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And Difcovery of 


Containing thefe fezerall particHlm ; 

That there are VVicches called 

bad Witches^ and Witches untruely called 

good or white Witches , and what manner of 

people they be 3 andhow they may bee kno woe ', 

with many particulars thereunto tendmg. 

Together with the Confeilionsof manyof thofe executed fioce 
May i64'5. in the feverall Councics hereafter mentioned. 
As alfo fonie obje£Uons Anfwcred. 

By John Steame J now o( Lai3:^Jhall netrc Btirie 

Saint Edmonds in Suff'olke^ fomctimes of 

Manningtree in Ejjex. 

Paov.iy.i^. He that juflifietb the wicked^ and be that conJemnetb the jujl^even they 

both are an abomination to the Lord. 
DevT» 13. i^.JboupjJ^therefore inquire i and male [eard\ and askf diligeni'-fy 

whitber it be truth, and tU thing certaine. 

Printed by IVilUam IVjlfon^ dwelling in Little Siint Bart ho! o~ 
njtwes nctre Smhb^jidd. \ C : S — 

Queen's University 
Libraries t 


a !' 

Dr. Gerald Tulchinsky, 2004 

Kingston, Ontario, Canada 






Published by The Rota at the University of Exeter 

/kO^H tfc^ 

6 '^ 

Printed in Great Britain by 

The Scolar Press Limited 

Mcnston, Yorkshire, England 

Bibliographical Note 

A confirmation and discovery of witchcraft is the sole publication of John 
Stearne (or Sterne), close associate of Witch-Finder General 
Matthew Hopkins in an intense campaign in East Anglia between 
1645 and 1647. Hopkins published his own 77?^ discovery of witches 
(Wing, Short title catalogue, H2571) in Norwich in May 1647 as a 
reply to criticisms of John Gaule, Select cases of conscience touching 
witches and witchcraft (Wing, G379, June 1646), but was dead before 
Stearne's contribution to the controversy came out in 1648. (Accord- 
ing to legend and the D.N.B. Hopkins was himself 'swome' as a 
witch and hanged, but Stearne states that he died 'peacably after 
a long sickness of consumption'.) A confirmation, inter alia, defends 
witchfinders against charges of hypocrisy and chicanery. Hopkins 
and Stearne were certainly professionals not indifferent to profit and 
notoriety, but seem also to have been assured of performing a public 
service. For Stearne, who has been labelled a puritan, it may have 
been a spiritual duty. A confirmation pays close attention to biblical 
texts. Recent commentators have established that existing fears of 
witchcraft were being exploited rather than created and that the 
mission of discovery, with its numerous victims, was a popular one. 
Testimony was freely and copiously given by neighbours. Indeed, 
Gaule complained that men spoke more of 'the infallible and 
wonderful power of the witch-finders than ... of God, Christ or the 
gospel preached'. 

A confirmation offers valuable clues, direct and indirect, to the 
motives not only of witch-accusers but of those who 'became' 
witches themselves and suggests why women in particular might be 
ready to make a pact with the Devil. The pamphlet has been ex- 
tensively used by C. L'Estrange Ewen in his Witch hunting and 
witch trials (1929, reissued 1971) and Witchcraft and demonianism 
(1933, reissued 1970), by A. MacFarlane in Witchcraft in Tudor 
and Stuart England (1970) and in K. V. Thomas's comprehensive 
Religion and the decline of magic (1971). The last two discuss the 
activities of 'white witches' whose existence Stearne denies. 

John Stearne survived the Restoration and in the 1660s appar- 
ently was living once again in Manningtree, Essex, a centre of his 
earlier witchfinding activities (Ewen, Witchcraft and demonianism, 
p. 261). 

George Thomason seems to have missed A confirmation. The 
British Museum copy (Shelf mark C. 54. e. 6.) from which this 
edition — the first since 1648 — is reproduced (with the permission 
of the Trustees) was acquired in the nineteenth century. Wing 
S5364 wrongly assigns it to 1645. There is in fact only one version 

A Confirmation is reproduced by permission of the Trustees of the 
British Museum. 


And Difcovery of 


Containing thefe feverall farticnlars ; 

That there are VVicches called 

bad Witches, and Witches untruely called 

good or white Witches , and what manner s>i 

people they be , and how they may bee knowne*, 

with many particulars thereunto tending. 

Together with the Confeffionsof manyof thofe executed fince 
May 1645. in the feverall Counties hereafter mentioned. 
As alfo fonie objed^Ions Anfwcr ed. 

By fobn SteameyViovv oi Lawjhall nt^xtBurie 

Saint Edmonds in Suffolke^ fomctimes of 

Manningtree in Ejjex. 

Prov. 17. 1 •; . He that juflifieth the wicked^ and be that condcmneth thejufly even they 

both are an abomination to the Lord. 
DevTV 13. I ^. Thou PfMtthereforg inquire , and make fearcb, and atk^ diligent! ■'^ 

whether it be truth, and tl>e thing certaine. 


Printed by ^?///^w f^///^», dwelling in Little Saint ^./r/^<?/,?- 
nttwes nctrc Smiihfuld, 1 6 .;. S 

Courteous R E A D E R3 

Othe end Imight fut'iific the opinions of fuch as 
dejireto he further fat is fied concerning the di.t- 
boli call art ^ or crying (in^of Witch-craft (ts I 
mayfo call itC) For thefinve of Witch, crafty and 
tht diaholicslpraSifc thereof^is omnium fcelerum atrociff L- 
mum, atid infuch as have the knowledge ofCod^ the grcaicfi 
Apojiactc from the faith 5 for they renounce God and Chriji^ 
and give themf elves by a covenant to the Dcvill^ the utter e- 
nemy to God and all mankind ^f or in Deut. 1 8. 1 o, 1 1 , 1 l,God 
gdve command to all the children of Ifrael that none amongfi 
his fljould bee fuch. For thofe abominations rccrc the 
children of Canaan driven out from before thcm^ and utterly. 
deftroyedandplagiied.As alfo Manai]cih52 Qvo\\.7^/-.iYhich 
mck^dnef^e of his was fo abhorred of God^ as in h/sdif- 
pleafnre hee mentions it many ycares after by lertmy^as caufe 
of removing the lewesfrom their land^andjo leading them a^ 
way captive into a ftrange land ^ ler. 15. 4, 5. idola- 
tcrs ought to dye^ as in Exod. 22.20. and 52. 28, 29. Nay in- 
ticcrs to idolatric^ Deut. 15.9. bccaufe they worfiip Devills^ 
Pral.ic6.:^7. I Cor. ic. 2 c. Revel. 9. 20. But Witches wor- 
f})ip Devills^ they invocatc them^ craze hdpe ofthem^ worke 
by them^ and doe them homage ^ facrificc to them^ and they 
do it not tofiockes andftones^and fo mediately to the Devi ll^ 
as other Idolaters doe , but immediately to the Devill 
himfelfe^and therefore the great eji Idolaters that can be\and 

A 2 arc 

To the Reader. 

are not they then more worthy of ckutJp- And to convince oth-rr 
Tpho are ^jffich an erroncus opinion as to fay ^ notivithftu.s • 
ding Gods law againji them^ and the holy Scripture fpcitl^ing 
ofthem^ bcftdes the larves of Nations^ both heathen and Chri- 
an^Madc to phnifj thcm^ that there arc no witches^ but 
there are Many poore filly ignorant people hanged wrong fnlly^ 
and that thofe who have gone or beene infirnntents in finding 
out or discovering thofe of late made kjtoivne have done Jt for 
there owne private ends^ for gainc and fuch lil{e, favouring 
fome where they thought good ^ and unjujily profec^tingo- 
thcrs-^ I therefore (^as my leafure hath permitted me ) have 
given my fclfe to the reading of fome approved relations 
touching the arraigncment and condemnation ofPt^itches-^ As 
aij^ treatifes of learned men concerning the devil/fij art of 
Witch-craft'-^ adding wit hall fome few things which otUr^ 
wife I have learned and obfervedftnce the 2 5.<7/March' 1 64s 
as being in par^ an agent in findingout or discovering fome 
of thofe Jincc that timc^ being about two hundred in number^ 
/wElIcx^Suffolkc, Northamptonfhire, Huniingtonfhire, 
Rcdforclihirc, Norfolke , Cambridgefhire, and the Ifle of 
Ely in the Count) of CcLmhndgc^ beftdes other places^ juji- 
ly and d>.fcrvedly cxecutedupon their legall try alls. Now the 
cccafion being thus offered^ and Mafler Hopkins dead^ I de- 
fire to gjze jo?/ie fjtjsfa&ion to the worUf that it may ap^ 
pcarc^what hath beenc done ^ hath beene for the good qfthc 
(nmmm wealthy and we free from thofe afperfions caft upon 
US J and that I never favored any , or u>7jufily profecutcd 0- 
thersj/ut that all that be guilty of t hi!. ought to die-^afwell the 
g od or white witches fo called^as the olhrr: and that then //, 
andhalh beene more favour fi.^wcd^ or at Icafi Icfc care taken 
frr tl. e difccvtry of fm h a r beyutlty^ then by the word of Cod 
there ought, for how many are there now a daiei which could 
be a r tented to pafje by many ofthcm^ as Magicians^ Negro- 
f/.'ancL rs and fuc h uk,c ^ oj whom his Lite Aiajefty of famous 


To the Reader. 

rfjtownc in his Dcvionolc^ic ^ivc'J^ .-; clrcjcIfHll ccnjurc ^ 
St^io faith they bccle.tit ivithill^ .is jv:th Soccrcrs^.ivde- 
f peer ally the (nrir?giritcJ? ^ comr/!07ilj called the goodwitch. 
Nay thcfc rather get credit and eft /rVLjt/nyi Jove and l/l^!ti:^^as 
did the Magicians and Sorcerers ivith rh^iraoh^ I'^xod. 7. 8. 
tcith Nahnchadnczer and Belfiazz^ar^ Ilj.47. 12. L/tk. 22. 
As did alfoShmonWl^guSivith the Sa ma litaii^rv/jv iv.js held 
tobe the grcat^^ewtrofGod^ Ads 8. Ltl{evpije Elimas7v//A 
Sergius Paulus, Afts 1 5. And the Pyrhoneileir///) her Ma- 
fier^ Ads 1 6. And will not jnany fay^ furcly they rvorke hy 
God^ becoJife they nfe good prayers ana good words ^ and often 
name God ^ but let thofe remember that the Devill hir/ifclfe 
canufe gsodrvords^yhx, i. 24. and'>,. 7. h(ks 17. that bee 
can counterfeit the habit and words of an holy man , Sa- 
mueLtSam. 28.13515,17. that hee can tnrne himfelfeinto 
an Angelloflight^ 2 Cor. 11. Therefore hee not teach his 
fervants tofeigne holineffe andyet be thefe in many refpeUs 
warfe then the others^ artd the holy Scripture exempts none^ 
but utterly forbids any going to thern^ or askjngcohnfell of 
them* I J)0pe this my labour will exatfe mce^ and givefomc 
better fatisfa&ion to thofe who are not yet fully fat isfied 
herein^for that Ifjallmaks it plainely appearc^ that I neither 
formerly^ in any of my proceedings concerning this matter^ 
or in penning of this ^ay me at mine owne private ends rather 
■ then the publiquegood^ for that I fj.dl difcovcr^ fofar forth 
as I aid able ^ or at leaft ^ as civility and piodefiicJJjall 'jiz'c 
way\yct lam not ignorjnt how dangerous it is for me to put 
my jelfc (ofarre forth into the Sea of c oKTmon opinion^ and t 
cannot fee that hy reajon of the fl elves and rocl^s of injurious 
conceits whicJ} are ready to he found onev:ry hand J am hie 
topajfe any adv nture'-^ having had experience already haw 
forward 7?iany bee in taking part with many of thofe wh.i 
have been detelUd to promote themforw ird to take the L.ijl 
advantage byfuit oflaw^ thereby to aquitt themfclves^ n^l). n 
as many times it h.tth fallen out-otherwife^ and been a 

A 3 m:an^<- 

To the Reader. 

mcancs to bring to their defcrved pHrtiflj^mnt^ hut let f/ah 
remember the Devill needs no provoker. And thou(^h 
Ralnck fentto Balaam ^^ p«r/«tJ. the people^ yet iv: find i'.'c 
contrary yforfHrelji /did Balaam, fA^re if no enchjfitmjnt /n 
lacob nor divination agjftnft Ifracl. And yet never thclcp'c 
craving pardon if in any thing herein I have taken too much 
upon mc^ I have once ventured to commit my felfc to thy fcn^ 
Cure O' doubt Hot of profperont acceptance^jfbut a charitable 
conjiru&ion he had of my true intent & meaning therein^ a ? 
fromaplaine country man^ who intend not to pen any thing 
but what I /Ball be able to make appeare plainely to bee truth ^ 
and then I ft) all reckon it as a fufflcient recompenccformy 
labour and paines. And fo tpitJj my due refpe&s 1 take 

John Stearne. 


and Difcovery of 


^An being borne in flnne, hath thereby iince the 
Fall of our firft parents loft the Image of God 
in which he was created, through the tempta- 
tion bf Satan, and is naturally, wholy poJiit- 
ted with finneand corruption, whereby he is 
become of very neere km unto the Dcvilljevcn 
hisownechild, 1 /oljn3. lo. And that beeing 
his child, hcwilldoetheluftsof his Father, 
John 8. 44. and that no doubt in one thing as well as in another, for 
men love daikcnefTc more than Vi^ht^lobn^. 1 9- Yea, and naturally 
are given to worke all undeanncfTe even with grcvdineHe, To capti- 
vated are they to their lufts, Ep/;?/. 4. 19. For Satan hath his wile?, 
E}/bcf' 1 1, his devices^ 2 Cor. 2. 1 1. his depths and policies. Revel.2. 
24. his fnares to catch people at unawares, i Tiw.3.7. 2T/W. 2.26. 
And being thus fu rnifhedj hee dare fet upon any, yea upon our 
Saviour Chrift himfelfe, to folicit him, yea, and to a moft execrable 
impiety, even to have Chrift to tall downe^and to worftiip bim .1 
Devill,A^f. 4. for hewatcheth nppoituniti.s, he feckethoccafions 
.Tfid the leaft offer he efpieth and quickly takcth the fanr, and fo 
prcvailcth often, not only with the rude and fottifh, but with the 
ureateft fpiriis and fliarpcft witts many time?. Fot beein;^ given ' 
over to his unruly patlion, is violent, inconiidcrate and vehcni.:u- 
ly greedy to have hisdefireJ ends, by what niifancs foever he v'an ai- 
rainethcm; which maktth him fccke mcanesofthe Dcvill to be- 
come injoyer of his inordinate delires, regarding more the ha- 
ving nf his prefent will , than refpefting his future Hate af- 
ter death, and is more taken up to obtajne what he likcth for the bo- 

2 yi Confirnhition and difcovcry oflVitch-crttft, 

dy and outward eHatein this world, than with the care of his fpiri- 
m ill condition aiid eftate before God in the world to come , which 
the nuurall man very little ornothing at al! regardeth. Thisbe- 
iiit^che condition of anatiirallman who remaincsflill unrcgcnccate 
and iiiven over of God unto Satans temptation in this khidjhow 
lan they rclill .«' Man is weake , Satan is llrong,and wichall fiibtiif 
ro beguile, diey may cadly yeeld, for that he hath over metre nata-* 
rail men a ruling power, Efbcf. 2- 2. who arc already in his fnare, 
and at his ownc will are taken captive, 2 Tim. 2. 26. 

Here fomc will fa y,you goe about to make all fubjeft to Witch- 
craft, or at leaft all unregenerateperfons. 

lanfwer, it faidin lohn 3.6. That which is borne of the flefh is 
fioih, and that which isborneof thefpirit is fpirit : and therefore 
VVitch'Craft being as Saint Paul faith, Amongft the fruits of the 
flclh, Grt/.5.2o. onemay fall into this iitme afwell as into any other, 
ifGod prevent it not. Wherefore it behoove* man(if he would pre- 
vent the power of the Devill and whatfoever Witches can doc) xo 
labour to entertaine and uphold the preaching of the Gofpell. Foi; 
where it commeth, downcgoeth the power ot Witchericj ^s 8, 
and 13. 

Hiilorie likewife tells us, where the Gofpel came among the hea- 
then, there the hellilh power of Devils and fpirFts greatly dimini- 
Ihed, and we heare now by travellers,that in other Countries where 
the Gofpel is not preached,& where they ftill remaine3(a8 1 may fay) 
according to the abominations of the Canaanites, I meane in fuch 
places where the Heathens ftill remaine,as inthe Indies, where they 
by travellers relations, worftiip the Sunne, Moone andStarrs, Nay 
1 have heard in fome places, the Devill himfelfe, and where popery 
and prophanenelTe is , with contempt of Preaching or vile negleft 
thereof, there Witch-craft ismoft rife. Therefore it bchoovesmen 
to labour to bring forth fruits worthy the Gofpell andamendment 
of life. P^or God hedgeth the vcrtuous man about, hb i. fo as Satan 
cmnotcomeat him, without very fpcclall licence from God, and 
that on'-ly fora tryall. The Angels of God doe alfo pitch thfir 
tents about fuch, Pfal. 34. yea, and have charge over them to keepe 
them in their waics, Pfai 91. 1 1,12. And to have religious duties in 
our families ; and as ih: Apofflefaith, to pray continually, i Thef. 
5. And a? Saint /^mrj telleth us, hm. 5. 16. that the prayer of a 
riahteous man availeth mtich ifit b'j fcrve;it. VaviJ did not onejy 


A Confirmation ntid Difcovcry ef^itcJ)- craft. ^ 

(erve God openly in the Tabernacle, but returned home to blede hi' 
hoiife, 2 Sum. 6. 20. hnd Job every day facriticedto Godjand fan- 
ftiritd his children and family./oi 1.5. And God gave to n'ratJ a 
law to raniTtine their hoiiles. And fo going ever well armed 
againit thefe rulers of djrkenetre, devills and evjll ipiiits, ftirnilhtd 
with the heavenly turniturc and Ipirituall wcipon^ot which the A- 
polilefpeaketh, Efh. 6.14. 18. and being thus qnaliried, and armed, 
to trult in God only , who will kcepe thee under the (hadow of hi>? 
wings, P(^/. 91. No man lliall neede to fear e Witches or Devills ; 
knowing ever this , that they cannot doe the very lealt harnie unto 
any of the leaft creatures ot God without leave from him: no, not to 
enter into the heard of fwine of the very GardarenSy for furely there 
is noinchantment in fdo^/;, norsny Divination againft IfraeJ. ft is 
the Lord, let him doe what feemeth him good, iSam. i'^.26. It is 
the Lord that giveih, it is the Lord that taketh away, blefTed bee the 
nameof the Lord, Jo^ I, 2 n And therefore many yeeld thus farre as 
that Satan needes no provoker to fet him forward, as the Scriptilrc' 
teJl« us. For the text faith, that he compafTeth the world to,and fro, 
lob I. going up and downe like a roaring fyon feeking whom hee 
maydevoure,! Pet.'^.S. HeisreadyfifGodgive waiejtobeea lying 
fpiritin the mouth of Ahabs Prophets to feducehim, i King.22. and 
to beguile j and that the people which brought the pofTcfTcd to our 
Saviour, complained only of theDevill, Ma\. 15.2. Lui\. 9.39. They 
made no mention of\Vitches,nor(for ought we know)had any ful- 
pition of them, for we find that God hath often fent theDevill, as 
the executioner of his difpleafure without any nieanesof a Witch, 
as amongit the Egyptians, hefent evill Angells, T\al.']%.^(^. between 
/?')/wr/fri';andthe.V/f6cwzfex, |udg.9.2 3.So upon Saul^i 5<jw. 16.15. 
Andfo we reade of a Legion fcntby Chriftinto the heard of fwin, 
Mr.:. 5. !:». Thuswe fee Devills immediately fent from God with- 
out any iniliization of Witches. And therefore conclude thatallis 
ho:n theDevill by Godspermilhon, and that there are no Witches 
atall.B'it whofoever thoubeclt that art of this opinion, & although' 
many have gone about to prove that there are no Witches; yetbc- 
lides the former rcafon, the contrary tenet is undeniable true, that 
there are Witches. 

Firit, fronuhe lawes that God himfelfc hath made againft them. 
Firfr, in forbidding the practice of Witch-craft, and that none a- 
mongfr his (hould be Witches, Vvizzards,Negromancers and fuch 
like, Z>f;^f.i8. iO;i 1,12. Secondly in forbiddixig any to go to them, 

B Liviit 

4 ^ Cotjfirmatiort and'DjJcovcry of IV/tch-ircft. 

Levit. 19 20. l^'a 8. 19. Thirdly, his Comnnfuiemcru to rut Wi ches 
to deith, Exod. 22. 18. Fourthly, Gods judgenitnts againll: them, 
D(«r 18. 12. which if there vvereno Witches what neetle thefe lawcs? 

Secondlyj^fromthehi.'torie ot the Bible, which nanicth to tisccr- 
taine Witches, as the Socercrs of £^'>pf, h'xod.y. hnnes and lam- 
brcs^ 2 Titn. 3. 8. Thofein Batylon and Ftrfia, Dan. 2.5.7, ^i^- 47 
12. And" amonglt tke Nations driven out before the children 
of Ifrael, Pe«[ 18. 12, 13. So wee reade of other Witches which 
V7ere^o{ Balaam Numb. 22. lof. 13.22. Oijfrael, 2 Kinii- 9- 22. Of 
Manafjes, 2 Chron. 33.6. Oi Simon Magus, Ads 8.9. l^ndfiimai^A&s 
1 5.8.Secondly5itniaketh mention ofthepraftizesof WitchesjtxoJ. 
7. 2 CoTOT}. ^S-^-Jf^'VI-9' Eze.2i 21. Thirdly, of feme 
going to them, i Sam.2^.'j. and fending to them, Numb. 22.5. Jof. 
24.9. Fourthly, it relateth how fome Kings put them to death, 
1 54^.28.5,9. and cut them off, 2 K//zg.2 3. 24. all thisfhouldbefalfe 
if there were no Witched. 

Thirdly, from fome Comparifons or Similies fetched from 
witch-craft, by -JdtfJKf/j i Sam. 15. and by IJ4, 29. 4. which were 
abfurd if there were no Witches. 

Fourthly, (as before) Si Pauls mentioning Witch-craft amongft 
the workes of the flcfh. Gal. 5 . 20. 

Fifthly, Gods threatning damnation upon Socerers, Rev. 21. 2. 

Sixtly, the Lawes of Nations both Heathen and Chriftian againft 

Seventhly, the truth of Hiftories, and manie relations of their Ar- 
raignement and conviftion. 

Eightly, experience amongft our felves, and in other Countries, 
together with the confellion of fome of thofe Witches condemned 
and executed fince May 1645. in the fevcral 1 Counties aforementio- 
ned. Hereafter, herein expreflcd, I hope will give all fufficient fatif- 
fa^lion th;*t there arc WitcheF. 

Nowhere fome may fay, this is fufficient to prove that there arc 
Witches in fome Countries, or at Icaft have beenein formes tfmes 
with us here in this Country ; but how will you makeit appeare 
that there have been any fmce the Gofpel preached amongfi: us .>? For 
many arc of oppinjon that there are Witches in other Countries 
where the Gofpel is not at all, or very little regarded, but where the 
Gofpel is faithfully preached as with us mEngUnd and Scotland^ &c. 
that there are not any, no not lince the comming of our Saviour. 

A Confirmation and D'lfcovcry of IVjtchcraft. 5 

I anfwer that if any man can make it appear that the GofpelJ frce-^ 
us from finnc, more then the Law did our forefathers, that ihcn i^ 
might be fo. But the Gofpell frees ns not, and therefore ivc are 
as like to have fuch mifcrcants amongll us as our Forefather.'", 
For we are as linful as in the time of the law. And Satan Oil remains 
amongftus.And we are as impatient, profane, and unconfcionable 
as ever, having dillen)peredpafl;ons, violent in affeftion, given to 
ill company, and vain curiolities, not having refpeft of Hcligion, 
by which occalions the Devill tiketh advantage and works to have 
his will, for he goeth thither where he is eiiher fure or hopcth well 
for entertainment. Mat. 12. 44. He therefore watchcth the time 
when he may beft offer his fervice to fuch as any way he finds the 
leaff kindof preparednefTcin, as when any fall into a paffionatc 
forrow, accompanied with folitarinefle for fome lofle, as husband, 
wife, children or fuch like, the Dcvill offers himfelf to comfort 
fuch in their forrowfuH melancholy mood. So in time of dearth 
through extreme poverty it many times caufcth many tobedefpf- 
rately inipatient ; or fo impatient through poverty when they 
would needs be rich, even againf^ Gods providence, as that 
they be in fuch a diflonpcrcd paflion, as they would have their 
wants fatisfied and their deiires fulfilledj be it by what means it 
poHible can be, (as I may fay J right or wrong; or when one is en- 
raged with anger, plotting revenge, oris familiar with fuch as be 
Witches; As likewifc when any are addifted to the reading and 
fludieof dangerous books, inticing to the pra(fVice of hidden myfle- 
rics, of Magickandlnchanrments. Thus by che/e and fiich other 
like means as may be gathered from the confeiTions of VVitchcs,they 
prepare themfelves for Satans temptations ,to draw them to Witcb- 
craftjas I could inflancein thofe innumerable examples, as you fhall 
read hereafter more at large when 1 come to fpcak of what forts of 
people are mofl addifted to Witchcraft; and therefore do you not 
conceive that tliere are ftill fuch people remaining among^ us ? ye a 
certainly there are, and VVitches likewifc. 

But you will ff ill fay it doth not yet plainly appear tobefo fince 
the Gofpell, though all thefclinnesfiill remain, for thcl>vil needs 
no provoker as before, for he can, if God peimir. £j.-early trouble 
us, and can bereave one oF his witF, and make one hjmrirk, rfcaf 
dumb and blind, bow the body together, fo one (nail not bc^- 
blc tolittup himfelf, he can even enter in and poflcfft any really 

P' •- and 

6 A ConfrmntioK dtfclDjfcovcry of Witch Crttft, 

and make them invincibly ftronj:, ^nd woik ether ctfc^^. O." all 
which youma/*eadiiiA/jfi/;.9.32.and 12. 22. and 15. 22. and 17- 15- 
hlark:\-2^ and ^.3,7. and 7 26. and 9.17,18,151520, 22.25,26 chlI ;n 
I.«l^e 4.:i5.a!id'-. 2. and 8^20,39 and 1 1. 14. and 15. 11, 16. andean 
eiiterinto children, Lwi-^c 13.16. young (o\ks^Marh^-j . 16. M; n, Mi)i\ 
5.1,2,3. women, Luke i3.i6.M<jrf.the 15.22. Yea through the [vr- 
niHIion ot GodjUich as be the cleft of God* Job i. and 2. A djii^htt-r 
ut Lu'c^ 1 3. 1 1 . ^Mary Ma^daletic^Luke 7.2 .& can counter- 
fcicthe refeiTiblancc ofan holy man, i 5rtm.28.12.i4. 19. yea and tor 
aiongtimejL;<i;t S.27 .from a child till one be grown up,Mdri^ '^;.2 1. 
even eighteen yeares,LMk 13.16, andfo we rcade in Lul^e 7.2. of 
(evtn Devills in one at oncc,and more L;<i^e 11.26. Yea a whole le- 
gion,M.3r\ 5.9,165 14. and fomctimes the Lord is pleafed to fend De- 
villsas executioners of hisdifpleafure, as is before exprolfed. 

To this I an rwer,and grant it for truth,and not to be denyed, but 
yet notwiihitanding all ^his, there are Witches !i(iewire,and yctthc 
Devil! doth al! this, and more if God permit, for in Gfn.3.We-may 
Icarne chere that the Devill may enter into a dumb creature, & come 
out of the fame, utter a voice intelligibk,& offer conference (if any 
will hea-^kcn J to deceive as our Witches now a dayes confcfiTe, and 
that hechooleth the fubtileft creature to deceive by, and the weak^ 
erveflell to confer with, but by the confeffions of Witches now 
lately detefted, he choofeth fuch creatures as they themfelves are 
moft addiftcd to, as you fhall hereafter find by their confeflions, by 
the (cverall fhapcs he appears in, but how ever we may read therejtt* 
was a powerfuil perfwalion to overcome, and yet work by Witch- 
es, \Mzzards, Necromancers, Sorcerers, Southfayers, and all kind 
cf .MarJtkart, As wemay readein £xo(].7.ii, 12. and 8- 7. Where 
wc may fee that Pharaoh called the Wifcmen;, the Sorcerers, and the 
Alagiciansof Fe^fN who did with their incharuments in like man- 
ner as A/ c; and Aaron. But 1 paffe by the proofs ou-r of the Old 
Tf Qamcnt ft>r this becaufc I d:lire to g've fuch fatisfaftion (as 1 am 
able) that it may appear that there be Witches now as in former a- 
ges. And if what hath been already fpoken will not give fatisfa- 
ftion herein, you may icad in the ■j.lim. 5 8. who they werc,that 
were the opplors ot the truth, but hich ss Jarjies and Jair.LreSy 
who withlloodMo/ff, and then fearch who they were, and you 
fhall find they were fuch as Fharaob called to him, as in the before 
me ntioued place.',who with their inchantnicnts did the like a'iMofes 
had done. So 

A Cotijirmation andD'ifcovcry of Witchcraft, 7 

So you may readof E/>r«.jf the Sorcerer, A^. 13.8. who refifled 
the Apoftles in the time of the Corpcll, 

Solikewifc in All- S p. you (liall read of Siwcn Magus a lorcercr, 
to whom in the loverfcit isfaid, ihey a!! ^.wc heed from the Icaic 
to the greateft/fayingjiliis man is c e i^rcar ptAver of God, For in 
the 11. verfeits is faid, becaufc that ot loni; time he had bewitch- 
ed them with forcerieSjand in the 1 3 verfe wc read he was baptifed, 
but read the 20, 21322, and you fhall read what Ff/erfaid to him, 
and fo read no more of him in all the New Teftamtnt. 

Alfo in the Kev.2 1 -8. you may read how Sorcerers fliail wi/h o- 
therlinners there reckoned up, have their part in the lake' which 
burneth with fire and brimllone. 

And fo likewife we read in the Epillle of Jude the Apoflle fpcak- 
ing there of falfe Teachers, which were crept into theCIiurch to 
feducethem, for uhofe damnable doftrinc and manners, horrible 
judgement was prepared, in the 11. verfe pronounceth woe un- 
to them , for they have gone in the way of O/V?, and ranne grcedijy 
after the error of Ed/rtflW, by which vve may plainly fee that there 
were Witches inthetinieot the Gofpei, and after the coming and 
afcenfionof ourSavionr, and do any doubt then, whether there 
beany now? do any think that we be free from fuch, wherelinne 
and ignorance belidcs fo much abounds ? or do you delire to have 
proqi of Witches fincethen, you fhall have enough of their con- 
teflions to make this evident, bclides the relations of learned men 
writing concerning Witchcraft. But if you would but rightly ob- 
ferve that place in 2. T/w.3. i and fo on to the 8 you (hall find that 
in the jail dayes fhall come perillous times, &c. And in the 8. 
verfe it is faid, And as Jann.s and Jamhrcs withftood Mofesy fo do 
thofe alfo refilt the truth. There you may fee plainly that there 
l"hou1d be fuch to the latter end, befiJcs in divers other places fpeak- 
ingtxprcflely of Witciicraft ; as i.lim.^. i. ^ndjude 18. 

Likewife of the Pythoneffc which brought her miftris much gain 
Ads 16 1 6. Alfo in Btv 2i.S.And fo I might nominatediveis other 
placeSjfor tho(e which remain doubtfull either of being bewitched ' 
or of Witches themfelves, but becaufe their own cenfeflions clear 
this evidently, belldes the forenamed places,! proceed to dillinguifh 
between thofe called bad Witches,and thofe called white orgood 
Witches, which is cafily to be d" cerned and known. 
But yet 1 fay all Witches be bad, and ought to fuffcr alike, being 

B 3 both 

8 A Confirmtition and Difcovery of Witchcraft, 

both in league with the Devill ; for fo is the good , i^o /mtruly 
calleJ, afwellas the other, either of>cn or implicit. And therefore 
1 conclude, all that be in open leagu: with the Devili ought to^ 
die. And the Scripture maketh mention onely often forts, whick 
fpeakcs rather of thofe called the good, which the world fo much 
I iiancs aftcrjthen the other. As we may read ; Firft in Deut. 1 8. 
10 2 Kiiii^s 17.1. of a Diviner forefhewing things tocorae.Such the 
jicople delighted in and confulced with, JtT. 27. 9. £^J^. 21. 22. 
Such an one was BalaAtrii lof 13. 22. 

Secondly, We read in Vcut- 18. lo. of an Obfervei: of times, 
or Soothfayer, one which by gaping on the Heavens could alfo 
foretell fomething. Tothefe likewife did the people give eare, 
Jer. 27. 9. And fuch an one was Manajfcs, 2 Chron.^^. 6. knd what 
was Elimas the Sorcerer fpoken of in the Ads ? 

Thirdly, we read in Vcu\. 18. 10. of an Obfcrvcr of times, 
or fcarcher out i Oneiwhich obferved times to know when it was 
beft to begin a bufinefTe : as Hamans Witches did by c^ftfrig of 
lots before him* Of this Mjnaffet alfo was guilty , 2 Cbro. 33 .6. 
To which might be added that in Hefier. 3. 7. and 9. 24. 

Fourthly, wereadinZ)t';<f. 18. 10. Ifn.^j. 12. of a Magician, 
one that could deceive the P^ye-fight by making fomething to ap- 
pcareotherwifcthenitis. Such F/;dr/jo/; called to him tooppofe* 
M^'es. Herein , y^jwwj and ^ijmirf/ , ofwhom Saint P^K/fpeak- 
tth of, were guilty, and folikewife wasMd«d]Jej, 2Chron.33.6. 

Fifthly, we read in r^«r. 18. 11. of an Inchancer, or Con- 
jurer; one'joyned in league with another 5 as the Witch is with 
the Devill, Such an one ufed Ctiarmes to tame Serpents, T[dl. 58. 
<) . Many fuch were in Babylon^* Ifa. 47. 9. and Eccl. 10. 11. 

Sixthly, we read in Dew. 18. 11. Lev. 20. Of one which hath a 
fpirit in him or her which doth give anfvvcr to fuch as come to in- 
quire of them. Such an one was the Witch oT EnJor , .^^^.28. 
Such an one was the Pythoncfle which brought her Miftris much 
gaine, ^(f// 16. ln/(,i. 29. 4 called a Whifpcrer. To fuch 'the 
people had reguard. Lev. 19. 21. and incouraged one another 
thereunto, Ifa. 8. 19. 

Seventhly, -wee read in Dewf. 18. 1 1, ofa Wizzard , 1 -9dW. 28. 
9- Onealfo which could foretell feme things, and fo called for 
his or her foreknowledge ; as now we ternie them a wife man, or 
a wife woman. After this fort the people- fought alfo, Lev. 19. 3 is 
and 20. 6. Eighthly, 

A Confirm /it ion and Difcov-^ry of JVitchcraft. 9 

Eighth!/, '.vi r:ad in I):u. iS. 41. of a Ncgromancer, on: ihac 
confukcth v;iih the dead. 7;.;. S. •/. 

Ninthly, we read in 7j<7. 1 9. f;. cf a VV'hlfperer, wi^h frcrct 
or foft words 5 as our white \Vitchc5 doc, indtavour'ng to 
help man or bealf.To thcfe (he ^^■■yptiar:S Icnqht nfrcr,a<; tliey did 
to their Idolls , as in the lalt tortnifntiuned place is txjrclltd. 
Thefearenow f as I have read) tranflatcd Charmers. 

Tenthly ,weread in EW. 8. 11. ofdichzs PDarno!) fougJit to, 
as we caJl them Juglcrs , deceivers, beguiling rh? eye- light. Some 
hold them tobecalicrs of Nativities, which tell people their for- 
tune b/ the time of their birth. Thefe areonely cxprefled in the 
Old Tertamcnt : But the New fpeakcth , as 1 may lay, onely in 
generall againft Witch -craft , which comprehends all the ten a- 
forementioned. And therefore it cannot be denyed , belides their 
confclfions herafter herein expreffed,but that there are fuch to this 
timejand that they all ought to fuffcr alike, which have made an 
cxpreffe league with the Devill. An art Co execrable, to renounce 
God, and to betake themfelves to theDevill, as. for this thing 
onely they deferve death in the higheft degree ; for the Law of 
God faith without exception, Thou (halt not fufFer a Witch to 
live, Exod. 22 1 8. It a VVitch Juflly convifted, Death is due to fuch 
an one, Levit. 20. 27. For, for thofe abominations the Lord ut- 
terly deftroyed the Canaanitcs^ and plagued Mancfes^ which wick- 
ne(fe of hii>vvas fo abhorred of God, as in his difpleafui-e hcc 
mentioned it miny yeaies after , as a caufe of removing the 
Jftres from their Land, and of Feading them away captive into a 
ftiangeL:^nd, 7^.15.4. And did n^'t good King Jo/J^/; put fiich 
forts to deah ihr.t hemight fi'Ifill thrLaw?2 F.ings 23. 24. And 
fodid.'^^w/, S.,.n. 28. Nay , hath i^n the Lord threaincd g^cr-t 
Jiidiremcnts in the aforcntcriri_r^'|: 'tces ' Ver5,and doth hr- net 
by the P.ophctpromifeto cut off V\'irch-cra?b and Soothfay- 
crs, wh'uhe intends to blefle a Nation ?A//fJ- 5. 12. 

Now, who they bo that make thi*? expiclfe or open Ie:'gue, ?:c 
both forts. But for the hui tmg and curling W'itch , there i? but 
one fort. All which makes rhiscxprefTe or open league ; and th.'.y 
doe ii 6nely for mifchief, though fcverajl waycs : for ihcy tp.kc 
their Familiar.^; ; Sonie for one miff hiefjfome for another. VX'hcn 
as there be two forts of the other ; theonein exprede and open 
league, for fo I tearme it, though made never fo fecret, bccauie ic 


10 A Confirmation anddifcovery ofiVitch-craft. 

is don^by conference with the Devilli And the other is by im- 
plicit, or fecret league, onely by confidence in believing, that (uch 
orfuchathing (hall produce fuch , or (iich an cffeft. Now the 
hrftofthefc two have Familiars, as well as the other , or at leall 
a brand, by which they may be known and discerned by , as we II 
as the tirih Some tofet fpells i Some Charmesi Some to cure dif- 
ealej feverall wayes , either by words, or walhlng clothes, or a- 
anoynting the Inftrument which gave the wound to cure the 
wound i ijonie onely by laying on ofc their hands ; Some by u- 
fiiig and faying fuperftitious words, or forme of prayers , ufing 
good words to bad ends ; Some by both •-, Some by herbes ; Some 
to know where ftolen goods be, cither by railing the Devill , or 
Familiar Spirits ; Some onely by words, andfolikewifethelarae 
for loft goods, or manorbeal}, and to bring them againe 5 and 
foby many fuch like wayes and meanes doe thefeworke by : Yet 
many times theyerre, all of thefe: For the Devill cannot per- 
formehis promifesatall times. So that it is not to bec^crettioned, 
but all thefe forts are in league with the Devill. For it is not to 
be doubted, but before any of them can have power to doe any 
thing, againfi, or for any parry, or have any delired ends cfFc- 
£ked, the league exprelle or implicit is firft made \ bee it exprefle 
then confirmed i but for the Confirmation hereof their confefli- 
ons will makeitplainely appearc , andplaineproofesand reafons 
for the other, that they confidently trult that their delires (iiall 
beffftfted accordingly to their beliefe , as the curing VVitphes 
doe of them which come to them for help. All which I will make 
p!aine!y appeare, wlien 1 come tofpcakehow they may be known. 
For here fome moy firft demand of mec what forts of people they 
be of either forts? 

I anfwer , as for the firft fort moft women , and for the other 
moft men. And albeit there he of both forts of both : as Elimas 
the Sorcerer, and Shnon A/.-r^w;, and fo likewife Balaam, and the 
Witch of EWor, and o'^ thc(e young, middle, and old jge, of 
which inftances nuy be given; Yet of Witches in general! , there 
be commonly more women then men. This is evident. 

Firft, from Gods Law againft Witches, Exod. 22. In the femi- 
nine gender, ir^fiigiatricc-m ne finito viverc. 

Secondly, from Seuls fpeech, when he faiJ , Sceke one out, 
a woman tiiat hath a familiar fpiritj^'^m 28 7.1 Ct)ro? 13,14. 
in naming a woman and not a man. Thirdlj^ 

A Coifirmation ,tnd Difcovery of Witchcraft, 1 1 

Thirdly, from experience it is found true here, and in al^ 
Countries, efpecially of hurting Witches, that they nre moft in 
number, as appearesby theirowneconrdllons , with the /lories 
jnd relations even from thefe in our ownc Kingdome. As of 
thofecf BMrfort-O/J, where there met above fourcfcore at a time ; 
And at Tilbrooke bufhcs in Bedfofdjbier, nctre adjacent to Cciiveortb: 
in Hunnn'iton(}}eir, where there metabove twenty ar one time , as 
'John lV)rucl{ ,and others confefled who fuffered at Uunym^ton U\\ 
A/iij was two yeares : Asalfoby the confcllions ot lomc others 
which fuffered at Northampton not long before ^ So Jikcwifc were 
thofe which met at Manningtree in Ejfex^ as Klizaheth Clarice, 
and Anne Leech confclfed , and thofe which were condemned, 
there being about twenty eight, at Cbelmsfcrd^ in the fumnier 
1545. were ( as I remember ) all women. And thole at Bw 
Tie Saint Edmunds^ wh^ere fixrie eight were ( as 1 Hkewife remem- 
ber ) condemned, mod women , All at one Goalc delivery, in the 
fummeri645. So I could nominate farrc more inftances in other 
places, and of about two hundred executed fince the faid May^ 
1 645. in the feverall Counties aforemeniioned, the women farre 
exceeded the men in number. And as I have read , thofe iu 
Lancajheire, where ninteeneafTerablcd, and but two men, and that 
th ofe that bewitched the Earle of Rutland were women j and that 
thofe of IVarboyes were women, and but one man. Women there- 
fore without gueftion exceed men , efpecially of the hurting 
Witches ; but for the other, I have knowne more mcn^ and have 
heard fuch as have gone to them fay ,almoft generally they be men, 
and fo likcwife finde them to be fo in Authors , which fpeake of 
fuch, and never knew any women queflioned in that way but 
men , and of them as hitherto not many -, For as before, men ra- 
ther uphold them, and fay, why(bouldany man be qiieftioned 
for doing good; but 1 am certaine the word of God is con- 
trary. ^ / 

Now, why it fhould be that women exceed men in this kiuc^, I 
will not fayjthat Satans fetting upon thefe rather then man i?, or 
like to be, becaufe of his unhappy onfet and prevailing with Eve; 
or their more credulous nature , and apt to bee mifled , for that 
tht-y be commonly impatient , and being dilplcafed more malici- 
ous , and fo more apt to revenge according to their power, and 
thereby nwre fit inftruments for the DeviH i or thar^becaufe they 

C be* 

ti A Confrntation and Difccvery of Witch- craft. 

be more ready to be teachers of Witchcraft to othert , and to 
leave it to Children, fervants, or to fome others ( but that you 
(hall finde to be a great inducement thereto by their Confcflions^ 
or lhat,becaufc, where they can command they arc more fierce in 
their rule, and revengefull in fettingfuch on worke whom they 
can commandjWheretore the Devill labourethmoR to make iheni 
Witches : for Satan is fubtilljand feeketh whom he may devoure, 
and if fal(e teachers. 

But as Saint rd«/ faith. Witchcraft being amongft the fruics 
of the fle(h, one may fall into this linne as well as into any other 
C ifGod prevent it not ) and therefore whether men or women, 
Thefc forts following are the aptcft, as by experience plainely ap- 
peares amongft iis now a dayes. 

I palTe by Infidels , and Heathen people in former times ( from 
whom thefe abonjinations mentioned in Ikut. i8. iq, ii. came 
into I[Tael, and favage Nations now (amongft whoftO ^y Tra- 
vellers relations. Witchcraft is moft rife ) and wiU fpcake onely 
of fuch forts arbe called Chriftians, and th^e be , 

Firft, ignorant people whofe eyes are blinded by Satan, 2 ^or.4 
4. and are led captive by him, as is faid in another place. 

Thisappeareth in thofe Witches commonly detefted amongft 
us, filly ignorant perfons many of them. Elizabeth Veekes of 
KatlcfdeK, in Suffolk^ , a filly ignorant young woman being found 
wiihihe markes, confcfled that fbewas guilty , and had two 
crop eared ImpeSjas (he faid , which had fucked two or three 
times upon thofe markes found upon her , which Impes ( fhe 
faid)came like Mire ; the one white, which (he called Birds, being 
the ledft,tbc other gravjwhich (he cal led Teates, which Impe asktd 
her to deiiye God ,and Chiil>, and told her if (be would (be fliould 
never want, h\t (he faid (he then refufed ; Wherctjpon f (be fai 1 ) 
her mother asked her to give her foule from God to the Devjll, 
which( (lie CaUJ Ihe likewife refufed : but as fhe was ^oing to bed, 
cither upon a paire of (laircs, or ladder, her mother-pulled her 
back in much danger of her life, and confelTed many ether things 
then more ?.t large. But for her ignorance (lie was favfd at inrWy, 
when herm:i her fuifcrcd, yet atCLrvvard, notwiLhfrandiMg this, 
and her rcfuling thofe taupcations, Iheconfcired, (he did make a 
I eagfieand C'ovenanr with the Devill, and fealed it with her 
bloud, anJinipIoycJ rhofelmpts, to the much prejudice of her 


A CotifiTmationnnd DifcovcryoflVitchcrdft. 15 

Neighbours and Townfmcij , as (l^c confeflcd before the Jullicc 
of Peace. hlCo Joanejrallkf of Ke)(lon , in ////rjf;;;gfo?/j7/V/r5 a ve- 
ry ignorant, Ibtcilh woman, conttlfccl ihe Dcvill came to her in 
the likenellc of a man, in blackili cloithini;; , bnt had cloven ^eer, 
which Hic called BlackmanjWho ufed to lie with her, ar)d liave the 
• uiejiSier body, yet fix confeifed he was more uglier then man, and 
not as her husband, which fpeaks to her like a man, but he as he 
had been fome diftance from her when he was with her, who told 
her, if fhe would be ruled by him fix Ihould never want , but 
Ihculd have what fhedefired , and brought her two otirers the 
third time he came, which Cfhe faid Jflie called Grizzel/^ and Gree- 
digut , for Co ((he (aid ) they called thtmfelvcs, and thatthoft, af- 
ter fhec had con Tented to the other his demands, and confirmed 
the Covenant , (he could and did imploy as (hee then further 
confefled, both to the Townfenien , and after to the Juftice of 
Peace, and fome of the mifchiefes fhe had done. Ennumerablcof 
thefe inftances I could nominate in many of their Confetliorrs, as 
you (hall findc in fome of thofe following. But \ dellre to Anfwer 
one objcftion before 1 proceed further ( that is ) fome fay , and 
many will and doc fay ; But you watched them, and kept them 
from racat,drijikc,or ref^jand Co made them fay what you would. 
A very unnaturall part fo to u(e Chriftians.I anfwer fo it were.But 
I never knew any deprived of meat,drinke or reft, but Had what 
was fitting till they were carried before fome JuAiceof Peace to be 
examined , and had provi(ion to re(^ upon, as bolfters, pillowes, 
or Cufhions, and fuch like, if they were kept where no beds were j 
yet 1 doe not deny butat(irft, fome were kept two,three, or foure 
daycs, perchance fomewhatbafer, but then it hath been, either 
when no Juftice of Peace was neere, or when the witneffes againft 
them could not goe fooner, but then they have had beds, and for 
other provifion, 1 never knew any kept , of what ranke or qua- 
lity foe ver, but that they had better provjllon , either meatc or 
drinke,then at their own^houfes.' For the watching,it is not to ti(c 
violence, or extremity to force them to confeffc , btitonely the 
keeping is, firft, to fee whether any of their fpii irs , or familiars 
come to or neere them ; for 1 have foundjthat if che time be come, 
the fpirit or Impefo called (liould come, it will be cither vilihfe 
or invilible , if vifible, then it may bee difcerned by thofe in the 
Pvoomejifinvifible, then by the pjrty.. Secondly , it is for this 

C 2 end[ 

14 -A Cprfjirviatiott nnd Difcovery of Wit( hcraft. 

emi alfo, chat if the parties which uacch them, be lo carduil th^t 
none conic viiible, nor ii)viiiblebut may be dilcerncJ , it th^y 
follow their direftions, then the party prelently attei the tinic 
tluir FanuliarslhoLJdhave comfjitthey faile, willprcfently cof;- 
feifc 5 for tlicn ihcy thinke they will either conie r-^ m-inv^ />•■ oa* 
Icall have forlakfn tht-in. 

Thirdly, it is alfo to the end, that Godly Divines and o- 
thers might difcour(e with them , and idle perfons be kept fron) 
them, for if any of their focietycometothemto difcourfc with 
ihem, they will never confefle ■■, This was obferved ^nt, Bwrj Saint 
Edmunds in Sufolk^, as) remember, when there were eightcene tu 
bt executed.; nioUot- them kept in a Barne together, thty made 
a Covenant amongft ihtmfelvcs, not to confefle a word next day 
at the gallowcSj when they were to be hanged , notwithftanding 
they had formerly confeded , and Come of them after they came 
into the Goale, and feme before the Bench and Country, hut 
nioft of them ( if not all ) before the Jufticcs of the P-eacc , and 
fo dyed next day accordingly very delperately , except one pe- 
nitent woman which rcfufed their Covenant or agreement : fo 
ftiemadeitknowne, and how they madeja fingingof a Pfalme 
after they had done it. But if honeft godiy people difcourfc with 
them, laying the hainoufnefle of their fins to them, and in what 
condition they are in without Repentance, and teUing them the 
fubtiltics of the Devil! , and the mercies of God , thcfe wayes 
will bring them to Confcdlon without extremity, it will make 
them breake into Confedion hoping for mercy. 

Now that the Impcs come vifible , it is true and apparent, and 
(o watching hath produced true and lirange cfFefts, and is a great 
meanesCunder God) to bring them to confedion, as for exam- 
ple j Elizabeth Clark^c o( MannirijitTee in Effe^^ , beingkept three 
dayes and three nights , fhee confefled many things , but how 
ihewas kept I knownoi wcj], for 1 came not at her during that 
tinrjnotwithftanding 1 lived then in Towne, and was one which 
caufed her to be quefiioned , who did accufe fomc others which 
lived in their fcverall Parifhes, the Townfemen dclired me to goe 
withhcrconftfTion taken in writing byanother, to the Jufiices 
©f the Peace for a warrant for thofe (he accuf'd , the warrant was 
made for the fearching of fuch perfons 3« 1 Ihould nominate, 
whereupon,! would firft goe tQ her before the Warrant (hould 


A Conjirmat ion attetDjfcovcry offViich craft, 1 5 

beferved, to knowof her who Hi? diJ acciife ; Mr. Hofhjn be- 
ing with mee went together, and when J hjd asked her who ihee 
had acaifcd , wc were agoing away ; bijt (be laid to us , if you 
will ftay, i will fhew you my Inipcs, for they bee ready to come. 
Then faid Mr. Hopl^in . Bcfc^ will they doc us no harnie ? no faid 
(he J what? did yon thinke lam afraid of my children ? you (hall 
lit downe, Co wee did, where flic appointed us. Then one of the 
company which was appointed to be with her that night, faid to 
her, Belfe, 1 asked you a queliion of late, but you aniwercd not, 
then (he faid, what is it ? Then he replyed and faid, teJl the trath, 
if it be the truth, fay fo, but if not truth, then fay fo , Hath hoc 
the Devill had the ufe of your body? (he faid, why (liouldyou 
aske fuch a queftion ? he anfwerd, 1 delire to know the truth and 
no otherwKe, then (he fetched a (igh, and faid, it is true, then faid 
Mr. Hopi^/r?, in what manner and likcnc(fe can)e he to you :* (lice 
faidjlikea tall, proper, bl^ck haired gentleman, a propcrer mm 
then your fclfe, and being asked which fh:e had rather lie withaH, 
fhee faid the Devill , and fo particulaiized cver^ thing , arid 
how heecame in , and his habit, and how he lay with her, 
and fpoke to her , as (he then afhrnud to bee truth, and fo 
pre(ently fell a fmacking with her lips and called Lought t>Ao 
orthree times, whichprefently appeared to us eight fForthere 
were fix which were appointed to bee with her that nighL.bcfore 
we went ) in the likeneflc of a Cat , as (he had formerly tol^ us ; 
for (he told us before what (hapes they (hould come in,and fo that 
prefently vanirticd ; then (he called againeas before, Jermarah, 
then appeared another, like a red or fandic fpotted dog, with legs 
not fo long asa Hnger (to ourperceivancej but his back as broad 
astwodogf, or broader, of th.u bigneffe , and vanifhed, and fo 
after that called more, as before, by their feverall name?, which 
came in feverall (hapes , One like a Greyhound, with legs as long 
as a Stagge ; Another like a Ferrit ■■, And one like a Rabbit , and 
foinfcveralKhapesthey appeared to us, till there were fome fe- 
ven or eight fecn ■■> Some by fome of us, and others by other fome 
of us; then I asked herif they werenot all come, fortherewere 
morecome then (he fpoke of, (he anfwered that they came dou- 
ble in feveralKhapc 8, but faid, onewasftill to come, which was 
totearemeeinpeecc?, then I asked her why , (he faid, bccaufel 
would have fwomeher, and told me that now (bee would bee 

C 3 even 

1 6 A CortfirMAtion and Difcovery of Witchcraft. 

even with mfc, and io told in what manner it fhould comcjblackj 
and like a Toade, and fo afterward did come , as the rel> averred 
that faw it , and fo (he confeiled their meetings, and the manner 
how ihey worOiJppcdthc DevjII at their ineetings , and faid to 
lis, they tTiat be found with thefe markcs that 1 am found with- 
all, arc without qiiefiion VVitchcSj yetfaid, that there might be 
Tome Witches which had not thofe markes ; but affirmed it over 
and over again, that all thofe that had thofe markes were Witches, 
and had familiar fpirits which fucked of then), and fo confcfled 
what mifchiefe fbe had done with her Impes, in a verj large man- 
ner, and fo did next day, after flie had llept •, for the Juftice gave 
mc order that (he (hould fleepe before he examined her , left (hee 
had not flept before, and fo I did accordingly, and yet (hee then 
confcded at large before two Juftices ot the Peace , and how fhce 
would have been my deaths this was the tirft accufed , and her 
markes and con fed j on, thebeginning of our knowledge: Yet I 
confefTe, the markcs be difficult to finde from naturall roarkes , as 
I thai 1 hereafter declare. Rebecca lVe(i o( LamforJ, in Ejfex ^ who 
was ( as (he confcdcd ) married to theDevill, and the manner, 
had an Impe came to her in the time (he was kept , but of her 
confelTion more at large hereafter. ' Alfo Elizahetb Finch of Wat" 
[or in Suffolke^ confe(Ted, that about twenty yeares before (he€ 
was found with the markcs, the Devill appearetito her in the 
likencflc oT a fmoaky coloured Dog, which asked^ her to deny 
God and Chrift , which fhe (aid, upon his promifes (he did, and 
let him have blou J to (eale , or confirme the Covenant or agree- 
ment i and that foone after that, there came two more, black on 
the backs and reddilh on ihebclliis, which (ucked her two or 
three times a week, upon tho(c markes that were found on her, 
and that fometimcs (he fetched bloud in other places for them, 
and gave it to them ; flue alfo had her Impes came vifible ; For 
(heronfedcd in the timefnce was kept, one which was with her 
to lookc to her, faw one of them , and finn*^ it into i|jc fire, 
which ffie affirmed wa? one of her Impes , and iliat whilcft they 
were bulie about that, thinking to burnc it, (he confeded the o- 
ther came, a;id threw her out of the chairc (he fate in^which hurt 
her forehead and wrell , which was done accordingly , and fo 
further con fe(red. (>f tfeefe I could brin^ diverieinliances, but I 
will procctii They come likcwife invjiibki as one Bink^es of Ha" 


A ConfirmAtion and Difcovery of Witchcraft. i y 

t^eri/i had an Injpe fucking of hervvhilllfhe was talking with o- 
thcrs, and prefently confeffed it Another whilcft I was in the 
roorae with her, at Huntington , I perceived by her carriage that 
(be was afucking her Inipes, Spirits, or Familiais fo caUed ; I lay- 
ed it to her chargejbnt iiie denied it ; Yet prefently atter fliccon- 
fefled it was truth, when (he was asked by the jiillice of Peace. 
Andas I remember , it was the fame woman ■■, but i am furc of 
Kejjlon in HumingtonP^ier^and (o was (he, that to the thinking of 
two which were with her, Ihe fate ftill in her chaire , when two 
more in the yard (aw hergoe out into the yard, and her going in 
againc j This woman confcfled the DeviJl fate in herlik^nefle, 
and (he went out, and fuckled her Impes in the yard, as the other 
two affirmed. So in the fame Towne , one Clark^s wife skipped 
out at a hole in aftone wall, above halfc a foot thick, vhich was 
forae nine Inches long, and fome foure and a halfc broad, all the 
one fide head and all , and but little to bee feen of her but one 
leg ; and the hole was nccre a yard and halfe from the ground, 
and yet one pulled her back againc, and afterward went away, 
nobody knew how : yet 1 fay, if thofe which looke to them be 
carcfull, it is to be difcerned , this is apparent by that I nomina- 
ted at Huntington. And fo at Codman in Suffolke, being told how 
a woman there carried her felfc , 1 caufed her to be fearched a- 
gaine, and there was alteration cfihe markes, and the woqiau 
presently confcfled it, and made a large confclljon j and fo it hath 
been common in all our proceedings, and a great caufe for keep- 
ing them j for thebloud hath fonittinics been found on the end 
of the marke,or to be ftroked ou'c when cliey be taken on a fud- 
daine, As I could inAancc the one halfe of their conffflicns ; but 
bccaufe it is fo apparent, 1 inliancc no furuhcr. But now to ma- 
nifcft that good Council will doe it, and fo likcwifc v;ithoiit 
keeping j fori hold they two depend mo(^ upon one; Tlicnfay f, 
that upon goodcxhortations alter the niarkts fc und , ihcy n:3y 
be brought to confcllion, either by ktcpinc, th(.u^h cvcythhig 
necclTdry be afforded tium , as I ntvc did rjihcrwifc , but now 
lately kcepe nojie, or not aSove one nit^ht till we ^oe ihetic, and 
yet have their confellions. Vv itncffc thoie cxtcuted at Elic^ a jitle 
h°foie Michaelmas laCt , who made large confcHions. Alio c;nc 
at C';d//fr//7; there ; One at AL-rcb there ; And another at U im- 
tlington thcreinow htvly fuund, Itill to bj trycdj who made vciy 


i8 AConjirrftation Attddtfcovery of IVjtchcraft. 

large confeflions , efpedally the firft two; Nicholas Hemp(}ead of 
Creeting'm Suffolke, being found, upon exhortations, and laying 
thehainoufnelfeof thefmne, and Gods Judgements , and Gods 
mcrci<?jand the like, notwichftanding hee at firft railed on me in 
very approbious tearmes , yet prefently fent for me , and would 
have asked mee forgivenelfc , he prefently confefled Cut hee had 
made a league and Covenant with the Devill , and how hee had 
confirmed it wifh his bloudi And thefhapeof his Impes, and of 
the Devill when they covenanted , and how he killed a horfe of 
oncof theConlrables, becaufeheprefledhimfora fouldier, and 
fiveof thebcfthorfes in Colonell Rocbeflers Troope^' ; hnd di- 
vers other things he had done, making a very large confelfion, 
with a great deale of penitency and forrow, which hee fo conti- 
nued in f as I iince heard ) to his very execution without alte- 
ration. To thislmighf adde, Henry Carrs hereafter mentioned-, 
And the boyes next, after the objeftions anfwered, and diverfe o- 
thers which you Hiall here rinde ; but becaafe it falleth out-better, 
whenlfliallfpeakehowtodifcover them, I leave here, hoping 
this isfufticient for thatob'jeftion, if not, I will anfwer more ful- 
lyjasoccnfionfhallfcrve. But then fome will fay, you fwome 
fotneof them, cfpecially at the firOjWas not that extremity > I an- 
fwer, that hath been ufed, and! durft not goe about to cleerc my 
felfc of it, becaufe formerly 1 ufed it,bnt it wasat fuch time of 
theyearc aswhen nonetookeany harmebyit, neither did I ever 
doe it but upon their ovvnc requell ; and were to fuch as firft were 
fouivl with themnrkes; but now lately, there hath been no fuch 
comCt t-ikoii thjc I know of. For I am of opinion, that it is one 
w.iy of Jiirruftini^ of God? providence , putting confidence that 
that (lull bring fuch or fuch an cffeft, or event ; neither was ice- 
ver given in or taken, that I ktiow,is an evidence agaihft any,nor 
ufed by any of us but the fii fl fummcr, from MarchyOr May 1645. 
to?b Kit the middle o^ Ai(:u^ n^xt following ; when Judge Cor- 
bolt that now is, forwarncd it ■■> Whc n Divines eave their opinion 
of the unlav/fuincfTe thereof, ic hith ever fincebecn left, ind not 
many before fo ufed : Notwithrtanding, ic was then the defire of 
fuch perfons thenifclves, thinking thereby to cleare themfelves, 
whereas ic fell out otherwilV. Yet tinder favour, Let me fpeake 
one thinj that I have found in that way i that it is a true rule in 
one rclf-e-H: J that the vv.itcr ei^.trtth not into any of them, when 


A ConfirrHdtJon and Dijcovery of IVitchcraft. i ^ 

it will inro a iizc pcrfon, tho.i<^h they fwimoic both alike ; for 
lo they will, \i the water be inchanted, but the free perfon will 
prcfently be choaked, when the other lye topling on the Water^ 
llriving to get their heads, or theinfelves under the water, but 
cannot , neither can they bring out water in their mouihes, 
though they be foretold of it, nor (pit cleare watery for the water 
enters them not when it will the other Thus farre I have observed, 
or turther : But becauie it is held iinlawfull, 1 fhould be forry to 
fpcake any thing, either to give offence to any, or to be a meanes 
toanimateany in fuchcourfes. For if any did confefle , rather 
then to goe into the water, or to come out of the water, or pre- 
fently after, except they had been (hifted , and refrefhed every 
way, andknownc tobe in perfeft memory , it hath been taken 
as no evidence i and fo hath all other forcement been. But there 
is one, a very remarkable thing concerning this, that was done at 
Saint Z\^eo/f;,in Huntin^tdnfkirei of a woman that had been fearched 
twoorthree timeSjandnot found, 
fometimes,as you fhall heare after herein,yet was ftjll in great fuf- 
picion of many of the Townfmen to be guilty fthe brand is diffi- 
cult to finde if fhc had notice) and the rather, for that (he fled, or 
went away after (he was fearched twice , for fonie are not found 
at Hrfl,yet be in the end .- So at her returne fome would fwim her, 
and didjrtie fwum apparently, where they had formerly caft a free- 
man in, tyed after the fame manner, (he was not further med/ed 
with then. But as I have heard, and in part from the man himfelf, 
where the aft (hould be done, A Dog was fecn in his yard, which a 
Maftic Dog would not fei*zeon,but his Ton ftroke at the L)og,and 
hatt him two or three blowes over the back, up to the fhoulders- 
ward, prcfently a gelt bitch feized on him , and bit him on the 
neck, and gave him fome fhuckeSj andthen theDog got away : 
lb it remained, but this woman not being (een in the ftreet as 
formerly , was cau(ed to be viewed ■■, and found bitten on the 
neck, or brui(cd on the other parts in a nioft fearfull manner. 
Thefeare fome fimilitudes, that there is fomething in fwimming 
( if lawfull) but to proceed. This one more, that ignorant peo- 
ple are moft apt to be VVitche?, as afore faid. OfaBoyin Kntlef- 
Jo« aforefaid , who was accufed, when he was under nine ycares 
of age, when all know he could not be of much capacity , hee 
without watching, or keeping, voluntarily confelTed, that hee 

D fuckled 

fuckled au (mpe, and had it at ccii.m.Hid lo d;;:- iijalu Jc, .'.nd jio - 
niinated (ome , as the kilii/ig of loiiieCliickinj^s , .uui (omc (.- 
ther mifchietes he liadthcn done, as he coiifcHed, lojicthti' with 
the rcalons he cnnlcd Ids Irnpc to kill the Cliickeii?, which 
was, bccaiife theman which ovv'cd them had chidd'.n liim for 
rpoyling his grallcj wlicn, as he iard, they did it, f"o ilie next time 
he faw them there, he did it. This boy being young , I (fuppofc 
the Jury had hopes of his amendment , as 1 confcffe I then had) 
he was then releafed, and went to theTowne againvAvhene he 
continued fome time, and was fufpecfVed againe for firfther mif- 
chiefe , and fo apprehended againe, and put into prifon, where he 
then vohir tarily coifefled iikcwife his renewing of the league 
andCovenant with the Dcvill , and the fealing of it with his 
bloud, after his mother was lianged j for fhc fuffered for Witch- 
craft, about the M;f/Mc/w<5j \6\<^. and then was he Hrft quefiio- 
ncd , and thathe Had more familiar fpirirs, or Impes, ai.theycall 
them , and that the Devill appeared to him, in the likenefJe of a 
black brovvncMarc, and would carrie him whither hee defired, 
andcotifeffed abundance of mifchiefe he had done , between the 
tinie he was releafed, and committed againe. But after hee was 
in Buric Goale, not long before the AHizes, the hrll: lince thefe 
warres , theGoalcr milling a Prifonerin the morning, which he 
had ovfr night, a notorious offender, whom he kept double 
lliacklcd, the Goalerquellioned this boy, and upon fomtthreat- 
ning fpecches, theboy confcfTed, that he was gone home on his 
Mai cover the wal]', and (hewed where, and told him he (hould 
Hndc him with his wife ; whereupon, the Coaler fent forthwith 
rothe Prifoncrs houfe , being at leafl twelve miles , and there 
found him at his houfc, as the boy had faid , having fhackles on 
as he went out. Will this with the other give you raiisfatTtion' 
but 1 might adde to this, fiipcrftitious and Idolatrous perfons. 
But I paffe, intending onely to take the heads, agreeing with 
ihc conftllionsof Witches. 

Secondly, malicion' people , full cf revenge, having heart:. 
fwolnewhh rancour, upon the lealt dil'p'cafure, with b-ttcrban- 
nings and cuifes , thrcatnlng rcvenpe , or rtqniialls : this is 
nianifeft by the natuie , quality, v.'ords, and di-cds o( \'iitche> 
conviftcd, who have Ocwed thtmfclvcs to be fnch, a<: ever foinv.l 
fo to bf, asthe faid _7'/;;2 if/;;;>/K/;confe(r , th?t v\hcn hcc Iiv;d 

y> Lonpr/zfAtionanA Dijcovcry of ll'itchcr.iji. 2i 

j: 'ii}rM%'i ill ^\-jiihawftG}.f:cir 3 he haviii;^ lolchis piiifc with 
l^^iiic ("Lvcn !hJlH'i_:',s in it , as b,c was in a Baincj where ho lival , 
ifRic in un hme, as hcc was making up of bottles ot liay , hcc 
was in a paliion iorliisparff and money , and in fiich a ra^e of 
binnini, and curling 5 that he was faying to liinifeJfc, would hcc 
knew where he nfight goe to a cunning man for it , for have it 
hewould, though he wcfK to thcDeviiJ torit •, (herewas npic- 
paicdneflc ^or the Ucvill) tor he con'eHcd5thc DevDI appeared to 
him imni.'diattly, in the likcnelfc ota^Beaie, but not above the 
bigncHe of a flabbit , yvhich told him ^ if hee would fall .downe 
c.nd worlliip hi::i, he would help him to his pui (e, and money a- 
gaine, and that he (liould have it where he Itood, next day about 
(lie fame time •-, Co hedid fall downe and worlfip him •■, And next 
day he came againe, to fee for his purfe and money, and found it 
accordingly, butcontefled, that before he could tell it , the De- 
vill in the fame fliape appeared to him againe, and told him, hee 
muU lall ilownc and worfliip him againe, and then he fell dovync, 
and faid, Oh my Lord, my God , 1 thanke thee, >'nd then hee 
asked him to deny God, and Chrili, and tofervehim as Lord, 
and then he (bould neve/- want , which he confe/Ted he con- 
feiiied to, then he demanded bloud, af»3 he bade him take it, fo 
heskippcd on his (boulder, and fetched bloud with h'S claw, on 
the fide of his head, which markc was Ceeu at his TryalJ ; Then 
he confelfed, there appeared two more, which the rirfl told him 
hee mull worfhip alio, and take them for his Gods, and they 
ibould be at his command, anci fo he faid, he did ; then that like 
a Brarc turned like a Pvatt, and foihofefucked on the thiee marks 
i found on him, after lo the time he was taken, at their times ap- 
]>'jintcd, and were at his command, as he then confcfTed more ac 
large, before the juftices of the Peac, and confcfTcd at the Gal- 
iowcs likewife, the laft worils he fpoke. Alfu one Moorcs wife of 
Sultony in ihcllleof .K//V, in tlie County ot C.iwbriJ-^e^ after (be 
hail confelfed the leagu: an I Govcnaiit made, andfealed with her 
bloud, confelfed, that (befcnr one of her Inipcs to kill a man, or 
at leJit to hint to him i for that she had bought a Pigge ofhirn^ 
tor two shillings and two pence, ^nd paid hinv'two shillings, and 
afterward he cofnming by her dorc, asked her for ir, which man, 
wasfooneaftei taken lick, and in his lickneife, cryed out of her, 
laying !iv c:i:!d not depart this life, uuiill hee h.'.d fpoken with 

^ ^^ her- 

22 ^ CojfirMiitioti nKclD/Jccverji of Ifitdicrjft. 

her, foshewasfent for, but she re fu fed , whereupon (belying 
in fuch extremky) she was by fomeof his friend?, at his rcqueft, 
being fo delirous to fpeake with her in fuch extremity, forced to 
goetohhn, and then loone after he dyed, according as hee for- 
merly faidi So this woman confeifed divers other things, and 
feeraed to be very penitent , and forry for it , for she wept 2t her 
tryall, and confelFed her felfe guilty- before the Judge , Bench, 
and Country ; But what she did after, or at her Execution,! know 
not. Ihomazine Katcliffeo( SbeUieyin Suffolk^, confefiTcd, that it 
was malice that had brought her to that she was come to, meaning 
Witchcraft ; for she confeflfed, that foone after her husbands de- 
ceale, above twenty yeares before her confelTion , there came 
one in the likeueflfe of a man , into bed to her , which fpoke 
with a hollow, shrill voyce, and told her, he would be a loving 
husband to her, ifshe would content to him, whiclrsheH[aid, she 
did, and then he told her, he would revenge her of all her ene- 
mies, and that she should never mifle any thing , in which^e 
faid, she found him a lyer^ but (aid, that Satan often tempted 
her to banning , fwearing, and curling, which shee confefled 
shedidufc a longtime, and that many times it fell out accord- 
ingly, and that she, falfitigout with one Martins wife, who had 
a child drowned , tor that she called her Witch, faying, she was 
tljecaufeof the childs drowning, shebadhergoe home and look 
to the red 5 lel^ shclollmore, and one died fuddcnly after. Al(b 
AnneKar.dalioi Lauenbam in Sufolkc^ after she had confefled the 
('ovenant, for ftill you inuft remcmbei^that is firfldone, before 
the Devil! ^ or iheir Familiars, or Inipes, aft, or doe any thing, 
ociiSelfcd that she had two Impes, which w<re heavieaiid foft,buc 
ranie in the likencfl^ of Cat?, or Kitlins, ofa blew colour, cal- 
led Hangman, and Jacob:, ^^"^ that thofc fucked on the markes 
were found npon her body, feme thirty yeares together : fome- 
t mf.*?oncea vveeke, fonieti'.Des once a fortnight, and that shce 
I nt her Impe Hangman to kill a horfe of one l/illiam BaUixinf 
«.)f '7l;&rfr, fomc two miles trom l.auenbnm^ for that she aslced 
him to bring her in fonie wood , and he bad her pay for that she 
h-id had hrit ; and thshr.peretii.ned, and tpld her he had donQ^ 
he had killed two, fei they were lanquelled together, fohe killed 
thtmboth, which hcrfcs were killed (but in fuch a tempcll Jas 
was fuppoled by a Dcvill in Thunder, untill she confefl[cdit of 


A Cotifrmatjon and Difcovcry of Witch craft, 2 1; 

her fclfe. Alfo she confeffed , that being at Stephen Humfiies 
in llborpe atorefaid, and a begging for Alnics, hce came home 
welljand flic being at the doore, he chid hcpjor gave her fuch words 
as fbe liked notLoF; As ftie went over the way from the houfe, her 
Impe Hangman appeared to her, and asked her what he fhould 
doe 5 and she bad him goe and kill one of his Hogs, which Ihcc 
(aw, which (he faid he did before (he was out of fight, which 
Hog died accordingly. Likewife (he further confe/Ted, that fl.e 
being apgiy with one Mr. ^opf/«^fr ofLavenham , (he fent hci- 
Impe Jacob to carry away bufhes, which he had caufcd to-be laid 
to fence his fences, above one load, here fome , and there fomc, 
all along by the hedge (ide, as they were to be hedged out, and 
in one night they were gone, no man knew what way, untill 
fuch time as (he confefTed her Impe did icBut as I have (ince heard, 
they were knownc to be in another mans ground, who confeired, 
they came the fame nighty but how, be knew not till then. Alfo 
a young man of Tcwford, in KoTthatnfuoujhire ^ who fufferedlor 
Witchery lincethefaid time, at A'or/lMWffon ,Confe(led, that 
fie Ont oncof hislmpes, to ont Codes Cattell ofVenfcrd^ be- 
caufe he would not let him keep them, and the Cattell ranne fo 
violently away fomiug> that the owner had much adoe to catch 
them with a horfe, and more to get them home into his yard a- 
gaiue; an 1 fo many other ihi/igs he confe(red, as I could parti- 
cularly inflance. And fo for this, 1 hope it is fufficicnt , to give 
a!I faiisFaftion, for all confcflions , or moft of them at leafK, 
tend to prove this in fome pait. Thofe that arc given to 
over much cniol'ny, to (leke after vaine Knowledge, in pride 
of heart to goe beyond others,' to underfland fecret and hidden 
thin.i;.s to know things to come. Such are thofe, as not bound- 
ing themfclves within the limits of reafon, nor of Gods reveal- 
ed U'lJl, f.^1! fowie uniwarcs upon the Devil! , and arc in great 
danr.ertob: iritrappedby him, and made his (laves by his intice- 
mcnf?;. Thus was Parfon Low/; tJ ken, who had been a Minillerf 
fas I have heardj in one Parifh above forty yeares , in Sufolh, 
before he was condemned , but had been indited for a commc>ii 
imbari iter, and for VVitchcrafr, above thirty ye'ares before,and the 
grand Jury ( as! haveheardj found rhe bill for a common im- 
barritei , who now, after he was foimd with the markes , in his 
coufelilonj heconfelfed, thninprideof heait, tobe equal!, or 

^ $ rather 

:'4 A CoMfirnttUioti atiA Difcovcry of WJIchcraft. 

rather above God, the Devill tookc aJvaiitJ^^e ol" liHii, aiid|i?e 
covciunteJ with theDevill, and fcakd ic with his bJoiid , and 
had Lhrce Familiars or fpirks j which fucked on ihcu)c»ikis 
tjundupon hisbcKJy 5 anjdid muc'i harme ., both i.^y Sea .uiJ 
Landj especially by Sea , for he cor.tefled, th>u h'.' h:Sny^ at Laii- 
carfort in Suffulkei where he preached, as he walked upon th: wall, 
or workes there, he faw agreat fai'.^ of HiipspaHc by, and, that 
a- they were failing by, one of his t!i:ec Iir.pcs , namJy his yei- 
'ov.onc, foithwitjh appeared Xnj hi.i' , ^i;d a^kt.^j. hiajvvh;it Juc 
in -^uld doe, and hebaJe ic go? OiiJ |j:ikv' lli. h a Sriip , ai>d Ihciv- 
cd his Imp: a new Ship, aniongll tlic :i:ii.i)e ot Lhere::(asl rc- 
memberj) one that. belonged to /pjavi/; , To iie confclltd iheltnpe 
went forthwith away , and he ftood i ili , r»nd vicw.cci die Shi().s 
on the Sea as ihey werea faylin^,nni pe;i.e!ved that Ship immedi- 
ately, to be in more trouble and Jani^cr then ihcreltj i^or hefaid, 
the water was Vcore boyftrousnc^e thatdieu thcrej^Cj .tuii;bling 
lip and downe with waves, as if water had bcefi b;>yled in n pot, 
an.l foone after (he faid) in a fhori time ic (;uikc dir^dly downe 
into the Sea, as he ftood and vicv.-td it. wtrn r.l! ih:' rcfc f.'yled 
away infafcty , theie he con'eircd, ho tn:cl.- '.ourrcfn widdowts 
in one quarter of an houre. Then Mi-. IJc]l\in-3 as he (bid nic 
(ft), hetookehis Confellion ) asked hir.i , if it did not grieve 
him rofecfonuny men cafr away, i;i a (korr time, and that he 
lh.)(i!dbethecaufc o*-' fo many poore widdowes on a fuddaine^ 
[^uihf fworeby his maker, no, he was joy hill to fee wiiat power 
his Impc? had , and Co likcwife c onftiT^d many other mifcliicfes, 
.•.;}d!^ad acliarmc tokecp hiniout ofGoale, and hanging, as 
he fiaraphrafed it himfelfe, but therein the Devill deceived him j 
fir li? was handed, ilut Micbaelmns time 164'^. at Bur ie Saint 
I (/mw'Jr, but he mjd ! a very far. e larger confellion, which I have 
lirard Iiath been printed •■> but if it were fo , it was neither of 
/t'r. il.fnm doinr'v normineowne i for we never printed any 
i!-im;unti!lnow. I doe this ( hebei-ig dead) but mike no ufe 
of any confeliioi-,- : :<enby him, bu'ouly this, forthat it fal- 
leth out fofit foi tb.ispurpofe : Yet 1 have heard, that other con- 
fclllons have bcc/i printed, and feme other thinas belides , as if 
it had been of OMS oroneof our d/!iij.'.s oiatleaft, by one of 
our conftnts -, \ hen as 1 know, he ir.vci iv' I any hand in any, 
■^n\ ^ov my parr ' -iterly rcnou.ncc .-'I! f s i:;ci-. nlfo I may add.^ 


A Conjir;77.ttion (UfA D/fcovt^y) of U'itihcrjfi. 2 S 

to this, one He fir) Carr-: of 7v.'..*.Vi':;: , i:i ^uffolh^e ^ who I lia\^' 
heard was a Si-holler lie for Cuv.ind.f^ fit not a Cambru\\is 
SchollerJ and was well edaj. t:d i yit ttll int,o this grievous 
finne, and conLcIIedj tlwc he lud :uo Impcs , which lucked on 
thofc niarkcs I foor.d upi^n I'.ini, rwo vccics together, and can. c 
in the likeneife ot- Mice, wb.ich hcrlh otr, and laid , they wt::- 
hairy aiKl heavie, andlo Iccmiiigio Ltv.aile hisconditioii , lai(\ 
that he had forfaken God, and God him , and ihcretoie v\ oiil.t 
confeflfe no more, he laid' ur.till he catne on the Gallowes to 
be hanged , for he had conteiied enough for that, and thni I.e 
would con fede all, and make all other knowne lie knew i.\ 
hut in themeane time, he uoiild confcife no more, nor diij , 
yet he was much importuned to it, I iit that was alw.i^cs his 0.1:- 
fwer , and was arraigned ac the Barre, three or toiire tinus , msI 
yctbyreafon of an Allarum ac CrtWir/J;:,^ the Goale delivery .r 
hurie Saint Eduiumh wa^ adjourned, for about three \vetki<:, a\l 
he died in the Goale in th. t time : So it was cop.ccivc.l n> b.- 
pride of heart, which was the firlf originall caufc , by re afon ft 
his knowledge; yet I confefH-, he fell into poverty before hi?. 
death , but as for that, 1 thinkc ic is fckiome or never knowne, 
that any get eliates, or thrivf, that thus give thenifclves over t(^ 
Satan, but rather confume th.i:- eibtes, if they have any .* yci 
the word of God fayes. The wi. ke 1 man thriveth as well as tl^.c 
godly in this world : But For Witches, I never knew any. To 
ihefe likewife njjght be added^ thofe obfervers of timeSjAwf. iS 
And fuch as profelle to cure difeafes, by fu.h meanes as have no 
reafon, or worke ot natuie to doc the Cure , nor have by any 
ordinance of God, from his word, any fuch operation to healc 
the inhrmiry. And therefore fuch remedies rruft be Diabcjlical/^ 
&thc p.-a^ifcrs either Witches already, or by their implicit faith, 
the next doore to Witchchraft. Such be they that ufe Spcl,'.-, 
Charmc'5, mdluch like i and what be Joglcrs and lcgcrd-.'mrii,i 
Companions ? For that they fpoi t with fuch refemblcnct?, :n f 
iltrci- words, as the invocating of aSpiiif, the reality wheic'/, 
is ca! fed an abonnnaticn before God, and as Saint Paul C[ caket's 
Children of dirobedicnce. What be the Fortune teller^, and hwh 
like? but apt to be Satans {laves in Witchery, as they be I- is o- 
therwife in impiety; For through cuiiofity of knowledge , it 
reafon"and Artfaile, will it notniovemen tofeeke helpc f a !r j i- 


lS A Confirmation anddifcovery of IVjtchcraft. 

ric, who is ready at hand to attend ^ to draw them into the pit 
of Miiglck J and Sorcery, and Witchchraft ? as one Mr. Cooper 
rpeakeih of, in hisbooke, called, Tb^' Mj(icry oflf^itchcr^ft^ Whom 
himfelfe was delivered from, by Gods preventing grace •, but be- 
cauicasyet, thcfe have not been fo commonly toiind out nowa- 
dayes , I forbcare further, though I mi^ht inllin:^ diver.c exam- 
ples more. Thoft who with greedincffe gape after worldly wtalth, 
or feare poverty. ^^Meribcll Bedford o[' Katie fdcn aforcfaid con- 
feffed, that above fix yeares bsfoi'c ("he was found W'th th;: 
niarkes, which Witches ufually have , Thcrecanica bLick thing 
to her, and called Meribelti which asked htr to denieGod, and 
Chrill, and told her, if ihe would, fhc fliould never want , but 
fliould bee avenged of all her enemies , which fhe confented 
to : then fhe faid, he had bloud of one of her little lingers , to 
feafe the Covenant, which being done, (he faid, fou.e more came. 
One like a Do W5 called Tib ; One like a Miller called Tom ; One 
like a Spider, or a Spinner called Jo. vie ; and the otTier like a 
Wafpe called ZVd^itti Thefe (he confefTed wete at her command, 
to performe the Covenant, and did fuck upon thofe markes 
found upon her body, two or three times a week , durinsi; the 
fild !ix yeares, and did much harme, as fhe freely con fefTed with 
mirh penitcncy. To this Inuyadde, one EliZiheth Hubbard, 
vvidilow, of Stow Nhrl{et in Suffoike , who confefTed , that above 
thirty yeares, (he had three things came to her in the likcncfTe of 
Children , which asked her whifpering to deny God, Chrift, 
and all his workes, and to cleave to them , and (he fhould want 
nothing ; Thefelhe faid, as they named themfelves, were called , 
Thotn.Ky Riclxard, and Hoi6 , and thit they (cratched her back, 
and fetched bloud to fcale the Covenant, and that they ufc to 
lUck on thofe markes which were found upon her, two or three 
times a week, about breake of the d.iy, and that (he did fay , I 
pray to God to doe to hini,as he liealt by me (meaning a man of 
thefameTowne) and he lan^uilhed and died , and mifiy other 
things (he faid fhe did, but was adiinjed to tell them. Alice the 
wife of Edmund JKr/gbr of H/fc/Mm , in Suffolk^ , confcfTcd that 
rhehad"foure Impes above thrcefcore yeares ; two like little 
Bjyes i onelikeaLarabe,and the fourth like a gray Buzzard, and 
that the biggeft boy fpoke to her with a great whorce voyce, as 
i fhe had been geiev'd, andas'^jed her to goe into the field , and 


A Confirmathn and Difcovcry of IVitchcraft. 2 f 

Ite (hould h^ve money^and fliould never miire or want any thing, 
and asked her to deny God, and Chrili, and to curie God two 
or three times, and that (he tooke her elder brother with hcrj.iiid 
went into the held, but when they came to the place where they 
appointed her to goe , they found none , and that (he ufes often 
to be in paineand trouble, after they had nipped or fucked her, 
where her markes were found, fcmetimes once a week , fonie- 
times once a fortnight, and that ihefekon them , and that they 
werefoftj and that they came fometimes kverally, fomctimes al- 
together , and that they often asked her to goe and doe mifchief, 
which (he confeflcd, to fomcCattcllot her Neighbours, andfaid, 
that fhe was much troubled and tormented , and in cxtrcame 
pafne, which ihey have put her to for denying their demands. 
Furthermore, Joane Kuce ulver of Powftead in Suffolk^e, confefTedj 
that in the field called Horfecroft or Hog-Mardi , rhere appeared 
in a bufh things like Chickens, about five or lix , ind tluLlhc 
catched three of them and the rell ranne away, and th^tt Ihe car- 
ried three home , which foone after turned to the likencfle of 
Mice, whofe names (he called Touch, Pluck, and Take, which 
(poke to her with a great hollow voyce, and asked her to denie 
God, and Chrii\, and told her, if (he would, (he fhould never 
want meat, dfinke, or clotheijormoney, but (he faid (he told 
then), that if (he denied God and Chrilt , (Tic (hould lofc her 
(bule, but (he faid, they told her againe, they were more able to 
fave her foule then God, and that they would doe more for her 
then (he thought for, if (he would confcnt to them, which then 
(he confe(rcd (he did,and then they demanded bloud , and (he nip- 
ped her fore-finger, and they pricked her finger with a pin ^ and 
there dropped lix drops of bloud which they catcbed , and Co 
had it againe after the fame manner thJice, and that fhedid agree 
to give them her foule ; Then I asked her whether they 
brought her any money or no, and (he faid, fonietimes foure fliil- 
lings at a time, and fometimes iix (hillings at a time , but that'is 
but fcldome, for I never knew any that had any money before, 
except of C/rtri^e/ wifeof Manningtrec^ who confe(red the fame, 
and (liewed fome which (he ("aid her Impe brought her, which was 
perfeft money ; But this Kwce, further confeirfd the fucking ol 
her markes , and how (lie fent her Impe Touch to kill a Bullock, 
and that he came back againe, and told her he had (luck it on th',; 

K righc 

i8 A Ccnprniation atid Difccvery of H' itch-craft. 

right lide, and it died accordingly, and ib many ether (hini'?, 
and faid (he was Hopped and could not coiiFeire when (lie would, 
but after had eafe. Here you may obferve , that if he cannot prc- 
vailefor-want , then hepromifesto free them of hell tortncnts, 
and (b delude them that way. As he did Ellen the wife of Niibo- 
Us Greenliefe o( Banon ^ in Suffolk^ , who confefled that three 
things came to her i onclike aKat, cold and ragged as the felt 
onhim; The next like a Mole , foft and cold ; Tne third likea 
Moufe j and that the Mole fpoke to her with a great hollow 
voyce, and asked her to give het foule and body to him , for he 
could fave her, aod bad her not be afraid of himjfor he could pcr- 
forme what he promifcd, whereupon (lie confcnted, then he told 
her (he (hould never want,but be avenged of all her cncmieSj and 
ro(hould continue her life time, if (he did not bewray him, for if 
(he did he would have the upper hand of bcr, and confeffed that 
her wilhescametopafie ; as for example : ihewidied one good- 
man Gdrwe/;4m might be lame, and fohewas, and .that Mafter 
Loc^weed might have Lice, becau(e he fornierly accaled her for 
fending, orcauling him to have fome when (he did it '.lot, and 
fo he had, and that her ImpesttTed to fijck her two or t^ree times 
a week, for nineteene yeares together 5 Artd that the Mole faid (he 
lhouldbe<^ue(Honed infome (hort time) butsidvifedher to (land 
out and not to confede, for if Iht did he Would caufe her 10 
drowne her felfe , or put her (el fe to deaths <^nd then he (hould 
have her foule, and after when (he was kfept, before (he went to 
the Jiiftic^es cf Peace, her Impe in the (hapc of a Mole came to 
her, wh«n tho(c which were with her faw it not , and tore her 
.IS (he confede ^, as if he would have tonifc her in pieces , becau(e 
ihe had confc(red. This woman alfoconfeflTed , that when (he 
prayed ihe prayed to the Dcvill and nottoG(»d, and that fhe 
had hcv Irnpcs from her mother in Law, who (he faid fpoiled 
f'.er j And further confelTed that the Devil! had theufeof her 
^^dy, nnd iifcd to come to bed to her, but Was fott,/ cold, and 
heavier, fo heavie as Oiecould not fpeake , And that her hnpc 
like a Rat went upon her, wiQiinp; to lame R.rt/p6 Ko^^arJi Horfc 
or Mare, becaiife he faid he would goe f6r the Searchers, and fo 
it was. Beiidcs the former markes know this, that it is more call- 
er to 6ni^e them on the breft then in any o'her place, for that the 
brc/lisall fhrunkeup , and the Teate thereof extended longer 



A Confirmation and Difcovery of lP'/Uhci\:fi. 

then any womans that gives fuck, be it on man or woman, with 
aCirckleroiindaboutitasif it were fucked, and infenlible a:> a- 
fbrefaid, and if on a woman that gives fuck , that brelt is dryc, 
for where the Inipes fuck there will come no milke. but the tcatc 
williUck out longer there then the other , and is nothing but 
skinne, and will be much extended as aforefaid, and catily to bee 
difcerned by feeling of it. 1 (hould thinkc this n.ould give all fa- 
tisfaftion •, that gaine, Revenge, fcarc of want, or poverty , -or 
fearefuluelfe of hell torments, or ill parents, or company, yea 
and lull alfo , or any one may bee a meanes to -draw one to 

As for ill company, bad and wicked parents^ and fuch as are 
over-much given to luft, I will put them together, and inllancc 
fome few more examples ; Asone£«/fe of Barion aforcfaid wid- 
dow, confelTed that about three weekes after her husbands de- 
ceale, being abovp fiteenc yeares before The was queltioned,. the 
Devill appeared to her in the fhape of a young black man, Wind- 
ing, by her bed lide, which fpoke to her with a hollow voyce, and 
came into bed to her, and had the ufe of her body , and asked 
her to deny God and Ch rift, andfervehim, and then (he (hould 
never want, but (hould be avenged of all her enemies, which she 
confcnted to, then she faid he kifled her and asked her for bloud, 
which he drew out of her raouth, and it dropped on a paper, 
and that he usM to have the ufe of her body two or three times a 
wceke,and then us'd to Jciffe her, and at no other time but as be- 
forefaid, but (he faid he was colder then man , and heavier, and 
could not performe nature as man, and thatfoone after she had 
confented to the Covenant and given her bloud, there came two 
things more likcMice,whichu(cd to fuck her about twice a week 
during that time , andconfefled how (lie fent an Impc to tor- 
ment a Maiden, whoshe thought was againft her having reliefe 
at her Mafters , which was done , but afterward this Maiden 
went to her and fcratchcd her till she got blouJ of her , aird then 
she confeffid she had no further power over her ( but this is not 
alwayestrue, nor to be obferved, though it tooke effcft there ) 
Butsheconfcded the killing of three and twenty Turkies ar one 
time, andCowes, and how her Impes returned and told her it 
was done, and other things then at large. One more which I 
should thinkeshouldbe a warningto others, to baveacarcto 

E 2 bring 

go ui Covfirt)jation and Difcoverj' of IVitchcraft. 

bring ihcir Cliildreii up in the nurture and feare of Go:i. 
Of one Ahnc Cricl^e of Hitcbam aforefaid widJow , that (he iiad 
three Iinpes about (even yeares together •, The one in the like lelit 
of a Spariow called Hurrie y the other two in the likencffL- of 
reddilhdunneMice, alUd Jacl\ and Jf^ill, and they fucked her 
twice a weeke feverally , all in one night, and the Devill fetched 
bloiid on her left Arme to feale the Covenant, which was to de- 
nie God and Chrillj and to ferve him, which she fa id Ihe pro- 
mifed faintly, but confefTed the promife was firfl made by her, be- 
fore the Devill had her bloud ; Then 1 asked her if she did grieve 
for it after she had done ir, she anfwered , when it "was done it 
was too late to repent 5 then I asked her why she did it , she faid 
she was left weake, and the Devill got the upper hand of her for 
want of faith , through want and otherwife, she alfo confefled 
the Devill had the ufc of her body, but she faid she could not 
tell whether he performed nature or not, and faid she could not 
confelTe before much company * but faid the Devill (poke in a 
hollow voyce, and confelltd the imployment of her'Impcs, as 
the fending of her 1 mpe Hdrr^ to John Lever ifjes of the fame 
Towne,to Kill him a Hog, becaufe she was denyed Egges and fuch 
like things, and they burnt his earcs , and she could not keepe 
from going; it being asked her why she went, she faid they mnft 
needs goethe Devill drives, and fo many fuch like things. Alfo 
Sufan Scot of Lauenham aforefaid , complained of one Sweeting!, 
comming to her with one GoW/«^, who confeffed the Devill us'd 
to have the ufe of her body, and fpoke to her with a great eafie 
voyce, andthat shehad twolmpes like Cats and Dogs, which 
fucked on thofe markes found upon her , and how she was the 
Death of 'thomazine^ the daughter of one Mr. Coppinger there, 
and divcrfe other things. Alfo one Richmond, a woman which 
lived at Eranipford, confefled the Devill appeared to her in thelike- 
ueflTe of a, called Daniel the Prophet , who bad her not be 
afraid of hini, for hew.isfo, and tooke her by the hand, and 
bad her truft in him and he would avenge her of all her enemies, 
and heshould mifle nothing,forhe would curie her enemies, and 
that she after Falling out with her neighbour, curfed her and bad 
the Devill take her, and she dyed after she had lyen fom; eight 
weekes, aslhe faid, by her meanes , becaufe the Devill promifed 
her revenge i {heconfe/Tcd her Covenant was to deny God,Chrift 


A Confirmation and Difcovery oflVitchcraft . 31c 

and his Minifters, r.nd tofcrvc him^ fne fiid the Devill , for Ih^ 
laid fo he was that (he called Vahicl iht Pjoj het , nonefliall iicc^ 
queftion it ; and (lie contefled (he had ihiccmore, One like a 
rugg red brinded Dog with cloven feet , One like a Hog called 
Jack, and another like a Dog called j'r.mes;, and confcifed the 
Devill defired her to ufe curflng, and whatloevcr Hie defired fhould 
come to her, and fo confefled many things fhe did. hKo /Jnne 
Coodfellojo o\ JVoodforJy inNortbamponjlme widdow , confefled 
that foone after her Aunts deceafe, about three yeares before fhe 
was queftioned , the Devill in the fhapc of a white Cat appeared 
to her, and fpoke to her with a lowvoyce , and bad her not be 
afraid of it, for he was her Aunts fpirit, and asked her to deny 
GodjChritland her Baptifme, which (he faid she didjfor he pro- 
mifed her that she should be favcd , and would doe for her what 
she delirtd, and then asked her for blond to feale the Covenant, 
and she further confeffcd that he bit heron the fecond linger, 
and got bloud into fiis mouth, but what he did with all she 
knew not, but faid amongit other things that shefoundTTlm a 
Iyer, for she often wanted after. Alfo £//^/j6e!b Gurrey of Ilif- 
deriyin EedfordfhiTe V^iddow , confelTed that the Devill had the 
ufe of her body, and lay heavie upon her , and that through her 
wilfulnefle, and poverty, with dclire of revenge, she denitdOod, 
andChrift, and fcaled it with her bloud , about hve or fcvtii 
yeares before she was found with the markes, and confeffcd what 
(he had done to one William Vickem^ and another there, and the 
niannd how , but afterward 1 heard she made a very large con- 
felfion. yinne Hammer necre Ncedbam in Suffolk^ ^ of Crcetin^ 
there ( as I remember) confefled that foone after her mothers de- 
ceafe , which was above twenty yeares before she was queitioned, 
therecame two Impes to her, which she called T«w, FvoA/?/;?, and 
lorn like a Mole, and RobbinVike a Dorr , which she fent \o 
kill Mr. Ctimfe ^ child, which she faid did (very like to be true,) 
for Madei Ccwfc averied that a Mole to their thinking was 
fcen in the houfe, going towards the roome where the chikl lay, 
and that they had nuich adoe to ketp it out, nor could tell what 
became of if in the end, and that they u fed to fuck her twice a 
fortnight on thofe markes found upon her, during that time, and 
that the Devill in thelikcnefleof a Calfe asked her todtnic God, 
andChrift, andtofcrvehim as Lord , and told her that if she 

E 5 would. 

32 A Coftjirmation and Difcovery of Witcijcraft. 

would he would free her of Iiell torment?, and that she should 
never want any thingjbut be laved, and she confented , then he 
told her he would avenge her of her enemies, but she (aid the 
Devil! never performed any thing but revenge, and that th? De- 
vill in the likencfle of a black man us'd to come in at the key 
[lole, and to bed to her, and have the ufy of her body, but was 
heavier and colder, and lay ail over her as man^ and us'd not to 
Ipeakebutoncly coaskete lie with her, and as she thought per- 
formed nature : But if I should goe to pen all of thefc fortSjthen 
I should have no en J, or at leali: too big a volume, and thereforie 
but this one more 3 ihzt Anne horcbamo^ Sudbur):, in the Conn- 
ty of Suffolke widdow , confellt-d that as she awoke out of a 
di came she faw uglie men (as she thought^ a lighting, and asked 
them why they fought , who anfwercd that they would fight for 
all her 5 and then one vanished away, and then came to her in- 
to bed and had the ufe of her body, butfaid he was heavier and 
colder theii nian, and lay onciy on part of hei , aiid that man 
asked her todenyGodandChril^, and toferve him,T)iic she faid 
she told him she was a poore widdow, and then he faid if she 
woudferveliimshe should never want , but have herdefire, and 
then she cODiented, forhe promifed her to free her of hell tQr- 
nients , yet she faid ihe told her she mull goe to hell , but should 
not be tormented ('a fearefull and fubtilldelulion J for I have 
been with fome who have confefled the fame , and that he pro- 
niifed them that they should onely walke too and fro the earth 
as their Impes didjand never fuffer or feele torments. Now (bme 
may fay, if all the(e'forts be Witches,then moO part of theworld 
bcfo. lantwerno; forhoneft perfons may bee ^iven to thele, 
and yet free from Witchcraft; But this is onely to shew when 
anyaregiven tobeextreanieinany of thefe , then is the IDevill 
buiie to worke upon them , for he doth not upon all that be gi- 
ven to thefe wayes, but upori fuch as he fmdes (bme kinde of 
preparcdnefle in, ^s forexample, Was'therenot a preparednefle 
\n Eoneham:^ and Mr. Parfon Loiv/i, and; fc» if you dofe-but truly 
obfcrve little or more in all their cont^^lTiions , as take but this 
laft when she faw that ijght of -fighting fas she thought) would 
not a good ChriOian have had Her thoughts upon God , catb^r 
then to Iiavc fnffcred one to come to bed to her, which fhe jijinew 
eould be no kffebut tti. Devill, and no man , for the nlie could 


A ConfirmAtion and Difcovery of IVitchcraft. 3 3 

not have come into th« roome, for Sat^n appeareth net toihem 
in any (bape untHl he finde Tome prcpirednelfe, and then as you 
have heard by thefe confeflions palt heappe res in feverall Ihapes, 
and then maketh the league, andconfirnies it with bloud, and 
then (ends them Familiars more or lefTe, and fo proccedesby de- 
grees : So you may finde as I faid before, extreme poverty ^ palii- 
onate forrow accompanied with folicarincde , too much iiiragcd 
with anger and deiire of revengCj thole offuch parents, and all 
that I have formerly reckoned 5 you fee by their confeflions, that 
the extreame makes a preparednefle , and 1 have heard of fomc 
fchollersfor want of Learning, to bclearned havcgrowoe to it, 
and fome through overmuch , as is inftanced before. Likcwife 
Jtbn Scarf e of K'atlefden aforefaid , confeiTed that about tiiree 
yearesbeforehe was acculedto be fcarched , there came a thin^; 
into his houfeofa gray colour, of the bigncffe K>f a great Rat. 
ofaboutaquarter of anelllong, which he cookc tip and put in- 
to a box, and kept it fomc certaine tiuje there , and then toofie 
It out, and laid itdowne on his belly ^ and put ic to therplace 
where the m-»rkes were found, where ht faid it fucked halfe an 
hourc i ( Did iie prepare him^fe, or was he defirous to be one ? ) 
I conceive he did defire to be orwj for he was a heathenifh man, 
and fo the agreement paft ; but to (hew his willingnefiTe to put it 
to the place, for in his confdiion more at large, he confeffed that 
Within a fortnight after there came two more, of a whitifh dunne 
coloutj and klTe then the other, which he called tom , and JFiUj 
but thctidl he called H^rrie, and fo proceeded. Now 1 will pro- 
ceed to prove that Witches may b? found out. 

Firft, from God in the giving of his Law againft Witches. Fx- 
■cJ. 21.18. ThoiT flialt notfuffera Witch to live , which implycth 
a Difcovery of them , elfe it could never be put in execution, and 
(o should be a Law ro no purpofe. 

Secondly froai the Hiilotyi Fiiit Divine. For it is iaid S^ul 
found out Witche?, an! executed the Law upon them, or. put. 
them to death, and Co good King Jo/jahf 2 King. 3. 14. 

Secondly, wj have Chronicles^ and many relations made of the 
evident difcourfeofW irchc*. 

Thirdly, the many Tryalls in our owne Country at many Af- 
fizes : Soit iscleercthat Wjcches may bedifcovered , though it 
cannot be dcnyed but that there is feme difficalcy therein, bc- 


94 AConfirmAtion anddifcovery of IVitchcraft. 

caiife the Cecrelie o>' the grounds of Witchcraft is fo cIo(e and 
liKldeii, as being one pf the greatelt workes of darkne(Te commit- 
ted this day under thrSunne: for that naturall caufes mayarife 
very. ftrong,and many may cunningly counterfet outward appear- 
ances, and WitnclFcs may feigne their accufations out of malice^, 
biing tran '.'ported with rage and uncharitablenefle, anddelire of 
revenge , brcaufc o^ the (Irange imagination they have tfirough 
many feeming probabilities •■, Some for words, or deeds, taken in 
(hi woilr fenfe ; Some upon fome fuddaine light of fome crea- 
ture, and folikewife upon burning any thing of the party fuf- 
peftcd to be bewitched,if any (hall comefthough peradventureac- 
cidentallyj and (o fometimes fomcthing clfe , as thatch over the 
lioore or fuch like of the parties fufpefted to be a Witch , and fo 
1 could reckon divers inltances of fevwall wayes , which many 
times have produced ftrange and fometimes true effefts, which 
meanes have^artly been the caufe of the queftiooiflg of many, 
who have been found no lefle then Witches, and have fufFered 
fmce the aforementioned time .'but I forbeareto fpeake any fur- 
ther of thofc wayes, for 1 conceive them to be unlawful! altoge- 
ther, and not to be ufed , for it cannot be conceived any Icfle 
then a diftruft in Gods providence , in putting confidence that 
fuch meanes will make the Witch knowne , and effeft their de- 
lircf5 . Yet to proceed as I have faid, I cannot deny but thofc may 
be juft grounds of fufpicion, and caufe of queftioning them, but 
not al wayes certaine, belides the unlawfulnefle held by Divines. 
But thefe cannot be denyed to be juft grounds as aforefaid. Af 
when one (hall begiven to curling and banning, with imprecati- 
ons upon (light occafion , andwithall ufe threatnings to be re- 
venged, and thereupon evill to happen. As Cherrie of T^hrapftorty 
iii Nonhamvtoupjirey a very aged man, who upon a fmall occafi- 
on, of falling out with oneof his Neighbours in the field, where 
they kept Cattcli, one of the two ( I doe not now well remem- 
ber which) (cared rom:Cattell off the ground, where the Cat- 
tell the other kept was to goe, with a Dog ■■> the faid Cb^rrie and 
the other fell at odds and worded , whereupon Cherrie wifhed 
that his tongue might rot out of his head , the man was (bone 
after ftrangely taken, and his tongue did come out of his month, 
hanging onely bythr rootes thereof Within his mouth , but 
could not be kept all in his-mouth, and To continued to his death, 


A Confirmation itn J Difcovcry of IVitchcruft. 515 

and died in a miferable condition. This Cherrie contcilcA liimfell, 
and that he was his death, onely upon ihct occalion. After wiiicli 
Confdlion, that it came to be known j many of the townfnien of 
Thrapflone aforcfaid averred that he (iied with his tongue ouf, 
and that in a manner it rotted. A fearful thing to be tliought o^, 
what a miferable condition the poor man died in. 

Cherrit likcwife confelfed the death of two more 3 which by 
his confellicn, and thofe that knew their deaths , died in a <hange 
and miff rable condition , through his wicked cnrfing (as he con- 
feded ; ) andfo confeflcd many other notorious fafts he had done. 
And being asked whether he did not do Sir JohnWc^nnji^tony a 
Knight which lived in the fame town, any harm in his catrel or 
othcrwifc, for that he had fuffered ftrange loflcs , hcconfefTed he 
did, and particularized the death of much cactel j faying , when 
he had'reckoncd up as j^iany as he could well remember , That hs 
had been the death of fo many of his, that he could not r-eekoii 
cheni all. 

Then it was demanded of him , Why he would offer it to Sir 
John, who had beenfo loving to him in affording him relief con- 
Ib.ntly. He anfwercd j The more he gave him , the more power 
he had over him to do him mifchief 4 jFor he faid his Imps muft be 
employed, elfc they would not let him be quiet, but torment him. 
This Cherrie alfo confeflTed divers other things and harms he 
had done , and the fealing of the Covenant with the devil with 
his blood, to deny God and Chrift, and tolerve him the devil for 
revenge, with promife of freedom from hell-torments ; and that 
hislmps, the laft time they fucked him, not long before he was 
fearched , told him they would not fuck him any more but that 
time, becaufe he was an old man, and had but little blood. 

This C/jerr/econfefled prefently after he was fearchcd,who died 
at Northampton in the Goal there, the fame diyhe (houldhave 
beed tried , much about the time the Grand Jury had found \hc 
Bill of Indifthient againft \\\m^BiUa vera^ as it was reported} mise- 
rably. A juft judgement of God : for it was reported, that a night 
or two before, his coat was ail rent right down on th? back', and 
his mouth flopped full : "and when it was pulled out, he confefkd 
that he had been at a bridge going into Thrapfton town, and hr.d 
a cord found about his neck. 

F Tv; 

30 A Cctifrwatiofi attd Difi every of IVitcti -craft. 

To this! might adde the aforenamed T/;o>«rt«m i^dff//^, wljo 
upon fhe falling out with another woman about the death ot a 
childe, bade her go home and look to the reft , lell Ihe loir moi e. 
And one died fiiddenly aftefj as before is cxpreHTed. 

Of thefe kindes Icould nominate divers more, as you may ob- 
fervein many ot theirConfefllons, and might addeimplicite con- 
fedjons ; As, when aqucOion is asked the fufpeitcd party, If he or 
{he were not the caufe of fuch or fuch a thing } anfweris made. 
He or fhe might have \n me alone, or not done Co and fo ; or fuch 
like. As for example, you may obferve in molt of- their ConfeU]- 
ons, they did it becaufe they had not. (uch things as they defired , 
or ufed to have ; as Anne Leech of Hawford in Eflex confefled in 
her ConfefTion, befides the death of two or three, the laming of a 
childe of one Turner/. Itbeingasked her why (he did it , (hean- 
fwered , Her mother might have paid her for work (he had done. 
Likewife one Aine Pari\er^ being asked why ftie did one^Prj'f r niif- 
chief; (lie anfwered, He might have given her money upon a 
Thankfgiving-day, as well as he gave to others 5 but would not 
gfve her any, becaufe (he was not at Church : whereupon (lie fent 
her fpirix to him, who did accordingly. And fo confcfTed how the 
devil in the likenefle of a dun Dog, had three drops of blood un- 
der her tongue, to fcal the Covenant ; and had a piece of paper in 
his hand, and wrote Jier name thereon with herconfent, andfo 
promifed her money, and that (he (hould never want , but (hould 
be avenged of her enemies, according as is exprcfled in others. 

Hereto I might adde fuch as faid they have fuch thi«gs as Fami- 
liars fuck on them, but cannot help it. Alexander Sujfums of Mel- 
ford in Suffolk, confefled that he had things which did draw 
thofe marks I found apon him , but (aid he could not help it, for 
that all his kinred were naught. Then I asked him how it was 
podible they could fuck without his confent. He Paid he did con- 
fcnt to that. Then I asked him again why he (hould do it, when 
as God was fo merciful towards him, as 1 then told hiraof , being 
a man whom 1 had been formerly acquainted withal, as having 
lived in Town. He anfwered a ^ain, He could not help it, for that 
all his generation was naught j andfo told me his mother and 
aunt were banged, his grandmother burnt for Witchcraft , and fo 
others of them queftioned and hanged. This man is yet living, 
Tiotwithftandijis he coafefTed the lucking of (uch things above 


A Coftfiffftat/ofiaftd Difcovevy of IP'/tchcrdft. ^f 

Hxteeii yecrs together , but was fufpeAed fordoing oF nuCchUf^ 
yec never qaeiUontd, but as he canicinto a houie accidentally 
wrhere I wa?, and lb profercd hiinfelf to be fearchcd, and prefently 
contefTed thefe particulars, and Co by that means brought to trial, 
but freed, and living, as atorefaid. 

Likewile I may addcjVVhen the party fufpef^fd makes enquiry 
after the party taken lick, or df fires to viijt the party, or the party 
thefufpefted : For m^ny have confefled that after they have done 
a thing, they are forryfor itjbut cannot help it ; nsKJng of Aftori 
in buifoJk confefied, to a woman whom he had bewitched, in 
the time (he was in her extremity, long before he was quellioned : 
but this woman defired him to undo what he had done j and he 
told her he could not undo what he had done, but told her he was 
forry for it, and told her of another that could, as he faid, and as 
(he affirmed , that Was one, as we untruly call them, White or 
good Witches, ancTone that was then fufpefted, who accordingly 
did it. 

To confirm this , I can tell you of a very remarkable example 
much tending to this particular, of oneatHeddenhamin the Ifle 
of Ely in the County of Cambridge, where a childe fulpcfted to 
be bewitched, was carried to the Jultice of Peace his hoafe, where 
the party fufpefted was to be carried to be examined. This childe 
being very (ick, was fet in a chair, and held in it ; but as foon as 
the party who was (ufpcfted came in,on a fudden it arofe of it (dft 
and got hold of her face to fcratch her , 'as its ftrength would af- 
ford, (he not ftirring. Here you may obferve the former Confef- 
(ions, where the Witch confefTed, that after (he was fcratched , (he 
had no further power over that party i for this woman (^ood ftilL- 
and fo you may perceive that many of them, after they have done 
mifchiefs, are forry for it, and cannot help it : ( This it is to re- 
nounce God andChrift) for this woman prefently confe(Ied,thac 
it was (he that had hurt the childe, through her diabolical praAice 
and told him what Imp (he had fent to hurt the childe, and the oc- 
cafion why (he did it ■-, and how (he h ad fent one of her Imps a lit- 
tle before (he was acoiTed , (for (he had been fcarched, and found 
with the marks ) to deftroy orfpoil a whole field of corn in that 
Parilb ; and fo made a very large Confcdjon, with the fuckling of 
her Imps upon thofe marks found upon her, and the Covenant 
fealcd with her blood, (as aforefaid in other Confeflions) belides 

P 2 other 

58 JCofifirniation-nndDifcovery of IVjtchcraft. 

other mifchiefs whichfhediJ.May not Spell- fetters and Charmers 
be alfo added ? for I cannot conceive any Itffe, when they fhall fay 
that by words they cin charm, fet Spells , and help or cure mad 
Dogs, or any thing bitten by them , and fuch-likc •■, though it be 
by their implicite league, (as fome of them do ) yet it is a diftrult 
of Gods providence, putting their confidence in their words , ra- 
ther then in the living God , who faith it is an abomination to 
him. And I haveheard lomcof thefe, not long fince , boaft of 
their doings therein 3 faying they had it from their parents, and 
were not their parents good Chriftians ? and they do but ufc the 
words for good ends. So likewise of thofc born of ill parent*, if 
their carriage be not otherwise j as I have in ftanced enough of 
thofe, clfe 1 could inftancc more, as the aforenamed Rebecca IVefly 
who was drawn to it by her mother , ( as (lie confefled ) after a 
flrange manner, as fhe faid : for her mother asked her to go to 
Manningtree with her, which was about a mile, and bade her 
Work hard that fhe might go: andasthcy went , fhetolcflrer fhe 
muflnotfay any thing whatfoever fhe faw, but confent to them, 
and do as they did , and then fhe fhouM be a happie woman ; or 
fuch-like inticements. But when fhe came there, at the honfe 
where her mother went , there were her confederates met ; then, 
before fhe could be entertained, her mother was asked whether her 
daughter was acquainted with the matter in hand ■■, who anfwered 
She was. Then fhe was entertained ; and as fhe confefled, the de- 
vil appeared , and hrfl kifTcd the woman of the houfe, and fo one 
after another, and at laft her fclf j and fo fhe was asked then if fhe 
were willing to be entred into their fociety ; who faid. She was. 
Then appeared Familiars, which fhe confelFed, alfo the fucking of 
her body on the marks , and the fealing of the Covenant with her 
blood. This younfi; woman confefTed the naming of their Imps, 
a'ld the manner^ which I am afhamcd te cxprefTe ; and the initiJi- 
tion of a Wkch, and every particular thing at large ; efpccially, 
(he confefTed how ihe devil took her by the hand, and the manner 
and words were uQrd Gt her Marriage, when llie was married to the 
devil (as fhe confefTed :) a fear'ul thing to declare. But one thing 
r-bfcrve, 1 hat the devil imitates God in all things as he can, much 
after the book of Common- prayer, then in his outward Worfhip. 
She likewife confefTed that her mother prayed conftantly, (and, as 
the world thought, very ferioully) but Ihc faid it was to the devil, 


A Cottfirm/ition and Difcovcr) ofiVjtchcruft. 5 p 

ufingthefe words, Oh my God^ >ny G'aI, meaning him, and not the 
LORD. This 1 put in the rather , becaufe you may take notice, 
where fuch meetings be , there are jiift grounds of fiifpicion ; tor 
they cannot always do their mifchiefs according to their delires, 
without their meetings, and th° help one of another. 

1 might adde the apparition of the party fufpeclcd to the party 
fick, and could nominate fome inftances thereof , as in Northam- 
pton-(hire, andelfewhere ; but becaufe apparicions may proceed 
from thephantafie of fuch as the party ufe to Fear, or at leaft fuf- 
peftj I forbear, becaufe I would not that any (hould be accu(ed,but 
where there are juft grounds of fufpicion. Butthofe called Wife- 
men,or Wife- women,caIled your White Witches, which wil] fliew , 
the other in glafTes , or undo what the other have done, (if pro- 
ved") is it not fufficient ? 

But I hope there it none To ignorant or blinde, as to think or 
believe it is lawful for any to go or fend to fuch, much leffe to put 
any confidence or truft in thenij who require faith to belisvc chfy 
can cure, before they will undertake it ; (eeing by.the Law of God 
they ought to die 5 as well as the other. And the holy Scripture 
utterly forbids any going to them, Levit. 2. 6. where it is faid, 
that he will jet hif face againfl fuch <w (hall feek^nfter tbofe that have fa- 
miliar fpirits , and vpill cut tbtm of from amongfi his peofle j much 
more then fuch as fhould be guilty themfelves. 

Then fome will fay, How fhall they be known one from ano- 
ther, or how (hall they be found out, if thefe difficulties be ? For 
if cannot be denied but that many of thcni have made great (hews 
of Religion. 

lanfwer, Itistruth ; as the devil can transform himfelf into 
aji Angel of light, fo have many of thefe Witches made outward 
Oiews , as if they had been Saints on earth , and fo were taken by 
fome^as one of Catworth in Huntingtonfhire,who made as large a 
ConfelTion,in a m3nner,as ever any did, & confcfTed at the gallows 
before her death , in my hearing. Likewife one Lendall of Cinnv 
bridge, ivho fuffcrcd alfo,carried her felf as if (he had been no hd'ei 
and fo did the mother of the faid Rebecca Wefi^ and many otheiSj 
which by their carriage (eemed to be very religious people^ and 
would conftantly repair to all Sermons neer them : yet notwith- 
flanding all their fhews of religion, there appeared fome of thefe 
probabiliticsjwhereby they were fulbefted, and fo fearchcd,and Co 

F 3 by. 

40 A Cofjjjrmation and Difcovcry of IVitchcraft, 

by that means difcovered and made known, Forif you do but 
obferve thele and fuch- like other reafons as maybe thereby ga- 
thered, together with their ConfeHlons, you fhallfinde that they 
prepare chenifelvcs in feme kinde or other, and ihat by their out- 
ward carriage, either by ill company keeping , nialicioufneflej re- 
vengeful perfons, or fuch as be born of fuch parents , or go un- 
der a general fiilpiclon of Witchcraft, or one way or other as 
aforefaid, there will appear juft grounds of fufpicion , either by 
words or deeds , whereby they may be brought to be queftioncd, 
whereby it may appear there is a league made with the devil : for 
notwithflanding all former reafons, to convift or prove one guil- 
ty of Witchcraft , is to prove a League made with the devil ; in 
thisonely aftj ftandeth the very reality of a Witch ; without 
which, Cnotwithftanding great (l.ews of probabilities ) I know 
not , nor cannot conceive how any can be properly faid to be 
Witches : For^ the devil Cthrough Gods permiflioa.)- may hurt 
mens bodies, and kill their cattel 3 and ill haps may fall out upon 
his or her curfing , and but grounds to make enquiry and (earch, 
which muft be for this League ; which though never fo fccredy 
made , yet it is to be difcertied , feeing it is that which maketh a 
Witch i and not to fome of their own fociety : For beiides the 
former reafons, it is an heathenifh praftice to feek to (uchj Ifa.19. 
3. and 65.4. 2 King 17. ly. Now we fhould not be like the abo- 
minable heathen in any evil , much lede in thefe abominations. 
And they which fcek to them, are commonly wicked andevil peo- 
ple, haunted themfelves by an evilfpirit, who fuggefteth this 
courfe into them, as he did into Saul, i Sam.2S. Yea , fijch as e- 
fteem of thefe, and think they work in Gods Name , and by his 
power, are bewitched in fo thinking, A^j 8 9,11. For it is found 
true by daily experience amongll our felvcs, that thofe which moft 
ufe them, moft need them, as 1 might inftance ; butonely I defire 
to prove the League, which is to be proved : for they that tnake 
this League, if exprede as before , have a familiar or fpirit, inore 
or lefle : For as foon as the League is made, the Spirit or Familiar^ 
one or more,i8 familiar , as was before fufticitntly proved by Saul 
^ndjoftab in the foremen tionedplacc5,when Witches Were known 
to have Familiars , befidcs the Confeflions of Witches lately exe- 
cuted herein cxprcfTcd , and fo they have now adays j by which) 
after ch?ir League made , ihey-work thtir mifchief, as is likewife 


A Confirm At ion and Di f cover y of Witchcraft. 4 1 

proved by their Confeffions ; a? the faid Elizabeib C/^ri^ confefledj 
who averred thvit all were Witches who had fuch mariis as (he 
was found withal^ and had familiar (piriis more (^r le(le; and that 
there were forae which had none ; u hii h I have ibimd true ; for 
they have onely the brand, or devils markj a? f n?ay Co call it : but 
for the otherjyou may obferve iras a ucnctal rule in all iheir Con- 
fefllons i iisjobn Eyfacl{, alias Clcecle , of VValdingficId magna Jn 
the County of SuffoJkjConfeflcdthat the devil came in at his win- 
dow in liie (bapc of a rugged Tandy- coloured dog , which asked 
hira to deny God, Chrilt, and his Baptifm, which he fpake with a 
great hollow voice ; and he confented. Then he faid Satan asked 
him for blood to feal and confirm the cover ant or agreement; and 
he bade him take it ; and that Satan with his confent had, in the 
(hape of fuch a coloured dog^ thorow his leather doublet , with 
his daw. Then I asked him whcreaway Satan had it : and he 
faidjFrom his heart; arid that Satan promifed to free himof Jiell- • 
torments, and that he would fend him other things which he muft 
let fuck his blood, and they ftiould avenge him ot all his enemie? . 
All which he faid he confented to, and was willing withal ; and 
then foon after thofe came, which he called his Imps, and fucked 
on thofe marks or teats which I found on his body , necr twenty 
yeers together , fometimes once a week , fbmctimes once a fort- 
night, which he confelfed came in the likcnefTe of Snails , onelv 
they differed one from another in colour and bigneffe. Then I 
asked him how they could fuck on that part of his body I found 
the marks on : and he (aid he ufed to lie down on his right fide 
to let them fuck, and was willing witfial ; for he confefled he of- 
tentimes arofe out of his bed, and made a fire, and lay down by it 
to let them fuck his blood ; which rifing out of his bed , and fire 
making, his wife averred to be truth ; yet fhe faid (he never knew 
or thought him to befiKh a mannerof perfon ; for fhe (aid he 
ufed to tell her he was fick, and ufed to be troubled with a difeafe 
which he could not help himfclf better fcr toeafe himfelf of Kis 
pain he ufed to be in, ihenby that means, and could not endure 
his bed, his pain was fo troublcfome. But to clear all fufpicion 
which after might fall on her thereby, flie was fearched,and found 
clear, and no leffe thought to be by her neighbours before and 
fmce, as 1 have heard. He likewife confefled his Imps names 
were Sjdrake^ ^fOs Peter^ Aykward^ Sacar^ and Pyman j for he had 


42 A Confirmation and difcovery of WUcherafl, 

Ikby his confeflion , and nolefle by the number of his marks. 
The tirrt was to kill all manner of fowls, which was the firll he 
confelTed he employed. The (ccond was to kill fliecp and fuch-like 
caccel. The third, hogs, and fiich-like. The fourth, Cows , and 
riich-likebealh. The fifth, all manner of horles. Andtheiixth, 
Chriftians : and fo particulari-zed many mifchiefs he had done. 

So they have their FamiliarSjfome for one thing, and fome for 
another ; fome to help them at their needs, f though many times 
therein they fail them) and others to work their mifchiefs and 
revenge, as the aforefaid lohn JVynnicks and many others have con- 
fcfled. Butlonelyinftance their Con feffions in (hort, and but in 
part onely, tending to that 1 quote them for as neer as I cam For 
1 could adde divers more to this , but many of the other in efteft 
tend to prove this -, Co do raoft of the Confedions little or 
more depend one upon another : fo that 1 do but inftance part 
of them,and of the effeft of them, and not the third part of thofe 
1 have ; for if I mould, I have many larger Conffflion*-,— which 
pcichince might ^ive better fatisfa<5lion to fome : but I onely aim 
at the principal heads, and to clear and make it appear, that what 
hath been done, hath been in a legal way,and not unjuiUy, as ma- 
dy have furmifed, but for the good of the Common-wealth, and 
1 doubt not but agreeable to the Word of God. And that all that 
be thus in league , (as exprefle or open league as aforefaid ) are to 
be found out and known by thefe evidences , be they of either 
fort, bad, or white or good Witches Co called ; firfh , by Witches 
marks, which are moll: commonly upon thofe bafer forts called 
the bad and curiing Witch ; and fo upon the other called the good 
or white Witch , though not fo ealily found , (iC but onely the 
brand, ordeals mark , as it may well be termed ) but the other, 
which the fpirits fuck of, arceailly to bediflinguillicd and known 
from all the other marks , but yet have as before (iC an expreffe 

Thisisnnt tobedjubtedof; it is the devils cuftom to mark 
his : God will have his mark for his , Eztb^. 9. Rev. 7. the Beaft 
will have his mark, Rfi'.i3. Sothe devil himfelf will have his 
mark, as you may fee as well by the relations and confeffions of 
Witches, as alfo the witnefles of many learned men , writing of 
Witches and Witchcraft. Therefore, where this mark is, there is 
a league and familiar fpirits more or lefTe ; which marks are to be 
found by fearching. Now 

A Confirmation and Difcovery of Witchcraft, 45 

Now fomc will fay , How (hall they bedifcerned from natural 
marks ? 

I anfwer : Firft , as for that mark which comes by the fucking 
or by the drawing of the fpirit or familiar, more or lefle, which 
ismoft commonly upon the bafer fcrt called the bad witch, and fo 
many times upon the other fo untruly called the good or white 
witchj for all witches are bad indeed, though perad venture for the 
mod pare they have not commonly fo many Familiars as theo- 
ther , yet I fay molt of them work by Farr.iliais as well as the o- 
ther, andfiickle them likewifejihough fiot commonly nbove one. 
They are to be known by ihefc tokens, as by the infeniiblenclTc of 
them, fornetimcs like a little teat or big , that is when it remains 
as the Imp or Familiar fucks thereof : if outward, then nothing 
to be difcerned but as a little bit of skin, which may be extended 
and drawn out, and wrung, much like the finger of a glove , and 
is very limber, and hath no fubltance in it, except it be when their 
Imps have newly fucked tnem , and then it may be there may |)e 
a little watrilh blood perceived, but may be known from natural 
marks (everal ways •■, for it hath no fear, but at the very top a lit- 
tle h ole, where the blood comcth out. But if it be inward , then 
it is beyond all natural marks, or where no fuch-iike ("if natural) 
could poflibly be,and remains but as a little red fpot, much like, or 
litttle differing from a flea-bite ; onely it is out of the flerti above 
it, when as the other is flat, but this as I fay \s out above it , with 
a whitilh end at the top , and may be known both of them by a 
circle about them , much like the circle of a womans breft which 
hath been fucked, and one may difcern the place where the blood 
comes out : and many times it falleth out, if new fucked, the wa- 
trilh blood maybe ftroaked out, efpecially in the time they be 
kept , if the watchers be careful to difcern when they be in moft 
trouble 5 though their Familiars come never fo infcnfible : and 
therein (as before^ watching hath done good (though not depri- 
ved of any thing neceflTary, as before.) And the skin may be pul- 
led one Jide from the other, and diHereth from the other parts in 
colour, and remains as if ir weic a dead place, and fo ic is infcnfi- 
ble of pricking and other ufage, if it be done in a d'lrtdc m:jiner i 
and fo may be ealily difcerned from any natuijl mark other- 
wife, if this were not futiicient to give fatisfaftion, which I doubc 
not but it will, as Icouldotherwifecxpreffc , if it were neither 

G for 

44 ^ Confirmation and Difcovery of Witch-craft. 

for giving offence tofomej nor a m^ans to give fome of fuch per- 
fons inlight Co far , as thereby they might grow more experienced 
to make away their mar ks , for that hath been too common a- 
mongft them already ; for which 1 could inftance many examples : 
butyou findeby their Co'nfedions 3 that all of them tend toma- 
nifeltsthat their Famih'ars fuck upon thofe marks which we firit 
finde, which are before exprelfed , and therefore I forbear to in- 
ftance any to that particular. 

Sometimes they be likea bluefpot , that is, when they make 
them away 5 and then no more to be difcerned befides the infenli- 
blenefle thereof ; but will grow or be drawn again by the Tucking 
of their Imps or Familiars more or lefTe, for they cannot hide 
them always ; as one Marf? a woman ©f Bramplbrd confeflcd, 
who had been fearched two or three times one afte r another, and 
no oth«r marks could be found upon her : at length, (he being ac- 
cufed by another of the fame town, was forthwith before fhe had 
any knowledge thereof, or thoughts fas I fuppofej of being fetr- 
ched again, taken by the Conllables there in the ftreets, as fbcwas 
coming homeward to her own houfe, and brought to be fearched 
a^ain , upon the others accufation : but as fhe came by her own 
houfe, Ihc defired to go in, (as (he faid) to (hift her felf , for that 
fhe was very un willing (as fhe pretended} to go to the women to 
be fearched with a foul Ihift on her back : but the ConibUe ha- 
ving had notice of it formerly, not to fufFer her to go to do it, it 
being known flie did it before her former fearching, brought her 
forthwith away to the place where fhe was to be fearched , and 
when fhe was a fearching , fhe wa^ prefently found to have the 
marks very appjrent, and had a clean Shift on her back. But not 
long after, in her Confelllon, amongfl: other things , (he confeffed 
that if fhe had been let go home to have fliiftcd her felf, fhe had 
not been found with the marks , for that (he had a fhift fo dreUed, 
that her marks could not have been foimd at prefenr, and that fhe 
thereby fo efraped by the faTjiC means the former fcarches •■, yet (hx 
W2S fearched by thoCe which were the hrll that ever to my know- 
Ifd^efound any of thofc ninrks -, and fo rontj^flcd that (lie had 
made a covenant with the devil, and fcaled it with her blood, and 
fet around O to the paper the devil brought her, and confeflcd 
her P'amiliars, with the fucking of them, and the miichief fhe had 
done by her Witchcraft, or at IcaJr part of them , as fh.c then fur- 


A Cotifirmation and Difcovery of Witchcraft. ^^^ 

thcr conteifed, and fuffs, cd for the fame. Here you may obfcrve, 
that the diligeiunede of fearcliing is a great matter, atid one of 
the chiefci't points of their difcovery : For I have obferved this 
one thing irrmy proceedings heicin,thatifall their marksjthough 
in feveral places 5 be not toiind, they will hardly confcflc : but 
when all are found , and the jult number of them more or lefle 
laid to their charge, according as they have, it is a great induce- 
ment to bring thciii to confeliion ■-, and that hath made me careful 
when apparent marks have not been ^^en at fir/1, that a fecond or 
third fearch be made : fur it is a matter of concernment of life 
and death ; and therefore, as 1 conceive, it were fitting that thofc 
which fearch, and thofewith them, they having fome intelligence 
of the maiks rirll given them, were fworn before fearching , that 
diligent fearch might be made in all places of fuch as be fufpe^led 
in fuch a cafe of life and death , for the deieftion of fo great a 
height of Mm and impiety , that none that be guilty might efcape 
the punifhment due according to their deferts here ; and fo "thofc 
likcwlfe that wrongfully go under that afperilon , be freed there- 
of. To which end,it were fitting that fuch as did it might be fuch 
as know what belongs to an Oath, and who make confcience to 
perfornl the fame likewife ; and fuch as be at the fearchjng, able 
people, of difcretion and good carriage ; for 1 fear that money 
hath fwayed fome, and want of knowledge others. 

Sometimes the flefh is funk in a hollow, that is, when they puU 
them off, and pull them out with their nails , or othcrwife caufe 
tliem to be pulled off ; as one of Over in Cimbridge-fhire con- 
fefled, it being fo found and laid to her charge, that fhe heard of 
our coming to town, and plucked her marks off the night be- 
fore, becaufe {he would not have been found , as fheconfeffed be- 
fore a Judicc of Peace of the fame town at large, both of the 
Covenant and her Imps, and the harms fhe did both to him and 
others by her Imps. 

But fome will fay , It is (Grange they fhould know when they 
fhouldbe fearched, if it be kept private. 

I anfwer. Let it be kept never fo private, it hath been common, 
and as common as any other thing, as they themfelves have con- 
feded : for fo did they of Fenny-Drayton in Cambridge- flii re, 
who made very large ConfcfTions , as , that the devil told them 
of our coming to town , but withal told them they fhould be 

O 2 fearched. 

^6 -A Cci'fur/iaiicn nnclDij cover) of IViti hrr.ip. 

(carchedj but IlioulJ not be fouiivl ■■, wherein they Qui thoy t'ouiul 
liim a lyar ; and lb they laid they did in his proiniti;!;^ them they 
ihoiild never want, which they did ; and Co likewiij that is ti:ual 
with others i but thole made very JargeContcllions. 

Alio "(omttimcs there is nothing to be difcerned but red fpots, 
ns if the skin were perilhed, (and lo it is ) for that is when they 
onely cdt them ofT, and apply no medicine at all to it j yet the 
blood will appear all round within thecirdejas afore is exprefTcd. 
And ot" thefe 1 have found divers j but for the mofr part , thofe 
have been left for a Iccond fcarch, or a thirdjas occafion or ground 
futlicient required. And of thefe though F have found divers, yet 
I have but one example by confellion, and that is of one Clarke of 
Keyfton in Huntington- Ihire , a young man , who was fo found, 
and fct at liberty 3 cxpefting to have been (earched another time, 
when he ll'.ould not know of it ; but he foon after confe/led he 
had cut off his marks , faying they were fools that were found 
with the marks, for he had made fure he could not befounc} with 
them , for he had cut off his two or three days befoi'c 1 fearched 
liim But I perceived the blood , and IheWcd it to the townfmen, 
and told them that I thought he was naught , and guilty of that 
lin, and doubted not thereof, but would not take oath , unlcfle 
the marks had been apparently Cecn upon him. 

Nowfome will fay, notwiihllandingall this that isfaidjThcre 
:my be and are natural marks like all thefe afore fpoken of. 

1 anfwcr , For natural marks, as 1 conceive , there be Wens of 
divers forts ; but view tiicfe well , and next adjacent to the flelh 
t!'.ey arc vc:y fmal!, and hang like a thred, but from thence like a 
tr.:t or big i but fccl of it^ and it is tiefliie, and will not extend as 
thcotlier will ilo- 

But fome will fay , It may be a rent, and fo a piece of skin may 

I anfwer, This, though it be nothing but as a skin, yet it Com- 
eth firmly out of the Htlh,and flicks out like abigorteat,andnot 
liangdown , when I conceive rents will either hang , o'rlie flat ; 
but if hang, then I believe a fear is to be feen , and feels flefhlikc 
bcfidts : but thefe have no fcai , onely as it were a little hole on 
the top, where the blood comes out,which is cafily to be difcern- 
ed, for 1 have nipped blood out. And then likcwife they be infen- 
(ible, when the other be not; But IconfelTejif thefe be not pricked 


A Co)ifirmat7on and Difcoverj ofiVitch craft . 47 

the rii^hc way, they will feel it likevvife. Some have Wdrts ; but I 
anfwer. They be out of the fitll\ as well as the other , but they are 
tljtaiidriell.ifjand fcnllblcj aiuiwill iioc^ny way extend : but fo 
far unlike the other, as! will not hnilicr (pc.<k of them. Sonic 
have Monlsrit is trtithj I believe nioft nvn iiavcj jhoiigh iliev he 
of fcvcral colours ; but iho(c be [\\\. to I'u' [\A\ always , whicli is 
nothing like the other, nor will extend, but i< (tnlibie. 

But (ome will fay, It may be like the brand. 

I anfwcrj No : for it dirtcreth as well in colour, as alfo it hath 
no circle about it , but is as the relt of the skin is on the other 
parts of the body, oncly differs fometimcs in colour, but not liia- 
the other, and isleniible .- neither for the molt pait have any of 
the marks of thofe which have fuffered been found , where there 
were either VVart«, Wens, or Mouls, or commonly rents, efpccial- 
iy of the men. 

But then fome will fiy, There are Eijirod-marks , and pil.s. 

lanfwer, Tiuc, but the Emrod-marks are upon th»-V£iri?, 
though they iffue out , and are to be difcerned either bv 'the co- 
lour, or by the lying up of the veins j but if' the veins brdown, 
ftili, the colour remains in part , and are to be know/) that w.iv : 
But however , they will not extend to be drawn out and tu'i:ic(K 
as theother will; if arall,l amfurcnotfo much ; and if a little, 
then it is pain, and the other none: for therein the inicnliblenel-e 
elects this cxprelly ; for it cannot be conceived ariy (hould be 
Infenlible upon their veins , and the other are meerly out of the 
flefh i for 1 conceive if they were upon the veins, tlicy would 
bleed after they were fucked , and would not ealily be (kncl^td a- 
i^ain \ neither be they fo inward as the Emrods marks, cx."CMt the 
inward marks, which are beyond them , and where non.itural 
caufe can be of that colour, and infenlible. And as for the Piles, I 
think this is a fufticient anfwer for thatlik'ewife ; for they be out 
of the veins, and are fenfible without qucliion , and be flat, and 
will not be extended as the other will. 

And then fome others will fay , But women have rcn;s and o- 
ihermifcarriajics by childe-bearing. 

I anfwei partly as before, and grant it for truth \ but yet if that 
way will neither fear appear, nor will it feel flelhie, but will it be 
cxten. led as the other ; admit all this were truth, Iwillarfirm the 
colour diffcrSjamd that there will be no circle about if , nor twi ed. 

O 3 "o 

48 A Cotifirmation and Difcovery of Witchcraft, 

nor have a hole as the other have, and bemftnfible likewife , and 
otherwire:^ as I could further explain more at large j if it were fit- 
ting : forj ^// fbmg/ (as the proverb is) ought not to be fpok^n at rM 
timcSj much Icde printed. 

Bat if any Ihall hereafter make any Objedions ngainfl me fas 
1 cxpe*^ they will J 1 will then explain my fclf (through permilli • 
oiO as far as by experience Ihave found , or by reading or other- 
wife niy knowledge (hall extend to. P'or I am confident, and n)y 
CO nfcicncc tells me, that thofc who (hall be found with thcle 
marks 5 areexprefly guilty of that diabolical art orpraftice of 
Witchcraftj Whether they have done mifchief or not , but onely 
fTthat ihey have renounced God and Chrifij and betaken ihem- 
fclvcstothe devil, the utter enemy of God and ail the world. 
And I had rather bean inftrument (if any fuch thing ought to be) 
to fave one who (hould confefle and humble himfelf, as MannJJ'j) 
did, then any of thofewho, being found with the marks upon 
them , dial] deny : but I (hall forbear herein , where it -nothing 
concerns me, butthofein authority ; for 1 would not give of- 
ftnce to any, onely defire to cleer my (elf, in giving (atisfaftion 
to the world that my conference is, that none of the(e forts ought 
to live amonglt us ■, for by the Laws of God and the Realniv they 
ought to die, as it is faid in the 1 8 of Deuteronomy. And then re- 
member this ojie place, which is in Micab 5, where it is faid , that 
when God intends to bicflc a Nation , he will cut off or root out 
all Wicchcrafcs andlnchantmcnts : which I fhoiild think (hould 
give all fufhcieiic fatisfaftion, that ihofe which have thefe marks, 
are in league and covenant with the devil, and that it is not to be 
d'Hibtcd but that there are Witches , and that thofe which have 
ihc brdud be alfo guilty as afore(aid , be they of either fort , and 
ai c to be found as well as the other, by fearchitjg alfo ; yet 1 con- 
Idfe that is very difficult to be known , and very fewner attained 
to the difcovery thereof : tut it is to be known by the infenlible- 
ne(re thereof, and othei wi(e, being drawn or Ibrunk up fo wjth a 
^circle about it, as if the skin were Itretchfd to that place, or 
ibrunk up about it ; but very little by the colour, for that is as if 
ic wcreo; had been fome natural caufe , or where forae iffue had 
been, when as the skin was never pcrilhed, as may be eafily difccr- 
led; fHi'ly it (hews in the middle thereof, for the moli part, as if 
a little !i: Ij had been , except it be fuch as the places where the 


A ConfirmAtion and Dif cover y of IVitchcraft. 49 

blood is fetched to feal the Covenant^ which is onely like a na:ii - 
ral mark, either long or othcrwife, as natural marks be; oncIy it 
Icemcth to be deader and harJcT, and To it ii, and not fo tender as 
other places be, or where plaiiiers have been ufed ; but the other 
is for the nioli part round, but however , it hath a little circle a- 
bout it , juft adjacent to ic , as IF it: Were (link in all the circle a- 
bour, and then within that, next adj.^ent ro the circle, fbmewhac 
higher then the tiefh, and harder ; and in I'le middle thereof, a lit- 
tle hole ot pitfomewhat funk. Thisbrand or mark, if it come to 
be tried for the infeniiblcnefle, will foon be fclr, if greater care be 
not had in pricking of it ; for though it be infenfiblea little way, 
yet it is not fo deep into the tiefh as the others bc,but (hews dead- 
like, much like as if it had been (eared with a hot-iron , and is 
firmly upon the body, and in no fecret place, as the other be , bur 
dirfers a little in colour,a3 a (eared place doth from another ■■, :{?, 1 
might fomewhatinIargc,but I will not prefume too farjlcll others 
(hould unadvifedly ana ralhly prvx:eed in the difcovery oLHich 
persons wrongfully , and then fault me for the iniight ; as* hath 
been formerly done by fonje, who when they have done that they 
are not able to give an account of, or render a reafon for^ or per- 
chance (ay tho(ebe guilty , where they (inde fome other evidence 
may be given that they be guilty, or where money will be largely 
given that they aie guilty , when as if they come to be further 
queftioned , they can onely fay they be fuch marks as fuch a one 
told me ; and fo likewife can fay,l havefeen fome have fuch marks 
in the jail, of his finding out, or fome who have confe(red:when 
as they themfelves cannot diftinguilli between natural marks , and 
thofejucither indeed know them afunder, but however, know but 
one fort of the mark?, and fo let many cfcape , and I fear wrong- 
fully thereby, or for lucre, accu(e 5 a fearful thing to be conHdered 
o\. : And therefore I conceive it were fitting, that when fuch come 
to their trials in this kinde, it might be done by thofe of know- 
ledge and difcrction, and"upon good grounds, and not by every 
light-carriag^d houfwife, w'lo regards more her own ends then 
the li(e of a Chriftian ; who cin render no other reafon, but i hat 
they do but what they have learned fome infight in,Si lo go where 
they are (ent for, or elfc they would not do it ; indeed for njo- 
ney, and not for theComnrjn-wcalths lood, as may be feen by 
their want of knowledge therein ; For, as 1 faid , it had need be 


50 J ConJirv^Ation anddifcovery of Witchcraft. 

done by able, difcreer, honeft perfons, efpecially for thefe laft men- 
tioned, and upon good grounds , and other deer evidences con- 
curring with them. Yet I affirm that all that have theie^ o; any of 
thcfc nnrkSj are guilty of Witchcratt, if plainly made appear : tor 

I could haie fpoken fomewhat more , both ot wrongfully accu- 

II itT, and excullng , onely I know it will then be judged that 1 do 
it lo take off all others , and that none , or but inch as 1 like of, 
weie fitting to do it, and fo thereby take all upon my felf i which 
! know many in the world will be ready enough to cenfure of 
nie.: But for my part, where one hath the leaiiinlight herein , 1 
vvilh there were hundreds in all Countries which had the whole, 
and more then any now have ; but onely that fuch as be idle, or 
unconfcionable of their ways , and careleffe of men and womens 
lives, or at Icalt unskilful in thefe ways , might not be futiered to 
meddle ^in (uch a bulinefle of concernment of life and death , as 
tins is. As for this, and the lucre of money,! (hall more fully clear 
in the laft Objeftion in the clofe hereof, to acquit my felf 
thereof ' 

Now for the implicite or fecret Leaguejif it be asked what thele 
be which thus work by Satan : 

I anfwer, in fume fort, by way of fimiiitude, from the direftion 
of (hat pbcc in Airtr/;9. 58, 40. andL«/:^f p.49. For Satan will be 
Gods ape in nil things whatloever he can , and therefore will he 
alio imitate Chrilt hrreiti. They are ("uch as invocate the devil by 
certain fuperliition?: forms of words, andprayer^s believing that 
thele means can efftft what they have offered them for, and do 
withal earnellly dclire to have them effeftual. Now the devil 
herein confcnteth , and affordeth his power , at the utterance of 
ihe word.fjto bring the thlnjz to paffe which isdclired. Herethere- 
toie is a Covenant and mutual confent on both fides j for if a 
man or woman be content to ufe fuperltitious forn':s of invocati- 
on for help in time of n'^ed, and in uling them defireth in heart to 
have the thing effe^ed j if the cfeyU work the feat, there is,a fecret 
compaft : for they have defired, and he hath confcntfd. They are 
fuch as do know , that neither by Gods v;ork in nature , nor by 
Gods ordination from his Word, the things they do arc warrant- 
able, (bjt rathe: hear fuch things forbidden) and thatthey alfo arc 
abfurd to common reafon , and yet will do them, becaufe they 
iinde an < tfeft anfwerable to their expeftation. 


AConfirmatien andDifcovery of IVjtchcraft. 5^ 

Hereto 1 might adde tlie healing of a wound by anointing the 
inilriimenc which gave the wound , Spell-fetters, and Charmers^ 
and fuch-like, who many of them are in expreflTe league as afore- 
faiu .• tor the devil contenteth himfeir fonietiaics, to wit, theii 
u'herc he well [-^rceivcth the party will not be brouofu to the o 
thcr 5 ant! lets thcni plcafe themfelves with hope of Gods mere/, 
tniployini^ them ontly about feeming-good things, for that in (o 
doing they fuppole they lin not , nor are in danger ot the deviJ, 
nor imciei Gods wrath, as the other are, bccaufe they fall not fo 
foully into thtr pit of delhu£lion by an exprt fie league , as the o- 
thcrs do; and nuke an outward (lew of Religion as well- as o- 

Fur what cm be Paid of thofe who onely cure difeafes by laying 
on their hands, and uling certain words or forms of prayers ? Is 
it not done by this Iccret Compaft, though ignorantly they think 
otherwiCc ? For it the remedy be not natural, then itis (uperna- 
tural ; if fupernatural ,'^then either from God, and fo hath war- 
rant trom his V\ oid, and is ordinary, not miraculotis j for ihat 
work of God hath cealed long lines : or elfe is from the devil, as 
works wrought by Spells and Charms, and fuch-Jike , forbidden 
by God. Yet thefe forts of perfons, finding their praftices fuccef- 
ful, arenotagalnfi Satan, nor can lightly fpeak ill of his working 
power, bccaulc of their fecret and implicite league they have with 
him, and efpecially becaufe of the profit they findecome to them 
thereby. And herein alfo doth the devil imitate Chrift , who al- 
lowed fome, which openly as yet did not follow him , to have 
powertocafioutdevils,MdrI;^9. 38359- who were not,ashe faid, 
again!} him, nor could lightly fpeak ill of him,nor of his power, 
by I calon of their ftciet and implicite faith , and covenant with 
Chrilt ; yet did it, becaufe they found fuccefle in it. 

So likcwife in the Scripture is found the cutting off hair, and 
burning it. Numb. 6. iS- the writing of words , and the blotting 
of them out againj and to give them unto one, Nwrw^\ 5-23. Al- 
fo the giving of a portion, A^«mi. 5. 27. So Satan teacheth his 
to cut off hair and burn it j as the White-Witch will do to fuch 
as come to them , adviling them to cut hair, or fuch-like, off the 
beail they fufpeft to be bewitched, and to write a Charm, and to 
blot it out, and then give it one ; alfo to ufc portions ; thus 
feeming, by thcfc imitaiionSjto have Scripture for their warrant. 

H And 

52 A Cctifrmation and Difc every of IVitch-cr Aft, 

And fo afccr this manner I might reckon up fevcral other ways : 
as , the Lord had fome which by curling and thi earning procured 
evil upon others, n.Kin^s 22^. /ids 1.3. To Sat^n hath fuch, 
which by curiingand threats procure mifchiefs upon others, as 
you may plainly fee by their Confeflions . 

Alfo the Lord tied his to certain Pvules and Ordinances in his 
Si:rvice, and fometimes to a certain number, Jo^.6. 15. 1 K/nm 17. 
21. So Satan tieih his Witches to certain words and deeds in 
going about his fervice , and to obferve numbers , and to do a 
thing fo and fo often, three times, feven times, of (u^h-Iike, as 
the VVhite Witches do : and fo imitate Chrift in many things, as 
his Aflemblics and Sabbaths j' Baptifm and Covenants *, fo Satan 
hath all his, after his manner, as Rebecca JVcfl and Elizabeth CLrl-^e 
confefTed, as well in thcfe as in other particulars, as you may finde 
as well by theirs and others Confeffions , as alfo by the Writings 
of learned men^ho have writ concerning the fame. 
'> And further , as the Lord had (Iich as cured difealesTjy words, 
by prayers , and did anoint the party infirm '■, as by fomething 
btought them froru the fick, and carried to the (Ick zg3in,Jatnes 5 . 
Mark^6. 13. y^ds 19. 12. So hath Satan fuch as fccm by words to 
cure ditcafes, by forms of prayers, and by oilc •■, and alfo by bring- 
ing fomething from the fick party J and carrying the fame back 

So the Lord by his fervants raifed fome from the dead, i Kings 
17. 21. Jds 9. 40. and likcwife Satan makcth flic w by his fer- 
vants to raife up the dead, i Satn.2S, 

And as the Lord maketh fome to be his, either by his immediate 
infpiration, and fpeaking to them , or winneth them to him by 
his inlbunicnts : fo Satan makrth fome Witches by inward fug- 
j:'Cnions, and his fpeaking to them , or by uling other W itches to 
gain thtni to him ;asyou may finde alfoby their Confcdlons. And 
that as the Lord fpake by a bcaft unto a Witch , Numb. 22. 28. fo 
5!at3n fpeaketh to Witches , fomctim-s in one Ihape , and fome- 
times in anothei-. 

Solikewife, as the Lord ordained Sacrifices to be offered to 
him, Satan hath taught his to do fotoo, NMmi.23. 

And as the Lord promifcd earthly bltllings, to fiir up people to 
iet\fe him ; fo Satan , as you may finde , is very large in his pro- 
mifes to fuch as will ferve himj Matth.^ 


A Confir/HAtionand D'ifcovery of If'itchcraft, $^ 

And fo it is in many other particulars, as might Well be obfer- 
vedj if you tlo but rightly obfcrve their Confellions , with thefr 
carriagcSj and Satans doings. 

Bu: he'r>; fome will fay , Is there no other way to finde them 
out, but onely by fearching ? 

lanfwer. That is both the nioR ready and certain way , and 
(uch a way, as that, if they which undertake it be careftil, there 
canbc nomiOake, cfpecially in thofc who (hallbe foand to have 
themarks i and for the other , if in expreffe league/ thf n by the 
brand; if implicitc, then by theaforefaidrealbns, and by their 
carriages. Yet they may be found by Witches words alfo , as 
when he or (lie hath been heard to call upon their fpirits , or to 
rpeak to them , or talk of them to any , inticing them to receive 
fuch Familiars. As fome of thofe of Rattlefden confefled that 
they had their Familiars from old mother Otvu ; fo h^dZlizabelb 
Clarke from Ame If^eji , and fo had her daughter from her , Amc 
Clarke from her mother, and her mother from another; fo in ma- 
ny other particulars. As alfojWhen they have been heard telling 
of killing of fome man or beaft, or of the hurting of them ; or 
when they have i^.ot onely threatned revenge^on any or their 
caitel, but have told particularly what fliall happen to fuch a one, 
and the fame found true ; and their boafting afterward thereof. 
Furthcrrpotre, if they have been heard to fpeafc of their tranfpor- 
tation from home to certain places of their meetings with others 
there , as was at Manningtree , Burton, Old, Trilbroofc-bufhes, 
and other places. 

Thcfe and fuch like, as you may finde by their Confeflions, 
prove a leagne and familiarity al(b with the devil. 
. So alio by \A/itches deeds , as when any have feen them with 
their fpirits, or feen to feed fome creatures fccrctly ; or where the 
Witch hath put fuch , which may be known by the fmell of the 
place ; for they willftink dcteftably , which we have often f6und 
true in the time they have been kept , if their Imps or Familiars 
came to fuck in the mean time, as you may finde they often have. 
Alfo when it can be found that they have made pi6^ures ; as 1 
have credibly heard of one of Yarmouth, who llnce the afore- 
mentioned time fiiffered there, and confefled that (he had made 
a piftuie of wax or clay, 1 do not \vell remember which , of the 
proportion of a childe which (he was intended to work her mif- 

H 2 ciiief 

54 ^ Confirmation and Difcovery of Witchcraft, 

chief againfl, and had chruQ a nail in the head thereof, and fo had 
buried it in a place,which (he then confe0ed ; and that as that coH'^ 
fumed, fo Ihculd the dhilde, and did , a long time, as I was told 
by MaCttr Hopkins J who was there, and took her Confeflioii , and 
went to look for the pifture ; and that the chi.'de (as 1 have 
heard) did foon after mend, and grew lully again. A helli(h in^ 

And fo many fuch Witchery^ tiicks, both of this kinde and o- 
ther\yife , have thus been lately found out : as , the giving any 
thing to any man or other creature , which immediately caufed 
either pains or death } as was at Brampford and other places , as 
you may alfofinde by their Confeflions. So likewife by laying 
on their hands , or by forae one or more fellow-Witches confef- 
ling their own Witchcraft , and bearing witnefleagainll others, 
fo as they can make good the truth of their witnefle , and give 
fufficient proof thereof, as , that they have fecn thtni with their 
fpirits, or that they have received their fpkits from them, as be- 
forefaid j or that they can tell when they ufed their Witchery- 
tricks to do harm, or joyned with them i as thofe of Manning- 
tree and other places at their meetings ufed to do : or that they 
toldthem what harm they had done, or that they can (hew the 
mark upon them, orfuch-like •■, or by the Witches confeffing of 
givingtheir fouls to the devil^ and of the fpirits which they have, 
and how they come by them, and the fuckling of them , and fuch 
other like ways, asyou maygatherby their Confeflions. 

All which, notwithftanding, principally depends upon fearch- 
ing , which is the readie(t way to bring them to the(e Confef- 

Alfofbmc witnefTe of God hinifejf happening upon the exe- 
crable curfcs of Witches upon themfelvcs, praying God to (hew 
fome token, if they be guilty ■-, who by bitter curfes upon them- 
fclves, think thereby to clear themfelves ; as one hinkes of Ha- 
verill in Suffolk , who confeded to me that (he was guilty , and 
amongd other things told me 5 that the Fly which was Ceen to 
fiie about the chamber, was one of her Imps ^ but defired tofpeak 
with one Mailer Faireclotb ^ who lived not above two miles , or 
thereabouts, from the Town , being an able Orthodox Divine ; 
who was immediately fent for , and came. This woman, not- 
withftanding her confeffing to me, denied all to him, wifhing 


A Confirm^tjon and Djfcovcry of IVitch craft. 5 5 

and dcfiring withal, that if fhe were fuch a manner of per- 
fon , that the Lord would (htw an example upon hef^ and 
that if flie had any Imps, that they would come whilft he was 
there : prefently after , (he cries out , A juft judgement of 
God, they are come indeed, faid flie. This Imp , in the fame 
Ihapeitwas (een formerly flying in the room, was (een fatten- 
ed upon another place of her body , not far froffi the other 
mai ks, but not upon them , and fo remained above half a quar- 
ter of an hour, till feme women came neer a quarter of a 
mile, who faw it faliened on her body , (he onely, crying out 
to have it pulled off, which at firft ihey^were fearful to do,* but 
at length they wiped it off, as they fay, with a cloth 5 and what 
became of it after 5 they knew not j but it had drawn a new 
mark, like the other. 

Was this woman fitting to live, this evidence, with others, 
being again ft her, by credible witnefles ? I am fiire fhe was li- 
ving not long fince, and acquitted upon her trial : f^Jrfhe ne- 
ver confeflrcd"any more, bat denied what (lie had formerly con- 

Here you may take notice, firfr, that if they have their Fami- 
liars come to them either before or after cqnfeflion , they will 
not confefle till another time, or deny, and therein watching 
is of fome coiifequence, till they be examined by a Juftice of 
Peace, or elfe they muft expeft but fcwconfeflion?. This was 
ob(erved as well by thofe at Bury , as indeed for the moil part 
of all thofe now lately detefted. And fecondly , the extreme 
pain they put them to, efpecially when they firlt draw their 
marks, as mod of them generally confeflt: 
. And I have obfcrved in the time they have been kept, that 
if their Imps be a fucking. it is calie to be difcerned and kno\wi-, 
for then they will either covet to rgck or lit down upon the 
ground, or will liefhrinfcingup all of a heap, making fowre 
faces, as if they were in excreme pain : fo that they maj be 
eaiily difcerned by their carriage and gefhjres , whether any 
thing come to them, or not, while they be kept. 

Alfo 1 have read that a Witch, in fome cafes, hath been 
brought to a dead party, who hath been fufpefted to have been 
bewitched by that Witch , to touch the dead corps j which 

H 3 wa& 

56 A Confirm at ion and Difcovery of Witchcraft, 

was no fooner touched by the Witchj but the corps bled fiefl: 

The(e and fuch-1 ike evidences may fometimes , though pci- 
advtnturc not always be given from God, when he is pleafed to 
dctc;v1: fiich raalcfaiflars guilty of blood , as well as in other c-- 
fesof murther. 

And thus you may plainly fee that Witches may be dirco\er- 
ed , albeit there be Ibme difficulty therein , and may likewife 
be brought to confefle their Witchcraft ; as alfo , that there be 
Witches in thcfe our days, nay I rather thin k,more frequent 
then formerly; for if Satan bcfucha powerful deceiver and 
(educer , who can make an Eva in Paradife ( being in the ftate 
of perfeftion) to believe him 3 the devil, before God; can he 
not (educe now ? Yes certainly, more dcfperately, to manifeft 
his bloody malice in thefe later times again(t mankitide, and 
therefore he hath now adays ftirred up fuch cruel Witches as 
be wholly fet upon revenge, torraenthig men and Wtmien, and 
theircattel, and making a trade of killing and murdering : of 
which fort the Scripture hardly gives an inftance, except it be in 
Balaam^ hired to curfe Gods people. 

Let us therefore learn to follow the Lord, and hate Witches, 
Wi'zzardsj Magicians, Soothfayers, Fortune-tellers, Inchanters, 
jugling companions, and all others that deal in Sorceiy and 
Witchcraft, beholding in them a fpcftacle of mans mifery , as 
being left of God unto the power of the devil , and fo be mo- 
V€d with compafllon towards them, and pray for their conver- 
fions. Yet confider, though they be left of God for a time , yet 
not all fo Ieft,nor fo dreadfully catchcd by Satan, but that they 
may, through the mercy of God, be his fcrvants, and convert- 
ed, as none can deny but Mjnajfv'o was •■, and fo pur a difference 
between their fearful Hri and their pcrfons 5 hate the one , but 
not the other i hate the one in confcicnce to Gods command- 
ment, utterly forbidding to regard fuch, Levi'. 1 9. 3 1 ,for it is 
fpiritual whoredom and defilement 3 Levit.26. 6. becaufe fuch 
as ufcd them were Heathens, as^ the Egyptians, Cauaanites, 
Philiftincs, and Caldeans. Such as in Ifrael followed the Hca- 
thenifh cuAoms, were wicked and ungodly 5 as Sauly who wa« 
amurdrrer, i Sam. 22. aprofane neglefttrof Gods Worfhip, 

1 ChlQTl. 

J CofifirvjA tion and Difcovcry of IVitchcrafL 57 

1 Cbron. 13. 3. and one whom God had forfaken, and taken 
his Spiricfrom, i Snyn, 16. 14. an evil (piric likcwifcwas up- 
on him 5 neither did God vouchfafc h;n> any an(wer by lacitd 
meanSj i Snm. 18. 16. and therefore he ftrlj to Witches. 

And what was Mrt^rtjTc/?} bnt an idolater, and an obferver of 
tinirt, and fo fell to Witchery, arui to fiich as had Familiars ? 
And the people which delighted in ihcfc , were haters of true 
Teachers, and believed falfc Prophets, Drcan)er$, and Diviners, 
Jcnm.2j.$. and with us, what arc they, but vain loofc li- 
vers , fuperiUtious Neutrals 5 andfuch-like ? But let them re- 
member, that it xQillbc but bitternejfe in the end. 

Let Saul 3ind Manajfeb be a warning to all of this kindc, be- 
fides examples abroad , andin Hii'rories, with thofc amongH: 
our felves, which may fervc to terrific all good Chriftians 
from feekiiig unto or regarding fuch : for it is plainly (aid. 
Toe Lordfetteth hU face ngainfi jucb , to cut them Ojf, Levit. 20. 6. 
Andif Godbeagainft them, what may they look foj^in the 
end, feeing the Jeaft of thcfe do intice people from God , in 
requiring faith of them, and do caulethe people to runs 
whoring after them ? as Mo/ex (peaketh, Levit. 20. 6. 

Bemg therefore in league with Satan andabomin.ible idcla- 
tc!s, inticing people fron> their faith in God , they arc there- 
in worthy to die, or at leaft to receive punHhment according 
to the Statutes : for many of them are hurting Witches , as 
well as curing, and certainly to be difcovered and known, 
with farlefTedifticuIty then the other 5 forthcyareto be dif- 
ccrned by their praftices here, working openly by ihcir cures, 
&c. when as the other work onely (ecretly and in darkncfle. 
Atid furely let no man doubt but<hatthe finding out of fuch 
mifcrrants is an acceptable fervice before God , (Ke why 
fhould the Lord have given fuch command to the children of 
Ijrae!, and to have driven out the Nations from before them 
for thofe abominations , and to caufe his owne people to 
be led into captivity for thofe fins, threatning judgcfnents 
upon them, and likcwife again (Uhofe who fhould fulTer any 
fujh abominations amongit them ; as in divers places both 
in the Prophecies of Jeremiah and Jfaiah , bcfides many other 
places of Scripture both in the Old and New Teftamcnt, aforc- 


58 ji Confirmation and difcovery of Witchcraft, 

mentioned. Nay , there are threatnings aeainft fuch as fliall 
but reforc unto them , as in Exod. 20. 6- and fo in divers other 
places before mentioned. 

And doth not the Lord by the Prophet Micah promift to 
cut off Witchcraft out of the land , and that they (hould have 
no more Soothlayeis ^ in the time that he intended to bk/Te a 
Nation? Micab 5.12. 

And in truth , was there no alteration in England at the 
beginning and continu nee of the fupprellion of this lin, and 
in fome Counties more then others ? And who are they 
that hive been againit the profccution of , or'beai partakers 
with fuch 5 but onely fuch as ( without oHence I may fpeak 
it } be enemies to the Church of God ? I dare not inftance, 
not onely for fear of offence, but alfo for fuits of Law. 

For was there not above fourtyjn Effex, (as I take it) aH 
in Tendring- hundred j-there where fome were difcovered , il- 
legally outlawed , contrary to theLawof thi^ Rg.alm5.up0n 
a Writ of Confpiracy ( as I have been credibly informed ) I 
being one of the number, as I was likewife informed by fome 
which were my neighbours when I lived there , by the means 
of one who is reported to have been one ef the g,reateft a- 
gents in Colchefter-bufineffe, within the Town ; when as there 
was never any notice given to any upon the ProcUmations, 
as ou^ht, I am fure ? This man , with another who is like- 
wife reported to have been fcllow-agent with him in that 
bufineffe, and the two chiefeft in it , was the caufe that fome 
were not queftioncd in that Town : but for his part, I faw 
him labour and endeavour all he could to keep this woman, 
whom he fo much held withal from her legal Trial , and 
likewife heard him threaten both mc and all tfiac had given 
evidence againft her , or infornifd what manner of woman 
{"he had been in her life and ccnverfaiion , to their know- 
ledge, or as they had heard : Yea, as 1 fince have heard, (he 
was condemned at thct Allize , and by his procurement re- 
prieved. Since which time , on her behalf, this hath been 

Was not this an animation to all fuch jjeople in thofe 
parts 3 when To many Gentlemen and Yeomen thereabouts 


AConfirmationand Difcovery of vntchcraft. 59 

Ihouldbe thus quellioncd for teftifying their knowledge ? And 
was it not a tic objeft for the devil , to work upon others ? 
Let the world judge. For I have heard many of them fay, that 
the devil hath inticed them to Witchcraft by Covnt Sermons 
they have heard preached 5 as when Minillers will preach of 
the power of the devil J and his tormenting the wicked, and 
fuch-like : as I have heard fome fay C I will not fay , in the 
place where I now live) that the devil will fit and laugh at fuch 
andfuch offenders when he torments them^, and will jeer at 
themln tormenting them 3 when he hath got them. A Tearful 
thing ! whenas the devil is tormented himfelf , and tormcnt- 
eth none ; for it is the wrath of God for fins committed , and 
the judgements of God for his mercies ahufed. 

Thefeand fuch-like fpeeches, I have heard them fay, the de- 
vil hath made ufe of to perfwade them to Witchery ; coming 
to them, and asking them , How do you think to be fav«d? 
for your fins are fo and fo , ( as he can fet them out large e- 
nough) and you heard the Miniiler fay that I willtormenc 
you: Give me your foul , and agree with mc, and I will hct 
you of hell-torments. Ignorant people have been thus fedu- 
ced. Therefore it behoves all to be careful in giving the devil 
the leaft advantage , and to put a difference between their feat*- 
ful fin and their perfons , hating the one , but not the other, 
for that by corrupt nature we are no lefie apt to be milled by 
him then they, walking in fins and trefpa(?es, Ephef. 2.1. 

But in obedience to the Law of God , and accomplishment 
of all things in the Scripture contained, fuch ought not to live 
amongft us , leli: the Lord Chould deal with us as he did with 
others for the fame abominations ; much lefi^ fhould any^har- 
bour fuch thoughts, as that there are not any : for did nor the 
Lord leave fome of the nations, to try and prove IfracI ? Jud'. 
2 and 3. and doth not S. Jofew fay , (Matih.^.y.) Ogeneraticn 
of vipers , who hath warned you to fiee from the wrath 10 come ? Do' 
not they , when they covenant with the devil to free them of 
hell-torraents, who cannot free himfclfof them, flee (as 
much as in them lieth) from the wrath to come? 

As for you that are of fuch an opinion, furcly, if neither 
all the thrcatnings and judgements of Godagainfl fuch, bc- 

^ fides 

6o A Coftjirt/iation and Drfcovery of Witchcraft. 

fides their own ConfcfGons, will not prevail with you , roe- 
thinks the mercies of God (hould, in that fifth of" Mkah', for ic 
is undeniably true , that there was , is, and (hall be Witches, 
tiirChrilis conqueil there fpoken oF, agreeable with that in 
lieveL2o. 1,233. which as yet cannot be : for without doiibt 
the d^vil is bulie in decdving of Nations , and that not onely 
fiichas know notChrift, but others alfo 5 which could not 
be, if he were bound 5 jior the Jews or other Nations ftill to 
come : but other places of Scripture would be contradifted. 
And therefore every one nuill conclude with me-, that (as yetj 
of Witchcraft there is no end. 

Now whofoever thou bcefi that thinkefc 1 ever made fuch 
gain of the way, or favoured any, and perfecuted others , or 
took bribes, I call God to wirneffe, thatconfidering the charge 
of going to (everal places , and Aflizes, andGeil-ddiverie*, 
and the time I expended thereabouts , I never , one time with 
another, got fo much as 1 did by my Calling and Praftice, to- 
wards the maintenance of my family. And as for taking any 
money, or other thing, by way of bribe or gift, 1 never did, to 
the value of one peny , neither one way nor other, but what 
I openly took in the view of the Townfmen whtfre 1 came i 
and that in many places I never received peny as yet , nor any 
am like, notwithlianding I have hands for fatisfaftion, except 
I (hould fue ; but many rather fall upon me for what hath been 
received : but I hope fuch Suits will be di(annulled , and that 
where I have been out moneys for Towns in charges and other- 
wile, fuch cour(e will be taken, that 1 may be fatisfied and 
paid with rcafon. Andfor evcracailing one wrongfully , ray 
confcience is cltar before the Almighty : and 1 ever defired 
equal punifhnient to all that were guilty , or at leal},if any fi- 
vour , that ic might be to thofe who coufeffed : bi^t thofe ftill 
fufferedj and others, though never fo } uilty, efcaped. The rea- 
ion why I did thus , was , becaufc I defired fo to fatisfie the 
world in this particular, that it muft needs be a great errouF 
to fave fuch, and not to queftion others at all , as before men- 
tioned, they being all guilty alike. 

And in truth , concerning him who is dead, who likewife 


A Confirmation and Difcovery of IVitchcraft, 6i 

was an agf nc in the bufinefle , for my part , I never knew that 
he either unjuftly favoured any, or received bribes^ or ufeif fu.h 
extremity a^s was reported of him ; onely at firli, before he or 
\ ever went, many Towns irfed extremity of thcmi'elves, which 
after was laid on us. And I do not deny but at fiill he "might 
watch fome ; but to my knowledge, hefoon left it, or at leaft 
in fuch a way as not to make them unctjpable : tut if he 
everdidat firft 5 evidence was not taken till after they reOed. 
And for my part , I never watched any at firft , lb as any way 
at all to dilUirb-ihem in their brains ; but when (ome have 
been watched before ! have come to them , 1 have cauled them 
to take their rcil , before I would ever queftion with them : but 
now lately , and ever fince theMicbaelmaf a^^ter the hrit begin- 
ning, I never ufed any but as aforefaid, with confent ot the 
jultice?, and not otherwile, nor ever did But to my know- 
ledge, wc have been both much injured in vyords, and he lince 
his death : but I am certain ( notwithfhnding whatfoever 
hath been faid of him ) he died peaceably at Manningtree, after 
a long lickneiTe of a Confumption , as many of his generati- 
on had done before him , without any trouble of confcience 
for what he had done , as was falfly reported of him. And 
though many of thefe things may feem very Orange, and hard- 
ly to be believed , yet this is the very truth ; and that he was 
the Ton of a godly Minifter, and therefore without doubt with- 
in the Covenant. Therefore let no man take upon him either 
to fpeak or write more then he knoweth to be truth 5 for this I 
am able to manifeft and prove to be truth. 

And fo 1 leave my felf to the cenfure of the world , yet 
de;ire it might be left to the Almighty , who knoweth the fe- 
crets of all hearts : For , blefed are tbey that do hit command- 
mtnis y Revel. 22. 14.