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n;<« «*<%.«•<«■$ WA-^-^S 

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R>{« $/<^^<>S Sy/'iUt 

/i/i/^ *.♦' «>/*/< /i;*,<i.-i;* 

to the 

Genealtif, y 

of the 

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of the 


( Written July .avl Au.'iiist i-v'jr^. ) 
. At t-ie re^uiit of on" of t).« ^esc-;na:."*.b jf t\»"; ntevflna 
far.ii;. , J. rnd'". rtal;e to %':ite 30 -.nViul ;- f ti'.nii hi^lufj »3 r.y 
perfaun.ii jtrio^leAHQ c*»'i iiu^>ie!itic inTonr.ation wall acbviit of. 

1 viumfiiOMCf; .vi^:. ti;{:; fuci t.'i-it oi.T a;ijeat>r5» 01 .i..;j--ii.'}cl. 
From Rjjpluna souuf Lino dui'iiip tae 5>3/orit«em:.-. Century cind 
seito-S-i xji i.-ox F.iXi.iXTi'^. Cvy ^r:\nxi>ureni6 still rcij.aeu. 
tj^xe uixi't';!g xn VsiT.tJn^ ii: 1 sl^ , in 'm] xct< ye-..r t-iiey 
mn t.^ tl.e- joi.x".ii?y in a vrf4C<^ri fi'om Ke/ 7a;ie in "-h.;! ;', *.» , Or.tfci-io (;<A.nty, Me.v Yuak, to vibit ti.e-ir cM1'a.«m , who, 
ttiA»i. I ti;'; Dfcfiinr.iiJt; ^'^ ti.e [jj-Oi,ei:t Cuiti.ji }-j,u loft /or: .out 
*'i.«j. ^iK.-ir wivf'b iina aet,tli!a a;. -^?ie lattr piiiO'"*. 

Tl.xj iu r.hft cxleii* i/f m;' Isitowlecl^e (>f oiw ancesoora on 
the Ptttvons' iiue. >'^ir y.oxhcr' h rmnie wai. W«itJ'.i, wfioio tinoes- 
tors 'fci'd also of Rn{Uish origin, una on lior rr.«ither's biie 
wafa ; liriPiil '^pftofe.'iaant of ahomaii, one of -r.l.e signers 
or t.i fj i^ficiai'ution i.f Inucpui.uenco , an.i fci *] oc '- (.• write; 
of v.i.xb .'.'at. iuj..ea. 1 tJ inJ. lixi- xh tic (iP.iy toi'ic 1 riun* 
v/c .,ro uvr.n i«i..c/toii' cornec-wBu Aiti;. Ti.o ntovenRes i':- eliata- 
iy Ixkcly 7-0 t!»; mte^ii;;-; I oa in .\hut 1 nuin^to rj.o cifbcnnd- 
untt. »'f u.c*; suns, wlioiv o\ v uranupaj ents cane fioir, Vei - 
mcmt u> visit, in 1^15, :?<'iruj«»l, IVatois and .locob, 'h'> Kad 

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eaoJi settled on two hunared. acr« farms about one nule '?uuth 
of *hat IE now tlie village iS Lima. Thoir f.iiinb aOJoinod 
ana were maue on land origin-lily <;t»7erHu *i^h heavy timber, 
out ty liard and lnoe:»bant work were rrvjue to blobscir: ji}.e thu 
rose. Our Uj^oIo r.(ii-,uo] 1 .lu hf^nn educated for a physician, 

n-.i .ilt^.ouo^. 1 ^•.l;^ h ivo ^eon tjuor fjvo ye-irt olu ct the 
time wf y}ij::li 1 vri o, I. djstirctJy rener.bnr t];e pr«parati«^n 
of Imt L.ftft r-7 h.t:. .-irr-j.v -1 vV -n .•>'?5)t for, our Mother Jcr.owinp 
tlio Idjui'.'ti v-^uid DO first i;3Bd vithout rogard to t>ie nature 
of --!:'* iJlMea^, 'ind sihe ^j:i,s, 1 h ive riOi-'rd. equijly s'-'.re that 
cfvlorsRl imd JaJaiJ vnjd be the n-.eiica )'.rsi ad.".in* stored .ana yet 
he v:iB iL-okpd i'iA>r. as a fjrut cla^it; physician. 
The D>.'Ut,».r vae t).'^ olueet of tlie th.ree brothers, i'e had<that 
1 c-if! roi-iember,) four cluldi-i^n, — t^o sont ii'id t<^o dnujjjiitors, 
Janet. i-r.X Jtxc<»b v: r« t>;e wone . The daughters' nu:ne » 1 ao fio*, 
rea.uir;D«>r. Jim and J-\Ve a. they /era fcdliarly cli'id, rtn- 
ticipc.t'^d by nn.r.y years *hat Vr.Gre?ly toll y"V*'r. vrj^v to do. 
at-d tfsnt 'Vest. They fc»ttleu in *hat <Hsi tJ^.'n ti.e State of 
Ohio, near th>i Jity wP Synd. aJ y . W'l.cjh city, of jcirrs'-. h. : i 
no exibtonoe t^ien. 1 have r.ov-^ir seen thein since, but my 
brothif.M- "orati<-' visite-i tl^em soi^je thirty years after this bet- 
tie.. '"-nt tiPi-o , and reporte'-l tlien at. well to-do farr.ers, but 
little. ciryod-iir; oJa Pttn . in hit ciinion, ma::'? j r»-aturely 
old by tlioir in^jeab.AMt fiflht vith t):e lense forobts nf Ohio, 
w)\2f;'"i I- list .j-.e ii.j o'"!<* ror.f^rat i>n i*^ prff/:»rinT cv-nT'Tt^snirt 

iiUiitfii foj' ulic) MUX-. 1 iiuv«.' a-wi.'- "i.i AcK tsnL*iei> «_•," (.iiis 
Di'br.un <ji' Ciie iiuuil\ u/i- .iMVfe Tv< Ai!»'*l«»at;',* *i.«t}i«r they ieft 
any aett^enuunts to ^vi-|>ti tunte iho ittiius. I'nclM Trai^jitt Jiau 

bJtdze alls. tt;;jo> It. 

[^ itijl ;fioI vrx'.-.AH ti.'J |■»i'!•^•.•%f/^e■ i" »> ■ •" •. . . r r. ^ ^p.;. 
i»jf . , r>. J. ;'». nixlin^.i. t J 

iii^* oi'viesi' Sun , idbto;'. aii»u j.rj infiinj/. (frm uivij;;t.isr 

XaCu <t i'V4l i'Ub't^, a;iU ;<'.>J.airu, t;l O.uix, ^\- B '-li ! M . t?* York. 

iuxu liVftu .'1 1 i..*jL((«> . il\u , TjujniTiL*. C"UMLy, i.t.-* York. ?}i« thii'i, 

tiMlb ci.c«'.«7. **• vJ:i''f?x ."• ^♦>v^^MS , ".xitj b«4w::x bc.*i , livuu ia.rj<i .^XOd 

ut I ii".a , ■■♦»*>.•- j-y ''••^** *^«»rk, «..>; -i ran/s s-vijoinA'ij* tJuit v,r Lis fa- 
iJier . aM i Jut* u.iil'^io) -.rtt *,i-:A,ri.;vj!:ilai h>i Aii-u x^vi i^ iji ■'.hjit 
Vi. ,> i'li. ty now. 

wiol., ami '/ .« f»>rj»r*?\- :t*i-ird .•» >r.'uni ri :n\, li\*:'»r a»i f-i* City of 
''•iu};'>6:.'*! , I>4w '^K*iK, \yi\ :ii'*i.u:*«r:ir'i ii»r.<»v«t'l t.<» f'Ja^i"'^v. nnd 
j«:M:a t*. P'/'**.iuj, '^•i\luU ^i'lnty , vh<»^'© ' -> i-v.ij lia'»M >ii'«i pro 
*«-»*. .<vn '--r u iity'^, -iniil *l«*jtM :i !••? .rt^inti tl*"j t« Ctitwrest. 


. ^ 

tn: ^.iji/in tsn t -j s, , 'i'- o.'i"i';lvr «.•?.! ♦.3 •.•-'cr 'f-- jiM»)"'»ur rx» 

i.)ftnriAnent r«8iJ.on<s9, ana aid «o until his ci«ath. I is afuld- 

ven *are; 


>t S 





PrAnoiti Clare. b/rr» in Rool.ajit«r, diou in I'onauras, 
A. A. , ar>oi^t ii m , 

Frnily, tx»rn I.m Rochioiiter. t'larriaa Oscar A. '^tovon*. 
now resiuin^ at (reor^^ctu^n, D.C. . 

>:atharlno ^'ary, born in Ruchestor, i^'q*' York, luarried 
Doctor .iuiiU .^iia* .iiiiiJif'^B , t'.n.A., n.-v liirfictur of 
tlie Uqm VorX Pi'bxia libr.iry, 

luey Charlotte, born m Roci^auter, l-e^r V«jrk, -.arriaa. 
doctor WiliitL'i RaT.say , U.n.A., of ^Jorrmtovrn, Penn- 

Sarn *?earvr i ck , b(;n^ In RoahftstBr, aieu m Viohifun, 

Seog'^iok , born in Rojhaator, Nev Yorx, ixU'i ut .ranu 
Traveraa, fichipan, 

Robert Charles, b*>rn at Pontiac , nakltnd County, 
WiolUf^an, whore he died. 

Oscar A. J^tevena, #ho m iirlea Fir.ily (ijferrou .1 .>oov«.) 
*ab for many y«ara t)ie I'ienoral '•'hiu>.-v of lie ibi.xnf^ton lind 
Alexandria Railroad. J 

All «>r t]i« d*tugj.t-»irj. wT 1 .I.;";t«vftns hnyn »i..ilaren, twv> of 
tiism have five each, wliile tl-o c^ifer J;. 16 but one. 

And now 1 come tw t]»H younf;«»8t <. ( t).« three brviiherb. 
Jacob. w]iw -#Hb tha PfA^liHr of ton oT (is *lio crc* t^» Le, 
while thrse otlisrs aiea yi^iru'. 1 '>ropc»«« to fxv« » av,ftcl. of 
e?»ch of the ten, oo'inenoin»', *ith t>?^ elmst. ^iMfr ..I'tviwra. 
1 will, ho<«vor, fir«t PHVirt tu tha fact t»;«t our "ut.her. hav- 
ing a aesirs to give to each oiiilji at l<iabl u itU»i'Ara i •'•ot. (if 
land on t/ieir bi?coriin(' «»r ji'-'^ . fi'UTi'A 1 '- naott. ••» s^l ) his 


faroi in Lima, already •ub-aivide^ , ana strike out (^noe Tr.ure 
into tiie prinjitive forest. ■ e ui j. so ariol purcf'asea a tract 
of land Mix miloa buntl; t*f Hoohaatsr, m tie to*r <'r lieirxetta, 
where ho again ooitjjienoed tlie }:ercu]e4ii taiX of clearing aheav- 
ily-timboreu farm. Tlie thr«e ©ideat sons <f«re by thib time 
oat'Ubie of Uoinf.;; fHrrn »^tirk , and so loi'.<; i* they i-orainrtu :it 
home, were helpful, una in %4, year or twv^ luid i.wt> }i'.in>ir<»x ncrea 
ready for a crop. The c'roppijip- down and burnin" «;;> *'f ^Sie im- 
iiienae tre(»t on this land was but a part of Die worK Htt-*»iding 
the oleaiinfi of li.nd. Thn ashes hnd t.» b*» pathnrod, put 

through great tub*, water puwrei on it, mJ^ its t>tr«>nrth ex- 
tracted '.r.'L boi i*?d into potish. T!.o t-.le o^ 5.;i»» lot.^s); #;v« 
an important fuc:r<;r in payin;- r^j the Yuk:.. l;»^ij, in clearing. 
But tid Work was hard, anu ic. vJ c first orD;. of *i i • i. luirveat- 
od brought, after Miauling it to Rocl:Oi.tCi , i>- ' '■ ;'•"' . ^u one- 
fourth conta t-er buahel, waa nut very renunei aiivo. ".one of 
the boys bera'> to be r«ative. !*nu thou.'-ht uf l«.»vin(' the paren- 
tal r**of. 

Horatio wtts the firat -.o leave iior>.o. I!'? btn-.rei a posi- 
tion with C.>. CiUBtjy Sr Company, whc kept, a fineral .ow'-diandiae 
atore in I xiiii. , anu rau^ hirvself so une'^il t).at ufter ♦Jir«e of 
f*<ur years, one ol' tlie partners. Fron'^ricV R»i!.l;rel] . fi:mi«hed 
the neoeuttui'.v oapital to start hiri in h bobiness at Jo Hoy, 
which lie conduotea auoceaaCully for H'tytrnl years, hm'I '*'}iile 
livirv' there,'riod Harriet, the •.«.u»i<»'ht.^r uT '>..i nn Hankon. 

H© left le TJoy to Join Ait'"6tn« in Canad., , «rho hud by 
this timu h1»o l«>ft the f «inn , and who** <ji»r«er 1 i>ro^j<>ao tiar- 
ratinp: in ita p'-opf'r plaoe. Ite *aii then exaoutin/' a cxteu- 
• lv« ountraot *>n t)ie Rideau Canal in wanada. I'oratio ^uit 

bi;*in9as in Je RviV ana inov«Hl hia ftwiily to PouluniAleo, a jn'^-nt 
on the Ri'ieai) Wivej about, heven^y-five milea ■>:Lh>v»j '"'t.ta^a, 
which was then knovn ao ^t^y-U^^^n.^* Vo rerrciinfa ir Poolitmalee 

until tl.eir contracts upon tie Oanal rere oL'rrpl'Jtoi , r.nd. re- 
turned to t.^-^e ''t.-itos, v'ith a oapitsl of about Viff.ty Tl.ouaaiid 
Dollars, and Mttied In ^ufff.lo. This oocurre-l in l^M. 
Huffalo vfas at tiiat ime Ji's»t startin;^ it* .iotive ooi;!'iercial 
career. B«nJ<»min Rfithburn ^na enployin;^ t-vo «■ i "*,..!• f; tr.oui-i:U 
n.rtn in his riC^n^iC buildinc on^erp! ise, ti.a «.!ir.> vrib full of 
people on tV.Rir *«y T*«t to I'liy Ifuiu kmu t.» tati-tii.-. i "jj;; was 
bf.t one HanJt vhose circ'ilation #«'Ul.i pubo cnirert fifty miieb 
Hwny from it* place of issije an«i. the tauyinc ^n'-i I'tiXJiiw,; of un- 
c»iri*ent money w/hb a ;,'-«>H{;er ous. csllin?^. *'e , i" c <«tin*'; uoout 
for a sfife bnuiness in which to u.^j.ioy hi>, j«»noI>-ciea 
to embark in it. 

Before openin,? hn officfi, )»« wvote Lm ■■ .i:n::e»*t bro .Ijt, 
r!]if»rtr;ftn. the >^ritor "f this, then l:vinp in •^M'^innw In • ichigi^i, 
Stiyinc if h« .vojild iyav* the Indinn tj'i'i«> "nd Join hin in Huf- 
falo, he a-wkIi nvii Ivxr.i ..n ir.roi-est Im t»ie bi;;iint»u9. "hcrrman 
concluded '-o uo so, ana th«*y opTied f\n ^'V^^xcv ot- ' ■•• t, 

iiex'. door to ♦!.(» ".aiaion '' - . *f^' j •• • - "•r/^e 

ana profitable bubiimsa. In ls.34 tlie Junior partner c>i<'se to 
get ii>arri9d againut tlie <«rish and advice of ];uratio, ana v<ab 
tola tliat j.f he aid ho, the partnership must oease. Tiio an- 
swer of the Junior was. "let, it cease , ^ ana it did cease. 

in tiie nieantiiiie, Horatio found it inconvenient to c( nuuct 
tlie DUbiness alone ana *itharew fi'om it, and oonanenced ^h« 

Duil-ainr, or a !»tecu.(n- cailol tlie 'iVil'-^aiikee. • I!e fot Ms 

ate I'^ior nearly con:H.let(?a -fhen his money mx-i out, and he made 
a contract *ith a sterner captain of means, to furnish th» 

funds tu cornpleie and fui'nisfi the boat, he, tne captain, ui 
coriT'sana anu sai.i hei' , until tiie profit paid him back tl.u ad- 
vance m^ei-est un-jL sulaiv . At the oid of the season's jiavi- 
gation, no i,v 1 riistanuing site haa been back virith passengoi & ev- 
ery tiip, t;x' ina.t;Dt^»ai.88b hna b^jen increased inatead of dimm- 
isliea. He ijecania satisfiea tliat hie oaptam •ms.s robbinr, him, 
anu by auLM procaaa wi law t'/tt the boat put int«) the lia..j.s of 
a iecrtj.ver,- t»ot tiie receiver to E^ppoint nim as purser, :ind 
With iviy oj- tiij-oe (,ripB, the profits p.iia all tl»'j indebteanesa, 
ana s»iio *aa free. The steaiiier continuea in tlie ChioaKo and 
.'< xiwaukoo ti'awLC foj- Bi»rp.e years. In the iheantipe Ilorat lu i.ovad 
to hiiiwaukee , b»;ilt tiie first, pier ever erecteu there, and he 
ana hia sons, (now old enough, ) oondiictea a l;irge produce oom- 
rr.iasion business. ioratio, finuing tiie asthirA troublesome in 
. il^auxee , c<moiuioa .o leave j.i* t^econj. t,un Ueorge there, and 
he, ■vitj-: his otiier boys, went to nrooklyn to reside, anu died 


there, leavinp three tmns and thraa dauphtera. .lohn,t{i« eld- 
R«t , ftii- stipto titiie Crimea on ti\e rniiiin." business In ^oat - 
oliester County, but fmamp it diu n(>t puy nuoh , and having: a 
large faj.ily ol" boys, owncluded to ti-y fam-iJie in Old Vir'-inia. 
Ho pui'chused a larRe tract of land, nnd v»l;ftn he cane to o-li 
his crops at the enu of tJio year, he yus sorie Jiundrtds hr! -nd, 
and virus oompelleu to leav«j l.ifa Tai'iily and return to Tin*- Y<jrk, 
and act ib btj'-'X -keeper m an inaiir vnce ofTice, to t>quai'e hi.s 
accounts. Tmce thon his b^ya have fone in*o business— one 
in Hoston 3n.i t.s'o in Florida — ana ar"? on the ruai to a.icoHss. 
George continuea to Jo ouainear. m ) ilwankea Uu U> the "^jlhip of 
hxa acKitJi. J j. fin^: a fe* iml-fti out, a*- one time otocjkal 
witii colobriited trottinp; 8tv>ok, but more recently given I'p to 
a. u.»iry bu^mftijs, and suporviyeu by jiis widow. 

I intenuoa to liave narrated the carf^ers (>r the memoers 
ioaviiit, t-ao Home of our parenta as t':;ey occurred, ana 1 -.u'. not 
bure bill t.;e exdesi- sister wtxa riArrieu before lioratio loft jiome. 
Sjjfi narrioa Tia-riuel rt. P«r/;in» . a »?'!,jli fiirr.tjr m t.'.e tuvi of 
iiennetttt .-wner-e they lived for aone years. Abt>ut H2i>. t.iey 
£iot, the '«fisti*rn fover, sola out, ana vent lo llichiRaM. }ie 

prospeotea ti.e o<»untry at a txne when n« coniu liave liad his 
ui.oiua of the moat desirable lanuB m three counties bi. t our- 
ohasea a turrri .ibout twelve miles oi.t of Detroit, on t!jo Pi>n- 
tiuc Hoiiu , which was iHully the mobi, Miberiitile , sandy spot ho 
ooulu have found, hau uo boon xv. t.eari!h of poor land. 

]'.ft ijUI in anu harvested one crop, an-i it yxelclwa but 1 it- 
tin pioi-f) tiiati tie neoa Bo-vn, wiu^Jh so aispusted hini ^i.^); ;'i<j)u- 
gan thttt l:e 8<jiu. hi« l.-^no. fwi- ahout ftnouf^h t«> ta-ke hin. anu fami- 
ly t^^y to ''"•?<■ York State. I'f- aettlea apam in Orleans lo., 
m.QiQ t-iey raiaeu three *nin8 anu one uaup.hter. The ela*»st 

son v.i f\,i ., ♦ 1 'ui iJ n.MCiiMt in Aloion.- af terv«fai''i ■^ent to 
.ViLvaukes , v/.ore i.e uica. The ji.'\cf:ht»yr mai riea , anu tJ*} list 
1 K/io< <.r ji«j»- ahe *-a iwm,^, near loo.-t i^oit, , »>>• Yoj-k. 
AnoLx'.or o^n vent to i.-insas. am all i i^not of nlP. i« ho 
jiurj lOa , and raiae:^ a son, #hu is a i.A»»yer, nw^ praotici.'.r m 

'i'rx' next <»ni- '<• Icavo horr.e vaa Ai'P'iJstus C la l^au r 'ir 
up iua ruinu to seaK T^'i- fui-tune i)i tl'.e *"es»t, bi.t. befi^re l.e iu<uia 
dp {>o .' * ''■ ' y oLHt^'-i * ^' ise^•J f"' i' *r-.vs am nivicina Ui pa> exijen- 
seb. <'ux' Tether iuii oeen eaucated dnfure leaving iJ0<»F.nelin<l 

^. . ^. . iia;en A-er« all tuloi'aMy *^'ll up m 

>ffhut sc):<M<l ex : i);..: s. v:;ill©u thf 'three iulo.*' reauing, vrit- 
in, . 11^ u ^ tj : . tic. TLeso aojornplitluj.pnts , Uif'iet'or vith 
the p. vi-ic-il birhnQih M >^hip ti.e bip txivs, firteu a to 
t,.j,^j. '..;- i^i' iot "^Cv-i, xi; th^sQ diy». Aut^ustue ofr-irel 
hiii.bfelf. ana. *aa aocjpted. 

r u!j of ti.'^ ptivilfa yere ^lw.- . thtj j,i..;o a •'' *; ■' •> : >ic>v>r. 
h«i-i *iyi-ki»,i fit;, iim on tl.e far:;, at.u, blupt xn I'.o Nane ha.ii m<»w, 
all rtjio 0"i .rif.i l.i'.i.'j^; t.;'f .. >-.i/ '^ on kwiii" x ))igJi old time 
VI' ^.'.\o no V mna^.r-. sofwtH E(3!;oo1, AigurttiJa had 

prr^.j.vroa ana cngravea a aet uf n:lo^s t;:a*. he proposed tho 
si:holai*s shoula he ijovf^rned by, ani jjastea li'.er) up r».r all to 
ana iin.i oboy. lln I'uppea lipon fit. -lesk to crII D^o scJkw-I to 
oru<»r, ariu cr-.lled their atxeiition to those rnlOB. }'e ^-iien 

Conji;fc-nced '-lie reRuinr t>f an elaborate addrnse he hiau pre):i:'ed, 
wliRn or.'- of ♦ ii'.' o^c ^ty a , vl;«. hfi'.l worked >yi*.h hin in t;:e hay 
field, ixTRi tlept with Fun in t>i« hay mo-*, sunf oiitr "I'a*!" on 
to the po-^s, Gnsii." "ills intPi-rnpt i(,n of Ium Kpeech. thf? i-er- 
petratoz* R^oeotod, wtj'.l'x cwn**' ae ani nnbar-rHsa him. as at ''e- 
fnrx'f'u to u' opih<>:l«i th>:'. t o-icrre'I while tl:*»y were sleeuinf m 
thp b?j'ti. '•'lierff WIS no latiuet to enahie tiien to f»et up on to 
tJie now, bi:t t)iev *rent up by tlio aid of nins. driven into the 
bif^ posts, which \^ere about three feet apart. One dark ni^'ht, 
Aug'.'t.*.a iiva^ utfo'.tijon t) c«»ne down thot-p pins, ana for sorce 
mysterious reaaon, ^'.fter fettinr; part way down, could not find 
the next j: • n Vor i, and *as compeilea to halloo for 
help. Mut thf* interiuption diu not stAfger him so badly but 
wb'\t he -Tert tJirouph fith it. le then ciallea the offenaex- up 
anl ffive him u. severe (jastifating,- wl.icli was i new way of open- 
inc. a sclKtol. J^e remembereu it durinp the term. It ^aa so 
prorifit and effective that order roirned thjoup-hout the Winter, 
and parents "xnd pupils vere well satisfied with the teachei". 
T)ien t!in h3)u*c»1 c] oseu . he found hinisalf m «uffnjient fundii 
to eTinblo hjT»i to start upon the rt»ad he hoped would on to 


1 o.iM r^jneroDHr th^ wxcitament hia leave- tai^inE c.Hi»«a IJother 

Cj. nib biir'i v*di rdi't* i5# , sorae Drea.L . o.iti'ae, aJiu a part of a boil- 
niA. iioui.. i.e slunft it lipu'i y,xi. buck, nnl ataiteu t«j t>».i xi u> 
"t*ie Stale wl Ojau , >viiiJli A-as . at t,irn« . oonbiiei-ea tie ex- 

ill aooi; '. t«u woeKB «fe r^ofjivoa his r^rut Iftttwr,- po^taf^e 
iwunuy-fivs cf^ntb,- na^rly tiis vaiiia of u bubiel of *Jieat , and 
iiuT. orjft of tna fi-tiuiy oojisiuerQcl xt dear, as it asaureu. us he 
w-b si.ill .^iive xnu »*9ii , and of hia arrival at Oi-leun woint,- 
wUiiiii no caxx^u .ijy 'jun.pxng off piaoo . • as he ^ras tiiere xo 
tdJvH tw tiio *a'-nr. 

}'e tJjfir.* i^ibartrtd upon t ^la*. bust, bound If^'cr. th«-r "o.>'.onpahel« 
and ^hio Rivora , on whioh he ♦orVrt ^ f^r hia Ui.iri and pa8fc<»ge. 
We next hmrd from him in about a month later when he had ar- 
rivea at a little hiiTr.lct tliat has eince beconx* t)ie city of va- 
)-i'*tta; there finding a Job at splittxr'.f nails, hw oonolu'xe-i 
to tarry for i timo. In tl-.xB letter he jave a ;:raphio aocourt 
of an oposiiirr. hvint v/hxol; excite- our iifonaor , ana K«>pe*'hat our 
fe^r, as *e knew not their size or ferocity. Ru* he aeeiTed 
UB of th.exi cuimmf^, and tiat they wotild play dead until an o^ 
pc-rt\:nity for etkCupe ocourrex, when they wotila up and off, as 
well a a ever. I'e rei iamed ar, ti.xti puini , splittiriP nails In 
the day time, and huntlnir oposuuD. in th? evt*nxnr8 *it>» the boy«, 
until he had r;k;dc tlie acquaintance of muh ' u" t)^o ,j»!op1» mth.e 


betiiomsnt, whan h« annountted hirritiAlf av a «chool teacner. t'* 
«as at on<j» nlrad, una «et t.<j work. i 19 bin^'in tern in lan- 
riatia iiaa given him confiuf^noe xn hiniaoif , ana i\xh six f>>(tt, 
two mones. and well-proportioned fit^ure, oveiiiweu the unruly, 
to an ex ton t befom unxno'<rn m tliai aonuol, and t.:e parents of 
the pupils lookftd Uf>on him an a treH«ure. 

Ko re»-iUineu in Ib^arietta until letters from home aivisoa 
hhn thoit our /athar. finding himself gettini^ sliortlianded for 
so large u place, haa sold or oxohangeu his farr;, in Henrietta 
fi*r a sr.iullor one at Palmyra. He then gave up }.ib bcJiool and 
cacrse back noma, in season to aid in ti;e transfer of t.-a funily 
Rrid effects to tyjs new hojne. 

After tlie family wf»re settled in Palmyra, he. hy split* 
ting rails and t«eto}>ing school for a year or rrorw, hn.d accu- 
mulated T)ore actual coin than our Patlier h-ta boori able to s.'ivo 
in seTeral years of fuii-iitv, , wi t>i w'neat. wind. *tb the princi- 
pal crop, not averaging ovei- tiir(»e and a. fuv.rth cents per 
bush.el- He vary n;\turdlly concluded to I«.A.k to b«^:e othwr 
occupation for a livr^lihood. In lue 'tin ;iri time, t]i»» eid<-tst 
Brt>ther, Rufus, caino also to tl>e conclusion that faiiriing for 
profit in 0»mm-«1 Ncr York ^as hopolwsb. I'uhigan Territory 
had by thiv tinie b<»(;un ';o i>e uj«u t'occa oi "vb jnou*y .*nu acibi- 
tlous , and l:o stci-ted oi;:. to r.:iko hib fortutie, but I will leatl^ 
him until l finish the carewr of Atj^^untus 0. 

Our home was near r.n«« village -.f Paiiayra, auu n law fiitn 


• ( 

for • .iir-r):. '.iv.^ .''.uci fct'is i-iC'r^teu. *-;".'^ iitDa.iun utj ^ roBMiJioa 
tiiere I'^^r aoout \ yair. utva 1 f^iVs r.o aoubu .^o y«uj ^par.t 
*Jit;ro A-; a wf i,f»rvi<;'- lo inn itj .. ft'jr lii'f;. 1 •' remfl«ri:.c 
xKii. vfJxiin^;, yftM B {. rte* 'Virdt , uT f.ow hwraliaieu i'e was ijy .';c- 

i.',uili/ of. >« :xi TsKecl af ^ cj»r*.«iM aoor wis aivitiei, <^»vl he 
fLiiawefil •¥-£•*, 1 bitot it myself. " ."e ^Hfl !!■. t Avare of his 
iJiis^cvke, until i»Mviuir«u of if ho met Axll**d it. 

Ahont Uiis ti: c . Hufn^ r^ turr.^.i frun Via- ij?aza, ttf'ter :iuv- 
i»«i> puTi^hPSfti X trtivit of la/v. nt»ur Ponti.>a. in ^aJ'land Oounty, 
Ar.i h* £av« avjcJi cl^-'inG aciH.tir!tfc »>r tiid oountry ihat our Fa- 
tJiar vi^AB Aghin ir-iuceu to 6ie3 1 ■<rt. a ftxrax alreaay traue , anu 
foe th!» ti-iJLja t-iPip in hii li.fft, do oattie trlt.h a prinativp 

A. ji;-*. *«ho Virti'. of .Ar.f;ufet, l^a2 , U.*? fsiialy ,. . i efrft-^tj, 
»/t'j'p loadS'.i. OP t«^ c«.voro'i wspon* ana star tad for Huffrtlo. 
Th^re %'ore of us*''«r anr; Fothar, R'jfus , AuiftJstue, Fur.lcc, 
r''»rT.f» , P.'»rn;ar., Kli^ADeth, ana K^iily. 

On our arilT' 1 in ^'rffclc, tj.e £ite?i!r,nr R^;fus Kau jro;*.^ i.-p 
?j:1 returnftt v\>vn — m fact-- tha onlv £tor.",i»'- un •.-; t)-,nt. ' 
nv«r l".i'rch»'l i<j>or the I.ahe . h'lt. been caut awr^.Y tne rpMk b*- 
ffjr.'* <n r ftrriv^l .mu #ft :»ub* either rrtrel f'.ur oi ''ivr *:u'i 
'iie'^ milee by land, or tui.o u aaxlinr vessel. TJi^re v8r*» nu 
•Billn<' y«t»bfitr. of any oonhinertble Sise, none lur«"*r \.^\%u 


tliose rn>*t u»od as cuaslAra for short voyaf!;««i but we finally 
•mbarkea horses, wdfons . and all on u Ijittls scttuuner oalled 

th« "Ittciy of ths Laks.* fine was uooui.etnasu by Japtain WalXnr, 
who, in after years, sailoa ana built s<jmo of the finest j> tk- 

••ngsr boats sailing; from Buffalo. 

We Coasted alonf ths Soiitlj flhors , touchinp: at all Die 
ports, not une of thwn more than an embryo villaf^s. We 

reached Detroit on the ninth auy, anu hired a stitall h<jiJse that 
was tlien quite above what was then tli© town, but is now n^itr 
the city's center. Fare the family remained wnile u house 
was bftinr built on tl.e lana purchas^^d by Rufus. 

In tlie meantime, Aufustus , whose career 1 w. trymr to 
follow, Joined a party and roue tJii-ough tlie forest to *)af^inaw, 
on horseback. On his return, hs told us of th;e numerous In- 
diaTis, tiie beautiful ItUtea ana nvai'S he hiid seen, — but ho evi- 
aontly uij. not see half as much t)iat was wonanrful as D4touxlle 
saw in hm visit tiiere tOTt yoars la tar. Augustus saw nothing 
in K-iohipan at tf^iat time to inauce hini to remain, and soon re- 
turnea to tlie Rast. He did tiot return to ths law, but went 
into a I'.orountile house. 1 think in Huohsstor, but am not sure; 
at all events, soon after tie was aieruhandisinf in that city on 
his own account. }'e lasted as a merchant but a year or so. 
ana tiud to quit, some tl\ree thousana dollars in debt. }{is 

next venture was the takinp; of a contract on h oarvil near Os 
wego. lie w.ts also unbuuceusful in enterprise and was 


mor» or le«b in ueot, ont hit u realtors m each Ci'.«» were con- 
fidpni wf hiB integrity, ajia zero wa.llin«t to back hwn in nry 
undertaking irher»» indu«try, fAir juuginenl, and & facially tu 
oontrol men, «ruula win. 

AtK>ut tills time, the Hritieh 'iuvftrram-nt were uavertieinr 
contracts for tne Rid««u Ganal, starting from the Ottawa Kiver 
and ending at Kingaton on lake Ontario. A»Jf;uatvj« went to Ky- 
town. niaa« t}.e acyiiaintance of Colby Rina other officwrs of the 
anny , una^ir whobe supervision the work wns to be lone . antx by 
his coinfi tanking addreee ana gr+ntiemtinly bearing, nmae hineelf 
•o popular *itii them that they awardeu him a contract Tar a 
▼ery large work, and were unquestion.^bly not over -particular 
ab to the retipontiibility of Jiia b*»nd«ni«n. lit **b, ut all 
events, notwithstanaing hl« two failurea, able to iuve euoh 
bonas as were aatiafactory , anu at once commenced the work. 
At the olohe of the imjiHon, ^^liftn tie leather becane too in - 
element for Wi»rk , tlie engineer's eatimat'! of tne *ork done en- 
abled him to araw several thi>u>sand dollars v*ver ana above all 
expenses for la bur ana material. Tiie work on the auncil was 
all i>uia for in A;u«ricHn half-aoiiars. He puroliasea a pair 
of Canadian truttmg i>oniee, liurnessaji then to a Trench carry- 
all sleigh, pl.t into At several ke^s of hal f-lollars, croubsd 
tive*r*tnoe into Ogaensburg, ana drove »'rorn« to Os- 
wego, th<?»n urove From place to place *here .*ny of hla liabili- 
ties were held, and a* fast a* one keg was exhavisted he w»>ulu 


knook m the henu oT another, until all •*er« {>aiia,-!>rincipal 
a)vi interest. }.e tJ.en irove to RocJiester ana xia the snr.e 
thinii there, and 1 can remembor heai-in«? him aft/ thnt t)ie t«ro 
Oavs spent m payinj^- hin debts. «ere wntinr the happiest uf his 
life. liux he dio. not stop .it payi'ig his :^bts, bi-t bofore 
returning, Joumeyea tliree hnn:ir»a miles tnrouph Canax- Ut |>ay 
a debt of filial auty, and tti 8f>« if his par*^nt» \nd sisters 
re4iilred J^ny t)ortion of his hr If-iollirs for lu^^ir cot-fbrt. 
}'is visit to our ieolatei hor.s in miu-winter, ciothea from 
rieal to fout in t];e finest of uttei- fur, was an opuoh m our 
lives, and *S8 lon^ the tlieme of conversation. lie retiirned 
tu Canada, and for two or throe years worked fri>rn thre« to 
four hunared mon. In tluj meantime, he had takon another oon- 
> traot at Polanalee , <h.ioh vras m.inaii^ed by Horatio, out of which 
as 1 hitve hlreau: baid he aocumulateu s«rtnethin£ over Fiphty 
thonsaiKi dollars. 1 tsr. unable to state t: o lOTi^tl! of time he 
^t&» •n{:aKed in tlUR <ork , but 1 knov/ I'.e fact tf^st hfi finished 
/75iC)%h« -«ork by th.o P*ll v^f IHtJl . :td 1 h.vvp^eiwu ti. ite tlier© on a 
visit about tlw litne he ouimiencoi to oloKe up thjs business. 
*hile 1 was there. )je was for a time ah.ient , and w! en he re- 
turned, lie brouf^ht, with him a wife,- having Uiarried ';i»fc Flii- 
abeth Hreeue, a dai.chter of Sidney 3. Hreese, FsiiUire. wf 

flconondoa , Oneidn County, He* York. 1 th<'UfJ.t her tJio "i»>»t 
boaiit.ifvjl woiri'tn 1 had ev»?r seen, and i visited hnr tut a few 
uays af u , at tie hur.estead *h«?re Aufuutus *n\^ fortunate enough 


t*' rind her , and i J<ave only to aud uf Imr af:** and 1 can «uy 
the 6M:.e tninc >et. 

Aftor iJlo8iiif5 up liia oontracts. ho roturnmi to t^• States 
ptr(i^iA«<>cL u fuxtt aV Hatavia, in th><HH d yc kriu«rri uh x).9 otto 
place. ffhilo livitig there, hi»* fir»t »on. ?^iun«y A., wa» 
tVirn. H« i-fR-aiiiea in H.itavi.i out t«ro or three yttwrs,- sola 
his f.'^rm to .lohii Clifford, *ht», for «om« years, haa teen his 
ffiHSter-m&uon , ana lojl<-bullaer on t}ie canal Jor-s. }.« t)ien 

went to Riif f alo , vvJere ^e livoQ «on.e years,- was •ppK'"'»cL in 
bt;n> inc. opeiatirvf in rfinl estate, etc. Ab<»ut tlie year Is,! 7 
hi* Jieal th betran to Pail, but ie lost none of l>.is enerpy for 
bi'6ine.'>a, .tntl liis mind wae eti oetive us evor. TIjp whuls 

country, ab«'iii this time, wab ujiuorRoiiv one of those periodic) 
eeKbona of panic and Oieprefcslon; bar'Vs fn-jigiioi: t tiie wh«iie 
a<»untry Buspenaea payinent; atiVPrftlp;n blares f«>ilod to puy in- 
terest upon tjeir nonds , ind the shrinXarB m value of pj-opor- 
ty wati too rrmmt , tla' it Riateiially affecteu hi* income. }t« 
wfts tliPn tie ovirnor of n property at Flint, iisneuee County, 
Halupan, ana notwitiistandinf hi* poo»- J;ealth, oonciuaea to 
leave Buffalo, and renove to tuat place anu iitiliae it. !'e 

hod not. »x»eii an J'icMf'a»i long bef<ire he fijunti hin ..ei f unabie 
ti. wralX, ir. consequem;e wf Hi.>ym SHi>wl affection tj-iat af^cted 
locomotion, bi:t he hac*. a wheel-chair mride, in vi-hic? !>e roiled 
himself abort the villi. s^e, and superv^s^d h riiil, a i^-erowntile 
house, ani variea buildinr op^rat-ions , atid >»:: d V, >• i t.fct erer- 


getiO huBUHiS* rnHTi in t." e Village. 1 lie,v« no a&ta t*- e'labl* 
i:\e to »>« ©xAct as to tie iffnfti. oF time he o .rri'Ti on biainets 
At Flint. 

In tr.e meantime, lie Yux'i n<'V ; r.:miiy wf ti^roe boy* and 
one da»if»;);ter. The bo>8. while t^uite yuvtn^r, *er9 pupils of 
tlie Disti'ici. ^tfin>ol , bi t mo'ti worrf ibnt Katt, un^- for 
eollege tit Cazeno/ia. Me* Voik. T)io eldetit , 'Tian'»y ^utT'islus, 
after jLcavxrig iic}io<^l, ohoooing a busin^jst* life rinh-i- tMf\n a 
profortiiionJl one, apiirt+ntlcea himsplf to a m^ro'intile houae m 
Ne-# York iJity Hnd rfnrwmed tr.ft r» nntil l^.'l4, wJion i:e Joined a 
duusln, Sidney Hoby, ,nra for a. time tranwHOted an exTerisiye 
ix.\rlwurfi buKinesii in tne city of ?ojJ»»ter. Now York. i was 
inyfcelf Rt tlae time 5tpendini7 rnost <>f riie time in the rnxnoa of 
California, a/ri found it difficult tu keep trac^ of his where- 
abouts. f)> t I next hoard of him au a ni''.nuf.*ctui'er of fanmnt: 
implements at '^rockport , V'f>v Yi>x'k . and i thin> it whb st^me- 
»f)'.e)-e near 1-tftH tiu* t 1 returiK^d fr<»in C*ilifornia and foi-nu him 
in Mowirk , Mew Tereey. mn.klnfT patmit leather. n.jire y^riris la- 
ter. 1 retvmed nnain fnm California, n-a tv. t. V/-vi>t.^ he-.:rd 
from him for some years, dvd not lcno< .»!>.ere to fnid hir.. Home 
of his coualna eufict^eted he mifht m m f*hil;. .'♦Iphia. "y boe- 
i)ws8 t«k inr me tl ere I r-iaie inquiries fi*r him. and vae di- 
rected to an of fine <rith the rtii:r:ft of "HtevenB .? Tibbitts* wpon 
t>i» eif^n. I went in. and -iras inf«iri.ed t)^jit my nerhvr* wi\» tJwn 
in Canada, ijuttino" up rsb worV b in Toronto. I rr- timed to 

California, Ana \\h1 not n/^t him » reiently for uiiwaru* of 
tventy yearn. I know not hu» rruny eTjtfr^jrist* •.inu iniu«t.ri«8 
>w hii'^ boon in^igea in, t ut 1 do nwt a:ontion, but aurinp a 
dalii'Ktfi;! vi&it, of \. week 1 recently nwid* at hu» hom« in 
Rool'.gater, 1 founa hifr> fill of bUBlnews appwrtainlnf- to ra», 
and full of faith tJ-at it wuuld, ere lonf, be vuftd T^jt neatariR 
purpo«e« as '^ell %« lif^ht. I i'lu^ iie hws a iton wYn in a pruo- 
tleir/7 lAwyer.who xn marriea a^a has two el^ilciren, «!ii there- 
fore the Jlidney 1 kne* us nn infant is a f r»r'dfnt.h«r. Sianoy 
has been t«fice married. I'it. first wife w<is Lie dau^Mer vjf 
K. B. Holrr.««b, of Rrcckpoit, *l(^w York. T*o of Y z:^ r c)iliren 
ar« livinf, — t}je lawyer, mentioned above, trnd a daughter , now 
in Uerr.any , prrsuini?; ir.usioKl and art studiea. Hy hi« present 
wife, he Km tw<, little ones, a pari nr^i « boy. 

Of tl.n career of tl\« childi'en of Aufueti.e C. , tVo next in 
order is t>.at. of ti:e weconu eon, LRrpefee. vho, oT'nr inavinr^ 
the hlrh school at Gnzenovia, oonpleted hi» stviaieK at T'aril- 
ton Collepe, and after rraduatinp. con-jnonoea t<' reaa Ihw in 
tho offioe of r.P.GrHvea. ana after boirw'^ adrM ttett to !,rActice 
sertleu in t'ichigan. Wiscf»'iMin, whore 1 ^i^ia J-.irn t»<d,iy ir the 
e)>.)oy»ent not t.rly of wealth, bit ti.e resi^ec't mil ^od-vi.M of 
all its aitigene. I'e \ii''» not only n Inrfre l«w praotioe nut 
the siiperviMlon jimO. manafotiiont t-f two ipffnenbe 1 ana Oonpanaes. 
whoa© holuin/js aFfirepute Wir)'t huncLred thtAiHartd aiires, i^nd lias 
still foiinu time to eerye *.hm city as ''nyor, and rH>re than one 


of T,;.e vJAti^eni* liav« told me thit }i<» *ro»ill hAve bften r-n-Ift Oov- 
ernor of the "^tite, Jif >jb -.oula n^vo illw^ea luu r; ■ n -o 
used. r« iia« been twice Tiamed, — a la»ir:htoi of the f*ir«t 
Wife, about aiAteon, and albo ^ dau«-hter by the present "Tiro. 
of MIX fcUiiTiiart , llvi/U': to<^et!i«jr in h:-ri»i<jny, ^nd a h-ippy >x>ma, 

Nf'xt t«.> .f.Hr»*es'% jofm^s '.'!: ^^lft9, '♦ho , i tlunh , was ilau •» tif M^nilton •)<*li«K«' " ' J'o o-^rm'stion i th*»-«iMiy i.p law 
ii» tl)<i o-'fioe v'f (lovernur ^onton oP "^ilMt, Gonosee Coun'y, 
Miohiran. am, 1 tiiiai^ , xaa .vdMitted tv i>ra^»tice tJ-.arff, cut he 
soon rei.ioved to Hyraouse ind fomed a linrtnerb)-:!!} jrith yrtSra\B«, 
wh<* )\iu , Tor many ynftr:., noon .i pr<toti iionflr in th-it (!i*y. 
Cirjirieb , in ad-iltion to 1 iw Dui»ir»S3 . wu» fV'r aor-.'* yr; iPs '^chal 
'Juporint'^ndent at V.vlX place. He h's tro ^^roTr u;j shiliren — 
one a son -iTJd thn other a daof^hter , &«)ti-: uf vrhom are ?narri<>d. 
Tne lausiutfrr in the City vf r(»v V-jrk , u'td tie 3i>n in tt.t^ines.* 
at l^armiette, i'l upper »fiishifran. 

Helen, t>j« »mly diu.plUor «jf A-fiua'tis C. . h*s» ^"V r^ <^y 
year** b«'m :\ wx^ow, linvin? nsnrri'jd r i'9?:tle!T<9n ^t> t>'f n \- e of 
r!<\nf wra , txi.i !■> ♦><<* livtM,': in ♦l.e >Mi'r;''!ii.e . -•• "uonoidim vith 
her rioT.her. Tiua i.ore </f the *'< t! t an<l Velen nar»f>>rU Ik en- 
bO'.'wrou iM «,.->*« Ant fur ''.i aJied wit), jtll t »• l^/wij- a .-*" c<i-!i- 
try iil'e; fr»:it. flowers . i.— i ve-etsblei. in t' ■" ^ ileTj;1u.rfce» 
and onrriMhe*- '""»■ rii«.i.M^', .Tkretiy' cow« tjfi , j.i ■»vi'l'» -. -- o-oui 
aiiu the butter,-Jtnu the Joyoi s *elco!iiO vouchsufed to t?i* Bon« 
ana uiirhter* anu. tVn i;.jarlj>jil ir^-n by the htither, "iutei- ».?:., 


Aunty, muike u paruwi*© I'or tiie r«^uniun of tl.« tsoverul fijir,ili«». 

Tho noxt one *hot>e career 1 [/rx>po6o to foiiov xa "ie'-er 
Runictt, ■oh'j it» iioxi oiaest ul' the oiiila.ron (jf oui- Fullier ana 
fcSotiWir , *huni , as. 1 »irfta-.y atuteu, fUb ont? o£' tli© axpht tlAt 
*er« i^uiu-ttu. In i>*»tiuil b^ tiiu little vchoonoi- , the •Lady of 
\A9 Lake.^ At> i4'<>n Jis a ho»^»» ^v,^ !r, hubitnule ur. the 
i;iiici , ti.e (Sliest Brot;.or j.^a loiiatrtd tieur I'ontiag. Tl y,< oni- 
barXe^ jf.iiTi in *en',onB , i-U bloviy ini^o t!:fJtr way t;'j*oU;;i. i># 
forest baak uf ijetroit. A vo\xxs':\y v.n* cut jubt '<n le enoiifjh 
for a jiraj;on, nnl if by ohanofc toar.b v/ero r'.ot, the a/.f> *ms» put 
in lymiiajition, to ii jieube it, a ^iutli. ATtHr tvo la:'« hard 
uriVAiif,, t>io t*fi> milt.'b fas w.(;oo.'.ipli»);el , artu t.e fi*Ti- 
xi> amveu at Ahat tiioy huu to cull homo, — a 1 wubo V)u 19 of 
±041 a .'it). Dark tit J 11 on tnurr, , about t#ft!ity b\ twet^ry-four feel 
une story, ar,i ^ gurx'ett. A fireplace) ^rau Pu^^^e av!rv>k8 one wid 
a&oUo t;iJi '*oet Wiue,- over this a ohmmey, m.vio of *.ha.n aplit 
*tiuA« iaiU up xi\ oiay luortar, platJtored over inaide and 
out, to prevertt taking Tire. Tns oaak of tiie chiitiriey ♦a* a 
aton« «*aij. for about ttxif. f »»« t in hoi^ht , #ith .{-a-ts <.n each 
»iae ouilw up auobt a»ix f(?tc:t, on irlUtti: ihe ohimney of bticks 
j*ebtoa. A CI' ,110 <.*'' xi\>n -»h* iiurvj; m the Ja.nib or> t»»in niClo . 
<ritit lon{< a:ia ah'-.rt put iiowku on vhioii to hanp: ti^e pots and 
tho J^ottlQs. ' tin rrtfxeotor t*.. bOt oe^^'H-ft rj,rei,iH30 did 
tiie Dakintj, anu a Jonr-haniied fryip^ pan f'ir fr;,in/^, tofreti;»r 
cons'ituteu tl « <iuoi<. t,ioye ini f rniture. Thi» jirob Jbly aeaned 

u iXLtia ruu^:.h tu our ^ o^i;or uiiu. <ii,«itors uji 1 i.ayo no icool- 
ieotiuM i.f Ijfctirir^j. ft'iy oorrij/lain-b, nor uw 1 latiieriibex- \.w .i ivo 
witiioubOu, any eviut*iiu6 v^r iiiinup|ji,nebi> cu.iufi^ vI.mti Ail woia 

alie«rfi. Jl aiid heli^Mtl, una ulspuued tc. mrJ^e UiO tokt t/l' bvc:>- 
tltin^. 'I'lik) u\h.\ji fl^joi e^nntxtuvou the oea>i uiKii^ of t;.A fi.v« 
?'ititaj'6. '21js »»tair-c ii»9 to reaci: "tl-t.-ni *l.* i j.iu^-i '-'ni> , but 
b> ayi-sauing a cai pQt u.-u u. atrttixn liore «:k1 tioi-e, Uio^ boon 
jjroji'^ur.oH J. it a boudoir, \ ac'ittead ¥at t<ut u^j a;; tiie i,4ru 
ooriiei'd uf the niain room, £*w£xy fron; the fjLiOi/luce, oiw of *Lxih 
M&s Tor our ratl.Hi- eml !» ui.iiei , ujiu tJ* ot.i^.t-r .«afc fk-r i. rot;. or 
Rufi 6 dMu the virjitor. Vhoii tl.ia v(<rk f^a ii^coDnjIif^i.ft a, *«i »fom 
te«t'>iea., afiu reauy Tor work. roi,j.'»r KofViS,; r-eti rjuiic 

to Palmyra, iiaa olU'U'Ou. ati^ pioiitiieu uboiu l.eri ucrHB, uttu t»lart- 
eu ii to o«ir»\ ,ijid i)v)tati»eB. "hia crop iVii« lo b« iiurvoiiteu. 
Tim Corn *' i» FirBt yiit u^. at. t;»« ria/t , hauloa u^. to tjj© }!i«u«», 
Anu .'.et U.I oeuiue r)i« furce . J^iatGi'b Furjic«^ , l-tirtlia ai.:. Ci»&r- 
l*.tt*: a<tuln.rHu tluit ij\ey , '.^i'ol. m/ lioljj. culd husl ii, .i.ilo 
T ut>ier ana Hpfus ^cre uAituit ti^e jio tuut* a, .wiu tuiluAni; a-n- 
hli.-b ..Jid. J.^r'i8 to }iou»t; UMi" ho;d»^» miU coi^b. ,'1:J wU^i i\, 

fan it li^^ •*jii«?rt.rj.80 t-. utttnij^t ruOjj'u fork. tl'.«y 'v«nt ct it 
♦'i.iliKi . ,_^iv»voi>, .i?ru iih I nv»* rcrn^TiO'ir t;h»!ir -ahJc , ^^vl r<,r %i0 
fuuv i.ia t " Funiae iiiHistod a<»rK. on- of tl.«> tJu*«j" mi.uuia 
reau v4ln\iu fi'oj.i BwMf xn>ur«aHnh' una am. rwotive o*M»k w)ui« 
t>io r'out. laib^kVu jorn, thd> mauo ^oud iiiiiUs. 

'"'lift /A.iiij. UtttiwAj.!.- biniiMibvt t.;,;^t tJi'f tfiitkinj wT ui»" ni-oii 

a sottleri.ert aj. 1 ]i;av« Mi#»d to lescribe, *i<\:ld discouxaii« any 
one front i»*a.irin<; to rejjeit t'.o unanrta^Mng » but our- father 
and ar<.thor Rufua founa , m t, » course wT a yf«ar ur so, tl:at 
tho> had cho»oij, coniparKtivoly, a po'T f mn; t^renty-r^vo 
mil«» fartlier on, ana tiiat nioJi farther from jiviliaat iwn, 
t};oy .ici:14 'jet hf»avil. -tinb^jrea l.xrd, (luoi; :ia our "-f, ;er iiad 
beon iraiiiJiK war rfith fiopi vhe tar* lia i«ft Venj^ont. 'i»o land 
waa 'cJj 1 v.icun^ u- t,i'» ^urtll,- a .lioX trriil Jj.w b«i«n cut 
oin. t/u*ourJi to <?.iigina*. Tvujpa *Hre t}.«r«> umldiTV^ a foit, 
ikivinf? oe&n spm'. -I'era by w«tPr, • u tiTrxc^r* ar.t bolaioru 
wijre cordrv thr'mt^h, frvAn tiir.o to tirit«, -uid vhoir r«,Airt.'i of 
tlie richly tirr,r>.>i-ed IcJ^id t^ror.ty-fivf^ jiiilea f jr in-r twrtii, in- 
duced my Fftticor and Hrothor to ro out aviu HA;uian9 it. '.fter 
dcinf so, they aeterrsincd to «ell out .it. tit/ '"xr»t Of^ <'' lunlty 
and lootttB &t Oranu ^lanc, -vUftre du*. a fow yoart, boforo, tho 
Oraml Hlrirsc Irriians Jvid roBided. Tliey wrrft btil.T livmr but 
ft little to the West of t? o l.crlity, tut wrprt- ^orit^dorftu in- 
offenbiv* aiid friendly. '''j>tl fir nnu Prcrthor si.«'ii aTtt.i-./Krd 

cari ped upon the rroon'.^ , npd ct»pr«nc*»'i to oiit lufti f>-i- ar'>th«r 
house. Ti^jese Inainnw otntft de-.ily ♦o se« then., ofreri^c:. with- 
out aeklnp;, to et**!--* r'o'i he] p to rnise the hoir.e, nrd ir t.^v^ry 
way were as kind and friendly Ps mor** civillr.'»'J nfti'.'jhtors 
Oould Jiave heer. W!>fln ♦ i ♦> botis** wt^ f»>i i*^; hntit t-l*i ^■^.-.■it more 
the family embark ed in tii« wa«^on8 A?>d rolled into the *-ili<»r- 
neet, the wi-iter of thia follo*inr, -irlvinr t^-e eown «>vj plga 

tiuit iiau bfton piirciiasou. to stock oui- fii sx. ^ idhif^an ]iui;o. Our 
pro^rostt i.xa n«o«abm,iily sluw — hh oou^^ttiunul brxdgu to — 
a tx-ee to uut out, etc. "«« , hoiirever, riaie aoout }uiir t:.c di«- 
t^nctf ttiKi cair.^iau at wiiai wu« knovi^n Ab ti<9 .'Ug "I'ring , a favor- 
ite oairtpjiDf, plaoo uf tlto Ittuxans, v^iiiuh hi\a b-«an so loae, usad 
by Uittn a« a stu^^in^ pljict* , truxt aDout a iiair-uur.^ .aa t>ecoBi« 
»d9uo4 U» eaaisu, Aiya i'uiu ouoti ao o^us^^xy fb^L uujrn uy liit^ir .jo- 
iiitfs, j.b to iiave wkxut> u vm-y pretty i*t^n. A fi.;© mras stAi'twd 
by uiir bz'oliiur J\ufut>, h>v>i nj. ti tli>j uiu oT u nvitoli., .k'KXj.: did 
Tu>t ouDiC iiiLo Ub»* for >8ars After,) but «rxwh fiinv Mtiu stpol 
<uyi 'i bit oT oscdiyed atapio wuud ou^ied 'i^uiik" cy euLie , and oy 
otiisro, "apiJiu.^ Wiiijii * ot>ri>»ct, i never Ijainou, b>it i 
J>.ni ifcdin It ntum iioc«:tSi><xry to i^oep ii ary , -a a'oII .t» 
jjo^iiur. ovfti- t.iixt r^re laun{^. t.u? t«u-AettlH, atwi tiio . o:h«r 
ai!d 3ist(jr8 pi&iMi'ud iuia i»t*j'wod oir aupi^ex-, M . n apJ'cJau tii« 
UrtuM fii»4 0jAtiA>>t*i uijx.i ti.w A.i*n, j,i-e;iuraT.iii y t.i d|ei!.»i.ui; thftir 
I'j.ra'i- niflit- iij i.h<' o^'ni aii-. Uut, a jonjfjij. ini. . ... i. .••>r-<i tjy 
.my, uil uft-n^.ou jolly auu uom.unkrta. vxtli, liiu ui • .- 6 , tnd 

i ti'ioui'irt. it %::a ,n»>tit a'JSirahij tjjd Ci«l itjMtf';! Ltd»«»..ii I had 
e/.*r ookJJpawd. i'hw aiooii * am «»iuiiir\t?. i;i.i ..'ly *nu '.!;*» btui'6 
«r«r«9 out in all ti.tiir Rl'^jy, <*Ui.l'j our a . .». ' uitt .l •-• ^fiA" 

a.owa .u: orv tr.o tro».'«, u;i*. il 11 b'tiM .Ou u ; ;y i.vid. fa 

all Blei; . t.>'u;ju.l> u?-.tix ut? k< i^ a.»ylii^i-.t , «rlier^ »•• ire t a ..A-aXanod 
oy A i.arcT\a-i» cy .. oanu,-r;wt ai ji<i»tru»u£ni».l b.vno ,— bi- 1, •. bdrid 
of solves. T);j.» u.'il</vXea foi J;i,iior etartea t^- • rtr men- 


b*»ri of t,/m fairuly who oiunp olo»» to Vaiher and Mother, uni il 
Brothftr Rufu« r«iJl«»ni«li«»d the fire, arvi assured us wulve* 
were afraid of fire. 

After Orttbtkfastinp' , *« started aj^ain upon our journey, :ind 
before nicnt reaoiifta tl-je new home, whei'e we fuunu some of our 
Indian neii';hi>ora. who. havinR heard tlirough a hunter t) at we 
were on the way, oamt over to welcome us, bringing? a saddle of 
tho ehoisest venison, and some basXeta of wila 8trawberri(*s .- 
w>iioh were Uieti in ueason. 

Ml Soon settled do*n t(i work, determinea to make t]-* new 
home :ia aurif or table and pleasant aa posttible. To me it ae«Mtt 
a oostly paraajise. 1 soon beoanie the owner of my fir»t ^Tun. 
The woods were full of gan* , — a icike near by w^e full of fisli. 
1 soon became affiliated with tlie Indian boys, learnea t.'.oir 
langua.^e almost intuitively, ani every day that 1 uoula be 

spared from -^ork u^tn the farm wits Rivpn up to sport with In- 
dian boys, wi t/» either gun or bow anu arrow acoofr,paniinent;wluJ» 
to ti.e elder Bibters, I have no ditubt thia isolation from so- 
ciety ifKl frien-is wab irksome. Tl.ey , however, m£\aL© no jom- 
plalnts, D''t one by one, hs fast as opportunity ocov;rr«i , en- 
gaged in teauhia;^ in the settlenenta. lister Funice, ♦hose 
fortune 1 should have ne.rrated ere this. *a8 U\o firkt to leave 
tiie Grarti 81ano home. <<he was called to teach thr village 
school at Pontiao , by this time grown to be a villuc-e of one 
or two hundred p*oplei but slw finally beoaii.e amtitlots for 


H lar'"«r fiold of Ubofulnesb utiu went Past ana eetablis'ma a 
coAruiniT ach<»<'l for younc ladies at Avon flprinrs. in Gen«»»ea 
Ctjunty . Ne* York. }>re aiitt taught fur soniw years, ana *»« 
patroniznd by «(Wi5 of the bett fainilintt of the region. ^he 
finally m^jua t>.e mistake of hor life in ailowinr hnraelf ♦o 
be coijrteil .'.na mprried by :t wllover, who, who*^ he ciire court- 
int^, drove an elegantly ms^.tohed teair, and t'Uked to h<»r of her 
hara , luoorn*! t. lifp of teacrJiinK and how mncb ple^santer «he 
w<>\)la no bitiiated, with cofrpHratively>; to do but riae 
boh.ind :.ia bays, ana enjoy herself. She Piuat have disovereu 
his "buoolio nature, but probably hoped, by hnr in^'I'imice tu be 
able to uhanp:e eomewhat his mode of life. They were married, 
nna ^i'^iiin u nninth thereafter the fnutched biys irere 8old,*heir 
prooe*>ds invHste^ m mlich cows for a aairy, and poor Funice 
(',1V en to »i'Uf-rHt,uTxi t)iat it waa her bu^inesH to make tho :;Ulk 
of twenty cows into butt.«»i- am ch.eese, ana to look after a 

large houbehola, with ne'er a hirec* servant ti- tj.o l;or xn tj-je 
work. 3he . t<» my knowledfie, nrjver complsine.; , out '. • task 
was St* >'«rculean that a fn.v years aarrled hor u> ntr ; ■ tvo. 
She left a dauphter, wlto wiarrxed etrly m life.— i . -vp no 

doubt to avv.iu c» Jife of slavery. 1 tt^ imatjo tv {;iv'* r.»r 
name, ur whereabouts, if alive. 

The next J^ist^r to leave tiie (ir'ina ^lnn^J ^oi in v to aittui, 
wh*' ttib«i cot'jiienoea life as a school ♦eachor. " t m 

••veral aisi.ricT.» m Oaklana Cour.t:. , Jiciiigan, jnd ut a pio- 


UQfiDi' taaotxni^ «rhii:li 1 a'.ti^nueu in Fetruar^ 1 i rt , at Pontiac, 
I waa t.t>lu Dy yuxte a nvuhtior of olu L.ixes u.:iu j:iinT.loir.en t/A v 
wvur sixty yfixci$ U(^v/ tiiey «or« pupiib uf luy Bitter I'artlA. 
She, artrti- a tinio , aj t>o *ent t,o viBlt our eldetit 1i.a^«r 
in Orloariti Cwunty. ''Iw alfco mirraoci a wioower, *i th two- lit- 
tln boy«. j;!* nauiB *a« Fhilip *'ichol». }e *-uk u >,, r.r 1 1. 1. 1 an 
and a /rentleman. a.nd maie hit* iv>ne a happy home for rif«» and 
ohildr^n. 1\« '^ab for 8i>ni« y«/arsi e)u,af;ea in Di't.iTi^«t* in V'*- 
-Limt, Orlrjane County, New York, but r«iovea from there ^u fxa- 
ooiitiin, and died at Watertown. }'!• chilaren, all b-»t one 
uaug>^ter, married, and left home, i Uixi\k riefore hiu ueath. 
Our Sibter >.ariha, at the af^e of ;>evHnty-nine yearb, (ana. in 
tlie enjoyment of iie&ltl^i ana all iier faculties.) i«» iitill liv- 
intT m th** hoiiiesteid at «Atrtrto*fn, «ith tlio unnuirried lauRhtec 
Rinlly. Onfr »on , Jetiry . dxea in tilvraukaa. T*w ure nw# in 
Ohio afro . — daily o^.erv*toi b at the Hoard of Traae. On« daur;hter 
iiJarned a Nr.britt of :.iljirjfukf* ^ many ye.iik ago t ;ai. there 
Ik a Ji\ui:,htfir of itors yjV niarriageabl* i^8*i irhildi Uie Tother 
lus been aeau some years. ^till another daughter marrieu a 
Ur.I iKiitboay , They are no* residents at la Crosse, tifcconaon. 
^ibter Varthia , aj. though seven ty-nino yearb of are. is furnibh- 
ed by lie r sone with a yearly p.iss over the G.K.A ^t.P.K.K. ,and 
site often visits tliem , without requiring an escort %u aia her. 
I liave now traoeu ti.e career of ail o^ tl.ose of (iur fan.i- 
ly who had. in the parlnnoe of tl\« Bee f^n er . •B*Hrrr.ea.« — or, 


ir ^ti.«i- rvirlsj , loft. 

Tile r<B*.t <.nid . lister GUirlotte, ilfcw l«fi l.u;:i« t, taaui. 
a «4liOiil in HjiKl.-nii County, and *o.t» >eiir» after, 1 tiunJt 
about 164^, n.im9d .it u-.y ::jls<» in PontlftO, D.'d.'i'inu , <an^ 
iiv«d With hin. until l-i'fl. Trhon he aiou, rhiie on thoir wa> to 
i;.^lif'>rnia. They Ju»u. on«.» iaughter , J-aty, «rlio i& no* ii PdU*, 
France, ©'iiTttceu. in B;it»>kionary urork , aif;d whti is a uf tht» 
VoCall yi»»ion, ana aaia.1 to co aoin^i mucii ^uou. Charlotte 

diad in Bro-jklyn, in .la)!U*ry li;-t3. 

Tiio par»i)t«l roof, uy to the tirr« tl.eit vra *ero fhnly 
ttettleU at Uranu Biano a>u living in poauo «i;iu h'cinr<ony «ith 
our neit^ibura, U.e urana Hiono Inax-.ins, 

If 1 ail: Ui ouMtin«!o tlin i.iatory , tue next i.n oi uur will 
be to «^rito of tt.e career of ni_.belf , t>.o younj-.ebt t,oji. Aa 

Biy life hta oeeti aout^^wi^i l wrilu. and eventful. I <roula hive pre- 
ferred to iiuve hau it ooacriDea by oU^.er* ju-: ei- 'A.r.r hy my- 
self, lost m narrating Mm incxuenta anoL u^oi tos .ents 1 have 
been an ti^tor in, 1 may be tliou^^rht an ei^otxnt. uit uu 1 an, 
as it *ere , the "la«t of the J'ohioans," rt.uht uo it wy«*elf. if 
it 16 uiine $it all. 

Ai* I Itoive alreauy etated . I «oon learned tie Inaian l«n- 
t;>iat'.e «o perf<-otly a» '-o bo ablo to uiYaeretanu ana •iM|>rrtciate 
tlie yarns ana atorioe of tJieir profesbional story-tel 
of w)iioh wua t.o be foimo. in ali'.ost Bv«ry villftre. wvirtti 1 was 



i b«.y of t^elvo yearn of u»:o, i Tre-jURnMy tipont two -ree 

lays :■ t a tiBr« viwiti't;: tJ " fcx-^-:. of /ny o fn ago i*. th.e l«^a -e of»ii« , tlie Chief of ihie urarju«. Dunne the 

'uiiy . Bo.' /^If-dozen younj^stora wuula sturt out #i U. bo* ii:4a a 
»,uivux- iiolainft «i ',io*eu airo^rn, ana *i th thean, Rrfttxfy thf; j u- 
aiiixj i-ro^uiioi. ty ^vj fyiu.bie , IxisteaA uf plAyinj, .-rurblea tc >.oep. ifc-VAur or oaLpttiiii of tiie party hau an ftrro* tMt wa* Libea 
^te tjie t.-.i{{o\.. Kb would shout t'^at target ^.rraw ai^y distunco 
or uiraot,ion ii«» ohofce. tl:»n ouch of ns* '»\#iJla endeavor to 
f»x<ftu& orut of our arr^wb n.a rmar ne puswible to tl'.e oxtreirte 
out*, end of till* target, tho rule boinR that tie o^-nor of trts 
arrow nearnet the target was vrinnor of IJ.e one the farthest 
oi'f . Then the arrow would be firea from the bow attain, aome- 
tirnes ovHr a knoll or fallen tree so as to be entirely c)Ut of 
3iCi":t, thua <'.ivinf a ulnnoe to ti^'C n<>vic», as w«tll ah to the 
expert. In thit way we would sometines '.ravel ail day, and at 
nisfJit go to the lodro , one or twt) luc3« y oT>t;t. ownirt*: all tie ar- 
rows. .\t nlftht all wovila asser.fcle at tho lodj»e wf il-^ novel- 
ist, uiid Alston to tViH tales of the chaae . v.f war. arvi of 8".j- 
pernntural bemra, told .»i th ira-natio t?ostircK ani (tff^ct. i 
have 1l -- ".'ojc'-i v* these tales on'.il the vo- u-..\ix "oura vitr. at» 
rapt attention aa 1 read CJoopor. In tliosa oxoursiionB 
tij-ou.jli w»'Odii wo #ouid '*rr»<iuertly enootinttsr rone *.o »r!iia'' ■^e 
would civo o\jr .itt'jiit,i>»n — rabits, woodoniioks , pireons, pnr- 
triaea, etc. — tu a jor.ld :ilmoj** olw-.ys fin.. ot5o'.':t. \<) hiJl to 



villi R n:ia-aH> ujuh.!. 7J:*» »] inn and ffathtrt .voro 

l.i-.'T. «»'i I. w ^^^■■«." , .* Tire ii'i; J- .v.! .';"M vi^h ^1 xnt tmcl st^'tl, 
U-d ^afte roufeteu iipou a fek«jr«r ft.w witJioon s.ilt, ana. ll.i*. fur- 
iiu*>i.«u u. iL.iOi* i i-*ve yu i T,tJ laste tie eyi al of. 1 ) i.yf. .*!- 
leanAy 4.aiu. t/jfl vrowu.6 •«rfc;c' full of £;»;.«, —b«'Ii« of It uCt-ii 4; le , 
bL.^ Vi.^re wh f» i*j.»o a nurv'TA'jiintLvnoe i»f *«,lvo» rfuoh '*'*i>.« not 
u.«jttiraL'i* , biit, on tj.« Oi^ntx-ary. /erv trouhiPMfX"*. 

#>'h iiua. Droufji.t. A'itii lib i\ eoofj o^ fcvirjs fi-ow Pontine , M'Xlt 
a log iu^'j»d for tliwr. to iv-ost in, a/icl th*»y soon tepan to ,iro- 
uuc« ©l^gSi tnt, «re a week hsa eli»jBe<l, there onm« one jii:-ht 
ii </oir, utia by some nenna e*' ' th*» ao.>r open and k 11 lei ali b"t 
the olu Rov,t.t«r- It ^ali ,^ sad Icjus , rxna wm c*ouia 6e»» no way 
to utilise Die rt»o»tf>r until my Imian frienae 8iif»«;e«t.ea tv^at 
It w-iS jK.atoible tjie /ivlf inroula be «o virel 1 {.Oehsed with t>^e 
tfii-tn of tai'-e poultry a* Uj irv-H'O*^ )u» to ct'ine uic> ^'t-r j-,.>i'0, 
ctnu. |/i'o ijobea t<. lonu r,^e ^ bttol trsij. to oHj»T.i.;re him. Tla 

territory aria tKe ocunty *«j(» pu,^in;j Tive a(»llwrb o<tO?i , as 
bouiity for thfii- afcs t.ructioij. 1 oi't :. lioio tl.rouf:*. *.he lo^;« 
near tiif? ol.-^oe wl>*re the olu. rooster ^.i-ent Jus lonely ni^Jit, 
but only b* BiH'Vfh xov u wwlf to ttio>. Iuk nou^s t^^ollph. tJien 
»«t tno trfej* V. lOte ti« w«#lf n'Ui>t put hiw A. i- 1 .| it, if tu» came 
prohjjectln.': r«'r iiK»re oKiickene. TJie necond yii "♦.'^i- tjet- 

tiM". iliM ♦rup, I'jttt i)ef«*:e day, we Ijwur I tV.n ri'Mif^'T of t}ie 
Chain Jittaciied ',u it, .:'.a jono.lndP'i »/e «rere tc» w^ot so-ne satia- 
rnuT,it*n for t! t> !<«« oT our *<>yls. .A j .-ioon no it wt* lirht 


•nuuj^i to BO« , wo went out. and found an enurinoua gra> wulf 
enu.oavuj-in*^ to nn^** ^liB <>*" i-«K off aowvo ti:e trap. As we 
d^>proachad him, )» gave up, lix« a whipped ei'r, and allowta 
ua to kiiook hirn on the 1b au. ffe ua spoiled him of hx.b sCAlp, 
to present to the proper officer, to oht«iin tlxo eartifioate 
entitling, ue to th.e oounty, ana then felt #<♦ h^-iu balanoei the 
aooouiit with wolf number on». 

it wafc not lorm after this when the varmint* again ue- 
•poiiaa ua of our property. *e heard a tomfic squealing 
in a field in front of tlie house ana on Icx.Jtin.:, out. saw a 
*olf *A th Ills teetn fast in the tliroat of our only ho?% 1 
was tcie only one at tlie house who could ube a gan, atiX t)ie 
onxy tsun iuautru was a little siiut gun, oliargeu '<rith oii'u shot, 
i, hvj'wevor , *«nt for him, and so long as 1 had aefonea oetween 
ua Text <*w oold as u lion, and yet 1 au olear to aay tjiat 
Riy iiair was a. littlo stiff. 1 was only fv»urte»n, and this 
w^d iuy firkt wuif, without a irap ou jus. Pw(,t. 

Ura.'CL iilanc wut. sevon iijil*;^ from vi.ere t>ie trail to nd^l- 
/uw croaseu ti;e Flint, at vlacfi point. .;t t'. ^ -i. r. v,r vnicli I 
writo, t(.ero .«-ab a littio lo^ hut, in xnic. ~ u—i: t> rv<x6 
of J.*cot) ^nith kept wMsJcwy una a ret (, uua to br< \.u l;:di>.r.ft. 
Soon after we i)«gar plo*int^. at Granu. ular-.o, *« uioAu u yoke, 
anu )iau no *ufier siiitaui»> to maku u irtf- o?*» . i ^^a^ p«.t n^^on 
a iXiny, suta t»6nt to sdu i:' 1 Oouiu not i.ioo-uie one of .-r.^rith. 
On r.y wuy a<i,rn. 1 »;iot a doaen oi iiv.o pihoona. un-^ on .tri'iv- 


in-:, T fou;icl the river's ont\V fvill vif Inaio^it. hAViiin a 'J^tnor- 
al jMiMifi^n. One of V n •,\n\> , b'^e^n^ nv r'tr ,^ t.wlci ►..n "i© ha I 
berv. havinr a thr«« c'.ays' urunJ-. . »na he must iiave ajy |ji/<:eons 
to riAke ^u'le Nibol>je ( vhich m GhippnwR for soup) 1 'iftn.iirrecl 
t«> this pp'jpoiiit.i on , Hti 1 it**.m a lj.tti.f prou't uf my strinjr of 
ijiTTle aricl i<%ttir«K( to take 'Vien home. le, hu*nvni- . iin,*»d 

ij« ruiHt rtei'e MaholPT , .^rrt as I stirtea Tor • ,y potiy , *.' i^'i 1 
iuj. iafr. xt ti.o f.>rn :\ i\ur.^-<i'ji ywdn iI,.vm, h."* i'oy huiu ^it!i 
«n-i >und of jtv string or birdb, wiiiie 1 ulso liHd holl of tham. 
Yao trail up v^.l.;h rf* lei'tt fioing riin rIoi;; tiifi r:iaroin •>'' the 
river . t-.*> b;ink b^in.*: frvjcr; fo'.r to Bix f.-ut uLo/^ tJw wat»)r. 
Pren'sntly i /jut Jirn ootYff»»n nvi (i»ia tntj banV: , tj.c: «iJ'ia»inly run 
'iCi'i^Mit ^l^ with ail tJiO f«r«e 1 coul^ brir\* to bear, i.>l tuT.- 
bloa him ovoi Into the iti-ea . 1 Uii not *ai* *o boe *1 eUior 
he Of. out, bi;*. th.3 smxwa sm t! « Bob"--!" liuiTna "jIM. ^hon t- 
eti vlth lAu^hter At Qessicgut's rr;ili:n to obtain & i'rte'i lunch. 
1 n.ui'ntf»u !T.y pony v;ith my picoona intact, • nl .iri-iv"'i 'eye 
sufely. 1 >;:id tune nij^ivlnfftt on the esubjeot, lest 1 may 
havft r!a..if» cm eno: ., of Cessicfut, i • .>?-f>^' ' -loxt i»>f : : im , ho 
was p^rTeotly friencrly, and aoknovri oUi:cd !'.o I»'l reci»ived but 
his juat jLr •-.«>r- 8. 

T)iO no> M 1 had Lon tx- vim. 11 ty eone 

thi oc yom'^ rdler. v> fo*^ j-ii».,.I- j...i be: > m li i< - T«5ina«»; 

ll^lon|• tliom, C<.»lii»'8l ^:ivid ntcn^rd, tho h'.d 8tar*c-i i ?• ^ i on 
♦.^^ TlttaPa*a»«iO , a ff-^r idlja ,l.^>/o l.ii^i-Tn •:'• ■ ■ ••<»rr.v>ved 


*honf fror ^^troit , at whicl-. plaen 1p b»U left hih oni.- dni-frh- 
ter a', school. Shf» . hpcjominr «nxit>i'8 to Join h^r paror^s rot 

as *'ir '^K Gra'-xl Rlaiw on hf*r way, ntTd therw lenrrea tJiat t- n 
I'lvprs -.vGrf unforcl:^^le ai\i the roede irnpnsKible. 1 vcjli.ntoer 
«cl +0 hnr do#n tlie 71int in a cr.noe. The jlourney w.-,a 

t«x. lonr tu aoc^it'ipliHn in « day. anil tnere v.ta )>.^ u I'.ouho un 
tiie I'outo Toj- a Imnureu i-dles , — 1 wus ^b«ut, sixteen, ,\i\<i ;. isa 
;>ta>if.ra ab«.ii»t. tJie Scuiie af'e, ti <.« i- »» r»»r o , a iijiMirpst i.iipropiioty 
m mty c.^i.piiie. "n ♦•ii'* Journoy aioi». Sister Fimico , hX u:cit 
tiro a^ liOTi.e , /oJ iintaaiPa to .ijourtp'rvv us on linraohauk fion 
iJraiv.i Miand to tii© Tlxnt, and ti'.ere caf-ip witn us; siie tw i-p- 
tui'u iioie . /rl:±le y.xas r.tanara and 1 <»!nburL«d fi<f tlio voyuf.o as 
suon -»o it v:i« lj..'^lit enoU'.:h to aeo . Ve I'Ade u\q Vlint xu 
Bot>u oeason , >-nu. in looXinn Ct/r aojotiiii.o la .xuia J^kt o'.r ^atuji, 
t{i« hem VH owiil.i I'lnd va« '<lun<T si i^■; af ■< fallen *.ro<?, naur 
0]\>ii'(* iH no* an iron rtridf?e, sjannin.'r the riv<ir , ana t?ie cen- 
tre of a busy Ji ty of ten thousanl inhabitants. 

L'.ittb atanard and rr.ytoelf started down th.e ri\"ir ana 5?i8ter 
Runice Tur Gra:vi Hlanc vith the horses nt ftiylirht. ^e made 
onr viray aovirn t/io Flint to its .I'.incrit^n mn the Shiawa88ie,tli«n 
do*ii thf^ Shiawassie to ite Junction #ith the Tiitabawassie, nnd 
up tJ'ie latter aeven miles before 8un»et, a uibtance of a hun- 
drea inilea, v^i.d I iavs sinoe claxmoi it the quiokeut voyape on 
reowrd , m\1 that 1 was the first white man or boy to navigate 
tliose rivera. lias Btanard afterwards becar.j* the tiVo of 

Uo' J. Drike , a fjronlnnn*- lir.'^r of Onkl.^rvi Coun*y. ">»:l s'-.e 
1 1 /^yi and 'ii«a In Pht'. ►'-:(?. 

As r- 7 mind ^'^7(»rt« to by-pone tlrn» , InciU'j'it.s .. ,- ur 
to.rry iT!'»n<-rv t?u<\t at t.ho t App vtrt:* f»x;.'i* inr. , bi:t mti y »>..' i.j\t.«t*- 
es ♦. tlif* p^es«»nt ':sM«r2ti<>n. At the t ipi« of vri.'.cl; 1 t}^' 
tl'i-y--' <ra.s a:j.>(»3it.(» Detroit, in Cir.idA. an ^/?oiioy «>i' ♦'^p -tt- 
isn 'li<w<-M-ravriit , thit "i;riii;iiiea iJl '•.lie lnu.j.ais li/xr^f. ^n •;.<) 
jj<;riiT^oul ir uT .'iOi' igm A^ith an an?iuuj outfit uT ovoryri xii 
t)v3y Yore bu.^poatja to rRm;iri! m t/jpir ax^ae of life. Ti- aii 
adult .hluIb, h riPlH vi'.h jx>wai.r h?'d balia Tiii- a yp ii- ' a s'liply; 
a thr&'^-poAri*^ ?.ix>:kinaY bia'ikat., toia-iiuivk , sja-pisu; x-nfe, etc. 
To t.i.o yur»:.'ri .-irv^ jI;ila.;Gn, j-rtiiiioa in , si itaolf; t.*/ •ol:<*ir 
tfani.s, rt-re f iij-nAa:itd ; bnt, tu i-eo!ivi» *J«Be urticloj,, i; vas 
fie Of^bii a ry Tor f^-aoh losiijient to ix; ix">:-s^>n tily proae-.t. Th.ig 
c:ont.infj«^n''*y mvwlvod ^n ann'.ial pil'-i'irrHit^e of :ill t: o Indiiins 
t<i 'J an.'! da , ana of cci'irss r?.ll .liv::n^ Nti'-th u** us livi t.<; pnss 
our house, fro ing and returninr- ''» ^«.'.l baen 30 v«»l 1 i::j»a by 
our nnirhbor*. ta© Grand Hlanca, that -ri liacl ht", li'.t.]^ ■iread 
of luiy o+lierB. It \ra8 no luvjormion cireumsta'TOO for Junareda 
of ♦>ietn to eaf;j^) ubmit our honae <if a nl.lit^ — on ono <>.!cai;i.;n, 
tJio rafU of 3at:ind«f8, *ho8<» Ghi^f vti£ -t i>i*erf»il ^mn , nutea 
fwi- foioJity a'r.onn hi*, ^ublects, and )-iad . }iipr,tiOlf. *itJ' knife 
and tojiialia^k. •uiiir.uriiy ftxeouted some of his triiie for offen- 
coa at?aini.i, r.\.i> itwa. fhen r.o voiiid cair.p t]iere , wit: a hun- 
dreu or *.vo of hi« brav*?8 , *o iii not aokno^ltdr*? «ny fear, but 

rf<?i-u ai.Yuyb ^•h^•^^ tlie;- lei't. 

WiOj fl^oiit '..iiJi'ti v^ - oMu *iiOU ,, ueioje n±y.hx, tj>n« 
oL ji.e >oui»t,ttXer6 uibOovei-fKi u bee xree elicit i liau alreaay 
louiu ttiKA Ivua put oiii- ntj'A i^jjon it, anu ••/ab waiting tl'.o [jro^/er 
uec^boii oo ouv it uoitfu anu i-<njove L/i«; ijortion containlrjg ^l.e 
U0(jb ivTia honey lw tJiS iu/iae , in c^i aex* to jjHve ^jui it 
tnifj,t\t \jvw'j.\)C9 • Vli« fvi/yts Kiu tl.e tiou ni'arly uown belV'i'fi we 
-«■'.• i-e .iware »ji it, but kvutht^r Ru Tub n. aUjd (ii/t in •, inte tw 
a»-ive t].e:ii of I' i.eli.ic it fell. i:e th«n incii oeu. tLe oitl Chief 
to to to tiie treft , ana «J\OAea iiirii our narX. ]e ai onci; oi- 
ifirctu. ine coys to ieuvo , Dut at the a-.j.« i^rne LulJ. V.ufi.s t)if: 
bt^yb Ui'A. -I :> sH" X H'dil. , itnu it vo»jji be voll tu k'^ftp a?. e>e 
open for tijom. ifi t.-.o ni^Mt . aot^.; i.^ titt },eiircl the tren r.ill. 
Kuf. a nu V iritf'.; l-.if'.aol r vith a 3iub, brt i)of,>ie li» rt.-»c.oiiCa tl;e 
f^li-Ti tr«J«* tj oy :::\.i op«»nel a.- liolfi into ths hor.oy, inU vore au 
t<«rs at.efit tl-^t' I'lo 'T..;3 uu'ipel j-.*. to Jcnocl. ^'jili' oi' ti.-.-i-i 'iVt.-r 
wi t,h 1)18 jliih. 'Vfi yt;re .1 littl"! ffiarfi;! of iOtiliation, but 
ti.<} oil 'i.ii.jf toiu t)ie noys t:;'jy w,'i« iierViiJi jr^it n^..*., — 
It '•*■.' a the w)iit« nvi>i's tree* xa traioh »k iusi hoi'bf; / a ..ia o^m. 
ub It wa a r8Ui;«.i., al.o^^in/; the pi'lvn'itj of di ^iOuVo'i'y . This 

ola. chif.'f, I. ishutf.Jvjo , 'vas sotm urt<»i* t}iiti ovjctJrrPiu:© '.rrr-Ktoa 
for killiiv one oT hib b ml ir. t;:o city of Jrjtroit, .. >.. in- 
prib>jnoa- insrustod vi\h oonfiJiorr.oi^t , )^e touX tioison, •-•id. 
U.J.OCI In , In % nv'ri::en n'V m l.r.iittJi .v.J. ;nie.i his 3.nife 
to.. fvn(^ly ixni kiliiu n comradf- . '. .^ourioil t^irt'a of^eti hi.'ld by 

lite irianua of ^,]ns kiiieu una \,.'ie kiiier, unu arreoment !f,a.a« 
to battle Li.e aaiiiia^jvs « a><a us tj.d payment watt uoout tu oe 
naue, oxu KianHCuuu waxi^.e'a. up to Li:e muranrer ^ri. th hj.« topia- 
haurk j.n nm i^utyo, , urva ^rxtii a «incio blow xjilxou him leaiu. Tiie 
iiarties exj^ctinft cvrnpetibHtion conipiaiiwa , and aeciurea xx. 
Oon\rary to livaif»n id,*, Mni^h ailo^uo. of suoi. oll'unbab fceinK 
uutitpiunusea , tiy af,reGa compenbalxua. iiiR oxj. OLxeT , <<! la 
niivili ai{rij.ty. a.n['oraea t.iit u.o i.;Af *'..» oiitmgeu.. 

1 rfe*i.iti T,ii ti.e oeft tie? , i.n oruei' u. buate ;-;:« *oMueJ't'ul 
results. ^e milieu u boaru. ov^r Ui«) nuia u,aao uy ti.e ooys 
into irjci r.nne-y , sawea ol i' tiie tiee <aoovb Uiiu otiov ti.« Dues, 
/u'iuifcju it upij.'i a toifta to ti.e housso , < t>e t i v Ujj j.r. v<ui' y.ira. 
At tiie Gixk, ol" ti.e iiibt ye«.i" wo iuiu, buveu. four svarma Ticc; it, 
•jiUu ;tt t-iU Oliu of uaO thli'a ywal", ve /UU Tlfty lUvft. >.'r .jeas, 
aiiu ^.u^ furttxblic'u i i^j'o ^Ji- iooto to nexisiiU)! b , vuo ii^u by thi& 
ti<<<j oe.^'jn to j»ut'.-j.© Aboij-, (jb- 1 i:uVr- ?>■ uouot o'.^ ' ■."rut tliat 
•*jin)i ai'e tj!;« pr<>k,9n itoi't) of till- tijt}^' m O^jne^^eC' Coun- 
ty, li tiiov^fc''Ji \'..'i J •laiio>i xo t»vjr.e of "Jiur. ib rrtuote, -^ cj.iit 
o- VMS f- . Li ./..r yar;i viVm- sixty youib 

Ub :ii»ttr t'xoyijxi wi t>» iiiliX dnyj. .lou';y Ub on > otaer. It --^ bo 

aouM^ant, t-^it l'-.i-cao fuil of t. '-^i'-iinou ..onej s. lw -^ x:. u. f cel- 
L'lr uniii It odkHuiex t>»> bwiiu. tiiut It «u-. to u<» oi '. omi in 

o ,i.„T iiriit. ('ti' nait,liboi b w^ej'i; :iOi u.wt.i of^Uloiit hoTi(*y 

t'ikeii fr«^;- trees in u.o r<>ro8t. 1 have Xnovn an Indian boy 

to finci twert.v thu ti-f;«6 m u day. They hunt tiiem in the 

mt/ntla^of March ana April, *hilo there ib etili anoy upon thie 
grt/iaia. Tub first warn daye the be** s ow tijoir h<jUBe cluinir^. 
Deuu. beub, .-do tl«j , uni ev«irythanr. intei fering with thou laens 
of neatJ€»s is turi.bleu wut, anu i-eauily soiin upon th^e bnii». 

1 fini tiiAt 1 aau digrebbing, and not progressing with our 
hibtory, «o 1 .vill no«f relate my firat speculation, or busi- 
ness, ventuie, whioh occurred aoout l:i4ii. 

Our eldest brotl«r had carried. We Jiad aivided the farm 
and stock, creating X,^o Intereiite inetead oT one, — haa built 
anotlier house, and were, in fact, two families. 

It was MititHr ,AtTtl. the C2ittle were feeding at a hay 6ta<^ 
put into a square pen me do of logs, sorte of *hich were so far 
apart tiat a c&« gov her horns fast bstwonn tliem and wab hook- 
ed down by the herd, and died. As 1 have nlreudy siid, the 
country was full of solves, anu 1 wantea the carcase of this 
dead cow for wolf bait. Hufus wantod her for ti^e surne pur- 
pose. 1 offer«^ him fifteen uoilars fl»r her, Hlthoi.rh she 
was, when alive, ^ortli biit ton. He finally accepteu C^ of- 
fer. When alie wa t> aivestea of h^r hiue, 1 hitcJ.oa a p?»ir of 
oxen to lier horns ara snaked her tl\roufh Uie brush to the mar- 
gin of a ta^uirack swairp, drove stakes thrvufh t>;e o.-^roase. 
fastening lier finnly to the p,rovind, tlien tset h?ilf n dojten 
• teel traps, tl^at *c kept en hand to soJl to thie Irdiant, on 



all siufiy vif iier. 1 vtint out tliH next mwrriuig, ru'ilo ^inc the 
trail 1 had ruado , anui-inG tiv; oaruMse, atri 1 dcKiii sriv from the 
tracks tluit luy invitation hid b(>on aaoeptel. As 1 aiJijroachod 
the bwruiip, i ooiili hear the rattle <if chains, the ;ilinkor 
6t»iel,a-Mu ti.o (ii'cickm^ of urusii, in all diro jtions . It ar-ened 
to i<iti tiiit tlie swarap was full oT wolves, Or-a/ji-ing traps. 1 

founu aad killed five Aiil-^rown L^ray yoIvos, *hobo scalpa /ere 
wurtii fifty dollura; anj. vjlU; this Banso bait, I aftoi-wards fot 
three niore wulves , two foxes, ana a lynx, so that my firs*, spec- 
ulation w>t8 quite a success, consxdRrlnp; it liad but a de.-.i oow 
for Its o.isis. 

lest 1 forget it. I will hf»rc ada an historicnl fact that 
may not oe ijCinorMlly ]^o"wi. T)» wolves in M(»rth<>i*n Vicl-.xf^an 

Continued so abundant t)u<t it was inpoasible to r -ise slieep up 
to 1 i^Sl or l.iyi4. About that time, t.he smallpox prevailed 

amoJif; tJie Indians; wlio, wlven one of tliem was taken, would aban- 
don tf\e sick one, aiva fleo to aomo locality. The sick 
one. aftoi- usinr; up all the water left for him, would crawl 
down to t}» creek ana die there, ana bo oaten by wolves. \f- 
ter that, tne ^folvou ail disappeared, and were unquestionably 
poiaoned by tlie food on which they had fed. 

1 was, by thiB time, abwut sixteen, and had not seen a 
school for years, nor hr.a I come in contact with tl:oBe from 
whom much was to be learned save n;y eldra- sisters, but l beftan 

t,«> i-(;»iix^e tJitj necoBaity for bojiw knu*l.«'ir:« of tjp vorld .inci 
01 v^ ix-iU'^ion anu. suji. eauc<i^ior1 &»» *a8 taught, in thejr mj.'.ooIh. 
i «iu>;UesiT,eu. to my parents the propriety of my fittrtnditTr a 
aCi.iiol i.n J9troit, for a term, una althou.en ] *aa Oiuon n»eana 
.*t, iioi'.e . ut»iJ»K *'iH< interprftter of th.a fanily. nml m-^irumr in 
^Hiiwrui of our inrffrcouree wi*,]! our Inuian noiu^hbors. it *.is 
vXecAUnu Mat 1 aouid go, if weys and rw^ns o:*uld be uri>viaea. 
vifciiouiili 1 '♦IS in pohsession of cJ'^rt if icutes enr,itlinfr iie to 
a<«/rfti^ '-f iVB uoiiars for volveb 1 haU 'if»atrt>>ed , they *«r« not 
civaiaaoifi i:>> tho taxne were ot.lleote:. and paia into the 
troaai;ri«8. Therefore, 1 must fma soine place ;»fliere t; p *ork 
1 cuulu uo otiT. of fechool hours *oul'i compenbute some on^> for 
my Doaru arid lodging?. Mv Motlier prepared niv inearre vardrooe, 
the oftbt tthe aould ,-niakinp: for me a ooat, of «rhich 1 vns rnther 
proud. It *iiB n.Hde out of an Indian blanket, and colorou "ith 
the bark of a butterniit tree. The berk 1 6tri(.rPd from 
t):e tree my»elf and helped to boil it aown to extrnct. tho col- 
oring matter, aryi when the blanket -if^.t, imwrboi in it.l thought 
the color artistic. A pair or two of extra moccasins ^rore put 
into rr.y little bundle, ana 1 started off with hiRh liopes. 1 

iiaa not, for years, -forn other fool ooVi^rin/^ than moccris itie . 
and luid a pair which 1 inte>i4ed for Irosb oijcasiuns,- orna- 
niented vi t)\ beads tn i por^-rpinfi Quills, mu 1 thought them 
tony . 

On an-iving at Detroit, 1 virent to tho "teai-.borit Ititel, 


.tiiicii -ii uia<)ts of JO trait wiii reTi^nber •*;i« Tim* iwiny 
ysuro A(.«|Jw oy Cuptairt b«ii,)aL';an iVo«»u-*<»rnh . anrl «r«« t*.© fivorl^.a 
ii(„*olexry uT" tJn't city. 

i at <.»rio*» oomnmnced oanvasslng the city to fiivi somH wne 
^uxitir;': iiio services of £ f-^y to 'io flJ.orps 'ii?t -if bd.ix^l hv>':ni 
tu iwy f'>r hi8 hoaru nnci loJgi'ig, ah ?>)y rrorioy was rw.»rly •> - 
iuiiitjte't. 1 »^i« tiken in ".t t.'iB honsp of a Vr. Match, wrhu luvi 
V*o livtie chilaron who wore attending a s<jiju<'l in t.'io itnme- 
uiate Vicinity of ihe one 1 liad aoiRCted, and t.'ifi oonuitions 
were 'l^ctt I wfiOvld act as a kina of ary tiuree to f'.ese ehil- 
ureii. j'y serviceit to the ciiilaren Jonbiste^. in aeuing to 
then; to a.'ia frun school, ana carrying them m ny am* acroea 
Jeffoi-iiOTi and. Woodward Avenues. In tiiuso u,uya tf.i's^ »tr«fti6 
*ere via.e , riuuuy roauu , an.* nc^it an unusuii sif^Jit t<i see wuKorJ 
:iilrou in ti.ein. 1 will here aud that some years after 1 livei 
HRiehtMjr to one of tjieae cliiiaren, who tTJu booorrio the wife of 
A.B.klatthewb , of Puntiac, and had the plea*iire of taking her 
to ri'^ie m my carnage, msteai of csrryint' her in mv arms. 

1 r»una niy oj ty •ohooLnatae preaiepobed to p«>]<t> f»!n and 
jukes at t]i» boy from the back .^oods. My buttorr.ut coat, on 
i^hicJi 1 h-ji 1 prided niyself, and oven riy bo:j*. naocj isins c::'« m 
for % slure of ti:e i.r viuioulei — but 1 the nnrvo nwt to oe 
discouraged, and pvii tlo closer .".ttnntiov t<. rt. / •tidies, ana 
t tlie mmiH'ry «>r the teac^unris of ny einer Hibters nnaoled mm lo 
btajKi at *ii^ linaa of n.y class ere lonj: . 7'\il'^ ■♦ acl-owl, i 

founa my Inaxan euuoatiuri of uervioe to m«. Si^fl of ?- v In- 
■^ic.t\ I\-l«na« vsrft h'jntinf-' rmtir BrMjvrh to tho city to oun n 
tii«i'e to !*ell ti.e furs and skinu tli«y were aocumulatinfr. TJiey 
•oori founu i iras there, and ktoijIO. come to me to aid tlier in 
tiieir sales. They Counu i coula do ijettor for t}'«n than they 
ot>uiu do at tlift ola Indian tradirc poats. Tl ero was, r.* this 
time, u\ tstoic btanainti all iilone on ti « t'orthwasit corner of 
.lafftiraon anu ^<n*uH-ara Av^nuos, kap* by F. P. nrovninr * 'Jo., 
with kIiot;! 1 fijaue an arrangoment to bring then all the Inuan 
*ru.uf 1 oould, Tor .i iODiriiission of ten por cent. Fron: tiiis 
«>t»L.rce , i ^d9 enabled to j*enew my wardrobe, to disciri t. t out- 
ternvit-coloreu coat, und , *iti- some rc,;:rots, 1 e:;jngea My moc- 
ousins for boots, ^liiolj, for a time, wero unploasant ,f«'r ineir 
extrd A\*i.;;hc and cliuiisinesi*. J-'.* JoiLir.i scions alau r.'ivn :'.e 
jjo^/.et isioney, anu, onabJea uie U> na the dispenswr {>€ ;iuts and 
oandy, and lii\d I nc»t discs-rdea inv fivwrite coat iinl mo^onsins, 
1 iiave no oxiuot i v-miI^ still luwa had anbfa'trvAent foiUi*ere. 
Thib -zdH ray l<ot torni at sc;io«»l. l iiave of*f>ti r«r'retreu that 
my euvicn'.ionul oi/porttinities :»:ivo icn «o uejp-re, -".• t. obsor- 
vation, iriMiition, and attrition, have enubleu me to see soine- 
thinii of ♦}* vorld. 1 roDiar.bor once , whe:: c«f. mr fron Kurope. 
tiei'iL', m '■'1^ tsmoking room of the etenr-er, trn rn C"n;'re- 
fiuted n lnir-.;o^en vounf, Dion, nil College .7r3j',;ai,es, frow aif- 
t'oreiit ini>». i^>u '.lonb ,- wach fMuyinf *Jift 8c>'.ool f r- i.. v*hi.!jj lie 
OLUi« , tiio bei^t. Prot»en-.iy ".'in (jues'.ioii vtt, n:»Xrt.i ;r,o vl'Mre 1 


</'M, oi,c..t<Kl. i iiud to acXnowieuge ti.e ojily pjofeibor i tiud 
bruvliju. inuftr tutifijit only tJio ahiptx».yu l.i'ignuge, atiu tjw i>nly 
atl-lftJiJ r;M!u©8 at t>»ir bcliuwl were p^iaaling bircli-oark uariofts, 
anu 6iujotii)g With t>ie bow und arrow. 

At Uif! en-l of tlie eol.oK,! torm, 1 ruturneu It' Uiana Clunc 
anu liil^\x iiiV fatiier with t,he fai-nang, D»-t tl.e littiu int,(;r-- 
oi>i!i-se 1 h^d ^*1a with Uift vox ia viiile ut bclnM^l a i<fna»ncy 
to a.<^ken in a aebiro foi- u n.x-j-o exciting life tiiut of 

Cm;!- f-'.tJer h^a j'vauo it a I'vilo tw k'.'eji none of hii OiU.l- 
uren at home Ic/UfCr than they chose to stay, and * ie»i i .<.j.d 
hini 1 rfould, wiili his perinisjjion . seek niy fortune i'.\ 'A-» 
tjottlei .'Uits , TiO uiu nut object, a'-vx only *arnod rr.c; oV h\ > ina- 
bjLllt> to givo iT.o an outfit. Of 1 wtiB *ell iware , ^>'.t 
fioUiin{; auuntett , i i.ionntf»a a p^^ny, vhic)i waa ti.a only pi /j^-rty 
i .jos8-f»B9d , an.i uturtea for Pontiao. 

(Ill amvinjkj at P»-.ntiao I >vent diiojtiy \^» *.l:c prLiCiu 1 
atoro, at laat time kept by lawbury * Houjli .— Olivrr v.evoury 
of liet.-oit, '^.'la PlieJia Mo.ich, the I'Cb^.iejit nuintrer. To t;ie 

c<»un'!.vy nifroliunt i»i thti^e a.tys tlie IfiUxun tra^o a-sb >!ii impoi't- 
ant it.oin, .»! nhoiif;!^ 1 Iua no 4V;ali* i<'H r*.>i- bihine*»M, 
frvim tiiM fuct ti;at 1 <J<»wiu talk luaicn 1 van enublc-l *<> aocui^ 
an e)\c^c<^ivn, , it « s ilury on wlucl. i owiilu livn .tna oJwti.e 
MyjOlf- i etittintri ^lu.: thet.. "or u ^o^ir wi two, tain.jd r.ome 

Kno VaP-ubt? of bnt>lTk:>t>to .i.-a '>V OookkOti ^ilV'. , .vl.CI. i 

a muji. largar talary to go to Suginaw , to ta..e charge o^ a 
st,*jr« acout tu oe utarted on Greftn Point, a mile or bo "ibuve 
KTiiat xa no* ?^agina* City. While engagea there, i hiai sou.e 
ex-citinti exponeriofts that wpre oorrjnorplace ir. th^J^^ a-iy^, nut 
from tiie wonuertul ohanpes tiiat nave occurrea m ti.p HRritiaw 
Vailev , if i narrate tliem, the preeent p-et'eration ntM ] lutbt- 
lesh lifonornoe thetn ronanoea,- ^^lt ti-ieri siill live a low 
olu i'i-ienae , who wrere my CiJUiraa*?* and. aaswciatet m Un-be 
tii'«8 , *ho Afiil Vouch for tlie aocm-aoy of my n&riutive. 

*e *for9 a ne"v store, starting in to compete for tr.'ae 
witli tie American bur Company, who kept t; acore or more ol* run- 
ner*, wlioae Diismesa it was to often visit every huTitmr, party 
of Indians, anci gather m ail tiieir accunulated f'urb ur'u uJcins, 
To get traae , 1 was ubligea to seek it in the 8arj>e way, and 1 
occrtujLoriiliy i*aiue trips '-i- tlie hunting camps for tli&t purpose, 
m the cunpa^^y cf in Indian guide ntiriea Wainding. Ka /as a 
atox^t, MDle-oodie'-i fellow, ana consiaered an "A Nisnoer One" 
guitte. We star tea flurly in the Dwrnin^, late ir ♦.i.o nonth of 
Uovemoer,- oro«.t*eu the Sapmuw Hiver b mile rtuvr f!aj in.iw City, 
n.tiveu into tno ]»«vy tiinr-er thpt wp. b tJieri «'rowinr upon the 
grounu rfl f»ro now amx d«» fot'na Kebt Sft.r.iTr.'.w, fron- t.^f-re, in- 
terjum*? to go to a piace on the May arx'iUt throe ciioa j... m tlie 
coast, Irom wiioro thore i.« toaay ant>ther jiv ..r V.jrt., iMui.s- 
anu people. I'iie inuian n-ime of t!".p plac^ of ,>ui' ..o;iii nation 
was Huokyuona'~oa8e . We expected *,o jeaoli t);e jionp oariy in 

' rM-rii.-,n aMu toit/ c<nl;. r, oicjvxr ur t'to Tor a tax j.-.i.Ay 
li noh. :\i.u:. . ni'v- i^'ijiov:;-. .it, owi .• .Rr.onu ro r.'.in mi; cu.'>. unnoa 
tl.vovv,ti ti.o uay. As it 5«gan -u t>o rownras ftvoninp wft th«'Urht 
friji , ^,x^le ,ij Cxne v(» c;<»u!ld SPf» it n l.itt}n li-ri-.trr ahfift'i , rtiu 
"YoDld o«*n/,rn •"hIh. to f^acii o'.iior (>ri hei^r n^nrOy out. Hoon 

u^uin, '.'ift 'or-.'s' 7?»l>li, bni;f/n'' jikjto l.r>nsn — cur- hop** djbaijjoin- 
teu . Hr-»»'**iMy, rttj it b<»'-a7i r»vii'»n*]y tn rrt/v clnr}cer ^r«/*» 
ti.H diipi-oa'ji; <»f' PVftninc, vto hOA;rin to Trjoi i*. UiUbtf^:! if vfff 
sjioiilu c.'^t thron^'h nnril it -ronld bw too n.'\r): to trnvpl ^9 

*r »«r» plC'idinr alcnj?:,-!, MOP.rly n.»;J\n.'St.m v^it': fiti/^ue an'JL 
luiTV',«r ,-»e caii.e \yui\ a b.irh ahea somo 5unvtf«!- hud or'^.jtod lo 
protect ^'ln■ from t]ift rHir.s. Alrhuur'l: wo vop'? vf?ry ln!T:r:ry a:icL 
wet to ti.o uiwin, wr it a ftiaa thinr to do to r.nkft it 
our abi.cinr placft f<.r ti.e nifht. Old Wuinainr built up r. 
rotiblriK bi,^ fire, f.nd hvr rolJei ours<;lves in oui- (jl.-inJvOte to 
clrwa!" of buj^uor. "o h.aa no orrja^frtst to sirooaro i^C)t.i iaornin>% 
tJi^refors 'Yei'«"> on our wey at oenu of day. Tjie rain stil] c5on- 
tinned, Dut K(^ paid brt li' .'-•rnd to it, ns /^o ttxppctea an 
horr o • t#o at tr.e rstst wtmld ta^e i:a i(» f « Rav s)>u.-i». fe 

Continnea to travpj as fast la vvo rioi'ld Mit 1 'vas tc oxhau«»- 
ted fr<»m hun^^er to nk'? «»'r?'^t apo^d . g*^ ' T fT^nifil ♦l-o mildo 
aot<»d q:i9*»rly. V-o v.< a tacit'Tn and «:^loorny , pvi \'»ntly truut:j.od 
morp thi\^\ a" Indl'i" shonla hm for a fnt hovrs f 46* inn. i 

fi?i.\lly had fallen ft Teir yara* behind t/R In-.iidn A-^^n hi», in 
Jo}'ful tonr»8 , Qnnr oit* •I'^r'^ af* ;»r« , h«*''"» '< "'> ''rps>. ♦rioka. 

'1-4. • 

Iq vi.ii ii<j:ir\ bo \ii^re nun ■ ' 1, oncoiirus^'i , liwrrioi U[> and 
<.jvoi'tuuiV :i.Lni , w.'<^;i, a .J ' oriviUi;;)!, t' -si-'i .tare t^uijAb of i*u jjui*- 

t;iot»t> rruckd "or * ocnj,ji»> (iP hnn^roa yarns, when *''^ ospiou a 
iittj.0 wiiwkfi aaoenuinf; int,o iJio air. Oii Tttiir.»xn/p; . tJunking 
vu uu'>. ruiifiti m Witli a }uin1,ing pufT.y, r.Kvo a ri'ioiuily (.j.l to 
uiuiuuncA our ctiSjiing. When wt? api<i'uaui'iea , my j*»»;'.df»r8 ou?i 

ttuu /.'ire we iua iex't t.iat, morning ai the ^i»ep o^ the iri> . <">ld 
A'oiinjiiii£; .it. fir-t.^ ^.m .uiJiiD, "ir.cjii.v ijoini.jer.oed t'-j r.b' =>.> ..iiiself 
1-i i*i.'i slupij.i',y. J. •. HAH lucKy tiut ^J eio aro nu oi-no Aords 
m Uuippeyva , or 1 Tear ti\e vr;.«a8 *(»ul't. h.") /o );'>en f>ii e \fxt^. pro- 
I'ttni.;.;'. ho C'?lioa hiuicirt-f evorytnin;.: the*. iiif^nvfieU r.iir.d- 
TMnmn. hi-; wag a bat. an owl. a luveniio puppy Uo/^, luu fj/es 
not yer. open. "He??-: hwie." «i'i«. he, atepnint to th» nouiftst 
t;-ef» . 'ooe *'J!at t.'.e (ireai :^>pirit hat* ;..J!b.oea upon tli« rr^.-.-a, 
that siuiulu ti:i'-to a fc»ox on lua ooi'.rbfc."*-v».-x' . • •.o;-(- was 
no iu.'lp. foi" ii'.'r* *e -ttiro. anu iiHr-? *<■» iiiis: b'vay lm. oi- xor.r,, 
ai'ourj nAi^^ii. Ho iiau tr«v»jlieu t-wt^ wholA ^ •^'b i»vl tjix^nt one 
n-i>iit oj-.u. j/j»ro iioK to .spnna j;iotn»»r. wj tn a s*nr i.*- i^-.:i it, aa 
our only Tooa - ox(j«»j»t food for Uioufrlii - and vn ; rii> ^ not 
w..wr« <*/o wui'o. '¥e again iepiOniaheu t)«ti' firn , ii... ^•■.» up m 
oui- ulaaki.>ti>, ti.'ia \.iJ;ie *»m aroat.i of fwiistb mh i\ ^• \ iicv«r oat. 
.'it. t.,e sua vetiu ax>4^i i. ;e r^'.in ot>i*s»»d, «iiia t ^m-x.'A 

m.tiutiuxy ooxu.. At ujiyli^.ht. *« sturtiXi .^uxn ':p««n i.ur ciourtaj 


knowiJijr fiiil wnll if we k'ipt a '.luo Hurth quv r *it ,a.*>'j. tiav- 
rtleu far eiuniiUi , «»» mu»l j*ac]. t.J.e t.ay . At vs puasifa tearily 
aJonr, t.J.e gtiiie atill ^■irttTibleu at ha, *j*n btupiuity Tor i.av- 
iiV' t,i:-y.velleu dll day ir; a cirjlo, '*::ile tl;(» sic^is to frj.-xe 
him on e. b'.rai^fi.t course irere sv> ahuiilant. hf: iT.plom )»!« 
not fu Tell uf uitr mislao if ■*« t^ot thr«5i!5^h. Hft aiil "van 
tiiO fcqua-Afa orc^iil^ laugh run; out of c.?iT:i... Ato'it rir.ft o'':xuck 
#0 oeE«'» to see ar» opening thi ourh tl;* tiir, j*r, a- a <sre lonC 
coula lioar tl;c surf m.on the H&y- 

The lndia»iii vrere oneiitipea xn ? li^tlo v^^liey tatwf!i?n the 
timoer ar.u «. K.-^:;a I'ldge on tho ip*n«aiHte si.oi-a. TJiftie vere 
& dozm t;r more loaget , ar/i as v»e Hpi.rr;aol eil , they hau '.;.« ap- 
pearc.i:ce of l>€inE Oeser ■"•ed. f.'ot a soi.] *.ifc. m sls'hi. . ev.jn 
t>ie i-oga that \'Kiir.lly rr<^et t)^f» eir'inper on approichin": an 
Irdi"^^'! viilatje, W"?.-!* ;..i.-.&it'.c; Dh' beywna tie isanj. ril(;e next 
to or on t-.e wit-;r, ira oo-.ii:; hexi* t;'ii* ri^yst ur'earthly Si:ri.och- 
irx: and lau<'.iuer , the bvvrhing of ti'.e a«>r.«i rt'i'-^ excl Ar-intiona, 
frcifii +irie to tir-.e , — "r-ff hcva^ l-« f^one , " 'Ther-e }■►; is.« 
"i^on't ion a««c liin'-"- but v" ;-«rp '.oo .*M:rrry to mvtb'.^'-nte the 
mybtery until, first ci.':eavoi-irg to jrt b<.-me ft.(u, rt- pjauie our 
rtiy Ant<^ tl^e iarL'/-bt io,ir;c, oic*. ruii-.amj: foeJiT;^ bi i o tjuit it 
waK the of ShriMfdobseaay , tht: Quofy;: of the liana. '**« foima 
lier at hoDf* , anu Diaue kno\*n to hex- tr.c fist thst *t: ^am star- 
Vin^. nne at onoa proai-cf^'J. a tvflve pt>un'.i. t/ont th .'. pvxaent- 
iy ^lua tut j\iiit left its »u\ nlflt uti. -„ , ,. ^ *.;..- ^ oig 


hrius i»?>ttio Tiilea with water. «tki hunp it, <jver tlia fire. 
*"iiie wu-.Oiiitv'. the mulin/' <if kfit^lo , xji vnioh 'jur inter- 
psT, coii^.red. , «irt> aaiveci U:h rieaniii'*: of i;.e noises ovei- t..' sand 
riu.'re. "i;e sua t..e wnt-iie'ie v^s otJt on tl;fe ice , o-.*.ch- 
i»V ?ia^-- v<'H ''iH}* l>t* -.twro .'. " »u oij'iwiia vo ktut*/ tJiw 8'«/le of 
fiiiluJiK zijit cv»i:la no ^uing on uo create avOij n.<i3«* a:iu excite- 
rr.-cnt At- «*e yere ijoaring, oui. our intor«»8t Jtisi Uion *is i-iroiit- 
ii _n the kettii-e of fish tiiStn in ail x:.<i rifci. i«It in i d>:e Hu- 
ron, r.liawbobseaay »oon took ttm kiitiie off tiie fire, xaviied 
\-:.o fi-ftiJi i/1 t*w fruual piirts. p„ t t}i«T»i into iwo l.irgd wt^i /den 
•.iibJies, -iet xi;** ketxie oontfininr tiie soup m *hidi t.;e Pish 
.ub ooiied betwf.'en i;8 , anu hanaea i;s eaoi. a #woaen ladle, and 
su ia tw us: "hat., arink, and be hai>py. Rat aj.i you want. 
f'iS4i no hhi-t whi t»» (n:->n or It.lijm.' 'Ve no u o.'ily aio aii the 
fiAit, Out *^« urank ail ^he soup m *,iioi; it was bulled. 1 liave 
smoe then uxned ai LieLnonioo " b , nt ttie Aator ii^use, unu at 
varioi.B celobrate.i rostHu rants m tl.o citj/ of Jwiiaon, < p*- 1 
huve v.ftvev tastwa so deiicioua a vii\)a>iX. ua x.:\nt , tv>r onf> a'> 
ot'licionaly bea boned ,- alt Jitn!;;ii it aiaj. ji^t evon p^iiper or vlt,- 
anu, 1 A'oniered while annkin,', ti>a i rich paiate-ticklxv^ 
oroth in which that fisJi wus doilea, u^w people ooula s^-' .1 
their fooa witl oonaiments. 

3o<.n aftur finishing our lepast, 1 muue my m.w tu t > top 
of the ott:u, wiiore i couxd io>-k ovhj on to ti.e wat •. s of 
tK9 Bay. The woutJier tiie nigi t Jjefore had been so ^-oia -n 


aiiix t- at it lia-i ntaae ios utrong enou^^i to tet&r fox- u Icuf^ 
'iistanoe out. < r, ii.j.h v»m6 oan^,r8e;atea tl.6 er.Lire,- 
sevBMty-five oi one iiunaro^ inen, i»mja*8 , ana pappousew. Viie 
si.£ht 'tjb J. /ei ..Ta oxci!.inii. Ail sfewiuu wn '«x:e jo , a* fa»t 
as ij".ey aoi^lu sorxuDie, — sure Faif ou eJcatee , bi:"i. T,iie most in 
tJ-Cii moooaimiB . Th«,, .roi i l nar. at Tiax tii^cu ft.i* a ti.oxt 
a^stiirioe, ti.t.'ii uu;<.t« t'lT dt t'l^^l.t ar.^x^ti, frc<iu«nt ": y oc-_lidin5, 
and *hule tif<>iip8 *»»oiiiu b*r Pic>ijna«;iH£i -ju t.-..' xow a.-, unou . I'han 
up ana off a^jjun, all N^ratchiiig efcie tiiing ui iitan- fHOt, and 
atooi>in»i to J, it u iBiittil hole tnronrh ti.e ija , out of *' ich 
^i'iQj afouia puii i fibh. 1 ma ie jiiy way on to tiie ioe wncine 
thojTi , found the use aoout two inoiies Kunik , ihB Y-*twx- i.u'i. a 
fitot oi' two atiep, arid tiiw bottom a wxii te a .na. 'liu^ icu wa« 
3o Jieui* you ci-uld .-ieo a fish tju'ouiiii At ..b leaa^ly uo x.r r.pon 
tLa tfUi'Tacd. i uoi i-owea a pair oT sxateii , acu tx-ieil u.y hand 
jit ti.e spOi't. i wab Iianaiaappfta by ti o uikiu-x- I lyuo. just 
eaten, out, notwltl.stanuing , 1 capturea a twen .: p-'i.ti.. trout. 
1 hau atjvcjral iTa»nap8, collisioxib, f a*ib , etc., O" - xl \li 
aoddd to tixe mirth, xiilajity, aiii n«.>ii.H. i- n.uj oc nw "en- 
erally Xnown thi -. a fisx. in tfA^er bv t <* foot ox- L*>.- in depth, 
if folIo*ea oioeeiy axui Tjv jx»..nui:it, ox- &tui:»pi,/j£, ..pon i..f^ iae 
over liim, will !»o»,n aro^n hin.solf , ur cccon<» «»o ox..aubi".l ab 
to (uve lip, i-ian ui/on hn oao* , nnu aia.<<*" I'.inibOui" i.c o*-? oxoKed 
up. Hui^ii. ijo>'C'Vi?r, a.e -i.e fau^a. ana en tXiUt itiox ninf .before 
l*;aving tiio io« , Luey lua oau^^iit more «.x'.rtn hnit' a c*'i u 


of moat all kinds of Pish that are founa in lake liuron, thonj^ 
I cHnnot tnithftilly «ay , - and it was not n r^ood day f<ir *ish- 
in.T. , ^lth«r . 

I av not sur« that the u'^acendAnts wf tJie St«vftne Tunily 
'fill cni*« to read of my p'irs<j>ial exponencea aniong t>ie I'-'lian*, 
ijut 1 have, within th© last few rr:.)*-th», passed ty rail, in a 
Pullman cur , over tiie route I travelled wltli this samo .Tuide, 
%Y\d the cianjes tm t fiavo oaurrnfi since 1 mado t;*ading 
trip, a'xl t)ie axngular and dramatic incxid^nts ti\at ooourred 
at tlie tln.9 , indiice ne to narrate it. 

On this uocasion, we were going to the hunting grou»Kl8 of 
t}T8 Green Point Indians. Our route was up the Shiawassie to 

the riouth of Bad River; then up that, as far ixa we c^i- Id go 
-*it.h a canoe; then across the country, in the direc^^^n of 
Oviaso, Ionia, T?id Irnnd Kaijiis. 

Oti my return from the trip, if the question had soen ask- 
ed me if the country over which we h^a travelled woulu ever te 
inhabited , 1 should have answered ■?Jever.'' "^rom tlie start, 
eacli Bi'Je of the Shiawassie was a areary swamp or nar s)i, and 
for 8o«]no di dtiTice up the Bni River a landing upon dry grourtl 
could no t be made, and f«<r miles after leuvint! ^^d Kivej-, it 
WR 6 a level, fli* ref^ion , principally t.imtBr<jd with soft maple, 
ana unirvitinr; for any purpoao but f«'r hunting and trapping. 
Vet in irry recent trip, I oould look out of the car window upon 
wf» 11 - Improved farns all l)\e wny, and every eight or ten miles 


woTi' vijj^i^eo, «/ilii tfli'JrvJiies , scl.iiols, i; *»i5«e8 . and a iJo:.>iila- 
ti -n '>f iVv'!;. tlirao ur t'uur hunai'eo. to a tiioiisand, wlale on uie 
firat "-rijj, liieio vua j»l»"- a ho;:se, ii^r aid *re encuuntor a soul 
•ave l.iaiLinc , iv. i^ jm ;-jie..' wf noHriy oni^ hundrru miles. 

On tl.iS ojcusiun, Ola '/aiuding Uia ivt i^ii '.<* nwi.ije t):e 
guide n«rXs of -,..o Great, "i>irit, and -c: t-eaoiicci our aestina- 
tiv^n a*> luteniftx. To f'ouna a nimjt>er of loages , all of *}.ijh 
hi'.J. m sj'ht oviu.— to?» of bucc-essti 1 l.;.i'.ti):f;. TJ;e sklrib wf 
aiv rb ariii.iuls y»>ro clrv mr in th9 frnrrAh m «hich thoy vrc»i» 
8rretch<»I, I'va oi:r d.vrxvrl vkh haiiei #i th uwlifiht by t):f.' 
• q!:n*3, vr<' , vrit,}. tJio chiidren, vrero tre orly oneb at th^ carp, 
t).i» h'.ir t :••• •* s wxr.:r all m tne v^ods , in q^i^st of t^ar-a. Atijwt 
»n-.nao#n t>:^y b!>7U' t<j coirs in, r,wst ■».ll of tho;. ;;ri::fin^ sorr^ 
ki'Vi of p:A'ir9 . Pr«»^'-;r^tly ws K>oari a v;>ry yeculi ir ysll, lon/^ 
driwn ont, and f>^fore tli'j sois-ij. te/i f^ii-ly KUbsidnd, eyyry, !iaji«K.8«». aM<i btiriplxm^ h^i-i nisr:ad o\j*. wf lojrs.ari ijuch 
w«s ar.noum LfV3 to *he 0+,'ier tiat Chmivitosn had killea ; jjosj*. 
I •) fivo or six minvt.^b . t'.« aumo srrjivl ^.as ri^po-ttod, f'.rt'i "'o- 
raii y«»)l«vi to ttie youngsters t!.at OhOTmtoali haa killed t*o 
r)«3 rs . A* int^rvuis tJ ;o SBr.n sotirsd xrns rope = ted, iniil it 
*aa Kii^inni ^^a t o'lienia toeli hnd i<ili'»'i rjin* besr*. The »»x ^it^nent 
tkiu more««ea *it.h «a.s:h ^;.nm^v.^ncermu^ , a'ui t)ow t>i»j ^xci lenient 
tnim poriVi'tlv *a1u. Prfaently :^h«"a toth cftn f? irti^ cimp , M« 
oiuni.';f. /iii-i At' ititt a >»aoiv fillea vitli St<iieti insr "ip^hr^ntJy as 
l^avy fe.j ia: couiu curj-y. I m liud not a urile ur,o>' hj"^ f .:•.<•• , 

nor aivi lie ul^er a ^urtl, iintij. }je art^wditea }ub bAck ut tlie 
wlui-r of ill;* loU^e , <iiu tola iii* mixO to ojjQn it, Siw ..ii'i ao , 
and ii© poui'ea ViAtn ti.a fii ound tlurty-aix Dflars' f<.ie t , amputa- 
ted at r.iio anxie-juint. A^ii-i-n tiie yojn^st^'i-d ooi^a.'i t,,, yoll 
.iiu uanoa , a:iu evoii t:ie eiuers soaniOu .»iateu, at ^..o sight. 1 

T:jese fe'-jt .vare tc 09 y^ivs-a it, ,ixai»t, <«.» a. graut religious 
i">iubt :uu A tiianldoi^ii'ig. A fira v^d ouill Ui t;'j oHM^re of 
aiia ti.Q vholn .vaitn of ine 2t^;.i>, auv«. kujj t Uj; uriij.j. d t.>«.a tjed 
of ooals lua iiC.MW.uJ.atea . Iha tK*u vasi Uun, uij'meu , tJift foet 
pat ill t,^ a trenjh uai -le iti t}:« r.ut. ashou , ana *' t.'iej^ nioaly 
Ouy jreu fii-ai *! ^.i: ubl(<6 , tj.-jn viti': Cv;.il , aiiu ti.e fire kopt up 
fur an htvr <jr 60. Tliey ^lire t;:on taAoi; out, wheii tl-e outer 
si in Kjula \yiri off, ana tiicv- v/erc; reit'iy f'.^r ti.c banq\jet. 1 
•fas ail lionoi-ett f^uest ut this fetist, jva enjuyea it ^ii-oatly. 
The 3lao?r Inuians ail nvi j.e i.iiay«rs, and g^^va tliank* v>'> tim 
Uoo-i i..anito for not allowin^i the? Haa K'anito to tmn) the bears 
of ti.eir a&n,'^er, '.\na in tleir speeches t. «y extollea the skill 
aii'i i>ro<^e68 of ti^e liunter- 1 Suive saiu, i enjoyeu the 
fe;-abt, r.u { -isey i:aa rivjt ^oatiunijy^ ti.dt niv ia«»li i^n tJie Ray 

i^urxJi^f ti.e evrjunfi, Ci:;«i utusa gave us n. fiili uccoiuit of 
ti.t» Kiilirifc, of tne ooar, aiia of u.s ua^ ' a hi.i;t ally. It 
IS in.pottbiDlo T.U [Ji't i,*^ on pa|,i>r .iru e» . i>^'J. ii *r. it dii he aid. 
i-e tola i:» t.;<+ Bt.iry fttaiiamg, ana /ut acT.iuii arsu i^edtrres 

vore ««j dramatic that we could, in our fancy. «e9 oach bear as 
it Came up to be bh.ot. ana iiftur hia •m.-ffirie. when peering 
about, 3i.s,)f;ct mg danger. Ke said he liaa travelled all the 

nomine, seeiuf, bi;t few oeer, ana iietrmp n<; shot until tb^jut 
noon, vhen ii» jar,iO face xi face with a bir; buck, ni>t « a tone's 
tl.rtjw fr*r.i lu-ii. lo b^ii, '1 i.ook ttelibornte jiini at 1}-.h churl 
ut ii.e r<-<'t of his ^u-rns aiv^ L-x^f^cted him to drup in hit tracks, 
but he barely ^^inJvO'j one eye it ;:e , ntiuded his head, as much 
as ^w Bay, *IIo. yoi; dt>n't,* thtjn hui t»tea hxu tail, H>Td said, 
•Bo hI'o.' 1 was urea tfa lien, ajia oh.oujrht either I or niy ''un 
was be;vitchea, and if i Ima not found tlie ooar , 1 bI^ju Id not 
tell you of tl.e buck, but as 1 made my way towards h<jr»ie Just 
before Bunoo^n, 1 waw coiidng tluourr^i the thick timber near the 
winafall, c.rKi us 1 o-ime near it, 1 saw a yearling bear, squat- 
ting on tlie top log of tlie biggest pile in the windfall, mar 
tl:e cropk. I maoe no noise, stepped behind tiiat big black 

walnut, put ttie muitale of my rifle against the tree, leaned 
forwari, followinc "oy K"" around, until 1 bi'«>uirht him m sifrht. 
1 ccuia bee by liis actions t)at lie was 6ns()iciou8 of aanrer. 
Ke »a8 snuffing tr.e air, and peering into tl;e woods, and I 
tiUiU^ilit i le.^m iuiii say, 'Tlieie is a hunter around,' and then 
1 thought it tir-* u> iissure him he was rirht . }'e was stand- 
ing, bo 1 ci uld [a:X a baJl into his h'^aa Just at tin i-vj(jt of 
his left ear, toid liR tunbleu off the logs into h hvillo w, wher« 


X iJoi.xu nut, boa it 1 hiiu. kixleu. iiini aead, bt^t 1 thviUfcl.t it pru- 
ue<p„ u> roAoaa wjiere i utitou, and ijef^re i }uu flnltJiea, t!* 
oia lit! onft (ixtiie up tu boo .vj\ai- ^^au f^omg on. M*t also itnt^rfed 
t;ie air ana pb-eitta i».i,n ti-e wouas, ana auteu as if ij*.yririnG 
for lua of r*>prii;tj . — wviaontly not Btrexiit riim uov/n in u.e >ioi- 
io^, — ifv. J. pt i ii oaj.1 m^o lieaJ., in --he acL'te piao t!.at 
iuiu «<ant '^*jo ^ouius one hoiue , uiid lie ^ent no'vn into the IhjIIow 
lo liitiox iii;j». i tiis?n corixi«nced tv- loud Attain — Ti.t oeo.-M.e 1 
CAposituu. Lo j»ee li.ufo o«ars ool-'j up od pile, bnt bfic.:.;. se 
oiie <'i- b<-»lli ol" tiios.e fiiiien into tl.e }\o11vj«- mij-iht provj •<. t>e 
only tJiuf.naa, iJiU-i taci*- alitiw fit-'Ji^ i-bui by t:.e ojLn-.« 1 «/uii 
roftuy, i-» <»lu. tfi.e <>'»♦ cui-ie up, in«i'< iri?ig fur lilly .^rti ju* 
■diiu. i iob ■■■ no tiMt^ m ^.enaint; itjc cu j«;in tJ.rm, urCi uiu 
".incjl'^B u'Ui tiiR uijn'.d ::« v!»>ijriins5 e^n'mu^u vo conio , hcvi'-i-ly » 
nr.e w t a i,, idtil I *.itf s.^r^ 1 haa. iBnt nir:« of -Jiei, i.ito 
*ho holiouf, ana 1 did aot ';no<r but I vas. to stand JJ;eit> ^nu 
aliwi't ot' Xi- foravar, and i baf-^^jin tw fo^r t'mt t.i-yit tiuok &t<.\t 
Jifl'i y/inkou. a*, no «u rnliciousiy htiu bP-iri*oJiad mo. ^'-ii^n the 
D»ar .:o..8fld U> iji/!'0 out, i Cwtuxi i 'tid ;>u?. 1m my •'^'n riy vory 
lost bullet, Hr"i a» 1 atartftd >.urd »^ot up on t:-* bi"; '• i-< lof» so 
i ii<j .."xd look 'vv^r. 1 V" s 3ti.H frtarfMl 1 s}:<»uia find it a de- 
iuaion an-i a aroam, b'lt.« they were, one pil**; I'p on an- 
other unt?i the jii ie uf ueajs resfi^.blH^ t).e ^rincifnll of tr«e». 
1 i\pproaoi.©'a tJ ■"JIT! *itli cRMt.if.n , Inst Sionie ml'^ht it»mjjro a*!- 
0'^;.ef s)tt't , ow. M.av we»e ili le. -nacl ay } emonani;jt:fi tte.* Te, 

1 sHiJucae, VPS Julius ^-iebcr. 

I'l roadinT this erieo-ae «jf t].© alaurnter oi tl.a lAhi^ to 
M ."©'■'. t J. 3maii ^<^r *hoK(? opinion i iiBv-i f'reat rttbpeci. Im iMtiMa- 
fu t>s t ny friend 0!:eri8t<>8! w? a u rojr.UTi-'Hr . ijr.a ruaa rru^hiCcix- 
Iv UeseritTea ^! o kiJliur of lirafrlnRry i«ar8. i au nu bei>r. 

wi + }t ne pt tJ"« carr.p, nowevoi- . ana *ritnet>8eu tj.«- bi\i 'ua/if." ^n of 
tho ce.r0a.sft6, 8e«*r tie sKms pi^r. in'.o fi-aiiiwb iw stiei-cli .-.jietn 
in proper •^■'iipe, ana been prpsert. in c«np whiae tj.e vcxin-iis 
pr<>«eRti08 Arere poinr on to exi,i'Rct anj. «t.iro the oil, ho ot- 
tainly woul^ have coirje to the conciuaior ti.ui nw i, o;;ft cjP uie 
nine was imaginary. On t>» conx-rAry , i« wou-iu. have uonc^udod 
he Afas visituig- an aoawtoir. o/Wi ►» Li « si&i>>-,i. i,t=i x»tf_, ol t>aoir 
was tieini': nxLensxvoiy uaniud on. .lo tiiueh ui,l vj.b ocluai^a. 
tliat tiio squuwH woro sQTit listance ini-o ti*i ;or«»«t to ob- 
tain bircii iJuTA , i.i-ou> A'iuuh Uj £>u*nuruc :.iii'c: vauaclb an yz.jloI. to 
store jLt. 

it xei vr ue , tl.o <;i,lii.rig oT nma oeaib .'ron. a «;l» otancl- 
point ^KB lio t Uii evfti-y-Iiiy oouurrer.j©, ^nu cJ. U-ouj^j^ Uxlm-o *ore 
no aaxX7 or veeiwiy ^)»pej*«) »■.; auvfei* txa'? i-;iw r,i.ot, it *oon .je~ 
Obrie e;»'nt>rtiily knviw»i , ai>i aauaa ;»jo a littit? i-> liv." T,*iia .)f 
Cn;*inatobli wb a jiiintui". i ,'Vivo i-ec'oitij ti':ivoiit.'-i ''a om '•ifU- 
lutw ro L>rar.a iva^^iis .uiu pauuod vxthm a bhort alj.4tan-J<) '^f ti0 
lovidlitj or t*io .■.i.nar.iii , ax-.i a^ (Wasbw, f'»j.l m /j.*«i. t<f-> old 
«i04Viaiiitanoeto , roniemberaj. ti-.o kiilini'; of th« iiirje . ana of 
the eoiat i', f'.avft Cliouiatosi. ani'int: /ias oum^aiiions. 


ff« re:;;:iiri^ at tli* huntirn; camp a f»w days vrhilo the toar 
B>.inb i^ie L,-->inv atret3h«a a»'a triei, t)-en c<jt % couplf* ^.f 
Doyt. to help ^Minuififf paak tr« furs .'tni slvins in our c tni>^ on 
Baa HivtT. ife r-^tumea to tl.rj store at Gr-^en P<jint #iti a 
valuaoie loaa , ana 1 *hs muJh eiateu witr. our su^joeasi. 

I an li«>re mclinf^ti to stal«» a f-.3t for »}.! jl' I hi/'; n'^iyr 
o«»m ab.i.e to aocount. Thero i« a fascination m tl <» fur 
traae ana life amonr tiio l^vaians, to be found >iw*h«rtj «»i:,o. 
1 liHve . since th.ose days, oesn enRa^cu m D'<*b^ dl kinus <if 
ousi.MeSb thtit aetive iTest.-trn mnn «n-:"afi;e in. 1 hav-} bPfin a 
t'liller , a merohant, a bF.nker, and a r^ilroaa builuor, ani tol- 
eidbly bucc'^s&ful in ^11 of Ihon, , brt none of then- /rave r^t-; the 
•itisfoio tion ana enjoyment that 1 found in tliH fur trade. T.he 
life iii <i^ f.isscinat.inp: . t.l-u'\" fo*' vh • on.'^.aPift i^i i^ a* the ape i 
ttil , ever abanaon it. Tliere m co>'t^_nly w:* <,nf^. \tzy ta ac- 
count for It, ino. that ib to anknowle'.fre thu ftct tnat the nat- 
ural tenuejicy of men is to def^pnerate iJito piitnitive lifs.-and 
to uvoi-i It, we r«^quire the continu'^1 influence anu the inter- 
ooirteh oC civiliiiH u. S'icie'-y. 

It w-is aowiit At tiio tin.a of vl:ich 1 hd, writing that 
Hrutiipr Foratio inturnea, from Canaaa and aettleu in Huffalo, 
anu invi ted ir.e to abanaon the fur trade ana loin him as e» bi-o- 
k»>r. it i:x>t witii niuch ruiuotanc« tiiac 1 gHVe up t.ia free* and 
•aa> life of ti.e «fooUb to (50 to a Jity una attempt to mix anu 
oeoume f i-tnillitti*iaea wxtn oiviij..ieu society, ot'- 1 ii<*a ti.«f Juuf!;- 

f:(tr.% to se» that I had }»er« a chance to r«ftch a «p>ierfl of life 1 oouid not hope for. fwrorr the Indiana. As 1 b&v^ 

nlreaiv btat«»d , wMila r«»latlrV3 tli^ cfirwjr <»f our B'-othnr Hora- 
tio, w» ^l^^** p..rtM«r8 In Un^ineuc, fur .\ tm^j , a;M only dis- 
•olved th«» i.^Ttn^jrfchip on my *;*»tti<v, rnnrriad. i li.ii jv/t 

tj<w,p loiVT in sr^'fHlo, vfV^n 1 ; ie , il Y.<\cHy know >viir) th-^ a«- 
qvifilrtanc^ "f tV;* iatiphtitr of "ajor <3hri»t<jpM'jr v.-in Dov'^r.tiu- , 
of t'-a "nitfyj. .'^tai-'*6 Army. T)i« 'iiur h •! fur son^ ynars aijt- 
•d a« Chiof Clnrk Ut ttc» *ur Departn.ont .while i'r. Calhoun #»• 
Secretary. Tiaa Vij.>r'a wif»i *a8 a a.iui>itQr oT Dr. HirkhftAu. 
of Baltimore, ana Miss Van Devonter had from i.»ir infunuy a«»m. 
<Jlated with thn refmed ar.u. int«lli^ont sooiety uf t,)ie two 
oitl«a, and fact, recof.nizeu an a beXid in totii plauas. 
«Th«n Mr.Gal/ioun vir.t of offioe, Major Van D«vcnt«jr resinTi- 
od Ttov) ti!0 Army, oa;r.« to F.vio County, near Buffalo, and aei- 
tled tj"»!H, on an •utat* ha luci owned for aoins yoars. e)-!«n 

i tuX'J. .Tiy orti tr.ei- I fci » aD<ju*« to marry Mass Van uMV«jnt«r , it« 
aejiarea ;ne i»»mented, and inquired how 1 expeotea to live' i 
told hL'\ >><y «.iuro of ti.d bisiiiiosti «ouid M <tn><Ufh for uu to 
• tart life on. Tluit mMOunted to aooot X-mt thousand dollars a 
yoar , *.:ic.i ]*•■» utiolHrud would )v- 1. auffice a y./Uric lady wliu had 
b«i;n in eooxety in faxwunr ton and Riiltiiuure. for a nitinth, and 
if i ..*o ^.:ter '.ined to rum wyeelf , our p.trtnsr hi;u|) riU!»v noase 
at UMoo. 1 t'ild him, if Im hjid the l'»i«nre. wp won 11 Bat- 

tle OUT- biibxnexa then and there. i n «>xp'iot''a r " \.i«^-,-'l'M,itjn 

Vi-cia -jiA'.tyf: vie l><ajxjt t.t» ^iiiiholl i:Xti vjonsent to oi.r nUiitiala 

hoi.:>e , ana ti.e Vitblangton beilo, >/ho ha'-, llvoa all liei- laft ij; 
luxLiiy, Yjib eiV"it.e as res-ay U> eoonoraiie as. o::r» vho h -. Kr.ovn 

Atout ti)XB time ri-i> AnjrustuB huu romove:! frcm Hati.via 
t«j Huffwio, an^ he "vouK an entirely cli •Tej'-r't /xev ^.f t}:ir!t's. 
F« «'i:i8 Hot, af. aid .o oiidoi t.-; r<-i' i »« tv> prc»ci'r« a^.! t:;e fi tiub j. 
H}'iv>ulci r-HiCivj to opoii iiji offio© to o-fti i-y on tae b-".r'i» b'Ssiness 
on i\j own Aoooufit dioiip ^imt i iiid b»«;i dum^ ia» :*. partr.or ..-iUi 
.'loratio Tof only on';-tjiij'd oT trio proce^^dK, so tiuit I vufa vor.v 
ttv'oM j.ii -u; full tiUe of a siicc^sfeful fsyness. in a fe* 

Oionths , A'e founa *-.i ;;oula affori t.cj t.ika u liM,lo i:«»ttaf:e , fur- 
nish 1 '. i.iK/.j.rtriSiVf*ly , a.'u vj. tn a sin{;le sf^rv.,ir- , have & nappy 
little noriie. H<»ii* w« iiveo. until May 1835. vheii uur first 
chxla WIS b(^j-n , vhiali faol ulofie enaoii^u n->c to .:iVfc; tt.o uate,* 
ftrd if t? feB'» ror in LBCH»jcf«4. ar»-.- i-^uU hy onj- aft«cenuant6, tiisy 
will b^p T.ii'\t the aaieb air- ri«.siiy if:7iored, foi- iir:s.r\x. o^ a?ita 
to p;iJi'.cff P.O. 

About ♦};)«. time there uiu-.o tt. .MuffhltJ tome «f il-l.riovrn cit- 
izere of Pontiac, *iio wero t.'.s iMi,orporut«.i b of «> ciiii-taj' for 
a raili'oai a h.^ rre roaa to be run fror»t Dotioit to Pon- 
tiac. .tiu t.>e bank to be locator tiere. 'fh.eso £»ntlei'.#»n had 
Jcno«rn me us a boy m Poniaac "nd S^f^inn*. slvx *ere in baarch 
of pArtien #h<4n tziey ooula inanoe to vtilme th«»ir charters. 


Tiiey ab>.ea if 1 ciiiilu jm. them to find thetr. . l examinea ti^eir 
charters , ana was <»f x-i,^ opinion ii«it tijaj wouia be a r.ouu 
tnmi^ to handle. 1 l^ia t:ie inutttjr oefore n.> brot.her, ^Jio 
aeci'ied at once tliat tJif»y m,i not hivo buFf ic iojit cnpitaJ to 
thirt: of bviiidintT twenty-five inilas *.-f raiirouu, oiid si.:irting 
.1 banii- 1 nnxt. *ar>t to Aifrc-^ ^xllx:^ .a , Ci«*ti,Ki knovn in 
tiioje JL&ya is '^laJL-r^ 'Hiiliajna^ uti aa *ah acting ub .»^:tjnt for 
»al '. vv,rAo At .^yrao>.«e ojvu, r?uiinR, .* ijl i T,hoL'£^},t };« rra :ht a.n- 
auc* iua Trioiivis ^nore t.o undax'iaice ^hi enl.^•rp:• ^sq , - but tney 
aisu i^'-'jI intra . i'xjc m.i'G i t-l-ioiu^r.u of tho unj.flJtj.xiti'', tiiQ 
uettof i iil-»eu, xt, i.;;iT, t/.e :"'at:t va» tia- i a^iju'iorea of 
i' a,ivi itu ri«'i|jlH, any .v^ s not, aV'»r!*H Ko t'«\.tinr back 
tijej-e? to iiVft. 1 fint<, KVitrgea oou to ;.r. ^iliiauts that h» 
an^. 1 ^-urjiiise tho oh:iirte!'&, Hnu uniort ike it ou^d'-^Ivftb . alone. 
^'1 ItiJ, DQt.vetjrs liii 'v-fcn 'Jiuub4,r»u, uolxui-e, wii^on j^a« ail T,hat vtrae 
re jiiirea '-o ce piiu m on ti.o i>rock, ooft-ie the ib»;.inr of 
no^Hb for jnculauion. 

I rmall;. n^aas u tiii^uin vi.i.ii ♦. 1 tj ,^':entleffiCsn . junvri tea 
oj}» ter thoueunu at>li:-\tii into com, hua i bauxi/v'; );uub») pi-e- 
p.-rei. wrri on the xny ciij^rtni- ^^ipui.^^ea i \^o liteie, 
eieote;* a Oo^nru. ■^t u.lroc^o^li^, u. pi<;6ijant, .tna i;.yb«i.r ns cabh- 
ler , t/u ij-.abfcu. - joj.£ ol L.,-i.a«s, y.x^iUZ <...rt c.Jdha.'M tbj.i oon- 
ti<jl of ti'e ir)t> 11 twtion, y..i.u. m .:. . ten titouaKiiA aollitra no- 
on *o;it tt"-oci. . aT.j. i' o;;jo joI'miumCi^ * ti:n iiljiniJ:^ ^iil xbbUlrV: uf 
notes, a:iu ior vawke C'>^ia no '« sj,-. jly the Ueoarid in exoiian^a 

;> / 

f^ii- Rastftrn coin, notes, and bills oT ti:e tvu uetioit banks, 
rtet'oru 11. ueoame obligatory t,«i st-art u.e DUi.ixi.nif of tj.e idxi- 
ruaa , we nua iri (jiruuxa ti.on two huna.reA tiiuiibaiiu, ^<.<xlai's, <iaa 
ail oiii- Coin atili m tjie safe, xn iib oritunal iJrtO*af^eo. 1, 
in the moantimw , left i- r. f ilxia/r.s in iiuft'alo, tw c .i r.. «j;i i,ius 
broker's «if'fioe tl ei-e , a?>a r.e *as ahift t«i kftep fifty thwoaunu 
uollard of ivur Puntiac o.uik bjlls m Oirouluoxon t!e;i3, ami 
Diiy It it ifu \jor OfP.i Uiaociunt, .ir>i>o', evnrv t*«ni.,\ a-j.y». 
bank riiia naviri{f Bhuut tJat aiscuiint wore lauvH/ssiiji i.'oaa 
tiiei*e , by msnufauturur a , builaei-s, an-j. all r-Jtaxl (i!si»ie»i». 
in the nieantirre, *t' were ubie to kft<.^i> i\ j.e^.os>it in ie* Vox-k, 
against which to beil exorance, wfacjh cjo'raT;anaed n iJi-^'naun v.T 
one to one arxi a hulT per (j^nt. At '.iu> ei.a of t.i e ru bt year 
we iiau I'oali^Hci a oleai n(»rxt of over forty th«/iibura i<'llai8. 
Ana by u:© tiiue *e iii;ji , by tie oisai t-^-i , tu eojurience w<,; k on 
ti;e ruilroea, we lia'-. a rebj.e ctabj-ft rank ?.ccju?ii i,^. ai'«« r ;-,cii,n(*.. 

■11 IjLibt t'lLjuy on railroAU account vrvb f'^r u 
steaiii btiw jT.-i.l ujii 'iift pi.icbase lif t*/y hijr:a-oi O"! f-.-rtv acres 
of Ofcjs tunijtirea land at Royul <"'ai< , tveive rtalrs ri\<m L-otr^xi, 
ft:.a fairly aoroba the lo*- anil bwaripy I'lnd. This s'lij- t^^ i^w 
.vHt 1 \ni waa for « titiie ooii»ia«=roi w^r tjiie*.*. arui, in ttict, pro- 
nwunco.i so by U.e sent out. t>y t.e ;_.' v ^ ''■-'' *"^ *■ tu ex- 
ploi-u tie ir. -.ftiior. YeL it v.xs j,5n*»eiy r,i.iTib»?r*»'u. , a'ajl "nuoi. of 
t.'.e ti.i.Ri^r couIa no uilizua m o» "-.e aiou ->.' 1 ixii-i-iia* 
iji vt.t',.io a', tiw^B. i pi t noil at .vork oiioppinf ttv.^ cJear- 

iiie t.!,ft i-oai'Vay , ooniiibnci/jf. at tiie mill, ana d.njrJtini'' towardb 
i)atrolv. F?to}i husiuJ'OJ. fhtot furniuhe-c 'Jio material for ties, 
aivi the l^irge tr^c-a vfere euITicient to five Ub tvu c<jti Linnous 
Imes "V Iwfs, *};j.oh, '/jien plaoou. m t,l;G coiitre uu nouriy l*v- 
f^l i5i 1/oat.ible . lom-ea 'A.e fuunUation on *..ich th« tie«» A-ci-e 
placed. '('}» so "" i ■ s , nPt;^!' tibxr.t, bfii^ai^eu., hau n n^tcii or -^ain 
cut in f>iioi! oiu , t'j roeoive tfio wuiiUPn i-axl, «riiicii *'te *> awAfeu 
at. tnp nail, fifteen t>:ot in ictii;tl!, fxvo b; t,eyon inolies» ur, 
in wi.!.(u- xox-as , lave tile, boveji inci-Os ut»jp. Vhen 
ti.e J-iob -^f'^J •* ^»l:icea, u_»on ti.e furnuwiMon tirnoer, tbvn lunriti;- 
ciinal rcia...5 wi^rti ir<>iJ}je.w ini-o t::© gaiiis .-it each ond uf t .« tie, 
aiiu. T-'idt ;noa t^er« *i ti) o. «¥<»•. -Un Tea,"* drivei'. t.!-* srain 
alo?ig6-iu.e ti)'? rail. I'u • f'jw 1..1U ptwple, t.-is iiiin-'Li i'^siirip- 
tior. jT UiL' Tust. 1 aili'ujiaa »ifi il teotr '^jioixiea t'ui-, but m my 
iravijiS re^i*nxiy, 1 .uv«» uuqI u.xii/ i>*i;sw.}» viio iiA^ nu iwnuj^lecige 

of l;..-it iiljlo of I'.il iiwda , cilia »'i -i: i to .i. * U4<'>Ui t.ifct Tui' ai.>roe 
y9ii;'«> ul'tCi- i -uu .iiuuu iJi i.ii i bi- li'iifir! I'i* Ue r.ij'»u Kenty- 
fivs .i;ii'JM iif ATiijt i!> rkjv tiifi ^etiAUt ai'.a. i- ij.«riUA«itt , nidjt* *ub 
T10 uti.or Xiuu b«t*eb:i t^jji-*^ aii.i \',-^a York, tiioy tiiuu.... i i umhI 
©itl:'?!' Off ix^ir.tinuir.t' , <>r fjf a je.iteridricri. 

^a ooIU:.dncO^ U> 1...^ tx.e r^jild at li'.c »aw n.lli, ul'A «ri0n 
f.iirly Blurted put ..•. oar u;i ti/ ilit va/iAitji iMi^s>, .j-tk. ifitji a 
8iiit*rt i*vj;-rte cuclu i.i'Mj. • ij;-: -i l;,yinr 'hw. ai p;jli-'a. .^ lung 
ttur line #. t s.ftu, u-ria ..i' h<M-be "raveled wiitfei.«.rJ ti.o ties un- 
til ent/Uf.i. i^&tt laii W oofin t..e e>oavation o!* ; iiid". on eac!'. 

Siue ui' ili^j x.rAiiii , tiiro*iMp^ thtt earth fri>m tiTe Hxaavatinn into 
the ce.'iti'R DOf/*o«>n Uic raixs, ti i;» at the san-ie lirr.rt ke'jpiTisr 
ti'.e w8T.»«r I'rtiii. U.o trucx ana iiuikiii^ a tow putji for the horatf. 
It took lis bi!t a fe-* .•jL.n'.ha to cor-iulete t!..;; «;"Jle of ruud 
fron. Ruyal O'iV. *w i^.:^ orw«si/»t; of ,loff«rs'n A/eruft, <)>i ») at 
v:\b Li;aii kn^>*a 'i»j i.he ?fi woroi i'ar*f\,- .it tine, quitp wut 
of to>y n,-tji: t. n.;. looa '^ioi: /iut» iiut. t*^»<n cnanHecA, nnu »f>;act,i\ 
*rj.o:o ti o Detrcjit i^nd V.ilwHukQtv no* jj-cjaaPd .I«i i'ora(<tJ Ave:ii:e, 
v<? ouio.!. ci ii'. tin aepot, aivj. oojiirr.enceu tiiit tian«port& tioii oT 
pa«>«engef6 anii frei'^ht fion, r: ere to Koyal f'uk on tJ e ^o-jcien 
rail, Ub tilt iiui-ses foi- ir.')tive po-^er. 

Ti-i* ucCiirr'i'J. w.r iti;, i.,a ■bw.UiOr uT 1 •>.>■>, <rBn t* *.■ '«.itf>rft- 
tioii into i.j loli ii-ian j».;s» :^ its grratesu ti.j.e. fha va 'ion rwia 
aai'wbd t!j« t*/tJx\/«* ii.i.».oi. o:' ti.,;oftreu laiia -v-.s aii-iii^v iiaiJri&^iule. 

t#ent., -i^x* w oi- tJiiroy lictttuttfi^* ao lloyax »")uii in tui iiwUi- ana a 
hair. Sw.jf b *oi-o i*eau> to iake Uifej.. from U.ui'n uvei- oumpara- 
tivoiy iX'^i-a. jciau.b. >j.v«* aoiiara a tu/j, vili x/i;'.u.y pai.t us 
fur t;;« ';i"ttUfct*or \/a\.iwn oi" ir<3i, .1 Hjruas tJsa swAinp, iiii I it was 
not utiUbUai loj- ui» u< : ocuavo .-x i.oniaea xi'ixarn for ai siwie 
oay'b vral'fic. 'iij«* rdceipta Irom Uui *vjurce noarly u o r wur 
uxpei>JLi ti./f-e in OAt-ffcAin^, tue j^»au. to ttiriMinnnfioii, ^evei^ njile» 
fartJier. -Vo jori'-inuoa w.a traffic u* « ^Kiiiit, t>i-.v found 

the fe^l A'll Ui^if l.^iwii tiu9 ./w^a.tiiJ : Jii i oe^^xiulirvi to Orool-. tJid.1. 

up, t»» v-n eAt.fM'i iikfliy t«' rci'.vl'M- ti.ui i unFx- I'^r '...,» iro.i oai'. 

TJierofoie , the tijnt h&i arrived when we must havo ixon to 
sfJike u,<oii u:.e.^o vroodOM r^ils. Iron wa« tl.on ct'Stlrp iiitju '„y 
Ooxlai'S u ton, arvo. thA i«i.ount wre must have wou lei cost a .tun- 
ared thoi. uanci dollars. 

V.> broihei 8 inHiiffttiu wei3 oo^^nxzaiit of tlje fact tiAt w% 
huii tiTt tun thoubana dollars us a basiK for our uperat^onv and 
tiint j.cipat»d our explobiun the firftt ttix rnottthM ; no<r ti.;it we 
iiaj. iL tieoe8i>ary expanditui e orahun.ired tlioueand dollar*. «tar- 
i)^', u« in Uie fuue , they #ore etjre «« nuet buoounb. We had 

ii^ uao aixi control of money to lonts as we kept it in use in 
i^bituuate banking, but it woula not uo to invent it xn iron. 

Oi^i' j-blAture wnw m sebbion. Our sucoenM with thi 

woouon ruila, had aonvinoeu Si4i.e of tlie inhj^bitants t>.at t>ie 
oonipietion of the roaa uruula be u general benefit, ana we c^t 
UidTi *iil to petition thie legielature to ^rant ua aloan xn the 
al^ape of six pttr cent bonds , havin/5 twenty years to run. Now 
tlese WMre the aays oefore free pa<ibes nerB bupp<>sod to he fac- 
tors fwr ootainin/5 auoailiea mi lu^iblative aid, but wliile a 
bill fo!- liv. r rpiiof wus pendini?; . 1 invitsa « an -loua '.f* x.}0 
menioorii to I'tai. o d trip over t-.e roaa tu Royal Oak tnu »nu the 
situ;*-Aon At! ti.e r\o<3:- aoxij of pubbi.Mt'; t^.e bill. 

it «-ia uyit^t^ thiM oooasion that l^r. WilliAiis, who was In- 
olinea tu stvitter, mauB anavor to a party who askea hxn if 
there v/us nut aan^er of tJie horses balkinff. His anbw«.r was: 

•Tile *> o-oniy a-d-danper on the Pon->*untiao road Is of d d-d- 

dyme: of ola ii:';e oef*.ro yo»i o,in r«* ♦<Hr<)nrh. •• Tt» titviate 

tJat aanger .is much ts lioasinle, 1, myself, t«oA V:^ plncfl jf 
♦.!;« oriver, and Ijruftd the'i in Ro>a1 Oak *ithin t.'ie hour. 
The niwiioers were eo **»11 plensa'.i <ith ti.o ri.i<j -inM t)'.c r'aci, 
tJiat th«y Palis'?'! tl.o bill ana x.ssuea ru ua thf» bonds. 1 vrtnti 
a*, onco to,y V(,rk , S"i^ t!»e bonis at u.^r , b«u/5;'.t t/.e irvjn 
ina 'i locopiotiva. Thf* Iwcomotivo is r-imoir. oereci by sorre Pi*ay- 
}>?3ui«,i ti^ntlonion v/ho vetre *.h':rn boys, aria tli/^y tell rr.o t^.s rea- 
son /^hy th'f»y r-t^mecber it is t; it was tho first one tL«y 
tver Si*, and bore tjo nsrtro of f^hftm'.an atevojia. Tliat enfinft 
was t}i« tvqlfth manufacturea by Baldwin * Gomp\ny, of PiiiJa- 
dolpliia, *ho iiiive smoo made tliem until ■^j^ey numoHr thousanas. 

Wy conneatniU vith tiifl ruad jeaseu abuut l-{4'>, 1 having 
Sold my interest to Gordon Williams and sorro parties, r«8i- 
uonts of Hyracuae , ^<9w York. 

It was ahour this tii-e t);at MijhiP"ar., as voll as all 
other Postern«s , br»oai!e vilu •.■-\.>ov t^le ti«)h3«ct of ir'.t^rnal 
ir;proveTnent. !'ichipnn m?.de a lottn of five niillion dc»li;irb,— 
aii[jro{jriat?d a part t»f it fi-r the Clinton Canal t<> i' n frori 

''oiint 01'*?!. ens thronp;h Pontiac , 5\r.-< on t<j*artib Sbia*- issie. 
Tlia 1 i(.:hi':'in Central, tlien a Ht.;te vcrk , pushed to^araa Chi- 
oapo. 'Die stite >>r ? >* v^i-k p \-»sRa \ p'^nnr'tl nankin'^ liw, 
oaaed iip«yn r!ie state bonus a"* ro;il «stute. ichigan, to bf- 

i-fiT-i. lit-..>''Hl, albu p.ihHed a fftr'^ral banking IaW, •.<rith orly 
r^'.il nstate aa security for isstie. Thus plethora of «fhat had 


*.h.^ (vp;.«a£Mijt,j'.» of nw ie^r , inUnoeu 8,>o oulnti-*??; pric^* .■i-iv;inc«<l 
itr.x v.var-in'viv^tKtU am £i«a«rai binkfi.ptoy w«»re tie result. 

mtQi-oat. Tie *tate of .'. laJux'in f-iiiou t--' ?»>■ tliO XMtprrttjt 
on t..«? n<jTij.b iuaned ti'.e Ponti^ia ^lullroa'i Uonpany. Und^r tl.'-j 
limr /.'ritj* in*- the lonn, 1 *,i8 r.h«> pyrty t,u sij^n tiie coupuns, airi 
1 *::« for a time kept bi:8>«>rin^" i-jquiritif Jiold<»rs tliit 
tJiey m\tfe* ifiiiufa <»F Viift Statw T'*<iasnr»jr ' ji fiCfioQ. 

1 )■! '.vr; f? 9t» r<ir yn.ira ao»9."t froro tiio at.ito . and 1 liavo 
n> kn^vloajj© -viietJier tiie railro^td ur r.lio state paia tJie timda 
ibiiUijd to 118, i)<>*. 1 ao kiiorf t, if the County of OoXliind tJArwi 
had L'«.»»vi cwmpeJleu !»< pay it oy tuxntion, it voula htvo hoen 
ttie rijos^t bt^nofjLO tax evri- loviou xn tJ.iit cwunty. 

Up t«» th« time trie rttiiruad vub put in opm-iitjion, it had 
ooat « '.n/ilir rtnd a quarter to movo a barrel oT riour from 
P<»ntiHi3 to Detroit. The day tjie road inm put xn operation, 
tie price fixed .-it ex«-;htoen and three fourthe cents — thus 
Buvxng tlie producer over a aollar a barrel. 

For t.;.e first year after its completion, 1 *a8 myself in 
OJiarge «'f t.he siiippinK aepartmont , ana forwarded, for ni ;ny oon- 
secutive .(.ays. over h thoiisand hiirreis a aiy, ana yet many of 
tjiese StiMe Paru.ers ifho M9rm so directly bonefitiea by the old 
Flat Kir Ko-a, opposed it in everv posbible *ay . frocr. its in- 
oefJTion to its completion, ana xf any of tnem are still alive, 
I have n(i -loiJbt vili accuse t exr representatives uf corrup- 


tiun, fur iuivin<i; votea for U.e loan. 

T>ie uf Pontiac *<ib uMiiue«MonuDly an important Phc- 
tor xn tn« owiiuinti^ of ti\a roaa, ftria ai't]ii>u,''i. xi aotrinencciu j.ta 
axistemie on a meapre capital, it rotuirwa tiie confiaf^nye of 
tlie paoijle, hhu ^-ouna up j.tu affaxrs, leavxnt; lebb juJulities 
unpaid tijin any njink m tho stu'.e. 

AOwut 1 >4"ri , IS iWcir m, i uSi; r';mfciiib<jr , tiXfe co. j>f-r '. jt,- 
coveries at Lai.f» Svjpei-ior beL.un to attract tl;o a^teniAon i.f 
tne people- Pen;. its ,o 1ouu.-.o a secx^on uS laaici f^i t'lnme 
purposes were ibbiicl to iniivij.i;als , conui tiono-i tu pay tlie 
uovertuiitrnt. « given royult;/. 1 was, i.y t/iisi tirro , an 3 Bitua- 
tion zu bejonie a Diininif, auventiirai- . 1 like ru:!i^- tHr.ths of 
A,e Duai.ioao men of ri o a;ty . h.^a been con.pel lea t'^ ut.-^ *,'-o 
general iiuakrupt l.arf to rolinvc r;yt.aif oT inaetjteuneab to ii^- 
bolvunt corp<jri.;T i</}.o arul. iiovoMTi^Ti b-^'tes, — 1\21 ^,'^ w>.<>r> A-ere 
iJi tjie B j!,e boat virji tr.u , uiiU '.u iifhi/ae f:«ilv;)-es I lm-uIcI .ii.stJy 
ai'Hi'i'.o *.uc iioO'.->Ji*i cy of f.iy coiirbo- 1 i'.a i bouf^l.t of tlio Funu 
Oun?MUtiiotn;rs o[" ^.lio Htate of ln.uan:v . 7ui:r- hur.ired *.' 
Uoiiar« of i.iii' di/ ptIi* vj-.»it bor.aa , o:: y!.i„*!: I h la es' - ^V— jj-o^ 
a oarik ir. 4;i;ffai(i. TiioSi? uo:vaa -y-urf* pjwutlv on .-^ cred- 
it, at o t^. the aoliar, but rjoforrf a i>irv^3o 
paynniMt tntwvrC'ti, , ihe sfuf? Tnilea t" pay mteipst, anu hor 
oonas uopieoiat'iu •>" i^sb t)mn thirty cents . The bo)id8 b^ing 
u8oa da a i>Afi±'^ I'or ranking, must necesKanly be s«>lcl for what 
tiiey inr«.uila, bring;. T}jty woro lolfrtd <i'h the Corriptrollei- of 


in n **ituatioa to t,ry ruxnint,. 

A \fa.v'<.y ol' Jeu;-i>iT /vjncion.en *i ui «iJii.e t>jli^.icai i.n - 
fiuwv.oe , |v.'.iich wai. r«c'.ar'?fi fwi' •v/>9 pxirij-^ae,) oottiirie-^ ita:i» 
i*?rj: J.V* i->J loc^ile aaprrr ra*'.*?* <»r« t.h<» nj^i-er pt*»u.*iBUxa. .fohn 
K. ijrs>i;l. (ji'ii'.', in hi'ter yv.ire u»c!'n«» -***ali.hy by .'.i )» -•"n.-iwa- 

i*t»»jj-i<)r- .»?> ''e.r «b T.i"« ?3ult St.!v;arie, -.m-o. fron, tJu»i'e, u little 
«o)io»,n'?i' , or ti»»J *h« 3«?.iJ.ioA' ; l«rviea Mu lit Coupax* Harbor, at 
•*hich point. rf»»rp ut'.'.tionou t-vo <>r tJire?' lionpanieu >f' .iolaiej's. 
tu a^j«jnti » vi'^.ji', or t>»«) n* irp posit. Ti a'' !♦'»', trxpfc into ».}!• m- 
t'»rio- j.n-i ftlor»?»: tr.e oo-ast , sufntv s.^pi'; ai*tJ« voinu vif oluok 
oxiu* oT ouwi>Mr, «trti om* io ».t<j or mo'.j.Tonln , h\il. oould f:«.nd 
n-n.hinr .f* oou-d rtAviftfr fixiv oomji'^ny to oxr^wni rtoney in ievelop- 
,»»a;. At Oo],' ;. r I *rbor we (ili".rt,or«l f\ bark iiimo* a'Ki i oo'Jplt 
o" l;\. for orev, and »ail«»u arvi padaJ^d alon^ th«» ooaet a« 
for Ui, ;i», to ./»>it'i if lri;f< livor, r::!* ft*<ii .1 -.-j :irit(j tho 
liu<'il<!r, oM.' •• ti, ar joiintfl." ..iPdfall* inu i lostji. itoos, -jni fi- 
Milly iM-tunod to Kugia Kivf o;: Keweenaw Point, «;:^t-,i Colonel 
Olv\i*l<«B nvrt*.i3li tt'\ u HOtldc ak nopf;rintcniart for a Ho^ton Com- 
,.<n; , vr!»i.jh ;•. .^ a'. j;t».'u eix beotiotib at t^at i^wiut, r.n.. were 
feinkiiu'. a Jihai't ana taking out fc<*ie cop;.ar, una octfaMion-^lly 

6«ttiius «pAOiriiei)« ut native silvdr. Vu diJ. nut Ixko u> re- 
turn lo u«tiOii viri.ii.oia -^it^c ;.trtr-:ic.n£'. Coionel Or*-'* . a* 

j'^'imut^ W'*i Kafcls tLi.'^^i cttia ti.e Cliff J'ina* f^^r "ive thocsardl 
Cioii.^r». Th«»e cau uuue*, vjjj *-o ti-ut tin.-* . vep'^ o^?^-;: J^-rwi 
ine «id.fiii«»r ihi.i.tita oi tj.o u.*6ii ...c t. Pi't f-j t>fc«,r .Ja':k«on, of Mos- 
t«ii, iia.A rej-oriirj. i ^.on ti.f- ftH.'ic Piv.^r t^a bei»'f ntiontopsjy riili 
m »A-iVbr , anu the ^lil'f «i/.u«oa fi)i* itbrlf. A «,-.a't ^rcs il- 
reeiuv Ai.iiK lo '.;^e u'S^'li* of, fro huna.r'Srji ftiol. or rrore. aiKi. fri^m 
t/ic toj> totiiiJi ix.r.t.un oi^. wr* biae *f«b a b/;oet ». T pure native 
coi>i»ei f ru.' 1 tti/ t«» tPM inciift.5 f.i.iok, nna n.oM at w«/rk at it ^nth 
ooiU u''.i«»<?i», oiitMn^ It xnut jjjiecffb of 'runeportatie 6i2«. 
Ti .t* oj. i ' :'■ V"in *aa mar t; e boisnU/iiy line of tie uacjfion. 
•J«>J«. vl 'ir<ti«:i orr»»rM.i r*.< {»eil ub t. e v-in cvii.-nt j.y runMing 
v!i Ik it, ni'T t;.{f !^i-ui>t'u i.Min^' luvnr nra r.or" eurtli uynriayinp 
ti-e oej rv>ck , <e couio. aoi prospeut it much. 1 waa an fav<jr 
'^f »«««oi)r i '-i: it Po'" orr Conri|.,iny but could not /ret tJ.e refuBRl 
o. At untji R's rf» t,<irn«»d , «nu >i«u no n.-tliority frar. our Cuinpuny 
t" i^urc^iiiJkO it- 1 ^iP'Ilj 9}\t-<trfrx into a contr<\ct tti take it 
id kiv vt4ifv. n.Hi:e , uixl tti pny tie m«in*»y ♦.o tr.e ardent in Detroit, 
• X u ti;ivon u.te, t'.uu roo#»ive tho papers. 

7t» then rptiTne- t<> i)«tr<lt. nv* le <.uj- r^^port to the Com- 
iWDv, .. i^ t'jil V,(»m a« »e *fr*> tl'eir Hippluyeet, if tliey cI:o»e 
to tdl.a t 'i u'iy iiitru '. ii>ti w» K"*-^ ni-rie , they cijuIu iiuve it. If 
n\)* . A *»«iilu nola it iftysHlf, T^ey '-auolVMi t<» kenp it, ana 

♦ SI. 

oT vhtch ttor itm fillnr-b #:ia Pr«fciient,' ar<cl John K,icc)'n, Ri.f «r- 

My 4i!Ota of ti-ucX <mB ;i.?araoci to !tj« tut Iwvinr jmt »'.ot 
thr<.w;h th« rianX'.MJt.tcy C"»irt. 1 felt that 1 i.'ouia fMt -'-.;. 
tttand tl:« rec^«n«<ry i«bi«;,''miti» to opoti a oopfiwr irjlnn, uut the 
f I rt»r fnr iJvpi.or H'ook -ix th*i tirw ennblfKi rr.e t.^, ;,,-. i tuj^it 

fur quite t\ stttke . With t!!*» fiuin i*ec*iv»»a fur oi- t.*..<3k, 

1 was erablei , at t)ie sule of vav nsiPte by tlie ib'sii M^e , tu 
i;nrc?.ss« Bcme tj.« t. i tJiouirkt tlie mo*t viluaMe, aiid dtJi'itiP the 
yoare 1 S40 and 1 sf^O 1 accirmulatfrK; onougli to Ifjivo ■ ;y f.*n.-ly m 
OomfortaMo circrrn* tniices . while 1 t-ook, vrlmt vas oodsiu- 
ffrfi-j. fl /,i>n t liiik.- n t/'ip t*.- Ca3ift>rnin. J inft Pi.YitiUij in 
January, l-^U. mvj. tJallmi esrly in ^efcrrary f*ror Nf»< Vork.for 
the oioiitr, of the Cha^'res Fiver. ''•nor«» , for the ^irst tan.o 
in ir.y life, ea^f p.ilmt; , auconnvt treee , nrxi other tronlcHl prt»- 
diio'.ion«. Six or eirht hunarea uf n« ^pi-r ji.uvie^i )^re,wl'oro 
tl:ere '<rere lu. *couwr^odatione euve n fe#r ttrmvc ht:t8. i?on -ist- 
irv of shede otiVfirra #itl» |ml>»i leaVf»«s. i'ore ve wnre to j)ro- 
vvvH bouts t«> convey us to Gorj^orrsi o'l our way^ t.'p I nth- 
num. I rzj. vlrh nie a nephew, AJrert, a fcon «/f br»,»her Rrfve, 
a?xi tt yuun." mr\n ^r^jm Detroit, bv t]« tv r-o »)f rf»iiriyfi <> V'j.e. 
■Ve thr<^e fou?Kl h eniHll boat, onlv nir anovt^h to carry our- 
•elven and our b*';G«C« . *'i-i ^ot atarte. \.\j Vn riv^r m ddvanoe 
of tiie r#»«t of the p««»eii/'ere. Tl-a nrrarvemern <ra/e ua t)io 


upptirtimity of seourxng si^ppiiot* and aceurtriuuatiuns nrljorever 
<re required tiiem, mt 1 Jiad tak^n pr*»oauLiona to ijtye a li.nch 
basivet put uy Dy tlie siiipb stewara that »roula laat i'm to Pad^- 
ma. I liaa uroujrtit aiJ-ong h rifle wJucii I \^sni \\tfl fnHUe to ur- 
aer , *na expwctftu tn s(t*t nor** or lens K80i» on which to ut,t* xi. 
fa iau loft the month of ti.e Gliftfres but a littie w)ul« *};«n 
1 euw, laying utt ^ lug iiuar tiie aliore, au ttllifrator, th*i firat 
X Jmd ever a«en. i instriioted the boatman to auproaol! him 
vitli cure, tlu^^ i tniKlit get a aure shot. 1 took a«iioerate 
ttiti; at him a few inches back of -irJiat 1 tut»k to be his fore 
aiioulat^r, tiunking it a vital part, but our ruitive crew Inugh- 
mi at ine for expectir*^ to hurt an ailigat(»r *ith a bullot, un- 
it- a b 1 pLit the' bVJllet into his eye. 1^r '.hi a failure, 
aa failuie it surely was, as I only awoke him fioni his nap.ap- 
iiarentl> uninjurea. The next one *« uisooverea 1 pot near 
enoi.f;;,}. to )ut in tiie ey» , ana i.e rolled off the log, riov)naar- 
ii\(i for a tinte, tlion f^oatea ox~f ^rith his belly uppernnost. 
^a cau:p<9d the first ni^Oit in <t amall oioaring, iri.ere a native 
V H l•■J.^.^,xt\^i a fe«r b.inMnae tmd pine tpples, ana for n aime or 
t'«ro t^'.avu us ti.o run wf tiiM plantation to use and eat all we 
ciiouu. i>ui ini. \.ua ru i^^it , tne noj.!»oa> about us irere b^ ntm and 
uniiearu ol uy all of u«> uri sleep for a tima was out of ti.e 
HiitfSt.^on. Frot. one uirection u screeuii or screani would atar- 
tJ.*> ua , aiiu -*« •(rwuiu inquire of tiie nutave what it c<.»iila be. 
"Oh, t. ut i.» li>txe nioiiKHy {.uriOHria. iMiy >ieap </f hlDi to take 

to ;<fiiv/ Vox'k. Preus^, rr<.):ii anotl.Rr aiiecition *<ii;lj. i:o:>.p a 
hodrsor yr^l ilic^t //oi ij. c;l;'ji"iit, fj i^ ..t on un. •Unhra, v^ru ^ is 
tliat'* "Oh, t.iRt I'arioano anil orari€-<jutanf, . }:e suneMme 
8J big" fr/iar} iny; iliuh foot, hirji). r.^. ui::- r^rst nigit unerttr^ 
in the tropica pa^t>ou. The rox*. day w« o<jnT.inu«U. our vuyaire 
to t!ie riv»j , dtieiJV Quills <->? parri^ts of nil ahulef of color 
anu bizt^. Ooo ;«>ioni'.l ly , v-* voui'^ 8*»t! a r.ninkey afiiifw in»t huii- 
5) -If {'rdn trf>> to tr ea , bv-t. 1 SJAil- ti'tt bnur to nhoo'. li.oui — 
ti.ey Iv'Ok':! xoti h'.jrunn. Thp only paiiie 1 slio', ti.e «ecuiT->. uay 
vub AfL-ir, 1 toOiv to i)f' T yv/uriit aJlic:anor. }-;o v&a on a band- 
BMlt u fe* feet cut wf ■'.i e v*ater. '^bftn 1 alioi hxn , tiie hitxl 
xi-ent thiMmi^-'t hiiri, b. t '.iiU no* pr«vpnt his makinr: Tor tl.e river. 
At t; iu Jiinetrrc, ono <»r oi r crft* luir.poa irto the vrater and 
OftUKi.t It up in hxs arrr.s and was t>rirrin^ it on b<iaru t}e boat. 
'J(*i all dfiiTiurroi to this, wl:il«» h© in^istea it ^vao fri-od to aatj- 
2-.11 the safy** ns chicken; bit, flnciiu" us iir^*illinf' to have it 
m tJ'e boat, he t,«.iok iiis knife, rippeu it onen . and tot>k out 
at least « tfilf-peok f.f epifrs , nearly the size of bene* op.pu. 
i biKjBequeiit ly loarneu tmt the animal was called an Iguana, 
and vran really po ten by wiiites aa well aa by nativea ol' tlie 


Wa wero able to roach Uurf.una ahaaa of tie croi'dy and se- 
oorea tjaok aivu. riaini'; mulea ana got off before bu^ fe* of our 
fexio-ir-|;A8ftMii^er 8 «>v«rtook us. It tooi. ti.reo pack uiuiiiaiB vo 
oai-ry our ba^v-iro, ana tie iri4iuier in wjuch ^:.^^y *ex-e liaiTiebt»ed 


Wat; )im<i';o. Tho tl.rf:>j mffti 6» all ♦'iiutenea firmly xn a t>trir<t, 
t!/» spjoTia orif^ Lit -'hoi to tho tuil ..r U.h first, a»:d tl>o ti:ira 
tie-.L t(» t.i:'? tail t.r tl,*i s9Ci/nd a/id natio tv; folio* the lo.'.uer. 
1 fo'jiv.i. th i« .1 ■ri;n. or or; . »' ,s naoo ,o jn-rtVftnt any «jjw vif, 
cloil{ii»V; off th« rr.v.1 into JiR Twi-oBt , wr'-ioi. wafe ail tJie *a> bo 
uf^naft t-'u* .t ■•v'-jiM be .like lo.i.kirir *cr a ncjccile in ri !iay staok 
to fin... one jstfay, *« troiinted our saddle nu-les mvi ulthciUgii 
t. e r'-HMti ye I-? in h«>ri"il ooTxiiti<ii, *e »:iu'.j.y tie oitv of Pariiuna 
bef«'i'e m.rht-full , and in o<'»iseiiUe!icf4 of iieinp aliOaa of th« 
criAva, vere p.hJp to fnt q\mi't«i-s for tmr it <: oT ten ajtys, 
aA'aitint tlie i^ailinr. oT ovr ste-wor. 

Thcro •*''iS rui o) to »>o f.,pen at P-inana *• is n^jw to ua . 
It ffii ti , in ti.e pi ton. tho firbt «^all«a jity 1 i\-^u eyer 
8<}9n , ana tlie first holy oatliedral. City i:lu.rjho& ovHrywhero, 
bell« rimjini^ rr<*r. morninf> to ni.rht. . it sot^jnod to ma tiiat 
every native or tjie street wti& in tho sarb of u [jrieat, 
goiiw to or oomin;T fr«n a diuroh, — 8«<itn of thorn caj ryini" unaei* 
their arii!8 a orauft of fintiting oooka. 1 ihkou a rosiuent .u>*- 
quainthnoe «"fhat it mnant. He said tl;."xt many of trie priests 
(Tere ovni»rs of fip;Jitin5 cocks, ana dia not hesitate to buck 
tiiexr favorites. he alwo buid that sunio of them hna HiHstei'ed 
tho ^jLi-.^e of (Ajker, aiKl tii&t Jw Ihu seeri one of tiiem piayinF a 
garr.e . ^Jien i Liuv pauso.l tno ao^r , he puilea oiit hn* *atuh, 
mct.risecl tlie tii'ie , ii^n.ieu hit oarait to u Tnend, iu\x avKua him 
to plfty for hi:u vhilo ii *iint into the Cinirc/. to oo.ire&* thi 



7hi.-G f.-iivQ itiuny ti.i:u',s z'.:.,f. Kara nenf unci in»«ii 3»txni^ . In 
t::e iia:'i.ot 1 fu^irij. U.taJi aolliiij^ ooot Dy tile yaii"i , iribteau wf 
i.'V i,i;.> pou.u. li vit> Jilt into llun d*ui*ip:» ar.u. oj-ieu in l]ie 
ai.M, and y^t *iion jov^^wSJ. .»itii Jiuli pe^»f;ertt iraii nut unpilita- 
ba.e. Tlie jur.-<>.r bt.-eot/S vei e fuii oC .jreat vuivurei>, or .ur- 
key buiaaroa , so ta;.*? , you i»,a Jtiniofat Zk, j^ivT-* tJiei^i out, •>C your 
ffay . tJioaft , i l.^ai'tiou, *'ere pioveot<^u oy 1? v , jinu •#fji''? the 
only 3ca>7c>ii£;era ^^f tl-a Cit.> . 

I'eforo MO sailed, a Btjjar.ier ajrivsc Vro',x\ Cilifi'rn^-i ♦ith 
a Uici'ssand i^tiy .^«j»ii:t'ra , adu At. *;xi* a Biiv^ulnr fact *.liit thov 
iKfit^ infinite} y r.oi-rj quiet nr.-j. oetter bohaved th^r. Uio-jo ju«t 
arrived froir. Ve»vf York. i ;sked n-y friGriA tiie i-esiiOnt, how he 
acGoiint'xl fiT the f:-. ct. Jo sai; it, *ub a v^l i i-« jogr.azej. ones, 
and tljn n^wson w«s tlwr ♦i:f,s'! re tui'?ii;i/T had bcon tiift eliipi^ant, 
¥hile those y-Ht foarj'T out vere in .sedrjii of hira. 

In auft *.xi^e, we otrioarkirj. oi\ the ate*i.!i«r Panasia . ono wf 
tl^.O flPet »«nt out to darry t/m moils ?>y Jiowi.tnu onu AspmwaH 
tl/> Jiworrr^enr , i tiiink , havin>: heiprs-.i ■.<! buil t the.-i. He 

Oo.istoi :ti;>'ii' m aiffht of 1 ;n ». in ;\ 'unt so (jMOt ti.At an In- 
ai»M an^-wiit wwi: li Invft nee?! safe, b\it niin rvv lur.'lir*r uttil 
ws roaJiieu. Acapulco, ti.e eir.htli day. }iern , .'iPtet entering 
tiieiittlo iiurbor, ve were iim .euiately »i)rruun<ao<t 
oy irr. inner abie b</ats. n5i)tiMy louaoti -vith. rr»;it, eeekinr; h mnr- 
k^t , — oranrffti , j)inouijpl<»« . la-.wrb , liniOH. all jmhcu; «.r inoi«>ns. 


F.ach pedlat- >ia-i a b^aket attacl-jea to a line , ar,a a pjisseriKer 
waMtlJi;^ fi-Mt woula Dft mvitea to b»}»xi doftn ti.e Tho 
fruit woula th«n be put in the baul'et, a>v.i tie purcliasor O'/Uju 
haul it up. 

It yras vary aiiiuaing t" Itr&v aonte of ti.e yoiirv men, *ho , 
braf,, !xj lf>ft>ing ?;ov Yv-j-J. nai prrciiasfjcl h b(>«)k ar.titJrtd ■•'*[>ariiBh 
without 'A fc'-ister,'* riU. a vi.»# of bcirr AtJe to spoilt, Tr-jinst 
tho tiro t'.iey i^-^'t to Jalifornia. Hon** of tliefii luiu J'?%rnea 
tha t •quantoTnoatu "hi* Ta.'^jh" ail' U. at "•oro' •?<>]'j.' 1 

pros'J'.e th.i:!'' ttc moiXh f-u-iel the tjurthcii of tl;*?ir t,houg;-,t». 
1 l^am one of tii^sn istixlents siTi^jinp out to X^n n^dlat* , ""Qaun- 
to <^ro . tY« pinr an vlfts , (>r\^ va trj- m.<>lon, nr?.! a doz^M orR'-Z'es.'' 
N<,#f tl;o projxirtion of Rp.ini ih Ksna in •^liis in^.tanca wab loss 
t.})ATi in the Ht+,«mp1; made by anoth'»r one. TV.o^p itftr-.i h^mtB 

rtlor'f^Hile, .yith .iwnin/^s over th«Tr, so.l i-.-i tij:"^ pa-sae?'-'^-'-, t,- tro 
on sliore . I heftjrl another oT thfl s*.r.-*»nt8 inqi'irlnr m >- 
narriPBt tone, "Cunnto i<rtim, ri> Hshorum,* rvid I fviv* »i' -I'-iibt 
he thouf^iit ^V: '•■as talkinr; np'mish. 

1 oo'ioli'iea U> take a rvn un shore, '?}■» t<'<rn so'>n.rd to 
be livirv on tie siiovrfxlka . Ir front of ne'irlv ev^r;' '.h-or 
*ciis sf)!>?ad tlieir ropraJmridise . — •jpimre nt ly h»i t «.1se than 
frnit Htu aguadieniE , 'a fiery kiru o'' tioiiio. W" bIso vnt to 
jer> Q sliip tii&t riany vnara aro w^t> thrown om 1 ind ti«)nie *iatanoe 
by a tidal wave, atu ivxn lain there since . \ senorita, *ith 
a tki akot <»f sir'Jlb an.*. r*fat/ic»r floveru. orVfi-"^ uh 't r yi-«8. 

flovor, ?iivj iri ri'Nt, :. ^-ai'uriT.ljiiS? tonps , Ww'jl.l say, »T,- ...• t^HP t^ta. 
Senor," j"u if •."» nijc5«t ted , sl-^ di -. not }!(»sit»*.ft *o stat* 
t-liat al'^o 9x poutotl "Senor" to nr^eorta I.or x t./o-bit pie.i'> in 
return . 

^hile vo "'^ro on shorn , t^a jnaser^'Srs on t! « Btesi or 
•ypre Hx^Jitod ^t a sirht thoy s^y appro'iahin/; ; Borip dozen 
boats were nev.rinr t.i;"? ateanor. Alon^^silo of "'toh'.i to 
s»ti»n son© anim:.'.! s/irrrun/T, no part of v iijh Arris I'l dirht bvt 
'•i :»aa surnkMWJto-.i. K>y an mu>rr'H)''K niir uf hor>i». TMoy jM-irod 
It to i>fi sfjnie sea rrh^nster , uatil !-.<ild t.'^y v/pre Wexioa?'! ox«ti 
npinii rjr<'u;:i;ht on boiri to fond tl.f p-^ason/'orR. T.'T'n tjio .juee- 
tion arxae , "Lo** ooulu oxen »>n taken **ra: out tin w-itnr , a»il 
pvit on board tlie Do^t'* 'fho probltw wc>8 8o<jn solved. A 
tajKle ana '*all was io.verfld frorr. tiio yard anr, , utta(j)ied to tha 
horns of an ox. ana« t>r Porr s^^iloi's vouid iKist ;ii.ii out 
of the vator , his iepa dan^flin^' in tin air, until hi,"ii em>»if!:>i 
U> cletir the bulwarks . ^vhen In* would be lowered inttj the cat- 
tle peJUi , there to rer.iain, until cialled f<'T by tin shi j ' t. bi,t- 
oher . Aftor takinr on board tie cn*tie and quantities <>T 
fruit, tlie anchor was }u*i8ted, and we ateaniea out of the har- 
bor. <^r. our way afiam. *e o:iileu at f!f*n Bla*. I.azat- 
ian, uju -'^at: Jxero. Ju»it uefure enteriiu' th© Hay of Sanlue;?u, 
tiJo nionun-ient nuirJvinr the boi nudiy line bet veer !exico ana Cali- 
fornia waa piiintej oi:t to us. Oi.r nnxt oall */ ;* at Monterey. 


orjoJta icr'i v.t.itile, arvi i*' i)>' i:)-ita zo •:■: avvr a u' iTj- of a Vi th eritlf>r9. Ail h i-.rra i.^'e*K.b ui • j^jit- 
inc t'- j yiup'i load of pubu.<??itf*r8 /ho ircre vitrxjsbir:,.; o^;ej>. 

Aij vo TV ;rei oi r cle«i*ifiai,ion , o. d.tiii;;© otiii* t>vrr t\:s as- 
tions iifKi cor^vers'.i"* ion of i'^..ny of ti.e p;;sBor.f ijrs. V-oy ^-'.Te 
Icfib l^ii'ir ioi.1 b i-r.u full ' P Cv/*" f*ia»nce . r.afr/ of titof. ^rei-o 
abort to iLcia ill a atraiK-** aonntr-y vi^h ivurly er.tJ w t.irt;n.^, 
anJ. i la \/r» n.i aoubt /naiy of ^I'on viuhe.i t'^ov wfiro Dajk i.i trie 
oonirort.., b3« h(/:;f»s tmy rt-.a Inft. 1 t.u-s i.-wrtioulu'ly yM-uok 
oy t.'e -ti»*norbt lu^k of* i omipl?] o* *«11 -b^ih;iv«»'l r<»n;^lBH that 
1 haa ocen ^ol<^ ^<» rr>nuor a li'Mlt* tiasiataMco U» i-i luokinj- 
liftor their oaf;{jat-';ft . i aakea tJiem vhy tl-'fty wor-i so ^-loorny 
Mow, U3 vr> wrere aciout ut c-nt^r t.'>.*> Ck»l * -m (into. Tliey .'iritivorect 
''it.h toara ana ucjba tliat. t.i'oy liaa DeHii s>j loiv' on Ijio .louiney, 
*liich liad ooat ix» ro ■'.han they liau f>xp«otf»d, nrxl th.ey laa out 
littie left. lettorB !'r<«ii aojUAint:uioes> hivi civwn tjiuli :'io*- 
inr itCvJounta of thf- eube virl; whij)^. fTola *ra& rnnd© oy all wil- 
iiar- to ^ork . tia c tliey juu tj«Pn irKUicjej. to inKiLo tj.e Journny. 
unt no.* they roalizeu \)\e fact iliat thwy knflw jK»t a aoul Vi 
apply to lor advice, ana lmu:tily wia.Ba tiioy were huar. in 
Ohio. 1 oornfortnd tl-.en ail 1 could, and advxaoa them to C-o 
to A hotel at *l:ach 1 intendttu to utop . AltlKJUgii it »rouia be 


expansive , they woula oe suror oV good aavice than ti.ey vr«>ula 

ce Ai hu.'!^ C: eiil> tifXl p.:riUAjJb xt^st. iV put atle plaje. "i» s ii»n 

aropi-ea atiohoi aoreas:. of ^iat ti.t'Jie ^it '-..or uP t. e o + ty of 
Han Fra;icibci». Ti.ei<; ^ofs no aoc/<s at /tiimr. to 1 oid , anu ill 
iuftu ^-o K<> '^Ji aiiOj'© in a;,, ii Dv^ata. 1 i:roc'.ix*9u one t.*, tako 
our party, aii«. wuy 5iP\MJt u» lecivo , .fhan the tvo f'oriiJles 0(v gecL 
i;.e 'o leT tlion. i^- wi*,h na. 1 Wi s a little fearful t}iat. l m'i 
got in f.o tin entanrJin." alliaroe , bii*. tl-.r rpsult, pr(jv*Ki f=i:.jLnent- 
ly Si Mafcivj tory . Thxj lio to J at win ;:h wp btoj.-jjoa had iioma fif- 
ty oj- d'.xty (jpraa , ana vi^: to ths? t tam? tlie li^ndloru h:i'i re'>ti 
Oijnpelioa to »»uiijloy men to do tie clwir.hor worl;. He \rjs Rlad 
to en.pioy thebe t. vu 0;,iv> w<irnr5n , "it f^ve uollars a 'xiy ea^h.and 
boar-cL tii<?m, bo tiwy «i»ei-ft nuiao irxiepend^r.t at once, arvt i h^ave 
^u> '.I'ju'.t, if alive tr.ny r«r!t»n bPr mo rratefuHy tn tf is i-iy. 
Tl «t vii ty (if rSaii Fr.)HJi6Co prsboried a crtide e>vJ atrarre 
a.p''fia' Aoi' 1, otlvr bnJldinp «*as mude prlnoii)ally 

of canvLiB, rtnci w. Iraet our oi:t <<f everv t,' reo was a baJoon ana 
Hui'iblin" uon , wxtl a ofirro. of innsii.j to uttraut unatoniHra. The 
(Jtiniirv, tJiOlgs A'ore ti'ir roundo.^ by rou^h-looK Ing , lonj^-h«ardea 
i«««7i, Wit,:: L)'/iit3 oiitsiae their pan talo<»nB , all '.rith (Hbt«il8 
:»trap,.'?a to t.eir jrrists, anu uvny of tlieru <iUi a h:»nile of a 
bovie k>>ifr- pt-.^tririinr 't-om their b<jutles5. "nr^in of Uiem *ore 
Boij<?r anu itr.ertl;/ ■«r?.t'-'hinr tfie 5«nie iTi wiacli tuey were invoat- 
iiv; Uieir ii.on«>y, vhile oth*»rs were hilarioualy drunK , ana aing- 
iJit:, lirtOOliftnalian 8<jnp8. Tl* nmrnint: after oi;r first niriit xn 


San FrunoiBco, tiio iaily paper* annwunoeci bv.t twt. men found in 
the street* *i th holo» throufii tliem , juiu it ■Ytis thou^-ht a 6}i<rt 
crop. Not a few of those found uead on t'.e streets ir those 
days were suioide*. J'en *ho hau oeen soccessfi:! in tl.o iif:- 
i'ings and lad naae *hat tr.oy thought would rrtii.e tliem con*'orta- 
blR for life, ^vould Oor© down to San Franoisoo, and tuxle wait- 
inc ti;e bailing, of the liomeward- bound bteiffrer, would tx- iOduo- 
dd t(j visit one of tl.ese Ifell«, and, looking upon tl.e ^''t-^, 
w«>uld see soi'ie o!ie (wi^o vus jjrobublv a confederate 1 vi-ning 
thouaands of .loilurs, A r^iOLn , in hi s folly, wouia think he 

could aouble the pile !« Iiad brought from t>e mines, anu the 
result «rould be tl^at in a few lii>ur» all woula bo t^one .-.uxi it 
is not impro biitlt tliat le hau already advised hj.^ Mfife,. ir his 
mother, tiat >« lutd rriade ton or t^^cnty thousanu dolictrd, arxi 
•hou Id sail for home on the next steamer. 

Some of tl-e Ai-f^onauta cm la -nd uid bear up nncx^^r such a 
state of facts, anj. borrowed of a frioiu enoue>. to take Uam 
back to rj;o uunrb Uj uelve for more; while otliers, mwro sen- 
sitive, r'iti.Gr \ acknoviejige ti-di- Aickeanasb and Toily, 
preferred to ainifflo off mortal coil, ana tl.ey «ror'> the 
ores that funu fJieu. a fair percentage of thobe founu an.^ned, 
anci in the btreot 1 iiaa brought witli ri> a Tex U:out. \nu aol- 

lat-s. thinkinr 1 mi^i.t see aomethinc in wl.ioh 1 ■voula like to 
invost, but wnen 1 baw ho* nioney was usou — almost exolisively 
iiri fihti ;blint' fojiies— I niaae up my iiiim to ouy a bxil of e>chan/^, 


,iiK» sart xt oi\cl to niy oankor iii ?;pw York for safety. IT.Rioe^ 
o'jr f^^i lo /-pab s'^ni.'Hr , Oj,i'.e out to take a posiiioii in the Cub- 
toci I oise , then jii«»t, establialwd , witi: Thonias* Butler 1 in.'. , an 
Coilootor. We b.^*/ har; iriBtHllea, mu startea fur tae 

Davii V. Umsaale (who luio. a year before tlus roarriea our 
sister Clarlotte, next olier than myself* and A, I. ana B.j.fil- 
liame , unfiles of my nepliew Albert, were r.iTunL in JJevauu , txtvj. 
we naae tlat oui' oojeotive point. Te fotna iheii. all deop m 
the Djybtery of mining, as they were working thirty feet under 
groum , di^Kinc ^ai t gravel on ana near tJie bea rock, senaint 
It to tl-ie Burface with the aid of a wmalasb ana tub, tlf-.ix 
Cdrtii\' it nearly I'uif a mile to thie creek, anu there wasliing 
it,. founa rt.C.tiliianiS dstride a tub, the lidlf of ." whis- 
key oc «1» flllou with water, a twelve-quart pan m his li^nd, 
filled 60 f.-r '^.a wri cwi l-j. see with uirt anu fravel. At lus 

suggestion ww wa tcliea ha» operation, 8oein{- tie dirt m '-he 
pt<n ijowmr iet»B anu loss, until finally we coujd bef-'in to see 
a maas uV yellow, clitterinc rola, »rhen he wn s aone r-iunpu- 
letxne it. he weigi;ed it upon };ib scales, -anu thei-e ms ''ifteen 
hurtireu ..ujiiiu^s' ••ojtii, anu w.=? ^tu-: tolu it vas Ue reauxt of 
onu clay''-- "•':•)■ of t]:i-ec '" ^■.•jr . 

About, t)\e Mne *c- amveu, .'.'r.JiifisOa Jp :\r:L the filj-x*.* 
brotiiere haa nearly exlunsteu their clair:8 at ? evaaa 3u:-i *ere 
on lookout for fuc-her uigrflrvcra. Tliey ttii ui scov-ieu 

•irliat tl '»y tliought would tya a paying lo<Jai^^y. i? i*. aoula be 
sutJpliecl vit.h water- i')iey riaufl a survey, .inci f'»*uiiu t;,.tl with 
tJ)e outlay of labor anji moTjey a ditch con la bo naUe rrom Deor 
Or»fek nn'ur Nevad-i , tii)i /atni- di^ei-tou to Kan Joxph I-'xll ,- a uis- 
t«J!c»> of rune niloa. ffator Uitaheti of any ler^^^th weie un- 

i<ii<'.ni, and the unuei-takmr; was Iw iked v.po.i a«i tjit^ajit ac ,-and 
muivj coridorvativa men prornoatioated their rum. H«fore they 
liuu exll&ua^ed tl\& ii- claims vit 'ii;vaa& , iiowever , tht-y had a 

si.r«*ain of wat^r runninj^ ttiruufh iur» .mied of aitdi , that 
would supply thirty nis^n. 

While this iitcl'» *as Deinf; nade.jay iwjphew a»a r_v8fei f had 
uol.icteu some frcun^ near .'i.ei o it v^ab tu t»-rriina wC . ■'.ii^t 'jros- 
pp'cted fairly »Ji)on t}ie siiif.j.00. At N'evuaf*,! iiaa utv •• ti.« 

«^a.e kirid of f:i'ourd snucHbbfui^y Mi,vk6a , dv uiEguiE a uitch 
throogli a foot or two of "travel tJit.t ov'=?rlaid a soft granite 
i;f?a rock, ther, into tnis bed reck a fk)ot or 1.0, ar:u -urni'ir a 
brreani of water througli tlue tjed i-ooK Uitoli, so looa'oa, tliat 
it vould nin with n ^xju, J*l.ivi'p ei J-j'^int, !-'0;tt, biovel a Tuot 
or- two of top ';i*avel snX dirt on *< \iie \jo-i i\'0>. dxtch, ^eav- 
ijjfi trie ^mrrenr to e^reep through the ditoh. ana to oarx-y off 
„ii«* dirt atYj. (jravel , ieaviTi^-: tiio gold beiana. Then caierwlly 
»crape Uie Oottuii of tlw ditch, arrl vasr it out in a pan. 

1 iiiaue up my miticd 1 ooui.a impiWH 011 '.Mb plan oy using 
xUJTiDer. 1 wej;t to the only biw mill m tue county, and at • 
(Jo«^. of otse hundred dollars per thoi<bana,orderaa iianbe^' f^i' a 


sliiCA ono liuuared unti fiftv feet lorv;, — tl« bottom board to 
1)9 a^^yfea, tajjorirv; ft>i:rteeii xnciieb xt one end and twelve at tlie 
oi^ , bL, t>-at vri.on ;i sx-^e b<ia:ti vrus lailea on euoh siae oT 
U:is> octtiuii, the rterr<jvv end -^roula enter ti.o viae .-stove-uipe 
fashion .-thi:;* Ioj-u.xiii: a Mitor-tipht elnice into wlucii to anovei 
earth. Aoour tr>e f.ii.-o v.o pj,,*, our sluioe wot, it coiwiionceu to 
rAx^'i auu sriov* , aiv.i tave uo ^iri aoutiauMje of water. 1 told 

AlbQrt, (lor #i:ooc bs'iefit, 1 >vn & working, ah 1 uia 'lo *, conie out 
to stay but a, fe* i.withs,} to l.iro fwur m(*n , pi:t two on <i x.Mi 
biu» tl.e bii...ce, and coixMifeiicf' wafehinij; , wtii le Ib forked out the 
rc^Ci-.b tl-e vvater woula ixj t run out. Albert was fearful th^t 
tie w4;uJu not en<'r,p>h to pay tr.e lurea men, as oi^^ht dollars 
a uay ttaoli ws s as cl.eap ?s ^e coulu hire, but at lUCiit of tie 
firtot Ua> we took up fifty-four dolia) 8 , raiu 1 coi iu s'?e .-^on- 
aideriible fine Kolu. in tlJ^ bj.ives of the roiu h, iie»vly-i,a'.red 
o<»^ru8— ail of A'linih ■iff ooula p;et. as tie noarus worp 6n.<iot.h. 
'I'hiB, at tie time, wan an pt^tirely new svyle of rrining, ar^.a 
bef<'re the ^eek *a8 out over live hujiareu nien )fi^ come t> ««* 
the rvc.ohine for getting tfola. It certtvinly a-.^s a preat im- 
ljrovt»iri»«nt on fori i»»r "loues , «"u hiia 1 obtained a patent for it, 
a vfJiy errall rgyalty would >'.ave naae me i fkjrtine, f<.>r , by its 
means, manj millions lic\ve been reall^jcd in the placers. 

Albert coii*.in\ieu eucaebbfrl and took out etioPf^h ove;- yra- 
ges to pay ire all 1 liau adv»j?iaed him to m-ike the journey. 
Seftin^r him tUii^r well. I Ofinn^enoed pro • f /> c 1 1 np to see if 1 



could not fina tlie vein out of wliich gold f»<i)na in tlie 
airfa^fc uf.xtii liau come • 

i liitoiiy tiujcoouea in getting" control oT a v^iin .iia.t 
iooxeu fr'c>iiti bing, 1 ooiila ijet, a f:xir pan piH'Hjjeot f >u . tjio 
uecurii^iusiocl rwcK , ani nujcli of tji© boii'i vein hIioiToU. foi-^ «fi.en 
puivuriaea. I boxoa U{j foi-ty or f i Tty p<njnaa of .i.cJ. .urw. 
<>tart«d foi- 5?an Franc lact). NhoDt my only acquaintaneo being 
in tiie Oua^.rfn Hoi^s**, i vont tl'ere at once. Ail tJ-.« orficars, 
from K.r.iing a.t. «i to ♦:ie intijectora , #01-'^ aMxioua to t,i.bscribe 
for stock. 1, cori';>aTV.' fan fi.m sa arKi the au*cK ia yuea , une- 
fi/urth of -ti icJ) "ftxs to hff unaasessable , ana letairKJu by nje for 
lie location. Vhi^ t^irpo -q^jjLrtfira *'Hre '-^aruea to tii» auo- 
scrxrtprs, subioct to aaaesariont, as '"uiKia ^ere reLjiiir»A for 
af»vol(jprT»nt . rty tiii.s time, Aib'^rt hia *y»arly vcii'keu out his 
cl'^im at RtJU'^Ji inl Riiady, arri y/as o^feroU the snpt^j- inien'ioncy 
of tiif> I'.ine , It t«n lollira a oia./ saleiry. Ho t>olI his alui- 
c»u urxx toolu 4nu *»«nt to kovL t\>r ti:0 Ovjni^. my, iiia tfoc/.txncea 
sinkinrr a shaft upon the voin. Aotrnt t; !;> m .e . thinki-r" I 
hau jnaue arranffement* tiAt *ould insui-e ine ill the motiey 1 
shJiul'i. '^vor vant . 1 *u s r«.auy to aiul fi- r hiJi-.e . In niy !uin©- 
waru trip 1 mot vith no exclt^r¥^ episode. V*f.nty-bix uays 

iji-ou'jit ine to iJo'.roiT, , m tJie n^orninfj , just Hft-'i t).e oarb had 
started \'"v Podi, luc; ol t riy l'ii«rxi. .IoIji ^tr<jn»' kmxiiv,' my 
a>i>iety t«* aee my * 1 ^-^ ina olilluren, voxi.nta; aj.;, offerel i!\% 
the "»© of yiib trottin/r ponios , anu with U.etu I rrads aorji't a« 

goi/u tuie u» tie old Flat r;ar Rail //oula allow. 1 wab aosent 
tJiib tii<« uut littie r:.oro t]:aii six r<<ntl:s , t)Ut 1 »fii s a:!i«<n" tl.e 
first iff ti'.e Arf:onaute tw reMim. ariu was for a tin.o quitft a 
liun. pRupiR vho lv»u Trien'-ih m tl^at fai-off l.-.mi ca e l-.rt 
aistanceb to soe .iin'l talk with one who htiu livea t<> ?tc. u p;e 
ana return. J lau»: oaoK but ai>«A;t tJ.ree ri.»nt}-;8 wiie-n l-tt- 
twrtt I'ror; Alu^rt inroni.eJ r.e tfm mines wei'e likely to i (-> : 
i'viiluie. lie IrcL srnk sixty Vn<?*. ux\ *)ie vi-in. ?(>unti .?ola u?l 
ti* way, but a littio Bn»dil ej^pine atKi a uhilliui' rull couia 
nut rorx onourh t«j [rtiy expeii«o8. At tJ.fl Rtiu of ti.reo v/jvXlti, 
tJ.ey fouiKi thanri selves tlir«)e tJ-oiiaand aollnrs uehma, sUjck - 
Kolu/?rs 0.1SCU urafied , am unwillinr r^ pay more asse .-ut.r en ta. and 
were finally solJ. out. '^is.i re ok tliey voiKea avvraKtU fifty 
dollc-'.rs a ton. anl in uftor year* was wc>rkea witli preat b'.c- 
Jeas>. ttPu i^rouucol t.oii e millions of tioilai'8. )'ere pj'oparly 
end* :i y ri>i.aiU8oej'.ce» .>C my first trip to Califi/riiAa. 

Jlirwe tron 1 have riaue fifteen more trips ovt>r th>.i; sanie 
l«t)!lM a roji te , .'r.:iJ\ iMj' tHiTty-two ti! oa i .uvc crosse'-k ti.e Isth- 
iiiua uf P.'.nfeiisa ill t'^>ine 8-'>d returning, a;".^ ii; aj.1 of tlxifcf trips 
1 lave n9V»r oeen aick ft^r an iiour. nor 1 '8 ti.eie been any sick- 
nesb oy ^i mi'..i.»r of ;i.en wlto iuvs, ut aifforent tiU'^a .nia'oC 
tl;e Voyage wxth i^ m tiie oupaco-ty of an;piuyeeb arl avinniin- 

Aco'..t a ycAr after i re turnea i ru.ji n.y fix at trip, 1 nx- 
oliantieu i.jy .luaestoau anu a ij.ixl pi «> party at Hontiao for ti prop- 


er ',' ;•• R'^slyp. I onp Island, and movtid my fsuiily xo r)iat placQ. 
noi.if* o!" R.y nep}'i9wtt, xho trero lxvi.iv- m i.ov y«>rK at that tirne. 
will r^r f^fii)'- '• ho'.tr IovpIv t.h# vxew frorr our front awor^ looking 
our. iii^o the harbor, -^ab, ^iia t o«t;utiful, aiiauy arlve<» t..ei'i 
*ere all ov^r tnr» ^<)'- tJ'. 3/ior« , and ths nice irivinp horaos 
tlint "I'.'i.Jle"* trourl^t from the Vest; — out if tiiuy ihv<j fur- 
t^otten tl-^esij frtors. . .I'i in.jlijwd to lyllove tl.ey still 
Der t':'? liOJOitRole fcop tiM'-;s tinjy resfived frorii their Aur.t 

yaj'Oiu, atvi fror-. their oonsins, .varcia ?Jid "allio. 

Altioi''»1i 1 hici riB -ooa a farm aa tfiwro *as on 1 onr isl'ind, 
i t\,;iru it to.^ mil ari quiet a life aioti^ an orierly quaker 
contiiunity , and Itsa nwt excitement onoutrh to kef»p r\r9 from ruat- 
inf . 1 Ikia a -irsi;p ♦<> hO«» C>\liforni9 ^rain , vid male up my 
uiinu Mi !;v. out or..:e rr.ore . Mr. Pice, tin san^^ p'.rson who *ont 
«rith iri? on niy first t: ip and 'vho/i- 1 haa J^ft in tiie Ocstom 
hous.<i in "a!i Frific i soo . hiui also -jon.e baok , am hid o<?en Jiom* 
lonj', enough to be leady to ro peal the trip. hftfore he left 
tJj© Pacific, a ai jicovery iud bf?on rie -e of phonoi'ienal ri^jli dig- 
Sinjja iTi Uie ix-aoJ\ s ini of ^Jio o>;eari at a pl.nce ouiled Port 
Oxt'oru, about four lui larou rijilo:i n^rth of nt>n ?r&rx:iS(jo. The 
gold in this ioo.'ility <aB shiI to r^e 8>i f i no t)»at it vra s dif- 
fioult to save it by any washirv: prooes** In vse , but a "Smart 
AlleoK" >iaa invonteu a jnujliine t.'.at <»as m'.i/posftu, tv bo the 
thing to ovGrcoi-ie nil xrouble :<!Vi . m t.'ie l'in{T»'afi« «^ 
Colonel SellMrb. tii^tre *r»iula bi* "millions in jt." 


The rac'jine wa* nude Bometiun/? lixe a t:hree)iinff maoiiina^ 
on a ai'ali sjjJ«;— "j cylinder, revolveti in a box. In t,. as 
cylind»*r t'lm n'ttncruu:! spiKsb . nm m« it revulvod, tlic .'. a>.e8 
>fOMl-i *'; i'»ai-oiinA in --.g i.iru in tto lx»tt<«r uT the box, rind 
t.^nsp B^ikos, bei iv; I'lagiieta. wduIu pii;j< up tlw uon sand, but 
wlien It ri^vulved " o a 0':>rtain jXiint, the spikes, by aonft pro- 
oBSb, cec\»ftri to )a/e njajjiietic py *er . am virould drop oTf the 
8 iivj. on to 51 belt rornin;/; in aroth«r axre>jtion. We tri?^ one 
of the nuohiDes *itli aano, tliut oankere, *fi!o haa puroJiaa*>':i {-old 
dust but partly oleaned. ha'i t«ikf»n out *ith horse s!v>e narnots, 
Afid i'V Course the roaoiiiiie worked bRau tifuily , so ^e ooimluaed 
to buy one and r^o to t.'^o o©ii;jh. difitU^UTS. 

^'e » 1x1-^ froni hew York tJ.ia tinne about tl^e first of June, 
^'J l85t? , -rf«nt tlirouph much tJie 8:4i:;e acjenes .\m in.jiJ.rtnt8 ab upun 
oi:r r.rtit vrip, uncii ve reaohea Paiianii . Thorc; wo Tou n;* that 
t'ne ship f'u- ¥!iioh vc hau ticket* haa fc^en iri-ec!-. eu on her .to*'n- 
-furd trip. Tie a^ent, however, ma ue ii.vr .mrr^roita wi tl\ t'lft 
oompetinf- line to sftiii ub foi-wurd on th*,- Golaen oate. 

Tile oor.bequence of ji anpe *'na -j. or^w . uf a tiiousitii 
pflbM'nco) B *rl»n there «houJu lave uee*^. hut hij If tie aianber ,» ;)v;t 
c:uT'fia i;ttf- <.r qu.nint' ktii^t ia.hxcfc urid two ; winn i .on fi^.-n' 'uf- 
falo ana fryKr.if, wiio wcmc <jcjupnntb <<r the c*rf» state rtMCi , in 
perfect lv?a^ti. uurliv tJ.e fifteen cla>b, nu --t. .Vf;u on boar-i 
tie ahip borh cholera and yeilo-v fever, avd uui-e a numior 
wore bui xcu at faot . 

Tlie only epiftoae i,lu?,t occuirea out of the ordiiiary wa« 
the uiSvJiijliniti^ uV oiie of the *aitftr», whijh had a reirorkabie 
Auflueuje vjver t}"» fortune of one of avr itjuminate* fror. Buffa- 
lo. Tiiia */aitor Wiia .Aiil'-y of aonio offense for *iajii the cap- 
tain or-4."i'eu hiDi put ant,o tJa stocks. 'Clc atool.s *oro no 
Dorp rioj- ie««i tt onsk or oa rrei iiimitt tiio iie»ada , vritii }ii^lo« 
/lear ol^ie centra ii:"uO onoi./:;j. u> auinit lutt uiuis , (o;»f; on eaoa 
c'iue,) anu vriin pi; t i^n iuii., iUo .*'i.t^ .^^b ji- at anwve tij* tou, 
ana >iib axv..s iuxntiirjfi ao«fn on each fciae. he coula nsitisar .sit 
noi' io.^ jAJA-n. In thio u,ret>b lie was nuii oheu on to t\\e piome- 
nade uec^. , tu\^ lor an iioi-r mixh vji« oi)t»ervftj, of all obsfu'vex'a. 
Prcbentiy ;i Holisl Jc*- thui<g].t piop^j- u> inter •'<=•:•«. .';o xront 
to ti-c cc-iptam ar.u tox^ iuin it <vhs ai outra<^e, ar"j. if jO dxd 
not rt'lfeutiji^ viift *a.i >.'<r at one© , he hir:s«if muuIj. t<> so. Tl0 
captain toi-i h^m very milaly trar ho ima nett'^r Ic; wri \i.o uis- 
oipimt? t>r tiie s/iip to him. T!» .Jfiv c;ontin-.«^u. to thrcja tan 
ii-utiny uiiiOiiS tiie waiter *ftj'e r»>A«ciaea , anu tj.e captain final- 
ly tola iiini tiiat i« vonl.i c.\li tir- rr; te , 01?. } 'iv-j hi.-i taken 
out. Wiion tiie la te ai>p©ured , tiio c.ip^.ain, without oi.angirg 
Oountonunce or leaviiu, hxH sent . ' Jtea hif' to t.'.ko t.^e wm- 
t<»r oiit or ttie t>arr«l tx^vl put ti* .K>v in. ] a wa.-» kP ^t ti.ere 
for f«n hour or more anu not releasea until }»» i/omisou not to 
interfere acai" with tlia ahip's tnanap.ecM* nt . Tlaa opisoao was 
a relief to the [r>o»:otony of tie vc^yape , n-iu f;av*» "s n there 
f.>r convrtraa f ion . Mn*; of everv ton nV tlie pnase'iP'crs virere 


i.eaf li iy *tii.. u.e captain, out, t..e .low '.^u. j-xs purtx^^ttna ;u.tiL*, 
una. t: ey cuiiiu aoc no necytisitj Tor autocrat lo Di>#ftr i)i «i 

uhi|/b i:5jjT,aiH. I're «.>f wiii- .••otji..i iridtou j*^* o." . j» vay to Cj^- 
ifoii-iu to v;(jii.ier.ce :um career ab a i.a*yer , aru. at»uoti;Tp tjw 
rigiit 'i'l u lej'iai bense ) fur tiie capttan to pi-uaoi-iue t/.e pi ■•- 
lah.'ieiu fur t.-rot: tonea MMmy , ujwnoeivea xiie lana of ^PttinK'-' tiiu oi/urts in Han Fiuno JiekJo ,-uiia, p«r]iAfja, a oontj.njJ'.eiji 
f e» . The ■]>**!. tieroro ieuvin^. tj.o Bl^.ip liya .'.nrhwiiida hxir. to 
arreb'-, tiifi captaxn for in ijriborunent in tJL» ein-i-eo., etc. 

'i'lie t.iiira uay the Juinainf; ti.a captain w- k n;\Ji)f;;ht 
t)efv.iiv tl'.e court, ana ijui- room Biate maaa a !»ftnt»KtiuM/i Mpeecii. 
lie paiMtft".. m viviu colors V.i» f.vrtiniucal oi'ueiiitib oT tiiObc; 
autworaMc soa ^aptuiiis , anu a Jury (pixiuably tlie fripiis of 
the Jr}.* ) rivfa rj.e'1 tf;n Taioutoanu. v*ollax-a a.a)iiagOb , tiiw Stuar'.- 
ahip Ct^iii^^'iy l^'^tl it to pay. \'nj.a ^ittj-c unroroso'in L:xf«ium- 
stanoe , '♦Jin.'h proDabxy oritxnaoau. oy u cliahwusl'^r li'jvi'ig caro- 
lebbiy bi'okon ;i pLittoi-, oi bpiiinu a pi^ t of ^ lavy , ru- : only 
t^avo an ^*^»;>irllv< y*'ii»\fe; L-.vyer M b take , out ufi fact \-int he 
iT&a u.utiiatea a poJift-rfui 8t«ai«t>uip comj>.iiiy for Lull tii»*t:saua 
uoliitrsi, ?;ave liDJ;. a start as- u. iuvyer, ana m le^s Uian two 
yourb i.e .vab i.»ju« alio rsioy -geiu.Tai oT a. a ytatn. 

; r. Rico ana iivbalf ren-iinuu j.i) 'lai. Jruucxaco oit a rtw 
(laya , when nn !«.■ 'X pa«' on U:o Oi'i}4>»,ii ateejj^Hi for Gre«ount 
City, ti^t LOxn*i tlie neaiust lanxirv; ^o tiie coa»t aiff.inr;*. 
We I'otna, aft«i* t..e 8^eu:.<:i lef*> Civocvrin i^^iij . vl;i.v x c «iAi Id 

DP! u-iufH T,.. to reaoJ". tlie Hftaoli uip'juics i,y lr:v:., as 
tJio Iiwians .nlon t'lia isoaat vere thv*up,j « to t^e on *^«^ wif jAith. 
Aa v>«> o>/nlu ix» •- t'ot -ivay uuri i t,j,e Bt«;uf er fptti itvia ?!-*.trr>. (>r<f- 
gon , W'T cor. jjL uuej. to liitv riaiiiG n.u lee» an^ i.Kike a trip intw 
tlip intei'iur, to a jviaoe that, tiie winter befoj-o, haa hean 
founu tu I'Toaucp t. »,<)(>a ^«ax oT '<ol'A. In t*o aays * travel 
itv ny u moiintaiti *.ruil, yf«» fonna our»rtlvP» at a pl-ic<> kno»Ti ..s 
"^•ailors* Ld-rins.* A |)at- ty wf aeiioi-s vere t;:e uisoover- 

ers , arij. ./orteu tliftr* A'irh fl;o'.At reHults unrio. t ^e «*itor pave 
oTit, o»i tiif» approacii of ti* ar: aeasu!!. Ve rouTK*. t'"»rR a 
'Jn»ZHi\ or c-ibins , bi.t unf' of viiioii Itru an cjcupant. ffd 
foi ;xl hiir. Jk.'«4|/1 tdfile aixi. c<»nf; t'nioarivft , aria ieii-nei Vtuir. him 
that lie coraiaert^ the niinPb VAlustble, iF va t*»r 0'»uiu f^^ 
broutht +o th^m , and that partxee h«a lojateu a streisr:, wit}'. 
a viev or ciil'im?; a ditch. A'e horronfea r |>iok , 8 'vel, u»u 
pan. and on th« forrtl! uay of .i»j1> , L-J53 , ai u 8<»»i,p pro « nee ti. 1.7 
until we Mfive tuxtibFi^i'l li a t the f.iiH^nu -»ould pay, »ji^u -^ u i tch 
t<3 orUi{; t^e vatpr wowlc. De a i<u a inveetnient. we iPrtrnec., 
-ilbo, tl3 t t\^e Piin »'«» I'oiinu ot? the grounu* «&» ora of tho Tive 
parties who Ix-d clalr.t'l rhe *:jLter. he a]bv, fraritjy t<.>lu us 
he liad no fuit.h tluit a 'j.iti!h ir<.ula* r-e na-e oy tnt> claiir.-v)*, s, 
aa they all, hut huhscif . *o;r- pro Tea axuruM ''.axoltTs. A'e made 
vi|' <^l'r KUiJub t t' fotiifn to Cr< »»c^ •:<. Cify, urii^H'o ♦'■ps'» j.»»-tiefc 
lived, u:u s«m; .Vi^iX aiTttJif ement *n>. raA**. *n rounl their 
prii;e To:- a qu . cj airi. t„.v. ox</; bj ^.uiit , um ti.Mr. pro.job^'i to 


tnal^e it a company of seven siiares, — ' r.Rlco and myaelf to su- 
M.?i'intena xts constriction. To thits , t( ey irern clelir!:tGi to 
acqulesoft. 1 are* \jp u'tioiHB of ubbiMjiuT.i on , iiruer rj-'.e i^w 
or C.ilxfornia, nuU« .nyseir Pre^iacnt arl nu^xT mtoncient , fr. 
Kloe , Seci-etary A.)rl Ti^easirer , nu^o the i.y-Iawb so bU'itifrent 
that euiy holder not i^iyinp aBsassi^jr.t aftsr t€:i days' -iov-cb, 
couid L>e sol J. out. f't odilod Tor T*3nt,v-one liunirea ioiJar*, 
tj.rffe huniroa i-^r Btmrtt , *liioii nK»ney 1 tot»k . an j. i«j *. u rn e^ '.o 
SttiJ Franc isoo, by ttie uteaner, 4ii\et\ ane cai:« back fron. Oi-er.on. 

i piJi*cK«t«ftd w^n outfit of ttMjls, irt>ns fur a ot'ie^.p tavr 
I'u il , ai.A .ifuv^«io(ia r^r tiw *t>ric . 1 also piirciiHaod a i/.iir 
«j1 .waCt tn)les inj. .\ inicihrtr ^afon , oncl had ail on tH»ai"U fwr 
ti;e neAC -tr'jeKly trip <>t' tie Oj'w^con stBFunpr. <v>!nn ito /> t into 
the ))f\rD.»r a.t OiT'sC'-nt City, ti'« iiditor oario .'-1»)>x3:81ub and 
to«*k oiT ti.ul my tVei{;lit but ilie r.ulesi. To liiiu the-i , ti.ey 
wanted t<j charge rie tiixrty uoiiajb eaoxi, xV tJ:ey inaurad 
rtfamHt injuring: -heii in lowerlrv then t<» tlie lif^tor. i told 
them i pro posoa vO laiiu them by another pr-ocea:*. 'I'.it^ btean-er 
was out about forty roas Ci-un\ ti» shuro . 1 liau a j»>ujjlft of 
men with t)ie snip's hoat lay ali'ngsiae the BXvyj or. t'»in took 
f if cy feet of roi» , pi;t one enei of it around tl^e nulp's neok, 
then ar«^>Lind hie tiuae , tlu*ew the other end to the mon m the 
boat, tot* tip t tl^ »'-a»)r -*a y , turned th.o mule's lijfia to opening, 
an-j. t\*() nen rushej. him overboajxi. Tl« n in xn tho tlxen 
pullei on hi« <iare , ••id tJie nmie, uf' snortirv oiit the *:^ter 

h« hau takon in by Ju« ijeadar , pauuiea hii-.neli' ushor-e. The 

lil^liter men wei*o »ii*t pleas^u '*xth tJi is per **<> nuance . 'i,\ie lana- 
xtv of horsf^s ana im; i«a Jiaa herotdfore o^hp. a bonanza i.o them. 
As t>oi«i a.b 1 oui'lu makf? aj rnMrer-.ffnt a fuj- j jia^Jv ^r;an to 
trans ix)rt our freiRlit , 1 r.RiO') and rnysoif sadaleu tho m-los 
we had bronrht xVurn the oity, aiiu »'» wore nac}: in ?^;iiloi- Di^- 
pmrs in ton uaya from c.iO txrue ./a In ft. Te vjoJjf.innotHi tlio bur- 
vpy for tl\Q di toh at on<3 9 , a/vi as «<Min a*> our to-. la ari'ived, 
*e put u force o.^' men at *"ork at tuu aitoh aiia on a aaw mill. 
The aaw ni 11 va s necos»ary to make flur'.ea Aoross tiin raiyinas 
first, ana for siuxces ^1 ler ^o. .vf»i e reav f\i- jriiniofi. *« 

tti>T tiie mill m op -rat ion and litoh Completed do*n to tn© first 
mininf, ;;;ro\inct tietum tl;o ^feather bocajie cold. ^e haa exi;aMd- 
/?d a lintie v)ver fiftfion th«n)8-=ina ao liars ur; to ti.ia > i;ne . and 
all of t^ie C'res»;ent 'Jity uamblrtrs i^j. oean cui^pella^ to soil 
out, t>i"t th.oy founa no tj-^uble in aoi»u', so at a pi'«>ii.t. As 

a<*i>n as we got the water I'unniii? tlironph tlie aitcli *o a 
sliiice , ana conmencftJ to r^ins. Te oontiDuea extendiTi/: the 
ditch until ve matji'.oa all "-he hiv>wn i..irinr rrourui, and took 
out all tl.e />ia. to riay f<'r ti.o »'ork . la fin.illy jv lived at 
a point wiiere 1 dosirea to tunt.el Uu-oufh a .hill was 
«D«n>t forty rods tlirouf^h iu\d about eiphty ftiet laph at its 
apex. 1 *jnteu to do it ns ^iiAcivly Hii p«<a'iible, as* v<^ *ere 
loain,_. ti.e s il'> 'A' water tint woulu winr vh aoout sixty dol- 
lars per day, ur.tli we uoiild deliv -r it ov '^r- -iiia iiixl. 1 


finally put four tets <jf n«n at *or>. on it, a day and nml.t 
shift, at oaoii «nd of tiie tunnel. I ^aa no enMneorinfc tfAils 
except *iiat 1 couid nwke with hand saw ana Jack piano, :ind the 
fear was of rtox pet ting the rif,ht place to start m on tne far 
• lue , to Kive ti;e aitch tlio prii(>er prada ttritwj^ tJie tunnel, 
euid to n^et in the centre, tHit, l Hccomplisheu it, ana. we n-ot 
xn tiie centre witii n variation of lost than tiirae inc^ies ,-and 
1 i^ve oittimeu it as ffood engineering, unuer the circumstances. 

1f« no* ^foro acle to supply water for a hundred men, and 
for eoLtj ti:;« Uiere was that numtiftr usin;; it, aTid our receipts 
fr^m i.iinint uixi tlie sale of water some times i-eached as high 
«6 t-^o irtinarea ana fifty ao liars in a day. The old gentleman 
tiwt ^r.Kics aiu I iouna at the aiKginps ylten we first arrived 
retaxriau i.xa i^eventh interest, ana vhen we pot tiie water an to 
hiy oiuxm wiuv iie ^aa wasmrv^ wj»n ve first founa him, he 
ouncl.t o." tlif ^^u.ipany a ieaa of wat«?r , a:id *ent to naninp. ]'e 
worked u t lu* o-aiw, OAearing s»jn» eifi^t thousana dollars af- 
ter p yiHii for watex-, tuid concluaed he li^ia nwney enoup-h, after 
salli'H: .'.ifa antei6«.t lu Uis axtcii. He left for his hor.e in 
Crt»>i.L. , :Vit,.h cvuout bixteon tliousand dollars. It ^ras ii nwch 
lartf-T tivn. -iian -.e Jtiu e./er owneu oe fore , bi: ". it did not spoil 
him, •J"- Hi tfir m* It-.tita of nconuny ana u.rift. As evidence 

of t) p fpit, u "sv xujb ujAto 'S left, in I'e turning froin the 
near b I. '.raamc p%«t «rit«:;> im itxu puroi'.aseu a jjair of Doott,he 

89 . 

>uioL t);'> rabfortinw to los»f:- alojf: tl« way oiie of tie i^air. Ke 
-/on-' !* i.'k t-iio in»*i m«.n'j.iu ai^j. rouin.. it. bi- '. a joyote t-t;^ r(,trri 
it firsv .im tTOJikfustwt off it, loaviiir fi>i]y a part of t' ft 
aole , "i-H. Tv la ^-T n: i Is to fu» piK^cl. 1> Un.k tho ^nvrj poot 
m l"iie lani ?.n'i c.^tTie'J. it tt> his ^X)n« risar Ofawa, in Ganala. 
Jv^u '-' nr te T)ij. le to rrHtoh. arrj. on^ fvf lu s sor^s -voi-p tho prtir 
fxic}'. tt> t.i"C mi nrB rv:\. ^) t* *hfin ort thwr**. 

ATt'^r fettitir tj'e v/orks Irto f r ) 1 o'>«r>ition, ►jv'O^ i>iB: a 
RX)»itally uivii«?nd of Hb>"t. tjreo thousPiKl aollflrs, I hiroU a 
•tjp»»rintendwit , start«a >ior»© , and intended to ren^iiM there, but 
in a r-sir nontliS the uiviuerxls t>ofran to fall off, tv'd want of 
excitep'.«rt and ftxercisft wa» hoainninp to make my livsr torpid, 
•o 1 rade arrongonsor.ts u» sail tor California again, on tJie 
first favorite oiit-f;oinp steajner. On this triu I met with no 
•xcitini*; episoue, Oiit ifiia a pleauant ana upeedy passage, and 
ma t>?».ok attain at the nine in tiiroe utys less tiian a month 
from the time of leaving iouino . 1 found soine of ttie parties 
}acl vftjrkod out tim rioh'^st portions of oiaime and quit, 
not bpin/j- able to pay onr prxo« for water and make I'air wa^es. 
After t'lriaiTV out that faot , 1 ii-nneuiately roauoea tiie water 
rent to a rate tiiat. would still give the indi;«trxoi. » miner 
fuir waKes , and all reauoied work apnin . 1 ao^n haa the divi- 
denus up uraln , by the ii^tpoduotion of iniprovt/d r»K<deb of vwik- 
inp: , aixi was ai)le to keep tJiC!! there for some years. Luring 
tltose years . i naue tlie trip to ana from N«wf York once every 


ypfc) , aTii aurifi^ thuae voyagfib i'.9t vith t?i t one inoiiPnt «r<)r th 
relalifif;. Durir.f, tl.e War, l .;ill''i Trd' ^nv York ot; a stJ^an- 
or oon . andea by Capttin Tlnclfpaueh , en tjoeru uT ^cKici ^ere a 
JiiiriJj'tfa a.vl ril'':; uicn vrJu. luj. :9ftn reofnite.l ■.;C b.ilur.s, /iixl 
were bein^* tai en to P^rama to he [irt. on board uf a man i.f var 
t.h?;i in that port. rttfoff *o reeji.e.i tJ-.5 *rh1. Itiiia Irlnndb, 
thoB* reorri.6 Iviu r'uiniie'i i*. cunspiricy ti> taVe tlie, cina 
yet t. ? 'itTo to iiiake the atter . ,--t . Rv s'^is m-'-anti tne euptsirt 
had i>eer' informed , ■^nu ho told ahort a doz^n o^ us {vha:. he 
thoi>j^'>'t i-G co'^lj. 'fist n.T. to tvjis« it about ana or^'itR a 
laric^ rtnGi v'pv* cs fj'ori thp ship's fMn ro^n e«c}" ^ f«volv»»r, 
with' d ir-»(.!t loiis ti-iAt. on hnariiir; a ffivc'n si;';nil, wn vp r*» all 
to liHb t«^n to <i point on tho orornenade dftck w^-ere »« v:on id look 
down on a (jassffw uray leadin/r fi-orr ti'« steer arr» t«.> the afiRi*- 
ueck ind jci'n and wine rooms, wluo^! tli© cipt&in hau ieirnea was 
to 09 tiQiv oD.iective point. As thR apiJ<<inted hour »npi-t>ach- 
eu , Ye *ere all on t' e watc)i for the aipnal. Preaontiy «re 
!«-M-j. it, and rnfehed to the place where the ciptain h.aa tola 
us if we 8a<* ono of the ir.alcon tents raise a firearm, to shtA^t 
hiir. thrtvuc.i'- tiio oi-ttin before l'« could fire. «e looked doi»rn 
uix«n twprniy or tiiir ty of r.he nx»bt villa inouu looki'if scoun- 
drels iijeiunable, t<.il uniiud witii sljoaUi toiives , bit *e oou Id 
see iK> piBtols. I'liey were niaking their way, two abreast, 
aloTif: tlie passuLe, until tJiey arriveu wiid-shlp. Here, tJie 
cap'^'ain anu d«, te , eadr; wiUi a uoukea revolver in hitt lumd , and 


ir. ■9 vwi :© n.*ij ciirlu oil iipar , cuninandoi, to etip. TJ-.rt-o 
<>!■ ?{.•'. r «'* ti a furwr.ost o :as «*-fKi ti.t>ir J-niVot* iW.-^vi t-(>ir 
i*iuB ana ^n-^'.ifl oi t pert cf .1 at«p for^rari, /rS en t.> a t./v< roro- 
ijost or>'>s fell *.(j tin cLs ak . T.^a *,hi ri , ssJioWin-- >»' inolina- 

turti to [1-.I f'/r-tar-l inatea-i of back w,t8 also i.*.c.t iowii ov tlie 
CMptsin, tv or thr^e (jtheis -vere ^rourtlpi b>- tlsp s:)'-^ b-ills 
th<it IcDlivi t,!.e I*aM*»ve, Wi* all ti^-ts th<=»lr vav to t:.r*ir qunr- 
ter8 , pr»< r';!bly onnuj ui.iir)'' they woulu not t nl.p tip etoa"?!' j;ist 
ther. . 

TId cai'trun ax.-i niate wetit into th^ir cinartora, ani vith 
the neviil offioor *iio iua trtPTi in crarp©.f.ut fj f tf><*n of thtisfl 
who \fOff» s'jppoiu"!! tu ijo t!.ti riiip-ie? j.er8 in irons, and kept 
tiiei'i Confined nniil ve roachou tise Isi-anls , vrhare *e ntet a oon- 
vey, sort to i>rut«tt our bi-ip fioni capture by tlie AlAbama, 
then SMf'iX'i-ei to 1.9 on ismg Ir. t'a Caiibbeun Saa. T/msie re- 
cruits wore i.f*re trRnsferrsi to the convey, excfp' tl.o thr«« 
wi;o pail tl*e pony.lty for lloir atten.ptftj. piraoy , *l'o #h re bOw- 
iKi lip 1ti canvas .-i'r" ic-.rpj to fooa r<..f fisi.eb. Hefore 

Casting them overboarl, t>ir> captain naao ir.t^uii-ies ai^iong the 
pttasenf'.Hrs for a clern/mar. but c *uld fiiu none. A fr ienl 

of mine fiom Buffalo, oo^^rizant of t.^;© fact, infomiea ti;e cup- 
tain I 4r» s a culm. liisiono'l chaplaxn. H9 At onoe a^pliaa 
to rne to road the aer/ica over tliem. 1 offioiuta'i, and Htm 

then, aliue off r,he plank witl^uut w r<»t^rat. as I uouoteu not 
tiu»y *oula iBve iTiuraerod tl'.o« ehip's ioaa , ixad ?v t t;* 


';.' a" :...- rr Ifktiv/fts will i>? sji-,;x*i s^.-a, -.o ijt,ui' UiU t 1 

la ••»•«> ft^ct. W};iie i v-tu Ijvini,, it- Rvrfw,-i> ^'. I>.l'i, Oa oj.o« 
*»,-,•» Juft t'^r.jnnlnp: to get up Ir/lei^onl'^nt aiilitru-y vvci^ixs.-j,-- 
t.iv'ins c;3]l'»A Oi*." Hunnls. "^iuj! ■> '>•" fib ^<.;-rov ::•' lluffi-lo, 
of »r) i ?b 1 v/;^ « invi*«»'l tf. t>*^ aji offir.-r. 1 Iiad «■/ 1 '.iie l^aat 
rni 3 i t.'.ry '.rMi?. '-.i o>i , -ikI tt>ld *'"r >v.;.s ! -jroiili ♦,.;>.p »;o po t,_ ci jm 
i'") th(» rec iM«nt unir»''H it x'spp tj'st. of chA)0 ilti , vrlPvo T i;>>'.Jld 
ke**{i alw yii iP tiie ro r. 1 Hnrjiios'^ct ^ wt,;ij'; io ♦. ..^ ^.-.tdt, 
of it, bit ,1 fi^itnipl't rtf'fftr, on rr^c^-ivinr ry rail st tJiri ^ 
office , 1 founi a .jao}:fi'5e iy>arin«>: the hron'J b-^^vl of t-:j nt-^te 
of Np/ VirJc , ;\Ki upon 0!*«> , fouM a ofaplnin'n comnissAor, 
beatiJV' t; o sifn-jat-jte <-f WiJiiar- W. Ik'jirc.y , 0«->vertujr. J'-no./ing 
It wout; roliftve !»i9 fron; niilltary duty, ffjp *1 loh 1 hul no 
taste, 1 j.reisepvo'j: it ■*& vali'XbJe, hesues hoinpr « uuriosity. 
Yenr's dftT , vhi lo -Tiy f.'Uiiily were aivir4: m Noy York, xii^ 1 
inowt of t]\(>i Tire n Culifurnia, on ojit» uf rr.y viBitg hor« . my 
vifiPe i-ifonied ro t.'at an officir had oaJiea aovijral tirties .le- 
mart'iing a fine for 7K>n - ■vttenlciice at ir.iliiary •driii. *?^e 

•iiSiioa tai th;T, I lot,k tu it, loat they sxioula levy upon f>irni- 
turo . 1 t' oK. !/iy kio'in; ission , (K-.Ileu. at tJjo N'ariiliali ' »» office, 
al;owftd him the unppr , wher. he born*-A 'j y (X^ruon , and aaiu t.'ia> 
ifev^ Tt.t :i»^ax'e 1 van a Cli^r^yi's.v. Tj ey «f ou id ouncni t)» fin« 
airu. »rusc D.y nar.e fV«iw tlicso B-.;n.j0ct to ai; ty . I'his may not 


oe « v«rv brilllniiit rtilitary o^reor. uit it. is all i nave June 
In t,.' at Ij '10 , 

Like all Placer rninea, Sailor Digaingi Cegaii w fail, and 
1 o.tJvjIiiopa ttiaeil vy intwreufe, and firxl a no^ PlaoMr. in 

tlw rmantiii© , wiiat W)«a Jino^n at the Ruwe} Kivor Tar *a» giving 
lis bono t.rt.i'ble, trxi "« ht»d boon ooiipolle-i. to kea^ a oooipany 
of uuouts in the fi'^l'i, mikI points w..ori> ffcvrer poibune were 
I'uninr; ittxfi oeon f«jroo'a to aoanAon ti.air, aiiu "fort up," 
aa the miners ex|)rebS6'i it. 1'itt i ib , ti-oy put jxiBtb ten feet 
iiigh uromu a 8;>aj« of fjj-ou)xl 1 -I'ge onoi.jii to hold ob tans for 
the wl ole t»?xfUu>orh<K>d , aiKi vf't:,uin ti.oro , nrrvii ayfcirou by tm 
soonts tiat tl« Incliaufl wor'> far t.^vay . TJo i vu i- ,iuaj along 
for over tJW.» years, from Iv-to.i to 1 -JSV. At tin.oa t.' e Inaian* 
oaii.e off uomiuerors . *}ien pitte-.^ B/rainat a.'i eqiuii niniicor of 
i-etrulars. i'iie l^niuns had the auvantars of a perffjot Knovl - 
ea;« of tlie riKJuntams , ana by keepitig lookouts on t;.o top of 
peaJis , aiu *ith a aysteni of sifgnals. were a\ n 1 tines auvised 
of tl» w}ier«aboii ts of the am.y m purunt tif tnem , af u -is mm- 
bere . "t'io Uoverni\>:>nT , after potiiiii; Uio oir<.i.rc foron nn t;» 
Ooj.&t; in t.;'.e fiexa, anu rmairip, Zi.e Mar utili ^i..eiy to i;'.st 
iitteiini teiy , (Xij.i*yl for voi.inteers. 'i'i«s»i; voiunt-i^ri. ver* 
as w«* 11 ucquaantuu wiuj. tn* p.ibaoa , ravivioa, ..jiu c^;.»»i:> »s tie 
Irxiiars , ana son« of tiiori Owula r«aa tiiw Ir.u^a:) ai^pkuis. 
Wii4ii.n a few rr^/ntos ai'ter t.jic* ^oiuni..*t» i i* va; u p. xt■^^,^^ «.;o 
1 leld L;'.e (^^r ^ras orou^'.iil to an «iia, ana. tiuj u.nioa ^-ir. J*e - 


Bunted tl«»ir ^(.rk . Unrinf tie j)ronrft*^t' *'^ t) i» xs-r . trtai ly 
•vory iiari i»i OrP'on istwJ *«R)'ire*on Ton I'ory loc fi >»> 
son«tl.iT?r tur/aitlB asrryitif it tm. '•'^s rn* *jJ <>« 'ici ruri.-sl.oa 
baef, bauon, lli.vr, ».«>»a Iv^rsee. ''ir.ora e-li-str.. A. i * '^ -nfir, 
8<.pe fiTTu shir.;r. "tioir o*n arms nnt horfcos . This ri-oj^rty und 
theSiP HPrvieea wor^ r"; o»» i i .t fki tV.r hy r (k)V'?'rr.'^;'j nt OffiOi •- , asa 
agi'refc'atea iieurly Ti /e nallifin cioll'irs. '■»»>■. merchants uri 
ra'T>:l.ers haa pi't eli tJiOv »«rf« wr<jrtyi i-^to inuf btf<; ■iet.J» '*f 
the 'TO/ernincnt , a^sd v.ien Se-iator .loswph I -mo and HovrrT'or Tti-- 
v»^ns aakpd for an aiJ'jropi*iati<»n to piy tiom , ♦hoy Aer.> tt>I'.l it 
vub <.i s#inlJ.R, a'?a it !■♦»«« ivea rxi attention ?luriN? the spssiim. 

The next sessxun, Govemoi' r.tPVR*i8 aiinc^wd'vj in r<?ttinn 
tiirotjBrh a r«^8oli:tlon fe; pointing? threo ar-ny (^fTicfli's tt. ^o i'lto 
(woli aoimiy wvl wx'vnirv-* t-e iirar cl«jui6 , ?.ncl roi.ort the «i.ount 
equitably d'-9 to «'>-:!■ li i n im ;\n t . T'^ae or'fi^erfc, after -avinr, 
die nutioe, weT>t into rhe counties, :.;0t, tie oJniw-)io] Ipj's . ;wa 
after uecuminp Hitisfied of tie airit-unt juGtiy due them, rave 
each ft paper kno«m as Orei^on ^&r "^isriu. '^e »>u[j)>obe-i. *e would 
bo lA id as ttoon ub Ounpres*, Wt for i.^ro ov tiirec besMiors 
AT' Mf/pro pria ti on f«.r t:.o o^)^^o^.<* va s votei ujD'^tj , e i3torn irem- 
u*r8 stiii cluiir.iTi? it tau a swindle. i i.,: „o up .-y inirva tJiat 
the fra.'it wn 8 fX%Y: o^u- r-ictntw^rs In t>» t "ivi»K.: it ail tie atT.e>»- 
lion XI resi:j.reu, to ret r.-arly iJi>.ipr*t»joa. 

Hoiditip a Tour thoijearvA j.oliaf8 "f the turip 1 li-i re- 
u»?ivoa for advancbs 1 *«u i^« .lo v» t>.tii volunteers anu lerularii 

ctx.s j-arlcr. "A'lth r ■ - ♦ ♦(; •:t.c tr/-. p<ir c>-r.* . " it, no crinr. 
infor:.iM«in i.*»f'>T« the oorin itt »Te , a'lU to ImIvvJp • enbfjs *.w Ai 
\iv, ti»'l.v utiij. *.-•©. i vert on *.o ^.'is}.ln^ tr-n Rnd ■- i'' t.-«...-. t-o.. 
mftnts *ith Ri'Ts ^ 'Jcr- pvny (rro «i"»r-' at that tiwe ^Gcofril^eu 
28 tl* 1-<JV' rriTTit'.Mt H.-arKt»rK ) to apjolnt tkj tleir n*.tf. rnpy V) rp- 
cpiMt f <. r •*«» !• t-crip, thev ^icrrfwin'' ♦.(< rry :\r\d coH'^s* jt., ;it^i 
tt. ooijcirit +.U o .tu-ira ^c^r nil N-r t«»n jjpr v!'=»nt. . T - l" '. • f'i- 
lar arrati.- en.eni -^ith Dinicsrs ''h*»rrr.r'n ' O'lrp^'i^y ^'^ ^'♦'"■^ Vwrk, In 
yra-.-r t<- give O'**"*^! s ,i ohoi co of bHjiknra, p-nd *)i'»r stvt«>-l wek 
U> 0..f /uTi . i i\-miU, •tehB}^ I Mrrivftl in !^ar Trnnji »>^o , t^rtt 
qvu <« u lar/^ie airount. oi' at hf.a rot inro r} r hand* uf *i-.ol<»ti'»le 
af'uJHi'M tl'.'?re, ijJ 1 of :>.hiOii was mnctRu ov>'>'r tt> r« , t<»re flier 
wath iot^ura T4j t:>.ir ,;o JTOSiJojrients advlsinjr thfr.M to ai' »o , 
a.Mj. to ui'i. me in Fo-'.ti)^^ ooninil of ;%b muJ'. aa pi>**it^l^' 1 

tliei" tooK the tf CrosoniU City, ■*•' or»> 1 ;7a*j;ere.i. a 

itti-ge «i.oi!nt. T^rrni tisorr-, to Huilor iJir.^.mgs, iajK«»mvi lie , 
Vi-eka , atKi l-aiJpy (J^rp. Trim ii.arc , 1 ^ii>k,eji ■wu'our,]; all the 

(jiAferTUt^.tit of Ojipson. lor'; I the J(?jit>li.vtui-o m .^Ob- 
Hion .i.'^j 111 c' s.tuto of cxcitftineit . enaeavorirj;:, i-i Joxnt hou- 
oitJn , ti» eio^t a I'nitcu P^taLos -ar.aivjr. colonel K. D. aaxer 
was t.ia Kopubiiuan :a:)uiu.-te. a;u aftei' Muiriji-ou»i ballots, laak- 
orl nut a bini'j.e /ota of an olac'.ion. Aft.vr atteMauit' ti-.a aes*- 
bion oiue or tfxce . i ti.oo,-at 1 .wJ. ux;.cov,jrea *J»jre i ooula 

\v^<^ i. f< u' '..9 tor; per jont ofinriiasioii Alvar tac-^'*'^ ^y- 

fi»i:nu ' ----<♦ • "-ni'. /) )*' ♦•«. .••MM+i-.- I s- \ >,. » .as»so'.i 

thiruurji. .iivj. •/. f>rp 1 ;.a "cum cor^a 1:1 arable -rnr scrit.. ''0 

r/-\s /(.i'in/- «♦.■»«; iiy in <»e>i»'>3 1M'>''' *'• Cu^o'-"^] fr^l'^r ' -sl'^'l 

hilt iT lie ui'.i rx. * i;ni>w tjiat Oolors] ^^Tjkrr »o»ild I-'.o] p his -?cjn- 
ftti+':f"i*«? !'»» twiidr "Vftb, ira 1 .s>:t)ulci li>r» ♦(, ppr. ]iir. e.'.ec 
tea, opt "hwi <./»» t e s^nnij) i pledr?:ea riysf-If not to v()t.<» '<^r «• 
bi3i3K roijuolica'! uniftss they iTist.ruct.e'.i it« to dc» r»>.« ''(Jon 

afvei* tJu s» v;x);worsati<>!i 1 inoiiftei ry liorso iTid n>rtn h\c^' tii 
tliat c O-'Mty— al>>i; t fiTty rulf?s — ruahou ;ut)oiit griiV^ his eoTisti- 
tu«ntK, r.i't tl.'iii. tii li'j 11 B piJbJiu rieetmp, which 1 vras 'isl'e'i 
to a'i(irf'S3. 1 tol'-i U^^cv ti-r oor'-versarion 1 kil h:-ri #ir.h thftir 
roi-rebeT!tuti vc , atju that xf ^i.oy *arit«j-JL pay for thsir *ar8arip, 
norf wuH tiift vi.a« t^* r.ct,. 1 tt.ld tiio.ii ri!rM;or, t'at Itato 

pri-i9 y'li r. i:l ij.liiOQ 'hotr. to aid in tho eiection of n aerator 
uf ^;c''^i; ;.iUinr talcn-', s; tj;^. t C</lunol j;ai-.ei- vo.-, fru- 6u^-o;i-i- to 
any onft over sort frtrr. ^ile PcJifiC C^^ast, scri f&*f , :.f w;y , in 
tl* Iv.xtfu ''-.a'>,rs .vp:c .'ib s;' ptM'ior b . T]!p rcii it *rus, t-ia^ <x 
ae I oC j'usi uli) ti unt was ir Jroaucel , I'sqre&tin;; U\n»hpr to 
/ufcw r«..r vjiil<-ne- K. D. -!a^.>r, ui;a auLUJteu alr:wu^ iin;;r- ij.A.i: ai y . 
1 j*otui"nea at mice to .Tilem, .t'lu i\t tl.o imxt Ji^mt ijwnvcii*i,i«n , 
Joj.v^i*ol ijkl^er wi4.« fleet Ffi. 

1 vrejit, on uy vn v?i2]oy to <^'rOiij;on City, and ot] ,vi/n& 

to r' . Oii i;iy c.mvai ^i.oif , n^i incucnt ijc^v-nt'i --!rtt 
1 i«i inuiineu tt. loli.te, as it wfib a Ji*.iJ« iu-an:atic. 1 btop- 


pea tt'. tr.e Pioneer Hotel, tl^n the prirvi^ial </ne uf the city. 
It vras my firut vibit: 1 Xnt«f nu\, a soul, >jor was 1 known. 
1 ir-is gittinv or. th.9 pl&^<:a vhere twc jr tJa'je other «'BMtle'';9n 
vere ec.nvcr sin^ , wh.ile one old fentlen*ar. wea ri5^.'livK a nrwepa- 
i:er . ProHenr.iy the x*eaior a poke , a^^parsntly to hinself, nay- 
iriff;: "1 can talk nxrft Indlon lanf^iiatree timn ;ci> o-.J.&i' man in 
Ojec«jn.* Thought 1 to nybelf, 1 "all five hiin \ little Chip- 
powa , «o i said to hrri: "»•/. J<c?e>:a }> nistoottur: IJe 
F dke9 too t ig • " ('You talk knoMrin:;:ly , i>i't do yon unuerstarli 

wlat 1 acri saying?* 1 His pnper iroppod from his hards, he 

arobe fVor Ids chair,- hib e>e» diicttinK,- trf»nblinn: in every 
limb. As ho cawe tii^ffardo ifie , ha .jnav/ored mt? m t)-.o ejrr.e lan- 
piiape 1 hjiu used: "ifaoonraeh Maou Keen Ne .vnit," ("t^h?,t is 
♦hat, t'lat sounaa so svof-fM "T'OxSh'c'xnp* bnbof»n Uce noredon 
Alnevraih. " (•It is twenty years since 1 havo hoard such 

founds, and 1 thoupht at first t)iey cane from the rround.") 
Ke wtis 6«» ustonibhe-i and d-jli^-ht eel, that )ie ^ufi dir.j.osed to em- 
brace ?re,ani was not content until eacli o^ i:s had avi nr Ji stuve 
or two in Ghipr^ewa. By tliis time, M'i iMd rt: aidiftnoe of at 

least fifty people,- all wonderlnr wiio t lan^uaf'e Oantuin Vc- 
Lonald and the strar^ei' ooi:ld rt» usirf. '\k*j..o were t)-,(»re who 
declared they knew stjr.H vords oV tlie aiytetfn d^ffwPMt dia- 
lects oloiv ti.e coast nn'i <»n Placet r;o\:nil, oi;t m-oe tNi t aonnd- 
e-i. like wiat we wer« Ubing. He then tola rre tiiat ovpr tHr- 
tj years UtW >ie led left I'ontroui. cro^,•^ed t}« 0«>iUin«'nt on 

6 J. 

the ola }.»«on .-iHy lov, to once- nyar tie hctia fnxtar a uf ti\e !.:i»- 
sisslppi , lia.; r.arriel a CJiip|;ewa wanan *iho \'i± tli»r\ been leatl 
twenty-five years , ana ^rere tie Tai-st *orai. </f th.e lan- 
guage I'-c lii.u i.oaru. since. Thfr poupio *olu nio J.c liU'u. baen one 
of tie 1 iiaB<»n May (roverncru up tn t: e tine tl.s property uf the 
Ca: tt-j^iy ^ j,';.e into th* h':r'.;.y of oi:r- CcvriT'.n;r?rt . 

rr-ii. Poft Ifird. 1 -.'«"* on to Astt;x'ie; tnjr. there, across 
u> '^Lyi.ipia, *ri.ity(i 1 ti,i.k ♦.'^e s + onr'T for Vict-.ria, stoouinF at 
Gutter and otlier ti/./ns alo^ip the Sound. — therce b9ci- t<> fjan- 
Fraicisoo. Here i re; sained until Go?<tr8l Mc.ker sncceeclect in 
getting an appropriation f«ir tmr clains, Jnst t)eft>re tiie Gov- 
ernn-ttnt vae called upon for nearjy to carry r)n t)m v^ar , ana l 
an of t'^'.o opinion if ve had been a few ny^nths later, it 
would »J0 still unfi'iid. 

K'y ;iftxt THiniup enterprise \»»n5 the ouilciinf? of a aitjli 
near Orescent City. 1 found tliei-e wrhuT; 1 thwupl^t ooula oe 
ftiOti a pi'ofitubie investnient tu bring water aoout sevnii (.ales 
on to tl\(: f.j,r«.A>n'a that prob^^ecroa fuirly. Ci'Ofccant Jxt> v:.* a 
plep.aant, tJirivj ji^ village of -j tlicusana pfH>plft, and my it mi ns 
was BO neai- by, that I O'licludnu this time tjut instead «>f jto- 
iiU', to AH' Vurk til v:-Hlt r.y f'ai ily . 1 #<xi iu bona Tc r thrr. to 
Cor* to re, aiii itic'ttte vhcm in t.!:e (Jity , v/J^ere i cwuld he with 
tlieiri aa uf te»' at ioast .is once r 'reek . Th«^y can.o on .ana liv- 
ed ti^ere auuiit a year, wni ie i finieiiiea my ditch, and corvion- 
oeu to Mine. 1 'nxa nuraly <T"t ftiii'iy to woi"k , -ifl.en tl:e Tra- 

ser Kxver •> «;i tpave nt i>i iie£ai-'i to a nfonlerfl'l c^lU riiine uis- 
CwVftieu ttiere , ttx>k eway the on + ire poijulriMoi'. tjf riijiors, ard 
left niQ \cit,i;.iijt r.en to '/ork or to soil natnv ta . 1 eont an 

auverMsorient t<. 3ar\ Francistio, eayinp;.* "Tontod. FAfty chinn- 
Kien, tc wiiom (-^oi vifii{:(»s *ill be p&icl to n'orK by tho cLiy , or to 
roit* <»i tiel" 0'*^. e.ccf Vint fu'ci ho Attij r>i ea wM.h vHt<»r »,»t a fair 
rate."* TJua advor tauflrient was thi^ nie.?. »in of bririKinr i»;« tlar- 
ty Ohinarion by tl.n fii-et steamer. Tm Ohinrtmen , after i.>ro- 
sijecting, conoiixlea to buy viator ana mi'io <>n tl.'=ir o-*r nocount, 
a'tl for a '*ew month* 1 had « lively nhinese Car»p , nrni botm f;ot 
oaci. tlie rt)ney invftsted. 

Till a was in isol, »»m 1« tne silver «»xci xenrnnt vsras ^a^ing: 
arxl i'X*o8|>ect ore ifere aoourinK ''■-'<♦ nountaina in sAarcti of sil- 
ver JiuncG . .'?oriie ojd proap<»c'tt»rs , */io iia t «rorked for me at 
J5.'iil»yr l/igt'.inES, na'.i waJi<*freu. off into *ijit wa« iaiowii as Owen\» 
Kivei* Valley, tic-oi't tiU'oe ii nured a/^-k flf^y niiieii m^iU of Lo» 
Anco.lea aiu •■^^at i4" the r^-ierra i4ev>id£ . Tlie> l^u. "ouxii /Uta^ 
Owi^n Lake ©.if^;t leaas , out of HJuoii tl.ey hau tfJ.en a fcL.dll 
quentity of ore, wlilch they had broug] t to CreGco»t ':iiy, aiu 
/aa it tested, by an lasayer , i-no foufxi it bhowed the precioua 
nietaltt. Ti« pa< iiea *ere entirtfly u":. a i^bs wlixt to -ij v*ith 
ti.exr iiiid, cu if. i'o«>d, or bau. Th<»y ai^plieu to i .« to ae]l 
it for ti.eni . >.f.roeiiir to *-:ive >;e ore-half of i rir.'.t n*>t 
for it. 1 v;wiuri»i.ieu t</ *•:«.. on to t.e» Voik, uiu try aisu find a 
market. 1 *fejit uomth to "un rrmioibuo. Theio 1 bt-u* i t a pair 


uf K^lau una a lii^i'iJit. #-ii;*jn oivjl aiUi'ioa for dironb Itiv.^r Vallty, 
tu axaniiritt iho miiie ftiiU wuku uut, Ji^'solf. fra:> oaji. uT u.i»m a 
kjumitity vy" ure , tiiat 1 u.^ti-'i- «•'« Ablu to rj^jreiiont ttitxt I 
couli Vuuali lov, 1 tO'.'k out fifty wunc--»8 fi Ui. «».;jh uf Uie 
luiiirjs , iati-oiii^'it; it Vj 3uii Fr'V.icitJco , h.vx it ymkeu , and jut a 
b»itl;un o* silvrti" "rcTii enoh oT theri . 1 than vent on u« New 
York, a:u l.'i^ 1 tia3; <«i evid»>njt5.-. i^f t^ arvi p<>w«r of attornay 
to ooTjvey t(> a cotnpr'.ny, and i&ai)*Hi etook , 1 o« Itive rfialized 
a half a million of cloilare. Tiio pe<» pie woj-e miuins mud, and 
vrilIi?vF:: t'> iiivout in ^inytlunc sliovfixi^r a traoo of t.h*, preciout 
motuia. I .ma t.i><^ oontiflrvative , ana only *eit prepurtu to 
soil to *'oulu.-t)0 investors. i suid, • I hi/e V),e refubnl of 
rainos si+/iataa in :*iich a rer.iui iJW. liossoasintf auiii a>id »uoh 
evideiicet; of viilue fgivinr a full u.e »cx-ipMon , as 1 iiaa r<Aind«n r.o posaoscs, bj pwrtioiial thort.nfji Hv.x'faof ex.».-.iiui'-i cjt; . ) 
1 will aell tiiTi f«ir t*o hur.crea thoubanU aoliars. If you 

deBiid U> ij\!rclase, ana '*llj s*»mu <»ut H!i 0X;X)rt tu exarnino 
1110.11, if la uues ti.i find them as 1 Jiavo stated, 1 will pay 
ail ♦i.e expenoeu attei.di'n t) 9 «xAi-..ira ti on. " 

On tiiO!ii« tftrn.s . a Hyndicate was fom.ed , oonsiatiriK of 
l-rouii'ie lit cap i tai lats , ana an ap.ent went o«it , ^ith ^'■\tt" i r*e - 
tiiniaci to OAOifa Hxvor Valley. he raix»rteA no* statenn'nt veri- 
fi<»d i' fyiry pirtioulir, yn.. in a jouraar.oo *itl. * >» np'r'>''iidnt 
paiA ovor t-'iifty tlii'U«»jii!a doiltirs, ana exeoutei a .t». rt,r;ape for 
tJit* D*.l.'j)oe , p-iyrtfclu in tvv< yaaie. 


^liile 1 wa«* at. ■Miir* mineb t),xti time?. 1 pij-uliased a 8i>i'~le 
proapoct.fur wi.icli 1 paia ti»e .iiscoveror aix thoub^fvi ii-llai's, 
wl tJi a View i>r roinr on to lew ^ork attain to orranize a ci^npa- 
ny to develop it. Beforo leaving for ?iew York . 1 put a cou- 

ple of men at vork , and oponou tho vel>i to t'-^o iepth of bix 
foet; and out of tho ore from tlixs oxcavaiion, 1 aelootad 
eievon hunuj'ftu. puuixis , wliioh i took with up to r;ew Y^rk , and 
had it Worked byaanolting furnsce m Iie*ark, f'ow fersey , -.thich 
returned r.e five hunurod and tvrenty-five poiiTrib of lo;:d, and 
twenty -three ounces of bilver. On tins shwYinp. 1 was able 

to organize a otn pany , and t.ell a oont.roj.linc intern b*. fur 
fifty thoutiana dollars in cash, out, to jiiake this s9l« , 1 had 
to aftree to go back to the trine and aot as its superintendent, 
until it was in sijcessful o-j^ratlon. 

1 retuitied by the w-iy of los An.'^eles, where 1 pur-dasou a 
teai'i of nmles , and a supply of totils an-i provisions, and com- 
menoed sinking a shaft upon M.e li>de. I5y ti is tir.e , t:.e In- 
dians in the V-alloy had be^j-iin to te trouble sone, and pi(i!»i>ec- 
tors in tie uptjor p^^rt of the Vjilley had been Icilleu by . 
but rr.y jjarty was well provided with arma , and as tho In- 
dians hj.ji only bojfb aivl ari-ovs . v« felt no alaiTi, aj.t}><<upjT we 
coulu oooasi<«i-illv b-m a soj itary Indian on some of t!;e rocky 
[^aks m our nifi{"Jibor)iu<)d. Afu jontiriutsu. uwr.olestej. , sirv j.n(: 
H siiaft , takiiv. out oro every 'aay, ui^.til attaitiinf i depth 
liA fifty fde I. fe tiien arifted on '...o jt^ii-se of tho vein t*«n- 


ty-t'ivo fey i , Tor a aluirbor to joirritence 3 toping. Wo then con- 
tiiiue-L tiiiikx!!,::; tiit- b'n. Pt atMtiyjr rj.ft_.' Vnai, at ti'.f \)ott<jn of 
nfiiicii fo ariftea on ti.e vpin :irain , f^.r n a.'"<vi>ber. I riv« 

t:- is do script! cm oV orr vofk for thu jvia&on th^-- its Ti'Jat'ires 
a aiiart ix'ta after afford el a ro treat to our furce tlat saved 
th.eir livr-s . T) ? n:en '^ror^ in t}<= hfi»-o t i>f wpjr)r.{T t}ie ir ;.>i8- 
•iA'lfi aj'(.iinl ti-eir iraista, whf»n ?olnf to r^m frcA: the ni»i0 8 to 
ti« tx> r, nl ir^fc' I/>use , si'.d , *rlrn rpaal'inc tJ.o mine , tal-.inr then. 
i>fr , and ijlftcirir therr. urrier ♦he plani-s ff t) o platform on vrhioh 
the YindlfiSfi wii h w^.rkPd. 

1 !"*ive aJreaay »aia t/:s.t t}:e Irvdians neve oasasiutiiily 
softP. on ti.o :jeaKs ni>t far from ti-.e i-iine, a;?! it E.jj.ea;a gi.ey 
*fe re loai'innr; th.o lianitH of tl;e inxtTex*8, ajid hud di8c<'vert<i the 
facts: f n'8*, . tl^ t tney acp</Hj.tea i.iieii- arnm uruer tho plat- 
foji^i, 8(f!jona , tiiit «11 hoiidfc Sv/Oie tixaea .font do-vn into '1 e 
laino . for inlf an ijoim- oi ri.t)re. Thoy h-aa ii^ae \\y tiie ir r.inde 
Uat avir 1 t ♦••'J-e ''f '.;.o ti!M»g vh'^jr. t«.ll haiias voi's in the si.irt, 
(the jjeiJ'h of whioh M.«y coild tee,) tjjit thoy coula *.te«il up, 
iiiid c^'Jtle tlie pistols. Ir. t^» meantin.o , th^ driTikirV" "*'r!it«r 
for th4) forjp vj u >:e pt m tijf -.irlft in the frfty-f ot lpvr>l , 
KDd th'i bVirfnoe ...en, instoivd of havini'. i<ve ..ovn to t!',o hun- 
jortta fc't.T. level u> wurk r*.,i' iiny tir:« , iib t.hoy cjuto tiii^es did, 
ma uiiy <5L 'u di»wn for :i drink. ivhon ti^ first Tiaii on eii.or- 
Sinr rr<4a tiio siuift dn»Cov«rou Uii IrHian in.* .'* few rojis away 
i.u^Lint-; off, lie i;iiilo«e(.i t\» -Jio nam Uiloiv • "HfMQ -^rp Indians !• 


Korfupoti , tie Indian turnad back , v«fit)i cockeu rovolver in l:i8 
h.vri . »#l;ia]i of oouree indiiced the mn to rrab for his «jwn,but 
wiien lie; diaoov rrca '«hat it ana all ttye n^st were gone, he eko- 
daddlea aown 'ujie laciuer a« fast at* lie oould go, and r.o\ into 
tie fifty foot drift ana out of si^lit of the Indian, mI.u was 
•viaentiy foarfi;! of showinc himself, leet some of the mon 
mici.t jvt i;uve a pistol- The Indians, then thinkinr they l\aa 

R cji.anoe to ro.l> e a final uispoKition of five white rrien , comn&n- 
ced tv> throw aown j-ooke, wheel-barrows , crow-bars, bloc^- s of 
ore, ana every movable thinp: they coula lay their lianas upon, 
until they stipjjosed the men were all not <mly dead, but buried. 
Tijey then stuck t)ieir liea^s throurh the opening, ijeermt; down 
lijQ shaft, and hallooinr; • Wanr i «^ a •' " (fhitemen.) 

The men, boinf; in the drifts, .ver* out of sijjht oT the 
Iniians, but they oovild see the Indians plainly, and could .lave 
made pood Indians of them, if thpy haa been m posjspssion of 
t)ieir arms. In a sliort time tho l>yiians loft, and the men in 
the shaft remained perfectly quiet, feai-inf^ thnt if the lu- 
dians foum they were uninsured, tivey w>ul(i sot fire to bun- 
ales of bilge brush and throw them down, which would soon smother 
them. Th.rty were m trepj.aation . fearinf tliO coi)k hiiu hesn at- 
tacked first, and na t]:e ladaers haa been i^roken into kindling 
w<Jod by th.e rocks thA t tiie Indians had tin- own down th-e shaft, 
there was txj possible way for tnom to get out, without help. It 
,»u» ten miieb away fr«ri t.jie nearest settlers, so 1 exi^ot they 


8|j«r.t a couple of anxious houra. Tnc cook, waiting, two >;<A»r8, 
ana iiiu i.»cin avt joi:.a;?^ -i> Airt^.-^r. oo'rolirioa BtOrfJ tM »i ■■ was wr<r\g 
aiwi 4.iart«u lor txA,- .1 ino . \t Q i p proa alwi , he coula st* t^A 
there ^Saa oee" >-t cl'ja;-i»^2 I'P a: v»J!d tJ-e s'aft — pll'=*8 of ore and 
rodKs ..ore :r.i»»ini;. ,-i>>t •' »v.ie5l-t)-i*ioft' , cr'/w-hnf, or sledre m 
bifii^t. Jit- rii:..iljs' ttiep>.«a o;; to the jilhtforr?, lookR-l uowr the 
alal't, w,nct l.uilooewi. At tre rkuvvxI of Ms voioe, tb«»re oaT.e up 
froiii tie s..<f- tie cor: Dinecl ohet»rti ^-f five is ht fjpy boys ua 

evoi wtu t; lalttdaeii. from |/jison. Fortunately, t^e Inaitana liad 
not uii»Turfjeu tlo ^indlatib , anu. tie rope wf. 8 h'iII njK.n ti^e oyl- 
utitJi". As. tiou'ii c*i, liie oook O'.ulU let 'Jxiwn ti;*' r(»p*,]»rt iwulod 
tije .-t)!! i!i', -jne &t a tir.e. 1 liiippenooL to t-e ir Han ■''r'Hiiei aco 
at u\n r i/t'e , — 'yi all ^urh >vfis auspcnuea until 1 returned. Tiie 
u^n ve:'e u/» tlio look-</iit for ano tl;er attach, nil tjie t. ip-o. Aa 
bot.ji ib i retiir:ied, i sen^ w<»ru. tv tho Conr..indant of t!.e ?ort, 
at Ifilei^unieice , ai^wteon ndlea dwuy , that the Indians had at- 
XixiiKo'j. us, nii,i Dd a^ oru.'o sent uown a serKeant yrui ten tnen.and 
k»*pt tiiOri enj :i<ii iieu there fur t^^ro itr tiirtte r't»nthe. 

In titi,a li.itie Hijoan of v/ii- , 1 iet.rr«j h-iW su tnan> «?ood- 
iieurtea. i'len ii la ojen tnr^tt r.n lyiiijve t)»t thero are no Ro<xl 
i.iaiajte ot t w^aa^i uriea. '!'.»* fivr rr^M vho «ri^r6 ir)irJ»"xao?>?d in 
ti.a .».iii«. art'».' t/o.-', woro viilmi'; to alux't ari lnuar. w.'.ereyer 
Uiwy oouIj. b 30 o;»e , O-'-.a « lio/o fo.Mi •.':.-^t i.'> ui> tJ f» case with 
aii the nui.Li;rMir.A 1 -^vtr kn^;*, w .c vei-e uttao^-eu by Iruiane, 
nijdu uro;.»ii^, tJ!* i>iriir.3 <.>ff ^eii vii> t.>, California. 


While tiw boldiai-s r©r«inoa at tin* itiin* . t'.ey , *i*-h my 
nwn, raade encureiiMis ii'.to the movintaiis every f^nnudy , iv l(Kik 
for IriaiaMS, ftnu. thoy got oacii ull ti'^o ^i«*U»i« tiAt Uio lr«ax4itt 
h^'i. carried eivay. 

It. wua Out a iittle ^'hile stftftr tlus, t.av <,iute f. rrtoije^- 
table war wfi« raginp , ami the reiuilara *et e rXA^i to actn'..t tl^e 
aia of the miners to ijuoll it- A liompany of volKnte^rs ot:- 
eoonterea tli" IrrAxans t>i;- a .shtit t -lietaMye fjom the nine, and 
ran a »n nber oV thi^rii ini.o Ower.t , wl^ero tjiny fcund tw^iity- 
tlir«<> dcau ones. Tliia t.<»M.ied th*; lTvuia»i M-«».^ble in tJ»t val- 
ley, a-xi frur'i t:at day to tias tijobe DiKe«x Indiana l.j^e p»»er. 
nut only p.jaoeaMe, Di t iMjiV of :.!;'»> necanie lrrJi;.«,triot.- b frmn 
l.-io*.'! orK , anj. corsbtitute one-haif oP tn-ae *hii h.ire oi-t for 
farai Kork . 3t..ii.f. of then, iiave preaiii-led Cov<t!w<»?? t land, pay 
taxes, afd aotx;. tiiClr ohildrttn to school . AJtlujufJ. t.'os^ Iw- 
aiuiitt itiVQ aiwt.ys oeen jv^na laereu of d ver.> Iua- iifo , 1 tiiirH 
t4:ey ahowfij. jri^at r idaptubi li tj ^or u aV J iiaatj on '-har: tf:e In- 
aiuua of tiie Aii.iii^xi; otatea. 

1 co'itmro-i to s'lperln-^onu v.iiiu irane Tor ai>'>-'- tlinio >ea-8 
I eroiJttfl the fxrbt s.-eltim; furnaco in tin nuunty, arij. *hii<- 
p<>a t!.<? first DUllion t^ I«'d And«-«s Cy trtar.' . * il O- an iLev, 
oy steai;.«r, to *<Hn 'Vt'.noiaoo. ii .caa Dut a slioi't tA~i« after 1 
Oorii-enooa *,i'.o ahiii:>-'nt of lujliiotj , uer^.y^ <t*:.^i u:xnc9 ware open- 
ed rje , am bullion w:\% uoi»i« iiiupp«ri aaily, at t,.e rate 
of t.'reJ'.ty '.vna ;)'»r jtiy. This »iuliiv>n oi.i:.* uf oi.rb #oigii- 

irig aoout a h\jnur«l pourvua each, — ti.e lead ani t]-e Bilver un- 
s<>M3rat«ct. as the aeparatirig ooul-i be xone in 'lav Francisco 
o>)(*aper t.liari at tiie mina , ana no aanger of roal agwnts «iiila 
in transit. Hy this time (about 1.S7S i tl.ero wero five aielt- 
lr\z rvirnavJos in biaat, *ltliin a few rra l9b of O^/erib lake, una 
upvnras of f^itr,h.t ndllion -iollirb ^orth of sxlvoi nrid leaa 
baen pruuuaeu by thein. in tht h,e £,r.X ir.i^ , 0Oij>i Vur ci.aro^'il 
43.9 talnp exJiaustaa, «»ia u.e. cr.lj jx- int nf «'hi ci: an abunu.irico 
ooula D9 fouiwl was on tiw ^lorru Novaoi irx/untains , on ti..-' Wes- 
tern siae of tlj© Vall'^y. Tlaa ./o«*d f<»r charct>al tr h tweiity- 
five mlt>8 aifttint Troi;* t^-.e nines, yft, m pi ii n »ip;nt. A lake, 
ten iilps rtoru:isi , hha nine rilLt-s up >i mountain slue intervened, 
bi't 1 a^r.t^riiutiea no i;.aJ.'? it available. llavm/' f u i f 1 11 (^.i. my 
A^ r(?ei'i»»n t *itii tlie oc*nipany to vtk/r. 1 liaa sol i xt,*- rt.ipe, i re- 
sif^ed I'.y siiii«i'i:i trj.idoncy , a'.i praenptea t'.m '.frtar of Ci»tton 
food Creek t.At Jiaa its rise on tne urTv.iit of to T"ount;?in sefid 
moanaf»rea thrwutjli an Ir.iJiense bo.iy .f excf»Jl"Mt iirfLHir ^-i- Ixim- 
Oftr ena oharctial. 

1 ^vvt title to fifteen hunarea acrps of tn? Innil ti.iou*^h 
tlie Gvlif«'i*niu "tute Traversity , vrhu ha'x 'H'tJ'.orit.y fioni Con- 
gresb to Iticute unst'rvHytfd lirias, b; {ji, in«J. tiw ejipons.^ uf sur- 
vey mg. T)k» Cotto'i f«x.i Creek emptied into the Tnke, a^rectly 
opuoaite tl'.e mine*. Near the bo'..t..jii wf ti.o Croek , 1 built a 
iioii se , move-jL my faii.ily Into l^ , corii :e'io«'i to buila n pnck- 
trail up ti.e n:u>ntain, iv eiuble -ne to trf!n« ij<»i *, n.Achisiery r<>r 

10 7. 

a saw taill. f)iiie at wi>rk at this, tie fji-eit local earth - 
«iuai^e oooi rreu ti.ut , for a tinie , was knov^rn as the Inyo «arth- 
quaX© . it oei lit: oont'uieu to county. On ti.« twenty -thu-d 
of ^a^tfh, ai aooi. t. UirHO o'jiock at rut^'t, (?) my entxit raoix- 
iy founu. tn©nibej.vt;b b^ruvirlinE on tne floors of our b*a rouois. 
t]>e hoDuo sviraying ana roiling: bo tiat xt was impossible for us 
to staiu upon our feet, Dut by dint of oieeping anra rolling, 
the five of us finally »uocn(»Uea in t:et. tmre out of cloors,vf)«re 
we witnasbea tiie mobt awe-inspirinr si(rhts tiiat imagmatKjn ujn 
Conceive. In front of us tl.e Lake was coming up towarus us 
in waves api^arentiy forty feet high, and roaring like tie oo«*c»i 
in a gale. Tiie ttiountain mar us was shaking and tronbling to 
aj) extent ti'«t iooseneu iijai.enae rooks from tiie peaks r-j-ir tl» 
4uirr.;it, wMJi.« Doi.iuii^ atvi juiripinft from cliff to ;;lifr, 
incre&sir^ tieir velocity as t,i»y cai.e , anx leavinc a streak 
<.f fire bohifn tl">em tnaf- 1w.>K'» l lii.n hunii- -da o" stre kb of 
cliain— linhtraiig , anU. so lit u'j c.o iT.ountain diues t.'.aT. ve oou la 
bH© tliese in(nor«o rouks on ti.oir trunsi' t,n tne .)luin. This 
turn.wii, noise, ajva sliakirip oontmuea until daylight, i -t prew 
less and le^fa, ^'ro.-v U^i txi-nX, {jraat ,iai tliat t.'irrw us out of 
bo.i. Tho s^nj'ition tiiat all of ns Volz ^a:» oV Ijuvin^ .started 
in o:io airedtion with great volooity, una nmnf a op^.ei ho sud- 
ionly as t.o thro>f u, ir leabt ten foet, aJthou.^^i fn m^'V m a 
rsuuiiiDorr. ou.sition. Ax dayiirht, the oartli iiad itjiote-^ down 
so tut ^ we ooulwi :jt)Vo aooi.t. am. see *iiat ia^ ..oon Vi.a insults 


in our irmiieaiato iien^iDorhoua. "Ve *iove Tourtoen iraleb from 
any or.ner jjfioplo, suvx vo fearea we mi;iit no the only turvivora 
xii ti.e Valley. Krvoi- tliRlees , i)i aue season, -*« tlioi: -) * of 
tii'eakfast. i.!y sibtor Uiarlottd unci luy aaURht»r :.arcia. .vere 
tlie foniAlot of t/ie family, ana SuHiTJian . AuGViStuB. a^" .'yh.oif, 
>3uiWtituteu the five. G]Liriuot« anu laroia uealarc ■ tiiey 

A'ovixd It. '^ fell inu* tiio Jioiise again t<j blee^j or t,o eat, i<.*st an- 
tr^i.l}r jar wouia o.iu»« tiai ciixmneys, airoady bi.aly oraeAea, to 
tu;v.o.u') m -uiu cruan tii«n. i naae a fire outaiae , av,u w^ent to 
look tov flry, ter for ot)ff9e. ffe haa a etrear. of vr.itei fjrought 
frofi tjie Urooiv for m.lxnnry ynrpuseB anu foi* impatiiii u par- 
aeti , ov 1 when '<. lo^kea for it. xl. .«as tjorc , arra 1 cuii, . aee 
tlibit r,!ie os;;iliatior hna t^ocn bo ^:reat , tje Toi-e it ..aci 
C(»a««*l to run, it h-HA oaon ti4ro.vr. out oi tl.o ditci; on e.n oh 
Biaft for :^ aieft^i'iot! cf ^livcro fottt or i..ure. i ti.en vt-wnv to 
tiie Cinok Tor if,, az>a l\<und ii ujiho aj-y. Kei-e was a *iv, cov- 
er/. 1 "ra s -u'ponain^ upoji ti.-.) au'eam t*> traris>;jui-t my ><'C<d 
unu xiJiibtjr from x,jse moutitain, aru xf tlie bxret4ni was gomt , tic 
enter pJi af- tr.\b i faiiure- After Uifs^-inp a hole in tJje — ?u uf 
tiie creeK a.ra finamp vatoz- r*.r biecxi^tubt, Aui;i;>» tub Bauuioa a 
hortie anu weirt up ♦. iin creaX i,v>.*.ira.<i tjie moiintain fur un^/i^t a 
mile, ana found tlie vu ^a t iAwirmK into a oracA iv. the ojr th, 
aoout. three feet wide. After runninf. in^ii it. t>iree «>i r.iir 
day* tlie oracx fiilcwi up, ana water ^sr o attain m i -*» chan- 


About ten u'ciuck, the stogie frum Lou ATi<,:ele8 ca.»ie up. 
TJ.O ir ivftr was t«rtibly aemoralizoci ; saiu tlie initial jar had 
t'-rown h;ni «'ff the coaoh, haa tliro«rn hit* hi>rbe«» flat tc fhe 
f:r<n:na, aru .'"an yo fr i)7>:t'»nrta rh€fr that it a-q s vith i.'-,r i '.lo^t 
lirfia''lty t'.t*> fie» cov'lci control thorn. As* .'« jiuiw up !"■• Vul- 
lt-»y at. the •;. iJ'io t.i.ft, ruRu rnn n«ar t>ie fui.t of the no);nt j in ,ancL 
tl-i^ iir-T^nae great buvvlaeie csune roilin? lown sw ♦lee^ to '-m, 
Ufflt :ie exi>«^?+eci e>''Jry tn-jcient \Ta» li. a liiet. Cr-j-cke, frur, 
tiriift ti. tiPK' , crossed the ruuu . wtiero ore si'ifj 'v^ulu ^" •Ijfio 
or four ^'ei»t '.liri.or tiu^n th/* cth.or, *mr i«? >*ou]a }^nv« i,v; uua 
a whovftl '-fhiv-h he carried' to let h\« w^iiTon up or aovn.ati the 

Ail I n-xve tif^fore 8tatt«M, we hau no no\''^hivjr:i nearer t.-.m 
Lone '^xne , fonrt-^on rnxos to the Korth of us, ai>u it vuu r>-< t 
.jrobablo ^.hat. ^^ ahotilj. i)o-sv fi orn tiiwi e lintil tiie atafie .' - 
*.i'rn(ea the >e xt any. Wo v^iy; (Xtu^ons for n^v/s from t' 
"..•o knew ti.ero were a sc^oj many bri jk anci, juoOb bvil luint's , ••.".ich 
vere cont-iaerOA r.ucji loss safe tlian «rooa«n onoe. Our a.)/.i»ty 
,.j-i/vf»a N * *<>" »fell fomded, for every brick, bt«jne , end .-^.uob* 
ouildinr in tiie V^Jley was a^nKoit;J»a, ana tw'enty-tlu'ee ,).fr- 
«ons killfr.l cMitrij'ht , and k 8C(>re or PK>re injured — sorrio of *i«ti 
for i 1 fe . 

We vere *>pect:ng uisaBtroue news from n.^n T'rirjai»c<' Jid 
other Coast mtiee, but hapi^ly thia waa a Ixoal ear tiiqu ...e , 
ixtn t'nj y ex^e-uei. atort fifty miles, ana apent rr.obt of i '.j. 


foroe froirj Jajvo Pine to tlm fout of the I .ike . TJmt vro *iQce 
ti^Tiioiv r.CHV€Ki Ht t)i9 tinw, thei'H is no 'J.o\;bt, but *e a<.t»ri 
foriiot It, •I'U my oiiiliron, now m 'Jalift^rnia , wl^n i-e^iiing of 
U.o devaa ta tion creuoe-^ b> the Lv^i-jyidooa juid jyoxor.eo t;;^' are 
occui'rmt *-»■•»■ ^vf;i- t)ie Atlantic states, deciai'e tJiuc xhuy pre- 
fer iin i*uj*th^i.iaXe o.^urvbry, if GAlifornia la ono, f>->:' ti;*-* ^t^ry 
i>.<'i re-.tjvyii ti^at eu r tJim; akosj aro io»s» rrf»qijc:;i. 

fe ve,-nt on «ritli tJie ^idii tiat i Iiuve »uia 1 hi'i <:«ii .. fen- 
ced to (iK\Ae u^j tue canon, anu oy the fiit»t o? 'i.;xl, ooj vuenoacl 
to juiok u>j tx.(j /jjutrtriiil *e :c*<jii i.r.Kt to put r j . s.fw to be 
v\m oy v^ater . 

iw tif; fir at. of .Tune 'Vf> hfid oo:n;ji<»t»i i ''Ull vi tl". vj.i.3h 
vo Oi.uld naKe ter^ c. rsonsy.ou. foot ;-!" l-'nit)-;:- :n a aay, anu t. u 
mill was makitif^ diir.onsions l«EnDor ftjr a V flume from t.;;m 
mill to ti.e J. i..:o , in wiaoti to ti'ansixjr-*. lumhor ana ooj-u vvjixi, 
1 liiiu ;U. i*3aay had u survey of iii/' route, :ir!^ non fpifs ,it .-.^rk 
ojeari;:g thrj .*:^y , .hti'I pir*iJinf: tie fourvo-ation on «rrj er tn f»; ijjt 
it. 1 then r.iaao t^Tt* boxes of the mill and ()nt them >n tjj.ioe 
fv>r eit'.i>t oi- t.tin roOs . atu : aue patefc to enahJe i^-n to \vr.\ any 
part of ti'O wa tRi* tiu t projjoliftu i./;e t»niv uireotjy into t;i> 
fiuj.e. rrom liiis on. tiie ooxes , as f^st an reqiiirea, u t tl» 
iovfti- ttnd , Mfii-a jHJt m '.<! tl\© flune ut tJ»e mill, ana Jtst /ater 
HiiwtJfJ. tiiiie-i. uii I... float rhem aown t<> *J.oro tiiey yore to ;ake 
1^43 j.r pxacoK in *.>* li(«. By tl» f\rbt of ^'ovfl^ bar , vi^ lua a 
flim.e oomplHted fi-o:\ ;l.e rnill fairl;- ou* on vj t'i.e ijlain, and 


vrere aoie u> j>eixl do*n eiil ti.e lumbar ho liaa niau* tiiiAt did not 
-,o into 1 !v» cons t.ruo tion of tJ'.o flijiie , b.ji e Fifty +.i^.ot';,ana 
ff**! , and all Xi.n si.ibd tliat catue off of ahoiit fc ur iiu.-.dred 
til >','«.':»* id foc^t of locjb . We f -'. nu t'-ai. le c-iUia -^riv.i down ton 
thoi;:*:^:'.! feet <.f Ibmbor iu one hour, or t-vftniy corus v^ ' .. wtiU, 
iv.j. li-a% i"^. toa- bat t,i;irty-on« niinutes to rn-i m" vn _. ^ri;t 
xniil. aqi^Are limb, tfcntv-fuur fi.-«t lonp;, 

Tlx: mill b(«i»;i; eJovc-.j t.].ousa:v-i fool abov^- ♦. ilowa^rr , ve , 
of i3o':rs.'i. l'«>cl t... siioijonu wH'-i'fctionii d'.rinG t><e winte*' , but 
early iv: t^f spriTig 1 ■^xr.eTxied the flu'^ie tt> a rx>i:-:t 'v}.ei« Iliad 
ereotoi kilns fv.. r buiainij cJ.ari,N-.l, fcr vlucl' Mne ..nt, .1 oui- 
n«iUXi for f»ot le^-iii tlun eif- ht ttujiisa;;^ hut;>ii».l ^ jjer cry, by tiie 
tiiiielti^V fui-ii:-:oos Mrftn :r oj-t.-raMon. T; i « darooal i owula, 
•/-ti i-.y f^'JiliMos. miunifacT.i.j'p &na deliver ciicaper tlan tiiey 
oci'lu. p.'ooi i>^ i* elsowieie , axyj. maXe a jiX'ofit of five ctiii a on 
ei.w'i- Di'.sicl. 1 i'lau not yet rot j31 rr-y ui-iariff^^ '^''t. s ci>i [ileted. 
1 wab buiiaiT)jp; lirlitei-s, a steant tug, ana clo.jks iij,..t» oa j.'. biac 
of t..j i.iike , bi -, i fiJially t'"t every thii^ in »<ir<-rkin^- nja r .and 
•fab Jeliv ^■>^inJ.': ooal , iumcer , via wc*od, anu. f o It that i v.. «» on 
ti»e ruatt to u for-u.j», anu Siicuia. hiivn r.«8itat<»(i before .;ce«pt- 
ine a quarter of a million doiiiru f.>r my pri>jjerty, hau it ueen 
oFforod re . 

m *,i.i3 ri-.-AM tir>e , two of the lar?^R8t nines vhu vuj-e my 
ltir(^eat cn8tfr«is , *er« in lltigi4tion, aru t uflcibion ..averse 
t\» t.-iTir cl.iim» >r..s i-enuarod by t)n» auirt, and tl.ey *rmr. sJiut 

•lo*n. A si-.ia9n fall in [jrije o** Ifntj. u.'v.i silve: )r^\ li:. :(Jtir- 
R"*. fin'v- nlTWM, nnl i'\ tf»n .lays tire, t! «!•»» m* rmt a • in9 
1)1 *.i '• lii .-.%'■• ic> t r.-isinc (»rn . nur ; fm-,cf iv. blt.»t. A , .^.lu^; 
Cfy-l d»f pros.-^ior s^izfrJ t.'ift entire coninuni tjr . fver;. i;->.^ 'y m 

ti;e Viiile;: w- s iiripulo-l. Ranchos nc i no lonff^r a i^vTrk*;:,. The 
rr*: r ch ■ '.vi s junl-L soil no fo<»ds , nor collaot. ft (ioll»r 'lis*? -..m. 
All conrij.«ricP ffiii ''^.'rn . Ml *ht* l-;a clains f./'dinct ot'ora, 
fnl', it inc«;r?!t~'?r>t i.'r-"n thomueivos to pr«j>s ♦Vipt , i** t)'.nr<» wia 
a r«noT»? oil in.!'? to i-.o) loct . I, *i. fjnish rry v(>rK b . >v\tl -«nB 
a f«ivf • Vi'iUE'V. a icillCirs nt-?yo*Ki »'iy r^eara , an-i ny prcprrt' , 
*'hi !h 1 i-/. pi:t nenrily a hujioied thuiisMm •Aol.lprb in r.onf, , and 
riemOy t Mr yours <»f yiar-l work, nrp s s^lU jiniiei an attacl;.)r:it , 
and l^ft ns withe rt a -Joliar. K*t Ty>t in uebt. -Ml rry labor- 
lirs vere lai-.l , hr^i 1 ai i net y,ive up to mourning over my Iwss- 
eb , !Vyr sl«e!' Ti<>r eat thr 3«s8. '''e left oir p)^*ce at Cotton 
«^v>c.d vlien tioli out. ?.nU Ijlreti a little ranjh 'it Lo»>o Pne. 
Si'.^rintn atxi Am/uotua y^nt to vork for varos , *ft.i le I , vi ' . i 
hir^-1 Chlnrn''T', -rent W raisinp chill pepjiers ina onions. 'U 
Biade it pJ^y • "Tis true, tl.ti» ♦-.ti Tw>t -n oxcitif*: liTn, f. t I 
6Hf?ir» t .•/I) iniev^nt fill yerira luJ; iiv an <><nJasii>nHl 'rip A-r .. (irt 
uni rec "eiir it>n tu tine ii.oimtHinB wi;«r«» 1 l»d built the »xt nill. 
1 h-ii piit ^'iftfor little trout int<» xi\tf stream., t; F'.t I hra pro- 
01" rod iM a strewr that emptied on *}io '^en* aiae of -.he moun- 
tiin. ,A(Kt th»y rrtt\^- an-l niul^i plied so fdut m oil© i »• new ]-.«'•►>. 


t, lit i vi<;«i]u, at the rtivjl of throe years, :xt'\ ro^, Ij-iY , ^iiu 

fly, iji!/;; .^ auriuroa w'' ,.ijt'm . rfHiBliHir. u m^artf-r -jf .: pouija e&or> 

ii: a!i art'.-r.iu.r). aiiu m a «t.r«-4i:i lieji'iirip a t t/ie b 'S*-. ■. ,\t 

W^ii*, !*»:;> , ju,-,;. rcrobb ti.o diviae . t-J-.e r^jldor: tr-^ut tiff t, * -i:n- 

■ ijuil aiu cltfj :..<xi-^x:\ of t,i» .itruairi «<> aio '«• of hrush, tlat i 

navf r J. .lUcn alor^ aty um ixi /uebacA , san \ u'lUf^lit tiK-.-i oy 

vi|ioraoi.n;, , l..-.' Ca^.i -. .ij. ' ^j suji^urn 8'.'«;iou ^i. irureas'^.' vitali- 
ty, 2:u reue y tone's iit^G. 

sylvj. ill xi!\3 , to iu vD-jj^a a/^ain into ir.v oxciter* frit of minia?? 
for rjioid; tnjx \.!ix^ mh*^ in ti<.) mar. n "^.axn i -V Oiiirwr>u;i .r-iiG 
Fiu'ce iiiiu Oifi^i-.i- irjdxans, out la ti.o olu TtsitQ of Virpiiuu.tut 
four ii'vuis, ij.!»tiiit. ?iTui.. '.iJi City of »Vds)ur:rj to n. uy:iVj.d- ■ !>f 
£;;> ao ^iiaintiuioe luvw*. t«oi);x- tlie uvnui-ii of m 8tat<* of ?. ti^o'.i- 
aa'u :io itja on ViUoh *hi'H nun.aroua auriferous veins, si»' c wf 
•viu-Jh .au. uoa>^. pu-ofil/ahly worked befoie t.^ie war. T)^ y \' ?ro 

in JiopG:, t..;i. .lydrtiULl 10 process* cmili he \-i^oJ. tu tf<jrk the ..i;r- 
fuoe , uixi kn>.>4±i\i my CApeiionce , the> ] aa sout fm- ^e ti. ,• vri9 
ona sup'rrint fna. ti£i,i" worka. i c-n.e on, anl tut. surjirii>«u. to 
fiiU vithin the sourv^ of the belle <*f t;^ ci ^y i^f ' "ish- 
i'li^Lv^n evixinct' i^f -l-« exx4.iDMoe «jf £iild, ^^uite eqtJal to .ioy 1 
;iau ftv(;i- been m the pf.-lnij li ys of Ci:.lift-rTUa. 

1 ^uvxbixi i,j".e 'Jot:. puny oo looX foi- polot by iiUiXinc b...irt6 
ijpu»; ti »i ".'u^i;s , b'.'t t.'0> voi e e^nxiouH to vork the anj-fac' . m 


h«»')r;B tiat rt. oy mjclit uncf-v^r a bonanza t:^at wx^uld . :.■ ill ex- 
ij<3iia»j« op a pl'\nt. for uncl<?r*:rou)id work. TY.e joimtry w^h too 
flat, una v/.i+er tuo 33:u*ce ft»r hydraulic work. b»'t by ox -^irv^ry 
sJuicii^- oTf tiio vo^j Oi'V'i to j«a rook, wo found gold m ~]1 of 
tlioc!- <'i» wiie last oay ' i» vox'k dono ujiuwi my supcrvi b l^^; , five 
ool.>i-^>. ;)oye toi>A up on© xiuriured Hiia twftpty di^llart. That 

ni^lit tiie ♦eut.i'aer b«o>ime cold, and w« were ccfn{)Olled tu aua- 
1*1x1 mnintj until sprint. 1 ther. went on to Tl«w YoiX, vj.oro 
1 fouriu ftnployment, — not to exoitinc, but less l^b<>ri<'Ub. i 
rofzifeinou in tli« Vioinity •fNftw York until "Pebruftry of i:'%i pren- 
ont yesur, sinoe whsn 1 hftv« boon travelini^ in Nortliern Viariit;an. 
1 v-sit«iti fiiany of Uio places I wrts fa-^illiar with wJian a boy, 
aaw ail *hom 1 could ""ind of thoos I know yoara ano , but th?y 
vere few ana f;«r bctvron. 1 ,/ . b in l.ofias to l.avo founu bttne 
of luy Iniian frienas, anu was curious to see ruid l«;am I'.ia re- 
sult* of 8i*ci..v yttrirtj' intoroourse -*ith cjivi lization. 1 in- 
qnir**-! at Grft>xl Hl;ino , Flint, ^ar.irAM , f>I:iaw;* ubie . <ind -t Graitl 
Rapicie , but no one could tell wl.ora tli y oouli t:.f} fotmd, or 
•van if any of them ytill lived- 

At a pirty at Grand Rapids, at whicl' 1 w.»8 a fuest, • little 
tpieoae occtti'r<»d, tliat pionaed t"9 greatly. 1 wrs in*>'rried 

tlmt tliero wub a liuiy present who covild talk witl. \-y trl^nt 
•ani» of thwtn faoetKmsly ofcllea my "native toncue." Whmi iwat 
introdnoea to t»r , 'by the by, h.'ib itau t^:e wi f» of the !''><>rj 


■ill .i«.?cl:u-»;j v.. ...uBx talk xn CJiiiJ^/Owa. 1 8iijr>o««?u. thu'^ she, 

ixr.'s 4,.(i>.t of ti.c QuT'iy s«ttiei-8. hatt lo^imaO, a ftw *crttB, "inU 
ct'D J— ,.; o:>..oly asj. f^/i" bfOaa ar.j. aay that sh* was hungry, f:tc. 
1 iiimj/iia A 'ft.'Uj.a wpfeu a uotiviM'tsa'-ioti «fit,l: iior vrhicli slie v-juiu 
}ia vrt ♦-<) ^t.iif^caa jvr- ^ ...•./..,.» ri' :• !?c>ni prn}ien{iiiin. 1 njiu tf'^j '<U': 
•Ila<,ev!ii '*a.isko ivif-iirv/ Opucl ^'^ "*^ r,ir>ei»an'i<>n ac4uayaane .-.eke- 
Uioir^." ( Til's r. 1 .*f? b .i .yUnt." E^'an. 1 -*a6 very Tonl of tdlki.'V^ 
witi; tiu> fr,arl3. "i I'h^ h>i;.' /t rea , vi r,h*ai t Jie bi ttitiou : '•1, i. /■• , 
wi:en >"'iir"<p , Kt' a oIo^koj. >> taik ^itj tho !)oyi,.'» Frciri that 
tirrie *irt , mp four.d r*ii.'h fo talk about ind lau<^h at t/.-i t -w.^* 
fii>»-!f. •\> tjo -•.!) arxjiJT. us. fnen . s'-e-i T,t) t^•13 \rI-2, u w»'.- rerf» talk- 
is:.-: abwut, we tol-.l ih«n» tlia* it vas thaii i-e(,viest tla t a'O tshouil 
til.-, in Chippttwa, ai'.u tl.ey rust fin-i their liwr. inter ^iieter . 
??lie wus tiis aiuf htHi' of u olftrpyman , wriu hau Tor yoAis DOf^n a 
mis-. i'lH-ry at tiie ?Jault ae St.?!^rie , xhere .sho v/as nom, ana 
for «u'A yeiii's, like r;.ybeif , HaU only iM-liaii Ui.iiirsn as play- 
rna tea . "^iio tv>la iie t.'»t Pwr years she biu hti-i no opporti-nUy 
u'.' Ubirj', it, t>-j* Uiat uiie aid not forp^t, arid it c^>ine s^uite at 
rfiaaiiy as w)iftn .-jhe was a o^^ilcl. 

1 *>.' ij 1 riL) * jlote tiip atiainpt to lun'ivi a tl,« inc; .^ents 
anu ex i;eri«Tice6 oocurrin,". to myself, for *l.ich d.:>ibtlobb <>»:r 
ae»oefv-idnt8 , if they wade throuph tliese pefes , «rill bo th nk- 
ful. I l:avft yet tj ,':^ive an acjourt of t^e two bxstex-e yoi.'t:g- 
er tj^m inybelf — Flizabeth and Krr.ily. 

IJ J. 

At'nef aji tne ohiiuren but tiiese two Iwu i«*Pt th« home at 
(irajx.. rilano , trie orothera ^iiirj^nact^a onr f.^t^or ."■'j mo '.i.i;r to 
soJi tl.o o.i'-L f.^nri at, (jmnx Rilano, ana acoept ?> Ixttje hv*i« iJ^i'iy 
wwulo. purchase f(>r i,hom at Avon Springe, Me* York. TljBy iived 
ti.ere very comfortably until tiiese t*o iicirrioa. Thn fxi e to 
do 80 \y;i s FXii:?. i">9 •♦'h , w^.o var--ioo Grant Dicker, •m]vj se'tieu in 
Flint. I'lch Iran . a»u wne a promineru misinosb nian there. In 
fact, lie is, s .1.11 tiiOiMj, In;'. F]ii.a»jci,h, hi.. f..ito*. vife, j-:H8 
been cleaa bt.rit years. ."^iie haci 1wt< «i;ilaren, — p. boy, *j o vant 
to t}ie vcar f.t/i was ii-eraily f;T,arveci to uea^h in tie l.ii^hy 

Prison, and a iauplitei' wht> is t^.e wiff> of Aib'U't Kudy ana lives 
at, Fiirr, , s^ear hni fjit'irr. I-Vii ly , the yoimrest, n-.umea 
fJaiJiuel I. Fuller, w'lo i«* k.'/ living with a ueoonci wife at Urana 
HftpiaB. ^'^ohi'^1n• Fni\ly ha-.l twi> a^ 5; -lit or 3 — J ily a^vl Katy. 
lily cliecL yonnf, , bu*, J-aty [i. now ; ire. Torry, a' ; iivet iv ai' 
Iv r fath-^r. "Je is a> .-.: tia". (T sor-? c<!' lebi-j. ry , hiving o^o- 
>Tiitea siro i.ic tntcj liint lif-.vr-" c.^n rui»_, In 1.111* .■ir *. rnJlfr j.e i> 
m Hew Vork, am roIcI there. 

I Imve n(-w tol^i nil l m r"^ en''i«'r of the f ••r".j. ly , exof-pt 
to r*» 19 te t'v^ c? rpe r of Mr(.t:'<»r Hiifrs, vaose lil'e. nithouf.h 
le-3J^ evRntfi.l tlia.". ♦.('■• re;. ^ v.T is., vRt pr r' ;b •< f.rf. i;s.*ful , ana 
a i^reatoi- Mnefir to t.lT«» »»arly rK» •.'•rt of 'r?riB9ttec County -.^ 
an> other Tr.«^in. Ab 1 m-^ vr. 1 Vr Rtratf.-Ci. , •'«p ;;:-nC irto Miclji- 

fjar; in Is « , an.i lort>»teri n pip<?^ of Jani nljuinir.' ' ^le I'U'.^ of 
Oliv T '▼ 1 li i v' i-o foil • }'^- •t.i't.!-' or Pi.ritiac. ^f. "lliiarriS' 


rit. %iU\x , was tne only >*iu te fjunily f)et*ft>?n Portiao ana 
aagina*. he hna a farnily *.r «»3frht cMldren, r.T] Dnr one or 
tw\,» o*" ih Mil <j r an ?i<?e AMinr) tiifty oi»cM. t«.) iuve hfjen at s-ohfjol. 
HufuB , Iikft all tJie oll«r rrr^tibers ^jf our ramily, h»id '.du the 
advaTit.i''e8 of a oorrrun school eduoation, anu was oomp<iCi>(it to 
teach Uj^ o'imrs vliat )» inj learned. 

''r.*rilliar?;8 fitted up aji our.i,\ixhj>.ii\C «'i5 J«i « pnti laijo for 
1 8(3hoolT-.M4Y. . ir.a Wiplove-i. hiMi to t^uch hi-.-. obxlo"en during 
the vinter of ls..d-{ , and vo •vi'sro al»v:i ,»h i-." tl-e o.,i>u<>n t.^it it 
•*at> vrhild iv wau ieaoiiiw; tjivi*. hi fv» 11 in lov^ *ith ofie i.r 
Ijupils. wh mh i'lducKi him to n2l«:;t Im-id in >•.»'•* xrrinedi&\.c vl»d.n- 
Ity wf hov J:0"ie. Mthi>i:t'li tlii* land «v'.:s poor, tii« pupil was 
dpiiir4t>le. Tl.e Idnd Je pjitea .»i i.h , ar^d a>i.n a't'-r uur fami- 
ly settled m Gr-am Hlanc, he nnui r :<»i Caroime^, j-o eid^bt 
dauf Jst.tji- of Oliver '^il.l i/^ry , oju -■otn. .u i'.i^v; aoi. <'f^pa»n- n? ii" the 
h<)rnf»8rf»ad \X that pl-ae. ' 

i-Le cJe;-^rfK.l aiid cultivated a farm, and k..?pt < ar.a^ 1 s>*or6 
for t.rauo wi*h Ind] ars. !^e Jeaj-ned eTiwurh uf +.;« InnguuKe to 
enab.^e hi!n to und^retaTvi '^ua mke "/^.3.t:8h] f vn.. im-h .<K.d , f!»: t it 
wab 8u«h b»-«;>'.en Chiotwwa ap to caiinp 're Indiarui rreit ar.iuse- 
'^'•ent Tt ■;. ni^s . 1 ro.TnJ'iii»»r «• m Rt.t.jt, j.t lie -niie i -.dft t<, ooncrat- 
rlate u y< rT\' In U ill who hiu lfi!;ji*d Mh f ) rst hO!\i . Tl:e rear 
MTBS iar<\e anu fat. 1 i'i!i\Uv Vn<w '-i-vi r. ^^e iiT'errie- to tiuy.but 
wie t lie did say was* "To wR*»t. to j^<. c. chw?-^ l-rr.jtcx. eh« mueogo 
to mi' 1 to n<^r)--.rn pir.?>^.R poc».>jh ^f»* . >'o'm •. ^ i..q. .^ ' r. ot dnada 

11 i. 

Oi.-ar Ji.joraii plent-y grease pocacjieei." 'Dus ui- arnusau Uie 1m- 
^lano , that it beoaii« h by-'urA ?■■• o.'V th«ri (or v^-;-*. 

i.» iiv«a iiero for ik;rre >ear6, — in fcict, uj:HJ -nuro wi- iees 
pei'iile ooL^<»r t») settle ab»nu us. Tuere wa« nu poet oi"fi-0 
Wirer tj^a)i Puntien, s- he rale appiioaiiiin Cur or.e at >-r;tfU 
Blario , ark. ' . ■'^ Jf ii-irt>'.'-'fit ^' -v* hiii t::(» cffije, b<J t i)!'.>r. oorvii- 
tiov tlia t ie w»>uJc<. carry his own Piail, htuI 1,.^..e t\e l•^iJ^*pt» 
uf t)i; 4/frioo i'i-v ;;oT;.jjer&d'.it)n. A» ti'.i>ro ?u o :yj*- ;;•; avnru£;e 
of ov^or half a dozr^*) lettftrs a A't»ok , it YiUll hsvcj wjh ^uuI' 
pay Tor tie -^erviea. even if ti© |,f»« rad bf.-sr paiti.bLt the 
f net tt w#»re t!» t nut une in f*;v<? of those <*arl> settlors >i£.u the 
money u*- »j.v postage !\): d ^'- xr ■.:• tvj aftfj- jettlirv*. Then, 
each letrer ih«it ca^ue frcm »?ast wf l.:s>.e Fne jost tventj-fivo 
cj^nts, H'ld t. :py wrerf- Hcnrco iy evorv ^ieija-.c;, cv- 1 ^o ^^J t oe- 
lieve a -ifln oi a JtunMin ever If; ft, t,];<» offiOi? wii"<''';t thcii iat- 

At .ti -^iirly duj Hi;r.»* cuilL a :.rtvr ; j.ll -t Uxj 2rviS-i:it; of 
i;ie Tlir.^ni )!iv<»r "^.ex- *]:e ""liMt , — tiie I'^rat nrr^ t't'.ly one jrj the 
county. Tl#« •yju'AS f-y 'i> i 3 timo in •^••^vo.-ai tovne .' r.,or>i or 
.ips.'i ikiitfacs ^'i'J' <»ii ^ ' ho I n1 .'^^ *;/.'!• J'' ^ not a 

be*tlei' but ^jnt-rJ. fr'-nu fxv.^ hti'irwd t<' a "^li-'Ub \.X foot, o.t 
tl'.ry iiau no px»npy o • .;- vr tl — -^o* • :r ir. ''..v. e-'er paia iixM — 
Du' )» iJoijJ.u not. .s.^y no -knowing ti.eir •-s. Hif- Indian 

trnae onaOlPd h\ni to live, luiJ ar*<M- a Mac he a.lsr v;p .-i 

griat nil! iv +,, <> .jlr.^e ^l-T-ic-mmj »>f fur- 

uiBiiifC liaxf ciie f>jniilie8 in tl:o oountxeb irxu. fiour aitx meal 
f; uii hxa toui Cinifit, ii,j<in \uti iJionuso lo pay for it at. &ji-i6 
Tuture T,i»«. ffht»n vna', i^ iH/*f tli« Jity of Plini oe^Tan vu pj'uw, 
iie buii-t u :KiUbe t-i«r© , »t>ia lii:^ pl^ce at vJriAiu. -^IjtiiO . arra uov- 
e^ ilia fctiiiily to ^ne oi ty. fie mu dy u.ib time six cJiilciren, 
fiVM jons arici u»K3 aiinr.htar. I ^'' AMx:*eY, t;:e -./iiftat «un , as 
aouji jii, !.«• <4a ol^ tn^oUi^h, cor.-.e '.o »^u!i ti ac U.- IJvp ^\th m^.an'i 
•fc'.s for -i yeixr or t^»» iti •'.ite <»rfiot» uT tl ^^ Kailru jti, Comyjiy. 
He art«r*:irub -iem to Uotruit. stxij in \!i« •scrviur; wf !}*> 

Rail;x»iu. iJonj.aiiy, cut ams tl 'ire &r.ri..:Jwm .ri t,."- ^ic-i* imp '.1 on , aria 
It ei at tJtf I'udges I'oiise xn PaM*.i>i(3. 

.'^Ib^rt. thf» rifixt son, -/■?»:r fit,}i :n8 to Gul i forma , a.-xi 1 
)i'\\/a xir'Sa'.ly fu*''*>r! s^-"^ tujO'^unt of }!i a aiuvifjusfii 1 r-.inirt' thsro 
Di)" V-ia h(»a.lth b^rran ♦.(; f-sil nnrl and ^y» visitfyi ti'^ o:?ndTi<jh 
Inlands, -^hf^ytt h» H:)eMt st»r« tiiT« , bvi^ rinli>i«: no frtllof, re- 
tnme'l t/i Oqlifr)rnia. an-l died t>'«!re . 0«jrir?fi^ hiR il]»ie8B, l:i« 
only siatei- w«nt out to him. b»:t I «r. nor sure *>ietli*»r he liv- 
fKl Vj MO** ha r . 

7,ob«i\e . tMe bister, nnrrifta m Oalifoi-nia. and \b livin? 
in Orovilie . Butte County. ^hti niarri«»a JuUfie Tarror ^wx^on.*vx) 
-♦.IS for ifviuy year* upon the bencl". and was considered a man of 
Rreat ability, and ui«ki i.unented an-i loveti by all who knew him. 
/.ooedie Ji»B d mm and ft daughter , bo ti- rro wn up, wliu poHsess 
nu>re than or u lary tdlente. The bun ib a euccessPvil ly*yer, 
m rtuttH Jounty, and tiie daupliter iias for- b<n<i<i time bof>nahi«^Ji 


jiruJ.e tnao.'.er in tiift public 8oiiCH)lb. 

Oacar A., UiO i»>.t aon , luanioa -o oe a jir^ntex-, aiiu. v/nen 
quite youijt puDlia;.Oj., for a tuna, a Uenioox'u tio pi.iex' i.n Otik- 
Iluv-i. Cv>iinty. He tfioro inarrioa a aau^j^itei- uT !'. I. '5tovf»ns. a 
ooudin uT iu s fatjier, jront "cur.i !.'iv;liigan t<> ftiBiun: t^n, aiii 

of tJie >'aai.irii' tiiTi urv.i. 'Mexa', u'ia Rtil l^oua. h'« ar,ill J ivftu 
i?i iT tsiiiru' twn, a/Ki luia a -srovifn u^; fa'.xiy of t^u'c- dauglitrjra 
fetid tm*' son. The aldnssl diai -iitfir i3 rnuj-ri'»CL, and one 
c'liild. Th( ti>jri is in cr.aiv::s o** tiic oar in vhiiil. •*•-* 'rovorn- 
m<»nt i9 'iistricut.irv? foo-i fisl'os, unlor X,\\fi aar'^otion of the 
t'nitod ;^*,ut.«»» ^*> (l<;'';rii8^.i'>nr«rs . 

The noyt son of Rufiis, Oliver, died of ct>n«;im[)-'ion, near 
Tw<< Rivers. ??h*»b<iV t^an . Ueorro, thft yi>i;n)-e&t., livi*a 2 nei «'h- 

bor to his aist«r, i'^ Orovillft, Butte County, '7aliftir!ua. lie 
is a suooesfsful busirwsa nan. 1 yri tuld. 

Aftor burvi'r his *ifn, Kufiis Miis fanily all hem" so^t- 
tored 1 Orti'O ' »j livo »im, ine . and died at rny house, xn 1^50. 

Tlii«, 1 oelxavo, cii^ties all 1 can aav iii ref«r»nue to the 
liwos* anu. <:AI•e!'^rs of t;.H nit* . oer b of ti:o :1tfivens Pat-ily. 1 

recret tliut. ao lar?:'i a portion of Ujs papers refwr-s to my own 
oarerti- , but 1 sjert^iinly oiif:;'i. tu rnve a iMor« vivia raao llnc- 
lioM of tliat ttian of any othur. 



January uevftnteenth I'^vrf. 

B urii ce JJ to v ens . 

Dorn iit iVo« tn<j.'ou{yj , forueaiar County, (icti>o«-!X" 
firsT . J'^'H. 

Septan be r tJurteenth, l';'f<5. 

D<<i"ii -n'. '.11 V I'cne , Ay tenlJi i'-'j-''. 

ii orrx 1/ 1}±_ '^ ^. y (^ ?.'JL*. ■ 

born at New Pane, Decei.ber tvftnty-ninth l7ivO. 

AU£ u 8 t u s St *"'V,*^,'l?. . 

ooj-.' ;*f. .e V .-'a')e , .}eoO!. L>ftr foin tii l:i<''0, 

A J r- J li. i •. I > C ._ :l t --.^ / » . I Q , 

born at lima. July nintJi, IsO^. 

oor-i at 1 ihui , lur.e b<5vnnih lYtA. 

Pcc *. ty '^.t.e v ffna , 

born at Ixdiu, limo t#en:.y-$evet>th isOtJ. 

Ch e.rlotte ?lt evens , 

Dor'-! dt lima, "ar;*>'. torftnty-thiril IsTM. 

Israel ^i'o rnari 3 1 « vena , 

born at Jima, Ai'krrst t>fsirth iHin, 

"^ aooD ' teve tia , 

corn a^ lima, Kovombt-^r tiren^y-f iTth lili. 

corn at Liifia , OctooHi- sacoiU . l-*i4. 

Nano^plnaiv _•> tn verijB , 

borri a*. lemietta, ''sv <>> hth i->-jO. 

oorn al »*itt»(wrd, ; arc.: liiieenui i.>i''. 

Ci H 1 T !7 A y. y. 

Jacob ;' -uo v .^n o , r? pri i u^_ . 

Uieciat Kiioxviile, Orxoans Go\inty , ! o* York, 
:;ay fi rti, 1 5:>7. 

diea at rtaire. Orleans County, Aureus t foiirth 1^4'''. 

J en: im a Pe rk j tie , 

'>ci€fU. at i;ari-<». o'Xf^.x sixty y^tra. 

aieci Ht Pontiac, i..icLieun. 

i lor At i. ij r. tft vo ns , 

. f- .1 ?.t • ; rr (»>' ] vf. , »'<>v«?''tf»r *»irhtm»»>th l^vl. 

ai«<l at ^G^ Fan« . oetwcwr i>xx t.^'M, -^.h , ipea ten njuntlia. 

Au Gi-istua 0. S t eve ns , 

cl-,eii .It ^(jdnondca, o<-iem.a C<n'nty. ?'ay oi n-hth H4.'^. 

Uiel at Knowiosvii^ft. 

CitxrlutZQ Kins gale . 

Uiea .^t Krooklyn, lonr Island, nreci seven ty-t/j'ee 
yeai o. 

1 *D1'* 4l .■|i>ei-n\<ii\ ./Ijt e / (« is , 

aiea at Itme Pine, Inyo county, California. 
?9ar\.ts,i'y bixtoontii i.-^>7, acfJ' oB/erv .'-aavon ve.-irs. 

Jaco o .-tttivoiia, .I '.n ij:' . 

uiea at Lima, April twelfth Islf). 

Nanoy "teve ns. 

u.jL.> A a*. Pitlsfi>ra, June t*olfth JSli. 

RiMly /uller , 

aif-d at Conesi's . I ivinf s:.on County , Yaw York , 
&feel til Ai t;- -t*'*. >*^ar». 

P^li^^.oe tit uec'. F.r , 

uied fit Flint, Micliican, nfea t-/en*. y-sov<i;^ y«tti"». 
(i -dii. ii.-xii.'j to \h.irjic Hrt. .... Seeker ••.'•• k oJ v^pi' nt l"»»r iSpth than 
• tatod. a'7 vas k^iute yornf Tor a mother of t.'-oir cw» oJuldren 
;'}.♦! ^uu [wrr. xr, 1817. and t hej- (• !*t- i-e .•'(jul'Jl 1 "ve cU ed m i S4'V' ) 

^utertuvrn. July -ith, Is-i^. 

My dear Nephew 

I have read *ith great interest niy aear 
Brother' • woruerful memory of early lifo m our clilajiooa 
horr* . 1 iistfover, however, ecD.e mistaKes xn xii«» notice of 
uur liTiooetorS. On my ratiier'6 siue #ae a linoiii j.«scwnacint 
of Koger .Ihenaanv »ly Fatnor'i L o uierj- ' a ijiaiu^i iiai/»e 4jlo Patty 
3herTt>an, after v<i-.ui I .rid naineu . : y ^Grctru.rati»ai- ' b n^vno xras 
Israel Jltevens. Hrotiiej* niiurman ^.i^ ujauad aftsi" iiin* TorlBrtfil 
ana on his Urajiuf ot har ' J axJifi , SiiCu-nnn. 

^'y Graiu TdthPi- 3tevft?u* nan five bona inbtoaa of ti.roe, as 
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