cannot you tvll m« what baa 
ha|i^ned?" aHk»l FliuiUv with a ittmuy and tv«rful _ 
nynipntlty. " What ia it that mores you so ? " H 

"Ilu&h! hush! He i-i cuining!" «'hU|)«red Hep- 
zibuh, hiuttily wipinj^ her eyes. " I^et lum see you 
flntt. rh<EbG : for yoti are yottng and rooy, and cannot 
h('l)> K'Min;: a •mile brpak out whi-tlwr or no. He al- 
ways liked brighl faoes 1 And uiin« i» old now, and 
th« tears are hanlly dry on it. He nerer could itbida fl 
tears. There ; dnw the curtain a little, ho that Uie 
Mhailow may fall acroM his siile of the table '. But let 
there be a good deal of aimshine, too ; for be oeTer 
wan fiin<) of );Iih>iii, as ?^nie ]Mi>|>le itn-. Hr> hiw had 
but lilUi' sunshine in his life, — poor ClifTord, — and, 
olt, what a black sJiiidow ! Poor, (MXir Clifford ! " 

Thus miimiuriii}; in an undertone, as if spoakiog i 
rather U> her nwu bt-art tliaii to Phicbe, the old gentJe- > 
woman stupp«<(l on tiptoe about the room, making Buoh 
arrangements as migjested themselves at the crisis. 

M>-iuin*biU> thera wm a step in iIh; paam^^ynj^ 
above stairs, fhoebe reco<niized it as the same whioh. 
had pOMod »[>vniRl, a^ through her dream, in the 
night-time. Tlie approaching guest, whoever it might 
he. iippf»n-<l to pause at the head of the stoiroaae ; bo 
paused twico or thrive in tlie dewent ; he pauitod again 



mt thp fooL f^b tiroe, the deUjr imtoftl tu bn with- 
out parptM^. hnt niihcr frixn s for^tfnlDecH of ihe 
pttrpoee which bad m^ biiu in niution, or w tf tlie per- 
Mo'a feet ouno iuvuluutanl}- m a staiul-fltUl beotuse 
the Botiv»fKnrer was too feeUe to flnstain hb) piv- 
p«ee. Fiuallr. )w inado & long {mum at tlu* threahold 
uC the |nrlur. He took hold of tbe knob of th« d<H>r ; 
then )ociaeiied kia gnap withutit u|N-uuig h. HtT[m- 
b«h. bar haodft mwvdsireljr claqied, stood gazing al 

**Dear Cootto H«pabah, pray don't look aot " nid 
abs, tmnbUug: fur her eoiuiii'* emotion, mod 
I mywbmatuiy n-liu-taot step, made her feel tu if a 
ghost were coming into th<r room, ** Yoa really 
{rislili^ toe ! Is minetbiiig awful going to happen ? " 

" Mtuh ! " whispered Hppsifaab. - Be cheerful ! 
whatever maj hnppt^ be nothing Init cheerful ! " 

Till' tinol panap nt 11h> tlm-^lmlil proved so loog, 
that llepzihak. nnabb^ to endtin.' ibo anspenae, mflfanl 
forwani, tbn-w o|>rn th« door, uul liil in iIh^ ntnuiger 
by the hand. At the fir«i Phcebe saw an e]. 

deriy posmagv. in an uM ' ■-■ i dn-MHing-gown of 

UiM ilamaak, and wtaring his gray or almost white 
hair of MD uDtmial kngth. It ()uite ovi^mliiuliiwiid hi* 
fewlwwJ. except when be thrust it biwk. and stored 
Tagu«)y about tho room. Aft«r a very brief iuspMtion 
of hia faeu, it was vnsy to oonceirv that bi-t f(>iitKt<>p 
tnat mccasarily he Dodi an one as that which, ^luuly, 
■nd with as tndptinit« an aim as a rhibrii fint jonmi'v 
acTDM a floor, had just brmigbt hini hitberwmrd. Y«-t 
thure wi're do tok^-nji tliat bin [tltysical strength iiii)^t 
tkot havM wiffin'd for a fmr and di^-miinttl giuL It 
«^ the spirit of thr iiuui that could not vrnlk. The 
mprmiioa of bis wuntt-nam* — whiW, notwithHtaiid- 

tUL. ttt. I 



mg, it had th« li;{lit of nrason In it — soptnod to wavpr, 
and glimtuer, aiicl iicail^ to die awny, aitd ft-^-liIj- to 
recover itself af^in. It was liki^ n flnme which we see 
twinkling among half-fxtiii^iiflhed eoiben; w<> gaxo 
at it iitoix' inU-ntly tliiui if it wore n )iositiv« Majce, 
gtubing vividly upward, — more int«-nt]y, but wiih it 
certain iiDpnt!<-n>'i-, a.t if it riti(;ht cithi-r to kindle it- 
aeU into Batisfa«.'4ory splendor, or he at oora extin- 

Fur an instant after enterini; the mAm. the gueall^ 
stood still, retaining lIc}>]iituih'H hand, in.Hlinftiicly, I 
a child docs that of the grown person who guides it. 
llti Haw I*h(rl>e, howi'vcr, an<l ciiiiglit un illumination 
from ber yonthfid and [dfiuumt »KfK-ct, nhii-b, indeed, 
threw A rhetrfnliieiM about tlie imrlor. like the ein'Io 
of refloeted brilliantly urutind iJie gliuut vane uf flovrers 
tliiU wait Htanding in tlie HUUHhine. He mwie a Halub^ 
tioD, or, to Hpeak nearer the tnitb, an ilUltrliued, al)or- 
tive atltmpt at courtesy. Imperfect as it waa, how- 
ever, it conveyed an Ulvn, or, at b-uKt. gave a hint, uf 
iodeacribable grace, such &» no pmctised mt of exter- 
nal tnaiiiH-ra eouhl have ntUtinvtl. It wua too xlight to 
seize upon at the inittant; yet. »» recollected after- 
wardit, stH'nM^I to tnuiMtigure the whole mau. 

" Dear Cliffunl," Miiil fleiv/ibah, in the tone with 
which one wmtJiee a wayward infant, '* this is our 
cowin I'ha-lH-, — little Plwebe Pyneheon. — Arthur's 
<mly child, you know. She has ooine from the country 
to Htny with ud awhile ; for our ohl hotuu baa grown 
to l>e very lonely imw." 

"PiKtW?— I'luebe Pyi>eb©ou?— I'bteW?" !•- 
pealMl the g»cst. witli n Ktrange, Hbiggish, ill-defined 
utterance. " Arthur's chibi ! Ah, I forget I No mat 
tur t She i» very welooDu ! " 


TUB cessT. 



** Come, dmr CILffimt. taki' tlii« rhair," mii] II«|tzi. 
halt. IraMling hini to hu j)U<.v. " I*mv, I'liU'W, liivrtT 
Ihe mrtun a very little mtirc. Now l«t lu bi;gin 

Tho gnest iwatcd himaeU In tbo )>1h« ftM>i<^Ml him, 
awl liMtcnl Rtrangvljr aroand, lie was enriilenUy tn-ing 
t ' '" with the prawnt aoniie, and liiiiig it Iwme 

t' lit with ji tDore satisbotanr tUstim-ttieM. He 

il«>siivd to tt! n-rtain, at li-ut, that b« wiw b4-rc. in tho 
IcnT'oCacIded, crnaA-lieBinMl, oakeo-iiueUiHt patior, and 
not in some other spot, which hwl >tci*o^rp«d Itaetf 
into lu« M>niw4. Btit the effort traa too gnat to be 
rotained with more than a tnignwntary aucoen. Con- 
ttnnallj. m wo moj expfcas it, I>e faded aw^ oat of 
his pbee : or. in other wonts, lus mind and conaeiona- 
a«M took thrir ilc)<:trtiin;, leaving hta wanted, gnj, 
and Bwlanriinly nguru — a aalMlaDttal emptnkGW, a 
malcml gh<«>t-~to oecupjr hb Mat nt tal)h\ Agun, 
after a blaak m»itu>iit, ih^te would be n llirkering 
laper^flMm fit Iuh (-vfl'iill*. It Wtoki-ne<l tlut hiB 
•fNribul {NUt had returued, anti wait iloing itM Imit to 
kiiullB llw heart's hooaobold fire, and U^t np into)* 
leetnal lanps in the dark and roiiHuu maonon, wln-ra 
it WM iIiMMiivJ to be a forlorn iuliabitant. 

At ODK of thew inoRM-ntH of Imb torpid, yt-t Ntill Iibm 
perfrct animation. Pha^bc became oonnnced of wt 
■be had at Hrst ntjoeled aa too i-xtntTagant and 
Hag an UIca. She saw tliat the person before 
most have been tht? ortginal of tbr Itcautiful niiuintui 
in brr <»u>iin 1 lepnfaBh'H poa wes ion. Indent], with a 
fetninine eye fur roatimic, idw hail at onoe identifiedj 
the damask (ln.-<«in^-};nwn. which rnvi'lopnl him, 
Ihe oame in fl^n>. mati-rial, anJ faiihiun, with thi 
m dabontaljr represented in tbe )>iL<tur^ TliiN nL 


tuAvi giirm«iit, with aJl its pristine brilliatuiy extiiict, 
Beeined, in fMuie uidv-'U'rilMible vray. to tnuii>>lnU> Uic 
weonr'a untold unHfurtiiDf. aiiil ninlcp it iwiwptililu 
to the bebolder'a eye. It waa Uie better to be dis- 
ovroud, by tJiix i^tt^nor tjiK*, )iow worn uiid old were 
the Mul'a more inuuetliate f^anueuU : that fonu luiil 
«iuRti(rnun<-o, Utii bounty utd gruiMi of which liiul ill- 
iDottt Inutsceiuled the skill of the ino&t exquisite of 
nrliHtii. It eoidd tlie more iidi.-<|iuitt.*ly )w kitown that 
the (iou) of tlie laitn muHt have suffered sotoe miserable 
wrong, (rem ilJt vnrthly (jxiwrJriiee. There In* SEX-iuvtl 
to ait. witli ■ dim veil of decay and ruin betwixt hint 
luid tbi! vrorlil, but tliniu^li vrhiob, at Hitting iuti-rvals 
luiglit Im! cau<;bt tbe same ex{»«saion, so re&ni-il, so 
softly iniiipnulive, wbiidi Mallwuv^ venturing a hnpity 
toueb, with stisjiendet) breath — had im[«rted to the 
tninbturet There bad been sometliing so innately 
clianuleristie In this look, tlmt all the dnsky vi-^tnt, 
and the burtlen of uiitit cnliuiiity wliich had fallen 
u|H)ii him, ilii) not siiffii-c utteriy to destroy it. 

tle|>zibali hail now poured out a cup of delicloiutly 
fngnuit i.'ofFee, nntl presented it to Iter ^est. As his 
eyes tm>t hers, he ttecmed bewildereal iiud di.^iiieted. 

" Is this you, Heimitmh ? " ho murmured, WMlly ; 
then, more apart, and perbajis uueouscious tliat he 
wan (ivri'bi-itn). " Mow rliangi'd ' Itow eluingwl ! And 
is site angry with me? Why doea she bend her brow 

Poor Hepnbah! It was that wreti-hed s(<uw1 whieb 
tim« and her near-Kightednesii, and the fr«t of inwani 
discomfort, ha*! rendon-i) so habitual that any velw^ 
miriui- of mo<H! invariably evokiil it. Hut at th<> indi* 
tinet murmur of hi» words lu-r whole fnee grew ti>nder, 
and even lovely, with iKHTOwful affeodon ; the harab- 







DM» of Im.t fefttniva disx{ii)Muv<t, w it won>. buMod 
the triinn aixl miatj glow. 

" Angiy ] " iha nixiatod j " angry with you, tlif- 

Il*r uin«, w sbe littered die excbiiutiaa, had n 
plaistire »□«! reallv exquuito ta^lixly tUrillinj; tlmiiigli 
it, yet wtUtmtt hhUIuiu^ a certain somt^tliiug vrliioii oii 
obtow auditur nifcht still have miHtukRn for asperity. 
St WM as if mme tmuMndvnt niufiifiao xhouhl dtaw 
» vool-diriUi&j; swHilneaa out of a ■■nu-ki.-il iiuitraiiumt, 
which oukea itt* jihyKiiml imperfection heard in the 
millet of c4lifln«l harniiitiy. — wi ihi-p mm the acaii- 
bility that fooad an orj^iui id llcpzi ball's vok-e! 

"Tbeni is nnthiiig but love, hrrr, OifTunl," »he 
added, — " nothii^ bot lure ! You arv at home ' " 

The gnesl mpniuli.'*) u> hvr tone by a uniili-. whU-h 
did not half light np hU fare. Feeble as it was. how< 
urer, and gnne in a nraracnt, it had a chanti of vron- 
di^ul beauty. It was followed by a <»araer expres- 
aioci ; or mm lltat Il-uI the effect of eoaraeaeMi od the 
flue nwold and mitltne of hia cotintvnanrc. liucause 
there was iiot)iin>; iuU'lU'ctiud lu teuijter iu It wa« 
a look of a|)|)etite. lie ate food with what n)i);ht 
aluiost In- tcrmM vonurity ; and MHMued to for^t hinw 
Mdf, Ili'ii/nKdi. th*t yiKiug girl, and cnin-thing cUa 
aroond hint, in thi? M-nsaal cujuyuieut which the boitn- 
tiftilly Kprend table afforded. In hw natural xy^d^-m, 
lh>>ii;:li hifth-wroo^t nml dclii«t«'ly refim-d. a sensibil- 
ity to tl>e di-%)il.'« of tlie palate wae probnbly inbcnNit. 
It would kavv Imm-ii krpl in ebeek. however, and even 
ooairerti^ iiito an ai-t^ntnplixliiiiKnt, and one of the 
thsoaatid ukmIoi of intelloetiial culture. IumI hU more 
ethereal i-linrarterixtiri n-t»in<^l th<-ir vi^>r. But as 
it cxiitft now. the tifTectwas painful and inadu Pfaaba 
dioop hor oyea. 

184 Ttm iiovsn OF the seven ajipiri 

In u liltlti vrhilp llic fiwuit Itocum' Betuiiblf of the fn- 
grftni-K of Uti.- yet untested oufri.>e. He t|unffi!(l it vor 
gerly. The nobtle nneiKe acted on him like a chanued 
draii^hL, ad<1 t-aiiMN) the ii|iiiki{ii« MiWuuin' of hb ntiimal 
bein;; to grow transiMirpiit, or, nt leiist. truDslim-nt ; Bo 
&Kt n K|iiritiiJil gleun wa.4 traosmitted Uirougli it, with 
a Hearer liiHtre than hitJii^rto. 

" Morv, tnort! ! " he criml, with nerrom bnst« in his 
utterance, as if anxious to rrtnin his gnutp of what 
umi^ht toi'M-jijx! him. **Thia is what I need! Oiva 
me more ! " 

Un<ler thin di-ti«il« and jiowcrFul influence he sat 
more erect, and looht^d out from his cvtw with a glaneo 
titat took not» of wliat it retted on. It wna not no 
much that hit oxprcsHion grow more intvUePtiinl ; tbift, 
though it ha<l iU fthni-t^, waM not tite most peculiar ef- 
fect. Neither wa.s w)uit we uill the mom] nature no 
forcibly awakened aa to pn><ient il»elf in n-umrkablo 
pmniiiii-nco. But a certain fine tt-mpcr of Winf; was 
now not brouj^ht out in ftUI n•lil^f. biit chan;^-»My 
and i ■■>[>« rfoctly Iwtraycd, of which it was the func- 
tion to deal with all beantifiil and cnjovnhli^ tliioga. 
In a clianict'.T whcrv it xhould irxiitt an Uie i-bi«-f at- 
trihule, it would bestow on its powuHifior an «xquiiiit« 
tajtte, and an enviable siisceptibility of Imppinc*". 
Beauty would be his life; hts a.'<pirations would all 
t4'nd towanl it : itnil, allowing hio fnune and phy!«ical 
organ> to Iw in coniwnance. his own developments 
would likewiw bo In-nuliftd. Such a man should have 
n»th!u<; to do with Horrow : nothing with strife: noth- 
ing with thi* martynloni which, in an infinite vanety 
of KbajMMt, ftwiiib thoxe who have the h^art, and will, 
and conscience, to fight a battle with Uie world. To 
those keroiv temiwrs, Hindi nuirtyrdom in the richest 

P ~- 




tOKfA in ihiy wnrM'ii gift. To tin- infJiniltial ^cinre 
vm. it roiuld uul^ Iw a pHcf. intonnc in (Jtto iintiuiitinn 
with tlM' nen^ty of the infliction. He had do right 
tu Im a iiivtyr: aih), U-lmMing him ko fit tn be tuippy 
and ma fn-l>)ir fur nil r>ii>er (iiirpiMPA, % g^roerMU, strung, 
ottA nottU «tnnt woald, tDctbinkn, hitre been n-a<ly to 
flOrrilicv what Uttlii «njo^-menl it mi^ht luivr ])1iuiiud 
for ilacU, — it wuiik) hxre finng ilo«-ii the buj^efl, m 
paltij in its regard. — if tltprvhy thi^ wintn* hluibi of 
oarmdii qibMV might «oni£ t^iiijn'rt-il to such a lunn. 

Not to «pMk it banUy or nc-imhiUy. it iiWJw«l Clif- 
fonl'i nature to be a HybnrJte. It was ]>erF«|)tihln, 
•ven theni. in thv ilark uld jiarltn*, in th« inevitabla 
polarity with which hli eyes were attracted towanis 
the quivering pby of s'mbeatns through the shailowy 
loliaga. It ma Mm ia his aiiiirwiiiHn;* wak-v <>f tl>u 
•nm» of Sowera, the acent of wlitrb tic inbaln) with a 
■est almoat peonliar to a physii^l orgaoizatian ao re- 
fiiMtl lliat i>}nrTttinl ingndioila are mtmliUil in wiih it. 
It was ln-tmrMl ia the lUMRianUNn unilH with which 
be rvgwiletl i*h(r)N>, wbo«o fmh anil nuifalrnly figure 
waa btith Biinithine and flowers, — their M!iei)c«. in a 
prrrtticr luul uion- agmMblf mixlv of numtfi'HtfllJrtn. 
Nut IcM eviitcnt waa liiis luve and neppseity for tbo 
BMWtiftd. in lh«r instinrtivc miitiini with whii-h, vrrn 
•■> MMti. his eyes tumtxl itway from liis bostesH. iinil 
wanilvml to any quarter rnther tbiui oume Inek. It 
wait Ili'iKtihaha minfnftnne:, — nut ClifTord'H fault, 
IIkw iiMild 111", — so yellow as she wan, ao wriukled, 
•o ww) (if Ditrn, with that odd iiititMithncM of a turban 
on her head, ntid tliat most perv-erse of bcowIs contort. 
ing hrr bn>w, — b'tw i-oiilil Im> lore to ga»' at her? 
Bot, dill I>e uwp l>or nc aff(H*ti(in fur tui much ax she 
bail bitcntlygireu? lie owed bi.<i nuthing. A nature 



likn ClifTunrit cut cnntntct nci <Iel>U of ihat kind. It 
in — Wf> Kay it mthout i-ensure, nor in diminution of 
the chi'ua wliicb it iiidefeiuitily pmiAei'M^s on In-iiigo ot 
aiiuUmt nM>iild — it in aJwuyit «olli»)i in its essence ; and 
we niuitt ^w it leave to bo so. and lieap up our bcroio 
and (IUiiiti;n>At4Hl luvc u)h)Ii it so niurh thr mure, witli- 
out a rvpompi-nse. Poor Hepiubiih knew tbi.t truth, or, 
at leoflt, ai'U'd on ttic imntauet of it. Sn lung estranged 
from what was lovely u Clifford had U-en, the re- 
joiced — rejoiced, tlkough witli a pn-i^nt sigh, and • 
ttvnt puqKMsv to shed tears m her own dianiher — 
that he had hri^htt^r olijectit now bcfon^ )i\» t-yv* titan 
Iior aged and uncomely features. They never pos- 
seaned a chann ; uml if tlicy hiul, the <'-iuiker of her 
griff for him would long tunm have destroyed it. 

Tlw guest lesuict] liuclt in hin ohair. Minf;li-<1 in 
bis countenance with a dreamy delight, there was a 
truul)li>I look of effort and unrewt lie waa seeking to 
make Itimself more fidlv senitibli- of the sivne around 
hint ; or. ]K>rhaps, drtwling it to be a dream, or a plajr 
of iinngi nation, wn-t vexing the fair moment with a 
stnigi^le for some added briUian<ry and more duraUe 

*' How pleasant ! — Ilowdi^ight/ul! " be mitrmured, 
but not an if luIdn-H.iiiig suiy one, " Will it last ? How 
bulniy the atmosplieiv through tliilt o|m;u window! An 
open window! How beautiful tliut play of sunshine! 
Thiiw flowi-m. how very fnigrant I That young girl'a 
fat-e, how clH^rful. )m>w bl<M>ming ! — a flower with iW 
dew on it, ami mntlx-amA in the dewHlrojM ! Ah I lbi.< 
must (m- all a dn'nm \ A drvain 1 A dream ! But it 
ha-H iguiu- hidib-n tlie four Ktone wallit! " 

Then his (mw dnrkenml. m if tin- sliadow of a eav- 
«ni or a dongeon had come over -t ; there was no more 





li;;Ut in iu expccMiaa thmn might hav« ootno tbrongb 
Uhi irwD grates af » |>maD witulovr, — atiU leaoeoing, 
too, am if be -were sinking furtliur icttu tluj de^tlia. 
Pbalie (being of that quicknesa and aetinty of t«ni- 
pttnument ^ul ahe Aeldoro l«>ng refraim^l fnim taking 
a part, and geoGrally o gowl ane-, in wluU wiw go- 
ing famrd> now felt beiwlf moved tu aildnsM tbe 

** Hera in a new kiml of rose, wbirli I foontl tkis 
imiming in tho gantt^'n," said ittii>, choctung a wtaO 
crtmAoa oni- fntti auiong tlte Duwen in tliu vaae>'J 
** Tlu'TV will he biit livv nr nix mi ()w l>uitli thi» Ma- 
son. Tliis is tbe most )ierfe<.-t of tbem all ; not a 
qieck of bli^bt or nttlilt-w in it And bow sw««i it i» I 
— swept like do other rose ! One can nerer fnr^get 
that Mx*bt \ " 

"Ab! — letmesee! — let roe bold it t *' cried the 
giuflt. oagwrly lanng the Bowin-, which, by tlir mjm-U 
pMulimr to rvmembeim) odors, brought inniunerahle 
amodatioiut along with the fnignui«i> that it exludtHL 
•• Thank you ! This haa done me pwd. 1 remember 
bow I oMsd tit prtie thin dowi-r. — l<Kig ago, I )tu|ip(MKr, 
very limg ago ! — or was it only yesterday ? It malceaJ 
toe fuel young again I Am I ynung? Ritber this r^i 
iBMnbtsnc« is lUDgularly distini't, or this conHtioiunaM 
■tnutgely dim ! But how kind t>f (lie fair young girl t 
ThMtk you ! Tliiuik you '. " 

Tlw faviirable exi-iiement derived from this little 
friioMm T1MI1 u/Iurditl CLiffiml tJie luightwitt inoDii'nt 
i-h he onjoytxl nt the brv:tkfa8t4able. It mi;,'ht 

ivv laxtfid limg<-r, but thai biit eya bappvm-il. soon 
a[t<fwanU. to re^ on the faco of tbe ohl Puritan, who, 
out Iff his ding}' frsjite and luatieleas canras, was look- 
ing down on the •cuno like a gfaost, and a iao«t iU- 

Tim HOUSE OF tub seven gables. 

tempered and unj^nbil one. The gttcAt ninilo an im- 
patient gv?>turc of the hiuid, and addrcAwd Hcp/ilinh 
witli wliut tuiglit i^adil)- b« recognized aa the Ucenaed ir- 
ritsbilihr of a ]>L-tted imiubvr of thv family. 

■* IIep«baJi ! — Hei>2il«iliV me<i he with no little 
forc<.^ aud distinc-tovMN. "«h,v ■!•> .vou keep tliitt (Hlious 
picture on tl>e wall ? Yes. yes ! — tbkt is precisely 
yuiir tiwte! I liuvc told ynii. ii llioumitil tinir^, that 
it vaa the evil geitiiia ot the hoiue ! — my eril genius 
partit-iilitrly 1 Tiilco it down, ut uiu-e I " 

" Dear Clifford," said ilepribah, sadlj, "yoo know 
it cannot Ixt ' " 

** TbeD, at all erento," continueil he, still npcaking 
with minio energy, " pray corpr it with a prim»in ctir- 
tajn. bmad enough to hang in folds, ai>d with a g<ild^n 
bontor and tUBols. I vunimt boar it I It iniut not 
litarp me io tlte faee ! " 

'■ YfH, il«ir Oiiffonl, the pi^-tnre jtliall Iw covered," 
Slid llcpnbah, soothingly. " There is a crimson cu^ 
tain in a triinic alH)r<' stairs, — a little faded ium] 
inolli-anten, I 'iQ afraiil, -~ lint Pha-tw and I will do 
wonders with it." 

••Thi« Tory day. rrmpmlwrr' said he; and then 
■dded, in a low. self-eomrowning voice. " Why slmiild 
wo live in this dismal hoUMi at all? Why not go to 
llie South of France?— to Italy ? — Paris, Naples, 
Venii-*, Kome? IIc|KciIinii will Jiay we liavo not the 
means. A droU idea that! " 

He smilisl to liiniM-lf, and tlir^w a glan<v of fme 
sarcAAtie uii-aning towartls Hepzibah. 

But tlie several momls of feeling, faintly a.* tbi>y wers 
market), tltmugh which Iw luul inassed, on-urring in 
BD brief an interval of time, had evi<iently wearie<l the 
•tranger. He was piwbably acctutoiued to a sod aumot> 



tllR QUEST. 

17 of ltf«, not M luiti-h llowiD); in n iitreaiti, however 
olt^SEuh, u 8ta|;nmt)n]; in a {kh.! aru<iti<l lii* fii-t. A 
alnmUtmu vnil dUIoMd i self ov«r bin raunu>naiicr, 
and had an rfficpt. tnonUly ^p<-aking. mi iIa natiimUy 
deBcato and dr}>ant mtllir*.', like that which 11 linxMlinj 
mut. with no amubiup iii it, tbrowH ovxr tl»e f«Uti 
of alandMapv. Iln B)>|<eiknxl to btwamv (pnxMer, — ^ 
alnMMt ploddiah. If auj^t o( int^imtt or twao^ — 
ewn rniiHit lit«n^ — Imd h«t«h>roiv been riaihlo in 
tkid man. tin.' bchuMi-r mi^ht now Im-^ii u* dnaht it, 
and ti> actniM lu« owi tmagitiatioii of delDiling him 
with whatever gmce jul flickered ovi^r llmt viau^e, { 
and whatrrvr vxqtdxite lostn KmI ghnuuud in thuM* 
filmy e^m. 

hvlntv be bail (|tiit» Ktiuken away, however, thaj 
iihar)> and ptwiAh liiikU- ut Hnf •bup-lH>II niiuU' itself 
BiiililJe. Striking moat disagnoablv tm ClifTanl'ii an- 
ditory nrgum and the lUiuiarb^riiilJc aeniMbiUl)- of his 
attrwm, it causM^ bioi to start uprij^ht (Ktt ut hia ohair. 

^Good iM-avviiH, IU'|izibah! what hnrrilJo di*Iiirl»- 
aaoa havp in- now in the bouse ? " crii-d )u% wrciikinj^ 
Ilia twNsntful im|mtjciw* — aa a tnatt«r uf ujurw, uod 
■ wMloiu of oM — 00 the one {icmD in tbfc wx>rbl that ' 
lo««d hit •. "I Iiavi- n<>rer h«artl suirh a hateful 
riatntir! \Nn)y do jou iM-miit it? In tlio natue of all 
diflMfnanm, what rau it he?" 

It wan «<-r\- n'inurk.-ili)i> inlo nbiit ]tntmiii'>nt relitfj 
— ertts aa if a dim {>I<^'tiin- «)ioiik) h_-.i)} •ttidiU-Dly from 
its eaoras — ClifTord'a rbaract«r wan thrown by tluH 
apfun-nlly trifiinj; annoyance. Tlie sec-rot was. that 
an indi^idiuU of his temper i-ao always \» pricked 
moR acutely through bio M-o»e of tbv bcTuiitifu] and 
barrani ' ' m throui^i hi» liL-art. It is even ponni- 
i ^oT casM haw o(Um kap)wued — tliat if 


Cliffonl, in hU foregoing li(«, hail «5DJ<>y«'<t tlu.' inMiu 
uf I'lillivatin^ his taste to ibi iitmiMt perfectibility, ibut 
Bubtile HttrilitiUi mif^Iit, Mftn tbU jHTiml. have coin- 
Jy eat^n out or filod ktmy hi< uffi-ctioiis. Sliall 
■m venture t<i pronoiim'c, thorafore, that bia long ami 
blai-k rabiinit>' may not bftvo biul a r^dcvming drop of 
mercy at tlw Ixittoni '/ 

" Dear Clifford, I wuh I cuuld k(.-c]i the sound from 
4your ear»." saiil 1 Ii'iitibHli, |Milicntly, hut roddeuing 
vritk B painful gufEusion of Mljunr. "It ln vi-ry diiiB- 
greeahlu vvvn tu mv. Bat, dv you know, Clifford, I 
have BometJiing to tell yon ? 'I'hia lyly noi»v, — pruj 
nin. Fh<fhe, and se« wbii ut Own: U^- thitt naughty lit 
til! tiiiklf i» nothing but uur Khop-bell ! " 

» Sliop-heU : " rvpMMd CUflonl, with » iNnrildenMl 

" Vfri, our Kho)v)wll," mid Hi-jmilKili, ■ nirtain nat- 
ursd dignity, mingled with diwip emotion, now ■wetfr 
iug itM'lt iu iM-r in»nni:r. " For you awt know, d«ir- 
i*t Clifford, that wo are very poor. And than* waa 
DO other retuniroc, but either to iuH>'pt aMintiuu* from 
a bund tliat 1 would push aside (vmd ao wonhl you!) 
were it to offer brcwl wlw-n WB vur* iyiufi for it, — 
ao help, tave from hiin, or else tn earn cmr f ibaistonoe 
with my own liands! Alone. I might have bfvii «>»- 
tent to Htarti'L'. But you were to he gimn hack to nw ! 
Do you chink. th«n. d>-ar Cliffonl." aildwl Ae, witJi a 
wp^U'IihI smiK-, " that I havp brought as irrvtrieriible 
disgrui.<« on the old hoii-ie, by opeatng a Ultla diop 
in tJio front gable ? Our gn»it-gT««t-gnttilfiitb<!r did 
tlie satue, when there was far lees need I Are you 
aihamed of mo ? " 

*' Shame I Disgrw.'ul Do you speak thtxte words 
to mi-. Mopnbali?" said Clifford, — do( augrily, bow. 




Tim Gt/KST, 


•rer; for vhcn a mnn'i sjnrit Unit Ix-rn thnroiigliljr 
enubnl, be uuiy be iK-oviuli ul siiinll ofTcinrcf, Imt 
ntrtr mctittul of great oixea. So lie Kpokv witli udIjt 
a grioTctl riiiiition. *' It wuh not fciml to nay no, Hep- 
nboli ! What hlmmo nm bvfuU me nuw ? " 

And then Urn »iio«rv«l miui — luj tlmt had bom 
bom for enjoyment, but hud met a doom bo very 
wrateboil — InirM inlo n woinnn'» ]iaasion of te»n. It 
was but of brief cuntiiiiDince, Itowcrcr; soon laiviog 
htiD in !i qnicucnt, aurl, to jndge by Iiis cotitiU-tinnoo, 
not nit luicORifortAble st»te. From tliis mood, too, he 
partially mllicil for An iavtsnl, «nd looked at ITcpo- 
Imh with a smil*!, the ko«n, half-derisory purport of 
«1uch wiu n |>u]ulu to hor. 
H ** Are we «o vtrry poor, KcpMliali ? " itaid lip. 

Fiiinlly. liLt eluiir being deep and softly cunluonod, 
Clifford fell asleep, Hfiiring the more regular riae 
and fall of hU brvnth (whieti, however, cvtn (iM'tt, in- 
■tend oi being strong and full, had il feeble hind of 
tremor, corresponding with tlif Inrk of vigor iii his 

(rhararter), — h<!aring these tokens of settled slnmber, 
Hepnbali sei^^ tb« opportunity to pcniH liis fav4 
tnoce ■tteoltvcly than eiie had yet dared to do. Her 
heart melted away in tears; her profoiitMlest spirit 
sent fortli a ntoaning voice, low, gentle, but inexpres- 
nUy sad. In this depth of grief nnd pity kIic fult that 
there was no irreverence in gazing at his altei-ed, aged, 
^L^ulad, ninod face. But no sooner was she a little m- 
Whiavtd than hor oonscience smote her for gazing ciiri> 
OQsIy at Iiiin, now Ihat he was so changed ; and, turn- 
ing Imstily awnv, I[>]>xi1':ih let down lhi> eiirtain o^'er 
mnny window, ntid loft Clifford to slumber tlicre. 



FiKEBR, on entering the sbop, bchi'ld there tbc 
rcwly faiiiiliiir fucc of tlic little devotirvr — if ve ca 
reckon his mighty deeds aright — of Jim Crow, 
dcplimit, tliu eaiiicl, the di'oiuedai'ic^ niid tlto locoma 
live. Having expciulud his prii'ate fortune, on 
two jiroet-diiig days, iit tlie jnnvhiisi> of the nhove iin- 
henrd-of luxnnt-js the yoimg gi-ntlcnian's present (T-\ 
rand wn.^ on the )Kirl of )ii» tnoUter, in <i\wsi of tlir 
eggs and half a poimd of raisins. These artie 
Phoikc aoi'oixlingly Kiiiiplied, iind, at, a mark of 
hide for his prenotis jiab-ouagc, and a slight Btijx 
addetl morsel aft^'r l>rtvd(f:u:l, ])iit lilcewi»e into liii 
hand a wliale 1 Tlie great fish, reversing his ex]iet! 
enco witli the prophet of NineTOh, iinmi.-<liately hc| 
his progre^ donu the Bamo red jtathway of fab 
whitlior so varied n caravan had preceded liirn. Thil 
retiiarkahlc urchin, in truth, was tlio vciy emblem 
old I'atJier Time, hoth in respect of his atl-devouring 
apix-fite for men and tilings, and because he, as well, 
as Time, nfler ingidfing Uiiu much of creation, looke 
almoal as youthful as if he bad been just that lUOQieB 

After )>ar(Iy closing (be door, tbe cliih) turned bnck 
and miunhliil wimi-tbiiig to I'lia-be, which, as tl: 
whale was but half diajwscd of, she could tiut purfecL 




'■What did jDQ say, my litUo fellaw?" tuVvA the, 
" Mother wuits to know," reiwuletl Ned Higgiu, 
Bore dutiiiclJy, " him Old Maid Pynobooa's brothor 
due* ? Fulkii say be has got botue." 

MyL-uiisiD HL-|)nI«b'N tjR>U»T'"rxcliunirtl I'lurW, 
if\ M lliU BUiUltot exploiuuiuD Iff titi- rvlatiiiDiilitj) 
^Hin Ue|nilttb luul bur guutti. " lU-r brutbur 1 
And wbore fion be have been ? " 

tht littJc I>oy »nly pat bw tbimib tt> bi« tirniul Hnub< 
nijse.witb ibiitbiukof sbrewdneiiswbk-baiibiJd, ., ' 
ing macb of bis lime in tbe aOwU ao »o<>d Kmnu to 
tbnnr over his features, bowevor iminUiUigvnt iu tbeni- 
mItc*. TbfD as Phoplw omtijiuixl to gaw «t bim, 
without answuring biii mutlivr's uaasaga, be took bis 

A* thi child wimt down the xtrpfl, a g«iitb)tnw) iui> 
omded them, aud nutdv his ■^iitraiu'V bitu tb« shop. 
It «r«» ihv portiy. ami. liml it pi>«iAeiMi-J Uie ailvaiitagu 
of a Utile iiHirv Iwtight, vroiild Ihw Uvii Uk sQiteJy Hg- 
gre of a man cotisidenbly in the dcvliue of life, draawd 
in a black tuit ot looui tbio staff, t««.inbling brvwd- 
eltdh ■■ closely as puaailile. A gDld-heade<) «aitc of 
ntv Oriental wood, nddod ntatoriiiUy to th« hi^h !«■ 
qiei-tability iif tiin uH)M'*-t, aa dtd oIm a necki-loth of th« 
otaKMt suuwy piiriti,-. und tbe conscieittious |x>lii«b of 
bia b(K>t». Hi* iliu-k, M|uan: uount^iiiuns'. with ibt al- 
BMNt tiUiggy d>.-)>tlt of eyehtowH, was nntiirally iiuprefl- 
dve, and woiiM, iM^rbapa. have been rutlu-r nu-rn. had 
nut th« geottentati iK>nii)d<?r»tely t»kvii apun liiiuB^lf to 
m!tigat<- the handi ii|Tii-t by n liwk «f exoooding good- 
huBOC and benoroWace. Owing. Iiowevor, to a some- 
what raa«in aommulutioQ of animal Htibtttancv abuat 
dw lownr t«Kitiu of hi» fsuv. Ute look vnts, |>«.-ibapa, 
tather tbiui uptritiial, aiul had. wj to »peak, 

144 Titn uoi'sE OF Tim sBtrsy gables. 

a kind of fli-ttlily L-ffiil^i- ■)(>■, not allugtther si> MitisfaA- 
tory as he <Iim)>tle3a iuli^ndect it to W. A HtL«n-|>tililii 
obK^rvtT, nt iiay rnU; iiiiglit hftw reganlcil it as af- 
fording very little evidence of the geueral benignity of 
M>u] vrhi<rvs>f it |Miq>orii^l u> 1)0 the oiitwnnl rvHuc-tion. 
And if the ohnerver ohamwd to be iU-nstiired, aa well 
AJ« a(nit« nticl 9ini«o<>{iti)ilf. he would ]iro1iaMy HMHiHyt 
that the smile ou the geutlcmaD'K fnvo vma a good deal 
akin to tli« shinM on hU boota, and that each must liavu 
coHt hitn and hi« I>oot-l>ljiok, rvspcx'tively, n f^ood deal 
of hard hilH)r to brin^ out and pi-eserre them. 

Ah thf^ stmngpr fnt^retl thu Uttl« Hho]), where the 
projection of the second stor}' an<l the thick foliage 
of the I'liit-tnv, a-'* w*'ll us the •■t>uiiuuilili(':< Ml tlic win- 
dow, created a Bort of gray medium, his smile gi«w m 
intense as if hv had «'t hi» heart on ooluitenK'ting 
tlw! wbole ghwin of the atuio^ph^rttt (bcMdoR any moral 
ginnm pertaining to Hepzibab and her uunates) by the 
tmuustpd li^bl of hit« onuntvn.iiiiv. On pim-iving a 

'young roscr-biid uf a girl, instead of the gaunt prea- 
ence of the old ninid, a louk of »urpi-iM> was miiuifmt 
He at first knit hu brows : then smiletl with more imo- 
tuouA benignity than cvt^r. 

" All, I M-tt how it ia ; " said he. in a deep voice, — 
a voice which, ha«l it i-onM' from th<^ throat of an nn- 
eultivatvd man, would have )m-cu gruff, but., by dint of 
careful training, was now siiflicieiitly agreeable, — " I 
WHS not aware that Miss ne])i;ibab P\*n('li<>tin had com- 

' mencecl baatness umlor Hiich f:n'<)r»bli' auspicuH. Vou 
uri* lior assistant. I sup]>niio ? " 

" I certainly am," iiimwcml PImi'Ih', and added, with 
n littlv air of lady-like a»sHni]itioii (for, civil as the 
gentleman w^ia, ]u: cvidi^nlly took her to be u young 
person serving for wages), " I am a (■ouiiin of '»i'B« 
Ht-pzitMib, on n vinil to her." 



Bar cousin? — uid frnm the iimnrr)' ? Piiiy pLr- 
m». Uicn," wid Um* g«iitId»Lan, Iwvring awl sniU> 
il^. as Pbfsbp n«v«r hiui been bowecl to nor smi]e«l on 
bidbrft : " in tliat cane, w« mint he lN-tu>r B4X(»aiiited ; 
far, wntint I sm muUj mistakea, 5011 arv my nwii littlo 
kiiwwocBan lik«vriM>! Lot maaee. — Mmty? — IX^y? 
— PlMebe ? — yeA. Ptwebe » Ibe name ! I§ it |>i>uiiMe 
tint jroa an Pbtsbe Pyncheon, onlr i-liild u( my (War 
ooasin aixl cla««mst«, Artbur? Ah, I see your father 
now, al>otit your inotitli I Yen, ye« '. w(> miist Ix' twtu^r 
sii|iiniiit4H) ! I am yotir kuiHiiian, my ili-ar. Surely 
yott innst have bi>anl of .lu<lg« I'jncln'on ? " 

A» l^linrtw r(>un4i>i)<il ill n-ply. tbe Judge Sent for- 
¥rard. with tbe {isrclonaVil« an<I ^ven |iraii«worl)iy pur- 
ptMf — roBJuderinf; tlw hvbtdiss of blooil. and the Ail' 
fetvece of ag« — of bntovrjng on hU young tvliitivL> a 
Idas of xJcDOW Inlaid kindntl and natural alTt^«tion. 
UnfortutuUidy (_ without design, or only with aacb tn> 
(tttictiT« design oit gi^fta no account of itM-U to the 
ialenocf) FlMBbe, jmt at the critical moment, drew 
hack ; »o that her highly r<'Kpe<.tal>l<- kin-tiiian. w-illi bia 
boily btrnt over tlte counter, and bis lips protruded, 
mut betnyed into (be mlhcr ulmunl predicament oi 
kiBaing th« empty air. It was a modeni )i:irallcl to 
the oiM of Ixion tinbnu-iiig a cloinl. mid was so much 
the more ridicnJouB, aa the .Iiidfce prided himself on 
■anhaariiiE all airy matter, and urvcr mistaking a 
■liadow for a aabstance. The tnitb was, — and it i« 
IlMebe'a only excuse. — that, aJtliough Jud^ Pyn- 
dMon'a plowitijr tN'nii^lty nii-'bl nut W- iil>«oliitt'Iy nn- 
pleaant to thi^ ft.-iiiiniiie iieliulder, witli tltv width of a 
atmet, or cvbh im nrdiuiirj-Mwd room, int«'rpo«'»l bo- 
[w<<i-n, yet it became quite too intense, wti<-n thin darki 
I fidl'fiil pbyuognomy (^ho rougbly l>vanltnl, too, that 



no nuor rouKl «ver make it nnooth) sought to briag it- 
self iiito uctuiU contact with thu u1)joct of its i^^rUs. 
Tho iiiau, the sex, ^uiiehow or oUuir, waa eutircij too 
piomiiient in Lbi^ Judge's <lrnionHtrtttiona of tliiit sort. 
Phflehc'fl oy^fl sank, aiid, witltout knowing why, she ft^It 
hersL-lf lilusliing <li.-i;i>ly miilvr hii« look. V«t kJh- huil 
Inxiii kiswd l)efor«. and without any ptutJcuJar squeaiu- 
iHhn(<«5, l>y ]K>rha{)t( half a doit^ti diffvivtit i-oUKUUt, 
yoiingi-r as well as oWt-r tbim this durk-browvd, grisly- 
bi-arile(l, whittrncck-vlotiivd, and luictuou-ily-bvuevoleat 
Judge I Then, why nut hy him ? 

On niiuug her eyes, FlMshe was startled hy tliu 
change in iludge Pytichi.-ou'M i»tx. It was ijuihi as 
striking, allowing f4)r the differenoe of scale, as that 
betwixt a lamlsiTape under a hroad mioshiue and just 
btiforu a Uttuidcr-^torui ; n<rt tliat it had Uti; ]>a.s.ti(>iiai« 
intensity of the lattar aspect, but was void, hard, ini- 
niiUgiihlv, like a day-long brooding vloutl. 

" Dear me ! wl»at is to be done now ? " thought tlie 
oountrj'-girl to hvm-l(. '* lie looka hk if there were 
nothing softer in hiiu than a roek, nor milder tJian tlie 
cut wind \ I uiL-ajit ni> harm \ Sinco he k i\-ally my 
eousin, I would have let him kiss roo, if I eouhl ! " 

Thvn, all at mux, it rtntck Fhwlw that thii» wry 
Judge rjiii'iheon was the original of the miniature 
which thv (iiigUi.Tn!nty|>iHt lui<) hIiowii iM-r in the gnr^ 
den, and that the liaid, stem, relentless look, now on 
his fa<^. wan the 6iamr lli:it the Aun hail im> inflexibly 
[■■■rKiMtf.M in liriiiging out. AViis it, therefore, no mo- 
mentary mood, but, Ikowerer skilfully eonc<'al«tl, th« 
wttlod tfMHprr of bin life? And not na- rely so, but 
was it lii'n-dilary in liiiu, an<l trausinitted down, aa 
a pn^ciuuA b«irloom, from that hranU-^l anowtor, in 
whose picture both tlie expression, and, Ut a singular 


th" ffninn** of llw nifHlcni .rutlj;* worv riwwn 
kiuil of (frupbecY ? A <)L>L-]K>r ptitlosoplier than 
l%ab« ought have (outu) wiiui'tliing vcr}- UTriltla in 
Urn vhe*. It ttnpltwl tliat iIm- weakneaaea and iltrfet-tii, 
tbf boil pasMuas, the mtisii teudenineBi and liu- uuiroi 
itinrwni whirh lead to crims an haudeJ down from 
CO* gvaiancion to anotber. by a far surer prooeas td 
tnttamiMMNi tiuui bonuui liiw bait b<-c-ii Mi' u> aatab- 
lish ID nspoct to the ririws atu) bunorB wbich it seeks 
to mlail n|ion inatmty. 

fiat, aa it happened, acawely bad Pbvbe'a eym 
rwWd agais oa tin Judge's oouiiteuance than all iu 
uf^y Mcninaaa Taniih4)d : and nbc fuund bciwif qiiitu 
o'mrpowKrai by tbe Biiltry, dof*-day beat, as it were. 
of baowulmine. wbU-Jt tJii« i^s<tJli'nt niiui diffnivd out 
of htd gnmt bi-art itiUi tlie surrotioding attiuMplMtMk. 
— rktry inueh liku a wqicnt. wbk-b, aa a pfelimiaary 
tn fafinatioB. M saiil tu fUl tlte air with bia pcTuliar 

-I like that. CWnn Pbcrlx.'!" nicd he. with 
Kni'htitif- imhI (if uppriiliatiun. " I like it uiurh, my 
Uttlv I'ouMiiI Vnu itru u g;<KMl lOtiM, nud know bow 
to take imre of yoarwlf. A young girl — espct-tnlly 
if fthtt Im* a ntrv' prntty oae — can never be too chary 
of b«r li|».'* 

" lodifvl, nit," Hiid Phwbe, trying to laugh tlie mat- 
ter f>ff, " I did nnt Diean to be unkind." 

Ncvi'rtha'li-aui. whether or uo it were entirely owing 
lo the inauspicious cotmaencvinvnt of their ac^iraint- 
aanii, ahe stiU aot«<l iiutler a ivrtaiu reserve, whi<-h 
waa by no niean^ cuntomary to licr frank and genial 
Baturv. The fatita^ would not qnit her, that tbe 
ori^nat Pnritiui, of whom )iIh> hud iM-nrd «> itiniiy 
aoniUn tradittooa, — the progenitor of thv wliolv race 



of New Kngland Pyncbeons, tlve foundvr of the IIdiim 
of the Sewn Galiles, ntui who huil dind w stnmgely 
in it, — had dow Gicpt into tlie s]iop. In these days of 
off-band equipment, the instlor vnm e-axily enou^^Ii iir- 
nuit^iid. On his arrival from the other world, lie liiul 
merely found it necetisary to 8pen<l a quarter of on 
lunir at n Inrbcr'tt. who had trimmed down the Puri* 
tan*a full beani int^i a pair of ^rizide*! whiitken, tlH*R, 
pntroiiizinf; a n^udy-iiiade clothing Mtahlishment, he 
liad exohan;^ his velvet douhlet and aahle idoak, 
witli thu Hehly workeil band under his chin, for a 
vrtiite collar and oravat. coal. vcKt, and paiitalooiiN ; 
^ and huttly, pnitiu); i\n\Af htn utpvl-liillcd broadsword to 
take up a gold-hea^led nine, the Colonel Pyiicheon of 
two centiirien a^ stvps forward as tlie Judg« of tlie 
passing inoim-nt! 

Of ooursc. Phoebi' was far too sensible a giri to en- 
tertuiu tliiN i<loa in any otiier way than of niatt«r for h 
smile. Possihly. hIm. oould thi- two )iiT!son.i;:(.>s hare 
itowd to)jcth«*r Ixtfore tier eye. many points of tliffcp- 
[ence woidd have been peitwptihle, and {lerhaps only a 
[■gwit'nii n-s«tnliliiii('<'. The long lapse of iiitervi-iiing 
tyean, in a i-limate so unlike that whii-h hud fostered the 
[anwotrnl Englinkniaii, mnat inevitably have wrouf;Ut 
important ohnnffM in tli» physical syKtem of his de- 
scendant. The Judge's volume of muscle oould hardly 
be the Muno a« the ColonerN ; then won undoubtedly 
less beef in him. Thou);h looked upon as a weighty 
mim iktixing hi.'* 0(>nh'ru|M>rarif.4 in n'^^jMM^t of miimiil 
j-BubstaiHi), and as fnrorad witli a remarkable degrou of 
fundamental development, well adapting liim for the 
jodidal bench, wt- euufcivo that U)u ntwlem Juilgo 
Pjrncheoo, if weighed in the same balance with his 
ancestor, would liave required at leutit an old-fa«hion«d 



Kbfmx to keep the scsle in oqiiilil>no. Tlmi tha> 
Jadgg'* Cma kad loat thv niiUly Kiiiiliiih hitt* tlinl 
■bownl tU wmnutb Uirou;;b uU tlie duskinem of tlw 
OJiNMl'a woktlMr^bcttrti t-I" T had tmkeu ant*. 

low ehnle. the Mlabliabwl • < . ..a of bb rauotiy- 
nmi. If we mi^tako not. niorrurer. a certain quality 
o( oemmsiWHB had U.Tomc' mnrv or less manifest, evtra, 
in «) loliil a spo^iuivn of Puritan (ttitavnt &» tbe ^vn< 
tliiimB DOW under dineaaBion. Ax one of its cffi'otit, 
it bartow«<l on liis <-ount«naiu» a quicker mohUitir 
than tb*! old KiigIi»)iiii:inV had pOMPiuK\l, nitil kivm-r' 
viraialy. but at tbe *^xfH-mM! of a stunUer 8oai«thin>;, 
on whinh Uuete w;»t<' rndownuiitit wrfiiiMl to act likv 
iliwiilnili| wad*. Tbia proccas, for auj;ht we knuw, 
may bekni^ Ui tbe gnnt wynteta of human pro;rr<^s<(, , 
wUcb. with u«<.-ty aaoouliiif; fiwiatsp, m it iliujini.i)i<>» 
the UMcerity tot atunal force, nay be destintnl gmd- 
nallr to )i[iiriUuiltrK itN, liy n-Ruiii^' away our 
aUnbules uf body. If mi. Ju>lge PyncbeoD doqM en-' 
dure a oeottiry or two mnn) uf Hiurlt rcAnoBwnt m wdl 
a» BUMt otber men. 

Tb0 nimilarity, inteUevtual and moraL l>etwtH*n tlie 
i^tig/e and hii ancifitdr appean to have bevn iit \eaitt I 
aa •tnn^ a« tbe reHemI>latH« of mii-ii anil fralura 
would afford reason to anti4npnt«. lu old Colonel 
PyncbMMi** funeral tliMviurae the oler^'man ahaolutelv 
canimtaMl liia deceased parishioner, and opening, iis 
it wtini. a vi»ta throuf;fa liu^ nxif uf the t-hun'h. nnd 
dmea tbtotigib (be (irtnanM^nt above, showetl him 
aeotcd, hnrp in liand, among tlh> croHutNl ehoristers 
of tb« spiritual wurld. On his toinbstooc, too, tho 
nontd iit bi|;bly euk>^lic : ni>r does history, to tar 
am bv bolds a plnpo njwn its page, snail th« cou«ist-j 
MMgr and upri^huujaa of bLg cbannter. So alao, 


reganltt the JuHgo Pjiirhi^oD of to-ibi}', neidier iJi'rgy- 
mon. tiur Iv^l i-ritiu, nor iiiM.'1'ihpr of UMnbsUini-s. nor 
liiiitoriau of gencnil or local jtoUticit, would venture 
u wont n};uiiii>t Uiis onitnt-iit [irrson's sinn-rity as s 
Cbri&Uan, or r«s|)ecta)iUilv as a man, or iutogrity aa 
n jiulgu. or rtounigL- uiid f^tlifuliiiMit Hs tiiv oftvn-trii^ 
represenutive of hint politk-al party. But, besitii^s 
tlivw^ iidd, formal, and oniptv wonlii of Ui« vliiael tltat 
imuriWH, the voira that speakii. and the pen that 
writvM, for Uii- |>iil>Iiu ejo aitd for dUtant time, — and 
which iiifviluhly lone much of thuir truth ati<l fn^uloiu 
by tlie fatal coiuwioiiAucM of no doing, — there were 
tnditioiiM hIhiuI the ntiifiitor. and pn\'atv dtnmal gnit- 
sip ahout the Judge, ii-ninrkahly aecwrdsut in their 
testimony. It is often instmctire to take tjte wom- 
an')*, tlie private and donH-:«(ti% viev of a public tnao ; 
nor ouu anything be mure cturious than the vast dis- 
crcjiaaey Wtwecn )>ortmibi intttntled for engniviog and 
th<- jtenril^ketcheA that paiu from hand to hand be- 
hill') thi* origiiial'.-i Imvk. 

For example : tradition affinotMl that the Puritan 
had lieei) ^-itty of wealth ; Llit* •liulge. too, with all 
the show of libi-nd t-xjienditure. was said to bo as olose- 
fisted as if his gripe were of iron, Ttie anoeetor had 
olotliiil liiiom-U in a grim UHMiimption of kindline»it, n 
rough hi'ai-ttne^ of wonl and manner, wlueh tnofit 
people took t^i he tlw giinuinu warmth of nature, 
making it« way thi-ough tlte thick and inflexible hide 
of a manly eliaratter. 11!^ deiMViidaiiU iu compliiince 
with the rMiiiirvmeots of a nicer age, had etherviiliiiMl 
this rude benevolence into tliat broa«l benignity of 
Hiuile, vrhtircwith hv tdionc like a noonday ciin along 
the titreetA, or glowed like a hou^ltold lire in the 
drawing-rooina of hi« private acquMutanoo. The Pu- 




ritaa^if ont Wlu-d br lomi' Hin^iUr ktomii, mur- 
inared. even M Uiim Aaj. under Uie oamkir's brp»th 
— had f«U4-ti into curtain traoagrcitiiouN (o which nu-n 
uf liiii invnt auitnal ilt-vflopmcnl, whalev-cr their fuilh 
or pritu-ti*W, tna&t onadnue liable, until they |>ut ciff 
nnpttritir, alnog with the f^rou tairthir mibsbtace that 
inTolTV* it. We must not stain otir pai;«- n-ilh any 
otaitenpamy Mandal, tn a Hiinihir {itirjairt, tlint may 
hara Iwvn irhi«(wr«d against the •Tnilge. The PurU 
tan. agaitk no miltHTnit in hin own hiiuiwhtdfl, had 
worn OBt three wires, and. merely by tite renorsekas 
vdgbt vdA hanliinan of hiit character in tJie nmjni^ 
idatioti, had svnt tbem, one aftar unotlHT. l>rolt«a- 
kaartwL to tbeir |^vf«. Hen tbv inindli^I. in •oma 
aort. {aiU. The JudfTf^ had wetlded btit a Kin(;ie wifn, 
and ioat bn in thi> iliinl or fourth yuu- of ilwir mar- 
ttage. Tbore was a fable, however, — for swh wo 
dioDM Id cmuider it, though, not imiwoiibly, tjiiiral 
of Jodge Pyncheon's marital deporttneat, — tJiat the 
lady got her dMrth-bhnv in the booeyrnooa. and never 
nuiled apdn, bM-auae her husland nuniwUml bvr V» 
•frn- him with ctiffif t^very tnonung at his Itedside, in 
token t>f fi-aliy to livr li«^-Inr>l and uioetor. 

But it is too fniitlul a subject, this of h<>redit 
miiiiiililiiiii I II. — tfai* fn-qnont r^turentx) of which, in 
dinot linn, ia tridy utiacrounUible, when we consider 
how larpi an a<vuinulut>nn of anuMtry licit behind 
errry man at the iltNtauce of one or two centuries. 
Wc shall nnly luld. tlii-n-foiv, lluit tlw Pnritftn — so, 
at leaat, snyn chiinnfy-iN>nn'r tradition, whioh ofti^n 
prroM-m tmitH of ohanu-1<T with niartoU'itLt fidelity — 
wa» Iwld, imperious, ^elentk■v^ crafty ; layinjj hi* pui-- 
puaea iUt'|i. and fotlriwiug thmn mil with an invetenu'y 
of pursuit that knew neither riMt nor ounacienoe; 


tnunpling on ihe wenk^ ami, whon owicntuU to his endii, 
iloin;^ Iiitt iiliniKit tn Itc-iit ilown the Mrong. Wlii-tliflr 
ihfi .Fudge in any degree resembled him U»e d 
pro^;n-jui of our iinrmtiw may »hnw. 

Scaux-vly imy ot th*f itetnit id the sbove-<lrawn , 

idlcl occiiiri^l t» Ph<i-)>«, whiM« oiuiitry liirlh aiid nJ^- 
ideiK'e, in tnrth, had left hor ]ntifully igponintof moat 
of till! fumilj tnditioiut, whioh Itiip-iwI, like eobwubs 
and inimstations nf smofae, uboiit tJic rootns and ehtra- 
ney-t'ornrra of Uie Ilousto of the Scren Grablus. Yet 
t]iei« vras » rin-tiniHtiinciv very triflinj; iu itti^lf. w1iii-h 
iiiipn-H.iiNl ht-r witii aii odd degi«e of hornir. Shu had 
heard of Uie auattiema Htmf; by Matdo, the exeoutecl 
wixard, agunat Colonel Pj-ncheon and liin iiosi^'rity. 
— tliat (Jod would giro them blood to drink. — and of the jMjvular notioD. tkut t)ii« iiiimndona 
blood might now and tht-n 1w Iw-ard fpirgling in tlioir 
thniiitw. Thw laUiT (u-andal — an beoamo a ypntan of 
Bcnsp. and, mora e^pcciiiUy, a iiioinltcr of t1>e Pynrheon 
family — Pbnilic bud wt don-n for (iw! al^unlity whivb 
it un<]ueationably van. Hnt lUK-ient snpentitions, after 
bciii<; Nt4>r)M-il in biuiinn henrta and emltodiod in Inunan 
bn-ath, and passing from lip to ear in manifold t«p- 
fUtion, tlirtHigh a wrii'S of gi^m* rations, iHt'Oinv im- 
bued u'itb an effect of homely truth. The smoke of 
tbc di>miviti<! hoarth hat »oent*ul thvm through and 
through. By long trani'^misuon among household 
fn<-tH. thoy grow to look like litem, and tiave Huolt a 
familiar way of niuking thmnsetvcB at liome that their 
tnHui'nn^ in uaually greater than we mitipect. Thtu It 
happeni.ll. thut when Plia^bo lM«r(l a curtain noise in 
iludgo Pynobwn'a tliroat, — rather haliitua] with him, 
not ultogvthvr voluntHTy*. yrt tiMlivative of uotliiitg, nn- 
lesB it were a slight hronohial oumplaiut, or, as Boms 






pesplB hiittrd, nn aixiplflctiD Hyniiitom, — whon Oio 
gixl beard dm quwr >nil awkward ingur^itatiun 
(wfairh the writer neter did hear, and tberefure cms* 
not dMH.'ribcj, she, vei]r (ooliahlj, started, and clasped 
her kaods. 

Of cuutM, it wiM iuc«c«dtjig]y ridicidona in Pha*ba to 
be djammposed by buc)i a trifle, aiul BtUl more unpar- 
duamble tu iibow b^r iliMHiiiiiHiMm-. di Uie iiiilividua] 
noet coiiL<en)ed in il. But the incident rhiined in so 
oddljr with hrr pr^vioiw fantnM about the (\iliiiu'l aatl 
the Juc^ UuU. fur the tnonent, it seemed quite to\ 
nin^u their identity. 

** VThat i» tl»e matter with you, ymiag wmnao ? ** 
Kud Jtul^ I^'tiohMn, giving bi-r one of his 
look*. "Are you afniid of anythiog?" 

" Oh. nothing, sir. — nothing in the world ! " an- 
•wrrwd Pborbc with a UttJc Liugh of romtion »t her- 
•idf. " But perbaiM you wiiih to apeak with my couBin 
Ukpcibah. .Slmll I call her? " 

"Slay a mommt. if yon pl'-a.w." uiid the Judge,! 
i^ain Ix'tiniing Kuitnhtno out of hra tare. " You Beetai 
to be a UttJe nerrous this nioruiiig. The town air, 
Counn Ph«sbes. d<>e« aiA agnw with your f^ood, wholo- 
aoBM cuontry habits Or haii anything happened to 
distort) yon ? — anything rvniarkabhi in Coujun Hep- 
rihah'B tiunily? — An arrival, eh? I thought sol 
No wonder you are out of Koru. my little rxiuwn. To 
be aa inmate with aach a guest may well startle an 
iimoevot young girl I " 

'• Yon qoite ptizzlo me, sir," replied Ph<ebe. 
inquiringly at the Ji»dgi\ "Tlwrni ta no friglit 
gUMt in tlie home, but only a poor, gentle, chiltllike 
man, wfanii I li»Heve to he CrinHin Hcpzibah'a brother. 
I am afnkl (but you, itir, will know better than I) 


tltitt he ts not qnite in bis sound eensvs ; bnt so mild 
■nd quiet lie a<MMU)i tn In-, that a mnlher might (nut 
Itvr bnliy with him ; uiid 1 think lie would [ilay with 
the baby aa if be were only n few yeant oKler tlian iU 
w^lf. I lu startlv mo ! — Oil. no indeed t " 

" I rejoice to bear ao favorable and ao ingenuous an 
iu-n>ui)t of tny ctiuitin OifTonl," euid tlw benevolent 
Jud^ "Many years ago, when we were boj-a and 
yoitng men togntliiT. 1 luul a grvat BfTvction for liim, 
nnd still fii-l u tvnder iuterpgt in all Iiis eoncerna. 
You, say, CotLiiu Phtelw, bo apjwan to he wi-jtk- 
minded. Heaven grant him ut loast enough of intol- 
lect to repent of hia ]ia!it »in»! " 

" Nwiwdy. I fanvy," oheerred Fhosbe, " can have 
fewer to Te]M-»t of." 

" And is it ponible, my dear," rejoined the .T«dp>, 
with K conimiwroting look, "that yon have nvver 
heard of CUfiford Pyncheon? — that yoa know notb- 
ingof hi.t iii-'lory? Widl, it i» all right; and your 
mother has Hlionn a very pro)H.-r regard for the goml 
name of the family witli whic-h nhe connected bentelf. 
Bcliuvu the best you cnn of this imfortunatc person, 
and bo)ie tlw In-vI I It is a tuIk wliieh Chriatiaus 
«hould always follow, in their judgment* of one so- 
other ; and especially ia it right and wiite among near 
relatives, whoKv rharacters liiivo nc<^'eJiK»rily ft (legiDU 
of mutual depemlcnee. Rut is Clifford in (Jie jiarlor? 
I will juitt sU'|> in and we." 

'* Perhajitf, sir, I Iiad l>etler eall iny oowrin Hcpa- 
haJi," said Plwho ; luinlly knowing, howe\-er. whether 
she ought to obstnHt thu eutranee of so afie(.-t>onnt« a 
kinuimn into the ]>nvnt« re^nnn of the bmiHe. " Her 
brothiT Hovmed to be jn«t fulling asleep after break* 
fast : Eiml 1 am xtire alie would not like hira to be dts> 
turbed. I'ray air, lut me give her notice 1 " 





Bat Om Jadg« Khnwed ti 0in;Eri>litr determinstidn to 
evtsr onmiiiiouiind ; aiu) nx Hui'Ih^ with liu< vivwity 
of & ptmoD wbuse oinvemeuU um-oaai'uin»Jy luiswer to 
brr tbciughtK, h»l kt«')ipix1 tuwnrtU tli« door, ha v»eA 
little tir na ct-ivinnnr in [lottin;' her iuiiil«. 

" No. no, Mitut Plicflir I " flOMl Judga P yn cbcon, la % 
VMce «9 i)e«t> as a thiiiwIer-gTowl, and with a frown as 
bhek a* tlie olotw) wliom' it iisuea. " Suy yon bsra I 
I know the house, mtil know my oontin I Ii'piuluili, kihI 
know bur lirutluir (.^fTunl lUcewiso ! — nur Ofed my 
Ihtle eoantry ooostn put herself to tlM> Uvuhlv of nn- 
wnmcitiif me!" — in tlniw hitlM- wi.rtta, by the hy, 
ibem Were sytnpUinis of s i-han^u from Iiih audilva 
liKnfaoaH into hia |in.'vii>u.s biniiptity of manner. " I 
tm at home ben.', I'ho^lH?, you niust n-<^>Uix-t, and ytw 
ar* tbo rtrangvr. 1 «-ill jiwt iitiip in, tlti-rvforc. and 
nee fur myself bow Clifford is, and aA»nru hiin and 
Hvpcitiak »f my kindly fn-lin^ iind U-nt wiriht-Ji. It 
la right, at this juudorc. that tltry should ImiU bear 
from toy own lipH how mwh I dMiro to senre tbom. 
! bera Li UBpsabali herself I " 

Smb wa« thii «sfl The vihrationo of the Judgv'a 
vai(« had raivliLil the old gentlewoman in tbe parlor, 
wtKTfi "he Mt. with fn»>e svcir1«d. waiting on her 
hnitlirr'it nliiinW-r. Sin- now isfnMd fortb, as would 
a[ip u >r, to dttfiiuil tbe entram^e, looking, we nitut 
neada uy, anuudnftly like the dngnn which, in fairy 
talaa, ia wont to l>e the gaardian over an enchaatvd 
baan^. Tfaa haliitual scnwl of hi?r btow w»». nmli-ni- 
ablj, hw fierce, at this moment, to pass itself off oa 
liko fatnoevnt aeon' of near<(ight«dnt!M ; awl U wiut 
bent on Jud^ Pyni.-beon in a way that MenH-d to con- 
found, if not alarm him, so inadequately had he esti> 
mated thit moral forco ul a doaplygnnindcil auttpatliy. 


Bhn iniute a repollin^ gesture vnlli Iht luin'l, nnd 
stood II |H-rf<H-t {lictun- of protiiliitioD, »t full li-Jigth, 
ill th4! dark fnuue of Uw doorway. But we must b^ 
triiy 1 If pxilMih'H wtiTivt, niirl «)tifvf;» Unit tlio native 
tiinorousiiesi of ber <?liararU'r even now developed 
it«elf i» a (|iii(>k tntaior, wliivh, to liu- »vm (wroeptioo, 
ect eoi'li of h«r joints nt variance v.-itli its follows. 

PotMibly, tlie .Iiulge was awaiv liow liulc tniv luinli- 
Iiooil lay Iwliind Hcpziliah'n fomudalilu front. At aoy 
rat'-, U-inj; a geutlcinan of steady nerves lie «><)n n> 
covered liini»clf, iiixl faili.^) not to Hitiiitwcli lii« cousin 
with ontfitretched hand ; adopting the Henaihle precau< 
tion. liiiwcviT. to t-))ViT liiH ailviim-e willi a lunile, so 
broad an<l sidtry. (hat, ka<1 it ht#a only Iialf a.t wiu-iii 
M it looked, a trvUis of grapM might at onee have 
tiinied pur]>Ie under itfi siiiiimer-like exjKiAtin-_ It 
may h>vc 1x.-l-d hi» jinrpoiK.'. iudi-ed, to unit j>oor llep- 
lihiili OD tbo »\Mt, lut if abe were a Bguie of y<>llow 

" Hii[>xil>ah, my beloved toasin, I am rejoiced I " 
exclaimed tlie Jwlgo, nMMt enipliatifally. "Now, at 
length, yon havo Horaetliing to livv for. Y<w, and all 
of ut). let me .tay, your friendn and kiudi«d, have more 
to liv« for than we had ycntcrduy. 1 have luHt no time 
In Imsteuing to offer any assistanoo in my power 
towanU making Cliflfonl eomfortaldu. He belongs to 
ns all. 1 know t>ow much Ite reqturea, — how mueh 
ho uiM-d to WMjuiri', — with hi" dclii-ntc taitte, and 
hJB love of the bvautiful. Anything in my house, — 
pieturefl. Iniok^, wine, luxuries nf iIm* tal'le. — Iw may 
ixnnmand llieni alii It would alfoiil uw most heart- 
felt gratilicatioD to see him! Shall I Rtep in, th!» 

"So," reptiod Hepzabah, ber roioe quivering too 


painfoUy to allow of many words. ** He cannot tea 
rtnitoni I " 

" A raiurr. my ileair ooosui ! — do jo« call me so?" 
orinl tli*^ Juil^c. wkuMe wunibility, it Avvtn.ii, wa» btui 
bjr thn eoldntn of tlw phraM. " Nay, theo. let ne be 
ClUToid'a host, aod your o«-n likewue. Come Ht onoo 
to my boiue. Thv oountn,- iiir. and all tlio oonveo- 
iraew — 1 may aay luxonos — that I have gathered 
almnt me, will do wotulera fur biin. Ami ycm and I, 
dear Htpnbah. will (^oosult together, and watch to- 
getber. and labor together, to make oar duar CliflTord 
bappy. Conw ! why shuiilil we nake mon> wnrdu 
about what U both a duty aud a pkaaure on ray ptut? 
Cam« to toe at onoe t " 

On hearinf* these so hospitable offors, and tmoh ^:mi> 
erom nti^gnition of thv rbiims »( kindnMl. I*ba>be felt 
vvry maeh in tbe mood of running up to Jiulge Pyn- 
ohMOB, and giviog him, of birr own accnnl, the kiM 
fnNB which idle had ao recently shrunk away. It waa 
ijuite otberwiso with Hcpzibah; tfao Judgo'ii mnile 
Moned to o)(VTat« on her acerbity of heart like xu 
•Uae upon \-iQegar. making it ten timm murer 

"Clifford." said she. — still too agiuted to uttATj 
mure thao ao abrtipt scotenue, — " Clifford has 

" May Hearen forgive you. tlepxibah." said Judge, 
l^meheon. — rcwmutly lifting liia rynt toward* 
hi;;h cuiirt of ei]iiity lo which he appealed. — "if you 
•utfiir luty uii^fiit pri'juiliiv or anioMMity to weigh with.^ 
yon tu ttit« auutvi' 1 I stand here with an open \ 
willin;; and anxious to receive yotintelf and ClifFo 
into it. Do niit n^fiuit; luy g<>od offices, — ray vanwetl 
pTDposJtiuus for your H'elfare ! Xbey are sucl 



respects, m it bt'Iioowx voiir nrarr-'rt kitixtnim to mnlca. 
It will be A benvy rttsjmuMbiiitj-, ('uiuin, if you ranStte 
your bruthvr to tJitM tliitnuU ligiiw And irtifled lur, when 
tbo ilflightiiil freedom of my cotmtry - enl is »t bis 

■* It would nevier suit Clifford," said Ilupzibdi, m 
briefly as before 

'• Wiinian ! " broke forth the Jndge, pring way to 
hid nmcntnu-iit, '* whnt in tlie nienning of all this? 
Havo you other reeourt-ps? Kay< I siupm'toil as 
much I Taki' rar«, liopiibab, take care! Clifford is 
on the brink of as bliu-k H ruin M ever bufvU him 
y«tl B(it why <lo I talk with yon, woman as you 
aw? Maki- way! — I must nw! Clifford!" 

Hopitibab Hpnuul out her gaunt figure across the 
door, and Eeeinvtl n-ally to incrpasv in bulk ; Innking 
tlie. more tt^rrihlo, also, berauHt! tliere was so rouch ter- 
ror and aiptation in bt-r tx^art. But Judge Pyncheon'a 
erUIent purpose of foming a passage wait intorrtipted 
by a voicu from the innvr room ; a n'eak, tremulous, 
wailing rotce, indicating helpless alarm, with tin more 
eui;rgy for s«if-<lL<foti(H! tluui belongs to a frij^bt^ned 

••il(*)i/.ibnb. Mi')>zitmli ! " cried the voit-c; "go down 
on your knees to him \ Kiss hia feet ! Entreat him 
not to coin« iul Oh, k-t him havo mvroy on me I 
Mercy '. — meroy I " 

For the instant, it appenr«d doubtful wh«th«r it 
were not titc Jtulge's n.isoluta purpose to set Hepabah 
oitide, and step across ibe ihreshold into the {tnrlor, 
wbenc>o issued thiit broken and miserable luurmur of 
entreaty. It was not pity that restrained him, for, at 
th« first sound of tliu enfi-t-bli'^I voiix-, a n-d fire kin- 
dled in his eyes, and lie matlu a 4mvk pace forward, 





widi Bomettdtifr uwxpnesibly fl«roe attd grltn ilorkm- 
iBf; forth. M it •hvtv, »uf of jho vrlioU- tniin. Tu know 
Judge Pyncbeon. was to buh bun st Uiat moituiit. 
A(t«r m^ n iwvnlitdM), I«t him NituU' with «v|uit hoI- 
trioeo bo wooU. be oould luitL-h soootr turn ^pea 
purtil**. ur ptini|tkiu!i ^llow, tbfto melt tl»c imn- 
branilMl uii]inM«ioii uut of the bebolUer's nttftuoty. 
Awl it mulrreil hU aspect otit tbe leMi but iiioru 
fru;titfiil. that it eeeHied not to exproM wnUli or 
hutnHl, but a certain bnt felln«a>i of parpone, which 
uinihtlaUil f vvo'ihing l>ut itM-lf. 

V«!<, after all, are w« not sUunlering an cjcovll^ut 
aod aiuiable nuui? Loiik at thi- Jwlgv now! He is 
•ppttTBBtly eonsounia of hat-ins erreil, in too «nergrti< 
OkUy prMKDg hb decdH of Idvin^kindnvM <io |M.-nsiiDs 
Boable to ippreciale them. He will await their twtUtr 
OMod, and ImUI bimwlf an rriuljr tn awiiHt them tliim 
M at thia noRwnt. As be draws bat-k from the tloor, 
an aU4>nmfin-htti«ivi; U'ntpiity hlazrw from bi« x-iMge, 
iB&atin^ tltnt h« entben Hquriltth. little Phnbe, aiul 
the invijiiblo ClilTiml. all thnx', together with the 
gVbole world iHrKiditi. into his immense hL>art, and 
irt« th«in a warm tiath in ita flood of affet-tioa. 
'■ Vou dii iKP pn-at wrong, di-ar Con*in HcpzibaJi !" 
•aid lie. Srst kindly offering; b«r bis kaiKi, and then 
dnwtng <m h>«)H<><re invpftratnn,' t^t di-jariMnj, " Very 
l^-nt wnin;* \ liot I fui^ve it, au<] will study to make 
yoQ ibtnk In-lti-r i>f mi^ Of cutirw, utir {KMir Cliffnrd 
b«)Df> in BO tinhnppy a state of mind. I cannot think 
'tit*!rriovf at ]>refti'iit. But I sliatl watoh 
fv BA if b« wi-n- my own Wovctl l>n>tb«T; 
Mir do i ai all deepair. my dear cousin, of constrain- 
ing bodi bim und you if> lu-kiHiwh-dge yonr injiutii'o. 
Whoa tbat ebaU bupp«n, 1 dvsjre no other revenge 


thnn y<«iir n«c«])t«nc« of the best offi«e« in my povrcr 
t« do you." 

Witli a bow to Hepzibah, and a cl^freo of pntcmal 
Itcnt-vok-nce in his patting nod to Pha.-be, the Judge 
left tb« shap, and went Htniling aJoiig ih« Htn>et. A* _ 
lii cuKtoniaty witJi th« rich, wIh'ii tbcy aim at the honors I 
of a republic, he a|>ol(>gized, as it were, to tlie jieople, 
for liiji woaUb, proHpvrily, and vlenitcd ntation. by m _ 
free tod bear^ manner tovrards tlwse wIm knew him } m 
putting off the more of bin diffnity in diw; pmivirtion 
with tlie huiuMencBs of the man Vibora hf aaiuted, and 
tliereby proving a hougbty conHcJouMiesat of hi»i mlvuti- 
tagM M irrofnigablv as if be had niarrhed forth pr^ 
oeded by a troop of la4:keyH to eit>ar th« way. On tbia 
particular forenoon so excessive was the wannth offl 
Judge FyiiL'lieon'fl kindly aspect, that (sut^, al. k-iuit, 
was the rtiutnr al>out town) an extra passage of the 
water-carts was found essential, in order to lay the 
diixt ocm-tionotl by so intieb extra sunshine! 

No !M>oner had he diMapgH.-aKfl limn licp/ilwl) grow 
doiully wititv, and, staggi^ring towards Phoabe, let ber 

h1 fsill on tbe yoiuiji Kirl'i* slmtilcU-r. 
' *' PIuKlte I ■' niiinnui^il she, " that man has been 
the iwrror of my life 1 Sliall I n«ver, n«ver have th« 
t'ourage, — will my voioe never cease from trcuiUing 
long oiiDugh U> b;t nie tell him what he is ? " 

" Is be so rery wicked ? " askod PlxBbo. " Yet hia 
offers were snrcly kind ! " 

" Do not ii))vak of thtm. -~ he has a heart of iron ! " 
rejoined tlepzibali. " On, now, and talk to Gifford I 
Atnuse and keep liini quiet 1 It would disturb him 
wretfhe'lly to see me a> agitatetl as I am. There, go, 
dear t'lulil, and I will try tn look after the dliop." 

Pliwbe went, luwordiugly, bat perplexed herself, 




esBwhile. vith qoeries u to the purport of the 
■MM wlui-Ji alu: had juHt witpcwd, aiM) also whetbrr 
jndgm, cl«qg]rnen, and uUtcr cbxnK-tcn of that cmi- 
Msit Mmp and res|wotal>Uity. euuM really, in any tun-j 
gin inctattce, Iw othi-rwiiMi tliaii just and upnffhl muii>^ 
A iloaht ttf thin tutturf bits a moat ilisturbio}^ iuflu- 
tsnce, and, if abown to In.* a ftu.'t, nonn-N witii f4«rful 
■lul ttaniing offset on miiMla of tb« trim, onlerty, 
anil liniil-lorin^ vhsa, in wkicti wt; timl our littl« 
ODUiitry ■ ^rL I>iitpiMiti<iDM mure boliUy spucalalivt 
may d^iriva a stem eajoj-ment fntnt ttM diaoowjr, 
attwv tb«iv nitutt be evil in tbe vrnrlil, tliat a high 
una is w likely to ffrasp bis abare of it as a Inv oock 
A wuler wopu uf rwnr. uiil a dM<]>9r insight, may •hwI 
nnk. di|;nity, tind sUttion. all prort^ itliinnrr, no fiurj 
u reganU tbctr chum to human rt^rftvni.'e. and ytpfc] 
not fietU aa if the unirpne wnn* thetvby tiitublt-d head-J 
ioog iitld i-hao*. Hut Pho'be. in onU-r to kit-p tbci 
univcrM in ib old iilaoe. waa baa to smother, in somej 
dtgrae, htfr own intiiitinog aH to Jwl^rft Pyndwoii'i 
duaWiKt, And aa for her i.-ousiii''^ testimony in 
pamganent of it, hIh) omrliidtrd tbut IU-[inl'itb'H jiu)^' 
nemt woe iubittered by one of thowv family fcuda. 
which render hatriHl tbr tnon> deadly by tlit- dead and 
compt«d lore that tbvy iutviiuiujjli; with ita nativ«J 

roL. nt. n 



Trult was there soniething hx^, generons, and 
nolilu in Uw niitivv (HinijuiMitiou of nur jKmr nld M^t- 
abahl Or else, — and it waA quit« as probubly the 
oase, — hIw tiiul bm-u cnrichet) by jwvortj-, tlevcbipi-d 
by sorrow, elevated ))j th« sti'oii'; itnd sulilury affec-- ^ 
tioii of iwT lifo, lUid tlius cnduwud nitli IteruiNnt, whicli V 
nevur could lm%-v vlinmcterised her in what ar« oidlctl 
happier eiii-unistanees. Through dreary years Uep- 
jciIkUi luul looked furwanl — for th« iiiohI pttrt di>- ^ 
spairin^ly, never wiUi any ounlidiinoo of liope, but al- H 
ways vfith tJii? fei-Ung lliat it was lier lirtt;)iti^t \xis»i' 
liility — to tbo very [KMitiim in wlui-h slie now futmd 
lierself. In her own liehalf, she bad aaked notliing fl 
of Pmvidcnvi! but the npiKn-luiiity (if ddvotin;; Jwrself " 
U) this brother, whom she ha«l so loved, — so admired 
for wlu»t \xe wiw, or mi^lit luive bM>n, — and to whom 
■he had k«pt her fititb. alone of uU the world, wholly, 
imfalteringjy, at every instant, aiul thnni^bout lifvt. 
And here, in biti hte d«.>eluie, the lost one bad coma ■ 
bni-k out of his lon^ and strange misfortune, and wan 
tlirown on liei- nyiiipiitliy, as it t>e*ni«l, not merely for 
tlie bread nf bis pbysicsd existence, but for ereiythin^ 
that iiliould keep him ntorally alivo. She bad re- 
sponded to llie pidl. She had I'onuj forward, — our 
{xmr, gaunt Ilepzibab, in her rusty silka, with tier 
ri^d joints, and tbo Had iwrwrgity of her eoowl, — 



TtmAf to do ber utmost ; sad vith affvrtion nunigb, tf 
tluU went «1L to do ■ bumlred liiuoa an muck ! Then 
onulfl be few tuorv tisrfitl aij^hts, — ntu) lIoiveD for^ 
givr OS if ■ Mtiilv ^uut on tniDgluifr with our cnnoei 
boo a( itl — few eights with tnwr ]intlicMi to tliemt! 
tluui nc]<zil)ab preaeotol on tlutt Rnit uhennxm. 

How {Mtkntly diil she codeavor tji w-r.i|) ('liffnnl U|) 
in ba great, w^inu Jow, uod tuskc it iiU iIm* world to 
him, to that be hLooUI retun no lorttiriiig wmw nf \\Mi\ 
eoIdtKcs aud drvurin<.-ss withont ! I U-r littlv ttfTortH 
MaDMhiDi! How pitiful, yiHtnapuuiiiiKitia, they wvral 

Remembering hia e«rly loro of pooUy atui tivlic 
abe Bnlocked a bookcnao. and U>ok down several 
ttiat had been ext-t^Uent tvatliu); in tht-ir day. 
waa k volume of Popp. with thr \i»ye of tlw Ixk-Ic ia 
it, Bod anotbrr of iho TntltT, and an odd oni- of Dry- 
den'a MtsoeUaakn, all with tJiniiKlicd (litiUtig on tlit'ir 
eovsn, and tbnogfata of taniisliMl bnlliimvy inAideki 
They had no moceas with Clifford. Tbcae, and alll 
sikIi wrilcn of aociety, whose new works p;luw Itku tlia^ 
rvh tciiliin <if a jiwt-wnvcn ouqH't, luvi^t boronlvot to 
iviiminish Ihi^ir uhamt. for evory reatUr, aftt-r an ago op 
two. aod oould kardly be (mpixMcd to rctaiu any pONj 
tiiin 3f it foramind that bail ii(i<^rly loMitacMamatei 
ouhIm and munnenk Hfimludi tbrti took np R 
and bi^;:an to read of tlte Happy Valley, with a ragMJ 
id«» Ihat aoBW *K*-rvi nf a contented lif<- luul then' beeaj 
«bhoratt<d, which might al least mtvc Clifford iiud h«r> 
anlf for thni one lUy. H«it iho Happy VaUvy had a 
hI uvi-r it. Hepsibafa tn>ul>l«^l her »iiditi>r. n)ore> ^ 
by tmiiuneralde sins of mipbosis, whi<'h bt| 
waiuid to detect, without any reCenRUW to the memar . 
ia%; nor, in bet, did he apiM-ar to tak<- nuu-h uuic <\f 
iafwbat«barva>l, liulevUhiillv fi'll the twliutn 


of tlio iLfture, vriUtoat harTMUng it« pmlit. ll'ut sw- 
tcr'a voice, too, natttrally lutrsJi, bad, in the course of 
lK>r Morrowftil lifi.a!iiivi, f<nitn» a kiml of rrunk, 
which, when it oDoe gets into the human throat, is w 
iiiiMwlii^iihh^ lis liiii. In hotli kcxivi, ooc-iisioiially, thi« 
lifo-long croak, acoomjianyint;; oach word of jny or >K>r» 
row, is onu of tho Byuiptoin.i of » iwttJt-d inelaucholy ; 
snd wherevpr it oeoiii«, thu wholv history of itiisfortuite 
is convoyed in ita slightest accenL The effect is as if 
Uk' voiw had hwn dyt-d blaek ; or. — if vr mni*t iioc % 
more moderate simile. — this miserable croak, running 
through all the vnrtationM of the roic«, is like a black 
ailkeu thread, on whiib the cryst^il Urads of Hpcvrh are 
atruu];, and wtu-uoe tlu-y lake their hue. Siieh voioea 
have put on mourning for dcjul Itopeii : and tJtcy ougbt 
to dif and l>c buried nlonji wilh lh*-m I 

Diaceroing that Clifford was nut gladdvncd by her ef- 
forts. Hvpdhalt Mearclivd about the house for the moans 
of more exhilarating pastime. At one time, her ej-iMt 
cliuntH^Nl to rest on Alii.v P^'nchoon's harptiehord. It 
wit8 a moment of great peril ; for, — despite the tradi 
tionary awe tliat hiul f^thi-rcil over this imtntaWBt oC 
music, and tiie dirges wbti'h spiritual fingers w«xe aaiif' 
to play on it, — the derotcd Mitit«'r hiul Mdcron tlioiights 
of tlirummiu'; on its chords for C'lifFord'a benefit, and 
ae>Kim)>auyiiig the )H-rfi>rinaiii->* vritli her vuioc. P<Kir 
Cliffoixl ! Poor Hepxihah t I'oor harpsichord I All 
three would have been miserable together. By wnas 
good agency, — |>osttibly, by tlie unracogniiod iotstpo- 
sition of the long*buried Aliee herself, — the threaten 
ing ealamity whd itwRed. 

But tho wont of all — the bardeRt stroke of fata fo 
Uopnbali to onduro, and perhapM for Clifford too — 
was his invinciblu dintasto for her appearance. Hot 






Ever U»- tuomt aerecftble, mn«l now Iinrsb «ith 
i^f, tutii n-nrnUiurnt Igiuix Uic wiirlil fi>r hu 
sake ; ber ilrMu, and es{i«riaUy Iter tiirbtm ; Ilie *\w 
and qiinint [nanniTM, vrhich liiul iiii>->m>H-imin]ir ^ 
npuD her id soljtuile, — riui'li bviii^ (lie {Hior grat 
woauui'k ootwmnl duraeterwtie*. it is no gn*iit tnarvcL 
ahhon^h tliv uoiimftiU(.>st of pttux, HaX tlM> mstiaiTtaii 
Inirrrof the ilriiulifiil wnw fttiii to turn avrsy his i 
Tbt-rv wiu DO ln>]]t fur iL It vniuld htr th« Utoit ttn- 
|mlM) tti diH tritliiti litin. In bU loat extrenuty, ibe r-x* 
pirist; braatli M«*dbig fuiitlv through ClilTonl'M li|Hi, 
be woold doubtlMs jirms Ilcpzibah's bftod, in ferv-ent^ 
rvt'ugiiitiuD uf all btv UtiiiImhI love, and cIohu Uim vi 
— but D»t so luui^h to dti*, ua to W conslraitied to lo 
DO bngrr on her hce! Poor lli!i<iil>ah! She tool 
eoanael with hrrself what mi^bl Iw done, and tlion^hf 
i4 patdn^ ril-boos on hpr tiirlian : but, by iW instant 
nnh iif wwraJ guiirillan nn^lo, wan wilJib*'lil fitmi an 
nxpcrituent that ranid hanlly liave jimved Iws than 
fatel to tlw U-lovn) oliJ4<rt of hiT anxii>ty. 

To he hriiif. bcsidm He|>iribah*H diaadvanlagM of per- 
Mia, tbete waa an ttncoutbauut |wrnu)ing all bi*r dn-dH ; 
a iduBUjr aomiHlung. tbnt oould hiit ill udajit itsrU for 
nM>. nml not at all for omament. Sh" waa a grit'f to 
Clifford, and kIw knew it. In this oxtrvmitjr, tlw anti- 
quated \-itf:io tntned to Photbn. Ko gron-lling J^•a^• 
ooajr was in her heart. Hud it pU-aM^d Hokn^u to 
crown tbe heroic fidelity of her life by making her jmt- 
aooftU^ the mediom of Clifford'* happiniw*. it trould 
have nnnuded ber for all th*- past, by a joy with uc 
biifht tinta, indeed, but d^rp luul true, and worth 
thousand gay^r ecvtaaiL's. Tltis could not he. 8ho 
thereforo tamed to PlMBbe, and reaipied the task int 
the jroonf girl's hands. Tb«i hitter took it up 


folly, aj) Kh« <Ik1 vvorythinj*, but witli no x^nito of ft 
miiisioi) to |)erfonn. and succeeding all the better for 
tliut MiiiH' nitn])Iii'ity. 

Br till- involuDtary eHect of n gi?nia1 temperament, 
PticcU' MMii gn'W to be abMr>liiUOy cjtACTntia] to tht^ dnily 
comfort, if not the daily life, of her two forlorn con*- 
|Kiuiu«it. TW grime and M>rdidnejui of the Mouac of 
tlif Sloven Gabk-a lieemed to lia\'e ranished since her 
a|>|>earance there ; the gnawing tooth of ))>e dry-rot wa» 
Htnyi^l among tlic old timlwrH of ita skeleton frame: 
the dust luul ceased to settle doim »o dcniiely, from tbe 
antique exiling*, ii)>»n the flfurs and furniture of (he 
rooms below, — or, at any i-ate, there was a little 
housewife, as light-foutvtl a» tl>e hrwin; tliat 8wce|M a 
garden walk, gliding hither and thither to brush it all 
avraj.' The sUadowH of gloomy cvcnt-t that liaontcil 
the else lonely and desolate apartments; the heavy, 
hroathless scent which dealli had left in mor« tliao ODt 
of th(! bed chambers, ever HiiiL-e liis \-iMt» of long ago, 
— Htw vvrv K-%* iiowt-rful Uiau ttie puiifying iuHiienoQ 
scattered throughout the atmoepburv of the houseliold 
by the picwnoe of one youthful, fresh, ami tltornn-^hly 
irbolesonie heart. There wsut no uiortiidni'm in i'lia-bi> ; 
if there luul l)eon, tl>e old Pyncheon House was the 
Tei7 locality to ripen it into incurabtu disease. But 
now her spirit reAtaibleil, in itn potency, a minute 
quantity of ottar of roM in one of Hepxibah's huge, 
iron-bound trunks. difTusjog its fragrance tluough the 
variouti articles of lint-n iuk) wntughi'laee, lurrchiefs. 
eaps, stockings, folded dresses, glor«», and whatever 
obo was tntasured tltere. Aa every artacli* in tlie great 
trunk was the sweeU-r for llie RMfrecent, so did all ths 
ihoughbi and t-moiious of Ilepzibah and Clifford. Bom* 
bm as they might tcum, aoquiru a subtle attribute oC 





>m IlweW* !iiti-nt)iKturc witk tlu'in. Hit 
! IxhI}', tulellet-'t, anil lieart tiii|)vlle<l Iter oua- 
tjniall)- to p^rfonn the onUuiu>' liulc toita thM offrrad 
tbam^TeB anutul kur.aiul todiink tlu tlwuf^lit \trv]mr 
Sot Um aMMDcnt. mid lu iiym)>Atliue. — tww «Uk tii« 
twittering fp^yetf o( tbv robinx in iIh; pcor-tnw, luul 
BOW to toch n d^Ml) w ahe oouU with liepzibah's dark 
aaaattj. or the va|^ bkmui of her bnttWr. Tlilt i:u> 
Qe luUputioii wiM Rt oQoe the Bj-niptoia of porfect 
health «atl its Uwt pneervstive. 

A natora Iik» Fhoiba'ii bw iovariably tt« diw to- 
flurotw. but is seldom rofcardMl with due kotior. lu 
i^rilual fom, bnwcrcr, tnay be (Mu-tially eotiuuUed bv 
the fu-t of her hann^ fouoil a pLuw fur hAnwlf, Aiiiiil 
anauBstaaoas «o stem ih tbow which surroumlvtl the 
miaticM of the house : uul mIm by th>; fflfo<-t which 
she produced on ■ chancter of ao much more nioas 
than lit^ ijwu. For the ji^unt, buuy fnuuv itnd liuibo 
of Hcpribali. u ooni|Mirvd with the tiny U^htsomenesa 
of Pfavbo's figure, wer« pertiaiM in sonio fit praportian 
with the miinil ni.'if;bl and substunue, leepecttrelyt of 
tfau wouun and thu girL 

To thi- gumU — to Hepzibah'a hmtJii<r, — or Cousin 
Qifianl. a* Pbcebe now U-gan to cidl Iiiiu. — bSu was 
wpachiUy ncmowary. Not that hu ocwM ever Im aaid 
to noorerse with her, or often manifott. in any other 
Tuty (Iv&iiu) mode, his sense of a i-hann in Iter Bi>cicty. 
Bat if she were a lung while nlxn-nt hv bvoAme iwttish 
umI nermiuJy t«itleae, pacing the room to and fro 
with the uncertainty lliat (ilmnKteriwd all hii moro- 
meat*; or ^Im would eit broodingly in his great chair, 
ntdttg hia head uu hi* hand*, anj erincing life cmly 
by an electric sinrklv of ilI-biiiiM>r. whenever Uepm- 
bah ondeaTored to azouae hiiu. Fhu-be's ptaaooee, aod 



Uie contiguin' of licr froah life to his i>ti|;hted oae, was 
iiMinlly iJ] tlint lii; r<i]uin.-<l. lD<iv«<), ouch wa^ the 
native gi.vf.h luid play uf lier spirit. tLat ftlie vru KeUtom 
perfectly quiet and niiilcinon-ttrativo, aiiy uiore than a ■ 
fountain vvei <.f)a»es to dimple and vmrblo with itM 
flow. She )K)MiH«3«d tlie gift of Ming, and that, (»o, ao 
nalundly. tliat you wotild im Ultlu think of intgttiring 
wheni-e she had caught it. or what master had tflu<;ht 
her, DK of a^kin^ tJti; wunc ijUf^tiouH nlMjiil ii bii-il, iu 
whose antall strain of mosic we reoognixe the voice of 
thu Cmtor lut <)iiitiii<:tly tut in Um loiuli^nt iioccnttf t>{ 
bia thunder. So Ion;; lu llirebe sang, she might stray 
lit lit;r own will aliuut Uk* Imiuw, Clifford waM i'ont«-iit, 
wlurtiwir the owm-t, airj* homvlini''M of her toiM!i* fmiiu 
down from the upper ehamhors, or along tlte paAtiag«>- 
way from th« shop, or v,-as uprinklwl throu<^i tl)<^' foli- 
age of the iicar-tn-e. inwa«l from llifl gardt-n, with thtj 
twinkling HunW-nnis. lie woidil sit quietly, with a 
gentle pleasure gleaming ovvr hit face, brighter now, 
iuk) now a little dimmer, a-t the song Iia]ipi-nnl to float 
near him, or was more rvmotcly Itoani. It pleasMl him 
Itest. liowever, when she 8st on a low footstool at his 

It is perhaps remarkable, i^insiderlng her tempera- 
ment, tliiit Pbmbe oftener chose a fltmin of {wtlin:^ than 
of gayety. But the yotmg and happy are not ill m 
pliMtAod to temper their life with a I ransparfnt Mhmlnw. f 
The deepvitt jwitlM)* of fb'rbo's voire and song. more> 
over, came sifted llirough the goUlen t«xtim- of a _ 
fibeerj iipirit, and was somt-liow m interfiiM-d with tha fl 
(juality thence aoquin-il. that one's heart fi>lt al! tJii* 
lighter for having wept at it Brosul mirth, in the 
sacrod presente of <i.irk misfortone, would have jarred 
hamhly aod irreverently witli tJie Mlemn tymphtmy 



tfcftt rall(«1 iu undertoaft througti Hr{ml>ali'>t at>il Iht 
brotker'e life. Th«tvfor«, it was wi-U iLal fltn-be m) 
uft«n chnae tad Um-iuc*, and nnt unuw Uuit tliojr ceased 
to hi Mt md while alie wis Biogiag tbem. 

Beeoning InlntnatMl to ber companioiMliip. ClUTnrd 
nadUv ftl>owwl buw cn{iBl)te of imliibmg jiltuuuitit ttnU 
and gleams ol cbeerfid Uglit trotu all (|iiartrrH Iiik na> 
tore miHl originally lutvc been. Hf ^w youthful 
while «be eat by liiiu. A Iteauty, — iu>t [>r)Ti«'lj ronl. 
even in ita uuntNit uuinifstaation, aiid which » juiitiler 
would have wat<^het) long to mim aiid Ax ii|>i>n hiH 
cBBvaa. and, after all. in vaiu, — bcautr. oc^rertheleaa, 
that was not a mere divam. would WMU«tiiiii?-!t play ii)>on 
and tlliiiuiiiaU- hid fare. It did more than to illuiuiiiate ; 
H tnuu^nml him with nii t-xprrviun (hat vould only 
be iiiterprpt«d a« the filow i>f an exquisite and liappy 
■ptrtt. Thai ^ray liair, anil thimc (uiruwii, — with 
their recofd of infinite sorrow so deeply written acmsa 
his brow, and to ronipivMwd, a» with a fotilu efftirt to 
ctuwd in all the lAh>. that the whole inaoription waa 
made illfplile, — tlieee, fur tlie nioropnt, vaniNhcd. An 
«Te. at onco tender and w-uli*. might have beheld iu 
the man aone nhwlow of what he was meant to bo. 
Antin. aa age come tit«-nliii<'. like a sail t« itight. liaok 
over his figntv, yon would have felt tempted \o holil 
in argttnent with DMtiny, and affirm, tliat eilltcr tliu 
being dhonld not liave he«n made mortal, or mortal 
odateoee should hare lM<eD (4inp<-rvd u> ItU tpialilies. 
TbntP aseraed no neveeeityfor his having draim brv-ntli 
at all : ibr wr^rhl n«v«r wantiil him ; but, aa be had 
hreatbed, it ought always to havt- bcnit tbu bahnioat 
of sammrr air. The name |>er[>lexity will inrariably 
haunt ns wiib regard to naturt-^ tlmt tt'ud ii> feetl ex- 
daaively upon tlie Reaulifol. lei their earthly bto b* 
li lenient as it mar. 


PImsIk>, it in probal>le, bad but a very impt-Tfect 
coiuprebvuHion of Um* i-bjuiu'Wr owt wluch »1k bnd 
tbitivru iK» l>vui.-fU-ent a HpelL Nar va« it nweswry. 
Tlie fire u[)ou tbu bi>«rtb <.«a glmliU-ii ii wlxiK- m-uii. 
tawXr (A tiu-v* roiiiKl about it, but need Dot know the 
individuiUity of onu unioiig tJieiu bU. liuivw), tlieN 
WUA w>iueLliiti){ Uk> line and delk-ate in Clifford'^ tnuta 
to be perfectly- uppreciatod by onu wIhum; opbtira lay W _ 
niUfJi ill tbe Actufll as PbnL-be*s did. For (.liffordtfl 
however, tbo reality, aiul Hitiiplieity, and tboroogh 
buuHdineH-t of tj»e girl'tt nature, were us iMnrerful • 
ohuiB u any tltat Aw posseiwcd. Ilcauty, it ia true, 
and )>eaiity aJmi'st |H'rfeet in it« own style, was indifr- 
pviiwiblv. lliul i'halw bven cootm' in fviUuns ahaped 
otuinsily, of a harsb roioe, and unwutbly munncred, 
hIic might bsw bucn rich witli all good ^ta, bcaaealli 
this unfortuuatc exterior, and still, ra long aa she vora 
t\\v guiiM) of wtKiuui, xhc woidil haw ahocked Clifford, 
and dejiressed hiiu by her biek of beauty. But noth- 
ing initri} lH*Autif 111 — noUiing ]i(rltitT. at Iwwt — wa» 
ever made than Fhu<be. And, tlierefore. to this man, 
— wtiom; wholv [xmr and ini{iid)iid>Ir enjoyment of OX- 
i«tencf> heretofore, and until txilli Ilia heart and faocj 
divd wilbiu hiin, luid bvcn a dreau. >— whose imagMoE 
women had moiv and nioiv lost their warmth and sub- 
BtAnoe, and been fmn-n, like tlte pictuivn of ttedudcd 
artiatK, into th«' rkillest ideality. — to hiin. tJiiw little 
fi^fure of the elieerie-it hous<Jioli) iifo was juflt what^Mj 
ruquin.-d to bring him baek into tlte bn-alliiug world-] 
FenoiiA who have wandenxl, or been expelled, out 
the ooninion tiack of things, oven weru it for a bet 
aystem, desire nothing no much aa to l>e led baek. Tt 
ahiv«r in tltcir lonolincM, bu it on a fflotuitjun-top or 
in a dungeoD. Now, Phoebe's presence made a boma i 

It oS 






■iboBt b«r, — tluit Y«r}- »[ilicn' wltti'h th« ctuk-autt. Uia 
priaotier, the poteoUte, — the wtvtch beneath nianluntl, 
tlw wTcfedi a^e (nan it, or tbo vmtdi al>ow it. — in- 
atinotin-ly piues sfb^r, — n home 1 She vaa real I 
UoUing hor huul, jon (all MPwtbiug ; a ivndtt rome-' 
tbit^ ; a «nbatanc«, and a warm ooe : and eo long aa 
joa ahoukl lw\ \l» graiip, auft ■« it wiu, yoti might be 
eertein that your |>Luw was good in the whole sym-j 
paihrtit* chain of human nature. Tb« world wa« 
looger a delusion. 

"Bv looking a tittU* furtlier in thu direction, 
might stig^est OB tfxplanatiun of lu oft«n-sug 
myiOery. >Vhy nn* pi>it« »<> apt lo choow ih**ir nti 
not (or any similarity of poi'tio eDdo«-m«nt, but for^ 
^aaUtiea wlurb mi^^t make tlw happiuess of tho 
mdoM handicrnftHimui a* wi-tl lut tliiit of thi< iileal 
a«(tflBian of the epirit? Because, probably, at hli 
faigfaot «levatioD, tbv poet needs no human inter- 
ooune ; but he finds it dreary to descend, and be a 

There was something very beautiful in the rdatioD 
that grew up U-twcen tfaia pair, so vlmvly and 
ftsatly linked together, yet witli such a waste 
glooay sad mystaciooi ycam fmtn his birthday to 
bna. On Clifford's part it was the feeling: of a 
BatmaOy «odow«d with tlic liirrlieat st-iHiliilitr to 
tnioe infloenoe, bat who had never quaffed the cup o( 
pairinmiite love, and kiii.'w that it was now too lat«.| 
He knew it, with the instim-tivo dtlii'Scy that had 
H Tived his intellectual decay. ThiLi, his sentiment for 
FhcFlie, without bein^ piiti-rnal. was not less chaat« 
u than K she had been bin ilaii<;htt-r. He was a man. it 
H ta tnie, and recognlted Iu.t ax a woman. She was his 
B floly repnaentatiTe of womankind. Ue tooJi nnfail* 



ing note of everj clumn that appertaioMl to h«r sex, 
oiirl Haw ttu^ rtjH-nctM uf hf-r lips, and tbn vir{;iii:il de- 
velopnient of her bosom. All her little womanly ways, 
btuiding out of her like blos»onu on a joung fruit- 
ti'ee, had their effect on him, and aometiraes eaused 
hi« Tory heart to tin|;Ie witti thv k^'nest thrills of 
pleasure. At swh monionts. — for the effect was sel- 
dom more llmn nionit-ntary. — tiw luUf-toqiid man 
would be full of haniiunioun life, just lis a long-silent 
kar{) u ftdl of lumnd, when the muMoinu's finger* 
sweep aoroBfi it. But, after all, it seemed rather a 
perce])tion, or a aymputhy, ihun n lu-uiimeni helon^j^g 
to himself 08 an individual, lie read Pba>be, a« he 
would a !>weet and •uii|>h- stor}- ; lie IUt4;i)ed Ui her, as 
if ehe were a verse of hoUHeiuilil ptxarj-. which (tod, 
in requital of his bleak and dismal lot, had permitted 
nomp »ngei, that uiost piti<-<l him, to warhle through 
the house. She w;i8 not an avtiiiU (net for hiin, but 
tlic intorpretation of all lluit Iw had lacked on eartJi 
brought warmly home to his (x>nception ; so tliat tlus 
mere Byuilxit, or lifeiikc picture, had almost the com- 
fort of realilj. 

But wo strire in vain to put the idea into wnrd». 
No adequate expression of the beauty and profound 
pathos with which it impreuM vs ia attainable. This 
beinfT, made only for happiness, and heretofore ho mis- 
erably failing to be> happy, — his toudenoies so hid&> 
ously thunuted, tliiit., iwme unknown time Ago, tlie del- 
icate springs of his character, never morally or intel- 
lectually strong, luul giv<!» way, and he was now 
imbecile, — this poor, forlorn, voyager from the IsJ- 
an<la of tl)o Blest, in a frail bark, on a ti^npestuoua 
Sea, had bevn flung, by the last mountain-wave of bis 
ehipwreok, into a (]u>et harbor. Th«ra, as he hiy moi« 



balf lif«ka» oq tbe «tntn<). Ute fngvaoce of an 
raithk nHH.>-litiiI halt ooiiui b> hui uuMrils, •ml. u odor* 
wiU. bxl BuniiDODtv) ii{i retninieoenoes or vUions of all 
tha liviti}; luul bn-atlituj; l<ciuity ninid which tu> Hlumlil 
hkve bad kia bome. AVith bU Daciw KiiM-opcibililj' of 
hap|iir JirfliwiM— . h» inhalM tbo sUg^ht. etberml rop- 
I into bis boo), wid cxpinx ! 
And bow did Pbwlw regsnl Clifford? Tbe girl's 
< not cHw nf tboao natumi wbicb or* mmt attnuted 
by what k strange otul exceptional in bamaa ehuao- 
tar. Tbft fmth wbldi wooJd h<r»t iutvw aidtail ber wm 
tbe wall-wivn trwk o£ ordinary life : tbe iwniiMuiiaoa 
in wbom aba would most have JdiKhled were siuti m 
one 6Doaantvs at every turn. Thu uiyi>u-r>' wbidi m- 
wlapad Clifford, m far ns it dfoeted lier at nil, wu an 
anaojraBBe, rather titan lire pi«iiuiDt vltojut wlurb many 
I nugbt have fouiwl iii iu SiiU. ber native kind- 
nB btwif^ st»uj^y into play, nut by wbat waa 
dvkfy plottmMjae in lit* »ituiitJon. nor ao nuicb, even, 
by the fiaer gnoes of liis churacter. ua by the mmplo 
appwal of A kowt no (cM-loro a» hu to one so fnU of 
gentdiw qnnpatby as berH. She gave him an afEeo- 
tagoBle tif[«rd, bname be needed •» much lore, and 
HMliI to bftva nccived so little. With a ready tact, 
tba nsalt uf eTer«Ptire and wltiik'wxne nenflihilit^', slie 
diaeamwd what wa« gowi for him. aod did it. ^Vhat- 
ercr was morbid in hi» mind and experienoe ethe i^ 
ncffed : and tbm-by kept their tnterconrse healthy, by 
tbe invsutirms, bnt, n» it were, beaveit-direeted freethim 
(if her wbolo oooduoL The «ck in mind, and, po 
baps, in body, are rendered more darkly and bope- 
levly eo by the munifold n>f1wti<>n of thfir diwase, 
mirnirw) l>;u-k from all qiiarb-r) in the di-portment of 
tboae about them : they are couipelled to inhale tbe 



poiaoD of their own breiitfa, id infinite repetition. But 
Pbcebe afTonliiit ber jxntr patiioit a supply of purer 
air. Sbc iniprvf^titpd it, tuo, not nith u wild-Dower, 
M«nt, — for vrildneaa w»a no trait of hers, — but wit 
tlio ]K'rfwnm of ptntcii-r<«ct, pinicN, iind otbi-r bk 
of much sweetness, wbiiOi nature and roan have wm-'' 
fM-iititl Iojix-iIkt in niiiking grow fn>m nuinuier Ut huu- 
mer. and from (vntiiry to century. 8iieb h flon-or was 
Phoebe, in Iter reUtion witli CUffonl. and siich tlw J^^^ 
light tLut bo iiiluded front her. ^^^| 

Yet, it ninst be aaid, Iter ]H>tnlH tiotnet intra <lroopi^^ 
a littli.', in (wnsequrneo of tbe lK>avy atmosphere 
about her. She grew more thoughtful titan bereto- 
fon.-. Looking aside ut ClifTortrs fiiec, and xeeing tbe 
dini, unsatinfwtory elogaiiw and Die iutelleet almost 
quenebed, »]«; would try to inquii* what had been hia 
life. Was he alwavH thiH ? Had tlilit veil Iw^n over 
hitn front his birth? — this veil, under which far more 
of his Hpirit wna hidden than ren.'alcd, and through 
which lie so impflrfectly discerned the actual world, — 
or WAS it« gray texture woven of Honiu dark calamity? 
Phoibc loved no riddb^ ant) woidd have )>o<rn glad to 
escape the perplexity of this one. NevertheleM, there 
waa t>o far a good result of ber metlitations on Clif- 
ford's character, that, when her involuntary conjec- 
tures, togeclter «ith tbe tendency of everi- strangR oi^ 
ouDistAnec U* tell itx own tttory, Ii»d gntdnjiUy taught 
her the fact, it had no terrible effect upon her. Let 
the world have done him wlint vaat wrong it might, 
iifae knew Consiu Clifford too well — or fancied so • 
ever to shudder at tbe touch of his thin delicate fin- 

Within a few days after the appearance of tliis 
niarkaUe inmate, tltc routine of life Itod cstablislicd 



plf vnth a good deal of unifoniiity in the old houiw 
of oar Qiu-nitivi'. lu thv inurmng, vwrj- shortly tdtvr 
bnakfiut, it wu Cliffonl's tnutbim ta fall uWp in 
bis chmir; nor, unl«u McideBtallf distwlwd. wottld \w 
tBKTfx fnin A ilmiM' cloud of tdumlier or iIm- Uiinntir 
ttuata that flitwd to and fro, UDtil well tnwanb noon- 
dsf. TiieMboun of drow^ihcad wrn- tlic m-onuii of the 
old gentlewomau's utU'nduuc« oa Imt brother, while 
Fbnbe took clwrgo of the nhop; an Mmngmvent 
which tba poblio 8|>c<^^ily nndentood. >nd ovini-ed 
thrirdwided pr Bfcni itcii of the ^voti^r Hh»iiwuiiiui hy 
the multipUcity of tlw-ir ralU during; btrr admiiiistrifc- 
tion of affnin. Dinnrr i>v«r, f]ei»dl>ali look her knit- 
ting-wurk. — a lun^ BtorkiDg of pay yam, for livr 
bnrtfadr's wtnteMNw, — and with n gigh, nnd a »niwI 
of affectionate farewell to Clifford, and a ij^ceture «n- 
joining watvhftdaan on Hlur )>e. wi-nt to take Iwr wat 
behind the connter. It was now the young girl's tnni 
to bo the none,— the guardian, the playmate, — or 
whatever is the fitter ]ilmw!, — of tlu; gray-liairod 


Clifford, cxiiept for PhteWs more active ixusd* 
gHtion, woii]il ordinarU}' liftvv yielded U> the torpor 
wliioli bail crept tbrauglt all bis modes of being, and 
wliioh »liig!^»bly oouiitk'^llud htm to itit in liiit inuming 
chair till evimtide. But the girl seldom £iuled to pro- 
po3(i a rt'uioviil to Utu gimlcn, where Uiide Venner 
and tile dagu«TTeot;-pist lta<l luade such repairs on the 
roof of tho niin<HM arbor, or Muiuniur-boiiKc, tliat it wu 
now a sufficient idielter from sunsbiue and casual 
tbowcn. Till) Iio[^vine, too, bad begun to gmw luxo- 
riiintly over tlie sides of tlie little edtlii-e. and made ao 
iiiti-rior of verdant wcliwion, with innutiic-rablo pocpa 
and glimpses into the wider solitode of the garden. 

Ilerc, sonietiinea, iu lliiA gnt-n ]iliiy-pliU'>? of flivk- 
oring light, PbuilK*' read to Clifford. Her actjuaint- 
anoe, the artiiit, who apiiearcd to bavA a Iiu^rary turn, 
hail Aiipplicil her witli works of fiction, in ]ianiphl(.-t- 
form, aud a few Tolumeii of po«m', in altogether a Ait- 
ferunt styJu u»d tjt^te from those which ]fc]izibah se- 
lect^ for hia amusement. Small thanks wei« due 
to the hooks, bowerer, if thu girl's nwlings wciv in 
any degrw^ more auoressful than her elderly coiuiiii'n. 
I'luirWs voioe luul iilways a jirvUy roittic in it, and 
could either enliven Cliflonl by iw sparkle and gayety 
of tone-, or soothe him by a conttnuifd flow of {H-Jilily 
brook-like intlences. But the fiotioos — in which 




■ tbs vmOKS-prX, mtuMl to wnrkn of Utut mtiDe, often 
H bMBBW deepl/ abMorlied — ioterested her stnnge ftwH- 
H tor very litUe. or nut at &U. Piot&ns of lif«, sounes 
^ of puHioa ur wntiiiM^t, wit, hiuuor, ant) patlioa, wnn 

I all tfarnnm away, or mne tJuin tbruwo iiway, oti Ctif- 
foral ; citlvr Iwyauae 1m> Ucknd an experieoee fa; which 
fa> Ust Uwir truth, or becauae bin own griefii wt>rv a 
toa c tn toB O of reality tliat few fsipied emutious m>iiIi1 
»i*iipiM«il Whea F'Wbe brolut into a peoJ of tDi'rry 
buightvr at what >bo read, be wouM now and then 
lAuj^h for sympathy, but oftener niapuotl with a 
trwuhled, (|imtioning took. If a tvar — a nwidon's 
stnuhiny ttmr over imaginary woe — dropped u{wn 
•OBB nkeUoebaly pagv, Clifford eitber took it as a 
token ol actual caUtnity, or else grew peerisli, and 

I angrily motiaoed ber tu vloae the Tolura«. And. 
wiarly tool Is not tbo world aad enouffh. in gcmuiiM 
eanwitt. without making a pastime of mock-4om)wa 7 I 
With poetij it waa ratb^ Wttvr. Wc AvXi^iUA loL 
the awfJI and aubudeace nf lh« ritj'ltun, and the lia|H 
pily reinrrin); rbyimr. Nnr was ClilT'inl ino^iahle of 
^ fwding the wntimeot of poetiy, — not, perhapa, where 
H h wu highoat or deepest, bat wlutm it watt must Bit- 
H ti»K and etbereoi It was onpoasible to fon-tvU in 
^ what exqouite veroe the awak eni ng kjm-U luiglit lurk ; 
but. oa raisiDg her eyes from the page to Clifford's 
floe, Pbii')M> would be madt> aware, t>y Uw li^bt break- 

kiof; throui;b it, that a more dt^linUn int4^'Ilif^'n<-v than 
bair own biwl vaii^hl a lambent flame from what »he 
IMkL One ^low of thi« kind, bowcwr, wmt nftcn the 
{mcamor of gluom fur many houra afti-rnanl ; b^ 
canav, vb«a the glow li'ft btm, \tf. soem«tt uonAcious of 
a miwting M<nKn and power, luiil fn''>)>vd nboot for them, 

k'-i if a blind own sboold go sovkiug hi^ lost ayaaigfat. 
VIM. m. II 



It pleased bioi inoiv, and was t>rttcr fnr bin iaward 
vtlfaru, iXaX Pti<vU« ahoiild talk, and muke passing 
ooearrcDoea vivid to his mind by Iter ao('oui]iuiiying dc- 
wrijitiun uiid n-marksi. Tlie life of thv f^nlea offered 
topics enough for sw-b discount iw Miititl Clifford 
b<^ lie never failed to inqiure what flow-era had 
bloomod itiiHO ycstertbt}'. Ili» fi^Jing for flowers was 
vei7 exquisite, and seemed not so much a taste u an 
viuotion ; bo was fond of sitting willi one tn his hand, 
intently observing it, and looking from its pel«b into 
I'lia-liv'.i face, an if the ganleu Doner were the uster 
of the hottsebold maideu. Not merely was thtro a d<^ 
light in tlio ilower's perfume, or pleasure in its beauti- 
ful fonn, and Uic d<^<;iiry or brigbtiieM of its hue ; 
bnt Clifford'a enjoyment was accran))anied with a 
perception of life, rluiractcr, and individuality, tliat 
inadi; him love tltese blossoois of the ganlen, as if tfaey 
were endowed with wntimcDt luid intelligence. Tbis 
affection and sjinpatby for flowers is almost exclo- 
sively a womiut'i!i tniiU Men, if endtiwwl with it by 
nature, soon lose, forget, and learn to de«pue it, in 
their eontAct with CMirser lliingn llian flowers. Clif- 
ford, too, bad long forgotten it ; but fonnd it again 
now, as be slowly revii-ed from the ehill torjior of his 

It is wonderful how many pleasant incidents contin* 
nully i-miM; to \m»» in that set-ludod ganlrn-Hpot what 
once I'bishe Itatl set lierseU to look for theuu Sbe 
had m>t-D or biiml a bee tliero, on the first day of her 
acquuintance with the place. And often. — aluoot 
contintiuUy, indeed, — oinvu then, the V-ors k<>pt coow 
tug thither. Heaven knows why, or by what |)ertin»- 
douN deiire, for fiu--fetuhed Nw«i-t-<, mIicd, no tIoul>t, 
then were brood clover-iwlds, and all kinds of gardun 



morh nrarer hoaw than thin. Tliithpr the 
(mks eanw, bnwevt-r, aod ]>Itiiig«U into i\te H(|iiitHb-blo*- 
BODM. n» tf thvn went no other sqituh-viara within • 
lonp day's Ht^ltl. or aa if the soil of Ilejnubab'ti pti^j 
dm gaVK it« iinMluctionit jtot tbft ven' qualiU' whti'1 
tfawr lalMiriona Uttle wizanls waoted, in onler to im- 
ftart Ihn HjrtDoUua ad^ir U> litvit whnlo hiv« of Nvw 
Kngiand hooey. Wheit Clifford bearU Uwir sunny, 
boi^i^ mnnuar, in tlw Im-wi ui Uw grcM yellow 
HHDS, htt to(ik«d aboat hiin with a joyful maao 
wmnnth, iumI iilur Ay. nu<) g?v«a gruMi, and of (hnV* 
frw air in th« whole be>];bt from eaith to bea«-»n. 
AStmr all. thrrf twrtl be no (]i>ee>tio« why the bMi 
raawi tu that one pcen nucik in thu dusty town. God 
•eot them tbitbrr U> ghuldest oar [nor Cliffonl. Tbey 
brooglit the riiih sununer with tbem, in requital of a 
UttW booty. 

^Iien the faean-vinea began to flower on tlte 
thrrv waa one jmnii-ular variety wliiob lyjtv a r{« 
wauiet bloesooi. Tbe dagneneotj-pist had fnnnd tlieae 
IwMM in a ganwt, orer one of llic wvi-n f:ul>li-«. treas- 
«red np to aa old dnsst of drawvrK. by Home burtiiml- 
tanl Pynebeon of daya gone by, who. doubtlvsit, meant 
to sow tbi'm tbe next numnior. but was fainisclf first 
Ktwn in Dcaih'ii ganl(-n-}n«*ind. By way of testing 
wliether ther* wnrv still a living ^rm in snch ancii-nt 
•Mda. IlntgnTe bad )ilanted Home of Ibem : and tl 
raaoli of his experiment was a splendid mw of beou-i 
vioea, clambering, early, to the full height of tbe 
jkJaa, nnd iirrayinf; tbein. from top bi Ifott^im. in 
•pbal pmfusion of rtw) lilusBoms. And. ever sine 
tba onfnldinK of th«r tintt bud, a niultituile of hum- 
aiog^irdB bad been sttncted thither. At timM, 
MMMd M if for etvy one of Uw hundred 





there vns one oF these tiniest fowU nf the air, — s 
tfaunib's b!pto»-i nf Iniruisliixl |tluiiingv, borvriug uul 
vibrating about the bi<au-|>oIes. It wm with indMcrib. 
abl<; iulL'rvi'41, ami wveu uiiirv (linii 4-bUi)ii>h <l<-li^bl, 
that Clifford vratchvd the humiiiing-birds. IIv ustd 
to thnwt hiH hi-iul softly out of Uie arbor to see them 
the better ; all tho vrbilv, too. inotioiiing Pha-bv U> Im 
quietr aiid HtiaU'hing gliiti|M>eH of tlie smile u|Kin her 
fiUM, %o as to hca]i liis I'^njoyinvnt up tlie higlM-r wiili 
her aj-nipatliy. lie had not merely grown young; 
ho wiw A I'hild again. 

Ilepzibah, whenever she hu)>pened to witness one 
of tlietc fits of miniadin* (■iithiiai]U'>ni, would thultv her 
head, with a stnmge mingling of tlie mother and mi^ 
ter, and of |)leiu>ure aiitt Hadoeaa, in Ler iu|MX!t. She 
said that it had always Iraen thus with ClifFoni wbea 
the hitnimiug-binls cnnie. — alwayn, fnmi hin l»«by-^ 
hood, — and tluit his delight in ihein h»A been oneV 
of thi> enrlifst tokens by which ho slKrircd his love 
for beautiful things. And it was a wonderful ctun- 
vid<'n<.-e, tlM good lady thaiight, that the artist should 
have {dnnted thi>-^- Ai-nrlt't-flowi-ring iieanii — which tlie 
huniniiiig-binlx Koiiglil fur iiiid wiilc, and wbirb had 
not grown in the Pyncheon garden before for forty 
years — on IlM^ vrrj* sttminvr of Cliffonl'* n-lum. 

Thi-n would the tean stand in poor Hepdbali's eyeia 
or overflow tlieni with a too abundant gush, so that 
«he was fain to Ix-toke bersi-lf into som>o votuct lest 
Clifford slwuhl espy livr agitation. Imleed, all the 
eiijoyinvnts of this jwriotl wviv provoratiTe of titan. 
Coming flo late as it did, it was a hind of Indian biud- 
nivr, with a luiKl in ilM Utlniifnl Kuu>)iiu<-. aitd decay 
and death in its gaudiest delight. The mure Clifford 
•eeinvd to tastto the hajiplnoiitt of a otuhl, the aadder 




mi dt« differeooe (o be nmpiuwrl. With a iiivnU'- 
rima uii) b-rribjit Put, vrhlcb hail ■ his 
m U Btm y , Aod s blnnk Future before liun. he hait only 
tbia nMoiuu7 and impalpolfle Now, whk-]i, if juii utiL-e 
luok ekMuJy at it, ia nuthini;. Hv bituaeU, as yra» pei^ 
ee y t ibkj bj nuoy HmjiUima, lay darkly Iwjhind hii 
pliMBtv. and knew it to W u Inliy-ptay. which be 
to toy and trifle with, instead of thoroughly belie 
Clifford MW, it may be. io tha mirror of hitt dwper 
oonaciounieaB, that ba was sn enun|)il« and rqirraoa- 
tativp tif that giM t daaa of {tcoplr wbom an iDczpllai- 
ble Providenoe b po fllim ially potting at oross-|NirpoiM 
with the world : brMldag what koim its own proniae 
b> thi>ir nattirv ; wiUihoUing their proper food, and 
aetting puiaun lM>fara them for • banqiiH ; luid iliua 
— when it might ao eanly. aa one would ihiiik, hare 
been adjustsd othenriao — making their rxiMi-nco a 
atraosouMS. a iAlitiule. and torment. All his lift- long, 
\vr hail t>n-ti Ii'iiniiiig how tu \k wn-u-Iifd, un one 
iaarae ■ foreign tongue : and dow. with tht- lesson 
AaRm!>lilr In* lu-art. he ootUd with difflotilty <<oinpre- 
bend his little? Oixy hnpptneea. Fniiucntly there waa 
a ilim thadow of doubt in hia eye*. " Take my hand, 
I'lia<li«," he would say, " luul piiu-h it hard with your 
little flngen ! Give me a rose, that I may press its 
thorns, and prove my^-U awukr liv the siutrp touch 
•f pain ! " Ciri<li>nt]y. bu desired this jirivk of a tri> 
fling aiigntsb. in urrlcr to aasure lumwlf, by tltnt qual- 
ity whtoh be best knew to be real, that tlie garden, 
ami the seven wratht^rln-aten gablm, and ii<t|ttiliafa'a 
sntwl, and riiiBlw'a smiUs w«r« rail likewise. Witb- 
ont. thi" kignet in hi^ fli-oh, he t-nuld Iiaro nttrilititeil 
< moru sul>stanL>e to them than to x)u> vm\yi\ coufu- 
of imaginary nuoea with whitih be bad fed bis 
spirit, tmtil even that |>our sosteonnL-e was cxluuutod. 



The author need* great faith in his reader's sym- 
pathy ; i-Jm! l>e uiu»t hvnitalf t4t give ildailit nu luiimti', 
iui(l incidents ii|>[)srently tui trifling, lis ta\- vsKi-titial 
to make up tlw idea of this gwden-life. It was thaj 
EaIcji of a thunder-sDiittca Atlaui, wlii> ltn>) fliil fur' 
refuge tluthijr out (>f tlie sutne dreary and pcriloui 
wUdiTtM'SS into wluch tJje ortginul Adatn wu-t i-xjh'UiiI. 

One nf tbe availahlu iiieArifl of lunuseinent. of vliich 
PbH-hf uuule tbe uioHt in CltffordV Iidialf, wm» Uiat 
feathered society, the liens, a breed of wborn. as we 
have already said, was an inunemorial hrirlooiii in tbe 
Pynchwn family. In vomidianoo with a whim of Clif- 
fonl, as it troubled him to see them in iimiinenifnt 
tlicy liad been Hvt at lilH'rty, imd now mained at 
about tbe garden ; doing some little mischief but 
deruft from esca^w by building on tlin-v MtdcM. ami 
the difficult peaks of a wooden fenee on tbe other. 
They 9[ient mueh of their abundant h^iicunt on tbt 
mar^n of Maide's well, which was haunted by a kind 
of snail, evidently a titbit to lltcir jialatm ; and the 
brackish water itself, liowever nnuscmus to the rest of 
the world, was so grvatly esteemed by tlieae fowls, 
that tliey might be »wn ta«titig, turning u]i tbeir 
heads, and smacking their bills, with preeiacly th^| 
nil' of wiiHsbililuirs mtmil ii probationary <-a«k. Their 
gt-ncrully i[uiut, yet often briiik, and constantly direi^ 
silled talk, one to another, or aomotimes in Mntiloquy, 
— as llicy twratched worms out of the rich, blaek 
soil, or pecked at Huch plants as suittil their tiu<t«,-— 
had such a domestic tone, that it was almost a wen* 
der why you could not i^tablish a regular interehange 
of ideas nbont hmiHchoId mattert. human and gallina- 
ceous. All Itens are well worth studying for the piq- 
uancy and rich variety of their mannum ; but by 

t>y ou 



powibiH^ oftn there have bwn otber fowls of vx\ 
odd »f>|M)aimnoc «imI iliTpnmni-Hi m Ui«m atwestnll 
Mws. il»7 pmlialily «uib(HUeil (Itf tnutiiiniiiuy po*] 
enlttritira t»f tlwir whula iliu: of iimgeuiUin, (i«n<rad 
thrao^ tax unbraben mooeauon of oggs ; or cbu Uii» 
tn(li<riiliMl (.'huiticlcHT uitj liU two H-iven had grown 
to b*i liumoruts. oud a little rnu* witluU, on 
■MDiut ni tbtrir Mlitnrj' mjLy of life, sud out of svm- 
patby for Hcpzihuli, their lu(ly-{<«tn>n«M. 

QiK^rr. indiiil, they luoktHl! L'ltanticUer binuwlt,' 
tbiKigh stalking nn two stilt-likv K-gH, with th« di^tjr 
of ntvrttuualiU di-M'eni lu all his ;:i^^turrB, was hontly 
ll^f!»r thiui aD ordinar)- jiurtridp- ; litu two wiv«a wvra 
about tl>e size of quails; aud as for tbe tin« (.-hiiikci]. it 
luolud wmU DDongh to b«i still in tba t^, «ni), at tlw 
aaiDA tine, niffici«ntly uk), withered, wiseiMcl, luid a-x- 
peiie n ewl. to haw h«un the ftKinder of tl)i> antiqwitod 
nee, Iast««d of bedng the ynu&gent nf the family, h 
niher mboimI to bav» aggTOj^ated into iUu^lf tii<- n^Mt^ 
nnt only of theBO living Bpeoimens of the breed, but 
of all itJ fon'falhcn* iitMl fon-niolWrx, who«n iiniKd 
l eu flWHMM and oddities were Hque«>)!ed into its lillltj 
bmly. Its mother evidi'Utly n-^nlwl it as (he oiw 
duukini of tbe world, and as ncces^ry. in fsu-t. tii tliOj 
WocU's ooatinuaiMV, or, at any niti>, to iIm' (iiuUibniun' 
o( tha present system of BfTaire, whetlter in cbntvh or 
Ko It-is«r Mantle of thi> infant fomi'M inqHirtancej 
liBVr jn>tilii'>l, cvvn in ii ntutJier's pyp«i, the yt-t 
■ce with which she wntched ot-er iu safety, ruf- 
^ll■^r lunall iM'Rwn to twioe it« proper siac, and 
flyin;; tn i'VL<r%*ln)<ly's imx that so nnrh as looked 
wunU Iht bii)n-fid prrjjri-ny. No lower estimate (i>idil 
have viixlimttKl tiie iinirfutisialiln wal witli wliii-h sli»_. 
acnUehed, Uid hat tmscrupidouaneaa in digging up tl 


cbotoeat Saver or vegetable, for the sake of th« &t 
eu^iwnnn at itit n>i>L Her iiorvmLH ultivk, when the 
obickeii liappcued to be hiddun iu Uw long gnuw or 
untler tlu; !N{Uiksli-leav«!« ; her gentle crook of sAtisfao- 
tioo, while sure of it betwfttli her wing ; hvr »otv uf 
ill-oouceal^il fear and obfttn!{wrous deBaoce, when she 
saw her arch-eaoniVi u Dei^bbiir*ii f4it. on tho tn|> u( 
th« high ft-uue, — uiie or olli>er of these sounds was 
to be Jieard »t almost erer^- nminvut nf ibe dav. liy 
(K•g^v*^», tbf obsvrrwr ounie to feel nearly as muoh in- 
terest in this cliickeu of iilustriou* race u the motbor- 
bun did. 

I'hwbe, after getting vrell nrqiiaiiitcd with tbo did 
bun, wiM sotuetimes penuilled to take the cUieken in 
iter luuu), whieli wa« (]iiit«- I'sjiabk) of grtsping it* cu- 
bic innb or two of body. While she curiously examined 
iu hereditary mkrlu, — tlw ptwiiliiir niKTkle of iu 
]ilun)<ig«, tli« funny tuft on its beftd, and a knob oo 
each of its legs, — the liCllc bi|H!d, m xhv inAinu^), kr|)t 
giving her It Nag&cious wink. The d:iguerreoti,-pist 
once whisjierMl Iter tluit tltitte marks iH-tokmiH] tlie 
odditius of tlu' Pyx^beon faiiiily, and that t)>p ebicken 
itself was a ^nibol of tho lifv uf ibe <ild bolls•^ em- 
bodying ilA interpretation, likewise, although an unin- 
telligible out', ns snob clew* p-in-niUy an*. It was a 
{eatbt-i«d riddle : a mystery hatched out of an ©gg. 
Mid juHt as niyMUrious ax if tlie c-gg Iiod l>een addlel 

The secnnd of Chanlieleer's two wiree, ever bLom 
Pl»u'be'» arriral, had liceu !n a irt«t« of heavy de> 
ejMiitdeney, cause*!, as it afterwards appeared, by lier 
innbilily to lay lui «>g^. Onf> day, howerer. by her 
Dulf -important guit. the sidewny turn of her Iwnd, and 
the euck uf Iwr eye, as Hhe pried into one and another 
nook of th« ganlen, — oroakiug to herself, all tha 



with iiwxpivKsiblv mmpliu'viM'ir. — It was ituula 
iMit tluit tliU itli-nttnU l»-u, mtu-h iwi niiuilniu) uii* 
dM^ndmtl hrr. fiurittl Mmuitliuig ■binil brr [H^rwm Uw 
wirtli uf whwli was out u> )« estiiiuiu^tl either m gohl 
or pnuloiH HtODW. ^hnrtlj^ vSu-t tWvf win n jmnlig- 
knM (Twkliu)* and pwftilarino of ChanticWr nnil nil bia 
farailv. inoltuliiif; th« iriz«ii(<d diicken, who appcun><il 
to im>h.-retan<l the uuitler tjiiitv as vrvU lu AiA hia Biru, 
fab mother, itr hit uutit Tlutt uftcruiKiu Ph(EW footul 
K dininutiw <ig^, — not iu the rvpihu- nest, it was £ar 
too pncMUH to bo tniNtml therv, — hut mtminglv hid- 
den undt-T the ciimuit-hivEheH, on some dry stalks of 
Lukt j'ear'ii ^ratA. IIu{ixi)>»h, on teaming thv fact, 
took possMnou of the vgj; and ajijimprintMl it to C'lJf- 
furd'a breakfanl, on •ecunnt of a crrtatn dvlinu-y uf 
fisTor, fur irhic-h, aa she affirote<l, these eg;c^ had al- 
vaya hrcn &uiim;t. Tliuit uaMT»|tul(Hul.v du) thu old 
fcntlfwoman sacrifice tht' continiianoe. pcrhajis. of an 
anvimt fvathcred race, with no iicttcTcnd tlian to sup- 
|>Iy her hrotber with a ilatntj' that hardly tilled the 
bowl *■( a teafS{Hxin 1 It moat hmsn been iu n:ftuvju» 
to thia oatragv that Chanti<'letfr, tfao next day, aooom- 
panicd hy the hervaved motlier of tlw egg, took his 
post in fmni of Plxrln- ami (lifford, and dulivi-nil 
Uttself (if a luimuptc tliat mi^lil luive praved aa long 
his own ]>r<(li^Tr«. hut far a fit of Ricrriment on 
he's ]iikrt. Ucrrapon, the offcnd<><l f<tui stalkotl 
ly on his h>ag mIU», and ult^-rly willidn-w his no- 
tiiw frooi Pbislw and the n-Ht of human nature^ tmtil 
•1m mado her |waiir> witli an ofTning of spioa-oake, 
whidi, next to snuiU, was the delicacy moet id favor 
with hix aristucrmlio ta>t«. 

We Uui;>:r tim long, no doubt, beatde tlits palby riv- 
ulvt of life that flowvd tlmi^h tba ganleu of the 



Pj-iielw^n Itouse. B«t we (Wm it pardonalilv to r«. 

conl tJie«»> nieim uu;t(li<uU niiil \Miot ileiighbi, beiiiuae 

they provwl §o preiitly to Cliffunl's bvwlit. They 

the eartfa-atuell in them, umI i;y>DtnbutMl to ^ve 

' him liMiltli and milMtitnoi-, Sotuv u( hi.i (wru)iat)onB 
wrought leas desirahly ujHin him. tie hiul a aingulat 
prupcitttity, fur cxiuu]ih-, to luing owr Maule'v wuU, 
iLiiil Intik at the constantly shifting; phantasniaf^ria of 
figures protlucotl by tlw nptatiou of the wat«r over 
tht! iii*)sniowiirk of colored jwbblus ut the bottom. He 
Baid that isuivt looknl upwan] Ut him thci-e, — b<:autjfkil 
nrroyiM) in benitciiiji^ smiles. — each moiuent- 
ary face so fair nnd roMy, nik) uvi-nr niuili; m> sunny, 
thut ho fflt wroiigod at its ttuparlure, mitil tho aauoe 
flittin)^ witclioraft made a now one. Btit (tonietimes be 
would Htiddi'nly vry out. " The dark faoe j^azes at me ! " 
anil 1m uii.ieruble tlio whole <luy aftcrwimU. Phoebe, 
whi-n she hung over the fountain by Clifford's aide, 
could ■i^f nothing of nil UiLi, — neither tlio Iwauty nor 
tliu tij,'iinf»<, — but only the folored pebbles, looking 
as if the guah of the waters ohook and diftamtngml 

rtbem. And tho tlark facv. tluit si> troubliil ClilTurd, 
mw no more than the shadow Ihron-n from a branch 
of ono of th4> ilaniM>n.tri^«^ and brmking the inner 
light of Kfaido's wpll. The truth wae, however, that 
his fam-y — reviving*p than hi* will and jiidg^ 
ment, aimI Always tttron^T than they — created sliapeB 
of lovelin«M that were symbolic of hia native rhanM>* 
ter, and now and then a stem and druadful sbl^ tbait 
typifird liis fKt«. 

On Sundayti, after Phonbe had bp«n at oburoh. — 
for the giH had a church-going eonjwicnoe, nnd would 
bardly have been at c«m had she missed either prayer, 
■insist sennon, or benediodoo, — after chureh-tune. 





tlm«fare, tbere ««a, ordbanly, a wtUrr little festival 
in Ute gMilra. la ■ddition to CUfford. Ile|KEitmli. umI] 
Pboflwi, twi) f^veets made tip the Dom|Nuiy. One waa 
tk« artist, llulgmve, wlw, id s|>ite of bU oonaoviaiion 
«itlt rafuniwra, awl bis other qtk«r auil qnertionahlel 
traiu, ouotiiiaed to bold an ebvatad pla» in He|izi- 
l«b'* regard. Tbe otber, we are aliuoM iMluiniitl to 
sajr, was tbe T«Derable UneW Vuiuier, in a deiui ahirt, 
and a broadclotb ocnU. jnotv ii>spectalil« lliuu Iiih nr. 
diaanr mar, inaaniiith ax it wiut ncatlv itutclicd on 
eacb elbow, and might b« called an entire gannant, 
caespt fur a stigfat inequality in ibe kngtb tif itn 
ikilts. Cliffon). on scrural oM-asiona, had neuied ti> 
0ij(t)' tbff i>ld oian's iut*;rvxiurao, fur the sake of bi* 
mellow, dbeerful vpin, whi^rb was like ll>e sw««>t R»\t>tr 
of a froeC-bitten api^P. »iu'b mi <>ne pickit up itniler tlio 
tTM is DwHSQibcr. . A man at tlie very loweHt point uf 
tbe aodal scale was eauer and man agrveable for tba 
fiillim gaoticraan to encounter than a penon at any ' 
of tbe int«TiiHKlinlo degrees : and, moreover, as Clif< 
ford't young manfaowl biul l>ct-n I'xnt, he was fund uf 
feeling hiiuM-lf comparatively youUifu). now, in appo- 
altioii wiib tbe luttriarchal age of UneUt Venncr. In 
imei, it was sometimes observable tliat Clifford balf 
wilfully bid fmm biniM'lf tbe eonsciou-inesH uf being 
■tricki-n in yeani, and i-hBri&hed viAtons nf an earthly 
fittuna still l>efora bun; visitons, however, too ini]i»- 
tiDOlly drawn to Iw fnUitw^il by diMi]>|)oiutmeRt — 
ih^g*!, doubtlraa. by di^pntflsinn — when any casual 
inodent or nouUuclion uuule hiui «enMblc of the wiili' 
i!r«d leaf. 
[8a this oddly '^nnipiKUMl litUe weial purly U!«d to a»- 
able nnder Uie ruinous iiri>or. Ilvpziliali — Ktatcly 
M «irar at boart, uiul yielding not au in<ib of ber old 


^'Utility, but restiu^ upon it ao moch ti»» rooif, aa jitA- 
tifying a princviM-liku ooodcwvnftion — uxliibitud % not 
ungniii«ful hospitality. Sbe talked kindly to the v&> 
gmnt artiHt, nml look tuif;i.' ooimsvl — Uidy u» Hbe was 
— with lite wood-sawyer, tlie oieflsenp.'r of everyljodj's 
T>etty emndfl, the put(>li«wl ))hilo«op>ivr. Aod Um-lo 
Vt'tJiier, who httd atlnlied tlte world at utrMi'iomers, 
and otJii-r posts (><|aAUy widl adiipti^] (or juM obMirru- 
tion, wu as ready to give oat his wisdom as » town- 
pump to gtvv wati.'r. 

" MUs lii^pzibah. ma'am." said he otx^e, after they 
hoA all IwMi cheerful tng«tb«r, " I really I'xtjoy theso 
quiet little mo-tini^ of a Sabhath afternoon. They 
arc v«r}- nnich Idto wliat I cicpoui to have after I retir« 
to my farm ! " ■ 

" Un<'li.t Vi'iincr." oli!tcr%-wl Clifford, in a drowBv, in- ~ 
ward tone, " is alwavs talking about bin farm. But I 
havo a b«tt«r scheme for him, by and by. Wu shall 

•* Ah, Mr. Clifford Pyn<!hvon I " said the man of 
patches, *' you may scbvioe f or me aa much an you 
please; but I 'm not goinj^ t'> pvo up ihL* one svlieme 
of n^ own, even if I never tiring it ii-ally to yauui. It 
does socm to nte tluit men muko a wonderful mistake 
in tiying to heap op property upon property. If I luul 
done so, I should fn'I iw if I^nividcnou was not bound 
to take care of m« ; and, at all eTenln, tlte city would n't 
be t I 'm one of tbom pi^plu who think that ioSnity 
Is h\g cnou(^h for us all — and eternity long eiteu^" 

« Why, so they an.-, Um-le W-nniT." rcmarkfil 
Phtrlic, oftiT a pansv; for she had been trying to 
fathom the profundity and ap]>0flitnDi<m of thi« con- 
cluding u]»thcgm, " Uut for this abort life of ours, 
one n-ould like a house and a moderate ganlciM^t of 
one's own." 



** Tt mppmn to ue," Biiil the ilafcoerrefitypist, nftO- 
tag. " tiuit Uiii-le Venner hu tlw ()riDci|ilcs of Faorior 
at the bonooi ol hia wbdom ; only th«>y have nut (jiute 
■o uiida diatt&otMtn, m ha mvoA lu in that of the qn- . 
ItBBtiiiiig fVewlunMi.'' 

"Cunw. I^Hnbo," Mud HiijuibAh, ** it U tiiuc tn bring 
the rarranbt." 

Anal tl%m, while th« yfUow nchnea* of the declining 
■anUiine Mill fell into tho open b|niui» of thu ^nkm, 
Plmbu bninjjht out * louf of l>ri.-3(t and n pluna bow) of 
«itmst», fn»h)7f;athenMl from thv Uwht-s, luid (-ruidu-d 
with auf^T. These, with water, — bat not froin the 
fooBlaiii "f ill oidkh. rioee at huul. — constituted aU 
dM mlt-rtainoii-Dt. Meanwhile, Hul):mrE< took some 
foina to estabthih an intfirconne wiili Cliffimt. actuated 
it might wem, mtiivlj by on tinpiiL«> of kinilliiniut, in 
(mW that the pnwmt hour mij^t be eheerfuUt^r than 
ino«t which the poor recltiae had spent, or was dnNinedi 
y«l b) np^nit. N<-vi-rtlM'l4-H!t, in th« artiiit's doep, 
dwoglfatf ol, oU^liM-nant eyes, there was. now and then, 
an expnaiiim, not Miui«t^r. Ixtt qai^Mtiuruiblr ; ha if hu 
had BOOM* other interest in tlip scene than a stranfrer. a 
jfMtthtnl and ttDcnnncdMl ailvi>nturer, might In* nnp- 
poMid to bftTS. With ^reat mobtlitj- of oiitwnni iitow), 
howwW tf. hi) applitnl liinim-lf to th*> ta&k of enltwtiitig 
the party : and with so mnrh HtMT<p!W. tltut even dark- 
bued IIfi>zit>ah thrrw off one tint of meliin<-lw>lv, and 
mode wliot ihlft she nmld with ihv rt-ntiiinin[; portion. 
PhonbAnid to hentelf. — "How pleasant be can bel"'' 
Aa for I'nele V.-miC'r, as a murk of fricnilslii)) and «|»- 
ptoWtion, he reailily Pon»erit>.-'l to aEFord the young 
■nan hi* c<ouiitenan4» in the way of his prnfeaatoa, — 
not mMaphoricnlly, b>- ii uii'ii-i^tood, but lilOT«lly, by 
•Uowtag a dagnerreotjpe of lus faoe, so f^wi*"^ to the 


town, to be exhibited at the entrance of Uolgrave'a 

CUfford, as tbe company partook of their little ban- 
quet, ^^w t4> be the jjnyeHt of tJKin all. Either it wa* 
one of du)**3 u|w]iiivL'rin); fliuthvs of thu spirit, to which 
minds in an abnormal atate are liable, or el»e llie ar- 
tist had Miibtly tiiiifhi-*) M)iue rhoni that made musical 
vibration. Indeed, what tritb the plea^nt summer 
•v«iitng, and tlte nymimtliy nf tliU Utile circle of not 
tmkindly soola, it was perliaps natural that a character 
•0 susceptible aa CliftonVn sltould beconM) animated, 
oud show it«clf n-adily responsive to what was said 
around him. Ittit he ^ve out hia own tlioughta, liko- 
wi»c, witli un aiiy and fuDviful glow ; so that they gUs- 
t«ned, m it wer«, tiirough tJiu arbor, and made llieir 
Mcape amonj? the interstices oF the folia^Tc. fie had 
DMii u clwHtrful, no doubt, while alone with PlKi>l>e, 
but never with such tokens of acute, althougli partial 

But. as the sunlight left the peaks of thv Seven Gar 
blea, 90 did tlie excitement fade out of Clifford's eyea. 
He gtued va<^icly and moumfully about him, aai if lie 
missed sonutthing precious, and miased it tlw more 
drearily for not knowing pr«ctM,>ly wliat it was, 

"I want my happiness!" at last ho murmured, 
boanely and indiNlini'tly, hardly sliaping out the wonla. 
" Slaoy, many years have I wailotl fur it ! It ia late 1 
It ifl Iat« ! I want my happiness ! " 

Alna, poor Ctiffonll Vmi arc old, and worn wiU) 
trouUefl titat ought never to have befallen you. You 
, m partly eriury and partly imtxynle ; a ruin, a failure, 
aa alinont cverybo<ly is, — tltough some in less degree, 
or less pcn-ciilibly, than tltvir fellowa. Fat« haa no 
liappiue&s in Btore for you ; unless yoor quiet hcnne in 



die old Sunfly residence with the faithful Hepzibah, 
and your long snmmer afternoons with Pboebe, and 
these Sabbath festivals with Unde Veoner and the 
dagneneotypist, deserve to be called happiness I Why 
not ? If not the thing itself, it is marrellonBly lihe it, 
and the more so for that ethereal and intangible qual- 
ity iriuch canses it all to vanish at too close an intnv 
spectaon. Take it, therefore, while yon may ! Miu^ 
miir not,— question not, ^ but make the most of itl 



jF^OM tlic ini?rt»(«s, nr what vre uuj t«nn Uw 
tative character, of his onUnarf mood, Clifford wot 
perliajM have been content to spend one iay after an* 
other, interminably. — or, at least, tbrou];hout the 
nuinnier-tiiue, — in jiut tiie kiud of life deaoribed in 
the pFMwiling pug<^a> Fuiicytiig, liowcvur, tluit it might 

|be for his benefit oceasionally to diversify the scene, 
jlhaehc HiinietiuH.'« Hugg«Mt4>d that he idioiild look out 
the life of the street. For tliis purpose, they 
used to mount tlw sturvose tii^ri-Uior, to the ucood 
of th<! hotLie. where, at Uie terfninatioii of h wide 
sntiy, there wiis an ait'hed window of un<-(imim)nly 
large dimennionH, Hliaded by a pair of eurlaiiu. It 
opened aljore the pt^rcb, where there luu) formerly 
been a baK<ony, tlte balustrade of which liad long siiioe 
gone to decay, and bocn remorai. At this arched 

^window, throwing it oj)en, but keeping himwlf in ooro- 
itive i>lim-iirity by nieuiiK of dn> nirtaiii, ClilTnTd 
had an opportunity of witnessing suoh a portion of the 
great world's movement an might Iki »uppo««d to roll 
Uimitf^h one of the retired streets of a not very popu- 

lions city. But he and I'liccbe made a Aijj^it att wuU 

> worth He«ug a» any tluit tl>c cin- coidd exhibit. The 
pale, gray, childish, a^ed, luelaneboly. yet often simply 

kdheerfid. iuitl HomuLime» il»!li<>ately inlflligful asjiect 
of Clifford, peering from behind the faded crimson of 



OQitiin. — wntobing Umi muootoar of imrj-Avj 

lUieucM wilb s kiod of iDuooaequeotial iutercftt and 

fnwtfrmaB, and, at eTvry |>ettj^ tlimh of hU Kc-rMilii]- 

ity, tunung fair ajnopothy lo Ibo eyes of the bright 


If onoe ha wcie birly M*t«d at llie window, evoi 
FjrBolwaa SCnH wooltl banlly be au dull and Inaiely 
bat Uwt. aoawtrbara or other along Ha vxtvnt. Clitford 
mi^a diaoover Eoatber to oocujn- his eyv, aiwl titUlMe* 
if not enfroGBi, hia otmervalioD. Tbinpi familiar lo 
tbtt yotngeat child tliat had begun Jla outlook at ex- 
ictcoM seemed strangv to bin. A ml) ; aa ouuibua, 
with ito populous iitteriof. droppiti); here aad th^re ft 
paaMoger, and picking up anotli4>r. and tlitu typifying; 
tliat TMt rolling vdiieK thi» worlil. the eul of wlmaa 
yaaxuxj la oip-nn-wbt-n' and DowhiT" : th<>M* olijcf-tii ba 
ftdlowrd BOgvdy ^-ith bis eyvs. bat forj^t thetu before 
tbtt diut nuMed by tlw horwH and wbe^-Lt ha:il s«ttled 
abng; tjM-ir tjack. As rvpudM nuvtrlti^^ (anion); 
which raha aad otnnibtiaeH were to be reckooeil), his 
mind appeared to ba<n> lost ihi proper gripe and retco- 
Mmiiaii Twii>t or thrice, for example, during tJie 
amuiy hmtn of tI>L< day. a wntrr-cart went uluiig by 
tlte PymJison Houw, k-aving a broad wake of mois- 
tened earth, bstoad of the wKit^ du»t that had riMn 
at a lady'* Ugfateat footfall : it was like a stuuner 
shower, which tbe rity aiitl»>ri(>M had caught ntxt 
tamMl. aad cnai[>aUed it into the eommo&ait routine 
of tbcir ooannienc*. With the wateiM^art Clifford 
ooald nPTer grow familiar : it always afTpctttl liiu 
with just the mav iuirpri.4e ax at first. His mind took 
an apparently sharp iupn-Hniun from it, but lo<n the 
raooUMtiaa of tliia perambtdatory iibower. before its 

Cippeaiaaea, at couipiMaly as did the street it- 




Klf, along: wlitrh the brat an quickly screwed wliite 
dust agHin. It was tli« mxae witli Uti< ruilnxtil. Clif- 
ford could hear the obstreperous howl of the st«am- 
devil, and, bj luaoing n little way fnm tbo arched 
window, eould catch a glimpse of the tniat of can, 
Bushing n brivf tnuittit anmHH tliu cxtmniity of the 
street. The idea of terrible energy thus fom.<d upon 
him wnx new at every recurrcDOo, and seemed to aflvH 
hill) at) dUa^;reeflbly, and with almost as much surprise, 
the hundredth tinw hh the fimt. 

Motliing ^ves a sadder aense of decay than this loss 
w auspenflioti of tlie jx^wcr to dvol with uoaocuiitam«d 
things and to ko«p up n-ilh the swiftness of the |>ass- 
ing uion>ent. It can nu-ri'ly Iw a suxiMitdcil auinin* 
taon ; for. were the power actnaily to perish, tbnre 
woukl he little us«' of immortality. We an- tuw than 
ghosts, for the time being, whenever this calamity be- 
falls n». 

Clifford was indeed tlie most inveterate of conscrri 
tivoit. All the ajitiigtie fnMhiouaof the Mreet were d«ar 
to him ; even such as were ehanteterize<l by a rude- 
neu th;tt would natumlty liave aunoye<l hiit fastidious 
senses. He loved tJte old rumbling and jolting carts, 
tlie former track of whidi he still found in his long- 
buried remembrance, as the observer of to-day finds 
tlie whi^'l-trackii of ancient vebiclM in Hereidaneiim. 
Tbt> biilcbcr's cart, with its snowy canopy, was an ac- 
ceptable object ; so was tlie tiih-rarl. bi^ndded by its 
horn ', to, likewiKC, was tbe coiuitriitian'K vait of veg& 
tables, plodding from door to door, witli long pAuws 
of the patient horiur, while hi« owner drove a trade in 
turnips, Gsrrots, suiumer-squoshes, string-beans, green 
peait, and new {xitatocs. with luUf the liouwwivM of 
the neighborhood. Tbe baker's cart, with tbe harab 





iu Im>Us, liad a pleasant tifft^'t >)ii nifTim). Iw- 
frw Lliit^ oUe (li<l, it jiu)^U'4l thti rviy dw- 
Moanee of yore. Ou« afternoon a aaaaor-griiMlvr 
ffiioMi to wt liiM whn-l a^ing under the Pyncbsoa 
Efaii,«Ml just in fronlof the arched winduw. ChQdnii 
tmrnu nttming with thi-ir mothers' «ei««urra, or tba rarv 
in|;-laiifa. or the paternal raaor, qt anjrthiitg ebe that 
h^ed an edge (exoepi, Indr^Hl. ]i>Mir Cliffonl'x wtt»), 
Uttf thu fpinder might ajii'ly tbt! ardclD to hin nutj^c 
<HHMal| and jpn it Im-k ok |^kI m nt'w. Kmind wi^ot 
tke basQjr rerolriug machinery, kept in motion t>y (hv 
■naflor-jpintlttr's fuut, aud wore away the hani Rtecl 
agauuit the bard stone, whence isstwd an inttiRM- uid 
■pfaafn l proloQgatioa of a biwt aa fienw aa thune etuitt«d 
Iqr Sltan and his compeers in Paodetnoniucn. though 
miwufid inUi am&Ucr i^ompasK. It wim nn ui^ly, Itttie, 
^vDonouii avrpent of a noian, aa erer ilid petty vtulcnea 
to hanian mrs. I^t Cliffnril tiHl«-i)t.-d with nijrturoas 
(Mij;ht. Thf Miiind, himi-riT di>uigrc»-al>li.>. had vety 
hrink ttfp in it, and. Ini^ther witli the cirvle of I'uriotu 
cliaMnm wat<-hing thit n-vidiiuono of the whm-l. ap- 
pouvd U\ ^\-^ him a avrv i-iWil st-nse of ai'tit'e. hiust- 
Jmp. and Nimidtiny e-xiNti-twv tluui he luul attaiuMl in 
•btKMt any other way. Nevcrthtjera, itfi charm lay 
dwffly in thr pnjit : fur thi« wiaaar^DdcT'it whi-vl hud 
UmkhI in his rkildioh ears. 

Wv ■onietiraM mndo doli^ul omnplaint that ther* 
weiv no stuffe^conches nowadajH. Ami he asked in an 
injarv)) tone wliat hatl lH<pnmr< nf all tlioM alil M|tuirt«- 
tofi chaiaes, with win^ i^tickiii;; out on eittier side. 
that oaed to be drawn In,' a )il(>iigh-lM>rs)'. aii<l dri\'«>n 
I by a faxWMt't wifv and dau);hter. jteddling whortJu- 
hcrrtea and hhwkberries alHUtt thr> fiwii. Thidr dia- 
appearsaua maiU him diMibt, be said, wbistber the hot- 


rim bad not left off growing ia thu broail |KUttiirus and 
along tl>e Hlrady eotmtn,' Iaii«e. 

But nnytbiog that u|>pt'jdc(l t» th« wum.' of btauty* 
in however bumble a vray, did not require to \» recooi- 
□Mmdwl t>y tbetw old wwociatintw. I'bix was observa- 
ble wben one of tboae Italian boy» (wIm> are ratlicr a 
nivdcm fnituiv of our ntruet*) cauw along witli bis 
bairel-orgao, and Htoppod under tbe wide and cool 
iiltiulowa of the idiu. With bin ijiiii-k profvxMional i'y« 
lie took note of tbe two faces watching bini from ibe 
ttrch<-d window, and, ojH-ning bix inittruitivnt, Ix^ui t<» 
umtti^^r ita mdodin abroad, lie bad a monkey on bia 
HboiildiT, drt:»aetl in a llighluiH) plaid: and, to cniu- 
plete the mm of Epk-ntlid attractionH vrherewith be 
ptt'-tt^nUxl bimiivlf to (liv piiblitT, tlwrt- wim u roinpiuiy 
of little figures, whose sphere and habitation waa in 
till' mahogany vivtv of hin nrgnn, and wIwim; pnnviplu 
of lifp wa» tlie mnsic whitb tliv Italian miute it hia 
business to grind out. In all llM'ir variiHy of (K^-upa- 
tinn, — tlu! cobbler, tho blaelbuuith, thv soldier, tbe 
huly with bvr fan, tlie topor with bin txrttbN tlie milk- 
maid nittiiig by her eovr, — Uiis fortunate little society 
migbt ti-uly be said to enjoy a lianuouious exiBteniT, 
ami to make life literally a danou. Tbe Italian turned 
a croak ; nud, lirhokl ' ttvery one of theae iimall tndi- 
viduala started into the mo«t carioua nvac-ity. The 
o^bler wrooglit upon a nhoe ; tbe blacksmith liam- 
mere<] his iron ; tlie soldier waved bis glittering blade ; 
the Iwly miMnl n tiny breeze with hev fan : the jolly 
toper swigged lustily at his bottle : a Mliobir o]wum1 
his book with eager thirst for knowledge, and lurmHl 
his iM-ail to and fro along tiu^ l>agi- ; thr milkinaid en- 
fifgeticallr drained Iter cow : and a miser munttrd gold 
into his strong-box, — all at the aantv turning of a 




■nk.' Yes; and, moi-vd bv tlie self-Mine ini)>n]-«>, 
lam miJuukI hin luiMtrvm »u her Up«! I'i>s.-ilily 
cyuic, Kt ooce rnvrnr and bitter, luul liamred to 
rignifjr. in tbi» puituiiuiuie tcene, tint vn tuurtali^ 
wfMtevcr oar businviw or amosanent, — bowvver wri- 
otu, bowvTvr trttlbg, — all UAQce to ona iitralkal 
tme, atu). io spite trf oar rtiLkiilna's lu-tivitv. linns 
nr^tt.tfg fituUly to pBU> Fur tli« must reuiarka)}li< 
Riqwct of tbe nilair wilo. tliut. tit th» ce— tino of tlm; 
ntuaic. ererylMxly wit!) petriKtxl, at once, (roin the inasl;j 
mtianfpuit Iif« tntn a thiail turpur. Neither wok tb* ' 
cobUiir's kboe finUhol, nor tiiu blwksmilb*s tnm 
iluiped out; nor wiw Uiun' n (ln>p Uh* nf bratnlj' in, 
tbe toper's bottle, nor a tln(|> luttre of luilk io tin ' 
MiUunakl'B {Mil. uor oat* adttititinal coin in tlit> iniwr'H 
Nroog-lxx, iKir wwi tliv hcIuiLit a pagw dnejwr in bin 
book. All won; pnt-iM^ly in tbe aane n>p(liti<m »»' 
Wunt tltey maiki tltuRuelvm %o ri<lic-u]<>iiH by tlKir 
ta toil, tu luijoy, to aocnniiiUtv }0''''* !""' ^ ^^"^ 
wiaa. Satliltist of all, tuunniwr, tin- \i'vv.v ^na* 
itaMU] the luppiur f»r tiio nuiden'fl i^nuitMl kiM ' B^tt, 
tathtf than awaUnw thir) tiut too arrkl iugrwlicut. vra 
reject tbe whole moral of tin' show. 

TW tnookt.'y, mivnwhDt*, with » thick t»il riifling 
oot into prcpoetPToas prolixity frum heneaUi hta Uu^ 
laiw, took bin »tatt>in nt tlw [tiiliitn'H fm-t. H<> tumeitl 
a wriokleil antl alHimlmible little \-iKap- to ercrr )i«« 
ir-by, ami to the i-itvle of cbildren that nood gutlwreil 
AMUut and to lle]ixiliah*s sbofi-door, and apwanl to 
th« arvlwd window. wIm-hcv I'lwcbe and Cliflfiml were 
looking down. Kvery uiontent, al»o. 1m.- tiK>k off hia 
Ui|;hlauil Iwtiuet, and )it?rformed a Imw and ncrmpe. 
Sooieiitaeft. monMV(>r. he iiiadv )wTM>ua) iip(itii-:itiiiii to 
imliir Hiiplf , tkohliiiff out hlj siuall black palm, atul 


otfaerwiMi pUinly ugnlfjini; hiit excessive desire for 
wluitovtii: RlUiy liivrti rnigbt bapiwii to be la anylmdy'* 
pocket. Tli« lULiui untl low, yet strangely uiau-Iilio 
expiiDwioii of bis wUt«(l oounteDxnou : the iit^uig Hud 
crafty glauoe, that abowetl bim ready to gripe at eveiy 
luiitui'iible advantage ; liis eiionnuun Uul (Uto enomiouo 
to be dMUiiitly ciMiiwalvd under bU gabarditie ), and 
tlie tltfviltry of nature wbiub it butokenul, — Utkv tliu 
ninukoy junt wt lut wa.-*, in nlti>rt, and you oould desire 
no Wtter ima^e of tbe Mainmon of copper <'aiii. nyro- 
bolixing the groftsent form of ibe love of money. 
NuitJuT wax therv any possibility of iialii<fy!ng the 
covetous little devil, PtMsbe threw dovm a whole 
hiuidful uf <:t>nt'i, wbicb be picked u]i witlt joyletui 
ea^^iead, liaiided tbttui over to tJiu Italian (or miffr 
keeping, and iiuniediatL'ly reoommenced a series of, 
pEuitomimic {K^titiotiH for luoru. 

Doubtlt^H, inon- tliaii one New-Euj^landcr — or. ]<>t 
him be of what coiuilry he might, it is as likely to he 
the ease — {uuttwil by, and Uirt:w a look at Uw nionki»j-. 
and went on, without imagining how nearly hi» own 
moral condition waa hpro exemplifiotl, Cliffoi-d, how- 
ever, was a being of anollK-r onlur. He bad takeu 
ehildish tlelight in the inusin, and Hiailt-d, too, at the 
figiu'es which it set in nintiim. But, afttrr looking a 
wbilu at tlto l<>ng4aUet) imp, be was so tihocked by his 
horrible uglinvNM. Hpiriuud lut well km phyKiral, that h«fl 
actually l>egan to Hl>e<! tears ; a weaknewi wbtvh men 
uf niL-rt-ly delio.-tt*^ vnduwmviibi, and tlvctitute of i)m; 
fiercer, deeper, and more tragic power of laughter, can 
bartlly avoid, when tin- wornt and nii^anest aspect ot J 
life )ia|))M'nH to U; preseotfd to itieiu. 1 

Pyni'^la-on Street wbh »oinetiineit enlivened by «pea- 
tacW of more imposing pretensions than tlie ah 




nnd whii-b t)r«>ii^ht lh<^ mnttilttde nlong with them. 
With a shivfM-ui^ repi](;nan(!e at the idea of perMiual 
Miiitwt with th« wiiriil, iK {iitwvrfiil impulse still »ei/«<) 
on ClifTuril, wht^n«vfr the niiih and rnar of tJio hmtiau 
tide grrw ulnin^ly Hiiilihlv lu him. ThiK wii» iniulo 
(^riilvnt, one chir, when a politii'al pvocpssion, with 
hnnitretlH <>f Hiuiulin^i; liaiiiifi-H, ami druiii«, 6fv^, elnri- 
ons, and cjnihulif, ruvt^^rhoruting between the rows of 
buihlin{ps otan-hn] all thmiigh town, un<l tnuW tbi 
l«ngtli of tmnipltn^ footstepH, slid luntit infrequent 
tipnmr, |jaKt ilic onlituirily (|iiift lltniHe of the S^^vt-ii 
liable*. As n mefe object of sight, nothing is ntore 
defictmt in pictutwMjw fi-nttina* lluin n piwi-wion "wn 
m its pusagc throngh narrow atreets. The sjteelator 
fwU it to Im* fool'* ]ila_v, wlwn he ean di.<tinpiiiiji tho 
t««ltuus n>inn)nnpla<-e of eiu-h man's visage, with the 
pcnjiinition iiit<t wvan^ M,-lf-ini]>i>rljmt'e on it, snd the 
Wt^ out of bin inntaloons, and the stifFiieaa or hmttf 
of ht» nhirt-iNtUiir, ami tli« diut cm the hock nf hix 
Uack e()ut. In order to become nutjestie. it stionltl be 
riowwl from Mm» nuilogf point, as it rolls it« «Iow 
uid long array t)iroiif;li the centre of a wide pt;iin, or 
thu atattilteHt public Mptaru nf a c-ity: for iIk-m, by ita 
reraoteDeas, it melts all the petty personalities. o( 
wliicli it i» tiiaili> lift, iikti) nne hruad inaH.4 of exislenee, 
— ouH grvat life, — one ix>llci-tcd lio<1y of niankinil, 
witli B vxil. hnmnf^neoua spirit animating it. But, 
no the other hiuwl. if an imprettxihU.- [wnKin, stuDding 
bImip over the brink of one of these prui-eHHiunN. should 
behold it, not in itif ntoms but in its aggregate,— as 
a raighty river of Ufu. massive in ilM tide, and black 
with uytttory, inil, nut of its de)ith<;. calling to the- kiu> 
dn-d depth within him. — tlien the eimliguily would 
adil in tliv efff.>ct. It might to fuMnnate him that ho 


wouli) liimlljr Iw reAtraiuvN) froiu jtltingiug into tlie 
Burgin'; stn^utu nf Uitmnti )iytii|)!itIii<.-». 

So it iirov«'l with Cliffoiii. He shuddered ; be grew 
pab; hs tliniw ui a|>]>eiUing l<M>k M Ilv|iid1iali and 
PIwIm'-, who were with biiu at the wiodow. Tlwy 
coDiprehendetl tioUiiii^ of Iiik fiiiotioiiH, itnil HU])|M>aeii 
him iiM-rely diHturbed by the imaocuKtonxtd tumult 
At Wt. vritli ImninlotiH liiiiW. htt atiul^tl up, set bis 
foot on the wiudow-sill, aod iu iiii iusUnt mure would 
hnve b«en in thf un^mnled ha3<!iiuj-. Ah it wan, the 
whole procesaioQ misht have stva hitu. a vriUI. hti);}^*'^! 
fi^itn.', htH ^r.\y lui-lc» tlmiiinj; in Uti? wind that waved 
their baunerti : a louuly beio};, «8tnng<id fnuu liis 
laoe, but now fecliaj; liiiuwdf itiau again, by virtue of 
the invpreaaible inAtin<^t tliat )iosai;-ii<HHl bim. Hud 
CUffurd attained tbo balconj, he would probably liav« 
Icafwd into tlin stroi-t; hut whethttr int|M>lled by tlie 
8pevip4 of terror thiit itntnetini<»s ur<^'!t it« vii-tim owr 
ih*! vttry pntctpiee which hv iihrinlu fmin, or by a 
Dutunil niitf^utisiu, tcudin^ towards tJte great i^ntre 
of hniuauity, it wei-e not csmy to th^'ido. llolb lui- 
pnlMs nii);bt have wrought on him ut once. 

But hia companion!!, a(Tright<'4l by him giwtun.!, ^ , 
which was that of a man hurriMi away in spite of] 
himself, — seia?d Cliflfnrd'ii |j;artnent and hi-ld him 
biu'k. lli-pcibidi ^hriek^. l*ha.-bi-. to whom all ex- J 
trav3|;aiic« was a horror, hurst into suIm and tears. I 

"Clifford, Clifford! are you cnwy?" cried hix 

*> I hanlly know, Hopzib«ih," said difforil, drnwiug 
a loujj biTath. "Fear nothing. — it is over now, — , 
but hail I takon tlutt plungi-, and Mnrvivctl it, mi^thinks , 
it would have nuide me luiother man ! " 

Possibly, in some sense, Clifford may have beeuj 

' ijgllt. Ha lMWcte4l it thork ; nr |ierha|>a lie re<[iiirMl to 
take • (leep, <leep pluiigK intu Uti^ nf»n »f biiniut lif<r, 
and to siuk dovrn anJ lie voninKl by its prafoundntisA, 
lad then to enier^, Holi^rvtl, tnrigorabMl, reabuntl to 
IIm world and to hiiuivlf. PprhsfM. agiuii, he reqtured 
ttotbing leas than lb« |pvat lioal rviunly — death ! 

A Jiiitiitar yi-ATning to renew th« broken links of 
hrothvrhiMHt witlt his kind iwmetjmes ohowed itaelf in 
a tnildur form ; and iin<» it was madt- boautiftd by thai 
nt^on tkat lay ewa dwjter tlian itaelf. lu the inci- 
drat now to Iw itkvlrht-d, tlu-n- wim a touching rveogni- 
tiiao. ou C^Uffunl's part, of God'a pan* and \ovc towanU 
lum. — lowanlN tliiw poor, forwikini unm, wbo. if any 
moftal «DuM. tiit;;lit have b^n pardoueil fur reganling 
himivlf aa thrown aaiih-, for^tten. and left to bt> the 
apcirt of Houie fiend, whoae playfulneaa waa an txMmy 
of mischief. 

It wB8 the Sabbftth momin)'; tint' of thow bright, 
Sabbathii, witli ita own hallowitl atninfl])lit>rp. 
Heaven seemn to diffaae itself over the t^arth's 
I En a rtiiliinn luiiili-, tin It-es sw*^x than aohmin. On 
■■J) a Sabtiath mom, wi-n- wi- inirp pnongh to be ita 
iin. we sboul'l t<e iwoM-ioiia of the earUi'ii tuiiunil 
ip uoMtding tiiroitgli nnr fnunut, on whatever 
^■pot of gronnd we stood. The ehurch-lieUa, with v»- 
rinoa lonra, Irat all in harmony, wnrv calling oot. and 
napondiii^ to one snollicr. — "It ia the Sabbath ! — 
The SaUiaUi t — Yea ; th« A«l>b«tb ! " — and over 
the whole city the bells scattered the bleaaed sounda, 
Diiw sliiwlv. nivw with Hvi-Hw joy, now one V-U alono, 
ftiiw all tlie belU togetb.T, crj-ing eanMOtly, — " It is 
the Sablnth ! " ami flinging; tlwir ncomta afar off, to 
. into tbe air, and ]>>Tvade it vrith tho hi^Iy wurd. 
air, with God's sweetest and tenderest Bun^biua 



in it, wan uteet for iiiankiud (u breathe iuto their 
hvHrts, luiil Mcnd it furtli ngiuii us lh« ulbtnwoe of 

OlifTonl Kat at th« wiinlnw witli Ilfpzibiih. watobin^ 
the Dutglibors &» U>ey stepped into thu titre«t. All of 
them, Ii(iwi!V(!r unapiritiuil <>n other tiayii, wen* tisnidi^- 
orcxl by the Sabbath influent : so that their rer; gat^ 
ineiitA — wlii-tlM-r it vH'Tv. aii olil iiiiiird (iivcnl wnt well 
bnishcxl for the thoiDuindth time, or a liltl« l>c>y'H first 
sack ttiul trouHHrH tbiiidiM) ymt^-rditv by his niotber's 
ttocdlv — luid somewhat uf thct quality' of aM-i^uHion- 
robe«. Forth, likewise, fmtii the ixtrtul of tbi* old 
bouMr, PhfidH-. putting up her small prwn hhii- 
shade, aiid throwing upward a ghulol^ aiir) Hiiuk- of 
parting kindneHS to the faces at the amlied windnw. 
In her aapent titers Wiw a fiuniliar ^adn«ws and a bo- 
linem that you could play with, and yet reveiYiiue it 
M mnch as ever. Slw via like » pmycr, offvriKl up lu 
tbi! lK>n)i-lit^t l>eauty of oni'i) uiotlier-tonpie. Kresh 
was I'hu-be, moreover, and uiry oimI HWeot iu her ap- 
parel ; aa if nothing that slw wore — nuither her 
gown, nor her xtnuli r^tmw iMitinvt. nor bt*r littli; ker- 
diii'ft any more than her snt)wy st4K-kingH — luid ever 
been pnt on Iwforo ; nr, if worn, were all the freslwr 
for it, and with a fragrance as if tln-y hiul lain among 
the roM-bwta. 

T)u! fprl ware<l her hand to Hopzihah and CliflTonl. 
and wi'rnt up tbit stn^-t; a rt'li^finn in herself, warm, 
Hiinple, true, with a sulMtiuwTi: tlutt i-nitld walk on uuth, 
and a ti|nrit that was capable of heaven. 

" Iliipzibah," axkwl ClifTunl, aftvr watcliing Phabe 
to tint (Winner, " do yon never go to chun^b '! " 

" No, C'lifTonl I " dhv rvpliod. — "nut tlivvc monjr, 
many yean I " 



- Wen- 1 to b» thety," he rrjottted. " it Mema to ; 
thai t rouKl pray oow mom, wlieD w many 
•nob) ««re jirajiug all arcMuul aw\ " 

Sbr looknl inl') I'lifFordV furc, ntul lietM'lil tlierv n 
nft iuUhtkI effusino : fur bin heart guabe*! out. as it 
wnv. ADcl nm over nt hi* vtcm. in itrli^htful nrvpr 
fnr Gih], and kitMlljr affertimi for bis huinsn brvthreo. 
Tbtf MDCitioQ cnuimiuiimti^ itAvlf to i It^jir-itKUi. Slii; 
jHurnMl to tnkv him by tht- hwiil, aixl pi and 
iknrn, tlx? Iwn t^tfMlxr. — iMrth ao long sejinrnle front' 
ibu wiirlt), aiul, a» nix- ni>w rwognixvd, w-nrtvly friviitlii 
vitli (lira ahtive, — to VnnvX down an>on>; the peofile, 
umI b« nx^imcilrd to G»<) niul inui at oiKV. 

^ D«-ar hrolher," caiil she. v^mMUy, "let as go! 
Wi- bi-lon;; nowlien-. Wc Imve not a foot <if »\aux in 
amy f^hutvli tii la»%l ti|N>ti : hut lot ttt pi t» Mimt; pliuw ' 
of wonhip, K\ea if let staiitl iii tbt) bnai) aiHlu. Pc 
Milt fomken an we are, soiiui pew-dour will W oiieiic<l 
tu ub!" 

So Uvpsibaifa aitd her bnither iiuulo tKvnuwIii 
mdy, — BM rvady aw iIm-v could in the bmt of their 
ald-fn«hiuneil garment^), wlui'h biul hutig ou yv^ at , 
bwn buil away in trunks, so lung that the damiiDc 
uhI iDoubly suiell of the \am was on thorn. — ttuule 
^imm^J wiM ready, in thoir faded bi-tti-nu^iKt, t; go to 
chnrch. lliey duM-'CDded the staircase to^nether, — 

nnl, mUow I It'inilicih. mul [lalr, (•nuu'tulfl, a;;e- 

ickt-'D ClilTurd t Tbey jiidleil iipeo the frunt dixir, 
ukd Htrfitwd arrom tht' ihn-idinltl, luul fi-lt, Ituth of 
ihi-in, a» if Ihejr wrrv etuidin^ in the preaencv nf the 
whole world, and with u»iikiiKri> ^-iit aii<l u-n-iblv 
uyv uD thntn aliHM. The eye of their Father seemed 
to be withilniwn, aad gave llu-m no i-nc<iiimgfiui>tit>j 
The wtum Mumy air of thu Ktrvct uuulu tln-ui iduvBr.^ 


T]ii>ir heaitH qtiak^d vritilin tliem at ibe idea of taking 
DIM) )fU-]i fai'Utvr. 

"It cannot be. Hepzibah I — it i» loo late." said 
Cilffowl, with ilct'ii iwltM'iiH, " We are ghmstol We 
have DO ri(;lit amonj; liiunan beinj^ — no right any- 
vrhi^ni but in ihU nld lioiis«. whioli hati a curae on it, 
anil whiob, thercfon-, wv am <liKiiriv(l (o haunt ! Anil. 
lw>i(]f!^" be M>nlinue<1. with a faiitidious Mfosibilit)', 
inalinnnbly cIiiirat>trr>Hti(' of th« nuui, " it wmili) not 
bft fil nor bfaittifitl to g« ! It la an uRly tliou-jlit tliut 
1 Hhouhl Iw frightful to my fcUow-Wiugs. and Hint 
ohihiivii would cling to their mutbeTs' gowas nt si^lit 
of mc!" 

They dtnmh hack into the dusky ]>aHsat^--w-ity, and 
cloaed tlw iloor. lint, p^nag up Hw Miairc-asc again, 
tliity found the whole iiiterior of the house tx'nfuld 
more dtatual, and tlw air closer and lu,-avier, for tlio _ 
glimpne fuid breath of freedom which they had juiit fl 
snatohei). Tliisy cwild not flc« : their jaik-r had but 
left ihu (liH>r ajar m moekery, and stood behind it to 
wntch them fttcalinf; out. At tlie ihre^hold, they felt 
his pitiless pripe upon tliem. For, what other dungeon 
i^ Ko dark as one's own heart. Wluit jailer »o inexor- 
able as one's aelf 1 

But it would l>e no fair piHnre of Clifford's tttate of 
mind were we to repn.-»ent bim as oontinually or pre- 
Tailingly wrettdieil. On tlte eotitrary. tliere wm do 
other man in the eitv. we are bold to affinii. of si> inuoh 
ajt half hU years, who i-iijoycd ho many lij;htw>inv and 
griefleas nimnents us liiiiisclf. lie had uo bnrden of 
rare U)¥>n him; then> wen- none of lb<PUM|iii-<<tionKand 
eontin)>(.-iii-ies with the fiilun> to be iteUlt-d whii-h wear 
away all other liveji, and render iheni not wurlli having 
by the very procoM of providing for their support. In 



TUB Aiicttuti n'lxnon: 


Utiii mpf<4 lif vma n rhiM, — it rhllil fnr thu wbiJfl 
trna »f bis esistimce, bo it Icn^ ur short. IemIl-imI, lita 
IUt> wpHM-al b) U- nUuiiliag »>till at n ]N'ri(Kj liitli' in 
-nuice of childixiitd, lUi^l to clu^er aU tis n-uittUcei 
ftboat tliat fiKK-h ; jaM m, uft4-r i1m> tiiqmr of ■ bi«« 
blow, tl>e suff«n-r*8 ivvivia^ cuDscio«tfinefla goes bsrk to 
a motncDt i-ouHidetably behinil Uie uvialriit that stup<^ ■ 
find bim. He sntiMtiines told Pliicbe and HejKcil; 
hia dnaau, in wbit^It b<- inrarialily |))ay«d Uh* |iart of 
a chQil. or a wry yonn^; nuia. So vivid wrc tlier. in 
l» tvlatjon of tbt-ui, that b« oaix held a i]iH|iul« vrilli 
hi* iiafair an to tin- jmrtii-uliir ti^irr or print of ii rhint 
nominj^raaa. which in- hiut mi>n tlit-ir tuotlwr wrar,' 
in 11m! dHtam of tlic iirvcvtling ni;;lit. ilefiinbah. piqu- 
ing benwlf oil a wnninnV aniira''V in »>urh nnitti-nt, 
he^d il to be slightly ililTerent from what fliffoni de- 
■oribodl but. priMliidng Uw very gown from an old 
tnink, it jinivrd to lie idt^itt<^ with liis rein^ttihnutc^ 
of it. Miu) t lilTonl. ov^ry time that iMt ejnerged 
of dreaniH so lifi-like, underj<:one the loitnra of trana- 
fomtntion fn>ni a Ixiy into an ohl ;ind ttmkon man, < 
daily ivt-iirn-nif of tho shook would have h«en tooi 
raofii to iMar. It wonltl hart! cauAetl an avule a^ny 
to thnll frt>in th« nioming twilight, sill the day througl) 
Biiiil iHiltint'' ; and rvt-a tlx-n would have mingled ai 
ilnll. insonitahlu (uiin, and |>allid hue of niiMfortitne, 
with tlx! viiiionnnr' hlcKHn and adoli'st-encv of his aluni-j 
Iwr. Hot th>- n!>^htly mnonthinv intiTwovi- itxt-tf witb] 
th« moming uiftt, and eDw]o]ie<l biw as in a rube, 
which b» hug^Hl alxiiit biH ix-non, and iwliloni h-t n*- 
alititnt pierre cltmiij^h ; he was not uftt'n quit« itwiike, 
but Hlvpt o|M>im>yrd, aud )H-rltu]n fniu-it^d hiniM'lf iihk 
dreaminjir ihtn, 
TlitM, lingvring alwaya mi nc«r bin childhood, ho 

TttE Horsn 

luui flvnipathies with irhildrcn, uiw) kc]it Iiin Itinirt ths 
freshtr tlicn-liv, lik« ii n^st-rvoir iiiUt which rivulets 
were pouring not fur from ilw fouiiUiin-lwaul. Thoitgli 
)>n' von (<•<!, by a auhtile aenac of propriety, from tlesir- 
ing to ajMoctat« with them, hv lovoi f^-w thiii^ Iw-tu^i- 
tlinn t4> look out of the an-hed window, and utn » little 
girl driving her hnop :diii)g (Ih'. itiiltswalk, or Hchnnl- 
boys ut a game of Itall. Thtir vuioo», also, wvre very 
pleasant to him, heard at u dUtatiM, all awamuDg awl 
iutemiiiigliiig together as flieH do in a sonny mom. 

C'liffonl would, doubtlvKi, have been glad to ethare 
tliii'ir sports. One afternoon hn was tMitxud witli an ir- 
n-MHtibli' dt-^tirt- t4) blow soufi-bulibleH ; lui amuiieinentt 
as llepzibali told Photbe a|iart, tliut liad been a favor- 
itu one witii Iht bnithor wlw-n tlH^y wL'rtt Iwtli I'liildren. 
Ik'holii tiiui, Iht-refore, at the an-lied wintlow, with an 
earthen pipe in hi» tuoiith ! IVhold liiin, witli bis gray 
hair, aii<l a wan, unreal sinile over hia oounti'iiancv, 
where still IravurMl a bi-jiutiful grace, whicli liis worst 
viHiny must have aoknowlt- dge^l ta lie s|iiritual and ini- 
nmrtali Miora it had Kurvivit) so long! Behol<l litm, 
wattering air}- spheres abmad, fnnu tlic window into 
the strMt I Little itnpalpiilde worlds were Uiose M>ap- 
biibbliis, witli (lie big world d»pii-t<!d, in hill's bright as M 
imagination, on tlie nothing of tJieir surface. It was ■ 
curious to see how ilie paj>HerM-by n-gnnli-^l thvm> brill- 
iant fniit4i:tH'ii, ON tlH\v cjime floating down, and made 
the dull atmosphere imaginative alxMit tltcm. Huiim) 
stopjwd to gaxv. and, perha|», mrriud a pleaaant recol- 
lection of the bubbles onward us far as Uh- t>tr^et-«or- 
ntir ; hoiuk looked imgrily upward, as if poor Clifford 
wronged ifaem by setting an image of k>jiuty afloat w> 
near tln-ir ibiKty [xUliwray. A gnwt many put out 
tboir fingen or tbeli walldng-etickB to touch, witJial ; 





and wvre prrv«»ely grattBeil, nt ilnulit, wbfn tlw bub- 
bW. with all its pictiuwl «ulli ui'l nkj Meoe, vanuhed 
fts if it bad aever been. 

At Icogtb. jaiA M ail eliWly gcntlt>nuai of very ilSg^ 
mfied prawo» hapiM-ncd to Iw paiiBiug, a \iTge bubble 
■lilnl tiiitj<-?<iii-rf)ly >l»wii, ttnd bunt ri^ht ngainst lus 
uoml lie \tMiketi uji. — at lirst witb a stem. Icn-u 
glance, which |tenetnitr<d at tmev into tli« »lMciirity br- 
biail tba arcbotl wiikIuw, — tbt-n with n Hiuilc whii-li 
might be conceived aa ilifTaiiii^ a dog-tbiy ftdrrin 
(or tb« s|Mu:c of wvrral yardi» about him. 

" Aba, CoiKin fTiffordl "" ori«d •]ud};e I'ynolutuii. 
" Wliat : »ull bbiwing i>ott|>-l>abbli«« ! " 

Tfau tuoe wemed aa if uiuuit to be land atui wmtfa- 
tag, but yet had a bittumew of aarawm in it. Ah for 
Clifford, an abnolHttt futlny of fvar caniv nva-r biiii. 
ApMit (ran any definite cawte of dn-ad vrbtrh bif past 
experiwicie niitrbt havr- pivrn bitn, bi- frit that iiiitivn 
■od tiripnal tiiirmr of tlte exn-tlctit .Iml^ which i^ 
[■mjHir to a wndi. dvlicatc, and n[i|>n-br-ni>tv(< chanictvr 
ia tbs pcwenoe of maanive mtrenj^th. StreotrUi is !»■ 
BompRdieiiMhb by WKaknvw, and, lbvn-fori% tb» nitire 
tprribh-. Tbeiv U no greater bufflMuir tJiun a Ktrong- 
willud rvUtivtt in the rirck- of liiii own oonuectiou^ 


THE DAorKRBixynrpWT. 

It niiwt not W- supposed that ihf Itfo of » person- 
age naturallv *> lurtive as !*Ikp)«' mmM he wlinlly con- 
fiiiwl within thp pntoiaotA of the «I<1 Pynclwon Hoiwr. 
Clifford's ileuumtlH upon Iipi- tiiiM' were tmually wit- 
Ltfleil. Ill tliiMe loll); iIa^'h, (■onKiiirntlily «>:trli<>r thnn 
miiiset. Qtiivt »s Ins daily exUtent-o iiet'aicd, it Dcver- 
tlit^lvMS ilnunvil all (1h> n-wniroM 1>y which Ixt livn). 
It was not ]ilivsical ex*?ivise ihal overwearied liini, — 
for except tli»t be luiinelinieK wrouglit n little witli a 
line, or paeed the garden-walk, or. in ratny weather, 
tniveliVH) n lai*)^- iiiioceiipiisl rnoin, — it waj« liix (i<n- 
(lei)cy to reniaiu only too quieseetit, aa rfgardixl any 
toil of tl>e liinli« and iiiuwIm. Itiit, «ith(<r there was 
a siiiuuldering fit« within him tliut iwniiiimt^d hu vi- 
tjil ■■iiiT^-, nr tin- miini'tony tliat would have dragged 
itself with benuinbing effe<-t over a inin<l differently 
Htuat*')! was DO monotony to C'lifford. PoaHibly, he 
it) a Htate of xeeond growth and recovery, and was 
oonstaiilly a»< imitating nutriim^itt for bin spirit and in- 
hdleet fi-oni gi^hlrt. sonnds atul event>;. which puwed 
aa a ]Ma-f<-et void to ^nrrwinH more ])nirti»-d with the 
world. As all is activity and vieiitsitudc to the new 
mind of a ehild, iu> mi^'lit it Xte, Iikewiji4>, to a mind 
thtit liinl undergone u kind of new creation, aft^-r ita 
long-siMpendetl life. 

[te iIh' eaiiM; what it might, Clifford comtnuiily r& 


Und ID Tt*t. t)u)n>iighly cxluuiitod. whtW ihe mmbewiM 
wvnitSl nteltiti;; tlin'u^li his window-oartaiitB, or were 
thrown witli tale lai4rv tw Uie dumbrr walL Awl 
while be thus ftlojit early, as otber chUdivti do. and 
dnainiti of rliiltlluHHl, PlitEbe ¥ras fnx t<> follnw iivr 
own tastps for tliv ivmaiudi^r of thv d«j and evening. 

Tbiii wa» D frauddCD etstential to tbt: faoallfa even of a 
duuaeter bo little Mecepdble of inurbid iutluonciM u 
thM of Pbu-i)C. Th« old hiMiM*. aii we have alreauly 
suiil, liait both thtt drr-rot and the ilamp-rut in its walla ; 
it WB« Dt>t ^h1 Id hreaihe no ntlit-r utuioHiiliiire than 
tliat. Hepziluh. though bIm had ber valiuiblo and r^ 
Jeomiiig tnit>, IumI gr^wn to be a kind uf lutiatii-, by 
inprisanint; b«nelf so lonj; in oho pW'e, with nu otbrr 
campuy thaa a oln^le Mties o{ idvati, aud but on« af- 
Ssetion. aud oim> bitti-r wnae of wron^. Clifford, th« 
tvader may |tiT)ui))<« imagims was too inert to opcmta 
morally oti liLi fellnw-on-atureit, Iiowevcr iiiliiiiHto nntl 
tucltuivv tht^'ir n.ilation» wttli him. But the sym](alhy 
or ifta|^i>uAiu among human livinga U niort- tubtiU' »nd 
nniv«>r*«l thaii wv think ; it pxists. tnde«U aiuong dif- 
fctvat nlosMs of orjjaiiiited life, and vibralvut fnuu one 
to Mintber. A Hawit, for instance, aa Pbaebc herself 
oLiMnred. alway.i W|rao Ut ilnxip aooncr in C'liffonl'ii 
hand, wr Hi-[tzib3li'k, tlian in Iter own : and by tliu 
aamtf law, ocinvertiog her whnti* <laily life into a flow»t> 
(ra^ninve for tlir-i- two itickly ■pirits, tho lilotiminj; 
girl must inevitably droop and fai\e niiit^h soom-r tluui 
if ¥roni (Ml a yutiagrr and Iui|>|iior bivaxt. L^dMs she 
IhuI now and then in{Iii];;ed Iier brisk URptiWs, and 
bceathal mnd air in n »il>urlian walk, or ■kh'uii bnf»-« 
■lunic the shore. — had oouuionolly obeye<l the impulse 
■ '■ ■ _-I«tid jrirl", liy Blli'iidiii;; ii tin-t- 
( iiial Wture, or viewing a M-ven- 

*M. n. 



milit i»ii<>nuiui, nr ltNt4>niiig to n t!on««rt, — liail gnoij 
BlM>[>|)in}f about the city, rausacking entiiv ilvjiotA oi 
iipleiiiiid tuvivhaitilbM.', luiil Iti-iiigiiig iiotue a ribbuii, ^ 
hwl ciiiployt'*!. likevrUe, ii little time to read tlic Bible 
ill lier chaiub^T, wiil liad ntolca a little iiiore to lliiiik 
of hitr mother and h«r native plaoe. — tuUeiut for such 
moral iiitdiitiiicH lu tlu^ alxtrv, wc should soon ltav« be- 
held our i>oor Phatbu grow thio and put ou a hieiuthod 
ttnwliul«ftoni<- ad|ii.-<-L, uihI amune strange, ahy wajra, 
proplietic of oldmaideiiboMl and a cheerless tulun^ M 

Kven as it wim, ii idiaiigi> grew visible; a cliaug«V 
partly to be ivgrettwl, although whatever c-hann it in- 
ftiiig«Hl u{Hiii wiut repaired by another. in'rh^tpH woru 
pre(.-ion& She was not »> oonatantly gay, but had her 
moods of thought, whioh CUfFonl, on the whole, liked 
b<!tt«r ihati lii-r f<inncr phaw^ of imminnlwl cht-vrfld- 
oeBS : bcM-'auae now site uiiileistood him better an*! 
tnoru delicntcly. un<l mtmi'tiinvii vv«n iDterpivtexl him 
to hinitielf. Her eyes looked larger, and darkrr, and 
deL']>vr ; ko dtH.-p, at MHnv itik-nt inoinenle, that they 
seemed like Artesian wells down, down, into the in-| 
(iiiit*-. Siw wan li'Ji" girlinh titan when wi- fimt lK-hi>l 
her alighting from the omnibus ; less girltHli, but 
a woman. 

Tlte only v'Kithful mind with whirl) Pliiplte luul anl 
iipjHtrlunitv "f fn-»jiM'nl int4-M>oun!!e was tlint of ibuj 
dagncrrebtypiSL Inevitably, by the pressiire of the 
itecluHion almiil tlii'm. they liad \wyn limiight into hah-' 
its of (iomo familiarity. Mail they met under different 
circumataneeH. iieitJier of tln-iie young {iiTMiua would J 
have been likely to beftow much thoiij^ht u]>on tlie 
other, uuleax, indited, tlH-ir extivine dis>iniilanty ithotild 
have proved a principle of iimtiial attraetjon. Both, it | 
ia true, were characten proper to New England life,] 






pontMidiiK a cominoa ^ronnrl, tlivmfore, in Uu-ir 
iBure externml d«ve)ii|>iuet)ts ; but mi uuUku. ui Uwir 
rHpuetiva btrritm, iwi it Uifir oalivn diineB In*) Ixwn 
&t wiirU-wiilu <rK4uti<t.'. Diiriug Uw early (lart »f their 
•R>{iuunlanm', I'bu'W hul hvlA bu^ ntlwr tunre ihau 
•BH cuatoGiar}' witb her bank uid iMin|t]f ituutuem 
bom HiilgiBve's ui>t ver^ in»-ki-il •cIvsoiva. Xor wag 
•he yvl mtuSed that she kiit^w hiin wrll, allhiHigb 
they alnuMt daily m^t anil talked toK^tlwr. tn a Idtul, 
fm-n<ny, and what Bc«iiit.-(I U> Iw a fntoiliar way. 

Thf artiut, tii a il<«iillun oianniT, luul iui)>iut<'cl to 
rba>lM> twturtliing of hin hiAt4)T7. Vtnttig a* hai w'aa, 
and Intl his earevr tenunMul at llir ]Miittt already at> 
taiiMil, there bad be«a UMingh of im-uli^Dt tu tJll, wry 
cTMlitably. an aiitoliingru|»)iie volume. A roraanw on 
the I'lmt iif (ill BIkm. ailii{>liil t» Aiurrii-nn mm-irty and 
tBaiiHi'.rH. M-ouItl ct'JUtf til be a mniant*. T\\v exj)«.Tienc6 
of BMUiy individuals among an. vim think it hardly 
worth th(! ti'Din}*. would equal tliv viriMitudea of the 
Sfiaaiard'B i-arlit-r lif>' : whiW tlii-ir ultiuiato saeceas, or 
the paint whitlwr they k>nil, may be incompaimhly 
Ugber than any tlwt ii novt'list would iitiaj^ie (or hia 
hero. Ilolj^vi-, aa hi> tuld PIwIm-, Mnucwluit jiniwlly, 
oould itut UmxI of biH ortfHn. nnlea as bein;; ^XM-int* 
ini;Iy hunililf, nor nf bin edui-alion. ntcr^t that it iiiul 
bn'U the M-jLiitirot [xianibUv and obuinfni br n few win> 
tor-months' allracfauice at a distrii-t »cbi«l. I^-fi isirly 
b> bin own giiidaticv. he hiul U'giin to l>o sclf-dejMrnd- 
mt while yot a Uiy : and it wait a mudition ajilly 
iiuilnl t/i hi" natural fon^; of will. ThoHjib now Ixtt 
twenly-two yean old (liM-kiiig munx tunutbs, which are 
y«»ni in *urh a Iif"). he had already been, Bnt, • 
muntry arlioolmaster ; nest, a sali-Mnan in a country 
■lorw ; atwl, liitlier at tb<> same tinic ur afu-rvranls the 

212 riii: iiotfsii op ritti sei-e.v gables. 

politiitJ Mlitor of a ccnmtry nfwitpapvr. He luul •i)l>- 
•eqnently travcllcil New Eit);bin<l aixl tlip Mitldla 
States, iiH » {Hollar, ill tln^ ■•iii)il<>}'tut^iit nf a Conntwii- 
oat inaDufuctory of <>olo^(ywiitvr aiid other omcnt»*. 
In ui «]>L4iMlira] w»y lii> hail stodied and pnurdsett 
dentutr)-, and with vciy flsUirring Kuuoewt, mpiwially 
in mauy of th« hctory-towna aJoiig our inlaDtl streams. 
As a ftU|M!m Itinerary oflicial. of mtnnr kiml or otJvT, 
aboard a ]iaok(>t-ahi|>, lie ha<l viriilMl Kuropo, aiid , 
found mtranv, Iicforv liis rvtum, to mw Italy, mitl (mrt ■ 
of Franoe and Gfrmaiiy, At a lal«?r period he had 
HjM-iit Konio iiionthK in a <-oiiiniuiiily of Koiirifriittfi. 
Still more rerantly lie had Iieen a [Htbli« leeturer on 
Mt-'Kincriwii, for whiiOi wionco (ii* hw n*iurfd PftiKltc, 
and, iiidiiil, iiattsfiii'tiirily provMl, by puUin|^ Chanti- 
cleer, who ha])pen»(l to be scratching near by, to 
■leep) lie luul very remarkable emlownientji. 

His present ])haM, m a ila'^erreotypiNt. waH of no] 
more im|M>rtaiiee in liU own view, nor lilcely to bs 
more ]K>rninnent, than any of the precedini; ones. It 
hsil bei-n taken up with t)ie carelenM ulikcrity of an iu\- 
reuturvr, who luul hi* bread to earn. It would he 
tlirown afiide as rareh-asly, whenever he n1k>u1([ cIi'Kiiiu 
to (tani liix Inviwl by M>me other equally diffresaiva 
means. But what was moMt ntnarkiibli-, and, p«r^ 
hnpM, Kltowvd nliiore llinn i^oinnion puine in tlie young 
man, was the fact that, amid all thei»e iiersonal vicik- 
iiitutl<^«i, he IiatI never lo»t hix identity, lioanulew as 
be had boen. — contintuilty ehanging bis wberealmut. 
and, tl>erefope, n'MimnKiliKt neitlxT ta ptiblie opinion 
nor to in<livi<iualn. — ))uttin;; off one exterior, and 
suatehiu^ up anotbiT. fo \m: Mma Hhifind for ii lliird, — 
he luul never violated the innermost man, but had car- 
ried his ocHtsoienee along witJt him. It wai iupowiiSiIi) 




wiSiIi) ^ 



tn know IIri1^;nivi> withimt iv^ripimn}f tliU ti> )>r> tliv 
fart. Hvjuibaii \aA itrvn it. Photbc fWKin saw it, 
litwwiae, uu) gave liim tint luirl of e«>iiliiUiic« whkh 
Midi a Mitalaty iii>ijnn*H. Slic was Ktnnlol, Ixtwwvr, 
■im] Mrawt)ine« iv|wlli-il, — not l>y an}' iloul>t nf hU 
iaingritjr Ui whoU-viT law hi' iwkiKiwl<:H|gi*il, Inu by a 
Uw ilifTcre^l from her a«7i. lie made 
ftnil M^t'iDti) m iiiiMetlle evenlliing umtintl 
lurr, by kilt lark of revurvnce for what was fixed, nit- 
at a momenra waroing, it could tfatabluh its riglit 

hold iu fjTMind. 

ThtfU, moreover, she •rnm'Jy thought him affection- 
ate in hi^ natiirv-. He wax t«io cnlm nnd nxi] an ob- 
awvi-r. Phislie fell liiit \'\t\ »fti-ii : his Iii-nri. nfliloin 
or tM>v«r. He took a certain kind r»f int4>rMt in H^p- 
nhah ami her hrotltpr, and l')iu>l» livrmrlf. lie 
studiml them alt<-i)tivi-ly. and all<iw«d no aJightcRt eiiv 
etmataiH'e of tb^ir indi\-iduatiti«s to e«ca|)« bun. He 
wan ready to do thetn whiit/-vvr good be might : but. 
after all. be lu-vt-r exactly mado eoanmon causp with 
tbftu, nor gave any rt-lialde evideuue tliat be lovett 
tlM'Ri K'ticr in ]ir<>]t<>rtii>n lu hu knew iImiii mora-. In 
hi> n-Iatt»ii4 M'ilti them, he seemed to be iu quest uf 
mratal foml. nut lu-art-iiuxti-nanoe. P1mt)i« iHiiihl not 
uuon'iv*! what interested him so much <n ber friends 
uk) lu'raeH, iiit'-ll>H-tii»Ily, xino- be cimil uotliiiig for 
tbem. or. comparatively, so little, aa obje>^ of hunan 

AlwuvH. in his interviews witb Pbo'bi', the artist 
auule iHperinl tiiqiiiry ax to the welfare of CKITdrd. 
wbuni, vxoc)*t At the Sunilnv festival, he H-ldnf< vlw, 

** Doea he Will mmti ba]>i>y ? " he askinl one il","- 

" As hafiliy a* a i-liild." answt-nil I'hirlie ; '• bet — 
like a ehilil. loo — very easily didturbed." 


*'H<>w distiir1)i>(l?"iiKiit>m1 IIolgnv«. " Ity bbfvj 
willtiuit, iir l*jr UiunghtN within ? " 

" I raiinut see his tliougltb \ How flltutild 
pHwl Pim-lH'. with !tiiH|»]4- j)ii{uiuiry. " Verj- often 
bis biinior (■haiip.>» M-ithuitt »ny reasun that rail be 
giie!i»(H) ill. jiL-it an it cIihkI conn's uvvr tlii; sttD. Lkt- 
terly. sinew I havo Wj^n ta know biin better, I feel it 
t<» be not qiiiU! right Ut look oloa«)y iiilt) hiM moods, 
lie lias KhiI sttch « f^-al sorrow, that hia heart is 
luaile all Mh-iiui and sai-reil by il. \VIm;ii hv '\* <-h<^T- 
ful, — wbvrii the- Kiiii sbinm into hU mind. — then 1 
venture to peep in, jwtt aa fiir lut l)iv light rt-nrhoK, 
but no fiiitber. Il is bulv ^rotind where thu sliudow 

•* Uow prettily yon expivss this sentiment ! " said 
jirtint. "I can undi-rsliind ttw foliiig, witlniitt 
[Kxtttesiting it. llsiA I your opportunities, no si-rnples 
wuu]<l pnivc-nt tnv fntin faihuining Cliflfonl tu tlie fuU 
depth of mv ]>liimin(?t'lin« ! " 

" How stniiip- Uiut vtHi should wiali it t " retuarked 
Phffibe. invoKnitarily. " What is Coiisin ClifFonl to 
you ? " 

'* Ohi nothing, — of i-otirso, nothing I " niixwunnl 
[Inlgrave, with a Minilc. " Only this is sueh an odd 
and inconipn'buuHiMe world! TIh.- more I Iiuik at it 
the more it ]>ii;a:li-!t luv. hihI I begin to sus[>ei-t that 
a man's iK-vriltlvnnviit is tliv nu-aMiire of liis witHlum. 
Men and womtii. and children, too, are snch strange 
cirAtureH, thai <int- m-vrr ran b« ecrtjtiti tliat be really 
knows tliein ; nor ever gueas what they Iwro iMjvn, 
fruiti what ln' Mt-M them to Iw now. Judgf Pyntrlieon ! 
ClilTonl! What a cuinpli'X riddk' — a mimplexily of 
cwmplexities— do ihfv jire^utl It rcHjinres intuitive | 
sympathy, liku a young girl's, to .solvu it A inuro 




otvervtir, like mysfjf f wIk> never liavo any intuition*, 
uul iiiu. at Ixtut, nv\y itulitilu luiil oKxiije), 'vt prett}' oer- 
tun to go HHtray." 

Tlw Mti*t DOW tariMHl the eonreraation to tiwoiM 
Imb darii tlian tbut wliti-h they had toiK-lM^ u|>oq. 
Pbiv)>« ati<I hv wvD) yiHiti^ logiotlier: nor lia<l Hit) 
f*tave, in bts premature exiN-munr uf lifr, wanUi) ra- 
tirvly tltat lieiuitiful «i>irit of youth, wliich. gushing 
furtb frum one small h«art anil faiicy, niay ilifluw it- 
w>Jf iivrr the unirenMv making il all as bhgbt aa nn 
fint ilay tA nvation. Mnn'a ixvm youth i» tho 
vuiith : at It^asC. be fe«U aa if it were, anil 
that the enrth'if f^raiiilv sulMtanm tx Mmie- 
thing atit yet bardened. and wbieh be can niunld into 
vlubmr shape h« likcti. So it was with Hnl^n^vc. 
Ila c«akl talk oagcly ai>i>ut th«i worlds utd u^-, but 
OVVkT actually lidievcd what he said ; be was a yunDK 
Bum rtill. and therefore 1ih>V») njKin tlie wiirl>) — tbnt 
gniy-lwuded and wrinkled i)ruAig»tt-. dt->'re|iit. with- 
out being Tenerabte — aa a t«nd«r HtrifiJing. cajnldti 
of being improvi-d into all that it on^ht tti lie, lint 
■rantdy yt-t had hIiuwu the rvuuli-jit |ii-i>iiit!W^ af Ix^ 
coming. (Ic had that senw. or inward prophecy. — 
wliirh a ViHinff man had hcltiT never have been Utrn 
titan U(it tn hare, and ii mature nuin had Itetter <(ic at 
tmee than utterly to n*lttK)iiisb. — that we are not 
d(MMR<-d to tmsf on forever in Ute old bwt way. but 
that, this very now, there are the liarbiu^^n ulirtxul 
o( a giibtnn era, to be orfMimpliidiitl in bi« own life- 
time. It seemwl to llnlgravie — aa douhtlesA it baa 
awmed to tho bopefiU of cvciy nmtnry luni-^- tlto 
epoch of Adam's |:;nu)dchildrrn — that iu this a^, 
more than i>vi<r liefnn-, llt<' in(itiii-|^»wn and n>tten 
Ptut (M tu bv torn down, and lifeless institntiuns tu be 


thruKi iHit of tlic irnv, and iJieir (lea«I corpscd biiriad, 
and cveiythiug to Ix-^d uicw. 

Ah to the iti^ point, — nwf ire never live lx> doubt 
it I — OH to \\w better centoriiNt tlmt uv conuii);. the 
artiMt wiu itutvlv right. Ilis error lay In aup|KHting 
tliat this sgi>, more than anv {nust or future onv, U tle^. 
tiiKMl to »■« tltc tatti^red ganneotA of Aiiliquity ex> 
cluDgcfl for a new piul iiiotA.'xd of gradually n-nt-winf; 
tlieiitHidrett liy paU'liwurk ; in applying his own little 
lifc-Hjian a» the innutui- of iin iiiti-niiiiialilc ucJ)ifn>' 
nieut ; and, more than all. iu fain-yiii^ that it mattered 
anytliing b> tlw grvat end in vivw whrtlu-r bu himself 
should contsud for it or a^inst it. Yet it was wi-U 
for hiiu tt> think mi. Tbi» ratliiisiaAni. infivitig itsi-lf 
thmtigli th<! valmiii-sfi of his (.-luuacter, and tliiis taking 
an aspect of tH.-tt)e<l titought luid wiwloni, wotilil M-rre 
Ut ktfp hi.t youtli pure, aud uiaki' his asiiiratiotLi high. 
And wlien, with \)w. yi-xnt w^ttliug duwn nion- wi'ight- 
ily njMin him, liiii early faith KlioukI lie tuodlflwl liy iih 
evitable fX|icrifn>-i-, it wmild b<' with no liur»li and 
8ud<lon revolution of Ids iwntiinviits. lie woukl atill 
liuvc faith in nuin'i* brightening dfjiliny, antt )K>rha]i(i 
love him all tJte better, us be kIiouIi) recognize hid 
bflploxsticKt in hitt own belialf : anil tho haiiglity faith, 
vritii which lie began life, would >■> well bartered for a 
bvr hnmblrr one at ilit close, in diNC<^i-niug that man's 
best directed effort avrompUiiheH'a kind of dream, while 
Uod Im tliv »ole worker of realiiica. 

Holgrare bad read wry little, and that littk) in 
psaaing tlirough tlin llwruuglifare of life, wlieiv tLo 
my^tie langnsfte of his buokH was ncvesiULnly mixed 
up with tbi- bubble of the multituile. n> that both one 
and iJie othtT wci-i^ apt to loHe aiiy .-u.-iisw Unit might 
have been properly Uit'ir own. H« eoiuidered him- 




■rJf a thinker, anil wma c«ruuiily of a thoughtful turn. 
but. wiili h'u owu imtii tii iltvfivKr, hwl i>rrKui>!t Linliy 
yet ivaebed the point where an MliM-atMl inaii iH-^tin 
lo think. Tb» trnv valiu' uf iii* cliiiractvr hiy in that 
iW|> wOscioUBDew of iiman) stn.>H;;lli. which lUuiU' all 
bt» poMt m>iMiiiidM leem nwnly likv u <-hangp of gar- 
ments : in that cntbtiBiMtD, so quiet tliat be scarvely 
)tmfw of iu cuxtnwv, but wUii^h gave « wanuth to 
evcrrthin); thai ht- laiti liis bam) on : in that |i«TwiuaJ 
unbitiun, htthk-n — fruiu hi^ itwii a» wiOl an otbvt vyvtt 
— aoiott^ his more geoeroiis impiiW-s. but in wbidi 
lurkfHl a n-nain tAcaejr. iliat might Miliilify him from 
a tbeonsC into tbe chamjiUiu of eomc jiracticable canse. 
A]lo|;«tbcr in bis iTultura and woui of tiilturc, — in 
bis enulp, wiJi], ainl luiMy pbil(«<>i)hy, and the )>ra4v 
tiL-ttl cx|>rncn<i- tluU count^'nurtiil tiiiiuu uf it* t«-iiili'n- 
ciea ; in his raagnaniuMis seal for man's wtdfare. and 
bitt rcokhiwtnm of wliaicvi-r tho »>?•* Iwl i-^tiiMiiihwl 
in maa'o brhatf ; in bis faitii, uiul iii his iohdetity -, iu 
what be liaiLaod in wluit 1m- bwkH, — thvarti*t might 
fitly rnou^ stand forth as tfatt re|ireflentatiTe uf inany 
mtnipviin in bis niitivi- land. 

His «u«er it wnuli) be difHitilt to prefigure. There 
apptorad to bo qualiliv* in iliilgruM-, Hin-h a«. in a 
ooontry where ererytbinf; is (tw to th« baud that can 
f^ramp it. oooM hanlly fail to jml some uf Uw worbl's 
priir* withti) his rewh. iWt these niat((.-rg are de- 
l)>;htfidly iiiKvrlatii. M ulnMMl t-vt-rj sti-p in life, we 
Ruwt with ywmg men of just about llolj^rnre's age, 
forwhum wc antii.-i{>atu wimdi-rfid things, hut of whom, 
•VIM after mocb and i.<arf(id iii<iiiiry. wo nerer happen 
to h«nr aiMither word. I'lie effervi>Ho>-noe of youth 
ml pKMion, am) tht^ fn-wh ghnu •>f iIm- inulh-t't and 
iBtybattoo, endow tbem with u false briUiAuey. which 



nuiktM ftxilit oi tlM-tnwlvvft unil otltur )hm>1iIr. LHw 
certsin tliiiitzes. oaliMiea, and pn^IiHDis. Uicy show 
fliH^Iy in tht-ir iir*t ar.vtnvMf, iuit eaiiiuit Ntand Uii; nun 
and i-ain, uti<l awtuiB« a very sober iMpevt after wasb- 
iog-day. « 

But our business is with Uolf^vfl as wv lind him 
on thi.s iMrtirular juternoim. anil in the arbor uf thv 
Pynchcon garden. Jn that ]>oint of view, it was a 
plcNMUiit Might b> Iic)>old thi-i young niau, with so inurh 
faith in himself, and iw fair lut n|>]H'4iritn<'c of lulmtra- 
bit' jKiwrrn. — m little liaiined, too. by the many t^sta 
that ha^l trii>d hiit mvtal, — it vnw pleaxnnt to aw him 
in Iii-i kindly iult-n^xirw^ with Hiwbe. Hit thoiiglit 
bad si-arcvly done liini jitHtice when il pruiiotrnM^ him 
cold ; or. if »o. Iw hu) grown wanner now. With- 
out stH'li purpose un bt-r part, and uni-oniu-iouNly on 
bin. )An' iiuulc tlit- Moune uf (he Seven Gablus like a 
home to him, and the garden a familiar pnx'iiKTt. 
With tlw in:<i;;tit (in whii-li h*^ pridorl himself, he fan-j 
i-ied that Ik could look through P)ia-bc, and all aronnd 
her, and cmild re»)l lior ufF like a V*ffi of a cbihl's 
story-hook. But thi-»4.- tnini'iuin.'nt natures are often 
dwi'lrtivf in tlii-ir di'ptJi : those pehblc-t at the Itolloni 
of the fountain arc fartJivr fmm iis than wv think. 
Thus tlie artist, whatever l»e nii><:ht jiulge of Plitebe's 
cjtpncity. wan iK'giiiliil, by sunii- Kik-nt chann of bars, 
to talk fTc«ly of what he dreamed of doing in thafl 
wiirlt). Ili^ ponni) hiniM'lf out an to anothi-r self. 
Very potisibly, be forgot Ph(e)>e while he taJked to 
]»-r, and vmn niovwl only by tlM> ini'vituble trndcney 
oi thought, when rendei-ed aympathetiL< by entbuHiasm 
and i-niulion, to How into the fiiTt «if« niwrvoir whii'h 
it flttdo. But, had you peejwd nt tlieni tlirough the 
chinks of tbi- ganlen-feuoe, Uie yming luan'ii ouiiual- 




I and l»et|chtaiwd oolor mi;;)tt hare led jmu to sap- 
ftm thmt He wm niakin); It>Y<> u> tiin yoan^ girl 1 . - 
I At l«og;tii. Mimclliitii; wmi said by llolf^imve dtat 
null- tl ap|MMitc for PluL-ln; to iuqiiire what hail 6nt 
Kn>ui;ht hiin at^oainUi) with h<T (»tuuD l{c|uibafa. 
Did why ht> Dtiw chiM« to 1ih1):i> in the desolate (>l«l 
PyncbwiD Huhm-. Wtlhtrut ilirtiirdv nnnwmtif; hirr, 
hi- tunwtl frmu Uw Future, whirh had hcivtofon 
heea thv tli>*i»o of bin diwnunM-. nod \fgtu\ u> K)icak 
oi the intluenoea of th« Put. Otw BubjeLt, indeed, is 
hat tb* Kvrrbtmtion of tha otb«r. 

•• Shftli «* tM>v«r. n^rer rvI rid of thia Part '' " cried 
Ik, kiWliitig u]! th« vanit^t lotu* of hui (tntctiliiig li>d- 
vccwtiao. ** It liM u[>oD tile Pr«ttnt Uko a giant's 
d«ad body ! In fiu-t. the case la jnat m if a ymu^ 
pmat wvn> im)D]|w1I«i1 to waste all his strenslh in 
rarrj'iu;; aVKmt the tyiqmr of ihf old ginnt. hio ^mnd- 
fiuhtsr, w)u< dii-d a IrHij; wliilc ago. and only net^U to 
be dtweuUv i»irie<d. JunI think » momt-nt. and it will 
■tartle you tii se« what kUvM w« are to bygone times, 
^ti> rX-aih. if wi- jjjw the matter tlw right word I " 

" Bui I do nfit Mv it," oh»*rv*d Pho-U-. 

" For Mtani|>k>. tlira." continoed Hol^^mve : " a di-w) 
UttA. if he hA|i[teii 1» har<- made a n-il1, di<ipiMes of 
vealth nil Ixngrr hi* own ; or, if In- di« intvtdatc, it 
Ii <li«tribut«d in aocordanoe with the aotions of tnen 
tmeh longrr dead than hr. .\ d<>:i<I lu.'U) ait« on all 
nor judgTiH^ot-seats ; and living; jiulges do Init ararrh 
<mt and tvin-at hiit dvcixioo*. Wc read in <lrail raea'a 
books ' We Uiogh at dead njeii's joke&. and pry at 
dnul nii>u'ii jntlinK ! We nn> Nick of dnul nirn'* ili~- 
num. |>hy8i4.'al and niorat. and die of the sami? rciu- 
•diM with wbivb tUi'l d>K-iois kill>il ihi-ir [ativnlal 
vonhip thtt living Deity aocordiug u> duad hmd'h 


forms and creeds. Whaterer we Bie«k to dii, of oar 
owu five inotioti, a dt-ju) m.-ui':! iry hiuul oljittruclM imI 
Turn our eyes to what point we may, a dead man's 
wbib>. inimitigablo fxce encoiiulers them, anvl frewM 
oar very heurt ! And wo must be dewl ourselves be- 
fore we can begin t« have our proper influence ou our 
own world, wliifb will then be no longer our worldi, 
but tbe woH(t of another geuemtinn, witli whieli we 
Altai) have no ithiulow of n right to interfere. 1 ought 
to have said. too. that we live in dead nien'n houaea; 
as, for iiiiitjmct^ in tluH of lh4> Seven Gabka!" 

" And why noC said Phcsbe, "bo long aa we can 
be comfortablt- in thetn ? " 

" But wc shall live to see the tlay, I trust," went im 
tho artist, '* when no nuio shall build his house for 
posterity. Why slwiJd he? He ruiffht juat aa re^ 
sonitbly order a tluritble suit of i-lotheH. — leather, or 
gutta-percha, or whatever elae laals luiigest. — ao that 
his grrmt-gnUMiohildnrn idiould bitv<- the Ix-netit of 
tliem, and out preeiseiy Uie sauie tigiiiv in the world 
tliKt Im> hinisolf doex. If each geniTation won.> allowud 
and ex|)ectetl to build its own houses, that single 
eluui};e. <-om|mnitivi'ly uiiimptirtanl in iiM-lf, would 
imply almost ever)- reform which aocietj' is now suf* 
(ering for. I ilmibt wh«thrr even our public editloea 
— our capitoU. state- botiaea, courtJiouses. eity-luill, and 
ehumhtM— ought to be built of 8uoh permanent mat«- 
rials as stone or brick. It were better timt the]' sliould 
crumble to ruin omt? in twenty yonnt. or thereabouts, 

ra hint to tlw [ifoplv to examine into and n-forin tho 
institutions whieh they symbotyte." 

"How you bate evervthing old|" said PlKsbti, in 
dismay. " It makes me diaey to think of such a abift> 
ing world ! " 




"I nittiiinlr It'vi- untiling lumiliU," hiuiwitn) Hal- 
gnvr. *' Niivr, tbu i>Ul I'yncbeou llinise! la it a 
wUilwiwie (lUct lo lira in, witli iu blwk flliinglM; 
■nd the l^rt^ii moas thai sham buw iluap thtf^ atv ? 
— ill iatk. Utw-ttiudded nonw ? — itM griitw uul nor- 
dkbieaa, which miv the m-»taUi2atioa on its walls of 
tiM bnnmi bmth, tbU hsji be«n tlrawn ant) extuded 
hen m dtsooolcot sad snj^tiifh ? Thv hoMsv might 
to be pttrifiod with fire, — piiriSwl till oaly its ashes 

-TlMrti why do jruu live in it?" asked Phcebe, a 
Uttlv piqiwd. 

" Oh. I am purmting mj stiidieii here; not in txHika, 
Wwerer." repli«t Hol^^ve. '■ Tbp Im>um', in mv vi«iw. 
b sKpfBHive of that odiims ami nlximitiiible PaKt, with 
all its bad iiifltH-iMvs, sgninst whk-li I liuve jnst 1x-«it i 
dwlaiminj;. 1 ilwvU in it for a wbilo. tlmt I i 
know the better how b> Imte it. Bjr the by. did 
•mer bear thv Mory of MiiuW. t)M> wucard, atid what ' 
happeonl between him and yoar imnieasiBAbly ^rest- 

- Ves, imieed ! " Gsiil t^ipbe -, " I heard it lonj; ago. 
(rum iny failiL-r, nod two or tbrcv ttmoi from my oouKin 
lle{isiliah. in the munth thai I hare l>een liirre. 
Mcma to think thai all rln- fjilamili<-!i of thr Pj-net 
l«|pu from that inarrel with the wixanl. as yon 
him. And yon. Mr. Hiil-^ve, loi»k ii» if you thought 
•utool Uow sini^ular, that yuu sltotdd believe' what 
is ao very abtiurd, when yon n-J4«t many thiu^ that 
mn a ^rvat deal worthier of credit I " 

" 1 do Iwlieve it," taid tlic artiitt. MriowJy ; " not aa , 
a supi-rHtiticm. however, hnl w proved by nnqurstion 
aUa tuts, and as vx^niplifytn)* n l)ie<try. Now. vees 
tboM Mv«ii j^lua, nt wtuch wd now look op, 

222 Trrn novsE op the sf.veh cables. 

^wiil wliicli old Coluitcl Pynchenn ni<>But to Ijp tlic 
bouse of his (lcM.-«nilaiitji, iii jiraHperity an<l Iiappiiicss. 
down to ail epoch fur lioyntii) tha jirvMeiK, — tiiii)«r 
thBt roof, through n portion of thnw centiiriro, there 
ban beeu perpehial n-morse of <!otiM>icnce, a 4«iiiitaiitly 
di^feaCed ho|Hs »triiv iimonptt kindred, vAriiniN miwn-. 
II Rtran^ form of tteatb, <lark suitpir-ion, uiiH|M-ak»ldc 
(liitgm«e, — nil, nr lumt of wtiicli ndantily I have the 
nieaiiA of traciujr to the ol<t Puritan*!) inordinaU- d««- 
MTv to ploiit and cikIiiw a funiiy. '!'<> plant s family ! 
This idra is at tJie bottom of most of tlie wrong aimI 
uibrhief wldcb iin^u do. The trtith is. that, oiK-e in 
every hidf-ivntur>'. at longpst. » f«nily idiautd bo 
merged into th« grcai, i>t)<iwiir« mass of humanity, and 
forget all about its ancvstotft. Ilumiin blood, in order 
ta IcMp itj( frc^di !><-»(, h)ii>uM nin in Iiiddfn Htn^atns, m 
tbe water of an aqneiluci is conveyed in subterranean 
[upea. In the family oxitttmcv of tb^ra PyncliMms, 
for inHtan<-e, — forj^vc nii'. PhirW : but 1 cannot think 
of you lu one of them. — in tlieir brief New England 
pediji^e. there ban Urtnt time enough to tnfe(-t th4>m 
all with one kind of Iniiai-y or another '. " 

" You upeak very unceremoniously of my kindred." 
Haid I'ho-be. debating with hcnwlf whether sbe oaght 
to take uffcnce, 

" I npeuk Intv thoughts to n tnie mind ! " answered 
Holgrave, with a veliemenee whieb Phoebc! had not 
iM'fim? wiinvtitii^i in him. "The tnitb is ax I say! 
Furthennore, ti»e original ])erpt'tral'ir an<l father of 
thiitmiiicbtef appears U» >i»vi> )>cr)>ftualvd himself, and 
still M-»lk« the street, — at least, bis very image, in 
mini) and hixly, — willt IIh' fiiire«t pmK)M>ct of tnuit- ; 
niitting to posterity as rieb and as wretched an inher<i 
itanee aa he has re<!i>iteii' Do yon nrint-inbiT t1u> da- 
goerreo^rpe, and its resemblance to the old portrait ? ' 


Pbtelw, liiokiug at liuit witli Aur[<rW auil perjiltMtty ; 
half ■Umtod «tMl i«ftJ,r infliiHil tu Utigh. " YoD 
talk of the hwacj of the I'yacliMyiu ; is it ctmtiu 

" I vtAeatOoA yon \ " moA thi> mr^sx, rolorint; lux) 
lumluap. ** I b«lievt< I aiu a Iltrip nin>). Tbiii sob- 
jvet las takim hi<\i\ iif lu} miiul with tJ>i> stnutgvst 
tenatrt^ of dutdl aiore I hxve Imlji^i-t) in yon^lrr uM 
g&ltlc. A# iiiw nHtboil of ihrtm-iniT it nil, I harp put 
an tnciilpDl nf the PyDBlwaa family Itietury, witli which 
I luip))rD In U> ]tr<]imiiit4Hl, into tb« fotni nf a lt>geii(l, 
ami rocttn tn pultlisb it in a utiipuine." 

" Do yoti writi' for (])■• maguines ? ** iaqairvd 

** I« it jHiMiMe you dill mil know it?" cried Hol- 
gravf. " Wfll, rxteh l* liti-mry fame'. Yrs. Miwi 
Pbiebe Pytjdipon. nmnn}; tlir niiilttlntli- nf my inant^l- 
lam giftH I hiiv» that of wrilin^ stories : am) my naine 
ha« fifrortwl, I v»a aMiiiv yoii. mi xiw mrcr* trf (iraliam 
and Otxlrr. nutVinfr aa n«]M«'Ubli' an appearauw, for 
■a<^it I M'dll rtn'p, a'* any "f tin- ranonija,-!! iH-atl-rnIl 
riih whii-h it wom UMwn-iatML lu tliv hnumraus line, 
I ani thought to luire a n-r}- pn-tty way with ta*r ; atul 
*» ivir pnlh(K, I am »a provocative of tears as an onioa. 
But shall 1 n-nd yon niy st«>fy' ? " 

" Y«<t, if it V* wo* very hmx." said Pfafflbe, — and 
aililnt laus^in^ly. — " nor iiTry liiill." 

A« thia lattt>r |niint wcs one whieh the daiptPTn-otyp- 
ii>t ayn\A »iit liifiiU- for hiitit*-lf. \\v fiirthft-ith jinwiuctHl 
lii* ndl of iuanM«cj-i{rt. auiL while the bte sunU-aiua 
(pliktl the «cvco gablnt, Iwgan to rvnd. 




TnEitR wu ■ mcwwge brniiglit, one day, from the 
worsliipful GervKyse Pynclit-vn to joudk Matthew 
Klaule, tlH- uftrpenter. deairing hU iniiuediaw pre&eoce 
•t lite llonse of th« Seven Oabl«K. 

*' An<l niuit dovH your inaater want with me? 
the carpenter to Mr. Pvnch«on*s block Mi-vant. " Doea 
tliv house ne^^l any repair? Well it may, br thia 
tiiDL' : an<) no blame to my father who built il. noitbcr 1 
I waH n-oiliti^ lite ol<l Colonel's toatbtitone. no longer 
ago than la«t Sublnth ; anil, rwkoning fruiii that (lnl«, 
th<^ buiiw lutu HttxM) iteveu-an<l>tbirLy yearn. No wonder 
if Lhi>rc nhoulil be a job to do on tltc roof." 

" Dun't know what ma&ui wauls,*' an.<iwi>n,tl SoJpio. 
"The bouse is a borrii' good Iioium. and old Colonel 
Pynfhcon think su too, I reckon ; — else why the old 
man bannt it tto, and fiightun a poor ni^a, as he 

*' Well, WL'II, friirnd St'i|no ; let your ma«tvr know 
tbat I'm oomiitg," said the cai-pontfr, witii a laugh. 
" For a fair, worknianliku job, hi- '11 Kod nw his nail. 
And so the holme is liaunted, is it ? It will take a 
tighter wnrkninn tliuii 1 ajn to k<^-p tlir Kpiriu out of 
the Seven Ciablos, Even if the C'oloDel would be 
quiet," Im> addMl. muttering to biiuMlf, " my old grmnd- 
fat]ter,„'He wizanl. will Ih> prt^lty sure to stick to llic 
lUDg as their walls hold together.' 

-Whit'a lint snm matter m ytmnM, Mattlvw 
Mind Sdpio. " Aud wbal for do vou li>ok 

- No matter, darkjr ! " said U»e carpenter. •* Do 
jm tliiitk ttttbady iit In Wk liU«^k but youn^rlf ? Go 
tell yma tmutM- 1 'in eoiniag ; and if j-au liLa)>pen to 
we M'utiVM Aika, hia dmaghU-r, give Matthrw Mauila • 
bumble r wp ec to Ut bur. She has brou<;ht a fair fa^w 
from Italj, — fair, auil f;i>iiUi% and [iruud. — ha* that 
nme Aluv Pynohean 1 " 

*- He talk uf MiMtvM Alice 1 " critxl i^iitio. a» bt^ 
RtortiMl fnim his erraod. ** The low i-arpenterniaa ! 
He tio buaineaa mi much bh to look at 1m^ a groat way 

This yoang Matthew Maulf, the carpenter, it niuski 
be obaerred. waa a person little onderBtoud, and doI 
twf genendly likod. in the Unn wbere he reaided ; 
Dot that anrthing rotild he alleged agnicwt bis in- 
le^ty. or bin akill and diligenoe in the Itandicraft 
vUeh be axaniaed. The aveium (a>> it niigiit jiutlj 
be ealled) with whii-h many personti reganled him 
Was partly tlw- n^uli uf hU own chatarter and deport 
tneut. and partly an inheritaouo. 

Hv wu/t tlw: granditoa of a fomuT M;tit)>ew Matilt?, 
one of fix; early Rettlera of the town, and who had h^^u 
m famuiM ami terrild*'! wizard Jn bin day. Hut old re- 
probate was one of tlie siifferrn^ wIh-h Cnttoo Mather, , 
and bis bn>tber aunt)'ti!rH, nml the It^arat^l j*>dgea, and ] 
other wise nten, and Sir William Phipps, the aogaeHniaj 
goremor, made »Mi'h UmUbk' eff»rlit to wrakeu tlie 
p«at enemy of houU. by t».-ndiiig a niuUiiiulv of hia 
adheiesta op thi' rueky paiJiway of Gallows Uill. 
Sinoe those days, no duuU. it liud gmwn In Im< aio- 
pwtod tliat, in oonaeqaeDca of aa uolortuaate ovurdo> 

rot. at. u 

226 77/K ilOL-SE OF THE SEVSy GAUt.ES. 

tng of a work pnuacwnrthy in ilM-lf, the prcKTrdinp 
■guioitt Uic wib^hi-s liml pmvfd far less accepUible Ut 
the BeD«fir«i)t FbUmt tliaii In that irery Arch f^mj 
wlinni tliiry wen- iiit^ntlbd to disUvM ild<1 utterly <>ver 
whelm. It is not the lees certain, howevi^r, Utnt awe 
aimI tcrrur Ijrnodtrd tivi-r the nHinorips of tlioae who 
died for this Iiorrible rrime of wittthcraft. Their 
graven, in tlw cn?vires of llw rucks, wcrp su]ipotK>fl to 
be iDcapalfle of mtjiiniDg the owupantH w)w had Urn 
BO hastily t)iru!«t Jiito tJii-ui. Old .MiiII)h-w Mniilc, vs- 
pcciully, wus knowm to h»ve as little heHitatiou or diU 
findty in riidng oat of his grave as sun ordinary man 
in ^-tting out of bed. and was as often seen at uiid- 
niglit as living people »t noondit^. Thut pcMtilcnt 
wi»Lnl (in whom his jnst puni8hmi>Dt sevmed to have 
wrought UD manner of anicndntent) hail lui inveterate 
luibit of hutinting u i-trtiiin iimnsion, stylvd thi? Ilonae 
of the 8evnn Oaliles, against the owner of whii'h 
be pretended to hold an iin.-K-tthKl rhitm for ground- 
rent. Thi? glx^t, it a|i])ear8, — with llie )wrtiiuirity 
which was one of his diKtingtii»]iing ebaractrristioa 
while alive:, — iriKtsttHl tliat he was the rightful pro- 
prietor of the site upon which the bouse stood. His 
tertnk wrn% that ttithrr the aforcsuu*! grouud-rvut, from 
the day when the rallar bc^n to be dug, should he 
paid down, or the nuuision ittM-lf given up ; ehx.' Itv, 
tlw ghoKtly <rrudit<>r. would liave Iuk finger in all tlie 
affiun of the I*}-n(:heonH, am) make everytiiing go 
wrong with tlmit, though it shoidd l>e a thousand j-usrs 
aftvr his denlli. It was a wild story. perha])s, but 
Mtvioed not alt<>gi--ltw.-r wi iiMTirdihlc t» tho^ who ooold 
Roneniber what an inHexihly obfitiuatt.' old fellow thia 
wizjiril Maiik- luul lifea. 
liuWf thu wuaid'* {^nuuUon, tlui yooog Matthew 



MbuIb of oar Bl»rr. wns pn))(dnrlv !iu{itMWiMl Ui luv 
iuherilwl aoiun of hi^ iuivr«t<ir'!> igiir^dinuaMi' ttwiUi. 
ia wuaderful l>ow ouiuy ftbRunUucH wvn.- pmnitil^tsl 
IB vdttrun- to Um: vouii^ liiao. lie wa^ fal<li-<), fur 
OzamiilBt lo luiiu H Klnuigi- |>i>«i:r oi ^i-ttirit: i»t<i |>i-»- 
pk)*s iIkuiw, uul rvgolatio}; matters Uieiv iu.-conlin(; 
lo bb owD fancy. prvUy uui'li like the oUge-ini 
uf n tiii»tTv. Tbcre wa§ a mvot ilisiil of talk mmoE 
tlw Dri;*blMit«, (NutitTalArly llw |>etti(!oatMl ones, about 
wbat tliKV inlbHl tbe wiicliL-ruft of MaulcV tryr. 5« 
saU ibat bo roalil look infi |n><>|i1o'a miiub ; 
ibat, by ihii tDarvi>ll»ua prmer of tbLs i-yr< be ooiild 
draw {j«Mj|il<- iDto bin own niin<l, fir st-ntl tbeu, if lut 
fibaaetl, lo ilu rrrauiU to bU ^n'antlfatber, in tbi; ft]>ir- 
iMal wtkriil : otbent, *pun. that it vnu what is tLTiuvit 
an KtiI Kye, anil iton.»«'i««.-il tb«? valiiabU" fai-ully of 
Uiglitin^ i-oni. Boil ibyio;; chililn-n iuto muinmW vritb 
tbr hrarlbiini. But, after all. u'h:it workafil tiio^ 
the yotuif; (•arpfiit«r'8 disudvanta)^ was, ttrsi. the n^ 
•erve auit fttiTUDria of III* natunil <li»pt>)iitton, aoil 
next, tlM> fai-t (if Ilia not bein^ a chiircb-ooiiuuiinioaQt, 
%ail the )ius|ti(!iim of hu boliling tu-n-tuuil tv'tiftJi in 
matters of rvli^o and jmlity, 

Aftvr tvrt-iiiug Mr. Pyiii-hi-on'* iiii**n!igt'. ibv car- 
pentf^r merely tarrictl In finUb a suiall jnti, vrhir'li ha 
baiijKiusI u> bavo in baud, ami then took his way tow> 
aid* the House "f the .Sev«i ("iabh-H. Tliis nor^I iili- 
&W, though iu itjlo might \k (rating a little out of 
buiuoo. was still as nspeetahk a family resiilenoe as 
tliat of any gwtleman iu town. Tbo |>rv*<-nt own^-r. 
Gerrayse Pyndieott. wa« said to havt." t-outra^ted a dia- 
lika to the lioune, in trooM'qwnn) of tt shook to his wen- 
libili^, in early thildlHKxI, from lli>? Hiiddi-n death of 
Ilia pmod&tber. Iu llio very act of nmuiu); to tJiiub 


Coloa«l Pyncbeon's knee, tbe boy had discnivered the 
old I'uriliiti 1i> III' » ivir]MM.' ' On Hiriviiig At mitniiWKl, 
Mr. I^'iu-'lieon luul visited Kiij^IhikI, vrLere lie married 
« liwlj' of fortune, and liati MilMoijuenUy H]>uDt nituay 
years, partly iu the moUii-r ooiinlry, and partly in va- 
rt<>u» rati<'ji un cliu r<H)tiu<.-jit of £uru]>». During thix 
period, the ^unily manHiun bud l^evn consigntNl to the 
cimrg* of a kiutintitn, who yra» alluw«d to iiinlte it hia 
faoRie for th« timu Inking, in vonHtdc ration of keeping 
Uie prcmiiMV in tlioroti^i n*])air. So fnitJiiuUy Lnd 
Uiifi oootract been fulliUt<d, that now, aa the caritenter 
approiH'binl xkw houM', Ilia jiruRtiMHl cy« coultt dctw-t 
notlting to critiuiw in ito (.twditiou. The jtcaka of tlw 
Bovvn gabloa r**M> \\\> sliiir])ly ; tlw: shingled roof 
lookird ihiirtKigldy w»tvr>t)glit ; iind Uto gUttfriug 
plaati'iNwork entirely cnrered the exterior wnlb, iukI 
sparkled in the October sun, as if it hail been new 
only « Vi-oek iigo. 

The houAo had (bat pleasant aspect of life which is 
like the ehoery expression of comfortable activity in 
the huRiiui itxinti-nantre^ You <-otdd nec^ nt oaw, that 
there was the »tir of « lai^w family within it A huge 
load of oitk-w<M»l wa.4 passing through thit gateway, 
towards tbe outbnildin^ in the rear ; the fat took — 
or probiibly it niif:ht lie tlie Itoujtekei'iMtr — atood at 
the niile door, biirpiining for some tur1tey« and poul- 
try, whieh a countryman liail bmiiglit for *ale. Now 
itnri then n inal^l-Nrrvaitt, nenlly dnmed, ami now the 
shining sable face of a slave, might W »tfi\ biutling 
HcroHH the windows, in tin; lower jiart of the Iiouse. 
At an ojten window of a room in the second story, 
hanging over some pot^ of bi-tuitiful and ilflicatc fiow- 
ero, — exotics, but whielt had uever known a more 
genial sunshine tlian that of the New Enghind aututnu. 




^ wu the figure ui a yiMin^ lady, lu lutotir, lilce th« 
flowera, and beautiful outl <lclicmte u tbev. Ilrr pnj» 
MM* iiiiparted ma indeseribeible graes and faint vit«h- 
•ty to ill*-' wh»le Mifloe. In other nwperU, it was a 
mbafeuitixl, jollj-lookiDg tmaaioi), and xmined fit to 
bs tbe ramdeoct) wf a pauiiuvh, wbo mi^ muLluh 
Ids own biadquarton in tbe fnint gabkr and assign 
MW of tbe reouunder to each t>f hie six diitdivn. while 
tbe great ohimm^ in the wiitrv ahu»l<l Myinboliac tba 
(dd fellow's boHpitaliln Iiiutrt, which kopi tfat^tu all 
warm, and niadv a giwat wh4>U' »i th<- m-vvd unallflr 

^eM was a vertioal sundial t>n the front f>iihlf : and 
a> tbe caf|)enU'r pawu-^l lMi>r»th iu he IudIcmI up luid 
noted tbe hotir. 

-* Three o'clock ! " said he tii hiiuselT. " My fnthi^ 
told me that dial was put up only nn hour brfon* the 
old Colonel's death. How truly it Inu kept tinM 
tbeie Bevctk4nd-tluTtT j-eani past ! Thr shaduw erwpa 
and cteepB, and a always lottkio); over the sb»iililer i»f 
tbv mtuhiae t " 

It mi^t hare befitted a praftHiiau. like Matttu-w 
Manlr. via twinff pient fcr tu a g>-iitlrnuip'H hi)uw. t'l ^ 
to the liaek iloor, where servants and work-peopte wera 
OMoiUy iutmitt«l : or at h-iwi u> tiw udr entrance, 
wlwre the better elaas of tradesmen made appIkatiaD. ' 
But tbe rarprnu-r had a gnat ih-nl of pride and stiff- 
msM in htfl natnrv ; and, at tfab mninent. uurvi>v<-r, 
hta heart waa bitter with tbe wose of hcre<(iUry 
wmog. hecaiue he considereil tbe great Pyuebeon 
Room to be Htandiiij; on (H>il which nbould hmw been 
hi* own. On tlitii ver^- site, beside a spring of deli- 
Btous wat*fr, bin j( rant Uatber had frJh<d tlti- pine-ttwM- 
and bmh a cottage, iu which children had been boni 


to htm , anil it was only fnun a ileail laan'tt atifFoiicd 
fingcni thxt ColnDi!) Pyitclxstn luul wn-Ktvit iiwiiy (lie 
titleiWcU. So yoiui;^ Muule weal slraiglit U^ the 
pnnci)wU cntrant't-, lii^DO-itth a ptirtal of carved onk, ami 
gave aimb a peiU of tlie iron knocker tliat you would 
have iiiutgiiiwl tbo alnni oli) wixurd liiiniwlf to bo 
Blauding at the tLn-HlioId. 

BliU'k Si'ipio anMwtMixl tlte xutiiinoDit in a prodtgioiu 
hurry ; but §bowed tliB vrbit«'» of lii» cyeft, in aiuaiee- 
mcintoii lM:h(>l<lii)g only tb« carpenter. 

" Lorcl-ii-mi'tvy ! what a grvat iium Iw be. this cai^ 
|H-nUrr ffllow! " tniiiulilHl Sci|iio, down in hia thrutU. 
'* Anybody tbink bv bent on tbo door with hia biggest 
hammer! " 

" Here I am ! " Raid Maide. sternly. " Show me 
tlio way to yonr niastijr's parlor I " 

Ah he stept into the house, a note of sweet and 
mc'Iiinvholy nitii>i<- thrill<;d and vibnitrd along thr. patt- 
aage-way, proeet>diii(; from one of the rooma a)>uve 
dtun. It wiw tli<; har^wichonl whidi Aliiw I'ynchuon 
had brought with her from beyond the 3«ea. Tlu< fair 
Ali<w tKHtowml moot of Itvr maiden IciHurc betwc-ea 
floweni and niiuic, allhough the formi-r were apt to 
droop, and llu- tnclotliM wi-n- ofti<D iiad. Shv waa of 
foreign nlui^ation, and coidd not take kindly to the 
Nvw England luodcit of IifL% in which uuthing bvautt- 
ful had ever l>eeo developed. 

Am Mr. FynolKion luid been impatii^itly awaiting 
Maido's arrival, black Scipin, of (?oiuw. lost no time in 
tuthuring tiMM'aqH-nlvriDio hi« maxlvrV prvw^nn'. Tbv 
room in whirh tbis gentleman satwaa a juirlor of mod- 
vi-ntt- h\n\ looking out u{>oo tlie garden of tlio ltuuM% 
and having ita windows partly shndowed by the foliage 
of fruit-tnxw. It wiu Mr. Pytu^hMMi'a peculiar ajKLrt- 


llw tliiwr 


meat, «aA mu prD\-i>U-<l with (uniiitirv. in 
bimI coatly >«tyl«, |iriiK-i)<uU_v irutu ['una 
(whiaJi vas unntnud at thut day) beinf; n»vvre(l with a 
cupnt. Ml ftkilfiillv auil ndily wrMi};lit that it m^-iiuhI 
to glow as with livin); Hnwcn. In one cdruvr Btuoil a 
marlde woiuan, to whom her own beauty was tiw suln 
awl mtfficMit gtmu-iit. Suin- pSftun-x — that lookvtt 
nU. vmA had a mellow tiojitu (litfiu«e<l tliroujfb all tliedr 
■nful Kjilmilar — htmg oo the wnlK N«iu- tlto lir«- 
pljKie wiu a lar^ aitd (rerjr benntiful oalno^t of el>ouy, 
infaud witli ivtiry; a ptMniif witi<)iH) funiitun-. which 
Mr. Pynuheon bad hou<{bt in Vt^nioe, and whii<b h« 
UJH-d iw the trwuiur"'-i>but! fur mixlol*, ai»nviit t-oiiiH. 
and wbUvwr snukll nnd vidtiable curiosities W hwl 
ptaked u|> on hi» LmvcU. Tlir<iUf;li all llita rarifty of 
dernratiua, liowevf^r, tht^ r<H>iii nbtrarvd itn ori^i)!!! I' 
ucl^ri^tiiv; it« low stud, itn <-KM»-bo«in, iu chiiDm-y- 
|nrvr, with tlii' uld-fashinnvd Dutr-b til«B ; sn that it 
«a« tJie cmblmi uf u mind imlnHlrimudy Mtoiwd with 
fi>n-if^ ideas, ami elnlwrnted into artificial rvfine- 
□M^nt, but ni'itfaer larger, nor, in ita pmper self, mun* 
elegant than iM-funr. 

Thiitv trvny two (ibjrrtA tliut ai>|H>arMl Rtther out of 
plane in this very bmidooinidy fumi»bc<l mnm. Oiw 
wa* a lar]>f nwii. *>r nurveyor'a pbiit, of a tntct uf land, 
which luttkixl as if it hail Ix^i-n drawn a gtHMl nmny 
yean af,ii, and wan now dine}' wiih »ini>ke. ami si>il<il, 
iwr^ and thcn\ wiih iIm' toiirb of tinpTH. Tin- otbi'r 
waa a |H>rtratl of it ^icni old man. in a Puritan e^rli, 
{■ikinU-d riMigbly, but will) a Inild ■■ITcot, and a n-tuari(- 
ubly •tniii}; ■•x|>n?t«iun of vliarncter. 

At a omall table. hr<foro a fire of Kn^liNh lu-a-i.- 
^^nt Mr. Pyni-btHiii. "i|ipiR>r f>ilT(>«^'. whiih had ^rowii m 
^^b« ft nrjr favnriu: bcvenge with him in FraiM». He 


wan a Diiildk-ngml atul really liuidiwtuii luan. wilh a 
wig Hnwiiig iluwn tipon his lUiniililvrx ; hiit not waa of 
blue velvet, with laoe on ttie borders and at tlte huUoD- 
holvH; aitd tlic firelight gli»t«i]ed on tbc spavioas 
breadth of bis waist^-oat, which was flowered all ornr 
with golil. Oti tiH^ eutraiiMt uf Scipio, tuhorin}; in the 
c^jenter, Mr. P>-Duheon tunii^d partly round, but n- 
ftuiiiccl bin former |Kwitiiiii, aud proot^-ded drUtwratoIy 
to finish his cup of w>ffoe. without imnteiUale nuti<* of 
Uie giifal whom hv liiul Miuiiniomtl to hix prvM-mro. 
It wait XMt Uiot he intended any vudeiiesB or improper 
neglect, — wKti'h, in<Wd, Iw woubl luive bliiMh«d \a be 
guilty of, — hut it uerer occurred to him that a person 
in Maule's station hail a claim on his iiuurti'HV, or 
would trouble biniMlf about it oih' way or llic other. 

The carpenter, however, stepped at once to the 
hc&^ti^ lUid tunutl hiuimdf alMnit, ho lut to look Mr. 
Pync'heon in the face. 

" You wnt for ine." «ni<) he. " lie [dcaw-d to ex- 
plain your business, that ] may go back to my own af- 

" All ! excuse ine." said Mr. Pj-ncheoo. quietly, " I 
(lid nut mean to tux your time without a n-compimHe. 
Your nanM>, I think, is Maule. — Thomas or Matthew 
Matili', — a Kon or gninilMMi of the builder i^f thhi 
house ? " 

" Mfittbcw Miiulc." replied tlw cftrixaitcr, — "aon 
uf him who built tlie bouse, — grandson of the ri);ht- 
ful pruprictiir uf the wiil." 

" I know the dispute to which you allude," observed 
Mr. Pyncheon with undiKLurlH-d «>(|uaniin!ty. " I aui 
wvll awurv tliat tny {{nindfslher was coni|icllcd to n;- 
Hort to a suit at law, in onler to establiith his claim to 
the fumidutioo-sitc of thix edifice. We will not, if vou 



renew the lUaeonion. Tb* matter vr^-i s^tt]«^<l 
•t tba umr. ukI by tlia rompetrnt auttH>ritK-:s — i:<iui- 
tsblf , it is to be presuiued, — uid, at &U events. trrev<K 
eabljr. Yet, nitigitlurly rnou^li. tticrti ix an innilrotol 
nferenee to thL> vurv suljjn-t iu wtiat I aiu now about 
to tmy to 70a. Ami lliu name faiv<<ter»t« gntdgis — 
exeOM nic^. I mean do offenoe, — tliis irribtbility, 
whieb you hnvi* jimt Jtliowu, is iii>t luitirviy aside from 
the matler." 

" U you «in find anytliing for your |iuTpoM>. Mr, 
Pyt>cheon," said the rarpenter, " in a man's naliiral 
mwntmcnt fur ihe wnmgv done to Iuh blood, you are 
welcome Ui it ! '* 

" 1 tnkf \an at yonr word. Goodman Maiile," uid 
tlh* owni^r of the Seven (tables, with a smile, '* and 
will procend to mggott a ouxlc in which your betvdi- 
tanr raaentnentA — jnatifiaMe. or otherwtae — may 
have had a bearing on my affaini. V<»u Imrv heard, 
1 suppoee, that the Pyncheon family, «ver BUtoe ny 
gnnd&uher'tt dny*. luivc Ih-^'ii pru^rnting a adll nn- 
<d claim to a vety large extent of territory at the 
iwani ? " 

"Often," repliMl Maide, — and it Li said that s 
mnile camit owr his face, — ■* rerv often, — from my 

"Thi4 claim," MOttnued Mr. P^-nclM-on, after pan 
tng a muuii'ut, ad if to (fonsidf r wluit lh« eaqtenlir'a 
■mite loiifht inciui, " appeared to be un tb*- very verg« 
of a settlement and full allowance, at the period of my 
grandfatlter'x dcc«w*. It was w*'ll known, to tlnwi,' in 
hi< confidence, tltat he aulii-ipaleil neitlw^r diflii'ul^ 
nor drhiy. Now, Coltmcl Pyn<'boon, I ne*-»l hanlly 
any. was a practical tmin. well ai-qiininletl with jjtil 
and prtrate busim;&i, and not at all the person to 1 

234 run house of the seven cables. 

Uh il]-fi)unik'(l l)oj>u», or to att«inpt Uip fnUowing not 
of mi uiiprfK-tical'lc xclKitui. It Uobmms toi7om'lu()e,j 
tbiTffutv. tliat liu tta4 (n^tuids, not ii|i)Kiivnt t» 
buirs for his 4;uii(ti)viit iuitii-i|iaUun uf sun-cM id 
matter of this Kaitttfra claitu. lii a won). I liulii-vp, ■ 
and tnj k'gul advi^vrs (-wiiiciilo in tht- belief, uhich«| 
niurvover, in autbonzcd. to a certain exieut. by 
fmmily trtutitioRK, — Uuit lay gruitilfutlivr who in po»-^ 
aes^oQ of •ionic deed, or otber dociuneiit. eaoeuti&l to 
tliiH i-luiin, but wliii-b hurt Maw diikii|i|MTiLri:d." ^k 

" Vtry likely," siiid Matthvw .MuuU>. — and again, V 
it iH ti&id, titert' wan a diu-k muiiu on lib faoo. — *' but 
what can a ponr oirjit-tiu-r have t^i do with the graod 
affairs of the Pyuulieon family '! " 

" PvrhajM nothing," returned Mr. Pfiicbcon. — 
" iKiraiibly, inui:h '. " M 

llt^re enHu«d a great many wnnU l>utwc>«a Matthew V 
Manic and iIm^ i>i-u)>rH^or of tlu- Sewn Uublea. on the 
subject which lh«- latter had tlios broached. It avi-niN 
(all)iou(;h Mr. I'ym-beoii ha«l nonio hcsilMtion in re- 
terriag to BtoriM m pxcpedingly abenird in Uieir ••• 
pect) that the |><>|inl:ir U'lii^f pointtnl to onniv niysleri- 
oiu oonne*.*tio» am) dt'iii'iidi'iKi;, existin}; between lh<^ 
family »f the Mauleft and theiie vart univaliu-d po»- 
Eeasian<i of thi* l\n<-hi'<inH. It wax nn onliniu^- buying 
that Uie old wizanl, han^.'ed (luiugh Ua wax, bail ob- 
tainL-d the bo«t end of tho bat^^a in his contest with 
Culotiid rynoheoii : inaAluuch as Im> hail gi>l pow«-9isicMi 
of tbt* );t>-iit ^^.■>t^rll i-Uiiin. in eseluiii;^^ fur on acre or 
two of fjanlen-prcmnd. A very ajjed woinjui. n-^itntly 
deuti, had oft<.-n UM'A th« n)i.*tA)ilKii-ic3l expression, tn 
her llresi^le talk, that miles and ailW* of tlM> I'juoheon 
Imdd had bofn Khov^Uml into MauVs i^rave; wbidul 
by the by, was bat a ver)' shallow nook, beCweua two 


roekii nrar tli* ntBtmit nf (inUows Hill. A^in, when 
Jtbe hwyen were makini; inquiry fnr thi; miiLtiii); iW-u- 
at, it wsK a by-wnnl Uiat it would tu^ver W ftiuiHl, 
alcM in the wusnl's itki.-lift4iti \iam\. S<j itipi-h Wfi*;)it 
hail tlie »ht«wil lawf era aasij^ued to theite faliltrs, ituit 
(but Mr. Pyai-heon dul not mw fit to inform tli« car- 
penter uf tbr fact) tbey luu) siwretly caused tJie wia- 
nrd'* gravu Ui bv warcbi-it. Nuthing WM dt«cov«r«d, 
bitwewr, «x(V|it tliat, onaocoiuitaljlir, th« right band 
of tbe •luddUni traa ffMu. 

Now, what was nnqaestioDably important, a portioD 
of tbiM> poptUar ruinoni raald \ms xxwvA. though rather 
doafatfnlly aad udistinotly, lo chanoe worda aad dIkj 
■eon binla of tlw cxwaln) vrintrd'H mid. itiul thi- fatbt 
of this prtscnt Matthew Miitdtt. And here Mr. Tyn- 
cbeoo vooh) brin;; an iu-ui »f hia own ))i.-r!;oniil vvi- 
dniMi intn play. Thmigh hut a child at tlw time, be 
either retnenittcred vr f:iiug«d that Matthew's father 
bad had i>omit jiib U) |Krfonu, on tl>e dav iMtfurv. or 
poaaildj the very nutmin}; uf tliv Ct>luncr8 dcccaM, in 
tb« privtttf nioiii MlH>re be and the caqienier werv at 
this moment tajkin;;. C«rtiuu luigivni Ixtlouj^ng to 
Colooel Pyadteon, aa hb grandsoo distinctly reoul- 
lBBt«l. had iNt-n HjirKMl mit nn tllc table. 

Matihi^w Mauli- iiii<1«tsIoo<I the tnunuutod suspicion. 

••My father." hv mid. — hnl ntiU thvre wu Ibmt 
dark amile. nuilcin^ a riddle of hit) coimU'naDoe. — 
** my faihor wis an hooester man than tlu; bliMnlj >il<i 
Oilooel! Nut tu pit hilt rights liock a^ptiu would hu 
havi< narriod oA ime of thiMe |in{i«rs \ " 

" I shall not bandy wnnU witli yoa." oI>»i-rrcd thu 
(tirv'ign-hrvd Mi-. Pyncheon. with haujrhty ramponure. 
" Nor will it hvcuow m«> to rvM-nt any nidcn«^')'?> l'>w- 
ard» itttber my gtaodlatber or mysdf. A K<^nUcuiaD, 


Imtorw necking tntttTOoanu vriUi a p^nmi of ytmr uto- 
don and liabiU, will first cousidcr whether ^e urgency 
of tlu- <-nil niiiy oi>iii|n'iiMiiUi fur Uk ili8agTe«al>l«!iiGaH o( 
tho Divans. It clom wa in lite preM-nt instance." fl 

He thi-ii r«n(*we<l the ponwntation. and nade great^ 
pMuniary offers to tliu t-arpcDtt^r, in cn*c tlw littUrr 
HhouKI givi> iiiforuiatioii leading to the iliaoorery of the 
loot dorunicnt, und Uie M>nwHjur!nt kucvcjui of the 
Eaiitt^ru claim. For » long tiini- ilattbevr Maule is 
Mitl to hiiTv tnravil a cold uiir to thcM; )>ru)>if»itii>[ui. 
At last, bowerer. with a atnuagu kind of laugh, he in- 
quired whetlinr Mr. I'yiicheon would iuak« over to btm 
the old wixanl's homestpad-ground, to^ethor with tlie 
HoiHie of tho Scvi-n GaliluM, aow standing an it, in 
requital of tlu? doc'uincutar}' eridenoe ao urgently 

The wild, chimney -«>m«r l^end (which, witiiont 
copying all ib* cx(ruvagiui<%», my narrative csai-ntiuUy 
follows) here gives an a<'«>unt of aimw very strange 
behavior on tlu,' |)art of Ctdoiid Pyncheon's |)ortnut. ^ 
Tlui iiicUin>, it must tw nnderstood, was supposed toH 
be so intimately coojiectetl witli l)i<> fab' of the hiiiiH«, 
«nd so magically built into its walls, that, if onoo it^ 
should l)e removed, that v^ry instaul tlvt wholit (Hlific«fl 
would ixmic thiiudfring down in a h(.<ap of dusty miu. 
All through tlie (orvgoiRg (Mnvrrwition U^lwwii Mr. 
Fyudii<on and the carpenter, the portrait had beoafl 
frowning, clenching ita fi«t, and giving many mich ^ 
pitNifft of cKOcssivo diacompoMiTV, but witluHit attrai-t- 
tng tlte notioe of eitlier of tJic two coIloquiMta. And 
finally, at Mattlw-w Mhii1<-*ii nmtactous suggestion of a 
transfer of the sev^n-gablMl stntcture. the ghostly yntp. 
trait is antrrvxl to have lost all |mti«nce, and to hava I 
shown itself oo the point of deeoendiug t>odily boax 




Bot Ktinh incndihl* incidents are menlj 

' O'xw n\\ thi« ItntMT I "■ vxclnimixl Mr. Pynrhwoo, in 
■nwceoifnt at tbi; pnipnwl. " ^V<>^e I to do mi, mj 
pwulfaUwT wtmlil imi ni>4 t{iiM>t in IiIn gnvt: \ " 

" Ilr tivvrr has, if all storivs ntv tni#," remarked 
the carjitrDUr, eotuposedly. " But thai ninttcr (^iin-ntii 
ia» pvoAatm vaiytv tluin tl doM MalUu-w MouU-. I 
havr Ml irthiT t«mu to iiropose." 

Iniposuulili- lui be at ftnl thcwiglii it to con|i)y with 
MauW'tt conditioDs, still, on n EMx>Dit glam-n, Mr. I^^I• 
cbeon was of upinton that tbi'j- nii^hi ut XvpuX. tw niad# 
matter uf discuMion. IIv hiiii(H.-lf had »o perHunal au 
tachimml for tht! Iioi]at% iiiir any {ihsutiuit attNiK-iittiotu 
oonawtod with his chUdiab mideiwe in iL On tlie 
mattvrr, aftiT M-vrn-atMl-thirty yMn. thv presctivo uf 
his dead ^^mndfalhi-r i<n>itiMl Httll tn prniulv it. a* ua 
tliat iniiniin^ when lli« affrif^hl'i) Ixiy luul U-Im'IiI liitn, 
with »a fflui^tly au a.-ijMi-t. lUifTt-uiiig in hix rhair. Ilia 
kinj; aUtdr !n fon-i^i jiartx, mort-uwr, uni) faiiiiliari^ 
with nianr of the caaUea aod aowsttal halU of Eng- 
Uim). aiul the nuirhk* pobwon nf Italy, had r-auwd him 
to look conteraptuotejy at tlic House of the Seven 
rtabloA, wtv)-t)KT in ]H>int of mjdeitdor or conveiiiimcv. 
It wan a niati<iUin nxctinlingly iuadt-iguate to the style 
nf linng which il would lie itjciuulient on Mr. Pyn- 
olwoo to su|i]>oTt. aft'-r rfulixiii^ Iiii ti-rritorial righta. 
Rta M«ward mi^cbt dei;^ in o(-cii{>y il. Imt lurver, etf 
tainly, tlw grent Intwl«-<1 {mtprietor himself. In the 
erenl of siiecesn, indeed, it was his ]iur)MMe to Mum 
to EngUnd ; nor, tn my the truth. w<iuld Iw rv<-i'uUy 
I have (juittMl that ntore (•oof^nial Imnie, had not bis 
(>wn fortuue. as wpll aa his ileo<»MHl «-iff':t. befnin to 
gitc symplotuit of vxbaiution. Tlie EatU^rn claim 

288 riiK nnvsE of thk sevek oablks. 

ODco fairly Ht>ttl«4l, and put itpim tlu' finn hua» of 
actual iKwuwjwiim, Mr. Pyiichwm'B projwrly — In Iw 
mrasuretl by miles, not acn-H — wimM Ito wnrlh nn 
vwldom, uml wcMild n-n«otuibly entitlo him to satioitt 
or *'ii!il»l*' biin to piiri-'baw. tbat elf vsiltii dimity from 
tile BritiMli iiHiimnh. I^ird Pyiii-biiin ! — iir lli'- Earl 
«( Waldo! — liuw could suL-b a magnate be exjiiK-t4'<l 
til coiitriM't bin ^iiindnur witliiii tliw pitiftil compass of 
Eleven ^liiigled giilik-H? 

In short, on mi rnlarp-d vivw of ihv l>usine«s. tbe 
oarpeDler'a ti-miH H|i])enr«d eo ridiculously eaHy thjlt 
Mr, Pyiii'Iiism oinild waix-i-ly forW-iir litiif^hinp^ in his 
face. lie wiw quitn aabamed, after the foregoing re* 
flootioiu. tn propose any (limiiimi'>a of xo [DO<lt!ruto a 
MootnpenBe for tbe immeDst! Herviw to be trnderi'd. 

"I oonaent to your proixmition, Munlc," cried ho. 
"Pnt roe in possession of the iloounient csM^titinl to 
establish my rigbtK, and llir Huum of tlw Seven 
Gables tR your own ! '* 

A(!«>rding to wmio v<!n*ioni« of tb'* story, a rcfrular 
contract to the above effect was drawn np by a lawyer. 
uid oigiiiil and w-iditl in Itw proMDM of witiit-sseK. 
Others say tbat Matthew Maide was cnnti'Dlol with 
a private wrilti-n agTcciiK-nl. in wliii-b Mr. I'ynclii-on 
pledged bis honor aiid intedjity to tbe fnltilnitiil of 
the tvmtM t'oiu-]iK)(Td upon. Tliv gcntli-'niun then or- 
dered wine, which ho and tbe earjienler ilnuik to- 
gether, ill contiriiialiim nf tlwir barfniin. During tbe 
whole prceeiliiif; discussion and i;id>ai-que»t fiiminlili*-*. 
tho old Puritan's {mrtrait SHeiii^ to bnve )>cr«ist*<d in ita 
shsidowy gc«t«rv:< uf iliicippniviil ; but witliniit efTi'Cti 
except that, as Mr. P^-iicbeon act iliiwi^ llw emptied 
gliuM, be thought lie behuld his gmndfatJier frown. 

" This ^urry is too pot«ut a wiuu for uw ; it baa itf- 




Imtid my Itrata Blnndy." b« olMerved. aftur a 
wliat Litiirtlccl look •! tJuv pk-turo. '* Oo retonttng 
EuropTi, I ttkall uooliae uivm^K t4> tiii- tnare delicate <rui- 
tagee of Italy aiul Fiascv, Uie best of which will not 
\ttmx tnuMportatioD." 

** My Lord l*}-Di-h«)n niay drink what miH> bn will, 
Ml<I whfWVM he |ilfases." replied tlie i-arpenler, as if 
be hiul Xteew privv I'l Mr. Fvtiirhcnn'ii atiil>itiuiui prit- 
jt<ctii, '* But tint, sir, if you deiiiru tidings of this lo6t 
ilcH-uiopnt, I Diu^it mri' ih^- fnvor uf u littlt* talk with 
your fair daughter Aliw." 

** Yim arw mad, Maulc '. " «»'Uirni-<i Mr, I'ymJ 
lian^htily ; and dow. at last, there was anger mil 
(i|) with hilt |>rid4>. " Wliiit ram my danght^r haTO to 
do with a buflinefw like tliiH ? " 

ImkiHl. nt Uiix new dfinand on thv carpi^tcrV |>tirt,., 
ibp proprieutr of tl»e Seven (iablea waa even lunr 
tliutidi-r-otnii'k tlinti ni tho <'»<il propotiition to nirren- 
(ler his bouMe. There was at least, an assignablflj 
OMitivf for tltr lint Ktipuhuiiui ; Ih^-re a|ip<mrM) to 
noiw wiiiitever for the last. Nevertheh«i4, Matthew 
Maultt ftturUily insij*t«d a» iIm young hvJy being kiuu- 
moned. and ewo gave ber father v> timlerstaud, in a 
tayatoiiotis kind of vxjdanatinn. — which made tliv 
natter oonaiderahly darker tlian It looked before. — 
that tbu only rhanci> of arquiring the re<qut«it4- knowl- 
ed|^ was through the i-lt-:ir. ervslal medium of a pure 
and vir^n iiilrllig<-nPL-, like that of Ut>- fair A lit-". 
Not to encumber our story with Mr. I*ynot>eou'a soru* 
pl«. whetbur of eonwiviu-i-, pridr. or fnlliiTly affco-i 
tion. he at len^i or<lpn?d his lUughler to !«* called.' 
He wfll kaeif that sbo wa« iu lii^r ciuunU-r. and en* 
|(ag«d in do ooeupation that conld not reailily be ' ~ 
wUUi for, BJ ft liappenvd, tsr«r nnou Alice'« 


had been B]Kikeii, both her fatlier and tlie carpenter 1 
had Iwonl Ihv muI trnd swivt tounic uf hvr li»r]iii 
^lord, and the airier mehuicholj of her acconipaoyiiig 

So jUioe Pyncheon was Buurooned aiwl appeared. 
A [Kirtruit nf this voUDg liuly, painted by a Vvnetiin 
artiat, and left by ber father in Eoj^Und, is said to 
liavi- fallen into tliv biunU uf tltt^ pniwnt Uuki* of 
Devonabire. and to be now preserveil at ChatAWorth i 
nut iiti Hi-ciiiint uf Hity auMH-iiitionH with tbu orifpDal, 
but fur tt« value as a |>ii-tun>. and tlw bigb character 
of beauty in tltc cmiuttfuanve. If «ver tlterc wu a 
Luly bom. and not apart from the world's vulgar mus 
by a ixirtaiii gt-titli; and culd HtattliwM, it wa* this 
very .\lice Pync-hcon. Yvt there was tlie womanly 
mixture in I»er ; the tenderneas. or, at Iiuutt, th« ti-ndcr 
capabilities. For the Mike of that redeeuiiiif; (jiuility, 
a miui of f^i'norouH naturv wuulil liavv forpren all ber 
pride, and have been content, alnioAt. to lie dovm in 
her iKttli, iui<) li4 Alice Ht^t \wr «lpn<)trr foot upon hia 
heart. All that he would have r«quirfsl waa Rimply 
th« acknowhKljfmcnt tlmt hv waK indtred A man, mm! a 
fcUow-bcinff, moulded of the same elementa as hhe. 

Aa Alice cajiM into tlie room, licr «y<w fvll u|>on the 
i-arpcntttr. who wm slandinf; near ita c«ntre. clad in a 
green woollen jacket, a pair of loo«o brccchca, opra at 
lh« kncc», and witJi a long pocket for his rule, the end 
of which protruded ; it waa aa prop«r a tnork of tha 
artiaan'ii culling, ua Mr. Pymrhcon's full-drea sword 
of tliat j^ntleman'H arifltocrativ preu-nsiuns, A glow 
uf artiatii^ agipi-ovid brightcawl over A lira Pynch»on*s 
faoe : she was struck with admiration — which ah* 
mndv DO att^iinpt t« conoral — nf the n-markable come- 
liness, strength, and energy of Maule's figure. But 







tfcat admiring glance (which moct other mr-n, per- 
)t>p«, wutilil h»vc chrnKhnl lu a swoct recoUeodon, 
all throu^ life) the carjxuiter never foi^avp. li 
most have been th« ilevil himMlf that made Maule 
M anbtite in his perception. 

** DfHsa the ^rl look at me an if I were a bnite 
beast?" thought be, setting hiit teeth. "Slw «haU 
know whether I bavc a bunuui Mpirit : and thu wone 
(or Iter, if it prove stmngier tiuin her own I " 

** My fiubfr, you iwnl for roe," said Aliee, in bor 
sweet aod har|>-like voii-e. ** But, if you have husi- 
IM« with tliiti ;ouug inao, pray \vX ntc go again. Y'uu 
kikow 1 do not love this room, in spite of that Clauili!, 
with wliieh ymi try to bring biu^k Manny mKiUections." 

" Stay n inomeut, young lady, if you plea^ ! " aaid 
Matthuw Monltf. " My bu.iiuvAH with your futhcr u 
over. With youraelf, it is now to begin 1 " 

Al!i>e lookvd towanlti her father, in Murjtriite and in* 

"Yc«. Alioo," said Mr. Pyncheon, witli Home diH- 
turbuiee and confuxion. "This young man — hifl 
name la NUtthi-w Mauli- — prnfeHM-ji. ttu far aji 1 van 
ondtntaod liini, to be able to diseover. through your 
nM>Bnii, k certain paper or purclinimi, which wuh nii.4A. 
ing loQg before yoor birth. The iniport^mve of the 
dorunwnt in question rvndrm it ottrUiahle to neglect 
no poeeittle, even if iiuprubable. mvtlind of regaining 
it. You will Utrn'fore oliUgi* me. my dear .\lk-e, by 
annTrvring this person's inquiricfi. and complying witli 
hu lawful nml n'luuinjible requeata, »o far as tbey may 
ajipear to have the iiforvmid objuct in view. As I 
•hali ramain in th>r ruoni. you need apprehend no rudv 
nor unbecoming deiwrttncot. on the young man's part: 
and. at your ^i^teat wtab. of courM. the invi:»liga- 

242 rnn uousr of thk seven gables. 

tion, or wliutuver wu mity emil it, nlmll unotodutely be 
broken off. 

" Muitruso Alicti Pyncheon," nnunrluKl Mattliew 
MmUo, with tho utmost deference, but yet » lialf-hiU- 
deu aarcasm in liis look had tonv, " will no dwibt fuel 
benolf iftiit*' siiftt ill her hther's preMitce, *ad luiilcr 
hiii ull-Huffi(.-ient protwtioii." 

** I wrtaioly HhnU fiitt>rtain no manner of aiii)reht^ii 
luun, with my fotlwr xt bund," Mid Alice, with iimid- 
eiily (lignity. " Neither do I oonoeive thai a lady, 
whik tnte to h«n>«lf, <-u» b»vo Might to fear fruin 
vrhoinsoever, or in any eiromostancee ! " 

Poor Alin- ! By what uuhniipy impnlM' did she 
thus put herself at once on teruiH of defiauoe agnitMt 
a 8tn.'»t^i whivh she could not estimate? 

"Then, Mt(itrei*« Aliee." said Mattliew Manic, bimd- 
inj{ H chair, — uriwcfiiUy enough, for a craft&man. — 
" will it ]di'i&t> yon only to sit down, and do me the 
fnvor (tlioii<;h all'ip-ther Iwvoud a poor carjieuter'a 
deserts) to tU your eyes on mine I " 

Alice c«npli«d. She wax very proitd. Setting 
■side all advantages of trutk. chia fair prl deemed 
herself i-oniuHona of a i>ow<t — enmbincd of beaaty, 
high, tinsuUied purity, an<l the preservative foree of 
wonianhniHl — tliat iwdd makr her sphere impcnetta- 
blc, unless betniye«l by treachery within. She in- 
BtinetiviUy knew, it may be, tltnt some tnniater or evil 
potency wiw now nlriving to \>a»s her harrient : nor 
would hUh decline lb«( cot)t«iit. So Alice jnit woman *(i 
might against man's might ; a mateh not often eipial 
on the part of woman. 

>[er father meanwhile liad turned away, aiu) seewied 
absorbed in the (HmtMniphition of a laiid»v«pe by Claude, 
when a shadowy and aun-^treaked ^iata penetrated ao 





TCBKitclr iatn aa aad«Dt wood, thst It wWH bftn bno 
no wonder ii hts ixaej luul lost itseli in the pirtare'fl 
bewiUonng dnpths. But. in tnttb, tbe pkture «u no 
■on to hint at tlut mnmcnt thnn the blank waU 
Tyw«* vhidi it hung. Ills mind was haont«d with 
tlw many And rtisnge ukn which hn hod hcud, ■(- 
tribatng mysterioits if not mpenwCanl endowment 
to tbetie Hanlm, as well the gnmlMHi here praaeDt ail 
his two inini«diatA anoMton. Mr. Pynvhmn's lung 
iiaiiliiiii aliroad. and interocMirBe with mm of wit 
{brUod, — nwHirn, wwUlio^ nnd fni^thinki.'rni, • 
had dfloe mtich towards oblibenting th« grim Piuilan 
■m i wrtiti oo*. wbicli no nuin i>f N«w England birth aX 
Aat enriy {wrioil cunhl entin^iy inHV|i«. But, on the 
oOmt hand, bad not a whole I'ORunnniti,' brii 
Maale** pmylfatber to be a wiaard ? Hod not the 
ctitna been pntred ? Had not the wiaard died for it? 
Hail )m> not bequrathrd a l«^Boy of hatred against < 
Prnobeoos to tbis only gnudson. who, aa it 
wa« now abnot to rxorciae a subtle influen«e over 
ditngfat(>r of \as I'Dcmy's houw ? Might not this in- 
fiuenre be the winie that waft called witolwraft ? 

Tnming half aratind, be caught a glimpev of Maule'ij 
figure in the lookin^-^^aas. At 9oni« juaces from . 
vidi his arms uplifted in the air, the cariwoter made i 
gcatme a« if directing downward a alow, ponderon 
and inrviibk' wci<^t u|>on the maiden. 

" Stay, Klanle 1 " exclaimed Mr. PyttcbMMi, stepping 
fannud. " I forbid your proceeding forthiir ! " 

•• Play, my dear father, do not intermpt the j*oung 
mm." aaid AU«c-, without cban^ng her position. ^ Hia 
tflForla, I aamro yon, will prora rerj' hannlos." 

Again Mr. Pynebeon turned his eyes towards tha 
Claiide. It waa then hia daaghtor'a will^ io ogfoaiaaik , 


to his owD, that tlw «xp«rim(int Hhtnild be fully triod. 
HeDoeforth, therefore, he did but Mnsoat, not urge it 
And waa it nut (or her sake far more than fur hia 
own that hv du»!rv(l its hucvcss? That lost par4.'b- 
ment once reston.->d, the beaucifu) Alice Pj'ocheoii, with 
thn rich dowrir which h« could tlu'it bestow, iiught wed 
an Knglish duku or a German reigniog-prince, instead 
uf »()iue New England clergyman or lawyer I At the 
thought, the lunbiliouM fotlusr almost coniteRtod, in his 
heart, that, if tlie devil's power were needed to the ao- 
complUIuiiont of ilua grvat object, Maulc might evoke 
him. Alioe'tt own puri^ would he her safeguard. 

With IiiH nihid full of imaginary niagniflcencc, Mr. 
Tyncheon heard a ludf-utterwl vxcluoation from hia 
dnughU'r. It wiut very faint and low ; bo iodiatinct 
that there seemed hut half ii will to shape out tlie 
words, and too undelined a purport to be intelUgiblu. 
Yet it was a call for help I — his conseieniie never 
doubtctt it; — and, little more than a whisper to liia 
(iiu-, it was u disiuitl Hiirii.'k, aud long reix-hoed «o, in 
the region round his heart ! But this tunc the father 
did not turn. 

After a further interval, Maide spoke. 

" Behold your daught«r I " eald faie. 

Mr. Pvnoheon came liastily forward. The carpenter 
vu atimding en.>«t in front of Alice's chair, and point- 
ing Ills linger towards the maidea with an expreseicm 
of triumphant ]>ower tlie limits o{ which oould not be 
dcitniKl, as indee<l, its scopo stretched vaguely towards 
the unseen and the infinite. Alice sat ta an attitude 
of ])rofound repoae, with tl>o long brown lashes droo^ 
ing over her eyes. 

"There she ial" said the carpenter. "Speak to 



"Alioet Mydjuighurl' 

»My cnni Alice;" 
She dill not stir. 
" Luodtir ! " Ktid Manic, nnlling. 
"Ali*^! Awake '" iiri«d her fuller. 
me U> Boc you thiu I Awakol " 

Be apoke loadljr, witli terror tn lits voice, tad cloee 
to tkftt delicate ear wbicb had always been ao sensitive 
every discortl. Bnt the aoaail evidently reached 
noL It 13 iudescribablfi what a sl-dmi of n^mote, 
luuttninnhlv distance, betwixt liiiu.-uli auil Aliiv, 
raa impressed oa tlie father by tius imiKMaibility of 
Iht with Wis voice. 
** Best toDi.-h her ! " said Matthew Maule. ** Shake 
girl, and rooghly too ! My banda are hiudeiwd 
I too much use of axe, saw, and plane, — else I 
Bught help you!" 

Mr. Pjwh^on took her hand, and pressed it with 
the evnestoess of startW euiotiou. He Idaaed heri 
•0 grtiat a heart>thrub in the kiss, that be thought 
most needs feel it Then, in a gust of aoger at 
iaaensibility, he abook brr maiden fonn with a 
ieoce which, cbe next moment, it afTri^hted hicn to 
ber. lie withdrew hifl enciruUug arms, and 
lOe — whose tlgure, though flexible, luul bo«n wholly 
bn|)aMtivc — relaptted into the same attitade as before 
attempts to arouse iier. Maulu haviu^ tthifted 
lis position, hi-r face was turned towards him sliglitly, 
but with what seemed to be a reference of her very 
■lumber to bia guidance. 

Then it was a strange ught to behold bow tlw man 
of oonrentionalities shook the powder out of his peri- 
wig; how the reMrved and stnu>ly gentlenum for^got 
lua dignity ; bow the goldembnHderod wai«tcoa( Biolb 



ered and gliatened in the flretight wiUi the connilaion 
of n^, terror, ixtxA sorrow in th« human heart tluit 
WW bcatiiig uuder it. 

** VLUiiiii 1 " cried Mr. Fynefaeon, Bfaaking hui 
ohed fist at Maale. " Yoa and tlio fiend logother 
ive robWd me of uij daughter! Give her back, 
apawo of the old wizard, or yoa shall climb OallowH 
Hill in your grandfather's footsteps I " 

" Softly, Mr. I'viiclieoD 1 " aaicl the carpontf^r, with 
•oomful composure. ** Softly, an' it please your wor- 
ship, «1m! you will iipoil thn^ rich lac« rufflefl at your 
wristat Is it my crime if you linve sold j'our daughter 
for the more h(^ of getting a Hhc«t of ycUow pai-cli- 
ni«nt into your clutch? There aits Mistress Alice 
quietly naleepi Now let Matthew Maiile tn* whftJier 
aho be aa proiul as the carpenter found her awhile 

lie spoke, and AUee responded, with a soft. snl>- 
diicd, inward acquiescence, and a Wnding of her form 
towards him, liltv the flumo of n torch when it indi- 
oatee a gentle draught of air. He beckoned with his 
band, and, riHing from her cliair, — blindly, hut un- 
doubtlngly, as ten<ling to her eun- and inevitable cen- 
tre, — tli« proud Alice approadted him. He waved 
her hack, and, retrvating, Alice sank again into fa«r 

*' She iH mine I " said Matthew Maule. ** Mine, by 
the right of thf strongcit spirit ! " 

In the further progress of the legend, there la a 
long, grateaque, and oceaAionally awe-striking account 
ot the carpent^r'H itictntntloiiM (if so they am to bo 
'called), with a view of discovering the lost document. 
It ajipi-ars to luive bi'cn hia object to convert the rnirnil 
«f Alice into a kind of telescopic medium, throu^^ 



wlueh Mr. I^vheon aod him.'MiU nil^t olitaln ft 
glimpM into Uic spiritotl world. He raoeeedsd, le- 
«onluigljr, io holdio^ an imperfet^ sort c^ intemonne, 
St otw ranoTe, wIUi llte d«]>art«(l penoiugM, io wboN 
QOBtDdjr the so much vmltMxl socnt had been canity] 
bafond the {MvoiiietB of earth. Dnriag her trance, 
A£n deceribed three figutet as beiu);; |ireM>ot to her 
qnritialized perccptioi). Otic was im nged, dignified, 
■tenJoohiug; g«uU«man, clad as for v soleam festini 
in gT»n and cwtiv aitin;, but with a grwat Uoodsbua 
oo his richly wrought band ; the second, lui agod ona, 
iBMuly dnseswl, with a dark and maligo pountenanoe, 
and a broken halter about his neck ; the third, a por^ 
■cm not BO advanced iu life aa the former two, but be- 
jood the middle tfge, wearing a ooane wooUl-d tunto 
aadl leather brewdiM. and with a carpenter's role stiok- 
iag out of his side pocket. These three viuotutrj 
dunetani poMewed a mutual knowledge of the miss- 
ing document; One of them, in tnith, — it was he 
with the bloodstain on his band, — seemed, nnloM Ua 
foaturoa weie nusonderatood, to bold the (Nuchment 
in hhi immediate kee|iii)<;. but was prc-vcntcd, by his 
two paitson in ihv mvKtcn'. froui diaburJeuing him- 
aelf of the trust Fmally, when ha showed a pinpoae 
of ahoittti^ forth the secret, loudly enough to be heard 
Eroca his own sphere into tliat (if mortals. hU coiiiiian< 
ions strag^ed with him. and pressed their hands over 
bit mouth ; nod forthwith — whether that he were 
choked by it. or that the sccrvt it^-lf w» of a rritu- 
stm hue — ~ there was a fresh fhiw of btood upon liis 
Upon thi«, tl)e two meanly dreoaed figures 
and jeered at the mDeb«baalied oU dignitary-, 
pointed thiur fingers at the stain. 
At this juncture, Uaole tumod to Mr. Pyncbeon. 


" It will never be aUowed," BMd he. " The custody 
of tliid w'lTct, tJuit wotdd su enrich his heirs, iiiitkes 
part of your jfnuidfather'fi retribution. Ho iuu8t(;)ioke 
witli it until it Li iin longer of any value. And keep 
you the House of the Sorcn Gahles 1 It in too dear 
bought au iuheritanoe, and too heavy with the cnrae 
upon it, to be shifted yvt awhile from the Coltmel's 
posterity 1 " 

Mr. Hynoh«on tried to apeak, but — what with fear 
and pasMon — cotdd make only a gutgling murmur in I 
his throat. The oaq>eiiter smiled. 

*' Aha, w(>nthi])fiil »ir! — no, you haro old Maule'sV. 
blood to driok ! " said he. jceiingly. 

*' Fiend in man's shape I why dost thou keep dc^ 
mioioo over my child? "cried Mr. Pyacfacnn, whea 
hi» ehoked utt«raneo fioold make way. '*Give me 
back my daughter ! Then go thy ways ; aad may wa 
never a\i-eX again 1 " 

" Your daughter ! " wild Mntthow M»nl«. " Why, 
ehe is fairly tnine I Neverthelees, not to be too hard 
with fair Kf istrees Alice, I will leave her in your kiwp- 
iog ; but I do not warrant you that she shall never 
have ocoasion to remember Maute. the carpenter." 

Ho wavctl hix hiintU with an upwant motion ; and, 
after n ftw repetitions of similar gestures, the beauti- 
ful Alice Pynobeon awoke from her strntige trance. 
She awoke, without the slighteft rwollwtion of Iicr 
visionary experience ; but as one losing herself in a 
momentaty rcveri«i, and returning to tho eonneiousneaa 
of actual life, in alnuNft a« brief an interval as the 
dawn-sinking flame of tJie hearth shoidd quiver again 
up tlie fhiinncy. On recogiiining Matthew Mnule, she 
assiuned an air of somewhat cold but gentlv dignity, 
the rather, aa there was a certain ]>eculiar suule on the 




earpenter'n vUage that stirred the native pridfi of Um 
bir Alice:. So etxlet). fur tliat time, tlM quMt for the 
lost titlfrd««d of the I^cluKm (crritoty at tfa« East- 
ward; itor, though (ift«n subsequentlj reiifiw«il, luu it 
vnfT yet lufollen a Pytich«on to set hia aye upoD that 

But, alas for the beautiful, the giMilli;, yet too 
haughty Alice ! A power thut she little dreained of 
had laid ita grasp upon her maiden booL A will, most 
nnliko her own, oonNtniitierl hrr tn da it» grotesque 
and fantastic bidding. Her father, as it prored, had 
nai^rred his poor child Is an inordinate desira for 
meaaoring his land V>y mile« instead of acT«s. And. 
therefore, while Alice Pyncheon lived, nbe wan Maule'a 
slave, in a bondage more humiliating;, a thousand-fold, 
than that which binds ita chain arfinnd the body. 
ScaU^t by hill humble fircttide, Manlv had but to wave 
hia hand ; and, wherever (he proud lady chanced to 
be, ->- whMhcr in her obamWr, or <-iit'.Ttaining her 
falher'a stately guesta, or worsliipping at cbnreh, — 
whatever hor placti or occupation, her spirit passed 
from beneath her own control, and bowe<l itself to 
Maole. ** Alicv. laugh ! " — the carpenter, Iwsido hia 
hearth, wotUd say ; or perhaps intensely will it, witb- 
out a spoken wonl. And, even were it prayer4iroe, 
or at a fnnvnl, Alice iniut break into wild laughter. 
** Alice, be sad !" — and. at the instant, down would 
cone her tears, qnenching all the mirth of thoao 
anmnd her liha sudden tain upon a bonfire. " Alice, 
danoe I " — and dance tthe would, not in »uch court- 
like m«unire« as she had Iwirni-d aliroail, but some 
h!g)»-pai-rd ji<r, or ha]>-«kip rigndoon, befitting the 
brisk Usaes at a rmtiu inerr)'- making. It seemed to 
be idude'a tm|»U>c, not to ruin Alice, nor to vixit her 


with AQj l)luck pr gignaiio mi«cfaii;f, which wuuld hare 
downed her sorrows vrith tlte gram of trugedy . hitt to 
wreak n luw, iitigeucruus soom u]m>(i hur. Thun bU 
tiio dignify of life wiw lost Sbo Mc IwnwU too muoh 
abased, and knged to change natures with some 
worm I 

One eretung, at a bridal-parfy (but not ber own \ 
for, HO lost from Bolf-«ontrol, she would have doemed 
it sin to many), poor Allw was beckoned forth by hvr 
unseen des]rat, aiu} coustrainetl, in her gossamer white 
dr«iu aud satiu alijipers, to tuL>rt<-n ahuig the street 
to tltv ini.-ai) dwelling of a Inlioi-ing-matt. Tliero was 
laughter and good ch«er within ; for Matthew Maule, 
that night, was to w<-d ihu Uborcr's dnughtvr, and hiul 
summoned proud Alice Puncheon to wait upon his 
brido. And so thu did ; and whi'n tJw IvrntD wcrt' 
one, Alice awoke out of her encltanted sleep. Yet, do 
longer proud, — hutnlily, and with a B.uule all stoi-ped 
in sadness, — she kissed Maidu's wift% and wont her 
way. It was au inclement night ; tl)e aoulheast wind 
drove tbo mingled snow and rain into her thinly slid- fl 
tered bosom; her satin sli{>p4.Ttt wore w«t through and 
tliroQgb, as she trod tlii* luurldy sidewalks. The next 
day a cold ; soon, a scttlftd ootigli ; anon, a lioaio 
cheek, a wanted form, that sat beside the hnrpsii-hord, 
and AUod the houao with rausio \ Muaio, in which a 
•train of the heavenly clwriiiton watt echoed ! Oli, joy I 
For Alice had borne her last humiliation ! Oh, greater 
joy ! For AliiM) waM ]>euitAnt of hi^r one earthly ain, 
Mid proud no more I 

The FynclMona made a great ftmeral for Alioe* 
Thfi kitli and kin vt^rv tlu-ro, and tho whole respeota- 
bili^ of the town bosides. But, last in the procession, 
came Matthew Maule, gnaahing lus teeth, as if h^ 



would have bitten liu own heart in twun, — die dark- 
est and wofollest man tliat ever walked behind a 
corpse I He meant to homble Alice, not to bill her ; 
bat he bad taken a woduui's delicate soul into his rode 
gripe, to play wil^ — and she was dead I 


ttkesf's good-ht. 

HoLORAVE, plunging into hia tale with Uie energy 
Had atKtorplion iiatunl to a young author, Itad given s 
good (1p4l1 of action to the parts capable of being d»- 
velopeJ and exempliileil in that manner. He now ol^ 
Bervcd that a wrtnin rvinurkuble <!n>«-Ktn<^!t» (whollj- M 
unlike that with wluch the reader possibly feels htm- ™ 
HcLf alTeiitvd) Itiid bvon flung over thit senwd of hU 
anditress. It vnx the effect, unquestionably, of the 
myotic geiriticulatian!! by which he had sought to bring 
bodily before Phasbo's percoptioa iho figure of the 
mesmerizing oarpenter. With the lids drooping over 
hor eyes, ^ now lifted for an instant, and drawn down ^ 
again as with leaden weights, — she leaned alighUy to- H 
warda him, ami Mronitil almost to legulata her breath ~ 
by his. lIolgraT« gau.-d at her, a« he rolled up his 
mauus<!ript, and reoognized an incipient stage of that 
curiniiH pHyi'liulogical condition, whioh, as he had him* 
self told I'litcbe, he possessed ntoru than an ordinary 
faculty of producing. A veil was beginning to be 
muffled about ht^r, in whit'h she could behold only 
him, and live only in his thou]^ta and emotions. lib 
glanoe, as ho fastened it on the young girl, grew invol- 
nntarily more ooMwntratrd ; in hi* attitude there was 
the consciousness of )>owi'r, investing his hardly ma- 
ture figure with a dignity that did not belong to its 
physical manifestation. It was evident, tliat, wiUi but 




:e wave ot his h&nil and a H)rT«.<>|Mndtng effort of 
lii* will, b« cotUtl <yMnpk'le hbt miwlvn,- over Pbcebe's 
yet free and vir^o spirit : h^ could establish an iofla- 
fooe over this good, pore, and siinple cbild, a» daoger- 
ooa, and perfaap^ as dinatrowt, aa that which the car- 
penter of his bgend bad acquired and exercised orer 
the ill-fated Alioe. 

To a diKpcuiitittii like Hdgrave's, at once speculative 
sod active, there ta no temptation so great m the op- 
portunity of ac<{tiinii); cmpiiT over the human opirit; 
nor snj uiat more seducdve to a young man than to 
beeome the arbiter of a yoimg girl'ji dcMiny, Let ns, 
thorafon, — wbaterer hiH dffects at natnre and edo- 
flitioa. Rod in a{nte of his scorn for creed* and inati- 
trtiow,— eoncodc (o the dagncrreotypist the rare and 
U^ quality of reverence for another's individuality. 
Let OS allow htm inb'grity, also, forever after to be 
eon£ded in : eince ho forbade hioisclf to twtnc that 
one link nrare which might have rendered his spell 
over Pb(Ebo indissoluble. 

He made a alight gestore upward with his hand. 

" Yoa really mortify me, my dear Mis» Ph<nbe I '* 
he exclaimed, uuiling half -aarcasticaUy at her. ** Mj 
poor utory, it iit hut too evident, will never do for 
Godey or Graham t Only think of your falling asleep 
at what I hoped the newspaper critics would prouounee 
« most lirUlianC, powerful, imaginative, jiathetic, and 
original vrinding apt Well, the mannscript must serve 
to light lam)M witli ; -~ if, indeed, being so tiubued 
with my gentle dulnees, it is imy longer capable of 

Ma ad«epl How can you aay m?" answered 
Plwsbe, aa unconscious of the crisis through which she 
bad paasod aa an infant of the precipice to the verge 


of which it haa rolled. " Xo, no I I oonaider inyMlf 
M huving bveii ven' nttraUvi! ; aiut, tltuugh 1 don't ro- 
lueutlwT tbo incuii-utii iiuite dutuivtl;, yet I Uav« aa 
impraMUB of a vast deal of trouble and calaoutj, ^ 
BO, no doubt, Ihv »torjr will prove exuo«)dingIy attnM> 

Ity tltift lime Uic s\m liml goii« down, and v«s tiub- 
ing the clouds towatdit th« xenith with tho«e bright 
baei which am n<it hccii tliere uiitil aoiue time after 
sun^t, iind vrhi-n tli« horizon l\n» ()uitv lost itM richer 
briUiancy. The inoon, too, which bad long been cltmlv 
in^ overhaul, and unobtrucividy melting; it* diak iuto 
the iLZiire, — like an ambitious deiua^^e, who hidea 
hit) a^[>iriug puri>ose by a^uniitig th« )>r«valent hue of 
popular sentiment, — now be^n to Bbine out, broad 
and otral, in il» niithlle pathway. ThcM itilvcry lieanu 
were already powi-rf ul gnou);h to change the character 
of tJie lingering daylight. They iioftened atid enibcl- 
Uabttd thv iu)K^<-t i)f ttio ok! hou»o ; although the shad- 
ows fell <Ic«]><>r into the angles of its many gables, and 
lay brooding under tli« projecting story, and witliin 
tile Italf-open door. Witli thio lapse of every moment^ 
the garden gi-ew more picturesque ; the fniit-treMi < 
iihrabbcry, and flower-bushca had a daric obwurityB 
among them. The commonplace characteristics — 
which, at noouljilc^ it »iwiiii.-<l to have taken a century 
of sordid life to aooumulate — were now traoHjigun-d 
by a charm of romance. A hundred mystenoos years 
were whiJtp(.-riD}r ninong the Icuvos, wh^iu-vvr tliv Hligbt 
sea-breeze found its way tliither and stirred them. 
Through tlie foliage tliat rt)ofv<i Uie little stunme1^ 
house the moonlight flickered to and fro, and fell 
silvety wliite on the dark floor, the table, and the 
siruular bencl^ with a continual sluft and play, ao 

pu<SBE'Ji cooD-ar. 


oordin^ sa the chinks and vnywwd emices among 
Um twigs odaiittod ur altut out the {^Ununer. 

So swwtiy cool was the atmosphere, oftvr sll th« 
{ereriah dsy, that the summer t;ve might bu tmaaed as 
KpiiaLliiig dews utd liquid moonlight, with a (hub of i 
i^r temper in them, out of a silver tsm. Hun aul 
tfaare, a few dropit of this fnuhnvs* were scmttered oq 
ft human huut, and gvn it f oath ag^in, and sympathy 
with the eternal youth of utture. The artist ehaaccd 
to be ODO uu whom tho rvriving intluence feU. It 
nude him feel — what he aometimes ahn««t forgot, 
thnut iKi early a.« Itu iuui hvco into the Hide stniggla 
of taan witJi inan — how youthful he still ma. 

"It seems to me," he observed, >*that I ucTer 
watched the ooming of so beautifal wd ere, ind never 
felt anything so veiy much Uk« happinou as at this 
momcDL After all, what a good world we live in t 
How good, and beautiful '. How young it in, Um. iiiih 
nothing rvolly rutt>-u or ago-worn in it ! Tlu§ old 
bouse, for example, which sometimes has pontively o|>- 
presaed my breath with its nautii of denying timber 1 
Aod this ganlen. whcra tlic bhwk mould aln-ays clin^ 
to my spade, as if I were a sexton deJf-ing in a grave* 
yard ! Could I keep tite fetding that now ]ti — ireww 
mc, the gnnlcn would every day be virgin soil, with 
the eartb*B tir«t freshness in the flavor of its beans and 
squashes ; and the house \ ~~ it would be Uka a bower 
in Eden, blos»»Diing with llu; earliest roses that God 
ever made. Moonlight, and the sentiment in mans 
heart mpouiive lo it, ore the gn>a(est of renomton 
and raformers. And oU other lefonn and renovation, 
I suppose, will prove to be no better than mooi»- 

**I have been happier than I am now ; at least, 


miicli gayer." said Phabe, thoufitfatfully. " Yet I am 
sinisiblu «f a great oharm in tluH briglitcning moon- 
light ; and I loro to watvli Itow titn day, tirod an it is, 
lags away reluctantly, and bates to be called yester- 
day «o Hoon. 1 never cored much about mnonlight 
before. What is there. I wot>d«r, so beautiful in it. 

'* And you have never felt it Iwfore? " ini]tiircd the 
arti»t, looking earnestly at the girl through the twi- 

" Never," answered Pbtvbe ; ^ and life docs not look 
the snnie, now that I have fell it bo. It seems as if I 
had lookcil »t everything, hiUierto, in broad daylight, 
or else in the ruddy light of a cbeerfnl fire. gUmmer- 
ing and cUuicung through a room. Ah, poor tn«!" the 
added, witlt a half-melancholy laugh. " I shall never 
be HO merry w, before I knew Cousin Hepzibali and 
poor Cousin Clifford. I haw grown a great deal 
older, in x\u» littlo time. Older, and, I hope, wiser, 
and, — not exactly sadder, — but, certainly, with not 
half so mucli lightness in my spirits ! I have given 
thorn my sunshine, and have been glad to give it ; hut, 
of c-oiu-se, I cannot both ^ve and keep iu 'Iliey arc 
welcome, notwithstanding ! " 

" You liave lost notliing, Phccbe, worth keeping, nor 
which it was possible to keep." said Holgrave, after a 
pause. " Our first youth i^ of no value ; for we are 
never consotous of it until after it Ls gone. But 
sometimes — always, I suspect, unless one i» exceed- 
ingly unfortunate — Utere coioes a sense of seomd 
youth, gushing out of the Itoart's joy at being in love ; 
or, poasihly, it may come to crovru some other grand 
festival in life, if any otlier iiwh there be. This be- 
moaning of one's self (as you do now) over the first, 



ciwIbm. tballow e^yn^ of yoiiUi ilpparted, uid this 
piofottnd b&ppiiiees at youtb Kgained, — so much 
de«p«r and richer than that ve loct, — ace aoaentJal to 
the Mul'fl duTvliipiiifnt. In some cunt. \\w two Mates 
come ahsast sunultanemialy. and nungle the Badneaa 
and the raptatw ta ooe mysterious emotioii." 

** I banQy think I (iDdunttunil you," nw) PhrrW. 

"No wonder," replied Holgnive. BmiUiig; "for I 
havt told yoa a ucrct which I hardly began to know 
bcfdtw I found myi^elf givitiE; it titteraooe. Semeniber 
it, bon-ever: ami M'bfu \Xik truth beoomes dear to yon, 
then think of tliix moonlight tooaa ( " 

**!( is entirely moonlight now. except only a little 
flush of faint crinison, upwanl front tho wc«t, Iwlwevit 
those buildings." rvmarked Pha>be. " I must go in. 
Coann Uepxibah in not quivk at figan«, uid will give 
betaelf » beadach« orer the day's aoooimts, onlesa I 
help her." 

But Holgrave detained ber a little longer. 

" Miss Hepzilah teUa uip," obMnred he, "that yoo 
tctum to the country in a few dnjrs." 

" Yes, bat only for a little while." annweied Pbcebe; 
" for E look npon thin n« ray prvscnt Itunie. I go to 
niaku a few arrangi^ments. sod to take a more deliber- 
ate leave of my mother and friends. It t» pleasant to 
live whero one is maoh desired and very ttsefnl ; and 
I think I may hare the satisfaction of feeling myself 
H here." 

**Toa surely may, and more than yoa imagine," 
muA the artist. "What<-ver bealth, eomfort, and 
Bttmil life exists in tbe huuse. is embodit^ in your 
penwo. Tbc«e blessings came along with you. and 
will vanish when yon U-avo tltc thrCMbold. Miss Ilep. 
xibali, by secJudiog herself from socieQ', luts loat all 

irau m. 



*trm relnliim with it, aad is, iu fad, dead; itUhoiigh 
•be galvaaizes bcnelf into n »cinbliuK!u of lift-. Mid 
8tAiid& betiiud ber counter, afflicting the world with a 
greatly-Ut-lw-di-juvoated »cowL Ymir jmor cousio 
ClifCoi'd is another dead and lon);-huri(il pcnHm, od 
whotu the governor and oonncdl have wrought a necio- 
Diimttc niii-iu-Ic. I it)M>uId not wondw if be wete to 
cnuubie away, aome momiug, after ym uro gone, and 
notliing bo mcd of him more, except a heap of dust. 
^fias lletisihah, at uny nitv, will Icxtc wlmt litUo flex- 
ibility elie has. Thty both cxht by you." 

" I shonld bo very Korry to think bo," aaawered 
Phoebe, grarely. " But it ia true that my Btaall abil- 
itiuH were iinKriwly wtiat iJtuy Dewlnl ; atul I luvn ft 
real intercHt in their welfare, — an odd kind of tuotli- 
eriy scntiineul, — which I wuih you would not laugli 
ftti And let mo tell you frankly, Mr. llol^^ve, I 
am acaaetimea puudud to know whether you wtidi thitiu 
veil or iU." 

" UudtHibtodly," aaid the daguorreoQriust, "I do 
feel an intorvitt in Chtti antiquated, purerty-stiicken old 
maiden lady, and this degraded and shattered gentle- 
man, — UtiH abortive lover of tlu; Iwaiitiful. A kindly 
intereet, too, helpless old children Uiat they are \ But 
jflu havD an concvjition what a different kind of heart 
mine is from your own. It is not my impulse, as to- 
gards these two individualti, citlier to help or binder; 
but to look on, to oimly^ae, to explain niutten to my- 
self, and to oompr«hend the drama which, (or almost 
two hundred years, has been dragging its slow lengtli 
over tl)0 ground whiTO yon and I now trend. If yet- 
mltted to witness the close, I doubt not to derive a 
moral satisfaction from it. go matters how they may. 
Xhei« i» a conviction witbin mo that tho ood drawl 


PatSBB'S G00t>-Br. 

nigt). But, tbouj^h Providctw^ Kitt too hither to help, 
■mi mekLi bh' otily as a privileged Aid iue«t ^pocUitur, 
I ple^e mjnelf to lend thaae uofortuiuUc b«isgs wint- 
erer aid 1 eui I " 

*■ I wLtb you would apeak more plaiu)y," orivtl 
Pbcebe, perpleud and dtNplaaMd ; " and, abore all, 
fiat JDU WDulid feel more like « ChrutiaD and a 
bomai) being I How is it posdlde to see poople in 
dutKM, witkout desiriug, mure than anytkii^ ehe, to 
help and comfort them? You talk as if thii- old Immub. 
wera a theatre ; and you seem to look at flepzibah'a 
and ClifFord'ti mufortum.'*, luxl i1>om; of geneiatiou 
befofe Uteiii. as a tngedv, such as I hava eaeo acted 
IB tbe luiil of a oountry boto). only the preaent ana' 
iqipMrt to be |tlaj-ed exclasively for your amusement 
I do not like thin. The play oofta the perfoniien too, 
much, and the uudivnoe u too cold-heaitMl." 

**Yon an aavere," said Holgrave, oonii>elle<l to 
neognixe a degruc of tratk in Uii« pitjuant itketoh of 
tui own mood. 

"And tlii-ii," oontinued Pbcebe, "what mn yoa 
liy your oonvicdoo, which you tell me of. that ] 
end \» drawing near ? Do you know of any new . 
iKnible banging over my poor relative? If so, t«U ; 
me at once, iu>d I will not leave them ! " 

" Furgirv mr, Pha-U> \ " naid the dagucrreot^'piit, ' 
holdtug oat \ua Itaod, to which th« |prl was oonstrained 
to yield hfr own. " I am sumewtiat of a mj'stic, it 
Buct be confeMad. Hie tendsDcy is in my blrKwl, 
logetber with the faculty of mMtuerism. which might, 
lw*» brought me to Gallows Ilill, t» tlu! gtxid old' 
time* of wik'bn&ft. Believe me, if I wen> reoUy 
Mntv of any sevret, the disclosura of which woold 
bvnfit your irifluda, — who are my own friead«|lik0- 

280 TtlE notrSE OF THE SEVElf GABLES. 

wise, — you &hottl<l loam it before wo part. Bat 
have no mob kaowlcdgc." 

"Yon hold Bometliuig baolcl" eaiil Pbcebe. 

"Nothing, — DO Mcreto but my ovm," aiuiwcrtd 
Holgnvc. ** I can perceive, indeed, t]ut Judge Pyn- 
eheon still keeps liis vyn on Cliffonl, tn wbom min 
be had so large a share. Ilis mo^vea and intentions, 
bowever. are a mjstvr)- to inc. He is a detenuined 
and relentless man, with the genuine chamct«r of an 
inqtiiaitor ; and hiul lio any object to gain by putting 
Clifford to the rack, I verily beliovo that he vroold 
wrench his joint:* from tlieir Hockets, in order to »^ 
complitih it. But, so woalthy and cminetut na he is,-^ 
HO powerful in hia own strength, and in the support of 
society on all sid&s. — what can Judfp; Pynchvon have 
to hope or fear front the imbecile, branded, half-torpid 

" Yet," urged Phoebe, " you did speak as if misfor- 
tune were tinpcndingl " 

" Oh, that was because I am morbid ! " replied the 
artist. "My mind lias a fewbt OKidr, like alntost 
cvcrylKKly's mind, except your own. Moreover, it is 
so strange to find myself an inmate of this old I^- 
cheon Hoiiu^, and lutting in thi» old garden — (hark, 
how Maule's well is murmuring I> — tliat, were it 
only for this one oiroumsUuiCRt, I cannot help funcy- 
ing that Destiny Is arranging its fifth aet for a oatas- 

" There I " crieil Pha>bo with renewed vexation ; for j 
she was by nature aa hostile to mystery as the sun- { 
shine to a dark corner. ** You puzzle me nioro than ' 
over I " 

" Tlicn let u3 part friends ! " said llolgrave, preaaing { 
her hand, '* Or, if not friends, let ns part before you 




«ntir«lv hate me. You, who lore erervbodj cIm in 
tbo w«*rl.l ! ■' 

"GocxUby, then," said Phrobe, fnuiklf. ■*! do uot 
UMn to be angry a great while, and ahould tw »arry 
to hnv« you thiiik m>. There liax Cousin Hepzibah 
been standing in the Khaduw of the doorway, this 
quarter of an hour past ! She thioka I stay too lon^ 
in thA damp gunlon. So, good -night, nod good* 

On tbo MOund morning thereafter, Photbe might 
ive bwo seen, in Iwr Ktniw bonDct, with a shawl on 
[one arm and a little carpet-bag on the other, bidding 
u to Hepziltth and Coiutin CUfTonl. She was to 
like a seat in the next traiu of cars, which would 
transport her to within half a doica miles of her 
try rillsge, 
Th« tears were in Pbcebe's eyed ; a smile, dewy with 
:at« regret, wa* glimmering around her pleas- 
ant month. She wondered how it came to pasw, tiiat 
[ber life of a ivir weeto, twre in this heavy-hearted old 
, had taken such hold of her, and so melted 
ito ber aAaoriationa, a> now to aeeu a more important 
tre-iMint of rvm«mbraaoo than all which had gone 
before. How had Hepzilah — grim, silent, and ine- 
^ppoouTe to her overflow of cordial wntimtiit — con- 
Btrirad to win m iniM-h lore? And Clifford, — in his 
aboTtire decay, with the mystery of fearfid crime upon 
him, and the d(i«> prLton-atmoflpfacrt; y<'t lurking in 
Ua btnatli. — hnw !iad bo transfornied himself iuto 
the Kimi>le:it child, whom Phcebe felt botind to wntcb 
€»t»r, and bf. aa it were, the proWdenw of his nnoon- 
•idtfTod hiiurs! Kvm-tliing, at that iuatant of fare- 

PWell. stood out prominently to her riew. Look where 
•he would, lay her baud on what sho might, the ob- 

262 rnn liouRB of the seven gables. 


ject reeipoiiiltNl ta her coosaoumess, aa if a inout 
mall hfjirt wviti ill it. 

She i>eeped from the window into the garden, 
felt bereetf more re^^tful at leaving thia ^Mt of himrli 
eartli, vitiatetl with utmh «d ageJoog growth of 
tliiin joyful at tht- idea of ag»n acenting her 
foreata and fresh dover-Beldii. Sh<- fjillinl (.'haiiticlMi^' 
his two wires, awl tlte von«raIi]e chicken, HDd threw 
them some crumbs of bread from tlie breakfa.sUtaU*. 
These being hastily gobblc^l up, th« cbickon spn-ad its 
wings, and alighted cIodo by Phcebe on the n-iudow- 
sill, wlterc it looked gravely into her faoe and vtiatvd 
its emotionB iu a croak. Phwbc bnd« it bo a good old 
ohicku) during her absenoe, and promised to biiug it 
a little bag of bu«kwli>eat. 

"Ah, Phmbe!" remarked Hepribab, "you do noi 
smile ao naturally as wlieu you came to us 1 Tb«n, the 
smite chose to shiiii} out; now, yon ohoou U should. 
It i-i well that you are going hack, for a little whila^fl 
into your iintivv air. Thi^re itaa been too imtch weight V 
oa your Bpirits. The hoiuc is too gloomy and lone- 
some ; tlM> shop i* full of TexatioDS ; and aa for ue, I 
hare oo faculty of mulciiig things look brighter thaa 
they are. Dear Clifford has been your only comfort I" 

" Come liitlicr, PIki-Im*," suddenly crietl her co 
Clifford, who had said viiry littJv all the morning 
** Close ! — eloaor I — and look me in tlie face I " 

Pboebe put one of hor Kinnll hand.i on each olbow 
his chair, luid leaned her face towards him. so that bft 
might pentse it as carefully as he would. It is prob- 
able tiiat tl>o latent emotions of thiji parting hour Itad 
revired, in some deffree, his bedimmed and enfeebled 
facullivi. At any rate, Ptuebe soon felt that, if 
the profound insigbt of a seer, yet » moru titan : 




taiiu AJIkmej of a])pnTbitioii, wui tnalcmg )i«r h«art 
tbe subject of its regard. A mom«nt boforo, she luul 
ksown niilluog whioh abe would bare aoi^ht to hide. 
Now, M if some Moret wen hinti^l to bor own ooo- 
Mtoanww throngfa the medinm of ftoother's percipption, 
■he WM fun to let her pjt^liiU droop ben«aUi Clifford's 
glK. A Musli. too, — thf nxldi'r, boi'iitiMt ■ho strom 
bard to kdr]) it down, — asceitded liigber and bigher, 
in a ddu of fitfnl pnigrvM, until ermi ber brow wan all 
ffoffttaed witL it. 

" It IN cuDugli. Ph<Bbe," aaud Clifford, with a uelan- 
cboly smile. " Wlwa I first sftw ytm, you were tfa« 
prettiest littk mauden in th« world : Bud now you have 
deeptmed into beao^ I Girlhood has paMed into 
womaalMXMl : the bud is a bloom ! Go, now I — 1 feel 
lonclUir than I did." 

Pbtebe took leave of the desolate couple, and p«8sed 
tbiougfa tbe ihop, twinkling her eyelids to shake off a 
d«w-drt>p : for — conadering Imw bri«{ her abienae 
was to t«>, nrnt tbercfoic tbe folly of being cut down 
about it — Mh« would not so far aeknowledge ber teara 
ai to dry them with her handkerchief. On tbe door- 
step, she nwt the little nichiii whose marrellona feata 
of gastronomy have be«n recorded in the earlier pages 
tt <mr narrative. 6h« took from tbv window some 
■pedmen or other of natural bistorir. — her eyes be- 
ing too tlim will) moisttire to inform Imt noeumtcly 
wbetber it was a rabbit or a bippopotamos, — put it 
into tbe child's hand, an a parting gift, and went her 
way. Old Unrle Venn«r was ju«t coming out of hia 
door, with a wood-hor»e and saw on his shoulder ; and, 
tndf^ng along tlie sLrt«t. lie iioni|>li>d not to keep 
company with Phobe, so far sa tlivtr pctliA lay to- 
gether ; nor, in spite of his patched ooat atul nuty 


bearer, and the curious fashion of bis tow-cloth trons* 
ers, oMiliJ she find it iu ht:r lii-arL Lo outwalk iiiin. 

*' Viv xliall m\»* yan, ni-xt Subboth iJwiuood," <A>- 
served the street philosopher. " It is tmacooantaUe 
how little while it tstken soinv foltu to grow juat as 
natural to u man as hts own breath ; and, bogging 
your pardon, Miaa Ph<£be (though there can be no 
offoncu in an old Dian's wiying it), that's ju»t what 
yon 've grown to me ! My j-eara have been a greAt 
many, and your life is but jiiflt beginning ; and yet. 
you arc Honidtow as familiar to nic as if I had found 
you at my mother's door, am) you had blossome<l, lihe 
a niiiniug vino, all nloiig my jiatbway unoc. Conw 
back soon, or I sludl be gonu to my farm : for I begio 
to And these wood-aawing join a little too tou|^ for 
my back-ache," 

'* Very soon, Un«]e Vcnuer," replied Phosbe. 

" And let it be all the aooner, Phcebe, for tlie sake 
of thoso poor souls yonder," continued her compftD' 
ion. " They can never do without you, now, — never, 
Phabe, never ! — no nmre tlian tf one of God's angeb 
had been li\-ing with thpra, and making their dismal 
hoiimt pUNiitant and comfortable! Don't it seem to 
you they 'd be in a »iul case, if, sonio plc(i«ant summcv 
morning like this, the angel should spre<ad his iviogB, 
and lly (o tlu- plaee be came from? Wr-U. just so lh«y< 
feel, now that yoit 're going homo by the railroad I 
They can't bear it, Miss Flusbe ; so be sure to come 

*' I am no angel. Uncle Venoer," said Phsbe, sduIm 
ing, aa she offered him Iter liand at the 8tn<e1>«omcr. 
''But. I eup[>osi-, {)cnplu never feel so mtit.'li like an< 
gels a« wlien Lliey are doing what little good they may. 
So I shall edrtainly oome buck I " 






"Oxta parted the old man and tfae rosy ^1 ; and 
Fhffibe took the wiDgs of the momiiig, and was soon 
flitting ahnost as rapidly swa; as if endowed with the 
aerial locomotion of the angels to whom Uncle Venner 
Iiad BO giacionsly ctnupared ber. 



Srteral clayH passed over the Seven Galiles, 
ily und ilrfttrily enough. In fact (not to attribute Uta 
whole glooni of Ay iinil i-nrth to Uie one ioauHpicioiu 
ciroumatancie of Pbaibe's <]e|nrttiro). nn viuit4;rl}' storm 
hut set in. and indefati^hly applied itself to the task 
of innkiitg tlic )>liu-k roof and walU of Uta old buuM 
look more trbeerlcsH than ever before. Yet M'as tfao 
outAHio not half so ebeerlesa as the interior. Poor 
Cbffonl was cut off, at ouce, from all bis scanty re> 
sources of enjoTmcnt. Pbtebe was not there ; nor did 
thu Hun.-diitie full upon the floor. The garden, mth its 
miuldjT walks, and the ehill, dripping foliage of its 
stimnier-houfe. was an image to be Bhuddered at> 
NoLliing flouriiihed m Uie cold, ntoUt, pitiless attnos* 
phere, drifting with ibo brackish scud of nea-brecMS, 
exce{it tlie moss along the joints of the sliingle-roof. 
and thu great hunch of weeds, tliut Itod lately been 
suffering from drought, in tho angle between the two 
frcHit gables. 

As for Hqiiibah, she seemed not merely poaaeascd 
vitli the east wind, but to be, in licr very pi>r«on, only 
another phase of Ihiii gray and sullen spell of weather; 
the east wind it«<'lf, grim and disconsoUle, in a rustj 
black silk gown, and with a turban of olotul-irreathii 
on it4 heat). The cu)ttom of Uie »hop fell off, KfcaoBe 
a story got abroad that stw 60iu«d bor small beer aad 



r/m scom, asd smilk 


oUier ilatnageoliln commodity by itrowUrij; on tliciii. 
It is, porbapft, tniu lliat Lhe ptiblii- hatl sotuetliiii^ 
naouiiably to uo[u|ilaiti of in lit- r ilt'iHirtiut^ut : Imt b>- 
muil* CUffaitl iibo wm» nvtthcr lU - tviuprrvd oor un- 
kind, Qor f«lt less wanuth of bt^art than aitraya, bail it 
bevn pOHoible tu uiuke it rvai'lx hitu. 11)u inutility nf 
her best efforts, bowt>wr, iwUi«tt tbe jiour uM geittlo 
vromui. She could do btUn eliM thaa n!i mbintly in • 
comer oi the roaia, wbvR tjie wet ]>ev^n>e brancb<!6, 
■WMping twrroHtt tlie aui:iU wiuduwis I'rvat*-*! a iMxin-iLiy 
dusk, wbi^rh IltriKcibtth unouDaciooidy daHceoed vritb 

^K bi'r wiic-iw-}^)!!!* onjHi-t. It. wiLs 1)11 f:kiill i>f lli-|iicibaii'». 

" Ercntliing — evt-n tbe old chain and tables, that bad 
known what weatbur waa fur tbr«c or four ftuub ltf«- 
tima u ber own — looked ■» diim{i and chill vu if tbn 
preaent were their worst experience. The pictura of 
tlx^ Puritan Cdoncd Bhin;n>d on the wall. The hon«u 
ilMElf sbivt-rt'd, from t-vi^rj' alti<- nf ilit (ti-vi'ii gaMi?*, 

»down to the fiTvxt kitchen ttivpUce, which eL-r>'i?d all 
thu Wttt-r a* lui raibli-ui of tliv ntnn.'«ion'» heart, be- 
cau^% though Ituilt for warmth, it was now bo coin- 
^^ fortless an<l ci»|ity. 

^P fli'puluih attetn|itL>d to enlii'ttn mattera by a fire in 
the luirlor. But th« wt')rm-dcnn>n kept wiiti-h aUnv, 
and, wht-tienr a flame wu<i kiixUfd. dn>r« tbe smoke 
bark a^n, choking tl»c rhiinnry'H iMxity throat with 

titt own hrrath. Xeverthelass, during four thkx^ of 
tltiM mifirrable trtomi, ClifTonl wrapt him-M^'lf in an old 
oloak. and oLvupietl his eustomaiy ebair. On tlie 
morning of tlic nftli. wlu-ii tuiuniuiHil tu liix-nkfiuit, bo 
fwponitod only by a bn>kcu-lteart«^^ murmur. I'xpres- 
■iva of • dvtemiittution not to Wve bis ImhI. Hin »■•• 
l«r maile uo iilliiti|it to ohjm*^' liis purjNtsf. In 6iet, 
wttin^ lut idiw luvud biui, Uepubab coulil Itunlly Iuvb 


bomp any Ioii<rer Iho wtpU-Jk-*! «!iity — so iniprai-tif*- 
bid bj her few ami ri^pil fai'iiltita — of tN?elc!ng pa*- 
time for u ttill m-umUvc, btil miiifil otiud. i'titical and 
fastidious, witboot iuTw or vulition. It wa.«, at li-^wt, 
lunnrthiiig abort of jwaitire dcH]wir, Uiut, to-day, sba 
mifcbt sit shivering ulotu?, and uot suffer i-ontintially » 
iiL-w ^riuf. and uiin-iL-Minablc pwig of remono, Mt c^iir^ i 
fitfiil 8i{;b of li«r fullow-eufFerer. 

But ('UfTord, it M^-tnMl. thoufb hti did not make bis 
ap|ii-Hniti<-ii W'low BUurs. luul, afUir all, U'slirnt^I bita* 
avM ill (|UfMt (if aiiiu.Mtiiicnt. In tbo ciiunw of tlie foro- 1 
noon, IlepulKtb bt>ard a note of music, whiob (tbrro ' 
bfiiij; no utluT Innvful oinfrivnni-ir in llir lloiim] of' 
the !>even fiablt;*) Aw knvw must pniw^l frum Alioo', 
Pjmt-hcon's harptdcbord, Sbo was nwiirv tJint CIIt-1 
foni, in luH \oiitb, bad [xwtM'A.'UMl a t-idtivntt.'d taste fur* 
musii', and a fonsidurabk' di-};rvu of skill in itti pnuv; 
tioch It was difficult, bow«vrr, to wmntivie of Ida n^ 
tainin;; an af^firiiplisbtncnt tj> wbt<'Ii daily i^xi'niixo \a\ 
ftii i-Kw-ntijd, ill ibo mi-a-ture iudit^t^d by the swort, , 
wry. and ili-rn-atv, t)ion<;)i* inoKt in«lanfbaly stnun, i 
tliat now xNib- ii|»>H ht^r Htr. Nor n'aa it len OMrrel-j 
Ions tb»t Ibf 1i)ii<;^ilpnl inKtnutii-nl iiboubl 1)0 cap*U« I 
ofiM) niurh nK'lody. llopubab inx'oluntarily thought ' 
of the ghostly harmoniLW. pn-loMvo of drutb in tho 
family, whii-h with attribufi-'^l to the It^i'n<lar5' Alini. 
Bat it was, perhaps, proof of tbo Agency of otlter tban 
tipirilual finf^ers ibat, after a few touches, the cbonla 
HX-niL-d to f^n.'kp antimbT with Uiuir own vibrntiooa, sad 
tbe itiuaic veaiWMl ^| 

But a bandter soiuid intccvcdaMi to th« nystprloas^ 
M"ti'» ; nor was the castt-rly day fated to pttss without 
an event sufficient in itself to jmiumid, for Itepzilnh fl 
aiid Clifford, the baliuicHi air that rwr brought tho 



fatinuiiin;e-t)in]!i along witli Et. Ttw filial echoes of 
Alioo F^ iifiii-^'D's (MrrfurDtaitev (»t C'liff«rU'», If liU 
we must consiJer it) wiTt* ilHveo avraj- ity no l«wi vili- 
fy ft (liMODSiinr Uum tbr riapiig uf tl>« ithup-belL A. 
foot WHS b«anl nnsping xia-Ai on the tlirvslM^, util 
Uii>nr(< somewluit )Mit]<)i,TutMly iric{i]iing on the flour. 
Ilepziliah ilebTed a mniueDU while iiiii(ili»<; Iwrwlf in 
A IiuImI itliawU which \vm\ )u^-» hut i)«feuaivt< anuor in 
■ forty yean' warfftK against tin- cart wiml. A ehar- 
wtt^«ti<- Mmiiil. liowfvtT, — nt-ither a cough nor a 
bfin. but a kiwi n[ rumbling ajid rviivrlwnuinf; HjuMtu 
in somebody's iii{Kuri»nfl il(-)itli of ctMwt, — ioipt^Urtl 
Hpt to hnrry forwjinl, »*ith that aspwt of lit-rc*' fiUut- 
beartedneiia so OHiiimrn to woineii in ca^a of jK-riloua 
aaereeacy. Fi5W of her »«, on euch ooouiono, hara 
ervr looktil M) frrilili- km wir jMMn- wHiwIin;; lli'iUEitiah. 
Rat tbc visitor (juietly cluwd tiw ^bop^loor Itebind 
bim. «tooti up hilt nui1rr<-lhi againMt tlH> counter, anil 
tamftl A risagn ol oomposi^l Wiiignity. to meet the 
alanit ajiil anger whti-h bi.* lipfwaiiuitv Itiu] fXcitecL 

HrfailKiJi'N prcscntinii>nt' luul not tteeeiveil her. It 
was no other than •liidge Pyn<-t»c<tii. who. aft<T in ruin 
trying ihi- front iloor, had now effected his i'Oinu».-e 
into the shop. 

"How do you <lo, Cinmin ITepxibah? — ami how 
does this moot inoIt'Ui<<nl wi-»tb<-r nffti't our ])Oor C'lif- 
fonl?" began Ihv •Imlge: aad wonderful it seemedt 
indLW, ituit the eonli-rly xtonn vi:iA ii»t piti lo ."Iiiune. 
or. at aiiy rate, ii Uitlc moltiliiil, by ibi- g>-ni:il benev- 
olence of hts ^niilv. '* I could not rest wiiliout oalliitg 

lo -> ' luore. wlu-tlier I nui in any manner pcv 

tDci iiifiift, i>r yi"ir own." 

" You ran do notliing," Bnid HcpiiKih. eontmlling 
her a^tation as well as she coulil. " 1 devote myself 

llu had cveiy ounifurt whidi his utuauoo 


lo CliffurJ. 
odiiiiU of." 

" But allow in« tQ.nv^'flt, <l«ar cousiu," rejoinvd 
tiw JaiW. ** - IB ull BfTection uiil kindnoM, 

'^ uio vwy Wsi iuteniious, — but yon 

.cUui», ill ki-v)>)iig yimr brMtlivr tm «e- 
. bjr iniuiUte biiii tliua from all e)-ni(>atlij 
ind kuulnpKri? (,'tiflfiml, iUim! )iim luul too much ufj 
soliliide. Now let liim try society-. — the societr. ll 
is Ui siiy. of kiutln'il auii <>1<) frii-iMls. Let me. for 
fttJinci-, but aea ClilTniil. atul 1 wtU answer fortlui 
effer-t of tlm iut^rview." 

"You nuDotttoc him," anitwert'Kl I Iv|isibab. "Clit- 
foril httH ke]>t his IimI since j'«i\l]iy." ^ 

" What : How : U im iU? " cscluuivd Jiulgv Pyn-| 
chf»n. Mttirlinf; witli what Mfm(;i1 to be- atij^y nianit; 
for tlw ^iTv frowu of iIm; old Puritan (larki>neii tlirougb 
the mom hs bp t(fM)ki-. " Niiy, tlirn, I mu-nt uiil wiU 
a«v him ! Whitt if Ii« shoiiM ili»?' 

"Hd i» in no tlnngvr of iloiith," mud Hcpribah,- 
uul ndded, with bitt«i-nvss tliitt she could rfpn 
no longer. ** iioiw : unk'S!< be Aliall In- iH-rstTiit^^d ta I 
deatli, now, by the auuv inwi who long ago attvuiptedi 

^' Cousin Hc[)iitilHih," mid the JtiAge, with lui loH] 
prearive earnestneKs of uiauni'r. wtiii-h grew vvea tOi 
tearful putbott us be proc-eedect, '*is it )KMtiibIi'> that ynit^ 
do unt (KTM'ive how unjtiftt^ how unkind, how imcbrifr- 
ti»n. is this ('■oniitunt, ihifi l»ng - lymliimed bitti>nit«M 
again»t me, for a part whirJi I wax oonwtnined by duty 
Rud oonsrienw. by tlie fonv of law, and at my own 
peril, to act? M'bat did I do, indi-lrinu-nl to Clifford, 
which it wail pos-sibte to liiive undone ? IIow tvuld j 
you, his eifiter, — if, for your never-ending Mrrow, «d < 




me SCOWL axo smile. 

it has heen for nthie. rnu liad klK>wa what T iliil, •~' 
haru iihxwn ^roiter trDilcmraa? Ami i)i> vixi tiiink, 
MMisui, that it baa ctwt tue un )>uu^ ? — tJi»t tt Iixm left 
D» uguixb iu iny botrntt. fnKu tluit iluy tu thu. umiilst 
kU the proi;pptity vritJi wtiii-li ll«uveii luut klt-ftHMl iMt? 
—or that I ilo not now n'j<j'M'i-, wlti-n it ix ilt-emwl fon- 
msCeot witb the tlum of [lublic ji»tiiie aitti thti wcl£iu« 
Iff MK»Ky tiwt thiji dual- kiiMtBaii, this cMrly (rieod, 
thu naturv so delitmtvjy atul beatitifullyroiurtitiilwl, — 
w imf»rtiiuiit«, Un uM {ironounn' him. nml furU-ar to 
vy. ttu Kuiltyi — tliat our own ClifTitnl, in fioe, bIhiuM 
be^wti l<ai-k to lifiv aitil it* |MMMilnlitHit nf t-njoymctil? 
Ah, you iitllc know oil-, (_Vu>iiii llepziliuh ' You liltle 
kxwm tliis heart '. It now throlMt nt the Ibouglit of 
mmttn^ him ! Tli^re linw lutt tiw huiimn tn-in;; (ex- 
is|)t yminu-lf, — and ynn uol miwr tluu I ) whu liiu 
tbrA so ttuiny team for L'lifTonrH t-xLiniity ! Yon bd> 
holil tM-tm* of tlii-iK now. nifrc i^ noiii' who wmilil so 
i\Ai;ilit til [iroinott- his hspiiini^w ! Tiy ni«>, Ilt'jiiti- 
boJi ' — try tan, couiiiii ! — tr)' th« rnati wliom you liave 
tnotixl as yniir pm-my wml ("lifford'if I — trj- .Iaffn>y 
Pyndwon, and vou »hall tiiul liiin true, to the heart's 

" In tlirniunt'iif IIt'avt^ii."crie<l Ilepxibah.proToltBd 
only to inten«er indi^iitjon W thin mitgimh of Uu? in- 
cMimablc trwli^nii-vi of a Dtern nature. — "in Ood's 
name, nliooi yoit inHiilt. and uIuku.- jmiwit 1 iwulcl al- 
UMwt •giiotion. sini-*' hi- hi-am ytm utter so many faJee 
wonls wiilMiit i«ilii)inf» yonr ton<^ic>. — pivr ovit, I 
lHW«oh yon, this lnath<«>me preti'hce of affection for 
yonr vii-tim t You liaii- him ! .Say 80. like a lutui ! 
Ytin I'hprinh. at thix moment, snnie hlark jxirpowi 

■inxl him in yuur l»<>art t SjH-ak it out, at once '. — 
r, if you bupu t)o to ]irumot« it bcU4:r, hidt; it ttll yoti 


Oftu tnuiu]i)i ill iu MicccMt But never qieak again of j 
your love foi- my [Mtir Ifrotlicr ! I cuinot bear it 1 
It will tlrive tua bfj-nnd a wowan'H decenqr! It wUll 
ilrivf nie iiiail ! FurUiw! Not aaollior word] It] 
will lUiike uie Hpum you '. " 

Foromv, I li']>ubiili'!> wmtli hiuX givva hrr vaanga. 
Site liii'l H|>nken. Itot, utter idl. was this iincouquer- ' 
hI>1<> <)i»tni»t of Jiul^i* I'viiL-liuuii'tt iuttfgrity, uttl tJtia 
utter tieiiial, appureutly, of bis claim to stand in the 
ring of biitnan sjmipiilhieis — were tlivy fuunilcd ia 
B&y juat iwreeption of bis titararh-r. or lucrely tJiu off- 
ftpriug of a woiuaii'« uureiuoiialilt.- |>n-ju(ltcv, dtaduocd 

uii uotbiiig? 
^Tht! .luil^-, lieyoiid iiU ijiic-ntion, wm a man of end- 1 
oetit mtipeetnbility. Tbii vhiuvh arkaowk-tlj^il it ; 
tbc HtAti- i|ckiinwlMlKi»I it. It wujt ibmiual by uobotty. 
In all thu very i-xlfuiuve sphere itf thotw who kueir 
bim, wbutlier in biii public or privatf I'lijoiitU^i^ thcie 
was not an inilividtinl — vxtwpt IIe{utit>ah. and some 
Iawli?!4^ luvHlic, like tlie lUgiturrvaitypist, aiul. [KHwiUyi 
u fow ]K>liti(-ii] oppoiU'iitK — wbo wmdil tiare di«aui«d 
of scriuuidy dii-potiu^ liui cJaini t« a lii^h luii) honor' 
atilt^ pWi; in ibf worliro if};nrd. Nor (wl> luurit do 
hiui the fiirllier jitntiee to ray) did Judge Pyui'htv>n 
IiliiiH^rlf, prolmlily, t:iiti;rtain uuiny or T«fy frequent 
doubts, tliut Ills enviable rt-ptttatioii aivonh-<) villi lus 
dfKf rtM. I lis t'i)n!<i'ii*n<>i-. llivn-forv. tisiiuUy i-ousideroil 
tbd siinrst witness to a man's iutvgrtty, — hi» oun* 
■riuM^ unlfHi* it iiii^ht. \>v for tin- litUu »^u» of live 
niinut4-s in ibo hrenty-four hours, or. now and tbt^n, 
Bomv blark day in ibe wiiuli; yvar'^ rin'b^ — htx t.ion> 
M-iiinct* bore an aoconlont t4>stimony with the world's 
Uiiiliiiory voice. And yei. strong as tki.i I'vidi-mv may 
wt-iu to be, we ahoulil bi»il4ito to peril our uwu cou- 




iiriniCQ <>n the assertion, that Um Juilgn and the ooo- 
MwCtDg world Went right, uul tluu |Hior He[»ilMlt, 
with ber soUiary )irejudioe was wning. Iliililt^n fnifn 
Biankitnl. — forgotbiu by Iuiuik-J(, nr burk-d mo liLicply 
owlvr a Bculptorod aati oniaaieDttfi] |uie of (wleota- 
timM tleedii tlut bin lUiJjr Ufv i-ouM takit ni» uoU; of it, 
— tliera tnajr bsra lurknl soiuu evil and umiiglitijr 
Uung. N»y, wv uould aliuoftt vi,uituru to tiay, foitbiir, 
thnt a daily piilt iiii;;ht bftve been iirct^d by bim, coo- 
tinually r«-tiitwi:(l, uud Twldcaitig fi>rtb aftvuh, likai 
tbe miraculous Uaotl-stBtn uf a munler, witbuut his 
iHHMPiarily and at owry OMiDfiiL bt-iuf; awaru of iL 

MsM of stTOOg Bunda, great furoo of ohanu^t«r, and 
a hanl t493Cttu<o uf tbo ai-4uibiliti«M, an vnty otpaldi; uf 
blUny into MJatakw of thia kiutl. Tbey are onliaanly 
BMB to whou fonuM mn; of luramouut im|turtanoi'L. 
Tbeir fIcJd vS acUoa Um atnuag tbn ^ixtemal phettAtn- 
tma of life. Tbey possess vant ability in i^raAping. 
ud amuiging. awl appn))iriatittg In UiniiM'lrtii, the 
big, )>eaTy. aoUd uarealities, auch as gnld, landed eft- 
tab-. (tffiruA iif tni«t anil finnliiiiu-iit, ainl jitibliit honon. 
With theae maleriabi, &ud widi deeds of goodly a»- 
pact, doiM in tlic ptililit! eyi% an individual of tbis 
clam builds up. an it werp. a tall and Rtatt^ly edifiud, 
wbii^b, ill tb« vii-w of oUkt |)lii{i1i.% and ultimately in 
Ilia own view, is no otJier than tbe oian's character, or 
ifatf man bimjMiIf. Ikdudil, tbcn-fum, a |ialiuwl Ita 
splendid hallii, and suitM of apouoiw a[iartDiPDtB. are 
fluotvd witb a uiiiHuii^vrork uf nMtly marlili>« ; it^ 
wtndowK, tlie wbolt; beigbt of eacb nwiu. admit tJM« 
ann^nn tlinuigb tliti moitt tntn.tjiaivnt of pLite-gtasa ; 
tto liigb ooroioiB are gilded, ami its eeilingM gorgooualy 
paintrMl : and n lofty dutiic — tliriiu;4b whivb, from tlie 
otntml [tavftm-iit, you may jpum up to llu; nicy, u* wllli 

vwc in- 




no ohatniclJng medintn hetw^wn — sunitoiinU 
wlu>K'. Willi vfltiit fiiirrr a»il n<>I>lvr ciiittkMii cofUdi 
Any man tlosttv (o shadow forth Ilia (ihitnui4:r ? 
l)ut in aonw low nnd obdcurv ntK^, — lurniv iiarnm 
clowrt OD the groiui<l-floor, shut, loeknt) ainl Ixiltfil, 
and t)i<! ki.-^ tluiig away, — ur U-m-jith Uh! iiutrl>k 
pHTDtni^nt, in a stoj^ftnt watcr-paddte, with tbe ri<4mt 
patteni of iiioHaic-work above, — maj \w a ntrpw^ 
half dt-myM), niid Ktill decayin;;, and diflFosinf* i: 
dealh-(i(>eul all through tlte |)alar«! The inhaltitanl 
will imt Iw <MJi)iM-io»*i of it, for it has lon^ been his 
daily hreatli ! Neither will the visitors, for they smell 
only thti rich o<1on< whii-h the msstrr »c<lul<Hwly tvat- 
tere through tbe |)ala<«, and the incvnse whioh they 
bring, antl delight to hum Ix^fort^ him ! Now ami tlM-n, 
percbaDce, com*8 in a seer, hefor* whose sadly gifted 
oyii ihe wholf Htriictiirc mcltii into thin air. Ivaving 
only the hiilden nook, the bolted closed with th« rub- 
wcb» ffstooni-d oviT it* fnrgt>tt4-ii door, or tins dndly 
holo uu(i«?r tlie pavement, and tlie decaying eor]»« 
within. Wvtv, thi*n, wn aiv %n seek Oiu Inw- i>ml>lem 
of the ninn*s chanu'ler. an<) of the deeil that gives 
whatever rvnlity it ]'jw«s» to hin life. And, beneath 
tlie show of a marble palace, that pool of xtagnant 
witter, foul with inniiy iiiipttrilies, and. perlm]>ft, tinged 
wjtli blood, — that si-errt alKdninaliuii, ulx>vi- which, 
piMHibly, h« niny stay his j'rayere, without icmeuiltor- 
inir it, — IB this m«n'*i miHcnbli- !«»nl ! 

To H|i])!y this train of renuirk M>inewh»t tnon.- plusely 
to tlndge Pynchron. W« might mj (witltoat in ibii 
letat iiufviitiug rrime to a pei^Mtnage of litK fininf-Dt 
respectability) lluit tlu-Jx^ wait enough uf tiplendid nib- 
bisJi in his life to cover np and paralyze a more arti 
and sulilik- ranwieiive than thtt Judge was ever troubl 





with. The purity of lib juiliciAl chanu'tvr. while na 
tbtt Uincli ; Uu; f»iUiful)ie.-u> of hU pulilio wrvkr in 
Bul)s«<iDviit capiwitivB ; bLi <lonitf<innw to hiJS Ihu^'i 
Bud Um rigul Gonaistency willi wliicli lie lia<l mUii^cviI 
to its principlM. or, at aJl cvrDtM. ki;|it )>ii(v witli iM 
orgnntiwtl roav«meuts ; tu9 rviuArkable zeiil as ptv»- 
ident of a Uililtr iMH-i<-ty ; hin uiiiiu[>t-ui>tuiblc integrity 
as livAdiiivr (if a wittow's mm) urpban'is fund; hu 
httiK&U tfl burticulttim, bv prudueii]^ two uiucIi-im- 
teemed varietioB of tfaep««r.aiiil to iijp-it-ultitn-. throuffh 
tlM apouiy of tlw Auuuim fyuclifoii bull : thv rluanli- 
OMs of liiii ntond dtfitortmeitt, for a ^rcat many 
{MMti tin wvnrity witli wliicli tw had frowued apnn, 
and BnaUy cast off, aii vxpen^siw and diMmpattil Hon, 
delayiiiif for^nninu until wiiluii ihn ttoal quart«r 
of an liunr of tlie yuuii); mao'ii life ; hu )>royci« lit 
mortung aud oveiitidi-. uitd giams at mviduiue ; bia 
efforts in furtJieraum' of th« teiu|>et-iinve CMue ; his 
oontiniiig hituM'lf, mum; the lout iittat-k of tht. gout, to 
five diiimal glasses of old slierrr winu : tlie snuwy 
irhtl4.iit-ii.4 of but Uucti, lilt: pcilitJi iif bio Uiotjt, llin luiiul- 
•ometM-ssiif bin p>l4l-htuuliil iviie. the ttquarv and nxiniy- 
£Mhion iif bis <-<)at, autl tlii^ l^nimess of ttii material, 
aniL in p'm-ntl, tW- Htmlittl pnipnetT of biu drvirn aad^ 
ciquipfueut : the acrupulouHnr^s vtitli Mbi<-h he pa)d4 
jmblii! nocitv, in thv ntrcot. by u Uw, u Uftiiif; nf the' 
hat. a nod. or u unrion uf the baml. to all and sundry 
of hu ai'quaintJUieeM, ritrb or jHtur ; thv smili* »i bnwd 
bencvokrniv wlien-vritli be made it a point to gladden 
Un; wbuh^ wiirld, — wlktit niotn i^cnild powibly W found 
for darker traits in a portrait made up of lincautents 
Gke these? This pni|>fr faoe v>'as wluit bo belwhl in 
the Imtking-j^laAs. Tliiit lulmirably arraH{;e«l life vos , 
whftt be waii eunadoun uf in tlii- pn>gTV!i!t uf ti\e 


Th<3n. might not liu elaira to bu lUi result And niim. Mil 
m,y to biiiist-lf auil tlte oomiDUuily, " Beliulcl Jadgfl 
Pyncheon tJicro " ? 

And allovioj; that, many, many years ago, in bis 
I'Arly unit rt^klndi youth, be biul <'uiniitil(>-il •wiinr <>nn 
vrrouj; act, — or tbat, even now, tbe inenlable force ; 
nf c'ircunwtauc«H !tbi>ulil wcaainnnlly miikp hitu Ho »n« j 
queHtionablu <1m(I ainon;; ii tlious»n<l praiiwirortliT. or, 
at b-u.->t. Ifljuufless ones, — would you i:hanicl«rize Uw 
Judgip by tliiit on« nwuswtry AtxA, anil tliat balf-fnr- ■ 
gotten act, ami let it overtUiadow tJie fair a5pe<-1 of a 
liftrtiiiK! ? NVIuit iit Uii-re h» )H)iiil«r<>i]!i to evil, lluit a 
tliumb'8 bigne«s of it sboiild outweigli lh« maM of 
things not evil which were beajied into the other sra]*^ ! 
Thin Hi-jdv and buJoni'v y.yntvtn \% n fuvoritn one with 
people of Judge Pyneheon'a brotherhood. A bun), ■ 
cold man, thu« unfonunalvly»ituat4;d, itcldom or never 
I<Hikiiig iiiwiird. luid reAottit^'ly talcing hi* idva of 
himHclf from what purports to be bis unaj^* as i» fl 
fltH-ted in tlic mirror of public opinioit. ran warcvlr 
arrive at true self-knowleilge, extvpl through low of 
projx-rly and n^putnlitin. Sickm-iw will not always 
helj) him do it : not alwayn the death-ltour! 

H*it our affair now \* with .ludg*? Pynchnon aa ho 
Htood confi-onting tlie fierce outbreak of Jlepzibah'a 
wrath. Witliuut prt-nutditution, Xo her own Buri>riM.\ 
and indwd terror, she bad given vent, for onee, to 
the inveteracy of livr n-ni-iitiuont, elicriiihed againxt 
thiH kinxmiin for thirty years. 

Thufi tlie Judgt't eiiiuitenanif had (txpmwcd 
mibl forbwiranoe, — grave and almost geutlf deprera- 
tion of his cotLsin's uidH-roiiiiiig viulciicc, — free and 
Chrititinn-likc furf^renewi of tbe wrong inftid^d by 
ber words. But when those wonU wen irrsTDoab^ 



■polcea to* look «aciiiii«d stomnem, tlie iiobae of |>awi>r, 
umI immitifrBble molvr ; util this wiUi m nutunki uml 
inifwnxiitiblt! a vluin)|:t% tbal it seuin«l as if tlii^ inm 
sua luul bLimkI tliom from the fimt, luu) the in^vk riiiui 
nnt at all. Tb« effect waa as whca the light, vapor; 
cJandN, with tlidr «of nilnrinfr, mtiltti.-nly vnnUh fnxn 
^Ae stony brow of a prwijritous UHtiiutain, luu) k-ara^ 

L-rv tlir fniwii whii'li yoti at oaiv Ut-l tn W' rh'r 
Ilcpzibali alniiMt ail'ipted the iDsane bvlief that it waa 
hfruU PuritAn ann-xtor, and nut llw mrKlcm Jmlgo, 
im wliuni sW had just h^en wreakint; tht* l>itti.-men of 
biT bfort. Nover did a itian Nhnw KtriinpT [inwif oi 
the linoagv attributed to liini than >liid(^- I'yndiuun, at 
tlib criida, hj liifl u»uu»lak.iltle reiieniblancv to the t>io> 
tupi' in ti» inner room. 

"Cousin IIi-p9dlmli."i«aid bcvcrjrcduiljr, "it MtaiiM 
to havtt dtuio witli this." 

*• W tlh all my lu-art ! " aomn-nil fthc- ** "nn-n. « hj 
tht yni jwrMxrut*' iis any Linger? Leave \wor Ciifforf' 
attil nir i» [muf. NVithi-r of ua dviuri'!) anything 

" It » my |mr^y»*» ta mh* Cliffon! licfow 1 Iravt thit 
btNue," eiiotiuiied Ute Judge. " Do not act like a rni 
wouan, H>-|iuliah '. 1 nni Iiih only frimd, and au all- 
powerful one. llaa it uevct ow-urred to yon, — are 
jroii M> blind an not to havn Mwn, — that, witlmnt not 
raensly my ponseni, bnt my offortB, my n']>tv*cntiitiim%J 
the exvrtioM of my whok- intlut^tu-i?, |M>litii-al, nfiii'Lil,' 
poTMnsl, Clifford would never have boen what yoa 
call frpc? I>id you think hU releaw a triuoiph ov 
IBf ? Nut HO, my ^ocmI PoiiBtn ; not ao, hy any niGiuuil 
Tbi» furthfjit jtoMilili! from thai ! No ; but it wa» the 
Wi!Olii|<lixhm>-nt of n |turpo«o Ion;; entertained on my 
put 1 KKl him freo ; - 

rns HOUSE of the seven gabies. 


[■ml Hi-i«il«]i. "I 

aoHWcrwI tli-[ntil>:Ui. "I n^rrr will bft- . 
livve It ! tie uw»l hiii duugeou to 
to God'g proviili-nrc ! " 

** 1 »et Iiim fre« I " reaffirmed .Tiir 
tlte raluiTOt ruinpiiMin-. "And 1 vmw hilhrrmm to 
()ock1r wliethor ho aliall retaio his freedom. Il wiU 
depend ajion liiinitelf. For thin p«r^>uiN% I most %et 

" Nuvvr ! — it would drive him miul \ " ex(dainM-<l 
Hi<|ixiliah, hill with an invHotiiU-ncHN sufficicrilly [K-r- 
ci-pliMi; to t'hv ktTJt ^^y^^ of tlie Jiidgi?: for. without 
the slightest faitli in his good inti-ntions, slw kiww wii ■ 
wh4tth<^^ thi'n* vxf in<Ktl to (trend in yiL-Iding or r«- 
8ist4LD<-i.'. "And why shoidd yoit winh Ui M'p tliis 
wreh-lu-d, broken loan, who retains bjmllf a frat-tion 
of his inti-lli-i-t, and will lude vvon tliat from an eye 
whii'h ban no love in it ? " 

^' Ho shall iwe lovo enough in mine, if that he all ! " ■ 
said the Judge, with woU-gro untied couftdcnir in the 
bi-nigntt}' of hi» a»|>vi-t. " But, C-onsio llcpiiluih, ytui 
confesH a great deal, and very laurh to the purixMC 
Now, Utittrn, niid 1 will fimnkly explain my tvaxons for 
inatstijig on tliis iiitcmew. At tlit- dcitih, tliirty yt-an 
iiim-o, of utir iini-K; Juffniy, it was found. — I know 
not whether the eirc-uinstanoe ever attnu-ted much uf 
;our attvntton, among the saddtT intvnists that Hus- 
ter^ round that event, — but it was founil tltat lita 
vixihle estate, of vvcry kind, fell far idiort nf any «»• 
timatv ever made of it. He was supjwaed to he im- 
nn'OM-ly I'ii-h. NoIhhIv donht*^^ lliitt hw ittaod among 
the weightiest men of his day. It was one of his ecven- 
trtcitiw, lMwev<>r, — and not ullJigetiwr a folly, neitlurr, 
— to conceal thv amonnt of his pro)M.-rty hy making 
distant and foreign iuvestmenl^ pcrlutgw under otbu 

THE SCan-L A SI) syf/LB. 


than hU nvni, and by various tueoiiA, familiar 
enua^ to capitalUlM, IhK iimit^-viMLn- hvre to be NjH'Ri- 
&rd. \\y L'ui'b.' .laffivy's Lut will and Imtaoaetit, an 
are awan-. hU ftitiru )in>)it.-Hy wiu l)«f|ueat]ie«l to 
p. with tiw BinRli* vXMijitiou uf a life intereHt to yaius 
atU in ihia ulil family tiMiiHinti, aitil tht? alriji of )>atrt- 
ttuinial telate n-mainiu}; utt4wb(:<d lu it." 

" Atkd An you »n>k to ileprive us of that?" asked 
llepiibah. tniabln to n-Mraiii brr iiitU'T coutrniiit. " Ix 
tUiit your priee for ceasing to persecute jtoor Clif- 

** (Vrtaiiily not, my iltrar roaMu!" answeretl the 
Judge. Hiniluig beuernlcntly. " (-hi th« CMUtnry, as 
you mnat do roe tlio juhIim' to owu, 1 hare oonstantly 
my leaduHiaB to doublu ur tir-bli; y<»ir n-- 
whuMiver you fihnuld make u[t y<yur diiud t» 
aecqit auy kindness of that nature at the hantU of 
yimr kinsman. No. no \ But hone lius tfaa gisl of the 
matter. Uf my im<-li-> untjoetitioDabty great estate, an 
I hate aiud. not the half — no, not one third, as 1 nni 
fully c^inTinowl — wii* apjwirpnt .ifdr his death. Now. 
1 havf the be«t pn»iil>le rcasims for iH-lii'viii); that yi»ir 
brother i'lifford nan pre me a clew to the recovery of 
the reinaindfr." 

" t'litforxl ! — (riifFord know of any hidden wtnlth? 
— CUffonI hare it in his [iwwpr to makr you rich?" 
rrii'd tlw^ old gt-iith^wofnan. affecta^l witli a seuM- of 
Bometbing like ridiiulc, at tlm tda-a. " hii|KMsil>le! 
Vim di-oi'i'w ytmntilf ! It is really a thing to laugh 

*' It Is an cHTtaio as tltat I stand here ! " said Jwlgo 
Pynchvon. striking his gidtl-ht-subil cam- on the floor, 
and at the ramr timo Atumjiing his ftmt. as if tn I'x- 
preas hU (iinviL-tiou tlitt iitun- fun:ibly by the wbolv 


(!in{iIuu)U uf his RiitMtautiiil perston. "('liffonl told 
mo so himself ! " 

>*No, DO I " cxcinimMl II<>pul>iih, tncredulotuly. 
*' You &ro (Injiimiii;;. Coium .Inffreyl " 

*' I (fo not Wloug to the di>eauiuig clan of ■»*■»,'* ! 
Mid ihv Jwlf^, qiiirtJy. "Suiue itiontlu before vaj\ 
UD('li''>i clestli, ('lifFdiil iKMi^tMl (<( DM> of tlu! jfOHAetuitMii 
of \iw itwrot of iii(-iiti-iilttl)ln Wfnltli. lltM [Htrposc wim 
to taunt inv, unt) exint« my euiicwity. I laiow it welL 
But. from « pn-tty liisUnct n-rolK-i-tion of tire piirtii-u- 
lars of our i»nvun?ution, 1 aiu tborougbly oonviuoed 
tbiit t)u>n> was ti-uth in wluit Im; Kuiil. OlifTord, »t tJib 
monifiit, if lio chooHes, — and chouse he must I — «.-aa 
inform me where tu find tlif scliiiiuli-. the docunifntx, 
the evideooes, in whatever shape tbey extat, of the xwA 
aiiioiint of UncV iliifFri'V'M inixxinf; prO{)prty. II<' )uu 
tJte TtecTct. Ili^t )>oiis( vi-at* no itllc word. It had a di> 
nx-tneHS. an (.-tnpluutU, a luirlirularity, ihst ahcraml • 
lin<-k)Hinc of Bi>U<l mvuiing within the myiitery of hia m 
express ioD." V 

" Ihitwhat (viuld haveheeaClilTonl'fiobji'Ct," asked 
Ili-pzihah. " ill ('iinivalin^r it s" Um^'t" 

" It wart on« of the bwl iiiipulsi-tt of our ftdlen d»- 
tunv" re|ilicd th« Judgiv turning tip \u» eyta. '*H«I 
lookn) ujKHi nie a» hia •^'iti'iny. Ho considcml mo lu * 
tho eauw! of hiH ovi-rwholuiing disgraice, his iinmi* 
Dent peril of dtalh, hi4 irrvtrifvnhlu ruin. Tliaro wu 
uo great proliahility. therefore, of his volunteerinji; in- m 
formAtioD. out of bin dunlin, tlmt altould vltivatvf 
infi litil] higher on the laildor of pra<ipt<ri^. But 
the monieDt hiut now roiiiu whi-n ho itiuiit gin up lu« 


"And what if Iw should wfiife?" inrjuinvl llejtzi- 
liiih. "Or, — as I steailfaAtly lielieve, — what if he 
has no knowK-dp.' of this wL-allhY " 

THE scowl ASD SWLR. 


"My doar ooaflin." aaid .Tuiljrc Pynolieoo, with a 
qmetntlt! which he liiiil iii«- |>(>vttT nf iiuiking more for> 
inklalilv than any nulriuv, "ninn- your limther's r^ 
tttni, I have taken the {iretnution (ji hijihly {irnpiT 
ODf io Uie tu-ar kiixinui) ;iiii| iiutitraJ g^uirdum vi tui 
indii'iiliLal m «itimb-'i> ti> h:iv>> h'u (lepnrtineot uiil 
lutbiu <-(>i»it»nUr ami ratv fully ovcrUxiketl. YiKir 
nri;;lilMr« havn iMt-n cyc-wiuirMwit ti> whatrvrr hiu 
pOMiHd iu the ^nlcii. The hiiu-lier. Ute l>aker, tha^ 
fuli-uiiai^r, Minir <if the tiiiNli>tR<<rN of yiKir hIm>|), Rndj 
many a prying nhl wrnnan, have Uild mo M-reral of i 
•n^-U of yiHir iniorior. A *till largf r cirrh' — I mj 
•elf, amunf: the tvst — (-sui it^eiify lo his extravapanct*' 
at the UTRhnl wiDilnw. ThmwaaiU btthclcl huii, » wt<rk 
or two ago, on thr p«nnt «f lliii;:iiig himwlf thttoce into i 
the (itrrpL Fn>in all this teHliiiiuny, I am !«! toa[v| 
pn'hi*tu) — n-Itii'tAiiUy, an<l with dtxp gnat — that I 
Clifford's nii<!forttini^ havi.- bh Rfl'i<cte<l hia iiit«-II<H't« 
n«r»«r xvry Mining, thitt Im- <-aunot luifely rvniitin at 
ioTjge. Tin" alti-niatiw. yoa nitist be aware, ~~ ami ita 
ai)ii|ition will (li'iifnd etitindy on th« dii-tHion whiirh I 
ani nnw about to luitke. — tin* ulleraative iit hitt iun> 
finirmfnt, pmbnbly fur tltc rnmaindcr of his life, in a 
{■tdiUr aHjIiim for imtwds in litti imfurtunate state al 

*• Y«m cannoit mwin it ! " shriekMl Ilei>nhah. 

"PhfMild my ('I'li-in (.'liffiml," iiiiitinnwl.IiMlgw l^n- j 
clu'iiii, wholly iindisturlird, " fnitn niirrv malioe, an«ln 
(uttrd nf tine «boi«e int<>rvsta ought nattinilly lo lie 

ir to him, — a ni<>>l<' nf jiiimmioii that, as oft«o as, 
ly ath<*r, in<lii-aU'!> iii<>iital disease, — tihoitM he ro>j 
fuM tne the tnforraatiun m> iui|mrti>nt U\ niyM-lf, and 
wliieb be aasuredly* jto§sesBes, I shall i-otmidor it iIm 
MM ottdeil jot of evideaov to aatiiify n>y uiiiul uf hi« 


ioBunit},'. And, unco sun- <if the ooiiiW! p«>iiitMl onl 
liy <-oti»(>ieiiu>i, you kuow me too wtdl, Couniii ilfjiii- 
huh, lo cotvrtain n doubt thut I shall pursiw it." 

" O, Jaffrvy. — Couaiu Jaflfrey \ " cried Ilejuiliah, 
moiinifully, nut ]>UH)iiuiutuJy, " it U yoii tlutt an- dis- 
eased in mind, not C'UfFord! Yon Iinve for^'otten tlial 
R wutnaii w'ii» yotir iiiothvr \ — that you Imvu had wa- 
ters, brothere, children of your own 1 — or tliat there 
ever wiut alTeetiuti l>ctweeu man and man, or pity ftuia 
one tDun tu nnothiT, in this miMrahlv world \ Else, 
bow euuld you have dreamed oi tias '! Vim an.i nut 
young, Coiwln Jaffiry ' — no, nur uwldle-agnl, — but 
already an old man ' The hair is wtiite upon yuur^ 
hiiul ! How many yuan haw yon to livv? Aru yoaV 
not rich enough for that little time? Shall yoa bo 
bosgry, — shall you litck oluthra, or a roof to sbvlter 
you, — between this iwint uih) the gmw / No I Imt, ' 
with the half of wluit you now posseaa, you oonldfl 
revfl in roittly food and wines, aud buiM a houm- twie« 
as 8])lendi<l as yon now inhabit, and make a far gre4tL-r ^ 
bIiow tn tlte world, — and yvt IfAvu rivlwa to ynnrfl 
only son. to make him Ideas the honr of your doath ! 
Then, why Kbunld you do this rrnri, rnwJ tiling? — 
SO nuul a thing, that I know not whether to eall it 
wieked! AUii, CoiiHin •liifTrcy. thi.t hani and (jrH-iit- 
iiig spirit has nin in our blood tbesn two hundred 
years, Y(hi are but doing over again, in aaothi^ 
shapp, wliiit your anivslor Ix-foir ymi did, and send- 
ing down to your posterity the curse inherited fmiu 

him : " 

"Talk sense, Ilepzibah, for llearen's sake!" «[• 
claiiueil Hv. >litilge, with Uti* iin|iatie]ii'« nxliind to a 
rriLsoiudile man. on iH'nring anything so utltTly ab> 
surd as the above, in a ilimiatuoo aboot miittvra of 

THE SrOWr. ASn SMtl.B. 


" 1 Ian) told ytm my detcmiiiuaint). I un 

■pt to rhangr. Clilfanl inuHt giro ii)> lii* mhtgI 

"wlake tin! DMueqnpnras. And let hini dmde ijiiirkly ; 

fur I hBve wrrtkl iiffain tu uttvnd U> tUiit uinmiii;;, 

oad ui importaot dituier uigagement witli some iHilit- 

idJ friitidii." 

" CUrFord has no secret ! " niww(>n>d lle|>iil>nh. 
** And Gud wilt not let joa du llie tiling you tocdi- 

*■ We aball aee" aaid the ancuuvetl Judge. '• M( 
vhile, chuoev wkctlivr you wiU Biminitin Clifford, and 
alliiw UiU buNHesB U> be aminldy xfitltH) hy an intfr- 
virw IkCwccu two kioNinvii, or drivtf iih- In tuirslu-r 
which I Bbould lie tucwt lia})]iy to fe«| my- 
jiMtiltiil in avoidtitg. TImi mpuDHbilJty ia nlto- 
getlwr (III yunr jnirt." 

** Vou ara Btr«np?r tlian I," naitl Ilriudludi. aftiT ft 
lirief comuilonition ; " and you Iuitc no |iily in ytmir 
8tr«i|^ * CtifTonl ts not now inuiir ; but tin- iutvr- 
view which you tnnist ujiun may git faj- lo aiak« hiui 
ao. NfvertlielrM. knowing you an I do. I liflit-vp it 
to be my \m-*t fTinrsc lo allow you lo judji^ for yoiir- 
M'lf aa to thif iin)ir< liability of bb. )N><Mv:A»ing any i-alu- 
ablv Mt-rvt. I will call Cliffonl. tie nwivifid in yoiir 
dasHtigM with him' — be far more mercifid ihau yuur 
heart bids yon he ] — for Gnd in looking at yuu, Ji 
fpBV Pynrhwm ! " 

Tho •ludgv followed bis cousin from the Khop. where 
the foTt-piio}; oonTt-rvntioii luul iijumihI, into iIk' jwir- 
lur. lutd flung himself heavily into tlie great ancvft- 
trai chair. Many u fnntoT I'yiiH»i*<in IhkI found ro- 
pow in itA i-K])acioaH itniis : rtwy children, aftvr their 
afmtta; young uini, dreainy witli love; grown men. 
Weary with cam; old uen, IwrdvniTd with wintcTti, 


— t]n>y Iiail miiii«<1, anit sliitnliered, atnl di-paritMl to 
a }ret {irofiiiiiiilfv hIi*)!}). It hiiil In-^u a loug trMililiiiu, 
though a doubtful one, UuiC this vus ibe very chair, 
seuUil ill whivli, Uu- <'Hrli4»(t of tlie Judgi^'i* Nvw Kng- 
Iwid fnrefaUiers — 1m> w1u)»i> [tk-tiira «till hung iipou 
tix; will) — liiul givcii a d«atl iiian'H »U«nt aud stem 
Koeption t<> the tlimiii; of <li>itingni»hc<l ^^iii'Sts. From 
(li&t hmir of vvil utiu-ii until tlx' pi«<u>iiU it may !>«% 

— tlutagh WB know not thv Hfcrut of hiH heart, — but 
it niity Im! tluit tti> vroaricr atid sadder nuui bait ever 
sunk intv thu cluiir thitii ttii^ nuiiv Judgu I'ytichtHMi, 
wlufiti W(! bavi! juat beheld tio iiuiiiiti^bly bard and 
rL'i«'>lut«-. Surely, it lAust have b<x-i) hI n<* alight coKt 
tbitt bi^ had tliua fortilied liia soul with iron. Such 
vsJiiiticHit is a mightier i-ffort thaii Uw violenaw uf 
ui-JikiT i)i<-ii. Ai)(! thi>n- was yet a hoary task for 
hiui lu do. WuH it a littlu iiuitter, — a trifle la lie 
|tri?|i!uvd fiir in a sin;j^ niuioent, aiul in \r& rvA\t!*\ 
frutu in anoUiKr luoituuit, — tluit he must now. after 
thirty years, t<ai.-ouut«r a kinsman ri.<M>n fnita u living 
timib, niid wn'iK'Ji a »oirn>t frniu him, or cisi- vutisign 
Iiiiu to a living tomb again? 

"Did you !t|>i'ak?"a.-UcMl Hf[ntitiah. looking in frcMtt 
thf tlirrahdid of the parlor ; for whe imagined that the 
Jutlgv luul utti^retl fliiiuK noniwi wliicb xhc wn« luixioiui 
to intiTpnit as n rulunting inipulae. " I thought you 
e.illed n»e back." 

" No. «« \ " gniffly lUMwerwl Judge PytuJienn, witli 
ft liarsli frown, while bia bK>w frruw aluioNt n Mack 
purgdi'. in the ithadow uf the rouiii. " Why flhould I 
i-all you baek? Tiute Hit-n! Bid ClifT»nl n>mo to 

Tile Judge luul taken bis wati'h from bi.t viait-lMx-ket 
and iio'.i' bi'ld it in hin luin'l, mcA^urin); the interval 
which wan to cdaui: before the apjieaniiKv uf ('liffcmL 



cutford's chamber. 

Never had the old house appeared so dismal to 
poor Hepzibah as when she departed on that wretched 
emutd. There was a strange aspect in it. As she 
trode along the foot-wom passages, and opened one 
enxy door after another, and aseended the creatdng 
staircase, she gazed wistfully and fearfully around. It 
would have been no marvel, to her excited mind, if, 
behind or beside her, there had been the rustle of dead 
people's garments, or pale ^-isages awaiting her on the 
landing-place above. Her nen,-e3 were set all ajar by 
the scene of passion and terror through which she had 
just struggled. Her colloquy with Judge PjTieheon, 
who so perfectly represented the person and attributes 
of the founder of the family, bad called back the dreary 
past. It weighed upon her heart. AVhatever she had 
heard, from legendary aunts and grandmothers, con- 
cerning the good or evil fortunes of the PjTicheons, — 
stories which had heretofore been kept warm in her 
remembrance by the chimaey-comer glow that was as- 
S€M?iated with them, — now recurreil to her, sombre^ 
ghastly, cold, like most passages of family history, 
when brooded over in melaiu-hoty mootl. The whole 
seemed little else but a series of calamity*, reprmlucing 
itself in successive generations, with one general liue, 
and varying in little, save the outline. But He|iz!bah 
now felt as if the Judge, and Cliffonl, and herself, — 


tliey lliree tnf;p|her. — were on the point of n<1<linf; an* 
otlii-r iiiciili-iit til Ibv annnU of the Ihhlx', with » IhiIiIit 
relief of w'n>ii<; an<l sorrow, whicji would caiiiH* it ta] 
nl4uiit oii< fri'in all t\w tfiit. TIiiw it is that tin- jrrii-f 
of tliv |>:uuiiig nii>im-iit tuke« ii|>oii it.tvH an iD<)ivii)i)aU 
ity, and a ehararter of cliiiiax. which it U destined lo| 
lose ufU^r II whiliMHid to f:i<l>- inU> thcdiirlc grny tinu* 
coiumoD to tliL> ^^ve or ^liid evenly of many yesn 
ago. It M Init for a nioiaent, eoiajwi-atiroly. that *nj- 
thing looks Ktran|;i' or startling. — a trnth that baa 
thf hitler and the sweet in iL 

Riit HG|)zilMdi i-ciiihl not rid horself of the senne 
fton^elJiing uoprei-wlpnlod at that m.itant paAsing and 
Boon to l»c«w«>iiiiili>h.'il. Her ncr\'C« wi-re in a sluik«.. 
Inntinctivel^ she jwosed before the arehed window, and 
looked out npon iJii- Mn-ct, in onler to neiwr it* ik- 
nt'iit ohjeets with her mental jlissp, and tlios to bteadi 
herself from th*- ntA iind vihnitiim wliii-h affwt«>d hrf 
more immodiiite sphere. It hro(i;;ht Her Up. as we nia 
Buy. with u kind of shock, wlwii slu- U-lii-ld i-vi-ryilii 
under the same appearance lu the day lH-fon>, an< 
omnlwrltutM pnivding days. exct<pt for tlw diffcrcni 
between sunshine !u>d sullen tttonti. Her eyes tni 
ftlleil along the street, from doorstep to doorstep, no^ 
ing tliv WL-t Htdcwalkt, witii here and there a pudille iai 
hollows tliat had been im|>erceptil>le oiitU filktl wit 
wat*.*r. 8Im> N-Tvwi-d ht<r dim optir^ to iJieir acutt- 
point, in tho lioi>e of nuiking out. with gn-nlvr dirtjnc 
noMk, a certain window, where she hidf saw, 
guessed, tliat a tailor's wian)Ktn>iui wax Hiltiug at her 
work. Hepxihah Rung ber^t-lf upon tliut nnknown 
woman's eompAnionH)ii|>, ttven ihtu far off. TIm!1) *! 
wiLH Httraeted by a chaise Kipidly pawing, and watrh< 
itn moist iiud ^li»U:»iu^ top, and ita splawhing whc« 



any further lier 'vM-j trilUa^, UacausiL' ii|>[miU«iI utd 
orefbonletied, inuiil. Wbvu Uu> vuliidt! luul tUaajv 
priirtJ. r1»c iiUowed bereelf Blill another loiterin;; 
DDEnt; for the jMitcbvd figure of guuif Vdi'Ic W-ur 
wu omr vidibls, uuroiog bIowI; from tlie luiad uf tJie 
street tlowiiwnnl, wiUi a rhumnatlL' Uut[>, tHr<.-aii^ tiia, 
CMit wutil luul ((ol into kiK jnintf. il>;jixjluil) vri«hoit 
tliat be wtMild {mum yet mim alowty, aD<) befriend l>er 
Bliiveriug Mi)itu<Ie u liltlt- lou;^-r. Anything tbal umtlil 
tskw farr <mt »f il»< j-Hi^vumi preeent, and iiiUT)Ki»e 
Iraman bein^ betwixt iMnrsi-lf and vrbat wum nmn-xt to 
her. — wIuiU'ViT wutd't defer for an insUnt, tiw ioevi- 
talile emuiil on vrlik-li iilui wiu bMUul. — id] Much iuk- 
prdttiMinU werv wvlminv. Next to tlw lightest buut, 
the heaviest in njit to W ntost jduvfiil. 

Hepral«li liiul little luinlihiMMl for li«r own )in»iVF' 
pain aud far l»is for wlmt ^he moxt infltct on C'liffonl. 
Of M) aligbt a nalurv. aud m> ^lattetvd )>}' IiIh jirwvimti 
cahunitiee, it could not well be tthort of utUT ruin to 
bring liini fa)**} to Uvan with the hiinl. ndcntU-M man, 
wbn bad iteva bis evil destiny through Ufo. Kv<>n luul 
iLsn biftn Ru UiltKr ruvciUcctioiio, nor any boKlile io- 
tomt DOW at ittiiku WtwMm tLem. the mere natural 
pagaaace of the mure ix-R>>ilive arMi-ni \a the nui««iTa,J 
w^gb^, and iiniuiiircKsiblB otte, musU in itself, hnrel 
lieen diaastruus to the fumier. It wnttld he like fling- 
ing B porcelain \si»e, with already a, enu-k in it, against 
It grmnits odumn. Never iN-ffmr had tiepxilwb m 
ailiiinati-ly eotunated the powerful clianu-ter of her 
eiKuiu Jil£&«7',— powfrful by iulrllM-t, en^-r^- of will, 
the b>ng habit of acting ainung nicn, anil, as she be- 
lieved, by hia onacnipitlons purtiiil of ««lQ!<)i end* 
thnm^ ovU meana. It did but iucn-AMs the lUfficulty 

288 THE HOUSE of the SEVE!f CARLES. 

Uuit Jtitlgc P^checin wait unrliT a clelmion a« f) the 
secret which he siijipotWHl Cliffiml to jM»i»csa. Men nf 
his atrenglli of purpose, auil oimbnunry wmnrity, if 
tho^ cbanoo to nilopt • intHtiLkint opinion in practice 
miitten. »o imlge it and f:u)t«n it ainou); thiiif!^ IcDown 
tu l<c tnie, tbnt t» wivnch !t out of their rnin<l» u 
hxnlly lf!» difficult than pullinf; up an oak. Ttius, aa 
tlie •liulgv rixjuinjnl »ti iiiijnMibilitjr of ClifFonl, the 
latter, as hv vw\\A not iwrfomi it, must ac«d)i parish. 
For what, in the grasp of a uian like thLi, wiu) tu lic- 
COfuv of ClilTonrH «oft iwiolir niit«in>, tluit never shouhl 
h&TO bad a task tnore Htuhltnm tlian to ix>t a lifo o{ 
beautiful enjnyim-nt to the flxwand rhvthin of tnusieal 
caitoncesl Indeed, wtuit had beciMiie of it oltvacly? 
Broken! Blighted! All hut annihilateil! Soon to 
bo wholly MO 1 

For a moment, the tboi^ht oroMed TIepxibah't 
mind, whi'tlu-r (.lifTord might not rvnlly havv swh^ 
knowle(l<;e of their deoeaMnl micle's vntiisht-il eatalf 
tbu iliidgi- iiiipiitvd (o him. tShv rrnicu)hi-rf«l nontl 
▼aguR intiniiiti4>n», on her brother's part, which — ttX 
the HUpposition were tint c^wnliidly pniHwti>rou" — 
might have l>w?n ho intcrpretoii. Tlierv had l>een 
Bobemeti of travel and rPKideiioc aliroeul, ilay-drranu of fl 
hrillinnt Yiif :il humf. and ftpli-ntlid ntfitles tn the atr, 
which it would have ns|mn-il )M>iiniU(»:t wt>a)tb to bcrild 
and realuc. Ilad thi.x wealth been to ber [lower, howH 
j;1aillv wnnid Il'-iixilmh liavf Urctuwi^l it nil \\\i"n I|4t 
triiii-hi.-artfd kiiiinuan, In Imv for (.'liffonl tin- (n.i.-*luin 
and xwlusion of the dttwlair oh) hutmcl But ahv ha- 
ltered Lliat Iter brother's f«L-heiiie« wrere .■»> dtfUtUltlV ol h 
ndiud Hut>«t^n<->! mid pnqxiHi- af n chiM'x pieturae nfV 
its future life, while ttittinfr in n liltlv ehair by tt» 
notlwr'i kni-v. CliflTuRl had nono but ijiiuluwy gold 



1* J 


lit hu mmmnnil ; iinii it u-ru iiot llio staff b> mtufjr 

Was tbure un Iti-If), in thi'ir tixtrvnutj? It womed 
vtnu)^' tlutt tlicn- oli'xtld tw nipm>. «ith n rttr rounil 
aboot ber. It wottLI Im* mi eaov to llimw up iIh' wiD' 
(low. and wnH forth n ahrlck, at tlw stntip:« apmj of 
whirfa eifrvUnly woulii conii- haitti'ntni; Vt thi- i>'m'n»', 
rll ujicU'miuiilm}; il tu br thv m' '>f a hiitnan wnl, 

MKne ilnttdful crisis ! But bow witd, Itow Mlnmit 
laugfasMe, tb« fatility, — nnil vvt Iixtw iy>nl!niallr it 
oounc* t(> jmMN. ttioii^ht ilppziliah, is Ibin ilitU ilcliriutii 
of a worliL. — tltat whofwcvfr, aiiil vt'nlx bfiwewr kindly 
a I>tii^H>*(<, laboiiM ii>iiit' t" h*'l|<, iWy vr<iuld be aure to 
hc)|> ttx- Htninpvt niilc! Mi);l)t nnd wrong cmtiliinMl. 
iron nia|:n«tuEed. are en<ltm^ vritli irrmititibU* at- 
tnctian. Tht-n* w.ndil Ih* .Iiidgc Pyiicliwn, — a por- 
ecniiu'tit iu tho jiuldio vi^w, of high ntalioa and 
gti-at wtnlrb. a |ibilanthn>[ii]it, a mfirdxsr of Ctnpva 
aod of llto i-IiuMl and inlitualidj' asxociatcit vritb 
whatfvrr t-lsi? K-^d-w^ jpHnl uiuuf, — xo iiitiHi>iiit(;, t» 
tb«se lulrimta^ous %hts. tlmt Hepziliali hiTM-lf Mmid 
hanllr bi-l)> ■brinkin^ friiiii Urr own iiitii'loMimii a* to 
111* b>iUi>M' inli-'^riiv. Till.' ■Itid'^', im otit- eUlt:', Ami 
who. ou tlw otiinr? The piilty ClifTon) ! Onoe a hy* 
word ! Now. an indistinctly ri-nu.-iidicn'*! ifrnoininv 1 

NVvKKhrliwi, in apiti" of thin |)r'n'4'{iiiim tluit tlto 
.lodge woulfl draw iill bamaii aid to his own lielialf, 
Hvpiibnii wa« ho ittuu-riintoiuwl to act for herwlf. tlmt 
thi< leoAt. woni ••{ LvnnM'l wonltl havv «wayi-d Iter to 
any mwlp of m-tion. Little Pbffilte P_\-ncheon would 
at (iMi-c tiavt' lichlMl np the w)iolt> rnxuv. if not by any 
ai-atlab|u mu^otion. yrt nioijily by tlw wnmi m'w^ity 

bi>r ^luuaott<r. Tlw- id<-:i of tlu< artiKt ■■'■■iinvil tn 
IrfMcihal). Youii;c ninl luiknown. itit^iv vaj^rant ad- 

*Ub tu. ll> 


veoUirvr uh btt vnw, ttlto luul l>eeit coiuaotiti of k fotxa 
in IIol;j^rave whii:h mi^ht well ailu{>t liim to be the 
cliui4ii<rii i)f a ri'luiH. With tliin tliMUglit in Iit-r uiinii, 
slie unliulted a door, oobvrabbed a&<l loof; dJsuiMHl, but 
whii'b luul M'rvnl nn a former iu«<Uum of i>uiuiiiuiiii-«- 
tinti betwoen her own [Mut of thv houac and th<' ^ibl« 
when! the wantlenn)^ daguerreotypUt hatl now (%iUil>- 
Ushud htH temporary home. Ilv watt nut Itivrr. A 
book, fac-ie tlownwanl. on tbu tabic, a roil of mauu- 
M<i'i[it, n half-writtirn ftln^'t, a nvH~>t[MiiH>r, itoiuv tooU of 
bis present occupation, and Aeverai rejected daguerr&- 
otyiwM, oonrcyvti an iuipruwion at) if lie wvre vlimu at 
hand. But, at this periixl of the day. aii ticpzibah 
tni^ht JiavR anticijiat^d. the arlixt vnw at his public 
rooniH. With an iiiipuLtiT of idUi euriosity, that fliek* 
ered among her liraivy th(>ii|;|it«, slic to<iked at one 
of ttie daguerreotypeti, and l)<-h«:ld Jud^ I'yudiuuu 
fivwuin-; at her. Fat« stared her in the tace. She 
tnnieil back from her frii!tlt^4 ijik-hI. with ii heart- 
niukiug m^^nse of diwipputntiiicnt. In all her yeai-a of 
Mdmuon, abe liad never felt, an now. what it whm to 
be alone. It neeincd as if tlie Iwiim.- atoo<l in a deAfri, 
or, by Hutne s|»ell, wa« njadt' inviiible to thoiMt whi» 
dwelt around, or [n»s«d beside it; so tliat any mole 
of misfortune, miserable awidt-nt, or eriiuf! might hiii*- 
pen in it nitiuiut the ]K>8«ibi]ity of aid. In her grief 
and wounded ]>ride, flepxihali liatl a[ienl her life in 
divesting liemelf uf friends : she luid wtlfntly east nfT 
the support wliicli (iod hao ordained his frt>atiir(>H U^ 
neetl from one atiollier ; An<l it wax now lu^r punish- 
ment, that Clifford and hei-selt would fall the eftfiisr 
viotimH to their kindit-d eticjiiy. 

Ketuniing to tJie arc^hed windov,'. idie lifted her eyea, 
— scowling, ]>oor, dim-sightttl Ilepiibali, iu tUe faco 


rtrore iwnt to iwml ti[i n girnyfrr 
^y pAVviiicnt uf cliiutlii. 'Hkimi 
Buat» had giUlinnd, w if in Hjiulmluu « {*T««t, brood- 
ing taasi ot buuuui troiililc, tl»ul)t. confiudon, ami chiU 
tndtfferenov. between <^arth iiwl Uiv Iwttcr n-gl^PI 
Her faitfa «-as too waik ; tliu pmvtrr to<j bi»vy to Imj 
Uim uplifted. It fell bai'k. a liuiip of load, ti|H>R tuT 
b«arL It BiiMite bcr wntb iIm> wr\-l<-l>i-^l couvk'tiiin that 
HrovMletife intenuediUed not in tliene |M;Uy wrutigH of 
(iDt? itidiviilul ii> hU f<tUitw. nor luul aiiy liidiii fur tbesa 
Uttlt- oguniea of a wtjitiirj' m>uI ; but hImiI it« jitiUiij, 
uid iu toetvy, in a browi. Kunlike 8wee|>, ovt-r half tlie 
univune at unve. lla <rat>tueaM uiadv it nuthing. Btit 
llepnbali did not see thai, jiu>t as there oomes a warm 
ninbeam into everr cuttuge wtiidow, so oomes a love- 
oi Gitd's care and pity f<>r c\-enf wparatv nved. 
t \asl, tlnditif( aci otlx'i- jiivtnxt for dcfi'rriiig tbu 
tortuiv ihut »he was t» inflict on ClifFonl, — hvr re- 
lortjirM-o In whirb wii> th*' Urt%v niUM of hi-r ktitrriii^ 
at tlK w!n<li>w. Iier Keareh for tbv artist, auil itl'D her 
abortive |>nt>'f-r. — drcadiikf;, aliw, U* beiir tbi- Mem 
vuic« uf Jiul^ Pynrheun from Wlovr stairs, oh!diug 
ber dcJay, — >he crrpt hIowIv. a )>alv, ^ef-«tricken 
fifpare. a diBmid 8ba)H! of wouulu, with almnxt torpid 
limli^ ftluwly M her brutbt^r*^ door, and knocked ! 

Tberf wa« n» rv|>ly ! 

And btrw nhould there have Iveeu? Her hand. 
treoiuloDs u-jth the idiriokin]; |nirposc whii.'b directed 
it. luul uDilt«-u so feebly aguiruit the door lliat the 
•otind ivMilil himllr have f^m^ inward. She kttiN>ke<] 
H^u. Still, no rea]M>tiM ! Xur wa4 it to be woo- 
dervd at: She hatl xtriK-k witli the tmlirt- forw of 
ber bearl*! vibmtion, ooiuuniuic-iitin^'. by »ouie subtile 
ntigoirtJBtni hur own t«irror to tho sutunum*. Clifford 



293 THE /tnrsE op the seven gables. 

would turn liiK faofi to tl)» )>illuw, and covpr KU haid 
beneath ihe Ix-delotlies, like a startlecl clitld nL inM- 
tiighU ^bc kiUM'ktKl a Uiinl tiim", tlitw.* n<j;abu 
stroktis, gentlv, but perfvctly di»tiiu:t, and witli luom- 
^H^n Uiitni; fur. u>udu]it« it witti whnt i-jiuti<mH art 
we will, tliu buml <MU>Dot help pbtjiii); Himt; tuue of 
whnt we feel, upon iIm; Heuselrait wood. 

Clifford returned no answer. 

•• t'lirtor.1 ! dear brothvi- ! " «aid lUjMiltAh. " S: 
1 come ill?" 

A silenoc 

Two or three times, and more. Hepxibah repeated 
hiH name, witlwut nwalt; till, thinking hvt bruthur' 
sleep nnwontvdiy jtrofnund. she undid tlie door, and' 
entering, found iIk- <-luun)HT vacant. How (wuld he 
hftve come forth, and wtu-n, witltout hrr knowlnlgc ? 
Was it poK«ibk- Uiat, in Njiite of tlio Htormy day, anil 
wnni out with the ii-kAomenosn vcitbin diKir.s, lu' hitil 
betoken liiinsvlf to hix iriKtoiniiri,' lumnt in thp ^fnrden, 
and was now idiiverin^ undiT tht? i-heerless lOicltiT of 
the siunmer-lioiise? Slic luutily thn'w up a window, 
tltriMt forth bur turltaned heud ami tJie hidf of lu^r 
gaimt llgurp, and pearflwd the whoU- garden throufchf 
a* c<>nipk>t<-ly lu her diin vision would allow. Shu 
could see tlie interior of tlie munnter-honae, and it« cir- 
ciitar seat, kept nioist by the droppiugH of ibu roof. 
It h»d no utTupiint. Clifford wiu not tlierciibontf; ; 
unless, indeed, he had crept for concealment (as. for a 
niDinerit, Ilepuliah funcieil might Ih; tin' caitej into » 
great, wet luajut uf t»n;;led and bmotbleaved shallow, 
wliere tlie Hiiuash-vineH wt-ri! ■■Limlx'riiig liunultuouoly 
upon an old woo«len fnuiit-work, i»et caxiiiilly aslant 
against the feoee. TIiih coidd not bi% however: 1m 
WB« not there ; for, while Hepxibah was looking, a 




Strang grtmalkin fitnle forlli frmn the tctt spot, him) 
[Ncknl 111* way a'-nms tin* ^n)pu. Tmirie he 
tai MidfF thr> nir, nml ilun katw din^'twl bin 
toimrtLt tit"* jiarlnr wiiitlow. Wb«lher it was tmly on 
■cvmint 'A t\ve utrnlthj", prj-ing ninnm'r nititiuoii l« Uw; 
nwe. nr tliat tltin cul m^iuh) to have more ihno 
dtnnr^' miwchiof in hi" tfamighir*. the olil ^Dllfwutni 
in sjiile n( hor much iNT]>l(-xity. f>-ll Hn inipulsip bi 
drivt' the nninijal away, .iml lu-omlinj^ly fluu^ <luini a 
wimlow-Htiok. Tiie cjit stantl up at hor, likf « iIp- 
tnrU<(l tliM'f «r munlcn-r, .tin). th>' m-xt iu^taiit, took ti> 
fl^ht No other liv-inji freatiiro was vimMo in the 
gmrilm. OmntirliTt iim) \\\* funily Wl eitl>er tin 
Irft Uk'tr nwrat, iU»Ii«arteDed hv the itttermiiuihlo r&io, ' 
at hwl (Kmn thi^ iifst ■m'lf.m tiling, l>y sdUNUuthly n> 
tarDiD); 1" it. Ilqixiliah rli«»Ml Uu* n-iudaw. 

Hut whrn' *)tM ClilTimi ? IVolil it U.- tliat. aw>n 
of tiip pn-wiiiv of his Evil [Vntiny. Iw )uiil cn-pl iti> 
htilly itftwii Uw Htainiiiu', wli!V tht* J»'lg« ami Hepxi*] 
bxh it'^al talking iii tV' simp. nn<I ha<l Miftly iitxloite ' 
the fastMiiiiyt n{ tho out^rr ihxir. nnd rnaAv his t-si-Aptf 
into thi* "trwt ? With that f h<"iir1i(. Hht^ w^inwl la 
behnli) Ilia gray. wriuklM. yet chililltku iwiK-rt, in l]»e 
t4il'fiu>iuoi»!il gnrnients «iii«-h he wore about the bmis)^; 
• ft)^irv> sudl M on« MnnHimi-N imnpni^ himM<lf tO| 
b*. with tbAwnrkl's ryv upon lum. in a lronl>k<l ilrvam. 
Thin Hj^ire of ber wri^chnl brother wonb) go wander- 
ing thriMigh till- city, alirwtin^ all oyes. «n<l ewry- 
boily's witniltT am) n-pitgnsiiwe, like a ghovt, the more 
to Iw RbuiMirnl nt l>pvanm visible at noontidv. To 
■DOUr tlio Hilictde df tlw younger cntwd. tliat ko«W 
Uni not, — till' harthrr ai-Dm iind imli'^.ntion of a few 
okl nu'D, who might recall his oikce familiar features 1 
To b» tbe i^rt of ImyN, who. wb«o okl vnough to run 


ftboot tbe strwU, hmrv no raoro rcTerenw f(»r wlitl !• 
bexutifiil and bolj, nor pity for wluU is raA, — lU) 
tnuro AiiiDHj of dacnd misery, uiu-tifying Uw hunua 
Blmpe in wliicb iC c mbudivii itaulf. — chut if Satan 
wen the father of tb«in alt ! Guai]«(l liy tli«ir tauiitit,^ 
tbur IcHtil, hIh-UI vrii-H, iukI cnu'l IilughUT, — intulU'd'S 
by lli« fUdi of th« puUii) wnys, whic:b tbey wou]<) fliii|; 
upoa faiu. — nr. tin it might Wfll \n\ (ltMtrMcC<,-tt by 
the neie straogetieaE of his situation. Uioiijih nobody ^ 
aboiild afflict biiu with ho nitidi lu a cbMij^litlwu vru 
— what woniWr if C'tiffonl wt^rv to briMdc tuto 
wQil extravagance whit.'li wa.4 curtain tu \t» int^riirptcd 
Bshtnocy? TIiim Jndgv Pynvlwon's fieodisb Boheme 
would l>e nwly a<'oom)>lL«he<l ta hia bandn ! 

Then I Kijt/ilial) tt-Hn-ttnl that tbe town was alncwt i 
oomplctuly watvr-f;irdled. Tlie whorvi-^ ittr>;tcli«d oulfl 
towardrt tlie <i!»lru of t)>e hartmr. and, in tliiA inclrni-^ 
•nt wuHtlii-r, ware desvrtvil l>y tbu unltnary thrttn); of 
meixihants, labnren, and MS-fariag men ; eaeb wlmrf 
a KiililiKlr, with tJHt vexitebi iiKMin-d Hlvni and »t<Tu, 
alonj; its mist)- ii>n^i. Should her brother's aiiuteaa 
f»<>tAt«'!}M Hlray thitlHirw»Dl, and be hut Wiid, niir mu 
ni«nt, over thi- de(-|i, blai-k tiiU-, vrotd<l b« nut lietJiiuh' 
hini8«if Uiat lutre uraA the sure r*;fit|je wttliin \\\h rearh, ' 
and tliat, ifilb a sin^li; stf)>, ur thir idi^it^st overbal- 
anufl of Ilia btHly, be migbl be forever beyond bis kinti-j 
nian'a gri]>e ? Oli. tlio ti-in|»tiUion 1 To nialcn of iiia 
pondoroiu sonmw a sex-untj-I To flink. witJi its leadtMll 
wei){ht aytaa liiui, and nv'Vur xvitf again ' 

The horror of this Uist i-onL'e{)tion was too tnucl) f«f 
no)iuba)i. Even JaflrfV Pyncbuon UtWit hidp hir 

now ! She hastened dow n the staituaBS, shrielcing aa 

she weiiL 
" CUEFord is gouet " she cried. 

*' I oannot find mjX 



brodwr ! Help. Jaffny Pfncbcon ! Sonw hiinn will 
bi^p«B to hira ! " 

NiQ tbrevr upvn tlw parlor-door. Dut, what with 
th* iihad« u( linukrhos atrroaa the wim)(»ni, umJ Ulv 
■inok»-Mw^twaoi) ot-iliii);, ami t\>f< lUirk odk-puncUuiie 
of tlv wolU. ihi'tv wn^ b»jxlty su iuimUi darH^rht iu tbv 
rooin that Hc^))!!!]*!)!'* iiii|HTfiTt Hight could jUKiinUvljr 
di«tttiguuh thp .Ttiil(^'*ii lieutv. Shp was oertain. huw- 
eVfir, thnt hIiv pmw liiiu xitiin^ in thv KDMiMntl sitn- 
vtuir, D0Br tlw M-ntn- vi ibo tlfHir. with Iuh face aome- 
wbu avrrlMl, rdiI looking timtmlK a witidow. 80 
ftrm aai) 'jiiii-l im iIic niTvoiw x^iitvni of Biicb men aa 
Judgn l*yudit»n, that bi- luwl iwrhaptt ulirrwl oot mora 
that) iinctf mnw faifr ili;[>artiirv. but, id thv faan) iiuin- 
fit>4titv irf hiA t>-tu)H'ninifMt, n-iainnl thv ponition into 
wbi>.'h atviiloQi hiMl thrown him. 

" I tril you, Jafftvy," iirinl lli-pubiih. impaiit>ntly, 
■a abe ttinx^l frum the parlur-door lu st-aivh other 
ramaa, " div hnithur ia Dut iu hia ehauiU'r I Vou ninat 
help UK seek bitn \ " 

Bat Juil^ PynchiNiu whs iml lliv mnii to b'l hiiu- 
Mtlf bi' atartk-il front un eaMV-i-linir with hiuitv ill-betit- 
tioj; KitluT the ilignity of bia character or his broad 
iMwitK. by the alarm of an hrxtvi'k- wommn. 
)ai<Ifri»g hia own inttri^t in tb« matter, he 
miglit havi- UMtimid kiiiM-lf with n littlu morv aho- 

" I>o y«ni h>«r mr. Jaffrr-y PjticJiw)!! 7 " srnunni 
ni>pril<«h, OB sill? n^in approached the parlnr-<loor, 
nficr ail iueffectaial Hean^b clHewhcrr. "Cliffvnl is 

At tliifi iiiBtanl, on tlie tlirfahnlit nf |lu> [wrhir, 
niM>i:gi]>g from within. sppearM) ClifFonl hiniiacK I 
Ilia face was |>t«t(3nialur.iUy pale ; ao dwJly whit«, 


ladisnX, thst, through nil the gUmmcriiif; irwlMt 
of llie |>aasagivwjiy, llepzlbah emjil (li»<cGrii 
tuTM, H8 if A li^ht fell oD tlimi al<)u«. TlK-ir vinH 
and wiM «xpivHsion so«m«d Ukswiso soffivient to illu- 
ntinittv tlu'iu ; it wim ad cxprcanoD of M-nni kik] 
mockery, coinculiiif; with tlw vmudons iodicated by 
his gosUin*. Ah C'lifForU stiMHl on thr tlinaibold, pvtly 
turoiDg back, he pumtvii lii« tiuji^r within the pftrior, 
and kIiooIc it hIowIy aa though hi> wotild have luiiii- 
moned. not Hcpzil>ali alone, htit thi- whole world. t^M 
ga»- At soaw olijei^t inconceivably ridieidoua. Thicl 
aotjon, HO ili'tirncd «nd «»tT»vagant, — to^'oropauibdj 
too, with a look that showed more like joy than any 
other kind of cxpit*'iiivnt, — coniiieUunt IIt-|>xil>iih to 
dread that her stera kiosmau'a ominoiu visit had 
driven lier |Hior brothvr tx> ahsolatc insani^. Nor 
oould she ollierwise a«tmunt for Llir iIiid^r'N quiettct'nt 
mood than by Niigtito'tiiig hiiu (.'raftily on th« watt-'h* 
wiiile ClifFonl developed these synijitouiit of a da- m 
tnu>tc4l iniitil. f 

" Be quiet, CUffonI ! " whispered hw nisttfr, raiding 
lier liand u> impress eautioj). "Oh, for Ilcjivcn't* »t>kc, ■ 

be .jiiiot : " § 

" Let him be cpiiet '. WIiRt win Iw do brtlcr? " «n- 
swLire^l Cliffonl, with a stUl wilder gt-sturv. itouitttig 
into the room which Ite had ju»l C)uitt4<d. ** Aa for m, 
Hepzibah, we euu diUKi.- now! — we can siog. langfa. 
play, do what we will '. TI>e wuiglit i» gonv, Me)>zi- 
boll ! it is gone off thitt wi-ary old world, am) we may 
be as light-ht-artiHl jw littl.? Pho-Iw lwr«Jf I " 

And, in avcKirdauc^- with hi^ words, hi? bcrcun to 
laugh, still pointing hi^ finger at tli« object, inviKibht 
to lle]>/.ila)i, within tht- |»rl>^r. SIx' wim n^tb^l with 
a suddttn iutuitiuii of eome burrible thing, bbe ihrusi 


hnniTf past Oifford, nnd (]uapp<>Kn<d intu ihr room ; 
bat ftlniMt iimiic<natQlr ivtuniiKl, with a en- cJioking 
in hiir ihroU. (iiuiiig M hiu- bn>tiM.-r with an nfFri^lili'd 
^Uni^e of ini)air)-, hImi tiulivtJ bint oU Jii a Urmor iuk] 
n ijitrnke, fmn tumtX to foot, wbUe, amitl tlwae ooamMitni 
elonenta of paasioa or alArm, still fliekfuorl his gusty 

** My Uo(l ! wluit is to Imworh; of i»? " gasped Hop- 

■* CVme ! " aiwid CtiffonU in ft ioae of biief tln'iuon, 
BKMt unliki) what was osnal with him. ** We Mtay 
ben Ion loQi;! Let as luarp cho oM hoii«n to »ar 
oaauB JaSrey! lie will taki- pxtl t-ura t>f it! " 

Htqinhali now nolicol that ClilTonl bad on a rloak* 
■^ a garment of long a^u. — in whioh he had coo- 
itastlj muffled hitsMlf diiriti<; tbeee days of eouterlj 
■biiRiL Ho be^ooml wilb bis hand, and intinuitud, 
•o fir aaabe cnuhl uompreh^nd him. hia pnrpoee that 
they alioiilJ gu tfigiitlii^r from tiw lioiMo. Then aro 
cfaautii% Llind, or drunken nioraentH, in the llv<» of 
panotti who lack real foni* itf iiluumutn-. • — momeuta 
of teat, io wliidt vourage would most a9ai>tt itaetf, — 
biit whetw thvwe indinduals, if left to tbeotselvcs, sta^ 
ger atmlenly aloog, or follow iniiilicitly whatever 
gttidaiioe may befall thrjn, rwu if it he a i^liild's. No 
»atl«r how pteposterotu or hiaaae, a purpose is a 
Gtx)<«(>ad to than. Flepuhah had rea^lxMl this |Mint. 
ITuoFustomed to action or rvsponsihili^, — full of 
bormr at wliat ftlie bad wen, and afraid to inquire, or 
alwodt bo intngino, how it hod come to pass, — af- 
frighted at the fatality whii-h aeeroed to {wnuc har 
brother, — atupeliod liy die tliin, thirli, ntifling ntmon- 
I^Hiro of dread, which filled the house as with a death- 
and obiiU'rabed all de^ileness of ibuugfal, — 

29f* run HOUSE OP THE skvkn gables. 

«h« rieidetl vriUtnut a (|n<wtii>n, nntl nil tlu- uLilimt, to 
tliC will which ClifTonl rsprctt8c<d. Fitr iM't^vlf. «he 
wan Vike a i>crsnu in a dream, when tlie nill alv-ayii 
hIivjm. CrilTnnl, onliiiunly tin di-Mlittitv nf this fac- 
ulty, had found it io the tension of the pmiB. 

" Why do yoii do3»y no? " vrird be, Mharjily. " Put 
on your rloak and hixid, or whait-ver it pleawa you to 
wnar! No iiiatt4;r vrhiit ; yon cjinnot look Iwnutifid 
nor hriltiiint. iny poor Hujaiboih' Taki* your iiiini^, 
with moMcy iu St, luid i-omi.- along!" 

Mcpzibah obcyod tbvsc instructions, as if nothing 
else were to Iw done or thmijrlit of. Slic Ix-gan to 
wuitdrr, it w tniir. why sbu did not wake u{>, anil at 
what still more intolerable pitch of dizxy trouhlv her 
spirit would Ktrti^lv out of the iiuuce, and make her 
tonsriftua that mithing of nil thtN liiul artniilly lin[^ 
|>cnc<l. Uf ciKirw it was nut mil; no such black, 
easterly day as this luul yH begun to l>e; Juil)^ 
Pynch«)n had not t;ilkcd with her ; Clifford hiui not 
lauglwd, jiiiintcd, bi-<-kiini-d hi-r away with him ; inii 
fiho had merely Iwcn ufHiiTtvd — as lonoly steepen 
ofU'ii arc — witli a great dnU of unreaoonable miiwry, 
in a morning dn«m I 

" Now — now ~ I nhalt cx-rtainly awake 1 " tliou);ht 
Hepsibah. as she went to and fro, nuikin;; Iwr littlu 
pRipaimlion>i. " I cjui licar it no longer ! 1 must waliu 
op now ! " 

But it eami? nut, that awnkcninir momenl I It caiuu 
not, even when. jUHt befora tliey left the hoit»-, Clif- 
fnnl stole to the itarloiMloor, anil made a partiBg obei- 
luuice to the noli* (ifxniiMint of the nmni. 

" What an absunl lijpirc llie old fellow euts now! " 
whinpoivd he to llcjixibiih. ".hwtwhen be fnnded 
luul iiiB eotHplelely undei- \m thaub 1 Cornt^ 





emne ; make haste ! or he will start op, like Giant 
Despair in pursuit of X^hiistian and Hopeful, and 

Aa tltey passed into the street, Clifford directed 
Hepzibah's attention to something aa one of the posts 
of the front door. It was merely the initials of his 
own name, which, widi someirtiat of his charaeteristio 
grace about the forms of the letters, he had cat there 
when a bey. The brother and sister departed, and 
left Jndge luncheon ntting in the old home of his 
forefathets, aU by himself ; so heavy and lompiah that 
we can liken bim to nothing better than a defmict 
nightmare, iriiich had perished in the midst of its 
wickedness, and left its flabby corpse on the breast of 
the tormented one, to be gotten rid <^ as it might ! 



f^DtMEit a« it WM, the Mixt wind iu>t poor 
lioh'fl few reiuaiuiug teeth chaltermg in her bead, u 
shu iind Clifton) ttuvA it. nn th«>ir way up l^ebwHi 
8tre«t. UDtl towsitlH the i-entiv of Uii.- town. Not M 
luun^v wiu it tht! itliivcr wliii-h thtn jiitilcsn bWt ■ 
brought to her frame (althoii{;h her feet untl hantU, 
eii]tec lolly, hul ntrvur M>eined ao death-a-cul<l a.i imw), 
but tlirre was ii mom] K-itsatioD, Diinglin^; it«c>lf with ^ 
the [ihrsical t^hill. auil cuutung her to shnhe tuorc in H 
Bjiirit tluin in Ixxly. The worhl'i" hmiiil, hli-ak at- 
ii)(H]>lit-rc watt all so t-uiiif ortJeHH ! Sui'h, iadeeal, is 
the ini|>n«siun which it malci'M on rvpi^ new ud^ttn- 
turer, even if li<> pUin;;e into it while the wannest tid« 
of lifo i» hiibhiiiig tliniiigh hlit vi-inK. What, then, 
must it have been to Hejutibah and Clifford.— ao 
time-stricken as they wurv. yul so lik*.* diiklivn in 
their ini^x|MTit:»ee. — ati they left the doonttup, and 
pBMdd froia ben«ath thn wiih' tihrJU'r of tlK^ I^'ni-bi-on ■ 
Ktoi! They were wanderiog all abroad, nn precistdv " 
such n pilgriiiiiigi' »» a i-hild nftvu u)i.-<Utiifit, to tho 
world's end, with perhaps a sixpence and a biscuit 
in hilt pocki-t. lit Hrpxil)«h')i mind, thfi-o wax tliir 
wrelrhed eonHcioUHnes^ of beiog adrift, Slie hud lost 
Ok facility of M<l(-gtiidan4ri,r; hut, in virw of tll« djffi- 
cultips around hvr, felt it hardly worth an cfTort to 
regaiu it, and waa, moreover, Lueapable of makiug one. 


Afl tlwy procMdcd on tlioir ^tranf^ expedition she 
»D<1 theu KMl a look H>u«>>"»g At (.'lifTurti, luid 
oould nut but oInwi-vc tluu l*c.w»fi poMMsed tuiil 
wajei) by a ]wwi>rfiil «xc'ttttiii«nt. .■ It wait tbu, in- 
tbat gvvo him Uh- (Mutml wliifhticfuul at oacv, 
am] ao irraiiiitibly, established over bU ki^vinti^nta. It 
not a little n-ai'uibht) tin- i-xhilnnitloti of w,i»v. Or, 
it m!|:ht mure fimcifidly Iw cniuimred to a joyoua, (lin-e 
of tniuiic, played with wild vivacity, Iml n]H>n a ^i*- 
xvA tnstnuoent. As the oracked jarring note 
ight alwuyn ttc ItcanL uul a« it janwd Idtuli^t luuid 
the liiftieot exidtatioa of I}h> uielixly, m) waa there a 
Cdtitiuuid i|Uiik<! Llin>ttj;h l'litT»rd, muMlt;; him mcMt to 
quivFt whiU he won; a triumphant enule, and seetued 
loat Qoder a necessity u> Kkip in his gait. 
Tb(ty tni-t tcM pe<>|>l(^ ubruiul. i-vi-ii on jiauuin^ fn>ui 
the rvtired oeigfaborbood of tlie Hoiise nf tlte Seven 
abln into what was ordinarily tl>e nioiv thn>ti)i^'d 
.1 buiiier portion of the town. Ulistening sidunidka, 
tlb litlhi |mm1« iif rain, here antl there, along tbi-ir 
nneiiKid surface: nndircIluK •lii'pLivc) uHtentatiouAly in 
the klinp-wiaduwii, mi if the life of inuie liiul etnit'cii- 
itself in that one artivlo ; wet leavw of the hnrae* 
ebaMuut or clm-UvcA, txrn off iintiniely by the bhut 
and aeattetvd along the public M-ay ; an uuxightiy acs 
rnnittliuion of miid in i1m> niidillu of tlto Htnwli wbieb 
rvcrm-ly [TTt-v: |])c nion* nueJnui for its long and 
l-orioii^ washinj;. — these were the more deliiiablu 
poiuta of ■ Ynry luiukn; pieture. In tlie way of move- 
IMUL awl human life, tlirre wiik the haoty raltle of a 
cab or uoach, il£> driver prutectt^l hy a wiilfr-[in>of cap 
ovnr hia bead anil Hbouldtfn; thi- forlorn ti};nrp of an 
Id man. who seemed to have erepi ont of some anb- 
Nvwer. iuhI wait nUK^pisg along the kennet. 

802 THE notJSE OF zae. snvss gables. 

and poking the m>t ral>bnh vritli a stick, in quMt of 
rusty nuHit ; a mervhaWt or two, at tlie tl'Rir of tin- jinnt- 
ofRo«, ttigelhf^E witti iin 4Hlilor,iUHl R wiM-i-lliini-oinf |>oU 
iticinn, awaiting'-ik diktory mail; a few viitagt-s nf tv- 
tinsl ara-oa^tfeiiris at itu; wimlowof nn insimiiKv nffii-p, 
lookiii];; oRt.'viu-niitly at tho vacant ati¥ct, tiIaM))ltemiii^ 
nt t}ie.*ivc*lh«r, and frcltiiig at tlif di-Arili a^t wuU of 
pH^^.npMs as t'lval gitstup. Wliat a trctaeui«-trov» 
U^<]lii-Ai> wnf rahle qaidnimra, cnuld tbcy hare guciiaeii 
thi' »«'wt vfliitih Hi'iv/iliali and C'liffnnl wen* carrying 
along witJi thpin ! But their two Bgnras attrsnteil 
hardly *' inm-li notiw tut tluit of a young girl, who 
pa&tod iit th<r same inHtant, and happenc-d to raise her 
akirt a tridu tiwi high alM>v(< Ih'i* ankli-^. Hai] it U-«n 
ii>iinny and elieerful day, they conid liardly have guiie 
tliroii^ the strecta without miikiD<; tlieniHelve« tilmoK- fl 
iouM to nioiiark. Now, jirobabU', tl>i»y were fdt to he ™ 
in kevping witlt tJ>u disaial and liittvr weather, and 
therefore did not stand out in Htron); relief ; a* if thu 
Kun were i>bining on th«ni, hut mt-lli-d into tJie gray _ 
gloom and wer« forgotten as soon aa gone. I 

Poor Ik-pxiliah! Could she have understood this 
faot, it would have brought her »onie UtUu ouiufort ; 
for, to all her othvr tmublvH, — strange to aay \ — 
there was added the wonianUlt anil old -maiden-like 
nuM^ry arising from a itense of uiiseetnlineiuf in hur 
attire. Thus, idie was fain to shrink deieper into hei^ 
aolf, aa it were, as if in the h»|ie of making ]i«o[ilo 
anppusc that hen? wits only n el<f»k and h 1, thread- 
bare and wofully faded, taking an airing in the midat 
of the storm, witlioiit any wi^n-r! 

A» tlu'y went on. the ftn^'ling of indistiiH-tness and 
unreality ke|>t dimly hovering ruimd about her, and 
so diffusing itaelf into Imr RVKteni that odk of livr 

Inods wiLH hurrlly juiliulili" U> t)w tntu-h of tlic ntl»^. 
Aoy ivrtaiiily woiJil liave l.con |>r«-fi>nit>k' lo tliis. 
Sbtf whwpMwi to iM-nvlf, again atwl a^^wh, " Ani I 
■wake? — Am I ftwiike ? " and BomutiniM expowd 
Wr ftnv to the chiU spatter of the wind, for the Bain 
of Hs rode afHunuioe tbat »bi> waw. Whctltrr it wiw 
Clifford'a pnrjraae, or unlr oionoe, bad led theiu 
tliithrr. they now fbiind IIkiiim-Itpii pamong Uixiiib 
tbi* an-lind cntraii(<e cif a lar^ Htrnrtun^ of gray Mooe. 
Within, there was ■ RfKKioDit hrcailth. luiil nii ainr 
bei|:ht fnMu Hiior to roof, now pariijiUy ttUiil with 
ftktlcK and Htvain, whivh rddiM) volutninnicily iipwanl 
nd fomiM) a mimic olnnd - region ovfv their bEiada. 
A tmin of ears wax juxt rcukdy for & Htart ; tbi< ln«»- 
motive was fretting and fuming, like a ste«4l impa- 
tKOt fur a hcadioDg nub; and the Wll rang cut ilii 
)aKty peaL ao well rxprcwung the liricf lUtnuMins which 
Kfe TOnrhmfes to us in itA hurried career. Without 
qnotion or d«lay, — witJi ilut irmuittihU' den.-<i<m, if 
DOt rather to lie uallitl rvekleMneas, whi<rb ha<l m 
•txangvly tiiki'ii poiwr«N>(in nf him, and thmngli him 
of llopKibah, — Clifford im|*el]ed her towards tlw 
CM*,iiid aanstted b«'r to ent€^. The signal wa» ^nm; 
the rnfjine jmffetl forth its short. <inick hrcaih* ; the 
train brguii its mu^vtufut ; and, alon^ with a handml 
other pasM-ngvrs, these two nnwimu-d tnivcUon sped 
onwud like thi> winiL 

At lait, ilM-n-f»n% and after ito long uttnuigvment 
from uTWTtliiuf; that the world lu-ted or enjoytj, they 
rlmwn into thr- gn^il run-i-tit of htinuui life, , 
swept awuy with it, n» liv tho sui'tion of fat« 

Slill hniintttl with the iden tltat wt unv of the pa»t 
ts, int'luiiire of dndge Pyucheon*a visit, could 

>< THE rforsB or the seven oahles. 

be real, the n?cliittp nf Hm Seven UnbU» iminiiiiml is 
her hrutin-r'a eiu; — 

•• Clifford ! ClilFonl ! In nut tlits a <lrvmm ? " 

"A divam. Ilv|>z)()ali!" rt>)>eatt.-«t bt: almost luigli-' 
ing ill hiT fjwrc- '• On tiie contmrv, 1 Imv*- nvvcr 
awake Iwforu t " 

Meaimhilt.-, toolciug fr<)iii tlio wiinlow, IIm'v ivmiM ih«1 
till! wurltt mtriiij; |t]Mt Uwiii. At oiiv uionivut, tlii-yl 
were rattliug tlirnugh a Boliuiilc ; the next, a village . 
hail f;niwii ii)i nruuiHl tliviu : a few bn-:itli» titorv, ami 
it Lml viioisbed, as if swallowecl by an «artb(|iuike. 
Tho spinw uf nMH-ting-hmisra xei'uiwl svt adrift frutu 
thair foundations ; the broad-baAed hills gliiled away. 
EveryUiing waM uulixird frtmi iu »}{t*-li>ng rt«t, and 
tnoving at whirln-ind speed in a dirwtiuo o])]tositc> ' 
thuir own. 

Within tlie car t)i«i« wan tlie it«ial inti>rior life 
the railroad, offering UttJp to the uliHcrvation of otlui 
jmii»eng«», but full of iiovtdtyfor this pair of Mtnuii^l) 
enfiancbiMoi] jiriwincr!). It wiut nowltv i-uniigh, iiiil«-cil,| 
that tJKre were flftv hitman beings in vlase relat'ioa 
wit}i tbcDi. timiiir ntii> lung anil iuim>w roof, and drawn ^ 
oiiM-anl by Ute fiiune iiiiglity iullueuc« that had taken 
their two selvi's int(> ill gniK]). 1 1 M^'iiMtl ii)arv«-lK>u]i 
liow all thfutr jieople (■ould rvmaiit so qnivUy in th«ir^ 
MMitM. whilf HO much iiolfiy Hlrcngth wiu at work iaf 
their ItchaU. Some, with ticketn in their hat« (long 
trawIlffN tJM-H^s iK'fonr whuui hiv a himdir-d iiiili'H n£, 
milroad), had )>luugi<d into thu English scpnei^* and 
aih'i'nltirt-K of iiampldt-t novi-I.t, an<l wnt keeping com- 
pany witli dukes and carls. Others, whose liriL-fur 
span foi'biidv liu-ir th^votiiig themiu-lves to stiiiUes sol 
abstr\ise. bvgudt^'d th'^ little t4-diiiin of titv wiiy with 
peniiy-pajwTs. A jiart)' of girlu, and one youug uuuv, 




cot jppoeite bhIus of th« car, found huge ainnsenieiit in 
'*g'MU» of )»iL Tli«y UmmmI it to tunl fn>, wttli (wula 
of t&ui:liU.T tiuit mi^t K- tnciuturiKl by inilelen^Its ; 
for, fa-iUrr iliau llw DimUo UUl coulti Hy, ilm tiwrry 
plsyets Sell ttt»Nin«cioiiBly aluug, leuvitig tliB truil »f 
tfausr mirth ohr liebiml, anil eodiug their guiw nndur 
■Aotlm akv thftu luu) witJiMUHNl itN contmeoeeoiviit. 
Boyt, witli K]i)>l4», cakes, ouody, uiul loUa af vuicnuty 
litMrtuml looeapit. — nii-n-huinliw thnl n-mimltnl I Tvp- 
rihah of her disMTtnt alx^p, — aiijxureil at eai-h ut<mu-ti- 
tary BGu|))>iti^-pLuv. alwinj; u|> Uiuir biDiiii«M io n hiiny, 
or brvakiii^;; tt nlmrt off. \t-6t tltc tnarket iJi>Hil«l ivviili 
tht-ni swHv with it. Now |iv(i|iU- ooutiuunlly enteivd. 
Oil) anitiaintanues — for stii'h they auuu grew lo bo, 
in tbiK ni)>!>l rtirrftit of alTun> — amtiauiilly Jr{»art«d. 
lK-r>- ami tlK-ni, auiiil (1h- nunblit aittl ihv tuiuiUt Mt 
one aAteep. Skf>p ; »port ; businpsa ; pvreror %hter 
ttwiy : lui't the t-niuiuim aud iuuviUibU^ tunvi-uiput ott- 
ward ! ll waH life it«^-lf ! 

ClifTord'it mlundly p»igii»ut A,N-tn|>aUiii-«i were all 
.i«m1. He eau^lit tliu i»lor of vbal wa.i paiisiug 
t liiuL. anil Uiit^w it back luorv vividly rhaii 1m- n*- 
esivad it, but mixMl. iiL'vertheleas, with a lurid and 
portentotis hue. Ilvpzibiih. on the other Iiantt, felt 
hfiriM-lf tuun^ apart from human kind than even in the 
iiuikin whirl) sitB IukI juM <)uitt«(t. 

** Yaii aru uot- happy. ile(>zil)a]t V aaid Cli£Foid, 
apgul, in a tone of rfprmu'h. " You are i}iinkiii}; of 
tlutt diiitnal old Iwuw. and of (_'iin>iin •laffrey," — hen* 
catoe t]>e quake through him, — " am) of Cotudn Jaf- 
iny vitting there, all by lunuelf ! Take my adriire, 
— follow ray example, — and let siicli things slip 
MMlflb Hen w« are. in tlio world, Hi-pziloli ! — in 
the midst of life '. — in the throng of our feUow-beingH ! 

«ot. in 



Let you rcctA I be happy ! As happy w Uiat yotttK 
luul UioHi- ptvtty girii, "I Uieir ganiti of b«U I " 

" iUppy ! " thought llepxibiLK. bitt^Tly ootiK-imiit, M 
tho woril, u( her diiil UDil heavy li«art, with the frozen 
]HUD in it, — ** happy I lie is mwl olniuly ; and, if I 
omild onou fwl myMlf browl awalte, I dhuuld go aoA 

If a fiml idea In* ina^lnedbt, rIw was perhaps not r#- 
mote from it. Fast and far as thvy hiwl rattJi.-d luid { 
vlntterttd along the ii-on track, tli^y tnight jii.'it as well, 
aa n-gmrdod Hvpitihah'ii ntental Invi^s, havir tx^i-u ]uw«- 
ing (ip an<l dowii Pynolwon Street. With miles aa<t 
miles of variwl sectiory between, there van tin iwvi\tf 
for her. save tlie seven old gablo-peaks. with their 
moss, and the tnft of weeds in one of tlie nn^leti, andl 
tlie Hliop-window. and a tttntoiinn' hlinkitij^ thi; diHii-, mi<) J 
4^vin]K-llitiv tliu litUo hell tu jingle tien-ely. but without] 
disturbing Judge P,>'ncht<(>n t Tliitt one old houw waaj 
everj'where \ It transiK>rte() its great. ImnWriiig btilkl 
with iiion- than railmitd k[hx-<I, and iwt itwH plil<.-(;-J 
uiiiti(.-a]|y down on wliaterer sjxtc Aw ghincwl at. Tba) 
(lunltty of HeiixibakV luiiid wa» too uninalliialdo to' 
take new in)pre»<ion>t so readily aa Clifford's. lie had 
a winged nature ; slie was nitlter of tin- vegrtnbl 
kind, ami eould hanUy be kept long alive, if drawn 1 
up by tlio rooUi. Thus it ha|t))one<1 that iiw n-hition | 
luirctoforu existing between her bn>tlier and lierself 
was ehange4l. At h<>RU% ulie wan hin guanlinu ; hcriv j 
Clifford liad become hers, and seemed to comprehend] 
whatever )>e]ong«'d 1o iheir how p<)sili')n wiUi a Hin- 
gulnr rapidity of intelligence. He had be«n startltsll 
into inaiihood and intellivttial vigor ; or, at least, into] 
a eonditioii Uiiit rcKombh'^l tlwin, though it might b«| 
both dtMued and transitory. 

raniluclor unw n]>[ilit-<l for their tk-kets ; and 
CUffard, who liiul aimit hiiik'^^'ir ihi- {'urM'-lft-urvr, jnit 
ft lHUik-iiot4> intu hu lutud, ns lie bad observitl oUkn 

" For tbe Ud)r and jrooTMlf ? " ssked tlw conductor. 
"And b6wfar?" 

- Ai iar a.» tliat will carry us," njiid niffi.rtl. " It 
b no great uiuttur. ^Ve nrv riiUug fur pleasurv 

" Yon dkooso A stnngv iIav for iL, sir ' ** r«ii&rl(e<l 
• gimlct^yi'd old grulk-ioan, no t)i«' hIImt ititU> nf lliv 
«r, looking st Clifford nod hU i-oiupauinti, lu U cnri- 
<niK to lUiike tiMin oul. "Ttu^ bt»t I'haiti-vnf plcinjinri*, 
m ftD etutvrlj rain, I take it, is in a tuan's uwn house, 
wHh a Did' littU- Bra in the chimney." 

" I cannot pncwdy apree with yon." said CUffonl, 
ouurtwnuly bowing to Uic nlil )p-nili'nitm. nnd at onn; 
taking uji the rlcw of uinvifraBtinn vhit-li the latter 
ba^l profftTwl. " It hail juil ort-urrtsl In im-, on tho 
oontniry. that tliis atUuiruhlf iuwntinn nf tho rail- 
niod — wttli t)H' vaM and iiii-ritnblr iniprowuunts to 
1* liHtktNl frir. both aa lii apeM and L-onvenieooe — ia 
diuitint-)! til do away witJi tJiiMt- Ktulc idiraN nf hnntc and 
flrmtdi!, and suhatitut* s«Mn«'thiuj: brtter." 

** In the nanto of oomnum - M^nw," iwkvd the old 
p«tleiiian. rather lostUy, " what { lie IwttM for a 
tuui tJiati hJM otrn jmrlnr atui rhiiiiniry-oruiT f " 

" Theet- thinf^ ha\'v not the merit whtrh many gfood 
people attrilmte to tlM>iii." rfplicil CUffonL " They 
may Iw mJi), in few and pithy words, to luiw lU Rcrrtid 
a |>oor jmrpcMW. My tnipreiiaiou Ls tliat oar wundei-- 
tnlly inereoAod and still increasing faeilitiee of loromo- 
tiou nn' ilcstin<^l to bring us round a^in Ut ihf no- 
madic statu, Vua are aware, my d«ar ur, — yoa most 


hjiv<! obwrvpil it io your own rxp«>rienw, — tliat all 
kuniau prop-oto is io a ctrclu ; ur, tu um a, tuuro m^ 
curutv iia<l livititUful ilj^urei in w) aaoending spiral 
curve. W'liik- wo funi-y oureelvw going ntriiit;lil f^1^ 
WMixl, aut] utbiiuiug, at t^very ntcp, ao cutirely dw 
position of affain. wo do ac-tiiully return to notavilattf^ I 
loD^ Igu triiNl mill aliaiiilDiwil, l>ut wliit-Ii we uow find 
etberealined, rettiunl. utiii [Mrf^^^'t^tl to it* itlt-ul. 'IIid 
{nut in tmt n ciKinw! auil seosual prophecy of the ptv»- 
ent and tlii- fiitun?. To apply Uiih tnitii t<j tin* topic 
now iiniU'r diM-iuoiion. In the early ujmk-Iis of our 
rWHN nii'D dwelt in ten)])oTary liiiM, of bowi^ni of 
braiiehost, aa easily coniitrunti'd an a birdVot-Kt, aod 
wiiii'h tl^y built, — if it should Iw aiiivd l)uildii^, 
whon Hiioh RWwt lionii'« of a 8Uti)in«r Bolatioe ratlker 
grew lluin were luade witJi handii, — whicli Nature, we 
will say, a.isiatt-d thoiii to nsir wIkhv friiit HlM>imiU>d, 
where fi»h and gatua were plentifuL, or. uioHt especially, 
wbcrv tilt! aatutti of Ixtuity wan to Im' gratifit^I I>y a lov< 
Hl-i* shade than etsewbere, and a niotQ exi[uisito ai 
rangeui«nt of klio, wood, and hill. This life {km«i-««o 
• ohann. which, ever sino? man ({uiltJ^l it, has vani»h«<l' 
&om existeuoe. And it typttUil »»inetli!tig Ix-ttvr than 
itoulf. It had its divwbacks ; auoh aa hunger aud 
thirst, in<!krui(!i]t weatlu-r, Eiui suiuhinc, and wviu^ and 
fiKit-hlistvring marehea over barren and ugly tracta, 
that lay between the ait^t* dtvimblu for tltinr fertility 
and ItoHiity. Bt:t in our ascending spirU, we escapu 
all tliis. Tbew railixMids — t^mild but Uti< wUti4lu lie 
made tnii.iicjil, and thv nuultle and the jar pot rid of 
— iirv )K>jitiv«]y Uk greatest bWting tlutt thv ago* 
have wnnig lit out for tw, TWy givu us wings; tln-y 
annihilate the toil and dust of pilgriiua^ ; tbuy sj>irit- 
ualuw travel I Transition Wing do fiueih, what cjui b« 




ly num'c iDduremeat tA tarry in oufi sjxtt ? \^'lly. 
tlM-rffore, should In; litiilil » uiurv t'uiiil>r»u.-t lift iiitAt ion 
thso can ti-adily l>e uarriMloff wiUi hitu ? Wliy shuultl 
be niske liiuitto^lf a priMittcr fur Uff in l>ri«-k, auil 9iU>nK, 
and oU wunn-mtrn timlxT, wlicn \w uuiy jiist :is easily 
dwtdl. iu one sense, nuwlMre. — in a )wtt«r Heiue, wheis 
L«vrr th)< tit anil bmuiifnl nlutll ufftT liini a Imibw ? ' 
Cliffunl'ii iwuutenani'e ^IdwihI. an lie divulgml tliu 
u youUiful t^'luLntt-U-r Btuiite out fruin witfain, 
rprtiiig tlu? wrinkles and jtallul diukiness of age 
[iBtu im altnogrt tnuwpaiviit iiioiUi. TIh* luv'ny ^irlx let 
[UMnr ball dro{i uputi thv floor, and fpucnl at him. 
' They Moid to thvnuri^-cs. [MrHtups. that, before his hair 
waN ^ray and the rrDw'i)-fti.'l tnu'kitl Mi* U'iiijiU-a. this 
BOW tltx-aying man nntst have Kbiii)))e4l lla- iinpreaa of 
Ilia foaturra on many a woman's heart. But. alax \ no 
woman 'a cyv had %wa hiM i»cv whilr it wu* U-jiutifu). 

I** I should acartvly oaII it an iiuimive^l stain of 
Uitnfpi," obMT>-i>d Oliflfonl'ii im-w ac4|uaintaiioD, " to Uve 
BTerj"wheri? an<i nowhere ! " 

•• Wouhl yoii nut ? " cxclainii-d C'liffoni. with win- 
gidar fiiergy. " ft is a^ ulear to ine as suushiuu, — 
wan> thfiv any in tbe itky, — that tltw graolvat jnmu- 
l>lr ■iiinil>liii;;-)jluok8 in the path of human hapirinaw 
and inijjriivrtui'tit arr the^e hea|)a of liricktt ami utoucat 
OoaaulidatMl with nturtar, or hvwn timlfer. fiisti^nnl to- 
gettirr witli .ij)!k«vtiails, which un-n [ainfuUy c-ontrive 

tfor ib^ir own tortnunt, and uill thcni hiHise ami Itimie I 
IW aoul \w*!A* air : a wide sweep and frequent chan^ 
vf iL Mi>rl(id iof1iiODO«». in ii tiH>uKanil-foId viiricly. 
^allier al>out hearth>i. ami pollute the life of house- 
bolda. Tht.iv i^ no mu'Ii uiiHltolinumu* utjuoiiphen; aa 
that of an okl home, rendered poif^oitoiu by oae*8 Ao- 
{ordiatliera and relatives. 1 tipeak of whitt I 


know, Thcrr t» n Mrtniti liuiiw within niv fsiuiliBr 
rM.-(iU(H>tiim, — one uf l)t(i«e [)vak«l-gal)le (tlwre are 
m'Vttii iif thciii), |iriijtHiiii[;-Ht(>rii.*(l cslidoe*, HUch IM ynu 
ovcnsioniiUy am iu our older towns, — n rusty, <"raxj-,i 
crcnky, (irj^-roMwl, tluinjvtxittvil, ilingy, ilnrk, and mi** 
vinlilu old diinf^-un, witli an xrt-hiil nindow ox-tr tiM 
poroh, and a little ttbop-door on otie side, and a groat, 
mt'iimclioly <tLia before it I Now. «ir. whenever my 
tliuu^hla reciir to this Hori>D-gable() maUHion (tbo fact 
u MO vi-iy otiriouD that I rnmit nt-vdfi riti'iitton it), im- 
mediately I hare a vUion or image uf au elderly man, 
of n-murkalily Htvm vountananoc, sitting; in lui cakva 
elbow-vhair, <lead, tttoiie-ileatl, with an ugly flow oEfl 
blo(Ki u|M>n hilt sbirt-bosom ! Di-atl, but nitli opua^ 
«yeii[ He tnintn thv whoUt hoitse. as I nMrn-mber it. 
I cvidd iiever flourish there, nor bi- liupgiy. nnr du no: 
enjoy what (iihI iiifiuit mv to do and enjoy I " 

ilis face dai'kened. and iH-L-intil to contntut, ain 
Hhrivid iti«flf n|>. and withi-r into a^ 

" NeviT, ijir ! " be rrpcatod. " 1 I'ould nover dra' 
cbeerfid bn^ath tJiurvI " 

" I Htiould tliink not," saiil tltc old jji-nlb'-nian. fying 
Clifford eamtntiy, and rather apprvht-nsively. " I 
afaonld conceive oot, «ir. witb tltnt notioa in youfi 
head I" 

" Surely not," cuntiuned Cliffiinl ; " and it weni » 
relief to me if that lioiiite iiiidd lie torn down, or burnt 
up, and w the earth )>l> rid of it, nii<t gtia» be aow: 
abundantly over it^ f(>4in<iation. Not that I dnuli 
ever Tiftit its site n^in ! for, sir, the fnrlhcr I 
away from it, ttH> i»')rn do<;a the joy. the liplilsoma' 
frivbiif^ tlie heart'K-aji, the int«-lJvi-huil doixv, Ui« 
youth, in idioft. — yes, my youth, my youth ! — 
moni does it oomu bui'k to mo. Ho Icogve ligD tliMi 





■BomiD^. 1 m» old. I Rmemtwr lookin}^ in thv 
fiiat*, uul wotHlenng at my iwn gny liair, ami the 
wrinkles, nuui; anil iW|), right aonjfw uiy brow, and 

»th<- fiirrowK flown my rhe^-kii, ami tliu iinMHgiftiia 
tnini)Jiiig ot cmw'»-fi>et about my tcnplM* It wu 
too Boon ! I ooold out bear it ! Age luul no right to 
eone! I bad mit lired I But now d» I liMilt old? If 

ISO, my iu))mM beliM me Rtranjculy ; for — a gnat 
«rvi}^t U-ing off my mind — I fevl in thi> very heyday 
of my yontlt, with the world and mv best da>'8 I>efor» 


' I tnut you may find it aa," BOiil the okl Rentle- 
[aum. who Momed ratJwr emlmrnuuMHl. lutd <l»imtM of 
' SToiding tlie observatJoii whivh CUffonlV wild talk 
drew on tlwra Imth. " Yua ham mv best winhM for 

"For H«a«vn's ealu-, diiir Clifford, be quiet I" 
whUiMTfn) bin sister. " Tliey tliiuk you mad." 
K "He 4nirt ynuT«eIf, Hi-pxilHdi ! " returned her 
^^rotlwr. " No matter wluil tlwy ibuik ! I am not 
^■^Ift. For tho 6r»t titw in Uiirty vt-jint my thooghta 
^^QAh up and find words ready for (hem. I must talk, 
ami I wiU : " 

He turned again towanU the old gentleman, and re- 

■rl the eauverwUiou. 
" YflA, my dear sir." said be. " it ts my firm belief 
iaimI lui|ie tbat ihe-te tenus of roof and buarth-Ntons, 
wbirb havv m [iin<; lieen held !■> emlmdy sanietliing 
saerwil, are mum tit ]ias.H oui of tucti'.-i duily um-. lunl Ix' 
forf^ittrn. Ju«t iniApne, for a moment, how mut'U of 

» banian evil «-ill i^rumble away, with tliin om* change ! 
AVhat wu call n-A wlal^r -~ the solid ground ti> l>uild 
It htiuAp on — ia the broad foiiiiilalion on uhii-h nearly 
all thu guilt of tliia world rc«u. A man will I'oinuiit 

' anil 1^[ ^ana* |A 

.j»«H» mr (vr. Md hmu ifi^ 

11^ mil iwi imi rliBP'iwu'uiiii,'"™-" iin» 

^^^■V '■■GBIr 'T^WPQi TU9 

Oh-. I 

■imft^ fhm iMfHKt. ""wa ms nut t» iiIamk br 


?a •gpBRIIV ''I' i:i' "'.11 'li" -I' lUui to h 

t* OMw tlw ':i^i>' :u-r^ of ft 
now! Wdl 

■ what am tbmn bqc 

' <. inwteitc at tbtt 

^ .ituup wtJa a|Mn 1 " 

tbv »itl gnrri^mmri 

.ki» to mp triih & 

'JailB wltueifK» 


" Then there is electricity. — tbe demon, the angel, 
tlie miglity physical power, the all-pervading intelli- 
gence! " exclaimed Clifford. "I3thatahiimbiig,too? 
Is it a &ct — or have I dreamt it — that, by means of 
electricity, the world of matter has become a great 
nerve, vibrating thousands of miles in a breathless 
point of time? Rather, the round globe is a vast 
head, a brain, instinct with intelligence ! Or, shall 
we say, it is itself a thought, nothing but thought, 
ud DO longer the substance which we deemed it I " 

** If yon mean the telegraph," «ud the old gentle- 
man, glancing his eye toward its wire, alongside the 
nil -track, "it is an excellent thing, — that is, of 
ooorae, if the speculators in cotton and politics don't 
get poesesfdon of it. A great thing, indeed, sir, par- 
ticularly as regards the detection of bank-robbers and 

" I don't quite like it, in that point of view," replied 
Clifford. " A bank-robber, and what you call a mur- 
derer, likewise, has his rights. wMch men of enlight- 
ened hiuoanity and conscience should regard in so 
mach the more liberal spirit, because the bulk of so- 
riety is prone to controvert their existence. An al- 
most spiritual medium, like the electric telegraph, 
shonld be consecrated to high, deep, joyful, and holy 
missions. Lovers, day by day, — hour by hour, if so 
often moved to do it, — might send their heart-throbs 
from Mune to Florida, with some such words as these, 
' I love you forever I ' — ' My heart runs over with 
love ! ' — 'I love yon more than I can ! ' and, again, at 
tlie next message, ' T have lived an hour longer, and 
love yon twice as much ! ' Or, when a good man has 
departed, his distant friend should be conscious of aa 
electric thrill, as from the world of happy spirits, tell- 


ta^ hini, ' Your dear friend m in bliss ! ' Or. tj« on 
niMcnl huHliimd, should vomu tidinjpt thu-i. ' An ilIlIno^ 
tal l>eing, nf wham yon an- tin': f:ttiivr, hnH this muiw-nt 
&.mw fn)iii Oixl ! ' luid ittiniLiliately ila little vuit^ | 
VOlU<) seem to have rfjurltL-d so fur, lunl tn lie ecltuin 
in Inn boart. Hut for tliese pnnr roj^ues, the bank-mlvl 
bers. — who after all, »rv alxnil n« boncst lUt nine |h-<>-] 
|>k' ill ton, except that they dUregard certain formally 
tivii. and ]>refer to ttmitsticl Inisiiiu.^H at midnight mtJu;^ 
than "Cliange - hnurs, — an<l for ibesf mnrdt;rertf, 
you ])hriiM it. who ani uft«n vxcu-^abli; in tin' iiiotiwjj 
of their deed, nnd deserve to be niikud among ]mli]ic 
iK'n'-faWum, if mii- enn->i>l>-i' only itH i-CMilt, — for iinfur 
tunntt> iiuIividiialB like tlti-se. 1 really eannot )ipi>l»ud 
tlu- enli»ttuent of an iniinaturial and inirat-uIotLt jiowei 
in tlie universal world-hunt at their heeU ! " 

•' Von can't, hi-y ' " i-riwl tbi- ohl jp-utlrmiui, wiUi 
bard hole. 

" Ftiwtivi-ly. no!" anmircn-d riiffonl. "It imial 
them to<t miserably at dieiwl vantage. For example, ! 
air, in a dark, low, cntss-lM-iUMed, iianellcd itMiu of an 
olil house, let us suppose a deud man, sittini; iu an 
arni't'lmir, with a bbHNl-KUiin on bis fhirt-Imwoni, — 
and lot us add to oiu- liy]>otlieais another iiuin. issnin^J 
fruui ihv b(HLti\ whieii lie ftvla to be orer-filled withj 
the dcail man's presentee, — and let us hi«tl.v imnpnal 
him Seeing. Ileavi'n knows whitlwr, at the sjiet-d (if aj 
hurricAne. by milroad '. Now, sir. if the fugitive ali);ht j 
in some distant town, and fbid all the people halilitin^j 
almut titat Mtdf-minu dead man, whom be ban Hed saj 
far to avoid the sight and thotight of. wilt you not aU] 
low that biA natiinil rights have l>v«n infringwl'/ Hal 
bus liecn deprived of bta eity «f refuge, and, in my 
bumblv upiniou, bos sitffvrud iutiuitc wrungi " 



' Y<ni tof n strange io»n, slr^ " s*id thn nli] p-titlih 
IniD^ng luM fpuilrtH^vu u> n priiut on ClifFonlf a» 
^kJ (l^tprmiited to bore ri(;bt into him. " 1 vau't we 

B^ " No. ru be b<«in<i you can't ! " criol CUffonI, 
Bkn^rhmg. " Anil 5t<, mv lUiir wir, I un m truspur- 
~ ^Dt as the vrmter of MhiiIc-'s well ! Rut rame. Ilepci- 

Ibali 1 We iavfi flown far eniiti^it for nttoc. Let iw 
tlif^t, IW the binls do, and jK-rch aurselvee on the 
BMirant twiiz, nml ponsiill ivhitber we sltail fly ui'sl ! " 
JitfU th^^'n. am it luipiHMKnl, tb(? train ivai'h«tl a aoli- 
t»rf my • station. Taking wlvaitt.'^ nf tlm! brivf 
I piui*4'. Cliffnrti ^•ft tbi- car. lunl (irrw Ki'iMcibab alon^ 

twilh hiin. A moment afterwards. llie train — with 
all tbd life of ita interior, aniU) wbtvb Clifford liad 
maile himnclf ■» oimKpiriiou* aa objm-t — wm j^liatinx 
away in the dtHtanre. an<l rapidly lt>esenin}r to a point, 
vhii-h, !n nmitliiT mnuinnt. raninhvit. TIk- wnrld tuul 
fled away fmoi these two wanderers. Tlwy t?uc>d 

tdrmrily about them. At » litilr diiiiKui-ir kIimhI a 
woodfn vliiuvh. blac'k with age, and io a dlfinia] etote 
of niin and dw-ay. with broken windows, a ^T«at rift 
thnm^^li the nuun UHly of th'- ndiAoo, and a rafUT 
dangling fnnu tho top of the square tower. Fartlier 
off was II fnnn-hoiiM), in the old irtyk), ait vrnvrably 
blark an Uie cliun'lK witli a roof sloping do«-iiward 
fnio) tlM' three-Mory peak, tn nitliin a ntiin'.-* lunght of 
thv gtxMtid. It (itMnn«d uiiinhabite<t. There were llie 
ralicA of a wood-pil«\ indo^I, n<^>»r ibi- door, but with 
grma sprouting up among (he chips and scatterwl logs. 
Tlw Ntiialt niin->lrx)pN 4!ain« d»wn atlaiit : tbi; wind waa 
nut turtioleBl. hut sullt-n. bih) (uU of chilly nioiotiirv. 
K Cliflonl shiM-ml fmut luml to fiKiL The wild effer- 
■ vBKjgnuu of hi* mood — v>hit-h kul to n-iulily nupitliml 



tium^hb. fiinbwivH. miH k rtrangn u|>titii(lc (>f woi 
Hnd impolk-d him b> tiilk frritn the lu^re n«>(?ef»itr 
giving v^ut la UiU htilihliiig-tiji gi»li of idvaii — luu 
Mitintly iHilwitlnl. A iMWCrful excitunient IukI ^ven 
liitn energy axil vivacity. Ita operation over, hu furth- 
tvith bi^un to Hink. 

" Yon muft take the lead now, Ilepzibalt I " nrar- 
mnml he. with a torpiil uii) rcliM-timt utttinoce. 
with me ns you nill ! " 

She kiu-'lt down ti|K>ii the ]ihitrnnii vrhrm tlioy wor 
stnnding and Itft«il her clupeil l-Jinds to the nky. Tin 
dull, gray woigbt of clmnU made it iuviaihie ; but 
wiu no hour for di»l>eli«f. — no juiii>tiin; this to ijue^l 
tion tliat tiu-re was a sky above, and an Alniiglit 
Father looking from it I 

"O God!" — «ja<-tdat«d jKMir. gaunt Ilf)niliah, — '' 
then panso«l a ninmi'nt, to c^>uBider what bi<r [>ray«r 
shoidd be. — " O (ioil. — our Father, — am we not 
thjr cliildivn ? Haw aien<y ou unl " 




JuiWK Ptxcobon 
mwMy with hwIi '" 


ik- hu two retativcM haro Hvd 
'iinflidt'reil linntc, HtiU sitaiti the iilJ 
pwlor. kn^piD); linuM^ ma llu- faiiiiliiir ]ihriuM; IH. m tlu 
absence of ilo i^rHtnuy occupants. To him, and to 
thp vciM-ralilr Hoii-h- of tht> Si-vwt GaUc*, does oar 
story now Ix^take itself, like aa owl, bewUdered in tha 
dayli^t, unil luMtuniD); W'k to bJK bnllow tren. 

Tlvi- Jtiilgf luui not al)ift«(t his pnsition for a long 
wbik- DOW. llu ln« Dot 8tin\-<l huxl or foot, nor 
wttbilmwra bts eyes ao iniub ati a hairVhtvadtli frotu 
tiller fixad gaso towmnU the comvr of lltir nKiw, nintv 
the fool8te|M of IIe|ixibah and Cliffonl creokeal along 
thu {uuMagi*. and the outer ilour wai> i'IumhI i-aiitiouidy 
baUiiul tlieir exit. He lioUlu hU vratrli in bis left 
baud, bitt cIuii-Ixn) in hui.-Ii a maiinvr tltiit yo<i cannot 
Ma tha dial-pUte. Hoir profound a lit of meditation ! 
Or, witpiMinf; Iiiiii Aalaep, huw itifuitiU' n (piiiititda o{ 
twNUcwam, anil vhat wholeiK>ine itttln in tlte gastrio 
regiott, afv bftiiki-iiod by aliu»l)vr ho entirely tinditc 
turlM^I with Btartii, pratnp. t«-itrhe«, muttered dreaui- 
talk. iniiii]N-r4i]aittii thro(i};li Lite iiiual organ, or any titu 
slighttMt irreguloiity nf breath ! You roust htdd your 
own breath, U* natlNfy yntirwlf wIicUkt Id- hrcathvit 
at all. It i« <|uite inaiulililir. You h«ar tbc litLing of 
hi* wat^'li ; Iti* brvntli you do n<rt bt^r. .\ luixtt r«- 
£reMhit)|[ aluiuber, doubtless t Aad yet, the Judge can- 

laws into hU nitMt-totHneM, u»l| 
cri*'* aiuoog ihe renunW-enoe*, 
iK-iiHiiniH, wcsdftii-iMeM. iui<l .itron 
Iieretofore shared with uoWljr. 
pr<ivRr)>LalIy Hoid to sleep with 
may l>e wimIdih. But irnt with 
bifHlUuctiion ! No, Dol Jih)^ 

It itt imIiI, hiiwever. that a 
witli rn;^'iit*, — and m>t»d. 
^Hlioiitd lingttr ihiiM in im old t 
h^ has nt'ver seemed vpry fond dF 
chnir, tu Ir< tmri', tuay t«-ni|^it hiiu 
It i-s hmImmI, » flparioiLH, umI. 
ii^> that fWiKntod it, a mode, 
piu'i^y enough, at all en>i)tH, and 
til the Judgo'it breadth of Wain. 
6itd niKitle ai-ooiniiUHlatioii in i 
pidiired upim tlte widl, with nil 
hiiOi used hardly to precwut a 
•Ibow ti.» rllH'vr of thix <-h;ur, oL 
cover its wliole cushion. But tl4 
tlian Ihi:*, — inahogiuiy, black-walq 
se«t«d and dama^ilc-ouabionwl. wij 





has now fpit to be, — sn olit wii)i>w«r. as hr KmUin^ly 

Wiv-uritica tutiMulf. — wiiuki !ili;ikr up iW t'wihian for 

I the Judge, uiil <)o Imtt \tTvitty little nbnoat to lu&ko 

lliini uolufl>rtJdll)^ Fitr tlie •Inilgu m » jimNgNTOiu 

man. l^le rlwrtsbn hw schenus, tmireuver, tikb utlwr 

people, and muonaliljr liri);ht«r Uian mmt dUKTs ; ur 

did au, St k'jut, lut lie lay bImkI tliis nximiii;;, m aa 

agtva^Af luilf-iln>wse, pbuiuiiig U>e Ihihiih^iu nf tlw) 

daj, snil RiHx-ulatinf^ od (be probiiliUitics of tin* iipxt 

fifteen jpmub. With bis Hrni health, and the little 

inroacl tlut agn Uim qiu)I<- u|M)n hint, HftMni yieoin or 

twenty — yi-s, ur |irrha|wt livtvatiil-tit'eatjr I — are iiii 

.UKUV tluui lir iiiay fjurly nd] bin nwii. Fivt-nnd-twi-nty 

I j«an fur the •■ujnyiuvot uf his rval ustaU- in tcwn and 

^eottntrv. his railniad, Iwnk. iukI iiimiramt'' Hlvim, hb 

United .States stock, — Itis wealth, in sliort, however 

iamstBd. uuw in po wew iotu or mob to bn MfUjuimt ; 

I top-tlicr willi tjip public boann tliat have fallen upuu 

) bini. and the irei^hlicr ock-h Uiitt arr yut tu fall ! U is 

gaud ! It in «xwili:!iit I It ia vtitiof^h ! 

Still lin^^pria^ in the (ild t'liair! If llk» .Iim!;^' Iuli a 
littlt' titur to fliniw a«'av. why doe« unt be viiut tin- in- 
aiiranoB uffice, as i« his f nH{iH-»t i^i^tuni. and Kit awhile 
in one of their loallu-ni-cttflliioniNl umt-cluun, lisl«'nin||; 
t4i the goxvip of the lUy, and di-<i|>]iiii^ amne d^rply di^ 
Bigned chance>word. wbic-li will be n-rtain to Uwome 
tlto K"Mi)> »f to-nHimm ! And liavc tiol the biuik di- 
reutnrs a luuctin;; at whii-h !t «ra« tltt- Jiid^-'» [>uq>u(Hi 
to be praaent, and Ida oflioe to presiile ? ludeMl tliuy 
an<l the hnnr is iiotol on a card, «lii(-b i^ or 
It to U--, in .linlge I'jTiclieon'e rif;hl vt,-sl- pocket. 
Lrt him 1^ tliitber. and loll lit eaKc u[wn his inoney- 
hapi *. I li- luLH lounged Ions enough in the old duiir I 
This WiiB tu bftvu been such u biwy day ! In tlm 

830 Ttm novss OF the sbvbk gablks. 

fifKl. }■)»(■<>, tho intorvif-w x'itli CtifFunl. Iliilf nn bnar, 
)>)■ the Juiljie'a reckoning, w:ia to suffii'c for that ; it 
would proWbly U> Unw, but — takitij; inta MiuMitkr*- 
ation tlixt II<')>i[!hah wu first to be <l«ilt with. rwI 
tluit. Lhi-M4- wiiiiifn am apt t<> toake many word* wbar* 
a (vnir would do much )>vtt«r — it.miKht liv KafiMt Va al* 
low luUf ail tionr. Half an hour ? Why. .Tu<Igi>. it ia 
alri'iuly two hour?), by yoiir own unditriiitingly lui-tiralo 
chrfinonM-ter ! (iUinoR your eye down at it and see! 
Ab \ hi> will not girii liimwlf tbi.* tniiibli' fitlirr U\ Wml 
his buiatl, or elevate his hand, no as to briii^ tW faitii- 
ful tiine-keoper within hitt range of viiuna ! Ttmr, all 
nt onco, npji^tnt to hare Iweome a tnattwr of no bk^ 
ment with the .ludge I 

And huH \w fnr^tt^rii all the othvr itema of hw 
mcaiHiranila ? ClifTonlV afTair artangi^ ba was to tnavt 
•% Sbtte Strci'i brokvr. who ha« andortakm to )irocar« 
a bt-Avy pereenta^, aitd tbe 1>cst of ptqier, for a fiiw 
looac tboitwuMlx which tlu- .Iwlpt happens to bare by 
him, uninvested. The wrinkled note-shaver will haro 
taki.-n hix nilnnul trip in vain. Half an hour hit«T. in 
tbe street next to this, there iniA 1o lie an aurtion tif 
NbI cctatis including a imrtinn of tlit- old Pynrheuii 
property, oripinally K-titifjind to Maule'ti gmrd««i- 
frroan<l. It hati been alieiiatiil from tlu; Pyncbeons 
tlMite four-scon- years: but the dDdfre bail kept it in hia 
eye. and luul *et hJH ht-jirl oti n-anm-vin;; it U> th« nnall 
dcnHiiuc Mill left around the Seven (iaiites ; and nnw, 
durinj; thiH odd fit of oblivion, the fatikl hanuner most 
have fallen, ami tnutsferrm) our aneicnl patrimoDjr to 
EM>n>e alien iKiMituor ' PtM-iihly. indeed, Um ml* any 
have iKwn iiostponetl till fairer weatlior. If an. will tlw 
Jud|;e make it ennvenient Ut bo proeiit, and {avor tlw 
auclU>uu«r wiUi tiu bid, on the pnizimate ocOHioa 7 





The iwxt nffatr »tw to buy a horse for his own driv. 
ing. TIh- onv Wivtiiforr W fatoriU' >ilHni)ili-«I, Uktil 
Tety tnnntin];. un tlin mail U> town, am) mibit be itj 
OIHW dtManli-d. Jtulgv I'vnclHim'a avfV in too pm- 
eioufl to bv rUki^d tm nui-h a (.■ontiufrennr as a sttuubliDg 
KtvetL Shunlil nil the itlM>i-i> buninowt be MOMonably 
jpA ihrou^li nith, h« liiisbt atlontl the niM-titi;; of a 
draritjihlt- MK'irtr ; th«- vory muuc of wliii-h, buwuver, 
in tbv mn)ti)>li<-ily of bis boDCvnlunviv U cjuite for- 
gnttvn : HI i)iitt thi.t tiigtigntiipnt xauy |>aiu luifulflUHl, 
ant) no ^^ivat b%i-ui iloni*. Anil if he haw tintv. amid ! 
Um prvtt of niiirv iiryitit matU'ni, tw uiu^L taki- mcM 1 
nmi for the rem-'wal of Mrti. i^'avlMfiii'ti louilwtoBflki 
«bk-Ii, (ht- Nrxtiili (<'1U bitn. huH failnu <hi its niuUtj 
, and in c-ra>-k<'il quite in twiim. Shi- w&a a pnise-] 
ly wiKtuui vuougb. tiiinkx Ihv Jndge, in «[>ite oEj 
brn* ncr\'<>4iMH9s, aad tho tvara that nhe vun m> ooi^ 
witb. and l>er fooUiUi tivbavior aliont th« ooffee ; and 
a* Hbu tiviJc hrr (lf|<arturo ku wjukmably, 1m' will not ' 
(fmlfiie the M«ond tombstone. It \» bctttn-. al lease. 
than if ohr bail nrvt- r nwiltHl any ! The iii>xt iii-ni un 
bin list was to pve orders fi>r som* fruit- ti-etrs, of a 
iBiv mriety, tn W d«livt>nililtf at hLt Lx>untry-M-:tt, in 
tbp ptiviiini; nntnmn. Yon. htiy (h^m, l>y iill nuMUia;, 
and tuny tbe jiearhcs be Imu-ioiLi in your tuouth, Jddgv 
Pynnheon ! Aftvr this vonivs sonHMliiii^ nK>ru im- 
portaitL A [<oniMiittfe of bis jNililii-al jiarly ban bi*. 
•0U|;ht hini fnra liiin<)r>?d nr two of dollar*, in additioa 
to his jMTnous diflbiuwnients. tovrards cariTrini^ on tbo 
fidl Rinifiat^i. 11i<- Jiti)^- is n patriot; tlv fat*- of 
tlw ootmlry is staked on ti» November eb-rtion ; and 
^-rrHn", ■* will be HltiHlomnl forth In lUotlM-r iiam- 
l^pb, be has no trifling »t»kp of his own in tb« saine 
pimt pune. Hi,* will do what tbe ooutuiittoe wlu; 

VM. lU. ti 

822 Tun nousK of the seven 

nny. hi' will Ite liberal I<eynn(l IJieir (.-xfiMtUkNia ; tlMjr 

kIuJI kitvv a ('lH-<'k fur tivf dollars, aod nton 
■non, U it be oeedetL Wliat next? A dMayitl 
widow, whom' liuitlinDd wa« .ludp^ Pyiirlwtm's early 
friend, ba» laid lt«r uase nf desLUution beforv bUu. in 
a very iDoving Ivttcr. Sbc aad b«r fair ditiiffhter have 
scarcely bread to est. Up partly btvads tu call on 
]>vr, t4Miay. — |H-rlia)ii* »•> — |H'thapit not, — ariiml- 
ingly as be may lia|>(H>n to hare kdsoiv, and a siuall 

Another busiDt-sa, wliich, bowever. be pnts no great 
weight on ( it t« wll, you kunw, to U- bttilful. Uit not 
oviT-nnxioiu, an rvvpwis one's perAonul beallli^ — 
unotlivi' bu!uniR», tben, woh to coitnull bin family phy- 
sioian. About what, for Hwivra's take? Why. it \a 
mlhor ilifRfiilt to d<>Hrribe tiie aymptoms. A more 
dininesa nf sijibt and dixzinesA of brain, was tt? — or a 
d>«a}^Tid>li- vhiiking, or RtiHinji;, or gurgling, or IhiI^ 
bling, in the region uf tli« tlwmx, a* Uk* anatAmists 
Hty?— >»rwaa it a pretty severe throbbing nnd kick- 
ing of the hi-art, nithrr criilitulili- lo biin than otbrr^ 
wijM', as (diowiiig ibat tlie organ bad not Ixt-ii b-ft out 
(rf the JiMlgt-')! [)by»ic]d contrivaiint ? No ntattrr what 
it wail. Thi' doctor. pntlMdily. would aniife at the 
statement uf Miicb trifles to hia profvaiiopa] var; tlio 
Judge would stnile in Ids turn ; and lueetiug uoe 
aaotlwr's cyi-*, tlwy wimld enjoy a iM-arty Inugb lo- 
gethert But a Rg for invdtcal ndviw! Xbe Judge j 
will never nnnl it. I 

Pray, pray. Jndgc Pvncbron. b">k at ycmr watch, 
now' What — not a gUn<.-e! It U wiibiu tvu min- 
utes of Uio dinner-ltour I It surely cannot have 
slip)M'd yiitir memory t]i»t tlic dinner of tn-diiy i'* to be 
tlw lUoHt iinjiwrUuil, in ita voniH^tieiu-cn, of nil tlie 



Ben ynu over nl«. Xva, ytwt^^'Xy t\w tnoiit un]>«r1niit ; 
alUiuu^l). ia tbc <!otiRM-> ni vuur aoitievibiit fiuUieut 
COtver. )ttu liATu been plaucti li>i;h UrvrmtxJa the hvacl of 
tbe talilf. a( KjilcniUil luiaqiieU, and have {MurtMl out 
jtitir fvJiure rJutjuem-e to ears yet ix-Iioiiig wiih \Vol» 
ater'a mii^bt; ufgan - toac«- No public duutt-r tbis, 
fannrfviT. It U merely a i^mtbisriiig of aotut down or 
■o of frieu(l« fruii) wv^-nU difltrieU of the State ; nwo 
of d»tiD(rui!ibed cbancter und iiillueoee, UMmMiitg. 
ftltnost uunnllvi at tlio hotoc of ii (-utiimoD friund, like- 
wIm ilistiii^iiHbed, who will luaku tlM.*ni wvUhjiuv to a 
little bvtttfr tJitkn liui ordjiuir)- fare. NotJiiog in the 
WSJ of French oookeiy, but an excellent diiuter never- 
tlwlen. RmI turtle, wu umlflnrtaiMl, and nalnion. tan- 
tog. cuiT«K-barkH, pig. EoglUth mutton, good roast- 
beef, or daintitti of that aerious kind, tit for sulwtanttal 
oouutn' gi-i)tli-iiii-ii, as these bonorublv pentuns mosUy 
are. Tito dvli<»*ne« of thv xi'mwn, in Bltort, and fla- 
vorrd by a brand uf old Madeira which baa lieen the 
pride of niMty st>asonf^ It is this Juno brand ; a );Io- 
rioua wine, fragrant, and full of gentle tiiij;tit ; n bo^ 
tlnl-up Iia)i|iiiii-<K. put by for ttite: u f^lden li<)(iid, 
worth more ihau liquid gold; am rare and uibtiiralilc, 
that wtenu) wiwybibbers rount it anion); their eporba 
to have tasted it! It drivi-u away thiK hi-art-aelM-, andi 
auluitittiU-i no lieait-achv ' Could tlte Judge but qoafl^ 
a 'fiXtMH. il might rititble biui tn xbaJcc iiff (lie uttat^ 
cuuuUibU- lelluirg^' which (for tlie ten inter^'eninf; intn- 
ottM, and tire to liont, atw alreaily iiastl has niada him 
Kuc-b a laggard at thin momentnua dinner. It woidd 

^ all but nvire a deail man! Wouhl you Uke to nip it 

H Utw, Jui];^ Pyncbeon '.' 

^1 Ala». this dinner! Have yoii really forgotten itn 

^K tnw object? Then let lu whiji]>L-r it, that you utay 



start at oaou oat of tite oaken chair, vrfaicb naUj 
Ms-tnH t<( he enchaiitnl, litu; the one in Coidiw, or that 
in which Moll I*ilcher iu)])ri»onnl yuur own granil- 
fatlivr. But aiiil>itioii is a talUninn tuon- jMiw^-rful 
than witcheraf t. Start u|>. then, and, hiuTj'iii" Ibrot^b 
the itRelA, hunt in upou tJ>e company, tJial tlia-y tnaj 
b^n before the fish is K|K>ilefl t They wait for yon ; fl 
and it iii little for your int^'niit tliat they Hlumld wait. ' 
Tbtae gentlenK-n — uecd you be told it? — have aa- 
iieinhle«l, not without piiqMMte, from evt^iy (|tuirtfr of 
the 8tute. 11>ey are pnurti^ed politieianK. every man 
of them, and skilled to adjust tbotie luviiminary 
mOMMUvs which Htt-al from the |)eople, without its 
kodwledge, the power of cluxming itM own rulem. TIk 
popular voice, at the next pibematorial eleetiou, 
tltou^h louil as thunder, will lie reully but an echo of 
what theite g<-ntJenK'n idiitll siwak, under their hrentJi. _ 
at your friend's festive board. They meet to ileeide f 
n]M>n their ciuidiclate. Tliin littlit knot of ituhtli- 
Bfhemers will control tlic eonventioD, and, tlirrm^h it, _ 
dielate to the )mr1y. And wliat wortliier eaiiditlate, I 
•^in*>re wise and learned, more noted for phihui- 
thropie lilwnility. truer t*> nafe prinei[>li.'jt, tried oft*'iuT 
by pulJie trusts, more spotksa in privnte ehamcter. 
with a liiip-r !>take in the (stmmon welfure, and di-ejuT 
grou]ide<l. by liereditarj' descent, in the fnith and prac- 
tice of the Pnritana, — wluit man eaii Im> prettente<l fur 
th« saflFmgc of the ]H-">|'le, «> eniim-ntly fumbininfi uU 
llwiHe olaima to the cliief-rulenthip as .lodge Pyueh«'on 
here before us? 

Make haste, tlwu* Poyourjvartl Tlie in<i*i1 for 
which you have totlcd. nnd fuii{;ht. and eliriibcd, and 
crept., is reaily for your icraspl IV> present at t 
diniK-r! — drink a gliu* or two of that noble winu! 



nultf* your pladgM in w low & whu|Mir m 70a will t — 
mwl you rise up irom table virtually governor of tfae 
Iflorioua old StaMl Crownuir PyndMrnn of lloMuiL-lin- 
uUb! - 

Atul it tli«r« tu) potTDt utu] axhiluratitig mrtliAl in 
a oertainty like this? It ba» be«n the grxnd ]iur[MMe 
iif luilf your lifftiiiM.* U) obbiiti it. Now, wbrn tber« 
oeeiU Util*^ luura thau to siguify yiiur xocwptaon, why 
do yoa nt m Inmpisbly in your great-f;r«4iC-t;nuid- 
buiier's (Mfcen cbair. as if jirdferring it ii> tlw ^iIhi^ 
DjUottal on* ? W'v kaw all beiard of Kii.^ Luf^ : but. 
in tbeae justling timm, one of tliat royal kitulred will 
hatxlly win thi- ran; for an t>le<rtiv« chi«f-mapstnKy. 

Well ! it is alMolutely too Lit« for diuiwr I Turtle, 
f <m""i lautog, wfmlcock, IwikMl turkey. Soutb-Duwn 
tDUtton, pig. roastJMHif, haw vanished, or eidst only 
in fragmvutM, with lukewarm potatoes, atul gravi*« 
emated owr witli cold fiit. Tlio Jndf^>, had hv Aaat 
nnlbiii): vW. woiili) have aubiercHl wuiulen wiili bis 
knife aiii) fork. It wa» hv, yon know, of wbotu it 
UMil to be KaitL iu rvferetice to hi* ogr»4ike appetite, 
that hid Crvatttr iiiadi- Iriiu a grvat aaiiaal. but that 
the diuner-hmir made hiui a great lieosL P^rsotu 
of hU lar^e »fiiKtial ftidownmits mtwt <'taini iotlid* 
gvnoe, at their fee<liDg-tiiiie. But, for utw'e, the Judge 
u Mitiivly t<H> tiitv for diniivr ! Too latv, we ivai, vvrn 
to join lliw party at their wiue! Tbe jfuents arv waiio 
aod merry; tiwr Uave friv-cn up the Jiulgi'; and, iiiu- 
ciuilit^ that the Free-Soilers hare hiin. lh*y will fix 
u|H>n anothor candiilatv. Werv mir friiiKl now to 
sUlk in auwmg tliein. vritli that wide-open Rtare, at 
txtwc wihl and stolii), hiA utigeoial ptvxriK'c wuulil b« 
apt til cbdUige tlwir vhavn Ncitlivr wouLl it be F>m-mly 
in Judge Pytwheun. iioierally »o »crupuloua in his 


fittue, to fthon- himsplf at a ilinnor-talilo with that 
vrtinsoii stain u|M>n hU »liirt-lHifuifn. By the \n; buw 
t-atnv it UivrG? It is an ut;ly sight, lit iiny n>t£: ana 
the nineiit way foi- tJx- Jud}^ U to button bis <»•■ 
clititvly ovvv hilt broiiHt, uikI, taking bi^t hone aiu 
chaise from the lirery-dtable, to niukp uU fipvcvl n 
hi» own liniwv. 'IImmv, ii(t*'r a gliws of brandy and 
water, and a iDUCton-<-bo|>, a beefsteak, a broilnl fowl. 
or aomr mich ha»ty littlii diiiiivr ami AU|>))«r all in an«, 
he luul better s|ien() the eveuifl;; by thv finsiib*. He 
iDiut tou-'4t hi^ Mli]i)M-ni a long while, in order to get 
rid of the ehilliiiess which the air nf thU vilo otd bouM '■ 
haci sent oiinlliti;: tlinm^h his veins. 

VlK tln*ii-furv. r]u(l}^> I'yiK-IiL'on, u|il You liftvc lost 
a day. lliit to-morrow will be here anon. Will you 
riM>, betiinMi, and inak« tlit* tno«t of it't To-nturrowl 
To-morrow! To-morrow! We. tliat are alive, may 
riM Iwtiiiiut to-morrow, A« fur him that haa diod to- 
day, bin morrow will be tbe i'eNiin>'<'tioti mom. 

MvuiiwhiU^ till- ln'ili;;hL i» ^liHimiiig iijiwHril out of 
the comers of tbe room. The shadowa of thu tall fur- 
niture \[niv ilfi'\nT. anil at tbHt Itefome more deRnile: 
tiiL-n, spn'.tdiug wider, they lotw tlwir distinctness of 
outline in Um; dark gray tide of oblivion, as it wt*re, 
that vreeps slowly over tbe various objwtM, and tlie 
one huuiaii figure sitting in thi^ tnidit uf them. Tbe 
glooD batt not enttrrctl from witltont ; it luut branded 
here all day. and now, taking its own inevitable time, 
will |iotisoH!t it»('lf of everything. The Judgi-'n face, 
indeed, rigid, and singiilarly white. refu.«es to melt into 
this uiiivrnuil Milvi-nl. Faiiitt-r luid fniiit^T growD tht | 
light. It is as if another doubli-lmndful uf ilarkneas | 
had Imv-ii Hcatt4.-red through the air. Now it in no 
'onger gray, but eablu. There is »tiU a faint appear- 

GOVERSOR prxcitEoy. 


St the window : neitJier u j;Iow, nor b c^'oin, nor 

F» ftlimnirr, — any [ibnM- of li^bt nuitlil cxim-^n k>um>- 

tluDg for brijiibter than this Jniibtful iN-nvptioo, or 

■cnae. rutliiT. thai Uu.t(! h* a viinilow iImti!. Iliw >t 

J*t vmniAlinl ? No ! — vvh ! — Dut (jititv I And tliere 

is itiU tlie fttrarthy whiteoeoa, — we shall venluni to 

mam' ih"*".- ili-«sTTH'i»g woM*, — ilw KWiirthy »hil«"- 

nan of ilmtgc I';('iiiln>«in's fai-n. The fealureA are all 

goae : tberv in only tJM< |mU41H'm of tlititi It-ft. And 

hnw looka it now '' TIkiv is no window ! There is 

DU fteo'. An inliitili>, inM-nituUlc bbokwtui lui* nani- 

hilatvd si^t ! WIi«re u our univerBe? jVU cnunbled 

xnr»v frum im : imd we, wlrift in cbaiM, iimy hiitrki^ 

t» tlK- fnetit of homi-lrM wind, tliat go sij;iiiiig aiitl 

nummrini; ubcmt, tD ()ur«t of what wiui itace u. vnuld ' 

I» then? no other »uund ? One other, and a fearful 

one. It ia tbi; tifkiiii; itf th«^- Jitdgi-'n wittt'h. wliii-b. 

■ ever sini-e Me|>i[ibab left the room in acarvh of Clil- 

ford, bf bsM Ihi'h lxib)iii(; in bin hwid. Be th*- ojiiim 

wbtu it may, this little, quiet. uev«r-«easio^ thnib of 

B Time's pulM, rvpvatiiig iix i>inull *trot(ci> with Mtth 

Kbnsy Kjgiilkrily, in <1ud»i- P>-n<.-heo<i's i»otif>nles8 hand. 

Vfaw as tSect uf ti*rnir. wbi<-h wr do tint Had in any 

othvr iiLtTamiitiniiii'-nt uf the jtct-nc. 

Itat, U»trD ! Thai [HifT of tin- br«ew wna louder; it 

Iuk) a Umt! unlike the dreur^' and sidlrn one nhieh has 

lH'iiHianr<] itw-lf, nnd altiii:1i-*l all mankind with uiii^ 

MyinpaUby, for live days jMiftL Tlie wind baa 

vd alwtit t It uow cumt-ji botHK-rcMudy from tlu; 

nnrthwest, and, takiog bold of the age*] framework of 

_ the Serial Galdi^ ipv«.i it a itliake, Uki? a wn-^rr 

H that WovJil try ^trenj^h with lii» ]inta^ni»t. Annthrr 

and another stnnly tu.-tslc with tin' blaitt ! The old 

bouw orbokft af^aiti. and luokca a vocifurou* but aonw- 


whflt uiiinu^lligilile bellnwinf; in its Moty thmat (tbe 
l)i^ fluu. we nieuti. of ite wide i-lutnni>j), parUr in 
uutn|il.-ui)t at tlu> riulo wint), but ratlicr, a* WfiU tlu-ir 
oentar>' uml » half of ho«til« intiniiu-y. id tou;;h <le6- 
aru'tt. A ntinblin^ kini) of a bliuter roan bvliinil U>* 
finvbo&H. A door ha» slammed above sMin. A win- 
dow, jwrbajM, luu) been left njien, or das ia drirra ia 
by an unruly giut. It is not to be oooecdTed, before 
hand, wliat wnndt-rful wind-inatranujnta are tbnK oU 
timlx-r iiiHtiHiimo. iind Imw haiinU^l with llic Ktntnjjoet 
noist-K, which immediately begin to 8iu|f, and ^ligli, and 
aoK »n<l xhrifk, — atu) to xmiu- with )>li.'<lp'-liiunniera, 
airy but p(ind«n>u>i, in Mnne distant eh am tier. — u»d 
t" tn-wl iiloii}; Uir t'ntrifti iw with utiiti'ly f<iiit^t»'iii>, ni>il 
nistl« up and duw^ thi! suiircaae. an with silks luirac- 
tdoniily HtifT, — whi-ncvcr tin* ^d<- cat^hoi* th<> liintm' 
with a winduu* o|)vn. mid ;;eta fuirly into it. Winibl 
that Wf wi>rt> not iin alti-ncbuit s|>irit lu'iv 1 It is ton 
awful ! This (-l.tiiior of l\w wind t1in>U);b the londy 
t»(>UM> ; tlx- •lud^r'n (|uii>ttidt\ an Im s\\a iutiulili' ; and 
that ptTtinat-ioiu tit-kinj; of his watoh ' 

A* wgattU .Iiuige Pynehettn'w iuvisibility. hnwenr, 
that Diitttcr will soon W rcinii^viitol. The nortiiwast 
wind luiii swt-)>t the Hky c]«in-. The window U *li» 
tinvtly fle«n. Throu^^h its piinow, ninntivrr, we dimly 
ciiU-h thi^ swM-)) of tlw dark, elustering foliaf^ uut- 
side. flutb-rin}; with a (.-nnstunt im-f^ilnrity of monv 
nu'nt, iind letting in n ]ie«>p of stai'light, now- here^ 
now llwrc. Oflvn^T tliiin luiy oUhv obji-ot. thwH, 
gliinuM'!! i]bunin»t«^ thr Judge's face. But hpiv 
in>m- clTw-tunl liyhl, Obsi-rve Uwt Htlvvry dnnce 
tlu> upper bram-lies of th« pfiar-trw. and now a little 
lowrr. and now on thi> wholf hihhh of boiigba, whil«v 
through their shifting intricu«.'i«s. tlu.- moonbeatns fall 




5t intn the ruotn. Thi-y pUy over tho Jiutgc'ii 
Mill khiiw tbm hu hiM not Ktimil tlirvu<;l»unt 

bimra of darkness. Tbey fallow tLe iJiaJuwft, tii 
fhanp^'ful i^Nirl, wetam h» uDchangiDg featunw. Tliry 
gleam upnn ttis wiiU>h. Ilia ^rrftsp cnnoMlfl the diiil- 
pbite ; Init wi> know Uuu tlM^ fuithfid handa Imvu luwt ; 
for one of the oitj- flixks U:II« midnight 

A mail of Ktuidy uuiicnULnditig, likn Judgv Yya- 
dtenn, cares oo more fur twvlvn oVlock at night 
than for thr nim>i<iN>nd!ti;; h<Mtr of nooit. Ilowevur 
jnst the iianlle) dmwn, in soitiv of the preceding 
paj^ea, lipiwrfn his Puritan an-fntor aitd lutaielf, tt 
fiul!> in this point. Tbi' 1*)'ni-h««>n nf two <'«ntnriM 
ajgn, in cnmmoi) with raocK >>[ hi» conlfiiiiHiraries, pro- 
f»sed bis full bttlipf iu splritnal ministrations, al- 
tfaougb mjcnning tlx-m rhii^tly of a umlijrnaiil i-hai^ 
■rter. The Pyn<-Iieon of tivni^ht, who siu in yonder 
•niMihiiir. IvJii-ves tn no aiK-h n<pn)H-nJW*. Su<!li, at 
IrAAt, wait hi'4 crptrd, some ft-w lioiirs nint'e. His Itiur 
will not Wistlf, llicrefort', al tin- Htoricx which — in 
times when chimney -ttnniirrH had Iwnohes in them, 
wha-rf old |in)ph- lutt )>i>kinf; into tlie niAw* uf tlie jwat, 
and raking otit tnulitJonK likv' lire coaU — nM-^l to he 
tol<) niMnit this very mom of \u* iini-PHtril hiMi»e. In 
fart, thfw tairt iitr too xhwnnl t*> lirirth- t-vi-n i-hild- 
b(MKr§ hair. What senate, meaning;, or moral, for ex- 
ampli-, «iich aji even j;tM»«t-«tiirifi> idionhl Ih' >««Mi*[rti- 
hle of, i<an he traced in tltt.' ridieuliins le^nd. tjiat, »t 
mMiii;u;ht, all thf dmul I\ni'l>iNm.i iirr^ Ixiund to atWHi- 
\Ae in this parlor? And. pray, forwhnt? Why, to 
K« whctlM>r ikw (Kirtntit of their iui<^<sti>r still kcepa 
its place upon tW uall. in iY>niplian(-e «*ith hi« tt-sta- 
mL'utary din^>tiiinH ' Ih it wortli while to oume out of 
their fp^ves for that 7 


^Vo iim U-mpilexl to tnake a little »])ort witb tho ido 
tilxiat-HturiM ure kiutlly to W treated seriuiudy, any 
lonf^. Th'.! fumily-peuty of \\k ilcfuuirl Pyiu'IiMiiis, 
we pi-caiiitid, gi>ea i>ff iu tliiit wis«. 

Fint t-utura ttiv iuMw«l<ir liiiu.t(4f, in )iL« black clonk, 
steeple^t, and tniak-breccheit, girt about the waist 
with a IfJitliiiru belt, ill whii-h lumgM Ium Kt<TJ-biiUfl 
Bwurd ; he hitn a lung staff ia liis buid. ituuh us gvntle- 
xutta in ailvauMxl lifi; iumhI to cany, oh oiucli for the 
dimity of tlM- tliinj; OS for th« support, to Ixt tlfrivttl 
frotu iL He lookit up at thi> portrait ; a tliiiig of uu 
MubstODcu, gisiug at it« own piUQt«d image ! All u 
ante. Th* piL'ture ia ntill there. The j>ur|KHie of his 
hraiu luM Ih->-i) kopt Mtu'rwcl tluiit luug aftur tlit; man 
himwlf baa fiproul«l up in graveyatxl grass. See I lie 
liftn hilt invff«taiiitl biuid, iui<l tri<-H tbv fnuun. All 
safe ! But is tliat a wuil*?*;' — is it not, rather, u 
fi-own of (Ifiully im]>(>rt, that dnrUuns owr thu Khatlow 
of liis futures'/ The stout CoKmel is diaaati^tieilT 
So dr4-i(h'<l it Iiim look of diiu<ontvnt »m to iuijinrt lul- 
ditional difltinvtness to his fealiiras; tlirDiigli which. 
n(-vi'rthfh*wi, the iU(Kiii1i^hi jhuki-^ and IlickiTM "ii tW 
Willi Ix-Youd. Soiuvthiiig Iiom sti-aiigely vexed tlip ances- 
tor I With a grim sliake of ttie heai), hn liirtiii away. 
Hero winjc other Pynclieon«, the whole txiV'. iit their 
half a <)o».'n ^ueratioiiH. joHtling and i^lhowiug one au- 
otluT, to rvtu^h tilt! pii-t4irc. ^^'(■ lH.-liold a|^) men and 
graiidontes. a cleIf^^^nan with the l*Hri(;init' stifFueas 
still ill liiH giuU and inifn, and a rM-cxHtt^-d nflirer of 
the old Frenirh war : and there eoines tlte. oliop-keepiog 
Pyncln^in of n <t>nlury n^t, with tho niltli^ tuniiHl 
liat'k from iiiH wrist« ; and tliere tlH< pfnwi;;Kcd ami 
liniiiutisl gcntlt-iiian of the arlist'n Icpind, with the 

iiutiful and jwtuiivu Aliw, who brings no pridu out 

GovKamnt HVScitF.oH. 




of her virgin puns. Ail try U» pictur*-EraiDe. Wlat 
do Um^m gbottUy pcoi^c »rv\i'i A uiotlicr liftii Iit-r 
chilli, tb*t liis iitU« hiuids tmy tuiu.-li it I There is 
vvidrtiU; n xuyvXvrij about IIm; piotuKt, thai pcrplvXdti 
tlu«i> poor PjrtiobeaQfl wWn Utvy oiigkt tu Iw nt rest. 
In • conwr, numiwhili', ii[au<lii the fl^r» of an elilt'rly 
auoi, in a lutther ji-rkin auil bm^'ln^ witli a (Turjten- 
Xier* rule uUtrkitig out of bis fiiil« pm'ket : Iii^ puiutA lita 
fUip-r ttt tbi; Itfanli-)) ('()l4)ncl aitil hi« dtMeenduat*, 
nMkliD};. jverins> luin-'king. and finally burstii^ into 
olntn-|>cruu>t, tliuti);U inaiiilililv Inu<;titi'r. 

|jiitul|^^ uur fancy in thi» frvalc, wi? Iuit« partly 
lovt tiw powiT i>f rvKtraint witt gtudancc. W« distin- 
guish an unluuked-for figure in our TisioDary acene. 
Anoog tboM anitwtml p<'<))iK- thrrv \* a young man, 
draased tn the rery faahiou of tiMLiy : ht^ woan a dark 
frack-eiiat, nluoftt (ImtittUit oi skirts, gray pnntaloona, 
gait^T lKMit.4 of |rat«nt Icikther, and hus a finely wronglit 
goltl rtuiiii lu-nx'vi hU lin-ast, and ii lillti- Ktlmr-liMded 
wlialittjont) Htit'k in his Imncl. Were vre to meet tlun 
figun- itt ti>>oD<lity. «'•■ hIiuuM givK Iiiiii asi young Jaf- 
in-y VynfXntya, tl»e .lutip-V only swrvivin^ rhiltl, who 
haa been apeotling Iho latit two years in foreign travel. 
If still in lifi.-. litiw iMiiit-» his sluulow hither? If ilpatl, 
what a iiiijiforiitoe' Tl»e old I'ynchttin iiroptTty, to- 
gpthrr witli Uh; gn-at i-MUitr ai>{uirv>l by (Ih' young 
man's father, would dj-volre on whom'.' On i>aor, 
fimliNh (.'litTord. gaunt Hc|mlub. and nijiti<- littlu 
IlxEbet But HiiothiLT and a grenler marvel gre«-ta 
nil \ Can wtt helivvv our i-yw ? A "ttmf , eltlcrly gtfo- 
tlt-nuui has madi; hti> a])|)*-nram'r ; bu lias an aspect of 
t^iiinMit n^]wM-tat>iltty, wt-ara a Mack (.'oat and (Muitn- 
\untui, of roomy width, and nt)(;hl Ih- pronounced ncrn- 
pnloualy ueat iu his attire, but for a bruaid vriutMUi 


iiii nri'oM hill snnwy awkclotli nml ilown lib 
)m)w>iii. In it tilt- Juil^i-, or u<>? lluw can it iw JudgAl 
Pyncheon ? We disn-m luit figure, m plainly n* the 
Hit-kvi'ing iniHitilM*au» fan hIidw us aaythinR. still wated 
in till' oaki-n i-ltnir! IV l)w^ a|>]ULritiiiti uhoM- it uutv, 
it adraooM to tlie picture, seeuia to aeise the £nuue, 
trios to iMH'p Itrhlnd it. iind lurtu awaj, vritb a frown 
aa hUck u-h tli« aD(.'(>stml oup. 

Tbi- fitiitiwtia aoontT jntt hint^-d at luiot by na idhui* 
}» coQBJdcred a« fonniD);aD m-tuiU |K>rtion of our story, 
We v.-ftr. Iit-trikyt-d into tlii^ liriiif cjctravagaucc liy tlu) 
<|uiver of ll»e niooabeaniH : they ilan«e liaQd-in-ltatul 
vritJi hIuuIow;*, itnd nrv r«tltH-t<>d iti tbe lookin^t^lmw, 
wliii-h, you lire uw&re. is olwxy}* a kintl of «*indow or 
dnorwuy iitUi tlut Mpirituiil u-urld. We ae«dod rvliwt. 
moreover, from our too Ion;; aod «rx(*1u«ive c'onttf (nida- 
tion of tluit tigtirv in tlM^ I'liuir. Tliiii wild wind, too, 
huM tossed our tliou;^t« into strung- i.i>nfu»ioD. but 
witlMut tMLrin)( tlu-iu away from tbeir one detemtitml 
oeutrv. Yonder k-adcn Judgp nitn iinniorably upon 
onr M>ul. Will he never »tir a^n ? Wf shall go 
nuul unloM hi* stir* I You may the better estimate faia _ 
quietude by the fearleaanen of a little iiioum-. whii-b I 
ititM oil its biTiiI U-<^, in a idn-iik of luooQliKht. clo«)e Iiy 
Judge l^^-Di'heon's foot, and seetu!) to mnlitati: a jutir- 
nvy of csploniiioa ovivr tliiit ^roat blurk buDc Ha I 
wlmt baa startlcHl llie nimble litUe nioufte? It i» tlw 
riAA^' of grinwlkin, outkidr of thr window, wh>.-re b» 
appears to have posted binwelf for a delilwrate watch. 
TUs grimalkin Iihn n vi'tv uply ItMik. U it a cat wnich- 
ing for n ntou-H-.or tlw^ devil for a hiunan soul? Would 
we eould scare hint from tin' window! 

Thnnk Heaven, llie nif^lit Js vn-Uni^h post ! Th* 
louonbeaiiu have uo longer so silvery a gkwn* . 

corraivon pyscueoh. 


motrast ar> KtmDt>)y with ibv bUckneM of the tkmAinn 
amnn^ whieh tJM>y laXL 'V]Krj ue |)«l«r, miw : the 
nhwUiws kiuk in^v. mrt Mark. Thi- lH>ifiu<n>uii wind v- 
What U tlw hour '! Ah : Uw watch has at ' 
id to Uck : fur tht* .T)m]{^'» fngatfnl fingRn 
BBg'tected to wind it tip. un ustuJ, at tt^^ o'clock, being 
half an hour or m> liefotw lii-t onliuarv bMltiuie, — anil 
it hw ran tluwn, for the first timv in live yiiars. Bnt 
tfau gnut wiirlil-t-lo(-k of Titiir? olill ki-t-ju ILh brut. Ilu: 
dnary niplit — for, »h. bow drt-ai^- seeuu ita haunlwl 
wa«t<>, tH'himl udt — gives |iU«« to a f riMh, traniqiaivnt h 
dondleM mom. nii-sMnl, blrK<«<1 rwliaoce! The Aa,j- 
bcam — evtu wbul liitli? of it liuiU ita wa)r intti thU 
always AofAty {larlor — mmudk part of the tinireml^ 
benediction, aiuiullii^fr^aiul mdmn;; nil gocNlnMai 
pcwdble. and luppineas attaiualile. Will Judge Pjrn* 
cbcon t»i>w rise up frtrnt hi» riiair ? WiD 1m> gu forth. 
and nit-ivr llw early sunhtwimi i^n liin 1irr>vr? Wilt 
he t><.-i^u tluH new (Lty. — which (iud lus urnilMl npon, 
and blMMnl. and pv^a to mankind. — will be iHffin 
it with b«4t4>r purpowa than tbi- many tttat Itave bem , 
■pentamlM? (h- an> all tlM< d<i-p-luid whdnes of y«i.{ 
teirday aa stnldiora in his lieart, and a« biwy in hia 
brain. a« evrr? 

1 II this latttf cwv, thvro is mnch to do. W ill tlw 
Judge Mill innijit with IIt>p»l«b on tJie interview with 
Clifford ? Will )m< boy a nifr. eldirly g<.'nt]4-nian'<i 
bcirao ? Will he pttrsoaile tbe pun-tuuM-r nf ttie old 
PjMicbpnn pr(>))erty tc> rrlinqiiinh the Wrgain, in bJa 
favor? Will he nM> bis family phriician, and obtaiv 
a tnedicini^ tint ulutll pniu-n.-o him, to be an honor toA 
Illuming to hit rat'f, ttntil tbe utmost t(>rni of patri- 
arehal Iimp'vity? Will .finlgf Pnii-biim, aUivo all, 
mala due a]>ologivii to that company of bonurublo 


fricsul», and satisfy them tliat his absemie from the 
fesUvie buiird van unavoidiibk-, iumI su fiilly rvlrievu 
hiuutulf iu lliiuir )^oq<1 o]nuion that he shall yet be Got* 
emur of ^lawuu-liiLsi-tte ? And uU thcM gtwit jitirpdM* 
aoc»ni|ilbili(!il, will Iw walk tJio streets again, with that 
dof;-day Nnilu of i-liilwralu Wiwvolviicv, millr; cnou^ 
to t«inpt tlies to n>iue aad biuz iu it ? Or will Ik, 
after tlic toiiil>-)!kv MH;lu»i<>n uf tlu; [MHtdayiuid uiglit, 
go forth a humbled and repeutaut tnaa, sorrowful, 
gentliv «vkiiig III) profit, sihrinkinii fnmi wurldly honort 
hardly dsriiiji^ U) tuvc (io«l. but bold to loTe his fellow* 
man, and to do hini wliat good hu loay ? Will he bear 
about vrith him, — no odious p-in of fei^ed Iwuig- 
tiity, iiiiM>l<-iit ill its pretent-o, and liiiithsoiuc in itit fiiLio- 
hnotl, — but the tender uulnnits of a nonbrite heart, 
broken, at hi^t. bcn4>ath its own wi-ight of sin? For it 
in our bi-liff, whatever »how of lionor h^ may have 
piled U|>oQ it. that tlivre was Iwary sin at the Ixisu of 
tlii.t niati's U'ing. 

UImi up, .iu<i(^- Pynchoon! Tlie morning Kimiihtne 
gliiimHn-s thri)U;^h t]ii> foliage, and, beautiful and holy 
as it is. sliuns uot to kindin up your fmt'. Kim' up, 
thou Hubtli', worldly, scIHhIi, iron-hearted hypoi^ril^, 
and make thy cboioc whether still to Ih' wilrtlr, worldly, 
mdliah, ir»n-hi'arteil, and hypocritiful. or to Iwir tiu-sv 
sins out of thy niitiin>, though thiiy bring Uie lifc- 
bloaKt Mith theni ! The Avenger is upon thee 1 Uise 
U)i. Ix-forv it Iw tiH) lute ! 

What I Thou art not stirred by this last ^ipeal* 
No, not a jot ! And ijwtv wn »** a fly, — one of your 
(.-omnioii huuMyfliiv, siu-li as an.- nlwa%-s buzzing un the 
witiilow-pane, — whU'h liaa Kuielt out Goremor Pjii- 
rht'on, and ali|;htt>. iiciw uti liLi forchea^l, now on hia 
diiu, and n^w, Umvcn butp us ! u creeping over i 



bridge of Iiis noae, towards the vronld-be chief-magift- 
trate's wide-open eyes I Canst thou not brash the fly 
away? Aitthootoo slnggi&h? Tboo man, that hadst 
so many baqr projects yesterday I Art thou too weak, 
that wast so pow^fnl ? Not brush away a fly ? May, 
then, we give thee up I 

And hark 1 the shop-bell rings. After boors like 
these latter ones, through which we have borne our 
heavy tale, it is good to be made sensible that there is 
a living world, and that even this old, lonely man^on 
retains some manner of connection with it. We breathe 
mOTe freely, emerging from Judge Pyncheon's prea- 
raice into the street before the Seven dables. 


Ukcle Vkxxkk, tnin<Iling u wliwlhanow, was ihe 
etueVwut p«n<on stirring in Uie nvighburliootl the cUy 
after lliv HD^nn. 

PynL'lHHin 8tRN.-t. iiifnmt^if iW Iluuiwof theSevro 
Gables, was s far ))leaw(iit«r hc«iii> tluui a bv-]a]iv. coD- 
Snwl by «hi»lib^' fL-ncuM, kikI Ixmlvntd wtlli WNxlen 
dwellinsa of tlte niPAii«r class, eou]<l reasonably be «x- 
]KX'ti-4l to (ireeoiit. Nature iiuule Kwrvct ntJMMidit. tluit 
iii'irniiig, fur tW t)w tiiikiuiUy (Lays which liad pre- 
cwIikI it. It would have beep vnniigh to liv« for, 
in«nJy to ]ook u]> at tlio vrule beneilictiou of tlto nVy, or 
as niiK'hof it as was vinibb- In-Iwwii tin- Iioiim-^ K*'"t<^ 
oiiee luore with siinsbiiie. Every object was a^invable, 
wbutlier to Ix- guzoil at in the brvadth, or <>x{uiuiUHi 
more iitinulcly. Such, for example, were the well- 
wwibed |H-bbk-s and }^w) of tbi- siilevralk ; evvn tlu.- 
sky-retlecting |kiu1s id the oentrv of t]w strwt ; asil the 
gniM^. now fri-ably venlant. that cn'pt along the base 
of Uhi fcnres. on tlu' niht-r nidt* of whitrli, if onp pceiioti 
over, was seen tlie multifarious growth of ganleus. 
VcRtHble pr(«iiwti«nft. of wluitevvr kind, mn^iwd iiifir« 
tlian negatively hiippy. in tlw juicy warmth and abuu- 
dauee of tiwii- lift-. The I'yni-beoii Elm, tlirougliout 
ita great eirciunferenee, was all alive, and full of the 
niominjj win am) a sweet-teiupi-rwl little bn-ew. whii'h 
lingered witliiu this vunlant Hplien-, aiHl set a thuusjmd 




leafy kin)n»^s a-vrhiiipiTin^ nil itt onoo. TbU *ged tne 
appMml Ui law Mutft!iv<) iiuUiiti^: fmin lltn giiiv> It 
had kr|)t its boaglu muhiutc-ntl, luul iu full coupltf- 
nw^t uE Icares : anil the whole in perfet-t vtinltuv, vx- 
n-pt !t Biii<;le braiK-li, tluit, by tJw varltiT clun^^ with 
Hhif-Ji tluf t^Uu-treo aomvtinies jirnjihtjsks Uio auUuun, 
Iml been tnuiMuutMl to bright guhL It wuh lilu' tJH> 
golden branch that gaioed .£nea8 and the Sibyl tul- 
mtttanw intu Hiult-s. 

This une mystic branch liung down hvforo tbp main 
entrance of tlw Seven OableA, m> nigb the ^romid tluit 
any pawtcr-by iiii<;bt havo nIimmI on ti|>t<H) and {duolted 
it wff. i'rciKiitvd at tlto door, it would have boea a 
•ynibol of bis ri};ht to tmtvr, and Iw niadv aoqiuuptaj 
with all Uh' iKfn.'ti* uf tltu lutum>. So Utile fiiith is rlue 
ta extenial appearau'e. that there vraa really an invit- 
ing aapnrt nv«r tin* vent-mble edifloe, nonwying nu idea 
tlttt its histori- must W- a do-orous and happy one, and 
•ttcb a* w'(iuli) Ih- ijrligbiriil for a Br^tude tale. ItH 
windovTB );lvumed i-hn-rfidly in tlw slanting sunlight. 
Thr linrH uid tiiftM iif gns^a m<MS bite nud tiirrr, 
Mwuiil iilfdgM uf faiiiilianty and mterlwHwi with Na- 
turw : aa if tiun human d welling;- plare, being of such 
old datcv luwl eatablishod il« prc>HT!{>Uvc titli* among 
priiaeral oalm and whatever other <ibJM-t^ by virtue uS 
thur long oontiniianov, have w^uiivd a gravioiia right 
to be. A |M-ruiu of imaginative tem|>rrjiiit?iit, while 
paaung bj* the buuiH>. would turn, »iit't' mid Hgiiiti, tuid 
penwe it well : iU many peaks, cunsenting together in 
tint rJuatt-rvtl oliiitin4>y '. the <Ir«p }>roji>rtiou over iu 
I baaeineuUtitory ; tbv andwd window, im[>Arting a look, 
■ if not of inwidiiir, y<'t of autiijut! gi-utility, to the 
B bi'okea |ioTtal over which it opened ; the luxuriantv 
I of gq^antio burdockji, war tbe tluvahuld ; be would 
V vat. ta. U 



erty mul Miliil lui[i|iiii(-.^, of Itis 

One nbjoct. nty>v<> all otbera, wiiiil*) 
hnagriniitivc ob^t-rvvr's Diimmry. It 
of flowers, — »'i>«U, you wmilil luivc et 
a week agi\ — the tnft of cTtni»oii-s|>< 
Uu! anglw Iwlw^-eu tiie two frfttit j,'al>Ii?i 
pli!' nspd to f^ve them the name nf 
r«ti)entl>raiice of fair Alict* PyTiclifloii. 
to Hhvu brought tlH-ir seedit from It 
flaunting in rich Ixsiuty and full bla 
RiiiM-<I, HM it wvn-, II mystic exprtvuiion j 
within tl»e bottle was consummated. 

It wiiH hut lilUv aftvr Mnnrixi'. wluil 
made hiH appearance, as aforesaid, ic 
bamiw alonf; tlw; Htrwt, He wiut goit 
rounfU to MilWt cahlwig»*-IeaveB. tur 
skins, and the misctrltiuifMis refinsv of. 
which the tltrifty housewifes of the neii 
hci'ii.iIoiuimI to put iwidf, iw fit only tit 
cle Venner's pig was fed entirelv, andl 



so jn^^atly iniprovi^d. Dincc CUfTord Uvjuni' a romilMir 
n[ die family, that hvr sluire uf tliL- Luaqnet wool*! bsTO 
been no Iran oop ; mini Uwlc \'Mini«j-, ajtMintingly, 
waa a good deal disappoint«l not to find ihc lurga 
^esrtb^n iitin, full of fmgnwiitw}' MtaliUvi, that ordinS' 
^n^j- awaited his rominj; at the back dooreti-p of the 

^^^* I never knew Miss llepzibah so forgetful before," 
■aid the putriun'h ti> hiiutwlf. " Sl>e laitst have had a 
t<linner yesterxlny, — n<i ijDmtion of that \ Slw always 
lluu tine, iKtwailayH. So where *a the pot-liijurir and 
ito-skintt. I ask ? Shall I knock, and sm3 if she 's 
f ya ? ' So, no, — 't won't il<.' U littlr I'hwtx' 
at tlie liousc, I should not intnd knwktn^ ; but 
IiM Hi:|»ibah. likely an not, wnukl wvwl down at m* 
peat of the w-indow. and look crosa, even if she felt 
uintly. So, I 'II ooine tiuek at noon." 
With thew> refleetious, the old man was nhutting Ui« 
I of iIk- little licu-kyurd. Cmiking on its hingva, 
r, like every oUier gate anil door about the 
Uw itound reach«>d th« van of th« occupant 
'nnrtbem gable, one of tbe windows of wbkh 
m1 a niiU'-virw tiiwanlH tin* ^tr. 
' Good morning. Uncle Venner ! " said the daguerre- 
^lypiiit, leaning out of tlw window. " Do you lu;ar no- 
body stirring ? " 

' Not A Rottl," mid thft man of patrhfii. " B<it 

i's no wonder. T is barely half an liour past xnn- 

^riM,yet. lltit I'm really glad to «* you. Mr. Ilol- 

Tbvre '• B Ntniii;;!-, lonesome look abont this 

of the house ; so tluit my heart muigaru inc. lumu^ 

3W or other, and 1 felt w if tlicre waa nobotly idive 

it. The front of tite lumtK lonka a good dt-al clie«r<- 

and Alica'a rouMaru bkKMniog there beaatifuUy ; 


Olid if I VF«rs a j-uuti;; tniin, Mr. Ilolj^itvt^ \ay swoct* 
heait bUouIiI have oitu of those Huwe» in li 
though I riskfil my DLvk clinihitig (or it t Well, uai 
dill the wind kvey ytm awaki; \aM. ui^ht? " M 

" it did, indMx] I " nuswi-nxi the lutist, sniiUng. " If^ 
I wen; a heliervr lit ghiMU, — and I dun't quiu- knuv 
whpther 1 nai or not. — I iihuuld liavc t-utioluded lliat 
aJ] the old Pyueht^jiut were ruikiiii^ riot in tliv luwur 
rooin% L-s|)oriall}' in Mi».t Hvinubiah'ft [nrt of the huuMk 
But it is very (|uiet now." 

" Vvti, MiM IK'iKKiliali will \w apt to ovcr-itltwp hei^^ 
self, after being disturlied, all iiight, with the nuJcvt," 
Wiiil UiM'U' VcuiHT. " Uiit it wimlil Ik- odd, now,; 
wouldn't it, if the .1 luige lia<) taken l>oth his vouM 
itit^i tliir country along with him ? I miw lum go toto 
the sl»op ji-storday." 

" At whm Imur/" iminirttd Ilolgntw. 

*' Oh, along in the forvntion," «uh1 the oUl 
*' Wi'Il, Wfll 1 I mu»t go my nnrnd!*, luid *" iimxt tiiy 
whii-lliarrow. But I *ll If l>at'k here at dinner-time ;_ 
for my pig likes a dinm-r lu wi'll m a hrvftkfatt. Nd 
meal-time, and no sort of vii'tuuls, pver aeents to i 
amiiw t<) my pig. (iihmI m4>ruing to you I And, Mr. ^ 
Hulgrave, if I were a young man, likt> yon. I'd 
on« of Alicvs Poti^it, and kivp it in water till Plushfl 
comes back." 

" I have hrani," ftitid tlw daguerreotypist, aa ht 
drew in his lieod. " that tho water of Maule'H wuU nntt^ 
thoMt^ flowiTit IkwU" 

Here the conremitioa <H.ii»od, and U»i'l4> Yi-iinrr| 
went on hU way. Fur half an hour longer, nothing 
disturbed the repose of llii; S«-ven (labk-H: nor 
timtt any riititor. exee])t a rarrier-lMiy, who. aji ho) 
nassed tlie front doomtt^'p. tiin*w don n cum- u( hi* itow*^ 


. tDtO 





pnperR: f'>r ){c|uiiliaih. '>r Ul«, hnil r(>(nil>rly tak^ii it 
in. AiUfT a Vi-Uilt^. there v&me a ht vmttiiin. making 
proiligiotu it]>o»l, nnil •tiiiuUtng u die rittt tip tlm 
Bteps of the ehop-tloor. Her face fjloweil with fire* 
beat, and. it U-itit; ■ (irctty wunn uxiniifi}*. nIii* tntt*- 
bW atu) hiswd, lu it w«r«, ms if all a-fry with ehJm- 
Mj-wamitli. and suiimitfr-wartuth. nnd tbe warottk of 
her own rurjntli-ot vcliK-ity. Sliv trWiI tiM- shoi>-H4>or ; 
it wan hst. Site tried it again, will) bo angry a jar 
tluit till- \)v\l tinklnil nni^ily Imi'k at hrr. 

•• The di-m-o take Old Maid I'yncheont" mattered 
the iraarililt> ItouM-wifK. "Thiuk nf her pn-tvmling 
t» mH np a cxenr-tdiiip. an*) then lyin^ alted till n^mn I 
Thesp arc wlmt »ltL« <*alU piitlefi>lk*» airn, 1 Mip|><nw I 
Ihit 1 'II ctth«^ Klart bt>r Lulvohip, or break the door 
down : ■• 

She iditnk it amirdingly, luul IIm' kfll, having a 
epitvfid little teiniM>r of it« own, nu^t ob«trpiwm««ly, 
making; ittt miiiinittraii<-«« hiiirii. — no*, indeed, by the 
ears fur which thvy were iiitetiiled. — liat )>y n f^iod 
Imly on tlie cipjvMitj' nidi- nf tlw ntni't. Slie n|)eued her 
wiudiiw. and wldrvwril tJ)i< inifKitieDt apjiltcaiit. 

** You'll flni] nobmly tlum*. Mr*. (iiiMiinfi." 

" Ihtt I tniint aw) will tiiul MiuteUnlr Iwin^ ! " crieil 
Mtn. Gubbina, infliotin^ aimtbttr oulr»g«! on the lieU. 
** I want a half-[>onnd of )Mirk. tn fry some fint-rato 
flrnindiTs, f>>r Mr. (iiihliius's breakfast; iind, laaly or 
not, OKI Maiil I*yDcIuMU idudl gvt up and vurvu mu 

with it ! " 

'* B«l dn hear rraaon. Mm. Gtdibin^ ' " re«]icindrd 
the lady opposite. '• Sln\ and ber brother Uio, have 
butb Ktmv la tlH'ir mmiiin. Judp; l*j-wb(>(>n'A at his 
ermntry-fleat. There *» nut a roiiI in the l)i>nH4-, but 
that ymug da^i^mwtyiw-uiuii tluit Hkt-pit in the iiitrlh 

842 run /lovss of the SEVsy oablbs. 

gable. 1 Miw rtlcl lli'puliah nnA Cliffunl go n^ny 
yaHtfrHiiy ; nmi » qiiKur i-oitplo of iluvkn th<'y wvtw, 
pailtUin^ tlirougli the intul-puildles ! Ttivy *iv gOB«, 
1 'II iisMUn* yiMt-" 

" jVini how do you ktww they 'n Rone to tJ 
Jndgd's?" nuked Mra. Gubhins. " lie '« n rich man ;l 
HD<I tliere 's iRt-n s qtianvl between him nnd Ilp]>zil)uh. 
tlii-i Ukauy a day bvcaufie he won't ^ve her a living.^ 
Tliut 's tlut muin raaiKin uf hor suttin*; up n cMrutrtibop.''V 

" I knowthat well enough." said the neighbor. " But ' 
they're goms, — lluit '« on« thing (■ertain. And whu 
but a btoud rolatioD, that voaUl u't help himself, I wJifl 
you, would takr in tliul awful-t<-»i|)fn-d old iiuud, utui 
that dreadful C'lifTurd '.' That 's it, yon uiay bu Hiire." 

Mn.Gub)>inK took Iterdeparture, still brimming over 
with hot vrrsitli a^'ain^l tin' alp^-iie I If[»7)t>.nh. For 
other hidf-h»nr. or. {Krhnpis eontudeniUy more, ther 
wu!t alnto^t as miieh (|iiiet oa tltc outwde of (he ho 
a» within. 'Hie elm. however, made a pleasant, el 
ful. sunny sigh. re^iHiniiive to tlie brtwie Utut was 
whviT^ inigtrn'^ ptihlc ; h swarm of inMets huxnod mer- 
rily imder its di-ooping shadow, and became specks of j 
liglit whenever tiwy diirted into tlie nnnsbine : a lixiint 
sang, onee or twice, in some inscrulalde seciu&ioD of the 
tree : and a wditHry little bini, with plumage of pale' 
gohl. oanii^ aiul hovered about Alioe'a Poflie.t. 

At last our small w<)iuiintanirc, Ned Htggins, trud^ni 
up the street, on his way to school - and liappening. fui 
the Rrst time in u fortni<;ht, to I>c the itosseisor of 
cent, he eouhl by no nieana get ]uuit the sliop^door of 
the Seven (iable-s. Hut it woidd not open. Again anc 
again, however, and half a doxen other agains, with thi I 
inexorable jH-rliniu'ity of a eliild intent u]>an soim^ ub> 
ject important to itself, did he renew his efforts for ad- 

^^^^^^■b He ha*]. 'l<iul>t]cs<:, w1 hw heart upon * to ho 
P^HB^n-, ixncaUy. wich ilaiuU't, b« nu^itt lo otk. n 
rruroililu. In nqKnuu tu hi* inutr Tinlptit attacka, the 
bell gavt*. now and Ihi'ii. a nKxIvralt* tiiiklv. Imt ruuU) 
Bot W •tim-tl iittu cliuiuir liv aiiy i-xi-rtiou of the liltlu 
[«Uov'8 i-hiMUh and tiptoe stn-ngth. Holding by lbs 
iloor-bnuU*. hi- pi-t>|H-d thnm^h u m-virr of tlii; rur- 
tattii uaA saw that thi> iiiiuT iii>or. (■otumiinKxtiiig with 
tbr pnwHigf- towmrdx the parlor, wa« rli>>M>d. 

" Miss Pyncheon I " wrvaioed the chihl. mppinj; on 
the window-|>atw, " I want aii drphiuit ! " 

PTIm^tp Iwin;; no answer to wvnni) repetitioas of the 
■nmtnonA, Nnl l>r)pin U> grow itnjiiiitii'iit : awl hu little 
pot of piiSBwn ijiiii'kly Uiiliiit; <ivi.'r, be pioke<l up a 
■tone, with ft Daughtv )>urpo«ft to fling tt thmii^li ttie 
wtodijw : at the same time blublKTinj* and spnttvrin); 
with wrath. A niiiii — »□■,■ of two who liapjienMl Lo 
be piLssit)>; br — ran^'ht tW nn-hin'» ami. 

** What '» iIh* tninhlf, old ^■entletmui ? " h« a^ked. 
" 1 want uhl I li-|>iilmh, or PlwrU*. or any of them 1 " 
retvil NmI, ttolibtng. "Tbey wou't open tbe door; 
I ran'l got my ol<-pluuit I " 
" Go to tn-bool. you little scsunp I " said the man. 
"Tbore'it aiMithtT i-rnl^nhop t^mml thp wirnrr. 'T !« 
<naj ttruxgif, Dixt-y," vblvd b« to hia cuDiponion, 
** wbat *K lM<niuic i>f all llivw Pyt>fhi<oa!i ! Smith, tlio 
ItTuyHttabW kw|<vr, tvlU in«- Jiulgt^' Pynrhcon juit liis 
^ borae op yesterday, to atanul till after tliniier, and haa 
^M nut takrn bin) nwnr yeL Andone of lh<* Jud)^'« hintl 
H nirii has liti-n in. tU'is mnniiiit;. to make in(|iiiry about 
^M hint. Ilf's » kind of )H.-nmn. tlic-y Miy, that Mtldom 
breaks bia habits, or stays out a' nights." 

"Oh, h.-'ll turn ii[' vifv niougli I" rwiid I>tXfy. "Ami 
as for Old Mai'l I'yuihi'ou, take my won! fur it, she 


gaMf.^i in (leM, and ^av off frum her iTttlibn* 
yvin»M, you n>jiK'inb«r. \\w tlrst inortiiii); abe i 
«bop, tbal Imt (li'vilifih m'owI would frigliii-ii an > 

tntnon. Tliey eoiild ii't stand it ! " "^ 

'* 1 nuvur titiiiiglil v\w '<) mako it gn," mna 
frieiiiL "This business uf oiiit-iOiu|n is oft 
umon;; Uw wiimtttifolka. My wife UiimI it, and lo«t 
flollan un Iter outlay ! " 

" Poor Uwinv^i I " said Dixey, flhaking tu* he*d. 
" Poor husinesB I " 

In tJio L-ourM of the morning, them wen varioiw 
other attempts to open s conimuniMtioii witli tlw Bup- 
fm.tivl iiilinliilnnr.s of tliin -lileut and iuipenWmlihi tnaiv 
flioD. The man of rootlKt-r i-ainv, in \\i* \\vM\y puint«d 
wap:on. witli h eonph; of dnirn full ItotUi^, to bu ex 
changed for empty oik^s: iJie baker, with a lot of 
cnwkitra vrhk-h Hi-pxibiih luul for iier retail 
cuBtom ; the botrber, vitii a nice titint whii-h ht* fitn- 
rii-d »1m! would Uf wigmr to M'cim- for CltfTord. Had 
any observer of these pruceediiigH Ui'n awan- of tha 
fearful itevrct hiddi>n within the tioii^>. it woiild have 
affeet«^ him vritb a i^iu^iW f^hajte and inotUfinttioti of 
horror, lo txw tii« (■iirrciil of human life making this 
small eddy liereabouts, — vrhirltiig stiekm strawH. 
all »\w\i Iriliea, roimd and n>uii<l, riglit wtot thv bl 
depth vrbei'e a dead rorpm* lav nnseen \ 

The butcher wax «o mtwih in ennic^ with lux sw««t- 
br^ad nf lamb, or whalerer the <lainty might W. that 
ht! trieil every ac<-4witibhi thtor of th« Svvi-n (iaIiK-M, 
and at length came round again to the shop, wbetv he 
orilinarily found admiltanoe. 

" It 'n a niix* article, and I know lh4> ohl lady would 
jump at it," saiil he to himself. " She can't \if gone 
away! In tifiten yvarH that 1 Itnvi- drivmn my iiui 


and I 



ePyni-hcttn Strvt-t. I 'v<« in-vcr known hw to ba 
m hume: though oft«ii «uoii};h. Lobe sum, A 
msQ inigfat luKK-k aJl ilay without liriiiginfr her to tiio 
door. Bat that was when sbe 'd only herself U> pro- 
L ride for." 

H Pevpiai; thn>af;h the same crcviee of tho cmrtain 

^wheiw, only u Ultlt? wbili- liefure. the urchin of iJiv 

pluuitiiie a|i)K-tiU' luwl {tf^riKil, the hiit^-hcr hclu'lil the 

aer dottr, not dosed, as the ttbilil baui sieeu it, bat 

r, and a]niot4 wklo nprn. However it tni{;ht havu 

Litmppinied. tt ww the fact Through the (lassage-way 

ire WM » dark viatu into t])c lig)it«r but Nttll ohM-uni 

erior of ibe parlor. It apj)ear«l to the biif her that 

cutiM prftty rlvni'ly iliw^^m what wi-uuhL !<> be tlic 

iBtalwurt if^ cbul in blaek |tanbdoon8, of a nan dt- 

riiDf; iu a lur^ unken chair, the liack i>f wliich non- 

nalrd all the mniuii'li^r of iii.-« fi;;un-. ThU t^ontemitt- 

noiifi tTUKitilUitir on tlte part of an om-Dpnnt nf the 

hoiti*!^, in n-«|)aitw Ut tiw: biitirhi'r'H inilarfiilif^iblc efTort.H 

Ui altraet lUftice, so piqued the man of fte^h tliat be 

BdMamiiniil tii wit)i<lr:iw. 

" " So." ibnt^ht he, " there sits Old Moid Pjneheon's 
bloody brottiaT. while I 'v<- iHirn pv-in^ mxiflf all this 
tmolilf '. Wliy. if a Ivyg hail n't tnore mannen, I 'd 
Hick him ! I utll it demeautufr a man** bofttneaa to 
tnid« wilb irkIi people ; and from thix time forth, if 
they want a musaf^ or an wince of liver, tbey shall 
mn aftur the usrt for it '. " 

He ioaaed the titbit angrily into bis cart, and drove 
off in a IM^ 

Not a pTvat while afterwards there waa a souml of 
mono turning tbn oimt-r, uul a|>pniwbin}* <town the 
•treet, «rilfa several intervals nf (tilencc. ami then a iv 
ud Di'arcr nutbhuUc of bruik uirJixIy. A uiub 



gable.a in debt, and gone off from ht'r cmlittm. 1 
J'crtiild. yon ri'iiwitiU'r. tbo first inoniiit^ she set up 
dhop, tb»t lii-r devilish )h»w1 wnidd tri^liloii uwity vii»- 
bnii«ni. They <.-ould n't Rtand it I " 

" I nuvor t]inii)j;ht slm 'd iiiidtit it go." i^inarkod hi* 
friund. "Tltia businutts of «eDt-shu]i§ is ovenlotiv 
Minoiig the wMincnfulkfl. My vrifi! tri«<l it, tiad tost fiv« 
dullnrs im Iut outlay ! " 

"Poor )iuKiia-»<I" a&id Dixey, (tliakiDg bin bowi. 
" Poor busiuefM ! " 

In thf c^oiirM! of tltn morning, tliem wrt variona 
nther ntteiii|}t8 ti) opeii a ooramiiuiaition with the sup- 
pouil iiiluLbitntitit of this Mleot ao<l uu)>ei)fti-Hl>lv b»ui- 
xiaii. Tlio man of tool-hevr ramc. in Wk neatly painted 
wagon, with a I'uiijilv of dw»-n full botUt-H, to ha vx- 
ohntig^xl for empty ones; the baker, witli a lot oCfl 
craekKnt whivh Hir)n'.il>nli liiul otxKtiiI for bor retail 
ouAtoiii : tht< btitfher, with a nira titbit which lio (an- 
ciud shtj woidd Itv enj^T to M><cnru for Clifford. Had 
any oh«t?r\'er of thL'se proceediiigx been awiirc «f the 
ftarfid Mfrot liiddi-u witliin the honse, it would liave 
affected him mth a singidar »hape and nvodifu-iition uf 
liorror, to wh; tlie etirr«nt of hnnian life tnakii]>r this 
Bmall e<ldy hereabouts. — whirling Htiuks, HtrnwH. iumI 
all Hu<ih trifle:*, niun<l and ronnd, right orer tho black 
deptb where a dead corp«e lay uuneen '. 

The hiitolier was w> initeli in eaniMC with his sweet*' 
bread of lainb, or whatever tlie <liiintT might Im», tfaitt 
ho tried every aocvnuiblo door of (he Seven Uabteo, 
and at length eame ronod again to the shop, where he 
ordinarily found admiilanee. 

" Ii'n h nice artiidv, and I know the old lady would 
jump at it," sa!<l be to himself. " She egui't Iw gouo 
ftwayl In fiftei'tn yi'>ant tluit I liavn drivun my cart 




^mH^nSBPhoinr ; though often CDOiiffh, to he sun-, a 
nsD migbt knock all iLty wittiout hringing Iter Lo tbn 
door. But tluit wu whvn the 'A only liorm4f to pro- 

rride tor." 
Pwpiti]; thmn;^ tho mme crwim uf the rartain 
wheiv, only a little while before, the urchio of ele- 
(>faiuitiiie ^pvtitr luul pcvped, tlw htiu-ht^r helield the 
inner door, not dnowl, as the diUd Iiad teea it, bnt 
■jnr, anil nltniMt wiilf i))H>n. I [owi'Vit it might have 
ha)>pene(i, it was the faot. Thi-uu<;h the ])ii8saj*e<way 
Btheiv wait a dark vista Intn tbn lighter but ittill otiM-nro 
inlerior of tin- fmtrlor. It ui>]iear«d to tlie but«-ber that 
be BOoJil |in-tij <-l<-»j*l} di.-ui-m what aeeinni tit tw tlxt 
Malwart le^ clad ia hhu'k panbdooua, of a man sit- 
littf; in a lai^ nakm i-hair. the bock of wliich »in- 
eealcl all the remainder uf hi» flgnrc TIilh tunteuii)t- 
Itiaas tran<{uiUity on tlie jHirt of an oceupant nf the 
, in Ksponiw to t)w ImtrluT'it iiidffiiii^ibli> efTArtB 
attrai4 notioe. so picjui^l iJm> man of Hush that be 
I df ti^nninral in wilhilrtiw. 

" Sn." thon^t he. " there sits Old Haid P\-wheon*8 
[lilrHxIy hnrtber, while 1 '\-« Uvn giving myst-lf all this 
I tnmbli! ! Why, if a hng ha<l n't tnorv mannens t M 
latick him! 1 rail it di^roeaniiii; a man's btisineM to 
tmlc with mii-h pc<i|itr ; and fnim thl^ timi* forth, if 
they want a oauBa^ or an ounce of Urer, Uiey shall 
r«ii afti^r tlw rart for it ! " 

lie Uw^Kil ilie titbit oo^ly into bis nut, and drorv 

rolf in a |ii-t. 
Not a grnat while afterwaniM there was a mkiiuI of 
tniiai*! turning ibe n>r[iirr, and u]>pn>aclung <Iown the 
Btreet. with ncvi-ral intervalji of tiib-nw, ami th«n 
j>d nuanir outbreak of bri^k melody. 

a re 


of childnm va* wh-d moving oiiwanl, or utopiiin^. in 
uiiiitun with U>e sound, wliich apjvettred to jiniL-eetl 
from tl>e centre of the Uirung ; so that tlicy w<-ra 
loowJy bound tngetbvr hy sifiidcr stnuiis of hArmony. 
and drann aion^ captive ; witji ever aud anou an luv 
OCMUun uf »mtc littli^ ft-Uuw in an upron and Ktraw-hiit, 
cajwring forth from door or gateway. Arriving tuidur 
tile kIuuIow uf tltu }*yn<-)wuu Khn. it provod to bo tha 
Italian boy, who. with his monkey and sitow of pufh 
]n?ls, Iiiid ii»<?t! iHifoit: pbiyi.H] his hiinly-j^tinly Iti-nL'iitli 
tho nrciii-d window. The pleasant fac« of I'hrelie — 
and doubtless, too, thv lilHiml rvciiinixmito whioh idia 
bftd flun*; him — still dwelt in his r«membnuie«. His 
ezprcsHivti fcatun-Jt kindltnl up, as Ik rvumgninKl tliA 
iqwt where tbia trifling ukcJdent of bis erratio life liad 
eluuiofd. l\r ontcrtii tin- ni-Klt-ftdl y«r>l (u»vi wilder 
than ever, with iu. growtli <»f hoj;-wt-e<i and burd'ick), 
Btutioncd bimxclf on tho iloonctep of tltt* miun «ntraacH!, 
and, o|K;niii[; hit tJiow^box, bc^'an to play. Kiu-'h in- 
dividual of the automat voiiitii unity fortliwilb m,--t Ut 
vork, n«coriling to his or lier proper vocation : tba 
monkey, taking olT IiIk Higblnnd liontM^, bowed and 
sorajwd to thu liy-aLanders must obsequiotuly, witli 
ever an observant cyo to piuk up a stray cent; and 
the yount; fciH-ij^ier himself, as he turned the i-ntuk of 
his nuuOiiiu'. glauiHil upward to the art-lied window, 
expectant of a pixwenci' that would luakv ht» musli; tbe 
livolier and hwmtUt. Tlie throng of childn^n stood 
near; Bomc on the sidewalk ; sork^ within tlie yunl ; two 
or three etttablislting tbentAtdvm oh tite vcnr' door-sti-p ; 
and one squatting on tlw tbreshoUI. Mv:i» while-, the 
loeniit kept singing in tlie great old Pyncheon Elm. 

" I dun'i hmr aiiylxKly in tW hoititv;," Miid one of tha 
children to xnuthvr, "The monkey won*t piok up any- 
tiling herv." 



''Ilwro la wroolxiily nt hiiinc," afflrniiN) thv ukIub 
Ml the Uinsbuld. " 1 betml a aXifp '. " 

StUl tlu jwoag Italian'H vyv tiinMMl HKlcioug up- 
vnutl : and it really i»e«iiie(t as if tliu toa«Ii of genuiiiis 
tliotif^ )di|{fat ami aluitMt playful, emotioD mnntnimi- 
tntetl n jturier KWMtuow to tin- <]n-, mw-haniml )>n>- 
earn of his niinstn-lKV. Hmm wandvrcrH ore nsiulily n>- 
ipcmnTo tw a»y uMiimJ kitMlnr** — \<t; it nu more thMi 
a Hmile, nt a votA itaelf not »uiK-r«bwil, but only a 
wsntith in il — wliii-l) WfnU.-> ihvtu oti tlu* roatLMilti of 
life. Tliey tvtiu>tulicr Hume Uuu^pi. Imuausv tJicy an 
t)M> littln >>nciuinlin4>nu which, for the instant, — for 
tbpH|>ara tliiit tvflwts k I.-unl»<'iiin- in n wkI|>-1>ii1iI>1i-. — 
builtl u|> 4 biMui- a^iiil theat. Tbervfore, tbe Italian 
boy would not be diAcouraf^ by tiw heavy rilcura 
with wludi iIm- iilil hixM) wdiuexl n>M>liite to clog tho 
vvnuity of fain imtmiuent. He penuttipd in hl« meio- 
dions n)>}ie8J« ; 1m> Milt ImiIm^I upward. truxtiDft that his 
dark, alien oimiitenuniv would soon ho hrighlcued by 
Pkoibe'it ftutmy a,3|>ei-t. Ntritber ooulil he Ik- u iUiuj; to 
depart withiiat Of^m IjchiililiD;; Cliffonl. wlxm' Muwi- 
IiiliLy. Iik« Ph<vl>e'.t Muih-. hiiil tiilkol u kiml of Iieart'a 
laopiagfl to the foreigiH-r. I k- re |miaUi1 iiU hi-t lunnio 
ovar and over again, until hi* aiulitura verv getting 
wear;. So wre tli* tittli- vorHleii jwoplr in hi;« show- 
box, and the uionlu-y um-t of uU. There waa no tv- 
BIMHiBe. Bare tho ein-^tig of the locust. 

** So children livt; in this hi'iiM-." utid a Ni-h<Mi1-boy. 
at last. " Nobmly lives li«re hut an old maiil ntid an 
aid nan. Yoa '11 get nothing li«rv I Why don't you 
fo along?" 

" Von fiKil. yon, why do yon U-il him ? " whi.tpered a 
shrewd liltU> Viiitki-e, i-aring nothing for tlie muHic, hut 
a good deal for the cheap rat« at whU-h it was hod. 



" Lot liiiu play m long aft ha lik«t) I It Uierc 'h nobody 
to pay liim. tluit '« liU own lookout 1 " 

Ooon more, bowever. tlie ludiaa nui over his nmiut 
of uuslodiot. I'o the ttommnn ulwervcr — who vould 
understand notJiing of the caw, except the musio uid 
thv Htiniihiuc oii tlic hitliur Kiilt; of tix door — it might 
have been aiiiiising to wat>.-h tlie pertiuatity of the 
atreet^jwrfonnei'. Will he ftutwewl atlu-st? Will thkt 
etubboi-n door be Hwldenly flung open ? Will a ^roup 
of joyous childi'en. the young dims of tlui htpuse, dodiu 
duuciitg. ithuiiting, laugliing, into the open air, and 
elteter round tlte show-box, looking with tmgKr meni- 
iiifiit at llvf ptipimtK, an<l tu«sing e*ch a copper for 
loU}j;-tail«*d Mauunon, Uie monkey, to piok itp ? 

Hut tu tw, wtio know tli« inner heart of the Seven 
Gabl(!t< iiH well at) its exterior fa«-e, tbrri; isi u ghadlly 
eBeet in thJK I'vitctition of Uglit imptdar tunes at its ^ 
dooi^t<!p. It would bo AD u^ly bu.tiDt»u>, indovd, if H 
Judge Pync'lieon (who wtwdd not have carvd a fig for 
Pa^ranini's fiddle in bis most liannonious mood) should 
maki; hi» appearanw at thu dour, with a blmMly shirt- 
Ixutoni, aitil n gi-ini fniwn on his sMnrtliilr wliiu- \-i»igi<. 
and motion tlw foreign vagaboml away! Was wer 
before Htieh a grinding nut of jigs and waltM-n, wbvru 
nnlxniy wiw in th«' eiie to dance ? Ye«. very often. 
Thia contrast, or intermingling of Cragody witli mirtJt. 
hapjK^nA dniiy. hourly, momently. The gloomy and 
desolate ol<l houBO. dcM-rtc<l of tifi% and with nwftd 
Di4th Hitting sternly in ibi solitude, was the emblem 
of many a bumiin hvnn, vrbicb, nevtrllK-k-Jta, is com- 
pclli'd to bear the tbrill and echo of the world's gtiyet; 
around it. 

IVifoR! the eoneluMon of the Italian's jtcrfi 
a ciinple of men bu|>)wnMl to Vie passing, on 
to dinner. 




irformanue, ■ 
n tltuir way H 



•* T wy, yni yminj; Frwin'h fellow ! " fiillM out (HU 
of Ummii, — " wtnfi avmy from thnt iti>orKii-p, and go 
•omewhere eUe witli your n»Ds«iL.4e '. TIk' I'yni'licoD 
fuuilv Uv« tin-TV ; RUii tlwy an- in grriil trouble, jnst 
alxiut this tinic. Tltey tlnn't fi.>i?l innidfa) to-ilay. It 
til rriiortiH) all iivor tiiwii tbnt iTudfrr Pynclwam, who 
owns the huusc, haa been nitinletvd : and tlie city 
marnluJ is going to louk into th« matter. So Iw off 
vnth yim, lit unt-tf ! " 

As t!w ItidLon shi>id<lerwl hu Imrdy-^irdy, ho xaw 
on tl>c duonttcp a i-anl. which ha<l hvea covered, all 
the moruin;;, by tl>e newspaptr that the carrier bad 
ffnn^ ii|>"n tt, hut was now shitfflpd into si^fal. He 
)ii<-kL-(l it uj), and iierceivii^ aometliing wr!Uoii in }x'D- 
ctl. gnve it to the man to jk»A. Id fact, it watt an en- 
Htmved can! of JtMlge Pj-ntrhi-nn's with certain jw-nnUrtl 
mmiiormi<):i on thv luu'k. rvferrin;; to various Iiuai- 
nciwea whiidi it )uul Uwn hi.-* puqxMc to tnuiwirt ilitr- 
in^tfae prvfrding day. It fomteil a prosjMK-tire epit- 
one tif tiM' lUy'si hiMnn- ; only that afTain luid not 
tum(*d nut altopfther in arcnnlanre with the prcK 
(mnnne. The iranl tniwt have U-i-u liwt fnun the 
Jttdt;<-*« v^itl-jMH'kft. in hi* |>r<'liminar}' attempt to gain 
socvM hy the main entrance of tlie houw. Tlmugb 
m-ll wiakMl with niin. it was still partially IcKililo. 

"Loi'k beiv. Dixey!" critHl the luiin. " Tldx Uaa 

•otiM'tliing to do with Judge TVncheon. S«o 1 — here '» 

hlH name prinltsi on it; and here, 1 HDppOse, is aorae 

of hi' li:ini)ui-itin(;." 

H " Let *B ftn to the oitr manhnl with it ! " Rni<1 Dixey. 

" It may jrfve him j<t»t tin- eiew lie waota AftiT all." 

whisjienii he in his i-om|nin !«>»'■ vAr. "it wi«ild be no 

H woniWr if the •luilp* hat ptne into tjiat diwr ami ikmit 

H cntne out s^n * \ er-rutia i-oiMin of bin may Iiare 


bc«n nt hiH dM trickn. \mi Old MmuI Pj'Di-'Iiuoii hav- 
ing jjot bcrwlf Id tU'Irt by Uw *'irnt-»J»op, — iinii tiw 
JuJgVH i»(>cket-lK><)k U-iugwuU fiUwI, — awl bad blood 
amongst thvui iiln-ady 1 Put ull xltiv4s tbiugM togetlier 
and m^e what they make ' " 

"Husb. huMli!" wbUpttrwl the other. "It seems 
like a un to be tbe first to H[>Fak of Ktich n tliioj^. 
But I Uiink, with you, that we liad better go to tiie 
pity marshal." 

" Yw. y«tl " said Dixcy. '• Weill — I always said 
then: was sametbing devilisb in that wtnuan'o wviwl I " 

Tki* men wlii-i;lv<i itlxiat, ait'ordiDgly, and retraced 
tlifir st(>i)<i lip the stm-t. Tbi- Ibiliiiii. olwi, iiuulo tlw 
bu.-«t of hiK way ufl, with n parting glaD<« up at the 
arched window. Aa (or tbe children, tLi<y took to 
tliL'ir htiO*. with out- at-ixird, uiwl si'aUHlHTntl an if aome 
giant or ogre were in pursuit, ujilil, at a good diatanre 
fn>ro the liouxc, thoy )itop]MH) an liuildttnly and lumultar 
neouHly as tliey bad sot out. Tbinr siiscoptiblti norvps 
tiNik au iiuk'flniU' alanu from wliat tliey bad over- 
heard. Looking biK-k at the grotciFijue pvaks and 
tilitidowy iiii)rb-H of the old tnaniuon, tlu>y funi^il a 
gliMiiji difl'uM-^l about it which no brightness of tile sun- 
idtinv eould diHiH-l. An imaginary Hr|>zib*b neowled 
and shook her linger at them, from several windows 
at th<! Kttint- nionx^nt An ini.igitiiirj- Clifford — for 
(and it would have deeply woundeil liira to know it) 
h(T had idwavH bivn :i horror tn thi-sf Hitinll people^ 
stood behind t}K' unreal IIepjcil>ah, niakin<; iiwfid gt-A- 
lures, in a faded dnnMung-guwn. Childit'n arc even 
more apt, if possible, tlian grown people, to cutvb the 
contagion of a panic tnrn>r. For the rctt of tlie day, 
tiw more timid went wbolii strM-to about, for the sake 
of avoiding tJie Seven Gablw ; while tlie Imlder sig- 






mliaed their hantihootl by uhalleiiKUtJ!: tho>r conmiilM 
to xm» jwHl Uku nuumion mI full djhit'L 

Ik oooU not haw bt«n monr than half an hmir after 
dw iUaiq>peatsaop of the Italian buv. with his otwe*- 
■onftbb rndptliiM, wIku n luili iLruvc iIuwd the street. 
It ahifqiect beueaUt the Pyucheiin Eliu : the uabrnui 
twk a trunk, a lannu bog, iuhI n biuwUHix, fmtu tlM? 
tup of hi« vehicb. and ilepoaitMl them on ibe doorstep 
of tho uld house ; a Rtraw bonnH, nn<l then th« pivtQr 
fipint nt a young girl, mate iatn view fmtu the Inte- 
tiitr (i( the cab. It wan PhiflK* ! Thmigli unt iilt<»- 
getber eo blooming an whvD hIm lirst tripped ioto our 
fttory, — for, iu the few iitt^rvviiitig wimIu, Iut vx- 
pericncva luul tiiiuk- hor graver, tuoru woiuiutly, aixl 
d0t|MP«yeil, to token uf a Wiart that had Ix'gnn to 
mspeet its depths, — still there waa the qaiet glow L>f 
oatuial KUubiiM! ovir Iut. Xritlier had hIil- forfvitvd 
ber proper gift of iiiakiii<; tliiugH look real, rather tbau 
fin taut it.'. wiUitn Iht »|iti«n!. Yet wu tixi it to Iw a 
qoaatiooahh! venture, even for PhtE^lte, nt ihix jtioc- 
tans, to cross tW tliresholil of ttie Sercn (iablvs. la 
hcTr healtliful presetK-e jtoUtut enough to rhaiut away 
tbo crrowil of jialr, hidomis, and sinfid plumtotus, that 
have gaititnl adniittAmx; thi^re Hinei! In-r ib-))artun(? 
Or will shc!, likcwiM-, faiK-, sicken, »uldeu, un<l grow 
into deformity, atwl Ih' mdy aiiothrr jicilliil phantotu, 
to glide noi«elewdy up and tlowo tlte stuirn, and af> 
[right children us §be pauf«M at tho wimlow ? 

At loMt, wo Would gladly foruwam the imsuxpecting 
gill that there is nothing in human iihape or Hiilwtani'C 
to rflcaiva brr. unWt it In- tho figure of Judge Pyn- 
ebeoa, who — wreU-hed spectacle that hi- is and fright- 
ful in our nm«iibr]uic<-, hiihv our nightJoiig ^ngil with 
him 1 — still faeqis his plaee in the oaken uhnir. 


PbrBbt! arst tried the shu]Mloor. It dkl not yield to 
her luuiil : itml Um' whiUt carUun. drawn acniM Um 
window w)iioh fonn«(l the upper stvtion of the door, 

pBtnivk her <]uick pt>rc«])tiTO fat^iilty as sometlung un- 
usiulI. Without nudtiog another t-fTort to rntiT here, 
fiht! U'tMilc heiwlf to the g^reat |H>rtal. under tlii< atvli«i) 

rwindtw. li^itding it fwtetwd, she kiMH-ked. A re- 
vurtx-mtion rame from tike emptine^ within. She 
kniH-Ui'ol ai^iiii, itml n tJiini timv: luid, lUb-ninf* in- 
tently, fancied that tl»e floor ureaked. aa if Ilepziliah 
wnn; rtHiiinfr, witJi iti-r onlinitry tiptop tDiivcini-nt, to 
Bfbnit lier. Bui so dead a wlence eoiued uj>on this 
iiiift^iianr wttind. tllilt mIm; Iwgkn to <iti«-stii>n wlu-tliirr 
she might nut have mistaken the liouse, familiar aa 
hIm* tlioH<;lit iK'DBi-lf with its exterior. 

Her notiiie waa uow attru-ted by a rhitd'H voiee, at 
Aouti; diMtaiK'e. It ap|H-3>ii-d to vail Imt niitnc. I<ook- 
injr ill tlie direction wiM-nee it proeei'iled. Pha-lic mw 
little Npd lIiKiriui. n pmmI way down ihe rtni-t, stamp- 
ing, ntiakiug his head inolwitly. making depreoatory 
gestim-M with both hainlt, and Hitouting to livr at 
uoulh-wide sereeeh. 

*" No. wi, V\w\vi'(" he wtrnmwi. " Don't you go 
in I TI»er« *s ooinething wifkL-d there! ftm'l — don't 
— don't S'> in ! " 

lltil, an the liltid ]»erM>D^;n eould not he iitdnevd to 
apjiriiaeh near enmigli to explain himstdf, Plmlie roa- 
clinU-d that \w had Imh-h friglitemil. on jm>ii>p of hix 
visits to the sliop. hy Iter cousin Ile[)ziliali : for thtf 
fpHHl liuly's innnifcHtatiotui, in trtilli, ran almut ao 
lK|tuil i-hance of waring ohildri'O out of tlji'ir witii, or 
(lotniii-lltn^ titi'in to nnsivmly laughttT. Stilt, she felt 
tliu tiiore. for this im-idvnt, bow nnuM»untulily silent 
and itn|>vuetrtblH U>e houne liad become. Ah her next 



Phtebe BUide bi^r wny into the gftrdi-n. vrber? 
wsrtd waA bri^'ltt a <l:>y 3» ilic pn-M-nt, fthi.- luul 
little ili'uhc of fintUtig C'liffon), and perhaps Heiniliafa 
al*a, idling iwrny tlw ftountiiK- in th« thitdaw of tKii 
Arbor. Ininediatel; on ber «ntrnii^ the gnideo-gnte, 
the fsniily of honit half nui, half flvw, u> meet heri 
while a stmige gTuualkiu. whii-h was prowling under 
the pnrior wimlow, took to hU ht«-lo, Watulit-rtil hastily 
over thv £eDC«. aiul vmut(OH.M. The arbor was nusant, 
and ito Boor, tthli-. and cinmlar Iwneh wn-. Ktill iljuup, 
and bewtrcwii «-ith twigs, and tbe dtsorray of the post 
Btono. The growth of the ganlvn HwDind to hiivn got 
i\m%e out of bouudii: tin- weeds had taketi lulvantage 
of Phtt-lK-'K ]il>M-ii<t'. »nil iIm) loDg-oontiniii^ ntiti, to 
mn nuuimit over the flnwurn and kitebcJi-vegKlahlps. 
Manle's well had ovi-rRown) tb« Htone bonier, and 
noade a pool of formidalde breadth in that corner of 
the garden. 

The impreitaidn of the whole scene was tlint of a 
spot whi're uo human ftKvt hail U-ft !t« print for oiaoy 
preceding daya, — pn>l>ably Ofrt since l*)icet>i>'H dc |Mirt- 
otv, — for she saw a ude-conib of lier own under the 
talile of tile arlmr, where it tiiiutt luive fnll'iii on tiM> 
laat afternoon whi>n tdie and tlilTonl mU tlierv. 

The ^1 knuw tluit her two n-Iativvs •m-rv itipalilc 
of Ear gnatvr oalditifx than Uuit <i( shuttuig tliein- 
hIvm up in their old houite, as ther »p[)earv<d now to 
ham done. N'eviTtheIe»s, with iiuliMiuet misgiringB 
ot mtnethiug amiHa., and apprehensions to which nIm; 
cutild not givtf sluip*-, idle appniiu-lira) tlic door that 
fiTtued thi! eu.4toniari|- cuuimiuiieutton between tlte 
Ikmuw and garden. It waa MNruni) within, like tin- 
two which "Ih- luwi alrcdidy tried. She knixkn), how- 
cVBT ; and uuuiediately, oa If tliv upplicuiion Lad bvcn 

VM. tu. tl 



ex]><n''t«d, the door was drawn open, Ijy a ooasidonbl* 
exertion of some udmwq jK-rmtu's strength, not wittp. 
l>ut fiir i-ninigk to affonl Iter a side-ioiig cntranra. Ah 
Hepzibali, ut ord«r not to oxposu bvrsi-lf to inspectiou 
from w'itbout, inrariably A)keiie<l a dour in ttiLi uitin- 
ner, PIul-Ihi nccviuaril)' L-ntii'liuk-)! tluit it was Iter 
(iKiHin who now admitted her. 

Without iM^iuttttion, tiK'n-foru, she Htvpppd su-'rons 
tlie threshold, and had uo sooner entered ihau Utv 
doorfdoMwl WIilikI her. 



i(EHP^ ooniin;; m> niiiliK-iiU- fnun thv sanaj lUy- 
li^t, was altogether liodimmed iu sttcb demits of 
ahanlow »a lurked in iniiMt of the [wowgc* of tb« old 
Iwitsp. She was Dot nt Gist aware by whom dw Iwd 
been ailmiUed. I)<^fvr« hta eyes had ftdnpted Uu-in- 
mItca to the obnMtritT, a hand grasped h«r own, with 
a firm hut gvntW aud nanu jin?uurv. tlius imputing 
» wetccaie which cauued ht-r heart to leap and thrill 
with an indufiaahlu idiivor of vnjoymcnt. SIm.- tell her- 
self dnwn aloug, mH tnwunU the |iflrlur. but into a 
Imrgi- nnil ui)oc(-tii>iiil ujnirtuimt, uhith had fornihrly 
been the grand reception-mom of the SereD (Jablee. 
Tb« imiJthinu came ficely inui nil tlw uncurtatoud win- 
dows ai thin room, and fell upon tho dusty Uoor ; ao 
that Phtcbo now rluarly mw — what, indued, had Iki'D 
no eecret, after the encouuter of a warm hand with 
hem — tltat it wart uot iiepziliali nor Clifford, but 
Hulgraw. to «hoin shv owi-xl Iwr rvcfjition. The mb- 
tUii, intuiUvv eoiiuttunii-ation, or. rather, the vague 
tad fonnleos itnpn-ssiun uf <uitiiotbitiK ^ '^ ^^ ^'^ 
made bar jiek) oumsiHtingly to bia iupuW. Without 
taking away her hand, nhe loikeil latgerly in his ftte<% 
iK>t quiek to forebode enl. but unavfnilably eousciuua 
that the iitate of the family bad chaugt-d nlDcc hvr <U>- 
parture, and tlterefor^ anxious for an explanation. 
The arUHt looked ivdcr than ordinary ; there wa;^ a 


tliouglitfu] iui<) Mvere Gontractiou of hifi fnmtinii!. 
tracing a deojx, vcrticsl lino between the eyebrowti 
His smiU, however, wan full of geuuine waruth. uid 
had in it a joy, hy far thv motit vivid cxpreiwioo that 
Pbcebe bad ever witnessed, ahiuin); out of thu New 
En;;Iaiid JVfmTiv- with whidi llolvrovc hahitmOy 
maaked whatever.lay near hia heart- It wao the look 
wltervwiUt a niun, bnioiling alonv ov«r Moin fearful 
objex-t, in a drear}' forest, or illimitable desert, woulil 
recognixo the fiuuiliitr nsiM**;! of bin dvuroKt friend, 
biinKin^ u)> idl the peaeef ul ideas that Iteloug to home, 
and tlie gentle ciirrejit of vvery-^hiy uffainw And jft, 
as )m- fi'It tbit neoossity of responding to her look of 
ui()tiiry, tlie siuite dUiippt^ared. 

"I ought not tti n-joioo that you have come. Plue- 
bc," aaiVr At* " We meet at a strang«' niniiir-nt ! " 

" Wliiit has happ«'«.rd ?" sliv excUiuied. " Why U 
ttie bouse 80 dciorted? Where are Il<'[»zibab and 

** Gonr ! I <-annot ima^ne ^HMre they ant I " ■» 
•irercd Ilolgisve, " Wi- are idnne^l^ the boosel " 

•* Hcpxiliiih and Cliffoiil pone? " cri.'-»( |>liu)lHt. "It 
in not poftsiblo ! And why hiivi? you brougftt. tne into 
th!« rooju. instead of tbii pvlor? ■*'». Bomethiag ter- 
rible bat Iinppened I I must run and aeol " 

"No. no. PIiwIm!" Kaid llolgrave, holding 
back. *' It is as I have told you. Tliey wv goiin, 
I know not whillier. A ti-rrihle event li.ij<. indcfd, 
bappi-nwl, but «i>l to them, nor. a» I Hmioubtingly V 
licre, throngli any aRenoy of theirs. If I rvo*! yi 
ebaractvr rightly. PhcBbe." Iw wntinuMl, fixing 
eyra on Imts, with tAnvn anxiety, inb^rrnixi-d with ti'i 
demcKS, " gentle as yott an<, iukI >u>viuiiig to hare joor 
sphere ainoti^ couuuou things, you yet pOMcw 




a)ilp Btreiifjtli. 'Vou liavp wonderful poisp, ami a 

ly M'tiit-li, vrht'n u-db^t. will jintvt- \i»*-\l (mi)hi1>Ic nf 

dndiog witb iuiUUth that fall far out <>f tlw ordtiuuy 

P •* Oh no. I am tit>' wi-aik ! " pcpliwl I'litebe, trem- 
blini^. *• But tell me wlutt luw liaj>|>fn«l ! " 

YiMi arc Rtruog!" iMTsUletl Holgmve, "You 
lust be both strong and wise; for 1 ani all astray, 
}moA wf*A ytmt ooaniwJ. It m»y ba 70a can tui^pfiwt 
' the OBo ritrlit thin*; to do ! " 

^ T.-i] 111.- : — t.-ll uu> \ " Mii<I Pha-lw. all in a treni- 
Ue. "ft [ippivMes, — it terrifies me, — tbia mysteiyl 
|Anylbiii^ i-Lw* I mn Iwor!*' 

'I1h- artipit biwitated. XotwidiHtandiug what be liai) 
eaid. anH most sinoerety, in rt'^rtl to tbe self- 
'baljuioiRg ])owtT willi wbii-h I'hirl)e inipn-!i!»^t htm. it 
Btill seemed almost wii'ked to bring tbi- awful §ix'n>t of 
' 7«rtvnlay to lurr k»nw)«)^. It wan liki^ 'Inigpng a 
shape of death into th« olnmly and i-'beerfiil 
iMfforo a bon»eh(>ld tin-. wber« it wotdd pn-wnt 
'all the ngli^T imiMt^ amid tbv (Utvrniuinriiii of evorjn* 
tiling alxnit it. Yet it voidd not be eoncooled from 
, her ; rJ»c iniiot mvcU kitow it, 
■ - rha-lie," said h«, " do yon rememlier tbjs ? " 
I \iv |int into htrr bmnrl a dn^iem.y>ly[H; : thf loune 
B tJuit In* hiul altown Iht at llieir tin't interview in the 
j^nlen, and which )k> strikingly brought wit iJie liard 
^ and relpnlU-Nt traits of thv oripnal. 

'What has tbiit to do with Ilt-pxlbab and Clif- 

ifiinl?" uflki'd Plta-lw, wiili iin[iat>pnt suiprisc that 

jllolgravv should ai> triHe witli her at stti^h a moment. 

' It tN Judf^i' l*jiM?hi'<ni t You Imrr hIwwti it lo nw 

befoiv ! " 

" But here is the saiuo faoe, tukcn within this ludf- 


hour," fiuicl tbe artist, pKwiiting her wtUi msother 
miaitttun^ " I bwt jiut llnuilivU it, wUcii 1 Iward you 
at tbd tlow." 

*' ThU u (U'Jitli ! " iihiKlilt^rfd Plicebc, titruiug very 
pHlo. "Judge l*VD<'h(.'on <le4utt" 

" Sw^h as ttu're re|>tv6e»U^," said Ho]jp«ri\ ** lie 
nite in tlii'* next rooiti. The Jiuign is dead, atid Clif- 
fuiil and IIe|Kuba]i hare vuiiishml ! 1 kuovr no inure. 
All l>ej'on<l in irntijuottirv. On retuntiiig to niv Militury 
chuuiber, last evening, I noti<'Ml no light, cither iu the 
pM-lor, nr I I<ri>xilMili*ti rooin, or Clif!ord'» ; no stir nor 
frMttste]) about tl»H bguM. TliiH niomintj;, there was 
thi' Haiuf <k-ulh-like ^luiet. Frotu iny window, ( ovi-r- 
beard the teaiimoiiy u( a neighlwr, that your tvlativea 
wei-o seen leaving tin.* huuse. in the midst of yvrtiK^ 
d«j''s stonn. A nitiiov n-U(-hi*<1 iii«, too, of •lud^'e I'yii- 
choon being uiiHued. A feeling vrhicb 1 lannot dt- 
•vriliu — an inih-finitv nvnitv of huiuv vatiuttrojih^, or 
conNuuiniulion — iinpelK-d me tu make tny way intn 
tbia part of tliv buiiM, Mhviv I ditteurercd what yuu 
see. As a point of evtdvuce tliai may Ui usefnl to 
ClifTonl, nnd alw an n mt-iuoriAl valitable tu myself. 
— for, I'liiBbe, there are hereditnry reuMins tliat oou- 
Quct lue t>tniag«ly with llial man's fate, — I used the 
means at my d!«|iosa] to pn-serve this ijicboml record 
vf Jiidgi' i*ync-lM'i>n'>i dr^lh." 

Even in her agit«tiuti. I'hotbu eould not bvlji ro- 
niiirkiut: tlw of IIolf^T^ve's d<.'mi>anur. He 
tijipL-iir !.■<), it i« trui*, to feid llw wWlo awfulm*** of ihn 
Jixlge's deatli. yet had received tli« ftu'i iDto his niod 
without any niixlun- of xiir|inm-, hm ait an i-vi-ul pn-- 
oixlained. ]iap|M'ni)i); inevitably, uud so fitting itavlf 
into paxt ovcurixuiL'vs tiiat tt cuuld almost have been 






** Why luire yoa not thrown open the doors, and 
calle<l ill vritiK«aM?" ioquircil shi*. with a (minfiil 
■bilddpr. "* It in t«rrii>le t<i W beiv aioae I " 

" Bill Cliffunl ! " *iisfri*twl the atttat. " Cliifonl 
aiiil Ilfpzilnih I AVi> ihuhI i^iu^iilerwhat in bt^t to Iw 
doiMj in tlMTir Iwhulf. U i« ii wivt<<hr<) fntaJity that 
thtff sbmtl'l Iiave <liflii]>p«ai«d ! Their flight will tliruw 
tin wont wlDriiig oviT UiiH fwat nf whti-h it iiv Hu.<x.>pp- 
table. Yet bow easy la the expUnation. to those who 
know th)-tn ! BcwihliTrnl atiil tfrii)r-Htri(-kf.D hy tliu 
§iintlant,v of this deallt to u former ouc. whii-h was at- 
imdKl wit]) 'iirh dtiuwtnnis coQHeqttcncMi t<> Clifford, 
tJiey hare boil iio ideA bat of remnvin^ tli«niselvpn from 
tli# •PCtic. Ilnw niiM-mlily unf'irtiinati*! Ilail Ili*{iu- 
Inih hdt shnek<><l aloud. — luul Oifford fliinp wi<Ie the 
if<">r. nnd [inx-Ioiim-d Juilgi> Pym-lMriiii'* di-alh, — it 
wrmld hari- l»eeD, however awful in itst^lf. sin event 
fniilfid of (food oi>nM>(|ii<7n<-o» to thi-iii. An I view it, 
'it Would have ^ne far towards otditenting the bUck 
atmin uti C'tiffonl'o ehanu-tiT." 

"And how," aaketl Phoebe, "could any good come 
fmm what iH ao very dn'iidfiil ? " 

** BBcaase." said the artist. " if the matter can be 
fairly ponsidi-rrtt and <'aiididly imerpn-ti-jl. it mimt be 
e^'ident that .Imlgc I'>*Dchcoti coidd not have come tin* 
[furly to Ilia eiwl. ThU mode of iteath has been an 
LTmsj with his family, for generations past: 
ofbm occurring. indeit^L but, when it do^ occur. 
OBtully attacking individiuds aboat the Judge's time 
of life, and generally in tbo ten^iion of noinc ni>-iital 
crisis, or. pcrlutps, in an acmss of wrath. Old Maiilt-'s 
pnplwey waa proliably foundeil on a knowWge of Ihia 
pl^tcal pn-di-jvwiiiim in the PyncbwMi «»>■<•. Now. 
ta a minute and almost exsct similarity in the 

Cliffod'* luLtulH." 

*■ WlMttnv cutue thoMf rinntiunlajl 
I'hwlio 1 " liu U-ijiR iiuiiK'i-nt, IIS w<< 

"TtH'y Mitn' lUTim^il," Hiud llulj 
micli liHH lotiK Ut'ii my iH>nviirt4c>ni| 
nitiKi'il nftcr tho tiiu'li^'8 iIcuUi, iUi| 
diimIv |uilili(>. liy Uic iiuiu ultu »iU 
IliM 4ivrn ilfitth. M) likit Unit former < 
liy iiiiiui 4if Uiiim> Htui|Hciotu fintiiuH: 
•b^iki' <>f find ii]K)n Itiin, ut once a |>u 
wiiilMxlnrHii, Kinl iiuikiu^ |>liuu Uut u 
fitrtl. Hut UitH HiKht, — it (liiOona 
muy be in ii>iiiH-nlmi'iil, miir nl luuii 
liriii^ him liM'k bcfun* tlie duiwireir 
(Ituith Uw evil tni(;ht he rceUflnL" 

" W«' inuHt Rot likit' this thin); n n 
Mtiil IMot-In'. " It IB (InwWiiI to kc< 
oiir hi'iirlH. (.'liffonl is innocoit. i 
ntMnift-Kt I l^t w* ttiniw o|h'ii tlm d 
tlH< iM-i;;hlHirhi>iNl In mo* tlw truth ! " 

*• You uru rif^ht. Pbtebo," »i 

''"'— r- — ririii " ^^ 



hioKcU witKin the precincbi of nmuDnit life. On tlie 
ountrary. In- gaUu>n>)i a wil<l (^njuyitM-nt, — iw U were, 
8 flomir uf stnags ImauIj, grvwiti]; in a lU-solatv s\Mt, 
atul bUwaomiiig in ibv witul, — suub a flower uf td<»- 
owatarjr hap|>iDo» hv gxtttt-nitl fmui liis present po- 
sition. It en^parated Pbffibe util liimtirif from Um< 
witrlil, ontl liotinil Um-iu to each oUmt. Iiy tbvir vicln- 
nve kD<>»-l«(lji;Hof .Intlpe Pytu'beou's myKterious deaUit 
nnd tli<' (iiuiiwl wliii-li tlw^y wre (oriitl ti> hulil ri*ii|K'<*t- 
iug it. The- sea-rvt. so long as it slwuJd tMotinue atK-h, 
k«pt thvia within tJiu rin'iv uf n )I|h-U, » Militude in 
tbe miiLit uf nnvn. a rfni>itt-tii-Hs as ciiiin' ha ttial of mo 
ialand in niiil-<K«gui ; omv ilivulgitl, tW oc-omi wuul^l' 
flow betwixt tbem, standiag on its widely nuiultired 
Mmuiwliilc, all thi; fintmiMtiuto^ >if tl»-ir »it- 
!st«ui«tl tu dnw tbbin to^-lber : ibt-y wmv like 
two cltUdren who go banil in huml. pnifsin^ t^'liiM'ly 
Utaat anuthcr'A iiide, Uiroti^h a !jia>l(iw-li:imitfd \iju*- 
Bifie. The inui{^ of awfiU IVulh, which tiUM iXw 
htiU9ii% hfdd th>!in united by liiii stiffened ^msp. 

Thi-w ill fill I'Dom haxtuDed tho <)i-voUr[iuu.-nt of nno- 
tiuitA thnt iiii^ht n/<t otberwiw have flowered m. Pos* 
riMy, indvAd. it haii li^-n llolf^mv)''* ptirjMisu to Int 
tbeiu die io their ii»develn|>e<l j.'erms. 

" Why d<i w.- .l.'hiy m ? " iLskit) I'lwU*- " Thin s«- 
«««t takea away my t)r«ath ! Let m throw open the 
doom 1 " 

" In all oar lires there can never rame another mo- 
inrDt like thin!" said Ilulgnive. " Phiehe, im it all 
■? — Dothinj; but terror ? Are you vonsciouH of 

> jay. u I am. that tum made this tlie only (Mint of 
Uf« worth living; for ? " 

"It Mfnis a sill," replied Phtebe. trembling, "to 
ihiuk uf joy at nurh a tiiui> ! " 


" Could yoa hut know. Ph<pl>e. \tow it was with ta* 
the lioav Iwfora you t-unic ! " L-xi.-l»tinitl tlir artiat. ** A 
(hirk, ealii, loiMrable boor I Th« prtaeaix of yotwWr 
<lea<l mun tlin'w a "jvai bbclc hIuuIdw uwr eTtrythiiif ; 
he made tlie iii)irt.-rse, 8t> £ar » my peroepttou cotOd 
r«a(;h, n Hwno of giiilt iind of n>tril)iition mora itrrul- 
ful than tlw K'liJ^- l'''*^ sense of it book away taji 
youth. I tivvLT h»] tr) fuel young ag&in ! Hwj 
world looked strange, wild, evil, hostile ; my past lifp, 
M> tn:ii-M<iiii*- iind dn-nry: my fnluiv. » Hluipelif&.» i;Ioinii, 
whiirh I nnist iiintiid into ^donniy Klt»|><.-H ! But, PlMrl>e. 
ytn oroKM-d tlM^ thn'Mltnlil ; and hope, wurtntli, and joy M 
iraiDe in with rnu ! T)i« bW'k moment l>Mra>iH- at oncu 
n hlUnfid on(>. It niu-it not pau witlioul the spoken 
word. I lore you ! " ■ 

" Hnw can ynu low a Kimplc girl like me '* " aKlced 
Pli<9l>e. (■nin|R-lli'd ))y hiR oamMMiem to epeak. *- You 
huvo nuiuy, mxny ihini^dit^ with whiob I «b(mtil fry in 
rain to fiyitipnthizi-. And I. — 1, too, — 1 have ten- h 
dcnctea with which you would s\in]tathize a.t litlU. f 
That i* U-)M tnattcr. But I have not ttcope eooogh to 
ntako you happy." 

" Von ara my only iKuwibility of liappinms ' " an-: 
swered llol^rave. ■*! have no faith in it, except aa 
you twitow it on me 1 " 

" And then — I am afrail '. " oontinued Pbcphe, 
xhriukin^ towiirtU llnl^uvi', rvcn while Hhi- tuld him 
m frankly the doubts n-ith which he affe<-ted her. 
**Yoa will li^sul mn out of my own (juiet path. Yna 
will inakr me tttrive to follow you where it ii> patlile*^. 
I cannot do m>. It ia Dot my nature. 1 aliall »iuk 
down and peritih!" 

"Ah, Pho-he ; " eTcelaimMl Hol^Tive, with almost a 
■igb, and u Muilv that was bunluned with thou^tt. 




fritl bf far otherwise lliao u yon (otebodc>. Tlw 
vinrld owes all its unwanl ipipulam to mva Ul Bt eue. 
The ha|ipy man iuevit»blj minfines biniself wilhtn ai»- 
cient liinita. I have u [>r\')w«Uiiii-nI Uuit, lM<r<-ai't4.<r. it 
will be nn' lot to wt out trv«ts hi make f«Dc«A, — per- 
haps. (Fven, in doe tinic, t» tiuild a knuMr fur another 
gmmlion. — in a wonl. to i-onforui mjself to laws, 
■ad ihc iM-aocfnl pnwtkri; of <io<-iKv. Vour jmiw will 
be more powerful tfaaa an; oecUlating: tendetu^ oL 

- I WMuld not hare it to 1 ** said Pbtslip, eartiwtJj-. 

** Do ymi tttvi' mv'f " anhiil llol^ravt*. " If w« lova 
one anoUwr. the moinvnt ha« roooi for noUung non. 
Lrt un paow vpon it, and be satisiiMl. Do you lova 

" Yon Itwh into my heart," Mid ahe, lotting Iwr vyM 
drop. ** Yon know I love rou ! " 

Awl it was in thii hoar, so fnll of dmibt iinti awe. 
that the imi? ininich* wa.i wrtni^bt, williout whit-Ji every 
human t-xistrncc is a bintik. The blifw whirk mulcw 
all thin^ trw. licautiful. aud holy shone aroiutil this 
yunth and nuiMlcti. They w«-re M>m<«-irin» uf ixitlilni; 
Sad nor old. They Crattsflgnred llie earth, and made 
it Kidvu agnin, and iheoMdrea thi? twu fint dwcUi'T* in 
it. The dead man. so eloae beside lltein. was for^pt- 
tm. At «uch a criiiiA, thete it* no death : for immor- 
taiity is revealed anew, and em)>rAocs owrything in ita 
halliiwed atmudphere. 
' Bnt bow soon the heavy earth-dreMu «etUod down 
ofTUti ! 

" Hark ! " wliispered Phaba. *■ Somebody ia at tlio 
atreet-iLxir t " 

" Now let tn m^t-t thf world ! " «*iil Hrdftrave. *' No 
4oabC the rumor of Judgn I^oheon's viait to thia 

Btit, to their surpriw, before I 
stn-et-(liKir, — ev*n lidfuro tbey q 
whifb titf foKgoini; interview luul 
(oottlvpn ill tJ>c fiirl}M.-r paxHa^ 
wbii'b Utey bu(>j»o»«1 ui \<f. nwurc' 
Holgrovc, indittl, hiul men to 
Pbnlie hud vaiuly trieii to enter, 
Of>utiisl friiiti witltimt. Tbc hihiimI 
banth, bold, decided, and intruM 
Btnugcn wfiuld iiatiiniliy bu, ni: 
entrance iut^i -x dwcUiofi: wbere th< 
unwekotne. It wu fM'liIc, iw of 
or weary ; there was Uie Diinf;lei 
voiora. fitniiliBr to both the 1i!ttnne 
" Can it be ? " whisiiorud i Inl^pra' 
** It ia Uiey ] " answered Plicetw. 
tluink God 

An<l then, aa if in nynipaUtr wi 
pered ejaculation, the; beuM ll«p] 
"Thank God. my brother, we are 
" WeU : — Yes 1 — thank God 1 
ford. "A dreary home, IIe|niibal 
done well to brine in« hi 


in truth, thej were lingering in the entry, with the list- 
lesanesB of an accomplished porpose, uncertain what 
to do next, — when I^cebe ran to meet them. On be- 
hfdding her, Hepsibah bunt into tears. With all her 
might, she had staggered onward beneath the burden 
of grief and responsibility, until now that it was si^e 
to fling it down. Indeed, she had not energy to fling 
it down, but had ceased to uphold it, and suffered 
it to press her to the 'earth. Clifford iqq[)eaied the 
stronger of the two. 

** It is our own little Phoebe ! — Ah I and HoIgraTe 
with her," excbumed he, with a glance of keen and 
delicate insight, and a smile, beautiful, kind, but mel- 
ancholy. " I thought of yon both, as we came down 
the street, and beheld Alice's Posies in full bloom. 
And so the flower of Eden has bloomed, likewise, in 
this old, darksome hooae to-day." 



Tm: eti<]«len death of so prominent a momlxT of tbp 
Hocial wurld as the Honorable Judge •)aJTr«y I*ynt-bt>un _ 
cn'utol li sunastioD (at Iviut, iu tbe ctrvica moru ini>f 
[ueclmt«]y cwuDei'ted with the dveeaaetl) which hftd 
hiutllv quit« HubtiidMl in a fortoigbt. 

It may bo nniarkeil, however, that, of all tbe eventa 
wbidi (-oiutitntv a |>er8on'sbtoKni|>hv, then? is scarcely^ 
one — uuDe. i.'ertaiuly, of anything like a Biniiiar iin- ' 
portuDtM.' — to which the world so easily mniDrik'S it- 
■etf as to bin di-iiUi. In mcMt ollirr Liitk-ii and foudn- 
^nc-im, tbe intlindiul is present among lu. mixed up 
with tlin ibuly revolution of affairs, and affording » 
definite point for ob««rvution. At his dvct-aLM-, lht-r» 
u only a racanc-y, and a momentary eildy, — vvrj 
SRudl, as compared with tlio apparent mngnituilu of 
the ingurj^lateil obj<'i-t, — and a bubble or two, aacend- 
tug out of the black dc]>tfa and l)ur»ting at tbe surface. 
As regarded •ludge Pyneheon. it seemed probable. M 
firxt bbisb, tJiat the mode uf his final ib-juirtnrv might 
give bini a larger and longer posihuiuous vogue tlian 
ordinarily attends the memory of a distingtiixhnl man. 
But when it came to be understood, on the highest pn>- 
fcrssional authority, tlutt the ev^nt was K natund. luid 
— except for some unimportant partictdars, denoting 
a slight idiosyncrtiHy — by no iiiciuis im unusaal form 
of death, the public, wit^ its ouatomarjr alaoii^, pro- 





CMded to linrget that bt' luut over Irn-d. In ■bott. tlw 
botMnbte Judge was Ix'pitniag to be a stale iiubJMt 
befiMT) half tbo ooniity mrvnapaixint hiul fuiuid tiuM to 
pot tUeir niltuuos iu luoomin^, aud pablisfa lits nxcwd- 
io^ly «iilof;istu oMtoary. 

NeTertbvlecs, cT«epiu|C darkly through the phwM 
whti-h tliitt axoellMit pvnum liwl liidintud in Iii<f liriv 
time. the ra was a hiddMi atmam uf private talk, Hui^h 
■• it woakl iiaT« ahockdd all deoBBey to Mfwak loudly 
■I the stnet«Dnici«. It is very nnstdar, bow the faot 
of a man'a death afu-o Honas to tpw p«>{il(> a ma 
idpa of his diaiact^r, whether fur good or evil, than 
they have ever [ipei u 'W uJ while be wae living and a^l- 
in^ BBkong them. Death is so genuine a fat^t tltat it 
ftKclitdea falaebocNt. or betnyB it« eniptinuw ; it is a 
lonclistooi' that prnves ^i" e»1d, and disboooni tlio 
baerr iiietul. C'rtild itii' dvjuincd, whoever he may he, 
ttftum in a week after bis decease. Ite would alnio«t in- 
variablr Rnd liiinwlf nt a hi^M-r ur lowvr pi>int than 
he had f'>niH-rlr occujiied. on the scalu uf public ap- 
preeiation. But the talk, or M'aniUd, to whiirh wv now 
allade, bad rt-fi^rence to matters of no less old a data 
than th** >tu{i[Mi«F«l mordiT, thirty or forty yram ago. 
of the lutp Jud^ P\iM'bi?on*E hoi'Il-. The mediea] 
opEuiotu witlt n-^riml to hii> owo rrcrnt and n^grvtlMl 
daeeMe. had almost entirely ob\-iatv><] tlie idea tbitt a 
raiuiter was <^ommiltetl in tlie former ease. Yet, uw 
the revurd showed, tliere were r-innunatanoev irrefraga- 
biy imlieatin^ that some |)eraon tiad gained acci-i^i to 
old Jaffrey Pyni*hn>n*>' privuf aportmeota. at or near 
the monieni of bis death. His desk and private draw- 
era, in a room contiguoiu to hid U-<U<lianilier, had lieen 
, TMiBittJisd ; money and nUnahle artidea were mtsstng ; 
' WW a Uuody hand-print on the old Buui'a linen ] 

W'ttMU-t^Hoever ori^natiii^, tli 
thai undertook ho In iu-ii>iiiit 
as to exclude the idea of L'lif 
penons uffinnvtl Unit lliv hi»lul 
ttiQ facbi, lou^' »u uij'sterious, It 
dnj^H.Trvoty])tiit from one of Uil 
vbo. novradays. so sti*nge1y per)l 
nuui aiTaini, and put ev«rylK>ity'ft| 
blush, by the marvela wbiob 

According to this veraiMi of 
cIk-oii, exemplary a» wv havn 
narrative^ wati. in his youth, an 
Ml) )tCTipcj;TSK>e. The brutixh, t] 
as is often the ease, had Iwen dq 
tli« iQlt^lli-vtual (jualitii'M, and tlMJ 
fur whirb he uraa afterwards rq 
ulionn himiti-lf wild, diMipatiKl, ad 
ures, little short of ruffianly iu j 
n-elclcMtly expenmrc, witli no d 
the bounty of his nncle. This cai 
nlieniktcd the tdd IwlicIur'H affa( 
ilxed upon him. Now it ia avev 
on authorilv ori 

TtlE nRP.IHTniR. 

itclotlMS I The sarpriae of sin-h a iliwoirfTy. Us 
■gUstiOR, alarai, uid harmr, lirou^lit on the i^m <>f 
a ilisanler to which th« oM bwhvlor laul an hered- 
itiuj lialiUity: be aeeined to choke with MihmI, ant) 
fell upon UtP floor, strildDg h» Uvijili^ it ln-Avy )ilow 
agaiiut the oomer of a tabU>. What w»b to be iotm ? 
Tba oU auui ww muvly dml! AsgiictaBce woulil 
oome too Uto ! What m miafoTtuac. indeed, >boulJ it 
come too soon, alnoe hio tvvivuig cooM-iuoMieMi would 
brtn» tbt* mcoUei-tion of the ij^ominioua aS^QCt vrlriL'h 
Ik liuil N-l)i'lil tiix nv{)h<rw lu tlui very at'-t uf txtn- 

Bat be never did revive. With the cool hardihood 
that always peitained bi him, tho voun);^ man «>utiuiied 
bin Manrh of thv ilnwers. and found a will, of reutint 
dale, is (iivor itf Cltffnrxl, — whirb h» di'stitiml, — 
and an older one, in his owo favor, which he suffered 
to remain. But hofore retiring, JoiTn'y Iwthotiglit 
huaaeU of tbe evidenw. in thesie ransM'tti-d drawers, 
that wne onv had vLnitetl the chiuniirr with uai)it<>r 
porpoan. Suspiriun. tinleaa averted, night fix upon 
tin* nsU nffen«kT. In Uw vrry prwu^nw of the di»<I 
man, tbervfore, he laid a schenM that shoidd fiv« him- 
M-lf at tlM- ex|M7niH- of Ciifforil, ti'm t-iral, for whoM) 
cluuarter he had at onc« a contempt an<l a repug- 
aaant. It !« not pnil>al>h>. be it saiil. Hint 1m> actM] 
with any «c* jmrpo^p of involnnfj Clifford in a charge 
of miird«r. Knowing tlint his tim-k; diil not die by 
vialenee. it may not hare oocurrpd to hitn, in the hnrry 
of the rrixiM, that ftuch an inffn-ucip mi^ht tx' drawn. 
Bat, when tbe affair took tliis darker a»p«.vt, Jaflftvy'a 
previom step* hod already pledgvd bSni to tboae whieb 
remaioed. So cnifiily h.Til hi- iirraiigi't! Uie ctroam- 
_ atanoM, that, at Clifford's trial, his cousin hanlly 

■ VM. III. !4 


U'Ub Utu smallest tint pould pasail 
gmat m »m, Tfain w jiutt the sort < 
of emineiil rc-HjM.'ctitliililv fiinlfl it ea 
It WRH Huffonni Ui fuili* nut of titgl 
a Tenia] matter, in tbe Honorable 
long fnil»c«|U4-nt ntirvi-y of his own 
it iKuk, among tbe forgotten and fd 
biM youtb, and M-btofn thought of it 

We leave the •luclge to his repo 
be a^k^l foi-tiinatv at tb« himr of 
ingly, be was a cbibllesa man, whili 
more wi>nlth lo bix only (child's iiihl 
a WM^k :ifti:r his ileoi-as«, one of thai 
brought intelligonev of tW death, by;^ 
Pyti(;lieoii'a son, just at the )>niQt o(l 
hU njitivi- hintl. Ity lliiii misfutiunl 
rich; BO did Jlepeibah; no did oar ll 
vo, and, llirough her, tltat swnm ffl 
all manner of conservatism, — tJw 1 
Holgritvi! ! I 

It wa« now far too lat« in Cliffonl'l 
opinion of society to l>e worth l)»e trq 

«( . f 1 .i! ''■ ■■ -^^^-^^^ 


[of put ideas, when the randitiott of wluU*T«r comfort 
f\ta might cx|itcc Uy ill tki> i-nliu nf furgatftilDaMk. Afur 
neb wrciD^ 8A he luui sufft-reiL th«rv is no ivjmrs- 
tiou. Tbo |»itiii)>l>? miK'ki'n' of it, whirti the witrUl 
Rogitt hare been r^uly enofigii to offer, onming ao 
Ion*; after thr ngoiiT luul iIoim- iu iitiuiHit work, would 
hare been fit onlj to provuke bitterer Uoghier than 
poor Cliffcird was ever capahU of. It i« a truth (aud 
it would be a rery sad one hut for the higher bopM 
wbidi it mggiwto) tl»t no gntnt miMtakc, whMllffr 
acted or euduKd, in oar mortal sphmv, i« ever mall; 
aet right Time. th« roatiniud vicinitado of t-in-um- 
NOm^M. and i1m> inrariabic inopporttnuty cif death, 
rmder it tinpowubkf. If, after long la|i«p of 7>an« 
tbe right H^-ini In Ih' til our [)><wer, we f)»il »ii nii-he 
to aeC it in. The better remedy is for the sufferer to 
pain on. and leave what be ann thou^ Iuh irrepa<- 
rable rtiiu far behind him. 

The nbook of .Imlge PynehwD** dift t h bad a |icmi»- 
ncntly invigorating and idtimately beneficial effect on 
CUffonl. That Rltung and pondenKU man bad Iwen 
CBfFonl'H nigbUnare. There was do free breatli lo Iw 
dnwn, within tbeipbore of no malerolent an indiNiiwr. 
The tint effect of freedom, as we havo witnessed in 
(Afford'* nimh-M) tUght. was a tremiiloaii <,-i[bilarat>an. 
Subsiding from it. he did not sink into his former ta- 
tolWtual apathy. I If never, it iit trur. attainitl to 
nearly the foil nteasiiK of what might have been his 
boiliica. Hut he recomwd cnoogh of tlwin parltnlly 
to light wp his disraeter, to display some outline of 
Iba narreUooa groee that wuh almrtive in it, anil to 
make him the object of no leva d«ep, although less 
metaiu'bdly int<rrc>'t than heretofore. Hi-wiiw evidently 
happy. CouLl we paiue to give another pietuiv of his 

rSry MHin Bft«r their c!uui, 
Ilepzibab. and little Pbeebe, wi 
ftrtiHt, wmcliidrti u> rcmoxT from 
n( ibe Seven (iables, wad tak« 
|>rv««tit, ut the tflcjpuit CMintry-i 
Pyn<:)M.-un. CliiiiitKrlM-r iin<l hi 
lieen traiisportetl Uiitber, wbe: 
fiirtbwitlt bngiiti lU) itMlcfatignblc 
with all evident denisn. as a nia 
DcicfH.*, to CMntinkiv liicir ilhi>lrii> 
auspkvd than for a century past, 
tlifir <li^[nrltin.-, th« priurip*! pen 
inohiding good Un<'le V'eiinvr, 

" Till' nountiiy-houHe ii* cr 
fur *» thu plan goes," obscrvi-^l lli 
were diflciwaing their future 
vfondiT that tlw lutw Jiidgo — 
witti a reasunnble pr<»spect of 
to dt-NiTiidiintH of hi* own— Mb 
propriety of embodying; bo esceUq 
ti(? nn-bilw-tiiru in nUtai; ntlM-r tl| 
evwy (feneration of the family mij 
iuterior, U> ftu!( itit own taHtr nni^ 


4.1— 1 — 

witli infinite amuenotit, " how wdixlflrfully your id«u 
an duuqp^ ! A liuusi' nf Ktuiu^ indMil ! It b but 
two or thn<r we^lct a^> that you aeeinwl to wixli pM>- 
pie to live in fiuuMithmg a* fragile aad teupomy m a 

« Ab. Phabc, 1 tnlil you how it would he *. " aaitt 
the ■tiiat, wilii a half-nwlaacboly lauji;b. " V<m SncI 
me B oooMrvfttive nlready ! Little did I think ever to 
hecouie out!. It is especially unpanluoable in this 
dweUtag of so miH'h beieilitury uiinfortimc, and under 
the eye of yonder portrait of a model conserrative, 
who, in that rcri- flumwtirr, Rodored ItiraM^f m long 
the enl destiny uf his rw>e." 

** That ptcturu ! " *aid Cliffnnl, PVNfiiiing to khrink 
fram its rtem glanw. " Whenever I look »t it, Ihere 
. b an old draan.y n-culln'tioii Imintiinv r»i', but k<-i-[>- 
ing juat boyuud the gTaa[t of my mind. Wealth it 
Wfiin to sayl — boanilliiw wridlh t — uniinagioalile 
wealth ! I could fancy that, wh«a 1 was a child, or a 
youth, that portrait luwl Hpoketi. and told me a rieb 
eecrct. or luid held forth itn Iianil, with the written 
mMrd nf hi'Irlrii Dpiilcnci^. But lliuiie ulil iiiitttt?rM ani 
Bo dim with me, nowadays! What eould this dream 

" Perliaps I can recall i^'" answerwl Hul^^ve. 
"Seel TtM>n^ an> » htindnnl chanoes to nuu that no 
penon, muu-qoainted with tJ>e secret, would ever tou«.4i 
thill ■ prill g." 

••A aevret Bpring! " cried tTiflFonl. " ;Vh. I remem- 
ber w^i* \ I ili<) iliviivt^r it, line .tiiiiimpr aftonii>»n, 
wlira 1 was idlinc and drraniin)* about 1)h- Uxisc. long 
long ago>. IW tli^ luysU'ry eara{>ea me." 

Thi* arliitt put liis Iuijut on ihi- i-iiiitrivaiK'c t"i wl>ii*h 
hi- had rvfci-red. In former dayi>, the effect woidd 

luviujr ituin lurpunumit 
wmtd on tlw floor. A xwem 
l)rmi;>ht tn liglit. in which lay 
wiili a o^tituryV iluat ttmt it ctiulil 
D'cogiitM'xl NH n fuliUxl sheet of pa: 
opened it. aivd dLspU^ml an snciv 
tlMt bi«niel}-]ihi<-it of wvfnil tiidil 
oonrcyiiif; ti) CVloQel P}'iK'bM>D iui< 
« va«t vxU^iil of birriliiry at U«i 

" Tbia in the very partihment the 
wliit'h oost the buuitiful ATkh; l*vn< 
and life," bru) the artist, alladini; t 
h wluit Uw PjriH'lKwnH MHi^ht in j 
valuable ; and now that they find f 
ions ^*!va wortblitHH." j 

" Poor Cuuftin .luffrey ! This is «^ 
cxclaimoil ]Ic]i»:i)ia]i. " WhrJi tN 
gcther, Clifford probably made a tq 
this diHOoviiry. Ilv was utwayii di^ 
thither about the hoiute, and ligbtitd 
a«rti with livuuliful kIuHck. And , 
took hold of everything aa if it wei 
broltit-r hail fitiind out liU unrle's 
with this detuaion iu his iniwl ! " 

*- R..t ■* • 1 in 1 ^^^^^^M 



(only that I waa afniti] of (rtgbtt>nin^ yoo 
«way> that, in th» Inng dnuna of wrong and retribiv 
tion, I T«prw«ent the old vrucaitl, and am pn>biil>ly aa 
mui-h a HTUuml a* nvrr hr tnu. The son of th« t<x»- 
cntad Matlhew Manle. while building tlua Imiiim>, tonic 
tbr «[i[virt)tnitr tu ROnxtniiTt that rcpesn, luid hide away ^ 
thv Indian dvt^l, on which dependul the inunirnM' land* 
daini of the Pyocbivnt^ ThiM tlwy harl«<rwd their 
EUatom territory for Maule'?i pard*n-pn>und,'* 

** And n»>w," T«ud Uncle W-nnt-r. " I suppose tbi-ir 
iriinle claim in not worth one man 'a bIuik in my farm 
yonder ! " 

'* L'nele Venner." nried Phisbe, taking the patek 
|4iilo«K>pher'K hand, " you must never talk any mora 
about Your farm ! Yon shall never go there, at longJ 
■a you live 1 Ther« w a oottB|^ in onr new ^anlen, — 
tbs prettiest littJe yeUowisth-bnrwn cott^e you ever 
Mw : and the swwtvM-looking plaoe. for it look* just, 
H if it wi^n- raaile of f^ngerbread, — aitd we aru goin^' 
to fit it Dp and fnmitdi it, on purpose for yoo. And 
yoa ahall do nothing btit what y<Hi fhooMi, and Hhall 
be as happy as the day is long, and shall keep L'ou«n 
Clifford in R)>irita with the wiadom and pleaaantneMj 
whieh is always dropping from your tips '. " 

"Ah! my doar I'bild," ijuiiih good Um-le Venner, 
qnite overcome, "if yuu werv to n\»v»k to a j'ouitg 
ouin MA yon do to an (Jd one, his chance of keeping 
his htiart aonthc-r niinutt^ woidd nut W worth one of ^ 
the buttons on my wai<it«>al! And — soul alive! — 
that great stgh, which you ninih: me heave, luis buntt 
off the very last of them ' Rut, never mind ! It was 
Uw faapptett sigli I i-vfr did hiraw ; and it minrnt ai* if 
I must have drawn in a Ridp of heavenlv breath, to 
nake it with. Well, well MiM Fbi-be': They'U 


miM TDfi in the gardens hfrpnbouts, and rminil l>r th» 
Ixu^lf <Iuuth; and I'yiiohmn Stni'^U 1 'ni iiinud, will 
hardly look Ute skdir withcMit old Unrk' Venaer, irbo 
ivmcmbers it with a mowing flcltt nu uiie nidi*, and tlu> 
gardoD uf thv St-von (iiiI>U'« on iIk- otUur. Bui eitlirr 
I must go to your country-aeat, or you must oome to 
my farm,— that's one of two thiof^ oortain; and I 
leave you to ofaoom which I " 

"Oh, i'ome witli iw, liy all mcatu, Undo Wnnwl" 
said Clifford, who had a reniarkable enjoyioeitt nf the 
«1<) iiuui'h uioUow, (|iui!t, nnd Himplt- «)>irit. *' I wmit 
you always to be within five miuuledi' Haunter of my 
chair. Yoii ant Uio only philosopher I ever kti<5W of 
whose wisdom haa not a drop of bitter easeniw at th« 
bottom t " 

" Dear me ! " cried Unole Venner, beginninj; partly 
to rt'aliz«! what innnnor of man h« wan. "And yet 
foUcB used to set me down amoug the simple onea, in 
my yocmgcr days I Htit 1 niipiKwu 1 am like a Kox- 
bury niaset, — a great deal the better, the longer I 
can Ih) kept. Ym; und niy wnriU of wifulom, tlial 
you and I*h»pbo tell me of, arc like the golden dand» 
lion*, whirJ) never grow iu tin- hot montlin, but may 
be seen glistening smonf; the withered grass, and un> 
d«r thi! dr)- li-aveii, aoinetimea an late oa UeotmlMT. 
Anti yoti are wel«>mc, frienda, to my men of <lao(I» 
lionii, if tlivre wi-r<> twiw as many ! " 

A pbiio, but handsome, dark-groeo barouche had 
now drawn up in front of the tuinoiu portal of the 
old m:inH!iin-bo«LiH>. Tlie |uir1y came forth, and (with 
the exee]»tii>n of goiid Unile Vtmier, who was to fol- 
low ia a few dny») pnKHwthsl to take their pUuu, 
They were ehatting and laughing very pleasantly t» 
gcthor ; and — a« |>rove« to W uf tvn ihv caaa, at 


wbpo w*- nuglit n> imlpiUlo with wnMliiltty — 
rd and Uepcibah bade a tioal farewell to the 
kImmIp (if tbeir fi»»-[utb«rH. with hunily mora feniatwa 
than If they bad made it tbeir arrau^eneot to return 
tlittbAf at tea>time. Sennl vkildtvn were (Irawn to 
tiw sixrt by so tmnsiuJ a sppctacle as the barouche and 
pair of gT%y hones. Utmi^'itiKiiig li' tie NVd Hi^;gitu 
among them, Hepzibah put hor hand into her pocketi 
uhI pnwntetl the urvbin. her earliest wk) slaunchst 
caEtomer. with silver eno(if;li to p«opb) the Doradaniel 
carem of his interioi with as viuio03 a proceaaioo of 
cjiiiulnipnds b» pa»s«) into thv uHc. 

Two men were jHi.<uiiig, jitst aa tbv baraoohe drovo 

" Well. Dlxey." said one of tbem^ " what do jtm 
think of this? My wife kept a cent-shop three months, 
and lost five doUam on her outlay. Old Muid Pyn- 
cbeon has been in trade just ahniit as long, and ridee 
off in her carriage with a eoaple of htuiilml tlmoMjid, 

— reckoning her tdiare, and Clifford's, and Phtehe's, 

— and some say twiee xt uiueh' If you cbooK to 
call it luck, it i» all x'ery wtdl ; bnt if we are to take it 
as the will of Providen*H', whv. I can't exactly fathom 
it 1 " 

" Pretty good haiinem ! " tjuotb tbii angncioiui Dixcy, 
— ** ptrttj- good business 1 " 

MatUe's well, all ihi^ time, though left in willtude, 
wax throwing itp a snecession of kaleidoAL-opic pictures, 
in which a gifted cyi.' might have mth fot^-<hadnwiM) 
thi* coming fortunes of llep^Jbah and Cliffonl, and the 
destvnilnnt of the Icgt-iulnn- wixard, luid thi- rillage 
inaiili-n, over whom he hail thrown Love's web of sor- 
cery. The PyniJi«>u Kim, niorrovcr, with what foli- 
age the September gali- luul spared to it, whiiipcrod 




TilB summer of 1861, apont at Leoox. wu m busy 
tmi* fur [luwtliorae ; nuiI )i« i-liieted it l>y briii^tng out 
" The Snow-Image, and Other Twiw-Tolii Tales." in 
Ute auttuun. Tht: tal« wbioli ^Te this Toliuue its 
name most probably «pning from M>tii>' xiiujilc t'pi^txU 
in tlw life of bin two (^lilcr t^lulilreti, tlMii at live age» 
of about six and eight : and thete playa owr ite pagm 
•oft light of Jomcatid^, transient tut the Dicker of 
an u|>i-n wiKHl-tir^ — like all tlw irradiations of actu- 
ality u]ion Hawthorne')) Action, — but characteristio of 
^itB origin. One little voineidenc-e I observe wrhich, 
Irtlioagb tritiiug, it in pertiapii worth whili> tu mention. 
Wlx-n tlui suppoiwd vhild ])lHynuite, whom Violet and 
Peony have brought into the house, luelta away before 
the tirv by whieh the iiuittvr-of-fiu-t Mr. Liitdm-y luw 
plated her, be exdainia : ■■ Look what a quantity of 
anow lliv (.'hildrr-n have brought in on (beir fv*<l It 
haa made quite a )>udi)le here before Uie stove. Pray 
tell Dora to bring (tome tomtU and nop it np ! " Dora 
1 was tlw name of a woman of ratlier rentarkable ehar> 
acter, who hud Iwen tl»e att«-tiiltuit of lIawtl»i>nM<'8 
children in Salem- Far back in 1836, too, the "jVnieiv 
ican Nut«-HooL«" aliow that h« etiUirtaineci llie w-hrnio 
of writing a stor^* about boys battling with snowballs. 


luui thp virfnriituM U'.-iHi'r l<<riiig honan^rl vritli n sbltw 
of kimsi-lf in Know ; the parpose, to satirize fame. 

TliU int«i«Hting k«y alito ^veo ii|>pr(>xinuit«ly iho 
dato when Ilawtliomc formwl hi* ilcsii^ (or "The 
Gp«»t Ston« Face," wlu<'h oDtntM imoviitl in th<! 
ent volume. Between Januitrj- 4, 1839. and the 
1S40, tlierc woups tJiU |ium]|:ni))h : — 

" The Bemblam^c of a human tace to be formed on 
tliH ftule of a mountain, or iu th« fnieturu of a small 
stonv, by a lunus tuituivt. Th« tsuie is an object of 
tniriosit^ for yean or for centurira, and by and by a 
boy is bom, wIkhk ftMiturts gradnnUy assume the n»- 
peel of that piirtrait. At wwie eritical jiinotiire. t!u' 
rcwinbiMnrt- w foLind to be pvrfwt. A prophecy miglit 

A curious incident in the later history of *> The 
Great Ston« Fsuv " in tliat, a fow yrars ago, it was 
found by some one in a (lenasin translation. re-tnui»- 
liilt-d intii Knglixli of an infi-nor sort, unit pitblished in 
an American periodieal of good standing Wfuix- tlie 
nuErtake or imposition, whichever it mjty liave bees, 
was detected. This sptirions ^-eraion served as indin'trt 
testimony to the extreme importanee of xtyle. anil in 
especial the subtlety with whieh Hawthorne's peeuliar 
genius ]H>netrat«d and iinpresseil il-telf a\ma his lan- 
guage ; for lierc the Htor}' wut> the siknie, yet, by the • 
nse of a commonplace style, tbfi beauty of the original 
was destroye<l, and its fon-e lout, 

" The Canterbiuy I*ilgriras " was derire<l from Haw- 
tlinnie'H itiipreMsioni of iJw Shaker commtmity at Can- 
ttfriniry, N. II., which he virited in 1830: writing 
tlwnve to one of hts Hi^tcTH : " I Kpnke to them about 
inHtntiiti); a member of their eominuiiily, but have 
M>tu« lo tit) dM^iaiim on that point." lAtcr, in 1838, 


he took a trip through western Massachusetts, bj way 
of eolaiging his horizon. In the Note-Books are some- 
what extended accounts of the people he encoimteTed 
there, or of other matters whick struck him ; and it is 
very instmctiTe to notice how he has transferred san- 
diy objects and persons bodily — with but few changes 
bom the wording of his journals — into the romantic 
&bric of " Ethan Brand " (in the Snow-Image vol- 
ume). Snch are the broken-down and crippled lawyer 
wbo has taken to soap-boiling ; the trarelling German 
peep-diow proprietor ; aod even an old dog who had a 
whimsical habit of pursuing his own taiL He had seen 
tliem in the neighborhood of Pittsfield, only a few miles 
fnnn Lenox ; and on comii^ to Lenox, after an inter- 
val of thirteen years unce his former stay in (he Berk- 
shire Valley, his interest in this old " material " may 
have been revived. 

The circomstance that Hawthorne was known in ool- 
ite as "Oberon," and that he bomed the manuscript 
of his first book, indicate clearly on what foundation 
the sketch entitled "The Devil In Manuscript," in 
the present series, was based. It refers, obriously, to 
his own experience, 




Mt deab Hridok, — Some of the more crabbed of 
; tDj eriticA, 1 UDilenUuid, have pronnunui-al yntir frUmd 
egodstkal, iixtiiMTreet, aotl even unpeniaent, on m> 
coimt of Um! Prvfrnx-a uDtl I nUudwUoaii with wbiuh, 
on several Dccasimis, be liaA seen fit to jittvo the rekd- 
er'a wnjr into tlw intvrior MliG<w of n UhiIc. In tJ>ii 
Miulke of this mutiire 1 do uot exai-tJy concur, for the 
[nuons, on the one hand, that thii )itil>lio generally 
' hu Bc^Uived the idea of undoe freedom on the ao- 
thnr's part by eriiu-ing, it seem* to ii»p, rather looro 
mleKst in tboae aforeiiaid tutroductious than in tha 
■toriea which foUownl ; iuk) tliat, on iIm- other hand, 
with whatever appeanwce of confidential intimacy, I 
have beeo especially cwfiil to maV^ no diM'Io«nrm 
teaptctiDg myself which the moat indifferent observer 
n^bt not hare been ac()aaint«d witli, and which I 
waa not |>erfectly willing my worst enemy should 
know. I mi};bL fnrtlier josttfy myMclf, <m tliu jtlua 
that ever aiuce my youth. I have been addressing a 
wry limited circle of friendly ruulcnt, witlH>iit moch 
dai^er of lieing overbeanl by the public at large ; and 
that the habilt thiw acqtucMl might pardonably cod* 
tinnc. althoi^b &tnuiger« may havu b4:giut (o mingle 
with my audi4-nc«. 

m pro 


tvhiU- to myadl, bectOM thcy < 
band, and likenine are oiy nvni pr 

moet abilit}-. into the <Ie]>thH nf 
for tilt' piirpaMirit of )wyd)tiliigKNiJ 
punucs his researL>h«s in that 
needs miui, a^t woll I>y tlie tnvt of 
light nf ubs«nration. — will stnile 
tmputatioii in virtui^ of a li(di! pr^ 
Iiis ^xtornal habits, his abode, h^ 
nnd otlii'p tiiattt-r.* i-ntiifly iiiKin i 
things Iiiile the man, instead of dU 
iiiitvc tnnko <|nil4! anoth^-r kind d 
through iJie whole range of his 4 
good niid «vil, in <mk-r to detect fl 
traits. j 

Be all this as it amy, thiM» ran I 
the pmprioiy of my iiL^cribing thi| 
and later sketches to ynti, and (nuc 
iDcnta. to !i)M-iik of theni. as friend 
still being cautious, however, lliat I 
crltieii idiall overlwar nothing wfl 
vonoealiog. On you, if on no ottU 



tliry titmblrtl along th« citrrcnt of Ui" Arulro«cog- 
j^n ; or ehontitig jngeons knd f^rvj M|tLim<lH in tlie 
woodft ; itr bat-fowling in tlie siimtnur twilight ; or 
catvluDg troatd Id that sIimIowv litUv sttvain ukicb, ] 
niipaae, is atUl wandfiring riv«T-w»rd througb the fo^ 
Mt, — tlmugh ynu luul I will lu-vt-r c*st a liti« in il 
■gain, — two idle lads, in ^ort (as we need not ft«r 
to acknowledge now), doing b hundrtKl tbinfpi that 
tJie Fai'ultj- never bean) of. or eUe it had lieen the 
wurM- for us, — Ktill it wns voiir pro^nstic of yoiir 
friend's deatiny, tliait he waa to be a writer of fiction. 

And M li<-tion-mon;;iT. in dttc mwson, be l)ct'«nu). 
But WAM tlu^rc t^vt^T Mich a weary delay in obtaining 
the idighlwtt rmw^ition frotn lltu fnihlic, as in my 
ease ? I iMt down by tlie waysi<Ie of life. like a man 
ntuler enf hsntmeol. u»d a shrubbery sprung up around 
IIM>, fiod thi! btuih«s grow to be aaplings awl the Ha]>- 
lings bei^tn^ treM, nntil no exit upprjirrd possible, 
t hiPB gii thf itutangling deptliit of my obM^tnty. And 
there:, pvrbaps. I sboald be sittiufr at thin moment, 
with Uw) mow> on the imprisoning tree-lnmk.4, and tbti 
jetlcnr teare« of mur« than a amnr of autumns piU'd 
nboru mis if il bad not been for yoo. For it waa 
throogb your inUT|H>Kit)on — ami tluit, moivovrr, un- 
koDWn to hii»M-lf — I liat your early fnettd waa brotight 
Wfore the puldir. Kontowluit more promim^nlly than 
theretofore, in the tii-at volume of "Twioe-told Tales." 
Not ■ pidiliidiiT iu AiiMrriow, I preflunke, wuuld h^vo 
tbongbt well enough of my forgotten or never-noticed 
Moriea to n.-dc thir csjx-nxc of print and pa]>cr ; nor do 
I Bay this with any puqKMe of castii^ odtutn on tbu 
re»p<KlaUe fiatc^mity of iKKik-tcUcn, for llieir blind- 
oe<M to my wonderful muril. To confess the tmtli, I 
doubted of the public recognition (iuit« aa much as 



ihiij conli) i1(>. So miu-li Dm* mnrc genpmaA wiw 
DODfldeDCP ; anil kiiowHii;;. a^ 1 rlo, thai' it was foundvt] 
on ol<l frivml-Oii)) niUii-r than cnUl criticiNtii, I vmlnc il 
only the inor« for that. 

So. now, wlu^ii I turn bark npon m; \>*\h, Ufjlilwl 
by a trmiMtoiy gtcam iif public fmvur. to pick up a few 
artii'lm which wen; left out of my iontwt i»tlt>cti(>ns, 
1 take pleitsiitv in miikin<; thcnt tbv Dientprial of uiir 
Torj' long anrl iinhix^on oonitc(;tioD. Some of liiv^ 
skctc'licti were anion;; the curlituit lliat I wrote, and, 
aftor l}'in^ for yeani iu manuHTipt, they at Lmt 
itl(tilkf(l int^> the AnnitiilH or M:ig:uuiii^, and h«ro 
hidden Ihemselvea there ever siiK*. OtJiura were tltft 
proiluctioiiH of n later pcrtiMl ; otlM>ni, aj^n. wera 
written recently. The <rom|)aHHnn of tfaew variniia 
triflM — the indi<re8 of inteU«Ttuul ounditiotu at far 
separale epiH'ha — affeetfi me with a unfcular vttm- 
)i)i?xitj' of rc<p\-t«. 1 ant <li«po8ed to (jiuim'l with the 
earlier Hketchea, tiolh tteoauae a mattu-e judgment ili>- 
c«ms ft> many faullN. and still ■nun' hpcwue tbejr 
conie ,•«» nearly up to the standard of the Ijeat that I 
can tu'hievc now. The ripened antnninal fniit tastva 
bnt little Ix^tter than tlie early windfalls. It would, 
indcttl. \m ntortifvin^ to brlii-re thai ihi- iHinintiT-timo 
of life has passed away, without any ^eater progress 
and improvement than ia itMlieatcd hero. Itnt — at 
KiMt ftt I w>tdd fain ho)>e — tbene thio;^" are ftcarcely 
to he dependeil ujKin, as mcaHur\-> of l)u> intellectual 
Mid inonil man. In ranth, men are apt to writ* more 
wisely than they really know or fwi ; and the remain- 
der irf Iif(- may Ik: not idly ti))i-nt in n-alizing and con< 
vinoing tlteniaelvea of tite wiuloin which th^y uttvred 
liinj; apt. Ilie Inilh that wan only in tin- fani-y then 
may have aiuc*- tieoi>uie a nidisiaucu iu the miad aud 





I hsTe nothing farther, I thixik, to say ; nnless it be 
that the public need not dread m; agsia trespassing 
(n its khidness, vith any more of these ronsty and 
moaafroibbled leaves of old periodicals, transformed, 
by the magic arts of my friendly pablishera, into a 
new book. These are the last. Or, if a few still re- 
main, they are either soch as no paternal partiality 
could induce the author to think worth preserving, or 
else they have got into stHue very dark and dusty hid- 
ing -place, quite out of my own remembranoe, and 
whence no researches can avail to unearth them. So 
there let them rest. 

Very sincerely yours, 


Ohe afternoon of a cold winter's day, wbeo the son 
shone forth vriili chilly brigbln^A-i. after • long Morm, 
tvro (Oiildn-o lutkitl U^aw of Uieir ninther to rtm out 
and play in the oew-fallen snow. The elil^^r cliilil was 
a little girl, whom, l)v<-ati>w> hIm- wsut of a t«-ndin- and 
modest dis]>o8itiua, and was thaii|;ht to be Tory besuti- 
fid. Itur |iMn-»tJ>, ati«l oth^^r pivplc who wi-rv funiiliar 
witJi l>er, us«i to call Violet, But her brother waa 
knuwn by thi- i«tyl« awl lillo of Pi-nny, on wH-otiiil of 
the raddineBa of his bnuul and niiind littk' pliiz. whirh 
made cverylindy think of siuiMhiui^ niul grvat vmrlct 
flowen. The fitther of tht-sif two cltildrt^'R, » <>vrtaiD 
Mr. (jindwy, it i* iminirtnnt tu «ay, waa an 4>xn-I]rnt 
but exoeeilin^ly tnatti-r-of-fa<'t »»rt of iniin. n duili-r in 
hiinlwan-. and was sturdily aocu<itiiu>e>l tii take what 
is called the oommoD-M'n'ir vivw of iiU mutters that 
ouas under hJa conuderation. Witli a heart about aa 
Under as otiiur pnoplu'*, be hail a l>ca<l m hanl and 
impewtrable, anil theivfnrp, perhapo. aa empty, w one 
of the iron [Mitn whirh it wan a part of hia btwincjui tti 
seU. The mother's cltanu-it^r. on tite other hand, had 
a Ntmiu of poetry in it. a trait of unworldly Ix-aiily, — 
a delicate and di'wy flowirr, aji it vrvn; tluit Ii.-ul siir- 
rivod out of her iina:o»<^^e youth, and still kept it- 
^If alivt- ainid the dusty realities of tuutrimotty lud 



TNK syOW-titAGK: 

So, Violet and Peony, as 1 began with saving, hr- 
sought tlii'ir niuther to let thrin run iitit taiii \tlay in 
the new situw ; for, tJiough it had lookixt u* drmry 
iinil (lixiiml. ilriftiii^ tlowiiwiinl out nf tltu gray sky, it 
luut a ver)- i'li<i-i-ful ii«])ect, now tliat the sua waa 
(ihining on it. llii^ ehililreu dwk-lt in a i-ity, and hod 
no wider )ilay-|>tiu.'u tlum u little gaixlen l>ef<ire tliu 
liKUMs tlividiil l>y a ivliilt- fi-iicit from (hv Ktn^-t, kUiI 
with a pcar-ti-eie and two or three ittum^nns oversbad- 
owtiig it, ntid M>mi< nxw-bu-sbi-a jimt in front of thw 
jHir) or- windows. The tn-i>e nnti shrulw, Iiowuver, wore 
now 1«atli^*», and tltt^ir twigs were envelojied ia the 
light Hnow, w)iii-!i thuM nuidv a kind of wintry foliage, 
' villi liere nnd tbi-re a jieudent ificle for the fniil. 

'*>■».•», Violui, — jM, my little Peony." said their 
kind motht-r, "you may g<> out and |ilay in tJu- new 

Aocurdingly, the good huly InindlMl np licr tlnrlingn 
in woollen jackets and wadded sack^, an<I jmt c-omfort- 
ers round tix'ir u(s'ks iind u jiitir nf Ktri|Hsl gniu-rs on 
each little pair of legs, and worsted mittena on their 
haoiU, anil gave tlu'dn a kisit apiMw, liy way of a i<|>cll 
to keep away Jack Frost. Forth sallied the two chiJ- 
drfu, with a lio)y-tdcijt.and-jiint)i. tluit corriiil tJiem at 
once into the very heart of a huge nnow-drift, wlitinco 
Violitt emerged like a xnow-hiintiiig, while little Wimy 
floiindvred out with his routul tiuaa in full hinom. 
Tlifn wliat a merry tinii; liatl thoy '. To look at tlu-ut, 
fridieking in tlie wintry' gartlen, you woidd ba>'o 
tliuu^ht tliat the diirk and pitiless atnnn )oil In-en 
Sfiit for no olht^'r purpose hut t<i proriilu u ni-w jilay- 
tiling for Violet and Peony ; and that tlu^y thetuM)-li*os 
hiul hn-a cri'-atwl, im tin' «now-hinlH were, lo takt* do- 
light only in the tempest, and in the white maiiUa 
which it Hpread over tlie vartli. 

A CHtUilSH iflRACtJi. 


At last, when tlicv luxl fmshil one another xU ovvr 
itb huiiifuLi iif snuw. V'iuli^t, after l:iugbuig li^ariily 
at litdi.- Peony's (igiira, wiw KtnuJc with s dvw idm. 

*• You louk exMi-lly like a suow-Uimge. I\«ny." saiil 
•bft, " if your check» wrn- nut iw nil. Ami tluU puUi 
tntf ia muull Let u« make lui iiuage uut of hdow, — 
■n iteagu of m littJn g^'U — ium) it xluill Ixi otir xtxlvr, 
aod ahall mn about atwl itUiy with ud all winter loug. 
Won't it W nice?" 

"Oh JBbI" cri«I Peony, aa plaluly m he wiilil 
apeak, fbr bo wiu liut n littlu Iniy. -'IluU will l»! 
uiw! And inautiDa shall see it! " 

**Y«H." miMWrnst Viulu't; ■■nuannia aball am tin 
new little prL Dot nlw intist not laake her come into 
thi- Miinn jmrlor ; for, you know, our little twow-tftatcr 
will not love th« wanutli." 

.AdiI furtliwitb tbu vhildivn l>e;;aLO thi^ ^reat biisi- 
iiHts gf raakiag a Miow-itna^- thut KhuiUd ran about ; 
while tlicir mother. v.-bn was Bitting at tlie wiudow and 
overiwani !M]|im> nf tlw-ir talk, eoidil not help smiling 
at the gravity with which iJiey set almut iL They 
n>ally Heeriied to i»i»^'iii<! tliat tJH're wtudi] )■> no dilK- 
(ttil!y whntevi-r in creatini* a live little girl uiit of the 
BDow. Ami, to Ray tlie tnitJi, ifjiirarlvi artt ov«w to 
be WTong)tt,it will Iw by putting onr hands to the 
tn (ireciseiy sueh a siujili! and iin<liiubting fnuni) 
of mini) an tlukl in whirb Vinh-t and PM>ny imw un- 
dertook to ]ierforui one, without so inueh as knowing 
that it waj> a niirw-b-. So thooght itic mother; and 
ii)t);;hL, liki'VriAe, tlut the ntw ttuow, just fallen fniin 
Wiven, would Ite fXi^<Ui-nt tnat«-rial to ttuiko iittw 
lietngK of, if it wenr not ko rery eold. She gaaed at 
tho I'bildren h monimit lonpr, ilrli;;bting to wati'b 
tbcir littlu figuruw, — the girl, toll for Itr.r age, graoeful 



and a^ple, and so delicately colored that alio looked 
like ft cki^-rful tlionght taorv than a pltyui-al reality : 
while P«ouy expanded in bnuidtii mtlivr thiin livtghl. 
Bad rollwl along oo Iilh »liort and sturdy It-ga an sul^ 
fitAntia] as an dophiuiti thou(;h not quttv so bi;;. Then 
the inirtluir mviuiiwhI \\v.t work. Wliat it was I forget; 
liut hIi« was either tritDming a silken Itonni?! for Vie- 
U-t, or daminf; a pair of Ht4>ckiugs for little Peony's 
short li-^. Again, however, and tt{;ain, and yH ntlui- 
agalna, &be could not help turning her bead to the 
window to sue l>ow the vhildruo got on with ihiir 
snow- imager 

I»denl, it was an exceedingly pleasant sight, Ihiw 
bright littie suultt at tiieir task I Moreover, it nat 
rt^-wlly wimilvrftil to observe how knowingly and skit 
fully tliey tua»;^tl llii? lualU-r. Violet a^umed ihp 
chief dirtH-liun, and told Peouy wliat to do, whih% witli 
hvr own delioittc ftngers, alie tihajted out all the nicer 
parts of the snow-figure. It S(vni<-d, in fnt*t, not so 
niueh to \m> inadc by the <-liihlren, as to grow up under 
their hands, whikt th«y were playing attd jirattUng 
kImiuI it. Thi-ir mollw-r was quite itur|}ris«d at this; 
Hud tilt! longer she luukud, Uic more and mom nus 
priiu^d ithi! gTRW. 

"What rcmiirluhlo rhildn-n muw arel" thought 
t(he, smiling with a motlHT's ])ride: and, smiling at 
hcrM-lf, to«>, for being so pn)ud of tJieui. "What 
other ohildi*n i-ould have made anything so liki' a 
little girl'it figuni utit of nnnw at the first trial' 
Well ; hut now I must finish Peony's now fmck, for 
liix gniiidfuth<T is coiuing to-M)o;-Tow, and i want the 
little fellow to look hiiiidsoiuc." 

So ihe tAok up th(! froek, and wan noon a» busily at 
work again with Imt ni-vdU as tJiu two chiklri'ii with 

Willi H 






sntnr-tiBagp. But still, w tlie iKrJ1<> tnvuUwl 
faitlier tad thitlier throtigh the Kaais of tlw (lrea«, the 
mother tiiailt' Iwr ttiil light aod liappy by lUtcning 
ti> tbt- airy niceft of Violet aud Peony. They hept 
taHiing til one Mtotbrr iiU tlM- tiutp, Uicir tougiuM Wing 
^uite aa active as their fe«t ami baoils. Except at 
iDUtrvil*, abe could not di^tiiictly hvnt wLnt wan tiaid, 
but had merely a sweet iDiprmstua that they were in 
a niioat loving mood, and w«rv enjoying ihetuflclvea 
liigldy. and thikt tfap businom of making the tutow- 
iinngi- Went pmi^iierDualy on. Kow and tbeu, however, 
when Violet and Teooy hapfienMl to miw their voiom, 
thn wordai wen aa audibli^ as if thuy had been spoken 
io th« rvry parlor where tlie mother mt. Oh !»»« 
drltgbtfully thoM wonU echoed in her heart, eT«a 
though they meant nothing bo very wise or wonderful, 
after »U ! 

But you muKt know ■ mother listens with her heart 
miich wore than with her earai ; atul thiM ahe is often 
delighted with the trills of i-elL'Stial musict, when utlier 
people can bear oirthin^ of the kind. 

" PHmy, Feony ! " i-riwl Violet to her brother, who 
had gooo to another part of th<! giinlen, ** hnag me 
aoma ol that freali know. Puioy, from the very fitrthi-xt 
earner, where we have uot been tnuitpling. 1 want 
it to slutpti oar little raow-sister'B bosom with. You 
know that part must be quite pure, just aa it came out 
of Uic- sky : " 

" Huns it is, Violet! " answereil Peony, in his bluff 
too<*. — but a vtry wm-rt tonp, too, — as he «uiie floun- 
dering through the balf-Irodden drifbt. '* Here is thu 
Nuow for her Utile Ixwom. O Violet, how beau>ti-ful 
abe begins to look ! " 

Yes," smd ViBto,_tba n^tfuUy atwl quietly j 

run :iXvW-{MAOBi 

ttaoif'shUiT cliM^H look very 1<>v«)y. I 4li<l not qiiit« 
Imuvr, Poonj, ihnt we cMnild nmln suob • swent llttlu 
girl aa thia." 

Tlu; iiii^tlirr, nit xhe liHtened, thought h<»w lit tMtl 
deligbtful an incident it wooM t>e. if huries. or HtUl 
better, if angcl-chiliircii wtjix; tv coriK fttun p«mdiw, 
Bod piny inrtBiliiv with lier own <liu-lin<rx. and brljj 
thetii to uihIco tJti>ir Hnnw-imuf^, giving it the f<>«L)irwt 
of oelestiil hiibyhood ! \'ioli-t nnd PcM>ny wmild nut 
Im! awniv of thfir iiuinnrtal playmates, — only lltey 
wotdd iwf that tltv iniuj^ Htvv/ VL-ry iMKiitifiil wliil« 
tliey worke^l At it, an<l would tliink chat they tltein- 
iwlvcit hiul done it all. 

" My littJe girl and boy deeenre soph playmates, if 
mortal cliiKln'n ever dtdl " nid tl>e mother to hoi^ 
M-lf ; iind tht!a .ilie smil«tl again nt her own mothvrly 

NfvcrthvlosM. tlic idoti wimd tipoii her imagination ; 
an<I, ever and amm. she look a ),'tiiu]tw nnt of the win- 
dow, half dn-wnin^ that site might sco Ui« ijoldt-n- 
lialred children of panwlise sporting with hnr own 
golden-hain-d \'it>lol an<l 1iright-t'hr<-ke<l Poony. 

Now. for a few montcnts, there was a hutiy and ear- 
nest, but indistinrt hum of tiic two childrvn'M miccii, 
M Vioh't anil Peony wrought topcther with one h»ppy 
ounscnt. Viok't nlill Kti-nit'd to Im- the guiding Hpirit, 
whil« Peony aeted rather as a lsbun>r, and hroiight 
htr the wmw fnmi far and nwir. And vH th« Httlo 

rhin fvi<lently had a pi-oiier imderstaiiding of ilie 
IT, too ! 

Peony, Peony t " eried Violet ; for Iter biv>thrp 
wa» again at tin* oth(!r siiih- of tlwr gwnlcn. " Hriiig mu 
those light n-reaths <>f snow that hare rested on th« 
lower bnuu-lws of tliA {)ear-trce. You can cUinhiT on 





die Biov-drift, Peony, and learli lli«in dutly. I mtwt 
have tliem to luakv mmiiu ritiglitU fur uur Hoow-sister's 
favwl t " 

*• Here Uicy uv, Vinkil " mtw^nA the littk boy. 
** Take vwe you do not break tiKin. W«J1 <1od« I 
WeUdoael 1 low pretty 1" 

■* £>0M sbu twt look sweetly I " autl Violet, with ft 
very aiLdsSed lone ; " iuu\ nnw vtt iiitMt bmvs •oow lit- 
Uo ■^t^iHfT bit« of icu, bi luiUce the briffhtacs!) of Wer 
ayee. She U not fintabMl yK. Mauitna will «■'« hour 
v«T7 beautifol nho is ; but pa|ia will say, ' Tosh t uun- 
aenae t — vouw in out of thn iNild I ' " 

** Let us call uauunu U> Uitrk uuL." mid Pmov ; and 
tbea he shouted lustily, " Mamnia ! nttmnu ! I mam- 
iDftI I ! Look out, and ttc what a dicl- 'itllo girl we 
■re tucking!" 

The mother pot down her work for an instant, and 
looked oat of tin* window. Dtit it imi ba))|wti<-<I tliat 
the eiut — for this was onv of tlit: sliutt«st days of the 
whole ycftr — hwl mioken ao nearly to the edge of the 
world that his SL-tting sbino '-:uik- ii1ili(|uely into lh«i 
lady'ii vycM. So sbe was diuzli^l. you iaui>t undcretuid, 
and could not very distinctly uImm-fvc what wm in tJte 
gmrdcn. Still, iiowevfir, tliroufjli all that bri;;h(, blind* 
ing daule of the sun and tliv new nnow, ntit- lH'.ii<-ld a ' 
noali wbitv K^iure in tl>c garden, that s«eniod to have 
m tronderfal deal i>f bunian UkonoM oitont it. An<l kIio . 
aaw Violet and I'cHttiy. — indeed, abe ItHtked more at 
them than at tlK- imaf^c, — Mh«> mw tlu> two chililrr^a 
Ntill at wiitk ; I'fi>ny bringing freeh snow, and Violet . 
ajiidying it u> tbi: li;nJi>^ >"> MiietDtifically as n wtdgitor 
■diU clay U> his ni(iib>L IndiHttDedy as she discerned 
the snow -cbil'I. th<- molltrr t(i<>it[;lit to biTHrlf that] 
Bovor before was tbeni a snow-tigtira no vuouingl; 


TUB S!fOnr-/UACE! 


uuule, iior ever Bucb a dear littlo girl and \tny to 

" Tlii-y <i« everything bettev thau otlwr cbJlilren. 
Raid Mlie. vitv ntitipUiceatly. ** Nu wotulvr they make 
butlvr NtiHW'itDagcA ! " 

She sat ilovru again lu her work, and mad« as nmeli 
htUftr- wiUi it as jHiftsible ; bei'au.'ie twili|;kt would suoti 
L-ome. and Peony'it frock wh» not yvt ftDiihod, aod 
grandfather wim expected, by railroad, pretty earljr in 
the inominfT' Faster and fa«u>r, tben*f'>iv, went Iter 
flj'iiij; tingure. Th« nhildren. likewise, kept biuily ut 
work in the garden, and still the luotlx'j- liittenod, 
whenever tdie ouidd i;itteli u word. She wan amuaed to 
oblM;r^\' how their Uttlu tinH^nutiottH had got uiixv>d 
u|i with witat tlitty vievs ilutiig, jtnd carriwi away by it. ■ 
Thi'V »4^eincd positively to think that the soow-cliUd ' 
would run uhimt luxi play will) tliciii. 

*' What H nice jilayutate ^e will l>e for tu, all wtii'fl 
t4!r lung!" said Vinli-t. •■ I Iwpc ]>H|>a will not be™ 
afraid of her giving ua a ooUl t Sha'u't yon love h«>r 
difarly. Peony ? " 

"Oh yes! " uried Peony. " .\n<I I will hug her. nndl 
slie Hliall Hit down elo»e by nie, and drink some of niyj 
warm milk ! " 

*' Oh iio. Peony I " answered \nolet with prB^■l> wi»-1 
dum. " Tluit will not do at all. Warui milk will nofc . 
be wlwlesome for onr littU- Miow-sinter. Little hiuv 
jxrople, liko hfr, eat iiotltiuf; but ieieles. No, no. 
Peony ; we inuat »nt give her nnvtJung wunn tol 

dniiit : " 

TUere was a minute or two of Hilenw ; for Peony, I 
wlioitK nhort li-jr* were never weaiy, had gone on a jiil- 1 
tp-im:i;!:e ajTiii) to thr other niile of Ih*^ garden. All of J 
a iiiidden, Violet eried out, loudly and joyfully, — 



•• L^vilc hrrr. Prony '. (>ipic (jiiirUv ! ,\ lipbt has 
tMm Mliitiin;; im Ikt I'liet^k tMit o( tbst roi»(^4»)»rMl 
clotul '. uwl thv oulnr d<wH nut go ttwmy 1 Is not thut 
boButiful ! " 

*• Y<« ; it u b«aii-tt>ful," answered P(-<jny. pnmoun- 
(nng tlH> tkne syllutilus with dvlibcnitt- wt-DnKy. " O 
Viokt, utily look «t ber bmlr ! It in idl liki' |^M ! " 

** Ob certaiuly," said \'iok-t, vntli t7aU([ui]iity, aa if 
it mw very miidi a niittlor of <'<>ursc. " TUul color, 
yon know, i^>iuilii from tlii' fpililcii clouds, tbat we nee 
u|> there in tbe sky. 8be ia alinoHl flniAbxtl uow. But 
brr lifm miut be madi; vi'iy ml, — ri-ddttr tbao ber 
cbaekft. Ferhapa, Peoay, it will taitkv (Im-iu nvl if wu 

botbkiMUivm: " 

Ait^iniingly, the mnibfr ht-anl two Mtnurt llttki 
■BUWJbk as if both ber rhikln-n wero kissing the aoow- 
ituag« OQ ttit fniwii nioutli. Btit. &» ihin ilid not *Min 
Iv make tht- lt]is i|iiite red eDough. Violet next pro- 
(MNiud that the snowH-liikl )OM>uld bu invit«d to Ium 
Peony's warlet che«k. 

" Come, 'ittle 8now-«u]«t«r, kiM in« ' " <-ri4-(l Pinmy. 

"Thetw! fthu haa ktsBed you," addnl Violet, "aiul 
now her liiw arv v«Ty rt><l. And idu- Idiixbod n little, 

too: ■• 

" Oh. what m i-old kim ! " ened Peony. 

Jnst then, there came a breme of the pore 
wiitil, Kwn.'giiitfr throngb llii' {^anlcti iitid ntlliii[; the 
]iarl<ir-windi)wa. It Bounded »o wiutry i-old. tliai the 
inntlivr wax itlMtut to tap on tho wincl»w-|iane witJl her 
tliimliltil lii:^r. to fiiimiiion tbe two children in. when 
tbi-y lM>tb i-rii^l out ti> bt^r with ou« vuiif. TIh' t4>nt' 
waa not a tone of surprise, iJthon<;h ihey vrexv en- 
ib-ntly n gixHl dt-iil excited : it a|i)H-iin'4l r;i[biT il-> (f 
they were very uiucb rvjitiixtl at souic event thai bail 



now ha|>()«>nr(t, Init wliith Uiey had been looking 
mill )uul ret-ttuiKril u)>ou ail iilittig. 

" Mnmma ! Disiamal Wb luive fiDisked tnir little 
Hiiow-xiiit^'r, luid hIhi in ruuiiiii^ ulxwt Uh< gxttlen with 
us! " 

" \\ hitt iiiingi native little iM'ingii my childivn arc ! ** 
thoti^lit the mother, puttjji^ th« last few Hiitclu^ itit«> 
J'wiiiy'it fniclt. " Ami it Is Htruuf^', Uto, that th^y 
inalte me almost ms mui-b u vhilil as they tlieiiiHiOvtai 
uv ! 1 VM) iiiinlly h('l|> lH*li<-vin^, now, Ihut the snow- 
iuia^ has really «)ine t<> lifi- 1 " 

" I>utir manuuft ! " rricd VioU-t, " pray look out a&d 
■ee what » siveet |>layDiati- we have ! " 

The moUier, iM-iiig thii» t^'iitrvutvd, could do lonf^er 
il^lay to look furtb fnmi tlw wiiiduw. The oun was 
n'lw gi>in; out ttf tln' liky, lenvJn'r, however, a rieh iit- 
hci'itiiiioe of ItLH hriglitnewi anutiig iIknw |iiiqilo aud 
j^lden olotub whivli iiiiiki' the Bonwta of winter so 
magiiifiiVHt. But there was not Ihi- ^Ii(;hti-«t f;h-ani or 
dazide, eitiier on tlw wimlow or mi the ^uow , su tliat 
tlie gftoA lady rmtld look all over tlM> gardt-n, and see 
ovv't^-tliing anil i'veryl>oily in it. And what do you 
tl)ink slie naw tlien-? Violet and Peony, of <-ottn(e, 
her own two darling vhildrun. Ah. but whom or what 
dill she see Wsides ? Why, if you will )>eliev<> iiic, 
tlinv wa« a Htnnll ligure of a girl, dreiwod all in uhite, 
with rose-tinged cheeks and ringlets of gtildou liua, 
playing about tho gariU'n witli llif tworhildivnl A 
Ntninger t)i4>ugh slw wa», tho <-hild seemetl to )>i> on a» 
familiar terms with Violet and Pi'otiy, and tl>ey with 
licr, a» if all tlw* thn-u had been )ihi)-uateis during tlie 
whole of their little lives. The inothvr tliotight to 
htrself that it mu?'t i-ertainly Iw the daiigliter of tnieof 
the neighbors, and tlint, teeing V'luKa and Peony in 

tl '•. tlir i-liilil \uu\ niti MCHMa the ttrent tn plity 

M Sn ihU kiuil b<ly u'ctit to thedoor. inlcDiU 

ing tn invito the little nmawny itito her oonifortnbUi 
parliir ; fi>r, now ilint tho •tmshiiMt was withilrawn, l)u> 
aliiiiKijibeiv, uut of tloon, yna Rlreail; gix>wiug very 

But. after ctpi-nin^ th«f hoiiHc-iloor. she stood ui in 
Mnnt (>n tlx- threslK)!*), he»!taltti^ wlit'tlier hIw vuf^bl 
In ask the child to cihim- in, or wlw-tlH-r hIm: •huiild 
fTCD «i><-Ak to h«r. IndtM^d. nhe aluHist doulttc>d 
whether it were it n>id ch'M iiftcr nil, or iioly n lif;'*' 
wiVBtb of thi* ii«w- fallen snow, blown bitbvr aiid 
bithvr ulMtiit the ^nU-ii by ihn int^-iiiwljr oohl wmIp 

m\. Tbt>n* was certainly soiucthiug very aii^alar 
III the as|)wt of iJm.> little »tnu);er. Amon^ all 
(Jiililrca uf the nfi);blior)iiM>d. tliL* lady could rciurm- 
hut lUi sut-h Imv. with it« pure white, aixl delic.ito 
rose-Cfihir, and the golden rin^lein iiM.iitig nbout 
ffltvbead and olteeka. Aod »« for brr dro«K. whi<! 
waa entirely of white, and fluttering in th>- brvev, it 
w.iii Mu-li as no r>*jL!«>n»blf woman wotdd |>ut upon 
little girl, when sending bi-r out to iilay. in the ilcptlt' 
of wint4tr. It math? thix kind and carvfid inotlu-r 
•bivirr only to look at those »n;ill tt^. with iiotbingJ 
in the world on thi-in. t^xn-iil u vi-ry llmi pair of wbit«' 
atippers. NevertheU'ss, nirily as slw was clail. the ehild 
WW I III < I to fi<cl tiot ibn! KliiTliteHt ini-onvt-tiii'iKi' fmiu 
tlw mill, but danced m> lightly over the sdow tliat the 
taps of her toe* left hanlly a print in itt rarfave; while 
\ !oU-t cunid but jiut keep ])»i'e willi her. and PwHiy's 
short \rffi i-oni|H*lb'd biro Ui Ing iH-biml. 

Oncd, in lhr> rannte of their pUy. the strange child 
hcrHclf )M-twn-t) Violi-t nnd Peony, iind taking, 
of eucb, skij'ped tuerrily forward, and they 


THE saoW-mAOE; 

■lon^ witli licr. Aliixut imiiiolliktrly, liowpvpr, P«my 
pulled away liU little list, and be^;ao to nib it aH if 
tlk! Riigi^rft worf tin^liii); willi oiild ; whik' Vit>lL>t aUu 
releajted liiTwlf, thoiij>li with less utiriiptnejw, ||;>Tav«>]ri 
iTDiiirkiiij; that it was lietti-r not U> titkt' lutUl uf laiudd. 
The wbiU'-rnUnl iliiiiiwl miid not h word, but danced. 
about, just as merrily as before. If VioIkL attd Ptxmy j 
di<l not i-hmMV to pUy vrilJt lii-^r, six; vmild tnAk<> just I 
as good a playmate of tbe brisk and cwld wt-Rt-wind. 
which ki'pt blowing liur nil aloiiit the •ranli'ii. and took 
sui'h libcrtioM with hi-r. Unit tlwy aeeniLtl to have (Hfii 
frivudn for a Imij^ time. All lbi« wliile, tliu mother 
Htowl on the thn-shold, wondiTiug how a little jprj 
could look ho luueh like a Hying; .tnow-^lrift, or how a 
Bnow^drift oould look so very like a little girl. 

She tilled Violet, and wbis|ivn.'d to her. 

" Violet my darling, Kluit in thin rliild's name?" 
Bskiil she. " Do«e she live near ua?** 

" Why, dr-arcst inamiua," aiHWitntl \'irilft, Iang;hing 
to think tUiit lier mother did tii>t eoinpn-lw^d ho vvry 
plun an affair, *" this is our little onow-oister whom 
we Have just been iniikin;; 1 *' 

" Yi-s, dear nunonui," criwl Peony, runninf; to his 
motlier. am] tirakinj; up niniply into her ftuw. ** Thii 
is our itnow-imaite 1 Is it mH a nict! 'iitlc rhild ? " 

At tliiM iuNtant u HiM-k of enow-binls eame tlitrjtiji 
through the air. As was very mttural. thi-y avoidtvl 
Violet and Peony. But — and thi^f looked utrjuiKe — 
they flew at onoe to the whtlo-rolte<l child, flutterwl 
eagerly ulxnit brr hvnd, alightet) on her slioulders, and 
si^emed to claim her a» an old acquaintance. She, on 
her {MUt, WUN evitli-tillv iia f^liul to m-h tlwM little birds, 
old Winter's grandchildreti. as tliey wore to mms her, 
and welo<int(-<l tJH>ra by Itolding oiit Iwth Iicr hamla 

A CftlLDIsn mPACLK. 


lermpfMv tLor «a*'li »»<! aII trietl to all-^t on Iter 

two jjaliua and tea 'unall tlogeni And thumliH, t-ttiwiliii]; 

one Mnotber off, wiih an immviuH^ fltitU-rinf; u{ tbetr 

tiny winpi. Oup doar littje bird nestleil tPmlt-rlv in 

lii-r iKAuni ; nni>tiMrr jiiit ils liili U) livr li|>c«. TWy 

were as joyona, all tbe while, and oevined ax luucli in 

Uitir clttiM'tit, ILS ynu i»Hy have ae«n Uiciu wlteo Hjiort- 

iu{£ with a tmow-^tonn. 

H Violet and Peuny stood laughing at this pret^ 

Vsiglit ; for th«y enjoyed the merry time whi<-h their 

Vrnew playmate waa hai'ing with theHt> .suiill • wiugtxl 

TiiutantK, uluMMt iw muvh as if they thenuelreai tocJt 

part in iL 

u " Violet." mid her mother, jn^-ally |)er]iluxm], ** tell 

Bum the truth, witlMiat any jv»t. ^Vho in thiA Ititla 

■ pirl?" 

*' My darling nmnuua." aQ!<w«retl Vi^ilrt, hulung 
serioosly into ber nH>thvr'« fni-c, anil uppareiitly siii^ 
priaad that nhi' Hlimihl need any further ex{ilauntion, 
**I have told yoii tnily who she \*. It i» i>iir littlu 
•now-tmagtr, whivh Peony and I hare been making. 

■Peony wiU tell yon i«o, an wirll an 1." 
•* Yea, mamma." awK-veratMl Peony, with much grav. 
ity in hiK (irimnon little [iliir ; " this i» 'itllf! Miow-ohild. 
la not ahe a niee one? But. mamma, her band iis oh. 
10 Tery «old!" 

While nlumma still heidtated whnt to think i>ml 
what to lilt, the Htn^et-ptt4^ nitn tlimwu uptiu, and the 
father of V'ioli-t imd Piinny a])|i«ai«il, wnip|M-d in a 
[tilot^loth sack, with a for cap drawn down over hia 
and tb« tliickoKt of glovrs upon Ititi handx. Mr, 
jindAey w,-ui a miitille-age<l man, with a weary and yet 
n i>ii)'l>y '""'' '" '''^ winil-tltisli.-'l Miul fnwt-pini'hrv) 
an tf iui bad Iweu hu»y all thu day long, and was 



glail to got bftott to hi>« <]ttti-t liuiuf. Hm eyen Itri^t- 
ened ftt tlw Hight of Iuh wifv aiid oliiUlivti, altfacniKh 
noulil uut Ih'1[) ulb^riu^ a won) or two of Huqiriiw, at 
fiiKling the wtuilc family in tho o|H-n iiir, on stt bk-ak 
a tliiy, an<l after Bunat^t too. lie sooa pcroeivetl thtt 
tittlv wliitw Htmager (i)>(>rting to and fro in ibv gank-n, 
tike a dantrin); sDOW-wrcAtb, aiid the Duck of snuw-t 
bird^ llutti-rmg about Uet head. 

" Pmy. what little pirl may that be ? " intiiiirwl thU I 
voiy oenaibb' inau. "Surely lier niotber muat bej 
crazy to tot hvf go out iu navU l>itt«r wt^hvr as it bas 
bet'ii tiwlay. with only that fliniay white gown luid 
tlioaii thin slip]K'ni ! " ^ 

'* My tlear husband," Hoiil bis wife, ** I kuow qo V 
more about the little thint; than you do. Suiul- aet^b- 
borV i.-hild, I su|i]iiisi'. Our V'iob't and IViuy," iihu 
added, laughing at berwelf for rejteatiog so absuni » 
Ktnry, " iitKiNt that AJie i* aatbing but a aaow-image, 
nhioli they have bern busy about tn die garden, al-^ 
moHt nil the aft4.^m»»n." V 

Ab ahe Mid tliix. the mother glanced her eyes toward 
U)e apol whure the chttdreii'n Know-iutagc liiul liecn 
iiiiuk-. What was her surprLM.-, on perLviviiig Lliat i 
there wan not tlie sligbteat tmre of so much IuImifI — ■ 
no ima{^> iit all ! — no )>ilM) up heap of bduw ! — tioth- \ 
iiig whatev«-r. itare the prtnta of little footatepa aroiuHl 
a viu'ADt 8|»aoi; ! 

" This in very Hlrange ! " said ahe. 

" Wliat ii* Htr«ng>'. tb-ar nitrflw-r?" ukcd VioleL 
•• Dear Father, do not yo« see how it is ? ThU bt unr 
Uiow-iniage, wliicb Ptiiny and 1 hav« nuulc, liM-aiuie 
W« wanti-<l anotlit-r phtylllatl^. Did not we, Peuuy ? " 

"Yea, {>apa," said criiusoii Peony. " Thiji In- our 
'ittlc Ntiow-)iint4T. 1:1 idii^ not bcuu-ti-fid? but she 
gave me Mich u void kiss I " 



'nh, BoiiitciHH-, rlitliln'ti ! " crinl llw'ir good, honest 
father, who. as we hav« lUn-iidy iotiiuated, had an «x- 
nWfUngly cmuntnn-tKrrMiblv wnj- of looking at ituUb-n. 
**O0tlot U<U me of imtkiiig live li;;iires uut of snow. 
Ciim«, wife ; thu UUltt ittraiigiT nut Htuy nut in 
tlK< bkiak «ir a mofneiit lon^r. We will briug her 
into till! |Mrli»r ; anal \oii Hlialt |pv« httr a )iu|>p>!T of 
trano brvaii hihI niilk, ui>l iiiiikt.- htrr a« oomfortable as 
yon can. lleauwliili^ I will intiuiiv aiooog the u^i^Ik 
bow ; or. if n*M««irif. twin! ttw city-fritfr abottt tha 
streets, to givr aotwe u( a lost olukl." 

So wyiug, thJH hmii^Tit nod vi-ry kiml-bcarted man 
waa ^ID^ toward the littli' whiu* diuuM^I. willi the Im»(C 
intvotiotui ill till' work). Ititt Vi<i|i>t aud I'tniny, F-ju.'h 
seizing tbeir father In' the hand, earnestly besought 
faiin not to make her Mime in. 

" Dear fatlti^r," crinl \'i<drt. (tuttitig lnvM'lf brfore 
htm. ^ it is true what 1 haire be«n telUn^ yua ! This 
tA (itir little Kiiitw.^irl, aud ith« cniuiDt )iw any longvr 
tluui while dw brvstbct^ the cvld WKSt-wim]. 00 not 
make her eoine iuto tlie lu>t niotu ! " 

"V*^,* father." shmitrd P(>ony. tttumiiing his Itttl* 
foot, mi nii|*liti]y wa^ he iu Hiniettt, " Ihiii be luttliing 
but our 'ictle auow-i'hild ! She will not Ion* tlie hut 

" KnnaHiiM, «hiUn>n, nonwnae. ninsonw * " vned 
the father, half vexed, half laiigbing at what Imi von- 
tideMnl llM-ir fottlixh olintituu-y. " Knn int» the liuuse, 
thia niiitnent! It is too late to play any longer, tuiw, 
I miut take i^aru nt thin little girl ijiiniwliately. or she 
will rateh hvr denth'JM'otd '. " 

"HiihIuukI ! di-nr hunband ! " laiti hi* wife. In a 
Inw voiiv, — for she h«l bi-en looking narrowly at the 
SDOW-cluld, and vms tnorv {htiiUmuhI than ever, ^ 

^H VAHV** - V 



" there is twnii-tliin|i; vcrj- Kin^nr t» nil tliU, Yoa 
will think me foulUJi, — bui — Intt — ina_v il not bej 
that Miiiif invUil(l<> upgvJ hiw Utcn utinu-htl l>v thi 
8iin|jlic-ic>' and pood fuith with whk'h nuv childreii 
»Ik>uI tliieir iiiulertuking V Miiy Im! tiol lutvi^ N|K<nt ai 
ht'ur of hU uiiniorlHlit)' in phiying with those dear I 
little !»oul8? uiul Ao tilt! result i« wliut viv. t-all b niini- 
vW. Nil, nu I Du not luugh at me ; 1 m-b vrluit a fout-B 
tah thought it is ! " f 

" My d«nr wif)*." rc{>lii-(I the hnshnnd. lau^jliing 
heartily, " you ure as much a child as Violet auj IV, 

And in one seuse go she was. for all through life alie] 
luul kept \iKt heurt full of childlike Kinipticity nnd 
faith, wbioh was aa pure aiid clear aa crystal ; wk 
luokiti}; »t nil iiuitti-i^ thniiii;h thiH tninsparfiit ni« 
diuiii, flhe NomctiiueN saw truths ho iimfouml that nthtq 
])W)p]i' l»u[;hed lit thcni um nomtenni! and nliMimlity. 

Rut iiou Icind Mr. Lindscy hiul entered the K^rdi 
hri'idtiii); away fiimi Im twu childn'it. vrhn still )h.-ii(| 
their shriU voiees after hitn. lN-M.-(!i'hi»); liint to let 
Hiu)w-4-hih) stay Mid enjoy hcrsi'lf iti thn v^A wfHt.~ 
wind. vVa he approncbed, tin- simw-hinU took ti^i Hight^ 
'I1ii< little white diuiM.-l, nLso, fled Ixutkwiml, ulittkinj 
bt-r heiul, UH if to tuiy, " Pi-uy. <lo not t'>u<'Ii tne ! " ant 
rogitiiddy, mk it npixni-iil, li-itiliu); him tlimu^li the 
dullest of the snow, ()ncv. tlu' i;uoil man etiuuhled. 
and flotiiidfti^i down ii[Kin hi.t fm-e, w tluit. gatlicring^ 
himself up u^iiiu, with tliu lUiuw litiekinp to his rou|fh9 
piloi«]olb .saek, he lookud a.i whil« aiul wintry m a 
hniiW'iinnf^- of the hkrj^est Kizv. S<>iii« of the neighbor^,] 
uieanwliile, aceing him fmni tlieir windows, wuiidcn-di 
what could posfKW jtoor Mr. LintUcy to Ih< running 
about bis garden iii pursuit of a aoow-drift) which 




WMt-whiH wuM (Irinn^ hitlM'r nn>l lhit)M>r ! At li>il|Ctht 
ftfter a vast ilea] of tn)ul>li*. lu> <'lia^><eil t)K> little StmxtgW 
into • comer, where idie ooultl not pnsitiMv cacmim' liittL 
His wife liod t>cen lookinj; on. Mn>l, it Wing n^iirljr 
twilight, WAS Won<)vrK-itru('k U> nlncrve bnw ihe sanw.' 
eltild gtuatn«d and ti]>arkl>.-^, and how i>tu> Mfinvtl bi 
hIuhI a glow all nitui<l a)>out h<rt: and when drirea 
into tho Mrraer, nlio {HHitivflv glixtcmil liku a Rtar! It 
was a fniHty kind of bri^htneiw, ton. ltk« that nt an 
idolc in tin- niKonli^ht. T\w wiff t}ion)^t il Htran)^ 
chat ^ood Mr. LiTulsey sl>i>uld hm; iii>thiii|; n-markidde 
in tlu^ Niuiw--4-hild'N ii|>[K-»r:ini-«'. 

"Come, you o«td littln tiling;!" crietl Hk bnne«t 
man. M^izin^ Imt l>y llu' land. " I have caught y<ni at 
hut. and will imikc rim mnifortalile in a()iti> of your* 
aell. W(t will {itit a nicu wartu jmir of worsted elock- 
b^ on your froten litUe ttvt, and you BfaaJl hun? » 
gooil lliii-k iihawl to wrap yourself in. Your pimr white 
DAM-, 1 am afniiil, in lurtually froKt-biU4ai. But wc will 
make it all right Cume along in." 

And ao, with a mottt Ix^nevoIeDt smile on hia eo)^ 
cioufi visage, all {iur|>le a.1 it wax with U»' rolil. thui 
very widl-nwtaning frmntloman took the snow-<-hiId by 
the hand and led hiT l<iwiinl« the Iioum'. She fn). 
Ipwod him, dmopingly and roliKtant : for all the plow 
and sparkle was gone ont of her flgun> ; and whereas 
jiMl iH'fon- sill- hiul ivM>mt>leil n brij^lit, fros^. etarrj 
gemmed evening, with a crituMin gleam on tlw eold 
horixou. abe mm Jookinl an dull and lanj^id as a thaw. 
As kinil Mr. Limlsey letl her up the atepti of tb« door, 
Violet and Peony liHikrd into Iiih facv. — ihi-ir v\r» 
full of toara, wbivh froie before they could run down 
tlxjir ebecks, — and again entreat«d liiiu not to bring 
their Hiow4mage into the booee. 



"Xrtt bring hiT in!" oxHainiM thi* kinH-h«irt«l 
man. " ^Vhy, jou are cmz}-. my Utile ^'iolel I — niiiu 
oruy, my muuiII Pdddj I Sb« in ih> cold, idrmuly, U»l 
her band lia» almost (mtea mine, iu spit« of my thick 
glovwi. H'onJii ycHi Imvw Itirr fix'ir».' I" diiath ? "' 

tlis wife, W Iw Ciuiii) lip Uh' steps, Itiul Iweo taldo; 
nnolhiT long, esnie-ic, alinntit awo-ntrirJtcti ^;i»xf iit tii 
llulo wliito Htningi^r. She hurtlly knew wht-tlier ii 
waa a dream or no : bat she coidd not lielp fan<-yin^ 
timt hIh- Kaw tlic dclivutv print of Vinlvt's linp^rB na 
tlie child's neck. It tooke<l just as if, while Vuilrt wiu 
Htiaping otit tbft imagtMtht! Wl ifinit itUf^ntln ]ml 
with Iwr hand, and liad neglected to smooUi the inw 
preaaioii 411! Ic awny. 

" After all, husluod." said the mother, n><^nrrtn^ to 
her idm that llx' an^U wotdd Iw as tnni^h deltf^hUii 
to play with Violet nn<l Pdony on nlir ht-iwlf wiu, —^\ 
" after all, she does look stran^ly tike a anow-iain^' I 
I dii lH-licvi< Him is mudi' of Kn<tw ! " 

X puff of the wc4t-wind blew Ujpiinst the snow-childi 
an*) Afjiain she a[Mirkled likn « stAr. 

" Huow ) " iv|>L-»lc<l f;uo<1 Mr. Lmdsey. dmwini; tUa' 
rehtrtaiit gae»t over his hoitpitAbIc tiiniitiiiLI. " N 
woo<ler she lookfi like «now. Sli« is half frozen, {too: 
little thing ! But a good Ere will put everything 
rightu ! " 

Without furtlter talk, and always with tlic namo hmt 
intentions', thiH higlily iMrncvolent and coainu>n-sensi> 
hie individual led the little white damael — drooping, 
droo|)iug, drtKiping, inore anil ni'>ru — out of the fros 
air, and into his eoinfortable parlor. A llptdi-nlui 
8tov4t, filled Ut Hk brim with intenwly Iniming anth 
cite, was sending; a bright j^leiun tJin>u^')t ihe iiiin);laM 
of itnirundoor, and vauiiing tiie vawof water on iia top 





to fanw %aA hxMA** with vxntraiimt. A warm, miltr; 
Snujl WBN ilifFiiBttl thri>u|;biiut the room. A thonuoui. 
eter wn th« w&ll fartlit^Ht innn thi- ^ovc hUmmI nt vtghty 
dugraso. Tbti pM-lor wiL» hiiti^ with red viu-Uuda, aD<) 
reretl with a ml <-aq>et. aud looked jiiflt a» viimi lui 
it felL Thi- iliffcrriMV Ix-lwixt ihi- ittmoKphere Iwre 
mmI the void, wintry' twilL|>ht out of doors, waft like 
t^ipicig at once fnNn Nitva Z<.iiilila ix> thu hottest fwrl 
of iDclia. or from the North Pole into an on-n. Oh, 
thid vra» a tiuv |>larv for thv littU' while stmngnr ! 

Tb« ooaitiion-M.iiMlilK iitan [iImcmI tlie Kuuw-«hil(l on 
tfae hoaiih-rug, right in frfuit of tlie hijUHUg an<l f<iin- 
iog Htove. 

[ " Now Bhe will be cumfonnhlc I " cried Mr. Ltnilwy. 
nbhing hiM handH and lookm;; silutut hiia. wiilt tlie 
pkaasntent sinilt^ ymi I'vt-r miw. - Maku youn«U at 
botDe. my child." 

Sad, M(l nnd droA]iinj;. l<»)kt^l thr lirOv wlntv 
tnaiileiu >■ she stood ou the b«artJ)-nig. with tltn hot 
hhuit iif the stow Htrikinf; Utroiigli lutr like » |»-<iti- 

. li>D(>e. Oniv, sho tJ)r«w a glaiMe wistfully toward llie 

'winduWH. and iran^ht a i^Hiiicki-. liimii^h il« nnl I'ur- 
taina. of tlii! Miovr-(x>vi<nHl riHifs, atxl tlie slar» gliiu- 
tunriiig frostily, aod all the dclirioiix inti-nxity of the 
i-oki ni^it. The hleuk wind ratlJod tlie window -jKuti^, 

^u if it wvrw Mtmntimin^; h^r to v-onM- forth. Kul tliora 
■UkmI the snow.child. drooping, Wfore the hot Btoret 
Hut tiw cmnnKin-iM'tHittU' roan saw nothing uniM. 

I " Come wife." Biiid h«, '• let her have a pair of tldck 
Btoc-kinga ami a wixdicn nhawl or liL-tnkct dinvtly ; and 
t4-ll I>i>ni t*) ;;ivi> birr xomv WMmi Hupper as soon as 
tlw milk boila. Ynu, Violet an<l Peony, miiiumi your 

tittle frii-ml. SIm- '\% out of KpiritA, yuii see, at find* 
beneU iu a strange place. For my paut, I will 



go around aninn;; the neiKhlmrs. and RnA ottt wbm 
8]ii' U'l'iiij;*." 

The moUier, nicsnwliilL>, hoA f^ne in scnrch nf Um 
ahnwl and stocking's ; for her own view of thfl niattet, 
bciwfvcr snbtl*; and d<'li«ii'r, liiid piv«i way, m it nl- 
ways did, to the stubborn materialism of bur hosbaoi 
Without h<^iNlii))r the rcinoitslnuit-fN of liiit tw» I'liil- 
di'i--». who Ntill kept muraiiiriii^; th:it thvir little sno*- 
tiati'r did not lnvi^ tlie wnraitii, good ^tr. Liitd'U'y tonk 
his dejMirtniv. sliiittinj^; tlw |>arlor-<lowr ntrrftilly b^ 
iiiud liiii). Turning u]> the (<o]lar of hii sai^k uwt 
lu» van, ho einrr)^d fmni tlte Iwuiw, and hul buin-lj 
reat-hcd tJte street-gate, when he vns reailled liy llie 
Hcn-ainH of VioU'^t and Pt-ony, niid the ntpiiiiig ut > 
tliliiddml linger against tl»e parlor window. 

" IIushan<l I huitlmud I " crioi hin wife, showing 
her hoiTor^trirken face through tJie n-indow-|ianiei. 
"Tlieiv is no neenl »f guiug for tin* fhiki'H jmn-iit*!" 

"We told you so, father I" srreanied V'ioltt ai; 
Peony, as he re-eutered th« parlor. " You would 
bring her in ; and now our poor — dear — beau-ti-ful 
little snow-eister is thawed ! " 

And their own swvFt little faces were already dt 
solved in tears; so that thi-ir fadier, WH'iiig whaB' 
•tningi- thingx occiiNimially happen in this every-^lay, 
world, felt not a little anxious lost biii ehibln^n luigl' 
b« going to Ihiiw Uh>! In the utnuKt peqilexity, he 
demanded na explanation of his wife. 8ho eoiil 
only reply. Uiat, Wing siinimoiied to the parlor by 
crie*( of \^iolet and Peony, slie foimd no trace of tin 
little white niaidcu, ouh-jot it were llie reniaioH of 
heap of HDOw, whivb, while she was gazing at it, uiid 
quite away tipon tlie heartli-nig. 

" And l)i*To yon see all that ia left of it ! " add 
the. pointing to a pool of water in front of the atovo. 




A rillLMSn MtRAflE. 


** Yes. tiUlicr," uud Violet lockhii; n>)trcNu-h fully it 
bin], Utrou^ her tears, " ihrre is all diut is left of our 
dear little Kaow-«ixter I " 

" Naii);hty £atb«r ! " cri«I Peonj-. statuping his foot, 
ind — I shnddcT In wiy — lUiakitm tiis litik' fist at the 
eonutwii4eaBibl4> tuaii. " Wa taXA you how it would 

t\ta\ What for iliit yiiu bring Iwr in'.'" 
Autl the I Iviili^ii Wrg; tXxm, through thv iainglaMi of 
itM door, Nceituxl lu ^lurc at ^;ood Mr. Ltiulaey, like a 
red^yed deoioii, triuui|>hi»g in iIm- miiwhivf whivh it 
TbtB, you will obeerve, wtw ono of tlioeo mre cases, 
vUeh yet will occaiUDiially bappt^ti, where coninioo- 
Mose finds itself at fault. Tliv n-tiuituibk etory of 
the BDow-iinagu, tho»^i to that mgadous v\»»» uf \ivo- 
pk> to whiitu gocNl Mr. Liwlxey IteloDgs it may iteeni 
but a ohUilisb affair, is. Ri'v<.Tt]ii.'lww, capable (»f tiling 
niomti»'<l it) mrioiu tnctbiHlN, grvally for their edifloa- 
;' tinn. One^itf-^te U-smhih. for tiiBtjint^v-. might be, that 
it bnboovi'^ im-D. aiul (■H|H<rL'illy mh-ii uf Wfievateuee, 
to omniler well what thvy arv about, ain), bt-fore act- 
ing: on their )ibiIaiithro|iit- jiuqunu^, to be qtiit« mire 
that they ooRiprehviit] tbo n:itiire and all the relations 
of tlitf buAiueas in hand. ^Vhnl ha» Xwva (!«taltliNlM.>d 
4« an cleineut of gootl to one Wing may prove absolute 
miM-liief to another ; even an the vinrtutb of (he juarlor 
wus proper enough for i-hiKlren of fli>?b and blooH. liko 
ViiiU*t and Puony, — ibnugb by no int-JkiiH very W'boli>- 
BDtntt, even for, — but involved nothing short of 
annihilation t<> the unfortunate Hnow-JNiuge. 
^- Itut, after all, there ix no teaching nn\lbing to wisQ 
^■fcaen of good Mr. Lind!«ey'.i »t.iiup. Tliey know titirrj' 
^ tiling. — ob, to lie «urcl — everilhing that has been, 
and everTthiiig that U. and everytliing tluit, by any 


•■ we what a quantity of snow tbe d 
in on their feet ! It has made qui 
to«e the stove. Pray tell Dora tc 
«■»*) wp it up ! " 



Oke aStMvoon. wlim the boh was goi))^ down, & 
' sad hvr Itulo boy xat st Um^ door of their cot- 
uJIurk Blnut the (Ireat Stone Fsoe. They had 
til lift tiirir fjr%, mai\ than it waj piaitdy to be 
frm, tliou]^ milea awmy. with the ^ntuhine brighUiu- 
b)^ all it* fciUurcH. 

Aod vimt was thp (>i«at Stone Face? 
BotboM qiifl nipjii|g|*r a faoulj* of lofty innutitaJnn, 
tWnww a vu]I*-y M> sjiMcinttallnit-Sl Hkiiluim^ IHuiy 
thtPOHnd iiiliiil'itAitLt. Some of iIwm! gtMxl people 
■iM in lo^-hnts, with tlie hhu-k forrat all amnnd 
OB ill*- hU'^)) aiii) difficidt )iiU-Hidi«. Olheni had 
IwUMM in <-onifnrtul>l« fiiriu-houHes. and eultivatvd 
rvk nnl on th« gentle ii1d|m;9 or lovel surfaces of 
; VsUwjr. Otheni. A^ain, were conffrvgntcd into pi>p- 
TiUa([e^ w1m-i« Miiui^ wild, hi^'hhiud ri^idet, 
tuiaUiag down from itn 1>irtli[)la».- in ihr u)ip<>r mouji* 
(t»tD region, had heen miighl and tamed hy huiuan cuu* 
;,»tiil (oroptlli^l u> turn tlir niu-hint-ry of cotton- 
its. Tbs iuliabitanta of Uiis valleyi in short, 
mtBeniu*, nnd of roiuiy avxirtt of lifi'. But all 
tbwn. grown people and cliildren, lud a kuid of 
liaiity with tite Cireat St<inf V^tu altlMmgh Kome 
i-d the gift of distinguishing tliis grand natural 
aenoa mare perfectly than many of their neigb- 

The (irwu Stone Face, thou, was a work of Xature 
h^T nwod of luaioatio pUyfulucKi, formod on th» 



p«rp)i)<ticuUr iside of a iruiVBttun by •dim \t 
rocks, vrliic-li Icul be«n UirowB tqgMhM in aorfa k ^^ 
tioD as, whi-n riewcti at a imfOT duUav^ ptvcnrif ki 
iVM-inble the Eputurve of tb« honuui moatrtuuiw. Il 
Beciut^l as if ati luionnoiu giant, itr & Tuan, lutJ wolp- 
tiire<l his own liki-tK-«» un tlic p rw i |w><f. Tbo* wit 
tbi< kmiul arch of the fnrebi-ml, a Inowlml liNt to 
height! the iu>»r, with it* lonf*hrid||>; iumI the mt 
lipH, which, if they tHHiltl have apAMi. wmihl hsM 
rulk>cl thi-tr Umnih-r uvfiitt fmai rmc rtu] of the nl> 
try to the other. True it ift, that if tJH> Hpoetotor ip* 
prmu-liit) toil ntTiir, he Icist thi* iHiUine r>f the gi|{antii! 
viaago, and could dittoerD only a heaji of pdndrmmi anil 
g^oiitic nx-kx, (liliil in rlifu>tic ruin udv a))on aaothi^r. 
Retra^-iiig hin ste]it>. however, th« w(>ni)n>ii» fratiitM 
wonld again be seen ; aod tlie fartlier he withdrew 
froin tliCTO, the more lik« a hutnnit fact-, with all iu 
ori;ni>iil divinity intact. <)id they appear: ntittl, aa )i 
gTvw liiiti IB the diKtiince, willi t)ie ("lond* uitl glnriHrd 
Vft|K>r »f the mouQtjunii vluateriag almit it, the Gnat 
Stone Faty wrnK-"! [lOBitividy lo Ir- alivr. 

It wiut a happy lot for elu)dn>ri to grow tip to oin- 
hood or wonuinhooti with tin' (irent Stune Fhoc bafur* 
their cypH, for all the features were noble, and thou* 
pre«aion was at one« (rr:ui<l iind xweet. %» if it wwn Um 
glow of a vut(, warm heart, that embraeed idl mankitid 
tn ita affectioni. attd tiiul mom for inor^-. Ii w.ia an 
edocAtion only lo lm>lc at it. AMMinling to the Iteltef 
of numy peopU-. llw valley owitl nioeh of il« fOTlUity 
to this lonit^ii a^pMt that wjm continnaQy bMLititng 
over it, iUuiuiniitinijr the oloudit, and iafttmig ita tao- 
diiiiii into tiio kunskine. 

A* m began with saying, a motlier ftii3 her ttttle 
bggr mX at tlieir eottage-d^xir, gazing at \\w Utval Stvna 

rfffc' r.ttRAT SrOMi FACB. 




Vwm, w»] uDtbg about it. The rhWYn duuo wis 

^ Matlwr," aiid hi% wlulu ttic Titanin vimgo (onilMl 
on him, ** I wiili thst Jt could speuk, for it loulo tio 
very kiudly lb«t ibt voitw must Dvecla W |il>'uuuit. If 
I wctn ta MS A nutu with surh » fmit, 1 shoulil lore 
him tlt^ariy." 

" I r ua old praphmy slioald iMOM to pan." khsworoI 
lus moth«r, ** w» tamj tee a nun, snoie tiiiie or otber, 
with «analJy mnb a fw-v «s tluU." 

" Wkat prnpltecy ilu you mean, dear mnther?" 
ffttgqrif iaqaiffMl KnM<»t. >* Vnj tiaU nu) all ahoai 


So hi* nnth«>r Lrild him a iit'>ry that hpr own mothrr 
bad tnld Id her, when she hermdf waa f oungw tban 
littit Enest : a *tnry, not «f thin;:* thai mM |iu^ . 
but of w^t was y«t to Qaw» : a tttory, narerthefaw, asj 
««fy oU, that vven th^^ Imliaiiit, who f»nn»rly iulialb*' 
it«d Una tralieiy. Iiad h^^anl it from tiu>ir forefathers, to i 
wbon, U tbey nAinmil, it hml Ihn-ii itiitntiun^ hy tha 
■noontain fitreams. and whisp^mi by the wind ainoD«^ 
tl«r tn>^-to(wi. Thp purport wa«, llint, iit tumui fiitunj 
lUv. a child shutilJ hv bom betmboiil&, who waa do^ 
tinwl to beconiv.thr gn-ab'itt luid uohlnAt (tcnonage uf 
his time, and wb^Me couDtenancv, !n duuUmmmI, ahould 
bear an fxat-t r<iv[ul>laDn> b> th» Great Stone PaH. ' 
Not a f4>w (iM>faflliiuoe<l peupli-, :uid youn;; onn libe- 
wiaf, in thi; anlor of llM'ir bo|H!3, still cheriabM) an 
endoriD)* faith in this old pruplii>cy. But othpnt, who 
bail wi-n xiaetn of iIm' world. IukI wiitched and waited 
till thtiy were WMiry. and hail beheld no man with iiu<.'h 
a f»i<r, niir nay miui thai proved to b(! luncb ^reat«r or ' 
nnlili-r tiiun his iicifflil-oro, nuiclii'lfd it to W nothing 
hut au idli* tale. At all ^v«nta, the great man of tha 
prophecy bail not yet apptqirud. 

' wiiiiiau, ana itui uuc u wsb wubbs 
tlio gMiorotu liupvH of bur littlo twj. 
ti> him, " Perhaps jou may." 

And KrnvMt Dcver forgot Umi Mo 
tulil him. It waa always in his 
lfx)ki4l iijion Umi (jn«t St«n« Fao 
(.■liildbuot) in tbu log^wttage whi-ni 
wsH tlnliful to hilt motbur, luxl 1h'1[) 
things, ussistin^ her much with his 
moM with hin liiving IumtU In tia 
happy yet often i»eniuTe t-hilil, he 
mill), quiet, unnbtnuiivt' Imy. aud i 
latxir in the fiehla, but with mora ii 
coing faia aspect Uinn ih itrvn in 
been taught at fanwius schooU. 
DO teaclier, anw unly tlint the G 
came one to him. AVh«n the toil < 
bo would gvem at it for lioura, ant 
B(^ne that tltose vaai features rei 
gnvo liini » ninilo of kindncioi and 
Bponsive to his own look of renenU 
take uiton \i* to ailimi tluit tliui 
thcm;;1i the Fuc<e nin^' liavv Inokuil 

^Ji^nioHt lluui nt iill tiw worlil Ih-mm] 

*k.4 It.- l.»..'o .■-!-- ■■ 1 



I «u lo bexr a ivsembUitce to tlte Gnat Staae 
[ ■pi—riHt at La.Ht. It mwiiih ihst, tuny jrcan 
Lcfori-, a jwuag Hum Itiu] migratetl from the valley sad 
il at m dislitnt 6va|>ort. where, aftor gi'tuog U>- 
irr a litUat naum-v, 1m- btui Mtt up lut a sliupkeeper. 
IIU uatDv — bat 1 tould never learn whether it vtiA 
Lia mil ona, or ft nurkiuuDo tliat hxl ^rown out of his 
habits and bimmws in life — was (iathergold. Bein^ 
shrvwii unil sctiM-, ami I'luluwocl liy Pntvitlrncc witli 
thai iuMcratahhi £iunilt_v wlucJi duvdujiH itMt^lf in what 
tbe world oalla luck. Ito ln-ciuDe an excivdiogly rich 
morvhuut. and owiut of a wlioli' ileet uf bulky-hot- 
feoned kl<'<» KW tliL- rinintrit-i i>f tliu glolw appearvd 
hi jutn : r lita ui«re pm^wHo of adding bvii{> af- 

ter heap '-'**^n9f '"'""""" iicciiiuulatiuu uf thla uoo 
man's wfrfRb. 'l^ML^ld n-jjiwia of JJie nurth. idtnuMt 
within tile gluom and shadow of the ^Vtrtic Circle, 
sent him tlii^ir trilmto iii iW ■^Ila|M': nf tun ; hot Af- 
liiM HtthA 'fui'~hhii ttu' jmI-Ii'i -amb of her rivers, 
anii gatlivrotl up i Iier grrst I'Vphanti 

out of~U>e loH^i tlK' li^t^t i';i]iu! Iinn^n}; hioi the 
rich aS iMSTaod wpji-ea, and tv»?, iind tl»e i-friilg^'m^w 
of Jiamondg. axtd th<t ^Imiouiii; purity of large pearls. 
The ot-'van. not ti> be behindhand with tlie i-arth, 
yielt led np Iwr miirhiv wbftlvs. timt Mr. OatJicrgidd 
tnigbt M'U thetr i nuike a proBt on iL Be the 

original com miMlity ^uul il uii^hl, it «itH g<dd wtthiit 
lib S***P* I' mi^iit be Hiid uf hiiu, ait of MiiU.s in 
thv iaiilu. Iliat wIinU'v<-r ii<' Ixiu-ImnI with hix fingt-r tm* 
aaduUfyj^liMeued. an>l gn-w yelluw, iind was chaugi'd 
■t MiPt into .'•('■rling lut^tal, ur, wluch .tuiti'il hiiu hCiU 
Urti«r, into pilea of min. Ami. wbi-n JLr. Oatbergokl 
bad bwomc *o very rich tliat it would ha\'e taken him 
ft kHndrfd years only to count his wviUth, he bethought 



"viuivjr WW. oir, \JMiH)fX*'| 
be the prophetic pereona^ m> ! 

for, unci that hin viiuige wan titu jij 
uuiilituile uf th« (ireat Stooc Ka 
tnoru mwlj to Iwlivw that tiiU in| 
when th«y bvltuld th« splendul 
hy rut^hwiiauTtit, on thfl >it« of hlal 
beaten fanu-liouM.-. The eibirioil 
ilwudingly whit*' tlint it km^ihnI 
■troctuR! might iiii'lt uuaiy in tbej 
liumhltT aiK« whii-li Mr. QaL 
pUy-duvK, U-fore bin finpers were , 
of tnuiHiiiiilittion, li:ul Imk'U MXVH 
■now. It liad a richly ortiiiiuptitM] 
by (all pillan, liciii-iith which was I 
witli silv(<r koubH, uml iiiwlc of m 
woDil thiit liu4 liM'ti l>n>ii^ht fro 
The windows, fmnt ttie Hoor to ' 
stately n|MUtnu^nt, wi-n- coniiMMnlv 
onu Ditunnous paiii> u( plaM, »o tnu 
it wss Haid f> bo a tiuvr nimliutn tl 
lUiiuMphuit'. Hardly anybody bail 



man would hnvo bran uliUt Ki rl»«? hU eyM tbon. Bat; 
uti tltir ntlivr hand. Mr. (iaUierj^ltl wad now so inured 
to wt-alth, that |irr)ui|M Ih> cntiltl o<it bavir oliiMvl hi)i 
eyes unless when? the ^eani of it waa certain U) find 
it« WBjr U^ivrntli hifl ewlicbi. 

In doe time, tliu mansion wan RnisfaMl ; next caow 
th<> ophohiU-n'rH, with maj^nifu'i-nt fumitiirr ; then, a 
whole troop of lilnck luitl whiu- scr%iuib<. tltc harbin- 
p-n of Mr. Galltergok), who, in hb own majeatio per. 
Bon, was expoctoi tn amn^ at Htuiitrt. Our friend 
Emewt, RtMinwhile, had heen deeply &tirr«d by the 
tdm that the pnM. man, th« noble man, tim man of 
prophAoy, afliT so ruftiiy ajjvs of d<'liiy. was al length 
tn be matlv ntnnift^Ht U> lib nativi- vall«y- Mu koL'W, 
boy IM bc> wiw, that tiwre wt'.m a thuusand way» tn 
whiek Mr. (Tath(>n;old. with his vast wi-nlth, might 
ttwuifonn fatiuM'lf into an angxl of beneflMncit, and 
Manme a oontrtil oT«r bnman afTain as widw ami !)»• 
ni^ont iiM th*- !>nii)f of Ihe firt-al Sloni- Vaa: Full 
of faith and ho|)«-, F.nii-«t doitl>ti-)t not thut what the 
peofile naid was Into. simI that now he wa« to iM'bold 
the Kfing likvix-ni of thoite wondmtM featnrva on tihtt 
iBOuntain-iiidc. Vliile the boy waa adU fftmg op 
th'i mllc}-. and fanryinj;, h« bo alwnyx did, that the 
Stone Face retnmed Jiis gase and looked kindly 
bim, tlif nimliUng of wlxflH waa beutnl, approatJi- 
int; swiftly dIod^ the winding road. 

•• How h« eomm ! " i-A-d a jin""p "^ i'«>pl* wli 
were aasembled tn witness the arrival. " Iltw 
thtt gtfM Mr. <}alhi>rgold I " 

A carriage, dr-iwn Ity four hursea, dashed mnnd the 
tnm of thr nioid. Widiiti it, tbrtuit partly Mit of the 
window, appearv4l the physiognomy of tlie old man. 
witfa a akin -m yellow aa if bit) own Mida^hand bad 

i» trun : 

last ! " 

Aiii(. what gnnUy |>vrp]ux6d Ki 
MiluaUy to believe that here was 
they NpultK oL l)y thn nnulNiih; thJ 
Ui obi Ui)u;nr-womiUi aad two lit 
Aai^Wni frutn m»nt< far-^iGT rt^ouj 
riii^ rollKxi iiuwant, lii-ld out their I 
their (lolefuJ vuiaiia, noat |>it«ou»l)- 
A yullu# daw — th« vor}- nuiib thai 
gvther so numb wealth — puktMl ilwlf ' 
window, and dropi aome (■n)))Mr coin 
so that, ttioiigli the gnan man 'a m 
been Gather^old. hn mt^ht juit m 
nicknatned Sralu^rvupiwr. Still, i 
earn««t about, and t-vi^kntly with 
aa ercr, the people hellowed, — 
" He in till' vt-ry iiim^fc of iho Ui 
Uut EruL-Ht turned sadly from Uu 
new of that sordid vi»Uf^% itnd )^ 
where, aniid a ^thcrin); mist, ^ililcd 
In* could Htill distiii^iiMli 



Hp had ffTown to W s Tiniifc man nnw. ]ie attrartnl 
littli' ui)tu.t> frota the other iuliabiuiiiu of tli« vall<>v : 
for tliey saw notbiDf; nomarkable in bU war of life, 
MtTo that, m)i<;i) ibe lalMr of the lUy was over, he 
JovmI ti} gu a]mn uutl pizv unit iiu-<titHto u[tou tl> 
Great Stone Face. A<.>ounling to their idea of rJ>e 
aaWft, it WM H (oily. in<li'4><l. but piinlotutble, tiu*. 
mnob as Emeet was indu^lrioux. kini], und tieigbborlj, 
ind ne^ectvi) do duty fur tha »nln> of iiMliUging tlib 
idle hiibtt. They koew not tluit the (in-at Stone 
Face bad bococov a teaolivr tu liiin. aixl tbnl tlw wnti- 
ment wbi<^h was cxiirwswd in it would ealuri^ the 
young uiati'ii hes«r1, aud till it with wider anti dv 
synrpathifit tltati utlitr hpjirts. Thuy knew not 
thenctf would oonw a lictter niwlora than eould be 
leaned from hooks, aud a better life than ooold 
moulded on the defaced exainpli; of other human lii 
Neither did Ernest know that the tkougbts and affeo- 
tione which cwnv la btm m> naturally, in the field.4 and 
at the fireside, and wherever hu unnmtuied with liim- 
wlf, WHru of a biglMT Umv. than tltooe which alt num 
sliantl with biin. A simple no«I, — siinpk- as when 
his riiotlwrr tintt taught hint iImi old [>m]>hery, — ha 
Wbeld tlie marvt'Ilotis fcatum beaming tulnwii the 
valU*y, ntHl xtill wutxlered tliat thvir kuuian eounter- 
purl wax 8u liiiif; in making hto apiH-anuKW. 

By lliid liiiitt poor Mr. (•alJiiT)roId was dead and 
buried : and the oddest part uf the matter wa«, that 
hut wcftlth. which watt the body and spirit of bt-t ex- 
istemv, had disnppmrvd Wfnre hit deatli, Itnvin^ 
uiithiug of hiiu l>ttt a living skeleUio. covered over 
with u wrink]<.-d, yrllow akin. Sinmi tbo melting away 
of bis gold, it had \>»-n very genenlly conoeded 
tfiar* waa no mch atriktng rosentblaaoe, aft«r 

broogtit ap in cotincctioi) with tlic 
wbu^h liu haA built, and wbic-li li 
tiirnect into a hobo] for tlw uomio 
gvn, muhitiiiles bf whom came, ere 
thut fitmwuH Dxlnnil (Turi4Nuty, tiio 
TltuA, Mr. Gatitergulil liein;; disun 
iaUt tbu Hliifli-, iIk- iiioii of itntpliiwy 
It eo bfkjipenexl tbat a naliv«-ban 
many yoant bt-forc, bitd tfnlLnU'il i 
after a great <ii-a] of lianl ligbliaf; 
on illiutriouA vuiiinuiniiiT. W'luii 
cmllett in hUtor>'. he wa5 known in ^ 
littttic-lirli) (intliT th« nickniiiuo 
Tbiimler. This war-worn wterai 
witli Hgw tu»l mumtU, uul wi«ry 
miliUiy liff. ami of tbe roll of 
eUngorof tb<> tnini]H-t, thitt bait 
in his ears, hn<) IiiU<l.v si^iifl^il a 
U> IiIm niitivv valli-y, hii|iiii); In fini 
n;ineiiib<-t«il to bavv left it. Tbr in 
Detgh)H>n and thvir gruwii-uji cbildr 
to Wcliwine till) rctiowneal wu-rirjr vn\ 
Dou and a publir iliiini'r: and nil til 
,V, it Imimr nffi- ' >'■ ■> »-...^-J 



that, to tix" Wst of Uipir rfwiUwiiDn. th«> afore- 
nul gvucnJ had Uvn rxci-vtUugly likv thf in:ij>>HUc 
image, «vea when « boy. only that the idea had nuver 
oociUTi'il tn thiiii at llwc pt'Hoil. (iniit. t)M'rcfun>, waa 
tiia i-X(.'itvinent througbmit thv vkU^'V : »»d luany pvo- 
pk), who hwl D«vwr od(n) thought of gtaiicdng at thn 
Qru>t Stone Vwv tor retara befatv. now KjM-nt th«tr 
tima in gazing at it, fnr th«> take of knowing exarxiy 
Bbow OenfraJ Blood-and-Tb under looked. 

Ou till! d»y nf the gn-ut fetitival, Kniirfit. with all 

■ th* otbvr iK-ojilu of the valh-y, k-ft thoir work, an*] 
proreedied to the spot where th<» sylvan b«n(|iiet waa 
prapaiwH. Am he apiwoocbi^, tbo toiul voice of tim 
Bev, Dr. Buttli'bhist waa heard, bmeecliio^ a blvasing 
on the K'ood thiog» eet Iwforo them, and on tli« diB- 
tiiigttuihecl friend of poaoi* in wh«M honor ihry war* 
Mtnnblpd. Tb» tables wen urai^tecl in a cleared 
•pace of thr wood*, nbut in by th^ Aurrounding tn«s, 
axoept where a viata oiwrnnl uiMtwan), iitul alTordtHl a 
distant view of tlio Great Su>no I-'iui'. Otvr thi* gnn- 
end'a I'liair. which was a n>lio from ihu biKne of '>^'aall' 
ingtou, tJicre was an arch of venUut hoii^hs. with the 
buiiwl pmftiHi'ly inLi'nniuNl, ami «uri])oiinlcd by hia 
eonntry's baiin^r. l>enenLb which he ha<i won liia victo- 

■ ric*. 0«r frit'iid KrofNt rniM-d hiniHcIf on hi* tijiUH^. 
in hopes Ui ^t a ;;Iinip6c of thi^ <-t^li-l>riittKl finest i but 
tiuTf wu a mi^lity ctohiI uIiohi llic Ul>l<-d auxions 
to bear the toasts and s|)oechefi. and to t-utch any word 
that night fall from tho g«ii«ral in nidy ; and a rol- 
iinttwr company, doinj; dnty as a giiant pri^-lcMl nith- 

■ Ivssly with tht^ir bayonets at any |>arti<-idnrly qui«t 
panon among the thmn;;. Ho EniMt, lH!in<; of no 
unobtnuive eharacter, was thrust qtiii« into lh« back- 
gruund, when bo could mm no mora of Old Blood- 

Meantimie, buvri-wr, ho trotld averi 
various imlividiiaK wlm witl' wm] 
vf Uie lti*r(> wiili Um- iiux on tho <liH 

'* 'T is the iHuiM flkOCi to u Itftir 
OUUing u (n|i«r fur jny. 

** Wondvrrully like, Uuit'a u 

" Likti I wliy. I cull it Old Blootl 
self, in k luunfltrouti looking-glum 
** And wh}- not? He 'e tlie gtvaU-vt i 
other »f^ beyond a tluulit." 

Ad<I thea all tlirue of tlw n\K*k 
shnat, which i-»iniiiiii)U>atMl elH-'tricitj^ 
callnl forth a niar froin » Uiouwuid 
mvcrlxTiiting for tniloM nmoug d^ 
y»ii tiiit;lit )i!ive Hn|){i«it>it tluit tl 
Liul jMin-ed ilH ihuiidcr-hn^uth into 
DoiniDrnU, and this viuit vtithiini. 
to intoreet mtr frii*nil : tior <lid he 
that now, lU li'ii^h, th<.' inoiintiiin 
human uoimterpart. It \a true, Bi 
that Uijjt loii^-looknl-for |M'numiii 
tho cluiraptor of u niiiii of |>t':tiv, 
Join^ gowLaiid lu^^""* ■■ I- 




** The fEvnfml ! the general ! " wa-t now the crj. 
" Hash ! »i]eti<-e .' Old filood-BBd-TlKiniKT \ going to 

Ev«ti so : for, tli« cloth bein^ r^morml. the (j^raeraTs 
brallh Itiul Itern ilrunk, uiiiil hIh>uU of applause, and 
be now stood upon his feet to Uiank thu compsnj. 
Emtiiit saw hiin. There he iras. over the ahoulders of 
the crowd, from tlM two glttr^-riii); r)niuli.'t« (util uii* 
broidered collar upward, beucath the anth of (•''een 
b(Kt<;lH witli intvrtwintxl Utm-J. luid thr Inuincr droop* 
ing as if to ahade bis brow \ A nd therp, too, visible 
in ths nntu gUaev, throit^^h \iw vi^u of the forest, ap- 
peared tbe Gr«at 6Umo Face 1 Aitd wtut there, ui- 
dee«l, Micb a reMmbUnco as the prowd ka<l tv^tted "* 
Alas, E^meat could not recopiisu it I He liclit-ld a 
wai^wom and woat])er-)M,-ai4.-ti countenance, full of eu> 
er^, awl expreanve of an iron will ; b^tt the gi^ntle 
witdom. tbe deep, broad, u-nder NymiMthieii, wc«ii al- 
together wanting in Old Blood-and-Thiindur'a visage ; 
and even if tbe Great Stone Faoe hail oafiiuiMKl hia 
look of stem command, the milder traits would still 
haw tvmpvrvd it. 

** This is not the man of pnipbixiy," sighed Ernest 

|lo bim»-lf, as hi- made hln way out of the throng. 

I ** And must tbi? world wait longi^r yet ? " 

The miitM bad cwtgregated aboot the distant mmin- 

Itain-side, and there wpr« M-en the ^mid and awful 

iftnittires of the (treat Stone Fai-e, awful Uit iM-nignaiit, 
w if a mighty angel were fitting among the bills, and 

fcti robing Iiini^clf in a cloiid-vesture of gold and pur- 
pli'. An bi! l<")k»tl, Emt'i't ooidd luinily bt-lievii but 
that a smile beamed over tbe whole visage, witli a ra- 
dionce still bri(;tiU'ninp, idlhnugb witlxiut uiotion of 
ips. It waj probably tlt« effect of tbe western 

J-'xce wera wfaispering 
nmit ; W will come." 

More y«ars s)>eil swiftly and 
neKt NtiU ilwcli io hU tuilivv vd 
uiiin of middle age. By !iD|iem(!| 
htK-nniv kiiciwii nintmg tht' |K>()|>k^.f 
he UboRtl fur hia Itread, aixl 
heurttv) (DWi tlint be \x>u\ idwayn 
tltouKht. HDil ft'lt no much, he 
Uie l<i*3<t )u>unt iif liiH lifi* Ui iini 
great good b> inimkind. that it 
had Im-cii tttlkiit); with iIh- nn<^di<. i 
|iortioii of tlicir wiiiilitiit iitinwar 
tbe oalni and woll-tNimtitlttm] Iwi 
life, thn (tuii-t atn-aiM of wliiidi hi 
□laipii nil hIoii}; Ha n>ur*i: Nut 
the world waa not Um> better Im 
ble as liv «af, luul livwl. Ho 
from hit* nwii path, yet wmild alwM 
to his neighbur. Alnwtit invalunS 
Mine a |in-arh<'r. The \nnv aiiq 



'bMl IlituM-tf Hu<<[kr<'t it ; but. inr^-itnlily m tho nnnnur 
rvf a ri\iilpt. caiuo tlinughts o4it ot liu month diat do 
other houiau Ii]» liad vpokcn. 

When the (wople's mioits had liad a litUe ttnw to 

ooolf they ver« nncly euotijth tu ackuunliilgt^t ihcir 

mutake in imii^ntii); a Biuiiliiri^ IwtweeD Genetal 

BIood-antt-TbuiiiWs truculent physiu^Miuy nail tbu 

I Wntgn viaof^ od tltc tnounUin-Miilc. tl«it now. agniii, 

^■there were reports and Diauy paragraphs in tbt* uf ws> 

^^jK-n, ailintiin^ tliat tlii.* Ukwnvwi u( Uwr (irvat Stoue 

Fa4% had ap'Rared ii|>t>u the bitMd bhouIderA nf a eer- 

tuiii rniliiriit HUiU-Hiuaii. lie, liko )[r. (tathrr^ohl 

and Ohl BluwL-atid-Tbtindt^r. vnu a native of the 

vaUvy. hat bad Wft it in bi» vmtXy daym am) ukua 

up the Cmdcit »i law and ]Hditit;s. Ituitnul nf \\w rirb 

miui'» wualtb an*! Uiv warrior's swonl, bv had but a 

tongiHt. and it was mightier than both together. So 

wuDdi-rfiilly •.■hMpK-nt wai> be, lliut wbat<-\-vr ho mif^bt 

cLmmc Ui iKiVi bin auditors bail im (-btii(% but to 1ms 

licve hiin ; wrani; looknl like rij^lit, and ri(;ht liko 

wrung: (or mImii it ph-a>ied biiu. be t^iulil rnako a 

wkjud Iff ilium in a tit) fu); witli Iiiii mnrv breath, and ub- 

HtM-urc^ th«> natund daylijiht witli iL Ilia tongur, iudt-Ml. 

vriia a uiafn<-' instrument : Hiinxflinu-fi it rumbled like the 

lliumler ; Huim'titrn'o it warbUtl like* tlu; iiwtretevt muiiie; 

It was tlie )>la«t uf war. — thu sung of [)eave ; and it 

■Momi il to have a iH-art in it, whi'U tb'.'n- wan no -tui-h 

I natter. lu good tnitli. bi; viw- a wonilrous man : and 
when hill tongue ba<l a(;<[uired him all otJier Iniaginablo 
■uooeaat — whi'n it hwl Uvn h«anl in halls of utate, 
atul la th* n>un.s of priuri» and )mtentateii, — after il 
hid made him known all over tho world, evvn ait a 
ytiev crtiii^ from ahore to ohorf, — il finally yvr- 
hid isouittrjuivo U> Mdwct him for thv Prutt 



di'Dcy. Bcfon- UiU time, — indeed, as soon as be !»■ 
gaa to grow ovK-bratul. — his uilmin-nt luul fuuml mil 
Uko n-st^mblance betweeu Uiui and the Great fiUmr 
FiK-e ; juid m much wi-n- tlmy ittnii-k by it, tlal 
tiirodghout tlie country this diHtiDgnished gipntlemu 
was known by tlie luunt; uf Old Stony Ptiix. Tb> was RODsidered an ginng a bighly fuvortblti^ 
pcct to hU jiolitiiiU i>nj»]>ccta ; for, aa is likewise ike 
case with the Popedooi. nobody over 1>«'om«a Pteri- 
doiit without Inking « iianio otlH-v tlian hla OWQ. 

While bis friends were doing tht-ir \tv*t to m»k9 
him PrcMidciit, Old Stony Phiz, an be won called, sets' 
out on a visit to the valley whtw be wa» bore. Ot 
wnirai-, iw luul UA otbtir i>hjc<Tt than to shake haod^ — 
with hLi feltow-citizenB. and neither thought nor o4in9>l 
nl>out any (rffvii which his progreM throitgh ih* w>n»- ^ 
try might have upon the election. Mtgnitkvnt |in-p— ^ 
imitioax vrciw made to roouvo th« illn-ilriouk wtnu^w 
niiUl ; a ravali.'wie of borsom«n fwt fortli to meet hitu 
nt the boundiiry liiu' of iho Stxtc, and lUl tlit> )ii-u|>l<^ 
left their huHiness and gathered along the wayside UjM 
Ae«i biui iiasH. Among the*e waa KnteoL TlKm^lt 
mom than onve disappointed, as we have seen, he luxl 
Buch a hopeful and oonfiding nature, tliat he wue al- 
ways roiuly ta Wlii-w in whatevt-r sM-ined beaiitifidg 
and good. He kept his heart »mtinually oji^n, and V 
tbu» waH ttiiTv U> I'litob the hh^sing from on high when 
it elioidd oume. So now again, as hll(>^-antly ua ever, 
he went forth to bc.hohl tJtu tikttnciu* of the Great 
Ston<« Fw<e. 

Tlie cavalcade tiamo pmiiring along tlm road, witlj a 
gn-at clattering uf hoofs and a inighhi' cloud of ilust.| 
which rose up so dense atu) liigli (hat the visage i>f the 
uoimtiuu - side was cxrinidetcly hidden from Ernest'*^ 




«jrM. AH the giwt men <>f Um- nvi^}i)>i>rti(>>Ml wrro 
there on bonatnclt ; militia offii^ers, iu uniform ; tlw 
nu^tber of OiiDgreu : tlw iilM^riff of the coanty ; tba 
editors of newspttpera ; and many a farmer, too, bwl 
i]»itinU.-d hi» patient Kteed, with hiti Sunday coat upon 
hia back. It tvally was a rery briUiunt spwrtacle. es- 
peutallj ae tbere weru numcKKM banners tl»iu)(ing over 
the aavalcade, on Eom« of which wen- f^rgeons por- 
tiaita of thu illuHtriuus fttatcatuan aiMl the (treat StiMie 
Face, smiliiif^ familiarly at oni- unothiT. like two Imith- 
en. If tlic jitcturea «et« tu lie lru.ti<^ iImi mitlual re- 
eemblance. it miutt be confewtcd, w»» inamtlloUB. We 
niut nut forget to mention that there was a haiul of 
moaict wliidi ntiule the ccboui of the nuruntains ring 
and rwerhenttt with tliP h>wl triumph of ibi atiainft; lo 
that airy and Boid-thrilling tnelodtcs broke out anion}; 
all the hnj^ta um) huliowa, as if every nook of hia 
oatire valley had found a voice, to wekoaifl the dis- 
tinf^LKhed gur*t. But the gmiMleNt tSviri wax whiui 
the far-off mountain prei-ipioe flung hack Uie musiu -, 
for thioj the (in-al Stone Kaoe itaoU werotsl to he 
awelUns the triunjpliant choms, in ai-knonliHlgment 
thitl, nt li^ngth, tlie luan of pru{ihe(-y wati come. 

All this while the people were throwing u]» tlufir 
batti and ftbouting, with enlhtiaiaun so contagious that 
the heart of Emeri kiniUM tip, and lie likewtKC thrvW 
dp hi* liat, and slioute<l. ha loudly aa the loudeeti 
"Huzza for the gn-nt tnant Huzza for Old Stony 
Phis ! " But as yet he had not seen him. 

** Here he t*, now ! " rried th'M« who Htooal near Kiv 
mat. "There! Tlierel LotJc at Oh) Stony Phii 
and then at the Oil Man of the ^fountain, and see if 
Ihi-y an.- ntut a« like as two Iwin-bruthen! " 

lit the roidnt of all this gallant array came an ujien 


baroncho, Hrawn by twir white honea ; and ta the ba- 
ruttclu), wiUi his ma-isive bea<l uiii'overetl, sat the illu»- 
trious iitat««iiuiti, OM Sutiiy Fhi/ hiiiiM-if. 

" CoafeM it," said one of Eroest's nei^bora to bim, 
" tiie GnHtt Ston« Vtuv hu-t tact im matt-ii at liutt! " 

N<iw, it mti«t be uwiim) tliut, at hU first ){)itnpse of 
the caiiot«naitra which was bovriDf; aitd HtniUiij* frnm 
, the ImnHwht-, Ernvst iltil fancy thut there wai a i«- 
' samblance bt-tweim it aud tlie oM familiar facs upoe 
Um) nioitDtuin-«i<li7. Thr bntw, with it« inaMivA clp|rtfa 
aud loftintiiw, and all the otiier feature, indeed, were 
Uddlv atii) Ntnmgly hi-wn, ils if in ^-luiiUltim nf a ni<)n» 
tliaiL beroiv, of a Titanio model. Dnt the snbUmiQp- 
anil .itati'lim-HH, tlw^ grnml exjirt^Miun of a divinu nym- 
jiathy, that illuuiiuatiKl the ronuiitain visage aail etba* 
renlixol it« ptHKlvronti gratiit« mitMttaiHv into M|iiri(| 
might here be soiiglit in vain. Komething had be«ti ■ 
orifpnally Ivft out, m- luul df)i«rtml. And tlM-ri-foru | 
tbv. inarvelhtttiilv gifted statmnian bad alurnyit a weary 
glooui in the devp ntvcrnx of hiit tsyvo, aa of a child 
that hiut oul^-(>wn its playthin;^ or a man of uiij-faty 
faculties and little aima, wImm)« lifts witb all ilM high 
|>urfi>i-uiiUM-i4i, wan vague and emptVt U yauau no high 
purpose had cndiiwi-d it witli ix'-alily. 

Stall, Emest'd ueighbni- wua t)ii-iu^lir)g hia uliww into 
his Aidv. and pr\'K)iiii|r him for an aiiHwur. i 

"OonfeflH ! ix)nfi>«Mt le not he ihu wry picture ofl, 
your Oltl Man of the Muuutain ? " 

" No ! " said Kmrat, bluntly. " 1 sM little or no tiko- 

"Then m nmcb th»? wonw for th« Owiat St<«w 
Fac<! ! " audwered his neigbbnr ; and again be aet up 
« shout for Old Stony l^iix. 

But Ernest turned away, melancholy, and almoet 




ieKpmdmt : for tlii^ was the nadilMt ot his tlisap- 
|MnDtnu.''i)tM, to Wh(>lil ii iiuui wbn niigbt hiivr ftilfllL'al 
tl>e prophecy, and bad not willtxl to do so. Mi-aatipw. 
tlw cftrAlnulr. thtt ItsntM'M, tJti< musU-, nn<l tfao (mi- 
muifaeB flwept ))aet liiin. with tbo vwtfvrwus crowd 
in tb« mar. lonving the ilunt t<> M.-tlln iti>wu, ami tlia 
Great Stonv Kiuti lu W n^vpalrtl Of^in. wttb tlw 
gran(k*itr tlwt it had worn for untuUl i-euturi«B. 

" Ijo, \wiv 1 Mn, KrtK'M ' " tin- iM'nt^i lifxi M-4>tiitid 
^bo mj. ** 1 have wviu.-d kinder than tlmit, mid am uut 
Bjret weuj. Fvar tvit ; tlw man will (Hiwr." 
^^ The yean hwrriwl otiwanl. trv-jiclins in their ha«to 
on one MQotWr'it kfcl*. Ami nuw tlirv Iwgiin tt> brinff 
white hain, and acattcr theni ovit the head uf Emesl ; 
tboy made tvvcrrnd wrinklvtt n<.-n>M liln furchvad, and 
_ fntTomt in kis cheeks. Ilo wa:t an agt^l nuui. l^c 
B not in rain bait he pvwn oltl : annv tliun tlw whit* 
HA^ih od )m Iwail wen.' [lie hiij.'v thuiiglits in itia niiud ; 
PHK wriiikk^ anil fni-rnvos wcid iniK:rii>tii>nM tliat Tirm 
had graved, and in whii>b he had writtai k^nd« oC 
viadixn that harl In-vn t4'«tr<l hy thr tt-iuir tif a lifu. 
And Ernest had ivaai-d to be olwu-ure. Uusou^bt fur, 
imdeuKd, bati Miine \hr funn- whif^h mt numy Duaik, and 
made him ktmwti ii) [be i^i-itt world, beyond the timita 
of till' %'aUL-y in wliiili bo )uu) ilwrlt mi i|uietly. C'lil- 
lege profeeaots. and «ven the &i-tive men of cities, i-ame 
from £ar to nee and ooavrnin with Ernest ; for the re- 
port bad gone idiroad that tbia sample htubaadman 
had ideaa unlike tliow u( other men, not gained from 
booJH, but of a higher tone, — a tnin([iiil an4l faniiliar 
raajeaty. as if he hail luiin tulkinir with tli« aiigeb aa 
bin daily fripDilx. WbitlMT it were Baf!e. stnt^-xmau, 
er philanthropist, Eniest rweivwl tbe*e v-isitors with 
the gvuilo aincvrity tluit had rbarai-t«rixiil liitu from 



bovlxxx), arnl Kjink*? fnwly with Uicni of wUiili«vpr mniB 
ii[))>orDi(>8t, or lay deepest in Ms ItMrt <>r lltiTir own. 
^V liili! Ut<-v lJilki<>) b>^i<!Uti'r, hit face wmtlil kiaiUe, ud- 
svrares, iinil xliinc u|>»d them, lu witlt a, iiiilil rvvning 
light. I'<)»tiiv« with the fulness of sttL-h tlisi-ourae. hii 
gnests UttAi Uixw iind went their way ; nnd iKUtsiug tip 
Ums valley. pau.w<l to loot at Ibe Great Stone Face, 
iiiia(|iiiing that tlwy kikl Men itn lilutnMs in a tituuan 
countenance, hut could not Feniember wltere. 

Wliilf Krni-Ht iiail iNt^n growing tip and growing 
old, a bountiful Prondencu had granted ii new poet to 
thiii i«rtJi. Ili>, liknwtiiei iraa a nativfl of tb« vatley, 
but hiul iipent till' greater part of his life at a di«tunoo 
from that nuuantic rvgion, jmuring out hia sweoC 
music amid tlve bustle and din of oitiea. Oft«n. bow- 
*'\fT, did tlio nioiintiiinH whit'It luid Ui'i) fnniiliiir to 
hiin in liis childhood lift their snowy [teaks into the 
clmr Btnlo«])h1^^« of hiti ]>mtiy. Neither wan the 
Great Stone Face forjfotten, for the ]>oet liad cele- 
fanif<l it in an otic, u-liii-h watt grand enough to liuvn 
bwin uttvml by its own majestic lipa. Tliis man of 
geiiiiiH. wtt may say, hait <-iimt- down from Iwavnii with 
wonderful endowments. If he aaog of a mountain, 
the ejca of all mankind Itchcld a mightier grandvur 
FG])osing on its breast, or soaring to its sumnut. than 
had before bei'n mien thonr. If his tlti*nii< wcm u liiv«ly 
lake, a (wivtttial smilo had now been thrown ovvr it, 
to gleam forev<-r on ita surface. If it were the vast 
oKI mvL, uven the deep immensity of its dread bosom 
8««nied to swell tlie higl>er, as if moved by th« enio- 
tiona of t)i4! «ong. Thus tbo world asuumol nnotlier 
and a butter aspect from the hour that the poet blesaed 
it witli hill liappy oyvs. Ilia Creator luul lieMowi-d 
liini, as the last best touch to his own baodiworb. 




Civatioii wu not finiiOicd tiU Uie pa«t came to iatei^ 
prel, auil ao Mtmplete it, 

Hw tfTcit VAX no li-K^ high luiil U-ntit!ful. when hia 
honUin hivthren were th« 8ul)je(.'t ot bin verse. 'Hw 
tmn or wtitnan, aimlid with tlM> oommon dost nf life, 
wh» mwuHMl h'w dmily [luth. iind tlie little ehiltl who 
jiUyetl in it, wre gluritied if Iw b<-hrh) tht-m Jn hi» 
mond «( pot-tir fiiilli. He showetl the giolilen links of 
the pn-at i-huin tluit iiiK-rtwined them with an niip-lic 
kiiMlntl ; bv liniii^lit "iit the hidden traits of a eeW- 
tial birUi tli*t nuulv tbem wortliy of HUfii kin. Somo, 
indtttl. tlM'W *(■«■, who tlH>ught Ui show tJw M>ui)dnna8 
of thitfir judgment by afiinning tJiat all the Imiuty and 
digniQ* uf tht) unturnl world vxi:ct«d nnly in tlii? poft's 
taacy' Let aui'Ii hm-ii ajx^ for tJteniAch'eH, who un- 
doubtedly mppeftr to have hwn e[>awiie<l forth by Na- 
ture vdtli a cuntcmptuous bittemeiu : ^he Itax-iug phw- 
trred tlwni itj» out of her rcfuw stiifT. after all (In- nwint- 
were nuult;. Am resjieftsi all tilings else, the poet'n 
i«)t!4J was the truest trutli. 

The Kongs of this ]»oet found their way to Ement. 
read th^ni after his i-iiHtoiimry toil. «-»t'-<) on tlii> 
before his cottagp^oor, where for sueh a length 
he li:id RIM hi" r<-]>oiie witli thoti^it, by ga<- 
at tlie (treat Stoat- Fii.-e. And now as he read 
itaa that cauiwl tlw muI to thrill witliin turn, lu> 
ifted his eyes to the vast oonntenanoe Iwaming on him 
no iH-ni^iantly. 

" O majestic friend," he murmnnKl, Mldreming ihe 
Gnat Stone Face, " i» n^it this man worthy to resem- 
ble Uiee?" 

Thi" Face iteemed to •iiiiile, hut answered not a wonl. 

Now it lia]ij)v»i.Ht tluil tlw [tout, tbou^h Ik- dwelt 
ao far away, had not only hoard of Enunt, but had 




tnmlitali^l niiM'h u|k>u liU cliarai'ter, uulil Imi / 
ni>lliili(; NO <lesir»blu a» m iiin-t U>t» timii, wh< 
tought wiiwUim walkeil luiDil in liaitd wiUi the u'lt'U 
iiiin[ili<!ity of liU lift*. Ont; ■umun-r imiruuij;, Uirtv- 
fnni, \w< tank paHfla^ by the railniail, auil, in tlw.' ilt^ 
oUoe of tho iiitvnitKiii, iiltghtol fmu th« oin 
gn>at ilUlaiii'i' front Emeftt's oottoge. Th« fn^ent 
wliii-h h»tl fomii-rh' U'vn tb« pfthuM^ of Mr. 0»tW' 
gol*l, was (-loae at hand, but ihv (nmt, witli bis caqart- 
biif; 111) \\w anil, iii(|»in-H nt mvx whom Kriicjit liwuh, 
Mill waa ivMilvecl to b«i aweptwl M hi» ^imt. 

A|>pmat'biiig lliv tltMir, hi- tliore fouuil tlie j^ioit i>U 
niiui, huMin;; si vuluino in his biunl, which nltemslvlT 
he rend, and thi^ii, wiUi a tin^ci- between tbv leavia, 
hinkml lonngly at the Great Stone Fa«e. 

" Gocni evfiiiiij;," Haid Uik i»«»«t. " C*n yoii girt a 
traveller a niKbt'* Imlpug ? " 

" Willinply," HiMweriMi RniLitt; anil tJjnn hi' nJdnl, 
BniiliD^, '* Methiuks I never saw tlie tiruat Stonw Fj 
liKilc fM> liaH|iiubly at a titmtigi.:r." 

The ixM-t Mit duwm (in llie licneh Iwelde hioi, anil \» 
and HniMt toikeil tdgntiurr. Offii hail tlw (Mwt IwU 
int«n»ur«(> with the wittiest and the wisest, but iiant 
Wfore witJi a iiiaii like Rnit-Ht. wImiac thmiglita uinl irA- 
lagv ^Lsboil tip with suc-Ji a iiaturaJ freedom, and w^i 
made great truthfl m> familiar by hia siinplo iittoraoM 
of ibi-ni. An^lx, im bad been so often said, M>«mi 
to have wrought with Kim at hia labur in l\w fieMa 
aiigt-U (M>niiii>(l to have sat witli liim by the tiresiih) 
and, dwelling with angela as friend with friMiibi, lii* 
had iiiiliibiHl iIk^ mibliniity nf tht-ir tdeii», and imbued 
\t with the sweet and Jowly eharro of bouseliold word*. 
So th<>iit;lil tin- jHx-t. Ami Knii^t, on the oOier hand, 
wiM moved and agitatnl by ibe living imageH whii 

1 1^ I 




pi(W>t fluti); oat of bis minit. and which peoplotl all 
tbe air about the outb^-door with t»ha|)CM of livnuty, 
both gay and iwnaiw. The i^mpaUiiM of these two 
nH-n tiwtnu-tiM! Uniii with a |mif<>iiii')rr iwn<H> Uuiii cJlhvr 
uould hsTe attaiueKl aluae. Their niindii uM-onl»l into 
one strun, aitd tBuk d^};htful ttiimic which nt>itb«r 
of titein roulil have claimed as all his own. nor dis- 
tingutMlwil hi« own lUiarc fn>ni Uw- oUier'fl. They lod 
oae aootber, as h were, intu a high jiai-ilion of their 
tbou^htH, vo miiKitt), am) bilhrrtu m> dim, that t\ity 
had never eutend it before, and so beautiful tluit they 
dMum) to be tbi-Ri always. 

Aa Emcet Itatmed to thp poet, be imagined that 
ttw Onat Stoiw Paou was brwliu); furward (v liKUm 
too. \\f. gazed foniMtly into the poet's glowing «yee. 

" Who are yiiu, my stnuigely gifted SMSt 7 " b« 

The poet laid his finger on tbe volume tliat Entoft 
bad been roading. 

" Vou have read these poems," said be. "Toaktww 
me. then, — fur I wrote thnra." 

Again, aiul sttll more eariKstly than before, Emeot 
examined tbe poet'fl featii>v-s ; tlu-n tnnnsl lowanlit tbo 
GnnU Stone Faee ; tbro back, with an uneertain as- 
pect, u> bii) guest Bui hia nMmtenaun! feil ; he ahuok 
hta bcM). and BigIi«<I. 

" Wberefcwe are you Ra<l ? " iii<|»iK^l the pttet. 

" (ViauiMr,** n>pli(xl EniP«N " all tlirottj;^ life I have 
awaited ibe fulfibiit^at of a pr(>ph<H-y ; and. when I 
nwl thoto iMcms, I bi)|>ed that it might be fulfilled la 

" Yon httpnl." An4wun>d tlie poet, faintly Bmiling, 
"In find in nit? the liken<«s of the Gn-jit Stone Fa*». 
And you an diMipi>»Lutud. a« fonnerly witli Mr. < tather^ 

_ .-uiu j,ru. 



gol<I, nnd 01>1 Bl<KKl-aiul-Tbuiidpr. aud OM 
Pliiz. ypB ErtiL'st, it is my doom. You mutit udcl 
iMaxc to tlio illtutTioiiR tlm^% uimI roconl oiioUkt fail- 
urt! of your hopes. For — in shame and BadneoA do I 
apeak it, Krat^Ht — I am not worthy t« Iw ty[»ituxl byj 
yonder benif^ und majc»tir imagv." 

" At)d why?" aitkt^ RmeoiL lie )Knnbvl to 
ToliuiiP. " Aru ni)t thoM: tboiights divine ? " 

"Thoy iave a stnun of the Htvtnily," n-jdittd 
pout ** You fiui licatr in tbcm tliv far-off t'vho of a 
heavenly wiag. But my life, dear Knu^l, luut not tvir- 
nMfKHidMl with my tliought. I hjive hiid j^ruid dr«ama. 
but Ih^y liare bitn only tlreanis. Wcause I bav« Uvi'd 
— iukI Uiiit, too, by my own vboit.'c — tuuong jMior and 
mean realities. Sometimes even — shall 1 ilare to say 
it? — I bu.-k faith m the fp-andrnr. tbo iK-auty. and tlw 
gKHMlnt-iM, which my own works are iuiid t4> have made 
more nvideot in nature unit in liiiman lifo. W'hy. then, . 
)mi-f »-i-kcr of the j^oihI and true, tJiouUlHt tJtou liojw J 
to find mc. to yondt-r imnj^e of tlw divine?" ■ 

The [Htet !i|>oke aadly, ami his eyes were <)im vritli 
h:nn. S^^ Hkewinc. were thono of PJnuwt. 

At tlie hour of HiinM>t, as luul long beeii bis fmjUttnt 
viiMtwn, EnivKt wiu to diaPoiinM) to ui aammldagu of 
llie nrighboriii^ inhabitantJ* in the o)>eu air. lie aud 
the )<<K't, »nn in ariii, Htill talking tugetbvr ii» tlioy 
went along, proceeded to the spot. It was a muall 
nook among iIm- hilU, with a pray prc<-ipieti behind, 
the stem front of which was relieved by tlie pleasant 
foliage of many creeping {ilauts tlial nuultt a la)i«ittry 
for the uakexl rot^k, by hangin); their feotoons from all 
its nig)^l angles. At a mdhII eleviiltoii above tiw 
ground, wt in a rivh framework of venlurc. thun 
pearefl a nicbe. spacious enough to admit a he 

7 Ills fUtEAT StOSK f.lCH. 


fixi'W.witli fii'c-ilnin forKiii'li ^■sfiiiv* lui >[i<>iit:m<:u«i-ily 
iu'omii|>iiii^' Ciuiii-.nt i1iii(ij-lit ami [j<-iiu!ri(! c-inotion. Into 
thi« iiuttival iiTiljjit ICriK-st uHcviiiU'd, uiid tlirvw a took 
ot raiiiiliar kiiuliiess rn'oiiixt ii]>oii hU nuilU'iico. They 
Rtotxl, or iwl, i»i- iiylitiivl iii)on Ui« gntss, as BCcnied 
good to each, witli ttie ilt-pai'ting suii)<)iine falliug ol>- 
Ikliioly ovoi- tlwuii'miil mingling itt mii1iiIiic<I I'lK-orful- 
iirss witli the aolomuity u( :i grovo of urick-ot trees, 
l)i.'ncHtli and aiiit<l llic boughs vt whicli tliti gnldoii rays 
tt-cro constraiuod to pass. In anoth«r tlirwtion was 
Kccn tlio (in-iit Stono Toko., witJi th« KUiw cliovr, 4*oin- 
Uaed. with the same solemnity, in it« benignant as* 

Ernest began to Riwali, giving to the |>co]>le of nitat 
V.-M ill his he:irt and mind, M'm woitls liud poirer, 
bccaiiite thoy iici>urdc<d witb bis tl>oiightit i and liis 
thoughts had i-eality and depth, bwatisc tbcy harmo- 
nijusl with the lifi; which Iu^ had alwitys livM. It wu 
not mere breach tliat tbia prvaclwr uttered ; they were 
tho words of life, bccanno a life of gooddt-w!* an<l holy 
lovo was melted into thtm. Pearbi, pm-e and rich, had 
been dissolved into this precious draught. Tho poot, 
as be listened, felt that tho being and character of 
Ernest were a noblor Htritin of poetry than be had ever 
wTitten. Ilis eye* glistoniiig with tears, he gazwl rev- 
orcntially at the venei'able man, and mid within him- 
9e1f Uiat never was tlierc an itsjKct so woilhy of a 
prophet and a sage as that mild, »wwt, tltoughtful 
couutenanoo, willi the glory of white tiair difFi»C4l 
nbout it. At a dintanee, but dislinclly to bo seen, 
Itigli up in tho gulden light of ibc setting sun, ap- 
l>carcd the Great Stono Face, with hoary mints around 
it, like the while hairs aronnd the brow nf Krncr-t. 
Ili l(M>k uf gntnd U-iiefieeuce auuiUMl to ctnbni<:c the 

riii: atti:.\T sroxn i-acb. 

At ihat miimrat, in pijfmi>:il(ijr with a llmuglit which 
bu WTis alMut to ullor, tbr; hva of Rniokt mtDiiinnt » 
i;raiu1(.'ur of *'K|>n'wi"H. w> {iiilini*! willi bcnevolctwc, 
lltut tlw IHip*. liy .T> im-Histilil.? iinjiulw.', tUrow his 
armi aloft, aiul shotiti-il, -^ 

" Bcliuh) I B«'hol<Il Knw-st is hiiiiM'K the likcitoc^a 
o£ tlw Gn-at Sloiw Kico ! " 

■ Titcu all the iicojiU' Innkctl, nmt mw that wtnt (Ito 
cUwp^ightiil poi't s.'iiil waa tnw>, Tlie i>rnjili«>y \Tai 
falfilkd. But Ki-nt^'st, linviiig fini«h(Hl Hlmt Ito hoi) to 
sny, took the poet's anii, atxl vrall«>(l .ilowly linnjewntd, 
■till liojiing that sonto wiser and boCtor uutn than tunw 
self vruiild liy hihI !>>' n)>[)ear, bearing a tcMtnblance to 

■ (lie Gut-iTSroNK Face. 

ami t)io vic-iM^Uiulo of clinnictunstic soaiM tluit Imvo 
pitnM.l1 nliiiig this tliotxntghfare tliii-liig lli« more tlian 
tvo cutitiiiiL-s of its cxisUrtive, could be pi-eiicnted to 
Uto ej'o in a r.liifliiig \wnorniiin, it would I>e an ext-oed- 
iii^ly L-ITvctivi: nii-tluxl of ilhi»tmting the iiiaroh. of 
tinio. Acting on tliin idoa, I liiivc coutrivcd u certain 
pti'toriitl c\Iiiliitiuii, Noiitouhat iu tlic nature of a. |m)>- 
j'pct-;iliow, liy iiic;u»i of wliii'It I ]>ru|>usc to rail up tlie 
]iiidl!fonn and iii»tiy-co!oi«d Pn-it before the spectator, 
and kIiow liiin tlio gliosis of liis forefathers, amid a 
succession of hintoric incidents, with no greater troiiblo 
tlian tlic turning of n crank. Uc pluit»ci], Uiorvfor^ 
my indiilgiMit piiti-ons. !«> walk into the show-rooui, and 
t^dte your scnt^ before yonder mysterious curlain. The 
little >vlieclH nii<l ^pringH of tny tnacliincry have been 
well oiled ; a midtitiule of puppets uro drvsKixI in char^ 
actcr, I'cpresenting all varieties of fa.sliien, from tlio 
Pm-itnii cliKik and jeikin to the latest 0:dc Kali coat; 
the lamps are ti-iiiinied, and Mli;dl brighten into noon- 
title HUivshiiio, or fade away in moonlight, or uiilQa 
Iheir lmlli;im y in ii Xovember elond, as thv naliii'C ot 
the scene may retpiire ; und, in i>liort, the exhibition !a 
Jii.t iLvuIy to iiimiii.-iii-e. lJnles.4 RoTiiothing nhoidd go 
Uniiig, — as, fof iiiutiiKM;, tho uiisphu-ing of a pieUii'v, 


J/ ty.v st'iii:iir. 

nlicrvliy the people nnti ev«iita of nno rrnttiiy tniglit 
l)e tlinist iiili.> (!>•' luiiMU' of nitotltor ; or the lirrnkiitg 
of a viiiv. wliirli woiiltl linug llie I'oiirw of lime to 
a siiiMcn pcrioil, — iKirriiig, I any, llw t.-ii(m:illics to 
nkirh »tk-h a L-omiilirateil pitiw of tiii-i-h.iiiuin U liablo,. 
— I flaltt^r mysi'lf, lailics nml j.-viitKiiK'n, lliat the pcr- 
fonnaiicc will elicit your giiuri'iH .iiiiiroli^tion. 

Tiiij^-a-ting'ling I goes the Wll : the ctii-tain n.<u<fl; 
uml no hi'hoM— not, iiiilooil, thi* M;iin Stiwt — Imt 
the track of loaf-strewn forest -had over ivkM||iUt(Jiuty 
pavi-uHiit is licrvnftcr to extcttd. H 

Von pcri-eivc, at a glance, lliat tliui U ink nncii-nt 
anil printilive wood, — the evi:r-yoiithfnl ami venerably 
old, — wrdnnt with n«w twig*, yet lionry, M it vrere, 
with ihc snowfall of irtniitii<.'>1i- vcart), tlint have :to> 
cumulated upon its intermingled brandies. The white 
man'ii axehiis never »imittcn n ninglo trre; his footst4>)i 
hiis never cnmiitk-"! a siiiglu uiic of llie withered leaves, 
which nil the iiutniiiiiH »iiioi' llie il<^«l have been Iwr- 
vesting W'neath. Yet, see ! along throtigh the viata of 
inijx-titling ttongli.t, tln-re is ;ilr<-:i<Iy a faintly traeed 
path, nnming m-arly cast and west, as if a prophecy 
or foreboding of the fiitnrc iitrect lind stolen into tLe 
heart of tlic solemn old wood. OnwanI goc3 this 
hardly perceptible track, iww axeentling over a nntnral 
swell of land, now subeidiug gently into a hollow t 
traversed here by ii little Mm-amlct, which glitters like 
» snake through the gh-an) of Auii-hiiic, anil ijiiickly 
Iiideif it^'lf among lliv nndirrhni>ih, in its ([nest for tha 
npI;;MHiniig covf , and ii.i|»-ditl there hy the u)n.<.'«y 
coip^' of :i giiint i.f iIk- foii-it, whii-h hail livcil out its 
inealonlalilc term of life, and Iktii overthrown by mere 

oM a^'e, .in<t Ilo buiiid in rlie ii<-w 

I lUnn th:tt IS 

hum of its dec-ay. Whiit fu.,t.itcii» enii have worn this 

J/.I/.V sTRi:in\ 






1tiilf-!«ci.ii i«tli? llfli-k! Do we not Itcar ihum now 
rtisdiiig i*>My onv tlic tvAves? We itiacvun mi f ttiUsut 
woiimii, — « iiiiijf.ttir kikI qiiwiil^' wuiiimi, ur olio Imr 
siwctvat iiuji^i! liws not ivjircw^iil lior U-ii)y, — for this 
is tiie |,M'»t Sijimw S;ivlHHn, wltosu nilc, w![h Uutt of 1 
her BC" , i'\ti:inls fi-om Mystic lo Aj;!i>v;im. That red 
■ tilallui l>y licr side, is \V!ijnKi(.-oivi't, her 
'miiuI, tlio )>riest nixl niagtcuiu, wtiose inoan- I 
U lii'ivtrtcr affriglit tlio [iiilv-fauMl si-ttJcrs 
_y phuiitoms, tiaiu'ing nud sliriekiiig iii tlie 
xiidiiiglit. Hut gTviitvr would be tho nfTright 
of tlic Ii.'linii iioi'i\>iiiaiicoi', if, ntirrurcd iti the pool of 
watiT !*[ Ids feet, lie t-otdd witeh U pitJiiliflie {glimpse of 
tlic nooiiility iititrvvis ivliic-h ttic wUitn niaii is (tostinwl 
to ucliievc; if In; euidd ficc, as in a diL'.-im, th« atone 
fi-ont uf the HLiti'Iy lu-ill, wbicti vvUI i-aat its shadow 
over this very spot ; if lie trould ho nware the 
futmi! cdiliic will timtjiiii a nolde Mii.'«'iiin, wlwro, 
niiioii^ cuimlh'ss euriositiL-s of t.':]rtli aiul sea, a few 
Indiuii Ri-i'ow-liead.'i .shidl bo ircastn-cd tip m uiciiiurials 
of a vanished race! 

N« Mich fureboditij<:8 disturb llu; S<|iiaw Sachvni and 
'\\''appacowet. They pass on, beaeath tlie tangled 
shndc. holding high talk on imittvi's of stato and reli^ 
ion, and imagine, douhtlesii, that ihoirown »yHt«in of 
nftaivs will endui-e forever. Afcanwhibi, how full of 
its o« n pmpitr life i.-* the xeene that lies ni-oiiiid tlieni ! 
The gray st^ninvl runs up the trees, and rnslles ninoDg 
llio nppor hitiiielK>s. Wa* not thai the leap of a dcor? 
And ihere is tliy whirr of a jKiiU-idyc ! ^letliinks, 
too, I viin-Ji the ernel and HtciUhy i>ye of a wolf, as 
Iw draws hock into yonder inipenions dcniiity of iin- 
deibni^li. Ho, i\ivii.\ nniid the ntiunmr of Imni^hii^ go 
thu Indian qiKcn and tin.- Iii<li;ui pt-ie-'t; tvliilu tlio 

j/.i/.v smri^T. 

{;k)«)ui of tlic bi-ontl wiltK'nii-ss liii|>rn<U nv<>r tli^m, But 
itit wtiuliiv iiij-U'i-jf iiivt'sU tlunii Its wifli iu>mi.-|]iiiif> 
l>ifU-nt:iIiiiiil ; ami only ninnii'Utnrj- stu-nlts of ijiiiwrr- 
ing siiiiliglit, fliic>o in n i;ival wliilc, fiiiil tlicir vniy 
cltrnTi, nmt gliiiinivr Einioiig i1m> fcnibi-m in tlioir iliuky 
lair. C;ld it U> tli:it Mu' tlit-oiigitl Ktivot of a fity will 
ewr pass into this twilight solitmlo, — over ihotm soft 
Iii-nt(4 of t>M> <1ccnytrig trcti-tninks, ami tlii-oii^li tlie 
flwnuipy iibices, grven willi \mlcr-ino(t<, iititl in-m'tnilfl 
tliat IitijM:k-sH •■nt:m';Kni)(-iit of great trees, wbicli b»ve 

I bi*n n|)rQo(e(l aii<l ii>.sf<l t<igvtJ«!r by it uliirlwtmi ? It 
has been n wildcnicas fi-oijt the creatiou. Must it mtt 
Iw a wil<li'nu'«<i forever ? 

Here an ai i*tili>«s-l'Mil:iiig geiitUmnn in Miw glassra, 
with bowft i>f IVrlin kUi I. nbo ti:i.t liikcn :t si.-:it itl ihe 
extriMiitty of llic fruiit row, bcgiux, iit this eiirly stage 
of tlie exhibition, to criticiw, 

** Tho whole affair is a nmnifi^t c»tch|)cnny [ " ob- 

'serves be, scaiwJy undi-r bin hrtnth. " Thn trww look 
more like wi-e<Is in a ganlcn tlian a i)rimitive foivst; 
the Pqtuiw Sachem and ^\'.^l>l«lColv<'t are stiff in their 
pojitrlioanl joints ; anil the squiircls, the ttwr, and 
the wolf mora with all the grave of a chihrs woodvn 
monkey, isliiling np and down a tttick." 

" I am oI>ligcd to you, sir, for the candor of your 
renutrkts" ri'iJii-s the .sho«iuaii, with a how. " Per- 
haps they are just. Unman art luu ilt rnnit.-(, and wo 

' mtiNt now ami then a>k a little aid from the si>cct3- 
tor's imagination." | 

" Yoii will gut no Kncb aiti from mine," rt-.-ijionils tlw 

I eritie. ^ I make it a imiiit to M>e things pni-iwly n» 

• tlu-y are. But cuiive I go alicnd t tiie ktagu is wait- 


11ie ■'ib'twiiiari |)rcMi:«)<l8. 

AtAlN SIltKur. 


Ojisting mir Kyrs ii!;utii over tlw XCM, ve iwrcvivo 
t)i!tt «tr»ti{^'i« liiivu ruiiiul l1ii>ir way into IIh) solitary 
jilncc. Ill iitoro tlinii mtiT s]H>t, mik'iij; llt«r trcvit, itii 
njihoavcil nxo is i;UtUTiii>' in tliu Miii^Iiiiic. Hnger Co- 
nnnt, tlia tii-iit ucttlcr in Xiiumki'^ij;, li:iti litiilt Uiit itwvlt- 
tug, nioiidis ago, on tlio bonlur o( t!ic foi^st-piitli ; and 
III lliir) iiivmciit lie (.'om^ii (.■^■^twiinl ihruo^h (lie vistn of 
wnod.i, nitli lib giiu uvsr tiiD sliouldcr, In-inging hiune 
tlio <-lit>icu poiiioiis of a doer. His i>t;ilwai-t figuiv^ 
I'liid in a Icatltern ji.*rkin and brcci^liiM of tlie Hiiitic, 
Htriik'ii stnnlily uuvrurti, wiUi Mich an nir of pliyHical 
force aiul eiturg^' ttmt wit might iilnio^t expect tliv vvry 
troeit to Htami aside anil give hini rootii to ixiss. Aud 
HOt-intlfMl, thoy initiit ; for, hmnbtc as is Inn name in 
history. Roger Coiiaiit stitl is of that t-Iass of men who 
do not merely lind, but malav thcii- |ilneu in the system 
of human afTain ; a man of tliinightfid strength, h« 
hji9 [ilaiilt'd the germ of a city. There slantbi tiis luihi- 
tntioii, Khowing in its rough arehitoHurc Konic fcnturcfl 
of the Indian wigwam, and sonic of tho log-eahin, and 
soiiiowliat, too, of the htraw - tlmteho<1 cottage in Old 
Kngland, wliurc this good yeoman had his birth and 
brcc^Ung. The duelUng U surrounded by a eleaivd 
space of a few iwres, where Indian corn grows thriv- 
ingly among tile »tomps of (he trees; while tlio dark 
fi>i'est hems it in, and seems to gaze silently and sol- 
emnly, as if wondoi-ing at tlie bixiiiflUi of smiHhino| 
which the white man spreads around btm. An Indian, 
half hidden in the dusky sluulc, is gaxiiig and wondei^ 
ing too. 

Witliin llie dwr of llio roltiigeyou diswni tho wife, 
witli her niddy Knglisli check. She is singing, ilonbt- 
h'w, a ps;dm tunc, at her huncchold work; or. iK-r}iiip«, 
idiu sighs at tho i<emcinbraiico of Hio vho'rfid gocviip, 



M.MiV sn:Ki:i: 

antl alt lh« mrrry bochiI tif*'. of Iii-r nseiw rillngo l»- 
j'ontl tin* vnst mill iih-I:iiu-Ii>>Ij' a>n. Yt-l llie tifiit mo> 
itwtll »!)«■ l-lii^li-s "illi d;, in]>;itllftu- [;Ii'i\ at ll«' !«J>ort)l 
of hi-r liitli- Irilx' i>f rliil<1ivit ; :iiul nrinii liima miiitil, 
wilh the ItoiUflixik in lipr fn«e, an hvr liiiMl<nn<)'i fiut 
ia hi-aril ninmiafhiiij,' tlw.- r1ll^lgIl■h('W^^ iIirvxlioM. 'T<iw 
•w-i.-<<t munt it 1h> fr>r tliosi! wlto Imvg nn Kdiii in iluiii* 
liearts, Uke RogtT Conmt and his wife, to fiml it iwrvr 
Hortit to pmjrx't it into, as tln-y Ii:ive. vt itwi-lU 
iiig ainon^ old haunts of xneo, wliorc so loitiiv IkxiiK- 
hoU Gk» liavc been kimllitl :m<I Inmit out, lltnt tho 
very glow of hnjijiiiiosa has something dreavj' lu it! 
Nol tlut lIiU jwir jin- aloiii- in their wilil I'Mvii, for 
here coineii Goodwifo >fit>i3cy, tlw j'oiing i>iiutUMi of 
Jeffrey Xf3s,<<y. fnmi Iwr 1("mr h;iiil hy, wtth :in infiuit 
at hrr breast. [)ainv Cuiiiuit luut :tiiuthor of lik« iiga; 
anil it Hliall herpafter ho one of the dtsputi^l |u>intd of 
liiston' which of these two baliics was the first town- 
born ohiM. 

Biit see! Ro^r Conant hus other neighljors within 
view. IMcT Piilfrry. lilicA-iu;, li3« Imilt Vii!i«'It a 
hoitse, ami so has Baleh. ami Xonnan, and Woo<lbiiry. 
Tlteir dwellings, inilccil, — mich is tlw ingrnions con- 
trivance of this piece of pictorial mi^cliamsin, — secon 
to have ari^scn, at various jwinls of (he scene, even 
vhile we ha\'e been looking at it. Tlie fore^l-traek, 
trmldcn more and more by the hobn.iikil shoes of these 
Htiinly and i>ondeniii4 nn^li-ihiiicii, h:iit now n distinct- 
ness which it newr eould have aeqiiired from the light 
tr«>ad of ft hiiiidnil tiiiic-<t as many Indian moccasins. 
It vritl )m! a stri'ct, anon. Asux' nli-tcrve il now. it ^n-n 
onward from one clearing to .tnotlier, lioru i)lHn;;!nf; 
into a ihadow^' strip of v<"m1». ihin- ■•jhh to iIm- siin- 
shine, Imt rvcrywhi-ni showing n diciihil liuc. al»n^ 



MA/y sritmir. 



whicli linin»n iiitixviitx Iiavo Xn-gau to hoM their mrricr. 
0\n' yiiiiiU'r .-iw-iinjiy ajiot, two tvcea have Xtcea ft.>ll>>d, 
iiiul lai'l side \>y sUXi- to niuko a c-,tii^wuy. \n aiiotlivr 
\}Uwk; line tiKc I1118 (iliriii-cd aw»y a corifiisci] iiitdoacy 
ut fiilU^n trees :iii(l clii!>tciv;(l bou^is, tvliicL Iiad been 
tiiN^Ht Id^rtlicr by n hiirrk-aiic. So now the little 
ebildren, juiit bogiiiiiing to niii uloiii.', may trip along 
tlu> jiiitli, iind uot of ten sttimblc ovcrnti iiii|R!(]iim>nt, 
iinlciis they stray from it to gatliL-r vrood-hon-ies be- 
nt'ntli Ibe trees. And, bci*iil«» tlwj ft-ct of yrown peo- 
ple and cliildren, thci-o lira tlie clown hoofs of a )uiall 
lic-ril of tx)«n. wlio scL'k tbcir (SHlisiTtU-neo fi"om ibe na* 
tivo grasfli'ii, and help to dccpeu th« ti-ack of tlic future 
tbo rough fa re. Goats iibo browse nlung it, niid nibble 
nt thv hvigit tlinl llinint ihtiniNoIvea aorow) the way. 
Not Acldum, in tLi inoro si^oliHU-d portions, where the 
black hliadow of th« foi-wt strives to hiile tli« trace of 
hiiiii:iii fi>otsl4>i)H, &l;ill« a gatnit wolf, on the watch for 
a kid or a young culf ; «ir lixcs hi-i hinigry gau; on the 
' group of childivn g:ithering berries, and c*n hardly 
forbear to rush upon them. And tlic Indian^ coming 
fi-oni tlieii- <lt)ttant wigivanis to view tlie white man'a 
settlement, marvel at the dvcp track which be makes, 
mid porhapii are saddened by a Hitting prr:<e»tiinent 
that tliis hea\y tread will find its way over all the 
land ; and that tlie wild woods, tlus wihl wolf, and th« 
wild Indian will be alike trampled beneath it. Even 
so shall it be. The pavements of the JMain Street 
■niist bo laid over tho red man's grave. 

IVhohl! Iiore i.i a sjx-etaele wliieh should lie nsh- in by Ihu [kmI uf ti'iinipel«, if Xitiimkvng had 
ever yet lieartl that cheeiy nnisie, and by tli« rottr ot 
eaiiiion, eeh<iinj' luiuing the wonds, A pmcefwion, — 
for, by its ilignity, a» marking iiii epoch in the history 



i/i/.v srr>:f:T. 

ot the stiwt, it lU'siTvo* tliat 11.11110, — a ptwDwion 
a'lvaiHiwi aloiiji tli<* imlliwuv. llw gom\ *I'tj> Al>i;;;»il 
Iiao ai'TUk-it fixiiii Kuf;1:iii(), linii;;iri^ <n.iTf* niul iult. 
rinmltsi', fur tlio ntnifix't t>f llio inli;iliil;iiil.-i aiiil tiiiOlo 
Willi t]tc Imliiins; lmiii;l»g i>:K->'n^>n too, and. mora 
itn[> tbait all, » {^vcnior fi^ tho now AvlUciiii'llt. 
Roji'v Ctmnnt iiiul t'ftiT I*iilfn>y, with th«ir coi»- 
{Kiniffus, liavo lnvti tu tlic Khoi'C to w*;1i-iiiiic litin ; mul 
nnve, vritli kim-Ii liotinr nnd tviuin]>h as tlicir ruile way 
o( life pi>nnila, are t-siCorting llic si-n-flnslii-*! voj-jigpis 
to thoir luibitutioiiK. At the ixiiiit wlicrc F.fiili<xittj 
enters u]«)ti the swne, two TOncval'le tix>'i miil« tlicir' 
brandies lii^h nlwvv IiIn hi-nd ; tints fonniiig a tri- 
uinplial nn-li of living renlnn% Wiieatli wliich he 
{Kiiises, with his wife K-aniii" 011 hi* ntiii, to nxicli tliai 
Rrst iiii|>ressioti of (tu:ir 11 k.-w- found lioiiu:. I1ic ol 
BCttl4.>r<i giue unt Icrs earnestly at hiin, tluin he at 
hoatj" wootis and tho rough surface of tlw clearings. 
'riivv like hU bcant>-<I faco, unilor the Mluidow of tho 
broad-hrimmctl anil stci'iilc-crownwl Puritan hat, — a 
xTJCigp rot<oliit<<-, grave, and thoughtful, jct ai>t to liindla 
with that glow of a cheerful spirit by whii-Ii lUfiii of 
ttroog cfawmctcr arc eiialilcd to go jo^-fully on their 
pro[K>r tashs. His form, too, as you mv it, in a iloiib-. 
let and h(WO of eail-coloixxl eloth. is of a manly niake,! 
fit for toil and lianlshiji, and fit to wicUl the heavy 
8WonI that linngs from his Iciithcm htdt. Ills aspect 
U K bettor warrant for the nilcr'a ofTitv tlinn tlie |Kirch- 
ment cotnmisMon which bo bcar», liowewr furtifie)! it 
may bo with the broad M-al of llut T^iidnn coniu-il. 
Pctor Palfniy nocbi |o Rogi-r 0>niniit. " llio w^rshiji- 
ful Court of jVfisistants have done ni^ly," say tlicy be- 
t»twi thfmwlre*. "Thi'ybavo chojn for our (;iiv- 
bnior a man out of a lhiML<ind." Thcji llicy !•>:-'« up 


ilwir Iials, — tlicy, null all tlw imwrnth figure of tlieir 
i!oiH|>:iiiy, h\\*-l t>f wliiitn an rlml m »l£ui«, iim.-uinicli 
lis liii'li- old Ui-i-iM-y :iii<l liiisry-woiiWy ^uriiirril.t lia\'0 
been torn ami liitlLTitl l>j- iinmy it loiij^ iiiuiith's wear, 
— tlwiy nil t(>Mt ti]> tlieir hats, and .-ciliitc Utcir new 
governor ami captain with ii lii-nrty KiiglUIi sliniit of 
ni'U'omc Wv scum to boar it wiili imr own earii, so 
imrfuclly is Uic netion it!]>re»cnti!(! iu tliis life-like, this 
iiLiiDst iiiagii'i ]>i(-tiii'ct 

Hilt liiivo yuu oliHi-rvRtl tlw ludy who teuna iipou tlte' 
anil of Eadioutt ? — n ru»c of Iwimty (n)iii an Kn^^Iish 
jjriiih'ii, tiijw to bo tiiin-iplaiifcd to a fresher soil. It 
may bo that, long yiiirs — eentiincs iiiileiil — aft^r 
thin fair flower nhal) liave decayed, other flowers of th« 
Millie i-:tee will a|i(var in the name suit, and gluddoa 
other geiieiatiuiu witli hvixililary K-aiity. Does not 
the vision haunt lus yet? Has not Xaliii-c kept tho 
MUtiild unbroken, di'cmiiig it a ])ily that the idea should 
vanLih fmni mortal sight foivvor, after only om-e aa- 
Kuniinj; earthly suhntancc? Do we not reeogiiiite, in 
that fair uoiaan'a face, the n)0<lel of features which 
Ktill heaiii, at happy moiiietit-i, on what \^as then tho 
woodland pathway, but has long sinee grown into a) 
busy strwft ? 

" This is too ndiciilouB ! — positively insiifferahh) I " 
Riiittera the miuo critic who had before expressed liia 
disappnibatiim. " Ilei-e is a paj^tohoaixl figure, siieh as 
A eliild \vi>idd eiit out of u eard, with n pair of very 
<1u11 aciHRors ; and the fellow modestly nvpicsts U3 to 
SCO ill it the piololypo of hei-editary beauty 1 " 

" But, sir, you hai.' imt thy punier point of view," 
ivniarhs tito Mhonmaii. " Yon sit altogi-ther too near 
til ;^il lIh- Ik ^t I '". '( "f my ]iiel'ii'ial evhihition. Pray, 
ubli^'e iiitt by ivui:iv:iig to tlii» other lx'ni.-h, niiil I veu- 


my 1)u:^iioM to SCO lliiii«;8 jiut a& ibity arc." 

" [ wniiM suggest tu iho aiillior of tins ingpiiiotu 
i-\Iiiliitu>n," observes ii ^^i-iitlemaiily ivreoii, who lias 
.-I-.UHU aigtiii of iN'iiig much iiilercste«l, — "I leoaUl 
""JtS"** t'>!'t Anim (.luwcr, tl»e first wife of Ciovenior 
Kiulk'Ott, ftiiil who e:iii)C uitli liim fi-oui ICaglnnil, li^ft 
no jwstentjT ; ntul that, conscqiieully, we cannot bo in- 
(loliteil to thiit Itoii»riiblc lady for any specimens of 
fciiiiniuc loveliness uow i.-xlaiit among lu." 

IIn\'tng nothing to iilli-ge agaiust this genealogies 
obji'elion, (he shuMiDnn |H)iiit.s :igaiii to the Mcne. 

During tliU little iiiterrniilimi, you perc«iv« that tho 
Anglo-Saxon energy — as llio |il)nis« now goes — hns 
been at nork in i1h> H|>e(-t:ic-lc Im-Cmiv us. So nmtij 
ehimueys now semi up tlieir sutoke, that !t begins to 
Inre titc a»]>cct of a villitg« street ; altliongb every- 
thing is so tnnrtilu'ial nml inceptive, tliat it seeins as , 
if one returning \nvv- of ttH; nilil nntairc might over- 
whelm it all. But the one eilificc which gives tliaj 
pletlge of permanence to this IwUl cntcq>risc is seen 
nt the central poiut of tlic picture. There stands tlie 
meeting-houw, a small strwlnri', low-roofwl, without a 
sinre, and built of rough Itinlier, newly hewn, with the 
aa|i still in the log:i,»nd hero and llwra a strip of bark 
wllM-ring to litem. A nteam-r temple was novi-r eon- 
s<K-rttt4.'4l to tho worship of the Dt'ity. With tho .il- 
ti-rn:itivL' uf knct!liitg )>i'nc.-tlh tlw nwful vault of the 
flrnuunent, it is strange that men should creep into 
(hi.'i pent uji inx'k, iiml cxjHx-t (lod's pn.'-i('iKV thi-i'c. 
Sucli, lit IciLst, one unuhl imiigiuv, might be tho fi:el- 

ihitiV araiitiT. 


iiiy of Ihcifo frti-est-wllliT*. nc^ttilnnwl, a» Uicy htul 
Lkvii, toslaml miller iho iliin nivlii-s of vast callietlntl!*, 
iiikI to ulFi.-r til* lluur licmlitary worxlii)) m tliv old 
iv-j-L-ovoiftl cliuri'ltcs of rural Eitglaiit), Artiimit which 
lay the liuitoa of mnity gviioi-fttioim of tlM'ir foii'futlion. 
IIuw couM (hey (ltfi|>eii»c with tho curved altai'<work 7 
— tiMvr, with dm jiivttirul witulovTA, wliero tltu light 
of (.■omtnoi) <luy was liulluwiil by bL-uig tniiisniittctl 
tlmm^h the gtorifleil flgitrcii of s:iiiit» ? — how, with 
the lofty i-oof, inil)iti;tl, as it iiiiist hare been, with the 
prayen that liail gone upwiinl for t-ciit^irics ? — how, 
Willi the rich peal of the solemn organ, rolling atoug 
tli« aidluii, iiei-v»>ltiig tlio whole eliiireti, ai»l ^wL-cping 
the soul away on a flootl of aiutihle religion ? Thvjr 
iiiak'd nothing of nil this. Tln-ir of worship, 
like tlitir ecremonial, was naked, nitiiiili-, and Mjvvrc. 
Rnt tho zeal of ii reeovcred faith bui-niHl lilw a tamp 
wilhin llioir hoarts, cni-ii-hiii^ evi-rythiti;; abound Uiem 
with its raiiianve j making of these- new walls, and tliis 
narrow compass, its own catlicdnil ; and bring, in it- 
self, that spirittitil niystt-ry and i-xperience, of which 
saei-od arehitei'tui-L>, piotiu-ed wi»i1on-!i, ami lli« oi^n't 
^-un<l solemnity aro rcmoto and iiniwrfoct sj'mbola. 
All vraa well, so long as tlieir lainita were freshly 
kindled at the heavi-nly flame. After a while, how- 
ever, wlieUier in their time or their chihlren's, thesa 
htmps b^gau to burn more dimly, or witli a less genu- 
ine liistiv ; and then it might be seen how hard, cohl, 
nnJ confined was their system, — how Itlto an iron 
cage was that which they e:illed Lilierty. 

Too mneh of this. Ijuok a{;.'iin at tlic picture, and 
olmer^'0 how the nforejinld Anglo-Saxon energy w now 
trLiiiipling along (lie ^tivi't, imil i-aiiiing a poisltive 
cloiul uf dasl biiii'^ith in sturdy fuutstt-ps. I'ur ttwn-o 

vot. III. 39 





i/.l/.V SVflATvV*. 


Uk' i-arpcntora are Imililiii'T a nrw Iwn«-, the frnmo of 
wiii.-li WiiM \kihx !itnl liiloil ill Knglaiiil, i>f Kii^li>!i noJt, 
nii'l soul liitbrr tiu shtii1ji>.->r>l; ninl Im-ix.' n litiu-ltMuilH 
tnaK's liugu •rinii;; niid olutliT oii liU niivil, 8lia|iiiij; 
out tooLi nuil woaiHins ; nnil yondor » wlu.-L'lviTi|;1ilf 
who buasts iiiniM'lf n I^iidon n-nrhiiuin, n'j^iiliirly 
brv*) to Wis banilM'i'aft, ts fiisUioiiing a set oF wnguji- 
vbivls, the tru-k of wliich hIuiII soon tw vi.-u1iti>. The 
wiltl forvMt LI shriiilcing Uu'k; llvo street luui Wt the 
aroQtatic odor of t)io |>uic-tiv«K, un<l of tliu si\ci>t-f(.>ra 
that grow beneath thciu. The tender ami modest 
uHld-flowers, tfaom gi-ntlc ehildirn of snrago natiiro 
th:it grew p«lo beneath the ever-brooding !(Iin<Ic, have 
•ibmuk away and (liMtpi>carv<i, like islars that vanish 
in IJh; hrcridth of !i;;ht. Gaiilcus ai-e fciiccd in, aad 
duijtUy |itiiM]>kin-bc<]s and rows of cabbages awl 
Iwaas; aru], tltitugh the gowmnrand the minister both 
view t lion with a di-mjuiroving oyo, ^danls of broiid- 
Icaved tolKicco, which the cidlivators ara enjoined to 
DM) pririly, or nut alL K« wolf, for a year jKist, luw 
l>ccn beard to bofh, or known to range among the 
dwcllingM, except that single one. whow grisly liejid, 
with a plash of blood beneath it, is now affixed to the 
portal of the nift-litig-housc. Th* jwirtridgc ItaKVCAKcd 
to run aeroiia the too-freqnontcd path. Of all the wild 
life that USC4] to throng here, only the Indians still 
come into llie witllement, bringing the skins of IwaN-er 
at>d otter, bear and elk, which lliey sell to Kndicott 
for tlic wares of England. And there i* little John 
Mafl**v, the son of Jeffwy Mri.'.'H'y and firsl-lw>rn of 
^'aiiiiikeag, playing U-.^idi! ht« fiillivr'it t)in-''b<dd, a 
ehihl of Eiix or scvcu years ohl. Which is the better 
gri>" n infant, - - i!m; tuwn or l!»c Wy ? 

The reil avm have bvironio aware that tho stmet i* . 





I loiigtr Troc to tlicin, Raro )>>' (Iir snlT(>ninoo ami pcr- 
mU^ioii .if (111' iMiUliTH. Ofttii, I" iiiii>rvss tlitm willi 
ail nwu uf ICiiijIUIt |>uwvi-, (ticru in a llllL^t(■^ niid tniin- 
iiig iif till' to^iu - furtuH, aiul a stately iiiarclj of Uie 
nuiil-clnd batui, liltc tliis wltit-Ii wv now sea a<lv:iiti> 
iiig lip llii' stivet, TliPi-o they eoiiie, fifty of them or 
moiv; :ill with thotr imii hrcnxIpliitvK itnd steel cu[>a 
u'l'll hiiriiifllioil, and gliimuer'mg hr.ividy ii^iti»t tlie 
Atii) ; tht.'ir jKnidcrous luiukcts un tlu.-ir slioiihlcrs, their 
liniKlDlu-i-H al)oiit thoir wnUtn, their lighted inntohes in 
their hand!;, and the dnim itiid tifo [diiyinf; cheerily 
hefoix! them. Soul do th(-y not fli<'|i like niai-ti:il men? 
Do Ihcy not nuiu<Euvro liUe soldiei'S who have eeeo 
strUdcen tiehU? And well tliey may; for tliis btiod 
i<i enm]K>sed of ])reri»ely siieh niiiti-i'iitls uh those with M 
whieh Cromwell is preparing to Ix-at down the strength ■ 
of ft kingilnin ; und inn f:ini»ii8 ieg;inwnt of IronHttUa 
might he reeniited from jnst siioh men. In everything^ 
At this period, New Rnghind vraa tlic csseutiAl spirit 
nud flower of that wliieh wns aliont to become nppur-| 
matt in the mo 1 tier- conn I ty. ^fany a bold »nd 
man lost the fame wliieh w<inld have noeritCNl to hhn in 
Knglish history, by ci-ossiiig the Atlantic with ottr fore- 
fathers. Many a valinnt enplain, who might Iiave been 
foremost at Marston Moor or Nascby, ex)iatL<ted lii« 
tnnrtinl ardor in tlie command of a log-bnilt forti-eas, 
like tliat which yon observe on the gently rising grwutd 
at llie right of the pathway. — iLt banner flnttetiug in 
tho breeze, and the ctdveriiiH and sakcni sliowing their 
iloadly iimx/.Ies over tho rampart. 

A iiiiiltilnde of people wt-i-e now thmnging to Jfonf 
England : some, because the ancient and ponderoiti 
fi'iiiiiewiirit i<f CIiiii-''U an<I Sl:ile tliri'iilirKiI t» eriim- 
bUi dowu upon tJR'ir hL>;Kl.t: utlierK, Uiey do* 

spirit _ 



iln laH 



&)Kiircd tit siwhatimnxhW. Atiu>i)g IIioh? nlio (Ania to 
XiiuiukiM;; wvrc iin-ii »E liistory ninl K-^iinI, wImx** fpi*t 
1 li"ave a track of I'l-ij'tihus* nUmj; niiy jKitliwny nliioli 
tbcy luivc tixHliloi). V<m ■'lull IhIioM tlu;icUf(^-ltke im- 
ages — tlicir E^MN^troi, if ynti cImmiiM' xo to call tliem — 
poising, otH'Oiiiit«riiig nith a f.-iniiUnr nott, stopping to 
converse togctlit'r, pr;iyiiig, l»rairi»g wcai>oti5, Inboniig, 
or rr-tting from iheir bibors, in the Main Street. ni>re, 
now, coined Hugh Petcn", an canicKt, n'stVss niiin, 
iralking swiftly, na Wing impcUeil by that fiery activ- 
ity of natiu'c which sluill lu.Ti-itftfr tlinist him into tho 
(inflict of tlaiigiTons affaira, make hiiii the ehnplain 

»an<l ooimBellor of Cromwell, and finally bring him to 
a bloody %iiil. Ho {khisca, by tlie mecting-liouiic, to 
exchan^^ a gi>->?ting with Royr WillinniR, Mh<>se face 
iiidiculeSi, nietbink);, n geiitlur spiiit, kinder and more 
expnn^ivr, than that of Peter*; yet not I^as active for 
', what he iliwerDS to W the will of Gwl, or tlw wilfiire 
of mankind. And Irtnk ! here ia a g»u>»t for K»l^il^>tt, 
contiiig forth ont of the forest, through which he haa 
been jotiriK-ving fiinii llinton. and wliieh, Wilh its mile 

I1iRUie!ie>i, has eaiight hold of his attiiv, and haa wet hla 
feet with its Kwnmpa an<l .itrvamo. Still tlterc is somo- 
thing iu hia mild and venerable, though not ageil i)res- 
cnco — a propriety, iin vtpiilibriitm, in Governor Win- 
Uirop'a nature — that eanscs the (lisarmy of liis (<o»- 
tnme to be unnoticed, iitid gives lis tho same impre^ 
niim a.t if lie worn clad in itiioh grave and r'nh attiro u 

B vru may «u]ipo6e him to have worn in the Council Cham- 
lier of the colony. Is n*it tlii* charaeteriviic wonder- 
fnlly pfiet'plibli; ill our siwdral ii-pn'sentaltvo of his 

■ person ? Hot what dignitary i.t tliis crossing from tho 
other Bid"; tii;;ivet itie govt rnur? \ clatily jwrs.niago, 
iu a d^irk vi-lvrt cl')«ik, uttli a liwirr In-ard, >nd a guIJ 

MM.y sntKHT. 


rltnin aerDss his Urciut ; lio Iiax tlio mitlioritntivo port 
uno of wIm> lt:Li llllotl tlic liigtic^t civic litatioti in tlie 
firftt of fities. Of nil nun in llu- uurM, we ttliould least 
<!xj)c<.it to inei't tlic Liml Mn^ur itl IahhIoh — n& Sir 
Ricliai-i) SiUtoiislull liitH licon, once aiiil aguin — ia a 
(orcst-Wnli'i^il fwlltniiiciit of tlw wvsttrii wiKU'rnpM. 

FarUlci' <lowu tlio sUvot, wo sL-e Einaatiel Downing, 
n gruvo »u<l wortliy cili«!», with his son George, a 
sirijiliiig who has a can-or before him ; hU ahi-uutl 
unil (inic-Ic cajmcity uinl |>Uiiiit i:oiiM'ii.-noc shall not ouljr 
exalt hiui liigli, hut secure hint fi-om a downfall. Hersi 
i» nnolluir (ijptru, on whose duiratiUnUtic mulio and) 
expressive ai-tioii I will sUilco thfi oreilit of my pivto- 
riul jMippct-tdiow. Ilnvo you not alii-ady ik-tected a ■ 
quaint, aly Imtnur in lliat fn<v, — an oco-nlrieitj' in the 
iDRiinvr, — iK-crlaiii iiiilowrihahle way wariness, — all 
the nnu-ks, in short, of an original man, nnniistaliably (I 
impreiMed, yet kept down hy a m-nso of clirioal re- 
Ktmiat? Xhat is NnUianlcl WarjJ, the iiiiiii.tlvr of 
Ipsivicb, but better remembered as the simple cobbler 
of Agnwam. He hiunniered his .sole «o faithfully, and 
stitched his upper-leather so well, that tlie shoe is 
hardly y«t wurii out, tlintigli tlirowa itsidc for somoj 
two centunes past. AnA next, among these Puritaua 
And K»iiudlKMtds, wo observe the verj* model of a 
Cavalier, with llie curling lovelock, tJio fnntastically 
trimmed l)card, the eInllIX)id^'ry. tlio oiiiamontcd ra- 
pier, the gilded dagger, and all other fopj>i6luiesses that 
di.ilinguii(licd the wihl gnllant^t wlio rodo In^adlong to 
tlicir overthrow in the cause of King Charles. This ^ 
is .Morton of Morry Moutit, \»h« Iia* conte lutlicr to 
hold u council with Kmlieott, but will shortly bo lus 
pii;(MUvr. Vi'inh-r pitl<-. dwrtyin;^ figure of a white- 
robed tvoman, who glidoa slowly along the alrcct, U 

the I^aily ArnWIb. Wltiii*; for \wv ovm grave iti tho 
virgin «>il. ndi.T r<'ii)a1>- fnrm. who sci-iii.t In Ik* 
talking — »*e uil^lit nlninst «iy preaching or oximind- 
ing — in the ciiitre of n gn>'i]> of in'wfiniinUj' nttnntive 
aiulitors, la Aun Kiitchiuson. An4l licro coinwt 
Vniie — 

" But, my tlrar Hit," iiitirmjvts tho tunic griilh-iiian 
vrho bi-fon> (jiicsliuniil tho sliowtnitn'a gonKiln-^citl M- 
curacy, "nllow nic to oliscrve tlutt th<-flc liiKturioiJ por- 

tsonagcs (H)iil<l not pomihly have met togeth<^r lu the 
Miiiii 8lrci>t. 'llH-y might, ami pmbahly <|iil, nil visit 
onr ohl town, at one time or another, Ixit not Himnltiu 
_ neonsly; :uul you li.ivu fiill^n int<) iiniu'hix)i)« that 
y I positiwiy ^hiitlilcr to think of ! " 

"Tho fi'Iiow," adds Ihu m-iinvly civil critic, "hns 
learned a tHad-rolI of liii>toric uaittei, wlioin be ln«s 
into his pictorial immiet-show, as ho calls it, Iwltep. 

I skelter, without tni-irig whiltter llu-y were conh-in- 
porarica or imt, — and seta them all by the eara to- 
gether. But nas there ever &uch ii fitml of imittHlence ? 
To bear hit running coinntcntar^', you Munhl !iii)ipaso 
that tliesc miserable alips of piiintixl ]>:Lstehonr<l, with 
h:irdly tho rcmotext OMtlinen of the human flgiira, had 
all tlie charaeter and expression of Mieltiwl ^Vngeb's 

t pictures. ^>'en ! go on, sir I " 
" Sir, yon break the illuHion of tho socno," mildly 
rcmonttrates the showman. 

I** lihinion I What illusion ? " rejoins the critic, with 
a eonteniptiious snorl. " On the word of a i^ntlrmnn, 
T Hec nolhin;; illusive in ttte wn-lt-hc(11yl>('(lanlM.-<l Hlicet 
of t'.invii<. ilint foi-niH your lKi<'kgT<Hni(1, or in these 
jiantetionrd flips tliitt hiteli and jerk along the front 
Tlie only illuM'm, |N'rriiit imp to naj, is in ihi- iiit]>]ii-t- 
xhnwnon'x tonjjne. — ;iml tluit hut a wrt-I'hol one. 


into the bargain ! " 



" We pnhlic HM-B." replies tbe Ahowmnn. mefkly. 
" iiitiMt biy our an'otmt, Mowitittum. tn iiio't xii uncMt- 
did severity of mtiriBti]. Bui — mM<ely for your own 
jilcnouiy, Mr — lot in« onttimt yon to talcs A»i>thi*r 
jmiut of view. Sit fKrtlier bncli, by that young Iwly, 
in whoM hot I have vratnhetl tho tvfltvtinti of wmry 
ehanffing aoene ; only ohli^ iiu' by fiittin*; thrro ; uiil. 
tiiki' my word for it. the Ui|>s of |iasul><ianl flhall oa- 
sunip spiritiuil life, unl Utc lMHliiii)N-<t oanvas becanw 
an airy aixl f>hatigi»lile reflex of what it putparta to 

'■ I kmtw lietter." retorts the critic. settliD^ himself 
ill hia Ni-nt, witi) iinlliMi but KfIf-<-oin])l»n>-tit imiiioviiltUv 
neHB, ** Anil, aa for my I'^^u plpaHiin-, I tixuU [n-at nm- 
mill it hy n-mainiiig prvK-ith.'ly wlii-n^ I ani." 

Thu nliowmaii twiws, ami vraviM hiH ban<l ; and, at 
the Bi^aL a« if tinii? and vti-imitu'l)- ha<l hctm await* 
ing hi!< (M-nnUsioii to move onwsnl, tho uiimie Ktns*, 
bvcorocti nlivp a^^n. 

Years have rol)e«l over our scene, and converted tlte 
fo^ell^tTB^k into a iliLHty thoroughfare, vrhtfrli, Xn-in^ 
intvrsecteil witli laneH and crosa-patha, may fairly Ixj 
dmijnutteil KK tlMi Main Street. On th« f;round-Htte« 
of many of tlie )o<;>huiIt Hhed&, into which ihi- (lr»1 set- 
tlers cmjA for Khi'Itvr, hounps of qnauit anrbiteirtunt 
have now riHen. These Liter c<)i<ic<<H are htiilt, as y«a 
Bce, in oor gci»endly a'^1^^1ant style, though with sufh 
subordinate variety aa keepn the beholib-r'ii curi<><>ity 
ezcitmt, and catno* moh stmcture, like ito owner's 
tirter, to {inHluce it^ owit )>e(>(il!ar im|ire(t>iion. 
»t >if them have om' hnge chimney in the •■■•ulrr, 
with Hues bo vast that it must have been easy tor tbe 
witehi'it to flv not of flii-m, an thvv vvn- wont to i\<\ 
ouod on aD aerial viiiit to tJii- Black Man in tlu.' 



cliuU'R* iw-lf in 11 w1m>1u L>oiiunuiiity of ;^l>le-eii(la, 
each asoendin;; into its own ftqiiLmte penk ; tho M-cond 
Htiirr. willi it* UtlicH-winiloWB, projecting ovfir tlie firgt ; 
UD<) tlu'v<{»ur, whi(tt) in ]j«>rh[t|» itn'h>-il, pmvitJeil crii tltu 
initHide with an imn Itnmmer, whcrawttb tlw vUiU(r*a 
hand nuiy gtvn » tliniiiUTiug mtm-taU Tb« timber 
fmneworic of tliMe housiw. us cuin)«n<<l with thimc of 
irecent dut«, t« like lli« nk^leton of ao old >niutt, beside 
the fmil Ihhivh of » lawk'rn innii of fiwhioi). Many of 
tlifiii, by the T:ist HtrpD^b mid utmndiiciw uf thi-tr oaken 
Hiibnl»n<-i.-, Iiav<- Iht-vn pn-MTVinl ikntu^ a lengtli of 
tinus which would huve tried iIk Ktabilitj' of brick uud 
I Btone ; so that, in iill thu pmgreasiri* deoar and M)ntit>- 
ual reooiiHtnu-tioi] of tht- Htm-I, down to iHir own dnya, 
vti shall nlill IH-Iwld llu'iiv old edUkies uccupj'iiig thviir 
]ong-AccniiUmwtl will's. For instaiKA, on thv uppei 
corner nf that grcvii liini-, which rIiaII liorcafU-r be 
Norlli Strwrt, we see the Curwen IIutui«, newly built, 
witli tbe rarpuiitcre still at work on the roof nailto^ 
down the taHt nlieaf of idiingleit. On the lowpr eomflr 
MtJiDiIo imotliiT dwullin];, — dvstint-d. ut some porimi uf 
ita existviu-L'. to be tite abode of an uusiicoeRAftil al- 
ohetnist, — whi<rh idwll likcwiw wirviv*' to our own 
generation, and perhaps Iod^ outlive it Thus, tlirougb 
thtu meiliiini of tbcik! piitriarclial tylilliw^ we have now 
establiHlH-'l H sort of kiniin-d and liereditary iuM|tuunb- 
anoi' with ttu- Main Stn>eL 

^ Great an is tiie tRuiHfomiation prtKliK-ed by a nhort 
term uf yeara, eai-b single day i'r*-*'j» tlinnij;Ii tli* Pu- 
ritAii Kcttlmnent nbi^);i»hly vnongb. It kIiuII iiiuis Iw- 
fore your cyca, i-omlt^uaed into the H]>afe of a few ino- 
tiicntH. Tbr (•'■")■ lisbt of oiirly nioniinj; ii slowly dll- 
fusing itoeU over the scene ; and tli« Wlluian, wht 



office it is to'aj Am Jwnr at the streefc^oroers, ris^B 
the last peal npoi Us hand-bell, and goes wearily 
liomewanU, witk tta owla, the bats, and other cre^ 
tores of the Digkt. lattices are thrust back on their 
hinges, as if the town were opening its eyes, in the 
Hiunmer morning. Forth stumbles the still drowsy 
cowherd, with his horn ; putting which to his lips, it 
emits a bellowing bray, impossible to be represented 
in the picture, but which reaches the pricked-up ears 
of every cow in the settlement, and tells her that the 
dewy pasture-hour is come. House after house awakes, 
and sends the smoke up curling from its chimney, like 
frosty breath from living nostrils ; and as those white 
wreaths of smoke, though impregnated with earthy ad- 
mixtures, climb skyward, so, from each dwelling, does 
the morning worship — its spiritual essence bearing 
np its human imperfection — find its way to the heav- 
enly Father's throne. 

The breakfast-hour being passed, the inhabitants do 
not. as usual, go to their fields or workshops, but r& 
main within doors ; or perhaps walk the street, vith 
a. grave sobriety, yet a disengaged and unburdened 
aspect, that belongs neither to a holiday nor a Sab- 
bath. And. indeed, this passing day is neither, nor 
is it a common week-<lay. although partaking of all 
the three. It is the Thursday Lecture: an institution 
which New England has long ago relinquished, and 
ahnost forgotten, yet which it wonlti have been better 
to retain, as bearing relations to Ixith the spii-ittial 
and ordinary life, and bringing each acquainted with 
the other. The tokens of its observance, however, 
which here meet our eyes, are of rather a question- 
able cast. It is, in one sense, a day of public shame ; 
the day on which transgressors, who have made them- 



•elm luiHe to tlio minor wvnritti'n nf thi« Puritan 
law, rwnive their mwant of i^otniiiy. Al tliU very 
niiHii4>nt, Uie constHblr hiw Immiim) wi iill« fftUow u> thv 
wliip)>ing-iKjst. and is Rivinp liitn hw ilescrte with a 
cnt-o'-aino-tnilK. Kvt-r niiii-p miiiiriitt!, Duiii<-I Fiurftsld , 
h&H been sianiliog on tlw 8t«))« of tlus meutittft-bouae, fl 
with a halti^r ulKnit hiti nts^k, whii'li ho it) i>oni]f mtiHi ^ 
(o wear viRitiiy throii^out h'if> lifctimv; I)onit)iy Tallty i 
in vhitint^il to & ixrat at Xh# (Corner of Prisoo Lane, fl 
witli the hot nan Mazlni; on hrr miitmuly fiic4\ iinil 
tOI for no uIIkt olTi'mii tlian lifling h«r Itaml a^^aiit-it 
!u>r busbiind ; while, through tht* Wnt of tluu gnuit 
woo(li<n L-agf. in tiifi centj« of the scene, wc discerD 
either a htuiuin iK-in]; or n wild hmst, or hoth in one, 
whom thiii ptililic infaniy (joiumm to mnr, and j^nafth 
bin teetl). and t>)utki> thi- strong oaken bars, aa if Id* 
would bn'iik forth, anil t^ar in im-t-vM thn littJo chil- 
dren who have been pi*4'])in<; at him. Sumh an* the 
profilHblf xigliu that ^rve the good people to whilo 
away the earlier fnrt of Inrture-day. llethneH in thi> 
fureuuon. a travelli'r — tlie tirst tnivc|)i!<r tliat \a/» 
ciomc: hithcrwar^l thiif uiominj; — rides sjowly into th«i 
Btre«t on hin patient ii\v^i\. Ho Ht<cmH n rh>rg]miaD : 
and, n» \w drnwN nf-ur, w«- rvoiignii!^ tlte minister of 
Lynn, who wan piv-cnga^l to livturu hrrr, and ha» 
huva i>-v»lving his dist^HirtM> lut ho rodo throt^^h tiw 
hoary wildcrnmH. Behold, now, the wlwli' town tlirong- 
ing into the m«oting-h<itUH% rixistly with such sonibrr 
Tisapw tliat the sunshin« becmuea little iM^tvr than n 
shaihiw when it falU ti|Miii thrnt. There go the Thir- 
teen Men. grim nders of a grim conimimity. Tlwrro 
gon John MasAey, tlin flmt town-Wm (.'hUd, now a 
youth of twi-nty, whow eye wandfi-s witli pemliar \n- 
U!V»\, towards that btixuni daniM.-] who ooDuis ap tlu' 



. »i (he uauB inHtaDt. Tl)«re Lobbies Ooody Fos- 
ter, % sour uiil bitter old briil»u), liHtkin^ om if nIiw 
went to cune and nut to pray, and whom many of hor 
oeigliboni mapect of taking an oocasiooal airing on a 
bRxmwtuk. Then, to<i, iJinldng sIuunK&u'edly in. yon 
triiavrw that wme pnor du-uodung and good-fur-Diith- 
tng wbom we saw uutif^atod jiwt miw at iIm^ w]iip[>ing- 
pout L.i.->t of all, there goes the tithing-mao, htgging 
in a ooupk of enuill IxtyH, wlium lu; luw caught at pUty 
bmeath God'it btetmed sntuthinc, inaback Une. What 
natiw of Naiunkiiag. whuov rf^-nlks.'tintu go back ntare 
than Lliirty ynm, does not Rtill eihuddpr at that dark 
ogre of his infancy, who perhaps hiul lonf; erased to 
have an nrtual ('xintiiniv, but Hlill liv^ in hi.-> childuh 
belief, in a horrible idt^a. and in the nurse's threat, u 
tfae Tyy Man ! 
.' It wUl W hanlly worth onr whJU> to wait two, or it 

fmay lie three, tuniinji^s of the hour-glass, for the con- 
rluMon of till' I«hHii«<, Tliurcforc, by my (wntrol over,^ 

' light and diirktiiiw, I caust; the dusk, nod then tfae 
(iturlrM nighl, to briHul over iht^ Htnt-t ; and Mtniinou 
forth again thv iHrUniau, with Ids hinl<^m castuig a 
gleam about hia footntepH, to pai«> wearily from cornvr 
to romcr, and shout drowsily ili« huttr to drowsy or 
dreauiiug ears. Happy are we, if for nothing ehte, 
yet Iweaiiw; wv ilid not lire in tbotw <lays. In truth, 
when the first Dovclty and stir of spirit liad stibaidMl, 
— wlwn ihn new wttleinunL, U-twc-n the forcst-butxliT 
antt the sea, had b««>me actually a little town, — ita 
thiily life niiwt liavii trudginl onward witJi hanlly any- 
thing to diversify and enliven it, while also its rigid- 
ity nnuld not fail Ut caiMC miiwnihh' iluttortiouH of the 
noral nature. Such a life was sinister to tlie inlel- 
and Muisler to the huart ; ospvciall)' when one 



genention Iind b(U|iioAthod iu n-l!gioaB gloom, lati 
H»a oouDt«rfeit of iUi relipous anlor, to tbe next ; for 
thcwc cliiinw^tcnKticK, ok wh« incritslilr, aMan>v<l (Jm 
form both of bj-pofrisy and exaj^ration, by be'm^ in- 
b«riU^l from tii<> cuuiijilo unt proci'pt of Otlicr hiunmn 
beinj^ and not from an ori^pnal an<l Hpiritual fioar«& 
The BOOR and grHuilohildren of Uii> flmt itcllli'nk w^m i 
neo of lower and narrower bouIb than llxrir prog 
tors bad be«n. The laner were titcni, severe, int 
ant, bnt not Hupvrrtitious, not ewn fanntivMl ; aod en- 
doKiil. if any men of that age were, with a foraeeing 
worldly Mtgaeity. Itnt it wns impoMiibUt for the suv 
Mii.'diiig mre to grow up, in heareo's frenlom, beneatb 
the diM-ipliiK- whteh Uii-ir gloomy energy- of chan» 
ter had eaUbluibed ; nor, it may be« bare nre even 
yet ihron-n off all ihu iinfavomble influenoe*, whieh. 
among many good ones, were beqiteatltetl to na by our 
Puritan forvfathurs. Ix>t us tluuik God for having 
given ns MK'ti aiice^rs; and let eacli suocMtaire geo- 
enition thank lliin. tut leas {vrraiOy, fur bein] 
step furtber from them in tlie maivh of agva. 

" What i" nil t)iU?" crivA thu critic. " A serrnool 
If BO, it is not in the bill." 

'* Very tnie," rrplics tbo nliowman ; "and I ask par- 
don of the Budiem'e." 

IxK>t( now at the xtrcct, and observe a strange petK 
pie entering it. Their garment* ore torn and diMi^ 
derml, flu^ir fiwvx hnggan), tbeir fif^res ecutiaa te d; 
for they have made iheir way lititxT throng psthlrM 
deserts, nuffering hunger ami hardship, with no olbar 
tbolter than a hollow trw., tlip lair of a wild beast, or 
an Indian wigwam. Nor, in tho moat iahtwpitabU 
and dangeroiM of Hucb lodging- pUu-ra, was there half 
the peril that awaits them in this thottMigbfarv 



1, with Uiinui Kccurt! tiwclliii!!* iinH mum 
thi^r &ido of it, and yondfr iuecting>kntu6 
u the central ohjocc of th« rnvru!. TImm) vraoderen 
hare recriviy] from Ileaveu s gift tlutt. iji all (.-)>iH'liit 
of the worlil, \i:m brought witli it tl»i- |M-niUtii.'« uf mor- 
tal fufferin^ Bivd iterseuiitiou. Ecnm, enmity, and death 
itwlf. — a F^ft that, thiut ti.TriUe to iu poMOMon, luw 
ever beeti luiMt liaitifid to all other men, since its ver; 
•xistvnce eeems to thrcatvn tJie ovurthraw of whatever 
else the toiUome agee have built if^ — thu (fift of a 
oew idcft. Ydti can diacerD it in tbt-m, illiimiuuting 
their faces — their whole pereous. indeed, however 
oofthly and <-l(Mltl!.-«h — witli ii liglit that Incritably 
■bines thrrHigh. and makes the startled community 
aware that tlK-»c men are not as th^y tliemselvra are, 

— not bii'thren nor ni>igtit>on) of thvir thoiigliL Forth- 
with, it is as if an earthiunke nunble^l through the 
town, milking it» vibration* folt at evvry luKirtliMone, 
and especially o8Usiu<; tlie spire of the meetiog-hoase 
to totter. The Quaken luti-it cumt-. ^Ve are iu ]>pril ! 

they trample upon our wise and well-estjiblished 
awn in tlie p<-rMin of our chief mapi>trat« ; for C>ov- 
Icmor Kndicott is passin^t, now an agnl man, and dig> 
with IcHi); lialiitn of auth<irity, — anrt not one of 
''the irroverr^t mgalwndii has muvotl his bat. Did yon 
note the ominous frown of the whito-bearded Puritan 
gnvcmoT, ns he titmcd him^-lf abcmt, and. in hix an- 
gnr, half uplift»l tin* Mtaflf that luu Iwcoiimi a ntH><Iful 
Mipport to bis old age ? Iier« comes old Mr. Norris, 
our veoorable miniotcr. Will tlicy dulT ili<-ir haU, 
ami pay rerereiKe to him ? No : their hats stick fust ' 
to their uogmefanu hmd*, a» if they grew there ; and 

— impious ^-arlets that they arc, and wnmc than tho 
beathen Indiao* ! —they eye our reverend pastor with 




I. thi^l 


« peculiar swiro. tluitrust, un)>eUef, and atter denial of 
his Minutitivtl prvhiiiKiuiiK, of wliicli ho himwif iiumiy 
(liab^ly becnraes tronscinus . tbe more liitterly ooBsaooH 
us Iio nvwT knew nor dreiiniiil of tlio lilto befoM. 

But IiHik yoncler ! Cmi we belit-vi3 our eyes? 
Quaker woman, clad iu sadiclotJi. and with uhm 
faer hmid, lias mminlrd thi; utt-ps of the moetiBg-juRtsc. 
She addressee the people in a wild, ahrill voke, — wihl^ 
and tihriU it miul lio to suit Kuch « figure, — ^ 
makes theni tivitltle and turn pode. although 
crowd oi)c-ii-iii»iitliod tu hvar hiT. Shv in tH>ld opi 
efltabliabed authority , she denouueeA tbe priest and 
his xu-cpltvhoiiiw. Many of hiT ti<-^ux-n« lue app«U«d; 
some weep , and others listen villi a ra)>t attention, la 
if ft living truth hiul now, for tlw first time, forced ita 
way through the crust of habit, reached their hearts, 
and »^vakcnoll tlii.>in to lifo. Tlti» niitttiT niiut be 
looked to ; else we have hrotiglit our failh arrT«9 tbe 
iH^iut with ii-t in viiin i iind it hiul Ix-i-u U-itcr tliat tho 
old foreat wore still staudinff here, waviuji; iu taugled 
houghs and munuurinf; to Hw itky out of itii duMlata 
recesses, instead of this goodly street, if Bodi blaspb^ 
niii.1t Iw kimUcu in it. 

So thought the old Puritans, What wati their mode 
of action may be {Mrtly judged from the speetaclet 
which now [>asa Iiefore your eycw. •Iixdiua BufFnni il 
Manding in tlio pillory. Cusmndra Sonthwiok is led 
to prison. And there a woman, — it is A iin Ctdvman, 
— luiktKl from Um waixt upward, anil liountl to the tail 
of a cart, is dragged through tbe Main Street at tlxfl 
pace of a hri.ik walk, while tlio ivrnxtahltt folhiws with' 
n whip of knotted t<ords. A atroog-anucd fellow is 
that cciniitahle; and r"ch time tliat hu flourishes hif 
lash in the air, you sec a frown vrioklin^ and twisting 



his bnnr. lod, at the tam« instant, s antUe npon bta ' 
lipa. ilc U>v«fl lita biniiuir^, fititlifitl (>fh<-iT tluii lii- 'u, 
sad piiU hut kmU into every Htrake, scaJons to f uUli the 
injiinctiMi of Major IlamhnnK''* wnmnt, bi the Kjitrit 
and to tbn k-ttcr. Tbvrv I'anM- down n stroke that Itaa 
drawn blood ! Ten such atn|>eH are to )tc givfn in ' 
Sa]«n], tvn in Bomon, tud tva in IVdham : and, with I 
those thirty stripes of blood ti|)ofi [ivr, *)ic i:* to bf 
drivt^n into tlw furroL Tbv <'riiii<w>ii Inul goes warei^ 
ing mlong tlw Main Stm-t : but Jleawn grant that, as 
the run of ho tnauy yenn ha» wi<|»t uiton it, time after 
tiiiw, ami wiuhvd it all away, eo there way have beea 
a dew of mercy to cl«An»e Uii» cruvl bloo<l-»tBin out of 
the noord of the p^neciitor'ti lifel 

P&!ts on, tliou ftiHwtnd i-ouiOabk-. and betake thee to 
own filaoe of tonueut. Mt^auwhile, by the niknl 
opatmtioa of the meohaaixin Whind the sooaea. a con- 
spaoe of dote would se«ni to have lapsed over 
street. The older dwellinf^ now bogin to look 
beaten, through the effect of the many eastern 
■tonn* that have iiiiitHt<*tu->l tlii-ir iin)Kiimfil Nbingle* 
and dapboanla, for not less thau forl^- yoare. Sueb 

the age we would n««ign to the town, jt»ilgitig by the 
aspecrt i>f JoIiD Masaey. the first town-bom i-bild, whom 
hin nci^l)l>ont now tridl Goodinui Max^-y, anil wlw^m 
we see yonder, a grave, ahnoat autuuinal-lotdting nuto, 
will) childn-ii of bin own alKiiil him. To the [Mtriarcli-t 
of the setilenieiit. no doubt, the Main Stm-t is still 
liut an affair of yirstrrdiiy. hanlly more antique, even 
if destined to tw more pernuwent, than a path hIiov- 
elli-il tbntiijfh ill" siKiw. Bui to the middle-aged and 
elderly men who cainv hither in ehildlKKxl or earty 
:you(h, it jireaeuts the a)i]»ect t^ a )on^ and weU-eatal^ 
work, oD which tiicy have expended the strength 



and anior of tlwir life And tbe yoonger 
nativi; U> tlw strrcl, whoso eariiL>«t recoUectioiu are < 
OTfopiu}; over the patenud tlinsthold, nud rolling 
the gn»y murj^a of Uut track, liwk Kt it w oott of 
thfi,)wntunil>]e things of otir mortal aUUe. — as old w 
the hills of tli« grciU jnuttiire, or titu ln-adland at thr 
barbiir'n mouth. Their futbi:^ and gtuidsirea faJI 
them how, viitliin a fuw yean ik^ the fotvM ■toud 
hi!F« with but a lonely track Waeath its landed 8had& 
Vuin legend ! Tlicy catiuot make it true and nrnl t^M 
their oonoeprions. With tbctu. moroovor, the MstoB 
8tcwt is a street indeed, wortliy to bold ita wsj with 
tile thronf^-d and stately avt-nn«« uf I'itivii bvyood tht 
sea. Tbe old Puritans t«ll them of tbe cTowda that 
hurry along ClimpMdoaml Fli.>vt 8lrMt and tb« 'TIimmI. 
and of tbe rush of timiiiltuous life at Teni|>l« 
Tboy dwrilw IjoihIoo Itriilgi.*. iiwlf a Htraet, with 
row of houses on each side. They sjieak of tha 
structiiri- of tli« Tower, and the M>h-mn grandaar 
WestwinsU'r Abbey. Tlie ehildrt- n linten, and rtUI i 
qiiir« if the streets of London ar« lonj^ and br 
tltiin tbv on<^> K'fore tlit-ir father's tloor; if the To 
is hi];g«r tbuD the jail iu Fruion l,<an« ; if tba 
Abbey will hohl n larger eonf^gatton than our i 
ing-house. Nothing impresaes litem, exuvpt their i 

It sMma all a fable, too, that wolves baTV 
prowled here ; awl not less so that the Squaw 
and tbe Sagamore her sob, om-e ruled over this 
and treated as »ovor«tgn poU-niatvui with tlio ^gjbli 
itettlont, tlH'n to few and storm-beatHn. now so jwuffaL 
There stand some si-bool-boys. you obvrve. in a Uttk 
group aroaml a dninkcn Imlbn. himself a pritteaeC 
tbe Squaw Sacbeni's lineage. He brought hither asa* 



hmnte-^anB but nJe, and haa already iwanowod Um 
larger portioQ of tboir prioo, in deadly druigfata of 
finswrnUr. la there Ddt a UMtdi of patfaiM to thakii 
pictore? and docA it not go far towards U-Uinff theli 
wbola tuny of the net growth ami ]irut<{>rrity of one 
race, and tlu' fated dvcay of another? — Uto chiUren 
of (be itranger makiug game of the great Squaw 
Sadben'a graadtoa t 

But the wlicAe race of red men hare not vauisbed 
with that wild priiU'viM and livr puMtcrity. ThU inarub 
of soldiDrt) iilung the street hetokens the breaking out 
of King Phili|i*K war ; :iuil ifaewyouDg hmmi, tiw; How«r 
of Easox, aro od their way to defend the villages on 
tfaa Connecticut ; where, at Bloo<ly Brook, a t«>rril>l« 
blow shall lie luiuttea, und hardly one of tltat gallant 
hqud be left alive. And t\wT*\ at that stately tnan- 
■ion, witJi itH three ]>eaka in frunt, orut itit two littis 
peaked towera. one on either side of the door, we see 
brave Captain Gardner buiuDg forth, i^hul in Ids em* 
broidered hoff-cuat. and h'u jilumnl cap u|>on his head. 
Hi* trwtT Kn-onI, in ita steel scaltbani, Htnkua clank- 
ing on Die diMraU.-]). See Iiow tliu |>(^>|ile throng to 
their doom and wintlinnt, aa the cavalier ridce past, 
reining hia nifttled Hteed so gallantiy, and looking no 
like tile *«f]r ^>td and •■mUetu of nuirtial achievement, 
— ilMllniiil. too. to meet a warrior's fate, at the dea- 
pautm aamilt on llf fiirtn'iw of tht- NHmgnnv-lu I 

** rbn mettled stonl l<H>ks like a pig." interrupts the 
dcUe, ** and Captain Uanlner UioMclf like the Devil, J - 
th4>4it.'li a VU17 tame one, and on a moet diminutive 

"tiir, airl" cries the persecated alio wnian, losing all 
pstknue, — for, iodetKl. he had particularly prided 
UoMlf on those BgonM of Ca|>l^n liardtM»r aud bis 

mos nu nrow ii 
little rod with which be points 
thv MwtHS but, Diiiilly, with tin- inil 
of ail puhliti irarvuits, rceiunes hisl 

Fmm oiiwmnl, flawunl. Timt*! 
hen?, and t«ai- down ihy wurkit ut 
nlrciiily tho nnty iiiomi n[Niii thvt 
thfi ininiftlcr to the bImmIc of ijte 
hill him imitv hvr to tlut jnyful hri^ 
youtbfn) pairenta (.-ariT- th^ir (i^s^l 
bodAc, to rwi^'ivi) t\w- b4|itiitnud ril 
door, whence the sahle line of tlui 
isnie! Pntvidv otlivr ancccwtiira gi 
to trade, talk, qnanvl, or walk in f 
aJou^ tlM- «tn^-t, as their fathers did 
kll thy lUtly und nociistonii-al hnaii 
in this thoroughfare, which thy fooi 
yvank, luivo now miuK- duttly ! Rut 
lead«8t alon^ a procession whi<-h, oe 
appear no more, luii) Iw reiiM-mltci 
oas dream of thim*. or a frvnzy of t 


.-■Iteriff cf SBsex, oa hocMback. at the bead of an 
' unit-ii giianl, i>!W«>rtiBg k eo«i|nn,v "f eooAiaanetl )>ri»- 
oaera hum the jail to Avirpbce of exwutioa nu Gal- 
hiWH Hill. Tilt! w-ii(-lMi»! tlicm U no luiHtakiog 
tliem! Tbe uHk-bt'^I Aj tbe^r »ii))fua('h up Prison 
Ladt. u>J turn iuu> tlin Main Stn<vt. let tu watch 
their tiuvs, a* if wv mada a jwrt of th« pale oiuwd 
ihiit jim^MS (M ea)^rijr about Uieni, yet shriuks ba«!lt 
with euch Khoddi^riii^ dread, lntvin<; an open pamagw 
K-twixt a (I<-nAt! thraag on either sid^ LUten to what 
tbe i>eople say. 

Then i» old Geoi^ Jacoha, known hemdionta, 

wae sixty years, as a man whom we thought upright 

^in all liis way of life, quivt, hlanw^lmtit, a good huiibaud 

before bta piooa wife was siinimonMl fram the evil to 

, oomv, and a good fnthrr to tho children whom nh*- li-ft 

htm. Ah t but when that hlessed woman went to 

hf»wn, Oi'or^ JaootHt'* heart wo-t empty, hia hearth 

lonely, hts life broken up ; his vhiUlrt-n w«ru marriod, 

an<] (wlook tbismii(<lveti to Uabilatioua of their own; 

and 5:ttaD, in hi^ wandurin;^ up and down, beheld 

thi» forliiru old man, to wlwtm Ufa wax a ManimoMt and 

a weariness, and found (he way to tempt him. So 

jthe muterable sinner was prrvaileil with to mnnnt into 

['the air, ami career among the elouds; and lie is 

Ipvoved to hare been pn-wnt at a witcb-muvtinK >" 

for off as Falmouth, on the veiy sauw night lliitt his 

next neighbtirH mw him, with his rheimiattc stixtp^ 

^gunf; in at his own door. There is John WtlUrd, 

too; an hone«t man «'■• tlmtiglit him. and so shrewd 

Land a^.'tive in his business, so practiital. so iiil«iit on 

nry-^inr alTaint, no eouNtont at liis littU- placv of 

ude, whi^ra lie bartered English goods for Indian 

m and all kinda of country prvdm-v '. How ooul 



Biicli m miin find time, or what co6\A jnxt it into 
miotl, tu k-uw It'iH pn>p«r oaUin^, and betwme a wi^ 
ard? It U a mystery, unli>M thu Bbu-k Man lamplad 
bijn witJt gnait Iw-ajis <if gi'id. See that aged twuple, j 
— a aad u^it, truly, — Jolui Pnx-tur, and hU wife] 
Eliiabctlt. If tliere were two old people m all tbtj 
count)- of Esxex who Mmuitl to hum 1m1 a true Chm- 
tian life, axtd to be tretuliu}; hopefully tlw little rem- , 
I nant of their vai-tbly path, it wan this vety pftir. 
have we heard it sworn, to the satufarttoo of the 
sliipfid C'hii'f-Jtutice Suwcll, and all tlw court and" 
jury, that Proctor and hia wife havo shown their witlv- 
errd fiu'tni at cltildn-u's bedside^ itiorking, tnaldog 
mouthii, and aHrightinj; the poor littlv innooenta in 
nij^ht-tinM^ Tlivyt or tl>eir flpt^nil ajijieanuiMa, hart] 
stm-k piuH into the Afl9icte<l Ones, and thn>wii tfaem 
into di>aiUy faiuiing-tiu wiUi a touch or Lnit a look, 
^nd. while we supposed the old man to be reading 
t\w Bil>K- to hisi old wifu, — ulic meanwhile knitting b 
the chimney-corner, — the pair of boaiy rcprol 
I have whisked up the chinuuty, bo'ii oo one broon^l 
stick, anil Bown away to it wilfli-^nruniuiititn. far intoi 
the depths of the chill, dark forest. How fooliitlit' 
' Were it only for fi'iar of rheuniatie pain* in their old 
^J}on«i(, they had lietter have stayed at home. Bat 
away tht-y went ; and tlte laimlitt-r of tlteir damjedt 
eackling voices has been hcanl at midnight, aloft in 
the air. Now, in tlie suuuy mmntide, as they jg^ tot- 
tvring to th« gallowH, it io tlw fX-vil'ii turn to Iniigh. 

Behind these two. — who help one another along, and 
aeem to be comforting and encoaraj^g each Qtfa<>r, in| 
a manner truly pitiful, if it wvre not a itin to pity tin 
old witch and wiianl, — tieltind theio comes a woniant' 
with a dork prowl face tluit ha» been h«uutiful, and •! 



t^ro lluit U Ntill nuijratir. Dn joa knowber? It 
Martha Carrier, wbom die Devil found lu a hnmhlt 
au<] lixilctil t»b> her diacontaated be«rt, and 
nr pride there, and tempted her with hia |mnniM 
she RlwuJd be Qiiei^ii uf Ilrll. And now, nitli 
tiat Ivfty dciDvanor, she is paaring to ber kingdom, 
, by ber imqueuuhablu jirido, truisforms this escort 
Hbanw into « triomphtU procesaion, that shall attcud 
er to the gates of hvt infrmol {Milaoe, uul «at her 
on the fiery throne. Witluo this boor, she shall 

I ber royal dif^uity. 
Last of the miMrabla train ivnnes a man chul in 
[■)(, of uiudl HtAtiire and a dark (Hxuplcxthii. with m 
clerical band about his neck. Many a time, in the 
I gone by, that faw lias l>e<en iipUfted beavfiinanl 
the pulpit of the East MoetiuR-Hoiise, when the 
KvT. Mr. Burroughs M-^nnTd to worxhiii (iud. Whatt 
— he? The holy man!— the leamtxi ! — the wiset 
.Howhu the iX'viJ t4'iti))tM) UimV His frllow-crim- 
(or the moat part, are obtuse, anoultivat«d t-reft- 
'tni«s,aoiDe of tfaeiu acam-ly Imlf-wiitnl by natur«,aDd 
tAtin gTMUl; deo^red in their intellcc-ts throogh age. 
TboT vrere so easy prey for tlie dentroyer. Not so 
with Ihijt (ji-orp-^ Rurrouf^ as we judge by tbo in- 
ward li);ht which glows through hi» dark oountfoanoe, 
and. wi- might itltnost say, glorifira his figure, in spite 
of tlw •oil and IiaggatdnoM of long impriMiuiiiftiL. — 
in ii\nW of the liieavy shadow that must fall on Lim, 
while iktith iH walking by his tadt. What brib« could 
Satan offer, rich enouf;h (o tempt and ovcivome this 
tnan? Alas! it may liavc liefn in tbi! very Mrengtll 
of bis high and Mart-hing int^-ltect that the Tem]>tar ' 
foimil the weakness which betrayed hitii. He yearned 
for knowledge; Iw went groping uuwant into a world 



of m^Btorj ; at first, as the witn«asea faave swoni. ' 
huoiuioiiimI lip tliv ghiMtd of liis two dead wivnt, i 
tulki-<l witli them of matters bcvond lltu graro ; i 
wheo their i\!S]m>[i^h failet) to satUfr tlie inteiiBe and 
sinftil cra^'in^ uf his «inrit, he volk-d ou Suinn. and 
war heard. Yet — to look at him — who. that bad 
not koovm thv |>roof. I'ould tfa-licvi* him guilty ? Vi'hiO 
would not say, while wo see him offering comfort to 
the weak und agi'd partiicm of his lionible crime,— 
while we hear bis ojueidations of pruyer. that M-vni to 
bubblt; u)> oitt of tlii^ ih-inh.'i of hin heart, and flj 
heavenward, mia wares, — wlulv wu Ix-bold a nutiaart 
brigbtvniitg on his fontun-s aa from tlie otlt^r world, 
which Lfl hilt a fow vti^^iH off, — who would not say, 
that, over the dusty track of the Main Street, a Chria- 
tian saint is now goin); to a martyr's death ? May not 
the An'h-Fiend lutve boeu too aiititlc for tlie court atxi 
, jury, and betrayed tlicm^ laughing in bis sleeve the 
while — into the awful error of ]ionririg out i>»ni-tifi«d 
bloo«l as an atfce])tidili! MU'rificu ii]Kin God's altart 
Afa ! no ; for listen to wise Cotton Miilltcr. who, aa b* 
aita there on hit horse, apoaki* ei>mfortably to the per- 
plexed multitude, and tells tiiem tluit idl han Ini-n n^ 
ligiously aitd justly done, and that Satan's |N>wer shall 
this ihiy reeL'iru it^i dvath-htow iu New Englan<l. 

lleavi-n grant it be so t — tlio gn-at iicholar must be 
right ; so lead the poor crestorea to their death I Do 
you see that group of rhiklrvn and half-grown girla, 
and, among them, an old, bag-like Indian woman, Ti* 
tuba byname? Thosp aiv the AfKii-lM Onj'«. Be- 
holil, at this vory iiMtnut, u |iniof uf Satan's powe 
and moline ! Merey Pnrrim the minister's daught 
has Ih>(>ii Miiitt^n by » flo^^b of M:trllin Carrier's ei 
and falls down iu the street, writhing with borril 



i utd foamlnf; at Ihi? iitrmtl). Kkc tho posKswd 
qwken of in S-ripture. Hurry on tfae Hocuned 
whcbcit to the guUnWK, eru tlivy do inoni tniiichuif 1 — 
tbejr Hin^ out th«ir wttlurtKt urms, utul scatter 
by lumilJuN niiioiif^ [lio rtowil ! — vn, U 
tlii-lr ptu-tini; lf>gai-y. \Xwy vast & hlt;^it over Hm laod, 
rw> tliU benix'iorth it may l>ear no fruit nor lilado »f 
, nnd be fit for notLing l>at a ecpulrhni fur tlirir 
imhaUowed cuvatLins ! So on th4>y go ; and old <teor^ 
linBtAun has stuinltlvd, 1>y nnisoii of his infirtui^ ; but 
iaan Proctor and liia wife lean on ou« anotlu'r, 
ad walk ut u nuwoiiably titvody jiat^v n>n»i<li>ring 
'ibeir a^ Mr. Burroughs seems to a^bitiiiister eouiw 
mI to Martha Carrii^r, wIiom face nod niiun, nu-Lliiiiks, 
iire riiilile.r and humbler than thrr were. Araong tlie 
lultitude, mcanwliile. then ui horror, fear, uud di^ 
aoA friend IimIib AflkaiiM at friend, niul tlu 
hoshaod at hie wifv. aud the «-ife at him, and even 
he nwtbrr nt \wt litt](> <-hiUl ; aM If , in vvury cDHUnra 
that (iod has made, tJier euspec-ted a witoh, or dnailed 
aoooMr. Nii«T. ncvi-r afpiin. uIihImt in thin or any 
ber shape, may Universal Madness riot in the Main 

I pi-m-ive in your eyea, my intlulf^nt spetrtatorSi 
the vritici!(ni whirh you are too kind to utt«r. Tbcw 
yon diink, arv all too Hnmbre. So, indeed. 
they are ; hitt lli<- bl.iine iniist tf-t on llie sonil)iv fl])int 
of our forrfallivri", who wovi- tltcir wvb of life with 
hardly a Btn;:le thread of rose-ootor or ffold, and not 
itii int-, who hiivi^ a tri>pii'-Iiiv<' of ■iiwHliitK', nint would 
};la<Uy gild all the worbl wilh it, if 1 km-w wliei-« to 
find M> miH'h. Thiit you may lH•li4^vo me, I will ex- 
libit tnw of iht! only rloM of so<<ne». %o far aa my io- 
ha» taught me. in wlueh our aDoestom vera 



wnnt to stfi?}) thtfir tough <ild licarts in winp 
Rtrong drink, aud indulj^e an outbreak of grisJy 

ll<>r« it comos, out of the same bouse wbenoa wo mw 
bntvi* Cuiitiiin OnnlntT go forth to xhe vrsrs. Whatl 
A coSia, borne on men's fihouldurs, and eix igvd g«a> 
tliMiii'n as pall-bcArera. and a long ttttia of moamen, 
with blade gloTcs and bloi-k hat-ba»d&, and eveiytliing 
black, mve a white bandkerclituf to Mcli ointimer't 
hand, to wijfo *vruy hix t«nrs willtal. Now, my kinj^l 
patrons, fon arc angry vritb me. Vou w<tv biddrt^ 
to ft bridal •<hLn<.-i>, and tinil younM-lvra walking in a 
funeral prDCesflioti. Even »> ; but look back ibroajfe 
all ttie social viutoiiut of New KngUnd, tn tlie fint 
century of her «xi«teoice. and read all ber traits of 
ehai-iu-(<'r ; ati<1 if you find one oocaaion, otbflr Uuut ft 
funeral feast, when- jollity was suctioned by nnivenal 
pnotioc, I will ael fire to my puppct-tdiuw wiiliout aa- 
otber word. Tbvso an- the ob««|ui<» of old (iorerDor 
Brftd«tn-i!t, the patriarch and ourxHrar of tlw tint ret- 
tiers, who, having inttfrmarriod with the Widow Gard- 
ner, i» now resting from his labors, at the great agt 
uf ninety-fonr. That whit«.--ln-iux)f<l corpse, which wia 
his spirit's earthly ganiitnru. now lies beueatli yoiiiler 
cofliin-lid. Many a nuk of ale and cider I» on tap, 
and many a draught of s]>iced wino and a(|iift>iritw haa 
Iwcn quaffed. KLw why shoulil llu- lirarvnt staggvr^j 
as they tremulously uphold the oofBu? — and tlx; 
piUMxan-r*, too, m thvy atnw to walk soleiunly 
side it? — and whereforv do Hk moumers tread oa one 
anotlier's bwls ? — and why, if we may ask without ot- 
teatx, should the now of tlu- K<.-v. Mr. Noyra, tfartnigh 
whieh he liai ju^t been deli\-enng the fuDvral di» 
oourae, glow, like a ruddy eoal of fire ? W^ well, 



old tnmi* I Pom on, with your bnnlAti of mortali: 
and la; it in the tomb «-itli J0U5 hearts. Pooiile 
^bonld be permittwl Xa cnjuy tiivinMlwK ia tlieir own 
fashion : every man to his taste ; but New Euglaiul 
muNt h;ive iN-rti a disnial nbodv for tbv VMva of pleas- 
ure, when the only bonn-cninpanion waa Death ! 

Under cover of a mist that has settJad over the aceni 
a few vear« flit by. and eMapo oar notice. As the 
ro<»5jtln'r«' l)«*oine» tnui8])arent, we perceive a drcrcpit 
graadsirc. hobbling alonj; tlw stnyit l>o yoti rieeog- 
niae him ? We saw bim, tirst, aa the baby in Oood- 
wifo HaaMy'a armx, wbvn th<! priuM^val trw* were 
Bingbf; th«ir Hh»low ovnr Kog«r Conant's cabin ; w« 
have suen hini, as the boy, tlie youth, the man, bcAriti|^ 
his humbk- part in all the successive soenee, and forti^H 
ing the index-figure wbervby to tiot« tlw age of hi^V 
coeval town. And heru he is, old Goodman MasHe;, 
taking hia la-it walk, — of t.-ti iKiiioing, — often leaning 
over his staff. — and calling to uiiud whose dwelling 
stood at Kurh and sui^h a spot, and whose fie-ld or 
ganlen occupied lltv sMk of tliose more Koent houaea. 
Ml! can ntuilcr a rcaM>n fur all tbo bmda an<l devia- 
tions of the thoroughfare, which, in its Sexible and 
[daatie tnfaiury. wa.'* uuuie to cwervo aiti<)e from a 
strughl lini!, in onlcr tit visit every settlor's door. 
The )lain Street ia still youthful ; the coeval man is 
iu hix liitust agtf. Soon he will Ih; gone, a [wtriaivh 
of four>Booire, yet shall retain a sort of itifauiiue life in 
otir kmil bi»tot^-, iM the fint ti>wn-l>om child. 

Behold her« a change, wtxxi^ht iu the twinkling of 
uu ey<% like an incident in a tale of magie, ov<>n wbil« 
yottr observation has been fixed upon tbo scene. The 
Main Street has vanished out of sight. In ita stead 
appears a wintrj' wiutu of snow, with the *un ju»t pM[^ 



'viUir. ^ 


iiig ovpr it, cold Ktid liriglit, aiul tingeing Uui whiH 
expniise with tlte faintc-Ht luiil tiu>«t i'UK-r(.-al rus«-colar. 
This is thv (jiviit Snow of ITIT, fanioua far the 
iuiiiuitam-<lnft8 in nhioh it l>iini:»l th>.- vrh*4c coontt^. 
It wuiilt) Mwiti 03 if the stivet, lite growth of ■vt\uA 
Via hnvu notvd so Utvntiruly. foUomtig it fnnn ibi Gnt 
i]>hue, aa au Iiiduin track, ttntil it reiwhod the dignt^ 
of tridcwiilkit, wvn' uU at muw oblitvntvd, luid rr»oI 
into a dresrier patblessneee than wh«o tbe forest 
ervil it. Hift gig»ntio gwdbi kod billows of the 
have swept over each nan's metus and baoods, 
aiiaibilatod all the viMl>le distiDctions of bunum pro]>- 
crty. So tliat now the tnces of fonii«r timea and 
hitherto aeoorupliHlK'i! dee«la being done awaj, nw»- 
kitid should be at lihvrty to enter on new paths, and 
gui<)e themselves by other laws than herotofori' ; if, 
indctsi, the ractt bo not i-xtinot. and it bu worth our 
while to go on with tlio march of lifv, oTcr the oold 
and dccolate oxpanM thut lies bufore ns. It may be, 
however, that nattcn arc not so dmponih' as th«y 
u])]X!ar. That vast icicle, glittering so cbcwrlessly ia 
the aunnhitie, nniiit l)c the apire of the meeting-lioiiM, 
incniHtitl with frozen sleet. Those grmt heaps, too. 
which we uiUlouk for driftii, are houAea. buried up to 
their eavi^«, nnd with their peaknl roofs roundod by 
tlie depth of suon- upon tlieni. There, now, coniM a 
gush of sntiike ftuin what 1 jiulgc to b« iIm^ diiinniMB 
of the Ship Tavcni ; and another — another — aad^ 
niiotltcr — from the chimneys of other dwcUiugs. wbon 
fin^tiile eorafort, domestic peace, tlie sports of ehihlKn, 
and the quietude of age arc living yvt, In apltu of iba 
frown enutt niKivii tlicjn. 

It<it it is tiiue bo change the tetixe, Ita droanr mo- 
notony shall nut t««t your fortitude like one of 

I ill 

■otual New Englarul winters, which leaTM w> largu ■ 
bUnk — to BMilaiieholy a <lvnth-«pot — in lives a*; 
brief that they oti;;lit to be all Biunmer-tiuve. Hri 
it kmtt, I ituk/ <'liuin tu lie mtur of the ih»mhiii. O 
turn of the crank ahall tnelt away tlie snow froni 
Main Street, and itbow tho trees iu tlieir full fuJii 
the rose-bushes in btoom, and a border uf green gr 
along the liidowaik. Tli«re! Btit what ! How! Tlii 
will ncit morr. A wiro is hnkra. The street 
loeH buriti) Wueath the snow, and tbo (al« of 
rcalaneani luid Fumpcii has its parallel in this eft- 

Ahw ! my kind and g<tntl« audtmoe, you know nat 
the extent of your misfortune. Thi< wytni'n to enme 
were far better than the put. The stret't itself would 
bave been taoi« wortliy of pioiorial uxhibition ; tlie 
deeds of its inhabitants not Ibss ao. And bow would 
your inlvTfNt \uirn i\tx-\MMcti, as, passing oot of tho 
cold shadow of nntic|iuty. in my long and weary course, 
Mhould arrive witldn the limits of iiuid'n nivnuty, 
id, loiuliiig you at last into the suiisliine of the pres- 
t, nhotdd givd a reflex of the very life tluit in Hit- 
paat us \^ Tour own bcaati', my fair ton'nswomen, 
have lieamed upon you out of my .wen«. Nut 
a gvotkinan tliat walki< the strejrt but slinidd have be- 
id hiii own face and %ure, his gait, the peeuliar 
ng of hi« unn, luul tJ>e cwtt tliitt lie put on jx-strr- 
day. Then, too, — and it is wliat I ebiefly regret, — 
I luu) i;x]wnd4Kl A vast d«ii) of light and hrilliimoy on 
reprvaentation of the street in its whole lenglJi, from 
iuffuin'it (!i>mt*r dnwuwnnl. on tlie night of thi? grand 
illtiiiiinution fur (.ictieral Tiiylur's triumph, lastly. I 
kboiild linve givvn Uie oranit one utltur luni. and lutru 
brought out thv futurv, showing you wlu 

" Then give me mine," 
out his pabn. " I eaii t 
prove a humbug, aad so it 
over my quarter I " 

ETHAi' BRAil): 


Babtram t)M> linii'-bumffr, a miigii, lifniT-lookiiig 

m, begrimed vritli ckarcoaU, sat Vi-au.-hmg 1^ kiln at 

gbtiikU, while liu little iHin playvil at btiilding houaes 

hfa tke BoUtered fragmriitii of aiitrliK'. vrtifii, on tlw 

ttUiiU' bvlov thvm, lli«y beard a mur uf laughter, not 

ajithfol, bat slow, and ei'ea st^ma, lik« a wind ehak- 

ng thv boughd of tho fon»t. 

" Fatlier, what is that?" asked the little boy, leav- 

ing hin play, aiw) preming betwixt his father's knee*. 
•' Ok some dronken man. I Hn]ipo«e," answered tha 

UniP-biinuT ; " M>nic merry fvllow from the bar-fooim 

in tlir village, who dared Dot laugh laud eoon^ withji 

duont Uwt be should blow the roof of the hooM off. 

here Iw is. shaking bis joUv sidea at the foot of Graj 


" But, fatber," said the child, more sensitive than 

the obtuse, middle-aged clawu, " be di>t^ not langb 

like a uian that is <Had. So the noiae frightens me ! " 
" 1>i>d'i be a fooL ohihl ! ** orie<l his fatlier, gruffly. 

** Y(Ki will nuvttr nuike a man. I du beliere : there is 
much of yutir mother in you. I have known ilie 
iig of a leaf startle you. Hark '. Heiv eoiuet tJie 

many fellow now. Yon Bhall see that there Ia no 

imttn in hiiu." 

Baitnin and his little son, while they were talking 

f^M, Ht watching the same lime-kiln that had been 



tlw xmiK of Tvthim Bnuid'i* xnlitfln- iuk] idin]! 
life, before Ite began his senrcli fur the L'npardo: 
Sin. Many yeoa*, m w« b»v« mwh, ha<1 tiovr ulaptMl, 
sinca thiit jKtrieiitous night when the Idea waa first 
(lovcl<>|>e(l. 'I'lif kill), however, ou Utu inMUittuin-tuiIo, 
stoml itnimiMiiriMl, und wim in notliing chatigied rinca fl 
he had Uirown his dark thoughts iuio the intrnKC glow 
of itit fiirtinev, anil iiu-lhtd tla-n), n» it were, into the 
one thought that took poMeraon nf hia life. It wiw n 
rndo, roiuid, tower-like stmrturc iilKiut twonty fevt 
liigh. heavily htiilt of roiigli stones, and with a hillock 
of earth heapetl a1>oiit the larger part of it8 dmnnfvr- 
eni'o ; iw tliat the Docks und fragments of niarl'le 
might bo drawn hy cart-load-t, and thrown in at thtt 
top. Tlierw was an ojjeniDg at tlie Iwttom of the tower, 
like an ovcn-inoutli, but hirgr cnrtii^h ta admit a inan 
in a Btooping jwHture, and prui-ided with a juaAaire 
iron door. SV'ilh Hw nmoke and jein of flame Usn- 
<ag from the chinks and crevices of this door, which 
mffmeA to give admiltanoi> into the hiU>«idc it romun- 
hled nothing so much us (lie private entrance to the 
infonuil n'gioDS, uhit'Ii tlio aliephenU of the l>ideoti^ 
ble Mountains were aocitHtomcd f> oltow to jiilgrinis. 

There are ninny aiich lime-kilns in tliat tmet of 
oomitry, for the pnrpooe of burning tlie whitv inarblo 
whi<rli ooiR)M>soa a i»Tga part uf tlie substance of the 
bills. Some of them, built yours tigo, and long tUf 
avrUil, with viih^Ih growing in the vacant round of the 
interior, which is open to t)u> ttky, and gruNH and wild> 
flowers rooting themselves into tlw chinks of the 
Btuniw, look lUrcaily like rvlir^ uf tuitiquity, and may 
yrt l>e overspread with the lichens of centuries to come. 
Otlicm. vrhcro the Unie-bumer mill fttsU bin dsDy »uA 
nigliUlung Sn% afford pointa uf inteTest to Iho w 




among Uie hilU, who iiMits litDuelf on a log of 
wuimI or u f niguiunt of marble, to bold a chat witb the 
solitary uma. It is a lunmome, and, wlw^n Um* cluir- 
artrr ix iudiofd to th4>ugl)t, may be an inteoseljr 
tbnughtful occupation ; as it proved in iIm cue of 
Ktlian llnind, who bad matml to such Btrao^e' pur 
pose, in days gone by, while the fiiv in tJua \ury 
was buniing. 

The man wIm now watched the Hrv was nf n dif- 
ferrnt order, and trcMiblvd IiimM'H with mi tboitglita 
save the very few that were rvqiiisite to his baainen. 
At fnHpwmt iutvrrulH. ho flung bin-k Uir rhwhing 
weight of the in)n *lnor. auil, turning his face frntn 
tbc ituufferabtc glare, tiinist in huge logs of oak, or 
stUTcd the immense brands with a I'liig pol<>. Within 
the fnmaoe were wen tlie curing and riotous ltume«, 
■ad th« Ixiraiug marble, almost molten with the in- 
teni^ity nf hent : wliile nHthntit, the reflection of ibe 
fire (}tli^'fre)l on the durk ititrii-iu')- i^f ttiv Hiimnmdiug 
forext. and showed in the forefirouod a briglit and 
rudity liith- picture of thi* hiK. ilii' "pring benido tta 
ducir. tile athlctio and co;d-liegrime«l tlgiire of the IttDfr- 
bunier, and th« half-fright«ined obih), shrinking uito 
tlw protection of his father's shadow. And when, 
agiun, the iron door wati ■■huntl. Utrn n.'apjxfared tlw 
tender light of tlie half-foil moon, which vainly strove 
to tnce oat the indiAlini^ Ahiijx'ti of the neighlNiniig 
mountains ; and. in the ii|ipi'r i>ky. there waa a tlitting 
eoagregation of clouds, still faintly tinged with t]»e 
nwy «UIUte^ thougli thus hr down into the valWy tbt 
_ainahiiie bad vanisheil long and long ago. 

The little boy now cn^pt fttiU clo*cr to his futlii-r, as 

Dps were Itean) ascending the hill-side, and a hu- 

Ifonn thrust aside thu bushud that cliut«i«d lw> 



" Halloo ! who iti it ? " criocl tho limc-liamer, r< 
at hia Aon's tiutiility, yet half infectoit hy it. " Cone 
forwiuxl, uid ftlitiw younelf, lik» a niun, or 1 11 fling 
thja chunk of marble at your bead I " 

" Vou ofFiT 1116 n ruugli miU-oine." luitl a gloomy 
voice, js tlie iiolcBown oiaa tlniw nigfa. " Yetl neitber 
cIaIui nor deure a kiiider oue, evco at my own fir^ 

To obtain a diMtinotiT vivw, liiirlraiii threw open the 
iron door of the kilu, whence immediately issued a 
giiKli of tien-e light, that stuotv fidl upon the etnugtr*! 
face and figure. To a careless eye there appeared 
nothing very rotnarkuhle in hi» aM)>(.Tt, which was that 
of a man in a coarse, hrown, counlry-imule suit of 
clothes, tall and tliiii, vritli the Htaff aud beavjr shoos 
of a wayfarer. As he a4)vat)ce(), he fixed his eyes — 
which wc-rv vury bright — iutently ui>on the bright- 
ness of tiie furnace, as if h« hvlu'ld, or expected to 
behoM. some object worthy of note within it. 

" Good evening, stranger," siud tite Itme4Himer ; 
" whi-niie come you, so latt' in tlu) day ? " 

" I vuine from my seareh," answered the wayfarer ; 
"for. at last, it is finished." 

"Dnuik! — orcnu^t" mutlerMl Bartram to him- 
aelf. ^ I shall hare trouble with tho fellow. The 
aooner I drive him away, the better." 

Ttu! little boy. all in a tn-mblc. whiK|>i>r<'<l to his 
&ther, and begged him to shot the door of the kiln, bo 
that there might not be tto taach light ; for tJtat tlior* 
was aomfthing in the man's fa4.-e which be waa afraid 
to look at, yet could not look away from. And. io- 
deed, even tho linH^-burner's dull and torpid sonsv 
began to be ini])ressed by an iivdesoribiibic tMinx'th! 
in that tiiiii, rugg*-'<l| tliougbtful viMge, with tlie 




lied bair hnntnni; wildly about it, and ttuwc ilitjpty 
aaskeu qrea, whu-b glnuiHtl liki- fin-o within the en- 
ttucM of X mysterioos vaveru. BuL, as be doM^d tbo 
door, tlie stranger turwHl toward* bun, utd i^ke in a 
t\a,u.% familiar wuy, that made Bartmn feel as if lt« 
were a aane and seasible man, aft4-r ail. 

** Vour task draws to an end, I see," sad lie. " This 
marble has already been burning (Iin-<t day*. A few 
h^iun more wUI convert the stone to lime." 

"Why, who are you?" exelaimed tin- lim^^bamer. 
" Yon iteem as well acquainted with my business as I 
am tnyaelf." 

" And well I may be." said the stranger ; " for I 
followed the same eraft many a long year, and ben, 
too, on this very spot B«rt you arc a Dew>coiner ifl 
tiusnc ports. Did you n<>ver hear of Kthan lirur ' ' ' 

" The man that went in searrb of the Uupanloiisble 
Sin?" axkoil Bitrtnun, with a laiq^ 

"The same," answered the stranger. " He haa 
found what he wiught, and therefore he come haelt 


"Wbatf then ymi are Etlion Brand himMU't" 
cried the lime-bumer, in amazement. ** I am a otw- 
eoiner luTe, ax y»it H.iy, and they call it eighteen years 
sintw you left the foot of Uruylwk. But, I can tall 
you, the good folks atill talk about Ethan Bcv^ tn 
the vilht(^ yonder, and what a ttnuige ernutrf took 
him away from his lime-kiln. Well, and so you have 
found the Unjwrdonahle Htn ? " 

" Even ao! " said the stranger, calmly. 

" If the qnestaoo b a fair oae," proceeded Bartram, 
" where might it be ? " 

Ethan Bnutd laiil his Snger on Ua own Iieait. 

" Here r " replied he. 
o*. m. 81 


And then, wiUinut niirtli in liia co(intrn»aci>. li 
if moved hy aii involiintHry ruotgiiitiun of Uio \ 
ftbaunlity of aeekitif; throughout tl>e world for what 
was tlw cl'jNfMt of nl] thiiign to hitnsK-lf, And UH>kitig 
into every heart, save his ovm, for what was Iiiddeu i 
no othi?r hn-JUt, Iw broke into ti luugli of worn, 
was the same slow, heavj liui^h, that ha<l aliiioat 
pidlwl tho limc-biirniT v\u:u it iK-nddml thu way£u«r'i 

Tho Kolilitrv ni OUR till n-Ai lie was ii)iuh> dinmiLt 1>r t 
Liuigliter, when out of place, nii»itiinwl, or biimtin 
fort]i from a diitonlvrnd statv of ftsding, may )m> the 
m«^t terrible modulation of the liiminn voice. 
luti^tiUtr of nni' iisU'vp, I'vi-u if it be a little child, 
^he niailmaii'fi laugh, — the wild, screaming laugh 
a >H>m idiot, — nrrt M>ut»d» that we somvtimsn trembW 
bi near, and woidd always willingly forget. Poets 
have imagined no uttvnuioo n( fiondH or bobgotiliait m 
fojicfully a|>pro]»riale as a laugli. And even the ob- 
tuse linioburiKT fidi )ii» m-rvr-t i^lmkcn, hm thin fttmngs 
man looke<l invrai-d at hifl own heart, aud burnt into 
Uiighter tluit rolled away inu> thu night, and was 
diit^iielly reverberated among thu hilU. 

"Joe," said lie to hiit little iKin, *' scnm]M>r down 
the tavern in the ^Hllage. and tell die jolly fellows 
tht^ru tltiit Ethan Brand tuut coino iMick, and tluit ho 
has found the Uugwrdonable 8iu I " 

The Iioydurtf^Hl away on hi« errand, to which E 
Itnnid ntatlu nu objection, nor seemed lianlly to noti 
it. lie sat «n a log of wooti, looking: sliiadfadtly at 
tho in>n door of tlx' kiln, AVhen tin* obild wan out »: 
Bight, and his swift and Ii{;ht footatcpfi ceaaefl to 
heanl treading firHt on Ww fallen leaves and thim on 
the rocky mountain-path, the lime>bunier began to 


it ho , 



I ^Kt lu9 departure. He felt that tlie littlo f(-Ilow*s 
■ preaenee bail Iimq k barrier botwern Iuh ^vt»l nod 
liimBflf, and that lie must now deal, b«arl to heart, 
witli & man who, uti \aft own oonftimiiin, hiul (loinniitivil 
the on« only i-ritiu; fur which Hpavpn could afford no 
meres. That rrinio, in \t» tndbtiDct blut-kneH. tfttWMwi 
to orcnbadow him. The linie-biinier*s own bios rme 
up wjthin him, and made liis ini*ii>0Ty riotons with ft 
tkniDg of evil slitipi-s tJiat asserted Uieir kindred with 
tbe Maater Sin, wliat«v«r it might he. which it was 
within tlie ko\k of mun's corrnptitl nattire to cm- 
caTe and cberiali. Tli^y were all of one family : they 
wool to and fro brtwix-n his hmwi and Ktlian llnutd'a, 
and oanied dark greeting from one to the other. 

Then Iliirtnuu rvmt-nibvird the etorivit which bad 
grown tradilionari' in reference to this atrange man, 
who hnd come upon him liku a shadow of thu night, 
ainl •HOM nutkin^ b!m«>-lf ;it \\mao in hU old phu>e, aft«r 
BO long absence, tiiat the dead people, dcu*! and buri«d 
for yvm, wmild liave hnd more right to be at home, 
in any familiar s]>ot. than be. Ethan Brand, it wiw 
aaid, had (><mv<TM><l with Satan himself in the lurid 
blaze of this ver>' kiln. The Ic^nd hnd been miittrir 
of mirth heretofore, but lookeil gri-ilr now. Accord- 
ing to this talc, before Kthan Bnind departed on his 
search, lie Itad been aeniittoroed to evoke a flend from 
the hot fitmaco of the ]irm--kiln, ni^^lit after night, in 
order to eonfer Kith liim about t)ie Cupardonable Sin ; 
the man and the fiend meh laboring to frame the im- 
age of some mode of guilt which conld neither bo 
atoned for nor forgiven. Atul, with tlu; fint gliimi of 
light upon tbe mountain-top, the fiend crept in at thu 
iron door, there to al>i<Io tlie inletiiiest element of Bre 
until again ■»i»imiTM>rl forth to ahani in the dreadful 



task of pxtcTKling man's powil»)e gnilt beyond 
•oo[M! of llcavf.n's else infinitw mrrcy. 

Whik i\w- liint^-l>um»r wa.1 »truggling with thf hot- 
ror of tfapse tlioU);lit«. Etb»n Hratu) nwc from i\\c to);, 
and flung ojM-» tW (litor of Ibe kiln. TIte notion wu 
in ftuch aocordanoe witli thv idm in Burtnun's mtnd, 
that lie altnmt expected to ae« tlte Eril One iame 
iorth, nil-tiot, from the rn^ng fntiukc*. . 

**^ Hold ! hold ! " cried he. vritJi a tremulous allempt 
to Iiiiivh I for htt was asliantiN] of liin f<>u«, altbougli 
tliey ovormaKtercil Iiiin. '* Don't, for tneroy's 
bring out your Devil now I " 

V Man ; " utt-mly n-pltpd Etban Bram). " wliat 
have I of tlie I^'iil? I have li-ft Iiini iM^hind me. 
my track. It is with suoh half-way ainnerfl as you that 
be bu.4i<-» hiutM^lf. Fear not. K^i^titxe I ojx-n the <lnor. 
I do but act by old vnstom, imd am going to trim youv 
fire, like a time-biinu^, as I was once." 

lie §cirred the viutt coaIa, thnii^t In tnoro wood, 
bent fiirwunt to gaze into the boUow jirisiori-hanM 
the firs, regmrdl«iw of the fieroo glow that rt-ddcn«d 
n|>on bin face. The lime-burner sat wau-hiog h!ni, 
and half suspected this strange guest of a purjiooc, if 
not to evoke a Hcnd, at least to plunge Ixxiily into tba 
fhuues. and thus vanish from th« sight of ntan. Etbaa 
Kaod, howerer, drew quietly back, and closed the 
door of the kiln. 

" I have looked," said be, *' into many a human 
heart that wa.4 M!V«n linif« hotter with Hinful piuifiiona 
than yonder funiitce is with fire. But I found not 
there what I sought No, not tlie Unpardonable Sin! " 

*' What in the Uupanlonable Sin? " asked tlio Urn*' 
burner; ami tJien he shrank farther from his compan- 
ion, trembling lest Iun qiuvfttion should be answered. 







"Tt w % oin that gi«w wiUttu tny inm bmuu." r^ 
plkit t^than Bnnd. Btaoiliuj; erect, vitb a pridv tlut 
distiof^uisbeii alt cnlJituiiutU of hU Ktumii, **A ria 
tluit fnvw nowhere «1m ! Thie sin of alt intellecC tkatj 
tritun|d)Cil over (tiv wnxne vi XtmihiMv^A with naa 
and rer«TeOL-e for God, and saoriiicwd evenrtliing to 
\tM own mi);hiy cluiimi I Tb» only *\n ibnt iti-M-rvvs a ^ 
recotni>ens<> of iiiiutortal agony I Frvcly, were it to do 
again, wonhl 1 innnr tliv g\ult. irtulitiukingly 1 ao 
oept the n-trilMiti.>n I " 

" Tin- mutin Iw3kI i» titrnwl," muttered iJn* Utn»'' 
bnmer to hiniaelf. "lie may be a eiiuier like tbe rest 
of iw, — nothing more likely, — b«t> I 'U bo awoni, ho 
is a mailiuan too." 

Nevertheless, he fell nnMoifortahlc at his eitaatioo, 
■lone with Kthftn ltnui<l ou tlic «iKl UK>utitHUi-Ai()e(. 
and inn right );bwl to hear tin' ruu^i iiiuniiur t^' 
ton)ptea, aikd tbo fu>itM4*(>H uf what neeiued a pretty no- 
■DecoMS pM^, stttubltD^ over the Monee and mstlii^, 
dtMogh the nnderiinuh. Soon appeared tlte whol*' 
laxy iv^meot that was woot to infest the village tav- 
ern, cumprehending thn>e or fmir individuals who had 
drunk fiip besiile the bar-room tire tbrougli all thtt' 
winten, a»d NiDiikiil thrir pi]M-N iM'tirath the stoop 
tliKNt^i all the eaniniers, sin<>e Ethan Brand's depart- 
ar«. Laughing ImiAteroiiNly. and mingling all their 
ratoBH together in unoeremonioaa talk, they now Iiumt 
into the inoonHhine luu) mrrow iitreak* of lin<Uf;ht 
(hat iltuiiiiualf<l tlie open space before lite Ume-kiln. 
iWtram m>t Uio diior njxr ugain, fliHiding thu xptit 
witli light, thAt the whole iximpany might get a fair 
view of Kthan Brand, and lie of iImiu. 

Tlu-rv, among other old a«|aaintxnccs, was a onoa 
nbiqutloni) man. now almost extini't, but whom wa 



e wtfl 

wore fonoerly tsan to cnooiinlvr at the hotel of ere 
thririug village thronglioul lite country. It vaj* tl 
sUige«g<;nt. Tlw )ii-«-Mttit H]H'<!iin«ii nf the genua 
ft wilt«d and smokodriud nuui, ntinkled aud red-ii< 
in a Kmitrtly cut, bruwn, liut>tailt;(t voat, witii bra&i bol^ 
toQH, who, for a length ot time unknown, hud kept 
bis d«^k and t-'omer in Iho har-rooni, and waa HtiJI |i 
fing wb»t Hirvuifd to be thu samu ciji^ur that hv b. 
lighted tn-enQ' yean before. He had great fam« 
ft dry joker, tliough, pvrhape, l«ss on aoouanl uf any 
intriuiuo humor tJian fnuii « ir«rlain flavor of Itnutd^' 
toddy and tobaoco-Hmoke, whtoh imprfgnatod all 
icU-a-i and t^xiireuion^, a.i nvi-U nn h\» penon. Aji< 
well-ii'memUMx-d, tliotigh stranjo^ly altered, £iice 
that of Law-yor Gihw, lu peopU; still cuUim) Itiiu In 
court«!iy ; an elderly ragamuffin, in his soiled shirt* 
«li-uve« and tow-iiloth trousurf. 'I'liiit poor fvUow 
been an attorney, in what be called bis butter days, 
sharp practitioner, and in great voj^ic among tho vil 
bige liligautA ; but fliji, and ulitig, anti toddy, 
cocktails, iinbibeil at all hours, morning, noon, 
n!<;ht. Iiiid ontLM-<l him to »li<I<- from intelle«tiuU to va* 
rioiLs kiiiiU and degroe* of bixlily labor, till at last, 
adopt his own pliraM*. lie aJid inui a soap-vat. In otbi 
woi'ds, Giles vras now a Koap-lioil«r. in a small wa; 
He hsul ootno U> Iw but tlte fragment of a huinati 
ing, a part of ona foot having bum obopiMvl off by an 
axe, and an entire hand torn away by tlie deviliidi 
grip of a »t<-iun-engin«. Yvt, tliougb Uie vur|ioreal 
band was gone, a spiritiud member remained ; for, 
itrvtohiiig forth the stmnp, Giles utoadfaatty averred 
tliat he felt an invLiible thnmb and fingers with ai , 
vivid n iu.!nMiliii» as Iwfoni tho rval una* w«r« «nipi^| 
tated. A tnatmed and miserable wretob lu was ; bnt^ 




on**. n^^'^rtllelaN| whom thr world coiitcl not tnunpls 
on, iind bad do rif^ht to M-uni, i-itlicr is Uuh or any 
preTMnut stage of h» uiufortuuea, Mttce be luu) vtiil 
krpt up the comge atul Hpirit of a man, aiJied notli- 
ing in charity, and with Im une hand — and that tha 
kit one — fought a Mvm battio nguinKt want and ho»> 
tile laKurastaoGee. 

Ainmtg the thrntg, too, aune another 
who, with MTtain points uf similaritir to Lawyer GU 
had many num.' of tlifTi-niifV. It was the village do 
tor ; a man of soiue ttftr years whom, at an earl 
period of Ids life, we introduced as pa\'in^ a profiee- 
sumal rtstt to Ethan Brand during tlu' littu-r'H ntp* 
powd bwanity. Hu was now a purjtle-risiir^Ht. rude, 
and bmtal, yet half -gvntl^-mwily figure, with sobw- 
thing wild, mined, and desperate in bis talk, and in 
all the detaiU of his gesture and niunnvr*. Bmndy 
poeMSHud this man like an evil spirit, and madt' him aa 
surly and Aitvage aa a wild Iwxst, and an luiMTntih) as a 
lost sold : but there was supposed to be in him stKth 
wiindcrfnl nkill, Kuoh naliv<> gifto of hcAling, bvyoad 
any whii^h mealind gcienoe ooold itnjmrt, that socie^ 
eaogbt hold of him, nnd would ui>t It-I biiu Muk out uf 
its i«wh. Ho, awaying to and fra npim liiit liorw, and 
jtrmnbling thick acwntii at the bedside, be visil«d all 
lh«- *k'k-chamlM>rs for miles altout among the nurnntaia 
mwns, nnd wiintrtiuiea raised a dying iiuin. aa it ve 
by luinirle. or quj(4> as oftrn, no doiiltt, went Iiim [Kitii-nt 
to a grave that wna ilu^ many a year too Boon. 

had an everloj^ting ])i|K> in bU mouth, and, a*1 
Rbiwly Aaid, iu alluaion to bis habit of swearing, itj 
I always alight with Ii4-I]4irf. 

These ibtve wortbit^i pivssed forward, and 
Ethan Brand uach after his own fuahiun, eamestl] 


inviting him to {tarlAke of tlte contents of a 
bUfk liottli'. in wliidi, iw tbt^'V iivemxl, hi* would fiiul 
•cMnothing far better worUi seeking for tkau the Ud> 
pnixliitiulilu Sin. No luiiul, wliicb bw vrrutigbl. iUelf 
by iutenaa uid solitary ueditation into a hit;h st«t« of 
entbasiMiB, can «udui« Uw kind of contact with low 
and vulvar modea of tbo<ij|;lit and fvelitig to which 
Ktliiui Druiid WM now sut>jvi''ted. It iitadt* hini doitbt 
— iind, stmn^tosay.itwiuapHinfuldoubt — vrlutthur 
he ha<l indeed found \\ic Un|)ardoaablfl Sin. and found 
it within hiiiiMi-lf. T)m- vi')u>1v <]tie«rtM>n on wliich bt 
had exhauHted life, and more than life, looked like a 

" Leave me," he said bitterly, " ye bmte beutii 
tJint littve made yourselves so, ohrivellin^ op your souli 
with liery litjuon I ] tiave dom- with you. Yean and 
years H{^, I jn^pi-d into your liearto and foond notl»- 
ing there for xay purpose. Get ye gone 1 " 

" Why. you iinc-ivil soouodnl," crii>d thu fierce 
tor, " id that the way you respond (u the kiiKlnesa 
your b<»t friends? Thun let me tvU yon the truth. 
You hare no more foimd the UnpanUniablu Sin tluui 
yootler boy Jov lia«. Y'ou are but a ci-axy fallow, — 
I told you so twenty years ago, — ncithtir lieltvr nor 
woroc than a vrnzy fvljow, and the fit cmmpattiua of 
old Iluinpbiwy. here! " 

lie pointvd to an old man, shabbily drviwed, with 
long whitv hair, thin vian^e. anil unsteatly eyra. For 
Bouic years i>9i«t thiit ngi-ii p^-raon bad liwm wiuidcriuff 
about ninon<; the hiUminqiiinDfi; of all tntvellers wlioni 
he met for Iua dau);hter. T)hi ^rt, it sonm-*!, had 
gone off with a onijany of fircus-i»erfonaetB, sntl w- 
oaslonally tidin);pi of lier niniii to tbu viUago, ami tinv 
fltories wore told of her glittering: appoanuwo m sbo 


Wtl*- M 





rode on bofBeb«ck in tli« ring, or perfomml mamW , 
loUK ftrsta on the tight-ro|x>. 
' Tb« white •haired father now apprnaclaotl Ethao 
Btwid, and gaaed tuurtcailily into htn fanv 

** They tell me yoa har<> lieen alt ov«r the earth," 
■ud iw, wringinf; liU handi with <ianiniti)e«s. " Yon 
most bare seen my tlaughter, for she tuakea a fpfaml 
figur* in tin) wnrlil, ami I'rin-ylKxIy govt) to :«ev h^r. 
I^ the send any word to her old father, or aay whcu 
ahe wa» cutning back ? " 

Kthun Itnuid'ii vye qitailiHl beneath the old man's. 
That daughter, from whom he aa eameetly desired a 
wunl of |^-«(ing, wati ths Eitther of our talsi the vetj 
girt whom, with stu.-b oold and renioraeleaB porpoae, 
Ethan Brand hail ntade the imbjoiA of a {wyirholofriisJ 
experiment, and wasbed, al>!M>t4>«d, and perhaps anni- 
hilatiNl Ikt tioul. in the process. 

" Yes," murmurvd Ite, turning away from the hoary . 
waiiik-tvr, " it i^ no delusion. Thoru ia an L'npardoo- 

^Vhill■ thettc (hinp! vma pouwiti^. a uicrry sconu waa 
going forward in the area of cheerful ii^jht, beside the 
i^iig and Wforv the door of tlw hut. A number of 
tbe youth of tlte vilUj^e, young nieu and girU, had 
hnrrii-d u]i the hill-«iiks iiupelltMl by curiuxity to see 
Ethau Brand, tl>e hero of so many a legend familiar 
lo thi'ir L-hildhoixl. Findiof; nothing, however, very 
ninarkable iu bis aApe<^ —. nothing but a sunburnt 
wayfnrvr, iu {>hun garb and diuty sIiocm, who Hat look- 
ing into tlie lire as if he f:iocied piiHurea among the 
■Dab, — thi;-M' jomig )ifu)tli; Hpeudily grvw tii-ed of 
elwer^'in); him. As it happened, there was other 
■musenutut at liaud. An nld Ounnim Jow tnivcUing 
irilh a (Uonuna oo hia back, was pasoing down the 



mountain-tyMul tovAnIs the Yill«g« jmt m th« part; 
turned asitlo fnvin it. aud, in hopes of ^king oat the 
prot^ttt of Uie (lay. Ui« abowiuan luul lu^jit them oaa^ 
pany to the limo-kiln. 

" Come, old Dutchman," cried one c^ the young 
men, " let <» MM y»mr pictures, if you Can swear they 
are worth looking at ! " 

" Oh yw, Cni»tain," atutwcntl thti Jvw, — wbothvr 
aa a matter of oourtesy or craft, he sidled everybody 
Captain, — "1 shall iihow you, ind««d, ttome vtiy su- 
perb pictures I " 

Scs pla<-iiig his box in » proper pontion, he inritvd 
tba young men and girls t« look through the glass 
oriflocs of the mnchiiiu, luid pn>CMili'd to 4;xhil>it a 
series of the nkost ontittg^oua serattihings and daul>> 
ings, as specimens of the fine arts, tbut erer an itine^ 
ant showman had the fac« to intpoae upon his ciit' lo 
of spectators. TIm pictures were worn out. inortyjver, 
tattered, full of cracks and wrinkles, iliugy with U>- 
buoco^muko, und otbcntitH] in a most pitiable coodi- 
Uoo. Some purported to be cities, puhlio ediflees, and 
minwl caslk-s in Kuropc ; other* tttjnvsentvd Napo- 
leon's battles and Nehwo's sea-Sghta ; and in the 
midst of these would be jwco a gigantic, brown, hiury ■ 
hand. — which might have been mistaken fortius liquid 
of Disiiny, though, i» truth, it wiw only the ftlmw- 
moo's, — pointing its forvfinger to various scenes of 
tlie conflict, while its owner gave hi«torical illitHtra- 
tions. When, will) much merriment at its abomin»> 
ble deficiency of merit, the exhibition was eoncludod, 
tlte German bndo Uitli; Joo ])iit his head into the 
box. Viewed throUf;b the inagnifyiug-glasapH, tho 
boy's muud, rosy visage n«iiiin(!il the Ktnut|Ksl imiig- 
inahW a»i>cct of an iuuuunse Titanic child, the mouth 



iii^ braodlj. and thti eyt* Mid sv^ry otl»r foa- 
tun? ovi'dlxuing with fun at the jok«. SotliieaJy. 
hoverer. that itwrrjr facv tiirtitti ))iUc aiul tW cx- 
pnsaiiin i-iiangtsJ to horror, for tliis eiLsily impreaaed 
■ml i-xcitable child bad iHixinm Hwit^ihli* th:U (bo vyv 
Ethan Brand waa fixed upcm lum through th» 

I audi- 



Ton mako the little man to be afraid. C«ptain." 
ulil the Ovrtnan Jew, turning ii{i the dark and strong 
oatline of Iii^ visa^ from his stuo^xa^ iMxtture. " But 
look again, and. I>y ohanftc, 1 shall cause you to sea , 
somfwhat tliat is verr tine, upon uir word ' " ^H 

Kihitn ItrntMl t;a7«d into thu box for an iniitaa^^ 
and Hiivn starling bark, looked lixecUy ut the German. 
What bad be wen ? Nothing, apparently ; for a curi- 
ona youth, who hail peepnl in aimicMtt at tli<- wune ni^^ 
amt. IwlM'kl only a vacant space of canvas. ^H 

** I maMnber you now," mattered Ethan Brsnd t^' 

**Ab, Ca)>ta)n. whisperwl the Jew of Nurenibnrg, 
Ith a dark siuite. " 1 find it to be a heavy inattvr in 
uiy hIiow - Wtx, — thi* UnparduDablu Sin I By my 
{aitb. Captain, tt baa wearied my sbouldvrH, tiits long 
day. to carry it oror the mountntn." 

** Peace." answered Ethan Brand, stently, 
Uuit into th« fumaoe yonder ! " 

Tbe Jew's exhibition had scarcely oonelud^d, when 
a groat, ohlcrly d<>>; — who acvmnl to bu hi« own niao- 
ter, aa do person in the company laid claim to him — 

w fit to n^ndvr hinuclf tbv cbjcvt of public notira. 

■therto. be bad shown hijnaelf a v-ery quiet, wttll-tlia- 
poaed old dog, gwng round from onu to another, and, 
by way of being sociable, offering his mim;fa l»ead to 
by any kiiull) baud Uiat would take so much 






trouble. But now, all of » Htiilclon, tliis fn^n- and 
veiumble qu»[lni))«<l. of ius un-Q tiuire motion, aiul 
witliout tiw idi{^tc«t «U£ge«ttOD from MiylNMljr tiat, 
Ik^ii u> run round after hia tail, which, to hetghteai 
till- ul>«unlity of thv iiiiKx-ctling. was a groat ileti 
shorter than it aliouM havu been. Nifwr wis seen 
Niit'li hintiUong eagcmew in punuit of an objivt that 
uould Dot possibly be Bttaiu«l ; norer wu« lieiirit such 
a trcniviiilwiM outbreak of grawling, soarLia^, harking, 
and snapping, — as if on« vikI of thit i-idiouloiu bnite'a 
hoAy w«re at deadly and nuMt unforgivable etunity 
with tlie other. Faster and fatttiir, round about went 
the cur ; au<l fa;ilor and Ntill faster Bed the unap- 
prniu'Uablv hn^vity of U!» tail i and lotidvr and fivroor 
gn<w Iiix ynltii of rage and aninwuiity ; until, utterly <>x- 
haustwl, and us far from tliv gonl as evor, the foolUh 
old dog ueaM.-4l )ii« iH'i-fonuututu as auddenly aa he Inul 
begun it. The noxt ninment he was as mild, cjuiet, 
si'nHible, nnd nwiHftnliU- in h'u* d*'|»ortmi'nt. ai* wlwu 
he first Horaped w-quaintaiice u-ith the t'onijiany. 

Ah may (>« suppo««d, the exhibition wa^ grvo-tf-d 
with uiiiver«al laughter, clapping of han<ls. and shoula 
of i-ncorp, ^» whit-h ihi- canine iwrfoniM-r ra^KindiKl 
by wagging all that there was to wag of his tail, but 
appttannl totally unnhh) to rept«t lti« vtiry suooeMtful 
effort to amuH^ the spertators. 

Mi-anwhile, Etliau Hrand luul rrituined his seat u[>on 
the log, ami movfd. it lui^fbt 1m.', by a perception of 
some remote analogy bHwvi'ii hiA own caw and tliat of 
thin wlf.piirtuinji mr. he broke into tlio awful laugh, 
which. n>ore than any oIImt token, exprc!<'<ed the con- 
dition of liis inward being. From that moment, the 
tnerrinii-nt of tlw party was at an end . tlwy stood 
aghast, drua<j!ng lest the inauspit-iuus sound should be 



uritAlf itaASD. 493 

rovwbcnitctl ;iroiuul tlic lioriztm, niui t)uit niouoCain 
wuiilil tliiiiiil<'r it tu imxiDtiiiii, nnit mo the liorror bo 
priiliHiyiil ujwn (!M.*ii- c-wrs. TIicu, wluspLriiig one to 
tiiiotlu'r Uiitt it wn« lute, — thnt Uw iiiooii vnis nl- 
most «Iown), — that Uw August night was growinjf 
cliill, — ihcy hiii'mil homcwnnls leaving thu liino- 
burner »ik1 litlle Joe to ilc^ ax tlioy might with th«ir 
iiuwolc'iiao guC9t. Siivc for tlwiw tlirco liitmiin boings, 
th<! iipen sjiaoe on the liilUiiilu was a iiolittiile, set in a 
vast gloom of foivtit. Boyond tJiiit Jarksonio v6rge, 
tlio (bvlight gliiitiiivrv<l on lite Mtatoly ti-unks And al- 
iiioist hluek foliago of pines, iiit^imixcd with the lighter 
verdure of sapling oaktt, inapU'S, ntid poplars, whilo 
Iwi'C" and tlicre lay the gigantic t-orpsM of dead trees, 
diraying on tlio liiif-stivwn soil. And it st'rinrd tu 
little Joe — a timorous and imaginative ehild — that 
thtj Nik'nt forest was holding lU brvatli iitilil some 
fcaiTtil thing n1iou1<I Iiapjwu. 

Ethan Brand tlirtr^t more wood into the fire, nnd 
closc<l the door of the kiln ; then looking over Iiis 
shunhk-r at the linie-biirnt-r and hi« son, he hnde, 
ratlier tlian advised, thcin to i-etit'o to rest >• 

" I'or myself, I caunot sk-op," said he. " I luivc mnt- 
tcrs tlint it concerui mc to meditate upon. I will 
fviktch the lire, as I ustd to du in tlic old time" 

*' Ami call the Di^vil out of the fiiniaco to keep you 
c«mpany. I suppose." mutt<:i'ed Barli-am, who Iwd 
been making intimate actiuaintance with the hiack 
botUe above mentionnL " But watch, if yon like, 
and <:all as many devils as yoti like ! I'or my part, 
I «hall K' all the heller for a snooze. Come, Jnol " 

A» the l>oy followed his father into tlic hut, he 
louketl back at ihe wayfarer, nnd the tears came into 
hij( eye:i, for hiH lender itpirit had an intuition of the 

Hc.ik ami h'riil'li* lom-linotH la wlitc-ti tliw nmii hni\ Mi- 

AVlK-it llx-y lind gone, Ktluin Ttntiul ml \hHvnmg to 
tlic cr:i<*1(Iiu^ of tlic kmilloil wood, niid loolciiig nt tlu> 
little gpirln of liiv tliat UkikhI ttiroii<;h llio cliliikit of 
tlie ilouc The^ trifles, liowovcr, onco so f.-imiliar, had 
liiit tlip uliglih'rf lioM of liin Jtttcntion, ivliile drop willi- 
in hU in'md !ic was resicwing the gr.iilunl but luarirel- 
loiiB change that had bc<cii wroiiglit ii)m>ii liiin \>y tho 
Jk-an-h t<i wliicli In> Ind (It-votttt himself. He iviitein- 
heretl lion* tJte uigbt den' bnd fnllon upon liiin, — liovr 
Uio dark forest bad wbi»i>«>i-«l to Iiiin, — bow tlie stan 
Iwd glcnme*] upon bim, — a iiiiplo and loving man, 
v.iti'bing Ids fire in tb* yoarK gone liy, ami evi-r tnus> 
ing as it biirm**!. Ho rementbcred willi what tonrler- 
ness, with what love nnd B\in]>athy for mankind, and 
wUat pity for bnniait ;;iu1t ami ni>i-, be bnil fir^t iN'guu 
to contemplate those uhas which nfternarda became 
thv iu^p^^ltion of his life ; with wbiit n'Wn-nw Iw bad 
then looked into the heart of man, vievinng it ns B 
tirinplc origimdly divine, and, hovrvvor desecRitetl, still 
to be held eacred by a brodier ; with wli^it Mwful fcnr 
he had depreoittvd t)i« success of bis pnmiit, aud 
prayed that tlie Unpai'donabh' Sin might novor be ro- 
vealcd to him. Titcn cusncil that vast iiitelleotoal do- 
vclnpmcnt, wliieh, in its pi-ogrestt, di^ttlrllO(l (lie coun- 
terpoise betkvevn bis mind and lieart. Hie Idea that 
pwocfttml birt life Itad o|>cr:tt(^^1 as n nw-ans of nbica- 
tion ; it gone on otdtivating hU pow-civ to t)io 
higliOHt |wintof ivbtch they were sa<ic«ptil>le ; it bad 
^raiwil bini from tlie level of nit iinK-lti'ml lidHiivr lo 
ad on a star-lit eminence, whitbcr the philoanpliers 
of Uie cai-tb, lulcn witli tho lore of uuivcr-itii's. itiight 
Tikinly strivo to danibcr after him. So nint-h for the 

hTtl.lX ltn.\WD. 


Inlcllfot! n«t wln!i* WM Iho hi*:irt? Tlmt, inrlned, 
liud willieif<l, -Ii-.jil cuiili-iK-tnl, — 1i:ul lm-iIei)L>d, — ■ 
luiil imtUIiciI ! It Ii:ul ix-iLiMl tt> ])iirt:ikc nf thuiint\x-r- 
B:tt tliivb. IIu Ii:iil litst his liolil ui (he ni»tpic(ic cliain 
u( l)iiiii:iiiit}'. flu was n<> l<nig(?i- a bi-otlKT-iiiruJ, opi-n- 
\n^ tlio <'li:i I libel's or the ilimj^vuits of our oniiuiiou iui> 
tint' Uy llii* !(cy of holy syiiiiKithy, vfliich gave liltn a 
riylit to sliiirw in all its wcrets ; ho wits now a t-old ob- 
HurvcT, Iiioluii^ oil iMitiiUimI lu tliu Hiil)j<tct of his cx- 
jHTiiiiint, iind, at leuj^h, converting man and woman 
to bu liU inii>i)ctw, and ]>idling tlio wints tluit ino\'e<l 
thctii to Biich degfcci of cruiie aa were dcniaiKlctl for 
his study. 

Thus Kllian IJnind" K-oame a fiend. lie began to 
1>o m fi-oin t]iu moment tliiit Init niuml nutiii-u hod 
ct'ased to keep the poco of iinprovcmcitt with liJa in- 
telkft. And now. ii« iiifi biglivst fffort <ind tneviUible 
de'\elopniont, — .is the blight and goi;gcoii» flower, 
and ricb. dclicioiia fiiiU of hts life's laWr, — be 1ia«I 
prodncud tlie Unpardonable Sin ! 

*' Wluit more have I to Beck ? what more to 
achieve?" said Elliiui Briiiul to liiinsolf. "My task 
U done, and well done ! " 

St.-»rling from tho log witJi a certain aLwrity in his 
gait and ascending tlie hillock of earth that was raised 
agnin&t the stone cironmference of (he litno-Uiln, ho 
tliiu rfnclied tJic top of the ttlnictiirc. It was a space 
of jwrhaps ten feet across, from iilge to edge, present- 
ing a view of the upiK-r .surface of the immenso mass 
of broken marble until wbieli the kiln was heaped. 
All these iiminnerablt; bbtrks and fragiiionts of marble 
wore red-hot and vi\'i<lly on Hiv, sending up great 
«|M>iit« of bhio tl.inif, wliieli tpiivi-red aloft and diUK'ed 
madly, as wilhia a magic ciivle, ami eonk mtil i-oso 

RTlUy BltAXD. 

Again, with ponlimwl nml tniillitiKHmxis nrtlvity. 
tte loiiHy man Ix-nt forwunl «vit lliU iL-rrililu }>«^y- 
of lire, the hUi«iting lu-nt smotti h|) ngaiiist liis pcnwa 
with a breath it might W *iij>j>€)KfiI, would bavo 
Bcorclicd and shriroltul biiii u|) In A iituraptiL 

EUtnn Bmii<l Htowl crvft, niul rnixcd bia arms on 
high. Tlic blTie rtiimcs playw) tijioii his face, nnJ itn- 
IKirKnl the wild .iiitl y)i;i>tly li<;ht which alono could 
hare suited ita expression ; it n-as lltat of a ficiid oa 
tltc %Trgo of plunging iato h'u gulf of lotcnsest tor-M 
ment. W 

*■ O Mother Karlh," oricd he» " who art no more 
my Miilher, nnd into whoflc IMS')!!! tliix fn-f Khnll 
n{'\trr Iw rcsohxil ! O tiiniihiiul, whoso hrolheihood I 
have ca»t off. nntl tr:tnipliNt tliy givnt heart beaeathS 
my feot I O slara of Ix-aven, that ahone on me of oM, 
as if to light mo omvnni and upward! — fiir«well all, 
aiul forever. Come, deadly element of Fire, — •Ibcnc<y 
forth my familiar friend! Embrace me, as I do 

That night tho sound of a fearful peal of laughter 
r»1h-d iM-avily through ihv gilrv)) of tlic liine-btiiTicr 
and his little son; dim shapes of horror and anguish 
haunted their drrama, an<) seemed still pn\«cnt in the 
nide hovel, wben they opened their eyes to the day>^ 
light. I 

" Up, Viy, up ! " eried the lime-humer, staring about 
bini. "Tlumk Uoavcn, the niglit is gone, at but; and 
rathor than pass sikIi another. I vronld n-atch my limo- 
Iciln, wide awalte, for a twi-Ivemonth. I1iis Ethanfl 
Brand, Mith his hunilmg i>f an ITuimnh-nable Sin, has 
done me no sm-h ntighty famr, in talcing nty plac«l" 

lie isMuil from ibt! hut, fnIlnWi-d by little Joe, who 
kept fast ttoM of hi» fiitber's hand. Tito <.>ni-ly sun* , 



shine wnA xlrefuly pniiring iU goM npon ths BIOBIltMiD- 
tops. an<t tbougb the raUej-v weru still in bJuxIdw, tbejr 
awUod eb««rfull}' in tlu- )>n>iniM' of thai bright ilny that 
wu hawteniiig onn-nnl. Thi- village, oHnpletdy abut 
in by hUl», which awelled away gcnlly about it, Inolcvd 
as if it had rested [wa»-f idly in tJii- lioUow of the great 
hitml gf Providcuor. Everj- dwrlling vraa dtstinrtly 
rtrible ; the little spirea of thu two chan-hvs point«d 
upwitnU, and uitighl n fon^glimuietiuK of brightuou 
frout the sun-gilt skies upon thuir gilded weather- 
nock*. Tlie uvsm waa aalir, and the figure of the 
ohl. smnke-dried sta^je-agent, ci[^r in mouth, was swa 
bencntfa the Htoo]!. Ohl GrayWk was f^orLli«d with 
a golden cloud upon his hi-od. Svaltvred likewise 
owr the hroAstM of the surrounding motuitnitw, thciv 
mm heaps of Iwary mint, in funtastie s]iii|>vti. bodw of 
them far down into lii4> valley, othera high up towanla 
the ntmniils. and still olhvra, of the muih^ fiuiiily of 
mitt or cloud, boverbg iu the goh) radiance of the 
UpjuT nttiui«pl)un.'. SU'i'ping flMtu otii- to unollHT of 
tile c'luuds that rested on (he hills. :ind then(.-e to ths 
loftier brotberilood that aaikil in air, it RoeinHl almost 
as if a mortal nmn tni'^ht thus asi.'end into (lie heav- 
rnly rvgioas. Karth wuit lu minglud with sky tliat it 
was a day-tlream to look at it. 

1\> Niip]>ly that chnnn of th» familiar and lioiitt-ly, 
whieb Nature m readily adu|>t£ into a scene like tliia, 
tha ataga^xiaeh wah niltling down tho mountnin-road, 
and the driver )>oittidHl hia bont, while Echo caught 
ap llw- notes, and int«-Hwtm>) thrni into a, rich and 
rarie<l and elalwrale hanuouy, of whieh tlie original 
prrformer could liiy eJnini to littl^-: tduire. The gi>-»t 
htUa played a ooneert among themselves, each eouuib- 
' titit^ a strain of airy swectnisM. 

rou m. H 



Littlo Joc'a face brigbtoned at once. 

" Dear fittlHT," criiHl be, i>ki{i|)itij; rhocrily to aad 
fro, " thut vtmnge ninii u gone, antl tb« sVj ati«l llw ' 
muitiitiiiiiH nil wt'tu ^\m\ uf !t \ " 

" Yes." growled the lime- burner, witb aa oalh, " but 
h« Iwt let th« flrv ]^ down, imd no tbotilu to Itim if 
five bundred buslteU of llino Hre not spoiled. If I 
catvb tbe fellow bervalmulA agaia, I tdiall foci likt 
to»ing biui into tliv> furuiu'c! " 

With bU loDg pole in bis band, be aflc«iided to tha ; 
top of tbe lulu. AfU;r a moment's pause, b» aShi to 
his Boii. 

" Come up Ik'K', Joo '. " »aid lie 

So Utile Joe i-an up the hillock, and ttood by his 
father's udd. Th« marble was all burnt into perfieot, 
HRow-whit» lime. But on m surfans in the midst of 
tbe ciwie, — anow-wbite too, and tborougbly poa verted 
into lini«, — lay a human itkeleton, in th(> iittit^ule of a 
person who, after long toil, lies down to long repoaei. 
WiUiiii the ribs — strange to«ay — was the ithape of 
a hutnan heart. 

"Was tlie fvllow's lionrt iniute of marhlo?" eriad 
Bartram, in some perplexity at this phenotnenon. 
**At any rat«, it is burnt into wiiat lookn like opecial 
good lime; and, taking all tbi' bonus togvther, my 
kiln U half a buAhol tbe rii-l>er for Iiiiii." 

So saying, the rude lime-burner liftwl his pole, and. 
letting it f:dl upon tlie skeleton, tbe relics of Ethan 
Brand went ei-uiubltxl iuto frugmuota. 

RkarXEK to our nvighbor with the iron 
While I Hit mtisiiig over my slieii>t of fooUvap, In em- 
philiwdly UilLt the hour, in tones lood eoough for all 
tbe town to hear, though douI>il«aa intanded ooljr u a 
gentle hint to mywelf, that I may begin his hiogmphy 
before tba evening shall be furthf-r wuaUkL lliii^ue»> 
tiouablj- a personage in such an elevated position, and 
making so great a nmae in the world, liaa a fair claim 
to the services of a biographer. He is the reprenenta- 
tive and most UliwIruiuM im-mWr of that inuiuoenible 
daas, wbo«e characteristic feature is tJie tongue, and 
whose sole busincM, ut ctiiniur fur tlur public good. 
MDj of his noisy brethren, in our tongue-guvcnieal di 
iiMMwaoy, be enviotis of the au]wriortty which I liave 
aangned faim, they haire my free consent U> lumg tlieio- 
■civet as high m he. And. for his history, let not IIm 
raader apprehend an empty rcputition of ding-dong- 
bell. Ue has teen the passive beru of wonJeiful t>j 
danitudes, with whi<-li I haw cluuiM^i to bei-otne 
qnamted. posaibly from his own month ; while tli 
eardess nuUitwle >uppiMed him (o be talking mere! 
of the titiw of day, or calling tliem to dinnvr or to 
obttrdi. or bi^bliug dromsy jieoide go bedward, or the 
dead to their graves. Many a rOTolation ha* it Um 
hia fate to go tltrongb, and invariably with a prtxlig- 
ion« uproar. Ami whether or no he have (old me his 
Teminiscences, this at least is true, that tliv more I 
Btuily hi.i devp-tonitd language, the mote sense, and 
sentiment., and soul, do 1 disoover in iL 


Tbu bcU — f«r We may il> wi-ll tln>p <>»r quaint 
Kmiflciatioi) — is o{ antique Ftvnrh iinuiiifiuitnv, 
tlw Kymbol of llic ctohi Iwtolcena tLut it wa» oivaiit to 
be siiB)>cniUtl in tlio bolfry of » Itnini.'tli )iUo» of vrot^ 
ship. Ttiv old people hereabout tuiw u traditioa, Unl 
a considcralilc port of thii nu-tnl wati supplied bjr » 
braaa oaonon. captured in one of tho Tialories of Lows 
tlie Fourti.fiitli over till' SpiuiiiiniA, and tliat • BourtMn 
priooeee threw her golden vnHuflx into the motteo nan. 
It Ih iinid, likuwiMt, tliut a bi>tliu)i baptised and biwed 
the W'll, »n(l prayml that a heuvenly ioflnonos nug^ 
mingle witb its tonen. When all due oeremooiea bad 
liecn performed, the Unuid Mimarquo beatowed tht 
gift — than wbieb none eould resound bis betuficeooa 
moro loudly — on tbe Jwuita, who wriv tlirn ounvect- 
in^ t]>e American Indiana to tJie spiritual domiDion of 
tlio I*o{H). So the bt'lL — iiiir M'Jfmuue Udl, wboN*^' fa- 
miliar voi(M> we may bear at all boiirfl. in the streietK. — 
tliiii very bell !«eut forth itt> lirst-bom au'wntA fniin iIm 
towvr of a log-built vhnpcl, westwanl of Lake Cha afc- j 
plain, and near the niiglity stream of Ihi' St. Lawraa^^l 
It was valkNl Our Lduly's Chapel of the Forest. lliP 
peal went forth as if to rvdi^m and oonaecrattf the 
hcnthen wil<)om4>». Tho wolf ^^rowled at the souuil, 
a:> Ik prowletl stealthily thnnigh the underbru&h ; the 
grim )>(«r turned his bw-k. and Htolkod miUeoly away : 
tile startled doe leapeil up, and let! her fawn into a 
de«|MT »olitudi.'. The n-d nii-n wondi'ix'd what atrfnl 
voiec was speaking amid tlie wind that mnred tbrangfa 
tln'triif-tn]»i; ami. following reverentially itn «uinmuna, 
the <lark-robed fathers blessed tlwm as they drew near 
the crom^Townnd clmpel. In a littlit time, liven waa 
a cnn-ifix on r-very dusky bosoin. The Indians knelt 
beneath the lowly roof, worabippiog in the nine fonni 

A sews aiOQHAPHY. 


tliat were obserred uoder tbe vast done of St. Petar'vJ 
vb«D th« Pop« pn{on»(<<(l bigli mass in ihe prcMitcAi 
of kneeting prbcwA. All tlw iviijfiotts fostivals. that 
svrnko iIm.' cJiimiit^ WUs of lofty mtbedrals, called 
forth a peal from Ottr Lsuly'it Cluipvl of the FoKaU 
Luiuiljr nmg the liell of the wiltlemees while thai 
strveta uf Pariti i^'IumnI witli i>'joi(-ings for tlw birtb- 
daj of tlte Botirlxm, or whenever France had tii^ 
nrnphad OD aoino Europeiui l<altW-6<.'lrl. And thai 
•otano woods were saddened with a melaooholy kuell(j 
M ofl«n a* tlie- thick-ittrewD leavu wom inmpt nway] 
fiTiin the virgin luiil, for the bariul of an Indiao ehiel, 
Mnuittmv, the IwIIh of u Itostilo |wuplt< luid a boetill 
faith were t'lapsiii on Sabhaths and leL-tore-daya, 
Boston and otber Puritan towniw Their eclioes died 
away buiidn<cU of \n\\f* MUithcastwanl of Our Lady'gj 
Chapel. But M-ont« luu) tbrouded the palldL'ss do 
that lay belwe<ti, itwl. from IxOiiml the hug« trve> 
Inmks, ]N>rcetvod ih*! ladianti assi-tiibling at the sunt- 
mons oi tile bell. Svnie bore Haxeii-haiied soalju aftl 
tbMF ^rdle«i as if to lay tlHKw- bloody tropliies on Our 
Lady'H altar. It was reported, and bt?lie%~etl, all 
thronfjh New Knghuitl. tluit th« Po[ie of Konie, and 
the Kitii; of Fiance, had established this tittle el 
in tho forest, for the ))urpof« of atirring up the redl 
men to a orusade against the English eettlers. Tfa« 
UtUT liK>k Mier^-lic iitivuurvs to Mctm tlieir : 
and tlteir lives. 0» tlie eve of an Mpecin) Cast of tba^ 
Rooiiidi Chiireh, whilt- die Im-II lolled rliiunally, and the 
priests were ehanting a doleful Mavc, a band of New 
England tangm nLihe<l from the niiroundhig wikmI^ 
Fisroe sbontft, and the re|Hirt of musketry. p«aled mid- 
deuty within the eliapel. The ministering prtestaj 
throw tbemselvcH bufoni the altar, and were slain ev 



on its nlf\ui. If, as antique tnditiotis t«II ub, i 
will RTow vfhcro the lilood of martyrs hM b© 
tltcre should be s bsrren spot, to thu verj day, on tbo 
site of that dfJtccralMl altar. 

Whili? the lilowl wa» :'Ull pliuihing fnun step to sttrp, 
the lender of the rangers seu«l a toTch, and applied 
it to tJx! dmixity of the sJirine. Tho flamp and rniokt 
arose, as from a hurut'Siu.-i-ificL>, at onn- Ulotninating 
and nluiciiriiig the whoI« interior of thp c-ltnp*r]. — now 
hiding the dvad pripsts in a sabU shroud, now reveal* 
ing iWm and their eiayent in oav t«rrific glan*. Some 
already wishvil that thu altur-smokc could cover the 
deed from the sight of Heaven. But one of the ma- 
gors — n man of Hani'tiliiil aKjK'Ct, thwtgli his haods 
were bloody — approached the captain. fl 

"Sir," Kaid he-, "nur viUagu oiM-tinf^-houso lacks V 
bell, and hitherto we have been fain to summon tlte 
good people to worship by bc«t of drum. Give nie, I 
pray you, the hell of this popish cliapi-l, for the aako 
of the godly Mr. Bogen, wl»o doubtlcM hath n-nu-m- 
bered us in the prayers of the conprepition ever since 
we began our marcli. Who ciui tirll wlukl ftliarv of thii 
night's good success wc owe to that holy man's wres^ 
ling with tlio Lord?" 

" Nay, tlicn," answered the ca|>t«in, ** if good Mr. 
Kogers liath bolpen our enterprise, it ia right that lie 
should Hlinrv iho itpoW. Taki" lh»' bell luid vidcniiKi, 
Deu<^'un Lawsou, if you will be at the trouble of car- 
rying it borne. Hitherto it liath »)]Mikeu nothing but 
|iit|)iKlry. and that loo in the French or Indian gibber. 
IaIi ; but I uarmiit me, if Mr. Kogon eooaecTate it 
anew, it will talk like a good English and Prote&tsnt 

Ho l>vuoua LawwMi ami half a score of hi» toWMfr 




took down the bcU, msjK-ndwl it <m b pole, aad 
it away on tbeir sturdy Bbattld«K, meaning to 
carry it tu tl>e sltorv of l>»kv CbauipUin, iitid thence 
huoicward by water. Far t)irougb tbe wooda gleamed 
the flames of Our Ltuly'n Chupel, flinging fantastic 
dudowa from the oloatered foliage, and glancing on 
brooks that bad never caught tlio sunlight. As the 
nuigun tra^vrMed the midnight forest, staggering uu- 
di-r their heavy bunlrn, the tunguw of the Ix-ll gave 
many a tremendous stroke, — dang, clang, clang 1 — 
a matt doleful sotind. ax if it wvrc tolling for the 
■butter of llie prieata and the ruin of tlw- chajH-l. 
little drfatnnl Deacon Lawson an<l his townsinen that 
it waa their own funeral kuelL A war -party of In- 
dians bail heanT the report of Riuokvtry. and sven the 
UaMS of tlw! t.'bii)>i'J, and uow were nti tli<^ tmirk of the 
rangers, sutnuonvd to vengeance by the bell's distnal 
marmunt. In tbe ndiUt of a <lrcp awaiop. tbtty tnade 
a sudden onset on tin.' n-tn-ating foe. GmkI Deacon 
Lawson battled stoutly, but luwl his skull clovvn by a 
tomahawk, aD<l sank into the deptlis of tlie morttSS, 
witli tlie pomtftoua bell above hiui. And, for many a 
y«ar thotvafter. our hero's voice w:m heard no more 
OB earth, netlher at the boar (^ worship, nor at festi* 
vals nor funerals. 

And is he still burie<l in that unknown grave? 
Scarwly so, tU^ar rf^h-r. HnHc ! I^low plainly we 
bear liim at this inouieot. llie spokesman of Time, pro- 
flaiming that it i» tiin*; o't-hiclc at nighl ! Wo may 
tberefore safely conclude that some happy chance has 
NMoced liini to up^ter air. 

But there lay the bell, for many silent years ; and 
the wander is that hi; did not li<> Kilenl thi-ri' a d^itury, 
or petb^ a ioxea oeoturies, till the world should 

o. wo 
logi Uirough a iwain]). Pluiijp 
of thue )>ionters fi-lt il g 
smooth tiubstan<>i-. lie <»U(<<1 h 
tlivir nnit<ii vffurt*, Hw tuji of Ul 
the surface, a rope made fast to 
over thti huHzontal Utub of a 
they hoisted their prize, tlrippi: 
fc!iti>oii04l with vftxlaut wat«'r-i: 
the bell emerged from the swam 
n^irmi that a itkvleliMi wa» cliiigi 
gi'rs to tlie clapper, but imn)i->i)iHt< 
luM gnuip, MUik Imt-k iat<> tlti^ 
bell th(-ii gave furth a suUen clai 
he wa6 in haMw t4> HiMNik, nftiT ha 
moh a length of lime! The pim 
to iui<l fro, thuM rin^iiK ii louil as 
echoed wiiU-ly throii;^h the foi\«t, 
of Ooluwl Kr»tli>ti\-i-u am) hi» I 
The soldiera pnust'il on their man 
ion, mingli>4l wiili ItodiMtiiilumM 
rude heartt ; ciu-h 




lerjr over ^ rougli wiMern«as-path. and the meb»- 
rhnlr roiir of th« wind uoong the iHitiglu ? 

The New-EngluideTS hid thpir pruo in a iihadowy 
nook, brtwixt a largv gray aUme antl the earthy roots 
cif an oTerthrown tn-«; and when the eatnpnigit was 
mdMl, tlwy ('on\-eyed otir friend to Boston, siid |)iit 
him up at auction on the kitlt-wnlk of King Stn-et. 
Hr waN HUN|H>»ded, for the nonc«, by a block and 
tackle, and, being swung bnckwitM) and fnrvmrd, gave 
«tK-h kiiul and olear t^atimony to bis own merits that 
tfa« ani-tioneer had do nred to Miy a vrord. 11m' high- 
Kit biiliUrr waa a rich old representative from oar 
town, wlio piously N^tnwvd lite WW oti the m<fttnf^ 
honae where he bad been a wonihipper for lialf a ven- 
tory. Th'.- good man Iiad hit rcvMd. By a sMngs 
coiticid«iiocs thn very first AvAx of the aextoo, after 
tbe bell had been hoisted into the Iwlfry, wax to toll 
thi' funeral knell of the donor. Soon, however, tliose 
doleful ecltoM wen; drowntd by a triumphant iM.>al for 
tbe Bartender of Qaebec 

Ever sinee tliat perin?, our hern baa omtipiud the 
mine rlmted station, and ha« put in his word on all 
mattets of public importance, civil, military, or relij^ 
tona. On tJw day when Indcpt-ndcmi- was first pro- 
daimeil in lite fllrevt beneath. h<- iil1fre<I a jittnl u'bi<:h 
many deemed ominous and fearful. nUher than tri< 
ompbant But he has tol<I tli« name story theMe itixty 
jmun. and none mipttake hw meaning now. When 
Washington, in the fulness of hia glory, rode through 
our fluwi>r - Htrcwn Ktrrets, thin was tin- tongue that 
bade the Fatlter of his Country weteome I Again the 
aanw VMce was beard. wbcJi Lafayette came to gather 
bi hn half-oentnry's harvest of gratitude. Meantime, 
nst changes bavR bven going on below. Ht« voioa. 



which once floabnl ovor a liltlo pnxinneul Msport, u 
now n'-wrberat<»l between brick edifices, and strUtn 
tbe onr itiiiid Uic biizz ftiu) tumult of a city. On tha 
Subbaths of olden time, tlx? mmmona of the bcU tns 
obi^ycd by n |>k-turv»i|iHi and varitKl throng; stately 
gentlemen in purplu vt-Ki-t cools, embroidcnd wwrt- 
tuxxUi, while wifpt, and gitld-laocd hata, Mapping with 
gravo oourtesy bvsidu htdit-s in flowviwl Mtin gowni, 
and Ii(>ii|)-pt.-tticoutd of majestio circuuifen^tkce ; wbila 
behind followed a liti-ritil nbivv or bundninao. booHtig 
Uie psalm-book, and a Btove Cor bis mtstreas'a fe«t. 
The ounitnonidiy. c-liid iii )i»midy garh, gRve pnor 
doDoe to their botlent itt the dour of Uie nteettog^UMue, 
as if lubititting that there were clL-itinction:t bctwcon 
them, oven in tbc sif^ht of Oud. Wt, us tlieir oofflna 
weiv boniij! umi nfli-r another thr>iu),'b llie BtrceU tlia 
bell has tolled atvt|iuvin furnJl olikv. Whnt mnttfred 
it whethvr or no there were a ftilrer scutcheon on tfaa 
cofBn-lid? "Open thy iHiwm, Mother Kiirth:" Thai 
8)iake the belL *' Another of thy children a cwtning 
to biit long K*t. T«lu> bini to thy IxMoni, and let him 
alumbcr in peace." Thus spake the bell, and Mother 
Eartl) TOCciwd her child. With tlw scU-mdic lonaa 
will the present (feneration be ushered to the etnbnwM 
of their mother : and Motlier ICanh will »till Tfccin 
Iht chil<lrcn. Is not thy tongue a-weary, mournful 
talker of two centtu-ies 7 O funeral boll ! wilt tliou 
never be KhiUter«d with Uiine own niclandtoly strokes? 
Yea, and a trumpBt'4:«II shall arouse the sleepers wbun 
thy heavy olang could awake no more ' 

Again — a^n thy voice, reminding me that I am 
mating the " midnight oiL*' In my brnt-ly fanta.«y, I 
can scarce believe that otlter mortals have oaoght tha 
•ound, or that it vibratea elsewhere than in my aecnft 



W hmL But to nmny hiut thon spoken. Anxiotm ni>>a 
K have beard tlMt- uu tbeir ftleeplen pillows, uui )>e- 
thoof^t themsclvea anew of to-morrow's care. In a 
\fT\rt tntcrvid of wakefulneHo, Ui« *aa* of toil luv* 
lieard thee, and aaj, " Is so mooh of our quiet sltmv 
bvripcait? — is the moming none&rat luuul?" Cruns 
baa baud tbMi and uiulh-ni, " Now U i1h> vvrjr bonr \ " 
Deepair answen tbee, "Thos much of this w«anr life 
is gone 1 " TIm' vming mnlluT, on Im^f UxI of pain and 
«G8ta^, has counted thjr M-boing etrokes, and datM 
(rooi tbcm Iht ttrnt-lwrn'fl Hlutn< of lif<p untl inininrtU- 
ity. The bridegroom and the bride have Usleaed, and 
feel that their night of raiitiin* fliln liko a dream awRj>. 
Thine accents have fallen faintly on the ear of the dy- 
ing man. an<l warned him that, erv thou speakest again, 
bis spirit tJiall have paaai'd whither no voitv of timo 
em ever reach. Alaa for the departing traveUer, if 
thy voiw — th^ voinc of floetiag time — bare taught 
him no lessooB for EtenuQ' ! 

On a bright stumneT cTenin 
among the ahrublM^ty of a ganl 
a yoaag girl who Mit in llii.^ wiai 
ing mansion. On« of these unsei 
nuin, wa.4 youUiful, and had ua 
and r«lin«meot, nod a ituse u 
though utlwrwuc of unpn-ixwM-w 
tuivs wore ev^o an nniinous. tbo 
fill t>x|>ri-^ii)n, whiKi he jxiintod 
tiw girl, and seemed to regard I 
pleU-ly within tlu* »enpe of h!f« infl 

" Tlte L-hann tvorka t " aaid 
phatic whtRper. 

" Do you know. Edward Hami 
chooM to tic namwl, — do joa 1 
heaide him, " that I have ahnort i 
spt^D at onoe ? Wliat if the !«« 
severe 1 True, if my ward eotdil 
of her fantastic nonseaae, »he mi 
it through lifv. But then. kIic is 
tnro I And, Ijesides, are you tn 
^tiniifso ) ..:..-. 1^ t—ji^^i^ 


sTLPn nrnERBOE. 

thp deep fnuDc* nf Um> window, was n pcrfwt picturn j 
or, rutliiT, it WM like the original IowIukot in a 
paintCT'a faitry. tnHii wliicJi tbo ntwt Sniabed pietau* 
IB hut 8n iiuperfwt <»py. Thoii;;)i lipr oocapatiOD ex- 
cibxl i»o murh int^mtt in Um' tvio fipeoteton, sbe vtm 
merely g«zii^ at % miniatare which iibe bM in bar 
band. vnoMDtl in wbito ■atin and rad nwrocoo ; nor 
did tfae?e ai>pear to be anj otber canae for th« aml» 
[td nunlMiy and tnalk« with which llamiltoa rv^&nlud 

•• TTw" ehano work* ! " muttered he. ajjain. •* Oor 
prrtty Sjtvia's acorn will have a dvar retribution I " 

At thia momient the girl raiiuxl her eye*, and. instead 
of a lif«-lUio wmbbuicc of tin- iuiuiiUur«, beheld the 111- 
ooM-ncd shape of Edward Hamilton, who now stepped 
fortli from hia OQiiG«altnent in tlu- KbriiblH^r>'. 

Sylvia Ethercge waa an orphan girl, win) had speot 
b*r life, till within a few nioatha powt, under the guar- 
dianship, and in the sM-lwied dw-elling. of an old 
bacbulor nncb-. While yet in her vnuU<\ idic had been 
the destined bride of a ounein, who waa no less passive 
m tlw brtntliai than henwif. Tbcir future union had 
been projeeted, as the means of uniting two ri<-h (M' 
talca, and was rendered highly expedient, if not in- 
dupensabte, by the teBtamenlary diHjyMitionit of tho 
pwmta on liutli Md«i». Edgar Vaughan, the promised 
bridsgroom, had been bred from infancy in Europe, 
and had asv«r aem tlie bcnntiftil giH whose heart be 
waa to claim aa his inheritance. But already, for sev- 
era] years, a oorrCTtponcivwi.* luu) Iwn kept up lietwe«i 
the consina. and had produeod an intellectual intimacy, 
though it could but tuipvrfcctly aojiuiint ti>oin wtlfa 
Mch other's eharactor. 

Sylvia was shy, sensitive, and fanciful ; and her 



guardiiin's ewltxlitl hnbiu \mA Axni hc^r ottt from 
Ml lutuJi iif tiwi world as U gvuerally f*pvn to utauloM 
of hvr ugc Slw lud been left to aeak uwoinatM ud 
(rieoda for heraelf in U>e haunta of imaginatioii, um] 
to colli wj^ie with them, aometintea in tlw languagt dI 
dead poeto, oftvnvr in the prntry of her own tuind. 
The rampanion whom she chiefly auniiiuineil up ¥rai 
the coasin witli vrhmut \<\va Imt rarlii'Mt tlioiiKbta bad 
been connected. She made a nsion of Edgmr Vw^han, 
and tintdl it witli strongt^r bucH tluin n men- faai7- 
ptcture. yet graced it with so numj bright anil delicatii 
porfi-ctoonB, tliat Iht couun oould ikiwIm-iv huw ««■ 
countered so dangerooa a rivaL To Uiie sliaduw alu 
uherishod a roDuintJc tiileliQ-. Witli it« airy preaenM 
Btttiag by her side, or gliding along her favorito patba, 
thu loni-lint^'ss of lior young lifo wa« blissful -. ber heart 
was satjstied with love, whik- yet itH virgin ptiiity wu 
untainted by the earthliness that the touch of a real 
lover would have left tlierc. Edgar Vaoghan aeeoud 
to be couaeious of her charaeter : for, in hia letton, bfl 
gava bur a itamo that was happily appropriate to tba 
•enatdTeneiiB of ber di.4]Ni!titi»n, tltc diJtoate [lecnliarity 
of her manners, and the ethereal l>eauty both of bcT 
miiiil and iicnuin. Innnid of Sylvia, bii calli^I bar 
Sylph. — with tbe prerogattre of a cousin and « '. 
— bis dpar Syli>h Ether^. 

When Sylvia was seventeen, her gnardian died, 
she fuuwd und*T tht^ fjuv of Mni. Grosveoor. a btdy 
of wealth and fashion, and Sylria's nearest ivlatiTa, 
though a iliftant one. Wbili' an innuite of Mn. Gnia- 
vi'iiiir'ii fittuily, hIiv olill prvM-rvi-d somcwbat at h«i 
life-long habits of seelnaion, and shrank from a too 
familiar iutfrcnur^- with thow^ arouinl Iii-r. Still, toOi 
dw was faithful to her cousin, or to tbe sbai 
bore his name. 




Ths tiiM nnw ilivw cu>ar wWn Kdgar Van^baa. 
whose edimtioD hitd b^cn t^xmplnhxl by an extensin 
nnge of travel, yna to rerisit the 0OU of his nativitj. 
Edward Haaailton, a yonng g«Dtl«Bian wlio had beoi 
Vangfaaa'a eonpaaion, both in faiB studii'ri iinil nu»> 
Uea, had already racnMaed the Atlantu', brmginf; let- 
ters to t&n. (Jruavenor aad Sylvia Ethere^e. These 
oted^'tiUala in«un,-(l bim an canMsit wvlraiue, wfaU-Ji, 
howevBT, 00 Sylria's part, was ooC followed by per- 
Booal partiality, or t^vrai tbc nigjinl that Ntmnd <)iic 
to h«r Mnisin's most iutiiuat« fritMiii. As sh« burself 
ooutd have aaaigned no cauae far httr n>ptignaoae, tt 
int;;ht be tenned inatiiMtive. lianulbNi's person, it is 
tnte. wa» Um^ TV.vnnti of attractive, cqneially wiira be- 
held for tbe first time. Vet, in the eyes of the most 
faatidiMiuit jnd^'«, the defix^ uf imtiintl grace waa (wiik> 
prmnihiil by the poli^ of his mannors, and by the 
tatdlaet wbii-b «• often glitamed tlimugb liia dark fe^ 
tans. Mrs. CtrMvenor, with wh»in be inuoediately 
becaoM a prodigious favorite, exertt^d herself to oveiv 
same Sylvia'ii dislikf. Kut. in tliio inattf^r. Iter ward 
aaald noitber be reasoned with nor persuaded. Tbe 
pwacnee of Edward Hiimiltao wan miro to n^er bur 
ooU, aby. and distant, abstisctiiiK all the vivacity- from 
ber deportment, as if a cloud bad eume betwixt her 
and the aumihiue. 

Tbe siinplicity of Sylvia's tlemeanor rendered it easy 
lor ao keoa an observer as llamiltoa to dct^Kt Iht fM-i- 
n^B. Whenever any tdigbt ein-umstance tnade him 
•curible of them, a smile mi^ht be im^d to fiit over th« 
yo\at^ man's Kallnvr visage. None, tliat had onu- txv 
hrld this smibs were in any danger of for^^tting it; 
wbanavvr tlu-y rf^-allk-d to tuejoory the fi-alure^ i>f Ed- 
ward Baoiilton. they wi;n- alwaya duxktly tUiuuiiuUed 
by thia ifxpression of mockery and malice. 



oi his 



In K fow wc«)cH nft^r HHiuiltouV nrrivil, Im 
•enLed to Sylvia Ediertjge a DiinUture of 
whivh, a» he iiifonniKl her, would havu Imwd doliv* 
end aooner, but waa detaiDed with » portion of his 
baggage- Thia was the miiiiatoro in the vontcin^ 
tion of which we beheld Sylvia so absorbed, at 
coiuim'iic«jn«tit of oiir story. Such, in tmlh. 
oftoD the habit of tbe ahj and niuaiiig ^rL 
beau^ of the pictured cauntenanoe was ulmoM loo 
perfect to ntprcsunt a human creature, that had beoi 
born of a fallen and world-worn race, and had Ijvid 
to manhood amid ordinary troubles and eujoyinenta, 
and must become wrinkled with age and varv. It 
seemed too brifjht for a thinf* formed of dust, and 
doomed to onunhle into diuit again. Sylvia fi-ared 
that such a beinff would be too retined and deliuaU 
to love a aimptu girl like her. Yet, even while bar 
spirit droopod with that apprehension, the picture wai 
but the nuiRouline counterpart of Sylph Kthtirt^'s 
sylph-like beau^. There was that rvacmblaiico be- 
tween her own face and the miniature which in aaJd 
often to exist between lovers whom Huavca haa dea- 
tined for each other, and which, in this inat*™-^ 
might be owing to tlw^ kitKlnnl liliKid of the two |MLr> 
ties. Sylvia felt, indeed, that them was something 
fiuitiliar in the oonntenanee, so like a friend did tha 
eyes sniilo upon her, and seem to itu])ly a knowledge 
of her thougliti She could aocoont for this impre^ 
sion only by supposing that, in loiue of hercUy-dn-ama, 
imagination had conjured up the trao similitade of her 
distant find unxet^n lover. 

But now ooold Sylvia give a brif;hter semblanoe of 
reality to those day-dreams. Clasping th<; uiimature to 
bar haaita aba oould vonunou forth- {rom that 



cell of pun ud liliwlul fanUaJea, the Itfo-Uke sludow, 
to roam wiUi her in the moonlight garden. Even at 
aoantide it nt with her in the arbor, when the mo* 
ahine threw tt» bruki-n flakm of guUl into the tlostar^ 
iof ahadA- The efftwt upon her tuiuit wajt hardly Imb 
powerfol than if ebv had Mrtuully li«t«a«d to, and re- 
eiprocauxl, the vowa of dl^'sr Vaughau ; for, though 
the illosion nevur qnit« dtHX'ivrd Imt, yat tlie remetn* 
hrance waa aa *'"*i'^ aa of u remembered iDtcr%-)tiw. 
TboM bMvoaljr ^ea gaswl f<»ivvtT intu tier »(>ul, which 
drank at them as at a fuuntaiu, and vas disquieted if 
realit)- tlirew a momentary cloud batfneen* She heard 
thti mrJiKly of a voice breathing seotUDGUta with wfaieh 
her own chimed in like mow.'. O happy, yet haplaw 
girl I ThuH t<) create the l>eiug whom »be lovei, lo 
endow him witii all the attributes thnt were most fafr 
dnating to bvr heart, and then to flit witJi the airy 
creature into tlie ivalm of fantasy and tnoonUglit where 
liwvlt hiH (Ir>-»uiy kiiHlnil ! For her lover wil«<t SyU 
Tia away from earth, wliich MwrniMl atranf^. and dall, 
and darksome, and lureil lutr to a couuin' where her 
apitit roamed in p«-iuvful rapture, dooming thiit it bad 
foond iu home. Many, in their yonth. have visited 
that land of dmuus. and wanilered so long in its en- 
chanted groves that, wlivn i>ani»hvd tlwnov, Uiey feel 
like exiles ererywhere. 

The dark-browed K<lwnrd Hamilton, like the vil- 
lain of a tale, would often glide through the romance 
whi'n'in poor Sylria waUcwI. Sonietiroeit, at the most 
blissful moment of her ei-stasy. when the featares of 
ihe miniature wer« pictured brightest in the air, they 
would Buddeolr change, and darken, and lie trans' 
formed into his vis^e. And always, when such 
change owmrrvd, thi? intrutiive visage wore that pe- 

vw- in. n 



cnliar smSlfl with which Hamilton h«d gh 

Bvforo the cloM of xninmcr, it wan tol4 Sylvi» Etk- 
erege that Vsuglian had an-iml from Frwice, and 
thst *iw woiilil mvrt hiui — wuuld iiiMt, fbr tlw flnt 
time, the loved of jeu* — that very evening. W» wiQ 
not t<-ll how often and how eauneatljr ibe gaaed npoa 
the uiiDJaturv, thtu endeavoring to prtpan h*r«eU 
for the approaching interview, leM. the tlirobl>in|: ot 
her limormis htyirt Hhoiild wtiftpi tlie word* of wclcnm*. 
■While the twilight grew deeper and dnskier, she art 
witli Mrx. Grotvenor in an inner apartment, light«il 
onljr by the softened gleam front an aUbaatier bunpt 
wluch wtut burning at a di-ttanw on the ocntnvtabl« ol 
the drawing-room. Never before had Sylph Kth«rege 
looked MO sylph-like. She had ooiiimuned with m on» 
ture of imagination, till hvr own k>velin«M8 aeifDed hot 
the orention of a delicate and drenmy fancy. Every 
vibration of ht^r Rpirit wan visible in her fnune, «• ahe 
listened to the rattling of wheels and the tramp npon 
the iiavenicnt, and di^Mned that even the brrtve bora 
the sound of her lover's footsteps, as if he trade 
upon tlie viewlm air. Mrs. Groavenor, too, while she 
wat«>hc(l the tremulous flow of Svhna's ferlings, waa 
deeply moved ; fAw. lookoil uneaaily at the agitated 
girl, and vnu about to speiik, when the opening of the 
Btteetdoor arrested the words npon her lips. 

Feotrtepe aacended the stairoate. with a eoofldaak 
and fiuniliar tr«ttd, and some one entered the drawiDf;- 
room. From tlie sofa where they sat, in the inner 
apartment, Mrn. Groavenor am) Sylvia oinild nxit dia- 
oero the viutor. ■ 

'• Sylph ! " cri.yl a voice. •' Dearmt Sylph I WhdV 
are you. sweet Sylph £thereg« ? Hen is yoor Edgu 
Vangban E " 



But tnt±tmA of umweriiig', or rising to me«t her 
loTsr, ^ who had greetMl ber by thv sweet and Had- 
ful nune, vbiclu a{ipro[irUt« sw it waa to bar chara^j 
tor, was known only u> him, — Sylvia grasped Mn.' 
Onmrcnor's ann, while hi-r whole franin ithook with 
thp throbbing of her heart. 

" WIm it it ? " ga^ed she. '• Who calls me 

IVfiire Mn. Oronvenor couM r^ly. iba atnui^ 
eDtvri'd tfa« room, bcarinf^ tliv liunp in Iii* hand. Ap- 
proaehiug the aa^ be di<iplayed to Sylvia the fe^ 
tarve of £4lward Hnmilum, illuntiiiuu^l by tliat evil 
smile, from which his fiK-<e derived ao marki^ an in- 

" Is trat the miniature an admirable likeness ? " ia> 
qnired he. 

Sylria abudd«roi], but hod not ]H>wer to turn avraj i 
her white fucv from his gaxe. Tht- ininiaturv, which 
she had been hultling in ber band, fell down upon the 
floor, whcrs HamtltoR, or Vaufrluuu set hia foot npoo 

^tC, aud entsbed the ivory tMionterfeit to fragmenta. 
**Thero. my dwaut Sylph," hu exclaimed. " U wi 
I that created your phantom-lover, and now I anni- 
hilato bimi Yuurdreani is rudvly bmken. Awake, 
Sjlph Etherege, awake to truth ' 1 am the only YA- 
hr V»u};l>au ! " 
' ** We have gone too far, Edgar Vaogfaan," said ' 
Mn. Grosvonor, eatrhing Sylvia in hor annn. Tba 
rsTmiTpful fr«ik. which Vaughan'a woundwl vanity 
bad 8a;q;i^Ht*-)l, luul Uvu couutrDancitl by tbiii lady, 
in the hope of curing Sylvia of her rotnantw! notions, 
antl m-otH'iliiig bcr \f> (lu^ truths and realities of life. 
" Look at ihe poor child ! " site ooatinuvd. " 1 pro- 
test I tremble for the i-onaetjuenoea I " 



** lodtcd. madam ) " replied YMigban. soeer 

M be thri'w the light uf Uio Uinp ou Sylinx** 
ejefl and marble fefttures. ** Well, tnjr oooacuoM b 
clear. I Av\ liiit look into thu i k li ca te cieUim't 
burt ; and with the pure fantasies that I fouoil thm 
I luude what tux'iued a man, — and the delusin 
shadow has wiled her awaj to Shadow-land, and rta- 
islied llion^ ! It ik nn iit^w talc. Blan/ a Bweet aaoA 
has shared the lot of poor Sylph Ktli*r«g» I " 

" Ani) now, Edgar Vaughan," said Mn. GfxMWBr, 
aa Sylvia's heart Ixfjan faintly tc> throb Kf^tD. " i»>« 
try, iu good earnest, to win back her love from the 
phantom which you oonjiircd up. If you i(uc««n),Bhe 
vill be the better, her whole life king, for the leaeon 
ira hsTtt given fa«r." 

Whether the teealt of the lesson corresponded 
Mm. GrwtTCnor's hopes may \it gathen'td from 
dosing scene of our story. It had been made 
to the fashionable world that Edgar Vaughao had re- 
tiini4-d from Frauoe, and, tmdt^r the aasmned name t£ 
Kdward I lamilton, had won Uie affections of the lovdj 
girl to whom he had l>eeii affianced in his boyhood. 
The nuptials wen- to take place at an curly dat4;. On* 
cv(-i)iug, before the day of antioi|)ated bli<is arrired, 
Edgar Vanghan entered Mra. Ora«Tt-nor'a drmwinf^ 
room, where he found that lady and Sylph Etbetvge. 

" Only (luit Sylvia niiikc« no complaint," n-niarktid 
Mrs. Grosvenor, ^ I should apprehend that the (own 
air '» il|.suited to her constibition. She waa always, 
indeed, a dclitrnto crcaturr: but now she u a men 
gossamer. Do but look at her I Did you ever im^^ 
iDO anything so fnigilo?" " 

Vaughan was already attentively observing his nu»- 
trass, who sat in a shadowy and moonlighted receaa of 



the room, with btrr drcamj ryvx fixed KtnidfiMtly apcn 
his own. The bot^b of a tree was waving before the 
window, Mid •omotinivH cnvfluixil bcr in tlw gliioiii of 
its shadow, into whioh f\w m^um-cI tu vanish. 

" Yen," be tuiiiL, U.> Mm. Grosvenor. •* I uui acoKvJy 
deem \wr ' uf Um- varth, eutby.' No wooclor that I 
eall her Sylph 1 Methinks she will fade into thi^ moon- 
light, wbirh falU tifxHi hi-r tbrough the window. Or, 
in the open air, she might flit away upon the brevto, 
like K wrcKtli of m%xt t " 

Sylvia's eyes grew yet brighter. SbewsTed ber 
to Etlgar Vnughan, with a gcstttrv of vtjienal triumph.^ 

"Farewell I" she said. " I will neitbej> fa«l« into 
the mnonligbt, nnr flit away upon the Invexe. Yet you 
(gumot keep me here ! " 

There wan fiomctfaing in Sylvia's look and tones that 
startled Mrs. (irosveuor with a terribln appnrhonMQi 
Bnt. as she was rusliii^ towards the girl, VaugfaaM^ 
bi-lil hirr back. 

" Stay ! " cried he, with a straiigt- anile of mockery 
and anguish. " Can our sweet Sylph he going to 
heareti, to seek the original of the miniature ? " 


Trr ftuiamer moon, wkidi Bfaines in so many a tele, 
teas beaming over a broud ext«nt of uni;veii (v>imtTy. 
Some of it» brigktvHt rays wet« flung into a spring of 
wnter, when* no travollcr, toiling, as the writur haa, up 
the liiily road beside wkirJi it gushes, ever failed to 
qui-iK'li hJH thirst. Tbe work of tMat hands and oon- 
aiderate art was nsil>le a)>»ut iltu bleased fountain. 
Ad op«ni utrt^m, bewn and IwUon-cd out of HoUd Mom, 
was placed above the waters^ which Oiled it to the 
brim, but by somu invisible oatlet were oonveyed away 
withotit dripping down it« side*. Though tht ba«tD 
had not rooin fur luiotln-r drop, and tbe cootiniul gaah 
of vMt-r mado a tremor on the xurfacet there waa a 
MOrvt (Juinn that forliade it to ov«rflow. I remember, 
that wht'ii I had slaked my summer tliirtit, and sat 
panting by tbc outturn, it wax my fanciful tbvurj- tliat 
Nature oould not afford to lavish ho pure a liquid, aa 
siie do»!!» the wat/'ts of all infaiicr fotuitaioH. 

Wliilo tbe uiooD was liaiigiiig iiloioat perpendiei^ 
larly over this spot, two figurcH apix^rcd on thu miM 
uit of tlic Iiill, imd c-aroe nitb noiseleas footsteps doinr 
towards tlie spring. They wen* then in the itrst frcsb- 
ness of youtit ; nor is there a wrinkle now on either 
of tbuir browB, and yet tliey wore a strange, old-fash- 
ioned garb. One, a young man with niddy checks, 
widked lirrneath thu cnuopy of a broad-brimmed gray 
bat ; lie seemed to liave inhcriUil hi« grwit-grjin<I«iv'» 
square-skirted ooiU, and a waistcoat that extended iU 


dnmenw fUpa to liia knees ; bin brawn Ineks, alN, 
hang dinrn behind, in a mode unknown to onr timea. 
Bf bia side wu a sweet ymuig damsel, ber fair foA' 
tara dwitcrcd by a prim littlu bonn«t, within whi(;b 
appeu«d tbe vestat musliB of a rap ; Iter aUme, lon^ 
wiifltad gown, nnd itid«<Ml hi-r whuli:' nltin'. iiiit;Ut 
ham been worn by some rustic beauty who liad fiuied 
half a century before. Btii thut thrr« wait »(Mn«(bing 
too warm and lif«!-lik(> in th^ni, 1 would here hava 
compared tbia couplf to the gbofits of tw<i young 
loreis who had dk-d long sineo in tbi> glow of passion, 
DOW werp sliayiog out of their gmves. to rciii^w 
old vows, and shadow forth the unforgotteo kiss 
of tlieir earthly )!p<t. bt^ide tb« moonlit spring. 

"Tbee and I will rcst'berv a mntnent, Miriam," 
aatd the young nuin, ax tlivy drviw utrar tlM> Mt»nc cis- 
tern. ** for tliere is no fear that the eldm know what 
WB have dnnv ; ami tliis may \tn the Uiat time we shall 
ev«T taste this water." 

TliuA speaking, with a little sadness in his face, 
whii'Ji was also visible En lliiit of hU companion, bu 
made ber sit down on a stone, and was about to place 
hifimlf very elotic to ln-r aidu ; ahv, however, repelled 
bim, though not unkindly. 

" Nay, Joadah,*' »aid sIh', giving lum a timid push 
with her maiden hand, " thee mmt sit farther off, on 
that otJier BtoDo, with tlie Kjiriug Wtween us. What 
would the sisters say, if thee were to sit so close to 



" But we are of the world's pet^ile dow, Miriam,** 
aoflwvnd Jotbh. 

The girl persisted in her pnidiMr, nor did tbo 
yontb, ill fact, teem nlti>g<-ther free from a similar 
sort of shyness; so tliey sat apart from each otlwr. 


gazing up th« hill, u-lH'n> Uic moonlight ilisfiovered 
u>iiH of a griMip of buildings. ^Vhile tlivir kttentioD 
was thuH uccupiMi, a {larty of trav«ll«ni, who lutd 
coiiM wearily up the Ion;; iwcvnt, mu)le a hiUt to re- 
fresh thvmwlws At the npriug. There were ihixt! qwd, 
n woman, and a littli> ^rl anil boy. Their attire wiw 
tnoiui, covvrvU vritli Uih duitt of the suiiuner's day, ind 
damp with the nightKlcw ; thoy all looked woelwgoDe, 
na if tiiii cares and sorrows of the world Lad inxle 
tbvir stops Iivuvier as they climhMl the hill ; evoa th« 
two little clul<tren appeared older in evil dayn titan 
tliu Young luaii an<l nuiidcii who luid first approached 
the spring. 

" Good evening to you, young CoUm," ww the 
tatioa of thu travellers ; and " Good evening, friend 
repU<!d thv yuntli and damsel. 

**Is that white bailding the Shaker meeting 
hoiuo?" aHlcitl one of tliu Htrangom. "And 
those the red mofa of the Sliaker village?" 

"Fritmd, it is tJio Sliaker village," iioswoted 
siah, aftfT some hesitation. 

Tl>|t travtilliint, who, from tlie first, lutd looked 
piciously at the garb of these young peo[^, now taxed 
them with an intcintion vrhtoh all tlie eircunisitauceii, 
indeed, rendered too obvious to be mistaken. 

^ It is true, friends," replied the young man, au]^| 
raoning up hia cmiragv. " Miriam imd I have a g!(s 
to love uach other, and we are going among the 
world's people, to live after tlieir fnnhion. And ]fl 
know tJiat wv do not trauBgrewi the law of the land^ 
and neither ye, nor tJ>e elders themaelvvs, have a right 
to hinder u»." 

"Yet yon think it ex]>e<lient to depart 
Uave-taluug," reiuarkvd one of the travellurs. 





" Y««. jo-a," mid Jomab. rrlitrt.'uit] y, " becaoM ' 
IkUier Job b a very anful man (o Epeak with ; and 
being Bg»d liiiii.'wlf, l)c liiii l>tit littlo cltarit; for what 
be calls the iniquities of tlie fli^h." 

"WoQ." mid th« atranger, "we wilt n«itlM>r qm- 
force lo bring yon back to the %-illi^, nor will we 
b«tny j-ou b> tbo eldcnt. fWt -tit you lierc awtiil«, aud 
when you have beard what we shall tell yua of the 
world which fn luivi; h-ft, and into which you ar« 
going, perhaps you will turn bui-k with un of your 
own Mooid. What iwy yon?" added be, turning to 
bia ooinpauion^. '* We have tra^'eUed tlius far with- 
out bo>comitig knowTi to mwh otbi-r. SliaU wv tell our 
Btocies, here by thia pleasant spring, for our own 
pMtaaM, and Uie benefit of these mtaguiiled young 

In aocordanre with this proposal, the whole party 
■fuiomsd thcuiwlves round the »liini? mteni ; the two 
children, being very weary, fell iwIik-)) u]>(>d the damp 
eartli, and the prel^ Shaker girl, whate feelings wcra 
those of a nun or a Turkish Uidy, crept as close as 
possible to tlte female traveller, and m far iu> she well 
i»tdd from the unknown men. The same jterson who 
had hitherto been the chief itpokoitnian now iitood up, 
waving hi« hat in his hand, and suffered the moon- 
light to fall full upon hti front. 

** In mc," Kud hv, with a certain majesty of utter* 
anoe, — "in me. yon behokl a poet." 

Though a litho^iphtc print of tbia gentleman ia 
extant, it may be well to notice that he wn« now nearly 
forty, a Uiin and stooping figure, in a black coat, out 
at elbows; notwitbstanding the ill rondition of hi« 
attire, there were uboitt him several tokens of a pecul- 
iar sort of foppery, unworthy of a mature man, par> 

ent am 


tienlarly in tlia arTaiig:e[D«nt of his hair, whu-b wu u 
dispoA^ M to i^vv hU pomiltU' loftinevit iumI brcwlth 
to luA forehead. However. I»e ]>u<] an intelttgent 
and, on tlic whoU', it iiuirk<><l (.■(■iinU'iiiiiu'e, 

" A po«t ! " repeated the ytning Shaker, a little 
tied Imw to understatui aiu'li a daiigiiation, 
beard in thv iitilitjtnaji t^'ommunity whflie be bad spent 
Itiii life. '* Ob, a;, Miriam, he ui««iui a Tar»e-iniik4!r, 
thoi^ inuxi know." h 

TliiH remark jaired upon tJie RUi>oc)>til)le DcnrM^I 
tht) poet ; DOT oould bit btlp wondering what Strang 
ftttaJit^r hud j>iit into this yt»m^ diiid'h ntoath an vpU 
thet, wbieh ill-uatiirf^l jwaple luul alHnnvd to bu iuor« 
projMir to his mvrit than the one aMomed by himself. 

" True, I ani a verae^nakttr," be remined, '* but my 
verse is no more than the material bodjr into whidi 
I breathe the oeleMial soid of tboaght. Alas! hfl 
tnaiiy a pan^ has it cost nu;, this mine insienitihilityW 
the ethereal essenee of poelty, with whieh yoti havD 
here tortured me again, at tltv niumvnt whm I amfl 
r<>lin(|uiidi my profftttuoi) fon^vcr! OFatv! why btfP 
thou warred with Nature, turning all lier higher aod 
more perfi-ct gift* to tho mill of nif. tbiMr tMMMiMor? 
What ill lb« voice of son^, when tlw world lacks the 
car of taste ? How vwt I ntjitioo in my strength an^ 
delicacy of feeling, wlien tbey haw but made great 
Morrows out of littU onvi? Have I dread«l etoom 
death, and yearned for famu a* otheri punt for 
air. only to find inywlf in a niitblle state botwet-ii 
Mnrity and infamy ? But I have my rcTi^uge t 
could have ^ven exiHU-nce to a tboosand bright 
ations. I cnub tliem into my In-art, and tiwr* 
tlii^in putrefy ' I iiludce off the dust of my fe 
against my vountiynuinl But pusterity, tracbg 

n odT 





notatepa up this wearj- hill, will cty *h«tne upon the 
u&ii-orUiy Rge Uiat (lruv« one ..f U^l^ fntlirrK of Aincri- 
caii song to end his ^lajs in a Shalcer viUage t " 

Duiiiig thin harangue, the <t|>i?aker gt-stiriilaliMl witb 
great eiwrg^'. and, as pui'try \» tiw natural lang^isge of 
pusion, there appeared reikaon to apprebenil biH final 
•xplmion into an od« cxtcmpure. 'rii« reader must 
undetstand that, for all theee bitter wordit, he waa a 
kiD<), gvntl«, hunnl^'OH, poor fellow enough, whom Na- 
tare, tossmg her ingrt-dienta together without looking 
at livr rectpe, had Hent into Ike world with too mncJi 
of one sort of brain, and hardly any of another. 

" PrHtod," said the young 8haker, in mim- {wrplez- 
i^. "thee seemest to have met with great troubles; 
and, doabtleKs, I should pitj them, if — if I could bat 
UDderstaod wlial Ihry w^re." 

" Happy in yoiir isnonrnt-o ! " replied the poet, with 
an air of sublime ent]>eriority. " To your coari»er mind, 
perhapti, I may He«m to Kjunk of tnon- iinportimt griefs 
when I add, what I had wtilinigh forgotten, tliat I nni 
out at elbows, and aluiost starved to d«ath. At any 
rate, you hare the ailnoe and example of one Individ* 
nal tu warn yoa back ; for 1 am corae hither, a diaap- 
potnteil man, flinging aside the fragments of my hopes, 
and seeking shelter in the calm retrcnt which you ara 
BO atticioua to leave." 

" 1 thank thee, friend," rejoini-«l the youth. " but I 
do not mean to be a poet, nor. Heaven be praised 1 do 
I think Miriam ever nuulc a varse in her life. So wt' 
need not fe^r t)iy di^ppoiulmentd. But, Miriam," he 
ailded. with real ooncem, " thw know(>«t that tlie eidvrti 
admit nobody that haa not a gift to be oaefid. Kow, 
what under th» nm can they do mih this poor varse- 

*' Niiv, .ToNiAli, till nut th<.s> di^ixium^e the poor man? 
said tbv fj^irl, in all simplicity iiuil kindaeui. " OiU! 
liymns nrc ¥1-17 rough, aiid perhaps tliey may trust 
him to smoutli tliL<m." 

AVilhoul iiutii-iug tJiia biut of proK-w>icmjU employ- 
ment, th« poet turnvd «wny, and gnro hlniMilf up to • 
sort of vague reveries, whicl) be called thought. Sontfr- 
times he wmtched tliv moon, ]>oiiring n silvery liquid 
on the cloiiiU, through which it slowly ucltiid till tb«y 
beowiw all I>rif;Iit ; then hu saw the same swoet nili- 
BQoe dancing ou the leafy trees which nulled as if to 
sliake it off, or idu(^]iit)g on the high tope of hills, or 
bovGrrinj:; down in distant valleys, like the matvrial of 
unabaped di-<-aimi ; latttly. he looked into the spring, 
and there the light was mingling with the water. In 
it» vryittid bosom, too. hctiolding all lieavon tvflecbftd 
there, Ite fomi.. an emblem of a pure and tranquil 
krtuuit. lie lititened to tluit most cthcrcAl of all sountU, 
the song of crickets, coming in full oboir upon the wind, 
and fanci<-<l tliat, if moonliglit coubl lie bennl, it would 
sound just like that. Finally, be took a draught at 
tlw Sliaker spring, and, an if it ncrv tbo true Castalia, 
waa forthwith movcti to compose a lyric, a Farewell to 
bis llnrp, which he swore Klioidd Im) ita cloKinf;^ xtruin, 
the bust rcriH; that an unp-atefnl world sHotdil hare 
from him. This eETusion, with two or tliree other little 
pieces, siihsi'<]tifiitly written, be took the first o|>por. 
tunity to send, by one of the Shaker brethren, to Cur- 
cord, where they were published in tlie New Uamp- 
•hire Patriot. ii 

Meantime, another of tbo Canterbur}- pilgrinu, m| 
BO different from tlic poet that tlie delicate fancy ol 
diu littter conld hardly have oon<'«ivcd of him. ht^gaa 
to relate bis Mvd exjivricnce. He was a small : 




quick and aDqaiet gvxhircm uboiit fifty yvaun old. witfa 
B narrow forehead, all wrinkleJ and drawn togetlier. 
Ha bcM in Itu haml a ix-mnl. luul » ctutl of tionui naa- 
■nissioti-mercJuat in forei^ pATta, od Uw bark of 
which. Tor thttre vn» light «uoiigh to rvrnd or writo by, 
i nnnn<»J ready to fi^^re out a vak-ulution. 
Tomg man," Haid he, abruptiv, " wliat quantity of 
do xbie Shaken own here, in Canterbury ? " 

** That in morv tlian I can t«ll tlii^ frieod," im- 
Bwered Josiah, "tiit it tg a vcrj- rich eetabUabmeat, 
and for a long way by the roadsid« thee maj gtwM 
the land to bu ount, by the nmCnew of tirn fmotw." 

**ADd what. may U; th« value of the whole," noa- 
tiniMKi the xtrangrr. " with all thv buUdinf^s and im- 
proTvmenls, pretty nearly, in round nunibcn ? " 

" Oh, a nwnatrouB sum, — more tban I can reokoD," 
zeplJMl the yoting Sludun'. 

" Well, §ir," said the pilgrim, " tiK-rrt wna a day, 
not \eTy long w^, neither, when 1 stood Ht my 
counting-room window, anil wat<'lMKi Uiu Hignal flag* of 
thrat of my own shipn entering the harbor, from the 
Eaat Indiew, from Ldv^rpool. an<l froin up thi^ Strait*, 
and I would not have given the invoice of the least of 
tlmn for the title-dt^da of thin whohi Shaker settle 
ment. You stare. Perhaps, now, you won't 1>eli«*« 
that I could bare put more value on a little piece of 
jnper, no bifiif^r than tlw |>tdni of your hand, than all 
thci'ic solid aeres of gi-aia, gras^ and posturo'land 

'* I won't dispute it, friend." unswf rnl Josiah, *' bnt 

know 1 Iiad rather have fifty acres of this good laud 
than a whuli; abrat of thy paper." 

'* You uiay aay so now," said tlie ruiued merubant, 
bttterij, ** for my name would nut bv worth the paper 



I RboaU write it on. Of ootme, you mtuC hare 
of Df failure ? " 

And the stran^r mentioned his ooidc whit-h, ham- 
«wr mighty it might havti been in the oununorcnl 
world, th« yoniif; Shaker liad nervr Iward of 
the O^intvi'lmry hillii. 

" Not heard of ujy failure I " exclaimed the 
chnnt, coniiiderahly piqued. ** Why, it mu ii{>ok4'a of 
on 'Chan^ in Ix>ii(luii, anil from Boeton to New Or- 
leans men tremhled tn their shoea. At all rreala, I 
did fuil. wnd yon <«« mu Ihtw od my road to the Sfaakar 
village, where, doubtlese (for tlte Shakers are a shrewd 
soot), tliey will liav* a duo n»|N<ct fur my "■xperiuooe, 
and give me the man^jemient of the-tradin^ part at 
tlii^ coui^ni, in wbiub cafie 1 think I ran pledge mj- 
eelf to double their capital in four or fivu yiiars. Tbib 
bock with me, yoimg miin ; far th»ngh you will nvror 
meet with my good IiK-k, yon van hardly oMape my 

>* I will not turn back for this," rvplied Jnnali, 
calmly, "any more Uum for the advim' of the ran^ 
maker, lietween whom and Ihce. friend, I itee a mat \ 
tikfnMS, though I oan't justly pay when; it liea. 
Miriam and 1 cao earn our daily hmd amomy 
worlil'rt |xmplc ax well as in the Shaker village, 
do we want anythin;* moi\-, Miriam ? " 

" Nothing more, JoHiah." said the pii, qtdedjT 

** Yea, Miriam, and daily hrcad for M>m« otfaar lit- 
tle mouths, if God aend tbem," observed the simide 
Shakier tail. 

Miriam did not reply, hot looked down into the 
spring, where site encoonl^irvd tlw imagv of bcr own 
pretty faei'. blushing within the prim little liotUMt. 
Tbu third pil^im now took up tho coDvenatioD. !!• 




wu ft Dtuibanit (Tmintri.'nuui. of tiill fnuuo knd \>tmy 
rtrengtfa, oa whose mde and niiuUj' iace there appeared 
• dmrker, tnotv Milbn sad obstinato i)('H|M>DdiMicy, than 
oD those of either the poet or the incn-hiuit. 

" WcU, ROW, youngster," he U^gau, " Uiiwe foUci 
bare had tlieir say, ho I '11 take my turn. My story 
will cut bat a poor Rgiirv l>y tl»e sidt; of theirs ; foe , 
I never supposed that I <'oul(l have a right to maak', 
and drink, ami grwat ynum lioaidea, otily for tagging 
ifaynwa together, an it seems this iumi Aa*.-* ; nor L■v«^r 
trbd to get the i»ilMttuiH<e of huiulrwls into my own 
bands, like the trader tbeve. When I was about of 
your yearn, I marrii-d ni« u wifw, — juat such a nea| 
and pretty young irooian as Miriam, if that's Imt' 
name, — and all I asked of Pr»videtK>o wax ao ordi- 
naiy blearing on th« aweat of my brow, so that we 
Diijjlit bo decent and r»nif»rtMl>U-, uni) liavv daily broad 
for onnelves, and for some other little mouths that 
we HOOD ha<l t» fai'sl. We had no r<>ry grvat procpecta 
before us ; bat I never wanted to be idle : and I 
tiiouj^tit a raatlcr of eotusc that thu Lord would help 
me, beL-aoee I was willing to help myaelf." 

"And didn't IIv hrip thtv, friend?" demandiHl 
Joeiah. with some eagenuas. 

" No," aaid the yeoman, sullmly ; " for then yoa 
would not have seen me her«. I have hibored hard ■ 
for ynar« ; and my means hara been growing nar- 
rower, and toy living poorer, and my lieart colder and 
heavier, all ilie ttmir ; till at laM I oonid boar it no 
longer. I m4 uij-self down to calculate whether I lutd 
bast go on tht; Omgou cxixHlition, or <Niroc ben' to tJut 
Shaker village ; but I had not hope enough left in nwl 
to begin the worltl over again ; and, to maki- my storx] 
thort. here I ain. And now, youngster, take my ad- 


and turn back; or else, socue f«w juan heooo, 

1 '11 hare to climb this bill, witii as heavy a lieart an 

Thia simple story hud ft strong effect on the young 
(ugitiveit. Th« misfortanes of the poet and merchant 
had won little nyiiiinitliy fnMii thvir plain good wiuw 
and unworldly feelings, qualities whicih made tiMm 
swli iin|>n-jiulioc<t imtl intluxibli; judge*, that few men 
would have chosen to tuke the opinion of iha yonth 
and niaiileti aa to Uto witultmi or folly of tlieir pumuitit. 
But here wax ono whou simple wishes hiul resitmbled 
thvir own, and who, after efforta which aliuost gave 
him a right to cliiiin siiecvm from fatv, had failud in 
fcootnptisbinc tbeni. 

" But thy wife, friend ? " exclaimed the young man. 
" Wlint iM-catue of th« protty girl, like Miriiun? Oh* 
I am afraid she is dead ! " 

" Yi«, poor man, nhv miwt be dead. — she and the 
children, too." sobbed Miriam. 

The female pilgrim hud bern loaning over the spring, 
wherein latt«riy a tear or two night hare Ix^ii mwu to 
fall, and form iti> littli? circle on the surface of the 
wat<!r. Slie now looked up, iUseIo>iiiig ft-aiunm NtUI 
comely, but which luut iictpiinHl an expression of freb- 
fidoefls, in tho same long ooufw of evil fortune that 
luul thrown a Jtulli-ii ghiom over tlir t<»npi''r of tbv m- 
prosperoos yeoman. 

*' I am hiH wife," Hatd ttltc, a sliaiU of irrilabitity jurt 
pcrcwjrtJldii in tJic sitdncKs of licr lone. '-These poor , 
little things, asloep on the ground, are two of our chil- fl 
drew. We had two more, but God has provided Iwl- ™. 
ter for them than we coold, by taking them to Ilim- 

" And what woiiUl thee advise Joaiah and me ta 



do ? " uked Miriam, thin bein^ the fini quwtioa 
which she had put to either of the tttnuigoTS. 

** T is a thing slmoet against natura for a woman to 
try to part tnii! lowrK." answered the yeoman's wifei 
after a paua« ; " but I '11 s|)eak aa truly to yon as if 
these wen my dying wonlti. Thon^ my hushand told 
you some of our troubles, lie did n't mention tlw 
grostest, and that whit-h makes all the rest so haid to 
bear. If you anil your swei'tliMul marry, you 11 Iw 
kind and plvaMnt to each othi-r for a year or two. and 
while that 's the cAae, you never will repent; but, by 
and liy, ho "11 prow gloomy, rcmgU, iind hanl to pleaHe, 
and you '11 be peevish, and full of little angry lita, and 
apt to be complaining by tho firc«ide, whun be eoauM 
to net himself from his troubka out of doors ; so your 
love will wear away by little and little, and leave yuu 
Biiaenible at laat. It has lieen so n-ith us ; and yet my 
husband and I were trw.' Invent ontw, if vvcr two young 
fdks were." 

As she oeaHetl, the yeoiimi) and hiit wife exchanged 
a glaUCT'. in wliicli there was more and wanner alTeo* 
tion than they luul snpjtosi-il to Imw ^tM-apet) Ui>- fnwk 
of a wintiy fate, in either of their breasts. At that 
moment, when tliey stood on the utmost verge of mar- 
ried life, one won) fitly qxikeo, or perhaps one peeuliiir 
look, had they had muttuil confidence enough to recip- 
.tc it, might have renewed all their old feelings, . 
(lent them back, resglwd to sustain each other' 
amid tho struggles of the world. But the criniK innod 
and never eaiiie again. Just then, ahu, the etuldren, 
rouaed by their mother's voioe, looked up, and added 
their wwling accents to the li^timony borne by all tho 
Canterbury ptlgriina against tho world, from which 

they fled. 

TM. nt. M 



*' Wo are tired and hungry I " cried thej. 
far to ihv Shaker v'dlago ? " 

Tbo Huker youth and maiden United mou 
into eadi othcr't i-yv*. Thvy hiMi but iitvpptid acrow 
the threshold of their honie§, when lo I the dark array 
of ciirv^H luwl ii[im>WA that rono up to wsm thiin bark. 
The Tsuied minutivtit of the stmiigvrs bad arranged 
tlwjuNclvvti into a parable; tfa«y »cwoit>d not lumly 
inittaiKOS of woful fate that had bofallen others. Iml 
shadowy wneiui of di-tappointed hope anil unavuiltng 
toil, douHStio grief and estranged affoctiun, that would 
cloud the onwanl path of tbe*e poor fogitivtit. Bat 
aftvr ODO instant's besilation, tbvy opened their anna, 
ontl sealed their reaolre with bm pure and fond an tak- 
brai'^r as erer youthful love had hallowed. 

" We will not go back," »aid tlti-y. " Tb* wa«U 
never enn bu d»rk to ua, for wo will always love ^M 

Then tho Ca»t«rbuiy pilgrims went up the hill, 
while the poet chanted a drear and doitjirrmti! trtniiM of 
tlio Fxrewvll to liis Harp, fitting music for that nel- 
anchuly bond. Tbey sought a home whero all foriMC 
tiu of nature or sociely would be sundered, and all 
old distinotinns levrlled. and a rohl and p«unioalai 
accunty be KulMtitiikd for mortal hope and fear, as in 
that other refuge of the world 'a weary outeaMts, the 
grave. The luvvni drank at the Shaker spring, and 
then, with chastened hopess but more oonfldiag afflfr 
tious, went on (o mingle in an untried life. 


^bnt is a Toltune of what were once nevspapen, 
; en a nnoll half-ahcet, yi'Uow and tinuMttutiHi), of 
faliric, oimI ini]iritit««l with a rude old type. 
Tht-tr a«]wct (navers a »iii};ttlar unjin-wtioti of antii)- 
ait}', in n HjMvim nf liu^ntture wtiicli we are accustomed 
to comsidtT as connected only willi tlte prt:M»t tnomcut. 
Eplienieral as they wore intended and aopposed to be, 
tlu*y havr long outlived thv printer and \ai wbole Kub- 
ecriptioD'Ust, and hare proved more dunUile, as to their 
physical existenoe, than most of tin; timbur, bricks, 
and Mtitne of tlie town where tliey were issued. These 
an but tlte least of their triumphs. Tbu j^vemmont, 
the intiJreistH, tlie opinions, in short, all the moral oii^ 
cnnutancvs that w«rL- runU-mjNintr}' with their piiblioa- 
tioo, hare passed away, an<l left uo better record of 
what they were than may 1>« found in tbeM fmil lcan». 
Ilappy are the editors of newspapers ! Their prodno- 
tionM pxcvl all othiT» in immediate popnlarity, and are' 
oertain to acquire anotlier sort of value with the lapse 
of tmif^ llM*y M-atler tlieir Wvcs to tfat^ wind, a^ tlio 
sibyl did. and [x>titcrity {tiUwts them, to be tn.-a«nrr«I 
up among tl>e best materials of its wisdom. With 
hasty pen* they writo for immortality. 

It ia plea^nt to take one of these little dingy half- 
sheets b«tween the tlinmb ai>d finger, aud picture forth 
tho ]>ersoi>age who, abore ninety years ago, bekl H, w«t 


OLD ysws. 

from Ute preas, and steaminf:, before the fit«. Many 
of the nuRilicn Uw: Uiv nwitu of nu old (MiJvttiol dig. 
uitarj. There he site, » major, a metuber of the ooiub 
oil, and a weighty mercfaaiit, in liLi higb-baoked atm- 
chair, wearing a Holernn wi); and grave attire, Hurb as 
In^Htn his inipocdng gmvitv of miea. and dtKjilayiti;; but 
little fini-ry, oxot-pt a liiigf iMiir of Bilver abofr-bucklta, 
curioualy can'ed. Obaeri'e tlie awful roverenne of lib 
visflgci, UH hu read* lii$ Majesty's luust grucious gpeecb i 
and the deliberate wiMlom with whioh be pond«rti orei 
Borne panij^ph nf pruviooiiil |><ilitd<'Jt, and the kuvuiT 
intelligence with which be glancets at the ship-newn and 
cwinnicn'ial ai.lvi;rti«enicnu. ObMrrvc. and itinilv ! I in 
may have been a wise man in hia da; ; but, to ua, Llie 
wisdom of the ]>oliticiiU] Bp|M!«n like foUy, iKSiauee wc 
can compare ita prognostica with actual rcRidla : and 
the old mL-n'hiittt MCin« to have busied tiiiiiHuif about 
vanities, because we know tliat the expected shipH hav» 
W-ca ItMl at .■ku^ or iikhiIiIcm^I at the wliuj-ven ; tluU 
hia imported broadcloths were long ago worn Ui tat- 
t«n, and Ilia oargOL-a of wtne qiuiffed to the lees ; and 
that the most prociouii leaves uf his ledger have be- 
come waate-jiajier. Yet, liLi avocatioDs wen; not so 
vain aa our philosophic mondizing. In this world we 
are the Ihingo of n mnment, and are made to pursne 
momentary thingB, witli licrc and there a thought Uiat 
atretctiea mistily towards eternity, and perhaps may 
endure as long. All philosophy tliat would abatnct 
iiuutkiud from (he pn-su'.nt in no more than words. 

The first pages of must of thvMr old pai>cr8 ate aa 
soporific as a bed of poppies. Here we have an erudite 
clergy mini, or jwrbuii* a Cambridge- profcMBor, twi-upy- 
ing several successive weeks with a criticism on Tato 
and Brady, as compared wiili the New England ver 



^n^i of tbft FmIbu. Of MnuMs Um* pr»f«r«ie« U pvtn 
W to the nadve artJole. Ili-re are doctors itL<uigr«eing 
•boat the trmtmeDt of a inttrid fever Uwa prevajcnt, 
and Uadcguarding esdi other with a eharactertstic 
nmlMice Uiut n-iiilcrs tbe oontrovvnt^ not sltogeUwr 
uni^adalile. Here are Pn«idient Wi^lefiworth and 
the Kov. Dr. Ooiuijui, endeavoring to mwc a fiithJ for 
the &upport of DiUsionaries among: the Indians of 
Mwwhttietts Buy. E;iay would be the dntira of 
such a mission now I Here — for then* is nothing 
Dpw andvr th« sun — are frequent potu|itainld of the 
disordi-rol stat4.' of tho <>»nrnoy, and tltc project of a 
bank with a capital of (ive hundred thousand poundti, 
Mcuied on lands, lli-rc arv lit^'rary eamys. from the 
^ft GeotleRUin'ii ^I;^;azine ; and si|nil>3 againnt tlte Prtv 
H tender, from the London n«wri])ap«r¥. And lier^, oc- 
f easionaUy, arc sitecimena of New Eii^Uih) hutuor, la- 
borioasly U^iht awl t»nit^'ntiil>ly mirthful, as if somu 
veiy sober person, in his seal to be merry, were dau- 
oing I. jig to the tune of a funeral-pMUin. All this is 
wearisome, and we must tiim the leaf. 

I There is a t^ood deal of amtiM'iuent, and some proflt, 
in the perusal of thoMi little it«Mtis whivh chamvterise 
the masnent and circuniataitoes of the rouuir>'. Mirw 
Ea^and was then in a state incotnpitnthly mora pic- 
turesque than at present, or than it has been within tho 
neniory of man : there Ih-Jd^, ilh yvt, only a narrow 
strip of ciiilixation alon^ the edge of a vaat forest, 
peopled with imouj^ of ita original race to conttaKt 
the sav^e life v>nth the old cuttonu of another world. 
The whit<- i>(>piilution, also, waa diTenaOed by the influx 
of all sorts of expatriated ragttbonds, and by the oon* 
ttnual importation of bond-«ervauU from In-land and 
eUewherat so that there wan a wild and unsettled mul- 

titnde, forming a strong Diiminty to Hut nohot de«c«ad. 
anbi of ihr PurilaiiH. Tlten. there were the alanii, 
coat ri but iii^ tlii-ir dark nIiimIo to ih<- pictun^ of socic^, 
TIm.' cotiM.->{U«iice of all Uiis was a great variety and 
Bingulanty of iivtion uiul ineidenl, many itutauoea oi 
vrhicli might be eelect«d from these eohuuna, when 
they arc tohl with it BUn])lieity ami <|iiaintnt<,iM of styk 
(hat bring the ntriking points into rer}- strong relief. 
It i" iiiitiirtil to Hii{t)><j)H.% UKi, that Ihiwc viix-ninstauoa 
affected the body of tlio ])eo|)le, and made their cootM 
of lifv gvnei-Htly 1>^h ri'^iUir tlian that of their ilcMind- 
tata. There is no evi<U'nt'e tltut (he monil standard 
waa highvr tlwn tbaii nnv ; or, iu<leeii, tluit moraliqr 
wafl BO well defitied as it haa eiove become. Than 
M«in to Imw b(«n iiiutc ajt niaiiy frauds aad robbinvfi, 
in projwrUon to the number of honest deed* ; than 
were QiurderK, in bot-hlood and in malice ; and Uloo^Jf 
quarri'lit over lt(|uar. Some of <>nr fathers also Hp|i«U 
to have bevQ yoked to untaitlifiil wives, if we may 
trust the frequent noticea of elopements frou bod and 
boanl. The pilhirii', th<- n'hip]iiiiu;-jMMt, tile priMm, and 
tlie gallows, each had ti>eir use in those old timca; and, 
in short, as often aa oiir inuigination Hvm in tJio fOU^ 
wo fmil it a nuler and rougher age tlmn our own, wi^ 
bunlly an}- pcioeptibte advanH^ea, and lum-b that gva 
life a gloomier tinge. 

In vain wv endeavor to throw a sunny and jo 
air over our pirture of this period ; notliing pAsseaj 
fore our fantty but n crowd of sad-vLiagnd |>eoplv, mw; 
ing duskily through a dull gray atmo«pbero. It ia 
certain that winter rushed upon them with fiercer stormA 
than now, blocking tip tl>o narrow forest-patha, and 
orerwhelroiug the rouds ulon;; the M-a-coast with moun- 
tain BUow-drtft« ; »o that wedu elajxvcd before lb; newa- 




ooolil snnoutK'P how ninny tntvellvn YaA pevtj 
Liiied, or what vrnt'ks lia^l stn'mi the shoiv, Tlie ' 
was moro |noretDj; thi^n, sad lingered ftirtbvr into i 
spring, makiDg the chimney-comer a <.-omfattabl« 
till long piint M»v I*Jiy- Hy U>e nnnilirrof such ao*^ 
cidenta on record, we mi^t mppone that the thunder- 
Rtonc, nx thi'v ti^rtuii) it, frll oftcncr and dcndliitr on 
Etoeplra, dwellings, iind unal lettered wretches. In jine, 
oar fatlHm bore the hnint <if mnnt mging aod pttllt 
elements than wp. There were forcbo«ling8, also, o( B^ 
more ffjirful tempest tluui titosc of th*' ^leueDts. At 
two or three dates, we hnre Etoriea of drums, trumpetayj 
and all aort* »f martial music, iia-tititig athwart th4 
mtdnight Afy aceontpnnied with th« roiir of ciuuion 
aad rattle of musketry', pn>phetir echoes of tb« soiincUj 
that wen soon to shake the land. Besides these : 
pngoostlctt, th«i« wtre nunoni of Frenoh fleota on 
coast, and of the man-h of French and Indians througfeLl 
the wihhTnvus, along llw borders of llw^ MTttJ<-ni^nt«.| 
The cotintry was siutdened. moreover, with gnevotis.1 
rick n eaww*. Thv imudl-[H>x ragitl in inanyof the towns, 
aad seems, tbot^h so familiur a scourge, to hai'e been 
ragarded with as miieh affright as that which drciv»^ 
the throng froni Wall 8trvet and Bruadw-ay at the sp- 
prowh of n new pcHtilouK. IIhtc wero atitiuniial fe- 
Ters too, and s contagious and destructive throat-dis- 
tnDprr. — rlUcaM's iinwriltt-n in iiiwlirnl 1hwIc!«, 
dark superstition of foruH-r days bad not yet been' 
•o far dixpclled a» not to heightt^n tlu* gloom of the 
pn-sent time. There is an ndrertisenient. indeed, by i 
rouiiitiili-4- of the lA-giAlature, railing fur itifomiatioo^ 
u to thv*ciretnDstnnoe«of sufFerers in the "latu ei 
ity of li''!)tl." with a ^iew to n-jramtion for tlii»ir k 
and uuBfurtunes. But thu teudcmuss with wlutJi, 

mnble tlvat great distarbaiKH 
by (H-noiis i-iitvriug tuMii au 
chaUea, ralasbes, *n<l uthtir 
cvt'tiitig Iwt/wro the Sabbath, j 
will hereafter l>e liet at the 
provfiit Xiussie otitra^eit. It ia 
afisuinitif; tli« aspect of a wu 
ably, by a ileta>.'hm«nt oi cl 
deacon at tbelr bead. Goren 
loniittion iigwimt cerlftiii "looi 
who bare been wont to Htop f 
oD tlm Fifth of November, " 
Day." anil levj- coutribulioos 
&rv». III tliix in.-'luiiL'tv llut j 
tanto than the magiHtnite. 

Tbt' fliilMirnt*^ KiiIi-iiiiiitM'A 
conianw with the sombre oliai 
caHu» of imlinjiry ilratli, the pi 
tiou tlut the corpse was " v 
Bat when sonw uiightior mo 
fate, the (UwrnM! of tJie " wonl 
n ountiwl. with all liU tiiVn nf 


■ to Uifi 




ut Uif wmxknits of Uitt day, the (mffin, and the bearers, 
«od the UmeDtabte friends, tnuUns their long bbck 
gMnuonta, while grim IV-atli, it iiKwt mUshi^ieD Blcet»> 
tun. with all kiuds of doleful cmbK-nts, stalks hideoualy 
in f ronL Tlwrv won a roauhmaker tA this period, ooe 
Jithn Lacu, who seems to faftve gained tfao chief of liU 
living by letting out a aablu coach (o funeraU. 

It would not b» fiur, bowev«r, to lesv« quite no difr 
inal an impression on tltc rv.ider'a taun\ : nor Khoiild it 
be forgotten Uiat hsppii><?M may walk soberly in durk 
attire, as well aa danee liglitaoowly tn a gahi-drewi. 
And tfaia raniDds ns that tfaera is an taoid«ntal notice 
oCtfae ** daiicing>achool near the Orangn-Ttw," wbcitea 
wn may infer that tlw! aaltatory art was oocasionaUy 
praotised. thou);h perhaps chastened into a ohaiaeter^ 
istio giarity of movement This pastime mfss probiu ! 
biy Donfined to tlii> aristoeratiii cin'l«, of wliii.-b tho 
royal goremor was the centre. B<it wo are scandal- 
iaed at the attempt of Jonathan Fumeas to introduce 
a niorv n<|>relH.>nsil)le anm«eroi;nt: he challcBgea the 
whole country to mateh bis black geltiing in a raoe for 
a lutndr<'<l [Kiundii, to Iw dticiiU-d on Mctonomy Com- 
mon or Chelsea Beach. Nothing; as to the manners of 
thu tirao* can hu inferrcal fixmi tiuA freak of an indi- 
TldmL There were no daily and continual opportu- 
nitiH of U-ing merry ; Iwit somettmeti thn |M'o|)k> n>- 
joioed, in their own pctmlinr hfifaion, oftener with a 
calm, religionu smile than with a broail laugh, as when 
they feasted, like one f^^nt family, at Thanksinviug 
time, or io<lulge<l a livelier mirth thmugiiotit tho 
pleasBOt days of Election Week. This latter was tlK 
true holiday aeasoa of New Gn^Luid. Militnn,- mn»- 
ters were too mrknwly inijxirKuit in that warlike time 
to be classed among amneementa ; but they stirred ap 


OLD NKfi'S. 

awl enliTenMl the poUic miDcl. and were occastona «1 
mIcdid fcHttvu] to tlw g»vi;ninr und great mt-u of tlM 
proviooe. at the expense of tliD field* officers. The 
K^volutioQ (jlottnl a fvasl^lay out of otir colcnilar; 
for tlw aniiiwnutrj of the king's birth a])pe3rH to bare 
\jeen celebrat»l with niust iinposiDg |)oiiip, liy ndaUit 
from Ciuolu ^V illLam. a military parade, a grand din- 
ner at the town-boose, and a brilliant illiuninatton In 
the «v«ning. TIhtc wim notliing forced nor feignt<d 
in these t^.'stimoniaLi of loyalty \a (ii-nr^' thn Srcond. 
So long as thpy drcodod tbo rol'HtabliKhinaiit of a 
popish dynasty, the people were fervent for the hoiua 
of llauoviir; and, l>o»idr:<. the immrdiatv magutra^ 
of thi^ pountry was a barrier between the nionareh and 
the occaaiouiil dbtcoiitenta of the oohinitw; the waves 
oi &etion sometimes renvhed the j^ovemor's chair, but 
BSTVr swcllnl against tlio throne. Thiu, until oppre^ 
aioD waa felt to proceed from the kind's own luuid, 
Ktw England rojoKvd with her whole heart on hii 
Majesty's birthday. fl 

lltit tlR- dlaviMi, we Mttspcct, were the merriest pailfV 
the population, since it waa their gift to be u>crry in 
the worst of circaniManms : imd thoy vndurad, com- 
paratively, few bardsbips, under the domeotio away of 
our fathers. Tlierti socnu to havo been a groat trade 
in these human enDUnmUtiea, No atWcrlisementM are 
more frrajucnt lluin tlio*» of ** a nrgro fellow, lit for 
almovt any household work " ; "a ncj^ro woman, boo- 
est) beallbv, and i-ajntblc " ; " a negro wi-ui^h of many 
deairahle qualitk-s " ; " a ne^ro man, \ery tit for a 
lor." We know not in what this natural lltneaa 
tailor Con«i«t*fl, nnlcsH it wore some p«-uUaritj' of ' 
fonnation tliat enabl-^d him to §it crofls-li'gg^d. 
tlto nluvk^'s of a family wuru iiK<onvcniently prolilio, -^ 



it being not quite ortltodox to drown the raperfluom 
offjiprittg, like a litter of kitteiu. — noUM wiw prcv- 
linilg»t«d of " a negro child to Iw ^ven sway." Saw^ . 
tttUM tliti alarea a-iMuuitl [bo prii|K.'rty of thuir owa 
penooa, and made their Mtatpe ; ataoag nuuiy such in- 
ManoeM, lltv ptrermir ni-Mw n hiie-uid-ciy after hi* : 
1^ Jnba. But, without ventiirinfr R «(»d in extentub*' 
taoo of the gotkerml ijiteiii, wo wmfctw our opiiiioti dial 
Gtm*, Fotnpej. Sctpio. and uU stioh great Uoinaa.: 
BiaMHke*. wonld have l>«H'n Ixttter adviitt-d luul tfac^l 
stayed Bt borne, foddering the eattlv. cleaning disheSi 
— in fine. )M-rfiiniiiii^ their awdoistc nbarv of tbe 1»- 
bom of life, witiiout bein<; haiaased by its cares. The 
mIiIv innu(t«ii of %Xw ntaasLon wen not excluded from 
the domestio affectioas; in families of middling rank, 
iJwy bad their pUon at tbu b<i»nl : and when the cir- 
cle closed roond the evening beartti, ita blaxe glowed 
on thftirdark ithiiiing f(u;(.«, int«-niiiictl familiarly with 
their master's children. It mtiBt have coutrtl>ute<I to 
mx)ni?ilc thorn to their lot, that thpy saw wliite mea^ 
and women imports) from Europe aa tbey lia4) been 
from Africa, luid Nuld, though only for a term of years, 
yet as actual slaves, to tbe lug)i>ei4t bidder. Slave h^ 
bor btring but a f>niiill piut of the induKtnr of the 
ooantn', it did not change the character of the peo- 
plu ; tJii^ lattiT, on thn <^>ntniry, moditird and Niiftvnu>d 
tbe institution, making it a patriarchal, and almost a 
bHUitiful, poi-tdiarity of Uie tinted 

Ab! We had ftogotten tbe good ohl merchant, 
<KitT wiioM Hlwiulder vru wore p«^^^ping, wliilu h« read 
the newqiaper. Let us now sujtpose him putting oa 
hill lhn'(vcfimi>ri'<I giildhui'd hut, gnuping big cane,' 
with a hiiad inlaid of ebony and motber4)f-pe«rl, 
•etting fttrtli, tbrougb tbe crooked fbwts of Boston, | 



on various errands, BiiggL-))t«<l b; the advertiMBMBlt 
of Utu (Uiy. I'Ihi."! he conuuiuies with himself : I ntnt 
be mmdful. says l>o, bo call at Capuiu S<-ut'« in Cra-k 
Ijimc, au<l examine his rich velvet, vrhctber it be fit 
for my Hpparcl on Elet^tion Day. — tliat 1 nuy wmt 
a HtHtvly as[>ect in presence of the go%'crnor aud mr 
brvitltrOD of the cuunril. I will look in, also, at the 
abo|/ of Michael Curio, the jeweller : h« has silnir 
buckles of a new foKhiiHi ; imd mm« hiivo la»t*Ml BUi 
iu>iiie balf-acore yean. My fair daughter Miriam 
shall have au apron of goli) brociule, and a vrlret 
roaiik, — tltougb it would be a pity the wench should 
hide luT comely visap; : and also a Frcncb t^p. from 
Robert .TeDkius'ii, on the nortJi aide of the bowu-kouMb 
Ho liath t)ca(U, too, nnd oar-rings, and nw^JacM, td 
all BorU ; tJieee are but vanities, nevertbelea*, they 
would pl«MO tho silly maidiMi well. My danMi d»- 
aireth another female in the Idtchen ; wlterefore, I 
must iui>]M^-t thv lot of lri»h litASeit, for sakt by San- 
nel WaJdn, aboard the sehooocir Endeavor ; as ilaa 
tlie tikoly ni^gro wench at Cnpliitn nalRui'hV It ware 
not amiss that I Unik my daughter Miriam to sec tba 
royal wax-work, near the town-ilock, tluit ttbt may 
kiii-n to Ininor our nivrt ^tcious Kinf; and Qoc«n. and 
their r<>}'al prngeny. even in their waxen inuigea ; sot 
tliut 1 wnidd approve of inwgo-woraliip. The ramrl, ■ 
tfio, that Strang beast from Africa, with two great 
hum|>fl, to Ui iui-n iirnr tJie Conution : m»tliinkj> 1 
would fun go thither, and see how the old patriarrh* 
were wont to ri<l«. I will tarry awlillf in QoMn 
Strc4-1, at thp liookstoro of my f*ood friends Kuerfaud 
A Green, and purchase Dr. Colman'a now wniion, | 
and tJie volume of discourses by Mr. Henry Fl 
and look over the controversy on baptism, bet' 



H the R«v. Peter Clarke atul iin onktMwn adverBaiy ; 
H and see wbetber Uu.4 Ueorgtt Wliiu-Dt^M be wi gr«at 
^ In print aa hv U famed t" \mi in die [iidpiL By tbmt 
tune, tile auctiou will bare ctimineDced at the Rojal 
Exchangi*, in King Strrt't Morwvt-r I mtut look to 
^ the di^poul uf my last oargo of West India nun and 
H muMovado tnigar ; and alvo the lot uf clu>i«e ChcMhirv 
~ ohncM, Iwt it grow mouldy. It were well that I or- 

■ deted a oaak of j^ood EngliHh In^cr, at lli« lower end 
of &Blk Street. Tlicii am I to speak with certain d«il- 
en about the lot of scout old Vidonia, rich Canary, 

■ Mid Oporto wine«, which I have now l^ing in tlw oet- 
lar of the OM South ineeting4wuse. Bot, a pipe or 
two of the rich Cjuiaiy shall bo rewrv«d. ilutt it may 
grow mellow in mine own wine«eUac. and gladden my 
B heart when it W-gins to droop with old a^e. 
H Provident old gentleman t Hut, was he mindftd of 
H hLi !ifj)uk-hre ? Dtd ho biHliiitk hini to radl at tlie 
H workshop of Timothy Sheaffe, in Cold Lane, and se- 
■ lect moh a gravestone a* would hcNt pK'a»«- litm 7 
W Then wroogfat the man whose Itandiwork, or that of 
hit feUow-craftsmen, was ultimately in demim<l by all 
the busy moltitude who have left a record of their 
earthly toil in these old timo-Maiui-^l [wpem. And 
H now, 08 we turn over the volume, we seem to be wan- ' 
H decing among the mowy ittonat of a buriot-ground. 



At a period a1>out twenty yean ftul)ae<{uent to that 
of our former skoteh, w» again atti^'Uipt a di'lintuition 
of some of the cbaracteristioB of life and manDL-n in 
Englviu). Our text-book, aa before, is a file of 


aati(ju« nAwspnpcrs. TIm Toltune wluoh served us for 
a writing-<le^ is a folio of iargvr dimoturioiu tlnn the 
one l>€>furv (lt-«<rrilH'<l ; und the papers are generally 
printol on a whole ahed, WMiivttDivx vrilJi n supplr 
rnvntal leaf of news and advertisementfl. They imytt 
« vcn4-ralib apjiearance, being orcrnpreajl wild n diisk- 
inms of more than sereuty y«ars, aiid diwolored, here 
aiiil tlM^n*, with ttiA deeper .staiiui of aome liquid, as if 
the cA>Dtpnt8 of a wineglass )uul loti;; Hinra (wen splashed 
upon Uie \Mgv. Still, Um> old book cooveys an impres- 
sion that, when the separatv nuitibcni wrrv flyinj; al>oat 
town, in thtt fir*t day or two of their res]»e<-tive exitt- 
«Qee«, tboy ini;^ht have bw?n fit rvailing for very »ty- 
liah people. Such newspapers could hare been Usiied 
nowlieru bat in a metropolis, ihb et>ntre, not only of 
public and priml« affuni, but of fashion and gay»>ty. 
Without any diseriKtit to tbe eolonial pmw, tliem 
nii^ht have been, ant! probalily were, spreail out on 
the tables of the British Coif of-1iou hit. in Kin); Street, 
for the pertLtal of tlie throng of ofBeem who tlten 
drank their wine at that colebrat^-d extsblisbioent. To 
inu^rent these military gentlcnten. there were bulletins 
of the war lictwecn Pruffiia and Aiutrin ; betwaen £ng> 
land anil Franoe,ou tbe old )iiattle-)>lain9 of IHandera: 
and bi-twitrn llitr Kiune iint»gimitil», in tht^ nower fiehia 
of the P^st Indies, — and in our own tnu-kloas woods, 
when; white nu-n never trod until (Iwy mn)« to flfj^ht 
tliuru. Or, the travelled American, the petit-maitrc 
of tbe colonies, — tl>o ape of London foppen*. a>> the 
newspaper wiin tlw semblanee of tho London joiimalii, 
— he with his gray pow<lered periwig, his embroidered 
eoat, ln«e rufHtvi, und glossy silk stockings, golden* 
clocked, — his buckles of glittering paste, nt koee-bajid 
and ahue-stiap, — hts soentod luuidkcrcbief, lutd chap- 





VKQ beneath hin arm, — erun mich a djiinty ft^^tre need 
not liiiri* ilLi^lainMl lo (;Iaiii<« nt ttusne nlil yclloir [m^-s. 
white they were thv mirror of jKuwio^ times. For his 
anmaesoent, there were eeaaya of wit aiiit huinor, the 
light literatnra of thw <Iay, whicli, for hn-ftdth Hml li- 
, night have proceeded from the ])en of I-'iKlditig 
' SHOUet ; while, in otlwr ooIumoA, he woalil delight 
his imqg^atton witli the entunerated item§ of aU tmrts 

.lei finery, und wiUi tho rivRl advertwemettU uf huU a 

L'daieii p(.-nike-mak«nt. In nliort. n«wer mannerB and 
customs had alnuMt entirely sii[>er!t«^)rd those of tlie 
Puritans, even in their own city of n^fuge. 

It waa natural that, with the Ups« of tinw and in- 
> of weallli iini) {xijinlutirui, thi* pt-^'idtaritics of the 

tcsriy aettlers should have waxed fainter and fainter 
throngh the graonilions of their deerendants. who 

■also bad been alloyed by a uontinual aotviiHtou of emi- 
grants from many countries and of all characters. It 
tended to assimilate the colonial ntaniiera to tlioac of 

tlb* iDOtlier«oimtn'. timt tV* cimtnt'rv-inl inten-oitrse 

[ma p«at, and that the uiLTohanU often went thither 
in their own ships. lotloed, almMt every man of ade- 

Iqoate fortune felt a yearning desire, and even jud^wl 

'It a tUial duly, at least one*- iu hiit lifi% to visit tlw 
borne of his ancesturv. They still called it their own 

iltome. aa if New England were to tlH-m, what many of 
old Puritans had considered it. not a permanent 
abiding-place, but merely a lodge in thu wilderness, 
nntil the trouble of thi? tintra shonli) be passed. I'he 
example of the royal governoni mri-tt have had much 
ioAiiCOW on the nutnncn of the «>h»i!sts ; for tliese 

;zu]ets assumed adeffree of state and njdeiidor wliich 
never bwn pnurtiaed by tht-ir pntlc-i-worn, who 
differed in nothing from republioan chief'^uagislrates. 

i1(Ut the old charter. Tlw nflirvn of the rrown. 
pulili<^ vliitntcUTM ill Uie iiit^^it'st of the admiuutntudi, 
und tlie geuUcUM.-n uf wi-iUtli iinil good dmopnt, f^aia- 
ally itutvil for tbcir loyalty, would constitute a djgni* 
finl ciivK-, will) l)i<! guvi-ntur in lliv uuntre, liiniim k 
wry padsable resemblance to a court. Tlietr ulcait 
tluiir lubitH, tbeir code of ootutesy. aad thur tInM. 
would have all the fn-fl)i glitter of fashions immodi. 
Bt«ly tK-rivfd fit>tit Um* fnuut^ii-ht-iul in Kngland. To 
prevent their nvAv* uf life from bcvomtoji tite stand, 
unl wiUi all who had the alnlity to iuutiitt' tlK-rn, thrre 
was iio lonp.T an undue eeverity of religion, nor a* 
yet any disaffection to British supremacy, nor denifr 
crutif [irujiidiwH ugainttt panip. Thu«, while tbe iwlu- 
nieit ^icre attaining Uiat Htj«ngtli which wan aoon U 
rviiik'r them an independent republic, it might 
been Hiip)HMasl that tJic wealthier clasitc^ were gro 
into ail aristovracy, and ripening fur Hrreclitary rank, 
whilv the poor were to be atmtioiiary in tltetr ubaa^ 
ment, and the country, perhaps, to be n sister mon- 
archy with England. Such, doubtless, were the plansi- 
blv t'onjoi-tures deduced frtun the «upcrtii.-ial plieaoiB- 
ena of our connection witli a monarchical governinNil, 
nnltl tVt pro«[)rotivr mtliility were levi'llr«l with the 
moh, by tbe mere f^tli«ring of winds that preeeiled 
tbv xtorm of the Revolution. The portcntu of tlinl 
storm were not yi-t viiublc in tlio air. A tnte picture 
of !WM-i4'ty, llierefore, woulil have llie rich effvct ptv- 
dutxrd by diittinctions of nuik that mwued permanent, 
and by a[>pro]>riate habil« of splendor on the [art of 
the f^-Dtry. 

Tbe people at large had been somewhat changed in 
ohanttfter, sinw tlie iwriod of our hwt ttketofa. by tliur 
great exploit, the conquest of IjouiBbw;g. After that 

}0 d^. 




tiTrat, the New Eiiglunlers never oecUei] into {irecLseljr 
the aaue (|uiH nu-o which mII the worlil liiul tinuf^Ml 
them to bt*. Th«y had done & deetl of biston', and 
min uixiouB to add nfw ont-s to the record. I'liujr 
had proved thoraseJTes powerful enough to mflueuoe 
the result of a war, and were thnurfurtli callfd u|>o<d, 
and willingly con6«ul«d. to join their sir^ngiii against 
tlM MMmiH of Knghmd ; on tho«e fields, at leuti 
where victory would redound to tJieir peoidtar advan- 
tage. And now, in the buU of tlie Old Frvnoh \V*ar, 
they might well be ttirme^ a martial people. Ereij 
man wait a »(>I<)ifr, or the father or bmthcr of a wol- 
dier ; and tlie whole land literally ecliocd witli the 
roll »f thtf dntin, eitlwr Keating up for recruits among 
tbe towna and villages, or striking the march towards 
IIm: fronticri. Besides thu proviiu-ial tnwpe, then] 
were tweiity-tlin« British tegimenta in the uorthem 
colonic*. The oountr>' has nevt-r known s period of 
mnh excitement an<l warlike life, except during the 
Rvvulution, — perhaps acaroely then ; for that was a 
lingering war, and tliui a stirring and ev<>ntful one. 

Otu' would think that no very wonderftd talent waa 
requisite for an hiiitorieal novel, when the rough and 
hurri4-d para^^iphs of thc«o m^wspapers cjui nvaU the 
past BO magically. We seem to be waiting in the 
atnwt for ilw- arrival of the ]m>tt-ridvr — wIh> ih Hcldom 
nore than twelve hours beyond bis time — witlt let- 
tm. by way of Albany. fr»ni thv varioiiH departments 
of the army. Or. we may fancy ourselves in the cir^ 
cle of LiHU-ticTH, idl with norks nrcIclH'al out UiwimU 
ao old gentleman in the centre, who delibenitely puts 
on Ilia itp<itjich-H. tinfiiklH the wi-t ttcn H|uii)er, and gives 
OS the details of the broken and contradietory reporti 
which have hwii flying from mouth to mouth, ever 

VOL. m. 



BtQOO the courier altgbtM at 5«cret3uy OUrer't oAn. 
SometUDM wn bnv* aa aocmmt ol Uio Indian akir> 
nii.tlM's near Lake Qtorga, and bmr a nuijpt^ p*'^ <■' 
pi-nWnirialx w*tw so otoewl; pnrmwd, tluU thmy tlin-w 
away tbeir artuH, and vke llieir shoes, stocking!, aad 
browtrliM. luarvl}' n>A('hiiif* Um; cainfi in Uii-ir shirts, 
which also irere t«n-il>1y tuttered by the bushea. Then 
thtfrv ia a journal of the siege of Fort Niagara, sn mi- 
nnte that it ahnoet numbers the rannon-^hiH ami 
humUi, and dtutcribvit the e.Sifci of tliu luiUTniisnlci 
on thv Frvnch t.'onuuiuidanf's stone tnanaion, within 
the fortt-esa. In the lelteni of the provinrial iifRoen, 
it i» tunuHing to obaerre how some of tfaviu emUaTor 
to oatch the earelem and jovial turn of old caaipaigif 
en. On4? gentleman tells us that fa« holds a hr^ 
niing gla&s in bis band, intending to drink thr lutaltli 
of his (rurrwpondiint, unless n cannon-buU should datli 
the U(]nnr from Ilia lips ; in the fnidst of hi" hrtter he 
bears the Ik-IIs of the French rhurchcs ringing, in Qoe- 
bec, and rt^colleets that it is Sunday ; wher<.-u|»<n. like 
B good I^te«tant. lie mulves to disturb the Catliolio 
worship by a few tliirty-two {Kiund shot. While this 
wiekml innn of war wiu ihiu making a jest of religion, 
bis pious mother bod probably put up a note, that 
Tvry Sablutlt-diiy, deKiHng the " prayers of the eoa- 
gregation for a son gnue a soldiering." We trt»t. 
honvnT, tJint there wcro soni« stout old worthies who 
were not ashamed to do aa their fathem did, Intt v«at 
to prayer, with rbi-ir luildirnt, before leading them to 
battle ; and doubtless fought none the worse for that 
If we had enliiited in tlio Olil Freneh War, it sbouU 
havi! Uvn nnd'r sut-h a captain : fur we lure to aea a 
man keep the Gliara«^^TiAtit.'!( of his rounCry.' 
1 Tba eDatatniilaoiM jmlou/ of ths Briltth wnj, Uma Mm gf» 



TbMB Ifltten, and oUwr tnUtUigcitoe from tl)« xnay, 
an pleasant and lively rvadiii);, and ettr ap Uie mind 
like tha nmno of a drum and fif«. It in Icjts ogtccabla 
tr> ineeiwitb aeoonnts of wotoeo slain iud scalped, and 
inbnbi donhud af^ust trees, bj tlu> ludiatw i>a tbo 
frontiera. It is u i^trikinf; cimonstanoit ttiat ianuiner* 
able bears, ilriveii from the wooda br the uproar of 
oootcnding armt«s in titeir aumetomed haunts, broke 
into lli« m^ttli-iuKuto, aiwl commit Its) gtrat nivngCit 
among vhildrpo, as well as sheep and swino. Some of 
them prowled where bean had never itn^ for a cco- 
tm;. panetntii^ within a mile or two uf Boston ; a 
fact that gives a atrong and gloomy impnwtton of 
sMDething very terrific gmng on in the foraat. sinoe 
these savage beaats HpiI townward to avoid it. Rut it 
is impossible to moniliza about snch triHes, when every 
DCwKinper oontotM tales of military enterpriw, aitd 
often a bazES for viotcwT ; as, for instance, tlie tal[in|> 
of Tiooadoroga. long » place of awe to tti« pruvinciaU, 
and ooe of tiw bloodiest spots in the present war. Mor 
in it untdeaaaat, among whole pages of czultatiao, to 
find a note of sorrow for the fall of some bnv« ofB- 
OM* ; it oomea wailing in, like a funeral atmn amidst a 
peal of triumph, itself triumphant too. Such was the 
lam ec ta lioH ovi;r Wolfa. Soroewliere, tu thiH volume of 
newspapers; thot^ we cannot now lay our linger upon 
the pasHige, we recollect a report that General Wolfe 

•ml d»»nw«rdK *"■ ^"7 S^'ioK to tba pnxinHnl troopik In om of 
lb* tM)*npap*ni. ihrm )i au admlnUiU ktwr at a Ni-v Encbad uka, 
ro|iir>l tnxn Uh* 1>3uJimi Chninklc, dafmilbii; ibf prDttiMMi with ma 
»Kiitf <iH>rtt>7 ot KrMiUln, uid wHMwhai la hb u;ln. Tha iHHr U 
ftUc. ■!», b«ouua il (kIm *p tba ramte of llw wbok nag* at 
M if ibc wxilar Imknt a|>on thaa kH u ocattlTnitiie una 
Mevlry. wiil ilioi bb own. Colovkl |iauk4anii had uut hiiharW beta 
ae tniid a tonifaacat. 



vu fliiiiti, oM liy the oncmy, but by a ahot fram faU 
owu soldiers. 

In the advcrtitung oolunuui, also, w« are oontiAiulIj 
reminded tJuit the conntr}' was in » state of war. Gov- 
cnior PowniUl makes pToclamatiati fur Ux; f-nliicting of 
soldiers, and din-c-tK the militaa coIimibIs to attend to 
Umi: diw!i]ilin« of tlu^ir reginientH, and the MiootiiMB of 
every town to replGoisb their stocks of ammtiBitiaa. 
The nmgaiine, by tbe way, was genvnUty kept in tha 
upper loft of the village meeting-hutuse. TIm* |in>- 
vim-iol (U])taiii« are dmnming up for unUllen, b 
every nevnipaper. Sir JeBfrey AnibL-rat adverttMa for 
batt«aux>mi;n, to Im>. ciuploy<>d on tbo \n\um ; and giiM 
notice to the officers of seven British rvgitoeuta, dia* 
perwd on tli« nvniiting Rcr^-joe, to rcndeEvom in Boa- 
ton. Captain lialiowell. of the province ship-a(-wir 
Kiog Georgf, invitL>s ablo-bodiiHl wianiao to aem hia 
ftfajesty, for fifteen pounds, old tenor, per monlh. By 
tha rewards offcrvd, Uiere would apjM>ar bo Iiavu beaa 
freqiunt desertions fmtn the New England foroei : wt 
applaud their wis^loiu, if not their rolur or tntagrity. 
Cannon of all i^ihn-.-t, gunpowder and lulls, firvlaeka. 
pistols, Bworda, and hangers, worn eommon articlea of 
merdiiitidiw. IJanii'l ■loncx. at tW sign of the hat 
and helmet, offers to supply officers wilh scarlet liruad- 
cloth, gold-laco for hatj« nn<) wuatcoata, oocIuiIm, and 
other military foppery, allowing credit tmtil the pay* 
rollH shall \Mi luaiU* up. Tlii.i advi.'rtJMnient givM tH 
quito a gorgeous idea of a provinoial eaptaia in fall 

At the commcnctnncnt of the eaiiipaign of 17S9, tiu 
British genei-al infomts tbe fanuera of New BngUnd 
lliat a r>-giilar market will U> cstaiili»h»<l at Laka 
Gvorge, whither they ace invited to bring pioviaioM 


\ re&efilimonta nf all Mntat, for U>i^ n*r of the >nny. 
H«ac« wo muy form u sint^alu- ptirture of petty CrafBFi\ 
Ht »w»y from aiiy jKnoaneat •vttliniMiitA, among th« 
hills vrhii-'h l>on)*T that runtantic take, with the solemn 
voods oveniliatlowiug liu! m-i^dv. C'luviuHiee of bnL 
loclu and taX porkcn are platwcl upri^^lic against tbe 
huge tnuilu of l\w trfe^ ; fowls luuig fn>Ri Um- luwor 
bnUMtlwv, Uolibing iLj^iust tbe head^ of tlioee beneath ; 
batter - firkins, great cheeaes, aiwl brown luarea of 
houMltold bread, bakol in diatant ovens, are collected 
ander lenijMrar^' slkelters or pine-boogha, with ginger^ 
bread, and punipkin-piT-H, jH^rlupif, uiul utbnr toothsome 
dainties. Eurrels of cider and spmoe-beer are rtuiniug 
freely luto tli« wtiotlen (.-aiitvcDit of thv aokUon. Im- 
agine such ft MeDe, lieneatli tbe dark foreHt ranopy, 
witli kttrc and tfaeru a fvw irtrug;gling sunlx'^uiiM, to di^ 
sipate the gloom. See the sbrBwd yeonicn. haggling 
witJi tlK-ir scarlet-coated customers, abating somewhat 
in their prioeisL, but atitl dealing at mouatrous proQt; 
aod then complete Ihi- pivturt- with circtiuistancca that 
bespeak war aod danger. A cannon shall be seen to 
Uilcb ita lum^e from among the tm^H. a^tiuHt mime 
dtatant eaooes on the lake : the traffickers ehall pause, 
and HM-ra to lutarkcn, at intcrviiK a^ if they luuutt the 
rattle of musketry or the shout of Indians; a scouting 
party ahall be tirivcu in, with two or three faint and 
bloody moo among them. And. in spito of the«e dis- 
turbances, bonneas goefl on briakly in the m&rkvt of 
[the wildemeaa. 

It must not be supposwl that tlie martial character 

of the tiinvs ioterrripli^vl all purnuit" cxwpl thow oon- 

liMNTtod with war. On tJie contrary, there appears to 

I havt' Um'ii •! ^'i-ia-nd vignr imd viviicjly iliffiiM?d into 

. whole round of oolonial life. Duiing the winter 



of 1759, it was compotcil thxt H>)oiit a llina<>.tn<1 shA- 
looiU of country prodoon vn't^ daily l>n'tij-)il itito iV» 
ton market. It wns a HvnipUira nf an irrvgular aol 
Hn<|tiu't cMurae of affairs, tliat iununM^ratile l«tltcrin 
vrvTv ]>t-ojvcteil, osteniiibly for thv ]mr|H>Mt ii( jiublv 
un[ii-ov«nwnlA, suob as roads and Inidges. Huiy (» 
inHU-* NuiM-d tltc opportunity to riijt)>^> lu liiiMne«! 
as, Ainon^ others, Alice Quick, who dwUt in (rnK.'k«y i 
and lioRtpr}-, nrxt <)oM- to Doovon Iteautintun'ii ; Mar; ■ 
Jiu.-kiion, who sold butt«'P. at the Bnoen-iiead. in Von- ^ 
hill; Abigail ililh-i', wlio taugfat omaniPtital work, 
noar the Orangc-TnM.^ whvrv also whk to be seen th« 
King and Queen, in wax-work ; Sarah Morehead, an 
in»tnii.'t«r in glaaa-painUng, drawing, nad japaanin^; 
Mary Salmon, who nlhx) horsiw, at the Sotitli End; 
Harriet Pain, at iIh! BtH*k and (ilovc, and Mrs. Hen- 
rietta Maria ('aiite, at the Golden Fan, U>th fa.<duai»- ; 
able niiUinerti ; Anna Ailanto, who iulr(.>rtUM« Quebec 
and Garriek boniiots., Pru&aian oloaks, and seartet car- 
dinat». opjioMitv the old brick ineeting-bouiM ; beoiJe* 
a lady at the head of a wine and spirit eslublishinent. 
Uttle did duM good dainv« i^xgH-ct U> rcup|H-.'U' iH^fore 
the publio, so long after they had made their last couiv | 
tMMM b«>lund the* oonnUT. Onr great-graiidaidthertj 
were a Htirring «aterfaond. and seem not to liave 
uttt.^rly dvK])tM(<d by iht gcnth^nK-u at Uie Britinli Co 
houae; at least, some j^racioiw bacbetor. thoiv n-sidentT' 
gives pnblio notici^ uf bi» wiUingneas tn lake a wife, 
providiid she be not above twentj'-threiN and jnHwait 
brown hatr. n^^dar ft-nturi'a, a brisk eye, and a for- 1 
tune. Now, thiii wan j^al eundeiux-nttion titwnrtU thnl 
ladiea of Masaachusetta Bay, in a threadbare lieuten- 
ant of foot. 

Polite literature was beginning to make ita appear- 1 



ance. Few native works wwe advertiMd. it w true, 
coEOept wrmons and treatiMS of ooatrovernal dirinity ; 
nor were the Englisli autiion of th« day much known 

, on this HJdA of the Atlantic. But catalqguea wan fra- 
quently offorod »t aui*tJoD or private aale, ooBi|iriMDg 
the ataailard English books, history, eeaaya, and po- 
etry, of Qui-4>n Aiinu'ii I4jc. luid the prfcwUrig wiitury. 
We see nothing in the natun> uf a novel. uiJe«K it 
be " Th« Two MotlM>ni. pria; four eoppera." Ther« 
was an American poet, however, of whom Mr. KutlvU 
baa preMrv«>d nu it{>«v3nu-ii, — the author of " War, 
ao Heroic Poem " ; he puhlLthvs by Mibiteriptioii, and 
threatens to proseoulv his patrons foi not taking tJ>eir 
books. Wc h!ivi<! diBt'ovi-rvd a pL-riotUoitl, lUiw, and 
one that ban a peculiar cUiin to be reoord<>d lM^ro, 
since it bore the litle of " Tiic New EKriLAND Maga- 
zine," a forgotten prMlcot-iisor, for whi<'li vny nhould 
have a filial rv»p«ct, and take its excellence on trust. 
The fine arts, too, were btuliling iiit'> exixti'm-e. At 

i the " old ;^ass and pii-turv shop," in Comhill. various 
maps. platMi, ani) views arv a^lvcrtiw^). luid among 
thrro a ** Proxpert of Boston," a mpperjdati^ en^rar- 
ing of Qiiettec, and the effigies of all thit New England 
raiDi»tfni uvur dont* in mmxutinto. All these must 
have been very salable artii-les. Other ornamental 
wan* weto to b« fotmd at the same shop ; such as 
violins, fiutes, hautlM>\-s, miMJeal ImmIu, EDgllnh and 
X>ut(.'h t«>)'«, and London babies. AlMut this period, 

I Mr. Dipper pv«a notice of a ooooert of vocal and in- 
uental miuio. Tlwrv had already been an at- 
iit thcatmal exhibitions.* 
There are tokens, in every newspaper, of a sityle of 

j luxury and nuignificeoce whiub we do not nsually aseo- 

I ciata with our ideaa of the timea. When the p c uj iertjr 




of a deceatwd p<>T»>n nas to \» nolil, we And, udoo^ tiw 
hunwhold fiimittirv, Nilk i>v<U nod luuigij^s, iJiniMh 
table-cloths. Turkey carpets, pictures, pier^^aaaes, 
tiwt \AaU; tmA nil things prajter fur a tuAAu 
Wiiwi was more ^nerally clniolc than now, tbougl) \tj 
00 means to tlie neglect of ardent spirits. For the 
sppiircl of both sexM, the mwdtr* and milliners ia^ 
pnrted good store of fine broadcloths, especially scar- 
lil, crimson, und nky-lJiif, ailks, sutins, lawns, aitd vel- 
vets, ^old bitK'Eule, and gold luid silver bu'e, and silver 
(mmcIk, and Hilvvr sjJiuigltw, until Comhill s1mid« amd 
sparkled with their merobandiwi. The gaadieat dnsi 
IwniiiA»il>]v by iiKMb^ni ta.tt4- fmU-H into a Q»aki!r-lik« 
sobriety, compannl with the deep, rich, glowing splen- 
dor of our anuostoT*. Such Bgurc* wvra aliDMt loo 
Ana to go aliout town on foot : accordingly. cmniagM 
were so numcmiu iw to m|turo a tax ; and it is t^ 
corded that, when Oovornor Benimd name to the pnrr- 
incv. lie vnui met between Di'<Ui:im and Boston by a 
multittiile of gfntlenien in their iikwIw!i and i-ltariots. 
Take my arm, gentle reader, aod Dome with tue into 
sntne stn^t, perhaps tmddeji by your ilaily foolstaps, 
but which DOW lias sikOi an aspect of bwl f-familiaT 
strangeness, tliat yoa suspect younelf to be mlkfaig 
abroad in a dream. Tnto, tliera im> snine briirk mIi- 
Amb which you remember from cbililhood, and which ' 
your father and grandfatlter rememWred as well : but ■ 
yoii arc j^crpli-xod by ih« abMUW of many that wep» 
hvrc only an liour or two since ; and ittiU man vaaxb- 
uig is tJte presence of whole rows of wooden and plaif- 
t«i«d lunitH.-*, projwtii^ orcr the sidewalks, and Wai^ 
iag iron figures on tbeir fronts, which prove tbem to 
have stood »a the sAino sites iiboii-c a ccntari-. ^Iien 
have your eyes boen that you never saw them befora? 

0U> HBWS. 


long thf glioftly ftttcot, -~ for. at lengtli, yoit w>ti- 
dude that all is anmbstontia], Uiutigh it bo so good 
k nutclcery of lu antiqne town, — along the ghostly 
street, there are ghostly people too. Etott' gentlenuta 

»luu his tfar«e«omer«(l hat, either on lun hoMi or ud- 
dor hU arm ; and nil wi-w wigs in infinite variety, — 
the Tip, the Brigadier, the Spenoer, the Al)l•■fna^ll^ 
the M^ijur, tlte Kamilltcii. thn grave Fidl - Iwltom, or 
the pdily Feather-top. Look at the elaborate hx^ 
rofflet, and the •qiianr-Airted oo«l» of gi>rgi'<>u)t hues, 
bedixened with silvor and gold I Make way f<ir tfan 
{AantoBi'tiidks, wbueo hoop* require rnich brNulth of 
plOBB^ M tbey jiace niajestieally along, in silken 
gowns, bloc, gnx-n. or yrlluvr. Iirilliantly laiiViroidera). 
and with small aatin liat^ siinnmiQting their powdered 
hair. Make way ; for ttu- whole upoctral show will 
Taniidi, if your earthly gannenis liruah against their 
tiibBS. Now that thu scene ih brightest, anl the whole 
street glittera wilh imaginary Banshine, — dow hark to 
the Wlla nf the Old Sootli and tlte Old Nortii. ringing 
out witli a audden and merry |»eal. white the vannoa 
t>f C««tle Willtiun thtindrr Ui'low tliv town, ard tlioee 
of the Diana frigate repeat the sound, and the Charles 
town Imttenot rrply witti a tu'artT roar ! You m« the 
crowd toss up their hats in visionary joy. You hear 
of illuniinalioDjt iknd fire-work«. and of bonflrea, built 
on ecaflolds, raised eevetal stories above the ground, 
that are to hlaie all night in King Street and on Bea> 
con HiO. And here come the trumpets and kettle- 
drunu, and the tramping hoofs of the Boston troop of 

■ hone-jfuards, eceorting the governor to King's (.'1i»[m;1, 
where he ts to trtum aoleinn thankx for the Hurrendet 
of Quubeo. March on, thou xhiuIowT troo))! and van- 
ish. gItosUy rruwd ! an<l cliange again old street I fol 
those sUrriDg tiinvs are gone. 



Opportanely for Hvf- cnnolii.tion nf our Bhctch, ft ttt 
brol:e nut, an the twentieth of Matvb, 1760, at the Bo' 
Ben-lluw), ill Curiiliill, and consumed nearly four iam- 
dred buildings. Similar duuKtvn) have alvays been 
U]KK:Uit in tbe chronology of Bustou. Tlut uf 1711 
had hitherto bcrn Ivrmwl Uut (ircat Ftrc, bat oow r^ 
ai^ed itrt buloful di<^ty to one which has ever RDM 
n'Uuni.-<t it. Did wv dctirv to movu Uiu reader's tyw 
patMes on this subJM't, we would not be graiuIii«M]uont 
iibixit tlin- M-a of billowy flamo, tlte jawing and rrum- 
hlia^ streeto, tbe broad, black, finaainent of smokv. and 
the blaitt of wind tlut sprang up with the coaflof^imtiaa 
and roar«d behind it. It would be nwre efTvrtiw to 
nark out a ttinglo family nt tlie moment when tka 
Bunics caught ujton an aoffle of their dwelling : then 
would ensue tlie removal of th>^ Imlridden gfmnd> 
mother, the cradle with the Bleeping infant, and, moil 
dismal of all, tl>e dying man just at the extiemt^ of 
a lii);:ci-ing dtM-»M>. I>o but imagine thp cotifuMdj 
agony of one thus awfully dihturtHKl in bin but honTtl 
\m fmrful ghuco bdiind at tbt? ounsiuning fire raging I 
afhrr him, from bouse to house, ait iu di-vottvl victim; ' 
and, 6nally, tbe almost ea^-muM witli which be would | 
seize some calmer interval to die! The Great I>^| 
miut liave realized many such a ncvne. 

DoubllcAs posterity has acquii-ed a better ci^ by i 
the calamity of tliat gcuerntitui. Hoot will be incUntd 
to lament it at this late day, except the lover of i 
ta<tuity, who would have been glad to walk 
those atrceti* of vciicmblc bouws. faw^tng the old to> 
habitants still there, tliat he might commune with 
tlieir ahadowi, and paiut a uiorc vivid picture of their 

OlD »BWS. 



Ag:ain we take a leap of aboat twenty years, and 
■light iu the midit »£ the Uvvoluliun, iDilevd, huv- 
iag jtut closed a Tolttme of colonial newspapers, whi«h 
n^fCseiited tlw pericxl wh«n in»narcliieal ami ariato- 
crmtjo (NtBtiitKint* vn-rv at thu lii;^8t, — aikd oow 
opening; another volonie printed iu the same metn^Ki* 
lit, aftvr HiK-h senlimrnt.i luul long Wtm dvctneid a sio 
and shame, — we feel as if the leap were more lliaa 
figurHtirc. Our l»t« ooano of nwling ku8 tincturod 
03. for the moment, with autiqae prejudices ; and we 
Hhnnk (mm the ftlmig«]y oontnsted tunes into which 
we emer^ like one of tbose immutable old Toriea, 
who acknowledge no opprcaaino in the Stamp Aot. It 
maj Im- the most efTentive nwtliod of going through 
the preseot file of papers, to follow out tlu« idt.'s. and 
ttansConn ounu'If, [keit'lmnce, from a modem Tory 
into sndi a Bturdy King-man u» onoe woro tluit pliable 

Well, then, here we nt, iin oh], gray, witbcrwl. M>ur- 
Tisagv)), threwlbare soK of gentleman, erect enough, 
here in our aoUtutlp, but marked out by a depre«a«d 
and distrustful mien abroad, aa on« oonsciooa of a 
atfgma u|k>» hiH forchuail, though for no crime. We 
were already in the decline of life when the first 
tremors of the earthijuake that has con\idsed tlie coo- 
tioent were felt. Oui- mind had grown too rigid to 
diange any of its opiaioDs, when the voice of tlie 
paopLa demaadcfl tliat all «bould bo changed. We aro 
an Epsoopalian, and sat under the Itigfa-Cburch doe- 
k4rinM of Dr. CaiK-r ; ve liave !)■.■<>» a captain of the 
provincial foroee, and love our king the better for the 



blood that wp lOiod in bis cause nn the Pbuns of Ahr»- 
Itiuu. Among all the rvfuKi-t-Jt, tlwrc in Dot aan man 
loyiil to tbe bo^^kbone than wo. Still we liagsnd 
b^nd wbcn tbe British army cvitmai«d Bootoo. 
tweeping in its train most of tboee with whom w« 
held communion : the old, lo\-a] gentlraira, tbe aris- 
tocracy of tbe colootm, the bcraditary En;u:luihmaji, 
imiiued with nioi-e tbaa native zeal and ndmtnUioii 
for tliei gloHuus iKianil and its monarch, became thn 
farintervening ooean threw a dim nrvrentv arouad 
tbcm. When onr bretlirpn departed, we ootdd not 
tear our agm] roots out of th<> .loil. Vt\- haw n* 
maincd. tltcrvfora, enduring to be outwardly a fr 
man. but idoliring King (leorge in tevtrvj mhI silMM^I 
— one iTiw old bcitrt atuongHl a host of menuea. 
watch, «-ith a weary hope, for the moment when all 
tlu8 turmoil uluitl itiiK^idi:-, and th^ impions nortitf 
that bus dUti-act«d our latter years, like a wild i1r»«ih 
giw plaw t<> tlifl blcwM.-d fjuictnde of royal itway. with 
the king's name in ever>' ordinance, his prayer in tlie 
cbun-1), luK iK-jJth At tlu- l)oanl, and bis lore is tlu 
people's heart. Meantime, our old age fimls little 
honor. HiLitlt'd Ituve we been, till dri\'en fnuii town- 
meetinga ; dirty water has been rast upon our rofflea 
by n Whig rhninlxrinAid ; .lulin Hancock's coai.'hman 
seixee every opportunity to bospottt^r ut with mud; 
daily aro we booMd by the unbreecbed rebel brats; 
aitd narrowly, onw. did onr gray hair* eteape tba 1^ 
Bominy of tar and feathers. Alas ! only that we tmt- 
not bear to die till tb<> next roj-al gorenwr eeam 
o*-er, we would fain be in oiu" quiet gnm>. 

Such an old man among new things are we iriMt 
now hold at arni's-U-ngtli tbo robel newspaper of th« 
day. The rery llgure-bead. for the tJumsandth tt