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Bearse or Bearss Family 



Ancestry and Descendants of Dea. John Bearss 
and ins Wife, Molly (Beardsley) Bearss, 
of New Fairfield, Ct., and West- 
moreland, N. Y. 





Dec. 7, 1871. 



BINDING No. 221 





By John Beabss Newcome, of Elgin, Illinois. 

[1] AUGUSTINE BEARSE, our first ancestor of the 
name in this country, came of er " inthego.od Shipp, the 

Confidence of London, of two hundred tonnes," from 
Southampton, England, April 24, 1(538, and was then 
twenty years of age, having been born at or near South- 
ampton in 1618. He came to Barnstable. (Cape Cod, 
Mass.), with the first company in 1639. His houselot, 
containing twelve acres of very rocky land in the wesi 
erly part of the East Parish, was bounded westerly by 
John Crocker's land, northerly by the meadow, easterly 
by Isaac Robinson's land, and "southerly into y • woods." 
His house stood on the north side of the road, and his 
cellar and some remains of his orchard existed at the 
commencement of the present century; — a road from his 
house to Hyannis is still known as "Bearse's Way." 
He owned six: acres of meadow adjoining ins upland 
on the north, and two thatch islands, still known as 
'"Bearse's Islands." He had also six acres of land in 
the Calves Pasture, esteemed as being the best soil in 
the town; eight acres of planting land on the north side 
of Shoal Pond bounded by Mr. Cooper's, now called 
Hn -kin's Neck, and thirty acres at the Indian Ponds 
bounded easterly by the Herring River. The Indian 
Pond lot he sold to Thomas Allen, and the planning lands 
at Shoal Pond were occupied by his descendants until 
recently. John Jenkins and John Dexter afterward 
owned the ancient homestead. 

He becam - a member of Mr. Lothrop's Church April 
jj), 1643; his name stands at the head of the list. 

4 The Bearse or Bearss Family. 

the first person admitted. He appears to have been very 
exact in the performance of his religious duties, causing 
his children to be baptised on the day of their birth, if 
Sunday, or on the following Sabbath. His son Joseph, 
our ancestor, born on Sunday, January 25, 1652, wa& 
taken two miles to the church and baptized the same 
day. Many believed that children dying unbaptized 
were lost, and thai consequently it was the duty of pa- 
rents to present their children early for baptism. Being*; 
influenced by this feeling, he did not wish by a week V 
delay to imperil the eternal salvation of his child. Now 
such an act would be pronounced unnecessary and cruel. 
However differently the present generation may view 
the question of baptism, he did what he honestly be- 
lieved his duty, and he who does that intelligently is to 
be justified. 

lie was proposed to be admitted a freeman, June :■}. 
1652, and was admitted on the 3rd of May following. 
His name rarely occurs on t lie records. He was a grand 
juror in 1653 and 1662, and a surveyor of highways in 
1674. He was one of the very few against whom no com- 
plaint was ever made, a fact which speaks well for his 
character as a man and a citizen. He was a farmer, liv- 
ed on the produce of his land, and brought up his la _ 
family to be like himself — Useful members of society. 
There appears to be no record of his death, nor settle- 
ment of his estate on the probate records. He was liv- 
ing in 1686, but died before ] (;,)?. His marriage is not 
on record. Had eleven children, all born at Barnstable, 
Cape Cod, Massachusetts. 


2 Mary Beabse, b. [barn] 1640. 
'■'> M \i:tha Bearse, b. 16 1 2. 

4 Pris iilla Bearse, b. Mar. L0, I644;m. [mirrie L], 166 », Dea. John //<''. 

Jr., <>f Yarmouth. 

5 s vl;ur Bearse, b Mar. 28, 1646 ; m., 1667, John H imVM, of BarHjj 

-iii. I'-, and had 12 children. 

6 Abigail Be \n ■ b. Dec. 18, L647;m Ap.\ 12, 1670, Allen Ntchtl*, of 

Barnstable, ami bad 9 children. 

7 Hannah Bearse, l». \<»v. 16, 1649. 

8 JOSEPH BEARSE, our ancestor, b. Jan. -2~>. 1652; m. Dec. 3, L676, 

)f i ' For further account of him see the nexl paragraph 

in large typ ■ in irki 1 

9 Hester Bearse, b. Ocl 

10 Lydia Bearsk, b. 8ept, L655. 
!- 11 Rebecca Bear3E, b. 157; m. Feb., 1671, William //■ 

12 J \mi I b Julv, I860; m ah i il 168 I an 1 app iarl i i ii v\ 


The Bearse or Bearss Family. 5 

[8] JOSEPH BEARSE, our ancestor, (son of An 
tine Bearse), born at Barnstable, Mass., Jan. 25, L652; 
baptised the same day; died about L695. Ee served as 
a soldier in King Phillip's War, L675-6; his song having 
rights in the town of Grorham, Me., granted to the heirs 
of thesoldiers who served with Capt. Grorham. He mar- 
ried, Dec 3. 1G7C>. Martha Taylor, dan. of Richard of 
Yarmouth; Inn- mother was a dan. of Thomas Burg 
an early settler in the vicinity. Martha was born at 
Yarmouth, Mass.. Dec. 18, 165o, and died Jan. 27, 1728, 
at Barnstable. Had 8 children, all born at Barnstable. 


13 Maiiy Bearse, b. Aug. 16, 1677; died Jan. 19, 1760, unmarried. 

14 Joseph Bearse, b. Feb. 21, 1679; was one of the Grantees of the 

town of Gorham, Me., 1733, where he settled. 

15 Benjamin Bearse, b. June 21, 1682; m. Feb. 4, 1702, Sarah Cobb; 2nd, 

1747, Ann i Nickerson. He d. Mav 15, 1748; had 13 children. 

16 Piuscilla Beakse, b. Dec. 31, 1683 ;d Mar. 31, 1684. 

17 Ebenezer Bearse, b. Jan. 20, 1685; m. Nov. 25, 1708, Elizabeth Cobb; 

2nd, Sep. 4, 1712, Joanna Lurribert. He d. Feb. 1759; had 11 children. 

18 John Bearse, b. Mav 8. 1687 ; in. Nov. 15, 1711, Ellinor Leicis. He d. 

May :!, 1760; had 7 children. 

19 JOSIA.H BEARSE, our ancestor, b. Mar. 10, 1690; m. Nov. 2, 1710, 

Zerviah J\" we unb. For further account of him see next paragraph in 
large type, marked [19]. 
29 James Bearse, b. Oct. 3, 1692; m. Mar. 17, 1720, Mary Fuller, and 
2nd, 1726, Thankful Linnell. He d. Oct. 11, 1758 ; had 4 children. 

[19] JOSIAH BEARSE, our ancestor, (son of Joseph 
and givson of Angnstine Bearse), was b. at Barnstable, 
Mass.. Mar. 10, 1690; in. at Edgartown, Martha's Vine- 
yard, Mass.. Nov. 2, 1716,, Zerviah Newcornb^. 1691 
Edgartown. She was the dau. of Lieut. Andrew Newcomb 
by his 2nd wife. Anna Bares, whose parents were Capt. 
Thomas and Anna (Baker) Bayes, of Boston, Mass.. 
1643, but afterwards of Edgartown. Lieut. Andrew New- 
comb, b. about 1640, was engaged in the fisheries at the 
Isles of Shoals as early as 166G, but removed to Edgar- 
town about 1675, where he d. about 1708. Itis probable 
he was a son of Capt. Andrew Newcomb, of Boston, 
Mass., who d. 1686. Josiah Bearse resided at East 
Barnstable, but was dismissed from the church there 
Dec. 29, 1734, to the church at Greenwich, Ct., to which 
place he removed soon after. He removed in 173* to 
New Fairfield, Fairfield Co., Ct . where he bought, Feb. 
25, 1738, a farm for -£20! », and on the 23rd of Nov. fol- 
lowing he bought 13 acres for £50. April 21. 1743, 14$ 

6 The Bearse or Bearss Family. 

acres were laid out to him, as also llj- acres in 1751. 
He appears to have been quite extensively engaged in 
farming. The inscription upon his tombstone at New 
Fairfield, reads: "In Memory of Mr. Josiah Bearss 
He died August 31 A I) L753 Aged 62 years.*' That 
upon his wife's tombstone reads: "In Memory of 
Zerriah Bearss died Sept 5th in the 91st year of her 
age L789." Had 11 children. 


21 Anna Bearse, b. July 11, 1719. 

22 Josiah Bearse, b. Feb. 3, 17-21. 

23 Eunice Bearse', b. Jan. 2, 1723; d. April G, 1727. 

24 Jonathan Bearse, b. Nov. 22, 1724: d. Dec. 2, 1731. 

25 Lois Bearse, b. July 17, 1726; m Thomas Knapp. 

26 THOMAS BEARSE, our ancestor, b March 10, 1729; m. 1st, Abigail 

Pickett; 2nd, widow Either (Lyon) Smith, and 3rd, Pickett. For 

further account of him see next paragraph in large type, marked [26]. 
'27 Eunice Hearse, b. Feb. 13, 1732. 

28 Joseph Bearse, b. about 1734-5. 

29 Benjamin Bearse, b. 1736-7; m. Prudence ; d. March 8, 1802, at 

New Fairtield, Ct. 

30 Martha Bearse, b June 26, 1738. 

31 Mary Bearse, b. May 8, 1741. 

[26] THOMAS BEARSE, (or Bearss, as now written 
by his descendants,) onr ancestor, (son of Josiah, gr.- 
son of Joseph, and g.-gr.-son of Augustine Bearse), b. 
at Barnstable, Mass., March 10, 1729; removed at the 
age of eight years with his parents to New Fairfield, Ct. 
He m. 1st. January 1, 1754, Abigail Pickett of Danburf, 
Ct.; she d. Feb. 7, 1756, at X. F. He m. 2nd, Dec. $ 
1756, widow Esther I Lyon I Smith of Redding, Ct. She 
d. at X. F. in 1797, and he m. 3rd, in Aug., 1801, Miss 

Pickett, b. 1764: d. at X. P., Feb, 20, 1842. Thomas 

Bearss was a well-to-do farmer, and is remembered as 
a most excellent man. The inscription upon his tomb- 
stone at New Fairfield, reads: — "In Memory of Thomas 
IVarss who died Dec. -J.i 1s]4 in the 86 year of his 
age." Had 8 children. 


32 Joseph Bearss, l». Jan 8, 1756 ;d. Nov. l. 1834; vn. Jemima Beebee,ba 

1760; d. A.pril 21, 1833; had 9 daughters and one son ; his dau. Lucjc 
• unmarried ) is the only person of the name now residing at N. F. 

33 Hannah ! i Nov. 9, 1757; d. Mar. 9, I849;m. Amos Brush, b. 

I 753; d. July 5, 1818; had children. 
:'.| A.BIGAD b. May 1~. 1 T • '■ » ; < 1 1832; m. 8eth Bnrnum and ha«l 


77/'' Bearse or Bearss Family. 7 

35 Dea. JOHN BEARSS, our ancestor, b. Mar. (I, 1763; m. 1784, Molly 

Ih ardaley. For further account of him Bee next paragraph marked ; ; 5 r >J. 

36 Kimberlt Bearss, 1). Oct. 1, 1764; d. L840; unm. 

37 Thomas Bearss, b. Dec. 1, 1767; d. 1789; unm. 

38 Eni Bearss. b. June 4, 1709; m. Nov. 29, 1792, Betty Hall, and remov- 

ed to Paris, X. Y. ; had one son Calvin, whose bou Eli now resides 
at Lee, N. Y. 

39 Emzabetii Beaus.s, b. July 16, 1802; m. April 5, 1810, Matthew /,. 

Pierce, b. Mar. 7, 179r>. They reside at New Fairfield, Cfc. 

[35J Deacon JOHN BEARSS, (son of Thomas, gr.- 
son of Josiah, g.-gr.-son of Josepli and g.-g.-gr.-son of 
Angustine Bearse), was b. at New Fairfield, Fairfield 
Co., Ct, March (5, 1763; m. atN. F., 1784, Molly Beards- 
ley, b. at N. F., April 21, 1764. Her father, Dea. Pliin- 
ehas Beardsley, was b. at Stratfield, Ct., March 4, 1733, 
and d. at N. F., Jan. 30, 1812;— his wife. Ruth (Fair- 
child), b. Aug. 3, 1736; d. April 1, 1813 at Westmoreland, 
N. Y. Dea. Phinehas Beardsley's parents were Dea. 
Obadiah and Mercy, dan. of Henry and Mary Jackson 
of Strattield, Ct. Dea. Obadiah Beardsley was son of 
John of Stratford, by wife Mary Booth, (dan. of Ephra- 
im Booth, by wife Mary, dau. of Robert Clark). Ephra- 
im Booth was son of Richard, by wife Elizabeth (Haw- 
ley), settlers at Stratford, Ct,, 1640. John Beards- 
ley, above named, was son of Samuel by wife Abigail, 
and gr.-son of William Beardsley (wife Maria), who 
came over in 1635 from St, Albans, Hertfordshire. Eng., 
and settled at Stratford, Ct. Ruth Fairchild, above nam- 
ed, was the dau. of John by wife Mary (W heeler), gr.- 
dau. of Alexander by wife Deborah (Beardsle}'), g.-gr.- 
dau. of Thomas and wife Susannah, and g.-g.-gr.-dau. 
of Thomas Fairchild by his hist wife. Sarah, dan. of 
Robert Seabrook. The last named Thomas was first 
settler at Stratford, Ct., 1639. 

Dea. John Bearss was a farmer: — his farm in N. F. 
was situated on the south side of Squaii's Pond, (now 
called Bearss 1 Pond), at the outlet of which he owned 
a saw-mill. His house in New Fairfield, Ct., situated 
about four miles in a north-easterly direction from the 
church, w r as standing a few years since though in a some- 
what dilapidated condition. He removed in May, 1805, 
to the town of Westmoreland, Oneida Co., N. Y.. where 
he bought a farm about one mile south of the village of 
Hampton, where he d. Feb. 28, 1830. His wife, Molly, 
d. there Aug. 11, 1828, and both are interred in the old 
cemetery at the village, marble tombstones marking 

8 T?ie Bearse or Bearss Family. 

their resting-place. He was appointed Deacon of the- 
Congregational Church soon after his removal to West- 
moreland and held the office till his death. Both him- 
self and wife " were among the excellent of the Earth." 
He was of the austere, puritanical caste — read and ex- 
pounded the Scriptures at his family worship, and was 
seldom seen to smile. She, a faithful and affectionate 
wife and mother, possessed a kind, loving disposition, 
was always cheerful and "ready for every good word 
and work*.*' Had nine children, all born at New Fair- 
field, Ct. 


40 Riioda Bearss, b. May 1, 1785; d. at Western, Oneida Co., K Y.» 

Feb. 13, 1860; m. at the residence of her sister Xancy, in Hampton, 
Jan., 1841, as the 2nd wife of John Paddock, farmer, b. 1783, d. 1866. 
She had no children. After the death of her parents she resided 
with her brothers and sisters till her marriage; — she "seemed a moth- 
er to everybody," and " went about doing good." She was interred 
at Western, X. Y. 

41 Amasa Bearss, b. Oct. 15, 1787; farmer; d. unm. April 26, 1827; 

interred by the side of his parents. He was a man of kindly, 
social and generous feelings. 

42 Esther Bearss, b. April 21, 1789 ;m. May 7, 1816, William Xeiccomb. 

See paragraph numbered [42]. 

43 Nancy Bearss, b. Feb. 18, 1791 ; in. March 31,18 19, R nben Rose. See 

paragraph numbered [43]. 

44 John Bear<s, b. July V), 1793; d. upon his farm about 2J£ miles- 

north of Hampton village, Westmoreland, X. Y., Feb. 16, 1871. un- 
married. He was a man of integrity and uprightness, resembled his 
father in many respects, and was never known to laugh aloud till 
after he was four years old. His father was stricken with paralysis 
of the left side eight months before death, and it is believed that 
the almost incessant labor which the son bestowed, was the cause of 
a partial derangement of his mind. He was an industrious man, and 
continued to do light labor till near the close of his life. It is ex- 
pected that his farm of 62 l < acres will be sold, and the proceeds, after 
paying debts and expenses, distributed to his heirs. He is interred in 
the new cemetery at Hampton 

45 Molly Bearss, b. Dec. 14, 1795; m. March 6, 1823, Obadiaft New- 

comb. See paragraph numbered ! 45J. 

46 Hannah Bearss, b. June 11, 1798; m. Dec. 27, 1820, Rosea Buell. See 

paragraph numbered [46]. 

47 Thaddeus Bearss, b. April 4. 18 II ;m. April 21, L831, /. tura /-.". Eearts. 

8< ' paragraph numbered [47]. 

48 Emm Bearss, b. March 5, 1804; m. June 21. 1827, Betsey .1. Bwadfc 

See paragraph numbered [48 J. 

[42 ESTHER BEA.RSS, (dau. of Dea. John, gr.-dau, 
of Thomas, g.-gr.-dau. of Josiah, g. -g.-gr.-dau. of Jo- 
seph, and g. g. g. gr. 'Ian. <»f Augustine Bearse), 
was I*, in New. Fairfield, Ct.. April 21. 1788; m. 

The Bearse or Bear sb Family. i> 

at lier father's residence, May 7, 181 G, WUliam 
Newcomb. She d. at Hampton. Feb. 12, 1852, and is in- 
terred in the new cemetery. Generous in impulse, \\ arm- 
hearted in friendship, she was always ready to do good. 
Her husband, a son of William and Elizabeth iConna- 
ble) Newcomb, wash, at Bernardston, Mass., Aug. 11, 
1791. By trade a cabinet-maker; undertaker about fifty fa TL^a*, 
years. Settledat Hampton, 1815, where he still works at / 
his trade though in his 81st year. He m. 2nd, Dee. 28, 
1852, Mary Pratt, dan. of Enos and Mabel (Johnson) /' 
Pratt, b. at Saquoit, N. Y., Mar. 2, 1807. By his wife ''" 
Esther Bearss, he had 


49 Elizabeth Newcomb, b. May 16, 1817; m. at home, Nov. 10, 1836, 

Abel Bailey Buett, son of James and Trypkena (Bailey), b. at Lebanon,?^ ^ ' 
Ct., Aug. 31, 1815. By trade a harness-maker; — lias been very ex- / 
tensively engaged in the malleable iron business at Oak Hill, West- 
moreland and Oriskany. At present, Life Insurance Agent. Resi- 
dence Utica, N. Y. No children. 

[43] NANCY BEARSS, (dan. of Dea. John, gr.-dan. 
of Thomas, g.-gr.-dau. of Josiah, g.-g.-gr.-dau. of Jo- 
seph and g.-g.-g.-gr.-dau."of Augustine Bearse). was b. 
in New Fairtield, Ct., Feb. 18, 1791; m. at her father's 
residence, March 31. 1809, Reuben Rose, farmer, son of 
Reuben and Lucretia (Meigs), and b. at North Branford. 
Ct., Aug. 21, 1780. Resided upon his farm \ mile south 
of Hampton village, Oneida Co.. N. Y., where he d. Sep. 
4, 1861. His widow, now in her 81st year and in good 
health, resides with her daughter Nancy. 


50 John Meigs Hose, b. July 28, 1810; d. Oct. 2, 1813. 

54 Jonathan Rose, b. June 2, 1813 ; m. at Westmoreland, N. Y., June 16, , 
1836, & irah Ann Pierce, dan. of Alanson and Hannah < Brown), b. at 
Westmoreland, July 7, is l."). By trade a wagon-maker. Resides in '' 
Hampton. Have had 


1 Sarah Elizabeth Rose, b. Oct. 25, 1848; m. Feb. 18, 1869, 
Abner Fitch Seymour, son of Albert P. and Arsenoe (Fitch), 
b. at Westmoreland, Sept. 10, 1S45; book-keeper. 

52 Nancy Rose, b. Dec. 10, 1817; m. at Hampton, Jan. 17, 1838, J„hn 

Albert Brockett, son of Eli and Catharine (Ford), b. at Salisbury, X. 
Y\, March 4, 1816; farmer; reside in Hampton. 


1 Ellen Rose Brockett, b. May 12, 1842. 

2 Giles Albert Brockett, b. Feb. 21, 1844. 

53 Joanna Rose, b. May 20, 1820; d. Feb. 7, 1837. 

54 Elizabeth Rose, b. Feb. 2, 1823: m. May 12, 1846. at Hampton 

10 The Bearse or Bearss Family. 

CkauTicey Smith son of Silas and (Cook). She d at Hampton, 

April 17, 1849;— he was residing a while since at Glen's Falls, N. Y; 
no children. 
55 Giles Rose, b. May 3, 1825; farmer; m. in Westmoreland, Oct. 27, 
1862, Mrs. Sarah Luanda (Lmdey), dau. of Ebenezer and Lucinda 
(Frisbee), and widow of Henry A. Barnum. She was b. Mar. 31, 1835, 
at Branford, Ct. Resides upon and owns his father's homestead. They 


1 George Rose, b. Sep. 21, 1863. 

[45] MOLLY BEARSS, (dau. of Dea. John, gr.-dau. 
of Thomas, g.-gr.-dau. of Josiah, g-.-g. -gr.-dau. of Jo- 
seph and g.-g. -g.-gr.-dau. of Augustine Bearse), was b. 
at New Fairfield, Ct., Dec. 14. 1795; m. at her father's 
residence in Westmoreland, N. Y., by Rev. Mr. Eels, 
March 6, L823, Obadiah Newcombf farmer; son of Wil- 
liam and Elizabeth (Connable), of Bernardston, Mass., 

* Obadiah Newconib was son of William and Elizabeth (Connable) of 
Bernardston, Mass , gr.-son of Peter and Hannah (English) of Lebanon, 
now Columbia, Ct., g. -gr.-son of Hezekiah and Jerusha (Bradford) of 

Lebanon, Ct., g.-g.-gr.-son of Simon and Deborah ( ) of Marthas 

Vineyard, Mass., 16S8, of Lebanon, Ct., 1714, g.-g.-g.-gr. son of Lieut. 

Andrew aud his 1st wife Sarah (- 1 of Kittery and Isles of Shoals, 

Me., 1666-1673, afterward of Marthas Vineyard, and probably a g.-g.-g.- 
g. gr.-s">n of Capt. Andrew Newcomb of B >ston, 16i>:J, d. 1686. Eliza- 
beth (Connable), before named, was dau. of Samuel and Mary (Eng ish), 
gr.-dau. of Samuel aud Mary i Wilson), and g.-gr.-dau. of John 
Connable, or Cunnabeli (wife Sarah), who emigrated from London, 
England, about 167! and settled at Boston where he d. 1724. 
Mary (Wilson) was dau. of William and .Alary (Pierce), gr.-dau. of 
Dea. Edward Wilson and Mary, dau. of Robert and Joanna Hale, early 
settlers at Charlestown, Mass. .Mary i Pierce) was dan. of John and Isabel 
wh . resided early at Boston. Mary i English) was dau. of Benjamin and 
Rebecca (Brown) of New Haven, Ct. gr.-dau. of Clement English and 
Mary, dau. of Richard and Joyce Waters, of Salem, Mass. Rebecca 
(Brown) was dau. of Eleazer and Sarah < Bulckley), and gr.-dau. to Fran- 
cis and Mary Brown of New Haven, Ct., 1612. Sarah (Bulckley) was 
dm of Thorn is and Sarah (Jones), and gr.-dau. of Rev. Peter Bulckley 
and wife Jan- i dan. of Thomas Allen,) who came from England, 1C35, 
and settled al Concord, Mass. Sarab (Jones) was dau. of Rev. John and 
Sarah Jones from England, 1635, al Fairfield, Ct., 1644. Hannah (Eng- 
lish) was dau. of RicbflrdAod Mary of Newport, but of Lebanon, Ct, 
1717. Jerusha (Bradford) was dau. of Thomas and Anne (Smith) of 
Norwich, Ct, ejr. dau. of Major Willi and Alice (Richards), and g.-gr.- 
dau. of G-ov William Bradford who came in the -May Flower," 1620;— 
the wife of GOV li. was Alice, dau. of Alexander Carpenter. Alice 

(Riolnrdsi was dm. of Thomas and Welthian | ), and gr.-dau. of 

James and Agnes (Gamboy) Richards, early of New England. Anne 
(Smith) was dau. or Nehemiah and Anne ( Bourn) of Norwich, Ct., and 
Anne (Bourn) was dau. <>\' Thomas and Elizabeth Bourn, early settlers at 
Marshfield, Mass. 

The Bearse or Bearss Family. II 

and b. there, March 10, 1793- Eminediately after his 
marriage fie settled at Fabius, Onondaga Go., N. Y.; 
}lis farm, upon which he erected a saw-mill, \v;is situated 
about one and one-hall" miles west-south west from 
Franklin Village. Removed in the summer of Is: '.7 to 
Illinois and settled upon the "Ridge," about four miles 
south-west from the village of Plainfield, where she d. 
Aug. 15, 1840. Hed. on the 27th of the following mouth. 
Both are interred in the cemetery at Plainfield. Had 
two children. 


56 John Bearss Newcomb, compiler of this Genealogy, b. July 1, 1824 
in Fabius, Onondaga Co., X. Y. ; m. in Hanover, near Elgin, III., I>y 
Rev. James McChesney, Dec. 7, 1850, Arethusa Gould, dau. of Samuel 
and Patience (Wilbur), b. at North Adams, Berkshire Co., .Mass., 
Sep. 21. 1824. Her descent from Zacheus Gould who came from 
Hants Green, Co. Bucks, England, about 1639, (residing at Ipswich, 
now Topsfield, Mass., 1614), is as follows:— 1st Zacheus, 2nd John, 
3rd Samuel, 4th Samuel, fith Eli, )ftli Samuel, and Oth Arethusa. Af- 
ter the death of his parents, 1840, he removed to Elgin, 111., where 
he has continued to reside excepting a few short intervals, lias 
been connected with schools about twenty-one years either as teacher 
or superintendent; — city sexton, etc. During the past ten years has 
been engaged in collecting materials for A Genealogical History of tlie 
jpewcomb Family. 

Has had 


1 Foneta Arethusa Newcomb, b. Oct 21, 1851 in Hanover, Cook 

Co., 111.; now a teacher in the Public Schools of the City of 
Elgin, ^^-io/,^,^:^ 

2 Andrew Newcomb, b. Mar. 10, 1859 in Elgin; d. same day. 
Esther Newcomu, b. April 2, 1826; m. in Hanover, 111., May 23, 

1842, Elias Paine; farmer; son of Abner and Annie (Andrus), b. at 
Durham, N. Y., Aug. 12, 1810; settled at Elgin but resided afterward 
at Carthage, III., Garden Grove, Iowa, St. Joseph, Mo., and at Quincy 
and Marcelline in Adams Co., III. Mr. P. d. at Marcelline, Jan. 14, 
1861, and she m. 2nd, at Marcelline, Dec. 29, 1861, Abram Gronk- 
right, son of Abram and Mindwell (Gillett), b. 1814 at Rochester, 
N. Y. They reside at Bentons Port, Van Buren Co., Iowa. She has 
had eight children. SW % . T7W, /^r ft/J/'Ki.'aLJ^. (o t lfy3- 

12 The Bear 8e or Bearss Family. 


1 Millen Paine, b. July 23, 1843, at Elgin; d. Sep. 7, 1843, at 

Elgin 111.. 

2 Ann Eliza Paine, b. June 18, 1845, at Carthage, 111. ;m. at Can- 

ton, Mo., Nov. 1 1, 1864, Josiah .Ukren ; farmer; son of Thomas 
and Mary (Richards), b. in Harrison Co., Ind., Feb. 2, 18 — ; 
reside in Birmingham, Jefferson Co., Mo. A hero in the war 
of the Rebellion; enlisted May 24, 1861, in Co. I, 16th 111. 
Inf. Vol.; re-enlisted as veteran Dec. 30, 1863, for three years; 
transferred to Cumb. Engineer Reg't. July 25, 1864, and mus- 
tered out July 8, 1865. Two children. 


1 Mary A.skren, b. April 8. 1867. 

2 [Jlissa Askrm. b. March 7, 1869. 

3 Arethusa Alelaide Paine, 1>. Feb. 11, 1848 at Garden Grove, 

Iowa; d. An--. 6, 1849, at Quincy, 111. 

4 John R. Newcomb Paine, b. Jan. 6, 1851, at St. Joseph, Mo.; 

resides with his mother at Bentons Port, Iowa. 

5 Fidelia Paine, b. May 10, 1S54, at Marcelline; d. Sep. 17. 1855, 

at. Marcelline, 111. 

6 William Finn Paine, b. June 22, 1857 at Marcelline; adopted 

by Nixon Campbell, and removed with him in April. 1871, 
to Areata, Humboldt Co., California. 

7 Christiana Paine, b. Dec 8, 1860, at Marcelline, 111. 

8 Lewis Value Cronkrght, b. Mar. 29, 1863, at Marcelline, III. 

[46] HANNAH BEARSS, (dan. of Dea. John. gr.- 
clau. of Thomas, g.-gr.-dau. of Josiah, g.-g.-gr.-dau. of 
Joseph, and g.-g.-g.-gr.-dau. of Augustine Bearse), was 
b. at New Fairfield, Ct., June LI, L798, m. at her father's 
residence in Westmoreland, N. Y., Dec. --27, 18-20. Rosea 
Buell; farmer; son of Benjamin and Peggy (Plemming), 
b. at Westmoreland, April L0, L798. Settled upon a 
farm about three miles north of Hampton Village in 
the town of Westmoreland; removed to Illinois. L835, 
settling upon a farm on the" Bluff," about seven miles 
south-south-west from Joliet, and about two and one- 
half miles north-east from Channahon, Will Co. While 
crossing I tie river \)c<. Plaines lie was drowned by break- 
ing through the ice, Feb. 24, L846. His widow resides 
with lier children. Seven children. fPh^lLOcAr. htfoj?' 


58 Norman Bi ell, b. Mar. 1 1, 1822, printer: >!. at Channahon, Nov. 12, 

r>9 Norton Buell, b. Aug. 27, 1824; m. at Channahon, -Ian. 1, 1862, 
Elisabeth Ti>i<m. dau, of George and Harriet (Peck), b. at Channahon, 
I1L, May 6, 1887; d. there Oct 7, 1862. Be m. 2nd, Nov. 28, 1863, 
Josephine Wittard, dau. of Reuben ami Mary (Schermerhorn), b. at 
Channahon, Feb. 10, 1841. lb' wenl to California in 1850 and re 
turned, 1861 ; carpenter and farmer. Be afterwards owned his lath 
er'a old hom< t< ::'l and resi ear it m w. 

[The Bearse or Bearss Family. 13 


1 Elizabeth Tryon Buell, b. Ocl I. 1862; d. Oct. IS, 1809 

2 Sierra Nevada Buell, 1). Sep. 3, 1864. 

3 Mary Frances Buell, b. July 3, 18GG. 

4 Obed Oland Buell, b. Dee. 20, 1867. 

5 Florence Amelia Buell, b. July 29, 1870. 

60 George Buell, b, Oct. 4, 1825; farmer; m. April -24, I85t. Sarah Jane 

Scliermerhoi n dau. of Barent and Lucretia (Barhuyt,) b. at Schodor, 
N. Y., Nov. 15, 1831. Has been town collector, etc. Resides it 


1 Alletta Amanda Buell, b.Feb. 15, 1852; m. Sep. 25, L869, Wlizw 

Sage, son of Elisha and Mary (Willard), b. at Channahon, 

April 21, 1841); farmer; have 


1 George "William Sage, 1). Dee. 11, 1870. 

2 Ant( inttte Buell, b. Sep. 27, 1854. 

3 Ida Lucretia Buell, b. Feb. 4, 1856; d. Nov. 4, 1863. 

4 Emma Hannah Buell, b. Nov. -20, 1858. 

5 Frederick Buell, b. Feb. 13, i860; d. Oct. 27, 1863. 

6 Mary Elizabeth Buell, b. Aug. 26, 186:!; d. April 21, L864. 

61 HannahBuell, I). March 2, 1829; m. at Channahon, May L9 

George Tryon, son of George and Flora (Strickland,) b. Dec 28, 1805, 
at Berlin, Vt. ; farmer. Settled at Channahon, Will Co., III., 1833, 
immediately after the removal of the Indians, and still resides on 
the same farm. Have had rive children. 


1 Flora Tryon, b. May 22, 1*4* : d. Sep. 10, 1851. 

2 Leonore Tryon, b. Sep. 13, 1852, 

3 Legare Tryon, I) June 29, 1855: d. June 7, 1856. 

4 Lillian Tryon, b. Aug. 1, 1857; d. Dec. 11, 1862. 

5 Allison Tryon, b. Nov. 5, I860. 

62 Charlotte Fram es Bi ell, b. Sep. 17, 1831; m. Aug. 31, 1854, Lewis 

Gilbert Sweet, son of Anson and Mariam (Gibson), b. at Sheldon, Vt., 
Oct. 20, 1830; farmer and cabinet maker; at present connected with 
Ward's sash, blind and door factory at Joliet, 111. 


1 Nekomis Sweet, b. Nov. 20, 1856. 

2 Florence Buell Sweet, b. Nov. 2, 1859; d. Feb. 1, 1864. 

3 Geniveve Sweet, b. Sep. 1, 1860. 

4 Gertie Sweet, b. March 16, 1863. 

63 Carrie Law Buell, b. June 10, ls:J7; m. May 1, 1861, [72] ( harles 

Bearss. A further account of this family is given on page 1">, nuin- 
v her 72. „ 

64 Fitz Boy Buell, b. Oct. 15, 1841 : in. May 23, 1870, Emily Douglas, 

dau. of William and Jerushr. (Rcsenbarker,) b. on Wells Island, river 
St. Lawrence, June 11, 1848. A hero in the war of the Rebellion; 
served three months in Co. K, 10th III., Vol. Inf.; farmer; 
Brownlow, Butler Co., Kansas. 

[47] THADBKUS BEARSS, (son of Pea. John, .<-'.•■ 
son of Thomas., g. gr.-son of Josiah, g.-g.-gr. -son of Jo- 
seph, and g.-g.-g.-gr.-son of Augustine Bearse), b. at 

14 The Bearse or Bearss Family. 

New Fairfield, Ct., April 4, 180.1; farmer; m. atPompey 
N. Y., April 21, 1831, Laura E. E carts, dau. of Josepli 
and Lucia (Evarts). b. June 25, 1808; d, at Westmore- 
land. N. Y., Sep. 17, 1870. Settled at Westmoreland 
and resided for many years upon the farm owned by 
his brother John. Upon the death of his wife he accept- 
ed an invitation from his son-in-law, James Har- 
graveSj to reside with him, and he accordingly removed 
and now resides at Kingston, N. YJffir fL,fl*v ,j/^/exf: 


65 Mary Elizabeth Bearss, b. JiTov. l(>, L833; m. Feb. 6, 1853, James 

Hargraves, son of James; b. in England, Aug. 23, 1827; brewer; re- 
sides at Kingston, N. Y. 


1 Charles William Hargraves, b. May 10, 1854; d. Nov. 6, 1862, 
at Oriskany, N. Y. 

66 Nanct Hose Bearss, b. July 10, 1836; m. July 1, I860, Lee M. Clark, 

son of Albeit; farmer and foundryman; removed to Lawn Ridce' 
Marshall Co., 111., 1871. No children. ° ' 

Ci] William Newcomb Bearse, b. March 12, 1838; d. May 28, 1801. 

68 Edgar Thaddeus Bearss, b. May 2, 1841; d. June 23, 1847. 

69 Lucia Maritta Bearss, b. Aug" 3, 1815; m. July 5, I860, Charles 

Wesley Phillips, b. in Otsego Co., X. Y. ; farmer; d. at Kingston, N. Y. ; 
(where lii;- widow resides), June :)0, 1807. 


Mary Augusta Phillips, b. Sep. 9, 1807. 

70 Laura Augusta Bearss, b. March 8, 1848 ; m. May 22, 1871, Cyrus 

Mason ; fanner; of Wilbur, N. V . where they reside. 

♦ • ► 

[48] ELIM BEARSS, (son of Pea. John, gr.-son of 
Thomas, g. -gr.-son of Josiah, g.-g. -gr.-son of Josepli, 
and g.-g.-g.-gr.-son of Augustine Bearse). b. at New 
Fairfield, Ct., March 5, 1804; in. at Westmoreland, N. 
Y,, June 21, 1827, Betsey A. Bissell, dau. of Leveret! and 
Betsey G-ardner (Burnham), !>. at Groshen, Ct., Sep. 11, 
L809. Resided a while aboul three miles north of Hamp- 
ton village, Westmoreland, X. Y.; a Her ward about two 
years al Vernon;— the lasl twelve years at Oriskany, 
X. V.. where he d, Oct. 17. L870; farmer. Jovial and 
verj kind hearted, he will long be remembered as a good 
neighbor and citizen. His widow resides with her chil- 


71 George Bearss. b. March 18, L828; m. al Lenox, N. Y„ Dee. 22, 1852, 

Susan Qoodenow, dau. "Of Stephen, b. April 18, 1829 at Vernon, N. 
Y. ; settled at Vernon bul removed tp Ejnglewood, N. •!., 1800, where 
he now resides; foreman of lumber-yard. 


1 Arthur <i know Bearss, b. Feb. 20, 1855. 

The Bearse or Bearss Family. 15 

2 Fanny Eltnina Bearss, b. Jan. 21, 1857. 

3 Helen Hills Bearss, b. March 10, L859. 

4 Emma Grace Bearss, b. July 15, 1862. 

5 George Elim Bearss, b. Aug. 11, 1866. 

6 Stephen Willis Bearss, b. July I. 1868. 

72 Charles Bearss, b. June 7,1832; removed to Joliet, III., hi- pi 

residence, 1856, and has been foreman, during the past fifteen . 
of Ward's large planing-mill, sash, blind and door factory. lie m. 
at Channabon, May 1, 1861, (63) Carrie. Lam BiteR, dau. of Hoaea 
and (46) Hannah (Bearsa), b. at Channahon, 111., June 10, 18:17. 


1 Frances Florence Bearss, b. Jan. 27, 1864; d. Feb. 15, 1865. 

2 Mary Buell Bearss, b. Aug. 11, 1865. 

3 Beula Bearss, b. Feb. 25, 1868. 

4 Hannah Foneta Bearss, b. March 12, 1870. 

73 Giles Bearss, b. Aug. 16, 1835; m. at Vernon, X. Y., June 15, 1861, 

Fannie Pool, dau. of Jesse and Hettie (Ward), !>. March, 19, 1S42 at 
Oriskany X. Y. ; machinist. A martyr in the war of the Rebellion. 
He enlisted, Jan. 5, 1864, in Co. F, 117th X. Y. Inf. Vol. ; was wound- 
ed in the foot, near Petersburg, Va., carried to Fortress Monroe, and 
from thence to Knight's General Hospital, Xew Haven, Ct, where 
he d. July 5, 1864, and was interred in the cemetery at New Haven, 
Ct., his grave being numbered 14, as per Roll of Honor. His resi- 
dence was at II ion, X. Y. 


1 Elmer Ilion Bearss, b. July 22, 1861; d. Xov. 4, 1862. 

2 Charles Elmer Bearss, b. July 3, 1863. 

74 John Bearss, b. July 31, 1853; d. Sep. 29, 1854. 

75 Frances Maria Be akss, b. May 22, 1837; m. Oct. 4, 1860, Charles 

Bradford Root, son of Chauncey and Fanny L. (Gridley), b. at Kirk- 
land, X. Y., May 15, 1836 ; farmer ; d. at Oriskany, X. Y., Xov. 6, 1862 ; 
she d. at Clinton, X. Y., April 8, 1863. 


1 Mary Gertrude Root, b. June 22, 1862 ; d. Aug. 10, 1863. 

76 John Leverett Bearss, b. March 14, 1839; d. Dec. 22, 1857. 

77 Hannah Eunice Bearss, b. April 19, 1840; d. at Joliet, 111., while on 

a visit to her brother Charles and other relatives, Sep. 9, 1858. 

78 William Emery Bearss, b. April 3, 1843; m. at Ilion, X. Y., Oct. 1, 

1868, Eoseltha Hammond, dau. of Morgan and Elizabeth (Youngs), b. 
at Litchfield, X. Y., May 25, 1851. Resides at Ilion; occupation die- 
sinker. A hero in the war of the Rebellion. Enlisted in Co. C, 
14th X. Y. Heavy Artillery, June 23, 1863, discharged Aug. 27, 1865; 
was in fifteen hard fought battles, but escaped unhurt. 


1 Emery Hammond Bearss, b. July 30, 1869. 

79 Mary Bissell Bearss, b. Feb. 14, 1845; m. at Oriskany, X. Y., Feb. 

14, 1861, James Harden, Halleck Buell, son of Dillon T. and Sarah 
(Trapp), b. at Lebanon, Ct. June 1, 1832. He is one of the proprie- 
tors of malleable-iron foundry at Oriskany, X. Y., firm of Buells & 
Hdleck. Residence Oriskany; no children. 

80 Henry Seymour Bearss, b. April 6, 1850; m. at Floyd. N. Y, April 

4, 1869, Genioeoe Clark, dau. of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Hale), b. 
at Rome, X. Y. Resilience Ilion, X. Y. ; machinist. 

16 The Bearse or Bearss Family. 

Orthography of the Name. — Upon the old records the name is found 
written Bears, Bearse, Bearss, Bearce, Barce, Barse, Bierce, etc. ; in the list 
of passengers to America, 1638, our ancestor's name is written Augustine 

Pronunciation op the Name. — Evidently the ancient pronunciation 
of the name was Barce, now Burce, — a few pronouncing it Beerce. 

Distribution. — A copy of this work will be forwarded to each one of 
the living descendants of Dea. John Bearss, also to all persons now living 
who have married any of his descendants; — total number 86. 

Recapitulation. — The descendants of Dea. John Bearss number 94, 
divided as follows : 9 children, 32 grand children, 50 great-grand-children 
and 3 great-great-grand -children. Of these descendants there are now 
living 3 children, 21 grand children, 34 great-grand children and 3 great- 
great-grand-children, making a total of 61. 


Index to surnames other than Bearse or Bearss. Fig- 
ures refer to the page. The same surname may occur 
several times on the same page. 

Allen, 3, 10; Andrusll; Askren 12: Bailey 9; Baker 5; Barhuyt 13; 
Barnum 6, 10 ; Bayes 5 ; Beardsley 3, 7 ; Beebee 6 ; Bissell 8, 14 ; Booth 7 ; 
Bourne 10 ; Bradford 10 ; Brackett 9 ; Brown 9, 10 ; Brush 6 ; Buell 8, 9, 12, 
13, 15 ; Bulckley 10 ; Burnham 14 ; Burgess 5 ; Campbell 12 ; Carpenter 10 ; 
Clark 7, 14, 15; Cobb 5; Connable or Cunnabell 9, 10; Cook 10; Cooper 
3; Crocker 3; Cronkright 11, 12; Dexter 3; Douglass 13; Eels 10; Eng- 
lish 10; Evarts 8, 14; Fairchild 7; Fitch 9; Flemming 12; Ford 9; Fris- 
bee 10; Fuller 5; Gamboy 10; Gibson 13 ; Gillett 11 ; Goodenow 14; Gould 
11; Gridley 15; Hale 10, 15, Hall 4, 7; Halleck 15; Harnblin 4; Ham- 
mond 15 ; Hargraves 14 ; Hawley 7 ; Huckins 3 ; Hunter 4 ; Jackson 7 
Jenkins 3 ; Johnson 9 ; Jones 10 ; Knapp 6 ;'Knight°15 ; Lewis 5 ; Linnell 5 
Linslcy 10; Lothrop 3; Lumbert 5; Lyon 6; Mason 14; McChesney 11 
Meigs 9; Newcomb 1, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10; Nichols 4; Nickerson 5; Paddock 8 
Paine 11, 12; Peck 12; Phillip 5; Phillips 14; Picket 6; Pierce 7, 9, 10 
Pool 15; Pratt 9; Richards 10, 12; Robinson 3; Root 15; Rose 8, 9;Rosen- 
barker 13; Sage 13; Schermerhorn 12, 13; Seabrook 7; Seymour 9; Smith 
6, L0; Strickland L3;Sweet 13; Tavlor 4, 5; Trapp 15; Tryon 12, 13; 
Ward 15; Waters 10; Wheeler 7; Wilbur 11; Willard 12, 13; Wilson 10; 
V lungs 1 5.