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Full text of "Constitution and by-laws of the Old Dominion Rifles, of Alexandria, Virginia. Organized December 6th, 1860"

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Organized December 6th, 1860. 








Organized December 6th, 1860. 




George Washington Flowers 
Memorial Collection 








The undersigned, citizens of Virginia, prompted 
by a desire to contribute in the most effectual 
manner to the vindication ot the honor of our 
State, the preservation ot the liberties and ina- 
lienable rights transmitted to us by ourpitriot 
fathers and the protection of the lives, liberty and 
property of our fellow citizens — for the safety of 
which we pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our 
sacred honor; beicg also deeply impressed with the 
truth that a well organized and disciplined militia 
is the best defence again-t foreign invasion, civil 
commotion and lawl.j*s violence; in order to further 
and cultivate a martial spirit amongst our people, 
have formed ourselves into i Military Corps, and 
do hereby ordain and establish for out government 
the followirg Constitution and By-Laws. 

The name of the company shall be the 



Sec. 1.— The Commissimed Officers (who shall 
be chosen in the manner prescribed by the laws of 
the State of Virginia ) shall consist of a Captain and 

First, Second and Third Lieutenants, which grades 
shall only be vacated by death, resignation or sen- 
tence of a Court Martial, said sentence to be con- 
firmed unless reversed by a vote oi two thirds of 
the company. 

Sec. 2.- -The non-Commissioned Officers of the 
company shall consist of not more than five (5) 
Sergeants, and four (4) Corporals, who shall be 
appointed by the Commanding Oificar of tho Com- 
pany, which appointment shall continue until 
deata, resignation or sentence of reduction to the 
ranks, or of dismissal by C<urt Martial. The sen- 
tence of the Court to be enforced, unless an appeal 
be sustained by a two t'jird vote. 

Sec. L- The Civil Officers of the Company shall 
be a Surgeon, Quartermaster, Secretary, Treas- 
urer and Armorer, for which officers there shall 
be an annual election on the First Monday of De- 
cember, and a majority of all the members pres- 
ent shall constitute a choice, 


Sec. 1. — This shall bo a joint stock or consoli- 
dated company. The equipments, uniforms and 
accoutrements of every descriotion shall belong 
to, and be under the sole control of the Company, 
and not of individual members. Re.' olved, how- 
ever, that the Swords, Epi.ulettes and Sashes of 
the Commissioned Officers shall be purchased by 
them and belong to them irdividually. 

Sec. 2. — Each member upon being elected and 
signing the Constitution, shall pay unto the Treas- 
urer the full cost of a unifoi m, and if not able so 
to do, then he is to pay in as much as his means will 

allow. It is left to the honor of the members to 
comply with the spirit of this article. 

Sec. 1. — The Company in order to uniform and 
equip completely and to defray other necessary 
expenses ;-hall have pow^r to issue certificates of 
indebtedness of not more than twenty dollars ( $ 10) 
each, bearing six (6) per cent interest, and paya- 
ble semi-annu illy. Said interest to be paid outof 
any money in the Treasury. Said certific ites of 
debt not to exctedin amount t,\o thousand (2000) 

Sec. 1. — There shall be a Sinking Fund of 

dollars per moo'h from the monthly dues 

collected set apart to * educe any debt incurred by 
issuing certificates. 

Sec. 3. — The certificates of debt shall be signed 
by the Secretary, countersigned by the Treasurer 
and endorsed by the Commissioned Officers. 

Sec. 1. — There shall be attached to the Armory 
the ordinary fixtures of a Gymnasium, and a 
Reading Room, as means for the better develop- 
ment of the moral, intellectual, and physical na- 
tures of the members of this Company. 

Sec. 1. — There shall ba a Re ;ular Meeting on 
the First Monday of each month 

Sec. 2. — Elections to fill vacancies that may oc- 
cur shall be held at the regular monthly meetings. 

Sec. 3. — By Laws not inconsistent with the Con- 
stitution may be passed by a vote ot three f)urth3 
of any meeting of the Company, consisting of not 
less than twenty-five (25) members. 

Articles may be added and amendments may be 
made to the Constitution, by submitting such alter- 
ation or amendment, in writing, to any meeting of 
the Company, to be referred by them to a Com- 
mittee, who shall report on the same at a subse- 
quent meeting, which shall be held at, a period not 
less than fifteen (15) days from the appointment of 
said Committee. For this meeting special notice 
shall be served, and no alteration or amendment 
shall be adopted, except by a vote of three-fourths 
of such meeting, which meeting shall consist of 
not les3 than thirty (30) members. 




The Uniform of the Company shall be of Vir- 
ginia made, Ciidet Grey Cloth, a Jacket of the 
pattern of the Hungarian Riflemen; the Zouave 
Pant?; ibe Cap after the style ot the Fremh In- 
fantry; all trimmed with Green, ana the Virginia 
State Buttons. 

LAW 2. 

Sec. 1. — There shall be held meetings of the 
Company on every Monday and Thursday eve- 
nings throughout the year, at which the roll shall 
be called b^ the senior non-Commissioned officer 
present, at'seven anda half (7%) o'clock during 
the winter, and during the summer months at eight 
(8) o'clock, P. M. But at any meeting for drill 

or parade, business may be transacted (except in 
those classes of cases for which the Constitution 
makes other provision) and at the discretion of 
the Commanding Officer, any meeting for drill can 
be devoted to recruits. 

Sec. 2. — Tbe Commanding Officer shall at any 
time upon the written request of ten members con- 
vene the company. 

Sec. 3.— At all meetings for. Drill, the members 
will appear in full Fatigue Dress. 

Sec. 4. — At all meetings for business, the senior 
Commissioned Officer present shall take the chair,) 
and the senior non-commissioned officer present 
call the roll. 

Sec. 5. — At every meeting of this Company, one 

Commissioned, one non-Commissioned officer, and 

twenty-five ( 25 ) privates shall constitute a quorum. 

LAW 3. 


Sec. 1. — There shall be chosen by ballot at the 
Annual Meeting, a Recruiting Committee, a Fi- 
nance Committee and a Room Committee, to con- 
sist of three (3) members each, who shall com- 
mence their duties on the Thursday following their 
election. A majoritv of all the members present 
shall be necessarv to a choice. 

Sec 2. — It snail be the dutv of the Recruiting 
Committee, when an application for membership 
in this Company is received, to examine into the 
qualifications of such applicant — hisabilitv toper- 
form the duties required of hi u, to inquire into 
and ascertain his character for mor ilit> and gen- 
tlemanly conduct, and to reportin detail the result 
of their investigations. The member proposing a 
recruit shall act as a member of the committee tor 
the time being. 

Sec. 3. — It shall be the duty of the Finance Com- 
mittee to examine from time to time the book of 
the Company and vouchers for money paid; to as- 
certain the condition of receipt and expenditure, 
the balance that may be due by merrbers, and to 
make a detailed report semi-annually of the re- 
spective amounts due by each member. T hey shall 
also esamine and pass upon all bills due by the 
Company before payment thereof. 

Sec. 4.— It shall be the duty of the Room and 
Armory Committee to take entire charge of the 
same, and to see tnat the same is kept in suitable 
order and repair. 

Clause 2. — The Armory shall be closed at elev- 
en (11) o'clock, P. M., or within one hour after 
drill or meeting, and no member si) all remain in 
the room after that time, except b} permission of 
the Ctfminittce or the Commandant. 

Clause 3. — No member shall handle or interfere 
with any of the arms or equipments except they 
be his own. unless by permission of the owner 
thereof, or the Commandant. 

Clause 4. — A majority of the Committee shall 
constitute a quorum. 

Sec. 5. — Clause!. — It shall be the duty of the 
Secretary to record the proceedings of all meetings 
in books kept for that purpose, (which books he 
shall bring- or send to every regular meeting to- 
gether with all other books relating to the affairs 
of the Company in his custocy, under a penalty of 
two (2) dollars for each offence; and to keep a 
just, and true account of all fines, dues, and asses- 
ments accruing to the Company. He shall also 
collect the same and pay them over to the Treas- 

urer, whose receipt for the same shall be a suffi- 
cient voucher. 

Clause 2. — He shall make a quarterly return of 
all members six months in arrears, and stale the 
amount due from each delinquent. 

Clause 3.— He -hall serve every member with a 
written notice of his election into the Company. 

Clause 4. --He shall surrender thj books to the 
Finance Committee upon the requizitior thereof, 
and for his services shall be exempt from dues. 
Sec. 6 — It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to 
keep correct accounts of all money's received or 
paid by him on account of the Company in bookg 
kept for tha purpose. He shall pay all bills of 
the Company after they hove bern endorsed by the 
Finance Committee, and report at every Monday 
meetings the state of the Company fund. He shall 
surrender his books to the Finance Committee upon 
requisition thereof. 

Sec. 1. — At each annual meeting 1 there shall be 
a Court-Martial consisting of one Commissioned 
officer, one non-Commissioned officer and three 
privates elected by a vote of two thirds of the 
members present, whose duties shall be to take 
cognizance of all casses arising from a violation of 
these By-Laws, the Constitution, and of the rules 
necessary to the maintenance of the character of 
the Company before the enemy and in the eyes of 
our citizens. This Court shall convene on the first 
Monday in every January, March, May, July, Sep- 
tember, November and December, at such hour 
and place as shall not conflict with the regular bus- 

ne3S of the Company. But the President may con" 
vene the Court at any other time. The Secretary 
of the Company shall act as Recorder of the 
Court, and in his absence the President may ap- 
point one of the members pro tern. The President 
shall be entitled to the casting vote. 

Clause 2. — It shall require the votes of two-thirds 
of the Company to set aside, or alter the decision 
of the Court. 

Clause 3. — All returns, excuses, and statements 
to the Court shall be on honor and the members 
thereof shall, on honor, well and truly try and de- 
termine such matters as come under their jurisdic- 
tion, and impose and enact such fines and penalties 
as any member of the Company may be subject to 
pay, according to the provision of the Bv-Laws. 

THE RECORDER shall keep a correct record of 
the proceedings of the Court, make out all notices 
to delinquents to appear before said Court, as the 
President thereof shall direct, and deliver the same 
to the Orderly Sergeant for service; to serve all 
notices that he shall be directed to serve by the 
President, and to make returns within five (5) 
days to the Company of all fines that may be as- 
sessed by the Court. 

THE COURT shall appoint a Sergeant at-Arms, 
whose duty it shall be to preserve order at all 
meetings of the Court, under the direction of the 
President thereof. 

Clause 4. — In cases where members shall be fined 
by default, the Court may remit the fine in all, or in 
part, if a sulficient excuse be rendered on or before 
the next regular meeeting. 

Clause 5. — Any member considering himself 
aggrieved by a decision of the Court-Martial shall 
be allowed an appeal to the Company, at any reg- 

ular meeting thereof, but it shall require the con- 
sent of two-thirds of the members present to annul 
or modify Fuch decision. 

Clause 6 — The majority of the Court-Martial 
shall constitute a quorum thereof. 

Sec. 1 — The Commandant shall be by virtue of his 
office, a member of all committees, and may in 
the absence from the city of any member of the 
Court-Martial, or of any of the Committees, fill the 
vacancy pro tern. 

Sec. 2. — Any Officer ushig language, or conduct- 
ing himself in a manner, unbecoming an Officer 
and a gentleman, at drill, or meeting of the Com- 
pany of any description, may be presented to the 
Court-Martial in written charges or specifications 
by any member of the Company. 
LAW 6. 

Sec. 1.— Clause h — It shall be the duty of each 
of the non- commissioned officers to keep a correct 
roll of the members with the residence of each, 
and to be provided with a roll at every meeting or 
parade of the Company; to attend the drills of the 
recruits in fatigue dress, with musket, bayonet and 
belt, when ordered to do so by the Commandant. 

Clause 2.- -It shall be the duty oi the Orderly 
Sergeant to arrange and divide the members of 
tbis Company into squads as nearly equal as may 
be, and to assign to each of tne Corporals one of 
the said squads, on which he is to serve orders and 
notices; but the Orderly may make such alter- 
ations therein, as from time to time, may be neces- 


sary, and in case of the sickness or absence from 
the city ' f either of the non-Commissioned officers, 
he may direct another of the non-Commissined offi- 
cers to serve the squad of the one who may be sick 
or absent from the city, and the said non-Commis- 
sioned officer shall serve the said squad as he shall 
be directed bv the Orderly Sergeant. 

Clause 3. — The Second Sergeant shall, upon any 
drill or parade, see that the equipments of the 
members are in good order, and report every de- 
linquent to the Secretary. 

Sec. 4. — No officer shall be elected to any office 
in this company except by a majority of all votes 
east at the election, and unless he is free from in- 
debtedness to the Companv. 
LAW 7 

Sec. 1. — The admission of members into this 
Company shall be by ballot, and if five votes at any 
such election, shall be in the negative, the appli- 
cant shall not be elected. 

Ce\use 2. — Every member while in uniform, or 
wearing: any part thereof, shall beheld responsible 
to the Companv for his conduct. 

Clause 3.— For defraying the necessary expen- 
ses of the Company, each member (except the Cor- 
porals and Secretary) shall pay to the Treasurer 
twenty cents at every monthly meeting — Commis- 
sioned Officers shall pay double dues. 

Clause 4. — It shall be the duty of each member 
of this Company, upon changing his residence or 
the place at which he may have directed his orders 
to be served, to notify the Orderly Sergeant with- 
in three days thereafter. 

Clause 5. — Every member who shall be absent 


from three consecutive drills without being able to 
give a sufficient excuse, shall be returned to the 
Company for expulsion. 

Clause 6. — No member, who shall be six (6) 
months in arrears for any fines, dues or assesments, 
shall have any voice or vote in the Company until 
he has balanced his account in the Company's 
books; and if any member shall neglect to SPtfle 
his accounts after that period, he shall be returned 
to the Company for expulsion. 

LAW 8. 


Sec. 1. — Clause 1. — No member shall be expelled 
from this Company except by a resolution adopted 
by two thirds cf the members present at any reg- 
ular meeting thereof. 

Clause 2. — When any member shall be reported 
for expulsion, his case thall lie over for action until 
the nest or such subsequent meeting as the Com- 
pany may direct, ind the Secretary fhnll cause to 
be served upon him, or at the place he may have 
directed his notices to be left, a written order to 
appearand show cause, if any he has, why expul- 
sion should not ensue. 

Clause 3. — Any person who has been expelled 
from membership in this or any other Company, 
shall be considered dishonored, and shall not be eli- 
gible for re-election; and such expulsion shall in all 
cases be issued in order. 

LAW 9. 

Sec. 1. — In case of the death of a member of the 
Company, it shall be the duty of any member hav- 
ing knowledge thereof, to report the same to the 


Commandant without delay, when he shall notify 
the members of the Company to attend the fune- 
ral in citizen's dress, or (if agreeable to the friends 
of the deceased) direct a parade in full uniform for 
the purpose of rendering funeral honors in the ob- 

LAW 10. 
Sec. 1. — Any member whose time of service shall 
have expired, and who shall remain in the Com- 
pany, shall be required to attend all regular meet- 
ings, or pay the fines and pay the amount of quar- 
terly dues as other members, but shall not hi- com- 
pelled to attend any Company drills. 

LAW 11. 


Sec. 1.— The following fines and penalties shall 
be incurred, and imposed for not conforming with 
the By-Laws, except in cases where a satisfactory 
excuse be rendered as hereinbefore provided : 

Clause 1.— For not appearing within fifteen (15) 
minutes after roll-call, at any meeting of this Com- 
pany for business or drill Ten cents; for appearing 
from fifteen to thirty minutes after roll-call at any 
such meeting 15 cents; and for appearing after that 
time, the same as for non-attendance. 

Clause 2. — For non-attendance at any meeting 
of this Company for drill, Twenty-five cents. 

Clause 3. — For non-attendance at any regular 
or special meeting of this Company for business, 
Twenty-five cents. 

Cla.use4. — For appearing at any parade with de- 
ficient equipments or accoutrements, or if the same 
be in a soiled condition, Fifty cents. 


Clause 5. — For leaving the room at any meeting 
of the Company without permission of the Senior 
Officer present, or for leaving the Company at drill 
or parade, One Dollar. 

Clause 6. — For disobeying any order of the 
Comminding or presiding Officer at any meeting 
or drill of the Company, One Dollar. 

Clause 7. — For non-attendance before Court- 
Martial, when regularly notified, at the time spe- 
cified, Fifty cents. 

Clause 8. — For disrespect to, or noisy or ungen- 
tlemanly conduct before the Court-Martial, Fifty 

Clause 9. — For non-attendance at Company pa- 
rades ordered in pursuance of a resolution of the 
Company, not more than one dollar, or less than 
fifty cents. 

Clause 10. — For appearing within fifteen min- 
utes after the time specified and ordered for parade 
10 cents, and for appearing from fifteen to thirty 
minutes after, 15 cents, for appearing after that 
time the same as " • non-attendance. 

Clause 11. — k.. every neglect or failure on the 
part of any non-commissioned officer, to do or 
perform any or either of the duties tlat he may 
be. required to do and perform by these By-Laws, 
he shall b« fined Fifty cenK 

Clause 12. — For disorderly conduct or conduct 
unbecoming a Soldier, on parade, not more than 
One Dollar, nor less than Fifty cents. 

Clause 13. — For not notifying the Orderly of a 
changv) of residence, as hereinbefore required, 
Twenty-five cents. 

Clause 14.— For every neglect and failure on the 
part of the Secretary to do or perform any or 
either of the duties that he is requested to do or 


perform by these By-Laws, he shall be fined One 

Clause 15. — The mexbersof the Court-Martial, 
for appearing within fifteen minutes after time 
specified in order, Twenty -five cents; and for ap- 
pearing from fifteen to thirty minutes after, Thirty 
seven cente; for appearing after that time, the 
same as f< r non-attendanoe. 

Clacse 16. — The members of all Committees, 
for non-attendance at any meeting of their respec- 
tive Committees, which shall be called by the 
Chairman thereof, ~h?ll be fined Twenty five cents. 

Clause 17. — For every non-observince of the 
By Laws, for which a fine is not hereinbefore pro- 
vided such fine or penalty as the Court-Martial 
shall impose 

Clause 18. — The Room Committee, for every 
default in attendance to duty, shall Oe fined One 

Clause 19. — Any member who shall in any way 
deface the room, or in leaving, neglect to close and 
lock the door, shall be fined the amount of damage 

LAW 12. 
Amending and Revising By-Laws. 

Clause 1. — For the purpose of altering, revising 
or abolishing any Article of these By-L tws, a vote 
of two-thirds of the members present at a regular 
meeting f hall be necessary; and all amendments 
shall lie over for consideration at the next meeting, 
when, f agreed to by a similar vote, they shall be 
equal'y binding with the original. 

Clause 2. — Any Article, Section, or Superdivi- 
sion of these By-Laws, may be suspended for any 
one Meeting, by the unanimous consent of all the 
members present at any such meeting. 


LAW 13. 


Sec. 1. — No member's resignation can be accept- 
ed until he has paid up in full for his uniform, and 
all dues and tines to tbe Company. 

Clause 2. — In event of resignation, he will be 
allowed such amount for his uniform as the Com- 
pany may agree upon. 

ARTHUR HERBERT, First Lieutenant, 
WM. H. r OWLE, Jr., Second Lieutenant, 
D. F. FORREST, Third Lieutenant. X 

WM. W. ZIMMERMAN, First Sergeant, «* 

GEORGE SIGGERS, Second Sergeant, / r 
THOA1AS S. tSMOOT, Third Sergeant, <*-<-**"' 
S. R. SHINN, Fourth Sergeant. 
ALBION HURDLE, First Corporal, 
J. E. GREEX, Second Coporal, * f 

J. H. H. IOWLE, Third Corporal, dU-c^ 

JAMES E. GRLVKS, Fourth Corporal. . ■ ,.. 
DR. HAROLD SNOWDEN, Surgeon. / /» 
THOS. V. FITZHUGH, Secretary. *** * ' 

FRANK WISE, Treasurer. 
William W. Adam, John S. Murray, * w 

Vernon W. Ashby, F. Willick Miller, * 

John A. Arnold, John T. Mills, > 

Harrison Appich, Frederick Moore, V V 

Samuel N. Aubinoe, Charles H. Murray, 

Edward F. Baldwin, James Murphy, v 

William H. Bacon, James L. Norris, 

Edwin G. Barber, Benjamin K. Plain, yr 





Edwin S. Beachum, 
James A. Cawood, 
James Godwin. 
Louis E. Hough, 
William J. Higdon, 
William J. Hall, 
Emory Howell, 
James P. Jordan, 
Arthur C. Kell, 
John E. Krause, 
William F. Kidwell, 
Owen Kinslow, 
William H. Lunt, 
William A.. Lovelace, 
L. W. McVeigh, 
T. E. McVeigi, 
Francis A. Merchant, 
George W. Maxwell, 

James Posey, 
John Robinson, 
James N. Rudd, 
S. D. Smith, > 

Woppelo Summers, 
Orlando F. Smith, 
J. B. Slaymaker, 
William B. H. Smith, 
Charles E. Tennesson, 
Charles H'. Taylor, 
Robert I. Taylor, 
B. Callender' White, 
Augustus Wall, y 

George Wise, 
Edgar Warfield, 
John R. Withers, 
James H./Watkins, 
Francis Wood, 

B. S. Worthington.; 


























_ J .