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Full text of "A contribution to the genealogy of the Merrill family in America : being a particular record of the ancestry of Hamilton Wilcox Merrill"

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L Family 

M. .',-... 

The ancestry 



i^.:i'.j- L ' \ k 

A Contribution to the 

Genealogy of the Merrill Family 

in America 

Being ^ 

.-" A particular record of 

\, _ the Jficestry of 

Hamilton Wilcox Merrill 

'- by his Son 

Frederick J. H. Merrill 


Albany : Printed privately 
for the writer and for his 
friends: Finished in June 
M • D • CCC • X C • IX 

^//'i d.n >i>i :ilA ^fij '''J Y 

A0\y\3lA/\ ill 

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A -d 

l/ .^i . 


t^)3? U^cl 1 


(T I/} 

/'>'■> '7^: f],. 

'.^'■f t^ 


I Cambridge, 
} Hartford, C 
Hartford, Ct, 


3. !«'' 
l 29, 

jjjWethersfield, Ct, Jan. 29, 1724-2; 


JOHN = Mercy Chittenden 
1053. b. 1662. 

1711. d. Wethersfield, Ct., Oct. 13, 1745. 


\ J J 

A ni 

i i. . \ .' I ; / i. 

-'Ji / /K 


■: c'aI vd 

!n-..''j[/ .n 

r .y^iM^;: i -^ 


(i U 

■. I6SS. I '^ 1 JaB^5!^673. 

John Watson ^^M^i 

Hari/ord, Ct.. 1631. 

Died, Hartford. July l3. 171: 

. Hantord, Ci . June 15. b. Hattford. Ct. Oct n. icro 
3ied. Hartford. CL, 1730! ^^1 d. Hartford. Ct, bet.ire 17)7- 

Ige. Mass., '1631. 

d. Ci.,i636. .1, Hartford 

Ti'OMAs = Hansah BUTI 

. Wollicrshelri, Ct.. ifiji. 
LWotliQrBfield.CL.Jnn, : 

Bora. West Hartford, C t. , 1 754. 
SetUedJ WhTtestowD. !.*. Y," 
Died, Byron'. N^ V. ^Uy':. 1 631 

Inughtur of Capt , David Phelps. 


iSimsbury, Ct.. July: j, Wbitestown, K. V.. Nov., 
i-ron. N. Y.. Apr. 

Died, JByTOD.K.y..Nov.. 

Jlftnultcii W.^LoyiSA Kavff.Man. daughter 

Bora, j f^y^°g"^^ 

Died. JNewVorkCif. Jdy 

r York City, : 

ioy. N. y.. Mar. 24. lEg?- 

ian Heinrich KauiimaQ; 
V York City, Feb . 1344- 



t EdgerWQ api Ciara Coop«r. 








A Contribution to the 

Genealogy of the Merrill Family 

in America '^ 

' '''' ''•" =^'^ Being '' ---• aS ... , 
A particular record of 

' "■ the Ancestry of ''-iy •: ,■'■. .?,,'. 

Hamilton Wilcox Merrill 

* "■ f " '•*• by his Son 

Frederick J. H. Merrill 

•..-•', in 


Albany : Printed privately 
for the writer and for his 
friends : Finished in June 
M • D • CCC • X C • IX 

jji^;^hM ^HjIu yoo. 


iyvidlA XkO i'"''/f V10iJir.^AH 

ivir;!/ ■^'^ -l Ajnolj-ji'i , 

_ E/7' ./n?^"? 


^ I ^HE writer's need for an accurate record of his 
ancestry has led him to devote considerable time to 
searches relating to his own branch of the Merrill family 
and the general results of this work are published in the 
following pages for the information of those who may 
be interested in them. ..-,.,.. 

A genealogical work on the Merrill family in general, 
has long been promised, but has not yet appeared. 

General Lewis Merrill of Philadelphia devoted much 
i time to the collection of Merrill records, and contem- 
I plated their publication, but his death in 1896 has left a 
j mass of unedited manuscript which is inaccessible and 
' will probably never see the light. 

Samuel Merrill, Esq., of Boston, has in his possession 
the extensive data of his father, the late Gyles Merrill, 
of Haverhill, Mass., as well as the chief results of 
General Lewis Merrill's searches and promises us, in 
the near future, a Merrill genealogy. 

To the generosity of this gentleman, the author ot this 
paper is greatly indebted for guidance in his work. 

While a part of the matter in the following pages has 
been for some time known to those interested in the sub- 
ject, the present writer has had new searches made in every 
place where original records existed, in order that no fact 
of value might escape. 

The search for proof of Jared's ancestry is still in prog- 
ress and further data will be given in a future publication. 

Frederick. J. H. Merrill 
Albany, N. Y. 

March /, i8gg 

■)i n»iff 
:;;--, ifj nvvo ?id o-J ^iibr.h 

ri'j'.'r: bv; \'.' -";• . ;m j, '■• '■■ri;:, . _,. ._. .cJ 

lii';:^;' :»;: l'3c t^v^jh /Ididotq iiiv/ 
y; ^'Ui.'y- birb :•:!' v. >,_,.., v, ^.c,:^r/ ,f|f/{--vrH lo 

.^lov/ ini lu l;.-i'j..'^^..-,' lO* Lr'?d:jbni yb/jS-Jg ^i 13qi;q 
'' -'^^Ji-'-'l :^''^/.'u!;j^ v-f-] n- ,- '3:-:;! 9r{} )o J7£q -a; ^iifiW 
-'i'- ■•■'• n; L ^i" ;-: j-:-_jii[ jcv'.ij c' ;:.vo:;>t :i(nij Officer loi fi33u 

.'•':'"'. ■■ ■ • bi;fn r-rb-!£:j^ V'.;(J bilji :iq^fi3<lD3J 

. io 

^^^^ ,^ ^ 



MONG the earlier settlements in the Massachusetts 
Bay Colony, was that of Ipswich, founded in 163J. 
Two years later some of the inhabitants of this place 
went a few miles northward to the Parker River and, 
'" ^^3 Si founded there a new town which they called 
Newbury, in honor of the former residence of their pastor, 
the Rev. Thomas Parker, who had, for some time, been 
curate at Newbury, in Berkshire, England. 

Nathaniel Merrill and his brother John were early 
settlers at Newbury. John was there in 1635 and was 
one of the first grantees.^ His name also appears in a list 
of land holders at Ipswich in 1636.- Nathaniel received 
a grant of land at Newbury, on ''the Neck" south of the 
Parker River, May 5, 1638, and may have been there 
earlier, but we have no evidence on this point. [ohn had 
no sons ; his only child was a daughter, Hannah, who 
married Stephen Swett. From Nathaniel, therefore, are 
descended most of the Merrills in the United States, since 
all other Merrill emigrants are of later date. Like manv 
other Puritan emigrants of New England, John and 
Nathaniel Merrill have given to posterity no record of 
their origin. That they came from England is certain, 
but from what county we do not know. The name of 
Merrill was, however, in the seventeenth century, of fre- 
quent occurrence in the counties of Essex ^ and Suffolk. "* 

Nathaniel's wife was known as Susannah, but her 
family name is not recorded. It has been given by some 
early genealogists as Jordan, but this was the name of her 
second husband, as the land and probate records of Essex 

'Coffin's History of Newbury, Mass., p. 287. 
'Felt's History of Ipswich, Mass., p. 12. 

* Harleian Society, Vol. XIII, Visitation of Essex, p. 45. 

* Probate records of County Suffolk, England. 



:r !-;-':'i 


•• : 1. f 1 

'-T -jn- .-i:.. i;/r nu; ..-.'j 


jo v.ii.:) 


,1 i 1 X 

county show.^ It is possible that her maiden name was 
Wolterton. The reasons for this inference are hereafter 

Nathaniel was the father of six children, at least two of 
whom were born in Newbury ; Nathaniel, John, Abra- 
ham, Susannah, Daniel and Abel, 

In the Newbury records, the birth dates of Daniel and 
Abel alone are given. These are respectively August 20, 
1642 and February 20, 1643/4. 

Nathaniel Merrill died at Newbury, Mass., March 16, 
1654/5. His will, which is filed at Salem, the county 
seat of Essex county, mentions Nathaniel as the oldest 
son and executor and, from this fact, it is probable that 
the latter was of age at the time this will was made, 
March 8, 1654/5. This would locate his birth about 
1633, so that he may have been born in England. 
Coffin's History of Newbury gives the date of Nathan- 
iel's birth as 1638, but mentions no authority and is 
probably in error. To the other sons, legacies were 
bequeathed, to be paid to them when they should be of 
the age of two and twenty years. John, the emigrant, 
is definitely mentioned in the will, as Nathaniel's brother. 


* I ^HE sons Nathaniel, Abraham, Daniel and Abel 
remained in Massachusetts and became the ancestors 
of a numerous posterity. The son John is not again men- 
tioned in the Massachusetts records, but, in 1657, proba- 
bly the year in which he received his patrimony,"^ he 
appeared at Hartford,^ Connecticut, purchased land and 
was elected a freeman at a session of the general court on 
May 20, 1658. There he became associated with Gregory 
Wolterton, one of the first settlers, who was a man of 

' Maine Historical and Genealogical Recorder, Vol. Ill, pp. 178-9. 
' If this hypothesis be correct John was born in 1635. 
' Settled by families Irom Cambridge, Mass., in 1636. 

.-f' \ l^' 


V Vin: 

■■» ' . 

.-^^ri-OT^ .-';•:-;.';/ / .';: ^iltv/ jr!' 

••C'i]:;-:!fn y. 


.'.■i ,>:jd ,;-'.Ijtoj-ji r^:3j>U' 

' ') r!v '. ^,.-^ ,->',-/K ::>(;ti;' -jd -rniT 

means and the proprietor of a large tan yard as well as of 
other real estate. At Wolterton's death, in July, 1674, 
and by his will, John Merrill became the owner of his tan 
yard and house and, in honor of his benefactor, John's 
next born son was named Wolterton, 

There are several possibilities in regard to the relation- 
ship between Gregory Wolterton and John Merrill, which 
led to this large bequest. Gregory may have been the 
brother of John Merrill's mother, Susannah, in which 
case it is probable that John went to Hartford because his 
uncle was there. Or, it is possible that the bequest came 
solely from Wolterton's interest in a young man who had 
been useful to him in his business and who took the place 
of a son, as he had no children of his own, although he 
was married three times. This does not, however, account 
for John's presence at Hartford. It is hoped that genea- 
logical research now in progress in England under the 
direction of the writer may throw some light upon this 
important question. It has also been stated bv genealo- 
gists that John was adopted^ by Gregory Wolterton, but 
no authority can, at present, be found for this assertion. 

By his will, Gregory also left property to relatives in 
Ipswich, England, from which place he may have come. 

John Merrill married, in July, 1658, Sarah, daughter 
of John Watson, one of the first proprietors of Hartford. 
He became the father of ten children: Sarah, born Sep- 
tember 19, 1664; Nathaniel, born January 15, 1666/7; 
John, born April 7, 1669; Abraham, born December 21, 
1670; Daniel, born June 15, 1673; Wolterton, born June 
28, 1675; Susannah, born May 20, 1677; Abel, born 
January 25, 1679; ^saac, born March 11, 168 1/2; and 
Jacob, born March 27, 1686. In the names of these 
children we have unquestionable evidence of the fact that 
John Merrill, of Hartford, was identical with John, the 

' Maine Historical and Genealogical Recorder, Portland, Maine, 1886 ; 
Vol. Ill, pp. 178-179. 

r" i.;:.. 1 , 

• "ir- - 

1 -r^O''*! 3ft* ijJ. 


■ / i U- ■ : -• 

.^>-: =..iiv; !^-.^ ;;, 



r i 


- ;'i* florTi.i :.';:;; :■■ ;••■■•. •■• 

- '.J J ..'-O. ■' ■ ■' ' ' JOG'S; v 

ii^j' ■ - >•;: T;'i hff 

' '■ J I ; ■ - , : : V 

J ,.•: .■ .:''.'.■ J '^"z :''Ot' .;:;ii Oil 

•r';M ,;■ - v-r-tur-R^ ['■-.,'. .' f:fil;./ ;>.,;, . .. 

•-'M^:i.'«J inofi (ffiiiiif;- :i/. ^O-^^'M ," Irs'jA moH -nrioi_ 

;.'i. ■'•:■!. I' -jJ-'s-jIoV/ -^^v^^' .. ■ .i'.;| :\■:^'] ^.<\'i^vJl )o~6f 

' ■■''■■ .!-"•;. ^'--^-''i ,o:. ■;i.'>/' ^-'.'^ ,'■' ■ ■\r.!.r.'j?. ;>7')i f8v 
' i. ; : M-i , I ' c'.y^r^/' ., ^ •■•• :■.;.■ i ■ 

'■v(ij •-• ?'.' :i. ■ -yr- n\ . ■ ■» ■ . ■ . 

'■ !•■" ' . ii.^' rA-jb' :-r.N' ,[y\-j\\M,V\ to ,!>• ; , • ^'" \i''y\^ 

... .iuV 

son of Nathaniel, of Newbury, as the names of the latter' s 
children are all repeated. 

Other docvimentary evidence could hardly be expected, as, 
at the time of his arrival in Hartford, he was probably only 
twenty-two years of age and was not of sufficient prominence 
to make his birth place a matter of public interest and record. 

The town records of Hartford^ show, however, that he 
soon became a man of prominence and held numerous 
local offices. He lived on the south side of Elm street. 

John Merrill and his wife were members of the Second 
Congregational Church of Hartford, the former being a 
Deacon, and the baptisms of five of his children are 
recorded in the old book of that church. The births of 
all his children are in the town records which are printed 
in the Register of the New^England Historic Genealogi- 
cal Society, Vol. XH. Deacon John Merrill died July 
1 8, 17 1 2 and the probate records show an agreement 
between his heirs, his will of early date not being offered 
for probate. 


T^ANIEL, the fifth child of Deacon John Merrill, was 
born at Hartford, June 15, 1673, ^"^ baptized on 
June 22nd, of the same year, in the Second Congregational 
Church. His first wife, whom he married January 18, 
1 697^/8, was Susannah, daughter of John Pratt, Jr. and 
granddaughter of John Pratt, one of the first proprietors 
of Hartford. His second .wife,' whom he married Feb- 
'ruary 17, 1736/7, was Mindwell King, of Windsor.' 
The births of six of his children are in the town records^' 
and the baptisms of all but one are in the book of the Second 
Congregational Church, Daniel, born January i, bap- 
tized January 8, 1698/9, died February, 1698/9; 

' Collections Conn. Hist. Soc. Vol. VI. 
* Stiles' Ancient Windsor, II., p. 426. 
' N. E. Gen. Reg. Vol. 13, p. 242. 


,:; Vj r:;.rfi r. 
' ■ / •.■• i>-v! -H 

_ ._. . . ,. . .; i'-v, ^hi ,.^-K'3ji ^il[ rj^^wi^d 

. . _ .•i>'-* b'' . .- . ,. n; ,ii -"/ •>! , . . - . 'ii{ij\ 

-ri- .. ... .,, ., 

br -;; ,;^ <^-\^LT' 

'^'inojj:' fv/..; -j/h n; -'i; nr-tbiirlr; ?.tfi 'io X'"g '^o - i 

.•-'.,-•■- -^T'^ :.> >i<;j(i :;,'■! fii :^-rr vn-". 3;j(j 'inl 
'-: '• ,1 ■.'•;:-:/irn i_ ::"oc A-j'.f,^.{ rmuti' 

Susannah, born August i8?', baptized August ii, 1700; 
Moses, born December 25, 1702, baptized January 31, 
i702/'3; Jonathan, born June r^, baptized July i, 1705; 
Ruth, born January 5, baptized January 11, 1707/8; 
Mary, born March 25, 17 10; Hepzibah, born April 14, 
baptized April 20, 1712; Daniel, baptized April 14, 1714; 
Israel, baptized April 15, 1716; Mary, baptized January 
19, 1718//9; Hezekiah, baptized September 11, 1720; 
Rachel, baptized November 4, 1722. 

The will of Deacon Daniel Merrill, proved in 1750, 
mentions his wife Mindwell; his sons, Moses, Jonathan, 
Israel and Hezekiah and his daughters, Susannah Steel, - 
Hepzibah Seymour and Rachel Shepard; as well as a 
grandson, Daniel Easton, the child of a deceased daughter. 

■ ISRAEL '"'•'^^'■■^ K. '■'84, a^^hv 

bv fnr ciw-..]-- ; n-imr Is nnr fn^^n:' 

"DY this will, which bequeathed property valued at 
$50,000, a large sum for those days, Israel received 
his father's farm and buildings in West Hartford, with 
which place he was subsequently identified during his life. 
The town records of Hartford are missing for the period of 
Israel's lifetime and we therefore lack many important dates 
in connection with him. We have, moreover, no record of 
his marriages, although his first wife, Bethiah, was 
admitted to the West Hartford Church, July 27, 1740, 
which was probably about a year after their marriage, as his 
first child was baptised in May of that year. Of his child- 
ren we find only the following baptismal records in the book 
of the West Hartford Church; Lois, May 4, 1740; 
Abigail, May 16, 1742; Rosanna, April 20, 1744; 
Samuel, January 19, 1746; Marianne, February 28, 1748. 
Although there is no record of the death of Bethiah, 
nor of Israel's second marriage, the will of Thomas Cad- 

' Tliere must be an error in this record; perhaps Aug. 8, is meant. 

F. J. H. M. 


.^■JCK. i ■■ ,iMO^ 

: , . Ci . .re (J V> iuw ^fil" 

'"■"' ].- •'■■r ;"; 

■i h.inKa 


{. rV :;'ri v-'.'.i j tiofHw 

:of';; ,4. y.rJ.': ,.';o I - ri:)"iv.'rj bio'lriiiii ,;«.■''/ ':Ht ^o 

-;,:r-,,'.'J ■:. 

''j.-i ,P' 

t!j;!i J13II i 

well, executed September 19, 1749, mentions his daughter 
Abigail Merrill and the land records^ show that, in 1770, 
Abigail Cadwell was the wife of Israel Merrill. The family 
name of Bethiah, the first wife, has not been ascertained. 

The baptism of the second daughter in 1742 with the 
name of Abigail, suggests very strongly that she was a 
daughter of the second wife and that his second marriage 
occurred about the year 1741. .,. .. ,.,u ,. 

In addition to the son Samuel whose baptism is given, 
we find it stated in the land records that there was a son 
Simeon and the family traditions of some of Israel's 
descendants in New York State, tell us that there were also 
sons named Israel and Jared. The second Israel is, how- 
ever, known to us only by tradition and is not mentioned 
in any Connecticut records. 

Israel died at West Hartford, October 15, 1784, as shown 
by the church records, but his name is not found in 
the probate records. Possibly he had given all his 
property to his children before he died. 


/^WING to the loss of the Hartford town records for a 
period including 1755, which was probably the year 
of Jared Merrill's birth, we are unable to fix the date 
exactly, for his baptism is not recorded in the West 
Hartford Church Book. Nor has any record of the date 
of his marriage vet been found. His wife, however, was 
Abigail Phelps, daughter of Captain David Phelps of 
Simsbury, as stated by tradition and by her father's will. 
She was born at Turkey Hills, Simsbury, ■ Conn., Novem- 
ber 16, 1754. 

The Simsbury town records do not mention Jared's 
marriage nor the births of his children, but the land 

' Hartford Land Records, Vol. 13, p. 505. 

'In 1786 Turkey Hills became part of the town of Granby, which 
was set off from Simsbury and is now in East Granby. 


<;;rl tl 

ri:f 1x 

f'l .•:.. OJ ';• 

crr>]y ( 

.■:Hi o- I ; 


.4i> "I ,Ctl 13t. 

1 1 r: ' ■ 

records of Simsbury show that, in 1775, Jared Merrill 
bought a house and half an acre of land from Dudley 
Pettibone and others, on the east side of the Fannington 
River at Weatogue, which was a small settlement within 
the limits of Simsbury.^ 

Jared was, by profession, a builder of houses and there- 
fore probably had no use for a large tract of land such as 
a farmer would have required. 

The records of the transfers relating to this purchase 
are as follows: 

Simsbury Land Records, Vol. 12, p. 145, dated April 
29, 1775: 

Dudley Pettibone of Simsbury for 43s sells to Jared 
Merrill of Simsbury, the loth part of one certain dwelling 
house in Simsbury on the east side of the river at Weatogue, 
east side of the road, a little north of the house of 
Azariah Pinney. n i <. .; . :■..->.•:.; i V i.i 

P. 441 dated April 29, 1775. 
Noah Phelps of Simsbury for /'j 6s sells to Jared 
Merrill of Simsbury, a quit claim of land on the east side 
of the river with dwelling house ; bounded W. by the High- 
way ; S. and E. by Azariah Pinney; N. by Caleb Moses; 
Yz acre undivided with Abraham Pinney and Noah Phelps. 

P. 484 dated May 17, 1775. 
Capt. Abraham Pinney for ^15 15s sells to Jared 
Merrill of Simsbury, his rights in land in Simsburv at 
Weatogue on the east side of the river bounded W. by 
the Highway, S. and E. by Azariah Pinney, N. bv 
Caleb Moses; ^ acre and dwelling house. 

These three transfers evidently relate to the same piece 
of property which was owned jointly by Pettibone, Phelps 
and Pinney. 

' Jared Merrill of Simsbury has been, by some, confused with Jared of 
New Hartford, son of Capt. Nehemiah. As this other Jared was sdll in 
New Hartford in 1813, as shown b)- the land records and the names of 
his children are mentioned in the baptismal records, the distinction is clear, 
for Jared of Simsbury removed to New York in 1791. 



. ■ ?r:' '^- 

.■.'■'.■■■'.■.■.•.■■' '1 tV I I •:::rn i(^- :■:.,':;.> .,1 ;.'irv/ /i ^;c"f^:n ,■< '' r 3^*i ""I'l 

.; : ■ 1 .'-'-'• vj A h3ji.b If j. .H 
-. ,- .. n:/of , :-. r.ii ^j.!ilbv/b rbiv/ itJ^'n fjflJ "io 

- . ,: v.:M .1. .4 

n'_^ ;i 

Owinor to the loss of the Simsburv Church records we 
have little information concerning the baptism of Jared's 
children. However, the church record book of Avon, a 
neighboring town to Simsburv (prior to 1830 forming part > 
of Farmington), states that on June 29, 1777, the Sims- 
bury Church being temporarily vacant, the pastor of ■ 
Avon, Rev. Rufus Hawley, held services at Simsbury 
and baptised several children, among whom was Abigail, ^ 
daughter of Jared Merrill. On the same day, Jared and 
his wife Abigail renewed the covenant. 

The next mention of Jared in the land records is as 
follows: ?vf!i 

Simsbury Land Records, Vol. 23, p. 246, dated Oct. 

23> 1779- 

Jared Merrill of Simsbury for 20 s., sells to Richard ' 

Andrus of Simsbury, land at the south end of Terry's • 

Plain, East side of the river, bounded N. by Reuben - 

Slater Jr., E. by the highway, W. by the river, and to • 

extend so far south from Slater's land as to contain yi acre. - 

Witness Hezekiah Humphry, Reuben Slater Jr. Re- 
corded April 15, 1805. - 

Nothing has yet been found to indicate the date on 
which Jared acquired the property mentioned in the above 
conveyance, or that which he sold in 18 10. '> 

Again we find Jared mentioned in the Court Records of 'O 
Litchfield County, Vol. 6, p. ;^;^^, dated Dec. 24, 1779. '^' 

Joseph Kingman of Canaan and Joshua Stanton of 
Salisbury, Plaintiffs vs. Jared Merrill of Simsbury, 
damages ^150; writ filed Oct. 25, 1779. Execution 
issued. Judgment given plaintiff to recover ^ 1 00 and costs. 

In Simsbury Land Records, Vol. 12, p. 354, dated Feb. 
2, 178 1, we find the following. 

Jared Merrill of Simsbury sells to Levi Pinney of Sims- 
bury, a house and ^ acre of land in Simsbury at Weatogue; 
bounded W by highway, S & E by Pinney's land, N 
by Caleb Moses or Nathaniel Humphreys. 


ii A'ln no "• i':? <'j}i.yr 

1o Toie£f- oi-^t J^MO;. / yh-fjnuf--' 

-:: -.bif '. '"^ 

.j>0 b'jti:b ,'~'f.l .'j J.: .1' 

i J: . ; .) ' ^' / ' ' : ? 1 . 


rr^f!^ ./! vM ./ b;;';'.!od ,V;V.-: ■ .: 1- -Am .in/:/! ..fUKi^/ 
.t^i'jj, < - ri(f;-;no;- •.; rt>>iii..-l >''{v:-:JH moil Hiuo;^' "iri'^ n?. biiaJX? 

.■IKS Dfi ■ ^'jr.ytbr!! 01 t"..'' I' i !!:>■. 'i iOy 

!o >... ;'• jv.; ■ ^ •!{ i:j;'Ci }'vjni u-j\::i : 

/.o')jjj:,x'' -^Tri ,>.0 .::,-0 b:3}ft ll'IV. 

-.>;^. .- ,11 J,-iV ,;-,;/'^>-.-.;-: : 

.^.•■v/oiir)-' ^:\- bnh iv; ,i8rJ .- 
-t.i'i"'- '. V ■■';'i ;"';,! fr-; ?:' ;> '.mjiy-im'.c. \o ili'i: 

• ,.; v.: ^?^ '■■' ■,, |;niil V' 

' vd 

This deed evidently covers the house and lot bought 
in 1775, of Pettibone, Phelps and Pinney. 

In the records of Berkshire county, Mass., at Pittsfield, 
is a deed of land in the town of Loudon (now Otis) to 
Jared and Simeon Merrill of Hartford, Conn., dated 1781. 
This tract was sold by Jared in 1788, his deed stating that 
he was possessed of a good title bv right of inheritance. 

The use of this term is suggestive evidence that Jared 
'' was a brother of Simeon, the son of Israel. 

About 1 79 1, Jared Merrill removed to Whitestown, 
N. Y., which was then within the limits of Montgomery 
county and afterward, successively formed part of Her- 
kimer and Oneida counties. 

The land records of Oneida county show that on April 
25, 1791, he bought for £60, 50 acres of land from Hugh 
White. This tract was near the present village of Whites- 
boro and the marriage of his daughter Abigail to 
Ephraim Fairbank on March 18, 1798, is recorded in a 
book of the United Society of Whitestown, the Presby- 
''*' terian organization of that region. 

On November 19, 1798, Jared bought of Alexander 
Enos^ 125 acres of land in lot 181 of the Oneida reserva- 
tion. This tract was close to the village of Verona. 

He lived here until 181 1, when he removed to Byron, 
N. Y., having sold his land in Oneida county and also 
the last of his Connecticut property, as shown by the 

Simsbury Land Records, Vol. 25, p. 532. 

Jared Merrill of Whitestown, county of Oneida, N. Y. 
for S25 sells to Samuel Terry and Ira Terry, land in Sims- 
bury, east side of the river from Weatogue to Terry's 
plain and bounded, W. by the river; S. by Oliver Bradley; 
E. by the highway; N. by land " I deeded to Richard 
Andrus in 1779"; containing 7^4^ acres 
Witness, Campbell Humphrey, Justice; Jas. Slater. 

' Enos married Jared' s daughter, Polly and settled in Ohio. 


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"io vi Lf ; ,. - -: i ) •:> -. i .'T l.J 'i d l ^o i^ o< i rj' 

iJ io ! 

i; Oj '3?olj ?.£V/ 


.17,? .q .?! .loV ,^l 


Acknowledged at Simsbury, Sept. i8, 1810; recorded 
Nov. 14, 1 8 14 by Benj. Ely, Town Clerk. 

Jared died at Byron, May 7, 1832, in his 78th year. His 
wife, Abigail, died December 17, 1831, in her 77th year. 


A SA, the fourth son of Jared Merrill and Abigail 
Phelps, was born in Simsbury, Conn., July 4, 1785, 
and came with his father to Whitestown, N. Y., when 
about seven years of age. 

On February 24, 1804, he purchased of his father, 
Jared, the west half of the farm near Verona. About the 
same time, probably in July, 1805, he married, at Oris- 
kany, his first wife. Miss Penelope Dalliba, a daughter 
of George Dalliba, of Whitestown. He lived on the farm 
in Verona five years, and in May, 1809, with his brother, 
Daniel, started to visit the "Genesee River Country," 
which was being slowly occupied bv pioneer settlers and 
where his brother Levi already was, in the district now 
called Bergen. 

15; Having selected a satisfactory tract of land, he returned 
home, sold his farm and, a year later, in the autumn of 
1 8 10, again visited the place with his father, Jared. 
Having made a final selection and bought 200 acres of 
land, he returned home again and prepared to remove 
with his family. 

On February 25, 181 1, Asa left Verona with his wife 
and three children, James D., Alonzo and Henry. His 
household property and provisions were carried on a sled 
drawn by oxen, and a cow and some sheep accompanied 
the party. After a difficult journey of three weeks, he 
arrived safely at the house of his brother Levi, three miles 
from the site selected for his new farm. 

Asa lived on this farm from 181 1 until his death 
in 1873 ^^*^ made and maintained for himself and 
family a comfortable independence and an honored name. ' 


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■\VM:Z b\^ .obL»/i]jH .nv^oir;:..;::'''.' i. , ^-rwiisCI -y^-io^T'^^y 

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b'="7;i ,ijHlK'i gfr^ Hit7, sjeh:; :';:> Li'i:;-gtv nic2E ,0181 

:; /Off:-.-" 07 ;>:n.'ja>iq bffi; niEi^j; oinoH b -.t 

■-/iiv/ ?'(•' ■'■jiv/ ..>no-rjV ji^j x;^,A , ! « •' i ,>: i^ 

<Mi ..'-lirjU bnt: uxaolA , \l -■;^:KJ^ <r bns 

' ,j;- '• no i 'i 

.cc.-.i i '."•in f^:ji io1 ^noii 

ilfM.f! !• ■ ;.:). : U i 




TJAMILTON WILCOX, fifth son of Asa Merrill 
and Penelope Dalliba, was born in Byron, Genesee 
county, N. Y., February 14, 18 14. His boyhood was spent 
upon his father's farm and in 1834 he was appointed to a 
cadetship at the West Point U. S. Military Academy. 
On July I, 1838, he graduated, being promoted at that 
time to the rank of Second Lieutenant in the Second 
Dragoons. In that year he saw his first service in the 
Cherokee Nation while removing the Indians to the west. 
In the winter of the same year he served in the Florida 
war. May of the following year saw him on recruiting 
service in Albany, N. Y., where he remained for more 
than six months, but he soon returned to his regiment and 
during the year 1840-41 was again engaged in the Florida 
war, having been promoted on February 18, 1840, to the 
rank of First Lieutenant. This active service was suc- 
ceeded by a year in garrison at Mount Vernon, Ala. and 
Baton Rouge, La. From garrison life he went to frontier 
duty and was stationed at Fort Towson, I. T., trom 1842 
to 1843; at Fort W^ashita, I. T., from 1843 to 1845; ^^ 
New Orleans, La., in 1845 ^"^ ^^ ^^^ Austin Arsenal, 
Texas, from 1845 to 1846. On March i, 1846, he was 
made Captain in the same regiment. 

From 1846 to 1848 he was engaged in the war with 
Mexico, participating in the battle of Monterey, September 
21-23, 1846; the siege of Vera Cruz, March 9-29, 
1847; skirmish of Medelin, March 25, 1847; battle 
of Cerro Gordo, April 17-18, 1847; battle of Contreras, 
August 18-20, 1847 ; battle of Molino del Rey, September 
8, 1847, where he was brevetted Major for ''gallant 
and meritorious services," and in the operations before and 
the capture of the City of Mexico, September 12-14, 1847. 
In 1848 he returned for a short time to garrison duty at 
New Orleans and then received sick leave of absence until 


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... r .»< /. 

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:!-:'-' , 7:^/1 I: ' lo :>I.5Ji.d A 

•oi ich)'. '. ,8 


r;t;i;T;i.;^ c: i.fn:j lie 

1850, when he returned to frontier duty at Fort Martin 
Scott, Texas, where he remained till 1851. After this he 
was successively stationed at Fort Mason, Texas, 185 1-2; 
Fort Worth, Texas, 1852-3; Fort Belknap, Texas, 
1853-4, and Fort Riley, Kansas, 1855-6. At the close 
of Major Merrill's service at these several posts, he 
received leave of absence for a year. In February, 1857, 
he resigned his commission and retired to private life, 
residing in New York City and occupying himself with 
the care of his property. At this time he married Miss 
Louisa KaufFman, youngest daughter of Christian Hein- 
rich Kauffman of New York. In 1868 he removed to 
New Rochelle, N. Y., where he resided until 1884, when 
he returned to New York City and lived there until his 

He was a devoted sportsman and in his later years gave 
much time to the authorship of numerous contributions 
on sporting subjects; the study of rifle trajectories being 
of especial interest to him. On this subject he con- 
tributed numerous articles to the pages of Forest and 
Stream and the American Field. 

The point in which he was chiefly interested was the 
importance of giving to the modern American breech load- 
ing rifle the low trajectory of the old fashioned muzzle 
loader by increasing the proportion of powder to lead, and 
though, when he first took up the subject, about 1876, 
the proposition was so new as to meet with much adverse 
criticism, he lived to see the much desired change brought 
into effect. 

Major Merrill enjoyed good health and vigor of mind 
and body throughout his later years. He died in New 
York City, July 14, 1892, aged 78, after a sudden 
illness of a few hours duration. He was survived 
by his only son, Frederick J. H. Merrill, and his 
v''>widow, who died in Albany, N. Y., March 24, 1897, 
aged 77. 


cl''\ i:?nr; •5"'-?:-'- "j'jvu hci: VJ;'.) ;■'!•■■'■ vj-; / o1 l;:j>riiJJt>l ^ii 

.min O.I 

b.';oi r, _ .iU 'J/'" (»j 'i;:''" -f 



only son of Hamilton Wilcox Merrill and Louisa 
Kauffmann, was born in New York City, April 30, 1861. 
His early education was received at Charlier Institute and 
other schools. In October, 1880, he entered the School 
of Arts at Columbia College, and in October, 1882, 
transferred himself to the School of Mines in the same 
college, devoting himself especially to the study of 
geology. In June, 1885, he graduated with the degree 
of Bachelor of Philosophy. From 1885 to 1887 he was 
assistant on the geological survey in New Jersey, and from 
1886 was appointed fellow in geology in Columbia Col- 
lege, which position he held until 1890. In June, 1890, 
he received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, and the 
summer of that year was spent in visiting the principal 
natural history museums of Europe. From October, 
1890, to June, 1893, he was assistant state geologist of 
New York. In December, 1890, he was appointed 
assistant director of the New York State Museum, and 
during 1892 and 1893 was director of the scientific exhibit 
of the State of New York at the World's Columbian 
Exposition. In June, 1894, Dr. Merrill was made 
director of the New York State Museum, and in Decem- 
ber, 1898, received the additional appointment of State 

He is a fellow of the American Association for the 
Advancement of Science, the Geological Society of 
America and the New York Academy of Sciences and is 
a member of the American Institute of Mining Engineers, 
the American Society of Naturalists, the National 
Geographic Society, the Brooklyn Institute and of the 
New England Historic Genealogical Society. In connec- 
tion with his profession, Dr. Merrill has published many 
important articles in leading scientific journals and the 


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, ■:■■-. ;is:3r^iv rii 3;Jt?q« 2;iV/ !Si;V 5;;f;-i '!o "I'SfHrni/^ 

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■ ii* !Oi noi^jii:- •'■ ' ^ -ji'y:, 'to v- " "* 

i lu;:;.'-.. 
V/T r'f;} r. i vt ,; -!3r.) i; A 

reports of the New York State Museum, as well as several 
bulletins of the latter institution. In 1887 he married 
Miss Winifred Edgerton, of New York City, and has 
three children: Louise Edgerton, Hamilton and Winifred. 



Hamilton ? born, Simsbury, Ct. ; died, aged 5 years. 

Polly, born, Simsbury, Ct. ; married Alexander Enos; 
died, Ohio. 

Abigail, baptised, Simsbury, Ct., June 29, 1777; 
married Ephraim Fairbank at Whitestown, N. Y., Mar. 
18, 1798; lived in Truxton, Cortland county; died, 
Bergen, N. Y., May 1851. 

Levi, born, Simsbury, Ct., 1779; married ist., Alma 
Steel at Whitestown, N. Y., March 9, 1800; married 2d., 
Clarissa Tuller; died, Murray, Orleans county, N. Y., 
Sept. 22, 1842, buried at Bergen, N. Y. 

Samuel, born, Simsbury, Ct., 1780; married Phoebe 
Odell, at Whitestown, N.Y., Sept. 1802 ; died, Utah, 1878. 

Asa, born, Simsbury, Ct., July 4, 1785, settled in 
Whitestown, 1791, married ist., Penelope Dalliba at 
Oriskany, N. Y., July, 1805; moved to Genesee county, 
181 1 ; married 2d., Celina Prindle, at Byron, N. Y., Jan. 
18, 1824; married 3d., Charlotte Wiggins, widow, at 
Warsaw, N. Y., Dec. 9, 1859; died, Byron, N. Y., Nov. 
4, 1873. 

Erastus, born, Simsbury, Ct. ; married twice; died, 
Michigan, about 1865. 

Daniel, born, Simsbury, Ct., Dec. 25, 1790; married 
Sarah Sanford at Byron, 18 14; died, Bergen, N. Y., Aug. 
12, i8i8, aged 28. 


ift)^: m^Mji. 

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,:;'-'^>- ■ " ■ ,.Y .V 

;• » 



Electra, born, Whitestown, N. Y., April i8, 1794; 
married Warren Warn at Sweden, Monroe county, N. Y. ; 
died, Bergen, N. Y., March 18, 1859; buried in North 
Byron cemetery. 

Ary Phelps, born, Whitestown, N. Y., April 25, 1797; 
married three times; died, Kenyonville, Orleans county, 
N. Y., Dec. 25, 1873; buried at Byron. 


By Penelope Dalliba, His P'irst Wife 
Born Whitescown, N. Y., Nov., 1786; died Byron, N. Y., April 22, 1823 

James Dalliba, born, Verona, N. Y., June 15, 1806; 
married Phoebe Hewitt; died. East Troy, Wisconsin, 
Aug. 2, 1879. 

Alonzo, born, Verona, N. Y., April 24, 1808; married 
1st., Elizabeth Carson; married 2d., Martha Hyde, Wau- 
kesha, Wis., 1844; died, Waukesha, Wisconsin, Nov. 
13, 1868. 

Henry, born, Verona, N. Y., Feb. 10, 18 10; married 
ist., Almira Jenisen, 1831; married 2d., Delilah Rose, 
Nov. 29, 1832; died, Farmington, 111., June 17, 1893. 

Sarah Maria, born, Byron, N. Y., Nov. 8, 18 12; 
married Amos Hewitt; resides, Marshall, Michigan. 

Hamilton Wilcox, born, Byron, N. Y., Feb. 14, 1814; 
married Louisa Kauffmann, New York, May 20, 1857; 
died. New York, July 14, 1892. 

Nelson, born, Byron, N. Y., Dec. 11, 181 5; never 
married; died, Altamont, N. Y., Aug. 18, 1898. 

Alzina, born, Byron, N. Y., Nov. 8, 1819; married 
1st., Henry Hewitt; married 2d., Lucian Terry; died, 
Buffalo, N. Y., Feb. 10, 1845. 

By Celina Prindle, His Second Wife 
Born Byron, N. Y., May 2, 1805; died Byron, N. Y., Feb. 3, 1858 

Daniel Prindle, born, Byron, N. Y., Jan. 25, 1825; 
married Jeanette Polloy; died, Minneapolis, Minn., Oct. 
6, 1893. 






••:.. .■•[// ji;r;?:^>{i: . /■ .;y^i I ^^.^81 ..::/•'/ .j;-;e;U 
.vc;<^i ,4.1 ■j_hj\ ,^ioY w~)i^ ,b^ih 

o-'T ,.y .y. ,r;o" ' a .:nof> ./^'ii^l/ 

:• T 


.d^'^ ,.Y ./ ,oii:Ti;,i 

, 1 

.^^181 ,d 


Amanda Jane, born, Byron, N. Y., Sept. i8, 1827; 
married Samuel Spafford; died, Byron, N. Y., Feb. 22, 

Loren Othello, born, Byron, N. Y., Aug. 7, 1829; 
married ist., Ermina Holbrook; married 2d., Christine 
McPherson, resides, Rochester, N. Y. 

Mary E., born, Byron, N. Y., April 26, 1833; died, 
Byron, N. Y., Jan. 25, 1853. 

Sylvanus, born, Byron, N. Y., Dec. 10, 1834; died, 
Byron, N. Y., Oct. 6, 1835. 

No Children were born to Asa Merrill by His Third Wife. 

D. V.' 



tn:] J->i 

:>^oa i-'xH'- 1^5 

,^<ij:h'J j'-l 


o - '^ =-- 


ARD Griswold Dea. John Moore :== Abigail 
orth, Eng., looSngland. i b. England. 

?T, Ct. ) Dorchester, Mass. ,x630.|' 

I, Ct., 1691. '( Wiudsor, Ct, 1635. | d. Windsor, Ct. 
I \ Windsor, Ct., Sept.! 

I I iS. 1677. j 

Gl Moore . . ! 

b. England, i6| Ct. , July 10, 1643. 

Windsor, C Cl, Nov. 24, 16S2. 

b. Wit 
d. WiE 


X'6 L ,-'>L !: 

.0 .^ji 


irr. Ens 





. Feb b. Ensli 




-6. _ 

Jowpb = 



Lt. .<,«. 

John Pubch^ 

idsof,Cl..Apr-i6.i6S3. *' J Wiocisor. cV, 1635. | j j Windsor. 

il Windsor. CL. tept. 1. 1674- ° ) Dec. S. 16 

Joaopb — Marv C4« 

Died, Simsbury.Ct, Jan, 23.I7SO. d. Simsbury, Ct , 
Lieut. David = / 

I b bimsUury, Ct. Apr. 21. 



^trland. 1 
Simsbury. Cl,, 

1. Simsbury 

Windsor, Ct. Dt 

. 15. 16&S. 

Simsbury. CL 

; bapL Jan. 6. lOji-,. 



mdsor,Ct,Oct.i,i036.|b. Windsor, 

indsor.Ct.Mar.S, i6g5.| 

Frederick J. H. MerrUl 


::."i eeixse^^ 


.'■v.-r'.'pn'n .. oil