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Full text of "A copy of a letter sent from New England, to Friends [manuscript]"

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; & ROB I..NSO N'S 

; L TO END! COT. ; \ 




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«•»■ ^^ CCear &*up6 fi^c^^~~ A*u^<6e£w&cp *£ S&v Th**** — 


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Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2013 


j\ Copy of A Letter jenV /rom Charley fcta L King ^ £nejan4. 

fo I lew EJneJcmd * 


TVu/f/ g> vve lltdouccl ,\ -Ke r O reei yo u We jj ♦ 
Haviine bcert.Itvformed HUV .£ cue mil ofow^S\.\VuaYs amoa^ho^JMUdUv, 
Kc^,hatLc been & *are Imr>tt[on.ed by.yoii.w/iero-j-* j'orne Iruiuf^beeji L-xecuted^ oihei 
$s KafViVCeV riprcfenbed vnfo v^ '.ir-i/tn cl^necr.^-o ¥T\a£r&<vs the. Like • Wee hau'e- 
thou&ht- A "# to ^-i&tufu ouy 1 Plea/ure in Hiai behofe for the future , -And do Hev^ 

Hau'tne bcertJtiformcdthaV.£cucrall f our/5_ubiecrs amon^hoii ; vMUdvvu; 
ker* kaw?. been & *are Impn/pned by .you^whero-j* j'ornc Iruiuf been L-xecuied^ others 
rtmi'fcfeV reprcfenh&d vnbo v^ ar.eln danger to vna^fig^e the Like j Wee haue-^ 
wJ^feWi'H' tV^iwu^B ouyPlcajlvrc in H^t VhaljVfor thejfu-hire, -And do Hereby 
Rectuire.that-trfrherc be anv of* tho/e People called \Luak<?J\^ amongst you. no w&ll-. 
ready Condemned bojWer Peath, of- other Corporall Pimi/hmcnts, of that arelmpri: 

id ) !iw<r utro rnif. our i\nag,ci9iH o.t juut,icv;a ; trop«ratr wit 

dt*Qfi&$ there Charge, t the end/iuh Coarf 

awAalbc ai£*«*fel« hoour Lawes^theire Demvrri't5> -And j-or joe doine^bkeje 

ouv-LeHeo/^albe/our Waffvintsf ru//1'cienf Dljcbar^z ♦ 

Giuen aiouf Cfouf^aVV\ r hiheHAlV;He p^d^yofS^Hmher.l 6 6l ♦ 
m the 15 yeare oj-. our -Retg,ne, * ;- 

By fii.5 M-aiejtie5 Command/ 
William JMorris * 

To ou rTru/ty * M/el/be/oued lofrn lnclicot JDicjui^fe 
b all^ euery other the. (Lotiernour, or (jouerpour^.ofour- 
Plantrah'on of new England; & of' a// bhe &fta»tfi Hniite 
Vn'h belonging,, thai now aYcy r here aff erjh a| be ; 
And to all 8s euery the- Mmiffer.^ Officers tkere^jj^ 
OarJaUPinnrafion,fcColUnies Whatsoever, in fhe- 
ConhiunV of n*vv England * 


i\ L/Opy oj\A Letter Jcnt from J\LewFn£j;md y to JcnencL * 

The 2. mgM- after w ee we^hed Atxckor from HeDow/ics.wTsehad. A^cabsWm 85 
were Suddenly mi fhe tii & h^urj?nie4 wi^ n U^hiHwind^ were e,r*c.a4-ly deliueredwi^ 
^he U|c cf our mAtiae Jayk; Wee kad a very ccmfo^able ^Jsa^e ben^ Iu/^ ^ weeks • 
Wee were bro^M, nere the Laud ,n a mcnfWs time, but niebf w^ prib'y b.rd J 
W^rhcr onrheCoaJt^greatr^rm^but were prej'erued m all^the Pre/ence af 
th* Lord ^i wifk V^ . wh,„ wee came mto BcjWn Harbour, many came 


on XhJp-board y for l^ewes U Letters •, Butwerz jome what struck inAmaz.e,whe» 
they S.w whc-»V wee vvere /foe wet were free to deliuer Hem bheire Letters and 
they pajst<\ away; Jo /continued on Ship bo^rd, waiting, tojee what would be^. 
done, expecting, wee migbt \>efentfor,8( finding other wife , the Mafter 6* nry.felfe 
j^itfed our Pelues to go on fhoare,to deliuer cur Letter, to the Gouernour;When Urc 
Came©nJhea.rc',wec/ounc\ all very/hll,& aver/e,re»r catme; the moderate ~ 
$c>c\ (as 1 met them) Reioyced t©j"ee me ,^/ome o^rhe violent wee me has men 
Chained, & bowed downed could nob looKe \?s in the face (the weight of <juilf_- 
beingon them) • Soe wee pajsed 'to the. Go\iernour,whUh SomQ f the per/ecu: 
h>rs perceinin^hajVed Hither bejor vs/ when wee Came be/ore the Gouernour, 
arhis houfe, fodph Gold/mitt (ma/Hr^+kettejSdOdcliuerd him. Hie Letter; 
Soe he required our hats to be pulled oJf,& bid that theyjhould be e^iuen i>s a: 
game, bhen he opened t In eLe-ttcrfr looked on WM had few words to V5,onl/ 
af^ed me., why I came ag,aine/ft»Wi^ Jdi'd not j"€nd/orm//amtly to£n£)&*4, 1 
to Joe wee pajje<^ a.way,& went bo vipj^our/r-tend* tnprtjon,vvhich were 
lohn Smith fo h*$ vvi^fe,^ JoKn Chamber! am e ofBoJlon/ the Woman had been 
apr-t/one** hvo yeares ; Joe on tke/irf^day oj-±he weeke, the C<m/3-ablesin 
Hie /ore parto^the day,wa.cA.t three houjes to (ookejfor ty, bu>we were on.; 
chipboard ;Bwt about noone wee went-onjhoare, ft were ft* a mecHne,aV John 
ClaamloerU'ms Hou/*e ; on the morrowlpn/jred Hxialem; where I was re^ 
ceiued wibhmuch loy &e,ladnep of heart, by many of the people oj thtTowne- 
And manyj/riencU did •accompany mee into the ^o wn e, to my Pvve II ine,. where 
Ifound all things weU y the LORDhauine, been (inmy ab/encc y )A/abherh>rny 
Children ,£H Ahufband bo my Wife ;And though Cruelty baiK greatly abound- 
ed ,yeb hr'uVh hath here gotten p refy much around o/fkeAduer/ary/gs 
the Comine, o/our^hip is o/ t>ery wonder/u/| /CKu ice, /or fheBo we l/i 
0/ bhe Mode rat ej'ort arc g,rear1y re^rejhed, through out the Co u n try y and 
many mo ufhes are now opened, which before VArere jhutt, %Jom€ offhem 
liow JayJ+s the Wellcomejt j*up that- euer ame info this Lanc\, fc 
the We o/jfriends one to another,m fendine, the Sh\p onthi'sAccount^-o 
preaches muoVi in this place, & theJeruiceo/U 15 1 » ke to be pery g,reat ; 
A General! Courl- is now Called ,#> the Mint/ber^ are. «a|Jo ifummonecl ■ 
toBofton/or Counfell; But wee remain^ cjuter-'in ovirHaVi^aVi.onS ♦ 
Ibjuah t^ovithwick &<[4ichola5 Phelps are well; lo/ia/j was whi/ 5 ^3 times r 
&s bhis John ChamberlaiV2e<abouej'c'iid)habh been vWu>h Mine Wmes ar- 
bhe CAPUTS --TAYLE .beca/e hejuffers Arnezhins, afh»5 Houfo 
WorJI is coMie jFrom the Courh"Huittfie/enjkn4 afFreTenj-fo = 
Lerouirf riends HxaV arc PW/oners, 5s ar Pre/cnf- roleH ftwUws 
alone, and to Jend anA§enl/or Englnnd. a%our fheBu/»nej5* 

<3amewell bh^Hock * 


Rpv\pK Gold/mitt tAJo vsmtt h> London. Jrom Bofton (bearing, daVe fhe. 
KnHi day- o/M\e fenfhMonBt i 6 6l).Tfca+Fnends(*-kePnJoner\$ a= 
to^c menHoned^are reteajed oufo/ Pr[fon,An<l Hia+ M-tckolasVp- 
j1ial|,vtrho haVh been Butti/ked jfiue yeax^es, & Imprisoned abouffyvo /c\r<?sof' ^elea/ed # A(/oc.H»af TmH haVh e^enV Dominion in Hie Land » 


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HI mMm* mM 

■ ■- ■ '■ ■ ■ till yet z v " 


-'./vit, V