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AUG 21 m? 



1542 - 1955 

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Sec 7 

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(1846 - 1926) 

Descendant of the Coppedges, Lewrights, Damerons, Balls, 

Haynies, Harrises, Veseys, Basyes, Taylors, and Gas- 

kinses. Grandson of the Lord Mayor of London and 

Founder of the Baronial Order of Rimnemede; 

Aryan Order of St. George ; Author of 

The True Shakespeare 

..EDSXED Ci. S,% 



1542 - 1955 

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Chapter X — EPILOGUE 93 



ASSOCIATION (1948-1955) 


ASSOCIATION (1948 - 1955) 





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The Coppedge Family of England 

Until the migrations of early members of the Coppedge fam- 
ily can be traced with certainty, there will continue to be diffi- 
culty in ascertaining which coat of arms in use among early 
members of the family is the one to which American Coppedges 
and Coppages are properly entitled. 

Three escallop shells, according to an old tradition current 
among English Coppages, was the original shield. George Ed- 
ward Vernon Cuppage, with whom and his widow on the Isle of 
Jersey our Association has had much correspondence, was of 
the opinion that "A chevron between three trefoils slipped im- 
paling a saltire and a chief with Crest, a griffin's head erased, 
and motto, 'Esse Quam Videri' (To be rather than to seem)" 
was the proper coat. He belonged to the Irish Cuppages, who 
descend from Faustus Cuppaidge, a wanderer to Erin's shores 
from Germany. They have long borne 

Arms: Argent a fess between three garbs gules. Crest: A 
sundial argent. 

The records of Koenigsberg University in Germany show 
two brothers of the noble family of Coppetsch from Drengfurt, 
a small town in the vicinity of Rastenburg, East Prussia: 
Johann Coppetsch (born 7.2.1623) was a Student of Koenigs- 
berg and Benedikt Coppetsch (born 1.1.1620) was a Master of 
Theology there. This family, belonging to the East Prussian 
nobility, was entitled to coat armor, but unfortunately the arm- 
orials and memorials of Drengfurt have long since been defaced 
and destroyed in the many wars between Slav and Teuton which 
have raged in the area. Perhaps in some old German roll of 
arms the Coppetsch shield can yet be found; it is to be hoped 
that it will match one of the three blazons set forth above, thus 
confirming the migration from Germany of early Coppetsches 
to the British Isles. However, the oldest records available in- 
dicate that the original home of the Coppedges was in England. 
They appear to have been Saxons with names like Osmond, 
Eadweard, and Cuthbeorht long after the Norman Conquest and 
to have embraced early the Protestant faith of the Reforma- 
tion. Some remained in England, occupying responsible eccles- 
iastical positions; others migrated to Germany to drink deep of 
Protestant founts at the source of the Lutheran religion. From 
Germany some migrated to Ireland, becoming part of the great 
movement to convert the Emerald Isle to Protestantism. In the 
colonization of America the Irish Cuppages came to Pennsyl- 
vania and their descendants, the Cubbages, filtered down the 

— 1 — 

Valley of Virginia and through the gaps as far as Georgia ; the 
English Coppedges migrated to Tidewater Virginia and Mary- 

As to the spelling of the name, the form most usual in the 
United States is Coppage. Since the 1500's it has not been un- 
usual to find the same individual signing his name on some 
occasions "Coppage" and on others "Coppedge." The latter 
spelling is generally regarded as the more ancient form of the 
name. Both in Virginia and in England the spelling "Coppidge" 
is often encountered. 

There are three main theories as to the origin of the name : 
first, that it began as Cup-Page, the cupbearer to the King; 
second, that the early bearers came from Corbridge, the old 
Roman fortress of Corstopitum in Northumberland; third, that 
the original Coppedge came from the forest of Coppedhegge in 
Buckinghamshire, England. For reasons too numerous to give 
in detail, the authors believe the first theory fanciful, the sec- 
ond unlikely, and the third correct. It is unlikely that the let- 
ter "D" would ever have entered a name so simple of under- 
standing as "Cup-Page"; it is equally unlikely that two "R's" 
would have disappeared from Corbridge, when the simple Saxon 
word "Bridge" has retained the "R" for over a thousand years. 
Applying the laws of Grimm and Windisch to the word "Cop- 
pedhegge" it is easy to see that "Coppedegge," "Coppedge," 
"Coppidge," "Copegge," "Coppage," "Cabbidge," "Cabbage," and 
ultimately "Cappage" and "Capys" result. All except the last 
spelling have been encountered to date in research on the name. 
Standard forms in the U.S.A. today are Coppage, Coppedge, and 

"Copedehecg" in Anglo-Saxon conveys the idea of "topped 
forest" or "forest on a rise." Briefly, "Cop" means "Top" and 
"Hecg" means "Forest" (though more generally, "Limit" in 
the sense that a hedge marks a boundary). The small forest 
of Coppedhegge may have marked the boundary between Buck- 
ingham and Oxford ; in the perambulation of 1298 of Bucks, 
mention is made of only three inhabitants in the entire wood 
— all doubtless our ancestors. Later the Forest of Copped- 
hegge was incorporated by the Norman Lords of the chase in 
the Royal Forest of Bernwood, a remnant of which still exists. 

Picture then, successive generations of Anglo-Saxon forest 
dwellers, hard by Edward the Confessor's Royal Palace of Brill, 
living obscurely in a Norman land until the clarion call of the 
Reformation summoned them out of the woods to man eccles- 
iastical posts and even to cross the North Sea back to the bourn 
whence the Saxons first hailed to study theology among the 
learned doctors of Germany. In the reign of Henry VIII the 

— 2 — 

veil of obscurity lifts, and we find (Patent Rolls, Edward VI, 

WILLIAM COPPAGE, clerk, was granted the advowson of 
Myldenhall, Wiltshire, by gift of Queen Katherine of Eng- 
land, by her patent of 20 Dec. 1537 (37 Hen. VIII?). In 
1547 William Denyson, clerk, received a letter of presenta- 
tion to Myldenhall, following a release by William Coppage, 

In the Patent Rolls of Philip and Mary we find that 
JOHN COPPAGE, Clerk, was made Chaplain for life of Man- 
chester College Church in 1556. 
Probably William Coppage, Clerk, was the father of the in- 
dividual who stands at the head of our family, though the two 
may be one. Under Henry VIII many churchmen were re- 
nouncing celibacy and taking wives. The first who can be fixed 
with certainty in our direct line of Coppedges was: 
WILLIAM COPEGE (COPEGGE) of Queen's College, Oxford 
University, 1542. As William Copage he was supported for 
the Bachelor of Arts degree, March 1541/2, and admitted 
20 Mar. 1541/2; disp. Oct. & Oct. 1544 as Chaplain of 
Queen's; supported for Master of Arts degree, Michaelmas 
Term, 1545; inc. 8 Feb. 1545/6; disp. Feb.; Fellow of 
Queen's, 1543. Disp., 1544, Queen's. Chaplain of Queen's, 
causa inopiae. Regent from Queen's College, Feb. 1545/6. 
On 3 Sept. 1587 Willm Copage, Clerk and Vycar of Chadel- 
worth in Berkshire made his last will and testament wit- 
nessed by Adam Bladen and Thomas Blagrave, proved 12 
Oct. 1587. The signature appears as "Willm Cowpage, 
Vicar." The will provides for burial in the Chancel of the 
Church at Chaddleworth, with bequests to "our Mother 
Church of Sarum," the poor folk of the parish, and wife 
Faye and family who follow: 
CLEMENCE COPAGE, daughter, who was left the best 
cow "save one," one pot, two pottengers, two candle- 
sticks, two saucers, and 10 shillings. 

URSELIE COPAGE, daughter, who was left the next 
best cow, one vessel, two pottengers, two saucers, two 
candlesticks and 10 shillings. 

CUTHBERT COPAGE, son, who received 20 shillings ; his 
will of 22 Mar. 1621, proved 3 May 1622, provided for 
burial in Chadleworth Churchyard ; mentioned sister 
Clemence, wife Audrey, and dau. Marie. Executor, 
Thomas Blagro. AUDRY, who d. 1624, left a will wit- 
nessed by Wm. Gurth, John Blagro, and Thomas Prest- 

— 3 — 

wood referring to sister Jeane Browne, bro. Robt. Has- 
ell, Elnor Hasell, John Hasell, Elsbeth Carter, and dau. 

MARY COPPIDGE, only child of Cuthbert and Aud- 
rey, left a will in 1631 as "Marey Coppidge of Chad- 
dleworthe in Countey of Berks, Spinster." Burial 
to be in Parish Churchyard of Sparsholt; reference 
to Uncle John Coppidge, Uncle Wm. Hasell of 
Hampsteede Marshall, Uncle Richard Coppidge, 
Aunt Jeane Brown, & Uncle Robt. Hassell ; bequests 
Church & poor of Chaddleworth & Sparsholt. 

JOHN COPPIDGE, son, whose will dated 1 Feb. 1631 was 
proved 16 May 1632 ; "John Coppidge of Westcot in the 
Parish of Sparsholt in Berks, Yeoman" to be buried 
next his wife in Sparsholt Churchyard; bequests to 
Church of Sparsholt, the poor in West Street, Robt. 
Shearman of Westcot, Thomas Birt, Walter Mickil, 
Wm. Hevill, old Goodwife Stambrooke, Wm. Branch, 
Goodwife Gillam, Godchild John Gillam, Godchild little 
Robt. Jennings, Eliz. Ravensbury of Wanting, the ring- 
ers of the bells of the day of my buriall ; my brother's 
children of Chelworth in the Parish of Creklad 5 pence 
each of the mone}^ which remains now in the hands of 
Robt. Stehly of Chaddleworth; to my brother Richard 
Coppidge my two kine and the fodder about my house 
to keep them; to Goodwife Essen of Westcot. Whole 
and sole executor, "my brother Richard." Witnesses: 
John Williamson, Vicar, and Richard Copag. 

RICHARD COPPIDGE of Chelworth in Cricklade St. 
Sampson's in the county of Wilts, son, ancestor of all 
later Coppedges; no parish record or will has come to 
light for this Richard. Reference to his children in the 
will of his brother John, coupled with later wills of Cop- 
pidges at Chelworth establishes his place in the line 
without question. His wife, name unknown, must have 
come to Virginia with two of her sons in 1648/9. In 
1649 John Cabbidge patented land in Lower Norfolk 
County, Va., and in 1651 Edward Gradwell of Lynn- 
haven left a will with bequest to Henry Brakes and an- 
other of "house and grounds" to "John Cubbica" for 
himself and his mother. John Cabbidge's will leaves 
bequest to Henry Brakes, whose name appears in 1648 
along with that of Edward Croppage (Coppedge) 
among the importations of Lewis Burwell to Va. The 
logical inference is that Brakes, Gradwell, two Cop- 

pidges, and their mother all came to Va. together and 
that Edward Gradwell was brother to Richard Cop- 
pidge's wife and uncle to Edward Coppedge, At least 
three of the children of Richard Coppidge must have 
EDWARD COPPEDGE, imported to Virginia by 
Lewis Burwell in 1648, head of the Maryland Cop- 
page family (see Chapter Two). 
JOHN CABBIDGE, settler Lower Norfolk Co., Va. 
with his mother and patentee of 200 acres there 
13 Mar. 1649 for importation of Mary Erefined, 
Tho. Rennolds, Robt. Winter, & Joane Welch. Land 
was in Lynnhaven Parish up the Little Creek 
against Hogg Island. Henry Brakes' patent bears 
same date and land adjoined. He imported Mary 
Elitherby, Dorothy Wyaneford, Robt. Russell, Tho. 
Wards, & Sarah Walker. Since Henry Brake was 
an importation (with Edw. Croppage) on 12 June 
1648 by Lewis Burwell, Gent., it would seem likely 
that the accompanying 10 females included Richard 
Coppidge's widow. The name Kath. Key appears 
just ahead of Edw. Croppage; she may have been 
the widow who remarried Key, or John or Henry 
may have imported her. John's will left his prop- 
erty to strangers, but one bequest of 1654 was to 
Henry Brakes. 
WILLIAM COPPIDGE of Chelworth in the Parish of 
Cricklad St. Sampson's in the County of Wilts, 
Husbandman, left will dated 26 Dec. 1682, proved 
15 Oct. 1684 mentioning weak body and bequests 
to son William Coppidge 1 shilling Lawfull Cur- 
rant money of England to be paid within one year 
of my decease; to dau. Joane Coppidge, if she be 
living, 1 shilling (the tone of these bequests would 
indicate that William and Joane were at a distance, 
possibly in America) ; to son Charles Coppidge, 1 
shilling; to son Thomas Coppidge, my dwelling 
house and outhouses belonging to me to possess 
and enjoy after the decease of me and of Elizabeth, 
my now wife, and to him one chest; to dau. Judith 
Coppidge and to Benjamin Coppidge, youngest son, 
all remainder of household goods and implements; 
to Judith a Holland sheet that was a Christening 
sheet ; executrix, wife Elizabeth ; witnesses, Thomas 
Grinder, Richard Turner. 

— 5 

WILLIAM COPPIDGE, son, emigrant to North- 
umberland County, Va. about 1662; founder of 
the Virginia Coppedges. 

JOANE COPPIDGE, who may have emigrated 
with WilKam. 

CHARLES COPPIDGE of Chelworth in the Par- 
ish of Cricklade, St. Sampson's in the County 
of Wilts, Labourer, whose will dated 30 Oct. 
1721 and proved 6 Nov. 1727 mentioned wife 
Katharine and children 

KATHARINE COPPIDGE, wife of Christo- 
pher KEMPSFORD of Ashton-Kevns. 
ANNE CLARKE, bapt. 21 Aug. 1681. 
JOHN COPPAGE, bapt. 1679. 
THOMAS COPPIDGE, migrated to Northumber- 
land County, Va. 
BENJAMIN COPPIDGE, youngest son of Wm., 
migrated to Northumberland Co., Va. 
* * * * 

Compare the names of the family group above with the ex- 
tant records of Northumberland County, Virginia: 

Edward Coppedge, landowner in Cherry Point, 1653 

(Thomas Keene's Land Patent, 13 Oct. "^1653). 
William Coppidge among 8 persons imported by Henry 

Mayes (Order Book of Northumberland, 1662-65, 210). 
Thomas Coppidge, Mr. Charles Dair's agent for tobacco 

(Book I, 1678-98, 45). 
Mr. Thomas Webb against Thomas Coppidge estate (Ibid., 

William Brown, serv^ant to William Coppage, adjudged 9 

years old (Ibid., 209). 
Thomas Gaskins and William Coppage, Jurvmen (Book II, 

1678-98, 267). 
Richard King against Philip Coppage (Ibid., 393). 
Benjamin Copedge, deceased, Alice, Administrator (Vol. 

1719/20-1729, 175). 
The story is clear; economic decline in rural England re- 
mote from seaport towns inclined foresighted persons to re- 
move to the New World. The records at Chelworth continue a 
little, until the Coppidges fade from view: 

Katharine Coppidge, dau. Charles, bapt. 9 Apr. 1683. 
Honor Coppidge, dau. Charles, bapt. 10 Sept. 1687. 
Jane Coppidge, dau. John, bapt. 11 Nov. 1720. 

— 6 — 

Ann Coppidge, dau. Charles, buried 19 Oct. 1701. 
Charles Coppidge, buried 27 Oct. 1727. 
Bridget, wife of John Coppidge, buried 31 March 1728. 
Mary Coppidge, widow, buried 28 Oct. 1729. 





In Bibliotheca Topographica Britannica, Vol. IV, Antiquities 
of J. Nichols, 1790 under "Collections towards a Parochial His- 
tory of Berkshire, Chaddleworth," under List of Incumbents is 
the note "William Copage, the Vicar, A.D. 1577," also "Guliel- 
mus Copage, vicarius, sepult. fuit 27th Septembris 1587." His- 
tory of the Landed Gentry, I, 365: 
RICHARD NELSON of Maudsley, Lancashire, 1377 

GEORGE NELSON, grandfather of 

RICHARD NELSON of Maudsley, 1508. 

WILLIAM NELSON, 2d son, was bred to the 
law and became Chief Prothonotary of the 
Court of Common Pleas. In 1576 he pur- 
chased the Manor of Chaddleworth in 
Berks and d. 1588-94; m. Dorothy, dau. 
John Smith, Esq., Serjeant at Law and 
Serjeant at Arms to Henry VIII; she d. 
1619. They had 8 c: Thomas, Esq. of 
Chaddleworth ; Mary ; Ursula ; Elizabeth (d. 
1630) m. Zouche; Frances; Anne; Wini- 
fred ; and Agnes. Their arms were Paly 
of 6 argent and gules a bend vairee or and 
Since Nelson, patron of the living, appears to have been 
William Coppage's benefactor and since they both may 
have come from Lancashire, in view of the common name 
Ursula in the two families and the close association of both 
with the Blagroves, it seems highly likely that William 
Nelson's sister was wife of a Coppage and that Richard 
Coppidge was named for Richard Nelson. 
Note: Exhaustive research on the English Coppidges has been 
carried out by Edmund Nicholls, Flat 11, 4 Crane Court, London 
E.C. 4, England, Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, recipient 
as a child of a golden sovereign from Queen Victoria. Thanks 
to Mr. Nicholls's keen genealogical perception, we have bridged 
the Atlantic successfully. 

— 7 — 


Early Members of Edward Coppedge's Family in Maryland 

On Saturday, 23 August 1952, the Coppedge Family Asso- 
ciation realized one of its long-sought aims, when after a delight- 
ful trip by Greyhound bus and private car the members of the 
Association who had just passed over the new Chesapeake Bay 
Bridge near Annapolis, Maryland, gathered on the site of the 
old Episcopal Church on Isle of Kent and after prayer offered 
by Raney Coppadge of Washington, D. C, dedicated on the old 
stone donated the Coppedges (thanks to the efforts of Presi- 
dent Isabel Brickert) by the Episcopal Bishop, raised on a brick 
foundation constructed by St. Clair Brooks, the bronze marker 
to the first Coppedge in America: 

(ca. 1610 - 1677) 








Present at the dedication were Coppages from fourteen 
states and the District of Columbia. Before it was taken to 
Isle of Kent, it was displayed in the lobby of Carvel Hall, An- 
napolis, Headquarters for the 304th Anniversary Banquet on 
August 23. J. Frank Coppage and Alton B. Coppage corn- 
posed the committee who affixed the marker to the old 
stone now in the Churchyard near the eastern end of the Bay 
Bridge. Since all of the Coppage family of Maryland descend 
from this Edward (see Ruth Ritchie and S. R. Wood, Garner- 
Keene Families, 189), let us now turn to the account of him and 
his descendants: 

EDWARD COPPEDGE, son of Richard Coppidge of Chelworth, 
Wilts., was born about 1610; he came to Virginia about 1647 
or 1648 and owned land there by 1653, as on 13 Oct. 1653 
Thomas Keene patented 527 acres in Northumberland Co., 
abutting NW upon the several lands of Ralph Horsly and Ed- 
ward Coppedge near Cloughton's Creek and Cherry Point. On 
25 Feb. 1650 Henry Morgan, settler of 1637, assigned his title 
to a patent for 100 acres on Matapeak Ck. and Long Creek, 
Isle of Kent, to Edward Coppedge. This plantation was call- 

— 8 — 

ed Indian Spring (later corrupted to Enden Springs) . Ac- 
cording to E. J. Coppage of Atlanta his land grant of 1650 
was the first to be recorded on the Eastern Shore. It was lo- 
cated two miles south of old Matapeake Ferry on the east 
side of the road at the junction of Matapeake and Long 
Creeks. The natives do not know the names of these creeks 
today; they know the property by the name of the Stanley 
Lane farm. 

On 5 Apr. 1652, Edward Coppedge, writing his name 
"Copedge," along with 63 others on Isle of Kent took an oath 
to be faithful to the Commonwealth of England, without King 
or House of Lords. This is the counterpart of the Northum- 
berland Oath in Virginia and was generally required through- 
out English dominions, particularly where there was suspicion 
by Cromwellians of disaffection toward the Commonwealth. 
On 7 June 1652 Edward Coppage witnessed a document for 
Zephania Smith. From August through November, 1652 he 
was in a controversy with Puritans on the Island as to wheth- 
er William Risby, his wife's first husband, was actually dead. 
Apparently Jane Hood and Henry Carlein knew of Elizabeth 
Risby's freedom as a widow to marry whom she pleased, as 
from 1652 on she was acknowledged to be Edward's lawful 
wife. In 1655 John Salter owned a piece of land known as 
"Coppedge's Plantation," and in March, 1656 Edward Cop- 
pedge was foreman of a jury in a felony case. Edward Cop- 
pedge's bitterest controversy was with the government of 
Lord Baltimore, which he refused to recognize in conscience, 
although agreeing to pay just taxes; his refusal to permit 
the authorities to use his boat (with "sayles") to convey 
troops against the Matapeake Indians and his defiance of the 
sheriff brought court action against him and gave rise to the 
report that he was one of America's earliest Quakers. His 
wife Elizabeth Risby Coppage died 9 Sept. 1669 and by 1678 
he was dead, as in that year his estate owed 575 pounds of 
tobacco to John Wicks. The court ordered his two orphan 
sons to live with William Rawls or Roles. In the settlement 
of his estate it appears he owned a brass compass, dairy herd, 
and orchard. 

ELIZABETH COPPAGE, (1 Jan. 1654 - ) m. William 

RAWLS (Roales) of Isle of Kent. William and John 
Rawls inherited "Coppedge's Range" by will of Captain 
John Coppage. 

SARAH COPPAGE (1 Jan. 1656- ) may have m. 

John RAWLS (Roales). Coppedge's land became prop- 
erty of the Toulsons, who may have been descendants. 

— 9 — 

JOHN COPPAGE (31 Mar. 1660-1715), commissioned 
Captain in 1694. 

PHILIP COPPAGE (11 Nov. 1663-1726) from whom all 
Maryland Coppages descend. 
CAPTAIN JOHN COPPAGE (1660-1715), ordered as an or- 
phan by the court to live with William Rawls about Mar. 1678- 
80. On 14 Jan. 1683 Eliza Eareckson left a will and property 
to her children, the issue of Mathew Eareckson: John, Sarah, 
Mary, and Elizabeth, wife of John COPPAGE. In 1689 John 
Coppage of Talbot County joined with many others in a letter 
to King William III of England congratulating him on escap- 
ing assassination. In 1689 he was appointed Registrar of 
Civil Affairs in Kent County; on 30 July 1694 he was recom- 
mended and later commissioned to be a Captain of foot sol- 
diers. He was of the Quorum in Kent Co. in 1694 and was a 
resident of Talbot in 1695. In Aug. 1697 he was appointed 
an associate on the Md. bench of law for the town of York. 
About 1696 John Coppage of Talbot m. Allen Smith's widow, 
presumably Mary. In 1697 he was appointed Gentleman Jus- 
tice Mith Richd. Carter and Mathew Smith. In 1696 he had 
become a Vestryman of the Parish of St. Paul's (Broad Creek 
Church) and in 1697 he resigned, giving no reason. In April 
1706 he, with Philemon Lloyd and others, was appointed to 
survey the county line for the new county of Queen Anne. 
In 1709 he was granted leave from the Quorum because of 
temporary lameness. By his will made 30 Oct. 1709 he left 
William Roles (Rawles) and John Roales and their heirs the 
tract of land known as "Coppedge's Range" on which they 
were living. To his brother Philip and his heirs he bequeath- 
ed the plantation "Indian Springs" and to his daughter Eliz- 
abeth and his unborn child he left "Beaver Neck" and the 
residue of his estate. "Coppedge's Range" contained 444 a. 
and "Beaver Neck," across from Annapolis was 320 a. He 
left a silver hilted rapier, Danzig case with bottles, gilded 
trunks, and 7 servants. . Witnesses were John Wells, Darby 
Dulaney, and Lewis Brune. His two daughters were Eliza- 
beth, b. about 1685 and Martha, b. 1710. His 3 wives were 
Elizabeth, Mary, and Jean, his administratrix 4 Sept. 1715. 
He left communion plate to the Episcopal church. 

PHILIP COPPAGE I (1663-1726), orphan in custody of Wil- 
liam Rawls and heir by his brother Capt. John Coppage's will 
of his father's plantation of "Indian Spring." May have m. 
(1) Elizabeth Willestone, as James Willestone of Queen Anne 
(ilounty made a will leaving his property to his son George 
and dau. Elizabeth, with Philip Coppage as executor and Eliz- 

— 10 — 

abeth Coppage and Isaac Winchester as witnesses. On 12 
Dec. 1722 Philip Coppage and John Roles made an inventory 
and he was dead by 24 March 1726 in Queen Anne County, 
leaving his (2nd?) wife Bridgett, and a son 

PHILIP COPPAGE 11 (ca. 1690-1755), thought to be 
the only child. 

Possibly WILLIAM COPPAGE, d. 1755. 

LIAM CUMMINGS (See Appendix X). 

PHILIP COPPAGE II (ca. 1690-1755), inherited "Indian 
Springs" and acquired "Slaughterton" a tract of 400 acres in 
1709 and 1726 from the Elliots. It was on the South side of 
the Chester River by a fresh run called Rousby's Run; his 
wife was Sarah, who died in 1759 (probably a relative or 
descendant of Philemon Lloyd) . 
John Coppage, eldest son, received "Indian Springs," father 

of William. 
Thomas Coppage, received "Slaughterton" ; issue unknown. 
Philemon Coppage, received "Slaughterton" ; wife Ruth 

listed in 1790 census. 
William Coppage, received only personalty. 
James COppage, received only personalty. 
Joseph Coppage, received only personalty. 
Edward Coppage, received only personalty ; of the Queen 

Anne Militia, July, 1776. 
Benjamin Coppage, 8th son, received only personalty; in 
1790 census of Md. 

JOHN COPPAGE, of "Indian Springs," which he sold in 1787 
and moved to Kent Co., Del. His son William was left a be- 
quest by his uncle Edward, in 1784. 

PHILEMON COPPAGE of "Slaughterton," m. Ruth, who is 
listed in Md. census of 1790 with 2 sons over 16, 2 sons under 
16, and 7 daus. Although E. J. Coppage of 630 Cleburne Ter- 
race, Atlanta, Ga., proved that these are not in the direct 
line of the present Maryland Coppages, it would be desirable 
to investigate what became of these four male Coppages, 
whose name may continue somewhere. Philemon was a 1st 
Lieut, in the Queen Anne Militia, 5th Battalion, in the Amer- 
ican Revolution. 

EDWARD COPPAGE of the Queen Anne Militia in July, 1776, 
who made a will dated 6 Nov. 1784, leaving bequests to his 
nephew William Coppage, son of John, and to his nephew Wil- 
liam Coppage, son of Philemon; to his daughter-in-law Mar- 
garet Stoops; his wife Ann Coppage; and his brother Ben- 

— 11 — 

jamin Coppage. These last two were executors and witnesses 
were Thomas Seegar and Thomas Toleson (Toulson). 

BENJAMIN COPPAGE I (ca. 1740-1794) of Queen Anne 
Count}^ a minor at his father's death in 1755 ; hsted in 
1790 Census with 5 sons, 1 over 16 and 4 under and with 3 
females. He lived for a time on a plantation in Kent Co., Del., 
called Solebury Plains; his part in the American Revolution 
is unknown because of the destruction of Delaware records, 
but two of his brothers served. He married Henrietta Segar 
or Seegar and they lived in Upper Queen Anne; in 1787 he 
bought the Roberts farm at the head of Andover Branch near 
Templeville, containing 245 acres. He died in 1794 and was 
survived by his (2nd) wife Deborah and 5 c. (only the dau. 
Deborah by wife 2) : 

Benjamin Coppage H m. Martha, 

Edward Coppage (1776-1844), administrator of his fath- 
er with his cousin Wm. 

John Coppage (4 Mar. 1787-1825). 

Deborah Coppage, child by 2d wife. 

Excursus, WILLESTONE: At Cherry Point, Northumberland 
Count}^, Va. is an old burial ground of the Keenes and on one 
of the stones mention is made of "Mr. WALLESTONE, Merch- 
ant of Southampton" England, for whom a Keene worked after 
1642. (See Garner and Keene Families, 195). In view of the 
close association of Coppedges and Keenes, it is probable that 
this Mr. Wallestone, Merchant, was father of James Willestone 
of Queen Anne County (page 10, supra). 

— 12 — 


Descendants of Benjamin Coppage of Queen Anne 

To recapitulate what has been set forth thus far, Edward 
Coppedge, the Founder, left a son Philip I, father of Philip II, 
two of whose sons (John and Philemon) each left a son Wil- 
liam of whom nothing further is known. The known lines of 
descent in the Coppage name from Edward come through Ben- 
jamin Coppage of Queen Anne, eighth and youngest son of 
Philip II, through two of his sons, Edward and John, with whose 
descendants the present chapter is concerned. These are, fol- 
lowing the senior branches in order of descent as far as pos- 
sible : 

BENJAMIN COPPAGE I (ca. 1740-1794) of Delaware and 
Queen Anne; married (1) Henrietta Seegar, by whom both 
sons, and (2) Deborah, by whom only a dau. Children: 
Edward Coppage (July, 1776-1844), b. probably in Kent 

Co., Del. or at "Indian Spring." 
John Coppage (4 Mar. 1787 - 1825) in upper Queen Anne 
EDWARD COPPAGE (1776-1844), who inherited the Temple- 
ville farm from his father in 1794; he is supposed to have 
married four times: (1) Rachel Bailey; (2) Susannah Pryor; 
(3) Sarah Rochester, dau. of Earl Rochester of England, who 
was according to family tradition kidnaped by gypsies and 
after abandonment by them in America was positively iden- 
tified only by a locket worn around the neck; (4) Henrietta 
Seegar, though there is some question about this as the name 
is identical with that of Edward's mother. Silhouettes of 
Edward and Henrietta Coppage have been preserved by des- 
cendants. Edward acquired a number of plantations in Up- 
per Queen Anne and lived just east of Sudler's Cross Roads 
(now Sudlersville) on a tract of 1600 acres. There were 32 
"Black Boys" and "Black Girls" in his record book, most of 
whom were raised on the plantation. All were given their 
freedom at the age of 28. His children were: 
Freeborn Coppage (1807 - 1865) 
Benjamin Coppage III (1809-1870) 
Ann Rochester Coppage (1810 - ) 

FREEBORN COPPAGE (1807-1865), b. Upper Queen Anne 
Co., 25 Sept. 1807. He seems to have been son of Ann Roches- 
ter or Dodson (sister of Sarah), who may have been one of 
Edward's wives instead of Henrietta. Tradition says in 1837 
Freeborn and his wife, Latilla Fox, also of Queen Anne, start- 

— 13 — 

ed west with an ox-team and covered wagon and settled in 
Vigo Co., Ind., near Terre Haute. 
Francis Charles Coppage (1832- ), m. Laura Virginia 

Newton, b. Baltimore. 
Edward F. Coppage (1839 - ) m. Mary and had Geor- 

gia and Harry, neither of whom left descendants. 
Katherine Coppage (1840- ) b. in Ohio; m. Bern 

McBRIDE; no descs. 
William Coppage m. Maria and had Fred C. (who m. Mattie 
Martin and had Cecil and Louise), Mary (m. Sydney 
FRY), and Myrtle E. (m. Clifford ROSEMAN). 
George Coppage m. Susan Morton and had Monte of In- 
dianapolis and 2 daus. 
FRANCIS CHARLES COPPAGE (17 Jan. 1832- ), b. 

Queen Anne; his father moved West and settled in Indiana 
when he was a small boy; m. Laura Virginia Newton of Bal- 
Emma Irene Coppage m. Lester LAWTON. 
Charles Melvin Coppage of Terre Haute m. Mary Melvina 

John Wilf ord Coppage of Franklin Park, 111. ; m. Molly Kes- 
ter; (he said his father was born 16 January 1828). 

CHARLES MELVIN COPPAGE of Terre Haute, Ind. (27 Oct. 
1875- ), m. Mary Melvina Capps. 

Harold Melvin Coppage (1901 - ) of New Goshen, Ind., 

m. Gladys Coppage, by whom 2 daus. 
Orville Capps Coppage (1904- ) m. Kathryn E. 

Gruenholz, by whom 1 son, Ross Coppage of Jackson 
Heights, Long Island, N. Y. 
Charles Dunn Coppage of Forest Park, 111.; m. Ernestine 
Medley; no c. 

JOHN WILFORD COPPAGE of Franklin Park, 111.; m. Mollie 

Elsie Coppage m. Walter STEIN; 1 son, 1 dau. 

Charles Alvin Coppage, m. Laura Fox, by whom Charles Jr. 

and George. 
Howard Coppage of Phoenix, Ariz. ; m. Helen Burns ; 1 son, 
4 daus. 

BENJAMIN COPPAGE III (1809-1870) b. Templeville farm. 
Upper Queen Anne; m. (1) Louisa Keene on 17 Nov. 1831, 
dau. James Keene son of an Englishman, Lieut. Keene of the 
Royal Navy in the Revolution aboard a 74 inch gunboat in 
Chesapeake Bay, who fell in love with a girl on Isle of Kent 
and deserted his ship to marry the American; they lived on 
the N. half of the 1600 a. tract just east of Sudlersville in- 

— 14 — 

herited from Edward and had seven c. (2) Josephine Trench- 
ard Crane, a widow, by whom 3 c. Benjamin d. 12 Sept. 1870 ; 
burial on Coppage farm E. of Sudlersville. 

Susan Ann Lucinda (1832-1908) m. Edwin ROBERTS of 
Church Hill, Md. 

Edward Keene (1835 - 1895) m. Georgia Elizabeth Crouch. 

Henrietta Elizabeth (1838-1912) m. James CLARK of Car- 
oline Co., Md. 

Joseph Earl (1841-1913) m. Sallie Sudler; 1. Church Hill; 
their dau. Mary Louisa of Church Hill m. Mr. CLOUGH. 

Florence Antoinette (1844-1909). 

Katherine Ophelia (1848-1923) m. Woodland FINLEY of 
Church Hill. 

Linda Corinne (1851 - 1927) m. Charles McCOLLISTER of 
Hayden Station; her mother Louisa Keene Coppage died 
1854, aged 69. 

Benjamin Rochester (1858-1931) of Minneapohs, Minn. 

Thomas Trenchard (1850-1941) of Seattle, Wash. 

Lulu m. Robert FOSTER. 

EDWARD KEENE COPPAGE (1835-1895), b. 21 Aug. 1835 
on Coppage farm at Sudlersville; m. 1868 Georgia Elizabeth 
Crouch of Newcastle Co., Del.; a merchant in firm of Cop- 
page Bros, at Sudlersville for many years. 
Edward Earl (1869 - 1874) . 

Benjamin Denver (1872-1931), m. Elsie Barton Johnson. 
John Clark (1874-1928) m. Gertrude A. White of Atlantic 

City, N. J. 
Edwin Joseph (1875 - ) m. Eva Mabel Mathis of N. C. 

George Lou (1879 - ) m. Elizabeth Speer of Wilming- 

ton, Del. 

BENJAMIN DENVER COPPAGE (13 Apr. 1872 - 1931), b. Sud- 
lersville, Md. A mechanical engineer with DuPont Co. of 
Wilmington; an inventor and builder of paper machines. In- 
vented the "Plastometer" for measuring elasticity and den- 
sity of rubber ; m. Elsie Barton, dau. Rev. Wesley C. Johnson 
of Wilmington. 

Mabel Coppage (1903 - ) of Wilmington, Del. ; unm. 

Edward Coppage (1909 - 1910) . 

JOHN CLARK COPPAGE (1874-1928), rep. of Laird, Schober 

& Co. of Phila. on Pacific Coast; lived Avalon, Catalina Isld., 

Calif,; m. Gertrude A. White of Atlantic City, drowned there 


Frances White Coppage m. John F. GASMAN of N. Y. City. 

3 c. (1933-7). 

— 15 — 

Edward White Coppage of Atlantic City m. Elinor Kimball, 
owner 530 room hotel, Rockledge, Fla. 1 dau., 1937. 
EDWIN JOSEPH COPPAGE (1875- ) structural engi- 

neer of 630 Cleburne Terr., Atlanta, Ga. m. Eva Mabel (9 
July 1884- ), dau. Governor Manning Mathis & Lily 

Johnson Mathis of Turnpike, N. C. 

Lt. Col. John Keene Coppage (1907- ). 

Edwin Joseph Coppage, Jr. (1912- ). 


Army Engineers stationed Old Point Comfort in W.W. II; at- 
tended 1st Coppage Family Reunion, Irvington, 1948; m. Mar- 
garet Dunaway. 
John Keene, Jr. (1932-1940). 
John Clark (1946- ). 

EDWIN JOSEPH COPPAGE, JR. (1912- ) a Lieut., 

U.S.N.R. in W.W. II; m. Ruth Dunaway, sister of Margaret. 
Edwin Joseph III (1943 - ) 

GEORGE LOU COPPAGE (1879- ), Vice-Pres. Pusey & 

Jones Co., Wilmington, Del.; m. Elizabeth Speer of Wilming- 
ton; no c. 

LINDA CORINNE COPPAGE (1851 - 1927) m. Charles McCOL- 
LISTER of Hayden Station. 

Charles McCollister m. Mary (Gladys?) Tarr. 

Elizabeth Corinne McCollister m. Gordon L. SHAWN of 

Queenstown, Md. 
Lillian McCollister 

Franklin McCollister of 3207 Westwood Ave., Baltimore, 
Md. m. Dorothy Leager. 
of Queenstown, Md. 

BENJAMIN ROCHESTER COPPAGE (1858-1931) b. Sudlers- 
ville; m. Marguerite Broderic (1862-1934); 1. Minneapolis, 

Earl Rochester (1886- ) 

Carroll Trenchard (1890- ) 

Marguerite (1892 - ) m. Ben PARIS. 

EARL ROCHESTER COPPAGE (1886- ), Exec. Secy. 

Diocese of Minnesota at Minneapolis ; m. Katheryn Fairchild. 
Benjamin R. (1909-1921) 

John Seymour (1912 - ) of Klamath Falls, Ore. ; m. 

Alice King and had 
John Seymour Coppage, Jr. (1938- ) 

Benjamin Edward Coppage (1943- ) 

— 16 — 


River, Ohio ; m. Adelaide Bronson ; 2 c, 
Dorothy and Robert. 



Nancy, Alfred, Sally, and Ben Paris. 

THOMAS TRENCHARD COPPAGE (1850-1941) of Seattle, 
Wash. ; m. Josephine Broderic ; b. Sudlersville. 
Thomas Coppage of Seattle. 
Catherine Coppage of Seattle. 
JOHN COPPAGE (1787-1825), b. 4 Mar. 1787 in Queen Anne. 
His father, Benjamin, lived on the farm near Templeville and 
died when John was 7. He then lived with his stepmother 
and older bro. Edward; he m. Martha Dudley and his house- 
hold is shown in Censuses of 1810-20. He d. 1825 aged 38, 
leaving a widow Martha and 7 c, aged 1 to 13 yrs. as record- 
ed in Orphans' Court, Centreville. His widow remarried Ebe- 
nezer Dodd. 
James Coppage (1811 - ) 

John Coppage (1814-1898); Bible record furnished by J. 

H. Coppage showed his birth as 23 Oct. 1812. 
Mary Elizabeth Coppage (1816- ) m. (1) SUDLER; 

Benjamin Luther Coppage (1817- ) no c. 

Martha Jane Coppage (1820- ) m. John GODWIN. 

Emily Ann (1821- ) m. James BENTON; 2 c, d. 

Edward Clinton Coppage (1823-1911) 

JAMES COPPAGE (1811- ), b. Upper Queen Anne; m. 

(1) Miss Rolph or Rolfe; (2) Emma Peters Clark; (3) Mary 
Ann Peters, sister of (2). By (1) he had a dau.; by (2), 2 
daus. ; by (3), 1 dau. 4 sons. 
Martha Ann Coppage m. Mr. GILBERT. 
Mary Emma Coppage m. John M. CLARK. 
Wilhelmina Coppage m. (1) Mr. HOLDEN; (2) Mr. 

Jenny Coppage m. George HAYS and had Mrs. DINSMORE. 
Edward Coppage m. Annie Clark and had Wright, Ella, Sal- 
ly, and Bertha. 
Samuel Coppage m. Jennie Penington and had Mary Cop- 
page FUERST of Rock Hall. 
Walter Coppage, a bachelor. 
John m. Miss Morris. 
Kate Clark m. Mr. RUPE 

— 17 — 

Ella Clark m. Mr. POSTAL 

Harry Clark m. Lindie Bailey and 1. at Mary Dell, Md. 

John Clark, d. young 

Wilbur Clark m. Miss Hall 

Leon Clark who m. and has Laura and Emma Clark. 

JOHN COPPAGE (1812 or 1814-1898), b. Upper Queen Anne, 
His father, John, d. when he was 11 and his mother was his 
guardian, having remarried Ebenezer Dodd. John's house- 
hold is first listed in the Census of 1840. His farm, shown on 
the 1877 Atlas of Queen Anne, was between Sudlersville and 
Church Hill; he m. (1) Rebecca Nickerson, by whom 5 c. (2) 
Rebecca (Becky) Taylor, by whom 10 c. 
James Edward Coppage (1835-18 Jan. 1910) of St. Marv's 
John Frank Coppage (1835-1921) of Queen Anne 
Benjamin Luther Coppage (1840-1915) of Queen Anne 
William Stephen Coppage (1842-1915) of St. Mary's 
Mary Elizabeth (Mollie) Coppage m. Jake SHAH AN 
Sarah Matilda Coppage (1846 - ) 

Samuel T. Coppage (1848- ) 

Anna Coppage (1849- ) m. Mr. DOWNS 

Irene or Arlene Coppage m. William DUDLEY 
Martha Coppage m. Mr. HALL 
Emaline Coppage, d. aged 21. 

Enoch George Coppage (22 May 1859 - 6 Aug. 1925) 
Katherine Coppage m. Thomas HURLOCK 
Hiram Coppage, d. young. 

Margaret H. Coppage, unm. of 404 Lyndhurst, Baltimore 
29, Md. 

JAMES EDWARD COPPAGE (1835-18 Jan. 1910) b. Upper 
Queen Anne; 1. St. Mary's; m. Florence J. Bacon (1849-11 
Feb. 1896). 

Mary Rebecca Coppage of 513 Amberly Rd., Harundale; 

James Edward Coppage m. Miss Joynes, no c. 

John Coppage, unm. of Chester, Penn. 

Foster Camille m. and 1. near Los Angeles, Calif. 

Bradley, d. unm. 

Wallace m. Emma Haddawav. 

Martha (Mattie) m. Rusself JONES. 

WALLACE COPPAGE (1889-22 Feb. 1951), b. St. Mary's; m. 
Emma Haddaway and 1. Great Mills, Md. d. aged 61 Y. 10 M. 
10 D. 

Florence Coppage 
Myrtle Coppage 

— 18 — 

James E. Coppage 
Wilmer Coppage 
Paul Coppage 
Robert Coppage 
Patricia Coppage 
Elizabeth Coppage 
Emma Coppage 
John Coppage 
Annabelle Jones m. Morris HYNSON. 
Catherine Jones m. Stephen BODNAR and has Stephen 

Coppage, Bonnie Jean, and John Allen Bodner. 
Mary Jones m. Robert FRANCISCO. 

Bertha Emily Jones m. Robert FOLK and has Juanita Lor- 
raine Folk. 
JOHN FRANK COPPAGE (1835-19 Apr. 1921), b. Queen 
Anne; 1. farm near Hayden Station; m. Elizabeth Jane Mc- 
Fadden of Phila. 
Sarah W. Coppage of Chestertown, Md. 
Margaret Coppage m. Fred SENEY of Chestertown, Md. 
SARAH W. COPPAGE of Chestertown ; attended Coppage Fam- 
ily Assn. reunions from 1949 through 1954 at Lexington, 
Washington, Little Rock, Annapolis, Nashville, and Richmond. 
MARGARET COPPAGE m. Fred SENEY of Chestertown ; like 

her sister, an attendant at six Coppage Family reunions. 
BENJAMIN LUTHER COPPAGE (4 July 1840-1915), b. and 
1. on Coppage farm between Sudlersville and Church Hill, Md.; 
m. 1865, Mary Elizabeth Rolph (8 Aug. 1840-1914). They 
are buried in Sudlersville Cemetery. 
Ahdela Gay Coppage (Nov. 1869-19 Nov. 1951) m. (1) 

Benjamin Clay Coppage (1872 - ) ; m. Lucy G. Apple- 

Estella Elizabeth Coppage m. Clarence M. WILLIS 
Joseph R. Coppage (1876-1953) m. May Turner 
Oden Coppage (1878-1947) m. Lulu Leager 
Noble Coppage (1882-1947) m. Mollie Meredith (23 Jan. 
1870 - ) 

AHDELA GAY COPPAGE (15 Nov. 1869-19 Nov. 1951) m. (1) 
Charles A. LIPP; (2) J. C. FALLOWFIELD. 
Charles Noble Lipp m. Bertha Kemp of Carney's Point, N. J. 
Hazel Lippm. (1) Harry COLEMAN; (2) Ezekiel CANNON 

of Wilmington, Del. 
Edna Lipp m. Norman P. COFFIN of Wilmington, Del. 
Donald Blocksom Coffin (aged 21 in 1950) m. 1951 Shir- 
ley L. Drennan 

— 19 — 

CHARLES NOBLE LIPP of Carney's Point, N. J.; m. Bertha 
Kemp; (2) Martha Bullock. 
Luther Carleton Lipp 

Charles Lipp m. Mary Batten, has Ruth and Peggy Lipp 
May Lipp 

Charlotte Lipp, d. and Pauline Lipp, d. 

Paul Lipp m. (1) Louise Millsap; (2) Marjorie Cook and 
has Pamela and Bonnie 

HAZEL LIPP m. (1) Harry COLEMAN; (2) Ezekiel CANNON 
of Barley Mill Road, Wilmington, Del. 

Edna m. Franklin BURRIS; 3 c. Carol, Bob, Arthur 
Mary Louise Coleman m. Frank BALBO 
Harry Norman Coleman, attended Cincinnati reunion 
Gay Cannon of Wilmington, Del. ; at Cincinnati, 1955 

EDNA LIPP m. Norman P. COFFIN of Hyattsville, Md. 

Donald Blocksom Coffin m. 6 Oct. 1951 Shirley L. Drennan 

BENJAMIN CLAY COPPAGE (1872- ) of Church Hill, 

Md. ; m. Lucy G. ApDleford. 
Edna Coppage (1902- ) m. Robert BAYNARD of 

Harrington, Del. 
Alton Benjamin Coppage (1905- ) m. Marie Skinner, 

of Church Hill, Md, 
Arthur L. Coppage (1908- ) of Price, Md. ; m. Miriam 

Walter R. Coppage (1913- ) of Church Hill, Md. 

EDNA COPPAGE (1902- ) m. Robert BAYNARD of 

Harrington, Del.; had Robt. and Gertrude m. BRAUN 

ALTON BENJAMIN COPPAGE (1905 - ) of Church Hill, 

Md. ; m. Marie Skinner, dau. Mrs. Anna Q. Skinner of Centre- 
ville. Frequent officeholders in C.F.A. 
Alyce Ann Coppage (1942- ) of Church Hill. 

ARTHUR L. COPPAGE (1908- ) of Price, Md. ; m. Mir- 

iam Leager, sister of Margaret Ann Leager of Church Hill. 

WALTER R. COPPAGE (1913- ) of Church Hill. 

ESTELLA ELIZABETH COPPAGE (5 Mar. 1875 -Jan. 1952) 
m. Clarence Milton WILLIS (7 Oct. 1874-1955). 
Benjamin C. Willis; Milton Willis; Arvil Willis, 4 c. 
Hilda Willis m. E. Mayo CALLOWAY of East Falls Church, 
Va. Her bro. Ben C, Supt. Schools, Chicago, 111., 1953-55. 

HILDA WILLIS m. E. Mayo CALLOWAY of E. Falls Church, 
Va. ; has Fay Calloway, sister B. C. Willis, speaker at Cincin- 
nati, 1955, m. Rachel D. Webster has M. Rachel BISCHOFF 
has Hillary W. 

— 20 — 

JOSEPH R. COPPAGE (1876-1953); m. May Turner 

Earl, who d.; Joseph, unm.; Charles, unm.; and Guyther, 
who d. 

Stella m. (1) Frank MERCHANT; (2) STOWMAN; has Va. 

Benj. L. Coppage m. Gertrude Kimbal ; 3 c. 0. L., Wm., Frank 

Frank Coppage m. Elizabeth Benton, 2 c. 

Anna May Coppage m. Sudler ROE, 2 c. 
ODEN COPPAGE (1878 - 1947) m. Lulu Leager 

William Coppage m. Dorothy Burchard 

Mary Coppage m. George RIDGE LY 

Dorothy Coppage m. Alvin HOLLAND, 2 c. 

Pearl, who d. 

Helen Coppage m. Albert McGUIRE of Wye Mills, Md. ; 2 c. 

NOBLE COPPAGE (1882-1947) m. Mollie Meredith; no c. 
WH.LIAM STEPHEN COPPAGE (9 Jan. 1842-11 Sept. 1915), 
b. Queen Anne; moved to St. Mary's Co. in 1860; Judge of 
Orphans' Court and farmer; m. Charlotte Priscilla Guyther 
(23 June 1842-9 Jan. 1907). 
John Benjamin Coppage m. Elizabeth Duke of St. Mary's 
William Guyther Coppage, M.D., m. Hattie Golt of Balti- 
more, Md. 
Dudley Waughop Coppage of N. C. m. Cora Dinkins 
Harry Ross Coppage, Dentist of Baltimore; m. Mabel Fallin 
Mary, Edward, and Herman Coppage, all died young. 
JOHN BENJAMIN COPPAGE (24 July 1870-23 Jan. 1952); 
m. Susan Elizabeth Duke (13 Dec. 1861-17 July 1931), b. 
California; 1. St. Mary's Co., Md. 
Mary Katherine Coppage (29 Jan. 1893 - ) m. Charles 

E. DAVIS of Glenburnie, Md. 
William Duke Coppage of Valley Lee, Md. 
Martha Coppage of Great Mills, Md. 
John Frank Coppage of Great Mills. 

G. Herman Coppage (1900-1948); had Susan Duke Cop- 
page, b. and d. 1921. 
Mary Coppage m. William CALLOWAY. 
MARY KATHERINE COPPAGE (29 Jan. 1893- ) m. 

Charles E. DAVIS of Glenburnie. 
Gladys Elizabeth Davis (23 June 1918 - 17 July 1919) 
WILLIAM DUKE COPPAGE of Valley Lee, Md.; m. 
MARTHA COPPAGE of Great Mills, Md. 

JOHN FRANK COPPAGE ( - 4 July 1955) of Great Mills : 

m. Leoma M. Buried 8 July 1955 at old Poplar Hill Episcopal 
(ilhurch, St. Mary's Co. next to Dr. H. Ross Coppage of Balti- 

— 21 — 

1929) b. St. Mary's; d. Baltimore. Educated Charlotte Hall 
Military Academy, St. John's College, and Md. College of Phy- 
sicians & Surgeons; interned Hebrew Hospital, Baltimore; 
m. Nov. 1906, Harriet Golt of Church Hill; moved to Balti- 
more in 1913 where he was a prominent physician on staff of 
Mercy Hospital, where his nephew J. Frank died. 
William Stephen Coppage (1907- ) ; m. Virginia Tyd- 

James Ashby Coppage (1909 - ) m. Margaret Shriner 

Francis Irvin Coppage (1912- ) m. Ruth Elizabeth 

WILLIAM STEPHEN COPPAGE (1907- ) of Baltimore; 

m. Virginia Tydings. 
William Stephen Coppage, Jr. (1930- ) 

Ronald Bruce Coppage (1933 - ) 

Mary Christine Coppage (1945- ) 

JAMES ASHBY COPPAGE (1909- ) of Baltimore; m. 

Margaret Shriner. 

Margaret Elizabeth Coppage (1941 - ) 

James Ashby Coppage (1942- ) 

Donald Eugene Coppage (1946- ) 

FRANCIS IRVIN COPPAGE (1912 - ) of 223 Spring Ave., 

Lutherville, Md. ; Treasurer of Coppedge Family Assn. 1954- 
55; served in World War H, receiving Silver Star for bravery 
in action; m. Ruth Elizabeth Smith. 

Francis Irvin Coppage, Jr. (1944 - ) 

Charles William Coppage, d. young 


DUDLEY WAUGHOP COPPAGE (1870-1947) of North Car- 
olina; m. Cora Linn Dinkins. 

Dinkins Octus Coppage, father of Dudley Frank Coppage 

Charlotte Godiva Coppage, nurse of Fayetteville, Vanceboro, 
and Winston-Salem. 

Dudley Ross Coppage of New Bern, N. C, father of Char- 
lotte and Ann 

Margaret Minerva Coppage m.. Mr. DAVIS of Pollocksville, 
N. C. They have Sam Dudley, Gretchen Charlene. and 
John Davis. 

Dr. William Franklin Coppage, father of Charles Coppage 

Eileen Coppage, d. infancy. 

DR. HARRY ROSS COPPAGE (1884-11 Aug. 1949) D.D.S. of 
Baltimore ; b. St. Mary's ; m. Mabel Fallin, elected 1949 Mother 

— 22 — 

of Maryland ; former Pres. Md. Congress of Parents & Teach- 
ers; a bronze marker in her honor stands in front of the Md. 
State House at Annapolis. President Coppage Family Assn., 
1953; of Bergner Mansion, Gwynn's Falls Park, Baltimore 16, 
Md. Her brother, Mr. Fallin, is Budget Director of the City 
of Baltimore. 

Charlotte Ellen Coppage (1916- ) m. Charles Amos 

YOUNG, Jr., Major U. S. Army Reserve. 
Charlotte Sarah Young (1948- ) 

Charles Amos Young HI 
Gladys Holton Coppage, 1st WAC from Baltimore in World 
War II; (1917- ); m. Harry Robert HENDRICK- 

SON, Captain, U.S.A. (Ret.), recipient of Purple Heart. 
Gladys was a 1st Lieut., Woman's Army Corps in W.W. 
Rob Ross Hendrickson (1944 - ) 

Barbara Ellen Hendrickson (1946- ) 

Hope Coppage Hendrickson 
Rachel McCullom Hendrickson 

ENOCH GEORGE COPPAGE (22 May 1859 - 6 Aug. 1925) ; b. 
Sudlersville ; 1. Church Hill; d. Sudlersville ; m. 18 Dec. 1893 
(1) Sarah Finley Hollingsworth ; (2) Fannie Smith; both c. 

by (1). 

John Hepburn Coppage (31 July 1895- ) m. Mary 

Elizabeth Massey 

Hiram Snow Coppage (8 May 1898- ) m. Leona Rab- 


JOHN HEPBURN COPPAGE (31 July 1895- ) of Church 

Hill and Baltimore; President Coppedge Family Assn., 1955. 
Assistant Insurance Commissioner of Md. at 34 Hopkins 
Place, Baltimore 1, Md. m. Mary EHzabeth Massey; of 1238 
Maiden's Choice Lane, Baltimore. No c. 

HIRAM SNOW COPPAGE (8 May 1898 - ) m. Leona Rab- 

bit; traveled widely, to Bombay, India, and other points. In 
1933 he met, quite by accident, while representing Socony 
Oil in Singapore, Richard Owen James Coppage of Malaya 
and The Green, Hook Norton, Banbury, Oxon, England, one 
of Harold E. Coppage's correspondents. He served overseas 
with the engineers in W.W. I and was in the Battle of St. 

EDWARD CLINTON COPPAGE (1823 - 1911) some say b. Sud- 
lersville 18 Mar. 1822 ; 1. on farm on road from Downs' Chapel 
in Del. to Sudlersville. He had 40 a. in Del. and the house 

— 23 — 


) m. Enoch 

) m. Mag- 

) m. Annie Wal- 

) m. William HAZEL 
) m. Lide Emery 


and 400 a. were in Md.; d. 27 Apr. 1911, aged 89 ; buried Sud- 
lersville Cemetery; m. (1) 16 Dec. 1844 Harriet Downs, moth- 
er of his 2 daus. Fannie and Jennie; (2) Elizabeth Taylor, 13 
Nov. 1849, dau. Samuel M. and Ann Taylor. Elizabeth Cop- 
page (18 Aug. 1822-18 Aug. 1895) was sister of his bro. 
John Coppage's wife Rebecca. Edward and Eliz. had 6 c. 

Fannie Coppage m. William SHAHAN 

Jennie Coppage m. William HUXLEY 

Anna Eliza Coppage (7 Oct. 1850- 
DOWNS, half bro. of Harriet 

Charles Edward Coppage (11 Nov. 
gie Jones 

John Taylor Coppage (27 July 1853 

Emily Coppage (11 Feb. 1855 - 

Eugene Coppage (3 Oct, 1856- 

Hiram C. Coppage (12 Sept. 1861 - 27 Dec. 1864) 

ANNA ELIZA COPPAGE (7 Oct. 1850- ) m. Enoch - 

Spruance DOWNS 
Emma Downs m. Reuben HOBBS and had 

Bertha Elizabeth Hobbs m. David K. BENNETT of 634 
Atlantic Ave., Collingswood, N. J. 
JOHN TAYLOR COPPAGE (27 July 1853- ) m. Annie 

Wallen (9 May 1856 - ) b. Salem, N. J. 

Robert Wallen Coppage of Camden, New Jersey in 1948. 

— 24 — 



The Coppedges of Northumberland County, Virginia 

As has already been shown, Edward Coppedge, founder of 
the Maryland family, held land in Northumberland County, Va., 
in 1653. His son Philip's name is found in records there. His 
nephew, William Coppedge, was an early settler of the Great 
Wicomico River region in Northumberland County, formed in 
1648 from the Indian district of Chickacoan and bounded by the 
Potomac on the north and the Rappahannock River on the south, 
with indefinite westward boundaries. 

The names of William, Thomas, and Benjamin Coppedge 
all appear in the records of Northumberland between 1662 and 
1725. Thomas Coppidge seems to have left no permanent line 
of descent. On 16 June 1725 Alice Copedge was administratrix 
of Benjamin, deceased, and no record of children or descend- 
ants of Benjamin has been encountered by the authors to date. 

All Coppages in the U. S., other than the Maryland family 
(and the R. I. Coppages, who came recently from England) 
seem to stem directly from William Coppedge of Northumber- 
land, who died in 1700. Acquiring various tracts of land around 
Great Wicomico, he left a family of five children. Three of his 
sons are known to have left descendants. The line of the eld- 
est, William, terminated in an heiress. Patience, who in 1762 
carried Coppedge's land to her husband, Joseph Dameron. The 
family of John, the second son, early pushed into Prince Wil- 
liam and Fauquier and his descendants are numerous in Vir- 
ginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. 
James, the third son, a bachelor, left his estate to two nephews, 
sons of the youngest son, Charles, who left six sons and two 
daughters. The descendants of the eldest son of Charles, Wil- 
liam by name, pushed into Dinwiddle, Mecklenburg, North Car- 
olina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Georgia; from Wil- 
liam most of the Coppedges of the Deep South descend. The 
next son was Charles Jr., whose descendants are still to be 
found in Northumberland and Lancaster Counties, after three 
centuries on the land. Other descendants of his pushed into 
Fauquier, Culpeper, Madison, Rappahannock, Ohio, Illinois, Mis- 
souri, Kentucky, Texas, and Colorado. This Charles Coppedge 
Jr. was a distinguished man in his day, an Episcopal Vestry- 
man and accepted in the best circles of Virginia society. His 
next younger brother, Moses, married into the distinguished 
Catlett family and founded a numerous clan in Kentucky, now 
spread from Massachusetts to Florida and California. Isaac, 
the next brother, moved to Kentucky and was the progenitor 

— 25 — 

of the Scott Co., Ky. and Oklahoma Coppages and Coppadges. 
Lazarus and James Coppedge, who went with George Rogers 
Clark, are thought to have no descendants. Lines tracing from 
Coppedge daughters in the early generations are for the most 
part unknown. 

The present chapter will depart from order of seniority in 
following Coppedges whose roots have kept rather closely to 
the point of original settlement. 

WILLIAM COPPEDGE OR COPPAGE (ca. 1648-1700), who 
came to Virginia about 1662 and made a will dated 24 June 
1698, proved 18 Dec. 1700, styling himself "William Coppage, 
of the County of Northumberland, Planter." It is believed 
that his first wife was named Anne, as his will left clothes 
that were her mother's to an only dau. of the name. All 5 
children were under 21 in 1698. He m. (2) Jane fforest, rela- 
tive of Alexander fforest. She sold Wolf TTtFNeck, former- 
ly land of Charles Byram, who may have been grandfather or 
uncle to William's children. William's friendship with Wil- 
liam and John Howson, one a Captain, grandsons of Col. Rich- 
ard Lee, shows that William was acquainted if not allied with 
the highest stratum of society. To each of his sons he left 
a separate plantation. As early as 17 March 1679/80 he was 
assigned 300 acres of John Hughlett's land. 

William Coppedge, eldest son 

John Coppedge; his guardian was Capt. John Howson, per- 
haps his uncle. 

James Coppedge, 3rd son; never married. 

Anne Coppedge; only daughter. 

Charles Coppedge, 4th son & youngest child; chosen in 1711 
by Mary Mayeg, dau. of Henry, aged 12, to be her guard- 

WILLIAM COPPEDGE (ca. 1678-1732), gi^anted 187 acres in 
Northumberland in 1705 (N.N. Book 3, 113). His plantation 
was reputed to be of the finest and he married the well-to-do 
young widow of 2 husbands, Patience Downing Neale-Grah- 
am, dau. Capt. William Downing of Little Wicomico; his land 
adjoined John Web, Dennis's Branch, and Thomas Growder. 
Unfortunately his will has been lost, but a record shows that 
on 16 Aug. 1732 it was presented to court by John Coppedge 
and proved by the oath of Richd. Webb, a witness. Chas. Cop- 
pedge & Wm. Coppedge, executors named, came into court 
and refused the executorship. On the motion of the said John 
Coppedge, sole heir to the said Wm., he was appointed execu- 
tor and David Fluker, Wm. Barrat, John Swanson, & Dennis 
■Swanson appraisers. 

— 26 — 

John Coppedge (31 Jan. 1710-1746), only child (St. Steph- 
en's Parish Register). 

JOHN COPPEDGE (1710-1746), sole heir; will dated 18 June 
1745, proved 13 Jan. 1745-6 mentions 5 godchildren : Wm. Cop- 
pedge, John Neale, Swan Pritchard, Judith Smith, & Winifred 
Short. Guardians and trustees for his only child were Mr. 
Saml. Blackwell & Mr. Thos. Gaskins, possibly relatives of 
his first wife, mother of the child Patience; his widow was 
Judith (possibly Dameron or Taylor) , who dissented from the 
will and may have remarried Charles Coppedge, Jr., coexecu- 
tor of John's estate with his bro. Wm. Witnesses were Betty 
Pritchard, Wm. & Chas. Coppedge. Later David Ball, Jr., 
guardian of Patience, possessed her with a gold ring and a 
silver bodkin, part of her inheritance. 
Patience Coppedge, only child, unm., & under age in 1745 
m. Jos. DAMERON. 

PATIENCE COPPEDGE (ca. 1735- ) m. 1762 Joseph 

DAMERON ( - 1818) of Northumberland, son of Chris. 

& Sarah Ball Dameron. They moved to Brunswick Co., Va. 
and after Patience d. Jos. remarried Mary Burton in Caswell 
Co., N. C, by whom 6 c, Bartho., Benj., etc. 
Joseph Dameron, Jr. (1763-1834), Revolutionary soldier at 
Guilford C. H. ; may have m. Mary C. Clay, desc. of the 
Huguenot Bartholomew DuPuy. 
George Ball Dameron (1780- ) through whom 

several D.A.R. lines have been established, recorded 
at Constitution Hall, Washington, D. C. 
Miss Dameron m. KNIGHT 

Thomas W. Dameron m. 1799 Sally Roberts in Caswell Co. 
Patience Dameron m. EGAN 
Thomas Dameron m. Betsy 
Betsy Dameron 

George Ball Dameron (1771-1848) too young to join his 
bro. in the Revolution, but a Colonel in the Black Hawk 
War of 1832; m. Mary Worsham Moore, dau. Col. Moore 
of Va. They became dissatisfied in Caswell and so in 
1834 their cavalcade of 150 persons (40 of the family 
and the rest slaves and dependents) struck out overland 
for Randolph Co., Missouri. They had 13 c. and their 
descs. are numerous today around Huntsville and Mob- 
erly, Mo. 
William Moore Dameron (1799 - 1934) m. Elizabeth In- 
gram, gddau. Chris. Dameron 
James Palatine Dameron, miner of San Francisco 
in 1849; later merchant. 

— 27 — 


) m. 


) m. Matt 

) m. Elizabeth Con- 
); John James (1814- 
) gdfather of Lulu 

John Haywood Dameron (1826-1850) m. Julia 
John Haywood Dameron Jr, 
Estelle Slaughter 
Robert Smith Dameron (1810-1890) m. 
Sarah A. Smith m. J. S. PRESTON 

Cassie Preston m. 1890 Robert S. WAL- 
TON (1870- ) 
Joseph Coppage Dameron (1801- ) m. his cousin 
Salinda Dameron (d. 1846) 
Jane Phoebe Dameron (1823-1846) m. Wm. Turn- 
er RUTHERFORD (1813-1903) 
Patsy B. Dameron (1805- ) m. Harrison DAME- 
Judith Ball Marlowe Dameron (1807- 

James Ball Dameron (1809- 

Elizabeth Ingram (1812- 


George Ball Dameron (1816- 

McRae (Mrs. W. D. POWELL) 
Mary Whitmore Dameron (1818- 

Sarah Worsham Dameron (1820- 

Dr. Warren Thomas Dameron (1822 
Willis Monroe Dameron (1824- 
Dameron (1827), father of 
Edward C. Dameron, son by (1) 
Mary Sarina Dameron, dau. by (2) a noted beauty; 
m. Count REVENTLOW of Europe. Countess 
Reventlow traveled extensively abroad. 

JOHN COPPEDGE (ca. 1682-1727), Gentleman Justice of 
Northumberland on 15 July 1717 and Surveyor for the Co. 
as early as 1710; Vestryman of Wicomico, 1710-1718. His 
name appears 5 times in the Journals of the Va. House of 
Burgesses, 1714-26 as "Mr. Coppidge," Surveyor to lay out 
bounds between Lancaster and Northumberland Counties. On 
5 June 1710 he divided the land of Wm. & Chas. Copedge ac- 
cording to the intent of Wm.'s will. This was part of James 
Hill's patent of 1661 on Scotland Mill Swamp sold to Davis 
and Bixebe and by them to Wm. Copedge ; the other part de- 
scended through Thomas Burbury to his son Malachi. On 
29 Feb. 1711/12 John Coppedge witnessed Lazarus Taylor's 




) m. James 


) ; Logan 



will. On 20 Nov. 1718 John Coppedge of Northumberland, 
Gent. & Surveyor, sold for 30 pounds sterling to Richd. Chi- 
chester of Christ Church land bought of Capt. John Swanson 
by Wm. Coppedge, father of John. On 18 Mar. 1718 he ad- 
ministered estate of Richd. Ruth, deed. On 15 Sept. 1724 
John Coppedge was granted 1,354 acres in K. Geo. & Staff d. 
Cos. and shortly after 879 acres more on Brent Town Run. 
By 21 June 1727 he was dead (Will Book 20, Northumber- 
land, 61) at Wicomico. His wife was Elizabeth Basye, dau. 
Edmond & Eliz. Taylor Basye. His administrator was his 
nephew (or bro. Wm.) and Pitts Curtis, Sr., Wm. Taylor, & 
Aaron Taylor were appraisers. 

John Coppedge, Jr. (ca. 1720 - 1760/3) 

Peter Coppedge, orphan who had claim against John's es- 
tate in 1727 and received 500 lbs. from Wm. Coppedge, 

Possibly Sarah Copedge, who d. Northumberland, 1735. 

JOHN COPPEDGE, JR. (ca. 1720-1760/3) who inherited the 
1,354 and 879 acres in the Northern Neck, m. Elizabeth Dame- 
ron, dau. Christopher Dameron (son Bartholomew son Law- 
rence) and his wife Sarah Ball, dau. Capt. George Ball, 1st 
cousin of Mary Ball Washington. This John Coppedge's de- 
scendants are the subject of Chapter Five. 

PETER COPPEDGE (ca. 1722- ) who moved to Prince 

William & Fauquier; he sued Edmond Basye for assault and 
battery in 1752 and won ; but in 1764 he was cited for not 
educating his c. in Fauquier. Wife's name unknown. 
John Coppedge, not John the Revolutionary soldier, as the 
latter was son of Charles Coppedge, Jr., mentioned in his 
Joshua Coppedge, probably under 15 in 1764; history un- 

JAMES COPPIDGE (ca. 1684 - 1741) ; witness deed Downing to 
Whitehead, 1710. Unmarried at making of will 23 Apr. 1736, 
proved 13 July 1741 naming godson James Coppidge and 
James's bro. Moses ; his own bro. Charles Coppidge, Exr. Wit- 
nesses: Matthew Quill, Eliz. Quill, David ff lecher. Mr. Char- 
les Coppedge, Exr., submitted inventory of estate and planta- 
tion left to James & Moses on 10 Aug. 1741. 

ANNE COPPEDGE, may have married Richard, son of John 
and Sarah LOCKE. 

CHARLES COPPEDGE, SR. (ca. 1687-1750) of Wicomico; 
granted land in Northern Neck, 1710-12 (N.N. Book 4, 80, 
Va. State Library) ; mentioned in will of his bro. James in 

— 29 — 

B. Cooper •cnlp'^ 


— 30 — 

1736 and by inference in will of his nephew John in 1745. 
His wife predeceased him and her name is not known with 
certainty, but she was clearly a Lunsford, probably Lucy, 
dau. Sheriff John Lunsford (son of William, son of Sir 
Thomas). Tradition has it that William m. a Blackwell; 
either he or John m. a Miss Griffin, relative of Alexander. 
John's wife was Elizabeth, probably Kenner, dau. Capt. Rich- 
ard Kenner and Elizabeth dau. Matthew Rodham (Colonist 
to Maryland on "Ark" and "Dove" in 1634, aged 13) and his 
wife Eliz. Hewitt, dau. Robert and Eliz. Hewitt of Isle of 
Kent, Md. The persistence of the names Rodham and Luns- 
ford, as well as Griffin among Coppedge descs. bears mute 
testimony to this marriage. (See Appendix IX for Luns- 
fords). Charles Coppedge's will dated 13 May 1750, proved 
13 Aug. 1750 was witnessed by Saml. Blackwell, and Moses 
Lunsford and Exrs. were 2 oldest sons, Wm. & Chas. Cop- 
pedge, The testator styles himself "Charles Coppedge of 
Wicocomoco Parish, Northumberland County, Va." 
William Coppedge, eldest son (ca. 1727-1766) 
Charles Coppedge, 2d son (ca. 1729 - 1786) ; see Bishop 

Meade, Old Churches and Families of Va., II, 469. 
Mary Coppedge (ca. 1731- ) m. Swanson PRITCHARD 
Lucy Coppedge (ca. 1733- ) m. (Charles LOCKE?) 

Moses Coppedge (1735-1801) 3d son, of Prince Wm. & Ky., 

Soldier French & Indian War 
Isaac Coppedge (ca. 1737 - 1807) of Ky. 
Lazarus Coppedge (ca. 1739-1762), witness Edwin Con- 
way's will; d. 1762 
James Coppedge (ca. 1741 -ca. 1778) of Fauquier; went 
west with George Rogers Clark. 

WILLIAM COPPEDGE (ca. 1727-1766), Exr. of his cousin 
John in 1745/6; godchild of the same John; m. (1) probably 
sister of Jesse Robinson; (2) 10 Jan. 1763 Rebecca Martin 
Basye, widow of Wm. Basye. William Coppedge's will 31 
Mar. - 12 May 1766 made eldest son Jesse, Exr. "Loving wife, 
Rebeckah" mentioned. Appraisers Wm. Davenport, Wm. Par- 
rott, & Thos. Everitt ; Witnesses Wm. Blackerby, Moses Luns- 
ford, & John Cooke. 
Jesse Copedge (ca. 1733- ) of Northumberland 

Charles Copedge (ca. 1735- ) of Dinwiddle, Mecklen- 

burg, and N. Carolina 
Moses Copedge (ca. 1737 - ) probably of N. Carolina 

Sarah Copedge (ca. 1739- ) m. 13 Mar. 1769 John 

Betty Copedge (ca. 1741- ) m. 11 Apr. 1774 James 


— 31 — 

Their father voted for Capt. Spencer Mottrom Ball and Capt. 
Thos. Gasklns, 16 July 1765. 
JESSE COPPEDGE (ca. 1733-1770) of Wicomico; m. Mary 

, who may have been an Angell; she remarried Enoch 

George 23 Oct. 1770. By Jesse's will made 3 Mar. 1768 and 
proved 12 Mar. 1770 he provided that his son "lately born" 
be named Jesse. Witnesses were Wm. Parrot and Chas. Cop- 
edge; Exrs. were Wm. Barrett, Wm, Angel, and wife Mary 
Jesse Copedge, the young son, d. in infancy & his mother 
remarried Enoch George. 
CHARLES COPPEDGE (ca. 1735 - post 1800) of Dinwiddle, 
Mecklenburg, and Warren & Anson Cos., N. C; m. Elizabeth 
Basye, dau. Rebecca Martin (his stepmother) & Wm. Basye, 
son of Isaac and Eliz. Basye. Their descs. are the subject of 
Chapter Six. 
MOSES COPPEDGE (ca. 1737 - ) ; see Chapter Six. 

SARAH COPPEDGE (ca. 1739- ) m. John LUNSFORD 

on 13 Mar. 1769. If he was the John Lunsford who d. 1794, 
then there were no descs. 
BETTY (ELIZA) COPPEDGE (ca. 1741- ) m. 11 Apr. 

1774 James SUTTON 
Sallie Coppedge Sutton m. William HARDING, son of Hop- 
kins Harding. Their descs. are numerous in Northum- 
berland, including Hardings, Crowthers, Snows, Gask- 
inses, Haynies and Jetts. 
CHARLES COPPEDGE (ca. 1729-1786), Vestryman of Wico- 
mico Parish, 1760-1779 and often Church warden; one of his 
Majesty's Tobacco Inspectors for Northumberland; security 

10 Sept. 1754 for Samuel Haynie, executor of Capt. Richard 
Haynie's widow Eleanor; holder of transfer tobacco 29 Geo. 

11 (Hening's Statutes at Large, VII, 25, March 1756) ; mem- 
ber 1757 of "packed Episcopal jury" to try the Presbyterian 
Robt. McClintock for withholding levies collected from Aug- 
usta Parish in 1749; other jurors were Bland, Ruffin, Read, 
and Venable; on 14 June 1762 Charles Coppedge sold John 
Hunton for 75 lbs. 1/2 interest in Fielding's Mill, purchased 
from Edw. Fielding by Robt. Mitchell, Gent, and by him 
sold to Charles Coppedge; on 16 July 1765 he cast his 
oral vote, with his bro. Wm., for Capts. Ball and Gaskins. 
He m. (1) probably Judith Dameron or Taylor, widow of 
his cousin John in 1746; the close association of Coppedges 
and Taylors began with this Charles; m. (2) 29 July 
1763 Mary Ann Edwards, probably a widow. She was 

— 32 

mother of only the last 2 c. Charles was a witness 
to the will of Philip Smith of Fleet's Bay and succeeded his 
son Baldwin M. on the Wicomico Vestry ; in 1774 he witness- 
ed Richard Taylor's will. His own will, dated 21 May and 
proved 9 Oct. 1786 named Exrs. wife Mary Ann, Moses Lunce- 
ford, Jr., Meredith Mahains, & Wm. Yerby; Witnesses, Wm. 
& Mary Yerby; 10 c. 
Judith Coppedge (ca. 1747 - ) ; Argyle Taylor left her 

a bequest in 1758. 
John Coppedge (ca. 1748/54 - 1834) ; Revolutionary Soldier 

from Fauquier in New York 
Augustine Coppedge (ca. 1750 - 1793) ; Captain in Revolu- 
tion from Northumberland 
Thomas Coppedge (1752-1843); Soldier in Revolution at 

Williamsburg and Norfolk 
Peggy Coppedge (ca. 1754 - ) ; m. Joseph TAYLOR of 

Fauquier; many descs. 
Molly Coppedge (ca. 1756- ) 

Nancy Coppedge (ca. 1758- ) 

Lucy Coppedge (ca. 1760- ) m. possibly LOCKE 

(more probably her aunt, Lucy). 
Mary Ann Coppedge (ca. 1764- ) m. Stephen HAY- 

NIE; many descs. 
Cyrus Coppedge (ca. 1773 - 1850) ; his line alone has sur- 
vived at Wicomico River. 
JUDITH COPPEDGE (ca. 1747 - ) m. William PARROTT, 

who moved from Northumberland to Orange Co., Va. In Al- 

JOHN COPPEDGE (1748/54-1834), Revolutionary Soldier of 
Fauquier; m. Mary Downman, dau. Travers Downman of 
Northumberland, Prince Wm. & Fauquier, Vestryman of Wi- 
comico. See Chapter Seven. 

AUGUSTINE COPPEDGE (ca. 1750-1793), Ensign, Lieuten- 
ant, and Captain in Revolution; moved with James Waddy 
to Princess Anne and ultimately to Edgecombe Co., N. C. ; 
m. Wilmouth Lunsford, dau. Moses and sister John, who made 
Wilmouth's 4 c. his heirs in 1794. See Chapter Seven. 

THOMAS COPPEDGE (1752-1843), Revolutionary Soldier of 
Northumberland at Williamsburg and Norfolk; moved to 
Orange and Amherst Cos.; m. Elizabeth Hayden. See Chap- 
ter Seven. 

PEGGY COPPEDGE (ca. 1754 -ca. 1806) m. Joseph TAYLOR 
of Fauquier, who d. 1806. She was widow in 1806 and wit- 
nesses to Joseph's will were Joseph Blackwell, Travis & Chas. 

— 33 — 

Bronella Taylor m. William LUNCEFORD and had Seth 

Elizabeth Taylor m. James BASYE and had Ethelbert, So- 
phia, & Harriet Basye (Mrs. Moses GREEN), 

MARY ANN COPPEDGE (ca. 1764- ) m. 25 Oct. 1793 

Stephen HAYNIE; Sec. Chas. Yerby. 
Cyrus Haynie, her son 

William H. Haynie m. Nancy Beane 

Willie Anna Haynie m. Charles Augustus COP- 
PEDGE (see infra). 

CYRUS COPPEDGE (1773-1850) of Northumberland Co.: 
youngest son of Charles Coppedge, Jr. by his wife Mary Ann 
Edwards; m. 13 Jan. 1806 Elizabeth Yerby, ward of Thos. 
Harvey. The descendants of Cyrus Coppedge are the only 
bearers of his name still in Northumberland and Lancaster. 
Cyrus Coppedge's old plantation was on Dividing Creek; in 
1950 it was uninhabited and falling into decay; just across 
Coppedge's Cove are Cobbs Hall and Ditchley, homes of the 
Charles Coppedge (28 Feb. 1808-1830) 
Mary Ann Coppedge (5 Apr. 1811-22 Dec. 1815) 
Judith Coppedge (17 Apr. 1813- ) 

Cyrus T. Coppedge (23 Sept. 1815 - 1844) m. Mary E. Hut- 

chings in 1843, dau. John & Pollv 
Augustin Coppedge (22 July 1819-18 Sept. 1819) 
John Yerby Coppedge (28 Oct. 1820- ) 

William Coppedge (7 Feb. 1823 - 1849) 
Thomas Coppedge (10 Sept. 1817-22 July 1868), buried 
Morattico Baptist Church. 
CYRUS T. COPPEDGE (1815-1844) m. 1843 Mary E. Hutch- 
MaiT Elizabeth Coppedge, m. 1863 George B. COX; descs. 
THOMAS COPPEDGE (1817-1868) m. (1) 3 August 1852 at 
Baltimore, Mary Jane Beane; (2) 15 Jan. 1857 Nelly Ann Cal- 
lahan, dau. Wm. & Catherine Callahan; (3 Nov. 1828-11 Feb. 
1898). He owned "Springfield," "Plainfield," and "Folly." 
William Edgar Coppedge (11 Mav 1853- ) 

Robert Alexander Coppedge (19 Sept. 1854-3 Oct. 1854); 

lived 14 days. 
Charles Augustus Coppedge (7 Nov. 1857- ) 

Lelia Ann Coppedge (12 Feb. 1859- ) 

John Everett Coppedge (20 June 1860 - ) 

Elizabeth Catherine Coppedge (6 June 1863 - ) m. Mr. 

KIMBROUGH; no. c. 

— 34 — 

Luther Allen Coppedge (28 Feb. 1865- ) 

Nellie Jane Coppedge (26 Feb. 1867 - ) m. Robert W. 

BOSWELL; no c. 

WILLIAM EDGAR COPPEDGE (1853-1934), d. Morattico, 6 
Apr. 1934 ; m. Mary Elizabeth Webb, who d. Oct., 1946. 
Cyrus Alexander Coppedge (18 June 1889-23 June 1890) 
Wayland Thomas Coppedge (1892- ) 

Mary Susie Coppedge (1893- ) 

John Edgar Coppedge (1894- ) 

Mildred Blanche Coppedge (1895- ) 

James Harvey Coppedge (1897- ) 

Nellie Ruth (Coppedge (1903 - ) ; administrator of her 

mother in 1946 
Harold Basye Coppedge (1910 - ) 

WAYLAND THOMAS COPPEDGE (30 June 1892 - ) m. 

Carlie Tuttle. 
Dr. Wayland Thomas Coppedge, Jr. of New Smyrna Beach, 
Fla. ; m. Stella Hilliard 
Mary Margaret Coppedge 

Wayland Thomas Coppedge HI of New Orleans 
MARY SUSIE COPPEDGE (1893- ) teacher in Norfolk 

City schools ; has attended all reunions of Coppedge Family 
Assn.: Irvington; Lexington, Ky. ; Washington, D. C. ; Little 
Rock, Ark. ; Annapolis, Md. ; Nashville, Tenn. ; and Richmond, 
Va. (1948-1954). A frequent director of the Assn. 
JOHN EDGAR COPPEDGE, a bachelor of Kilmarnock, Va. 

ington Inn, Irvington, Va. 

James William Coppedge 

Barbara Ann Coppedge 

Robert Edward Coppedge, d. aged 9 

NELLIE RUTH COPPEDGE, teacher in schools, Lancaster 
County ; of Kilmarnock. 

HAROLD BASYE COPPEDGE (1910- ) of Jacksonville, 

Fla. ; m. Elizabeth Preston Williams. 
Elizabeth Ann Coppedge (1940- ) 

Harold Basye Coppedge, Jr. (1945- ) 

CHARLES AUGUSTUS COPPEDGE (1857- ), first child 

by his father's 2nd marriage ; called Charles Augustine by his 
mother's will of 1895; Chairman, Board of Supervisors of 
Northumberland County, 1917 and member Board of Health; 
m. Willie Anna Haynie, dau. of Nancy Beane and William H. 
Haynie, son of Cyrus Haynie, son of Stephen Haynie and Mary 

— 35 — 

Ann Coppedge, dau. of Cyrus and Mary Ann Coppedge. 
Charles Granville Coppedge m. Edith Shackleford 
Thomas Coppedge m. Freda Steelman ; had Tom & Katherine 
Nancy Callahan Coppedge m. Wade EMMART 

tan, Va. ; m. Edith Shackleford. 
Charles William Coppedge 
Ann Byrd Coppedge m. ANDERSON 
Edward Young Coppedge 

Wade Coppedge Emmart 

LELIA ANN COPPEDGE (1859- ) m. James CHOWN- 

ING of New Smyrna Beach, Fla. 
Dr. William C. Chowning, M.D., of 111 Palmetto St., New 
Smyrna Beach, Fla. 

JOHN EVERETT COPPEDGE (1860 - ) ; called John Ev- 

erard in his mother, Nellie Ann's will of 1895 ; moved to Bal- 
timore ; m. Jennie Stiff. 

Charles Coppedge 

Nellie Coppedge 

LUTHER ALLEN COPPEDGE (1865- ), inherited land 

west of Coppedge's Swamp ; m. 26 Jan. 1898 Frances Alma 
Mason Hundley Coppedge (2 Aug. 1908- ) m. Jessie 


Charles Edward Coppedge, attended Va. Polytechnic 

Norma Coppedge 

JOHN YERBY COPPEDGE (28 Oct. 1820- ) inherited 

slaves and movables by the will of his father Cyrus in 1850; 
moved with them to Independence, Missouri. 

Robert W. Coppedge of New Hope, Penn., only child 

ROBERT W. COPPEDGE ( -21 Dec. 1948) d. at New 

Hope; flags were flown at half mast from Lawrenceville 
School, where he last taught; on 1 Sept. 1948 he and his 
wife. Fern Isabel Kuns Coppedge (see Who's Who in Amer- 
ica) attended the first Coppedge Family Assn. reunion at 
Tides Inn, Irvington, Va. Mrs. Coppedge exhibited many of 
her prize-winning oil paintings in the Inn lobby. Of all who 
have attended Coppedge reunions, Robert W. was the closest 
to the immigrant ancestor, being fifth in descent from Wil- 
liam, the immigrant to Northumberland in 1662. Unfortun- 
ately they had no c. 

— 36 — 

MARY COPPEDGE (ca. 1731- ) m. Swanson PRITCH- 


Mary Pritchard m. Mark HARDING, d. 1775, son of Thomas 

Harding and Hannah Hopkins, and bro. of Hopkins and 

John Harding'. See supra for WilHam (son of Hopkins, 

d. 1812) Harding who m. Sally Coppedge Sutton. There 

are now two lines of Coppedge blood in the Hardings. 

Rodham Pritchard or Pritchett of Prince William; m. dau. 

Bradley Garner and had Thomas and Catherine Pritchett. 

LUCY COPPEDGE, probably the wife of Richard or Charles 

LOCKE, from whom Laurence B. Gardiner, 1863 Cowden, 

Memphis, Tenn., descends. Charles Coppedge Locke, son of 

John and Polly Batte Locke was born in Brunswick in 1806. 

MOSES COPPEDGE (1735-1801), Soldier of the French and 

Indian War. Subject of Chapter Eight. 
ISAAC COPPEDGE (ca. 1737 - 1807) of Fauquier & Scott Co., 

Kentucky. Subject of Chapter Nine. 
LAZARUS COPPEDGE (ca. 1739 - 1762) witness to the will of 
Edwin Conway in 1762 ; died, apparently a bachelor, in 1762 
in Northumberland (See Hayden, Va. Genealogies, 239). 
JAMES COPPEDGE (ca. 1741 -ca. 1778), a soldier on George 
Rogers Clark's Western Expedition; his name appears for 
taxes at Elk Run in Prince William as early as 1751, iso he 
must have been born before 1741. He secured his certificate 
for the Expedition in Fayette Co., Ky. in 1778 or 1787. As 
youngest son, his lot lay in winning the new frontier ; at least 
one Coppedge was scalped by Indians, but that was probably 
Alexander Coppedge, son of Moses above. 
Excursus, DOWNMAN: WILLIAM DOWNMAN, Mayor of Ply- 
mouth, England, in 1607; his monument said "a great remem- 
berer of the poor." m. Alice. 

JAMES DOWNMAN of Spykes Bay or St. Peter's, Barbados. 
WILLIAM DOWNMAN, who had more wealth than wit; 
moved to Lancaster Co., Va. ; m. Dorothy, dau. John 
Nicholls of Corotoman. 
WILLIAM DOWNMAN of Lancaster; m. Million 
Travers, dau. Col. Raleigh and Elizabeth Travers. 
WILLIAM DOWNMAN, Sheriff of Richmond 
County; m. Anne Ball, dau. Maj. James Ball 
of "Bewdley." 
TRAVERS DOWNMAN of Wicomico, Tot- 
uskey, and Prince William ; m. Grace 
Ball, dau. Capt, Geo. 
MARY DOWNMAN, coheiress, b. 
1752; m. John COPPAGE 

— 37 — 


The Line of John Coppedge of Fauquier 

JOHN COPPEDGE, JR. (ca. 1720-1760/3), who inherited the 
1,354 and 879 acres in the Northern Neck as son and heir 
of John, the Surveyor, and his wife EHzabeth Basye, dau. 
Edmond Basye and EHzabeth Taylor, dau. John Taylor (who 
came on the Ship "Amsterdam" in 1652 to the head of Fleet's 
Bay) and his wife Alice, dau. Thomas Gaskins, lineal descend- 
ant of Sir William Gascoigne, Lord Chief Justice of England ; 
m. Elizabeth Dameron, cousin of George Washington (see 
Chapter Four) ; division of his estate is recorded in Fauquier 
Will Book I, page 75. Elizabeth, the widow, received 3 slaves 
(and remarried Isaac Coppedge) ; William received 1 slave 
and 35 lbs. plus the land ; John, the younger son, received a 
negro boy and 60 lbs. (See Pages 47 and 48, infra). 

William Coppedge, eldest son, chose John Catlett as guar- 

Sally Coppedge, received 1 negro girl and 7 lbs. 10 s. 

Elizabeth Coppedge ( -1839), m. 11 Dec. 1767 John 


John Coppedge, younger son, m. Susannah Harrison, dau. 
Thomas and moved to Ky. 

WILLIAM COPPEDGE (ca. 1740-1806) of Hamilton Parish, 
Fauquier (see Hamilton Vestry Book for entry 25 Feb. 1764 
of a servant bound to Wm. Coppage) ; his property included 
Bristersburg, part of Elk Run, Summerduck, and the Frank- 
lin Gold Mine; he was a member of Elk Run Episcopal Church, 
whose rector was Rev. Keith, and is supposed to lie buried 
with five wives on a hill at Bristersburg; their order and 
names have become confused by descs. Probably he m. (1) 
Miss Chichester, by whom only John; (2) Mary Whitledge, 
dau. Wm., by whom Baldwin and Frances; (3) 17 Sept. 1783 
Sarah Railey, dau. Thos., by whom 6 c. ; (4) 15 July 1791 
Mary Tippett, by whom 8 c. In the Fauquier Rent Roll of 
1770 he held 830 acres; his will, probated in Fauquier in 
1806, left 500 acres and 5 slaves. His widow, Mary, died in 

John Coppedge of Kentucky; m. 1786 Margaret (Peggy) 
Raley, dau. Thos. 

Baldwin Coppedge of Kentucky; m. Hannah Waller; prob- 
ably Baldwin Fielding 

Frances Coppedge m. 1795 her cousin Travers COPPAGE 
of Culpeper, son of John 

Lewis Coppedge, moved to Georgia; 1. Wilkes Co., 1808 

William Coppedge, possibly William Augusta, the Confed- 
erate Color Bearer 
Nancy Coppedge (1776-1864), moved to Harrison Co., Ky. 
Thomas Coppedge (1785-6 Feb. 1864) m. Philadelphia Lut- 

trell; (2) Dicey Luttrell 
Betsy Coppedge (1780-1854) moved to Harrison Co., Ky. 
Mary (Polly) Coppedge ( -1838), died in Woodford 

Co., Ky. 
Oily (Awleigh) Coppedge ( ) m. Nancy 

by 1820; to Ky. 
James Coppedge ( -30 July 1818), d. Woodford Co., 

Elzy Coppedge (Alexander) in Harrison Co., Ky. in 1818 
Wesley Coppedge, m. 1825 Mary Tippett, dau. Wm. ; descs. 

in Brown Co., 111. 
Bartholomew Coppedge, living 1815-24; m. Patsy Scott 
Sally Coppedge m. 1817 Daniel WINN; may have moved to 

Peyton Coppedge (1800- ) m. Jane Barlow; moved 

to Ky. 
Catherine Coppedge (1801 - ) m. her cousin Rodham 

COPPAGE in 1818 in Ky. 

JOHN COPPEDGE (ca. 1765- ) m. Margaret (Peggy) 

Raley in Fauquier, 24 Oct. 1786. On 5 Oct. 1788 Peggy Cop- 
page witnessed will of John Whitledge in Bourbon Co., Ky. 
Bk. A, 13). 
Betsey Coppedge m. FORD 
Susan Coppedge m. BALLARD; had Bland, Margaret and 

Maria Coppedge m. Hartwell TEMPLE 

Coppedge m. Gabriel LONG 

Edmund Coppedge (31 May 1795 - ) of Woodford Co. 

m. 1827 Nancy Anne Peters (1804- ), gddau. Col. 

John and Anne Rousseau Peters 
John P. Coppedge (23 Sept. 1828-1828) 
John Nathaniel Coppedge (11 July 1831 - ) m. 

Mollie Alexander 
Edmund A. Coppedge m. Russie Malvina Lucas (see 
Mabel Coppedge m. J. S. SKINNER of Lexing- 
ton, Ky. 
Marion Russell Skinner m. Catherine Tracy 
Russell Jr., Sandra Lea, and Patricia 
Kay Skinner 
Thomas Wilford Coppedge of Henderson Co., Tenn. ; 
m. Miss Hunter 

— 39 — 

Arthur Jewell Coppedge of Birmingham, Ala. 
McCoy Overton Coppedge of Jackson, Tenn. 
James Baxter Coppedge of Rome, Ga. 
Robert Lawrence Coppedge of Kingsport, Tenn. 
whose gdson. Bobby JONES was in movies 
"Pinocchio" and "Mr. Smith Goes to Wash- 
John, Charles, Will, Lelia, Viv, Susie, and James 
Talmage Coppedge of Texas 
William Thomas Coppedge (24 Feb. 1836- ) d. 

Civil War, Georgetown, Ky. 
Margaret Ann Elizabeth Coppedge (23 Nov. 1842- 
) m. Granville LUCAS 
Russie M. Lucas m. Edmund Alexander Coppedge 

(see above) 
Claiborne Lucas 
Howard Lucas of Dayton, Ohio 
Ernest Lucas 
Maurice Blackburne Lucas 
Wilina Thomas Lucas m. John WILSON 

Carey Ola Wilson m. FIGHTMASTER of Sa- 
diesville, Ky. 
Granville J. Lucas, Jr. 
BALDWIN FIELDING COPPEDGE of Ky. ; m. Hannah Waller, 
(1777- ) of Stafford Co., Va., dau. John Waller and 

Mary Mathews, dau. Thos. Fielding built a church in Pendle- 
ton Co., Ky. and Hannah dreamed a quilt pattern in pastel 
colors made by every generation since, including Helen Reag- 
an's mother at age 92, called "Hannah's Dream." 
William Coppage 

Baldwin Coppage (3 Mar. 1803 - ) 

Susan Milton Coppage 
Fanny Coppage 
Milton F. Coppage (1808-1871) m. Eliza Pollock 

Alexander W. Coppage (1837-1905) m. Ella M. Mar- 
Alta Coppage (1871-1945) m. (1) Wm. A. POW- 
ELL; (2) A. W. SYDNEY 
Fay C. Powell (1891 - ) m. Lillian Belt 

Virginia Faye Powell (1923- ) 

Elbridge M. Coppage (1875- ) of Red Oak, 

Iowa ; m. Mina Hawkins 
Helen H. Hawkins (1905- ) m. Alf 

Max Coppage Kirkeberg (1933- ) 

Edith Jean Hawkins (1908- ) m. Her- 

— 40 — 


Nancy Karen and John Coppage Honnett 
(1938- ) 

Delbert Channing Coppage (1885- ) m. 1920 

Frances Knittel 
Richard Coppage (1921- ) of Coast 

Guard and Sioux City, la. 
John F. Coppage (1924- ) of Vermillion, 

S. D. 
Channing F. Coppage (1926 - ) 

BALDWIN COPPAGE (1803- ) m. Margaret Lightfoot 

(18 May 1806- ), dau. Wm. & Leannah Colvin, dau. 

Margt. Day, dau. Susan Bennett, dau. Margaret Mars. Mov- 

William Fielding Coppage (27 Sept. 1829- ) 

James, Milton, Mary, and Elizabeth Coppage 
Ferdinand Coppage m. Ella Flowers and had Wm. 
John Coppage m. Sallie Reed and had Dorman & Homer 
Francis Elkin Coppage m. Maria Madden 
George Allen Coppage, son by (2); m. Eleanor O'Farrell; 
had 9 daus. Their descs. are the KIERS of 111. and the 
LESHES of Pasadena, Cal. 
WILLIAM FIELDING COPPAGE (1829- ) of Falmouth, 

Pendleton Co., Ky. m. 9 Sept. 1852 Catharine Maria Keith 
(31 Jan. 1827- ). 

Georgia A. Coppage (12 Aug. 1852- ) m. Ed Isham 

(18 Jan. 1851- ) 

Frank N. Isham (8 Nov. 1873 - ) 

Lena C. Isham (1 Dec. 1878- ); d. unm. 

Albert L. Coppage (8 Jan. 1856 - ) m. Virginia Bon- 


B. Lawrence Coppage of Rt. 3, Ft. Worth, Tex. 
Keith Coppage m. Fred FRIES and had Keith C. Simp- 
son, Mark, and Karen Fries 
Mary E. Coppage (24 Apr. 1858- ) m. Edward C. 

ORRICK (See Omchundro Genealogy) 
Edna, Georgia, & Helen Orrick m. Chester H. REAGAN 
of Smithfield, Texas 
Thomas F. Coppage (3 Apr. 1860- ) m. Lela Perry 

and had Florence and Nina 
LEWIS COPPEDGE of Wilkes Co., Ga. by 1803 ; if married then 
he would have had more "draws" for Ga. Indian lands. Deeds 
and his father's will show he required a guardian. He m. 
Mary, (ca. 1779 - ) , living with her son Lemuel in Doo- 

ley Co., 1850. The c. were apparently Lemuel (plaintiff, 1863 
vs. James A. Tippett) ; James A. (1807- ) m. Nancy & 

— 41 — 

lived Pulaski Co., Ga., 1850; Saul Coppedge (1815-70) ; James 
T.; John W.; Anna BROWN; & Martha C. BROWN. 
USTA COPPAGE, Confederate Color Bearer for Culpeper. 
Great-uncle "Gus" was the only bro. of her gdfather known 
to Annie Elvira Coppage Hansbrough of Midland, Va., inter- 
viewed at the age of 92 by the authors. He was killed at 1st 
Manassas and claimed to have been born in Mo. Served un- 
der Stuart and Fitz Lee; left wife, a Fox (Vogts?) 1 son, 3 
daus. His son George William, 1860 - ) left Coppage 

and WESTWATER descs. Wm.'s dau. was Mrs. JACOB of 
Albemarle and Orange. 
NANCY COPPEDGE (25 Sept. 1776 - 1864) ; d. Harrison Co., 
Ky. leaving Bible still preserved by Barton Coppage, R.R. 1, 
Coweta, Okla. She and Betsy inherited featherbeds from 
their gdfather, Thos. Railey. Neither married. 
THOMAS COPPEDGE (1785-1864) of Fauquier, ancestor of 
the present Coppages of lower Fauquier and Stafford; m, (1) 
1808 Philadelphia Luttrell; (2) 1822 Dicey Luttrell, her 1st 
cousin. Their uncles were in Revoln. Thos. 1. on Coppedge's 
Field at Coppedge's Takeup at the Franklin Mine, now in a 
pine woods where a clump of dead heaven trees stand. Nam- 
ed for gdfather, Thos. Raley (Raleigh), Fauquier Revolnry. 
Soldier, d. 1811. 
Edward Coppage (1808- ) m. Harriet Embrey. Their 

descs. are named TIMMONS, JAMES, HUFFMAN, COP- 
Richard Peyton Coppage (1849- ) of Rout's Hill; 

m. Sally, dau. James and Susan Huffman. 
James Wesley Coppage (ca. 1877-1910) m. 1900 
Anna Theodosia Campbell of Warrenton. 
Anna Coppage Brown and Catherine Coppage 
Martin of Vienna, Va. 
John Coppage; m. 1833 Jinsey Barber, dau. Wm. and moved 

to Ohio. 
Dick Coppage (1810- ) to Tuscarawas Co., Ohio; m. 

Martha; 8 c. 
Emma C. Coppage (1857 - 1922) m. Henry Wm. KNISE- 
LY (1848 - 1927) of New Phila., O. 
Ralph Coppage Knisely (1885 - 1943) m. 1912 Ruth 
L. Hubbard 
Alton Wm. Knisely (1914 - ) of Ravenna, 

0., m. Va. Lee Gilmore 
Susan Lee (1942 - ) and Caroline Gil- 

more Knisely (1947- ) 

— 42 — 

Sally Coppage (1814-1890) m. Wm. J. BROOKS, son of 
Capt. Thos. Brooks (1772-1849) of War of 1812; 8 c. 
Wm. Edw. Brooks (1854- ) m. 1875 Mary 0. 

England, dau. Patrick & Emily Baker England. Their 
descs. are named WHEELER, MORRISON, SUM- 
Elliott England Brooks m, Ethel Embrey of Fred- 
ericksburg, Va. ; 2 c. 
Barbara Embrey Brooks m. Warren FORBUSH 
Sarah Coppage Forbush (7 Oct. 1953- ) 
Isabel Herminia Brooks m. J. E. BRICKERT of 10 
W. Bellefonte St„ Alexandria, Va. Mrs. Brick- 
ert was President of the Coppage Family Assn. 
in 1952 and is a member of the D.A.R. and U.D.C. 
Mary Anna Brickert (5 Mav 1931- ) 

Charles Wm. Brickert (26 Feb. 1936 - ) 

Susan M. Coppage m. Pitman HEFLIN; their descs. are the 

HEFLINS of Stafford. 
James Ransom Coppage (1826-1862) of Co. C, 49th Va. 
Inf., CSA; k. at Sharpsburg; m. Harriet Ann Price of N. 
J. and lived in the hollow of Morrisville. Their descs. are 
named COPPAGE, BROWN, and EDWARDS in Fauquier 
and Alexandria. 
Annie Elvira Coppage (27 Feb. 1856 - ) m. Wm. 

HANSBROUGH; no c. She was interviewed on 4 
Sept. 1948 by the authors at Midland, Va. 
Eliza Coppage m. 1839 John VOGTS or FOX, a Switzer from 
Bezerk, Brugg, Aargau. 7 c. Their descs. are named 
STEPHENS, and NALLS, had G. Washington Wm. Tell 
Carl Lewis Vogt. m. Hattie Coppage, dau. Dick Coppage 

of Ohio. 
Ellen Vogt m. James MAWHINNEY 

Margaret Mawhinney m. Andrew Jackson DAY of 
Catlett, Va. 
Herbert Day (who has Herb, Jr.), Roy, James, 
and George Day 
Isabella Vogt. m. Bernard Wm. HEFLIN 
George Wm. Heflin 

Hazel Heflin STEPHENS of Nokesville. Va. 
Mary Heflin NALLS of Alexandria, Va. 
William Thomas CopDage ( -8 July 1862) of Co. I, 

11th Va. Inf., CSA. Enlisted 25 May 1862 from Rich- 
mond and d. in Lynchburg Hospital of typhoid. 

— 43 — 

Lewis Joseph Coppage (1833- ) Co. I, 11th Va. Inf., 

CSA at Manassas ; captured at White Ridge in a tree and 
again at Gettysburg, 1863; m. (1) Louisa, dau. Pitman 
Heflin; (2) Elizabeth Oliver, the widow Eskridge. 7 c. 
They have numerous descs. named COPPAGE, COOPER, 

BETSY COPPAGE (1780-1854) b. according to old Bible at 
Coweta, Okla. on 23 June 1780; d. 27 Aug. 1854; unm. Lived 
in Ky. with sister Catherine and her husband, Rodham Cop- 
page. She was incapable of handling her own affairs and 
inherited Polly's house in Woodford under trusteeship. 

OLLY COPPEDGE inherited 1/8 of 230 acres under his father's 
will of 1801-6. In 1819 "Awalough" Coppage, over 21, had 1 
house and 25 acres on Newell's Run, Harrison Co., Ky. m. 

JAMES COPPEDGE ( - 1818) ; Wm. Peters of Woodford 

(^0., Ky. certified that on 30 July, when lying on his death 
bed at Mrs. Elizabeth Railey's house, James Coppedge desired 
that his property should be equally divided among his bros. 
and sis., not to include all of the half blood, but his own blood 
and half-sisters Nancy, Polly, and Eliz. 

ELZY or ALEXANDER COPPEDGE ; by 1818 he was assessed 
for 75 acres and 2 horses at Curry Run, Harrison Co., Ky. ; 
m. Nancy. Because of the persistence of the name Alexander 
Coppage in Stafford Co., Va. he is believed to be progenitor 
of Eastham Coppage, Confederate Soldier, Alexander Mason 
Coppage, George Garland Coppage, James Wilford Coppage, 
Mrs. W. J. BELL of Hartwood and Berea, Mrs. Alvin MYERS, 
Mrs. J. E. BUCKLE of Oahu and Mass., and Mrs. V. E. SNEL- 

WESLEY COPPEDGE, under age in 1817; m. 1825 Mary Tip- 
pett, dau. Wm. Their descs. are in Brown Co., 111. 
Major Joseph William Coppage (1827-1916) of Naples, 111.; 

veteran of Mexican, Mormon, and Civil Wars; m. Mary 

Ann Finney; no c. 
James Lemuel Coppage ( -1889) of Mt. Sterling, 111.; 

widow Margaret Jane 
Mary E. Coppage m. Calvin BARLOW of Springfield, 111. 
Eliza Catherine Coppage m. Ethan Allen MOORE; Maria 


Tippett to Thomas Holmes, 1823; m. Patsy Scott. 

— 44 — 

PEYTON COPPAGE (1799/1800- ) inherited 1/8 of 230 

acres on Dorrell's Run in Fauquier with dwelling house and 
offices (Deed Book 30, 41; Will Book 4, 283-5) ; sold his in- 
terest to Wm. Shropshire, whose heirs Moses, Squire, and 
Mary Foster released it to Wm. Tippett. In 1823 he had 100 
acres on Curry's Run, Ky. and bought another 100 a. in 1824; 
m. Jane, dau Eliphalet and Mildred Barlow Barlow from Wilkes 
Co., N. C. Their descs. are named COPPAGE, FULLER, HAMM, 
EICHER, LOGAN, and FOSTER. Peyton and Jane had 8 c. 
All left descs. Lawrence of Tenafly, N. J., is Lemuel A.'s 

John Coppage (1824-1902) m. (1) 1848 Dorinda Cox; (2) 
1860 Phoebe A. Clark; 13 c. ; Ben F. had Lawrence. 
Lemuel Alexander Coppage (1861- ), 1st child by 

2d wife; rode in on the Cherokee Strip in 1893 and 
staked his claim; m. 1890 Cora Ahce Beeler, dau. 
Christopher and Sarah Waymire Beeler. When over 
85 years of age he attended several Coppedge Fam- 
ily reunions, delivering a fine speech at Irvington. 
Willard Beeler Coppage (7 Feb. 1904- ) m. 

Bonnie Whitt of Fort Worth. 
Eddie Beeler Coppage (1929- ) 

William Aubrey Coppage (1935- ) 

Rachel Philena Coppage (1 Oct. 1865 - ) m. James 

Henry WATKINS ; 7 c. 
Roland Martin Watkins of Calif, and Kansas City; 
4 c. 
William Edward Coppage (1839-1922) m. 1848 Pernita Ann 
Martin; 1. Ft. Madison, la.; 8 c. 
Charles Orson Coppage (1867 - 1932) of St. Joseph, Mo. ; 
m. Mattie Stephenson, d. 1955, dau. Wm. and Sophia 
Spriggs Stephenson; 9 c. Keith, Rex, Victor, Percy E. 

— 45 — 

Arthur Melvin Coppage of Hale, Mo. (1892- ) 

m. (1) Pearl Gladys Stephens, dau. Wm. Joseph 
and Lois A. Palmer Stephens (11 Nov. 1893- 
1950) ; (2) Lucy, dau. James Dennis in 1950. 
Arthur Maxime Coppage (18 June 1915- ) ; 
m. 24 Aug. 1952 Peggy Joyce, dau. Truman 
J. Moore of Butler and Kansas City; served 
overseas in Pacific Theatre in W.W. II, re- 
ceiving 6 bronze stars and a silver star ; num- 
erous campaign ribbons; compiled a diction- 
ary of Trobriand dialect; second President, 
Coppage Family Assn., presided at Lexing- 
ton. Without his travel and research the 
present volume would be impossible; grad- 
uate. University of Missouri. 
Christopher Moore Coppage, only child 
(1953 - ) 

Lois Dean Coppage m. Dale LOGAN of 8106 
McGee, Kansas City 

Sandra Kay Logan (1944- ) 

Mary Beth Logan (1947- ) 

David Dale Logan ( ) 

Mattie Elaine Coppage m. John W. FOSTER of 
Prairie Village, Kans. 

Garv Donald Foster (1944- ) 

Deborah Elaine Foster (1948- ) 

Donald Keith Coppage (1935 - ) in serv- 

ice in Japan, 1955. 

ELIZABETH COPPEDGE ( - 1839) m. 11 Dec. 1767 John 

Lee AVRIGHT of Prince William. 
Susan Lee Wright m. 1792 Overall WHITLEDGE of Prince 

William; descs. in Kv. 
Elizabeth Lee Wright (1767-1834) m. Hon. Thomas 
BROWNING, son Joshua and Ann Scott B. (See Raleigh 
T. Green, Culpeper and St. Mark's Parish, part two, 151). 
11 c. 
Edmund Browning (1794- ) m. Frances Eliz. 

Clark Gordon; he owned the Hotel Browning in In- 
Eliza Gordon Browning, Librarian, Indianapolis 
Public Library (1892-1917) (see Virkus, Com- 
pendium of American Genealogy, II, 134). 
Robert Lewright Browning (21 May 1803-27 Mar. 
1850), Lieut., U.S.N., drowned off Trinidad Bay in 
the Ship "Arabic" ; m. Eleanor Agnes Hanlon, dau. 
the Lord Mayor of London. 

— 46 — 

Robert Lewright Browning, Jr., Lt. USMC 
Charles Henry Browning (1846-1926) author 9 
volumes, Americans of Royal Descent; founder 
Baronial Order of Runnemede ; m. Katrina Camp- 
bell (See Frontispiece). 

Roberta Lewright Browning (1 Sept. 1891 - 
) of Ardmore, Pa. 

JOHN COPPEDGE (ca. 1746-1781), youngest son of John of 
Fauquier; m. Susannah Harrison, dau. Thomas, and moved 
to Ky., where he made a will in 1780, proved 1781 as John 
Coppage of the County of Kentucky (now Jefferson), state 
of Virginia, leaving 3 slaves (one, Jude, inherited from his 
father in Fauquier) and all his property to his wife Susanna 
and her father to be used for the support and raising "of my 
children." He and Thomas Whitledge signed the petition on 
15 May 1780 that the Co. of Ky. be made a state. That he 
had at least 2 living c. in 1780 is certain, but absence of records 
would indicate that no son of this John reached his major- 
ity. Before he left Fauquier, his elder bro. Wm. had deeded 
him land to make him and his family comfortable; on 3 Aug. 
1779 John and Wm. sold 150 acres in Fauquier, and in that 
year John must have moved to Ky. 

Excursus DAMERON: The Damerons were of Henley Hall in 
Coddenham, Beeches, and Westerfield Manor in Suffolk, Eng- 
land. Their genealogy has been written by Helen Foster Snow. 
Mungertown Road, Madison, Conn. There is difficulty in con- 
necting the Virginia Damerons in England. The family at Hen- 
ley Hall had given names George, Edmund, Thomas, John, Rich- 
ard, and William. Bartholomew died at Beeches, 1554-7; and 
the Lords of Westerfield Manor were named John, William, 
Lawrence, George, and Thomas. Because the Virginia names 
correlate most closely with the Westerfield line it is here given: 

JOHN DAMERON, Lord of Westerfield Manor, d. 1548 ; m. 
Joan, dau. Richard Mynter, d. 1563. 

JOHN DAMERON, the Younger, Gent. (bro. Lawrence 
& George) ; m. (1) Joan, dau. John Goodwin of Kes- 
grove; (2) Margaret, dau. Thomas Felton of Play- 
ford, Esq. By each he had a son: 

THOMAS DAMERON (b. 1547 and 1561), who 
must have been progenitor of 

LAWRENCE DAMERON of Guarding Point in 
Va. ; m. Dorothy. 

47 — 


Coppedges of the Deep South — Line of William of Wicomico 

WILLIAM COPPEDGE (ca. 1727-1766) of Wicomico in North- 
umberland (See Chapter Four) ; m. (1) (?Sarah Robinson?); 
(2) Rebecca Martin, the widow Basye; his will proved 1766; 
Rebeckah's proved 1768. Her will mentions son Isaac Basye, 
daus. Catherine, and Sallie Basye, and her grandson Isaac Cop- 
edge (See Otto Basye, The Basye Family for Ehzabeth Basye, 
another dau of Wm. Basye, who was Isaac Copedge's mother) . 
Jesse Copedge, whose line terminated in an infant son, Jesse 

Charles Copedge (ca. 1735 -post 1800) of Dinwiddle, Meck- 
lenburg, & N. C. 
Moses Copedge (ca. 1737 - ) possibly progenitor of 

some of the N. C. Coppages 
Sarah Copedge m. John LUNSFORD and remained in 

Betty Copedge m. James SUTTON and has descs. in North- 
CHARLES COPPEDGE (ca. 1735 -post 1800); m. Elizabeth 
Basye, dau. Wm. (son Isaac) and Rebeckah Martin Basye 
(his stepmother) ; may have m. 1761 (1) Margaret Graham; 
by 1767 Isaac C^opedge was Rebeckah's grandson. In 1770 
Charles and Elizabeth Coppedge were of Dinwiddle Co. ; they 
moved to Mecklenburg by 1777 and were there in 1790, of the 
Parish of St. James. In 1799 and 1800, about the time Eliza- 
beth died, Charles sold 260 acres to his son-in-law Samuel 
Temple and Philip Williams. On 28 Jan. 1796 Moses Luns- 
ford of Mecklenburg m. Mary Fox with Charles Coppidge as 
witness. After Elizabeth's death Charles moved to Warren 
and Anson Cos., N. C. 
Isaac Basve Coppedge (15 Apr. 1760-1846) of the Town of 

St. Taminy in 1792 
Moses Coppedge (ca. 1784- ) 

Charles Coppedge Jr. (ca. 1770 - ) ; living 1792 ; pro- 

genitor of the Ga. Coppedges 
Rodham Coppedge of Mecklenburg, 1795; presumably nam- 
ed for his kinsman Rodham Lunsford. 
Betsey Coppedge m. 1799 John MARTIN with Chas. Cop- 
pedge, Sec. 
Susanna Coppedge m. 1793 Samuel TEMPLE with Chas. 
Coppedge, Sec. 

ISAAC BASYE COPPEDGE (15 Apr. 1760-1846) m. 1794 in 
Brunswick Sarah Jackson, sister of Mark Lambert Jackson 

— 48 — 

who m. 1797 Leannah Basey Webb, rel. John Webb. Sarah's 
mother was a York and the family Hved in Brunswick. Mark 
Jackson (1742 - ) was a ''Whig and Liberty Man" cap- 

tured by Tories in District Ninety-Six, S. C. This Isaac Cop- 
pedge was the progenitor of the Haywood Co., Tenn. Cop- 
ped ges. 
Jane Rowe Coppedge (1795-1863) m. Rev. David MILLS 
John Jackson Coppedge (2 Oct. 1796-20 Aug. 1865) m. (1) 

Isabella Rhea Paxton 
Alexander Humphrey Coppedge 
Dr. Charles Carter Coppedge 
Mary Malisa Coppedge 
George Coppedge 
William Coppedge 
JANE ROWE COPPEDGE (1795-1863) m. Rev. David MILLS 
of N. C. (1791-1865). Both are buried in Bellewood Ceme- 
tery, Pine Bluff, Ark. Isaac died with them in 1846. 
Samuel Coppedge Mills (1820- ) 

Isaac Carter Mills (1822-1874), ancester of the RILEYS, 

WiUiam Alexander Mills (1822-1874) m. Victoria Jane 

John Holliday Mills (1824- ) 

Joel Benson Mills (1826- ) 

David Smith Mills (1829-1900) 
Rufus Hartwell Marrable Mills (1831- ) m. Lizzie 

Lanier; descs. named MILLS and WILSON. 
Isabella Mills (1835-1889) m. Rev. James Lawrence CUL- 
PEPPER (1820-1864); their descs. named CULPEP- 

WILLIAM ALEXANDER MILLS (8 Aug. 1822 - 28 Apr. 1874) 
of Jefferson Co., Ark.; m. Victoria Jane Griffin (1839 - 1919) ; 
1. on plantation in Jefferson Co. 

Fannie Mills m. Mr. DAVIS of Pine Bluff 

David Isaac Mills (1857-1931) m. Emily Virginia Collier 

DAVID ISAAC MILLS (29 Sept. 1857-6 July 1931) b. Jeffer- 
son Co. ; 1. Pine Bluff, Ark. ; Trustee 1st M.E. Church of Pine 
Bluff, 60 years; Past Grand High Priest, Grand Chapter, 
R.A.M. ; Grand Master Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Ark- 
ansas, 1913; Charter Member Sahara Temple, Mystic Shrine; 
Past Potentate; mourned for 60 days by all Masonic Chapters 
of Ark. m. Emily Virginia, dau. Capt. John Probert and 
Emily Va. Jordan Collier. (See Fay Hempstead, History of 

Emily Virginia Mills of Pine Bluff (1897- ) 

— 49 — 

EMILY VIRGINIA MILLS (1897- ), President Coppedge 

Family Assn., 1951; presided at Hotel Marion in Little Rock; 
attended seven Coppedge reunions; of great help in prepar- 
ing the present volume; 1. 715 W. Barraque St., Pine Bluff, 

JOHN JACKSON COPPEDGE (2 Oct. 1796-20 Aug. 1865), b. 
in Va. ; settled Haywood Co., Tenn. His old Bible gives the 
birth of Isaac Coppedge; m. (1) Isabella Rhea Paxton (9 Oct. 
1802-12 Jan. 1842) ; (2) 26 May 1842 Elizabeth Penky Alex- 
ander (1803-1844) ; (3) 1845 Mary Malisa Barnett, probably 
nee Stanley (1807- ), mother of the 2 youngest c. John 

Jackson and Alexander Humphrey settled in Dickson Co., 
Tenn. on Salmon Branch of Yellow Creek (now Houston Co.). 
Col. William Lindsey Coppedge (27 Dec. 1821 - 1864) of Up- 
shur Co., Texas; m. Mary Asenath Armstrong and d. in 
Marietta, Ga. in 1864. His descs. named COVEY, NASH, 
Sarah Alice Coppedge (24 June 1823 - 1889) m. 1939 John 

ADAMS of Ripley, Tenn. 
Thomas Carter Coppedge (10 Aug. 1824-1888) m. (1) Hen- 
rietta McCool or McCord; (2) Mrs. Alice Tranquilla Mc- 
Gee Powell; (3) Mrs. Kate Stafford; 9 c. Their descs. 
William Joseph Coppedge (1856-1942) m. Nettie Nel- 
son in 1880. 
Dr. Thomas Nelson Coppedge (1899 - ) Grad. 

U. of Tenn. ; m. Eliz. Davis 
Lt. Commdr. Thomas Nelson Coppedge, Jr. 
(1921 - ) m. Mary Lord 

James Alexander Coppedge (5 Sept. 1825 - ) m, 1864 

Martha F. McLauland. Their descs. named COPPEDGE, 
Elizabeth Jane Coppedge (2 Apr. 1827- ) m. 1843 

Robert PETTIT 
Isaac Wesley Coppedge (1828-1889) m. Sarah F. Stanley 
in 1850. Their descs. named COPPEDGE, JONES, 
William Thomas Coppedge (18 Aug. 1854-1889) of 
Danceyville; m. Ella Browne 
Dr. Everette Peter Coppedge (1884- ) of 

Cleveland, 0.; m. Eliz. Young 
Louise Y. CUNNINGHAM; Eleanor Browne 

— 50 — 

Everette P. Coppedge, Jr. (1917- ) play- 

ed football for Duke 

Everetce Peter III, Naney Burt, John 
Brower Coppedge (1950- ) 

Robert Locke Coppedge (1928- ) at Ft. 

Sill, Okla. 
James Young Coppedge (1921- ) in Navy 

in W.W. II with J. Manahan at Yorktown, 
Va. Of Boston, Mass., 1955. 
Martha Lee Coppedge (9 Feb. 1832- ) m. 1880 

Joseph B. MOORE; 5 c. 
James Rawlins Moore, County Clerk in Tenn.; m. 
1920 Hannah Neal Hunter. 
Charles Clark Coppedge (2 Feb. 1830 - ) ; m. 1852 

Mary E. Martin and had May JONES. 
Isabella Carolina Coppedge (20 Mar. 1831 - ) ; m. John 

MARTIN of Dancyville 
George Jackson Coppedge (10 Mar. 1834-1879) m. Mary 
Bishop ; their descs. named COPPEDGE. BOYD, MANN, 
Martha Rebecca Copnedge (1836- ) m. Harvey ARM- 

STRONG; 12 c. at Coffeyville, Texas. 
John Fletcher Coppedge (3 Apr. 1838 - ) ; d. young. 

Mary Ann Coppedge, only c. by (2) ; d. young 
Julian Anderson Coppedge (21 June 1851 - 1852) ; bv (3) 
Samuel Newton Coppedge (1851-1852); by (3) 


moved from Va. to Henry Co., Tenn. ca. 1930; m. Emily El- 
liott; bought land in Dickson Co. in 1823 from Charles Carter 
Coppedge and his bro. John Jackson. Alexander later moved 
to Stewart Co., Tenn., where he was for many years a school 
Jane Coppedge m. Mr. ELLIS; 3 c. 
Samantha Coppedge m. Samuel HYSMITH; 9 c. 
Dorinda Coppedge m. John BARNES of Galveston, Texas; 

2 c. 
Sally Coppedge (1830- ) 

Mary Coppedge (1832- ) ; may have d. young 

John Coppedge (1836- ); d. Civil War Prison Camp 

Chase in Ohio 
Lewis Isaac Coppedge (1838- ) m. Emma Fletcher of 

N. C. or Anna Gafford of Tenn. 

Sallie Coppedge m. Will POOLE of Centralia, 111. and 

had Ruth 
Ella Coppedge m. John SEXTON of Paducah, Ky. 

AOG 21 1357 

0146281 " ■ •''''^-'^^ '""^'^ 

Mrs. Cornelius CROCKARELL of Clarksville, Tenn. 
Lula Coppedge m. Mr. WYATT of Fla. & had Ted Wyatt 
John Coppedge m. Kate Scarborough and had Peyton of 
Par-S, Tenn., Mattie, Postmistress at Dover. Tenn., 
Mrs. Emily HOLLIDAY, and Mrs. Sam GREENHILL. 
Avis May Coppedge m. JOYNER of Granite City, 111. 
Charles Robert Coppedge (1864- June, 1952) of Adams, 
Tenn. m. Dulsina Lewis of Tenn. 
Nina Coppedge m. Robert Aaron GRIFFEY 
Iris Griffey m. POWERS of Chicago 
Ray Allen Griffey of Chicago 
Jack Griffey of Rt. 1, Adams, Tenn. ; Treasurer 
1952 and Vice-Pres. 1953 of Coppedge Fam- 
ily Assn. A frequent attender at reunions. 
James William Griffey of Adams, Tenn. 
Charles Glenn Griffey of Chicago. 
Wilbur Coppedge (1889 - ) of Rockford, 111. & 

Hastings, Neb. 

Kenneth W. Coppedge (1940- ) 

C. James Coppedge (1943- ) 

George Coppedge of Guthrie. Kv. ; has 9 c. includ- 
ing Jeannette m. Fred GREGORY. 
Charles Coppedge, killed by train at St. Louis. 
Louisa Jane Coppedge m. HIGGS 
Alexander Coppedge m. Fredonia (Ellis?) and moved to 

Dallas, Texas. 
Peneva Coppedge (1844- ) called "Penny"; unm. 

Charles Stocker Coppedge (1856- ) of Dover, Tenn.; 

m. Fannie King of Clarksv'lle 
Ruby Coppedge m. John WILLIAMS 
Douglas Coppedge (29 Mar. 1882-1955) of Hopkins- 
ville, Ky.; m. Rose Thomason; lived Alberta, Canada; 
had Elizabeth, Ruth, Margaret, and Frances m. AN- 
DERSON and had Carol and James Richard Ander- 
son (1944- ) 
Grace (Toppedge m. FERRIS; in South America in 1948 
Erie Coppedge (1885- ) Principal School at Big 
Rock, Tenn. for 25 years ; m. Eunice Tippett ; as young 
man carried mail at Indian Mound, Stewart Co., Tenn. 
Erie Jr., Rebecah of Danville, Va., and Dora Cop- 
Charles Harold Coppedge of Louisiana; father of 
Charles and Harold Jr. 
Cynthia Ann Coppedge m. GLASGOW 
Elizabeth Coppedge m. Mr. MCILHANEY or MCHANEY, a 
Northern soldier 

— 52 — 

Fredonia Copped je m. Mr. CARNE 
Ella Coppedge 
DR. CHARLES CARTER COPPEDGE ( - 1828/9), bought 

land in Dickson Co., Tenn. in 1819 along with his bro. John 
Jackson; in 1823 he sold the land to his bro. Alexander H. 
and moved back to Montgcmery Co., N. C, settling in Bun- 
combe with his wife, Annie Kendall, whose mother was a 
Sims in Va. ; he died in Wadesboro and his widow went to 
Mississippi in the 1830's or 1840's. 
Samantha Ann Coppedge m. Joseph MARLOWE, son of Jo- 
seph (b. Budapest), a drummer boy against Napoleon es- 
caped from capture. 

Charles Coppedge Marlowe (1849-1925) of Terry, 

Miss. ' m Miss Jones 
Sally T. Marlowe (5 Mar. 1852-25 Dec. 1952) m. 

Joseph Blanchard m. Harriet Rabb, dau. Jas. War- 
ren and Cirvillah McD. Rabb 
Lillian Marlowe Blanchard (1903- ) m. 

Horace Y. Kitchell, Greenwood, Miss. 

Lillian Blanchard Kitchell m. Lieut. W. J. 
Sally Marlowe McGee 
Alice Marlowe (1871 - ) m. Frank ROBINSON of 

Texas & Jackson, Miss. 
Jane Coppedge m. Rev. John HINES, Methodist minister of 
Gloster, Miss. 
Mollie Hines m. Mr. REED of Conway, Ark. 

Thomas H. Reed of Centreville, Miss. ; aged 73 in 
Dr. J. H. Hines (1841-1894) m. Amanda Lavina Toler 
(1842-1916); 7 c. 
Annabel Hines m. A. J. MONAGIN of Uvalde, Tex.; 
8 s. 1 d. 
Gwendolyn Monagin m. Col. J. A. BARCLAY of 
Pentagon Bldg. 
John A. Barclay, Jr., aged 19 in 1955 
Douglas Barclay, aged 16 in 1955 
Sarah Coppedge m. Mr. DONELSON of Yazoo Co., Miss. & 
had gddau. Mrs. FRAZIER. 

MOSES COPPEDGE (ca. 1784- ), presumably ancestor of 

the N. C. Coppedges ; m. Lydia Boggan, dau. Capt. Paddy Bog- 

gan of the Revoln. ; her bro.-in-law was Col. Thos. Wade, for 

whom Wadesboro was named. 

Patrick James Coppedge (1820-1901) m. 1849 Jane Wilk- 

ins Doak of Greensboro. Their descs, were named 

— 53 — 

HAYES. Pat and Jane had 5 c. 
Elizabeth Doak Coppedge m. Rev. James W. KILGO; 
6 c. 
Emma Coppedge Kilgo m. Rev. Walter B. WEST 
John H. Coppedge (1930 -post 18S4) farmer in Anson Co., 
1850 ; 1st Lieut., Co. E, 43rd N. C. Inf., CSA ; living Liles- 
ville in 1884. 
Dr. Charles Coppedge of Bixby, Okla. 
William Jordon Coppedge of Anson Co. 
William Edgar Coppedge 

Bonnie C. Coppedge of Long Beach, Calif. 
Beatrice Coppedge m. B. S. HAYES 
Charles Edward Coppedge of 2426 Poplar, Kansas 
City, Mo. 
Virginia Coppedge, studied Univ. of Kans. 
Chas. Coppedge of Kansas City 

CHARLES COPPEDGE, JR. (ca. 1770 - ) b. in Va. ; mov- 

ed to N. C. ; d. Wiikes Co., Ga. From him Coppedges, Bushes, 
Sappingtons, Blanchards, Smileys, Elounts in Ga. and Cal. 

William N. Coppedge (ca. 1815 - ) m. Amelia McDow- 

ell; b. N. C. in 1812; 10 c. 
George J. Coppedge of Hahira, Ga. m. Mary 

Richard Ashely Coppedge (1885- ) of Hahi- 

ra; m. Jessie Mae Wright 

Briggs Lawson CoDpaTe of Napanock, N. Y. 
Marv Frances Copwedge m. WESTBROOK and had Kit- 
tie Westbrook MOYE of Atlanta 
Thomas Coppedge (ca. 1817- ), some say b. in Va. in 

1815; lived Spalding Co., Ga.; m. Adeline Josephine 
Johnson (1821- ) 

Charles Samuel Coppedge, Sergt., Co. I, 5th Ga. Re- 
serves, CSA; paroled Greensboro. 
Zachary Taylor Coppedge (1849 - 1921) of Pike Co., Ga.; 
m. Dora Virginia Wood; of Co. I, 5th Ga. Reserves; 
enlisted from Macon and paroled 1 May 1865 from 

Roy Flemister Coppedge (20 July 1888 - ) Pres. 
McCrory Stores, Inc.; m. 19 Oct. 1911 Norma 
Jones; lives 1 Fifth Ave., N. Y. City. 
Louise Coppedge m. Bernarde Edward AN- 
Roy Flemister Coppedge, Jr. 
John Beauchamp Coppedge ( ), manu- 

— 54 — 

facturer Scphie May Candy Corp., Irvington, N. 
J, & Atlanta, Ga. ; m. Sophie iviay Lambdin of N. 
John Beauchamp Coppedge, Jr. m. 25 Sept. 11)37 
Barbara Wye Smith, d".u. W. Everett Smith 
of East Orange, N. J. 2 c. 
Anne Wallace Coppedge m. 26 Sept. 1937 Ju- 
lian Shakespeare CARil, member Sons of 
Cincinnati and grad. V.M.I. Her father's 
help financially r.nd othci-wise have made this 
volume possible. 3 c. 
Theodore Coppedge of N. J. and a half bro. Clarence. 
John William Coppedge (some say John Henry) of 
Spalding Co., m. Nancy Harwell 
Earl Lee Coppedge of Jacksonvilh 
George Thomas Coppedge of Spalding Co., m. Alie 
Emory Herschel Copped c of Knoxville, Tenn 
(1902 - 54) ; owner of Park Hotel, White City 
Courts and Chattanooga Hotel; m. (1) Vera 
Godwin. A Director of Coppedge Family 
Emory H. Coppedge, Jr. (1 Dec. 1920- ) 
of 1713 White Ave, Knoxville. 
V/illiam Thomas Coppedge (1858 - ) b, William- 

son, Ga.; m. Julia Finney 
Lloyd Beeks Coppadge of 1918 N. Ridgeway, Chi- 
cago 47, 111. Director of Coppedge Family Assn. 
James Franklin Coppedge (1863 - ) b. near Grif- 

fin. Ga.: went to Texas as a young timberman; re- 
tired about 19ol. 
Jimmie Ruth Coppedge of Box 265, Woodville, 
RODHAM COPPEDGE of Mecklenburg Co., Va., 1795; presum- 
ably named for his great-great uncle Rodham Lunsford of 
Lancaster; this name Rodham which crops out among the 
Kentucky Coppages, traces to the Roddams of Roddam Tower 
in England about whom many interesting legends cluster (See 
Appendix VIII). The author visited Maj. Peter Roddam Hol- 
derness-Roddam of Roddam Hall in England in 1953 and did 
research on the Roddams. 

SUSANNA COPPEDGE m. 1793 Samuel TEMPLE in Mecklen- 
burg Co., Va. 
Wyatt Temple, 1st cousin of Jane Rowe Coppedge Mills 
Nancy Amanda Temple m. (1) Dr. James M. SHARP; 

— 55 — 

(2) James Bailey MOORE. They lived in Little 
Rock and David I. Mils stayed with them while at- 
tending St. John's Masonic College. 5 c. 

Margaret Sharp m. Judge F. T. VAUGHAN 

bue Moore m. Mr. THOMPSON, son of Nancy Bryan 

Nona Thompson m. Dr. J. N. MCCOLLUM of 

Conway, Arkansas in 1949. Memory of the 

Temple-Copped Te-Mills relationship preserved 

in this branch of the family proved to be the 

final link needed to establish Isaac's place as 

son of Charles Coppedge of Mecklenburg. 

Probably there were two William Coppedges, one son of Moses 

(ca. 1737 - ) and the other son of Charles (ca. 1735 - 

post 1800) who each established large families in the South. 

WILLIAM COPPEDGE I (probably son of Moses) (1760-70 -ca. 
1835) of Franklin Co., N. C. Asred 60-70 in 1830 census of 
Franklin with 1 s. 1 d. ; dead by 1840. 
William D. Coppedje (1805-1887) m. Henrietta (1812- 
), a farmer at Cedar Rock, in 1884. He d. 9 Feb. 
1887 & Henrietta J. d. 17 June 1889. They had Oliver, 
1835; Lucy, 1837; Caliph, 1838; Sarah, 1842; William, 
1847 (killed Civil War?); and James, 1849. 
Henrietta Elizabeth Coppedge (1802- ) m. James 

Sherrod THOMAS; 9 c. 

JESSE COPPEDGE, SR. (1770-80 -post 1840) lived in Frank- 
lin Co. with wife his age and 2 sons in 1830; in 1840 a 90 
year old female lived with them. There is some evidence he 
was b. 1767. 

Sally and Martha, one the mother of Benjamin, b. 1849. 
Richard Coppedge (ca. 1805 -post 1830) of Franklin Co. 
m. Polly (1803- ) 

Henrv (d. Civil War); Demanda, 1838; Joseph, 1840. 
Jesse Jr. (ca. 1805 -post 1860) of Franklin & Nash; m. 
Frances Bowden of Springhope, 1860. 
Benjamin Coppedge of Nash m. Amelia Mears of Wil- 
son; d. 17 Dec. 1890. 
William Francis Coppedge of Nash, reared in Hali- 
fax; m. Betty Brown 

Edwin Farmer Coppedge of Halifax m. Mary 
Alice Bellamy, dau. Arthur 
Katherine Eliz. Coppage (6 Apr. 1924- 
) ; grad. Radford (College in Va. ; 
m. 1947 Vivian Archer Parks, Jr. of Hal- 
ifax, N. C. 
Julian B. ; Raymond F. of Asheville; Wm. F. of 

— 56 — 

Phila.; Lt. Chas H. of Cherry Point; Elizabeth 
m. P. C. CRAWLEY of Littleton; Annie L. m. 

Charles; Jim m. Edna Smith of Norfolk, Va. ; John; 
Lonnie; Bennie ; Pearl, & Alice Coppedge. 
Jordan Coppedge (1838- ) of Nash m. Henrietta 

May of Franklin, d. 1882. Members of Peach 

Tree Baptist Church. 
Edwin Wilson Coppedge, Route 3, Box 222, Rocky 
Mt., N. C. 
Thomas Coppedge m. Julia Braswell of Franklin Co. 
Green Berry Coppedge (1 Nov. 1863- ) m. 

Mary Jane Wiggins 
Thomas Dallas Ccppedge of Winston-Salem 
Hiram J. Coppedge (1836- ) Soldier, CSA; of Wil- 

lardstown, Nash Co., 1860; m. Lucy 
Thomas, 1858; Wm. 1861; Jackson, 1864; and 
Aminiah Coppedge, 1854. 
Sallie Coppedge (1837-1864-70) 
Green Coppedge of CSA in Arkansas, 1862. 
Mary Coppedge (1844- ) 

George W. Coppedge, CSA 
Milly Coppedge (1837- ) 

Catherine Coppedge (1839 -post 1870) 
LiTcy Coppedge (1839- ) 

Mourning Coppedge (1852 - ) 

WILLIAM COPPEDGE II (probably son of Charles) (1780- 

) b. in Va. ; m. (1) ; (2) Rebecca, who died 

after a painful illness, 1807 in Sumterville, S. C. leaving fa- 
ther, mother, husband, and 10 months old baby to mourn her. 
Oliver II. Coppedge (ca. 1800 -ante 1850), probably son by 

J. G. Coppedge (1832- ) b. in Tenn. m. Martha; 

about 5 c. 
W. Oliver Coppedge (1858-1900) m. Emma Eliz. 
Watson, dau. Elkanah 

Shelby W. m. Ann Driscoll and had Lt. John 

Oliver, grad. USNA, Annapolis. 
Oliver Watson Coppedge (1895- ) m. 

Margaret Pride; of Blytheville, Ark. 

Oliver W. Jr., Earl Pride, Carol Irene, and 
Alice Mararo Coppedge. 
Jasper Coppedge (thought by author to be son of Oli- 
ver) m. Sara Anderson, dau. Abram of Anderson Co., 
S. C. Jasper was b. 1845 and lived Pike Co., Ga. 
George Coppedge of Americus, Ga. m. Mattie Stan- 

— 57 — 

fill of Thomasville, dau. Jehu 
Abram Taylor Coppedge (28 Aug. 1889 - ) 

Orvin Reese Coppedge of Columbus, Ga. 
Ivey Coppage (1894- ) of Hahira, Ga. 

William Coppedge, born Jan. 1807 at Sumterville ; went to 
Note: Some of the above may havj to be rev'sed if the f .ibwin:? 
pedigree, submitted after the tirsc edition went to press, is cor- 

JAMES COPPEDGE, received a grant of land when North 
Carolina was a colony; m. Martha Hilliard. 
WILLIAM COPPEDGE m. Henrietta Drake, related to 
Sir Francis. 
OLIVER COPPEDGE m. Mary Stevens; 4 c, 26 
descs. Bro. Wm. had Dr. Oliver; John had Ben. 
WELL; 8 c, 19 descs. 
ER; 4 c. 
Cuero Texas 1952 
Excursus, VESEY AND VERE: Colonel William Fall's w'f? 
was Hannah Atherold, daughter of Thomas Atherold (d. 19 June 
1616) of Burgh in Suffolk by Mary Vesey, daughter of Thomas 
Vesey of Aldham, Gent. (m. Elizabeth Church of Maldon, Es- 
sex) son of Thomas Vesey of Aldham, Gent, who married Eliz- 
abeth Gardner. George Vezey, a cousin of Mrs. Ball, settled on 
Morattico Creek and patented land there with Nathaniel Browne. 
His ancestry runs: 

HENRY VEER of Blakenham, Suffolk, who bore arms 
Quarterly or and gules four mullets within a bordure, all 
counterchanged, which clearly indicated descent from the 
Earls of Oxford: m. Margaret, dau. John Gouse. 
JOHN VERE of Henley, Suffolk, Gent., d. 1611; m. 
Jane, dau. and heiress of Thomas Huntingfield of Strad- 
broke, Suffolk, d. 1556; she bore arms Quarterly or 
and gules a bordure sable. 
ANN VERE, sister of Richard Vere, who was 
branded on the face "F.A." for false accuser, he 
having written a treasonable letter and forged his 
uncle's name thereto, by reason of which Andrew 
Rivett was held 2 years in the Tower; m. Thomas 
Vesey of Aldham. Elmsett, & Hintlesham. 

GEORGE VEZEY of Va. m. Joan; had Ann & 
Mary m. TAYLORS. (See page 106). 

— 58 — 


Western Descendants of Charles Coppedge, Jr. of Wicomico 

CHARLES COPPEDGE, JR. (ca. 1733-1786) of Wicomico; Ves- 
tryman of Wicomico Parish 1760-79 and His Majesty's Tobac- 
co Inspector for Northumberland; m. probably Judith Dame- 
ron or Taylor, widow of his cousin John Coppedge (d. 1746). 

Judith Coppedge m. William PARROTT of Orange and Al- 

John Coppedge, Revolutionary Soldier of Fauquier ; m. Mary 

Capt. Augustine Coppedge of Northumberland, Princess 
Anne, & N. C. 

Thomas Coppedge, Revolutionary Soldier of Northumber- 
land; Quaker of Amherst. 

Peggy Coppedge m. Joseph TAYLOR of Fauquier 

Molly Coppedge (ca. 1759 - ) ; Nancy (ca. 1761 - ) ; 

Lucy (ca. 1762- ) 

Mary Ann Coppedge (ca. 1764 - ) m. Stephen HAYNIE 

(See Chapter Four) 

Cyrus Coppedge (ca.' 1773-1850) (See Chapter Four). 
JOHN COPPEDGE or COPPAGE (1748/54-1834) ; Revolution- 
ary Soldier from Fauquier who enlisted in 1777 aged 29 un- 
der Capt. Ashby and Col. Weedon for 2 years; in 1779 he en- 
listed again under Capt. Valentine Peyton for 18 months; he 
marched to Williamsburg in the 3rd Va. Regt., served at New 
York Lsland, Alexandria, New York, Fort Washington, and 
with Wolford's Brigade at King's Bridge; on 17 Aug. 1818 he 
was living in Pendleton Co., Ky., aged 67; on 27 July 1824 he 
testified that he saw Major Leech wounded at York Island ; 
he was aged about 68 in 1824 and about 69 in 1825, in Lee 
Co., Va., with no family living with him ; on 1 March 1826 he 
lost his certificate of Revolutionary service in Walling's Creek ; 
on 7 Feb. 1834 he d. in Pendleton Co., Ky. ; he m. Mary Down- 
man, b. 1752, dau. Travers Downman, Vestryman of Wicom- 
ico who d. in Prince Wm. in 1773, by his wife Grace Ball, dau. 
Capt. Geo. Ball of Bay View, 1st cousin of Mary Ball Wash- 
ington; Travers Downman's mother was Anne Ball, dau. Maj. 
James Ball (1678-1754) of Bewdley, related in the same de- 
gree to George Washington; Anne was a great gddau. of Col. 
Richard Lee, Secy, of Va. Mary Downman's two sisters were 
Ann Conway and Gracey Ball Tebbs. 

Travers Coppage (1777- ) 

William Coppage (11 Sept. 1779-1833) 

Charles Dorsey Coppage (9 Feb. 1785- ) 

— 59 — 

Grace Ball Coppage (1769-1880) m. Capt. Henry GRIFFIN 

of the Revoln. 
Clarissa Coppage m. Ephraim CORBIN 
Narcissus Coppage m. Jeremiah DARNALL 
Judith Coppage m. John DARNALL 
John Coppage, Soldier of 1812. 
TRAVERS COPPAGE (1777- ), eldest son; 1. & d. in Cul- 

peper Co. m. his cousin Frances Coppedge in 1795, dau. Wm. 

and Mary Whitledge Coppedge of Fauquier (See Chapter 

Five) . 
William Coppage (1805- ) m. Edith Hawkins 

Augustine Coppage (1807- ) m. Martha Vaughan 

Some say a dau. Polly Coppage m. BIGGS; very doubtful. 

WILLIAM COPPAGE (1805 -ca. 1900) of the Goat Neck of Cul- 
peper; m. Edith, dau. of Montague Hawkins, Sr., known as 
"Kew" Hawkins ; according to Cora Coppage Yowell, this Wil- 
liam lived to be almost 100 years old. She remembered great 
uncle Austin Coppage of Flint Hill in Rappahannock, as did 
Mrs. Ora May Coppage Reager of Huntly. 
Robert Joseph Coppage (1842- ) m. Lucy Ellen Weekly 

William Coppage (1844- ) m. Mary Lou Murray 

Archibald (Coppage (1846- ) had Haywood whose only 

son Archibald had 5 c. 
Elizabeth Coppage (1848 - ) m. Wm. BERRY & moved 

to Missouri. 
Benjamin F. Coppage (1853 - ) m. Carrie Smith 

Edward M. Coppage (1855- ) m. Virginia Racer and 

had Geo., Ernest, Haywood, Luther, and Hassie. 
Evelina Coppage (1852- ) 

James W. Coppage (1844- ) 

John W. Coppage ( ) 

Mary S. Coppage (1851- ) 

ROBERT JOSEPH COPPAGE (1842- ) m. Lucy Ellen 

Cora Coppage (1866- ) m. (1) THORNHILL; 

(2) YOWELL of Peola Mills. There were 4 Thorn- 

hill c. and 1 Yowell. 
William Wesley Coppage (1873- ), b. 26 Sept. 1873; 

orchardist of Etlan, Va. ; m. Effie Leathers, dau. Ephraim 
& Adeline Shotwell Leathers. 
Cecil Robert Coppedge (27 July 1899- ) orchard- 

ist of Etlan; President Coppedge Family Assn., 1954; 
elected at Nashville, Tenn., presided at Hotel Jeffer- 
son, Richmond, Va. 
Clarence Ephraim Coppedge m. Bethene; had a dau. 

— fiO — 

Judith Coppedge. 

Lillian Virginia Coppedge m. Thurman MITCHELL of 
Haywood, Va. 

Fred Lee Coppedge of Etlan m. Lucy Yowell, dau. Gil- 

Wesley William Coppedge, Jr. of Etlan m. Thelma Yo- 
well, dau. Button E., Cora's stepson 

Douglas Marvin Coppedge (2 Aug. 1900- ) 

Gerlene Bradon Coppedge m. Scott HENSHAW and had 
Randolph Scott and Robt. Henshaw 
Joseph Herbert Coppage (17 Nov. 1875-1955) m. Lela 
Brown, dau. Burleigh ; d. 22 June 1955 aged 80. 

Jesse, Robbie, Grace, and Hazel Coppage 

WILLIAM COPPAGE (1844- ) m. Mary Lou Murray 

J. W. Coppage of Brightwood; m. Alma Hitt Thornhill, 
step-dau. of Cora Yowell 
Osie Coppage m. Lou Berry 
Iva Coppage m. TANNER & has Cpl. Shirley A. 

Reva Coppage of Culpeper 
John Coppage of Culpeper 

Sarah Ruth Coppage m. Luther UTZ of Culpeper 
Mary Coppage m. Henry WEAVER and has Charlotte 

Everett Coppage of Madison 
Earl Coppage and Elsie Coppage 
Josie Coppage m. Buck CARPENTER 

Thomas Lester Coppage m. Eva, dau. Casablanca Lohr of 
Madison ; (6 June 1884 - ) 

Edwin Coppage and Roger Coppage 

Harvey Lohr Coppage, grad. VPI; m. Peggy Blanken- 

baker of Culpeper, graduate of Radford College. 
Charles Coppage of VPI, 1951 

Floyd; Philip; Vivian Coppage UTZ; Florence Coppage 
MCLEAN; and Doris Coppage 

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN COPPAGE (1853-1913) m. 1878 Car- 
rie E. Smith, dau. Henry J. and Olivia J. Willis Smith. 

Osie Vernon Coppage (Olivia) m. PILCHER of 

Washington, D. C. 
Onan Seymour Coppage (1883-1928) m. Maggie Ethel By- 
Cecil Gifford Coppage (1909- ) m. Christine Mor- 

ris; has Cecil Jr. & Onan John 
Hazel Kathleen Coppage (1915- ) m. James Vin- 

cent O'BRIEN of Anchorage, Alaska. 

— 61 — 

Kathleen Margaret O'Brien (1945- ) 

Harold Ellsworth Coppage (1915- ) m. 20 May 

1939 Ruth Field, dau. Leroy Philip and Ruth Furtney 
Field; third President Coppedge Family Assn., 1950; 
elected at Lexington, Ky. and presided at Washing- 
ton, D. C. 
Susan Estelle Coppage (2 Nov. 1945- ) 

AUGUSTINE COPPAGE (1807-1884) (11 Jan. 1807-4 Jan. 
1884) m. Martha M. Vaughan (1 June 1812-18 July 1887); 
buried at Flint Hill, Rappahannock Co., Va. 

Sarah Frances Coppage (1838- ) m. Van Buren DAR- 

RAGH; 17 descs. named DARRAGH, HULL, & HINTON, 
around Lewis Co., Ky. 
Georgiana Coppage (1841 - ) m. T. J. DODD, son Wm. 

& Martha Dodd 
Georgia Dodd m. W. E. ANDERSON of Washington, D. 
C, son of Eugenia Griffin, dau. Edward Griffin (m. 
Delia Cropp) son Grace Ball Coppage (m. Capt. Hen- 
ry Griffin). 
John Edward Coppage, one of Mosby's Men ; d. Warrenton 

in Civil War. 
Elvira Coppage of Flint Hill, (26 May 1844 - 16 Nov. 1933) ; 

Margaret Coppage of Flint Hill (27 Nov. 1846-9 Aug. 

1919) ; unm. 
Mary M. Coppage (16 Nov. 1834-17 Feb. 1908) ; unm. 
James F. Coppage (1850- ) moved to Cincinnati; m. 

Julia Darragh & had Cora of Chicago. 
Almond Travis Coppage (1854-2 Julv 1940) m. Lula East- 
ham (1855-1896) 
Lula Edna Coppage m. Wiley C. GENTRY of Flint Hill 
William Almond Gentry m. Barbara Strong 

Wiley Allen Gentry (31 Jan. 1934- ) m. 

Mary F. Dodson; has Wm. Allen 
Bonnie Ruth Gentry (6 Dec. 1935- ) m. 

Adren C. DODSON 
Lelia Taylor Gentry (6 Feb. 1937- ) 

Evervn Alvin Gentrv, Atty. of Warm Springs; m. Es- 
telle Eddy 
Alvin Thomas Coppage (1881 - 1937) m. Emma Eastham & 

had Wm., Braxton, & Gene. 
Edward Coppage m. Rose Horning & had Edward, Lula, 

Belle, George, and Alvin 
William Robert Coppage m. Nan Inscoe 

Virginia Coppage m. Clarence KELLER 

Catherine Ann, Eric John, and William Keller 

— 62 — 


WILLIAM COPPAGE (11 Sept. 1779-1833) of Culpeper; m. 
1801 Judith Scott, dau. Winifred Basye (widow of Cornelius 
Scott), dau. Edmond Basye, Soldier in French & Indian War, 
and Winifred Taylor, dau. Benj. Taylor and Eliz Waters, dau. 
John Waters and Katherine Young, dau. Wm. Young of Es- 
sex, son of Robert and Ann Young. Benj, Taylor was son 
John Taylor, Jr. (m. Ann, dau. Geo. Vezey) son of John Tay- 
lor and Alice Gaskins, dau. Thomas Gaskins & Elizabeth 
Gamelyn. Cornelius Scott was son of Samuel Scott (m. Chris- 
tian) son of Anthony (m. Jane) Scott of K. & Q., Essex, 
Orange, & Culpeper. Their descendants were named COP- 
Nancy Coppage (2 Feb. 1803 - ) m. Wm. EMBREY of 

Rappahannock; descs. 
Richard Coppage (2 Feb. 1803- ) m. Martha; had 

Spencer, Wm., and Bob 
Harriet Basye Coppage (1807 -post 1880) m. Fielding As- 
bury KINES 
Jack Kines (1837- ) killed in Civil War at War- 

renton; of Little Fork Rangers, Co. D., 4th Va. Cav., 
CSA, Stuart's Brigade, Fitz Lee's Divn. from Cul- 
Thomas Griffin Kines m. Emma Wood; 7 c. 

Ora May Kines m. Charles Clement REAGER of 

Huntly, Va. ; descs. 
Taylor Scott Kines m. Maggie Baker 

Carlton & Cyril Kines, both had children. 
Jedidah Coppage Hines m. Beauregard WOOSTER; 
descs. in Fairfax. 
William Coppage (1809 - 1878) moved from Culpeper to 
Leeton, Mo. ; m. Nancy Jennings ; the old Coppage Bible 
burned in his fire in 1876; he bought his land in Henry 
Co, at 15c an acre. 2 s 4 d. 
Theresa Jane Coppage (1839 - ) 1st white child 

born in Clinton, Mo. 
John W, Coppage (1844-1930) m, Lenora Avery; lived 
Leeton, Mo. ; 10 c. 
Rev. John Oscar Coppage (1874- ) Valedic- 

torian at Shawnee Mound; minister in Shasta, 
Cal. Best all-round athlete at Central College, 
Fayette, Mo. ; m. 1901 Lucy Glovenia Saunders. 
Built 9 houses of his own and held $11,000 of 
RR. bonds bought under par, giving all his life 

— 63 — 

1/10 to charity and maintaining 2 cars, a Nash 
& Packard. In 1903 he and his bro. Rev. Owen 
C. Coppage climbed above the snow line of Mt. 
Shasta, 13,000 ft. ; 1. San Antonio, Texas. 
John Leo Coppage, Supt. of Schools in Texas. 
John Scott Coppage (22 Feb. 1811-11 May 1890), author 
of an interesting religious poem dated Culpeper C.H., 
1832; m. 8 May 1838 Margaret McKeen Death, niece of 
Joseph McKeen, D.D., 1st Pres. of Bowdoin College in 
Maine, dau. of Geo. Death and Eliz. Porter, dau. Robt. & 
Thalia Porter of Warren Co., Ohio. John S. & Margaret 
(17 Dec. 1819-28 Sept. 1883) are both buried at Green- 
wood Cem., Hamilton, 0. 
William Richard Coppage (7 Dec. 1842-1929) pioneer 
settler of Mattoon, 111. ; Divn. Postmaster, Co. B., 35th 
Ohio Vols., U.S.A. at Chickamauga ; member G.A.R. ; 
life trustee & treas. Presbyterian Church; m. 1867 
Kate A. Eacott (1843-1913) dau. Thomas & Han- 
nah Folk Eacott of Hamilton, 0. Kate was sister of 
Wm. Henry Eacott, 1st Lieut. 35th Ohio Vols. & her 
bro.-in-law was Capt. Thos. Stone. 

Irma Eacott Coppage (13 June 1873- ) m. 

Wm. Tobey MILLER, President Black Prairie 
Land Corpn. of La., gdson Mayor M. T. Tobey. 
Myrtle Margaret Coppage (24 Nov. 1870 - 1913) m. 
Fredk. Wm. BECKER, City Clerk of Mattoon. 
Lucile Becker (24 Oct. 1894- ) m. John 

L. MANAHAN, Dean for 29 years at Univer- 
sity of Va. ; of Fairview Farms, Scottsville, 
Va.; desc. of Col. Wm. Claiborne of Va. 
John Eacott Manahan (11 Dec. 1919 - ) 
Ph.D. in History; member Americans of 
Royal Descent, Huguenot Society, and 
Militarv Order of Loval Legion; also 
IPSA, APSA, and AHA; Va. Hist. Soc. 
and Assn. for Preservn. Va. Antiquities. 
James McKeen Coppage (3 Mar. 1845-14 Apr. 1863) 

of Co. B., 35th Ohio Vols. 
Mary Judith Coppage (29 Nov. 1847 - ) m. 1867 

Robt. H. HANNAFORD, prisoner of Confederates at 

Clifford S. Hannaford m. (1) Jennie Hill; (2) Jose- 
phine; 1. Cincinnati; one of his uncles was post- 
master and another architect of City Hall, Cin- 
Florence Hannaford m. Earl LEASE of Madi- 

— 64 — 

sonville and Madeira, 0. 2 c, 5 descs. 
Robert Lease and Earl Lease, Jr. 
Clifford F. Hannaford, of Procter & Gamble, 
Cincinnati, 0. m. Estelle and had Marian 
McKAY and Jane PATTEN, has Jeffrey. 

CHARLES DORSEY COPPAGE (1785-1881) moved to Pendle- 
ton Co., Ky. and died in Westerville, Ohio. m. (1) Sarah (Sal- 
ly) Anderson, dau. James; (2) Rebecca Mason, by whom no 
c. Their descs. are named COPPAGE, TAYLOR, BRYANT, 
Charles William Coppage (24 Mar. 1835 - 22 Jan. 1922) m. 
(1) Martha 
Carl Frederick Coppage of the Philippines and "Dun- 
roamin," Louisa (!!o., Va. m. Frances 
William Lloyd Coppage of Omaha, Neb. ; source of 
much information on this branch; m. Wilma De 
W. Lloyd Coppage II of Louisa, Virginia. 

GRACE BALL COPPAGE (1769-1880) buried at Amissville; 
her tombstone reads she died 17 Jan. 1878 ; tradition says she 
was 114 and blind the last 20 years; m. Capt. Henry GRIFFIN 
of the Revolution (d. 1818) and she was his widow for over 
60 years. In 1879 she held her youngest Luttrell grandchild 
in her arms, John A. A. Luttrell of the Pulaski Club at Wil- 
liamsburg, Va. 4 c. 
Edward Griffin (1809-1897) m. (1) Mary Jett; (2) Delia 
Cropp; his bro. was Thomas Griffin 
Eugenia Griffin (dau. by 2) m. ANDERSON 

W. E. Anderson m. Georgie Dodd (See above) 
Elizabeth Griffin m. John Strother WHITESCARVER; 
their descs. named WHITESCARVER, CREEL, ROLLER, 
John Thadeus Whitescarver (1833-1921) 1st Supt. W. 
Va. Industrial School; m. Sarah Sinclair; his bro. 
founded Pickens, W. Va. — Geo. Macutia Whitescar- 
Frederick Earl Whitescarver (1883 - ) young- 

est of 11 c. 
Oscar Slane Whitescarver of High Point, N. C. 
(1926- ), author of "The Whitescarver 

Mary Conway Griffin (1816-1861) m. James Richard NEL- 

65 — 

SON of Amissville. Numerous letters were addressed to 
him by Coppage relatives in the West seeking to sell their 
Va. land. Their descs. are named NELSON, BAKER, 
Mary Ritchie Nelson (1840-1909) m. 1859 Burrell Ed- 
mund LUTTRELL (1838 - 1915) ; 9 c. 
Capitola Lutheria Luttrell (1860-1945) m. John 
Spindle HUGHES of Laurel Hill, Rappahannock 
Co., Va, 
Dr. John Mortimer Hughes of Richmond, Va. ; 
m. (1) Edith Chandler; (2) Alice Cole; (3) 
Helen Jones. 
Dr. Thomas Edmund Hughes, owner of Laurel 
Hill; m. Mary Warren of Fauquier 
Richard Edmund Luttrell (1866- ) m. Ada 


Dr. Homer Browning Luttrell of Pulaski, Va. 
m. Va. Painter 
Richard Wainwright Luttrell, graduate of 

Warren Browning Luttrell 
John Augustine Adams Luttrell (1878- ) m. 

Va. Quarrier Snodgrass, dau. Judge Kinnaird 
Snodgrass and gddau. Hon. John Fryatt Snod- 
grass, Congressman from W. Va. ; they lived at 
Williamsburg, Bowling Green, Richmond, and 
Parkersburg, W. Va. 
John A. A. Luttrell, Jr. (12 Feb. 1913- ) 

m. 1937 Elinor Cooper 
Judith Anne Luttrell (1 Jan. 1945- ) 

CLARISSA COPPAGE (ca. 1789- ) m. Ephraim CORBIN; 

descs. not traced. 

NARCISSUS COPPAGE (1784 -post 1872) m. Feb. 1807 Jere- 
miah DARNALL, by Rolaby Shaw at John Coppage's in Cul- 
peper; they moved to Penn. Tp., Morgan Co., Ohio on bounty 
land for his service with Capt. Laws in the War of 1812, She 
later lived in 1872 at Hanover, Licking Co. Many descs. of 
their children Morgan, Jerry, Stephine, Eliza, and Ann. 

JUDITH COPPAGE (ca. 1790- ) m. John DARNALL, 

bro. of Jeremiah. In 1829 Jerry and Narcissa, Judith and 
John all moved to Ohio from the old Coppage place in Cul- 
peper by the Rappahannock River within 3 miles of Amiss- 
ville. John died at Whitfield, Allen Co., Indiana and they had 

— 66 — 

2 daus. in Indiana, one in Cincinnati, one in Licking Co., and 
a son William in Ohio. 

Mary Darnall, eldest dau., living 7 March 1846 ; m. James 

FLOWERS; 12 c. 
Amelia Darnall, called "Millie"; m. Thompson FOUNTAIN 
(1814 - 1894) ; m. at Zanesville, 1832 
George Fountain (1845-1930), one of 11 c, m. Mary- 
Christina Peters; their descs. are named RUSSELL, 
Carrie Elizabeth Fountain (1876- ) m. L. T. 

MONNETT of 225 N.W. 24, Oklahoma City, Okla. 
Mary Monnett (1900- ) m. W. J. BERRI- 

Dorothy Monnett (1902 - ) m. (1) Wilbm- 

BROWN, (2) Dr. McK. CATON 
Davy Jane (1914- ) m. (1) L. E. BROCK 

Lawrence and Lee Monnett Brock 
JOHN W. COPPAGE (ca. 1791-17 Feb. 1860) Soldier of 1812; 
lived many years at Flint Hill, Rappahannock Co., Va. He en- 
listed in 1813 at Norfolk under Capt. Thomas B. Laws and 
received two bounty land warrants for his service. His wife 
was Sally or Sarah Vaughan, daughter of Revolutionary Pen- 
sioner Almond Vaughan; she was born 15 May 1798 and died 
1 Aug. 1887 and was a sister of Augustine Coppage's wife 
Martha. Some say she was John's 2d wife and that the 1st 
was Ruth, niece of Sam, and relative of the Gladstones. John's 
heirs at his death in 1860 were his nephews and nieces: Al- 
mond Travis Coppage and Maggie Coppage, children of Mar- 
tha Vaughan and his nephew Augustine. No. c. 
CAPTAIN AUGUSTINE COPPEDGE (ca. 1750 - 1793) Ensign, 
2d Lieut. Northumberland Co. Militia for Lancaster Dist., (9 
Aug. 1779), 1st Lieut. (10 Apr. 1780), Captain (9 Apr. 1781) ; 
moved to Brunswick Co. along with the Damerons, where he 
witnessed a deed in 1770; moved to Princess Anne, where he 
was a landowner and partner of James Waddy in slaves from 
1785 - 1790 ; then he moved to Edgecombe Co., N. C. where he 
died in 1793 leaving his widow Wilmouth (dau. Moses Luns- 
ford, d. 1790 and sister of John Lunsford who d. 1794 mak- 
ing her four children his heirs) who was still there in 1810. 
Griffin Copedg, named probably for wife of John or Wm. 

Lunsford, from whom he descended twice 
Mary Copedg; Charlotte Copedg 
Augustine Copedg 
GRIFFIN COPEDG, not mentioned in will of Augustine Cop- 

— 67 — 

pedge, who died before John Lunsford, who mentioned him as 
a nephew ; perhaps he never went to Edgecombe Co., N. C. 
MARY COPEDG of Edgecombe Co., N. C. ; on 4 July 1790 Mary 
Coppage m. Samuel PEAD in Perquimans Co. ; she may have 
been Augustine's dau. Mary. 
AUGUSTINE COPPEDGE, Jr. of Edgecombe Co., N. C, no 

descs. known. 
WILLIAM COPPEDGE of Perquimans Co., N. C. m. 1772 Eliza- 
beth Hufton or Huston and d. 1811 with Exr. his widow Ann 
and 2 daus: 
Jenny Coppage m. Samuel ROGERSON; he was d. by 1811. 
Eliza Coppage m. Charles LANGMEAD; descs., if any, in 
N. C. unknown. 
THOMAS COPPEDGE (1752-1843) Revolutionary Soldier of 
Northumberland under Capts. Gaskins, Stubblefield, Ball, and 
Pleasants; of Col. Crawford's Regt. stationed at Williams- 
burg, where he witnessed the execution of the traitor Good- 
rich ; marched to Ludwell's Ferry and Norfolk ; composed a 
song which he sang as he marched: 

"Awake, rouse your courage, Americans brave, 

For Freedom to fight and we will never be slaves ; 
Though Great Britain's subjects we are willing to be. 
Yet Britons must know that we love to be free." 
Judith Parrott, Thomas's sister, testified on 9 Apr. 1833 in 
Orange and Albemarle that Thomas composed and sang these 
words ; Rhodham Angel of Albemarle testified in support of 
his pension claim on 15 Oct. 1832 ; Thomas was an interest- 
ing figure, turning Quaker and freeing his slaves in 1783, al- 
though later he held slaves. He married Elizabeth Hayden, 
of a distinguished Va. family in Northumberland; as a pen- 
sioner aged 88 in 1840 he was living in Amherst with his 
son-in-law, Abraham Martin. 
Thomas Coppedge, Jr. (ca. 1780 - ) m. 1813 Polly Wil- 

Charles Lunsford Coppedge of Amherst; m. Lydia Wyatt 
in Orange in 1803; had 1 s. 1 d. in Census of 1810; in 
West by 1830. 
James W. Coppedge (1804 - ) m. Eliza Tiller (Doro- 
thy Ann Eliza) in 1833; moved to Potosi, Mo. in a 
covered wagon in 1842. 

Houston Harrison Coppedge 

Adam Vencil Coppedge, Judge in Grove, Okla- 
homa in 1936 
C. N. Coppedge (1835 - ) 

William Coppedge (1836- ) 

— 68 — 

Sophiana Coppedge (1838- ) 

Charles Coppedge (1838- ) twin; schoolteacher 

Adam Clark Coppedge (1843- ) a Confederate; 

m. Ann Dunlap (d. 1935) in 1869. 
Eva Coppedge (10 Feb. 1870- ) m. Frank C. 

SCOTT & had Tressa (m. Horace JOHNSON); 
Georgia (m. PAYNE), Earl, Clark, Rebal (m. 
Doris Gordon) ; Ann (m. Dewey MINICH), Eu- 
gene , Willis, Edwin, & Va. (m. MARTIN). 
Walter Edwin Coppedge (1871-1886) m. Jennie 

Putnam & had Vencil P. & Va. 
Claude D. Coppedge (17 Nov. 1874- ); descs. 

Maude Leona Coppedge (3 July 1876 - ) m. 

Wiliam SHOOP 
Myrtle Ann Coppedge (1881- ) m. 1903 John 

PERRIGUE & had Orpha (m. Clifton BLOUNT), 
Benjamin, Edna (m. HALBERT), Paul, Matred 
(m. HALBERT), & Clarence Perrigue. 
Jessie May Coppedge (22 May 1886- ) m. 

Henry W. SMITH 

Clyde Wise Smith (1904- ) m. 1931 Ev- 

elyn Neal & had Ray & Va. 
Glen Coppedge Smith (1906- ) m. 1934 

Norma Scott & had Glen & Roger H. 
Ray Henry Smith (1908 - ) 

Erma May Smith (1910- ) 

James Coppedge (1841 - ) may have been James 

A. Coppedge, St. Louis policeman, who disappeared in 
Isaac Coppedge 

Lydia F. Coppedge (1845- ) m. J. W. KEY 

Emma Coppedge (1852 - ) 

Richard Coppedge (1854- ) 

Sally Coppedge (1783- ) m. John OGDEN in Amherst 

& had Emily Ogden (m. REYNOLDS), Armistead, Jane 
Ogden (m. WRAY), Harriet (m. MATTHEWS), Walker, 
James, Sarah, Louise, William, John Lunsford, and Eliza- 
beth Ogden 
Polly Coppedge m. Abraham MARTIN in Amherst ; Thomas 

Coppedge lived with them in 1840. 
Elizabeth Coppedge m. 1804 George CORNELIUS of Am- 
THOMAS COPPEDGE JR. (ca. 1780 - ) m. 1813 Polly Wil- 

cox; reported by Elizabeth Coppedge Bennett of Candor, N. 
C. as an officer in the War of 1812. Credence is lent to this 
by traditions of Norfolk in this branch. Soldiers of 1812 in 

— 69 — 


— 70 — 

Va. reported co Norfolk. Thomas & Polly lived in Amherst 
in 1830 with 3 s. 3 d., 1 slave. 
Llewellyn Jackson Coppedge (1815- ) m. Martha Ann 

Charles B. Coppedge 

Thomas Lunsford Coppedge, enlisted Co. B, 1st Regt., Va. 
Volunteers, 19 Dec. 1846 at Richmond, Va. ; served in 
Mexican War at Monterev, Mexico until July, 1847; dis- 
charged St. Louis, Mo., 13 Oct. 1848. Can No. 2290, Bun- 
dle 94, National Archives, Washington, D. C. 
Betty Coppedge 
Frances Coppedge 
Bedford; m. Martha Ann Gilbert, dau. Wm. Gilbert and Mary 
Attaway Boiling, dau. Sarah Tippett and John Boiling, son of 
Jane Lightfoot and George Boiling, son of Martha Jefferson 
and John Boiling, son of Elizabeth Blair and John Boiling, son 
of Col. John Boiling, great grandson of Pocahontas. 
Cornelia Josephine Coppedge (8 Apr. 1844 - ) 

Llewellyn Jackson Coppedge Jr. (1848-1933) of C^rawfords- 
ville, Ind. ; m. Mary Emma Revercomb ; a distinguished 
attorney and author of religious works. 
Walter S. Coppedge (1873 - ) b. in Bedford, Va. 

Llewellyn Glenn Coppedge (1876- ) 

Henry Clay Coppedge (1878 - 1936) 
L. Joseph Coppedge (1881 - 1908) of Ladoga, Ind. 
Rev. Walter Raleigh Coppedge of Rockingham, N, C. ; b. 
Lynchburg; m. Mary Eliz. Duffy of New Bern, N. C, 
dau. Dr. Frank Duffy. His gdson. & namesake a Rhodes 
Scholar, 1955, at Oriel College, Oxford University. 
Don Coppedge of Rockingham, N. C. Attended 1st Cop- 
pedge Reunion at Irvington. 
Dr. Nelson Pharr Coppedge, b. Craig Co., Va. m. Stella 
Garriss of Emporia. 
Elizabeth Coppedge m. BENNETT of Box 384, Can- 
dor, N. C. ; had Charlotte & Rachel 
Walter Duffy Coppedge had William Webb of U. of N. 
C. ; and Dr. Llewellyn Jackson Coppedge, missionary 
in Belgian Congo; retired at Montreat, 1955. 
John Gilbert Coppedge (1855- ) m. 1879 Florence Eo- 

lian Wright (1865-1951) 
William Thomas Coppedge (ca. 1837 - ) Corporal Col- 

orbearer from Bedford, enlisted 20 Mar, 1862 at Liberty; 
paroled at Appomattox, 1865. 
Ida Coppedge m. Mr. WILKINSON of Bedford; she d. 

— 71 — 

May I. Wilkinson of Bedford, member D.A.R. 
Alfred Brown Coppedge (27 July 1856 - ) 

Powhatan Lunsford Coppedge (8 Jan. 1858 - ) 

JOHN GILBERT COPPEDGE (1855 - ) m. 1879 in Frank- 

lin Co., Va., Florence Eolian Wright (1865 - 1951) ; they Hved 
at Bedford, Va. 
Mary Eolian Coppedge, for many years professor of geo- 
graphy & education at Radford College, Radford, Va. The 
author attended her funeral with Dean M'Ledge Moffett 
of Radford College in 1953. Founder Radford Chapter, 
Pi Gamma Mu. unm. 
William Thomas Coppedge 

Dorothy Coppedge m. Roy WOOTEN & had Jean and 
Minnie Coppedge m. Charles Luke JOHNSTON of 5510 Cen- 
ter St., Chevy Chase, Md. A frequent attender and direc- 
tor of Coppedge Family Assn. Has deposited records of 
Irish Cuppages with D.A.R. Library and gathered much 
for this volume. 
Christine Johnston m. Leo Edward LANCES of Conn. 
John Henry Coppedge m. Rose M. ; a veteran of two wars ; 
served 38 years in U. S. Navy; retired after W.W. I, was 
called back into Naval Intelligence; d. Sept. 1944. 
John H. Coppedge Jr., Rosemary, Hope, and June Cop- 
Bessie Coppedge, teacher, Bedford Co. schools. 

Excursus, TRAVERS: RICHARD TRAVERS, Merchant Tailor 
of London had WALTER TRAVERS, Goldsmith of Nottingham, 
d. 1575 ; m. Ann. 

WALTER TRAVERS (1545-1635), D.D. of Oxford 1576; 
prohibited from preaching, 1586 ; Provost of Trinity Col- 
lege, Dublin, resigned 1598. 
JOHN TRAVERS (d. 1620), Fellow of Magdalen College, 
Oxford, 1569 ; Rector of Farringdon, Devon ; m. Alice 
Hooker, dau. John Vowell alias Hooker, Chamberlain of 
REV. JOHN TRAVERS, landowner in Kingsweare and 
Brixham Kay, Devon; Vicar of St. Helen's, Isle of 
Wight; m. 1616 Million Waade of Topsham, Devon, 
descendant of the Sachviles of Devon; he d. 1659. 
COL. RALEIGH TRAVERS of Lancaster Co., Va., 
1653 ; m. ante 1644 Elizabeth (probably Hussey, 
dau. James Hussey, Esq. of Blandford, Dorset, 
son of Sir James Hussey, Knt., Principal of Mag- 
dalen College, Oxford) ; had six husbands. 

— 72 — 


Descendants of Moses Coppedge, SoJdier of the French 
and Indian War, Who Moved To Kentucky 

MOSES COPPEDGE (1^35-1801) (See Chapter Four), moved 
at an early age to Prince William County, Va., where in 1756 
he was a foot-soldier against the French ; in this same year he 
qualified to receive his share of his father Charles's estate, 
having previously been left a bequest by his uncle James ; he 
was on the Fauquier Rent Roll, 1770 for 275 acres of land ; he 
m. Mary Jane Catlett, dau, John, son Wm., son David, son 
Nicholas, son Col. John Catlett from Sittingburne in Kent; 
Mary Jane was related in some way to Lord Fairfax, whose 
coach passed down in the Catlett family, and the door is now 
a carved tobacco stand; Mary Jane was descended from a sis- 
ter of the great Sir Francis Bacon through the Woodhouses 
and Meriwethers ; she was related in some way to the family 
of Col. Raleigh Travers of Lancaster. The Coppedges moved 
to Ky. about 1777-9 and handed down a tradition of life in 
forts; two sons, Wm. and Alexander, were wounded by In- 
dians, the latter mortally (For Travers see Page 72). 
Frances Coppage (1761-1851) called "Frankie"; she was 
in a field haggling flax when independence was declared; 
m. 15 Dec. 1783 George HELM, Sr. 
James Coppage (1763- ) b. 15 Apr. 1763; m. Nancy 

Margaret Jane Coppage (1765/70-1861/2), called "Peggy"; 

m. William YOWELL 
Alexander Coppage ( ) regarded by some as old- 

est son ; m. Polly O'Bannon ; killed by Indians ; friend of 
Moses Mann; left no descs. 
Travis Coppage (1767- ) b. 12 Sept. 1767 m. Eliza- 

beth Helm 
Wilham Coppage (1768/9- ) m. 1795 Polly Abell; In- 

dian Spy, moved to Mo. 
Elizabeth Coppage m. 1793 Wm. MARTIN in Washington 

Co., Ky. 
Ann Coppage m. 6 Oct. 1789 Isaac NEELEY in Lincoln Co., 

Mary Coppage (1775-1822) m. 1796 Robert BURNETT 
Lucretia Coppage, probably a dau. who bought at sale of 

Moses, 1803 (Washington Co., Ky., Will Bk. A, 320). 
George Coppage, whose name appears on marriage of W. 
M. Yowell in 1803 in Washington Co., Ky. This George 
may have been the Revolutionary Soldier of 1780 in Fair- 

— 73 — 

fax. who was born in 1760 in Stafford; if so, he would 
have been eldest child. He named Rolla, Mo. (for Raleigh, 
N. C.) 

FRANCES COPPAGE (7 May 1761-6 Oct. 1851), dates from 
tombstone at Milledgeville; called "Frankie" m. 1783 George 
HELM, Sr. Her will in Lincoln Co., Ky. was dated 9 Oct. 1833 
and proved 5 Apr. 1852. It mentions some of the 10 or 11 
children she is supposed to have had. Little w^ork has been 
done in tracing her descs. The old Bible record reads George 
Helm ''August 22, 1747 -July 9, 1821," "Frances Calamise, 
his wife. May 7, 1761 - Oct. 6, 1851." Actually George was 
son of Elizabeth Calmes. 

Moses Helm, received negroes, wagon, and cow 

Jane Coppage Helm m. Mr. RENTFROE; descs. 

Nancy Helm m. James EASTHAM; descs. George & Isabella 

m. Geo. W. WOOD & had Lulu MARTIN 
Lucretia Helm m. Mr. JOHNS; Frances Helm's will sav? 

"my 3 daus." 

Alexander Helm 

Marquis Helm, administrator of Frances, stepmother-in-law 

of her bro., Travis 
Willis Helm m. 1822 Isabella Summers; he d. 1836; she d. 
Capt. Fielding Summers Helm (1837-1907), posthum- 
ous child ; of Co. E, 14th Ky. Cav., captured and taken 
to Ft. Delaware, paroled 9 June 1865; m. 1858 Nancy 
Robinson (1842-1918) and lived Carterville & Gal- 
ena, Mo. 
Joseph Milton Helm (1866-1936) m. 1895 Ella 
Vaughan Renick 

Ruth Helm of 515 S. Bluff, Wichita, Kans. 
JAMES COPPAGE (15 Apr. 1763- ) who came to Ky. in 

1777 according to Miss Bessie Taul Conkwright of the Louis- 
ville Times ; actually he probably came in Oct. 1779 on Daniel 
Boone's trip with other settlers. In 1784 he witnessed the 
will of John Carpenter in Lincoln Co. ; m. 1791 Nancy O'Ban- 
non (16 Oct. 1772 - ) settled on 1300 acres in Marion Co., 

Ky. in 1805 ; his "J. C." cufflinks are owned by T. B. Coppage, 
Jr. of Springfield, Mo. 
Alexander Coppage (10 Feb. 1792 - 1862) m. Sallie Malone 
Polly Coppage (21 May 1794 - ) m. Philip VEST; descs. 

Jane Coppage (2 Sept. 1796- ) m. Reuben MALONE 

Pheby Coppage (5 Sept. 1800 - ) m. HELM 

William Coppage (30 Oct. 1805 - ) unm. 

Travis Coppage (1 Oct. 1808- ) unm. 

Hardin Coppage ( 1811 - ) 

— 74 — 

Uriah Coppage (19 Apr. 1813- ) m. 1833 Margaret 

Rhoda Coppage (20 Apr. 1817-1901) 

ALEXANDER COPPAGE (1792-1862) m. Sallie Malone; he 
was hanged on a mulberry tree at the ford of the Cumber- 
land River by a mob out of a Mississippi Regiment, October, 
Alexander Coppage III m. Betsy Ann Wolford 
Moses Coppage m. (1) Mary Jane Moore (2) Martha Malone 
Mandy Coppage m. Bee TUCKER; living, very old, in 1946 
Tandy Coppage m. Amanda Moore 
John Coppage m. Pollv Riggins & moved to Missouri 
Paulina Coppage m. Woodford SANDUSKY 
Delila Coppage m. Benjamin MARPLE 
Sallie Coppage m. Bailey PHILLIPS 
TANDY COPPAGE m. Amanda Moore ; his descendants are cen- 
tered around Narrows, Ky. and include Marvin, J. H., Shelby, 
and Mrs. Margaret Coppage of Narrows ; John A. Coppage of 
Hartford ; Ion Coppage of Dundee ; Albert and Harold Cop- 
page of Falls of Rough, Ky. 
URIAH COPPAGE (19 Apr. 1813- ) m. 1833 Margaret 

Mann, dau. Joseph Mann & Elizabeth Hill; he is mentioned 
in Perrin's History of Kentucky (1887). 
James Coppage (8 Oct. 1834 - 1924) m. Amanda F. Batsell 
William Coppage of Shreveport, La.; m. Eva Champion 

of Champion Mills, Miss. 
Thomas Batsell Coppage (1864 -post 1949) official of 
Frisco Rwy. who won the famous Supreme Ct. case 
of Coppage v. Kansas; his discharge of the switch- 
man in violation of the yellow-dog contract was up- 
held by the highest court in U. S. President of Kan- 
sas City, Clinton & Springfield Rwy. m. Ophelia Doo- 

Thomas Batsell Coppage Jr., Attorney of Spring- 
field, Mo. 
T. B. Coppage III and Richard Doolin Coppage 
of Springfield 
James Joseph Coppage of Springfield; has 1 dau. 
Sarah Frances (1946- ) 

Elizabeth Coppage (28 Jan. 1837-1920) m. 7 Sept. 1854 
George WEATHERFORD (d. 1921) 

Ja^nes Weatherford (8 Nov. 1876- ) of Brad- 

fordsville; m. 1896 Victoria Henderson, dau. James 
M. & Mary Mann Cox Henderson. 
Emma B. Weatherford (12 Jan. 1897- ) m. 

— 75 — 

3916 Andrew T. RAKES; (2) W. H. MAYO; 

lives Istachatta, Fla. 
Stephen H. Coppage (23 Nov. 1938- ) m. Antimacy 

Joseph Coppage (3 Apr. 1841 - ) m. Nancy Streat 

Hardin Coppage (26 Dec. 3842- ) of Co. B., 1st Ky. 

Cav., 1861-64. Lived at Sulphur, Okla., Dallas, Texas 
(with bro. Moses), and Palmyra, Macoupin Co., 111. m. 
Sallie D. Scandlin, d. 1906. 
Uriah John Coppage (13 Sept. 1870- ) 

Susie Margaret Coppage (1868-1939) of Sangamon Co., 

Lillie Coppage (1877-1902) 
Lucinda Coppage (10 Nov. 1844- ) m. Benjamin EL- 

LIS; descs. 
Ellen Coppage (10 Nov. 1844- ) m. Alexander L. 


A. T. Brown of Bradfordsville 
Ada Brown m. MARPLE 

Ida Belle Marple m. Al EVANS of Bradfordsville; 
owns a picture of Jim, Killis, Hardin, Joseph and 
Stephen, all sons of Uriah. 
Howard, Curtis, and Alton Evans 
Moses Aaron Coppage (4 Mar. 1848 - ) m. Sallie A. 

Uriah J. Coppage (22 May 1850 - ) changed his name 

to Killis Coppage; m. Amanda Coppage (d. 13 Dec. 1948, 
aged 98) dau. Willis T. Coppage m. 1838 Sarah Steel (& 
had Aaron Buit & Amanda). Killis owned lumber mills 
on S. Rolling Fork, Marion Co. and was Democratic post- 
master at Rush Branch ; member Christian Ch. 
Oscar Coppage of 112 Mavfair, Louisville 
Marv (Mollv) Coppage (15 Mar. 1852- ) m. Willis 

Margaret Coppage (1 Nov. 1855- ) m. Prior SWIG- 

GETT (21 Mar. 1850 - ) from Casey Co. They lived 

on old Uriah Coppage homeplace. 
Walter Swiggett m. Vida May Yowell, great gt. gddau. 
of Margaret Coppage Yowell. 
Linnie Swiggett (9 Jan. 1908 - ) m. (1) Carl 

Ray OVERSTREET, son of James & Lena Mills 
Overstreet, great gdau. of Mary Coppage Burnett. 
Walter Edwin Overstreet, Engineer for Du 
Pont at Wilmington, Del. and Newark, Del. ; 
he and his mother have served as officers 
and directors of Coppedge Family Assn. 

— 76 — 

HARDIN COPPAGE (1811 - 1886) m. Sarah Robertson, d. 1884 
in Davis Co., Ky. 
James Coppage (1828- ) 

Mary Ann Coppage (1835- ) 

Philip B. Coppage (1836- ) of Union Army; m. Ches- 

ter Thompson ; 3 s. 2 d, 

Robert Fleming Coppage (1874- ) moved to Pem- 

iscott Co., Mo,, 1901; m. Jessie Huffman, and has 
Uriah Coppage (1838- ) father of Allie and Murray 

Coppage of Owensboro, Ky. 
Dorinda Coppage (1840- ) 

John Hardin Coppage (1843- ) 

Wesley Alexander Coppage 
Travis Dailey Coppage 

Edward Coppage of Los Angeles in 1940 
Robert Morrison Coppage 
Earl Morrison Coppage 
David Wesley Coppage (2 Dec. 1844 - 1888) 

Mrs. Daisy C. WELLS, 1712 E. 18th St., Owensboro, Ky. 
Mrs. C. C. SAPP of Louisville 
Mrs. J. H. LOYD of Owensboro 
Archie A. Coppage (1847- ) m. Betty Going and be- 

came clerk and Judge in Green and Poinsett Cos., Ark. 
Effie Coppage 
Abbie Coppage 

RHODA COPPAGE (20 Apr. 1817- ) m. Stuart TAP- 

SCOTT, who 1. in Casey Co. and was killed by a falling tree. 
Nancy Tapscott m. George KAUFMAN or COFFMAN; 5 c. 

James Tapscott m. Betty Cox ; 9 c. 
Rice Tapscott m. Matilda Hill ; 20 descs. 
Uriah Tapscott m. Helm ; 9 descs. 

Rhoda Tapscott m. Samuel ZACHARY ; 63 descs. 
Benjamin Tapscott m. (1) KOONTZ; (2) Margaret Taylor; 
10 descs. 

MARGARET JANE (PEGGY) COPPAGE (1765/70-1861/2); 
she was brought to Kentucky when 7 years old in a party led 
by Daniel Boone (probably in 1777 or 1779) ; m. William YO- 
WELL (the marriage license reads "William Yarrell and Peg- 
gy, dau. of Jean Coppage", 1803). He was killed about 1822 
in a steamboat explosion on the Mississippi River. 6 c. 
Anna Yowell, who said that Jane, wife of Moses Coppage 
was a Price of Welsh descent ; unless reference is to Meri- 
wethers, thus must be a legend from the Yowell side. 
Mary Yowell; either she or Anna m. Marquis HELM and 
had James Knox HELM (1845- ) 

— 77 — 

Moses Yowell m. Phoebe 
Hardin Yowell 

John Quincy Yowell (1862-1941) m. 1883 Martha 
Louisa Weatherford 
Vida May Yowell m. Walter SWIGGETT 

Linnie Swiggett (8 Jan. 1908 - ) m. 

(1) Carl R. OVERSTREET; (2) Earl 
Walter Edwin Overstreet (see supra) 
Director, CFA, 1955. 
James Yowell of Lincoln Co., Ky., Putnam Co., Ind., and 
Sangamon Co., 111. m. Emily Wms. 
Keziah Yowell (1835-1926) m. 1865 Ebenezer Erskine 

Edward Samuel Welch m. Ida Ann Boydstrum 
Gertrude Welch m. Earl Ernest MAY & had 

Frances & Edward May 
Wayne Nye Welch 
Meredith Yowell and George Yowell 

TRAVIS COPPAGE (1767 -Oct. 1860) m. Elizabeth Helm (8 
Aug. 1772 -Jan. 1860). In Mrs. Prentice Weatherford's Bi- 
ble, the spelling of the name is "Coppedge." 
Mary (Polly) Coppage (11 Feb. 1794-26 Dec. 1873) m. 1821 
(as his 2nd wife) Thomas THORNTON III (1781-1848) 
Artemicia Thornton (1822-1861) m. John ISAACS 
Travis Thornton (1823-1897) m. (1) Rosa Knott; (2) 
Lucy Altman 
Miss Clyde Thornton & Miss Ida Thornton of Brad- 
Jane Thornton (7 Sept. 1825-1914) m. (1) Alexander 
GAY (1805-68); (2) Saml. HOCKER 
Mary Loran Gay (1846-1911) m. Dr. Rezin Davis 
Will Gay Overstreet (1867-1924) m. (1) Clara 
Brent Overstreet, attorney of Louisville 
Nell Miller Overstreet m. Dr. R. C. CAMP- 
BELL of Louisville 
Brent, Judith, Dr. Price Campbell 
Sallie Helen Overstreet (1 Mar. 1883- ) 

m. 1906 John Warren JONES. They have 2 
sons, 2 daus. and 6 grandchildren. 
Willis N. Thornton (1828 - 1852) m. Lucy Ann Gartin 

and d. of cholera. 
Lucinda Waters Thornton (1830-1858) m. Mr. JOHN- 
SON ; they lived in Mo. 

— 78 — 

Thomas H. Thornton (1832-1937) m. Elizabeth Phillips 

Mrs. J. C. YATES of Bradfordsville, Ky. 
Nancy Helen Thornton (25 Aug. 1835 - 1897) m. Steph- 
en Houston GARTIN (son of Stephen Houston and 
Sallie Alstott G.) (1831-1898). Their descs. are 
Bettie Wray Gartin (25 Aug. 1866 - 28 Apr. 1948) 
m. 1885 John Jacob COZATT (son of Jacob and 
Mary Rose Cozatt). 4 c.; 13 descs. 
Nancy Edith Cozatt m. James Norwood NUCK- 
OLS of Huntington, W. Va. ; no c. 
Jane Coppage (14 Nov. 1795- ) m. Daniel TUCKER 

of Raywick, Ky. ; descs. 
Dr. Isaac Newton Coppage (28 Nov. 1797 - ) m. Fran- 

ces Ann Price of (Greenville, Ky. 
John Coppage (1830- ) 

Fielding Coppage (1832- ) 

Joseph Coppage (1836 - ) m. Frances Ann Mann 

or Bass & lived Pleasanton, Kans. 

Benjamin Franklin Coppage m. Emily J. Smith 
John Quenton Coppage m. Rosa May Ritten- 
Paul Leon Coppage of Humbolt, Kans., 

aged 28 in 1950 
Elsie Lucille Coppage 
Dorothy June Coppage 
Robert Eugene Coppage 
Albert Frank Coppage m. Frances Eliz. Ritten- 

Clyde Franklin Coppage 
Elsie Marie Coppage 
Freda May Coppage 
Betty Louise Coppage 
Mary Frances Coppage m. Leo EMMERSON 
Mabel Alice Coppage m. LEONARD; 6 c. 
Myrtle Anna Coppage m. HART; 5 c. The 
JOHNSONS of Humbolt, Kans. are descs. 
Milton Coppage (1838- ) 

Quinton Coppage (27 Dec. 1840 - 16 Feb. 1907) m. 1884 

Nannie J. Savely (1850-1924) 

William Quinton Coppage (1887-1947) m. 1920 Ada 

Carr (1886-1946). Only c. Alexander Quinton. 

Quinton Coppage (25 Dec. 1925 - ) only 

— 79 — 

child, of Hendersonville, Tenn. Pres., 1956. 
Merritt Coppage (1842- ) 

De Witt Coppage (1844- ) of Union Army; no c. 

Mary E. Coppage (1846- ) 

Sarah F. Coppage (1849- ) had Howard GIBSON 

of Nashville (son Andw.) 
Joel Coppage (9 Nov. 1799 - ) m. Lucinda Adams of 

Taylor Co., Ky. They had 12 c. though 13 are listed; Sa- 
rah and Fannie may have been the same person. The 
family is of interest as brothers fought on opposite sides 
in Civil War: 
Sarah Coppage (1826- ) m. YOWELL 

Elijah Coppage (1828- ) of Greenville, Muhlen- 

berg Co., Ky. Lieut. Union Army 
W. Henry Coppage (1830- ) of CSA; moved to 

Carter & Pilot Pt., Denton Co., Texas; m. Amy and 
had 4 s. 1 d. 
Margaret Coppage (1830-1861) m. Richard CALHOUN 

of Davis Co., Ky. 
Capt. George Coppage of Union Army ; lived Bradf ords- 

ville, Marion Co. 
Neely Coppage (1836- ) of CSA; moved to Pilot 

Point, Denton Co., Texas. 
Elizabeth Coppage m. George DUNN of Bradfordsville 
Harvey Curtis Coppage (1845-1863) m. (1) Sarah 
Frances Kinnett, dau. Saml. Kinnett & Eliz. Burnett, 
dau. Robt. Burnett & Mary Coppage, dau. Moses. 
Sarah Frances d. 21 May 1883; m. (2) 17 Feb. 1887 
Lucy Phillips, d. Lebanon, Ky., 5 Jan. 1944. 6 c. by 
(1) ; 3 c. by (2) ; Harvey was of Union Army. 
Thomas Coppage, d. Dayton, 0., about 1940 
Minnie Coppage m. MILLER; d. St. Louis 
Betty Coppage m. STEVENS of St. Louis; a fre- 
quent attender of Coppedge Reunions and office- 
holder in Assn. 
Delmar Dunn Coppage (21 Sept. 1889- ) son 

by (2) ; m. 11 Jan. 1934 Mabel Virginia Miller 
dau. Silas & Lillian J. Miller of Claiborne Co.. 
Elizabeth Ann Coppage (22 Jan. 1935- ) 

of Alexandria, Va. m. BUNCH 
Jane Coppage (1846- ) m. POWERS of Chicka- 

sha, Okla. ; had Bertha Powers 
Lucinda Coppage (1849 - ) m. Richard Thornton 

of Bradfordsville & Tenn. 
Mrs. Don DRYE 
Newton Coppage (1842 - ) 

— 80 — 

Fannie Coppage m. YOWELL of Campbellsville, Tay- 
lor Co., Ky. 
Moses Coppage (9 Nov. 1801 - 16 May 1886) ; unm. 
James Coppage (10 Nov. 1803 - ) d. young. 

George Helm Coppage (20 Sept. 1805 - ) m. Margaret 

(Peggy) Kitchen Thornton, dan. Thomas Thornton III, 
by his 1st wife, a Miss Kitchen, sister to the 2d wife of 
Thomas Thornton II. 
Anthony Kitchen Coppage (1825- ) left 5 c, 2 

sons, b. 1858-70. 
Nancy McQuinn Coppage (1828- ). Her descs. 

NORRIS. One is Mrs. Vada Varga of Oregon 
George T. Coppage (ca. 1833 - ) left 1 dau., 3 sons. 

Lucinda Coppage (2 Oct. 1830- ) m. John CRAIG; 

descs. named BERTIAUX, PERKINS, and SOUTH- 
Travis C. Coppage (ca. 1835 - ) descs. unknown 

James M. Coppage (22 Jan. 1838 - ) m. Margaret 

Kinnett; descs. named HARRISON, WOOD, and 
Jane Coppage (ca. 1841- ) m. J. M. HARRISON 

(1836-99) ; descs. named FINN, MARSHALL. 
Elizabeth Ann Coppage (1843-1892) m. James Stephen 
SHINKLE. Their descs. are named SHINKLE, 
Helen Coppage (1808- ) m. (1) Sam SWANN; (2) 

Willis Coppage (31 July 1810-1870) m. Sarah Steele, d. 
1893; they lived in Adair County, Ky. Willis SHREVE 
was their grandson, son of Susan & Wingfield Shreve 
Aaron Burr Coppage (ca. 1846 - 1908) m. Sallie Gartin 
(1850-1920). His bro. Alva had Alton and Lee. 
Robert Gartin Coppage (30 Nov. 1874 - ) m. 

Addie Brown 
Clyde Coppage, 27 Lake St., Shrewsbury, Mass. 
J. Carl Coppage, Waquoit, Cape Cod, Falmouth, 

Christine Coppage of Louisville, Ky. ; Secretary 
Coppedge Family Assn., 1950-51 ; Director, 
James M. Coppage (1878- ) m. Eva Vaughan 

& had Flossie & James M. Jr. 
Mack Coppage of 171 College St., Wadsworth, Ohio; 
6 c. 
Amanda Coppage m. Uriah (Killis) Coppage, son of 

— 81 — 

Uriah (see supra) 
Fielding Coppage (1812-1858), b. 10 July 1812; d. 9 Nov. 
1858; m. Sarah Kemper of Montgomery Co,. Ky. 
Fielding H. Coppage (1848-1894) 

George William Fielding Coppage (1876 - ) 

Anabella A. Coppage (1880- ) 

David K. Coppage (1883- ) 

Sallie Coppage 
George W. Coppage (1850- ) m. 1884 Lucinda An- 

derson, d. aged 70 4 

Mrs. Marshall ELLIS of Ellisburg, Casey Co. 
Mrs. Elizabeth WRIGHT 
Fielding Coppage of Guthrie, Ky. 
Bettie Coppage (1855- ) m. Frank ANDERSON 

in 1872 
Alta M. Anderson m. Prentice WEATHERFORD of 

Rush Branch, Ky. 
George Anderson of New Haven, Ky. 
Frances Coppage (1814- ) m. William or George CUN- 

NINGHAM of Casey Co. The BURKES of Junction City, 
Ky., are their descs. 
Lucinda Coppage (1816-1905) m. William BURKE, d. 1876; 
she was buried at Old Liberty Church, 5 miles east of 
John Calmes Burke m. Sarah Martha Avritt, dau. Hor- 
ace; d. 1905. 
Edward Burke 

Dewitt Oakley Burke of Bradfordsville 
Jane Burke m. Mr. WARE 

WILLIAM COPPAGE (1768/9-1853), an account of his thrill- 
ing chase and wounding by 3 Indians and return to the fort 
on Samuel Kennett's farm after about 18 hours can be found 
in Perrin, History of Kentucky (1887), page 830. He served 
from 1787 to 1795 as an Indian spy on the frontier in Nelson 
Co., Ky., under Whitty in 1790 and Mad Anthony Wayne in 
1794; he served under General W. H. Harrison in 1811-12 at 
the Battle of Tippecanoe; he moved from Ky. to Missouri in 
1823 and located near the town of Newburg; he was a powder 
manufacturer and used salt from Salt Peter Cave and Spring 
Cave; later he took up agriculture (see J. M. Breckenridge, 
Life of William Clark Breckenridge). He was buried on the 
site of Newburg, Phelps Co., Missouri when he died at the 
age of 87 in 1853. None of his male line, but many of his 
female descs. live in Phelps today. He m. 1795 in Nelson Co., 
Ky., Polly Abell, dau. Lucy Carman Abell Polk. Schultz, His- 
tory of the Northern Ozarks says he had 4 sons, 2 daus. By 

— 82 — 

his name in the 1799 tax lists in Washington Co., Ky., is the 
note "Gone to Nelson." 

Lyndsey Long Coppage m. Amanda Dodd; elder Big Piney 
Primitive Baptist Church in 1834; donor of 1/2 acre for 
Springdale School. 
Mary Elizabeth Coppage 

Martha Ellen Coppage m. Mr. FREEMAN ; b. 1847 
Dr. Francis Marvin Coppage (1845 - ) m. Jane 

Amanda Jane Coppage m FREEMAN & had John Her- 
bert Freeman of Flat, Mo. 
Lucy Eliza Coppage m. BROWN ; b. 1854 
Lyndsey Coppage m. AKERS ; b. 1858 
SalHe Coppage m. (1) BRADFORD; (2) COWAN; b. 
Henson Coppage (1808- ) m. Nancy 

Margaret F. Coppage (1834- ) 

Mary E. Coppage (1842 - ) 

Nancy Jane Coppage (1839- ) m. (?Sam BUN- 

Helen Coppage, Ellen Coppage, Lucy Coppage, Betsy Cop- 
page, Permelia Coppage 
Alexander C. Coppage (1817- ) m. Ann; 10 c, 4 sons. 

ANN COPPAGE ( ) m. 1789 in Lincoln, Isaac NEELY; had 
Frances, had I. N. Bradford, had Lucy, had Annie L. Duncan 
m. J. H. Freeman (supra). The family of Adam Bradford, 
husband of Frances Neely, founded Bradfordsville, Ky. 

MARY (POLLY) COPPAGE (1775-1822) m. Robert BURN- 
ETT, nephew of Catlett Burnett, in 1796. Robert was b. in 
Va. 21 Sept. 1773; d. Marion Co., 1828. Weatherford Bible 
agrees with Washington Co. record of marriage, 14 March 
1796 with consent of Moses and Jane Coppage. Called "Gove." 
Margaret Burnett m. 1821 John ADAMS; moved to Johnson 
Co., Ind. A desc. is J. Otis Adams of 524 N. Central 
Court, Indianapolis. 
Mary Burnett 

Harvey Burnett, father of Charles Burnett of Girard, 111. 
Elizabeth Burnett m. Samuel KINNETT; moved to New 
Albany, Ind., had Mary Ann had Lena MILLS had C. R. 
Sarah Frances Kinnett m. Harvey Curtis COPPAGE 
(son of Joel) and had Betty STEVENS 
Calumet Burnett, moved to Texas and owned Burnett Co., 
named for him. 

83 — 


Descendants of Isaac Coppedge in Scott and Harrison 
Counties, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and the West 

ISAAC COPPEDGE (ca. 1737-1807) of Northumberland, 
Prince William and Fauquier Cos., Va. and of Scott Co., Ky., 
next younger bro. of Moses Coppedge, soldier of the French 
and Indian War. Isaac was a road surveyor in 1761 in Prince 
William and Fauquier Cos. When his cousin John Coppedge 
died about 1760-3 he married the widow, Elizabeth Dameron 
Coppedge, dau. of Christopher Dameron (d. 1764) and his 
wife Sarah Ball, dau. of Capt. George Ball (1683-1746) of 
"Bay View" in Northumberland by his wife Gracie Haynie, 
dau. Anthony Haynie and Sarah Harris, dau. Major John 
Harris (of the family of Harris of Hayne and Radford in 
Devon, pictured by Inglis Fletcher in Roanoke Hundred, 91 
and 99) and his wife Grace, widow of Richard Perse; Christo- 
pher Dameron was son of Bartholomew Dameron (son of 
Lawrence and Dorothy) and Elizabeth, dau. Christopher Gar- 
lington (of the ancient family of Girlington of Normanby in 
England) ; Capt. George Ball was son of Capt. Wm. Ball (and 
Margaret, granddau. Col. William Underwood) son of Col. 
William Ball, Royalist of "Millenbeck" in Lancaster, great- 
grandfather of George Washington. Isaac bought 212 acres 
in Stafford Co. in 1779 which he and Elizabeth deeded to 
James Leach in 1780 (See Stafford Deed Bk. S, 16 and Fau- 
quier Will Bk. I, 240). On 16 Jan. 1786 Isaac Coppedge was 
granted 500 acres in Fayette Co., Kentucky (See W. R. Jill- 
son, Old Kentucky Deeds and Entries) As Isaac Copige he 
appears on an old petition printed by the Filson Club. 

Charles Coppage, d. 1817 

Rodham Coppage, received tract of land purchased of Wil- 
liam Steel under will of his father, Isaac, proved in 1807. 

Lucy Coppage m. KEARNS 

Nancy Coppage, inherited house and home field until her 
marriage, when it should pass to Rodham Coppage. 

Grace Coppage m. 1792 PHILES or John P. HILL 

CHARLES COPPAGE, d. 1817; he may be identical with the 
Charles Coppedge of Fauquier who m. 12 Jan. 1793 Mary 
Priest, dau. Thomas ; William Coppedge's name is on the mar- 
riage bond, which seems appropriate as Charles was his half- 
brother; later this Charles of Ky. seems to have had a wife 
Nancy and his last wife was, it is thought, a Brock. Only 4 
heirs are mentioned in Aug. 1817 (Record Bk. C, 279, Harri- 
son Co., Ky.) 

— 84 — 

Lucy Coppage m. (1) John SELLERS; (2) William AN- 
DERSON, had several Sellers children, Joel Anderson, etc. 
Charles Anderson m. 1847 Armilda Carr, dau. Alvin, & 
had Wm. Anderson m. Nancv Moore, dau. Thos. Love, 
& had Maude m. (1) J. Gottfieb, (2) J. B. Brock & had 
Dorothy has Chas. G. ATKINS, Philip m. Rowena 
Couch & had Phyllis Anne, & Bruce Brock m. May 
Rich and has Diane and Jayne Brock. 
Marion, Jas., Ora Anderson m. Barnhill ; c. Scott Co. 
Lewis Coppage m. 1823 Penelope George (Shropshire?), 
sister Roland George; (2) 1831 Dicey Anderson; (3) Re- 
becca Shropshire Corliss, a widow. All of his wives are 
supposed to have been cousins through the Shropshires. 
Lewis was postmaster at Cynthiana, Ky. from 1863 to 
Penelope Jane Coppage m. Patrick HILL, a Scotsman; 
descs. named CONRAD, HILL, GOODNIGHT & AN- 
Charles F. Coppage m. 1847 Maria Trotter Hickman, a 
descendant of Betty Washington Lewis, sister of 
George Washington. He was a corporal, 1st Regt., 
Ky. Mounted Vols. Mexican War. Maria received 160 
acres of bounty land for this service. 
Mary Meriwether Coppage (1853- ) 

Maria Penelope Coppage (1853- ) 

Sabine Franklin Coppage (1855- ) b. Chris- 

tian Co., Ky. 
William 0. Coppage ( ) 1st Sergt., Co. F, 2d 

Ky. Inf. At Fort Donelson and Hartsville; killed 2 
Jan. 1863 Murfreesboro. Confederate Medal of Honor. 
Alonzo Coppage, called "Lonnie" ; no c. 
Russell Corliss Coppage m. Elizabeth Shropshire; 9 c. 
Larue R. Coppage (26 May 1871 - ) of Ocala, 

Herbert H. Coppage (1880- ) of Winchester, 

Lela, George C, Fannie Whaley, Mary, Edward B., 
Elizabeth, & Lucile R. 
Susanna Coppage m. William FOSTER 

John Foster 
Rodham Coppage or Rhodam Coppage, infant under 21 
years in 1817 at death of his father Charles; (3 Sept. 
1798-3 Mar. 1859) m. 1818 Catherine Coppedge (1 Aug. 
1801-28 July 1857), dau. William Coppedge of Fauquier 
(See Chapter Five) and his last wife Mary Tippett; Rod- 
ham and Catherine were half 1st cousins through their 
common grandmother, Elizabeth Dameron Coppedge-Cop- 

— 85 — 

pedge and were 3rd cousins on the Coppedge side. Nancy, 
Elizabeth, Rodham, Catherine and over 11 descs. lie bur- 
ied in Coppage Family Cemetery, Cynthiana, Ky. 

Wesley Coppage (22 May 1821- ) 

Andrew Jackson Coppage 

James F. Coppage 

Martha Ann Coppage 

Margaret (Mary Eliza) Coppage 

Bartholomew Coppage 

Adeline Coppage 

WESLEY COPPAGE (1821- ) m. 24 Dec. 1846 Lucinda 

Carter (18 Oct. 1829- ). He was cousin to old Mrs. 

Elizabeth Crawl (20 Apr. 1806- ), b. at Catnip Hill, Cul- 

peper, who moved with 12 families from Culpeper to Ky; m. 
Mr. Crawl in 1831 ; lived in a log cabin and her son Tom Crawl 
(aged 55 when she was 96) was pardoned by Pres. Andrew 
Johnson. Lucinda was dau. Richard & Mildred Whitton Car- 
Elbert Malcolm Coppage (16 Oct. 1847- ) m. 1868 

Laura Johnson (5 Apr. 1869 - ) 

Mattie Coppage (1869- ) m. Warren SMITH; had 

gdson. Otis Smith 
Cora Ellen Coppage (16 Feb. 1871 - ) m. 1889 John 

C. STARNES; their descs. named STARNES and 
Barton Warren Coppage (12 Mar. 1873- ) m. 1896 

Florence Wardel; they live at R.R. 1, Coweta, Okla. 
inherited the old Coppage Bible, with earliest date 
Malcolm Coppage m. Florence Glover 

Cecil, Bernice, and Cora m. Frank JOHNSON 
and had Warren, Voris and Cecil and Sylvia 
Johnson m. Jack SCOTT (k. 1948), parents 
of Linda Jacqueline Scott aged 4 in 1948 of 
Lancaster, Ky. 
John Wesley Coppage (18 Dec. 1875- ) m. 1902 

Sara Pauline Sherlock 
Mary Frances Coppage m. George B. KUHN; 2 c. 
Rose Eileen Coppage m. George R. SCHWARTZ; 
3 c. 
Essie Pearl Coppage (18 July 1879 - ) m. 1896 Sid- 

ney SMITH; 6 c. 
Jennie Sanford Coppage (3 Sept. 1881 - ) m. 

George AMMERMANN; no c. 
Elbert Malcolm Coppage (31 May 1884- ) m. 1 

June 1907 Delbert M. SETTLE 

— 86 — 


Malcolm Settle (16 July 1908-18 July 1908) 
Pauline Settle (30 June 1909- ) m. 23 July 

1938 Robert RICHARDSON. They have taken 
an active part in the Coppedge Family Assn. 
Gertrude Settle (6 Oct. 1917 - ) m. 1946 John 

C. WINCHELL; 3 c. 
Lewis Cass Coppage (2 Oct. 1850- ), who served in 

the Sioux War at Fort Sully in Dakota Terr.; m. Lula 
Wilson Duncan. 
Harry C. Coppage (1884- ) m. 1907 Norma Court- 

Harold Coppage, Sheriff of Harrison Co., Ky., 1950 
Gordon Coppage of Chicago 
Alice Hatterick 
Ralph Coppage 
Herbert (Coppage 
Herbert W. Coppage (1886- ) 

Rebecca Coppage (1887- ) m. Will JENNINGS 

Charles Anderson Coppage (1889- ) m. VernaHill 

Lucinda Coppage (1891- ) m. (1) DENNIS; (2) 

Reba Dennis m. H. W. PRENTICE 
Thomas C. Coppage (1898- ) m. Frances Tea- 

garden; 7 c. Descs. named NOEL in Albuquerque, 
N. M. 
Amanda Coppage (10 Aug. 1852- ) m. 1868 George 

JOHNSON of Minteer Farm, Lexington. 

Benny Johnson m. Buford PENN of Lexington, Ky. 
Nancy Johnson m. Fred J. JOHNSON 

Lowell and Byron Johnson 
Asa Johnson 

James T. Johnson m.. Kora Hamilton ; Mollie ; Adeline 
BARNHILL; & Garland Johnson 
Asa Williams Coppage (22 June 1854 - ) m. Nancy M. 

Fields Coppage, widow of John Wesley. 
John Wesley Coppage (3 Sept. 1856 - ) m. 26 Dec. 1878 

Nancy M. Fields. Had James had John of Covington ; 2 c. 
Ollie Asa Coppage m. 1897 Joseph IRELAND; Director 
Coppedge Family Assn. 
Joseph Tolbert Ireland m. Mamie Craig 

Joe Frank Ireland 
Margaret Frances Ireland 

John Weslev Ireland (24 Apr. 1912- ) m. 17 

Jan. 1931 Edith Holding Giles; of Romey A.B., 
John Wesley Ireland (12 June 1932 - ) m, 

July, 1952 Joan Arlene Schemenaur. 
— 87 — 

Sherri Lynn (27 Mar. 1954- ) 

Mary Eliza Coppage (4 Aug. 1859)- ) m. 1874 Ben- 

jamin FOWLER; descs. FOWLER, MAY, and HURST. 
Elizabeth Morton Coppage (26 Apr. 1867 - ) m. Ethel- 

bert FIELDS 
Lottie Fields m. William VANCE 
Luanna Fields m. Tommy FLORENCE 
Bertie May Fields m. and has a son. 

ANDREW JACKSON COPPAGE (1833- ) m. (1) Ann E. 

Parks; (2) Mrs. Gossett 
John William Coppage (1857- ) m. Jennv; descs. nam- 

Kate Coppage m. George SMITH 

Bess Smith m. BEAN & had Catherine of Halifax, N. S. 
Phenella m. Prof. ELDRIDGE of Iowa City 
Addie Coppage m. Richard FIGHT: had Jessie Fight m. Dr. 
ESTES of Lexington 

JAMES F. or JAMES T. COPPAGE (1836-1913) d. at Creigh- 
ton, Mo. ; m. Lizzie Halley ; descs. named COPPAGE at Girard, 
Kans. and SALMON 

MARTHA ANN COPPAGE m. Shelby HILES; left grandchil- 
dren as did her sister. 

MARY ELIZA COPPAGE m. 1849 Andrew HILES, bro. Shelby 

ADELINE COPPAGE (1827- ) m. 1845 John W. CAR- 

TER (4 Nov. 1820 - ) bro. Griffin and son Richard and 

Mildred Whitton Carter. 10 c. 

Eliza. Carter m. George LEACH & had Relda (m.) ; Bertie 
(m. Joe JOHNSON & had Louise (m.) ; Irma Leach of 
Cynthiana. Mary Eliza. Carter m. James LOGAN & had 
Wm. Cleary Logan, 1. 1948. Wm. Carter m. Ella Hall. 
James Carter m. Zumalt (Zumwalt?). Sarah Carter m. 
John ADAMS. Pearl Carter m. Rufus BEAGLE. Ed- 
ward, unm. Dolly Carter m. Benjamin RYAN. Alice 
Carter m. Dr. George Peter MOORE & had Alta m. DA- 
VIS of Enumclaw, Wash.; Alice Moore m. C. D. AL- 
BRIGHT, Hotel Grand, Roseburg, Ore. & has Dale M. m. 
Florence Stucky & had Ted (k. W.W. II), Marjorie m. 
Kenneth WERNSING & has Jerry Lee & James Craig, 
& Robt. Lee m. Viola Bickle & has Janice, James Craig, 
and Charles Robert Albright and Ted Albright of Alta- 
dena, Cal. ; George Moore, d. 1918 ; Opal m. R. 0. DAEDO 
and has Dell M. Daedo, Principal Denfeld H.S., Duluth. 
Minn. ; & Mabel m. E. H. PETERSON of Oroville, Wash. 
Rhodom Coppage Carter m. Miss Smith & had several c. 
inch Ora Carter, attended Lexington reunion of CFA. 

— 88 — 

RODHAM COPPAGE, received tract of land purchased by his 
father Isaac of Dry Run from William Steel; m. 1792 Nancy 
Collins; m. (2) in 1816 Mildred Rogers, widow of Columbus 
Acuff and sister of George Rogers, who d. 1827 with will 
leaving bequest to sister Mildred Coppage but not to her son 
John W. Acuff nor her son Rhodon Coppage (Woodford Co., 
Ky. Will Bk. W, 180). 
Polly Coppage m. Oct. 1814 James BRYAN, whose will is 
recorded in Monroe Co., Mo. in 1837 ; he was a descendant 
of Morgan Bryan II, who helped build the stockade fort 
known as Bryan Station, near Lexington, Ky. Morgan's 
sister Rebecca was Daniel Boone's wife and his brother 
William Bryan m. Mary Boone, sister of Daniel. See John 
Bakeless, Daniel Boone (1939), 26, where he states that 
Rebecca Bryan was Joseph's dau. This is an error; she 
was dau. of Morgan Bryan I and Martha Strode. The 
Coppages and Bryans accompanied Daniel Boone from 
Kentucky to Missouri. Descs. of Polly and James live 
today in Monroe and Shelby Cos., Mo., Oklahoma, Colo., 
and Mont. The JOHNSONS of Monroe descend from Em- 
ma Coppage Johnson and Anna Coppage m. John PAR- 
SONS of Paris, Mo. Polly and James had: 
Nancy Collins Bryan 
William Thomas Bryan 
Daniel Long Bryan 
Harriet Eliz. Bryan 
Lucinda Coppage Bryan 
George Boone Bryan m. Susan Eliza McGill 
Allen Long Bryan 
George Thomas Bryan 
Minerva Ann Bryan 

David Crockett Bryan m. Lulu Lee Darnell 
Lucy Uline Bryan m. J. S. BISHOP 
Pauline Bryan of Paris, Mo. & Hotel Ne'^ Am- 
sterdam, Cleveland, O. 
Susie Boone Bryan m. Carl BOUNDS 
Thomas Coppage (1800/10- ) m. 1827 EHzabeth Sut- 

Martha Coppage m. 1833 Joseph CAREY of Fayette 
Lucy Coppage (Lucinda) m. James SMITH 
Isaac Coppage m. Rebecca Power; d. 1830; went from Ky. 
to Missouji with Daniel Boone; his 9 sons and 4 sons-in- 
law were all in Confederate Army. 
John Coppage m. Nancy, voted Whig in 1844. 

Clara Thompson at Weatherford College 
Mason Coppage (1826- ) m. Ellen 

— 89 — 

George Coppage 
William Y. Coppage (1826- ), voted Whig in 1844 

Simeon B. Coppage (1828- ) CSA under W. G. 

Hastings in Mo. 
Nancy Coppage (1829- ) m. James WILLIAMS 

of Holdenville, Okla,; 5 s, 3 d. 
Joseph Coppage (1830- ) m. Martha Miller; descs. 

James B, Coppage (1831- ) 

Elizabeth Coppage (1834- ) ; Mary (1836- ) 

Isaac Coppage (1838 - ) d. of poison in army at 

Neosho or Cassville, Mo. 
Daniel Coppage (1840- ) Confederate under W. G. 

Hastings in Mo. m. Mary E. Denman of Alabama 
Willie Denman Coppadge m. Ethel Raney of Still- 
water, Okla., dau. Isaac L. Raney and Frances 
Dodd of Kansas 
Robert Coppadge of Okla. City & Denver; m. 
Opal Thelma Jackson dau. Joseph J. Jackson 
of Kansas 
Robt. Allen. 1942 and Barbara Ellen, 1946 
Raney Coppadge of 2808 Gainesville, Wash., D. 
C. (1902 - ) m. Zula Mae Garrett in 1928 

Roy Lee, 1934 and Robert Bruce, 1929 
Christopher Coppage (1842- ); Martha, 1844; 

Mary E., 1847 
Richard Coppage 

Lewis M. Coppage, voted Whig in 1844. 
Mary Coppage m. Ambrose BARNETT 
Francis Coppage, who must have been father of 

Caswell Francis Coppage (25 Aug. 1830 - 27 May 1908) 
b. near Lexington, Ky. ; enlisted from Columbia, Mo. 
in Mexican War, Co. B, Santa Fe Battalion, Mo. Mtd. 
Vols.; Monroe Co., Mo. Pension Record 155 49. Blue 
eyes, black hair, fair complexion. Served at Battle 
of Big Bend, Ark. In 1907 living at Hiwassee, Ben- 
ton, Ark. m. Eliza Ann Johnson in 1849 at Paris, 
Mo. by minister Isaac Coppedge (marriage record de- 
stroved in courthouse fire). Had bro. Benj. F. 
B. T. Coppedge of Jennings, Okla. (1852 - 1922) m. 
Mary C. Erwin 
Dr. Omer C. Coppedge, owner Coppedge Hos- 
pital, Depew, Okla. m. 1901 Stella McNeil 
of Stillwater. 

Orville N. Coppedge (1903- ) grad. 

— 90 — 

Okla. U. Med. School, 1933; USN; brain 
and nerve specialist, Augusta, Ga. ; m. 
1929 Minnie Bess Hayes. 
Ben Coppedge (1930- ) in school 

in Augusta, Ga. 
Martha Coppedge (1934- ) b. 

Salt Lake City 
Lenore Coppedge (1911 - ) b. Bris- 

tow, Okla., m. Jess J. WOODSIDE of 
Gushing, Okla. no c. 
Sarah F. Coppedge (3 Feb. 1854- ) 

Ella Coppedge (11 Sept. 1864- ) 

Susan Coppedge (27 Oct. 1869- ) 

Lou Coppedge (20 Feb. 1858- ) 

Edward Coppedge (7 Sept. 1869 - ) ; m. Dora 


Earl Coppedge, County Commr. of Delaware 

Co., Okla., Jay, Okla. 
Henry Coppedge of Gal. 
Cassius Coppedge of Turley, Okla. 
Jim Coppedge of Gal. 
Georgia Coppedge (7 Mar. 1877 - ) 

Joseph Coppage 
Martha Coppage (Patty) 
Nancy Coppage m. Robert WILLIAMS 
Simeon Coppage m. Sally Acuff, sister of John W. and dau. 
Columbus and Mildred Rogers A. Sally Acuff Coppage 
(1794-1860) died in Morgan Co., 111. Simeon m. 1821 
John W. Coppage (1854-1900) of Hannibal, Mo. m. 
Eliz. Carter; had Belle, mother of Fred Pendle; the 
KHORTUMS of Minneapolis are descs. 
Susan E. Coppedge (27 Apr. 1824 - ) m. William 

T. BRYAN; 8 c. 
Mildred Acuff Coppage (1825- ) 

Nancy J. Coppage (1828-55) m. John Johnson of Co- 
manche, Tex. 
Rodham Coppage (1st child by 2d marriage) m. 1842 Ar- 
temisia Stewart, dau. Wm. D. 

William M. Coppage (1845- ) 

James Jay Coppage (Apr. 1847 - 1913) who may have 
been husband of Lizzie Halley at Creighton, Mo. 
Victor J. Coppage (12 May 1884 - ) 

Elsie Mary Coppage (5 Jan. 1887- ) 

Fern Coppage ( ) m. WATERMAN 

Lillie May Coppage (1876- ) 

William Wesley Coppage 

— 91 — 

Malissa Coppage 
Elizabeth Coppage 

John Coppage (John Wesley, b. 1840, of Connersville, Ind.?) 
Churchill Coppage 

Benjamin Coppage, reported as childless by Coppedges of 
Depew, Okla. 

Addendum: Line of Alta Moore Davis (page 88 supra) 
Alta Moore m. Walter H. DAVIS (deed, bv 1955) of Enumclaw. 
Lane Moore Davis (4 May 1904-8 May 1955) b. Everett, 
Wash., d. Coley, Alberta, Canada; m. Murlor Kathryn 
Darrah, 6 Sept. 1932 at Vancouver, Canada. 
Marian Murlane Davis (7 Oct. 1933- ) m. Rich- 

ard G. MEYER of Seattle, Wash., 31 Oct. 1953 
Richard Paul Meyer (10 Aug. 1954- ) of Gig 

Eleanor Alta Davis (16 March 1936- ) 

Robert Bruce Davis (4 Feb. 1945 - ) of Spokane. 

Walter Byron Davis (19 Jan. 1907- ) of Everett, 

Wash. m. Louise Beasley, 15 Aug. 1931-2 
Dorothy Alice Davis (22 Mar. 1910- ) of Ever- 

ett, Wash. m. Russie H. VINCENT of Seattle 

Laurelane Erind Vincent (12 Jan. 1942- ) of 

Virginia Lee Davis (12 June 1918- ) m. Oliver 

Cynthia Lee Hansen (19 June 1941 - ) of 

Larry Davis Hansen (21 Aug. 1942 - ) of 

Nancy Elaine Hansen (5 June 1949 - ) of 

Buckley, Wash. 
Paul Byron Hansen (12 Oct. 1952- ) of 


Note on Matthew Rodham: There is extant an old deed of 
Matthew Rodham in Northumberland to his daughter Hannah 
Neale of land to her and her husband Christopher Neale which 
Matthew provided should pass "in consideration of mine own 
alliance and the Rodhams from heire to heire forever." The 
tenor of this legal provision would lead one to believe that 
Matthew Rodham, mindful of the old legend, "A Rodham of 
Rodham forever mair," was endeavoring in a new land to create 
the counterpart of King Athelstane's grant to his ancestor. A 
careful reading of this American deed leaves one little doubt 
that Matthew Rodham was quite familiar with the history of 
his family in Northumberland, England. 

— 92 — 


Three hundred years have elapsed since five Coppidges set 
sail from old England to settle in America; they represented 
not over three males in an English wood in 1298. Today there 
are not less than 1000 bearing their name in the U.S.A. Of 
descendants in the female line there are, by conservative esti- 
mate, 20,000. America has done well by the Coppedges, as, in- 
deed, the whole world has done well, population-wise, by little 

Coppages are likeable people, more interested, perhaps, in 
sociability than money, political preferment, military distinc- 
tion, or hard work. They have answered many calls: French 
and Indian, Revolutionary, 1812, Mexican, Civil, Sioux, W.W. I, 
and W.W. II. They were with George Rogers Clark, George 
Washington, Daniel Boone, Mordecai Lincoln, Mad Anthony 
Wayne, Old Tippecanoe, George H. Thomas, Robert E. Lee, Ad- 
miral Dewey, and Dwight D. Eisenhower. Not fewer than 56 
Coppages fought in the Confederacy from ten states — all 
eleven that seceded except Florida, Louisiana, and South Caro- 
lina, and from Missouri and Kentucky, which did not secede. 
At least 24 Coppages fought in the Union Army from the 
states of Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, and Missouri; more 
served from Kentucky for the Union and from North Carolina 
and Missouri for the Confederacy. Virginia Coppedges serv- 
ed as colorbearers for both Bedford and Culpeper Counties. 

It is regrettable that so little is known of the Coppedge 
family of North Carolina; burnt courthouses and social chaos 
in that state seem to have taken their toll of records and fam- 
ily traditions. All Coppedges have readily responded to calls 
for family records except those of North Carolina, who have, 
with few exceptions, shown little interest in this history. They 
are of the same stock as Coppages of Maryland and Virginia, 
but their enthusiasm for family history is slight in compari- 
son. For some reason Coppages have avoided settling in the 
two states of South Carolina and West Virginia, though numer- 
ous all around. 

Every war sees a great increase in the number of Coppage 
enlistments. The records for World Wars I and II bewilder the 
student seeking to interpret them. Negro Coppages are num- 
erous throughout the country, as the family held slaves in most 
Southern states, who assumed the name of the family. In these 
days of controversy over segregation, it is interesting to reflect 
upon the family quarrel of Wesley Coppage and Lucinda Car- 
ter, his wife, of Harrison County, Kentucky. Lucinda wanted 

— 93 — 

the family slaves to be buried right in the family plot with 
white Coppages; but Wesley thought otherwise. So long as he 
lived the negroes were buried in a plot just outside the Coppage 
graveyard. He wanted his trusted servants near him, but not 
in with his wife and children. 

Some may think that ostentation and family pride have in- 
spired the present work. Far rather has it been prompted by a 
desire to understand just how a family transplanted to the New 
World got its start, took root, and grew until its branches reach- 
ed into every state. Total impartiality has been practiced in 
the inclusion of Coppages in this book; some have many dis- 
tinctions, others few. If they carry the genes inherited from a 
Coppage, and the family connection is traced to date, their line 
will be found herein. 

Errors inevitably creep in from the work of so many con- 
tributors; a complete index has not been made, as this book is 
but the first step. Anyway, Coppages will know where to find 
their names; others will have to spend a little time hunting. 
Thousands of miles have been covered by the authors to amass 
this much material, which is only the top of the iceberg. Thous- 
ands more Coppages are hidden in the fastnesses of mountain 
and prairie from Chesapeake to Golden Gate, whose names have 
not yet turned up. Like Micawber in Dickens's immortal David 
Copperfield, we of the Coppedge Family Association are await- 
ing that happy eventuality. 


Atltrlatan^s (Eltart^r ®n ISnbljam 

"I, King Athelstan, gives unto thee Pole Rodham 

From me and mine to thee and thine 

Before my wife Maude, my daughter Maudlin, 

And my eldest son Henry 

And for a certen truth 

I bite this wax with my gang tooth 

So long as muir bears moss 

And cnout grows hair 

A Rodham of Rodham for ever mair." 

— 94 — 



French and Indian War 

Moses Coppedge of Prince William, 1756 

George Rogers Clark Expedition 

James Coppedge of Kentucky, 1778 

American Revolution 

Augustine Coppedge of Northumberland (Ensign, 2d Lieut., 1st 

Lieut., Captain), 1776-81 
Edward Coppage of Queen Anne, 1776 
George Coppage of Fairfax, 1780 
John Coppage of Fauquier, 1777-1781 (Cavalry) 
Philemon Coppage of Queen Anne (1st Lieut.), 1776 
Thomas Coppedge of Northumberland, 1776-1778 
Joseph Dameron, Jr. at Guilford C. H., 1781 

Indian Spy with Whitty, Wayne, and Lincoln 

William Coppage of Kentucky, 1787-95 

Tecumseh's Conspiracy 

William Coppage of Nelson, 1811 (Battle of Tippecanoe) 

War of 1812 

John Coppage of Rappahannock, 1813 
Thomas (Coppedge, Jr. of Bedford, 1813 

Black Hawk War 

George Ball Dameron, 1832 (Colonel) 

Creek War 

John W. Coppedge of Georgia, 1836 (Mounted Infantry) 

Mexican War 

Benjamin F. Coppage, Co. B, Santa Fe Bn., Columbia, Mo., 1848 
Caswell Francis Coppage of Missouri, 1846 (Santa Fe Battalion, 

Big Bend) 
Charles F. Coppage, 1st Ky. Mtd. Vols. 

Joseph William Coppage of Illinois (Major in Mormon War) 
Thomas Lunsford Coppedge of Bedford, 1846 (Monterey) 

— 95 — 

American Civil War 

Alexander W. Coppage, 

Co. B, 91st 111. Vols. 
Asa W. Coppage, Troop F, 

1st Ky. Cav. 
Charles Wm. Coppage, 

17th Ind. Inf. 
DeWitt C. Coppage, Co. F, 

8th Ky. Cav. 
*Eli]ah A. Coppage, Co. F, 

8th Ky. Vols. 
*George Coppage, Co. D, 

1st Ky. Cav. 
Hardin Coppage, Co. B, 

1st Ky. Cav. 
* Harvey Coppage of Ky. 
James J. Coppage, Co. D, 

4th Ky. Mtd. Inf. 
James McK. Coppage, 

Co. B, 35th 0. Vols. 
Jos. Wm. Coppage, Co. I, 

129th 111. Vols. 
John S. Coppage, Co. M, 

3d Ky. Cav. 

Adam Clark Coppedge, 

Co. I, 3rd Mo. Cav. 
Alexander D. Coppage, 

Co. C, 30th Va. Inf. 
Benjamin Coppage, 

Co. H, 57th Ala. Inf. 
C. S. Coppage, 

Co. I, 5th Ga. Res. 
Charles Clark Coppage, 

Co. F, 19th Tex. Inf. 
Charles Henrv Coppedge. 

Co. D, 47th N. C. 
Christopher M. Coppage, 

Co. C, 1st N.E. Mo. Cav. 
Daniel L. Coppage, 

Co. C, 1st N.E. Mo. Cav. 
F. C. Coppedge, 

Co. G, 60th Ga. Inf. 

John W. Coppedge, Co. A, 

Marion Co., Mo. Home Gds. 
John W. Coppage, U.S.N. 
Joseph Coppage, Co. F, 

8th Ky. Cav. 
Joseph F. Coppage, 

Co. D, 1st Ky. Cav. 
Marcellus Cain Coppage, 

14th Ind. Inf. 
Mary Finney Coppage, U.S. 

Vol. Nurses (Nashville) 
Philip B. Coppage, 

Co. M, 3d Ky. Cav. 
Robert Coppage, Co. B, 

35th 0. Vols. 

Wm. Mason Coppage, 
Co. L, 7th Ky. Cav. 

Wm. Richd. Coppage, 
Co. B, 35th 0. Vols. 

Wm. T. Coppedge, 
Co. L, B, Mo. Cav. 

Wm. T. Coppage, Mo. Vols. 


John Coppedge, 

Co. F, 47th Tenn. Inf. 
John H. Coppedge, 

Co. I, 18th Ga. Inf. 
John Hill Coppedge, 

Co. E, 43rd N. C. Inf. 
Jordan Coppedge, 

Co. B. 13th N. C. Inf. 
Joseph Coppage, 

Co. B, 66th N. C. Inf. 
Joseph S. Coppedge, 

Co. B, 42nd Miss. Inf. 
J. W. Coppage, 

Co. B, 6th Mo. Cav. 
J. W. Coppedge, 

Co. C, 4th Va. Cav. 
Lewis Joseph Coppage, 

Co. I, 11th Va. Inf. 

— 96 — 

P'ielding T. Coppage, 

Co. E, 10th Mo. Inf. 
Geo. Jackson Coppage, 

Co. I, 12th Tenn. Cav. 
Geo. W. Coppedge, Co. B, 

13th Bn, 66th N. C. Inf. 
Greenberry B. Coppedge, 

Co. A, 26th Ark. Inf. 
H. T. Coppage, 

Co. I, 5th Ga. Res. 
Henry Coppedge, 

Co. C, Columbus, Ga. Rd. 
Hiram Coppage, 

Co. B, 66th N. C. Inf. 
Hiram J. Coppage, 

Co. K, 44th N. C. Inf. 
Houston Harrison Coppedge, 

Co. I, 3rd Mo. Cav. 
Isaac Wesley Coppedge, 

Co. A, 9th Tenn. Inf. 
J. E. Coppage, 

Co. H, 7th Ga. Mil. 
J. L. Coppage, Co. A, 

Whiteside, Ga., Nav. Bn. 
J. M. Coppage, 

Co. F, 28th Tenn. Inf. 
James A. Coppedge, 

Co. 6, 10th Mo. Inf. 
James A. Coppage, 

Co. G, 16th Tenn. Inf. 
James A. Coppage, 

Co. B, 28th Cons. Tenn. Inf. 
James Bailie Coppedge, 

Co. E, 8th Mo. Inf. 
James G. Coppedge, 

Co. B, 42nd Miss. Inf. 
James J. Coppedge, 

Co. C, 45th Ga. Inf. 
James R. Coppage, 

Co. C, 49th Va. Inf. 
Jasper N. Coppage, Co. B, 
28th Cons. Tenn. Inf. 

Lewis M. Coppage, 

Co. I, 9th Mo. Cav. 
*Neil Coppage, 

Co. A, 16th Tex. Cav. 
Richard Coppage, 

Co. D, 30th Va. Inf. 
Richard Coppage, 

Co. D, 47th Va. Inf. 
Robert Coppage, 

Co. K, 7th Va. Inf. 
Simeon B. Coppage, 

Co. C, 1st N.E. Mo. Cav. 
Thomas Coppedge, 

Co. B, 92nd. Va. Inf. 
Thomas C. Coppage, 

Co. K, 44th N. C. Inf. 
William B. Coppage, 

Co. A, 1st N. C. Inf. 
William Augusta Coppage, 

Co. B, 13th Va. Inf. 

(Col. Sgt.) 
William D. Coppage, 

Co. K, 18th Tenn. Inf. 
William F. Coppage, 

Co. A, 8th N. C. Inf. 
William H. Coppedge, 

Co. B, 2nd Ga. Inf. 
* William H. Coppage, 

Co. A, 16th Tex. Cav. 
Wm. Lyndsey Coppedge, 

Colonel Co. K, 7th Tex. Inf. 
W. 0. Coppage, 

Co. F, 2nd Ky. Mtd. Inf. 
Wm. T. Coppedge, 

Co. B, 5th Ky. Cav. 
Wm. T. Coppage, 

Co. C, 1st N.E. Mo. Cav. 
Wm. T. Coppage, 

Co. I, 11th Va. Inf. 
Wm. T. Coppage, 
Co. I, 34th Va. Inf. 
(Col. Cpl.) 

*Five brothers from Kentucky. 

Sioux War 
Lewis Cass Coppage of Kentucky, 1878-1880 (Ft. Sully, Dak. 

— 97 — 

Spanish-American War 

Lewis Coppedge of Tennessee (Philippines) 

World War I (1917-1918) 

John H. Coppage, overseas 1918-19 (wounded Battle of Meuse- 
Argonne, 26 Sept. 1918) and over 200 other Coppages and 
Coppedges from all parts of the U. S. Coppedge Family Assn. 
has vital statistics on all of these. 

World War II (1941-45) 

Francis I. Coppage, Sr. (Silver Star) 
Coppages from all parts of the U. S. 

and hundreds of other 
Records not searched. 

— 98 — 


1948 President — Dr. John E. Manahan, Radford College, 

Radford, Va. 
V. Pres. — A. Max Coppage, Box 166, Hale, Missouri 
Sec'y- — Harold E. Coppage, 4201 54th Place, Sunny- 
brook, Hyattsville, Md. 

1949 President — A. Max Coppage, 1200 Fairfax St., Radford, 


V.-Pres. — Harold E. Coppage, 4201 54th Place, Sunny- 
brook, Hyattsville, Md. 

Sec'y.-Treas. — Ruth G. Coppage, 4201 54th Place, Sun- 
nybrook, Hyattsville, Md. 

1950 President — Harold E. Coppage, 4201 54th Place, Sunny- 

brook, Bladensburg, Md. 

1st V.-Pres. — Everett Coppage, Madison, Va. 

2nd V.-Pres. — Emory H. Coppedge, 1712 White Ave., 
Knoxville, Tenn. 

Treas. — Mrs. Norman P. Coffin. 6207 42nd Ave., Hyatts- 
ville, Md. 

Sec'y- — Ruth G. Coppage, 4201 54th Place, Sunnybrook, 
Bladensburg, Md. 

1951 President — Emilv Virginia Mills, 715 W. Barraque St., 

Pine Bluff, Ark. 
1st V.-Pres. — Mrs. H. Ross Coppage, Bergner Mansion, 

Gwynn's Falls Park, Baltimore 16, Md. 
2nd V.-Pres. -— Alton B. Coppage, Church Hill, Md. 
Treas. — Christine Coppage, 1427 S. 2nd St., Louisville, 

Sec'y- — Mrs. E. Mayo Calloway, 6711 Lee Highway, E. 

Falls Church, Va. 

1952 President — Mrs. J. E. Brickert, 10 W. Bellefonte Ave., 

Alexandria, Va. 
1st V.-Pres. — Emory H. Coppedge, The Park Hotel, 

Knoxville, Tenn. 
2nd V.-Pres. — Cecil R. Coppedge, Etlan, Va. 
Treas. — Jack Griffey, Route 1, Adams, Tenn. 
Sec'y. — Mrs. Minnie Coppedge Johnston, 5510 Center 

St., Chevy Chase, Md. 

1953 President — Mrs. H. Ross Coppage, Bergner Mansion, 

Gwynn's Falls Park, Baltimore 16, Md. 
V.-Pres. — Jack Griffey, Route 1, Box 57, Adams, Tenn. 
Treas. — Francis L Coppage, 2222 Cecil Ave., Baltimore 

18, Md. 
Sec'y. — Mrs. Mary Coppage Fuerst, Box 24, Rock Hall, 


— 99 — 

1954 President — Cecil R. Coppedge, Etlan, Va. 

1st V.-Pres. — Mrs. Helen Reagan, Smithfield, Texas. 

2nd V.-Pres. — John H. Coppage, 34 Hopkins Place, Bal- 
timore 1, Md. 

Sec'y- — Mrs. Ruth Utz, Culpeper, Va. 

Treas. — Francis I. Coppage, Sr., 223 Spring Ave., Luth- 
erville, Md. 

1955 President — John H. Coppage, 34 Hopkins Place, Balti- 

more 1, Md. 
1st V.-Pres. — Mrs. Linnie Raney, 4030 Henderson Ave., 

Louisville 13, Ky. 
2nd V.-Pres. — Mrs. Minnie Coppedge Johnston, 5510 

Center St., Chevy Chase, Md. 
Treas. — Francis I. Coppage, Sr., 223 Spring Ave., Luth- 

erville, Md. 
Sec'y- — Katherine Coppedge, Lilian, Va. 

Directors for 1955: 

Christine Coppage, 1631 Beechwood Ave., Louisville, Ky. 
Lawrence Coppage, 62 Park St., Tenafly, N. J. 
J. Beauchamp Coppedge, 10 Vernon Road, N. W., Atlan- 
ta, Ga. 
Mrs. Ida Belle Evans, Bradfordsville, Ky. 
Edwin Overstreet, 152 Main St., Newark, Delaware 
Mrs. Betty C. Stevens, 3219 Porttis Place, St. Louis, Mo. 

Past Directors: 

A. Max Coppage, Osie R. Coppage, W. Everett Coppage, 
Dr. John E. Manahan, Emily Virginia Mills, Lemuel A. 
Coppage, J. Beauchamp Coppedge, Robert W. Coppedge, 
Dr. H. Ross Coppage, E. J. Coppage, Charlotte Coppage, 
Ruth Coppedge, Mrs. M. C. Johnston, Mrs. Ollie Coppage 
Ireland, Mrs. Benjamin L. Coppage, Rawlins Moore, Don 
Coppedge, H. Basye Coppedge, Roland Martin Watkins, 
Mrs. E. Mayo Calloway, Alton B. Coppage, Mrs. J. N. 
Nuckols, Miss Reba Jennings, Gilbert Smith, Mrs. Rob- 
ert Richardson, Jack Griffey, Harold C. Coppage, St. 
Clair Brooks, Delmar D. Coppage, Mary Susie Coppedge, 
Dr. Thomas Nelson Coppedge, Mrs. Everette P. Coppedge, 
Frank 0. Coppedge, Mrs. Will Ford High, Don Coppedge, 
Mrs. R. B. Jones, Raney Coppadge, Mrs. Tom Cheairs, 
Mrs. B. Clay Coppage, Mrs. John A. Riley, Mrs. Harold 
E. Coppage, Cecil R. Coppedge, Mrs. J. E. Brickert, Lloyd 
Beeks Coppedge, Mrs. H. Ross Coppage, Harold E. Cop- 

— 100 — 
























WM. E. 


WM. S. 


CHAS. 0. 

WM. E. 











































WM. A. 



WM. R. 


WM. W. 






















— 101 — 


Formation meeting of Association, Culpeper, Virginia, 1947 

I. Tides Inn, Irvington, Virginia, September 1, 1948 

President: Dr. John E. Manahan, Radford, Virginia 

II. Hotel Phoenix, Lexington, Kentucky, August 20-22, 1949 

President: A. Max Coppage, Hale, Missouri 

III. Hotel Roosevelt, Washington, D. C, September 2, 1950 

President: Harold E. Coppage, 4201 54th Place, Sun- 
nybrook, Hyattsville (Bladensburg) , Md. 

IV. Hotel Marion, Little Rock, Arkansas, August 24-26, 1951 

President: Miss Emily Virginia Mills, 715 W. Barra- 
que St., Pine Bluff, Arkansas 

V. Carvel Hall, Annapolis, Maryland, August 23-25, 1952 

President: Mrs. J. E. Brickert, 10 W. Belief onte Ave., 
Alexandria, Va. 

VI. Hotel Hermitage, Nashville, Tennessee, Aug. 21-23, 1953 

President: Mrs. H. Ross Coppage, Bergner Mansion, 
Gwynn's Falls Park, Baltimore, Md. 

VII. Hotel Jefferson, Richmond, Virginia, August 27-28, 1954 

President: Cecil R. Coppedge, Etlan, Virginia 

VIII. Hotel Sheraton-Gibson, Cincinnati, Ohio, August 26, 27, 
28, 1955 

President: John H. Coppage, 34 Hopkins Place, Bal- 
timore 1, Maryland (Distribution of The Coppedge 
Family, 1542 - 1955 to members) 

IX. Baltimore, Maryland, August 1956. 

President: Quinton Coppage, Hendersonville, Tenn. 
1st V.-Pres.: Robert Richardson, Hamilton, Ohio. 
2nd V.-Pres.: Marie S. Coppage, Church Hill, Md. 
Treasurer: Francis I. Coppage, Lutherville, Md. 
Historians: John E. Manahan and A. Max Coppage 
Directors: Mrs. Ruth Utz, Culpeper, Va. 

Alton B. Coppage, Church Hill, Md. 

Dr. Benjamin C. Willis, Chicago, 111. 

Mrs. Helen Reagan, Smithfield, Texas 

Cecil R. Coppedge, Etlan, Va. 

John E. Manahan, Scottsville, Va. 

— 102 



Ethelfleda of Mercia 
Elfwina of Mercia 
Leofwine of Mercia 
Leofric the Great 

(husband of Godiva) 
Algar of Mercia 
Lucia of Mercia 
Oughtred de Bolton 
Hugo de Bothelton 
Wm. de Bothelton 
Thomas de Boulton 
Sir Robt. Boulton, Earl 
Thos. de Bolton 
John de Bolton 
John de Bolton 
John Bolton, M.P. 
John Bolton, M.P. 

Margaret Bolton 
Nicholas Gascoigne 
Henry Gascoigne 
Francis Gascoigne 
Henry Gascoigne 
Thomas Gaskins 
Alice Gaskins 
Elizabeth Taylor 
Edmond Basye 
Elizabeth Basye 
John Coppedge, Jr. 
(Chapter Five) 

Note : There are obviously too 
few Boltons and too many 
Bacons in these lines, from 
The Bolton Book and Your 
Family Tree. 


Henry I 

Robert the Consul 
Maud de Gloucester 
Hugh of Chester 
Lady de Meschines 
Richard Bacun 
Sir Robert Bacon 
Sir Thomas Bacon 
Sir Henry Bacon, 

bro. Friar Roger 
Sir Henry Bacon 
Sir Roger Bacon 
Beatrice Bacon 
William Thorpe 
John Thorpe 
Margery Thorpe 
Edmund Bacon 
John Bacon 
Robert Bacon 
Sir Nicholas Bacon 

Anne Bacon 

sister Sir Francis 

Gov. Henry Woodhouse 
Capt. Henry Woodhouse 
Elizabeth Woodhouse 
David Meriwether 
Susanna Meriwether 
David Catlett 
William Catlett 
John Catlett 
Mary Jane Catlett 
m. Moses Coppedge 

(Chapter Eight) 

— 103 


Prince Henry 
David of Huntingdon 
Margaret of Huntingdon 
Helen McDonal 
Eliz. de. Quincey 
Agnes Comyn 
Robt., Earl Angus 
Thomas Umfraville 
Sir Thomas Umfraville 
Agnes Umfraville 
Margaret Haggerston 
Thomas Swynborne 
George Swynborne 
Lucy Swynborne 
Robert Roddam 
Edmund Rodham 
Matthew Rodham 
Elizabeth Rodham 
Elizabeth Kenner 

Lucy Lunsford 
m. Charles Coppedge 

(Chapters Four, Six, 
Seven, Eight and Nine) 

Recent research, at vari- 
ance with the above line by 
David Starr Jordan, gives a 
more desirable progenitor: 


Prince Hugh Magnus 

Isabel de Vermandois 

Robert de Beaumont 

Robert de Beaumont 

Margaret Bellomont 

Roger de Quincey 

Ela de Quincey 

Eudo la Zouche 

Eleanor le Zouche 

Sir Wm. Harcourt 

Sir Richd. Harcourt 

Eliz. Harcourt 

Margt. Astley 

John de la Lee 

Johannes Lee 

Thomas Lee 

Humphrey Lee 

John Lee 

Richard Lee 

Richard Lee 

Elizabeth Lee 

Elizabeth Howson 

Anne Ball 

Travers Downman 

Mary Downman 
m. John Coppage 

(Chapter Seven) 


Ragnhild of Man 
Reginald of the Isles 
Ragnhild of the Isles 
Helen McDonal 
Eliz. de Quincey, etc. 

The Lees (supra) descend 
also from the Blounts of Sod- 
ington, the Cornwalls of Kin- 
let, the Albinis, and the 
Someris of Dudley Castle in 
Staffordshire (p. 109, infra). 

104 — 





William Coppedge 

William Coppidge 

Richard Coppidge 
X X 
X X 
X X 

Anne Howson 

Leonard Howson 
Elizabeth Lee 

X Howson 
X X 

Col. Richard Lee 
Anne Constable 

Edmond Basye 

X X 



Elizabeth Taylor 

John Taylor 
Alice Gaskins 

X X 
Thomas Gaskins 
Elizabeth Gamelyn 


Lawrence Dameron 




Christo. Garlington 
X X 



Capt. George Ball 

Grace Haynie 

Capt. William Ball 
Margt. Williamson 

Anthony Haynie 
Sarah Harris 

Col. William Ball 
Hannah Atherold 
James Williamson 
Mary Underwood 

Capt. John Haynie 
Jane Morris 
Maj. John Harris 

105 — 



GT. GT. 


Charles Coppedge 
Chas. Coppedge Jr. Lucy Lunsford 

George Dameron 
Judith Dameron Margaret Taylor 

William Downman 
Travers Downman Anne Ball 

Grace Ball 

Samuel Scott 

Christian Mitchell 

Edmond Basye 

Winifred Taylor 

Capt. George Ball 
Grace Haynie 

Anthony Scott 
Jane James 

Cornelius Mitchell 
Bridget Coburn 

Isaac Basye 
Elizabeth Pope 

Benjamin Taylor 
Elizabeth Waters 

William Coppedge 
Anne Howson 
John Lunsford 
Elizabeth Kenner 

George Dameron 
Elizabeth Dennis 
Lazarus Taylor 
Mary Vezey 

William Downman 
Million Travers 
Maj. James Ball 
Elizabeth Howson 

Capt. William Ball 
Margt. Williamson 
Anthony Haynie 
Sarah Harris 

X X 

Francis James 
Margaret Sherwood 






Edmond Basye 
Elizabeth Taylor 
John Pope 

John Taylor, Jr. 
Ann Vezey 
John Waters 
Katherine Young 

For Vezey see Page 58. 

— 106 — 


The Coppedges in Chapters Four, Six, Seven, Eight, and 
Nine are all descendants of a Roman Catholic boy who came 
with Calvert to Maryland on the first two ships "Ark and 
Dove" in 1634 to St. Mary's, just across the water from North- 
umberland, Va. The antecedents of Matthew Rodham, like those 
of so many of Lord Baltimore's persecuted Catholics from the 
North of England were aristocratic. 

Matthew Rodham (1620-92) was apparently a younger son, 
contributed by his mother to Lord Baltimore's experiment. He 
married Elizabeth Hewitt, dau. Robert Hewitt of Isle of Kent, 
Md. (who sheathed the pinnace ''Long Tayle" for Claiborne) 
who m. (1) Elizabeth and (2) Hannah (stepmother of Eliza- 
beth Rodham) ; Hannah remarried Hugh Lee of Md. and Va., 
who thus became step-stepfather-in-law of Matthew Rodham of 
Northumberland and Westmoreland. Hannah traveled at her 
own expense to Holland while King Charles was in exile there. 
Presumably her family were Royalists, sojourning there dur- 
ing Roundhead ascendancy in England. The Roddams in Eng- 
land owned a ruined tower in the North ; the Greys owned Chil- 
lingham and the Forsters were custodians of Bamborough Cas- 
tle; the Swynbornes owned Edlingham Castle and the Ogles 
held Bothal. The Haggerstons lived in Haggerstone Castle and 
the Umfravilles had Harbottle Castle. Alnwick Castle was the 
Percys' showplace, and in the remote ancestry of the Roddams 
was Emperor Frederick Barbarossa of Germany, possessor of 
the finest castles of Europe. Apparently some lingering memo- 
ries of bygone magnificence must have passed down to the Cop- 
pedges, Lunsfords, Pritchards, Kenners, Neales, Pecks, Starkes, 
Tulloses, Harcums, Carters and others who passed the given 
name Rodham down from generation to generation. The sur- 
names in the ancestry of Matthew Rodham are schematically 
arranged below: 








— 107 — 




SWYNBORNE (who died bearing OGLE BERTRAM 

Richard HFs standard at Bosworth) RODHAM 








The author in 1953 visited Sewingshields, the old Palace of 
King Arthur on the Roman Wall of Hadrian, dwelling of Urien's 
seven daughters who loved Adolf of Bambrough in Sir Walter 
Scott's "Harold the Dauntless," which belonged to the Herons 
of Chipchase Castle (supra). There he found the stone of Gel- 
lius Philippus being used as a door-stop after almost 2000 years. 
An apocryphal legend assigns the Roddams' original land grant 
from King Athelstane to Pole Rodham; Rudham was a man of 
fair lands about Till until he married one of Umflavyle's daugh- 
ters and killed a man of name. An old poem runs, "While Sheep 
grows Wool and Cow grows Hair, A Roddam of Roddam for 
Evermair." Sir John Roddam, who married the heiress of 
Houghton Tower, was killed on Palm Sunday, 1461, fighting for 
the Red Rose of Lancaster along with the Earl of Northumber- 
land. The first Matthew Roddam was nephew to Gilbert Swyn- 
borne, who bore the Boar-standard of King Richard III at Bos- 
worth Field in 1485. Our Matthew was Sir John's descendant 
in the 5th generation. Often when the male line of the Rod- 
dams has expired their distaff descendants have resumed the 
name, which means "Village (hamlet) at the Cross (Rood)" 
just as Holyrood Palace means Holy Cross Palace. Roddam was 
raided by Scots in 1533 and the Tower was uninhabitable by 

108 — 









IT — ^ 

i X 






$ia. Sn^Und 

y^'^ • \ -^ 

7Ax '(Si^cu.--^ 

( t 

V «- 



All the Coppedges who descend from the Rodhams also have 
a line of descent from the valiant but often wicked Limsfords, 
through the erstwhile Captain of London Tower, outlaw, Cava- 
lier General, and Secretary of the Va. Colony, "the unlovely 
knight" Sir Thomas Lunsford, a redhead who crippled himself 
escaping from prison. Crozier's Virginia Heraldica (page 40) 
expresses the view, shared by the authors, that William Luns- 
ford, Esq. was son of Sir Thomas by his wife Catherine Neville 
of Billingsbere, Berks. Sir Thomas's orphan daughters were 
sent back to England to subsist upon the bounty of Sir John 
Thoroughgood, who had married their grandmother. Sir 
Thomas's estate went to his (third) Virginia wife. William 
was left to fend for himself in Northumberland,, where tradi- 
tion says he married a Blackwell (a Griffin seems more likely) 
and he left William Jr. and John, whose wife was either a Ken- 
ner or Griffin, by whom he had Rodham, Moses, Mrs. Sutton, 
and Mrs. Charles Coppedge. Most of the aristocracy of the 
south and west of England were in the Lunsford and Neville an- 
cestry, including Fludd, Queen Elizabeth's Treasurer of War 
and his son. Dr. Robert, Rosicrucian. One of Wm. Lunsford's 
ancestors had 62.5% the same blood as King Edward IV and 
the wicked Richard IIL Being in the highest circles of aristoc- 
racy these people beheaded, attainted, outlawed, and murdered 
each other, '^hey adhered, for the most part, to the predomin- 
antly wicked side in the Wars of the Roses, that of the White 
Rose of York. George Washington's ancestors, on the other 
hand, were supporters of the better side, that of the Red Rose 
of Lancaster; the Father of His Country was born at Wake- 
field, named for a great Lancastrian victory in England's sec- 
ond most significant civil war. A schematic diagram of the 
Lunsford ancestry by surnames can be examined below: 










— 110 — 

























Sir Thomas Lunsford lies buried in Bruton Churchyard, Wil- 
liamsburg, Va. His tombstone was erected by a Ludwell. 

— Ill 


SARAH COPPAGE (ca. 1725 - 1765) married General WILLIAM 

CUMMINGS (1725-1793) born in Inverness, Scotland; died 

at Linganore Hills, Maryland. They had 

Sarah Cummings m. Edward DORSEY of Maryland; descs. 

Jane Cummings m. John MCELFRESH of Md.; descs. 

Catherine Cummings m. Richard SIMPSON, Jr. of Md.; 

Thomas Cummings m. Ann Clay; descs. 
Anna Cummings 

Elizabeth Cummings m. (1) John CAMPBELL, no c. ; (2) 
Nicholas HOBBS. 

Elizabeth C. Hobbs m. Peter CRAPSTER 

William H. Crapster m. Mary E. Hollingsworth 
William H. Crapster, Jr. m. Fanny Lee Wright 
Mary Crapster 
Robert Norman Crapster 
Marv Elizabeth Crapster (1802- ) of 

Shelby Co., Ky. m. Ammon G. OTTEN- 
William Norman Ottenville 
A. G. Ottenville, Jr. of Nashville, Tenn. • 
Note: This Sarah Coppage has not been placed with certainty 
in the early generations of the Maryland family. Her father 
may have been Philip I, William, his son, or Philip II. The 
latter two seem more likely possibilities in view of her probable 
birth date after 1720. It is not likely that she was Philip II's 
widow, as she died in 1759 and Sarah Cummings was still liv- 
ing in 1765. For other descendants see Descendants of Valen- 
tine Hollingsworth, Sr. 

— 112 — 


First Generation 

(Immigrant Coppedge) : 


2d Generation: 


3d Generation: 


4th Generation: 


5th Generation: 


6th Generation: 


7th Generation: 


8th Generation: 


9th Generation: 


10th Generation: 


11th Generation: 


12th Generation: 


— 113 — 

— 114-