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Full text of "Contributions towards a genealogy of the (Massachusetts) family of Stiles : descended from Robert, of Rowley, Mass., 1659-1860"

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The materials of the following Family Memoir, were accumulated 
many years ago, while the author was engaged in compiling the 
genealogy of the Connecticut Family of Stiles — an entirely distinct 
race — and which was published in 1859.* As they evidently did 
not belong to the family upon which he was then engaged, they 
were laid aside — and other cares and duties have prevented their 
further arrangement and completion until the present timd Indeed, 
but little effort has been made, since the discovery that the Massa- 
chusetts family were not connected with the Connecticut family, 
to extend the lines of descent. And the principal motives which 
have induced its publication, are (1), an unwillingness to leave 
any genealogical manuscripts in an unfinished state; (2), a desire to 
gratify those who have taken an interest in the work, and who con- 
sequently have a right to the benefit of my investigations; and (3), 
a sentiment of personal respect to Dea. David Stiles, Jr., of Mid- 
dleton, Mass.. and to Esquire David Stiles, of Temple, N. H., to 
whose enthusiastic interest and kindly assistance, this Memoir owes 
much of its value. 

H. R. Stiles, M. D. 

Woodbridyr, N. </., Feb. 18, 1863. 

*In the Hist, and Geneal. of Ancient Windsor, Ct., 8vo. pp. 922. Also re- 
printed in pamphlet form, pp. 31. 


Robert Stiles of Dorchester, Mass., is first mentioned as the 
purchaser of land in that town, in 1659.* In the fall of the follow- 
ing year he married, and became a householder; and in 1663 "was 
obliged to pay the penalty for entertaining strangers contrary to 
law"f — a fact which does not speak well for his character as a citi- 
zen. In the year 1666-7, his name occurs among those who received 
grants of village lands in Rowley,! and in 1673 he, with four others, 

*From William Clarke. Stiles's residence in Dorchester was on, or near, 
the present Green street. 

^Hist. of Dorchester, 194. 

% Rowley (embracing the present towns of Bradford, Boxford, Georgetown, 
and parts of other villages) had been settled, in 1638, by a company of 
emigrants from Yorkshire, England, under the spiritual lead of Rev. Ezekiel 
Rogers, in honor of whose former residence the new plantation was named. 
The lands here spoken of consisted of 400 acres (lying in the present town 
of Boxford) granted to Thomas Dorman, John Cummins, and Robert Stiles, 
" bounded E. by land of William Stickney and others ; W. by Andover line ; 
N. by a highway which separates it from Mrs. Rogers's land in part, and 
part by other people's land ; S. with a line running straight from Andover 
line to a clump of trees on the N. side of Humphrey's pond. These 
boundaries include a piece of meadow, called Frye's meadow, before laid 
out to Mr. [Philip] Nelson." (Gage's Hist, of Rowley, p. 359). One 
hundred acres of this grant "lying on the north side of Humphrey's 
pond," was sold July 10, 1704, by Robert Stiles's son Ebenezer, to Ephraim 
Foster, blacksmith, of Andover, for the sum of £30 silver. He very pro- 


petitioned the General Court, praying that they might he set off to 
the adjoining town of Topsfield. Stiles and his fellow-petitioners 
were at this time residents of Rowley Village (now Boxford) ahout 
six or seven miles from Old Rowley, and as it was much nearer for 
them to attend church at Topsfield than at Rowley, they preferred 
to pay their ministry rates to the former place. This however was 
denied them.* In 1670 Stiles sold his property in Dorchester to 
Edward Payson of that place. In 1672, he was called before the 
selectmen of Dorchester ' : to answer for idleness; and it was found 
that neither he nor his wife improved their time, as they should." 
Yet, the admonition which they, doubtless, received from the worthy 
magistrates, on that occasion, does not seem to have been heeded, as in 
1679, the records of that town inform us that " Robert Stiles was 
called before the Selectmen to give an account how he improved 
his time ; also the same in relation to his children. The conclusion 
was that he should look out for a place for his children, or the Se- 
lectmen would provide one."f In 1680, he is mentioned as among 
the recipients of the legacy left by Mrs. (wid. of) John Birge, for 
the poor of the town of Dorchester — = which bounty was that year 
distributed in shoes. J In 1684, the Rev. Joseph Capen was settled 
at Topsfield, where a church had existed since 1663, and in his list 
of " members in full communion" at the time of his ordination, we 

bably owned lands in Rowley at an earlier date, as on an old tax-book of 
that town, from 1660-1664, he is noted as paying tax to the amount of 
£0:6:9. (JV. E. Hist.-Gen. Reg., xv, 254). 

*This interesting petition may be found, at length, in Gage's Hist, of 
Rowley, pp. 361-364. 

fHist. of Dorchester, 223, 236. 

J Ibid, p. 239. The same year the town of Rowley appointed certain per- 
sons to see that the Sabbath was well kept — and •" Goodman Stiles's" 
family was one of eleven families, under the supervision of Joseph Bigsbee. 
Hist. Rowley, p. 365, 


find the name of Robert Stiles,* as also (subsequent to his ordination) 
those of his son John, and Deliverance wife of the latter, and under 
date of Feb. 23, 1689, the name of Elizabeth Stiles. During the 
year 1685 the town of Boxford was formed, and the Stiles family 
afterward appear on that town and church records. In the Old 
Burying Ground at Dorchester, Mass., is the gravestone of" Robert 
Stiles, Aged About 91 Years, d. Nou' the 2A, 1710." 

The first volume of the Records of Births in Essex county, Mass., 
at the Clerk of Court's oflice at Salem, contains the record of births, 
marriages and deaths from 1651—1691, inclusive, among which are 
the following : 

" In Rowley, Robert Stiles and Elizabeth [dau. of John] Frye, 
married the fourth of October, 1660. 


" In Rowley, John, son of Robert Stiles, borne the 30 day of Jan- 
uary, 1661. f 

" In Rowley, Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Styles, borne the 15 
of March, 1662. 

" In Rowley, Sarah, an umiac daughter of Robert Stiles, borne 
31 of Jan : 1 [torn off, probably 1664] Sarah, daughter of Robert 
Styles, dyed 7th of Feb. 1664. 

" In Rowley, Abigaill, daughter of Robert Stiles, borne 15 day of 
February. 1666. 

*i\ r . E. Hist.-Gen. Reg., xvi, 213. His name is followed by the sign 
" d d " t. e. deceased. 

f In a list of Births, Marriages and Deaths, in Dorchester, Mass. (N. E. 
Hist.-Gen. Reg., xvi, 156), we find this "John son of Robert Stiles, b. 
25 (2) 1669; his eldest son Joseph, b. last day of June 1667." In Essex 
Hist. Coll., iv, 59, we find " 1661. John, son of Robert Stiles, b. June last 
day." In Hist, of Rowley, p. 147, 1661 is given as date of birth of Robert's 
first child. 



" In Kowley, Ebenezer, son of Robert Stiles, borne the 20th of 
February, 1669. 

" In Rowley, Sarah, daughter of Robert Stiles, borne the 20th of 
October, 1672. 

" In Rowley, Robert, son of Robert Stiles, borne the 15 of Novem- 
ber, 1675. 

" In Rowley, Timothy, son of Robert Stiles, borne the first of 
October, 1678. 

By the Boxford Records, it appears that Robert Stiles married a 
second wife Elizabeth , by whom he had 

Samuel, b. May 21, 1682. 

Note. — We must confess ourselves somewhat in the dark about Robert 
Stiles's history. We cannot reconcile the records of Dorchester, from 1659 
to 1680, which give him the character of being a shiftless, if not a vicious 
man, with the items of his Rowley connection, from 1660 to 1684, or there- 
abouts, which represent him as a sober citizen, possessed of considerable 
property, which he left to his children. The very estimable character 
which all his descendants, from his sons down to the present day, have 
sustained, is certainly not in accordance with the bad example, and neglect 
which the children of Robert of Dorchester must have had from their father. 
Savage, in his great Genealogical Dictionary, seems also to have been puzzled 
as to this matter, as he says (vol. n, 195) "Robert, Boxford, m. 4 Oct., 
1660, Eliz. d. of John Frye of Andover; was of Rowley, 1661, but perhaps 
rem. to Dorchester, where I find one of this name, 1663, yet in my opin. this 
Dorchester man was older than him of B. possib. but not prob. was s. of 
John the first ; and inscript. on gr. stone is of his d. 2 Nov. 1710, and age, 
a. 91, that may seem something too high." Our own opinion is, that what- 
ever the degree of relationship between them, Robert of Dorchester, and 
Robert of Rowley, were entirely different individuals, and that some record 
will yet be brought to light settling this point, and thereby relieving the 
worthy descendants of the latter from the odium which seems to attach to 
him of Dorchester. 


Descendants of ROBERT STILES, the Settler, in the Line 
of his son John Stiles. 

JOHN,* m. Deliverance ; was a freeman at Boxford, in 

Oct. 1690.f Children {from Boxford ToumRec.) : A DAU., b. Oct. 

23, ; a dau., b. Feb. 17, 1686-7; a son [John ?i], b. Nov. 1, 

16—; Mehitable, b. Oct. 22, ; a dau., b. Feb. 17, 1702-3. 

JOHN, 1 Jr., m. Eleanor Pearl, Jan. 18. 1715. Children {from 
Boxford Town Bee.) : Benjamin,- b. May 25, 1717 ; John, b. Sept. 
23, 1719 ; Richard, b. June 28, 1721, d. July 24, 1747 ; Deliv- 
erance, b. Feb. 27, 1722-3 ; John, b. Mch. 17, 1725 ; Abigail, b. 
Feb. 8, 1727-8 : Mary, b. Feb. 28, 1729-30. 

BENJAMIN,'-* m. Elizabeth Foster of Andover, Mass. (publish- 
ment dated Nov. 26, 1737). Children (from Boxford Town Rec.): 
Phineas, b. Sept. 25, 1738; Simeon, b. Dec. 15,1739, d. Dec. 31, 

* The Hist, of Dorchester, p. 147, in a list of those " who lived in the town, 
and who had reached the age of 21 years, up to the year 1700," gives the 
name of John, as well as of Robert Stiles. Of the former, Savage, Geneal. 
Diet. (Vol. in, 195) says "John, Dorchester, 1692, perhaps was s. of 
Robert of the same ; but certainty is beyond reach, and all that can be known 
is, that his wife was Mary, that he had John, Joseph, Elizabeth, Mary, 
Nathaniel, and Nehemiah, of which Joseph, Mary and Nathaniel d. of small 
pox in the fatal season of Jan. 1721-2." The following inscriptions (see 
N. E. Mist. -Gen. Reg., iv, 92) are from the Old Burying Ground at Dor- 
chester: " Here Lyes two Children Of John & Mary Stiles, — Nathaniel 
Stiles Died January 9, 1721, Aged 8 Years, — Mary Stiles Died January 9, 
1721, In 13th Year Of Her Age." Also, "Benjamin, son to John Styls 
Aged 1 Month Died April ye 19, 1708 (N. E. Hist. -Gen. Reg., iv, 278). The 
identity of this John of Dorchester and John of Boxford, seems as difficult 
to prove, from the data furnished, as that of Robert of Dorchester and Robert 
of Rowley. On the whole it rather confirms our suspicion that Robert of 
Dorchester was not Robert of Rowley. 

fN. E. Hist.-Gen. Reg., in, 351. 


1739; Edmond, b. Nov. 22, 1740, m. Elizabeth Preston, Oct. 11, 
1763 {Box. Rec.) ; Foster, b. Feb. 21, 1742-3 j Simeon,3 b. July 
24, 1744 : Benjamin, Jr., b. May 31, 1750 : Cyrus,4 b. May 13, 
1753 : Josiah,5 b. May 26, 1755 :* Joshua, b. Apl. 6, 1758. 

SIMEON^ who d. May 3, 1831, m. Mary , who d. Apl. 19, 

1836. Children {from Boxford Town Rec.) : Mary, b. Jan. 8, 
1769, d. Dec. 24, 1835 ; Moses, b. Dec. 20, 1770 ; Simeon, b. Aug. 
23, 1774, is now living at Portsmouth, N. H. ; Mercy, b. Aug. 28, 
1777, d. Aug. 23, 1825; Asa, b. Mch. 3, 1779, living at Boxford, 

CYKUS,-* m. Hannah Curtis of Middleton, Mass., Feb. 17, 1781, 
lived awhile in Middleton, Mass., from whence he moved to Amherst, 
N. H. Children : Cyrus, Jr., b. at Middleton, Feb. 25, 1790 ; 
Hannah, b. at 31., Apl. 1, 1792. 

JOSIAH, 5 m. Lydia Gale of Sutton (now Millbury), Mass., July 
13, 1776. He d. 1822. Children : Barney,6 b. Nov. 9, 1781 : 
Jonas; Luther?; Isaacs ; Cyrus; Charles 9 ; Vernon™; Han- 
nah, m. Elias Foster, has issue, Hannah, Mary, Augustus J.; Lydia. 

BARNEY^ m . Cornelia Clesbe of Amsterdam, N. Y., Nov. 13, 
1806. Is a manufacturer of scythes. Children : Anson Gale, b. 
June 7, 1809, m. Ann Jane Waters, June 8, 1836; Clarissa 
Clesbe, b. July 28, 1811, m. B. N. Y. Nedder, Oct. 4, 1837, d. 
July 12, 1852 ; Orson, m. Francis S. Guernsey, Oct. 20, 1846. 

LUTHER/ lived in Elgin, Ill.f Children : Luther C. ; Cor- 
nelius; Harriet; Mary. 

*The name of Josiah and records of his descendants are furnished by 
Mr. Barney Stiles, of Amsterdam, N. Y., who also adds the names of 
"Marshall, and two others who d. young." Josiah lived in Sutton, now 
Millbury, Worcester co., Mass. 

f Luther Stiles d. at Elgin, 111., in 1857, a. 79. A local newspaper says 
of him: "The death of this good man is widely felt and deeply lamented. 
In this community, his memory is cherished with more than an ordinary 
degree of affection. For many years he exemplified the truth and import- 


ISAAC, 8 had children : Augustus J. ; Nancy. 
CHARLES, 9 had : La vinia Martha; Elizabeth W. ; Irving. 
VERNON,io of Millbury, Mass., m. Lucy H. Goddard, Sept. 22, 
1824,* had Josiah ; Perley. 

aace of the Christian religion in the midst of this people, living to do good 
and honor his Divine Master. He was an esteemed member of, and an 
honored and useful officer in the Presbyterian church in this village, in 
which capacity he did much to promote the interests of vital piety. More 
than twenty years since he removed to the west, first to Michigan, and then 
to Illinois, where he aided essentially in building up two or three new 
churches. He lived to witness and enjoy, during the past winter, an ex- 
tensive revival of religion in Elgin, and from such delightful scenes was 
called to his heavenly rest." Crosby's Ann. Obituaries for 1857. 
* Goddard Genealogy, p. 39. 


Descendants of ROBERT STILES, the Settler, in the Line 
of his son Ebenezer Stiles. 

EBENEZER, m. Dorothy Dalton, July 23, 1701 ;* was a man of 
considerable wealth, for those days. A few years previous to his 
death he paid the highest tax, but one, in the town of Middleton, 
Mass., where he resided. He was a selectman for several years, and 
was honored with the prefix of " Mr." He purchased land in M. 
about 1700. He d. June 3, 1746, a. 77, and his wife d. at age of 
93 {Midd. Rec.) From Andover, Mass. Rec, we learn the names 
of his children: Mehitable, b. 1702; Dorothy, b. Feb. 1706; 
Ebenezer, 1 b. July 31, 1707 ; Hezekiah, 2 b. abt. 1712; Daniel,3 
b. July 25 or 15, 1715; Caleb 4 (prob. belonged to this family). 

EBENEZER,i Jr., m. Sarah How, April 23, 1733. He inherited 
much of his father's spirit, wrote a good hand, and was, with his 
father, one of the original formers of the M. church in 1729. He 
d. 1787, a. 85. Children {from Middleton Rec.) : Ebenezer, b. 
Feb. 10, 1734, d. 1756, single; Ezekiel,s b. Oct. 5, 1735; Joseph," 
b. July 15, 1737; Abner," b. Aug. 2, 1739; AsA,?b. Nov. 3, 1741 ; 
John, b. Apl 4, 1744, d. 1803. 

HEZEKIAH, 2 m. Hannah Barnard in Andover, Mass., Nov. 24, 
1736. She d. May 24, 1752, a. 37. Children {from Andover Rec): 
Hannah, b. Jan. 10, 1739, d. May 18, 1752; Stephen^ b. Mch. 
11, 1741; Barnard, b. June 28, 1744; Dorothy, b. Jan. 29, 
1752, d. July 12, 1753 ; Hannah, b. Nov. 9, 1753 ; Dorothy, b. 
Jan. 14, 1755; Mehitable, b. Feb. 18, 1757; Hezekiah, w b. 
Aug. 5, 1759. 

DANIEL^ m. Elizabeth Booth, May 23, 1742. Children {from 
Middleton, Mass., Rec.) : Daniel, 11 Jr., b. July 22, 1744; John, 12 
b. Sept. 5, 1746; Elizabeth, b. Sept. 11, 1748; Mehitable, b. 

*N. E. Hist.-Gen. Reg., vin, 236. 


Nov. 8, 1750; Mary, b. Apl. 24, 1752; Samuel," b. March 21, 

CALEBS m. Sarah * Children : Rebecca, b. Sept. 26, 

1734; Sarah, b. Feb. 11, 1736; Caleb, b. June 19, 1737; Me- 
hitable, b. June 10, 1739 ; Dorothy, b. Sept. 2, 1740; Hannah, 
b. May 26, 1746; Joshua," b. June 16, 1749. 

EZEKIEL, 5 lived on the homestead and m. Miriam Richardsonf 
of Marblehead. He d. 1788 or '89, a. 46. His wife d. 1819, a. 73. 
Children (from Middleton Bee.) : Sarah ; Ebenezer, bap. Sept. 
23, 1764; Simeon, is bap. July 5, 1772; Andrew. 16 bap. Sept. 7, 
1775 ; Aaron, b. Oct. 1, 1778 ; David.i- bap. Nov. 1, 1781 (or 5 ?) ; 
Phineas, bap. Nov. 1, 1784, d. 1820, a. 25 ; Hannah, bap. Nov. 
11, 1789. 

*M. 2, Polly Dalton, Amherst, N. H. ? In vol. i, of Select Tracts, in N. Y. 
Hist. Soc. Library, may be found a History of the Churcli in Amherst, N. H., 
in which Caleb Stiles is mentioned as one of its founders, Sept. 22, 1741. 

f Extract from letter of Dea. David Stiles, Jr., of Middleton, Mass. — "My 
grandmother, Miriam Stiles, lost her husband Ezekiel, when her family, 
composed mostly of boys, was quite young; and being of a courageous dis- 
position, she took the reins without hesitation, and soon cleared up all the 
incumbrances on the farm, while her five boys (from the age of a few 
months, to those of 16 or 17 years of age) were taught to obey and respect 
her; and having once put her hand to the work she was not one to look 
back. It is said that, on one occasion at least, she felt it her duty to flog 
one of the oldest boys, which she did in the old puritan style. In fact, her 
courage and perseverance became known throughout the vicinity. On one 
occasion, four men, returning from a hunting excursion on horseback, and 
probably unwilling to return home without accomplishing something, took 
it into their heads to make a little " game " of the old widow, and see how 
she would behave. They, therefore, rode past the house around a hill out 
of sight, and tied their horses. The stars dimly shone, as they silently 
advanced, in single file toward the house, with their guns upon their shoul- 
ders. Taking their position under a large tree which stood in front of the 
widow's dwelling, they commenced, in the most deliberate manner, loading 
their guns with powder and shot, and then rapidly poured their whole 
broadside into the front of the house. It was well riddled — several win- 


JOSEPH. m. Eunice Wilkins; was one of the first settlers of 
Wilton, N. H. ; served 7 yrs. in the Revolution, was present at the 
battle of Bennington. He moved to Nelson, N. H., where he d. 
1812, a. 84. His wife d. at same place a. 80. Children (all b. at 
Wilton, JV. //.) : Joseph, 18 Jr., b. June 5, 1762; Ebenezer,* 9 b. 
June 14, 1765; Andrew, 20 b. Jan. 10, 1770; Abram,si b. Mch. 
13, 1777 ; Aaron, b. Mch. 13, 1782, drowned at sea, 1806, unmar- 
ried ; Lucy, b. Mch. 24, 1768, m. Samuel Putnam, lived and d. at 
Hunneford, Me. ; Eunice, b. July 2, 1773, m. 1, William Shannon ; 
m. 2, David White, lives at Nelson, N. H. 

ABNEBv m. Ruth Bickford, settled at Wilton, N. H., where he 
d. 1791. Children : John, m. Sarah Sheldon, after her father's 
death occupied the homestead at W., was killed by the kick of a 
horse — no issue; Betsy, m. Asa Stiles (her cousin), had 5 child., 
d. in 1800 ; Ruth, m. James Hutchinson, settled in W., had 4 child. 

dows were broken; and, the next day, some of the shot were picked out of 
the dog's neck, altho' he had remained in the rear of the house. As the 
old lady passed through the front entry, into the west end of the house, to 
take counsel of Mr. Wright (an infirm old man who was living there, helped 
by the town), a shot shattered the front door. The house was far from any 
neighbors, a fact on which this lawless party had doubtless calculated — as 
rendering their detection less liable. Before they had time, however, to 
unhitch their horses, the old lady was in their midst, and calling them by 
name, demanded restitution forthwith, threatening prosecution immediately 
if it was not made. They honorably settled all the damages the next day, 
well satisfied to escape so easily from the consequences of their frolic. 

Another anecdote is as follows: The widow's flock of geese, which was 
large, had been much annoyed and decimated by foxes. One night hearing 
an unusual clatter among the geese, she got up and went out to the goose- 
house, ready for service. In her hurry she took neither candle nor lantern, 
but nothing daunted, she boldly thrust her hand into the goose-house to 
find out what was going on. Her hand fell on something which did not 
feel like geese-feathers, so she grappled with it, pulled it out, and carried 
it into the house, when on getting a light, she found she had captured a 
large fox, which feigned dead. Thinking this might be so, as the goose had 
probably beat him violently with its wings, the old lady threw him down at 


ASA,e m. Huldah Bixby, Dec. 27. 1764, settled at Middleton, 
Mass., of which town he was at one time Town Clerk ; a blacksmith 
by trade.* Moved to Temple, N. H., and d. April 9, 1808. Child- 
ren : Asa,22 b. Nov. 10, 1765 ; Ebenezer,^ b. Aug. 28. 1769 , 
Huldah, b. Dec. 28, 1772, m. Joseph Kidder, Jr., of Temple, N. H., 
Mch. 5,1795; Olive, b. Aug. 6, 1776, d. 1851, unmarried; Fanny, 
b. Mch. 30, 1778, m. Oliver Whiting, settled in Wilton, N. H., had 
3 child. ; David,*! b. Dec. 22, 1779. 

STEPHEN," m. Wid. Huldah Wardwell, of Andover, Mass., 
June 9, 1772. Children (from Andover Rec.) : Huldah, b. Mch. 
9,1774; Stephen, Jr., b. July 18, 1777; Moses, b. Nov. 19, 1781. 

HEZEKIAH.™ m. Phebe Austin, of Lunenburg, Mass. (pub- 
lishment dated June 8, 1782). She d. in Ptindge, N. H., Oct. 15, 
1835, in 78th yr.' He d. at R. 1790, a. 30. Children (born in L.) ; 
Samuel,' 25 b. Nov. 2, 1784 : Hannah ; John ; Phebe. 

the door of the boys' bedroom, telling them to get up and skin him while 
he was yet warm. Suddenly, however, the widow's sharp eyes discovered 
that the fox was far from dead, and he was, forthwith, killed. 

Mrs. S.'s maiden name was Richardson, and she was b. in Marblehead, 
Mass. When quite a little girl, she became an inmate of the family of Wid. 
Ruth Elliott, near the residence of Mr. Andrew Nichols, in Middleton, Mass. 
From this house, she moved, after her marriage, to the place (built by 
Ebenezer for his son Ebenezer, Jr.) now owned by Dea. David Stiles, where 
she spent the remainder of her days, and was buried in the Symonds burial 
ground. She was naturally a tender-hearted woman, and ready to give a 
helping hand to the needy. She also possessed much wit, and keenly en- 
joyed a good joke. 

On one occasion the writer of this, when a few months old, crept into her 
room (in the east part of the house), whereupon taking a very large pewter 
platter from the shelf, he was placed upon it, and carried to the west room 
where his parents were at dinner. There, shoving the plates a little one 
side, she placed the platter, with its living burden, upon the table, saying : 
1 This is all yours ; serve him as you see fit — if, however, he lives, tell him 
how he became possessed of this platter.' This platter is now sacredly 
kept by its owner.'' 

* Hist, of Temple, N. H., p. 164. Also see p. 165. 



DANIEL,! i m. Sarah Averill, Sept. 25, 1771, who d. Sept. 20, 
1805. He d. Feb. 6, 1S21. Children : Zeruiah, b. May 9, 1772 ; 
Daniel, 26 b. June 5, 1775; Elijah, 27 b. Mch. 4, 1784. 

JOHN,'- m. Mary How, Jan. 20, 1767. Children: JoHN,2S b. 
Jan. 20, 1770 ; Samuel, b. Feb. 12, 1772 ; Azor, b. Sept. 3, 1774 ; 
Mary, b. Oct. 29, 1776; Esther, b. Aug. 30, 1780 (or 1778?); 
Sarah, b. Feb. 20, 1784. 

SAMUEL. is m . Edna Gould, Dec. 13, 1781, lived in Middleton, 
Mass. Children: Edna, b. Feb. 24, 1782; Samuel, b. April 14, 
1783; Betty, b. Dec. 22, 1784. 

JOSHUA. 1 ! m. 1, Mehitable Leman; m. 2, Hannah Leman, both 
of Greenfield, N. H. ; m. 3, Sally Dustin, of Haverhill, Mass.* He 
d. at G. July 11, 1824. Children : Caleb Dalton,^ b. May 26, 
1792 ; Mehitable, m. William Holt, lived and d. at Greenfield, 
N. H. ; Rebecca, d. single at Danvers, Mass. ; Azuba, m. Eben. 
Walton, of Reading, Mass., where she d. ; Joshua, of Waltham, 
Mass.; Samuel " in the west;" Jonathan, in New York state; 
David, was killed at the battle of Bridgewater ; Peter, was waiter 
to Gen. Miller in the war of 1822, and present at Hull's surrender. 
He d. in Bakersfield, Vt. 

SIMEON,! < in. Sarah Elliott, Nov. 26, 1811. Children : Simeon, 
b. Aug. 21, 1814; Sarah, b. Dec. 22, 1818. 

ANDREW,^ m . Hannah Kimball. He d. in 1847, a. 69. Child- 
ren : Hannah Kimball, b. May 19, 1814 ; Andrew, 30 b. Feb. 25, 
1816; Joseph, b. Apl. 22, 1818, m. Aug. 24, 1854; John Pot- 
ter,^ b. Oct. 6, 1819. 

Dea. DAVID, 17 m. Nancy Farnham, Mch. 12, 1812, at Andover, 
Mass. Has been deacon of the First Cong. Ch. of Middleton, Mass., 
where he resides, since 1831 — has been Selectman, Overseer of the 
Poor, &c, &c, '• and is one of those old fashioned people who think 
the folks now-a-days need looking after " {Dea. David, Jr.'s Letter). 

* Grand-dau, of the Mrs. Dustin of "Indian captivity" celebrity. 


Children : David.-^ J r .. b. June 19, 1813 ; Farnham. b. Nov. 19. 
1814, m. E. P. Russell, Apl. 27, 1837 ; Lydia Richardson, b. Nov. 
28, 1819, d. Oct. 26, 1847; Hiram Abbott,™ b. May 10, 1822; 
Franklin Osgood, b. Jan. 14, 1825;* Levi Bridgman, b. Sept. 14, 
1827, d. Oct. 12, 1827 ; Nancy Emeline, b. Aug. 14, 1828. m. G-. 
H. Tufts, June 2, 1846 ; Warren, b. Apl. 21. 1830. d. Dec. 4. 1848. 
JOSEPH,^ Jr., m. Ruth Greeley, settled in Lands-rove. Vt., 
moved to Hebron, N. Y., and d. in 1842. Children: Amity, m. 

Rich, lived in Troy, N. Y. ; Silas,-^ b. Mch. 6, 1799 ; Patty. 

m. Samuel Hough, lives in Oswego, N. Y. ; Joseph, Jr., d.; Ruth, 
m. Daniel Wells; Alvin, m. and d. : Alansox. m. Siloam Bene- 
dict, lives in Mexico, N. Y. 

* ,; Died at Middleton, Mass., Jan. 26, 1857, of consumption. Franklin 
Osgood Stiles, aged 32. 

Mr. Stiles was born in M., and his father is at present a deacon in the 
orthodox Cong. Church in that place. When but fourteen years of age he 
was sufficiently decided in his religious views to admit of his union with 
the church. The influence of the Christian principles he at that time pro- 
fessed was to increase the attractiveness of a character which Nature her- 
self had rendered winning. At the age of 17 years he became a pupil at 
Phillips's Academy, Andover, Mass., where he remained until his 18th 
year. At this time he manifested a great taste for mechanics, and under 
the instruction of his brother David Stiles, in his native town, he applied 
himself to learn the trade of a blacksmith. But after six years spent at the 
forge, desiring better facilities for improving his mind than his situation 
afforded, he left his native place to become a student at Leicester Academy. 
He there studied assiduously for four years, and then entered Amherst 
College, with the design of educating himself for the ministry. He gradu- 
ated at Amherst with high honors, in the fall of 1856. Very soon after the 
termination of his collegiate course, he went to test his strength by teach- 
ing at an academy at Adrian, Mich. Here his disease made rapid progress, 
and in a few months he returned to his home to die. * * * * With a calm 
and unwavering trust in Christ, whose presence he recognized continually, 
he set out cheerfully to be led by Him through the 'Valley of the Shadow of 
Death,' into the presence of his Heavenly Father." — (Newspaper Obituary.) 


EBENEZER, 19 m. Sarah Killam, Dec. 20, 1792. Is a farmer at 
Peru, Vt. Children: Sarah, b. July 12, 1794, m. Sam. Parker, 
lives in Potsdam, N. Y. : Polly, b. May 8, 1796, m. Joseph Stone, 
1828, lives in Peru, Vt. ; Ebenezer, b. May 9, 1798, m. Clarissa 
Edson, lives at White Breast, Iowa ; Alice, b. May 10, 1800, un- 
married, at Woodburn, N. Y. ; Francis K.,^ b. Sept. 19, 1802 ; 
Aaron, b. June 10, 1804, m. Laura Irish, lives at Potsdam, N. Y. ; 
Benjamin, b. Aug. 5, 1806, m. Wid. Lydia Cotton, lives at Purdy 
Creek, N. Y. 

ANDREW, 20 then of Packersfield, m. 1, Lydia (dau. of Samuel 
and Lydia) Holt, of Temple, N. II., Nov. 17, 1791. She d. Feb. 6, 
1813, a. 31, and he m. 2, Dorcas Beard, at Nelson, N. H., where he 
d. Oct, 16, 1828. Children, by his first wife: Andrew, b. Oct. 9, 
1792; Lydia, b. Aug. 3, 1794; Lois, b. July 13, 1796; Henry 
Holt, b. Nov. 11, 1798, d. Dec. 9, 1806 ; Abner, b. Aug. 12, 1800, 
d. Oct. 10, 1801. Children, by his second wife : Henry, b. Oct. 17, 
1815, m. Emeline Taylor, Dec. 17, 1840, has 3 sons, and a dau., 
lives at Ogle Station, Lee co., Ill ; Hannah, b. July 22, 1817, m. 
Dudley Hubbard, Jan. 25, 1839, lives at Roxbury, Mass. ; David 
B.,36 b. Feb. 5, 1819. 

ABRAM,2i m. Hannah Stoddard, of Nelson, N. H., Mch. 11, 
1801. Is a farmer, at Keene, N. H. Children : Abram, 37 Jr., b. 
Oct. 27, 1802 ; Lucy, b. Oct. 16, 1804, m. Amasa Brown, lives in 
Keene, N. H.; Miranda, b Nov. 14, 1806, d. Feb. 8, 1831 ; Aaron, 
b. Feb. 22, 1809, d. Nov. 25, 1828; Richard S., b. Aug. 15,1811, 
m. Sarah Stilston, resides at Rockford, 111. ; Henry, b. Oct. 4, 1815, 
d. Mch. 14, 1831 ; Laura, b. Apl. 14, 1817, lives, single, at Keene, 
N. H. ; Gardner, b. Aug. 31, 1819, m. Mary A. Woodcock, lives 
at Rockford, 111. 

ASA, Jr., 22 m. 1, Betsy (dau. of Abner) Stiles, and settled in 
Wilton, N. H. ; m. 2, Wid. Cahoon, m. 3, Polly Descombe. His 
first wife Betsy, d. 1800 ; he d. 1832. Children, by first wife : 
Asa,38 b. Apl. 27, 1794 ; Betsy, b. 1798, m. David Blood, is now 


a wid. and childless; Polly, b. June, 1800, m. Royal Blood, lives 
in Ind. Cliildren, by second wife : Nancy, b. 1803, m. Gilbert 
Tapley, lives at Milford, Ind. j Abigail (b. with but one hand), m. 
Ebenezer Davidson, lives in Mich. ; Sarah, m. Reuben Daniels, 
lives in Woodstock, Ct., has children. 

EBENEZER.23 m . 1, Prudence Childs, of Temple, N. H., Mch. 

27, 1791 ;* m. 2, Sarah Putnam ; m. 3, . He d. 1835, a. 66. 

Children, by first wife ; Timothy, 39 b. 1797 ; Susannah, m. Ira 
Hadley, left one dau. who m. Sylvester Fitch, has two children. 
Children, by second wife: Willard, 40 b. 1806; Sarah, b. June 
10, 1809, single. 

Esq. DAVID/^f m. Betsy Mack of Londonderry, Vt., Sept. 1808. 
Children: Elizabeth Jane, b. Aug. 1808, in Temple. N. H., m. 

*This date from Hist, of Temple, N. H, p. 265. The same authority also 
states (p. 68) that Ebenezer Stiles, together with six others, and their 
estates, were, on their petition, set off from the town of Lyndeboro, and 
annexed to the town of Temple, by Act of Legislature, June 10, 1796. He 
was Constable of T. in 1815. 

f The following autobiographical sketch of this venerable gentleman, who 
has evinced a very hearty interest in this record of his ancestry, is ex- 
tracted from one of his letters to the author. The portions enclosed within 
brackets, are furnished by the Hist, of Temple, N. H. 

"You kindly ask some particulars of my own career, and 1 wish 1 could 
give you something more worthy of record. I was born in Middleton, Mass., 
and when nearly three years old [Nov. 1782] my father removed his fumily 
to Temple, N. H., where I lived like other folks, with the privilege of com- 
mon schools — never fell in love with hard work. In 1795 I went to an 
academy six weeks — in '97 I kept a small school, in 1798 I went to an 
academy four weeks, and that was nearly the last of my schooling. In 
1799 I went into a store and followed that business three years [Nov. 1800, 
he went to Lyndboro, spent two years there as a trader, and then returned 
to Temple] when my brothers were married and settled, and my father was 
feeble, so I went home and took the homestead, and paid out to the heirs, 
the sum agreed upon. In 1806 I was chosen Constable, and in 1807, at the 


Jas. S. Mace of Amherst, had a dau. Letitia Jane, who d. a. 15 ; 
David, 41 Jr., b. Feb. 1811 ; Frances, b. July 1813. now living, 

SAMUEL^ of Rindge, N. H., m. Polly Washburn, of Attle- 
borough, Mass.. Oct. 26, 1812. He d. at Dummerstown, Vt., July 
12, 1854, a. 09. Children : Eveline W., b. at Rindge, N. H., 
Apl. 5, 1814 ; Orville C, b. at Stafford, Ct., Jan. 12, 1817 ; John 
A., b. at Stafford, Ct.. Sept. 4, 1819 grad. (M.D.)j 1858 at Homoeo- 
pathic Med. Coll., of Pennsylvania ; Mary W., b. at Rindge, N H., 
Mch. 8, 1822; Lyman, b. at Rindge, N. H., July 8, 1824; Julia 
Ann, b. Dec. 10, 1820. 

DANIEL,^ m. Betty Peabody, Oct. 2, 1800. Children : Joseph 
Peabody,^, b. June 1, 1801 ; Jesse « b. June 12, 1804 ; Catha- 

age of 27, I was chosen one of the Selectmen of Temple [of which body he 
was member, and, at times, Moderator, in the years 1812, '18, '20, '22, '23, 
'24, '26, '27, 1833, and 1834] ; at the same time was commissioned an 
officer of the militia, and in 1808, received a commission of Justice of the 
Peace, which office I have held to this day, and yesterday the Secretary 
sent me a polite note that a new commission for five years, was ready for 
me. In 1825, '26 and '27, I represented the town of Temple in the Legisla- 
ture. After I became a voter I took a decided stand for Mr. Jefferson, but 
the town of Temple was two-thirds against me in politics. But I have 
never seen reason to leave that party since, and in 1828, when there was a 
great struggle between John Q. Adams and Andrew Jackson, I stood for 
Jackson, and that flung me out of the General Court until 1837, when I 
was elected to the Senate, and served one year. My business (besides 
my own farm) has been Agency. I have settled more than twenty dead 
men's estates, and some live ones', and have had many guardianships of 
Idiots, Drunkards and Minors, by which you will see that I have had some 
disagreeable business. Of Towu business I have suffered every office from 
hog-reeve to Town Clerk [1823, 1824], excepting only Town Treasurer and 
Tything-man. * * * Being a surveyor of land, has led me into much con- 
test for others, when there was disputed titles. I never had a lawsuit go to 
a jury, either of my own, or as agent." See also Hist. Temple, pp. 35, 37, 
84, 86, 90, 131, 198, 252. 


rine Stmonds, b. Apl. 22, 1806; Dean« b. July 3, 1811; Fre- 
derick,^ b. Dec. 30, 1814. 

ELIJAH" m. Tabitha Gray of No. Andover, Mass. He d. Aug. 
11, 1850. Children : Phcebe. b. May 9, 1807 ; Elijah, « b. Nov. 
14. 1808 ; William Allen,*' b. May 15, 1810 ; Israel « b. July 
4, 1815; Daniel^ b. Nov. 15, 1821. 

JOHN,-' m. Rebecca Kenney, Nov. 26, 1795. Children : Israel, 
b. Apl. 22. 1790; Mary, b. Aug. 29, 1798; Phebe, b. May 17, 
1800 ; Elbridge, b. May 16, 1802, dec d ; Jefferson, b. Sept. 2, 
1803 ; Eunice, b. Aug. 6, 1805 ; Elbridge, b. Nov. 25, 1806 ; 
Lydia. b. Oct. 27. 1808 ; Rebecca, b. Feb. 23. 1812. 

CALEB DALTON,29 m . Clarissa Beckwith of Lempster, N. H., 
Jan. 6, 1812. He d. June 25, 1830. Children : Sarah Louisa, 
b. Sept. 22, 1812, m. Nathaniel George, of Greenfield, N. H. ; 
Roxana Jane, b. Jan. 1, 1815, m. Joseph Shaw, of Knoxville, 111. ; 
Clara Ann, b. Mch. 17, 1818, m. Nathaniel Eaton, of Nashua, N.H.; 
William Warren, b. Jan. 18, 1828, lives in Salem, Mass. ; Caleb 
Oscar, 50 b. May 6, 1821. 

ANDREW,*' m. 1, Martha Stevens, June 10. 1838, who d. Oct. 
28, 1847 ; in. 2, Sarah H. Kelly, Mch. 2, 1848. Children, by first 
wife: Martha J., b. Apl. 26, 1840; Andrew J., b. Sept. 30, 1841. 
Children, by second icife : Sarah E., b. Jan. 5, 1850 ; Frank P,, 
b. Feb. 1. 1853 ; Laura A., b. April 13, 1854; Clara E., b. Nov. 
11, 1855, d. Nov. 26, 1857 ; Henry, b. May 23, d. June 15, 1857. 

JOHN POTTER,'^ m . Lucy J. Buxton, Sept. 30, 1841, lives at 
Methuen, . Children: Lucy J., b. Jan. 5, 1843 ; Abby 31., b. 
Feb. 4, 1845, d. Oct. 11. 1848; Emma F.. b. Nov. 4, 1848; Ella 
F., b. Jan. 20, 1851; John Henry, b. Feb. 10, 1854; Lizzie A., 
b. Feb. 16, 1857. 

Dea. DAVID, Jr.,32 m. Rebecca Perry, Apl. 21, 1836. Is a black- 
smith in Middletou. Mass., where he commenced his trade in 1833. 
In 1850 obtained a patent for certain improvements for feeding 
apparatus for hay-cutters. Has been Town Treasurer, Selectman, 


Overseer of the Poor, Parish Committee-man, Church Clerk, &c. ; 
joined M. Cong. Church, in 1832. Children, all bom at Middleton : 
Caroline Augusta, Nov. 26, 1837 ; Emily Rebecca, b. Mch. 17, 
1840; Mary Eliza, b. Apl. 26, 1842; Clinton Perry, b. Aug. 
25, 1851; Abbie Delia, b. Aug. 18, 1853. 

HIRAM ABBOT,^ m. Emeline Russell of Middleton, Mass., 
Aug. 1, 1849. Children: Sumner B., b. Jan. 13, 1851; Nelson 
R., b. May 23, 1852 ; Ellen Maria, b. Oct. 11, 1853. 

SILAS, 34 m. Elizabeth Shay, of N. J. ; is a carpenter at Oswego, 
N. Y. Children : Eliza Ann, b. Dec. 28, 1821, m. Jas. A. Baker, 
ship-builder of Oswego, N. Y. ; Charles Floyd, b. June 15, 1826, 
m. Hannah Wilks, is a carpenter at Oswego, N. Y. ; Philip Grif- 
fin, b. Dec. 24, 1827; m. Mary Burzee ; joiner at Oswego, N. Y. 

FRANCIS K..3 5 m. Martha Stone, Feb. 25, 1829, lives in Peru, 
Vt. Children : Ellen, b. Nov. 7, 1830 ; Rosette, b. Jan. 9, 1834 ; 
Henry, b. Jan. 2, 1836 ; Sarah, b. Nov. 21, 1837 ; Samuel, b. 
Feb. 9, 1840. 

DAVID B.,36 m. Emily Mason, of Sullivan, N. H., Sept. 22, 
1841. Is a merchant at Lane, Ogle co., 111. Children: Adea A., 
b. Feb. 22, 1844; Mason Andrew, b. Dec. 27, 1847, d. Mch. 30, 
1856; Ella G., b. Nov. 18, 1851. 

Abram, Jr., :j7 m. Mary G. Towns, Mch. 28, 1832, lives in Keene, 
N. H. Children : Mary Miranda, b. July 28, 1833, m. Sept. 3, 
1856, to 0. H. Gillett, formerly of Chicopee, Mass. ; now lives at 
Keene, N. H. 

Asa, Jr.,88, m . Polly Tapley, Dec. 2, 1819. Children : Warren, 
b. Dec. 9, 1820, now living, single; Henry, b. June 30, 1823; 
David, b. Dec. 1827, m. Laura Capron; Mary Ann, b. 1826, m. 
Hiram Hopkins, 1850; Rebecca Jane, b. June 19, 1831, d. Oct. 
25, 1854 ; Harriet E., b. Nov. 13, 1834, m. Moses M. Balch, Nov. 
20, 1856. 

TIMOTHY, 39 m. Nancy Parkham, of New Bedford, Mass., served 


in the war of 1812. Children-; James P., living (in 1857), over 
30 yrs. of age, near New Bedford, Mass. 

WILLARD, 4 " m. Eliza Gould, lives in Milford, Mass. Children : 
Ad aline ; Mary ; Frank. 

DAVID," Jr., in. Meriah M. Goodridge, 1839; settled at Mt. 
Vernon, N. H. Children: David; Andrew; Meriah; Lucy. 

JOSEPH PEABODY, 4 ^ m. Clarissa . Children : Clarissa 

Ann, b. May 10, 1832, d. June 7, 1837; Charles Hubbard, b. 
Nov. 26, 1834, d. Aug. 25, 1838 ; Nancy Jane, b, Mch. 25, 1837, 
d. Sept. 7, 1837. 

JESSE, 43 m. Arethusa Perkins, botb of Middleton, Mass., Aug. 
9, 1825. Is overseer in one of the large factories in Lowell, Mass., 
where he has long sustained an excellent reputation. Children : 
Jane Arethusa, b. at Beading, Mass., Nov. 6, 1826; Mary 
Elizabeth, b. at Boxford, Mass., May 11, 1828 ; Harriet Maria, 
b. at Lowell, Mass., Jan. 9, d. Aug. 28, 1831; Harriet Maria, b. 
at Lowell, Mass., Aug. 15, 1833 ; Catharine Amanda and Caro- 
line Augusta (twins), b. Apl. 20, 1835, the former d. at Lowell, 
May 16, 1835. 

DEAN, 44 m . 1, Rebecca H. Dennett, May 15, 1835, who. d. May 
16, 1838, a. 23 ; m. 2, Mary Ann Gray, Apl. 23, 1840. He is a 
worthy man, a carpenter by trade, and lives at Salem, Mass. Child- 
ren, by first wife : Charles Dean, b. April 10, 1836 ; Rebecca 
Ann, b. Dec. 15, 1837, d. June 11, 1838. Children, by secondivife : 
Henry A., b. July 13, 1841, d. July 1841 ; Mary L., b. May 23, 
d. same month, 1842; Edward A., b. May 11, 1844, d. June 21, 
1849; George P., b. Sept. 21, 1846; Mary H., b. July 11, 1849; 
Adelaide C, b. Jan. 18, 1852, d. April 3, 1855. 

FREDERICK, 45 m. Sophia Perkins, July 1840, lives at Topsfield, 
Mass. ; had a child b. Jan. and d. Feb. 1844. 

ELIJAH, 40 m. Mary Runnels. Children, from Boxford, Mass., 
Rec. : Charles Franklin, b. July 14, 1832 ; Henry Leverit, 
b. Dec. 2, 1833 ; Henry Everett Myron, b. Aug. 20, 1852. 


WILLIAM A., 4 " m Eliza Town, of North Andover, Mass., Feb. 
28, 1837. Children : Martha Ann, b. June 8, 1838; Caroline 
Elizabeth and Henry Warren (twins), b. May 23, 1841; Dan- 
iel Perley, b. Mch. 4, 1850. 

ISRAEL,'" m. Catherine Runnels, of Boxford, Mass., Apl. 24, 
1838. He d. at Woburn, Mass., July 4, 1852; had children. 

DANIEL" m. Margaret Jane Crilchrist, Nov. 28, 1852. Children : 
Frank Louis, b. Aug. 7, 1854; William, b. May 8, 1856. 

CALEB OSCAR, 5 " in. Mary George, of Greenfield, N. H., Oct. 
9, 1842. Is a farmer at Greenfield, Mass. Children : Dearborn 
George, b. June 8, 1844 ; Kirk Dalton, b. Sept. 3, 1846; Clara 
Alma, b. Apl. 22, 1848; Joseph S., b. July 10, 1852; MARY 
Eliza, b. June 13, 1857. 


Descendants of ROBERT STILES, the Settler, in the Line 
of his son Robert Stiles. 

ROBERT STILES, Jr., m. Ruth * Children, from Box- 
ford, Mass., Rec: Jemima, b. Oct. 27, 17[01] ; a son, b. May 7, 

1703f ; a son, b. Apl. 30, 1705; a dau., b. Nov. 7, ; Job, b. 

July 12, 171—. 

*Ruth, wife of Robert Stiles, admitted to full communion. 1705. — Box- 
ford Ch. Rec. 

f Boxford Ch. Rec. give the baptism, in 1704, of Amos, sen of Robert 
Stiles — ■ probably this one. 


Descendants of ROBERT STILES, the Settler, in the Line 
of his son Timothy Stiles. 

TIMOTHY STILES, m. Hannah (dau. of Ephraim and Hannah) 
Foster (b. May 15, 1684), of Andover, Mass., Mch. 5, 1701* They 
lived at Boxford, Mass., and he d. Dec. 7, 1751. Children, from 
Boxford Eec: [Jacob,*]-}- b. Feb. G, 1702-3; Hannah, b. Apl. 
10, 1704; Keziah, b. Mch. 30, 1707 ; Ephraim, b. Dec. 27, 1708 ; 
Gideon,? b. Feb. 26, 1711-12; Mary, b. Feb. 11, 1713; Ezra,* b. 
July 9, 1715; Jeremiah, b. Oct. 15, 1722, d. Dec. 17, 1727; Da- 
vid, b. July 1, 1724. d. Apl. 13, 1725. 

JACOB, 1 m. Sarah (dau. of Edward and Sarah) Hartwell (b. June 
1712), May 14, 1728. Children : Lucy, b. May 6, 1729 ; Levi,-* 
b. Feb. 18, 1732 ; Sarah, b. May 24, 1735 ; Jacob,** b. Sept. 26, 
1737; Nahum, b. Apl. 21, 1740; Hannah, b. Jan. 19, 1742; 
Jeremiah, 6 b. Feb. 23, 1744 ; Prudence, b. Apl. 3, 1747 ; John/ 
b. July 27, 1749. 

*Jf. E. Hist.-Gen. Reg., i, 353, 354. From Boxford Ch. Rec, we learn 
that Timothy and wife were adm. to full communion in 1703. 

f In the record of Timothy's family, no name is given to his eldest child. 
But in a letter from Lewis Foster, of Norwich, Vt., which contains "a true 
record" of his descent from said Timothy of Boxford — and which agrees, 
in its dates, with the Box. Rec. — = the name Jacob is attached to the date of 
birth of the eldest child. The prevalence, also, of the name Jacob among 
the different families of this branch of the Stile* name, affords presumptive 
proof of some weight in the case. 

On the contrary, I have been furnished by my friend Royal Paine, Esq., 
of Brooklyn, N. Y., with a memoranda of the will of one Joseph Stiles, of 
Lunenburg, Worcester co., Mass., which he casually found in the 3d vol. 
Worcester Probate Rec This will, dated Apl. 1, 1750, recites the names of 
the family, viz : wife, Sarah; sons, Levi, Joel, Nahum, Jeremiah, John; 
dans., Lucy (Foster), Sarah, Hannah, Prudence. Asahel Hartwell, Admin- 

This, as will be seen, is the same family as that of Jacob, and my own 
impression is, that the name should be Joseph. 


GIDEON, 2 of Andover, Mass., m. Sally Faulkner, Nov. 30, 1736 
(And. Rec). He d. Nov. 15, 1799, a. 83. Children: David, 8 ; 
Sally, m. Benjamin Edwards, and their descendants live near 
Lebanon, N. H. 

EZRA,? m. 1, Mary Warner, Nov. 20. 1740; in. 2, Wid. Sarah 
Johnson, of Andover, Mass., Apl. 29, 1760. Children, by first tcife, 
from Boxford Rec.: Elizabeth, b. May 19, 1742 ; Lucy, b. 1745 
Jemima, b. Nov. 7, 1747 ; Ezra, Jr., b. Dec. 18, 1749 ; Mary, b 
Mch. 3, 1752; Anna, b. Feb. 7, 1755; Jacob, b. June 14, 1757 
Kezia, b. Mch. 12, 1759. Children, by second wife : Elizabeth 
b. Jan. (or June) 23, 1761 ; Hannah, b. Mch. 19, 1767 ; Nathan, 
b. Mch. 15, 1769. 

LEVI,* m. Patience Smith. Dec. 16, 1755. He d. 1809. Child- 
ren: Jonathan, 9 b. at Lunenburg, Mass., Oct. 5, 1756; Peleg, 10 
m. and settled at Onion River, Vt.* ; Jacob, Ms D., settled at Bos- 
ton ; Nahum, 11 b. 1762; Caleb 12 ; Sarah, m. "Wetherbee, 

in Vt. ; Mary, m. Priest, of Gardner; Patience, m. 

Upton; Lucy, m. Dr. Lewis of Hanover, N. H.; Hannah. f 

JACOB, 5 m. Abigail , settled in Cavendish, Vt. Children, 

from Town Rec. Keene, N.H.: Charlotte, b. Sept. 26, 1763; 
Lincoln, b. Aug. 7, 1765, lives in Cavendish, Vt. ; Asenath, b. 
Jan. 27, 1768 ; Abigail, b. Nov. 25, 1769. 

JERE3IIAH, r ^ m. Mary (dau. of Abner) Sanger, who d. Mch. 

* We may err in giving to this Peleg, the family, etc. on p. 81, but think 
not. See letters of Belinda A. Stiles of Fall River, Wis., and Thomas Stiles 
of New Bedford, Mass. 

f She lived single, and possessed remarkable strength. Her nephew re- 
lates that she could lift a barrel of cider, and set it on a table, as easily as 
he could a ten gallon keg. 

Jin the Annals of Keene, 2f. H., by Salmon Hale, pub. 1826, we find, in 
1773, the name of Jeremiah Stiles, in a list of a foot-company of soldiers. 
In Dec. 1776, he was appointed one of the Committee of Safety, in place of 
Eliphalet Briggs, deceased, and his name with some two hundred others, is 


22, 1810, a. 69. Children, from Town Rec. Kerne, 2V. IT.: Eliza- 
beth, b. July 13, 17G9, m. Eliphalet Briggs, of Keene, N. II., and 
d. Met. 23, 1819, a. 49; Jeremiah, b. May 26, 1771; Joseph, b. 
July 5, 1773; John William, b. Feb. 22, 1777; Mary, b. Apl. 

JOHN, 7 in. Kezia Divoll, moved from llindge, N. H., to Keene, 
N. H., and thence to Waterford, Vt. ; was a carpenter.* Children : 
Prudence, b. Oct. 14, 1770, m. Marvin Rogers, lives in Walpole, 
N. H, ; Hannah, b. Apl. 8, 1773, d. unmarried at Swanzey, N. H. ; 
John, b. Dec. 11, 1774, lived at Concord, Vt., but now at Water- 
signed to the following declaration: "We the subscribers, do hereby 
solemnly engage and promise that we will, to the utmost of our power, at the 
risque of our lives and fortunes, with arms, oppose the hostile proceedings 
of the British Fleets, and Armies against the American Colonies." Jan. 14, 
1777, he was nominated by the town as a Justice of the Peace. In Dec. of 
the same year, in Town Meeting, Capt. Stiles, Capt. Howlet, and Jabez 
Fisher were successively chosen representative, but each declined. At a 
meeting held Jan. 17, 1778, the people of Keene, "after reading and con- 
ferring upon the articles of confederation of the Continental Congress, 
voted, that it is the mind of the town that they be established by this State." 
Capt. Stiles, Maj. Ellis, and Capt. Griswold were chosen delegates to meet 
at Surrey, to consult with the delegates of other towns. April 27, 1778, 
Jeremiah Stiles was chosen a delegate to the convention at Concord, held 
for the purpose of forming a Constitution, and Plan of Agreement for the 
State. In Sept. 1779, the town passed the following preamble and vote : 
" Whereas the Selectmen of Portsmouth, sent an address to this and the rest 
of the towns of this State, desiring their presence and assistance, by their 
delegates to meet at Concord, in convention, to see if they can come into 
some agreement to state the price of the several articles bought and sold in 
this State ; therefore voted that Capt. Jeremiah Stiles attend said conven- 
tion as a delegate from this Town." He was subsequently much engaged 
in Town business — being, from 1787 to 1791, Town Clerk — and died Dec. 
6, 1800 a. 56. 

*Letters of A. M. W. Lee, of Newbury, Vt.., grand-daughter of Nahum, 
and of Lewis (s. of Betsy Stiles) Fowler, of Norwich, Vt. 


ford, Yt. ; Nahum, b. Jan. 18, 1777, settled in St. Johnsbury, Yt, 
where he d. abt. 1840 ; Keziah, b. Jan. 6, 1779, unmarried, living 
(1857) at Poor Farm, Keene, N. H. ; Phebe, b. May 20, 1781, m. 
Cyrus Harvey in Surrey, X. H. ; Lewis, b. Sept 7, 1783, lives at 

Hamilton, C. W ; Betsy, b. June 11, 1786, m. Fowler, is a 

wid. in Grantham. 

DAYID,* in 1784, moved from Bolton, Mass., to Putney, Yt., 
whence, after a short stay, he removed to Westminster, Yt. He m. 

1, Hannah Norton, of Andover, Aug. 7, 1760; m. 2, Tabitha Oak, 
who d. Mch. 22, 1811 a. 80. Children, ty first wife: Hannah, b. 
ab. 1760, m. Coffin Chapin, had a family, and formerly lived in Bolton, 
Mass. ; Judith, b. about 1765, was a cripple, and never m. Child- 
ren, by second wife: Minda, b. 1767, m. Nathaniel Briggs in 1787, 
had 6 child., 3 of whom are now living, in Yernon, Vt. ; Rhoda, m. 
Ephraim Smith, of Norwich, Yt., 1804, had 2 daus. ; Eunice, single ; 
DAViD,^b. 1770 or 71; Gideon,^ d. Apl. 22, 1829, a. 56; Kezia, 
b. 1775, m. 1, Win. Brooks, in 1798, by whom she had 2 child. ; m. 

2, David Bemis, 1804, by whom she had 5 child. ; Nathaniel, 15 
b. about 1777. 

JONATHANS m. Hannah Taylor. Children : Peter, b. Aug. 20, 

1783, m. Johnson, of Sterling, Mass., removed to Kirby, Yt. ; 

Isaacs b. Oct, 3, 1785; Eunice, b. Jan. 27, 1788, m. Wm. Mar- 
shall, who survives her, at E. Maiden, Mass. ; Lyman, 17 (who altered 
his name from Jonathan to Theodore Lyman), b. Oct. 24, 1790 ; 
Sally, b. Mch. 13, 1793, living at Lunenburg, Mass — is single — 
having been made deaf and dumb by scarlet fever; Ziba, 18 b. Sept. 
6, 1795; Asa. b. Jan. 4, 1798; Levi, b. July 2, 1800; Eunice, 
b. July 28, 1804. 

PELEG, 10 (see note, p. 29), b. Mch. 25, 1766, m. 1, Rebecca 
Wyman (b. Aug. 1767), Dec. 15, 1787, who d. Mch. 8, 1806 ; m. 2, 
Wid. Sally (Buck) McElroy (b. Aug. 1784), Sept. 3, 1806, of Mid- 
dlesex, Yt, (she had 2 child.). He d. Dec. 6, 1834. Children, by 


Jirst wife : Betsy, b. May 4, 1788, m. Reuben Hawks; lived and d. 
in Moretown, Vt. ; issue; Lorcn, Lucy, Louise; Levi, b. Mch. 9, 
1790, m. Relief Eaton ; Lucy, b. Mch. 6, 1792, m. Jonathan Wyeth, 
of Moretown, Vt. ; living (in 1857) in Mass.; issue: Martha Ann, 
Sarah Jane; Danforth Wetherby, 19 b. July 4, 1794, in Nor- 
wich, Vt.; Peleg, b. Oct. 27, 1796, d. Feb. 20, 1800; Reuben, 2 ° 
b. Jan. 31, 1799 ; Eunice, b. July 14, 1800, d. Oct. 27, 1801 ; 
Patience, b. Nov. 20, 1802, m. Joseph Daniels, of Middlesex, Vt., 
now lives in Montpelier, Vt. ; issue: Eliza Ann, Archibald, Semira 
Shepard, Annette, Charles William. Children, by his second wife : 
Enos,- 1 ! b. Mch. 24,1808; Peleg, b. Jan. 3,1810, d. Sept. 12, 1835; 
Thomas, b. Aug. 7, 1811, m. Ann Maria — — — , resides at New 
Bedford, Mass.; Adeline, b. Aug. 11, 1813, in. Abel Stone, of 
Montpelier, Vt., both cl. in Springfield, 111., she d. Nov. 2, 1850 ; 
issue : Arlette Silliman, Ann Maria, George M: ; Caroline, b. Oct. 

17, 1815, m. 1, Elder; m. 2, Charles Blood, of Groton, Mass.; 

Nancy, b. Oct. 14, 1817, m. Leander Chamberlain ; resides in Mid- 
dlesex, Vt. ; Lucius, b. Oct. 5, 1819 ; resides in Boston, Mass.; 
Cassius, b. July 30, 1821, resides in Boston, Mass. ; Newell, b. 
Mch. 18, 1823, resides in Moretown, Vt. , Mary Jane, b. July 22, 
1825, m. Hollis N. Wyeth, of Stoneham, Mass., d. Nov. 9, 1849 ; 
Austin, b. Feb. 28, 1828; resides in Moretown, Vt., in same place 
where his father commenced in 1801. 

NAHUM, 11 of Lunenburg, Mass., m. Jemima Sawyer, He d. at 
L., 1818, a. 66 ; she d. Nov. 11, 1847, at L. Children : Joseph, b. 
1778, lives at Windsor, Vt. ; Peleg, dec d ; Hannah, dec d ; Betsy, 
dec d ; Josiah D. 22 ; Lewis, 25 b. Aug. 18, 1795; Daniel, m. Han- 
nah , d. in Charlestown, Mass. ; Asaiiel, m. Farrar, lived 

and d. in Charlestown, Mass. 

CALEB. 12 m. Betsy Willson, went to N. York state. Children : 
Jewett, Joseph, Mary, Eunice, Laura. 

DAVID, ii m. Wid. Wyman, of Fitzwilliam, N. H., in 1792; 
Children: David; Joseph, 21 b. at Putney, Vt., Feb. 15, 1795; 


Ephraim ; Mark, has a family ; lives in St. Johnsbury, Vt. ; 
Oren,25 b. at Grafton, Vt,. July 10, 1801; Elk an ah, b. at Q. ; 
HosbaB., 26 b. Jan. 29, 1805, at G.; Harriet; Philanda, in. Ed- 
ward Aiken, lives in Dumuierstown ; Miranda. 

GIDEON,' i m. Lydia Wyman, Nov. 1819. Children : Gideon" 
Jr., b. Aug. 21, 1820 ; Lydia, b. Mch. 15. 1822. m. James Burgess, 
Apl. 1845; lives in Chester, Vt., has 4 child.; Minerva, b. Nov. 
17, 1823, m. Sam. W. Bent, Eeb. 1845. lives at Cavendish. Vt., has 
4 children. 

NATHANIEL,'"' m. 1, about 1805. Lucy Crosby, from near Bos- 
ton ; m. 2, Mary Taft, of Townsend, Vt, (A 7 ". E. Ilht.-Cen. Reg., in. 
322). He lived in llockingham, Vt., and d. 1829. Children: 
Caroline, m. George Davis, lives in R. ; Henry, m. Abigail Chaf- 
fee, of Athens, Vt. ; lives in Batavia, 111., has 3 child. ; Adeline, 
m. Jonathan Kif'klaftd, lives near Syracuse, N. V, ; Catharine, liv- 
ing, single; Cromwell, m. and has family. 

ISAAC. 16 m. Miriam Baker, of Lunenburg, Mass., Oct. 16, 1810, 
and d. Feb. 6, 1833. Children : Harriet Woodbury, b. Aug. 10, 
1817, m. Philander Barnes, lives at Providence. 11. I. ; Emeline 
Baker, b. Jan. 8, 1821, m. Win. Fuller Ayer, Mch. 1839, resides 
at Providence, R, I. : Isaac Augustus, b. Oct. 11, 1825, m. Eme- 
line Estes Cox. Nov. 30, 1848, lives at Maiden, Mass.; Caroline 
Miriam, b. Mch. 19, 1829. m. Albert Ayer. June 15. 1848, lives 
at Winchester, Mass.; Henry Martyn, b. July 30, 1833, lives at 
Maiden, Mass. 

LYMAN. 17 m. . who survives him (1857) at Maiden, Mass, 

Children: WlLLlAM L., lives in Watertown, Mass. ; Lucinda. m. 
Chas. K. Brown, lives at Maiden, Mass.; Lauriston. lives at Dan- 
vers, Mass. ; Orissa, m. Robert Newhall, lives at Maiden. Mass.; 
Edwin Brown, lives in California, as also does Tukodork L. 

ZIBA, 1 ^ m. Tyler, who now survives him. at Leominster, 

Vt. Child : Mary, m. Burdett, of L.. where she d. 



DANFORTH WETHERBY," m. Emily (b. Springfield, Vt., 
June 5, 1802, dau. of Daniel) Houghton, of Middlesex, Vt., Dec. 31, 
1816. He d. of cholera, July 23, 1849, in Columbus, Wis. Child- 
ren: Frederick William, 2 * b. in M., June 5, 1822; Belinda 
Adams, b. in M., Sept. 12, 1831 ; Harriet Rice, b. in M., July 4, 
1834, m. Franklin Ingalls, in Fall River, Wis., Feb. 13, 1856, and 
was soon left a widow ; Mary Robbins, b. in M., Sept. 13, 1836, 
m. Harmon Robbins Hancock, of Fall River, Wis., Jan. 1, 1856. 

REUBEN, 20 m. Adaline Cobb, of Moretown, Vt., now lives in 
Columbus, Wis. Children ; Orpha, George, Warren, Charles 
Demetrius, William. 

ENOS. 2 i m. 1, his cousin, Matilda McElroy; m. 2, Betsy White, 
now resides in Middlesex, Vt. Child, by first wife ; Matilda Ann. 
Children, by second wife: a son — perhaps more. 

JOSIAH D., 22 m. — ■ — ■ Bowers, lived in Townsend, Mass., d. a. 
05. Child: Henry Bowers, 2 9 b. 1816. 

LEWIS, 23 m. Betsy Hartwell, of Lunenburg, Mass., June 9, 1815. 
Is a cordwainer in Amherst, N. H. Children: Walter Lewis, b. 
at Fitchburg, Mass., May 10, 1816, m. Fanny Squires, of Milford, 
N. H., Sept. 7, 1836, is a shoemaker at A. ; Dorianda, b. at 
Boston, Mass., May 30, 1818, d. Oct. 20, 1819 ; Dorianda A., b. 
at Acton, Mass., Feb. 4, 1820, m. Willard W. Fisher, of Waltham, 
Mass., Sept. 1851 ; Roxana H., b. at Concord, Mass., Dec. 23, 1822, 
m. Lorenzo Cutter, of Manchester, N. H., Jan. 24, 1853 ; Clarissa 
M., b. Apl. 13, 1827, at Nashua, N. H., m. Solomon Kirby, of N., 
Apl. 11, 1848, now lives in Princeton, 111.; William A., b. Jan. 
24, 1829, atN., d. Feb. 9, 1829; George Hartwell, b. at N., 
Apl. 15, d. Sept. 24, 1830 ; Eliza Jane, b. June 2, 1832, d. June 
24, 1833; Martha Ann, b. June 2, 1832, m. Rodney S. Lakin, 
Nov. 18, 1853, lives at Manchester, N. H. 

JOSEPH, 24 m. at Waltham, Mass., Lucy Smith, April 2, 1826. 
He d. at Weymouth, Mass., June 14, 1852. Children: Lucy R., 


b. Jan. 10, 1827, in. John Williams, July 30, 1845 ; Joseph Dun- 
ton, b. Dec. 10, 1828; Lydia Elizabeth, b. July 29, 1831; 
Harriet Maria, b. Oct. 23, 1833, m. Joseph Crocker, Aug. 12, 
1852 ; Mary Amelia, b. June 2, 1837, m. Nelson E. Haydon, 
Sept. 1, 1854. 

OREN,25 m . ]. at Braintree, Mass., Lydia Hollis, Dec. 20, 1827, 
who d. Jan. 23, 1831, a. 28 yrs. ; m. 2, Mrs. Lucy (Wakefield) Good- 
now, of Wardsboro' Vt., Oct. 7, 1832. Is a farmer at W. Child- 
ren, by first wife : Charles Wisner, b. Jan. 4, 1828, d. at San 
Francisco, Cal., Oct. 9, 1856, a. 28 yrs. 2 mo. ; Oren Hollis, b. 
Jan. 7, 1831, d. Mch. 23, 1834. Children, by second wife : Lydia 
M., b. Nov. 27, 1833; Orris Franklin, b. Jan. 24, 1837; 
Ebenezer Francis, b. Dec. 27, 1839, d. Feb. 11, 1844; Fidelia 
Maria, b. Apl. 27, 1843; Norman Sidney, b. Mch. 31, 1845; 
Calista Marilla, b. Sept. 6, 1848 ; Eugene Chandler, b. May 
7, 1850. 

HOSE A B.,'-'6 ib. Sarah Myric, of Roxbury, Mass., Aug. 15, 
1841 ; she d. May 13, 1859, a. 59 yr. 5 mo. He is an expressman 
at West Wardsboro, Vt. Children: Anna, b. June 11, 1843; 
George M., b. May 23, 1848. 

GIDEON,'^ m. Fanny E. Davis, of Athens, Vt, Feb. 14, 1842. 
He d. July 30, 1850, was a carriage-maker; Children : Gideon D., 
b. June 29, 1843; Lydia Eliza, b. Feb. 1, 1846; James C, b. 
Jan. 3, 1848. 

FREDERICK WILLIAM,** m. Lydia Ripley Kinson, of Mid- 
dlesex, Vt., Dec. 1842. Children: Salome Ann, b. Apl. 11, 1843, 
at M. ; Cynthia Jane, b. Oct. 6, 1844, at M ; Freddie Lucina, 
b. July 30, 1857, at Fall River, Wis. 

HENRY B., 29 lives at Brookline, Mass., is a merchant, major in 
5th regt. Mass. S. M., and has represented that town in the Gen. 
Assembly. Children: John, cordwainer in Grafton, Mass. ; Josiah, 
d. at sea; Mary, m. Joel Spaulding, lives in Townsend, Mass. 



Descendants of ROBERT STILES, the Settler, in the Line 
of his son Samuel Stiles. 

SAMUEL STILES, m. Elizabeth Gary, May 2, 17—. Children, 
from Boxford Town Rec. : MOSES, b. Feb. 10, 1704-5} Tabitha, b. 
July 4, 1706 ; Isaac, b. May 25, 1708 ; Elizabeth, b. June 18, 
1710; Samuel, b. Mch. 10, 1712; Robert, b. Apl. 6, 1714. 


Stiles Families, evidently belonging to the Massachu- 
setts Branch, but whose connection with the Main 
Line has not been satisfactorily ascertained. 

Three brothers, viz : 

I. WILLIAM (?), went to Pennsylvania. 

II. REUBEN, was one of those killed, Sept. 7, 1773. by the 
breaking of a beam, and falling of the frame of the second meeting- 
house in Wilton, N. H. The killed and wounded numbered 53 ; 
two d. the next day (Farmer and Moore's Ilist Coll., I, G7). From 
a letter of A. B. Stiles, of East Randolph, V t. (1857), we learn the 
following additional particulars : " Stiles was the first man killed , 
he jumped, and struck the ground upon his feet, and was walking 
away unhurt, when a falling stick of timber struck him on the head, 
and killed him instantly. There were several more killed and 
wounded, and crying for water, when my grandfather running to a 
spring about twenty rods distant, where there was a barrel filled with 
water, caught it up, carried it to the spot, and having set it down, 
smote the head in, with his fist. I mention this merely to show that 
the old Stileses were stout, but every generation grows weaker and 

III. JOHN, b. in Salem, Mass., m. Susan Chamberlain, resided 
in Greenfield, N. H. Children: Meshack and Betsy (twins), 
Meshack d. at Mendhall, Vt. ; Betsy d. young ; John, d. at Insane 
Asylum, Brattleboro', Vt. ; Asahel, 1 b. in Greenfield, N. H., Nov. 


23, 1789; Susan, m. Jesse Cudworth; Moses, d. in Boston, about 
1852, without issue ; David, d. about 22 yrs. of age ; Betsy. 

ASAHEL,' resided in Greenfield, N. H., until after bis majority; 
m. Nancy Bradford, of Tunbridge, Yt., Nov. 12, 1812. He d. Sept. 
29, 1834. Children : Clarissa Amelia, b. Aug. 2, 1813, in. Wm. 
Fairfield, of Boston, Aug. 14, 1853; Clarinda Mendon, b. Jan. 
29, 1815, in. Joel F. Sanders, Oct. 3, 1836, has 7 children ; Asahel 
Bradford 2 and Nancy Bradford (twins), b. May 24, 1817, Nancy 
B. m. John R. Cudworth, of Woburn, Mass., Sept. 22, 1847, has 4 
child.; David Lysander, 3 b. Feb. 21, 1819; John Milton, 4 b. 
Jan. 13, 1821 ; William Lysander,* b. Feb. 17, 1823, in Tun- 
bridge, Vt. ; Baxter Bradford, b. June 26, 1825, m. Caroline J. 
Lane, Aug. 1, 1854, lives in Chicago, 111.; Malvina French, b. 
Dec. 15, 1827, d. July 9, 1831 ; Maynard French, b. Jan. 21, 
1830, unmarried, lives in Rocksylvania, Iowa. 

ASAHEL BRADFORD, 2 m. Abigail L. Adams, of Brookfield, 
Vt., April 5, 1843. Is a farmer at East Randolph, Vt. Children : 
Darwin Lysander, b. Apl. 26, 1844; Isabel Carra, b. Oct. 27, 
1847; Imogene Olivia, b. Nov. 25, 1849; Maynard French, 
b. May 7, 1854. 

DAVID LYSANDER," m. Augusta Phylusa French, Aug. 1, 
1850. Is a manufacturer of pig iron, stoves, and hollow ware, Ro- 
chester, N. Y.* Children : David L., b. Dec. 26, 1853 ; WlLLIAM 
Bradford, b. Sept. 22, 1856. 

* Extract from letter of I). L. Stiles to the author of this memoir. — "It is 
pleasant to trace back our descent to an honorable and illustrious ancestry, 
but what ive are noio, is of far more consequence to each of us. And, if we 
can trace our relationship to Jesus Christ, and feel that He is our Elder 
Brother and our Saviour, both here and in the world to come ; that we are 
joint heirs with Him to the inheritance, prepared by our Heavenly Father, 
for all that will come to Him through His dear Son, it will matter but little 
who was our great-great-great-great grandfather. With my best wishes for 
the success of your enterprize, I remain," &c. 


JOHN MILTON,4 m. Clementina M. Stafford, of Green, Me., Sept. 
28, 1847. Produce dealer, Dubuque, Iowa. Children, all b. in 
Boston, Mass. : Clarence M., b. July 12, 1848; James Stafford, 
b. Sept. 14, 1850; Bradford B., b. May 14, 1854. 

WILLIAM L., 5 m. Betsy Ann Sargent, of Springfield, Vt. Is a 
boot and shoemaker in Windsor, Vt. Children : Francis W., b. 
Dec. 27, 1849 ; Ann Augusta, b. June 24, 1852, d. Feb. 14, 1853 ; 
Clementina S., b. May 24, 1854; Frederick M., b. Oct. 6, 1856. 


TIMOTHY STILES, of Andover, Mass., m. 1, Phebe Kimball, 

of A., Jan. 15, 1764 ; m. 2, Naomi . He served through the 

whole of the Revolutionary war, and moved to Greenfield, N. H. 
Children, by first wife: Phineas, 1 b. in Boxford, Oct. 21, 1764; 
Jacob, b. in Boxford, Dec. 10, 1773. Children, by second wife : 
Nahum, b. Nov. 7, 1775; Phebe, b. Apl. 9, 1779; Affa, b. May 
3,1781; Oliver, b. Jan. 25, 1784; Jedidiah, Feb. 15, 1786; 
Jeremiah, 2 b. Apl. 5, 1788; Charles 3 ; Amma. 

PHINEAS,i m. Betsy (dau. of Capt. John) Saunders, of Glou- 
cester, Mass., Nov. 1791; was one of the first settlers of the state of 
Maine, and a farmer. He d. Dec. 16, 1843. Children: Augustus 
Caiphas, 4 b. at Jackson, Me., Sept. 28, 1813 ; Elizabeth, b. at 
Manchester, Mass., Mch. 18, 1795, m. Reuben Ferguson, of Dix- 
mont, Me., where she now lives, has 3 children ; Mark Saunders, 5 
b. at M., Sept. 18, 1797; Clarissa, b. at M., Aug. 4, 1800, m. 
Andrew McBuzzell, of Monroe, Me. ; John Saunders, b. at M., 
Jan. 8, 1802, d. unmarried, at Bangor, Me., Nov. 6, 1833; Clement- 
ina, b. at M., Apl. 24, 1807, m. 1, to Nathan Page, of Brooks, Me., 
by whom she had one child (Nathan, still living) ; m. 2, to James 
P. Moody, of Brooks, Me., by whom she has one child ; Phebe Ann 
Kimball, b. at M., May 3, 1809, m. David Porter, lives at Dixmont, 
Me., has one son. 


JEREMIAH^ m. Sybil Ann Philbrick, of Mass. Children : 
Luke F., b. April 2, 1817, lives at Western, Mo.; Theodore B., b. 
1823, resides in California; Sybil A., b. Jan. 30, 1827, lives in 
Stilesville, Ind., m. John J. O'Mealia, Jan. 1, 1847 ; Jerusha, b. 
in Vermont. July 19, 1818, m. Aug. 27, 1837, to Jehu Hadley, a 
wealthy farmer (owning a farm worth over $25,000, which has taken 
the premium at the Indiana State Fair, for several years), living at 
Stilesville, Ind. The town is so named after his father-in-law, Jere- 
miah Stiles, above. Mr. and Mrs. Hadley's children, are Nancy M., 
b. Oct. 5, 1838, m. William Baggy, Jan. 29, 1857 ; Mary F., b. Jan. 
2, 1840; Henry Clay, b. May 22, 1842; George W., b. Apl. 10, 
1844 ; Sybil Ann, b. May 14, 1846 ; Marquis De La Fayette, b. July 
4. 1847 ; Alice Edney. Mch. 14, 1856. 

CHARLES,^ m. 1. Lucinda Tenny; m. 2, Susan P. Kindall, re- 
sides in Pelham, Vt. Children, by first wife: Mary, d. Oct. 17, 
1856, would have been 38 in Nov. '57; Charles, 35 years old in 
1858. Children, by second wife : Hattie, 4 years old in 1858 ; 
Justin K., a. 2 yrs. in 1858. 

AUGUSTUS C. 4 (M. D.), m. 1. Julia Edwards, of Brooks, Me., 
Nov. 26, 1845 ; m. 2, Mrs. Georgiana Norman, of New York, Aug. 
30. 1859. Is in practice at Bridgeport, Ct.* Children: Zelia 
Augusta, b. in Jackson. Me., Jan. 31, 1847, d. at Bridgeport, Ct., 
Nov. 26. 1855. 

*Dr. Stiles's advertisement in the Bridgeport Directory, for 1857-8 is as 
follows : "A. C. Stiles, M. D., Physician and Surgeon, Bridgeport, Conn., 
Office No. 227 Main st. Those consulting Dr. S. are insured a correct diag- 
nosis of their disease, its particular locale, and the feelings they experience, 
without any information from the patient or otherwise; and should he fail 
to give entire satisfaction, no fee will be required. 

"Dr. Stiles's superior clairvoyant powers, his thorough Medical and Sur- 
gical education, with his experience from an extensive practice for over 16 
years, eminently qualify him for the best Consulting Physician of the age. 
In all Chronic Diseases he stands unrivaled." — Boston paper. 


MARK SAUNDERS,5 m . 1, Betsy Goodhue, of Dixmont, Me., 
Apl. 24, 1832, who d. Nov. 19, 1836; m. 2, Lydia Kingsbury, of 
Frankfort, Me., Oct, 31, 1838; is a farmer. Children, l,,j second 
wife: Harriet, b. Jan. 25, 1840; Mark Saunders, Jr., b. Mch. 
26, 1845. 


BENJAMIN (probably the Benjamin, Jr., b. May 31, 1750, and 
brother of Josiah, 5 see p. 12, ante), m. Elizabeth Cutler, and lived 
in Franklin co., Mass. Children : Sullivan ; Benjamin, Jr. ; 
Silas D.,i b. Oct. 31, 1788; Betsy; Catharine; Hannah; 
Ezekiel, 2 b. July 28, 1784, at Wendell, Franklin co., Mass. 

SILAS D.,i m. Mary Wyeth, Feb. 10, 1825; he d. at Milford, 
Wis., Feb. 10, 1848; she d. Mch. 11, 1852. Children: Hannah 
K., b. May 28, 1826, d. Feb. 13, 1844, atM. ; Parker W.,b. Mch. 
21, 1828, drowned May 10, 1831; Mary H., b. Sept. 4, 1829; 
Elijah H., b. May 13, 1831 ; William P., b. Mch. 8, 1833 ; 
George F., b. Mch. 18, 1838, d. at M., Apl. 24, 1857.f 

EZEKIEL, 2 m. Polly King, of Sutton, Mass., June 18, 1811. 
Children: Samuel K.,3 b. Feb. 6, 1812, at Wendell, Mass.; Ruth 

M., b. Nov. 13, 1818, m. July 23, 1853, , lives at Waterloo, 

Wis.; Cynthia H., b. Mch. 28, 1815, m. , Jan. 7, 1836, in 

Concord, N. Y. ; Elizabeth C, b. Apl. 25, 1821, m. , July 20, 

1850, lives at Azatlan, Wis.; Catharine M., b. Apl. 8, 1825, m. 

Mills, Nov. 30, 1848, Lake Mills, Wis. ; Benjamin Dwight, 

b. Jan. 18, 1828, d. Feb. 9, 1831, at W. ; William Dwight,4 b. 
Dec. 26, 1830, at W. ; Benjamin F., b. July 16, 1833. 

SAMUEL K.,3 m. Mary Ann Potter, of Milford, Wis., Mch. 29, 

* From information furnished by Elijah Stiles, of West Peerfiekl, Mass. 
f See note on following page. 


1849. He d. at Lake Mills, Wis., May 6, 1857.* Children: Elihu 
Burritt, b. June 8, 1850, d. at L. M., Apl. 8, 1851; Milo Jud- 
son, b. Apl. 10, 1852 ; Henry Marble, b. May 24, 1856. 

"WILLIAM DWIGHT,4 m. Martha B. Hawthorne, of Waterloo, 
Wis., where he resides as farmer and school superintendent. Child: 
Eva, b. Nov. 30, 1856. 


From Ely Stiles, of Wilton, N. Y., we have the following record : 

Stiles, m. Abigail Pendleton, lived for a time in Bhode 

Island, had 3 sons, viz : 

I. WILLIAM \_SamueT],-\ who died in Connecticut, during the 
Revolutionary war. 

II. JOHN (whose descendants are furnished by the said Ely 

III. ISRAEL [Jsaacj.f 

From Seth Stiles, of Willington, Ct., we obtain information con- 
cerning a William Stiles, undoubtedly the same William above 
mentioned by Ely Stiles. This (I) WILLIAM,f according to S. 
Stiles, was b. at Rehoboth, R. I., moved to Hampton, Ct., and there 

* Samuel Stiles, a respectable farmer of Milford, Wis., stabbed himself to 
the heart with a hay-fork a few days since. His nephew, George Stiles, 
shot himself a little while before, in the same town. Spiritualism is said 
to have caused these suicides. — N. Y. Times, May 26, 1857. 

f The account of this William, and his family is, probably to some extent, 
traditional, and we have from William L. Weaver, of Willimantic, Ct., the 
following excerpt from the Windham Rec, which certainly seems to be the 
record of the same family — and which gives the father's name as Samuel, in- 
stead of William. 

"Samuel Stiles m. Huldah Durkee, Oct. 7, 1735. Children: Huldah, b. 
Sept. 18, 1736; Samuel, b. Nov. 6, 1738; Mehitable, b. Nov. 15, 1740; 
Leah, b. Mch. 27, 1743 ; Rachel, b. Apl. 5, 1745; Isaac, b. Sept, 26, 1747; 


m. Rachel Dugay ; from thence he moved to Willington, Ct., where 
he died. His wife d. at Wales, Vt., a. 104 yrs. Children : Gould 1 ; 
Asaph, d. at Willington, unmarried ; William, d. at Little Hoosick, 
N. Y. ; Huldah, m. James Holt, of Hampton, Ct., had one dau.; 
Rachel, m. James Trowbridge, of Abington, Ct., no issue; 3Iehit- 
ABLE, m. David Kendall, of Ashford, Ct., had 3 children; Isaac 2 . 

II. JOHN, m. Lucy Johnson, and emigated to Saratoga co., N. Y. 
about the close of the Revolution.* He d. Nov. 5, 1785. Children : 
Reuben 3 ; John 4 ; Peter, 5 b. at Wilton, N. Y., April 7, 1785; 
Joshua, m. Sally Prosser, of Saratoga, N. Y., and moved to Canada ; 
Lucy; Sally; Hannah; Polly; Abigail. 

GOULLVf m. Delight Boughton, Feb. 7, 1770. Children : Ada> 
b. Jan. 25, 1771; Leah, b. Apl. 25, 1772; Delight, b. Feb. 11' 
1774; Rhoda, b. Oct. 6, 1775; Huldah, b. Jan. 30, 1777; Su- 
sanna, b. Mch. 16, 1779; Meribah, b. Sept. 6, 1782; Gould, b- 
Apl. 21, 1784 ; Jerusha, b. Aug. 5, 1787 ; Lydia, b. Aug. 24' 
1790. [This family is now extinct, in Willington, Ct.] 

ISAAC, 2 m. Abigail Case, Jan. 1, 1772, lived in Willington, Ct. 
Children : Lucy, b. Nov. 22, 1775, m. Samuel Eddy ; Alice, b. 

Goold, b. Mch. 12, 1750; Asa [probably same as Asaph mentioned in S. 
Stiles's account, above], b. Mch 10, 1752; William, b. July 31, 1755; 
Lucy, b. Oct. 22, 1758." 

Also, " Isaac [probably same as Israel, in Ely Stiles"s account], m. Mary 
Bradley, Apl. 17, 1751. Children: Mary, b. June 9, 1752; Hannah, b. 
Nov. 23, 1754." 

These records seem, to us, to be more authentic than the one furnished 
by Seth Stiles, of Willington, Ct. — and according to them the record of the 
three brothers, furnished by Ely Stiles, of Wilton, should read, I. Samuel. 
II. John. III. Isaac. 

* John Stiles settled in Wilton, Saratoga co., N. Y., 1775, says French's 
Gazetteer of New York, p. 593. 

j Gould Stiles m. Delia Clarke (prob. 2d wife), of Ashford, Ct., and d. in 
Wales, Vt. Some years previous to his death, he weighed a little more 
than 350 pounds. — Letter. See also Prob. Rec, Rutland, Vt., vol. 18. 


Jan. 11, 1777, d. Nov. 13, 1851, a. 77 ; Joshua, b. Mch. 30, 1779, 
m. Charlotte Bronson, of Vernon, Ct. ; Chloe, b. May 4, 1781, m. 
James Holt, of Hampton, Ct., now a wid. in Bristol, Ct. ; Samuel," 
b. June 2, 1783; Percis, b. June 7, 1785, still living in Willing- 
ton, single ; Seth, 7 b. Sept. 29, 1787 ; Dinah, b. July 15, 1790, m. 
Elisha Whiton, Feb. 14, 1810; Abigail, b. Feb. 7, 1795, m. Zeba- 
diah Marcy, Jr., Nov. 8, 1827; Almira, b. Nov. 22, 1797, m. 1, 
Benj. James, of Ashford, Ct., Dec, 25, 1839, who d. in 1847; m. 2, 
John Ross, Esq., April, 1851. 

REUBEN, 3 m. Mary Barber, of Wilton, N. Y., where he lived 
and d., Aug. 12, 1840. Children: Johnson, dec d ; John, lives in 
Tippecanoe co., Ind. ; Reuben, lives in Unadilla, Mich.; Isaac, 
Peter, David, all live at Wilton, N. Y. ; Henry, lives at Unadilla, 
Mich. ; Angeline ; Ely,? b. Jan. 26, 1789. 

JOHN, 4 m. Phebe Norton, of Saratoga co., N. Y., and moved to 
Kentucky. Children : Alvaii ; John, Jr. ; Lester ; Silas ; 
Peter; Luther; Asahel. 

PETER, 5 m. Electa (dau. of Dea.) Chapin, of Livonia, N. Y., 
Jan. 20, 1803, lives in Auburn, Oakland co., Mich. She d. Mch. 1, 
1854. Children: Reuben, 9 b. July 28, 1805; Volney, b. Apl. 
16, 1811, m. 1, Mary Page, Dec. 18, 1834; m. 2, Rhoda Dayton, 
Jan. 28, 1848 ; Samuel C, b. Feb. 14, 1819, m. Fidelia Stone, Mch. 
21, 1847, d. Feb. 14, 1854; John Willard, b. Feb. 10, 1832, 
m. Fidelia (wid. of his bro. Samuel C), Jan. 24, 1857; Emeline, 
m. Jefferson Branch, of Henrietta, N. Y. ; Sybil, m. John Norton, 
Livonia, N. Y. ; Lucy, m. Clinton B, Norton, of Mt. Morris, N. Y. 

SAMUEL, 6 m. 1, • ; m. 2, Calista Heath, Oct. 2, 1825. 

Children, by first wife : Sally, m. Eli C Beatty, May 18, 1841; 
Catherine W., m. John H. Holmes; Faith, m. Robert R. Beatty, 
May 9, 1844 ; Samuel. Had by second wife : Sophronia, who in. 
Philo Wright. 

SETH, 7 m . Rachel Gaylord, of Bristol, Ct., Sept. 28, 1817. 


Children : Lucy Gaylord, b. Nov. 1, 1818 ; Lydia Ann, b. Nov. 
15, 1820, m. John B. Wheeler ; Esther Parker, b. Jan. 18, 1823, 
m. Ebenezer Robbins; Andrew, b. July 16, 1834, in. Susan Frances 
Clark, of Willington, Ct., Oct. 8, 1855, has one daughter. 

ELY,? m. Accy [Acsah] Phillips, of Northumberland. N. Y.. Apl. 
30, 1816, lives at Wilton, N. Y. Children: Henrietta, b. Mch. 
29, 1817, d Sept. 16, 1844 ; Louisa, b. Dec. 7, 1819, d. Aug. 18, 
1844; Ann Eliza, b. June 25, 1826; Northrop, b. Jan. 11, 1832 ; 
Harriet Olivia, b. Oct. 26, 1834, d. Oct. 17, 1851. 

REUBEN,° m. Jane Hopson, of Castile. N. Y., Dec. 24, 1849, is 
a joiner at Pike, N. Y. Children: Irving Marcellus, b. Oc',. 
29, 1850; Alonzo Romaine, b. Apl. 15, 1852; Dewilton Al- 
burtis, b. Jan. 15, 1856. 

From Boxford (J/«ss.) Town Records, 

Mch. 14, 1757, John Stiles m. Hannah Demcy. 

Feb. 9, 1761, John Stiles m. Phebe -, had Judith, b. Aug. 

29, 1771. 

Dec. 20, 1770, John Stiles, Jr., in. Rebecca Peabody, of Andover. 

June 16, 1772, Noah Stiles, of Andover, in. Lydia Curtis, of 

Aug. 19, 1820, George Carleton, sou of Samuel Stiles and Polly, 
was born Aug. 19. 

May 13, 1753, Wid. Mary Stiles died. 

July 25, 1762, Benjamin Stiles died. (Perhaps Benj.* p. 11.) 

Admissions to full Communion. 
1702, Wid. Stiles, 

Timothy Stiles and Ebenezer Stiles. 
1727, Mehitable Stiles and Dorothy Stiles. 


From Rowley Church Records. 
1698, Sept. 26, Baptised, John, son of Richard and Hannah. 

See Farmer and Moore's Elst. Coll. vol. in, p. 88 of Appendix, 
for record of the death, at Danville, Vt., of Mr. Caleb Stiles, a sol- 
dier ot the Revolution, and a pensioner, a. 90. 

Admissions to Membership in the 1st Cong. Church of 
Middleton, Mass. 
1729, Oct. (the church was this year organized, with fifty mem- 

Ebenezer Stiles, 1818. Mrs. Nancy Stiles. 

Ebenezer Stiles, Jr , 1826. David Stiles. 

Hezekiah Stiles (a. 18), 1832. David Stiles, Jr. 

Dorothy Stiles. 1835. Lydia Stiles. 

1744. Daniel Stiles, 1837. Mrs. Elizabeth P. Stiles. 

Elizabeth Stiles. 1839. Hiram Stiles, 

1755. Rebecca Stiles. Franklin Osgood Stiles. 

1764. Mrs. Ezekiel Stiles- 1845. Rebecca Stiles. 

1768. Mrs. John Stiles. 1850. Sarah Stiles, 

1772. Daniel Stiles, Jr., and Caroline Augusta Stiles, 
his wife. 

John W. Stiles, Esq., sometime of Templeton, of Worcester, 
Mass., m. in Nov. 1801, a dau. of Dr. McCarty, of W., who d. Sept. 
1836, and had dau. Lydia, who m. Alfred Dwight (see A 7 ". E. Hist.- 
Gen. Reg., I, 354, and Lincoln's Hist, of Worcester, p. 259). We 
have heard from several sources that this gentleman had a MS. Rec. 
of the Stiles family, but have never been able to get hold of it, or 
even to find his descendants. 


From Records of Andover, Mass. 

1765, May 17, Hannah Stiles, of A. publishment of marriage, to 
Elijah Hutchinson. 

1771, Sept. 7, Elizabeth Stiles, of Middlctown, publishment of 
marriage, to Samuel Lovejoy, of Andover. 

1779, Oct. 27, Mary Stiles, of A., publishment of marriage, to 
Amos Kimball, of A. 

1741, Nov, 26, Ephraim Stiles married Elizabeth Lanksford. 
1752, Nov. 16, John Stiles married Hannah Holt. 
1752, Dec. 27, Hezekiah Stiles married Harriet Lovejoy. 
1771, May 15, Martha Stiles, of A., married John (Trun ?). 

1778, June 20, Elizabeth Stiles, of A., married Nathaniel Lovejoy. 

1779, Nov. 23, Mary Stiles, of A., married Amos Kimball. 

JACOB STILES, of Pelham, N. H., m, Polly Butler. Children 

Fanny, m. Kenney Gray; Mary, m. Woodward; Moody 

Harriet, m. Sylvester Wyman; Sabra, m. Nehemiah Low- 
Amanda, m. Eppes Wyman; Ambrose (A 7 ". E. Hist.- Gen. Reg., 

See Morse Family Genealogy, for several Stileses, who married 
into that race, pp. 117, 127. 

See also, Abbot Genealogy, pp. 18, 155; Sargent Genealogy, p. 
56; Whittlesey Genealogy, p. 107; Rice Family, p. 317; Leland 
Genealogy, p. 99 ; Redfield Genealogy, p. 201. 

In Hist, of Temple, N. E. (p. 97), we find that John Stiles was 
one of a company of 56, who marched from Temple, N. H, to Cam- 
bridge, Mass., on the "Lexington alarm," and were absent eleven 
days, 1775. In same year, a special census of the village, shows 
that the family of John Stiles, contained 1 male under 16 yrs. of 
age, 1 between the ages of 16 and 50, and 4 females, together with 


" a gun" (p. 101). In 1766, he signed the following resolution, 
recorded on the Minutes of the Annual Town Meeting : " We, the 
Subscribers, do hereby solemnly profess our entire willingness, at 
the Bisques of our Lives and Fortunes, with arms, to oppose the 
Hostile Attempts of the British Fleets and Armies against the 
United American Colonies, whenever, and to such a degree, as such 
attempts of Britain may require" (p. 105). Subsequently he was 
appointed on a " Committee [of 9 members] of Inspection, corre- 
spondence and safety " (p. 11). On June 30, 1777, he marched in 
a company of 37, under Capt. Drury, Lieut. Col. P. Heald's regi- 
ment, on an alarm from Ticonderoga (p. 114). 

JOSEPH, m. Jemima Sawyer, resided at Norwich, Vt., had son 
Daniel S., b. June 20, 1827 ; living, in 1857, at Waterford, N. Y. 
Is an iron-moulder; m. Phebe A. Vincent, Sept, 22, 1847. Child* 
ren: Harriet Jane, b. July 13, 1848; Lois A., b, Apl. 18, 1855,