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History of the Kip Family 














Reprinted, from "Contributions to the History of the Ancient 
Families of New York." With Additions. 

Edition 75 Copies. 




In ^tmorfam. 


Sarah Sheffield Purple, 

Born May 30, 1875. Died July 5, 1876, 




New Netherlanu and New England, 


^re Debicalcb, 

With Ardent Love for her Memory and Profound Sorrow for 





Genealogy of the Kip Family. 

The K.\[) Family is one of the oldest in New York, and as it was among 
the earliest, so it was likewise one of the most respectable in New Amster- 
dam. After the lapse of two hundred and forty years, but little change has 
occurred in the sj^elling of the name, the chief and only one of which we 
are aware, being the addition of another p, by a limited number of some of 
the different branches of the family. Kip is the present generally accepted 
orthography of the name, and this api)ears to be in accordance with the 
early usage of the progenitors of the family in New York. The Knglish 
c(iuivalantfor the Dutch word A'// is //r/i or CJiicken, and by following Mr. 
Mark Antony Lower's ingenious method of accounting for surnamca, the 
curious may here find tlie true significance of the name, and will, periiaps, 
the more readily be led to assume tliat tliis is its proper derivative, from 
t!ie fact that a game-cock, it is said, was one of the crests that surmounted 
the arms of the first of the family of whom there is any notice in history. 

It is proposed in the following monograph to trace ])articularly the pedi- 
gree of Oerrit Kip^, son ofAbraham Kip^ and Maria Van den Herg, who 
was burn in New York May ii, 1746, and married Feb. 12, 1768, Kllenor 
or Nelletje Brouwer, and also to give some account of their descendants. 
We shall, as far as our information enables us, notice as fully as possible 
the first four generations of the Kips in this country ; to extend our re- 
searches further, except in the instance above stated, would render this 
sketch too voluminous, and tiierefore at variance with the original plan of 
these contributions to the history of the ancient families of New York. 

The transatlantic pedigree of the Kip family has api^earcd in various 
American publications within die last thirty years, and while generally agree- 
ing in the account given of Ruloff De Ky[)e, the first known ancestor of the 
family in Europe, the statements in reference to the immigrant ancestor to 
America, Hendricjc Hendrickszen Kip, have not always been in accord 
with each other. Jt is impossible that the latter was the son of RulotT l)e 
Kype*, angliciired to Kip, for had he been, his name would have appearM 


in the early records of the Reformed Dutcli Church in New York as Hen- 
drick Ruloffszen Kip, instead of as we now find it, Hendrick Hendrickszen 
Kip. From tliis fact, and for the reason that no authority for the European 
pedigree has been given in the publications referred to, it must with all 
such of like character, be regarded with suspicion.* 

I Hkndrick. Hkndkickszex Kip' (Kype), the ancestor of the Kip 
family of New York, came to New Amsterdam prior to 1643, ^^'i^'"* ^''is wife, 
[)robably 'I'ryntjef (anglici/ed Calliarinc), and five children who were born 
in Amsterdam. It is i)robable that his sixth child l-'emmetje was born here, 
his name ai)pearing at her baptism, April 19, 1643, as Mr. Hendrick Hen- 
dricks/. He was perhaps of noble lineage, as it is related that the arms 
of the family were i)ainted on the stained-glass windows of the first church 
erected in New Amsterdam. They were also caived in stone over the 
door of the Kip's Bay house, which is said to have been built in 1655,]; by 
his son Jacob.§ They are described as follows: "Azure, a chevron tv, 
between two griffins sejant and a sinister gauntlet apaume (tinctures not 
given). Crest a demi-griffin holding a cross. Motto, 'Vestigia nulla 
retrorsum.' " Hendrick Hendrickszen Kip was a tailor, his name ap})ear- 
ing sometimes in the records simply as Hendrick the tailor, and again as 

• 'llic fulluwiiiii is llic iieuii,'rec r<.ri.-iri;il lu. J'lif first aiiceslur of the Kip family of New York, of wli-mi 
llicrc is any notice in liistory, was Riiloff 1 >e Kype of lirctagne, France, who was l>orn at)onl 1510-20. He 
was a warm partizan of Francis Dnke of Cnisc, tlie furious and bijjoted leader of the Catholic party against 
liic HuRiienots. On the triumph nf the PrMiestants, which occurred soon after the general massacre of the 
inhal)itants of Vassey in Cham-paRne, in 1562. he tied to Holland with his three sons, whire they lived for 
several years under an assumed name. In isC'9 he returned to J 'ranee with his son Jfenri, jonied the army 
of the Duke of Anjou. and fell in hatlie near Jarnac, March 13, of that year. He was buried hv his son Jean 
Maptistc, in a small church near jarnac, where an altar tomh was erected to his memory. "The inscription 
on the tomb mentioned him as l^ri.!ii i- l)i: Kmk. I'ci W'.v. (this title designating a gentleman who had a 
ri^ht to coat armor), and was surmounted by his arms, with two crests, one a game-cock, the other a demi- 
grinfcn holding a cross, lx)th of which ciests have been used by diflerent branches of the family in this coun- 
try." He left ismt 

i. Henri', who after his father's death entered the army of one of the lulian princes, 

and died unmarried, 
ii. }y. \N li,\rrisTK* a priest in the Church of Rome. 

iii. RiLoi >■', born in 1^44 ; he remained in Holland, became a Protestant, and settled at 

Amsterdam. He seems to have dropped from his name the French prefix l>e. 
He died in 159'^, leaving issue : 
i. ^. HknukickMiu Knglish Hciii-y), born it;76. *" On arming at manh<K)d, he took an 
active part in the 'Company of Foreign Coiuurics.'-an assiK'iation formed for the 
purpose of obtaining access to the Indies, by a diflerent route from that pursued 
by Spain and Portugal. They fusi attempted to sail round the northern seas of 
l-'.urope and Asia, but their expedition, despatched" in 15^4. was obliged to return 
on account of the ice, in the same year, in 1609, they employed Henry Hudson 
to sail to the westward, in the little Half Moon, with happier resuits." He came 
^ -N. to New Amsterdam in 1635, witli his children, and some years after returned to 
' ' . Holland, where he died. [He did not retvirn to Holland, but lived and died in 
New York.] His sons remained \\\ New Amsterdam, and rose to important posi- 
tions as citi/ens and landed proprietors. He m. M.argarct de Marneil, and had 

u ^Hh.ndrick*. who m. Anna, dau. of Nicasius De Sille. > 

ii. Jacoius*, born May 15, 1631 ; m. Feb. 14, 1654, Maria, dau. of Johannes De La 


iii. Is.^.vc*. wlio m.irried ist Feb. 8. 1653, Catalina de Suyers ; m. ad Sept. 18, 1675. 

Maria Vernnlye, widow of Johannes De I,a Monlag;ie. Jr. {Cotupilcl frofu 

Iloljintt's At'itcrican Cciiralo^y ; Lossinfs l-'icld Bivk of the Kn'<i/ution : 

Jtuyckifuk's Cy<lo(<<Fiii(i of Antcriiau I.iteraturf^ vol. 2. /. 551 : Ilistorunl 

Xo'tes of the family 0/ A'// 0/ h'ifsbutx (nit^ A'i/'s Bay, .Vrv ]'or^. \liy h't. 

J\<~: Dr. William h'lsynhi'vn A'//.] I^riTatcly /mted, 1871 ; Cvrrfin GcH<r- 

<tl<lCJ',/'- 49- "• 

+ Hishop Kip gives her name Slargaret de Marneil; Marg.aret was not a family name among the itiirly 

Kip.v and docs not appear in the family before the first ijuarter of the last century. The name of I'rA'ntir 

Kip is recorded in the list of old members of the I")utch Church of New Amsterdam, on the second line 

K'low that of Hendrick Kip, in the original record. As Tryntjc, or Catharine was a common name among 

the Kips, I have thought it probable that Tryntie Kip al)ove alluded to. was the wife of Hendrick Kipi, and 

that perhaps her family name was Jacob Hendrickscn Kip-', a son of Hendrick Hendrickscii 

Kipi, in 1647. gav« to his uncle Harnian Hendrickscn Droogh, a p<»\\er of attorney to receive mone>' due 

him by the West India Company at Amsterdam. (Calendar N. \. Hist. MS.S. Dutch, p. 40.) 

♦ Holgate and Lossing say it was built in 1641, but Jacob Kip, the Secretary of the Council of New 
Nelhcrland, and reputed builder, was then a ten-ycar.old lad. 
J Hist. Note* of the family of Kipof Kipsburg and Kip*» Uay. New York. 1871: pp. 5-a7« 


llendrick Snyder Rip. To a "resolution adopted by the Conmionalty of 
ihe Manhattans" in 1643, he signs his name, Hendrick Hendrickson 
Kype. On the 28th April, 1643, he obtained a patent for a lot east of the 
fort, in the present Bridge Street near Whitehall, where he erected his 
dwelling-house and shop> He appears to have been a man of marked 
individuality and to those he loved not, bitter and unrelenting, a (luality of 
character his wife seems to iiave shared with him. 'The indiscriminate 
massacre of one hundred and ten defenseless Indians, men, women and 
children at Corlears hook, and Pavonia, on the night of February 25, 1643, 
instigated and ordered by Duector-(ieneral Kieft, aroused in the breast of 
Hendrick Kip a feeling of extreme hatred for that official, and he boldly 
urged that he should be deposed and sent back to Holland.t On the 30th 
August, 1645, the Court Messenger (Philip de Truy) was ordered to notify 
the inhabitants to assemble in the fort wlien the colors are hoisted and the 
bell rung, to hear the i)roposals for a treaty of peace about to be concluded 
with the^'lndians. The Messenger reported that all the citi/.ens on the 
Manhattans " from the highest to the lowest," would attend as they all had 
answered kindly, except one Hendrick Kip, the tailor,| While the entire 
community were willing to show some respect to Kieft on this public occa- 
sion, tlie sturdy old burgher alone exhibited contempt for the "man of 
blood,' and refused to do him honor. 

After the departure of (lov. Kieft for Holland, which he was destined 
never again to reach, § Hendrick Kip became at once one of the leading 
men in New xXetherland. He was appointed by (iov. Stuyvesant's Council, 
Sept. 25, 1647, one of the board of Nine Men, selected "from the most 
notable, reasonable, honest, and respectable" of the citizens of the com- 
monalty, to assist the Director, or (Governor, and Council ; this office he 
also held in 1649, ''^"^ ^650. He was a Schei)en in 1656, appointed Feb. 2d, 
of that year, and was adnntted to the rights of a great burgher April ir, 
1657.11 ' He was probably the Hendrick op Kippenburg who was a witness, 
March 24, 1664, in a suit between Covert J.oockermans and Burger Joris, 
respecting the title to land in the Smith's Valley. ^i After the surrender of 
New Voik he took the oath of allegiance to the Fnglish in October, 1664. 
The name of Hendrick Kip, Senior, appears in the list of citi/.ens who 
were assessed April 19, 1G65, to pay the board ond lodgings of soldiers 
belonging to the city garrison.** This is the last mention found of him. 
The names of Hendrick and Tryntie Kip, probably his wife, are recorded 
in the list or register ft of old members of the Dutch Church of New Amster- 
dam. O[)posite his name Dominie Selyns has written " ohyt op Kippeiibt(i\\^y"' 
but the date is not given. In what part of Manhattan Island, Kii)penburg 
was located is not known ; perhaps lucldibnr^^ or i*'ire Beacon Hill, 

* Valentine's Manual, 1852, p. 389. 

t M.-\y 6. 1643, .S.imuel Chandel.-icr made affidavit, that he hc.ird Hendrick the uilor say : The Kivit 
(meaning the director), ought to be packed off to Holland in the Peacock, with .1 letter of recommcndati.)P 
to Master (ierrit (the public executioner), and a pound Hcmish, so that he may give hini a nobleman'* 
death. iCalcndar N. \. Hist. M8S. Dutch, p. 32 : sft als«) </'(Jaliaghan's Uisi, New Ncthcriand, viJ. 
'., p. 27a.) 

X Cal. N. Y. Hist. MSS. Dutch, p. 97 : 0'(jtillaj;han"s Hi" New Netncrland. vol. 1, p. 356. 

§ He sailed from New Amsterd.ini in tlic I'rincess. Augu..t 10, 1047. On the 27th .Scpteml)er folluvking 
the vessel was castaw.iy on the Coast of Wales near Swansea, and eighty-one persons, men, women and 
children, perished including Kieft, Kiscaal Cornelius Van der Huyghcns, and the Kev. Kv^rardu* Bogardus. 
(O'Callaghan's Hist. New Neiherland, vol. a, p. 34.) 

O'Callaghan's Hist. New Nethcrland, vol. a, p. 37, and' New Nctherland Register, pp. 55, 56, 6a, 174. 

*r Cal. N. V. Hist. MSS. Dutch, p. 263. 

•♦ Valenlme's Mannal for 1861, p. 616. 

tt The following is the title-page of this register : T I^dematcn Hoeck Oft Register der Ledemaieti 
Alhier 't Sedert de Jare, 1649. (,J'he .Member'* Hook or the Register of the Memljers here at [ar.d] tines 
ihe year 164 9.) 


situated near 36th Street and Fourth Avenue, and in the vicinity of tlie 
old Kip farm, was so called at the period referred to. 

Concerning his wife the following is taken from the Court proceedings at 
New Amsterdam, Sept. 29, 1644. William de Key t-j. Hendrick Rip : 
action for slander ; ordered that defendant's wife appear next Thursday, 
and acknowledge in court, that what she said to the prejudice of the plain- 
tiff is false, and not to re[)eat the offense on pam of severe punishment.* 
She probably acknowledged her fault, whatever it may have been — as 
ordered by the court, as we find no further account of the matter. On 
Dec. 17, 1646, the Schout-Mscal (Cornelius Van der Huyghens) charged 
her before the court with calling the Director (Kieft) and Council false 
judges, and the T'iscal a forsworn iMscal. Hendrick Kip states that his 
wife has been so upset, and so out of health, ever since ATaryn Adriaensen's 
attempt to murder the Director (leneral (March 21, 1643), that when dis- 
turbed in the least she knows not what she does. Mrs. Kip denies the 
charge, and the parties are ordered to produce evidence on, both sides.f 
What further proceedings, if any, in the case were taken, the records fail 
to disclose. She and her husband were sponsors, July 4, 1657, at the 
baptism of Anthony, son of Jan Janszen Van St. Obyn \alias Jan Wanshaer), 
which is the last notice found of her, where her identity can be clearly 
established. They probably had issue. 

2. i. IUertjk Hendricks Kip,' born in Amsterdam; m.Jan. 17, 1649, 
Jan Janszen j. m. Van Tubingen, alias Jan Janszen Van St, Obyn, etc., 
alias Jan Wanshai:r. In 1644 Jan Jansen \\an St. Obyn is called the 
son-in-law of Hendrick Kip. J For a further account of him and his family, 
see N. Y. Oknkalooical & Biographical Record, Vol. vii, page 122. 
- 3. ii. Isaac Hendrickszen Kip,' (8) born in Amsterdam. 

4. iii. jACon Hendrickszen Kip,^' (16) born in Amsterdam, May 16, 

5. iv. Trvniie II i:\dricks Kip,= born in Amsterdam ; m. August 10, 
1659, Abraham Janszen, \'an't Zuydtlandt in't landt Van de l^riel. They 
were the ancestors of the Van di:r Heul Family of New York.' At the 
baptism of their children her name is recorded, Trynte Hendricks, Tryntje 
Kip, and Tryntie Hendricks Kips, while his appears at the bap. of their 
dau. Elizabeth, Aug. 15, 1660, as Abraham J. Van der Heul, and afterwards 
simply as Abraham Janszen. Issue ; 

1. Keizaheth van der Hell, bap. Aug. 15, 1660; m. May 16, 

16S2, Marten Abrahamszen Klock (Clock), of New York, 
son of Abraham Clock and Tryntie Alberts ;. bap. Sep. 10, 
1656. He was a merchant and Assistant Alderman from the 
Out Ward, 1695-97, and Alderman, 1698 to 1701. They 
had no children baj), in the Dutch Church in New York. 

2. Trvniie Van der Helt,, bap. ATarch 19, 1662 ; m. June 17, 

1685, Albert Clock of New York, son of Abraham Clock and 
Tryntie Alberts ; bap. Sep. 26, 1660. He was Captain of 
the sloop Elizabeth, and commissioned by I^eisler, July 3, 
1690, to act against the French. Issue-. Abraham, bap. 
Nov. 28, 1686, died young; Abraham, bap. Jan. 18, 1688; 
Tryntie, bap. Oct. 19, 1690; Afarten, bap. May 7, 1693; 
Johannes, bap. Feb. 2, 1696; Sara, bap. Nov. 20, 1698; 

<: • Cal. N. V. Hist. MSS. Dutch, p. 91. t Idem. p. 106. 

(^ \ O'Callaghan's Index of Dutch MSS., Albany, 1870. p. 92. . ^ 


Albartiis, bap. Feb. 16, 1701 ; rieternclla, bap. Dec. 8, 
1703; and Keniinelje, bap. July 10, 1706. 
3. MARkiTiF. Van dkr Hkuf., baj). Xov. 19, 1664 ; in. August 
4, 1687, Pctrus (le Mill of New York, son of Anthony de 
Mill and i'.li/abcth \'an dcr Lii)horst ; bap. Oct. 12, 1661. 
He was Sherifi" of the City of New York 1700-1.. Issue: 
Anthony, bap. April 22, 1688, died young ; Kli/.abeth, bap. 
Oct. 13, 1689; Catharijia, bap. Sept. 24, 1693, died young; 
Catharina, bap. May 12, 1C95 ; Anthony, baj). Sept. 22, 
1697, died young; Petrus, bap. May 15, 1700; Antony, 
bap. Nov. 22, 1702; Johannes, bap. May 14, 1704; Maria, 
bap. Aug. 24, 1707 ; and Anna, bap. Nov. 13, 1709. 
• 4. Fktronklla Van der IIkul,* bap. Oct. 31, 1668; m. June 

I, 1692, Carsten Leursen, Jr. of New York, son of Carsten 
Leursen and Cieertie 'I'heunis Quick ; bap. July 10, 1672. 

. Jssu€\ Carsten, bap. March 12, 1693; .Abraham, bap. Aug. 

II, 1695; (ieertje, bap. April 1698; anil Tryntje, bap. 
Oct. 27, 1700. 

5 .Fkmmetik Van dkr Hkul, bap. Aug. 6, 1C71, ni. Oct. 21, 
1697, ]ienjaniin Wynkoo}), j. m. V^an Kingstouwne. He was 
then living in New York, and was probably the son of Cor- 
nelius Wynkoop, an Elder of the Dutch Church at Ksoi)US 
in 1671, and his wife, A[arretje or Maria Jans. He followed 
the occupation of silversmith iii New York. Issue : Cor- 
nells, bap. Dec. i, 1699, died young ; Cornells, baj). June 
22, 1 701 ; Abraham, ba;). July 4, 1703 ; Benjamin, bap. May 
2;}^^ 1705; 'II' (1731?) Eunice Burr; Catharina, bap. June 
29? 1707; Johannes, bap. Sept. 14, 1712; and Maria, bap. 
August 29, I 7 14. 

6. Johannes \'an der Huei,, bap. Dec. 24, 1673 ; m. Nov. 11, 

1699, Jannetje Rosenvelt (Roosevelt) ; she was probably the 
dau. of Nicolaes Roosevelt and Hilletje or Helena Jans. 
He was a merchant in New York, and in October, 1720, part 
owner of the Privateer Hunter. Issue : Abraham, bap. Sept. 
8, 1700, died young ; 'Abraham, bap. Nov. 9, 1701 ; Catha- 
rina, bap. Sei)i:. i, 1704; Nicolaas, bap. Nov. 6, 1706; 
Johannes, bap. Sept. 16, 1713 ; and Helena, bap. May 25, 

7. Hendrick. Van der Heuf., l)ai). May 14, 1676; m. April 21, 

1700, Maria Meyer, dau. of Hendrick Jilhszen Meyer and 
Klsje Claes Rosenvelt (Roosevelt) ; she was bap. June 25, 
1679. Issue: Abraham, bap. July 6, 1701; m. (1727?) 
Maria Bound; Kli/.abeth, bap. March 21, 1703; Hendricus, 
bap. Nov. I, 1704, died young ; Tryntje, bap. Jan. i, 1707; 
Johannes, bap. June 12, 1709; Hendricus, bap. Nov, 2, 1712, 
m. March 25, 1736, Anna lireeslede. 

6. V. Hendrick. Kip, Jr.,-' (27) born in Amsterdam. 

7. vi. Femmetje Kip,' she was i)robably bap. April 19, 1643, her father's 
name being recorded at the baptism, as Mr. Hendrick Hendricksz. She 
joined the Church in New Amsterdam, Jan. 2, 1661, and was a sponsor, 

• One of tills name, recorded as the wife of Johann Van Tilbiirg. joined ihe Dutch Church in New York 
Feb. 28, 170CV. but we are unable to idemify her. 


July 13, 1667, at the baptism of Jaconiyntie, dau. of Jan de Caper alias 
Wanshaer, which is the last notice found of her/ 

8. Isaac_Hendrickszkn Kip' (3), born in Amsterdam. He was ad- 
milted to the rights of a great burgher with his father, April 11, 1657. 
On the 2 1 St June, 1656, he and his brother Jacob obtained each a patent for 
a lot of land m the siieep j)asturc at New Amsterdam. This locality, used 
for the i)urpose indicated during nearly the whole ])eriod of the Dutch pos- 
session, is described by Mr. \*alentine* as lying south of the city rami)arts 
(which stretched across the Island about forty feet above the present line 
of Wall Street), and '' covering the j)rcsent \\'all vStrcet and the block between 
Wall Street, l'",xchange Place, Hanover Sc^uare, and IJroad Street."' Nassau 
Street between Ann and Spruce was originally called Kip Street after one 
of the family. f Mr. \'alentine says it was that part of Nassau Street below- 
Maiden Lane, and so called in compliment to Jacob Kip the Secretary. 
Isaac Kip was a Vacht Captain, engaged in the river trade between New 
Amsterdam and the settlements at Ksoi)us (Kingston) and Fort Orange 
(Albany). J. in 1665 he was living in I)e l^rouwer Straat, now Stone Street. 
lie married fust, Feb. 8, 1653, Catalyntje Hendrick Snyers (Snyder?). 
She was i)robably the dau. of Hendrick Janszen Snyder, or Hendrick Jans- 
/en the tailor, and his wife Oeertje Scheerburch. Mr. Valentine§ says she 
was a daughter of Oillis Pieteisen (Meyer), but he has mistaken the relation- 
ship. She was i)robably the sister-in-law of Jillis or Gillis Pietersen (Meyer) 
who married July 6, 1642, Flsje Hendricks, dau. of Hendrick Janszen Sny- 
der above named. Isaac Kip married second, Sept. 26, 1675, at New 
Harlem, Maria \'ervelje (\'ermilye), widow ofjoh. (Jean) de La Montague. 
\\y his second wife he had no issue. He was living, in December, 1675, 
at New Harlem, and then belonged to \\\q. first corporalship of night watcli 
in that place.] He died prior to October 6, 1686. Issue : 

9. i. Hendrick,^ bap. Feb. 8, 1654. Mr. Holgate in his American 
(ienealogy, pages 1 10-112, s.iys that he and Jacobus (Jacob) Kip, his bro- 
ther, were co-patentees of the Manor of Kipsburg, a tract of land on the 
east side of Hudson river where Rhinebeck now stands, extending four miles 
along the river and seve'-al miles inland. This patent dated June 2, 1688, 
contirmed an Indian title to the land given July 28, 1686. He was probably 
the Lieut. Hendrick Kip of Capt. lialtus Van Kleeck's Comi)any of Foot, 
in 1700, one of the eight Militia Companies in the counties of Ulster and 
Dutchess.^,, He married and had a number of children who settled in the 
vicinity of Rhinebeck. 

10. ii. Trvntie,^ bap. Sept. 13, 1656; m. Jan. 5, 1676, Philip dk 
FoKEEST, son of Isaac and Sarah (du Trieux) De Foreest ; bap. July 28, 
1052. He was a cooper, and removed from New York about 1680 to the 

\ Manor of Rensselaerswyck ; he was buried in Albany, August 18, 1727.** 
Jssuc: Sarah, bap. Jan. 2, 1678; and the following bai)tized in Albany': 
Susanna, April i, 1684; Metje, July 25, 1686; Isaac, Feb. 20, 1689; 
Jesse, Jan. 13, 1692 ; Catrina, Nov. 25, 1694 ; Johannes, Sept. 12, 1697 ; 
David, Sept. 8, 1700 ; and Abraham, Feb. 21, 1703. 

11. iii. Abraham, 3 baj). Sept. 3, 1659. ^^ removed from New York to 

* Valentine's Manual for i860, pp. 527-8. 
t O'Callnghan's Hist, of New Netherland. vol. a. p. 913, 

* ValeniineVs Manual for i)S6o, pp. 574. 608. 
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J Valentine's Manual for 1848. p. 3>J7. 
\ r^uc. Rcl. to Col. Hist, of New VorW. wl. 4. p. 810. 
*• Pearson's First Settlers of Albany, p. 38. 



Albany where he niariied Oct. i6, 1687. (iessie \'aii der Heyden ; in 
1714, his house was on tlie south corner of Maiden Lane and Pearl Street. 
Albany. He was buried at Albany, June 28, 1731, and his wife, Feb. 9, 
1 74<S. They had />j'//<' baptised in Albany as follows : Isaac/ Nov. 18. 
1688; Anna/ Dec. 20, 1691, died young; Anna,* June 17, 1694; ni. at 
Albany, Nov. 29, 1716, Johannes Kvertse \Vendel ; Catelyntic,* Aug. 8, 
1697 ; ni. 1 719 (?) licr cousin, Anthony Ki[)* (30) ; Jacob* and Cornelia,* 
I wins, July 20, 1701. Corneha^ ni. at Albany \w\j 5, 1724, Teunis Arentse 
Shngerland, widower of i^li/abeth \'anderzee, and was buried there March 
16, 1745 ; Geertruy* and Catharini.' twins. Jan. 24, 1705 ; Geertruy, ni. at 
Albany, Dec. 17, 1730, Sunon Weilei, and was buried there, July 20, 

12. iv. l.sAAc' (28), bap. Jan. 15, 1662. 

13. V. Jacui'.' bap. Xov. 19, 1664; died\oung. 

14. vi. jAton,'bap. Aug. 29, 16,66. He is probably the y</<v^^//y A'// 
l>orn Aug. 25, 1666, mentioned by Holgate as the co patentee with Hen- 
chick^ (9) of the ^Tanor of Kijisburg. and who died Feb. 28, 1753. ^^'■• 
Holgate makes a mistake which is followed by Bishop Kip in saying that 
i^e was twice married, and tust to Mrs. Henrietta (Hendrickje) Wessels, 
widow of Ciulian Verplanck. It was his cousin Jacobus^ (18) who married 
this lady. He married Rachel Swartwout, and though I^ishop K.ip calls her 
tlie daughter af John Swarthout (Swartwout), Fscj., 1 think it more probable 
that she was the dau. of Roclotif Swartwout, first Sherift" of U'iltwyck, at 
the Ksopus, and commissioned Dec. 24, 16S9, a Justice of Ulster Count)-, 
r.oth Bisho[) Kip and iVfr. Holgate give the date of her birth April 10, 1669, 
and her death Sept. 16, 1717. She was living Oct. 2, 1726, and with her 
iuisband, then called Jacob Kip, Senior, was sponsor at the ba|)tisni of 
Kachel, daii. of their son Isaac. 

'J'hey had issue : 

i. Isaac,* born Jan. 8, 1606; m. Jan. 7, i 720. Cornelia, dau, 

of. Leonard and Klizaueth (Hardenburg) Lewis ; she was 
born Nov. 9, 1692 ; bap. Dec. 11, 1692, and died July 
lO) 1772; he died July 2, 1762. L 'I'hey had the fol- 
low'ing named children bap. in the Dutch Church at 
New York : Klizabeth,^ bap. April 9, 1721 ; Jacob,* bap. 
Oct. 17, 1722 ; Leonard,* bap. June 27, 1725 ; m. April 
I r,. 1763, Elizabeth, dau. of Francis and Anneke (Lyn- 
sen) Marschalk, of New York ; she was baj). July 30, 
1 732 ; through them Bishop Kip of California traces 
his ancestral line. Rachel,* bap. Oct. 2, 1726; and 
Flizabeth,3 bap. Aug. 28, 1728. To Bishop Kip 
adds Isaac, born 1732, and Abraham who m. Jan. 6, 
• 768, Dorothea Remsen. 

ii. RuKLOFF,* of Kii)sburg, from whom that branch of the 

family descended. He died during the Revolution, 
aged 90 years.| 

iii. Catai.yntie,* bap. at Albany, Feb. 18, 1705. 

15. vii. Johannes, bap. Jan. 20, 1669. 

Ch!!*/'^" " '•■''1'*' ^«"l«='-V''^^'.l'^">'-»'H ^ '^' '4«. M9 Mun*ell> uf Albany, v.4. i, p.'ajy. 
t u^ ^^°*" °I."?« 'ii'"".'?' "f,'^'P "• KipsburK and Kip', IJay, New York, 1871. 
♦ Hist Notes of the hamify of Kip of Kip»burg and Kip» Bay, New Vork, 1871. 

^2 THE k'lr FAMILY. 

i6. Jacoi' Hkndkkkszkx Kip' (4), born in Amsterdam May 16, 1631. 
In August (?), 1647,11c gave to Harman Hendricksen Droogh, his uncle, a 
power of attorney to receive money due him from the West India Comi)any 
at Amsterdam. The same year he was a cleik in the provincial Secretary's 
office at New Amsterdam, and as early as Dec, 1649, was acting clerk in 
Director Stuyvesant's Council.* He was api)ointed, Jan. 27, 1653, the 
first Secretary of the Court of Uurgomasters and Sche[)ens of New Amster- 
dam. Upon his resignation of that office June 12, 1657, he engaged in 
Ikewing, combining with this business that of a general trader or store- 
keei)er.f He was a member of the l^oard of Schei)ens in 1659, 1662, 1663, 
1665, 1673, and president of the board in 1674. "On the ist of ^^arch, 
1660, Aert Anthonissen Middagh, Tennis (lysberts IJogart, Jean I,e Clerc, 
Cerrit Hendrick Backer. Philip l^archstoel, Christina Cappoens, Jacois 
Kip, and Joris Rapalje, all residents of the AVaal-boght neigliborhood, j)eti- 
tioned the Director for permission to form a village 'on the margin of the 
liver between the lands of said Hogart and Kip, so that," as they exjiressed 
it. ' we may be in sight of the Manhatans, or Fort Amsterdam.' The 
l)osiiion selected was i)robably the elevated point of land which jutted into 
the river about the foot of South Fourth Street, in the \)resent Eastern Dis- 
trict of Brooklyn, and which was known in the ancient time as the ' Keike ' 
or ' Lookout.' "J There is no evidence, remarks the learned historian of 
Brooklyn, that Jacob Kip ever resided on the lands above referred to, and 
" it was probably owing to his desire to improve the value of his real estate, 
by securing the establishment of a village thereon, that this petition was 
made," and through his intluence with the authorities, was granted. 

In early limes some member of the Kip family — was it Jacob or his 
father? — obtained a patent for a farm of 150 acres, on the Kast River, on 
what is still known as Kip's Bay. It is said that Jacob Kip in 1655, the 
year after his marriage, erected on this flirm a house which was rebuilt in 
1696, and was, for a short time during the Revolution, Washington's head- 
«|uarters.s< It stood upon the line of [Kast J 35th Street, and was demol- 
ished in 1851. His house in the city was built in 1657, and situated in 
the \)resent Exchange Place. He owned a number of city houses and lots, 
and in 1665 resided in the present Broad Street, near Exchange Place, 
and was there probably as late as 1674.1 I" ^^^^ ^^^ ^^'^^^ living " Beyond 
the Fresh Water," the Kip's Bav farm doubtless being the place alluded 
to.* ' . 

'I'he following paper, date'l 1657 (?), im[)erfect and unexecutetl, gives an 
interesting description of a Dutch liouse of that period : " Conditions and 
terms on which Jacob Kip, proposes to sell publich', to the highest bidder, 
his house, kitchen, hen or hog yard, and lot lying in the city of [New] 
Amsterdam, over against the house of Hcer Olott" Stevense [Van Cortland], 
as the same is occupied by him. The house two and thirty feet long and 
twenty feet broad, inclosed with thick planks and a glazed i)antile roof, has 
a garret and tioor, cellar walled up three, four or five feet with stone, and 
has a brick cliininey in the front room, also a shop, the partition walls of 
bricks, the inner room built up with brick all around {rondtom)^ bedstead, 

* O'Calla^han's Register <jf New Nclhcrland. Doc. Rcl. t.i Col. Hist, of New Nork, vol. i, p. j87> 

♦ Cat. N. Y. MSS. Hist. Dutch, p. 130-186. Valentine's Manual for i86o. p. 608. 

t Stiles' Hist, of Hrooklvn, vol, i, p. 113. Cal. of N. V. Hist. MSS. Dutch, p. 221. 

i O'Calbghan's Hist. iNew Nctherland, vol. 2, p. 213. Valentine's Manual for 1852, p. jj^o. 

I Paulding's Affairs and Men of New Amsterdam, etc, p. m. Va'.cntine's Hist, of N. V ., p. i^h. 

•Coll. N. Y. Hist Society, Second Series, vol. 1. p. 398. 


counting house, and larder therein ; besides the aforesaid house, there is a 
kitchen eiglu or nine feet wide and seventeen or eighteen feet long, on the 
>ide of the house, with a brick chimney, in use by him, together with a hen 
or hog yard in the rear, and the place paved with bricks, and an apple 
tree therein, also a common gangway on the west side of the house six feet 
wide, and a conimon well, anil what more is thereon and fast in earth and 

nailed, e.\ce])t the andirons {/ and hearth stone " * 

This house and lot was probably situated in the present Stone Street. 

Jacob Ki|) married March 8,' .1654, NXai^v-dau. of Dr. Johannes l)e ! a 
Montague and Rachel ArohjKur.''" The' Vevoftfof their marriage states thai 
she was from Amsterdam. She. was born Jan. 26, 16^^, at sea oti" the 
island of Madeira, on the voyage of her parents to New Netherland.f Her 
father, born in 1592, was a Huguenot physician— a man of great and 
varied learning— who was, soon after his arrival here, appointed by (iov. 
Kieft a member of the Council, in which otfice he was continued by (iov. 
Stuyvesant, until the 28th of Sept., 1656, when he was appointed Vice- 
diVector at I'ort Orange (Albany). Jacob Kip died about the year 1690, 
and the last notice found of his witlow is on the 2isl May. 1701, at which 
(late she was a sponsor at the baptisi'n of Maria dau. of Dirck Hooglant. 

They had issuf : 

17. i. JoHANNKS,^ bap. I'eb. 21, 1655. He was a lirewer in the city of 
New Voik, and m. Sept. 4. i68r, Catharma, dau. of Dr. Hans KierstedeJ. 
and Sara Roelofs. He died in 170;, leavnig his wite surviving liim. 
They had issi/d : 

I. Jacob,* hd[). Nov. 4, 1682; m. 1 704 (m. I. dated Dec. 4, 
1704), Cathalina de Hart, dau. of Jacobus de Hart and Cor- 
nelia Pieters ; 2. Hans,* baj). Sept. 5, 1684 ; 3. Maria,* bap. 
Sept. 19, 1686 ; m. June 24, 1710, Abraham Va,n Vleck ; 4. 
Sara,* bap. Nov. 11, 1688 ; 5. Hans,* bap. Oct. 5, 1690; 6. 
l>landina,* bap. J''eb. 3, 1692; 7. Johannes,* bap. Jan. 31, 
1694: 8. lilandina,* l)a[>. April 26, 1696 ; 9. Catharina,* bap. 
July 7, 1697 ; 10. Catharina,* bap. Oct. 16, 1698 ;"ii. Hen- 
ricus,* baj). Oct. 20, 1700; 12 and 13. IJenjaniin,* and 
lilandina,* twins, bap. March 21, 1703. For an account of 
IJenjamin Kip,* siw liolton's Hist, of Westchester, Vol. 2, 527. 

18. ii. Jacoijus,3 bai>. Oct. 15, 1656; n>. May 28, 1685, Hendrickje 
Wessels, widow of (k'lyn Verplanck.^ His will is dated Sept. 19, 1702; 

* Pearson's Early Recurd> uf the Ittv aiHlCumitv ..f Albany. cL. (if,5»-, u.ys). p. jj. 

t(VCalIaghan's Hist. xNcw Nctl.crL.nd. V..1. ., ,,;,,. 

t Dr. Hans KiKKSTKnii from Macgdcnl-nrc (iicih.ii)> .M.ixdelmr-, tin: of ilic province of Saxony) 
was one of tlic earliest practising physicians anU surgcoii!. »ciilcil in New Amsterdam, and came here with 
(.ov William Kicft in .March, 1638. He m. June 29, 164a, Sara Roelofs, born in Aii.sicrdam. dau. of Roe* 
I j"'"^^" ^"*^ Anncke Jans of Trinity Chiircli celebrity. His wife is s.iid to have been more proficient in 
the Inuian language than anv other person in the colony, ant' in .May, 1664. .iclcd as interpreter in the great 
treaty made at New Amsterdam between Gov. StuyxesaiU and die neighboring Indian tribes. Having 
often acted in that capacity, she was presented with a large tract of land on the west side of the North 
Kiver, by Ontany, the chief of the Hackinsack and Tappan Indians (Hroadhead's Hist. N. V., i. p. 73T.) 

Dr. Kierstede died about i(f-67, and his widow m. Sept. i, 1669, Cornelius Van T.orsum. of the Hrooklyii 
Kerry rand removed to New Amersfort. Snc m. again at the latter place. July 21, 1683, Kll>eri Kll^rtszcn 
l.^toothoAfl widower of Acltje Cornelis. She survived her last husband and died in New York about i6oj. 
having on the ad ':cpt., 1692, rejoined the Rcf. Dutyli Church here, with certificate from the church at Mid- 
"'■"'"c ^P^ had r.o children by her third husband, and probably nonv by her second. Dr Hans Kierstede 
anil .^.ara Roelofs hzd itsuf : i. Jans alias Hans, bap. SepL 31. i64'4 : m. Feb. 12, 1667, Jannctic Ix)okcr. 
mans ; a. RoeloC bap. Jan. 1, 1647 : m. 1670 (?) Vtje Jans or Ytjc Albert* (perhaps Vtjc, dau- of Albert 
I ans), both names being given at the bap. of their children; 3. Ann.-x, bap. April 23, 1651 ; 4. Hlandina, 
t<ap. June 8, 1653 ; m. Nov. aS, 1674, Petrus Bayard : 5. Jochem, bap. Oct. 34, 1655 ; 6. Lucas, Up. .Sept. 
23. if>57 : m. July 18,-1683, Rachel Kip : 7. Caiharyn, b;ip. 4- »66o : m. .SepL 4, 1681. Johannet Kip ; 
». Jac-ol;. bap Jimo 4. 166a; 9, Jacobus Ohp. Nov. 28, 16(53 ; m. 1693 (l"). Anna Hooms (Home* T; ; to, 
Rachel, bap. Sept. 13, 1665 ; m. Nov. 19, ,686, William Xeller, Jr.. of Albany, tfien Uving in New York. 
..\S.^J an account of the Verplanck family, „f Peanwn'i First Settlers of Albany, p. 14a and N. Y. G»i.«- 
ALociCAL & Biographical Rbcori>, vol. 1., p. 35. /> f ■» 


])roved at Jamaica, Queens Co., I.. I., Oct. 31, 1702, aiul of record in 
liber Wills, 7, p. 38, New York Surrogate's office. In March, 1695, 
he was a merchant, engaged in trade in New York. He survived 
his wife, and died without issue, leaving his estate to his brothers and sis- 
ters, and to the heirs of his deceased wife. He is described in his will as 
"of the county of New Town" — a clerical errOr — Newtown, L. I., being 
the ])lace referred to, and where Ive probably resided at the time of his 

19. iii. Abraham, * bap. Dec. 22, 1658. He was a Brewer in New York, 
and m. Jan. 26, 1697, Catalina de Lanoy, dau. of Abraham de Lanoy and 
Marritie Lubberts, and the widow of Isaac Van Vleck» They had no chil- 
dren bap. in the Dutcli Church at New York, and it is probable he died 
without issue. He died before Nov. 30, 1720, leaving his wife surviving 

20. iv. jKssK,^bap. Dec. 19, 1660 ; m. Maria Stevens (Stephens, Stev- 
enson), m. I. dated Sept. 30, 1695. About the year 1710 he removed 
from New York to Newtown, L. I. }Ie owned there a grist-mill at Fish's 
Point, becpieathed to him by his brother Jacobus. Oct. 16, 1711, he pur- 
chased of Thomas and John Stevenson a fulling-mill, located near his 
grist-mill, and on the stream that empties at Fish's Point. He died at 
Newtown in April, 1722. His children, baptized in the Dutch Church at 
New York, were : 1. Maria,* bap. Dec. 16, 1606; d. young. 2. Eliza- 
beth,* bai). Dec. 2, 1698; m. I 71 7, Thomas Fish, son of Nathan Fish, of 
Newtown, born May i"^, 1693 ; 3. Jacobus,* bap. April 6, 1701 ; Abraham,* 
born July 22, baj). Aug. 29, 1703; m. Sarah, dau. of Nathan Fish, of 
Newtown; she was born March 28, 1699;* Tiiomas,* bap. Jan. 20, 
1706; Jesse,* born Jan. 30, 1708, ba)). May 9, 1708; Johannes,* born 
Oct. II, bap. Dec. 11, 1709; Jesse KipMiad besides the children above 
named, two sons, lienjamin* and William,* born prob. at Newtown. 

21. v. Rachkl,3 ba[). Jan. 11. 1664, m. July 18, 1683, Lucas Kiek- 
STKDK of New York, son of Dr. Hans Kierstede and Sara Roelofs ; he 
was bap. Sept. 23, 1657. They had /Vj//^ .• 

1. Hans Kikksiedi:, bap. Aug. 3, 1684; m. March 3, 1710, 

Maria Van Vleck, dau. of isaac Van Vleck and Catalina de 
Fanoy ; she was bap. May 3, 1685. They had eight children 
bap. in the Dutch Church at New York. 

2. Maria Kikkstkdk, bap. Aug. 29, 1686 ; m. 1709 (?) Cornelus 

Romme (Romeyn?), of New York, son of Jan Janszen Van- 
Langestraat, alias Romme or Rommen, and his wife Marritie 
A rents ; he was baj). Oct. 31, 1686. They had ten children 
bap. in the Dutch Church at New York. 

3. Sara Kierstkde, bap. Jan 16, 1689 ; m. 1713 (?) Pieter Van 

Ranst, of New York. They had ten children bap. in the 
Dutch Church at New York. 

4. Jacobus Kierstede, bap. Afarch 20, 1692 ; m. Nov. i, 1718, 

Sara dau. of Johannes Nerbery (Narbury ?)and Aginetje Pro- 
voost ; she was bap. May 5, 1 700. They had three children 
bap. in the Dutch Church at New York. He probably be- 
came a widower and m. second, fc^lizabeth dau. of Rip Van 
Dam and Sara \'an der Spiegel. 

5. Jesse Kier.stede, bap. May 31, 1695; m. May 17, i724» 

* Kikcr** Hi»t. of Newiuwn, pp, ikj, 360, 


Jakoba Lewis dau. of Tlioinas I-ewis, and Francina Leisler ; 
he was a sea captain and i)rob. d. s. p. See Gknealocical 
Mkmoriai.s of Lif.ut.-Gov. Jacob Lkislfr, p. 15. 

6. Rac MRi. KiFRsTKDF, bap. Jan. 9, 1698.' 

7. Lrcrs Kifrstkdf, bap. Oct. 22, 1699; ni. Aug. 4, 1734, 

Maria Ryckman dau. of Johannes Rycknian and Catharina 
Kip ; she was bap. Keb. 29, 1708. They had seven children^^ 
l)ni). in the Dutch Cluuch at New York. 

8. liKXjAMiN KiKRSTKDF, bap. April 12, 1702; ni. Sept. 22, 

1722, Jenneke (Jane) Blom, dau. of Jacob lilom and Mayke 
Hosch ; she bap. March 7, 1705. They had six children 
bap. in the Dutch Church at New York. 

22. vi. Marvken' (iV ARIA), bap. Dttc. 5, 1666; m. August 4, 1687, 
DiRCK HooGi.ANT, of NcH' York, son of Christoffel Hooglant and Tryntie 
Oegiers ; he was bap. Nov. i,.i662. They had issue : 

1. Catharina Hoogi.ant, bap. April 13, 1698. 

2. Maria Hooolant, bap. May 21, 1701 ; died young. 

3. Maria Hooglant, bap. July 7, 1703. 

23. vii. Hendrick,3 bap. Feb. 14, 1669; m. June 10, 1697, Magdalena 
Van Vleck. He died about 1698, without issue, and his widow married 
April 24, 1700, Alexander Baird,* a young man from Scotland. 

24. viii. Catharina,^ born 1672 (?). ' Her bai)tism is not recorded in the 
Ref. Dutch Church of New York. She is named in her brother Jacobus 
Kip's will, Chatrin Rkkman. She m. July 11, 1697, Johannks Ryck- 
man, son of Capt. Albert Janse Ryckman, iirewer, of Albany, and Necltie 
Quackenbos. Johannes Ryckman joined the Dutch Church in New York, 
by letter or certificate from Albany, Sept. 4, 1697, and died before Dec. 
23» 1736.1 it is probable that he became a widowef and married second, 
June 17, 1 71 7, Cornelia, dau. of Isoac Van Vlcck and Catalina de Lanoy ; 
she was bap. Jan. 3, 1692. Hy his first wife had issue : 

1. Albert Rvckman, bap. July 24, 1698; m. Catharina Chris- 

toffels, and had Catharina baj). Jan. 3, 1725. 

2. Jacobus Ryckman, bap. Jan. 19, 1701; ni. Se[)t. i, 1723, 

(ieertruy Adrianse. They had fjve children bap. in the 
Dutch Church at New York. 

3. Nellftje Ryckman, bap. Nov. 8, 1702 ; died young. 

4. JoHANNis Ryckman, bap. April 18, 1705. 

5. Maria Ryckman, bap. Feb. 29, 1708; m. Aug. 4, 1734, 

Lucas, son of Lucas Kierstede and Rachel Kip. 

6. Tobias Ryckman, bap. l-eb. i, 1710; died young. 

7. Tobias Ryckman, bap. July 8, 1711 ; m. Maria Van Kps, and 

had Abraham bap. March 12, 1746. 

By his second wife Johannes Ryckman had issue : 

8. Isaac Ryckman, bap. July 27, 1718; m. Engeltje Niewkerk, 

dau. of Jan Cornelise Niewkerk and Jenneke Breestede, and 
had Johannes bap. Jan. 4, 1741 ; Isaak, Lap. April 17, 1743 ; 
and Johannes, bap. Nov. 9, 1 746. 

9. and 10. Nelletjk and Catalyntjf Ryckman, twins, bap. 

Nov. 30, 1720. 

• Alrxandkr Baird and Magdalena Van Vleck, widow of Hendrick Kip, had two toni bap. in ti>« 
D«itch Church at New York, via. : Wilhelmui, b«p. April la, 1704 : aad Kobberd, bap. Nov. 13, 1706. 
t Pearx-n't Fir«t S«ttleris of Albany, p. ^ 


11. Ahraham Rvckman, bap. Afarch lo, 1723. 

12. Samuki. Rvckman, bap. Feb. 13, 1726. 

25. ix. Benjamin,^ bap. Aug. 28, 1678. He was living Sept. 19, 1702, 
but probably died soon after, unniarried. 

26. X. Salomon,' bap. Nov. 15, 1682. His name is so entered in the 
baptismal records, but he is called Samuel in his brother Jacobus's will. 
Samuel Kip married about 1705, Margrietje Ryckman, dau. of Capt. Albert 
Janse Ryckman, of Albany. He probably removed from New York abort 
1 72 1-2. They had bap. in the Dutch Church at New York : i. Jacobus,* 
bap. Aug. 18, 1706; 2. Albartus,* bap. May 30, 1708; 3. Maria,* bap. 
June 7, 1710 ; 4. Albert,* ba[). Jan. 24, 1714 ; 5. Johannes,* baj). P>b. 8, 
1717; 6. Samuel,* ba]). April 30, 1718; 7. Rachel,* bap. Feb. 12, 1721. 

27. Hendrick Kir, Jr.' (13.), borti in Amsterdam; m. Feb. 29, 1660, 
Anna de Sillen (De Sille) from Wyck, dau. of Nicasius l)e Sille,* First 
Counsellor to Director (ieneral Stuyvesant. He was admitted to the rights 
of a great burgher in New Amsterdam, Ai)ril 17, 1657, f and soon after re- 
moved to New Amstel on the Delaware. In a letter J dated at Amster- 
dam, 22(1 April, 1659, the Conmiissioiiers of the Colony on the Delaware, 
ijiform Vice Director Alrichs that *' the brewers Kettle for Hendrick Kip, 
will be sent you by the first ()i)portunity," from which we infer that lie was 

♦ NiCAsirs l^H SiLi.F. was the son i)f Laurens I >e Sille, the latter being (lescril>efi in December, 1654, 3<; 
the late Advocate Fiscal of the States ( leneral, or United Netl.erlands. I^urens was probably the sou of 
Nicaiius I )c Sille, who was originally from Mechlin, in lielgiiini. and came to Amsterdam soon after the re- 
volt of the L'nited Provinces against Spain, was chosen Pensionary- of that city, and sent in 1587, with others, 
on an Embassy to (^ueeu Klizal)eth of England ; was Ambassador to. Denmark, auil afterwards to Gernjany, 
and was repeatedly sent a Deputy to the States (ieneral, and was twice Commissioner to the army whilst \n 
the tield : he died Aug. 22, 1600, aged 57 years, and was buried in the choir of the Red church at Amster- 
il;tni. Nitasiusof New Nctherland was a native of Arnhem, the chief town of ( "luelderland, and came to 
New Amsterdam in the summer nf 1653. In his conunission as First Councillor to Director (ieneral Stiiy- 
\esaru, he is descril^ed as a " i7ian well versed in the law and not unacquainted with military aHairs, of 
^ooil character and satisfactory .uquirements." He was dircctetl to reside at Fort An'.'-.terdam. ami to dc- 
ld>erate with the ( lovernor " on all .ilTairs relating to war, iM)lice, and national force ; " to keep iiniolate and 
Ulcreasc all alliances ol fricndshij) .ind commerce : to assist in the administration of justice, crinunal and 
ci\il, and to ailvisc the ( lo\erni«r in all e\cnts and occurrences that might transpire in the Colony. He 
superintended the preparation <>f the I' leet and iicromf.anied it with C.ov. Stiiyvc^tui in the evpedition n> 
the South or Delaware ri\er, against the Swedes in i'^55. In May, 1656, he was appointed Schout-rtscal in of Cornelis \'an 'I'ienhoven, sslm had Ik-'cu igivmiiniouxly ilismis>cd from the public service. In Jime 
Ibllowing. he was commissioned ciiy .*schout of Ne\s Amsterdam, in which office he was succedcd by Pictcr 
Tonncinan in April, 1660. Ii\ the nieaniime he had become I'lie of the proprietors of New Utrecht. L. I., 
where, in 1657, he built the first house erected in that town, which was demolished in 1850. J'he first records 
•of the town arc still preserved, in his handwriting. He resided at New Utrecht as lat? as 1674, ami probably 
until his death, of which event we have found no mention. \l)fC, Kel, to Col. Hist. 0/ Nt'.f York, vol. 2, 
/. 440,- Cal. of S. y. Hist. Dutch: (^ Lnllfrjzlinn's Hist. 0/ Xt'.v Xftherlarid, ivl, 2,/. 236; Brod- 
/ifiuft Hist. 0/ X. ]'., 7V'/. 1 ,• .Int/ioloj^y 0/ Xcif Sit'tcrland.) NiCAsiLS Dk Silu? was twice married. 
'I'hi name of his first wife, who probably died before he came to New Amsterdam, is not known. In the 
record of his second marriage, the fact of his being a widower, is not entered, as was usual in such cases. 
He married second. May -ih. 1655. Iryntje Crougers {Cregierj from the H 'gue, an alliance which proved the 
source of great unhappiness to l.M)th |)arties. iJy his second wife, from whom he separated by mutual agree- 
ment in 1668-9, he had no family. Hy his first wife he had issue : 

i. Lal KKNCK Dk Sii.i.E, who married a dau. of Capt. Maiun Cregier. " From Lau- 

rence De Sille,'' says Dr. O'Callaghan, "proceed all the branches of that family 
n(>w in this country. 'Ihc^ reside chiefly in the neighlwrhood of New Vork and 
Albany, having dropped the de before the name. The Rev. G. W. Sill, One of the 
descendants, is at present a clergyman in the State of Missouri." There is, how- 
ever, another branch of the Sill family, descendants of John Sill who settled in Cam- 
bridge, Mass., in 1637, among whom, singularly, there was a Rev. G. NV. Sill, an 
Episcopal Clergy-man, who resided some years ago in Missouri. {Set Sill Family 
ii. Gkkimkntjk Dk Sili.e, m. Jan Gerretse Van Couwenhoven, of Brooklyn fcrrj' ; he 

was Iwrn in 1639. • (,SV<* Ufrgcn Genealogy.) 
iii. Anna Dk Sili.k, in. Hendrick Kip, Jr.,' as noticed in the text. 

~~>» There was a Walbnig De Sille who if not a daughter, was a near relative of Nicasius De Sille. She mar- 
'*■*'* ' ried first, Feb. 29, 16(10, Frans Krcgier (Crcgier) Iroin Horcken. son of Capt. Martin Cregier, and had Elisa- 

^ , Vj ^ beth bap. July 5, 1662. She married second about 1668, William, son of Rev. Everardus Bogardus and 
^ « *^ Anncke Jans, by whom she had bap. in New Vork : Cornelia, Aug. 25, 1669 ; Everhardus, Dec. 4, 1675 ; 
Maria and Lticretia, twins, Sept. 14, 1678 ; and Blandina, Sept. 13, 1680. 
, *« T' , Daniel De Sille who gave Oct. 13, 1654, a Power of Attorney to Nicasius De Sille, to manage his affain in 

New Nctherland, was perhaps a brother of Nicasius. (.<>>/ Cal. of N. Y. HiM. MSS. Dutch, p. 57.) 
t O'Callaghan's Register of New Nctherland, p. 174. 
% Doc Rel. to CoL Hisu of New Vork, vol. 2, pp. 61-75. 

THF. Krr FAMILY— PRY Ay 1. 17 

engaged in business there, as a Brewer. In Sept., 1659, he was one of the 
Council, and June 29, 1660, was appointed by D'Hinoyossa one of the 
Commissaries at New Amstcl.* In a Ci^aC^ of .Xugustine Heerman, con- 
veying to him a house and lot in New Amsterdam, dated Sept. 17th, 1662, 
he' is described as '* Mr. Hendrick Hendricksen Kip, the younger, residing 
on the South [Delaware] River in New Nethcrland." How long he re- 
mained there is not known, but it is probable he had two sons, Nicasius 
and Tetrus, born on the Delaware. It is supposed that he afterwards 
settled at Pollitly, near Hackensack, N. J. \ Hendrick Kip and Anna de 
Sille, were sponsors at the bai)tism in New York, iMarch 21, 1703, of Hen- 
derikus, son of Petrus Kip. This is the last notice found of Anna De Sille, 
and if the Hendrick Kip, who vas sponsor \i '\\ her, was her husband— 
which is probable — i: is also the last notice ofj' m. 

Thev had two daughters bap. in the Dutch! Ihurch at New York, Cor- 
nelia,^ June 12, i66r, and Catharina,^ Nov. 9,j )64. Cornelia Kip (prob. 
dau. of Hendrick'), wife of Mathys Lyster, wai '. sponsor at the baptism in 
New York, of Petrus, son of Petrus Kip and 1.,' netie Yan Dyck, Dec. 26, 
1 709. Nicasius [Nicholas] Kip,^ probably a soi X of Hendrick' and Anna 
(De Sille) Kip, with his wife Antie Preyan't § (Pryant), joined the First Re- 
formed (Dutch) Church at Hackensack, Sept. 22, .1694. || He died about 
I 711. i'hey had issue, all bap. at Hackensack : i. Hendrick,* born 1693 (?,) 
m. at H. July 24, 17 14, Geertru^^ Yan Dien ; 2. Pieter,* born 1695 (?), ni. at 
H., March 5, 1720, Elsie Yan der Peek ; 3. Isaac,* bap. 1697, m. at H.March 
30, 1723, Willemintie Perdan, dau. of Jan P.erdan and Eva Yan Sickelen ; 
>he was bap. at H., June 5, 1704 ; 4. Cornelis,* bap. Jan. i, 1700, m. at H., 
Sei)t. 17, 1720, Eva, dau. of Jan Perdan ; she was bap. at H., Oct. 1697; 5. 
Jacob," bap. Dec. 14, 1702, m. at H., April 6. 1728, Helena, dau. of Jan Per- 
dan ; she was bap. at H., April 14, i 708 ; 6. Annatie,* bap. Jan 3, 1 706, ni. at 
H., Sept. 2, 1726, Lucas Yan Yoorhees, son of Albert Stevense Yan Yoor- 
hees and Helena Yan der Schure ; he was ba\>. at H., Feb. 26, 1699; 7. 
Catanna.* bap. Sept 12, 1708, ni. at H., Oct. 15, 1727, Dirk Terhuyne ; 8. 
Elisabeili,* bap. March 11, 1711, m. at H., Nov. 19, 1731, Hendrick Blink- 
erhof (Princkerhoff), son of Jacobus Hendrickse lilinkeriiof and Angenitie- 
Panta ; he was bap. at H., Nov. 9, 1710.* 

Petrus Kip,^ prob. a son of Hendrick,' and Anna (I>e Sille) Kip, m. in 
N. Y., April 24. 1702, Immetie Ynn Dyck, dau. of Dirck Eranszen Yan 

• Hazanl's Annals of Pennsylvania, p. 3i''\ 

♦ConN-in ( icnealogy. p. 49. 

X Since writing the .ilxivc we have been favored by I'cunis » i. Hergcn. Ks<i.. with the fch ••wing, translateil 
by him from the Flatbii>h t iwn records. "January 29, i')78. Anna Kip (daiijcluer of Nita«nis I)c Sille 
l>otmd one her «on Niclmlas to Jan l,a Montan^ie, Master r<H)i>cr of New V ork. to learp *aid trade of 
Cooper, for .six years, l;is time tf) commence May, 1678." 

)i In 1687— the day and month does not appear in the record— Pietkk Coknrmsk HRKVANrrr (Hrvant> 
and Hendriktic Arents lAerts;. had a dan. Lysl)eth bap. in the rhun-h nt Hackcnwrk, N. J. It i< probabit 
he i^ the «ame Ficter Lomehse. who hail by wife Hendrikje .\ert>; ( Arent«t, the following named children bap. 
in the Dutch Church at New Vork, and in Hergcn. N. J. i. Annetje. bap. N. N .. Sept. 10. 1^71: a. (ieer- 
tniyd, bap. N. \'. Nov. 8, 1673 ; 3. Comeiis. lx)rn in 11.. April 18, 1676 ' tre WiiificldV I. and Titles, Hudson 
Co., N. J., p. 363), bap. N. v., May 3, 1676; 4.-.A».^nt. b.«p. 1?., (kt. 7, i'>78 ; S- .Andrics, bap. H.. Aug. 
ai, 1681, d. yoim^ ; 6. Andries bap. J'., Jime 3<s I'Si^. Presuming that I'ftcr Comclise at-d Hendrikje 
.Aerts, of New Vork, 1671-6. and Mer^ien, i/)76-84. are identical with I'icter Cornelise I'.reyandt ( Kr>ani'and 
his wife, of Hackens.ack, in 1687. we tra<.e tJi-ir children as follows : Annetje '.Antiei Uryant. m. tst about 
^1692, Nicasius Kip; m, 2d at Hackensack, Oct. 10, 1713, Isaac Nan (iysse. widower «.f Htllegond Cbes 
K.u)7>er. (Vecrtniyd l!r>-ant, m. at H., Oct. a6, \f^i^ Koelof Hougart. who was bom at Klatbush, I- I. He 
in. ad at H., Au^. 23, 1718, Klisalict Hcrthoif.^idow of Jan All)ertse Icrhnyne. Comelis Hryant. m. at H., 
Oec, 7. 1700, Margnu Simonx: Van Winkle, widow of .NIartin Winne. .\rent and Andries Kryant probaWy 
died without issue. I.ysbeth Hn,-ant, m. at H., April la, 1707. Kgbert. son of Ijiurens AcWerman and Crtxx. 
tie Kgbcrts. he was bap. in N. S'., Feb. 23, i6'<s. 

; Rome>'n'» Hist. l)i»o irse, Hackensack, May. 1869. 

^ For Marriages and liapiism* in the Church at HackenMck« I am indebted to the courtesy of Jame» W 
guackenbtith. K»q., of that place. 


Uyck and Urseltie Jans Schcpnioes ; she was bap. Jan. ii, 1675. They 
had ten children bap. in tlie Dutch Church at New York. 

28. Isaac Kip' (12), son of Isaac Hendrickszen" (8), bap. Jan. 15, 1662 ; 
ni. Oct. 20, 1686, Sara I)e Mill, dau. of Anthony De Mill, Sheriff of New 
York, 1673-4, and Elisabeth Vander Liphorst ; she was bap. Dec. 30, 
1663, and died about 1726. He was a Cooper, and lived and died in New 
York. His will is dated Nov. 19, 1746; proved June 6, 1750. To his 
grandson, Abraham Kip, eldest son of his eldest son, Anthony Kip, de- 
ceased, he gives ten shillings current money, etc., to be paid him at the age 
of twenty-one years, and if he should die before that time without issue, 
then to his brother Isaac Kip, " or whoever else of my sons or grand sons 
that may legally be deemed my heir at law, which ten shillings shall be a full 
bar of all claim or pretence of being my heir at law." The rest of his estate 
he divides as follows : one-sixth part to the children of his son Anthony, 
deceased ; one-sixth part to his dau. Catlyntie, wife of Peter Marschalk ;* 
one-sixth part to the children of his son Isaac Kip, deceased ; one-sixth 
part to his son Jacob Kip ; one-sixth part to his son Petrus Kip ; and one- 
sixth part to his son Abraham Kip. Ai)points as executors his loving 
friends Francois Marschalk and Evert Byvank of the city of New York, 
liakers, and John Kip, of said city, Merchant. He had issue : 

29. i. Catamna,* bap. Oct. 19, 1687 ; died young. 

30. ii. Anthony,* baj). Jan. 8, 1690; m. ist Jan. 3, 1713, Maria Byvank, 
j)rob. a dau. of Johannes Byvank and Belitje F.vertse Duyckinck, of Albany ; 
she was bap. there Feb. 12, 1688. He m. 2d, i7i9(?), Catlyntje Kip, his 
cousin, dau. of Abraham Ki]), of Albany. He had the following named 
children bap. in the Dutch Church at New York. i. Belitje,' bap. Nov. i, 
1713 ; 2. Sara,* bai). March 27, 1720 ; 3. Abraham,* bap. June 3, 1722 ; 
4. Isaac,' bap. Sei)t. 30, 1724 ; and Sara,' baj). Jan. 30, 1728. 

31. iii. Catalina,* bap. Oct. 21, 1691 ; m. June 3, 1722, Petrus Mars- 
chalk of New York, son of Andries Marschalk and Elizabeth Van Gelder ; 
he was baj). Feb. 19, 1696. They had issue: Andries, bap. March 24, 
1723 ; Isaac, bap. July 18, 1725 ; Saia, bap. Aug. 17, 1729 ; and Elizabeth, 

. bap. Aug. 23, 1730. 
. 32. iv. Isaac, Jr.,* bap. Oct. i, 1693; m. May 13, 1716, Anna Van 
Noortstrant of New York, prob. a dau. of Jacob Van Noorlstrant and 
Annetje Croesvelt, who was bap. Feb. 12, 1696. They had issue: 
I. Isaac,' ba\). June 19, 1717 ; 2. Anna,' bap. Sept. 23, 1719 ; and Sara,' 
bap. April 25, 1722.. < 3 ^'^^ oi-ci hc^^pt ^c^t. /\: r,\^^.' )- ^ r. ^->' ,- , 
11, V. jAcoii,' bap. July 14, 1695.; m. Dec. 7, 171 7, Engeltje (Angelina) 

\l*els, of New York, dau. of Evert Pels and Grietje (Margaret) Melcherts 
\*an Deurse (Van Deusen) ; she was bap. July 25, 1697. He was a Cord- 
wainer and Tanner in New York, and died in October, 1754, leaving his 
wife, son Evert, and dau. Elizabeth surviving him. He had issue : i. Mar- 
grietje,' ba[). l'"eb. 24, 1721 ; m. July 20, 1740, Hans (Johannes) Hansen, 
Jr. ; 2. Isaac,' bap. July 25, 1725, d. young; 3. Sara,' bap. July 23, 1727, 
<1. young ; 4. Betje' (Elizabeth), bap. March 18, 1733; and 5. Evert,' baji, 
Jan. II, 1738. 

34, vi. Johannes,* bap. April 11, 1697 ; died unmarried. 

35. vii. Elizabeth,* bap. July 16, 1699; died young. 

^^36. viii. Petrus,* ba)). June 19, 1700; m. Dec. 6, 1724, Margrielje 
Blom, dau. of Jacob Blom and Mayke Janse Bosch (Bos), of New York. 
She was bap. Nov. 4, 1 702. They had issue bap. in the Dutch Church in 


New York : i. Maria,* bap. Sept. r, 1725 ; 2. Isaac/ bap. Sept. 4, 1726 ; 
;. Jacob/ bap. June 23, 1728; 4- Abraham/ bap. Feb. 23, 1733; 5. 
Maria,* bap. Jan. 22, 1735 ; and 6. Sara/ bap. Sept. 24, 1738. 

37. ix. Ki.izahkth/ bap. Aug. 12, 1702; died unmarried. 

''^8. X. Amraham' (39), bap. Aug. 19, 1705. 
' V> Amramam Kip* (38), bap. Aug. 19, 1705 ; ni. Feb. 13, 1729, Maria 
(.\iary) Van Caiw IVrg, of New York, dau. of Muybcrt C.erritzen Van den 
r.crg* and .Nfaria Lansing ; >he was bap. Feb. 27, i 709. He was a Cooper, 
and died in Xcw York about 1750, leaving his wife surviving. Her will is 
dated July 19, 1765, and i^roved Jan. 5. 1785. In it she is described as 
Mary Kip, of the City of New York, widow of Abraham Kip, late of the 
City of New \ ork, Cooper, deceased, and one of the daughters of Huybert 
\'an den Herg, late of the said city, Cartman, deceased. She bequeaths her 
estate to her daughter Mary, and at'ier her death directs it to be divided 
equally anong her three other children, to wit : Sarah, wife of Gerrit 
Harsen ; .\braliam Kip, and Cerrit Kip. Appoints her son-in-law, Gerrit 
Harsen, of said city, Baker, h-er son, Abraham Kip, of said city. Painter, 
and her friend, Mr. Nathaniel McKinley, of said city, executors. Abraham 
Kip and his wife Maria ^'an den lierg had issue : 

40. i. Isaac,* bap. June 29, 1729; died young. 

41. ii. Isaac,* bap. Feb. 14, 1731 ; died young. 

42. iii. HuDKkT,' bap. Sept. 30, 1733; died unmarried. 

43. iv. Isaac,' bap. March 23, 1735 ; died young. 

44. v. Saka,* bap. Feb. 27, 1736 ; m. Nov. 28, 1757, CiKRRiT Harsen, 
}>aker of New York. 

45. vi. Marytjk.,5 bap. Jan. 1, 1738; died unmarried. 

46. vii. Isaac,5 ba[). May 4, 1740; died unmarried. 

47. viii. ELiZAr.KTH,5 bap. Feb. 7, 1742 ; died unmarried. 

48. ix. Abraham,^ bap. ATay 27, 1744. 

49. X. (iF.RRiT5 (50), born May 11, bap. Ma\ 18, 1746. 

50. CxKRRiT Kip"^ (49), born Nfay 11, bap. May 18, 1746 ; m. Feb. 12, 
1 768. Fllenor or Nelletje Ikouwer. She was a daughter of Johannes 
Ilrouwerf and Susanna Druljet (Droljitt, Droljet, Driljet. Draljet, Deroill- 

• Hi YHhKT (rKKKiTszKN (Van uts Ukki. ) aiid his wife Maria l^nsiiiK came from Albany, and joined the 
I>utch Church in New York, Dec. 2, 1696. He was probably a brother of Harent (Verritse Van ticn Berg of 
the M.inor of Rcnsselacr>*wyck, in 1^*87. and perhaps the %nr\ of rtcrrii Van den Hergh, of Albany, 1663. 
His wife was a dau. of Hcndrick 1-ansin^ .niid Klizal)cih Caspers of Albany. 1 hey were married at 
Albany, Dec. 20, 1693, and had d.iu. I,ysl>€th hap. there July 29. 1694. {Sre Pr^KM>^•'s I'int StttUrt of 
Alhany, //. 53 autl 70.) She is probably the Klizal>cth \ an den Berg who married in New York. Feb. aa. 
1713, Johannes Osirander. Their children bap. in New York were ; 

1. rheuntic Van den Berg, bap. Nov. 17, 1695 

2. tje'rcije Van den Hcrg. bap. June 16, 1607 ; died young. 

3. Gerrcije Van den B(\rg. bap. Jan. ti, 1699 ; m. Aug. 8. 1718. I'iclcr \an dcr l,>ii, and had Kli/abelh 

bap. Sept 2, 17 19. 

4. (iemt Van den Ber?, bap. Aug. 31, 1701 ; died young. 

5. r.erardus Van den Berg, bap. .\pril 9, 1704. 

6. Hendrikus Van den Berg, bap. Nov. 13, 1706. 

7. Mary tje (Maria) Van den Berg, bap. Peb. 27, 17C.9 ; m. Abraham Kip as noiited in the text. 

8. Ariaantje Van den Berg, bap. Dec. 26, 1710 ; died young. 
> Ariaantjc Van den Berg, bap. July 27, 1712. 

10. Gerrit Van den B.erg, bap. Nov. 14, 1714. 

+ JoHANNKs Bkouwhk ( Brower), was a great-grandson of Adam Hrouwer, froni Cculeiu vkho married in 
New Amsterdam, .March 19. 1S45, Magdaiena Verdun. Adam Brouwer was an carlv settler in Brooklyn. 
l-<ms Island, and in 1661. was the owner, with Isaac De Forrest of the old Gouaiuis Slill, on the Ciowanu* 
Creek. later known as Kreeke's .Mill, supposed to be the first erected on Long island. (Brooklyn Manual, 
1863, p. 375 I In his \*ill, dated Jan. 22. 169;^', proved .March ai, 1602, he is styled Adam Brouwcr. Berk- 
hoven, inhal.iunt of the town of Brookland. He left surviving him his wife, Magdaiena. and the following 
named children : Pieler ; .Matthew; William; Maria; Aeltjc : Fylje ; Jacob"; Helena; Adam; Abra 
ham : Anna; Sarah; Nicholas, and Rachel. Jacob,' son of Adam Brouwer,' Iwm at Gowanu». marned 
at Hatbush Jan. 7. 1682, Anetje, dau. of William Bogardus, and Wvntie Syhranls. Their marriage alw. 
appear* m the Dutch Church record* of New York, under date Feb. 4, i68j. 1 hey liad bap. in Brooklyn, 
Svbrant (?): Jacob,* Nov. 30, 1684: Willem, May 8, 1687: Everardun. Dec. 8. 1689; Kli»abet. Nor. 15. 
1694 ; Adam, March 29, 1696, and baptized in the Dutch Church in New York, Wynije. < ki. i, 1701, —A 


het), and born in New York, June 9, bap. June 12, 1745. They had 

51. i. Ahkaham" (5O), bap. June 2, 1768. 

52. ii. Ki.iZAiJKT Dkuijkt,^ ba^). Aug. 12, 1770; ni. Richard Wilkin- 
son, and had i. Kllenor, d. s. p. ; 2. Khza, ni. WiHiani Ciallaer ; 3. Maria, 
ni. John Hrown ; 4. Rachel; 5. Susan, d. s. p. ; and 6. Sarah d. s. \>. 

53. iii. (iKRkiT,'' ba[). July 19, 1772 ; m.'^Ann Leech, and liad i. Jane ;^ 
2. John ;' 3. l^llenor,^ ni. Asa Wells ; and Mary Ann," ni. David Fulker- 

54. iv. John", bap. Sei^t. 18, 1774 ; died unmarried. 

55. V. HuHERi^ born 1777 (?) ; died unmarried.' 

56. Abraham Kip"^ (51), bap. June 2, 1768 ; m. i 789, Rachel Hlank. He 
was a mason and bricklayer in the city of New York, where he died early 
in 1797. Hib wife was a descendant in the sixth generation, of Jeuriaen 
((icorge) lilank, (ioldsmith, of New Amsterdam, who came to New Neth- 
crland with his wife Tryntje Claes, prior to 1643. • ^'"^^' married second in 
1 798, Pktlr NavlorI, bricklayer, of New York, the son of Richard 
Naylor of England. He died June 13, 1818; she died March 5, 1836. 
Abraham K.ip and Rachel lilank had issue. 

57. i. Rachkl', born May 11, 1790; m. Veb. 8, 1806, James Lynch, 
Hairdresser. He was born Dec. 5, 1781, in Monmouth Co., N, J., but re- 
sided nearly all his life in New York ; he died in Brooklyn, March 20, 
1857 ; she died in lirooklyn, Jan. 8, 1852. They had issue : 

1. 1m,i,kn' Ia'nch, born ]\ray 23, 1808 ; died Sept. 17, 1809. 

2. Rachki. Lynch, born April 17, 1810 ; died Aug. 27, 181 1. 

3. Sarah Lynch, born March 8, 181 2 ; m. June 25, 183 1, William 

Sinmions, of Mexico ; she m. 2^ l^almer, and died Aug. 

5, 1854. 

4. Jamks Lynch, born Dec. 2}^, 1813 ; m. Nov. 2t^^ 1835, Olevia 

Ann Marsac, dau. of Michael and Rachael (Jennings) ALirsac ; 
she was born on Staten Islantl, Nov. 23, 1810; he tlied in 
1864, at governor's Island, while in the V. S. service. Issue : 

1. Sarah Olevia, born Aug. 23, 1836; died Feb. 20, 1849; 

2. Mary Frances, born Oct. 24, 1839; "^- J^^^Y 29, 1868, 
Williau) H. son of Charles H. Close ; 3. Eliza Cornelia, born 
Jan. 5, 1849 ; died May 30, 1849. 

5. Washingion Ianch, born .\[arch 3, 1816; m. P^ June 4, 1838, 

Maria Davenport, of New York ; m. 2' , at St. Louis ; 

Magd.ilcin. Marvli 8, 1704.,^ l>.ip. Nu\. jj, 1O64, >oii of Jacob IJroiiss tr,"'' married Oct. ^8, 1709. 
PictcmclU I>c I, a MonUjiuc. ut New York, dan. of Tan dc ha Montague and Aiinetie Joseplis Waldron. 
They had issue ; Jacob, l).«p. in Urooklyii, Sept. 24. 1710, and the- following; bap. in New N ork ; Jnbanne>.* 
March 19, 1712; Abraham. K»b. 6, 1717; Antje, Martli 13. 1720; .\daiu. Feb. 14, 1722, and Antje. 
March 30, i7w6. 

JoMANNKs r.Koi WKK,* b.ip. March ig, 1712, soi: of Jacob," married Oct. 9, 1734. .Siisitnna Deroillhct 
( DniljetK probably tlie dau. of Pauliis and Susanna Druljet. Cl'he latter was a widow Sept. 5« '735-) l^c 
tradition in the Kip family is, that Susanna, wife of Johannes I'.rouwer,* was a French woman. 1 hey had 
l>ap. in New N Hik the followinjj named children : Susanna, bap. Sep. 5, 1735 : Annetic bap. Ftb. 8. 1738 ; 
Jacob, bap. March 26, 1740: Antje, bap. Nov. 7, 174a ; Isellelje or Kllenor, i>orn juut 9, bnp. June 12. 
• 745 : n'. • 'crrit Kip, as noticed in llic text ; and Joliannes. bap. Dec. a. 1747. 

t l*KTiiR Navlok and R.ichcl lUank had issue : 

1. Richard Naylor, born Feb. 8, 1799; tlied May 11, 181-9, unmarried. 

2. Peter Naylor, born Feb. 9. 1801 ; m. Dec. 23. 1823. .Margaret N. C'amier, of New \<irk. 

3. F'.liza Ann Naylor, iH>rn Nov. 4, 1803 ; died Feb. 2, 1807. 

4. lobn Naylor, born Dec. 19, i>>o6 ; m. Jan. 6, 1829, F.liza Hij^bee. 

5. Matilda Naylor, born June 17. 1809; died Dec. 24, 1812. 

6. Alexander Naylor, born July ^, i8ia ; died March 10, 1813. 

7. Elmira Naylor, born Nov. 28, 1814 ; m. Nov. aS, 1831, Ton..:han Freeman .Murijau, of New \ ork. 
£. Joseph Naylor, Iw.-n Feb. 6, 1816; m. .\ug. 10, 1836, tJiia 0^born. 


he was killed by falling from the roof of a building at St. 
Louis, Mo., Jan. 19, 1861. 

6. Ann Kmza Lynch, born March 23, 1818 ; in. June 12, 1839, 

lUirdett E. P. Randolph, of Jirooklyn, L. L 

7. Matilda Lynch, born Jan. 12, 1820; m. Feb. 28, 1839, 

Franklin Laughlin, of New York. 

8. Maky Van ANrwKKi- Lynch, born Dec. 13, 182 1 ; ni. Sei)t. 

3, 1839, Charles Hawley Close, son of Henry and Arney 
(Reynolds) Close ; he was born August 5, 18 19, at Stamford, 
Ct., but resided from his boyhood in New York City. He 
was prominently connected for thirty-tive years with the tlrug 
trade in Xew York, and was for many years a member of the 
tirm of M. Ward, Close c^ Co. He died in Brooklyn, Dec. 
7,1873. She resides, 1877, in New York. Issue: i. Km- 
ma Louisa, born Aug. 2, 1840; m. Jan. 19, i860, Charles 
Peter Schuyler, Broker, of New York, son of Philip i\L 
Schuyler, of PoouYille, Oneida Co., N. Y. He died in New 
York City, Oct. 10, 1874. 'Phey had issue: i. Mary V. 
Schuyler, born in Harlem, N. Y., l^ec. 23, 1861. 2 Arney 
Amelia, born July 21, 1842 ; m. ALiy 13, 1863, Loms Frank- 
lin (^eorger, l-'urrier, of New York, son of 'Louis F. and 
F:mily (Cunther) Ceorger. He was born in New York, 
April' 26, 1841. They had issue (all born in New York) : 
Francis Frederick Oeorger, born April 6, 1865 ; Arney 
Amelia Georger, born May 17, 1870; died March 14, 1871 ; 
and Julia Helenc Oeorger, born July 25, 1872. 3. William 
Henry, born Marcli 29, 1844; m. July 29, 1868, ALary 
Frances, dau. of James and Olevia Ann (Marsac) Lynch. 
They had issue : Harry Albert Close, born on Staten Island, 
July 12, 1869; died same place, Aug. 13, 1870; Louis 
Franklin Close, born on Staten Island, June 8, 1871 ; and 
Knmia Olevia Close, born in lirooklyn, Aug. 23, 1873. 4. 
Charles Augustus, born Feb. 4, 1846 ; m. Nov. 15, 1874, 
Lottie Marsliall. They had issue : Kdith Lottie Close, born 
on Staten Island, Oct. 2, 1876. 5. Mary Frances, born Dec. 
26, 1847; m. Feb. 13, 1868, Fdwin Rullnen Purple.* 

♦ Kdward Puki'Le', ilic Cdiiiinon aijccslur (if tlie family bearing liix iKiiuc in llii> loUiUry. wa* a<liiiiucd 
an inhabiunt of the town of Haddaiii, Ct., in May, 1674. It is proliablc that he was a dcbcciidant of 
Christopher Purple, who purchased laml in K>se\ County, Kncland, in 1580, and ilicd there about 1605, 
leaving a son Christopher, but the conneciioa lias not yet bccu clearly traced. It is supposed that the first 
Christopher Purple was a native of France, from which country he fled to England at the time of the mas- 
sacre of St. Bartholomew. 

Kdward Purple' was a Farmer, or as described in an old deed still extant, a Husbandman, and married. 
1675, at Haddam, Hannah, daughter of Nicholas Ackley, one of tJie original proprietors of that town, and .« 
resident. 1638-39, of Hartford. He died at Haddam, Jan. 4, 1719-30, leaving his wife survivmg and 
three sons, Kdward'', John and Richard. 

KuwAHD Pirhi.e', born about 1676, died about 1727, married Mary , and had Kdward' and 

Mary, twms, bom March 28. 171 3 ; Klias bom March 27, 1716 ; and John, born June 14, 1718. 

Kdward Plkhlk', bom March 28, 1713. In early life he removed from Haddam to Middletown, Ct., 
where he married, 1740, Ruth HoUister, of Clastenbury. He was an active business man, and though com- 
paratively young at the time of his decease, had accumulated a large amount of property, and was regarded 
wealthy. He c|ied m August. 17.S2, and his widow married, .Septcml>cr 29, 1757, Nathaniel Spencer. ..f 
-^I'ddletown. His children were Ruth, born August i. 1741 ; Mary, born July 19, 1743: Kdward*, born 
March 18, 1745 : Dorothy, bom May 9, 1747; Kzra. b<jm January 18, 1749 ; Josiah, Iwrn Pec. 4. «750- 

Kdwakd Purflk*, bom March 18, 1745, a Farmer, married m 1768, Mary Hodge. He died August. 
1794- His widow married. December 31, 1795, Stephen KnOwlton. The children of Kdward Purple and 
Mary Hodge were Kdward, born August 14, 1769 ; Polly, born May 35, 1771 : AnseU born 1773 ; Samud, 
bora May aS, 1784 ; Ruih, baptized July 9, 1784 ; Deborah, bom April as, 1788 ; Sutira, born 1790 ; Ann, 
bom March 30, 1793. 

Ansel Purplk*, bom ia Middle Haddam, Ct., 1773. He wai a Farmer, and removed in 1797 » While*- 


Lawyer, of California, Arizona, Utah, Montana, and New 
York, son of Lyinan Smith and Minerva (Sheffield) Purple. 
He was born in Snerburne, Chenango Co., N.Y., June 30,1831. 
They had issue (all born in New York City) : Mary V. Pur- 
l)le, born April 9, 1869; died April 11, 1869; Mary Close 
Purple, born May 30, 1870; Frances Minerva and Amelia 
Georger Purple, twins, born Sept. 29, 1872 ; and Sarah Shef- 
field Purple, born May 30, 1875; ^^^^ J^i^ 5» 1876. 6. 
James Wood, born Sept. 30, 1850 ; died Feb. 22, 1859. 7* 
Walter McDougall, born July 19, 1852 ; m. ^farch 17, 1874, 
Matilda Marsac. They had issue: Mary V. Close, born in 
New York, Feb. 10, 1875. 

9. Emzabeth Lyn'Ch, born March 6, 1823 ; m. Nov. 12, 1843, 

John Bishop, of Brooklyn ; she died Oct. 4, 1854. 

10. Elias Lynch, born May 26, 1827 ; he has been thrice mar- 
ried ; no further i)articulars. 

11. Margaret Lynch, born Dec. 26, 1833; died Sept. 13, 1837. 

58. ii. Thomas Henderson,^ born June 13, 1792; m. Jan. 12, 1817, 
Ann Ross, and had issue: Abraham;^ Jane ;^ Thomas;^ Mary ;^ and 
Sarah Ann.^ 

59. iii. Sarah,' born June 23, 1794; m. June 3, 1809, John Galla- 
HER, and had issue: Margaret; Abraham; George; Alexander; Wil- 
liam W. ; Rachel ; Sarah ; John ; Eliza ; Ruth ; Jane ; Peter ; and Al- 

60. iv. James,^ born Nov. 23, 1796 ; died in 1819, unmarried. 

lown, N. v., and subsequently to Otscgu County, vhere he married, Feb. 19, 1798, Dolly, daughter of Dr. 
K.phriam Smith and liis wife Ahitjail Hig^'"^- He died while on a visit to Middle Haddam, November 
16, 1808. His widow married, October 5, 1809, Eiisha Harris, and removed co Chenango Co., N. Y., and 
afterwards to Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, wliere she died March 25. 1857. Their children were Lyman Smith', 
born in Uurlington, Otsego Co., N. V., Jan. 19, 1799 • Ansel, Laviiin, and Eiisha. 

I.VMAN .Smith PtKii.t*, lx)rn in Burlington, Jan. 19. 1799. Removed when young with his nwther to 
Chenango Co., N. Y., where he married. January 27. 1820, Minerva, daughter of Dr. James [Fones] .Shef- 
field and his wife .Sarah Calkins. She was born m Northumberland, Washington Co., N. V., July 4, 1801. 
and died in the City of New Vork March 27. 1868. He was a Tanner, Currier, and Shoemaker, and located 
after his marriage in the town of Lebanon, Madison Co., N. Y., and a few years after removed to the town 
of Sherburne, Chenango Co., N. Y. He was for many years Deacon of the Baptist Church in Earlvillc, N. Y., 
was a man of exemplary piety and singularly pure and upright in all the relations of life. He died at 
Earlville, May 7, 1839. Their children were : i, .Samuel Smith, bom in Lebanon, June 24, 1822, a Physician 
for the past thirty-three years in the City of New York, and unmarried. 2, Ansel Sheffield, bom in Lebanon, 
Nov. 15, 1825, a Farmer, and after 1846 a resident of Troy, Bradford Co., Pcnn., when he n\arried Sept. 
3, 1846, Mary E.. daughter of Aaron Baldwin and Harriet (Lawson) his wife. He died in the U. S. Vol- 
«mteer .Service at Uardstown, Ky., March 4, 1862. 3, Edwin Rulhvcn^, bom and married as noticed in 
ihe text. 

The materials in this Sketch, .not otherwise indicated, are from the 
Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in New York, a.nd New York 
Wii.Lsj AND Conveyances. 


Ackernian, 17. 
Ackley, 21. 
Adriaensen, 8. 
Adrianse, 15. 
Acrts, 17. 
Alberts, 8, 13. 
Alrichs, 16. 
Anlhonissen, 12. 
Arenls, 14, 17. 
Hacker, 12. 
Baird, 15. 
Baldwin, 22. 
Banta, 17. 
Barchstoel, 12. 
liayard, 13. 
Berdan, 17. 
Bergen, 17. 
Bertholf, 17. 
Bishop, 22. 
Blank, 20. 
Blinkerhof, 17. 
Blom, 15, 18. 
Bogardus, 7, 16. 
liogart, 12. 
Bosch, 15, 18. 
Bougart, 17. 
Bound, 9. 
Breestede, 9, 15. 
Brinckerhoff, 17. 
Brouwer, 5, 19, 20. 
Brown, 20. 
Bryant, 17. 
Burr, 9. 
Byvank, 18. 
Calkins, 22. 
Cappoens, 12. 
Carmer, 20. 
Chandelaer, 7. 
ChristofTels, 15. 
Claes, 20. 
Clock, 8. 
Close, 20, 21. 
Cornelise, 17. 
Cregiers, 15, 16. 
Croesvelt, 18. 
Crougers, 16. 
Davenport, 2(X 
De Caper, 10. 
De Foreest, la 
De Hart, 13. 

I D'Hinoyossa, 17. 
I De Key, 8. 

De Kype, 5, 6. 

De La Montagne, 6, 10, 13, 20. 

De Lanoy, 14, 15. 
! De Marneil, 6. 
jDc Mill, 9, 18. 

Deroillhct, 19, 20. 
I DeSille, 6, 16, 17. 
I De Suyers, 6. 
I De Truy, 7. 
I Droogh, 6, 12. 
I Druljet, 19, 20. 
1 Du Trieux, 10. 
; Duyckinck, 18. 
I Egberts, 17. 

Elbertszen, 13. 

Fish, 14. 

Fones, 22. 

Fulkerson, 2a 

Gallaer, 20. 

Gallaher, 22. 

Georger, 21. 

Gerrit, 7. 
I Gunther, 21. 
! Hansen, 18. 
I Hardenburg, 1 1. 
j Harris, 22. 
1 Harsen, 19. 
I Heerman, 17. 
j Hendricks, 8, 10, 12. 
! Hendrickszen, 6, 9. 
; Higbee, 20. 

Higgin?, 22. 
I Hodge, 21. 
I Holgate, 6, 10, II, 

HoUisier, 21. 
i Homes, 13. 
: Hooglant, 13, 15. 
' Hooms, 13. 

Hudson, 0. 
;jans, 9, 13, 16. 
• Janszen, 8, 10, 13 
i Jennings, 20. 

I Joris, 7. 

Kicft, 7, 8, 13. 

Kierstede, 13, 14, 15. 

Klock, 8. 

Knowlton, 21. 

! Krcgier, 16. 



Kuypcr, 17. 
La Montangie, 17. 
Lansing, 19. 
Laughlin, 21. 
Lawson, 22. 
Lc Clcrc, 12. 
Leech, 20. 
Leisler, 8, 15. 
Lcursen, 9. 
Lewis, II, 15. 
Loockermans, 7, 13. 
Lossing, 6. 
Lower, 5. 
Lubbcrts, 14. 
Lynch, 20, 21, 22. 
Lynsen, 1 1. 
Lyster, 17. 
McKinley, 19. 
>L'\rsac, 20, 21. 
NLarschalk, 11, 18. 
NLarshall, 21. 
Meyer, 9, 10. 
Middagh, 12. 
Monjour, 13. - 
Morgan, 20. 
Narbury, 14. 
Naylor, 20. 
Nerbery, 14. 

Niewkerk, 15. 

O'Callaghan, 16. 
Osborn, 20. 

Pahiier, 20. 

Pels, 18. 

Pietcrs, 13. 

Pietersen, 10. 

Provoost, 14. 

Purple, 21, 22. 

Quackenbos, 15. 

Quackenbush, 17. 

Quick, 9. 

Randolph, 21. 

Rapalje, 12. 

Rcmscn, 1 1 . 

Reynolds, 21. 

Rickman, 1 5. 

Roclofs, 13, 14. 

Romeyn, 14. 

Rommc, 14. 

Roosevelt, 9. 

Ross, 22. 

Ryckman, 15, 16. 

Schepmoes, 18. 

Schuyler, 21. 

Sclyns, 7. 

Sheffield, 22. 

Sill, 16. 

Simmons, 20. 

Slingerland, 11. 

Smith, 22. 
Snyder, 10. 
Snyers, 10. 
Spencer, 21. 
Stevens, 14. 
Stevenson, 14. 
Stoothoof, 13. 
Stuyvesant, 7, 16. 
Swarthout, 1 1. 
Swartwout, 1 1. 
Teller, 13. 
Terhuyne, 17. 
Tonneman, 16. 
Valentine, 10. 
Van Borsum, 13. 
Van Cortlandt, 12. 
Van Couwenhoven, 16. 
Van Dam, 14. 
Van den Berg, 5, 19. 
Van der Bcek, 17. 
Van der Heul, 8. 
Van der Hey den, 1 1. 
Van der Huyghens, 7,8. 
Van der Liphorst, 9, 18. 
Van der Schure, 17. 
Van der Spiegel, 14. 
Van Deusen, 18. 
Vanderzee, 1 1. 
Van Dicn, 17. 
Van Dyck, 17. 
Van Eps, 15. 
Van C;elder, 18. 
Van Gysse, 17. 
\'an Kleeck, 10. 
\'an Langcstraat, 14. 
\'an Noorstrant, 18. 
\'an Ranst, 14. 
\'an St. Obyn, 8. 
\'an Sickelen, 17. 
, Van Tienhoven, 16. 
\ Van Tilburg, 9. 
Van Tubingen, 8. 
Van Vleck, 13, 14, 15. 
j Van Voorhees, 17. 
Van Winkle, 17. 
I Veeder, 11. 
j Vermilyc, 6, 10. 
i Verplanck, 11, 13. 
! Waldron, 20. 
I Wanshaer, 8. 
I Ward, 21. 
I W^ells, 20. 
I Wendel, il. 
! Wesscls, II, 13, 
Wilkinson, 20, 
Winne, 17. 
Wynkoop, 9.