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(prefatory ommitted) 


In the onset I have acknowledged the very kind assistance I have had 
from Dr. B.E. Mossman of Greenville, Pa. He has given me much of the very 
early history of the family and corroborated much that I have been able to 
glean elsewhere. 

This he obtained on a personal visit to Scotland where he consulted 
the, "Acts of Parliment of Scotland", history, and public archives of the 
churches and municipalities. 

Like myself, he has written innumerable letters, hunted up ond bible 
records, visited many cemeteries and examined moss grown tombstones. 

He feels certain all of the name in America descended from the first 
parent stock, the knowledge of whose comming we have record . I cannot 
agxee with him. I have found several families of the name whose descendants 
are quite sure their ancestors came at a period long ante -dating that of 
which we have knowledge and with whom I cannot in the remotest degree 
connect our family. Whether I am right, or he, we shall never know. 

About four centuries ago, the minor sovereigns of Europe began to con- 
sider the open crowns as no longer consistent with their dignity, so, as to 
distinguish them from the coronets of the nobles, they were ordered closed 
i.e. bands of gold were brought up from the sides to meet at the top, which 
was surmounted by the Imperial ball and Cross. The change was made during 
the reign of James V (1512-1542) in Scotland, and this historic work was 
intrusted to the court jewler, James Mossman, 

The same James Mossman subsequently furnished pieces of jewlery 
to Queen Mary of Guise and other members of her family. Among these, Michelet 
in his work, "Les Eccossais en France", mentions an, "ingot of ora" procured 

from James Mossman for the Duke of Guise. 

Amongst the printed, "Acts of Parliment of Scotland", Vol III is a 
ratification dated June 20, 1581, by James King VII of the, "Charter maid 
be ung 11 James Mossman, goldsmyt_ burges of Sdinburg to Jonet, King dochter 
to Alexander King aduocatt burges of the said bur, his spous, of the lands 
of Wray, in Linlithgow Feb, 20, 1570." 

Another is to the effect that the, "lands of Laughermistown in Edingburg- 
shire here belong to James Mossman, Goldsmyt', his son, with the lands of 
Curry and Mylne, thereof 1592." 

This James Mossman became unfortunately embroiled in the Jacobite cause 
embracing the cause of Mary Queen of Scots, and taking part in the defense of 
Edingburg Castle under Sir William Kirkaldy of Grange . The Castle being taken 
by Elizabeth's troops, the old chronicler tells us in the following quaint but 
effective language; "William Kirkaldy of Grange, sometime capitan of the 
castle and James Mossman, goldsmyt', were harlit in two carts backward from 
the abbey, to the Cross of Edingburg, and there hanged, third of August 1573." 

The first reference above gives the will of James Mossman made more than 
three years before he was hanged, together with the date of its ratification 
by James VII, 1581. The next probably indicates the restoration of lands con- 
fiscated at the time of James Mossman's demise, restored nineteen years later. 

Since that time the descendants of James Mossman emigrated from Scotland 
and settled in Ireland, later in New Zeland, Australia and America . 

James Mossman, mentioned above as Goldsmyt' had a son named John, who is 
the son heretofore mentioned . 

This man, John Mossman, has a son James Mossman who was born in Scotland 
in 1660. VIZ: James Mossman, grandson of the hanged goldsmith, who was born 
in Scotland in 1660, was a Presbyterian Minister. He emigrated to Ireland 
and located near Belfast. He had two children: A daughter, name unknown who 

died without issue. She dropped dead while milking a cow. A son John who 
was born in 1709 . 

The father, that is the Presbyterian Minister, James Mossman came to 
America in 1713 and took up land now covered by the city of Boston. He then 
returned to Ireland to bring his family to the New World . One account says 
that he either died in Boston or on the sea home bound; the other is that he 
reached home and died there. 

John, only son of the Minister, James, was born in County Down, Ireland 
in 1709 . He married Elizabeth Herdman in Ireland, by whom he had eight 
children, whose names follow in the order of their birth: James, Francis, 
Eleanor, Nancy, Allen (who died in infancy), John, LUlias, and William Herdman. 
Elizabeth, his wife, died in Ireland at the age of 71 years. 

John with his widowed children sailed from Belfast and landed in Baltimore 
Maryland on March 25, 1790. James, Francis and Nancy had preceeded him about 
1783; with the father came the others, viz; John, Lillias and William Herdman. 
The father remained in Baltimore until 1794 then removed with his children 
Lillias and William Herdman to Fayette Co. Pa., where James, Francis and Nancy 
had already settled. In 1799 he settled in West Salem Twp., Mercer Co. Pa., 
then Allegheney Co. Pa., and lived with his son William Herdman Mossman. 
He died in March of 1802, aged about 90 years . He was the first person buried 
in Rock Ridge Cemetery, which was a part of his son Francis farm. 

John, the sixth child of the above named family was bom in Ireland in 
1769. From him is our family descended. He married Polly Lewis in 1793, she 
was of Irish descent, but a native of Pennsylvania, 

Here we break the narative to give what we can of the brothers and sisters 
of this John Mossman, our forbearer. 

James soon after arriving in Mercer Co., settled in Muskingum Co., Ohio, 
bringing with him his daughter Eleanor. His sons all married in Fayette Co. 

Pa, Eleanor was bom in 1783, died April 3, 1813, She married James Bailey 

and settled in Mercer Co, Pa. 

Francis, born in 1748, died in 1831. He married Sarah Brown in 1773. 

She was a sister to Hugh Brown who came to Mercer Co. Pa. in 1799. Francis 

came to Mercer Co. Pa., with a surveying party in 1794. He was impressed with 

the country and in company with his brother John Herdman located in 1797 in 

Mercer Co. Pa., and started Mossmantown, and is buried at Rock Ridge Cemetery, 

a part of his farm, in which his father was the first burial. A.F , Mossman 

now living at Walda Kan.; most of his relatives in Cass Co. Mo., are descended 

from this family. Also Orlando Mossman of Raymond Mo. 

(Here Bertha inserts in red ink a notation to refer to page 98 in her little) 
(booklet for a later and more complete account of the first family that ) 
(came to America. ) 

Eleanor born in 1750, married James Harris of Baltimore, died there in 1833. 
One daughter married Mr. Marsh and her son James Marsh afterwards settled in 
Mercer Co. Pa. 

Nancy, bom in 1753 died in 1848, married John Richardson and has siK child- 
ren, settled in the place where Greenville Pa., now is. She is buried in the 
Greenville Presbyterian Cemetery. 

Lillias, born in 1762, died on Oct. 27, 1845; married Isaac Moreland and 
had one son, James . 

William Herdman, bom in 1765,came to America in 1790 with his brother 
sister and father John who was then 81 years old. At Whitehall, Maryland in 
1794, he married Sarah Gillis, dau^ter of Robert Gillis a Revolutionary War 
veteran. The same year he moved to Fayette Co. Pa. In 1797 he led an ex- 
ploring party into Northwestern Pa. and in 1799 brought his family and per- 
manently settled at what was afterwards known as Mossmantown, West Salem Twp. 
The following is the story of his settlement. In the fall of 1797, Francis, 
and William Herdman, Thomas and John Gillis, Thomas' half-brother, and John 

a full brother of William Herdman Mossman left Fayette Co. Pa., to explore 
the then far west, Allegheaey Co. Pa. William was the leader of the party, 
and it was his spirit of adventure which led to its organization. Two other 
men left Fayette Co., with them but arriving at Pittsburgh, backed out and 
returned . On leaving Pittsburg, then a vUliage of about 40 houses, the 
party followed an Indian trail, traveling northward imtil about half way 
between the towns of Greenville and Mercer, neithr place then existing, they 
struck north west where a bridle path, marked by blazes on trees indicated 
the course taken by some dusky travelers . Following this they came to what 
is now West Salem TVp., Mercer Co., Pa., then Allegheney Co. An uninhabited 
region. A few settlers had located that spring near the little Shenago river 
(Andrew Christy and Jacob Loutzenheiser) Their first object was to explore 
the country and if they liked it, become actual settlers. After several days 
spent looking over the country, they each selected a claim and proceeded to 
girdle a few trees and build a small cabin. Hunger starving them, they ret- 
urned to more full provisions at home . After an absence of two months, have - 
ing made the entire journey on foot . 

During the year 1798, they returned to more fully establish their titles 
and after clearing a patch and buildin a cabin on each tract they proceeded 
on Oct. 1, 1799 to remove their families from Fayette Co. to the wilderness 
homes. They were obliged to pack everything on horseback, for there were no 
wagons or wagon roads, even the first paths selected had not been suitable 
places for crossing streams. 

Each family had an iron kettle for making maple syurp sugar and various other 
purposes and there were closely packed with sacks of flour. The journey took 
two weeks, the men walked and led the heavily laden hourses . 

The Mossmans who made this journey and settled at this time were William 
Herdman and family consisting of John S., two years old, and Thomas an infant 

of a few montiis. James, his wife and family. Francis his wife and family. 
Nancy and Lillias then unmarried. Also the aged John, t±ien about 90 years 
old. With the Mossmans came Thomas and John Gillis, James Bailey, Hu^ Brown 
Richard Melvin and Miles Cherry. 

The following spring James took his family and permanently settled in 
Muskingum Co., Ohio. The others settled in their wilderness destination. 

They were isolated from civilization and endured many hardships; (with) 
Pittsburgh the nearest point of touch with the outer world. The cabins were 
typical of the day. About 12 feet square, ground floor, split clapboard 
roof held in place with poles . Door with wood hinges and latch, opening 
between the logs closed by split board when necessary, the window. Rudest 
kind of furniture. Primitive life of the most intense kind -- They established 
Mossmantown. (see later) 

Summing up the foregoing we find that of the original Mossman family that 
came from Belfast, Ireland to Baltimore, Md., landing March 25, 1790, they 
permanently settled as follows: 

John, the father, Francis, Nancy, Lillias and William Herdman settled at 
Mossmantown, Mercer Co., Pa. James who came with them at that time the follow- 
ing year 1800, settled in Muskingum Co., Ohio. Eleanor, married James Harris 
of Baltimore, Md, and the permanently settled there (where they were married). 
John, the other child from whom we are descended, stayed in Baltimore, Md. 
a year after their arrival, then moved to Fayette Co. Pa. where he married 
Polly Lewis in 1793. In 1798, he went to Muskingum Co. Ohio and bought a tract 
of land and moved on it in 1799. (NOTE: He Bertha inserts an addenda in words 
to wit: "Later investigation has proven this incorrect, John moved from 
Fayette Co. Pa. to Washington Co, Pa. in 1799 and from thence to Muskingum Co. 
Ohio in 1815, where his brother James had settled in 1800.") He induced James 
to leave Mercer Co. Pa and follow him to Ohio, which he did in the spring of 1800. 

Dr. B.E. Mossman Jr and Sr. of Greenville, Pa., are descended from William 
Herdman Mossman. The sons of James all having married and settled in Fayette 
Co. Pa., the line in Ohio all descended from our forebearer John, unless some 
of the descendants of the first stock later settled there. This is likely 
the fact as in my investigations I have been told there were Moss mans in this 
part of Ohio, my informants could in no way connect with the family. 

I have before me a letter written to my Uncle, John F . Mossman of Coesse 
by Hugh Mossman of Vinton Iowa Feb. 11, 1902. I have followed up this family 
and can in no way connect them with our family. He says there is tradition 
in the family that four Irishmen came to America a long time ago but he can 
give no dates or names . 

(NOTE: Bertha inserts this later) Later: I now find this Hugh Mossman 
claims to have descended from Francis one of the four brothers, and that 
another was James and another John. If that is true he must have descended 
from the original Francis of Mossmantown, Pa. He says his father is a son of 
Francis, and his father is named Hugh. Now Francis married Sarah Brown and 
she had a brother named Hugh so that seems a family name. But this family claims 
that Hugh, son of Francis was born in Md. The tracing of this family has become 
so tedious that I do not attempt to follow in farther . Both Hugh Jr . and Hugh 
Sr. live at Vinton, Iowa also a sister of Hugh Sr. Mrs. Rebecca Moon lives at 
Vinton . 

I have also found a family of Mossmans at Holyoke, Mass. and another a 
Jewler at Maiden Lane, New York City. They are evidently related to each other. 
They claim to have established some relationship and claim descent from James 
Mossman, the Court Jewler of Scotland, our forbearer, who was hanged. 
Their stock can not be further connected with ours in the least . They claim the 
coat of Arms of James, the Court Jewler and of their family to this day is the 
picture of a dove standing on a bible, with an olive branch in its mouth . 

This may therefore be regarded as the Mossman Coat of Arms for the past 
five -hundred years and we may with perfect propriety adopt it. 

There are many other families of Mossman throughout the country. I have 
followed up all I could find, to no purpose and will not tire my readers by 
any notation of them . 


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Great Grandfather of the writer . 

John Mossman, sixth child of the John Mossman with whom he came to America 
March 25, 1790, was born in County Down, Ireland May 24, 1769. Landing at 
Baltimore, he remained in that vicinity until the next year, 1791, when he 
removed to Fayette Co. Pa. Here he married Polly lewis in 1793. She was of 
Irish descent, born 1771, but a native of Pennsylvania. They removed to 
Muskingum County, Ohio in the spring of 1799. (NOTE: Here Bertha inserts a 
correction in the following words to wit: "Later investigation proves this 
incorrect. This removal in 1799 was to Washington Co. Pa. where all his child- 
ren were born except the four last. He moved to Muskingum Co., Ohio in 1815.") 
He died on the farm on which he first located. My grandfathers bible record 
says that he died Aug. 24, 1839, but the inscription on his toml)stone says that 
he died Aug. 24, 1838. The wife died in Coshocton Co . , Ohio Oct. 5, 1868. 
They are buried at Chalfant church yard five miles north east of Dresden, Musk- 
ingum Co. Ohio. These two pioneers raised a large family whose descendants I 
have been able to trace with great difficulty. 
Elizabeth (Betsy Born: July 14, 1802 

Sarah ( died unmarried) Born: Jan. 21, 1805 

Joseph L. 
Mary Ann 
Rebecca H. 

Born: Aug. 12, 1805 
Born: Oct 10, 1807 
Bom: Aug 28, 1810 
Bom: Aug 29 1812 
Born: July 2, 1814 
Born: Sept 30, 1817 
Born: Aug. 20, 1819 
Born: AprU 22, 1821 
Born: Jan 23, 1824 

Died: May 20, 1898 
Died: Mar 25, 1821 
Died: Nov 16, 1860 
Died July 31, 1865 
Died: Jan 21, 1904 
Died: March 18, 1858 
Died: July 10, 1822 
Died: Jan 23, 1864 
Died: Apr 15, 1850 

Died: June , 1823 

Died: May 5, 1903 


(All born in Washington, Co., Pa., except the last four, who were born in 
Muskingum Co., Ohio., where the family moved in 1815) 

There is a tradition in the family that there were earlier children 
who died in infancy and the date of marriage would bear out the same but there 
is absolutely no proof. My correspondents, members of the different families 
have been very careful and painstaking and only by their assistance the labor- 
ious work was carried out . 

Old cemeteries have had mosses scraped from their tombstones that had not 
been touched by hand for more than a half a century, thus yielding what other- 
wise was long lost. Bible records yellow with age have yielded their price- 
less heritages. 

I do not claim absolute correctness for this record, but assure my friends 
that no dates have been guessed at. Inscriptions on tombstones always regarded 
as best evidence. This record represents more than three years of all the 
time I could take to devote to it . 


Elizabeth Mossman was born July 14, 1802. Married Richard Winn in Cosh- 
octon Co., Ohio Feb. 11, 1819. One child, Sarah Winn, was born to them Oct. 
19, 1821. Richard Winn died July 5, 1837, aged 53 years, 9 months, and 25 days. 
Sarah, the daughter married Samuel J. Richards Dec. 29, 1837. Two sons were 
bom to Samuel J . and Sarah Richards: 

I. William Minor Richards Bom Dec. 19, 1838; has a family and lives in 

II. John C. Richards Born July 16, 1841. Killed at the battle of Chick- 
asaw Bluffs near Vicksburgh in the Civil War. Aged 21 years, 5 months 
and 13 days. 
Sarah Winn Richards died June 26, 1842. 

Elizabeth Mossmans second family. Elizabeth Mossman Winn married John 


Carhart of Roscoe, Ohio, Jan. 11, 1838. and two children were born to them: 
Elizabeth, known to the family as Aunt Betsy, died May 20, 1898, She was a 
consistent member of the Baptist Church. Her second husband John Carhart died 
Dec. 6, 1873. The two children are: 

I. John Mossman Carhartt, bom May 10, 1841, married Emily Cornelia 

Taylor daughter of J.W. Taylor and Elvina Taylor of Roscoe, Ohio. 

Feb. 8, 1864. He was Lieut, in Co, M, 9th, Reg. O.V.I. , and home on 

a furlough when he married. He is now Post Master at Roscoe, Ohio. 

Three children were born to them: 

A. Estella, B: June 26, 1873. Unmarried and is a milliner in Co- 
shocton, Ohio . 

B. Gertrude Maude B: Oct. 12, 1875, married Rev. William Brelsford 
of St. Paris, Ohio. Now located with the East Cleaveland Baptist 
Church . 

They have two sons: Ernest Carhart Brelsford, B: Oct . 12, 1902 
and, Charles Millard Brelsford, B: Sept. 10, 1907. 

C. John Ernest B: May 18, 1878. In Cleveland, Ohio, unmarried. 

n. Mary Elizabeth Carhartt B: June 1, 1843, married David P. Campbell of 
West Union, Iowa March 20, 1865, He was a Lieutenant in an Iowa Reg, 
during the Civil War , At the time of his marriage he was practising 
law at West Union, Was afterwards, U.S. Internal Revenue collector. 
He died Dec, 13, 1867; aged 31 years. After his death his wife was 
appointed collector and held the place for some time . Her health 
failing she resigned and went back to Ohio, where she died childless 
March 28, 1871; aged 27 years, 9 months, and 27 days. 


James Mossman was born August 12, 1805, Died at Dresden O. Nov, 16, 1860, 

buried at Chalfants , Married Marion Adams and had four children: Evaline, Deal 


Melvina and Marshall. After the death of his wife he married her sister Martha 
Adams and they had twelve children viz: Susan, Elizabeth, Marion, Joseph W., 
John T., Mary Lewis, Joanna M., George F., Anna, IdaG., Emma Jannetta, and 
James B. The second wife, Martha Adams Mossman was born in 1820, died Feb. 5, 
1888; aged 68 years, 4 months, 11 days. 
First family 
I. Evaline married Joseph Barkhurst, she is dead but her husband lives 

at Alliajice, Neb. Box 1201. 
11, Beall, married Jane Jones . He died in 1908. His widow, Jane Mossman 
lives at Loveland, Colorado. A son Samuel at New Windsor, Colo. 
Another relative Mr. Geo. Jones lives at Eaton, Colo. 

III, Melvina, Married Henery Taylor, they lived for many years on the 111. 
road in Jefferson Twp . , Whitley County, Indiana, where they died . 
Taylor died about 1899 and she died many years before. They are buried 
at Compton Church (Oak Grove) They had five children: John, Beal F . 
James R.W., Josephine and Marion. The sons each have a part of the 
old home farm and live on it, Columbia City, RFD #6. John, has three 
children, viz: Mrs. Albert Walter living in Columbia City, Ben 18 years 
old, and Mary three, at home with parents. Beal F. married a Miss 
Shaneline, have 2 children a boy 12, girl 18. James R.W. married 
Lulu Conner, have 4 children viz: Harry and Hattie (twins) and a 
younger son and daughter, Josephine, died unmarried at about the age 

of 45 years , Marion, married George Eckman and she is dead . Left 2 
children: Thomas, a roustabout, present whereabouts unknown, and Ida 
now Mrs. Ida Youers of Angola, Ind., and has two children. 

IV. Marshall Mossman, died in infancy. 

I, Susan M., married Riley McCoy. She died leaving three children: a 


Mr. McCoy lives at Arkansas City, Ark., one son Charles M. McCoy is a 
lawyer in Kansas City, Mo. 
n. Elizabeth M. (Betsy), B: Aug. 8, 1840, married Martin ChaUant, died 
Oct. 30, 1886, hurried at Chalfants . Has ei^t children: 

A. Alfretta, B: Feb. 4, 1862, died Aug. 21, 1904, married Mtllard 
McKee fall of 183. She is hurried at West Carlisle, Ohio. Had 
4 children: Mae L., Glenn, Melvina, and Wayne: all at home at 
West Carlisle, Ohio . 

B. LeotaL., B: Apr. 11, 1864, died Nov. 30, 1886, buried at Chalfants . 
Married John F. Dickerson May 31, 1883. He lives at Trinway, Ohio. 
One child: Minnie, B: March 21, 1884, married Vance Croy Dec. 23, 
1908. Live at Dresden Ohio, RFD. 

C. Sybil]., married James Stott, live at Knoxville, Tenn, have one 
child, Jennie. 

D. John C, married Lulu KeUy, live at Claremont, Okla., have one 
chUd, Carl C . 

E. Edith May, died in infancy. 

F. Lulu C, B: Dec. 19, 1873, died at Mount Bernon, Ohio, July 

25, 1899, hurried at Chalfants. Married Laken Bonham, had three 
children: Golda, married Henry Underwood, have one child Thelma; 
they live at Howard, Ohio. The other two, Jean, and Oldford, live 
with their grandmother at Columbus, Ohio. 

G. George W., lives at Clovis, New Mexico, married Nora Doyle, have 
three children living: Geo. W., Robert M. and Paul M., one dead, 

H. Maude, married M.D. Horton, live at Edison, Term, have seven 
children: Sybil, Nellie, Lorena, Martin, Henery W., James and 
Theopholis, twins. 


III. Marion M., B: , 1844, died May 23, 1877, buried at ChaLfants. 

Married Perry Chalfant, spring of 1860. They have two children, 
James, and Elizabeth Jett, (Betsy). Perry Chalfant deserted his 
family when the children were small and they never heard from him 

A. James Chalfant, B: Sept. 11, 1862, married Eva Dickerson 1882. 
Lives at Laketon, Ind., have five children; Lee, married Beula 
Ogden, live at Griffith, Ind . , have two children Beula and Sybil; 
Gladys, a stenographer in Ft. Wayne, Ind.; Cleopatra, a sten- 
ographer in Columbia City, Ind.; Grace and Esther are still at 

B. Elizabeth Jett, (Betsy) married Anderson McConnell, she was bom 
1866. They live at Coshocton Ohio, RR#1. They have seven child- 
ren; Laura Belle, married Ned Fulton, live at Buffalo, N.Y.; 
Zilla, married Goudy, live in Chicago, have one child Oakley E. 
Goudy; Alice, married Haines, lives at South Bend, Ind . ; Bernice E . 
married Williams, lives at Pekin, HI.; Alfred, unmarried, at 
South Bend, Ind.; Russell O. and Vesta M., with their parents. 

IV. John T. Mossman, B: _, 1844. In the Civil War Co. F. 97th OVI. 

married Lydia K. MiUer in 1868. Died Dec. 13, 1904. His wife 
lives at Dresden O. TTie children are: 

A. Frank, dead 

B. Clare, married Cox, lives at Dresden, Ohio., one daughter, Hazel. 

C. Laura, married Stanford, lives at Slater, Mo. One son Delano. 

D. Charles E. lives at Dresden, Ohio. Four children: Clyde E.; 
Helen; Grace; and Edna. 

E. Ida M. married Shaver, has one son George. 

F. Jennie M. lives at Slater, Mo. 


G. DoUie, married Stevens, lives at St. Louis, Mo. 

H. Guy, deceased, left two children: Paul and Mildred 
I. George H., lives at Dresden, Ohio. 

J. J. Tod, died unmarried. 
V. Joseph W. Mossman, died at Cleveland, Tenn. Sept. 22, 1864, a soldier 

buried on the field, tombstone at Chalfants. 
VI. Mary Lewis Mossman, (Polly), Think, she was born 1847. She died in 

her twenties . Lies in an unmarked grave at Chalfants. 
VII. Joanna M. Mossman, B: 1849, died Dec. 26, 1885, buried at Chalfants. 

Married Aden Harper who still lives at Trinway, Ohio. They had one 

child: Lulu B., who died Aug. 13, 1884, aged 9 months, also buried 

at Chalfants . 
Vni. George F. Mossman, died November of 1874, unmarried. Buried at 

Chalfants, no tombstone, was under thirty and a teacher . 
IX. Anna M. Mossman, B: Sept. 1853, died Oct 22, 1893, buried at Chalfants. 

Married Richard Hunter in 1874. He lives at Trinway, Ohio. They had 

nine children; 

A. Nora, married William Compton, lives at Trinway, Ohio, and have 
four children: Beatrice, Esther, Mary and Albert Byron. 

B. Elverna, died in infancy. 

C. Sarah Jenette, married Emmett Little, live at Cambridge, Ohio 
and have five children; Vestal, Alvin, Oansy, Golda and Richard. 

D. Foster Hunter, unmarried at Rochelle, 111. 

E. Nellie, married Moses Coleman, lives at Newark, Ohio. Two children 
Kenneth and Katharine. 

F. Chase, killed in Interurban wreck, Columbus, Ohio. 

G. Chester, unmarried living at Trinway, Ohio. 
H. Blanche, " " " " " . 


I. Pitman, unmarried living at Trinway, Ohio. 

X. Ida G. Mossman, died April 4, 1870, age: 14 years, 4 months, 4 days. 

Buried at Chalfants. 

XI. Emma Jenette Mossman, B: Oct. 15, 1857, died April 29, 1877. Married 

Henry Croy in 1875. He still lives in Trinway, Ohio. They had one 

boy, George F.B: Aug 21, 1876, died June 5, 1885. Both hurried at 

Chalfants . 

XII. James B. Mossman, B: June 2, 1859, died June 23, 1883, buried at 

Chalfants, married Amanda Dickerson, (Who is now Mrs. John Newcome of 

Adams Mills, Ohio) They had one child Albert Mossman of Lancaster, 

Ohio. He has three children; James, Garnet and Albert. 


Joseph Lewis Mossman, Born in Washington Co . Pa., Oct. 10, 1807. Died in 

Union Twp., Whitley Co., Ind., July 31, 1865. With his wife and other members 
of the family is buried at Compton (Oak Grove) Cemetery, three miles southeast 
of Columbia City. Moved here in 1852. Evelina Adams, his wife was born in 
Coshocton Co. Ohio, Dec. 31, 1812. Died in Union Twp . , Dec. 11, 1891. (Their child- 
ren were): 

I. John Francis, B; May 23, 1833, died in hospital at Saint Louis, Dec. 

2, 1863. Was member of Co. F. 100 Ind. Vol. Inf'try in Civil War. 
II, Mary Lewis, B: Oct. 3, 1834, Died Nov. 30, 1862. She was married 

to William Slaughter, also dead. They left two children: Joseph H. 

and Jay, both of whom live at or near Adams Mills, Muskingum Co., 0. 
ni. Beal Turner, B: June 12, 1836 in Coshocton Co., Ohio. Moved with 

his parents to Whitley Co., Ind. in 1852, and to Sauk Center, Minn. 

April 1, 1880. Married Ann Truax at Roanoke, Ind. June 9, 1861. 

She was born at Saint Paris, Ohio May 29, 1840. 

A. Charles Edward, b: Sept. 20, 1862, Died May 16, 1863. 


B. Joseph William, B: May 2, 1864, Married Ella Rue at Glenwocxl, 

Minn. She died Feb. 16, 1896, no issue. He married Pearl Ingalls 

of Minneapolis, March 15, 1898. She died June 15, 1899, no issue. 

He married Mar Sadly of Princeton, Minnesota, June 23, 1902. 

One child born to last marriage, Elizabeth, bom Nov. 14, 1906. 

They live at Elbon Lake, Minn. 
Co Emma Eveline, B: May 2, 1867. Married James Gillere Nov. 1, 1892. 

He died in New York, City, March 29, 1895. She married Robert 

Miller Jan. 8, 1902, and he died Dec. 31, 1906. 

D. James Francis, B: March 9, 1871, married Catherine Crystal, Mar. 
29, 1904. Live at St. Paul, Minn. 

E. Isaac Jay, B: Feb. 7, 1873, married Ayles Kennard of Minneapolis, 
July 23, 1900. Have one son Beal Francis, B: June 30, 1905. 

They live at Tacoma, Washington. 

F. Fred Turner, B: March 24, 1878, Married Gertrude Woodman of Gray 
Eagle, Minn., Jan. 9, 1901. Have three children: Frederick W. 

bom Sept. 3, 1903; Robert Edward, bom Aug. 23, 1904; Paul Turner 
bom Dec. 12, 1907. Live at Grey Eagle, Minn. 

G. Miss Lou Marshall, B: Oct. 24, 1885. Unmarried, lives at Brandon, 
Manitoba. All but Lou, born 1 1/2 miles south of Coesse. 

IV. Edward Adam Mossman, fourth child of Joseph L. and Eveline Mossman 
B: June 11, 1839. Married Mary Alice Douglas, daughter of Rev. 
A.J. Douglas of Columbia City, May 18, 1876. Have the following 

A. Carl Otto Douglas, B: Aug. 19, 1877 

B. Floyd Waldo, B: Dec. 20, 1878, died Nov. 19, 1888 

C. Lurajett, B: Oct. 20, 1880 

D. Blanchard Odell, B: March 22, 1882 


E. Eula Beryl, B: Jan. 24, 1884. 

F. Haeford Elwood, B: Dec. 10, 1885 

G. Wilda Fern, B: Nov. 20, 1889. 

H. Herbert Alexander, B: June 3, 1892. 

All are living, unmarried with their parents at La Fayette, Ind. 
V. James Marshall, B: May 20, 1841. Still a bachelor. Remained 

in Whitley Co,, Ind., untill fall of 1908, when he went to his 

brother Beal at Sauk Center, Minn. 
VI. George, B: Aug 24, 1844. Died in 1847. 
Vn, Elizabeth Jett, B: Aug. 14, 1849. Died Jan. 19, 1879. --Joseph 

Sayler, B: Preble Co. Ohio, Nov. 7, 1846, They were married 

April 6, 1867, Whitley Co., Ind. Four children were bom to 

them all in Whitley County. 

A. OryElden, B: May 11, 1868. Lives at Lockwood Calif . 
Married Elsie A. Wilkinson Nov. 8, 1910. 

B. Daisey Dell, B: Dec. 7, 1869. Married Chas. Beasley, July 
20, 1892. Have four children: Raymond Lee, B: April 1, 1893; 
Ethel Elizabeth, Bi' March 30, 1894; Viola May, B: Jan. 5, 
1902; Charles Clifton, B: Nov. 27, 1907. Live at San lucas, 
California . 

C. Viola May, B: May 16, 1872, married Benj. Franklin Patterson 
May 17, 1890. They live at Lockwood, Monterey Co., Calif. 
They have two children: Floyd Leslie, B: Jan. 8, 1891; 
Charles Franklin, B: Dec. 25, 1897. 

D. Charles Ordell, B: Oct. 23, 1876., married Maud Ethel Patterson 
Jan. 23, 1907. One child Velma Elane born Dec. 23, 1907. 
Clarence Glenwood born Dec. 28, 1907. Live at Lockwood, Calif. 

Pasted on the of page 42 in Bertha's booklet is an obituary dated 


April 9, 1911, and which is entitled, "Death of Mrs. Patterson" . The following 
data from it I shall copy viz: "The death of Mrs. Viola May Patterson (nee Sayler) 
occurred in San Jose at 5:30 P.M. on August 27, 1909. . . .she was laid to rest in 
the Paulsen Cemetery near Lockwood. . .Mrs. Patterson was born at Fairmont, Neb. 
May 16, 1872, and was at the time of her death aged 37 years, 2 months, and 11 
days. Besides her husband. . .B.F . Patterson. . .and two children. . .Floyd L. and 
Charles F. . .she leaves to mourn her passing her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. 
J.B. Sayler, of Pleyto, three brothers, Ory, Charles and Walter Sayler, and two 
sisters, Mrs. Charles Beasley and Florence B. Sayler." 

As this is the family from which I am descended, and as record is to be 
continued in the future, this family is now deferred tUl the last. 

Mary Ann Mossman, was bom in Washington Co. Pa., Aug. 29, 1812. Died near 
Dresden, Ohio, March 18, 1858. William Compton was bom in State New 
York, Feb. 20, 1810. Died near Dresden May 4, 1887. They were married Oct . 29, 
1831. and Eleven children were born to them. 

I. John L. Compton, married Mary Frazier, and at once moved to Whitley 
County, Ind, where daughters were bom to them: Lillie M. and Effie 
who died about 1886 and 1888. The father died soon after, comming to 
Ind. Mrs. Frazier Compton then married John Trembly at Larwill, Ind. 
She now lives in Columbia City, Ind . One son Samuel F . TremJDiey is 
in Columbia City. One daughter Velma Trembly Evans lives at Newark, 
Ohio. John Trembly died in 1893. 
n. Phebe, died in childhood . 
ni. Elizabeth E. died in childhood. 

rv. Martha M., unmarried, lives at the old homestead near Dresden, Ohio, 
with her brother Jay and family . 


V. OrphaJ., died unmarried 

VI. Lucius H. Married Susan Long. Have two children Alva and Jay. Alva is 

married and has one child. This family all lives at Princeton, Neb. 

VII. Amelia M., died unmarried. 

Vrn. William F., married Mary Bagley. He is dead. The widow and five 

children, live at Hartford, Kansas. The children are: Nellie, 

who married Clem Scroggins and has two children; the others 

WUliam, Ida, Blanche, and Charles are unmarried. 

IX. Mary P., died unmarried. 

X . Ida C . died unmarried . 

XI. O. Jay, married M. Armabell Bailey, Nov. 13, 1889. They have one 

child, William J., bom August 24, 1890. Live on the old homestead 

near Dresden, Ohio. 


Amelia Mossman, was born in Muskingum County, Ohio, Sept. 30, 1817. Died 

Jan. 23, 1864. She married Thomas A. Osborne in 1843. Ei^t children were 

bom to them: 

I. Jeruima O., B: Aug. 22, 1845, Died Jan. 17, 1892. She married 

O.F. Edwards, who is also dead. They had three children: 

A. Minnie E., who married Nelson Shore, they live at Dresden, Ohio. 
Have one child: Ben Edwards Shore . 

B. Nellie C, lives unmarried in Minneapolis 

C. Charles H. lives unmarried at St. Paul, Minnesota. 

n. Frances O., bom in 1841, married Cudbeck. They are both dead leav- 
ing one daughter. Now Mrs. Ardie Schultz of Grand Rapids, Mich. 
m. Alberta O., bom in 1844. Died in 1880. Married Archibald McDonald, 
Their children: Howard (deceased); Edward, Guy, Chauncey, and Olive. 
Guy is unmarried and lives in Cleveland . The others unmarried live 


at Wooster, Ohio . 
IV. Nettie O., bom in 1848. She married Haggerty and had no children. 

Lives at Newark, Ohio as Mrs. Nettie O. Haggerty. 
V. Orpha O., born in 1851. Now a widow Living with her daughter Mrs. 
Shugart in Columbus, Ohio. She married Frank Johnson and had four 

A. Charles Johnson, died unmarried. 

B. Clinton Johnson, living at Hebron, Ohio. 

C. Millie Johnson, lives at Zanesville, Ohio. 

D. Alice J. Johnson, married Shugart, lives at Colunnbus, Ohio. No. 

VI. Alice J., born in 1853, died in 1906. Never married. 

VII. Kate O., born in 1855, married D.W. Rathburn. They live at Newark, 

Ohio, and have two unmarried sons: Howard and Harry. 

Vni. Howard E. Osborn, born in 1857, living at Chicago Junction, Ohio. 

married but no children. 


Orpha Jane Mossman, was born in Muskingum Co. Ohio Aug. 20, 1819. Died in 

Whitley County, Indiana, April 15, 1850. She married James Compton who was 

born May 4, 1814, and died Feb. 16, 1866. This family hurried at Compton Church 

(Oak Grove) near Columbia City, Indiana. To them were born five children: 

I. Miranda, bom Oct. 6, 1839. Died March 5, 1899. Married Edward B. 

Beeson. Never had any children. 

II. Mary Ann, bom March 1, 1841. Married Isaac Schrader who died Prior 

to her demise. No children were born to them. 

m. Phebe, bom June 23, 1846, died unmarried Oct. 20, 1863. 

IV. JohnM., bom April 16, 1847, died unmarried April 29, 1861. 

V. Amelia M., bom December 24, 1848, died unmarried Oct. 21, 1863. 
James Compton married a second time to the widow Ormsby, a sister to Jonathan 


Hurd. They had two children. One died in infancy, the other at age of eighteen, 
unmarried. The line of James and Orpha Mossman Compton is now extinct. 

The records of the Circuit Court of Whitley County, Indiana in 1901 show 
the distribution of the Beeson and Schrader estate to a large number of persons, 
some of romote relationship. 

Bertha has pasted in an obituary dealing with the death of Mr. and Mrs. Edw. 

Beeson and Mrs. Isaac Schrader, which all occured on the same day i.e. March 

4, 1899. I shall copy only information of geanological interest. --" Edward B. 

Beeson was born in Tuscarawas County, Ohio, October 28, 1837; and died in 

Columbia Twp . Whitley County, Indiana, March 4, 1899. Feb. 22, 1866 he was 

married to Mirandy Compton who survived him only a few hours." 


Catharine Mossman was born in Muskingum County, Ohio January 21, 1824. Died 

May 5, 1903. She married William H. Hamilton Feb. 3, 1841. They had twelve 

children. Three died in infancy, viz: Oscar, Franklin, and Rebecca. Three died 

after reaching adult age, one of whom, Amelia was Mrs. Kimsey. She left one 

daughter Blanche, who is now Mrs. C.E. Cornell of Coshocton O. The two dying 

without issue were Alfreda and Edward. Six children are living viz: 

I. Mary J., married Winn, and is now a widow living at Menlo, Iowa. 

She had eight children who are about her as near as we can ascertain 

Their names are: Henry, Joseph, William, Fred, Minnie, Ollie, 

Sadie, and Gertrude . 

n. LucindaE., married LeRoy H . Stafford, Nov. 28, 1871. She was born 

Oct. 12, 1852. He was born May 11, 1850. They live at Dresden, 

Ohio and have the following children: William F., bom Nov. 29, 1872; 

he died in 1893; Frederick L., bom April 17, 1875; Charles O., born 

Aug. 25, 1877; Herman E., born March 20, 1879; Catharine A., Nov. 8, 

1889; Mary L., born March 26, 1893. Fred is in grocery business in 


Pittsburgh Pa., has a wife, son and daughter . Charles in grocery 
business in Coshocton Ohio, has wife and two sons. Herman is a 
farmer at Nellie, Ohio, has a wife, a son, and daughter. 

in. Orpha Lewis, is now the widow Adams of Zanesville, Ohio. She had two 
sons: Edward Hamilton Adams, who died Aug. 26, 1903; and Benjamin 
Franklin Adams, a newspaper man at Springfield, Ohio . , has wife and 
one daughter Louise . 

Bertha has inserted an obituary if, "Ed. H. Adams", of which I will 
copy only the genealogical facts. "Edward Hamilton Adams was the 
eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. William E. Adams, former residents of 
Dresden, . .He was born in Dresden, March 25, 1867, where he attended 
school. . .He is survived by his wife Frances Collister Adams, his 
parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Adams and one brother Frank foreman of 
the Times -Recorder. . .interment will be made in the Dresden Cemetery." 

IV. R.L. Hamilton, lives at Rock Island, 111. has two sons William and 

V. J.L. Hamilton, lives at Coshocton, Ohio, has one dau^ter Nellie who 
is now Mrs. Frederick. 

VI. W.H. Hamilton, lives at Tulare, Cal. has two daughters and one son: 

Blanche, Bertha, and Blaine . 


Francis Mossman, was born August 28, 1810. According to his own story he 

was born in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, but if the repwrts from other families 

are correct, and they fit nicely together; according to the foregoing pages he 

was born in Washington Co. Pa. He always claimed his family came to Ohio in 

1814; other reports of the family place it in the year 1815. 

January 22, 1835 he married Rheua A. Conner, daughter of William and VUclnda 

(Smallwood) Conner, natives of New Jersey and Virginia. Mrs. Mossman died in 


Union Township, Whitley County, at the home of their son James Albert, May 16, 
1903 . Francis Mossman died at the home of the same family in Columbia City, 
where they moved in the fall of 1903. He died January 21, 1904. They are 
buried in the Coesse Cemetery. 

Andrew Compton an old friend and neighbor moved from Coshocton Co., Ohio 
to the center of Township 31, RangeS, Richland Civil Towp., Whitley County, Ind. 
in the fall of 1837 . With him came John R . Anderson who had been partly raised 
by Francis Mossman's father, John, Mr. Anderson died on the home he entered 
near Comptons, in the year 1909 . In 1840, Francis Mossman in quest of a home, 
came to these people and entered a fractional quarter of (section 7) land about 
two miles from Compton's. The NW fractional quarter of section 7, Twp 31, Range 
8, 216.49 acres. It is on Whitley Co. but the farm runs to the Kosciusko Co. 
line which causes it to overrun the usual size. The survey of the two counties 
being made at different times. He than gave John R. Anderson, and another man a 
contract to clear 8acres and put up a cabin which they completed within two years . 
The site of the cabin was pointed out to James A. Mossman in 1907. In October of 
1842, Francis Mossman moved to this farm and cabin with his family. They came in 
a large covered wagon with three horses . His father in law came along, riding 
the lead horse. They stayed the last night on the road at Bonds Mill, 
now the Barney farm east of Columbia City. The rest of the distance they were 
obliged to cut a road out as they went. The Comptons and Andersons had come 
via Hunington and crossed the Eel River where South Whitley now stands . 

Neither Mr. Mossman, nor his family were satisfied with the isolated sit- 
uation. In February he went to Leesburgh to Mill. The snow was about a foot 
deep and he could not see logs and other obstacles, and broke three 
tongues out of his sled . 

He was gone three days and came home determined to sell and move. At this 
time a small clearing was much more considered by purchasers than the kind of 


land. The next day old Mr. Leedy of Richland Co. Ohio, bought the land and 
soon after his son David Leedy moved on it . Mr . Leedy is stUl the owner and 
only left three years ago on account of extreme age . He gave immediate possession, 
and moved his family into David Haydens kitchen, a mile away, until he could 
relocate. Uncle William E, Mossman tells me he always understood he was bom 
in this Hayden Cabin . This is clearly wrong as the family did not live in that 
part of the county at date of his birth. As born out by the public records and 
all I can learn from the Haydens, Leedys and Mossmans. 

He, Mossman started to relocate near Ft. Wayne, that he might have a market 
He bought tax title to a piece of land now covered by Lindenwood cemetery. 
A fellow named Bird scared him into selling to him at a profit of $50.00. 

Returning, he stopped in Union Twp., Whitley Co. at Rev. Wolffs, on the 
now Zack Snook farm and was persuaded to locate in that vicinity. He immed- 
iately moved yet in Feb. 1843, into Wolffs cabin. It took two days to reach 
the place and they stayed one night in Columbia City, Indiana . He soon purchased 
a quarter of government school land and located a half mile north of present 
Coesse, where he accumulated a large farm. His brother Joseph L. and a sister 
Orpha, soon after, located near the same place . 
The family of Francis and Rheua Conner Mossman; 
JohnF. Born Feb. 14, 1837 Died 

MaryC. Born June 23, 1838 Died 

Alcinda Born March 26, 1840 Died 

Joseph Born September 3, 1841 Died Feb. 3, 1843 

William E. Born September 17, 1843 Died 

Paul Born May 26, 1845 Died Sept. 9, 1845 

Georges. Born Sept, 23, 1846 Died Aug. 28, 1887 

Orpha L . Born May 6, 1849 Died 

Francis M. Born Feb. 2, 1851 Died 


James Albert Born Aug. 20, 1852 Died 

Maxamlllia Born May 21, 1856 Died 

I. John F. Mossman, was born Feb. 14, 1837. Susan M. Youngs was born Aug. 28, 

1845. They were married January 21, 1864. They live at Coesse, Ind. 

Farmers, six children were born to them: 

A. James F., B: Sept. 14, 1865. Married Sadie HoUomon, Feb. 25, 1900. 
(I am copying the information as recorded by Bertha, however the date ) 
(on which James F . Mossman married Sarah Elizabeth HoUomon was Jan.) 
(28, 1900. Public records and personal testimony substantiate this.) 

B. OrphaO., B: Oct. 11, 1867. Married Harmon Naber, March 21, 1894. They 
have one child, Helen Ethel, bom Jan. 8, 1895. They live at North 
Manchester, Indiana. 

C. Charles H. Mossman, B: March 7, 1869, died unmarried Oct. 11, 1899. 

D. Jessie E., B: Jan 16, 1872. 

E. Zella Z., B: Nov. 11, 1874, Married Antrim E. Barnes, Oct. 27, 1897. 
One son Charles Mossman Barnes, born May 6, 1899. 

F. Mazie R., B: Sept. 24, 1881. Married Louis W. Oser, Feb. 25, 1900. 

(the following) 
Live in Columbia City, and have^^ children: Paul, born Sept. 2, 1903. 

Ruth Lucille, born Nov. 27, 1905. Lewis William, bom Aug. 10, 1907. 

n. MaryC. Mossman, Born June 23, 1838. Married Howard Pierce, born Sept. 28 

1828. They were married Dec. 25, 1855. Live at 6407 Rhodes Ave., Chicago. 

ni. Children: 

A. Belle Louise, B: Sept. 29, 1856. Died, unmarried, June 26, 1902. 

B. MaryF., B: March 26, 1861. Married J. Phipps Roe, Jan. 6, 1887. Have 
four children: Howard F., born Dec. 25, 1889; Mary F., born Sept. 20, 
1891. WiUiam, bom Jan. 1896. 

C. Minnie H., B: April 18, 1866. Married William Preston . Live at Lock - 
wood. Mo. and have three children: Isaac, born March 20, 1890; 
William, born Apr. 30, 1892; Paul P., born Feb. 14, 1897. 

D. Frank Mossman, B: March 5, 1868. Married Myrtle Walk, have no children. 


live at Washington Ave. and 71st, Chicago, 111. 

E. Paul, B: Oct. 18, 1870, Married Katharine Berlyn, June 31, 1904. Live 
at 6406 Rhodes Ave . , Chicago, HI. Have three children: Phyllis 
Pauline, born March 20, 1905; Berlyn Baier, born Oct. 18, 1906; 
Howard Ogden, bom Nov. 20, 1908. 

F. Howard, B: June 15, 1872., Died unmarried Aug. 23, 1900. 

G. Burgess, B: July 12, 1878, married Mary Steward Douglas Campbell, July 
2, 1906. No children. They live at 523, West 65 Place, Chicago, 111. 

H. Joseph Mossman B: July 18, 1882. Married Bertha Cappells, May 29, 1909. 
ni. Alcinda Mossman, was born March 26, 1840. David W. Nickey, was born July 
6, 1837. They were married Jan . 4, 1860. He died Two children 

were born to them. 

A. Rheua E., B: Jan. 23, 1863. Married Geo. C. Stemen, May 18, 1884. She 
died Jan. 31, 1906. Two children were bom to them: Ruth E., born July 

5, 1886; David C, born March 25, 1889. Live at Denver, Colorado. 

B, AlferdJ., B: Aug. 8, 1865. Married Mildred Allen Sept . 16, 1897. 

Have 2 children: Howard E., born Nov. 24, 190 7. Live at South Bend, Ind. 
IV. William Elza Mossman, B: Sept. 17, 1843. Lois Abigail Douglas, bom at 
Mansfield, Ohio May 27, 1846. Married July 4, 1868. Their children are: 

A. Bertrand Paul, Born at Coesse, Ind. Oct. 23, 1870. Married Marion 
Emma Seymour, Dec. 22, 1897. She was bom at Brookfield, Mass. Apr. 
26, 1875. Children: William Seymour, born Jan. 5, 1899; Dorothy 
Edna, bom June 25, 1905 . 

B. Stella Daisey, Born July 19, 1873. Married George Philbrick June 5, 

1908. He was born at DanvUle N.H. in 1871. 

C. Ethel Hattie Douglas, Bom Aug. 4, 1878. Married George Amidon Jacobs 
Oct. 9, 1907. He was bom at Dudley, Mass. 1878. 

This family all lives at Ft. Wayne, Ind. 


V. Orpha Luvenia Mossman, B: May 6, 1849. Addison Boyd Nickey Born Aug. 22, 
1844. They were married Nov . 13, 1867. Six children were born to them: 

A. Samuel Mossman Nickey, Born Sept. 9, 1868. Married Grace Darling 
Metsker (whose mother was a daughter of Jacob Nickey) Sept. 1, 1892. 
She died Feb, 18, 1909. They have two children: Eleanor Maxamillia 
born June 27, 1893; Infant dead born Feb. 1904. 

B. Maximillia, Born June 4, 1873. Married Elisha Lyman McLallen, Jan. 12, 
1893. She died June 11, 1908. Five children were born to them: 

Elisha Lyman, bom Apr. 15, 1894; Frances Nickey, born Dec. 30, 1897; 
Margaret Alice, bom March 7, 1900; William Henery, born Jan. 5, 1904; 
John Addison, bom Aug. 17, 1905. 

C. William Ellsworth Nickey, Born May 21, 1875. Married Nellie McMahon, 
Oct. 8, 1902. Two children born to them; William McMahon, bom Feb. 
15, 1904 . and Addison Boyd, born May 28, 1907. 

D. Infant, B: /Aug. 1879 . died day of birth . 

E. Florence Elizabeth Nickey, Bom April 9, 1881. Died April 30, 1881. 

F. Alice El Paso Nickey, Bom Jan. 28, 1884. 

VI. George Sedgwick Mossman, was born Sept. 23, 1846. Died Aug. 28, 1887. 
Mary Ann Clark, was born March 28, 1850. They were married Oct. 11, 1870. 

A. Stephen Francis, bom Oct. 14, 1871. Married Elva Beal July 4, 1907. 

B. Joseph R ., bom Dec . 29, 1873, Married March 1, 1906. 

C. Georgiana M., bom March 4, 1876. Married Wm. F. Drmond, May 9, 1901, 
live at Plymouth, Indiana. 

Vn. Francis M. Mossman, was bom Feb. 2, 1851. Ardilla, daughter of Jesse and 
Rebecca Nickey Briggs, was bom Aug. 23, 1856. They were married Dec. 21, 
1881. Live at Coesse, Indiana. They have four Children. 

Vin. James Albert Mossman, was bom August 20, 1852. Sarah Elizabeth, daughter 


of Silas and Rebecca Nickey Briggs, was bom May 14, 1856. They were 

married, Oct. 21, 1880. Two children were born to them: 

A. Bertha Dickie Mossman, bom Oct. 13, 1882. Wapole Kaler, born Oct. 25, 
1878. They were married Sept. 12, 1901. These children: William 
Mossman Kaler, born Oct. 15, 1903; James Walpole Kaler, born January 
13, 1906, Margaret Kaler, bom Oct. 27, 1911. 

Nellie Frances Mossman, born Nov. 4, 1884. Archibald Clyde Smith, bom 

April 28, 1881. They were married Oct . 10, 1906. Have one child: Robert 

Archibald Smith, bom May 6, 1909 . 
DC. Maxamillia Mossman, born May 21, 1856. Nathan Dougherty, bom July 31, 1848. 

They were married: . He died at the home farm at La Gro, Ind. 

Dec. 28, 1910. In the spring of 1911, the family moved to Minnesota. 

Three children born to them all with their mother in Minn. 

A. Howard Mossman, bom June 4, 1889; Brice J., born Oct. 22, 1890; 

B. Brice J., born Oct. 22, 1890. 

C. Rheua Belle, bom Aug. 6, 1896. 

Bertha has pasted in an obituary of Nathan Daugherty from which we shall 

abstract the following genealogical facts. "Nathan Daugherty was born in 

Ohio, July 31, 1848. . .The mother of the Deceased Mrs. John Daugherty survives 

(with) the wife, who was Miss Maxine Mossman, two sons and one daughter 

namely: Howard, Bruce, and Miss Rhea survive. Interment in Matlock 


The family moved to Minnesota March 1911, and in the fall of the same year 

sold the farm at a good profit, also a large crop. In November of the 

same year returned to Wabash, Ind . 

Bertha, has inserted upon one of the pages a letter that she received from Bugh 

Mossman of Vinton, Iowa, which is dated Nov. 23d., 1911. Hugh is apparently 

a member of the law firm of Brown and Mossman as the letterhead indicates. 

The following is a copy: 


Deax Mrs. Kaler: 

Your favor of the 16th, inst . came in due time and contents noted . I would 
have answered sooner but for the fact that we have been very busy in the office 
and besides I wanted to talk with some one better posted on the family history 
than am I. I called on Mrs. TinJcham, formerly Virginia Mossman, and she gave me 
some information relative to some of the older members of the race. 

As you suspected I am a descendant of Francis, who was my great grandfather. 
It seems that he had something like 10 children as follows, John, Elizabeth, Mary, 
Allen bom in Ireland and Hugh, Jane, James, Sarah, Francis, and William. I am 
descended from the son Hugh, My grandfather. He had 11 children as follows: 
James, Alexander, Francis, Harrison, Sarah, Elizabeth, Henery, Sylvester, Rebecca, 
Benjamin Franklin and Leander; of these James, Alexander, Harrison, Sarah, 
Elizabeth and Benjamin Franklin are dead, and I think Francis, tho of this I am 
not sure. 

Benjamin Franklin was my father; he died a little over six years ago. He has 
nine living children, six of whom are married . 

Mrs . Tinkham, above referred to is a daughter of William Mossman, brother of 
Hugh. She has gathered a few facts relative to the family and she advises me that 
she has a record of one Thomas Mossman, born in 1660 and from what she says it seems 
to me he corresponds in every respect to the James you mentioned as having been 
born in 1660. One or the other of you must be mistaken or else this man bore the 

harmonious and beautiful name of James Thomas You of course know the 

Mossman's are prolific and their nameis legend. I believe I could give you the 
record of the most of the family as it has to do with Hugh and William and 
possibly more of that particular family if you desire it. K so advise me and I 
will endeavor to collect such as will be of use to you 

Signed: Hugh Mossman 


(Concerning Mossmantown) 

Mossmantown was 6 miles west of present Greenville, Pa. on the Kinsman and Green- 
ville road, near the state line . It was at one time quite a thriving place and 
was noted on the early maps . There was a shoe shop, Spinning Wheel Factory, 
operated by William Herdman Mossman and Robert Gillis Mossman. Thomas 
Mossman's blacksmiths shop, Uncle Billy Mossman's tannery, Allen Mossman's 
grocery. There were fifteen houses and about 125 inhabitants. It was on the through 
stage line from Pittsburgh to Painesville, Ohio on Lake Erie. There was a Post 
Office from 1851 to 1875 - James W. Mossman, Postmaster. Not a Mossman or 
descendant there now January 1, 1912. There are about five houses left. 

(Concerning the Mossman Family Crest) 

(The) Mossman Family Crest (is), "A hand couped at the wrist and erect, holding a 

book, with the latin motto, 'Ma meliora Manent': (better things await me)." 

January 1, 19 12- -A further, later and fuller account of the first family that came 
from Ireland. John Mossman was born in County Down, Ireland 1709. Married 
Elizabeth Herdman in Ireland, where she died at age of 71 . He died in west Salem 
Tp., Mercer Co. Pa., in 1802. He had 8 children: 

James, Francis, Eleanor, Nancy, Allen who died in infancy, John, Lillias and 
William Herdman. James, Francis, Eleanor and Nancy came from Belfast, Ireland to 
America in 1781. The father (John) with his children: John, Lillias, and William 
Herdman came from Belfast and landed at Wilmington, March 25, 1790. 
(of the family of James, first child of above) 

James Mossman, born in Ireland in 1746. Married in Ireland and had sbc 
children: John, Joseph, Robert, Francis, Eleanor and one girl who died in infancy. 
We have account of only Eleanor. She was born in Ireland in 1773. and died Apr. 
3, 1813. She married James Bailey, born in 1761; died March 31, 1837. He came 


with the Mossmans to Mossmantown in 1798 and served in the War of 1812. They had 
several children of which we know nothing. None are about Greenville, Pa. 
(Of the family of Francis, second child of John) 

Francis Mossman was born in Ireland in 1748. Married Sarah Brown in Ireland 
in 1773. She was a sister of Hugh Brown, who also came with Mossmans to Mossman- 
town in 1799. They had 4 children born in Ireland, one on the ocean and four in 
America. Settled permanently at Mossmantown Oct. 1, 1799. Died on his farm in 
1831, and is buried ia Rock Ridge Cemetery. 

His children were: 

1. John, married Elizabeth Gilliland sister of Capt. John GillUand and had four 
children. He was in the War of 1812. Was overseer of his township 1821 to 1828. 

2. Elizabeth, married George McCord, who was in the War of 1812, they had 6 
children, three boys and three girls. 

3. Mary, married Thomas Gillis, son of Robert GilUs of White Hall, Maryland, 
brother of Mrs. Wm. H. Mossman. They settled west of the Big Hollow, on the Green- 
ville and Vernon road and had ei^t children, six boys and two girls . 

4. Allen Herdman, died in infancy as they landed in America. 

5 . Hugh, was bom on the ocean during the voyage to America . He was twice 
married . By his first wife, Isabella, daughte Alexander and Margaret Hunter; he 
had four boys and two girls. By the second wife, Esther Tompkins he had four 
boys and one girl. He served in the War of 1812. Was Constable in 1817. 
Auditor of his Tp. 1821 to 1826. Supervisor in 1827. 

6. Jane, married Isaiah Brainerd and had nine children. 

7. James, married Elizabeth, dau^ter of Alexander and Margaret Hunter and had 
one girl. He was in War of 1812. Overseer his Tp. 1823. 

8. Francis, married Sarah Bailey, sister of James Bailey who married Eleanor, 
daughter of James Mossman. They had nine children. He was the overseer of his 
Tp. in 1815. Served in the War of 1812. 


9. William, married Mary Thomson, and had eight boys and five girls. He was 

Auditor of his Tp. in 1825. 

(Of the family of Eleanor, third child of John) 

Eleanor, third child and eldest daughter of John Moss man, married James 
Harris of Baltimore, Md. and remained there. She was born in 1751, and died 1834. 
Do not know how many children she had but one daughter married a Mr . Marsh, whose 
son James Marsh afterward settled at Mossmantown. She married James Hariss. 
(Of the family of Nancy, fourth child of John Mossman) 

Nancy was born in 1753, died 1848. She married John Richardson, who was 
born in 1753 and died March 18, 1805. and had four boys and two girls. They 
settled in Mercer Co. Pa. near the forks of the Shenago River, north of Green- 
ville . Ahe and Husband are buried in the Seceder Cemetery, now the United 
Presbyterian. Two sons were in the War of 1812. 
(Of the family of John, third son and sixth child of John Mossman) 

John was born in 1758, died June 6, 1843. He married Jane McGowan who 
came to America in the same boat with him, at Wilmington Delaware, March 25, 
1790, the day they landed . They had four children: Elizabeth, Mary, John 
Alexander and James. This family first settled in Adams Co. Pa., near Gettysburg, 
moved to Mercer Co. Pa in 1807. He was in war of 1812. Both he and wife are 
buried in Rock Ridge Cemetery. 

1. Elizabeth, bom Jan. 25, 1791. Died June 17, 1817, never married. 

2. Mary, born Dec. 2, 1792, died May 1, 1852, never married. 

3. John, bom Jan. 13, 1795, died Dec. 30, 1859 was twice married, By his first 
wife Margaret, daughter of Alexander and Margaret Hunter he had three boys and 
five girls, two of the boys dying young. By his second wife Martha Bailey, 
sister of James Bailey, who married Eleanor daughter of James Mossman he had 
one boy and two girls; the girls dying young. 

4. James, born Dec. 19, 1796. Died: , He married Elizabeth Tomson, sister 


of Mary, who married William, son of Francis Mossman. July 25, 1835. They had 
three boys and four girls one dying in infancy born May 20, 1836. 

A. John Alexander, bom Dec. 4, 1837. 

B. Reuben Leander, bom Sept. 21, 1839. 

C. Susanna Jane, born Nov. 1, 1841. i t~i a r\(s:,^'^ 

D. James Anderson, born January 5, 1846. 

E. Mary Elizabeth, bom Oct. 9, 1847. 

F. Margaret Semantha, bom June 23, 1851. 

(Of the family of Lillias, third daughter of John Mossman) 

Lillias, born 1762, died Oct. 27, 1845 aged 83 years. She married Isaac 
Moreland in 1800, son of John and Letitia Moreland who settled in Green Tp. in 1798. 
He was born in 1771, and died May 17, 1851. He served in the War of 1812. They 
settled just south of Jamestown on the West side of the Shenango River, and had one 
son James. Isaac and Lillias were married by Esquire Sample. Rev. Daniel McLean 
afterwards tried to persuade them that the ceremony was not legal and that he 
might marry them over again. She told him they had paid once for being married 
and that if he wanted to do it over for nothing he might. That ended him camp- 
aign. Both are buried at the Seceder Cemetery, now the United Presbytarian, 
(Of the family of William Herdman, youngest child of John Mossman) 

William Herdman Mossman was bom in County Down, Ireland, near Belfast 
1765 . He married Sarah Gillis daughter of Robert Gillis a Revolutionary War 
veteran, at White Hall, Baltimore Co. Md. He died at Mossmantown May 20, 1851, 
They had el^t Chlldrenviz: 

1. Robert Gillis, bom Oct. 1, 1795, Died Aug. 25, 1847, at Greenville, Pa. 
He married Margaret (Peggy) daughter of Col. Andrew Christy. He was a very 
prominent man. Aunt Peggy died at the home of her daughter Susan Mossman Temple - 
ton, at Brady Bend, Armstrong Co . Feb . 16, 1865. They had eight children: 
Emaline, Sarah Ann, Christy Andrew, Wm. Herdman, Jehu Allen, Susan Jane, 


Albert Gallatin and Beriah Edwin. 

A. Emaline, bom March 25, 1823, died Aug. 25, 1831. 

B. Sarah Ann, born Dec. 5, 1824. Died June 1, 1862. Married Dr . Rauben E . 
Brainer of Greenville. Had 2 daughters, now Mrs. Edwin T. Beaty and Mrs. Wm. H. 
Finley of Greenville, Pa. 

C. Christy Andrew, bom Oct. 25, 1826, died May 14, 1853. 

D. William Herdman, born Dec. 4, 1828, Died at his home in Greenville, Pa. Feb. 
28, 1905. He was a methodist circuit rider, minister, Married Sarah Helen Dumas 
Oct. 12, 1854, She was born at East Salem Aug. 16, 1834, still living. 

E. Jehu Allen, born Oct. 5, 1830, died unmarried Aug. 2, 1848, 

F. Susan Jane, born July 10, 1833, died Dec. 19, 1872. Married Chambers Templeton. 
Had 6 children 

G. Albert Gallatin, bom Oct. 6, 1837, died at Residence of Martin Woodford, 
Mission Creek, Waubansee Co. Kansas Feb. 24, 1877. Near residence of his Uncle 
James W. Mossman. He was playing the violin when he died. He was a soldier in the 
Civil War. 

H, Beriah Edwin Mossman, 5th and youngest son of Robert Gillis Mossman was born 
in Greenville, Pa, Nov, 27, 1840, Attended Common Schools and Greenville academy. 
Graduated from Western Reserve Medical College 1864, was 1st honor graduate. 
Returned to Greenville and practiced there till 1874; then took post graduate work 
at University of Pa. Was a railroad physician. Prominent in Medical circles 
and lodges, 32d degree Mason, Pansion Examiner under Clevelands first term. Is a 
prominent Democrat. His son Beriah Edwin Mossman Jr. is now associated with him 
in the practice of medicine at Greenville, Pa.