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fc-;^ii'_JiiMiiL.E .^•-■^■^Jki.^.^A.^. 



- -..-..iJ^-^'.^-. 











18 77. 

laot vM* 

ITU tlgkt^ JVUWiy 3VniU*»M ^.MfelM to OJi Jfi^wJn* Ji mMrwrf.] 


- lat 
Ebkici ; OB, Mr Pathbm's Sitt. 

CbsptcT XII. Ooldiuid Grief. I 

„ XIII. The Savyei'B Pm^er 6 

XIV. >>'ot far to seek B 

XV. Brooght to BsDk IS 

XVI. Tttm and Inflm IB 

XVII. Hani Bnd Soft 129 

XVIII. Out of the Golden Gate 134 

XIX. luside the Channel 189 

XX. Bruntaea 143 

XXI. ListleM US 

„ XXIL IleUyBairen , M3 

XXni. Betfy's Tnle SM 

„ XXIV. Betty's Tale {contiiKed) 878 

„ XXV. Betay'i Tale [ivncltidtd) 877 

XXVI. At the Bank 3U 

XXni. Coujin Montagu* 89S 

„ XXVIII. A Check 898 

XXIX. At the Pump 408 

„ XXX. Cocka nnd Coxcombs 017 

XXXI. Adrift «» 

XXXII. At Home 036 

XXXIII. Lord Caetlewood 033 

XXXIV. Shoxfbrd UI 

XXXV. TboSoaton 646 

XXXVI. A Simple Qnealion 058 

„ XXXVII. Soma Answer to it 66% 

„ XXXVIII. A Witch W4 


Chapter XXII. Myatifled 108 

„ XXIII. A BemonatniDCe 114 

„ XXIV. On the othw Side of the WaU 131 

XXV. An IdealiBt. 384 

XXVI. In the " Hoiwe " UI 

XXVIL The Wolf in Sbeep'i Clothing 84* 

„ XXVni. TheRnwde U7 

XXIX. Th« Old Folk and the Yonog 3M 

„ XXX. A BebeUiou Heart. STl 

„ XXXI. TheHonMofMonRiiiig „. 490 

vi COStUt'TS. ^^H 

CunJk— (miWi'miaI). ^^^ 

CtopUr XXXa. lUdng up Droit StitcbM 4«7 

XXXin. liUlo Kmmr'i riRton -. — •■■.■■■■ M4 mi 

„ XXXIV. nowwoip _ - «» ■ 

XXXV. RoB«M'»F«tfc - ft!! ~ 

„ XXXVI. B«tw«m th» Two „ -.... -... 4M 

„ XXXVIL Tbo Critis Approodung 7>8 

r ,. XXXVUI. Tb« Supcwu Mament 7M 

■ ,. XXXIX. !I1«-H«a of F«U. „ TM 

" Al&mcho, QwcDiBD d^'iud Uwi OvaU PitUMca S4 

Alpi <Th«) in Wtntw „ S3S 

AiuvdoloB of no Epicniv .•..•.••».•.••.••••..,.,..■. •»■•.•.«•>••■••..■.,,,......., 9fl 

At* Muia. (A IJnMD Lagvna.) Bt Alfred AiMtio 73fi 

Baccbw ntd Aii)Mlfi<v Ttw Tiiimpb oC (JiomaBo da' SMici'* Oaminl Soi^.) M9 

IkUi, A FiahknuUtk la the Oldea TIdm „ l«6 

BnlgarisD I^sfniltr floag* „ „. , Stl 

Obncn'* Lore-rotUy «.... 38A 

OanwtouwMM, Dual ............................... n^^. M 

Okmaa uil lb* CrwilU ..........u Oti 

IJoBrsal. Folk-lAKof tlieCaiinir of.— 'ni*F«triM....„ _ 17) 

I>iWl C«nKioBHI«« •.>.. »•..•. 8S 

Dllch Millon: A „ „ AM 

Bpkouir*. ABfoMcwuf M> .., , M 

Mling in Lato^ OB„...Mw>.-<wuM»..~u.««..k ,. 3H 

E^biotaUe Itkth in Ibo Okl«D Unc .• „. IW 

Xi*Idia|t'ii KoTfU.— Hoar* is n Libnuj. S«. XIV. IM 

Folk-Ltm «r ihr Cvuutj l)o««^L— TbH Kaiiica ..,„, „.., I7J 

jitom. Suntfotd lo Londcn) ...•..»......_.,„ Ad 

Otttiu aiMt Vwity 670 

<hn\p of IltaUr/. lb* .» ..«..• h. X2$ 

OrMiRtonH » ..u m 

•'Oauaand* AUWrMhe' ind IIm Giuto PieaMwa 21 M 

H4VM* Md VftMa.. • „„ 4fl ^ 

MuMj. the Oonip of „ „ gjK f 

Itnaiii in • Utwmry.— No. XIV. Fi«HIec'«*!* „ .....«,..„,„_„.„. |ft« 

'"' u Ho. XV. CtMrlM Ki^colcj -- »....„.^. 424 x 

la the Hon OMdT „.. ..„„ nsfl 

X\ngtl»f, ChirlM. noon in t Libnur. Vo. XV. „...„„» 4St 

lim'i 11>r|(«rn. Port t. ...„..__ _. M^H 

I a ■ ■"• *i —........ ...^., .!.■.—...........»... .....„.__, n^H| 

Lwrato rlr' ■ 'rnitnl }*«i]g.— Tb^TriiunpU oriWrdnu luwl ArLubo ... i&i ^" 
!)•«. *'» >' -- -.....«... ......,..„ _ *i^ 

57^ Kdjhtvu-"' Wifc 'V 

Tt^etot^. Th* RsUoule «f .„ •"^| 

coATiiiTth vii 


Hib JcDflHi 3M 

"Out of the Month of BabM" , 84 

QuAHuriagM 460 

BuD-Clond (The). (AJUT the Tiuail) 208 

Bain, th« LeTeUing Power of 470 

BatiouAls of Mjthologf, The 407 

Bidicnle ftnd Truth 680 

Sidliui Folk-Song* 443 

Stoniu, On»t - „ » _ 182 

Stnttod to LoDdoD 00 

SwMt Lore is Dead. By Alfred Aiutin 27* 

TraoieaTicuu 699 

Truth mad lUdJcnla 680 

INuhuh WftTB and Turkish Women, On. Part III UQ 

ValeU and HeioM ...;.... ' 4S 

Vanity and Oonioa .970 




I lUDB ILL HASTB Ti) orr ivkl I 

"Yis, ton TovVQ inMt!" cnrer nvvtuo ttt IDS 


"Ok, ttratI tabok rr wis," snit tsocout 231 

'■Elaibb" 237 




■'SoMBTflTHO MORB TBT— 0!(l,y OyB THIKO KOBE" 513 



Hkb Btia wxnB WITH hbs ukaht, um tuat was far awat 73S 

1 mtJm tu. aun« to -i : i" n 



JANUARY, 1877. 

6«ma ; or, ^j JfntbtT's Sin. 


Gold and Obibp. 

tuay liure boon ftn hour, 
liiit it seemed on ngc, ere 
tlic aoimti of Uie hom, 
m Firm'* stroug bWt, 
iiilcuBvd mc from mj 
liiding ■ plac«. I lui<l 
liciri no report of fire- 
;ii-iua, uor pvnvivMt tu»y 
■jga at cotiOict ; nrul 
tttrbuiily Uio lioitse wuh 
not on liiP, or else 1 lauat 
^i»vc Hccu tiic smolcft. 
For K-iu^ still iu great 
aUriii, I hnil k<i]>t». vei-y 
>b&>ii look-out. 

Ephndm Gundr; 
camo to mtei me, wlucb 
WW rtay kiiid of liim. 
Heotnied liu Inigle in 
bU belt, tlint lio tiugbt 
and ugiiin Tor iw. i( iM?oclfnl. IJiit I was aheady nmomg towmtb tbe 

boiue, Itaring uinJa ii|i nijr mind lo be reaoluta. Nerertliclna I wtis 
illy (ilnuufl to liavii liifl company, anil keitr wbat bad b«ea dona 
" riwH to Idt luo Jieli» ywu, " lie wid with a, smile ; " whj', Hiw, jou 

iro trembling dn«drully. I uuuiv you, tbcn u do catuo for tbnt." 
TOk. ZXZT. — ito. 305. 1. 



" But joa might huvc been killixl, &nil Uncle Sam, and Mtrtio, and 
vvaryho^y. Ob, Uioee vaeu <]tJ look no bomUe! " 

" Yes, tbey ajwuxi do, till j-oti ooiu« to kiiow them. But Ugger 
eowftrds woro now born, If tlioy cua tflkc pooplo by surpriso, aud aboob 
thorn without any dngBr, it ia a splendid treat to them. But if any oiM 
lilio gmndfather meeta tlieu, fiurc to fiico, in the daylij^ht, tbt-ir mpecfc 
for law and life i^tums. It ia Dot tho tint visit they have paid os. 
Oimii<lf«Ui«r k«^t hiii tetii[ier well. It mu lucky for tbeiu tliat he did." 

Ilciunidkrring that tliu rovcrw nitint bavu numhorod nearly tlit-DO to 
ono, ovGD if all our loea wero i>taum>h, I ihotight it lucky for ourselvoH 
Ihut tberv bad been ao outbreali. Bub Fitm seemed rather sorry tbab 
they had dopartod so cn*nly. Aiwl knoving tliat he n«vei- hnggei, I 
began to shara bis coofideuco. 

" They musk he abot, aooner or later," he iiaid ; " unleMt indoail tbc^ 
slioiild he hau^. Tliair maaQar of going ou U out uf date, in tbeee 
days of Bvttleiacnt. It wa« nil rury veil, ten yeara ago. But now wo 
aj« ft dviliied state, and the hand of law ig over ns. I think wt were 
wrong to lob them go. But of ooune 1 yi«ld to the governor. Aikd I 
think be wna afraid for your Boho, And to toll (be truth, I may have 
Ixxin tb« Bomo." 

Han he gave my arm a littlo sqiiecace, which appeared to mo quita 
out of place ; tbetufure 1 withdrew, and biirried on. Before he cotild 
catch me, I entered the door, atid foiuiJ tbe Sawyer utting calmly with 
his own lutig [H|» onco luore, and watching Suan cooking. 

" Tbcy n^GB hare had ail tbc b«stof our rictuala,"heBaid, asKon aa 
be bad luwwd me. " Respectable riaitora is my delight, and welcome to 
all of tbo larder. But at ny tamo of life, lb goca ogio' tbe gmiu, to lease 
out my dinoer to galhTy-imkera. Suan, you nro banting tbe fat agaisu' 

HuJui Iwo, lietng lui «cco]l(^t cook (altboufjb of (]ui<>t teuipM-), ntrt 
paid btted to criticism, hub Lit'ti-vl liei- clUiw, and went on. Mr. Cjundry^ 
know tltat it wn« wiw to ofliir no furtlier tnoiliUiiig ; allhon^h tt in well 
to koeji tlietu up to tln-ir work by a lilUc gniuiMiiig, But whon I como 
to BM wliat broken Uta wera lirfl for Stian to ileal with, T only wondwcd 
tlial be WAS nol. cro^. 

•' Thank (Jixt for a hctt<>r meal than 1 deacrve," I»e said, wlien they 
nil hnl lluiahoil ; " tSuan, yuu are a tremiuro, na J tell yoii e^'ery day 
nWmt. Kow, if ihry bavo Wi loi a bottle of wtnr, Irt its bare ib ti| 
Wn Iw all In Uio duin|n. But that will ootit rtn, tny lad." 

He patto>l Finu on the shoulder, aa if he wen- tiio younger man 
tb6 two : and hi* fpiuid»on went doiwti to tho wreck of the cellar ; w 
I, who liad tried to wail upon Hum, In an eager ciniuay way, ])etcei«od 
<i ' ' ' <i>-naii«, aomething tuurti mitEoum And laitinK tlmu 

I' . t roMj»r troo]i. Was it that bis long riili! hul 

i ■■ lint n ti'(i?Tk<i miilil liii Couiitl tn help him I 

KlAriifi and Lh<! rvat wetu gone. sAer a single j^laas of wifw^ 

Olid bVhniim hiul tnadi: vxatbc oT »oni«t)iij]^ to bo aecn to, Uic Bawja. 










louad baok in liis cliair. and hia vlus(<rful tmx wan troubled. 1 GU«d his 
pipe, and lie it for faioi, auil wuited for him to itpmk, w«U knowing his 
nmplo nnd QutKjMkcn heart. But ho looked fit mo, nad tliaakod dk» 
kitidl;, ntid aeeiued to be tumiiif; moiuo grief in liis mind. 

" It titi'i tor UiOiaonnv," ho JuM nt Imt, talking inoi-n lo liiraself 
tfi&n to IDP ; '^ tli« inonej- tuij^ht H'lM>eti all very well, and wtd'iil in a iinrt 
vS way. But tlic Ti'cUit', lh« ftvliti' b tlie thiug I look nt ; an^l it ought 
to iMvt- lw«n mort* hwtrty. Hociirity I ('hftrfip on my liunl iink«l f 
And I can run away, but luj- land tuust stop behind ! What sflcuritf 
did 1 oak of thetn t Tis euaugli a'moet to inako a rogiio of tttv." 

" Kuthiitg <tiiild fvpr do Uiut. ITiicle Sam ! " I oxcLumed, ns I camo 
and Mit clo8c to him ; whilo he looked at me bravely, and bcf^n U> aiuile. 

" Why, what wan little filiasy thinking of I " lie ukod. " ilow solid 
^wloobit ^Vby, iDvrersc«tbe]ik»l" 

" 11i«n you ought to have atcn it, TTnclo Bam. Yoii ought h> Imto 
BPen it fifty tirura, with eTcn^body who Iovm jtoil Ami who can help 
loring you, Uncltt Hnm I " 

** WcU, th«y »y that I cliarKMl too much for lumber, n'oiittin' on tho 
criMa, and tlie liukativko work. Atid It may a'b««ii no, wl»an ] took 
ajrin a nun. Bnt to brin^ nj) all that, with the mill sfaravn down, is a 
eowardly thing, to my thinking. And to makn no count of tho ImuUn' 
I thrfw in, wlivn«vcr it w6re a sLnugbtfurnud job, nni) t!ii> liirpsy 
knolfi, and the clogging of the teeth — 'tia a had Ut to swallow, w lien the 
mill i> atrowu." 

" Btit the mill nhall not )« Rtnnm, Fnclo Sam. Tho mill ahall be 
bnilt Mgatn. And I will find the mouey." 

Mr. Gmuliy irtat«d at mo, and aliook hia liinuL He mnld uot l>car 
to toll nic how [Mjor I was, while I Ihou^it myKlf almoni made of 
iaoti*>y. " Pivn tlioiisund <l(illani you huva got (nit. by for mt'." J roM- 
ttuueii, with gimt importaDm. •• Flvo thntiannd tlollan from ihp saU-. and 
tha inannwoc lund. And five iJtoiuauMl dultarv mtnib bn fivo-aud-twqnty- 
thoUMUid tniiat. UdcI« 8,-iin, yon Hball have pv«ry farlbing of it And 
if tliai wnri't build Hk mill again, I haTO got iny motlicr's dimuoDds." 

" Fivft tboitnand d"Ha« I" cried the Sawyor. in nma7cini-nt, 0)>rning 
bis dppfi gTpy nTM at ma And then ho rcincml>frHl the talc wbirh ho 
hnil told, to Inaku roe muu indei>Giulent<. " Oli yea, to li« fnini, uy dear ; 
now 1 ivoollect. To b« sure — to l« stiro — yom- owu fivp thouuud 
doMara ! fiut ii^ver will T touch ono c^ent of your nice liulo fortune ; 
no, not to iaTD my life. Aft«r all. I am not bo gene in years, Imt what 
J aw build thv mill again mvaelf. Tlie Lord halh Kjiarcd my luiuda and 
eyes, and gifWt mo sttU with machinery And l''irm ia a very handy 
Ind, and oul carry out a job pmtty fairly, with Letter brains lo alnnd 
over him ; altbougli it ha« not |ilniiHnl the Ijonl to gift him widi mnso of 
tnachin«ry. like aw. But that ia all fn-tlm bod^nodoulit. If ifphmira 
hail too macl of liraiiai, he might have oontradtctod me. And that I 
<ottlii noTOr ab(d<3, dud know*, from anr green young jaekannpa." 


" Ob, Uiicio Sitm, lob mo t«U jrou aometlilng, sooicllimg vorf 
imporlaat I " 

" Ko, my iltttr, nothing mora just now. Ii hna dooD me good to 
have a lftU« talk, and seared the Idae •ometbiii^ out of tD«. But joan 
go aad «»k whAterer is beconio of Fixto. Hv wna tiled witii llitftu 
gnxucn. It WAJi all I (uiiid do to lii>C]> tlie haj out of a ditBculty with 
Ihrai. And if they camj) nnywbcre oi^t i* i" '•'"' em>nji[h lie may go 
hankerui' uftcr thtiu. Tho gnuid outroh of intdldct hathn'l mjniageJ 
jHl to mnrcli old tuMuls npou young atioulden. And FinQ might liajipvn 
tu go oittsiiln tho law." 

Tho tlioitght orUiutfrighUDied me not»littlo> for Finn, tliougfa mild 
of Hpeodit vaa T«rT hob of spirit at any wroug ; as I knew from tolos of 
StuiD Tsco, who had hrmight htm np, and ]iuul« a glorioiiit idQl of Iiiiu. 
And now, wh«i she could not aay wbcro lia wua, hot only wna auro that 
ho inuat W i]utt« sftfi- (in virtiio of a charm fram a grrnt inadi«Uie-iDaa 
wliicb she W) hiiugaliout hiiii),it wniMrl tonip.nooordingbovbatl was 
used to, Uint in thaw rr^aa» hunmn lift! was hfJd a grmt dotl too li^tly. 

It was not for one moment that I fared iiboul Firm, any mure than 
is thti duty of a felloW'Cr«3>tui'e ; he was n vciy good youiig nini), and 
in Ilia way good-looking, odiieatnt nlno (|iiit« •nougb, and jioUtti, and a 
rery good rarrcr of a joint; and when I spoke, he nearly alwaym 
lisU>n<x). But, oF oouine^ h« waa nob to bo ooui^iiiTed aa yet to hia graad- 
fatliiT, the irav Sawj-er. 

W1i<.-ti I ran W'k from Snan Isco, who was gotug on abont her , 
chann, and tbn iupOKUbility of any one 1<«itig Hmljfwl who wor« it, 
found 3Lr. Gnndry in a gcni:Ll mood, lie niiv«r made himself iin«as]r' 
nitoiit any tnflea. He always had a voy pure and lofty fiiith in iliA 
wan uf Prorideiicc, and hnriug lost his only ma Kluab, hi) wna aora 
that he iMn'i^r oiild loxe Finn. Hfi had lnl:«ii bi§ glass of hot whislty- 
niid-waI<^T, which a]wn>'s nuuie lum tcmperato ; and if be folt any of hia 
troablwt il«e|>ly, he dwelt on tltem now fiom a high (mint of riow. 

" I niay a'saiil a little too mudi, my dear, al)oiit ttiu ladnen of man- 
kind," he oWrrcd, with bia |>ipc lying oamfortably on his bronst ; '* nil J 
sj>}*ing)i of that aurt is a|>t to go too far. I oiikIiI. to IiaTt> made more* 
allowura for the timca, which neim into a tivklisb etAt«, when a old niaa 
is put about witli tlieu. Hevm you pay no bi«d wbatev»r to any hanh 
words 1 may have iiacul Ail that is a racy bad thing for youni; folk." 

" But if thny treated yoa badly, UdoIa 8«m, how can you tliiuk that 
they treated you w«l] 1 " 

Be took aome tuae to oousidar tlil*. Iwmlumii hn was true in all fan 
Uioughu. And tbiui he turned olT to apmeUiing else. 

" Vnxy, iius BUaalung of the mill may have been a mncy, altfaough ti 
du^uiM to tlio pi>(H«nt time of nght. It vill send up lb« prira of Mant- 
lings, and wo waa getting on too Gnat witli them. By tho tiue wo have 
Uiilt np tb« tuiil again, wo shall hav« more orders tlian w« know bow to 
do with. liVheu I come tg reckou of H, to me it a|)]>au« to be Uu im- 


■ooAlilQ tlung to fM ft lamp of grinf for Ibe old mill, md tbftt to eH to, 
and buQd & atnwger oneu Yett, tluU. luusl be almut tlic right thing to 
do. Ami well linvo all tlift oeigbhoiirs in, wh(^D w« lay fo<iii<luti«nK." 

" But what vill be the good oT it, I'acle. Sam, whmt the nw mill 
nwy at nnjr tlnto 1)0 vaafaei) ftwaj again t " 

" Never, at any Uma," h« ftsswvnMl very finnly, fpuiag through tlio 
door, aa if he sav the vsin eodenvour. " Thnt little gniuo oui maily bo 
tUpped, for aho«t Afbr dollara, hy fip«ning down the b&nk (oworda the 
old track of the river. Tbo I'iKgcat waterspout that nver cnnio dovn 
from ti>o motmloiiia could never com*: anigh the mill, Imt go ri^it dowu 
tli* Till«y. Uhxtli f<een in my miiu) to do it often, and now that I bm 
^e Deed, I will. Firm nnd I will bc^ to-morrow." 

" But whrm bt nil the monisy to come from, Utifln Sflm 1 You said 
that All your friends bad rtfuiied to h«l|i you." 

" Never mind, my dear. I will hcl|i tnyaolf. It won't be tiio finit 
tinw", pfTlia|is, in my lift*." 

" But «iip|Kiinng (hAt I ooitld help yatt, jtuit oomo little. Supi>OBtng 
that I had fotiud the bi^ij^t lump of gold «ver found iu nil Califormnl" 
21r. Uundry o<^ht to haw lookeit HvrpriMi*) ; and I wna amiurrd that 
1m did not. Bat hi* took it ax ijuielly na if I liad lold hfni tliat I had 
jnst pickixl up a Imua button of hi«. Ajid 1 thought that he doubted my 
knowlcdgis very likely, L-vcn as to what gold was, 

"It Ea goldfUnelcSanucverrbitof ilgold — hvxe i.tnpicceof it— jiiat 
look — and aa lAr;g«, I am sure, as thl'; tnblr. A iid it may be u (Wp m 
this room, for all that one enn judge to the contrary. Why, it stoiijied 
(ho bi({ ]>il<T from rotning to the top, when even you went down Ihe river," 
" Well, now, that explains a thing or two," nud the Sawyeo-, nniliiig 
^lUy, and begiunii^ to think of another pipo, if preparation lumnt 
anytlitiig. " Two Ibinga have pumlcd me about lltnt Htump, and indcwl 
I might nay three things. Why did he tnke Buch a time to drive, and 
why would he never aland up like a tonn, and why wouldn't be go away, 
ir}iai h« ougtit to I " 

"Because he Ixad the best of all rensona, Uneto Sam. He was 
anchornl on bh gold, na I hsiVB rcnil in Vrc^ch, and ho had a good right 

tto iv (Tookod almut it and no ])owcr cotild get him away from it," 
" Hush, my d«r, buab I It i« not at all good for young pco)>le to let 
(belr minds nin on so. But tUiH gold looka rory good indeed. Are yoii 
■lire Uiat it b a fair sample, nnrl that there is any more of it I " 
" How can yon bo m drwdfully provoking. Uncle Sam, wbmi I t<dl 
jH tliat I saw it with my own cyeat And there must l« at leoat half a 
Pof ilL" 

•* Well, half a himdrcil- weight will i^ enough for mc. And you 
■halt have nil Iho real, my dour, llimt !*, if )vin will ^nro mo a bit, 
Mia> Rony. It all Iwlonga to yoti, by diacovory ; accanlingto the digger's 
law. And your pyji aw! «o hngbt about it, Mlaa, that tbo whole of your 
iflftrt tunat be running ujkmi it" 


*'Tben you ihink me as botd lut tbo rest of the world ! How I vidt 
tliAt I had noverneen it! It was <m\y for fou that I cni'vU aWut it. 
For yon, for yoo — and I will iieTnr toirdi a tanp of it." 

Mr. Ouadty had only bcco trying mo pcrlinjw. But I did ooi Boe lb 
in liwt light, and luinit into n flood of childish toan, that ho iihould Qii*- 
midfnCand tuo so. Gold hiid itn uNtitd end in grief. ITude Sam roaa op 
to tMOtho mo, and to heg my pardon, nod to any thnt )>Drii(qMi V» wu 
harsh, b(>c».iii«o of lli« treatmeut he hiul receit-ed tna hia friends. Ho 
took uic ill his aniin »nd Idnod tnc; hut Worn I oouM lokvoofF aohlnog, 
th« entck of a riHo nag through the house, and $uaa Isoo, villi • nil, 
ruebott out. 

TlIK Sa.«YB1i'B PRATEft. 

TuK djU'luMss of young sumiaor night wait fiUUng on earth, and trea, aud 
stxeanu Kvorything lookod of a diflWont form and colour f^ta thoao ol 
an hour ago, and the rich bloom of Rhvlow miTO<l with colour, and cast' 
bjBBuwy ui out! tains, wliicii have rttircd the puri>b adiou of the suu, 
wan lilUng the air witJi delicious calm. Th« Sawyer ran out with his 
tthiiValvcvcs iliiiung, ao Uiat any su«aking foe might Hjioot liini ; but with 
tbo ituitinct of a aettlor, he had cniight up his riQo. I stooil heneatli Ik 
canib~tnw. which bad kevu planted near the porch, and flung fiuitastic 
taoeU down, like tho «ar-rings of a negKu. And uot having senso 
cnouj^ to do good, 1 voa only abin to lie friglttonod. 

listtuing iuti-utly, I btard tlio itouud of skining stqis on the olhor^ 
siilo of, and some way down, th« rirer^ and the jMsculior tread, ov'«q.| 
thus far olT, ira8 plainly Suan Inoo'a. And then, is tliu sfillnuss, a wniry " 
and batvy ftwt vrcot toiliitg afber it. Bc£>re I could follow, which I 
longed lo do, to le&m at onoe tbo wodnt of it, I saw tbo figure of a man 
much nmrm-, aud ercu within twonty yanU of mo, gliding along witUont 
any sonnil. Faiut aa tlie light was, T felt sure tlmt it was not ono of oufj 
ovrn mm, and the Uurtil of a long gun upou bia aboaldei' mndfl a bl 
lino nmoi^ ttilver l«avea. I longed (o run forth and stop him, Imt mji 
ooiuage was not prompt enough ; and ! stiamcfully xhnuik away Iwhind 
till' Inink of lb<! a»rot>-tr«c. I.iko n alouth, comjxict, and calm-huulcil 
Tjllain, ho wrat alcmg without any hnxtii of aoncid, tliuUing hia caoaf 
with skill ; till a whito 1>owct^t«ot made a background for him, and 
leapodnp. and fell Hat, wiUiont Agroan. IW uack of a liik «amo Ub 
Ihnn bis kapt and a airl of while awoke ahoa« agoiiwt a btaok rock, i 
tbo Hawycr in lh« dlBlaaoo cn'td, " WcU now 1 " aa he gmemlly di<1, wh*i 


So scared waa 1, lliat 1 caught hold of a cluator of po^ Lo stewdy bm] 
anil t- ■■. ■' ■ ■ ■.■'":■■ .,| 


doaj t(} palpiLntn. Ills lite uiuat have left bim in thoAlr, aiul b^ oon 
K flTUB kaTO rdt bin filtl, 



In vtolont UvTor, I Imrat into tcnn. Mid lUW) bis bo»Ty liewl. nnd 
■trore to force his tiot buula open, antl itiit I know not wlial, without 
lliinking, lalMann^ onlj to recftU li» life. 

"Amjoa grieving for tiie skulk vlio hiui shot niyFirml'* aaida 
Btora voice quite unkoown to mo ; ftod nsn^ 1 looked at Uio taca of Kr. 
Onndf;, iinlilEC tii« countoiianoc of Uncle Ham. I itind to apeak to him, 
bnt WM too frigfalciuxi. The wmth of blood was in hja &cc, and all his 
kind dcnres vcro gone. 

" Vei, like a girl, joii ore mvry tov u iitui vho biw iitniiwd this mrtb, 
tHl his onlj ntoaenwot is to hUuh it with his Mood. CWptoin Podro, 
tlwre Ton lie, shot, like a coward, through the back. I widi 70a wore 
olive to taste my boots. Murderer of meo, and dasUnl ntTixher of 
women, miscavant of God, bow cttD I keep from tnunplin^ on f ou t " 

It DBTer had been in my dmuns tbiU a good uiau could so entarely 
fiar^t UuueU*. I wimtod to think tlinl it miwt be Homebody cImo, end 
uot wir TJade Sam. But lie lookol towards the wast, aa all men do 
wboQ their epirite are full of death, tutd the wau light tbowed tluit his 
dun voB triple^ 

Whotber it may have been right or wrong, 1 made all hastn to pib 
awny. The fikceof the dead man wutfjuite a i)l(!«uiant thing, oomponx) with 
tlw face of the old ouin living. He may not have meant it, and I Lope lie 
nerer did ; but, beyond nil dispute, be looked barbarous for tbc moment. 

Am I Rlippeid away, to know the wont, th^re I saw bim standing 
still, lon^ag to kick Uie vito mou's cozpse, hut tjuieted by iho groat awo 
of dnath. If iho man bnd stimxl, or brcntbod, or even moaned, th« 
Uvi&g man would have lost all rcrercnoo in bio fury. Bnt the powor of 
the other world was greator than «v<e& revenge could iruDpleon. Ho let 
it lie Uiere, and he stoopnl hb bead, and went away quite softly. 

My little foolish heart wnn bittorly vidted hy a thing like this. Tlio 
Sawyer, though not of srent haman rank, was gifted with the lary^t 
hBiBan nature that I Lad «ver met with. And tbou^ it wo* iupoosiblo 
as yet to think, a hollow depression, as at the loss of some gnwt ideal, 
caino over mc. 

Returning wrctchMlly to tlie houite, 1 met Boon Ihoo and two ntea 
faringuig the body of poor Firm. His h«d and both his amui hung 
down, aod they wanted eomebody to lift them ; and this I ran to do, 
olUiongh they called out to me not to moddlfi. Tb() body was cArrinl in, 
and laid upon three (^ain, wilh a pillow at the head ; and then a light 
waa otnirk, and a caiulln broaght by somebody or othor. And Suan Isco 
nt apoD the 6oor, and set U)i a minemble Indian dirgp. 

" Stow away that," erieid Martin of the mill, for he was one 
of theme two men ; " wait till the lad is dead ; And tbon pipe up to your 
lUdng. I bit him tsy to kick, while we carnal him along. He como 
(otili on a artand of tliiLl sort, and ho seem to alMon dioappointed. A. 
VI . "UDg chap I mil Mm, for to try tu do it still, howsoincver bta 

ni I .! it bo waudeiiag. Miuty, k«t|> hia head up." 





I Jid Ml I was told, nnd wntdtcl poor Firm, ns if my own life liUng 
U|»n any ni^ of life in him. When T look back at these thingii, I think 
tluit frigblt wmI gritsf, oud pitj mtint hnit; tumci] on irxntnblo girl lUmoHt 
into tk r«al womau. But I hutl uo sentte cS such (kiiigii th^n. 

" I tell you, Iks aio't tWd," cri«d SUrt&n ; " no inon* ilenil than I be. 
H« CmI* th« yoajDg gkl'i bftod ImIow him, nntl I ntyi him try to turn tip 
hiii ejee. He Ins taken a very bod knock, no doubt, and troublo sliout 
hi* breatliit^. I seed & fellow Ka1{>e(l once, luid dbot througli the hau-t ; 
but b« cAtne aU round in nbotit ax tnontlia. and protMtMl his hnd iritb 
a dociimoitt. Finn, now, don't tou be a fool. 1 bare had vorac Uiings 
in my fcrnily." 

X^thiaini Gundrj sccmod to know tJwt some one trax npbnuding 
him. At any rato^ his vhtie lips trambled with a weak d«aire lo 
Israathe, and a little Hhndow of life np)Kmrcd to Iticker in hiti mmi tryta. 
And mi my nlcevi', bcooatb tii« \nKk, HOtso hot l>riKht blood conia 

" Keep liirn to tJiat," wiil Martin, witli aoiae oupentttr nort or Bur^ 
g»ry ; " Icsh frar of tlio life wlicu tJio blooii bogiDs to run. Don't move 
liim, MiiHjr, never mind your anu. It will bn tlie saving (if him." 

I ymn not atrong mough to hoM him iiji, but Stuin ran to help me ; 
and tlkey told no aftervarda that I fell fnint, nod no donbt it luiwt 
bare been so. But w1i«l ihs rest were gooe, and had tnkoa poor Firm 
lo hia vLntv maltcMfl, thn cold night air must linvo fk>«-«d into ibe 
room, and that perhaps revived me. I wiuit lo the boUou of live 8l«ira 
and liBteoed, and then stole tip to tbc landing an<l hoani Stuw laoo, who 
had takou the cxnnmand, xpeaking cboerftillj in her worst Englbih. 
TVn I boped far the beat, and withoat any knowliHl{t« wondered forth 
into the open air. 

'Walking quite na in a dreoio thiA time (which T hiwl riunly striven 
to do whva acoking for my nuggot), I caino to Ibo Imnk of tho glcainii^ m 
river, and nw the watnr jnst in time to xtop from Hte|>ping into it f 
Caralen about thin, and ererr other thing, for llui inniiwtit, I thrn^ir 
nynlf on the sod, and liHtcniwl lo tbe tnoumfiil uiclody of nif^t. ^A 
Swulry luknown creatuns, wlttch by day keep timid ailenoe, van^| 
Mnding placid nonndii into tlte darkoeu, holding' V't^t- convene willt 
ttierasrlvea, or it. or one another. And tic silrory mnnnnr of the 
wavelets eoothod the tvinlcKi^ alwp of lenvea. 

I al*o, being worn and weary, nud having a frock which InproVBd 
witli waaliin^^ and w«a spoiled already by niirBing Firm, wtut well eon- 
lent to tlirow myself into a niclie of nve^bank, and Ut all things 
6vw past ma. Itiit bcfor'- nnythiuK had foond time lo flnw Gar, or Uw 
lullaby of nijtht tuul biUnl mt^, Ibeje cntne to mo n mddtir nund Lbaa 


amnd in i 


:: — nnlrong m 

her Maater's aid, tbo aaddeal 


Child aa J wim — and |tcrlia|»< nil ilm nioi? for that reaKin 
ini; •o K"'" <»f pwnkii"-' -1 "nsit i fiv,. \,f^ moTO frightennl, 



«on]J not hATO b«Mi a Lit mon ehocked, hy the ronnng or k lion. For 
I fcnev in a moment whom voice it vaa, unci tlt«t miido it pietve me 
t<inrDlil. It wuH Uncln Snm, Inmonting to hitn««tf'. And to liiii Ooi] 
alone, the loffi of Iiis lost hope ou nrtb. 1 1? could not ArfJim Utftt any 
otber tliAn hit* SInkm- (nnd liu Mnlcer'n worbs, if oror tboy Imto any 
iympntliy) liiUnoi) to tho wild oiit)>i>uriiigs of an ngfiA, 1>ut Rtill vory 
natural hvart, which ha*! alvajx been prmi<l of controlling ilsolf. I 
could g>« hilt gmtl ftvinn Hhroujul] n willow-ttvo:, with the sere ginas aud 
witlierod reeds arotiud, and th« faint gWm of fuftitire water Ixtjood. 
Ho wiui kueeling townrd* his fdiuttcred mill, linving rolloil libi ahlrt- 
slaffYOt hack to I'my. and his whit« kwlca sliono in tbo starlight ; thon, 
k(W trying eev«ral timc^ lie managed bo pmy a IJtllci. Hist (perhaps 
|Mrtly Iron) habit), Ito taid tlm prayer oT Our Ixirtl prvtlr finnly, itnd 
tiiKi 1m went on to his own BpMial cuac. witJi a doubting whether hi* 
ahoiiU nuntion ii^ But ua he weut on, hi* gntUiTi^l courage, oi- roocivcd 
a from tlxivrs aud waa aUo to my lio wiuitrd. 

" Almighty Palhor of tho living lUiH tlir d»Ml, 1 haT» lived long, and 
sbnll Kxm 1)0 dmd. and my iny» haro boon full of trouble. Itut I ncTOr 
lutil Eucti troubk na tfai^ licro ttt-fvn.', aud I doii't think I ever nliall get 
over it. I havn Binno«I t^ay d*y of my iifi?, and not tbouglit of Tlic*, 
Injt of victuals, and money, and irtuff; and nolmdy knows, but myself ajid 
Tbou, nil tlxi little had tilings iiuiidi-- of me. I cni-Ml n d«ul uiort^ to he 
fQa[i«cliihl« and g<.i1 on with my buiin«s»> than to Iw |>rt'parMl for kingdom 
cOmfi. And I luire jii8t b«on prond about tlie shooting of a Tillnin, 
-who might u' gono irci> and n|iait«d. Them ia nobody W4l to ma in 
ny old afco. Thou liairt taken all of them. Wife, and ran, and uill, 
and gmudaon. and my brotber who robbed m^— th« wholp of it may 
hart* bcm for my good, Inil I Iiat« got no good otit of il. Show mo the 
way for a little tiini\ O I/ird, to innkc tho bCKt of it ; and tnntrb luo to 

1^ htmx it like a man, and not break iovra at Uiia tim* of life. Thau 

^M luownrt what ia riglit- Pkaae to do iu Amen." 





jt tbe ptmmt Btal(^ of rontroveniea most profoimiUy religiou<i, the liord 
alonv ran dcdde (though tJtoiuandct of men waiilJ hurry to prononnm) 
tor or agnitwt the orlbodnxy of the ancteiit Sawyw"* juntyer. Hut if 
•Quad doctjinc ran bo (»tabli*bed by suocws fv; it always is), Uaclo 
San'a tbmloi^y uuiit 1iav« be«n iinnxiiallT sound; for it plauHd a 
gtacwoa Fovrer to kii>^w wluit he wanted, and to grant it. 

Bm*« as Mr. Oandry wim, ami much enduring imd rMignod. Uie 
btt«r ymt* of bin lifo on e«irlb mnst have dmggml on very boarity, witJi 
■twtiBCt rcRgnation only, and noae of his blood to cwn for him. Being 
ao ebRtinatA a man, h« miglit liave iMr«r admitted this, hut proved 




ngaiaiib every one's roice, txctpt hit ovn, his spcoikl UcneillHK But 
tintt muat ))»«-« lieeu a trial ta him, aiul happily he was spaieJ from it. 

For lOthutigh firm hail bc«D very bad); iihot, ftod kcjit in for wedka 
in aaxietf aliout him, his throng youog constitution Kod ir«ll-noui'u*heiI 
tttaao got ov(T iu A truly good DJid learned docUir Cftme team Smii«- 
mcotOi ftud wo hung upvn tiia worditi Mid fountl tJtftt thfltv iw Wt vs 
hanging. And thia was (h6 visMit thing porh^ps tbftt ha could do. 
becaiMC in AuericA nodJesl men are not ftl«utiUy ex]>ed«d, aa tliey ura 
tB Btig1itn<), lo do any good ; but an vklncd i^tofly npon tboir |<owHr of 
linxlifiting what Uicy cannot help. And thin mao of ncieooe paroeirad 
that ho nu^ht do hftrm to hitnwilf luid hw liunily, liy jirwUcUng umiio, 
vhcroM) he could do no ^;ood to his pationt by prodicting rightly. Asd 
so hv foretold both goml aad evil, to meet the inteatinun of Pn>Yi<i6iic&. 

IIo lind Dot bean scat for in vnin, boworor ; and to givo liim l)U duo 
he tared Kphraitn'ii life, for bo drev from the aroutid a \*Tgfs bullet, 
which, if Ii;ft, unst hare puirooed all his cirouUtioa, althongh it was 
made of \ntrv silver. The Sawyer visbcd to kwp tins nlvcr bullet as a 
token, but ibo doctor said that it belonged to him ncoonlii^ to mimm' 
lavr ; and so it eatne to a mod«nite argamanL Esch was a thoroaghly stnb- 
boni man, ocmrding to the b«ut of all good niai, and reasoning iucraued 
tbeir Moniasoa. But ths doctor von, as indeed ho dosorrecl, for thft 
* axtnctioD had been delicate ; becnuao wbea rouaon hod been exhauileil, 
be juat said this : — 

" CotoDii] Gwidiy. lot us hare no moio words. The true owner it 
your grandson. I will put it hack whero I took it from.'" 

Tpnn this, the Sawyer being tickled, s« men very oft/ui uv in sad 

tuoiucnla, took the doctor by thv hand, and gave bim (ho Irnllrt boartily. 

And the medical tuaii had a loop made to it, aa<l wore it »|ioa his watch 

^ .ebajn. And be told the story so often (saying that tnothttr man |WibB|« 

' might have got it out, Init no other man oould hnvo krpt il), that aioong 

a gtvat raoo vrbo jndgB by fadi; it doubled IiiH praelieo immediately. 

The leadei' of tbc robber», known far and wide un " Ca|'tain Fodro^' 
was buried whore lie fell ; and the whole so raised Uuele Sam's rapu- 
tatioa, that his huu« was never attacked again ; and if any bod chanc- 
tuTH wero ft>rced by circumstaune to cvmo near him, tboy never asked 
for anytliiiig alroiiger tliaii ginjpn-bocr or leraonade, and dopartod vwy 
prompOy. Far as atwn aa Kphraim Giuulry could givo aooount of bh 
V diaaifter, it wnii cl«nr that Don I'edro owed his fate to a bottle of tba 
' Bawyor's whisW. Firm had only inluidcd tn fprc bim a leeeoa Cat 
miabGluiviour, buing ^nd )iy Utn graadfalhor'a wordu about nwinging me 
OD the asddkk This itlca had jiuUy apiteared to hiia to dvaund a 
ptolesi : to (Mivnr which ha at once M<t forth with a valuuliV ' Mo 

wliip. Coraiog tbiie to the roven' auuji, luid finding tl- .1:1 

attting in thaahado to digest Ids dinner, Ktrm laid iKild of him (>y die 
neck, and gave wny to feeJingx of sererity. Don Podru repetlod Ui 
wiscuailucL, uiul )>«iiig liAol tip for ttio mooiiinL nliiiTo hta onliowy 



-view, peRBtvMl Hut he tuiglii Iisto dooo Mter, iiad sbiiped the pattern 
«f liis ton^^ (o it. Finn, bearing Uiis, tuul good liD|>oa of hiia ; y«t 
Icnowing how rolntilo rafwotanw ii^ lia strore to ibrot a weU-tuarkeil 
truck for it. iVnd wben Uia captain oeasod to nxx'ivo cow-biile, he must 
liArn liMil it laii;; f'nough to aaat it. 

Now this might h»vo ODited lioiiounUjr aw) amicably for all cod- 
eemed, it tha eajiUdn bad known wWi ho w^ woll off. Vnluukily ho 
hail parloinutl n tiotUouf Mr. Giiii<lrj*'H vrhittky. aiul bo drew the cwk 
aow to nih hia aiiifiva, imd ibu nait^Il of it morcd bim to trj il iuUdo. 
Aim! bojoro rtay loug, his idoou of bouour, wliitli lio hiid wmm cmxi^ to 
dtxip wbcii bo)kt, began to oonie into his eyea iiguu, luiii to Htir him ap 
to mtwJuef. Uence U was tbat bo followml Fimi, wlio was riiUug bomo 
wfill Mtiifitd, and ii{»iicn«<ij hiR hoooai- by shoding iu cold blood, and 
Jtatioo by htmg Kbot tiny )k>w. 

It wan bmotiful, through all this tryini* tinw, to watcit Undo Sam's 
proceediagii. Ho npfearcd so d'eli^bifully cului, and nlinoet canJoBS, 
wbtanerer he was loobwl at. And tliou \ia was aalmiued of biinsolf per- 
petumlly, if any one went od villi it. Nolmty Uiol to ulNtan-o him, of 
eoanc, or rcunnrk npoti nny of liin doin)^, ami fur tlits lio would boooma 
•o gratfful, that be would Ion); to toU all his tboiifthts, iwil tlien stop. 
This must have bi>eu a ^reat worry to liim, se«ing Iiow open hta maonor 
was ; ami whcnciTor he vnnt«d to hido anything, bo iDfomed as of that 
intentton. Ho Uial we exborted t*ina orery day to roue round and 
raatom oa to our winal itato. Tbin wim tla- ]>oor follow's s])oeial dcairo ; 
and ofltD be was nngiy with hiniBelf, and mado hiiutolf worao agitlu hy 
dtnbtrinj; tliut he tnuxt bo a inilkBOp to Uo tbcro n> long. \Yhcmia, it 
was much more near the troth that few other men, even in the Weat«m 
SWOB, would ever have got over such a wound. J am not learned 
«naii(^ to n; exactly where the damago wus, hut tbo doctor oUlod it. I 
think, the atentim, and pronotinaod that "a bmlding-up prooeaB " wna 
roqoired, and mutit lake a long tint*, if it ever could Ik> done. 

1 1 wan done at last, thanks to Suau laoo, who scarcely ever left him 
bj (bty or night, and troatod him aldlfully with healing hcrte. But txi, 
witboat meaning it, vecod her oftim by calling for nie— n more igikoraiit 
child. Suan was dreadfully junloua of thui, and pi.T]i<t{i8 I waa proud of 
that aantiucot of b«», and tried to justify it, inatcail of tabouring to 
i«mi>ve its M would havo been tite mora projior CfHiise. And Firm most 
tu^puteftilly said (hat my hand wum liglitor tliim poor Suan'a, and ov<iry- 
Uiinff I did woa bntt^r done, according to him — whiob was altamffiil on 
his part, and ua uutrnu as anything oould be'. Ho«re>-«r, wc yielded to 
him in all thini^ whil6 he was so dtdicato ; and it often made lu, poor 
weak tkingH, ciy to lai the masters of a tnll strong mail. 

Firm Gundry rwwtfwd that abut in .May, about ten days befmo tbe 
twotTonantti waa completed from my Dithnr'a deatb. The bri;thtiMai of 
nunnun-, and U«uLy of autumn, went by without bis ^ ' 'icin, am) 

wkiln UaayBloni wan working bard to fortify it£olf by u .>. aa Mm 




l«&n»d nuui hiu! called it. There hwl b6c>n iwine dilRonltiM in tbia 
procow. oaoAOiI i«rtly. [lerhApe, by oor too laviali supply of tbo mw 
nukterial ; am) IWoro Firm'* ^p in liU " iib-mtiiii " whu iik>[i|)^, tb6 
inouiitunn were coming (iowu u]iou 1111.1W wfolwnyauBod to Mty whm Uie 
snow-line atoopciL In Houe aeasous this is a «liaq>timeof kiUTy.broka 
with atorms, and otpririous, vIiiIp mon linvo to alar io tlie driving 
w»tti«r tAsks tJiat drauld Latd l>wn matured loog ainco. Bnt in otba 
jrwre, tlte long tlMMnb into tbe deptli of winter ia 1ak«in not with • 
jump like that, bnt gmtly, unil noPtly, Mvi winilingly, wiili a grcAt 
mnny glimpwa bock at tii« sunitn«<r, and « good denl of Icnning on O16 

Um of tll« KtlR. 

And m> it wju this time. The Antumn and tlie wint«r for a fortnl^t 
stood looking qiiiettrat eu-h otJier. Tliey bad quite agneil to sliare 
tJio hotiiv, to Dutt tlio lU-TiinKomciits of tbe eita. TIib ni^bta vom stiiny 
and firah and brak, withoat any toncb of torttMna ; aiul tbo daya wont 
sunny anil anft and gentle, without Any scnsoof Inni^Kir. It was • 
lovvly Kceno : blue kIuuIowh gliding aiuong }^1iImi Ugbt. 

Tbe Sawyer came fortb, and i-ricd. "Wliitt nsbamcl Tbiauuikea mo 
ba) quite youttg again. Ami yet I huve dono not n strokA of work. Ho 
exenaa. Make no «xeiisp. I can do Uint prMty well fi)r nywlf Pmian 
Qod for bU bis mcmcs. I ntigbt do worac, pnrbafw, tluin hare a piyioJ" 

Tb«n Kino oamo out to aurpriac bim, lutd to plenae ua ull with tba 
alglil of biaiadf. He atcwiiol liia h(«|m, witb one great w]iit« liiuid ujion 
bia gnndfnthor'a Rn&iUy stntf, luid Iuh rlrai- blue cyra wrra irfml>ling 
with aaemsof gratitude nnd a foar of tenre. And I iit^i|yid behind a 
red str»wbei-i-y-lt«e, for my vnie of rtMjMct for Iiini ulniost wmIc me Bob, 

Th«n Jowler tbought it bigb time to appear upon the eeeae. lUkd 
eonviooc ns tb«t ho waa not a dead dog yet. Ho liad known tnboUtioOt 
lui bin niJuit«T had, and bad foun<l it n diffintilt thing to Voep from tbo 
shadowy hunting-ground of dogx, who havG lira) a conacieDtjonB life. I 
had wondered at first what bis reaaoa could bava Ihw^ for not oomuig 
forward, aooordinx to hia cnatoiu, tu mtft that troop of rohbon. Bat 
hbi rouon, alaa, wn* too cogent to hiutwlf, tlioiij;h 001106/ «be in that 
drradfal time could pay any attention to faim. Tltn Rorora, wrill know- 
ing poor Jowlcr'a nputv, and dwHning tlio fair mode of Utsting it, had 
aeut in advance a very crafty smut, a liaif-brud Jndian, who knew aa 
UQch ahotit doga na thoy ooiild kvct liopi> to know ubont tbmnsolvn. 
Thia rogiic ^>[ironc]ind faitbnd .fnwler — go wn vtm told ioxtg titlae- 
warda — not in no u)iright way, but aa if W linil bdpn a hruther ijvMi- 
dnipKL And he to<fk adviintiie;^ of ibr ilott'x mifciKDMl tiuq<riae mmI 
intcrtst. to acco«t him witli a ptwv <^t kidney condunin); a ^wi>rf>il ^uim. 
Anonltng la all aouad auatojry, iJi» bIkiuIi) Iirnn? »' >j dnr 

feUow'a oartldy tj»ok» ; Imt bia ni-irit wa« (uch, that : . , i/ w«nt 
&«»; to ntmw himinlf v\i in nrtimnmL Koittwr omn nor dag am tall 
what n ' ' anSerad; and douhltaaltia torttura of minil 

uBj)«|. ■ re tJifl wor« of all. Tb(«e thlnfra nra mit 






knowlnlge in its praient Riw^pttthetic stut«, ^otif^b that poor Jowl«r 
«UDe homo at last, with his ribs all tip and his tail r^rjr low. 

Lilce trieada who have oome together agniii, ulnicwt from Ute ^ws of 
doath, -wo Mt in. tho autmy noon, and Uioroughly «njo>-(><l oimclTee. IIh) 
treei Above m looked prood uid cbeerful, laying aaido the more frippiry 
oDmtm, with a. good gnoa and contented ansa, and a 8unit/ of having 
quite mougli next apriug. Much of ibo frnitj watltli of niitamn atJU 
ir*M dnrtcnnif in our Higfat, beavilj f«bching tliD nrchcd bough down, to 
]o«en the flill, vrlien kll the^ must. And tbr* ^Idon Iwtm of 
maple bsluiid tlio iinpi-etending roof, a B|M«inl wmtli of liltio ibone like 
a climbing Iporacs. lint coming to examine tbia, one found it (o bo 
uolhtDg more nor Uea than the smolce of tba kitchen chimney, btisy with 
a ijuiet routing job. 

This Aow how cWr Uk« air was; but a tboiiBand time* tut much 
couM nt*vn- tell bow olear our spirita wora No1>ody made any " doiDon- 
at(«liion," or ciit any fr<>)i(3ianie napcm, iir wen until luijitbai); «xaberant. 
Tho KtedEuEl tiroadini; LmHl of Kngland. which d<.<s|)ises anlioa, uru pre- 
■ent in lu all, antl «t««agUkonc<l by a soil whcoo naitTo growth ia iKtril, 
chance, and nui-Tol. And *o vo noddod at one another, and I ran orer 
and cujta^cd to Vnole Sam, and ho took ui« to him. 

** Yon bavfl been a dear gooil child," lie said, aa hn rMW, and looked 
OT«T my hnad at Finn; "my own grauddarU'r, if audi there had btto, 
DOuM not )ia*« don« more to comfort mo ; nor half so mudi for ouf^ht I 
know. lliMV it no inckinti and clioGNing among tho femaliw, aa Cod 
gires thcni. Bub Ho boa givca you for a blvcouig andaaving to my old 
ag«, my droMVt." 

'■ Oh, I'ucle Sam, now the nngget !" I oried, deairing liko a child to 
«evnpe deep feeling, and fearing any xtrong wonb from Finn. " Yo«i 
have irrom^ no mw m loog that J abould be the ftnt to chow Ffrm 

" And ao yon >hall, my dcnr, and Firm ahal) are it before ho is on 
hour oldci', aud Jowlci- aludl come down to show ns vbcio it is." 

Finn, who had little faith in the nugsot, but took it for a drram of 

kmin^ snd bad prorixl ronchiHivelr from his pillow that it could not exist 
En eaniMt, now with a gc^ntlc, aiiliricnl stuile (Iccliiriid htn nnsi«tjr to sea 
^; and 1 lod him aJotij; bjr hui b«tl«r ann, fn«l«r, p«rha[«, than h« 
OV^A to have walked. 

In a very few miniitn w« ware at the pUop, and I ran Mgerly to 
point it ; but Whold, vvherc tbo nnggct bad been, there was nothing ex- 
cMnit the white bed of the river ! Tb^ bliio wat«r flowed rery toMy on 
its way, without a gle&m of gold to comipt it. 

** Oh, n<^>oily will ever belif<vB mo n^n !" I cxdnirand in tlie muMivt 
of Bad dinnay. " I dreamed alioitt it ftrst. but it nnvnr can bare Ixvn 
. drtMm tJitougtiout. You know that I tol<) you abont it, I'nclo ^tao, 
levuB wh«n von were vrry bniiy, and that ttliows that it never oould h>To 
hjeeu a dtoaDt" 



,l,^rtrt it. I rtBMOilxw now," Mr. Gnndry wwwarod 
thai tbcrcwn* uticli a tliiu;;. Uy -iev, 

^^ . "btit" -Mdil; becau** itwasUiopnipor tiuHJfor ittoooine, 
joa •»^T ''**\'^?^dB had' po monoy to Imiil. Your hoart wm wj good 
^ilMn B^ »«*" . ^o . imd jwu muat noC be Tiaed, my dear child ; 

;t !*■ *'«^ ^^uiiJ«<>8 " '"^'^ ">l>M»vod ; " Miw Ram* felt UiaI (t oii^il 
« \ miA wa j^^y^ tjjftt it muHt he ihore. Sho m alwajs no wann 

fori" I cried, vfitli no gtatiUido for his 

„ 1 , fan as * (dand bore I mw • giwt bmildur of gold, 

kud 1 gave jou LImi piooo that lie brought up. IHd 

iu m droau, Undo San t Come^ can you got ovur 



f<»- the moment I know not whether I «l«od 

,„ yoll tbiit 
' ^^fygit oi" l»^. uatjl I [icrcciTod im ijxtnwrdiuairy griu on the 
*!*** "V ,^ connMnanoe ; but t'imi waa not iii tlio w*ivt yet, for bo 
^wy*'" ^.ji^ coiop«woo ; Rod ITncIo Sam looked at uh hudi, lu* if ho 
■*^ Lunoin* ©"^ *baiU«i. 

'^rtdttd vo««"'l'*S *"• MMBy," at l«t ho wdd ; "bo U moro your dog 
l boliovo, And kc oteyn yoa lik« a Chiistiui. I»t biu go 


•^aod it if ho can." 

**' ^— frum lue, th« grmt dog dasliMl in, and Kratehcd with all 

£«u nl oncc^ and made the valloy odio with the ring of mighty bark- 
* nnd in ''^^ thaa two minabM, tliein ahone tfa« uugget, as ydtow and 
"i,ijj a* OVOI-. 

T\lit, ha ! 1 ncYor ww a finer thing," shouted Undo Sam, liko a 
knolbor. " ^ ^"^'^ '^ Duny for you, Mi«q'.d<tar; but t]i« old dog ■ 
Hon* tJ'^ wliole of ua. I jnst shot « bornw-load of gravd oo yoor^ 
gin<U to k<^> i^ "" auu;; till Firm should c-ama ixwad ; anil if the boy 
I* 1 n0v«r come round, there tlie gcAiX might have waitmt the will of the 
Ximi^hty. It ia a big apot anyhow." 

It certainly was not a little tpot, though thtiy all seemad to make ao 
liflit of it — which Texed mo, h«caiua I had fbtiod it, and was ai proud 

if I had madfl it. Not by any me«tia that tiie Sawyer w»a half as ^ 
-iifilMi aa he Beomed to he ; be put on much uf tith fur my sake, liarti^H 
^— lofty prindpW. «i|)ceia]ly ccnorming tie duty of tlw yoiing. Youii^^ 
wAfi wttTD Oliver to liare small idojt, ao far as bo nould help it, paitioiku-ly 
gQ vtch matlota as Mammon, or the world, f>r Gwdiion ; nod not so vei; 
^)um ho wM obliged to catch himulf op in his uUdng, when he chanced 
10 U> }P>ioii on, and forgvtting that I, who required a higlior ruin of 
lliiMiglit for my yotiLb, was taking his words downright; and I tliiuk 
iKat .\ll this had a grtwt deal to ik> with bis tiwttiag all that gold in nioh^ 
»a LruNupIaty nannnr ; for if it had r«nlly timltirrod Dothing, wltnt rami 
liim go ID the daHc utd dmot a ipvat burrov-laad of gmvel over it I 


£BBtlA. 16 

Bmcoht to Baxk. 

Tim Bsiiit^ of u nuui \a uuUnly tfoteil amon^ his DetglitKKira adcI kimlred 
lij* Um) tUDOHut of oDiuii deration wliich hn has coaust^ntly giTcn U> ctwli. 
If ntmiey haa beea the ciuef object of \ub \ik, and lie for itn wiko hu 
apHns] tu>liody, no sooner is lie lutown to lo miooenful thiin wlmimtton 
orerpowen all the ill-vill lit; hM caused. He is dirowd, Bagacioiis,loii^ 
iMMukd, and great ; ba baa coraed Lia aiataem, and few men gnu^e, whilo 
nany aoelc to got a kIkb of it ; btit ho, AA a ^neral rulii, decliuMt naj 
[frcmitture diaUibutioD ; aa'I fur this ctistodj' of hia wealth, he is admirud 
nil the iaoi« bjr tfaoso who Iiavo no hope of ahansg it. 

Afl BOon as «ver it wna kDown tJial Vuelo Saoi hail loi^l at hui 
bonlcora a trROiemlouii 1iiiii{> of goU, which rumour dccUrod to l>o worth 
St loaflt a htmdrtid tbonsaad dolUn, fiieoda from i>vcry aids pound in, 
all iu hot liaeto, to l«u<l lum tlieir last fartliiug. The Savjcr voa plcaned 
vith their kindoeeB, bui thought tLat bis eeoond-heat whiaky wet the 
merits of the caao. And he waa more particular tfaau tuaal vith his 
woriU ; fur afcunling to un uld Mtjing of tbo diggors, n big ntiggnt ftlwaya 
ha« i:hildnm, and, buUig too h«avy to go very far, it in Ukuly to keep all 
its little ones at home. Many peopl«, therefore, were loogiug to aeok 
fortliA Aogsof thi«gT«attoad; fomoi&theirelftng tlHinin«r8eall«dUieoi, 
vitli a Lovo of [irotcmalnral history. But Mr. Gondiy allowed no RFnrob 
for lh« frogif or nven ttiu tnd[iol<!«, of Itis patriarohal auj^ct. A nd muoh 
w hu hated the idea of suwiot; iht anda of avarice in any ono, he idiowod 
hiOlBelf tuoat oonsiBCADt now iu Avoiding that imputation ; for uot only 
did ho refuse to ^ow the bod of his great trrajiure, after he had secured 
il, but bo fcnccKt Uiv wttule of it in, lutd tnrrcil thn fence and put loop- 
holes in it; and tlxm ho ectablisbed Jowlor whoro he could neither be 
ahoi nor poiaooed, and kept a tnaa with a doublo-barrdlod lifio in tbo 
rata of iLo mill, hnndy to abont, bat not eai^ to be shot ; and this waa a 
resnlute nan, being Martin himself, who hod now no buainona. Of oourae 
MatlAJi gi-umblod ; bitl tlie woi-se bis t«mper waa, the t)Otter for bis dtity, 
■a nems lo bt> Uie can with a gmt sutny tnan ; and if any one liad ooue 
lo OOBBOte bifii ID hta grumbltDg, nowr would ho bnvo fcmo away agam. 

Jt- woubi have boea redcleea of ma to pretntd to aay what anybody 
ougbtto do; (Voni tbo fint to tlte bat I led everything to thom who 
kuiow to luticli better; at the aamc tinio, T felt tliat it might hane doao 
no lumn if 1 ha^l Imcq more conaiiltol, though I norer drouned of saying 
ao, bwaUHo tho grant gold hod Loeu CjiuuI by mei, aud altJmugb I cared 
(or it acarccty more than for the tag of a boot-laoe, nobody seemed to mo 
to eulor folo it <{uite aa I did ; and aa aooa aa llna'a danger aud 
grow leas, 1 began to got mtb^ impatient, but Uncle Sam was not 
to bohurrinl. 

Before over bo hoislnl that rode of gold, he had made up hia atJnd 
(nr Du) tu La tXtan; aud bi* uma put LIm biuinon vff, bocnutn / 



not oonw one iiigbt, for 1 hiul a ftnpontitioDB fur on Newmit of ita Iwbs 
my fAther'ii btrthday. Uncle Hua liftd forgottoa tli« Ante, toA bvggod 
my jMirdoa for pro]>oaatig it ', but ho said tjuit wn must not put ti off* lBt«C 
ttttn the following night, beouim tlie mooallght would lie fiuling, And m 
dunt not haTe any kind of Inni[i, Mid Worn tho next moon t}(0 bard 
ircolhor might boctn. All tW was Twfore Uie liberal offem of Iub 
friftndfi, of which I hsv« spokea first, altliough th«y iMppcwxl to como 
kfl<!r it. 

W1iil« the BAwyor had been keepbj; the treasure perdu, to abide tbo 
iiWK) of h!a gnutdaoa'x illDmn, li« bod takcm good enre both to watch it 
uid to forni snme opintoti of its Bbsp* And sim; for, knowing the pile 
wlikh 1 bnJ d«iicribed, be coidd not h«lp finding it «iaily enongb ; fuid, 
indoed, the gtvtX Kmu- wm that othnnt night iind it, and como in gn«t 
forco to mb hiin ; but notbiiiK of that sort bnd hAppcitod, )<Brt)y becauao 
h<^ hold hi« tongue rigidly, utd partly, pcr)inp«, because of tlio iduplo 
procAution which ho luul Ikkm. 

Now, bon-evcrr, it wns iirnlful to ttnfArt th« socrot to one nuu) at 
lewt ; for F^nn, tboii};b tvcov«riiij{, was still bo weak tlial it might bare 
kilted him to go iuto the water, or even to cxcH hJUMjlf nb all; ond, 
Btrong as Uodc Sam wns, h» know tbnt rvn\ wilb lioisting-tAckle, be aImm 
could nav«r brinK thai pircc of bullion to bank : so, after much coDsident- 
tiou, be Keolved to t«U ?tlai-tin of the Mill, na being th« tuoitt tnuify mm 
aboat Iho pbtco, an well na the most Buriy ; but b« did Dot lell him until 
oTprything wna ready, umI then be took him ulrnightw-ny to the pliic«. 

Hero, in tlw mootilight, w« iitoo<l waiting, Pirm and myself and Suan 
laco, who bad moro dread tlian lovo of ^Id, and might be mrful to kocp 
watfh, or Rven to lend a hand, for she van as strong att an ordinary man. 
Tho ni^t won soitry, aw) tlie lu«-fliea (though dull in tbe ladianoo of 
tho moon) darted, likn soft Uttto sliooting-erbua, aeron t]>e xtill faoo of 
■badow, nod the flood of tho light of tbe moon was at it« bright, sub- 
atcrging cvarythio^ 

Whilo wo wore whispering and kmping in tho ahaile, ibr iiBar of 
attiaciing any wandcrcrV notice, we saw the broad tigure of the Sawyer 
jSaag iivm a hollow of the bank, and behind htm oune Maitin ths fon- 
mu), and w« aoon saw that dtie pre>panitMMi had boea made, for they took 
from under some driftwood (whieh had prevented va from olnorving it) 
a small moreablo cnao^ and fixed it on a platibrm ot planks which thvy 
Ht up in the river-bed. 

" Pale.fMOo« wt ^Id," 8iiun TsPO said, rofloctiTely, and as if to Brtisfy 
hcnelT. "Pem eat, drink, die gold ; dou pull gold owl of one otber's 
oatt. Wrily hoijo IklalUam mans gel iinougb gold now." 

" Don't bo auvoattc, now, Suan," 1 awwercd ; " as if U were poaaiUs 
iDhaTasoon^ I" 

" For my part," Mtd Firm, who bad boen ouusuaUy aihint alt tho 
' '^ I wiiih it had oevcr Iwhd fonod at alL Aa sure as I alanil 
, tBisducT will came of it. It will fanak ap our houwhold. I 




it will tnm est a Inmp of quartx, pit on ti» tnoe, aa those big nugftett 
do. ntovty-tujMiiuiuf uhuudre'l. I Iiayb WI do fiutb iu it nil tioag." 

" Umausc I found it, Mr. FirtD, I mippoeo." I luwnaod ntber petr 
tiabtj, fori aerer lia«l lilcied I'li-m's inoessaDt bitumon Hbout my nnggBt. 
^Pttrlwiai if jou hwl tonaS it, Mr. Tina, jok wouM bnvQ bad grxvit bitli 
in it. 

" Caa't uy, cttu't atj-," was all Pino'i r^)!^ ; and ho fell iato tbe ailoot 
veoD agkin. 

" Hmve*)io I hMve*lio I (h«rv. you whu of cooks ! " cried the Sawyor, 
wbo was splaBliing for his life in tk« vrAttt. " I've tncklcd 'on now I 
JuKt tiabteo np tho Mt, to one if hD MtMh cftnt?o-lik«. You can't lift 'nn I 
Lon) h]er» W>. not you. Il:'ll uilco nil I kiMtw lo ilo that, I guoNci; atut 
Firm ain't to lay no bant) to it Don't yen be in incb a do)*gDQed Iinnj. 
Ilold hani, oui't yon I" 

For Stum and MartiD woro lianling for tlw^r livm.aad tnmx I canght 
hold of a ropo-tud. but had no idea what to do with it, when the Sawyer 
•woDg himianlf lip to Imnlc, iind in bttlf n minutu »11 wax orderly. Ho 
showed us eindly where to tlirow our wnght, and lie used lus own to 
each good «dect that, after some crooking and groaning, the Iodk bill of 
the onue rOM (toulily, and a tnam of dnpping sparkle* ahone in the 
taoonKf;bl over the water. 

"Uurrahf Wbatnwbalol How (be tou^ ftKh bcuds '"cried Uade 
Sam, jiatiting like a boy, and doing nearly all the work fajtnjtelf. " Martin, 
lay your nbeat to iL Well grass him in two seconds, Onlifomy nOYOr 
■iw a ORbt like this, I rvnkoii." 

Tbura was plenty of joom for us all to sliuid round the monster 
and admire it. In shape it was jnst like a &t load, eqiiatdng with hia 
shoulders up and ixuiting. Even a rough reaenblana to the brad and 
the bauncbea mig^t bo dieco%-crcd, nnd ■ fow npote of qnartx Hbone ben 
and there on tlie glistening and boRHy surihioe. Some of ns began to M 
and handle it with vast adniinktion ; but ]'inB, -vilh hla heavy boots^ 
made a vidoiis Itiok at it, and a few bright nrales, like aparka, flew off. 

" Why, what ails tbo lad I " cried the Sawyer in eomo wtath ; ** what 
hann bath tlie atone e\'er done to him 1 To my mind, tliin here Innip ia 
A proof of the whole creation of tite wortd. and who hatli lived long 
•oon^ to (gainsay t Hera tlua lump hath lain, williout changing colour, 
nsM creation's ibiy ; here it ia, as big taiA heavy as when ibo Lonl laid 
band to it. WItat ji;ood to eigne agin' stteh facta 1 Sapposin' the world 
come out n' nnthini;, with nobody to fetch it, or to say a word of ordeMi, 
how ever could it 'a nuuugcd to gtitn Inmp of gold like this initi The^ 
el<Tvta- fellera is too clever. Let 'cm put all their heads together, and 
lom out a niiggct, ami I'll believo tlinn." 

L^ndt- Sam'a rntHonin); wne t»o decji for any but fatuself to follow. 
He waa not long in pnrc*i>-ing this, though we wore ooaleot to admin 
bis wordfl, without iu*kiiig him to explain then ; so he wily said, " Well, 
well,'^ and began to try with both hands if be oonld befl tliia Itimpi. He 



iitimd it, iknd moved it. nn<l nuaeJ it a little, ak the gliiit<m of tlw light 
upon its TQimdingB showed ; but lii\ it fuirljr from tlie |;n>uiid he could 
not, hovomr h« might bow his sturdy logs and head hht mightj Ivelc to 
it ; niuJ, Rtnuiga to s»y, ba waa pleased for onoe to ackiiowledge his own 
I i0O<HufitnrD, 

" Five hundced oad a half I tis«d f> lift (o the height of mj k)>M- 
et/p easily ; 1 niiy 'a fallen off now a liiiadredweiglit with yean, and 
Btrings in my back, tuid rh«iiniitti<3 ; but thin hero littlo toad is a cleai 
humdredwfligbt out and beyond my heAagia. If there's a pound horOt 
tbort^ not ao onnoo nnder ttix hundredweight^ Ftl lay a thoiuuuul doUnrs. 
Miffl Roma, qive a nama to liim. All tlio thnndoring nn^tf^cta tuw 
Uiuiidcruig iiiuima, 

"Then this shidl b« called ' Uaolo Sau,'" I anavrarod ; obecAose bo 
b the 1arge«t and the b«t of all." 

*' It Hhall nlaoil, Mi«a," criu-d Martin, who was in gnmi nfbHit, atul 
socuint to hare bettered himself for erer. " You oould not hare givon 
it a finer name, Mtss, if you had consider^ for a c«ntniy. Uocl^ Sam 
il the name of onr ^oriotis race, froni the kindn«B of onr natnr'. Every* 
body's tmole wa ate tiov in vartUL' of gap«rior knowlodgc, and freedom, 
and giving of gcocnd aii\-ioA, nad sLidctn* to all the w<o<rld, or all Uiegood 
of il. rhtmH if old Sam aren't tbcfitHit orcreatum!" 

'■ Wtdl, well," said the Sawyer, " lei m call it ' Uncle 8am,' if tlie 
dear young lady likes it ; it wonld be bad luck to change the name ; but 
for all that, we miuib look uncommoa sharp, or some of our glorious race 
will comn and steal it, aforo w» nnbutton onr oyos." 

** Pooh I " ficiod Martin, bat be koow vary well that his mastcr'B worda 
ware eommon aooao ; and uru \eft him ou ^ixiard with a doublty-borroUed 
giin, aait Jowler to kcop watch with liini. And the next day bo told cil 
that he k-u! epeol, tfao night in such a frame of miad from eontinual 
thought, tlint when oar p«t cow came to drink Ht daybraak, it wag bat 
tho blowing of bor brcatJi tJiat mvcd her Irom taking a iinllot botwxMD 
iKTBof^ lamaiTes. 

Kov, it oould noi in any kind of way Iwhl goo<l that moh thin^ 
■hould continue; and the Sawyer, tliongh loth to lose sight of tlio nnggfsb, 
pottfdTfid tliat ltd must not aacriSoe all tho morals of the nd^boorhood 
to it, and ho hnnly had time to dcBpaUrh it ou ita road at Uie bottom at 
a load of Innibor, with Martin to drivo, and Jowler to at np, and Firm 
to rido twbind, wlien a troop of miz«I robbera camo riding across, with ft 
four-wheel cart and two Htardy niale^ eaongh to dng off ovoTtltlag. 
They had clwurty heaitl of tho golden toad, and deniral to know mom of 
htoi ; but I'licin Hntn, wtUi hia tcraal bhuutncM, oict &i!aa men at the 
gat« of his ^itril, and npou Lite top-ruil. to mu his arm, ho roftoil a rifle 
of hiwvy tnnUd, with seven nivolvinn* uhaiulxirq. Tlio robliere found out 
that tfafly bad lost thor way. and Mr. Qnudrywuwend tjuileo tb«y bitd, 
and tlie sch ■ nlhrr dinKtion, th*- b^' "be 

for Uiem. I liad all liis lucn inicidi -'i-tn 




mightj cavil, though ve had only two n«groM to h«lp aft, uid Btum Iboo, 
wiUi • grott gim cocke*!. Bnt Uivtr curioiatjr wan mich Uiat they cuuUl 
not holp asking about the ggld ; and, sooner titaa shoot Ummd, Uaole Sara 
replicil that, upon liii bonour, tlie nu|;gal wm gona. Aud Uie fiuoe of 
)tb vonl was ao w«ll known, thai tbuwo fctlown (nunc of whom could tall 
the tnilJi even at confneioo) believed hiin on tbo epot, nud Ixiggnl his 
pardon for tKb]ia8iuuj( ou lib prauifeet. Tfaay hoped that ho vould not 
my ft v«rd to tLo Vigilnnoo C!«minitt«e', wito hanged ft poor fullovr for 
hwiug bia road ; otid ho told ttu-m thikt if lltey miulo off at oncv, oohodj 
abotUd {)ur9u« thea, luid «> (hc^ rotlo olT rorjr hnppUjr, 

!■ - 


^^BrKANQB an itniB)roppeKr,onr (gtiifblitUnhomc wna not yc( dtaturbod by 
m that gtmi diacorety of gold. Tho Sawyer wcul uji bo tlio Hiunmit of 
MtoMU in pahlic opinioii ; but to hiiiueir, and Ui lut, he was tbo mma n 
eror. llo worketl with his own hni-d bunds, and btwy b«nd,jii3t lu 
he tued to do ; for although tho mill was still in ruins, there was pli^nty 
of thB finer work to tlo, which alwavx mjuired band-lalKfur. And at night 
ho would dt at (lie end of tJ>o t«blc furthest from the firoplitev, vith liis 
iipectaclos on, and his rod cboeks glowing, while he d«aignod the fatun 
mill, whicti wiui to bo linilt in tlto sprii^ and tnuwoeod erciy mill emr 

IheaH, thought, or dreamt of. 
W« all looked forward to a (fuiot wtat«i', snug with wanalli and 
ehoer indoorn, and bright oiil«ido with spArkUng trMS, brink air, and 
&naty ap|ioti to ; whtm a foolish i<l«i. arascr, wliich si>oilcd th« comfort at Inst 
of Iwuuf un. flf iltraim Ouodry found out, or fauc-ied, that ho wasonlirely 
fillol wiUi lovft of A very young umid, who uovcr dreamt of toch thioga, 
and hatod oven to bear of tban ; and the maid, unluckily, was myself. 

Ilhinng the ttmo of his ailment, I haul been with him oontinually, 
being only too gUd to aaauas^ hi« pain, or tuiu his tbougfata away from 
it* I partly suspoctAd that ho had iueiirred hia 1>itt«r wound for my 
sake; ^ouj^h I never imputed hut rxal to mor« than n young man's 
OALimd wntlh at an outrugu. litit now ho Ivft me no longer in doubt, and 
madfl ufl meat tiiicouifortabl«. Perhaps I was bard upon him, and aftfli^ 
warda I ofl«n thought so ; fbr ho was very kind and gentle ; but I waa 
031 oqihan child, and tiad no one to advise mc in sueh mattan, I 
liotieva that b» alwuld hare coastdered this, and allowod tan to fcrow a 
litlls ohI«r ; hut perhaps he himself was too youog aa yet> &ud loo 
baahAil, to know how to maiuiee things. It was the very oveutng aft«r 
his niluru from Sn«tMioiioto, and the bunuty of the wonthvr still abodo io 
Uie soft warm depth arotind ut. In aveory tint of rock and tne, and 
playful ghaa of river, a i|ui«t ckameM aeemed to lio, niid a rtdi content 
of vokKir. Th« grandmir of lh« world wna such, Uial one ooulil only itst 
WBUOg )ti Boeldng qollicr roico nor thouglil. 



ThAToTore I wu mam Rnrprned Uinn ii)mm(1 to bmr mv nm« ring 
loudly tbrou){li tbo ecboinit lioUtnrs, nod tJicn to sec the biiahts shaken, 
ubA im (agor fonn Ien|> out. I did not amvcr n mtdh), but i*t wtUi • 
vM&tfa cf wbitc bouvardiA nnd Hmnll (uliAnuini round tor head, vrbicb 
1 bad plftitod anjrliow. 

"WliAl a lovfAy Atnr ynu are!" crlad Finn, nnd ibea 1« Roonad 
fM^tenod Kt Kis own vordiL 

" I liftd no i(I»i 1)uit you vould liftT« &itahed yo\ir dinner no noon m 
tbiH, Mr. Firm." 

" And foa did not va&t mo. You are voxed to bm ma. Tt^l the 

" I always tdl tlio Irtith," T answcrwl; "tmA I did not want to ha 
dtrturbw] Just now. I have so many things to think ot" 

" And not me among Uiem. Ob ]»o, of wuno, jo« no\-cr think of 
mis, ErrmA." 

" It b VP17 unkind of you to say that," I answered, looking rtoarly 
at him, a« n child looks nt a ruid. "And it is nut true, I awnim voii. 
Firm. Whenuvor I have tliought of dear ITnclo Sam, I very often go 
on to think of yon, bccniitw ho is bo fond of you." 

" But not f^r my own mke, Krema ; you nnvcr think of mo for my 
own saku." 

" Bui y«, I da. I awnrc you, Mr. Firm ; T do Broatly. TlitTo n 
scarcely n day tliat I do not ramemher liow hungry yon nre, anil I iJiink 
of you." 

" Ttnb ! " replied Finn, with a lofty gana " Etai for a moment 
thivt <toca not in any way cx|>Tees my raeanii^. Hy mind is very much 
above all eating, wli«n it dwells ujMm yoti, Erema. I have always been 
foDil of yon, Eroma." 

" Yon have alwayn boen good to mf, IHrm," I uid, na I managed to 
got a great bnuicb between na. " AAcr your gnuidfather, and Snan 
Inoo, and Jowler, 1 think tliat 1 like you bast of almo«t anylxxly left to 
me. And you know tliat 1 never forget your aliiipw*.** 

" Kretna, you drivo mo almnnt wild, by nrror nndnrtasdhig me. 
Kow, will yon jiut listen to a little mumon eoniet Yon know Utat I 
aw not romantic." 

" Ym, Firm ; yea. I know that yon never did anything wrong in 
any way." 

" Yon would liko me bett4fr if I did. What an w ctm ordlnttry thing 
it la I Oh, Ercmn, I Jitr yonr pardon." 

lie hnd Been in a roommt, ua m«n teocnt to 4I0, wli«ii thoy ntudy the 
madt quicker (»e« of a girl, that ht« words had k«(>nly woimd^d mc— 
that 1 lia<l appliod tJirm to my fntl)er, of whom I was nlwnvN tlijnkinff; 
thuugh I MAmly pvnr Mjiokn ot htm. But I know that Ftnn liiul moant 
BO liatra, and I ptve him my band. tJioa([li 1 oonlH not siwak. 

■* &ty darltnft," hi- oud, " yon are very dear lo me, deartrr than atl the 
world hedde. I will not worry you any more. Only say that yon do 
not bat« me." 



■ "Hov oould I ) 
B AUand to Unde Sam. 

V Bra 



How could nnjrbtxly 1 Ko«r lei its go in, utA 
He thinks of everybody befoni hiiiweU'." 

In ih*t -what you nuwn, 


And I think of cvetyliodir aTtur mjrncir. 

"To be sure I If jrott like; ;oti tn^y put any menniDj; on oiy words 
UiAt yoti think proper. I ntn acciuitoiiiRd to tilings of Umt sort, aiod I 
\»y no att«Dtkm whatever, whoa I am perfectly certain that 1 am right," 
" I tot,^ re]>lLed Fii-iD, «p]>)ying one Bitgcr to the Hide of hit noii«, in 
deep oontanplstion, which, of all his maniierB, annoyed nte most, that 
sosebetof; slightly crooked; " 1 see bow it is; Hiaa Rema b alwaya 
porioctly eerlain that aho ia right, and the vholc of the rent of the 
world qntta wroni;. Well, nftvr all, there is nothing like holding a 
finiUnte optnion of oueeelf." 

" Yon nre not what I thought of you," I crieK), being *«xod lM>-ond 
boanuice by ntuJi worda, and fcoling their gross ii\jvwtico ; " if you wish 
to aay anything more, plmse to leave it rnitil you recover your tamiier. 1 
am not quite ac<c%ittt«iut^l (o tudeueea." 

With these words, 1 dr«w nwfty and walked oif, partly in eamwt 
mid partly in joke, not wifduug to hear another wnrxl. And wheii I 
locAwd b«cic, lieing well out of ntKlit, time he But still, with hts head On 
his hands ; and my bf*rt had a little nclie for htm. 

However, I dotcrmined to say no mon>, and to he extremuir cantful. 
I could not in juHtiee blame Kphmim Gundry for looking at me very 
oReo. Uut [ look good cam not to look at hiui a;^in, unless bo said 
ioiBetliiug that mndo too laugh, and then I oould Bcnrcely help it. He 
WM abarp enough vary soon to find out this ; and then be did a thing 
irrin^ «■■ moat un£nir, as 1 found out louj^ uderwnnhi. Ife Imught an 
Anoiesn jost-book, full of ideas wholly new to me, and thrac tie com- 
milt«(l to heart, and 1>n>tiglit them out as liia own produrlioiiK, Tf I 
had only known it, I muxt have been exceedingly sorry for liim. Bui 
Uncle Unm uaod to langh, and rub his hands, ptirhapi for old M^iiaiot- 
anee sake ; and when Unele Sam laughed, there was nobody near wbo 
conhl help laughing with hiui. And so I began to think Ftim the most 
witty and plcaaant of mtui, thougli 1 tried to look auiiy. 

But pezfaipe the moat eareful and dcltcntu of thiiif^ was to tee bow 
Unde Sam went on. I could not uuderatand him at all just thni, and 
thought him quite changed from my okt Uncle Sam ; but afWwardx, 
when 1 came to know, his behaviour was M deer and shallow u the water 
of hia own hvcr. He hud very 8tnD)|0 idaas about whd-t he generally 
called "thofeuutlc kind." Acoonling to his ■dcaa(aud, pcrfaaputhey were 
not DO unusual among mankind, cs|>ccifttly settlea'a), all " femalea " were of 
a good, but weak, and ooosLBtently Jncomaatent sort. The sureet way to 
make them do whatov^r their beUen wanted, was to make them think 
tluit it waa not waabeU, but wasUedgedwith obstaclee beyond their power 
to overcoue; and so to provoko and tantaliic them to set their litnrta 
Upon doing it. In oeoordanoe with this idea (than wiiidi there can he 
tune more misMlcaoJi bo t«ok the greatest pain* to keqi mo (rom ba-tm^ 

«*- - — 


lyff yi H 

a void to my to Firm, aiwI even weut bo hr na to hiat wjtk vinliti uul 
nods of pUfl^nliy, tlut his gmubOD** lie»rt wnn Bet ii|iou Un i>retty 
Min Sylvester, Uic d«i^fat«r of n num who ownwl a herd of p^>% mudli 
too tienr our eaw-miUii, and herself a j-ousg woman of outrngcoos dmn, 
and ia a lugnr light coatotit|>tiblc. Bub when Mr. Gnndry, irithont 
nny vords, n>nvcy<sl this |ncc« of nev» to uc, I imiaodntoly felt qulla ■ 
liking for gaudy but hunulcM Feamylriuiut, for bo her ptintiiU iMd 
iuuii«d h«r, w]i«n alto was too young to lidp it, and I h«nrtity hoped that 
she ni^t cult Firm, which she aeemed nil the Diort' lUtoly to do, as his 
conduct could not bo cnlled noble. ITpon tlint point, howeror, I uJd not 
a woid, Inkving him purely to judge for hioiMlf, and feeling it a gr««t relief 
that aow he could-not aaj sujthiug moire to me. I was glad tJiat bJB 
tnato was 80 easily itlmacd; and I told Suiui laco how glad I was. 

Tliia t had better baro left uosud; for it led to a great explosiaii, 
and droi'O mv uwivy bom the |ilac« altogelli«r, before tbo new mUl waa 
finidted, and befoni I itbould otlierwiiKi liu\-e gone from friends who wne 
BO good to nOi — not tliat I conld have stayed there much longer, crom if 
ihia had nerci- oomc to pASs ; for vock by wock, and m<»)tli by month, 
I was growing mora iuMM«y. UnoMy, not at my obligations, or dqt«ad- 
ran upon mci« friends (for tb(7 nuUMgod titnt ao kindly that looemedto 
confer tli« favour), but from my own aonse of lagging fu- bdtind my dnty. 

For now tJio bright a!r, and llio wboleaomu food, and tbe ]>lt»anro of 
goodneauouDd me, wrre making me grow, without knowUidgeor notiee, 
into a tnll aud not altogotbcr to be overlooked young woman, 1 was 
eatoeedingly shy oboat this, snd blitshed if any ono spoke of it ; hnt yet 
in my heart I felt tbatii vas»o, and bow could 1 help it t And wbot 
people said, as rough pc»ptfi will, and oven Unde Sam iH>motimm, "haikd- 
Hioe IB u liandaomo does," or " beauty is only akiu deqi," and ao on, 1 
mado it my duty not to bo put outy but to luir it in Bitiid, nnd ho (liaok* 
fiti. And though I had oo idea of any Hiith indu«n«o at tlio momnnt, T 
hope that the gnuidoar of natnro around, and the loAy style of erecy- 
thing, may hnve nred me &om dwelling too mudi tm myself, as Peiui- 
Hylraiiia Sylrorter did. 

Now tbe mow I Mt my grown-np age, aud booltb, and btwyani 
vvpmTt l^e surer 1 knew tfaattiie time waa come for me to dosomognod 
with tbcm. Not to ben«fil tl>a world in goneral, tu a hujftt mid seattny 
way (as manyyonug ]tMi[d«»ct out to do, and nevor gel any fuitJier), but 
to right the wrong o£ my own hauB^ aud bring Lome juutioe to my own 
bmrt This may \>o ihougbl a juirtial and (oiltry oly^ct lo aetottl wilk i 
and it is not for me lo nay otbtrwiitn. At tlie tUniv it ooctiiml to mft tn 
iu> other light, exPtpL )u my due buainca*, and I tkever took any lu^ 
Tiew at nil. Hut ctui uqw 1 do lieliovo (llmugb not yiH !u \Ackit irf 
wisdom), tiiat if ovcryl-ody. in ttM own Utilu *pncv, and amcmg it* own 
ijttl* momnonts, will only do snd tnfca tiuthiuK witlwut ptiro (asu of 
till ' iiutioe, no reeldn^ atrazjty of natioual crimwcould ever taint 


DiKli qtHstioQ*. Eiowwur, bccumn ms not. I liare mlv lo ilaU 







very littla bhii^, Mmetimes too hUiq to handle moU, and too aleetjr to be 
wartra ; laul if Utiij B«ttu bdow my •«n»e luwl deputy to treat of, T can 
only Mtjr that tliey ae«m«d very big nl the time when I had to caconnter 
tli«in. For instance, what could be more important, m a little world of 
lifv, Uiu) for XJ tide Sam to bepnt out, and dare even to tliiiik ill of in«1 
Yet tJiia ho did ; nud it idiowii how Hlmllow arc all thoM theorioi of tho 
Other Bnc, which moo arc so plottMd to indulge in. Scarvely anvthing 
could he mora ri<iicii]ouB tma &rat to last, when cfdmlj- and trul; 
oonaider«], than the firm holinf which no power of rcoaaii could, lor tb« 
time, roob out of him. 

ITdcIo Sun, U>e dearest of all ma&kuKl to me, nud tho ray kiuJort, 
was positively low enough to t)eli(;v«, in his luul opinion of tho feiiuitt 
rsoe, that my young hnid wiu tamed b«cnuM of the wnJtJi to which I 
had no rUJBi, except through liia own jastioe. He had imtutcd, at ftnt, 
that Uto whole of that great nu;^ Iwlonged to ae, hy right of nolo diB- 
oorery. I aak«l him wli«lh«r, if nny stroogar had found it, it would 
lM>re hoen conaidcrod his; and whether ho wonid have allowed a 
" grouer," upon finding, to make off with it. At ths thoi^ht of this, 
Mr. UmidrT gnvei » lilllo grunt, and could not go so far as to malutain 
tliat ri«w of it. Dut he eaid that my r«asoiting did not fit; that 1 was 
ant a gneMf, bat a settled inhahltant of tho phuw, and entitled to all a 
aattlar'a righta> That tho bed of the river would have boon his grarci 
hal for tho tiak of my life ; and therefore whaterer I found in the hod 
of tlie rirer belonged to nic, and me only. 

In lugiimciii he wiut no ruuch atronger than I conid erer attempt to 
b«, that I gave it up, and coold only say that if he argued for aver, it 
could never make any diflerence> He did not aigue for ever, but only 
Itrew ohetJnAte and unpleasant, so that I yielded at laM to own the half 
eban of tba buUioQ. 

Very well. Everybody wonkl have thought, whohas nottttudiod th« 
natnrv of men. or been dnggml Uiroiigh it hoivily, that now tiiovoonld 
be DO nun<e trouble between two ]>cople entirely tmating each other, and 
only anxious that the other should have the best of it. Yet inxtaad of 
that boing the onac, the nuachief, the myriad mischief of money aet in ; 
nntil I hmrtily witdivd somotuBcs that my nuseraUe adf was down in the 
bote which Uie pelf had left behind it. 

For wliat did Uncle Knm Uki^ into IiIm hem) (which was fnll of 
gecvrvaiiy and lai^e ideas, bo looetcly |inc4ced tlmt little ones ^icw betwoeu 
iheu, t«|>eciBlly alwiit womauklnd), whjit else did be tnolly neeia to titink, 
with Ibe dowiuight RlubtiomnaaR of all his thoughlK, but that 1, his poor 
(Wbtor, and (lenaioiitT, and jicniiilesB diepeodant, wiu to not up and elated 
bj this sodden access of furtnne, that benfvforth none of tlio saving 
nwo was high eoougb for mo to ^ink of. It took mo a long time to 
boiioTff lliat so fair and jiut a man ever conId M>t liui^h oonstnietioD upon 
me. Am) when it Iwnunc too plain that he did so, truly I know not 
whether grief or anger was uppermost iu my troubled heart. 


"(Sujman lie ^Ifitrafbe" :tni) ibe <&usto ^icuHSfo. 

It u, M we are ofteu reminds), difficult to believe nowadays ibat 
wu K tioiv wliea it took 0re ilajm to tisvol from London to York. To 
aajooe who suWribw to k landing libmr^', inula Um reviews, or eY«tt 
looks ovei- the publiaheiv' annouucomonts, it will be soarcel^ len cUfficnlt 
to Hmccdfc n time when Kn^Iuud produced no noveU and mtbaulad 
enundyoniiuportul tictioii. Wean'aoiiccustoiitedtotlioMJueT«men1sof 
thia btiuieh of the national industry that it haa coasedto excite in na mB,y 
CnUng of ndmitution or astonuthmeat. Wo are immeDtety {irond of our 
machinery, ^\'h<-n we {•arUcuWlj' wiint to itoproK, plcaa^ or pozzle any 
foiv^ potentate who visits us. wc take liim down to Wootwidi, ukd hJiow 
him how caiuly aud quicldj a Woolwich infant may be lAvnghl into ihc 
world ; or b> RirmingbnBi or Mancltttrier, wb«re he aocs x sheet of uelal 
in the twinkling of nn eye cooTOrted into sti-vl pcm, or some fliifTy stuff 
|ximiui( tliiutigh a uMd whirl of wheels aud couiug out at the othec 
end as Nhirlii;]^. I.'nhapiiily, it is not pomible to exhibit tlie actual 
ueclionic^ procAoi wlueh {iroducoi with sudi woniknfiil rajiidity the 
vnonnoua amount of fiction iwiuireil by the British niiiRtoft)l)i-<«)kiiy 
jiublic. Tbcin: ia, unfortunately, no way of astouialiiiig Sultan, Seyyid, 
or Bbah ky pmwnting to bis e^ eft an examplo of ajijilied mtchaniea dmJing 
with, for instanni, a ioi)^ will, a fulsc murmgc, a farnOy fetid, a curate 
mon or lea Anglican, a guardsman more or InM diabolical, or aur 
airailor raw material, and 8iiiuniji{;, twi»tuig, and wmrtog the whole into 
tlw article of coibuimx« known by tlie trade as a novel of the waaini, three 
vole, oetavo, price ona pound eleven and iDx|tence. Xevertfeeleni, the 
uuiiuAictun.* ia a scarcely kaa reiaarkable triumph of modem skill aivl 
mtarjniatv inoie e^Mcially if we boar in niind tliat ilM prcaniit prodigtow 
devdojiueiit ia allogetber a growth of our own dayti. The tremcniktH 
actlvitj- in the fiction tnarket prescxits, indeed, a atrikiiig couCrast to tlio 
Rl&ggvdmaui uf buainea ia tboae days wboo a few pieees of unrk turned 
out tijr a few brqgular bands like Kiohardaon, Fieldiiis, iiuiollett, v 
Sterna amply anflicod to meet the demand for in)t«rlauLiii(;> litcintuie: 
ootlos|)eak of tbatmnuter aod atUI men backward age — tlie luiodiocm, 
period in (be history of uovel-weavuiij — when our wmple nnmttora 
OODtcsted with Iho CahricB of Mrs. A]ibra Belui and the iofeiiioiu 
3Iasdey, a eoane wtb according to our taata, but very tine iti their i 
•daoated cyna. 

TTiaiT, hivvr. were ut niir raU: Bngliali-, liotlie^re tboBeatOt 


tuMre ingcnuil7docti luit^ipearto Iutv6been capable or ktcii so modeiote 

U) oSbrtutliti ftil)ricALii>» of a SGrvioeabl«iDtrigoo,uiil tbe novd-reMleis 

of EngUod wero wholl J defxmdeDl upontbe iirodtictiunsof tbeforeiffncr. 

Thia wtiM tbe age of those ^iiliby fotioa wiUi bigk-ieouadiag titliM n)K>ii 

whfoli the Azploror souctimcs lights BUaoiig the remoter eholves of an old 

couutt^-hoiw lilKvy — "Casauidra," "CloUa," "Astren; n Romnuw," 

" Ilimliini; oc,tlicIUujrti-ioiiiiBa»«,"" Ajtawiuw-i; or, Uio Gnuitl Ojfrus," 

tad the like; volutow for the nost part t1(«cTibitigtJiem8elTeaas''writteD 

by Noiinant wita and englialied hy persons of <}ualitjr," ntiil in Iwllc, trpn, 

and appeonwoe an uaRD]{gestive i>f lif^t reading an book* well nnuld 1^. 

It ia iu fluch companjr that Guimaa ti« A^'araelu ia ia<Mt iivqucaUy foucd 

iu tlieae days, but tbo proverb which lauknt coui[Miiy nii index U> cbamctcr 

doM not hold good iu thU caao. The -works of DTrfiJ, GombcrvilK-, la 

Calprrn^o, and the Bciid^ry*, which g»To employment to tbo transJators 

and, it ia to be preeumed, eatorlaimiieDt to the teadent of Kiij(Und nlHnit 

thfl iaiddl« of the MTQDtoeuUi ccDlury, wen oU iD«ro ofithoobi of Uw cai-Uer 

foniia of fictiou, the rciiiiaDc«« of diivalry and the piroee pastoittlA. An 

M. DMoogeot sayii iu bis History of f'lrnch Literature, "le Inichcrdo 

OcmmtM n'^ufl* \m» toutc In nms ckovnlormqtie ; In rcnnau h^iiiiie, 

nuUenooDtreux pbinix, cq watil itaio ot satif pour r«tmui du xvii* 

siocle." They >r«rc, in f»«t, nothing nmro tlmu inodiitcaltoni* of Uiu ol<l 

romaocte, and, like tlto old roaianoos, they saii^bl to lead the ronder into a 

vorld as (ar mnovod as poesiblo firom the v«rld of hu e:[pvm'ac«, and 

td intAKSt hiu by t3>c i-cprcMntAtion oF pcrfoongee, ittcidenta, e«niiai«nt^ 

and motiTcaof action as nnliko tboso of real life aa the author's tiaagina- 

tioQ oould make tlMim. f/uanfMitt/e J{/(imcA« wiuiconKtruciKl on a plan 

euLClly the opposite of this. It waa an oxatnpla uf the uew form of 

Gctiou wliich hnd nme into oxistenoe in th« eixtwuth eentury. Tbo 

gmtt inoveni«nt of the tiuo, tliA gra\-itAtian tovaid« fact, which lutdmailo 

Kiuclf ff^lt in Uwolog)-, ID ]>bilO)°D))hy, in Kiente, and in art, extended even 

^■to iidioD, Mid gav« bu*tli io a nevr species of roaianco ; one that laid itn 

Hbc«xim, DOt in vagufl regions jtcoptedby tlD]wsnhle kiiightx and shejiberds. 

"^Imt iu tlie crowded highways of OTciyday life, and Appealed not to Uio 

sonUtDental tostiiteti* of the reader, but to hiu ^-yuijiatliy with Uui woak- 

neaeea, want«, and buuioura of floah and LIocmI. 

^_ ITio Qnt flanay iu thi^ direction was the litUe 8|)ftmah tale of LaxariSo 

^b« T'orauv, the origin, cbantetei', and place in Uteratnniuf which haro been 

HWlr«sdy dealt with in tbraopngiw.* Giu:mantlt ^^(iiWif,aUoaS]Miiuih 

Btais,«ag the next, or at leaxt tha next tiuit baa oont« down totu. Atliiitt 

dl^t itnukywM-J&KUiingutlutt fijaun, uf all count riu«,H]iou Id have keevi the 

ooe to take the initiatire in eubstitutiog a realisUo for a niuantie school 

ofSctaoa} hutthereaaon isuottar to Kek. Spain waa the country wJM^ra 

the ronantic fiction — tiot only tlutchivalricbnt also the poatoral — nnebed 

tlie higbeat pitidi of laxuriniioe.aDdtheooIy country wli^roiMoStosupoo 

• CemiUt MagatSnr, June ISTA, 



tliC|>0[nilArfa8beaB8Uia»ltli«tiiagiutucl«of anovil ; it woold be, Uierddm, 
natURkUy Ut« quarter wbere a. reaction mi^ht )w expecterL In tlie DGXt 
plat'a Spuuah society' pn«caU)cl some c^pomlly striknig coiitissts to the 
[>ictiire«whi(li Utoromfkiitic writers were fond of drnving. No cliar*ct(«s, 
for iuitanct^, could ncU liavc bcun luorc dissimilar tlian the horaea oT Uie 
ronuuiGUa, ftiu) Uie octwd knights cmuit — tbo vogabood chmalUr* irin/lu4- 
triehj wkoui Spnin wuorerruuiiith«MxteeiiLli audseveuteentiiwuturies, 
otid if we ore to tnirt covtotnpurarj' viHdnaco there was lis little Arcadlftn 
timocniioc w th^^rg vns ]iriiical)' maffliiticciice in the lifn of the middlft nad 
lower cIbhcs at llic suae timp. lacougruitiw uf tlux nort could Dot toi>i; 
e>(n|ie notice anwog poopl«£^fi4)d with uteDAci of liiimoiii-; and, wluitev«r 
doubts tbere may be aa to the pooMiaiiiHi of bnmour b^ th« other Lutiii 
ncm, thdv oui be none in Ui«aiae of theSpiuiutrdit. TIio ootcIm vrittal 
in tbe gmto pkarttco, as tlic ^Ijrk iu tiino came to be called, w&ra a 
vciy Diitiiml riwidt of these cinruntstonces. Tliey were act, of coiinto, 
de^tjnudly burl««<]ii(c> ii|)Oii the fiiflUionnblo fictioa of tli« day, but in cflect 
tliey tfav«atied its sUicut fuiturut. EvcrytbioK in tbem was of Ui« 
fniDilinr tjrpR : tlifi incid«nta were tltom of ever^-dity occiirrcDOO within 
the experieDco of the nsuler ; the Bceocs wetw auTfull)- copk-d from lille^a 
liutrketl profei^oora Utiiig giv«a to low lifb; tlic aiius, actions, aoil WNlti- 
taontH of llie cliainct«T)) were studionslv iinheroic, luid in tlirir Iwroee 
crcTj otic of Um! Vulf^litly virtuM of the old roiiianixn wiu ooniipicuous by 
its aheeiice. For thi»e last tbcy bod the advantage of a Urge uid wuU- 
recognised cIhib to dntw fi-om. Amoogthe uowholOMBU growtba bnd 
Xsf Uut d«caj of B|)ain duiing the rcifpu of tlic PhilipH was th« swarm of 
idlers tlut intetnl thv kingdom — \iw pauper hidAtgos who, iii tlic wonb 
of K«|Mn«l, " uiOA igitiereu |»deoer uocetldjidw (jiio H>r o&iales,'* wbo |ire- 
fenvA to vudniv auy Btmtts nttlivr tltiu stoop to woi'k ; and Hie pieaiw, 
wbo to au equal repu^^oancv tu labour addod an entire unscrupuloosiuai 
ns to thn nimn* \ty which the wanfai of life were to be supplied. Thoae, 
ceiwdally tfau lattvr, iuhI their ehifis and contrivances, adveutum and 
■uinhaps, offered leuiptiii^ tuatenatti for a achool of ficiimi foundrxt on 
prindplM dtanieUiotUjr oi>]KMnl to Ihoite which ijOvtrDcd the nritern of the 
chivalry nn<l pnstomi rumnnonn. 

Ctnman ite Atfnradi* appoared in 15&9, at tiio ooounenmnent on 
wdl of the AtiguatAn age of tSpanlEh litrratnre as of Uie tvign whitk 
««aiinaed tb« downward t*nd«icy of the naliunnl fartauea. Ko work 
of the ngc, not oven Don Quiwtr, which followed it ak ycant kter, bail 
■0 giMl or ao iDiiD0iliat« a kiicmws; uod il Ja only wh«a wc coiiie to 
modem tintm, to Srott or Dickemv that wo find in the hUtorj' of Htocn- 
tun anything like aa iaj>id or i>o wida a popidnrity, Aoconlijijj tu n 
BlaU.'nHHit whidi, a> I'lcknor t»ys, thero is no reason to (|uufttioii, at least 

twonty-«ix dliti-T - -■ miing tf» upwordaof M.OOO ropinn, «f the fint 

|Krt had )k>« ! w ithiii m ytmrn after its fml nppnuuiure, and 

■«■ lutd Ucn nlrrvwly Ir^nolntivl > ich uiid Italian., 

\ _ <'<d later in I*o>rtu^i»L'> Ounn^i, nri<I l^lm 





Imt ft nirtouf ono, \>y Cmjuu- Kn>, aut)»or of tho Spljorpldta, wMch, 
from tho number of «LitionH it \mskA through, neems to bnv« heon 
popular. Into GugUiili it liad tti« good forlunv uf ItUHg inttwliitod hj u 
gtnllcniui iukI aH!lu>I«i' riiDiiliiir with U)0 laDgrmgo, litetnturo, koA IiTa 
of BjNuu, Jauo) MnlfbCt " Don Vwgft Pu«k-8ci- " {(.e. " nfty-1>o "), « lie 
punning otlW himsoir, somotune Fellow or ^lAgilaloi, Oxford, nnJ 
ftftenmrds Moretary to W^n £«rl of Bruu>l, tlio Eogliob amtasflulor at 
ilie Court of Mftdrid in tLo m^ of Jnmcs I. 

Hifire were maDv exeellent tranHlntioim of mnittoriiwcu of foreign 
Ut^mluro producinl in Engliuul nt tlut tiiuc^FiurinXK Tasso, Usning- 
Um'tAriotto, Bulliolom««' Yon^^s ronionof the Dianaa cX TAtaAjoaAyor, 
Peicz, and Folo ; Sbcllou'B Don Qv,m>Uy Florio'a MonUiigne ; and Mabbc's 
Ciifinuifl U not thn Idut incritorious ntnong tho niuiib«r. He is taueli 
more qMrinj; of inlcrpolntioiis of his own, an<l more fuithfiil to hh task 
Uian most of the old tnuiaUtore, auJ IiU si^lo, if aoiuettmu u littlo 
tinged witli the [edautry of tlie day, ]» e«ienl1y vigoroiw, uliomutic, 
and dear, with, tnnnxivcr, a c«rtnit) woU-bicd ail- nhoiit it, ^Uich no 
doubl bplped to lecommaMl tlio book to a higher c1a» of rea<I«ni tlum 
tho £iigluih Teraion of ita jiraleocMur, Lasarith c/e Tormtt, found fu,vour 
^tli. To tlu> ttiKWt of SixmUli lit^^rfttnro it Ja MpociuUy trIiuiMc, aa 
IkUbbn vrurkvd in acholariy fasliioo, ■unotatJiij{ copiousiy froia Covarni- 
biaa ajtil other sources, wlierover the tt»t Hceuied tu n»juirc diicidatioa} 
and hift uotoi ou |ilinu)e«, ciutouis, uud prarerliti (iu which Ja^t Gusman 
a even richtr thim 0<m Quwtf) itro otUm cutioua and always woTtli 
leading. It ie picnsunt to sea that his indnstry and oonscientionaDflis 
did not go uurevrajrded : for lUa traiulatioo, publiuhMl iu 1633, in the 
aanuj year with tlio ^uuona fint folio of SlUiix&jHare, and, like it, witli 
commcndutory rctws by Ben Jonson, bad roacbcd a faurtli edition in 
16IV6, eigbt y«a»i b«roTa a third of ^AaitmjKara was ealled For. 

or Mateo Almiiui, th« author of Ui« original, 1«n perhaps fa known 
tban of any man of aqiinJ distinction to S|>nnish litoratorc. He aoema 
to liav« had little or no intcrcoui-He, friendly or otherwise, viUi tlio lead* 
ing ncu of hia day. Tlioy Mtiupliiuviiled on« auotlior profiimlv in thow 
tiniee, nuil th«y occononally Riid things of each othor vrliicti woro not 
complimcsitary. But AIcnian'H name does not ajipcar for good or bad, 
except tn Noinc L«tin vcrvM of Enpind's pi«fixccl to the Otixmatt, and 
io aome lines of Lo|w d« Ve^ga'stoanothiT woi-k. He imiol nM>ution«dby 
' CorrantM in tliii Vi'iy* »/ Partttuo, nor Iiy l^pi^ in tho Laitrf} <H Apoltf, 
I poema Uiut almost rend like a register of all the scribblers of Spiun. It 
iuu iMK-n aiyiird that Ccrvantoi waa jealouu of his popularity m a 
novtduiL; t?u( thi! «onJ«<ctur<> only rests on ono or two pneangM which do 
uot ueoaaarily involve' n mritvnrc tn any iiulivtdiud, and, A yriori, such 
jadoaay is nvy ittilik<i ('irvMilRM. It i» oaly tlie amnll nieu of thin 
world who am aiwmyii fancying tluit there is not room onongl in it tor 
tiirtnmeArrs aa well as for thetr neighbours; and Cervantes, who bopo 
with audi dignity Lli« iuuidinatp jtopiilarity of Lope d« Vt^ga, w»8 not 

3— » 


likuly to foci aon Al bo modvntUi uitl l«gitaiiuito a saocQH w tluit ot 
Al'>nian. Kvqi Uic liidiiiitni>iL<i Ximltut Antonio, iJUimi^h ii fi^llow- 
towiuBtui nni slinoal a coiit«in|)Orajy, was unable to add uujtbiag 
■untarul (o the ncoount given of Alemiut hv IiIm friend Vnltloic in the 
second pan of tlio Gkxomh. It ui uncertaio wliim he wns ttom uid 
whm bo dioJ, aiid nil i3uit is [MHtuvcly luiown al>oui lutu U iIlki. lie wu 
K SoriUian by birth, tint for nuuiy yetM be hfld the importunl offira of 
CorOadiyr d*. Ilt»uU'»* in tho Traunuy of Philip II. ; tbat, beuu; 8tri<rtlj 
upright, hfl wiui unxblo U> make c^Bcial life rcmancnttirii, and Ibmook it 
for litcratiiiti ; Ui«t, beaideB bis uovd, he wroI« a Ufu i>f tiuo Antonio ^ 
Fiuliia, and a tifatiM OD Oaatilinn oi-tliograpbj ; aud tliut, notvritb- 
Ktaiidlng the prodi^UB miccea of his {/ii£iinai», be wu noM tii« richer 
Tor it-* Tbe title of tbe book oouvej-M a liint of tlio spirit in wbich it 
waa written, TUe authors of tho rotoances of chivalry were fond of 
giving uii)iOBLDg geogni|fliical d«fiignatiatia to tlicirbeMca, like AiuaJis ilu 
Ctttula, Bolianbi do Giocia, Palin«rin do Inglatfrra, Falixinarte At* Hir- 
cnnta, and, in niockeiy, tbii author* of the ncv school of fiction choee for 
than olwcure or Itnlicroin local titlea. It in nut tin? IniAt htimoroaa 
toucli ia Dott Quixote tli«t tlio comiti7 oelonod for tJie knight alionld be 
Ut« dulloat, ugitCNl, and nio«t iinromantic tract tn tbe wholo Siviiiiaii 
plateau. Tbo founder of the itchool is connected with tbe Tonnes. th« 
altabtacflt rirer in Spain, perh^H, except tlie ManzanarM. EepiiK'l's 
liuio took bia titJi? of nobility from ttu> [tetty inonnt.'vm villago of 
Olwegou, near Sontandor, and not far, by tb« way, from that i ^n tilliuw 
wliiob tlie worid known boat as tbe l)irt]i|>lA«a of Oil Bias. In iht> nun« 
matuier Aleman dignifira hia hnzman by dcaci-lbing him km of Atfaracli<\ 
n suiall vUlaj^ furu-inj; ti kind of Muburb, lutd ft not parlii^ularly 
reputable one. of So-illc. 

I.iko all the romaiKt^ of tlio same family cxeopt tlio two by Ow- 
vantCH (for Dan Quirot* ia by birth a member of tlw family), Aleman'a 
uoTti) ia «aai In Uie fonn of au auUibioj^ntpby. Tbe k^note of tbe 
|>{cai«ar]ii« fiction in itruek at tlie vwy outart by tlnztnan «poIogi»ing, 
vrftli an adwimblo aMnniption of sin<.-crity, for (npoain^ tho crron of 
Ilia parent<t, and iulrodiicing liiuself aji Ihn uuno nf an intrigue l>«twten 
tlio wife of an old SoTillian gcntlfluau uid a Ocnonsp ailvoiituif r, wIiomo 
discrodilablfl nntoo«<l<>ul« iire dc-Uitnl itt some teugth. Hit Uiua adroitly 
imrparM the loador lor bin own morul laxity, and for Ihe cnadoitr 
witli which hu publtHbM it. Bdng in a ueas«ir« ooagcnital, ba cat) 
traat it OS a tlefi-rt for which li» in not respoDiiibl*, aanMhiuii liki> a 
hump or n atpiint, wbicli ho cannot help and ahosid nlher bo jiltied 
for. By the deaths of hia two fatben. as ho ploaMnlly calls them, and 

' It In not naUk*]^ itut AIbkiib miy hiiT* t>v~n uf Ovnuao ilaMoiit, at tb« nanw 
tm|41t#. It U tcry anooauaun In Spain, and in iJie frv InMam— in wbidi ii aMua 
llMvnw lo ia4iMla * Oermui orinia. lis a*^ i«i>wU^ Lara !«<« dMCsnileil rroui 
iba pritfar Xaynnis t'ii:.ii( Aleaun, vUo flotuubv4 ia SniUc at Um «id of tbu sr- 
t«a«li caolarjf. 




'{Kiv«rtv of tiU notli«r, be u driven to seek liLs fortune, aiut, in lli« 
spirit of ft K[NUiUh vaga)>ond, hn itarU " to kro Uic^ vorld, tmvolling 
plnffi to pliwx> iis<l «>iumcii(llng lumsolf to Uod luid wdl-dispoeed 
lie." His AdvmturMt on th« rood nnd io wtt^idde imu u« very uucli 
tlie w>i1> tjB Sago was no fond of describing ; a sort of oclvcQtiire aiul 
iptioii whicli Glt^mil tliroiigii f!il Hint, [i«-ri'ndra Jto^triek liatuJ'tut 
Prr^rim fickle, nnd eomos to lis witli nineteenth century modiH- 
ontioiui in tbe pagw of I't^etcieii. lm)«ed, altfawig)) it wnulit be diflinitt 
topointto Any insfaUMW in wbtch I« Setgc lias dii-«ctly Imrrowcd from 
(?fuman d< Alj-traclte, BO work of tbo school prol>iabljr had indimrtly 
ior<« inf)uenc« on Ibe cmlioti of Oil Jltai. \n Gttzmnn, too, we h^-o 
hf> tint instADce of Ults iiitrotlui'f d iiiu> the iianutivc, jnsl aa the novel 
of " Tlie Curioufl Impertinent " is introduoed in Dim QuuMle ; a dffvtco 
of wliitli Ifi Snge, Kelding, Smollett, >wid, in our own day, Dickens, 
freely JiTailciI tttunindviii, nnd which is intcnqting ns n »«rviTnl of iha 
ut. of tlie Itnlisn novelluri nnd tboir pr»ice(B»ora th« Ch-iratal iitary- 
tcUrn. One of thcso tnlra ift commonly mid to Imyc furniobed Uio 
aDdrrjilol (or Btnumont tind Klctc-Jtrr'n LUtle Frtntk Lntryrr ; Imt tbo 
iHuiU) Blory is tuld by Msauccio and by ratnbosco, eJttwrof vIkped is nioiti 
likely to hsw bueu tiie aoitice thiui Alenuui. Ouanan was too much of 
ft pliiluBoptmr to Mniggle against dpstiny, or inftiinct, w]iich<n-itr it wns 
ibjit impvlliil him towards n. mf^bond career. Ho admits, ind«clj tlinl. 
niado one nllcmpt at Raining; at honest living; but it waa in tbo 
citp<icii.y of stable boy to a toffuinh inukeerpur, and his mun daty wim 
lOutinf; hia master's gurada in tbo oinlU-r of com, no that it can hobat-dly 
jdcml A aiTiotui deriatiou into tbo paths of rvctitodo. At any rate 
did not long peraist in it; Us8|)iHt craved a wider field of action, aud 
Mnrteil for li^rid, be^ng his vay. Ther« ho ft>ll in with other 
dronliin-n nonicwhnt of tits own fwrt, who put him up totliV noocssHry 
irka and rootrivBiuXB ; and what with ehcntin}; and thim-iug, and the 
lirtuols distributed at the uiouas(«ri«e, and his vccasioDsl earnings as » 
toark'^t porter (which r.'\lling ho nflfooted to Hftvc himnclf from being t«kru 
lip fur a rogue and ra^bond), he led so cosy uud independent a life 
that W eotifvsaen he would nut have chimgeJ it fur titat of the heat of hts 
.lorn. For n liino hin 0|iemtiQiiN were on a nnall scale, but one day 
oppoi-ninity for Violder practioe oflrrcl itself, nnd h« promptly «x-ailnl 
of it. Being employed by one of his etistonicra to cany a avm 
motwy, Im took advantage of tbo erowd to mnke off vritli it, uuil 
iping from Madrid, got to Toledo, whcio ho set up oa a gallant <ni 
le plunder, ticiribution apcedily followed, and in the usual way. 
has over hetat one of woman's nkiaaious to b« tho inslrumcnt hy 
whicli gity rogaioy, toontr or later, ix pimbJicd, and the rul<« wan ]in>vrtl 
it) <iU74iian'i> oaao by a elarer Tolnbtti liwly, whu uiado a %'ietini of hini 
vhila ho Battered himNelf ha was makiuf; a Dowiaost of her. Ho thi>n 
uliHted a« a siJiUer for service in IfcUy iimier n capUui iwi tmscTupuloua 
hiniKcIf, on whoK>; behiUf he pilfMVid, |>tuiidercil, nnd eh«nted (' 



unfortnnato people ou wlioiu lliey wcro billeted on the msrcli, under- 
going mock punu)im«it when (l(4«ct«d, wiUi (Imp roaigimtjon. Thm 
part of the Ulc gives n livcJ^- iimx o( some oT tlie peuattiat wliieh Spaia 
had to pay far militnry prc-emincntw in tbo mgnn of Ckarlw V. uiil 
Phi11|ill. Lnntlod at Ocnw. he pit hia <Iischar{p from bis capbun, 
vhd lrankl,v tuM Inm be vnui afraid to bec|> no greni * rogtie iii tuBScrvioo. 
As his fiulicrwM « G«»o<wo^ bo sought afier his reliUiouH, Knil nt lon^ 
foood Ml ando, who, ho v remr, onljr rocogni»r<l him hv hftvin^ him toMwil 
in A libuikeL Uo then nlajJMd ioto his old way of Uvisi;, and joined a 
frntt-rnity vf beggiue, wbcse pbiloeopby owl codeof mlee, set forth at full 
length, fin-nUi Kiiaf. Af tfao mont uansing p«{(e« in tlt6 boolc Ora triclc 
which he learned — that of <b-i36Bingiipa sore lej^artiHtimlly — stood bioi in 
inch good nUnd afterwnrda ut Roiu« tJuit lie was takm Into the bouM of 
a oonipaasi<Hui(c cardinal, wlwre, Ijy the conoivance of a coiiple of knavislt 
aatgeoQS (almost everyone iu the hook ia cdtJtM' a knave or u dupe), a 
eare was cflVetpd. gi«atly to ihcdr credit and profit, and GuEman was 
retiuDcd M p*go m th« crutliiud'a aervitw. Hia inirtin«ta, boweTor, proved 
too ltron){ for him, and for r^>Mt«l pilfering, gamhlinj^, and choatlng 
he receirtNl liis di^tnifwd, but irns immediately tiU;ca into the botiaa of 
tb« French nnibiusuulor m a kind of jotter, in vbidi nerviM be la left ut. 
the close of tlic fiwt part of the work. 

It will be seen fVom ibis sUgbt ak«t«-h Ibat in Htrwiture, ]>lan, and 
EU>Tflm«nt thn talv is pn^^Lvly of the samo sort as Gil Blot, ihu mab 
diOfcniooe lying in tlio si){x>rior finish imjAftod to Ids work l>y tbo Ixter 
noTclifrt. But th«rG in also thiH diflltrGnce, thivt Gil Bias, if not ozactly s 
dignified tn* a moral character, ytA shows some dt»n at least to staad 
£ur1y wrll iu th« rettdor's good opinion, while Oazman, on tlio other 
and, ill entirely deroid of crorythiiig in the nature of nclf-respoct. Not 
only dont lio ttetm to tnk« a podtivc pleasure in ilt^tcting liimtoir im a 
tbiaf, a liar, a cboat, and a hyj»cril«, bnt he naii-er missx bo opportnnity 
of showing himself in a d^ndlng or conleinptible light. It'tibould Ijc 
olwcmd, however, that tliemaro, properly i;((«»ktug, two(;»nuiuuiu Ike 
field. One in th« acting Oiuman, the actoal j>cipotrator of the ngucriM 
which he deecribeavntb nichgleo; tbeotbOT the older and graver Onzmon, 
who plays the part of cboros nod oommenla In an edifying strain on the 
fuUiHianddnlinqticncicaof bis yoiMig^r self. This dim-Hly should be honm 
in mind, ))ecaitM> otlierwias there would mmuii to In a certain amount uf 
Incoonntvncy in Ounuau when wc &11I Itiin dinraiinting platudtily on tb* 
beauty oflionOKty or gratitwlA. and in tbr n«zt wntnice, [wrbafK, tolling 
na, as if it wag tlw bort of joWm, bnw hn robbed hia henrfaetor. Tl» 
contriranoe is not a bad one for the anthor's purjwse, for it iMuibIca him 
to oflTer any f|iiaulity of men^y ent<:Ttaining uatlvr, whilo ho is al tlio 
■aiue limo MbtiwiUy eanying out iIm objotil which hp claims lo liatre !n 
TiBW — the discaitmKcinmt of vico bjr coamplee of it^ 1 : ncfK. 

It ia ouriouB huw thy Uus early nuatera of ral >•» vara nf 

admitting tlial tlmy had any thought of giving aniuMtiient to their 




rewlmi. Almost all the pieuvwjne nov«liBts are eager in tkcir [iro- 
Uvtationa that all tfaej sodc in their faitbnil reprMenUUoiis of rwt) lifo 
is to WKTO ingviiuous yoiitb ^^nst U>« KnarM util pitTftlls tittit beeot its 
path tlmtnfjh UiU world. Tho ifOtrwticKt moroCu contaioBti in Gii 
Bl-u Htv its strong points, neconlin^ to I^ Sng«. Dc(o«, wfaooo Cvtotul 
Jack. .VoS Flarvttn, Hcxann, diid C«;ifai» .<fit);^i»t arc all obvjoualy 
looddlnl aftor tlie gwto picorcsco romance, alvays iiuriarta strongly upon 
Lis moml purpoBe. Erm SmollMt, in tlie preface to Roderitk Itawiom, 
Tould penutadc us that Ibe aim of that terere book is to cxciU fr«n«rou8 
tndlgDation againat the ranlid asd vicious dispoaition of lli« world. 
Alemui'a didactic iiit«n1JPn ntanifcets itaeir in ft«>)ni>nt Iodk, nnd oft«D 
long-winded, tnoralinn^ on tko fmilLiM and fntlins of mankiml, -whid) 
wotdd h«, to most modem tnutcs, intol<>rAl>Iy dry, wero tli<>y not lida-ally 
lonlod wiUi racy eld prororbs and quaint and shrewd ntfloclioiui. ThiK 
kind of writing, howoror, wiui one of tlu) literaij Jkahiona of tJic ago, 
Mui tbeae disqituitioDa no dutibt ooctritnited largdy to tlie popnUrity 
of GtisTnan ut lionie and abnjad. But iin<[neRlioiinhly its main attrm;- 
tion lay in the troth and vigour with which the flccnm and characters of 
real life an drawn ; and this is proved by n &ict, of wlUcb Akman oom- 
plaiiH pAthetieally in him Beeond part, that, wh«t<«u ho ealled hit book 
Atalaya de In fl'l't Humana (T/if }\'atcA-Towrr t^ Human Lift), people 
bad fintencd tho name of " Picaro " on it, so tjiat it wna known by no 
othar. £ut a more Toxntioua proof of the popularity of Gtixnuin's ad- 
vmturm wan tlie pulilimtiou of a jqiunoita cvm tin nation of thcxn, foro- 
stalliog tbo EocoDd part which Alnuan bad promisod, and sjiokfla of as 
already partly wTi(t«ii. Tbo c«ae of Cerrantos and AT«nuiicd» wan 
almost com[<lrtt«Iy anticipated, but it muat bo owned that Alcman took 
tlie uiTronL with better temper than Cemutttifl, though tho gTicvancc iu 
his caan w^ grealn-. The Inngiuigc of Cervantea at tlio end of tho Rnit 
pari of Ami Quixote is i-ery uncertain as to the prodnction of a second, 
and indeed aetata almost to wyiUi another peu to tl>e task — " fotse altri 
fsanleril eon laiglfor plMlro." And thfin he alldwnd eight yron) to 
pan withotit making any sii^n. It ia tmo that bo nn&otmccd a con- 
tiutiarioQ the ymr heSam Avellnu<><la )iro<Uic«d hia gklse Qaix^le, bnt it is 
t any rate poosble tliat Uie [utt«r may have be«o then writtnn, and that 
thn au^ior wns not villing to sMt his labour thrown awny. In &ctf 
Vrv.iQ(aH bad himiKlf to blame for thn injnry that traa done to him ; bnt 
n Alnuan's case (lie hanUhip wan mudi taow real, for the oountcrfolt 
Gtummn mmn out three yenre nftor tli« appcnrnneo of tho original,* and 
waa Ijucd, it seems, ii]Kin Alcman'aown continnation, to the manuRoript 
of wliicb Ihn anthor had tn some way obtninod aoocm. NeTortbrlrsi 
Aldtoaii, Ihonsh he protcsla strongly a/jainst tic appropriation, cnndiilly 

* TlpJioar Mv« tli« iFanoM atcnnd put wm flrd |iri>tcil kl MKirid in 1603 ; list 
Ir ■■' I'y lu>"I, aol lusgngn, ncxip^ <jf am •didoadnM BoHeloDa, 

' -T. to bur* liera [trislort in inoi. 


admits the iD«rit of tlio worV, nn<I crcn niys ho would Imro been ptroud to 
be thn nutlior of it. Thin, liowerer, van perhapn merely judidouB nuignA- 
uiiuity, for it it Li^er pniac tbiuk »u iiu|iaiiial critic would givo. Hie 
■jtiirioua Gusman is f&r Hupcrior in style to tlio sptirionfl QutxoUf mmI 
mnch IciB coarse kod Yulg»r, but it in at Iwet a mediocre production. 

AleniAn vas not only mora good-buinourod tliiui Ccrvaatoi, 1>ut he 
shoved more bumonr in bis retaliation. iDsUad of luetng bis temper 
and calling hia imitator a blockbeail, as b« Itiul to ro-write Ua Booond 
part, be availed himself of thn opportunity and inailo bim a cbanict«r 
in tbe book. Tfca false Gvantan claimed to be th« work of odo Mateo 
Lnxnn de Sayavcdra, an ajammed niuiio., bico *' Avftllaacda," aivl tkit 
Sayavodm Alcanan introduced into the dovcI, making liim ocrrant to 
Oiuman and a atill greater tbief and aeouudivl Uiau liia inaBtor ; * aai 
ho also ilyly eoutrivei to idsnlify him with one Juan Marti, a Valencian 
advocate*, who i« supposed to lint-« bocn tbc real author. A large por- 
tion of the stoty is taken up with the joint rof^ieriea of the w<ntby pair, 
and finally Sayuvedra makea an end of liiuisclf na they are on their way 
ba<.-k to Spain by jumping ovcr1>om-d in a fit of doliriniit, in tbe ooum 
of which he had fancied him-ietf to be Oimnan, and mentioned wreral 
oflli« incideDt« «f ilio spiirioua Life, " whicb, bowcTCr, ru>b(>dy paid any 
attuutiou to, for eTeryonii saw he waa ma^L" ITie rwt of the book is 
ntade up of Ouuuan's adTenturett in S]>ain. lie retiinwd to Madrid, 
vhciv! be married for money and tfit tip in btiiinMit, but biji wife dying, 
ho vaa forced to refund tin mcacy bo got with her ; and then the brif^t 
idm stnick him that, with hie anl«c«deiita and knowledge of Ufa, (be ■ 
Church waa hb true vocaldon. Witli this Tiew ho went tiuougli- the 
necowKiy «tudien at the Unit-ondty of Alcali, bnt jnst ax be wax rrady 
to take orders hn fell in love — that is to say, so fiir na the heroes of tbese 
taJee erer succumbed to that pandou^-for lo^'v, it should ho obacnrciil, 
plays hut a nnftll part in the macliinery of (hew> primitive dot^: its 
value na a aourae of motion in realislio fiction waa a disooTeiy of com- 
paratively modem limes. He nuurird the object of bin choice, who , 
proveil in Avery way worthy of him, and the acandaloux life they led 
deacribod Ly Gtixntan with his unial senlctitiouR eflVentety. At last, ! 
however, the lady, vaay of liim and still more of hia old mother, whom 
hebiul tnltm to live with liim, rlo|iod with one of her numeroiui lorprR, 
and be, Uting in consnjuenco thrown upon his own rMOurcea, betook, 
bimwlf ooco more to his old ]>rofe8uoii, and jierfoTmod some nolablo 
ropieriea (ttttch aa M>Uiag tbi- tilen oft > hoiiM: in whirb he had 
charilably given a lodging), nntil, on the rccommi-udutiou of a 
cradaloun frinr. he woa tokm into tlie vrviM of u wealthy lady, wh< 
it it needlew to ay, be promptly tobbeii For tliis be via sent to 

ho I 
uu f 

KffpmpruMd Ihi piwtDK <4 iu ipniimoa. 

LTC* hiawd/ui aioMevhatBikilarmMiniir 
fi irho had. lo ttneb Ihe hob fubloa , 


mJIiiJ II, bat tiaring tlin gooA luck Ui 1km;diii<i jirivy tA a coiupuracj' aiooiig 
ml ^Uow^cnavkta, wliicli )i» revculnl to Uto oaUioriUes. lie was set «t 
lilicrij ; nii'l Ilia ucuioii-s cm) wiOi a pronuM of a ooiitlouiUion tf, U kn 
uDCliioiuJy puts it, Im liui not in Uio luenntinid nxebangod tliin Lnuigitorj' 
life for Uni vhkh a th« hoiK vf Uio fiiithfiil — « pronuHe. however, whicli 
wu noT«r fulfilled. 

Tbat mich a Iwok hIiouM Iwvt; nchiovH so wiiio a |iojiiilArit.v, Al)roa(l 
M wvll iM kt homo, is »at n IKtW U]i,iiiflcaut of tbe ntate of Biirope ftt tlia 
begbming of tlia Mvntibftntli omtuiy. diain«l4'rs like fiuzuiaii miut 
luvo been jtroUj cuBinion In wxiety to ciMurr tlK- nvogtiittcm of Hticli n 
ben> w cxui of the ACtiialiliM of evorydAv lif« ; &ad aocicAy itself must 
liAVc Una auioiialy tolenuit of rasco.litj' whon iinbliiRliing oonAesiom 
like tbew eoultl Imvo bc«a rtliabnl lui charming liglit nadtng. It in 
lindoabtMlly n work of gcnttis, btil of n far lower order of gpnins than ita 
|>redcoc«sor, /<U9irt7/o ttf Torrtua. It ■•bouQ<U with inveation, imagutation, 
and gn>{iliit! jwo'iu', biit tfao reader Derer Ibek liimself in thn [uytM-ruio of 
a muter who ood infiticp ibe )ii«iaUi of lift' iuto hi* buagiuingN, and wbom 
icaon bo om rmtisa without wiy nipj)loiui.intiil cfibrt uf his own 61007. 
Nor bus it •Bjrtliins of that 6tKr humour vhit-h ponradcv tho skotdies 
And deecriptions of tlio Lazarilto, nor even of tho lifrht-heorted fun tliat 
Mondoma little kcbidii thrown into lils miitlinjiH nm) rugucdM. Still it is 
a 'JioivitgLly orig^&l woi-k, full of ch««ctn-, fltivwd oWirvatiou, luitl 
pirtiirm of liTo and manniTii tliat are at onca lively and lifelike ; and 
nfifWMring at n titno wli<ui aiDUsii^ books woii! few, it not iinualurnllv 
fouo'J favour witli tho tuiiltitinV, aiitl bonuiio tho modol on wliich 
■iii>MC«jiimt alt<^>iii]ibt in ibc samo Uoq wei-c »hai>c«l. 

Tlio lint of thmo, in ortlftr of piiblimtioii, wax not a. hnppv one. ll 

waa the Ktranjrc book called La Ficara Jtuttna, pi-ofws«.tlly by one 

Ftaocisco Ijopi-v. do IHieda, but id raJity liy a iJominiiitu luouk, AjiilrG* 

Feral of Lmn, wliit'h npptniml in IGOd, in the vuiif year wiUi (be 

Mxond |iaK of iho ^ftumatt aix) tliL< Cimi. of l?on Quixote. Tbts, as 

title implies, is the Ufu aiul adreoturm of a nit of feraale Gnzinan, 

'•nd u obviously an imitaliou of Aleman's work. The anthor, in Kb 

loffiie, pi-ctondA that it wm written while he was a Btudeni at Aicalit, 

ut Uiaiitwaa"iuoicwha( aiigini-Rledaft«rtheH}>))^nnuit;«of the admiivtl 

V of U>r> Pioaru ; " bnt, if ho, tbe augmrntAlioti niiist haVR induded a 

ifood dealof rv-wriliiig.ror Uie inflaenooof ffmmaHis almort ererywben) 

traceablo. IIo ba)S bowAvcr, none of Al«^uaa'ft invention, observation, 

cir kaowledfiv of life antl charHCtiM-. and oin only imitate hiit motlitativs 

od iibiluiHj[)hkul (li^crewiODB. llio stylo, too, kIiuwa tluit it loosl liave 

iMti wHitcn not Iim^ b«font it was publisheil, for it ia n striking esample 

f Utr RiAnnFTiion wliich K-^aii tu iofLvt paxtw as wvU »s jwelo- otrly in 

a »crri.' titiirv. The idea tolm rxpfvsw.'d in .-dwiiy* tiiitdi' iinVior. 

to - ' -L - ->J of Miimssuig it, awl liciu in Ihruughuut that ooostaat 

> lo wky'ootninonpUirf thi&gs in oa untunml way whicli iJiaractorti>(<d 

inntrm|K»«ty whool of the Uaphniirts in Englniul Oftfoiy. ind- 



(leo^ or sdvontiurfi tbvm n little or nothing, tbo mhriAncc o^ Ihe Ixxik 
botng ntcrely tcdloiut oocounta of JiuUna'R wandfringa, interapenei] with 
(lr8crii>taooa of way»i<le-uiu life whicli uii^lit )« umu^g IT Lbey couM 
bo atripped of their coltl coiMyiU &Qtl iutolcmMo rrirbiflgo. It dow not 
seem to bavc hnd any influcnoo oa lh« branch of literatiiro to vhich li 
belongs, iui<l t.tio only int«tTnt nttm'hin^ to it nritsM from its oontMOtlui 
with C>n-ant«s. Althaogh pnblklied in 1605, it was UcKoaed in Aogjasi 
1A04, or four months earl icr than thp <lnt« of the Wociineot Don ffuixol*. 
NovcrUicIciK iu Moiue doggrol vcr»M proBxed to one of the chnptcnt. Jus- 
tisA cpcalu of bciniclf ns " more fiitnoiM tbon Don Qnixotjt, or Lnzntillo, 
or Albncti^. or Celcetina ; ' so that, naloss tho dato be a mistake or tbo 
▼enos » ruIm«|uciiI a^Ulitioii, v<! hare CctvuiUm' novel wlillo atill an 
nnpiiblixhod Imolc nuiktsl with tin' thrra mont po{iaW fiction* of SfKin. 
Eridonce, however, i» not wiint.iiij; to i>}iow tlint Don. Quixok ma ynity 
uridel/ kiiown b«fi>ivi it was iu print, for tli^K' is a. spitofat lott«i- of LopeV 
of xlutiit tbn sanio dntcnhicJi i-pfcrH to it, and htntA tbut no poet coiild be 
fonnd to writo ootniiMMidalory vor»cH for it. 

But the compliment did not prevent Ccrvnntes from jitd^nit nf the 
Pimra Ju*(inn oa tls neril*. It Lt one of tite %-ery few books ntbiobed 
in the JountKt/ to Pnrtuunu, xrh«ro ho d<wcribrs t)i« author of it coining 
on " vritb fluttcnng i>lurts and sweating, nnd, tiko a culvciin, disdiar^iing 
Ilia big book," totb^ damagv of tli» orthodox |)oct«i; on -which on« of their 
R«oUael8 wanwd thvcn to stoop thcdr heads, as " the opposite part;- wu 
ahoQt to let By aootber noreL" On tlits pasmgo an ingeuioiu) and emdite 
Doounentator on Orvtuta, Don N^iooltis Diazde BeiytuDcw, has foitndod 
a tbcoiy on tbo noxcd qiicvlion of autbontliip of the Avgllaoeds nxittDna- 
tion tXDon Quixot*. He bctievfis that tho "otntnortla" v-iutboiipnnow 
Bequel, and lb«t Andnu Fvrex watt, if not " AveltancdiK" itt any rviti a 
eoUabomteur ; and he fitrlh«r jraints out that " Pedro Nom," mentiooed 
in tba oeoond part of D<nt Quixolt, c fi2, looks like a land of anagram 
of '^ Audnw Fertn," and Uiat OerviuilMi miuct hiivnhod Mome ulrong mmn 
for his bittt-nn-M against h ImoV which bad bran couiplimtrutary to biin. j 
On this point, bowcrcr, tlie vords ttaed afford a sutGciont eiplauatlon. | 
Oervantffi, whuae own style in a mode] uf isjuie and ckuraen, wonld 
naturallj d«t«(it a tttyle lalwitred, lootfo, anil vimu«, llku that of tiui 
Picsra, and nothing conld mon» luvjifiily Jo8mb« H than "hnldraoiilo 
y tnunidnndo." But, ii]Hirt from this, l1i^ Ihfory i» not conatfltRDt 
with dat^. Jt is tnu^ that AvullnnndnH QaCxnlc umI tho Jmtmey 
to Pama4tu» nffjicnrrd nnuly tog«Lbvr iu July 1614, ImiC llio laU«r, *«' 
wo know by tlio pmlogutt to llin .V<>(v/a« P»mf>t(trtM, was nltwdy 
wriLttrn nutro than ■ year befnn) that time. n"«i<Icti, if tbero ih any- 
tJiJng cortain in i)iu> uiAllrr, it is that d-rrontos luul no know]nl;(t« or , 
tvan suspicion of any prodiuiticu liko Avellonoda's wti«n he was wriUng 
tine BIHh chapter of iLo second ixufy vlwre the Don nod Sauclio aro fltlD j 
ItOimil for SanmoiMi, wbEHt doiitiiution tF» . : '<^ rtly ehaof^- for IlaRv- 
}caui in lliv im^I diapltT, on Mvonnl i4' ■ very iif tlii^ fifmrioas , 





^uisfol-. TliUvH soruetiino aticr tbft ftppearaucA oC AvoIIhiwhIii']! book 
uul of the JouTfuy, for, from Ihfl date of Rnncho't; k<tt«r. it u f\mt Utat 
OrruLtw had only written 04 &r an ohnptor 36 on tlio SOth of July, 

Gervaotes hitnaclf *ppe«n among tbo picarespio novctiiiUi. Am 
^ixolt of ccuim is not to be incliidecl among tbo ■worlcn of the 
gudlo picartgeo. oltliongh it ui nnqnmtifmnlily of the sniiie faintly. Like 
itM'in it is a jitoiluct of ths ojitxKotion to iinil tDwUon afipunst tho pO|Mitiir 
firtion of the Kixt«r>ntli (Viitiiry, and it ia, thetrrforc, liku them, intonnrly 
xoLlistic. It ia, in tratli, tJie story of tJie coUiMOTi bet^vci'n fancy an<l fact 
— of a nun Tef^ulAting hit mOTRni^ntB in awordaneo with the laws of an 
im^iiiaiy irorid, ant) so knocking his poor heail At errnry tiim ngkinsb 
Uio linrtl fncts of die nctrntl worM iti which he haii to move. Tfacro 
is no ukIi Kubtio molire as thia underlying thu pii^aresque novels. 
Tbeir treatment of ftct \» finely ohjeptive, and their piir|Xv<e (iiiu|>ly 
to ahov iifff. or some phaae of it, ta it really m. One nf tho Mrliost 
works of Cervantea was aa ('ITorl in thin dln-ction. It in tho little talo 
of lHwoMt« y CorladiUo, tho third of his Xovrhia Sxer/tpifir^, and 
the b«t of thom, except tbe cxquiatd novelet of TAi QUanUla. He 
menliona il in thn Srsl jiaii of Dtm Qnixote, and tliere o»n ha an doubt 
tliatbe wrote it txTtucmn 1 388 and 1598, when lie tras cmployMl .Mtpnr- 
Yeyor &nd collector of t*xc8 at SovOlo. 

It is an iiiifimHhed xkt^lch of low life in thnt city, thun, ax now, 
a bvouritv bannt of ihu picaro claa, and it haii all the vilality and 
6«shmas of a sketch taken on tlie wpot by th'^ Iinn'l cf n maator. 
Boutonrek mlU it " a comic romiuioe in miniaturo," 1>ut it is more 
Hlce a Hogarih in words. It is simply a jnotore of a frateniity of 
, under tba praddeney of one Monipodio, a K>rt of oaiopound of 
onatbim Wild nnd Duke Jlildohrod in tlio FortHim of yiyel, by 
vhoni Rinwmete and Coriadillo, two yotWR v^bonds ttomewliat of tJw 
LazariUa de Tormw type, arc admitted topnwticeiu Sovillv. Bub, how- 
evBT alight tt« p^^tmsions to the character of a romance may be, it is of 
in the hiHtory of fiction, for it is tVrvantrs" first attempt at 
inj^ from the life ; and in hin iikctchcN nf Moniiwilio'i* ffaig, and of 
•tbde qnarrela, their oirotiBes, their sysLematic niMnility, nnd thuir 
M |)i«ty, he gave tlie foretaste of that humour wMcIt has made 
lO FUtxa a rttixcii of the world. 
Hilt thmi};h nndoubtwlly written somo time bcfoio J/on fyuixotf, it 
wM n»t jtrinlwd till IRIS, when it uppenred aa one uf the twelru talm in 
Ttrtus of which Cerranle* daitned to !« "the fint who had written 
Sorel« (1 ' ' 'i in Oaftiltati," a jihntm iniplyin); that ho did not look 
upon pii ■ like I.ti:nrHh tl« Tirrmn aa novels, Imt »».t)i(rl«l tho 

titlo to Fhort 0(i>rie8 more or Ices nncmbling the Italian rvotrHt, moli »f, 
Itn exampl«, Ua own CurSotu Jinp/frlin^nl. Fictiood of this kind w^re 
T«T7 nuunrons and ]>0{jnUr in Bpain En the lint half of thn Hcventtentli 
ibiry, and now and tbm ihey pi«scmt some of the featurm of tha (kIm 



of the picaresque fwhool, bui Uiero is nIwhj-s ^iv^ radical (lt)ri>n<non 
tliejr ewk to interest Ui« nwlei- by th« irUrii/o, m tbo dnuiuntisU of 
Drjdon'e timfi woiilil Iiav« said, ukI not by a truthful ]iictiiro of ml 
life, manners, or huimui nature 

l^ic finit genuiiie yuWo picareMO late aA«r Riaconfie p CorfadSU 

w&a Jfitrctu r/fl Oltrttfon, by the poet »D<t musictiin Tkente Enpiael, 

which AppcATod in 1618. The nnoio will be &miliar to mo«t Enjj^oli 

roiden — tiiougb, prah&bly, not ono in ten thouaand hiut cvor rmd tbe book 

— in cotmcctivn iritti G'U Sing, which is gcncriLllj said to have bttn 

founded oil Eafiind's novel. The stntement wm originjilljr mado \ij 

Valtnir« in a contesapttiouii iioticc of Le Bnge in t]ic appendix to h^ 

SiilU A Lwtig XIV., in wKl^h lie My* that &•/ ^£t« " oat eiitiii-onieat pria 

da roman npaQDol intitiilf- /xi l-'k/oif </« &) Etai/iiero tlum JlortM 

iTObreffo.'' SvvfT, p«rhap«, has aelf-confldtmoe more naivvly coaunittol 

itself Uiui ill this Rentenoc Not only an th«ro mvsd niistakM in eight 

woiitby but th<^ abow tliAt tho writer could not bavc soeo Ihc book he 

quotes, and that be oettauily would have been imablc to read it if he 

had Mm tL BeeicteB, there is n elii^it Ravour of Portuguese in the title of 

the " roman mpngnol," which argnr* an ignorance of that laiiffuagc also ; 

CO that fi-om tfa«»6 few words wo may cntimate tlie value of Voltura^i 

mticijaii on tlie Araucaiia, which had iiol Lmii tratutlated, anil ou tbi 

LvMiaJ, tlie tcAiutlatian of which lie Itad not scva. Ab to ^fareo^ dt 

Obn^n, U>c cnae i» -very ainipk. Jits got tho idea fioia Bruzca dc la 

Hat-tiniere, and thea "genftralised" it in thit form. Tho tnitli ia that 

ha 8Mg« did borrow, and ttwiy, from EHpinol')) talc It in rich In ioei- 

denta and epiaodm of the very sort that suited liis purpow, which be took 

withont c«rciiiony ; ani, whether it was tliat lii* fiiticied hiuLwtrsafo tma 

detection, w, an Ik more likdy, n«vnr bxititilod his head about it, he made 

no effort U) conceal the fact that be had tidten tlieni. One of tbe Gist 

acta of tho ordUiary thief is to remove all names from tfao atoicD gDod^ 

bnt Le Sage, in Bone iastanoca. Idt tho Dnmca in tlie talea h« aniuxed 

Blandin^ jmt aa he found ihmn. Tliua ihc stoj^' of llic tfar^an bartitr 

ill tho firat rolume of GU JiUtt ia merely a rifacimcnto of the commcoico- 

ment of J/arco( Je Obrfffim, retAining both hia name and that of Dona 

Slergnlitia. In tlio satne namunr both tho name an<l iitory of Camilla, 

wlio cheated Uil Blaa of hia rin;, arc t4ikm from Mnreoi. In oiia 

instancn Lo 8a^ thought to make ao inprorcmoot to hia original hy 

dianginf " Dr. t}if{rf>do " into " Dr. Bauf^ttulo ; " but, Hning that it wan ' 

ihe Doctor** iKOiente, nad not hinwlf, who vere " hl«d," the ollcnilioa 

oniuiot lio c«ll«d a hiijipy one. Oilier i-xamplm of hia a]>()ro[>riatioo« at« 

to lio found in tho npotDf;tto of tho two stiidenta iu the aildnsa to the 

twdiir, wliicb ia impraved out of Espinel'a prplogne; thi^ story of I>on 

It. " ■ itig arritnl "IT by Uic oowair* and his adrwitureB at Ajgtem, 

«^ I .'loaoly 0D{ncd from tho adveuturai of Marcofl hitiisolf ; and the 

>tory of Oil Dion and tlia flnltoror, wlto mipfwil at hU npmian at PnfU- 

0or, and of tho amoroiu miihrtmr a few pages fartJier on. To tJi«g 









niH,r b» KildutI a fou iiilnoi' touikm, like tJoii MaILuia H-ijiug it wm 
anmuMonUr l«j nxjit'Ct * fnun vha, urvn for n |>M't]r of [>Loiuare, vgiild 
not got up heCotv mxm, in rise at klx to fight a. duel. In &Gt, it wu Lo 
StgDt practico lo avail luniMlf ot any fti]a|>ta)>le jolin, iacttlent, or tu]a, 
just u [>i(!lcc4i8, for example, nvftildd himselt' of the stoiy orer vbtcli 
Dr. Johmon and OgbuvIctIc lind tbdr memorable qiiArrcl to cx|HUid it 
into Sam WelWa iuimortnl Iof[(n)(l of th« duld Uuil ktlliyl hiiusvlf on 
priiicifile ; DOr a Efpincl ttu: onl}' iiuthor he borrowed from, for bo levied 
cotitribiiUoiM on hoido of tlio dranuitiaUi also. Tliis is tlic oxtent of hia 
oUif^tiuiis to Marecf tie Obrfjmi. Vov .itnictui-e, form, &iid loc&l colour 
ho waa no doulit iodclilcil to Oiisman, the Gran Taaino, imil EtUhaniUo 
G^taalr:, bnt all «lse in Qil BIm is bis own. The aeeaavy, tbu vo&tumw 
— ^in abort, oil the "proixrtiw" — iii«Spaai»li ; and,astb« workof amaa 
wIm> ncrer nr-t fmit in S[xiin,it is a morrol tluit tbo^nrc so tmlySpaniab. 
Uul llio Jraaialia penoiKC are all Frwich ; nnd iw for (JU Blaa hinutclf, 
bo bas not n 8|i«j)Bih bone iu his bodj . lie is at tborougb a tVeucbman 
MDumiui' P'Arta^ian or Prcvost'x (.'JiRvalitr (Im Gricux. Cvrtaioly 
Le Sftgo borrowed iioibitif; ia the wny of plot or construction from 
Mnraa Je (Mn-egon. It opftia with an t^ordium in praiae of ptlJance, 
aoil irc nn) girtn to undcntaod tlial its object is to ali«w tha advulagea 
of nltivalitig tbal Tirtuo. But it is difficnlt to wo liow th« talc oETccta 
lliia |itiq>(»<, iinl«ct, ind<<fil. it he tlu'Oiif'b the example of a hcmut 
in wbo«c cyill Miircon ih dcluiiMMl hy a Muddco storm aud llood, aud U> 
whom be rolatai tlio history of bis youth, a nan-ative occupying tJie bert 
|iUt of two dnya, and oonfii'lcrably moTO tliim tm-o-lhirda of tb« book. 
In justico to MnrooMtit muHt be sdt&ittM that the strictly nsrmtive 
portion anil tlie talcs nn<l episodes introduced aro told wiUi spLril, but 
th^ arc ovcr-wiiigtiled by the loiig-v.nnd«i and prc*y diiicoui«cs willi 
whlcli he B«Ason« them ; and muAt rcndcn will sympathisa with tbo 
alacrity with wlilcb the good lienuit, "pcrlinpa," aa MnrcoH candidly 
ovn«,"tirod of lUtvntng w Ion;;," points out tlut the Qood liiiMf^onu 
down and the bridf(o bcooiiK! |»aaabb. 

Another IxkiIc of very much tbo wme chaneter ta Almuo, the Servant 
of many Maatrrt, or, aa it catno to bo called in later editions, £t 
J)u« Ihi'U'liyr {7hf LoqKncii'uii Lay liroth&r). I>7 Gcronimo Yanta y 
IliTL-m, lb*- fim; volume of which apfMatrod in 192-1, and the uoond two 
ymrs later- It is ev«n more nwkwmrdly constructed than Marco* de 
Obft-jon, being cast intli« fonn of aclialogue throughout; but it i* in 
otiwr iwpocta tniich tm a pw with it. Ije Sage, appanaidy, wm not 
nwnri' nf ita csist«iic«, aa lii> 1im tal:<-n nothing fivin it, though then j« 
nioni to anil bia iiur[K«ifl than in Espinel'u novel. It ia for ricliur in 
piotarw of Si»ni8h life and aocioty, sonM) of wliich, «peci»lly tbo«o of 
uiiiventity and militar}- Ufc, are \-erT gnathic and obvioiialy Initbful; 
anil, l«Md«a, it al«und« witli sliort Utoriw of Uw jesl-ljook oidcr, one of 
which, indi«il, in artunlty tnkcn fi-om lh» grtal fipaniJi Jof. MMtrr, (ho 
fioTtala. HsyaSoia of Meldiior df Siuiu C'rus, It ia tbu lal« of ibe 


FmncUcui monk vho, balug bfttrfoot, w»8 peiwwKlocl to oiny hia fellow^ 
iT&vdlor, n Dominicnn, ncrom a rivor, but hnlfwny over fiading tlis 
biircft^ii hcAvicr tbaa ho hiid lar^ucod For naked the other If he bod any 
monrv nliout him, and, on the Dominion TvpU'tng that ho btul six rali 
in bis pocket, at oiMie ilro]>pod Idm into the stmun, sajing, ^ Yon nhouM 
hvn told me tlini brfore ; don't yxm know our Ordnr in forhtd<I(9i to 
OU17 monejrt" Another, whicli has a deoidnd Rmack of the ItaliHn 
aUtf and is quoted by Burton in tb« An/ttomy 0/ Jfttrtnci^j/, is the 
tiory of the ins(^c wntcr with which * InAy, pomplnining of th« qnarrcl- 
■onte temper of her b»eban<l, wns ulriHGrl to fill her moiith whcncror ha 
l>egiintoiiool<1, taking oare to k«e[i it th«taaii long as he waa in thorootn. 
But in th« same year (1636) diore n]>pnTed at Sanj^ona a. miKli 
mor« important book thnn eitbor of thcso, or than any of fcho daas 
except tho LnsarUto and the Gwsman. This was tho Vida ft ft Itfueon 
Don Pablou, Kxemplo Ja VaffamuTi'lia ySi/teja Je TacttSou, bv ao Ut» an 
aatbor titan QuerDdo, irlw, not content with distinction iw ft po«it, a 
satirist, a dramatist, a bioj^phcr, ani) a tlioologian, onroUod liimaelf 
anoDg the norelitta in thU way. Tho hook Lt IidUm- known as tho 
Oran TaeaSo, which may be roughly translated as " Arch-Itascal," tbe 
original title prohnhly proving too cluto^, and not very apt, aa 
"boMon" means rather a petty pilforer than n clover, tinicrupnlous 
•oonwlrd, such as Don Pahlon roally was. It in 11 talo eomewhat lik? 
tho LasariSo and th« Gtamnn, but. aa might Vi expected from A usu of 
QiiOTodo's orifiiiaal genius, it has a strongly-niarkeii iitdividiiAlity and 
cliaraoter of iU own. 1 1 is tho biiitoiy of a model sctunp, whose &th«r 
WM a barber who robbed his customots while shaving them, and whose 
mother was a pntctitiomn' in tjiiadccry, a dealer in tho Uack art, and » 
p ro f e w ional go-btrtween, a chsmcter which ta-tnnn to kavo had a ipacial 
attractikin for Spani^ writers ever since thn lime of the Archprieet of 
Htin and «f ihp CrUatina. Novertheless, he ingratiated him»»rir eo 
mudi with a schoolfellow, tb« son of a wealthy hidalgo, that when the 
latter was going to the [Ttti7i>ndty of Alonli ho took young Paul witli 
hiui, ]»rt]y as a companion, partly an a kind of acrranl, a relationstii]! 
which, according to the novelists, was very common in S|Kun at that 
time, and to which many a bnmbly-boni yonlh owed a univemity educa- 
tion. Their adventures on tho iymuI from Sr^pvia to AJcali are quite in 
lh» manner of Le Sage at hin 1net. In faet, in nmling the TVimGo tho 
conviction n^niti ntid nxaiti foRfa itself on tho mind tbnt Ijc Sago mnsi 
have had (iie book at bin linjcnn' Aidii ; hat there is a gratnitous ooarao- 
nna at Uugr which tlw nithititi instinct of Ln Sage would nerer ban 
IMinutltnil. The same may l>o nid of tho descriptions of stiidrtit ItTx at 
Alcali, which am full of bniad humoiir, and art* rridnntly raniuinninm 
of (Jucredo** own naadoicr thciv. TIic if hb tinio are not 

palntnl in flatCertog colours, ll wnnld Ihj ...J...;,c to imagine a uort) 
aboDtfusblaMit of young uoDkoya. fa unjiwl to oompare tbaB 
with monk^, fnr they anrni to bi^ ' II 

was their pleanut tmtciJn: tn <> 




Guzman de alfaracitb" and tob gl'sto picarbsoo. 80 

ciDch tJie 9UD« maiiDGr ntt Ciqituii (intUver dotmlws himwtf to have 
liTpri wtJconaod by thr Ynlioo* ihfl fiwt tim" hr onmunttrtNl tliem, 

KoriathistobeBetdavn asnierenoTeltst'a«t&f!f[ention,f<i>rtbA tmth 
of tlio picture Is Touobed for b; moro ihaa one coiileuiwrnrT. and in tlio 
Dontuin ffa&ltvltfr wo L^ro n v(wy nniiW aoconnt of tlie mays of iKo 
stndcnbt nt the uLibT nnivonity of SbIuiimics. Among thew yoiitlta 
Pktil, hy (i)itm ofchiUBiTttir, uwn aaae to bo « Imding spirit anil ]iraa« 
iBovor JD ercry p»(AT^iri)« ngiuiuit the pmca anil proper^ of the towns' I 
folk of AIc*U. Hif Btudies were, ho-jrcver, iiitOTrupMd by a letter from 
hill iidoIp. the hunstnan of Se^vift, annonnnnji the cbnth of his fiith«r. 
-" He liie^," said llio letter, "witb an tnuch rortiMidc na any man over 
HA : yooi ni*j t^tko tny wonl for it, for I hnng«>] tiim myi^lf. Th« 
conTKl'ti jitckct fiUfit] him as if it hat) been made for him. Hemoanted 
Ibe hidiW, not running «p like n eni, nor yet too Klowly ; aiid obttanring 
oti« of tJta tuunds brolcoi, h<* pointwl it oat to thi> ghoriir, ant) begged 
bim to linro it nan<lod ngiuuitb tho noxb occmood. In (kct, I cannot t«ll 
jnoD hov he plouod everybody. I qtiftrteRd him ftftervarda, and God 
known !l gricrau«toeeehim furuinbiiig an ordinary to thecrowB." Th« 
l«tt<T go«« nn to my that, m for hia m<itb«r, though nhe in not exactly doadi ' 
alii'is tbc next tbing to it, aathalnquiaittODluu got hold of herforpnotM-j 
lof witrhcrvft ; no thnt, upon the whole, Puul nuyna wellcoEuqder liimjelf ] 
nn orphan, and come and take pomeaskiD of die &iaEIy pru[i«rty; in 
aildltion TO which tfa« afitxtionato nncte propoeea to make him his hrir, 
•Ming, *" With Tonr knowlodgo of Jjitin and riirtorio you will makn a 
ttn banguuin." Tbo lit;<t t>rotvnc« illustrntos thv didiculty of traualiitiag 
Spanbib hiimotir. It iBr)i)il<>intpoesn)]oto do full justice to thepompoua 
gravity of "enwia Bingnlar en el »rtedo verdngo," The whole letter is a 
good specimra of tjaevc^'s peculinr humour. Ho tuui keen called th« 
Spuiiiih Voltaiiv, and no doubt in tli9 tnm of his mind bo hean a 
n^rtnin reMmblanco to tho gnnt Frcntliman. But an Engliah reader , 
will be fiir critenpr rc-mind«d of Swift than of Voltaire in (Joeredo^' 
hmnorons and satii-ical pos^agv*. lie hid whnt Voltairo bad not, or at 
l«Bst bad only in a timitnl H<^k^ itnd what ce]K<oialIy chnractftrisod 
8wift*B linmour — the gifl of porfoct grarjty wbilo layins come propoBtooits 
itl*ntn)Ety hrfnm tlxt mwler. Yoa can atwaw cnt<ti Voltaire'* grin and 
thir twinkle of his ryv in tho tinckgroiiiii), hut Swift and Qnevedo never 
liMmy tlie gd^hc««t confidoosMM of saying anything ludicrous or any- 
thing that « not tbo raereot and utORt obvioiu matter of fiict. 

I'aul, bowi^cr, had no mind U> Kiramfl hia unoW* snoeaavr; nad 
|i(iwai»titiK hiioaelf of tho nion<>y hin fath<>r hmt If^, ho slipped out off 
Snpovta and mad« for Madriih On tW rend bo orertakra a jwnper' 
liidalgo, whow portnit may Mrrro tut a r^Hnpanion to that of the aqniitt 
i I . ' Hh lir Tariivi, btil QMrntoV trvataumt of the chamctir ii tax 
\ •■\ itiom un!>yiu]>ftl!i'4ic than Mnnikna'a ^ this wortiiy be ia 

i. I tn tho nria of lifn nt tim rapital, and intro<biond to n kind of 

Ir ....;, lioitse frwiurnlotl by rogmsi, vagii.)iuuilit, and »dventitrcra iif 

Tarioua aorta, wbo, wiUi tfaoir stnitft, elufta, and contrivanowt t«XTce& «. 



Qnevsdo do«s hora, m one of tboM to whoia, nmct to Lope, 9{MUilih 
comedy wma most iudobtod. il. Cl«rmot\i\ ile Larigur is. Indeed, mtbcr 
gi>«n to tMh iit&temattjL Ho wnjs Rnjna " did not Guisli tlie CVJ^^/ixa." 
Cota may Iuto brgon tbo Ottcttina, but Rojas cPi-Uinly fiiiitdied it. Hfl 
sa^s Uiat AJemon woulil not bn-ve oontinuod fficman l>tit Tor Lciuui do 
Snramlra, nor C«rx-uit«e finished Jkm Qttixat4 bat for ATelluiedn. 
7h<r tiral stAt<nnent is vroog, and tliiy second luci-e «aoertion. Ha nyi 
Espinel inTent«d a fonn of gaitjir, eaUed dflo-r him mplofila. BsfiiaBi 
added n fifUi etring to tl» guitar, and is anid to bare inrcnted tliedecima 
<a staoai o£ ten etj>Ht^l]ablQ lines, wlucb b sonetiniM callnd txptnola. 
He coirffaunds 9f oralco the actor vith Momlcs «] Diviao, the painler of 
IWlajoK, nnd, in short, giros a good don] Oif information ttomewliat 
ostooiabing to a Spanish student. It is to be re^rettod, Ixxntuo his 
tnuslatJOQ is a rery good one^ It b brisk and Bpiritod, and has tfae 
neataon and finifth diantetariftie of the -n-orkmanaliip of th« Preniji 
KtlfnUrtir, It xs, bgakleH, gencmlly faithful exoeyA where he Uiinks he 
can iiuiirore tijioa hia aatlior. Thn diffioultacn, too, nra owreasxta with 
real Hkill and kitovlnlgc of the language ; and there is oo Spanudi n 
dtficnit a« Queredo'a in h!a humoi-ous wotks. He had a |iaaaaoa for 
um^ vorda in outrof-thn-wny sniMB, niid for Terbal gymnairtin, ooncerte, 
and teura d« fan* of every kind ; and though he prolbBod to Iw an 
eaMmy of tha emiMplMtfl school, he vas himaolf aa gi«at a nnnear as any 
gainst simplicity and good taste. And Iho ain has brought its p^oirf^ 
went iritb it, for tho wit and humour, imagination and Cuicy, t^at 
vroiild liavt) mado him one of the world's GiTooritcs lio hiddeoi away 
where ftw care to look for them. Honoe Quevedo haa been generally 
nnfoTtunate in his traoilaton. L'Sirtruigo's lively version of the 
Yirwm is at l(»st as touch L'Estran^ as Qitcr^do, and the two >'^l'«h 
tianalationa of the TruviMd, that of 1657 under the title of //uaoon fiU 
ITiMy Spaniani, and the later one. TAe Lift of Pnul the ^tarptr, whteh 
was adoi>ted in the Edinburgh edition of Qner^o'a proae worka, an 
raUwr paiaphrawa, and |»or odoi, than trawdations. 

Tito TWesNO is almoat the butt cf the grniiino ffwto picare^co novela. 
Among the DnmerouB fictiona which pour«I from the ^xm during the 
reign of Philip IV. there were many strongly imjiregiMted with the 
piearMi|iio flavotir. One Or two of Sftlaa narbodillo'ft tales, such as Ilia 
fngtniem llrlmn aiid the Stdo iiint n/brfuw»/o, tianslnltvl into ISoglWi 
under the title of Tfie Ltieiy Jiliot, and iiltribuUxl to (Juovnlo, an 
of tiua KOTt, BR ai-e oiwi m- two of thoM )nr SaiibM, tlku Dia y ^odU 
c» MaJM, of which Le Sage made ftvo nao in }m DtalU lioiina. The 
nuBfi may h« laid oT CWallo Solontano's tiUes, iha B<i- ■■*, 

and the Qar^vnm Ht StvUla, called by L'Gntnwgo < .'Ae 

SptmUH PoUceU ; and of Ihn Gre^orio Ouadaart, liy Antonio He*- 
dqtMK Oones, whldi last, twln-ii ' i; "- — - r- '•-,■ to be of tho ■ooM 



tUaSfy aa (he TttcaSo, Jtuttma, am 
hi the otlicni. the naantial itharar: 

It tt, and •aftl (notw 



tn«T^If intiodnced incideoUlly : Uts um and purpnwi oT tlio vriUrs kro 
not U>o»o of cUe pic»i-RM|tii' noTeluW — 1« jinRiPDt a pictnre of nsU life. 
TliH low *)f thv dnuna vrim tho ilomiiiaiit poaaion, onJ popalu Uutto 
bngsQ to mn in fnvonr of fictjons wbieb vere liltln laon tfiui ttagp in- 
trigues uiil coniffdies of Uio ca/wi ^ eapartn cwrt io tlio form of novels, 
Hko tlioiieor Doiiit Mjurin de ZnTas, th« Sp&tuAli ApkiA Ii«lm. Bnidoi 
thia, ono of Uio sjmptacas of th« oatioiial ik>cay vhidi iru thtai nuikin); 
miiiil jirognm wiui tlio di«rnvoiu' aliown gnncniljr to eTptyihing «mineutlf 
imtMinal. The noble old ballailB were bditg bnwted wiUi contniipt ; the 
pTOTM-lw, brimming with sly aHgadtr, thnt tho older -irTit^m (|uol«l 
Ivrttb Ricli iftlijJi, woro coming to be koked iijion oa fitting garnish for 
[th« Bp<w«h (tf n boor; tho eimple, flexible old Sptuiiidi oMuratta wen 
l^iiDg vay before inordinate sonnoloering ; Md Ui« cWr, flowioj; Cna- 
' tiliau of Mendoin, Mnmna, bqiI Cormntes was booonui^ an obacurc 
yujpTL of <<oii«ctt« and afi'ectations. KaturaU}', tlierefore, a grawtli ao 
thcTuaghl; and pecoliarty Spaniali as thv pica»«|UO nov«l oould not 
1 oug maintain an <uuKt«nce. 

Thura ia, bowevor, one rrauirkable book to bo noti^d b^foi^ tho lijrt 
i» okwed, and tbat is £ateiamth Qonsai^z, flomhrc de ffiten Humor — 
" Tktt Good-natnn-Hl PoUow/'netli^ English traiudaton mako it, tbonjjbtn 
truth it luoooB ralhRi a fellow wtio dora not aIIovt Idmtielf to be " put 
out " bjr uijrthing. Al anj- mt« tinru in nothing liko " good-natnra " in 
EctebuotUo's roupoaition, for a more C3michlly Eielfish Bcoimdivl in DOt to 
bo found in tbd whole mn^ of the pienro heiT)«a. It ia tbe uccoiiut of 
the advcntuna, for the most part in Italy, Gprnwny, and Fbrnden, at 
tlio tiu» of the Tliirty TuAts' Wtu-, of a Spaniard of the Oumuui do 
Al&vadiD tjrpe, but blosstM] vrith an Hfh>nt«r7 wliith eren that murtor of 
impudfince nii;;li'. have enTio-l. As a logue, a liar, and a thief, EhIcImv 
nillo U at itrusl Citunuii'ii ry^uitl ; but while the Inttor shows, or afldcta at 
tim«a, twme tort of contrition, lh« former invariablj recomtta his mscalit^ 
with a chudclo, as if it wm tho host joke in the world. Nor iti this all. 
6hamel«BrwKi generally dmwR the line at cow»rdic«>. Howevor much a 
man BinT h»v<i nut off all !wlf-n.-»pcct, ho will !» nnwilliog t« coufnw 

Ildnuclf utterly wanting in c<oun\g*>. Estebatiillo, hownrvo-, tikirm a poai- 
tivQ ilaliitht in eiviii^ iustaiicps of his ovni poUmmery, an if they were 
(' '1'la ktrokcw of humour. Ho always preferrod, he vaya, 

1 1 1 Bay of him "here lied" rathw than "hne fell." At 

^e battle of Nonlliai^e'n he describee with tlm ntinoBt gl«e liow be nui 
■wny lutd took tdirlt^T inaidd tho pannse of a dead horsn, which ho a(Vr< 
-WNTiht Rwont hiwl inWvix iin<h-r liitn ; nod at Clo^pMi how bo hid in a hay* 
liA, and how lio t<\) off liin Karwi in fright At TliionviDe. In sltort, ho 
nuteoes do ojiportauily of proving that he wna In truth what hu calls 
bimwlf, " archig^tlina de gallbas"(an arch-hen tS henn). Rut the most 
bMKmiu4tnble thliifi ubotiL the Umk h tliat tlu-n iit no aaying with cipiiainty 
^^AaX it la Of ila author nutbing i« known. It haa been nttnbnt«d to 
^^^Bbiel (who wna iluwl iit ihf* Umn oflliA o\f nU nmntioniHl in tt), and to 
^^M^ntn, the auUmr of the J>ialh Cvjwlo ; but it in plain that it waa ■ 


wiittob ty one wLo vm Mt «)re-iviUM<M of most if not «11 of Uie entntt I 
ileAcriljcd. He reprraent« liimaclf im hariiiK boen eTPiitually UUteii iulo 
tti" M-Tvu'c oT Octuvio Piccirlumiiu im u jvnit-r, aiiil tii liiin ht? (UdicaUs 
this hiettiry of " liis lifo will »ciiieToia«[iUi." Tlio ijiinition, tiien, nooaiM 
wbeUi«r the book U a novo], or ta tnitJi wlrnt it {>ret«D(ls to lie, an «ut» 
Uograpby. If it is a novel, it is one into which th« nuthor hu with 
fiODMUiUMte skill iatervovso bq uauisvnl lUDOuat of hia. own penuiukl 
oxperianoM. If it is nn Aiitobiogntpby, tho writer liaa qnguaatioBuhly 
iiuliilgDi] a literary leAniii^ to fiction. The style is detaBtAble. It vomit 
to be an objert witli thfi nutlior to givo thn raidor as iniicli txnible as 
pwnble in making out bin meajiin^;. AMies Eatebuillu xays " broiul " 
be naj mwu a nron), or bo ata.y meaa a ti^aty of peaoe ; Um only thing 
that b Mrtain is tliat ho tlocs uot meiut bread. Tbw. m far a« it goea, it 
an ArKum«jib in brour of tJio idea bbat tb« book ia at QctJoa foiuuled u|)an 
fact, nut II narrative of fact ^iced with fidion, for the s^le it ^irvimilir 
tJMt wliicli was bi Togiie witli the fijianish liUerrOatn of tlio jN'riol 
when they aimoil at briltinnry. In rithn* nuw\ tbo book in a cnrioaily 
literature. If it be a novel, then the oot-eUst hod in no aiDall dn([n<n] 
JyrSiX'ii jiowvr of giving ou air of verisimilitude to his inventioaB. If 
be ft penonal Dormtivo, Owa th« narmtor waa a ractnafur, whoa^ gifb 
w«re very like those of Lo ijago ; and do <k-£»iti'H), aual)-*!)), or doectjp- _. 
tion could coiivoy a cWmr idea of tb« tnie di&ract^r and piupmw nf 1^ ■ 
liuaroaque norols of &|Mia llian thia f»ct, that the work with which 
OYeoy account of thorn miui bo closird ut a namttiro of which wc caanot 
toll whfftlM- it u th« bondjide memoir of a fknb and blood adventurer or 
tltn vtiiry of a cn»t*ire of aome novolial'ii bnun. 

Spain, oa luu been already obnrred, is tlic only countiy that hoa 
tmx produnxl » iliotinct clam of 6ctk>nK of tlits tort. IImtd nre, ioiked, 
instaneOB of piAarrnqne tafea in other languajjM, such as tL<t French 
rtidriU« d(l Camjio luid The £ttglM Soffw, iftribm Zalroon, but Uiey 
an ittofMwnlly imitnlionit of tho Spaoiali style. A doubtful e]iOC|)tion 
tba noriuan tale of Himpiitmiimtt, by Christoiih Orimtnetahuiineii. i 
which all tlio ^tistc. pitarcteo feabiiea am as atroajjly ninrkrc) as ui any | 
cf the fiunily. It uiny paMUhly have been writteQ in imitation of ItMl 
Bpuiab DoriOa, jost aa a oaotontporary work, tie Viwaaof Phitanin 
von SUlftPnli, iniitat«d tha Ttnotv of Quwcdo ; but if <h\ it is ou 
aorvilo imiutiitn. ^Liupliciu^ thoben, i8aagemuwa/'iwiri)n6Giiunan 
or FabhM, hnt he in wi (i^ntuui u iboy are Spanisli. kimI tiie humour i« 
n« onjfiDal ea that of Juan I^lul himself. AndJier (>xa^>liuo u tfasj 
latot and gmUoat of pinanisiiuo nonrels, ThAckeray's Barrjf Lfttdvajk 
tbouAfa ovan tliTp «, Si ■ " ■ i umy Im itvxA tlinjugh F 
OS Bta» ta mbinlr an .n.I « vpry dcno one, liut n 

a gruat dod auxv ikaa ao uniUilion. Lo 8ugi*'& ruorit does ooi ba -liq 
iMvia^ iiBilat«d the Sjmiiieh no^el or tr:--i-'~' ■— ' ■■ 
Pnmc^ mil. Ho b like Kono faravcinK < 
acvn ontkadiah haib or root nrtota oT ' 
it wv naawatv. and which, tiy fimpor < ' 



ineroBMi ; Mid to hitt itmtutcl we o«'o it tint tliia queer wi]<! prodnet of 
Spoaish gonitis bu uot remttinal » mere eurionly for bookwonns, luit 
baa b«en miid« to yield &uit for tbo MniwemcDt of maakiDd. JSot Uittt 
Lr hixaaolf wu fully Avnra of its capftbilities. Ue did not eonbymptate, 
nppareDtly, uiytliing mora than on impntved ani refined plcntvaqiio 
norni, with ilie crudities rctuoveJ Aud tbe pi<]itaiit Dittural flavour |>re- 
Mrrml. and oreo heightened, by jiidlcioiut cultivation. 

It is ctinoiu to iu>b> how gnulukl wan tliH duMilopinont i>f fictions of 
ml UCbl Oatvardly GH Blat diffi»» but sli^Oy from the Spauitik noVflla 
Lo Sago took m his modelti, 1>ul tJie diflereoi.'w nre Hu^gesti^e. Oil Blna 
binuelf b an muloubb^ scamp, Imt ho ia a VAry tiin<>h laoro deCoroua, 
decent, aad sblf'nwpcvting Hcamp titan his ]>n>totypCB, the piearot. Then 
the wh<^e inteixat is not coDtored in lh« kaavme«, adrvntures, and taa- 
bsjH of the bero, bat oUk^ peraonii^iai are coiiD«rt«d witli him, and per* 
Moally intruJ'Uwd to tha rtMd«'r, which iii itMiIf iDdinatcN ii gnat st«p in 
ndvnnoe towsnls oar modem novels of real life, as it clean tlie wny for 
the iatroductioa of chanu'tvi'. Tlien tho poUiit ugiMK.'y of love, in m very 
nMl!in«utaiy' form it is tnie, makes iti appAaranco, Anrl ox^rtA nn in- 
flneuce i;;^H>red by th« oMpv novoliats. lu tho anmo way Itodcnck Ran- 
dom, th*) lineal dcsti^ndiuit of Oil Ulna, rliou-H the vrnrking of tho 
pTDoeBR. Hia morals are vcty bx from strict, but they indicate a far 
grcnkter de^«roiK« to public opinion thnn ihom of his predocceaor ; uiul 
Fmegriiw Fickle and Tom Jonm, though poi-tinps iv>ally little better than 
Kondom, doddoJIy alund uioro in nwo of tho genitiul ceiuor, Society. 

»In sliort, lb* diacovery was only made by comparatively slow dai^ivc* 
U>»t, (lictuieaqne as di^u-cputable life may be, it is not the oaly real life 
wortli paintiog ; ami that it i» quite poMniblo to <s)n«tnict a novel, true 
t(i utnre, and at the Hame time ontectaiiiiufi, vithout m:Lking tlte hcn-o a 
rulK&n, a bcoondrel, or a acarop. To iis, accttatom«d aa we are to rcgarl 
no*Ma na porbapa Uio nwtt elaborate and corajiIi'X jn'oducts of litmty 
art, it i» not cwty to rcaliae ao r«tnot« a "taga in tlioir d«vielopo>cnt, any 
more ttiui it la ea^ to realise that the onoestora of Socic^ lived in 
ni cam like bears, or in lake dwellings like beavers. I'civert^eea, that 
^BUiey did poM tbrotigh tuch a ita^ iit brought homo to iis now and then 
^f in mora ways than onei How, for imttoncv, ai« we to account for tke 
^B OccaaSotiol apjKuraneo tii Cnahionable fiction oT cjrniml ruffiniM nnd niua- 
calar scoumlrutii of tbo Giiy I.ivingmon« ty[)e except on tin; throry of 
** revcTRoii," a» the ovolutiumatd would nUl it t What are the; Imt 
faatiUM of the orij^Dftl savafre atock reai^peaiing aftor a^ of civilisation 
in tho modified oSapring, jtiat as in oue of our most naefol domeatio 
: an i mala we aometitnes ieo traces of tbo markings of the panot tobra or 
^BquBjIgK I The piearot of Sjuuiiah Sction are not, perhapH, an ancestry to 
^■bv proud uf, bat oar novola ani in thia m>{i«ct only in tho suue pwition 
•H many other tlungs. Tlie stage began witli a eort ; the alchetnista 

iweto Ui.- " " Wt» of INtvy, Funuky. nud Licbigj Borne itaelf ixwo 
Fn»u a t" - 'if vi^pibonda; and the moduni uord miiv be conu'Ut 

with an (irtjftn mbcli like that of lUaue. 


litrots anb Uulcts. 

groat secret of |)oliU6iil health is the right diiitributtoD of ttqMOUD- 
Wiby. FabUo Uk« prirato somnts bMomo coimpt wlum nobody 
Its th«ir acGQimU^ and itubocilc when tfac>r are chocked nt nnj^ 
Kvrry eScar tn t)i6 Btote^ as m l\xv m-iuj', kliaiild hnw a njilxir 
' discKttioii, salyoi'l to tho general HujiiTviiiiou of bis dommaadcr. 

'gvoenj sliOTiId be allowed to pisii n caiujiuiigi) ; the private to »el«ct 
objwt for hi« ljull«tft. Th<' ivsriV^ction of ntilitury oi-gftnitiation depend 
BB much u|)on Iwvuig Buffidmit play to oompon«Dt pnrtu as in securin 
tbenuit^' of the whole uutcliiue. Uiiliicktij- weiu«Kpt, in tliitiaft in 
otiier CAMS, to oecilLibe from one extreme lo anotliet ; we reinedy iiwulj 
ordiuBtion hy excessive oentralisnCiou Mtd Bii]^oee that or^niaition i 
Stvourite catchwoi^ of modn-u refoiTiini-s) implies tin! nulutititdou of] 
rave iuochatuamforiutclli£i:ntc-0'0)>oratiua. WhtniaoIdtUva Uichmidat 
our Tulors were untio-], they holi^dthcaiselvai too freely from otir pockieU^ 
VTe have since Uedthcu-bondi) so tight that tbey luiTe apenuanest onunp 
in (lieir fixifjcr*. The nppruTal of thu imhlic in not unly t^jbulhuHoleMid 

f of th<!ar activity, hut tbit solo rulu in each particular actimi. To (testniy 
the abuse we suppress the one gvtett alimulue to intelligeDt eaeri^. 

/The doctriue becomes imporlant an tlio £Hcility of lUime inemuM. M'a 
a. most «liil>omt« and alcilfu] niachiiifty, daily growing id per- 
ffction of organisation, for coni)>ollin); our officials to feel that kudd 

'nilliOM of ^ea are riveted upon tb«ir uoflt trifling laotioiks. It i»n« 
vondctr if they become nnn'ou* and fidgety, and arc sontpUtncB mot* 
utxiuua to avoid fiiilurc thnn to pluck BUCcesB from danKt-T. "Whal 
will Otiy aiy in EnglaDdl" was n very good ([UGstion at l-hn proper 
laouwt, hut A gwenJ ought not lo ask it ovury momiitg licrai-t.' hu po«U 
» sentry. The "maater'a aye" is an admimblc lonio; but n sensli 
iiiK«t«r does not nutake his eyes for Ham WelWs mimoalons 
soopeB. Tboir povera of vttitOD arc limited, and a good mustr 
wbun lo dhnt thau. Thia dangirr of confusing liotwi^^^n tli« tM)- 
which KtiuiiilaU-H and Uiat which cncrvatca aod oppresseti, U : 
in theory if not always horuo In mind in pracltco. Thnrv ta anothe 

Honfiwioii, H» iui«c)itevous auit it would M«m, in still grvuler omd ' 

daddatioo. A gcncml sli'mld 1 i>ln for t)» - 

BMMnmt. tboujib ho ahoald not I- i about cTfTy 

But it dux nut follovr that a gttncml or any otbor public Bcirvanr. st 
nBpoosil'l ' ■' ■ 'lie for the ciil of liis hair, for (', 
Iwsptuid- . for tjie Ua\x )u whkh ho furn 




tbe cWtvQmiliotifl which bo eiuriefl oo with bis wtfo. So long as bo 
no teoognisod oodis moral or lioriiU, the public btu do ocmcern 
lib him MJkma, au<l iut^iieroDoe of » uillioD ia aa impertuMut an the 
interfntnoe of an individual. If ft itnmgtr pcepe throngh the k«j'bol« 
of my stutlr, I inny rig1itfiin]r ^ve him nt lonst a inoi-nl sltip in Uw f«e. 
in« publioition of the nevs thiu «»inii'od ia clwriy a great fl^gm>-»tiQD 
of the of&nce. The cmincuce of bis Tictim should incrcflsc ratiior than 
tltuuniiih tli(> iudi^itution (lu«< to such olTeaoee, «8 impljiiif; n waut of 
nrvermra us wull ru a wuit of tuannAm. Conduct which would be iutolcr- 
iihlpas IietTeeo two pnvaUigcalkuieiKloes not hecomo venial Wftusotbv 
Dtji nil p<iiiKft«cs unusuAl c]»in)8 upon our rk]k«1 

I i\', it must bo gFantcx), therv was miuf. nctuso for auch per- 
(bnoAactt. The distinction between a siad's public and hia printta 
opacity vaa not dmwn so cloitily ns it ia now. The ruler of the Slato 
WM baniljr ilUfinguished from tlio biitilloni of tlio torritonr. Tke 
debt was confused witJi tlie private debt of the monarch. 1111 
lata jieri'id, Ikfinistors wvim litcmll^ lu wuU ax («chiiiciilly tbff 
urvantA of tlio Crown, and a secrelary of state might bu n(i]»iiit«d tfr 
(Usmiiscd Uko ■ footman b}- the private tast« of tho King, j&lmost to 
the praiont raijri). tho (joTomra^nt of ibo nation ilepend«d nrovedly on 
Dicm Ijackstaira intiij^uei, nnd a State rtrvolutiun might bo caused hjr llw 
tricks of A rhauiberutunl. An long as tho people were i«a]|j at tbe 
uarvy of Uki p(;tti«iit penousl iut<n«Kls, Ibere wm some excuse for piib- 
Itabing pemtud goesip. We ridirulc Itotnro W'alpole loiil bis like for 
(pitberix)]! np aavouty monseb of Court TOindal. Doubtleea the pntetice 
doea bot imply a lugh stondunl of pcreouid dignity. But iu liis day, and 
cvoD Ut«r thaa his dAy, such scandal was really a part of history. We 
(UaptBD iJte tolelioarer; bat hi^ iiifoiTnntion was really of iiitetcstt We 
ilo not envy tho utra lo whmc lot it foil to rtoord instances of tbo 
ilrunlcflnuesB, tbe frivolity, the petty sclGshncss, nod ignohle vices of 
toioo otonr former mlem. Such annalista have had to dabble in veiy 
npuLaive filth to aerjuire their knowlodgo, and may have broken oonfi- 
dtocc in t>ctniyiiif[ it. When, however, the great whecb of State were 
mvolving tn such u medium, it vraa aa well that the factn sl^ould bo 
known. Jinx, "^^ tnxat cvvu fMl n kind of ^inlitudu to men who milod 
their own bands in showing with how little wisdom tuid how little 
virtoe the world has soiaelimes beeii govciiied. 

Thiitgt nro hupjiily nowaltcrvd; and the private Ufoof onr ralors 
abaiild be their own. Aa they have become mort! Teaponsibia in their 
public, ihej sboiild becoiue Uvtar in thdr pnvate capacity. Wc bare no 
longer to seek for tbo cuttsos of (ho riso and doxmfall of Ministers in tlio 
retired recMKa of pal-icea. To go tliere at all is an ImiiertiiieDcc. 
Quopa Aiuie turaol out Miniift<U« bocauno ahe hod lieen "gut nt" (iu 
^M>rtini bUsx) by one of her nttendanta Quoou Victoria diBntisBod 
Ur. C't ' whr.D )iti cesscd to coDkmaud a uMJority in Parliament. 

It wik.- > .1 to inquire into the pi-tty iiitrigoes of Queen Aiine'a 



■ hwtdwld, wlien it would t>e the gioaaeet tmndi of i^ood muu^ to 
quntions about tho laoidt and Uio footineD nuplq^cd by her present Ma ■ 
jesty. It is vel 1, indood, that wc should know in geiKral tliut our rulora me 
viiiuotiH uid lionouralilt; in Uieir ]irivate rdatiOTis. The domestic pori^ 
of a Court, u do living EngliKliuiun will di9[>ute,mhyhea]f)EitiiDate 
source of strength to theooustitution. "WfmsyhcsJncowIy gmtrfol wh«i 
llio]><)no«iieonc«rnodthiiiiinIvM8aiU!tionlWpuhIication of materials upon 
4'tiich a sufficient oetimate of tboir cbarnctttm can lio Ibraiod witkntit in- 
volving » hmu^i ciP priviito conBdenct!. But ve Mn kixow all that Vi 
have a right to know, or ought to vri^h to know, u iilK>iit retiUlitif; tl)i 
l>rt(y tilUe-tattle whiuh grattGes the ounosity of ocuntiy tcft-taUm ami 
lonn^ni at tjondon olubs; ftud oeHainly without i;iving it tlio henelit of 
oircalation in the press, anil advcrtinn^ it on n ihottnnil |ilacar(b. 

The general prindple tbufi Reems to to siniplo enough. Wluitw t^r » man 
docfl aa a puhUo servant ia a legittnMte Bahji'ct of iaqoii-y to his BU[i«noi« 
and tiltiinaU>lf to tlie public PuHlitily in this Km» ii not aviy in^ti- 
mate, buttlic osaentinl and indiflponrable ^uamntcc of pnritjr. Whata 
public man does in a privikli; cnpncity may alao he properly knoim m> fikr 
as it ctir«-My itflectshispahlicclianicter. If anarchbtMhopweretn Ihchuliil 
of drinking to oxcaaa, or a Chauc«llor ot tli« lExchi^uur of punbUiig oit 
tho Stock KxehangOs tho fiietx should bo known ; for nobody will deny that 
such fact« would afibd tbo public cbancter of the accused. On th« other 
Knnd. tho details of A man's privat« life, his special taHtui, hie family 
reUtiotLs, his modes of drecting, (vtUiig, and diinking, ut) niatt«n into 
which the public Ims no Mri of right to eonc«m itaelf. 11m habit 
prying into matters wiUi which TelaTooocouoontis fully as bw) for 
ptiblic as for its compuueut parts ; it may inflect cruol Imrdfihips upon 
inilividanlii, and it dptnotulisex tho jientona who indulgo in il. Xo oii« 
wiih the common fccLinRS of a ^ntloniiui will dvoy that it ought to iit 
Rupprcssed. TIte only ditKcuIty is in doGning the prt-ciso limits of pnUio 
iiilerfei-encc. How are wo to define tiic fplirae witlilu which a man may 
projiorty rhnt hlataiAF tip luid <My all intmdnriit The fuiTt t)int ihere in 
eoniL' difficulty in (Irauing th« line is the ntuse uf the raistiig miaichid'. 
Wv luivrt grtidiially slid into » Uxlty which threnuns |ien)idon* coo 
imitMnoeii; but tho fint stugMof tho procoas an hofmlew raoiigli tod 
vna dcanibl«. 

Wedaur^ — aud wltocaublomo u«l — toknowaouuithingof uur nilcrt, 
not only of that [lort of thrtn wliicb can !« diacovoml in a biur-buok, 
but of their diaracttm, as living, moving, fcolinj; beiu^s. Are tl>«y trrn 


mea or "miwroblo ci-mtuivK 
llOrM*, or llwh-amllilo'-'d n^l 

totttby aUhotate ■■ )«yt 
irUch oRo) im-ca] very 

li/iviiig-tho-Iionnni-ii T ' 
■Tir^l Hrtllianl }„ 

' and carrf'iUy dnwn por 
Mx. Pundi prawut/' ■■- 


(Md'hiiuiiiiin^l ciuimlunm whlc-^ hurt miliody, and give taiav 
bystrtrokoofa f«^ 'i cnslwrnl in a voliimii 

OKMocnpherB mok', nM of great mui fnnitlinr, it: 



draw cro<r<U lo the walls of tli« Academj'. In iae Ume thoir lueatoire 
wilt bo pnljlialiMl, ftnd ij«t«ils will be cleared i^ which are atall n 
mrstery for coaicmporarioi. There u nolhiRjj ilUigitaiiiate in UieM pro- 
!ccn1iii|j», ftir nothing luM licRn tolil whioh cttn ^va pain tonbocotning 
Mnuiilrility. Onr guii]« miist muk« theoiselvK known to us, if tbfiy mali 
cbAll«ig« oar ooufi<3«nc«, and thej, OoahUcea, woiUd gmenill; he th« b»t 
to cotnplAin. A miui 1U117 well bo proud tbtt first tiiiu that he appears 
Id a cutooa of Mr. Tttamot'ii. 

But our apjwtito grown hy what il feeds on. We aiJc for mora &d«, 
without inquiring; too nionh- whetbcr our demaDd is E»ir. 'DieTvisno 
want of ram readjr to icuppljr the ilraiand. The " tnterTiowcr " is ou tho 
look-out l(e hunts for gossiii as kouslj u a dOR for truffles. He 
MXDta a bit of scandal fVoia afar It ia uo4bin); to him whether the 
nvourjr nnorpel in picked up in a gnttcr or on a privittA dinncr-tAhl^^ 
The more privat^^ tiic bcttnr chance that it wilt be hie cxcluiaveprDpcrt;. 
When the slateHoum fondly auppo^ai tliat he is tiJdng a boUdaj, the eye 
of bia persecutor follows litm. The psnny-n-llDer gprio^R f rota theMrth 
na vttltutoa in Urn tropics wrni to droi|> inyBtarionsly (roin tho clouds. 
A wcO-kliowti gentleman lately |>Dt into an awkward piMw in a holiday 
MXauble. " Ah, Mr," wtna the fiifct worda that cama tO him an ho reached 
a nft plus, "this will Ivi in thit pajinra to-morrow." If a Minister 
ammtwi himself iu his gantcn, and talki to a laiscoUaacoui vinttor, his 
worda will b« pubUahed to a tist«mng univitne. If he stopa at a otAttoo, 
he ia ulted to make an address iiutead of swallowing a pork-pie. Tbo 
wnNlIer political fry who bftsk in tbn sumhine of great aoquaintaoce 
mmke notes to tw uwd in memoin or to be used in poptdu- lectom ia 
Anarim and tbeooloniee. Tho ui«motr-writcr laa poethumouH intcrriewer, 
and pnblighta KAadals, the morv piquant for a little keeping, mixed with 
any Krapa that may have been swept out of the great luaa'a writing-lablo. 

In all this, it may b« repli«d tb«i« ia littlo mischief and little caose 
for pityiu); the viclin]. A man who leads a public life munt put up with 
ttio |«nalt)M at publicity. If tha fuia gloaa of nenMbility be ntbbod off 
his oatim, lliat is part of the price which be payn for his position. If 
ihia be granted for a moment, the (]ueation still remains, who is public I 
Xt nenu often to he. antworsd Tory vaguely. A pofiular oorcliitt or poet, 
for QBcuoptc, is taken to l» public property. If so uinnr tbouwuid copies 
ofahookar» publiabed, iU author beoomes a legitimato victun. The 
ixiataat be ia ilMd, we harp a rif^bt to know all about him. The moei 
oarelaH Icttem, writtrn to the moat intiiDat<^ friondu, at« printMl, n^fpird- 
]em tno ot Uvinj; acmiliility. We are to know what bo (or abr) said 
nbuut his acquaJntano* ; to plunge Into the details of his lore ufiuira, and 
to know the IDS atui outs of his petty quanwia. Pcrhapa it would liaro 
been agony to him. wb«n alive, to bnve his sccrvts laid opm to the 
tnilliou. Periiaps it ia still agony to those who ara still living. No 
mattor, the man haa wrilteo a good book, and he ia dootned. What 
would w« not havo giraa, it ia aaid, (or siuiitar information about 

nu Tixr.^^us. 205. 3. 




ShftkespTATft I I Un nnfccling mon^k to rajoicc tluit «ra know so liUle. 
A man wbo fivmot tmdenttantl flanJrt vritlioni knowing tli» rights uf 
Slia]ca«])eare*<i reWiona with Anni> Hittliuwa}' voiilil not roitUy aiuler 
sUod it tlu! better if tbn minutest detailH bad been piibtided at Ui 
dMth. Tbc iDicmnc^pio writ«7ii who ii])«iid ytnn in the atteiii|il to 
"illustrate" tl>e historr of & gT«At«utkor hy unnrthing soai« forgotten 
aitr; ID B ngbter ture^ « & rule, tlie vont of all jiidpa of hia nicnt 
Ilamiet nnd tho Fatry Qntcn hkTo *tirr«il llie faunMn imngiiuitiijii u 
powerfully' as thougb Spcnaer and 8lukaipMn: luul bocn tnoted tike 
■oma modem aiitliora. Tt is pleasant to tbink iliat tlieir memoiy is tntv 
in tlifl dwi> wab'nof ol>lifii>» froin nil tlin impertinence of litenr^ )iMti- 
fbfCgon. Siogntpby is indtcd one of th« mont i^IiAi-ming itti<l v«lanb)e of 
alt forms of literature. BoswpU and Lockkart. and some more mmt 
vrilOBi dMerre our •nrj irarmnit gratitude. But thebtographw liu man; 
tmoplJitiaTM dii« to thv vrrx (-himn of bin work, nnd it woald bft w» 
flucnia to prove that bioginpb«ni bnw often yiL'kktl to tOoptatiotL 

To piiMiah kII tbp nibtnitb tlukt a firant nan bu written, uul 
woald, if be could, bare mipprHaed, and to rertre evnry aoondol oDoi 
nttoctiod tn his name, in )Kx:uiuing tlio nccepti^d inod« of booeoring lua< 
msiLaej. But th« iniivhii^f infliebad is palpAklo. The eommoaest 
wcokneaB of modem authon ia oertainlj tbeir esoraure salf-ooBBCious- 
ncna. How cnn it be helped wbon tivtry foalinb Adorer k gafOi^ 
for every tion^ of knowlMlgc about tho piitty details of their iy« — 
wben fnigmcnts of infinitoinuil informatioD nhout their saj-ings and 
dobgB are trt-amired up na iu old darn men trcaaurod bita of (be oM 
clotlies of aaiiiU ; wbeu vrell-mGnning Atnorioaiui — and tliere ui roaJly 
nmothfog twicliing about the Hiniiilicit^ of Transatlantic adomrs — { 
for iatirodtKrtiona u thoy mif^ht gtm^le at faome for t]i« koep«nbip f^fa, 
tightboaael I have known sueb an admirer liCcnlly efaeriib a tioi: 
braslted off the oo&t of a celdtrated aothar; nnd I imagine ihnt tonne 
tkmona nten ranA have it benvy postage to pay for tbo snpply of auU)- 
graphs. When such things are done in the lifetime of eminent ra«n. 
what will be done wkeu tbey are dend t What ranMcking of old 
dnawen, what bontiog up of adioolboy oxereiaea, of acniwlii bastUjr 
drawn on th« backs «f Iciters, and espoually of lettos in wbiek there It 
Ba]rtluti|> reAUy* intereertinft, that ia to wy generaU]r. f/^ anme nnp! 
remark about a (Hend I I majr mnark innocmlly enough tirat mm 
wham I reallj Mtocm is n )m)i« ; pcrliAjv ho bH6 been t«Iling mo a stj 
when I liad a toothache or had beard of the Ioxr of nn itiTHtinent ; m 
phnae may imjil^r no aeruple of MOttled illwiU, and li baa been fnuikl 
writtan in th« coufidonM of privato ivirrvponddnco. T' " ■ ■ it. with 
out a word of tnplaiMtton, mar inflict a cTiiH and n /"Uig 

mj friaid ; but who of tlte ruce of memoir-writers would t>« eeop|Mj 

nch B conaidoratioii t Or 1 am a tiK]<r. and linve la!tghrd t -^''"' 

ooafidant at ■ gwitlcaMn who uuule hip an oiler. I wmili] not i 

hart a worthy man who ha« paid tne tbo higbcet DomptiiueAb ui 



'^ivni'er. But I die ; nn cnterpi-mng pcmon g«ti lloU of my letter, lOd 
mj pcnr Briorer Iuk tliD thoiiKhllcss phrase pofficd on to him ia ifan «liipe 
of a cnicl iufiult. 

Hie evil is net a wtv otM ; but moikqni eot«rpriae ia toiuliug tt> 
aggraratu it intoleivlilT. Wu may oft4>ii, for example, anc portnitM awl 
rawl tiiogrH|ibitti of tnea wluwe otJj clalnt to celchrity in Itint tti«y Ar» 
kSDWii ii) wliat it calleil gooci nocinty. If eiii?h litcnit^ire he intcadcd for 
rtlie fooltncD, who want to boow tlio kistorj of tlie peraotm behind wboon 
pciUTtiV(«i tlinir afutd, the pmctico irould bo intelligible. But wg would 
bopc that thv public u> uot j«t compoacd cxclativcly of flunkies, aud tliat 
tbp f*i:L tlint D laaii btis n certain social poaitioii doM not jimtify tbn 
w b(ilp worlrl in forcing icaelf upon his priYacv. Or. ngaio, wo have btcn 
<)f lute deltlienitely turttcd to jieruto a veiim of studim of great iD«a at 
luuno; to dinguisn ounelres in imagiiuiiioii in pltub; to beoooie fluniliar 
witli tbe doUMtic aiTangctiiCTila oi' n f^ntlcman'a houw, to dUoovttr 
vii4>Uifir he MBokra ■ risar after broitlifaxt, wiiI what kind of coat ha 
wi»n in tin itndy. If awcll-known man Iuib any riglita of piivacy, it iH 
dilEvuH (6 iiuderatand hov th«y ran fail to ba infringml hy u-ritingK, 
^wliiidi, vn vrotild KU[ipfl(ii>, inuAt ftitUn* come, from hi.t vnlct or from u 
[Jtivato nrrjuaiutnnoi'. who tniikcta not*** for publtiiation in tuomontA of 
aodjil intitniuy. In the &-st cuss, the valet idiould be dismissed; in the 
atkvr, l>e iilioiild aliow tlic (^ntlomaii tlw door. The slti-mative tlmt the 
celvhimbed pnson Is a eonerating jtarty h too litiniilifttiag to be mntetn- 
plcbed. And snrrly tbit wtiidi no privnto g«ntloQWn could do without 
■ gnm bnucb of tuannen. doM not become mt{>nctabl« whi-ii tiw ntitlior 
» KDOoynauii. 

Ife is true that nt present iha offauce is gaDorallf smollieted under 

an tOLCftm of canipUmeiit. The valet who ia about to pnblidi notea ftem 

Iho kuJfolfoard, or oollivtions {rwa the waste-paper baaket, luw a diiii 

^_iM>ltii4[ (let us hope 1) that his trad* (■ not an enitobJEng one. Ho foels 

^Liu»« certainly tbat it is likdy to be spoilt if ho uakm himaclf toooRVnaiTe. 

^FA* a rule, therefore, ho ia complimentary. He ia taking a liberty, but he 

V liofvcs that flattery wiil tpicndh rraontmvnt. He uSiK^8 to be actuated by 

s gnnuiue venentaoa insteail of ita caricature, a rulgar curiosity. Ho in 

i{ui(a ready to f^rH, to swear tliat the shorn whidi he has been blacking 

Nrt! of tli«ahininit kinil,nnd that tLa notes which he lisa ptirloioMl arn 

fntt«n in theb&it ofhondwriting. llioniso, it i* to be feaiod, iBloooAan 

locenfuL 'Xiw rauity even of great men is cnaily tickled. A gentleman 

rlw would r«Mnt tlio publication of bin washinff-billa when ihey reveal 

ll" ' -{ linen in flattered by tlie aamo piMicntion whm the nsulta 

H» doeanotaeeordoeanotreiaeuibor that thc^cvil is duuo 

ttrai Uw uirt«i liecoine public property. The uae to which the inrnrniation 

rill Im! put de(>cDda u]>oi> tLn taste uf Bion whoao vtary tmdr Stnpliiut iitlnr 

wiuit 'if dfilieacy. Allow yotir valet to publish yntir pnpcrs, and be will 

ihi- ' I '. matj.-riabi. If ttte souml rtde is once broken 

tlj .ry «tll become thinitor, a Mttrieal intention 





will ht^ to »vca1 itvtir, And vrhai was a unplff iin]»cftin(>nee mO 
become n Hystetn of liboJluig. Nothiaj; cnn be luoie futUc Uiaii to hw 
gaiu wilb « diicf wlion joa h»\e unco iilluwoj him (o put hU boiKls in 
ymir iwckvtx. Tliv tUlfeivnce IwcwifVQ impertinent imiae am] iinpcrti- 
noDt abiise is radljr triAinj;. TIio triio ovil is tlio iiiijirrtiiMiiw, lutit 
H vkat ou^t to bo KUKtml by nil men of liisli tevVin^. Of ti>P two, 
is almost bettor to te ut>iuKH], for it dots not kum a ouapkiou of w 
plicity. Paul Pi; oliould Ixt pnt <lown, wliAti'voT' bin iotcntiotiN. ff be 
fe^giiui liannleasl; by a fair jiortiait of a jtiiblic cbaractcr, bo may 
ooDO in coiirso of tinto ■ toclal peat, to wbou nvitbar box nor pri 
sUtion is ouvod. He v,-iil stHrt \>j taking Dotw in a roporter's iptll 
and mad bf aaatldii;; Into a bulj-'& boudoir. 

Ttie evil of Ruch [mictiMst in inc]<yvt tuniuly indciienili^tit of Ui 
aocidttaUl colouriag. Ihe puiji trbich xhcy may nua« in a Xrotut, bi 
Dot 11m sole ground of objodaou. Whon a aoribblm- t«lcc« lutvMutai;) 
oT prirale ronfideiico lo iwiiiliAh aonie uiipleaaaitt aoonJole abont a gna' 
Buut. <>r ropnxlnoo a bit of scnndnl, o^ «-li>cIi, tbon|^i utleriy graiindi 
the &lriRr caniiot now be tiemotuitrated. ami nliich, «reD in Uiat 
will tiiave a Htuiii in Uie ineuion' uf cun-'caa rendcn, tbo eril ts pat{Mt 
Every otiB will dMioiiiico it. It i« a crud ami Khaioeful A«t ; lliough 
can acldoni liavo tlio ))ka8ureof piituiig itfl pcrpctraton ou the pillorx^ 
But in nil aiMtt tli« ■uischii'f ilone to tba public Li of tk« aatil« cbarAti: 
In one word, it tenilii to TiilguriM! public opiuion. Wiiea a ptactioa a 
at mteh a nature tlwt no gmtJoinau u>ul(I coiifeea to it witJioitt tio'jndi 
tioa, the sufferance of it tetvhi to \ioiiKm the social atinoiphRio. N 
gentlumai] wootd print vttboiit jierniiraJoii Uiv gouaiji nblch reacb«a btoi 
ift lurivato Meidt^. llie p«nKMU who priut such go«up, cv«rn if cov« 
with Booo thia reUvf re<ic«uc«, uiiial b« Oeaoiibcd by tbo cpitbct v 
Utbe aatitheeiaof gautleuian. If tlmycotiJd hnvo Uifir way. thcf;<-; 
attndard of oDlf-rapoct would In lowered throughout thir couutn,-. 

Acdona wht«b hare uo jitiblio character should, I bare sahJ, 
Mord fiom public curiosity. J t is not that a mau ahouki not Ym r«sjiocisil 
crmifur bia pi-irau: actioun, but tliat be should be reN^wcuiiblo to thv 
right triliuiml. My own family have an interest in Bona of ray actioBi : 
mj iricBils in oUwn ; and toy cvUeajcun or Hul-oidiuatee ia a (bud 
In each oua it ia mont dc«ir«ble that 1 ^honld 1m in roatad with 
flpiaioua (if tboM who are both Douixmcd iu tuy U^bavioui 
BMaas of judxinf. In uadi caan, iiitci-furv»i-c by tli« m. 
SBonocmn] ia generally niisdiixvouiL No wisr frmid evir B»mid\*' 
l)«lwt«fj man and wif<n, or between (athor and children. Tho r«aaoo i 
aot only that tha uoJdlintr will be reamtod ; but that ia nidi di 
yw rt io a a bono b. to tha lUoputo am 

qwlifiod to hAT* n , , ^:oobei*nt niara of ha«' 

balT iiifirmn] jiut)CiiM!iii callol public opinion ia hnitKbt to Ittu* 
•Bcb maUors, the ellect U far UKin dcniundfila};. The uaa'a 
are didniBilHd nut by Itia iunthicts atld sdivtiotis, but hj 






tlis qiuKtioo, wtiftt will iMwplcsnyl He tiuu i^t retpootability instead 
of TirtDQ. H9 loKs thnt Quo scnao of Belf-rcspcct whicli ia the most 
aoiOtiftl Sftfigutrd at &]] lu^y tuotivc He eonlbrmit to tho vulgar 
fltukdAfd Bet up l>j ini|>nrt,iiiciit intj-udeni, and ncquins, io pUoe of u, 
eoiMCmKi', n Uttio atom of popnlnr platitAidn. If lie ia a puUlic official, he 
will tbrire ia proparttOQ u be can flntter tbs public tniiU). A, gmtlooiAn 
(as we are told In thtt fn^-ntj kaj» liit^-lv boon whminj; popularity io 
Aniftricn bocsiue ho ilrcasBd hinm^lf in marw clothea and thenrM tobncoo. 
vul^aritj paaam itaelT off for hoiinstjr ; for p<x>]>)e lui^l tliiu tlie 
t bind of hyrmcmy in a Hnpor6cia] brntal)^ of maoiun. Ilie 
in queition vtta cliristracd " blue Jmos," w Bocca Bijilow'i bero 
hop«) bi b(* called "oM Timba-UKS." That, !a the wot^ of tl>o bwt 
Ameriatn bunourist, is vbat the peqilo liiits— 

8«thia' conbiaia' naml tnnlw vith plmiMS anch m slrihi». 

Wh(>[i snch a [>racdc<ii is common, th« charlatAQ has a start in tin 
race for honour. Tho public l^atna to tvaent as au iimtiH to itaelf the 
bonuut-aljlc nwervc which I'efuiies to invito tlie ii^iomnt ami uncultimteil 
to ait in jiw^montapon mntt^'rH hryom) thnir Icon. PuhUc lifo uiidorBudi 
oonditioni beoomea offcotiivc to tacn oS dclicntr Benaitivo natures ; and 
the EndefModeuce of spirit whirh \a lh« ^-eotfist of political virtues 
hcooom ft diatulvantago oi- at Rupplant«it hy a coarse ftflteution of 
biHitalllj. Tnic fjnjatceaa of public cbatwHei' ia tooImI in tlw piui^ 
and tcndenteas of domeecic life. But the dimit t«cideiuy of inipertinent 
Jatnuiou !a to giro an wlraiit^iga to tlie charlatans anil hirpocritc*— 
niwni s too abundant in tho woi-hl — who are rendjr to lay lam foi- public 
iuhfiK-tioii tlieir moat private aSaira, nnd to advcrtiaft their domaitic Tirtucs. 
^M apurioita articln in Koch a cane t* a more paying twnimodity than tbo 
jonniiM, and a wtllinRtiesi to submit to deijrndation beoonica a direct 
tion forsiicceiw^ llie evil— great in its beariof; npon puWi« men 
•8 c«crtainly not lr»ui in ita inHiimce upon tboM tcaehors of mankind 
vho are mont vonaitivf, most ouily Bpoilt 1^ ■elf-oODsnouBnMit, and often 
the ml>jeela of Uie mcutt iinpvrttnentiuti-unoa. Vor one writer who ia now 
hurt, hy Hbipte, It rlorrn are mined by ii^ndicious flattery; if the 
fbit's-y bcjfiiw to afffvt th«ii- prirate life, it will bocome morn potfonoiis 
than ever. The late biographer of an eminent writer told bow his hero 
Jiad oticj riacn iit night to pracliao soue dancing rt«p« ftr tli« aniuse- 
iil of hii cbildren. Thp story, pwtty nnoDgh in iteolf, was unoon- 
imielT Fjioilt by tho addition tluit thr eaid writer turned to his fiicnd, 
tid remarked tlwt the ntory wuttld look well in hi:t baography. If even 
le «r|)ectatioo of posthumoos adulation could produce au act m pain> 
r ." itkdicativc of such morbid vt^lf-eonanouaneas, wlial is 

iico of eonteiiii<oitu-y portnut-paiotingt 

'I'hv i*«il> ihiu luggntcd arc, it may bo hoped, RtiU in the Iwd. 
They hare not yet bcoome ao coas{ncuoua aa thoy are said to ho elao- 
wbere. Thcra ia the more hope that they siny lie itaiiiiied out Hie 



taouu, liowpvn-, of doing w> lire not n obTioiB aa ooiild hit wubod. 
Tb«« aco ocrtoia oJEcons for vihkii catcrcn to jjabUc luatuei&CDt iu« 
fiutualiAl r«Actily Ami aevfiri-'Iy enough. Any of>ein sianifcetAtioM of is- 
decenc}' ur ilT«v«niuce urn praperlr reaenUsI \'j tnibllc D]>iniaii; uid it 
ninj birljr be Miid (hitt in sudi uiBtt<i« the [>m« i* gcnarnll^ {kuni, luul 
cm, if it fTTB at all, on tbo cumparatively itafe sido of exoauve iirndBiy. 
But thia partleuUr evil doc« not sjipunr to bu reoeuted iu tiie oiily v»y 
ill wbu.4i rramttnout prodnccw much iinuiHliate effbct, Uial is. Iiy ii^unng 
th« pocli«ta of tli« pabliHh«r8, Webkua«.butw« i«mL Curioeity ubjnui- 
sion irhieh <lo«s not look too nii:«lj' kt the ia«Aua ^xy vbieh it in grmtifiocL 
Xhii very poopic who will Mudomn hxmc aacomljr tbo hHbit of puhlinfa- 
ing All thft Mvouiy detwU of a criuiiial Iriul, will yot re^ Ui« rapot-ls 
OB greediljr m the last MnsHtion iiovol. TIik «uniUrd a gnulimllf 
lowcrcid \ij Ml unworthy competition. Kmeh «nc«OMim writer goea a 
litUe funlier towards the borden of the forbidden, and bis oflfenoe is 
coadcme<l iu oousiderfttiun of tliti MniicenKtit he nlfoixU. The mrJoua 
crowd prenea always s little further to i(«t n Mter poop into (Imv dtdniole 
of iu victim, and each inaii who is not on the mtrcmo Tvixe thmka 
MaiKlf JtLstUiod by his mor« intnuix'c neighboura, whiltd thfir« tJu 
fUiDiy wlio fanro no scruplcH nt all id affording this tavit euooimgo- 
mont. 1 hat« the piuctieeuf tiaiug t}iv ruuue of n wliol« people atatorm of 
tbtiaB— ofsayiuft that this or that isbail hecauwitu Fr«u:h, Ot-muui. or 
American. S<icJi lattgniuce is a tacit appeal to aocoe of tlio rjiCMRMt and 
narraweEt of [lOpaUr seotiBuuita. But it may bo tuiil without pt^ndioo 
that tlie Eiij^liiih prtaa «doqu to bo teodiog to loeo the rjuulity by which it 
cUlmeJ, right ly or wronf^ly, to rise above tJio American. W* hard con- 
dctnott) tlti> practioo.at1ribi]t«d to Amerioftn peonr-a-Iiaen, of dtachbing 
ladW ball-druMW and intruding opoo tha prinoy of potiticiuu. We 
out wae plwnly enough thi> mota m oar net^boor'a »w and recog* 
ni)tQ the tcn^encv of itwsb Laxity to lower the generwl staadanl of mlf> 
re^HWt. Can wo now [muw Riich a Judgment without oondenuuag onr- 
eclvral Im not tho Uriti^h jounialirt becoming doily noro lutrtMirw, low 
indinMl to admit th*t his allnaiona DUiy be impertinent, and more reck- 
leas in gmtifj'iDg thu public ap|ntite for petty gonip t If tint, would 
BOine of the deal«ra in sw^ literary ware kindlv inform n» whrni they 
dnw the liiio and in wluit caaan tiioy rrmgnifle tha sanctity of private 
li& I 1 fiincj' that Uiey uoidd fuid tV' t*"lc mtht.r difficult. 

This iK not the ]>lAce to inquire vhE-thcr thu law in bucIi Biatten 
might not ho improved ; w1ietht-r thn puulnlimeot inOicted od a ItbcllBV 
nhould not bn extended to man who havo told no Uo, bat have infringed 
the ptopcT rights of privacy; and wlmthur tlio publitlier of purely pri- 
vnt« matter alioald uot bo at least ImiukI to olttaiii the eoiuieut of tlioea 
concerned, in a inoro gvnrrol aonae thiui is at praent the caBO. If a 
Bian choosM to publish his own aoooanta, as an eminent ponMa hna 
lately chosen to do, tiiere ih no wrong eomnuUed, Lhou|;h th«n uujr 
Im a wiuM of jndgnsnt. Hut if auotlier tnau goU bold of my bankw^a 




book and tolls the public how much I spend on charity or tobacco, 
I should surely be able to stop him. There are, however, obvious 
difficulties in the mattor, and such questions may be left to persons 
of technical knowledge. But there is an imperceptible process by 
which a healthy public opinion gradually makes itself felt. When it 
is distinctly understood that publications of a certain class deserve the 
reprobation of all who call themselves gentlemen, the social sanction ia 
not without its power. If the valet who publishes accounts of the hero 
can be made to feel that his trade is a dirty one, even his pachyderma- 
tous nature will not be quite insensible. Nobody, not even the neaoeet 
of bis species, is quite impenetrable to the contempt of his fellows. K 
pablic opinion can be made sound, those who cater for it will gradually 
conform themselves to its laws. Ev^i that great ai^amenfr— the atga- 
ment frbm the pocket — may gradually come to be on its side. The 
danger is that the habitual infringement of certain well-known rules 
may gradually weaken their authority ; the most hopeful remedy is tJiat 
a. clear apprehension of the evils to whidk such classes lead may induce 
the leaders of opinion to bestir themselves in time. Eminent men may 
become shy oi affording opportuoitiee to thoee who would take UbertieB 
vith their private character, and critics may condemn, wiiii all tiie 
vigoBT of which they are capable, the offendeie who have enjoyed too 
mndi impunity. It is, of course, tempting to take refuge in mere con- 
tempt for ofiecdere, too callous to be easily punished ; but it is some- 
times a duty to denounce a bad practice, even when the denunciatHHi 
does no immediate harm to the offender. 


^ntcboifs of an (Epinurf. 

Brii.ui'pSav^hin, whoit? (l«Rtiny wna to popularise a nttonal tbcoty of 
diet, finit Mvr the lijtlit At TM\i^, on April 1, I7SB. Uc wu hioiight 
up bo Uw pTofmiuOD vf tlic law, aud till the oiitlircak of the RctoIuUod 
M the tnnquil nueveutful life of a proviiimt Hdvocat^. Th^ oiiIt 
inddant of lii* yoaUi of wliicb he xatkta lunition u k rtnit to tlw 
nldioj of St. Snlpice— to be markfid with a wbita itono «vcm to lila| 
EJncunttD OalendAr. Brillat-SaTann vas Tery fond of muno — a or- J 
oiUBstaneo which afttrwatdx went aaax to Mav« hi* hmd — and mu liftder 
of an lunftCotir troop which oft«u iwmruwl^ llm lodicH of BollfT- ^e 
Abbot vf 8t. Stdpicc inrited Uim and hia frieaids to coniu aod OMist 
in tbft jMrfomumee of Hi^h Mam ob (ha r<«ti(-iil of St. Bcnunl, Patt-on 
Saint of Cbe mooMtn-j. " The Saint." oourtoonnly oWrntl ilie Abbot, 
"«d]l thei^trjr bo glorified; our nm^iboiin will \» ik'lighto<{, and you 
will have this honour of l>eing tho firat Or|)h«us who Khali harp {icne- 
tnUcd iiito tltom loftj regtoos" (the motm&tery was perched high on 
the mauntiiiB ddn). 

One fine summer oigbt, accordingly, Brillat-S-ivaiin mkI bis frirtidi j 
set out for the oouvait, u'h«ro Ui«y nrnved at aii ciu-lj kuiir on thol 
foltoving mondng. Hen wp get a glimpse of the old convcnLuat 
hoffiitalttr, now jacrs ttaditioa «f tho pnet, then a iinh«t>ntUI fact. 
Th* Father Cellarer noeived them. " Wekome, Ountlemeii," ho aniil ; 
" 0«r Revereod Abbot will bt? ri^bt pleuued to tear of your ari-ival : ■ 
li« h Htill to bod, having bligtiod Iiirowlf yoilorda)' ; but lionic with 
nio and you shall mx> whcthvr yoti we^ lutpoctnl." Tlivy fuUowfd him 
into the Metiary, where, in the midat of a KpActonB table, roie a 
pasty " an big an a church : " it was flnnknl on tho norUi by i\ cjuartO' 
of cold vcn}, on iiu: south by an ouonaoua liam, on thu nut by a 
monumental pyramid uf oool, fttsii butter, on the wcrt by a busbdj 
of aitkhoke udad. '^l<•r4^ waa tVxiit t«(», as well aa while uiipktiut, mull 
silvvr plntc; luy-brotheni also and BervHntH raudy to hflp tho viaiidhj 
Kor abould we forf^ to add Llial it> a coTTuor of the hall, a hundroij 
hotUfis uf unmifltaknUe aiipect mpoMd heneatli a fountain of rut 
w»(«r, which aa it Howwd MCiDod to uiiu-uur Svoi Sa<cAc. Tbo 
vellin were in no way stagfcered at tlic |iraa])«<ct nf dealing with sivb a 
bRskfiifit nl four a.)i. : in thoae 'taya coflue waa uot takisi rariy in tlwi 
Aty. Tho Fatluw tVltanv Axcuscd himaolf for being iinal<lu tu }o(d 
thctu — tiu luid to >>y MaBUMSii : while they wet« to nuke theuuMlva 
■I lionir. 



After breakfiut thry nil fDiitid nice wtrni bedn nwoiting them nnd 

'Wt/Tv ftllDweil to bIc«i> till thp hoiit- of Divine l^rvive, latere ihay 

\nmtiUm] thenttelfMt renui'kxbly well and wem much compiiiuwitnl 

1>T their host. It wns now noon, And tiina for dtnner — tuiturallva 

man* Boltd meal Uuin brmld'aBl. Of mast meat alotifl tlitru vun> fvurteen 

iliAiiTOit kinds, while tbo deoBert oonkpriwd tlieuioatilelicivuBfi-iiiUof (li« 

r^l«]r, brought np iit 6on«il«ntl>l» lnl>oni- nnd ouHt to tlto hoights from 

whirh the t&OQUtcnr conunuiilnl ite tDi^;iiifioent proapect. Tliccoffoo, 

jiU Ui-illiit-iJavw-iD, Hiut dulii-iuiia : it wiut Mrrwd tiut ill tli« liuy C(I|ia 

a ilc^ttiiernt^ n^, but in fnirdcqi Iwwk in wliich tlii- guwl l>ix>itK;rK 

jilungMl their tliirk \iyit vitli n noim wliich would ti*TC <1(»do Iranonr to 

iiroDU'nti wfuUes before uRtAiin. Aft«r diunrr, Vetficini after Vespera, 

nigkt do m be jilciiDcd. Tlio Abbot bail« tbiiu good ni^t 

don't t>iinlc," fluid tfa« kiudlf old tuiut, "tbiU uy |ir«a«nee «onld be 

I trotiblffloine to the brotlieni ; Iml 1 winh Uiem U> kitow \lttiy liave full 

itmrtr. St. Boni»rtV» Ili»j cuniCT bat oiion a }>^»r ; to-niorn>w wv shall 

iniieroD tho accuatoiueil i-oiittne; cnu UtrafnmKs atfuor." And in 

Jill, ibougk ilie Abbot was Wlorfd bj- nil, tli«r« iivw a good tl«ul mora 

after liift ilo|iartiii-o tliau hiton. Th« ftm soon Iwoaine fiict and 

Dus ; aod It 'Icltaitv liltlo ffappoi- tonrnrda Riii« «'dock put mrorybodjr 

Snto hijfli Bptrit. Afl the aifrht deepent^ u voioe waa beaivl : " Fatttar 

r; where is you r diah I " — " 'Tia too lni« " — «nHw«i«<l bia Hever«noe, 

an not Ollarvr fim- notbing." Ho I«A th« liall, aud prnacntly^ 

hrvtiimnl, (bllowed by UireQ tKrvatita, of wlnitii tbn firA bore a nuglity 

itliBl] uf laiuered tonal, Llw oLbftr two rarriod a tal)lo no vliich kUkhI a 

rnrjtatdn tub of brandy, svee'tODed and Kamiofi — a subetitute fur ptmoli, 

of wtiich tbe Fraich were th«ii igaoruut. 

1'hix vac iha tign ihc train wik uVt. 

Tbtt toaat wna mU'u and tbe bnndy drunk ; then as tbe etroke of 
iiudiu;:bt wna hgard th« company jMixtMl, beds b«ing tgfda provided for 
the jCurat*. 

This WM in llio ycu- 1782. wbcoi f«wii of diange were itlnady 
iiiag to (liai|ui<n kiitf^H and nioukii. • At St. Stilpice it vtut wh'ujititvA 
kt A retinmiti^ Abtiut, tif tlie Klrictwt teniper, would wwn r«pUce 
' Tvnimtbk cliief under tvboeiC f;c>ntle rule pvetyono was s>.i tia)i(>y ; 
fur BriUat-Savimn thete were dnya of tronhle ahead. In 1 789 be 
ii1\iniL-<l Uy tiia fellow-dtineuii lo tho Statoa^aen) ; and mib- 
ijtttbtly tuuii«d, fintly. l*naAeni of tb« Civil Tribunal in tlie Dc^iarl- 
pt of tho Ain. Rnd, aftpi-wardit, Jiid;^ of tbe Court of Apjieal. Tliuae 
di^f^rvi- ta hu uinnttotUMl, for oti<i of the bort morala c^ Brillal- 
- lif« in that woik in alisoliitely necetuau; to onjoynu-nt. He 

;. iniieb na bo lovfid a good dinner, tboroughly doej>iM<^ a mnii who 

loTKJ nolliing ^m. Oti this subject be tells a curious Htory of an 
~'!« ho met at lAaHaooe, a fiitt;. ntrong, bml thy- looking auut, 
/nauaM peHcctly [ihoaoniRoa]. Work of any kind seemed to 



tim the Uiing laoA bo be drMilwl in tlim wotU, Aud Jio wonld hvn diod 
of huDgcr witli Uiu host i^nu^ in tlie world if n worthy tnulesman of tbi! 
buwo Luul not ogieiiecl a credit fi>r bini ut an CAttn^-liouse, !>}- vliich he 
vtiM Miabled to diue on th« Siindny imd WedowctAy in web wmIc On 
UioM d*yft lii> ciaiiuncU liimMlf np to tlio cmoplingtu uid puck«l«d » bn|^ 
piBoe of IiMcul ; thm tpiietly redivd to slwp or Iniinst^ aviy tJw boun 
till next dinneir'tiiiiei As ofU^n aa lie felt guawii^ aeiiaatioiiii in the 
•toniAcb Ii4i druik vKtet-. When Itrillnt-S*mi-tn skv him h* had 
subsurted for throe mouths on tliu axtroordinaiy did, and vui nofc ill in 
iito oonventjoiol wnae of tlic word, onlv ujigireaxed wiUi mi tinuotunJ 
languor. " 1 naked him to ditmn'," wiitM his oo[D|iAtriot, " ut my inii, 
nhotTt li4> oflidiitod in n way to make odb tremble. Jlnt T did not 
reuew tlie invitation, became 1 lovu to mms laea bravely frontiuK adver- 
aity and obeying, when thvy must, thut JudgBu^t uvned tdiainst tlu) 
hiimnn xncis, ' In tlio svrcat of tLy brow abalt thou oai bnuul.'"* 

Mpanwhilfi HrilUt-Ssv&riu continued to be held in sncb hi);^i eetcem 
by lib fullnw-lowiiHiiHin that in 1793 tboy had alocted btia totho |)uriloua 
offiiwof Mnyor, whwbeoppoooda vif{onNisrnQiitanc«tothe«nisniri«uf 
Marat and TUbbspienrv ; aoon, lu>weivr, b« w»8 obtiji^Ml to fly for his life, 
wul it wax then tlial lio viubed Gist S¥ritBertHud aiid aAerwardii the Uuitad 
BMw- ilul bofore qiiittitift the aoil of bin bulovttd oounti-y, ha wiu bo 
meet vitb a little adventnre which he evor aftervAnb loved to reoiU. 
He vaa Itoiind for DUle^ hoping to obtain from the tittacti Bcfimentatira 
PrAt that mfc-coodiict which hiw) bncome oeeMmy to Tmep hint at a 
ooovcuicat diKtanec from priaou and ibo iKitflbld. Mminted on a sorvioo- 
ablu nag which b<i hivd luuued " Joy," he roilu cbeitfully euough along 
the nulling landtt-iipe liouudM by ths beigbta of the JiirB. and, about 
dorcn o'clock oao bright morning, put up at mi old-fachionwl snug-look* 
ing inn, th« |irindpal hootelr; of the villnge of Mont-eous-Vanilrey. 
fiNviag wen to bis bono, BriUatrSitvuhu fiMMcd into the kitchen, whoTQ 
a joyoua S)>eclacle presented itfietf to bis ennptiin>d gai& QuailB, 
IfiTcrcte, and a fine tiirkny wcm pbioidly roaaliii^ bcfoxe the fin\ and 
thewi aoemed bub a fcitiw of the d«lectabhi thiugN <rkicb were evidently 
on Ute point of being served. " Good," lie thou^t ; " Providenoe dom 
not eotiitily dcaert txte. Lat ns phu^ tliis flower too in pasdn^ There 
will always bo timo to dio." Then liiming to mine bottt. " Mod cber," 
ho asked, " what are yoa going to givn mn for <Ium«r thnt ia good I " 
** Nothing thnt w not gorxl, Ittoonieor : good lioilwl l>t<c<, good potato- 
HUp, good shoulder of umtton. and good beaus." A chill of di«sp|>oiii& 
tnent mn throagh tho franio of the tmvellor. II ■> ncrnr ale boiled boef, 
vbich be JosUy ol«erwd was meat deprirod of tin Juicr; potatoes and 

* BrflUt-Sstnris hal aene plM«u>r*rtMull«ctloiw<>r Uraaaat, DMablyof lk» 
Ziim J*4i9m(. vbm (British tAurMl* auiysafk ssthay mad)an«M(ltait dinu«r ut 
thrM- «iMn««, indadinft guiH fnim tbo nc^htiwuriDg amaiUale*. and timb lUb tnait 
lakoLrauB, uul a dclloniu sliit* vrias arf /iMm.wM Iiibelia4, all tothefusof 
ou ikiUing tad niao paaet. 







M bfuiw* 



bmai yrttt toa DiUeniDg, mnd for Htiouldtr of mutton tie bad no fancj'. 

" Yftr wboin tbnn w thu (awt I " bo d«iiuuwl«)<l in diMODRolatA tooet. Tlic 

bcMrt cxpljuitetL your advoonteB bad licen in tb4v« ]«rt« to Bettle a j^reat 

CMK i UQ lunuigvtueul bftd bnp)>il; b«cn nrrivt.'d «!> uiil the/ were un tbo 

|>ouit uf oolclu'nlnng tlie Itapjiy toniiinntioii of tlio busiooaa hy a cotQT 

lUUe ttioDOi'. " ^oiudour," quoth JtnltAt-SftVxrin, aSier musmg a lew 

SKaD(l«, " will j'ou be sii good nn to prcMjiit tbcm aiy cuiD]>UuiviiLtt kiiil 

ny tknt a gvotkniaii of quality* reqncKtH as a particular favour to be 

ailtuitud to diDo wtUi tlicm, tlial lii> ia reaitjr to lake liia iJiAtv of tbo 

AxpOQiM^ aod that he will nlwuyH («tt<«in bimwif thw debtor I ** The 

^H bent witliilirv and it ptrrkjd of [minfiil iiu»}u-iii«o fulluwitL But in & 

^fluiuulo or two, ft (ill, Doat, roey littiii j^-utleouui eutdVHl tbe Idtcbea, 

Heimuiued a aauixpaa or two, luolttil at th« nmet, iiikI nlttvl. Another 

H minu(« Kod niiiM bout ruturund. " ^IdtKuinr," lu> uitl, '' tbn gontJaoMa an) 

extremely flattenxl by yunr proposaJ, and only await yaoT (neeeDoe to sit 

down to diuucr." '* Wbal a <litiiii.T ' ! ! " tucclniuui Brillat-f avaria, witb 

tbfM> poi&ts of oxelamation, i«c&llin^ tbe lin])pines8 of tL&t day. The 

iMmiaUiia proreii iloti^btful coiujiemiiiRK ami accorded liim the hcartieet 

wulaiojp, irKilc Uic fmul nttil wino wcii- Hticb lu fow moiMtwr botds of 

nuMJisTi tbkjv can fumiih. It may hv gM-aaod Lbnt tlie Qt'WLtiuier was 

not allowed to poy a centime, and t^jwaiibt ereniu^ wont cbeend and ia- 

TifpjraKd on his loiicly joiinu'y. iUnxl furluiu) iiovei- comm lingle ; and at 

^■l>Mu, tlw iu>?kIayor auc«vod(Hj in winninx ^^ P*^^ gmcvaof MndnuM: 

^ Pn'l liy hta vocal and miuioal talent. ** Uituea," aJie said, " when a nuui 

cultivaleBtliefiiiearteaH you do. lu dom not belny but ominlry. I kuovr 

you faaro aomo trqucet to predbr to iiiyhu«hand; it bWI bognuit«d; it is 

J who pramwe you." Aud, truly enough, on the followinfi monting he n- 

oeivta] faia paw(]>urt, ngneit and Mnled. IjbdwH' luj^c is a f«arful and woit- 

^lerful thinx. 

^1 From I>01« Bi-illat-Savarin paawd into SwitBOrland and ultimately 
f Jneee J ed to Auiorioi. In tbi> Pf-it*u>logu i/h Gei&l he givm but a 

tof accuoDt of liK) tnoduuv in tbc t'tiitcd fttatoh It iweuiblcs io &ct 
r fiunoim oha[>t«r oil 8uak«fl. and ntus ua follows :— 
" B^onr CTi Anicriqup. " 
Tbo truth i» (lull tlip lirolj: Frt-nc'ltinoii wiw vcrr tnovh Iwrwl in tbw 
rilrty of thfl CfiHil K«public, wlii-re, like Talleymnd, Iw regratteil to 
nnd but one dwli to thirty^two religions. And yet Now "Vork was ever 
uusnoivble to biin aa tlin mvim< nf what ho justly ea|]j< a nnltonal vietoty 
I , — wUm Uio BHtoQ in>vcumbt-d and the OauJ mnaitwd mrator of the 

^V Brilbtt-'Savarin wan wont to spend bin evRuingii at Iittl«'», a famogn 
t&vent of Old (loUuuii, wlw>r«, with th» Vicomte dc la ^tawnin and M. 
f 'i; loved to eqiuy a. modffit Buppcir of WeUh rarebits and cidsr. 

i* • .ally k« WW joined by Mr. Wilkinson, a Januum planter, a 

* Oallle^ " bcranie da bomw coQipagBM.' 



gooil fcllo-w kuil thonugb gcuUcnMtn, as liU Fi-tocb iri«n(I takes care ^ 
inlWin us. Still, m&miors woiv rough in thoso days, and 3tr. VV'illnnMtti 
prolmbly tboughi il would i>e a capital joke to Hue Jireo" frogs" iinil«rthe 
t*bt«^ With this ikmtiil>lo indention, he ulcod th« (tnomieK of liLs native 
land todinatr; and they Tninklv nc-cwpted his tn«itAtioii. FortmutUtIv ftn- 
Brillftt-Siivnrin, ns bf w(i« Ii-miiis LJltlo's tlial ev«iiug, lii« >niit»-r drfw 
hiin asitif nml wftrnod liim titat the inritatiou wiw in nxdily a rhiilleage 
to n li&rd litinkin^ hotit. He wu <o:oni>diiu;ly annnrod, W»an too intldi 
of ft ^nurmfi to n>Iisk nidi orcies : still the instinct of conlNit wonM nnt 
ftUow biDi tu withdravr, iui<) moreoTo- he wun confident of hi« ovd 
Ktranj^atid wily titiftoy for hiflconipMtriotfl. ** T dc«ii«d," hoeajB,*' tlin 
trinxoph of the luitJon and ont llist of tho JadividotU." Avconlingly lie 
ntlclmwied a " wTtTit nlWiitioti " tn Fcjir noil Mtuwoo, and vrarneJ tJictii 
to drink altwly and to try and tlirow away Mwe of tieir vdne while lit« 
distracted tin- att«3itioti of Mi. Wilkimwi am! tlio irtliw Knjrtiidtmati 
who wa« to 1)0 iir(^*:!'.. Also to eat pniUy Itiit oonstiuitly. Finally, 
belon wtttDi; wit (br iAtUo's, on tlio f<>)lowitif{ day, he tnade his frienda 
sKnrw willi faiin k idatcful of luLter aluonils, wbidi are mid to be n 
prophylactic n^aiiut intoxicatKni. 

'Th« dinner, wo are finsiired, oonaiatnl of a "rotsb^," a liirkey 
cooked in its gravy, hoilod " roots" ()), a nlad of raw cabhage, and a 
jam tnrt. Tbc winu vnu clan:!, for which, hrn nnd liyn, mui nidnitttuted 
port, whilo to )>oit RU««oed«l madeiru. Dcmert wn.t now on t)i& tabtr. 
It oou8Ut«0 of biscuitd, butter, and nuts, idtmcDtd which eocounvgc tlio 
eOtuumM- to diink. It was b«^iiiiuig to "he warm work for kU ooQ- 
cecnnl ; hut Riillat-Rararin olscrvnl. with plntaire, tliat his frieiMk 
lia<l follou'Cid hiH advice, nnd tiint tVhr, in jarLtirulnr, had contrivcvl to 
empty a good many Klnasw of wirn:- into a hrtT-jng which stood ivf;i«*t»d 
at hU en<l of the tAhle. Tlic throo Frenchmen iooked 6till fmli wlien 
Mr. WUkinxnii called for spirits — an order which ouuln BHIIat-^RVuitD, 
fwr the first lime that ovcniujt, frpl n<Tv»»un. Mr: ilnxtrroHnty nvoiAti 
the gro»er forma of drinking apirita. by naking in bis turn for a bowl 
of piuoh. Little brought it ia Idmself, It would have suffic«4l fvr 
forty |>emnie, but wn* hnjipily iiocom|untrd by a- Kip[>1y of huttnml 
toast. AIVt one or two ^biases bad Xx^a drunk, B. obwrved, witb 
|)leMUro, that Mr. WilkinMtn'a fiicc had turned to n criraaonpntple, and 
that bU eyes looked hafgjanl, whilo his fricud's head was atcaming liku 
a kMtlo. Febr and Massuc, on the other Itond, w«n> still cool. The ' 
ca(A«t.r»phn cano niiich aoonor than It. bnd Oxpectoil. ^Ir. Wilkimon 
suddenly Rpmnt; to bis f(«t, ns if aeuml by a liajifiy inspimtion, and 
b(^D, in trumpH. totta. to thunder forth /iuU ttritannla ; then, t{uite 
as Middeuly, divol under the tnbta, when) ho preferred (o romain. Uia 
frieiwl, htti;^iin^ lotidty, Btoopr<l fijrwurd to ]>iok htm up; then Iw. WO. 
lay cjt«nidMi on till* ilixir. Ilio Frfocliitini woir viciorioii> ■ tik 

n final ^ww of pum-li, with Ultlo, to tbc bontth vt IIh^ - :i'-!l. 

Next moraini* all the New York papers oontainwl amounts of Um 




IK im 


iMttls; Mid tlia Xow York papcn vcre copied b; all tbe oiboni in tbo 
Uait6<) Statca. 

Konimatoty for hUua^ir, Brillnt^Vfcrin seetns to Itare possessed Bome 
rmuumtB uf m i>j-it-BU- furttuie, aud ttie 0»y> of lii-i exHe weru not 
0iitMtltti«il Iijr lhi< TOHMUini stni^l« for <Uilj tn'rad vhidi u naii; of 
lu» fellow-ooiiiitiyinctu bail to wngt. Oats of hia fiwndii tamed wearer and 
'^oHrtly deammlcil into s lovrer gvwie of the aoGud antle ; anoUicr earned 
a )i I ' of luuiu-y liy iiinkui^ stWlx iii Loudou. When )i« lind 

rw> I 1 -iiwa (;i,"2<nW.), he w»a timljlivl to rcturu to Frniicc, buy 

A Kniig little pmperty in Limniisin, ami livn Uta jilcoauit And difpiified 
Ufa of n couiitrj' B>|uiiu. Tlie histoid uf lliLi gvutlciuiui. iudeed — 
D'AlIugtiac by niiiiRr(of untuistAkiibl; "noble" Atock) — is wortliadigi-M- 
xioTi, if ouly fmiu Uw L-iuious lij^bt wliich it tlirowa upcu English 
nuuuieni nud riuitoin> at tlio u\ca« uf the Udt contiiry. D'Albignac tr)ut 
(litung onn ilny al a fauotu inn in th« City, and tivo or six " dandiM.'* 
or »wiAU of tlie jwriod, lu oitr uiru tinng has it, werft ilinis); al a 
odj^bouring tiible. Presenlly oau of them f[ot uji a.nd uldrcnH Kim 
ia viTy {Mlil« toooa. " Mwacu, tli«j wy that your nation excels in 
UiU nrt of tuakiDfE aalada ; would you do ua tlio favour to mix ono for 
t" After a Mcoiid's heaitatioD, D'Albiguac agreed ; and while di-raa- 
ing tlw lettuce, repltMl, witliout unbDrrftMiuuil, to tbe i|uriit^on.i wltii-h 
hia nmr aci|UMiQtancie jiut to him. He wen avowed, with i slight blush, 
thai h« wan ia receijit of ]i«cuaiai7 oa&istance from tlio Euglisli Goreiii- 
tneiiU In MliakiiijK I»ui(1h with him. ono of tlie young xam eontrired 
to leave a livc-pouQil Doto in his Kraep. lie, on th« oUior hood, gavo 
Ilia adiIrMa ; and was uol j|;tcatly Hurpriadd vrhen, a few days Inter, h« 
nveived a letter mitreatiiij; hloi an a Hpeciol forour Co coine and make 
tlia aalod that ovening ot a lai^ houao in Groavcnor Squaro, wlunre a 
dinner-iauty waa to ba jpren. }1« went, and received a very handnoiuo 
piresent ; while tlie adad prurcd ao guod, tliat " thu Frcncbinan " waa 
Boon in gvnend rft]ttc«t, and no rat4.-rtuinini>ut was thought coinplflt« 
wiUiout him. It should be addod that J>'<Vlbignuc's salads wero ^uile 
anlike tlie aimp'e ]>rt!i)aratiouii of tli« modem French kitchen v-hicli 
go by Uint same. Ho wonld inix together oils, tlavmired with froit, 
vinegar, soy, caviare, tmfiloe, andiovio, " calchup " (>iuwre : ketdiup t), 
gravy, and Iho yoke of eggn. 

O dsrn nu^OTuia ilia ! 

Ilnllnt-t^.tv.Ht-iii himself could not nSbrd to bo altogeUicr idle; and 
iluriug hilt Ktny in New York he added to hi* noanjt by giving ItMons 
in Freucli, and jtriniog tJio orchostta of tlio priDcipal theatre in that 
town. In il'Jd, to his iotenae jay, he was able to Ud fumwell to tha 
uogoiual American c]imal«, and bi Mall for Frmiioe, Hu soon obtaiiieal 
kononraUo employmeut in th«T |iub]!c acrvtc*, beuifj suooessivplv Sec- 
i«tai7 to the Omeml Htaff of the Army in Gemany, Gorenuarait 
Cenunisnioner to ilie l>epartin«utal Tribunal of the S«iiie-ot-OiM, and, 



fiii>i]ty. ConnuJIor in the Ccmt of Appeal. BPDC«fortb hut lifo flomd 
on in an unbroken curmnt oT Iruii'iuil miiI ittefiU lulxfur. He but done 
witli politics ; l>ut, Uk« Congnsvo in )ii» retirement, " ho had ciril vonit 
uiil Hiiuill kdchI oSiccs for toea of every aliado of t^iidon. And noa 
of ovory whMle of opiniDii Bpok« i>-oll of him ia rotum." Ho wb« 
oonien'oiiva moagli. howovtr, Ui lio plnunl nl t}ie mtcntioa of tfaa 
ttO'ck-nt lino, which he ini»y h*v© 1]up<.-il ■n-'Hild tirioj; IxKk (be onckat 
vrnya, tlie grnnd old polJtcnMS, the wit, xnd tho sotiaI wt»loin of tonatr 
timeo. But thvf tli<l not alUi);etli«r, an Frenclimea are tho Hnt to 
Ackiiowlxtlge. Twenty yfnn of civU luiil furei^ woni IinJ pcrhajw 
nindc men too acrious u> rtxwgnifto siii&ncritly Uio tiii[)orljuicc of innall 

Among the tninor innoratioiu of that ehaogeftil cjioeb, few go 
(leoply grierod conserratire opiciirM na the rarolutJtiD wrought l)y 
Anglomania, in thu economy vF th« tahlo. The vnry names of diahM 
hcgftii to ho anglicised, and, to this day, Frcncbnieu uevcr think of 
dwigSAtuig a bAef-itrak or a dish of rccut-boer iin\-e hy Oirtr K&^liah 
names inoomsdly npolu Tito En^iidi fiuliion of aorring GkU after soup 
wiw oliM) iutroduetd hy tlio rotomed ^iaigr6i ; and, thou^ praooiiticci] 
a gnre miatnke hy more than onv c»tap6tent niilhiirily. it liiu rontinuvd 
to hold its ji^und. On the other hjuiil, TlrilUt-Siixiinn piiuH<a the 
]inu-tice of talcinj; a gitiSK </ mmlam witti tb^ soup, which the Froock 
also owv to us : l>at there vaa ojiother Brituunic cutboin which aanoyod 
a»d eren ahock«d hiin — tix. Umt of nsio;; lingcr-^tasMe, with Kttle 
glaeaeB of •nana wat«r for riiudng the naoiitb. Ko pronounced ic to 
he an " innovation «^wl]y iiNeJem, indecent, nnd disgitstin^^ I'ttUat, 
becauj£ ponoDB irho know how to out kcq> Ui«ir nioatha avoat to tbs 
end of the Uieal ; they liii^o rloinied thom erillier with frtiif, or with th» 
IiLSl ijlMHTS of winn tluit are drunk al cl«ca«r1 ; imi'ma, for it i« a 
^eocratly rcr!Ogiu»od prjndple th&t oil uhlutions should hn conducted in 
til© privacy of » drcMdnjt-rooin; dit/futliti^, for tho preltieat and 
(Vc&bcxt month luan ita charma when it oauT^M tho functions of the 
cvveuator}* ot^^im. And whul will he the iu{ieet of a mouth that ia 
neither pretty nor fronli t " 

It was in 1925 that Brillitt-SnTiirin, at th« ago of 70, pnUulird hta 
bnouH work " Pkytiotogie du OoSi." which dtaerved to oonftr ou Mm an 
imuiorinliiy of tli« Beoonddass, if Uiegraibitkmaoffiinio could \» nicely 
Biouiirrd. " Th(> book itself," myi a thoufibtful critic, ** ih rbimningly 
writtcti, nocompliahcs all that it profuanra, cjuiclly uoctii tJie tutta nad 
ntisfiw the capncitioK of tho wido dirie to whinb it ta addmwed ; ia 
lively, genial, racy, nod juat auilkkiitljr ncoBoiied with vtll-told and 
tinioly Micolotea." Indeed, how can n W(illwnttr*n )>ook on tntiof; fall 
to h«i of uniTeml inlernat t It ahonid lie addnl tlut aome of tliit alorini, 
though they would hare SMmed potibctly harmloai lu the ^oeratian 
which laughed over Tom Jona, ate a Uttte too unlaeed according to Ujh 
Idwfl of tho LSth ocotury. 



Tho work DpsM with tvcnty npbcrisni*, which riral ths famous 
BiaxiiiM of Pelbom CD U>e art oT diYssing. Tli«y are ; — 

I. Tho ITuivcrse w nothing excnjit tliroiigli life, nnd evcrA'thiDg whiclt 
lira Douiiahtii tUelf. 

IL AnifDiilft f«oil ; man cntM ; m tdar of wit and brectling alone ksovfl 
\ttym to eat. 

m. The dettiny of nationa dqKnda oa tbo way in wtildi thej 
nourish theiniKlviM. 

XV. Teit ma what you eat, antl I will tcU you what you are. 

V. Tie Crentor, in oblipng man to Mit in ordrr that bo awy U<v, 
"tnntM him by apy>oiitrf», and r^wntda him by plMunire. 

VI. Taste Lt at) net of crur jmlfrmmt, by which we accord the prcfcr- 
DCK to tLiDgs which are palatablo over those wbicb ara noi. 

A'tl. Tbi> pleaHOTGH i^ thd table ai-u for alt a^, all conditions, all 
coantriM, and all days; Ibey oaii oinociatu thcmNclvM with all othor 

■tolHunirea, and mnaiii to nnn«cil« xk for ihAir lo«s. 

^F Vllt. Tho dining-room ia tho only place where you are noror bored 

^Uurinj tl>o (inrt hour. 

fi IX. The diwoTCjy of a new diah dw--i more for tho happtnfea of the 

liutnan nu» tlian the diaoovofy of a uew a>uat«IUtiou. 

X. Tb«M who gel ail indiip-HtiOD, and tbom who get drunk, know 
ndth«r bow to cat nor how to dritilc. 

XI. The order of Mlililm is from the more suhataDtiul to tlie lighlAr. 

XII. The Older of diinkB is troai tho lighter to the more h«ady and 
more perfumed. 

■ XXil. To onert that there nhoiild be no change of wiim (tt dinner is 

a horo^ ; the toogiio mrfeita itaelf ; and, aftor llio third glass, the beat 
wioo ptvliiices hat a dnil maaalian. 

y!TV. A (ka*cri witboot ckocNC ia even aa a fair woman who lackoth 
^\^ A man may b«oo)ti« a cook, but he roust bo born a roaater. 
[\i. Tlio mt»t indiifwnMhlR quality in a cook is ptiootuality ; the 
quality ia n.->juin]d of • gacvt. 
X VIJ. To wjtit too long for a gacO. who ia late t« a want of politc- 
uam for all who arc pr«Eent. 

XVIII. He who rccpivTB his fpH-mda, and hentows no thought on tho 
meal to be prepar«d for than, ia unworthy to hare friends. 

XIX. The iutstr«M of the bouse ou^lil alwuya to lUHure hemelf tlint 
the coSk* m OKMllcnt ; the matto- dioold aeo that tlio winoa aie of tho 
Ixst bcaadi. 

XX. To invito anyone to dinitw ia to make youtaolf raeponsiblc for 
hii tnfipiDen duriof; tho time be is under your itwf. 

The truth of moat of these spborisma will bo admitted by all j cren 
Iho tliiid, wbich to « thougbtJeM (N-nton might appear flippant, is thi; 
alviDODt of a wnijbty historical fact. Chough poMibly ridden to death 


by the Inu Mr. Buckle. A.( all events, we EiikIUIi have 1od£ ccboed the 
opinion nf tito nnciaiit chronicler vbo lucnbed the auperiorit^ of the 
I^iglish gfaxtrj over the Owtilian in war to iha circiimslAnce thai tfae 
tatmBT were " t)otirisU«vl willi tcuiJiM- incnt nruL f^nod nln," whilo tfiir 
golden jroutli of Hjuiu ngftled itself on gnrlio uid alicrry. The tiitli 
nptioriani,ag»in, isn^y vcraion of PaW'a noble arj^otcut on tlieproofi^ 
of the exist«itoo of a Trrator from the licnevolciit dniigti to bo nm in liu 
workti. Tlie tfairtemtb, ou ttiv other tiauJ, will luu-dJy oomueod itaulf 
to iboeo who tbinlc tbreei ){liu»eti of wino ntiiply HulficiMJt at <iiimer, or ta 
those who thiak tlirm too miwli. It nut; lie olioervtHl uu tliis siibjrat, 
tlint tbongh ttictolklism n« • njligioo vould bar* brnm wboUjr anintd- 
Ugiblo to Brillat^Tarin. be waa not only on extremely temperate man, 
Ipllt •otnewhat oppotw! to tbe geacrolity vt bis coimlrjimca in K|)|iroriiig 
of tlio Aiiglo-Aini'nain fHsliioii of hiking only t«« ur mfleu, iiisbmcl of 
viae, with bifakfost ; find tm h KorrTci^n lU^tci' after a full ine«l, fas 
roeomtncnda, not the popnUr ftla»« of liqueur, or ctt}fniu<, but « onp of 
choDolalo. He aim ttrongly inaiata on the HU|K'nority of cItoooUto to ttm 
or oqBm from a hyirMnic point of view ; and with him all ctootorB a^retk 
Of the dis^iBXs of coffco, indood, he giTea x itriking instoDoe, liaviog Mwn 
ID Ijoiulon, " Htir la place dv Leicisdiir," a nun who bad bccotDc a hope- 
less cripplo from iiniDod«rat« indul^nce in thi> ate of that poUval 
fcoTcrafpe. Tiw votary of Mocha woa bent Aliuost doul>|p, hul be luul 
cMwd tj> BoHer, and by n gtrong effort of the vill bad KiKCcrded in 
RduciDf himself to fire or six cups of his faTotirite drink a day. Brillat- 
Savarin wan hinuelf obliged to nivo up taking coSee in liit old ngv, &tti- 
mg its cfivctH too Btroug. Tbft Due do Moss*, Uinbter of JlUilicx^ odcv 
ttMiuiml a spell of Itartl work from him at only a fow bonni' notioo, ai»d 
bo RAW no vay nf accmnpUnlunj it except by idttinK up nil night. Af^nr 
dintier, ocoordinglr, he took tvo ou|Mt of trtivi^ coffvo, and bail no dlx* 
position, or indeed ability, to dvci> for forty houra afUirwards. 

Ho *lio wrote K) well and so pnt^iUHnstirally of tbe pleaanirat of tli« 
table, would l« pnfeetly content vith tba simplest nwd, and ctiLoi-taiDod 
R robnat contempt for peraona who w«R ofnud to "ntigh it" in truublona 
timoi, Y<!t we liav« awo that Itc was poi-TM-tly abve to ibe rhai-ma of t 
flood dinner in the midst of tfae |tcrils of a journey on whirb liis life via 
nt stake ; and be n«ver let alip an opportunity. On thix h<!ad, auotlwr 
of liB adventures dicserrei to be related, though it too is the r«oord of a 
triuDipb over our own compatriota, H« watt tt»Telliiig with two ladiea 
frhoni bo had pnimiMMl to oacorl m (sr u fifdua. *n>ey had atorted 
enrly in the morning, and arrived at Montftcroa with thrwtouag Rppo- 
titea. But, alaa ! at tho iun where tbey put up there suetoed abaoliiloly 
noUun;^ leit to oat, owing to the ramges of three " dtligeocee " SnXi of 
iTavcUon, to aay oothlng of poet-^baiaes. Only an excdlant hig of 
mutton turned before the fire in the nKwt approved of fiuhionB. Uiw 
tMppily, it IwloD^ed to three Kn^luOinicn, wlio Ixtd brought il with 
than, and who were aittiog npatain drinkiDg ebuDiMcne and awaJtinf 





ix» Anival, " Sxix, ot lewt," said Brtllat^vu-in to ibe rook, "foa 
voultJ (inob ua name e^^ iu the gmvj." Tlw oook iiasentwl, [>ro])OUiidin2 
tli<^ mora Uiati i(ii««tiuiuibic ilovtrint* Uiat tbe ffrnvy bnlougKl to him of 
right iw bin jy^nisitct. While h« w«a eogagcil in brvakicg tho «ggs, 
Brilhit-HAVHriii n(i|>i-onc)M^ the li^t of mutton and rlr«w a Iiuge pocket- 
kiMi :i.iu iiilrnt ; Ihercwitti lio iafiictoJ iwclvc deqi wuundii 

un ( . j<^ meat, which Boon gave u{> the last (!ro(i of its vital 

Juice. B; ntui bjr, tbe Fread) part; vraa DinJcing » ileliciouB breakfast 
on tKufi hntutii* au jiu, villi cujik of RtmiuiDg cotTee auci eroaoi j and 
laiijilihiK niGrtily at Uk- ttioii;;bt that Utey liad tbe Mulntnuoc of tlie les 
i>f mutton, vhile thn bicbleHs Eugliiili were endtavmirij^ to maatlcato 
tlie fibroiu tinue, which waa all tbnt rfntiiinwl of it. 

One other tmvdling uxpcricitcc of Bnllat-Savarin*a must ho given. iT 
only 16 »J»cw th&l b* had a son wortliy of him. At n rountrr inn at 
which hf )>iit 11(1 kt fonnd four tnikcjx being roasted, rmd forthwith 
■IniMnibal onn for hia own dinner; irhen to bin Burprvio ho leumt that 
IbfV had all bepn bcapokra for a ^diticman. "For uno gnulktoanT" 
lirmandnl B., iu au iaviiHlutuiia ti>»e. "Tm, Moiuti<:ur." ^ lie ha^ 
doubtloH. a hirge JAttf with hiinl" "On tbo Fontraiy, li« is alon&" 
" I>o >'ou happen to Itaow ht^ name I'' "1 think it is a M, £iilUl- 
Mavarin." " It miixt be my iton," exclaimed the iwtoiuihod /inthn-. and 
tieei i ' ' " nhovni into the room where hifi ol&priii]; wnn drauniiis of 
caii< .•■irvd. After thv fitat gntctings, tho sire deuaiideil un 

ratplaiuitiau, uhit-h.hR rmeJTwl iu the frankest temui. " The fii^ in. 
Hie," l>n{ui thi« true nkip of tli« u!d hlock, *' tlier« u a jiarticulitr «lic« of 
the tnrk^ of whti-li I am uxtrnmulj- foud, and wbivh. wheuover I ntu in 
<y, you cat. Being alono, I detcnuinwl to n^le myBeif on 
' '- marvel without stiut." This waa a defenoe which tl>c 
iJtLhrr itiiild capcciollr a|if>tvciht«, by tbe token tliat, Wug (ui exttcioelf 
ti^Ml-Battired uiun, he looked witli a friendly oyc on tlio wcskneame of 
our oommoii liumauity. A friend ouce aaid tu him, '' Tbe deqiair of my 
tilV ia that 1 can nm-i'r gut my fill of oynU-'m." " Come and dine with 
me." answered BrUlat-fiavann, "and joa shall liavo your fill." The 
(riund, a M. I^jiertv, came punctual to his time, and was soon enga^ 
in. an intriftiliiii- eobfeifiuH^ with the OTBttm. B. looked on quietly for 
n faiinr, by whicli time M. Lapnto bud given good news of 3] dk«en, 
und wail pnicevditig its fmh as ever to diaciias the 3^'nd dozen, when 
ia lioit, woariwl with luit)! tnaclioii, ttaid : " My [Mur friend, not toni^y 
ill <lrstiny allow you to cnt your lUI," and nui^ for the nouft. M. 
^^parte did n)iipl<> jostioo bo the ncoollent dinnor whidi followed. 
lAt-Savaiin'ct vt^rMtiiy waa uevor imjwM.'hed, go that after na-iing his 
ve one uutr wpI! credit the »tory that the Enponr Uebogabalus 
lit uf takini; ItlU uyatcra, 100 orlolaiu, and lOU pcnchai for 
•virr tniiniiiig. Bi-ilUt-S«ivariu ^ves one or two other 
itf ■' '.u of the liiiuiau stomttdi. Thus, 0«neral Bison 

eight ^ . : it-ln ol'wine ovcry moraing at tmmkfiut; ta^tber 

»oi_ XUT. — xo. 205. 




lag to I 


I ciw in 

t]i« eleanien of hi* mind nca' the dieerfiilQciu cf bis temper aeemiag to, 
1)0 impnind thereby. GenRnU Sibud, a ^laui officer, vrbo died on 
field oT honour in 1813, at the posDageof the Bobet-, was niu^ly 
wiUi llie pou-rr of makiikg a beast of binuolf. Uvwiueig))tccQ\'can 
vbcn bo stroIlMl oii« ATcning into the Icitcbeu of Conin, wbo kept od» of 
the b«t inns at Ucllcf . A uiugnilicent turkcj- wbh ut tluit very moioent 
bftliigta](eoofftii«B|>tt,aud^n]igBib«et'Bmoutb watered. ^Ihave jiat 
dinsd," be nid io tlie buuHorvt, " and yet I could cut tfaat turkcj w-botb" 
SevMitl eonnUTmoi) wcrv mwtol at Uic- kittlx'ti fiiv, ottltig cli««ttiuu aad 
drinking white nine Said one of tbon, a sabobintisl-Iookiiig Guner, i 
tke corrupt prvvcn^ of llie country, "Sex t<su lae^, s'u payo; h 
voocaca eu tvtui, i-nt vo kftt pnir6et may kct mujjtjnvi la rMUz," vrhkh. 
bdnn iutcrpreted, neons, " If yon mt it, I will pay ; bal if yon ipre in 
on tlie rcawl, you alwl] pay, atid I Hliall luil the raiU" ^Tlte cii&lleuj^n 
scoepted, and the futatv gtmeral, an be(»uii« liim, wt unUiodically 
work. Tlic two win|];8 and a dntmstick diaapp«ai«>) with siicb al. 
rft|ndity tluit " Hai ! " oilled out the {turner, in oj^ay, " zt* raie 
qu'isct fotu ) m'oz, Moiiche CbiVxiec, poox kaet ni diuve paiet, 1m»6 oi'to 
k in'va luesiei on tDodtO." ('* Alnn ! I e«e well tliiit U is all over ; liut, 
Monunor 8)bi>et, fdaan I am to pav, sufler mo at least t4 fat a niomtl 

Witli uuQ'e rararity, howerer. I3rillat'SarariD wan too rviinod to ban 
niiy Byin|intby ; luid wlu>ii be ninga the praise of d'onrmaivfi*' be 1> 
cmreful to explain tiint it baa nothing in conimnn with (p^fiedin<<n n 
gluttony. For tbiii rvtwoa we munt rcgrvi thnt thv won) haa no p: 
eqaivalent in the Kngliah lan^tia^, o«r Rtuitlr litthor* having failed 
oppracijae the nicer nfaadcK of q)i<nirvaiiUin. (" Tltcrjr knov twlbl 
Uicao Enfcliab," Mud an Indian, contvfnptunu^, " Ksoppl (o npiu 
and WDiiaer tlie world.') " l» stninnuutiBP,* iiui*t« Uiu author of 
Phymcloyif 'in Qufdf, " est enoeniie dea exc^" It must tw so, or 
eould the portmit of « |ireUy gnvrmait/l'- bare berai drawn in 
diaraiiu{[ ciitoum) TliiiN dow Itriltnt- Siivario iikvtch Iter: — 

" Nothiitg is store nf^remhlo to Me Iban a pntly gtMnnande 
(brronqucet: her napkin ia daintily arrangnl : unt- nfbcrii . .ki^ 

on the Uhli;; ttin ath«r couvera to ber niontli tliv lit.Uo tacr <i< '.iIt 

cut, or thit wing nf (Mu-lridge ahe lauHt bite ; her eyes tun tnj;bt, 1i*t 
of naturoV f^anivl, lier eon\'««atioa sprightly ; n)l hdt inotionH 
{{racefiil : nor ia abe without that Hjiiiv uf t!»]uelry whicli woui<>n put iai 
cverythiu};. Witli ■(> mnnr a<tvantt_ -titibb:; and UaW (kl* 

Ouor wnnld luiTo nolded to the ^i.- 

bucb a uac wan Mndamo X, wfaonj tlic author diitt mrt at « d 
party when «hi} «-aa but lUWn yMia old. Sbo wa« alrondy v«ry p: 
of a mnmona onlir of hoHrty. " Ho yon know," wbiappwid B' 
S :ii (tin ooighfaour, '• tlmt tbat liLtlfi ^vr\ ia a ;.■ 

.' j^," nfilied tba otbm-, " sho has not nnivisl at th>' 

kU taa BM» child." "Wait and tWi" r]i<.> 



Ssruio, vho %mc n disdplo of Lanttor and Oa]I, and nldom lEecdvod la 
fiicm. KerertlietMs, aa tbe dinner prooeedad, lie be^i to tvar thai be 
Iiad nuide ft misiake^ sod nfpetted the circu]ii4tiuioe onhr bocaiuo his 
obiKVTatioDS hod been directed bjr sdeiitiBc ccduKkfttions, imd h« ma 
griffrid Uiftt SdcDco should bo migUkan. 6till he oonaoled bjinaelf bjr 
reBMaberitis that titers ta» exception* to every niK But witb the 
donrw — ftdiEeaertas "coptoiia" Mail via "brillikntr his hopes nviTGd, 
and once noni 8cuiic« «<u proved to be in Um right. !Kot only did the 
liKle girl nab uf everjtUunft which came within bei- meh, but sbn luid 
benelf tiel]«d to tlis moat diwt&ut diabw. lu nbort, nhe nte *o niudi ibkt 
Uu eouiMDy IwgSB lo wofulor how m aaaU n Ixxly eauld eneloae so vast 
iia uemtment of good*. Two yen* later, Ui-iUat^Savarin met her again. 
Khe hftd. tlien leen mamed just etgbt dnyi, luul a bnadsoiarr woidmi ho 
luul nnly Hct cyt« on. Cnfortiiuatrly, bar hualaod sLvniod alrcadT to 
lio making hitaself wrvtcbad over the ooiapUniflDta ahe ivoeived. }fot 
kaig ftTiHT lie took her to a coiintrj'-homn, far awxj frmn P^m, and 
' tvei^y " saw b«r no niora. Om> c«n onljr hope abc wnM bii^>y. 

At another dinner-par^. UidllatSavanxi, after tarefuUy Bcanning the 

I of tbe I>iike Doerta, Minister of M»nnei, who was present, pro- 

aoonoed hix KxooilMwy a gevrmand. Hevaa « abort, thaek-wt, diolE, 

cuily-biun*! iiinn, with ii ruuud fiux, a doitlilo cliis, thick Lips, aod & 

_^ month not ijiuto w l»i;ge as a chuivh door. Wt ttiU of fair pro|MM-tiom. 

■ Ii. ixnnmuuicatMl the reiuH of bia otnerratian to the lady neated next 

H Iibn. *^ y ■'■ uot toll biu I »nid m," hv added, InugluDg. The luiy 

H}irotaiSD<i <<</ — and found an opportunity to t^ th« Duko that 

Hanaie evcniug. Next day Brillai-Savai-in teoeiTGd a pleasant letter from 

^liis timofr, in wlu'di tho lattfr modutly diwlaiucd tlio poaMMudoo of so 

oiiuMbh) a (jnoli^ as that which his ogrMftblo cottviK hod attrtbutctl to 

bim. By IheWBjr, is it that we are more aonkniB or iii«n<l;r Iqbb dobonair 

Juku oar oefghbouni t Somehow, the iniiid refuses to picture an En^ab 

' {my Mr. GluLttone, or tint Dnke cT Argyll) toHsg the trouble 

I inform by Itrtter a man whom he had ner«r mut in his lif« that he waa 

undtily £>ud (J** good dinner. Btillat-Savariu mturally wrote back 

vnry eourtenu 0]iii«lU, but inainted thut if the Duko wan not an epicnre, 

I nwatiog (be intcntloa of Nutum in bit outa Kot long after, all 

raa Uof^hing over a furioiu quarrel between the Hinlstor and his 

iiich Itad got into Ibc )iaf>en ; and Brillab-Stivaiin wm amacDd to 

' t , tbou^ the cook had been gronly imiwrLiuent, and hod area 

obtainwl tfan better uf his master in the wonly war, ho was not dii^ 

cbar^ ; from which the inference waa plain. The cook kivnr his art, 

and tho Duke had not tlie counge to part with a good cook. Tbe I>uke 

was a gourmanJ, (J, E.D. 

Srillai-Sa«Aria'« lueful aoij kiiidly life cane t<i an end almost imiB*- 
dialolj aflei tbe publlcalioQ of its moffHun opiu (for tbe J'M/sioioffie dtt 
CoAt ia small only Ui bL». and contaiuH tbe quJutaweoce of half a century 
, of t hoBj^t, obseryation, and wit). Oa tbe ;£lstof January, Itl36, manjr 

4— a 



lojiJ gtntlomeu nthndcd a boIvdid Hwa for tlifl npOM of tbo boqI of 
Louis XTL (behaulod on tlmt day >» ^ y*"^ 1793). UwuflelettntMl 
in diB tine old abliGj church of Sunt 1>«ois, vhich, like all Bimilar 
edificM, WHH extremely cold iu wiiit«r. Tbree eauinpait lawjrent who vero 
pntenl all caught coldii. and were kill«d hj expceiuv to thut iDcltmeal 
Jainiu; wcuthor, Tbay won KoboK de Saint Vinoent, the Adrootio- 
GenenU Mandmagy. nad "H. I« CoiuaiUer Bnllat-Sanrin." The last 
(tkd oil tbu 2tu) of Fdn-uaiy following, d«cply rcgrptt«d by Um ntaaj ■ 
(tieods who kn«v him, Micl wen aw&i« of tfaa steHJujt l)«nevo)citc« luid 
iDanly honeety of hia ohancter. It would bo abnunl to [ttvteuti that bia 
monltif rtatliacd thi> idml of Chrwtiui or tma «tmoal pecftctioQ, Bat 
ho nerer fcU ithorl of ihc world's atandard of iatrgritj, and lived a pxid 
cittESD aud a pleoaant oompanion, fr«o &oia all taiat of hyjioeriiiy aail 
preteutimuajaw. As the world gocv, thia in no amall praise. 

It hna been juKtly obaerrod that he wan a uuui of ono book. He 
wrote, indeed, a treatiae on poUtknl economy, and ono or two works on 
onhsology, but time are fot^tteo, while tho Ph/ttaloyi'! dn OoiU n- 
inaiiu a Frendi doMie. It sbould bo adde>I that tliii atillrar baa iK>t dia- 
daiood to present his readcn witli a Tarioty of oxodlent ndpcn, whid) 
will fully repay n, practic&l study. One of these AtXi be given in ooa- 
duMon, foT it jRippIiea irhat ia to many personK, and RS{)eeu]|y to bnun- 
workun, the moot iiii|iortuit tXdfideratn — vix. the ni«a,afl of obtaiuinj 
a Itarmlan atunulant. BriUftt^Tarin had read that Marelial Riebelion 
waa io the habit of cbewinj; lozenges flavoured with amber. Now the I 
MAishol is deacribed by Mauulay a« " an old fop who passed hia life I 
from stxtuni to luty in aoducinjr women for whom be cared aot oat ' 
Rtrww," but by Frenchtnen heia known a« the hero "of glorious memory " 
who took Minorca from the GngliKh ia sight of thair own aquadroo, 
what time wo veuted our insulnr H]>l(i>n by sliootiag a certain admin), 
"to nteotireee others," as Voluuie said. Thorefore, Unllat-Havario 
tfaonf^t that vha(fl%'er the man of glorious ousnor^' did munt contain a 
la nu on for Qallic humanity. Moreover, he <rftMt felt a laaadtudo of uuuft 
which indisposed him to work, and made it almoot ifflpoRdtile for him to 
think with vigour. Winr, «h a xtimulnjit, ia Bu)t«il to few ptinKuu, 
tbon^ BlaokstoDe wrote his ConuneDtariot in oolIaboiBtion with a bottk 
of jorl ; and coffee Brillnt-Savanu found even more objectiouable, for 
wo have mnea that its power over him wan too great. At length he 
dtMxrrerad thai the soTcragn rotoralivv, at leoKl for htm, waa a good 
cap of oboooUtc, with a piece of amber in it of about the size of a hfoaJ- 1 
baas, besln, of course, to powder, and mixed witli miRar. " Ry niMJU 
of this tonic," ho mys, "the notion of tho vital powcw hi tcilifnf^. 
thou^t dereiupea itadf with eaao, and 1 never aulftir aner il I " 
Inaotnttia which wotil't 1«' the hifiUUble cuiuec|uuuen uf a r"" 
ooflett." Tikun la olmoaiilr the aame danger in tea oa in r < Iscj 

wUcii ' ''TKtv api to injnrioiusly aOiKt the UkTrow j 

*jtlm~ ' . ^ BtrOng (loaea. 


^rom ^trntforb to ^oiibon. 

Seeino onr dcnitb of infonu&tion abotit Sliakq>eu« ia to gceat, netting 
tlut mn.T \k nf Lho iOiglitest Tslue ought to ite niglotto] ; and to it may 
\t) woi'tli wliilc to consiilor wliAt BOenm nnd uglitB ta»y have \ie^a 
fiuoUinr to Uim in bis JDurnejings to nnd fn> from StnLfonl to I/>ndou. 
Tlio tmiixit cut l>e itccompUnbiMl o«w in four or fire bgim; but it vaa 
on Ruch light mnttf^r id tlic Elizabethan dftys. Thi* distunco i^ k>&i« IOO 
uiilcs (tr Osfoitl H), and prolaUr under onliDarv circum&toiKia would 
oroup7 four or five finjn to trawniv, tliouj{1i no doubt, undrr pramirv', m 
hex tiiDf miglit stiffioi. Tlunu periodx would certainly fonn notable 
epochs in tbe pooc's lUe. What « change ftom ''the smoke and uproar 
and rtGhes of Raiaa " ! No doubt he would eeld(»n tnivel fdono. Perils 
from rabiMn wsre too rommon hod loo MdiMA to cnoounge tfa&t 
fnuitie*. Siity«tbo would oAen bo lonely enoiigli;and mftnya thought 
afterwards embodied i» immorlal ahapo lauat hare occurred to hiu 
■Ktring llum- lung Iwunc It would molEo u fine pidtirtv — tho Mithnr of 
J/amlft. Iiift " SLiuKio ' over, oniidiit tbc woodjr Holitudos of thr Chiltcmfl, 
or alowly wending bia way through aanio lowland mnrth. Wo may be 
Ritre Ii9 wax not idio at thoe timea. Tlie rough rade idaiple life he nw 
HTvatuI him would not be uiuuggmtivc. Tlivre i» a tnulition, an we 
■hall MO, that be " studied " his I>ogb<Try in some villag* he paamd 
Ihnnigh. Hia ubleta must cfben have been called iatoreqnidtioti. And 
when the dayx wen; Cur, and all the laodAcajw yroie Uw beau^ of the Kun- 
riiinp, many a " scmion of hwccI nilent thoii^t " most have been holdAn. 
Wo cAnuot donbt that in tlioae long (juict joiimpyx his Rpirit found for 
itcelf niirtun) and «trt>ngtli. The tne |>oet is like that " bright Ihtwer, 
wbow home is erorywhorc" Oft«n trav^-tired, be woidd find nat for 
Litnwlf in eontemplatinft the facR of naturo and thf humoun of men. 
3DiIflo], with all their dusoouforte and aanoyaaoes, tlieao may have boon 
pi-odous times for him ; nnd bo may knro arrirud at bin dcetination a 
wi»(!r, if a wouy, man. 

Thure ant two or three Honnets in which he a{)eakB of joiiraoya, 
posBibly of tlia« journe>'8. Tlio following may have berai written at 
SCratlord, at Ihe clom of one of tbotn : — 

V!*axy vith toil, I luato ma to my I«i. 
Tlia imt repote for liniU *ilU m^tl tliol -, 
Bat Ihva (iff ina a jonmej rn my b«ail, 
To wtA my miad *hm lody'avwk'a aiiiir*! : 


For Ihu mj AoDghu (Atnn Au »lm I nUd») 
IaI*od • aenlou* pilgrinuga ta tLoc. 
And korp ay dnxpiag tyiUiU opM vido, 
I/xUnKon duknsM wMeh ibBbUadilo ttti 
S&Te tlut m J Knil's inuigiDStjr nit^ 
PrvMDt* Uijr ihkdow to n; ri^lbas Ti«*( 
WUeh. mu a j«wel IniBS in ghutly aifcbt, 
Makts liUck night b««Bt«oai und htt oU Awo dw. 

So Uiu by iaj in; UaU, ^ nighl mj mud, 

7in tb«« ud fw injwiU' do qniA find. 

Tn othen we we kim m tbe midst of » jonrme}-, wpig!i«i] ilown wUli 
tfiat Btmnge sonow trbon histoiy aeems lik«Iy to nmuiin inaci-utatile : — 

How bwrj do I Jovmof on th* w»y, 

Wlwa wtat I iMk— ny wnry tmrd's Md— 

Doth toub that ow* luid lluU npMcto Mf, 

" Tbna Ar tbs ibUm »n UMUund fron ihj frUadt" 

Tb* baMt that bttn m*. lind «ith my wm. 

Plod* duUy ra, W Ivor thtt wvigKt is im^ 

A» if bj (PBM ioMtnct tho wmlcli did knov 

Bii Mti lavfd not (pwd, btioe nade fton INml 

Tha blood; spur tMinot ptoroLo biro on 

Th>t MmpifaoM MgwtbnuM Loto bl* hidci 

Wludi boarilyha am«n wilb a sroaa 

Hot* (liar]) to sa tbao ■panii^ to hia bmI* ; 

For tbal miM gi«*i dotb put thii is ny nind, 
Uy griof lia onvwd, and my joy babind. 

Timn are othen in which he speaks of abaencea from hu (rlsnd. Of 
coarsa Shftkapoaro miulA other journcT^. boddea be tw ee u Stmtford unl 
London ; ocamoaaWj ho " Ktrollnd" with hiti corajiany ; bat in tmj ease 
Hum sonnets mny be of ugistonw in picturing him to as m he puiori 
akiDg ibo KNkda tbAt w« pro(rase to sp«cify. We can soe ibat it mm not 
witlwut koowlcd^ he mado Autolj-ciw aing : — 

A m*TTj bout (CMS all tha day ; 
Timr ad Urat fat a Billed 


"We need scarDely remind onr readcn that fadlitiM of locomoUon in 
tlie Eltubeihan age were taaty enottgb. Tbcyan probably tteW itvnre 
how ■cttBtyFoch facilities w«n & eetitur; later, and eren a oentHiy lator 
stilL It was tnnch wone in the Bizatwthu age;. Public coocbea did 
not >«esin to run, or to.atiok &at, till nanriy half a eootary- after Bhak- 
eprajB*! timo. The art of nwd-making «u not yei kocnra ; Metoalfn and 
TeUbrtl, >uid their 'wortliy Uogrqiher Mr. Smile*, belonged to a fiu- distant 
poeteri^. Wliat thujr vera pleaa»il to call raada (heo wore meredwplr- 
ruUed tracks, almoet or altosother imiwaKble in bad weather; wido- 
apteaiUag aloughs with no Mr. Hopt at tbo fkirther cdgo to lend tko 



iRplMhed luid mired tnivell«r & bitn4L The con&tr? wu rtill gtvemlly 
FtuiimcloBuI ; aud all thM could bn doiie w)i«» the rutn benmo too deep 
tar endunuieo vu to msaj a frcnh ttnct 1>y flit) idd« of tin- ol<l one^ 
Some Btetutcs indonl hud betn paBod in Lbo rvifin or Ilciir}- tJir EighUi, 
■Wiji^ned to improve certain tkorougbhree of notorioua hedneas, uid ui 
^ Act of a moni )^i«nl sppUmtMO bud bean ]iiuutc«l in thn reign of Qaeeni 
rlfary ; but little or TiothinK had come of them, The th»«mplii>n given 
in th.' ptVAiuble of th« iiutut« of IRSS ivmaiuMl atill tnio : " Highwivya 
arc iiaw both verj- noieKnuc and trdiuuit (o tmvul in, and dun^rans to 
all [iMWHu^iJia and camagoa." We Iwvo not ytst loamt to eoottol our 
riven, and it is still poiwhie aomedma to aee wide lakoi extending orer 
tbe Innil : but tliis tnu a cntDmon Elimbetluui spectacle. Often than, 
and manr a timi' after, lurontotion v»» completely intcnepteil i*y ftooda. 
^^ Noi ao very soldoui luigH it Iw aaiil tliat the " oonta^ua fogs " 

^K^ Falling in ihalnixl, 

^^^^ Itnvc crrrr psIiinK rivar mnds m pnmd 

^^^^^^^ TImI thmt havo ofotbaiiM thoir Mntiauit* ; 

^^^^^^^^ Tliv "X Iiatli Uirrrfiira mrtiictiM hi* yiikt in vain, 

^^^^^^^B Tho ptoughnuin Umt tiii nirtu:, and tli« (trvtn core 

^^^^^^^^K Hath pil.t«l «» liiR j-outh ktlaia'd alwanl ; 
^^^^^^^H . Tlia ttili tt^oiti cmpij ia tbe drowned SrU, 

^^^^^^^V And crjwa ar* fttlad viih tho laQrrwai Dock; 

^^^^^^^V Tho nine mm'i inurii ia filled a|> vith Diiii). 

^^^B Ai>4 ih« iguKint nuca in ili« trantoii gta«n 

^^^^ For lark of irmd an aDditiiiiiiuiabsbla. 

^B At Mch limas one's jonrnejr mnld only be pnninvd b; Uio help of 

^Bikiirii) ^des, and even w> itt some liak. To take a lato illustrntion, 

^"n>om.1(y, who died in 1715, tells na in his diAry bow tlie runahad 

" rainnl the v-aahcB ujion tlie rood uenr Ware to tlinl height Unit jMusen- 

gnre from Ixmdon tltnt worn upon tluit nxtd Kvnm, and a poor hig^or 

■*a» drowned, which pntrented me traTelUog for in&ny houw; jet 

^rlow^rda evening we adventured with aome cotuttiy people who eon- 

Bddeted m orer tho meadows, whereby we miflssd the deepeet of the wash 

^fkt Cbeilient, thoa|[fa wo rode to the aBddh»4kirt)i for a eonsiderablfi way, 

tnt |[ot «afe to Wallluun Oirtw, wlicro we lodged."* 

Sodi being the nxub — so " fouBdcroas," aa aomconc cnlU thnn — what 
-wunld the TcJiiclce boT 

Cnrriers' esriA t of a nort ilid stniggk- along ; Init for llie moat part 
noveraent wan aecomplUhcd on foot or oa horwliack, njid convnynnco of 
QDods by pnok-horsm. Uerae-litten wcte oeeaaonally uawL Uoacbee 
an anirl to have liem introduced by Boomen. Qnnen Elixabelh's own 

' .-. r^(/(lf.a<griH.rr4: M*Unl&andT*Uordp.lO.«J.!STl. 

< afinkM ilrap, Jbedm I.) of "mitw» who tuTt long c«TW«d 
V I-. I I ilicy nny psKongeii Own ptioa lu plim; lul tbiii kind of 

j,.-.T-.r_.. -, ' ho ,.1 I-, " ia lo itMiyia. 1i_v r«uuD tliej iiiaM tok* wn^on rnj airly »nd 
eOno very lata to ihtit tnoa, thai dom livi w^tuwi and people of iatieriar tooditiM 
, Umni IB Ihb auit.' 



eosdiman ; bat thcj were little b«M«r, u Hr. Suilffl remarks. Uiaa carl* 
iritliout vprluga, the Vxlj resting solid upon tlie axles. Ad<I tJuwe 'wba 
ushI thotn jwJil A iNtur [xmalty for tlie laxary.* At one or iIm* fintj 
■ndiraoH vbkli tlic Qu»d gnri; to the Frencb Ambufiutur, in ISft^.J 
ah« feelii^lf <)eiwribed to him " the acliio^ |murs hIh' wm Hiilfcring iii ran- 
■ajueiice of liarin^ been knocked about in • «onch which ha<l \xa> 
driv«n II little tno fiut, only a. f«w (Iatji before." About a century htter. 
tiio pnUic T«bicl(n were popularly known as " heU-w^tl^" uiit ti<i tloubi 
veil tI«Herve<l the name. One i^iave objection to n-hirls u-u, it mvobu, 
(Jiat tli«y bmke u)i the roatU ! " King Jantcn," sskys Mr. Itolwrta, "pro- 
cburood that cBiin luul wagooii with fuur wlie«1t^ carrying exaavtvV'] 
burthens, so gAllod the hiKlivuya &nd (li« vwf fotindntioim of bridge*, 
lliat tbe ktn^' dmioHnnxl Ihem to tlio jutUfnanii oomtnon nuiwinora, nf^unal 
tiK wtfii |Miblic uid the iiw of thfsa nn ofltoue. By thU {iroclanution 
of James I,, in tbo year 1622, no csirricT w»s to tmvpj vritb o {oaf 
wli^eleJ wagon, but only wttli a ou-t having two wheels. 8ud only to 
aury 30 cwt. Anyono tnD.vr(«siDg ttiw wna to Iw juiiii^ied." At 
Woymoatfa, in 143R, " the ntitliontievi |>MMd n byiflnw, that no brvwon i 
wen> to bind the wbeek of their carta with iron, aa it woi« nway (bij 
|iitc)ung of the Rtreeis. Pruciiiuly tdiiiiW wax the com{ilatnt Against | 
hiu:knny-«oac-h(s, 11338 — viz. that thoy brokn ii]> thoetjwU. ... It having : 
luon tboogbt proper to oixbiin in tlw yetir IGO^, l)i»t tlto wheola of ou-h 
cart or vKgon abonld be four inch«8 in tite tyro, this vm fonnd to be 
■mpmcticuble, for io Kmie pftrbt tho mts rould not ivceivn such wbcda, 
nor could the carria^ pass. A proclamatiou nUyed lliv piuuMvutiou of 
oflfeoilen till LhRriirtber order of PitrliiuntiiiL." In the Kli/j>)<olliaii age 
the laet wan tlut tli« raatU oonld not boar ibi^ t^mcht*. and the cCMtoliea 
wnld not bear the mods ; so Uiere woa but little nnffic in tliat wmy. that] 
fmrfal iaHlitiiLion tbo stugc-cotwh bedug n laKr birtlt of (iuu. 

On foottJien, or on hoiMhAck, Shakupenre woidd perform IlIs jmn-noys. 
That he would rido when he could aifonl it ia the more pruUiliU' frou 
tii« fact we gitlhcr front coi-taiu acnuurtM tiiat ha waa hiUH% for wo «a 00 1 
rouon to lakn iiw wotAh in fuiy non-iialunil or brtiTobiograpluCKl maae. 
"nten is ground for Mioring thot this d«f<Kt was of txi Te*^ setioDa , 
nature ; it bas been compnrwl witli tliatof Seotl, a.nd that of Itj-ron ; biitj 
It wonld probably tnaktt bim pnrfer riding to wn]kin){. And wo night 
ja«ta«k in pawing wbethtirpMlwtrianifunt; ifinotaqnite modem Knelish 
t«»t«} A German, who Oiwlo a valkiii^ tour lu thia t\'i '1 a 

hundralycai'sa^, foundRiicJiainrtliod of pn>gr<KtiKit alal] |. i>nd 

indeed one which exposed hini to much Buispician and diaooml'ort lie 
nnl>oaomed hi* wondm- that it ■Imuld bo ao to a coadi-fellow-tnivalla-, 

* fW a piJCTWT* of Ikb InrentiuB in Mr Raharu't Sofial TKmImv <t^ tit Hemllurm 
Onmtita. P«rli*t* IboM who k*Ta knivti >ihiit it u (» ba luKiM in a UlUnt- 
niMblsi acTwa a lac ihiogly ImmIi caa bMi ngTfrrrato Ik* lUligtMi of •neli a Dieaiw 
of IwoamtMn. 




for bit iliil HDmotiioea Uidnlgc }iiniBL-lf in n lift. -^ On my miring bitn why 
FotflishmeD, vbo -ven so remarknMe for acting uji to their o-ara notioDK 
autl tilciu, did iiot, now an<I then, uiontlf to tec life ui eronr point of 
\Hcw. tiwv^-I ou fout ; ' OK t' Hid ho, 'wo ui-» too ik'h, too laxy, luul 
too jirmid.* " But, if & qiiitfi tnodeni tnste, it vaa, no doubt, a& old 
iii>cc»itT for Rtany n tmreller. See WaltOB'saccovnlof Hotduii^n waUciog 
(Vtrat Oxfcnd to KxnKr. 

Uonm contlil tw hiral at 12'/. \he Hi-Hi ilay. and M. n da; after till 
RMlellveiy, "Mr. JnKu (inrliuul, lucn-hont, luuror of Lynio in 15S9, 
i^iV lo Loodoti <ui town biitiini'^. His wbolo chaj^i for hLouielf uid 
orac in Ixiudou waa 3/, 5«. ; tha hire of the horse VM ^s." Alao, it 
WM (Mxvjblc to po*t, at l(A«t in wmo [Arts. It vas m in NoTfolk as 
rarly m 1.5Ct^, m w<i iriini from UIomoQold apwi ItobortB. Tlio cliiu:|[0 
waa iri. a mtlf< for tlie liuisp, nuci 6'/. for the guide "lo go atwl ctary Ihu.-Ic 
tbn bnniis ; and (bn lutid bonus ware not to oirry any cloak-lMig of above 
ten pDUniU' wttight." A rommon arraofjeXDent for (Jio«« who did not 
i*pp a horsp of tbcdi- own waa lo Uiy one at tlie bostoning of a }oum*y 
otitl M-11 it at tlm end. So late aa llTili n. Dr. Skeu^, of Aberdeeti, 
traveilol from I.«ndon to Ediaburgli in this way. He liou^ht a maro 
for eigbt gumaui in LomloD, rode her ouictecD days, und Hold her in 
Kitintiiirgli for vluit be bad t;iv«ii for ber. 

WVbivvean incidental jiictum of Lbc trArelHiig uiuutriaii of tJiD 

'T>>QU«iiUi (nuitiiiy, in a book (piot«d by Mr, 8mi)n«, called TJu Grant 

r*onnerR o/ Sngtand Ktplainiif in BtVfrai ProptmUa to fartiamtttt, pub* 

ishralin lays, dcnounciug stage-coaches and caiarans. The wnt^r, aaid 

ta bo one John (irmMl, of the C'hnrtfifliouiw, insiKtA that stii|^con«h(W 

WT9 niinoua to tntdu, " for Ibat most geatJQaii'n, before tWcy tjnvi-Uuil in 

«om)Imm, iiseil to ride witb swords, belta, pistola, holBtors. )iortmant«itii3. 

ml liat-nuea [a heary car)i;o thin !], « Iiicii in theae maches iboy have HlUc 

ir no otiautitin for ; for, n-lKm Llir^v rantc on li<>nwbiM:k, tboy rodi! in uitu taut 

cArried uuotJuy to wear wheui tlioy came to their jouniejr'sead, or lay by 

way ; bttt in concheti a silk auii uid an Indian gown, with a aasli, ailk 

:in0(, aad bMm- hats, men rido in and cany no other with thom. 

I they cacape the wet and dirt, wbicji on lioneback tboy cannot 

.void ; whereotf tu two or Uiree jouru«>yK uu hotWatok tlieir dotbea and 

lints were wonl to Ijp ni<oilcd ; wtiif h done, Ihoy wf ro forced lo hare nevr 

ory ujlcn, And that iacreaaed the con&umptjon of tito nann&u-tuns an<l 

e employment of the mnnufncturer, which travelling in coaches dotb in 

uo way do." 

Cartaioly it waa not all ptato miling for the eqoMtrian. It wan 
:«3i aa uach as he could do, nay coot*, to get along. Here ia a foui^ 
neii'' - ry itutauee: Archbdidio]) Inlip, rifling from UxfonI Palace 

to ' , ■inseac, in 136^, fell from bix bonw in a wot and uiiy lane 

liotHwn Bovenoaka and Tuabridge, «o that be waa wet throng all over. 
1q that pitiahle Mate 1i« rode on without any diatige of cktlhea, and vaa 
MiMnl with panljrvis. Hunk of hia poor Cirace, the Primate of All 



EogUnd, utterly danlc »nd bcmuiMcd ! AikI tliiDgs wnr*! scan?«Iy « wli!l 
bettA" thr«p t-raturica nAer. " Right litutdred horae w«r« taken prisonen 
in the civil wart iii LincQltidiiro witile slicking in the win" 

Add to all th« perils from ruta and sloughs and floods thoM firom 
bi^waymcn. TIio vsUt-a Wfrre only Mmuitimai out ; the robbei's always 
were, profeaBwn«l)i or lunAtnura. 'nio woods thnt tlim ntwiindud 
MfTonletl tlime gcotletneD an Mcellent cuvi^r, which the)' tumviJ to good 
ftooount. So mrly as I3^£ nonio alt<Mii]it wan mode to ciivumacrilje bliu ^^ 
■ORNomodatioo. It was cnoctnl, Mys Mr. Smiles, " tliatall baahcH and H 
tnea tilong thn roada leodinK front one mnrkot t4) Mootbrr nhuuM )<« otiL ^ 
down for two hundnd fo<>t on inther side, to t^rpvcnt roMiort iurkiu; 
thcreia." On Um BurkiiighaniHhire [)roveri>, " Here if you bcafc • 
bo&h it's odd* Tonid start a tliiof," FnlW, in bia }f'ortfiirt, ohoerres, 
" No donlit thoro was just occitaou fur thiit ijroTerb at tlie ori^aal 
Ihntcof, which thtni rotitaiiiiHl wtirii^ii! truth, pi-oportioned to thi- [iIucb 
before it was relbnaeil ; whereof thus our gnat antiquary : ' It wa* 
altogetliM' nn|>a9atah1eint4inMpaat hyrciamnof tiMw, until that T.ieobtaBe^J 
AhbotoTSt. Alhan'a, did cut than down, becauM Ihey yielded npbtoot 
nlkt^ for thieves.' But, this ptorerb ta now aiitli(iMte<l as to (ho tnithl 
thereof, Bnckinghamriiirt aflbrding u many aiiud<>n asozes aa any 
locality of ix|iuil popoloaaness. Vca, ticar bow she plcadeUi for benelT 
that anch highwayman were never her natives, but fled thitbor for their 
lihelter out of neighhoiiiing coiintieH." Wu may quite admit the Irtitli of 
PuIWk latter remark, without btJiGv-ug that lughway robbery waa at 
all rare in the oounQ' of which bo s]WikH. Ottainly in tbe oldm times 
the Cblltiiim HilU wcrp notorious for tlio baotlita tbnt bnnnt«d iJien. 
" W« poKwl throujth many woodi," write* Brunette lAtioi, Dante's tator. 
of bii journey ftvu Loudon to Ozfurrl, " conaidered here aa dangmma 
plncea, aa thi>y ar* inft^tnt] with roUiwra. wlucfa i»)cod in the awo witb^ 
tuost of tli«! roods in Knglond. This is a drcuiustaacc conoiYed at 
the iwighhourin|[ barons on oomridoratiaD of idutriug in tbeir booty aaill 
of th«8e robtwn Mrriog aa their pfotectoni oit all occasionii, personally^ 
and wiiIiiIm; whole stren^i of tlicir baud. However, rwonrconijwny was 
numerouK, wa had less fwr." It was to mtablitih order, or do what be, 
could in that line in this tbkvea' Inir, that tho StewanI of (be CHil 
Hundreda waa ori(;inal]y apj>o)ut«d. But in all pArts of tbe ootmLiy i 
meeting vibh tkow who 

With ■ taw aad boiitMou svocd enforcal 
A tkicrikh Itring oa tlio Minmon roitl 



., was 
liat ha^ 


rna a Jtry camraon travelling experleaee. And no it oa* cmnmon 
go anned ; as spfMiars tnai the sttmrt giv*^ abon'. fircHu Th<. firnmd 
(Jvnotm^ 4e-, and could be shown will nwcv folly, ii" our «]»«> [--nnitlad, 
frou UJurison's DeaoripttMi. t^ Kwjhxvti. Sw th« Now 
Sociely'H oliUoti, uditod liy Mr. Fumivall, Put 1., p. 3d3. 




nAVinfc BoM jnst m much on the vays and inennii «f Rlintli^tlinn 
irarelluig us luty bv]p iia Co form • picture of our poet en route, let iis 
tiov luuue BpnciADv the ronita which ba in all probttbilil/ follows] in 
fHBunit betwem Lia liomi! xt Stratford and " hiH place or buwrMn " in 

There »re two mtiia roiit«s betwwa Strutford and Londoo : one hy 
Oxford aud Hi^ Wrcombei, the other bj Baiibury and Aylwbury, Aud 
there uo tnditiona whidi indtciitA tknt Sl)nksprftr« UMvt tli4>ni both. At 
loait Ui«t he uDod the rornicr onv mar bo tcgarded lui fnii-iy coTt&in. For 
tii« IaUct one it ta to be lUkid Uuit cerUiiilf at A lulur tuiio it l>«icaiur> the 
recogtuBMl route Ihiu London, and th&t ono tradition wema to oonnfict 
hin with it. 

TbETo would seem f[ood rauon for IwlioTing thitt in the KUsabothui 
offy, and Ut<T Still, that tlio common routo woa by Oxford. Mr, 
il&Uiwell PIiillipfN!, to whoM reaeArches wo nil ow« so muck, priniA in his 
Zy's ^ iiAaA«p':an tlie following Hocouut of aoiuo i^tr&tford people who 
went to London on the bmaDonoftho Corporation in 1593. 

niam»a laid oU Khim wg vnl u> CoW : 
PM fir our h-jrMnnral llic firel aijchl at Oxtard . 

I lot Ditr o<n (hargM ihestno (n({bt .... 
Hm Mcond ii%ht at I«lip f<jr uur lappgr 
And Cw oor komanMat ibn lani* D!t;lit M Inllp 
AalliMday fcroiit Uuc sndourboranftt Uook Xurit^q 
AimI for mtlkinit onf honn at TMivoTlb and tlMwIinn) 
l^nn for ihia jvaniiy . . si*. uf. 

We are told liy Ajithony Wood tJiat Sbatuiienre id his journeys 
Warwickshire and Ixiklon fraiii«nt«d " tho bouM of John 
iTttiAUtt a BuffioiuQt vintner." It was, and is, » tarcm known as the 
Cnmn," ia the Com >lnrlcct, not fur Irom Cnr&x Ohurdi. And ao 
.ubtvy : " Mr. William tihakupwire waa wont to go into Warwickshire 
m year, and did pommooly in this joui-nry lie nt this [Darenuii'ii] 
house bi Oscn, where he mm exwiHliiigly rotpeotad." And so Oldjs, 
oa Uto nuthority of Pope, who quot«d JBottcrton : " If tmditJon may be 
Iruatedf 8hakif>Mro often baited at tlie Crown Inn. a tATem In Oxfi)^l, 
in Ilia jonmey to and from r/>ndOD." Thtvenant, the poet, son of the 
puhtiMui, ia aaid to havn hi'cn Shakupearn'M gudaon, luid to have boasted, 
or A& lt(ut BiiggMted, that bo stood in a yet closer reheion to him. 

thn tiudttlon that eonoecla filiak3{M!nre with the othor raiitn men- 
nned, or rather with a variHy of il> ia givpii only by A ubrwy : — 
" Tbc )inmour of the cooatabic in Sti<JtHmmcr Ai-jfil'i l>rf<Mn [he 
moana J/twA Aiii> about Solhitti/] ho happened to take at Qrondon, 
in Bndcs, which ia tb« road from London to Strolfonl ; and tbore waa 















living Ui*t oomtoltlo »htMt 1643, whou 1 firat Mm* to Oxon. I ik 
it vas Midsammcr nif^tthat bs b»i>pen«d to lie there Mr. 1708. Ilmre 
of tluit piuitih, ami kaew htm. Bcii Jottfxm nnti lie <li<] giitlim- humi 
of Bioi tliiily Trbeivrer tliey CAmc<. ... He in» wont to go to liia aailrt 
cpuntry once n jMr." 

The rnm>niim version gives Crendan (see iii. S13, ed. IS13), mai 
thwv i.'* n place called Ixtiig Cmidpn in BiicVs, not Air fivm Tlitun^ ; 
we folloiv therefuiingof &[r. HaJliwell Phillipps as ii>or<> prrttiftbiy sound.' 
Orendon, or to ^re it ilo full ntfle, Gntndoa ITnionrooil, lias juxt to the 
nortli of the ro«il— (h« oW Akeuuin Htreet — from A.vleebury ttt Itinmlpr, 
al«ut six milui from dm Intttn* town ; niid no tmvclUng tiy tli^ Tbitilnin 
Autl Ayleslnity route, mentioned nbovo, Shalcspoore mij^ht nuily tnxki! 
tbe wortliy coiuialile'i ocqaaintaiuce. At a later tim« tlie coM-bes, 
il would neem, did not ge by BiccaUir, but by Baddngluun, nit may 
leAmt from Owwi'a Britannin TMpieltt, or 0'jiB*y Imprar'il, 1719. W 
4oat>t tlio <X{UC«triau traveller would pcri)«(.iially vnry hia nnile, for the 
Mko of Nmpiiniondiip, or Kome n^Mviftl Bood or other doa^r, or for men 
Tarirtv's snke. 

I'hac Hlinlupeare Ibera did not Mlwnys go viA Oxford is ]in>l«)4r 
flDOugli, and hiut a trailitJon in Its fnTDur; but we stvm jiintiArd in 
bdioving ihal trlA OxfonI wax oortualy htH ordinary rout«; nuii ao (a 
it we will now give attention. 


For the mko of conToaioncc^ wn will divide tJio jonra^ into four 
stAgM, two bciwvmi )3tr«tford »nd Oxford, two between Oi/onl muI 

(i) From Stmtfonl to C/cijtpiny Aorton, iO uiilnh A moBC plauant 
racpcditiaD, now-a-days. over a ILnely uadalating country, up tbn vnlli;, 
of tlio StoiiT, by ibo Bide, for aomo milcH at leaHt, of noblo parka, whit:), m 
Skak^wai-e's tJtne, pea-bape, wtiro not (bisIohmL Probably no Kagliab 
county wmwimttt Warwiukabiru in quiet lovelinras. Xatiin^ doM not 
reveal tiareelf there iu hn- more terrible furniH, but in a *iweot, traivpiil 
b«auty, balm-likfl to tho apirit, and dolicioiudy rmtful. ScoU. eaUa 
" Caledinua item and wild " — Caledonia, with it« brown hcutlu ao>l 
■faaggj wuode. with it« mountain and Sooda — '* meet wtne of tJi« poeliB 
ohild." But lliis 0[)iDimi may )« justly doubted. Tlio |i:rtAt«it of all 
poetic diitdrcn waa nnned arair) far other scenm— not amidvt ex<-ituD<nt 
and firaodeiir, but amidst calm and peaM. The Avon, no doubt, mold 
and did rise at tioMM, and awr^i Uie I«t>o<ira of toeu and oxen beAirr ila 
nroUoti ouTTVnt ; but for the tnoet part it flowed on, not ubaSnf and 

' Ifaat GMndaa it rifflti u f<ruTnl^lf itnjr pfovia; ia want til — b; IW hfi.kiHwu 
CrtHnotherKnfrn, ib«( Mr. Jus. Uo«n«u of Omdoa, not Crandoa. Hr «ailieni 
at GmMlui I'Mlfnrood. Backa. Mmt-K '29. 1611 and £«d Ansutf 38. ITOI. atat. 
alMly. Bm Itiabnp PaatMHi'* nait Igtml. ; Itfanw'a thttrt «/ GJ^awAr, uL IIIO. 




tiiutinyinf agMnst Hs reatninte, but content nnd penile ; tmH Gray, with 
fail fine tad, toudi«H (lie ri^bl chord vrbuu lie speokK of " liu-itl Avon " 
Btr«.viiig. It wu mnidst sweet sileueai, whicli Ax'vn's tuitmiiir hqiI 
Aniea'a wliispvrin^ KSKdy braka, Uutt ShnksjMmv wiu cnwlletl nud 
nartiiKtl, tlint tbo migbtr mother did unveil her awful fnce to har. 
" duUng." t^ t«o it was witli the Jewish projtket. " A gruit oad 
sUtmg wind nmt the uountAiu uid brake in pieces tba rocks before the 
Ixrnl ; but Uie Ix>n] voa uot in the vind ; utd after tho wind on earth- 
<]ii»kf- , bill tbi- r^rd wvs not in the aurUuiiuke ; and afler tiiu ourtb- 
qiuke n fira ; bat Lhi> Lord wiui not in thu fire. Aod iiAor Um lirw" — 
wJla- «ll diuHe tumiilu onA tcrrora — " a still snudi voice." 

" Ouo Raid no Icwi tnil v Lbon luerrUr," writes Fuller of Warwiokiiliire : 
" * It it ihv heart, but not thtt oora ot ^igluid,' having itolbiug coanw or 
diookj ther«tu. Tlio x-oodod pftrt theraof mxy tnint wtmL the fieldou 
aObnll ; 00 that WarvickHhire in defcctiTO in neither. An foi- the (dm- 
sum tbnvoT, nn uitthor [Spu^I] in bold ba »iiv, tliat ftvta Kdgoliill oba 
ms; behold it anothur t/Aeti, ax IaA ilid the PUio of Jonlau ; but he 
might hare jiiit En : ' It u uot xttc^'oLher to well watered.' " 

Shakspeare would Intve 8tr«tford by tlie Cloptou Brid^, tuu) th«n 
pnaeatljr tuiii bis face due aonbhward. Hw^ the ntad rises. When it 
iaUaalixhtly a^uu, unidst nokl« trciH, he would lomnght of IVinitjmpire, 
■od (M thai hin witirc town wiut n-ji)l,v left behind. At Aldermiutrter, 
if tba Aay was bri^t, )ic might linger a f«w ininiitM by tho cjnirrh, ho 
pictumaqve and {lictureHiue]; lutuat^. And tbcn on. beneath ti-^ea that, 
aomo nf them at Ivoat, Htill leud • gratirful iduidow, hv Xt^wbolil to 
Ti^diagtoii, littltf «lrmining ne be juuwed by Utc iwint wh«iru a ixiod 
BtKkee off to Luw<t Kntiugton, ibat ther« some day on a ctms would be 
inHribed doggrel monttoning him i — 

« milM to Jt)ulmpB*'i Town vhoM naiiw 

Ti knows throngliaul tlw earth 
To ShJpWa 1, vhoB* Iomot bmo 

Bmjii no nub pou'i biHL 

Wbat comfort pvdd thin feeble quatrain might bare minifltered to him, 
COaM bn tuive «nm it tkiit fint journey, when he waa setting forth to try 
his foTluuo in atmngo fields ; when, what^Tw the ooofidenee with which 
his gvoiiia iui^ii«d him, hia couivo was yet dim and uiicei-tain ; nail who 
knmrwlxitlwr wbi>n " the xurly nullou IjoU," whitdi gave wanung to the 
wotM that he was (led from it, liad censed tolling, any ono would care 
hia ''pour name" to ivhcanel Jiul wfaore that crow now stendi, he 
uiay one day havo atoo<l. faint mid wmn-, beeitating. dwpondeot. It 
ia, bowevtr, quite as probable that when ho reached the UAnoation he 
waa in H'~ ''"'^ "•( poanhle KpiritB, nnd pumed villanoiuly on tbo naiae 
of Ibc i!< ;ig hamleta. 

Mf i;ii^l.L. Liiiii .1 qiinrtpr of a mile or bo beta the high road to look 
nttbeliiiectiun;b at Tn-dinirtoii, wiii) itfl Norman doorway and Ita uonu* 
tUBUtsj and, [e-hapn, gowiping with some natir^— "bo woa a liandaome, 



weU-fhaped itum,'* qnolli Aubr^, " vtsj gooA oonpauy, and of a ' 
iMdy Knd )>lraaiuil auooth wit"— would bear, aiid -woulil btniwlf < 
aom« jolcr nhuut tlie over liAnt-np roclor. "1 Lnvo lir^i-il Mr. Tnf 
my," BO writoa the Kcv. Johu Ward, KMiictuiH (1662-1679) tuv 
cif Btralfortl, " ibal the |MireoQ8 of TrediugUin w«* Klvayn needjr. 
Sr. Brvtt, vUo wast jnrBon before Dr. Smitli, vmt U> inftiTf na« 
UJoka: kihI ilv. Hickn, in u va|)aur, liii'l n lnitKlTul vf |;;ol<l amt mIi 
ujiAn the book : Mid ho took it nil. {Why ^honUi not he I Wlutt 
it (niL vn Uie book for t] Wliennipoa Mr. Hiclui weut to biw, nmi toll 
tiiiu of it iJmt ha did nut int«nd to Kiive gimi )um aII : it was 
tni iKHiud. &k.r3 he, ' I wnot, ocd I will pav Uu« B;iaiti ; ' but 

11)8 fintt plAca woiihy of tlie mine of town lie would arrive at wmb 
bo fihipsttin-oivijcoiir, ajtn*t«<l on a. mtitMiwhiLt bleak njiland. A 
lilaMin tbeee days, but once, ua is shown hy the inns wbieb still 
lively Udough with cwcluv and U^klSo. Thoy ga{io iu vain 
y&nl gftlvs. vxrapt liaply on mnrket-days and nt tbo in<>|>~riur ; nttiS I 
horns that once made the old utreeta tin;; are bbnm. if blown ali 
ou Uui bulks of tliu Styx, uo lon{;er of the HUmr. " in tliia bknk 
.Ciiltirat4<d t nii-k," * writta one who tnv«nieO it nut quil« a ceaiv ■ 
•' llie lower class of Ubourinj; iioor, wlio linvr ve»j- littln otbai' , 
mant in winter tli&u tliiaiihing oiit corn, ore tniuth iliHtreaod for 
wont of tut], aud think ii ocooomy to He uwJi in bed, to nve 
firinf! anil pmvi^ouK." 

Mow on to Loog CffiQptotL. " 11)0 iDloTTPiuDR oottntrr ia 
OXjiomh], and iwt very rieb," aaya the writer Jiiiti i[Uotcd, and fail 
tion may »prve for the oarlier time. It ia deficient in pltmlin^. whiidi ii 
cnuno of tiniR would genemta wmnutli Ui tin- atii>D«pber«, and coat 
tiie various tnfliieoreii of tb« bflnTms into a uutritiv« Ti>{;oitnblo 
tlint would eveotuiJly pnrioli it," Tlte wator-alivd of Uie Htour is no* 
rvachexL l/ing Coniptont lin Mngxllng in a wny that juBtifiaa iU 
ndjoctire acrom a volley, from cither oi(^ of which aio obtiunabte. 
>' ofiett) tl»« ooKh fioiu abovQ Wwu Uouae enfiecially ao. ]lj 

ti . ■ pUnx> that Buii^e>- writea to the Ear] of Slirewsbiuy, 
h" dntm Uius: " From Coiu[iioa-ia-tlio-]lolc {w woll i-ullotl fur a de 
valley ; bnt anrdy the vnbirtnimQunt ia vvry ({ood, and fan« hava 
wiohed your lorJi^iip), 33rd A-ngaOy 1573." Crossiu^ lh«> CoriIm* 
^TM the tilU;^' it* naiue, ev«u tbt! nujst uiiiiit«niiUjd and uainb 
tonhal would, wv ihttuld mipjMoe, liini » few atcja aajdo to Mf Uta i 
()aariiiu ((lory of OxCu-daUrc; for wii aro no* in OxJonbhit 
R<ill(i«:hHriuia6.; Tb^y probably ehow less well dot than in SMi-\ 

i A'. Tl\t1inf.i.{hi-Ti,*lh, RK* two (bQm Aoa I i 

1 lit^ly. (JtCmy IPkw, LLlU.; jmb iinuoa* ilraa 

1 -jvietAKtrt. 
' ■ 1 8w iM^M.n'i Ju'yvUwa, Oia 13tk Baaff, and BMm\ km. 



Bpeaiv'i day, fur lime and tUe fJirniOTH lave boen bun;. \Va may eer- 
ily imn^nu htu liogojuig in that toyiitcrions circlu, n-oudoiing what 
or Wliftt sorrow or vrhxt triuiD|>li it wm that haA onn nmuigcd it, 
perchance from some oM bJivplicrd the atori«t of Uio Whisiiering 
niglits iLtid uf th« tlwnjipouitnl King. Heiv iiuWl vxm <■ wrmons in 
The origiiui] Unfpuge wu dark nnd biiklm ; jet, for kU thftt, 
w«r« ridi in ei^ilicuaoe, in HiifQipxtion, in {Mtiioa. Au old 2i3., 
tad ti7 HoHtTMi ill liis nlition of KoWrt of OouoMter'a C/irvnUUi, 
dracribing Uie JfiratnOa Britannia, eiub thiut : " Sunt ma^i k|iideB 

in OxniTurdenai JM^W. miuiti hominum quasi aul) ijuiuluni cniincxiooQ 
lU|K>giU, KiH a cjuo tcmpoiv vol K qua ^nte vel od ijuul uMiuorutulum 
i-e) sijfnaniluin fiu-tum fuorit, ignoiutur. Ab iacwliii aiitem rocatur looiHi 
;U«> UoUunlrydi." 
I>tvpt'i'i8 wirow aa*>t]i«r rallcy, vc preasotlir rMch Chifipioj; Norton, 
tat no longer can one put uji lU Chapel IIoiiwi at Cold Norlon, a well- 
knowD hontdi'v oncQ— "a most cxmlluob inn, and fittml up in' tlie linit 
^lo wf ai'OuuiuioiUtioo," naytt a laat ceuturj' li-avvlW. " Tho CliajMil " 
onHtnallj' IjpIuii^I. as ire Imni ftxnn Mtirmy, to aa Aiigtutiuion firiory, 
fauuiled tetitp. Flcary II. \V\fea ShakapMurv pAssed ty, tliis priory bad 
leen Mupfitaaod onljr some fifty jreora ; and, probablv enough, ruins wen> 
yet atobdingi and the Cba{>cl looked not olcogotlicr imlikv itadC At 
Cltipping liortoa ho would find acootninodatioa in abundauoo; for it 
must bavo bacu ilico, as it hiul been lung before {no ilA~nHiiie aboim) en 
tiii|iorta])t Quiket town, nnd w* it wns lon^ aflorwarcU, as tniportant 
Btntion for Imvellent. When, in 1749, a ccach una atarted in nm from 
Ijtnaiugluuu to Ixindon, n'd Oxford, "It broukfiut*," irn(m 1juJ,v I.iut- 
Iwrough to 6lusuUiti«, vlioin ^w wnbes to avuil kimsolT of it, "at 
Heuley [in Anb-n], and li<o al C'bi]>pinf; Norton." The town consists 
naiolr of ow loti^ stroot, whicli it «*ould aeen consiittcd ntainlj- i>f inns. 
Hie dituvb. uot mtirh cliajixed prolublj tdoco tbc sixteenth cmtuir, 
iritb ita |nH»ra«{»o altc, iU dviibic uorUi aiaJc, ita hexagonal south poreh, 
Bsul iu old nionnniaulH, u well worth n vtKit. 

(ii) frt/m Chiyyiny ^'ttrivn lo (kr/irii, ?0 miW. — Il/fpkining the 
liigb road. 8hAk.<i|«ar« would, oa £tr aa Woodstock, follav tlie mune of 
tboOlytui!, wbic{) flows into tbo J^eulvde, wbicb flows into the lab. 
ftnt viUagR niior)iinb«red is Neat Bustone. lialf a mile sontb of 
H(t misht tiini asido to we KnsbMie ehnrch/iLnd nailoorer 
thn legend uf tin inurdcrcd Krnelia, mod «f Ki^uuljikiia, to wboin it is 
dedicated, havinjf, priups, Ijtlin enooRh to intiT|>T«l thu old looDi&ea— 
alvaya ptoriiU'l bo caino aova theia : — 
^K [d Clmt Rili >{>iEA JMct in ceorralla b«vtiia 

JP V*njM> priTnlai, K«ar1inu> fVnndt wcatas. 

A I loii tot us think of bim visiting the Hoarstone, m it is called, (li« 
(A. S. Kul. = tenuis) tiianfa s(<>n«, that ia aaid to pre the viltaae ita 
^}f<v \-, for it wuuW lie l«it a fow yanhi out of bis wuy. We »y " it," 
Ixit to fr** tfauTB am four other ston**, Ui« Iloaratoiu alone aoTvinng 

lis 1 



tipriglit. Hh-jt formed odcv, it may be Mmv^ a lulfl ^mb 'nth 
putnlironii udet and a cumbrous roof. vitl\ enrth be^itti all round 
or oTCT ibem. How iong tntglit n giant tip i' tlie ntrtb urv lif rtM 1 
miiiit. (oral J. hiivo in nrti« allowaiioe cf jfora. 

Punng DOW oa tfarou^ tbe liamlet of 0«'er Kidfingtua, irilli' 
romecl croa* — »t Ivetlier Kiddbif^n, a mile oo the IcA, U a <^tircli wd 
to lie worth weing, Imi we cmanol mc rrcrrthing — by I>iicliley Pait,' 
liome of the Lccs, who were destined to lie (^e)irai«d linrr«/trr ^>t 
brotl>er-geiUDa ; tiien, after pethaju a itlighl d«l4)iir, to Glymptoo. and 
jtawingon ihc. right tiifrroad to Combnr}- ITail (only fiv« vaUoi off), wli 
[fester, Kliiaboth's Leiceat«r, periabMl by iha poLton pnfiared, tl 
Mid, Tor lib wjjp ; keeping by the old wall of Woodittodc Park — it is aid 
to liAvr b<4»i the &t%t park encloMNl with a w«]l — oiir [loel would nrnt* 
At Wooflftocl: town. For him, obrioua asnciatioiui bete would lie lU 
Fair Roaamaod and the [>oet Chaucer. Tbo sturj- of the fbnuor baa 
riiown to be much mixed with hble; ih« «>nnection of the Ikttor 
Woodatock i» now wholly doobted, thoo^h, tJUsr sU, we may duibcdirTs 
that Tboma^ Chiuicpr was the bod of tbe poot without disheltoviu^ tim 
ihc puet, who was cooneeted with the court and with princes of 
litood, risitMl a pfllnoc to famouii in his timo and so much frei{U4-A 
Hli«kB|«re would ogoy the Chancer mcmury, at iDaot, with nn allaji: 
■eeptieiaa] ; and aa (■« fltroU«d through Uial glorious jxu-k, might I 
vimoD of Thaenu. to be portrayed by hiouelf aoup- day, " to the 
riding him full right," or of Polnmon and Aratc madly fighting — fi^ 
" brmn, aa it ««tc hsR* (««," 

Or, pcrbap*! in a realistic reiD, h« drew & grottoqnc picture to *''*ni>T'lf i 
the royal tov«r loHtiig the thread anil tindiug liimself ioTolved ia his i 
bibyniitb, villi bin Ronantond clom by, yet iDaccensilile^ ao near aud ye 
■0 £ur, while the qiifTrn luit fuming and frowning ontsido, ucnlile ui di 
oonr the uperturv through wliich ber tnuint spouse had diaapiwonML 

Woodstock would bare also asaociatioiu with his own tiua. 
paUc« bad be«n one of the places of the queeu'a cosfincment dnring 

' " UcaM [fran CunbnrT } v« vent (o Mirtfa* fiunotw w«il«, aamrml and i 
gnllt and Malalni. nalltd Bobell'i WtOlk. At GartoM. TItu UwlieU had 
MOWIarjr U> laf l-c"nl Vcmlaiti. It it an cxtngtdioafj nlitodc Ttwiv b* ^J 
iBon«i«a 1 a fntft mbun lur lay in a banuaiMk like kn iDiiian. Utaoa w. 
Dkklaj. u aun«Bl *i«t uf Un bt^ca, now Sir Um. Lw'c ; it ia a lo». anci*r - 
h«wc. with a frtttf tioTlli^-(r*«n. Mf UJygHT* u> an eitiwudinu^ dinb^c -.-^ 
Rntloneo'* mulbrr mt OmM4m «< B«ekM«r, who w«a alto thn*, bbO Sir ytaliti 
Halal Joha. TV- ' 'm |ii«tnn« rf tUir asirwlin ii«t Ill.jiaimaJ; • 

IBMUatliM Itwl . .till ol the Uatur ; llMtc whj i^o plMiir^ of a I . , 

owHavlnnr* liiwL ^. b« niintd la Con\ivry.''—Kxtlyv'» ! 1^1 

TlMilirllMiir Lm wnald b(i.M>lkrwdat4jtoM~FrvmK-lnn{-((! ' ^H 

flMtl'aliera. IL vwilil Ijltf pleuMi thnaathcv ■< ^^M 

vhm hb hMniafaranrfotUoH, iBiut fflm L'l il^H 

ui ui(tit bar* |<Mi«A ih* bwd. t piMb«d Ou car, nf hu Mtminr wbui a bogr. ^H 



riitar'a nagn. It wm hore site Umrd tho mllkm&td aiiu^g, and enviod 
Iter b&ppf U>t. Tlio vermm dim u »mi to Imrc wrilten upon tbat oecujon 
may bAV« been still dcdphenUe in Sbak^ieare'R time, and li« nwj luva 
foruMd tli«in oa tiieir (>xtnu»<dinad7 taU«t :— 

Fonnne, bow tb/ itallaM, Taroring state 
lUih «Toaetit vilh nrM my tnubled «it I 
WitsoM tlita prcwnt prit-on wIijUmt t»IM 
Could b««r mp, ftni! th« Jojs 1 quit, 
niov <«<unl\t tho fcailiy to 1* lond 
Vrom b«4i<U vltanin an EbuoubU anehMed ; 
Caiuing &m gailtlcM tg b« ttnit rawrrtd. 
And fVMini! thow iW il«a[li lmr» wall doHrrMl. 
But by brr teklice ete Iw nolhiii|[ vroiBf bl ; 
So Ood MDd Ig mj ftwa ftU tbty iMTt ibongliL 

Aod so, by Begbrooke Aod WolrerMtc^ vitli a. drink, p«r1ispt. At 
Aristotle's well, iuto OxTcnl by Bt. Gilot's Stnet, to tti« Crown, «-, 
pcrliApiK. on hilt lii^ yjmt^ to MQic hntnbW shcJter. 

^V^ll^^ n rcTclAtion of dclij;ln and beauty to the youth fnim StrnLford I 
[t would forra nn «[K>ch m liui lifL>, this fint pnoing under tlio spoil of 
OxJbnl. lb WM Iik« entoriiig tl)« Fravnco. The collAgm, nlrcady 
TCnctmLlv, HCctunI the Tcry lutnm of learning and tliought. Dis shrevd 
ofaaervHlion wuultl, indeed, prsseQUy Biigf^t to bjm that Tolly and 
igoorauce had bero and there intruded tbemselvea, and that often the 
^fllaus must be btniliing far tboao called their sons ; but w brood and 
tine a critic would never make tlieblunda*offi?rguttiiig in certain abuses 
the mngnificent nsos and the magnifiMot fruits of the great school witMn 
whoso (irecincta liiB heart beat with a new rapture. It was a temple 
dedicate] to Wiadom, and we aiay hcliero lie bowed bia hmd in it with 
a sinnra worship. To say nuitdng »lse, tho mero outward baauty of 
tbe place, its balls and quadranglM and grovn, its antiquity which 
showed oa "a lusty viuter, frosty but kindly,*' its stately towers, tb9 
m^uatic rirer on whose waters Its fidr faoa was mirrored — the mere out- 
ward bMoty of Um pla«o would gladdfu Kin inmoxt snnl. 

(iii) From Ox/oni to liujh ifyeombe, 3S miles. — The common route 

from Oxford to London was byTetawortb, High Wyoombe, and Beacons- 

field. It was by this route that Bninetto I.Atini, from whom we have 

already quoted, prorcedrd in the thirt«<intli otntury. Haninon, in ttio 

EUmbotKon ti^e, in his chapter on T1iorou)>hfaT«(t, mnttiong it This ia 

^■bis list of the intornicditttc pLacea : " ^Miatleie, ThetJaford, StooUng- 

Hkhnrdi, East Wickham. Botvonsfield, Vxbri<t^" Tbo Stratford eiti- 

Bxana wrnit Ibis way on the oceanon referred to ahorc. So Erolyn, in 

1664, goinx "witli my lord YiiK-t. Cortibuiy to Combiny in Oxford- 

8hir«i, to naiiitt hini in tho planting of ili« park and bear him oompkny, 

»witJi Mr. Bellii mid Mr. May, in a ooach with sx horses; dined at 
Vxhridgc^ lay at Wickau." Retnmini; from Oxford, " ve came back 
by Bouoiuificld ; noxl dny bo Londou, wh?r« we dined at the lord Cboa- 
TOi. uxr.— Ko. 206. 5. 









iog ttwUfl 

coUor'a with my lord BeUaais." Aad cndlMS otliar insUooce la^t 
Ipven. But the routi; by Henley b aoarceJy four miles longer, and oo 
douH woa often lakco. 

81ijJc8f)«&re would lAstt down " the Higb," aiul licneatli S[iigd«lcB 
Tower, across MagdaJeu Bridge, «ud tliru lurii (■> tlu' Irft. Ho mi^t 
keep to thr Duia TO«td, go on Dp Iloddiiigton Hill, nnd so jiaas atmi 
ForaBt Hill, whei-e the PowcUs livvai, v-itb whom Aliltuo was to I*e ow 
dkj- ooDDecbedt [>«rba]M excbiuigiug • " ^ood munvw " witlt the fatvn 
btbcr of Mit7 ; or. mom )iro1nlily, lio would t«k« thn nrarer roftd whM 
TIUI8 jtut nortli of Uonpotb, uul so to Wbvatlvy. Thcu croaiqg the 
Tbune, on to Tctsworth, w1k6i« b« miglit p&oEe to look at tho 
KulpCtiras over tlifi south <loorway of tlia chureh. Thcii mouiitiog 
in front of hun, be would find tito Chilt^imK oow doM mt biiii<l, 
from north toBonth before him liken nail, hero richly boech-woocl«d,th«r^ 
Imts down. KoRi- Aston Itowsnt, which lies » littb to the north of ik 
xood, th(T« were ohjcots of tDtercftt oq uiLlier hand tbat might well Inn 
attracted him, did hU leiBitre atm. Some two uil«s to (he soutli th<n 
VAB Shirbnnui Cnstlo, looking mnch as wo ko it aow, much >« the nwc 
of the fourteenth century bod eoon it, with its lownra and moat aud dniv- 
briclgOB, tut perfect a rc[>rcaoiit«lion of the Middle Agea tu <-Jcwts, ** 
■nppoae, at leoat oxUiriorly ; the iutcrior in modemiMd. It w&a ben. 
bat not ta the pronpnt building, wbich ihitos from ]:i77 neoording W 
Unrray, that Brun«tbo liiLuu piussnl a night. Some eijjht milm tu tb* 
north fi-on) A>ton Ttowant, he would find localiaed tnutitloita of a kng 
on whom be was biiu»«lf to confer immortul duitinctioa ; for tlic KimblM 
— Gmtt KimMc, Little Jvimtilc, and Kimbk-wnck — uuir Priucos Kli 
Ixiroiigh. »r« Bftid to hnro dorirt^d thoir name from Cyiiiboline, or KunJ 
bolinus afud Oeoflray of Monmouth, Kimlxrl aptul Jioifri o( Glon- 
owter. A yet older form of bia uatue — tlie form fuimd on r^rrtaiu mtufl 
■—Is fouiu] cicse by in CuDolielic's Cainp. The mound by Orvat KtmUtt 
church, the WbtteliW CroM on Rrom IloIIy ITill, and the cnrtbwotlc juit 
mentioned, all give to tbo ncoghboorhood a stmngo traditional int«ra>t. 
Anil it baa olbor duums, llie vien- to the wrat, from near CuooboUB^ 
Camp, i» of unusual extent and Waitty ; ond it i« good to be than tot < 
luminec'a orciuiig. 

lie louk«0 anil Ktw khIv lorril'irj tj'nnJ 
Bafon Mb, tuwaa asd rural vorLa bvlumm. 

Let ns oow go on our way from Aston Bowatil to the <.'biltenu, U 
StokeodiarGh Hill to Stokfiidiurch. Tbiek wood altll MVi-n Ui«^to.W" 
of the ChUtonu here ; the tlunrca that ouco snarmed in tbxn mre no 
morv, or mlbiT fa»vo transfcrml tlioiii»ulveti to miuit otbor Intit, for «J 
oannot fUttur OHniclTes or tlwm Hint Uiny ha^'O grown h'-'—-' TMM 
only do iMt rob boiw letnoiw thcra a no ono to roh, aniJ ^^M 

u-ay [if ilyin-; the Ihiium fdali.). S' ''-^1 

ttuw H. ilnu' luile ; i; - Una to di ' _ 'J^l 

atth« prwunt timo thoy are liite an^di' viait*. On now asni^^H 


W Common 



Common into Btickiiighatnfiluie, to Wn>t 'Wycombe, not. in ShalupeAn^ 
tuiie Jdormiid bjr k diuivli wo uaiii^tl]r «im1 in itiich vilo twrto, 'with ibi 
" hjrpaftbni] nia.uao1«imi," which lM>la mther like an overgrown pouiul. 
And BO to Hi^-b or Cliii>|iit4; Wjrcombe, cnllvd ulivo l>; ITnmsoii, ns wo 
liuvo M«n, EfiJil Wvi-otiiW, whom most interesting feaUire is ita lui-»a 
luid hanilAome rhtircl), wiUi itn fine Perpendicular tower. 

(it) Prom Uvfh Wycomhc to JMxulon, 2D ntilis. — -The hmuI rnos aJong- 

aiile of the Wick till, wlum a uule bejrODtl Loiidvat«r, that ctteomlet 

turiia soutli towKnls the Tbamoe ; and tken makoti for Beaconsfidtli to bo 

nude funous in nflcr dnys 1»7 tlic n>M<lMicA of Waller (ut Knll Rams) 

mid Burk« (at Grc^rj^'s, or Butler's Cotirt, an ho natoctl it). Tbo 

ctiurck lies olooe \*j tlie u-A>-iiiil«, ttntl uitglit well iitttwct tli« trnrttll«-r'ii 

nottcr. And dovt oii b}' k giMiUe dmvut, [lamiti^ on the right of BuK 

^Btrodo Fitrk, witli its old csrthvrork *inl legwwl of yajccn JkHn^, and 

tbm noixas the common byGomrd'H or .Tarrett'sCrom. Anil so doming 

Jte Coinc into MidiMtwx, to Vxliritl^, in wUmc miiin street still stAod 

DAny hoosea that, to jnd^ from t]i(<ii- ft))peiLmuc« luul iriyle, w«r« there 

iXisax SlulcBpwi-e {Nuwcd tlimtigh. Tiio place hnii long uiitnhoiw i1» 

Buitlicr rillngo. " Though," snjfH n writer* in 17RI , " it ia rnti«'oIjr indo- 

atlcnt, Mid ill govern*^ hy two hoiliOii, tvo conMnblca. and four hcml- 

>ruit};h*, it i> only n hnniliit to Gmit IlilUtijfkin " [no]. 

The roud wuuhl now, no doiiht, bc^n to giw vvidfiiL'e of iJie proxi- 

inity of Umi ui«>tn;iK>li!i iu ou lacreaaiuj; uiiuilKr of pnaaengers. The 

nttnu'ttro forca of tim grftut centre would W mo«! miinif«rtly rIh-iwii, and 

iilu khfican) vronid Rtn tvaU-ikin^ UlnstniUoo of ouc ofhb own similes : — 

Ai wnnjr amvft. looMd Mrtml «^}'b, 

CamcloMia mark; nsanajr uitjanwM tn oooUwa ; 

Aa nuajr frieli alrcawi nrM ia oik ult ma; 

A* l&*(>y liBO* r'"M in itio ili*r> ciAira ; 

flkt DUJ' u thmuiiiiil HiiiiMiB, unru sfool, 

Qui ii) una pntpuiii, noj bo all vc-ll bonw 

'\Vilbjat dcft«L 

>*itnu Hintiig'lon Ifill, with Harrow ou Lis Itift and Windsor iu tko 

iliaUiiH'o OD htn right, liL> iruuUI louk down on tlic cliikni]inigu iu whit'li 

jiidon lies. And then, now on Uk' vcti- Lhn^old of bis Proiuiwcl 

kiid, ncr\AB Ilillingdvu Keath, and through J?orthcx>t«, nenr Soutlwll ; 

rer Uuuwrll Cuintiion. ihn)U(;h ><>Uin^ Dnui to Aclon, hy KeiiKiugton 

IrwTRl Pits, ijtrouj;!! Tvbui-u, iill along OJ'foi-il Htnwl lu fw im llij^li 

wiiMi. followio^ the old lino, he voiild turn off by 8t. Giloe'-in- 

be-Fiehls (tJun tuUly so), Mt<t ]>ruceeil alun^ Kruiid Street, and m> aloit;; 

lolbutii, buusea now heginoing to iuulti|>ly aroutMl liitn, and so, nt liMt> 

fbtu Loxoux. 


* l»tJo» and itt Kt^iwif, See.. rol*. Pftnlcd^r R. ainl I. Dodaloj. 1T8I. 


" ©ttf of t^e moui^ at babes.* 

Mr little niece and I — I read 

My Plato in my easy chair : 
And she vas building un the floor 

A pack of caids with wondrous carCL 

"We worked in silence, but, alasl 

Among tihe cards a mighty spill. 
And then the little vpe exclaimed, 

" Well I Such is life I Look, Uncle WiU 1 

I gave a start and dropped my book — ■ 

It was tiie Fh»do I had read — 
A sympathetic current thrilled, 

Like lightning, through my heart and head. 

I eyed with curious awe the child, 
The unconscious Sibyl, where she aat, 

Whose thoughtless tongue could babble forth 
Strange parables of life and fate. 

Yes, such is life I a Babel huuae, 
A common doom hath tumbled all, 

Ku>£> Queen, and Knave, and plain, and trump, 
A motley crew in motley fall I 

We rear our hopes, no Pharaoh's tomb. 
Nor brass could build eo suro a name; 

But, BOOQ or late, a sad coUapse, 
And great the ruin of the same. 


A.b mich IB life t Uh, Bad and stmnge 

That Love and Wisdom so ordain ! 
Some ere the Builder's hands have yet 

One card agauut another lain; 

Some when the house is tiny still ; 

Some when you've built a little more ; 
And some vben patience hath achieved 

A second, third, or higher floor. 

Or should you vin tlie topmost stage, 

Yet is tlie strength but toil and pain — 
And here Ae tiny voice rqoined, 

" But I can build it up again." 

My height of awe ivas readied. Can babes 

Behold what reason scans in vaint 
Ah, childhood is divinn, I thought, — 

Ym, Tiizne, build it up again ! 

F. E. T. 

gu:tl Q^onscion&ntss. 

RAmm mora Uuu two yt»xa kjto we co-^nd«rKl * in tliMO pi^M 
tlioaiT orijEmnlly prapoanila] by Su- Heoi? Holland, Imt tbeb reoODlljr^ 
lulvoattal b^ Dr. Brovrn-fieniiiinl.of New York, thnl »-e Uave twobrmoi^ 
pscli p«rfiKil7 mfflciRUt for tlie Tiill perfomuuice of mcotttl functions. Wfa 
dul Dot tor our own jmrt oitlier wlvooite or oppose llukt tbeorjr, '"^l 
simply Donaiderec) lliu (acts »)iic]i bx-l beon nT^<t\ in viipport of it, or^ 
whidi then oomrrr*! bi un a^ be«riiig vpon it, wbetlwr for or agiunrt. 
We 8liow«<), bow«fcr, tlutt Mtia« cIm»« of pliAnonwoft which IimI Um) 
(|iiot«<l in support of tbc th«ory iwemed in reality opjnaod t» it wben aU 
tbe ciremnitUiWiM were (Moa3(l<fr«]. For ejtainplp, BrowTi-SwjOArd bail 
nSemi to mue of tboM well-ktunm cuni in wlitch durin]; asrent illncM 
■ IftoguM^ forgotton id tbcjwtient'iionKnninrronditiainlMdlxaai ivadltd. 
tbe Koollection of the Un^iufCB endiinn^ only while the illnffis I«al«L 
Wo puiutej to It oisc in wliicb Uicre liwl not Ixvn two ueDtnl coQ<lit[OD 
onlv, AS inilicat^d hy tbe lau(pta^of die patieut, but tbrce ; the |>cii>>nn in 
rjiimltun hiiviiu; in the be^nning of hi» illnMa i^kcn Kni;ItHtt only, in 
Uip uiiddlc uf Ilia illuwii Frtmrli only, luid on ibe <Uy of Kin ilmlb Itatiia 
only (lbi< Uofpu^ of bis cbildboocl). Thtt intetpratntioi) of that eue, 
and of otJken of a Httnilar kuid, muHt, wa t«uuu-ked, bo vi-ry tliffistvnt 
droin that which Brown-Setiiini-'l luwigtu!!), pcrbftpA eonwtly, " to eus 
at tvofold Buintul liTg." A Wto of the iMt-nnmctl kind has ivoeutly beto 
dineowed in sci^nlific circles, wliith apixton to lui to ht»r vvty forcibly on 
the gunatioii wlieUin- HolUml')) thmi^ of a dual braiu ia convct. Wo pro- 
ymm bi-icfl y to iln<ci'ibi> imil Examine tbin cimr, nn<l Aomti othoni l>c<loagioi{ lo 
tb« vMBfi class, two of which were toitdmd ii[>on in our fomcT eany, bnt 
aUghtly onty, aa fonuiug but a muill (Art of tin* eriiknco dealt with kj 
Brawi)-S(i|uiml, wtioep nr!;iitiM.-ii(« wo uctc tlieii ronKiilpriii};. Wp wiA 
liow to ilnil, not witii tliA <|itt«iiii:i of tli'* ilualUy of tbti liraiu, Iwi wik 
tho iDore gem-ral qaoitiim of diinJ or intemutt^nt rotiMciivauicaa. 

Ajoiii? Ihi! cast* di-all with by Brown- 8a{uard was that of a boy i 
NotOng Ilill, who luul two inDiital Iivtk. Xeillirr lifu jirfMonUnl aiiythin 
e^effjally r«Hai'kaliIc in ttMlf. Tlus boy wiis n wcll-nuuiiu>ii-<I Iml in 
alnonual as well an in bi» uona&l oowUtiou, — or ooo iii^ltt nil 
my (m will appmr mora cIcaHy nftcr other cAsm have boea conatl 
|.ttuit the ttea Icya wtre qtiba atKl well-bubnvetl. I'-' ''>om« 
frm WPTi^ RDtinly iIUuimii. In bk nonoa] coiiilitioti tli' 

■ 8«Um Oar»i^ it.ufn;iMt (or StjAaai^, tS7*. 



ajt; wlijdi hnA Tia|)|)eneil Id 1m alxiorrnal n>n<Iition ; and via wn4, 
liin k^itoi'tiuil eciiKJitioQ lie n^uxrTiilicriv) nothing vhich h»A lui[>peoed 
in hia nomuil comlition. He chnngcd from rithcf comlilion to tbe olhnr 
tu dieBune maaocr. "Tlie ki»<l wnaaeen (o MI ntuf cjunlv, nnd hia «y«« 
cloMd, Imt hs rmutinPtl «in>ct if iit«nclii^ at t.lio ttra?, or if dttini; be 
noiainrl in tkikt |w«it)on (IT (alkln^, ho stopped for n while, atxd if 
movtiifc. he stopped moTing) ; itnil kfW a minute or ivro hia bmd kmo, 
ho started up, opened liia r^rva. nnd van wido awnko i^uit." Wliilo 
the heed tnw dro>ped, be appeurM] m if oithor Bleeping or &lling uWp. 
lie remunnl in the kbnonnal ntato for a period which nriod bet'ween 
on" liour niid tlii*(» bouts ; it itp])enrs that every diijr, or newly evnj d*y, 
ba fell una* into bis abDomiitl condition. 

Utia CMC nood not d«dain as long ; but there ue oome points in It 

diwcrw! more attention than thcv »«»m to haTV reeeived from Dr. 

Hcqiiord. It IB clear that if tba nqnnal and abnarmat luoatal hvca 

of (.UiH l<oy Irad beeo eatiielj* liiatinrt, theo iti the nlnionnaJ condition he 

^wrouM have )>e«n ignorant and — !n Uiose |>oiiitM in vrhich nannei-K depmd 

^■m tnuuiug — iH-manuctwI. Ho would have known only, in this condition, 

Kwhat he bad loiime<i in thlt condition : and as only about a tenth pArt of hi* 

Vlif« vaa )iBssed in the aVnornal condition, and ptesiunablj Ibat portion 

of lltn life not iimially nolecbed lui n suitable time for teaching him, iho 

^Mbnonnal l>ay vvtihl or ui>ceMUty Ik mndi more bockwnnl in alt things 

^Krhidi tJiC yoimy m-e taught than the uoraul boy. A* nothing of this 

^nciud was noted, it »-ouId apjwnr pro'tttil« that th« l>oy'8 earlier yoan 

™ were common to both lir«t, nnd that his uncon»do»Rnen of his otdinanr 

life daring the abnormal condition mtend^l only to thoae parts of his 

onlinnry life which had [«med since tboao sdjEures ba4 begun. Vn- 

(briimat^y Binwu-Sc^iiard'a aooonnt docs not mention when this bad 


It dom not iip|Hiir that Uio diuil brain theorj' is re<]aired ko fi\r as 

Ithta cnae n concerned. The (ibniotnena seem rather to suggmt a poouliarity 
iu tbi? cirCiilftllon of the bruin corwsponding in seine decree to the condition 
Brobftbly prevailing during •omnarobuliRin or hypnoti«m. thotigh with 
pianctcrietic di ffia c no B. U may at Icnitt lio said tlutt no more mlid 
Teanon exiiitti for nvmlini; this boy's esse as illiiHtmting the difl- 
iiDDtlTe dnalHy of t)ii> lirnin than fur ho rogardin;; wnio of tlie more 
lemarttnble cnsee of comnnnibulam ; for though ihcm^ difTor in certain 
from tbn boy's Case, (hey mcmble it in the ciroumxtanoea on 
rbicli Itrown-Scqtiani'sftrgumeut ia foitnded, 6pc«kinf; generally of hyp- 
-thnt Ifl, of (MBsamlmliiim artificially prodnced, — Dr. Carpenter 
"In brpnotima. as in ordinaiy somnnmbnlicm, no rcmcinbmnco 
wlwterer in jnrMrvcd, iu the waltin^c fttate, of anylbing that may have 
oiTirurTRl ditriii; its contintance ; ultbongh thn pTerioiia train of thought 
may (<e tnkt^i up and continued nnintorrnptrdly on the next occaaioui 
irl>en liyyinotiim ia induced.*' Iu these resjteota, the phenomena of 
liypo"'' -I'l i.i'-.' r'-if!i>''r' tIi-«»- of dual WBfldouanew as observed in 



bho boj'i oasR. Id what folloTa we obeorvo icAituras of div Btymca. Una ! 
" when the mind is not cxciUmI to acUi-ily by the stimulna of eoEtenial 
im[»eraaoiis, th« hyimotized subject appcon to bo profounill j naleep ; ■ 
irtAt« of compt«te torpor, in (Wot, being iisuftUy thn fiivt ratult of tt« 
pmMMi jutt deceii bed , ud any sahsoqiient muufeabtiian of actiTitr ba( 
procarkblo only by th« pL-ompting of ilie operator. ^Cbe hypnotuvd aahjaft 
too, nrely apem his tfyte; his bodily n«vc&i«nt« an osnaDy dov; hii 
niBDta) ofwratioitn rnqiiiro a oonmdetmble Cimo for tiuar peifonauieit 
»Bi2 ihoro in altogctlmr lui n}i{icARiaoe of heavin«m about htm, whui 
oontruu Rtroagly with thccoiDpii.r)ttLV0ly -widoawakeEirof lum wbobu 
not pttMed beyond the ordinary biological state." 

It vouUI not be nay to find an exact panllel to the oaae of the two 
liredboyiauy raoordcd iiurt«aoeofiK>iiuiMabaUtm. Id fad^ il htn'h* 
rcmefflbered that rocordod instucea of mental phenomena iire all floleelcd 
for the Ter)' raeaon that they ajo cxcoptioniU, so that it would bo iiDreafloo- 
ftblo to expect tlieiu cloetely U> nioeinble each other. One esutt, howerer, 
may be cited, which in certain puinia rasemldcM the caw of Dr. Brown- 
Senjuard's patient. It oocurt«d withia Dr. Oai-[><>u tor's own oxpericom. 
A young lady of highly nerroiu tompcranient Kufferod from a long aa4 
BGTero illnoM, chantct«rized by all tho ioo«t marked fonii* of hyrtcnotl 
diaorder. I n the coune of this illneas camo a time when abc had a 
Boacenion of soiunambuliBtic onimiTH. "The state of aomnomfaDliBB 
luoally vuporr-cDcd i» IhiN cnao in tho waldng state, instead of Mising, m 
it more commonly docs, out of tho condiUona of ordinary sleep. In thit 
condition, her ideas were at first eotirtJy lunHl upon one mbject— tha death 
c^ ho* only brother, whii^i had occurred eome y»n prsviouflly. To this 
brotber she had been very strongly attached ; ahe had nnned him In his 
last illness; and it via perhaps the return of the anuivemur of hi* 
death, ahotit tbe time when tlm Bomiuuubulism tindon^inTtil, thali^re 
to bar thoughts that part*calar dir^tion. She talked constantly of him, 
rrtreoed all (ho ctrcnmsUnccs of bin illims, and was anDonsounia of any* 
thing that was said to Iicr which bad not n-iereaoe to this aul^ect, . , . 
Although hflr e^ei were open, she rooogidsad ao ooo in this Mate, — not 
even h«r own iwfter, who, it ahould bo meotionod, bad not boon at hone 
at the time of her brother'a last illneas." (It will presently appear, bow- 
OTVr, that abe was able to nnoguUG thom who wcra about her dating 
llicM) attacks, sinca she rvtainod ill-faeling against one of tbem^ 
OT«>r, tho senteDccs which immediatdy follow saggesl that Ihe seuae 
ng^t was not dormant.) " !t bappennl oa one occauon, lluit whsQ 
pMed into this condition, her aster, who was present, was weatiag 
lodcet oontAininj; mxnti ot Uicir dooeased tirothor's hnir. As Boon as A* 
pCTtrived this lorkot, i>he madn a violent imatch at it, and wo\iId not k 
ntiaficd until ahe hail got it into her {imaettuoii, whiii nhi: Us^an tn tali 
lo it in the most ondeimuf; and 6v> 

«WD SD stni&jfly esdbei) ou ihia m ;, » - b 

to check them; and aa ibo was isacoemihlo to all entrautKa I ■ 


raUnqoiahmott of tlie lo«ket, form w» einploj^ to obtkin it fion fa«r. 
She WM so (letermUieilt bowercr, not to gir« it u)>, and ytu m laigry at 
Uta gmtle violcnoe uaed, Ibat it waa fouud wx^aatry to abandou Uie 
attempt, aqlI luiviii]{ bwooie cnliiK^r after a tiiii« elia imiwmI off Into 
ordiiMTT alocp. Before goiag to 8*M[>, however, fibe placed tho locket 
vujtr her pillow, remarking, ' Now I hare hid it aafeljr, and thnj shall 
not Ukc it froD) ini^' On awakiog in the momiDg, iilio had not tho 
■Hglifwit conacionanew of wliat lu»l [uunsail ; Imt the impteMion of tlie 
•scited fedinga still r«tn*ined ; for hIio rcmarkwl to Iwr nsta: : ' I cannot 
tell what it ia tliat makes me fed so, but orei; time that S. comes near 
IDC, I hare a kind of Rhiuldoring Kcnntion ; * tbo indiWdual uuncd Iteing 
a wr^ast, whoao coiutant attention to hex hiul given rise to n footing of 
iitrotu; attMhmeut on the Hide of the invalid, but who had been the chief 
actor in tlic acem of the preTioiis evenioft- Tliia teiMng wore ofl* in tbo 
cuurM of a day or two. A few dnrs aflcrwariln, Uio iiomaambuliant 
again roturoed ; and the patient hcinx upon ber bed at the time, 
ioiinediatctT bcfpin to Kcnrch foi- tbn lot-kel undnr ber pillow.' A» it had 
been removMl in the intarval, " Hb« was unable to fiml it; at which abe 
expttased great diaappotatn>eut, and coutltiucd aearcLing fur it, with the 
retnark, ' It must he tberv ; I put it tli«r« iu_<reelf a few miniitM ago, and 
no one can have taken it away.' In this state tho prosonce of tJ. rtnowod 
Ikt prerigua feelings of nngt^r ; and it wan only l>y tending 8. out of the 
room that she could be calmed and induced to aleep. The pRtient was 
tbo Bubjevt of many aubetticiuctit attacks, in evei^ oiu^ of which tho an^r 
afcaiiut S. rerived, until tbo current of thought rhnngod, no longer ntn- 
niiig flxcluuTBly upon what related to ber brother, but becoming capable 
of direction by rug^tatioit* of vurioits kinda praiented lo bor mind, dither 
in oonvcnituon, or, more directly, tbrougfa the several organs of mensL-." 

We bavi* been particular in quotiug tlic above aocoimt) because it 
appouK to us lo illuatmt« veil, not ouly tlie relation botwoen the phtoomf iia 
<^ dual ooiuciousaww and aonmambtiliun, bnt the dependence of cither 
«IaM of pbcDoncna on the physical conditian. If it should appear that 
dual conaoknisiieaa is invariably nwu<-intoJ widi boidc (liiranlcr cdltiLT of 
iW DorvofUi aysbKa or of IIm; circulation, it would bo Impowiible, or nt 
Tor; difficult, to maintaiu Brown- Soqoard'a explanation of the boy's 
For one can hardly imagiiM it poesible that a disorder of tbo sort 
•bonld bo looaliiusd no far M ibc bnun is concemnl, wh)l« in other respects 
aflhctiug tho body gmierally. It w> chancoa that the remarkable caac 
Taomtly dealt with by French men of acienoc fomia a wort of eonneoliDg 
link between the boy's ou» and tbe case just citetL It f losely resembles 
tbe fimner iu certain chataoteristic features, while it reeembtca the latter 
tit the etlitaioe which it aflorda of the influ«DO» of tbe pliyaical oondition 
OD tho pbeaotaraa of double conwioameM. Tbo ori^nal norrativo by 
M. Asun ia oxoeedingly prolix ; but it has bc«n iddKully oondeoued by 
Mr. H. J. Slack, in tho pages of a quarterly jonnial of science. "W 
n^^faypw his Teniion ia the main* 

^ — -.- ■ ^s; «^ 




Tbo subject of the disonlei*, FeliiU X., was t>ot-n in Bonleaux in 164& 
TTntil the ftg« uT tltirtrcn sli« llif^ol1^d in oo n«]w«t from otbor girlt. liut 
about tlutt time sjriiiiiUMiix of b>»ter}ciU ditwrdct- prcwDterl Ltionselvce, 
ftnd altbongfa she was froo from lioig-diaeaM^ she vaa troublexl witb 
ftei|uoiit i^tiMiti^ of Idootl. Aftn* ttiU luu] onnliiniml atioiit a jeu*, dw 
for Uic fint tirao imuiiffntri) tlio pbcnomcaiik tif 'Imililc im<^>nKcii>aniCM. 
Shnip paiiui nttAokMJ both ti>iupl«t, and in a Tcvr nionait* slis hMome 
DDConsciotii^ TliU Imtvl ton minntoa, nfter which sIia ifpond her 
ef«ti, anil fiut«i«d into wLal XI. Aioiio cnlla her sMond ftt&lis iu whif^li aho 
retunhicH for ku liour w tvo, ijtvr wliii-]i tlif \vut» nntt uumtiscioiuiiMi 
cun« on ngnio, itnd slio rrtttnicl to hrr onltnnr)' roiidition. At ititenmb 
of ftbont fiTA or idjt days, imofa attacks vem »[>0Ated ; end hor nkLkm 
noticed tliut li«r cbiuiu:ti>t' uod condtict itMrin;; her nlinorauil statu wtw 
chatq^d. FiiHliug also that in h^r nsiinl <'uU'lition sho te]Bf!uit^t«>t 
nothing which had posMd wbcii abe wiih in the other Htiito, they thimght 
b1i« WM boTOTninji; idJMio ; and proAMilly rallol in M. Acbu, wbo wm 
connectnd with n lunatic anjrluni. Fortunatcl; he waa not no enthnsiaalfc 
n stiidfTit of titc-nUl alim-RtJon tts to roMw^iso n casc for tlic binntui 
asylum in every inslancp of phenomciul raeutJiJ ntUoo. Do found Fdiila 
istcUif^t, but melancholy, niorotn, aiid tncituni, very indiwitrioiw, nod 
with a strong will. She ^lui Tny anximis ahcKit bar bodily bnUth. At 
this time tb« mental changes occumM uoi« frequently thun b&lisn. 
Nearly trvmy dwy, as «li» sat with hm- work on her knees, a viotuit 
patu HhoC suddenly thixHigh her tnuplcs, her Itoad dropped npon ber 
brcnat, hfr htvm WI by btr Kidr, and ■he jnwxxl into a sort of slcqi. from 
which ndthoi' noees, pinrhn;. nor pnolcs cotibl HMiiken Ih^. Tl ' ' '\'>a 

liMlt^ nriw only two or llin* minutoa. " .''Iih w«kc up in rjn: )mr 

stnlo, funlliDg gnily, sjmilitn^ brixkly, and trilling (/reilonfiant) ovtr bw 
work, which f^o rccommcucod at the jfoiat where nlin left it i^ho would 
got ii|i, walk nc)iv«ly, and jcntriely ramjilainMl of any of llio pains sli« >iad 
suffisrol to wverely n few miuiiu-fl lieToiv. 8I10 buKwd boradf about the 
bo*»o, paid calls, nod Mmvod Itko n boallhy young prl ot her ag«. In 
thin itate she mutrobei-cd perfectly all that lind Iiajipennl in hm- two 
(toiidilioiii*.'' (In (hu nnjiei^ h<>rra'Mt in dijiliiuit from both tlie formor, wu) 
in qiiilo fxn<|iti«Tinl. In fnrl'. tlM< indiudon of (be oonacioutinm of botli 
(MS'liliouJi diinng the roniiiiiMnce of one eoudilii^n unly, rmdcrM Iior caw 
not, ilTictly Rpr^alcin^, one of ilmililcimnsciouKtM^iwiitho two conditiotui not 
beltix jicrfrctly diatiuct from each other.) " tit tliis Bocond life, aa in Ike 
othrr. Iier inoral niid inl^llecttwl fncultitfi, tboiigb diffetvnt, wi-m in* 
conU«tal>ly hciiiimI. Aflpr a liino (which in IHr>Ft IiwLed tbrr« or four 
Itoars), h«r gaiety dHapp«srod, the torpor soddeoly ensuMl, nud in twt> or 
three mlnutCH Rhe ti|)<?ni-d hei' ntn and Tvent^m) hpr oi-dioAry lift^ 
nwntniiiK any work itlio wim engngmt in jitnt whriv she left olT. In tbb 
Btato ihp bomoauM hnr Mndition, and wiu ifnito nneotuuHoiiH of what 
bad ]i«H«l in Uic prtvioua bIMa If aalu-d to cuntiutic a hallail ihn bad 
b«ou anting ebc know nothing about H, and if tJte had romiitd n viMtor 




»iAo bolipTwl Bhp liftd aoen no one. Ibe fofgeffiilneos extetuled to ©very- 
tiling vbtcb hajipened dnriiig liftr Beoond staUi, ftni] not -to buj itlvos or 
infonnition aLY|inrc<l h'fi>iT hrr illnoaa." Thus hor «arl)' life w»a held in 
rmunnlimnce duHoj; boUi her «oiiditioiM, lin- coDscioumowi in thcoe two 
nMKlttifma 1>eing in thb reupcct ninglo ; in her Mxxnul or less oeuttl roD<Uti«n 
sho r«in«iibnnw1 (Uso aU Um evcota of Lftr lif«. iuclading whitl liad pasaed 
idnoo iltcso Mixures bepm ; and it was onlv in b«r more usno] condition 
that ft portion of hoe lifo was lost to }ier — tliat, iuun«lj', wliich Wl passed 
during ber neoond nmlition. In 1 S!\S a ti«w phenomenon vm occanoiull; 
notictxl m occnnonMlly oocnrring — sho vcmid sometimes v»ko from her 
B«Kiad condition in a fit of tenor, recAgninn^ &o ono but her husbutd. 
The twTvtr did no* last lou^, howover; imd during sixtccQ j-«in of her 
Buuried life bar tiujbkiid only noticed this tenor on thirty octneiona. 

A [miiiful circumBlAQOti t>rending ber marriage Miacwhitt fordhly 

(shiliilMl till' disLinction between hrr tiro etiitm of 0ODKnouilD«H. Rigid 

In moDiliiy dunng her tttuul condition, ahn wm shocked bj the insults 

of K bratnl nw'ghbour, who UiU\ Iivr of a coiif&Miou nuulv to U. Azua 

dtirii^ her necoiid corutilion, and aocuMvI her of shamnuDg innoeenoo. 

Xho attack — imfortimittvly but too vxiU foitndvd us far us facts ircrc cou- 

centcd— lirouKhl on violent oonvulBions, which te^iuireJ medic«I nttmul- 

ance durinj; tvo or tlirce boiirs. It iit iinportjiiit bo uotira tlic difl<»«noe 

tJina indiflit«d ta^wron tho character of the poraon»liti<n corresponding to 

her two conditions. " Her moral faculttes," saya M. Aaaa, " were in- 

oontestahly oound in her meeond life, though diff'Tml," — hy wliich, be tb 

nntkntood, he nioiuu sJmply that hor aensc of i-ight and wrong was just 

dvrinfc her sccoad condition, not of course that her conduct 'vaa im- 

pmiediableu %e was in this condition, ui in t1t« other, albogether 

mp o aal ble for her nctinnA. B^it her puver of self roiitrol, or rather 

[Mrhapa tho rrlatirr power of her will as contpanxl with tendencica to 

^mroo^Kloin^, va» manifestly weaker daring bnr smccind condition. In 

^Kfiu^In ooeconditiou iilie wnAOiiptttctcdaiidwddnnMlliypiiin ajid anxiety, 

^pirheraa in tlie oth^* ^hc was aJmoot frM from [»iiu, ^y. tight-hcartcd, 

^PmmI hopoftd. Nov we cannot altOf^th«r agTc« with Mr. Sjlacb's remaiki 

B Ibat if, dining her kocoimI «Ia(j>, " uhe had oommituid a robbery or aa 

'^ wiiiiiiiialiiiii. no moral mipai^bility could hare Tiocq nsati nictl to rtwt upon 

b(r with any cei-taiuty, by any one a«i[uaiuted with her history," for her 

□lonal faculties in hernecondi-omliti()ti1>eing inoonteeitably iiouQd,Bho wan 

ll^^clearly r*wpunnbl« fnr hnr actiotiH while in tliat oondition. But certainly 

^■UiD (jaostion qfptmiahmnit for snch an oflbnce would be not a little compLi- 

^H»t*>' ' ' ' iwofoldpeiwoality, Totbewonum in herordinaiyoondition, 

|r«ii - noUiin^ of the Cfivaf. rommittMl [on the aappofution we oro 

dtnl . in tur abnonnal cuudiliuu, (lunii^iuent for that crime would 

■.'::ii utmost, aeoin^ Utat her UabUtty toent«i' into that condition 

: not In any dcgroe dependtd ou hw own will. Tlie drunkard wtw, 

in the uoraii^ with no recollection of the rrwiU of tlie paat 

ifindji hUnaolf in gaol for some crime committal during tluit time, 



•Ithoogli b« Djaj' ddijc the pnmbilunciil be baa to endara 
RUT« for > crime of which in bis ocdiajur omliliaa bs u ioca|»M^ 
Itooirft «t leMt tbaA he is reqxmnble for pUcing fcoB wJ f aoder iXmt, iaio- 
CDOe whidt made tfae crime poesiUe. Supponng even he had not hU 
Kvficient expme&CA of bis own dvarvcter wbeo ucder tba iaflneim ot 
liquor to have rttuoa to fear be might be guilty of tha ofteaea, he yd 
Ijemiree that to rnaka intoncatifta uodcr anj cixcomataooai ao oxeoM 
for crime would be mort AuifgBn'ui to Uie cotomuaity, aoil that b« cufim 
puniithneiit jortJy. But Ihe caae of dual oomaoimtcn ia altOfptlHr 
difareot, and certai&l; wbera laqMrneibili^ oiista undo- both conditiou, 
whila r«t impolae and the rcrtnintag; power o( will an diflhnmtly retalal 
in ooe and tbo other ouodilJon, the [irobtcan of iwtuQriau justice ia a noM 
porplexing od«. H«n an in edbct two different penotiB nddiikg in cut 
hodj, aod it in impoaaiblo to puniah one wibbcral [niiutiliiiig the othar 
miaCt. Sapponngjiutioe waited iuititthca)niorRia]«aaidit«OBwaai«Bumed, 
then th« oBender would protabljr reoojpiiao the jurtice of pontthaant; 
Int if the efle«ta of the puniahmeot coatinued until the usual oooditiac 
letorned, a penwn would mifier who was ootMcivus of no crime. If the 
offence were uurtltr, and if capital pasiaboMtit wore inllicUnl, tho iir£- 
oaiy iodividoalitf . innocent entiiely of murder, would be cxtiiigmiaU 
along with the first, a manifoc* injustic*. Ab Uuxl«y aays of a Btiaikr 
CMDo, " tbe problem of ret^nnbility ia bor« aa complicated aa that of th« 
prhuw-huhop, who swore aa a princo uwl not as a biahop. ' Bat. jrooi 
hi^oeai, if the piioce it damned, what will boratne of the lu«hop I ' eaiil 
tbe peaanL" * 

It doea not apptar to »a that there is in the case of Felida X. asj 
valid reaaoD for ngarding tbe theory of two bnuu a* the only availaMs 
explanation. It is a aotvworihy arcuuMaooa that the pains preaedmc 
each change of condition alI^.rtAd Wth sidM of the head. Soma modifi- 
cation of the circulatdun seems hujx^^ as the true cxplaaaiton of thi 
chanf^ in (xmdition, tbou^ Ute prMiae tuluie of such modiJfeatwii, «r 
how it may liave bem bnwglit alauut, would probably be v«i7 diffisult la 
d«l<rmine. Tb« abate of Iimlth, ho»rv«r, on which the attacks dqieodnl 
•e«DW to have a£((>cted the whole body of the patient, and the Moe pR^ 
sentaDQ faaturoBDggartuiganylatciulIocKliaatioaof tbeurebtnlchaf^iM. 
On the othar luuul, the caae of Sergeant F. (a fvw of tbr- ciivurastaana 
of which were neotioDed in our enay entiUe<l " Har« wo two Braiui I *), 
■oama to corra^ond with Pr. UolhuuTs theory, though thai theory U 
teon (fxpkining all the ctrcuuurtaocefi. Tbe man wan wounded bf 
bullet which rmctured hii Ufi parietal bone, and ii» righ4 ara and }•% 
wera ^most ifflBicdiatdy pamlyiod. When hfl recovered eow< 

■ 81iQ«U any dnatA «Ii«iWUi«ot eo»dIiliiiia nf do*) DiiH**«e u ■ ^ 

dMM, hoirewf. vhitb Ota attt imo daalt wiih to tba ftf abnuU rt- - ^j! 

ninl^ Ibaa Ibat a *lBiIUr 4itttmitj aamutabhlj , . ' 
Cbaai. iIm IW*aif iwlaa. Ii vuulil Iwrii l>mi ■!>.. 
(nalaknul on on* by wfattti ihi mlttt wouli) n>t *uir*r, aiiU tapMal |iua 
Istial^ CM OM wmU Uv« larohwl Ih* (Itatli cf iba ittUt. 



Ihiee weeks iBter, the rtgfit aide of tli« body waa coin|)let«l; panlyeed, 
tad remuued ao for a you*. Thcae circuntetanceA indicate thai the cause 
of tbs mucbicf still oxuiting t* lln: shock which thn l«ft nidc of ibc Ikrun 
recedved when tbo tusu wiu wuuotlvO. Tho ri^lil hidir miky huvc Icamud 
(■a It wvre) to Bxoroiae cJiu fimctions forniei'l^ htioa^ug to the htt aide, 
wul tbts may have fv»ci\ away Ute ptralyKU al&cting tbo riglit titdo 
uattl this bad happcnrtl. 'I'hcsv poiiiU luc discuiwcd in tb<; cscay nbo^'o 
tuuned, bowcv4>r, and need not here detain us. Others vhicb were not 
tbtsi doall iriib may doit bo DoUd with ttdvaalage, Via wuuld specially 
note aome which mider it doubtful whether in tho abnoimal oODdifion 
the man's brain acta at all, whether in fact his condition, so far as con- 
acioamem waH conmnwd, is uot tiuuilar U> tliat of a frog dejtrivctl of ita 
hniu in a eeruin wtiUkuown fxpcriiuout. {Tliis n[i))C»rR to be tho 
opinioa to which Proft%»>r Uuxloy inclLnea, though, with proper Bcieoitiflc 
caution, ho Mcutt diipoacd to unHpend his j udgnent ) Tho facts ara very 
ainguUr, whatever tho oxpliuuktiuu may \x. 

In tbo uonuul couditioD, tb« omu ia what he was before he was 
irouiKled — an intdligenl, kindly follow, )«rfonQlng aatis&ctorlly the diilica 
of a hospital attendant. Th« abnonaal ntnto is ushoroil in by ptatm in the 
forehead, as if mused by tbs consirictioa of a band uf iron. In this state 
tlMoyoian) opeu and the pupiU di1»t«d. (The reader will reroemb«r 
Charles lt«ade's deAcnption of David TkxlA'ntycf, "lik« those of aecal.") 
Tho eyeballs work ioocnaally, and tho jawn maiutaina chewing motion. 
If the man is m pay il« ixnnaistattoe, be Wttlkaabouliui usual; but inn 
n*w pla«», or if obslacli'H arc set in Ilih way, be stumbles, feels almut 
with his linnds, and tio finilx hi-i wuy. Ha oSSet* no resistance to any 
foRwa which may act upon bim, ami shows oo signs of pain if pina are 
thrust into hb IxKly by kintlly ox)M>t-imeoterB. Ko uoise aficvta bim. 
Ho cats and drinks aj>parently without tasting nr smrlling liis food, 
^ aooe[iting aaaafcctidn or vinegar as readily us the finest clarcb He is sen- 
bio to light ouly under certain couditiona. Btit tlie aenae of touch is 
'^stratigvly exalted (in all respects apjmrenUy »Ofpt as to seoMtious of 
jiain or pl(»siiri-), taking in fact tbo placo of all tlw other senses. We 
my the sense of touch, but it is not clear whether thei<e is any reiU sen. 
•ation at all. Tb« uad spjicara in the abDormal coiiditiou to be a tncro 
tnachlue. This is strikin^y oxemplitiod in thu followiog case, which wo 
tCNialalo directly &oia Dr. MwiMt's aooouut : — " Ha was walking iu. Uio 

Ij^ardea under a group of treoi, and his Etliok, which ho hiul dropped a 
fow iainutiusbcfon\waaplaouI in hb luuids. Hefwla it, moves his hand 
aeveral tiouM ntotij; tho bent liandlc of thv stick, bccoukes watchful, metna 
to listen, *udde:ily be calls out, 'IIenr>'!' then, < Tfacro tliey ore I there 
are at Ivavt • m-oic of iJiein I juiu lut two, wo sliall manage iL' And 
UuKi pntting his bnud behind his Inch tw if to take a nulridf:^ Iia gOM 
throiigb tlio moYcmcnt of loadiiii; bis weapon, layh biiiu<clf flat on the 
gnHc, his head concealed by a tr««, in tho ponturo of n ^nq«hooter, and 
with »hou]dex«d weapon follows all tlie moTcoK-nts of the enenij whom 



lie fiu)«i«i he MKi at a ufaort distance." TbU, however, b an WBtini; 
tlie nao cannot in this staio/aiM^ he sees, iinlesa be has at least a nxot- 
ImMoq of tbfl Hnuuition of sight, anrl this vnnM imply corebral »etin\ 
Huxley, Diorc cauttona, mvB jastlv that th(> quration sriiue " -whotlMr 
nf^riM of nctioiin ooniitituUug this nngular jmntomimr wAs ncoora: 
b; the ortlioajy stAtm of coDHdoiisiLeas, the appropriate tj«in of tdou 
not) Dkl Oir^ mail ilretun that he wtiit nlcirutinhing I or w.-«« he [a tfae 
corulition of ono of Yntioonaon's automata — a mochanism wnrkM b; 
molocuW dmtigc« in hia nervous systouil ThoftnalotO'firtlicfrogtho 
th»t tbo Inttcr amumpUon » porfcciljr jiutifiahlo." 

Thr paQtanuinic actions just reUt«(l correBponded to wh»t. prnbalil 
hii[ijii.-iicKl a few inotncnla Wore tlie niau wna woudJaJ ; l)ut this lii 
iuiti>iiut4ii (ko to ciill him. viihoitt thmmiug m to hia itcttial conditlai)| 
goes tliroiigb other [ictfonoitncra. lie Ium ii gDO<] voice, aai] tras ut 
timft a Ringer in a cajl. " In one of bta ahitormal BrtAtcti )i« wu Dheenrad 
to txyin hiuuming a tune. II9 then vtaxi to liis rooiu, drosvd hinudf 
«iU'cfuIly, and took up some iiajis of a periodical norel which Inv oa Ua 
ImhI, as if lie were trjriiis to find soniolhing. Dr. Monnet, siinjH-ctiiig thai 
Itc iras seeking his munr, mndn up onnof th>M! into n roll luid put ititilo 
hix hand. H*- appearod sntififled, tnnk Up his cane and went downstaba 
to thti d(ior. Hero I>r. M«*in-t turned liim round, and hfl wnlkcd qoito 
Mnit<'nt<>dly in tJifl oppoflito dirwtion, tflwnrd?; the roooi of tho iMJicUrgt. 
The light ofthoaun Bhiaiog tbrou}^ u window uovr bappcond to fall 
H)M>n him, iiDil aeemed to suggest tfce foatli^htd of tli« alage on wliir-h lio 
wu Mocuitomed to malce hia iip])c&ram-i\ He stop^ied, opeiml his roll (f 
Iinagjnary mutuc, put himaelf into thentcitiido of a mnt^r, nnd &nu^, *ill> 
perfect cxwiitian, throe woiigx, one &ftei> the otlicr. AJler whidi ho wtj 
his fiiM with hill 1 wad kerchief «i>d ilnuik, withwit a ^mnce, a tutaliliiri 
of «t<one vinegar aud wnter which was put into his hand." 

But the noRt reniarkahlc jxirt of the whole story is that wtiid 
follows. "Sitting at a tnhlo in oitr of hta almormal tttiiUH, Snrgeant 
took np u pen, felt fur (inpcr and ink, and bej(tui lo writi^ n letter to 
gwimra], in wLit-b he tvoDUUueii(lcd tituisolf for a nieilal un aocounl- of hi* 
good eondnct and couiugo." (RiLlhi>r a «<mug» tiling, hy tbo way. for ■ 
men nntotuaton to d%) "ItoccuiTOd to Dr. Montei to Mcertaiu 
[•eriiiwntiilty how far vimoa wa« (onmrnM in thia act et writing 
tborBforo iutvqioecd a ncnwn brtwn-D tJio iiuui'a ajvw aix) liU hainln ; iuiJct 
thtm» circuttiniuno», F. went on writing fur a iiborl time, hut Uia wonU 
ti«aune Ql^^pUo. w>J he Snallj' «topi>ed, withntit mauirestjn;; nny dtKoii- 
tcoii. On Hm withdrnvol of the xcrMm, he hegtui to wtittf ag&in wbeni', 
he bud left oC Tbe sahslitiition of water for ink in the lnL>-Lt»il had a 
niiuilnr trcull. Il< i Wltv^l nt hin |Nm, wiped It ' 

dip[<i><l it ill thi- i> '] Ixij^n afpu'n with a Biniilnr 

atiuiher ocfaaon, bo iMvao ti> wrilu iiifm the topiuibt of ti'^Li 
tmpoaed ihcrto of IMI^t, After he had written & line or two, P-^^^^j 
wu anddeuly ilrnwu awny. Tlinro wa« a iltttht iapt«siitoa of ^^^H 

hid ■ 





tl h« eontu)ii«>) lt» iMtcr on tlic i^Mond tibeet oxActly aa tf tt had beea 
I 6m. This opCTDtioa was repented five times, ro that tbo fifth elioat 
coDtainoi) noCbing but tbe writer'a mguattim nt tho bottom rf the page, 
Navdrtiieliw, i*hen thu nigtuitiire was finiBhed, his ejw tnmed to tho 
lop vr thv hUkok flboot, and lie ireiit thnxigli tlie form of raujins wIiAt ho 
Itiwl written — a luowriK-iit of tlin lips accf>iD]Mnying each word; more- 
over, vitfa liu {wn. ho put in sucli comrtioiui a* wera noedal, iu thftt 
P*tI uf Uio hlauk |>age which oorresjMHiiInl witit tho poMtion of the 
wOrIb which roquLml correctwn in the sliwts whtcfa had been taken 
■way. If tb« Hvo fbocte had been ttsBupai-eHt, tlicixsfore, thoy vould, 
whut Biipcrpoiiod, have formed a jiroporly writt--n ftn<I «HTect«d letter. 
ImntDdW'ly uftcr ho had writtcti liis letter, K. got up, wnlk«d doim to 
Bbe gatden, made himself a «igai«4te, lighted juid finiokod ik Ho wa« 
Bibotit to (itcpAro luioUier, but wttght iu v-aia for hu tobacoo-pouch, 
pvhioh had b^ purpoeelf takon awat. Tho ponoh irag now tlintst 
bafbt« hia e;^ And put tiudor his nose, but ho iidthf'rmw nor »moIt it; 
wbco, liowcTcr, it vox pinvcd io his hand, be at once BeiiXNl it, mado a 
Iradt cigatetle, nud i^itted a nu>tcb to li^t the hitler. Ihe motefa waa 
bluwn out, and aiiotht>r lighted iiintdi pincnl c)»ic twfure hia pvcs, bnt 
h« made no attempt to tako it; niiil if hia cigitrelbo w»a lightml for liiia, 
^0 nutdn tio iitt«in]>t to Rmoke. All this time hit eym wero Tncaut, and 
^noitbrr winknl nor (■xhihilvd aiiy contiavtitin of the pupil." 

These and other similar expcriniontd are explained by Dr. Mesnet 
l^ornwor Huxluy npjieara to ogrco with hiiu) by the thoory that 
f. " sew eonu* tliingfi nnH noi othor* ; that the nntpff of sight is acooaaible 
all thingi which are brongfat into rclatioa with him hy the wiuw of 
ch, atid, on tlin contmry, iiuuioMble to all thingn which Uo outoido 
Hk rclntioiu" It xPeaas to im thiit the oridenvu si'arcety supports ttiiB 
liudgn. Iu ff^Miry cuy; wlicrc F. appears to see, it ia ipiitv |><jmiUe 
hat in T«a.Iit)r h« in giiidod entirely by tho soowj of touch. All t]i« 
iHLManres nccoid miicfa better with thi^ oxplauation than with the 
that tho smm of oight waa in any «-av aSWted. Titiui tlio Htiif 
lit ddutiig throa;^ tlie u-iiulow mnst linw itlT(icter1 tl)« sentte of touch, 
and ID a luiuinor tnniilur to what F. hnd oxpcnoncod when Iioforo the 
foMlif;ht^ of t)ie Ma^, ><'hi>m he was luxmstoniod to appear ns a ningor. 
I B this mtpect Iboifl yna a much chieer rteomWaooe botwceii iho odftct 
^f Miulight Add that uf thu lii;ht from footlijtbt*. than ia the circum- 
^Etaunea under which both auuriMi of light aifoet tho soosc of nglit. For 
in one caae the Uglit came Irom aboro, in the other from below ; Uie 
I nnither nun be tensibly locnlEwd. AgiUD, wh«na'scTeeo 
; brtwwm hi* eye* oud the papor on which ho was writing, 
proW^ly beeamo conscious of it« presence in tbo («ine way tluit n 
1 is Conitcioua of the preeeneo of objectn »«u- him, even in soibo 
(joeto ()iTit« rcmotr, liy Miae subtle cffocta discertublo by tho 
rtJf tench eicilet] to nbnormnl relative activity in tho nbscoco of 
II pi I wi I mil dcriirtil from the semm of nght It b true thai one might' 



hvn expected him to continuo writiDg legiUy, ootwitbitandiAg 
iotorpoBod screen ; but U» ooD»cioi,isDe6S of tbo exubttM of what in. lita 
noniiHl condition wouM effnctuftlly havn |>rove»l£d tiia writing iepHf, 
would tio aulliciont to explaiu his fMluto. If, wUUa id full pciMn—ian Of 
nil our uiuDK, tho cxi>ectatuMi of Gtilure quite coimuOQly «umm CuIur, 
how much mora likel/ would this be to h»ppeu to n man is F.'a vabit- 
tuiuit« iibiKH-mal coaditioa. The sense of tnui^ ogMa would mffioa to 
iodicat^ thfi [msctice or wat«r instead c^ ink in IiIe {fcii when lie wu 
wTiUng. yft question whetlier tbo differeooo mii^t iiot !« recognieed 
)']r auy poraoD of «cniiiti%'e toiicli after a littJc jiraotico ; but certAinly i 
hlind man, whoao aavm of touch wos abaormally dovdopod, woalil 
jvoo^iao the di^ereuce, aa wo know from acporimeote which haTs 
indin(«d evtn gnMer ddiea<^ of perception limn would )« required for 
tbia purpoee. ^e oxponmoat wiUi niiMrpoHtd tHievi* of paper is nun 
rouarkable than any of tbo others, but certainly does not Rugccst Uui 
light mukn auy impiAsiiou iipua Sm^uiI F. It provn, in fact, ao Ut 
aa any C3|>&i'iiii«tkt could pioro &iich a point, that tbo neautt of toutfc 
•lono rq^bit«A tbo man's movooieiitA. Unoouaciou* of any chan^ 
(bocauae, after the momentary Kuq>riM; produced by the withdrawal of 
the pA])er, he still found bo hwl paper to write on) he cootinued writing. 
ITr oertalaly did uot in tluscase, as Dr. Mewnet ai^ttibt, m«^ all thiup 
which aiv brought Into ration with him liy the BQiwe of touch i for if 
bo liad, ho woutil not bavo coutinuod to write when he fvuud tho wonh 
alrciuly written no longer diseemible. 

On tlio whole, it api)c«i» reuooablo to conclude, ta Professor Haxley 
does, that though F. may he coiucioud iu bin abnormal stalo, ho nay 
also ho u mere automaton for the timo b^iog. The only circuiuttoata 
which scvaui to oppoNC itself vary markedly to Die latter riuw in 
Isttor-wiating. Everytliin;j else that thiA man did wa.^ whnt he 
draady done prior tu the itccidv>ut. If it could be shown that the ]i 
written in hia abnormal state were tiaoacripta, uot invrdy e^laUm rf 
titcratin, but exact in crciy point, of aoaie which he Iiul writfw bcfen 
he w«s wuuu'h'd, them a stnmg case would ho uiado out for Lbe autoaia- 
ton Uiooiy. CerUinly few instaooeg have oomo under Uw nxperienca at 
DcientiBo luen wbeio a homaa hbing baa to doMtly reBSmUed » 
macUioe m (bift niui ajipoara to do in bis abnornud oonditian. 

The taunl natun of F. in his abnonual condition Is for tliis 
a nmtteror len intore&t than ii would he, did ho kIiow morr tif' 
RenibhuKw of oofwckms hnnuuiity. Htill il i» wurtliy of nolieo, 
wbu«*H ia his namial conditioD he in n ]icrfect]y Itoneat iMUt, in 
uLaiifuiAl ituto "be is an inrttents thief, stuiUng and hidiojc awa; 
whatorvr ho coo Uy h«uds ou ^ < U duxlvrity, and with ma atao- 

tut«ly ahanrd indiffinooo aa to ^ i i>i> pn^KHy ie> hit> own or ant 

Il will be obaorYvi that Uie onwa of dutU coittciuumM thtia 
thou(^ aliko in some reBpod^ provnt charadAnstic i 
In that of the hoy at Xurwood, the two chanctBrs vi 


< may 
itaata J 

in OoM 


^hmiJAr, so fur ss CBQ Ite Judged, Mid eacli life was disUnct from tlie other. 

Bnw iMxt case WM ouly intnMJuced to illtuttnttc llio lowmbUnoa id 
cottain ttapecta betwoon tho phonomr lut of aonmaiu'buliam and tltOM of 
doubis or rather alt«niatiiig conacioiuinauL Tko womui Folidft X. 
chonKod nurktdly in cbiumcter whtta sho pnncd tnta one stat« to 
tbs otlier. iler cam ma also distingniBhiMl froni tha,t of the boj, by tha 
eueutnMADoe thai in one sUte she vu cousctouH of what hml pMscd in 
Utt oUior, biit wbilo in tliU othn* sUto was naoonseunia of what Wl 
paned iii the foniu>r. Lastly, in Set^eaot F.'i nae we have to deal with 
tbe tOaetot an injury to th« Uniin, and find a much gnuter difiBreiioe 
between the two oonditioas than in the other cases, Not only does Om 
OMu titattgfi in character, but it may Jostly be said that be ia little more 
tliaii an animnl, nnn if he can bo regnrdnl as nioro than a mcro nuto> 
nutOD while in the ahDomal condition. Wo find that a eimilar variety 
chamctorinw othur storiw of duulilo consciDusDCBt. Not only are no two 
cua tioKtiy alilce, but uo caw- hue bona notad wfaidi ban nut bun 
distinguided by some very marked feature from all otben. 

Thtic, although in eettain riypoels tbA case wo hare next to cotuidfir 
rcBombha roiy ai^fiaiatly the case of Soi:gonnl F., it alvo hu a ipocial 
■ilfnifiouioe of its own, and nmy )iol|> U8 to tot«q»rel the general problem 
pmentoi to ua by Uie |>)i(>iioueaia of dual conadonnum. We abritlgu 
and in sonia ns>p&:tii ninplify th<! acmunt given by Dr. Car^ntor in bis 
interesting tteatiso on Mental Physiot^y. C'ommenta of oui- own are 
nguinbed from the abridged narrative by being pUood witliia 



A young woman of robn^t coDStitution bad narrowly escaped drown- 
Sbc was nutiiuab!n for mx houm, nnd continiHd unwell oAcr T«tng 
restorad to animation. Ten days later nhc wu seized with a fit of com- 
plete stupor, which lasted four hours ; when aho ojiened her try es oho 
namad to rvoogoise do one. and appcnmt to Iw utterly dc^rivtxl of tbo 
saueaof bearing, ta«t«, and wacW, aa well aa of tbe power of siioech, 
Si^t and touch remained, but thoo^ movemonta were »eit<«I and 
oootndted by thooe ocnites, tliey seeaaed to aroutn uo ideas in her mind. 
In fact, her mental farultica secoiai entirely HusjieoJ^l Ucr viaun at 
abort diatancM was qtiicli, and the leost touch atartled her ; but unlen 
ehfl wan touched or an object vrere iilnoed wlKn^ sbc could not Wlp seeing 
tt^ she look DO notiueof what was pOMing around her. [It does not 
■fifiear to us certain that at this stage of licr illueas she mte in tbo 

:in&i7 WDM of tlie word ; tho wmuc of toudi may alone have been 
aJTecbod, as it certainly is aflcctod to some dt^^tw by any object ao placed 
that U tMtiid not fnti lie teen by tt t/iort-tu/kltJ pcmoti. But it is clear 
that later the aenae of sight wan r«ntored, 8u|](ioninK, wliioh ia not por- 
h>4« prubablp, that it was ever lont in tlie eaj-Iy atage.] Bho did not 
even know her own mother, who aU'^udad ootutantly upon her. Ulwre- 
'< was placed aho romuinod. licrappotite waagood, hut [like F.] 
indifferently whatever nbe wiui f<,il n-ith, and took nniiseous 

tniylicinoR iw tvftiiiU- w ngrrcnMc food. Her movraionbi wnra 
ur the niilAiuntic bind. Hitis, shD swallowed food pnt iatti fapr tnou 
bnt nimli' no flTort lo fiwii ht-rsolf. Yet when liw iiiothrr Iwd oon 
tlie spoon [in the [latioiiO banil] a fnw titaM to hn* mouth, the patienl 
continued the operalioa. It was n^xcfimry, howcrer, to reprftt tbia 
lemon every tinir^ xbo wiu fod, Khovring the coiil)ilet« nbmoco of nmoorj. 
" Tlie TC17 limited nature of her fnculbius, an<l tho automatic tift riia 
wiui Ittuliug, appesr further evident from the fiiUuwiQg jmHiculnnL 
of Jier first ftctK nn rowTftriiig from tlw fit hml lnvn to Imsy bereelf 
liirking tlic bmlclotbcit ; iukI nn Mon lu nho vnu fthlc to ait up uiil 
drntnfd, sbo oontinuod the habit by inccssuttly picking MRin jvirtion 
her dress. Bh« seoocd U> wuit an occupntiuu for favr finffon, (uid 
ic^v {lart of nn old Ktraw bonnvt vms given to her. wliicli alio jniUsI 
into jiiccM witli great minuteness ; shu was anerVAixlit Ixmutifbllf 
HUpplieil with Tfi»e»: nbe [lickeil off the Wvai, and thou tore tlwm np 
into tbe Buvtliest pnrtichw iiiui^iinble. A few days xuboe'inpntly. tha 
bcgaa forming upon the tnMe, out of those minTite jnrticlcv, nido Ggnna 
of roeM, {Uid other common gnrdrai flow««« ; «h« had n^ver receivwJ any 
JnHtMirliotiK in drawing. Jlosa not hringso plentiful in r» wiutA 
]iii]M-r tuv\ II |>wi- of Bciaaora were put into her hand, and for itome daja 
she foitnil an ooctifatJoii in cuttinj^ tho [mjxr intoshrr-dii ; after a 
tlic^e cuttings amuravd mdu nbftjim and %Dn«, and moiv paiiictilarl 
tho Hhnpwt uwd in patdiwork. At Ien;KUi aim voa supplifil with [ 
mattmaht for patchwwk, and after mjum- inUintoiy iiistiuclion, slw took 
tA her needle and to this employmrnt in £0od earuest. Khe now LilKMirtd 
inoHBUitly nt patchwcrk (tora morning till n%ht, nod oo Sundays )tn4' 
week-dnys, for she ttifTur no difTcnntcn of dnyn ; nor could she bo 
to comprehend tho different*. Hhe had do remembruim firim ilay 
itay of what Hh« hod be«n doitig 00 tho previous ility, and so 
roaming eommencfd (fi^ ium>. Whatever kIu) lic^an, that slie eontiaii' 
to work at while daytight laetod ; niiuiifesting no onenaiueB for any th: 
to eat or diinlt, taking not the Blif^htest heed of anything wliieh 
going on around her, hut intent only on bcr patohwork." From 
time slie tn-gau 10 improve, learning like a ohild to regixter idttw. 
piVNRUtly learned woniled-wnrk. and nbowet] ddigbt in tba hamiony 
oolmiis and canaderable taste in selecting between goo*! and tied fat- 
terns. Afler a while aho began to devise pnttema of hirr own. Hut Jie 
Btill had no mnmory fiom da; w day of wl»t nhe had dona, and t; 
Uw imfinnltcd work oT one day was sot hdbre her on th« n«ct, alio wi 
^login something new. 

And now, for tbo first time, Jdotw derircd firom licr life hnfotv 
iUnoa seemed to he awukroetl wiUiin lim-. AVIiun ptctun-* of flow 

trena, and ■■ ■•■ ■'- wnre nliuwn her, she wu* pUvMNl ; hiil «' -'■■• 

Nhown a ' ui which iheni wiu ft fiver or a tni] 

t- tid a fit of ■: 

!■: Tho mere v.. 


daja , 



altudder. A^un, from Kn early st«g« ot her iQn«8 alie had <lenv«d 
lore ftom the pnMimity of ft young man to wlmna sho hiul been 
■UaclieJ. At a time trhva die Hi uol nnuPiuTicr from one hour to 

foiher whtit sh« vns doing, slio wotilil atixiotisl}' fiwait his vv'emng 
dt, kod 1x3 &ctfDl if bo (ailed to p«y it. When, duiin^ her rcniorsl 
tiie MHintry, iilie lout sighl of him, hIiu hRoiiao iiiihn|ipy im\ suffered 
rn>m fnfqitent. lita ; on tlie other lumd, when he muiiinod cooKtuitly 
mar Iier, sh* iuiprovej in bmlth, nad enrly ajraocUtious were gradually 

^V At length a day mmo when dio utbonKl btr firet words ia this her 

•eootw) life. Kbe had Ie>imed to take h«cd of ofcjeota iind poiKoa around 

her; luu) uo oav vccoidoo, seeing her mother excosavoly a^tated, she be- 

vrnme ezciteil hen^F, and siiddunly. yet hosilntin^^ly, cxclalmtMl, " What's 

tlto luiUter !" Atlvr Cbit flhe liegan to aitictilate a few wonlsi For n 

ttmo aho called erery (tlj«-t and pntiun "thin,*' thtai gave thoir right 

nftmcfl to wild flowor» (of wliifh ehe had been pftssionately fond when a 

lild), and thb " ai a time when tdic exhibited not the teaHt reoollecltoa 

^tbe *«ld hmiliar frinndfl and phi««e' of h^r childhood." Ilie gradnal 

Kpansion of hor intellect wna mnnifMted chiefly at Uiia time in sipnif of 

lotionn! excitement, frei{aiL-aUy foUowvd hy attiioli» of :i|ia.iniodio 

[(idfty and uiiwnMl>i!ity. 

It was through the emotions that the patient was tetvtored to the 

jonnuss of her farmer twif. Shn Iwteanie aware tliat her Iovit wm 

payinfC attention to ao'itlii-r woman, and the rmutioii of jmlouey wnn so 

•trooiflr excited that tJte had a £t of inaeDsihility which rettembled her 

first nttaek in duratiou aad seYurily. Bill it rrstored her to Iienelf. 

rf' \^^lefl the inwotiihitity pnssed olT Ae was uo longer epeU-bound. ^e 

■inl of oblivion ma withdrawn ; and, m if awakening f/otn % sleep of 

HvrlTr' miiiitlm' (hiratiun, she fonnil herself fninyxindiMl hy her grend- 

BtAOTt tpiiidmother, and their familiar friends nod aotjaaintancoa. She 

ftrtike iu the poceeenon of her tuttuntl faculties and former knowledge; 

But witho^it Ihc rilightort reEnombranoo of Anything which bad taken 

Bfaioe in the yiiu-'s inlcrval, from tho invaaon of the fint fit to the [then] 

Mil III 111 time. She ^K>ke, Imt aiie bmiil not ; she waa still denf, hut being 

ble to rrad luid wriU) as foriiterly, die watt do longer cut off from com* 

■Hunicarion with others. From thi* time she rajiidly improved, but for 

■tHae time Mmtinw-d deaf tSie aoon iwrf<«tly ucdiitMlAod by tho tootioti 

■f htx U{M wltnt her moUicr mid ; tlicj' cont-oracd with fiudlity and (inick. 

■Ma together, biit afae dtd not iimlcnrtnnd tho hingtiagn of tho lipc of a 

Pbvigar, Slio «a« coinpHoly unaware of (bo chuige in her lorer^'s 

Bffeetiona which had taken place in her state of weond cuuHdounnem ; 

■bd n jwinfiil wtpliuiatiim wiw ii«G<«m>y. This, liowovpr, she txiro very 

■N>ll i BDd •hehuit aiiioo recovend her previous bodily and mental health." 

■ Tliero ia little in tliia intereating narmtiTa to mugntt that tJi« dtutli^ 

If canadDnmnv in tliii nuie wiv> in auy way <le]x-n<lrnt on the duality nf 

^■^fanatiL Dnriug the [mtieufa abaormal cooditiou the functiooa of the 



braia {propm-] would leeoi 1o IiKr« yieta for m tiiii« iu eotD|>l«4« •b«7UM*, 
uid tban u> hitre been gmdoally restored. One cttn perren-v no zvhdd 
(or .luppuHutg that tlie ibock ehs lutd stBtftuMd -Minilil nlTcvt one aie 
nther than tho atkfr ade of the braJo, nor why iwr reeovdi; shook! 
restore one sitEo to activity aaj c»uE« the side wlikli ^in the duel bnuD 
bypothimt) bad been kcuvc during h«p Meond conditioD to rmuM iti 
orifptMd Mtivitj. The yhciiomcoa ui)|xwr to su)a;cKttJiitt in aomo n/ 
the BkolecuUr UTangement of tlte liiuiu matter beoune modified durii^ 
ber MoomI (rondiltoii; Aud that whec the ori^wal airaagemeDt ma 
reetorod all rooogmmlilo traces of iiopreesioos ratscjved while the abnonoal 
arrmn^cnieiit lasted were obltUjratod. As Mr. Slack |ironnl« ooo ftsm 
of this idea. " tho grcj ntattvr of tU<< braiu maj bare its nolccnlfli 
arran)^ ID ]»tt«nu somevhat analogotu to those of 8t«ol fiUajpi ubdcr 
the influuiK-c of a magoel, hut in some way tht* ditvclion of the foron — 
or viU-atioDB — may ba changed in them. "One pMen will Uteo le 
difibraDtv" We know certainly tJuit tliou^k and MoaitMni depend on 
material procoeacs, — gbcmiDai raactions between tho blood and tho tooa- 
cnlar tusaea. Without the free drculatioii of blood in the bmin, then 
aux bo oeithcr clear tliought nor reedy aeauatiou. With ohangw in the 
nature of tho circulation oomo changes in tho quality of thought and the 
nature of wuMUioD, and with tfaeoi the emotionf) are chauged nlso. Such 
cbongiM afl(!ct nil uf un to numn d^reo. It may wtjl be that such eaaa 
u wo have been dealing nith ai-e rimply instaucm of the Giaf:f[Rrat«d 
Operationofcauseawlthvluchwd nn: all fnniiltar; aud it mnynlaobti that 
tn the ezaggeintiun itself of those causes of change ttee the mplanation of 
the daaracterietic peculiarity of catiea of dual couadoumen, — the circua- 
■tanon namely tlial oithcr tho two states of Mnecionanen are aheolutely 
dialinct odo froni (ho otlwr, or tlint in one state only are ereale rtunon- 
bored which lu>p|MQicd iu tltn otbttr, lui reoollecttoa whater^r renuuaing 
fa this latter state of what hojipened in the other, or, InsUy, that only 
fiunt inipnauoni ■.-xcitvd 1^ aome inteuee enwtiou e^ipei-ienoed in oote 
stat« Tetnain ta the other Ftate. 

It aeenu poeablo, oleo, that some oaaea of anotlior kind may fiud their 
cxplaoationin tliiadii-ectioo, a»,l(n-instaaoo, msce iiiwhUrh, throu^tanoie 
stnuge sympathy, (bu brain of ono ptram ao rmpondfl ta the tboogbti 
of another that for tho timo being the pemnuaUly of tbv pervon thus 
iufluonced may be regarded as in effiect changed into that of tbe pence 
pradodng tho tnflueoco. Iltua, ii^ one singular ouw dtod 1^ Ih, 
OarpentAT, a Udy wai " n)(4Anioi^>hoM>d into tlie worthy etn^gytaaa en 
wboee minietry tdie utivodtil " (fie), " imd with whom sho wm peraosally 
intimate. I Khali netvr forget." he BaVH, " the Intensity uf (Im> Utkt- 
daiacol Loun in which itbo irrjdiod to the matrimonial couDenls of tin , 
pbyucian to wImnd bo (abe) had Imc u led to gtva a long detail of hlit (ber) I 
faypocfaoodriacal iiymptflini>: 'A wife for n dying man, dnrtor' Ko 1 
inUvtional nuubiliun vould hutii njipruocliud tlto oxncttioMi «if tl»e inn- I 
tatiou alike iu tone, tnauuen, aud language, wluoh i^iootancatialy pr»- 1 



HMed bora tb« Idm wiUi which tbe fair snlijnci was iiosMtsMxl, Uiikt »bo 
b«ndf exfxramced all th» diwomrra-tK vhosa dfttnU the hiul donbtlen 
ftoquently hmrd fn>m the rwil anffi-n-T." TIil- tanrn- litdy, nt Dr. 
Ciui>«iU'i-*s n!>)ut«t, ui<-iital!y " osoeiMled in a .laltoon and proc««!*>l to 
the Nurtfa Pole in tmrch vt Sir John Fmn1clin,'whou site fvund ftllve ; 
■ad ber dow:riptiou of liu apfMarouco aikIj tliut of IiU oompHtuowi «*» 
with an tmuiitable ex[)nMDoa of lormw ami pity." 
It ajipouH to ua thivt \pry gn«t int«rMit attodim to Um rcsmK^MS 
li^ Prof. lUrratt into cases of Uiia ktnd, and Uut it iii in Uiti 
etlon we tun to look hr tbe explaoaUoa of muij mjnterioiui pbcoo- 
, fonaarijr rcgiwde<l ns Bnpernftlitnd , 1>ut pn>b«bly all admitliuK (ftt 
laast M that have bmn properly autheaiticated) of being iut«rprct«tl ho 
BOOH n* tb« cdrCtunstanoM on which Gon«cioitsn<«s depends shall hax'O been 
deUmuoHL ThuR tbe Ibllowtiis account of expiMaiaeiite mule at tlio 
Tilk^ school in Wmtmeatli Hnna mpixially ^uggmtiro : "Solccting 
aomo of the \-U1il.i!o cliildrmi. and [iliurin;; them in a quiet room, giving 
each fiouo uuall object to kx>k at fitcadiJy, he bund odc amongsb tho 
nnml]«r who readily pnMMl into a stAt* of revorie. In that state the 
■ubji-ct rould he nuufe to bclievt; the most extiftvagnnt etatetucnte, aicU 
ma tliiit tlifi ulilu watt a mountain, a chair a jMniy, n uat'l: oil tho floor as 
tnanpomblo obstacle. The gii-1 thus mesmerised passed on tlio nxond 
occasion into a fMa of dee])er sleep or tmncv, wbettiu no sciuation 
whatex-et- was oxpermKei], unloM acconponiod by prcssmv on tbe eye- 
browa of tho sahjcct. When tho )H-msure of the filers wa8 rtuiornt, 
tbo girl (vU liack iu her chair utterly uucouMoouit of all aronnd, and bad 
lost nil oomtrol ov<er hei* Tolantary mwciea. On iv»pplyiug the pramure, 
though ber t>y«a romaiiwd clunml, An Mat up and answered quealiona 
toulilj. but tbe manner iu which she aa.<iwere>(I them, hor acta and 
axpnaiotu. were capable of wonderful divi-ntity, by nicnJy alteiing tlio 
pUoo on the head wh»re tho pTe«snre was applied. So tnddmi and 
jpf-yirA were tbe changea prodiiceil liya ntoremeut of the fingers that tho 
oporatioa aaamod rvry likr phiying on M>inc miitncal insirumeut. On a 
third ooeuioo tbe subject, after [josaing throu^ these, which bax'o Ixxw 
termed the biological and phrenolo^cal xtatea, iMcanw at lonj^ kcoolj- 
aod vonderfiilly Moutive to tbe voice and nete of tbe opemtor. It waa 
in^iaeaible far tho latter to call the ^1 by her name, faoverer fittutly orul 
iofttidibly to thaoan Kroiind, u-itliOut at oneo c-!tcitin^ a prooipt ro-ponse. 
if the ofwnitor tastcil, smelt, or touched auyihinK. or ciperieQetl any 
toJdeti ■cnMHtoD of wart&tli or OoM, a oorro^nding eflbct vm« produced 

Iun the eubjivt, tlwngh nothing waa n.)d, uor eoiiKI t)H> milijeot have seen 
what hail occurm-1 to tho opomtor. To be asEUtvd of tid*. he h&n- 
daip^l tlte girl'd eyes with great care, and the operator ImTiiig gone 
behind tbn girl to the otlmr end of tJic room, hu watched him and the 
girl, and refwitedty Bssnred himaolf of this CtcL" Thuti lar, ProC 
BvnU'a obwrvatiomt, dependinfi in part on what the openttor expo- 
li^aetif M»y bo open ta Jiut to mnch doubt as may aflbct our ofuuion of 

mrAL coHscroi 

the Tcrncity of a [lerMU uulitiowu ; but la wh»l follo*B wo hare hn ewa 
experience alono to cousj<ler. " 0»riiig aiesnuinsml lliu girl KiinsdU', ^ 
took a cmA at nuidoni from a pack wbJch wbo in a dnirsr in uuMtic* 
room. OUucing i>t ilic enni to noo wlukt it wan, lin jilaoaj it wJtliin a' 
book, and io Umt state brought: it to tlio girl. Giviug li«r tli« rioni 
Look, be asked ber to leU Um what he bad p«l within its Iflavcc gfa* 
h«]d tb« book ekwa to tlio nilo of ber bead, atid luuil, ' 1 we ROUffUiiaf 
iunde with red epota oa it ; ' and alia ofterwarda said Lburo were &\t rel 
■pola on it. Ttie ctu-d wtM tbc Kre of i)in.moiiiId. The same itBiib 
ooctUTcd vitlt UDOttier card j aiul when aii Iriali bMik-ootowaa oalatl- 
tuted for tbe card, she said, ' Oh, now I sco a aaubor of b«M>da — eo 
I <uiuiot count theiti.' lie foiitul that ilw aomeliiiHg Duled to pMM 
corrt-ctly, Meuwittug tb«t tho tluogi v«ni dim; and eliv njuld give no 
infomiAlion of wbnt wan within thn book odImi h« Itad |w«viouily koown 
what it waH himsolf. Morti rciiuuluiblu etill, be nsko<l h«r to p) b 
imagiimtton to Ke^ut 8ttvet, in Londoa, aitd tell hiui what xitops the 
hod wen. The ^rl liad nerer been out of her remote village but aha 
cotTocdf deaeribcd to him Mr. IjuU's «ba|>, of wbioh ho haf^Mnad t«> ho 
thinking, and nuuitioned the laige clock that ov«rhaD|!H tJie entranot 
Bnkk Strnut. In Binoy other caaeti he ooovim.'ed hiuut^tf tJut tba coeimU 
ettco of a distinct idea ui his own uiiid gave rise to an imnge uf tha idaa 
{tliat b, to a correejtonding ima^) on the miud of tlio tnil'Jt.'ct; not 
always a clear image, but one that ooitld not fail to bv r«cu-;iuiu<d na a 
more or Uvs distorted tvUvdJou of Iuk owu thought." lb i» Jiiijinrtiuit ta 
BoticB the limit which a Mrlcutiiic obaorver thas r< 'Ogc 

of tJie BubJvctV [leivvptiuu^ It hait been atatcd tliu <via- 

ditlon liaTD beeu itblo to deaorlbe occamauxsi not kuowu to ntiv pcnWBi 
which ;et have bent inil«c<itii>aU/ vortfivd. A.lthough aotne namtivw 
of tlie kiud haw wtac tix>ia iwrnnw not lilely to ivlato what Aiey kime 
to b« untrne, the powibility of urior otilw4>t];hx thn ixrohahility that wiob 
Barrattvw can xetMy ho truu. 'Xh-nxv Is a fonu of uncooaeioua onrebn- 
tion bgr which untnitliful narratiToa cocaa to bo ooimNrtvd iu cha nitod.i 
Tor iusluDoc, I>r. CwiNMitcr heard a BcmpahHul)' njiiM-ii-titioiui hid, 
aasavorate thnt a tnbki " mppoJ " wh«u uohod/ wiw witliiii a y»iii of it 
but tlie Btor}- wim dinpiwed by Uio buly berwtf, who foitud from her, 
noto-book, reconliug whiit r«ally Uxtk phwv, tlmt tho Imtih of kLx puraoU 
twte'l on tlio tmbk wlieo il lapjtwl. And afart tnta tho iincutiKiaua 
fiction- prod 11 ring power of the luiix), tbero ia always Ihfl pcwilrilltr, naj, 
often the exliviuc prol Ability, that the tanUi of a csutc ttuty be uiixiudor- 
Btuwl. Pi'.rMiitM uiny Io Rtipjfuenl to kuow tattliiug aWtt an event whu 
have Iimu cousciuuit uf iO* ovra-y ile<tail ; luy, a purMti inay liliuao'.f ba 
uooonaciotts of hia liaving luiowii, and in fik-L of hia nully knowing, uf a 
partiL^nbir «vetit. r>ua1 cuu^-iousiuwt iu thin {Artioular cnat^o is a quitff 
couimuu (•x[x>rieuc«: aa, fur iuiiULiu.-*>, whw a iAary n told va whidi Wi 
i^ecdve ai fint mm imiw, imiil grwiually the recoUcdiou dawns npoD Oi, 
and bwooui momcDtaHly drunr and d«nrar, not only tlml wu kav» 





il \)dVMT, biit of Uie cinrunuUiiirus tinrlur vihkh we hc«nl it, and 
vwn t>( Hptails vliicti the cwnntor from whom a taw moiMaia before we 
ivnl itiks a new ^017 bun oiuiUi^ (o iDRntion.' 
'Hie mont impot-uml of oil tbu i(iiistiou.i ilt^Hmditig oa final couscioks- 
in ca» into wbieh we could not progierly enter at any len^h io 
,tbaae pages — the ({ucHtioD, uameljr, of iJie relation lclwc«it the conditkia 
tko brun ukI nsjKituibility, whetltcr sack m^KHuihility be oaDsiilered 
-with nifercnco to liumin lawi or to a hi^licr and all-kao«-iog tribunaL 
Uutthero An) iioino [>oinUi not «'«utiu{{ iuUi(«r«Mt which uut;,- bo bcra more 
|>ro])«rly cooriilcrfid. 

Is the fint pltKv it is to be noticed that n poi-son who has paaawl into 
A stale of alfuanual coiuciaiuinfaa, or who in in the hAhit of doing w>, 
caa h»vc no ktw«lcd^> of tho fuel in his nonnal cooditiuu vsccpt' front 
the iufonuaiiou of others. TIic hoy at KorwoaJ n)ig;ht be told of what 
he bad md aud done wliUe ui hiji leaa usual oonditjou, but ao far aa any 
GXIfcricKcc t>( hta own wan coni:enie<l he might during nil tlint tiinv hitvo 
been iu n [iroroiUMl sleep, Similarly of all tho o^or caaat. 80 that we 
Iwve hero llio uofpilnr circunutMico to cousider, thnt * i^etwii niay havo 
to depend An the information of othorst ivijq[kecting hia own WItAvioiir — 
not during siroji nr nit-ntal nk-rmtion or onlitiary uliscnw of inijid — but 
aome cmaea at toast) while iu posaeastoii of all hia facuUica uhI while 
u»tionitl>ly re)i|K>niub!e for hU actionx. Not usily iiitgtit a [x-nton 
J liiuiflclf tints \uAil tutpoosiblp far lictioiMof whii-h bo Wl no know- 
V nnd pei'hniiB undoervvdiy blamed or ooR(lomn«d, but be mi^bt find 
If ngimlcd IU iiutrulliful U'ugktiM of his jierftftl.v hoiKwl dviiUl of 
1 knowlcd^^ of tho conduct ntliibutad to liihi. If SKob avu^n wore 
I, aj^in, it would not iin|(rabably hap[)cn that tb<? Hiiuutation of 
im) oonaraouancm wouldbecoai«nfr«'iueuiiii«>uisof aUeinptiu);to evade 
Another curione point to be noticed is tius. Supposing one nuhjecl 
to aJtonwtioufl of rauKaouanen were tuM that in his nbaormal condition 
miUmtd iatwDO puio oc nusitol uiguiiji in ponaequenoo of iMrticulkr 

* jLtt liulA>ea ot lliD ion torn* np in P6pc'« tontafoaii'atet with Aildivee, anil 

FM (u M[Jnin A ilijtrcptitcT t«-tw<«^ TlcXttU'i nliliou of Hm SjtfdatOr and tfce 

^^bri^rinut. In Ko. 268. Aitrliiou hml maoitb^ lliat uo«* of the rritir* hii') ta1t»s notite 
^^■if n gwculiu'it* in <^ cln:«nplioa of Sisjrpliiiit lifliiig bit ttiiu- up Ilia Iiill, vliiHi U no 
^^teonBr Bit' ' i> of It but it iiiiDitKliatrlr liunlilaa Io tlw IxiUom. "Tbla 

^rdnoU* ■•< ' -"I, " is Ailminil'Iy itMi'iiUni in Ilia BUiiil-crsuf lIioievuriM. 

Jo Um (">*( UnJ ii >■ bjunrinl i|>jr^aai i nlnrmlK'it villi |>njp4T L«i*«thinc- 

|4ar«t. and il lost i- ..Tn in 1 toniinnal htifi of ilaj.'ij-]>.' Oii tbi* Popt 

rnlmari* ; " I li«|'f«' 'u 'i i.L l!» anno in Dionjiius of ITuI'-tjr^HMiiVii Tn-atiM., i,\ta 
lmi:« ;■ rv l;.rt Ij ii|0<i Itir-tr tcrw*. I ko-JW you will lliink At to iMnrn jwir 

I 4>ii ibB (MsMgc, wliioh yon niuiL nt*ia have NaJ. ibouxh tt Le 

■ iTir.iiii, V." TKnto <n>n]i, l>y tliniray, «0M tlin Uil (fixcqil " I 
'.") «rir AiMnMcd by I'a^ to AUJiinn. llwnaiu 

. :.-. .,,> ,,. .-3ll«i} inked AtlttiaMi Io look OTtx tbe Am two boofca of 

I (rbfw'v) t X iaiiHoa uf Iloiiu'r. 


DUAL o6sgcious)*Esa. 

Bctions cliinii({ his normal «tAto, luxw far woald h« Im influmMd to nIMa 
rn)m 8iicli artioiw bf tJw fear of caiian^ ]iUD or oontiir to hn " donlilc,' 
a being of whom paina mi norrawii, n«y, of wluwe verj- esislencA, he WM 
unconscious 1 In onUnarjr life a ni&n relruoB from particular meiian 
wliich liavo bfen follvw^ by un[i]ukaaat oouac<in«nce8, maonii^, in i 

cases, " I will not <Iu Bo-aml-m, IjoMime T euflVved oa voA and mdi 
occanoDs when I did so ' (wc set. rt-Ufpoua O0Dsidei«t«oiu «otirclT oa one 
ndn hy Mnnminf; that th« [uirticulAr actions «t« not coBtraTT' to Utf 
moral law), in cAh«i«, " I vlll not do ao-imd-ao bemuae my eo doinff oa 
fonaer otxiaaiona liaa caused tnmble to my IHend A or B : " but it IB 
strange to inugioe my one Kaaonio^, " I will not do ao-and-«o becauK 
my 9a doing on fonnri- ocriudoitH linx cauMcd ntf iwcond *elt to expwleim 
pain and aujtuiali, of whidi I myself liare not thu sUglilcst raeoltaetwii.*' 
A i&ati may cat's fvr bis own weU-being, or 1)0 uuwiltin^ to bring trouUe 
on hu (Heads, hut who it that Moood aolf that his trwiblMt Bboold isdle 
thB qrmpathy of hia fellovr-conacjonstussl Tim considaBtioas Imr 
touched on an not ao enlircly beyond ordliuiry experience aa mi^l he 
mppoatH. Tt miiy liappen to any man to Lave occaakin to enter into an 
afparontly unconscious condition doriDg which in roality nverc paiiM 
may be miflerod by anoUier self, though on hat n>tHm to his ordinnrr 
eoiwlition no rwollwtion of tbotto iMuni tuay K'iniuti, auil Ihongh to all 
appouranoe bo luia boen all ihotiineinastato oif absolule atnpor; and H nay 
he a reasonable <iaQBtian, not perha)» whetlier h« or hte doubhi shall anf&r 
ncJi iMUnKihntwkoihCrtliO body -which lN>tlt inhabit will sol&rwhil^ haia 
unconaciouH or while that other conteioosness coinoi into exiiitanec. Hist 
tfaifl in na tluagiuHiy suppceitiou is aliown by Mviml nuvw in Aben-croaibte'a 
LrtMtiw on Ihfi Itttfllectuat Potoert. Take, for inBtauw, tho foUoving 
narnitivo : — ■< A boy," h« tolls us, " at tli« age of four suflcrrd Ascturn 
of the skull, for whidi he nndorwont the opomtian of thclrtTwn. Hb 
WW at tho ttnw in a sU(c of pisfivt iitupor, and afUr faia noorcry rebuiMd 
no T«coll(«tion nthcr of the accident or of the operation. At tbe age of 
fifteen, howf'vcr, dimne tItR delirium of fowr, be gKTo his tnotliar an 
Mcottnt of the oi>omtioD, nnil tlw [>«rMnu «-)io woro pr«Mnt at it, wtUj a 
correct deacriptton of their dnns, and other minute particulars. Ho had 
Ikever been observeil to allude to it before ; and do means weiw known by 
which he ooald luive acquired the cimiinslAncw which l» latrntiuned." 
Buppom ona day n i^vnon in U>e ddiriun of fever or ander somo otbcr 
excitinit tauaa shoold dearribe to those around Uiit torturai |fix{<QtiMteed 
during aoiue o]>eratlou, when under (lie iuDuvnce of awEstbetica 1m bad 
apiioarod to all around to bo totally unconscious, dwelling in a special 
manDer perhaps on the horror of )iaiu.<i ncooRiiMiiicI by ultw powerlcaa. 
ncsa to shriek or groan, or oreii to siovr - how fu- would tho poadljltltifli 
•DggSftadby such a narrative inSuence one who hod a painfuropnratioa 
tonndogo, knowii^ as he would quite oerliunly, that wIuIoviy pains his i 
idUr effo migfat haw tocoiftr, not tha elight«t rocolloction of tbetn vc 
rauiia in his ordinary condition 1 



Here is indeed almoet as atrange a mystery in uncoosciouanesB aa there 
u Id tiie phenomena of dual consciousneBB. The man who hae passed for a 
time into unconscioiisnees through a blow, or full, or fit^ cannot help 
asking himself like Bernard Langdon in that weird tnle of Elsie Venner, 
" Where waa the mind, the bouI, the thinking principle all that time t " 
It is irremBtiblj borne in upon him tiiat be has been, dead for a time. As 
Holmes reaaonn, " a man is stunned by a blow and becomea unconscious, 
another gets a harder blow and it kills him. Does he become unconscious 
too 1 If so, when, and hots does he come to his ccnacUnuneta 1 The man 
who has had a slight and moderate blow comes to himself when the im- 
mediate shock passes off and the organs begin to work again, or when a 
lat <tf the skull is ' pried ' up, if that happens to be broken. Suppose 
tbe blow is hard enough to spoil the brain and stop the play of the organs, 
what happens then t " So far as physical science is concerned there ia no 
■uawer to Uiis question ; but physical science does not as yet comprehend 
all the knowable, and the knowable comprehends not all that has been, 
is, and will be. What we know and can know is nothing, the unknown 
and the unknowable are alike infinite. 


.—SO. 205. 





y Am- lax." »id Un^ 
Mmditfa, "1 MM;' 
yoa kra tltinkiiig 
Tou are youiiff towttkl 
in life>, &tut bbotil mMM 
tliere might bo anno 
diiEoultv ; liut to ue] 
liui>|iy I would 
ttaj eatrrUicev Kothii 
is m {iu]ioruiit 

vhich yua have doM^^ 
tluuk Gwl. TUat 
b^ofuJ evfoj prti<lenl 
lAiiaidentunu Kt 
dImo tnuUvnt in cotu- 
pfuUtHi ; " &»(], w sbe said tbiN, te-iK rUxkI in livr Bufl eyee. It mi 
K long H[Kwch for Mra. MotvdltU. Oxwnlil luwl conw l)ack to the dtaviaK- 
room in k loow Jadcct, with some lingeriiig o«lotir of his cigat utiout 
him, to bid his mother good-uighl. Slio vru BtaadiaK by Uu niu- 
t<tI|>ieoe with her ouiille tu her h&nil, wltilo he stood olow liy, loukinKi 
ikiwn tiilo the ftrv.cansciiig the down, tcuoely deT*l»]K<d into » niu 
ou hi« ti)>per Up, and iLos hiding a oooscious soulo. 

"So jrott thiuk my choiee B goo>l onn, mother I" hoMid, u-ith a Un^ 
lln. MoTvlith did not tliiiik liiiu eitriaus onouijh fwr mch a m-kni* 
moment ; hut tIi«o how luelees it is to ^ on coiiLiiidiug witJt pMpb, 
becniiM; iIk^ vill not fed as jroa think proper ia cn-ury uDEtiEnK? I 
After all, rviny oae most act acoMding to his nature; 1 1 
caanot lie made rcftlent, nor the U){bl-hertrte(l lukiuiu. Ti ''In-i 

lAvivdiUi'o pbilowphy. But alM^tea little M){b, ito> h1i« had ^/(^«a 
to tlte frivolity of imr Mi'x m»u. It wah Ute, Uid ihi^ 6ni wna vtay , 
UpiHi the hfvrth — out* of tbn Uotps liatt baniud out — tliv rmcn ' 
tliBUDGr than umuJ ; iti u mmnr Kdwaril *aL nxif 

mul, nnher tiliun, ulvut. and md. Uawald, who lu _ ^ , -. 

|itMMu>t diK)KHiti<m, a« ln il* w l he piocnUty wsfi, uBoolhod bb 





PboiiKUcli* witli grcMl comiihiemcy. He saw nt otuie titat it vas Cora o^ 
irhom hix tnothor wu Ifainkin^, utd it was not «t all di«sgK«nbIp to liiin 
tiuit ib« flliQuU thixtk w. Ho waa quit« willui); to be t»kea for CWn'tt 
Iftver. TbexQ wns no h&nu iu » Utile mysUficuliou, uid tiiv tliottght od the 
■Mrbt^ plauecl liiiu. 

^f " All, Oswald, I wish yon were a litUe more aco^ooH, upecaolljr li midi 
m moment," mill hi« uo4lur ; " tbero ai« so many Lliiu|{v) to think of. I 
wiith yon n-ooli) try to realwo thnt ib in a rei-r, yeiy iupoitaut uoiaeDt 
in your life." 

*' It l» • vary i)K«.«iuit uii<% at IcMt," hb aaid, amiling at h<!i^-witli a 
■railo wkioh from tlio time of hin L«b>y Daa|[LtiiHait luul alwayK Mulxlucd 
bifi motber — and ii« %litHl her cmndle. wid Ktoopwl with filial grace 
to kiM her cheok. " Oood-nij^ht^ motlim-, aod cton't trouble atxnit ma. 
I am v«ry hajipy," ha nud, with a balf'Iaii^h at hiii own clevcmms in 
eanying on tl>i» itoluKion. Owwatii tUuiigUl a grvat doal of his oirn 
cUvemem. Tt waa * pleasant siibjKi to him. }Ie irtood for mmuo time 
aft«r Uiti nu>lb«r wiugonc, looking down into the waiting fin) uud Buitting to 
biiiw^. Ue enjoyed tfa«i idea reflected from their minda that he waa an 
aoocpled lover, a hafi^iy niari betrothed and eiijoriog tlie fintt dweetnen of 
Ivn, Hi> hod nut said *o ; ho had iloiie noHiiug, m> far ait he waN awnre, 
to orij^tnatA such n notion ; but it rallicr amuKed and flBtti>red bim now 
that tbey luul vf theraacelveH ([aito ^attiiLoiisly Rtiirtud it. A» fur Carn 
keneir bein^t dLw-jiWiMl Or annoyed by it, that did not occur to htm. Uhc 
wad only just a ^rl, not apennn of dijpiity.and th«(« coiitd l>e no ii^uiy 
lo htfT in Huch a report. Itosi<lHs it was but Itis doiii^ ; ho was noway 
I^Uama Poor dear little Can! if it did i-omc to that^ a man waa not 
^^peh to bt> j^tiMl who luul Cars U> iidl back upon at the lost. 

TliUH he stood muaing. with that conicioiw smile on bia face, now and 
then casting a };laooe at hini^olf in the mirror owr iho mantelpiece. He 
ma not thbddng of hin brothn-, who sat behind with the nune book in hia 
hands that ho hod boon pretending to lead all theeveuiiig. Edwurd roee 
when liis mother was gone, and cam^ tip to tho 6r«. He vtna no master 
of woKb betittitig the occudon ; he wanlMl to my fiomctking, atiil be did 
not know what to mty. Hw elder brother, the mowt popular of tho two^ 
he who was always a little in advanw of Edward in i-wrythitig, admir«d 
and htduvinl and thought of as Edwai-d had novor been — how was the 
yonngBf. \esa brilliant, lam ooiwkler«(l brother to say anytliing to blm tliat 
bore tlte character of advioo 1 And yet Edward's heart ncbed to do so ; 
to ti^El iho truth his heart achwl for more than this. It hod seemed to kin 
that t^ant confided in himself, )R-!t>-vt^ in hie alTeclifliuitt) KVinpathy more 
tbun ihi! did in Oawald'tt : and to see Oswnid in the triumphant po«dtuiD 
ofavownl (orernfl they all thought him to lje, waa gall and biUdrneai lo 
the jmoryoTiiigft^Uow, in who«e htwrtforall tluwc ymm a warm reoolleo- 
h of Car« had beoo Bmouklering. ilo was the poor nan wbofw ewo- 
Bb bis rich brother had taken, and the pang of tfuqiruKd dialreas in his 
ul wa« all tho hitteter for that ooiueioasndss which never quite left lii« 
a ft_» 




roinil. Hint OmWbM vtob alwkya the onO jtrvfeirrcd. liul Edw»n1, 
1h» felt Uiis, wtu itol of nn mvioiix oalitrp, atid was ratlwr 
liimself thaji r«e«ntful of liis 1>i-olher'8 liapj)iiK«8. Hu went up tc 
dn^Qinl hy lii^ toiulei- h(wt mucli nguiiiKt tfae nMiiitAnce of tii* 
fKluu{ Uiat lie too must my aoucthiug. Ho latil Iun li&ntl, « 
qnivfnyl a little vitli si])>)n«M>(l agitalioo, on On<v»l<rK tboulfl*^!-. 

" I <lon't know wlinl to nty to jtni. old fellow." be md, wttli u 
fttt««iip4. tit an c«9y tone. " I oMdn'c wtsb yon lui|>iiiiic>«, for jtmS* 
got it '* 

In ftpite or hinitrlf Orvald kngliLiL Ho bad a sohoolbo/V jiri^trt is 
myictifieAtion. and Aomohow a aoiuo of K^VAi<d'a duapiMtutmrni a«i 
in. Slid gKv-c littu ft Ktill ^reatei- )jercept)un of fhe joix. Not tbal k 
wubed to liurt Edward, but to most mm wlio linow nothu^ of ]int, 
there u .>« murb of the ndiculonft involrcd, even in a diaapiaointiiMU, 
tbat thn one n-ho in br<M-t''«'bole luft^ bo dolibcratAlf cmel witbont nr 
evil intention. " Oli, yvn, I am ba]i]>j enouj^h," he said, looktos roail 
at his brotlter, vrlio, foi- his p»i-t, coold not &i«et Itis «yee. 

" I 1iop« ytm -won't wind what I am pAOg to m; to you I " mI 
Edward, " I am not no light-bMrted a ^owaAjrouare, aod tliatsiakM 
RIP, piThii]!*, iiuttcti utbeni. Oswald, look hem — *A< Is bo4 M 1i|^ 
b«u-t«d as you arr, either. She w«iit« taking caro of. Sbo is vety m 
aitive, and fe«1a many ihin^ that perhaps you would uoi fiw). Don't W 
vo»d. I tlionnlit I woiild jwtt My thit otieo for all — and there is m 
good thin^ I dii[i't wkli yoa," criol Rdward, oonduiliug ftbrupl^, la 
COT«r the liule bmtk in liia voi«e. 

" Yon iu«d)i't look t>o gliini aliout it, Xcd," said bis brothipT 
don't mean to be tnnied off to-morrow. We shall hare time to tnin^ 
our tears on Tsrioos ooraatona b«for«> Urni. Hunma and yuu Uawa' 
of jumping at coiwIumoiu;. Ak fur Aer " 

" I don't like aUnjt ou mcb a mltroci," nid Edmird, hotly. •■ Jft 
mind ; tliera are »oaie tliingi in cbould nvror a^-ee opon If v« I 
till doocnsdAy. Oood-Dight," 

" Good-night, old wan, nod T wuh yoa & better tcanpar—tinlMai] 
eom* Mid ttnvn onodirr agar first," nid Oiiwald, with oheorfol ammMK 
" My mind is too fnll for Bteqi." 

** Yo«r iniiKl ia fall of " 

** Tlor, of courAO," fi\id t>«walJ, with a laugh ; niiJhe went ^ralwl'l 
wbisHiag tlie air of Fortunio'a modi;— 

Ja nis nourir pour nu uie. 
Ban* la Mnaiati'. 

H«WM dal^lfd with the mistake whtrli ninditiwl 
awafcawad cavioa, and rvgntc, atvdcangratuUtionH, wh^-li -. 
difiimit ways tribtilM to Ma iuptirtaium. Awl do 


I pleued M the otbem ; AntI, indood, iindor tbo influcnm of a Mig;^tioQ 
' wMcli iDsiln liiin feel Im ovn impottance so ddi^t/aUjr, Otnrald van not 
At. »I) siiro Uutt tliia wm not iha bwi tbin^, nniJ tbe evidmt ooncltucian of 
Iho wltolo. Hat in the meuitmiv lui I«l hut mind float swa/ npan otter 
Euictc»' //•*' '' how liUle they knew who She waA whom thev tliun i^^o- 

trantlr UiA-ni««l. \Vli«a ho hn4 lOSit into tliP ninctiinrir of xmok*. »t whitfh 
Mre. Mi.-iT«liih fthimk Iwr h«d, but which *ho had cajcfull)- pn^Mivd for 
ker bojs iJl Die snmr. Onwold lit tli« other cif;ar wliich ho bwl invitMl hia 
bnrthn- to ncooapaDy, uid trnt doirii with lluit laniio ntill npon Iiik f$tct, 
to ^^oy it luul his fnuueti. He Uid his hand indotentljr upon t> hook, 
but hi> ovn uiusings wem iit (hn moniont mora nuitiiuiig, luon plniMuitl^ 
rxciliog than aor novel. Thv numtion {iKuiM-d and itimuliit*^ hi* fiiucy 
ID every way. TV domuM little school proocssion. the meek youn;; eon- 
TratiiiU hoftutT, so sulxliiml uid soft, yd with tipnrlclee rcBponsive to he 
iHxurk ont of her, h&tf fi-tf;ht«iied, yet at tbo sune time el«vat«d nbave all 
the toiupUtiODH tli«t toiglit hftveowuled other prl» — it waj itcarcelT poii- 
nlfle bo realise anything moro <n{itii,-aiing to tho inia^natian. IIo mt 
■mil dnwntNl orcr it all till tho »iiall hoars aft4>r midnight Bounded one 
by one, and liiii fira wfnt out. ftud h« bef^i to fe«l chilly ; n|>OD whidi 
ar^mncat 0«waJd, still Kniih'n^ to himM>Jf, wmt to liod, well plutMKl with 
hia fiuKie* A9 aitb everytluug cW bcloniou^ to hiin ; and all thv better 
pleaard tltAt he Mi. oonwioiui of having rousMl d conaideaahle d«nl of ex- 
citramit ftnd pmoUon. tttid of hAvinir. without nay decided iiilmtioii oa 
his own part, dfcl^htfully taki-n in event- body, which dcJightcd tlie 
Achoolhoy part vt bin iiftture. To be ko clever as he was oonodous of 
beitif;t wid n {KK>t, un<l n prat oinny other fin« things. It whk wioDushing 
how uudi of xhe itetioollMy waa Mill in hiiii. But yvt hv had no rom- 
pnnctkia as be wntt ti|> dii^ long stairvaae : ho bod not finiabed, dot indeed 
Biad« the leKA advanco with his |>oein. 

mm old l^ro'i caarw fnoUy *pnnig 
Fair fiioe:— 

^p Julward wm moved in a Teiy dilS-reat way. Ue would have 
\ bwo nwipiaitinKMS and givuti op Can — tial ht, haviug im real riglit 
to Cam. ho nii<ilit hav» f^rpn up tho j-otithfiil iinagiuntioii of hoi- 
whirJi Itiul alwi»>*a Iteon hLi favourite fiuicy, to his brother, wiUi Houie 
wringing of ihe heart, hut with that oompmnitiion which t-oiitb Kaa 
in th« Biitilituo H^nHO of twIT-iavnfioe. But I lien.* is uo bitterness greater 
in iUis world, niihrr far young or old, than that of giving up pninfilly 
to anoihi-r KimoLhinff whicli that oiltii- liuldc with h>vily nnd trrats 
*-itb iiitlilfcn7iK.->-. To hear Cai«, the siacred youiig princess of his own 
fikney, .ipukeu of lightly, and tho Miprf-uic moment of possible union 
■.-wiLh hot eUntMMfiteii as " turning oBi" *'"'< i^ downfall whieh mado 
ISdward hnlf fnuitU: with [Hun and tihnuie, luid iudijjnntion imd imjintience. 
rS}i« would ha to Onrald only a (.■oiunion-pUcc litUv wlfo, (o bepottml 




vlten he was io Uio humour, HUniUog rety mudi lover Uuu bifioaelf U 

but own good gmow ; wfacraafl, to Bdwsij i^ would Ti»vn b«RQ I 

but it was OKwalii, not Rilwanl, wham »hn had cbowD. ilow fitnmgt 
ilh^ are t all tbwo woDckrfnl conf'iHuns of ItuuiKJiiij whidi depras (bt 
rurisoet, the blind jumpR at fate, the foolish choiesfi, tho itostiing over oftbi 
best bo talto the votvtf wlucli form UiooidiDarjr oouivo of cxistoara omr- 
irhere, the jioor young fellow thought, in thu lint fluoouiiUir vitli «d\w* 
•veatM; aniltJiL<<w»iDiinfcled witJi tbatBtmnge voadcrof tho tender hnrt 
to find itaulf uiicompralk«udedaJid r«)<xctod, whilo fpft^ much I(w« prwion* 
thso tlMMit ofl^ am ftOMptod, «-hich Ik ono nf Uio moA )>oij;Qiiat pui? 
atiMoni — andthcMfbeliiigBeurguigdimt}' through Edward's muid, dlM 
biin wllJiadeopondecff mill pun beyoud urords. Indeed be could uothkti 
told all the bittcraemuf the vii^e heavy hlaoku«« wlildi svatloweil up 
bar vorld and evetything lo^vly befwe bim. It wns not otHf tJiat 
had (lie thofm>bt) diowo <^n»ld Imtead of hiirutelf, but abo that the 
lorn waa pi-vfiti-rail to the greater, and tlint tlio tiling ono man u'uuld 
worahtpp&d wiu thromi to the car^leRfl keeping of another, as if it vrtn ■ 
tliiiig vt no i>rioc. Tlio iiommnJ qiiuettou aud tJie abetiict ouo twailed 
and twined into ono, tu ia gonenkl in t]i<>fii^triAlflof youth. Hq htmmtf 
ancotuciaiGily iNvame tobimsclf tJinf<yiiil)ol of true love miHJudj^, ufguU 
thrown awkv for |n»''hhuc-k — aiidl^'iirntliciiyinholof that Icrribin {lennuuil 
mislako which ia alwavB going on fnm chapter to chapter of the woriilV 
history. Even, for lie ww generous id tho ^try paogs of ttiat viaoonj 
envy, tt addod anothfn* pang c^ fluiTcring to Edw&rd'ft mind, that he eutiU 
nob but oomider his brother as the pittchltcck, bo for an <'ara at \vmiA 
OonsiderM). While Oswald sat Muiliug to hinwelf Uuuii^h Uw funiea 
his cigar, EilwnnI thrvvr hi» window open and gaied out into the cliill i 
ntm of the winter ni^ht, fcV'lini; the cold wind, wliieli luada hiiii Khim, 
he Biore in ooiL-wiuinoa with Iiik foUitigH than thu warmth ef the co: 
able room inside. 

Thu« the whole little world wa.^ tunvcil iiitsiilo down by Oftwali 
ligIit-lionrt<Ml preference ef his nwo grslificntion to anything othoi- pmpii 
might thnilc. He Itail hnlf foiynt-lnn th<? ap]x>in(inetit he hiid k» anxioeJf 
made with Cars when the tnomiii^ oaiiie, tutving gt>l into full swin){ with 
hifl Tenea — whidi wn« a f^ill more cnptirating way of fotprouisg U» 
BOotianntB than confession of them to i.'«ni— 

Fai» fiu-f frvn uU PI«Lra>*( cnnvM ii|-r«iig, 

.Soft M tti« OY^ frnll U iJm iU}-. 
BwMt ilmdow of kc^U ttoM, youtiti 

Aud h«ai>«oly litif bt m liMy, 
dtJuX oT nil kircly thiaf)^ iijr poola vnng — 

lie miild utt niiit<itiL hinwlf with iFie liuit liun— " Any<I>> 
"uiy humble by," waa tjtc oHdiftd itirutiiiatJun, tmt it wa. 
affected. The consMlcratioD (if thta oix:]ip)iil him Io tho uuLir« «xv 
«( 0(U«, and he only reooUeetad with nliat anxiety he liad he 



to got rid of Iwr mint niiil noo hJin nlono itt a (|nart(ir \Mf.i twclvo, hkving 
ft|)patnte<l to noet lier at noon. He tlimst the bit of paper on which h« 
had 1k«u scmbbliujjE iutu liis povkot, wii«a li« rcuiDubtiral. nod yuat off 
languidly to pajr liu \-istt; he hail toMnt (o have oom[i1et«cl Uia poeou, 
aoi] trad it orer to her, bat it vna cleai- that this mu»t be ]io»tpo&«d to 
asothrr (t*y. 

tMMawhilfi good Miw Cherrv, full of an]cietiee, had got up much 
<ttrliBr thiui WOK n e c ora ary, itnil had Hjient a loug dojr beforo lirelva 
ifi'doclc. By mf tif giving t« hor withdrnwul at tluit fated hoar an air 
of pMfect oaturalnffis and ppoQtan«ity, she inveoteil a gi^at manj iittlo 
booailtolil oc«ujii>t*OD)S going \uin and thoro ovnr tho diffoicnt rooms with 
[KuriKi, kiokiim over dun's thinfp to me what vu wanted, and making a 
gntinna; Douwof bouwhoM iieooMitiai. Th« ooo moKlKonoiM occupation 
^riiicliehe hadinlwrnund iihe|)ostpotieduDtilthenioiaeDt wbeatbalover, 
or Bup(x>>«d lover, nlioitld »|>iMnr. TtJii was her real objwt iu coouBg to 
Looduti, the iotei-mw vliich aho Iiad dot^rminod to have with her 
brother. With a heart beating more loudly l)ia» it had beaten for yeara, 
■be vcaitri] till Onwnld Mi-Ti>i]itli*ii njipcanuioo gave (he Mgna] far tiiiH 
I assatdt^ which it was her dntj- to mnke, but which die atlompted with to 
^nnadi trembUag. By the time Oswald did apjiaai-, her hi-eath haJalmoet 
^■Hkkon hi-r wiUi Agitation and OKcit^inont, and «lio had bocomo almot^t 
^^^f saucb abMirbed in hor own enterpriiw to vondor that at tnidi a 
MMatnt iho yAitng dmd hIkxiIi) Imi Intrt. S)m van aUcmdy in the hbtary 
wbon Oswald went npstairs. 'IVo int«i-riowH so solemn going on 
togetlierl the catafwi of both bthiir and <lntight«r hanging ui the 
bAbnee. Uj« Clicny knork»I bo sufMy »h to be unheard, and had to 
nipcat the eiiuimoiid )x:forc tliat "cotueiu" twundei tJiroitgh the doeed 
door which WM t^ Iwf UI ihf tnmip of divan. 

fcHhl^ winit in. Mr. llcrtwfoni vae stntod ah imial at hi» writing table, 
itli <dl Ka bookn about liitu. He was busy, aeoardii^ t« hin gentle idea 
Being hiuy, and Imked up wit h some suipri»» at hia aister when she 
Breil. yiiM Cht?n-y auno noisclocsly forward in her grey gown, with 
Iter BoA rtcpa. He held hia pen uispetidDil in hia fingom, thinking j>or- 
liapa it woe V i ' :tig tftuMtioii which dm tuoant to ask, than laid it 

nJowu wit}) t I -t ftluwlow of impatience. oo%'ei«il iniuiediately by a 

j^bti-ntniiliil iimiiiKwn tii know n-hnt .she uautnl, and a tJighlnigh over hia 
^^waalad tifno. TIioso who have their broad to work for take intermpttons 
far more easily than those wlioe» jabount are of importance to nobo>ly, 
and '■' ' V vrttiiig ItLiHisliin- wmild not lu»w tntnthod half m deup 
a a^: ■■ JaiDM BoT««for<l over the half hour be was about to loM. 

"Yea imai smnethiug?" he mid, with the mile of a oansrions 


I, " Only to spMlc to yon, James." aaid Him OlMTiy, brealhl«». Then 

^Kl)(i luoktit up Bt hitu tnLli ■ depnwitini;, n-intful cmilir. " Tt m not wry 

^^Flen tliat wo tuet now, or have any uppartunity for a little talk," 

•he antd. 



" Yo*. ChAny, tlut ia true enough. I have been bo mndi away." 

" And pcDjdp drift apwt ; tfa»t is true too. I know 1 can't follov 
you in nil yoia doeji stiKliOA, Jmiqcs ; but mv hourt ia &lirs^s tho kbhw. 
I think of you mora than of auy one, nad of On. I hope ihe vili liw 
to be the (t«au*eBt ontnforC to yoti at iJii; Klwayi wm to tts. Tbo li^t trent 
ftwny from the Hill, I thUik, wlien sho went an-ay," 

" Vou h&vv bwa Ywy good (o ker, 1 nm sure," he laid, vith due 
l^rKtefulnees, "and most kind. You \>a.v* tnon^t her up very wia^ly, 
Cli«ny. 1 hvn no fkult to find vith hei-. She is « good Utile jcirl." 

MisH Cherry, to h«u* ber Mnall gudilcMi tliiu dmvri1>«d, fult » Kuddoi 
idtock wid thrill »F homi r ; Init kIi« sulHtusd hprBelf . " I wanted to speak 
t» you, JanMS," sho said, " of Uiat : " ihen, with a lili^ht pant and luttve 
of her fright«tM»d Immoiu — " (A, Jomcw ! do yoii not think you could give 
her a littJo mon of your Hoaicty — kant to kiiuw lunr better I you would 
fimi it wortii your while ! " 

" KiMw hor betler ! My dear Cheny, I know liw very well, pool 
child. Sho is a good littln girl, always ol>od)(rnt luul dntifiil. TUerm 
eaunot In vmj much fellowsliip batweon a loaii of my oocnpationR and a 
<)uwtstu)iilt> g}r] rnich aa Cara is, Z am ghid to Bay ; Uit 1 am veoy fond vi 
her. Vou tniiHt not ttiink I don't ojipractate my diild." 

"It is uol <|uiU; that," said foor Cherry. "Oh, JaiDe;;, if you oniy 
knew it, our Otra u a great d««l mora than uietvly a good littln girl, 
would itot fui- ft moineut tbhik of finding Giult with yoa; but if 
would »eo Iteralittla mora in the eTOoing — if you would uol go out *)' 
•D Biucb " 

"Oo ootl — I rrallTgooui voty laJdom. I think yon are making a 
miitaka, Obeny, my dear." 

" Oh no, Jamcu ; aiuce I Itavc coiue, it baa beni uy great Uwugfat. I 
kuow you iloa'l luean to bo unkind ; bnt wbea you are out cn-ety 
•veaiug " 

"Roally, C^vrry, I had no idea that my lilter^ vaa to he la- 
ftioged, and my Imbita critictsnd." 

Miaa Cherry caaw up to lum with aa auxloas £«» and wet tym 
" Ob. Jiuncf, don't be angiy I Tlint is not wlwt I noan. It b not to 
critidaayou. But if yoa would stay with your child in tboevcoiia 
»ametIiDe& She is ao aw«et and youug. It would giro yoa ]>leaaate tf 
you ware U> tiy— and—it would }to brtWr. &r belter in oUier way* tt».' 
*' 1 (toa't underatand what you dirsu," lie said, htinicilly, 
" No, na I waa sare, (|iiitv Mir», yon uevvr (hotight, nor nuxnt 
tiling. Hut tbc woHd iaattnuigo world. It is always niiec 
litDOcent ]>eo|ilc~aDd, Jiuuw, I am ocrtatn, tuy, I know, it 
BO much IjpUrr: forcvci-y wie— in prpry way." 

^ You •mn to Lava niadn u]i your mind to bo niyateriooa, Clit^riy,' 
Mid. 1 don't aeo to whom it mn lai of imfiartaiiiw liow I )iaa ny ti 
iT '' v-ontUukt T dou't HtipptBo ahv carta 1^ ' >lv»~' 

I . uuold-lksliionM woman, my [toortltwT) • 








aght tip to think. Siit, tn^ dear, it U uot necneiMTy to nlratioD that 
anna nbould be alwaj« in Id* own hoiiM, Mid betwrenaiOMiDffinjr uad 
» f[irl oTMvecifnui there ia not rmlly so mtich ia oomtnon. 

»" When the5 u« (kther and (Uushtfir, Jamai I " 
" Tbftt ckRe not nuiko vttiy much ditTrj^ncfl tJtaC I eon coo. But if 
ytm thiok (.'■» x< dull, tre mii&t hit ujkiu something i^Ttt^r tlinn my 
socielT. Younjt friends {wrliAjio — if Iburo is nay other fipil she likm 
)«rtieul*rlj^, let her invite her friend hy aJ] meMlu. I don'l wuit mjr 
littie girl to be ilull." 

" It i» ool UiDt, JiuDce. Bho never compLuu : but, oh, if joa would 

try to uaice riietidii vith the ehild I 8he would intercat you, «he would 

be a pIuMMil coio[><ukinn. HIk would mnkc yon likv your home again : 

and oh, pordoo nun, jBinnt, wuuld not thjit bo better than fiadiqg your 

hAppiness elMwh«re 1 " 

' At thin ntmoeat the door was c^)en«d, and John ajipoiral nalierinf; in a 

B sriontiftc visitor, whoee vtr^- name was raotigh to fHghten any hunble 

^H penOD like Miea Chen y. Hlw u-ithdrow prcoipitatoly. not sorry to benved 

^K fratn furlh<Y diwiimion, and wtMuli-riiig nt h<-r>)'Jf how *ho ooiild havo bad 

the nu'lacity to speak u to Jiukh. Nothing hut ber aiixioty could bare 

IgiviMi hpT tiuch boldneo. It was presumption, iibe folt.cven >u li«r secret 
■uul, to critichiev lu b« said, it mau like her brother, oldei- and w 
iniirh wieer dian herself; but wmntimc-s a littlr point of cnsloco or 
n^rd to a|ipMU«nmi uiijKht bo overlouked by a devi-r man iii the very 
graalniMi of lua tbotight«. Tliis wa.t how kind ilim Cherry put it—and 
id that vay, Uie mouito ii><i;ht he)|> the hon. aiui the elderly, old- 
(nahSoned luitvr Ijo of iw (o a wtw and Icaiiwd man, Uiongli he msa 
member of all tho »>o«iet>«>. A.nd how kindly hi- hnd lintmnl to bor, and 
^_n»Bir«iI ber bold nnimadveiidoiui! When there in auytliinK to admire 
^^in thv behaviour of thoai; tltey look up to, kind women, liko MisH Cherry, 
^BBk ftliraya liud soino biiiahlo i<W lik<^ thin at h^^t, fi>r iv Hltle iidomtion. 
^^^^n • clever noaii. bad he not a riRht to )jo furious, brutal if be plcAsed, 
^Fwben a nniple little woioan daml to lind fault with him I but <m tJie oun- 
tnry, how well he took it — what u nuiii he was ! 

W Lit Cherry burryiii({ upstairs met CtuA t-oming down, nnd her other 
■ meiterooit came biu'k to )iri- in a inomeut. Hitc took tbe fprVt banda iu 
V htn, lhoii|;h it was in no nioro tvtircd phun than tltv laitding on the 
flCaira. " Wdl, my (huling," ah« said luuionaly. 

I" Well, Aunt L'htny '. " said Cimh, nod liiugliod. " I ww coming (O 
look for run, Ut axk you to come out and get MOme libboii — " 
" Kut Cara -" 
" Come : " cried th« ^rl, mnniiu;; upstatn n^in to fpA her bat ; ui4 
■what had really hapjwood thnt morning, Hits (.'borry nevnr knew. So 
tJtat tmth lirr rxcitemunte auao CO DOtbuig, and tbe iky tumod out 
^naanai/nl like other oommon tlaye. 

fl— 1 



A Kemo>stbjixcb. 
SEb. I^tBBPORD watnenUdiu Ilis lihra>:y,ss tisuitl. in tlie r ' Ite 

IwWttWM ami ){]ftiuv<l ovrr liix utivsp^icr, ami iiow him : \(rm\ to 

" work," that in, to wlutt lie otlled work. IIo uroulil not liftve been oiucli 
Uio vonw had bn idled, nor wcHiId his £niuMv« or nnyliody'ii comfirt 
hnrc mflbrod ; probably that wu ono nmaa -trhj be ytaa so indiistriitii*. 
Uia wriliiif; Ul>1e Mas kmiii>c^ wili tbe most j>erfwt order : bete bu 
blotciug buok, bis jiem. his {mim- of all nkm. fruin pondertPiM foolsrap lo 
tbo ligbfaMtt Mcideiital note; U)n« his books of I'tforcDoojin Uiocmtro, Um 
rolntiie be was Btudyii^:. John, b; lon^ [iractin>, k%d leanied (a know 
Mtaotly irhera to ylncrt all hix sustco^x pnmptK-nuklt*. Ho sat In front of 
tho fir?, which cracklod merrily aii<l lUArle li^it prtitUm^Htt. to the bound of 
which akiRA them ww genial comfnuy. The niildy otnubiiM of thu 
wiitbop moving <mi1«it^ in » siiVloog gloun ; overvtiiing vwieninfort»Uo, 
vrarm. ftnd liixurioiu nHind him ; tfae room was liiw^ nlinort as bi^ m 
liia n-iling with booln, «id thi* njiwm tAhbt nrar IHp further window ww 
oovond witlt nueaziitm and newH|N^)9rs. Hb xpikKd notltto); in that 
wayi tliougb for hinuelf be did iiotmd hiilf the Ut«niliirc IkiU ma 
plMod U>M« v*tn\j for him. Ho took )ti« }<1iu>i> »( libt tnlilr'. (■[•••ncd bin 
hook, put down tbi* letters which he had bi-onKht. with him from ihi' >ir«ak* 
Ctst table, and prqiarwl lo writ* — or rather to work — for lu« objed wan 
to *rit« n rerisw at th» netions book lie wu readuqg ; bin l^l^ra «cn 
kUnit tbia and oilier importeDt mattcra — a meeting of th^ Iup«rU 
SoeMy — the amtiignmi<nta to be mado for ■ anim of lecturer, — the 
cboice of s DOW mombcr. Ho pal do^m kII tbcee nomcDtooa epiftln oa 
bin laJ>1<*, imd ttimi>d over > pi^te of tbo lKX>k in ren^xx-'l to which b(* waa 
prapftrr<i to (n^'o to iJm* world somv new tdma of bi« oim on lbt< rpInUoaii 
^■viwx'rt mind iui-1 iiuttor, or rather, tiponaoow of those stiun}.-*' pnxvMm 
by which Uie butniui bmin, which ix ax imrcly matlor as tbo liuniHn \t^, 
prmiks itaolf np in tlw! apprmrnncc of « i^iritiial entt^, H* wm fond of 
philoaophi'^nl i|iM>>tti»n.i. lint wbon be bad miuUi &II tbMo prr>|)(untioii«, 
Im tto|)(wd Huddnily nborl nnd Ik^bw to ttilnk. ^Vbat: jn-occsH wna it 
thtil ItfOU^t ikrtuwi bim, likr u Piidikit l>r«ttli nf nuiuioer air with Um 
Kont nf flowmM in it, tiint tutdden Hood of rcrnllprtioRH t In a niomraiU 
invvdin;! his bmiKl and bia mind witli tlii>uj;lila of tlx' pact, he felt iw 
pi>o[d(^ do bi whom an old fHond iipixnrs midtWIv. Iiriii^!; wiUi him a 
liiiiidtrd foTKPt Iwi aooriatioiu. Had aontc one cotue into Wte wona mmI 
piMnnt room, and laid a liand Upon hit alioiitilor A»d Idokfd liiu ia IIm 
Atn>I If Jamm H>TCHford hnd hron a KUjvinititiiwa man hf ' ' * tve 
ibnof^hl ao. Hii wife bad been dead for morv tlian fiw reai . t^ 

And wnu-y ui>l painfUl tbcw) yttin bad Iwpii. lately, bowvvnr, hfa 
lii^rt UimI iH-fi) Inlhul to rml liy n«i*^ friiHidllu^ and 8jtitp«tl.<^- him] 
hftlp ; h« IumI ftdl klrnn^ «mon;{h to take tip bia ordinary liF- 
nlMTQ into the world— -Dot nnfiiltJifiil, biii coonled and lootihod. Unit 








in«c] to bim til bre^k this Moaatton of reet from troable, and whftfc 
now WHS not gainful. It was only tlie sudden return of 
gatA wtiicli Knil hrrn in ahin-anco. Sbff scvmcd to come Kod stand by 
liiip, KB RhH u»wl li) do, liwluiii; uvw bu shoulder, ssking nftor hi» work. 
** What tro j«n doiog I " he fteeuied u> hoir btir sny— Icoaiog over hira 
mHh lliAl CutiiU&r iiropiH^tombip of him and all bia worlca and '•^711, 
wbicJi wan so tiwe«t. Wliy hjwl this rinilation come to htm to-dnjr I Of 
dNann ii ninxt havi- Uit» nomi? iiuprRwioii on his iiprvra which thus 
K&Kil«cl itsdf tb]'oiq[b bis beinj^. 8uiup cliAnce coDta4:(. hud Htirmd otio 
of ihom «lria^, whidi more what w« rail feeluagii in Uio Ntmcij^ taacht- 
nery ofonr pnpp^tnaltira H* tbuugbt somehow that when be had 
aud thid, ilr explained the tay^my. All at once, like a gulu of spring, 
like a midilvi) thaw— or like voino one (x>iuing into the room ; tlkougb the 
tacit metaphor was not so fine ha the ullicn, it waa thp luORt tiiie. few 
of our uimital girOcenHaa (Ite wotiM have allowed) tut: piir^ thoMfi;hl — thia 
WBM nirt ilM)ii]:ht »t nil ; lio fflt tm if she stood br hint — ahe whom he 
Iim! 1o*< : us if thrir lift eamis b«ck bk it iiaotl to be. His grief ftir her, h« 
kanvr, had heon lullod to nUt, and il was not any icvtral of tho sbarp- 
noH iuhI )iitt«mi3a5 of that ){i-ivf which [uijv«U liin : it wan a ivtiini for it 
ftw niiniilca of the lifo tlii'y hail Vivt^l lo^th^r, of the coiiditioim which 
Ufa bad borne Iwfonr. 

Fcrhapa H waA dmply b«caitHc Iiim niator wiia thnrcy and the souud of 
tho two fi'muiino vcAcm, hers nod C'-aiVs, at the breakbKt lablft, hud 
'tjKmjIr' Imu-); iiii-iiioi-tm of thi! old liuKw. Ho Inuit Wv clbowe on his 
flIpdtflMtok, ami liifi chin tii the hollow of htfi handn, liVhata iliAerent 
I^ it bad beoi. 'Wliat wera his societteB ooir, hia ottichxt, idl his 
"wortL," to Uiofiret spoiitaoooiu linujK of Uio*n 4ln.ys that were deodt 
flow die would come in familiar, siir' of hw right to Ijc wherever he wm 
— not ttniid, likfi Carn, who never kii«w whetlier lior father would be 
plM«ml or not pleased to smi her, noi' n'vci'eutiul liko good Chorry, who 
ft'linired and wond«r«:l at his books nml hia writin){- Ho knew how thoao 
tw4> wouhi look nt n»y moaient if need or hiuinem kraufcbl tlxtm Itnoclc- 
it^ to bis door, liul hu i)«v«i' omld toll h<iw */nf wuiUd look,Bo \'nriaiu 
WATff her upoc-tit, never tho mudo — twr> wnmra KiinotimiM iu one moioont, 
tominB (o Irani or to annobino in the twinkling of an ey«, cheering 
him, proroWiu); hini, ictiniiilatiiig him. Ah, what a dianffo ! Uf« might 
ba'^'oltsaoothinpiuow. ilBooDsolatiuu», litlle makings np anil proiM, to 
{{tvo it tho appearuKo ot' boiui; Die autuo life o) bejbm, litit nothing could 
orcmukait what it had been. Ho had not died of it, neitlier wmild bo din 
of il — tb» gne€ that kills ja i-nn> : bnt whatovm- miglit haj^i to him tu 
the wnrld, wi mnrli wiu cuHaiii, that Uie delight of life was over, tbeglory 
gfn» iMit iif il. AU'l till >liil not trish it to he olherwitie, bo anid to him- 
I NttV, 'Hifn* Mi^ tliiti](a wbiolt ■ lunn can have hut <niiy>. Sotuo men ore 
haiipy ad to rottun tJioae bent Ihingt) of life till obi ai^e — htil ho was 

ut>e uf thoae hlenoil invt . And he was no kinder ymtohed and a 

m two of tha earth. 'lime had bwmaht hn^^jj^Witiig 




qtiiiMt a dim [ilntAiitneM of tnui<|uilljtj and friendtt— |;(iocl, Under, 
mg, idadeet frieada. 

Some one cnmiiig in liroke suddwily iJiis «tr*n)iv irrival of mi 
— nnd of alt jiooplo iq tlio world it wu th« docbor, 31ivxw'q11, wbow 
vu so linked to the t««oll6etU)iu> of the old life, l>iit who, Hettsferd 
r«lt, hai never been the ame to him tuuw Amii« dtul. Hjb tui 
bad b«en ao preocciipMid tlutb be faftd neror inqairod what waa 
caute of this catiuii^coui'eiiL What did it luatter to him if all Uie wgrld 
yevt Mtnui(;ad 1 he haJ fiilt vu^uoly j iliuI if ho thoiij^ht u[ion tli'i nuljjwt 
at all, aiippnaed that in tho ui^uBh of his mind he had aaid HomrrthJng or 
(hmo winetUiug t« vex. his old frieud. Bui wliat did it uuittur 1 Ua 
life liad bMa too tntich Hlii]mTMl;ed at first to lcav« hia mind at liberty 
U> cnro irliat miji;ht happen. And now tbc estraniicmeiit was m fait 
nf«tutj>li. But hU htturi was touched and anft that lanraing. Tho 
thought of AiiAie bail eom« baok to liim, and li«n> was wnae one dMph 
aeociatod with Annio. In tbo littto start with which hvgut up Imai \i» 
thair lU the antind of Maxwell's name, a miih of i-r^ilulton ran tikroogh 
Itis voins with a rapidity vuch aa l<«v» wmtb bopolcsily behind. " I 
will gfft to the l>ottom of it whatever it is. I will know tba cauae. anil 
in&ko it up with Maxwell." These wmils vnuld Imvo taken some dcGni' 
atom of time to think and sajr, but tho thought nisltod ihrongb liia 
instantaneonaly as he ruM hold'n$[ out lti« hand. " MaxwoU t yaa 
Ml HniiHUal vEaitor DOw-a-d»ya. I nu wry gloil to M* yoa," ba saM. 
That Iio should liavo flomo jiut now of all times in th« world I 

** Yo) ; I hare ceased (o be rIkkiC the bouan a<4 I u»ed to be," tbo 
doctor Kaid, with a Fli;;bt conftLiioti, gnvping tho hand offered lo hiia. 
And then tbcj mt down on two chaira opiXNdte to each othei-, and thi 
WM a panae. The; were both eiul<arnu«ed a litth*. Tlit« kimt of 
nas hntwcoi two frionds in mora <IilBi:u)t to get over tluui an 
ijiuiitqI. Maxwell waa not at liis vare. How many r^collcvtknu 
room hfoaKbt back to hiia ! That stnuijie viiiitoi- who ba'l xtood l^ Jama 
Uanaford'o sido a minute before stood by bi» now. Ho ettmtd to an 
Imt »bm(Uog agatuiit the li^t, abakin|; her Snger at thciu in n'pttwf. 
How vttlM^ «hi> had dono mi. tho li^ht catfbing hi*r dmK, making a kind 
of halo round bvr. \Va-< it puwibli- xb« wwt f^n» — ^one, dtsappewd trtm 
brfure tbedr ejua, makiug no irit*n I Anil yH how clmrly b1i« memad 
ntaud thrrr, looking «t (be two wbw>n ake ba'l M often iutcmi 
Iti^kni olT, si»<:t(i an <vnd of. with trapnriuiix dWMt imfH'Hiiir-i >(>>*>. Moi 
wfll, like hrr tiQri'anili felt tlip rcalilj of her no atnin;^, tlmt hit 
ng«rt/^l with a linuign vertigo Hut iilen at hn- absolute sc^uiviwu fii 
Uiia liouM and this lilie. The vertieo nmw still givattr, and bia bad 
nww ' ■< rmmdai' 'inlxmd ^ ' m*. 

■' '•' ' .[1"Midl' UKSOmu:' ' U- 

twiwn tM — 1 oui't toll whnt. I* it aiTi<h'jital. «r dum il nioan an^iitf t 
I bave hadadiiBtnuTtcttUli*, ftityuu knuw, iui*l J maj-bara doucwD" 






1 tlift«^ 





" No. no." mtfl the otbor, hitrriMily ; " let tu tny nothing atxint tb»C. 
I nrant Dothin);. Benwford, if ;ou have tliis feeUog now, wh&t vrilL you 
Udnk yrhea jou bnu- tlutt I Iuiv» uailortakaii a diMigrecaMe, inbrusive 

" Inlnwivo ! " He fmil^ : " I don't isM wlmt you wjnlil tio intnuav« 
aiwut. Ydu itaKl to kuow ftll my uffitins — imd if you don't know them 
I now, it is not tny fmnlt.'* 

" t^ood bpftWDA .' ■* aifii tlw ilwtoi-, involtinttirily, " Uow un 1 to ito 
it t liOok hnv, Berwifunl ; I Hkiil T noiilil nunc, tliinkinj; titat I who 
knew yt>u N> wM would uiooy you lees than a Btmngor— but I don't frol 
M> sure about tfa&t now." 

" Whnt MthwgnnpOWiWplotl " fliid IWtwford, with * laugh. " Havo 
I been K^ilty of bi»h treason without knowing it, and int»t I fly tbr my 

Th« ifootor o)cu«d Iua throat ; hs grvw r«(1 in the face ; linally be 
jiiii)pe<l up from hi« chaii- and went to tho hig fiivfilatv, vhoi'v i»e iiiooil 
with hill hack tu the (in>, and hut face a liltlft out of hix fi-iniid'N night. 

*' BetTMiwd, bnTp youcvvr ibotigbt wlmt n ntnuigti ixieitioo Miv. Mere- 
ditl) is ill 1 " 

" tin. Memlith I " He emH tbiH with mich unfei^ed mrpi-inn that 
Ills nntor faU inorr awkwnrd tluin <^v(-r. " Whnt can «ho haw ta do with 
any dunuuuu between you and me t " 

»•' By Jove ! " erwd the doctor, " we are all a |>w;k of fooU ;" and from 
tbe lira he walked to tho window in th«< ]>ortiirbnlioii ofhiti thoitght«t. 
Beraford laughed. " On<> can ncnpr my anythioK civil to a ejteech 
Uk« thai — iwprrially an, for^vn inii ! f have not a notion what you arn 

Ibwing foob about." 
Maxwoll looked out into tlie a([aare to jdivk U]* courage. He conghcd 
as mm ito when th«iy atr* utt<«rly at a. loe« — wlutn it ui worth while lo iiain 
even a iaonn^nt, " FJon't In- iitign- witli mi-," Im rttiA, with xiuldon 
huiuihly. " I fthonid not have taken it in baud, osperiaUy aa yon have 
that fMliog—but —look bvre, I fiaw lakeo it iu luunl, and I tutbit >i]>cnk. 
IVavafard. old Sommmille came to mo ymtorday. nr's&lcnNiith'efnend, 
with a gt-n«Tal rommnMJon to look aHor tbn family," 

'* TTh* anything 1ui|>|m?imxI to Mttmlith?" »iwl Mr. IterctifonI, with 
nmtfwu. " Tbis \n lb« second x'atw yon haro n>eiiti<ni«<l thorn. J tnrrely 
know lUia — but if tli«re i" anything wrong, 1 dud) bo very sorry for 

■ '• There u nothing wronp, nnl«« it is of your doinp," said tlio doctor, 
with shmjii det«miination. " Tu tell Ihv Iritth, Mimxlilh bad hi«nl, or 
toninliodr has bilil him, or a j^'osMiniig Iihh b«en got up — I doa'b know what 

— >!■ T vinlta. You jjo tli*it* tooofc^n, Ihpy my— «very nigbt " 

> II I " priid Janift* Bcriisfiinl, KjirinKinj; to htR fwl. 
i'bero : J told yuu." paid tho dwlor. " 1 «ud you would ho an^^iy 
. if it inn my fault. I am only the mouthpiece. Old SoiunMrviUe 
Id bavfl ooae to yon btnutrir— latt I wnssnre ft oould he notbinj; bat 



in*dv*«rteaioe^ «nd undertook the office, Ituowiog jrou too w«U — atieb Im 
vfdl — to think foe k inoiuent— — " 

"InndvertMLce! Knowing luo too woll to tlutik! In tliaiwnMiar 
bcsven, what is therf to think t W hat have 1 been inadverlJOt »bimt 1 
Angrj i Of couiwe I nin uU{ry. Whut Iwve I done to b^ j(o«njind Alio«itl 
One of us must be out of liis eeusee surclj', either you or I " 

" No, it im't that. UoMiip does not sf*n any one. And jMrnlno swy' 
KM<1 llu: doctor, Rowing boldur now thnt the woi-nl noit over, " tT you InJ 
crcr thoojihti oil tbo mbjuct, you luuxt havo seen that such &(V)neitt riiilji.| 
— to a woman who is mai-ned, wlioKe htmhand is at \ho oiImo- t%tA of llw{ 
woria " 

" Stop stop, I t«ll you I X will not have ^cr didouteeil or bw tmma 


" That is qnitc right, Ben-oof* ml. I knpvr yon would fnO ho, 1b H 
right tlien tluU the tendercMt hmirt on th« fiioe of lite earth dmnlil ha 
woiTitxl nad tiullind becaium of you i " 

" Good Oo<I I " cri«d ibo Ww-ildoi«d iniui, "hiw eho tiMn won-ipil «w] 
boUiBd I WhAt do you menu 1 Wbo Imu (HWDinwl to find fault ) Shi 
JB 1 am not guiii^ to t^y what sho is." 

" It ut not QceoMuy. J know tJiat as w<^ll as any oiMk" 

Dereafard made a half-toivcioiu |)mi>e, And looked at hia nrpnnw 
with a M»il<l«D iuvoluutwy ruif<iug of hi» oyclirow«. Know that m wtJl 
BKuny ori'- ! Did hut Vaiu Ij(»u4i-r I Who biit binuK-lf knew all lb( 
con«oliug sweetopw, all tho twft w««ltli of ^'nipAtiiy iu this friend vf 
frienikt He f«U more angry witli Maxwnll for tliia false preteiMontliAii 
t'fi all liie otJicr Hino. " 1 atii at a lots to know," b« eai'l, coldlr, " hy 
wlint ri;{1it nuy oiio attompta to int4>rf<>ra n-illi my lilii^rtj- of ai-tioa I I 
001 nut a in&ii whwe vi^tA to ajiy houM can be oonndrivrl •wspioona 
I eliotild hnvn tlioagKt tbatmychHmct«r anilmyauteoedeutv w«r«ctiOS^ 
to ptwen'c me rmm iiyurious (vuimvul aud tbe gostip yoti «peak of.' 

"T ' <T,"piud thi>(ith*^i-lia»lily," w'b<)t)iiiik«uf you t Xo amoant 
of grx I do you any md liami. You iDitKl ivw thaL Tho <|U(mlMi 

is aLoat An;' 

It wan Ufotwfunl'a turn now tu bo co:cit^ H« heg/tn In i«c« 
the room in d*«|i annograitM and iigilutioo. Of coiin«< thin wa*i 
Whiif I'inc l« a "uiw miplit Ijp cvnytltitiR to a woinan ; am) no 

mail ^s I <' iiiUiiK v'flnl<1 i<x|>0M a wotoati tn mmnMWt. tin leak 

refii)^ ftr^i in ftirvum ainmc »f gniwiji. What had any me to tlo with hia 
jmKVffiltnKH t A uou iti always tuan ihixkml aud niii;rv lo Gitd IdiawV 
llw oljoct of imai-k Uuu a woman Lt. It fvoniMl iin-niliMf to liim tW. 
&>■. of idl |ira>|di< In till? world Ai*. tdiuuld In? thv ul^iii of itm 
mark. Iltu idna ita* intokialiUi lo nonvfimL 'riip<i>"'' > .^ 

ucrtltinK, but let luni kavn luM laviuKii out, witjidrawtut; -^M 

111 ■•ii'»<'n).i,. B 

» -ying Mt:< I 

|MMwional« alMAU) of nouoloKW a- (xistfihla. Thin wm trim In fl 







tbe b«Ht he ooul<l luiva a4lopte(l. Mid aft«r a wJiiloUiA Kubjcctof tho o^-^n^ 
turn calmed dowD, He flung lumitciir ab luai into bis chair, mud Uieie vis 
««toray pftiue. 

" f fmjrpow." «aul It«ft>f(>i-il, witli a 1(Mig-drawii IxitMlJi of mtn^eil 
fMn Mul KOgci'i " tbis VA8 wbnt Chorrj' mcnnt. I could not m»ka li«r 
oaL Hhe in in it too. Have you all laid your liauLt tcgfttlior and coti' 
fiUtvi wbal WM t^e tbioj; tliat would [«iii lae iuo»t — Uio moab BuscDptibl« 
point I«ft1 " 

AlaxweU BMdo no direct reply. " Tf yVna Clieiry has fjH^i.ii to jrou, 
^onlf Tou know rwir Nutrr," ho »ud. " She would Dot hart a ily — 
ii W-^ vou, r)i</iii »li» hoKk in Kiioh liigli K^tect ; uid she would not 
thiak «v-il Tmdily— wuukl she dow I If r-tm bMf'pokco, you must uiidvr- 
statid tlut tliftv) IB fiotncthiDg io it. Listen, tuy doar fellow. Thore aro 
tbin^ tint mtiet Ifc duiiv niid \y(i uiidoiit; in thie world for tbo aiko of 
tlie foobi in it merely. You know lh*t an well as I do. Say tbu footn 
ought to 1*0 ddinl aud cra-di*^ if you liko, btit in raUity we )mv6 all to 
oofuddirr tlivm. Tbo pcojdo of luul iiuagiuatiouK and low minds «od 
tnoan vipwb really mako the laws for tlie nwt of tbo world. Wo can't 
bvlp it. For oiti-nKlvt^t il uiijj;bt not matter ; l>ut fur Uio»v who arc dear 
to na — for t)i0M> who are Ions iiwbqritmWt than wo " 

A|^u tbcrt! was a {laasc. Bcn«fi>rd mt with hin nlbown on the tahte 
and hit biH noils rnvagely. In tbki jioioful aiDiM-tuinit tb<!m i<i-«'nicd n 
onrtain n'lifT. Hr kIatH i<trug)il hdbre him, wiring nuthijig. At lattt 
he tumcl round ttlutrply upon iho doctor, who, nith hiahead hcntdown, 
gtill flat ambbling without any ink with the old Htutnp of tbo pen in his 
liADd, " \\'bat do you want ino to dol " he Nwl. 

" ItorMfonl, J ili<I uot coiuo bcTA to dictate to you. I canw simply to 
call yottr attrition " 

"Ob, lot ns not quibhlo about wordsl I>iclAti(mt ym, and something 
Biore than dictation. Of cduido I am bolplcw before tlte pica you bring 
uft. Of ojurw I havo notbin^ to do hut Kuhniit^ if ihn-tj in any ipinilion 

of *nnpyan«o to Low uuikU aim! Ia I imn^^uLtionfi indeed ! That 

any on« should nuggeot ttiv nMHt duttant ]M)t«i)ij]i^, the shadow of a re- 
proach I ■■ 

Wo guggoA notJiing of the nort, IWcafonL Wu aiifCfjeHl ouly a 
moat Minplf |i[vcAntinn~ii ndi' •'>r<l!narily DlKaTt-nl," 

Un Duuk a Ritititnt of imiwitivncp, f(l«)|>iiing fiirlbvr cspbuaation, and 
fur two minutcti, which looked like an hour, the two raoii sat niknt 

tber, uet, it may l>c iiiippoiwd, with any incroMO of friendlinem 
Unnutlamrli other in tbQirtbuU};bt& P(!rbRp«ibow(-rcr,ilwaRonlyon the 
■lile of the n-)>rovnl IIinL thin f^vlin;; vrtut T>«lly ptroiig. The tvpriiver wnn 
coiapuictioitf and aa^rr to do anything bv could to ooiiciliate He kppt n 
'urtira wal<ii tipoo his victim as h« Mrribhled. Ilei-osfonI had rutreatod 
Vithiu that most invulm^rtibln uT all ri>Hi-< ^iuk, and tnt, Mill 

biting hla Dailiv ntarin^ into the vacant :<r . - chy wnxl nor look 

malnog any OMnntuiiimttoo of bia thongbtM. Noibinfi is nioro difficnlt 






Ur. YoM 

&Mt to tmuntniu ■ itili/Doo liint thin ; Uin IcmnI AhnorlKNl of tb« two en- 
gaged in tLe |KV»igc of nmu ramnt to feel after a luii« Uiui lie masteprnk 
or «U»— and wbiit to my t More upou tiro nuxut Rubjcrt luighl 1««kid Iht 
imprttmon Almt^j- mado, nnd to tutroattiw Atiotltt* giihJiH-t wotiU Iw in- 
|)Of«blB. When the pKiuw hiul Lifted aa lon^ m jtoaflibilitj ))eriuitl««l, 
Mucvroll ^t np, [itit tli« jieu cJovrlj- book in tliu tra^ froni whicrh it h»A 
Btn7«], towel the piece of paper he Ii«*l l«cn soriliMiiin upwi into the 
wt« hnakct, gathered up Iue gloves, liu f^ck, hitt liat. Noltiiog could 
h&mon slow and hentatiog tiinn aJl theM) prepamtion)! for dcfnrtvn^ 
vhich w«ru soowiwhat ostontatiom at the satav time, b; frny of calling 
MtteutiiMi of BeK^foid, aud perliapA di-awiu^ forth Mmetliing niore. " I 
must lie gotDg," he awd at IjisI, liolding out kts hand. " I hope 500 woo't 
Ihink mo — nofVifincllj, Ttci-ndbrd, in anything I hare mid. 

** Oood-monunff," Mid the other Kullmly; ihea he made « viliUa 
cfibri to comioaitd luinself ami i-om up, but slowly, putting out 
** Very lik«ly not," he said. " I don't «y it was tini^iidlT'. 
vould nat bava tokaa raofa a dinj^rocable offitw on youivwlf if ^ 
meant imkiiidnnci. No ; I Bupjtotte 1 abould thank you, Inifc it is ratW 
hard to do it. Goo'lby." 

Tlieie waa no more said. Mazwoll went away, tiol fmlin); very w 
torioui or proud of hiuuwlf. W»it not he il fvol to }um tindurta3u>n K b 
or«1«r to pfvrent iKandal, hu kbiiI to hitneclf, in unlor to tavr m woowi 
fntD aimoyiuio). in onler to lidp Jamee Bcrivibrd out nf tronlJt— a 
miin whom he had liked, and ttvm whom Lo liad beon mDiuigedl 
What htttitiMA had he to mMhIle with other poo]>l«'s Lusinew I Th^ I 
fau-, was his icfloctioii, aa it hns Ixwn the ntfiection of w iiuiiiy who ban 
HtraiDMl a point to aid a fnimil, ami wImmi wirdcii^l Iinm notbeien apinr- 
cinted. "Catrli uio doing nucli a fooliitli tliiD^* ugain," he said to hiiusrif 

Aa for BoTcsfoi-d, he resrnnH hia eeat and liia thutiglitn whnt 
othftr wita gliiu'.. Thoae thotiifhtH were hot withitt him, nnd full orjMi 
Ho who, orrn when this mcsamgcrof Bvtl nrrivixl, luut hooa thiuU: 
with faithful love ofhis wife; Ite whose life hail l««u ian<l« a dcMit liy 
her dying, wlioiu^ whole cxiHtencewaachaiiflfed, wlio had not cared foryoui 
what hecamo of hint, bontiMc of that Iosk — to be met by thiri uiijuiit ami 
Imaoe tfipmral aa soon as he had screwed hia eoin-ngc to tlw stiddnfi- 
]il»c«*, anil rniiinHil Win iial<iml (xMitiuii in hin own lioiuo. Il hat) bes 
a haitl thing t<> do ; at uvfry i-onirr he had expM-ted to moot bor — la 
sUeore he had fancied be hcanl her calling him — the whole lionau 
full of lirr, iviitiiag with Iwir !i(<-p«t nnd Iipt vuicv-. VK \ir ' 
liimiielf tu iTuino L<M'k. lu i-uiuuii* bu lunch aa rcuiaiotxl to hiin 1 1 

liin own TiMif— Ml much tx ii!Uiiitiie(t, not, iliiiikiug nf yi^m, bait of Ttli 
and mnrit H" wa< nntuf nv}' itiuHi tun to anyone, nor tijul Itit li 
miidi miaaed, pvrbape. exoe^ in the workiof; of the Bociettm, and tbne 
werercih ' ''ixl- Itut he Wl Ixv^i |>Mtta>( aa^ 

eomo Ixu'L i ikt home," btcuMv ib wu 

He liad not Mhnink troto hta iluly. Aiu) Ibta waa hia niwanL 



inL ^U 


I^VOiiKe of ioft conaoUtion — Uie quo gmtle fHead on vfaoM constiiDt tym- 

^badiT' he could nckon — who nude this tifb of «icltmui«e 8upportHbl« to 

^nUa, And ktrpt him up b; kind word*, hy underatandiim: hiit vuits and 

I tttiubtce — she was bo he Inkvu fi-oiii hiiu. He got up, and walked up 

oiul down Ilia room, luid tlieu went to tfao window and looked bliuikljr 

oat. Alioosl without koowuigvliat it wm, henwulirotigliAiuconLetoflie 

neat door, ftud old Hr. 8oiiUD«rvtll« et^ otit of it, nod enter MnL MfT«- 

ditli'M lioum. He bad gone to wai-n liei-, to disturb ttieinriwt roiupmiiro of 

bcr miod, (o «CDbitt«r til h«r ibuiigbU. B«Mj«fonl tunwd round, «ud 

hrf^n to w&lk n|t and down more tuid more hotly. Could anything in 

tbtt world be more tonnceiKl Iloaskod, nay liowant^l, nothing tuore of 

ber> To go and !tjt by her tww and then (lliia wtvi hnw ]i9 <juintcteriied 

fata long and (laity viiiitx), what was Ibwe in that to Justifv tJiia iomttiDg 

dimuuid ujMU himi He laaked himself uj* into a fut^- whcu be thought 

of it. H», tlu* tmmt of mournn«, and she, the ]s*a,t frivolous of women. 

Utmetbvn was a true friendship, full of anpport imil mutual comfort, 

II, thb waa tlto on*. And now, at the pleaanre of a act of wrvtvh«d ^M»pei, 

^Kui-mitided m^n, dimgrewlJo womcu, was this ^trntlo makctshiH and Bab- 

^^ atittrte Ibr doimeBtic liapptooas to 1>0 toro fi-nm him t And how— good 

bntwiu, how t 

That wiut the- •piecfliou. It wai ca^ to talk, and ea.y UuktaucJi n thing 
matt cease; but huw wu« it to )m> <lou«. Wuhesui^Hnod caimble of tell- 
ing bar tliat he inuat i-Mti;a her friendship 1 Was S'JiomeiA'iUe, jwrhape, 
nnkiog the eotomunicfttinn at this very mnra^ut, telling h«- that it mimt 
noC ha; intggmtiiigtjKni^tatbat woidd distnw her mind, and distarb 
tlio whoh* t«nor of her life? For to giv« ]i*in woidd be wonie than mia- 
. fortune to ber, and she could not »o nut him off vrithoiit giving |»in and 
[feeling It. He thoof^t — itwaa an imagination— that ho brard voiees 
in diaciiiMon on the other Bide of the wall that mfwrnt^i thfi two 
Wa« that old lucddiw taking it upon him to luctuto her now I 


Oy TiiB ornBK Sisb or thk Walt.. 

Old Mr. Somiuci-ville got otit of hia little broug^iam at Mm. Mereditb'a 

door. Ilo wasaw«dtliy oldmnn, of whom notiodj knew very much, excejit 

. that hri harl inad« hiN muiwy in India, and that ho liviil in cmy httcholor 

ehatnbon, with evei-i'thinK extremely comfortable about him, an«l knew 

I evvryhodj, ami waa fund of good thingn, tbo [>)i:«sunD cf the tabic, as old- 

' CuhiODed ]>Mplfl mi<l, and indeed all othnr plmannA within the reach of 

■ iMfwctkblc old {ffi-n-^n <tf tiixly-fitf. lie kq>t a u»it litUu hrotigham, 

Mad occoaiunnUy uiuuiit«.-<l a nti-on^. sti'mly rob, with a mat likn nttn, 

looking tnndi tNttt«rfck.l thanhii.niaKterdid, whnwmialwaTiia meagi-eold 

aootlnii ' s' itliMtanding Itlt good liviu^. Mr. Somntm'ville was tho 

otutftk'i . ><I of the absent Mr. Meredith, wliom nobody, not orca his 


own dLildrcn, knour. Aft lie liad odvauced in proeperity, it was 
old SommerviUe's handB (bftt bia fasaiiy vrera aUowed to dnrQ tho Adrta 
taguofhis iocrnwing iiuotoot aiMlthebonr8h«Mlle«ni«dtoknowtb*tit vu 
bo who roportcid eoacoTDiitfl; tlimn to Uu>ir fKUMtr, uul rnceivcd communiM- 
biooB from their tutors. The iiaknuirii Mr. Mavdith did outbiug to «Ui- 
tjmlit liiif wife; but b<i k«^)t Uiin wauduit lOuvk ovia' twir. It h»A ofioi 
been esUing floougb to h«T ; but she was a Hw«vl't«tu|>«t«d womau. uaej 
to Mocfititig the evil vith the good, and nlie bod vim\y pal up with lh» 
curb. Slie diaamuxl Mi-. Sommen-ille tiy ber gcutlaiien and nweetncM, 
hjr bhrowijig her boiiw open to him, Aud inriling tbo acntiDj >«'hii'h dm 
taij^it bkve defied, bad she been of a ililfcr-mt diapotBlioD. SomuMn-riUa 
had not been unworUty of ibe coiifideun! placed in bim. He had kvfA «p 
a certain a]>pcarauce of investagataoii. All tlieu- Uvee long th« liogni ha4 
bBNi aocoitoDied to amnmi bin appmnuioe vith a loctimt of mnra (in 
usual wnoutown from tbnir inothvt- ; biit sHo bad ih* good K'^iisr ncTur to 
say aortbins to (vmnwt tho old man'a name with the reprtnuuid or wan- 
lu^. All tliut bbe Mid watt, " Yoiu- father will not like to h«ai- that ^ 
arc tdio, disobodirut, luind y," iw tbo ouw might bo ; thcrrToi-o, it waa aot 
from her tlxty learned Uiat >SoinmervilIerQeaiiCflpedal»cnitinvand &nlt 
&idiiig. But luiici? thny lind Viron gniirn ii|>, Oxwald AiulKdwnrdhod th«nt- 
aelvis supplied tho thmul of comiection. Evea this, howiiver. bad not 
mailo Hmmu dislike tliMti- old fiicud. At otw caonwnt of e^mial wJckal- 
OKH, Oswald ind4>»l had dMignatfd thflr &.th'>r'B di«pnly n* the Spy ; Imt 
tJita was aimply a spark of malidous boyhood, struck ont in n mDiiK<itt of 
loaoutmtgit, luid did'itot ixirnianniitly aflviit tluar uinda^ tbou^i the litlA 
JastnL T\w Sipy waa, on Uie whale, friendly and iudulgml— aometiiMi 
own Ito fifA' tiivm out of amall soTapcat <u>d it was he who persuadMl tba 
ntothnr tliat fiutifo eiffut and otlutr praRKiioii)) DUMCiiliuitira wm art 
criuiiual. So that altoj^hcr, notwitlistandiOK his oioinoun uatno, be was 
not uu|)optiIai- in thu hi>a!«. It wax but laltfly that ho had takun t4 
coming to (hijA' idiuniHt dailv tTrq>1ii>n», which wa.i»> principal a fnatiuv 
in Ml-*. Mpixxlith's rxiatpnop. Tliero he would sit and wiitoli her pny 
ONNlin^, hnr ^mpathHic talks, the aiidii?ncrs ahe gavo, and all tha littjn 
acta of adocaUon prrfnnnnd hofom her, with not tinktodly ••yfrn, Sfao wai 
a kind of i;entle fnpmtor, a natwrat hnm'>ii7. to old Soiiuo^TvillB; tail 
Im lauglxd softly to bitaaelf a-t liothTut clu^ ' )><-r, riii<ldid n'jt ItkK 

Iwv hMa. Ni'^T. during all thrwt ywra, aiu. .l.s |»]iidai-)ty, biul abn 

Rivra bitD ociravou for a word of arnocm warning. Amid all Umadan*- 
tiuu aud pa-iiii-wnnilL' I ntv^vnl, IImi kind hut wnlcli'' ladl 

found no hnrm in j.< < new, at Wt, hum was aoaun u)dl| 

ivacA. To wv liim nrrivi> at Utat boor iu Ibo oWfB- 1 
: <i> itarif tA Mrm. Mt^tlitli. fiha nrt bUu witK br 
but Willi an Mriiivt look «f ii|i(U'ry. 

■i. ' 

- -,. - - -L- - JiumcrvUle, iu au ""■1''""*^* 


oalkd for '' 
IDg Wb ' 
Bsoal ; 


-aaid L 

it waa JSi\wmrt\ who wM io the nota, atul hla moUwr fe 




DUSBion fw tiitn with trcmnlona bu^; for tbo dutont Morodith wm not 
AiwtL}-M nwoiutble in \m i«qtiu«m«nU, and of Ut« had vntten imjp*t*aitljr 
about Uio comity; oal of one of his Hons— a ctilftinitj wliich thoir motbw 
with ol) ber tni^t wm fnKlcavx>urii)g to stavo off and |)OstpoOA She 
thought ber hus^iand'^ fricoid must bmg still iiioi« urgent orden, and 

Iher hoLTt hcgna to bcAt. 
** I wiub you would go aod WQ Qu« Uiat 1 hope she will come to the 
Sjmpeoss with oie this afleruoos, Edvard," aha aaid. 
And KdwAtil, full of the thought of hi« broth«r'« bappinow, And loth 
yet fgfir to sec if Com wu bappjr in this new doreVopnuoit of affiurs, 
o h ejrB J nduL-tAntljr, but still with.* uecret aJacrity. She was \eSt &loae 
with Iho oifiutur, who had m ofVni hmught her advice or seui-raimwf. 
" Yuu li*vf> mmetliiug ta toll mo I Ob, Mr. Soiunicr villa, what ia 
p it f #he cried. 

B^, "Xt ia nothing rcry l>ad. You tnnstuol be aUrmcd— there is no ill 
^Mumtm," he said. 

H l!he uixtoaa iiiotli«r looked at him with a wi«tfu] «iitrenty in her oyea. 
^■m U«ws wa» not what sho fnu^xl. When a woman baa had neither 

V eoniMutiouihip nor help from her husband for a doiien jreoiB or so, 
Dfttotidlj her veaaitivABCR* ot anxiutr about hiui ^Ih modiliwl, and it is 
to be finucd that she would havo tokeo inTarniation of Hi-. Morvdith's 
snrioua illnera, for instiuice, caoi-e eaailjr tliau the enmmous whidi ahe 
foLnM) rur Olio of lior boj^ She wotcbod trrefj moTcan«at of 1mm- viai(oi-'n 

_^(aoe with Hiixioua interest. 

^M " Eilwurd cannot go till tlwi nottloil tiino. You know that," aha Natd, 

■iuainctivttlj fotlowiuj; the leodiu,^ of her own tbon^ta. 

V " It ia Uut £dwunl tlikt I hare ooiue Ui upeak of j it ia neiUier of the 

I"Ahl" caid Mra. Meredith, with a Hi^b of involnntArr relief ; and 
bIic turned to him with chcorfid cnwiuid intoixwt, dflivttT<d fnnn bi«-chi«tf 
U%r. Thin endtint i^:noranoe of anj other cauao for animadveraomnared 
tbo old S^ in Kjiitu or liiuuBolf. 
" ^luit I a.i& going to say to yon, my d«u- lad.v, is not pxsfrtly from 
Mvrvdilh—tl tough be has b«iard of tbo Btilfj<<ct , sni) wishtn mo to aay 
ai>in<>tbing. 1 bnftp yoa will hi'linvo tfatiro in no liarni luuuit, mill Lliat 
what 1 do, 1 do Crotu the best feeling." 

" I bav^ never doubted vour kiud feeUuf^ Mr. Somoiervillo ; but you 

half frtghtim mi>," she aaid, with s eniiUn. " If it ia not the boyx, wbst 

can there be to be so grave about ) Tell me quickly, pleaee." 

^ Mr. SommerviUe cimurad his thro*ty lie put bin hat apon the head 

Hof hii cane, sud twii-lvd it ainut. It did not often happen to tbo oUl 

^ Hootch nalioh to !■<• i-iuVinniiHwt ; but ht> wus so xnyyf. 

"Voa'U (inili'mnnd. my d<-nr lady , that in what I say I'm solely 
actuated by tlie iJio«i^b(-of your p^^d." 

" Uov jou alann no I " said Mn. Meredith. " It in aoBurthing, then. 
vt«x dia^creaaUe t ~ 




"Oh.yoL I're no doubt i1 will be dimgromMe. MediciiiM m 
Mtldnm Hweet to thtt palntn. Ikfni. Ultimlith, I wHl out with H Bt dm, 
oat tc keep you ia suspeusc" 

Here, how»v«r, be paused to take out lus luudlcerdili-J', nuit blew his 
noM with A ray mwoDdii^ uttcnbiici\ AfW be liad fini»h«d tbis vptn- 
Uon, lie remimcd : 

" I <Iont ]>rei3iime to teach n )aJ;r of jour Muase wbkt is h«r datjr ; uid 
I don't ne«(l tn t«ll yoa tlut the world exercisn a gnmt Bupervtsum over 
women w)io, fi-om vhatom- eanse, iit« IcA alonA" 

"Whathnve I donet" crinl Mi-a. Mcndith, half fri$ht«itied. bilf 
iMighing. " I muKt bnro mnilQ nomt uiivtiikc, or yon would not Efieak ao." 

" I doubt if it could Iw «ttll^ it miatAko ; pei-L&jc it would bo better 
tn my n. atisKpprelieastuii. Mrs. Memlitli, thare is odo of your frioub 
wlio p*y!> you R vijdt cvpry day." 

"Sevm*!." Hh« said, ii'li«v»d. "You know how kbid people uv to 
me. lustMul of superrisioD, m you a»y, I get & great d«&l of tym- 
p»thy '■ 

Mr. Sommcrvillc waved bis baud, oa if to w»rd olT lier expbuiatioD. 
"iiunspr«Jciiigi>f uuc person," be auJ: "a man — who iv h«n nYriryevtfn' 
iDgof bin hfe, or I'm mistaken — your neighbour. Mr. Beratford, next door." 

" Mr. BertaTord ! " sbr snid, with « tbriU of dixsgremUe ■nrpr"--*- ; uid 
UM9« cftme to lier ioBtautanwudy oue of those roddsD fCKlimtioiu of 
tbiagB tbftt might be thou^t or nud, sueb as wmetiinoB o^'crwhclm tho 
nnsnspectinj; soul at tho ounrt iuapprapnalv niODieut ; hn- oalour tow in 
■pile cd" h<fltfilf. 

" Jojd. Mr. BcTTisfnrd. [{■> iQmn.t no barm nnd you mnui do hanit; 
but lie slioiild be put n stop to, uiy dmr lady. You gave mo your word 
you would not be angty I £ut, madaiD, you're & lUArriM lady, ftod your 
hueband ia at n distuice. Jt'A not fw yoiv credit or bis good tii&t h« 
dlOoM viait you every lught." 

"Mr. SoinmN-7i1l«'!<«M! loanoot letyou tnlkfio— oronyouA." 

"But you mu»t. uiy di.ur Udy, uuletM yon vraut «<vcrybody to talk, 
nnd iu n very diflereiit spirit. Th« worM ia a wickod world, anil takM 
tunny thlngi iubt ilA hnw). You'ni n Tray MtraotiTO womui still, thonxh 
you'ie no longer !□ your first yoiiOi " 

•* Hr. Somniervtlle, what yun my in vmy diaagreoAble to mey" mU Un. 
Mtroditb, oflcniled. " Poor Mi-. Bereaford ) etaco he loot hii wife he bM 
b«eo niMtvhlei, Xobody ervr nonniod more tmly ; and now, whim ba 
is tryins to Imra n littln reifi^ation, a littlt- i>nUonc« " 

*' 1I« duxthl not Ivorn Ihwie virtuuv, uuihuu, at your mjinuK." 

"At my ex]«L<»l"afa«SBid< Willi sparic ling eym; "at wlutt uxpaoM 
to no I I «Ut>» ' ' " ' iMMiie anil s!t witli ran whm bo liai no ODO •! 
hovuA to tiow 111 'ty. I allow bim "* 

" 1 tbotijfiit hia linu^hk-r hwl wjbio to kr^ji hJiu i-oinpmy." 

*' Poor tlntm t abe ia a awcet child ; but, at nevcnteou, what 
knvw uf bia tttiublm t " 




" Softljr, wftlXt" tnid Mr. ik>auuerville ; " one ^e» i» Quoti^b at » liiuc. 
Tf Mr. ItAreHfoi-d ia witJwut a compauiou, ii does not matter Uwl hi* 
il&n]{hUr is ohl/ soveuteen ; and wlmtevra- licr ago mny be. If hIio j» Uinre 
bo cuitwt bd without oonijianionKhip. Mjdotr )(Mly,bo i«aeniuil>lo. Iflin 
baa achild((rawn up.or nearly so, be BhonlileUv al home. Af[i«atniBny 
ttat haw not dyqii Ihnl induoetucnt," wi<] tiw old nuui, wlio wa» an old 
bacbelor ; " but no Idud ladf opens Itw doors U> lu." Ho looked at h«r 
nharply with his kecu ejm ; and sbo foU, with istooBO aunojaoco, that 
■he wMi g<'tLi:ij{ agitated aiid couritud in H|>)to of )ien>ulf. 

"Air. Somin«mllfi," xtie Hitd, with Mmo dignity, " if aujDU« has b«Gii 
taiicrbpreKCuUiig my £nouiLklii|i fur Mr. Bercdbrd, I cauuot help that. It 
ii wickod M vtsll aa iinliind ; for I think I Wvo boon of use to him. I 
think 1 havo bolpod btta to aoe that ho cannot abandon liin lif(\ I 
don't tnaUi to defend layatiL I havo not doun any UiiiiK ta Itc foutul 
feah with ; friendrfiip " 

" I^ a dfdosioa,*' said the o)d man. " IVicndabip betireen a man and 
a woinau '. Tliere is no lenHe in it. I don't iK'liovc n word of it, Mean- 
iog no barm to ynii, my dcikr bwly. Vou dou't nuao any bami ; but if 
yoa talk to me of fricndi^Kip I " 

" Smd I had better say Dotlung," eh« umvrered (]uickly. " My 
liustMnd'M NtpTomntAtivo — if jrou call yoorself so— haa no tight to ti^at 
ue with mdcnoK. I liavo nothing nioro to my." 

"Mjr dnarbitlr," raid uldMr. Soininorvillo, "if I a]>f»arod nidn 
I am unfiArduiinbleL But youll forgive luo I I mma nothing bat youi' 
good. And all I W9.nt is a littlo pnidonco — tlio ordinary procauUoiw.'' 

" I will nooR of them ! " sho mid, with a fliiMh nf inflignatioB. " I 
havo nothing to bv kfinid ot, and 1 will not jtrotvud to bu pnidont as you 
call it. Let tha world tlunk or say wliat it pleases — it ia nothing 

Hum theio was a [lauNo, and htm. iltmAHh botook herself to her 
work — a woman's aiety-valra, and laboutvd as if for a u-ager, while tlio 
aid pl«oipot«Bthiry mt oppuaito to her, confounded and nbaaliod lu sho 
tiioo^L Bnt Mr. Sommomlle was too old and experioncod to be much 
■>r«rhfi1 by anything. Ifc sat nlontt oollccduK Iua forces for a rcntiwed 
»ttaok. That was all. lie li»d a nueere fj-iriiiltliip for hur in bis w»y, 
and WON as auxiouH to pn^^'vrlt Maadal aei any foliicr cvuld havo been ; 
and now it oc«tUT«d to bim that he had hogiin at tlio wron;; end, lut ho 
aaid. Women wore kittio cattle. He liad failed whoa be dwelt 
upon the danger tu hcnudf. Poi-liupt lie might micocod better if he 
rcpmented the danger to Am. 

"I ban Buuk) a miMaks," said the hyiKKuittcal old mao. "It can 
io no harm to ywi. all Dial ha^ coiue and jtooe. I w-hm thiolung of my 
an atAfkh kind that pva taaai weight to what aSucu tbenaelTai^ and 1 
am riKbtly puuished. AladystmtreproiJie likoyounelf ma^ n-eUboAiiw 
pntr. But tluit i« not the whole qtustiou, my deiu' oiadau. Thoroisthe 
to be oousidorcd." 



When bo tyud thin nhc niMd ba- eyw, whkh tukd been fixod on her 
vork, and looknl at him with some anxMj'', which waa so mnch gained, 

" You will uot donbt my word wliea I H*y there'* n gr«*l dilRT«n06 
1»tw(WD men aikt wonwii," aaid tli« old diplomatist. " What in inno 
<«ut for one is oftvii voiy d&n|^i<i>mi for tlio other, aud vice t>pr*d ; yo« 
will Qot deny tliat." 

Then ho node n jmaso, and looking nt hor for nply, rocci\'od » dgn 
of aKMut to his vugue proponitioti, which tu<lecd wiui toifo «aough. 

" How call yoii tell that Mr. Bettsford tvocives as jMire UuierolsDOS 
all the kindnoM you nbow hlia t It is \'oiy unuraa] khtdnoasL Von 
ar« kind to evm-yhody, madam, above the ordiuary level ; and human 
ci-catiitui are cui-ioua — they tliixilc it is thuir mortt that makes you good to 
tltem, not your own bounty." 

8I10 did not make any reply, but continiicd to look at him. JJvi 
sttenttoii at Ittwt woa DectirDd. 

" If I were lo toll yon the inHt«nce« of thi« that havo tome nndor 
my avu olBt-rvaliou ! I ha to knuwii a poor a'eatui'e who got tnttch 
ViudnOB in a bouso on floroitnt of liis defecbi and deficioueiofi, and boratiM 
evetyboily was sony for him ; who gave it out, if you'll holiero me, and 
»t»lly tliOTighl, that what hU ktml fnAiuU wiuit<id wm to marry hi&i lo 
the tlaujlitcr nf tho botup ! It's not uncommon, and I dara fbt. witboat 
going futthor, that you cau rein«tiihor tldiijjx — which pu-lui|iH you hnv« 

kughmlkt " 

•■ All i)i\e has DOtliEog to do with Mr. Buretiford," afae aald, qtiictly, 
hut with a fliuth oTraing oAtwco. 

" yo, no." Uo made a hoaitatin^ auKwcr and looked at bor. Mi% 
Votv<1tth fell into tlie tciuut^ 

*' If bo hna aiisundonrtood my Kympathy for hiB troubles, if bo hu 
ventiuwd to auppo ii a " 

"Cum hail gone Ont with Inn- aunt," laiid Etlwanl, coming in haetily ; 
" hot tbeto is snnly mntcthin]; wtong in the houao. Mi-. Bet«ef<rd 
calkid me Into lus room, lookintt voiy mueli cli«ti«««d. ITo bold ma to 
tell yon that he tbouglit of loavius home directly ; then diuugod hit 
mind, Htiil Mud I was not to tell yoti." 

"Wlivf/oyoii tell ine.then!" cried his moUier. witli inr-i*- — r 
"What is it to mo whoro he w goingf Am I alwnys to he wfn n 

otb«r peoiile'A trouUes t I think I Imve plenty of my own without U^.i ' 

Edward liwked at bvr with groat mri^risu. Suoh outbrmk.- <.f 
itupatieitca from hi* gentle iiioth«r wore almoet unknown to Iiim. " H* 
].«kg very iU." Iio miil ; " teiy ibuch disUirliwl : wWueUitng miwt !»•<» 
hafifiracd. Wiy kIxk-I.) not I trll yoii 1 Arc you not intorortuft in inar 

DUfWiwlt Then 

:• ^erj- Bxtnioi-ilinary ha.t hii|>iiuiiMl, I HiifijKM.* 

" Oh, my hoy, : -Mm. Morcdlili, tii hor ev 

Mr. Bommwrille ha* eum« about. He oars t*>oi 
too oftaa here. He nayn I am too V 

^•iMlhBbinaeirU.tak>< A1iI"m 





went np to bra- burriodly atul [Mtt tiU wm round bor, Kod 
[lookpil round defiuit at tbeneddltr. Osm1d,t«o.entered the 
Nyim At tkis moniPut. Tlie liour for luncliron nppKMchM), and >iatui«lly 
c&lk<l tiMwo yotutg incn, still in tito tirAt btooni of their 6aa nnliiml np)<e- 
tatm, froBi »U cvmcra vt the bouw. "'Wliat'e Uw inntttTt" bo enjd 
bt he )ik>l niiotber vane of hla poem in his hood which he wm in ntvftt 
^to to writa dinrn, Mid be croMnd o\'fli- to Uie vntJDg-tnble in liK bnck 
dnwing-room, and did not wait for Miy iv{>ly Rdwnrd, on tho con- 
y, put t)i« -white Nhield of liitt own jronthfuliuHs at otiue in Tront of liiit 
thor, Mid indignnnt mot the fo^ 

"People bAve ln\)tv\ a king time, I mppoiw," nid Kdwu-d, 'Hbnt 
V. watt aobodyeo liiad as m^ motlier ; and 1 aiippoae becauw you haw 
RS, Duunmn, w» don't unilurstond wbjtl it nMHinit to ho too kind. 
DU 4o, sirl" cried ihvTuuii^ luan. with ^mn-oiis itufiotiiHiico ; "you 
think it in jmunlile to be too iniKicoiit — too good I " 

^Vm, 5tni yoiint; idiot I" cried tho old luati. jnmiiini; up in a roo- 
meatai7 fuiy. Then ho oooled down and rninatnl tiim^lf with a langh. 
"ThM« t» the hdl for Ivnch," Iw mid; "and I don't ni«an to be 

Citod out of lhL< lunclicon, which, of courw, 70U will givo mo, by tb« 
lot nf tbnte |Hi|ipies of yoiii-», mndain. But Oawald is ■ jibilotioplicr ; 
fan takes A eiifj," be tuldcl. looking keenly at tbo jJaeid indiffbrvnoe of 

I cldi!r son. 
" Om-ald take* erorythii^i; etwy," Botd Mt«. Menxlith, wiUi a idgb. 

nd tbc^ wiiit <lown)tt«ir<i to liiiM.'liM>n, anil no uiiui t'mild have Ixxoi 
Itnt cbn-rf'd, uioi« a<{r(>cAbla than i\w old Itidian. He told thfia a 
ndrrd sloriM, aiid [>aid Mrs. M«n.<ditli at l«ut a tcort of eoniiitiuumtn. 
bla indnlgenc© will put it owt nf my ]>oi*pr to bn at your \wi» tliis 
■fti.'Tnoaii," lip Mud ; " but thoiv will Ik; plwily of w urahipjiers witliout imn. 

KJiink lb" n.-slri-liil wonit'U iii this towii — and 110 d<«it»t llteii^'s iiiiuiy — 
oubl brinif a pruMViitioii ngaiiwl ladin* like yon. Mrs. Mei-cditfi, that 
chann murv than your ebarc *, and both eexw aliko, men and woiuern. I 
tear Init ono diiyrn*, ' Thoro'a nobody m dclijihtfiil as Mrs. Mer«dith/ 
■tcra-vor I go." 

B ^Wn iKti all prtnid of >-onr n|i(>rolMtion," fiaid Oswald, witJi mitdi 
Bmnnity: be wils alwayx ligtit-lnwrtod, and luul no dudre to inrjiiin 
■rticiilnrly into tbo coniiootJon of which he had been a wit»ew. Bat 
Hwafl kept hi« py« upoti bi»t niotber. who wrk pah) with tho «xcit«- 
Pknt Hhc Jawl oouiu through. Wliat that <^x<3totuont uMtDt^ tlio ynniig 
oiAD ImmI wry little idea. Soravtliini; had distnrbed brr, which wrw 
gh for \uv wn : and. ctirion!<lT i^ooiiftM^ aoiucFtliiDg luul dintnrbeit the 
;{bbo<tra too, whom tMwitnl M-et^ttui witltout mfeiclnD as we acMjii 
[>p1(> wlioKii we littve known all wur liras. Hn •km cnriouii, and rather 
x4oui*, wmdoriiu; what it ndght be. 
Itnt na for Mra. Mor«ditli, tite idea uf ooiiuniinicatiii;( to her aoua 

II the majipTitioii thnt Ate ombl tie (!;>ok«n uf with Itiviiy, or «ritid.<«<d 
. ^xiiuan, apj>aUi.>d bcr when nhu thought of it. She bad criod out, 


ftppeoJing to the boys in lutr n^UtJon, bnt the momeitt Mfiar folt Uwt dw 
could bwr anjUiii^ r*Uior thui nulro tbom awaro that any ooo IukI nn- 
tuiod upon a. word to li«r oit muoIi ftulijfrcbL Hbo cxerlod Iivt-KelT U> Iw M 
viviciaus as hn- vieiCur : ii\u\ as vl\'acitj vob nut in hor wity, tb« tittle 
li»««d gnwty of her tuuikucr iittra4;t«tl tlio attention of Lor soob moro tbiui 
tiiD gnaledt mn(>ii<u03« woulil liiiva (k>ria Kvnii OMviUd was nniwd 
obeonro this curiou« cbanj^. "What has bn[■[M^ncd I " he Kiid to 
brothAf. I]a tliou^ht tlic S]>y hwl been findinj; fault with tJui 
ture of the houauLold, mid thought) with «Unn of hu own bilLt, 
had a way of coming npon him »a a sui-iirise vhen lie loiut ex 
them. It wiui alnuMt tlie only thinji; thai c««iM hikve rousatt him 
iolurant, fiM- Oiwalil fdt thn tliitij^ tliat ikflM-U'd Ottwnlit to U> uf moM 
hnportanoe thui uiythiii); eb9 cotihl )jc. Ah fur Edwaril, hv awaJInl mm^ 
what tremulounly the iliMlobure which he vx|M?ctod aiW Hr. SouiBwr 
villc'ii dopaKiiro. But Mm. MondiUi avoid«id both of thorn in the oomiia- 
tioa of her feeliD;j|s. Bho shut, hei'edf up in km- own rooto to ixmder tiu 
qocstiou, und, ax was unUmit, her pruud impulse of resi^rtaiiM yielded I« 
nfledioiL Hot li«art acJied a good deal for jtooi- Beresford, a little for 
herself. Slio, too, would miss soinothing. Sooictliin^ would be gone oul 
of Iter lifo which wsd good mid plenMUit. Her heart gave a UttJ* Hob, ■ 
Kuddcn adic came into her boiti^. Wo» there liann ia it t nhe mtkc^l btt^ 
self, a(i;hast^ Altu^ctiier Um day was »ot a pl«Asant one fur lira, 
Meredith, Tt netned to idtuige licr bade iuto Lbose o^tatioat uf yoaSh 
{rata which mtrvly middlo age o«ight to deliver n woman. It wraugid 
hixt in her own fjes, making even her generous temper a ahune ta 
Iter. Had nho liocn too i^ond t om hu Nud— too kind I an itccua>tioD w' 
is hnrtful, anil maana something like insult to a wonuii, Uiough to 
oUicr creaUin^ Too lund ! Ho ^nfrveeaaa of coutetnirt, no inMui 
alanddr can be caoro stinging tlian Uiin impuUkUon of having liMu IM 
kind. liad she been too kind to her sorTowfiil neighbour ) hod aha U 
him bo believe thai her kindiwaw was aomethiug inoro thau kiiHlnaal 
6he, whom special distinctioD it wu to be kind, whon daily ootin ww 
eatablidiod on no othor foondatwn, whoso kindnces wiui thp breath of Iwf 
DOatrih) ; va>i thin quality, of which ahe had oome to bo modestly eta- 
acaouit and of wh ich, |)crha|m, aho waa a little jmwii, to be Ibo tnatrunol 
of \vBt huiuilialioi) 1 Uhe was uul a hA)>py wifo, nor indeed a wife al all, 
oxoc|fb in (liidant aitd not very |)l«awiit ret-allecUon, and in Urn f . 
aho bail a WBtchfii! Iikinhand, at the entl of the world, keojiing gti < ■ 
her. Wa« it ikwkjMa that she had pven ocaiiiioii for his totorficr 
Iwit heraelf ojnui to htti acvrut It eeenwd to the i>oor woman a 
hmvcn and «artb bad leagued against her. Too kind ; siiqN>cted by 
Jnloufl mau who watdwid her, de^ieed by the unj^ndeful man by whan 
hmr toDdor gtmnwity had boae miualAr|»v<t«d. Slw *wni down 
to (Jnra tliat ahe was not going ont. f^ wnt word to Iter ridi 
■ko hud a liMuInulio^ She a&w nobody all day lutta. Too \at 
meeamiiaa stuog in Um t«nil«rvt point, and was mora than 



PBBRUARY, 1877. 

<!:rfm:i ; or, ^Ti! /atber's ^iii. 


IIakd akd Sort. 

Ki''OUE vciy lonj it wrjwi 
luaniliMt onoufrli tlutt Mr. 
Uiiwlrjr \ooktxi dovn ii|>on 
.MiKi Svlv<T!t*r villi a 
liir|^«>nlaui>t. Rittvrhilci 
Uita mued mjr opinion «t 
Uii jndsmeiit, it lUmoat 
tlcpiirrd mo of n gnrat 
relief the rdirfof siipjiod- 
int; Uint be wblicti hiji 
UTiuidson lo iQArrv Dim 
r.-iii!*.Tlv«nia, For nl- 
ttiungli bfx fftther, villi 
Ilia \af^ ii&tl caitlfi, nnd m 
low aoti uf hotrtdry vliicti 
ho kojit, cuiild B«tlIo "• 
Sood iMl^ofdolUis" ii)Mni 
hur, uni] linil tccpt hcr st 
tiiO " Irarneitest Itulint* 
oolh^" oYCti ill Sod FniD- 

,cucu, tiU l>i.- liiuiBull' li-FUitjlr<l nL luii tiiuUition, nIUI it WM Marccly 
be balhrv«U tlut a man of Uio S^vya'a Btrong Mraman neauw, uul 

jltkM^nl of Cucrv, vroiil') crer iico<^>t for bU graiidcluM a girl niuila 
liflbctatioa, vnlgai-it5, aiul conceit. And ona dity quit* iu ibe eoi-ly 
TM. XXST.— NO. 209, ?. 



Bpiiog, he w«s so much Toxcd with the Rnc hidy's lun, Uuit he XeCl ; 
doubt liiK mimning. 

Miss Syl venter wftB vcr>- proud of the figure sliorandc on honwhack; 
nii'1 having been brought tip, perhaps aa n cluld, to rMleait^r jiigs and » 
Oil, sbu muitt hnvo hiu) fino 0)iix)rtiiiiitie8 of Mquiriu^ n gnti>.-rii] Myl« 
of horflcmnuship. Ad<1 nov she dnshcd throngli thick nixi thin in a 
most eoniiiiittiding mniinni-, cariiig uo uoro for a siuiwdrift thitn hiiia 
do for « scntpiog of th« road. Ko oac with tho lewt obKrvitiou mnlil 
doubt tJi&l this youtxg womau waa ox^tremel^r studoulo attract Firm 
0tmdi7'E notice; and Uivnifore, oiithi'dny altovespokai of, once man i^ 
rodeover, vith her poor father iu wiuting upon b«r, U usual. 

Now I know very wfill how many faiilta 1 have, and to dmy tfaa 
haa never boen lajr pnctira; but tbisia thohonctit imd cars«8t tntlk 
Uukt no aiuAllnen of tnind. or Qurowness of fediu^, or wiuil of hift 
or Gno itciitimciit«, rumic ui« IjuH my iloor when thitt girl was in tlift 
houao. I famply rcfuard, aJVer seeing hor once, (o have Uiythlug tnore 
to anj to her; by no means Itecaute of my birtli and bicnJiii}* (whitli 
are things that can bo moat easily waired, wbcn tbn dilfci-pncc ia acki)i>«> 
ladged) nor yet on iweoiint of my beiinf; broufiht up in the cotniMny of 
Ladioa, nor Dven by roasoii of any dixliku which her buld brown DTn put tola 
me. My cause was miflk-iornl. and jiial, and »■»«. I felt n T' Tt>u 
a very youog Hafr, atid pun?, luid honest haoda,yet ti< . mj 

owu diwrotion, witliout any feminine giiidancfi whatoror. And 1 had 
Iwroed enongh fVom tlie wi»c Fieucb ibUn, to know at a fi^aooo Hint 
Has Sylvoater was not a young womsn who wonid do me good. 

Bveu Uncle Bom, whu was ftdl of thought and deiUcnta care about 
IBO, BO far u a man con nndcnrtiind, and ao far as his Riinjik' 
wwt, in spite of nil his hoqntabto way*, and open univcmil 
though he K.-ud not a vord (ar on siicb a point Ito waa <inito light In i 
— «vwn lie, n* I kn«w hy bin mnnntir, wmt (|ii!|n ronUint with niy <]tcbJOb> ' 
But Finn, being jvung, and in many ways stupid, mkde & Uttlfr i^evasM 
of it. And, of oounw, Misti i^lvcshir luado a ^rrat onn . 

" Oh, 1 tlo doclaro, I am going away," Uirou^L my opon windAW fl 
heard ber e:(claim in her swwtly at1«cted lam, at tho ont] ' " 

long vudk, "without orcn baring tho honour of R«ying a Vi j 

to your young Tiaitor. Do out a-ail for mfi,.pnpa; I tDuat [uy lofl 
dtvotn. Uucb a diatioguished and travelled pniou can hardty l)<< alllkt^ 
with nHiuiia»H he^4e. Why doM aho not rush to ooilaaou uir t Ail Urfl 
FKnch people do ; and shft ai so Franch. Let nut ace her, fui- th<) mkn 
at my aecant." \ 

*'We don't waul no FrencJi bei«, ua'au," ivpliM) Ui..!.' il 

Gylroattfr nxle olT, "and tht> yoiint; ' ' ua 

Imith ia a« eood ac ymir own, and . fl 

fhna her. Ifaku wanted to wi loit, abtf would a' ntaa dowtu ' I 

*>Ofa nnw, tbisia too harbaronel t-'tdnnel Onudi^, yiwi •■• ^^1 

tynuuioua man; in your own iluailotuuil an imtocinL Et ^^| 



>0, bal I oever would Wliero it. Oh, don't lot U6 go awny with tlutt 
iin|)i«asi<m. AiuJ ^u do look so good-naliired ! " 

" Aud so I Buna to look, MiM Veatiy, until yon are out of sight." 

Tba Toice of tUo Sawyer woa noro dry tlmu that of Iiia oltlcst aact 
nutieat mw. Th« fiubionAUe ami higUly-finiahMl ^irl hnd do Mm n-lut 
to make of bim : but snro liiT younjj lioisr n Bbnrj) cu(> to nbov her 
figum as sbe reuml bim : ftnd then c^atlopuig off, she lUimnl lier iiiri 
gnonrlH with rriniHuD network doun it, n&d left lJucl« Sam to revolve 
Uu riidcQcas, with tbo JmI) of tlio vol raul sc«t4«r«d tn lb« air, 

"I wiHiUti't a' «poko to hm m ecMfK." he anid to I'lrtn, who now 
Tetnn>od bom opetiinjC Uic gate and dc-iiTRriDg hin faivwell, "if sbe 
wMui't beneir so extra iiaHli'iiIur, gild me, ami Hky-IiKic my motilding^ 
fine, flow my motti«r would a' stait-d al th(i sisht of such a gsl ! Koep 
free of Iicr, my Wl, k««p fitw of her. But no bw-iu to [nit Inn- on, to k«cp 
Dur 21i«7 Alive and awabd, my boy." 

Immadtately I nillidrew fVoDi tfirshot, mon* dcoply tuortifled tlino I 
eua tell, anil [M!r)i«]H doinj^ Finn un injuMicv by not w/iiting for bin 
Answer. I know not tkou bow- li>;htly men will spmk of sudi delicate 
■al^fcirte; aud it Aeit wn luore u^iutt all tbon);lita of Firm tKan a nKintb'e 
nflection roiild b»vi> doae. WImml I mue to know more of (be wwld I 
sawthnti liad been very fooILili. At the timo, howfver, I was Annlyaei 
in A stmng reeulve to do tbnl wbicli alono MMRod right, or oven potHibSo 
—to qtlit vitli all Bpeod A place which could no looker bo luilod for me. 

For wvetul daya I fpan-d to Miy a Hin^'le word about it, while 
«qiiA]]y 1 condenned myself, for haviug so little ooaiage. But it wiu 
not a* if tbero vrcjy. anybody to help me, ur udl me wbat to do ; mtmit- 
tinoB I was bold witli b icurety of right, lud tJim agaiu 1 aliook with the 
foAr of being wrong. Beoutae, tJiratigb Uie whole of It, I fdt bow 
wondorfully veil I lud be^n tiyuttod, ami wh.xt a i?rrat drht I owed of 
kiadnCAi; and il Heetned to lie only a naaly litlli* pride wluch mado ow 
so {wrtaculai'. And bnng eo nnable to aettlu for myself, I wnitcd for 
•oonaditDg to settle it 

Something earns in * ^^y wliK'h X bud not by any meaaa expoctf^l. 
I luu) told 8nan leco bow gbul I was tbat Ftnii had &c«l hia liking 
Btt«dily npoa Hias ^ylreater. If nay wocuaa on cartJi could be trusted 
luit to any A tbii^ *g>ui>, that one was tJiin good Imlian. Notoitly 
beaosD of her provident habibi, but abw in m;ht of the dilliculty whicli 
em «innwaM«i her in our language. But alio uauaged to get over l>oth of 
tliaso, and to ]«t Hr. Ephmiin know, na clnvriy u if shn had iivnl ii] 
dm wing -rooms, whatever I hod tcaid a1x>ut him. f^bc did it for tho iMit; 
but it put bin in a ngt, wbinh be canto at once to iMVt out witli mo. 

" Aiidao,Mi»Ki«BiA,'*huiuiid, lliiuvriug dovrn bta hnt upon the tabla 
of the b'ttle |Mrlour, where I sat uritb an old iKwk of Noruuui btJiads; 
I liATtt your best wisbra tbon, bavo I, for a luippy mArriogo wilb Slias 

I was gr«t].tr sor^urised At the tone of Ids voioo, wJUlo the flush en 



Ilia diocks and tin fladi of hii eyes, and vnm bis qnick heAvy Itod, 
HhowDiI ]ilaitil,r Uial liiit muid was a little out of takuicn. He deacraJ 
it, however, and I coald not griove. 

" You bavo uiy beat wUb«8 ," I reidieil itomorelj, " for Itaf stair uf 
life to whi«b you may bo caltod. Yon couhl scaredy exj<ect any bw if 
Die than tbatv" 

" How liiud ycni aiv ! Uut do yotj roeilly wi'd tbftt T should vamnj 
old Sylvt«tcr"8 girl I " 

Firm, aa lie tvdtml tbU qiteation, looked so biUoriy Itiptoocfaful (a* if 

bo w«n RiiyiuK. " I>o you wirIi to mo nw bnn^d ) "} wliile bis eyoa toot 

ft fona irhidi rcmiudcd mo ao of tbc Sawyer in a furiouH |iiU9ie, tlial il 

«U9 ini|xxiKiblo for me to unswn- ua li^litly ak I n>ranb to do^ 

^U " ii<K I canuot aay, Finn, that t iriih it sb uU ; ualesa vour bnut k 

^oait " 

**DoB't yon know then wbore my boart iagrtt" bo aakedauiia 
devp voice, comtujc nraror, and taking tbo ballad-book fiuoi myhand^ 
•' Wliy will you fd^ca not to kiww. KtfDia, who ia the only one I cu 
orcr tJiink of twice ( Above mc, I know, in erery poasilde woy— With 
And education, aud mind, and apjwnrauoe, aud now br nboTo nio io 
mOQSy u w«lb But wbat xi-e nil tfasM thingH t T17 to thttUt, if nnlt 
yoti could likit mc. T.ikin;; grte otpi- ovcrytbin); ; and without it, oothtm; 
ia anythin;!. Wby ilo I liki* you so, i'>edv I Is it bceauio of your biitfc, 
and teaching, aud nanuen, wd itwuob looka, tmd all that; or am 
heotiisa of yonr lioublfwt'* 

" How can 1 toll. Firm, how oui T tell I Ferhiliis it is juat beeutr 
of myself. And wliy do von do it at all, Finul" 

^ Ab, why do I do it) Uo^t I wbb 1 knew; perimpR thfla I ni^t 
ctire it. To koglii with, wbat is tliero, aflcr all, no vory woodorful about 

" Oil nothinjb 1 tbould hope. Most surely nothiag. It would 
tuo to be at nil wonderful. That 1 Icava for Amoricun Indies." 

" Now you don't undcntand mc. I iniian uf couiao thitt JOV 
wonderfully gooil aud kind, aud clover ; aitd j'our eyw, T am aora, i»^ 
yonr li)s. nnd smil<'-. und lUl your olb^ failuiv«~tli<-n) ia nothing atoat 
tljcvi that oaa be cnUocl any tltinfc rim but vonderful." 

** Hov, Firm, bow czcoodiagly foolish yon ai« I 1 did bo^io iImI 1011 
know IwUor." 

" Hreuu, I never dhall know luiltcr. I never can swurvo or ckAag^ 
IT I live to be a hundred-aml-fifty. Vou think me pnmtnptnaiui, » 
doubt, frwn what you nm brought np to. And you are so jviin^, lb«l 
to Boek to bind you. «<rm if you lored tne. wonid be im untnaxiiy Lhisj;. 
Uui now yon an old otongb, and yon know >' ;rn|y •*'l 

vaonjih, juat to My, wbotlin- yau fool u if ,v < ' ■•■ a ^ 

IvTv you." H 

111 ' riwAy, na if ho felt that hr Kii'l no right i< ^M 

aikd i- ii^naolf for aelfisknen; audi liktd hini bt ^| 




i^ttanfllKiayUitnu- lia luul doira lieforo. Y«6 T 1ai»w Umt I ought 
f^flifc din^, ui'l Dioiigii lay Toicw VTM full of b»ni, I tiioiL 

" Doit Finn." I anid. ha I took his fannd, and strore to look at liitn 
stoiKlily, " I liLft ajKl ailmire you rcuy much ; itiul )i^ und ky — hjr and 
ly, I miitlit— tiial '», it you Jiil not Iturry mo. Of ftll tlie ohataeUi yoa 
batf lurntioitn), nonr h irorlli eoDsi<lering, X am nottung but ■ poor 
autnw&y, ov'iuft my UTn to Uncl« Suit Aad 7011. Bnt one thing tlxnti ta 
ffbicfa could never li« got over, oven if I folt sa you (eel towards ina 
Never cad I thittk of little mattera, or of burning my thougbta to—to 
any nucli tliinga fu you xprnk of, as long as a vile rqmmcb and wtcfced 
tni|)UtivLton li« on m«. Ajd<1 licToro ovon that, I liav« to tliiak of my 
fatber, vbo ga,ve his life for mcL firm, 1 bavo heea b«io too long 
delaying, and raKttng my timo in tridee. I on^i to have been in 
JSwopfi long ago. If I nm old enough for what y-i>u talk of, I am old 
■noagli lodomy duty. If 1 nmnhl oiiot^b for lor*, as it iscalkd.I om 
old iTDOttgh for bnt«. 1 hare UDro to do witli bate thnit lov<>, I think." 

" Kirana," cri«d Firm, " what a piizdv yoii nro ! J iinvcr fjvfn 
dmuned tjuit rou could be m> fierce Yuu lu-c enough to ftightw Uncle 
Sun hinulf."' 

"KI fngltten you, Firm, tbat isqnitoeooiigh. You too now how 
Tmia it U to eay anutlicr wonl." 

**I do uol arc anyUiing of the Boi't^ Como baclt ; niid look al uv 
t]nito ealxaljr-" 

Beinjt fng)tten«d at the way iu which I had spoken, and Itaritig 
iriMtil tbo prinK <.<€ it, I oloj'vd htm in a momcD(> tuid came np goutlj^, 
and lot him look at m«, to hia likin)^. For little as I thouRbt of anch 
things till now, I ttrfWHl nlrnuly to knoa- more aluiiil them, or nt Inwt 
to ^roador — wlitcli in thn atir of t)to curtain of knowlcd'^. 1 did not any 
Anytbing, Intthiboured to lliink notjiing.and to look up with nnconscioua 
cnrm. But Pinu put iua out altogether by lin warmtli, and made me 
flntt/fr like a sinpid Uttl« >iir<l. 

"My darling," ha uid, amootluDB; lack luy hair, witli a kindncas 
aucb aa I <oa]d not rc^M^nt, and cjiiicling nw with hut clmr bliin wtn, 
" ytm are not. fit for the atormy life to which your high spirit in dcrotutg 
yoo. Y«U have not ibn hnrilnMoi nnd liilti^iau of iniud, the cold n^lf- 
ItOMsaion and contnnipt of otliM«, the [>owi7r of iliaHsmhling and thi> iron 
will — in a word, Ibe fundamental naatinem, witboiil wliich you nevpr couKl 
I (hKiughKnefaajob. Why. you cuinot hn tYmt^miptuoiia fiv-entomol" 
I Hboulil ho|ie not. I abould ckm your nmtaapt, if I could." 

"Tbrro. yi>n an' nwly to cry at tlio tlioii^ht. Krcma,doiM>t iniatakn 
TOnnrif. Rranmnber that your fatht-r would never have viabed it — 

Id hare given hb life loo thousand tiniee over, to prevent it. Why 
did be )< to tliia romotr, innccccsible gwrt of the world, cxwpt to 

MTO Tun . irtfaor thouglit of cvil t lie know tlml weUaten to no 

onn bnrv, nu km^iJ aoindnla, or naligiuiiit liift : but wit valuo [H^oftlo 
t this to be a haven for ;on ; and ao it 1 







be, if yott will out J Tc»t ; and yon slmll bo the (jano of H. IlMtWJCf' 
zodrmang bi» mcuoiy now, rnii would oolj diHtrnw hU xpirit. Wliat 
dcMK he eare for the world's goadji uowl But he duw caro fbr ,\-Qur 
liKp[itn««. I am not old oioiigh to («)I >-oa tilings, tut I slkould like to 
toU them. I wish 1 could — liov I vish I could ! It \roidd miike sU 
tbe diflbrcuce (o luo." 

* Jt would mako do (liffinmco, Pirtn, to mo ; Imoaum I iiltould know 
it WBB seUshucaa. Not Bclfiabneaa ofjrount, I mean. Tor yaa nercr oontd 
be mlfidi— bat the vileot MtlfiidinrM of mum, tho mmO n« Btiu-i-od mf 
Tfttbor. Von caanot see tliiiij^ &s I soa them, or elso yoa would nut talk 
MO. AVheu yo\i kitow tlul a tltinj; im right^ you do it. Cau jron t«ll mo , 
oth«r«H«cT If ;ou did, 1 Hhotdd deq>i» jrou." 

" If foa piit it 80t I can MT' no more. You vUl leave an torfrmr,] 

* K o, not for over. If tbe good God willn it, I will oono Imch, ivbaa ' 
my work \» (laiw\ Forgive luo, d<i»p Rno, and forpi^t nn-." 

" Thero la nothing to forgivt^ Eiemo. But o gnat dcul I noror con 
hO|H' to forg«t." 


Out or tbk Ooldbx GA-n. 

Little thiu^ or what we call little, ftlwayii will muic In atnong 
oiiM, or at lca»t among tbofle which wc oall great. IWiMfi 1 pwoed Ike 
(loMeu Gate, in tJio olifipcr aliip Bn-tal Vril (ao called fi-vm one of 
Yoeeiail« casnulcs) I fottod nut what I liad long witbod tn kiiov, vbjr 
Finn lind a. crook«d niMc. At Icaxt^ it cmtld hnrdljr be called craokad, 
if anybody looked rigbl at it. But still it defKUt«d (roui tlie bold 
atrni^Ut tine, whirh iiaturv uiu^t tiavD mnuit fur it, urciythiDK dao aboat 
him boiug tut tight an oonid bo required. Thia sittjuct bad treiibled ma 
tanxv tlian onco ; thou^, of course, it liiul nothing wliaterer le do wtlli 
bhe point of viuw whcitop I regarded him. 

8uaa Jaeo could not trll me, neither oottid Alartin of the inQl 
MirtMiity cuuld not aak Tiim blniMwIf, iw tbo Bawyor told me tn do, 
ODM) 1 put tlir> question, in ilespair, to >iiui. But now, ha we atood 
Ibe whatA wchanging forewoUn perinpv fiM- veex, lutd turn of i"qpir*' 
were in mjr vyat, and ny bi!art waa botii full and omptjr, ample and nu-j 
capeDted lieht was tbroYm on the curratiitT! of Kir&i'H noe^ 

For a Ixnuliful girl, vi aiiotit my nwn agai aiid verr tiifrlf i: 
camo up, and sfiukfi tu tbe Hawjrnr (who stood ot my iiid<>), sod 
wilii » bluah bwk hia fptiudftan'a hand. Firm look off lu* bat to 
very ;>olitely, but nitownl h«ur to tra [tei'hapB by his tnuuier that He 
|Mirti(m)Arljr engaged junt uow ; tuid the youu^ lady, wiUi n iiuicik gi 
ftl iDfi.walkM otTto rrjoin h^r jiftrty. DutA^iniloiuold iiii|{rTu Mrvabl, 
wb» suHiictI tu In.- in nttundium] upon tier, ran up aad mughl Finn \ij 
Ilia ouat, and peet«d up curiouBly at Ubi tux. 


>d nV 



" Hqw young ITaMK^ 'poor noM His long tinot TTow htm (m), 
spoKt nov agitni I " — be inqninul with a Morentiitl gii-iu. " Vounf; 
Masna nhtxr alilo Ukc a pincli of ffyod sniifTT ]l(% bo, Miasjr berry 
bcBTv rl^n. &[i»f no Wm to ilancu ■)« none [ioVla dent " 

*< Wlut on Mttli does h« tuMiit " I conld not h«tp aakiii^, in HpJta 
of our sorrowful furewcll, na ihn nfigro went <m witli Biuidry othfr Jokes 
mid cauklfSBt liw own fAootiousnam. And th«n Uiielo Sun, to divert 
inj tlioogUtB, while I w-ftited f»r sigBol to any good-byr, told mo bow 
Firm ^yA a nlitilit Iwist to tu< luuco. 

Bplu-aim Uud>}it hiul been vol! twght, in oU tfac common tUnKB * 
uijin »hunM loani, at agoodtjnletaolioolat ''Frisco," wbicli diatin^i^bed 
itanlffnnn all otbn-Mbooli by not mlling itseir a rollvgn. Ami wlicn 
k« "WM ImTins, to b«fpu bomc-lifv, with as ntioh put into him an hv 
coiilcl manflgn — for bis untiim wua not bnokiih — vrhm Iia wiui jiiHt 
MnTDnleeo yoon old, itiid tall, and Rtnigfat, and upright, bnt tMt set into 
^Riit Loditjr slien^li, whiob conid uoi jei l>e vxpetHM, n l4>mli)<> tire 
Iwoke oat in a grcnt blork of bwuteH ii«wlj occiipied, orer a^ia»t 
the Hchool-liouso fi-ont. Without waiting for masbef'H Wvo or 
matran's, thA Ixiyiin tbnCiilifciniiun xtylft jiimpnl over the fmcint; luid 
■went to help. Awl tlicy fowml a great crowd collcctc*!, nml flnntM 
flftrlni; oiit nf Oto to]> of the houfte. At the top of tht botue, according 
to a Htiipid aad th«nA)ro ffanond prnctke, iras tlio ntintny, made of muro 
nonKK ibtm cbildrvu, as oAen happans vitli rii'b ]>coptn. The nuisea 
had ran away for tboir lir«s, taking two of tbo cbitilrm with Ihoin ; but 
tho third, a fine little (flrl of ten, haU be«n left Iwhtiid, nnd now mn to 
tliB window, with rwi h-t flamw Wliind hor. The window vhm open, 
■od I»j-Ib of fire, liko adrponl's ton^oi, plnvod ovm- it. 

" Jamp, child, jump, fir fiod's aaicfl, jmnp!" erir^ luilf a hnndrMl 
pst^K while the poor aeiir^ creature qniv«re<I on ttw l«dge, and shrank 
fh>m llio fi%htfi)l deplb below. At laat, stun;; l>j n scorching volley, 
i)u» gatbend her ni£hl|^iru tight, an<l Inspotl, triiHting to Iho many 
farm and the nimnj ta-aui raised towards ber. But tJioiigh many gallant 
turn wcro tb«i0, only one stood fiut juKt where sbn fell, nnil Uiat one wns 
tba voutb, I'lnu (limdry. Ujxm him alio frll, like a stooe from b«f«i, 
nnil ibou^i Ik* Iinld up hli armH, iit the Kutoky glnr^, Mho came down 
l«dly. nndlyatleis! fur biin, but as lier father ntid, provithmtJallf. 
For one nf ber wles, or lieeU, alii^blod on the bridj^ of Ephrftim'a yoong 
■ itnu*. 1' : ' ~ ' ' cm bin ehfHt, and forgtAfid of himu^lf, hft bom ber 
f to her r I ihantly, nnborreal, ntid atnoat smiling. But tho 

■•nnmotr^ ol' an iriijiiruril ]'nrt rjf tiii fitce was spoiJed tor wer. I hoird (if LhiH notk- »fl»ir, and tfaou^bt nf my own pnaillani- 
JOB mHtvinff — for verily 1 Kad becu low enough, IVodi mmours ot 
JPirm'a \ . ti> attributij (hi«c littU' deff^'t« of line trt some fiatiriiffii 

[wiUt »> ' r— I looked aX Finn'8 nose, througli the team in my 
|ejt«r ant) hud a gmkt nibid not to go awAy at all. For wbat la the 
htait of an Ihlngs in man I — ns I bitterly learned tbcirafter, aod already 


ItA Rome ^cssM— nob the i>nw«r of morittg nvltiUKifli, with idfiq|ii«aM 
or li^ onteni. not tJie eJcvBtion of one tribe tbrough tfao loveriof M 
otli«s, nor CTcu tlio iiiia^i&rv lift of «U, hy Gantiinenls aa yet a!b«n> 
tliciu ; tlier« maj Iw glory iit all oC thfim, Init the gtimtiiMa ia not wtifc 
tiicia. It ivmnius wiUi tUoM wlw 1>g1ikvd lik« Finn, apd got Uitur tn*a 

However, 1 did not knov tboec tlunn^B, at thai tine of iito, thouj^h I 
tlratlgkt it right f<>r vrtay niun (o l« bTHr« and guoj ; nnil 1 caalA nU 
hnip nulling who the young \ndy vtM, as if that were put of llie hdniinn. 
Tbi; Sairyer, who uever waa unratidy for a jokev of boworer uadnd 
quality, gave a gitnt vttik at Finn (wliipli 1 failRl to undertluid), ud 
asked faim how much the roun^ la/ly wmi worth, itc expoct«d (fa*t 
Finn waiilil xuy, " Five liundrtd thwtiMind dolbus" — whirh wiu ahaal 
her riUiie, I twli«Te— and TTdcIo Saul wauttrd id<- to hmr it ; not llial Im 
oated A siuglo cent himsolf, but ii> l«t me know what Firm could do. 

Finn, however, waft not bo he lerl inU) any trap o( that sort. TIo 
knew mo Wttvr than thn oUl junn did, nnd thnt nothing would stir mr 
to jealousy; and he quite disappointed tha Sawyer. 

" I ba\-r Qtver aakcd what ube is worth." he anicl. with a ^'laoct of 
couteiDpt at money: "but aho acarooly soema worth luukiii;; at, eon 
)MU«d— «0[n|)aTnd with certain otliors." 

I n the distaiuM I mtw tbu young lady ngniti, nbl«m|>tinj' no attxactioB. 
but walking lUoog quite baimtcsBly, with Uio tolkatire uegm aflnr her. 
It vould liavK been below me to puniiii! Ibn ^^l>j■'c't, »nd I wntled for 
otiion to reop«o it; but I heaiij do more al>ont hec until 1 lind Imicu liir 
nom thaa a week at sea, and was able af;ain to feel intemil. Then I 
heard Uint b<-r namo wiui Aanio Banln, of the linn of Il«iiikar, Baaki, 
ii i'A)., who owned tbe Bhi|) I aailad Jo. 

But now it- wan iiotbiii^ to me who nhf wnit, nr Imw iMiaiilifVil, ni 
how wiidthy, whim I dung for ti»a laut time to Unrln Sotn. and im 
plored liim oot fa> forget we. Over aud orcr agnin he proiuiaod to 
full of thoughta of me; cv»n wh«t) tho now cuUl was «tarti.>)l. uhirh 
would bo a tnoel tryioj{ timo: Ho bowed his tall white bi^l into ay 
tdwvoUed hair, and blencj and kiwtd ma, nithoiiftb I nerar dmervn! 
luul o number of people ware looking on. Tben I bud iny hadid 
Firm'ai and bo did not lift it to liin lipa, or 8t);h, but praige d it 1wn)( 
•oAly, and loolcwl inti] my rry<« viihoiit a word. And I kn«w tkll 
ikmtQ Mould bo nunc la lovo like them, wheivrer I ni^t g^ 

But the laHt of all to My "Good-by" wan uy Wuvnl liuwl. 
jiimpwl into the lioat afli-r inrt (fnr wn wpio i.l " i i 

xlufi having hub:u furUicr dowu), atid he [)iil ' 
den, aud whined, and droopod hia noder-Jnw, And wlisn h* iMtk 

m- •'- '" UKd, to know wt--''- I wiu in fnii --<t, wiifr 

I in hia briffht I'l < liian any Ik- hx 

\tmit uiijiri' hia U'vigbt and autfli 

Wc hud leautihil woaUier ji . 




,L.i* a 



Goldm Gttte, tbo entrance to irhat will one iny \>q tbc cnpiul of Uie 
world, perliajw. For, us our caplnin said, all |>ower, uid hunuui oa&rfy 
and BiRnglh aro slva^ra KDinH vestvard; and wlx-n Lbcy como here 
tbcrf mast stop, or claa bbej' would b« goiug wurtwdnl Agoiii, which they 
never ;«i liave doiio. HJs nrgumont mfty have becu ri^ht Or wrvng — 
uid indeed it mual bare been one or thv oUicr — -but who could think of 
kuci) Uiiuf[a uov. with a grander tbiuj; than human power — ^htnuan lore 
fading away bdtiiidt I could nob erca bear to see the gkirioiis motiu- 
tmiaa nnkiti^ hut mi below, and cried for boun, until all wan dark Kiid 

The reamn for my sailiog hj this particular sbj|>, and indoci tatbor 
aoddanljr, wac that an old friend aR<l Oomiali eoasin of Mr. Uundry, 
wh<> liAil Hpoil Bomo years in L'oiifomia. wua dow reluming tu Eo^liiud 
lij UiP Uritiil Veil, Tilts wiis ^[i^ur Hoclciii, an ollieer of tLi« Britinli 
army, now od half-jiay, and getting on in ytus. His wif» whs going 
facimfl with him ; for tboir children w«to married and bohImI in GD|;laad, 
all but on« now in San Fmiicisoo. A nd diat onn bein^ well placAd in the 
firm of Honikor, Ilanka, A^ Co., had obtained for hit fikther and uotbcr 
IMMMge, upon raroambl? terms, wliirh was aa we aa;" an object to tbom." 

For the Jil^ior. though adiuimbly counoctttl (an bia kiiiHbip b9 
Oolonnl (fun^lry ehownl), iwd havtn|; a baronet not far off (if (b« twiata 
of the world wein aei fuii<l«), aluo liikving Rerreti his country, and Rcoived 
a furrow on (ha top cf his hoail, which uindo him bnuh his bair up, 
novortholan, or all tho mora for that, was as poor as a Britudi ofGoor 
must be, wichout ol&uial eoaaiiie. How ho managed to fixil and Ivndi a 
btrgu and not clrrcr family, und ti-ntit thorn all to lig^t tboir u-ny in n 
battle wono tlian nuy of IiIm own, and make gaitkmcn and bulicx of 
tbena, whatever Utry did or whintiver tlioy wentv ho only know, and liia 
fiiithfiil wife, and tho Lord who helps bravo poverty. Of tiuib Ibingi ho 
never spoke, unlcM hia teuipor was aroiuod by luxiu^-, and self- 
indidgeaoe. and laatwas. 

Bat now he waa a little liettflr olf, through baring }ua cfaildmi off hia 
hsnda, and by niMiia of a little pi-0|>«>rty left hint by a distant rclAliveu 
Ho wu on hia way honte to am to this: and a better ntan never 
aed to England, after alwaya Htauiling up fur her. 

Bebg a elilld in the waya oF the worlil, and oci^tBtoined to Ur^ 

pm could not make uiit Major Ilockin at firet, and thuusht hint 

noie than a little niitn, with niuiy [K-ciiHaritioa. For be waa not so 

' tall as mywlf, ontil be put \u% hi);h-lioGlcd IwotH on, and be uiaik> sueh a 

stir about irillw at whtoh U utlu Hum would Imto only gninted, tliat I 

took biin to he notMng mon' than a Gds^ty old oainpatgncr. Ho wotea 

' inK-l double cye^buia with bluii Di(li.-!i^hii) at hii tcm plea, and 

n<j[u UiO tltaj-e of hia fordicnd, hung l<»«k ; be Wl narraw white 

wtiy wfaiskcni, and a Itotann noac^ and DKwt promiueut diin. luul keen grtfy 

nyr» with jtin^ery [imw*. wbifh R0ntTa4--tJHl, like aharp tittlo ^bJea ovor 

lUiaBi, vbentTsc anything diepleawd him. Uoay dioeks; tijthl^drawn. 



cloec shnv«a, nai glcaaiag wUb fHctioB ot jtUow woaji, adiei vigour to 
tbo general etpraDOn ot Itis fanx^ wUch iras firm, .-ukI <}uick, 4ZrJ 
strnighl forward. The vmlhn- beiDg tntrm, aail the tmpini doao u 
bund, Mnjir Uockin yriM Arc^ted m a fine suit at Nimkiu, s{iram lUil 
tiiia. Mid iKaufifiilly madf, soUiiig off hii spur* and adjvv ligui«, wttieb. 
tliougfa ho wu sxtj-twu vcvui ftt ago, tnaaod Kiwnra to bo nmij totn 
giLine of leapfrog. 

Wo were throe (layii out uT the Gul<len Gato, ami tJM hOb of ik 
coaaL-rldge wore IWmt and small, and lk« sjiirea of the lowor MevaAi 
could Duly 1)0 cam^ht wbea Ui« hot luao iilttd ; aiid everybody lay aloui 
in oar ship whcro it sconod to afford th« l«act emdl and heat ; aaJ 
Qobody for a nuMnent dreauKd — tar ire imIIt all were dreaming—^ 
anybody with ntm^y enough bo be di^bubed ahont anything, vhro 
M^or Uocldu burai ut u]iou ua all (wbo wore tn-iug not to Iw nd-Wrt 
in the fmble ithade of |)00)>-awuiiigs). leuting by thu liand mn anont 
woman, acarcdy dressed villi (I«oi>n<7, and liowUng in a tone nrj »1 

** Hiia lady haa bom rubbod I " cried tho Major; " robbed, not fiflttn 
Stat bolow UB. Robtkni, UuViea and gwttloiiion, of tbc moat dtondial 
' Ireaanrei of hxxc life, the portmit of bar only son, the taTinga of a life af 
hnnmt tuil, ber poor doad huaband'a tobacco-box, and a fine ml (f 
Coloradi) cIkjcsc." 

** Ten ponrnts and a <{nart«r, gospel-truo I " cried tht poor wdbib, 
vrii^png fa«r hand*, anil acai-ching for any kind fiu« among vm. 

** Go to tbo Oi^buB," mnttoml one siccfty i^enttuman. ** Oo to As 
di'vil," uid anoiber al«ejtj roan ; *■ wbat Litre w« to do vith it I " 

" i will nntber go to tbo Citjitnin," rvpliwl the Major, vnry i&tinetij. 
'• nor yot to the dovil, aa a follow who ia nut a man hna lUrcd to t»fg^ 
to a* " 

"All tied iu my own pockc^bandkorducf ! " th« poor old womu 
bc^nn ta Hci-<euu ; " tikO ono vilJi tliii tliroo-conMToil Hpota Optui *v> 
Only two baT« I irrcrr owdciI in all my life, and tltii wvro Um tsij taal 
of '«n. Ub ileuft, oil dear, tluit pvcr I aboutd rotoo to thla actpMisf; ti 
my ibinga I " 

"Madam, you ahall tuv« justke d«D% aa B«r« as my aMoe i< 
Uocldn. Ueotl«nicn and ladittt, if yoii am not all oalocfi, bow n*. ul ' 
ynu Uko to bo tiMtcd aol Bwame tbc wmtbor inn lrif!< ■■hri' 

yoD lis like n |nn«l of Maxicaoa If niiybiidy pjokod < ' vr'* 

woaklyou have lif« euoiigh lo ruH orarl" 

*• I don't tbink I ahonW," «iid a fat vouu^ Brtlon, with a TWyj 
batnred (utt: "but fur a poor woman I can auntl upHiihl. 
KZIuckiD, !. 'aforhrT. I'criLn|ia b-.-. 

K *• \Vr •! thoUijor ; "butu. >! 

firat iHcitrUin oil lbs rigbta uf the caau. IVrha|« balf-«4T> 
wnnld nacb it." 

Haifa UQWn afiJiM vould ban gooa l>(gro«lit, u 



• aft«rvari8 ; for Iho old Indy'a Imntlkerdupf van in Iter bux, k»t uoil«r 
B«B» more of bsr i>ropert; ; mul ttto litl« of aiixpy cbarii; takiiig Uib 
dirvctJon mxlcr neh Tchement impulse, screml dIIwt nk«T«^ piw- 
BCDKcra IiiHt li»ir jprnds, but roiintl ttmoiaolres tot> liitc in doing no. But 
tlw ilMjor waN Mtiifiod, uui[ (Iw rniin mivn who hod lol<l htm to go mhot, 
bvgged hf8[Mnloii, utdtbita weiiaUodoaidowlynni] petooaUy. 




That littl« incttlent ll)i«w aoin« l^ht upon Mujur Hockiti'tt cliarHCter. It 
was QOL for hiuudf aloDo ibat bo wiu bo pojlicular, or, as tuuiiy would 
dill it, M^r-ty, to bikvc ovi;iytlunj{cla)U)prO}M!rly; for if uQ^tJiu^ came 
to his knowiedde which hn thought unfair to any ono, it ooiicoi-oftl biiii 
lU miKh na if tho wrong Iwid l>eeii done to hn own boiDQ self. 
-,li tliui he hiul fullcb into rnnny tmuM^a, for bin imjimunora 
w«ro not kIwhj-h nccuniLe, but tbny tiiu^ht him aothiiig ; or mtlwr, an 
his wife awl, "tJie Mi^oroould uot h(.'l|> it." Tho loading jaunutLi of 
tbe Tuioiu phce* in which Major lEockin eojourned lind ptildtdied his 
fettcn of ffriornrvon noaiodmiM, iu Uiu alxieiioe of Uin chief editor, nnd 
hftd BtUTeroJ in jiune by dotn;; bo. But the Mtyoralw-ayamid, "A''mti- 
hue U< venlihito tiio Piibjeut, my deoi- ur ; bring piiUk opinion to hair 
on it." And Ura. Uoddn nlwft}-ii Rud tlut it wu boi- huaboad to 
whom h«li»ig(d the wbole credit of this new »ud spirited use of th« fine 
wofd " vcntilHtion." 

Ak )>etwiKt this fkithfnl pair, it is Kanwl; needful porhiqw to ujr 
tlMt Um lUJor WM tbnmiu>u»-. Hu aeudto of jiuitce dictntcd that, as 
well aa Ida itftrnml IiriakucaA. Ilioii^h ho was not at mU lik« Mr. Ciindry 
in oademklatDg fcnialo luind, liia lai%or oxperienco nnd more froqoent 
iDtemoiuse with oiir aex had tangbt hiiu to do jiistic« to us ; aud it was 
plouant to heitr him oft«n <i<^err to tfic Jii<Ij{tnNit of ladies. Dut this he 
dill iDOt« jwirhafs in theory ttuku iii {ii-M'ti^-e ; jret it uiaik) till the huUea 
diwlai* to onn nnolhrr that bo wms n {icrroalgoutloniiia. And ao he vns ; 
(hovjcb lie Itud hia faulbi ; but ht3 fAult4 won) such oa we approve of. 

Uul Mta. Hodia had no fanlt in any way worth speaking of. 
All' --itr luid. was hur buAhmid'a doiof;, Uirou^ii hir deatic 

(o '. < < him. Sho witH |ii>(!tty, own nuw iii hor .lixtinth year, 

I a gicftt d'Mi )>rRltioT bccBiiw h1i« nevor tried to look yon»g«r. 
1 .; _,..! ..-tic vjw. and ft forehead in which all the caixa of 
Lnwly iiikpi>ntc<l a wrinkle, aUo a kind cxprcHttion 
of intcimt iu )tl>t>i< t<T vaaepnkuii uf, wilb u iiiiict voice and ami)o,iuul 

M rxwi-t- <>r iv'l v>i\>ii(; liio Ii1LK:1i ut Ik lilllf. COUibiM''i] to lUolvC tills lildj 


VViti I " ' i-.itiiju, sho took UH! iinm«ii»l»Jj under her 

. .dlt-r two yfni-A paesm' in Umi Bodetj of 



8tMti Isco niid tlie fpitth Savror, Ao found Tuutj ikingA in im t» 
■mend, which flK:(l!il by «:x»m|)k- wiil irithoot reproaS, Sb» (ludM 
me also in thv clevenat war frou the c<irlo8itf of tha mlooD, 
tirBt«-«(i very tiding- For tlio ftrilol Ttftf being & wt'IMcaatPv 
both for swift pwJKit;>(« niid for i;quii>iiieitt, slmost svery bvrtb «■ 
taken, and when Uio veathcr was calm, qailo n laigv uMDlUx n( don 
lo dinner. Among tiicHn, uf oourae, were Borae tU-Lred people; *iul lojr 
youth and rocrve, and wif-ocmsciouuiins, nnd m on, mftde my itJec- 
tant {iktx ibo nmrk for mtaiy a long and eeirc^huig gue. My owu wiib 
had been not to rlino thus in |)ubltp; but hmriug tltat aij alane) 
vroitld onlf afford fresb Krounds for curiosity, I took ray sent betvon 
ttid Mxjor and W\* wifn, the* fortncr hnWng pledjiiRd himnclf to tbr latto 
to IcBTO n'er^'thiQ^ to hrr mniugnncnt. Hin U-in|icr wnK triod mar* 
tliaii onco to iU utmost — whiuh was not a voiy great duAtAiire — but hi 
kopt Km word, and did not int«riln« ; and I harin^ had unms «cpni«>or 
vith Finn, mch9«rcd all porcef^n of glanots. And w; for all •mta^ 
Mnt. Hockiri mi-l tlirai with an obtune obliqaencw ; to that after a dajr 
or two it wiui svtllftl that notbitig could bo done about " MuB Wvod.* 

It hiu) been n vi-rv *ovb point to come to. and cost, ait uti|MnJkM 
afacd of pride, tttat I eihoubl be nhorn of two-thinb of my iiaoM), and l» 
oUIed "MIm Wood," likfl alntost anybody obo. I nJVispd tocnteiwb 
anch a very jmor itIpA, atid flung to the mtnu! ir)ik>h hud nlvftya Imm 
tnino— for my fath«r voiild n^vor d«^rt from it— ami 1 &rtn but«l t»to 
Unra, whiob wouid, I atipfUBft, he enlist ■*Bentim<>ntitI:" bnt KtUI At 
Math fiu( fltored nic in th«^^aoC'-I miut go as "Miss Wood," ornotfv 
at all. Uj>oa tliis Mi^or H'x-'kiu hail itKi&tcd; and vrba Ooluiiel Ou- 
dry ooaUl not mov« him Wni hix rvsolnlion. 

TTntJo Sam had done bis ntinoMt, as was huiA Ixforo, to ttto|i tan tnm 
lishinii to f;o at all ; but vhnn ho found my vhole hrr ' Mpon \\, 
nnd cv«n uiy houI imperilled by tboMDM of nc|[loctinc '<i>'f duty, 

hia own stem *M*n»& of right came in. and ^ded witli my jitaycnt to Iuk. 
A nd ao it -wm tbat li« lot nc go, with pity fur my youth and aex, bat ■ 
knovledge llutt I wim in i;i>o<l himda, and an inborn, poriiaps " Puritanical* 
faitb, tbattbc l^ird of all ri;;bt would 6(« to CDft. 

Tho Mf^or, on ihv other hand, liiid none «.>f tfaJs. Hedlfl^lvd &m 
Vnd» Saw m mneh aa a Irim-eut and ]iij;bly-«it]tur«l fptrden-tnw dlflm 
tnm a grtsl BproadiBg kltij; of thn woodti. Hf* wn:^ nut wiMi vriH 

■nuttcf rtligion, «a))Minllv wbi-u tio bad tn mni-v-h tnon to • i ^ 

br oeror •ten used a Ind word, ratc^l trbon wirkM farta oompolM 
hiw. Wben profxirly let nlnup, and aHo«''?d to nnrw his own iijiiiiiiiw. 
bo had a mfadAblB idea that all lliinfls iten Mrtain to \» tvrAtfnA tat 
tbft bmt; but t > ' <^\v t«ll him that, w 

thia^i went aAi.i , ^.-dicLiiMia. 

It waa lucky for ine, Ihnn, tjtai Mi^or Hockin bad taken 
vetaa rimr of my tsam. Ho forntrtt bin ofdniotia with tbe 
And wltk U)« gnalMi iMnievenuirc stuck to iJi«m ; for lu 




>aa of nuuLkind, if geiwroia niGMUi oao iinite full of bin j^vi, 

Lad in my little earn, ha bul raado np Ids miod, Uint thti whole of th« 

vnre Bgatnst me. " l^aotv" wrb his fiivoi>nt« word, aud oiw wliicli 

lirnyii inwd with grmt <^oct; f«r m)lioiij knoYrii rt-rv well what ib 

uoans, w it docs not brion)* to our lon^af^. And so when he saM tlutt 

\ui ffteu wrmjsgniiuit me, wko vaa tliore tonnawcr tJiut fucrU iiru iioi truth t 

This &£t-aet conchtsion of Iiih vim kiiown to uic, not Dimngh hiiuBplf. 

Iiut- tlinjiigh bia wife. For I ooutd not ret brine mywlf t« speak of tho 

tiling* thut Uy cIom nt niT heart to him ; thoiij;h I lmt^v tlint tm mtirt 

1x) Bwnnof tfactD. And hv, liko k scntloniui, Ifft mo to bc^. I could 

oAm MM) tluit be WAS rea<ly anil <|tiite ea^i- to gWo me the )>eni>lit of hti 

optnioa, vhtcfa would only li.-tv« tuni«d me aiiininst him, and irritnted 

lim |iftriia}tt with m«i. And hftvioR no home iu Kn^butd. or indeed, I 

[[bl t»y, Anyvfliprf, I wu to lii-o with the UTajot and his wife, 

lopponog that they cu<ild vmngo it 50, until I hIiquM diacoYer raln- 

'VV4tlnu) ft lofiannd gtorm; vojngo, nltboufib wc set sail aofairl;-; and 
''1 thouf^t that m n«T«r nhouM tnund OofM! Horn tn the tMith of (h« 
fteriouanorDi-fiiisl wiikIh: kikI lUtBr th»t we laylwi-aliiKHl. I bn^enoidm 
in vfant latitiiiK-, tbou^rb tltc iinasengcTsnov t»lked <]uit«iik<! ite«nieii, nt 
loRst till tJto sei got up ft(^UR. TTowovor, nt lut vrt mado th« Eugltsh 
Channel, in the dreary days of Norombcr, and nft^-r more peril there 
;hHn aiiy wbi-re nine, w<> w«re wifL-ly (IocIemI nt Boiitbninpton. ttt-n tho 
r waa umhy two dtittful lUii^htera, Ijilnglng tblrir huHbandH nnd 
ililrcti, W)d I Mw inoi'c of imttWy-Viftt (at ndiata&oe) thiin luid falb'ii to 
ly lot to ulMterTD Iw^T? ; ftud nithongfa iktvct wcro nany liltkt Jaii as'l 
IBtd ealfl at oii<> ojiothcr. I was svlly inclined to wish sontotiinoi 
brolheni and uatiTi-H U> ((tiamU with. 
Ltut bnring none to qiiarrrl wiUi, nnd nmio to lovr. (txcvpt good Mrt. 
llm^icin, who weut away by train itnmodiatoly, I spent sttuh a wTntchnd 
time in that lawn, that I lon^ to b« }mck in Uio Brutal Vtil in 
the vwy worst of w«itb>'r. The onx^ nf tb« Hhorc and the wek of 
tbo water, and the drmry flatnras of the htnti nroand (after th« f^lorioua 
heoren-cliul hdgbbi, « hiuJi mndo me aahatned of littlcncst), olno the nitigh 
atnpii) stare of Die mrti, when I went abmit aa an Amennut lady may 
ftvoly do in AiwriM, and th« ahnrpncn of evoryljoily'ii voice (inKteud of 
thr KTniid t<jwit wliic-b tliii«« who cannot ppxliicc them vaJI " unital," but 
whtrb flMiD a high (>r^-i«w are cordial) — talcoii ontt nftcr other, or all to^te- 
tbcr, thaw tliiogn niiule nio think, in tlto 6rBt tlimh oflbaught, lliat Enf^- 
IwmI waa not a nirv oiintry. AAt u liltip wliilr, I fnnnd Ibnt I hiul 
him a grtui deal too fpiick ; as foreignera are with thiii^ which i-ft|iiir« 
({uiK coiD]>r<ph*-Dsion- For instanoo, I wna annoyed at haTing a stupid 
woman i>iit urer me, as if I oMild not mind myself— a<iook,orknutM, or 
iKMnt^kKpci*. or aoiouthing vcty vaxSvH in tfao Hockin family, but to ma 
a nim inemobnuifv, an'l («a I thought in tny wrath soinetimea), a spy, 
yn»t WW I likoly til do iir wlaC wu any ono likely to do U> ma, in • 


ttturoui-lilx civitfated cooatrjr, tlmt I ctnilil nut t-vcn xtajr la jn-ivKtn If^c- 
iiLj^ wLero I hftd & great AetiX lo iKiiik of, without tbin dull craotim 
Indug ftnwod ujmh tnu I But tJig MnJo' *» onloi-rd it : aail I garo in. 

TbeiQ I Diusl bavu etAjrcd fgi- th« alovri-qt tiino mouUia <nvr fnuMj 
«-ithout alow Rtarvation, fiuishinft xuy jn^i>rtii, tut OM kn6«ii^ bow bi 
" furiu my luind," as 1 wm lold to do. JiUJir Uockiu ctnte 4owtt, 
onoe or twive, to uea me ; aud lliouj^ 1 did not liko lum, yot, at «-m 
Almost enough to make iu« do tu. to roe a littlo Hvoliiioas. But I oovld 
not and vould not put up witli n &it;litful Gonuoa boron of tnoii^ 
witJi a poKflhed caM iiko a t«aft-nu!k, whom the Alitor tiied bo impm» 
on me. As ii* 1 could Htop to t*ko tnusicdcssoaii t 

" UtM Wood," suid Major Uookiu, iu Lb» «Ux)Uf!eDi manner, tkc bwi 
time becaufl tOBceme: " 1 Ktand u> jou in /(«u /nuwUu. Tliat iooua 
with the dtdaM, relationaliipB, rmpousibiliiJeB, and wbal uot, of the iio- 
foviiinato — 7 »faould my mtU«r of tliQ beloved — pAreol dooeued. I with 
to ht> moro corofnl of rou, thun of a iUuf[bter of my *)vm. A gnst deal 
laorn cardiil, tnu Uiooi, Slua Wood. I uiny say n tliouannd timca mon 
QUtJul, bemuao you bflvi> uot hud tlio dincipiinu irliicb a d>u|^lcr of 
luiav vould luivo cujo/mI. And yoit ore tio iiupuUivM, vlim yoa lake 
an idea. Youjiidgu uTerybody by your likings. That leads to onor, 

CTTOI-, CftOT." 

" Ikly nfttno i* not AlifH Wood," 1 uuiycKd ; " my niuiifl U '&cMa 
OostleiFOocl' Whatever oocd may hare been ou boanl altip for Dobodf 
kaoviuK wbo I am, nutuly 1 utny havx' my own u^uan iMw." 

Wlien luiybody tfays " suroly." at oik's ii))ifpriiijp u question ; notluat 
biaiig stira, and tlie wmni iloelf at heart <|Utte interro^tive. Th» H^xr 
knew all tfa4i>e littlo tliingx, which nianiigv vromen no loAnfully. tfo Iio 
took me by tbo hand, uad lod n» to tb« li^ht, and looked at uw. 

I hnd not unit nlom of Humiao tiriit, or dyvd (.'luiu-^nuis tn luy 
hair, w cvm the ubitiuitoiu nid of boraa aoi cow ; nnitba' in my fto" 
w %ure was J conactoua of false pna«atmfiat. The M^'or wim wbImbw 
to l«ii) iu» to lli4 Ujjht and to ilirow iii) nil hui ({Mctwies, auil tt^m wiA 
oil Ilia eytfl Hy only vpxatioit waa with myMilf, becauw i oould not 
keep Uio «-o.ikiMv<H--w)tivh M Uran^i- Hbould oot aoo — nul of my oya*; 
u|iun siuldcn rnnKonhiiuici;, Vi'ho it nai thai used k) hnvn Ibo right lo 
do such tliimrt to me. 'Fhia it wod, and uolhing v\i>&, Uwb oude mt 
drop [! ' '!>«. 

" 1 ' iJiy doar I " mid lliyor Uookia, in a noflor vote* than 

Qinal ; " |ntty tit you are to combat with lliB woriil, and dn^ tht 
worlil. out) brute tbo woHd, and almlislt tbo wijrld— or ■ ' ■ " 
worM'^ opinioo I ' Bo to a pxMe' j-Oti «au say, iny diior ; bi: • 
a (puidor. No, no, do ipiiotly what, 1 MlTiw — by-lbo-by, you ham ncnun 
itJkmi my iMlTic* 1 " ^y 

I <Muiol haw iMm ItypocritiMl ; fnr uf all tlilofii I iltitoM. U ■ 
Imi in gooil &ith I nud, being cou'juwvd by the U*t^-V rob H 



" Oil, wliy hMrci you BOTcr oSend it to mot Yow knew ttutt I oewr 
COdlrl iwlc fnr it." 

For the noment tw looked Bur|>ri».''d, lu if our idcfta bar) gons crooe- 
wiae ; «iiil then bo ronM>mb«iw] mauy little RyiiijitoinK nf my Ehith in hia 
opfaionB ; wlucb w«a now ufimrlnj incrilAbki, villi Mk wife ucl danghlen, 
ami] DUD}- gnui(l«l)il(iiTri — nil nrtnin ll>«t ho woa a Solomua. 

" EretiiB." tie said. " yon «ro n drtir good girl, tlioiif h swily, eailly, 
romantic. I had no idcs that you hiwl 90 much tease. I will talk wtbb 
yon, Rromii. wIko wo bolli hava leimiro." 

•• I am qtiitc at leiime, Mi^oi Uockin," 1 replied ; " and only too 
happy to lisl«n to you." 

** Yw, yf«, I cUrn eay. You aro in loilftingB. You can do cocactly 
«• yon p)«Me. But I havA a basJo of ox-tail aoup, a citM, luul a wood- 
rock wniCini; for tn«, at the (Tn<:mojvi1itiin Hotol. Blara m», I am fiv» 
uiibuttH lat« iilmulyl 1 will cutap mv\ have a talk wjtli voti nftcr- 

"Tliank yoii," I said ; " we had hetter leave it. It seemHof no im- 
portaoc«, cwmpaiwl— wtmpatwl with " 

" My diniMr I " avid tbo Slnjor ; Imt ho v»s ofTmidiH, and m waa I n 
Utile, tliotish aotthci- of ua mciuil to vex iha «Cb«r. 


' It wmiM Im Mijfnir to Major Uockin to talto him for nn nctmvngMnt 

mnn or a Krlfimlnli^nt one. I>cc3i«s<> of the good dinner ho had onI«r«d, 
noil hill enfi^eniwi to sit down to it Thrmigh all titc hott jntni of his 
life he had h««n nio«i frnptl. nhrtMniaits. and salf'tlmytn^ gnid;iuig 
erery penny of hia own cxpfSUD, but np^ing none for htn rvmily. And 

' now, whi-« hi? fuuiwl hiinbclf M nrnch IioUor nlT, with «i< inMin« and 
Um outlay, be «>ultl not Im hiaiiwd for enjoying good things, with the 
whoIcHome *e8( of olvtiii^iiro. 

For, mming to th« point, ami ^fnt^x well into IIk! niattpv, tltr Miijar 
had 'liHCJVcrtjl lli,^i tlic " HtlUi pn>i"-rly " trft to him, nm) whicli ho w«» 
ctmui t^i •n' to, iviilly vnn t\mte ■ fine eatAtc for luiy ouo vho ki»w how 

' to tnuiaE)' it, ami woiihl not spcur; coarago nnd ctiligoucc. And of thfao 
tw ■ s hf hadsuuh abun'JatK«>, (hni without any ontlot tlirymijfht 

Imh ■'. him lonr. 

tlw piu(H-i ty latiily <V"- i^t*! to hiui Ity hU rouwn, Sir nufiiii Ilockln, 
)»d l»n£ Irf^ii fnr moiit j>lii;,nt(t llinn profit to tliat idl« haronrt. Bir 
Rnfns l»»tJ'«i nil csr-rtion, yrt roiihl not mmfortrtHy put n|) wiUi tlm only 
bI tenia It»-p — cxt<>i-t:nn. Having no ktiowlwlpf- of his cousin Nirft 
(««Iit that 1.C urn indrfatitplili?). and knowing his own aon lolw lari*r 

[gniri tlian hiuiM-lf Wt boon, longit^ alao to iulllot eim postliumounjua- 
ti«t upon Uio land'Sgent, with tlie gl«(1 Miwcut of liii hor bo leA lUii 


(lixtiuit, freifal, And naked Kfior of Uivl to hu Ij^oved ootndn, M^or 
^icholM llockin. 

Tba Hiijor first hMnI of tUs ODOxpMled inenase of his b«toiigisgk 
whilo he wfta iioTerinji:, iti the land of goM, beiweeu liin dasire lo s|W«> 
late and bis dnad ot ripcctilatioii]. At odco ho ocnMtiIt«d our Colend 
Giindry, vho met him hj' R^tpointnient at Sartminento ; nnd Uncla &Im 
liaring a vast idea of th« value of ttuwt tu EnjflaiMl, which tho AUjov 
imtondl^ made th'e moat r>f, now \Ttnog an EogUsli landowner, tk^^tcnl 
a monl pl«u«nt eroiuag, ami agn>ed upon Uie line nuu-kod 

ThuH it was that he canto liotoe, bringing (liy kind arnuiggownt) 
who wn* mudi uu>n' trou1>l« thaii cenifitrt to hiui, and at firvt 
to he etAii ami ciirt. A n^) Uiuc it was tliat I was left so kn^ in thai 
wntclicd Soiitliaiu|>ton, iiniior tlio caro of a very kiiid poiwm vho nonr 
«oiUd undoKtaiid m«. And nil this whilo (as I onjEtUt to haro btowa. 
withotit any one to tell mo) Major Hockiii was ttwttng the Talac an4 
beating tJw bounds of bis ii«w ealato, and ]iroloaging his dinncT fnmi cme 
to two coonea, or three if h« had keen travelliug. Hia proport; ma 
laifp enough lo affonl him many dinners, and rich aiioi^ (wh«n rii^U; 
treated) to insure thoir ({iiality. 

Itiuut«ca is a t\\xiet little viUsfco on tho eouth-rast coast of Gnglaul. ts 
Kent or lu Sussex, I am not auire which ; for tt baa a conatittition of ibi 
own, and sayti that it bolotigs to aeithnr. lb uaod to he a p\iu» of r» 
and valour, fnruiahiiig shijia. and Eiitding nioitov for |i<nt lintic jiorptawa 
And grrat jiooplo both itmlttrlced and landnd, one di>iii\' this and tlu 
-utbai' that; thoi^b nohiMl}* i«(«tnH tu have orer done both, if hisUHT ts to 
bo tcliod ujMUi Tho gloi> of the place is still prosei-vcd in a etal and 
an iDimemorial atick, enuh of which ia bleet wiih morkii oa loODraprobai 
aihla aa could bo wishod, t]wi%-h lioth nro to bo aeoa for sixpoaioft. Tim 
naoM of the place ia wiitton In mora than ftntf difiermt wmys, tbqi 
saj- ; and tlio oldest inbabitunt is \ea» positive than tlie f oongeat bow W 

Thii village lien In tlie mouth, or rather at the esftera foul uf tfa( 
uouth, of a long and vidt> ildpnarion nrnoug tlm IiiIIh. through wbich « 
nin^bh rivnr wins itfl muddy ooamimmation. 'IHiis riror once wvnt Cir 
alouff tliotco-britdc, wilhuut uilering fliko a i^bild wbo at ofmid to Uitbc), 
aa the Adiir does at RbumLaui. aud an uiauy utbor rivani do. And 
thOM* dajB, tb« moutb nod iiarboiir were tiudn- llio rlilf bI Untiitann 
wbraut* itn Mul aixl cnqoirfltion. Ktidc.nDd olhor blutsinga. Bui Uii 
or four cmtmHrs ngp the river was drftwu by a violent frtorm. 
hailgcr (nna hi» honrol, and CuvmI tp ixKoe ittrui^ht out atwl face 
without any throu milee of dallianoc. Tbo UnuHierntix wnlnt 
beat of (fata, foniook iia anoteut l>ed (a* ctawic nynipha noil TiMixt 
(o ioU and laft (loor Bruutam wiUi a Hij bank, and d« 

r- ■ ' ' ' '!. A now po|-t, SDch as i: ' ' fic 

ii --^ wete drivim aod i!artb<A<. Jt 





Mm to ilfl oM l(iv«. and Bruntewt, as conoeraeil Iter UnSic, bomuo Hul 
, nark of taeaary. Uat noblp oorporKlion never demAnded th«ir okt 
chumd, bnt ngaHeil thi! whole w tlin w!1{ of tbe LoH, and hwl the 
Ijaod nnse to inttnt apon nothing, eici'ept tlioir tirafrhoitonrad cero- 

InfituteoTftll thcMwiJ tJi«iriiii|'Ortftiio»,liiii']tj«L-fliii«iif iio value tii(n\ 
rnwnerof tb« Kut«ni Hanor »nii of iiisiiy niwii-nt ri^hla, linv-ing no 
118 of griting at th^nn, roUi tli^ni for nn " old aoasj," which thej were; 
the liujrc^r was ou8 of the Ilockin race, a aliijiwredced iiiaiiucr fmm 
awall, who haJ bmo kindly U'cnt<.'<l tJioit), and took ii fnticy nnoonl- 
ty. He sold his ahare in Bomn miae to pay for it, i«tt1»l Ik-io, and 
. hen ; aad hla wo, f[elliii;i; «n in tha wotltl, built a hoitw, ami took 
eoticKU smngglins. In the chaJk clifla oastirard be fiMiDd holes of 
nlae to liim, capabto of cheap cntargcmpnt (which the Corabth 
wem not), and mnnh mon> aoce««ubIe from France. Becoming a 
magistnto and d«iiuly-li(TiiU^a.Dt, ho had th« daly an<I privilq^ of 
ifuiutnnjc into his own doeda, which enabled him to check ihow few who 
othMnrine nii{(bt bavA oaan]ict«<l with him. lie Boiiriidtrd, and bougiib 
man aecuro estates; and hia son, for activity against smogglara, waa 
r naida a gentle baronet. 

B^ Tbaie things now had (Kisspd away, nni) tho fint feo-tdmple of the 
H^ocfcin fiunilj Iwouue o. mere loud aiid incuoibi:aiioc ^ir (JMirgo, and 
Hbir Robert, and Kii- ftiiftia, on« after nnoth«r, did not like th« hinta 
^^bont coDtntjaui dralin^ which iset thom wlienover (liey deigned to 
W oofiM down lhe)«, till nt iMtthecstalo (hring left to an og«nt) coat a grr*t 
dcnl non than Iw ever paid in. And Unu^-aa shoold have been roam 
l>rio0y told — the owner was otu- Major HocIclii, 

No wonder tliat this j^ntJomaD. with so many earos to attend to, had 
no Hbm, at Cret, to send for nw. And no wonder that wlieu hf) nune 
down to SM watt, ho wiw obliged (o hA\-<t good dinner*. Fur the work 
done by iiim in thuw tbrco montlu mirjtruwd oVKiytwdy except hitniwlf, 
and nuulo in old BrunUe* a ttir unknown mnce the iimo of thit SpanLth 
For lift owned the )ioL*i)ei unl)e^ tko eastern cliff, and the 
, and tbe daiiy form iitlo&d, and tlio Blo()e of tlic firound whore tbo 
Daed to M>me. and fields whn« tiw pcopln grew {totatOM gratis, 
and all the (w.t«n Hllatn^. whci-c the Lcoante paid their reota whenerer 
they found it mtiutml. 

A liot youni; iimu, iu a phioe like Uiia. woidd have doae a gieat deal 

it tnuch]*£ Ritlier be v>^oiild bavo acveptei) Inr^ Tlttwa, and applaoded 

ibt ' if ho oonld allbrd it. and Itad no wife), or elMs he 

hvoi'l < I I'vciybodybcadlonfcand butted thetn Inrk to their 

khtttutents. Neitticr eourae would have c-nated hidf tho exatcaMmt 

vhifb tlio Mi^or'a did. At Icaatt then) mi^it bavo been mora talk at 

bnt n»t a (iitartor ao tmti-h In »»m total. Of thoee iJiinga, liow- 

om ■iuiffiiotiKh to K\ymk, if I dam to my nnythtng about tlwm. 

-:-4pi nwra to my mind (and thciofbro more likely to b« mode 



IiluB to aooUier mind) sro nob tlte petty fliekoring pbantoma of thi 
thuiow we coU huuKn, and vhidi slooe wo rmlise, and ilwdl inaiife jt 
utd upon it, M if it mm nil ervAtion ; but tho infinitely tuibltr tlufi|9<f 
over^JuaginjiE Imt peqietual beauty, mhI do EolfialincaB. Tfac»^ withovl 
(Inguiag (o us f.vtai ncniKi to be rw'iut of tbeiu, s1i»jih oiir littlo tuiml* asi 
bodin, snd our largis Mlf-importuiue, anil fiul to knov wti«n Uie lord.» 
Icing, vliooiriui, is buried under tboin. 1V> lutve poreeption ofmch migblv 
truths is goad for »ll of us ; uid I nct^r tiad Ictvnm- percefition nf tbot 
UtMi when I mt dowa oo tha Majoi'a comp-Mool, tuid mw all bia iaai 
anuoA mo, and ovwt Um rm— whore all tiio lish vrnrx hi«, hh inan M U 
could cntcb them — and largely reflected that nat n square foot of tbt 

wbulu vrurld would tivw belong to m*. 

" Bnmtlauds," as the house was c*]lod, [wrlmps from sUndin^ «rj| 
above tha »ca, was slietternl bj the curve of tho rMtom dilT, whicli 
loolMd down ovwr Dninteon. Tlio cliff* wiu of duJIc, vnj fltoep towaiib 
ttiD ran, snd showing a proniniMit hondlaod towanis tlw eontk, b)iit 
prettily nting iu giamy cur\'M( tmm tho iulnnd and fh>n) lbs wt gt wod. 
And tben where it suddeiily (.-biued awav from [and-dlope into MS-thmt, ■ 
Ini!^ hftr of idiii^Ie begau at rigbt aisles to it, and, as level t» a nilraail, 
vent U> tho rivoKs nuiutb, a league or M now to the wMlwan). And 
bejood that anotliBr liao of white clUTs row, and Iwkctl wtdl till tiity 
flame to their headliiad. luwlo tJiiis bank of bIuh^o, tntta end to ewL 
mi^it he imoed Uic old oounic of tJio nvor, and to laadwnn] of tint 
Iroogh at tlie hitlier end stood, or Injr, the mlm old villai^a. 

FoTMken M_ie was by tlie riTn*. this vtUof^ Btock to itx Mntfant rita 
and bousv and inate»d of migmting contnu-tod itecif, md omt off bkH' 
lea* menbtts. Khmnkrti BruutanA elatix about tbe old»t of ica cfaiiRliffvl 
wbilo tiu fimr otbera fell to rack aud min, and KoMled iuto cow-ysi 
and buoBt and places when- <itd uon inigbt mc and ni^b. Rut DruW 
diitaDOtiy and tcvudiantly lfi'f)l tbo old town's divin'in into cwt 

tJkHt llnuitKen wna wholly in tho Major** nuinor, whidi had & 
olMrler; aod loost of Mk bouMa betoogod to him. Thia ownonUi 
bitJMrto lin<l mnuit only that thn IniKttoftl tlibtdil do all tlw tumU»- 
down ropoin (wbun tho m^t-ni rqwrtcd tbat tbuy must bo done), hrt 
never uiui tatter the door for hla rent. The horoogh lutd been di» 
(nDcliised, though tbp siiu^ml of tbo snitg for gnneffatioos ; and the 
fneaum, thus beitift robbed vt tbcii- rights, had no |iowflr to di 
their datiM. And to eompliMte maUen yM fbrlhw, tar tLa bar 
wiabod to aimplify tbom, tho ciiBtoin of "Iioroutr^ " '-%" j 
nad govtsiMsl tliv ilMcmt of dtlnpadLxtioti.H, malciug i nea for 

aim of law. 

" Yitn atw » KtM ]>ro|Hirty bi-nt, MiM Wood," Major Koeklli nid 
tna, aa wi» Ml, «a Hie day afUu* 1 waa allowfti lo eonw. ni 


Umit breem from tbv mm and 
ImUd^ abraad very 0Boet«ll>- ; 


ncwnew of 
tCry Got (>r(<[ 



■hftmefallr, faorriblj, &trocionfily>-ne)tleota(l. but «*pebt« of noble tiun^ 
orgnuti) things, of uiaguitioGoit, witli s tiille of JniliciiHtH outhy !" 

" Oh, please not to t&Uc of ontUy, tny cloar." said ^omI ^[ra. lIocfcEn, 
guntlj: "hi* mich anoJittanwoitl; and whoiein tbe wtiriii i» it to cwiii* 
from r 

•' Loire tiut lo run. Whm I was a boy, my favourite copy in iny 
>[i7-book WW, ■ YltcTfi tiien'» a will, llinrc's a vAy.' Ui» Wood, irhut 
Id jonr Oftiiuonl But, WAit, you most bftve time to iiti(l«»tui(l tbo 
su^oct;. I'lnt w« bring a railway — itlirAyH tlic GtxL stetp ; why, tbc line 
is Alnady miid» for it, by tho coiinw of tko oM river, aud th« diatanco 
from Newport chre« milra aod a hutf. It oitght not to vi»K rinitc 20n£. 
a mile, tlio lurjv oiiltay fur mils tuid kl»e|wnL Tim buiJ is nil miiHi, noil 
— anil of eourt& o^ee landed praprietora', V«y woU, time woulJ ull 
vaaKe^ of ouutsn ; no Uint not ii fitrtliing D«cd l>o piiid for land^ which is 
tli9 brat half of tlio l<«ltli\ Wo have tlic Blalioii bore — uot too iiNir tny 
hottsp, lb»t would n«Ter rlo^I oiild not bear thfl aoitto— but iti ii 
fine «otml plmc«i wbwm iu>l»oity on earth cotild object to it — lively, 
and elow at luind for all of them. Unluckily I won jwit too lata Wo 
Iia>-c luHt n pariloiuentary y«ar throu);b tliat exocrnble calm — you 
miuumbrr all aImuI it. OtborwicA wo wonld liavo hmd Billy Fufl* 
stabled St Bntnlsw by tbc first of Slay. But nover mind ; w« shall do 
it oU tbe bettor nad cbrnper by taking; otir linio about Jt. Very well, 
«e hava the nilwny opened, nud the trade of tbe ]>Uoe developed. W« 

Ibui' ' t<^mtc« of <-lpc;nnt rillan, a crowent also, and a liirf^ hot^tl 

rr^i! I r>vory liixuiy ; and we form tbo fioiBt sea- parade iu Eofjlaiid 

by intBpIy assiatiiig nature. Half Ixindon conies down hero to bathe, to 
catch tJirimpfl, to fiirt, and to do k11 thn m>t of it. Wo become n soleot, 
nlulnioiw, infliinitial, and ret cmDomicnl placo; and Uien wliat do wo 
do, Mrs. llix'^kiii 1" " 

" My dear, how can X (dl t But I hope that we almntd rast and be 


" Not a bit of H. I should bofxt irat, indeMl. Ereua, wbat do w« 

»do then 1" 
" It IB umiImb bo aak bia Well, thun, |>crhnjM you eet up a hand- 
■ooeeawmill I" 
" A aavmitl I Wbat a notion of Ftuadiso ! No, tbia is what wr do 
— btit rettifuiber tlmt I sp^tik in tbe sti-ictest confidence; duboneat anta' 
^ gDoiaai Jui;;bt nriw*, if we Tfntilatoil our ideaa loo Boon — Mrs. Hockln and 
H Uiw Wood, w0 demiuid llii: rvatonttiun of our rivw I — ths ivtura of 
" oor riv«r lo ita ancient »x)urso." 

"1 ««■," B»iil binwifr; "ob, how grand tbiLt would be: and how 
bmiitifiil ftoin our witMlowa I That r^ly, new, is n noble tboiigbt !" 

"A Jiul €ine — dimply ajtuioue. Juaum uufttl not to be nubia, ny 
dear, liownror mre it tuny l>e. GBBHrasity, uiagoautioity, henMi, and 
H on — thoae an the thinga we rail imhli-, my dear." 

"And the founding of eitiep. tjfa, xaj dear, I xeneoiber, when I was 


at BCbool. ii vwi alwHj-B said in wint we t^nllcd our Iwtorieit, that tht 
roundoTB of cities Wl boooim f>»H chcm, oadftltan btiilb, And iliirtaib(i< 
dono, uvl kolidnjv h«!(] in tJieir honour." 

" Ta ibat I object," ciiiid tJw Major, Bt«roljr. " If I ii>aiid(d 
citMtt, I WDutilnPTcrallowonoliolidnv. Tlie Bwlib^th u eoaagh; oboJaj 
in «T<it — fifteen ]iet c«nt. of odc'h whole time ; and twenty per ocnt cif 
your SiHulay gooB in chiudt. Very rigbt, of coorwv and Io^-k), ami tralr 
odi^ying' — Mrs. Uockuie fnthn* vha a dei^n^tttii, Mi«i Wood ; «uL Ihs 
hat thing I would ever nilow on ny ntaoor wojld be a diMcmliif 
dinpnl ; but still I will Imve no new obnrolMs ben, asd a aaii wW 
mig^t go agUBBt me. They all want to pick tbeir own religimu Tjew^ 
ioatead of Ksflectimg who otipporlB tJiRtn I It mver luod to be so ; mai 
nieb tiling* iball nerer occur on my lavnnr. A good hobd, attmdaMa 
tDclwtcd, Hilda aouud And n]i>dRnil« tabic <11iot«; IhiI tiOcliUTrl), witkt 
popiali baft o^t tuund, and motwy to pny, without anythiBg to cat" 

" My diwr, my dour," cried Mn. Ilockiu, " I never like yoa to talk 
liio tl»t. You qnitfi forgrt who tuy father was, and your own smnul 
DUD Huch a ret7 sound \megb !" 

" A prictrt f (loo't let bim cone hvi**," crvd tbo Major ; " or TU kt 
Urn know what Lotuuru is, luid read hini the order of Melchisodeo. A 
prioBt ! Aft<T fp>iug iwtod ttiv world tlirve tiuen, to come home and 
be hiul«d aa the father of a prieet I i>OBt let him cobm nenc mc, or 111 
Burilice bim." i 

" Now, Ul^jor, you nro vrry proud of liim," his good wife wmwmwI, 
an he ahook Ida atick. " How could hn help talking onleK wfaao he wn 
under onleni to do aol Aiid bin viowtt arc Mouad to tbo l>at degree^ 
moat strictly (correct and jiracttcal — tt least, exce))t ai to celilMcy." 

" U« bolda that bia own uioUier on^t nerer to Imyo bora bora 1 Wm 
Wood, do you cadi t^t prnclintl I" 

" I bare no aoqtniutaoce with such thiiiKB," J replied ; " w« b^ nooo 
<it ihem til ('nitfuriuA. But ui It |>iuctknl, Mnjor Hookin— of coone yon 
know boBl iit your enginearing— I inMu, would it not reqtdn acnnetbtQ); 
like ■ tonoel for tho river and tlu* milway to run on tlie flamv graandl* 

"Wlty, blan no! Tliat seanui to bitvn nM!up«d my notieo. Yoa 
bavii iwt been witb old Undo San for nothinf. We ahall have to 
n|ipomt you our cbi«f wigjiiecr." 



It SMmtd an nnferlnnate thing for u«, and nnTAVoumble to inv pnri>a«^ 
tJiat my boat, and ovtn my hoatow too, ehould tic no eaftmmeii wiUi tbdr 
naw aalatr, ila UaubM and ai|«bililiM. Mi*. Hoclan d«i«i>tr<d 1 
at Olim l<i fiiwla ATI Tid thr Itkr nsttavaKant onnoniM- 

bouf^t, lU. aoain ill :iiomuit, a bOok wbicb pmrqc 



OOf^t to lay «ggR in a. n:a&t-,er to mipftort tJi«niwtWflH, fkrir fiubilitt, nnd 
fclra fiunily they bdotiKed to, at the price of onu penny ft donn. Eggs 
L«ing two BbillingB n tWrn in Bnint.-'4«, Iwra wax a ninr^n for profit — no 
1«« Uuui two thaasaiiil per nnit. to be made, aUowin;; for all aeciileotB. 
The Udr aliio found muotber book, divulging for a ahUlinj; tli« ntitlior')! 
IMirely tDTaliiabIc* secnl — hAw to trork an fin* of grMinil. pAj' hoitae- 
rent, nipt)ly Uie boniM grandly, and give away a barrow-lnail of t^;6- 
taU(B a<r«ory day to tlie poor of thf. pnriKli, l>v kuejnng ii ptg — if that |>i^ 
vera kvi)t profMtfly. And after tba4, pork, aod batu, and bacuo came 
of Itim ; wliitff Hiiotbcr goldni pig went on. 

Hn. Horkin was rtrry BCrft-hmrt«<I, and said that she nevdr could 
iDak« bacon of a pig likc^ that ; and I auswered tiat if atie «vn- got liim 
it would be unwiae to do ao. Howrrvr, tiio Inw waa laid down in bolb 
1x)0ka, tbat goldan fo-a-h and dtnmondic pi^a nuat die the death before 
litry begin to ovet- -eat ]>roduction ; and llio Major aaid, " To bo sure. 
Ytn. reB. l>t them cotnr to go«l ini-at, aiwl then oil' with their IwjhK'' 
And bis wife said tbat sho waa sure nho could do it. WIipd itconiea to a 
qncation a( tara and tret, falu anntiimtnt miiRt bn excbided. 

At tlio motncitt, tbcsc things wvat by mo ax tridoe, yet uinde me 
Ittom tmpuLient. i!«iug uldir now, nm! In-bolditig what lwp])eint with 
tolemncu and couipla^rvncc, 1 ani only suipriaed that my goo<l friendn 
ware ao tolerant of mn and so oomplacciit. For I must have bten a 
great annoyanfie to them, vitb ny hnrry and tny one idea. Happily, 
ibey inad«allowan«-' forme, which I wna notohlnioiigh to make fur thew. 
^ Go to liOndoi). indofdl (_Io to Lonilon by yourself!" ciled the 
Mi^r, with a red face, and bia glatma up, when 1 told him one moming 
tLat I «mld atop no lon^r withoii t doing aomelhing. " Mary, nty dmr, 
wlion yoa have done out there, will ymi ooiua in and rcnsoii— if you can 
— with MiiH Wood 1 Site -vowm (hat rIio is going to London, nil iitone." 
"Uli, H^or Hoekin—oh, NkholaH dmr, auch a thing hua lia|>- 
pcneiir Hn. HockJn had scarcely any Inmth to IcII us, aa nli« cauic 
ID tbi<on|;li tlia window. "Yon know tbftt they hnvo ouly bad thif« 
bunbclH, or, at any mtc, not more tlinn five, nlnioat ever dnco tli<^- cnmo. 
F.rvma, yon know iw well a« I do," 

** Seren aarl thrae quarter IrnHholi of twrtriy, at five and ninepence a 
bu^iel, Mary," aaid tlio Major, jiolliug out a pockct-I«>ok ; "beaidw 
Intlian MifD, chopped meat, and f*ala(o6a 1 " 

" Ami fuurt«0D pounds of poddy," 1 iiaid. whicb waa a [lalliy thin^ of 
no) " not to meutiou n ntkeof gmvca, tbme aaokn of I-rewera' grains, 
lutd tli«n — I foi^ vbat next" 

^•' Vou ar« too lad, all of yon. Brema, I never thought you would 
tarn a^iiut me ao. And you mude no get nearly all of it. 'Unt pleaae 
to look bam, Wliat do you call this T Is this no itwiutI 1 [a lliia not 
moui^l Mi^or, if ;run plenno, what do you call thiMl What a pity 
you have hod your breakfiut !" 

" A blraaing — jf thht was to be my bmldbat. 1 call tlint, my doar, 




■Ma «5^^^ 

the very taaaUmA egg I Iata seen sine* I took sjuu-rowa' tatB. No 
wonder tbey sell tliotonbtwdvoapmo;. I coograuiliito jou upon your 
fii»t Qgg, my iluar Maiy." 

" 'Well, I dou't care," t«j>Lic<i Mm. Uockin, wko liAd Uie svoetot 
tamper m tlxi world. "Kmnll beguininjp ninku Iiwgo <si<IIi^j 
flgg tniut Iio itlwayv small at one ciid. You scorn my tint egg, 
Krema bIwuM haT« L«>1 it, if alio had beeu go«U. But ab« ««8 t«^ 
wicked, nnd I know not wUat to do with iL" 

" Blow it I " cricti tko Major. " i lueau uo luum, ladifs. I nerxr 
um iow [angungA. ^^'h«l 1 mnui is, make a ^m huk »t each cod, giro 
a pujr, umI ftway goca two pennyworth, utd yon Latc & cabinet ^md^ 
tavn, which yotir eggf is qulto fitUxl by ita onst to bo. But now, Uary, 
tnlk to Ui38 Wood, if you plooMt. It ta u»t«a ((»■ m« h) my lajthia^ 
and 1 have tlireo ajijioiuUueuU) In tbo towu " — ho always cnlled it " the 
town " tiovr — " bbm> appointments, iT not four ; yes, I may c^rlainly lay 
four. Talk to Jklisa Wood, my deai', if yoii pkviae. 8)ie wnntn la go Id 
London, which would be lUMuid. lAdio Hoent to enter into ladim' 
Iogu\ 'Ihey aeeia to he sUu lu appreciate it better, to aei.' nil tltP Uinu— 
nnd thi> iuK and outii, wludi no uuui huM intellect 4'iwugli lo wo, or at 
Icnat to make bead or tail of . Good-by for tha |n«mot; I had bettor 
be off." 

"I ■hould tliink you had," cxclaimod Mrs. Hockin, a> her hoshand 
narcliod off*, with hta aide-liybta nil, ami hia short, quick step, and weU- 
satitf&xl glnnoc at the hill v-Lidi liclon(^ to hint, asd the ))«a«b, over 
whiob hi* luid rights uf plimdi7 — or, at leaot, Unole Sam wonid hare 
called thein ao, strictly ns ho atood up for bta own. 

*■ Kow ooDiQ and talk quirtly to mo, my drar," Ura. Hockin begut, 
moat kindly, f(W]{«tting all the nuuA'<>l of bcrlirat-bgm e^^ "i have 
noticod how natlai fou turn, and devoid of all iKiiltiiy intoroat in any- 
thing 'LiiitkMs' ia the vord. 'SJntXcn' ui onctly what I mean, 
JBrewN. When I was at yoor time of Ilfo, 1 could oerer liavo tjooe 
■bout cariug for nothing. I wond«r tliat yuu knew tlisL I ar«a liad a 
fgwl ; much nioru liow nikich Ihcy hud c»t«a ! " 

" I itally do Uy to do all I can, and tbat i« a ]>roof of it," I aaid. 
" I an not quite m> Ucileai ai you think. Bub tboM tilings d» aeeu h> 
litllo to tno." 

" My dear, if you were bogipy, they would aoom qidto largo, as, after 
tdl the fuixirtics of tny tifu, 1 nui ahk- now to think them. It b a power 
to Iw (hankrul for; or, at Icoit, I ofUin tbiuk w. Look at uiy hnatMnil I 
Ht! has outlived nnd outliuitoil more tmtildo tliaa any one, If «it uyaelf, could 
Kckon up to him ; aud ytt bu in aa brink, lut full of lifv, a^ niaily ut fcfgin 
a uow thing lo-tnorrow — wlivti at our af{e tbciv may bu do lo-otumiw, 
mvcipt in tbat bettor world, ray dear, of which it in h'mU tiuo fur bin 
and mo to tliiiik ;»» I truly b»|K) wc any :■•.■'■■■' i i,." 


'Oh, don't Lidk like ihut," 1 cried. 

>n, to tUnk 

of your bcua uul cli!i^>-«t Iciat then wilt be cliickn by uiddjjr. X 



un almost Hura thetre will, if yon only peniavfln. Il Bceou tiuTui- to neb 
oor niiula on uijr otlkcr worlil, till jiutiiw )ia* bcvju cl<a)9 in ttus." 

*> Von ttR very yoanjt, niy cliUd, or you would know tlmt In tluit 
CUD we atvtr Ao\M Uiitik of it nt all. But 1 doo't wout to [>fciicli yoti 
• wrutoa, KmiiH, Gvcii if I could da to. I ouly just wnntyou to l»ll inc 
wImU you think, whatgood you imagiite thM you am tlu." 

. " It is no ima^iiuttaoQ. I am Bora ^itt 1 can ri^Ll my faUier*a WivngH. 
And I never kIuUI rau till 1 do ho." 

" yon nii« tbu ikirra is uiy wrooft to rif^t 1 " bIm aBk«d in the 
-wArutl) of tlis tnomcnt, ami t];ea,Beeiiif |Mrlifl(M bovtny colour obangod, 
■he tookml at niit mdly. aiid kintri tu)- foroltcttd. 

" Oil, if you Lad ouly onoe seen liim," 1 tMu\ ; " vitlwul any ta»ggen.' 
tioD, yon would han been ALliaAnl at cnoe. Hiot lie couM ww have done 
any hmnu wnn impnndl-lc, iiti«r)y iiupoiKibks 1 ani uot as J wiia, I 
cAh littm td alnt'Mt anything; now iiiiit« calmly. Itut never let tne boar 
nnrli a wirkt.-d tidag agaio." 

" Von munt not go on like ibttt> Erema. vnlcaa you wijih to lose all 
yotir fHraidH. Ho one can belp bctqg aorry for yon. Vary few girix 
havo bean |ilaewlafi yoti utrC 1 am autv wIhvi I tbiuk of uy own 
dkogbtim. I can BOT«r 1)0 too lliankfbl. But tlio vci-y liiHt tiling you 
bam to teani, aWvc nil ttuoj^ ia tc control yonniclf." 

" I know it^I know it, of cOuiiM," 1 anid; "nnd 1 keep on tiyinf; 
my rery b«at I am ll)arou|>blj aaliiuun) of wliut X aaid, and 1 liojio 
yon wiD try to Ici^ivn biq." 

" A vory sligiit. ajtertion » ctiongli fur tlint. fint now, my dntr, 
wfaiit I want U> know ia this— luid i-ou will oxcnao me if I luk too 
much. Wbat good do yon nipaet to grt by going thus to London 1 
Ilk. re ynn any fnood tbciv, anybody to tniat, onytliing .settled ua to what 
yon nra to do ) " 

" Voa, onsytUng ia mttlcd in my own miad," J amiworH very 
bmwJy ; " I bare the addreaa of it veiy good wonwu, fourut lunoog my 
blber'B papvtfi, who ntiraed his ehildrt^i, and undontood hia nalnr^ and 
alwaya ktpl h«r Cutb in hiat. 'Ilwn.- moat ba a great matty man who do 
(ha aawe, and iibe will bn onre ta knonr tlrnn nnil introaluoo ma to tbemj 
and I nIi:iII bc^^uidi-d by their ndvice." 

" But (luppoae that tliis axcdleni woman u dead, or ooi to bo fonnd, 
or Tias ohangod bar o(ibunn." 
N " Her opintoo abn narer oould cbaoKC. Bui if she Lt iwt to be fbund, 

^n tkaXi find her bnihand, or her children, or aotMbody. And beaidoa 
^Bth»t, 1 have a hnndnti thinga to do. 1 have tht uklraas of Ibn agent 
^^tluotif^ whom my ftUlror drew hta iucoiae, though Unola Sam let uo 
know as litih u hr muUI. And I know who hia baokora wero^fwbeii 
^_J)a h«d a bank), nod hn niny huvo k>ft iinportiuit jnpers tli«Te." 
^ft "Cone, that I'Mka a little tnore wnwibltt, ny doar; bankm may 
"al» Am! tbora nay be K>in« r^JuAtilp |ilat4% Kn-ma. 

Jtu: ilAJureo wltbyuul Ilutudricd in coin\-aIu«bli.-." 



" 1 know that it is, in all ordinarir thinjiD. Bat t unnot faatelilu 
now fur a Tnry ximplc reason, lie bu mndn up hisminil *boiit nydtu 
fHth«r — Iionibly, horribly ; I cftn't Bp«atk of it. And be MVfrduii^Era 
liis mind ; uiil ttomelimftt vrhou I look at bun, I liat« bim." 

*' T-lrvms, you nr« fjnito a violitnt girl, nltliougli you so mldon ihw 
it. 1h tlievholeworld divided then into two caupa — tltow Vrlio tkbik u 
yon wiidi, luid lh<Me wku »rf Irxl by tlwir jiidgntdiit to think otbwwiset 
And ai-o you to hate hU who do not think a» you villi t " 

*'No, becaiute Ida not lixta you," i Hfti^; "I lowyoit, tbouf^ t<OU<le 
Bot think u I wi*li. Km thnt u only liOGHtiEe yoit think yoar htutoDel 
nuat he ri^bt of ooune. But I cftnnot like thoHc who bave umAn vf 
UiMTtnimls, A^iiunliniic Co th«ir own coklnMHL" 

" Major Mui^Viu is nut ooM nt nil. On tbo content? he b a wura- 
hnrted oinn — 1 ini^hl iLlmmt tuy hot b4url«l.'' 

"Yes. I know lie i«. And tfiatniakw ft tea tiuMs worm. }(« tilni 
up evet^bodya cam — ^hut mino." 

"ftiu) BR itiii, rou almoat make ma snile," my hotttst. Bosmni 
gntrdy ; " khI yet it mvat he fvey bitter fur you. knovring lior J«i 
lutd kill J tny hushuid ia I am 8itr«(b»l you will j^vvhiin cmUt &r«t 
Icnsb dosiriiif; to toko your put. And doiny w, at Icest you migfat bt 
bin go with you, if only ax a j^ood protoction." 

" 1 have na fear of any one ; and I might lake Itin into ndety tb( 
ho would nut tik«. In n good cahao 1m would go anyvrboni, I knovr. tki 
in my canHe, of niurse, ho would Iw wni|iuloia. Your kiodnoa ] alwsp 
cm rely upon, sod I hope in the end to ghtd his as wclL" 

" My dear, he knx tiRrer hem niikind to yon. I uu mrtiuu that yoo 
Derer can My that of hiiu. Miyor Hocktn ankind to a |ioor giri lifcv 

"The hut tiling I iriiib to cinitn isanyliody'B pity," I :.:. v. 

humbly than I should \m.vo epokvm, tboO)^ the pride vn-. , -..} 

toite pcrhikji*. " If people diooM to pity nio, they are very gt>ad. nad 
BWDOtatalloIIimdod, hocniuo— becatiao they Mnuotbolp it ]texhmp», 
not bno vinK anytldn^ about me. I have iiotliiti({ wlwtnvi r tu W | 
for, except thnt 1 hAVt- lonl my ftttlior, imd liare nohndy Ifft l» eam fbr 
me, exi'e|il I'ncln Sum in A inciii^.." 

" Vour L'ttdo Sam. na yaa call him, mvmn tii Iw a very wonderftd 
inai), Urrnia," fluid Mr*. Ilwkin. cmftily, m fiir u tli- ' ' ' . uiy 

orafl in luir; "1 ntvir uw bitu — a ^mnt loM on :: k. 

Bli^or wcut i:]i to Intel him aoiuewbfiiv, iind came hotiir wUh theri^ 
of his best do brokrii, and two biitUKiK ff>afB ftniD bis v-nii^lioauL. Dm 
L'uchi Sau) fiiake iH-ujiie Uuj{h bo luuidi I Or u it Oat be Itaa atm* n 
irtMdlinary ipft of inditdng ]«opla to tMtt'- wbiidir t Uy huhaMl k m 
vrry — uoil ebateDiioui man, w yoii uaat lui «-cll awatv, Hi« Wm ^rf J 
irviii'vTridiuuld Itavo Uvii oh vcaro, I am «irv. Hut, for tlie fir ^H 
aU lay life, i doohtoil luBdtiKi^-tton,</n the fulluwing day, wl ^H 



ii' ^mfc eluill I any t — wh«n he lind bem osvlunging sentiumits wiUi 
Unde Siua 1" 

" Uacl« Sftto n»Tor t«lcn too mucih in •uy wny," I iTj)li<^l to iliU 
xi«w utUck ; " be kncnrs what li« ougbt to tal>«. an<l then he sIoim. Do 
^ou tliiuk thut it mxy tiaro b«ea his ' Boatimaita,* {ierlin[itt, tbat w«re 

too HtKiDjt ond luif ''"■ ^^ M^ort" 

" &niua!"cricid>Ir9.]lwkiu,witb aauuementiMifl kiul Qoii^bl to 
think or a :q> w tuy IhoiighU in life so aurly ; " if yon enn tulk |)olitic« 
nt dgbteen, jrou uv quite fib lo go aajrwbero. I hvn bnutl n great <jai[ 
of AoH*rie(ui Indies, ab<1 ae<n not « little o! thoio, ta you know. But I 
Cbougfat that you called founelfui English girl, iukI iiUMted [artinibirly 
upon it." 

" Vfs, tlutt 1 ilrt ; And I have ttood reason. I lun Ixmi of an old 
En)(1ijib fkniity, uwl I hotn lo be no ditgruoc to it. But b«ing brougltC 
up in k numtier uf w&rtt, ua I Ik&ve been vritlwut thinking of it, onrl 
Iv^riR cf lite diflfemit fi-oni the rmhioiiable gjrls Major Hookin Hkm to 

wj It with " 

" Uy i]i«r, he iiev«r iriilkR with atiylmly hut myself ! " 
" Ub y««, I roBUKubor I 1 vrim thinking of th« ileck. Thfi-o strv no 
fikahieniiUe girU here yet. Hll th« tomce is tmilt, aud tbo espln- 

i»d« ■• 

" Tberti shall \m natbes- tem«o, nor eeplanade, if the Hsjor is (o do 
■udb things upon Ihaa." 

" I am «nro tbat he nffver vrouM," 1 r«pli«d ; *' it wixs only iIimF 
dnvflM Cliftt hi) likiHl nt all, and thnt vvty, to niy mind, pxlrnoiiljnniy 
atvle, as vol) as nobccomiug. Yon know irfaiti I ucan, Mts. Hocking 
that ■«x>nderfal— Vfliat fiball I csll it!— way orioojiinji: «j>T" 

•' Cull nil- ■ Amit Mury,* tny dcnr, na you dirt wIicti Ihv wavn were 
so dmulfiil. You tu«An tliitt IiiiWtib 'MfTicsi) ponplto, ni* they m11«i(I Jt, 
atocfc up here and goiiid clown Ihcro. Kn-ma, what obK«M-TAtion ym\ 
Ltave 1 nothing ever »cnw to mnpr yoii. I)id you ever eoe anything 
. infieeorntuV* 

*■ It mncie me fVol joHtns if I on^ht not to look at them,'' I oiuiwtrrpd, 

iHi p^tfcL-t truth, for aa it 'lid ; " I have n<>vcr \irvn accimtomod to 

irh lliingi. But swing how the Major approved of thorn, awl likitl to 

I wulkio^ up and down Iwtweeu tlieai, I ku«w tliat tht^- mnnt hr- not 

' d(!«on]u9, but aUrodivu. Tbpra u no itt>])«il fVom bis jodgtusnt, is 


"I nf;n« with hiia QpAD eveiy (iMnt, tuy A-ar HtiM; but t have 
< .1 lo say a fow woiUs oliont that For I cannot lielp think- 
..«it too fiir." 

ToL. xxxr.—xo. 200. 



^ottrs in :i ^ibrnrit. 

XIT. — FlELDMo's NOTEI.1. 

A DWns pnnUM hw oft«n kwn pointAd out betWMOi tine ivo puiB (f 
DovelisUi who woro tncst pO|>nlar la Uie midillc of our own uh] of liie 
preceding mitury. Tli« iiilellvctiud ofiiaity wluidi uudo Snialltrit Uir 
fiivouritu iiiiUior uf Dickvtu is satcccJj so dom iis tliKt which na- 
mauded Fielding to Ttuek«nj. Tbe TeeemUMuce Letutwo Pidvtifi soA 
Uximpkng Clinks, or between Danil C'oppn-fitli and Kodtriek AiiwJm, 
wiuiitts chiuQy iii Ura utobotnacQ of aniuuit sfuritH, llie keen ojr* fin 
«xt«rn»l (Hl<Iitr, tlic coaHfjUMil Uiu<l«uo; to hii' > iiriottm lot por- 

truit., Awl Ibc vivid tiimaforiiuitJoa of »ni-' iv into oiilnifll<li> 

fiction wliiuli ara cWracteii^o of bolli ituLbora. iletv«eu Ki«ldiiig «s4 
Tlinc'kvmy th« ff^ciriMiLitce in closer. TIh! |ieriiliar irony of JouBilaa 
'Wild Uiw its closint Kngliiili {MinllAl io Biury J.jtuAoxi. Tltu baria«|<><' 
in IVm T^tinA of the Lee ami ]:iry(lcn hcIiooI uf In^pdy m^y nrniihd u 
of Thsoltem/H buricnquo of Hc\>l,t and Duuus. Tho chuttctora of tie 
(■wo authi>T8 b«la])|^ to lli« nxme UaaWy. Vanitj/ yair Ii&* gruwa aon 
dectnt aiaoe the d»p uf I«dy Bollftstun, but lIm! costtituv uT Ui« acMn 
Imu cbM^od moro lh«ii their nnturv. R«uri)un Tmwl^ woul'l ooC ban 
booti aurpruwd to meat Captain Jlooth in a upanKiuR bnan ; ShnudntiutJ 
bi< Erionda praervoJ t]i« old tnditions of Ftddiug'a (inil> Street ; \rv^ 
8t«y&eabd Major Pondenius «-ei« kurvivals froiu th« jnore onngr. . 
eriod of LupI Feilamnr and Colonel Jiuun ; and t)io twu AuipUm t& 
ftt cogtutto Hlt«i)ii of tV'in«l« acwllt'noo. Or, to Uki^ an iiutaiictf d 
Himilarity in delai), mi^it not tiin Micrdote from 7^ Cuvrnl OarJm 
Jowital haxo rciuniks] n(T n piin^^pli in tim S-noh Pnprra T A ^ ' ' 
If'icMiiig saw a dirty fellow in a tuudcaH laah another with 'i. 
•njrlng, widi All oath> "1 viU twuh >oii inaaiMim u> jrviur Lcl'ioa 
Pia^diug'ii fjiend wotidn«d whul could \m tha cmulilioo uT tlii' -■^'I 
infffrior iiT a omdcar-diivrn'ttill be found him to Ijc t)in 0WQnri<i 
cart drivisi hy wan'ii. 7" ')ult of !'■ ' ■' ^ . 

nAvtation; Oii* Blftvla^i iihotiK'^' i • , .. 

rDumltty ; 'rUiu]k«i«y'« nuUre is n>orn genrmlly dii lUc fai- 

tirular affLVtAtioii ndlM] ixnohlimhiuw) ; hut lliA cv i I ' .1 hf 

cithor vritnr in oiiunly ono avatar of th» iIiudod at. 

Thii nunmManc*-, KliicJi ecti'^iild in nmau di^gnc to M^lt, mi 
hapn he shown to iuiplj' a rvry el-He intvlUctaal affinity. J 
bowHvnr, to noiiot thv Utvtaiy gmeal<igy m iUuittniUro at 




ITidiltiig was die anrarior of one gmt mce pf covelsta. "I am," ho 
mjr* esprvuly in Ttrm J<rfM(, " t]>e rounder of a new province of writing." 
Richatdaona Clarina* umI Suiollett'ii Rodtrid: J.'aruhtn w«o indeed 
pnUislied Wfvre TifmJvnrt; bitt th« ptovinL-Cfi ovor wliidi Kiclwrdiioa 
UmI ^iiiolli'tt »i^ti\l ver» ilistiDCt rroin tJie coatigtwiui proviuoe of wbicH 
Fiddins claimod to tie tlie fintt l«^lator. Smollett (who comes iie«mt) 
piofMMd to iinitttte Gii Jtian »s FiolJiiij; profeased to imitate 0<n-i'autij«i. 
SiuoUcU'b xtuiy inlieritH from its imcrati^ b recklesx looaeDDW of oon- 
Btntrtiod. Il Is a setino of an«c>lul4M ntrung togctbu- bj tbo Boddent 
tlut ihtiy all [lAjifMUi to tlie muiiq i>crw>n. Tom Jonet, on the mutnry, 
has a coivAiIIt fonstnwled plot, if Dot, m Coleridge luaertB, cdo of tlio 
tiirto ba«t plotii ni catixtoDcc (itn lirnU Wiig ^Utjna Tyra»»tia and 
Tht AleA«mitt). Its excellence depecdH upon the jikill with which it ii 
nude MibatfTvient to the il<tv«k>ptiMlll of cliamctor uid the thoi-«»ghn«ffi 
with which ilia workiofc nwlira oF tli6 peiwxu involved have b««a 
Iboti^ht out. Fielding clainw — «vea ostcatatioualy— tKal be i» writing a 
bixlotv, not a i-oiuanou ; a httitor/ not tl>a lew truo becAuso all tha facts 
aro intagituuy; for ihu fiL-titiouii incidcuta serro to cxbiliit tine most 
goinro] Cnilba of hiimnn chitmolor. It ia \>y (lits fwnousneaM of puri>otin 
tJut hiH work is difitinguishnl hxaa the old tviw of novel, devel^ied by 
SdoIIqU, which L) but a collection of aiunving auec^lota*; or trom nuub 
jl^itotfc as i>e Ftio's, in wbi^h the t>xt« facta are giv«n with au nbuost 
^kirovohiag iudii&xenra to di&play of choractei' lutd pMaJon. Fteldiiig'a 
^BptMt ativnlii hiLN'o a tnio oi^uiv unity na wnll am a roiMocitiivo Rioi'}-, cuid 
B *** tntended lit our moclera Jatgoo iu< j^uiudo ntudiEK iti phykioioKical 

Johnaoti, no mean anthority when in bin own sphere and free from 
petBoual bias, expraaaly Irav^nod this cluiui ; he doulared that then waa 
tnon knowlvdg'^ of tha human bout in a li^ttrr of CUirium than in tho 
whole of 7o>n •fofu* ; and said morc pi(.iumw|iicly, that Fielding could 
tell the kotir liy loolun^ at the dial-plate, whihit Kicbanbton knew boir 
I' ' y wan nudp. It ia tcniptiug to wt thie down u a Jolitutoutan 
Lj .', awl to tlcziyor retort tho compariaon. Fielding, wo m^ht 

■ky, ^uinH S<-idt and blood ; whenMH niobanbon oona^'ioualy cotutmcta 
liui piippctc out of fri^d abetiactionB. JiOtcIucu ia a bit uf niocbauiam ; 
Ttjui JouoK a human being. In fact-, liowever, such cunipariaoua v:^ 
J«adinj[. Ivotliins u «i»j<t Hum to find au api>ropri&lc ticket for tlia 
[ilijocta of our i-riiieisin, and siiutniaiily pigeoD-bole Hichardaon as an 
blntltntand Ki«ldiu;u im a rvnlJat; Richardnon as subjective nnd morlViil ; 
Kielding na objwtivc and full of uoanii* badlh ; or to attribute to cith«r 
' them ibo duupait knowW^ of the buraan heart Hieve Are tho mete 

iitPiban vivta l]i» Snt put of rmulit Ivtwaoa XorciaWr 10. 1789. and 
JftttBKij IS- ITtD. Jntrfh .-inJrtra aiipt^rKl is ITlS. Tbo Brat four volain«« of 
Vbrimm Htf i umt and iMrntii ihudna i^ptand Id the bigbabg of IT49{ 3Vn 
t 8m aonc a{ifmciailri> ronatk* vpon thia ia ScoU'a pM^im lo Um Jlftfairii<|u 



hot-Bs tS A ubltAnV. 

hatulities of Dritimsm : nnd I am nover li«nr tb«m witliaiit h 


tliM A profeitwr of letbhniirH ix trying to hoo<)wiulc rot liy a bit of t<rli* ^ 
nicftl pUtitnOo. TW cnnt phrnstn which bare I>om ased so oAicti liv fl 

ptnegymtn tno In/j to lUtino ihdr tcmiR, have liomtnfi Klmont w i 
in}(lniN a» Uic cotupUniM.-nUiiy ronnnb<> of Doriuty. 

KnowlH^ of tb« huroKn heart in pArtiml&r U a phruo wliick esna 
vety diflWviit tAatta of tnincl. tl uuty inttui ])Ovm- hy wkicb tho 
novriUt or dnuiuitMt idimtilif^ hiniH^lf with |iu characitt* ; wca ihrough 
their tyet iiml ftxln urilli their iieiifiea : it is the pioducl of » rich niitvn, ■ 
TivM iinagwntMD, nnd great [wvffni of rrnipathy, niitl 4i«irii a oompkn' 
tiTdymt&U part of its nwonrcK from extentnl experience. The novelist 
litows bow hUi t-liuract«T9 wgiilil feel iin<l«r ^ivci) conditions, becnuae be 
rerl4 -it hinuNflf ; ha sees from withiu, not fron without ; and b alioott 
uwlcr^itifc an acUal experionoo instead of condeaaiaf; hix obecrvatiatn 
en life. ThJH Li tiit^ [-oynM- iu which 8hnlciip«ore U stipreme; wludi 
Didiardson jimrefl hinitiffir, in hin iitmt jxjwerftil jduwigat, to [tomei ui 
no amftll decree ; and whil^h in Bnlmc aeena to have (poevated flta td 
ahsolute hnlliunmtiori. 

Ftdding is not lieroid of Oiis power, m no ;i«at imn^twtiro 'worii 
QUI he po«ihl« without it ; bnt tho ktiovKxIj;!! for which he ia BpMiaUy 
CDimpicuoosdifrvni almost in kind, 'fbia knowlcdga b drawn fraia eb- 
serration lAtbet- than intuitive t^mpatfay. It oondstB in k^^^ P*"^ *' 
thoap weighty toHxims which a mau of keen powein of ohsemtion iitora 
up in 1i» pasmv!^ throtigh a varied oxporieooe; It in the knowledjfa of 
UlyMce, who hm known — 

Citica of men 
And mnaam. eliinalef, «mncile. ^VentmcaiB t 

tlio btiowlodgo of a MHcltuivcIli, wlto Lns Iimkoil Wiind tbo aereaaof 
pnlitieiit hy^KXTiKifv; t);i! IiuowI«djp;e of wliirli tli« e^-ience ix distilln) in 
BaooitV A'n'nyitj or tVt knoirlAdj^« of whith Poluiiiitn M.ruiM In linve 
nHJiiued many fihrcwd «rm|is evni whon he had fallen into bis dotaga 
la rtadin^ Cl<trUta or £wjhiU Crank! wo are awure that tho aoal of 
Richarihon or Balnu; luut tmui:niigrat(.-<l into auotUea* iiliajiC; that iLe 
author t* projected into htn character, and '\a nnlly K<Tia^ us one )ihaMt 
of bin own Muntiiiiuntii. Iu reading Fielding we nn> liat«nii^ to rtmatlcf 
made liy a i^jcelator instcail of ui actor ; w« are nwetvim; tho pilli; 
rwcollcclioas of tlio nan dhont (own ; tlie prodijjal who haa l>e«ti with 
•eaiBpa in garabUng-hoiueH, nnd drunlc tje«r in iKithoutMs and pimcL with 
country Mjiiirra-, tbo kcun oljwrvcr who haa jad!,'eJ all i-tuir.ictcrB, fnun 
Sir Ilolcrt Wiil|>olc down to B«t«y Ciuibiiig ; * who liiia fought the bard 
buttle of life wiih unfiiigging ttpirit, thuugb wiUt luany GJls; knd whA, 
ia apile of ecrions atalna, has pruscrrcd tho goodnc« of his heart and the 


* Fiddint Ijanitrral mlhrr alianf^ljr ia iJio eilritnml ilMmj CnDnli* <Mr, •• 
Ibinf Hi ia tli« AffiBf* Ptytct; Uai ih« nititj is loo long tat itfMtiu ia Ibii 



«f his hflwL ThK experienoe !■ goDCiaUy ^ren in the elkbpe of 
leal lUUDilotM mthnr UiMi iacBplicdt maxims; Imt it b uob Uie lesa 
I7 tlie coaoeobutcd rascocc of obeorvatiou, nther than the ap«u- 
uplAyof ftviriJ imAgiiuUion. liko Bnlmc, fielding hM port rat vmI 
CovUiiift ilnmaine ; but bin ■luax"^^"'^ '^'^ nciTer OTflrpowtiixl ibo 
iImw 4/ tiiii jiMlk'nieiit. He show* u HUperiurily to liw miomigwir in 
Iditf nitttoct HE markeil at. bis tnrvriorily in vividutH. And, therefom, 
t niAj be aud iu |MHs.*ug, it iai-efrealiiiigtoivBd Fkldiugat a Uia« wbtm 
AtMnrat of tiiAaciilUiAobeCrvntiou U the ono tiling most cl«irijnnuiting 
modcru litemtuiv. Onr aovoh f^vc us tiiL- cmotionB of young UAva. 
•wlivAi, Ui 4b«itr way. Mil vory guol (liingB; Ibey nlleet the nuitioM-iiLil 
TMm- of ltr«^widtlio«eiuiltiauilyicn-, Kod tboo3Buii<m-placflvicw,sDd tbc 
kigb pIiiloBOphicMl riew. Ona tbinji; tboy do oot tdl us. Wh«t docs tb^ 
world looW liku to a slitevil polico-tnajiiy-tnile, with a keon eye in hii 
bvul Mi'l n 6«>ii)«l liixirt in luft bVHoni I It ini^ht be wci-tb kQOvin)(, 
PariiAp* {«bo om trll I) it would still look rather like Fieldin^'a worH. 
Tlic pcotdJArit)- iu iudicAtud \>y Fiehliu^a metbocl. Soutt, wbo, likv 
ding, generolfy dcf cribrs froui tlto oiitaide* la oont«iit to lico{] himaelf 
tltf) Inck gioutid, " IIbi'p," bo fin^-s to his roulen, " arc the facLi; 
laaku whut yuu on cY tbt-m." Fidding will noi cfTnco hiiniioU'; he » 
•IvAjra pKuent bb cboruii ; he tolls ni iriiat ntoisl we ought to diuv; 
he overflows with sJiiowd reciarics, giTen iu their most dowcrigbt iifas{)«, 
iKff*^4ul of o)>li^uely auggcstol tlii-ough tbc niodiuiii of Anec<lot« ; lie likes 
to riop tu »A we |uiaH thiough bis pottmit-gallRiy ; to take iis by Ibe 
1iatton-hol# nnd ex[miuid hi< view* of life oiiJ bin critictftruH ou thiugH in 
Seaenl. UJ« remaricN uo oAcd w> «tiD)» that w« prefer ibe iiitcri>o- 
l«t)on> to the uiaiu ciirreut of [lAjmUvo. ^Vlketl)e^ this \Aaa is the bmt 
a u»t dcrj^iui iijkiu tlie \A«»y nciit»ty of the nutiior ; but it goog gome vay 
mcpUin oao probleoi, over which bcoiC puzdes liitoBdlf. tuunoly, why 
Idioii'a phiyti aro ho inifirior to bis narola There ore other Maiwait, 
: uid inteninl ; but it in xt kotrf de»r tlin-t a tnaii who can never 
retire behind his puppets ia not in the dnmatic fistne of mind. Kf^ is 
^^Iwsjrs lecttirinij wheies dnunuti^ uiuKt l>o content to pull Che wiivji. 
^Bb»kKp«ro is rcslly as mudi pnMRiit in bis pluyx ■« i'ioldiiiK in hiv 
^norels ; bnt lie does not let us know it ; whereas the excellent Fielding; 
f -PMBi* Iu Le quite ijicA{Mh1« uf biiitiig bta broail tiboulden and lolly 
statntv behind \m little |Ktp]iet-«li(>w. 

There tut!, of oountp, adorn in i'*ie!din;E'8 world who can be truiited to 
apaak for ibenuwlviw. T»iu JoiitH, at nny rate, wlu> i* Fielding in bis 
youtli. or CWptain Booth, who ia the Fielding of later yeans, aro dmwn 
from wiliiiu. Their ci«ator's sympathy is so close aud ajioutiuieoua lliuC 
he box no uMd of Uia (bmnliv utd prnocdcnta. But eltewbeix) he botJ~aya 
hla ttMthml by his desire to prodtun bis antboiity. You will find the 
expUiwtioa ef « Dertein linn of mndtict, he K*yn, iu " liunwn nature, pogo 
almoit tfao last." U« ix a liltio (ou fond of taking down that rotume 
iritb ■ flonriah ; of exhibiting his familiarity with ju pages, sod referring 




to the fiMBtgM vhlch jnoUfy his tsBertiaon, Fieldiag has «i odd taaii 
of llie jrtdaiit. Ua is food of uring bU dassiral kuowlKdge ; «iul bri* 
ttjtiaUj rond of '[noting ihi«iningin»rv ooih wliinb h« has had iostad^io 
tJioroiiglily and painfully. The dfcct, hovuvcr, a to give tmtdxtt >n>- 
fioinlity to MiBn of bU minor cbamcteni. "Thay «hcnr UiO tnta» ot 
delilieratc eompoeition too disiindJy, tJioiif^ tJie Uemisb may be fixpna 
in roniddcratioii of the gODiiiiie force and (retibDOw of Iila tfainktnff. H 
fDAQiiCiiclurvd articles, th«y are Dot Mcondhand muuiTitcliira^ Hi 
knowledge, unlike that of tlw good Fnnon Adntiia, coDim fknn bh, 
not Wiks. 

Thfi worldly wisdom for wbioh Fielding in ao Hnupiciuma Iiiul indi^d 
het:a gaihenxl in <lniil>triil pliicui, and tihowit (t»ce« of ifat ori^n. Ho had 
brra foTc«d, ad h« baiiI. to diooM b«4wfim tho podtiatia tit a ImckMy 
ooofihaiiui And of a liacknejr writer. " Hia getiius," said I^dy H- W. 
Montagao, who tocorda Hu? nnying, " dcacrm a baiter (n-Ua." VVhelhrr 
it would hav* been oiually fertilp. if favonrcd by inoro propitiaaa nr- 
roiindingK, m oiki of thoi» fruitli>Ki qiiiwtjoiui wltich bidon^ to tlic 
bouiidleffl histuiy of the iiiight-h»v»b«enB. But one fiuit requRa te be 
eapbanwd. FJekling's crilica aad biographers hare dwelt tar tou odn- 
t&rtAy npon the ngli<«r iddo of kin Poheuian life. Ihey hnvo |»ieend«l 
bim an yirldiDK to all tho teinj>Uliotis whidi can miakiul Venn powen «t 
e^joynii-nt, when th« (luree is ouo day »t tb« lowesb e1>b ntvi tha aait 
orerflOft'iDg with the profita of BOnw lucky hit at Uw theatraL Tkn 
imforl tiDute yellow liverice which eootribut«d to dias{>ati' hU Ii"i' 
foi-tuno hAvo Kftndaliwd po«t«rit7 an tlH<y «(%D<Ui)»() kla cnntitry ih^i.;!. 
boura. He has rome to bo one of the etamples of that aBgacioii» cebBnl 
who hold that a mnii of ^niuK might to In* a acamp. But it ia riimnliil 
to rcBivmlfer that Uic history of the I'iddinj! of later yean, tho FMitinf 
to whom w« owe tltc novels, is the reconl of a maaful and fieralqi ;' 
struggle lo fscupe from (ho mini of Grub Street Dunn;; tint perioil u 
WM studying the law with the eavx^j »f a young student ; Rdaeamg 
the at&iM of loa^ifitratA fi-nm tltc' diK!H>dit loto whii>b tt lut'' ' ■■ tl^ 

hands of fet-btinlin^ pi-LihrnTgwra : coutidoriiig w^riotuily. 'inf 

prartiiia] pnifMMiU to TCDiedy, the evila which tlica taado the townM hcuI 
Rtrattn n hell niKin earth ; men6cing hie liutch»ncn of haaltli and lifitla 
put down with a ativng hand the rohbera who Uion inhatett Oiw otftM* 
of I.»iid»Q ; and cltn^ng with aR^rtioo to bis wift owl ebildreai. Hr 
nrrcT i^t foiriy ckai' of tha( lamentuhlo nlough of dtqwnd into wkick 
Ilia folUai had |>luuj!e<l him. Hie moral tone loet what ileli<a^ it hal 
once poHMMcil; babad tMt theatiengih wbidi oi: ' '''.',, ., -,i- 
etevationeTonlroin thotflOptatioDswhMh ihon h«- .,- 

hy profntiiun." Souie liUsnry hai^ka uT Die lUr ei»ii[ied ooly bir- mH 
theraneh (M, lotly and >oaI ; othnra mok Into wbery nod vick 
Itnycw, a fh^imant ti whuae pnoia ha« boon ^maerrad by V 
who itppnmn It ■ s^ 

Mpnattit m al> 

■ ■/ 



tboii^ hit mti«t hjtT« felt Uimnf^li life Itko An« wbone fnnt ftiw nlw^a 
plimitini; into n hoiwlns •|iiiif^iiim. Tu iktsrriln him lu ■ mere tecltlMM 
Bubemiwi id to orerlook tiu> mtiin Curta ot bU 8t»ry. Uu wiut mnnly to 
Llto tint', not in iho mdm Id which innn ntnus uniiDKl ; but with tho 
TtiMnlinotii nf one who Btru^lm br«v<Oy to mloeiii r»r\y erroiv, and who 
kuowB tlMi rohie of indoptMulcnr*, parity, and liflinesitio AflM'tioa. Tli« 
aovitjr ansodotee which ilo duty for his bki^niphy roToal UtUo of hb Inie 
Ulkk We know iudeed, from a xj>itefnl niiJ ol-^-ioiialy exag^ralml ittory of 
Honcfl Wttlpolc's, il»t be on«n luid a very ixMir Miiijinr lu iloiititfo) com- 
[Huijr; Mil) from ftTKitJier uMedota, of nliglitly niiorrYiiItiil Ihvour, that tm 
onen gkvo to " fricndahip " the inoa^ -which ought to have Immq givMi to 
tbo collcct'n' of ralOF. hut rotlly to kuuw tliv luao, we must go to hia 

What iliil l%lrUi% tnni of the world which hiul traatMl him to 
looglily t Hut tlw) worM muat be compoeml of foota li«oaai>e it ilM not 
how hdtiiv his i^uii, or of kiiavoi becaiUB it diil tiot mwimi his hoDMtj I 
Man of o|u«l nbility luLVa dmwn both ihotia anci tho cootradictory eon- 
dujiiODA from cxperieocei. Hoinan nnt<u«, oa philoaophcts awuir» iis, 
Tftrin litllfl from age to ago ; hut the picturtn drawn by tlio beat 
ol«iirwn yaty bo sttnn^ely as to cnnrinrfi us tlint a {torlmit dopenda aa 
muob npoQ tbe utht an upon tiie Hitter. One cati see noUiuig but tho 
baaer, «n>I iinotlm' ii«11iin«i btit tbv nobler, pweiiiniii. To one the w*>i4d 
is like ft uaeque rvjiraecntiag the tiiuuipli of vice ; and another placidly 
awtifw ua that virtue in always rewarded by [>«ace of mind, and that 
even Um tMipotary prMperity of tho wickint ia an illuaon. On one 
eanraa we bco ft few Kre&t hcniea slAnd out from a multitude of pygmjea ; 
on its riral, ginnU ow) dwnr&i nppoar to have pmtty tnttrh the aauie 

Kataluiv. llin world iHasonie of unrestmined paarions. itD)iellhig their 
fHipjtrOi into roDUioii or altunra wjLhont intelligible dmign; or a icnie 
bT Homustie onhir, whore an oeMwiona) catastrophe iuleifcrea as little 
wiUi ordinary livra as » oomet with tho aolar tiysteia. Itlind fnto 
gortm* uo<< world of the iiait;;;iiialioB, and benefiMnl Prortd<^c nnother. 
The theuiin cuibadi«il in ]Mctry vary ik'* widely iw the [ihiloHophiai flu 
hioh they are fouudeil ; and to pkiloaophtae is to declare the fanda- 
>tal uinRiptinm of half the wiM moo of the worid to bo tawtsporoB^ 

Via need not b^re nttetapt to reconcile tbea» apparent coiilmdicUons. 

I^little ncMl we attoiopt tu Mitlo FiiddingV ^iliilosophy, fur it mmnhloi 

I In Inland. It Keow to l»re been his 0]iinion thai phikeopliy 

iTiM a nilf , a (Sfie wonl for bimibujr. Tlmt w«n a common mniHction of 

day ; hut bit ac«H']Ttanni of it dniil>tl«ei indimti?s tho limitH of big 

>«r. In h&R |Mit{a9 WebuTB tlie Klu^wdratoWrraliun of man in bin 

' ■ -'-ely coroo into couUrt with man as ho ap. 

M nd therrfoi« wi tit the docpeBt thoughts and 

tofti III iJni tfruti. jmnts and philonO|iher3. FV-ldlns nnnauut 

iiAi... ..- ... .^1. .t^giansof oommon-Asuse nnderary-dayeoperieooe. Hoi 


ho lias given na eiu|ilisUo optniiw of that part of Um world wttcb «« 
visible to liiiu, au<) it is on« u-oj-th kunwiu^. In a rein&rkalile uoBTem- 
tioui re)*orte<l in ifoswoll, Diirko an<l Johnwrn, two of tho gnatofl *i 
Piel<liog'ft conbnnpotnrieR, aeem to b&re afjrecd thxt ihiey had round m« 
lets jitfit amt mom gmuroiu tkaa thcif could havo uajigiiicd. FMfilt 
bcf^n b/ JuJglujf ilie woild fi-otu ibemeoltta, mid it ia tLjorerore aatoai 
that two hhh of great iutoUfctuikl |>ower tliould hHv» ex]Mx:(4:d front tier 
fullowK ft more than average wIlterracG to mhImI prinoiplcs. Tliw 
Jobniou uid Btirko diworeivd tlint rewoa, u]m>d vhieli Jiuitioo dtfaadi, 
bu lew inSuoJicQ ttum & foung rctuioDcr b u|<t to fnncy. Oa tlio otlui 
bwid, thuy di^ooveieJ tiut the liliud iuatiucta \ty which Lhe taatt a 
necwsjLi-ily guidud nro not tM> Imd nii thoj- u« Rl^rcHOUtvcl hy tlie (^itia 
who liAVL- rimcviiUiitcd their exjwripuco into tbo ono tnaxim, Keep jMir 
pockoU ))iitt«unil. In Kpite of tuooh tJ.Ht ban bran Mid. Ihni kbd ti 
wisiloni is Tory mtily t«nml, muiI it inuro ofUn thn [Toduct of tb« pre- 
nitturo vijuloro KfTected bj* youth than of n lipeni'd ja'i^nD^ut. (luud- 
heoitMl uiim, like Johuaou and Burke, ttbuko od' cvtiiciuio 'wbiiat iXJien 
iuv M^uiring it. 

FMding'a v«rdirb aeenu to differ at Rrat Bight, fie uniloubtcdtj: ^ii 
gi'Okt HttDW u]>OD tlw nelfuilittCMi of mnukim). He seldom ftdiitilb of •» 
a[)f«u«ntly (cenerous action villioiit Eboiring its alloy of scltisb molim 
ftiul ■ouctiuM showuig that it is a lunv vloak for M>]Q»h uiotivM. in * 
chftnetotiatic pMUgo of hix I'^'i/tvie to Luhon h« apjiliw bia theory to bi« 
own caac Wtmi tlie <»)rtain lalU on bin knees, lie will not sufler > 
l>nT« man and an old miui to reinaiu for n laumvnt iu that pooLun^ but 
foi;gin» him al once. He ba«ivtiA, 1iowe^-er, utt>?i'ly la diajaim all 
pruise, OD tbo ground that hia l-nio uolivo waa ainijil j iho COOVvuiMce of 
forgiveunn, " If men wore wIbbi-," ho nddji, ■■ iboy would \» oAfCar 
intlupQcvd by that mvUvc." This kiud of inverlod bypocrisy, wlticb my 
bo gnuvful ia a man's own ca«e (for uobody will iknilii that FioMing wsi 
tern guided by calrulntion tbau be UMrtaX ia not so gnoifal wImd apflild 
to hu nwgbbouTH. Antl [Mrha(>e some resdera may hold that RaUbg 
pdtdws tho nTSiage Rtniin of butnon motive too low. 1 ahould rather 
surmise tbat heituU 4«n ti i>l ly agnxit with Johnsaa and Borko. The saljU- 
Doet of most men's actious is ooe of tlte primiuy ilua of lifou It ia a thing 
ftl wbidi we have no loorc ri^t to bo wtonished tboii at tiho &cL ihtl 
avwat ntula an<l martyn haw to rat and drink like oUier ]KV«iua,(W tlvt 
B souoil digration is tbo foundaticm of Btoob monl exoell»ni». It b o» 
of tboM factit wUifh people of a ruinaiitic turn of miml may ' ' ' i 

unvlook, hut which no honust observer uf life oru seriuuidy di-i.. rj 

wnduci i« dotermioed Outtugh souie thirty ]KMiiU «f the eoufOa by vm 

own inti-r * ■ ■■■•v*. V-qi'-H-, through ut lowal iunc-»r ! ' '' -m 

poiala ifc < nnintxi. ICndi man m ton \i 

Able aooCMkiU, Lu liHi;^ aiu-T his uwu and bix d hi J 

luul to ipODtl tnoHt of liij elli>ru un that iui ^^m 

tloos nvt |iunuc bia Intcrcate wrvt^nllyi nor rotnain dtnd t ^^M 

ne^anNG's HovBtA. 

ira, Utvi^o ia IllCb caom tat coiD|ilaii)t, and certainly tlicro 

TWiitlAg reco^&ce, liut never euggendra, Uim bonndT tmth. H« 
has A li«&Kir Mad gonoroiu W.itf in tbo rrali^ of good biptilMfl, uiil tlie 
ci-cVriia> r4 tboroufthl.v utuelfiRli men. Tbe nuin ncton fn liis world 
mvt Doi> m in Itnlmc'*, luom liiiWui inmniatintu of oclBshima, Hie 
•nperior amity of Kia tainA koejie him Trom Diffhtinareii, if iU mliaB«M it 
utiiEftvoiinU>l« to IvAj' viuoDH. With EaLbk women lik« Liwljr IMloatim 
ljMaim«< the ml* iactMul of the oxro)fUoa. adcI their <-v!I paAaiona are iit» 
dominiuit Torces in fodely. Kivldinf, thoo^ hn rerjignim ihdr 
0uiit«inoo, t»l]« n« iilninly tfcnt tliPV nrn fXfli'pllofUil. Soc»«>ly, ho s«yti, ia 
u nioml M Evirr it vas, and {{ivai more in frivolity tlutn la vicu*— a 
■bKtcawnt Judkioiuly oT«rluolied hy aonio of tbe critfca wl» woat to 
u&ko "gmphic" bist«r]r tmt of hia noTvin. Fiol^g'a mind hod 
rntbered ooftiwiircB, liat it bnd not Wen |»iKin«(l. Ho seen hov nmiij 
Bslj thtngH nra eoicmi !>/ the Hii|)Oi'liu:al glomof fnahinn, Intt ho ilocn 
Slot oondMoeod to trnvMly tJi« hot* in oi-Ocr to |n^t^ a morbid («zt« 
for thv bombte. Wb«9i be wimts a ^ood man or wootMi be know* 
«rb»re to find tlirm, and piiinta fWnn Allen or hiii own wife with obrioiu 
aJacrrity au'i hc»rty R^miMtli}-, Haw I<:«ss aoxioua to exhibit human 
■iUahnam than to thow ua that an bIIaj of (^i«ro«tj- ta to Iw found 
flnn anndftt base notivca. SoinP (if liis ba)i|)i(v<t (outrbcn mt illDBtnttknu 
of thin ih-clrine. His viitaioa (with a »i»ii!l>c9nC cxe^fttion) are nerer 
mcHutcn. "Dtpy bavo aoiua t^itich of human emotion. No dceurt, 
iiccor^iDi; to hin. Is bo bara b*it that sonio ewc«t Bprinn blanda with 
t<a bnvkifb wal«HL Hia gnutplniT Inndladies havo Rcsiiiiiko mov«nimtK 
ofayinjiattij 1 ind cticn tbo aconndrLdly I>liirk (Jcqiot, thogamrkcrjwr, 
y anxiona ti> du Tom Jount a good turn, viithoiit risk, of connte, to hut 
tiouifort, hy way of oompounthni for pmrioiu injuria*. It i» this 
jpMTtial inoigbt IdIo tho ordinary t«xlni« of biimaninolivr thnt {^VMft 
Its aolidityand vcraiity to Kinldin;^a vork. We nreniwa;^ mad* to 
tliat thp actions ffj'ring fairly and tiattir»))y fiT>jn t)i« tliimii-tcr of 
ptraon*, not ft<Mn <bo exii^iKiefl of hift et«ry or tht- tlcfiire to b« 
TtrlittL Tbe oni> grritt dlfHtTulty in Tom Jotten in tli« a»iini|>lioit thai 
■ I Allwortbr nbitibl baiv bcrtn di"rt>i\«ti| for yiiun W Iho 
byf>- . ;d, at»l )l i>il lo tbo sab«1atiti)l kindliunts uf hia want 

ficrv wo may fiincy that Tuildinghna been forocd to bo unnatural by bia 
\i\tA. Yet Im luiop*^ ■> Mtialactory aolulton with ndniirribht akill 
Alinnrlhy ia pn}wlic«id in favour of Ulirit by tbf> apiHir^iiUy vi(JuBt 
Itri-JMdn.* "f lllilirs n;"(hrv in fnVinir of Iho j-M-ial Tooi. A gtauroos 
Bi«a may nuily lircome blind to tiio faitlts of a auppnsed victim of 
DiUvTval it^tutice ; imd kktyl here FM^dit){[ fairly c«ca}i« from tho bliunn 
otdiiiiii 'i : ^ ' :it iuifNMsible mituodentandin^ in 

■ brink .... viilra. 

* ^^ nm Aam. bonk sir. c1ln]^ i. 




tt> virlua i 

Blifil u perlia|iA the one cnsc ^for Jonathan Wi1<] in a ntin, atHt 
liistow, nr, m M. Tninc fiuicinc, * tsxct) in whtcb Kioliling aeauM tolow 
hu □nmrj'in;! ooolntu of jwlgmmt; and the ex|i1itnaUun Uofaneiu. 
'llic onv Ctrnh to wbidi he U,'tio lu ii[<Mik, iiujuet, [ft bjqioerlxy. Hyfoaitj, 
indeed, c&onot well ho |MuiitO(l too Unek, bnt it 8iioii)r) not VenaJe 
inpnwible. Vtliea Fielding has to d«al v'nh nucb a rbanclw hi far 
oiKO loscR lin Dcir command, liiid, likrt tnfiirior writmi, lieguui io fan nagi^ 
with bis creatures. iMtoul of anoljriiig ntid uiilniuiDg, ha simply nsbm m 
and luATCs ox iii prweuce of » norol aomualr. tiliiU u oot jaor* wicknl f 
than liuto. but vb e&tta to iindcivtund the iwychienl cbsmipitrT bjr nhiA 
an lagu u compotiuded ; vbcrCM UliSl can onlj 1>o ro};»rded aa a dsril 
(if thft word b« not lAo dignified) vho does not really belong to tluii 
world at nil. Thi; error, tliou|^ vhnmctcristto of n nun vboee grM 
iDt«l1e«tiinl uierit U Lix linn ^raA|t of rOBlitiias and whote &riiurit« virlua 
is hilt downiight siDcerily, t* oot the leas a Uftmiah. Hatred of poduuf | 
tc]o'«nsi!y leads to hatnid of culture, utd liatred of h,v{K>cri»r to ' 
of iho mon? exulted virtiua Fieldiiu; omcwt bo jiist to tuolirai I 
mtbcr outside hia ordiuary ^berovf thought. He can taotk hraitiJ;' 
aud (iletuaatly woii^li at llio BJfMt«tion of |>)itloaopliy. as in tlie caw 
wbcnt Fkrarm Adams, iiTxi"? P'>or JoHqdi AudrewH, I«y roiiaiilemtioaa 
drawn from the Bible and fmm Smix«, to bo rmdy to rovigll kiaJ 
" peaceably, <]uiptty, and contentedly," suddenly beam of tin 
Ion of hilt own litOe i-)iild, iind b mlW upon to act iiuUntdof {H 
But hia satire upon idl (.-hnraotcra and ereoda wMdi embody the nuw* i 
ult«<l etrnias of feeling b apt to be iiidifimmiust^. A High Cburcbtaaat 
according to htm, u n PlinriMw whit prcfnis orthodoxy to vtrtne; a 
Methodist a men ntotintobank, who countoifcita i^iirJtual raptum in 
ini)XMe upon dupea ; a Freethinker i» a buiq who wvavex a unak of flat 
phramM, tiiidcir wliirh to (tivi-r tdtt nvenion to the restnunts of nti^vi. 
Kk>ldinfE'A rc'i^ooii cx>nsui8 rhjofly of a solid homtspuD morality, ntkd ho i-* 
inom Bnf|iicioaK of on exMSMve than of a dfifectiv« mmJ. HimiWIy he )• 
ahostty Wbiit, biilnoRvolutiouIstv He baswi bcarty ueontcnipifortlw 
oanl about liberty* as Dr. Joliatou binuwlf, aud bna wry atriu^l 
reme<lir« to propcHo f>r regpilatiiig the inoh. The IttiliflTin Amttitt, whn, 
whilst hi^linittilly iiml tteata the tml ucky prinonwii far tiabt, HwaggBc^t nhnnt 
UtH BritJEli L'uustiltitiiiu, and Bwean that he is *' nil for liberty," iwmUi 
tbelrnitnian wbu ridiculed FrmcbidaYriy to Voltaire, and wu auriedeff 
next day by a pivwgatij;. Fielding, indwtt, in no fikiiatieal ailbntsi of 
our1)|i!(Aod (!oiiAtitiitian,whicfa,nfl hoflnys,luis been pnnirjittic«(l liy lotw 
of our wiMMt men to be too pi-ifuct tu bo altxrcd in any pnt-ucutar, anil 
vhiidi a uotnlnr of the hsM wimsI mea haru been uu-tnliiut ovor ODoa 
lie bntsi cant on all oMm itiifiartiiklly. :' ' W'iiir 

■(Mwlally bates J^brtsandJavoUtMsstlt' . I'^m 

* Kr* fugoft /« £uha (Tatf 11^1 for mime rrry good ivnwHu w 
wbkb, tu be «]^, DO tvu •sn SDlmlssJ In ttw uaw mom. 

mftrbfd ftr Hrt«t»tioii by their ftwW fw frog* wid Fitnct «-ine in preftr- 
eneato punch nod Txxist beef. Ho !» n patriotic Briton, vhfme pntHottua 
ink- - I" rtltu|H> of n lienrty )^wl nt Giiglidi at>use8, mil a 

tncit :hnr. tiling* nru'WorM elsovbon!!. 

TV ri-fli-^Uon of this qnnh'ty of solid Rood sense, absolutely Koming 
any ■IhD<nii expnpl thnt fj(*o\\i\ Owtx, is thRn>-cnnp<? ronltamof Kielding's 
tmrvU. He in, indeed, im liwuty a rcnlist as flogarth, wbont congenial 
»ri h* ia n***r lirwl of ptaiain^ wiUi all the conliulitj- of his nntutc, ami 
to whom liv rfTtrs his rmlm Tor pottruitx uf wvpnl charnrtcni in Tom 
Jbww- His Bcraery is as mth'attc m a p1iotogTH]>h. TuTpm kitchens, 
■pODging-hiu-o jMiHotiR, thf bncfe-slunitt of I^ndoii Etivets, u* Armn 
from th© rwilHtcs with nndincbtnit vigour. Wt; w«tbestuin)i of bwr- 
ikOtB Knd sntdl Um fninca (if iital« tolncco lu dittiRctly na in HognrUi'H 
cngniviDjpi. He ehrinlu netdicri- from the coarse nor the abnoIut«ly din- 
gorthig. It in enough to t«call the feninlo boxing oi- Hcrair-liing nintc1><« 
whi(4i are ho fm^iMnt in liix jugm. On oiio Rich ocfmion his kngiingp 
MMans to imply tltxt he Iiad vrac^hed siich hnttles in the spirit of a con- 
iiotBMmr in our own day watching iem inoxpnwdbly difl^Athig pmo- 
tigbla CVrtutuly we oonld wish thnt, if sncb ncenm wero to bo dcpicteil, 
tb«ra ni<([li1 hiivF IxM-ii K elenror proof tliat the artiat had a now and nyes 
opnhlt^ uf frt'liiie offV^ce, 

Bat the uicktiaiae " Rttlisi" slidn eoaily into anotlKrr seuite. Tho 

raalist ii BoniPtJincs supfMiMd to Iw mora shallov as well m nvn prosaJo 

than tito idealist ; to bo content with tho outAidc wh<^ro the idealist 

|M«X)M to the hmrt. H* gives the Imiw fact, whore hia riip-al g;irce tho 

Im ^rmbnttml hj the fnct, and thcrrfurc I'raiilcrins it ntttiictdre to the 

liii^hcT- inlplloct, FJclJixiij'fl view of hia own ftrt is fsstiudivo in thiM 

in oilier mattMv. Poetic inv0uti.->n, be nyy, in gnimilly taken to 

[Tjo n cirnfive fiictilty ; aiul if so, itia tlie prculinr pro|>prty oftboroiiiiiiico 

ritm, who fi*«nViy taVn Iwve of the nrtiinl luid pontiblo. Fietding 

liioirovra all claim to thia faculty ; ho writoi hiatoricti not romanna. 

Bat, in h'u> wuHp, pfH'tic invtitlioij mcgms, not civ^jilion. but " din- 

i^eovCT-y;" thai iB,"aquiok, H»i{:ti;ioiM penetration into tho tnie eswuco 

^■of oil ol^jccto vf our rontvmplntiiiu." PorhajM we may auy tliut it is 

^^^Mt n question oS nietliod frliethoi* a writer nhould jmrtray mon or 

^^^gii« ; Utc lieinipi, that is, of CTorydity lifo or hciu}^ placid andci- a 

toUJIy ditFi^inl nci of circiimxtances. The mora rital <|ii«Klion ia 

^_ wbMbnr, tiy otie niMhod or ihv other, he Hhowrn us n luan'^t heart or only 

^■hla Hothw, whether h^ appeals to our {itlQllecIs or iuin^inaiioiui, or 

^■kidum* ■» by imU]^ whii-b He uot fiulc IikIow Uio eye In Bc-ientifio 

^Bwrittufl(s a nun may givt: im the true lii^ of a plieiioiiieiion, wlieiliur be 

OxtaupUBea it in oslreme or iiv*-n^o itum*, in tK« orbit of u ooinot or tbo 

lall <^Mi npplu. The nmanco wrili-r r*hould aIiow iib what nal u«n would 

tio In ihwustaMtl, tho wriler of " hiHtonea" what they nm on the knifb- 

bcntd of an aniiiit>iu. Tn» insight tnay \<f ahown in riflior ca», or may 

te alneiit in csUior, occvrdiogaa tbo artist dcahi with tbo deepest orgauto 


I ie4 

K Inivs or tlio moro cxtenial (ioculeitt&. l!be AndftU Mariner is an em- 

^H bodiin«ot of cert^ Bimple emoUon&l pliuta uiil monl lawi amiabl tki 
V plumbumiagone incideuts of « draun, sod Do Foe Joes not iiMrfM 
tbem bettn- IxieauM he ood£iu« liUoselj' to tbo uosC pruajuc moikntiL 
Wliett ronuutca bKom«a r«all}- AibitTiurj-, and u parted irom «U Uw oT 
oUrarvHtioQ, it locai ttM true iuLcittit and dMcrves FieUIiiig's ODndoBoi*- 
tion. f-lBlduij ooDKicntJoiul}- was itt discbni^ciiig tho hi^iont fiineti^ 
Hu (!<»mbcM, NN he a»jn in JotepK AwlrttM, " not men, Iwit moatiaaj 
uot aa mdividiiitl, liut u K[)eci««." His Uwyor, he IaUb us, has been afin 
for tbti Xvfi four thousKod j«ara, and will ])robatiIf survive four tbouuj 
more. Jlre. Tow-wousc liitw whercviT turbulent t«nipor, arftriw, «si 
intteiuibility are united ; luid her sncakiii|; hufibcmd irborcvcr a gpol 
inoliuttinn hoA gliiumtn-'d futtb, ctIijismI by povcrtjr of ii|Hrib and uimW' 
standing. BiiL tliu tyjM! vrliicli hIiuts best the fores and the limiti of 
E^eldio^fl genius k Fatsou Adama. U« belongs to a dixtiDgiiiihtd 
familf , vboM Dtfirnhnrs bavo 1>(«n itortra^od by (lie greataat hittloriioi. 
He ia aDollatond descendant of Don Quixote, (or whoao crmtioa Fictdtsf 
folt 11 i-c\'rn-<^i>co exceeded oidj by liia revenues fi:>r ti)iidcN|>nDt«.* The 
mKublaiice is, of counc, dintuut, and cmuiiut* diiuli}- in this, that Ihr 
ponon, like tli« kuiglit, Uvee in aa ideal world, and is ooustantly sbtwkoi 
by harah coUijtion witti (»cl& Hfi IwHr^vps in liu serunia Uiatead uf hii 
sword, and Uis imngiiiAtJon is tenaAtc<l by virtuaus sfjuires and apiki 
pAnunui inst(«kd of AicmIuui iibe]ibcrds, or kni^jht-omuils and Ciir Uilitt 
IUb inutgiaatJon is nut vsaltvd bcyuud tbo Uiuita of saoi^, but ool; 
oolount the jH-oeaic renUtiee ia accoidaBce 'witb the impulses of a tnni|^ 
lieovvolenttv If tlie tlwfoe be niJtdamcDtaily Hiuilar, it b tmlKl Kiih » 
tnr [fSB tlntin;; liand. 

AilaiuH It much more closely reUbed to Sir Koger deCoret!' 
Vicarof Wakcdold, or Unctv Tvby. £ach<tf tlKScloTMblc bdng& ui.>>u 
OS at oure to aymputhiiie with and to uniio at the unnffeuted aimjilMit* 
wliidi, Mriii^' tM> cTil, b^comm hair Indicivus and half |i:it)-< ha 

comipt worlil. Adams Htitnds out finin bis luiitbrcii by l« 

■ lo ))ii intoit<»tIsg Lifo ot Oodulti, Mr. Tattl t-UIni* Far lib hao 1 1 
''Biify) '*'■' b* »at Ikp flrrt KnKliiili writrr to nir* « "Imnlhy stir* 
nolieo" yl Dam Qnlntf. lint whra be infrn tluit OvAv'it wiu alia Ik. 
viltw who nca(piii«*I ia CtrTsniw a (pnnZ biiniMiit. mMm, annaU- 1 
hatMOHlDawlqvttrlojlE Ki'-liliaif sailiuliapcDtiiitm. Fialiliags tMC|i. 
to /W Qaitait (b> oaj- no^ini) »f liii pUy, Ihu Qmirtte m J 
admlTalk-n rail; •» vans n* llisl f>r ■>-?-l<r(T). A>i 'fi-lr^rr 
•nmpl«, 1» m«™ wonliy ifc* ■ 
Omtsumi tallw tea*«f sa aft. . 

a4Blnrfl&akipeat» man JiMrUlj anil i ilisuioacij-ciiiiouia n/ a |hl 

mdm minmtrt ofaiukipui* •»> <gli il.*:.. iTM/tftB'i> u* 




raUitjr. Ifbcemells too dislinctly of beer oiut tobacco we beliere iu Uiu 
more firmlf tlun in Uta Icn fiiU-bloMJcil ct«ac*otMOf Stenne and Qdld- 
, nuUk FuMD Adams, utdeod, lias » Bhtitliofc Ti){oiLr of ori^iiaalion, 
^Kot loenljr Ui«liero of ittnodcm rilualiatuovul, but Amj-iui Ix'igh or Ouy 
, liTiogBtoae lumaalf laigbl Imvc bcni nnuucd nt his Mtlilctic prowcaB. 
llo stallu uhaul of tiie atAge-€oacli (Cavourad doubtlctn by tW U»d roculs 
of tlie t«riod) u tboD^i lie had aocoptod Uie modom prindplo nlictut 
j^Amint; GmI nod walking a thoiisaDtt miles in * thousuMl hours. Uts 
^■Aatfam fist and Uic crnbtnw otidt^ whi<!h Hwingi •» ftMly round his 
^F clancal bb*d vrould have dnuotcd the contcinimrnry ^IwliAtoni. Black and 
^LBno^too. UesbowK lu* Ubriatiui iiuiuility not luecely l>v (umiliitrity 
Hwitli lu" poor«8t {writdufman. but in Kitting up wliol« iii(,'lit>i in tavern 
^ lutchiTUM, drittlung aalitnited beer, auoking iueztingui^ble pipe*, auil 
ravrJIioR in a ceasohm flov of goasip. Wc tmlc a% tbo good mtn'ii 
ioteciae doligbt iu u loTo-Blaiy, at the nitopUcity vhich toakos hiu seo a 

I^ood SiUDftKtMa in Paiw>a Tru)iibci', »L tJiv aWnoe of mind wbivti uakm 
Lim pildi bi« i^Hcbyltu into tlie fii«, or walk a dosen mil<« in prafoiiiul 
wlilifiuR of Ui« uunud vltii-h aliould Iuto Le«a Iwtwocn bia knoos ; but. 
his contRniponLiim worn provoked to n horM>-lMi|{h. and whan we 
reuiAtk thu tiom«ndous prnctival jok4« which hia innootuice siifgjmbi to 
tiusm. we udtuit th;tL lut rN)!ii;y» bin whole nthletto vigour to brinj; so 
tender a bc«rt mUih ihruuKli h> run^h a wurfil. 

If IImi idiml hiiM ia to liru in fauoy'laiid and talk in bLtnk verao, 
Adnnu iuM dearly no ri)(h(> to (he title, nor. indeed, Imtt Don Quixote. 
Bat the QiuMcalinn portraitum of tbfi roar^vi irolttica in not only todimtivn 
, of i roiir, but artif<tiailly appropriate. 11i« contrast btawvui 

be - .1 ^^ tiiiup'e-miudvd inbikbitaut is ttio tnoro fumble iu [•:^>^ 

tioii to tLd firmaow and solidity of TielAiB^a toui^. Vnehi Toby 
-jmiTn that Stcmc had prrfenred cnooKh tcndcmcw tn make an exquisite 
plAything of hia i-tnoliooH. Tho Vicar of Wakoticdc) pmvm tfantliobU 
uoilb bad pittiervf«| a childlike innooenco of iDUU^inatiou, and oould 
r«Unt from diin< aud publiahcrti to ou idyllto world of hia nwu. Jtiaeph 
Androwa provca that Fitrlding was neither a cJitld nor a Mtntitnontalist, 
but that hfi had Inarut to face facta as they arc, and &cc a tnio Taiu« on 
U>e Ixst ulomeutK of liuiiinn Ufu. I it the niidxi of vanity and vtucation of 
tit bo ouuld Ihid aomc comfort in pure ajid itrun^ dommtic afltetion. 
rcAu.iuduloe bU lc«liu;;H withont introducing tJio &liw note of aon- 
tininil3liaiii. or ootMlfHrandinf* lo ton* his jueturai wilii row coloor. Ho 
ri ri*. Tbp exemplary iJr. Jlwrison in Am'lia he'd no 

ii i.r him which could prot«tfln)nncoentp«aw^n or " hnng 

a rogua lo UiD jpaUoWH." Ciood Fanou Adiuu» could Uy h« cudgel on 
tha Uw,-V :' i)l.-uii villi ticaity fjood will. lib bolHivn too easily to 
buoima . hut thnv ia tint a Diandlin tibn> in bia ivholn liody. 

Uo wQviiti ii«i li dm lu»n to ci^ over n drnd tlonkny, nbiist diildrm ain 
io want of bread. He would bu Blower than tho ozcRlb^nt l>r. Primfoao 
I lo li^vvx iu the tvformatiou of u villuin by liuo pknuM, and if bo f*41 

into siieb a weakiraa tun tHOfcr»[>)i«r wontd ttfti. like OoldMBtlh, l« 
incliiHM] to unction the error. A villnin i ' -1 in ittfomi, hidwd. 
\'j tho Might of AjD«lia'ti esccHouw, Imt Pi' I nirrfu) m Irll nathal 

tho ehanjfo wu illiuory, and tiiM Itio viHidn oaded on n gstlmrs. W* 
ara made ecosiblQ Uwt if AdnmA hud h{« fanrinn they were iblbleo, mil 
tlmvibrv nonrcttt of iniafortutia. W* »r6 to AiJioit* tliO rh{l<JUk« ch*- 
incter, but not to shuro iui i1liisk>ii& Tim world in noc nui'Io of mooa- 
jthlnu. Uypacria,v, i-rutdtv, STot-iw, And liKt harn bo 1>«t «t«iiii>ed ori 
by Imrd Uows, not cnred by delk»t« inTmiati of graceful Maiti' 

80 Ear nEJJinft's portrait of mi idod clittrKCtor is kII thci l«tt«r ftr 
hill mascaUiie gms|> of focb. It ioubI, liow«v«r, bo wtoiitted that h< 
fHtia a littlo on tiift other siil* of th« eontnuit H« Ijclievm in (t good 
bcart. but urarcely in rery lofty niotire. Ud telte m in Ton J<mm* 
Lhnt be \uta ]uu))t«I ao perfect obiu«cter, bcCAUse b« iMTor lift|>i>mMl lo 
meet ono, Uia BtoiiM, liko Vimity Fair, may be dMcrtbed us nurtls 
wiUiout a hero. It m not merely that hb cliameten tu« tmpvrfiict, bvt 
that thoy are defietent in the Qaer ingredi«nbi which go to main tip tfe 
nBtttrat appnndmatienan of our impec&ct natnres to hMoiuo. CVplosd 
Kewcome wait not perkaiM h> good a man as Parson Adams, but ho had 
A coctain ddii'Mcy of Kiitinacit which led hiio, na wo nay remaDiVT.M 
be nithpT hard upon Turn Jonaa, and which Pieldinj; (as mny 1« gatbntd 
fiom J5ath in AmtUa) vonld haTO beeit iorlined lo rdictilo. Pnnon 
Adama la aimplo eoongh to bevonw a tnnj^iiiij^wtoek to (be brutal, but 
be nover eoutoioiudy ralebi agninvt tli« tKctaM of tlie plniuottt commac 
aeua«. Ilia theology Domcs IJrom TillolHon and fT««dt,v ; lie hia no vft 
bt the tooumtu ftido of hia exvml, lUiil would bo A|>t to coniloniD > 
myatic w amply a fool. His loftiest lupintioR b nnt to n^ortn the 
world or any part of it, biit to gwt a modcat bit of j.rrfcmit-nt (be acto- 
nlly reoelvosit, wb are Itappy to think, in Aau-lia), onotigh to pay fbr hb 
totMOCo and bia cbildivn'a Hcboolia^. KicJduiftV dialiko to tlw rouiaotia 
tnolae bim raUtur blind to the cjovated. Ha vil] not only itart fVom 
the actual, but doca not concciro tbe pocadbility of an iufiistoti of IfiAin- 
ponciplea. Ilio ruuxtins ntjuidxid of sound saose [irceenlwM aa 
tlD|MUHbl« timit to his iiniijiunLion. ranuxi Adaiiia ia an ndmirnlilp 
inoamatiua of c«rt«u) oxcellout and booMt [ia{>ii1«M. Ha wts forth 
the viadom of tbo heart and tlie Ixunty of the sinpla inBttmrta of an 
affra-dgnnU) oatinv. Bat we ore foiood to adout tbab ho it not tke 
hi^eit type eonocivabl«, and uij^ht, for eXKm]d», learn somelUag from 
hi* iMi robiuA collMgue. Dr. PriioroBO. 

Thia ramark suggfatu tho ixjiunion critiL'iMiu, •■\)>«ittidMl witli bit 
lunial Guile brilliancy by &I. Taine. {•luldnig, bo tolh nii, btrfs iiatura, 
bnt he dooa not loTu it " Itko thv xriMt unpartial arti^ilK, Bbnk^watn 
GoelliK'' Ho BumlHCtt husMaui' Monov 

* [)M>l(S,clMr- 



tlitjr lupous to be veiy qucNiiotwb1<>. It cOiuitHtM in {irvCcrriiig in- 

at to mtfia. The bcro ia tbe man who is Ujiii fi^uiirouH as a 

bom cfliMtiuiuito. Atid tion, Mjrs M. Tmoo, might be (til very 

Wfln it not for » gfiMt omuuion. liftMiiig bM pnintw) nnturo, but 

kturo withitnt rcfinenicut, poetry, ami cliiTalry. He can only <lesm1ia 

impL-tuoHity uf tiiu (tC'iunvi, IK>1 llli> norvou» exiittntiuti tuu) Iho pocl«c 

iplurs. Miiu is Willi Itiia "A fiood bii£Uo ; nii<l perh&ps be is tlm 

Bro r«(|uire(l by » peoplo wlilch ia itself calleil Jolin Bull." In nil 

thicii. cboro ia nn titi<kiubM vein nr lni(h. t^oldiu^it vant of ToSno- 

icut, for c^uiupb. is one ofiboM; uodeniablc facts which must Ik takcu 

gr Knuitcd. lint, without Mwking (o xcl n^'lit Kciimt otlt>T Ktatoiii«nbi 

u|>UmI in M. Tune's juil;:nufnt, it is worth wfailo to contdiler n littlo 

tfally th« uonl aspect of Field ing'it work. Much baa been snid 

thi« point by auin« wbo, with M. Titino, titko FioUling km mem 

^buffalo/* and by others who, like C<jlt>i-ii:I;g<>^ » far safer ami inoi'O 

ei-itw — iwUi 7'ofH Jotf^ to l»o, on tliA w)»>l«, n. fwind oxim- 

i of bMlthy momlity. 

Idiaff. on t)i«< '' biiftftlo " Hew, Lt mip|KKK<<l to be Hini|>Iy takinj^oue 

lie in one of those pMpotiuil contrm'vraM wh<ch luw onnipi^d many 

nemtioDs and oerer spf)roach«e a BCtUcononts TTc pr^ent nittiiro to' 

^inttinet to TV«soti«d action ; lie ig on the Hide of Cbkries as agaiiut 

Surfiicti ; bo ftdnireB the publican. iumI conilvnuu the FbtriMO 

ttt re n orro ; lio Iovm thfi man who is nobody's «i«ny but bia awn, 

1 the pmtknt pcraon wfame charity ciD<b at Ins own rlooratep. 

a doctrine— ao abeottit^ly atutod — is rather a negation of all 

it^ than a kx iii'>i'ality. If it iuipliw n lo\-e of geucroua iniitnicts, 

t40ni*> that a man alivuld hnro luiy regard for mom) mlot, whtcb are 

preeiacly in order to ontrol oar Rpontanooim imtincta. Virtue 

je, hut ocsoan to bo tuvritorious. Nothing would be easier Uian 

qnotfl pa m agea in whiuh Ftoldiit^ csprcaaly r«>{tiidiatiM anch a theory ; 

1^ (f ttxmt, » writer 'a morality be judged byUie conc^^jitions 

alMxIIed ill liis work, not by iho iDnxitns acatterod through it. Nor, 

tlur Mue iiHWon, ean wo pay muoh attention to Kietdin^'H exptvas 

rii ' ' be IB writinfi in the iiitvrcsta of rirtuo ; hr SmullHt, and 

'itwrilera tiian (^ou Smul[e4t, have found thoiracoauut in 

JiiiiW )iii>in>i«tio!iB. ¥H anybodr, I lliink, who will cmujian Jotsph 

litJrra-t with tbat iiitoutionaUy moat luoi-al work, Pamtta, will admit 

tiiat Kieldinic'N uonlity goes deeper than tbiiL l-'idding at lOLst mnkni 

na I' 'If', and is incapttHv of tho aolcciam whidi Iticbnrdwn 

nn.'i iibAlantinlly prvAfhinK that Ttrtiie neABS atandins out for a, 

hi^ehvr {irieK Tluit Fieldin^s rrrklMS hfiroca bare a gunuiuo icuaibility 

tbuaUima of virtue, »|>petu« atill more uutuiMtakably when wc coin- 

m tbam with thebeartien fine gentlemen of the Congren achool and 

his own narly pUys, or put Dip faijty OnptniD Bootlt baiid« snch 

uun9d(«tu«l acamp aa Ptfrcffriu^ Pickle. 

It ia okar, in aliort) tbnt the mm of Fielding (wbotlicr be auocoedfl 


or not) tit tlic vory ttmam of tbat attribiiUd ta bim hy M. ToinR^ Tmh 
Zona uud Amelia kiiT4, <Mt«uiubtj at ImhI, n IDOU cuipbaUo ONnl 
AltAcbocl to them ; mtd uot only ntUebed to tibuo, but bortui in uiod 
«t)d daliontitety pnaclinl lhinii-;liou(. TEuit mora] ta Iho one vhiob 
Futliling hud Icnmt in the iicboni of iiu own uxporicnoa^ li b tin 
moral liut (iU.v|uUon l>eam fruit in misery. TIte ranome, it istn^ 
ii'liicli wna goiciAtcd in rii-l<l>ti^' miil id 1i!n liieroM wu not tho nanrnw 
which (IriveaamiU) tonrloi^UTor whirlicvcnsunottalypoinmibisbapp- 
□«>•. The ofToncea against uomlily arc coudoued too eftstlyt <u>^ llielinc 
between vice nnd rirltie drawn in ii«ctir<Innco irilk c«rtiuii distiiwtiaBi 
vbicb even Tiintoa Ad:ituscoulilbcarcclybavD»pproTod. Vice, hBfleem 
to Mty, in aljootionftMe only when ootuplicated bjr crublty or hj'pOCTuy. 
But, if Fielding^ iDOinl mum ts not tery delivat«i, it is vigonKU. Hi 
hstw most b««rtily what bo mx» to bo trion^, ibough im si^t ni^t 
cflfdly be iinprovod in ilclicncy of (liAcriimniLtion. The truth n ataptj 
thai f'ioldiQg cuxrqiUxt tb^ monl code which the better men of tht 
world iu hiH time really achnowledgBd, oa <lisUil(piubnI frou thnt I7 
whic}) tlxiy nfiected to be bound. That m wide « iliatinetion abonlil 
IfcineFally sxirt bctwona tbcKe cuilun ih n ii)*tt«r for d««p r«(i;reA. That 
Fi^lHiiig in his hatreil for humbug &huuld biLve eondemued imrilyu 
)iuriuuiicnl IS clc&rlj' lAUicutablo. Tho coafiutiou, bowowr, w*m pfut of 
the man. and, M *ln«dy octioed, Bhov* itH^f in ob« ihB{>« or olbw 
tbrouglioiit bis work. JJiit it vtmld ba unjuat tocondenu Uiin upoa 
tbat groond »t autAd^ouiatic or iudiftWoiit bo riMiraiuihle moraltLy. Uii 
toondity ia nt tlie aiiiMsnor autijxides from Iho cyDtaam of a W ydtcrivy 
and fiir wiipei-ior to the prurient ccatiQirntidisai of Sloma or ibe 
piQWod ]tfiggishnraH of lUchavdROn, or even the rcoklea Bohomi: 
of SmolUrtl. 

There in a deeper qoauion, bowever, benealh thi» ilisouaaiou. The 
monlity of Utoao " groat imiMirtial artiaht" of whom &I. Tain* tftakt 
diSera from Fiehling's in a mora serious sense, 'lite htgbcst xaoniUifet 
a gnat wi^rk of art dqirods npaa the power with whicb tbe tmniiHtl 
beavty and nglinisM of virtue and viai nro oxbilul^d by »U iiu|MrtUI 
obccrrer. The noralily. for example, of (ioctbe and tJhakapeartt ajt; 
in tbc pmotUiticD oC atKh cbarscieni aa Itiffi nntl Mrjibialoiibeifla. 
tnaij^t of tmo gvniiu Mltowa m by audi osnuipl» wlwt U ilwi t.ruo 
ltob}(U' of Ticn; what ia the nature of tJiP man who bag lo*t nil (ki 
virtue aitd all sympathy with purity aitd nubility of character, Ha 
artist of itiferior raolc trii^a to inako us hate vice by sliowitig tbal it 
Qoowa to a bad end prociaoly bocnuso be luis an tnadQi|UAie fnimopUKH rf 
it* tnu) sotum. lie ri ' it a druukdrd gBBm.V- ',4* 

ur iueun an attack ol ■> trt^rwmi, but ha Aat" : >. tb* 

moral disiiit<sniti>Ht which ia the iindoHyinf; cause rf tb* aattinbaat. 
and wlilch luay Iv oiiutily fatal, crno if it hap)wuB to erode tltA i» 
Tito ilbainedon dcpotuhi itpon the pawor of thr> n.rtisl U> futtil 
rrijuiretneut of penctnting to tbr tammtx of the otj^fltta oC 





Jon. It coiTMponds to tbn duUncCkni In philosophy bntwecn & 
ly prudeatiaJ sysUiD of cUiits — Uie qrHtcin of tlic ^iloym and tlie 
I the wyUaa wlitclt rccn^iMW Uia Hcriht in^atH |ii>rio»|>titil« to a 
ae Rionil waiac 

Kovr,in oerUin mittt«iii,Fii9l(ling'Bi tiiorkUtj- muT tli« priwlentiAl kinct. 
rancDbles Hogarth's ainiplo •luctiino Uint flic gootl npjinnitice wit) tw 
MKyUftiul UialjMd A|ipivntioo get into Newgntn. Ho ohi-owtj tux 
WB« tuilM^ woll AwnrA, And couM mj very fonjilily.* that virtg« 
thill vorlil tni^ht sotuetiom tend to poverty, coDtrmjit, and iroptison- 
Hp (lom not, lilcu t<mie Kovelbtn, awume the chnioctor of n teiif 
ProWilence. nud knork liiit frviMocni on tbohnul nl th« end of tltc 
■lor\'. H«ah<>wtt very fonrilily thai the difficiiltk« wlJch Ii««r4 poor JonM 
^tuf Bnolh «■» not to ho fiiitly nillcd aindcnU. but arc tlia iliflirnltim to 
Brhidi hod ronduri Bomicalty liwh n nwD, aud which arc all (he liai'dn 
^phen mil coiinti»rliulnnO''l liy a clear coiisci*nci>. Hi* i'mh rivtin dnwribo 
B^th Hvniitiitby sndi a cluimct)^ ii« pour AtkiniM]!) in Am'tia, vhonr iiii> 
■el&di love Iri-lnga him mont blowa than fnvotu-H of fortune. But it iii 

E< thai hx li H ^oA dm\ maiv Ri^nidliJe ia what arc called the [iruden. 
AOCtioiM of virtiif., at lHu>t of a oerlain catnjfory of Tlrtiieti, than to 
wwrntinl bNtuty. &> fiir tlie want of refinwiiwit of whifh M. Taine 
Jo ihMH, in (iict, lower, and lower very tuntcrifllly, liia mural petvcp- 
tiun. A Binn of true delioiwy cntild ncvnr knvxi dm^igcd Tom Jones into 
hi* lowwtdtieiadatinn without ahowine ffioni forcibly hia nhhorrvncoof 
htslooaoMnidurt. Thiit is, im (.'ulonid Neweomo |irt>]icily puitilx out, 
tb» gnmt ami olivioua blot ii]K)n tho ittory, a-hirh no crilicx hare missed, 
aod wo cabnnt- evon follow (ho Ituiioncy of Oolcrid^ who think* that a 
•In^a |uuaa(^ intpodiicad tA exprow Kicldinj^H real jud^riit would 
bara rr-mndicil tbc miNchit^f It is too obviotia to bv Jcnitd without 
BO|iliiFiry that 'I uin, tl>uu;i^i he baa many goml fediuga, and cau [imuc-fa 
wj ediiytii^ Bsrioona to hit len scniiiulottx friend Nlghtfagalo, reqiUra 
to be out in a diflR-mut niotdd. Hk whole charact«r ahould have b«e» 
atrnnc to a highnr )iit«h to make as feel that such deftrndatiati wouM 
meir-ly haro rojiurvd piinij^hiuvitt to rartoro hia nrli complnccacy, 
. have letfc a omviug for some thoraufi;h moral ablution, 
arautltii; unrtoMTedly all that may be ur^ upon thin paint, we 
-•till agnn with tba judgment' pronounced by tho most cmngmial 
fiirldin^V piifco mk too stranRly of tobacco; tbey an aj>t to 
delioabe ttoraaclia; but tbe atxnosphere is. on the «'Ih>1«, htnlthy 
^teuiBj^. No man oui read thRm without pr^iiilice and fnil to re- 
> tiM) fact that hn hna beon in cootm-t with soDMthing tnach higher 
thui a " ktvmI baflTnlo." He haa learnt to know a man, not in(>r<^Iy foil 
nf aoimnl vif^oar, not tocix^ly etordl with ^-arious vxpcrirnco of men and 
■Barmna, bat nbo in the main aound and nnpoiooned by tho utfphitic 
roponte wliidi poJitoDml tbo fUiaaiplicre of hia police office. If the »oora 


of h<rpocrisy b too fulty ein|dfisi7«il, and tbo BonBitivcoea (o vffHj ud' 
nvoltiitg objeotii too mticli <ImiiI«iim1 hy n rough tUv, ytA nohody co^ 
bo morti facartil; canrmcnl of the bcau^ and valati of tbcae mM 
(latuestic ioEtinct^ on wLirh kumim li«|>pui«Ha iniiat chiefly ilepai'l. Va% 
Fieldiug hmio Ui« modem would -li^i KaUii«te who iRnk«aadetj^-«^iici>llf 
Frmcli aooicty* — n in«ro sink of iiiuCinMM, or bcwdn llio more viitiio« 
pemoiu whnse favourite aSeclntioti ia ttiniplidty, nnd who Uhoai moA 
■pMnodiMlly to bo moficulinc, oud hu nutiro vigour, bu laia^ 
eonuuoit Muae, his wliol«aoiuo vi«wa of uwn hiiH maiuim, Htand out in 
soliil tdief. Oortamly he wiw li»iit«<i in iierctiitJon.Mxl not so rinratid 
in tou« KB mijght Kn ilcsinxl ; but be ia n Biting rT|ire«icutativ(> ot U* 
at&lwait vi^ur and tba iflt«llMtual ihrawtbMSi evident in Lbe brat sa 
of hii Ujun. Tho digliitli dumvestii; lifo of tliD ppriml VM C!ac1«iu)7 Ur 
from Uuuclfiaa. and AU.vthinif but rvlioed; Inil, if ww hkre i^ibtd ia 
oome ways, wo are hAi-dly entitled to look with luiqunlifiod iltMlain opM 
tho rough rigour of oar buivr-driakuiie, I'od'-eBtinK ttiiccstors. 

We tisvv fttlt, indeed, the lituJtatioDH of I'leldui^R art more dorif 
ainoo Engliali fictiou found a new BlaMing-))oinL iu Smtt. SoMt nuda 
Of BQosiblc of muny twui-ota of inteiwt to whirh Fictliliog wu natonnf 
blind. He akoved us Mpodally that h kiunan being twlM^oU ta t 
Moio^ gwng througli a long counc of Idjtorical ik^'elopment, and 
raiewed. the bonds villi tbo innt which IuhI boon rudely 8oiip|ii<d ia 
Fit-ldiog'a [Mriod. Fielding only drala, ib may ho rauglily i«t«l, villi 
uieo »a nienibm of a little family ciifla, wkf^reaa Scott abows Hum u 
lOMmlicrB of a nntion rich in old hixUiriral tnultttotM, loUt^ to lbe ]•<( 
and Die future, aud to the external nature in whi«h it boa bam de- 
veloped. A viilior act of toiaes » inliudui^ inlo ciur oaDtMptian id 
huioanily, ami tito romautto olfitnent, vliidi Fi«ldins >x<ti)*vd, oo(da 
Hf^ to life. Scolt, (oo, was a greater man than Fiolding, of wiibr 
aytnpaUiy, loftier cbanccer. antU not ibo least, withnn incompambly Itwnr 
ear for tJie Totcesof the Diouatains, the Re«,and tiw aky. 'Hte inor« Mrott 
ixatodiod, tbo lii^icr, I )>eli«vr, tho opinion that woaliallfunu of sotaagt 
bifi |M>wer8. But in one nKpmt Fielding is liu su|)i<nor. It it a kiud <f 
uiisnoaiiir which daaaifim Boott's books as noreln. Tfaoy ar» embodied 
legeods and tntditiotn, diwcHptiait* of men, and raoea, and «pocliB of U>- 
toiy ; but tboy nro uuvvbi, aa it wei-e^ by acddcat, and modem nadanan 
oflua iUaa]>poiiiUMl hooauao tlie anaw auggnin uiUlending aModatlooa 
They export to ayiaimtiiiM witli Scott's bomm, whcuwu tliii bnnM an 
ffeuonUydropf)«diiifroiuwitboiit>,)u»tlo^ivoostQnsiMeootj' tl>e 

narraiivo, Tbo M}>pnnint aoniawriM aiv nully the iikain kui< lb«, 

(TBOobilea and uo( Wanrley, the Itorderm, not Mr. Van iUaat 
t^ Cuvrnnnltim, not .Morton or I.ord Krandale, nro tlio md anbjc 
Scott's l«Ht nitnaocat. Tbv BriJit^ Lommtratoor i« almoa 


k'.^r V tliliag'a rfw of ilw Piaarb avnb or hb lU^ t«« n» < 

Vbaik 11. 



, to the g«tK>r«.1 ru]«. Now FicUing n really it norolul in the more 

ltoT%1 aaae. WenrointerMUxl, UiAtis, hy the mtia cham«tcra, though 

vy nrc not olvujn Uic mwit altmctivo in th«iiuelvM. Wo arc ivnily 

rhed hy tbo (ihty of iheir puaioiis and tbe Moflifii of their ntoiiva, 

oi taertily tAking MlvanlAge of t\it> cvmimny to »ec tlio snrroundiog 

or pluacB of social life In tliU scrbo Fielding's art ta adtuirnblo^ 

m1 Durjuumd tli»t of nil tiix Eii);)iKli |tred«oe«oni ox of most of his siio- 

ini. If Lho Liglit is cODccJitmtoI in n nnm>w focus, it Is still hvnUh;^ 

rUgfct. So loD^ aa we do not wmK to Imve hu circle of ideoH, wa 

I &ult in the vigour witli which hv fultib htii iatontinn. And 

fore, whatever Fielding's other faults, he is beyond coupariaou tbo 

, faithful luiil profoand inoutlipiece of thw juMuons and fuiliuga of b> 

which accius at oucn stmn^lj ivoioto an<l yat, atnof^y nnu* ta 

Whco Mdcisg to solrc timt curiotw probl«m wliich ia dtMnnwd in 

BO of Kazlitl'e best oanya — what characten one would most like to huve 

it and mniung ovm th« nkrtcMu cUiau of a mooting at Htc MeEmaid 

bth Bhakspeare andJonaon, a"D«Kit repast of Attic taste" with Mdton, 

[poaaip atBatton'lt will) A<I<li!«iii»Dd8tettki, adub-duincr with J<Ausoa 

Bnrko, a Ba|>|»r with Luuib^ or (uertaiDly tlie hmat altAOtive) na 

at HoUaitd Housei, 1 sometiuuM fancy that, aft«r all, few thinj^ 

mid h« pWaautei- thim a pipo and a bowl of jmnch Kith Fielding aud 

It in Lr-iettiatforauch a pnrpOBo I pruridflmjiwlfio iinn^uii- 

["with a nrw m^ of niuidy nttrrM and with a dif^tiou mch us that 

i oncaeqaal to the horrors of an uudor^rmcluab»' " wino jmrty." 

, liMving mnde (hat trilling aasumptiou, I laney that thei-e would ho hv 

: whm? one would hear moro goo<l matherwiti ahiowdcr judgneuti 

f mfn nud lliingit, or a miuider appreniation of tlioaa homelj ohunenls 

I which human liA ia in teuet eliioAy oompoacd. Conunon mumio in the 

tdagroa^—whether we «boase to identify it or ooiitiaatit with j^-niiiXt 

\ai Umit tmect the nioal etxlurit^ luid viduahU' of ijualilieu iu litei-a- 

< as E^verywhero else;, and Fidlding ia one of iu 1>Mt rcpr^'vtt'at.'vtiveii. 

it perbaiia oa» ia iinduly biassed by the duLiiu of a coniplet« escape in 

taon fram th« tlutnaand anil onp aRrctalionn which huve g;rawa 

' i '11!; died anl we have all beoome m mucb iriHcr aud miKt 

til jimvionn gtatefntiona. 

Jfolh-Iore of tbc Counti; vlontgal. 


TnE b«Ufif in Uio "woo folk," tr " gen'iy," ia »oty uincli more wkUj 
iprcoi] in our ])iotuiM^ and mouDtKiiwun connt}: than ciiraoi-y iutiium 
bav« any i<k» of. Evnry old h»wUiott) tivcs »tAtuliiig nlonti in tlio nulcl 
of a Held, in supposed to be luider dicir protaetion ; awl the old Vaamk 
foria, ao ennmou in thn ntuntry, dm vtJI m Um» vnata groundM nr wiUn- 
nenn. wkero dos-iutn, hrnubl«, woodbdno. and ka^aelagmv in a timgl* 
tcgetlteo', arc accoiiotecl their especial temlories. 

'Fho oilin ['•itiilo of tho JDonogn] logendx do not lo tli« l<iut n«HBU» 
ihp ramm of \Kietrj aD>t routimce ; oather Obcnni. TitAOia. nur AiU 
■M to Iw diaoovr-red Binoiiji tliL-in. Nor nru tln>j- likt' the d" ""1 

fralicamae spritn beli«vi?i) in )iy the Suuthem Irinliinnii. I • ■ i ■( 
Itelftiiil fairy is » pmctical, calculatiox l>«>ogt '^17 Ill's ^'^ slireiwdf aivii- 
Seotcli &nii<ir and cottier, in vlin>^ Iftnd bin wild tntritAiy stiLncfaL 

" Who arc the fairioBl " wc ukcd an old num who bad tald aortnl 
f^uMut fuiir^ talea, full of strftof.'o udvenUiK, gravely vouching for tbnr 
truth. The ciiriona evento (b^KriliwI Wl all, lie devlnrvd. liajipraed U 
DM^bouraaad fi-Mttub of ku own, or had W>n handod dowu tmta fatbn 
to aoR in bia family. 

" tlin griDtaj u N.1low«id to bo iIm fitllon angob," t>o n^iliH. " Wb<a 
Salu) aad biu aa^ela wan thrown over the battieauntii of beavMi, tha 
greater part of them fell down to hell ; hut sowe Ml into itis aea — tbaa 
ia Um nMmoo an' laonDnidK ; mi' others fitll on tha oarlh — iboM ia tlw 

" Why are they now io rarvly mvn or hconl I " we ioifuiml. 

'*W«el, ma'ain, there's tliem that says the who folk iti all awa'lo 
8oo4land ; but oUwra thiaks tben'a tm uaoy o* tbeni in f nJaml aa e<m, 
only tl)ey canna got tDoJcing themselna vii^ble, becase tlMto'a m uyuk 
Scripture nprriul abroad oter the raiiotry." 

" In that your own opinion t " 

" It is notv ma'am. I thtok they know that th« judfrment-clfty t» 
driving ncnr ; on' m> they're keeping vevy quietf in the bii|« that. If thcf 
do ao more ini»cliii<f, tbcy may l« i>n\-^.'' 

We thaaked our old frieuU fur liia explaoatiaD, which wm t|BiliF tff 
te ua Our Dtanifmt intwwt in hi* conwrMtJon lod him to toll p^ 
trnqtlf alorwi cS riminutaoDai which hod, ho iwd, takra pla 
ha>){inniitK of ll>« pn«cut century, when the elfin fteoptt) bad 
pavrpr of Buikiutj tbeinK>lm rinlilo. 

It vaa In tho autuina of tha jrvar IQW Uwt XaAy 1 


luadt , 





^Boia til* old fttnu of Tubbcrywgalttf to tbat of Uirtiahalle, iwiu- Letlei^ 
'taBn^', aocotn[i<uu«ct hy bie uoUlo-, wife, aimI MLiter, wbo w(tp laimntccl 
upoa autii bwUn vrttb llinr Iioiueliolcl pViiiidiing. " IlMr, but it'H tbe 
(leant flitting t " c^acuUtoii the neigbbouv, vkU-jiinj^ Uieee well-lftden 
out* wt &rLh. " Ueai>, seaii ya may have good luck in tlie new place 1 " 
The wUb unw » kindly ouo ; bti( tiiuo ptumtl owr Uie beads of tlie 
tOMtiU of DininUallc, uul it did not Beom likely to be folfiUed. 1 1 wnn 
nob th»b ftnj CiiiU orniUl )« fonmd witli houne or land ; the fanner, thoti^li 
anal], mu in PSoeUoni mjmii-, nn4 th« lnlt«r K{>p«arc<d woi-tiiy of Uie 
■■■aure liut Daonel Uvuihutl upon it. Jiul bis oareful cuitui« «n.'* 
£raitl«ik V>r]r poor ttutiijNi lutd putAtocn, niiwutitilo wh«ttt, uid oiU^ 
much mixed with smut, nloiw rBwardal hia inceionnt toil. Ycnr atier 
jtnr bf) abd bid wiCt; auJ tarter toiled to pay tkeir reut ; aud tlie lolwur 
lacRine harder ttuia yaw, wbiln tbtiy grew grt^or and moi-e wrioklcd ; 
■ud t^c old lady ia the chiiancrycorDGr uttei'cd luaoy a lanputatioii ovei* 
tha dcfmrUil mna and <\iiuj'')rt of TulilH^r-iiagittU*. " W«; iimuu dit 
^kin, Pfffff, but wult hue iiiu> rouf over uh Ihiti time ; well ht pour 

KVffUen looking for ouv bit," said JDoonel, od« ^oomy September day. 
Ha bail tiiBl«bcd his niiitetikble iitai:kt!,aud from iiia soac iu tbo ganUin 
ilil 1KB thv sDv^ Ktiick\-nnbi of aoutu o( bis neighbour. Pvggy bad no 
ufiirt lit ufl«T ) Kite (u^Keil deeply, and v.-alkcd iato tlio faouMv iMving 
Itonnd MMed on r stom ogaiiuL the cottage wall, vilb hix b«ad sunk 
opon Ushanda. 

B« had wt in thta defected attitude tot some time, when he became 

Miwaioaa of a soitud war lii»>. ui'l, looking up, mw a litt!« oM man, 

Vcaiitis a llureo-oantMvd cucked-bul , coiuiii;; tuwanU htm bolveeiu tbe 

potato hdt{(s. 

t^a " Vou'ni sluilyuif{, nei^bour," began tbe tiny niiui. " Mny I av what 

^■t iHails yuul " Siiiiirim k«]it Donnal ailent. " You ueedna bu telling 

^B||4^'' mutiuued lits victor, " tor I kctu your troiiblv wpe]. Xactbiug 

^^roit|N<ra Uiat you put your hand till ; an' you cnnnii make up tlie n-ut, 

|{ood nor bail." 

" Vmi'n nglity" cried tlonuel. flaitlbd; "Utat vim my study, eore 

^H *' Dblta't I tail you I kbowad iti " ii^>i»i-d tbo UlUa muii. peltubly, 
1^" Bnt I'ai winy for you, an' 1 'U just tell you what you'U do. Oo into 
the houw bo' bi'l your wouieu folk ti«VQf (toiu- nnither drop o' watw into 
llw Hitk, for it's juit over my li*ad, mi' rvcry di-op they pour into that 
link goim to put out uiy kitL-lx'ii tbm. If you take my advico you'll gei 
ibv thtk dinuged fme Lbn front o' thu hoiuv, wbere it ia now, to ihu back, 
an' mayhtf ihiiign 11 ao Iwtter iri' you." 

So sayinXi ha nodiUfl Lo lliu Ckjuier, and, turntng bools ovn* hnul 
down tbi.' ixftoto ridgoa, diiajiitcaiivl from i.igbt. 

acratdiilng kia bend with one hand, xliilo lti> mblie'l Idx ryua with 
_ tha oOur, Dmaal aTUr lh« activw liulo man. He then i!ot np, 
^kuid went into tbo oottnfis aB<l throw liiiaiwlf on liia kn«H over the sink. 



" Gio nft a elnth, lui'ii^er do yaa tbi-ov the potato-WAtor in here Mfiun,' 
«ri«) ho to )iu( women folk, wIiq lonktwl on hi utter astoiuabBi«nt, 
ing )i9 iDti»t hnvp gone iiini). But n f««- liunvnl «or<U AxpUuiMl tO, 
His nDxt rare wha t» send for a nuucm. and liATe the xtnlc chiui](Kl from 
tho front to th(> Ixick of lh« Koukc^ cnrofull^ vloedng up tbo cswrini iJmt 
by i-ij;l>t al»v« hu &irv n«gfaboiii''8 kiU'h«n tire. Th« tnttan hkd lfc» 
conscience focbar^ faun two alitlliD^ for the job; hut he wm wnot W 
eay tlint it wmr, mAit al), a c}im{i mnminitfjt worlc For frooi UmI kxtr, 
levetTthitL}; pro#|icr«l "vrith him. 'Hio fitnn bore splendid cropB, the 
i^dtW fnHiiliKW qmntittes of goldt-u batUtr, th« rent wms pud with 
wul U]oiM<y wM lodged in the b^nk againM « raiiiy tUy, which, bowevw, 
never came. 

Vfo h«vo mid that tho old hawthorn tivott aro still looked upon ri 
&ir; property. Woe botide the ftwlhanly penoR who v«iitDr« tn laiM 
Lfta Hxo u]|[itiu>it oiu^ of tht»e " geutie litutKnt," as tliny on nllol. Tn>l*nJ 
rt)i« man whv, oillier to earn inoney, or bo win hia naMM'ii fitvuur, mis 
down e> " gentle hasli," is surd, the people tliiitk, to miAW- ibr it, 
tai^ fiumen, all toleiiilily veil eiiucalnl in tbnae OayR, ar« uoti 
WtwJUujj; to loHt good Kronnd ; and thr ^mu'lod bawthoros are dCB^ 
puiriBg ffon the fields where the BUperstition of former geu«r&tion« Irft 
thvpi. Dut tlii> faiiuer uiuit oiUm take tho hatchet iiilu bin ova but 
K> roluctiutt nro hiti lal>a»n<)« to help Iiim. 

IVo cunous instaiicxis of this supcnttiiion catno Intoly tituler tkn 
wvitcrV own obetervaUon. A jmkit ninn !n tb« villfig(> of Carriguw, 
tsDipled by the olfar of five shilliiitps cut dou-n one of ifaem tmw ; ih* 
■HMOD WW very wot, and bo eoou nfterwarda had a istrtmti attMk iM 
rheiunatic fever, wfaieb some of liiii netghboure dwlonvl (o he a jnA^- 
tami of tJbO " f^tTT " upon him '. Tlie hrMuiheB of the itbhopoan-t 
troo l*y lung onrcgardoi) ; hut nt length the motltar of a luve fiiMily, 
remembering that coals were very dew-, plucked up ccnxoffe to e»ny 
bcttDohea borne uhI liiim tliem. Her hitabatui, howevor. hnrt hi* 
in A flax-mill next day, aiul uim uf her cliildion toU out of bed and bnl 
ite arm — s puaishiiKniV, eho eaiit, for ber rnah 4«ed I But llio fiUiir* >i« 
not nlwAVH Made vulc lit and revcu^^ul. Borne of thv qttoJntost Ueu^d 
le|^(h ropnwnt tlxnn uh b«ing goueroiutly imd kindly divjioMd tovanb 
theh- hnman ue^houi-B. 

Y«7 Ions useo~~ywn \»t6tv the r.ulKMds inm mulo. when tail tm 
vere little nplinifii — then- li>-^ an old womai) nud heriUughler iaktsq 
TduI htnulW the wayjado. A a aiwii-nt )i»wt)i<»n tr<v> grev vtryii^ 
to Uk' oibiu, MmDhltq; Ite gnarled nnun or«r tJH< thatch, and MrikiM 
iU ro»U d<n)> uu] fitr. Tlio fictonex xtuki not yi>t limit, (md vjciininM 
wbetlii liiiiiiined iii ovory chimney lumer, and tiue girlft nog nm/l »^M 
to their dronvy acootDpanimeiita. J 

K' 'unit, Initahi^ cotiM not >^inf!. 'Hiel**' ^H 

haui^i "h," whoM bnux^it lay »]Kn UK>ro ^H 

of mc/nt in fpriaitf and a ehnuion curtAia in antiintb, and ^M 




I, dtwi 

Uttbo*! taiisic in lh« cotta/^. Kittir was always aloiM, fi>r her <laiigti(ei' 
wnriecd iti II10 rwkbt. Quo uvcnlii^r, iw ahn mt at Iwr Tork, n ]itll« nUI 
womsn in s ml cloak appmml Rt tho door. 

" (.Vituo in. good wubuui, nii' tak' an lur 0' tlto Gn," aaid KUly, kta|)j)iii{( 
her wluwl. 

TKn vuaior Hot ilowu nu a »tool tu Uu) chiuDey conwr, aod liegan to 
tnlkiunDy dor of Killjr's nrriimiiitaitccff froin Uifl villtiKo mjglit hnv* 
(liKM ; Ifiit Bbu «>«ilt] Dot rocoUect ever lia>-iDi; scon lica* bef^n^. 

" Will yon b*' |i!«)k.-co;) tu tiukd mo tlie Ioad n' a little bow] of iiu«l till 
Mnortov I " asked tbo etransor, hsins to toko Imvv. 
" Ay, guotl wtiQiiiii, an' wclaMne," raplivd Kilt/, (faing to liui bonvl 
in tbo comer nf tUe kitrlicn, ami 6Iliog a bowl witli menl. 

" I'll bring it bnck in tlto uioniUi^," nud ttiti Uttlo woiuati, tflkitig 
itttvtt. u-itk nailet aotl ttiADkn. 

There vph \ery UlCo meal left — Imrdly cnrMigli to inakfl ycll'a 
lirnikfiHt nnxt tiMrmng; i>ii<I Kittv tbi>iij;lit lu licrw!f, >■ I dope Uio weo 
rot:. •w'l tho muL" 

> II -III ber work wxm aJWrwanEii, but ber inotlier (|iiito 

;iit to uuuitiou flie viiil «lio bail KoinYad in Ikt atmnee. But wLmi 

I timt) cauu fur taokiiif; hreaktoA, iho occunvoco llaBhod upou h«r 

|«unMf7. luid fivn wi-ui OTAF to tba lMn«l. 'Klmt VM her luttouiAltinmt 

It Qiiil it bolf fiiU of tiow cntneall " I ken bor well enough, now," 

aoujib t tl»o aid woman ; " aba's one of tbe geotry, an' 111 no Kpwk of b«r 

Mueiut NolL Ska va« » tlainty, woe wocaan, an' the k«i)t li«r word. 

7e lOAun Butk' tlw tttirabtnit, an' I bn)io ibo dmuiI's caiiii^." Ifell 

:iiig;kb the mml an IpxtA tlint aho nikoil where it had csomo from, wying 

dill not think Fat Byan, of thv (ho}t, had laid in aay new mco). ilor 

' tiMtther nmilB no i«f>ly. 

kit WM aboiit tbe 8iudc hotir Ln the evening, tiiat Kilty, .itiU 8|xniuug;, 
bt«.r>I n voico wliicli Moundnl ax if &-01U thn t<^ of tho eiuianoy, myiag, 
*' Bo-pohp, Kitty ; aioyoa tlierol " 
" &j~ mid Kittv. " la that you t I'm bere^ Coma down, an' oomo 
in. ^ ' ' ■''01 un the wDe ctwipid fonnnst m«; an' wo'U baesGra«k." 
M ! <' woinati oboyod, anil mtuuned antil it wan itltn(»L timo for 

^^pi|«ll'ii TOtum knina ; and from tliuL day forward idi« nlwnre njipcaTod at 
^VUm aatna bonr. Plenty Ix-gnn tu ntigu in tiie cabin. The tn«il barrd 
^^ -vMt ^n^ncDlly r»]ih-iiiiUied ; tbe t«a nuuster waa uoKir L-niiity ; and 
■uinnt uf nrMta atul {iniitji of buttjtr vore to be foiiud iipuo tbo dnwor 
wbva tvx'tuae draw soar. 

Kitty, at tbii fortiinnt;* poriitd of bur life, m* a fiit and flourialting 
old womaD. l\tnrc and cvrn Hixpvw;«s it-ere dianovnrMl iu tki> moHt un> 
a ipnrt w L pUcM— «u tho tliiimbold, on tlio beaitliatoue, or in tbo toa- 
eupa I Thw alatit i)f thiu^s UkMM for two year!> ; but Noir» vimuMty had 
t^. „ .-.■■Mily ucititd W tb» unwtiuUHl abuuilaucu, aad the diaouvM^ of 
I in bnr ni^liaip bront^^t bar woulor to tta elimax. She 
- v! i>ur laeUwr tot«U where tb« Dwn^ mbm from, aod M leogtli 



liei- iinporiinuty prevulod. I'^tn Uio day when the £m1hIi voDtf 
IxitiTkyml ker MiCTOt, no nioiii suppliwt of men), toa, iHitter, mi<1 cmnt wen 
Ui be found in tbc cJtbUi; imd wfaal wns ulrend; there bad nuUKbiNl dan 


" Like iuiry gilU bdiog awajr i " 

Dcither did tii» oflitoded eltlu benefuctins «vor after ufixttr. Tlir wc* 
folk >ro v«iy grateful for any Idiidntfla shown tkem. 

The pftrish of Kny in a ^iitle )>lu», lukl curious Lhin^ Iuth (nn 
tiuu; iininenKnul boro bappcuiug to pcoplo ilwclling therein. As tnrf 
bogs abound, Ui« lirra artt ivjileiiuJiM in the bonnm oarb night, that th* 
fidrift) may mine in to warto tlieniaelveB, if it ao ^eata them. Ahooi 
twi-ut^ yvtu^ a^, a man, named H*Ointr, waa awakeiifd hj henriatf* 
gttaX comniotion in liiii kiu^ea ; b« jm-potl down from tliv loft when im 
bed was, And mw n rruwtl uf MlUii ri-c»lunv> miiwt Uw lUw. Tben* had 
pTolMhly been a tiftfat ninotig th«ni, for oofl of thmr nnmbcr lay ti{iuB th« 
bearUutODO covered witti blood. M'OJuty liKtc-D^td to wlial they 
aayiiig,and found tKnt tliey wcro in a dJlficnlty becauso tii«y bud no liamj 
to biud lip tlifl unfottunato ercoture'A wouudH ; k>, tbrawing hn iliir 
down into the kitohon, ha enll«d out, " Tak' itint, an' weleome, if it 
be any um to yous." Tba ItttUi Iblk tluiokM) litm ; and he, ln»wiii|; thai 
they cnnnot eudiii'o to h« watdied, Inj down n^iu. Tbotvwaa notncv 
nrxt tnomins of wbitt tind hnpp^^al, but ArOinty foiiod a olujlim m 
tho tnUo; nud from that tjuo fbctb Ira was iu>v«r wilhoub tn<uu<>-. Son*- 
tinoN it watt in hi« boot ; nom^'tiniw in lus taarup, or lying ud thn tltmli' 
old. fHf Ini^ l>y n fftod deal of mouoy — eaonf^h to mipport his fitmilT 
ill coniibrt whnn • bard winter came and ho \v»n t1iii>vm out uf wvak. 
Kilt lii» wifo w(iud«i'wl uuntasiiigly wlwre tJio fiinilci nuoe fron, aid 
t«na<-nt«<l bim to toll lior. Aa sbo asked the wuna qmwtion day ate 
day, hti replied that, if 1m< wero to tfll who irtvn liin nattM-, b* 

woald UKWt rartAtaly n^i no loote. KoiwithBtfuidinx < jmiiiilal 

in wMuying Itiin willi h«r ontreatio^, and at Wt ko unx »o provoked I&m 
hb iwmlod tliu ROCTft. On vioiUiig hin hoard soon afWwanli^ bo fyaal 
a hM]> of iknd Ibmvos whiOQ tho mouAy had Iwoa. 

Nlofilieu Uiitphy's wife n-aa a much mora Ktiirilile vciiiiui Hirl 
Land was one who eudoiivoumi lo U^-e on good terms witl< tli.' fiTArJ 
ho never went to lied witboat putting on a |!Ood lire, tvei-. 
iM^artli, and Ii-uving hrmd, miik. and butter on tlio diblK. 'Ill i 
alwayx uoiwt >■) tlto ntomioff. bat Uborml pnymunt wa« lyiiiK ■" ' 
Mn. Muqihy knew lintter than tu maku a nmiark oratk a ' 
(l«Nl.onoueoera»oa Ltariu^ an uttiuuial stir in thekitrln'ig. .. , 
that tonw «vil-i!i8|»oiwl imum uiicbthavw bmken into 'J ■ t .. ... 

up, fJi*u«d the bod-tooj 'fUy, owi poqjml m. Amu 

liiiy l«il^c■^ tdniAdiWD- " »■» in pntax, «frv ulu«lir< 

tho lini. Oie rvtreatnl nuat'lcsdy, ooil oayar natil ah*wa>w 
bed oMnttoiwd what she li3<l ttva to eitlia- lioHlnutd or noi 

A iuddl*«gMl maa livlim tu Uuri^puus ttio nUig> b 



iiaimi III tli&t be fa*t htva uiuler tlM {notection o( tli« £uriw sioM Lia 
bvfbootl, but does not Imoir how ho w&s so fmtnnate an to K»in tbeir 
gMd-wiU. As ho WA8 cmplnj-ed in making the nilrom] IxrivrerD I/nuloa- 
<leR7 K>d Stemliuw, Iw weal oue SKn-ning rath«r nu-ljr to Jus work, Mkd, 
HTiTing befiara tbo otbcr men, mi down in the ibod where tlw !q>ttik« and 
cnnrbftn wera ke|>tt aod lit his )>ipe. He bsBnl a cough, mid, looking up, 
peratind a iml-luurrtl woman Uuidiiig iu the doonnijr, who naid to hini, 
"Ifee bank will Ul Id t<MlAy and kill two bwu dose beside /du; it 'tU take 
700 to bo on your {{nard and watch well." So Myis^, ahodinppcaMd. The 
tank did lall iii, and the two men who worked betudo Jnmm H'AJi«tar 
wet« croahed to death ; he «scaped t>y epriogiiig backwuda at the first 
sigD of (langn*. On two other occasionii liia conipanionM laet witJi fatal 
aecidntitit— OQce whilo blimtinif a rock ; lUiotbiT tinut whilo cutting 11 i-oad 
— «3id be eeoapeil onhutt. These latter »CB])ee, tu well aa Urn fint, he 
■UribmeB to Quxj guardiaiisliip. 

IDw BaoxhM. or whit« f liry. iK&au to he very cloecly relnt«d to tbo 
geotry ; " but elic is always connected, in tlie minda of our ^teaBnotry, 
■Bovmii^ and <i««(li. 
A poor man wu matwl nt his Bresidv one summer preuing, when be 
beani aomethiag i-eeemhling a monmftil cry, or, still more, the aorrowfnl 
oxelunatiou of a rerj old person. At tlie same moment a little woman, 
\tmA aiUKsl doul>lv nn<l kooing ou a sticJc. crowed lua tbrwhold. Sh« 
looked atlum tixAlly, and, huniag about a^iun, went away sighing and 
ICrasiiiiig beavitji-. " Ally," called (lie man to hin wife, " did you see that t 
}X*1 joa htttr that sore rr^ig I Tbiu^'ll be » d««Ui among im, for that 
WM ■WflMhing that foUow;* oar (amily." The wife had caught fiighl of tlie 
Jll onMinnr^ strangdi-, and slie lan ont into the street of RathniiilUii, and 
loolced up anil down, but there was no tnu» of her to be neen. Nextdny 
Ton Swoenio and eoni« of lii» n^liboiuv wont to batlux All were in 
mxA qiintA as tht^ walked down Co the ahoi-e togethei- ; but a sudden 
Bwhacbbly Mruck Tom, and he lenarkMl, " I wondw whicti of as will 
lim to go bourn n^ii I " Ifu wa« aeuml with cmtnp wbtlo bathing, and 
nnk. Poor Ally knew tbm that the Banaliee's luneiitntioa!! had been 

tor iiltn 

Than ii a good duul of samMogs in tiio atoriM of Baitiiheo wantingl ; 
the one above i-vUted ia vcr]t' liko a numbar of otbors which ha\-o been 
loU to the writiw. 

By far thv greater number of our fairy IcRaodii relate to chan^^linga 
Tha wve folk an luid to covet a beautiful iiiiuut ; and, if it be not con- 
stantly nml carvrully wittcheil, will »l«al it away, leaving a Esiry in Its 
place. Ttioolf looks pxautly liko the Molen child; butno sooner isitleft 
in iixf cradle tluw it l«Klns to wail, and, ua it grows more and nuns crcas 
lad ttril liin|iai«d, go also dou it Itvomo polor and nwn misarable in 
•{<l>r«T«oce. Tbe people liad xeveral meana by w liich Uiey d«cided wkethtr 
tbr ctying baby was a dinugeliiqc or not Tlie following cruel test wac 
istnslly Uriod, in the nait^hljourhood of fiaplioe, some sixteea yeam ago^ 

rou xxxT,— Ko. 306. 9. 




lod b 

AwHbirwHJi minting k crying " 1)ec3[go»B " child of eifll: 
'lipo HI old twft^itrwi^nutn t-nbn-ctl ttii boiMO, aaui wa 
mviled to net and vann benalf. As the ebiiA Ul, scratxheil, cod 
itself otbonrioe iliMgreeal>]«, th» on»« oUnrved ib •UeDttmly. 

" Tlut'8 a bod vMui jrou liATe Umv," Bhft i«inu4ccd. Tli« diild atopptl 
iia ADKry wmI to Movl at her. " Ah, vad you j;;int at me I Ood b 
between you an' ma ! " wuiA abu, abalcii^ facir witliurad handt »t lb« 

" For aod> Mke, good woman, toll ma wbav 70U naaa : " cried 
I'ghU^ted mother. 

*' Wan llinn voan aye Uu» way lin i» now, ma'am t " 

" Hn, n* ; be van tb« bonnimt an' hart o' childttr, till he vna man nor 
a qoartor old. on' lie tnmed Uko this all of a Boddent. 1 ba' nae 
wi' liim night nor lUy." 

" Vr«el, T'eq Hfenr^ he'« no wbat he ought to Ixs an', if you taV 
bidding, you'll get Toxy leavea (di^talis, or foxi[love), sa' toil tben, 
bathe hun Ihroo timm in the wnt<ir, on' th«n we{gb faiin tu the ecalea. 
be^ yoor ain child boll liv«. bnt if h.v'» what I thiuk he i» h«11 dla.' 

Hie child v-iwi|»ly bathed in foxglove watw, und diod n.fe«r 

A tnilor, woi'i-iOK iu a &n)i«r'B kitcbuo, -waa tomwDtoil br udu of 
w&ilin^t iiifniits. Il« wouilerod at its niw^fWiTng mes auil at its 
patience. Ttme oriM went un always while ahe was ia the touo, 
stofiped if ahe were callMl away. Ou ono oocasioii, when Um> 
imuDODwl her uistniM intn ihn yard, tlio child aaid to tho tailor, " 
I play yoii » tiinn I " Thi^ iniiii nixidnl ; aitd tbn littlo f^n-nttirt^ tun): 
fiddle ftxtta liehiml bis pillow, and, aittinj; up in hia cradle, [ilaytsd mtl 
and jitcB in a moaterly maaoer. " But we hmuu oUrp now, fin- h«n> ovoo' 
Uw old witch. IMn't t^ll ; " and tho child hi.1 th« tiddl*, and btieaii to 07 
tfgaisi lis iho tni^<tran opuni-dtbe door. Thu tnilor told bor what had tafcoi 
plaro in h«e abaeuoe, and i«oominended biu- to put the child on a mm 
aiid Hltalcn liim nbova th« &«. She Tery nlnctaotly etnuvDhnl ; liiailt, 
-wmi niMlciqi in the nnolca^ and, grinning and uiiiltenng, Atrw ay tlia w. 
«ehimncy, and wm ^tu>. 

Quite as well knvwn in Donegal ia the legcmd of Crobiui HiU, Ji 
Martin and his wifo Kat^y t^>nt«da good&min thetownlamlof Crdua.' 
All tho land waa of «xc«tleutqiiAlily except half an arre of rooky gtvtaii 
whirh wan *' nllnwed " to hn a very " g«nt3c jilmv." No fiimivr IimI tmr 
tieen ao nuh mt> to hliocl a rock or ciit a bramble there, and Jocit Martoi 
always ^re Crohan Uill a wid« bm-tli when lie guided liis jilmif^— ^ 
was not the nun to livn nn bad tnrii)* with ih* ftdriw. Bvmythiux pna- 
penid un th» fiirta. Ifia cowx, hoi-ww, alieep, and yovitry wora tho tiami 
ifi the Htuntry. hni he hod bo child to inherit hi* MTlBKa. Al lam<h a 
happy daycnm« when he and Katey had a »a— adeor. lova^iliGutt wjifc 
bltte ey«», lint white loekn, and r*»r ehookx. 

"IXar, but lie's humiAl" said tbv women who lind aaaniibled ia tkr 
lann lutchon. " Von niaun keep yoni- eyo upon hin, ili%. ACaiti^ m'i 


hMu to Imr* hita Im lano in the Iiouko. bo num you put Uio bguji* 

HatUd followed tkis advice cftnifully fur aotnelima; but it 
oaadfty tliiitdw wui tnJIed out to look at. a liek cow, umI fijrgoC 
li Iha toufp acnMB Uw ciudlo. Sba irae fc^tcd oa bar return bjr » 
il, fwUe VKi], and from tliot <lAy her lM«.Uliy. KmHt-hutnounMl child 
to dwisdlo nod pinu Bwnir, Hv cried cwuiiuiitlly ; bd Mnnicbud, 
bit, be ntvaed to aleep ; none but n mother conld have aui««d Mtd 
biui «tiU. " Hh'k the craiK wnti, swo Mioiigli ; but bo'U ImaII rifjbt 
leu be gom hu t«ulh," Mid th«! ]Kior woiuAn to hArailf. 
ISirM ytcn -paaaed without hringiDf any dioiii^ for the better ; but 
" backgaas" child, tJtoo^ mdoU, iind Ehwtiuue, awl Mokly, was as 
B SB V) (44 matn, 
" KAtny," said the farmai-, GOtniDK into the kitchoi one mominK, " I 

gao dovni U) tht (orge wi' thcou plough iron^." 
* Wrel, duar." »id Katov. 

"Tsbbfir," ndd the child, who had ceased his wail to Ust«n, "yon 
be £Oing to th« Emith, for HI toll ymi what he'll do. Ho'U put 
^■kuf^ irotis in Uio firo. and hL>'U tak' theu out. an' ibrwr tbem on 
^^B^, au* Miy, ' That', I'vu uuMeil my boat ! Tak' Uieui nn' uso tbcm 
Jii-yll Juyou a wee while, anyway." 
** Will be, Diy lu&n t " said th« &rmar, kn^^iiiig. 
"Dk* mith di>l Rxoctly to. the iduld aaid be would. He put the irtms 
tb« fire, but took theni oat in a fow iaiiiutn« and tltr«w tlMm on the 
■, cryitiff. " Tbew ! i'vo misaed my beat ! Tak" them an' use tben — 
yll 60 yoB a wee whiles aayw»y,"' • 

" I>nar me 1 " Bxckumod Martin, " that's what my little Iioy said 

*• Wbat liltlo ^n^■ In Oint )" 

" Jn^t my WMi boy Uutt I hna nt hjHDO." 

I ■ 9 a boy I" eaid tiw etoith. " Now, shall I tcH yon what to 
thai littln boy of voum I Have yoa' e%*cr a bif; pot in the 


*' Ay. aunt," returued the bmier, open-mouUied — tJi«i<e'a the pot the 
'm nK«t is made iu." 
' We«J, thtow tbeee irons into tbe pot, wi' ae big a clash an' jinglo as 
mn inake, an' clap your hatuk, au' cry, ' (.'rohAn Hill'^ on fira ! ' an' 
ill m; what that little Iwy o' youni Trill do." 

Smt Alartiu walked koiue with the plotigh ii-ona. He was annoyed 

' !ih'» iiutnuatioua; l>tit thou)^it lie wmild do as he rectHdiuendBA 

[>n>re biin urong alxmt tbe child. IIo Mitered tbo kitdua, 

tiie inms into the gimt jiot, and vried oat, *' Cmhau Hill's 00 

Uw ohthl no wouor b«ard thia cry than he btai-ted up, exclaiming* 
ay wife an' weana will lie roa&t«d," rau aafitvi liio kiti-heu, and 
I tha wide diiinnoy. SauHiwh«ra io fWiiy ilwdlinge tkve MmAax^ 





own Adm rcDudnod j lut, when the idioeV rauMil l^hls 

had a little subRided, tbey coogratulatod thoinfc]re> at luivin|[ gat rid of ' 

Im «lfiih sulsUtute. 

Lms qnftint but mora poetimi tbui iho nboro is tho legend of RlioJa 
Devlin. Two iartnlinitittii at tbc foot of Camck Bnui were iuhKMted br 
Jo1inI>«r1in nml Mn-rk OillKgluui. Exaetljr betwM-n their two fiu-ntsmM 
tbe idcIl)- hill, which vox ovcrgrowa in parte with Mtunt«d hruel hodMi^ 
wild nses, and woodliino, lonvrng pntchra of srauty graas bei-e aud then 
whom tthm^i or {hj^ inixht jsrat^. Each fitMnnr knpt thm ^iint pl^ u 
diSbnnt from tho slook auiianb! of the pnsout day lu cmn bo imagind; 
Mid, IL9 it v,-Ait thon tli« ctiKtam U> keep Uiom cnit of doon in miuinuir, tkij 
need to send Uie (ligs t^ the Bmc. A.n amicmblc nmiigMncut wu letdi 
that Rliodo. Dnvlia nnd Nanoy Callaghftu i^onld feed tbe«o kuc inUnri- 
ing craatum day about. ^Vllen it happi^jied to he little RLodn's itu lir 
canying tlie bucket of jiotato-ttkiiia mid Imtt^ruiilk to the {Wjlpi' <n^ 
upon thi> Bnu), idto wm wont to set otit in hi;;h iipint», th« Rin^a* 
mBkin^ bcr yellow rinjtleta sbino liko icold, and o>-vr7 one wlto nutts 
uiK>d Ui iwy. "Wlml a Ifttuiiful child!" Nubndy mid this of Xmi.i 
wbo was merely a ifiouU romid-rat.-ed girl, like a hundred otlier p 
ehildien. Tbe beantifiit llhoda lovod to play, a&'l gather t>oiiq« 
roROR, bluebells And faiiy thiiubltM on tlio Biwt ; aod rlio had 
prcUj &inci«E« aljoiit Hitt nookx and tiui)i[)is. and the Kttic ar1>ours u 
noath the bracken. 8he liked to linger there mnoh better thnn 1o '. 
her mother to waah the diuhfti, fo«d the poultry, or ^ako the 

• It was on a warm Hnuimcr afternoon that idle took her linckct, i 
aat out for tlio Brao. The n(\«moOD fiuletl into oveainft, and Iter mn 
wont many times as far ts tliu gtevn gate to look fin* her bntHni 

"Naujjity chilli, what kept you frae your ■a-ork ?" n«ked Kftj 

" Ob, ituunnty, dinna be anairv '. It was the nin-, wtie rhildor oal 
Brae made uie otop to play wi' tlicin, on' tlic time w«nt by." 

'• What childer in ihoee, Rliodal " 

" I dinna know, mammy." 

"Maybe th<.7 IoIoim; to thow M'Ptxnmtu thot'd como to KnI 
ham's new bonee down thei-e at Can-tck I " 

" I dinna know," ivpctatcd th*^ child. 

" Ww>l, RhiMla," wiid hw mother, pmthing lier roagkly Iila ' 
kitchen, " be they win tbey may, youll no Iutq yoar work ajjai 

Next day it wfts Naiiry's turn to feed the (tigs, and fhp did on* 
with oiiy company tii idl« bor ; but on tlio day alter that Jtbfrlk 
aiKaiii. [t wa» Kitiiael beTore (Oto i«tiiri)e<l. She wna roviiw* 
nipmnchm, to wliidi die pejilied — 

" It was the nCee, wee childer kept me. an' wuuldna fe' 


oL t mftmmy, iliaiia sctul mo to tlio Bnc >^>ii> for they f»y tboj^'U keep 

tarn tfas next tune, ui' no let nw ftwa uif more." 
^^ She aokbel bitterljr, and MeneJ to be i a die Uvnlu«t (error. 
^H ■* If OBMim I Stop lAlking tbat foolisliBus I " mid ber &tliflr and 
|bol]Mr, tnfpHy. 

^f A Iciiiil af borrar AppcwAil to potoKMi tko ^ild : iJio ccnild not ba 
tndaixd to cnUlc to anylhiiig, tuid lior n»tle«ioo» incrcasod aa the bow 
^m^or htar tttsxt visit Uiow near. 
^p " Hera, be off vV jaa, Rlioia," wM Jolm D«vlJn. jjulting tUe bucket 

^^int* hvT tiaodl 

*■ Oh, tladdjr, please, <Iiimft Besd nic I Let Miok go tluj d^y," cried 
Uio chililf clnHiKug iMr Loiidtf. 
^_ " Uick liotf liis work to <lo. Was Uiwo ever iuc]i a coiitnuiy child I 
^fOo Hat very miuuti^ on' t«U tho chiltler four fatker bid« you cuuie buma 

Very «lovl]r Ilbodft lifted her poU, aad turned lo go, oobbiiig bitlca*!/ 
w obe wnit. 81ie never can>c hoiue. Ereuin^t — miuijet — twiJiglit ouue, 
4tti hrao^it no tdga of ber. StarcJi iru Unds upon the Brae ; but no 
ba» of her could bo diaoovcred belaud tJio etnply biickot, and a baucb 
»r CvJUd fcucglovea bud uixm a atoae. Tli« neigbbourA b&d uot seeu ber, 
uad vwjr jjpnre tmleoil Uioy looketl wlion tbey beurd tbe ttorj. 

" Yo« Kbotiblti* ba' Milt h«r biK.-!:, wltcn kIio iloocJiod joa ua sore. 

San Ae WHS a i>^imie voui. an' it's like enough the irm folk H>t dir>ir 

^m]ttmtU oa hoc. Sli>*'li L« woul done for wi' iheiu, for Wt !<ai<l tbt^jr lin.' 

^■fiaa bouw nudergronDd, fui-nUhod liku a guntlcniuiK parlour, an' tlie 

^■rei? facflto' Kudo living; — but it is to bo fearod that jou'lL soe lier luko 

~ Thix wai coU comfort for Uio buarl brukcu [xirvnts. Mn. Devlin 
Lrpt liffil upon ibo Bme on May ovos and IlallowoVns, lor at sucL tiiiMS 
nartaX It tt laid, ma; aee tlie oUlu people; but, alas! fhe acvei- mw 
ber ckild. Sbc taw tliu ]>o»'dnr TjiU fmui lliu ooikluii, and tbe luuel 
pIoaiH nod to the AEny broo;:o, but novor )i<>r pretty Bboda's yellov 
«tirlib tibo beard faiiy pi|)eiv plar in Ihe distance ; and in diill October 
^tiiored lionwoods nistlod like foot^tope on tbo Brae ; but sliv qdvri- hconl 
Ibc olphin tnxip hUe by, nor oroi- caujfht (be Huund of hoi- loot child's 


(Sreni 5torms. 

Gbeat Btorma m&y bo compared to thom watcs on a ]iertarb«d <M 
vliich Hm hi^er tbon their fellows, lH«ca)u» ropHMriiting in rralitr the 
conalnnAcl tnnan of iiei'enU waveR. It is oot probabto thai the eawa 
proilitciug stomu -nry tma Uaio to time in tnergj, except wbUn 
very narrov litoiUi. The aiiD is alvrays pouring fortli hu \\tnt wtUi 
unriuTuig abundance, tbooKfa «s the e*rth itmws «)i);htly nettrrv to llini, 
orponm Hliglitly fnrther fmui liim, in tnTening her slightly Mrcmtric 
«rMt> alie recHres a grwiter or mnn-IW proportion of tins hmi wbidi b« 
«miu. Aitd Hgain, though honr by hour i3i« bee of the cnrlli tnnol 
mmwarda ia cbiuij^n^, And tliougli aa the year ]>caee«fli( mhe novf baiH 
lier nortbeni, now hor sottthOTn tvgioiu taom fully toward* him, jft it it 
not from diaoscs such as iheee that great storms proceed. Sucb cluui|^ 
proceed too slowly and too nnifomly to geoent* of theatsolTwt gral 
atmoRiduric distarbKnocH. It ia in tbo aocidenlal combiniitioa tt- 
irrefpUar cauaea of ntmottjJieric diBturhanee, not iu rpgnlar T:vruitji 
tjie acUoa oftbn gnst source of ull the atmospheric motioug, that dmi 
ttTo linrricftn<« h«T« their origin. And iu tliifl rexp«ct great xiorme may 
vdl be oompATMl to thoto great -vntrts vhinh fhnn timp to time overtop 
tlicir follows on natorm-boHRed sea. For niich wavMorenot ptoduml I7 
the action of fiercer blasUi than have jierturhetl the soa nroti(i<l tluS). 
Erery portion of tint wft has Iicrn e^iifllly dirtiirtwd, or nmriy »o. But 
it M bncBum in mine cnsee vntvti-moreineots obnncn to be so avnciatat 
with otlti-'ns thut vrave-oresta coalesce viUi wave-crmls. utd bullowa «ttk 
hollows, producing greater dL^turKuini, while iu otlx-r oasoe the wav^ 
cnMs «f one net agree with the hollovs of another, and riee 
ndiKiBft the disturtMiice, that iraTca orer the inrtnrlxid sea ur^ itnf^nal 
aud wbeii it to chanoea that Mereral wa\-eii coalenco iiitu f-ne, « t* have 
of those uitghly vitrnt which aunmcn dread. A ttbip shall liare Meul 
(vr hour* tbu full brunt of a etonn, riding orrer tho loswvr wav««, anJ 
reeling indeed befon the Ur^nr, but rixing agnin aftor they hare pniwrfi 
when an unlucky chance will tiring a ware n^m hur in ' .-- w: 

of tnony waves ore ^theted; and at one blow she will ' ied. 

with the gi-eal utoi-ute which are remembered for many yean. Tbsnt 
beru a Rtormy iwaiion. Tho windjili&re now luged fen- ' "' r ' 'i;W 
aoan lulletl ; but &r wedu tfaete baa been no rery ttTi 
part of ttie wJi»d-awt-pt legum ; ut length, biiivever, it ™ t^lum 
wtvml etorin* euulnnbig into one. williin acimc LiiuiUil uroo- 1 
voeiin wtiicli uinriM dcsutaUoo iu lu tznck. Surit wae tlw 




l*teljr destrovMl damI^ * quArt«r of » mGlton oT lives in laJM^jfoeB Uw 

■Beat stonn of 1 idO. Aod Uiexe h&TO been otJien as terrible, and only 


W« propoK to oouaider some of the more remarkable storms recorded 

tiie annals of metoorologj, and tlieu to inquire how IJu- tlie sviilann 

to Ruggut aitlior tlM pottibili^ of auticipaUng Uw approach of 

I graot stormy or elaa of providitig mcamrce b; vluch, «h«n thej 

• in oariain ittsioiUi tlteir tlhtJa majr lie TOidfinHt IttK <li3axtroia th wn 

' hare boeo hentofore. 

Hw most t«mble stonn wliioli has, perliape, ever occurred h tliaX 

fkidt haa Iwen calM the Gnat Storm. It occurred, or »iJim- tU worst 

tSecU ware cxpericncvd, on October 10, 17S0. Gcnenttctl probdli]^ in 

t-AtUolif, Dot Eu- fnnu the equator, it was first felt in Barbodon; 

trees luij housM wen blown down. Captain Maurjr, in his 

. Oe«graphjr of the Sea," givee » mthor oxaggoratod account of 

produced b; this &tonn iu Barfaadoes, apparoitljr from 

l&eouirjr — boici: of tbc details bciti^ liJet, but not ijaitc tiva suae as thoee 

ggcttially recorded. He ajs " the bark was blown from the ttveit, and 

^bs (luiu of tlie earth deaUo/ed ; the Yory bottom and dojitlui of the 

mt wera uprooted— forta and cmstlM vera wodted awoj, aod thair groai 

gT"" carried in tbo sir like <ba£" The bnrk of troos wa« ronoved, but, 

B tt believeJ rather thitn^h the efiects of electric aetion than by the 

Benrir oT the wind. Cannon, alao, were drirco along the batt«rios, and 

^unf orer into tlte (ono, but not '^ carried in the air Ulte c1m£" !^t 

Ihrtuuque tho storm overtoolc a Frooclt trani^ort Sect, and enUrely 

J e et ro y ed it. There were forty vcss^ convt^rinj; 4,000 eoldiera, and the 

Gmreraor ef Blartinique reported llieir liite to the French Goveniment in 

wimtii — " The vffitols dtaKjipcnrod." 9,000 ponMU* perished 

ftlortiuiqiio, and 1,000 at 8t. Pi«tTo. where not a hon«e wa« left 

St. Domingo, St. YinceDt> St. Knatncbe, and Porto Ilivo were 

il rtaited aiid derastated, while •camvly a niuglu rewcl near this pari 

lU cydoae's track was afloat on Ocuiher II. At Port Boyid tho 

ichnlntl, Mcvcti diurchce, and 1,400 housea wereblawn down, and 1,600 

rk anil wounded peraona were bnried boMiath the ruiun uf thu boxpitaL 

^% the BomiudsH, fifty Britv>b ^pa wen driven ashore, two line-of- 

I ahtpB went down at sea, and 22,OUO persons peri^ixl. 

Forbaps the moHb nxnoriiablo ofiiboU vC the storm in tlua portion ot 

Um onurae w«ie those ei]>eri««ioed in tho Leeward Isles. The htirrieane 

ivo a twe)re-|iounder cannoa a dintAiitre of 400 feet. Tlioee who lived 

I the Goverameat Building took rc-fii^ in the oeatral pnrt, where oir- 

' wiUlii, neariy a yard lliirk, seemed to afford promise of sa&tjr. But 

'■ymA eleven, the wind had breken down jwrts of thtao walls, and 

off the rou£ Terrified they sought ralbge in iho cuUuiatCQ, bot 

: long the water bad riaoo Cbero to the height of mote than a yard, 

wctv driven into the battoiy, wlu»re they iihu^nd LlMuuelvn 

tchind the hohiitT cwmoUB, come uf which were ilriven fi-om tlicir ptoov 


hj Uw force of the wind. Wlim A&y broln tlie oouotr^ looked as if it 
Wl bMm bltwtod bj fin; not n loAf, Mttreo orcn a bruidi, reouiiMd iqxn 
tiie treoa. 

An in gnat flood* n common Uitroi- prsaorves jteuw tttnong uiiMikli 
which osualljr irar upon mch othtr, so dnring the Onmt Storm bnsuai 
paaslons w«re for the time qaclled l>; the Seroer w&r of the elasMatt. 
Among tho ahips doittro7«d at Martinique wen two Kiigli»h wkr-it)d(a. 
Tmatj'&in sulon who NnrriTcd unrr^ndnrcd thonmelTai pru»nCT« to th> 
Muquii of BaiiiU6, tlia Qovemor of the island. Bat be sent than 
to St. Liicici, writing to the Eng'liah Gorentor of that b'-aod that " tr 
won uDwitlin^ to retain, as pnsonen mat) who hft4 fallen into his 
IiaikIk during a ditwitpr from vliicb w> inaiif had tufl^nd." 

Tlio Oront Storm of 17S0 mxM. not he ci>iifound«I with the Mam 
remembered fbr ouuiy yeara in Grant Britain as the Grtst Storm- Tl* 
latter occurred on Novemher 26, 1703, uid its worst eSTccta w«* 
•xpcri«ncod not m iirii»1 in the trofiiM, hut in Wcstoru Kurope. Tit 
rador will irtncnibCT MaCBular'n rcfcnmee to it in his E«ay on tbe " Uk 
anil Writing!! uf A(IdL*on." In hb fitmoua poem The Campax'jn, Ad£- 
Boa bad oompan-d Mnriborougli to an angel guiding Lba whirlwind. 
"We muKt point oat," writ«a Moraulay, "one cinninistanoe wiiich 
Ifipean to have CMCiiiwd 111! the critics. ThoextnuirdinaiTeirect whieblUi 
■iiDlle ptodooed wb«n it fint ap|>fnr«I, and vhidt to tho fbllovrinf goat- 
ration appeared iiiexi>Ii«at>le. it iloul>tle« to be chiefly attributed to a Una 
which most readen now r^rd us n feeble panntheno, — 

Snth M, of Utf. o*'r pal* RriUnuia puMd. 

Addiaon apoke, not of a nU/rm, but of the storm. The great lem p awt 
NoTCmbtr 1703, tho only tcmpeist whirh in our Ulitodu haaeqamlled tbi 
r^e of a tropical hurricaue, had left a dreadful recollMtioa in the miada 
of all men. No other tempest waaever in tliin country tbeoooarion of a 
pariWncaitaiy addrCM or of a puUie 6wt> Whole Boeta lud been OMI 
away. LAUge manaiana hud been blown down. Otw pteUto had baai 
buried betMalb tho rtiiriH uf hiepalaoe. London and Brvtol had plliiaitwl 
tho af^wanuice of dtica just sacked. UnndreiSs of fT"'W« were BtUI in 
moasning. Tho prostrate tninka of lai^ tmeB, and the niinii of hcmp^ 
hUII att<!it«l, in nil tbe nnuthcni cuuatioa, tho Auy of llie UmL* 
He Rtraognly onita to ntentlan one of tbe rocBt striking evBoto ctamaetri 
with this terrible atorut — the deetnicUoa of the Eddystooe LighthoioK 
Wiastanley, tlio aivbitwt of the firat Bddystone Llghlhouae, «m 
oouGdont that ib could rcaial Ibo fiennat atono wliich erer blew, and 
a^ieaaed a hope tluU hft might be in it whn) auob iv aiarm raged. On 
Nomabra- 26, ho arrired with ■ party of mca who were nijpunil to 
repair the building. The Great Storm aoon after began to blow a»j rajpid 
(hniughoat the night. On thu morning of the STth no tnuw oft^l 
Ughtbotvo waa to bo Man. ^| 

It ia probable that tho Great Storm of 1703 owed iudvlr ^| 




to tb« uurrow n>at(0 over vliich ite tnck uteiuleii. As a sUitiil widemi 
in axtafit it Iowa in |iov,-«r, idu<^ a* « river Sown iii<^ro nluggubly where 
hfl rtnam viikiu th&n whore it has to tnuke its way «loag k outow 
It is for this iviutou that, oertAia i«^otis sudbr more from 
Umq otli«ni. Tliua u) Uie Weat ladie* thiit grent Mtonn-tmtdv 
Ab Gulf StsDftmU«t its nnrrowMt. Hero, tbernforv, tha whirling slonu, 
gm m t t tod bjr tlw nuh towutl tbc chaiuiM of nre uid wum air nbore 
lb* Onlf Htnani, attaia Uwir greKtast iztt«aailjr, nnd h&ve vorked nuxt 
tainble dCBtniotiuii. Tli« Unai fiborm of 1790 affi>rdit mi iUiutrfttion, 
bnfe muiy othen uiglit be cited. Fljimmarion relates that " at Guads- 
lovpe, on July 25, 1835, aolidly ooiuu-ncted houaes wero tlemoU4i«d, tuul 
ft tuiw btulding, htHaa^Mg to tho Sbate, had on« wing eomplotcly bl^wn 
down. Tbo wind had inqinrtod such a rate oC speed to the tiles that 
WMif of tti«m penetratod through thick doom. A pieoe of deal 39 iudioa 
long:, 10 iochea vide, and uuirijr ] inch thick, niorocl through the air ho 
i^tdljr that it went ri^t through a i»liii-tre« 18 incites in diAiDot«r. A 
pieee of wood about 18 inches wido, and 4 or fi yard« long, projected by 
the wind along a hard road, wan driven n yard <1m!]i into thn groiiiMl. JL 
Ui^ iroa raiting in front of the (Jovemor's palaoe was Bbattered to 
piecHL A. qnantitf of tti« dibrit Crom Ctuadaloujie vas earned to Slout- 
winit, over an arm of th« Mil 30 iniJn wide. Thr(« t'«rrint>--foiir-t>oiinil44« 
Uoim from one end of a batterjr to the other. The veada vliich 
in ihi! horlwiu- of JlaMaterrv diM[>]war«d, and one of the oajibuuH, 
vbo hod cHcapM), Kiud tliat his shi}) was liA«d by the hurricane out of the 
•es, «Dd was, so to speak, " abipwrocked in the air." Tlie last-mentioued 
•vent i*, hovRTcr, "rKtiitr a lar;^ ordnr," niiour American ooiiainii would 
My ; prafanbly Uiat captain wna too confused by the tonaoil going on oU 
roond Uitii wlieii bis skip wna dc*tix>yed, to vote with strict scieuti£o 
•eoQtaey wfant took place. Hlii|ii have been carrie*! by Uie foire of a 
^3m ttjKMt tli« emt of n Kigh roller, and havo aoijulrcd anch valoc)^ 
that they Inve been flunft Bonie distance beyond tlie nnge reached by the 
wan itsdf. Thus in 1661 an Antigua vttoel was earned out of the 
«>lflr to a point ton fo«t abore the highest known tide. Bat nothing, ws 
btfieve, has crver yot liappened to a ship, erea during the fiercest liurri- 
oase, whicli o^dild prD|)cr!y be d«Ma-;bed in the; wordx luwd by the 
IImiiiiUiihi captain. Uia deacriptiaii probably borv the aauu: relntion to 
the &c(a as Slaui^'a account of " great guns csm«d in the air Uke 
thMtt." Probalj^ w)i«n a stonn really blows great gun* in tJiis way, it 
m»y lift sliips out of the sea and sbipwreck tbcai in the air ; but " in 
audi a " tfAm " we writo a nevtr." 

The tWto of ilifl tiuigce is another region where wind storma acquire 
cnTisBal intenaify beosnse of the way in wktcb tbeir range is narrowed. 
It ■■ma prabtMe that tbawbole of this delta forma a ngion of in* 
dcani^i, and the dixpcaition of tltn limd and ntotintun ranj^os helps to 
tBtanaUy tlie stoms genented in the mot-ement of air towards this 
ra/^am, aqiBcUly In October and Nortnibor, near Um " chan^ of tbo 



mooflOOiM," " During tht {nt«rrcf{niim,'* wtja Mkory, " tbit Aenin of Um 
Btorm bold tbcir t<?iTilic Bw^y." Becalmed cAen for a dajr or two, M** 
men h«nr taouiuig sountk in the air forewarning Uicm of Uw oooung 
Atonn. Then euddentj th* wind* brMk Ioom from U)« (oram «faich lu«< 
for ft vbile tfontrollod thcui, and moir to xttgfi witli a farj that vooM 
" tir«nk up the fouittAiim of lb« ilm-^)." In 1833 n ojvJona about a mSk 
in diameter pawuv) near Calcntta, during vhicb I,£S9 GabermeD'a honaa 
vmtv Uoyfu dovn. It scrvca to give Rome id«a of tlie fonse of tJi« vind 
to tDontion Umt a piece of bamboo wna drivna tfarou|tfa a nruU five feat fa 
tkickucss. Xo otb«r burncaiwa in tbin repon vaselfl bave bveo oarrlvd 
from till! Ma far inUnd, cot of coune by betni;; flonf; bodily oat of tM 
-water, but carried along by the mcteta vbtcfa haro burvt tbcu- unl 
bounds. AltLough thiK iwgi«n baa bom tbc acone of many toniUa 
cataBtrophes, none can bo coinporod fur a toomtutt in doatnuti' 
witb tbp atonn of Octobor 31at but. " Tlioiwi who rctnombcr," t*u. 
a writer in the Bombay Cfastttr, " Uvt cydone which took place 
ihap a doseo yeara ago will be able to noall vivkllj to tboir i«co: 
ihfi dTCnadftil Ai^iectii whii^h tlw; ittorm |>rewntcd. HoaaeH wtn bl 
down, pones of j^obh woi-o amashcd by the atiiK»pbtxk ftmmare, 
wore lifc<<d bodily out of tbs vttba" (n^nia!) '*and burlMl ufum Uia 
ahore, wliuiv tliey were sauutbftl. Many lives wera lost and lanch pro- 
perty dcstroyix). But that cyclone was but n pleaaant broeto compand 
with tltn dbuuttrona «ona-waTO which lias derartatul th« Aolta at the 

Tbe re;;ion where the oyelooe of but Ootober worked most larribla 
dMtracUoD is tlte caotw-a port of the gnai Oanges delu. when tbc livtr 
Uegua (foi-mcl by tl>p oanfltwnce of the Qangcs and the lirabma]mota) 
poun its wateiB into the Bay of Ben^l. TIk? volunin of water auvied 
down by tbi* rivir in grMit«r than in diticlinrgcd by any other ^«inTtft 
river into the iwa, a point whicli most bt* ivineuibcred in conBidniflg- fkt 
drcmaatanceB of ibe late catastrophe. We havf here an Goamuiu aatouf 
dbtcharging tiparly lAO.WK) mbio font of w»t*r por sceend aooUiwaid^ 
hrtwntn tfa«' loir-trin}; dirtrida of Dncta on tho wvat and Uull«(di <id llw 
east. Flarther on it t«ncfaea the ar«hipeln«a of wluch tJk' tJiruo chnf 
ialuidfl are 1>akban Shalaupani, Hattiidi, and 8aii(ke)>, in ordrr ant 
rnird^ Opponto tlio firat-namM] is thr: <li>lriiTt i>f IWJcrrgimge Ifii* 
OangOi flowing batwwn); oppoaite the lut-muiiud L« tlie disi 


V On tlievvnihig of October 31 nothintrBii;;Ke<strdi)iiiig(T. "Tb 

Pgad been a littk u-indy, haiy. and liot ; hut ibvnx was D<>c}iinf; to atmtf 
tiu suBiuoions ' of th« inhabitant* of Iha tht«o tklnnds and thn didrieCi 
aonotindiog thn moutba of Hit Mcxds and the Uanpa. To uw thn Lji 
tniant-Oovonor'a words, **a million nr UmrBikliotita itf aotita twtiivd 
r»itnpprv!' i' Tiothlag." At abont derro o'dodt ibff v ind freifcunrfii' 
hirt not t<> : irthy dv^proo, and *' tbo slospm dapt on." Soddonlgr, 
at ntioiit mhtnigbt, a mi^ty warp, glittering tn tlto atarliffht, wu 






in UndwkTilB, and in a fow monumtx bouses and UimIs weie eo- 
kiu) uneaa ot buman Imid^ and dfbri* mr» fiwejit a-mitv- on tbo 
. of ibo flood." W«Heem to be randinffof oiwof tlioaoiDigti(.y wa,ne 
' vhkh lisvc b«0n ms«d in mid ooetui duriii^ the tliru«e of some trtmco- 
ilooB MU-tbqiHk« : but it ww the find **)i!ch }mA drtvcQ Worn it tbia 
gnftt nuus of vmtcr. Drivnn anvarda, it nuhcd into tb« Mtua^y of t]te 
UnCDk, apr«adiug over tlie winttiuxting ahoroa luid uv«r Die two nutiumi 
iiAkiil* to n dtqitb of iwrvnil foot In mftny p1iW(w. Tbo worst wa« 3H to 
oome> iMwwvr. The wave which hwl come in from th« «m had beco 11 
toog roller, uvd though it hnd eontnutod, inerciunng in hngbt insodoinj;,' 
as it nubed iulo tli« iuirn>wtn^ mtuuy, tc4 it wim mt antil it had fMaa«d' 
itilD the Mc^na that it acfjuired its Tull Lei^bt. PfomimI <ntwnrdH hj- 4li« 
cydcwi^ it gatheml T<4utu«, tiutil at l<-nn:tb Uin wc-ight ovi>ir»ui# the preo- 
■ortef tbo wind, whm it nwi^pt bwlchi one mighty aim) de«p wnvt- round 
tts vortent ohannel, betroen DaUian ShnbitKfmi^ uA BRclfWfpinen. i^ 
imriating the island to a deptb of tireif^fMit in iiiaDT plaprs, and spread- 
tag (nbuMl arvr li*r\nrgang6 to a d6il»ni<6 of from mx to tvrvlvo mileii 
tnm fiiV iboru. It bad oiitvi'ml tlw estmn' fmiii tbo »oittb-«iu^t>, and now 
outward*, tUnust dood a^iiiUt tbn wiiwl, fVotn th<f north-«iut. 
zomarkubli] lUcutratiOD of the tuiribly «addGu nsturo of tJ>e dia- 
ia aflbtiled by th« axp«ri«aeQ> of Mr. Hfjghia, Vb*t Iuj.p*>ctti>g Poal- 
BMtftcr at Xookoliy. On tbo night of Oirtolx-r 31st \w was iu bi« tnivel- 
Kag biifjfi, in n cnck nonr Nunkolly, Jtbotit Vm mitca bom the river 
Mi^jBa. ** Hfi had gone to bed at okrrea without any f4%r or anxiety 
vbatomr. His boBtmao hod gone od Hliore, tmt fbtii- mniw sn-^-antD 
were with Uim ou board. Sbutrtly bcfoi'e uidtii^t be was awakened by 
a cry of ' Tbo watnni are np I ' Juioping up, lii> looked out, and saw n 
k{}{li wvnv ^^ its crffit and top gloaiain}^ in tbo Rtarlifiilit ; it acomod 
Ulco a dnah ; in an inntnnt but Itonta wore riainjEt up ou hi^h ; bo fAMtcned 
on a tiii^brlt in a fen* momenta ; another wave came rolling on, and tI>o 
bai^ ai[)ai2«d ; hft («ddlod about in tlie water all tbo n*t of Uk- iuf[bt 
irith ibo bvl|> of Uur Ufe-bcdi; thft mttJTftBcmuiUcbiiis toKjHini. Tlmw 
wmr «»vwd and 000 waa Inrt. Tlie wator Mi wurm to tbo body, but tbe 
llr WW; hitti>rty cnld f> tlto bmd or baiidH atiovn llio mrfiu?«." 

teTh« total dwtruiHirm of lifn prohnbly EVt^nss^d any which haa bem 
litead iu tha lame apoeo of tirao sinen tha woi-ld w.v pc»plnl. 8ir 
|h^ IV-gi. ' ' 1 1 u ))CI«miaI iuspectkia of liU aDtiHed di^rirbt. han 
j^fttSt- :> Uiat not lew than 31 V^(^ perwon/t Imt ibnti- livoa. 

Ht- ' -^ tiip fatality an follows ; — BltfkAr!?in?y>; with ihc island of 

IVl.. .... ...iliaKponi, {MMiMMaiin^' a population of 437.000, bna lo^t ationt a 

'iKirth of tbal namlwr ; Noakolly. with a i»opnlation of 40:J,0(|0. has lort 

Willi a i-opiilatirfl of '.'Xa.OrtO, baa biwt I'd.dfJO. 

: jiiUt^nn tif l,0i5'.',<H(l |UT«onii, mow* tbiut one 

fifUi have pf«rt>Jwd. To this Utn-iblc hnuAii hini-diHty mist bt> addvd n 

tRDMm'l ' riirtion of luiinntl lif<<, which, a^ Sir RicLard TwopV po- 

'k», ' . it may not bo (elt octit^ly at tbe (Mtifeot moment, will 



tornt a mrioiu o1»tacl« to ngnouIUtml op<!ratu>n» by Hitt gn rv iror* ■ &v 
mootba heoos." "Well may the GDvemmont of ladin." mniwks the 
£tmAay GaxetUf " exproos the o[Mmun that tbo calamity io Mwroelj pitnl- 
lelod in th6 Aonida of hutory. It will tako mftay ymn bafoN tbt 
AfiUctvd disbida will be able to rocover fram its oSbcta, and it will be » 
l&iulmArk iu the Listor^ uf orm thiit oouiitiT- of givat cnbitnilitw. He 
HwiflucM of Uie cfttaiKroplie must h«\'e been terrific, «ud oue may alnoA 
gatlMr from Sir RicbanI TcunpWs Quiiut« tWt tii» grt»t wawe litarally 
fliifaod oat over the Und, and tbat simultuieaiislj the tust deBtntotka 
of lift WW oooiplet^d. . . . Wtien tb« ■an roM oexi morning it ahone 
qpoa a dMoIate eouotryajid a shivaring t«rror-atrick»a band of survinff, 
irlio wero not yet ablfl to realiHe wliat kind of calamity it was lliat had 
ovorwlieliiKici tKcm no Ruildonly atid niy)it«riwii>iy in th« darkncaH. Jlaay 
lijid \Mma snatched from immineiit death in wondijiful nays ; nonie Iwl 
Immi aUo iuntiucUi'cly to i^teh hold of a friendly piece of wood HowtiBf 
paat thMn. and mimy Had lieec Kwapt into tnw», when tboy veto biH 
tightly by tho thortu and tbo bnochctt until tho 'xtatcn bad aubaiitaL 
Villagon were astoniabed with the appearunoe of the eorpan of Btmuim 
in the DLidHt of their villages, and it waa nub until ibe extent of tbe ak- 
adtj became widely known that it was found iher« wer« few btn*- 
itaads or villages that bad not lud dead bodtcH wndied into tbam frtm • 

Tlie tfiHoaa ia aimply n wliirlwiud on a larfte scale. What wb ham 
said iwpeotiiigth«de6tfuctivfiua5i of cyclooes varying invo^sdy with tiuir 
range must not, of oourae, be tindetvtood as Btgnifyiog that a \atgb c^!aa> 
I* nacewarily len dMtmctive than a anall ons or a small cyctono hm 
deatmctive tban a whirlwind. We there rofflrred to any thu aame qrdoaa 
Am ft cyclone oontraetii it drclca mora awiftly, and becomes more dertntf- 
tire ; aa it expand*, it losua power. But it ia tbo contractkiD of n btfB 
eydooe which in-odnee* tbe most terrible eficcts. A cyrlono wliich ia 
noal) when Ant lonned oaa only become deetriiriire by contmrtin^ ItU 
it ia yet imaller, and tLan, of counre, the nngo uf itH dtatrticUvr aclaan 
ia limited to a narrow track. Some cycloon have Umtii bo amdl that 
when they ti^re ao narrowed as to work miacliicf their track has bcoi a 
mere laaa ootaparod with tbe broad Ughwayx of desiruciiou Lnv«nsl 
by tbeir larger bcetbreo. Sucb arc the cydooic atorua (teniinlcxl ia tbt 
valley of the HiaoMippl. A large river may Le eoin|Mvred to lUi ocean 
currmt aa a slorm-bteedor, but. bving mudi nanower, tin cjiAmdo dtertu 
gmeiatsd by a river are much more limitcil in extent. ■* The truk ef 
these toroadoea." nys AUury, " ta calleil a ■ windroad.' Itoainw tbey amki 
an avenue through the wooda atraight aloegi and aa clt^ar irf tnwa •« if 
Ilia old douxeu of the forait hnd brea dearvd away with an u*. 1 
bavB aeea Ifaeas tnesi tiireo or four foct in diameter, torn np by thv ""^ 
and the top with lis liml« lying &ex.t (he liol« wbiincf ' f 

Foitnnately, it happens nob tmAn|UBiitly that the < 
wkirlwinda is lopeailed in the upper air. Indwad, nry t 



^ptom* Mn nging high in wr, u ran be hooh bj- the behaviour of the 
^-^ency elouds. when it is atlm or but a alight bre«Be is klowio;; at the eur- 
ince. The upper pnrt* of fiHOtt trw» li»Te been torn off while the lower 
liM Imto acorcoly niovi<>d, aiKl honors plarml on a hill hn%'o bc«.>n 
, wbeB other* in a VhWey sranw a hundred feet lowar Imve not 
nt all Jamcaoa thus <]<Bcnb« tlio pngrtas ot a stonn in the 
itj of the Ohio : " I hear^ a distant mnrtniirinf; wniul of an extra- 
iioary nature. An T was to laj feet, and looked towards Die south- 
I obeorvcd a ypUowinh oval ppot, Ihr npj>r*mnoc of irliich was 
I Dew (o me. Little tome was left tn« for coimderatjon, ax the oext 
it a KOiart bretKO hegna to ngiUtte the talltr trees. It incmued 
to Ml aoBxpceteii dti^m.', and already tho fiitaII(T bi-anches and twi^ 
' teen UiUag in a slantiaj; dii-ectioo towai\ld th« )^uud. Two miuutes 
i-Iy elapsed whfrn th<^ vrholo forest l)ci(bre me van !n f^aHul 
TumiDj; insticctivel^ bawarti tbo dii«L-lion from which the wind 
blew, I saw, to my gres>t astoiushm^iit, thai the nobleat tre«« of tJio 
, bent their lofty hm'h for a« hile, niul, n?iahte to Ktaiid against tbe 
iblaet, -wnrci fulling into pincK«. First, the bTTUM?h<« wore broken off with 
enckiini; noise, iheu went the upper parts of the maa^ taimka, and in 
07 phKffl whole tr«es of gigantic tdee were falling entin> to the ground. 
"Bo npid was the prognos of the storm that, before I conid think of 
taUn; measurai to insure iny Ktfety, the faiinnnuie was iuL'>Aiii^ ojigmKite 
tko plaee wbora I stood. Never can I forget the scpne which at that 
BKMNOt prmented itself. The tops of the trees W9i« seen moTing, in the 
Mnageet manoer, bi the centra) current of th« tcm|)eHt, wbich earned 
aJoBg with it a nunglml mass of ta-iga and foliage that oomplc^Iy ob- 
scarod the view. Some of the iatj^eat trees were seen bending and 
writking uailer the gale, others suddeidy snnppisl mertmt, njid many, nftn* 
a ■UHnentary nwiitanoe, fell uprooteil to the Mrtb. Thv mii;«s of twiga, 
InwaelMs, foliage, and tliist that moved ihronj^h the air, was whii-tiii^ on- 
waH likn a cloud of fnatbenc, and, 011 posidng, diwlowd a wide Kpaoe filtetl 
wHh broken tnxw, uakid stum|)«, an<l hciaps of ^diapelcMS niins, v-hich 
Uftrked the path of the tempest. This space was about one fourth of a 
aQe til fareoilth, and to nij imagination itnemblod the dried-np ketl of 
tli0 MiauMippi, witii its thousands of snags and mwrors xtrrw-cd in the 
aand and iDclined in Tarioas dp;!n'«es. The honible noise rraraibled that 
vi iite great cat&racts of Nta^am, and a.i it howind along in ihf track of 
(he desolating tnniHWt prudnce J a foeling in my mind which it wore im- 
poflohh) todBsc-ribe. The jirinetpal foi«e of the bun-iraue was now over, 
altbungfa nillionaoT twig* and amall bianebea ihiit had been brooght 

I front a great dintuiice woiv sewn following tbe blast as if drawn onwu^a 
hy some nysterions pownr. Tliey even floated in the air fbr noma honRi 
aftcer." . . . After oroft"ing the IrapJc of th* siortn to his own bous^, 
wliidi stood vlosu by, hi* fouml to Ids siirprira " that there had been little 
wind in tbo natjthboorhoni, although in the ittwta atul gardens many 
twig* aod bnutcbee bad fallen in a nanncr which tscdtcd great sorpiiat." 



Whon vrlin-lwiiiJi!! Kuch ai IbtM occur m mom t]iic)cly-poo(J*d i«gfanl 
effectii as terrible as thom produced bj a ojrcliODe are BomatimeB m* 
p«riiOuoe«t. Tbos on Uie lS>th of Ausufti 1849, '■ wliirlWiwi «currad k 
thA depAitnuxit of Soino Iiif£ri«nm, vhich ut ma<>'mlK>r«l to this dkj in 
NoriDBiiiljr OS if it bad happeiud but ycateiilH.v. 'ilie Loraiueter ftdl nui- 
ilenly inoro tluui two inchu. Very soon nR«r it wait oLiwirverl tlmtttluig 
a cvrtaiu U-ftck Ui« mm xt HKvn) wudwtiirWd byatcinpeKtvwMIeonUule 
tli« track tho a» was telutively cklm. The whirlwind sooo tcacbed Ue 
Iimd. Tho large luillit at Monville, in a valk-v near the railwaj beCwMn 
Dieppe Bad Ilvuva, xiu ituddonlj blown dowa. It foil u if & hamlad 
bttUarifia had diMtliu-ew] their fire At once upon it. Utuultetl* oT btduirr 
wotoea were imridd beneatli Uio i-uins. Tlie few who eaosped oooU lut 
nndaratuid that in lh« laitUt of calm n. litirr)csii« had saddenlj anKB. 
lliey bediered for awbiJa that the eai of tlie world had arrix-od. Ma 
were hurled over liodgeaj otbum wuru cut to piocai \iy tliu inaduiMf 
which had bi?«o wliirled about in the )dr ; othen, without beinft actual^ 
hart> were ao t«i-i-ified that tb«/ died trom the eO^tA of tJie fright, ia fia 
coarse of a few dnya. Wlvolu rDoms and wslU wnm ttiraod upside dovt, 
SO aa to bo ao loDgiT rveoguiMbla At other poiula tJic building wee 
Utorall^' palvcria&d. and tlieir siie sirept cl«nii. Planlat, tiMiamiricf > 
yard lonx, five iuvlie* wide, aiid nearly half an inch tluck, orohivw aid 
fKptr*. 4'ui« carriod to distances of 15 to 2.'i mitm. Traes situated in Un 
tmele of tbo «torm wore bloim down and ilri«il ujt. The «3ct4int of the 
ground thus d«vHtat4d was attmuch as oino milos in leogbb. MaoitMly 
tlu« wiia a oue in which a whirlwind hmi <leMeu<lo<I and tliBn nBOo affi», 
for tb(> trade increaiuxl fVom 30 yards In wjdtli nt Cten» to about 300 
ynrds near Slon^-illo, dccrtauing n^n to lOO yarda near the SainB at 

Odo of tho moeit alngular whirlwinds on record ia lliat whidi dnvai- 
tated Cliat«na7, ncAr Parin, in Juno 1S39. W^ are told by FlaAmuriun 
that it " bnmt np the trees tfaat lay within its circumfenincft, and 
uprootoil IhiiiK which w«re upon ila hue of pateage ; the former, in iact, 
mn fboDd with tlio aide which was vxpoeod to tho atorm mmplRlelr 
•COfchad and burnt, wkereaa the opposite side reiuuineil fi-ftdi and ffreea. 
Tboiuanda of large treoB wan blown down, and Uy nil oo« way lib 
wheat aheaves. An apple tm wa« oarri«d ov«r SOO yards on to a ifnaf 
ofoalu and elms. HouBaa were gutted inside witliout baing bhiwn dows. 
Sovccal nmfit wcro ouriei) olT aa if Uiey wvre kitt»." Bat ibo BLrmopM 
eflKt of nil WM Uto following : " An inntdo wnll wnn imt Into Bva oob^ 
eijiial puita of «i^t yai-da each ; tbo lu'st, tho third, and (hi* BfUi wvn 
Inid in one dinvttoa ; the Mcoud and the fourth ttx an cocaetly UMwat l* 

K' ' ' !be inhivtdtiuita of tl- ■ , -.. 


ii«d, ax t^^ptcU tliir «» f 

<iycIoae in tropical ropons are nsaolly inaL-h narmwo* to nof^ * 
tlM (p«at atiirtR of 1703 waa nob eijual in fury to tba 



known ia iba W(t>t In(Ue», iu tLe Xoi-th Pacific, in Uio <%iiMb SeM* «>4 
in India, ^or are tbe stonntt nruiiiul Cnpe Hoin and Uw C«p»of Qoo<i 
llvpe » tomUe, tbougb thej- raiw hij^Kcr m»5, boaMn»e-p(> Uw wulw 
Euago oror which theijr Unvd. In a West Icdiaa storm, tliewiUvm of 
tlia iGiUf (if U«xico luve bcoo IcttOKii to ba r&UeJ. 39 fiiit, aad to h* 
auTMkl 80 fju- and no liigh inlood that a ship has ridduB at nnahw vrtfr 
Und Cirabovu thu lu^esl lide-uurk. The J^liury A'twta rode out web 
ft ■tona, Aad wh«o it ab^tod " found honwJf high up on thu dry hnd, Mid 
disoorered UiiUhIip hod let go her anchor ajooog Uw tree-topsonl^iotC'B 

K^r ■ ■ 

Af* liATe Feea that as tbca-e ore B)>ecia1 rogio&s wlicm grvnt cviiloiiw 

oocnr mnnj £Ki>|ueaUy tiuui dacrwhere, so tJicre ore «peciAl vmsoos whsn 

nrrlniM n may lio osp^t«J in pAi-ticiilor rogionii. Tbo follftwing litct» may 

\m addeil to iImim already mentionciL In the West IndiiH crclona occiu- 

prineifMOlj' in Augiutawl SejiUiulier, vrheu th« sotitJiiiuHi niittiMMisii Mtt 

•t th£ir hcj^t, tiDliks Ou> bnrriciiaM of th« ladiau Oratn, which. occur 

■^•t the ofaongini; of tha monsoons. In the China 8o«a the typhoons, or 

^■rlihe sqaj^U, oectir nt tho changing of tha uunuooiu. An th« Vfait 

^nndku qrcU)n«s tAlovr tbo counw of tbo Golf Stmun, «u tbm iyiAvwa 

' follow- Uie ixMinw of tho great ooeauic current which iMwea otvuod the 

£a8t Inilinn Aicliipola^, the Bhores of China, and tite Japoiine ulaadK 

la the open Pacific Oovtn Kt<inn» iirv tn&«queiit, oa also to t^ Hbntlt Ai- 

batieaad South Indian Owons. The gtmt Btorms which aoKHiCunaii nigie 

oioui*] CnpQ Horn aii<l tbo Oofie of Oood Hope an not cyolotiie in 


TliDre aro tlioso who a^crt that heddee tlie Moaoiial vioiwitudps jast 

HimtioDad D<th«r wcll-fiivrkcd [Hiriodic varifttions may b« recogniwd in 

(be ooourrcnco of cjrlones. Amongst othor perioda thcj* note one whlrh 

tfl aUrmiy cdchroted in soienoe, tha eleren-}'«ar )ief{od, in which magartic 

chon^os nngt trom maximuiii throogb minimum to maxinuin ogaia, 

sad in which soo-epots iacrcvao, diiniDi^,aiul again iaci-eMie hi aitioher. 

It certainly dam not. appOAi- at all iQi|ioc«iIilo tliat tlut vnrjing onndition 

of liui suu, oho^'u by tho oxifitonco of luaaj epots at ona time and f«w 

■po4a or nono at onothor, should oflbot tbo euodiiioit of the ou-th'it alcao- 

^K aphera. It in not KiitBcient to nhow, m an American ohaein-OT. FroEKoor 

^B Laogbyt of Pittsbtirj^h, has receully dono, tJiat tho spots on the son's fiaoe 

^m can reduce hut (o a very minute degrae tho oraiaiion of w>Iar beat. It ii 

V mt, ludtvd, at all Ukclr that tho sua-s|wte diminJidi the total omtasiiOQ of 

H hatit or ovon of light. They thamsdves are darlt, and rcfo-ooent nvi^no, 

H ibuvforo, whn-e leto light, and aa Profetsor LonglvybiuishowQ, k-u h<^ 

^1 aloo, tuv eniittoil. Itut th^^y indicate tlie perturbed condition of the sua. 

^B We kouw cvrtainly that the coloured ttauna are mora nnntoroiu and 

^B loripn- wb«a lbs aim in most a]iott<<d, t)int omptioDi Own omur more 

^r fmiunntly, that nnlnllir vapount are then more frceiy c^vtcd into tha 

ffm'ft aiena, anfl Umiv is en-ery renaon to boiieTtt that the gnneml Harfaca 

I^K of the ann — tho photoffpbcro, na it in calU-d— theo glows with a tnoce 


tatenso beat, iu <:oiis«quenoe of Ibe ntae pertorUng tnflt 
oflect tho sokr fUnuM, And produM tho spots tliMttadvM. It 
nrenia, from cxprnmeaita wideb haTe been mule at Gnmvich, that tbe 
limit received hf th« oartli cneh ^v*r ti not oouat&nt, bat TAries m sucb » 
tnftimiir as to inclicata tiitt tlis emuK of dttOgs IJM vitliout the eutlL It 
will T«ry probttM^ be foond, not indeed that Han-«>f>ot« CAa«e an «zmn 
of heat (any inor» tliut cotn«t« do), but that the bubb Mnsea ■wtiieb pro- 
duco Eim-Kputa excite tbo mm to ft degrue of gnnter ocUrity, and tfaat 
thus ilie yeara of tuuny mm-Kpotu «ro yeare cf great h«it IlifiK wooll 
be iiothing vcrjr Bui^n-ising or novel in such a oaiiduHton, iior would H \» 
in tbc least degree iiitxinrii't«nt with the vtevm of tlioac who Iwvo miiLa> 
taioed (like Sir J. Hervchel) that man oannot hope to obtain from nbr 
O^mrvationa any iiuvuih of predicting tbe vir«at1i«r. As he faims^tiaid, 
in a pnsARge wbioh haa >)««n coolly ax>pn>priftto(l by Kiii>pnrt<>rs of tlM 
ooatrary doobiue : " Looking to the boh as the gntttscmn'c of all matat- 
rologlioal action it mi^t nioat nuuMnalily be expeoted that hucK iiidie» 
tiom" (lu sttR-spots) "of nil niCtivity of some sort going on in lis Ytqi 
photosphere, in the actoal visible laboratory of Ha light and beat, wovU 
oorrCK[Kind to aonie difl^nftt in ita vip|ijy of 'bcAh ; which t'eeurrinc 
pariodioally, at «it»t*d iDUirvnla;, mnvt, one would think, manift'at ita^tn 
MMne affeot or othn- on our weather and ulimatea." But he wmt on to mf, 
" Siich, However, does not yet appear to be the caw." Ev*n if it wtm 
oortntuly nhowii, iiwtcad of the eontrary, tint disturbances in the eartlt'i 
atmosphere follow the ctevon-ycar solar period, tliefiut oould nnly )m Aiy 
ooTered by terreBtnal obtterrationa. To know that the aun waa nArted hf 
duuigea having tb* nine period, not merely in ImgtL, but nuudmtnn for 
maximum, and minitnutn for minimuni, woaM be in itself inleresding, 
bnt it would not in tlie alifthte^t d^ree he]p n« to a knowl(d;i;:e of ntmti^ 
teneatrial weathor. We caimot po«<ib1y hare bcttw evidence from the 
Ban than wc can obtain from the earth. 

Ktcii if we knew certainly in what year to expect eyckufla in paiti- 
cular repona, we nhoiild not gain much by tJie knowledji^e. We know 
uow in what months tbey are most likely to ni^, but Uie knowlnlge doM 
not avail to «aaUe men to provide agaiaat the destructive cflH-ta wUcfa 
a ryclotto produce* when it doM mmp. Kothing but a ku^wlcil^ nTllie 
voy time and place where the ncloue wna to he ez]HCln1 would havCj 
ennbldl the iiUuibitunta of the rr^on hUely devBKtat^yl to have sated 
Ifaemselra finnu its ctTuctK Xuw if there is any hope (hat Mm 

aUaoneday to predkt befoi-eliaud the tiraea»d place of « ^ * ^^'l 
or barrioani*, it surely must b* by earefuliy t-xaniininx the neonb iffl 
stennswhicib have occurred OD the vwifa, not byoltflcrvscioji'' - ' " * sva*! 
apots^ whdM tDoet marked and ehataeteristJo iveHod baa :. -^ I 

aati^Iwtorily aanooaied witlt any pbenomenn of our earth, cKci-pt Umm I 
torreab'ial magnffj^iiff ■ ^^J 

Aflt wfl hm no nwnn for belioring that eycloooi ' ^H 

&«)u«etty ia ann>spot yean than when l^ ann ia IWe ftom ^^ 



va-id. It is cuy to cite iostaOioeB of great storms occurriog in the tune 

rqgioa, wban t^ tuiihubom cither vrithout f^tsorcovnnxt mth many 

upoU. For ibis porpoMve need not go beyond the iBgiouvhara the gnat 

trfcloom of October 31st occurred. During t)i6 ptenat ;-«kr tli« sun fans 

few sjiota. Ws are in fact now ray nenr tfac minimnm of 

period, if oot actiisUy nt thnt phsae. Ja the josr Itt&l tli9 

■koa'cd USDy apols. We Entl from Sdiwsbe'M reeonJs thnt tlutt 

(ilwerml the snn <m 325 ilaya ia tlio year 1B64, aodtbat 

vete odI; four d&^s in which no e[ioU were vi^hie. Ko l«as tban 

'IM Mnr giou^ at spots nuMle tfaeir sppcsjuice, the numlier in 1863 

otdj 134, and ou 1M5, only 93. Now iii October 1664 o. galo 

otaand in the asme region whicb vta devastalad by the recent gila 

ohipa iu hartwur tit Caloatia were swept tctau tlieir moorings 

COM Upon loiothfn- in tnextrifitble confasiou. " FcAi^l." ve 

" SA wsB the loos of life and property in Calcutta boi-bour, the 

m on land wu jrot gnAler. A vairt wave airrfit for milca ovvr 

■aiToandtng country, esubankmate were dntn)yed, and whole 

with tLeir inbabitBota wore awefit awiiy. Fiitf tbonaasd souls, 

icred, pnrislied in this fmrtaX linrricane." Wo aee^ then, tliat a 

tanibly deetroctive hnxricaoe may ooow in the samo n^on durinj; a 

bnear when the nnn is marked b7 many spota, and also during a y«ar 

^Kke Iba pnacol when be shows few or noue. If il bo uigvd tlint the 

^■coanaetion between the oocurrence of (^ycloDOB and the fion's oonditiou is 

^ Dot tin rough a naliiro as our ni-gumeiit appears to nssume — that nver- 

i^as >ath«r ihaa ipecial storuM must bo consitlnrcd, or that pr<-ha[)« 

aonB minor foatureH of cyclones axe aSeotad by the sun's condition, we 

answer that tbia auijr bo veiy true, but if il is, it does not sJle«t our 

pcaitioiu The forekiowledgo of viuiatioas in the averse naml)«r of 

CTsIanfis can bo of no ptnctical use. Mortovur, poriodic variationn, if 

■ads exact, iii the ikvenqfi number of oydouic atortos, can be most aatis- 

faotorily aaoertained by direct meteorological olmrTations, and whether 

kbey agree or not with sun-«pot variations is a iDattsroTaomctoorological 


If tbera are in reality any regularly reeurriu;; periods in weather 
phsioniena, ve can only hope to recognise them by tho careful examina- 
liaa of oieieoiologkal rwonls. It appears to m tliat those already made 
Wve not been sufflciently oxamin'!'!, and thiiir fttneful analysis by com- 
ftlont pOTvons would be mora likely to afford useful rcsulla than the 
■uno ainoiuiL uf labour devoted to the aceumulntioo of frwli records. 
Of coarse, if any astisfactury rosulta an to bo obloiiied, mebeorological 
obeerratianB must be cKxitinued stMKtily. But it certainly do<a seem as 
though some few among Ibo persons who hare meteorological matters 
tuidar their chat;gc, might devoto their nttcntioo to the work uf aaulysUig 
tlks uilhonaof eboerTationa already collected. Erea if it is impciniblo, 
we an dtsposud for our own (wrt to fear, to deduce any systou f«- 
icting wwather more than a few hours or a day or two in advance, yeb 
VOL. HIT. — iro. 20fi. \Q. 

aBEAT sroBMS. 

tiuB at IflMb might Fio <)oiw for man; legioiuiof tbonvUi, wfaidi MpHMl 
h&To no wfumtng, nrpn £w nn tinur, of tlie nppnMfili of tha uoai dteotnllns 
harrioum. Tolefcmphic cammuuicatkHi, mpooAll; m we ranj lio|» to 
MO it developed in ike oomlog ytmn, DU^hi be enployvd mach nicn 
extannvdjr tbmn nt preMnl. 'HitM our own ranntrr. whidi wtni 
couutriee to th« e&st of conung xtorma, hat nocivnt no wlu-^ingp^ mijht 
neeive vaetxxi mtimntion from th« United 8t«tn And (Jib Wmt ludw 
(mmffto thoiij;li th^ arc) of the ndTKnoo of gfreac crclonic ilutiirtwani 
upon na from the neigh UmThoocl of the WMt Iii>Ii'«, FlnriHk, «ad « 
forUt. The fiiithpi- jirograa vS great »ontti-irceteri.T <tislurbanocs tavii4 
our fthom night In Wniwl mHno from ahips which, satliug towanlA fim 
United Statra, hnvo vncountetnl rotigfa WMthar vhen two or dim iajit 
mil froiii their dcstuutUui. 8hi|)e aiHkinx for TTnlifAx or St. .rtAnS 
might oabrd vnn ktor intellienim. It u j(ro1»b)i> that in uiwrly «*«7 
caao, and certain that in man; cases, cralonio diatiu-butcOB which ban 
ixmniled thu Wtttt Indiun. jmrt of tin gAtA fttoru-C ^^d tnLveUwl ilae 
the ahoiM of 1^0 United BtatM lje>-oad Hi%tt«n« (jfenpntliy orsrlaffO^ 
- the land) pumio tlietr couree acron the Atlantic, thoii;>h u-ith grmlidl 
diiniaiahing foice, until tboy rmch Europe. Pnjfaalilv a law -vonUW 
found to oonueot th«ir motion:*, on Umi wnrtom port of Ihair tnuk, wi 
th« direction along which the; wonld strik? the ihorM of Kotiqa. 
Storms vhidi, after rounding the West Indies, pan toward* ttie aMlb- 
eaat, witJiout doncly appnwohin^ tlic Unitod KtatMi, miv^ iimutUy tmJi 
the sborai of 8()wn, or the Bny of BiacnT, whilo thoas which ovorlop He 
aouth-eestflRL Btatca of America, may peas aoron the Atlantic on a mm 
nortbcrlj tsnclc, ajKl umk» for tJte British ItUs, «> poas ttvm mmhif 
SootUttd to tbo aborcfl of Xorway. A« it is probable thatv-vry f«w i«Bf 
fiaraa bmrionim naoh ua from the aonth-WMt which bare not &ta ha 
bit OB tbe wcBtcm 8ido of the Atloulic, it vuiilil ho worth wfada k 
analyse vety c»rc>full^ all tiiat can be learned mpevting t be oouiaa if 
■ndi Ktonos. And certainly the ex]WDM of t«I(igmphic eaauBonkate 
Cram Uie other «i<]a of the Atlaatio wocdd not be worth eonaiilfClBS ii 
eomiiarisoa with tJio advantage darivcd from early intitnotioQ of lb 
■pproaoti of gtmt hiaricaooe towaris tite ehorra of r. < 
ngkraa, and eafneiolly in tbe tropics, twLegrapliic oomti . 
miLch noTv nttdilr iiud cdbctivt^ly imiplo^ed in Aiinounciofc th>> 
^of hurricnnna. I'bore arc macoiu for Ixiltovint; that the gnMt • / > 
tOotober Insl tmverwd n conrae which at aeverttl iMrimts touohrd fi»tm 
whencD news of the advancing; otonn might have been tfiV-.' 
Uueatened rcj^n. Altlioagh little coakl have hsoo donn t 
dasCntolioa to {iropoty which the cydotw caused, many tlivuMudi^ 
livn (ptohahly mors than two hnndmi thousand) Miabt h«ve lian ■>««' 
if halfftdaj'aor ereii half an bour'a womiu^bad iNWD^vra. • ■ 



% /nsbimablt Siitfe tit tbc (DiStn STimc. 

flxniM tliereare&wpUoairG6{)ecttti]{wIuc]i wepoaBesssoiiuuij-iniaiito 

Mw) vuxiioasf traiw of eocUl hi£M}t7 m the little Swiss vrktanng-plwe of 

Sadea, tn tlM Cuitoa Aurgnu. Tho vm7 nuQe of it i> imbnown to tbe 

y eal i put of the coatDopolitan fljing nqwidroa of booristA wbo aumir 

LgttM|«KBiitulljrcaMt,WMt,nOTtIi, uid woutli ; from TrDuvilla toCtu-lBtNu], 

^^^PpManBoo to J^rmunil. A <iiii«b, can>et>«U{)pered kind of townlet i» 

H^Mbb In Aorgiiu ooir-ft-ihijB ; jrei it lias «eeai btav« <loiugii, ami raoeir«(l 

Kftw folks in it« tinoL And,-|iioki!7, t^cre u« cvtant vftrious ooo- 

ttmpaeaxj dunuiclcs which ishovr forlb for us the quaiat humours uul 

^njMr doincH of tb« jtlAce in very liveljr eoloura. 

^p Tbnt tlio titiiquitouc Ikaun was henv knaw all about tiio wnnu 

^bia£cilMl spriugK, IfA mtu-Uo iNith (MvomenU anil letiAxa [>ipM to att«Bt 

''tik pimence, and fortified the wM«iIad CaiUUutn Tiiermarttm on thn 

b«q^t nrlwm pome mile Helvetian fwrtrmi bad alnmly Htoixl tu tJio dim 

■gM,— aB thiB tJie gentle rader will pTubnUy ho willing to aeoe{>t on my 

ban viicd. Tadtun, in epeakiag of tho ditucult^ of de<«adiii« tlw 

OuteUun Tbermarun againtt CMcina, \utai the phiSM " ditaptu wHu- 

«gMie momiius .-" w that eren in cJoasu) days Uw castle— couuaoul.v nill«d 

t hw agjtottt the loiddle agos der Stfirt von Sadtn, or Stone of J}«deii, — 

cmlil boaat of a r(«;)ecub'.o anttc(tiity, uid liad iU "good old tiniw" 

^wbind it. Aftor tho fait of the Doman poMor cuno tb« turn of 

Alatoaiuu, and Knmlcii, and Bur^undiaOB, and a lonj; H caUra of bar- 

hanHMh ntnt-barbaroiu. and-- to lorron- a phcww frtnii tho miuio-book — 

flmuHMnu-bu-barouB triiien, nil tigbtiiig, and struggling, and plundenng, 

mod baming, tramping, in a fieroo aad breatkleaa iaahioo, alon^ their 

allotCecl coune tlunn^h the nges, and idl to be bat dimly dcsKrivd by the 

kieiu>t«]rBd hiitotian ihroogh a great cloud uf dnst and siuuko, iind the 

twilight of M) di)it4Utt a |iimL 

Wlten Charlficutene's miftht^ ein|are waa brolraa tip tfW his dwUi, 
fiaden catoe u> ba a port of Geruuu^ uuder the li^xiidKi Miiek ; and it 
^Hraa kaown in the lonlli omtuiy rh " Thu Bath of tba Time Kin^ in 
^^Jpfarr BwaUn, by 8wil)terland." 'Ilwii, chiT)U|{h \-ario«u vicuaitudia, it 
foil tQ tha houMof Halmburg, whom wrigiiia] Stantm-Scfilota, the cradle 
(if dw racev BlonilE in ruins on a liiil )iu(. a bw mihn away, abor* 
tJchinroa<ii, to this day. Ibc iHtfitt vort iiadfn bno^t nothing bnt ill 
bftUAa to tba Jlabsbocgtm. tlv a mnfnilnr falaU^ thm muabers of 
(haft booM aallicd fbrth hoa the old instJe to meet death or dcAot, on 
thiOT diflennt ocoutioiiEa. Dido* AZWt, of Austria, vrho woooeeded King 




Adolpli M Boman Rne^fc&niy, pnaeed the last night of lib tifr hvrv. 
the next utomiiiXi th&t of Uic ltd of Maf, 1308, be «aa murdered by hb 
phew Job&nn, aiid licing Ififl '^/■'■g ^y tlia roudRide, in aitiil to Iwvn kad 
LluA vonada stAunchod by a poor peasant wonum, in whom chmiUbk 
[•nos bo braatliod Lis laat Tb« le^od baa oftoa be«a illustr*ted bj p«B 
ftsd pencil. Again, Duku Leopold, of Austna, bald a roancil at war in 
the caatle «f Baden, trberetn it was nanlvoil to »tt4ick H^q rtbdUgw 
rBviMt,^D revolt agunit tlie lioosAof Austria, — on two aides, and Iba 
id duko cBiuwd oords aod ropee to be provided to liint] and bang tbt 
o!aDtpeMaoti),wbom.bc madevvry «nreofor«i«ainiag. Heaetfntk 
a hrillinnt ti-ain of nohleit and an armj of nine thouaaad maa, JU 
' arnif^nt confidmicc, to cbiuitiMi these comroon folks. Bnt the eoi aa w 
folks hi^M theii- ground in a rather iuu)x|>«i't4?>l fitaliion ; and in the 
metnorablo battle of Mo^arten (1316), acbievml eo completo aail glorioat 
a nrtoiy oter tlteir high-horn aBMulaotJi, that Duke Leopold, wk 
bandy natpod vith bin lifo from tho field, was canpellod & year aAr 
wardc to make peace with them. Yet tmoe again : aaotJier Dob 
Leopold, ti«pb«w of the preceding oiiei, and great-graadson of Kv.^ 
All^erty 1if)<I, in tbo year l.tSS, another grrat oounril of war, in the gnu 
old fortrot!* ; the result of which waa that be, with the flower of hii 
knlg^thovd, iraa overthrown and slain nt the batllo of Bempadi, wtiwiii i 
Arnold von WinJ«lHed nia<le himself a name immortal in Swiaa i 
'Sosiogular ancriceof dinuiteTsnui^t nurely haTejiuiti&xl asuf 
' belief on Ihv {lart of tbo Habibiii-goni, that the Stein von Badwn ma ^ 
tipot fatnl to their nee. 

All through the vtorraj fifteenth cimtury there wort! fcud^ and fi|^ 
in, and atwitt, Baden in Aar^u ; and yet, strange as it may aoem, 1 
brief i&t«nr«ls of peace were filled up with a life of jollity, revdry, i 
-men^-iuakiu;;, of vhich nn t^ye-^tnimi Iian Irft \w a lively pietniv, Ea i 
letter wntUiii froin the batba in the year 1417. An a Swiswritari 
the banning of the pramt century nalrely observes, " It ia hard ' 
beUere that in nich unquiet t5m«B the most onbridlod enjoynuot i 
ou the very spot where but a obort time previous war bad been niga|| 
yet Pogjjio, who wan in Radcn two yrars aftw the cowiOMt " {lio wHMm 
to the conquest tii Itadtm by Itemo on )>ebalf of the 6wtsB CoufedemliOD 
in 14 IK), "has iJiowu ua suficivntly what driiikii^, »iuKUtK. and Vn^ 
maldnjt went oil hem in thoee days." TbePoggiO; ■ 
other tlian the Floreotiite Qiovonui Franoeeoo T" 
o^ebmted ftnumt and rwtoror of 1ett4>rs in Uio llfu>eritb crnluiy. 
WW boni in Tuscany in IJ80, and died tJbanrollor iff the Flor 
Hepublle in 1459, at the ripe ti^ of MveuLy-uine. Ue had l-wn 
taty • ' - ! 'iipn ; and it was (s the miito of his Holinr 
(he Tv ud, that be vijfted Constance diiriu^ tbo Cotiti _ 
and tiwuoe (bund hia way to Dadeo. Hio lottnr io qaaoii 
divaMM (o his tmHher tavatit ^'ioeolo KicoH "xistr 

itoaodoUni'd luintad works. The learned geuL .Joit 



cf PO|MK. And Uiarefero. one migkt sujipos?, sab,ject to edtfjHiig influsooM, 

kMl, mlas ! bat ton elmri}^ Culed to profit b; kucIi advanta^ei if they aase 

ia hi» ''vy; for thr clMivcfa>r of mndi of ttis writing in ductitietljr in)' 

mom], uu3 warns m not to plaoe too implicit fiiith in his reth3>r higUy 

ooloored dwaripUoiu of oert&ia plaJi3«s of £&deu life. It voulil, ii)il«ed, 

Iw ft aanoag, nnd not uoiiuitmctivo, study of nationat ctaractei-, wotti we 

nble » (o onalf iP tbe iiArrsLive of Poggto Rmcciolini u to detect whera^ 

ukI to whni eit«nt, tl diivintiOK from tli« Nitaplo truth, bv munn of tba 

tamtor'B ItaJiim tone of mind wm) babita of tbouf^t. KeTertl)e]c§B, 

Um oM Florctitiae'n letter ik full of quaiiit and interesting traits of 

iD*Ban%, -whoee gCTiui&«ne8s cAnnot be doubted. And protahir tbo<n 

c— ■ wIicTBia he dialoitfl the truth are all <liio nubor to toiiitakEin 

iofarincM from Uia fAct<i olwprrod, tLui to wilful uita-statrFiamtM of tbe 

tmeta ifceouelvcR ; and the ioieienoeB are HUch as were in all likelibocd 

conriifciieJ retj oAtural and Mtlf-cWdcnt hy LLs Flontntiiw^ acrjuaiiitaiicea 

^^a the you* of grw one tlumsand fonr htuulred and aevpntitin 1 

^H Bb begins bis iqM&tlo to Niooli tliim : " 1 write tbee this Letter frona 

^^Kb« 'hatha bom, vliithnr T hnvtf been dnvrn by gout in tbo bandi ; and X 

HdeOB tliat tbc placu mn'its a dixcription, not only for ita aituatiou and 

plaaiwiilnann, but for the custoua of the guests wbo K^um berro, aod 

^htit maaofr of taking tbe UdhK." AiW a diwunive corapariMm of 

tliMS Wbfl with ClkOW of Fut«oIi, " to which nmrly all Hotim wm vonb 

!o rtsnrt fur idwKiire," and a dwlaration tlint, exucjit on the score of 

satunJ boiiity, Baden is greatly to bo ptvfcrrod to PutooU, and ind<.-ed 

ma]r b»aUd to rival Oyptia (!) iu i(«i manifold and sednctive attracttoot, 

fiimoekittni pKKseeda to give boom account of his Joimey ftom Constanoei 

Ha atm» down tbe Bbuia in a boat as br an 8chaffhanwni, and tbenoe 

" by NHKin of thfl Kveat fall wbiob the river nukes at that place." went 

about a tuilo and a balf on foot to Kaisciatubl. The leonied traTvller 

We ternaries that, ou ai)f>i-oadiiu;r tb« l^dls of the RM&« at Schaffbaiisea, 

hewaa r«niiindi->l of what ix told n^specting the catanctsof tlie JiileT 

Damely. tliat the groat roar and din of th« waters ca na ec tbn inluthitAiita 

(IS tb« bnnks to VM-c^raeddaf. Jciawottbyof notetbatno earli«r mention 

of ibB Falk of tin Khitt" is known llian tbi» of thn Plorontirwi writer, 

"At but," aays he, " wo r««ehe<d Baden, a sufficiently proaperous 
town ritoatcd in a valley surrDundcd and abut in by Boontalns. and on 
^^be bwiln of a grwm and swift running ri^QT. which falls into the Blune 
^pbont a mOv and a half ImJow th« town." This gtatonent ix not literally 
^^DeilT«t«, innsniDcb >s the rirer Ummnt on which Radon ia sitiiittnd, 
^kiUa into the Aar, Ui« Aar into the Rove^ and tbe Reuw into the 
^■tUnc Ho pron«ds : " At about a quarter of an hour's joitnicy from 
^Bho town, and ulosn down besiila Hm river, tbnra is a gntt Gpen ^»ce 
^ftnTOiindf<d by aplendid inns, able to recnre a largi> niimlKtr of RUnetB, 
^nad here are tl« baths. Each tnn has its own bath, whii^h is niicd i>til_v- 
Hlf Ukm who BTv lodi^d in tbo boaae. Tbe total ntmtber of printte and' 
^khUc baths auuninU to aivM tldrCy. For tlra loweat elaaa of tbe peoplei, 


thtn «xict two fpwaouii bnths open on &I] sidei, irbendii men, wooua. 
jroQtbK sod mnidaiui, in r word Uie wbole of tho [lopaWe vliich axifft^ 
tpAea bore, bathe all togcrtliei-. ... 1 have oftea diverted taymit «4lh 
this •pectadO) and bare at the Etitat time vondcraJ lu my owu miad MX 
tiMWoplicityof tKcM good |K<opI«, who neither t*oaU» tha mal rctt* 
tnrn their ejva apoo it, norsprak dot think tJio l<i«st cril cm tliemtgKk 
Am to tht! jirivata bathii writfaiu the boftlelriea, they lura vny liandaenuJj 
dtoontod, and on oommon to both mxoi. Then in, to be nire. a dividiii| 
panel betwwm the man and tlto 'womaB ; but it is pinxed by asttnl 
vittdovs vith flaps to let down, and the two pnrtice cui di-ink and tali 
togatiwr ood not only eee, but touch each other. Mureover, there 
i^pper gaUiM-i« where men aaauublo to tk&t And watch the biith«ra. It 
ftee alio to every odd to pay a Tuiit to hia n^^bours' batba. . . . Vi 
oftion they fcnxt in thu bath ituKif on v-arioui ditbes oontributvd \ij 
t\m meiaboni of the company, and placed on a HoaLmg tAble. 
uid ipoDtleuen eat together. In the bouse vbero I ti«tked I w«i ■» 
day invited to audi a tMiujuoL 1 contributed my aharo to it, but U 
not go myself, albeit waraily pmeed to doao; and this not out^tf thj- 
iiMi,"— jinalinoat(n)pGriluouiiaasurai>c«,oh enultte and e]iicuraui Pofpi 
Bmcdolini ! — " wliidi is looked on hero as mstic ignoniua.-, bat baouK I 
did not undentand thoir tangnage. For it appmr«d to tne but k dall 
baainesa that an Italian, ignorant of Uie (icrman tangae, shonid paai 
wbolu day in the bath oioroly iMiag and drinking, and remniiUDg iIbieV 
and qwMhlos in the midst of a company of fair woneo. Tvo of IQ 
fdaods, howorer, did ^. Th«y ate and drank aud fVoUcked, cauTWid 
by means of on ititorprftcr. fanoMl tl>o Wiwi and, in a wgrd, en j g j J 
tbemselvQs mightily. They worn Linen garinenta, inch as tho men pot m 
ben when tliey ara invited into the la<liea' hathe. I kioked vn frun (M 
gall«7 and mw everything : the mauncn and cnitaiua of tCfoa pJ 
peopk^ tbair good eatit^ and thmi- agi-e«Abks uanconBtroined bqlMtfianl 
"Woodec^ it is to see vitb what innocent'miiidednees they lire, ud 
iritli what easy ooufideoou tJio nwo bobold atrangen in familiar coanai^ 
tion with iLoii- wivee I tfothinjf givea theui uneaainAn ; Utty pot tM 
bewl comtnictioa on all tbinga, or ntiier they take no nutine i* M 
Thero ia nothing uo grave but thfl customs of tbtwt worthy folks m^M 
appear li^ht aa a ftatlior. . . . ^H 

** SotDC «( tboM baUia. as I btw said aUtody, w ueud lu comm^H 
mm and women if they )>olong to Iho Hame family, or ar* uni (ml 4^1 
of frieodnhip. Many a one will rieit throe or foureudi Ixi °^| 

poM Um greater p«rt of his time in ihtrm witli tinging, di '^l 

after the batfa—Klaiuiing. Kvuu in the water some wl thmi. 
btg i>' ' lit*. NoUiii;^ can be mom enchnnling to iku md t 

than ' .'MBiing young maidena in the fall freshiun of iIm 

Bring to tli« accouii-tuiiuicnl nf thtMi instrumeiiU, with fair, a 
'taoas giiddtTvlike in form taui motion, '. ' '- '- -'-t ilra^wai 
the Tula-, and ttch ooo Rp|mriug like n -ja. 




dlAHiliig mttom. when tiary we geniletnan watching Uimb from tbe 
(lUarim, of plsyfully baggUMt '^ ^^ *>f th«m. Iben the mea tJuov 
down, diwdf to Utn pii4tier >tnot^ tlu girlH, small coiua which the^ 
CBtcU in tiltdr hkuilH, ur with tlteir outspiOMt liiicu gnrmoaUs whibit Okcb 
■ UM I^M to be l«fi>f«lian<l with Iwr t)aif(hl>our. It ia customBiy, klao, to 
throw (lowu to Uum wr«tlt« vonoi of idl nunnor of llowora, irith vhich 
ibej «dani their heads." 

All tln)o proaeedin^ hod so gmA a cb&no for Poggio firaodolini, 
■ad, lo iwe lii« uw-n phnw, " iw eolireoad bia spirits," that notwitbatnnd' 
ing ha liiuiMilf tiathcd t«Hcc iUiHy, ho omj^vjMl aluuMt all ilui rist cf bis 
tia* in )in}'t^ visits from bath to bath and tn Hbovering do«n vmaths 
*»d snail coins oa tlw fioticluoiae nymphs, Uk« the rest of the world. 
" VvK," tmy» he, " amidst this oontinua] tioia&, ot talking and ainginf , 
ItMn is no lame for reading, aar cvco for thiukiiig. Aiid to attempt 
it^ag tho only vim oiau h«r« wuuld liaf« been the height of follj- i 
MpeeisUy fur cue who is uo nlf-tunnimting awetio, and who deems 
mdljngf htiutan alieu lo hinueU*." 

AUttltffiu-thbron, hoha8apassa|p> which i« worth tnusctibi&g aa the 

Mogoat lor au o;e-wiuiaai«f a divenion ia vogao at a fashJooabto watar- 

In^placm luur tvnturies and a half ago. " Ueeides tbcae BtuuMmanta," 

(tibu Lathing, singiDg, fiddling, talkJng, Sower- throwing, eating and 

danddn^ aforesaid), '* thet« is fat another of no littlt) chann. Behind 

tlM bostdries, and dose lo the borders of the river, there lim a groat 

iiiaailiiM' ilin^lod bv many Uum. Hero, n(W diiutsr, nil the gnesU 

aiiSiutltk; aiii! i-njoy thotnH>lvoi with Bong and dan«e and diven fpaam. 

Most of (ham play at ball; not, however, after our fiuhion, but thus: 

tbara ts a la>U with little bells inside it, and this is tUiown hy a lad/ or 

genttoiDaa to tbu prirscRi he or she likes lieMt. All run after tlM ball, for 

wWwMi-r cat<:)ieei it has won, and throws it in his tom to the obj«ct of 

has pnfrfivnva. Everybody standA with oatstietcbed handx ntady to soiae 

itiand be wlio holds it, uukun iw tlivtigb he wonld throw it first to one 

pence ikud thcu to auolbcr. 1 must pass over a tiioaaaud other pleasant 

dirnrnutu, for Uio sake ■'f l««rity. and have only gjvoti tlioo a little 

aauiple <if uoe or two, in order that thou toi^Ueat have eomo cooc^tioa 

what a gitvL oumgiany of Kpicureanii we are hen. . . . InnuBoarablo, 

mmeover, Ia i Uf rrowd of noUe and pleheiau folka who eomo htther firom 

a dixtaoce of a Londred adles, not so mticii for the cute, aa for ptemiaro. 

Many make a pretext of bodily ailments who are only sick in miod. Yoa 

mm many bani^iao women arrive here witliout their liushauds, without 

tAtiTTi-. and ntijy c^cnrtixl i<y n cotiple of maida and a mao survunt; or 

^BB hy aoioe old friimp of lui &iiut, wlio ia luora vanily to Ik deceived than 

pnbad." (This oleervation ia obarBCtehsLict. sod marks a state of tkln^ 

Bm^mI* coutrary to tbat V hicli Fo^o luid Uva aocuatotnod to on tbo 

^^^^/§» of the Alpa). " Ktich one adonts hetBslf ns far aa may be with 

koM, ftlvrr, and prrciuuA AUmes; to that one might suiipoas thsy had 

fcffWM^ tioi to tjdce ihe t«tbs, bat to some splendid noptiala. Bven nuna 



— or I Ktionld mthor cnll tliem prieaUues of Flora — abbota, me 
hn-tliren of "various ordera, adA inimtB, liv« htn in gimter fieedom Um 
im;^ ot tite otlt^n. Tbe l&tUa- (^«n fnqtumt th» womra's IaUm, Bdon 
tlMir hnir with TreAths, And nltO)?eth«r relekce themselTn from Uie yiika 
of tbeir '^'O'ws. All, ia i^ort, liuve but one ol;^: iiam«l,y, to huurii 
mcUucbolT, to wek kmuBOiuant, and to hftTO no thotighi or nurv mtv to 
eqjor life atul iU pletsiii-es." 

Thus lie iMinod Eecrotuy of lit* IIoUomh, Pope John th« Twoatj. 
rourtli 1 And tiutt hiit picture, albeit as n modem Swin ivriter Trmiirki 
somewhat ovcrdntwn nnd vxK^gcratiHl, yi-l ui not wholly, nor «■*«»(» 
any 8«i-ioiis extent, a fxbe anil mlsl^ultng ono, tServ (trc itbtindant na- 
t«mporaTT rooords to prove. Th« writer in quortion, a gwutlnaut vt 
Ziirich named Darid ]!««>, who h«K IvR a liveljr aketdi of the mndiUos 
of liadca id his daj— tlte end at the last aod bcgimung of the |imaiit 
ceotxay — olwerteK that " a feverish thirst for «qj<mii«nt aeems to hm 
poMtned all c1mm« of hi« Swin forefatli«n in the fUteonth and nxUMiA 
oeotories." Their physical lobnsttunB, the rapid tncTMBe of wei^lit,lt 
BednotirA axamplM of the elei^gjr, and the «a«y method of appewRS^t 
troubleKKiic consdeBce, oU fintered 1hii« tiiihridled coii<litkut of Ihiiigt 
Uoieover, all daeses were assailed \>y oontinual t«mptotiafM tiom witfaoat 
Forwgu [nincea employed all nielhodii of cxnTnptton and bribenr to cbBA 
tlio warlike Swuk in tbrar Kcrrioe ; trcHtin*, or tlw jiiHtice of thv caM% 
were not eotuidnwd. Wbosoever paid the most f^ the most, and tfcs 
beet seldien ; whence arOM the ctait«mptiiou» proTfrb, " ^o tODMrr- nu 

An to Bnunolini'h dBKri]>tJoii Of the mnndaDC hehaTionr of tiic 
tUtrff wtio visited Bodeo, there are rariwis oorrobarativo tkcU to t» 
glaaiied on the mibjecl tmm wchim and andent dociim«>iitM. Th«« 
wive, bcfijre the dayw of Bnuxiolint'e viiiitt qiedal bath* at Bnd>>ii ett 
apart for the tnembers of tdigioua boditv; and probably thtsii had 
originally— aa in aoveral still older baths— righta of twin ^ml «a» 

place* of refuge for thooe pursued by the lavg. or by th<<: ■•». Bet 

bjr depi!iefl the clergy, the monlcA, and tlif niiiui, wnociated with iho laHjr. 
and Look part in thi! unjoymentii and aipuiaiiicmte of the profant* wnrft 
as Bnociolini was vitDera. Lung huToto Bodeo bdonxwl to thi> R«i» 
OoofodecatiaOf the euiona of the Oarultnimi foundation in - 
Mfiwloinnd to raurt thither van ftwqunntJy. In tbeiratat'i .. _ 
aftera fire which took placo in 1S1«, itis thus written; "AouMbaan 
makn an eight daya^ visit to Buden in tbe Riwiui;, and in the ant^uaa cam 
Moounl of hi* hcnIUi, and Diay nennlheleBS ivrolTe tli« inoonn hT hal 
prebend evcoaa thiMgh ho had bom nil UietiinealtPiKliii^'divinn^^^;! 
bat >hnult| he fpinii''> I^i^it than oight days, ha aba' >- r<>">-<'i -i-— i t^U 
ahaenl." ^H 

Id tha yp:' ><i1«sia von HohflD-GliiisctL, aliW^i at ^% 

ooBYeal of the 1 cr, In Ztlrieb,iioU to tlio nuMof O ^1 

hw cstaairiv* Una of budelhafwu, whieh atnfabed Cir mm ^H 



olotig tie l&ke, togfftJier vith til the riglits uid pri^-f]«gM Iwlonging 
therMo. in oixlw to ilrfmy tho ncpennm of one viait to BaiiloD wiUi the 
price of rt. At tlip keginniag (rf the Hiximntli century, the inim of 
Ttim ei|M>n(W II tnrgo ntm of maner in ths pitrdiiwr cf %iuioits Papal 
balbfinil indulgences, tho Rcnpcofwhirh -vraa to ptrmit them to rint 
BidoD, Km) to wear the gnrmcnts of the vorid there iindcr the nligUnu 
halat, in mso — so niHKtlie pemiiNiion — they should not be (lUo to obtoin 
within thdr ooMTttut aII the Kocdftd means for reatoring their health. 
Ofte UlHch TrinkW, of Zilrich, irho wai« elected abbot of Onppel in 
1402. obtaiiUNl s scaniUloiia DOtorioty I>y his visits to Bndon — rbdta 
whtd vero «ixttwrcly tnjnngtn in ffv«y «-iiy to tlie inten«ta of the 
nunaatny b« rtilH orer. Dnrin^ ha stuy At thfi hith.*, which oftni 
laatal for Bcrpral weeks, be daily kept opni tabic for more thrui twca^ 
pcnons. He wm, tamro^-pr, strongly suapect^l of still graver oBencte 
•galnat tnomlily aod dcooram. ia which olTcaees certain iirinN were Mid 
to ho sharer* ; «od at letiffth his condttct Ixxniuo iso intolerable, that ho 
WTwi tMrnrd oot of hiR abl>ey. 

WTicn ilie eW^ g«v« such ncfttnples, w« niay be sure tliat the Uity 
vese not IHtinilhand in luxaiy and lotweneM of liring. Amongst thoM 
wbo nocrt ilirtiiif^iBhed thenwIviB in these partifliihuB ww the Buri^ 
m^cr A^'oldmouD, of Ziiricli. Sinfiu!arly tamvgh be knd iuatiluted 
aoine rery •ewre social and auniptiisry t«gti1«t{QR» In hts iiatrTo town ; 
Mil with s Dot alto^ther iinexiuapled incoograity between tlM)ory and 
pricctce, he made himself notorionsfOT the expeDsdvesiem and iniRiorality 
of lUe life at the baths of BAdca. On one occnsiOR ho actnnlly ap^tnarfd 
Ihafo arrtmiiiiinied hy hi* wife and a oumplete harem of six ladies, liko 
bis 5r«j««ty the Sh«h of Pcrsin, or the Tenerablc Mr. Brigham Yonng. 
■^At Ibf sanirt timo he made an attempt to get foraWy into his power, by 
the help of one of tlin luith atteodanta wbota be sobomod for the pur- 
fnm, a l>rti'ififnl womnn of Bilp who happened to attract hia tulmiration. 
TVattciiiirt, hofl-Bver. failed. A awariB of loon eoiupaniOiM followed 
iam in hia Budea eixinimtona, nn<l ftnstcd with him, and at his cost. 
A&H it wa.^ from one of tliese Baden rewla that he was soddeoly re- 
callnl to Ztlrich, there to end his hold and prodi^l nuoer on the 
■aIToM. Btranice I««ept tht^ip, and undonbteilly verneions ones, of the 
"good old ltfflea,"awl such aa innkc ono. on the whole, more content to 
live in tilts nineteenth centuty— 'its ndgnr prow, chimnny-pot hatM, and 
ohoddy, tntwithidanding I 

Mweer T^ogfpo ItntomdUu is by do toeaus the only welMcnovu man 

of Ifittcmi who baa J<<ft on hi* inpfMnens of the little Swiss Baden. A 

{greater titan he, no Ion n pmonn;^ (Jian lil ichcl de Montaigne, given an 

■o c O nn t of il in his Jtmrnnl if*s I'uyiyi! Je Mieh*l il^ XFtmlatym m Italii 

par la Suime tt I'Mlrmaffm m I5»f) rt 81. TTiP wiginal MS. of this 

^^ramey waa fonnrl iu nn old tilMMt in MoBtofgne's etiAteaii in Oik yenr 

^■TiA. attd made known to the worhl by Homleur do Querlon. One 

l^poftinB of it, and ]>recisoIy tliat whidi conoenis Baden, is written by the 

, th 



]»mU of hit wnnuit. It wm, ia *1] protalwH ty , di etote d bjr 
trk^ in UtoM portkMHi «f tli« work not wiittm bf tus own h&sd. 
of blMMlf in iIm tbitd penoo. 

" Wo npuTvd to Bkdan. » Uitlo town witb ■ >^«nite aubnrlt, v\ 
ftiv ^le tntluL It u K Oiithfilir UMnt, andar the fvolMtiati of the , 
Cuttocu of Aw-itaoWtd, whoem liAYe besi bdd diwats yiaat 
of prioeni. We lodged not in Lbe town. Imt in the ftfbneaid subarb, 
wkidb M ipiite ftt the foot of the bill, on tbe Imuk of a river, or nthv 
ft torrent, c*llad the linwoq («*e). wlueh flows fiom the IaIu of JSUricb. 
Tlnra Bra two or three ancorared public betha. osed only bj* the poorer 
aoft. 'Hie utbenir of trhicJi thero w e gie^i ntmtber, arc cxiakMaed wlibia 
the botna, anil ue jiertad ukI diriikd Uito wvanl little privBte oeUit 
cjMt) or covered, and let out with (he ehamberv. Hie auid littln odk 
«« H dalicetely and hendMnelj fitted u powble, with |upM of the bat 
■waime nuuiini; into cecb ; Mm lodgings very msgnifiotnU In the bona 
wbere we Uj, thoe bare been an Bwiiy tm three biuidt«d iaouth» to ileel 
in one day. There wm still e great cocopuiy whim we wore thore, ui 
fully m bai>dt«d and mven^ beds ka the me of tbe gnwto. Tbore an 
MTeutera oooldng Btore* and daroo Idtebeu, and in a k^gii^ bard hf 
aam, fifty fnnushed chambon. Xba walla of ^e rouma are eofvmed wilh 
oeutcfaeou of the gentlenwa who have lodged tlwfe." 

There were atill eona rauuna of this ouataoi of oovering tbe mlU 
vrith tlie ooid»«f-Bne« of aobU geoita, {Miiit«d on woodan |jaiu)U, bi It 
MMO in the year 1617. In a itiom of dia Uiuterhtd^ celled the //crap* 
gmmud, or Doke'a Chamber, Uicro oxnted a gmat |iMn«l painted in ojl 
eoloura, witli the arms of the Zilb; ZoUtl»iets, and Sout^is. of St 
OalJcti, mkI ^Iu It bore date A.D. 1013. In onotlur room was • still 
nore euHoiu apedmon of Uim custom. It was preMoted to tit* hoaUlqr 
of lIm Hioterhof in 1630, by tbe uagistracy of 2iirioh (probably kAar 
tbey had beea viuling Baden in eorpon, n» Herr Uavul Htm aaya), and 
Ijoui n plctura of the Judpaeat of Solomon, to whidi Uie iinuB of tfat 
nine jud||oa and iho derlc of the ooart aerve as a tnm^ Tbe eoLjoct 
WHR douhtJeM HdeclDd in compliinootaiy allnrion to tbe SokmoBW 
wisdoa of the exponeDta of tbe law in Ziirich. There vah, too, Uw txal- 
of-anoa uf a Dutch ambaMudor, Putrtw Vallteajiir and "CamUi B«sal) 
OBnbeefc," bu wiTo, bearing date 1704, which lima uw. I belien W 
Mwh thing U to be Coutul in Baden at iha |nvwni day. 

Hwa are ROmo tnoro gleaninga from 31ontaigDo'« dcRCiriptiaD tS 
Ilaibin in 1S90: — " Tbe town atiiuds eoowwbat high on tbe sboolder^ 
the bill, i> Kuall, and very baadaottu, oa ata altnoal til tlui towu ■ 
tbit evantzy ; tor, bnidca that thoy make llieir atieelB more wide w>4 
OpM llian oeta, the opttn ^qutcei {jJaatu) more aai|ilo, atid many rioUy 
gbnd wiadovi wvitiywiidni. they havi! a onirtuoi of fainting; tin ^nafak 
of alinort nil the btniece with dvrioea which funibJi n nry i 
ffpMtuIo. Uoreovw, there it tu> town withont divms fot 
walM*! wUdi Mnml at tte cmnmyii, hwultiiiBeljf built of nUn 




"nie wAt«r «f tke baths baa an odoui- oi' nil(>hur. Like tlui «r Ai$u«t 
oa»tf« («ic) iu C^am oiid otheiv. 'Xbo b»l of it is modnratci, u At 
Bu^Mtati (oouiity at Amu^ae), or Aiguea C*ud«M, mid tlia batba, tbcvo* 
rorc, mild and plewant. Whoraerer tuu U> oondiict IuIuk txi a. Wtb, 
wkei« thej wi&h to ImUm (kcorottnly and deliokttd/, may canj them to 
BtdM. For thpt« litey will be alane in the lAth "— <iimimttnt tAre 
ehngod, it would worn, Binos th« " gvod oM times" of fOggio JJnMcto- 
IW, 4 Mnturf and a hkif ]u«iriou«) — ■• wludi rMMsUai a ver; rich 
cahiaei, veil gUud. Uaod with panels of pAinted wood, and Uooivd coa- 
vtaimiij. Each hath ia funiiiiUod willi mbU aud Iitt3« tuhlo (or 
lodbtg. or playing at, wliil»L o»ii ia in tba \rat«r. TIhj tmthw has a 
aapjily of wattir mm uioch as he plensra, and nay empty aud r^llU hU 
hub aa oTtoD as be will. Tboii tticra b cbn commodity of having one's 
chMaber cloao to tJie bath, and Unc pivniviiadus along tbo baokn c£ the 

tvnt, beeidM ai-tificial pKMuenadts in covorod gaUeriea. The 

w»l«i« are somewliat /•(>/«, aad Anb to lh« tasto, and have a litUv lUvonr 
of mlphiir and a xlight Btlioe ahw-pnfts. Ibio peoplo of tha ocnmtry 
drink tbem but little^ bimI use tbvin principally for bathing in. And 
whilat they aru batlua^ they <iaiu>e theiumlrai to bo ouppud nud blod to 
w grant a dogne, thftt I hare soniuttmM aaan the two public baths 
<|uilo crinuon." 

are aaraml otbcc oou&-niatioiui of tliiti nvDllin^ cuatou, which 
— although can-)iid on with luoro dwuncy aud [iriva<iy— to the 
lady y^ant of thut cmturr. It ia alluded to in a ^'oluminous voi-k uptm 
Badst and iU waten, vTittflti by a certain Dr. FantaJeon, of Bule, and 
pubUabad in l&'Ji, vcbore tba writer e|]e(du of thu liuuwderate iwo of 
Clipping from a physieLan^ point of view, and cxjwitiate on ita evil 
eOksto ; adding, huvuven-, tlmt tlti> pivplit — eapeciallj' lho«w of the loiror 
onlus — ^werc so iiifAttiated with it, tiiat Uney did oot consider tfaemtJeU'te 
tahnve bathed projxM-ly uolitM they wera "stuck full of cup|uiijp^la«04 
«■ a bodyolHig of quilhi I" And the habit wa» «till iu furco in tho year 

itatakfoj do Slontnigoo procevdH to give some vory miuul« detaib of 
aotinn of tlie waters on hiataolf, together with the quantity he drank 
theut) the nuuber of times be dmitki atid eo iorch ; all of which the 
.Fiaay wnl] !•*> HfKUvU. Ooeor two tnut« of uinutuim whitJi hcgivot^ 
jKanant, mm worth a brief mmtion, however. I'hus be teninrlis that 
ODa oceasioD he went into thi> iMkth "ut uine o'clock iu the uuiruinij, 
lilrt ll* otttan v-m dining," and that he only remuinod in it half-an- 
', for tiwit "those of the country, wboaUty tikoreaUiiayivii(i,f)itiyinif 
(uW iyrwut*Njr. nifonly up to tlie middle iii vrnter, wliitroaa he (UoalaJ|jae) 
lay nxtnnded at full Icoittli in hia bath, antl was covered with the water 
U> hia thraet.'' Furtlus- on he oheotTvH tluU it ui hia huhii to he sei-%-vd 
•.''•'' after tho fnaition of the country he may bafipen to Ij* in, " in 
I luam the divcrxiL/ of maanoi'e and euatuuis," no matter bow 
faMigrMable the procwB of aociuiring this infonoation might lie hut thai 


in 8wit«rlaad he onfTciwd no isooitTcnioDoo &om it, "except th»t n 
table li« bad only a UUte olotli lialf a foofc aqnare for a napkin. Atul tit 
Swim thcnueiTM oftoa do not eren niifol<i liib tf. dioucr, albeit they bai« 
many eaaeu and aereral yanedes of pottage ; b<tt tli<ij altraya place on 
&a tablo nfl mtaty wooden spoons with niver bandies as there are pcnont 
duuofc ; and no S^ias ia over witbinit a knife, wiUi wkicb be bdpe hi mwtf 
to eveiTtbin^, and scarcely emr puta his hflnd la the diih. .... Wi 
fanineiliately Ixvame accustomed to the beat of thor EtoTo, and tune of 
us jfouod any inponvraanneo from Uiein. Fbr vlivn yon haw got OV«r ft 
ecrtatn mell of hot air on first going in, there mnatiis only a plMMBt 
wnsation of wanntli. 31. de Montaigne, vfao had a store in his hei- 
Camber, -ma mighty eonteot vitb it, and eitJoy«d a mild and a{;reeaUe 
temperaturo all the nifi^t. At least, one docs not bnro cjtfaer one'* bee 
or one's bMts (!), and in Hd of the ttmole vhi«li ia troublesome in n^im. 
Moreorer, wliemu -a-c on mtmng the Itoicte put on oor -warm rofff * 
eAamirf lined with Air, they on thfi contntn' remftin in \hmr don1>l«<, 
with uncoii-ered hood, and dm» thenutelvea wannly only when iiiey go 
forth mlo tlie air again. Tn our lodging th«rc are Mill a tvw cbiInnfl)^ 
phen d la /Van^auf, bnt nil the best rooms have stovM. llie exBOtlea 
of tlie payiaeat is a tittle tymmioal.KS it ta in all oountiiee — sad wtably 
in oar own — towards f.>rngn«i-«. Four ehamben, fnraiahed with bcm 
beds, of which chamben two had stora ami a bath, cost as one crown ■ 
day Bach for tho servanis, and four laU " (he mMina baieen ; the word m 
■till occasionally ined is Switwriand), " that is to ny. tune »mu at 
a Bltlo more per head, for the servants. The boraee tnx &<il#, which 
nuula about fonrteen «m» per diem. Itut hexidee theae ehargw, tbtf 
added aeTenkl Uttlc oxtorlioni, contrary to tltHr euHon," 

However contrary to the eiisloin of Bailen innlwqwre extoHioa may 
ha^-e been, them ww a fom of extortion ronn«ctcil with thu hotlia fnn 
which nil rlnmviof the popttlation snflbrvd more or less, and which in tha 
aixtaentb and Rvemteeotli eeutnriee aaonied Ruch outra^nntg propor 
aa to lieeome the Buhjecrt of rvptoarire tr^itlation, — tor the mo«t 
iadbetnaL This was th« eustom of making Sn/lsflimMinff^n, or " bath- 
pfts," and it orijpnatvd in the followin); uaiuw]- : The earlier aittaif^ gf 
the tKt-l of the Swiss Confedentiion tool: plniw for tbe moot ptirt ia 
Skdvn, iumI Iti tho ntmmer mamm. Inasmuch aa the amhai^Hlora of 
fijNign powers wtre fre<]tiPnUy |nvsen(, and gave a p«it hrilltaacj to 
tbflM aaatmbliea, grMt numhera of stniigom wftre alttwtitd ta Badiin; 
iadnre^ to go ihiCber ml^ ' ■ dmire of pulieipatin - ' ~r« 

at»d fiutirltim of the ;>»<:>: "in, tliaa by the vtrlm im 

wati:Ti> tu nuT thrrir Iwilily ruluents. Eepcciallr wsrv thcae oeKaajooB 
ei^vly ■riaad ii|Mtt by th» (oo<] etllHnu and alLteaMm<« of ZWA, 
ditfoMB of MBRpfai( for A whilo &on> th«> ncrirllr iwrf^imtr^t lonA UT, 
mannen whteh the Hcfermatl'.-a had 
alu! a rtay in KoAm wna a euxtly ^-i" , . 

waf QO nujrv |ir«i«rtioBal to the :' the pvl 




uut placM Uuui it M in our own il^y and country. Iq order, therefore, 
to fiuiUUta u much as posaibla die eiuoyineat of «ll the fitui utA expon- 
BT» doio^ ftt Uio bfttlu, by vorthy borgliera imd uobloa of Umited 
BiMiu, thtir p4i«Dts, ri^ivM, And fn^uils vrem iu Uia WluL oT funiUliing 
tlltsa witit abundant bUm-ob of proviaions from Ztiricli. These, howovcr, 
aoon cluui([od into gifts of tuoney, sSlvnr drialciiig vctnols, And other 
utida of value, "ni* Govenuneat of Zdrkh oflTered rich preitaits of 
tlik kind to an/ Coniffi princes or noMm uho oune to restore thoir 
hflaitli lit Ba'l«n ; and by dagrees tt Ijocnuio customaiy to send gold and 
ailrer plate of tnoit: or leas valuo to such membera of their own oiagu- 
trM}y BA riaital tka bntliM, und to dixtinguulisd dsrgjrvum. Thu usi^ 
gmr to be so uDivenal^thatin time thenvoa acarc«lj' a head ofagtiild, 
jNunon of a |i)uish, orjud^of a district, who did uot receive nil nuttuitT 
df gifta from his follow msuben, jiarialiiouois, or oGSdals, iIiu-itM; bis 
stsj in Uadcn. Aaii. when the gifts were Dot spontaneously oOiiivd, 
thara wera regularly nppatntod i>er90ni to su^gcat to th« luk«wanu tha 
uoeanty of cooformiiig to tliis cnstom, which thus grew into a Terilable 
levy of bUck-bioil. 

As Otfly as tlie year 14H. Mm ConfederstioD, <Ifl8pit« its axtnme 
pOTfirty at that tiate, maoagDcl to toske a preseut to the coOKtrt of Ai«h- 
diake Sigixmuud of Aiutris, ootuiRdag of oxen, slieep, biitt^r, and «ine, 
to the vuluv of £«rvnty Uotins. £ut bbo finb Latltgift which ezcitoi 
gnst atLontion was made in 1534, to a bui^gomaster of 2iiri£b, named 
Diatiielm Rotut, and was brought to Badco by odu liuiMlred and iiinety- 
aj^l Zurich b«r]|jbsr8 and yeomen, on foot and horwback I It cotuistcd 
of a (at ox, which coat orcr twenty-four flotius. Tlie beast waa coTsred 
with IrappingM of blue auJ white clutli ; Iuk lioriu were ^ddoJ, and theiB 
VM fii8t«ned between them a bluo and wliito purw coataining twenty 
Bbfmisit fiiiUtt. The hundred and uinety-cd^hi men of the ooort u-oro 
all newly clothed in relvvt nod ulk, with ]>luines of fcatbeis in their 
ttfm, and well armed with spears and aniuebua(W&. And iu tliii slate 
1^ Ihiy nurcbad with all their braveiy to tiodeo. 

^m But tint peaeeftd citixena of that town no »oonw had news of the 
^p^yroach of this impoeini; body than tliey to^k fnglit, and bo^ui to con- 
f «aivo some ti^y nis])icionft as to tlie ol^oet of a viiit on eo great a scale. 
Zttrlch bad then but racuably uBibnuwd tlioBofunaed laitJi ; the I^odcuers 
were (and are slill) utauuvb Catholics ; and sundry collisioiu and Ivcu- 
hbw aoma of tlwoi r«t}- svrloim uun — had ariaea betweeo the adherents 
of the old aad tho new ittligioD. In brief, tho good cidjcatut of tWlen 
Wfs* so nnOBsy that they sent round to the rqireeentatin-s of th« Tarious 
fiwta Oantoss who happtncd Just th«n to b» stteudiag a Diet Lu Bsdcu, 
to ask if they had not bettor shot their gates against the approaching 
posae of ZSrkhen I The members of the Diet, however, reasanred them, 
and ordered them to let tiie escort with its Cit ux utd its puree of 
Btumiult fftiUai, and its fine garm«Dta of ulk and velvet, paA peaceably 
tbrvngb the town to the bntLs beyond, where Bnrgoma«U>r Rouot wus 



tBkiox the wntera. All thb wh don« aooorcUiiKlr ; rmd tb« nat d^, 
wli«ti the Ziirichers had prMentM thetr gift U»d wwe oo their wity boot 
ignui, the mcti of Bodeii, — Wiiig |>(t1ib[in h little ashnnipd of tlMir 
proviotu auBpirions — cnt^srtninod t}i«CD koKpitAbl^ with wtns waxd aumt, 
and prMient«d llien with tiavo ftoMen florins inUi th» t«ui;«a. Hm liA 
of luuRM of kII th« hundred and ainet^^dght itiiok wbtt took port In tUa 
sin^iUr cortegt is ntill cuctanL 

In tlie voar \f>^\ a dGputotioa of the lower order of cituoiw is 
Znrich nrried to iheAr bnrgonflster, in Bodan. ty*t> nuurin nlw 
beakera, tm a botli-pft, ami wAro cnlertatned free af cost dttriii); tMr 
Htaj tbcre. It muKt luive liooi) in oonK^inoM of tbo [tnasure \>nt UfMn 
th« poOTVr dCimiMt, to indue* tbcm to mlwcrilM to this iuhI otbrr siinbu 
costly prafwmtfl, thftt a {iroctamatuin of tbo Ooaoril of Ziirich wiu madv 
in 1S9S, forbidding all membcn of the eity fcnildit to aend silver gnthte 
to Hitkr guild- inaatcrx, Or to anj otbor person at tbo Wtiia of BadttD, Oa 
pnin of a fino of 10/. But bov ntterly vain sneh inr^bitioiis wr*. and 
how the Ziincli anthorilaes Ihemuelves very 8pee<my brolce tbroogb ati4 
disntgaxdod t]>Mn, may bo gathered from tha following facts. In the 
year 1606 an ox and a rnna. of money cx»11mt«d amon^ tihe dtiicai 
■wtn pnaentod to Bnt^maator Brani, at tlin Htnterfaof tn BadoDr liy a 
rompany of nobitt gmitlMii«i, with much fionriflhinf; of HiuDpeta aad 
rolling of drtimi. In 16011 *■ my worsbipfal mAatera" (tlw niiiiiiiiiiil 
of 7:nriA) M<nt a nlrM'-^lt goblet, mgnMtoting tJ>9 t«n«»tria] g)ob«^ aaA 
Tci;;iui)i* 3€^ oz., to Utikc fintoat, of Bavatia, Hleotor of CoJogna^ vko 
■ima talcing the vaters in Uadto, and at th« nuna tiiua a atag, somo oak 
and some salmon \ During tbc lost dBjn of ttiifl aamo roar (1(KI9) tken 
eam« out ano4}i«r aevere decree o/ th« Zitneb Kuthoritiaa, forlnddia^ «■ 
pain of h«aTy final, the aendtng of halb'gifia of ailvtr or sllver-iiilt \*mt, 
goMcta, and pit«hm«, to any paraon wbataociTOi-, " rxcrpi to iKe IntrfV- 
matter ; " and ftiviuj; m ona of tha roaaoiH for the dffmw^ thai ** Hbf 
CfKtom led only to gucdiag and drinking ai (Ao <<m( of (hot* to vAom tit 
ffi/t» uviM f>f**fiit'-l." But this Htring«nt decna uat with no btttiv fi»ta 
Uian ttfl prcOecoHors ; for only tJiree yearn after jla (noanlgatiDn wo fiad. 
»xty-4'iglit mnmhmi of the *'Otiild of tbo Titmomn" (I) aBadini; a dBp>l^ 
tation of twelve of thsir body to Baden, with a gift for Ctovonior Kelkr 
ofa double MlTM>-giib vessel, worth 100 flotina flvo halMn. In 1015 tW 
nairtcRand oompaniea of the Gnlld of Tutnen Mat a piaeeof sUm plate 
to OoTieniar Korabis; and in HIS tho QoTemor of ZOridi. avat to 
Surgomaflter Hnbdialb two silver flnskt, waKbing 310 ooi. and valnad 
at 613 florins. Ah to the prenenbi wmt to Btulen, about thit pesiad, t^ 
privato individitiiLi — pnrubioiinni to titair priasta and omatea, *—»**■*» %> 
tbetr landlords. dcpenuUnita and oonnections nf gi«aE adgnean to \hiir 
naatara and patnmii, ito.4n. — th«y pma all compuUtiOB. Dtarm IcA- 
lowed decTFC, itiTeigfaing in vvtr atmngw tarma afgaitst the rxt<Rti(natB 
practioo of collorting monay (or batfc-gifta, and foiUddinf; than M be 
made, vwiv «ver-iiMT«aiing {i«naltM; but tha law* wen afaHfaMfr 






faMAcAnal to clieck tli« abuse, im, bidtod, it was inevitAMe they should be, 
wIkmi tli« iDdkera of tbcm gitvc tlio cxumplo of being tbu chief bitmkcra of 
theia also. It voald be tcdiooa to eoumcmtc oven s snuU number of 
tlw enacUnento nguinst Brnttd^nhtrtgeH which tnav still bo found in tha 
dotty archives of Ziiricli, and impottible, vithiu ibe limits of a, aUrat 
votime, to d«(Kiribe all the various, singiilnr, and ooctljr gifts recorded to 
havo boen mado. Wo mtift, howero'. And Npaeo for on« eurioiu extract 
from ibe pdrate meowranda of a raqwctable citucn of 2uridi, who was 
hnrjfoauata of that towu, aiid attended a Diet of the Coiif«dcntioa in 
Bad<?n during tbo year 166^, in bis official capedty. 

Uerr Waser — for such iras his worthy nainc<, as the Gtmnan hath 
it— arailn] btmaeiroftlio opportunity of this official visit to the baths to 
" maltethcRuiQ" tKoTO,ai)d tobringwithluui tolheSladhuf (the principal 
iim) the foUowioft memben of bis fimiily, enumerated ia hia own phrase 
tbu? : " My b«luved wif«, her son by her first niaiTiaf;e, the Guild-master 
WordtntUar »y daughter's htisband, Chrintopher Geiger, nnd my coasn 
Hans Ktu)ol[4i Water." And amidst the cares of office, lien- llui:gcr- 
meister Woaer finds time not only to put don-n, like a caiefbl btlier 
of a family, the vxpessra of hb stay at tha baths (thsy Aiaoont«d to 
S06 florins ninetaoi sfliiUiny), btit to entor, und«r the ht^ad of " rf^yipis," 
all the ptennta be received while at Bsden, and ihd niun«ii of thoM> who 
amt them, ^eae "reooipte" Arccurinunly qusccHsdcoiu in rjuiUity, and 
amuKinftly voluminous in qunntity. Herr Dnvid Hchh, of 2uri<-h, tti hia 
book upciu liaiien in Aatyau, bus tolum tbo troublo to sam them up 
andor variouti catcf^riea, from which tho following are Bel«ct«d : " In 
bard cash, fiinrtocn florins, stxteen tehiUtnrj, two Lmtxe-trvrt, and thre* 
f^lden ducats ; c«te groat stag^, on« hsiiDch of venison, one fore>qa*rtar 
of wild boar, foitr bnnv>. thrm sheep, two lambs, one tpinrter nf mutton, 
elg^t abcep's (ivttots ; one dish of ewoebbnad, twenty-five fiehva lar^ 
•od amalter, forty caponi, one chidcen, canteen ^nt^ two geMe, twenty 
pigeons, ten gninui-hens, aiity-tlu-ei; ptirtrid^, twelve 0Ttriliiii.t, six 
quailN, Kud two blaclccocks ; 320 cirtbe ; i>nc pasty ; all Rone of HtUd and 
ndiifaos. eome artichoke*, otM hc»d nf cauUHower, two alioea uf bread- 
and>bt)lter {!), oaa frAxhty bnkod lioiiMboId loaf, two rolls, three egg- 
euatarde, two great cakes ; one ham, cijjht Imxea full of all manner of 
confectionery, cismuits, and maceroous, one box of Iruciicw (t), two 
almond-tarts, a loaf of sugar, nnf^ons, citrons, aw) various (pjcca, sovoral 
■{iarioota. Moreover, a flue state-dinner, namdy : one eajxm, ono quarter 
of a tiirkey (1), one haro, one partridge, one pieoo of almond'tart, onn 
ditto of qiiince-iiie. and a candied dtron. One little clock. In tiooks, 
Plaittin's //ittoir* Ufleitupte and ffoUirtfftri BUtoria Eeet^jiiattUa; 
and, finally, a gift fW>m two poor Capucliin friars in thei Hiuf rliof, nf (vo 
little motoiiH, a liondfii) of fonnel, and a btineb of flowers i " As a jmr 
•snira h» has oarefolly vritton down the fiew (very ft>w) ocfasionn on 
whid) be 91W bflck a nmll portion of the provisione broii^ to liim, bb 
a fte to the bearer I 

(aitwi ni> ruiu.) 

ICatir jw¥ MM Kf/ Ma Sir HUm J-iniif « ttmJ'V 
Rati tlni MaOt Jt^am KiJJtn jM, klivatatfiftr. 
Mali UnMt p«l«tla pirlal t'iJit£r- nuitlM pir^. 
Mi inita F^^lMf Mr, Aib.yifUrr lya miri4r. 

*■ VtrttM tJinUcttsi.* 

Yb who Are rich, taii ahare 

Tour vmltli and samptuotu fare 
But with the riot; iior ever iwoeily deign, 

Thnt mmm poor wif>tt m«; live, 

Odo gnun of ricu to g}v«, — 
List to A Legrad of » C'otid of itain!* 

It -Kaa ft lutd of rilla 

Ai»l UrHfl : — and gUial liills 
Booe waivani: eustvrorU Uiundered tlia lirowl tnain. 

A gnen, suootli Und, — most Coir: 

The mild folk living th«te 
ffmilwl ; Mid hftd quiet sIm^; and lored tbo rain. 

80 loatny wu tbo soU 

Tbcra itcucv WM need of toil. 
Tbo poomt o.tx, ukI no ia*o did compUin. 

So tiiidt the pltuitwtiA gtw 

Tliat ton) the young shoots alev, 
n«t tti« grown treev might drink np oil tli« nb. 

tbTtt*,* er af 0* *IHt«m(iTO ■oan'l oj lonM (HitlnrciTE \,irA. ia « {«■«. UmI 
riljttuBic br-iMrto, w couImmwiIj nevTrtag codonrrw, U «A«a ImmiI npca tt* Mbjtct 
of tbt pOHk I know tuaaj t mw ib Tiuntl in which Uiii tbIi*— nnM uilnsu M <■■ 
viiUr-Lu twen ■Uitdr c«ni*l «iii. J kiv* tri-iJ W «i>iiii>lU> (Im carta* tsBT 
£tiglbb TOMt, Uklnit ill* voni £iii« 4a Um Icj-ntiia of ;b* rlijaia •aifli>i«L 

tUE RAIJr-c^oeiJ. So9 

^^Tmi pRlirts gte* o'er dcpp w*l'i, 

Whmil.y Ihp Jiihrr Imlh 
or yttitAi ahon);. lie r7\i.-t1t itlio O.'ct tri^ 

RMKlcn-fl thn fi^^nU flitP fiair,-— 

Love*! noMi. Am!, vwr liy year, 
Fpwii Soulh-wCBt am! ftuin Nortlicftat* e*me Ihfe" hiiU. 

Ttiii8 mis It fgr s iiine, 

Whilst ill tlint Hiinny clliuo, 
lien like the "lidlms'-t liverl. TIimi (ame a vttue; — 

As I'li^ltcst hkkhu will rlin, 

Howo'er » dwr lb* oky : — 
AimI so it esmo (o j>«aa Ibero fell uo nun. 

VTIk) liiiovB, bnt ibftl, one day, 

TliP idle goda at I>l*y, 
OoyeJ of buaveu'ti joja, Mtil dMniii:^ gooal n Wtiit, 

Dodrnd to bc&r on lii^ 

A (lying natiDn'if cry I 
GiT« tliry iiot iHMMti, — they wlio gin the mint 

TItftt ffiod niij ili'ii tlioir " play," J 

Do not our aagea uy I 
Sluy Uiey not whkt tboy twikc, unnuikr ngiiu t 

SInyliM]!, iu "i^KUl tliviuc^" 

llipy niaito yonr blood and loiue; 
litajr. thqr iwt ibwl it, u tboj >bod the ninl 

* Allu-linit to till Indian tnoafionit. TIum ilielricts ue, of cvunp, (■)«i*li}' 
favaurtO, vliUti rrrrlic bol& lh« iiiudmmbk. o>Uw ibmr ninfall l« (■ii-FiitiacuU}' 

t Tbr imtnvtliil*. wl» ««TrT i/hvp. »"■ coll*! In TuttU huH^'r, i1i« *■ I'nwIiAiuit 
Obu." l'ir<imS»,M». "ilio llvrue lJ«¥o(<iP,'*— lc. Umdii, ibctrMit Jiuiiil li*ciii»l~ 
l^catla Mogcl* imtiit'.'. ibote «li>i hare no cjrdtubm— lliuM will >*"> «l<irn. «itliiint 
^Blmiiie tkiir rjrtitlt. ut Hie AiU-lhsaliti. ibu Jneit^t £i">. A )-<ng iJUtMtiiikn), aot 
^K>m> Bn^uirv. miKlii W «nlUn cMMTninir ib« Mann ta vhleb Uie Icnn ofmni Ib 
^BlVnBilui ■■■>'« n>tfca~* itsiua vliirh i* 011I7 >Mo«id lit lu luriniJE l>Miitjr to ofio 
^^i!u»t traaArtSmi QriioUl ocholiir mn (o'l-nctl. 

t A TPryUnw ttmmUtr ut in<dttn UindA* MiftTiDlTanil, fiPifHWjrinfe; Kacliah. 
M,.ii iliii gwb. in ilmrl-liit, lik« to tor. from llirir tiiiajijiPDBrlialrtn 
V, oil a* wUl »» Kw^ -wtfl'l "f UiOiiw VitK » ""•!> lo Umir 
tsH^iiff. lo vkftb ibe li;.'iits icrl sl:;ii!'iirr cif U'^l*! lifu. It it " f (in ' la 

1^1 I. ''>nr UK writ i*- t>1l<>. In tlirir umtul atitiHtt. tiiej \t*gft lo 

-■]ni«lli)'. A Inrgc nucibur 1/ [)!iil»ap!u« 

jfii- . I .. _r tj I'll »l>ura al'nilitlWk- cUB«i>!>raliiitu. 

ruk UJhV. — «A 200. 11. 


So tbitt fair land ]«y 1117; 

No doud cnpt «*«r tli« algr. 
HtD Miin glarad down on mtlierilig 6elds of gntin. 

Palmn by the temple-lsuk, 

BuiTuns by rircT'bniLk 
Dngiwd iki« ; Mid priwU pru^i-d dayloug for Uio nin. 

" O come I " non erwd ntouil — 

"On el«i»bant-Qf-c!oiKl,* 
Good Indrn come, and cbm us of oar )»in I" 

Aiid rouud the empty wells 

Braluuau^ iriUi tinkliag btdU, 
Bare th« briglit gods; uvl yet there cune no nin. 

WoueB, with t«idcr baudi, 

Dug lip the biiniing MUida 
Of Hver-bedii, tnxue muddy drop to dnun. 

TliG cottar, nitli biti inuTe, 

Scnofied o)il the pdloui' moist lifei, — 
His oM aoceatnU pahus. — Yet came 110 rain. 

The sacMwl cow lay dctful; 

Atiil loathly TiiUiirea fcd 
Oil dwiil fnitn wliirh Uio holiest must n*fnuD : 

Risb, worshipfwil efl, now etauk 

In drind-iip U^tnple-tunk: 
And iwQrh tun Bcoi-ned— not being drop* of nin. 

blcwi-d is Btiong sound fool, 

In whit4i wa» no lifo-Uood, 
That uuui may tny — "1 eat, but have not iilauil"t 

itl«N^d awfiot tniIk,--goclii' wiuo ! 

Dut O, no piifl divine 
Like Wat«r.— water of tha Unahl tain I { 

* An oU SiUi:>krit motajilior. 

t 'HiU uIIuiIh to tlu T«iail poat PuiamOtn PiUi>i'« ^ooia ia bmou cf llw •• I 
Otd'of CiiylTiwaiii. «*|i«FuUy l«ili«>ta«Ml>«|tiaa[a9 — 

KfnJrfn. itmfgam mtrrirttSm KintJrw, Ihmtnt, 


t A rcnariulila I " r-. In mtaliiMuil. OanaTtLanb*-^ ' 

M« al tb« ifriaiMt, if lut al*iluM^ ik# gt*^\aa, td lti« um-i 


Lfft Gab Mid slinijr Biukit 
Of hrin^ yrax9 pArtnko ; 
And tmvo tlio itUgiunt {tool to trog uid vraiu ; 
To lluw let WaU-ik riia 
Stnujjlit Croui Uclow tiio Kun, — 
Hio ^lining nlrnr of tbi* duu-IwwmI nun ! 

Biit, in that honr nccunt, 

Tlmt liuid, aigh ilutil uf thu-Kt, 
Sam- nnctiir in tliD ilrog of |iHtri<l ilnMn. 

Tho *«»k folk coiild not fly. — 

TbtflM! lattwr-luoiiulAmM litifli 
(\)ulil Imt bo oraMKid by atnjQ); nicii, filled wiili miii. 

All uigb; tbe sdt wives fell, 

ShArp ou tb« coral ncTs long rnby chain; 

Oi-, brokou uid v«ak, all lUf, 

Cmvling, Ktvy-jfreeu unJ givy, 
Carlnl up ibc giu-n^t uinib. — But O no ndn! 

Al luti^li, in sot«tno atiit«, 

li'.ncic. ftl ita brenot w (kl«, 
Itiit iio|Mv|>rtj;ht ftt ila wiiixSi ncnns tit« miuii 

i^tloii uj> ou« ui^itT civud, 

Ami all tho Laiid aloud 
Sobbed in lU joy—" The Ram ! It ooam I The Rjuh ! " 

yuw tliiit olouil-ilomou Hwept 

K««rar. Priaata anid it w«pt 
For pit«oiiB ki^ht of thnt i>n(>«<-eiiiom)d [ilnin. 

Ami xa it unuvj' uiiM, 

Itobiud It briglitlv tnilod 
the (Vowing Hilv«r of tiie falling mSn. 

gauxy timat bir, 
FIONtiiig throiigli lowwl »h; 
Bolio-tmin of ungel-vloiKl t/tr r (atm|>ni^'n ! 

■Iluvu, 1m* jilnfo], III bi* gmt crliicnl mrk, ill* pnUM of R^iit u ooljr matai 
I pnlMof ibsiaiBMCUlAndotnaiRictil KntheroT AJI. I do oat know if any 
Ulwt hu nniailuJ ttu* bet bofcm.— fUr •■ KiwmI." 



But ii iu texture be 
Dnggixl o'rr Uic foul, Ritlt ma,— 
(tconoo-cldud I O litttvftU> hldouns mln t 

KtrUe nuiii tcU thou to nw, 

Wlukt De«da the Uoatod m« - 
Of wnter, pvire FroKh wfttor cIoihIs diatratnl 

Do not flvrc«t founUiins tl«op* 

WvU up^ sud duly kmp 
Itfi bitter wnvCB kilT-swwt, wiUiout ihc Ittilil 

With cu)i, uud hollow guunl, 

Foftauit aud ptioat and lord, 
Ituabed to (lie Bea-sbore in ttioiiiltiious ta«in. 

A cool wind cxm«. It lil«w 

Thiw Bpmy of airy dew 
Into their pijiiog tuouUm — tbo dew of rain. 

The nrrUds on tb« tboro 

Hennl. oat At MR, tlie roar 
Of giHibin^ nhoweiK But it» tli«ir tyeft dUI Bbnid,* 

Tlu! mm liuibcKl uiit to view, 

Tlic skr, R t^godlcNi bliio, 
Oluwl on those red tyo*, guing for tlie tdn. 

ET*n M joar IrrMth will {kmh' 

From poliiihed ImuM or glusi. 
And softly mdt kwny Mid Iciivo iio stain; 

Ho pH»»l thttt cloud Awiiy, 

FixHu till- bright taev of day ; 
And all wtu) horrid );liir« iiiiv«tlml by min. 

'Hidii ihnL fnir ltuoI bky 

Haw IhouNiniU driuk uud d!«, 
Of fiOt flnt-waU>r. Miu>y « gidily l>iiiiu 

Dawn lo])[iIcl ta lbs tide. 

Sluu-lx gtuweil thetn ut tliny tUed ; 
And liwreu ww bloek wiib vtiltitn», ii"t witli 


For this c»am, legends say, 

80 vetj' gnaa tonlav, 
TlwK long fieltU !■}■ yon bendi, olitu-Iii]{)i iu gmia : 

And old moo tu tbin bour, 

Up^bncitig itl ft sbowor, 
Sny, •• BIcmmI only is tfac /t^^n nun t ' 

For fgaoAieta, any Ibn wine, 

Kot in miicli giving Hat. 
OUtSf to be good, must tieur good fruit an gain. 

Blenv<l Uk:- null niav be. 

Bat not thitl tqmnt on sr:), 
WhcD nytuuls dio on limd for Uek of nib.* 


* On* SbbI ramark nwj ia maid* : VfbtX, I* t^ «hi*f vwlui] p»atiiiri^ of Bd^« 
»'%fi»mattb* " Uarta!' bit Mil Uu rwunvot rliyina ftttbotluwofernyvUnii. 
till BVtrj repotitian of tliF kwfnl " ■nrmiifn" abnia foch iwnii'l toi tliOMt.aa if * jailor 
nrUd laaairon door on a priKia«r, 1«itTiBRiiMXiirat'lefni« btbindf Wbcn did Pew 
kn Itit* (Mrinatioa of wvird ilnmtinn ? It w.i» f.ibrifuUjr mid uf him that hi* pwtt 
! Um '■lUrcn " vm " good Pcn!an." l)id Fo« (nut l>odi)<r Int in«nl&ll3r) go ftrilut 
OMttbuPfniaT Jc i* • <«c( t^t tbo itcraiinn, attrr tiio Omntnl uvid*. of vlnl* 
liaw, M voll M noitla. riijmci, and phnutcf, ia ono of iha rtiirf duuwtuiMiet at aU 
Pov'a pt^rj — M plain tt wku na. 

<!)n fulling in 3Cob(. 

lord, vhnt ftob tbtae moHalt Ix ■ 

Thrrx ifl only one ^vvat in life wbidi pmII^ astonishos « mfta mw) 
startlm him om of )iiK )ii<(>|iam1 opinkitn. Kirrrtlitng olmbtftllabia 
ywy toitch ns ho wqioctcd. Rrpnt *n<!c««)i< to «v«it, with ui > 
vuitty inilMiH, bnt with little thitt a atber rturtlinf; or intemift; 
fbrm to^thrr no uion.' than n nort of bnckgrounil, tv ninnitii; nmHop 
mtml U> tlie mftu's ovn irftpctioiM : trnd hp fnlU natitrtUly into * mL' 
curiotu, BUil Miiiling likbit of mind, ami Imilils liiRiM.'ir iiji IQ a ooncepliaii 
of life wliich f^|toc'tH to-morrovr to W ifU^r the [Mltrm of to-tUy mkI ]n» 
tcnbj. He may )« accnstomol to the \'n<:u-iM nf faua friaodi twl 
[BoquuntMimw iindvr the- intlumc-e of lore. Fit- iiin;r >oin0tiiiliR logk 
^orw»rd t) it for himsolf with *n inoompi«heaubk <>x])ect«tmn. Bat it 
^ « snlycct in which nnthcr intuition nor Hit behavimir of otlien vill 
J|> thn ]>hi!ow>phcr to the tnilli. Tlifnt is prabalilv iiothtoK '^'V 
u^it or riRhtlr written on. this mntter of Iotc Dul. in not m pmait 
tiif |M>r*onV ex|)er!«nc«. I rcmerotwr on nnnnttutif of « w^-kson 
French theorist, who wiu (lolMttn;; a point tagstiy in hi« €iiut<ie. It 
WM objected agftinst him that he had nertr tapBriAnotxl Iots. AVhft*- 
npon he Arotr., IrA the wnetjr, <in<l iiimIo it n point riol Ut mtnm lo it 
unt^l he cxmnikjnl that lie hml Hiipjiliol th* dnfwL "Now." tmn^ 
miiriced, on eut«ring, " now I am In a panition to nmtioue tlie dii- 
ciwion-" Porlinp* h« Iind not iwn«tnit«il r*ry deeply into th* nhriRt 
Aft«r all ; l>nt thr Ktnn* indif^lm right thinking, and may htt* m M 
a{iole^«> to rMtdi^n of thio naay. 

Wh«n at last the acalca (all from his cyon, it, ia nut without 
thing of thn niitiir« of disnuty thnt the wan finda kinuKiIf in surh • 
cooditioiiB. He lui to deal with rriiDinRndiiie (amotions EwtiMd 
aoajr di*lllc>« and pn^fi^rcnora in v hirh lie )iim hithorlo |MMB«d Mb ikn^l 
awl ba mvtgniwa rajwhilitim for pain and plniiiurr nf vliic)i hit t>«J vA 
jH naspedcd the nuMf^ncc. Fn'-ling in Iotp ia ihf nui> Ultmical i 
tiirv, ilie i>n# thing of whidi no are teuiftlvd bi tliinic m mi( 
our trito and r'-nM-niUdo world. Tlw cflK-t la out < f ilt [iron 
tlic MUM. Two |irT«)m, nelthor of thptn. it uaj bo, Wrr- 
very iMautifiil. ineM, npnik a littV, antl look a ItUlt - 
eyea- Tliat hna tiwin doae a doxnn M ■» of t^mnt In 
•ilhcf witk no graat rtault. Uul »u thui oeciwiion a 





fall mi oaeti uito tli*i statn in ivhtdi Miiotbcr imraon liceomcfl to ns ilio 
Tsy (Eut and iTnlrrpuint of (twl'a crcuLiMi, ami demoliibes oiir la^torioat 
Uieoria with ■ uniic ; tii whirk our idtmis nrv ao bound np with thv one 
BBMtdstbonglit tJiac ev«a the trivial cnn« of our own (ii»mon l(0<raiiiu> eo 
inati^r *ctH of (Icrottnn, And the love of life itsnlf it tnuislaUvl into a vish 
Ui rttnain in the dame world with ao pr«cioua uiil dc»inl>lft a fnllow- 
cimtvro. Anil all thn vliilo their lusquiuntancaa look oit in Btu{wr, 
and ask eaob otJicr, with ttlniost [xuisionato cmphaBi*, wlint so-iuuI-hu mii 
Beein that mjiiuuirOr «<it1)-«ri-onein thai maot I am Eitra, ffsntJmioii. 
X nuuiot t«n jron. For mi- |mrt, I cniioot tliink wlmt tli« wooivn 
mrtnn. It tni^t be very well, if th« Apollo Belvftinxj ehonid «iid- 
ttmly glow all over into Life, nad ntcp forward from tbo ixxketal with 
' tbat i^od-like air of bt«. Stit of tho misbc^(t«n c)iniigi>liDf^ wito oail 
'thMtoBivn tn«n, aii'l \tnU^ itilolemhlv ov<*i' dinnrr-Uibli^ I neror nw 
ooe who 8c«>i<Hi worthy lo inspin; love — no, nor rewd of aaj, except 
Ivoonariio da Viuci, and (terhnpH (loelhn iji hlR yunth. Altoiit womm I 
ratct-tUB a souM-wbat dilfcrent ojnntua ; bnt ihvrt, I have the miiiortunfi 
to 1k^ & iium. 

Thinr ant many matt«ni in whiob jon may wsybiy Dcatiny, and bid 
Klin BtAod acxl d«livcr. ll*nl Tork, Mgl) thinking, ftilventuroua excite- 
ment, and a fprat (UsI mom tba( fomui a fart of tliin or the oLlicr jier- 
■Oit'* aplritual Inl) nf fam, uvi within tli« rnwb of altuoat anyone who ran 
dfttw a iittit) and bp pntipnl. Unt it is by no means in the way of every- 
one to fall in lovf. You know tho diffi<niUy Siiakxpcaio w«a pnt iiito 
wben Qneen EliMlMli asked kiin to show FaLrfAff in lova. I do not 
tnUen that Henry Fielding vm ever in love. ScoU, tf It were not foi- 
a jMMMf^ or two in /fo& Xoy, vonM p\t> rm veiy uiiu'h the namn rf&vi. 
TlirNf are fii«it namaii and ^what is m irv to tho purposp) strong, hetjthy, 
bij{hirtrmig and ]i;vue«wu Datum, oC waoni tho nvwte night bavu bwit 
cxpoctvd. Ab for tho itintini«r»b!<< army of aiMMnic and tftilorish persona 
who occupy tlie foce at Ihin planet vrith no tnncli propriety, it in [>a1pahly 
ahvurd to inMHiiMt them in any Ktich raluatton tm a love-nffnir. Jt wrt 
ng gnea Rafely t^ the firv ; and if a man is blind, he PAonot expect to l)e 
mach imprruMpd by n>mAntic awnory. Ajtart fmm all thi«y many love- 
able people mixB mrh other in thn world, or m^ under koiup nnlikvonr- 
•Ue ftar. Tliere ia Uiu nice and rritical moment of <loclanktioa to be got 
orar. Prom timidity or lack of ofiportunity a fpMt] lialf of pttirible lovo 
nam ttPttv fCPt ao fiir, aud nt Icwb nnotfat-r qiinrler do there ceofw and 
det<-rmin'!- A very iwlroit [teraou, to be eiire. niauxf^ to pre]Hir» IJio 
way and out with biH declaration in the nick of tJme. And then there 
iit m fiuc ■olii't aorl vt man, who goes on from sduI> to mub ; and if lie li«» 
to dtwlant forty tiinen, will continue impt<i-tnrlMl>ly dM'larinf:, amiil tlie 
astooiiibcd toittadetatioit of men aud anseU, until lie ban a favimi-nblc 
anawtv. 1 ilara nay, if ntu? wrm a wuraan, oih> wottid likn to marry a 
i who was mpable of doing thin, but not quite a&« who had done k*. 
ijt 'm jn«t a little hit abject, auil hobmIkiw Jitat a little bit grorai and 



mari-lAijKi in wliioh ons of tho pArtlM hM l)Ma tboa battared into 
wnt KAfoely fonn oxrcoable nnlijeicvi (av mcdilation. Ixro ufaualtl run 
out to meet lovn witli open arum. ItnU-tMl, tJiv iiltitl atorjr is tli&t of two 
pMpIo vlui 00 iittu lore step for ntop, wiUi » HuIMpkI ooimeiniiiaieRM, ULm 
n |<nU' of cltililn*!! veiitdHa^ lo^p-tbui- into a. ilnrk rooiii. Fmui th<* fit>: 
momeut when th<7 s«v eiuili otlior, willi a piuic of <*uii<Mity. iLcoiijjh 
vbigia after rtcge of growing pleAsuiD and emlxuTUBtikcitt, (Kl-}* cmq raJ 
the expTMmon of thoir ovo ttoalilc in muiIi oUiiir'a tj^^ft. Hur» is lin* 
no ilecl»r»tioD properly no cnllod ; Uto fueUtig it iki |>lNiuly ali&ivd, thfti n 
BUtfu ■* tlio nma kuovn what it [s in liis owu tieort, lie t» son of wLnt tl 
is ill tlifl womna'a. 

TJuH 8iiu]>l« nccul^ntoflJilUu^ iulove lb wlx-ncfldol as it i«ftst«ui^ 
iiig. It ftiTcsts tho )>«tn/y>nj; inllucnce of ji^n, diajn-oivft oold-UooM 
nml cynical coaclasiuitB, ftud »^irakoii& ilutuiAnt sonaibiliUaft. llillwrlv 
tlic uiiii luul fuuml it II gooJ jiolioy to (ILili'licvo lli« esiriMtce of Miy 
et^oyuu-nt wliicli wim out of his iruch; mid iLiun lie tnruM,! bin \mA 
iipou tbo st<ong suun^ paiiit of nature, mdiI Bccustomoil lituMclf to Imk 
oxcluMV<!ly ou what nu outuiiioii and iliill. He acreplcd » proBe ids', 
lot liiiiiMilf ^ bliotl ofiHauy ityin|Mthit« 1>jr (limiM ; oml i/Iic wcrojoun^ 
luid witty, or tiMutlfiil. wilfully foren-ojit th«K lujvanta;^. Ho JMnn) 
ttiiusclCto tln> following of what, in tlw olil inyUioIogy of Iui-q, wna pivl- 
tily called mmdntoir ; ajid in nn oild aiixturo of fixJiii^ a flin^ of 
M>lf-n»I)ccl, » iitrferraioe for Kel&h lilmty, and a grrat iluli of lIuU tmt 
with wliiuli giHjJ ]H<o|ilo ti>ganl HtTriottK iutcrtats, kv\'t Iiitii.uilf hook frao 
tlw ittmqthtfbtviird ooiitvc of life anioojt certain wlected activities. Aoi 
DOW, all oC n iiudilw, hv ia uiiIioihhI, lilce Hi. PttuI, fixnn kin iii&kJ afltac- 
latioti. Hid Ixntt, whii^h Ima I^Mii Lii'kin^ turnrato aocoiiiU for tW 
laat yoATi girm h buuud nn\\ U^jfiu^ to beit Itij:!) nud iri^nlartj m bit 
linmt. It noruu im if lio hiul tttvi-r livaril '>r ftjt ur im>ui until ibtt 
monwDt ; nml Ity tho rnfiort of hiti incntory, he uiiut Unro lived but jmt 
life betvmni uttwp and irukiufr, or with tbu preoct'iijiiwl iitLontiuu uf a 
brown study. IJo ia piortically inoomnioilinl by ttio ifi'iKTiuMty of liii 
fiaattiugs, aimUn much whuu ho ia aloito, aiid <]ev«1ops a liahit of Iwnkiiijt, 
itithw l-lankly u|wu tito moou uud *Ui%. But it is ix>tnL nil within Uxi 
province of ■ proM conyivt to give a gncturo of thia liyiNrboUnil fmn* of 
niiud ; and lh« thing ban botnt doii*' ulraiuly. and lliuL U> admiiktiat). In i 
AdtlitHf, in TminyiMn'H .\ftmf, and in Huiuowf lIcitiu'H kiiikx, von grh 
ih» nhaolutu cxpraaaion of thia uiiitHumnti^r Hpirlt. Itomoo and JiiUrlj 
wcrs very much in lovo; altlioiij{l) tlioy toll mewfnoCipmiaiicn'' '— 
c^ u dilliirrut opioiun, iirobalily thv aiati vim would havi> i 
Moirutio a dull ft-Uovf, Pnor Antony mm in love, and uo : 
TliRl lay figun Alnriuo, in L*f HitiraUti, ia nlso a gvnuiacr ou^. ,.i ^ -^ 
owb »>y, and woiili oWrvatioiu A good many of (Ii-vyina Saad'fli 
ponpin are thotooglily in love; nnd ni> nrn a good lDai>> ' ' '■ 

Hcn^itliV Allogother, then: ia plenty to r^ul on tlm ml-, 
root of Ui« nuiltar Iw iu him, and if lie tiaii Um roi|uisite ounU ui act nu 



H^ vilim^h^t 





vilirwtMt), a yoiin^; luiin tuny occaimuitlly enter, witli tlie kciy of nrt, into 
thsl land of Beulnh whioli U upon the bofdeni of Heaven nnd witbin 
oif^l of the City ot l»vc. Thero l«b him nit awhile to hatch dolightftil 
hu|K«i nnij ]ieriltius ithiBiniiB. 

Ouo thintt tlist scuoiii[Mniw the {wsaioa ia Ha fint hlush la ccrtainlj 
diffioitlt lo cxpUia. It ooumk (I Ho not quite am how) th^t frdiu having 
ft voT^naprnDO wnw of ]>)i>aHiii« in all {uirttt of life — lu Ijiitg down to 
dscpi in wnkiog, id moticMi, to l>F«Rthittg. in ooDiiouiiig to b«— Ui« luver 
bdgiiw to ittgaH liis )ia{)|iiD«M M beoeflcUl for the nst of tbo world, and 
bif^ly iDPi-icarJQtis in hiuisnlf. Our rncn has norer hwa. at^Io eontent«dly 
to mpiMAo ihnt tho noiw of ita yan, (wndncte<] hy a fev younj^ gAntl<y- 
nen in a cornvr of an incoiwidcral'lo nttir, docn not rc-crha amonf; 
the vouria of Heaven wiUi rjnito a fortaiditl>le effect. In much the aftme 
tAAto, vbni (wofiln find a ^r«at to-<ln in thnir own hmusto, tliey itaagin« 
It uiiui hnvr- KMUO infliinitrA in llinii- noifjliIioMThooil. Tlio praeenoaof 
iho two liivora is lai onrhMitini; to each other that it B^ma as if it mmrt 
itv th<* iM-rt thing |>i*<iltk' for PverylMxty cliw. They ure half inclined to 
tmnay it ts hcMknae of them ftnd their lovo thnt tb« sky {fl blu« and the 
■till diliiflfl. And <frtunly the w«ntlior is iiflually finn while pno|)l«Arn 
courting ... In pi^int of furt, nliliougli Iho hni>|>y maji f«<lH rtiry kindly 
towftrda others of hia own ler, there is apt to be Homething too mu«fa of 
tbo ifiagniHco in tiis demeanour. It [ieo|>](i ;;n>w prMuiuing and aelf- 
itnfiartiLRt over Bu«h matters na a dukedom or the Holy See, they will 
■careely inii>{XM-t the dixsent dewtiou tn lifo u ilkotit Houe sii^tcioa of i 
■trut : aud the dUxnceteleration ta to Ior« and bo lorod in return. Coo- 
MqnenUy, KcmplH loverm are * trifle oondeAoendinjc in thcar lutdren to 
ot)>er men. An overweening wnnc ttt thn pasdon awl importAnce of lifo 
tuuHly o3wdn«« to siDi|iticity of manner. To vromon, tliey fee) very 
tiobly, Ycrj' imrely, «»d vert- generonsly, ua if tl»y were so waoy Jo«ii of 
Avm; bnt ttiia does not come oat in tlioir li'^hAvionr; and they trent 
tbcm lo tirftitdiaontao aira tnarked with a tniapirion of ffttnity. 1 am 
not (iiiite certain that wnnn-n (hi not like thit mrt of thing ; bat milly, 
nfler bnving Iwniiswl uiyself ovor Vnnvl Derowfa, 1 have girm up 
If^g to undcrvtantl what tbey like. 

If it did nothinfc else, thia snbliiue and ridiculous Hn[ier8Cition, (bat 
th'' jiIPAnore of tbo jntr ik noraehow Lifmed to otiicn, njid eTsrybody is 
made lui)ipicr in tlwir h»j>pipi^»s would n^rve at> Innat to koep lov-o 
geaieroiD and greaO'hHiirtetL Nor ta it quite a Nuxleffl aupentition after 
itll. Other iomn are hugely- iitlnreaterL Tliey atHku 1h« nieeat 
bftlasM between pity and a]i]iroval, wluw they xom (oxifibi iipiai; ths j^rent- 
l yt^ of their own ai;otimeutA. It in an nndrmtixtd thin;; in tiroplay, tlint 
while tbeyouuK Kentlefolk are cotirtinf; on tlic teiTaee, a rough flirution 
b( VIuK ou-rinl tin, and a liRbt, trivial suit of lovn is i;;rowiiig ay, between 
Llio footaoan and thi« Hinjpn^ rliambennnid. Aa people are genemlty «iet 
for the loading parts in Iheir own ima(;iuations, tJio ruder mn appty the 
)<«n4ltd tu raal lifo without much cUiiic* of ^ii^ wnng. In «hmici,>3ue'; 



KrGi|Uit« aure this otiier lov«n>flAirisiiiotK>d»op BMitcdiMi llicirawmbat 

tkey likf> diiLi-ly tn rm it ^iiig fotvarH. Ani] love, oofwidBed m > 

sp«etAcle, must havo Rttnictiotw for nuuiy who lurt not of blM eauA^ 

tfmi^. The antitnetntKl o!d mnid ia r coronoD-plnoe of ths lumiMk: 

and ho miiBt bcmUier A [xmrvorlof faunun l>ciii|C. to be (ura^ vlio (in 

louk. oil at thiit pretty madneM irithoiit uulul^erQiw and ^rmpat^. Jfat 

. B&tnro ooumoids tbidf to p«opl<! wiib a uuMt iiisiniuiUag art ; tb« I i m m 

<ti now Mtd df^tn arrart)^ hy a ^rmt simsct ; and yon may be as fAei&e« 

I M ooM- blood iwl as yoii will, hut yoti cimiiot li(^|> ko(ui> emotion wbMi j<a 

Tcsd of vvll-<)i.-<putcLt biiltlni, or m«ft n piur of loTcrat in tbo Iwic^ 

L'erUinly, whatever it may \i» witli r«f!;ard to U»0 Wot-M at iMf!*'* ^ 
idm of benffirent pleutuv is true na beivreon Ibe Rweethonrt*. To if> 
good and <»iiirDaDi«iU> is th« lover's grand intoiUoa. It is the Iwpfiiaaa 
of tli» oth«r tluit makfA libt own mcHt int«o» gnUdoaLion. Tl b M 
liossiMo to diwTitansI" lb" diiiciwit omottons, tho ]>nd(% humility, jjI'7 
mkI paanon, which am oxrilcMl by a look of liappy lov« on- an uiMixi>«ei«l 
ares. To iiutk« orifttctf ■wniitiftil, to dnss thu hair, to excel in talk, 1^ 
do anything and all things tli-tt pulToiit Ui<> clurarl^r and attribateanl 
make thecn impoxinR in tlit> eyt* of otli«ri, is not otdy to inagiitQr 9Uft 
self, but to oA«r the mnvt dvlicaln homage at tho namo time And it is ii 
thia latter intention tliat th«nr ai« flone by Jovbi-s : for tho aiaatot atlon 
k UmhiMs; ami indeed it may )>e ImA dc6D«d ib* pn«dOTUte kindaaa: 
IdndMw, ao to Fjwnic, nin mad and Iwxx>m« importumata and yUimi. 
Yaoity in a morQly pcrsoDnl woao cxista no loiiji^ur. The Invtn- toka t 
jKvilnua jrlmmre in priTat«ly diii|)layiiig \i'» weak points and hannf 
them, OII9 •ftn' another, aciwptod and wodoueil. lli' ' '<i ir 

unwed tLat he is not loved for lliis or tbatgiMx) <|ii«lity, 1> i-attV- 

or HnnBlliing aa lik« himw^ir ns ho mn oontnvo to eet faew»rd. For. 
altliov)ib it may bavo been a vet? diflicnlt thin;^ to jiaint tbn mturmful 
Cana, or wrilo Um> fourth aot <>f Antony and I'liiopatrR, thar« is a mac* 
dilBrult piuce of art bdWo ovci-y oiio in this world who cans to vl ttm* 
explaining his own chnractfr to others. WmiIs and aota mn Mst* 
invDebcd frani thnr troo aignificanoa ; oud tlipy am all tho lan^aatii v* 
have to come and pn npon. A pitifii) job wo tank« of it, as a nil«. Fv 
bettfr or wor^t, ik<aple miatako onr inHutinf; and takp our Mnotlnw at > 
wrnan raiiiatiou. And generally wu itot [irolty nmtenl will) mt 
failiiren; wu art) lyiDlcnt to bo iiiisBpj>re]i«tidcd by au-.klini{ lUrla^^ 
when ODM a man ia moooRtniok wiili tliis afleotian Ot lorp. h« ni^^| 
a point of tiononr to ('l<»r mrfa <! ' He canaot ImPTQI 

bnt of her itcx uiialed ii|)DU a jmiii' rln&tvt; mbA bbnifl 

revolta at Wng lovnl in a uiialakL-. ^^M 

He dtsc^vim n trroat mliietsnn' u> t-tiu-ii on it.i-ati-T ih-ikkIk^H 
life. To all that luis not )Mcn tdiaivil witJi hrr, riglita and dutin. iB gay 
fartaaea and dispontionn, hf ran lni>k back only l>y a iliSonli ^^fl 

uul offurt of the wilL That b« ahoiild kacn wasted i ^^1 

(gnoranw of "hat alona waa really tni|mrtaut, ibab Im i 1 





fb* fbcNigbt ciT cthfT woDien with my show vS evmplacent^y, in * 
tmrthMi nlnost too heavy for his i«tf-re8()««4. But it is tlie thon^ht of 
another fxurt that ntnklni In hiit spirit like a poiwHwd wo«in<l. Thkt he 
hinUfjf nuik a fn-hiun uf U-ioK ^jtd in Ihfr IwM, bcyg^ly dftjn bufum % 
ctrimia vu^ing, in t\v\i]nnMi' tnimf^h in nil gnod ntnM-'.mt». Uiit tluit 
Flic iiboiild turn girniiittt'il benwif the Home libertjr KCcms inconauitwit 
■wUh a Divine proTi<l«ciOB. 

A jimt nun^p i>inpli nin down j>«Io«sy, on tlw «««* rhivt it !■* an 
artificlAl fpcliajt, u irell a» pmclically iTiroitrcniPiit. This is Bcnrooly fair ; 
for tliit fotdinx on which it cnnmly atLmdx, like nn ill-hutofMirotl courtiRr, 
b itadf artiScial in exactly tho muiio m^dsc nn<I (o the s»inr (l<^si^v% I 
floppom what » mcvtiit by tJiAt oUjortion iti iUnt jtaiuvsy h<ui not nlwaya 
hem a chnnictcr of nutn, formal no |inrt of that vrtv modeiit kit of iw^tJ- 
nvntm with which h« U mipftoiuil to hnvn )tf~(un tlic warld, bnl wnififl to 
nake ib appenrnncc in Iwttor dayn anil nmoni: richer natarca. Ant) tlia 
is e(]ttally tni« cf Iwe, and rn<ni<ln}ii]\ nnd Ioyo vf wuntry, and tkli^ht hi 
what thry call the heaatiM of nature, aud most otLpr thin^ worth 
baTioK. LoTP, in partictilnr, will not mdiirv! any liistori(nl irrvtiny : to 
all who hnve fallen ncraiui it, it in ntie of th<- mmt iiioontmlMlda faRta in 
the wortd; hat if you Iwflin to ask whot it wns in other perioda nnd 
couo Crieff, in Groove for iitstMnco, the slraii^^'nL ilmilitK h^^n to8]>riii); >■[■, 
Mtd everything sortos so vagii<> and chitDgioj; thn,t n dtvua ix jopcal in 
ootniMuiiKia. JoOouay,a( any rate, is one of tho oonwiacacni uf loro; 
you may like it or not, at plonjiiini ; hitt them it in. 

It is nut exactly jealousy, howorer, tiiat we feel a'lica we nSect on 
the jMst of thotte we lov«. A buudle of lotlera found aAer years of hn]>py 
Dniun (3Bat« uo twruo of insneurity in tlio premnt ; and yet it will pain 
K tnaa sharply. Tho two people culcrlain do Tol^pir dotilitof carh ottwr ; 
hilt this pro-existence of both oecuni to the iniiid as aotnethiuf; iiKlniicate. 
To ha altogother ri^t, they tltould Imre had twin liitth. logetli«r, at the 
•aOM moment with the feeling that mutes them. Tlien inderd it would 
\m afmple and i)erfect ami without nwtrve or afterthonghL Tlien lliey 
would nmlitWAnd Meh olhcr witii a fulnmx impoiwililii otherviiio Tliero 
Woold lie no hnrricv Iietwceri Ihem of aasooiatlnoathnt cannot Im; im]i«H'<'1, 
They wDtdd be led into dodo at thorn conipnrhKMui Ifaat M.-nd ttio blixxl 
h*ck to the heart Ami they would know that there had been no time 
lost, and tbdv had heen together aa much lui was imeralde. For bmidca 
terror for the Hiparation that inniit (Inllow some Umo or oUier in the 
fhturo, men fwl an^r, and tM>methiaR like rctnorae, when they think of 
that other separation which endurvd until tli«y met. Some one l>as 
-nrritteu llmt love makoi people beli«\'e in itnntoHality, hocanso tlw4*> 
■ecDM nut lo lie room «noufth in life for no jirnafc a teodenuas, and it i> 
Ineoneclvable that the innet masterrid of our omoiioas idiMild have no 
taon than tho s|<Atti momentM «f a few yearn. Indeed, it mtiun stmngo ; 
bat if w» call to mmd onalagiea, w* can hardly regard it as tm- 


" The bliutl Low-Lioy," w1m> kiuIW upon oa frou tbe cuil ot t«rractt la 
old DuUib giutl«]i8, litiigliiiigly liuils his bird-bolts ttaaag a fleatbg 
^tnionttion. Dtit for im TaM as evui- lie >booU, tlw gftQw dksalvot wmI 
diwippcus into eternity from nmltr liU fiJliiig fcirow«; ttiln oao 
gono m li« is Ab-iiulL ; the otfacr lias but tima tu ninko oqb gcstnnt U' 
Ipv9 ouo paseioiuitA ci-j* ; aud tlnty atq all tJiu [tiuujti uf a mouieuU Wiieii 
tliG ^;cu«r&t^on is goiie, wlion tbo |tlnj is ova-, when Uie Uuitr jous' 
|>iinotniu» tins Imwii vritbdrnivn in lAlten flroui Ute stAgQof tlic wtwid, w* 
iitnyBAk wluit ttnHbix<oiDt! of ibosc groat, vcigbty, anil iiiM]yinj{lov(B,ax>d 
ltt<! N«rwtlivu.rts wbo ilosiiisKl aiQi-tal cunditiotu in n line ci-cijitliiy ; aod. 
Ibey mil oiiljr show iie a lew «>u»a in » bj'goue lAatt-, u (ow acUuiut wocili-. 
rcmcmborii^, aail » few diildreu wIm bi^vu njtiucwtl sono Impiiy stoliqt 
froiu tin! dutiioiiitiuu of Uu'ir pkieats, 

11. US. 


Bulgarian |)o}]ulnr ^otigs. 

Thjit ** voreo iWeeU'DB ti>il, liowover nide the soiiud," is a fiitt well known 
ti>itII81aToaicp'V{»lr«,iui(l to, whivrcvw SlAVTHiroto boswn.thero uaods 
to be faouil. The rvmlrt, lUuocJ by youojt mca luad iiuii]«n&, w)io boM 
IiukIh in n divto, «diI kmp time to tlio uiumc of Uui'r own vp!(v«, stil! 
»itrvi«T in Homo ports of Vnnee. In Kngliuiii thvy liuve [mehocI entirely 
niU> Uie donmuo of childreo, wIm love t4i circle to the aouuil of suoU dittim 
ss that vliii-li tells liow |>oor Mary Browo vout to «c« lior swi^Uieart go 
Ibntigli Uie town. Diilia the Kiwi of Kuropethey ]>In.y n proniinenb port 
among thft diT(;i»on!i of thcFomtnon ]>eo|>tc, n»d«rnameAitigiu^i^ "* 
*heel " or "n cbonie," the lutter being IkhtowcJ from tlio Giwlu, to 
whom mi«h droliDg dimcos arc ilear. %L Dobod, vho hss ilone no much 
to populuiM th« ttiiily of Tlu]^ rian poetiy,* drawn luiuiy x pi eaNant |dctiu-» 
(•r fmpiiIu-^tJMn'ings Unix rnliveood with cUdoo nnd Kong. He (jiiotca 
rmm tiio pt«£(U)o to the cwllflction of Bulgarian Poptdar Song»,f paUialicd 
in ISGl by tlw illhtcd brotKvn AliWIiDof, tlic oocoimt of how the 
nuuilcnii of Stn>iij|;ft are accustomed to lUMrt od gre^t Chmrcb fml^rahi in 
n f;iui){ni outmilv tlie lowii, »ud Hwn to unite in » long Moth or " brawl," 
which is le>l survraaivvly by oih {^I nft«r another, til) cwch hna had her 
torn ; and Iiow at Fansgnnshcbe each quarter oS the tovn linn on holy 
days its O*^ khifro, but an boar Ix.-fui'o nuusut. they bivak up, tinil tlte girls 
coinp««ing tb(>u take their pit£her« iicd puu to a fountain, near vrhich in 
• qmt filttHl for niaiilenit' feet, uiid tUci-c they rvooiuinfinoe their ciruUnK 
dasoo aiul song. And tlxai ho procvvdii to tuoutioii lui vx|iencaoe of Lin 


Ouc suniiutr evening, Im mys, while traversing the ddile which 
«ejiamt«K tJio chain of tlie Uieuiuii from thiit of Kho<t<^, he caitio to a 
nualt nMKbddc liA[uk*t. It was harvest time, and troopH of women worn 
dnKwniling fruiu tlio province of Sophia to aeek for GeldOalmur in Hirafc 
Odq of tbow IwmU, idmost entirely compoHod of young girls, drapod in 
costumes ax strangp as th«KO aS Red IndiauH, vraa daiidi^ to tbn smmd of 
•ong on the diiHty high rood, by way of njl&xation aft«r the day's long 
iB^irb- And tho next morning, at daybreak, tli«y were fouuil angBgcd 
tn Uio auaa autnecnent. Kcatr Philippo)ioli>i, alM>, h« tdU ub, during the 

* fliM bb BSMJUni Chania !\^Mlairc* Bvlyarti, \VH, from wliidi tlio lo^pi Lnnn- 
LtuJ ia Um itrMiDl irti.-'o )mv* btirn takca. He ffiiM ilu Ilulinnan !*x)>, with a 
V«f|- tiCM*l anl bithfiii yninib mtiiatiuii. 

"ltKJcW'>l< '--iT'"*'il pnul, * bnai wl bnt^n Mi1adiiiorU-\~ /nerab (Agnni) 

wot ifl 


rl«o-li«rvi<f<t, Uic liiljoiiren enlcrtain tkemanlvni after tlio imsw Uum, 
Dtirinj: th* (l*y aong tighteua the riee-wittct'B unlicnlthy toil, mhI m kx. 
M tl)« nun hiui self the ineo ■ixl W9m«ti como from the Gclila mmI rai 
iDOioe » l«8tiTnl wliich limts lat« into th« niglit. With UuB 
li^thcaTtedDOiB " of thoM {>oor IIiil!i;»n&nH, M. r>oaoD rosi|«Rit 
" alliiro mi>mo " of the Frwidi ni^iciiUnrnl labourtTK. Aod ftl) Uie 
striking M the mirth of Uie Sln^-a, bo •dds, bMWuse Slnr miuie h$» tk 
ripiitAtioii of b^nq; BKilmtclinljr or even mmI. And tli« -vrords of 8kt 
rlnncveonfpi are ofc«n of « dondcidly md natoro ; but tJie girlx wlw ti>( 
Ibemdo not always paj mocli attpjition to thnr mmninf^ Unv n i 
Hong, howcTw. ■which piolwhly doc* come hoinp to lli«ir hckrU, fc;r (I 
(Icals with snbjectB orer Amr to (Jie female mind — drem and omanMiili, 
atul tli«lr etbct ii{>on a riral ^— 

" Snyii Marko to Dufina ; ' I'm goinj; to jnit thocawAv, toy tlnr;itv 

thoii Kti no lon;;^r tui pretty ah (hoii WM-t I]ia Rnik yrar, or th« uronJ 


" Sftys Dafiiia to Marko : ' Jly dear, dwir Marko ! Don't jnit int 
, away, dear ; for it vm alwajn IiMtiifii) to n»> to n)««( « widow )iy the wit, 
. a widow |)iit aw»y hy her I^Hhnnd. Siit take, my dc»r, iba prattt 
[ Todnni, that ahe amy help ntn iii tny botiivilioli] work. Ifeai'v for we a 
. th« hounchohl work. Fivo tames a day to bake, nnluirctiMl bnad M 

bake, t cannot, dear, RiilTio« to wash thy rlotlm. Or if, dear, 1 ru 
I WAAh tihRiii, i cannot mond thitni. Or ift dear, I mead thRm, T oumot 
^waidi myiM'lf. Or if, dear, I watih mjwtlt, 1 cannot hmid inyliacr,' 

" Marko desertB Dafina, qoea away lo tAk« Todoni to wife. JH&u 

gont into the gardon, and th«re )Ntt«rly, lendvrly wmjul. ' O ny d«N 
' tmwnrcs I By whom hnvo yo bom iilnnt«il, and by vhoiu will ya nor 

be transplanted ! * 

"KnyN her motlinr-tn-law to Daflna : 'Damml, Dafioa, tny daaffblcT- 

indaw ! Do not nt thvur vrenping, mr danghtvT. WasL thyndf, tliat I 

tuay 1>raid thy Iwir, and that I may arrui^ thy tnMva, with ooina rd 
[gold in the braided ticmm. And don a weighty braid of altnt hair, ud 
[pMt on braceJobi up to thy olbowa, and hnndMomcly dmwthysedf, danglricT- 

in-law ; dr««a thyself and also adorn thyself with cloth an<t with aOk, wilk 
railvrr and with ^old, Then ifo into tfa« collar and dutw rot^y wiiif. 
r fill with it a yoUow howl, an<l go forth to mwii Markn's bri<lal timin.' 
[ " Dafina Lintdnfid to her oiotbRr-in law, wa»hrd her farr, had i*f 
I tmm* bnudn), anit guld<>n coina aei among tbo hnuds, simI with )«fth cl»u 
%ndai[k attirod heraelf bandaonwly. lliai abe wout out and iiMt ik* 

bridal fwTty. I 

" 'V^lttn Marko aad tbp brido dmr near, na «»d at TmIoih mw w 

thtis npak^ Hhe to the amistAnta at tiw wmldint; : _ J 

" ' yo goROpn and old witfM«nw, and yC ninn Lridrffna ^^M 

Kicimn my neglecting much ceKUonioasiMn and onuuio; < ^H 

(•liona. Tkon laaomnlhliigl wanttoaakyouabont, I ^H 

I nirr 




wife 1 SIio -wbd is to beno tif u 1 ; in it she whom Marks pti t away 1 IIow 
«mtt he tiikn mi) for lib wir<* f Ooino nioii;;;, lAbti mn Imck ngnin home.' " 

KUI«jratodfacrtpti<ni8of frmalc l>onti<.y tlo not find n pl«« in 1h«iB 
>K>ti);4, an<l M. l)Auin Trtinu'lca ttrnt tho villago tuaklens of BulsnriK mm 
not pATticnliu'l.r iUtmctiv(% nt Inut to ft iilnuixvr'a tyv ; in fnci. that to 
Nny DUO whn Nrnithi<ni mffn^l in NnmA of tlirir nmcnlionii "tlie ide*af 
COtUftry bl th« Inxt whirhwvn)') B<i;.'^!fHt itf«i!r, vomit not diat the rONOi 
nail lilira or nrtifirisl itowcTi which adoiii lh<^lr hcatU [irovn llint thfly 
too itn dAughtcTH ot' Eve^" (^mcttpA nnd fiiliu>, linir aire m dm to tli^tn, 
U (vraui, UB to Ijidii^ of faehioo, nad hair-dyo is indispeBBliIe to their 
hupjiiiioM, thoti^K it L« more es^ieciaUy in Serria tliat Hflok Iiiur is cou- 
adered ucccamry ty ftvcrj woman who nspoeta heraoir, Troin her Hcvcnth 
jrcftr np to her djiag hoar. But whAt«n>r mftiy h« -the sn{)ply of fomala 
beauty, tliseis proliably no lack oT adminition for it in Ilul^tariit, tlnxigU 
tb« amigK ilo tiot IW-L'lj rX|>T«» il. II«t« in » nfiecintni of "mt whii'Ji 
AttMnpls Boiuolhing Ju that direction, \mt tlit* coiaplinmita are offt {lureJy 
ooDveDtioDsl kind:— 

"Mtvidoi mliic, my little*r ! Silly little oiiothiLttliou aril Look 
uot eidiM- lip or down, htit look thy ttroUmr ilrar ta the ejOL Thy 
VnOfo- d«vr is jt^oioK 'o write tJicf down, with Ailriunnjdi; ink, on white 
Turfcish papcvr. To mother will I itcnd thno, ao tiint mother and fkthcr 
may BOO into what wii oCloro 1, hero nmODg Btenager^ hftve ftlleiL 

^m " NDw1iia« in the wui-IJ vs llwrv lUiy one to roguAl lior ! 

^K^^^^Lik«lo n. [iu]>lHr »]i|;lit a tier figiiiT; hnr facn is w foir tt!t now 

^^^^^B| Her <?yea arc block cWrn<«, hor oyvbruwH tliin liuxv. Ilttrtnouih 

^^^^^^^ oroilvi'T ; A iiuj{ar i^tort! i» li«- lonj^ue." 

' "nioworTwrs of i«i-l*«I 10%-crB. or lh« ugony of nnttHjuitod Wu, fomi 

th« UMiTOrti of inany of the wragB. In ona » yoiing Turk, strangely 
enomrh. in the iiero. But the titOT:i' is altogether a straugo ooe. Hie 
In-,,' M«]it,w1iil« drinking WAtei- from » well, hiw Awnltowo*] 

n t" I ' -ik^. Il iiiiik«« It« nnit under her ekin. un<l jkunob tlw 

wititrr ih lia- iiunrt and lUo sMiniiirr in h^'C thront. On hei- l)«I tim 
pfcda, ill iiigb unto d<«t)i. I^ittle ounsolatioii do her broUten or bar 
motiier giro bor. Ncla prayii to God Uwt H« may noi foifeb li«r. 
Thru Htnn-U a .vounR IWV by her b«l«idp, offlwing anittance. A glaJw 
iif wine, irr two kImmi of raki. might do lior good. 1m tbmlcB. Bat all 
tlukt flw cam til have la fVuit from Nioopol : — 


*' A wveliV joamcy olTlns that place. In a furifcli) day ridm the 
yoiinji Turk llitthn-- riilce Uiitiim- and retuniB. Juct ru the yoitng 
Turk TtMRhoi (ho Mittdtirtd of tbo vilUgO, tho fnir Nola iit in tbn tiu<Ula 
of the vilU({». Th« yo'iug Turk nto]i<i — etops and lUtrau. Wherefor* 
wmil tiio btoUittTK of KMa t why riao the ftaat» of wbito iooenae t Tbn 


fonng I'urk uiu)er.itati(Ui that the Eur NaU is dead, hiu] ou liu ffm bu 
llic midiJlu uf lh« villiigc. Tliea aIolkI ci-ics Uio y oiuift Turk : 

" ' iro llipr* ! yo IrotKom of Ne.l«. Here aro two handrpdi ; Ujr W 
dowii I Hrio aro three ; lot ber be uaahroudoil ) tli«t I mu/ me if ibe ii 
still fnir, fiur on she vrtui woiit lu b<>.' 

"llier taul her down; U117 iinaliuouilftl Iwr. Noillier two oor time 
hnnilnMhi did he givo. Itiit bo dt-ew n alua-p koifc and drove II into Iw 
|)0or hcM-L Id tho niiddlo of tlio villflgo wm lHii-i<>d the fiiir Neda, and 
in tbe outekirts of the villa;:{c tbc young Ttu-k." 

It in not often that thoTui'k is bo woll ^lokon of in tlio son^ Ai 
It gcacnl rule bo in look«d u]>oq &3 a bfttor rather tbAa a luver. TV 
following littlti idyl, fiTiT iiistiuicc, cndit with an m wf w oti of tbo popwW 
fccliug oil tbc Bubjoct:^ — 

" Tlicro liAvogODC tnit, Uioif! hnvt^ set out, five tUughlon-to-bt*, Ut 
wives of five l>roUien, to cut Uio yellow mtliot. 

*< Whim tliey emmt ta tlM burmt-fiotd, thus tijnko tlio oldeal of \U 
sisten-iQ-law : 

" ' Come, let uH lu! tlown oiid sloop awhile, until the cun growi U, 
and Uis dflv hna fleil awny.' ■ 

" Wbo» they awako (Wtiu tlicir sliimlm-, the 0I1I fAthar-In-Uv m 
di-iviiig u[>, l>ringtng tlio wng^o foi- Uw iltoav«9. IVoulilo coin** upon 
iitl of thrill. 

" ' VVhjit rojil^ aliall w(j luakc to him 1' thoy cry. 

" Answers ttia ehtrab of thf iUiigbt'_T»-ia-lAW : — 

** ' Rcmiiin aleul> nil of you. It in I who will tunko tv^ilv-' 

"So Booo All the old fitluT-indftw arriTod, thus ih'd the 111011 
(luMj^hWr-iti-lnw a'liliiMt lum ; 

'■ ' tlwu fulhcr-in-Uw I asH worn with long labour 1 Why ba 
. ihou grown com hcoiilo tlie Iii^bway t All the day ha«« we boa nm- 
niu^r, dvicii; t\nm tbo Turks, tlio Jnniiwanm, who keep paMuqg alotwlki 
highway.' " 

AUuHunifl to tlio Turk arc, howov«r, leas nutncnMia lluut uudA U 
BxiMKtcd. llw hero of ono rnnn nakj) tlin fortat why it bu m *M)]d 
BvithtTcd, whqthor it ia (ire or fnul tbnt has i]«Btroj'Dd tin rerdiim. Aim 
Ibe forest answom softly : — ' I 

"If I hiLvo wiihorol b«fi>re laj tiair, it is not booauK brat hm 
tiumbcil niR or An Hcorcbod tsM. Bat there baa |mkmsI faja i mmlAm 
.Moor, dnvii>i; forwaiil* tlino vIkuuii of slaTea, Th» finU tiu^m gf yj 

LJii-Iii. the HimHiiI rb'tn 1/ yoiin;; ii»U, tbv tbii\l tti^in i>f ynuan i^^fl 

^AdKiriir (lir Ltit,<l ii lilt Toiirifiwt brOtiirr ; Vn itmu ii- Tiimt (■••O'l^^l 

■ ^ I 1 1 i.mtt' '■ »ij, ^^M 

I1 nn tiairx f'*tl>i', . . ^.. ■^,,. .-, ^H 

VAiikk ■'Uu iked** b tlu intHilunni." ^M 



fint cluin. AtBODg tbe prU U thy unter dear ; she gocn in fi-ont, IomIh 
tlie eeooad ohaiu. Among tb« wivc» in tJiy Snit lo%'o; alio goes in front, 
the tliinl cluun l«t(!«." 

In iknollicr of tie aongt, % dance saiig, *' a Turk drivcH lieforo kirn n 
|KX»r wonuui whom he h« taken cajiUrr. cmcUj drivm bcr on tiiivmgh 
the rme] frmit, butting bcr with Llun-s on her pale taxx" anil orders b«r 
to fliiit; away Uie babo slie canios in her anas : — 

V " Hovr ema I ibrovr awuy my l«by boy i O (boii Turk, tli ou of anotbct' 
CuUi [ " b]i« r«j>Iies, *-' I who am tlio daughtor-in-lnw of a primt, h piiMl'a 
dMUSbter-inUw, n denoiu's wife I " But when tbe Turk Bltadown to ml 
hi:! iliuuer, tlic oiptivo (ukcs her Wbo up thn liill, tnnkcfl n swing crndla 
of wild clorajirts, ami hangi it np between two fir-tnws. Then, swinging 

J^C T lwl>e to ami fro, lunl bushin}; >t t.i *lon]>, sht niotimrutly jnng^ over it 

ffeifl lullaby : — 

^^^^Naiini, nuini ! my baby boy. Tliy mother must the Old Hountain 

V^fSul tlin two fir-trn^ thy sut<^n<lcnr. When tho wind bluwtt !t will 
rocii thy cnullo. Wlicn thti roia Culls thou Bhalt b« batlici]. A duo will 

rwio by, and it will sncklv tbc« ." 
It is not olw&ya Urn Turk, however, of whom the Bulgnrian wife or 
iiii>t]icr baa to roini)lain. In more tbiui one of tliu rouxii vv hvai of a 
LiikImui'I who ill'trciits hU sponce. Ucit, by way of cxitiupio, is a nisti« 
satvt, whiuh U not iu tlio least Ulyllie : — 

y '* Wlicix) bu£t tbou bcL'n, Ucna, tanca tJic early inoi-n I Thy liabyboy 
han U<nu rrying in hi« cmdlo, and on tJie hedge has Uiy whitn ltn«n grown 
tlUDblUll U" 

" May thn Lord [iiininli that aiothcr of uitM: who did not giw nui lo 
liim I wanted, lul guve nie to an nnrai^oaable luiit. Wbeo he ((oea 
afield iu tlio uunting he p<it> no bread in ha wallet. Bui be makw ne 

^Bi>k Ciir Itiui, cook (i)r him a hot dionor. and carry it out to lilm afield. 

^And whfln I bn\e. m-riod him hia lioc dinnp)-, he HiiharnesBGn oito of hia 
oxeii, harrMSM:)! m<! in-vtcwl, imd makm mo |>Io<igh, make* mo plongh till 
th« hour of rtentng itrayor. usinR aa hia good u bninch of tliom. And 
ft/t«'rwiir'V-> br aittiil« Mi« hiiiii" ttint I may g«'t iwuly for him a good 

^p Htill tnoiv unmmaiitM! is U>6 honm-fnther Of auotber <:lifierfkil song. 
Tn it wo 'tn' tiil'i liow Toilor'a hiinN- caujflit fiiii, nut tlio <]n<Ktioa aroM 
in bis mind ta to whjit he Hbould save frotn the fltuneii ; whether the aah-ag6 
Khiiuld coDsiEt of "hb black stood with itagoldeu saddle," or " hit ywing 
wifo ami little diildj^i." Then iu a wliis^ier did liis tuolhcr advi^uo him lo 
Mvo till; liurnc, for hv. could en.>iily get a fn-nli witV aixl ncv i-bJldi^'U, hut 

^ftliofM to lit! liking wguld he God it l)ar>l to {{et. So Todor mrcd liia 

^■Dod, and the (UmeK awojit .ironnd bi.i wife and children. And thii in 

^Kpw tbtt atorv cnda ^— 



" The chiMrm ciy, their mother MHrtfaea tliCDi, baUuag llMir tnnH 

with hfr wAtta t«&pi,iind at last, thn« fiddrcMuig them with heroic tMUi: 
" * Burn, my litUa ou€h, ImrD, denr beorto ! Yc will l«oot&e «Ufc 
I ^Bhea, and I, your mother, n criiiMon oo*I ; so Uwi your gnmiimotiier 
Inmy gRTo at in«, may gazo nt me, and be gUd at bairt I " 

}hii pcrha|M Uiin >* not oocnnt to Im taVm litc^lj*, «rj mon diui Uw 
moral rodc Mrbicb n>pn»ents the yonng Dragana as confmstng lo aaiS' 
guliu- nmouiit of araoti. Kiiie fltablee han aba barat, nine otittioiBM odd- 
tniniwg ahmp and shnphcrds, nnd niiw charcJioi. Od Wr tbe bialiop Un 
a heavy penance. " An thou bast burnt them, damael Dragana, ao ila 
tiran iiow bum Uiviielf." Away ireut I>i«giiiia to a retlnid ij>oC, tWe 
jSM up a gr«at pyra, ligliUnl it, made the b^ of the Ooaa, and finn* 
iMreelf into tlio HamM, in order to fiUfil li«a- peoaooe. " Th«r« itho ibfd. 
but her body romaincd unMiuutnAd." For tb« nairatiott of crtiaea Ni<i 
lOtbor horrors Uul^nritiQ minHti-pIs licrm to have a pronoonoed taat& la 
I tong A young wifti and mothrr, Ix^oro Kt«rtiitg on Stukdajr 
' church, asks Marika, her husband'ii diiUfr, to look after her 
and to do tbo housahold work. 3Inrika dom m>, mm], anun^ i 
things, "wnsb<M clean a blood-fltninod knife." The mother r«tanu frtg^ 

inrcb, and o&ks if her l«abB has circd, " Tho hnhe has not criod," re 
|>lt«t JlArtka, " nOr \i»rv I lN>m into ili* room." The mother entcn tnto 
hcT child's room. There it lioi with its throat rut. The motbar AnAt 
■load, and a<eDB«8 her alitor- iii -law of the iiiiinJnr. Tito head of ifc* 
fiunily rcsorUt to ordeal hydrt', in order to fiiidout vhidioTtbe Butim^' 
law ID guilty. 

" ' CoiM. In tu go Tor w<xx!,' snjTi Nicholas to Mnrikft. 

" Tljwy went forth to get wood. }?icholaii out down wi>od, and 
of it two irmtt lira. Into the ont; h« flnng Marika, and Into the 
he Uiing hit wife Where Marika wna burnt there ro*- \i\> a 
chtirch. From the fire in wliii^h tlw wifu wm litimt tlifrv fbiwrd 

Of a pleoEanter natnrc than these talei of horror, whioh no dooH 
exercise a fasduation over the [lOpuliu- mind nnalogom U> that of vkkk 
ottr own " penny dmadfulR" ran boant, arc the r«corda of (aiihriil Ivnn 
or apooan. Ono of tho mont t^wnru] of the mziffi a the followit^, w\iA 
IB founded on ■ |K>[inlAr tale known nil ovsr Euro{>o and Ai^;!!" 
rmuHBlic idvA of ranttially attntL*tA] tn<«« fp^win^ out of tha gnr 
of lovrm part«1 hy dcnth boinf; i« familiar to the tuuaiubi of 
Siberia an it is to the admirent of " Ixird IjOVvI" bi onr own ialaink r- 

"Two you UK pmptd have lorrd tach other from tbdr h 
thi'T ven- grown up. Thn timr wnnm fur thrm to |^ tua' 

the girl, her mother will not gire her to tho ImI. A« 
taihar wanta hin to many aaotlier. 
' Sayi the kd to tJia girl ; 


*" O UioM inn»I<ii. \iti\f maiilen, cuuit Uiou conacDt thai I KbouU 
tnkr>, Dutt I riionM take utothn* lovp) 

*■ ' C^Jim^, Irt us go ialct tli* lonijy foreoi., Ae londjr foraet of THHIri ; 
where no bird flutters, neither fliitlors nor «ng8. 

" * ThdTc iPill I ixMxmte a gnm pinnfl Crae, ual tbou bosido toe ebalt 
b» It alcmikir pioe. 

■" ' Thitlwr will conii^ tLe woodciittftra, woodcnttm with curved %xtm. 

** * And th<^ will M\ tlw grom plnno-trpo, Mid thn [>Ikn4vtrctt'R neagb- 
boor, the Blender pine, Bud tjiey will trot tliem into whito booniB. 

" ' Thcv vill turn the wocxl into beibtMids, and tlicy will plac« lu ooc 
Imde the oUier. Then otMW laoMi, my tov#, »hnll wo be tmited.' " 

lu one tovff, the iMdioi; iilev of which is familiar to most Slnv 
peoploK, tlie fair jotinf; Dnflnn, while \vnsliinfi; liuem one day, fiillti into 
ilie D*nub*, unl is in (lftii({(ir of drowniR|{. Her mother ctt.l1« Ia lier to 
Bwim Mborc- But Dnfina's h;vr hox cnu^ht in tlx^ mnlH of « willow, and 
«be ouinoi move, llcr fatlicj- i>4 ap}xtt)«d to. but be liiui uot cotirnf^ 
fitwngh to DtbCDiirt her rencua " But nn wkhj its Nirhola-* honrd her Yoion 

I he fliitif binispir into the Ihumbo with bis clothes on, ITrr donrlr 
IipIovmI one ^t llaJina out uliTR." In the following aong, howcrer, the 
dt'jirlv li^loT«l one nocfOB to W not quito xo rcndy to tiKtcn to tbo roio: 
(rf tbe charmer : — 
" A mniJI pcnrMikn mln in Cnlling. My love ta eoddUtig his Bt«»d to 
go iu Hmrch of gnin into >VullAehia. I!im I entreat, snyins to him : 

•■ ' ICnuuiu, my love, ihia y«u-, thin year and thU winttr. Hfoney, 
my loTO, ini»y Blwnya be got. BhI jwith. my love, eomcH only once into 
tlio world. YiHtib. my love, U Ufco the dew. WitJi tbc dawn it b hero. 
J(t tbe full dttvli^bt it Can bft »en no motP,' " 


Snoli neran M ihia ara common, it i)c«ma, >m well in Bnlgnria m in 
Kjiints and Albania, wbniice tbe botrotbed or nuuried mmi are aonia- 
torn""! to mlpnta to oth*r proinncr*. Irnving lichind them Pmrlopwi who 

ave to awuit thou many weary yonts. Not Ion;; af(o u wife was buried 

,t Yannina, who bod for thirty ycnia rtnnaincd faithful to a huBband 

ilrMrtiL in WallaohiA. M. Pokmi'n bnker. at tlm Knnie [>Inee. although a 

vi^ youiR oina, derotn only one week in the jcnr to his wife, who liTW 

t a villngv distant bImiiiI ('i|;lit or ten )ei4^u<it. I)uHng KnMor week be 
Rhiits hxx k1io\>, nntl pays his nuniiul riidt to his spouse, who onnpies 

nrlng t)ie rvst of the year the potdUon known in India as that of a 
**gnw widow." Tl" ' ■ fsb* nf a denert«d wife, who did not vbow 

wbat her biiittmtd •■ i ^uffident pencrerance in awaiting his 

rrtum, is narraled in one of Ibo taaul ghantly of IJia brigand Mt^ Tbe 
wife of Koyo, n brigand c»{itj>JD, who lias bc«n nbdout nine ycwra, is 
forced liy her brotboi* to many a^n. After the wedding Koyo retanw, 
and slayi his snooeaiior. Tlien he covers his wife with tnr. and nAs her 
alight, llireo days do lie iwd his troop feaet and drinV, " wVio %*»»». 


BybOAauv topcub 80n<», 

' IninM to givtt Umu lij^it." la tlio foUowiiig boog k fititlifnl wife 
^Bporllvoly (mj^mtfl n mporatiim :— 


** !fover Hinco vc fuU ia ktve willi <w^i gdiei-, bleiuler Viuu, 
Binco luiro wc ^aod gooil gninn -, noT<T luncn liitvi) blitclc kUcUs 
iMtrtuig; nov«r fflnoeluulbebluo clove oooot, or UiocIcor-vcuDcilQif^diiplt 
eUBg. 1« it Uint thon, slcmilur Yiuui, Alt of tdjrMiU' uururiuiute, a 
flost tliou Uv, O Hl«iilt;r Yaiia, imdei' a cti nm 1 " 


"Uit\K,Omy Tinit lo-c, that I am uufurlutulc; or if Ilif,0n7 
firMt tove, uuJer a c\\r*e. Then hiro a gilded mrrUgc, and cany MCta 
Die niftrkcC-pIiu'G of Niro)H>liM. And thfire liiiv turo pnblic criGrH,iuHl M 
tli«ni i-ry nloml in tlic public slr««U : ' Yniui lh« fiur, the graeofu), u to 
bo Hold ; u to tin <told for twftlvn \\nTWs of tulvnr.' Then Uke the mootj. 

aiy fint love; t«kc it and plitcc it wKhiii thy girdJo. In onlvr that 
thou innjrHl k*^, nuil l>i>VDnm u.wuTni], wbvther ui6DCyr my low, will txma 
oat to moct llicp ; or whether money will ^jfnk to Lhw. tny loiv ; or 
wliettior moatiy will lhii>w its aruit urotmd ihi-r, nijr luvo," 

SumetitnM iho Kingit UtII of « yonth vbo dont not ko^ liis fnomv 
to » maideo, Thioc timtx, in one of (beaa, dors n gii'l say " Oood evaiiDf 7' 
to her fint loi-c, wltnui nlm fin>l» limiilo the foiiuUiiii. Pot lio boliavn » 
tbou^ lie Ii«Mil her iwL At last. " Farewell, toy dark ejw !" iki 
WJB- " t go fixiiD ihcc, Hod tlion gwt4, frou me. Nerer Again shall v* 
look upon Mch otlicr, ^e\-l^T nsniii siK>nk ona with anotbrr. Itiit we will 
go and ht judgod, tio Jiid^-d \iy the hialiofi. And if Llwy will nut jiiu- 
iioiinoi> juilguicitt thoi-i-, vru will Imvc thu uiMtti.'r to \<f KOttlod in tbn 
Other world. Thorv will jiiBlico he done, there bIuiII wv two be ■uuriad.'' 
Anotker ]iiooQ, oC which the thoue Li the saDie, is of a Uim Mriotia lan& 
Tlie yuiiiig Neiln itt invited to a puhorin^ of tho " HimlciDg-Boo'* tjpa 
, But thv tvj'iivs (hat uIk: is tubatUDd to show hcreolf, acting that U-r fal 
luvA, Niclioliui, has thrown hvr orar and ia goiug to tuuny another pA 
"Dear in ]4ii-bolaii to rac," HhcrrioL "Fivn wholo years did w« ]on 
uneanvth«r. Dear lo uie, BiKt^r-in-Iaw, is Nicholaa. How csn 1 jyalo] 
' ' .111 tlicgirls thi-ro would Uogh at mc, Miying. 

1 . ' ; (lidnolutivny .'*" Dut her aistci^in law will not liMa ol 
her fixeoMH, will not allow h«r to fr^ Noda, abe «ya, miat wwh Wr 
fjio, atuJ Iiraid her tr<.«inn, don Iter bmt utttrt, lliro« '."rbtadi 
Kl>itT> kerdiicf, aud adoru hra- hair witii fli>wi:r!i of <1: :^ TW 
carrying a }Miuln>l Kiiniiiiug-uhft-t, with u uow ii|iiiidl« and a h^ 
wltilc^'iini, liiiLi niiut ului bnr jihux' niiign^ tho >ithi<r^U, ") 
urMii umtdit Uk< ktua." And tlioa I«odn muit talk and tii 
^■ -UTCTJ-fooiial 


UULoAtltA^ ^1-tLilt 9050S. 


letlniu it ia Uio fair isAitlcn vlo it false, and the goad j'outli wha 
TliDfl W0 h&Tfl Irantcho rrmimlins Fraka that «hfii tic cbcrric* 
t ripe, and he and xlie were gathering them, netting tlietr &vi on (be 
le hnmcli and fiDing the saniolMultct wjtli fruit, thejr liwl ftgre«l uiuatT; 
etch other, talliii^ dot^a a eanc or illnws on whK:bv%'«r of tb&ta twain 
•lioiild bivAk tfae pledge. But Pdnica ftnly )&i)^h> at him, and bidn hin bo- 
at. So IruDtcho goes away and wkvju bitterly. But prcncntly illtinK 
>tui»upou PoiiIcA, and aft«r a tia» abo thinliif slie ia itl:<o*it to die, m sho 
iforlhelovrrMhfiha«ftn>a]nm. H<- ct>m«8, and ulieanystolnru: "Oivn 
me thy hAQtl, iloar. nud furtive me I Lon^ riiou^li liavo T l&iu Tiirrc ill." 
Hh givrvi tier hiMlutiid. Sim kiwcft it ; andtliatv<^ LnHtant lior illiic»i 
tva biT. The heroine of tho followiiif;; little drama luiglit faitvc pleaded 
sufficient itdjMHi, if alio liad liked, for prvferriiig i i«<oQd to a fir«t 


"'It rcjivntsme, 8tiiulca,tlint 1 ever f<!ll in lore wtUi tlic«, Cur Uiou arfc 
be dnogliLor of |ioor jiropio, Tliy fiitlifir makca ii{iiiidUv<, and tliy luotJiirr 
3U tlMm in llio vilL^ far flour tiiip.' 


' " ' Well is !t, Pciitclio tlic weallli}' ! tbat t]>Dii tuist qtokon to tno tlioM 
_-wonb«. Him-n tboii Itiut roiacnted, gu nwa; an<] cbooac one mlio baa 
itctuiB, and Dionj bca-.' 

'ThwxMipon Pmtcbo n-ont away. Bnt nifttdi-makcre canwi to viow 
itnnlia, uiid ^tiiaka was )>roauEix) id ntniTiajo. Pcntclio'a tuolbcr was 
pnvittnl lu tbw beliutbai. Tti it went bin fiitbor aui l>i» Diolbrr, uiul tbcy 
dok vitli tbciu a nicasurc of Hour and a cnjtiicr vessel full of wiuc 
^rrovr came ujiou Pvutdiu. II« wcuL to a»k for jKU-don, aud tliua to 
iiika be Kpakv : — 

" ' O Staiika, (Ivitrly bclovod one I I was ouly jeatiug ; il foems j-qu 
lou^bt 1 wiui iu cfltnw-t.' 

" But btauka icplicil to him : ' Witb giilK jtbould tbciv )u ao 

*■ Hoj nm oiuif iiikiu Pculclto. Ku one had ho to coiinoln bini. Btick 
did ho rt'lum, and lii> tvi-iit uut iiitu (be |i;ardcu, aiul otood licneatli a St. 
r'i-day a)i]>ltt Ij\<(>. UnlwMuijf bi« muuoii girdle, bo Eutencd it to 
!i(> apple; ttoi-, ant) ttMrionitli did l'«iilcbo li:(ng liioxBclf. 

" No one saw Peutclu' do it. Uuly Staiika doai- saw it Up to hiin 

Sbuika nuiiiiiig, rut tlio girdio wltli n kuifv, oud tliUH to Frntclio 

' Wbiilrvnr wv yoii doiaj;, Pc-utolio ! ' 

** Whm Jiia inoOirr b<at*I of what *}us bad duitt), hi« inotlier aud bis 

Jurtoo, tliny went bark to the brtrotbal, aad tlioy made ber Pcaitcho's 


TltO liUtrol trntuJftlion of tlin wonk roiitlom] " li« wmt to usk for 
trdou " ia, " ho wvnt to tiic liitli' prfmhla." On tbr liM Tucadny aAjCc 


8VL0iUtIA.[{ PUPULAll 80N08. 

ft WBMnwgO, ft BalgBtinu bride i>*y» n vudl, oJled " Uw Uttlo frttMea^ 
ber puents, and oq the emiaiii}; 8tmitay idi« pajrs anoUier risit, 
*■ tbn gKftt fiKMAjla." The idtm in Unit otic goes to uk {muiIou far iJI 
fitulta of h«r;ouUi, tutfikruslujriMuviitsaracouctnMd, aiul tLetumeuaiu 
from a toot meaulug " to ask ; " wb«iu» come »l«o protM, u petitioiM'i 
profMtnie, piinkm, niid Uio oixUuniy oiiiiviilvnt (qt "Uood-I^I* 
;vro(AdlatM»b; / (iu Kusjon j'fWKA<iif«/)mnaing "timnt mejmnba." 
Th* Duitck-uuluira wlio ootiic to see Staulca luv Uto wonten oalkkl iu 
Bnlpna (yfn^nirW, "\txAen-ht," fioD j/fo/, it look. In nil Stimnu 
Uodt it IB euatoumry for a uarmge tlms to be niranged by ngmta vbo 
go b«tweeD tbo [ntivnttt of tti« britli^rooni iukI tlimo of the bride. la em 
of tliB (KJugB the lover asks bin motlior tu ga to Uoakn's houatt, and tliein 
to ttslc bcr biuiil fur biin. If h*v ysweaia conmrni, Ibc luotJior oui lUj 
awhilf! with tbeiii. But if thvy rcfiiNv, lUeri ]vt lirr conie homo (jiikUT- 
For he will iu tbat mm go straight nway to Tklouiit Atbu*. Tbonn ke 
will OHO liny rotiiru iLt li [iricHt, imil b« will Itstoi to tbe confenion <if 
all tlie %ro[acD of tbc vilLt;^c. Amongst tbeu will couio tbe young viTi 
Donlui, uii to her he will my : — 

"SpmJc, O^Donkal t«ll bow tliou h^st siutiwl ; Itow tbou IikkI niiunl 
in tlio yam of thy youth ; in tbe yeuv of thy yoitUi, tJWttnla tkj 
first lova." 



Tbcra arc two clfUi»C4t of suitg to wliicb M. DozMi hns dfiotod n 
udei-al>le ]x>rtioii of Itis book, tltose which lie ittyle* iuytlH>k>guml, 
those which luu-mte tbu cxploitn of brignnda. Thn mvtlKilo^oJ aouf^ 
ohielly deal with analiee. ottbor of that iiiany-heMl«<l kind which plm » 
inimrtAnb n port Ui Ml Slawnic pi;j>ubir fiction, or of tlia? fiuiiilj it 
dmgoua, to which belong tlio Modvni-Orcolc DmkoBtuiiI Driikau; ibii 
wiUi Sftniodivoft, tlie sarage forest or hill-maideni, who play in Uulpva 
tho part pUiycd in Snrrut by ViliM, in Soatli fiosaia by KiisalkH^ ia 
modern (in^eoi; by tho malidotiEdenu-goddesBfivlio tiaTenucn'^MlnltoUi- 
naoie of th« Uelleuio Noreida. Iu one of tltaai! tunjH, a jjirl i« clioaoi hj 
" Uiree toaidens, three Samodivas " (who answer hoTB to tbo Fatoa) to ht 
" the SiUBodiva pcfxtiii/a or priastaes." Wherou|Kiii " i^ Mparatni bonitf 
livia her bduI," or givm iip the gbo»t. In biioiIict poem u Somodna 
aj;lieaxii who laof the well-known " tiwuuuiiidru " tyjKi. A yottth stoabkfr 
rkrtliw, null m aho Itiut to muiry Idiii. Ai»d iibe inakiM hini - ' -rttr, 

till DUO day bIih racowrH h^ clolhvK. Tlum h)io IIim up the au. 

Du the toof, whiles in Ijamodiva foahjott, iiUoia a i :<er 

husLaad, and dlup^icftn. On ona occaalon wa litnU .f * 

youtli who ia jp-ierousljr uuioyul by Ui« nIt'ooUoa of a rvnialc xnaLe, vlikli 
Kpjiiuni ui>il«r tliiT form of a boar, ■>:.' Mlu b«r 

FoiHiinntoly fur hts ftmeo uf iiiiiid, hi . pt«ar 

fur a totiuii which iTddpn; bnwfid the |KAraon in wii kiqt 

applies it to hUB»elf,anJ the ofuraiTectionatc bnu 1...0 .^^ 
glial. l>n anotltur kc Iicm' a chiliHraa nwUtcr luliInMing 





raqoe>t that it will U«r to lu»v«n tier |>injcr for « child. lu otio 
^aeta common to 8«rvii uid Itul^riik, we an told hov tbe Lord 
Ived to build a cliiuvli, aod summooed to the Inulding thfl swifUiit of 
c Vil««, lh« Wkirlwinilfi, miiI Um SamodivM," And tlie iiwincal 
tbe C'/iuiua or IMiiKiie, vbo look Iter bow and arrow*, aud built tlie 
licli wilh the BUM uid wuwen wlioiii the idvw Ui«rowit]i, In auotber 
lis boautifnl Gnmkuku idiot tip info tbe air from a Kwing, and 
ivi i&to Ibe akiGB, tliCT« to bocome the bride of tim bright Buiu 
y oitnctive to tbe comiiarative mjtliologist (still mora ao to tbe 
}rI*tiTa mjrthologifit, to whom, jndging from liis bMlj ooncliuioiu, 
[mriaooB oftoi aecnu to be otUotta) arc thoMi records o^ old BtUgarian 
Bf. }lut it is vpII knou'ti tliut a Kmliled rat dnurls evvn cold water. 
ar ttuddiig wxiuaintuuco with Mr. Verkovitc-b'ti VlJa Hs'tatv,' ware 
id of aoc«pting anjr Btil^-kn myths until their authenticity biia htxa 
ed bafwid aoapicioii. ^Vud, tbci-cforo, wo will not dwell any longcr 

tlie n^tbiJogical lode of llulganii'n )K>]>ul»r |)octry. 
Iltemtgsabout tbo Bulgariun Hitiduut, thf brigand knowu iii iServia 
(b« name of Haiilouk, ara |ireHerved from Wug didl rnvrdy by 
fikacin»tiou which always attaidia roconi of liorron. In one of them 
i beootncB th« chief of a baod «f bii^raads, surpamog then all ia 
of •trtngth and dexterity. In another a young lobber foigns love 
1\irkiah lady, end then IroacheroiiHly put« hor to death, lu a thiitl 
Uage maU«a is tairried offto (1m bri^ods'home auioDgUuipciakiioftbc 
Mountain, and ia ther« murdered by one of tboir {orty, to whom she 
not, bewys, paid Bufficinnt attention wfaeu be, thcot a labourer on licr 
in^a &rm. fell ill. The aolitoiy good point about the llatilout i« tlt« 
tatge with which he mouts death, malOBg it a point of honour, when 
put an tnui. tobiiu, to ditidt^Gaiit aiul velldrmt. Tlnin wlicfk 
ttrigwtd 8toiu has been cniigbt, nn<l tiilcon to the privat'a bou-se, with 
" white Iwuids fuateued wilb Uui-k cords," lie b«ga that the youi^ert 
prkHb'a daughtcn will do biin a favotir. " Ah they are going to 
tne," he uye to Uyoln, the prieat's daugfatcr-in-Iaw, " aak her 
raah my icMrt for mo, and to unloose my buotted hair. For I love 
(iyula, wbcu a gallant youth ia liungcil, that the flhirt he has on ia 
one, and that hia hair lloatti t« and fro." 
Cff actual bistoiy there ix Ifllle or notliingin the modem Btdgaiian 
Itut vague echots of « tiiatoric past miiy nt tinea be heanl in 
thnn, wMcb tnay be dtto to Servian influcncM. Of Ruoli a nittnro 
Thinh (ella lu how an ofiicial of the oldeo timo named Dan 

Ftim OuMXa. Ae. In VMa Siat*. CIiaoU popnlauM Um fiulgara* da Thiao* 

llaeMvtu. ila l>|H>ina prfhltUiriiiDa k {n^hretitoDi, dioouT««i tt Mitt* par 

bn* J. VorkoritclL Vol I. B'lsnidc 1871. ItUtappoMilUiai Slr.VitkatlLeh 

, Ed gMtl Uiil', tr«l llut h* km impuMHl i)}nia ly tuns Wod colluctw. tftttr, Uk* 

iivMmiiiriliubjm to JL Jacolliut'i Ijt BtUi itaHt thit, fuund wlwttvtr an 

BCLGAltlAX roPl'LAR 80X09. 

ilnuilc %-tne «-UIi cerUln villi^«rft tor iLtw whole Diontlie. At tlittsilj 

6f ihat time thc^ mIJ t> tilm, " Horo h*Vfl ve bctn drinking piildH 

vine, withoiil tbiukbig ur Owl. C-vtiic lot lu bullil cliOtches oil of nilv^^ 

maJ of guld." But lie i^pliuit : 

"II i» Hut fit lliftt wiidlioiiIJIitiilil diiiiflirs all of •silvpr ftml of koI 

Fw our itil« draws to aii cm) j tlio Turkish nile is ck»ae st tuui-1. 

chuKK(« will be overthrown, nT the silver will luildjn to m&ck. 

horapfl' bib) of the gold. Itiit let iia liuiM clmrritn of maible Kad 

^hitc »ioii*, of Uttilc lime aiuJ yellow «uUi." 

And the villtigm took his mIvjcc, uml liiiiit tkelr chtiif hei of I 
' t«mptii)g luntenftls. A luoixt dcflaiit Hinrit hi-mlhw in auotli«r *"ag, 

«hidi " tlio MoKoow Qaocii, the Mowou- vrklow'* (probiibly Cntlwmni* II. 

txcUiias : " 1 fvor jqq uuui Iit'iu)C< neither Ttnr nor Vizier, but I dii for 

flu(] l)i<> HiftbcHt." WlicD the Tern- (i.e. the Siilliui) aitd tlir- VLi«r bMr 

lliiti. they aenil out aei'en-ftn<)-acvcntf Pa»hiu to fight her. Th« SloaaT* 
'QiiCTcii hegu tli&t they will gmnt nn nrmistio', id cmlcr clAt «Im bi* 
' hnid li«r lockn aud {{atlier ti>g(>lher an anay." Ah they trill ■» 
\ coiiM^nC, )>]ii> wikXiM wiutli, luuuiita on horvbaclc witli Uvr U.iW luu^iif 

over hor ahouldiTtt, and, uller Ahatt^olAstlng thrcodays and thinni^ls 
i slutightera (lie Pnslilui, oud seaidn Uieir hoods to tli« Siiltaii, saying ; 

" If tlio Siiltan has, tbo Hnltan nnd t}io Vijti«r, anncLiir eavoKf 
of tbcDt, aiioUier Kn-ci)ty and eKvvu, let them be vnt out h«rv Ihtf I 
I Biny come to Lciiua urtth 11k-ui." 

IImio an, it ia ttue, a number of ftngtuenla of what aomo writcn ciil 
is Ituij^ariau cpooi bui bbey a|i)ioar igaiii t<i In ncrdy twlioa «f Ik 
rSenriiiii. lu okleu da^a, do doubt, liiatorical Itulf^riuu jk- . 
kcunviit aiuong tlw peoiile, or at. luut the mltistxcU of U^. 
[but Uiey ]u%V9 di«d away during tbo long |N-rt»(l of notKtiiMl itrni>4i- 
L An to " N<w-i{iilKanaQ iioelry," it is of too rocei.t a dale to luiiro *Bsi 
Lfuto tJiti buurta aud tbcmw rincu to Uiv lipn of tb« connaon iia«|dA. Suat 
[lUy |K-ihap3 tli« Bougs of liakovaky. Hlnvcikoj', KaiavuIoT, XiM/Jef. 
, TdiintuJof. and otlier inodcru [locts utny bo heard wbcni^vcr ibe yiWtt 

in«D aud uiMidtiDa of I)iil^ui<t mt guthorvd to^trtltor. Cut at (mwU 

^Uiough ttirir prodnetiom arc binhly iiopuliir ia the onlinarj rum of *^ 

rord, they liavc uvi bocotue dvuiivilcd in tJie ineiuor7 uf iho |x<d|iIcv IVR' 

bun ve will Diot quot« any of them bent.* iUth«r v.U wcatiltc^ !iy wfJ 

of oonclitfiioft, twogoiuinofiiUi-Aougi^tba gtiicur«-htch a nnidtaudrtit 

tivu by ita ajxirtivo tone, the othtir )iy a roiuAntMi grnon wUck b ' 

■JvayM the diaincrtei iktic of I]uIa;Di-inD |<0|>iiliu- |>ni ' 

to a chus nf nrltirh Vuk Knraitjich Itan gtvou W\- 

in Ilia exccUi^t oolleetion : — 

lli»Bhr«) n 

■.m will L" 

_: I8il> liap.tiv, 



Hid Qntii nnd the FIf fell out. If tlicre lad only been lui^^iiig 
Roaon for it I But it wom just for a little r«nial« Oy. Thf Gnnt 
wftillxMVSLj;D, ntulientliod iUi k«eu Uiag, imd pierced tli« Fly to ibv 
Tim liluod HtnMUUed, {xHinnl furtli in (ImchIs ovm' (Iim htghwn^n of 
«i)t)nii|>le. Tittf (nruvmis (-ixili] not gel nloDg, inncb leu could tJi« 
rlio iKcat nfoot ciois the fords. 

rhn nin Itnld n oi«otiti>;, niid np(iaitit«d Ciuliri. Tlie Wasjie vdk 
CoitkUUn, iUhI l)to liccs Sfi^nbi, niul the l)ninble-U«B Crivn. 
^to l^^i-iTM gun notion in Hm vilJage, that yonn^ nud aM ulioiild 
b Btiil rrniovc Ihn cor]»c froai ihv road. The OonstAUn giive cltnso 
^^ut. 'i'bi! tfnat took to fligtit, aud (bun pmyuil to God : 
^Bod, Idnl MoKl lli^jli I Unuit lliAt s lin« iiuii nutj wot tho 
^B tbo FIloa i tiMt u cold wind ua; lilow au<l KsU«r nbrond 

71u) TjotiI iistenni to tbo Coat. A cold nind Ix'gan to Mow, a fine 
■liki! ilow. TImi (ituil tlw fiir uwa/ to Motmt Irim Pitim, and 
licd teuU. Tlic l«uLs wn mil all rooms. Wlien the rain wan 
fiQ tiiiut mtue f»i-lli, uikI wruta thin Untmu on a. be«cli-ti-ue lenf : 
jjUlMO be csmi< Iroiii let ovcttooc return.' " 

Hftcow cf the seeond wmg is Cb«t vuice of the iuj;kbin}piletif wliidi 
tell iiMid in tlio poi'try of all Slav jK-oidai:— 

X liiutMy) by a kill, I lasMl by n socoml. On a ibiit] won tlirec 
ti^olna. Tbe Iiill rocktul mm Ht«y mug. I waa iMtoHhbod, ami I b««- 
aa to liow to cniittin) the ihivo iii^htingalra. Then I fvit in tny 
t uid took out a Uiin netf aitd ncttnl the tbr«o hills, and oaiiglit 
Irao nightiiigAlcs, niiJ [tlnc4>d thftu in A. CHgc. 

I liiuijf tliciu U|i Losidv the wiuduw. And Um Ural sttigs luid lulln 
■trr^i. And tbr iKvuud ■;iigs aod rouiim tuci frou) slc«i». And 
lird fiut(«n ita win;^ and criea : 

I ITp, tt|>, O ynung uuui ! What a beouty in jioUKiiij; along tlio roud I 
^ can allun blrda. Ucr voice might draw down Uio Ktan.' " 

w. R. a. it. 

K* xar.—xo. 206. 



ITRN AgufiK niircboU i>n«iuuU!ml I 
]len>ditli. as has I>&mi rMnrtkd. littt 1 
biit rvveuUy taken up bur alwdc u i 
" nouaow" She luwl giwo t)iOtt> 
■SftioMt Uie will (if lier Ikmily, ; 
by thill diiKxmlatLt wliich uuiujr 
tiona may hare felt, liut only Um piamil 
^snenktWD hiui wmkmaA lunl ji 
Agnm WAX U)0 oldost lUu^tz-r of it 
pnMaic pair, bom io % vt-r^ [iiiMua 
hooMholtl, unci bow it wm tlut tba u 
tiBil »u);)it bar iu iu tcauuwint gn^l 
Dobotly luiCW, 111 Uvo Ifi . : r U#l 

foot of the hill, tmidy « < iivu.] 
graaay wJtli Im-Ail and bulter, l«*« 
a fst fnUicv who piYiMil ami ■ b-Um'.] 
lugtlm- wlio jfTuiuliIoU, lliu g,ii\ Uiulttt 
li«ir liviirt, fmtn tlic \nry Utiiuiiiiiff (tf 
rDiii<ci(Hu limtiiiuuit in Iter, iijiaj) sb(w 
UMtv «xoelleaiL wajr. Ifow tills Wh u 
be iQkChed hIbo kiul not been able to ilivino for jmuv, luul tuuHffiou 
Btrug^CR bftJ jNXir A|(aea ngainet ber owu Itctter destree, luNijr ftttH^Ai 
to tnibdue licraelf luid to i«|>reMait to lirnicif tb»t ibn tbiiigN die had In i 
■In ««re bnr iltity ukI tlie beet tianpt (or bcr. Ik-iwiiw (abcirtatico* m | 
tlip Mi-vice of (totl in its mo*! ii]>iHtuitl Mnuae, kotl exliortAtioos Io It 
oontral«<l " in Uint cnulitioDof lifv Ui vbii-li Oodbjulcal'- '!'«it ; 

w»M rviit aiiJ l>Lalifo<li«tinct«iI. Wa« tbcrv, tiwle6(l|tM>i< ibr j 

worli) tlutn timit Uir> bnwl wiil btitWr Uko Vi^rtltcr'a Cbiu-tuUM, tndMitlli*^ 
stookioicn, to tiHteu to part^i pNHip and hfv mottwr'a 8tAn<liii][ | 
wbich ^rsK tlint ( 'bcrrjr ItenM&ml, nti ubl UuuJ, ttlioultl be wall qC i 
ilriw about iu bo- c^nitffi, vrtiii^ nbe, ttio Ilwtor'h wife, wcat pusftiUr 
afbut — aod ber fiitlMr'a IwwJilla iib»tit ibo plagtio oC IHaratora aail 1^ 
viekftbmi of eomtMl Agnm Uitd wtj hanl bi ftcnaitnMidtlR IimmIT 
to tboHO arciUDMaaaM of ber M, Sb« tried to ofaug* tbfl 
fiuuil^ talk, making benelf exlniuttlT dJaigrMAblo bi «var 




ddfaig.. Sbo triod to jvtluK- Uto ckiMnu to oWlidnoc wid to liriim order 
JKnito thD onmly tutuw, nod iii m dni&ff ^t henolf sonndly rated lif 
^mtvvrjlKHly. Vfha ^m «bo that «be skouLd take upon bn* to 1m» enperior 
to Imt' nMgbboura — ^to ti* tJ>«a all right I Tho rMt of tho fitircbolls we» 
Yory romtnrlAhU: \u tlieir stnto of tiu^j^^tatiffger, anil (lut ebo etiunlil 
[irvU'iiiI ft (linlikc to it «ggnivfit4<l tWiu %ll <kM!|>ly — ^whilu-ftll the Utaa 
she ma inforaed, both in MtrmcniB sad in Kood books, tliat to do LLc dul/ 
nearart: lo your tuuiil waM Oie inoHt heroic ChriKllan duty. Pool- Agnw 
could not we her way to do any dnty at sU. Tbwo wcro tbnw siirtm 
onr sUtcon, uior« tluin cotdd )>o i'lnplojed upon the stockings asd ttet 
LrAail ttod biitlor. Tlwii iJin tt-ioil tJic pariKh, kit foniu') with hnniliatton 
that with DtulbRrWflji, iior poddingH, nor litFtle t-ottirs of •viae, nor orta 
trncte to outt- dbout, her ryits vtre hut little |iriMil. Jmum, her next 
siflt«r,awtwfli«dhMtei'inc\'ci7 my than she did :wluiu Louisa vaseooldjed 
alk« wo)dMl >iiM-k ■Ufaiii in a libal lukiimir, hiving tli« last word alvrnys. 
tOw boxed lh« children's ears, aud inwlicd them uboat, aiul roa<l a novol^^ 
when ahe could get oi»e— iu an natidj room, with mikem(»t brothnrs uwl 
aiatna nrand, and look no notioo ; nrithci- IbodiMobodicnao, nor the untidi- 
noB^ nor vtoa nnjust ivi>roof whcniicomo tier vay luirinsauy patlicntor 
oBbot Ofon her. Lo«ii«n. did wbAt tdie w-iu obliged to do, and know nothing 
abonb tto ideal Ilut Agnes did not know what to make of heraelf. She 
wae cftlled by itlMurd uicknuneB of mock iiiepoct by tho othdrs — tlio 
"{trineeaa" and "your royal highneas," andsofoi-th ; and Mm. Knrclicll 
^_nldaat lost an o(iporliinity of aaying, " Agnns thinks atio knowB Letter, of 
^Pcoimn ; bat my uhl-fiufaioiMid wityn an good moa^ (or tho rent of uft." 
I Thna year after year iront over licr young haid, each one increasing h«r 
iuajppropriatcneKH — thu m-uuL at any lit [ilwu for Iter vba« site irao. It 
wtu aeAiust tJi« pride of tlto family tb»t slut ahould go out as a govor- 
iMas, nnd, iimImO, »Ii« wm not !ialli«i«tiily oduatt«d beraclf to tcadi any 
<m» viae. SIta waa at the v«ry hmght of dtacouTart vlico tlicrn davnod 
upon hor tJve prOBpcct of doin^ somttliiiiS l)c-Hrr in lUo " Houao," sorviuK 
Um poor, Imdiin^ Ibe anttuighi. Thf Koctory wiw vi-ry full kL the time, 
and hor room ma mtKli wanted for an undo who woa coming to pay a 
visit ; bat yvt, aotwittisbuxduig Uua grmt Immediate convcmicoo^ titers 
waa mncb nwtenM buuIr. 

Mr. UurcheU's Cliurcli politics were uuikcidod. He wuji only cuter- 
in^ tipoti tho pnUi of iUtunli«iu. starting mildly under the fpiidaiu« of 
a ouiate, with fKunt'a^y aecricFS, and tbo boginning of a cltoir ; and th« 
Hbbii^ of » Bticteriiood &{g^t«nod htiu. An for Mm. llnrclull. Hit indig- 
nation knew no buonds. " Yonr doty is at home, you ungrattftil girl, 
when your£ilber umI I have Htiulol o«uw.'lv«t( to ]»l yon hftvn nrciry- 
tiung that 1b eomCBrtabto. And now you go and leav« me Co work night 

I tad d»y ouong the children. X who Imw tto tbivnglh for it " 

^B^ Ibont ia LAnikO, uiadiuih," miai Agnoa ; njion wlitoh LuuUa cried with 
^^ndtguatioo, and a«ked if tveryt/tw/ waa to Ik< left ofion tier— ami all tho 
little boy* Kod gtrla lookail on from tho ooraere with demuie diiUt^^ tA 
^ VI— ^ 



watch the progitwt of the "HModf " between .AgnM uid ***"*'*■ , At 
lut, Iwwever, aft«r Btanv' scenes of th!« kind, Agnes was slloved to p 
fna Sbs went to Lcsidoa, uid set benalf up will) n modified unifimn, 
ud was «a glad ud triumphaut ns if it was ttie ao><kut Tonthm ia th* 
world which aho hikd thtu stmgglMl luto. Alfw, it wtw uot vnry loDf 
befoTB the booda of the pnieuc ourUi n^ia galled hor, and tbo Mod 
Neemed as liar off mi uvmr. IgaoUn Im^fiuitM and dinnnnt Mid beaa an 
as ignoble in a chaiitaMe " If oum- " as in an ox^rrrowdt,"! Ilertoty ; u>d 
Iwre, too, th«iv wan gosd[i ujid uju-tdiu««», aiiJ « Atil of iliscIjdiiH?, wid 
vory poor BoeooM in tlio rlo\-at*OQ of lifn out of its bcfgarlj' olnnastL 
To Uacb cfaildno tlcir ABC JH not An inspiritit^; oocn{mtian, ma 
wht'Q tho vhildron njtt dustituti) sail ur^tbiuut. 11 vmtt so hArd 
raalim tlnb tfaeiy wreiv ao. The |)uur litllo wrctchm were jiut u 
§om« and iuHubordiuabe as if titey had hocu hiu- own btothots and aiste* 
nothing of the fentinnat of tliotr poeiUoii liiiug alwut tliom. And tlu* 
tJuU^m were cxtwtunly hti«iui:«&-lik(<, and did thoir iluty widiout a tinjir 
of i-omauoe, aa if thoy lia<l \ie«a hired U> do it. Tlie awiilciminf; lu>l 
IxMD ahiu-p for Agmts hut Hhu hud aliTMuljr g(A Ivvmid tho liret etop', 
Uid was now Baiting with her d)»ip|ioiulin«Dt and argiilag berstlf Wk 
into BtisfikctioD. It is impoA-iihle to t«ll what a tidp to iter was tiM 
tircnkiiig of Ultle Kuimv'u h^. It in ou 111 wLid that blown nohedy 
good. Hlio would Icavu likod to nui-M? her altogether, Init at l«a«t Ca p 
to bar to the hoe[Kt&l, to cheer her, and whisper conaoUtion — that wai 
liOQUithinj ; and when Uio chiltl'it fAM hrighttmcd at her coming, AgBM< 
with a fiuddtu throb cf her huurt) fult that at least fur the inonunb lim 
waa the ideal for which uhe had sighed. Hero was aonu real good J 
her. But for her uobodj' wwtld h%v» vitiit«d little Bmm; : the; wonU 
have beeu conU-nt to hew that she wns doiag well ; tliat a&tle of I»lf- 
celertikl h&ppiuew npon the poor little tieli fiue wooM Tuyrw have p^ 
tl«Aod boareo but for Agiue. It ww (he &vt appmacb to content- 
inaikt in her own occupation which aLu had over telt. And she had <<■ 
work all tlw harder to get herself tliis jdeasnre, which nnde lirr ntii- 
fftctioii still uiei» warn. 

But — ^whether it wa.<t right U> talk to the ctzaagsr who una lu tttj 
much intviesitvd in p>wr littbi Kmmy afterward* t-«wsa that a ]iart ottbe 
ideal, tool To be sure he bad a right to inquin — he had been pranl 
nt tlie Hccideot> and had carried the ehild in hie anas to the hnqdtat— 
huw vurjr kiiidljr I — and talkvd witlj whitt iiuduntatiditig ! anti an enlLe- 
wonu wliich wax baloi to Agixw, an<l |ttrUal1y rvkindli'd hnr own. Th^t 
h(^ sbotild aak wait i|iiit« natural ; that he idioiild viAk with bm* hock 
ibfl "Uomie" had aeemed very natural. Coo. (juite uatnrai — be did 
look ait if ho ibought it a thing wvu to apQlu^^i. ' i 

with quint aiitijiliviLjr, guiuj; tltu aatiM way ua fihe - ' 
oa m jruung hwly at houie, it wonld have appeared perhaps a tils' 
a stiMigor fdiould have done tliiit ; liut ebo rdleclod with a tl i 

jileuim, IwJf gf anoojaoee, that the tuufoim gf a Btilet 



ntA^Cte M wo]l as ita ftdTXtitagra, Mid thnt whiles it jtrntectinl \ter ftt>ni 
nil nidmnsc, it at Llic Miiiu! tuiiQ brokn tlwi eittniioni>J liomU uf politcniefF, 
^od left Iu!T oficu to l« ul*)reEatHl irilli fmik KiuipHcity W all clA.'seii of 
Bpupla. Sli« IimI itiuiiglit it I'tgki toWhiui know ihal «lic> wiui ni>t n RixU'r, 
liHt ody ■ tMu4i«r. btit it )iu'( itincic itn ilitroiYrnoo iu him. P/t1iii)m (nhfl 
fixptiuxied to bcTBolO it VS8 bbfl fact that tbdc wcir DottiiiiK t«>t womrii 
nt Ute "II«ui«e,''wlti(.-li gKroncertuii jiiquHuvyto tliiaconvpnuktHin vilh ft 

KKo ; for ths olorgy. in their muocJui, wmc but a kiiu) of hi^ uirl half, 
L(l tel)c«d just ill tlw Mma tvuc ils SiHtci- Alniy J*no almut the Iituinnti 
of UiR " Houia," ukI «al«CTiptiuiui, mmI Mii* lMiliiii(!«-shACt. aud what the 
Vidir thouffht, wbkb w^M tbv linal te«t of cf«rTChint(- Why did sbc Mke 
this atima^ter k> much better thatt tlie cl«rgy1 It wm beuune htH tAnnimd 
bis looks «id wbnt )w siud w«rc n littlr rnrioly, nuil Iprcnthnl uf tlx.' out- 
^■iile worl'l «ni) llio K'id«r horiioi). To be eiirft, it bad ewiued to hor n 
Httio wbil« Hgo (hat ereTythinf; unbltat and hiffbnt irns to be had nitliiii 
^the *' House,** where ho mnny nonuwmtnd kouIn were givint; thmwnlvm u{i 
tu the Bwrif© of God and the i»oor. But btdu« inside h»l madilli>d tho 
views with which slMhad oonteiiiplat«d tlie " Hou3« " from without. Ilio 
rorld ibolf, the wicket and footiiih worM, iboujfb uo Itas fiiolish tui<l 
rirked, luid gained a certiiin iiitcmA^ Then* watt variety in it ; it wa-i 
Riorf amusing than the" House." Th«se thoughts filled tltemind 
jwtt as the door, which wan alwayx kept iod:ed, vas closed njuii 
T1t« boriion tpvw natrowci- tut abe camo in— (hat wan a nntiiml 
Seat, (ur ofcovrw four straight watlo mnrt cntotit a frrentdml of aky~^ 
it tlw effect serintHl greater tlian lutunl that day. 8bfl fell shut in ; 
bottling cnnld hn Miaier to unlock tho door, though it lookod so 
^Bavy^but thero wai a fettling of con6n«uniit aotiieliow in tbo air. 
^kfiMi bad to go into tho Mirwn Gothie room, with wiwlowa hif;h in tho 
wall, wbcm the children were «iii)in;c in ^ tea, while Mr. OBWold Mere- 
dith stalked away in the (n« air tia ho {'leased, boldiug ha hood higli. 
tthe bmithfd a soft Bigh QDawarm. \Vhcrc was tlto id«il now T TbM* 
^ame upon her a vision of tbo wooda aod kbo Hill, and the witulinj; 
Katba that ted to it, and of the four windi that were alwaya blowing 
H|ior8, and tho lotTOs that aoswerai to rreiy breath. Wliat a thin^ it 
PHronM b« to thread through the woods, aa slio liait (lone so ofWn, willi 
th« wind fresh in boi- fac«, chill Itit vigormia, brcnUiing life and ex- 
liilaintion 1 How ano'a ideal ahifta and diauKcs aboat wbcu one is twenty 1 
Tl)<: " KonM" lookixl pour indood in tlio wi'«u-ifiil aft^-uoon nlioiit Iho 
darhming, full of the odour of weak ten, 

TKin^ K""" ^"^y aeiious, however, next week, when, naotly oa it 
ha|ifieD«<l hcfuic, jtiRt ok uho enmc out of tlw hosjiital fioin Iter visit to 
I-Iinuiyi Mr. Oswald MeraJith oni-o more appcniTd. Up was both sori7 
wid glad in a brmih — tony to b« too late for |ierKtnal inquiriH, jthid to 
bam bcvn no fbrtanato aa jtut to find Inr— the l>Mt autiiority about tlm 


" I felt BUni you would be {toing to toe her," ho said. -' IJttJ 


Emmy is a. luoky IJUle giri. May I )i«ar liow hIm is getting on 1 Um^ 
I scarcely deMrv-« il tw Uiuig m liiUt." 

He turned «« be apoke to walk witb ber,ftndvltat oouldAfimd« 
&\\<i conlil not n^fu.ic to aniiwcr hiiu> or ahow hay pnidorj. He erf 
dmtly ()ih« said U> b*n«U) tl>ouKlit ootliio^ of it; vliy ahould ttlw «f}Mu 
to d«mur tomiytliuigM nnqilel Girsn report alwul a sufliffiDetUUI 
may caa tniglit do Uint — to any one. And b1i« toU tun tfaiiC Emmj 
Budung satuiAuitory pTOfrreMs. 'though abe bed beeo ferarUi uid ill, 
iTM a IHtlo friglitcsinJ, tfaougb tti« niuw Hud it was ooUii^ 
wwulared, and ii|)oke ao atriu)^]; for a littl« wkile. Poor UttJa Bnaf 
Ehn bod n lioniitiful ilrfapn. luid iJiongbt bcnolf in tiimven." 

*' Willie you wfMre tber«t" said Oswald, with n eignlfieaooe la ttr 
nmplc iitieKtion wliicb coTnreii lier {iu» witli a siiddeu blmth. Hwd 4» 
blvslxd d«t)p«r stUl to think what foolish, un[HudonablG vanity tiiia «m 
— vanity the most extrnordiunrT, tho inMt dlly I What he noiil^ ^ 
mvrw, -m a iiim]>lo qnnlion, most tutunU — on ilKiuiry aboat a foct, nol 
aoy wiok«d oainpluaent. Honr AgtuM Iiatcd and demised henMlf (at tbo 
-vrsim snffmion of shy pleasun; which she had foil iu her heart atui im 
^er bvw! 

" Yes." abo nid, donnin-ly ; " hut Mho noon rooMd ap aiul caiM qsi» 
to kotwlf. She had boeu iii Rreat pitiu, mid th«y bad fpven htr imnr- 
thing to deaden it, tliat woa ail." 

" I quite undBntoiid," he said, with again liiat i^ipaknuKe oi unK. 
fing mora than ho sakL Nu duubt it waa mndy bis way ; and it »u 
embaiTBMiiig, but not »> disagmahle as perhaiM it ou^ht to have bMU. 
Agnee ke(>t btn* Iiead dowu, and alJgbtly tutsod away, ae tint (U* 
atrasger oauld not soo the inA]>]>ropriat« hhuhw which eain* and wwt 
ondRT the homict of the ti^crhood. Then tltcrc was a fMoae ; wtdahe 
wondend wtlhiu bertdf wlivthcr it nuiild be b<at to turn down a enm 
■treel, and ft^ifca an eri-and, which would take hor out of the atiaj|^( 
road to tbe " Ho<tao"— eridcoUy thai waa Am way — and by tfaia mimut 
alie iniglit cwmpe his doee sttandance. Itnt Uiea to inntnt a fictitiom 
errand irouM bn luiqiioationnldy wroii^ < whortaa to allow a g\ iitjiri 
whom k)io did not know, to walk alon^ ll»i pubUo iHTetmcnb, to wbdi 
cn-or}-body hod lui cquid tiRfat, by her aido, wu otUy problenuUiolli 
wrong. Tbna Agao* bnutjttod, ill » ITiiIi^t, boCwf"! tiro cou 
long 08 they were not tnlkinu it »rciiuil iiK>n' (imi'l" ihil he ahov 
walking the sarac way. 

" Wliat a strange world a hn^jittnl tim-st lir?," ln' niuI. " I bavft' 
watcbliqi tha people ooming out " {'■ I'ben be wua not Utn, altar all,' 
Agn<w raiiurkoil U> hcnivlf), " oooia ot tlimii plouMt, *onie anaimis, bu: 
the nnat port indifTenuit. InrKflhrDiKe always nrriaa tiw day. Jn 
why Lba wnrld goea ou so sU<«dily, whatwver hsp|Mttii I Hwn ' 
fa oae who dbows some haling " 

" It ia beoaosD the gnatcr (Mirt of tlm patinata an nui 
AgiMB, mpowiittg instantly ta tlda cballttigt. " Oli, a) 



IndUfiseat. I know tfant is wlutt ia luid — tlut vc oat our tlinnoffi Iii 

^pitv of (tvRiTtJiinit " 

K "And iloa't wel or, tatb«r, dou't thf^I OuraulvcH are siirftTB ox* 
Bepted, I anjtjjoae," mm! Onvrald, UeligLted to Iiave aet aikwt one oS Xhxmt^ 
KlMtmci diBCUtskuM wludi jy>uu}; tAllcvm, kwnrct or n itleaawt fitcully of 
timiiiiic Miatencea. lore, 

" Wb; slimitd miiwlvm Ijc dsooptodl" said Agucn, foigoUing ker 
sbynuw. " Whv ^loiiM it nlwnys be mppoaed tint iro wbo apeak ue 
betUr tkui aor DpigMiuiint t Ob, I likv« mnui ho niudi of HoA \ p«i^>Ie 
who Imow onlv « UtUv, UtUe rw\e setting duwn oil Ui» rest of Uie world 
M wivked. Wh^ t If 1 oui unbn(>t>r wbeu auy vue I love in in troalilv, 
tlut M a tv*aon fur lielioTiii^ (JiAt otlitira are au too ; itob tlut otltom axn 

" Ah," tftid UkwaIi), " to judf(» tbo world hy yotinpRilf would b« wdl 
th« world, bnl diutptwintinK for ruu, I ftnr. I am an optiinut, too ; 
Imt 1 would nut go *o fur n.i Umt." 

tSbt f?tve him a sudden kmlc. bulf-inrjiiirii^. linlf-iiii|«UenL "One 
Wfl norv barui of CBS's »elf llwii trne can know of auy oiio else," ahu 
, with tho do^fltitm ot youUi. 

Ha laughod. " I sM now why you judKc |>«i|tl6 more leoiCQUy clinn 
I do. What i)iintitilint of Ivariu / iutihI Icnuw llmt yon Cuuld not IkIicvu 
|M»sililo ! What ia life Itko, I wonder, up od tbuae anuwy hsigbia m 
untr the ak j 1 — » tivaiitifiil soft )««lni, witli Junt n Itftlf tooe wroug here 

»ti<l \hriti to abow thiu it u) outkide lieavon " 

" Indeed, indood, you are mistaken I 1 — I au not a Kistcr — ^yuu 

IJatnlM »»,*' aaid AgiMM, in agitaLimt. "It ia only tho drew " 

" Voa ai« daiuf; jnat what you contlt^nin," be Mid ; " scUing me dovn 
■nptririal peraoa able to .iiidj^ only l>y tho uutnide ; I hiiva 
' preMutionii. Is my friend KutLnr Mary Jiuio tho Sii|>orior of 
'"UioOD&veiitl but I 8ii|>p(j(« jou dtm't coll it a coarLutt 1 haTo ouly 
. tlum in I'Viitico." 

" Wo call itooly ' Ihu IIdiim ; ' but I hn™ ncTW been in i'ranw, 

ver out of England at aU. Ia it uoi Ukogoing Into a dlflbrent wurld 1 " 

Lgnea took up tliia wthject mgoriy, to ok^m tha nnbufMnnrait of the 

and fortiiuiU'ly tbo House itnotf wm altcady in ti^A, 

** the rvry luuDe world, only differently dre»^. I snppose there \m 

aetliing linmiunicniii in » miirnnii. All Uio ininK bare a kind of 

IjMuitir. not tlio (>eusivo kind one cx)>rrt« ; or [lerhajM it ia the wbil« 

JMtad-dma and llie calni life that |pvc tho HJalen anch ptvtt.v com- 

H|«xiana, and mch dcnr fyeo. Si»U>r Mnty Jano, for tiiMnncA — you will 

'•llow thai the Histere Uf> nUm " 

" But not inilitifbrent ! " nid Agnw, moved In mi nuawcrii^ smilo hb 
Ifaer reached (be aafe door of Uio Itouae. t$h« threw th»t smile at biin 
I a fhrowelt dctianca m nbe wait up tu the kwkod door wliioh opaood to 
wiOi an alanuing aound of koyM tumtng, lik«> the door of a tne 
pnrrat of roouuKD, though it waa tu a London ktn<ot. Hn HngeRd, 



kit abe did uot Iodic linrk. Sbe wm very tItAiikrul to rcndi tlut Mfe 
•bolter, and fliwi hersclT ileliycred frnin llin <1oul>tfni ])vivil«gQ of Ui* 
atUmliUMW. Aii«l >'pt tuimchnw Ihn Hnemonn Hitrkmnl saddculj. lb» 
tky cloitHfNl ovrr ns nho yrmt in, la^i tior l)(«ri Bank sbe ooabl Dot tii\ 
how. Why fil)oul<l Iter heart sink) Hheluul scatMly got indooisliiAife 
Bhu WBH met li;y Hutcr Jrliu^ Jnn^ wtio wikcnl for little Buuajr with 
l>uHinM8-liko iMwvltv ; tlicn, JiiHt jntining for n raply, wmit on to Iftlk oTj 
work, 1)10 Hulitod w)iu-li lill«xl all )i<^r ItioiiEtitn. 

" do, plnuio, lui'l tflko r*iy> of tlvn niMdln fpt\» at relaxAtiuii : tbej' 
nre in St, tVilu ; mkI keep yonr eye cm ^Inriuii liuiitli, wlio hu klrmit 
lost five nmrkit for untidlixw, niwl j^mmintA Blunt, who is in ]itaiiiib- 
loeiit for t*lkin){. And err thnt rclnxnti'm h nntlKl, anil thc^ aII Uifin 
leaniing tlioir lessons at 6,.10. I miiHt tAkn tlia elfler fpvh myxH (tn u 
boor bafom ovonxang. JTatq yon hwl tcAl" Maul ^ater Maij JaoA 
"Not then fto quickly, ple«»e, my dear, and luiv-c some. It in wH 
cloaroit nwny vcU 'Hiu iiitiuita linve l>«en rntber nuruly, rimI I tuflOB to 
BjMttk to 111" ViMr nhout it Uiis nroni&g. Wfi wunt souiof! one ob> u 
bclp iriUi tli« iu(uu(«. lu SI. Cecilia, >*«, Mako haftt(\, tny dear." 

AgiKM wmit into tbo large room which van ca\M the rrfcctory — *k» 
bftoquctiuK-liidl of tbi< oatnlMiiihtnotit — whero the ftir was lica^T' with tf> 
Mtil Livoil iiiiO butt4>r, ait<) Oio lonj; bihlM, partially clcnn><1, Mill Inn 
ti-a«M of tlw NfMOt. It WM u Ituyp nioiii ; tlm wnllx cnlironfiil witk 
Mfiptural pictuiTH, a.iKl rich irilb lineo of colourfol l^rickx im|>huit«Fod. 
Iho wrviuits of lilt' llouiut vf.ra not of a vfii-y «i)M>noT cIam, as my 
Ik fiupjnaod, and to ka them ptuluii); about the L'n|Ni and nuocoB, mttling 
down the Ikavj trays full of fnkgtneut^. and hustling «acli other aloat 
the tal)k«, wa* Dot ohilamUng. How cloanl in uiil rotiliiied rupixTlkiit 
looked, bow dtMuy Iho ftlmosphere, the ovcdiu); so idiicIi nior« advuiciJ 
tlkiui out of dooii! AfpuH triwl to drink with auilmUiittil bcrlakr- 
wRTui cup of U% and to thiuk with mttifactioa of the luitldU' Kiri> wi* 
Bwaitcl \ifr in St, Cociliii. Hut it wa« nalouishiuc bow diS)a)llabcUt>| 
it to do this. Tbe Hummrr ancrnoon fdcin, the aofi hrmtliiiii; nf 
Bpi-iit^ air, tin: btii|C diatsuccv—tlioDch tht^ woro hot liuua of m 
• wicleaimoKplin^— thoosli it wa.^ tinned villi I^Andum nookfl — whiA 
outside thmo walla, hikri siiggin>l«d nciitiiumiUi 1*0 diUhnstt. Tbv wni 
twmta whirh thry would huve s*i^fitj^>d to Sistor tfary Jau 
ten horn 'luiU' iiidiko tliom (IaI lillnl ilic iniud uf A|;nea. Hi 
htivc fwid it vriu a sn-rn-t i-Trnini;, and hnrrinl in to work, 'lite himM 
the ten di<l nut sickou hi7, iinr tlw Hi}|[ht uf lite uwed t:ii|ia luid tin 
brra luid Ux'trt ou tW cloth, whore lui uitroJy child (doouiitl to kav hrr 
marl " <)badpall«d" np. Hhfl Uk<i> (pw- 

iiit«t I .-iris at ntaxat 1 ' - pUiuwit an " -1 <d4 

l#fouiKl— Anil thnt a walk throujjh tlia ntrvetH was • wnuinaaa to tbu Awh. 
A» for Mr. ttawald M : ' ' - -ii, thnt it ww - - ■. 



h*vr giveu stuih a g«ii> 

in the Ui>tu 

oomvknd him wottliy n ^iiuico— lior mintl wiw hu*/ aUn 

\e Iwl lo take Uto pris for an hour Iw*rora crnnitonf;. aivI nfVrwiiTilii 

to Iflctk over Oietr exercises nnd int^nct the books, itiiil hunv the ir^KirtH 

' t«Moh(in). Anminla Slitnl, wlio ^rt^a iit |iuiiinlini<'ul fur Inlkmif. 

nd MarixD Kmith, wito Iim) lo«t live iniu-kK for nDti<Im«iffi, were of more 

itcrt!»t t(i k-r than all tKe idmls in ^le worM. She was vvrr kiD<l to 

fftDrifti) A^Mi. >8 welt as to Bvery)>oi)y ei», but Nhe bod nn timo tv> in- 

4n]g» ta l^ictee for her own pnrt gbo ga,TO licr dirvclions to i>tiv< luid 

anothAr fts' weat ftlnng tbe {MMnige. TL«re was uot >. toiuMte of hut 

vtAoaMe time which 6be coidd aflnni to lone. Agues thui^tit of ftll IbiK 

w^ifch n Rtfli lut itliD irentto Hi. CvciVut, w1i«rrotbio middle girls Awnitrd km*. 

WoiU<l slip over he u tiatislied wiUi her work, u plnuwd «it)i tier mr- 

fc>iuntiiijt*, mn Sinb>r Sfnrjr Jana I lUid v«a it not li<tr iltilj to ctnli'n^-our 

^^^i&k« bt'rw^ir uit For she oould not mjr to hwsplf oa she bad 

HB At boiii« tbat this wm men carelemneoa aiid itfntbolic rertigiui- 

Hon io tlwi commiMi mnrm of PTonU. Hm*-, on th« cwiitnuy, it vx» 

^Uf-flWrifite ifaat was tJic iitle, aiid coOHeci-atioD (o llio sei-viceof the 

lii'l)i)4Mt. Tbn jmor girl wm young ; {NTrluKpit 1h«t wiu thfi cliiuf dmW' 

hack in linr way. The softjieas of the skies, the ypwulntivo dvlighto of 

»iurerr«aIion, (be look of Oswald Meredith as b« spoko of " (b« mowy 

rtghu M uear tlin iiky," what had tlioM^ mon^ i-hauM eircuRurtAiMyts 

rliiok Bfan had nuootioUTod unawares, to do iritb the Hirriotui lift wliich 

had beiBeir Relealed as the beetl And, abis I vas Ht. CVt^ilia, with 

girb at relaxaUon. anythiiig liks tliow) " >nowjr Iwiights I " Tlie 

llo scfQahblcn, thp littlo lili8, tbo little joaloitstm which tho childtvo 

ndnlfcvd in none the Ihs for being in tho iatoretitin^ positioD of orpluuui, 

aud bieudlaM obildroo, with no father bvt Ood, jamil open 

■ noreaul more aa this poetical imagination of hor life mmo tiAck to 

*1ier mind. Surclj h» mvst bo a poatv Thifl -tba brr oonolwliog 



Is THE " HofSR." 

. had not reoew«d hb viait to Caia for somo woelca. Ifo hix) been 

moeh ta«t down and diMOuraged by that fiiitt Sunday for which h« 

profiared aa clnborntdy, and looked fonvanl to willi ao much 

mgamtmt. ButdiMcouingementlikx evetyiliiug elae weareout, aud when 

had gotte ronoA the oirdo from an^tr to dispprova), from dlsnpprm-iil 

(vinti'nipl, fix'in contempt to pity, Itoger footid hirasolf with sonio 

lir^-ia» bairk at )i>k origiaal point, lonpnft to ute Cam. and rt^ady to 

llwvv that aaylhinR that bad coma Iwtwocn tboin lin<l ittica umdeiital. 

I two Mttrolllha wiiidd not b« lli«te foi- ever, aiwl Can no douM, poor 

rX miui Iw piiiini; for tonus one from her «M homo, and would Im glad 

' hitn, •uwl hear all lliat everybody wn» doing. Ho wim aoiiy ba 

laaiil a wunl to his nioUier about wlint hafipenediu tbeSqttam.iiidMdi 

11— & 



ho IsaA danA oothinji but rei;ret ever once th« iodJinntfaD *IM 
tUDptod bin to ooiuplwu ; for Mra. Bumliell vrMoueof UxMeinciMTtBiatt 
potUHu who never forget th« iadigniiDt i-Htunciiis of ii\jnred fcalii)^, but 
continue CO reptnt ftud har]> r|kiu U long afur that feeling haa sunk iniu 
obtivioa or obaiij^ into oontampt. Vnty hwn tlw mfUiiung iufltwnswof 
hiftc*r1y lave, tuiil the lotg{ijigbeha(laft«rtheobjn:lofit,injKlBlUi9erflK- 
giv«CM*nll lt(Yimn^uaiIainiia,giiiiutliuii; but hiauiutliurcualil not CugK 
thntheludboMialightetl.nnd |>niush«(l liiHhvtn-yiiliif bia wouml lyawB- 
aruit mference to the eril» Ui tlto 3quai«, Tiua of ita^ belpnl on kii 
r«coveiy, Hioco to find SluU jioaiwlf vith thost to wliom yon ar« atiMbJ 
is H vBt7 diffotcnt thiu^ from hutiiuf; tlicon ftntiled lir ndiorL Tba yto- 
ocwf vniliil b^ II nnrioua quiuTx;! with .Mm. Iturrlfl), wliu«-oul(ltiutKi««ii|i 
this iavouritu suhgeet, aud tMtiutod her sou v,-ith his want of proper ptvk. 
lutrl iucUtutioQ to put up with ADylhiu);, wlien glio ht«rd vi hiai istoriin 
to go Imok. " If I hod bo«n m troat«d aaywhero, I would ikev«r f^o uu 
tlicin agnin. 1 would nob invite people to tiniuplo upoa da" coed the 
Boctoi-'* wifv. "I might fin^vo, but I ^Itould aovw torgtt," "Uj 
d«ar," the Rector bad said, " UoRer hna himmlf to look to : we at* art 
ahla to do very much foi- Kim ; and Cora will Im a k!ni) of heinn I 
should out mind 0117 tiiflo uf th.t( sort, if ho has aeriona views." •* Wlai 
do 70U coll esrioua viowat " cricl IloKsr, a6han>ed umI wTstcbed, aoJ Iw 
piungnd out of iho houM without wtutinfi for an wuwor. nail Iietocdt liisi' 
aolf to those winUy woods of which Agnffl was (binkiiiK at Uib " Hnwh'' 
&ud which OT«n in wmt«r were Kweul. Rogw Iwd qd sairdid intraitiau. 
which was wltat htjt fiitbnr mcanC t>y "itertiniii" vwwk, and thoii;;bli« «k> 
wall enough mthiHiMl with hin lUity woi-k, and not, lik« A)tii<»t tronhiM t' 
Ml}- ideoi, yet be f«lt liko his aistar, the wrolrlied downfall of oxiatcneatSbt 
iniMoy and mcouuew, botwooa bin nioUifr'fi pnilanKutl and eiagpietel »- 
Bentnieiitaudhisfathtr'BaotiousworldliuMn. Tliat bofiiihhtvsafUawMlit 
hightat ^lio^ in the jToun^ nuui'a miiul. IfaothiugelMtkatwaaviaiaaary 
eodabod in his nature, hia mam'ituliiiration of Cara, wliiult hiMl lantcd aa lo^ 
aR he oonld reooOeot, was vianiMry. a tonvh of poetry luiiid his pram, aat 
to bear it oppoeed or to b«r it Boithdiy focoarascd alike abocked an J 
nvolbed him. Ho reaoLvod nA\i>r to in«nttoD Cara'a name again, nor lu 
BMke any T«fera>oe to the Btfoani, to shut up hb tcutfantnilB ^mit btfte 
bit own hoKoni, whether Uieaiiwi' cf win'' ' -foAw* 

S).i|>|>oginf; abe was aild U» him^ I Im vtry that id« 

shotibl bo cold, as be bad never ^ooe back to her, nnr TMited bar 
onn — he wnttblbmritamlliudcflDnnicrn : norop af;au wonJd )i«aat>f«et 
name to ooaiinmits mub aa tltonc FaUiMu Kiid taothwa do Wlhr ^^ lUr 
diildnia whin Iher fomo tlmm to meh n i-oaoluilon. I! ; t 

won) all Uirougfa the wenrj Saaday. atvl did not nay vcvn -.^ 

not tetom home for the noxb ; boi fas maihi hb nniu>;fBBMwt> 

Wbou th« next ttmclar uaia^ the hcm-i of tbfr aiinl al 
WM oaaa moro glaid«ud by the al^ht of him ; and in tlH 




duly t«t uut foi' tbo Squaiu PorUaps his linm wna not so elmbonto nor 
liu) Mckiie BO rvoMU-koble as wlwu be finit weut tbtr«. H« hJul tiworn to liim- 
a«lf Ul»t l«e would form noajieciftlexpartntioiMaknd nuike uo gt-so J prajMrft- 
tiooa, anc] on the whole Ue wm lia|i(twr ou hia seocnul viut Mtm (jharr>', 
whom bo faunil at Uw B<|niuv, wiv> vuiy gbtJ tamNibini, utdMi-. BcirasfimI 
iipuke U> liini kiniUr euou^b, aod Cara *hs svcet aad fneuiUy. But they 
trattvdiiwvuil usROtU vuly; they >litl u'lt A.«k)tiin io<Uui>ei-, wliich vtan 
i)(IxiinUuMit. TUoy offiftrail him a ciip iif ton, wliirJi ICogorilUI out vure 
-, beioj; scarroly foahioDaiile enough to lUcc fi\-o-o'clock tn, and let liim 
go wltMi tli^ vrvai U> diniit-t-, fui'iuru euoui-li, tiirlcutj liiin out na it 
wi5ni ii])»u tlio Btnwttt full uf [ivuiilv. Tti l« siii-« Rt^r liiul Lui vinl itt 
4i>ttiu^ Hill, who was vwf glftcl to aeo liiin, wlin wtwld |j;ive liim tiiijijtoi- 
makc Uim verj' comfortable. Still as bo liivl Imfiud itorli^w to tio 
tft xtay, to EpQwi \iw o^'vaiag with Cmm it fftw him « veiy forlora 
■eJMlatioii. wlitfu tbcv Wie liim cheerfully (pMxI-by at Uie xutinJ uf the 
.dtnDer-lfpll. Hv wuit uut into tlM; weiiiiig strcelSi wlieie niiuiy juvpln wcno 
lii^ bo diurdi, mid niany coming Ixtck froro Uiur ikfloriioon vndk, going 
lOtne to tlieii' familita in twos and tbreos. Scarcely uuy ona seemed 
Ix) nloDD )tut hiiUM.-lt'. Still k« tuiUl to liiniiHilf Lu liud no right to 
ble, fur tbey had been kind — uid a«xt Htuday ha would go agun ; 
umI witli tbia inebuidwly yet couragwua resolution be toade a litUo 
j«nM> at lh<' i»n>0r of tbe etrevt luking binvwlf wbcro ho slioiitd go oow I Ilia 
aunt would have taken tea, anil gono to tn'CQJiig diuri'li befaiie he could 
eot to Xotling ITill. Ho Iw cluuiged hisi diractiuu aud w<mt niAnfully tbo 
way, to the " Uuube." lo vivit his lister, argning hui dicapiKtiiitiuent 
dowD. Why idiould tlioy have aaked him to dianerl bwiilej, bo did iivt 
for dinnrr. wtiich would havo been morccnary, but for Cam — luul bo 
bad seen (^nra, witbont thosci Alci'cditbs thnuiLing tliuuaolvon into his 
yruj ; aud fhu bad Uhmi vury kiud, aud Mits^ ('berry bad beau kimt, and 
tfanv was no raasuu why Iw should not |^ i^;wu next l^uuday iiftvmoon. 
So why Hbould he htt (li«in>tuiLj{<xl 1 Tlkcra was Agnce, wbom he luid uut 
neaa aiawa tivn bad gmw iiito ihiM " Hotnc," ua thoy oallcd iL It was 
t>nly light tliat a man ^loold go and Wk oRoi' lu» own msbav, rveu if be 
dill not a{<|frovi; of bor. So Ilc^r toupluyod Itis iiail<»iiud hour of I<ii9nire 
in the wa>- of duty, uud wont to aee Aguw, gindually udming hiiuMlf 
down Ok ' ' liaappointiiU'ut ou tho way. 

Tbi' ^ In wflgm not wliat is called a Guuily du-votodto «Kdi(itb«i. 

TlMiy were good enough frionda, and took a pix>pcT brotherly and uKtvrly 
in wlial kappeund to eacib other, especially as uTtay »rw jiieco of 
ws brotigbl a ct'tluiu amount uf enlivoiuuvnt aad variety and n 
mbJK-t for cuuverbation iiito tlii> monotououB lauiily lifa; but tbey 
were prOMic. and Agii(« wn.3 the uiw among tliMii wfaoin tba others did 
not ondentand mach, aod not undorslaDitiiig, set down tduutly aa fautaatic 
tncoupraliotuiihio. Htul tJie fallRu iu love with MUQbody. or bod 
a '* diaappoiatinent," tbuy would bavcoatoml to a oartain degree ioto Imf 
fMliogii, mA eren now Soger eould not <\mt» <UvMt binaidr of Uie 



bhouglit, thni, tltougb ho kuav itoLhiii^u of ity nont<rtKiii<' of tliU kittd mi 
kt th(< ruut uf iMr wiUidiawsl Uvm honia An ulml lif*'. wlni wiw 
Neither Boger nor nay of the rwrt niulonrtmxl wbat slia cmdil moui, or 
rwUy MtAvwI that them van any eiiKwrity in meh « pretext; uul be 
indood WAS unoofUicM-whuhnilbevniDoatopjioNedtolin-pnqMiiv-, aakbft 
MKirufullv wh*L wIviui(a<^ she ttupfoftA nhe wm ta gnt I'y f^ttig Mnmi; 
Btnuigonil Was shnlieUerDian tl»e other giirlsi, tliat kIki coitli] iKit OBlni 
bcdsnlf comfortahlt! nt home I Ajl^iui thrrn not plmty to Ao there, if that 
WON wlutt h}ir wMii«d t Wak tJifov not Uip puitili. if she iruited toon 
work ) itugcr liod born it1ik(r imli^^Dt ii.ik] iit<toiiL<)it^l. But tbo tUsg 
wiLi ikm^. And Itc wiw in town not r^iy £tr oH' frnra wlm« alto wiu, irjlh 
ftn hoiiror twoloKpun-, He wetil wiUi a sivfft aiitaxoniHin a^^xinnt bteij- 
thinj; Ii« was likely to ow, TTic vpiy name of thn plnM- n^HlrH hti 
Tim " Hmi«' ! " a.* if it was a {lonitoiitiaiy or xlielter fur the cWtitnl*,! 
which Ai* nicU'r hiul In'oii ohl^i) to tiii(| irfnge lu. Tfi^ wiui ailuiiUMl. 
on ffinni; full jmrtimliirB as la who hi) ynm, nnd nshcrwl into (be 
little n>om, C1>^'er«>l with tluaty matting, with i-oU),'iuuR pniitn of 
tvYVivxt clanu^vr on tli« wnllM, luiil IxnlciiHclvi?) fall of KclKKtllcmk*^ &.' 
Monim was emhtanmed on thu lioar of it, vlurh manf ufftedcd bin toa 
OniJil iMjt lliD fooliiJi jH^pIc rail it th« hnvn mnip, or tho uintlnl nxra, 
or hy no; ootnmin np|M>!lntion inKtcoul of hy thu niuiu* of a nlot, 
whom noh«><lv had over heard of! Ajpics cauio to hint, not in tW 
ilrOM whicli Him woT<><>Ht nf iloohc, 1mt innKtmp'.rhiMk^wii, forttiiMta|y' 
fur her, far vbnt avalancho of objccUona would haro lumblcd ujioo btr 
biwl hiul bIm CDin» in to him in b<ir ntpr hiuI pnk^i l>inintT( ! He vm 
plsueil to sm hit sister aiul pluurd hy lirr ilclii^ht at th" M$;bt at Un. 
hut yet l»e eou!il not smooth his brow out of clie|)3eamre. It pivc Uia 
outhit for th? 8uliilttMi irritation with which bo had reevivod bit dimiMl 
from the Square, 

'* W«*ll, A^tH," lie wiJ. " iw tfli-p yoii nro in (lit* pji|>iflticnl )>Uc«t 
bail an hour to i<pare and I thought I niiuhl romc anil r^- vno." 

'' I am ao glad to see yon, Rc^er. I was Just thinking of ihew aH ai 

"AtlionHl You w«m«nxions mtoiigh to ftjPt uway from houuv I 
vtihIi any on'> know why. I ran't fhnry antthinq ao nnnntnral an a (ori 
wiahiitii ta Inwc lionin, t;x«.f>t on a vinl, tir if rho in f^ing to he uuRiinL 
or ihnt sorl of IhioK^hut lo corao to a [ilac«lilce thia 1 Ague, 
am auTP there i* ik > . . " , ; 

** Yea," aaid A-.-i i-thinc xaKgr. 

to *In Minf doty in tho Win*!*!, not to Iw likp n 

"Tlmt U jiut the ohuiK wf thr |iiTii"I," aiid .> . 
mr th«r« is not (il«Rty to t\i\ with idl tlift i-hildmi i 

u9Vi<rciti gotn liiv ' 

" I^nttt ami 1 I , li to iln all and mora thnii 

ihiMiIil there ho thraa of tu mw'mn on buttoiiat uwl wltat w 
fiMB* to— notlung but hnttona all nnr liv«sl " 



" W)t5, Tiiu)i|>oae,"efii<l IIak'-'I't doiilftTnlly — " whnt do girls tvar cotno 
*o I Yq« would li»re Iwwu niiu-rtcd soiuu Uiiie." 

" Aud IliAl is such » doli^btfal praepecit" cried AgnCM, moved to 
MUVMiu. "Ulit Roger, w it Aiirh mi elevated lifo to jog aioog u papa — 
■>« wo t»T« Heen ]>mijiI« do, UiSuking nt aothinff lint liow to g«t thtougli 
1Im« dmy. )tiii| jic.y iHo l>itlK. nnd Itnvft a }>nod diuurr ulipn wa iiui, Aod 
gnmiMc At rmr ii<>i;{hl)Oiirt>, the children rutiuiiig wild, jui<i (lie iiouse 
geUlng afaftbhjr," Mid ApiM, unMnaaouBlf fiftUing into portmitiirn, *■ And 
ulkiuK kI«ii1 the mrvke of Ciorl I wlwt ts tbc mrvico of Uod 1 is it just 
to Iw nitofLii'taldi^ mid do what jroii nic uWigwl to dol" 

" Well, I Mnp[ics<^ it is not to tanke younwlf uDcutiiroi-tji)i]i'," cried 
Bognr, tliirkin^ the more acriou((<]u«tion. " Tbougti, as for tlint, if joa 
widml, yon muM ht quite uucoiDrdrtnblo onotigh nt hoino. What iki 
tkcv main br calling » K>ot» nftpr n woman, St. Monicnl nnd idl th(«Q 
pnidlixM ntid tliin|pi — oud thi»l ridirtdoUK drMH — 1 ain glftd to nee yo»i 
liAVf tltn wiiap not to w(w it here nt least." 

" I u-rni- it wlirn I ^ out ; it Ib uot ridiculous : od« can go wti<<re ono 
]ilMsrK, iltut lit, wlu^rrrer onn bt wnntnl, >n u SiKtnr'R drcn, nod the 
rotiffbrnt jHoipldHlirnvs rrwpwt it," »»id Apiw, WBtmly. "Oh, Roger, why 
fJiocUd >-mi Im> Bo]>i¥JTid:n-d1 do you know what kind of people ara hne t 
Poor liel|ilcna, frimdloiui childnn. tliAt hav« goi no bone, uid the Sbtcrs 
Are like motlm^i to tbMn. In (liAt no gaoi] I -what do» it matter ahotit 
the (uuiio <if liic iix>n>. if ii pooi- ckntittilr t«hy is fwl and wunnod, nnd 
mvlo hii|>)>y in it t Children ihnt wotild Riarre and h*^ nnd roh in the 
wtrmtx, or die — that vwdd Im tlo nltn-nativo, if these Sisteni witli their 
at«un) dremcs and thi-tr ridiciOoiiB waj-H, tbnt make you aoaugr^, did not 
»t*t> in." 

" Wnll, I Hup[MM tbry uiiy do soino good." mid Rognr, nnwillingly. 
You ne«d not got m hot nliout It ; biit you might do jart aa mtich jfood 
itii Ima fniu. And wliy ahoiild you alint yonifelf np in a peiiilnitinry 
if Ton Iiim! dow iwinn'ihint; TOW were luhntncd iif" Wliy ithonld yon 
nti! uid b.-iu-li fur your livin;;! Wc ai« sot na |ioor ns that. If tbn 
[«» all work," mid Roger, with n not unl-eoomiug glow of |iri<lc, 
there ought alwnyf to \te plenty for Lbo aiatpra nt home" 

Bnt I innnt live my lifo loo, M well am my hrotbera ; and do what I 
BUt hdar« ti>e niglil coqidi," "ud Agne«, witli a little solemnity, " when 
aum can work." 

Ru^r w(M nulNliiR'l hy the quotation more than hy all her reaMmr. 
e iroiild i>i)t, DM Imi rkid to hioMolf, go agalnal Scri|ituro, whiidi certainly 
id Dxhnn every uinn to vof It before the nrghl cometli. Did that DKan 
irwy woman too I 

•■ The >dioT-t atxl tl>e l«ug of it fa." ho Mid, Itnlf KuUty. half tndtni, 
juti wre nfvee coDteot «t borne, AgncA. An you cvnteoled 

Tlint wma ■ hoHM <|naitioii. AgneHvhiaDk a little and faltoiod, nvotd- 
ntg a dirvH nply. 


L "Vuii do not looJc W^fk-VOnUiutod ^-ounielf; liave yov beoa tA 
. CanVsliomid. "How^iiict I liavo not btmnl « vruni of bar 

I c&me livnj." 
. "Oil, Caia iti voll ouou^h. .Sliu m not liko yoii, Mituug 
|[«cccatt4'ic irork. ^bo is i|ait« ltftp|>7 at 1k>U)». Jltiss L'tiurry i* Ibnv m 
Lpr^^mt, looidnx after k«r. 3t ut n buitlaamo hoiuo, choke full of ctuu 
'^ ftud thiiigs. Aiul I EiipiMWB^ from nil I hvur^ ehu lias a vurj juUjr hit,' 

MJd Sogca-, wUli a rartain iiliade of moi-oeeuees cre^ng ovcir liU bn, 

" iwrtiw «iii lots of I'liendM." 

" I Tiai-oMty «ho 'low uot foi-get tho poopls she iised to liko, tw aSX (^l,' 

Mwt Agnoti, moisi kind thut Iw tili, linil diviiiin; tfa« uDonntdat ia 


"Oil, I ilou't Lnow. Tbei« ara aota^ people who u«var leave htr 

ahtw, vrtio pratnul (o be old friendu tW)," ti>i<l Royar, i-uefuljjr. " Ami 

ihtiy livQ nvxt dooi'. u-oi-sa luck ; tlugr kto nlirAyK tliuiv. < >tlwr oM 

have DO diimce besidfl tliftw itloi-odiUis." 

. *■ <M» !— in Uitiii iiiunn Mol'wJitb ? " 
I " Yes ; do joii know tli«u I thi>i« in one, * tMlav«ring fellow, Ullw 
twetiLjr to tJi« down, aiii) Uiiiilu on ond of hiutwlf — a Mioeriog Inigpv. 1 
dou't luind tliu otlior oo mavh ; but tbnt Uswuli) follow ■" 
"Oh !— in hw uamo Oswald) " 
*' I IwUuw yoii kuow hiia. Do awelta like tluL cotne a-^tMiiki 

L " Oil, uo," Mtid Affnv^, anxioufrljr usooUiiug dowu «utt|uciuni " Umi* » 

In nuno — mncb(liCMkiB«— tnSii'tAr'Mai'y JiuiieVliiitt^siiUfeniitioiis. <Jh, 

|^oi;aiul the gentleman carritxla [toorutiUdtoUtDhoKpital m itiry kindly 

1 aotiiood Um luune, bttcauve — because there is a pool rallwl Oinrali, <r 

Ow«D, or flouwthing, MorediLli. I woudonH]," wd A^ues, rftlleriiiK. '■' 

Iiig tbe tnitli but mctuiiu^ a fib, " w1iatli«r it cotikl be tlw mue." 

h " Qiiihi liktJf," nid Ito^- ; *' tlin voty kuul uf foUow tlutt intM 

EvrriU) iwotiy iuhI ettUT— a scutuavulal daHcr. To t«Il iiua irulh," \p 

addcxl, with inuuetue aei-iuUiukuM, " I doii't like (o liuro liUki iitamti- 

poMil tutdi luct nitibtsliiiig bilk, ^jlle in a& Hliiiplu m h liltle 2v-.r-' -' 

boliuvm i^U that's md to 1i>t ; niiil wbcii a follow liko tiuib ^ 

into a ronMir. and wbupen nod bdkii sUifT," Koger rontliiiMd, giv*~*iti 

nd Mid wioLh 

Agnea did not tuako luijr roplv. 8bs turued tound b> fyamiii' 
Ipifaool-baokii Willi a sudden i^tiiit^aixlfoti UII-, whutiiitt: < I' 

pkiU tliaii na if lui nnw< luwl )>oiii MHlduiilv illiut Ai ■ 
right through hnr lutart t 

" Cam shuuld uoc let AD}- (iiie wliiH]wr bo tier in oort"'- " -',> -.-i >; 
lart, with a Utile nharimw*', nflw Iter flm tdiuvk. " !« 
niijtbiu;.- ■ " U L 

MHHf «K«: 1 _ ' ■ ■ . ■ ' ■ ^ii 

. too Biucb mtennlad to nottoe exiurtlj' whnt wm taicl. | 

' Hba ia boo .vuung to be aspoevd to all thai," lie m J 



I stio tn fli^4 out nt ffn'onUtiQ whidt 111 f*lM mkI vhicfa w bnw T 
!■, Agiww, MM wliAl ywi miglit have doQd, hntl not you Atit 
ii|i hcie. Nothing co likely at) UiaI llWa wwihl luve teked jon 
> go iumI [mr ber k %'i>dl< — And yoii coiilil lutvti tnknn cnnt of bwr. Bat 
}-ou ktiuw hon- mmuiliir |><>or iIimi- ^liw Clicny ia atid I t)houl<l not fas 
a hit niTftrimd if that child ■lloweil beranlf to bo btkon ta, ftiuL tltixw tier- 

Atxt nronjtl thui Iw tha bmli ut Af^we, who luwl »>hat boreolf up in (be 

UoOKfl, lUi't tKuB ptiMliuliNl mil {KMuliility of li^ng ohoBBH >a Dig gUMdiAn 

v>il cviiiiuini'lti urt'nin) ^ilir* MiiiM » lilLlo to (komU » not without n 

Hhoa^ of htttonun ; titough, iDilwd, nfter «I1, if help b> one's n«iglitiour 

^^^Klw t-ltief tltlng to be ootuodcrcd in life, it yrm m wvirtliy a work bi 

^^^^n CUV pf (^us u to tettdi tho ur|ilianK Uii-ir >, )i, c. Tli» u«ws of 

RA^ht^ liav^-iiver. isbvdtu.'u'l, he iliil imjI well kuov htiw.a discoid in thn 

talk. Hv fell miwuj; v]K>a Ck link lo wtduh tiic little litdy woMuxpueod, 

niul Ak got <fi«ti«<-faKl viih oihoir Ihonglita. Sht Hat beciide liim, tJUi her 

plun. limit; blnrk Koim, nrcry ornatncQt of ber girlhood put away from 

bar; her IwttiiU, whiL-li luul Uwu very prolty wliiUi luimlsi, loHNily oliuqwd 

oa tliB tebk liefon) Iter, sjid vliowiiig souw agnM of i^juiy. lb ix only in 

roBMUicro* tlmt the likiubt of wotum oogi^ed i» vartouH houaehokl Ubuum 

iMnn llietr beauty all tlip aamo, Agiu« bad now a little of «v«r;thiiie 

tJimwa in hvr way to do, aii<l wa» rcgnircd uot to be eqiiesmiiih nlwut ttta 

nsee ahe put tlM«r> ptebtj' baitda t/j ; aud it could oM, \» Aauivd tUut thvy 

wse a Uttlo law pruuy alnmly. 13ie lookwl down npaa theui ia her 

euddMt rtwli of U>i»iubt »tti jwrreivvi] tlitH. Wlmt did it luaMer lo Lbo 

haiubeoid of thi> \tcnr whetber or sol ber haudK wtii-o an ptvtty kh 

I Ih|( vet, widi nn imrbkutaonMu uuui)mri)ati, bor tiiind fuhIk^ to 

who bad no Meewaty to noil h«r jiretty fint^tm, and to tho con- 

wlik'b mii^tlit bo uiadc betweou tboiu. What did it luatMr tliut It 

■wan wtclcc-l aad wrong of Aicmvs Mtlf-dovol<!d luid »«|iiniig to bo God's 

^jorvwil, to feel tike thin 1 Tbi; w«\w uf iiiittim was U» ^^bioitK for Iw, 

^Hivl mtrird heir away. 

" yfvAl, I mtwt Iv ffuiu^," Kiid l[u];i.t', wiUi a Mgh. " I aui glud Uukt T 
, In TV iKKb j'K, nttd ftjwwd yon — (xiBifoi-fcvUv. Tliwr* doi« not f««Di much 
\m to toi»|>t any one ; but still if Joti like it — I om coiuinc book noxt 
mi'lny. Aunt Mary in plouwd U> haw lue, luid tbi? don't sxm to catn 
, bonin wbctbin- utiu fjoca or xUys. I ttbalt {i-ubably look iu at tfao 
luiuo. Hhall I loll Cbm about tod I ttbo koowct you have ^mh* away 
boun, but nob when you aie. .Slit) ni^il oouie to tice you." 
•* I ilon'b want any vrnt/on." raid Agnes, wiUi a little iintetioit of 
, whirh, with oU llie iw* of ber mwdwrb, «■»» laid wp in her mind 
I npented of " Wt* have no tinn for tlima, for ono thin^ ; tunl kalf 
itimmami am ii( little vte. If I do out inoau to give myielf alto^i^icr to 
ay work. I bwl bt)t4er not liavu oouie nt iill. Do not au-ntiot) my luinte 
iVnrm. Idou't woiit toBeeiuiy oiiolif-rti." 

" Well, I suppdan yon ata right," aaid Itoger j " if ono does go in (or 



thisMrtof tbing.)l ubotttoHoit tfioroiiAhly. What U thtf 
UVOa crndEed kottJe of a boll I Yoa Uini vt-ad to bo eo particakr, 
dtidikwl tli« row ot ihi- cliildnui, and tlie loud talking, lutd ihn Wl 
how can yoa put uji with aU thix I You mtut be dunged «niM^« 
jOH mma Iiei*." 

" I oii^tU>b»ehanj^,"mid Agnes, with a puigui liRi-Unui. Aim, 

\how iittie chaofspi &ho wnsi honr iJie obarp UtUobcU wore lHTtiBrv«o«t, 
lid Uw' ruxtUi of iiif. cliildnm pre^iwiag for cdiapel, and th« clwngiim of nil 

'th«doon. tjha vott with R^gnr K> the gkto, vhki) bod to bo anlocfad, 
to hv mijipnafied derisioa. 

** Haxti yuu to lio lookcil tii 1 " the iiTov(in>[il yoiith Hud. " Do ihry 
(Mak you would all nm away if ^u bud tho cbaitco t " 

A^ea took no nntim of thui nnkiii'l question. 8fa« beiralf, whan An 
(irKt arrived, bad buon a littlcA|]iMlled bir l1i<^ 1*1^ uiediv^'al kvy, elnUeBk, 
•l>pareutly, of a VM'jr trenHtidotis separatimt fii>iu the world ; and lia 
would not aHtiiovrledgx Uiat it meant no ranrA tJian auy ianocmt labk 
Wliirn Rog«^ wui jjnnrt, hI)r hwl to luu>t<'it upxtnim to get liar j>olio bonait, 
and i-ubIi clown a;;&iD to take h«r jilnce amun^ her orphAiu for the ena- 
Dg «ervioe iu the cliaix.'!, wliirb tJi« House took ptea«iu« in csUhig Et«ii- 

■wag. Sho knvtt dowu Among Dio i-iiflttinf:, itntlom cliiltlioD, wliiU Um 
cracked bnll janKlod, and » funny tittln procawioQ of prinata and clioriMsv 
camo from iHn vctdry door. Thejr wero all thn loiMit oxnillniii paoplsB 
the world, and worthy of rrvereacB in tlwir way ; but no jn i n rmic if 
Iheati-lcal tttper* wa« ever wore qnaioUj romio thau tlinl whitrh toUmatf 

' marflinl lialf way round tlio homely littla dnpnl of Uio Houw, chaslim 
u hmm vciT much nutof tuiw, aodflDdiiifciiitiiebeet of curalea — a pxA 
man, vfirrtity of aiiv cruwuui'^. ririi' or aacred, who Io\'«d Uw poor, aad 
whom llm poor loretl, )>ut who InvfMl the ccreoioulal uf theae coaur^olonii 
prommona aliaosf more than tine poor — With a Biiniile cotnpLuauitaMa* 
of what iw wna rlointt foi- the Church, thia fcofld man pami flowly fart 
tJto kticmling lignro of tim young ttnrlior, niipdonlom in her black dt«|iu;.* 
with bur ImpshI Ixsnt dowu upon her hauda No maditfnil ri>pi?, in /nil 
certainty of vomluctlt^ the most iupi-emivo cereoumiid in ihe 
codhl haw lifxiii inuro nnootvly convinrad nf Uia fDlMnnLting oSoct of 
profcrean, or move amply impnwN^ by its iqiiritii*] p'oi^donr ; and w 
mudianw] aim, in paanioiiattt ji(>i)il«ucu ovvr a broken vow, mnld 1*^' 
bma luoro utterly bowed dowu antl (ruetrato thau puor Ag^a* Bttrvkidlt 
guiJty of liavtiifi Kvu 1i«^iile<l by tlit^ jilmsint viiioa ivn<I plcmailit tp^M 
of Oaw-ald Mi'rr<(tith iiiUi tim lUwn of innorpnt laleroMt in thai muodua 
pevaoo : sl»o, who luil ^o^}l< ' ^^toiuttaml hunvlr ' 

aha, wlu> )uvl umdu u[) her u- - t \i» livti au i^loal _- 

■ni] seir-DHcritice wm liatter thau Chn poor i\uag which ni^pw 
ralM tvip)»uiHA. Ilu) nvrVroI bi-lt Itnkli-al, Mud lli ' m; 

ehaatcd, and ut) t>M nstlftx rliiMifii niiM'-'l nli^of I . << 

Uca-rmaiMi lit-r allciitioii. Alltl>iK< mi 

M>lf, and a hiwtt dixtrsHwl uillt V(tli^<>> .n.<ii-.<.i v......^ . \V 

mu ndbia , 


24 » 

il to « tiich the ImwI vowed liondf — tli« ditwu of « liif-bui- liTo 1 Hic 
dttUnn pullej *l bar Uadc doftk iu MOrttrnktinn, ukd vhifporwl, 
" Tnkcher, tMrb«r I " wIud the nrvka bcfptn, nod she biil to KtnmUe up 
to- bur bet, »»>] try to lcM|t tbem 8i>iaawb«i9 near Ute tuoe iu tlicor aii^ 
in^ But lier hiiikI wm too HiMitrWl to follow tli» liTttm, wliich wa% n 
vary gistittia mM nlxKit thn jnra ttf Pnnwlwn. Oh, virlcod, wii-](^l 
Agnasl vhat w sbd dain^ alw lukeil honwlf — a wnlf iadvep'sfilothing 
amid thin nn^EcJic haoA I 


CHAPTER xxnr. 

The Wolf 15 Stmr's CLoriiiKa. 

Tbu wtw n time or fn^wt ogittitioit fur tii« two htinaaKi ho rlowo to (%tch 

cr, vitli ouly a wall iUW<ltnf; th« trooUee of tlw ono &am tho DXnlo- 

it of thn atbpr, nni\ n Iclixl nf HtmnffD imian botwfwn them, Unkm^ 

iuon> ciomly 111 tlif> vpr,v &tU'i»itt nt Hinjttiirticni. "Vhv grraUfr jnit 

' tfae piivato coroniotiwn which »«» RfWi ""> ** ■' *'pro, \uvlei;grouiid, 

I ooncmlctl from Om« m not « (uroper Bubjort of diiicu K!<ion bufen htr ; 

. it y>iia ti'yii iirx:i!mary to Uko ui; iit«pa of tho kind with OtwiM, wbn, 

ill liijt ii^;l1t-)l«.krtl>l) U»litlM«tu<«, igiwt«<l it comfortnb'y. luxl fulluwnl htj 

own iltnit-o) through tlipwitoln without gi^Hiig t]ie otiwr al&ii« k thwi|;ht. 

■ all, tbo i'toR (if nnv nno rrxdting him or honwif ove<r the (jucstioa 

' A nvpoflabla ojil fo-,{ey, UIm Mr. BeitKrord, hIiouJiI pi nn psyiag 

' iw-tiH-luiil t'i-iln to n ra>p*Gtnbto natron like lii.t uiuthi^r, touched UvwaLd'a 

luiti'l wtlJi a at>[i>« of the Indicrons which tiiii-nK)unte4l all aoriouama. If 

Uteal it, what poissblfl barm could th«ra be I He had not the on- 

prick of wntindiid fi-cJiiig, iJut Mmito of |nvAuuition which goovikI 

[EdwaH at tho idea of his mothui-'ii conduct hting inartioacil iu any way. 

OxwolrlniuifotKtuf his mother, and prtnid of her, tliiMiglilwwMdfatpoaed to 

jle at bcr al«uml |N>|Hilarity niid Ui« aduiinitlflii xbit tMcdtnl amonn hw 

frivarL-*. He wguM have thaugbt it a eront <loal moro natond tliat li« 

[hiuuwlf «Iii>iiI>I l<e tlio objeH of attraction ; but, Kivntlux thn cariouH bwto 

lot KVipty, at wliic-h he felt dia|)OM»l to lansht it mthor pliMH^ him 

[tlMlAM inollier ithouli] be ao ])0]iular, etill lulintrxd nm) followivlat hera^. 

[Ub tbouglit, liktt Mr. Sommon'ille.tiiftt Khe wkk soniHthing of ahiimhi)», 

IfptUngBl' that. ]ir«4eiKT> of RyiD]ntby with pt-eiybody, whidi it wiu<iiu> 

'■ poasibk any one in bcr hoiuib!! could feel. But m> long lut it hty>iigfat lUt 

jiswvd, in lite nbapc ef eo mucfa fncndlinoBii from crarybody, and gmti- 

1 toile ftfT tiw woitla aoil smiles, which oooi notbing, Oswald, at lunnl, mw 

no rMsmi In nim|ilain. And Mfor KWida] arifiitig bIniuI Mr. Benwfoid I 

\m ctiuld n<it hill Ui^gh; nt tboir a)(i)l Ko he jMinHfil Itis ea«y way a« 

nmal, «mutly U;chl- Imirted, and t^Ki uucb oecujilvd with hia own aAJni 

to (W« Bud) fur (ithtjc )Miu|>lo'«. In addiliua to tliifi, it tanat t-d added 

Ami (lawvld wn« fnlli&(t ray deep in Uivt. Thme intervitiwa Imtwum the 

hoqKtid and Um Hoibae wen but acHgre fitr» 10 fe«d a pa«ou upon ; bnt 



the very sliglitDenof lh« lin);, tha octdi^ of cliB cin!inwtetioa«,sv«rirtkli|l 

■f^bont it dvli|thtu>t Urn youuic iuad, who huiI alrwdj KQo* llirati^ ■ (^mi 

ftjoMaj dtAvuis^-rouia dirtiktioiii^. auil i-e(|ujre(l Uut help of KntMthinit Bort 

jiuiiituit H« WH( very tin^ipy while they were aII » a^tntKtl mul unnni 

IbrtaUe; Twice fi wcwk w«nj hoepitel ■)«/«, nt which be migUt ba|)« hi 

Roe hnr ; u»l aliiuwt evtay morning now he tmuiat^ to crosa tb* puh al 

titn littlo flchcMil |>m(v«Mum, imit, nt lowct mm hm-, if Iitnliil niH nlwftyt (altfc 

the«ye ofthotlemnrcilittli? twu-hflr inliwIoDg bItiL-k cluKk, S ocn g ti— ifc* 

would look at him sternly, w>m«eime8 she gave him a ietiu-in4ignaU. 

som^tiniM a wliolljr fricnilly ^aRr«, mmotimra h« fcarefl, ^<1 notp«nwn 

him «t all. Hut that wna nnt Oitw&ld'a foulL Ilemade n point ntU^in 

oflTluii hut, »D(I inil'f.l h'lltlini; it in tii-t luuiil u iiiuiaml luogvr thma «w 

neceffiaiy, hy vny of shuwiiij; liis nwpcct, whetht'i- rfm ehou-^l imy aipa 

of )M>ivieiviu;f hini or not She went »afUy mloax tlia Tolgai- |Mivcinatl> 

Lvith Mnprf! which h« thniiisht li4> nMiId •'listui^tinh luncm^ all the olbttt, 

^riiigin;{ u]K>n tlw sUmwi witlt ik littlo rhythtn of her own, otxMit wMdi be 

K|mn9(UHt«ly wntto woum vwmm. All thi« bo wntilil t«II tn Ous. «duf 

"Ha her in the morning bflCbre be wt out to watch tho rhildren ilidUaf nt 

of tha IIiMiaA. Aud all the world tbooght, ut whs uatuxml, that thoMl-- 

.Joet of tbeM talks wiuthialov* for Otnh not bia lov«t. eonBded to On. 

tor wme one dae. 

As for Jigoii*, rhn uot only lAw OiwaM <n-wy lniii» lio nuul* lui«f- 
poarancc, a-heUier Aa allowod him to know it or not, hut ib» Mt 1d> 
praaoMe in every nerve aud veju, with uif;«tr fin- th« first day art»u 
after ltoi^« viai. tb«ii witlt a ttoftnutii^ »r nil lin- hmrt towwda iao 
M sha catijg;ht htH reverential glauoe, Im ttu^r appeal lu her nV-Mf" 
After all, whitipom tn L'ata, whom he luul known nil her life — littlaOui, 
wbn even tn AglUM limrrlf nxtdmmI a c:hUd — nitiUl not mom Iialf w BMfa 
as tim daily batmtiim; of her own wii.)ks, tliia perpetual mjipetxtHm 
wherever d>o wma. Hiat vaa a totalljr iliflnent i)ogMJoD from lur tm 
■Irngt^a tw>t tit notico liAa, not ta tliitik of Itim. Ilia tmet thai )!■• 
■bodcinK anil terrible on her port to allow bor iniod todweli no aa)r mtm, 
or any maii'it Altcutiou:*, while unnqiicd in lti« week to whirh flM> tad 
devoted h««elf. mvI tilling alEOost tho iMsition of a oomieemludlJittv.VM 
(jiiibe A dineKUl tiling Dxiin the qiicaiiou wberther be was a IklH and *- 
truxtworthy (xirMMi, followinu lntr witJi tlui d(ivi<nH of Vttl- 
tliinR tw iiii|iioiiii to think of, ton huuiiliatang. Aftw« «-< 
ni>|iiit the ciau who admired und tiought h«r, a» w«U on ' 
Bfijivt hi« ailinjralion: aud, forthemotuont, thnflntvaaaH< 
Mlui>artaut nixtirr uf tho two. Iluraolf idm iwiilil Ui sure of 
put her liaai) to tlia ploitsh tnorely to turn hMik. Shn wa- "dH 

jibawloa bar hUhI al the tall of tJte tinA Iflvor wbn held crn ._ .jJH 
. her. etursly uob; theiraaaokl beuo doubiflo tbatsnlyeci; ImilUm I 
gmmw, goDtla ynuitg man, with '^ >eiitiag«ita t ^J 

d)M1»ffd jpi altaahed bar mind, that . lAWtohh ^H 

and B«tnMiiiM(huigniiloTClycadiiiitow, iaAiwlafirfld ^H 



wm too temhU- ta bflliere. TtMreforo, i^ did not Bltaii;etfa«r rofur« 
to reply to Oswrnld's iupiiriix when iiw oust hoipttftL Any bruuj^t 
■Loat HUQitkw UMmtiiu;. T}u8 tiiui> he diJ not oven |u-et«nil tJiat di« 
Buokiiig WM aceiiisutiJ, that h» luul beoi too kte for inmkiug the pro|Mr 
tQquii4<w in hu owii jverBon, but went uj) to ber, eagerly aatdng for " onr 
little (tttimt," villi »U the opomcM of a romguiMNl MKiiuintuMM. 

'^ Kmiuy is bsttn* — if you inoau Emmy," sftid AjCws, with great Bt&to. 
I " Xhe ft vor ia gniM, nnd 1 hnf>« idut will nyin bft voll." 

" Poor liuio Bmuiy," mid Oxirnld ; " but I doa'l wont h«r to be woU 
tooMou — tliAt ia, it woiJd not do to hunyliw mcovxj. She must vant 
a Sratt deal of nn sUIl." 

Ill* Imjied tJio would miili» nt tli!H,jor dIki tak« it litoimlly ami mply 
ifiertausly; bnt Agncii did uoiUief. Uhe w»lktH] on, vitk tL statoly air, 
qukkvninH Iwr (nee olighUy, Imt uot so tkt t« Ivok m if «h« vr«r9 Uyiog 

, to «Mft|lO. 

' I &u|>]K>ttt^ att tlie fever is gone^ she Iur ceased to inn^ne baraelf in 
bMT«o," Hid OswsUL " irnppy chttd I wbon fricknwKhiM each 41lnti(nvi, 
,it is n fi\f to be well Wu ai-v oot aa vroii oil' ia our oomuautipUoe 

Hl* tlH)»Klit Him wutiltl linvc* ru(f|N)udud U> tljo U)m|>luboii mm! hnwd 
upon tiiiu to ask whnt h« b)wu( ty c^Uio); life coiiuiioDf>lac« ; aud 
indeod the vuh abiiTcd Agnoa so that xhe luul to i;|iiiclceik liar i<ac« 
ill. order to icsist iiie Ittit tlins offei^l. She nid noHui^f, Imvever, to 
Okwald'« gtwU dinpuiiiiiUin!, who fult thiit nothing wim m> UmI m« oiloiMO, 
and did not know bow to ovurconw the blank, vrhioli luul moni efleut on 
bis liv«Iy l«nipvniniont thnn nny nmonnt of diN^prvvHl luid u|^xMitioii. 
But ha ttuwie anotbet- valorouA edwt before ho would coiu|4ain. 

" Vuun^ bowavi-r, is not a eominoDjiUov life," ho enid. " Wu vorld- 
linga pay (vi our ansa by the ranae tliai wq u« lirin^ mora or U>« iftnobly, 
baiit tniut be vety diflieicut wiUi you wlwiu«doiug|tuodal¥ntys. Od^, 
iv« nw, ia tiKirt; not ii vrnnt of a little fdcaatuti^ a littlo colour, a littlo 
bnxbtnQcal Tbo woild tn m beautiful," said Otvabl, bis voice aliKbtly 
(alltiriii);, uot ao micb fi^iu frwliiig, ivi trvn fenr tliat be uiiglit be vwi- 
luriiig on dubioua ground. " Ami we ara ao youu^." 

Tli&c pi'ououu, so aofUy *aid, with such a leodw ompbaais and mean- 
I ing, so much Eonro titan was over put into two luttt-n buforc, traxt to the 
I Ivmrt of Akdm. Hbe wait liyiiifi u biinl to be ouki? with hiiu, U7i&g 
Lto-ahut banioif ofpuiuit the iosinuatinft binu of Ium voJee, and tboao 
[ Kttompto to bognile her into nNiVMnwIiaii. All tlta Uimrvbical Iirvoar 
I that WM ill iur mimi had bwn boilinj; up to reply, and petttaps ber rew- 
\ lutiwu would Drit \m\c l*<«n idrotij^ unoitfih to reHUuln ber, had not Utat tM 
Euuut tit. taJtiiu; tlic wurda fixnu her lipH aud Ibu sUuDKth (j-um bur iniod. 
1 ^h» could Mtithnr jHirtMtt MKiiiiiwt tb« vrickcdaeM awl wtialuu«a of ooti- 
■■Mi»g to live lui tgnuldo lifu, nor indignantly dcclaru that Uutm wa<i 
^fcady mar* than |jileasiiro, ha|>pUMWi, and delight in die path of self- 
■Wriflm, whm all the fove was Adeu out of her by Ihm tiny 



■ brixli 


mouoej-llithlA— iM < ITow tUm<1 Ite tflnittify hintwlf witli barf 
lier into unioD wjUi him by tliub tiUlo meltiiig jvl bindiiij; irord 1 Sftf 
webt on foster tlion ever iu tha ngiUlum of Iter ihoo^ila. anil «m 
soarcalj' coriMqons tliat die DUuto him no Kiiiror ; Omugh inirvly vhM la 
Wl mid mlW for fxyma replj. 

Oswuld wftK Rt hiK wit'H end. He diti not know whoi to My sanLl 
He nudo » Uttiu [vmm for wuw unswcr, nud (hon |;oHttiif noBD, saiMnlj' 
ehjuigecl hiti toueintooneof pntltelit spixnl. " Aroyoii at)|p7 with dmI* 
he siiid. " Wliat havo 1 done 1 Do»1 you nienn to Kpatk to ng say 

" YeH," tha mid, tonunff iwddeDly rouiul, m> that lio «mili) rifit tuEI 
whiolt of hii< i(iirwttt>iui Kilts «ritM nDinvti-inif. *' I nu vexvcl llwi yvu vill 
come wiUi nut. Uentlonum du not iiuust on wklldnf* with lAdien ta wfcM 
Uiey tiavA not lieen introduced — whom tbey imw awt milr by cbuicv* 

I[« (>toj>pod Kbort nucblonly, muvcd by the acciisatiou : l>iit nnJfartD- 
mtety AfcOM too, irturtled by his start, rto|)f)ed kIhr, mvi gnre hin i 
Ivnrioun, h«lf-(W£nnt, half-uppmlinf; Itxik, »a if eskinx whjtt he wu |pin(to 
'do ; and thin look took.awny lUI the irrilution which her word* Iwd |m> 
ducod. He |>roceeded to o:(cu0e Idiuself, walkiu;;; un, biit at n alowsr pMi; 
«ompellit)K hor to wtiit for bin — for it did not occur to A^-um. thuogh 
oho had protated o^insb hifl cotDinny, la tfiko tlie nuaedy intcj baron 
IwikU, mim) be ao rode mm to hre&k »wny. 

" What. DOiihl I di} I " he M-d jntMHUily. " You wonld nob Udl nM Mm 
your nnmiy— yon know mine. I don't kaow how U> wUnwi ywa, nor hw 
to BMk aoiiinintAn(« iu all the proper formit. It U no fiktilt of uitift* 

'niiacpofntml AguMhy n dialectic nrtiliro for wliitti ri%e waanulpn- 
puted. He (^ve a very pUiwihle muon, not for t)i« dimr-t awwtiic 
■gainitt him, hut for a lesser collatm-al fiudt. She had to pauxe fiir • 
nKmeni beforo ^bo conld mo her way out of die mBm. *' I ilid not m—a 
tliat. I Dkoani you ilionld nut come at all," she mid. 

" Ah I yiii oaimgt (iiin>ly 1mi h» hunl upon infr," ptmhI (hiwalil, hi tW 
terror, for it had not onciirrwl to him that ulic woiihl, in rolil bkoMl, mui 
him away, " i>oa't bani«h mc ! " he ci-imL " Tell me wh»t I ain ts ib 
for the introdiKiion — where am I to pi I I will do aaythin^. Ja it Bf 
(oidttliat 1 did not kuuw you till lliatdny I— till that](D«ldiiM, tikniktf, 
boko her led- I nludi nlwaya be grateful to |WHir little Kn^! ':•'! 

have a cmlch of gold if sho tiktw. Hlw bIuII nL'\'Rr want m , I >-u 

give ber. Do yon think I dim't feci tlie want of that fot-niak> of «B 
Irodnction 1 With tliat J abuuld bo hsppy. ] •hoiiM bn able to m» 
ab other timas than liospital day^ tn crtber plaon Hum thr MtriMi. 
*tiwttf nnr htnutiTiil fVtir eitxrri I kii^w you," trrlfvl l!h< ynonfj nMUt. 
iD]{ with }ni own wiink, which uuuin htni fA>l tbi> wbi^a stintian « 
more forcibly than before, and moved hioi at lease, whether liinyunvW 
or not. 

" Ob 1 " eriad Mpmt, ia diatnm, "you niwt net talk to »■ 
UMkt mil i-opin with mo, Mr. Moredibh ; i« nofi my dMw «tM ■ 




ISO n 

ikwawoJlywi JtjM,i^«faM<h> caly — m i aiwa I fcaoir. And 
yvor dnn 1 Von taU a« juw i lf jvq wm am • ma kte . " 

** It M qsite tTM,* ite moA, laokuig kt kim, Ic^rib^ uiotfcOT «]««• 
— 11. " I MB » pdor twrher, q«ila cmt of vow afbtmT 

*> Bat tiiMi, ffni till Inly. I ui aot j-xn-." Mud OknnH altdMk^flr, la 
saddM trinmplk ** Onlj- UJl nM wfaon* rocr ]an|4» a*, irhwo I ui to 
1^ (or ihu uit>«i)<K4laL I Axok tlm, IaiIt Agnm, Pri M w a w Afim^ 
C» Iwfhtag iM that wnA. 1 vUl ^ aiy ingo Ju ct io n or ili».' 

"Ob, (Mm wo KTokitha IIoum I~ «faA criadMi4(lonl7,ta» low lc«««f 
horror, ud davtod •my ft«ai hta up Uw atapi ta it* opm iImf. Sntor 
If Kr7 Juic wu etaDilittg tfane iiiiii|iiriiiiiii. jnrt Tnililjr ■wprtMcl. 8ho 
bftiljaatptrtai with soma aae,«ham poor Apws, in her t«mir,r>nikf>iuiut: 
fcr is Ifae wamiLh of the disunion thnr hid oanw up to tlie verr fpita of 
tha M b — B, iho calniue to tbat mknelatury wImvs k>««n w«t* ssknon. 
,Sil«r 1C«7 Jmk opened ■ pair of Ui^bliie c^nH,nr)ue)i OmnM OWKiifr 

of ailnuntltOB fur»U thju^ U)»t wa:«wltiiir>l>lt>)hiiil alnMlTnotMl, uid 
lit kim, btwiWiMvd. iMtiBg A^MSpitnvithoBtMiiUMiBk Uebook 

Uk Iwt Willi kb moA wtiuiiiig look of nduiiriiig lu qieet fli luwB m h» 
w«Bi on— DO haiu in wituusg; ovtr Hiebor Mary Jiuif, wlia was ■ Cur 
■ad anisljr tiiirter, tltoaxh no lonji^er yDtrnj;. Wonkl Ag»w, Im wonik<T(<ri. 
hftvv tka vuHtUy viHlum to nukti out tint he mu an iM tkc^vuintUKv, 
or wmdd dw ooa6iB tJu> tralJi t Wcmld Sstar Maty Jkur fim\-yi « dragDn, 
or, HAaood lijr hvr own l<mtttr •tml tli« iwolloctjotk of pa«( honwftae, 
«xniM ths eiil|)rit 1 0«wklrl know i-vry well that uiyhow. wbila h* 
walked ofT ODblamed and nubUinnbl*. tlut giri who bad lioni niily iiaisriva, 
and guilty at aa luarv llnm Ui« miUkst iiidI*cr«Caoii, would liavn tn mBkr 
man or Iva. llitv, bowvvar, ilitl uoc move him tu uiy i(i;fn.'l fur bttvicx 
comproaiUHd l>€r. It ratlinr muiunhI liita, luitl Memwl to g)t*« hiiu n luild 
o*m- bar. 81m toold iwt take mcb biffh ktoqimI iiow wifl ordor kim 
•WBT. i^f vns in thn mtuc IhmI, ko t(> ^<puli:. Ntnct tine Uicy mot, dw 
wnald l*V« MMDetbinf; to lull which h« would alDKwt kftva n right to 
know. It wac tho «e(«l>luihiii^ or coa&ktira tnrlwwu tkaao. OAwahl did 
not leckon at « vnry wnwufi rato tlw •inflrrin); thitt misfit aWm from Saiitar 
Uary Jane*! rebak*. " They bxn no thomlxicrowH in tbon new couvHiita, 
uul thoy doo't bniUI gtrU up in holas in the waihi now-n-ilnyv," h« mid 
lo UnuMd/^ ani), ou t)ii> « Ivolf, tbo iucvlcail wiw le^ likuly to end Iji barm 
ihkD 111 K<>od. 

Afaes ilii) Dot ihinic m, who nuhod id — nob to her mom, which 
would liuw lomu A liitio ocmfoi-t, bnt to ttie curtained cuntor of tln^ dor- 
mitory, &DID whicli dm nu|H:rintriiili'(l nif[l)t luifl <Uy " tJto middle girlo," 
who w«n) lK*r chnrvp, and whei*e oJte wwt nlvrnvn ubnid of wium nnult 
ymir tit |Mwi>ing cyea JiryiBj; u|>ob her aedDBion. BIm ilipiw «IT hvt- 
faOBOet, uid (Uiii); hrrtolfiin liet- Iciiem W thoraiioof hxr HtUn UnI. •- Oh, 
what a btve it was," itho t)u9D){ht, lu )H>%iir mu-h Trrlin^ as tuirKivj in h<ir 
IktMt iumIm- tlw demurv dnkpery of tint black donkjor to tie tlw eonveatual 


botinnt ovtir chnulcx ihat buniecl wiiti UIimIhm, oillnd Hi«iv< hy meh »i 
as Hko had l«mi liuaring I 8he bent dovo her (aM upon Ike coiwrlM 
«neda»ifh«rlietut winililbraak,fm]rii^forforgl\-eaeaii,thoti^UMK 
f<.wliah worcU wmild mn in nnd mtt nf hfr pn>T«n>, inucinf witJi Irfir botil 
broken os]>n!HfiioQfl of ponitMirc in tliu moKt be^ililoiii. 
all, Utera wiu tiu Auch dreadful iDum <lon«. Sliu w»>. 
had ahe ever inlroiled to he a t^txlcr, but linX \'my HitupU Rt!< 
&fibrdod the fanciful ^rl no comfort, j^ip bail (x>tii« her'' M Mrk a h: 
lifo, and lo, at mice, At tim find temptAcioii. luul Ailkti—fDlIc^, into w(«tt 
Into the foulialincaii of tbo fwIUbiwt fjirl without lui ideal — die vhm 
vkhoit! soul had longad to lay hold on tU« idmd, to get into mme hi^Mr 
atmasiJiliore, on koiiir loftinr level of eiiKtence, It wiw not Riut«T 
JanosJinwnsnfmidnf.iiwiubi'.'iU'lf wbom nbc WlmiolTVnitM; fi-r ' 
poiikl it bn pGMnble t inindioRK tntilon in lit>r limit bud lirgiin I- < 
witli 0ttg)(iwti(mii uf utiier kiii<Li uf [MM'Tivtion ; u-i<-l;nl liiie>* <>f poetrv 
into hei' hmil, foulixh vturiue cunio to liar rMolUxtiou. (Mi I eVMt 
iiig, emu penitence wore not cgion^h to keitponl tliie sbHfo. B)i(>ii|>nag 
toliorfeet,aii(lni>ibi«l to Kt. ()«('iliii, tbi^rooin M'liiol) iv»- •ml. 

MdH wharetbenruKc of the Kills )HittintfKWAy tli*«ir ho<<i i uii 

[irti^uinf( to go Ui Iva, ]>rouiised lier cx«inpUon, for a littl* while aC bnA, 
from any pomihility of tltougbi. But Agpimi inis not tu Ih> lui off ai 
ettsUy. In the pBm«f^ sh« met Miirier Horv Jano. *■ 1 wanjut g^iat <" 
nond for jrou," aud Hit! Suct«i% lienijni but KM'ioiw. " (.Vmi^ to my iwo. 
AgiMB. Sister Snnib Ann will tuku the cliildron to tm." 

Agnus followed, vt-ith h^r lieart, site Ihouffht, alMndiiig utill. Unl il 
would be a reUef to hei xmlded, to be d^ivared from Uie ileinoii of mV- 
r^iiHU'b !o hor own Ikmoih. Birt^r Maty Jano Hoatr'l bxnvtlf iit u ul^'" 
covonNl with gdiool-hoatts and ncoonnt-lMnkii, in llii> littl<« hair m«^ 
laid vttb tnaCtinx. wliich wiw all tine Uoqm aRimlei! for thn oomfivt 
of it» rulers. She jMintMl to a low aeat wludi hII tliO cblnr iiirbi 
well, which wiw tlio wtool of rf^rnntaiwp for tlio coir 
wild Hipter Mniy Jnne, "did yon Itiiow tliut ^ui < 
Tell Bw truh-. AgtUM. Yon ara only mi iisKiciate ; yoB «f» not 
our rnk'. and thet* is no humi in «pfwkin^ to an ; '■•.-,, 

lonjt an any ono wearn oar dmH, tli«re mnKt Wan 
Did Tun know liitu, iny denr, tdl dip, in i lie world t " 

Agu«a could not moet thoao mrioiu oynt. tTer bnad dnof*' 
U|>on ber hnUL 81ii> Iwgtn to cry. "I do not think il wsm my laatt 
Oh, I liare been WTODj;, bnt T JId not nraan tt. 1' 

" Til at in nol an an«ww, iny dear," mill ftUtnr 

Awl tlmi tbo whole story auuv nn^iio^' f-.i 
aaJ adf-«ace>*ttaua idl in on**. ■* It in tlir' > 
tol*»boTe-th» world, bitt iMtfitirtl. "Hi 
doo't wxat to lUink. I wo 

and think of aotliingel», 11- ,..-. ■ 

toHpOxI lo talk, ta gH« nyoplnloQ. X *ru tlwayn too4 of 

nii*f 1 

'"'ARTTA . 


pUl me wbai io do to luv|» ur cniinw ttnig^t. to b« lilco jrou. Oh, if 1 
floold fceef) •toKlyuiil think oaljr of one ifung. It is 1115 tbouKhtK that 
nm off in averj (URtcLum : iL ia not llu* gqill«n»n. Oh, wli*t can uue 
ilo vhen ou-'s heart is eo VTOdg 1 ' 

Sirior Umy Jane liataDod wiUi m aaiUe, Oswald's eotiMmea ia bcr - 
li«*atlftil «yw WM por)u^Ml not vatftUetd. Aiul probaUj id>o itm oea- • 
Kkm now and Utra of tbinktOK of sotncchiiiff eko na nmcfa as iier peni- 
tent, i&m wuil. " M<r ilcnr. 1 dun't tkink /on luiv« jt TooMioa. 1 noror 
tltot^t itk A ^ ran?' la a vonr good girl nnd not Imve a vocattOD. 
So you need nut ho von iinltn|i|>y if toot tlvNi^ta w»iKl«r ; nil of tu 
bavB not tiiA man pf\M. Bnt, A^nea, atdo if yoii wen in tlw world, in- 
ntmtd of being in lhi» bouse, whicli should make voq tuoro cartful, you 
woald luA lei a Ruutleaum talk to you vbom ;ou liid uot kuow. Vou 
iBMt DOl llu tfc again^" 

" It wa* not lueoni Inully," aaiil AgnoB, vtvria;; lo sclf-deWcw. *' ilo 
M^4ntnl to know Iww little Emtny was. ]t waa tb« )i*ntU«iBaD wbocarrii^l 
her to Urn Kaat)iitgd. It waa kiiuliMMi, it unu nui maani f or * 

" Vet, 1 WW wtiti it vaa. AikI I can uBdenstaud how it tutae obont. 
bill it in "o nu^ to 1«L ail KXfuaUitatuco *prin|; u|>, and w> <lillknilt to end 
il. whru it lui« (jtlc«ft root. I'frrhaiw, ny dear, yon hod better not go to 
little Kouny aguu." 

" Oh 1 " Agnot gnvc a cry of reraomitt^uM*' und |>rotc«t. It did not 

huft Iw-r to be told uot to gpoak to liim aiir tnorv— tnit iiot to fp> to little 

Kmniy ' Blie wan iKit-imre henolPtlutt it wiui ull fur litllo Knuny'n snlte, 

and till* nuviln ber Etill moTO nnliiqipy, but uut willii]); u> rclinqnUli tlM 

03E[ndtliotL SiiUerMary Jam,bow(!T«r,tookiio DoticQoftliocnr- ^he|ittt 

aluapof cOMwisosinto AKBw'vbandiito be Mirected. "11i>?\'iiktu>t :ill l*c 

dono to-ni^ht," aha Biid, adcointiuji wiUi beucvolfot H.'Vctit,T that UiiH 

woabl ocrufiy all the »Tailable tione till bml-Uiuo. " One uail drivw out 

lUKithor," aha saitl k> honelf, Iwiojf an accomplisticd perauu, with atfan)^ 

toi^wct at kor command- And thtw ehn isesit the calpnt away, eshauMed 

whh team anil «i]>plied with work. " 1 will send yon kuw t«a b) St 

Mooloa, wlien> roti can lie <|uict," abo sud. And tbot« A}pi^ toiled all 

tlM «*vning over her«xerai«. and had not a monwut to t^utte. " Uocu- 

pBtiAn, DGonpatton." aaid tbe tiiatei- (o faatBolf ; " that is the otily thing. 

Kb« Drill do very well if slm hnn no time to tliink." 

I But woa that the idml life I I doubt if Hisler MaijJana thongblm: 

Kot aba was old MMmgh to undimtand the uecd of auoh propa, whidi 

lAgoMWU ni'* fnni^ tn haTu indi^antly rcpodtated. Kor Iter 

knrt, Agon f' . ■ tittk' mon thou^t •rould mve her, if Ac ixmld 

Eri ruin intn^tiniilioua out of hi>r tioiid, and tiifliie iKnt{M of {xxiti-%', aud bita 

HCJboliali uuvula, and iT^jiatx tiiutu with i-cal tliouj;Ut—tlti>uglit iipun 

HBbaa KulijcoUi. aoiMthiug worthy Uie naue— bow aooo woold all those 

flaafnaing, tantaliiing atiadowa Urn awny I BuU, la the meantime, it u un* 

jleniable tliat tlw gtrl Wt this interview with a aenae of relief, imeh an, it 

lb to b« tappewd, b one of tin chief naaoiu w)iy cou&wiuD contmnea to 

bold its place, tuuned or xLundooi, In ftU raligidm oonuDiinutts mAre 
Sisbir Ifary Jftno vu not tl)« spiricnal direatorbf Uiocommaaitj.iki 
1 think Um p!ft(» would hft>-o very wll boooiiM lier ; bill it was iu>i 
thftt the luind of AgUM wta ligiiUmed afier Kke liml |aitif(<d foath k* 
burdciui ; also thkt ber ran did imt took <iuit<< an liciiKiiiH an it liad ikae 
l«lbn>; nlwi, tlint iJio dnipAiV wliinli lixl (>nv(>lo]HH] bor, aod uf «litJl 
thiecoii8noiiKiiewtlints])i>inuKt MverHONiiai^in fnrtnnl iki iiiRwfiilotAV* 
|Nut, waaimjwreoiiiiMr dixpnllml, mil Ibo fiidin! lu nri-ll asLbupwtaMb 
less glooDi)'. P<'r)inj>:. if any very Heorchiu^ inappction hod bom will 
into tlwHR rrtWNWti i>f licx notd wiiicti wttiv IniI iiiifiorfirUy known to 
AfjDM licnvtlf. it might liavo hepn i-o&d tbi^re that tbera wma nu kav' 
uiy i-nuliiujC wnight of oerltunty w Ui tlte n)Mio1iit« oe<mtion of tlv lin; 
ImiI dint wan lioyoiul ibn rciudi vt iatwiiguitm. Auvhow, Am luwl at 
tiniv tit titiidc uif mure. ^Jiivcr bud ex«rascB bo ImuI (uidc undatto 
jouQ^ teacLer'd iiiyifcctiou ; her bi-aiD reeW over tfae luix nfelliupt, tb 
&iiimn<l«nKt4>ndi[i£tt. Hctlthir human ignoraiiM, andiflVrpure, <>\malf, 
dorire to ^t done auvbow, could oat hav« shown to jrmUcr ndnuiUge 
lihvy eulirel^ ciirriwl out the tnteutioou of Si^t^r Mnry Jwir, lunl tvA W 
not s mamuut fur tliouglit, iintJ) die got to hiTr iwmi in tlie domulrar- 
AimI tbeu, after tlw whispcringH w«ie mil hnahed, And the li^htB eillB- 
piiNhml, Agn«ii was too tiied for uiytlun^ hut a\wi\> — ■ ramlt of ocnt» 
tiua vrbicb tlie wise Si«t«r wait w«U kwftre uf too. Imbed, evtiytUBf 
turned out so vrfil in tlie com of Hit jrouag petut<-Ht, tlutt H'utUir Maj 
J»ne deemed it MdiimMe not to interfen vitti the vinibt to the hofM 
If she somountod tntnptntion, why (b«n ^bn wu* mdii ; if not, othc: 
nwt be taken. Anyhow, it was veil thut her hijbly wrought 
and deeirc of «xcc1lciic(i nhonld he put to tlie t<Mt ; Mid m Af^iiee 
•Ton a Podtulant, hut still in '* thi> world," an imwiw bnelcslidinjt of thia 
kiiul WON Itxn luiportaut. ifo nsal hana could mine to Iter, ycvtrl^ 
len, Sister lUyy Jane watcbod hor idiia fijiure diitappcar nlong the tUt^ 
fnHO lier window witli nnuaual intcnvt. Wu it uii-iv iuturatt in 1jU1>» 
Emmy tliat luwl inailo the girl ao anxious to pi, or «^ii|i'^' vf^r to 
eonntcr the tatt and liy li«r own etrangth 1 Or waa tboto atUI 
rvwoD, a wi-^ nore weak, more human, nior« fprlisli I * ifiraH walknt 
Very ijiiiclily, ploaeod t>i find Iwrwi-lf at lil)nrty. Sbi- -i-.v: f>ti^ml t4 
litter iHiticut, whosu Hiuall faoo hrightouul with diilight a.X tl 
And hIw dill not lilco llic fM!na«t*ini ot haing ahul itp wit oi - — 
nvMl arUtnuily from ti-<m[>latioo. Hor hi<nft rom with 
thin t<i kocp Iter own pure idonl |Mitti, whntevor sulu^itutintu or hluuh* 
neau nd^taMatl her. And iuiliml, lo .\goisi,tu Ui a kni(;bt «^ luouv » 
it ia avk to Iki <lvtiiei Uul '* thu ilaugur'a weit wad luni aUioo." 



hcrdif* fl 



MAECK, 1877. 




T in vriy liard to be o1)lif;«J to 
alter our r«lations.hiiitt with our 
frimMla, tai aUll uwrv hiiid to 
Alter tlii> hal>it4 wtiicK luivo 
sliapfy] (iiir !ivr*i, Mr BpTflfifonl, 
wiim lir wn.1 forlitddm to ron- 
licue bin risils to bis netRbboor, 
vrm Uko & man fltmatl«<l, uot 
knowiiiji; wbiU to ninkc nf Kim- 
Bdf. When tiUe oveniiig came be 
w(rnt to hin libmiy lu ngtMl, and 
tDodo an Btt^-nipt to wHtlc to his 
work, mn be called it. Biil long 
lio/orO tbfi boiir at whii-h with 
placid n^Uritv ho bml Lopd 
\iw4 to Ro to Mrs. MerMhtbV, lift 
got tmcoi^. Knowing tliai bis 
liupfiy hatiil was to be (lifit4irl>M], 
he VM rwtlMR luid Tinooinforliiblo 
iivon boTprc tltu bnbittui tnoDient 
maw. He cotilil uot ivnd, he 
cohM not wrilu — liow wrus b» 
EmuiI tbtr itluwiv moTing moments, itn'l how to aoNxint to ber for 
rtvnm nfthrtimml routine 1 Fhoulil he write anrl tell ber tliat 
IMT.— so. 1207. 13 


lie u'ss going oiit, Uuit he luu] reoeJ\*eil n miOdeD inTitatioa or a midda 
cotuitiiasioD 1 ^V'hca li« vox tlotmting Uiia (]n«iUoii in btx mtml, fUwud 
CKttw in u-itli a Tor>- giuve (am to ntjr that his moUier was ill ind inuUs 
to see auy one 

" Hh« itfti'I yon hnd hottnr tio told," Mud Ktltnknl ; " she ku gou< to 
hor ntom. tSho bus s— lieaduclio. Cjlio cannot see any 006 to-iugbL" 

'* Mr. Homuicii-villc has b«eu with jou ; luu lio anvUitDg to do ^lli 
your mutb«''s boadacho 1 " 

'* I llunk BO," toid Eduraii-d, uitgrily — " old luoddkr ; but aba nui 
to think no miut put up vriUi hin, I wish tny &tlii>r would eoDio bant 
uid look after Lie own aflaii^" 

" It vnt m ntJMnon frtiiii your fktlier, then 1 " Mt. Bereeford vu 
Bilent lor a moment, tiiinkinj; wi(h»otD0«1tatBOiuhredUKiili>&u-ti<inuf tli!) 
&biient Mereditli. Wuulil it bo eo ploaMUit to mm hiiu ohim liueial 
Woaltl the uiinwtwtomeid jirosenco or Ui« iiia«t«r b«> an uhnmUf^e to tW 
Wine 1 llv couM nut be so inainccro oa to echo Edward's v'uh ; but b* 
wad iuovihI 9yiu[iHtlieliciLUy U>wai^ lb« yuutb, wLo ccrUijily was <{iu1b 
uti^uspicious of him, whatever ulhcr |M<ople might bo. " (Jo u|wtaifs lad 
BOO Cam," h« aaid ; " ulie it iu the di-awii^-room." 

TbB youug DiaiiV fac« brii^iteoed. Oswald was aihaoot ; be was aot la 
naualinlu»hi'i>Uwr's way; >iid though Kdwnnl bad ti^crwd loyally tg ac«|)l 
what bo TOppoaed to bothoiitsteof affiurBondsckoal htrasslf to lookniMa 
Can as Uia future sinter, that trae no reaaoo— iudcvd ii iras ratber tkt 
reverse of a reason — for avoidiog hw now. He went ujutiura u-ilh » Idsl 
of flweet unfaappinetB in hia heart. If Oara waa not for hitn, ho mutt pal 
up will) it ; he miu^i try to bs gUd if sho ha<l chosen aoconling Ia Iik 
own ha()]»neM. But in the tDeuilime be would try to forg«t that, and 
take what ptoaeuro liDav«n might nffiml htu iu W «Dcic4y — a awdifiol 
im|iorfect liJk|>i)iiioi<s with an after-taste of hittomeea in it — butMttI) UUtr 
Hum uo coiuwlation at all. 

Osra WBA viLh tor aunt in tJic drawing-rooDO, and they holh wvlmtntd j 
him viUi u&ilfs. Hita Clieny, indeed, whs quits efliiMtve in her pb 

*' Come sud tell lu all Um atv* luid nmiiM? uh," *hn mud ^ " tJiat tl 
chief adnuitsfEO of haTini; men abaiit. I^Iy hiothor ia no good, ha mtw 
fpttx out; and if be di<l go onl, he n«vor oomes a|wtain. I tt 
Onrald'WDuld iMTecoue thii> evening," Miat Chcnjsaid, iu atones 
fi ir h>T )>■ >i ' ' : iTuIotts ; nud lUin looked ffutu one to th> 
y .iini; [K- J » ciirwujH lo-A. Sim wiui not pleawl U- 

Cara'« coDOdenoe, and whon ttiey exeiuwd 0«wiikl « ith oiui lirntth, tiotii 
cxplainiiamRorly thul tlicy hnd known uf hi- ■■■ — -■— •-■ *' ■' — 
WAi if uiiHliin^ wiiK« offended still. Why &' 
t«ll<- otiftht. 

■■;;.. . ■', vury calmly, " IhiwshI i»i\-«r mm.-. I- 

«f«uo|[ : be luu alwaya bo many phocM to ro to, and i 

i - ' ' ""' *"qIiI ]*Opl« gOOttt SJf , 





*' ify ile»r. ffpatlpmon ai-« n-'l liki> as" ar»ii! Mins Cliony, inHtuicLivTly 

nittng til*' alvcnt, " aii<I ki tell tlip tnitli, whtin I hsrc l«rD gijiug to tb« 

ihiy or bo a party-— I mmn in my young (byit— I iiKd ta lilte to i«i Uto 

stmeto — all lltp i:)io|M KhiniiiK, stid the poo|>k' tbronguu; psa on 

le prtvement 1 tan afmi'l it wii» u vul^iu- losto ; Imt I like*! il. And 

i«u, who WM gii whcro Ihey pIcuiMC - — - I iiui vtnj soi-ry that rour 

uuttmui luu a lieniloclip, Ktlit-nrd. S)i« w tiot seoin^j iiuy one 1 I woudnr 

wlml Jatocd -^— t " Tluro tilie fttjiin"! iiljni|>tly i»iul looliwl eomciottH, 

flinjj tli«t t-i diKT'i's l>''i- liftitho;- u-jlli t.fw*«c young pprgims would Inj very 

Ibotkh. Kcrtiiiiafi'Iy t)ii'y worn ocGi:|'iM with impIi (.ttier luwl iljd not 

|«r macli iklUrntiuQ to what clio raid. 

" Oil, EVIwaixl," mid dun, *' etny nitti iwid ta u* ! thfln* w uotliiug t 
like m iniKth. ll h rHirnyt <lii11 1ioit> in l)iv vtiMiiii^, mncli diiUor thnn 
aC the Hill. oxcc]>t when -we j^ out. Aq<I Aiutt llliarry ban hci- work, 

IKn'l m hnvo. 1. .Sit h«r(t — here i» a eotatortAh\v oiuir ulam ti the Umj). 
Vou bam no'Jiiiu; parUctilar lo do, aiid if your motlicr luis a ImkIim-Iw, 
■hi) 4co« nnb want you." 
[ " I don't Kviiijrc to bo coaxwl," laid Edward, his fiice ({lowinii with 
[|)lensui-« ; awl Lheu a. <-«rtaiu jJtdlur ntolft over il ma hv mid bo liiinst-ir, situ 
b troatiii;! ute lik« heu* brolbBr ; but mva that was [tteASmt, after a sort. 
" I Mil riuit<> willia;; to i-wl," he Miid ; " wIM r>liall it le t ToU mc «rh«t 
book j-M lik-o tirtst" 
1^ " PoeHy," Raid <iira ; " (lonH yon like poeby, Annt Cheiry I Tliero 
^Hk n novel biMre ; hut I prefc^r T»niiyKan. 3fr. Bir>wiiing in n littlo loo 
^Butnl for lue. Aiitil Clii>n7, Edtranl in vet? good when bo ]«adti ont 

^Bl^jUiL You wuuld like tn liciir Elain^}" 

^1 " Yo-w," Olid Mis* Clliony, She partii K<gn>tf«t glanc« si thp ar,\-n\, 

^"wliit-h w«a fiotli fTDin Mudie's ; but soon cheerad up, rcfkctiug that tdie 

wiui half ttinwtfti ihir Hrcond voluintv, aiiil (Jml it iroubl not lin nniiisiiig lo 

Hla^u il ovei- npiin. " In uiy youii;; ilnvs storits would ticiw reading 

^■twii (ir ihrnu tltunn ovor," fthi^ Miid, tiiicoiiM-iuiiHly fiiltovitig out lior own 

thou^b ; hnb th«y luivo fnllcii off liko evoi^thing olm. Yw, my d«u-, I 

Ma ■Jways fond of [■ootry, I*t mo gpt my work. It is tho now kind of 

arb-neodlpwoi-k, Kdvai-d. 1 don't knov if you Imvo Men nny of it. Ui« 

i>iinIi1«itiI n ^ftt diul W'lt«i' in dLt-ij^ii bluiu tlK I)orl:n work wo 

Luwl tn do, and it ta a wry etuiy &titcli, abfl pwi ijtiickly. Thai, lh w-hiit 

\X liko ia it I muat have the bajil«-t nilh all ray civwfds. Cram, and tuy 

iim aiid inv iliiinblt, tm^H-c bo Ifi^jins, I linlo inUrmi|>Ciiij^ anyono 

. is rwuliu'^, lint toil an? only heiumiti;,'. njy d«ir. Yon mi^hl bavo 

[itvKior wurk for ibo dm^n^-rooin. 1 think (nils ahould uKaye Law 

aom (HvUy wiH'k iu hnml ; doo'l you tliiiik m>, Kdwni-d I It in ]>l(«»nnfa!tr 

look Mt than that jilnin pifvift "f whito work" 

" [ abuutd Uiiiik unyO * 'Jar* Trorkw! at prolty," haid £dwajid, 

forr' •''" ' iTCi'*Htiijn. .^1 -- -ly looked up it him [luddraly "ilh % 

lliti I lit|t Caia, who wiu WAnbiiig for tlie cKweU, aud tlm tbinible 

iind tiir u'i4«>if>. on M ditrtAnt tAblo, fortun-tlcly did not hi<nr what he Wd. 


''H-htMli 1" Ktid MiHsCbemy, "wemiut not make ibo child rnn 
but, to tell ttin tnilh, her Mxriy inftgiDatton aaiD«dintely l«Hpe<l nt a ri 
■hip betveee the brotheriL " I RupfiOMS vr(^ mtitt conxKlrr I < ' <^li 
thougli Bb« a not no fnvnk itbout it us I rouhl wi^h," hIi- . . .n 

"Here are your crewd.% Aiinl Clicrry; inil here in tho 1 
Edvrard. What wcra yoii tnlkingnbout I" enid C&ra, ooming Inck i 
tlie vann ciivln of Uio light. 

"Kotbiiig. my iliirliiig — about Uic nrt-nocdlcwoik, aud Edir«nl 
it rer>- tir«tty; but I am not sure that I rton't [nrofcr the LWlm 
Afterall. U> work lionicrs to iIiiHtei^ afioms »n»rcdy worth wliilfTtiooi il 
Oh vm, mv drar, I know it is for a chair ; btit !l luokit jiisl Mkn a duMfr. 
Now iro hrkI to work on ititk niid Kiilin— much Iwilpr wvidi iL" 

" Aunt Oheirt^', }^u nlways tktk luoat when Koinn one is ^gUuiing 

"Do I, dMw-r' said Miw Oljerrr. in n vrondmiif;, ii\jiimi l 
" W«)], then J eball hr Kilont. i. do not Ihink I niii mndi f^rm bo 
talkfttiv«. Uavg 1 got evoythin;; I — \hvti, luy dmr bov, ptotse jfo a 

II was a pretty komic. Tlic rich WAroi centrv of lltn firi*, Uie uom- 
lamps on oillii^r table, tilled tho xoft nUnrApiiom with llf^lit. Mist Chcny. 
in her ri-ct gown, which vras of ctistctucg silk, fidl of »ofi rfdefliuiia. la 
the oi-««iinR, sat on one 8id(>, with her crtwels in hur Inp, givinj; poiab of 
Bubdued colour, and her face full in Iho lijlil. vtry inlmt over the wodi, 
whiuli Boroetimca piindiil hoi- n littlo. Cum mid I'Mwnril 1. ' ' . ..i. 
inbto betvsCM tlicm ; he with hUljook lioroivhim. i>Li(^l hi< i r.xtU 

RC« hor wbon he rniwKl hi* cjm ; ehc n-ith |J)C luin^liii Hh»> wm liaanng 
falling about her pretty handn — a fair white ravaitnTc, with a i-ow^light iM 
npoa her from th« Git'. Tlie rest of iho ronni was Ithh It^tit, nuhmiac 
this sjiot of hrightiieas, but ^riuj; forth rhaitce glcniiui In t^vrnr «nn>iv 
from niirrort which Uircw ilicm forth dimly, finin chiiut aiid old VrnMiu 
glasH, which canglit the lij^t, util sent tickets of colour alioiil ll« 
wallg. lilr. BcrcefoTd. who, dcprivn) of hii tuiial rent, was wxmlariqt 
alioiit, an dme m j'-iiK, looked in Tor u iuoui.-ul at Ihu dmrr, Mi 
|iMist<i to look nl Iheui, and tlicii dif«ap|irhrrd nfpdn. ITo xmWt iiifiili 
montnl tonjfcr than lir could help in that lutuntnl rooin ; bnt to-iii^ 
porhnpn, in bin renlloonoBH, udgbl liave fonnd it n ndinf to take Ut 
aatiintl ]dace ihcrf, hail ho not been ch(vki''l by llni (|ii; 'lil 

a'^jxrct of tli(9 {rroliy groii]!, wlttdi sccrnfi [i;ui|'lMf, It ^it 

like luty chitDce cotnbioatJon, biit Menwl m liAriiu>iucMiH, w < ih* 

plafB, lut if it hail bIwoth lif«-n tV I always n ■ .-a 

fijttaide, (hat h'^ w»s incapable of ' ^ iheni, i * 

life alont*. Tliie iimial (larty— -wluit dad lirr to ilo wiih - 
),;. .,^.1 l,T ihii ijliiMta lluil would cowc with hitu I 
t ,and went luickaenin. down to hit) uhfimy libi 

looiu, ill which •■'■ , " _] 

changed all thii vr. , , , 

. ia 
■ of J 




i dvliKbt vf tJini liuu.'.t.'lw>U eentre I Stnuigoly wiomb, tlie failure ot 

infugc vkicJi FniMiiUliiii Uwl liud« for hiiD, i«DOir«d itll Utt T«^rctfl 

BoToM foi' hb> wife wlinm he tiiu] loet. He Hociuod itluost to loao her 

•^lua, nn<) tlic liittrnKwet of Uio GnL Itoun ctiuio ImcIc upon hi la lut ho 

it nlonfr. bxviiig nowliflra to |^ to. Life tms hard oa liun, atul 


Tbo party in tlw dnwtng-nwiu hud iiob pcrcuivetl this glioat looking 
U)M»t the«a : llief weat on trftoquillr ; Miss Cheny puckering hor 
■ oM CoivhnM) orcr lior »ri deugn, mnil tk« lirulight throwing its wnmi 
I over Cam's while drcwi. Uartins tbc troubles incidcat upon 
nrt-ivncdh'wurk, xhf iwo WliiDt wiv gis'iug Llibir whole tuiiidii tu the lily 
Duud of Astulnt and h«r loTe-trogcdy. Itnt tbc reader wa§ not bo mach 
Lnbsorbed in EUiitte. Another ctirretit of thought ke]>t flowing through 
I mind tintkmcath tic portrj-. Ho wondcrwl whetlier thia would te 
lot tlirough hi^ life, to sic in the lii^ht of tho wiLmiUi which wiui for 
bt\>thcr,iuw) ho tlif XtMtv H|Mvl(it»r of th«lovL* which wnjihU hrothor's, 
ind nuilce up for tba ahscncc of the ^117- tnumt who even for tiixt love's 
uika would not giv« up liis own p1cu.iuttn. Edwitrd fult tliat thviu 
Would bo a (.-ortoiii hji|)|iin(»H loiicht-d n-itb hitternSBS even in thin lot ; 
■hut bow sCrnbgc that thui, which ha would have givon bia life for, ahotUd 
bu Okwnld's khuiv, who would giro 10 littlo for it, nnd not to hini. 
'Tbrae thntiiihts niu thronifU liia mind like a cold iindpivtii-relit bolow tJie 
vimi inititit uirfac'^ iil' the vLdl>hr ntrauu ; hut tliL-y diil not nhow, and 
indaed tJwydid not luucli disturb Kdward'g bappiuees of the momeut, but 
ivo it R kind of puipinnt thrill of f(,«ling, which tuitdv Lt more de«r. 
lie kiirw (bti tbntight) Uiat OswaM n-ax tlto ftiroarf*! and rhoton, but u 
be bnd not Imd told of it, utd tlio uncorUtin^ was irtill svtet, bo long 
. it might UuiL 
" Ah : " MU<1 Cart, drowing a louj; Uvnth : the poetr; had got into 
I wei-e ooroing Into \veT ey<«i, lilliag tjiem and iheu ehhing 
nehflw, for eba would not slivd Ibcm. She hvl no thonght 
; Ibr Siaiw, yvi fotc somobow, as youth lias a way of doing, a soft ooa- 
Ivtwoui henMtlf and Klainc, a wnvering of i<liiiitity~wa« it that 
too Waa caimblc of tliut " lovo of tJw motb fur the star I " Edward 
; hor, folk tiiftl tbw« was uioru jiooU^ in flunk's H»o eyee than in 
■nnatc ; and no abuno to Mr. Tennyson. la it not in that tender 
emotiuu, thai aweUiug of the hau-t to all lody and sorrowful, and beau- 
tiful things, that po«try tA.kca it« riMl Cam h<sing tmly tW poot'a 
t'ijuon. orun to her own touched and melting coasdoumeKi, vos nU 
nit ill hftr young li>vnr'a ej w. 

" Uut, niy dokr, niy dear ! " mid )liaa Cberry, " if [loor Elaine liad 

otily lovoJ »auto (iuh liktt berweU^ lioioe youug knight that could respond 

toll' V, ob. how much U'ltOT il would have heea I It 

^^ia).t [ lAucelot, you know, nerer could hare loved 

^^Or ; thtruglt ixid»«l 1 don't know why not, fur mnu being middle-ngcd ia 

^fto gtuunotot," Mi» Cherry added, with » little Bgb, " against tbeir 

II tijiion, 


making (ooU of UicinsolTw for yoiioi; prls ; Init it would \i»w bttn br 
morA natural nnil bftppior fur hai hiid h)ic imH h«r licnrt on aoine om of 

hor Qira ago, who would have ituulc hot " 

" Oil," cried Oitra, '* Uoo't nty it Dvvr again ! uiitd« her ba|>p7 I iv\ 
EUino wHut l4> lie ntatle bHj>py t Shfl vraDtt'd what wks tLe higbat ami 
t^ob]e«t', not adiing wlial wn« to become of licr. What did it imtts 
about hnrl It vwt enough that sbo found out lAncelot wtthoat tm 
knowing hia nomo. I Mppoer nuch a thing might bo," aaid Ouu, nukti^ 
her voice in j>oetic awe, "ux ilint Lauu^IuI luight oona to ono'a mj 
door, and oim< ik-vui' know him. That would bo worae, far worse, tins 
dj'tng for his e»ke." 

" Oh, Cftra, LuQcolot was not audi a toj fine character after aU." 
■aid Slias Uhorry. " and tltongh I ani not so clever nWul twotiy as 71K1 
an, 1 have senn auuiy a joung f;irl tak«Ji in with au older nian, who 
■ocnied cvvo'thinf! that w»s noble, but bad a rerj Hwl pub behind kiia 
that uolxxly kuew of ; hut uflor th«y aw ninrriMl, it te always (band not. I 
would raUiHr, far rathei', see you with a young man of your own ■gft." 

"AuntChonyl" cried tlt« girl, l>lus)iiaj( all ovv«v'it}i th« bot,ml4cn, 
OTOrwholmingMiUiIiof horyenra, »ud then Can tiu«w aglauceatEdwatd. 
weking aympoUiy and im|ilyiu^ hoiror at Utia aaUet-ot-taci view, and 
oao^ht hia eye and lilu»hcd all tho inorv ; while Edwrnd bliiahed too. it 
knew not why. Thia glance of mutual undra-standing silenced lAaa 
Itotli, thuttgh iii-ithor knew what eJedrii; Mjiark Wl {Kuumd lidwoon thlHl. 
Can in her LMtifuaion edgeil hor chair a littlo further off, and Ei)*v^ 
returned to hin liook. It wits an luU-rniplian bo the delicious tmlm of li>« 
evening. And Mii« Cheny began to look at hor watch and wowic 
audibly u> find tlint it vrna so Uile. " Past ten o'clock I nlinuit time bt 
Wl. I thought it WHS only aWut tnght. Are jou rually gulag, Edmnll 
1 am mirs wo aro vory much ohligot — the orsiin;: has paesed bo qnicUt. 
And I bojxt yonr nn'intn't^ will bo better (o-tnonvw. Tell her how fv^ 
vciy son-y w aro, and give bei- my lox'e." 

I'jlwajd went away with hi& liOAit heating loud. To think thaltk 
rif^tful ci^uynietit of all thiit boIuDgcd not to UinuM'lf, hut to OnraU, «k> 
WAH out dining, pniluips fUilin^ aompwhei?, auiuj^ mi ahqnt it 
VTiM it alwnyH no LD this wurM — wlint a tuau moat waiiti'd h? vx^-ap^ 
hut that which he pri«d Uttio wanUtingto hiu likeacrost bua^ 
How Htrango It wiut 1 Edwart) did tiot ^1 in, Uit lit a [loiislvv i^^i**' 
pnoed up and lUivrn tho Sa|iitu<a, wntahliig l\u3 ligliU ri»e lat^ tb* l^lfV 
windows. Ha knew which wtia Corn's, and wakhoil tlir li ' ' il'' 

candlca im thi.i talilc, which he cmihl gut^m by the faint bri,! 'Ji^. 

akowed outHiila What was uke ihitikiuL' of I IWha|H uf O 
iitf wliylioh: mo; jTrhiiite ' 

whoaB aflVdii I utilil ti-iisU 

patlintic nnthBMiinu ; atu' should always Iw abln- to - lis 

»wald prored bat a ctxil lover, a eoolor builmn<i, l-muTT 
hflr BM a broUuir. filie aliould atnr find out that 


CASITl. 263 

had ever entered hie mind. She ehonld leam that lie was always at her 
command, fiuthful to any wish of hers ; but then he recollected, poor 
fedlow, that he was going to India, in Oswald's place, who would not go. 
How conld he serve her — how could he be of use to her then t 

Miss Cheny lingered a little after she had sent Cara to bed. She 
wanted to look over the end of that novel, and the fire was too good to 
be left, John ha\'ing imprudently heaped on coals at a late hour. Before 
she opened the boot she paused to think that if it liad not been Oswald, 
she almost wished that it bad been Edward ; but it was Cai'a, of course, 
who must choose. She had not read much moi-e than a ^as^e, however, 
when her studies were disturbed. Her brother came suddenly into the 
room, in his slippers, a carelessness of toilette which was quite unusual 
to him, He came in making her start, and poked the fire with a sort of 
violence without saying anything. Then he turned his back to the 
mantelpece, and gave a glance round_ the room, in all its dim perfec- 
tions, and sighed. 

" Cherry," he said, " if you are not busy, I sliould like to ask you 
question. I came upstairs a little while ago, but you were too much 
occupied to notice me." 

" James ! indeed, I nevor saw you," 

" I know you did not. I did not mean to hlamo any one. Tell me 
what you meant the other morning, when you sdviscd me to stay at home 
after dinner — not to leave Cam ) Was it for Cara's sake i " 

" Cara was lonely, James ; she has never — been used — to be left alone." 

" Was it for Cara's sake t " 

" Oh, James," said Miss Cherry, faltering, " don't think I wish to 
interfere ! You are more able to judge than I am. It is not my place 
to make any remarks upon what you do." 

"Cheny, don't evade the question; why did you 8i>eak to me aol 
Was it entirely for Cara's saket" 

Miss Cherry giew red, and gi-ew white. She cliisptid her hands 
together in unconscious supplication. " I inuat say what I think if I suy 
anything, James. It was a little for — dear Mrs. Meredith too. One 
moat tjiink of her as well. Her husband is a long way off; she is a very 
land woman — kindness itself. Even if she thought you came too often, 
she would not like to aay anytluug. Women understand women, James. 
She would say to herself, that to send you away would hurt your feelings, 
■nd she would rather bear a little annoyance herself." 

" Do you mean to say she has had any annoyance on my account 1 " 

" She might have, James dear. She has not taken me into her con- 
fidence ; but people talk. I suppose if she was a Avidow and you could — 
many — " 

"Charity I" 

BJe had scarcely ever called her hy that formal name before, and Miss 
Cherty mm fti^tened. ii.Oh\" she cried, once more clasping her hands. 
"Do no* ponilh me for it! It is not my &ult. I know better, for 


I know you both ; but jjeople wQl say bo ; and you eLouhl flffliy youraclf ' 

for her Eake." 

" Doea the wish it 1 " bo i-aid hoarsely, ll look liim a HLrHuucnu 
effort to keep down liis fiiry ; but indeed there was no oiip to tmsiMl. 

" Sho would not w-irih anythiup for liei-aelf; it wouUl Ih> htrr nRtiira j 
to think of you lii-st," siiLd JlJfis Oheny. "It is not wbiit she wi«b(n)j 
but what you, me, tvei-ybody, ought to wiab for h&p, .Ittmea." 

He looked rtj\tnd the room with a. cloud upon his face. " Do joaj 
know what I fee here ! " lie eoid ; — " mv pitst life, u-hicL 1 cannot rwulL i 
Am I to come lieie distarbiiiij the ut e tbiit l« baffnning in it-^filliog 
the plat-e with gloom. That does noi itMr, does it I EctKir to tliiuk 
of a few maliciou.4 wordij, and moke ' i tlie rule of one's conduct, tb&a.^ 
strive to follow natiu-e and common b i." 

" James ! " mii 1 Mi»i Cbfltry, " ft le niallciotu viaxAs in tlia worldJJ 
will do no barm to you/" 

" What do jou mean 1 " Lo said, 

" YoTi are fix», so far as that ia ouiiceniBi]," said Ids timid Bi6tw,J 
rising fi-om her twit. She looked at him with a. mild oontcmpt stranee 
to be Roen in the fyea of bo gentle a w(HDiiti. " You can do VOQ 
like, Jitmwi ; it iw not you ivbo will suffer. Good-night," she said. 

And tlunifjb Miss Choi'ry'f! heart beat loudly, she had the courage to go 
away anil loaMj bim tlieie, transfixed with that bold dai't tlirown by 
her most timid frdtci-iiig hand. lie stood still for some time after she 
bad left bim, umible to move with pain and astonishment. The ass of 
Bahiam was notbiug to this troiuentlous covp from Miss Cherry. He 
w(us struck jirostrate. Almost he forgot to tlduk of the room and ita 
roouUuctionji, so entirely was he sbiiu by tins blow. 


TiiE Old Folk and the You:.g. 

The ijit^jroourso bttwccu the two hou:-es went on for some time in iJiat 
iincouifi)! tiible aud oiiibarrii,-;siiii; way which comes between the sudden 
jKiuso (if a dunie.stic crini.i aud the inevitjiblo but delayed explanation. 
The evening after that on wldch Mrs. Meivditb had a headache, Mr. 
Bcrosford bad an engagement. jS'ext night she went to the opera, which 
had just I'c-oiwned ; the next agsun be had a meeting of his Society ; and 
tburi they continued, a\-oiiling the lueetiug at which something would 
require to be said, and suffering intcmjely each with a sense of unkind- 
nos.'^ on the jiart of the other. James Eei'csford could not but feel th>t 
to cut 1dm off thus, demou.sti'atod a coolness of interest on the part of 
friend which went ag;iinat all those sliowa of kindness which TnaA 
beloved — those soft ministrations of S3au|)athy which, he Bupn 
anybody might have for the asking, but which were wit 
as they were given ; while she, on her port, with 



tog rtBenfeiaeQb, f«lt bis tamo wittjilniwiil ftom Im-, and naoonmeeous 
teliUi^ of htr friondxliip to ihn lint saggcetioD of conront>o*ial faiUt- 
GDtliiig. Itut iiiis cniild not ^o t>n for ever kotwocn two [>«>)>Ia of honoet 
fi-vliii^. Tli(»v otnir n tiioo wLca liv cuvtlil uot Iwcur il, uid hIm oould 
tit b«ukr it> Mr. Fti'r«vifoi-(l'H retiii-D to Lbe house wlik'li hu lutd viidtetl 
iliilj for sn Ion;; »ltraetnd ontuiully lu niiicli ol«iTatio!i as llio oosmtiuu 
f Iiu viatM Iiad d:iii«. Wliile Ihnwi vUitjt ■wem hn^nttul then mi^C be 
irtviib^ fruilltn iiuil i.^>iiiiuQutf;; but tlifl fiudden stoppa^ of them naturally 
miifipil all (Jtii difnuuiic t^iiiirlau ; uid wlion, itAer a t«n dayM* istemi), 
ha Icnookod at Mnt. Atnrcditirs don- n^tia, all Iter sorvants atul hia ovn, 
nnd the hniifutt unit dcior on nch Rifin, were in a fermeut of ciirionity. 
Wliftt WAS p'liUK to ba^jH-ti I He wnlki^ ii|iaburK iato tbo dmwing-i'oODi 
his vIiIguIt bcikit bvatinK h little quit-kdr Diou usual. I[e:irta of 
art nuTC ii|>l to pud|iiUU) tu kik-Ii cuhb^ iitt tliL-> tliikii in oiij ntlic-r. 
Jatoni BeniefuTt) Was not in lovo with liis QKigUboiir's wife, but he h&d 
foTitwl in twr t^iat tender friendship, that boaliug ^mpatb}' irliich mea 
UkI women otn ntford to «ach other, IxHtcr, ptrbitpi^ than mcD con to 
or women to womnn — a triend.'diiiJ wtiit-h is Uto tnoet cnduiu^j 
gImuhi of iiuri'iAjto, Iwt nut ne>:i<iv«irU^v ontfum! U> it ; which ■» the 
hixliatt doli){ht of fnitcnini iiitercotirei?, yt-t n<}t nlwura to he found ia 
Ihit. 'Rin Itnn i>( it witliool £tull uii eitL^i- bide uuikos one of tlio^u 
KOta in life which nva at Ixul m d«tth itaolf. e%*«n when Aocomp£mi«d 
\iy full uiwlisvtniidin^. mi butli Hd«s, of Uie reason for tfae sepamliou ; 
^ V nin-Iy i-aii tli«*> nvwi'iiK Im Hci'rpttMl nnd 3r1<nowlc>dgcd on both 
■,'n\ wiLlinut ]NUI)CK nf iujiiiy or d«ivelopiunnt of other nnd less 
.nwrlisu mntdtuuitK. Vulgar ufiliuuii wtlli tmn uumiiiuutut voicHt luui 
tito relatii)ii>;hi{i as im|wistlbl(i ; frvm whifrh it may be con- 
it is <Iitng^>ruus awJ diflicult; but yet solitary eixamplm of 
t «r(t to 1m« fiiiitid III) i>vi>.- tlio world ; ocourrini; Ufw otud tlioiti wttli deli- 
Rate rahty likn n fjutidiuiiH tlovm- whic-li only souk- ijuintuwcaco of soil 
vmxx suit ; moA it floui-txlim taiKt, aa in nstur^, aiuung those to whom 
lh» onlluiirv- ' ' liipH of Ufit hnve not bf«ii Ratlvrwlory. Beraefunl, 
bunA half >- ' Imdl rond of pxiatrnnt of hU natnml mmpnnjon, 

nii'l )ln). )Ien) lit^i ii««t<i-ti-i| hy hotw, wnni, of nil ixNiple in tlin world, the 
two luoKl likely til find sudk n>in|>ciuintjoa in tiiicli ii fiivnd^hip ; but I 
da not ear it i« a thinj; to be |iurtuitt«d or oiu-our.i^l, becHUse hero 
trpT hitn it wiun kiudof w.<cond.-tr3' hi>|it*iiin«<. Tlioy were 

M ' iii(;iiit-] tha fiu wUioh neitlicr of iii«a vei-e tfao loaiit 

ii>linfMl to, u if tHi^y hail livcti two roclui ae toweis ; bnt othoni tni^ht 
b« fo lifu ; and wx'inl laws tniiHt, ra long nn tbo world luita tuider 
prcwnt r™!'li!it>ti*. lie in«ih for ii-ulgiir minds. Tiirliu|m, too, Cmw 
Id I :<U.'d II ditr-Tviitplao! lutber niuUinr'sTvpi'QsonUtdre hnd 

her ^ . ::iLind u itiiilliWt bih) rom[nn!UU of ld« own bi^ who 

MO mu<>h Ui liin ', lUi'l tlw boj-s injf'lit luirs fuiiiid tbnir niotlivr luoni 

dcnivriy tJwir own, li»d not -u t- .^llni- ln-raj iipst 

Cot it bi doubU'ul ttliftlnii Lii . ■ .iW tlwiw WM 

13— « 




aDTtUinj; to be rogroUod, far bo^H must go out iuto tbo world, 
b] the mne viilpu* voit^ of genei^ opiniun, and hare DoOiing to do wilh 
(.licit* mutlMTH niimnKli-ixig. Htill Ll wnjs nut u tbiiij; to b« pormUlMl, 
that tlKKB turn sboald i)0 KQuh tnonds ; and now at liu-t the vorld'a wtU 
Iwvl booii fully H^piilied tu tbeni ; aud adear ou altvuifit to uludn tbp 
neoe&iit; of ospliLQ&tion. tl:c moment haA com« at vUJcb tiuy taml obtjr 
the f»l of wA^iety, uutl mmb to part. 

H« wulko.l into iltv nxiin, hut liuMi thuin]nBg with ii niuOiMl moai,^ 
against liifl Ikmoqi — not like the bcArt-buuta of young omotioii —b«ft' 
l*n« rH)>i'), )niiiiful tliroUt. iiho wus Reutod tu Iwr uxual ]>Wri by tbo 
n littit) <4i1>le inuide ber witli a. lamp upou it, and some books. Shie 
lior knitting iu li<-r liaiid. Sba did notriw tv nxMNvt; him, tni nia»i 
bfir oy«ii in sU tJie old frlitiully swoctncas, uul held out her bajid. Slw 
was Kgitttt«il loo, but h)i« liad moi'o cominaDd over lienelf. TInto an 
oaaes in wbicb n taan mny, and n wonuui must not, show emotiotu 

" Well I " hIia Hiiii, in a voice willi n fitlter in it, lakiog no notk* d 
litH abiwuco, oi' of nay rvaooa why tb«y should not UMt. " Wall t ' luK 
a qnoaioo, h*lf a fulutatiou, beti-nyin^ only in ita brevity tbai tho 
QOt Riffidoiilly at lier eaaa for nuuiy wunU 

He -weut up and stood Mon her, pQtting out bis huuk to the 
Willi that wmni of wanntli which all unlmppy peo{>lR feoL He 
tMi nuilo ot' take no notica as slio trtod to do. " I have conte to tab 
what tt thL' mauling of tliis 1 " haoud; "uidwbothfirthareu DorMOont 

If itmoiitbo " 

. " The aiiKUUJig of— what 1 " Hlie Mud, fidtoring ; tkoo mgm * pami 
" I Imra nothing to do with it, Mr. BerflBfont ; I do not UDdentaiiil iLj 
Tbw» iieoi>lo spMik » elnuige laugwge." 

" l3on't tbvy I * he cried ; " n vile language, mnde for other mn i 
yonn. Are ire to be ruled by it, you and I, to whmu tl js a jurgm ' 
the 1ow«r world t " 

^b« did not uako any aniiwei- ; lier fingers ti-embtcd over bar fcsil-| 
tin;;, but bIio went on vrllb it. That bodwuld icpoak ao, ^re bn- a BtAj 
ooawlation ; but aha knew very w«II, as perfaBjis ho ohio kaaw, that Mm \ 
was nothing; for it hut to yi«Iil. 

■' Whut luuiu cut 1 doyont" he said, with a kind of tumleHMp-' 
nw&i. " 1 luu iiuL a uaAii (o biuni iKxiple hy tlic idoiu aii(ht of nut, an 1' 
I am not pew nuO uiitnd, like n Btrangiir whom [iroplo iuij>bt I* iliHi* 
fill iif. All my HjitMrdiMitA ai« known. Wlutt linnn can I do nn>)«l| 
tite buys— |>erl 1*1 na they tliiiik I will banu the boy^." 

"Oh, do not t^k ho," nhcBaid ; "you kuon- no one UdakB •Tlu.'S ' 
fn you. it ill bHuiiw evcoyUuitf; tli&l ia imiiNual mnat bt ^ 

II . ill t- '. < ^x 

'-AI'mI wn caniiitt luii[i oiireolvo^ now-, whiui n Uitn; 
caimut bo muaid. Aftor this wo oouU not be the tame 
nmember, and In) couadaui." 





" (Ml, of— tioUiia^, excopt wliat bua l^eu Rai<). t>oii't U) aagiy vltji 

DB: I Lnvp ut numy lliiugs Ut tlituk of — thu boys (irst oTiU] ; thno 

ansl t« tiv t.Ukiug for lUein (o Iiear. " Dou't you Uiiulf ," alie A:tl, wiUi 

te«r« ill lirr ryp^ w)<i<'h g;ti«u>ti(<d Mid botnynd thonimlrM, yet vritii &u 

ajifiMilin^ Hmilei, " Uint least saiil U iioootifit mcDtloi 1 To disnus it bU ia 

im|HMi:I>I<t. If ^■>u eoulJ come^uovr :uh] cUeo — «« ottior {inoplo oonifl.** 

Tlivu litem wan n {mtiBo. To cumo A<)*a to tbo liivcl of otiior ]>eople, 

— (ocoiife«t Uuii t!:i-ir iiiteiToureo mu&t Iw ho rcati-icte-i— wm agi ttiat 

^kf ttadfA eonf'«Kion t\»t tliff intoiroursc n-iut duig^roiu;, ini]H)esilil», cvmi 

^*WTtMig? "Oi.Ikm- pMpIc I " Mr. Iktc<foi-d n^xsitcd, in a low toue of 

mitLuKlioly inoc^Icoiy, wilb n ntiwutuig uniio. If it luul eorao to tli&t, 

T— AtLd ihni be Htood Willi liis lii-nd U'lil down, Loidin;! Iiiii IinniU 

liie fire. Slifl van Hileiit, too : wh«t muM tlwy say to wwli gtbor? 

I BlBOjr Unu<6 thof had mt in this room in u-auquit couii«uionaLip, 

lies tftUdng, somctimr« sili-nt, uo bond of |M)tit«Doe3 upoa Ui«ui to 

^dootu! thing or (h<) olber, nnderatau'litie each otber. Aud nov nil at 

onoe thta conmuk'sliii), tlus iNXittiirlimiil (are all>iia iiouiu of alltaDCQ 

m»f""""-* ")) luul lo le droppod, Aad tinnw two fi-tKacU beooma iw otbci- 

pecqilcL Not a word was Kud now— that vna tb« tolling of the dcnJ bell. 

" T thiiilc I sball go nway," hi) nud, nAitr n |mnx<t. " LiGo luu uob 
■0 much in it now^Mlajw, that it can have Ihi- b«il half raiit oif, uij y<A 
gt> on all the aioic. I tlunk I nluiU go Aw»y," 

► " \Vbera will you go to ) " sbe ukorl raJlly. 
" What do I t»m I " he eaid, and tben tliero was another Itiag paiuo. 
All this time, on tbe other Ntdn of thu wull, by tlin lire whidi oor* 
reqwndo'l like ooe twin to aootber with b1ii«, Edward wiu rduling to 
Ouv luid Tilim C'lunry. TheiB U no tama in his lifo in wbidi at young 
nun is so utterly doni<<i^(>, m eentont with tlir> little f irale of lbo tii'^icdo, 
OH wbeu be in iu lovo. All tlio Amosotscnlx and cxcitomieiitA of Jifu wcra 
I Dotliuii; to K'lw-aivl in com|«ri»uu with tho Umited palch of ligbl iu 
Mi»> Chi-m' ami ha* nieco did th«ir needlewM'k. Uu van very, poor yonii^' felluvf ; hutbow itwnit it wutOhcEo uuhappy > Ho 
. of all tliatOswiild w.m i'(!UnqaiBhing,witha»eiUH>of«eiiu-<v>nU>mpt 
aid, Nothing would bo h»vo done ngniait hiii brother's iutfn;jt.-<, 
v«r Ilia own won involrftd ; bui he conld not help tlto riiiug Mtue 
in tills iinse ut leaM it waa he who wm worthy nthor chuii hli 
And it VMM * nsTcr-ceasiDg wondn- fo him that Cain U>ilt it 
ly. OwuW went U) Iwr in Um niomin^ and Iwld long convor- 
rith hn, hut in tho croning he pitrMuiKl htH ordinary C(;«nie. and 
tn iha |>ra»nt disorganiwd Rtale of tho two housca all the nutnal din- 
nen uv : nicrtinjjB being niodo nn end of, th«y Knrct'ly saw each 

^LDtl)ar«!> ■ iliit moiTiioff. Thin, liowovor, tho girl iM:t?iiifil to nocept 

^tu Uie DBtnnl conne of nITain. She vaa not pty, for it wm not Oara't 
^^■faij: 'it Bh« w«nt snrioudy nl>o«it hrr litt!a world, and 

H^^l , I kn(b uliacoliite ronpasurc && if Onrald had nu tajtdt- 

It WHN m thing wlttdi BilwanI could nor undcralnn'). ]jc leit at 

268 CAJllIl. 

tlie otlier side of the tuble fcml tea-] to her, -wh^tOTer elio chose W plan I 
before liim, ns Iouk as sllic chotw. lie was nevtr weary ; l">t ho (lid not'' 
derive miicU iuteUci^tuiil advantage from what ho rend. WliiJe he wu] 
giving foHh Mime one else's aeutime-ntB, his own tboughta were nitming- ^ 
on a lively uiider-cuiTcut. Wliy tvew OswaUl never hero 1 and why ditfl 
Cam take his ftWiiice so quietly I These ivfflrfi the two leading thouglita.l 
with whicli lie ppriilcxed himself ; and us he novor mnile out any sort of [ 
answer to tlicui, tlio >|vie3tion nm ■on for ever. That evening on vhitfh 
Mr. Bei-esfotd had. gone to liave his parting interview with Mrs. Mei*-; 
tilth, Miss Ctierry wus more [irecM tLau uwiiaJ. Shi; sighed over 

hor crcwela with mort heaviness t 3J bo involveJ in the mere dif- 

ticulties of tho iiattern. To be Bure, t was enough iii that iiatt«m to m 

have driven any woman out of hei as. And us she piiqker«i her " 

brows over it, Misa Cherry BigheJ i this sigh told of a something 
more heavy wliich lay ujion her niin e distntcled etnte of which muy 
be best deaci-ilmd hy the fuct that whet ley were in the middle of their 
reading, Cai-a hemmiag on. with a con «imuco absorbed, 'SUsa C^ien^w 
made the CDmrnnaicatiou of which she was ftill, all at onn?, without 
warning, bre:i.kirig in, in Dig middle of a Kentenca, so that Edward's v»i«i 
mingled witli here for a line or so, before he could stop liinisolf — 

" Your iia[>a in thinking of going away." 

" Wliat 1 " ericd Cara nnd Edwiird in a breath. 

" Your [mjM," siiid Mis3 Cheiry, with another great sigh, " is thinking 
of shutting u[) his lioiise again, and going awav." 

" Auut Cherry ! " cried Cai-a, with the colour rushing suddenly to 
lier face, as it had a way of doing when she was moved ; and she half- 
turnod and fast a glanec at Eilwai-d of wonder and sudden dismay. As 
for him, he had not k'isurc to feel tlie strange delight of this confidential 
glaneo, so entirely struck dumb was he with the apjMilling news. Hb 
grew ]ialc a-s Cara gi-cw red, and felt aa if all the blood waa ebbing out 
of his heart. 

" It is not that we will not be happy — oh ! ha])]iy beyon.l measure — 
to have you Rgain, my darling," said Miss Cherry; " but I would be 
false if I did not say wliat a dLsappoiiitment it is to think, after all our 
ho[)Cs for my |HDor James, that he is not able to settle down in his own 
house. I can't tell you what a disappointment it is. So far as we are 
concerned — Aunt Charity ami I — it will lie new life to ua to have you 
homo. I'ut we did not wish to be selfish, to think of our own comfort, 
and it will be such a shock to dear Aunt Charity. She always said, m 
you know, Cara, what a comfort it wa.s to think that the only man of 
the family was at hand, whatever liap]>enod. I don't know how I un 
to break it to her, and in her weak state of health." 

" But, Aunt Cherry — what does it mean 1 — What haa made 
change 1 — Are you sure you are not mistaken ) Don't you * 
have miaundei'stood 1 It does not seem possible. Are 
C3rt<un 1 " 

" I am not ho silly aa yon think me, my dea 



II Lalf oAnilci). " I kw)W Utn tueaning of w-onit Vu, Umk iu« Ttaatynti. 
j^ble in bot ao liAjipy i>a hi^ (1ioti;;iit )iu loiglit. bt>. No, my darlitig, I ilou't 
^■^bk yuH arc U) bUme. He <Iix<s nnt bluna you j Iid ouljr »>« it u iiol 
^^HBbtr. If jrou nxiltl get bim (o move ]icr)i«]w to lurallicr house — 
^^^h ttot here ; he conH not possibly stay Iioro." 

feKo<•' it •KUK Oiun'ft luru lu grovr ]uil« um) Eilwnnl'i to grow iiid. 8b« 
lokul At liim Again villi a. wontki^<>, qiiniliofuux gl&uue, but bii did 
ot reply. 
.|^ " I bi^ie it liM uotkiog to Jo witii the folly of any buaybo Jy — iiuikin]; 

|^biiiM~liii-r lHrtvrt.H-11 Liiu uuil his fncuilx," EJirsnl mill with iudi^uHioii. 
^■'Hj-. BeraoTord ougkt to Ukvd aotoo itUilosopby— he ought not to mind." 
^H "Ah — he migbt not mind for hiuBelf— but when otlteraAraconeerued," 
^nud MiAS Cherry, myrioriouely. " But w it is, uy duor, wht-thur wo np- 
HproTQ or not. I meant to have gone back to poor dear AmqI C'liAi-ity, but 
oov I am to stay on to iilitit up (ho bouse Hud settle Pr«ryttiiiig. Il i» au 
ill wiud that b1owBiiolM>Jygood,''abendded,witb a smile; "we Bball b»v« 
you back ft^aiii, Cant ; and tliat vill )m like tbo spriog to U10 flowtra. 
Wo gnvc yiMi tip wicfaout grumbling — tmt it is not in nature that wo 
^—jbould not ho Kbul to ha\i-« ^i bM«k." 

^K ThiA g(>ntlo piEvs of Belf-coaj^nttulatioa was all, bowovco', that was eaid. 

^FChra had grown i]uilo KtlU uad jHilv. iiUa turned \wf I'yvM to Etiward 

V onoo more, aad looked at biin with a iwi't of woeftd ap)i^l tliat made bin 

haaK ttcat. " Thin is (b<«(lfol nowa," ho wid, witlt bid voice trAtabling ; 

and thm Lruf to Via brotbvrly gmorosity, nddod as Hteodtly as lie ronld, 

" Il will 1)0 Oi«a-iruI news for ]>oor OHw'ald." Cara clasped ber liands 

tvigetbm' in n kind of niitt*; prayer. 

^^ "1(0 )'ou think oothin); caa bodouet" Bboeaid. 

^B Kow it was Mi>a Ubcrty's (urn to feel a litllo, a wry little woun(k>d. 

^V Tou have wKru foi^ullvn your old homi'." (din sud. " I thought, though 

^Bym lailfht be aon-y, you would be glad tot — to ([ct bonao." 

^^^b* It k not tJuit," mid Cum, with tc«nt in her votiw. Wiukt a bmtlt 

^^K tltts of thu rnlm happiness of tbe evening, the plca3Ui« of beiuK 

togtfiber, tbu chanu of tlio poet i-y, nil those "induenoeaof aoul and iM>aM)" 

that hwl l>«i>n stntlics iulu ilie giri'ii inuxviit «ni\ and I iiinsfonuiu<; her 

UBawarea I No dotibt sho might luivo ontJiTe'l it all, nn'] lenrut to look 

hack njion that first idiuck with a Biai!&— but ncvertheli^ it was tbi> 

lint abock, and at thc> momcut it wan ovcrwbvbning. Sho looked at 

EdwArd Again anu»«). api^Mliug to bim, •Akiui; bta a^iniutby ; o<tght bo 

ithnstiii Oswald Ejetntfeu them ouco laorel Between lorciind honour 

'. yiHUtj; nun did not know what to do or my- Ilis lioart was wrung 

itli thi! tbiMulit of farbing, but it wa« not to liim tlie mwo Miock and 

im-ablft eabunity — undor which iih« tonwd apiMnliiig lo 

" And I nm going to India," be said, with a kind of dts(|Mnug Muile 

ir uu Uw otjier side of tlw wall ynm uoi inovod by 
tl»— matSMu viaSonary l<aoga. Titey did out stand ugbaat at ibe Ornngo 

ru< mill 




'tfaon^t (Jm-l trhoir hfi[>|jiiiOis was boio;; iaUvfetrd viUi, ibat Iioteii and 
Muih hod oeaaed to favour theut — uor did (hey thluk tluU evnrjrtlui^ «ru 
ovor dnd lift mimt come to a staadiitil]. "nuMr fenIiii«B were len foil 
of the raptwe of anguiah ; yet pei-bape tbe hewy oppneuoa of |wa 
tliat tnMiblcd them vius more bitten- i» iu vruj. Tiivy know very mil 
tliat life wool il go on J tut as before, imd nothin;(C drouliUl hAppea. IlKff 
would onlj muH eacli otiter — mux tlid kiuit look and kioil WQn], Mul 
Huapio daily ooiuolalion uuil quiet oiulidtfiico ctwtli in the otiwr. NoMjr 
eUo could givo thpui that i-r«t and iuutu:U nujiport wlitcli Utey wen 
foT«od to givo ap without muK. It viu a trouble mni^ leaa to be 
etood hy tlic cvmiuon cj^, aud itpfxolbijt a ^rcst deal les to tlw 
tliaii thoM pai^pi of yautli wliich wc- linvi^ all fi-lt luorv or lom, and «a kH 
aympatbiw with — hut ib was not a Ii»s real trouble. After Iho inlennl 
ol siknce wlii^ noither of tiitaa broke, tiocauae oeitltGr cif tl>«B had anj^ 
thing to snj', Jamex Rerasford saiik ii|xin hiK kncM nnd took Lor haodB c 
fan—not in uay ntUtudo of Monlimrntal dc^'otioD, but ouly tj itjijn-auli 
w Ako Mt there. Tliey looked at cadi otber tbroogh loars which to awli k*lf 
blumni Die kind couuU-iiaiice whidi wus Uh! fricndltOBt ou ranh. Tbenhf 
kia^ thp hands bo huld ono after tlie other. *' God tAia» you," slio wlitfd. 
b« U-ai* falling u|ion hiii slwve. Why wa* it I Why was ill yet it had 
to 1je. And thcu they imiiUhI ; he (foiug baok to his gloomy libntr}', lb 
■jtting frtill whero Uo had loft Ixn- in bor lonely drawing-rootD, wtpn; 
away tlw toars, few but ImIUt, whicli tliie nalookod-for |)«rtin|; M 
brought to hot eyes. Th«y vould not oomplnin uor ratLtb— nor oven mx 
what the aeparaltou cwit thcoi — but the yoiuig onoa would cry oiil u 
lioavoiiiuidcarth, Huro tit Inuit of pity and pot-lutpa of encoour. ThatnaJt 
■11 tbe diSereDco. ^SHiilo her father evne in with his latch-key, and fha 
lus door, nhubtii^ lumsclf up with hie Uiotiglittc, Cum «rw lifting UleiDBK 
aagnifih of her sweet oyes to Edwan), diirturbiug hi^ \*ein' mul, poor fitUirv, 
with the (lucKtioni wliotlior it was only lus sympathy iihe onkcd as » nftt- 

tator of her m!«rT in jwrting wiUi hie bi-other, wbotltor it wan Whn 

hft mid that about Koiiij; to ludia, with that tremulous fauile and ktbapl 
to mock nt his own paui, tho leant fell HudiWIy in a Itttio iliovw, 
Knd a rob came fnxa Com'* o)ii]rmsod Ixnom. For whom I Kuch dittnKt 
ilif;tuionlt8of excitomoDtdotiotriseiii tltc maturw luring — bo wMtfaiMt 
ontof himself with womdor and &nxi«ty,and hofHtitiid drmd, dintanTM' 
terror. ^V''a8 it for Oswald! AVas it only hin sympathy shv aikvl if 
vtut it but a pang of tunberly pity int«iuiBcd by bor own MMSaitl^, U*t 

Tho mam toot, divided only liy a partition, ■Ln'teliral nnw at) tim 
agitatpd mubi, idd and youug*. TIm> only litltnut-! i Ml] 

that of OkwoU, who tamo in ratbor latff i~i . rry |)Mly, .^^j 

i4ill later, smoking hia cigar, anil tbiukiii); what wu tbe next iil*|l]^| 
bketi ' t ' .it of that prolly frisbtcoed Avdm, wIm n'aaBi^ ^M 

gnttir' -o. It- 'lid Ti'rt htirt <Vw»1d ii itiink W ^| 

■lAtnng for kim — mthur i' ai ^M 

iifciDn. Uehadgo* a if... .- -.^ ■"'-.t ~-.i. ^ 


givoa biaL WImd they met Ujjnin lie- would liavo *. right ig inquire into 

i(« U) ]^v-« her hut Wntki- sympntfa;. Aft«r si), a sooldii^E fitm ssHter 

Mm/' Jnuo n-M mit very tn^ioU hiiAotu^. On (lie scon of th*t it ml^t 

Im penniUod tn bim to any ft great bm^jt Uiings thoA otherwiao ho could 

>t> haw ui!d, to Huggont coochisioiui mor« momeatoos. Aad he did not 

Agues would l>e hard t» utove. U<> bclii-vtHl that Hh« would (iiit'dou 

fluia,and nut tiUiu Away licr (hvotu- fium him— lattierporhspA, ovon iu 

own dwi|>itn, loolc U|>uu liiiu with eyes loore kind. Oitwsld snioked at 

lonst two dg&r» in lier honour. wonderiD^ if |>erhn|>)i sho whs crying o\'er 

tbo p^x^ing, And froling usumd that there woidd ha 

■tean. He was &]>t to be very nire of tlie fiirour of <U) 

! amd lo plauo, und tliat crra^tliin]; Wi'o\i]d ga wdU with liiio. And na 

' Um troitldra tint wei'e under the sunie roof witli liiia, he kucw uoUiiof; 

tbetOt and would not Iutq tboagbt much bad he known. He would 

>re lauded — for of cottrm (Mch of tkon coiDiii'>i:nnH h«<1 it« lud'crniut 

lid«, and Oxwuld would hare tniide fun of thenu qutk> succeasfuUy. But 

wurv mocli loM impotlant anyhow thaii hi* own in-eocciipaltODa — 

which, with eoti&dence in bis heart and a smilo on his lipe, ho wont 

jIIv uiK>t<un$, |)Mt Cho door within whicli hift mother lay awaho in 

be dark, thinking over oil her lilV, which had not boon, in nxbernol cir- 

stontx^, a 1-ory bright one ; and that which was closed upon Edward's 

IcDnflirl iLoO oooAuioD. Seitbor conflict nor confiiKiuii won in tlio nund of 

FOswald OS lio wmt nniling np9:tairH with his euidle. All was lik«ly to 

Ltnru out wi.dl for bim ol leaiA, whatever might bappeu to the rest of the 

A IlEi)eLt.tora nuitr. 

Cabjl was bosy Jn (Jic dmwbg-ttMm next morning, amuijiging a haabrt- 

Iful of x)ii-inj; Aowei-s whio>i bad conic rii>tn tlic 1] ill, when Osnrald oane in 
with hi« usual liudget. Ho wus li(;lit-huivt«<l, .itie wiw vary mA. OKWold 
wna (pty hocauMt of tbo trtnui|>h he foitwiw, and Oora -ans doubly dopreasod 
bemiaosbo folt that her d^ivsuon was uii«mt«ful to the kind aunts 
uwhom oho had been to Mtny to have, blvough she was m unwilling U* go 
^fendL Wliy was it that tbo thought of going Iwtao made herso miaemblo! 
Hhm ookoil iMirscIf. Mi»i Oiony's drliution ahntit Onwald, wfaU^i hod 
fwlBkoet im|MWNl upon Owl bdrwlf, lind floated oil away Tram her mind, 
hnlf in 1bukI"*<t half in hhatoo, when bIio fuuud out tlutb Oxwald'a ottjecb 
, woa U> make her the cuiifidiurt ot his !ovo for another ciii'l, not lo make love 
I biv in h«r own person. Cam liod U.'X-n ftshaionl of tbo fiuicy wbidi her 
' ^ put iuUi hor mind, hut t)i<' ittMiUunoH bod been a 
i:i|inlh44ic mnfidnnt conld uot bnv(> beoo. She was 
|iiU'rt8U'«l in a^-ory pteit of the nascent- romanoe, eager to hoar all alwut 
- 'i-intorooan^, connNting chiefly of looks and distant solutationa 
LiOikd bu bor. Ho Buspicioa that the knew who hut Apios 
WM 1^ «roMrd Omv** mind, for Agnan Biu-i-hell was ,{nM w much older 



nl tbo fiiglit in whifL hia com- 
oiy wibli a. emile. It amitsed 
eraolf, being jn :i sfeite of mini 

than liei'self aa to have removed her above the toj-ms of mtimacy wbitli 
iiro so roadiiy formed l*twc*ii comnt.i'y Beiybljnurs. It was I.J'lJy. lb« 
third girl of the fiiDiUy, who whs Oinra's coateiuj'ciiury, mn'l it whs to Mo* 
Cheny that Agnes UilkeJ wlipn she weiit to the Hill. But C'nw. Wit* \est 
intei-ewtod than Uisiiiil to-ilny ; her mind waa occupied with her uwu 
affaii'a, and that fut vui- \ibieh stwrnptl, for tbe moment, bo d im and depriv 
of all the light and lirijihtiioss of lift. Wlieii Oswald took the baiikol 
crocusoK out of Imr ]iiiudf and bid her to alt down iind liston to liim, si 
complied languidly, without any of tho briglit curiositj' ojid interest wLiali' 
were ao pleasant to liiin. At first, er, (Kwupieil by kin own t»lo, liC 

did not even notiuo ttiia failure. He tc- ■ of all that had hajipenecl, of thv 

sudden ajiparitbn of Sister Miii-y Jn 
panion had left him. <Ilswald told * 
liim aa if it had hnjifwueij, Cai-a Bs 
to judge more hm-Bhly tlitui usual, to aoi on& else, 

" But it would ui>t lje ptoafiant f.>r hci-," Maid Cara. " I don't thi 
she would laugh, Oswald. Even if th ^ wai nothing wrong iu talkiu; 
to yon, she would foel as if there was i m she .'y»w the SiHteT. JJo yi 
think it is — quite — n!ii>l That is !i titiiji d wonl I know, hut it i»i 

one that comes easiest ; (juitc— i]viit<!-^kind ) " 

"To what, Caral" 

" Get a t,'iil into ti ouhlo hko tliat, and wal k away and smile ? indeed, 
I don't think it is. They cmdd not say anything to you, hut thev might 
say a gi-ojit many thijigs that would not Ix; pleasant to her — thcv would 
say it was not— nice : they would say it was not like a lady : they would 

say Oh," said Cava, with '^n-.\t gi-avity, "there aro a gi-cat many very 

dUiigi-eeahle things thiit people ean say." 

" You look as if vdu h:ni filt it," s;i;d Oswald, with a lausih — "hut 
what docs it all mean '! Oidy that the old i^eoplo cannot amuse themselves 
as we do — and aiti jcahjiis. Yon may bo a little tonder-conscienced 
creature, but yon doii't suppose really tliat girls mind 1 " 

" Not mind ! " cried (.'iirn, growing red, " tt) be called unwonumlj", 
un!ady-!ike ! AVhat should one mind tlicii ] Do you tliiuk nothing but 
beating us should move us I Host likely she ha."! not slept all night for 
shame — and you, you ai* ijuite ]ika-^ed ! you laugh." 

"Come, Uara, you are too bard upon nic. Poor little darling ! I 
would save her if I could from ever shedding a tear. But what does a 
scolding of that kind matter I Whe will cry I dai-csay — and next time ve 
meet kIio will tell me alniut it, and l.iugb at herself for having cried. 
But I must Iind out wbo she is, and get iiitrodiiced in pro[)cr form." 

" Could I go, or Aunt Cheny ! 1 :iui not hard, O.sMald — I would do 
anything for you or for her — but you should not lie so nnfechng. If 
iu only a teacher and jioor, she might get into disgrace, she might b*" 
away — for, after all," said Cai-a, with gentle severity — " I do i 
bLo was to blame— but girls should not talk to gontlaiP' 

Oh, yes, I know it was your fault but, ailor all — 

" What a little dragon ! " cxiod Oswald. " Yo 



>ou would havo syuiwUiuKKl witih u ffui Uko younoV — tlul is 
)ut i>umce or leiug brougbt u|) by old inoiilu." 
Cath ^ve Uiiu ft look of iiiijierb y«b geulle tlialiuii. 8Jio roMi up tmil 
t har flowon Agnin, iokI bogui to attAnga the goldoo CTOcna-cni» among 
DMMit wliioh ilia hail prepsrnd lo nicavo tbnu. Sho liail iioUiiii}; to 
Ui nufli oil KCuuKntiun — &d(I, U> trll ttw Li'iiUi, Osw&td fdt, itotwilh- 
his litio tnanly conscioud eayK-noritv In old iufti(U uwl pniclii^ 
')», ftad iiU Um ruJai of olJ-CwIiioiiiod (loconuu, eouttwluii Kbarplj 
1^ (ho itarl- "J* tl>fii iiiiiet contcnuiit. 
1 Tocaot," lie .said. " MLti Olwrry would bo la»8 lukcd tbaii you, luv 
U*!7 Cnm." 

" Aunt Cberr; would go if you wished it, nud 1«>11 tbo Sinbdr not to 
bo DDj^nr,' wid Cvn. " ^ would I — Uioiigh ]icrliii|<« 1 uu too jouuf;. 
fa Mold say tbat it vna ontii'dy your tMiIt — tliat you twuiJ talk to 
tfantyuti wiuliol lo know bcr friciids." 
" Oil, tliiuikA, I ciin lOBiuiga nil thai luyMutf," lu> md, with ii mixtant 
if uunsoment and iiriution. " l{«tDeiub«r, I talk to you in roDfidonoc^ 
I duu't wout niy [ii-!«iUo aH^int to tmvd to Miiei <.'li«ny'ii emn, 
and to bo tJw l&lk uf all tbo old IkdioK. Wvll, tbon, J \>vg yotu- pardon, 
I wiU my I uu foiid of old iBdiea if you like ; but I tiduk wo nut 
Bian*^ fur ouiMdvis without help. SHo is a darling, Caen — Ixn* )>t«tty 
rjra li^ht n|i when sho says anything, and Bbo will not ntnod tho ooif 
vcatuiiuil tlitngtt tlinl VTorybaHljr savn uuv luore tluui you wiU. I aui lucky 
to hare got two such clpvi-r (prbt— ua« for my frieud, the otbw * 

Oswald, it b ao dtdicuit to know wben you am in ewnetit aii<I when 
<u luo making fun. I do not feid lo tan of yoii as 1 luod U> do. An 
JOQ only makiugfun of hor, or are you roolly, truly in cnraoeLl" 

*' Making fnn of hor I did not I tell you aim boil inndo mo wrioux, 
iaas evonl Yoa are a Utll« iuSdul. But, C'-ora, loolc her^ I am not 
joking; now. You duu't Hunk wry tnucU of me, I know ;, but tlxTre 18 uo 
jnko in tliis; I am going now to t^y to find oat wbu slio i», and all about 
lier, aud thea I shall uiakc my niotjicr ro, or 8oni« oa«. I did not mcau 
any hami in laughin)^. Nobody Uiiului xcriontly of xiioh sfluim; and don't 
you HOo wi» bavo a socrci bMweiMi uu now, wv ba^'o a link — we are not 
Uko itraagvni. Kut, aa for being sorioua — ^if abe in not my wifg in ttuvc 

monllM 1" 

" In three mouLbs I " ciied Cam, astounded by lus boldness. 
" In less titan tliat. S\m likc« uia, Ciuii. 1 tun Me it in her pretty 
cyoi, thuogb kbo will ocrur kwk at mo if Hbo can help it. You arc a 
hon-itl littUt n>liMiai(t4-<l wroti-h uwl luoolc tu«, but uued (wopte do liko 
iiii>," mid Un younj; man with n liiu^b of haiit>y vnuity lu wliidi jiiM> 
onouuh half uodeMy was miu^lMl to make it ino(r<^nBivo ; " OTeryboJy 
' 'U. Ob, 1 nni noi'iwiii; tttriou* a« a jntlf^A In tlu«a 

[ beavcD'a auko nut a wotd nboul it, not a v)'ilat4c to my 
nwlht-r, or any on« I " 

" 1 am unl a telltale," iiaid Otra ;" nod I am very g\iMdt(^w«i^\.';«iVh 
bciK)noti&iiottM4imei^"a!ioadi/eJ wiili a «^, 


H« loakod up nlat'm«d. Tb« lint JdM, indeed, tkat CrOGMd Owatfi 
mirwl wjLSltmt Cwit, lliougli ahe bad home it lo well. w« now (priiat i» 
a litll«, and iiwlin^ tic 1iiit«rDc«M of losnn^ /ivi ; whicb mut ma iiLs 
slightly olbbarroMdiiR but n^eable, for it dii) nol occur to hini fo tW 
Gret plKO OS it might to som« m«ii tlwt »ucb »n on-urrvnce wooM 
humbling and paiufvil to Cam if pl'^ananl nnd flattoisg to lumialC 
" Whnt Lt Ibe rnatta- 1 " lie aeked, looking at hnr niiiously. " Too kn n* 
BO cli«erFul as usual." 

"Oh,C)KWA]d!''iiheniid, willi tiie Uniicoioiiig toliertryi*- "I^aii 
ffmag away t^gnia I I don't kntiw wby. I don't ovmi know »!>»«« Iih; 
in t^ing. It npjWiiiN tliJit ho eftimot iiiak« hiiovolf couifurUblo at lion*' 
aa he ouce thought, tvnil tlio honiso is to b« shut up aad 1 am gmag t«ck 
to tlto Hi!) with Anut Ohm^'. It is nnfcnUvrnl — horrildy iuiktv' 
of iBC to bo Sony — 1>iit I am, I cannot help it. I thotiKbl thai (Hja 
would have settled niid »tnyed at honie, anil now ujl ihiit ia ov«r." 

" Ah ;" Mud Oswald. "So! Idid iral think it vgnlil IweoKrioio; 
it ia about my motlinr, I 8U|>po8c." 
" About your mother !" 

" Vc«. People h«T« iut«rfercd ; they nay h« is not to come to m htr 
ev«ry day as ho has been in the hahit of doing. It is aupiKmed oot U bs 
liked 1^ the goTemor onl in India. It ia all iho aleunliwt doijimml 
The goremor oat iu ludia la utt indiffi-rmit tut I lun, Oara — ymi Biay tab* 
my word Tor Uiat — nnd ouly & set of hiwyhodies aro to hlsnuL Bat I us 
wery aorry if it ts going to bother yon." 

Oars did not mako sny AOgwDr. A fliiRh of vinouary ihaet 
<ama over her face. What did it ucani Such qucettons pain the M- 
cut4] half-conaoouHaew of a girl that thei« aie nutttoiv in the world not 
fib for hor diaoiuttiou, bnyoiul anything that elder loinds coo conmiT- 
Tba anggeetion of tbmc biirt« hor, ae older audetonler flbne aiv inmpiWf 
of 1)«inilthurt,andtbixalltbo more wlwntheim-tiMinvolvodaro any wit 
counoctod with henwlf. That there oould be any fganctiftU vf the tMbne 
of her father's n.'gard for any woman, mnch lesa for Mi '' "■'-.* 
vromun wbomahu knew and lored.cut Cum Ukca knilK 1 • "t 

altnutk within her. She dianged tlio sulfj«<:i Mgn-ly — 

" "Wew yoH ever at the Hill, Onwald » Ycm munt ctaan. It tSl aj» 
be spring now I look nt Um croctinnt ! luid in tlic )>rTmn<H>tiinf tlicwre^ 
ore lovely. 1 waa alinoet broii;;ht up then, und I alwavn tUbk tl 
as home." 

" Bui I mu&t &>kk souke more about Uiis — about yuur fatkur. tl 

to he put * sU^ lo " 

" Oh, doa'fe my any mot^" cn«d Cuit, IiurriciUy, wjtlt nn-^tlNr Uw 
" Yoa must lot use know how your u« n alTain f{u on, : ham 

abd, Orwal'l, oh I 1 hojie you will take cur and b^< .- . .. - 
trouble aboot you. If «he w»r to Iom bar home ajwl baP 

eren to get aoiJded " 

" tinttiag eooltled ia not sndi a drml^ piiutelio: 
"Bat It U to K girl," mi<\ t'«ra.ver? w»vA 


stMorlwl in tliK nrrnngftUKnit nt livr crociisee, ecttli]^ tbem in tbe grann 

xaom, wltii-li hail {MU-ked tbem, that bejielded tiiliorproocenpBtJoD, being 

ooe of tb« [tfrsoiiia who ciuiiiit be oouuot without tho entire attenlMD 

of hay otiv to uhom thuy nilili'vxt) tliemselves. lie diJ not nwlco out 

liov it vriui tbot Le luul Mlcd vitli Cam un tltiu kjxx'uiI laoniioK. but Itc 

bit ilia fKiliiiii, uii) it luincij-ivl liiiu. Fur tbe first tiiuc h« luul lotd her 

stcnxl. Wn» it that ^tiv tlitl not like liis deTotiiio to Aguus to gu m 

fiu-, lluil kIic felt lite ditHitvoutuge of lotang liiia 1 Thu idea excited 

and bxMiftnttod Oswald, wlio liked to Iw Gnst witb evci^body. Poor 

Ou«r f i^ "'■1^ *<* ' '*^ ^^^ ^"v*? son7 for ber. IS »bo liad idtown nay 

fttioit til aM^>t iiim, \i<- w*iiU<t haw W& very willing to prove to 

tt tio had not given her up, untwiLbKtaDdin^ hin lovo ktt the other; 

Itho would notpnjr any ■tb'Rtloii to lu*ovcrtun«, and notking was loft 

him but to fpi away. 

C«r«'> wbdti- fnuni' aconird to tinj{lo witli her blusliin);, li«r Cuh;; flod 
frotn tlie inliJMt tkrtiKt iipoiilin- uttention even wLen oxcitfitncnt bronnht 
back to it and whiapeit<d it again ia her ous. H«r fiitber I ^cr«r 
: tho Mwno nluch alio hiul witncmHl in lier mother's sick i-oom, Wl 
, lolt a child's happy CDnfidencc in her fiUher. She had nev«r aniUy»e>l 
mxtlinnilH Uiwanb biro, but tbore bad boen a balf-ooiwctou)! Klirink- 
g, a teaaa us of suuuithiiig luioxplaiuud tlmt lay butvcen them. She 
. guuc orer tkat scene a hundred tiuee and a biindred to that, routed 
iiu|x>i-tAiKi> only iifUv it van cm: Whut htnl Ixx^n tlic meaning 
' of it 1 never to Utis dity hud she Uxin qiiitc ablo to mako up bar siiud, 
ily hod tiklki-d to bcT of b&r tuutliiu-'ri death. InsteM) of tbtmu 
apott tbe sad dutaib, ii|)on iha lactt wordit, U|<dii a]l the circum- 
Tlilaiioaa which prvoeded tltat catAbti-ojihe, wUich ntv usual in such cir- 
' nunstaDoM. tiioiv bad lx»ii a hiuJi of t!Vi?rylhiii)(, whidi had driv«n 
(bo subjecl Lock upou bei- mind, and made her dwdJ upon it doabty. 
Tiata bad a little ('A'aoad tbn iupn'MUKn, but the retoi-n to tbo 8i]uaro 
had hiviiiiht it back agua ia gnatcs* forw, and ia tbo!M! lont-ly bouni 
wbwh the girl hiid .i|MfUt thi-rc at &nii, Wt to li«r uvvu n.-MtuxM«, 
many a peipk'xod luul iierpltouiig ftuu^ bad crowdetl h<34- lulnd. Tho 
new Ufo, however, which hud Mt in later, tke com[janiotulup, tbo 
((Bblli! ^lititiM, tl>r uow 6i^>ntiinent, altogothn- Rtrna^ and wonderful, which 
had artwa iu her young boflom, had qaictly punhed forth all painful 
thoo^te. Btit now, with thn piingof jurtiiif^ nlrotdy in her heart, and 
the mvm, ho eaidly talci^n up a( h&r yvm aod ao tragically fdt, Uiat life 
iMvvr OMild >tf(ain be what it bud becot, — a certain \»ag of oppcdtloo 
te hre iittUrr liiul iviuiti iiitoCAiw's raintl. Going awnyl — tobnak her 
luuri aiul tdt«T her lifu becauw lu) woidd not bcai- tbe aaeodations 
^^ of bis bomal was a man thn^, aflor having all Iknt wnii good in 
H mdgtcnce hinuelf, to deprive otben of their hapliinesti for tbe anlce of 
H hU fUMllnrtJofu 1 but u lit-n tlds fiirtbvr rerelation fell upon bis conduct, 
Ckm'i whiittf Iwitrt ttiim-d atut ttliruik from liur father. Sh« could not 
l;air til- ■ -'■-'^ -Uon, and yul it returoed to h?r in spite «rf W«A1. TW 
«b«ine < .rxoag of it, the oouj'u^ed and dai-k ideaa o£ easi^Vntiti vsA 

am ilfl 

doubt vhJch liad boeu iiiuriiig voguoly in lier talaA, all catno tagprtbrr tsi, 
palniii] jiuul)I«. Slicjiut away tier l]ov«rs, Hinj^iDg &w&y lailf of tbtm ■ 
tlto tuniiilt of tier thoiifjliU. It wns too (tmcoftil an ocvitxmtkna ud 
bur luiuil loo (nx Ov (Ihwuhuod wiUi bomlf. The KirlV vboW 
was roused, she sc^-c^y lai«w vhyl Lora 1 aha hv) no^Tr th^nf^i ctit, 
fi\e did not kuow what it uiuuit, nad Oewiild, wluiu Iwr nimt buiu 
to eatcrtMin tJtat vooderful occult soDtiiDcnt fur her, cerliiinl/ did 
do HO, iiat foumi ia Iwi' oaly a pLeaMJit mnjUantv, u fi-iiiiiiilj mt: 
thuA;!-. BouiiTtliiii^ |>i>>vt'iiU<l Ooi-afrom Uu|iurui^ fitrtU-r, fn'tnw! 
hetBelf any iiuestiotiK Mho did not %-«aturo «vdii to tbitik ia 
neeasKU vf lior delicuKi bo^Jiu, tbat EdNviai-d Mi-nidith vru.^ ubr 
moM to licr, or die to liim, tliau wns Mi.<« CiMn-ry. Wtuit vphb 
lUe of nskitig «)vy or wfaei-cfoiv t Slie boil ba^tiii bj be bnfiiiy, ba[i|^ 
corbunly tluui hIk.- bii.>l Ikvu bvfotv ; aoJ )»<■« it ww to oiul. Tboarv 
world, so full of Btron^, undefined ligbtfi nnd t«tli«tioiu, vnajobrati: 
up like u dii«otviiig liew, aud tlt^ ultl world lu sctd« duwu b^d iciUi 
&I1 its old shadoirfl. lie tliou^'lit brought a dav bot, lki.'>ty kurt ta 
liL'r (^^'ea wbeocvwr it hUl■]>^iM^d her aa it did iwv. Poor toooi 
oltiid I Sbp foi^ot bow dull tliu Sijbur) had Uwu wInd sIhi nuuv, 
bittoily bIk bad rqo^icd bcr otlior Imdio in thcw long drauy • 
wh«'u there wuK un miiiiiJ iti ibi; huuw exofpt the MituiJ cif Uw 
clutin^ u|Kiu liLT £»lbi'r whi'U bo wiml out. All t upon lu^r raktbnr 
«-ciit out ! lie wbu vrsa oltl, whnic Ufu was oTer (for iiSx,y b aid affs 
wvcnuH^), ho could not toleiAtfl the intArnijitiaa of liii baldU. i>f Iu« 
wilb bifi fiiond ; but sbo tn tbo firet ttuab of her bcgiimiui; wax to b« 
out frutn averything, lAoiabed from her (neuds williout a word ! Ami 
UmitjMirovnrptODOin'a minda recuIlectioD of tlioMCVcnln^ftceutBunr 
tbe ftt« : Aunt Choriy bcndiu<|; \yov brows over bnr iwwll'OwgTk, mhI 
Eilwnrd riMiliujf: in thu light nf tiio lniii]i. How \\ • it vim, bn* 

svrcoli ikud it wiuaUovvr, nnd for what J Poorlii - aaxuXsteat^ 

to Luni round. 'Iliatatuiiw of ijilaehood aud iannocnly uvua to thr aaU^ 
•artb ondrT one's leut, wUirh is tbomoatljuwildoritigftndHclERiiiD^ oftll 
monl scuHitionfi, overcnuu.' bci'. It wna fur bur tunthi-r'Ft cnkc, tvcaiv i^ 

tbabtnlw l«rolipr, Ibot lie npiibl not l« Jitf • ttnitu. wUcL W 

b«en w sf>«ci*llT bor inotWs ; nil thow ycaiv ^ . ^ bad bo<en wuiV>- 
il^•, it wax hotnUiie tbo low «!' but wir» wiu Ireeti uiwju bi4 udoil, ami Ml 
blow no bitttT Unit bv lunld not Ki^i. 'i 'i ' [■ ; ■ r 

thio uew linnltiiu; tijtof Ida Uf<? 1 K 

Uomtilh'a! t.Vm jttUMxl wiili h<ir IkwI tiwimiuiiig . 

her to Kv if anytlunf{ 'bm Ktcndy in thu sudtli^ wlurL \ . i.. 

Ofwald, whnui c\*Girliuily ttdiv vuuld fiee) HUtiuowd t^t ho " i: 

nrcr llial 

with mill- I 

utj uoo vitii IbAli Ivelioii whii-b 0«w«ld • 

that b«rown y '■' ' ' ' " ■> 

ilitit't* uu) b«t' 1 ' . 

t^ acxt (by gv two wia fakhivi w^u wiHu n iii 

CABITi. 277 

mente for brenking up t^oin tho soarcely-ciititbliHhod houRcliold. Misa 
Cherry occupii-d herself witli many si^lis in packing rtwuy tbo silvor, 
shiitting up the lineD, all tho honscliold tio:isui'Cs, and covering tho fnr- 
niture with pinafores, Cai-a's clotlira ^^■crc in process of juicliiig, (.'nra's 
room was being dismantled. Mr. Iloi'osford's well-worn ]iortiu!inte!i,nx 
bad been brought out, and John and Cook half pleased at the i-enewod 
leisure which began to Rmilc iipon them, half-vexed at the cessation of 
their importanec as pnr\'eyora for and managers of their master's 
" ostabliishmont," were looking forward to the gi^eat final " cleaning up,' 
which was to them tho chief event of the whole. All was commotion 
in the house. The inteicourse with the hoiifc next di>or had partially 
ce4u';ed ; Oswald atill came in the morning, and Kdwaid in the cvciiijig; 
but there bad been no c:>mniunication between the ladies of Iho two 
houses fdnco tho evening when Mr. Bprcsford took final If;avo of Mi-s. 
Meredith. To sivy that there were not hard thoughts of her in tho 
minds of the Bcrcsfoi'ds would Ixj nntnic, and j-ct it was imposMibJe 
that any one could have been moi-e innocent than alio was. All that 
she had douo was to l>e kind, which was her habit and naturo. " But 
too kind," Miss Cheriy «dd privately to hei-aclf, " too kind ! Men 
must not be too mncli encouraged, Tliey should Ijo kept in their 
place," and tiien tho good aoul cried at tho thought of Iwing hard 
upon her neighbour. As for Cai-a she never put her thoughts en the 
snbject into words, being too much wounded by the mere suggestion. But 
in her mind, tio, there was a sense that Mi-s. Meredith mui't be wrong. 
It could not bo but that she muj^t bo wrong ; and they avoided eitcli 
other by instinct. Aft«'r poor James was gone, Miss Cherry promised 
herself who would call foruiiilly and hid good-by to that elderly en- 
chantress who iiad made poor James once more an exile. Nothing 
could exceed now her jiity for "poor James." She. forgot the darts 
with which sho herself h;ul slain him, and all that had been said to 
his di^redit. Ho was the Buflerer now, winch was always enougli to tmu 
the balance of MLea ChoiTy's thouglits. 

When thingH liad arrived at tliis )iitoh, a sudden and extraordinary 
change occurred all at once in Mi*. Iteresford'.s ]>lans. For a day no com- 
iQunications whatever took jilace l)etwecn No. 7 and No, 8 in tho Square. 
Oswald did not come in tho morning — wliich was a tiling that might bo 
accounted for; but Edwartl did not ajtpcar in tho evening — which was 
more extraordinary. Miss Cherry had brought out her ai-t-nc wile work, not- 
withstanding the forlorn air of semi-dismantling which the drawlng-i-oom 
had already assumed.and Cara had her hemming ready. "It will only lie for 
a night or two more," said Cherry, " and we may just as well l>e comfort- 
able ;" but she sighed ; and aa for Cara, the expi-ession of her young counte- 
nance had changed altogether to one of nervous and imjiatient trouble. She 
was pale, bst eyes had a fitful glimmer. Her aunt's little ways fretted 
her as thsf hftd never done before. Now and then a sense of tho intoler- 
dile Hued npon ^ob girl She would not put up with the littU draV-^ 
oontndiatiDiift to which eretjbodyis liable. She would Wts\i o\A.\iA. 


wordv of tmpAtioDCV altogothnr foreign to bor xaxMi cUnntctcr. Sbe wm 
fretUxl beyoud her powont of «<nduraiire. Bat at tliis Diompnt titf ttlmti 
down again. Hie aoi)ui»ii»(l in Kfira <'lii:rrj'jt little nji-i^li uid iicnnU 
(Jr«w tb<t rlinJni into tliPir nstuil plnowi, »inil got tlw hoot wliirJi E<i«»H 
had lx«ii rrwiiins to them. The kdies wcro vcrr r\aict, rxp*ctin(j tbtit 
viKitor J tlio fim mnt furth littlti pulfH of Itainu tuiil i!riM.'ldi3t of suwul, 
the clock ticlcH aaflly, eTerything cIhs v>ax dleot. Okra r«l] into ■ ■■» 
of tuuji}' fnncies, mora tmoqiiii tkaii nsu&l, fortlti} i<lca tbitt he wtiuji 
cnn»r liAil iii>loiiVi'edkoi- miiK). At Icaat tl»cy woitli] W liK(>[>y lo-i 
'Jbin tbou^bt htlkilheriiitoAkiiKl of fc^'crinh tnuiqtiillity, nitA rtml 
her fn>m txmsiug, as Mias Choi-ry did, to tbe Beuso Lbat L« had not i 
Mhtsuwial hour ami might iM>t becoming. " Etlvnrt1i«T«)3' Inte," 
C'ltBiTV Nuil »t liuct " Wan tbcro anj amiiigoiiraiii mnilit, Oarn, tl»l 
ViU not to come I 

" Arnuigvuieat I Uuil he wu not to coma ! * 

" My dew," eaiJ good Miu Vhtniy, wh« bad been very ibill Cir 1 
IsKt bour, "yon haw. grown m ulraiige in yonrwftyi. 1 dtpu'l iruiil 
blame yoH, Cai-a ; htit li'iw nm I to know ) Onwabl conidsiii ib« inoniiu 
uid Edwni'd in the pvaniog ; but how am I lo know 1 1 f one km 
mora to you tbun tlio oUm-, If you tbmk rooro of one tbM) tfao 
yon never toll on. Cam. in it quite right, dear I 1 thought jn 
vould haw toltl iu« tlial (Uy tbnt Onwald camo nod w&iitrd to no] 
alooo ; of coun4>, wo know wlwt that monnt ; but you oviubnl all Uf 
qnestionR ; you aeTtr wonbl tell mc" 

"Aunt Cberry, it wim hocauaa there waa nothing to tell. I uit 
jon them would bo nothing." 

"Then thero ou^it to hnve been aooiDthiiij^ Can. Oot; ma «hrt 
Etlwnrd focla, )>oor Iwy, and I am vtay Ron^ fut* hiin. An>l H in 
hard upon him— bard npoD us nil lo Im ao Qraoted. Toans \itai^ 
oi^{ht to be honttil in tlieae inatten. Yea, (h«r, it ia quite true. I an tM 

pleaaod. 1 Imve not been pleawd eror aince " " 

" Aunt Cliory," tiaid tlio girl, her face erira»oni her vnt tuWat tmit, 

" why do you npfaraiil me now — in thiHilw inomentt Aa if I w«m um 

unliapfty eoou)^ Vr'bat doce 1G<lwai-d feel f Does fi« (oo rajivrt av wl 

tell him of somellun]; that duM iiol vxiNt t" I 

"Four Edward I All I run >»y m, that if wo are uiitia{i]iy, k* nl 

unhi^|iy too, and nnhii)ipi<-r tluin citlior you nr nan, fur be h M 

Poor bny ! bat he in young and bo will got airi>r it," said Mw ^'^htfrn 
with a dn-]) sigli. I 

"Oil, biiali. biiab! bottell meof him— hiiab r"M.-ud Cam ^a-rrlf . "11 
b»r Mmouming up Um atnin." I 

Tbem w«a toau) oiw tyrfaiuly comifg i']-.' ' ^J 

Giiward't youthful footstop, light and it|iringT. Tt ■> i^H 

tread. Tb<iy llstnifd, aomewbat tmatUt«.- .ua tit ^H 

intTMttng diacuBbion. aod woodend at tbe i: ^ .,.,.0* ^H 

At U«t the door ufwued slowly, Md Mr. Bcrt-rfuM ^H 

him himii, nnia into Uio riioni. U« VMmn •\ftiit ^H 

CARITA. 279 

said anytliiug. The envelope vhich lie held in his hand seemed to 
have contained both the opea lettera which he carried along with it, and 
one of them had a black edge. He waa still running hia eyes OTor this 
as he entered the room. 

" I think," he said, standing with hia hand upon Cara's table, at the 
place where Edward usually sat, "that you had bettor stop your packing 
for the moment. An unfortunate event has happened, and I do not 
think now that I can go away — uot bo soon at loast ; it would be heart- 
less, it would be unkind ! " 

" What is it 1 " cried Miss Cherry, Bpringing to her feet. " Oh, Jamee, 
not any bad news from the Hill 1 " 

"No, no; nothing that concerns ua. The fact is," said Mr. Beres* 
ford, gazing into the dim depth.1 of the mirror and avoiding their eyes, 
" Mr. Meredith, the father of the boys, has juat died in India. The news 
has come only to-day." 

Sbtet l*obt is geair. 

SwBET Love is dead ; 

Where shall we bury him I 
In a green bed. 
With no stone at his head, 

Nor tears nor prayers to worry him. 

Do you think he will aloep. 

Dreamless and quiet 1 
Yee, if we keep 
Silence, nor weep 

O'er the grave where the ground- worma riot. 

By his tomb let iis part. 

Bat huflh I he is waking I 
He hath winged hia dart, 
And this mock-cold heart 

With the woe of want ia aching. 

Feign we no more 

Sweet Love lies breathless 
All we forswore 
Be sM before! 

Death aukj die* but Love is deathless, 




(TfaiuKtr's Cobt-pottrji. 

WmsximEii Ch»u«r w apoicca of, e-nry KngtUli Tjot^ witKtD il^hl 
briKhtonH. A KtMviiil, voiy otlilly-mixcd, liut. od itic wholn, n liijtiil; 
jiluLtniiL liwr&ry Mnaation is Btirrcd. Tlie cliteAaiL outwurd nipi u r 
Iwiuldiiig of tlic eym. With tbn iiuni, tiw )o<^ iuxtAud; lecouwn m; 
kngwing, and thcro ia n quick impulse to liLiiglib>r, tnorr-or-Ic(«lirci«l; 
in the Imt inxtanCM nmoDg tbo wiMorD, jiuit n littln HtilTrDiug of Cktriui 
Mta in, vitb thr ItoKitming cf u bhult, Ahor five otntiu-iea, U>e m b 
tboM wova roDo^uisrH the {>o«t tis ite greal crIUo. In noitln'r case is tbo 
oSlKtliftd. An En^liHliuum in the first itAgD of eqjoying h slj'joke.iol 
an EnglisliwcHniii i>C(Iitt<Oy fluNliitig in tlio dieeke at tlie apj>rcl)aQaigii (f 
it, kre Rcon at &n sdvnntast!. ITie two Asp«cli form our heat nAtioul 
prceentmcnt. ^iVliat ia reoUv at the bottom of the iirovocation ii « 
kDowlcdgfi that Chaucor, Amiditt all liis merila of keen ootnic wit, Li^ 
poetic Gtncy, oiiii Iovd of sotno scenes of nature, i» improper. 

If evnr Uinnt vnu any clintMOoT the fiwit being forgotten, r^JM, uul 
bffom liiiu DryJen in n Icskt d«gr«<, did it nvay, by fafiteninf; tqvm 
some of tbo wonrt paasa^, doijig all that was pwaubtp to tnodtroisc ibe 
MsuidaL Locfeily, th« gross in«(tmt« tb^in»Ir«8 Iiavo an inconU* 
dnnuy oiitiqiifneRa ; Ibo jokes are a gooil deal too btoad to he mads 
<|tiite trvah nnd rvry injariouii. But, in the mvnntlme, the popular rwnl- 
ledioiiof the love-poetry of Chancer hui dwindled down to liitlft bal 
tboN oliHCMiitied ; Tlie Ift/'e of Both and January nivt Mai/ beiai; onhr 
i&)tipit«d and purifit^) in part hy tlic immortal sketch of tho IVwraBi rfjB 
the Prologue to the TaU9. Tlio fact seems i>carly lo have dropped (hA^ 
of si^t, l^at ho hNN a «)iLito dilTerettt set of ontUc*— on« ao hlj;h.flan, 
iiO!ti>nliiiK>ntal,iiH tMt lavrely not to In: wicked, but to be childisfaly { 
For thi! injustice, be Las himself to thank motw than hu too \ 
iiiUKToury modcrntser*. He >uu hid<Ieii nway in sh«er ovorwk 
prolixity aomo of the Kwcctnt fomalo rhanu-t«riwtiotu In th« 
What his ftffiaxing multiplication of words di<l not i|uitA fully 
fini»brd hy the nnliapp; aanculion of the pnfsum with a hnd dii; 
mnin llteme. LitoratnM diows mim/^lM of want of Miutc in 
topics, IfUl, for in, Chaucer tintsb cnrr remaio Ihti ^urst csampliv 
1 . ' ; " ■ . ■ biiunt pvi-n lliiH d|jri«ucfi. IT- 
!•/ Ihf ffof ni!t) Troil'iM and Ct 
onr Dwi) UioratTin; of - irr's axnctly similar pr 

mrddling v^tb Vtniu nr.' .i-^-,:U and Tka Rap» tff Lient^ 
tnt-u lind not UthI to do other wark, otir two gnatisl, » 

tmACOKirs TjOTE-POBniT- 




bamm wouM Lave Htmk to Ui« Iiottom of Uie list, ilmwing tJte oyai oC 
postrnty lhi1h«r by a sbaineful glitt'^r of phrase. 

I Ih>fon! ([oing fdrtliw, it may ho m whil ta pfiint oat how \*ety sutoll 

ft portion ot C'huucat-'H vrork dwJoN iho Bpcda] im[»rc8m<ni of liioi wliich 

Bov in IviiitoricHlly tnuiainittcU fiom ^Kiicratioii ta genoration. 

I If it won) |<Nnibl(! to tnlie away ouly litll« more Ikan n tenth ]>arG of 

Elio |HKt'a voliiminoiiii writutKn, ttrarr: woiil<l \>e left » nuus of oiitlnnclmh 

Mdbil linvin;^ iiutUiii^ irhatcver to <lo witlt aiiylhiiig we dov know of 

■■dish LftHUn. Iiutoad of ii(>)Hyiring n l>i-tKul hamoni-ist, wiUi aa over- 

P0min|* love of nature, jMUntin;; {>cnaiu and ficc-nco with otimA rraUty, 

Utiira vrouli] thvn aocm to bo uu KiigUnli |ioet no artiiiciid, so rotuantic, no 

LuJudju^iatl aa CliAUcer. TL« tr\illi is. tJint the literary luwociitttonx for 

irllkb tlio nii^utioa of lib name is the pue, belong to tbo CaiUn/ury 

Tal:» onl;. Even tliis iit too l*rgt> a ■tatoinont The 7Wm themaclrcM, 

<r th« [greater ])art, are as outljiniltHh an aDythinft elm in tlto works, 

thuu^h, tip<«kiuj; generally, Uioy hnva eome activity, boido inciiJent, 

■ful,iu BO far.aitpeal to comtUDn KyiuinUiy. But if the matrhlnM Intjx>- 

liKtton luid not bwn wi-ittou, or had liccn diilereal, aiul if hi; hod not 

lu'lotl in the litt two or thi-oo of tbo storks, or not given prolof^ea to 

ic oliif-pi, (.tiBHair coulfl not hanj snrviriMl in our Ittemture. (>f 

mtw, there is » hUtom-Al expUuatiOD for it all, only it Mould tv tnliotis 

I^ve it ba-i> in detail. Nor i» it wlinlly witliout honour for Chaucer. 

tit nt Its hrief'Nt, tlic oxjiSnation Is tbia : bis obji<ct was to gi^'o 

tgliihinm a Utnn.lurc bodily, iiutnntly ax it wct«, lif tmnsforring into 

M ton^ie, Hucb ns ho ibuod it and madv it, the Sutioua aclu«?enHaibs of 

ibv gn»t foti-ifiii wnterK. Tho up]M>r elrclea of those Ito wtnto for, 

oti^h forming tbo Court of England, could haid]y be ilnmbcd a« other 

Ml fiirrijriK'm J at any rat«, tbcy wen» of most artiQctal ta^Ua, nml tho 

iigb!y-«riic«I hoprowiugiii from Fi-anro ami ItaJy w^rfi nwant for that 

in the firet plnro. What i» moxt wondrrfid w, tliat in 8pi(« of this 

dl«M traiuUting, Chaucer cotild still keEiji for a part of hia othor work 

liomeltcr but kconor rrin of Kngli-tb thinking so I'ure. For in thri 

tflty partinn of 'An C'lHl^rtMry Tal's aro Uip rootA of what in icpocial 

onr Ittmvtunv If anyow was aaked to dcM-rilip that specialty, ha 

wvold very likoly say — lb is » robiiat kind of humoor eager to rwtc 

r ' ' >liiii% tlifai origlnallj in a spirit of fun, but riains:, nvtn-itndngnin, 

1 . t fli|;hta of patIio« ; tlin n[^x»ii(> fr<,>tiiig)t l-oln'^ m Iriily mixed iis 

%fy answoT tfl a pcrEivt pictorial obaractoriaation of hiimnn life ftntn a 

(mint of critical Hti{)Ci-iority, but of a ten'gued auy^tonco of i6 ns good 

knnnBh.or nonrly so, when mmgniocd to b«i imporfocL The kind criti- 

( .an wiilc and lilMTnl lluil it in a Mfli frf naltiral rpli;,noii. 

\t .... liT>iii){ toitglil ill tlw very luidst of tbo lan^jlitor, otit of 

■rliieh a lorifp fnrfn^ng (^omlnmii v* to grow witltont much cflbrt. This 

\ ''-■'' '.'■ ^liili Utcmiun; \a iwir called fabakcepearion, otid it mtifit l>c 90 

~b*ke8pMm slianng iu iinpttlMs mora largely still. But with 

Ltnct hiatirrical aceurnoy it might for n uonunt be styled Cltanoerian ; 

I tDt. xzxT.— MO. 307. 14. 



uid, indeed, ir tticrc tuul hvtsa fluctentk-uai in Sbnkeopento'a lifotiiM, ha 
work at the fint taunt bkvc be«n ebmteneit uSiar Cbaurar. Botli ^j 
bulk and fineoeKi tho 1«tiv poet in tlio end makoi good liu uiperioritT, 
for tlin ijiumtil^ of tbis oxcolliiir^ in Cbnacer is not f^rvaX Uix IbI 
t hi n g a, howeror, uw the most Kn^tisli Uiingx ;ct vrriltdo in ov 

Tho point nccii not Ik: dwr-lt on rui-tltci'. Our l'iwinA« bir*- n 
iiLsUuitlj to nnrrow «ll we have h^m siyiiig into tbo HtntroiiTuI, th*i. 
witti the ttlwre exveptiouH, Clinucoi-'ii wi-itinpi lira n ItickiuIiUBiail exa^ 
ntion of one Ibeliog — Love, aiul that in tlieui the t>Be»<fon ih iniai iuitt 
waktatt vauiest form of scDtiiamlAlity. He u, nnit fur «v«r «fl 
reniuii, ihe cbivf orotic poet of n»v laiigu»g«. Siiii|>)v fiooi I}ki giwmf 
muItiplicitT of motJvtM in huniAn life, and the inrrcnM in tfao ftcatnl 
baxiiiCN* of existence, tite aexoal tnstiiicfc miuit lotie part of U» cwaf n 
UbenrtAire. It hwl fiur fewer oomiMlitors in tho day" of Cbiuoer, but k 
nvail«d btmaolf of it to thp ver^ ntmost. Toin MooreV wry mcJan 
traatttient of love waa only niMgro nud occwionnl iilmigxidi' Ohunr^ 
use of the topic ; llcrricli's \yiifx, in oomparison, mnld only be talM 
tbo mureat momentary xnulcbca; Byron'a iMilnntuUaus dark iUUyiii( 
witb tho tlicnie waa only dcanltory UiUing cxinliastMl with Cbiuorr'< 
tndagtrj !n wlebnUng th« rvlationii of the eexoa. Tliis u tlx? Uv 
doBcripUon be gives of liiinself * to Itosiall in TA« Court qf Lovi i — 

lo art of lov-« I vritr. and *oa|{M naka 
ThnI iBAjr l>a aau j is hoiwtir <rt tiK Uv 
And qnoiw or lont— Lino* 8M-M0. 

His stirviving atock of ^timii>(«t«on nxtkoiui up to nmrlv 4^,'">" 
liiMfl — a long day's Ulxtur, npccially if we tak« into tuvount ti/ 
email itock of worda there tJten waa for rbyuiag. Out of Uiia jpmul 
toUl Tft- /iomaunl o/ Ihf R,^ xxl TroiUu -jiuI Cr<»f'ui« uwkn ICJWO 
linoB. Tbow arv the only olgcctioaaUo «T)linjp of tJie MintiiiHaMl 
kind i the wrang-dtMUg in Thti CatUrrhvty Tatrji m dimply n>»(^ bd>- 
cenoy — a scuidaloin n»e of (ow comic incidsat for the Huke of tiK«d Mr 
rinent. In tliMe other higbly oniato tTnikalnii'>iw, tlie sjiiiit is thtt ^ 
lie ItAlutn and Frvn^ b (M-olitti. Tlic fonucr po»iit, TA' Mtfimmnt i^ tl« 
HoK, taken, as cvorjlKKly kao«->, from ibe Frvnrli.'^mtlK, it lau lot 
lunl«d, of Uiint[ moraJiiwd ; but for tbinyou would hnvft bo Irtat itJa* 
■1)l« twin »vinlKdiMil. an't it Inlioim uu^lw tbrdrswlncl. 
'luturjirctotMHi woabl W tU'lw»iDt. OtM.i is gW to mvTi' 
Chauonr'g impiM'fect rcmion now HtAnda, M>iun of tlit* wdnt {Mamfn > 
U>n ont. Cut the fact maaius tliat tip allotted to iJtis t&sh '' 
of 7,70U iioM ; lliAt Ia, ic stuidB for more ttuui an i^litL . 
rliytlimiml doinin. Whm orcn^ mitignUoQ Ilw Imcq urgnd, mifuw < 

<■• uttUwt nOftol ki Iwf^cu «• UKb fwfj nutarikJ. 



stiU Mt THo BUirrcl ioeMum en litrnins; to the eeoxid of Oum fcia 
two great achieremenbt, TVqiYuj ni*d Craniilt la » ponn or which 
ofAioAj l>a> Tflt voDtuToJ to hint tli^t it ts « mtiuod iu illKgnmi. Thv 
monl if tnora oomplelely Uidilen Uino in Ttn //^JiMint/ ^ fA^ Hom; ta 
(act, everybody kuuws tlwt it bu ooikn. U ia « porm bnring to do 
with wanton*, Vuid beim; nude worn by tho intArjiooitioii uf Tmi* 
dama, whoso luue fnmisbM the moat tlissmcWtil ctiriAtmirif; af liumnn 
woftk. In tills piftce ITiaiiecr had IV>cc««> for Lib iiumtcr, 1>iit be SO 
dwelt upon his work itax liia vai-tationH nml ailtltliutut tniiki! Uto ynynm 
loo^^r Ouui tlir origiiw] tiy nliovv 2,700 Iiimm. It u-wt n unl i r-)| 

CQiilii iwl tm either voriei) or ainitlitinl into niQnUity, tttnl. :< iv, 

Uierc Roald tcArtv-ly )>o any iiddlng to iltt IxidiieNK, (.'lutiicu' Mnifiljr 
tnuie it norfr. witliout tnnlcing it Any worse or any tetl4T. Tiw fiv« 
nvotoa oontfliD &,1U3 lines, llic gifiug of 16,000 linws to such to^iica 
as Um« ta nmazitig. not to My i>cv|K>at«n)iiK. Diit tliix. Iiioiily, ilum not 
aairly «ahauBt Cliaucer'a lovc-(>o)!try. Tfio nst, if uiyooe bad the 
ron^ nofraUognnai to ■*; >t, migbl. be aid to be allliar th»o wbut wo 
ItBTS bom apnldoj; of. ^oou ri-oiii it tlio pnlitieo-ocdMiartical Mtire, 
wUcb ta tlto PtK tvdeemiuf; fe«tun> of The ttomauiU of M< Ao9r, liae 
bOKrIy (jtiito rniiiBli<>d, while tb« hard philoaophy of worldly wisdom 
i^H-inklnl li1«ntlly tbtoiigbout Troilv* and Crrteitle, has dtnjipoared 
wholly. In ilWr stead, tJLaucer'a owa picccfl oJ^r only the nuucat 
HUggoation of a natural jipi-aotiiL] liking of & man for a woniui, or a 
woiaan for a man, wflued by « mi^Jilativo con torn |ilat>un of a p'noTml 
iuacrutabto exoetlmcc in the idol, until not a tmcn of tho scent of BmIi 
ranaiM in ttiA ijaasaou ; ibn wordii rdmply from poiniin); to Qo4hii)]{ tw bs 
dona, inv» an aimlMfl impractical wonliip of rpx ou eithiv sido, giving 
ofT, rram nxn excnsn of fcelin" piurly hratvil, n pnfumu nit aonnd and 
aw^ri and keoa m rediir. lint, that in a |>oiiit Iu 1>o UAtln cirnr lat«i-. 
Kint, l«t iw nm over Oi« list willMRt much hocdinn Uiis inner quality. 

Of not a few of tlie pii><««, tho titir wifliciciilty tolls lli« Udr. y^a 
Court t^ Love, wbioh malcn 1,400 lines, is an iiuitiitinn of Tht ftomttitiU 
lo/ fA' Sot. It in ali«olutoly dovont, whicli, in tho circiiiustaiicca, ia • 
Emat iDitrit ; liat. if wo oxeopt a fino tlttn voin nf hiinoiir in il. and \iam 
[liy all iM ]wafla;;G* of dolicalf poetry, it mi^l In; mid to In nx nnrml aa 
BtA mod*!. fJlr! CntupUtiut of l'\i>i, in ao fur wi it now liaa any tnt«ll>- 
Igilality. M an appeal agiuniit Ihocrudty of luvt- rcfuwd; Uiooidy Bdlijt'ce 
■ being a ftini'ifnl coiwrft, which wns HulGcient for liliM-at«ire in thnao daya, 
lUioi^h for fi-om Ix^Eng ao nev, lo tlM> cfleot that Pity in dfiad and tMriM 
Bo ft gmtlo heart. The pi«« iHwJod Oj ',»«<■'« AttmlUia and Fattn 
WAnil* ia a very sontiuiftilHl ditty ; it bwnjt tlm Indy this time, snd not, 
K^D TrmhiM oiw/ Crtttiile, the ^i-nllrnian, who in Uw vittiai. Tho 
^^Lijitkin of Queen AnnnliiU, "Ou"«<i of I^rAdiiy," i« mit wrlhout aomo 

bundUn air of wliieb we uliall have to sqieak affaitt In tbo Att'wtbty « 

Nt i a__^ 


■ — ■■■ ^ 


Fowlrs v6. hnro a j>aritli)e almul St. Ynlenliiie'!! TMf, nnd Uie choanng 
of inatm. 7!t« CQfpJaint af Oin lilnck Kniffll U ull that liO cnnnol win 
lib Iftdy'ti gncn. In Tiie /Joilv oflfifi /Julehfiar the wot* nrism in a w&t « 
iittlo taon nntunil, mikc tlio luotiriKr Uo.* lo^t luiS i<]»I by <iixktli, Imt hia 
own Ffietiu;? had ftlitnilj u«trlj- kille<l liica in tlio wooiug vS lie 
Ckavc^'i Dream oiiim U> liim. wliUo 

1b aiajr, I In; ujxjn n nigbt 

Alona. Rail oii tnj- Incl; tliN^I.— tJnu 8-0. 

Within the inM-r«l)oii« Uo lo whidi ho ^oca in slocfi, Iho gMlnm! 
aim] tlio cAlftstTOpho all rdiito to lovp. rAi /'toicfr noii tA« 
wKntcror iw its iiit«R<l4!iI luomi, baa for ite obvious Uicme Lba 
relation. A suffirieut cxplanntiun is prcnof Ths Complaint ef Mi 
and rrniM, hy tlio iiilium bmught Uignlbor in llm tilV. 7%« Cwihtr 
ami th'' SiQhtiwjaU i.t nnAtliPj- bird fitbln, of wliicli tlui tint [iltiiiNt ia 
Uint wdl-wom ono— " The GoU uf Lora" 

In tbis bulged luontion wft Iiave UMrly got tliKii^b tbo li»t of 
work* ; bnC, if in whnt remniua, tlio TDonotonoiu I'ipic vmrKS a Ui 
Ui«K< is rtill iniicli of ihf oM vnXn. Th- I^twl of Owxl Ifomm nhmhb 
to be mwint to supply tbp deftct iw^utcd mit hy Th* Wyr ^^f Btth. 
rrbat mcrty My sayo, witb a Mnngth of |^ru» not too soiall Ux ft 
(^tlenuut — 

By OoJ. If vimwDn IdvMm wnUmstwlM. 

Ai clrrl(«« hnn. viihtn hir ftntoriw. 

Th«7 a-cil'l liare writ of iii*ii non wikkenbieiM 

T^iBB nil tho niciko of Ailnm nwy ndtetM. — liMt SS7A^ 

Oknucor, in tlw proloxnc to iho Lttftnt, a ontored by tlic god hinwdF— 

TliM thalt while UiBl thou Ikiyt. ytn \-3 ytt*, 
TIm miwt partis nf tliy Una (pando 
In msttnit of n gloHnuk Iv^aJa 
Of SM(1 voiDCii, nuJoiMH and irir(», 
That «*rr« Irvm in lovlni; all liir lir«a, 
And ull of biM men tkat hciu IctniM. — tioM 481-^. 

It in still loTC, though only the andncss of it in its catutrophn. 

If wre now turn back for k moment io The Catttfrhury Tata,' 
have only to pu I naiilo TAn Kmshir't TnU, Thn Han of J/atnt't 7*itCr>, cad 
7%i CIrrkJt TaU, i1m rtorin inuuit to 1><> utterly tm^-ic, ami wr iInS 
fi»I tliA very opiMcitfi oapeet of tha p&uian pvtn. In lU" |>U«f> of iW 
BootimratAliiy, tberc b luutl raliont of tbc omrBcat, GomnoniM kind n 
lil«n\t(ir«. Ont of tho tweoty-lwo ^ioem, aine h«ri- '. '. 
for tbcjr lUnxt th«nie— flatl, violcecl, or fiirdoal ; ikiiil 
If it htvi tioi Iwcti ciit (Jiort. prmnin^l to aiiitcc » l«ul umUi. To mn- 
|i|ot4> our rnii&h min'py (Imvins out UiP |iri"w |<iM>i*, 7''- "■■'- ' 
i/rliicv»), we hBvo to «d() to tho other twelve take. « - 
flawed M wtorina ■ ' 
In DOi wlroUy will 
htlf-vMv Irlllpa of (ii» inlatir immbk. 11i*l n alMoliilily •) 

marrellous nuu of ChanwrV wArk. vb)«ii McnpM tlie mouolu&j- of tblt 
one recliog. At Inut, liro-tbirds of his Ufo-lonj; labours wcx-e about 
lovo, Imviug no otlicr nwti*'* or ULiiiiralitui wbatoviT. He ira» hinixclf 
fully ftwiiit! of itiw, for llio Jtan of Litw*, iu iho prolo^p, sjwakiiij oi 
CbauMr liy Duap, tan — 

For ko hnlli toM iif lot'trt up aud dowDi 

Ito tttuaOvUu iDula ofniculi'itin.— Lin** 44|C-1. 

^P So Tht as to tlio qnantily of the lovc-poeiry ; tbo (junlity, bowW'Or, 
M of more u^tiifiianvD ami tnU'rmh still. Ijitoi' «,-« vU) sliow th»t tliera 
is a fnint plnT of comic wit tlirouj^hout Iho sad ttcatiDcmt of tlt« topic; 
(jtit for ^wty Katiric&J ur Jroll tme dmuiin* vroto of love, ho |Mmnc(l 
fifty of Uic itioMl nrtilioAl mAlunclioIy wliich Kngliah wordii, villi > ^^ood 
aldng out of Krcti<^)i, Ituliuu, anil LaUa irlinuea, coiiM tnko on. It in 
this iiicr«(iiblo ientimnntnlity of Cbnooor wo ore HMkiog for a mometit 
ngun to bring into n^DicmbriitKN;. 

A vagao notion ^sts, tliiU aa love U a fixed fnet of Kuuuui mturo, 

ita Diutle is iileo lixn). witli »n1y, in each ommiumly, aoime littlo 

cuUiU-ity ArinQg fcuiit diScrouoo of luoc. Xottung c»n bo fuHltcr fi-oui 

truth of history. At proKDt, in Kuropean society, \avv'» eeremoBtttl 

. dtrinilliil to uotliin^; tli<>ugli it L<, jK^t'1iii|Ki, in KagtoQiI tluit it kiu 

'bubI Qilvrly lost all rcstilntiva otiiiuctte^ Tlieuae lingering fonuulity 

of teiuf; vlosednl fur t«Q pouiiful moiucuta witli tlic Wly's pnpk in a 

room coIJik) lii«o«m, id no longer kUolutoly roquiroJ. Wliat haa to bo 

•kid fau been known to be blurted out in riding to-or-from the meet of 

hoaadit, or wbuu iiittiiig uu the Lkwu iu fVost of tlio houMi, or iu woJking 

ID tli« gardon. A woi-d with mxnimn, in some oism which mjuiM to 

be nuule Tery oasy, will vkox Habstituto tlio not iiitomew with thu lualo 

hwd of the fnmily aito{ctber. The tV\cT (;«titleman aftorwards makM 

a joko to the yoiuigor about it, ami lOI i^ ooiisidvred svttliKL At tho 

J, criticil, cliviiiivu nemie IxHwtiai tliD vouitii people then.' iii still, 

must !iiiibuii!us, a i|>ccialty of mnubot' — numiihiug of the ncrvuu)iii«M 

prior g^i'ratjoua of ancc4tr.1l wooers ^t linji^eriugty aurvirtis ui a 

^ vomaoly bitiah on 0110 itiil«, a poaung pallor 011 thn oUier. But lu wcax 

I Ihe iadisjioiisabte quMtioQ has bocn aakoi nad atuworcd, tfai; diHidoniw 

sbW tato tlio bUinkeit faniilunty. That antiquo exf^y;emtion of th« 

FBexuul fa-ling wlucb mado dielnnt aiiproucfaefli gmduul advniiots, and 

loog-wutuneJ suijwuae, mttunl and ueceanry, is gouo ; no longor ta a 

rigli an incident, a uiIhuco an episode, the toucli of two binds fate, and 

a i^fokeu refoaal a life's catAsirojiho. It hiw nil nhrunk into the buying 

a»d givinfE of an <m)ta^ ring, worn with bold oatvatatiouanosa. The 

oU highly clnli-;ni'>vl <>c^iuiiM.tiou of the fc«liu^' U thwight uonwtiso 

HL I7 thiiau- whu «-(iulil Ix' iM-.v %\n> woruv for n little of iu emotiona] 

^Bli«t(;htenii)3. But bctwiM:n that Btntcly nm-niimiitl and tlie pnwont 

^^Wlihww or inoniiiir, tliera have been all tiitoruMlato Hi-muw of ilway 

aad hwcoiuv. ^ljw «u ite artivi-'d ut this ]iuint, tliat tJie tliRtitk'tton 




of the sexes con scarcely any longer be said toliavo a scntimcatal toIu^I 
a pliyaiologiuiil LliUV-it^uce is, ]Mn-fijrce, reeogniaed ; but it in u jiolitic 
economical niraDneiuciit, which coaiita for notlilug further. Cliaoc 
knew nothing of this. In the greater part of hia ]K>etry, lore !» at ib 
most jnotuiyisquo lioijiflit; tlio intercom muni cation of men and women' 
is of the fityle of r omiince ; wopi4jg ha.s n sot litual. We do not say 
that the nidilo of tlie jiaasion he pictures wna nwilly in full English iiM 
at any time — mther, we confens, that thwe ia a good dea.1 aliout it of a 
foreign air. Bnt.iit loist, the style was sufficiently domesticated here 

Aniaziug as it is, ve liave to 
'ashion of love, at oua time hud 

lastily givon thus ; — Love ia 
I at the iiist diajiuto hotwe 
garden, the point is stated 1^ 

to he |io]inlariy arsiilable for lit 
suppose that t.liis uieJItiitivi), do-i>: 
a real interest for our uucestorH. 

Chaucer'if |iresont«t!on of it mi 
fatal uecessity. In Tlic Kniglde!^ 
Paiamou and Arcito tuer Emulie ir. 
Arcite — 

A infto nioato aades lore Wttniw hii htA, 

lie uiaj not flem iL, thoogh lie ehnlil b* dul. — Lines 1I7I-2. 

No detailed osplraialion in t:^vou oF the en use of thia poi-tentons obli- 
gation, ftirther than a general mythologieal celebration of the power of 
the god of love. In a later passage of the same tale, he makes Duke 
TheseuB say, in amazement — 

Tlic g^i of love, a ! htnedk-i/e, 

lluw mijjhtj- am! how grefc n lord is he ?— Linoa 178B-9. 

And, in a still moi-c lengthy eulogy, with which The Cuckoto and the 
Nightinguh opens, it is atfirmed — 

Sliorlly, nil that ever he woU ho may. — Lino 16. 

Tliia is all we ai-e told. The jjassion is left as a large natural escit«- 
meut ; it is somehow y.ivi of the world's gi-eat t^tations ; but, as in the 
birds and other creature, it has a special reference to the almanack. 
An access of it comes in the month of May. From The Cuckow and the 
NvjhtiiiQalc we take this passage — 

Fur every true gcDtlo liaric free 

• • • • « 

Againo May now shall hnve some storing, 

Or lu juy, or ela to some mourning. — Linea 91-2t. 

A great modern |)Ot!t has somewhat i-evived this rustic tradition. Mr. 
Tennyson pays it is in spring that young men's thougbta most lightir 
turn to love. But we Ijeliove that these calendar appointmenii 
longer strictly hold good. 

Tlie excitement, whenever or however it comes, is ft 
a pei'sonal selection is not needed to inspire it Id 


wbere^ke makes lumaelf tlie exemplar, Chaucei', on arriving before the 
Qaeen, simply prays her — 

Of^thy gcBce, 
Ho to beitovDOT :d some blcBsed placo.— Lines 636~7< 

Directly, he adds — 

For bote I love, dsUrmiDO in no place. — line 646. 

And although he goes on to mention a, vision of a lady in a dream, 

Might iche her know, her vovld I fuine, God wol , 
Serve luid obey villi all benignitie. — Lines 660-1 , 

he winds up with, if — 

that no wise I shiill her never see, 
Thftn graant me hei that best inny liken me. — Lines 663-3. 

He adds, despite this indeterminateness — 

Qroat ii the paine vhieH at mine herte doth sticks, 
Till I be sped b; thine election. — Lines 673-1. 

Indeed, in some places, yet more mysterious hints are scattered. At 
the bc^;inning of Canto V, of Troilus and Creseide, Diomede tcllw the 
frail Creseide — 

Foe I hnve licArd or this of many a wight, 

Hath lorad thing ha Dover saw his live. — Linos 164-5. 

At Love's Court there was a crowd of unallotted persona suffering these 
TaguB pangs. They are, in these terms, bid to seek the temple of the 
goddess: — 

And yo that bon nnpurveyed, pray her eke 
Comfort yon soon. — Lines fi61-62. 

But the whole case is still better stated by the Black Knight in The 
Book* ^the DuUheaae. He says he did " homage " to love- 
Long, and many a yero 

(Ece that my herto was set o' whero) 

That I did thna and n'iat why, 

I trowB it camo me kindoly. — Lines 774-7. 

He even regrets that he, in some way, came short of the i«quir&- 

ments — 

Poll little good I couth, 

For all my werkes were flitting 

That time, and all my thonght varying. 

All were to me ylicke good. — Lines 800-3. 

There is aomething in this, we doubt, which does not sound like perfect 
innocence. It looks very real. 

Bat the vagneneBS only holds good of the preliminary period and 
■tage. Once the true selection is made, it is always fatal — at least, on 
mw lida 1^ gsneml predisposition does not leessn the shock of the 


falling in love Ui the final inalaace in nny dcji-ee, Wlien it coium, it 
occurs with such [irecipitation iis mntea it doue certainlj occfl fur sU, 
A single look is enough. No aoonor does Pliiloheiie lead Chauisir inU 
" that chamber gay " of Love's Court whei-e Kosiall waa, Uian the — 

Botcll piorcin(j of her eyo, 
ULioB heito gaii thrill for biiuntf in tho Btuuiidi 
" Alas " (quod I), " who halt me jere Uiis wonnd ? "—littw TM-n. 

But bad a.s thia is, the ame of FiLlamoti, iu TAe Knv]/ite'» Talf, ie alnmt 
more auddenlj woi'se. Lootii of iiia iiiiaou in tho toirw, fce 

catches aglimiise of Emelie wi tho garden; iuEtantly — 

Ha bkut fiuu noil, «! 
At lliough ho Btonscn WDTc ilo the liorte.^Lioes 1079-8U. 

Palamon'a con)i)iiiiioii fares no butter. Ie lookfi on the aame fatal Iwly— 

And Willi a tigh, ha suiilt ^'USily, 

The fTCEshe heantM sleth Bodcnlj. — Linea 1118-19. 

The like thing hapiwna to the knigl ; in T/ie Booki of titt SitliS'm. 

No other words than " wotmcla," " Btinging," and " slaj-iiig," wuulil Jo ; 
even these foil to give the whole ilisaater. For if we go now to tin' 
effects of the juissiun 011 tbti male lover, thfv ore awfirl. Tlie first 
symptom ia thus dt'scribcf] in T/ic Cofirt t'J L&O'', as ft;lt hj Cliaiifer 
him-self — 

I Jri'.lii !& Sipp;ik-e. — Lino 771. 

So with the luvcr in Tkt Booke ufth& DittakeBue — 

^!hl' n'ist it umiglit, 
Ne tall Ler Jur.t I not my tliouyhl. — Lidob 118S-7. 

The very fii-st t'lTi'ct of the jia-wion, bo soon aa it becomes actual in n leJ 
confronting of the juirties, might he described in the mala as a "lurifci- 
tion of a great new steiisi! of .sliiiuip, nrkiui; fiom iinwiirtliiiiesM. Tlif 
mi.wry info which ihp man in jiiuiiiifij isi couiplrte ; jierfect, iiiimitig"'™ 
woe is the only accouut which can he given tiT the m-itteir. For a Jwlf , 
human being to fall in love is iiistaiitly to liecocio wi-etchcd in a^oj J 
vague but al^Bcilutely unJcfectivc vay. The eiilamity ia, at the foiUaliBR 
swift and lingerijig. Within, nt inoal, fivo minutea of ChaucorB ti* 
sight of Uosiall, he duscrihca hia atitto tliiiB : — 

Tlio froslj grave uini tulj riiuat le iny [.■ciidc, 
"\S'illioTit ye list, your gnitfi: nnJ iniTi^y slitwo, 
XlcniU with his aid to U\^l oa nii: dftEi hc^'c. 

C.</i., lines D79-8I- 

He so far makes good his statement that, after a little more j 


in Bouad and dode aa Btaoe, 
With colour alaine aad iranae as aube pali 


CtTAtlCElt'S LOrr tOETLy. 



Itir.rj-, hm rrwu-cis, Tli« fuller coimmtencos me "into bi We 

IIm mU]*. hi* mnti'. hi* i^iiiiko 1« Iiim lijr.ilt. 

Tbal leiic lie wcx. anr) itiic an U a pliafti 

Bis er*ii bolwe, anrl griiily to bcholJ, 

Hi* linre Bdv«^ «Dil pttlo M athcD mid. — IJnc* 

A htitfir simmimiy oocuni in Th RomawU of tkn JtoK — 

Cmc<t DO voe DO IIU7 lUuiDc 

UittAlii* tonoftova'»|nu!.— LittM 274 Ui. 

^ oocouut of Atdtu, in The Knujhfs TaU, goos oa— 

\V[ ba be rtiiliuvl liivl n j*rsor Iwn, 

Tiiia iTuol birmoDl, and Uita pcinr and wo. — Liets 13S3-I. 

for, tgaiii, it maiit lie noted Uial, no matter how irrespecliro and general 
•H fedinjj viu iii Uh' |jiv1u»!tiMrir Ktiigt', ou sooner ut tbo iitl(>lti:d penton 
"Ct dun it ttuTu into tli« titmost [■u-tictilu-iljr. Only llic spocint lady 

■ho' ^TD the dreadful wouud otu hcAl it. Tho tliinl ataiuto of loro'a 

^"'Ukj M g^v«u in The Court of Loot, rim* — 

VitLrtdtnn fhsiliig« to KvfaaO d!o iLv iiiiitii>, 

Nuuij Dibvr IvTO Id lake Fvt «ul< no \>«, 

For bIM i]i>ticr, forirfiMci, for roripiinr; 

ViLdoDt n{»BL for U'lfit^iDg or fur gmnir, 

Tu UiMcn >LlU ia Ml [xiwctenniKC.— Uait 3Ii-Sl. 

la a word, tite poaitioD held by the wuiiuin in Ihin iumKlililc- niyh of 
">*o Menu at first sight to he one of uUer aJvantsxe. Th* Lrgeml of 
wood Wpmm e*<ily ;^ives tbo other »t*poct of Ihcir fwrttuie, hut thti 
tf^esdy Mxven Int«r Uuiu Uiijt Mii^. In tlicso mrlimt m<>in«nt« the wor- 
'^p to ho rvtwlunxl by th<' lunlo wunld 1» excetsive if offci-Gd to a 
lEOddoBa. Ti> t)iu woiiiMi, nvTi'ly da euch, i.t ancriliiol nn idf«] miiH^noi-ity 
*lijich ii< ia no wuy cxj'liuDcd ; it couiw to Iwr iiJiLtunlly, from fcx, llei' 
8**at all.suJli«i4ficy ef uent \s, that she Bxee love K\-eutually, itho is 
BOnriT irivolvisJ, but duiiiifc ttiD iinJimituuy ]Mrioi1 it3t« u a]niiglicy. 
JlottW anytliinj; liVn iwpicti'y w bruu^-liE. into |'tny; Iter inAtntcnAUcn 
■f rtMrrs is voough. It in not quite uasy to eay ulirther tliia is insti- 
^^ by a doubC of the mnttuuauce of (wwer, or if it uriactt from a 
Outiiiijj, [nsUucttve h«<sitalioii of ntodody. The wonum does not mm^ii 
'*i»jyy aiiy inutnwt gratification fi-oni Iwr ])i)wor ; only in one cxta u 
™**6 n^uitiui; ill tho crm-hy. In ?'/« t'omjitiiint t^ ikf Uladi Kniyfit, 
^^ «*€ tho tnoantni^ of that prodigy of ei-utimentidit^ veiy rightly ia — 

And mmt tiC nil I nn i'air)|iLuDc-, 

Thai iht hittli J'ly to luu^li ul 1117 p^u«.— LitiM 427-9. 

^* thoojiiih that Is a vhoUv exooptional iuatnnoe, the man most nlwutys 

'*^* Ilia Buil totl»<WIy. Kotonly ha9 h« bu lose aelf-poncusioa, 

' I'ltmlun &II .lelf-rafpcct : bia liuuiUiation is cu&demiMtl to ank 

•'Ow M WrotfiliedaOM. 1J» b«4 to a«k for " inorcy ; " »r nithei-, oa tho 


Black Kniglit putri it, for '' gi'acp, mapcie, nm) pity." Troaas, irilGB 

Creaeide visits liim — 

Lo, Ilia dclerdnt vord that him fuUtt, 

Was twice, " Mercy, nicccj, 0, my 8»wit liprte," 

T. and C, B. in., ]inM fl7-«. 

Chaucer himself, in The Court of Love, Srppe^ to Rosiall — 
All raoroj hertp, my lady uml roy loya ! — IJoe QflT. 

Indeed, the wholi? code of laws aet forth iii The €owt of Low, if a sus- 
picion of iiit«ndyd burlfsqiia w"™ ""^ euggosted by thti vein of comic 
humoui- LQ boihl' of the atat l^a a maQner of boh&viour for i 

male wooer which would b >o humhle in n benten spanieL 

Fortunately, for (^ur iutereat iroin^, thay do not tbeioBet?* i 

seem to be awato of thiannlnte ;«rul worth in the womaa, whioli 

makes it a high olTi-iicG, to ba ttjipuit by sigha and dread, fof & man to 
lift liis eyes to hci-. Tbeir bearin! not really that of disdain of 6 
Bexual kind. Uy a inyaterioiia o y etiquette of nature, the lady i» 

under a necessity of putting her .«.^. through this torture, but some 
shrewd reaaoosi of a lower, miich |>l»iner kind peep thro\igh in pla«a 
Chaucer's own Ro.^iflll, iiftcr liis rovival from the fointing fit into ffhich 
he had fallen " ashen pale," tells him — - 

Now wiitc I well Ihiit ye a lover bo, 

Your liowi; is witiiesse in this tliiug. — Lines 1002-3. 

But how he had to plead before this ! 

And if that I offend, or wilfully 
By jiomji ofhertr, &c, — Lines 92o-6. 

We have not space for the full citation. But the fiint reply she gave W 

it was this : — 

Nay, Ool forbedo to fi'ffe you bo with grace, 

And for a word uf Eiigred eloqufinco 

To have compassion in to Utile space, 

Then wero it time that some of us were hens, 

Yc shall not find in me such insolence. — C. of L., lines 032-8. 

The general heightening of the position of the sex in the matter ia for no 
cause to be foregone, and Eosiall jokes him, bidding him " withdraw lu" 
eye if it ia hurt by her light." A sort of travesty of real motives sho** 
through what followa, hinting the old historic feai'fidness of the aei— 

A woman should beware eke whom the look 

Xiiy liidf anhilc ; Iho ye wero till my kirino, 

So sone ye miiy not wiu mine hcrto ' • 

Thp {;uin! of court will seen jour stead f us In esse. — Lines MS-i^- 

Thi^ i.s all tlie hope she can give him. For she sternly add^— 

And Iho yo waxen pale, find grene, and dode, 
Yo must it DSC a while withoulrn drede.— Jjii 

CTHTWRifs unvtrvotrmr. 


. n fli's wAxin* {itV sn I circ-u w 1 <lrn I whid ii Ui« reU aad only ioaX 
ka Udjr QkD Moapt a« suffideot. How caa it b« otborvtae wh«u the 
is purely f«itimantKl, there baias oothiit^ heraie to b» dooe t It 
ijy Deodd poiDtia^ out tltxt the style of tore here is ns far lu poesible 
>r«d froB ehivAlrr. Actiul Mhievainnit in Mmo rMl wny for tli« 
I of ahowiit;; mialy rrorib ia not drount of. On tho coottur, it is 
UbvrKtely pat nM.k. In TKi Bintht v/ iK' DntcK'aar, tlie iu;Iiing For 
to lie poriurmcl u utnjily riliculed. Oiie tr&it in the •Ittcrlptiou 
of tha peerlos lady is tlwt — 

She M uted aa Mcfa kaatiws nulo.— Lim mo. 

. pkoe of ftnjtliing of this mrt, a new proof is aek«d. that ot expert- 
wretcJiarlnaflB of beui for the lady, withinit (if w« rjtccpt 7'Ap 
tnighUt TaU in Tkt CattUriury TaJft) any ntt«inptnt iLction. 80 noon 
ttie BUD mroons fmm the sheer Rtress of his own feolings, tiwt U 
ii);h ; but ira-oon he mtut. Xe«rly mU Chauoer's hrrowt fitinb Tiin 
black knuitit in the poem with that title swooan; m docu: the other 
kuiglit iu Tftt Boeht 0/ lJt4 DutthrM'. ; so do«8 Chancer liiaiaelf in TAt 
Court t^ L«**\ SO t]ow the prioon io CKaueei'i Drfam, 

Thtsn iS| iDdeod, a snfisustioa tlut some moral quality, which the 
womon gnMtly adtairc, in bruught U> li^it Iiy thi-i t<wt of woe Crasoade 

Ns ponpt, nriNjr, noUef, or alu ciobM**, 
Kc made ib« to roo od jronr di*lmi«. 
Bid. moml nrtne, gruaadfd upon Iroutli. 

T. •tid C. B. lY, liDM l««»-IO. 

lut Uic nit'taphyvicat inonlity ia ratti«r high Tor tliiii light Iiuly. The 

of KufGcient dJBtnss. howcrcr, always tells. The woouiD is not 

rholly ivH)itTary ; ohe ia bereelf uoder a Idad of law in the mattiir. As 

• have aeeu, Boaiall roleuts when Cliaueor swoons ; ro du nil the otbei- 

nam. The QiiMrn of tlut mysterious island snm in CAamxr'g Dtrnm, 

rlien tiu> FriiiCd who has Kiilotl thither falls into thn ^iiMionuu^ swoon, 

nit appaimitly iIoch so a little deeper tlian is usual, is soimd by [nnio. 

She buiuait* — 

AU, what rImII I .to ? 

Kt«-di«b«rc • ■ » 

It *luU be aiid it H^ur b 

Wkarpbj inj> a«Mo i«|»yv« siig^— LIms SJ0-4&. 

liutnxl. it hiis (o t>e added, tlint the womim, wlica \he fcoling has fully 
jltsl hor, uui mourn with a giganticnMs ntiialliog (Jint of tlw uialei. 
AiiDclida affiniui that — 

He ntrenaora tntio nygn tvo too dr^tw—IiM 389. 

till, if there ia this silly, nejitiiiit-utiil fixcta m thopa»non on Imth 

, Uint! IS not a tnMM of inuuorslity. 'this Li the speciitc cbanKloristic 

the true Chaueerian otoiics. If wo exfipjit TroUut and Crtatiift^ 


there is in all those pooms outeide Tfie Canterbury Tales no wronj- 
doiiig whatever. The feeling is left without any practical motive of UiB 
ortlinaiy ki'ncl. This supeffine style of wooing has no nocSKsary refawiM 
to marriage ; tiierc \a noC a hiat givcu iuiy where of tLe oommoii funilx 
relations ; no children are aeen in all this world of romuico. Tie 
connection is i-nt-lior an afiiui- to he kept Mscret ; tlat, in fjuit, is one of 
the set duties which are iirracribed. The accond statute of the eldlximlf 
code given in Thn Court of Love runs — 

Conneoll of lova, iwing- evflpj-whew 

All that I know 303-11. 

The point is reverted to a^ id-again. The elcTcatb atitale 

begins — 

IS for to knov 

With pye and I irith Binilca Mifl. 

And low to conca. iirsj for to bLow 

lor drsde of epioB.- os 370-82. 

The One capitn! crime is to be an ' aTnunter." Against ihfttchirf?* 
viw, Pandariia himself ptoiialy iitte.a denunciatiotia. The matto' W 
oxcltca liim that ho hotly oiclaima — 

Avnuntiiur uiiJ \ lier, all ia one. — Line 3U1>, B. Ill, 

IJiit the ainileua, uiexplitahle morals most pretentiously enfoiwl it all need move fidly bringing into view. The original doctrin* 
on which everythiiig rests is, thiit it ia a etdte of wickedness not to |«J 
service to Love. TIow i|ncei' the tlilny i.^ will be seen, when wefflv tt'' 
Paiidiirtis may Ih; iiksu. as, the fiiith's jirophet. This is how he midres't 
Ti-odiis, in Bouk 1. of TroUus timf- CVwcK/e;— 

Jli^itli Love of hia goodncMo 
lluth ihce i-Linvcrled ont of itiotciineBsi). — Lines 999, IMfl, 

The voiY greatest thinj^-s are said of Love continually. lu T/it Ci>"rl<il 
I.uv.' this is purt of n i-itiiiil whidi ia chanted — 

Ltivo 13 oiilfr njc uC vk'i- n.nJ sinno. — Line ,^98- 

At the comiimcemcnt of T/n^ Cucl:ow and Ihe. Nvjhlliujiil; 't '] 
chiinieil for IiOve, among niniiT other things, tli at he "■ deatruvis vn* 
And l:it(r in the same pt>eni, in opposing the cuckoo's rilialJ Tei*!'" 
tlic iii:itler, the uighttngale gives full detjulg — 

^llc^ellf Inily cijniructh uU gsodllCM*, 

All honuur, nnO uU );antlci^»Gte, — Lines 1 jl-3. H 

Nor is it ouh" mere tlieoi-iauig ; pcraouiil ei:oaip]imi ure given. E^*"' 
the queer case of Troilus, the influence works in the following wtf ' 

his manner tho forth ftja 
So goodly wu, and gat him so in gTMC, 
That eclt« him loved that looked in I 
For ha became the fneodlieit wv 



The gto'.IUat, uxl At Um UMt tnt, 
Th* tiriniBrt • • • • 

Itaid mn kis J4pw kfid ku mtelta. 
□ JM liigli jnri Boil bu Muiiiac atrait^c, 
AuU cvbc of bom gHi ftir ft Tortiw duMOgc. 

r. UMt f., U. I^ UiiM I0T&.B5. 

In Book III., when Itis d«irc« liwl full jiraiiperit}', be, in nelf-wontJcr u 
thbprocMs, SDjs — 

I a'ot inj*«ir Dot vi*«ly. w\M il ii, 
It«t Bove 1 belt ■ DOW quUle, 

Ve ai Motlio tluui I did w thi>.— n. Hl^ liBM l«U-7. 
Tltfaocoud Itook tuis vluit U c&lled il ^Tn^'anl^onj^, vbkli Antigone 
I fltnp ; iU liunlen u tbc nuu«. 

^B The pTOem to Hook III. pata the mntur hCUI more geuenUjr. Itui 

^K thica6aaui't«(l of LoT« that bis function in — 


Y« nakea Wu« digaa : 
AlgalH hem tlwt jv »cU Ml ■ b*. 
Thoj dndM ahuio Nad liiiui tbqr m)||tir, 
Y« down hltn curUis l>«, ttn^, Kiid brnigs*. — Lin** ii-i. 

I stonzu coming just bcforoi as previoQsly in The KnighU't 7'n/0t 
and in k number of otlicr |>Iac<m, the office of Lore b cailiirgcd till it 
ttonds for oveiyUiing olae. A scheiue of imtiira] iibjsicn, u woll w ii 
inunil [itiiloMOpbjr, a g»t froin it, Lqv« hnving na i.iu|>iro KJTeD it over 
banut, liiiti, aui) girni trw, Ixvuiim ovni* man ; it Iwiiifi;, in fftd, uuule tci ilo 
for fpnvi tit lion, clK'Uiiail nfliiutyt and wc know not whnt. Bir nu auti- 
cipatiou of « i-fttkur modera tbeoi-y, il hblda to^tli^i-all Lhitt is. Into 
thu nynticiHai we tu«d not go. We Imk only to Jo with th« plun 
oUiical ]>arl of tl>i< HuljocU I.ovo Kii»HirIf, in Tfm Somtnrnt q/* fA< 
Roat^ RiVBS ii{i n trhole diy to tawJiiiis sjKtvninlic nites of conduct. 
We cut only givD « f«w Heiiloncua; tfae fint can le nutde contprv- 

" Vllliuii« ml tli< lnginii!ii|^ 

I roll," njd lA>re, " ov«r t\\ tkingi 

tbuu I«r..'-L[nMi 11173-7. 

Fur iMtliing olia Uij lumgue appl'* 
Til .[■■Its wi.nli uf (ilxwUriOt 

• •*»•» 

AliTuj aiUi piodcllam 
Tbon ]r■ln^ if Uion Inn ridwow. 
And if ibou JMirv notiglit tpcnJ lU t>MM.~Lbe« 2933^74. 

Perha|)« wc t&d IraU<T nklp voino vi-ry Uumtiy pftrticuWs which follow. 
'ni« wooer ia not only UA wear the Uwl ofclctliiiig " liis rent »ffordcli)," 
liuB Imt in tolil how j'lint* uid Htovves Hboidd Iw elinpod, bow lioota (umI 
gloves ahiiali) lit. Thn priBcrijitioas ovcn deaneod to such dct&ilK u tlie 
wvaliiiig of iMadfl, the p&riug of luols, tbc dcanttng ot (eelh, iLo comlaBg 


of the hail' — all pxcetlcat ah'ii^f: if it vn-i rt:.My neeiod, Imt still not] 
tragical. It gotia ti) pi'eaent tlie womaii nnder a fas(i.<Uoiia, if not &] 
trivia), aspect. Still wopse rematos. (Jounsela are given how tlie laily,^ 
ia3tea<l of being woa by the myaterioiia inner I moral worth of the maid, 
i3 to be infiuencrl by rvcowmplish menta ia liim, by Iiia goad riding anil 
sweet singing. l{i?fereucc is oven mtide to the wiadooi of liis offering ■ 
presents, not only to the iJol herself, hut dIbo to the mitid, Tliia ua" 
sad fulling away froai the high sentimental ideal. AftOf such worldly 
wisdom has been l-roiigbt to, H oplj half affects m when the lover i> 
again warned of liis woa in ^ ' ' ' da lik.a tbeai i^ 

WUnntl '[hyhMH • 

• • * * > 

Tliun mtrrntii lh«t f«ll 

Wliicli hnni i d been iritlin'll. 

YitT uHt; Jittf A fall 

In Wcnm' ids all. 

That tLoi holy 

I'ciryettM ply, 

Tliat ma.L thalt biio 

Still an ui „_ tw, 

Ifiimiue an a Aliiiic, ujlJiciUl aC'inSag 

Of footo or hnude, witliout Jipe;ikiii^. 

Than snoai; nffer all lliy pniJio 

To momovie sluill (lioii come ,ij;uiric, 

A man abaslieJ womlor soro. — Lints ^387-413, 

Tliis, it must be admitted, is a marvellous picture of the state, if it bad 
not been pailrly spoiled by what wunt hcfoi'c. In the end, however, 
the wholo biiaiiiPiia rises afrcHh to the height of a moral discipline. Love 

Bays — 

I'", I Ji>yjii; tlipu lipri.^ In pi-miiiico 

That over wiilioiit rcpcnlaniH'i:, 

Thou 6ft thy ihouRht iu (hy loving 

To List witliuiil ri]pi;iitiiig, — Liuis 23C2-5. 

One moi* feature has to be added. Not only is tbei-c to be tlii* 
election in the way of destiny, so utterly opposed to immomlity, making 
love the most serious thing in the world, implying the practire of 
patience, hope, and ti-uth, hut a more thing is the obligalio" 
to conquer a mystriious sloth bj' following a pi-escribed businfss of 
observance in reference to the lady. In Chaucer a Dream, Love, in 
granting boons to the su|i|ilic.iiits, stjvtes, as the condition of their stanil' 
ing in grsiee, that they Horve truly " without slouth." Later, the lovere 
arc described u-s — 

Wi'l! .T.wiiitiii,2, tliat ill slouth, 
Wo TiiiiJo no fiiult, no in our troutli.— LioM. I08S-7. 

Tliere is good reason for putting thw sloth and faithlessneae on tJu 
level. It was "slouth" which brought about all the tnijrei 
" Dream." The Queen and her ladies die simply becai 
his Kaighte are five days later than their promise i 




Jc Tho h'jirk fini'ilo lij*iin». nif'.itins ih"ii» with th* n»wa whnn ih?T 
• coui<». U^IIh Uioae wbu kitrrive Uic inhillljjcncc — 

iljr lorla, b/ Bjr trowii. 
Tbi«inuubi«IK tttioffoartlouih.— Line* 37(S-I. 

U«r hcwOTE, UolJius up (li«ir bands, ay — 

rnrsdl thr tiaic ihtt rtrr slaadi, 
t^liMiliI bare lOfli nuutcfdoa of Irouth.— lig«s 1783-4. 

^■ogMiM-r. tlui sckeme wlitcb Uiey m&lc« up oar(«uu)y has ta be ptouoaocod 

^BMral. Thry am nut Uu* eniliiTn of n^Alf-iiiJul^afNi in any wiiy, but nT 

^pinirtlaiiiAL Tbc adhtymus^ to n single cbotm, hoi] Uih indtisti^ of 

~ ohsBmaai luwxTdi n vomnn, fumi on* of the most perfrct tMts of nul« 

^^JionKter ronccivitlilii. Tlicrc in iw muu]i talk nbout "dilif^ranc " ami 

^B* Imnnen " in this lovo-rnxking a? if it was bjr ii mm mvod tlieir soub. 

^Bfolxxiy. iuiItKiI, would have bsul to so fuiiiiirr tbnn The Itmiutttnt of the 

^Bfo*' it*<ir to litid in tly^ I<^n^ (ItAloi^uv l>otwiN>n " ItaiftOD " and 

^P*L'Aiaant " the most pt-rfrct dis<-i|ilin« of tciuiwrimcc tnn^ht. 

^™ Tl)!*. llien. is tltmicer's lii^Ker Iit<?rarj- pin?eentatioQ of lore — ttiat 

whirh iMirtorlfl to lie YAk juMtiuil rnndon of it. EvcttIknIj will »ee Chat 

Ugbt and darkitrss nm not nitich r»rtWr npnrt tbnn it in from thu coarao 

baiooarof Tl"" Coftlrrfrvry Tnl^a, whnie tlip maiTJed man i* alvn}^ mado 

art of. >tor dvca it (Utr bvttcr agrao witb tho rmdcring g^vnn of Iot« 

tbv Atinar Par-mt, for loT« is inciclentally diacua«»d there. Strangely 

lou^h. tnaninge is bualnl vorae tben than iit tbc Tata, (dnce irbikt i» 

id jxTtoiitU ii) I* «ud a li(U<' moiv M'riottidy. L'£nvoyr!« Ckaverr 

fiitilou pntH into rbytnc Kt. Paul's advice upon tho iiuhjncl. Along- 

1« tboaw hnrd-Uradrd rii<vra. ilio hujtn weak imilitnentulity of tlirae 

' poeou (jrowj lnul'(^am^Iuo^9 aruHziny:. It ia tnio thai', if ii sbuiibl 

Iccd wliftth<T Ui^ artiliciiklitj' ii> the ikliiiMtion of th« foolinjij is 

Always eoRKwUfiiily ni«inlAin«d at it* full bdgfat, vt, intirt anxwcr— no. 

Tbc anawcr ww bintoJ buforeliAnd, n^ttiK pogca hock. Not only doin it 

liraak down liv ui tinskilful niliigliliij with the sad l>rn>ic!i of some 

Hi < ii-r; r)f rntlt in wooing, tint, in ('hutn^tn'.'i oirn row- 

Hi. i^v. thr VnuUliil folly oF tl all is adu1t«n>tM i>.v ftiMlica 

^Bf ramninn ■onxo, enliTtmri by a perpeciml remnrnce of gay wit, which, 

^•»Hli(.ii;^b for nio»l readers Jl luny 1* greatly bidileu by tlio awful 

iml<xity, fa elill ibcrc Tlio inT!<i)(tibli^ »tirt^)itline»(. iiow-Bnd-af>atn, eo 

uo OS it tiiuiia itself rmlly willi dt'Uiils. laida cvcu towards wauUmnfm. 

[t WBM |Mrt iiT onr jtliui to gdrnw tbnl I'haiitvr's I'omic luniiA ■wnjcl Mm 

t]io«c WN,n in tbn mint artifidal piut» of bis work, llul v« bare not 

tdl ftn- it If we Bi'-lillfd witli tbiit »'>|M-l of Uie mntlpr, Ujim, 

' tin- fnu, il wiiiild Vc ii<:(iV<d, in tirdiT to \n ing Wk tliis [Kt{)cr to ila 

^n^n**!!!] natnml M>tittiui-tiUl koy, tbnt wo »hi>ii]d ^vc, aa a fill) nnd 

Sua] MQatn)il<i of Uio liiglivr Cbancnian atnticH, lh« owonnt in He Jla>ke 



o/tkt Utitcktae ot Uiu tBOumfiil Kuight'a wooiii;* Hud wjnuiDg of I 
uweobwt ludj^ ever Ia1I<«1 of iu EugliHh words — felw hi wlioiu 

Knry Jog hir l-tiiutjf ■••to/, 

nuil vrbo 

IJ*t 10 veil to live 

She n'ttif lo wbn nt to glui. 

Let tbe reader turn for himself to tlie splendid sketch. It iotoi 
vufpriaing fnct of male aiuudliii buving m ircdl tiatu&ed oar oUttl^ 
popular i>oot for a, litoraiy subject, tluit we must coom Wit im i 

W)i«t w thn d(:lilicra>i« judgmtait to bo gtVMl uT llw Vkluoofl 
treatuietit of tbo topic ot* low t A good mAoy qiuUficntioDs imd Ma 
tious would Iiave to be made Ijefore wo got to wlial woiJd lit last be left I 
for CbituMT ill the ti-ay of cWr mont Obvioosl; it is cot uty Bieni 
spirit llian in form a Imcnl dealing vith tbo aubJKt. For though ' 
feeling >■ oAen higfaljr- wrought, then are no mifEcifatly Bbort iMiua 
luccrat or r&ilure, uor iin; duliiied cmmectioiui with lotslly 
8C«tiea or occatdoiu, i-oquiring oradmilting of brief triuinplikl or { 
fioletntWDS. On Uio otbor hiuid, it ik uot > ilmmtiu mode of trettMBl 
There is do progressive nction, uo iatcrpositioii of any third jieren, » 
coniplicKiing by miiitAhe or umlice. Two individunlti onlj m-o ootifiutiwd] 
villi ono luiullivr, tliere boiag aotliing in tJio way of iaddoDl bcToiu) t 
poitLj'OuemcDl oa oD« side or the othor of poraonal Ukiug. Thisliul 
aava- bccu found enough of teigedj to satisfy a pubtta All llir paw 
in thu |m«<» kHkcs front tm oxcitod tnedilAtiau ou an iua-tuL " 
Mperiority i«iill)' refi>mbIo to nothiog but diSerenee of vx, lJiis«ml-j 
knoe iaet&utly Hpiieariii); txi the idol »o mwu «s bhv nfivctally 
tho nulc's Kttx^Jitioii, her only but incitliMiUble merit l>cuiy tluU «liel 
ILlciog. It is tliD old woudorcf sox, iiot adinittiuji: of non) rxplAiiUiA] 
Iliit C1i*uc«r took ilie ftict at !ti> crudmt lUid it4 nArrowi*!, aiA wj 
fauiggtT»t«d it tlut et-try msD btx)ugbt by him ioto tho<u lo%ia-|)Rvj 
abfcctly brmdiM down und^r ita weight, Ilix •MiDfiotion Rnumn fj 
only a short p&rl of the jussion's care«a-. Really, it fat • gtorifiaktiaa 4\ 
ft fovr <ai \Xv> i)liyid»loj[ital plicnomcitiit of llio (tnit ittitg* of k tint jwt 
CXL-it«nif-til, hlid UiP tmnsfor of tlienn to lululltt Iiim, lo ndult ISA, Ij 
childinh BIT. For Chatioir's chsractArn do not ^vu ibt Imprr:'*)'^ 
jarotility; tJiey nre grown-up pooplo, lh« maio* unong ilkoiu 
like moon-calCi And here we com« iipvu Uie one exi-^" • " - 
ia thou traUiBOttlal pt«-M — tliat wliicb rwluKiiu ull, <^ 

inii|)idity and idlcncKL It ii only thd tupn who 
VQiBRii not i>oIy arc not girlsi hut Ihf^ do not behf> 
ore jwcfecUy »bl« to toko nre of iliemsidvea, JJot oav of ih" 
pktarod w bATin^ a ukiUht to look oftnr I ' ' 

aof auah guard ian»hi|i. TL« porsofud OiMl'I' 
aot tboM of nlphs, or vuprroatHml boingk, vf uny kir 

cn.\i;cER's i^tE-POEinv. 




in^hcaiUiJ, cl«At-bcft<le<I, lovely Englisli iuiu<leiu^ vrha, tf ever tha 

tltor vrvtit At iiu- a» innrriDg<\ would make fulmir^lile wivwi, tatd soon 

Uiuir tiuilcs of lOiiiMllin, l>^ rM|iiiting lu iU sUttrl miutljr ros[iect 

MS stiowii in Uie fall duchsrsn of fnuily duUvt. It ia tho uUor aLsviuw 

nf domestjcity, und of ororythiiig poiutinf; clearly towards it, wbidi 

UttJces Uiis cLus of tbc Obaucii>mii |>o<mus uni^ul. But Uiu wubMji 

iDMilves nre the very laiUrs wliom •?liiik(»|Mtuc oitt long after, himI 

lily tnuU-Led wiUi moro rmsoiutb'c aD<l bolder lovers, the iterTtiiuo 

i, luiii swcec, nnd kcnn ba Hint of codiir, which ve ottrliei- spoke of 

being given fortli fivni thtat! ]ioi-miH, i> from thn Iirmthing of iImvu 

bl« maideiu. ths puBlif tyt>«8 of tli« wumeD of our nux. 

The ailW [ittatnitnlkiii of inoD iu the jiootaB initht Imvi: bnd sotuethlng 

vritli llio grmt ii(>g1oct into vr]it<-It tho piwes Iinv« iiiidoti1>t«(1)y 

in x)iiUi of tlifir tneritei Aleu could not fur ever go on mulinit 

tliein ttilit-iilou!!. How it bt tlikt tlio women have not kc|it 

itious more in vogue, iHtH oil reuous of otlif>i' kinds. Chancer 

haa scarwl tbeu with other pnna of hia work very difliircDl In style. 

^ut thaiij;h tltsy CAii n«vi<r forgive hJDi for hkving plkocd tlion andor 

BB^dcion, I'iint does not dn away iho fact tlut nothing wtm bvct vritten 

so comjilimriitnry to tbn w!x lut the |)oe»i!i vru have bevu iL-aliitii; with. 

It in even doubtful wbe-thcr hia nilMtitut;oii of llio siiflvi'lnt; by tlte 

oimIm of mbrry on mere sexual grounds will not secretly comoieuil 

ilMlf mora to many woui>>ii iJmti tlio ui>iKMit» rhtnUric siiirit of hriiig 

■wm by tb« taieo through tbo men doing MiDiHhing. Tho 8cn«c of being 

^Bilv to givu piiin and pleuiure for no nuson save that of being 

^B|| you are — ■ wotoau. and fuir,— iui[iinug liking without plfort, so 

^^^^^ wonhipiM'l iu atiy caxe, could not be other tkftn dear to the female 

■fcnarl. MaW find i^ittilioition in it whfuevei- tbct fatal faculty h»|ip<3ut 

he ulluttej the other way. In not a little of our rery aucceemful 

ItcmtUTB tD-dny, tmn» of the ChaiiL-erian cmtics givo what aoenu to be 

Rl ii"U of iImj tKipiiIiuily vritb fmniinino rraderw. 

[I- w venture on Ch.iin^r's oxaggen^tion of (lie 

el of flex. Mu nw of it has to lie h>fl an iUttiqur silliticst to be 

■ --■ .'----! ftt for fvcT, tiDmucc of tlm pricolr.w bcnnty of iU wAting. Tlio 

! value of tlip [tifi'M should iuereuse, since thero is no doubt 

m, ill in'MlRiii iJliitatuiiithi^ civiliiiatioa, tlie influeuee cf sex in waning. 

fado (Mat s (-ertiin liititt it, of course, eaonot. or the mco niTist pass 

. it Tbero tan never come a tiiuo when the young man will not 

sweetly aacrihe boitndletH ilceort. to vmw fnir girl nmply 

■ .-uioibt^r youth likiriiiniHlf.bnt a. diflenntt n-eatun-, longer- 

IKfr-liuilii-'d, nnd Hweetin'*fnc«d, with a geiitler heart. But. if the 

Ivrseir could havo aniiiainlttiii:^ with thtisc (flu-K of tJio o]dt>Ht of 

be (fn»C> povtf of hor lIUtl;IIAL'<^. she midit eiifli in thinking tlial she 

Uirougti hia liking aa 
I u ill Ohattoir'a iitot. 

iprt, <£■ 

Ntl^ JtsiKs Iny on L!k> (I.U of liia ImcIc un the liilUile, vltb lu» bM»l» 
lockiMl behind hU tiisail, liis long ]>i|>e ilnii^lin^ frotii ttii* coniiT tif In 
luoxth, oDiI KiH rvcA |]xo.l iipoit iIm< c]oti<)1c'i9 falc^', vhicli voA scaroelv Uur 
thnn thi^y. A <>irclo of HuUHun Hu.ln whiti>Jiuailei(>liililtvn niimttot romi 
biffi, lutvoLUK iabTitly to tb« Ktory wliicU lav won nilittin;;, iii k lci*unlt 
tiiAiui«r, beiweeii Uie wliilfii of Itis |iip»^bu riill, divp voice riwng aM 
CBlling in n ploik^aiil, iinulonl oidc^mv, llinm^li tht Htiniiurr sUllnai 
Scnoatb thn litllr giutij> Uj- tbv ^-illngn of llakkc^ wiiL iu toy4ik« 
woollen lioiMM, ibi tiny lundlonkeil hnrbour atid iu kuiaII flgrt 
linhiiig-boiiU ) iui<l l)<-^*on<l limb, (1h> Ifruwl H«nbiUg<or FJMnl itrvl 
awAj, cAlm anil Miip, like n giY>a( lalco, to mtMjt the oppcuil^ Rhnro, 
a gluriiiiui Doufused ina^ of |>ur|>Ie oionnlninH, hqowcix>w nni mh) Ixvtkiig 
in th<! vrnroi Hunlij^Kt, idiiit in Uio vli^w. It "wm n ni»^fici^itl su 
dajr^-aucb ■ day a« is out too coiumon ol the rniny wait ojiuit uf Niirws; 
nud Niln wan cDJoylng it iu litH own iniuinfr. 

"And 90, yoti Bec"Mid Iw, cuudiidiiii; hia okriuti^'o, "hcuwH* 
taaa wnaaa tionrat umo, nuil ba'l dvtiG wlutt vua righl. tlie gooil 
gav« hiin oontmktmont and a Ught Ixsirt, wluoli aro l>i'tl»r tliiu^ tluii 
mooey and Iatiil», as you will lintl out ona of thesa tlnys, i( you lire 
enougli : und tbe 1m>1 opirib left Itiui. and flnl nwtiy, inoiuunjj m 
went, bi the ilarlc, hhck [ilaci- iu Uio iiatrovr (jnnl fnnu whidi tboy 
romo, vbora tlie rocl» rise go high on viiher ndo tliat Uw Uflwed ntn 
■liine nerer toiicliCK the uittnr, uiil where it Is dt«[i, deep — ko doqi tl 
nobody hu e^'i'r foiiitd tliL- Wuoiu, And thv iyii-iu |>Iuugc«I dowu 
tlii) waton; and lUvra thoy utu&l !>iL fvl- another huiKlnsI y«An> ut darli 
Host. liPcauae tboy b>tu|it^ n good Dirni. nnd faHn^l. Hnt tbo ipal' 
H|/irits, «ho hni) dooo their work, nivl fninwl Uio hattio. suraxl thdt 
gmt whitn wLiU!!t, ■•■I'l lieu ftt, 

when) li«^ r«it in tiM'ir Im-o i > iwo 

to niiurio BO encKantinft tliut tht oigitn in nhnivh ia n laani oikthiof to it, 
ami " 

" but, NiUi" i»UirTn|)t<^ m fqiuttitwl mflm>«>r '>r iho atiHivDO^.wlMjMl j 
|>roliahl7 liiid mar n and «w*j 

U[wu Uivhuoiaii VL^. -•. - . 

<* Not a Irit et it," n>iiliMl Ifaa nualuuli 
IcaaU Spirita doD't tuind tbo coli]. And f-hvM s)l:..t :. j^lntn t . 



tbete uiwl«me«lJt Uie ioe J Sudi pilkrs luii] cpilin^fs, mul llooi-n, nml 

Yoii ointiot svi.111 gH«B whftt it it like ! Bui oue of 

■.M *«• a I'ig Ifoy. i w ill Ukc yoii iip witli nie to tli« 

r. nul vc will \ieei' tUiwn into one of the gi-cat liiiie rifUi wliOTntlis 

liau^. anti wlu.-re yta ciiu get u gluu|«« — but tial,v n gl!iu|Hio -cf 

bat U U>,viitic). Vou ean'l go duvn thcmj; or licftr tlio lutnic Uuit t1ie 

irifat kaiwr, or mi; ilti' tiling tliat iKoy en- ; Init, if vuti (;raw iip a ijood 

kiUJ^vQ vill know nil nltoiilit whoii yoii die; for thnn tin) «pii-iU will 

07 down for jroii, aod take yon u|) in tliuir Bmm, nuiI in a tnotnent 

^a will hn acrom "the Qoid, Mu] high ap Among tbc uounUijta, and 

- Niln, NiU ! " Iin>li0 !ii ■ gnKV« vuicfl from ihn \u\ck^rv\itiA, " wlut 

' tH this tlint j-nit am piittia); into the ohildi'en'ii licndK 1 " 

la 8t«rt«<] inh) a oiltiti^ )x)i(tiirv, aitd itaw U-lwv^ biiu und the 

11 (|itiunt, oM-wui'M ti^iiin. clful in n long I'IacIc govn and an 

. lu lulT— tlio cli'ix.vut>ui of IfaUtko, in bet, in lite prescribed 

in of liU onlor. do ■crnmtiltnl to hiv fii>l, took off lii« bitt, (tud 

kttJinJ hia he**! a lilllc itlif«<|tiKlily. 

"Cbil>lri>u will nlvnya Im getting into niiBcblef, luJen duty ora 
luivd," lin miinrko'l in n tin |)it>oi ting tone. 
" Or unleu tlic; nr« at b<-Iioo1, vh«n tbvy otigbt to Iw now. Codw, 
vbiliirmi, run aVAjr to jonr Icstiona, oi- you will be lftt«, and tlion wltnt 
will the schoaluiukr suy to yon t And, Xils, 1 think yom mi};ht find a 
JieUor WHO tor jour time tluut to bewilder thene liltk- omti with storim 
llldi tbpy muni «cx)m>r or lal«r find out to b« tmtru«." 
NiU was siloiit for a fow iwcyiuds, gwsing gotu«'n-luit nicftiMy after his 
anw) Aook. whir-Ji was mcing doirn tho gnist sI<^m towiLnU th« 
llaji^. I'hvti lie tiimiHl hia dreamy bliifl eyoi upon Iho honest wiuaro 
r of his iittiu-laL-utor, uid aud — 

" Fiiin:-t«les u« not quite untntc — ihttt i», tliere Is uore tnitii tlmn 

]m1)00(1 in thoD). YiHi mtist inako tmth pleasant to « duld, or hv. wilt 

H mrv lo undnnttanil it. If I tell him that tmutla Mid hirrlx talk 

JttT, wlut ia thi* barm t It i« not tru«, you sny ) uid pcrbajkE it i» 

ii — Utou^b tliat 13 & qucatton wliich has nev«r been decided, M>d n«ver 

bo — but wlutt is tlie child tlie wonto for it I It may make liim 

id'' ' iiioiw cjirpful of tlirtn " 

' I'ted ilip priwt n little impatirotly ; "lli»t it all 
rery wvll ; Imt fjury tnltn arv ono thing, and triigion is another ; and we 
nnt W Gureful noC to dunniAO tbcm, my ;i;Dod HiU, lost wr> do wi-ong 
iriUwui intmdiitg it. And, after all, theoe talcs uv bad kept for tho 
winUir tiiiJi, when tlniti U 1«« work to \m done. You will never make 
^ur liriitg. Ntlii, if you ic|t6ud yuur days lying on tbfrgnuBaiKl tnTUiiting 
^Bn atoriea ia anrntw children." 

H T1 i ' - ban] ujiou Nils, who could ami did |^^. lliroitgh 

Hum < tU in tlic c>j<iut-ry i but then, to In: sutv, tbo work 

B did wa* gtaoialty that wluuh ou^l to have boon dotwi by otl«ir [wojile. 


KILS ieN'SB>*. 


ami was tltei^oro not «r a renmneMtive kind ; to UikI tbera vu 
Jiutifica^ou fur lliv )>rit«c'B pivJictioii. 

Nilii Jonsen v.-im piubnlily tlio moat ttliiA^ *ad IteljiTul cw«tum in^he 
whole HanlAngor dtiiti-ict, an lie a«gui«dlr km Uio InuL wlfiab. 
tlic Hlitidnj; of a hurw to tho Hti-inging of n fiddlo, from the iloctorit^ 
sick cuw to tbc mmdin;; of ii not. 11ict« was notliio];; witliin tlie limilei 
WDge of tlio ivqiiir<<iueiiUof tlio itiliiil<itAiit« ufSokke Uut be could h( 
do^ and do well. Hb could foil tuulxi- witb tUo txaat ; he coulJ fauSd • 
■bed; ho could tinker up a loaking txmt; be could can a nuokiih' 
ohiinncv; luid uuuiy other loas OTOrj-daji' iiououi|iiishinont* tlun tli^ 
wura hU. AliM his ui>i};hl>otirM, rerogniiiDS in liim the nu« comliiiiatiai 
of (Iret-i-ato ca{Mu-itj' with williiigno^ to devote the aotuv lo thv anvin 
otieni, were not bIow to tako advantage th«ivof. If luiy oop 
tlum wanted tb« kvlp of a strong |miu* of ai-ms in faiii hay-field, ur in tk 
gatlieni)]; in of bis scanty lye-crop, or if ka hiul a hone rtx[uinng naJtol 
IrealmcDtv or a ^ta tluii would not hang rightly on itn Uin^fea, or a lixk 
out ot repair., bu D«vi>r thought twioft aliont what he aJtouliI Jo, btit oIU 
one of hifl children, and Eaid — 

" Uxm a» fiittt ft!* ihou canal up to oU Christian Jcoiscn'a, anti toll Ki 
lie ia vant«d immediatoly." 

And KU« seldom fiuJed to reapond to the appoaL He wuuld 
the tiervic« roquiivd of him, whcUior it Ontailoil the work of a 
minutOH or of tho whole day, with the Bamo pladd chMrfiilnau, and 
aaniti pn-foct uuouiutoiousnees that be wan iloiiig any^ing oat of the wtj, 
or BpeoiaU; deaerviiig of gratitude. So littlt;, Indeed, did ho cx[iect to 
tbooked for his pitim that bin friends, falUim; ia wtlh hia bununir, 
ofUm as not noglectAtl to go through that lif-lo fonoality. Tbftf *m 
not, however, altogdlicr ungmtcful. WhcraTor Nila was known— oai 
he wa« known uuwy uiilea away from Bakke — he was loved ; end (ill 
watt a reward to which he was mam flatuihie than to any form of thaaU 
whether s^wken or acted. Ho waa rapocled, too, m Mti: 
of cxcviilioiiid litwniy attainiupnta— a young man n» ^^ 
fchoolniasfci', or )icrhik[>!i cvou the clcr^miui hicwlf; tl 

witli lIJa r(Mj>«o{, ttiero luay have Iteeik a fnitit uodvr-cttrri :,■ •, .- 

conscious contempt which would ii{]p«ai- to be the uatuinl Imiunu m 
tnont towards all uaaeil&fa and u]ihuaii)"i«I{k« men, njbd whitji ■ 
covanihlo ainong the aealadGd vall«yg of Xorway ms wdl a« in tn» 

The son of a bncer, who ntight he ootuddcred almiMt ■ . 
Ibal povei-ty-strickcD land, NEk hud Uio moro IrMiir* to atr 
noighhoura' affiiim thtutigh ln-ing rixk?ui]>t frtim >i 

of htoking aft«r hia own. Ho liad hia lieil anii h- 

fiumhooso wlwivW- livrnl witi) hin btherand Iil< broth 
odea aald lo tlios- '■■■■.'• , 

■DOtu cano man ' ... 
toMtl Kodid hiN »\uiTC of the fana_warlt{ biit that 



Bar IHa tiier brotliore, ChriHtltui and (VtintB, wen ntroug and hMlthy, 
nntl did tut eaiiRtlr Kliiirc m liia pliilnntJiroiMC views. liolOiof; t deepljr- 
h<i>ot«iI, tboRgb iDiuliculat« beiief in th^ truaint thftt cbarity begiaa nC 
honift. Tbey v»« vor; Tond of NiU, tfaen lion««t yaatug in«n ; tra t th^, w 
neU as tbcir fntbcr, rcKtrdcd bitn an no nlmDrmul l)ciu«, it)ixitQ|iro)i«-iMi1)k! 
pb> unlioaiy intoIli^-nceR, and looked ii|M>n liU cx.-un|>l*^ ui out! mtlirr to 
tha admirm) Untn toli^>iiuiuu-<l. Hu kksu. IimLuIiw. hiii|iuninitiiTereiR 
urroy raspect nt Taniui<« with th^rs. lln was tbo best ritlashol in llio 
k^iolo uei$hlwiiriux)d, yet hnimTrcaml to mnuttirebisKicill agftiiifillbsl 
bfaaollKT uiArkiioiaa; bo novcr got drank — no, not otor ftt n w«ddins, 
land acttially vont m far u to contend thnt tboT» was no real onjoymcnt 
bo bo gol out of Iii|uor— whtdi vroti ftbsurd upoa ibe fitoo of it. Then he 
Hook afitratii^ sjkI (lorvcrxc picasiuv in long objectless wan dOTuigH unoDg 
■he snows uul Klncifira of tlic P'olfnofbnd, whci-oby uotbiii)^ on inrtfa vsm 
to be f.-nii)i>l, lacvjit tlic mk at i> 1-rol«'n neck ', and wutiM poas hours in 
^iliiif; itiiul«9.1j aboat, up and down tho O^rd, neither Sailing norHboot- 
Bog wUd-dnck, nor cnj^j^ in tuaj senaib!o or proRtAbln puntnit, but 
■iBpl; draining. ThMc thin;^ were .1 piinlfi to the J«t»«i fiiimly, who, 
HRnrer, jmnhnie'l micli vagnrini in coaUdcmUon of Kiln' uaefalrmB and 
Utiid-lii^art<«iiieH, of liU cxoi-llcnt playing upon tbo 6(ldle, luid of tho 
KBpitai ttonra which he invented, or got out of his books, aad related to 
■hem during the lon^ diu-k winter days, while ho eat over the lire, work- 
Bi^tal bis woo'K'un-io;*. For Xilu wnsn [m>(klcfit in this Utter branch 
Uf ioduMyi and got ft good piico for h'm prodiictiooB from the Bergoo 
HmIots — whieh wi&nitigi, ohw I htt tumidly gave away very soon aft«r bo 
ft:!Ml rcmTed tbcm. This, again, was on incompruhcneiblo piocodore to his 
bvlotivi-3, who vniy niwconAbly Hsked what waa the uae of earning money 
■f you didn't xama to koop it I 

L^ Kow all tbttt was very well, and Nila' modff of lifc^ htaag fitshioned 

H|B hu own pocultur viows, might hare been tbo best pownUe for him, 

Boiforcnc Hnlncky circiirortanco— N"ila vnui in lore For ecvoral yeara 

^ iiail been the devot^l olave of Dorolbra. (or. an she waa mom uDiially 

Itfvl, iJorthii) AimdnlJ, the <Iuiiglit«r of the on« general-iibop Uecpnr of 

nhtUc**, and tlienvo^nuaed beauty of thonoighbonrbood. Xila woraHipped 

this Utile rair-hiiirel.lilue^ed inaidnn with all Uiefprrour ofa romantic 

natiire, believing liirr to bi- ihi- b«tt uii'l tiobb'at. cm aJie was olivionsly the 

Rirat boautifiil. ^1 in all Norway, nnd iD«utaUyendowiag ber with many 

<IQalitiea whldi ahonot only did not poouw, but would not even hare 

ondentoed the m»ining of, if they had Vwn mnntioned to Iwr. She waa, 

in tralh, o good, wrl]-ni«aning tittlo bouI, not wholly unconadoiiR of her 

kir«tty faco. yet not unduly vain llieteof, and atnoerely attache) to Xila, 

bhotn ttlie admimi without having very mudi in common with him. 

BliBy w<ir« bolrotbed with the consent of the parants on both njilcn ; but 

SHmwudo immedijtlaiirosjwirl of their tiecoming man and wifit, Nils' 

HB^r — a shrewd old person — having decliivod in tbo mont uiie()tii vocal 

banner to burdea himwlf with the support of a third ^neration of 



Jenema, «ud NUti' own rMtmrccs being wliolly iiuiclMjtiKttf to the i 
t«oanov of n bonschold. But ihis nncerUinty as tc> tlic faiure pn KQ 
vei7 little diaqtiifitude. He liiul no doubt bttt tlwt, K'>ini> Amj or i 
bin nuUTingti would liUic plnco; an<) iii tlic maiuUme Iiq was 
witli boing nlloweil to iwlotv htnitlol. l>ef<>ro wliom hi> iKjtrtvldowa nrHbl 
tnucl) reverence im anj derout ObHioUi; before liis {latmn nv-' ' -•' 
her with votiv&-oflV-riii)pi iu llic ilmpe of bear-itkitt.4 and fo?. 
ipoilof his ritle, with irood'Cflrriiigs, tbo |iiyk1ad of mnny » wuiiHctUi^i 
work, ^itb (juiiiiit dilrer uruamciitA fJxHu Itcr^n, and wttJi 1 ksoiraal' 
wbiit otluv trcMuiT* i>icli0(t u]> lion tuid Ihcto iii tbs Muno «f hh rir 
i-umMiibrd wandnringK. He vrote vcrsM, too, in brr honour, nnil cw»- 
|ii>mkI Ivng hIntorirK, f«r the di:I<-ctiitiun uf thit ni-t};hbuim ilurin^ llie iCt 
wuNon of tlid year, Ui whl<-h tlie bu-uioo iduayg bad fair bur uiiIUm 
DjoK, »ud inviu-iiibly torw lh« unmu of I>«ith<>. 

But if Budi philacderitig oouLeotcd UiO ronuUitJc Kils, thirrx «(l« 
Other more juncticul iMwple to whom it appeartMl thfl hirifchl i>f 
■bortn^tedoeM, and who often felt it thnr duty to jtoint <■ 
patient lover that tliix wny (ifgtNiigoncould not luAt fi>r i>\er, uil l^i 
ft Diun who pt\ii>0!>cil to failLoiiiito hiiDMclf n wife liiwl l>cst1i« aMtitigabotl 
making rendy & home for her, iDBlca'l of e|triiiliiig hid moaey uii Mi 
Iftboiir u|ioii UuKse with whom he h&duo klood-roUtinnabipat alt, AWa 
oftliis lU'vcriptigQ usoally cauiied Nila tomtrntcli bin keudand poiulerl 
a tiiuc ; for really there did seem to be n f^ood dtnt-of tnaod smM h it| 
Uid tlie cxmimoMry eBod waa produoed t-y llto wnridiig wonli 1/ < 
primt recordod ahore. But, iiftr-r n uiinul^ or two, NiIr, DvoPr 
that he hud proiui&ed to sail acixias lh« fjord to Vtnn, «nlh 
I'Undgren, who was old Aud rheumatic, and no tonf^er able to ni&naf»t 
boot aingldianded, dtsmissod tbo8U)>jrcl from his uiiDd.nadHM otTlurtj 
down (o thrt port aafiuit tui h'ui I<iiii; li^ could niny liiiii. 

Some cbildrro, playing iu Ihi' strrrt, caught xi^btff him nx bo )«*»). 
and gHTe cbase, calltag out, " Nils I Jfils!" bathcdiook tu8 htvd aal 
waved hilt hand, and n«v«rp«uital till h« hul reiwbtMl ihsi oady ■' ' 
when a fow &hing-cnifb wore drawn up. Then-, oittini; in 000 ' 
hnkU, iiml tiii-iiding a net, he fotiud an (ibl ninn, (1i<- oitcbt (<f vlMnn < 
have ([tndduicd nn artiM'ii fyv.m vrty old was fat-- -so iwnQklt^l.wi 
•ml so piL-tureH(]tip. He wore woollen atoekinas and knM>-t>morti 
a bhipjadict, whirh wm patched and nr 
ailTU' buttooa. On hts bead be had n km' 
wasconlied forward into two long IocIed, wliii-li bung ilnwii ' 
withered checks Ho hwked up, as Kits appraacbod, and - 
i]UCn)IotLi l>i]>tn)j vok-e — 

" Ob, yijii liaTd come, then I" 

" y««," (Mid Nils, Jimipin}; into 1)10 I"'"t «- Vk -lu.i'i .1 U . JT 
•orr^ to liave kf\A yon wnitins. liana." 

■'. Oil, ' ■ 

olbcr; - ' . 

Has jense:«. 


klf-puielvven, anil U is now jmi noon; Imt tlxm't! you am iJl tiio 
no ! YoiirKlvm Cm and tlir oM follcs Afturwnrds — Uiat in your may. 
tn my yoimf; Hnj-s it vmx AUTcrmt ; vf uswl to ip«pect nge then." 

Fill-, iudpwj, Iifi vsa a very cross-gmin^I old man, HtilTwing ainch from 

laiutMgo Autl poveiiy, atxl ol-livr ertlit. ** Yc*," h« i-oatuvcxl, " it wan 

cUScrcDt Hum ; but majrbft yon Touiija! folks Arr riftlit, »a<l (b«ra ia no u»0 

i^ia tnlctTpg care of old peoplo. Tbry ouglit to l<r tu^ut out uf tbv irorid 

thfy can't worle uny wore, I w»h it u>'oiilflf>lpur< Qod to tnbem«, 

IknuK'; I itui tb«(l oiiou<;b of it xlL Ijiboiir, and (iiiin, uid u-utt-^ 

ot^Hiid |ii>iii, And liiiioiir ! iil cts;hLy yean of ngo « uiui Itiui liAd mora 

hui Im Hluinj of iL" 

" Come, come, Father Haiw," bkuI ?< iis wljo bad lioi»t«l the tKiuuie 
brown Roil nnd t«koii tbi; lilWin Ittii li*ml, "you uiiiftt not tnik ho on 
Eh a fine day vt l\xw. Umrea't wc ^t tlio ;;ood aiiiisiunc u> wnnii ua, 
[ tits fnaii kir to pvo iia nu nit]H)tJt«>, and i^ fnir vriii<I I N'on- tliix \m 
liKt I rail n very {p)od vrorld tn live in. \Vhy, it would linvL> been worth 
liUc W com* ilito it only to swj those sioiintAiRs. And I tliouldu't 
]itr, addwl Xil^ diving into one of tbo mpacioiu pockcu of his friexa 
tkt, and ; * I ; u Biuall woudea box, " 1 aliouldii't wonder if I bad 

aA of .lit tnc." 

" ViTiat do youiig fdlowa like you wiuit witli ttniUT {" growled tbeold 
. somewliaC luoUi&ctl. " Oin> mo tbc Iwx — so 1 H'm I tliat fa good 
luriT — axc(dl«iit Htiatf'. \\'faero did you jjet it, my boy? " 

•• I U>ii>;lit it at bpxffXi," nimwrrwl Nils. " I am glml yo-.i lik« it," 
" All, it i* well for bhcIi as you to jn-aiae UiP world," HJiflied tlie old 
ntnn. with an nnvioiu glance at Nils* j»ov«rfiil, w^I-knil fmuw and 
hcaitli;, tiruwu ch«wke ; " Imt whnl gnod in ;(iin<ikinc to nii> ) It doesn't 
warm m». And as forim ap)>cCitc, Ood knowii tliat ia no bleming! And 
I Iff '*- MO ihcuioiiiitttiiui aiiy nioro," lio adiltil, niialDg tiix miiikcn, Rimy 
fM to tti* oi>piKitu akore. 

** But ibe EniiiTia good,*' jilvsded Nils, tJw optiuiiAt, 
" y«i, tit! HiiuiT Is not m bad. And you m* a eood I«d. NHit." Ha 
riluwly, ami uUtcrol away uilo tlw bows, muttvi-ing. "A good lad! 
Id'l I " and, rjtiHcbing duwu, feigned to go to olmpi. Pcrliajw bfl 
afraid Nils wonM ask tobavi- tbe twx liark a^idn. 
" He need out liavc felt Wiy nlarm on thai scorn. A box of snufffor 
xn old niaa, a toy for n cbiid, a iiilk OGcksrcliitif for a yoting girl— wby a 

Ij|iIiO of daya at wwhl-ciirving would oiura tbau pay for all those 
j-iae ; and Ntia wiut not tb« man to itrudge two daya' work (o any* 
if. He i-ontoinpliiLo] till.' nviiinln^t form of old Hans Lundj^rvn^ fbr 
inrnutn or two, wilb H 8ali^-<l Mnito, nnd tlion, Imning back, raised hta 
ta hi:! favourite mouataitiK, all ;>Ustt!niu(( and ;iiittering in the inld- 
...I. .1 . _.. 1 .-.-,T>,i Rway iDt'>drcaiiiUHd, aa bio liaLit w*<. 

', and it took two Fiood hours totnake [Jtu«; and, 

'.,,k. It CI' ti^iif'. Old Ilanahad (4aee two 

: 'u, wliu V, : i-d in tiic viHug", and Nil* tviiA 


vna JESSES. 

some odd jolisto'dQ For aauilrj Acqiuuntaiuiea; n that it itm Utointli* 
pTWiiiig, tliotigh — for tli« SMSOD was just past mid*amnMi^~tlir turn 
still bigli ill Uie heavenf), vlieii tbe oiI(llj-«aK>rtod pair aet out OB 
return royagB. 

rt VM fiiio nii'l wnrm vlinn t}wy niu-tnl ; but liefiro thnir Imd 
plidied two-(hirii» of Um iroJiait, tiie ^-caiUver wa» cfann(^iiji( and 
witli a mpidily wbii?h I hofve Mtd believe la pceiiUmr to wesUYir > 
Suddenly, n-illiotit nnr wAi-iiini; at nil, a muss of ttcnrj cIuimIs cuuu 
iuf{ lip from tlic nrHW.inl. n vttUl gu*t or two swirlrd jmat, rtiBItij 
fior&MoT tho wntor, asd llniu and Nilx, lualciiig no mniuric u{ 
ordioaiy a pbtmfiini'nan, ijnietlv' vuduscil tlicuu«'.lvv« in n oowpie of 
Htiff tiUT^ulin r^nupuls wbicb »ro as ««ontia1 u pui oT « NorMpn 
p«aaatit'« cwtiiioo lu liU hat or Iiis bool«. Then camo a few tiig nk 
i\Ta\w, A longor, Hlriclii^r MiihI, luid NiIh li><ai>nit I)k^ rail a litlln. A <r« 
minal<« Utcr the little Imtit wak turatiix and pdmjtint; niuid fntai, 
crmttnl wavvk ; awl aky. ^en, nn.l coast vara nliko vcilnl in grc]r mod 
(InWof; 1*8111. 

Nits hu'l enowgli (a do to sUwr liw rtitlicffliimiy craft ; iial |>t«altr 
hflcanKlit t<iglit of wKDi'lhtng wbich L-atiMxl liiin tonlari toliin r>in,;aiif 
in^ tiio tiller viUi bin right band, and shwling hia eym with hb left, mi 

" WlMte boat is tbiU ! Look. ITans, took I Wbr, tlia nmn vill h 

Pintcttj* ahond of llirtn, and at no fpvat dixliniv, n iMat ■dmilB' I) 
Ibeir own in bTiild nod rig wns lnirliii>; itoctf throiiKli tliff wat«T. Ijinc intr 
K> dnnii^-nnidy ikat it aG^mH tis if-tho uuin wtioni titoy midd oiakc 
tiatu^^ on to the vcatlKr {.'iinwaln must havo rr«i>!ri<l upon ■!( 

" iMff, yoti tun<linnn, InlT: " rmrril Xil« in ,<t bif^ 

'X;i*f;tinj; thnt bus vciiw; iirould hu aiidi)>lr thtinifil irtf. 

Whether lljoftlmnscrhestvl tho warnin!;ornot,liiiact^iD i< 
willi it. 11« hrouglil bis lioal'H lixad to tbo wind, nod tiic Aiifi^i.^ <-- 
cracking of iii« l>r»wn aail ramiv likr piatnl-Hfaots tn the mnt of ihom al* 
vetv wat<'liing Ms movements. Nits reseated ]■'■■■ 
growl of indignatiouat haviogbecu to unDVCtsKvr.i; 
lo bin unuUoralilo nntaremmt, Ira mw iJio anil — wltich Uw oi' 
tbo tK>nt twl made no ntfori lo lower— All ajtaJn ; Ul< ' 
and dew nti linr |«<frilotu roiinn ai vililly am l#fnra. 1 1 
tlte ratastropIiR IukI come. Tlio Uiat wiia llMtini^on lii:i 
nan. wlin hud tiry^i piKJued dear ct Ler, WI diaapiri r^ 

•■ Ilrt. ' , ciUli IioU itf ilin liTlrr ! " . : 

cont ami i , and wax Hwinnnitii* lowar-l 

nld Hans well kiirw •nhai liad lupixn'-l. 

Nditwaxp — t -vimtaffr, n; ' - - ' 

rvni wi<ti li' <'n , but ' 



^■ioics |>Uy itwlcwar<l triclis, tod b« wns quit« prepony), tbfTofare, to 
^bHluto Ilia imknovu frioad iriUi a smart tflow beliintt lliii tjiir, kIioiiUI that 
^feotiTM BMtDi necewukry fur tUcdr couiiuun wifi?!/. ISut no surli rougli 
tnaliuciit WM cnllcil for. The luiin wits three inu-U drowocd vrbra Nils 
^^e*che<l him, «iiil would never have lookcj upon the liglit aguiu IT the 
^Ktalvut Xoi'&cBiaa had not dir«d, and gat a good grip of his luug luur. 
^^E[!« fnfetj was tliti* £tr nnttiimi) ; 1>tit it wnn » Iran msj mnitm- to got bim 
^Buto Oigboat. This Um wan, liou'fivcrr.Euooes-riilljr accomplklicd at len^, 
old I^Iaos rising tg tlie emergeiicv, and putti%' fbrtli a hauling poir«r 
rfa)oh,aA]ic-arUinrardfiAVi>rr«d,liad wivnchcdhia old back to lUat extent 
liat ti« oimlit ocver bD[>G to {^t it sttnigbt agaia on tliia sdo of eternity. 
And DOW, iilien tlie rodcued uad Wl been rubbed, au<l oarored with 
Eiila' Atj coat, and some ajuavit had been forced between hit \lpa, and 
I bad opoQod bia cym and murmured a faw- incobcrcnt worda, it Korancd 
. to Nilii to set sail at once for Bakke. and got faitu iiito n warm bed 
^asKXHi as iniglit l>e. But to tliis piopoKitiun Uatis Ltioilgren dciuunvd. 
H« {Minted out that tb«ra vn« a goofi liocit Iloatjug on lier bcain-flnds 
vly a tiuart«r of a milo to loownrd — a boat wlucb miglit fill at any 
Dioeut, and go to tliebottotn. to tho eTerbtatiug shatne of thoee who bad 
it in tbeir \>ovta to nave her, and didn't. Hn^nitg mwued the maD, 
bs urged, let it not be said that Htvy bad trantonly U-ft the jMXir boat to 
link nitwmldy. 

But Kila would not b«Lr of sitcb a tlting. " Wliat aiw yon Uiinkin;; 
Ilaiu'?" hi? criod. "Tiui man might die of cold while we weraj^Ktiug 
bold of the l<oat ; and what would be thought of tu tbcnl ' 

" He ia DO wett«r tliau you aiv, and a littla wind and tain wilt not 
kill anybody," retorted the old man snlknly. 

" But he ia not like one of ua," Maid NiIm, who haiL gut iindnir way by 

thiB tuna, and wat steering straight for home. " Luok at bia hanibs, bow 

and wUiUi tbey are— and be baa a gold watch-cbaiu too. Such 

Dplft «ie tuor9 dulimlu than jon and T, Father Haos." 

Hatu was abamed into aoquicsccnce ; bub he was not pteaaeil. Ho 

lw*y«, in nlaling tbe story afttrwards, vpoke wiUi deep rcgnt of iho 

boat, whioli, aa be had too truly predicted, was never nxa a^iin ; ho 

not b«lwvc Uiat Lbe man would haTS diod from anotJier half-hour or 

< of expMure ; and, looking back uiion the matter in tb<< aspect iaipnrlcd 

to It by Btiba«<t|umt eveata, Haiut was iuellBed to think tliat, e\-ea if be 

tia^l died . Uut that in neither here nor tbern. 

He had ({iiite ivcOTered consctousncn by the ttuia that tbey bad 

HID tho boat up njon the beach, and waa able to murmur, tlirougb. bia 

cbatUsrii:: ' •jniMthing tu tb« dfcrt that be couUl walk aa fur as tlto 

yillngi* > < 'be WM set ujton hin foot, he tr?mhk>d and shir^ml so 

riiilentiy liuu, a)) be was but a little follow, Nib took hJm up in bin 

Iningamui, witjiunt furlbt^rade, and strode awny witlibiu to t)iO nrmtcil 

which hapjioued to be that of Clans Aandaht. Btr^ijjht into the 

jii < man^lictl, wb«re old Um Aaadakl, in hor bigti whito 

r. 307. Ift. 


«Ap and bliii! xtafT ^vn with Bcartet bodice, »t knittiiig ABoag Ihr 
jmrinn of Imcoo, th« otl-sKIn «04rta, tli« t>ootn, Imta, coodlai, fiebfai^ndL 

I other h«t«rogineou8 artieira wliich natdo iip ti«r buibuid'B ato^in- 
trade ; and announaid briefly : — 

" Htm '» on« wlio lias beeu uearlv ilravnunl iu Ujo fjonl. Wr muK 
get him to b«d, and give hint soiuelhiiig liol to tiriulc, at qiilckir u 
we can," 

Old Lute wiw a innotiaU womnn. Sho wutcd do timo in inqntrix nr 
CScUmntionn, but hurriet) np the crmlring sttir, calling "DoittK, 
Doirifaft ! " na she went, and made all huM to get ctMU warm tlii^ iip-y. 
ttu bedwhich (the doctinDd for tlte iiAeoT the Blnuiger. Her dauclilT 
C«ma aitd br1]><Ml knr in her )io«pitnMo piv|&mUoas, and it wm not Mlil 
Rbe bad got her chitr)jc comfortAbly imtAlipd beneatJi a mooataioow 
down •}iu]t, and liad made biin swiJlovr a potont dniuglifc ot it^uwvU a»l 
liot inter, that sito gave way tofbm{niao«ario«ill}-,aju]bqgantoiiakafc« 
(pievtaons. lliese the stroagar, bemg now greatly oamforted uid rntomi, 
wan ready enongh to annwcr ; bnt firat, ho mid, be nnst thank thelxmn 
fdlow who hod sarcd hiii life. 

Hearing this, and ha\-ing obsorred that the water from hi« drij^ikc 
ctotfacA was malung a lar^ pool u|K<n the dean Itoor, NDb h1 i]i[«d qnicll; 
out of the room, nnd wah down the ftaSiK before I.ian cnuli) stop Iubl 

" Nerer mindt" said she oonaolingly to lier guest. " Yav will l*> 
nir« to see him to-morrow, if you wiali to tliAiik hint. Bnt htt n aotta* 
of thoM who hold out for being thanked, our goot] HQa.'* 


ThocLimAtc of th<; TTardnnRrr dintnVt, which the laost patnoUr ^f- 
wfighui eon hardly hrinjj himaelf to extol^ has tliiii set-off i^^nict tlannT 
dmwbaclus that it U full of Burpriw«t of n more or Ion beauttfal ■"l 
delii^tfiil kind. The tnifita that gather oa the mnvy peaks, anJ "< '' 
and trtui among them like unokr: wrcatba ; tb« slowly milini; cloi»4- 
fling daric ahadowa on the Uue-fireeu fjoirl ; tins swift dnr 
bo which tlie meadows owe their brilliiint: vcrdiitr ; tlit< » 
to from the northward, channg iho kiiiTyitig nc-ud iNtfore it, anil lOintUi 
the bright smi — all Uicw nomc and go no Hnddenty, and anu\ IHomJ 
80 little nottcn of thv'ir u]ij)roach, that each itny Irinn* with it i 
gentle excitement of uDecrbtinty ; and n man with on <ry<! for 
rrndily iMrchma tlio oUniatc whirl) Ib alwayH i^ring him a wtr' '"i*^ '^ 
oon*id«ritioit of the wonderful natural diagilaya produm-d hy Lt- 

Ani) as yon cao nettr count it|»n Uh> wcatlicr ia thb 
net-A nerer deajmlr of it. Nils, ihewrfore, vru tn w> wt«^ 
ho wokp, on the momiog )Ul4>i- liU volnntory immsr 
aVy fw from any roti^ of cl<Hjd, and tbf — -' ■■ 
glad earlli with qaite an lt4iliaa fonv. W 
•olf, that ho would jiial run down to (h« TttUt^v <>d mJ> Lu n 



Kvnd (in whom Ii« b^gan to fed ft quiiai-f«t»rnjtl InteKet, m having bem 
li« mauu of bringiDg him Inck to th« vorld wlwu h«i wm more tiuui 
Jf my ont of it) wim prognaning. 

But Mere Nib^ toilet was coini>let«I, there cane a kharp rft|>piDg at 
b« door of the hru-bouae, wUob waji olao ihAt of Ibe gmera] livinj;- 
Qtn, in wliich Jtrtaen p^ wiu juit th/^it nutinghialiraeldast. aiul, with- 
out vutJRgforpermtJwioii to enter, n Hinall, sliKbtyOTinK auui, with long 
ctu^ing (utir, anil n hondiiouiey (-Dgcr Gicv, |ie«rc4] in, axlLing if thia were 
Nils JmMn'a bouap, 

"It fsChmUan Jmiski'h honae, at your service" eajd Uie sturdy Indi- 
vidual of chat iiauo, rising dowly from hi) clioir, and loolciDg down itpon 
tho new corner froin th« superior altitude of aix-foot-tbro(r. " I haro a 
son h>" the name of Nils, nho haa no houa^. and nevft will have, so fai- 
M t can BOO. Xovr I think of it, tou will be the young g^ntlemnn whom 
bo fiahed ont of tL« water ye8t«rday 1" 

** Ta ; I am h& And I Itaro come h«re to c^br him luy poor 
thanlca. Vou are ■ fortunate man to be the fWther of «o brnvc a •on." 

Re spoke in aocenta which Houndod Homnwlint mincing to a Nor- 
wcfpan oar, so that oM Jensen righOy ooi^'ecttirod biu to be » Dano. 

" Oh, as ftr ft* that goen," imswer^cl tiw bmor, " Uiero la no Jfttma 
who in a coward, nor ever wan ; and Nils com awim as well as any fiiih. 
HuUoa diera I Come down, Kila ! Here ia the gentleman yon wore 
tflling inc nboul corns to aeo you." 

Nils, descending the ste«p ataimue in ohodictico to tbis eomn].inil,«a8 
throwT) into great confinion by the emthujuastio nrvetin^ which he 
reC(Bv«d from the utmngcr, who, atauding on t)|>-toe to reuch the broad 
ahonldera of his preserve-, flnng himscir forward and emhmopd him 
il foctr (f« brat. NUa gently diMtngagod himself n» aoon os 1m> could, and, 
JtO givohimaelfn rountaoanc«, bagan to talJc. 

' Another time," mid he, " if you should find ymiraetf drowning— 

Iticli Uod forbid! — yon uurt remcmbci- that it ia a wry bad thing 

^brow up your anns abore your head. And thciv is another 

[: if you nnk, yon iJioulJ b« careful to keep your month ahutf 

"Ifow that I haw alrfuwly found out for myaelf," iuterru|>t<d tlio 
titntignr, wiUi a langh. " Gnl!on» of salt water I mnat ham swallowed t 
_Aiid Toiy ill I wna in iho night, I can tell yoat" 

'* Bat you ore well Bf,>aiQ now," sAi<l NiIm, glancing at tiw bri^t eyoa 
I hnalthy crfonr of his visitor. 

" Vim, 1 am m well m ever I was in my life, thanks bo you. Ia it 

> an extraordinary thing that a man should risk his life to sare that of 

wbom be never aaw before ) " 

Bat that ia done avcuy day," remarked Nils. 

'Not quit* BO oft«nas that, porhapa; still, oftoner than one would 

l>ect, J allow. But aa for y«^ one has but to look at your fiuso to aee 

', y«i an one of tbono vbo find titeir happiaoes iu doing gwd to their 




DUglibourm. \\ni«nBver ^u see a pair of blue nynt, sncJi wi tiuma ititk 
vliich you Bro now lookinfl; at me no laolemiJf , uid between tliem a gnu 
rucnl nf a no»c, 'liYiopinj;* littla i\t the tip, aii<) uoilemetUb tliaC • niWr 
vido moiitli, about which there lUw^jra liovors a gnivp aniilc^ and «A«e 
luuler lip (if you wUl forc^vo my saylBg »o) hasA slight look of iodonaan 
about it, jrou mnjr know th&t Uinre Rtandii hefnin tou a m&a *lie i) 
capable of UirowiBS liimsiolf into the wutn* At utiy moiovnt, U) mre a (ud. 
who la tipOD tbo poiut of being tlrovuwl for Uui very good ami RnJIiaait 
TMSOii that h« u a fool. Well, I will amStm Uiat I haro bcatJ 
thing of jou from tbo good folln at Baklto ; but I am n bit of a pb; 
nomist beaidea." 

At ttiid point, obi Jeaiaeo, obwrvini; that tulkioj; wu very pl«M>t> 
btit that work had to hb dono whMh«r a mut would, cr whetliir bt 
wouldn't, bofc^ to bo oxcuecd, anil walked oat of the bonne. 

The two young men boing tbtu left alone together. Hue atnnger, wl 
nemed to be i^ther fond of the aound of bin own voice;, proomtud r 

" Now, Nils, what I want ia tJiat we Bhoubl bo frHsda, and ii«Tet lm> 
Biffht of one another ngiin. I have every reomn to like yoii ; and m (u 
iu« — well, it may wnutd c»ucei(ed (o say ao — t>tit aiuat |i«ojilc lik* v 
when they know me. And fint of ail, I want yoa Ut wear tliia rintf. ^ 
a liltlo retucmbniaoe of ycslenlay. I bought it in Home, and it ii a loJ 
old UilagUo, Mi*l I am vPry foail of it : that ia why I gire it yoa. TS*i 
M paymetit, you understand," ho atldcd quickly, noticing that "Sih df* 
back a little — " no, no I I value my life at uoco than the price of a rin^ 
I cai\ nemre you, and my debt to yon ia oog that I Klioubl narpr ht aV* 
to pay if I wiabcd to do to. 1 only offer you uy liug becaiiM 1 aboul' 
like yon to Iiatp the tiling 1 am fondest of." 

" You are rery kind," aiid Nils, " anil I will not bo » iU-DoaiuiBvl 
aa io rtfuse yoar prmttnt, Init 1 ant tarry yon ahoold part with an «»• 
ment which you *aln« so much, and what I did for you was only to gf- 
mydothen wot; I ran no risk. What you aay aliutil our b«iaj fnotaba 
a snat hooour for mo, but — but wo do nob know omi anolhir yK. 
and " 

"Ah, yon areatma Korve$;ian," lati);)i«d the otliw. '*Y<ni 
know your taan befion yoD give your fnetubbip. Well, I ahaU U** 
MTU il, tbut in all." 

" Bill your rank of life,' li^igaa NJlt 

" My door follow, I am not a fine gcnllcnian, I am tbo aon tf < 
ptaaant, like youiSBlf; only my father wbb a In 
money. Itul J will U>ll you all nbout (Jtai »od» 
alaogot Ganu-work bo do. or con you oomcoutwiUi mo fur » «Ub^ *i^ J 

Nils coiisidtTod. "TbemtsQot tnodi (o bedoaoot honMj 
hr mid ; " but 1 luivo promiaed to ! ' ' ' < twQ 

tlio lilliij;!'. If it would Hitil juu 1' 

" Any way yoo |d«iB«v" wihwbiwiI tiio wranjpr. " it i» 



And to titty Mt onl to walk dowu tlio liill tovKnls BaUce, Nils 
^vririBg «nD« nmusontoDt Groin the volubility ajid commuiiicatiTGuna of 
lus new fHend. iUs name, it ap|ieu«tJ, vrua Giutuv Kidinrdt. He was 
• DAtivc of KorUieni Slawig, aod » Diuic hy binb, Uutgtugc, and ^m- 
|ntii}', tiioiigli a Ovmui tubJMt |i«lidiiig tbo pleanure of a alittduiuui who 

r a profound respect for Ibe rigbbi of BatJons, but wko doc« not u y«t 
liix wiij to the cnn^ing out of AH. V. of tlio Trcntjr of Prague^ By 
{•oftniou lie was bd artbu, hf snid ; uid goL a (pjod prioefor his pictures, 
wberctiy ko vaa eanbM to visit foivi^ counlries iu Bwrcb of tbe pielux' 
GKiac. With litis mA in vi«w ho Wl turircd at Ride a littls higbcr up 
tbe fjoid, a foir (lays lack ; and it iras wlule aailin^ iii a boat whidi be 
had hired nt tbat jiUor lluit he had Luttii overtaken hy tli« vijiuill which 
hiid SO neuly put oji end to Mh cHreer. 

** I knov verjr little ubout the utaungeaient of a hoat," he acknow- 
lodgtd frwildy; "aod, to tell you tlie Iriith, wfaon tho wind caught me, 

iiost toy head completely, and thonjjfht only of rcaobLog tbe land as 
ickly OH poasibl^. However, it haa all 6ud«d veil ; for 1 liaru made 
jonr aci{tiainUut«\ aud disoorered on« of tltfl lovelicHC K{iotK id the world. 
Whata vi«w, my good Nila! Wliat a mngp «f tnountaiiw I Viliat a 
noble stretch of wata* ! What a fon^round your Tillage makes, with 
its little ud&nd in fitint of it U> k«<0[i it ijuiL't and uiug ! I muxtalaybeie 
fiir a time, and take some skotcltCH. Whcremuld Igvt n nxim ) Do you 
think your good friends who ncvtvod mo laat nigbt would let m« liii'o 
one of thorn I" 

"That i ouinot sayt" answered Nils j "but I tbink they wmdd. 
^RThat xhey wouI<l like hmt would b« to kmp you na a gunt ; but when 
^be is poor, you kuow, oue cannot do jint what oDe dodrea. I vill tell 
BpoD what yon wialt." 

** Tbuik yoti. I would rnlber stay there tbnn anywhare alee. Do 

Ckoow that the daughter of tlic faoiiw ban tb« head «f an aofptl* 
" lliat al« has. indeed," replied Xik gravely. " But I think you 
it vas liuidiu-a{ieH you iiainteiL" 

•* Ob, I do a little of nrorylhiog. Old women, young women, houaea, 
eattlo — Anything that in pretty or pqclurveqiw, you nndentand — nothing 

riQS amia* to me. Vou will try aud anmajpe about the room, then I " 
• With great pleasure." 
Thus it nunc to pass that Hon- Guetur lUchardl, with Itia ntodert 
|iartiuaat4kil and his [mmpbemalia of jiuiiiliugitutteriala, which becsuBod 
lo lescnt to him from Eklv, wiu inntalled ua a tem))orary mombcrof the 
^»nj|»M houaebold, where he aoon succeeded in mnklog hi naelf ijuitv at 
homa IbsrawM souw doubt, at lint, in the niiuds of his boneat enler- 
lainera as to how fiu- a i^tleiaaa opparenOr »o ddieataly nurtured would 
I able to put Up with their frngnl fan; but be speedily renasurod thrm 
this point,dcclann};that,hftviRgMibsMted all bia life upon fresh meat 
wbitn farvad, be « as utterly wmry of tbo«o nrtcclm of diet, and that 
I a poaiUt'e luxurj- to be iieiimtlnl to exchange tbeai fur fish, ogga. 


nits sEsaEtf. 

bAOon, and ^ri/i. U« wen, in hinnnzkt; to kangrewble, we«l %bt 
of «x[iii(uHmg ■ spociwl Ukiug for ^a-ibro^, Uic Xorw«giui suMittttt far 
brotul : Imt lajftuibrotl m n tfain, toogh Buljetaoco, dlnitninc • '"•*"■' 
GonaiDBLip to ont-cnko, bnt compoaed, 1 believ«, in m Urga mauovof 
nvdngt, it will be peimved tlut bewiu prolably stmining a poiotlbm 
Be tint CM it Ditty, the yonag Dane's adajitirmon wn* ibe mnuM «f pif- 
«unDg for him g()l<Icn oi>iiuoniL Itwna not wiUioat reason tb&t he 
boMted to Nils ttutt most people liked him. Bu tuwB^ctod 
hia goualitj'.aiid liia intcreat — rc-al or fcignod — in Uk» poUy CMmrM 
tbfom aAcnl bini. mxm won him mAny fiieods nmon^ the rUlAgcn ; nd 
tlicro WAN somotbiDg «bout bin uniH^foiiniiciaiu coiuninnicMtivfinnK iW 
nther took tii«ir fan«]r — pnilably by reaacm of tlio comqiionoua ttmJim 
oftmy similitr tmlt in their own national oh&racler. 

With Nils Jenumnnd witJi tho Aimdab) family bo «iu ploMcJ 
j>lace hiiuwlf npon a footing orcoiu|>lcto equality, 

" You mtutl noi ciill utc Horr Kidittrdt," lie taid ; " you mtud okU 
GumUiv,'— a r«iiieat vbich was ahyly comjiliM wiOi, after agooil iWlrf 
hwilMtioD. He delighted Uio neijflboura by diMhiiig off kwity 
oolour portraita of wny of tliom who would girf* hiiu a Hitting. I. 
beoding ovor b«r«pinDitig-vbocl; old Olium AnndiUtI iuhI hiit wif^iD 
heyday coBtume ; Hans Lundi^n, p««riiig up distntatfUty froM 
fiBhiog-nehi— all th«ac iiud luuoy oibcm, lie ixtrLmyud vvr and » 
•^ain, and goodiuiturcdiy pvtegntud hij> handiwork lo nil wha rahial |L 
Ha tuid ft quick knack of caGching a likcm^fit, and waa, jicriapi. Mm 
onccaariVll in bb little ■tudiM of If Oi-wt^giau peaisaot life tlian in ihi* UbiI- 
tea\w painting to wtuidi he dovot«d hU uioro wrioni mtvtiliou. Unuii^ 
tlmt a woddioff vw about to lAkc place in tbo nviglibourlrovO, nuttuv 
vonld MtiR^ him but tliAt he nii»t attend the f»tivity whiUi«t- Ktkiul 
hia fiddlo vnm Wimd. Sitting in a corner, uonotiocd by ihn rvnrr'Jkn, 
he dn^w, witJi d«ft peocit. a bun-ied outline of the Bceue— tbv dark. In* 
lOOfM room, with nliaftx of light fi-oni the auiuet ftnaiitiii); thnMiifli 
Burow wiudiiwM; tbo stalwart Agiirra of tlio dnnoon ; Kib' gravr 
looking ludeways over tho ilying fiddli^bow; the brida in her qoni 
ailvci^giit cn>wn ; the liridi'^givom, haJf-»bm-|>it>li, b^f-triumptaot lU 
VM tbo tirat itkotch of tho ]>iutui« known ub lb<r Somrr^n V-io^* 
Wedding, which now hangR on Uie wall of the < I 

GapoiihAgesi, and it couaidorod one of Um linfifiiwal ■ —. 


Bnt nil thU waa men ralaxalioii. Tb(_> sunona bunnnae im 
tiustav Kitlinrdl waa engil^ vaa thn iiaiuUng of the OMor- «>^•'^ 
tunfoldvd iUfi?lf l>>roru tbo vilIaK« of Bokke— tho bnad Qord. ' 
f.flolittd slopoa nf ll>e op)iOMtr ahoi-o and Ibi loworinf pmLii uiti £)»«" 
^4Mm Vnl^twtH- It waa n lalnrioua twk ; and, non than on(«, ' 
^~ ". stiniiT-t«m pared mtd mngninv m be wm, iLt 

i' - _'j[»ir. For, a* tho lunm "'"1 i'"- "ii» 

dianffca >wo|it a^roM tbe jioiiamnia ; »uA aw i 



OTor Um mpnai^in-topa, wul IttaJce witL mUlu of Uioniltr uul flasliiiig 
lig'SigB of blue Ughbimg ; >acK raiobovs bung ^unst thebill-«kl» ; tucli 
fHagfgeam saaaet dnis glowed upon ib« diatant mow, tJ»ab [xunt uid oui'nu 
noaud bopalasl^ iniuletiiiato to Uitt •orvioe nuiiured of tbom. Ooatav 
wiadjr tlnddsd to attoupt bo d«luM»tioa of t)i«sc bewildering BlBMsphacfa 
nftcta. Hu picture vu to be & fkir-wMttber ]ii^tiui«; *iul wlt«nevar 
t^urewH m 4[eoeo» spell of saiasbiDO> bo cuthxI Xha implements of kil 
mft to a iBMulow aUivt- tbe nUa|^ aud tWe worluil uiraj till tbc nis 

le OD ■([BJQ. 

'ill anil Dortbp noi uufivi^upntly acvoiupanieil tlii> Brtut on tlua» 

osd woaid sit Iieside bim, by tbo bour to^tber, entnoetid by 

bl» ikecriiHioua of ibe &r-ft«my $outb«m lunds v'hitbcr bia Iqw of uiturv 

Aixi tbc arts b^. trota time to time, led bim. Nils, albeit j;;ift«d witli a line, 

rick im ^ n ation, wbicK be had not Idl uncfultivalal, was fun to conftn 

Uiat D*T«r, in bia most bi^ly-wlouitNl faiiy-toleet bad lie uonoctved of any 

id ao lovely as thai vbich tbis fi>rtniiata man had actually seen, and 

bi. It WM of the clitmaU; and scnnety of Italy— of 

Tb> UmA of pJro and ma r hvn pso; 
Tbc Uad or pain, ef ootagHilowoia. 
f >f nlin, alM aaJ mix* sad viu(^ 

,t iboM two Dortlwni folln like<l best to bear. Tbey did not care ao 

,uch «boiit tlie minnd templcn, llio inflrble catboJraU, and tho fiunotn 

and eml|tlnrp gallarisaof vbieb tlic aiiiitt spoke witb as ai»cb 

tii, Tlic notion of ro8« that bloomed in mid-winter, of onni^ 

^'H'Tfrg from tbn bou^^, rc*dy to be pluckoil, of Uoceniber violabt and 

tDnidow*carp<Btcdwitbniany-tiDtcdaneniones.bsd A fasdnation for thorn 

wkidi iMves- palled ; and tli^y.rK-urrnd to Ibe tbeme again and nfj^n, till 

oraa the good-tnttired GuMav, niurli ax he relished his own oonrenation, 

^^ndwl bj Iwooming a liltto v/vnry of it, 

^H Nil*, btnranr, oould not indnlgo hitnaelf by listeninff to tJieee von- 

^■hma ncitals ercr}- day. It wus nil verj well for Vorih*:, who cotdd 

^Bki^ betteJf witJi hM' spindle or her iK«dli>-iroi-k rh vol! out of doors sa 

niliQiae; bnl Nils bad avocationn vrbioh aft«n led bim awny to a dia- 

Uuwn, and aoineUuxxt iM!>-itwntati>il nn aIhumico of tvro or titrae tkyti from 

booM. For imtanco, witon (riistnr lind bvensonm tiiroe weeka at Bakli^ 

anil the ptcluni wiia ln-j^iimiug to aliow dawiiin» aigus of ultimate com- 

jdMiuii, it liHpiimcd ihat n ni'i^lilKjuriog rutiwr fi^ll into gricvoiu tnmUe 

wttli Uia honw, Bem'a] of wlioiu wem attacked by influetuoi. TIm fiumcr, 

not wvil knowing tho nymirfoiui) of tho dL«oaai% and being ahakeD by a 

terrible kmr of tbo posability of Klandetn, natiiially aeni poaVbnsle for 

Nib Jiiuen, who, aa oaliimlly. HlactMl at onco to placo Lis knowledge at 

ibe wrvkie of his ttieini. Ho was mme time absent ; for the funier 

Moidd not lie ■ntiadod ludcaB tlie smatciir ikiotor mprirbitended b)uiiii>ir 

■be trMtmrnfc which hnbotl nK>oinin"i»hv| ; hub ou the fourth day, tilings 

4U<rinff taken a more hopeful turn. Nils dfccttd fain eMnjio, and set hia 

fiifC bonuvarda. 

yus jiocsBs. 

Mu wny Inylhroiigli t}i(;5di)whoroOaM«T was Bea»tom«<l tosbition 
biinttlf fovhudftily Uhour; and therf.HHrpenoagli, NUa diwov«nd Um, 
Biul Dottlie tieuditig over hin nhoulder b> examine t>i(> jirugnsn ef tW 
work. NoitlMT of UioRi noUcnl lu> nfiiirokdi. Tho iwfntiir ImJ liid 
ftote bnbrushcw, nnd wn.^ talking niUior eogcrlTto his f«.ir oonpuiiu. 
Pnaently be seu^d li^r band, und pnased it to Kis li{>8. KhedwvH 
BWny quick ly.MtiHliitiji; rosy itxl all ovtirher Ucn uid tmk, nadnntbn 
the hill -, but »lic could not luvrc bc«n mncb offcndod ; for kIw! Un 
u the ran, and Uuow a gisncs back over ber ahoulder balbiv 


It was thuH that >iC« made bis fint acquaiutauc* wiUi the i 
jnwiou of jcalou^. 


In lughly civiiBoil coram uiiities, whose niembcra, ns « m\^ tarn 
at concealing their [laHsiiuns thiin ut controlling them, it is probahfe 
few lovora, having accidnntaJI; aeem thoir sirMUiaart's haEMl kiswNl hja 
common aaqnatntauM, wotild take nay iuiroediate notice of the incMmt^ 
Tbe fear of aj^ieariag riiliculoiu, which \a ooc of tho primal? cfaancts^^ 
iatiai of n cultiratod nature, mi^ht bo reli«d upon (o restrain tbeta tnet 
kny overt act or deinonHbratioii, however great mi^ht be their fatian) 
wrath. Silt NiU, who wan but lut unaofihittkated Norwqgiaa p«aMsi. 
bad BO inch potent curb upon tho dtHptiiy of his emotiona, and harnc 
been greatly diirtratMod ontl iilioclttfd by Ui^ Ultle aetate which Iw hail Jot I 
vitiiened, strode np to the iwintor'ii side with atincglow upon hit chiafav 
and a mind Aruly act ujwn plain speaking. I 

"flnstAT," Hftid ho, in bin fullikivp vuiot;, "I did notntdatitoijiyapM 
you ; but 1 caught Htghb of you and Dortho before yon knew I waa aofi 
ami — and 1 taw what you did juHt now." 

" What, Nilal' cried the other, wbedb^ round nponhiaraiaiiawl, 
hmI wtwwling his han«l withotit any aiobainiacawut. " ^V■loolM hf«a 
■fgunl So yoa law — ha, ha. ba I — Well, I dwi't mind. I an M* 
■■ImDed (o havo beoD aeon kiioiog Bortbo'a band, if that is what t 

Nila frowned : Jt atntrJc liim Uiat tbiii was piHbing ai)da«4ty lolb 
vrrpi of iiiipa4i>noik HowaTar, aaba aoldou Rant wmy to ai^ ; - 
cuof incing caose, and as it eeetned poanble Ant somr exean for 
behaviour might Ixi found in the fact of bis fuswiga uxtiactM^ ^ 
anawerod, gently enou^— 

" In your coontry, perhapa, you have diffccont ouatana fraai o«t 
hot with UH it ia not tbou^it right to bo ao faiailiar with a yuangpH 
it brtrotlwd 1o auoiiior nun." 

iiian I " crimi tha artitrt, starting to hia 
' ' ^ itelnithed b> vhunl" 
>T tnrprland at hta vobeip* 

** B«tn»thMl tu anothr 
•"Whatarcyou talking' 

"Why tonus" »*1'- 
you Dot know tlmtl" 



^L " <> rent beavaui, tu> I Why did you not tell me this Mon I " 
^B "I thong^t you mtut I>av« heexii of it," wuw««il Xitu; "it is oo 
HbecMt; eruyiMxIy in the villags koowa it I don't know why i did not 
BlaP yoa, exe^ that tlicre sro thini^ of irhkh a man dom not sprak in 
ordinary tiilk — just aft one does iiot lAugli in ckurcb. And sTtcr nil," lie 
added, " what difTerettoe aui Jl inaJce to you T 

" What didcrcnto t Ho tisks mo wliat diffci«nca 1 Why the difivr- 
•net) between blin and miaery ! — betwifen keftven nnd li«ll .' " n-ifd Gus- 
tar, wlio WM « triflo proiw to hyiwrbole. "Oh, IiiJM,jou(«igtit to hav« 
told me or tbia booqpi- ! " 
Hi>T« iras « i«Te)ation I 

" I could not ewppow ) I could uot gueK>~" Ktatnincrrd Nils. " And 
now, 1 doti't quite unttcivtand. Vou surely conid never bxi'o 
lougbt of — of marryiifj Dortli* ! " 
"Andpniy wliynoti" 
" Ve &r» only pcnmntM, nnd yon nre n rich gmUnaau," answcfud 

Tits. " 1 Klioidd linvi? thuiiftiit tiiu (litlereiice of pontioii " 

' Man, tnon ! " intemi|>l«il tlie odur uujiatimtily, " how often am I to 
ou cbiit 1 am n itvnuuit's con I I \ui\-n no roUtioas to obj«:t to my 
ring nltoni I please ; and even if I bad, that wouM not Kt«nd in my 
wsy. A nd Dorthn in lit for uiy poutiou." 

" But yon lmv« uuly koowti li«r tlircc woekii,'' ol>Jcct«d NIIb, unable 

to ctUBimbend & jMauion of such quick growth. 

^m " llirra weeka I ihrM lifo-tiuM* ! Do you think all the world is ns 

^^lii-blooded M youradf f No, no, Niln, 1 did not mt«n tJint^ l-'orxivo 

me ; I don't kuuw what I am saying. Oh, Sik, I auj very, vM-y 

.wntehcd I" 

" Tliu lin{it!tuoua GHfitar OMk down npon b^x i-niiijt-*too], and liid bin 
lia bifl huulc "I munt go away," he moaned out preacDtly; "I 
DHt laiv« tlii» pUcc at once." 

" Indeed, I ihiuk it ia the brat tiling yoti can do," said Nils, stroking- 

diin mofully. " I um very aorry for what lias liapp(!ne<l— n)[iec>ally 

' A Iws l>e«u at idl my fitult ; but I think you hail Uittcr go. Tlio uoro 

' lio added naively, " as ] uywif have to go awny to-uiotrow. My 

'ItnttMr F^snln ba« been up at the tixler on the mountMina, nith the entile, 

lor a month ; audit ia my t^irn to i-ulievo him. 1 don't tots anything for 

it but thjtt yon ahoitld f^." 

" Vw, yes" fttwwMMl tiuslav, lifting up bis 6ce from bia baoda, " I 

nrnal gti — iJiat ia clear. I own nty life ut you, Nili^ and I wwikl ntther 

' tbui do von Bj) iujiiry. But befoiv I Imw this dear place for evor, 

lila, I think i will juM pot n fvw more atrokea to my pietuni. You 

uuod that. It will \m> an ftffiiJr of ihruo daya — w four daye^ at 

Li' ' I'lfti awl you can trust roe for tlint tinw." 

■Tnutyont" nid Nib, holding oat )ii» baiid. "Of c»utwlnn. 

11 cikn tnut Dorthe too," be nddod, with n little touch of pride. " If 

te to ramalii \mn »■ yar, it ia not I who will intcriiera to upseb 


jonr pliini ; but, to tell yon the plaia trulli, 1 tliink you irould te ImUv 
out of Um i»aat«7 jiot uow j mij um>-be you younwlf would be \»pfim 
aw*y. I don't wouder at yonr loving JJortlis — wUo ooulil Lolp it t Bit 
you had never seen liei' a niontli ngo, ivmembor ; atul porha|» ta niwtht 
montli it will U> with you ks tf you luul nover ouuu Iter tU &1I." 

At ttiis bearlli>i!« Buggi^Uoa Giutuv ttmaotd ilunudly. It «u bit 
mture to ci-y out wIm>u lie wan Uurt, juat as il w«a XiU' tuUui* to 
eautfort the KfHielod. Su timt « tpxxl Ihiut IikU pU| »«J Wftjre Uio tvo 
young mua jwrtwl. 

Wb«n tliM mt^t-riew was at an etid, If iU, in a goiuevb&t huml>U mi 
vonLritv iiiuoil, tnarcliecl riom-u Uie liill ta )hi1 fj>ixxl-l)yii to iJurtlte, wban, 
ky good luck, lie found alnno in tho fJiop. To liw W Baid nutUag vl 
wlmi, he had witam^ eni-lier in the aftoinoon, leUig withheld pAitly lif 
delicacy and partly by pridft ; but Id kia hut wurda lie did oaiilHt« to 
insiiiiutto a uoto of waruiu^'. 

" Vou will uot fur^-t uie when 1 am away I ' lut Mid. 

■* Forget you, XilA I— how oould X flo tliatt" ukod iIm* Cirl, taiMf 
her rlenr blue tsym to his, and kiighiag at itie ban mIim. " Da I •«« 
foi^get you 1 " 

" Well 1 liiit you will thiuk of uii> Humvtanim when I aiu up lIm^ in 
tlio lonvly mniintaios, and you an* amtifling yonnalf with I'tiiKtAv &iiJ— 
andlbo rest)" 

" I am always «*'{i'fi"g of yoii. 'JfOa," nht an»w«r«-J Mtuplv. " 1 
tliinlc of yon every morning and aveoing wfacD 1 my my imty«n— yMv 
aud a haodrnl times a day beades." 

" l>o you I " said KiUi, faroaking into a liAj>py Kngb " Tln-o vU 
have I laato wijilifor?" 

And so be went liix nny with « mind at rod. 

Now if there wan odo thinpt &ioi« than asother ol' vhit^h Gimw 
Kichardt wu convinced, when be awoke (after a surpriain^ly miw4 
eloep)oa the morning of Nils' iloportnzv. it wa^ of Iim li>ynlty toiit 
aloRDt friunil. It miithl bo— »o Ite thought., as he bruxU^l aonvwfib))' 
OTW the wreck of bin lu'wlyburti hofMw— tl mi^l )ki Uiat he bad li^n 
Bomewliat hardly ated iii thiit matter, ll might Ui tJint thoM whul»l 
kept Itim in ignorauce of ammifvuivnia which oo^jbt to hayo been mttt* 
knows to him ItadoAly thomsclvM loblaokf&irtih' '' 'itr 

negligeDCP. It might In that Nih aud Unrthe wr . '< 

to one another, wIwtcbb na iui)iartiAl muul muld hul to pcrceira tb 





athaity wbicli etigbeA botweon the iiiij' {womut and 
might )jo tlMt a oasuul would tlodun from ihoao c- 
rooelnaon that ho wai not in honour Unmd to fan 
pnuiuw(if |irotuiH it liail Ifrtai) whtdi bo Itad made 
AnertKMO. BulOuMtav reeulved at once that ha wunld ^ 
dlffdutu rmjoninjp of tliis nature to i>* . 
eonaoiaiKCk Uia duty waa plain, EIo owtal .i»' 

wmld be now Hon tint ha was not nnKmiM\tl. A fw umu* (In 




in Bokke, in mara jnstico to himsQlf and to Um faturo o^mar o£ 

gntX jiictUM ; but during thorn dapt Vio wotild bo taoai ctrvitiiuipect 

lus oanilULt, uA on tlw ox[Hration of them bo would iufiilUbljr ditpoil. 

iiuinuAUiig •ugg«atioDft ot tJio tomiitiT, whii-li woidd, evoty now laii 

, nmke their way into his mind, be Iwldly fiic«i with an A/yige ntro 

tanasl andasbd comhrd liis long hair ijcforo th<> iscraii of looking- 

with wliich Uio care of Lijw Atuidkhl Imd ;>rovided hiui, he vw 

ioiu of » comrorhible glow of nolf-Appivvnl, feeling that lio was 

Itisg at llie faoo of va honest man. 

Bat DOW au unforeoecu drcMnu4auoe oociin«d, Thicb, Ihruiigli uo 
t of his own, compullod Giutav to prolong kU sojourn iu the daogeroua 
hood. IIu bad diEjMxwd of bia bnshfast iu solitude, wid was 
iag to Nvt out for th« bqcoc of hut daily lulw^int, wilhotit lAving »o 
M hiatut at a wisli that Doi-tliP rJiould awwrniMiny liini, when the 
in wt in with a dogged detemiinalion which aecmcd to abut out all 
pe of uuL-iloor occu^tton for tb« I'eniaindcr of that day. And. itubiad 
clouTug at son»t, it, poured on all tJirouj^h tlip ni^t, aj>d all thiou^i 
t ntut iky, nnd f^in all tlirnngli tbu day after lliat; w> that i\\o 
llage strtwt wax noovortAd to u mere wat«rcourso, and the bill-Kido into 
Dotmas. ThoaerainydaysweretiTiD^DQee topoor Gu-itAv j forbo^wnb 
licHbm ill the aanto room aa Dortho ; and he did not nlu-ayt: find 
oosy to keep a bridle ttpon bis tongiw. But be bebaval Tei7 wdl, ii|>uq 
whole, imlUng ^ good deal I«a8 than usoal, and busying himself over 
likeium of a ooupte of diildren, whoae motlier bad licgged for thta 
inra of hit) alcilL NcT<irtbe<1«8s, b^ore the doaiLi lifted, iium liud 
■noted the «!j(o of his detenninatioQ. Ho began to think that, after all, 
■n was not any necessity for hia leaving Biikke in sudt a deeiM!iat« 
ny. Sorely it wiu no gr«at matter that he ahonld take a fi'w more 
of comgiarativc bappinca^ when others bad a whule lifetime of 
.titudn to look furnarJ to. He wan nlnto«t ac^y villi Xils at the 

Pka Lhul Ro Hutall a favutir could be grudged to liim. lliAO he 
lasred that XHh bad hiM carelemly thai be mighb stay a joax If be 
uvl this settled the point. "A year I would not atuy," said 
'■ Vivtohimeelfi "I »houM not think it right But a we»k ia only 
_ - days — ifutto a ridiculously ahoi-t time if yon Munt it by hours — 
half of U)i!iu one is in bed — Ym ; I think I will atay jual ouo more 

"What ^rp fitirngtb to this decision was that the rain was suooeaded 

a *)>rll of thp loT^ieat weather iuiuginahlu — w«Ntli«r iu which it would 

hut<u a aiu aiitl aaliania to knvo the lonutiful Hardaoger Fjoi-d, wlitcb, 

1 ia n Mddoni thus &rour«L Day aftei- day the sun ran hia long 

rwB KroM a clrai- bluo oky, whil« Um )niow-|ialo]MW on tho mmiotiua- 

tthtauk imtW his wann raya. and tiny cloudlets fbnDed and diapetaed 

:mi hi^beiit summits, and a hundred rivuleta, aet a^oii^ by the 

dorwDpotir, gnm In* and lees till at laai they tlimppoored allogother; 

day aflor day Oiutav woi-kcd on iu lua ot-xiutoiued meadow, with 

Dorthc hy his sidi*. Ten days Yippee! awAj lil:o wo taiLay miaubet; ud 
daring all Uiia titue Ouatav's lojnlQr to Uie absent ?{ila cootiniud vn- 
diiuiaihliiiil, H&Te in tlie ono ptirticultu* uf litt [nxtlgogeil {utaetm 
Korway. Thcro wm no npprcMfIt to lovC' mnking m his C<iav 
■with Dorthc, and no repetition of the hauJ-kittsng wliieii hnd uouod tlw' 
je&lotur^ of liei- li^tiiuale lover. Tliejf talked uo!^)^- <jf tlio old topks — 
ItaJ;, Um lU«lit«n«ii«HU, tbn riinrim of fomigu IputoI, luiil tu> furt)i 
buC, eveny now and then, (riurtnv could not ivftvin from & do)<]> s^i. 
UorthA uilcod bitn vhethcr Aiiythitm* were mokiog him tinfupfif, i$ 
would i-cpl,v, witli ft most unmtcocwfid nwiiuijttioa of curdmEDwa, "OIii 
no ; nothing nt fkll I " \Vhci«a|>aia she would getMnfJlv sigh too. 

1 mm not going to assert Dint tlie 6aB WMth«r baled for a fortniglii 
(whbli i» A Htiitiiincut thiLt noliod^, npt{iifunt(Ml with the conxttry, 
honour by u uiomeiit's L-redcmco) ; but it is n (net tluit that pariod of linii 
bad elapsed before the iftia set m d^alu Ja any tliiu^ Ukefui unwmpnmui^ 
itplrit. WU«tk it (lid begin, tt brought coM ^^-ith it; and tlie gmtni 
opitiion was that tboro would bo no more sununor tliat year. 

"There wilt he snou- on thv mouDtaiiut tbiit tiuii:'," n-nuLrlcad 
Ajudnlil, uno »v4>uin£, as he was smoking a pijw with his gaeatavwi 
bladng irood fii«. 

To which his vife replied, " Vgr ; Nik viU b* WngEng Iba etfb 
down ; w« may expect luu any tlay now." 

At this innoceDt obnervation Gustav etartod, and ahortly ailarwardl, 
i-ose from bin chair, ami walked out of tlie rootn. Hia nntscwnoe atrnml 
him that Ivo had ilooo nothing wrong; bntat tbo nune time tho id* df 
seeing Nils n^ia umdo him feel exceanvHy nncomfortalrie. 

Doi-Uie waH dtnuding nl the houaiydoor, looking out nt tho vtttlMr' 
8h» tnrsod n»ind, with a smih^. at Iho wnn<) of Oustav's atojv 

" Look," «hc said ; " the niu haa stopped. We eluli have a Sdc 

'■ Will you walk with mo tu th«' end of llic villnjje!" he askoL 
alwuld like to look at tbo iliur old QonI awl the mouutalns with vou 
enuing. Who knows whether wo aliall ev«r kiok at Uiam 
again I Will you cotuo 1 " 

*' To bo sure," she anawend, with a glance of surprise al bis 
face. And so she wr^iped a cloak about luir, aod followisl liim inU 
at net. 

Tlie wat«ty clooda wiire fcovaking and limujc in all ilinctiona, 
wind had gntdually ilroppiHl from m ultong briHvi> In almost a dead nlin 
tlie KUu hail M, ami tho molanchuly northern t wilight Und K^^ntiL 

Gustav walke<I oti without »)<oakiug. Ho IumI to iuj«a*^n 

rani«(>ll ; and hnfelt that It wan btttarlyluud njuyn hii^. 
en witbmit hintinj; at what it emi. him to hrmrhr* lh*i -.-.I «(>r<l Id: 
wh'.n liii-y bad left lh« vilK i|;a[innala' 

wall owrlooking Ow g!ai*) i^ , __,_.. 

" DortJie,* Mtd bs, ** tbo tima has «mw wlioa I n«M W 






plnoc, wb(!re 1 haw spant ao uuuty Imppy 'Uya. 1 *]iall slarl to-niorruw 

Hh Wl spolceu in a Bte*dj-, dogged voice, ket^ng his fijm Sxed upon 
w%U'T boncftth liim ; hot aov he could not belp i«i»ng thant for aa 
«tant, to MM UiA ofi'ect of liiu unliltm niiuounMmout. The ^it'l kucitk^ 
irUetl ; h« faocied evra th&t h«r lip qturei«.l. She IoqIcmI ftt him for 
mommt, '«it)) an odd, half-piteona gnw, and tlien Liiruei lier bead 
kway. Gujit«r'« bcoK bvgiut to tliiiia|> a^itut lilx ri)K. 
" Yon are not ansry witli mo, Dorthol" ho snid foolislily. 
"Wtijr slioidd I be Aogcjl" bKo iwtumed, lu » ratlier lieiaiilou* 
^^volwT, " TJiwe i« nothing to bp wigiy aL I niu tmJjr — <wd>' sony," 
^^UUtd thiM il tiocatuo oWilmt Umt iJte wns in t<«m. 
^B Thia WM more tluia tbe imitubive Gustav could bear. He forgot n-II 
^Mlwut Nils, Kod bin diitjr, and bis good rowlutioos, aod Betwd the girl's 
" iiand- " Dortho," Iio c^tclwinral, "yon lovi- nic! T know yoii lovo me !" 

feB^t aho di'njop'd liw hand uway, sobbing out in great dittress, " Ob, 
iM dnn'tl Oil, jileaae go away t Yon don't kuow — I bax-e novcr told 
about — alMiit Ntlii." 

" "ftlMit do I caro for NiU ! " cried tbo yotin^ msn oxwloilly. '■ What 
bU bapplneea to me in Botnpu-ifton with joorsl 1 know all about it ; I 
biAnl it kntg ago ; and as for myuetf, I was ready tn give up all fur bi» 
[aftVe; but tbot you aliould be mci-ilicoti too — tbnt U inoro tbau bo raubl 
Yoa are mire now — not hia I " 
" How canyon talk tto }" i-.tcliiimtsl ]!>ortbD iudignatitly. "How ctm 
joa be i» wick»l — yon who owe jour very life to him I And I too— oh, 
«hat a wrelcb I am t If you only knew bow kind be baa been to me, 
uul how good lie ix I Yes ; I will tell yon thn truth — I love yon. But I 
win never manj you — no, I will iicvit, ncrer amrrj uiyoiiio but NiU ! " 
Sotnething in tbe tragic nature of the situBtkil) took the yonug mana 
Stic fancy, and plen.wd liim a little in the uiidat of all bi8 <b^m», 
liich WB* gvnnitM* mcnigli. 
" Yon are rittht, Dorthe," bo said gloomily. " Tbe fatee ara a^iust 
we coidd never be liainiy together, knowing that we Itad done our 
bi) a grievooB wrong, lit n* fiay good-bya, now, and have dotui wiUi 
Fbr me there can bo no ntoi-o lia}>pinafa in this world ; bnt you will 
^10" wbcii— wboi rou are uiarried. Y«ti, I wtU pray alwayx that 
I UMf forget me : that b the txAt wixb ! chti have for you." 
" Oh, how noble you are ! " idw cxcUimod <'ntbiiKiA.->tt«ally. 
** Ko, Dortlie, I am not nohli^," be an'swer^.l, with tome honest aenna 
thuae; " I liaro iKHni Kuytbin^ but that. But now I am going to do 
(inil to-mo4Tow moruins^ I aliall go away, and you will 
^^kin. But befoiQ I l^d you farewell for over, Itortlie — 
kjuwn IJorUtel — gircina orw kital" And ba f«1d«d ht:r in htx aroM. 
' ' '• lutKb for the {wtwiiice of old Il&iis Lund^n. 
1^ ' T tbo Ive of a wall, a ntune'^tbrow off, m«aid- 

oi)| ,)!,), i,f iiiM vtiTiinl nvU, and who lial been a ii])oetator of the wboto 

1^ DU« 

to lit I 



)v«n«, thongh, banft Mtaeirlukt hxrH of limrinj;, he hail tuXed tAaiAk 
ninglo word of tUo ttialoviui. He boivted his rtifiUDUttic old bod^ np u« 
from the stoue on wliicli be had been eoMo'], and (ottered up to U« 
iinoanaisoiiD niuplA, full of just indijcoation. 

"Come, oomu!" Kaiil lio, in hi* qtinvcring trdbid: "jrour it 
vaya and your mindng talk and your tine-eenUeiuao momifn I do 
prctaad to uadenlAod ; but some things I do know ; and dtncKT, 
Hi-. Plater — ilOMtM^ iit latich tiia muoa Uiing id ajl ootmtnM. 1 
BtippoM. And a prntty sot-t of friend yoa ore fw n man to leave in tb» 
liourie with liiH aweeth«art ! Pi-iiketi Dorthe, ran home as fiut at joa 
oifi, and get into ymir bed, wliei* you ougfit to Iwive Iwn M houri^. 
Ah t in toy voting t\ny% it U a good tast<i of a stotit itUclc you wonlJ liatw 
got tar yoar supper," he abided, as the giri, waitUig fur do second bjdd 
fled like an arrow from a how. 

Gnstav fncwl thn intrndor, his oy«e blaongwith aager. " What 
you laean by KDCaking routui conurs and spyit^ n[)on mc, jrou ol 

" \sniat da you nifna hy calling names, you young Ibol I ' QaaJt 
did you aay t I will tell yo4i w)u> ia a uumlc. A anoak ie a man vki 
betrays bis fi-ivnd, and tri«8 to bring hoomt girls to ehama" 

" I swfiLr, Hans Lundgren, that if yoa were a younger num. I 
mote yoa repent of hnring mid (hnt 1 " 

"And I ewoar, Gustav Bicbardt, that if I wore a yotins^ 
would eatdi you up by the scmff of vow litUe white neck, aad drop jo« 
into the Qonl. But where ia the use of bliist«n'ng f At my agn m u* 
good for oothiog excopi to uiond nobi, and pre good atlrloe to our nrkol- 
diildren. Hera is a piece of good advice for yoii, if you like t4> talitit. 
Hiro a boat the vory Unit thing to-morrow luomiog, and f^ yoo px^F 
The snow is deep up thero on tJio tat«r$. and Nils Jeoaea will !>• dovn 
before long. Who lawwul — porbapa bo lian come down nimdy. A&, 
he lina n irtrong arm, Nila, and a strong fiai at tJiC civd of it t Ta, ami 
hill bfi^H they nro long and strong too; and be will bavo hia basvy 1h>U 
OD llt&t be weara in the mountains. Believe me, dear young geoU<!iiun. 
you hai] l»*tu*r lie vff." 

And without waiting for a rqtly, tho old uan hobbled away, nW' 
bling and «baekluig to bimi^If as he went. 

GuHtar walked slowly back to the Milage, greatly dtotnrled bf tUi 
milucky conlrHiinii^. AtUtr whnl had occnrrM, ha felt that it wtraU le 
lUlIicull for bim lo <srry out hid iotvution of imiur<Iiat« d*^""*-"' 
wlii<;li, uodnr th« rireutastanou, would look uniilaaMaoily Uk- 
away. Xor, w1i«n Um UKR-ningdawnoI, bad he arrivtd w- 'i^| 

decklou aa to hia mo^'ements. Tbe <)Do^ion, howevtr, wn- 
out any action on hit part ; for, wbUi! he waa die. 

tnink u|m1airo, and wliilo Dorthur wn- "• ' ■ 

in^ oua oTh'.'r fathttt'' ahirlN with tti . 

(|nit4]y into tbe latter nxiiu, wid ttool UTont hi* WLtuUkhL 



Nits JfcjrSH?. 


^V " r met ir^ns I^niidgnm just now," be mid. 

" His tone had no inBoction of Aiijiicr or mntemfnt in iU Tnit T)ortliP 
pcnxdrod at oniW IIibI be knew nil — had p<3veiv(<<l it, imliwd, nvm Ix-fon^ 
be {poko, vihea silo had first raught sight of lux ttee, which wbb worn 
Mtd lined, «8 if be bjfl sitddenl^ *8^1 t^o yenn. 

" Haiut I.undf^n did not under>>liuid," ihc med nnxioiisly. " It vng 
lad mougfa ; hut oat vo bud lus ho thought. When he mw t»f, wo wcro 
HdtKnfc one anotlin- good-ttje for ev«-. I lM^•e (lone very *ro»g, Nib; 

ft but if 70a will forgive me, I will t-rjr to make Mnendtt to roti. And, 

^F Kila, I b»ve nnvor tbotiglit of marrying any on* Imt yon," 

^L " That ii frtjanRc,*" remiirked Nik, " «noe you lov« another man." 

B *■ Bat I lore you too. Nils, only "* 

^B " Only not as much ax yo\i do him." 

^H " Ob, y« — morp, I think, in some wars ; b«tt— oh, T cannot ex|ilAiii I 

^Vfoa tmiUmtMid me, Nils ; yoa know wo hare honn tike brolbpr and 

^VsiHter all oar lives ; and hvw could 1 di>i-rt yoti for anyone else in tho 

" world I" 

" Yea; I nippose all tlio yvam I have loved yoti must connt for 
mnethinj^," mid NiLi. " And tkim, at yon Mty, wo aro xacfa old frii-nds. 
It would never hivH done for yon to marry a Rtranger, would it I Yoii 
would have been miaetable among foreigners, far away from your own 
{leoplo and old Norway, would you not I" 

^m " Ob, I ahoold not have luinded that," f Ai<l Portbo nnintardedly. 

J^f" At l«ftat, 1 inf«n," iJiu iwldral, iu>L making nwttvni miirh bctti-r by her 
ezplanntion, " thitt when one loves a man cttou^, it ia no hardship to go 

^—anywhere, so long as he is with you," 

B " And yon Iov« CmUv lik« UmI I " 

^B " Oh, Nils," ntd T^ortbe ontrvatingly. " let im not sptnk any more of 

I^FOaatav. He ia gcing away «l once, and we Hbnll nerer we Um of^in. 
l,et it be iw a' he bad ntvw wme htn." 

" Well, well," said Nila ; " pet-hsps that will be th* bort plan. So 
yoa are ready to pve liim up, then 1 " 

!■ •'Ynt, NiIk— if yon will forgive u»i>." 

^m " If I have aoythint^ to forgive, Dorthe, I fotgivo yon freely. I 
don't btatoe yea. Oestav i« a bandmraei devor ywing fellow ; and you 
ha<r« luul a paftdt^ fisDcy for him, aa sirbi will have — ^Utat is nil. You 

g will have foTgotten all about him in a ycnr'n time." 

^B He looked kM^ly at her an he spoko tlinte last vonta; and alio 

^" dropped her cydidei without replying. Then, nying he must have a few 
wordit with Ouatav, Nils left the room. 

OtistAV tncanwliile had heanl tlic news of NiW lutnm, nnd waa 
atanding hf the door of the nhoi), awnittng the oonilng intMTiew with 
•ODDH nvTOUKDeaa He was not n physira] eowaiil ; but hlx poNtlon na« 
one which the bravest of men mi^ht hare found disagreeable, and, monv 
ov«r, tlie prospect of a aound dnibbin|c wm ei^toeially unoorafiHlabie to a 
young man wbo dmdod bumiliatioa more than mooi thingv. 



Ilut Ni'x, when he ftpp«)irMl, muiifwUMl no dlspodiUon towirdi 
aonal violeim*. Ho muMi it]>, laiil bis liaiul gently upon Ciastnr'e 
dor, and said, " Gustav, will joa skil ovoi- to tho Sit FjnTti vitb m 
lo-uiorrow t You have tiever Been it, you kuov." 

" But, KUm," st&mmcred tlio yona^ uuu), iiil^rly taken ftlmik, " I— I 
^^du't they tell yoa I I ud goii^ away to-tnorrov." 

" You will put it nflf for nnother daj-," said Nils eorapONmllf . " Ti 
<ft]inot refttw inn aneh a ltlli& Girour, suiee «*« oi-e to |wrt no spon ; «nl 
I hold pttrticnlarly to shoving yoa th« S<>r Fjor«l" 

" But, Kils," mid Qustav, iu despair, ";ou do ool knoir whit 
iiftppened while joa havo Im«ii awnj. It is drcMlful to liavo (o UU il 
iint I muRt, Imt tou should thiuk ftfto-wnnb Uut I had been 
Ttorih, " 

" 1 li^ yoMP i»rJon." intflmipUid NiU, " Iwt J know all klxiut w 
^ron aro }p>ing to mv, nnO wc nvrd not tnlk of it. AVill you go wi 

to tlu> Hcil' >'JATd ) " 

*'YcR, if you wisli it»"»i»wered Gurfav womleriugly, 

"Tliat is ri^t. Anil porha{ffi it will inUirmt you to ItMr tlui 

Dorthe has ptomiacd to uan? tae, and baa jiul assorcd tnc thai ita 

nevOT roally tlioiight uf uuuryiug Aayottc «1im." 

Whorewith Kilit u-alke>cl away, Iwrit^ lib fri«iul a gtxd M 


L ■'^■ 

GufllaT <inw itrouwd Mki'ly tliourj:t momiog l>y NiU' voice <t iiijii.":, 
calling lo him to get ready, lie t;ot up, and went to Iho winduw, W 
ho)>inf; tluit l}i« woallior migliL ntfonl liim a [>r«tcact for daclinjij! ■ 
eKpodition from which h« antiripatod anytiiiug hut ei\joym0Ul ; but wla 
he drev the curtAin aside, he let iii » Hood of Kiiuli^t, nod could iV* 
aweep of blno nkj, Ajpaiwi whicli the moaiilaiiiB. witli tboir lUnbl 
mmUoof fraab hdot, bUhhI out clear and ah&rp. 80, na L'xcosn of atneliA' 
Tologic^ kind being forthcoming'. h« dr^HoJ hitDBeU*, and dcnceadingA* 
stiiirK n'itli a himvy heart, joinod NJb, who vrn* waititig for him l»Jo». 

tlw two young men widkml silently down U> the nhmw, wh«w il^ 
found a boot, ready to be shored oif, nod a tall, t>ro«d'sltoiiId«rol JV>ti 
ftUow leaning over its aide. 

" My hrotltcr Fraiita u coming with w," Nii» cxplaiueJ, '* htcMi* 1 
idiaU Dut V> nlli! tu Wiag you hock myself. 1 shall b ' ' . «b tm/^ 
Ihn Biir Fjiird, luitl »i«ki* my way aatna the fbtitP-i [lim-.M 

whnru I luivi> a littltf iiiBlt«r to attend ta Bui Fi-anu will 
safrfy home." 

'Hiey vr^re wwa out of the barhonr, siid niniuog raiMiIfy anna lit 
^na watur boToni ■ frob norliKirly hrooce. Nila ww . 
Dmnta, aeaag tluit hia HOrvirM wore not at prrMnt i 
bimKrir fuIJ-lvo^t is tlie bovi, and foil iMloq> 

Cuctav, the nao of the voild, voAiilt^nt, nwk,>^<i: < 




asant, was qnite at bia euc, and chatted away abant tlie 

le^gends coiuiect«d with tb«m, the bmt quarters for boar- 

jLootiiig, and what not — jiwt an i£ nothing had oocarmd to int^-mtpt hia 

intacjr vith bis cotDpauion. Gustav did not anderetand \m manQcr at 

and iriM inctiued to sel him dowu aa a Httlo Kaartloas. U« biioaelf 

Id Uiiiik of liiit one riiIijikE, aitd it Meuinl (o liitn Uint 'SOb oaght to 

thiiikiiig aWiit it too. 

But wlien th^y ware about mid-waj- aenas the fjord, Nilssud aliriijvtlf , 
ipropos of nothing, " It iti u stnuigo tiling vban a girl telU a man 
t alie vilt Dover mai-ry tuiyou« but liim. Utough aJie ui in lore with 
leom else. What does it kIiow. do 7011 tliink — that tliu iuad b a 
[(IT ituiii tlian mott, or that tho jprl ia a better ^rl I " 
" ] liou't know," luiswerod Gmtav nnnutii y, " ppHift]i« both," 
" At nil cvcnte, it is a bap[>>' thing for the man to bear such worda ; 
tbt!;- do show — at least so it seems to mo— that tha ^t ha )ov» bttt 
Hm! world blu a good bart ; and Uiey aitow, uio, that ho bas made her 
him. Not in tho way that ho would vriih, of course, but that, you 
would be DO fnalt of hem." 

* Mo," ({Toannl GuHtav, " no &ult of biuv. Ah, Nils, wlint can I aaj 
yon I The fault hts been mino M through. 1 ought to have gone 
if the day you weut up to tboscvrrr, but— but — " 
" I Itave boon thinking of that," nid XiLt gravely, " and my btJief IB 
I, if I luid been in your |>Iaco, I should have dono na you did. How 
\<i yau lidj) youraelf, knowing that tdie loved you t " 
It nenud no strange a rsveml of their respective potdtiouK Hint NiU 
i)d b« making «xcuB«e for liim that Clustav coidd find no rejily, and 
Of hia hold in nlencv. 

There was a long paiun. Then Nils said, " Don't you think, GuAtav, 
if yuu bad mam«d Dorthe, you might Iato rvgrett^-d it i^ume day 1 
Norwegian pMmjit girl among your fine friends at Copenhagen — don 'I 
think thai tJMsy might have laughed at her, and that you might liave 
by growing a little nsbamed of hercountty wayst Ami tlien she 
have [nned for her native bkad — wo Norwogiana mostly do, I 
it woold not ha^ie been conveuieat for vou to be oontinually 
hei- Iwck here." 
Nils," said the young artist, assuming a mora eiT«t attitndo, and 
with graater animation than bo had yet idiown, " what you 
eonviocm me thnt yoo tlo not know what tnio love ik. I doubt — 
Die for saying so, bnt a man eaooot help hia nature — 1 doubt 
yoo tLXV capable of n gnttt peMioa. As for me, 1 should feel it 
[•rivilngo to mako merificva for ouc I lore — not tJmt thn triflca you 
2>*BtioD call for any mcrilicr. Itnt it is useless to talk about tbeeo things 
And GtiHtav despondently dropped hin head into hia handa. 
"Ah. woll," said Nils quietly, "you will both have to bmr aud 
bear, ao doubt. But you irtart by loving one unotfaer, autl that, aft«r 
it the gnat tUsg. Only I hope you will not nt^led to brtDg 


TOU XMT.— HQ. 207. 





h«r back to tlu Hardajoger and to lier oU jmuiwU &oi& tinM to 
Sbe is an only cltild, remember." 

AehHiisbiiieDt, liopo, and ikiubt b«CMU« atonce vividlir dc]iicUd n{m 
thfl QxpRwiv* oounten&Doe of Gusta%' RiclLanlt. " Wlut, wh>t 
meui 1 " he puipod4 

" Why, yoM foolwh fellow," said Nils, " yoa diil not r«lly 
did jou, tliat 1 would many a ^rl afcaiiut her vill ) Ho, indeed 1 
bar too wvll for tb«t. Tbou)^ i ilnic my," ho added, nrith a taint CBile, 
"yoa will think more than ever now that I am incapehlff of «■ gmi 
pnnriftn " 

Guatav, whose einotiona v/ok alwAyeea^ly ttirrod, wm ox-orwholaal. 

He tumeil away to hide the tears which had riwn K» hii aym. 
Mid rtaianiorod out hroltcnly — " Nils, NUk, you are too good — it is not 
natural to be so good ! Wheu 1 tbiiik that you saved my Uie, uhI tW. 
this is Totir reward, I &el ready to kill oiyself I Ah. why tliil 
lot me drown t " 

" Ferbap* it miKht have boon better for me if I had," an^wcTixl Stk. 
oalmly. " There is a suporsUtion. yon know, that if you nkvu a maa boa 
drowoiiig, he will aerre you an ill turut one day or anothar. Vet, d it 
had not been you, it wotild havo hoen someooe else, nuiat hkilf. 
Ton cannot command love. She would have loved me if it bad hewii 
hor |)(>wcr. Well, we cun't tM ^i what wi» waal. A few wevki a^ I 
wafi tbt! happiest nan in all Kurway. I dticlare to yon, OtnlaT, 1 hal 
not a trouble in the wort<l — not ooo 1 And now — but I will not wuj 
yoa vitli k««ntationji. Here we are at the entanneo of the Sor f)oni; 
and pnemiUy yoa will allow that I bare hiou^t you hnre to iibow jw. 
something worth H«in^." 

They bad left the broad Qoi4 now, and the boot wu gliding 
li]{ht wind into a dark anrl narrow channel, liemmed In ou raiimr 
bUdc precipicee wet with Ui» overflow from tbemeltiDgenow-fiDldiaho**- 
8now lay in patches dowu to tli« water's edga Bon and there a nlmy 
lliread bung from tho comiMt of tho dilf whcr« a &tjuain o'capi'd fram tbt 
glaoor, hut Uww watorCUts wore too distant to produce any andiUi 
aouud. A (irofouud Htillnees broo.led ovur thiM loiioly rn-^ion ; acrt a mgt 
oflniinaii lifn or habitation wa« visble^and a tbinveil ofuiint. wttiditel 
drifUxl op from the seaward, olwcanx) the sun, and adJol to the mnlir- 
eboly cranduur of the scene. Uustav, a« in du^ bonnd, utterad mH 
couiiuonpUw osprtMioui of adiuiiatiou. but the truU^ ' .t ha «*• 

.banlly in a &t moo'l for tlie appreciation of •ooneiy, ai. . .i Hi&c^ 

to iinibUe his friend'H outward fom]xiiun\ Tito nppermoa I'xehnK taU> 
mind waa by no humiw ono of triiintph ; \mt tslbGT of aki-"- -'- < ^ 
rqiroacb, Uia deain« we:i«, it NuuueJ, ht he rmliNed ; but -^ 

•vor yt4 woo hi* bride mori lily. llocouMn- uljtuV' 

IB (he Hxioty of lit* nttgnai . < al. and wm bent: > ^a ihij 

lajthtnl a clontar oTmoall wocxlen buiiM^ where Nil* aonoenn*] tiat 
were to land. 

ibowjj^". T 



Tbey nui Lite bojit up iipou the »Iu>re, Ksai [irosoniUf « thin. mi«er«bly- 
wamuQ CkUie out from ouc of tbe hovels and graotol them. She lod 
iuLo her «-ivtche:l li^bltaiion — lieiiig, lilc« OftryotM tSte ia Uie 
Bitmiim<ling diictru-t, aciiuaintixl witL Nils— Aiul Ml [«fora tli«m Buuh 
acuity provisioDs »» hor larder contsiood — book fitib uid jtaiUtrod, and it 
bottle of Korw-egiim beer. 

Tl>ey (ir« ven- poor, tlM people uliout her*," whwperud Nils 
urriodiy to liia fmad, " uid when one ia poor on« ia apt to fall into 
\oTea\j waits; bat joa will hurt hot- feedings if you da not eat 

So GuBtav, ihouj;]] hs bsd no ap])eUte,and was aotoewbat siclceued by 
e arjunlor of th« iU>i'«uUlAted room which th«y bad entered, undo 
Dui kIiow nf eating, and ixiuti'ivfid to ttwallow & fair poilion (A fiadhrtnl. 
ila ■!« well, having a loi^ day's tnttup befon liiu ; and wImu be had 
Uy fortified hioiBoIl'. lie thanked hid hodteee^ b*d« farewell to bis 
and bdd out his baud to Qitetav. 
" Good-t>ye,<fU«tav," fnii) l;c. " Don't look k> ud ^ and don't trouble 
:mf>1f about me. WImii I return from Kwaendal, X shall have matin 
«omo plan to go vnj for alooger time. It will make you all more oum- 
fortable to have got rid of me for a little." 

And so he ttunod, end took his way up the liarron toonatoui side. 
" la it noi rather dangeroua to exom the giader quite alone I " a«ked 
nitAr of Fnmtfi, when tliey hod ifgwnixl thdr butt, and woro once mote 
" >'ot for our Nils," awwereil Fmnti*. " He ktiowtt th« moiint<iitis 
well a^ I know tlic Qord — ayo, and belter. Ila will oouio tu no hnrm 
— DevsF f«ftr ! " 

A titful, mottniag winil had ariaen, and waa sweepiuj^ down in gust6 
frooi ibi< clilb, driving the fttejf mist bcfoio it. Gustav i^ank into idlftnco 
and nflectMo, which was not nil of a joyful kind. But when they had 
ran out Mxne diitnuco from the land, and oould too more clearly the 
Klacian and snow-fieldit of the Folgo-foiid , be wiui aruuaed by an exfilatun- 
tion from Frant^. 

"Tliera \a Nilnl" he cried. And hum a mighty pair of lungs 
he tienl op a about that nwoke a hundred ochocii. 

A faint m8{ionaive cry came fium the distant he'glitii, where Gnjttav 
mnld dintingut)^ a bbicb Hgiire .'iltowing cleai-ly again-st tbo snow, which 
w^ lit np, jtut tlicre, hy a gtvaio of sunlights "nieit the fug cIumxI 
itu* it, and they saw it no uore. 

tliwteT will remember that gjimjae of the solitary figure, with the 

t upon it mid (!»' mist-wnvtha al>ove and brilnw, to Uio end of 

-, for it was tbo last he, or anyone, ovrr ssaw of Nils Jcoeun. 

NVlien the davii of wind and atorm that followed hid iMueed away, 

wafl known that Nils lia<l not arrived at Hoewuilal, many of bis 

I, thongli ktiowii^ that his fatn could not ho doiibtful, Honnlnod tho 

ider far and wide, hO|)iiig tlwt nt lewd they migbl be able to find bis 

IS— a 



body, and give it decent burial. But the seirch proved imsucciessful, an, 
indeed, it waa almost cortain to do ; for the moimtaiiis were deep in fraah* 
fallen enov. 

Some there arc who saj tliat Nils waa 'weary of hia life, and never in- 
tended to come down from those frozen and wind^awept solitniles ; bat 
this view is usuiillj- exprossed in ftlow voice, and in very select coni|wffivj 
for it would not be likely to bo a popular one in Bakko, and migfat 
expose those who hold it to soidq rLtk of rough ua&ge, 

As for the cliildren, tker have established a logend apon the subject 

of their good Nila, in ■wlii''n 
spirits of the mountains, fim 
that, by reason of his open-h 
money for his old age, took 
which he used to apeak, wher* 
and more than one village mat 
has been heard to reduce f^" 
wicked children ! K you do ; 
to Bay to you when you die." 

ly believe, They say that di« 
ly to thoir hand^ and perceiving 
) would never he ablo to lay b^ 
fore hia time to the ice-palac? rf^ 
Jvor know toil or sorrow more j 
Bgwith her refractoiy offispiiiig", 
mission by the Uireat — " Yoti 
BT ways, Ifils wUI havo BOtinny 



$^e tSoEsip of pistorjj', 


TOEKE urD,** nyi Muxulny, in that fino ^^sEay vUicb Ifud tlie foimda* 

oas of bis finne, " a fi? v cKaraeiera whtc-li liuve Mlood tho cloaut scrutmy 

and the nererist te»Ut, whkli tutw Imai triixl in Ui« furniUM Mid IiftTG 

p«t>VTcl liuiv, whiT-li hkvr Ixi-n wcigbeil in tlie Wance and luvvo act boon 

found wnntioK, vbich have been d^clnrad Hlorliiig: by tho g«nnMl conaent 

mankind, nnd wLich are vittibly irtaaipoil wiUi tbe imag«aQd Hupet^ 

- 1 -n of Ute Mo«t High." Of tbeee the getat bistomn conaiilftfod 

1 1 to bo oiM^ and yro xtioitld most, of iia like to agree urith bim. Yi-t 

lUt! mm* mnoiM Ktorim nboiit Milton, wbo wiu) pcrhtipa not ibo 

Haamatm at Hum in i»nrat« life. Tbiia he U snid to bare taugbt bix 

latigliten the flitvk alphabet, vritliout atteiii)itlug to inatruct ihtaa in 

hr language^ in order that Oiey might tb(^ kooiu't he. qnnlified (or tho 

rksomo Utk of rciwling to him anthon of whoso works they could not 

odentwtd K sylUble. To tbeoominoR mind tlibi mreaa a pi«co of groM 

■I fiaL i w , ttiDugh it id r^uite poniblo that Milton, whose eonctptioa of 

'vrotmnV raiffiioD «ns Dot the faig^oatf nay oevor have ima^nod be waa 

RullL}' nf on act of ugnatice is ttirning inlclligpnt lieinga into marhinM. 

iiltmi of female jiedoction mmshh to have l>«oji tlio Eve of liis 

" I^uiultMi Lost," bafura the fall. Adam lived " fur Ciod only — aha 

God in hini " — « view of tbe mari-isjio tio for wbicb thCTo is aavntcdly 

:o wumint in tba Now Tedlament. And many will conudoi- Dinah, in 

AtUtn Bede," ]>ieflchiDg li<nulf to the niiuple village folk, iih a nobler 

re of vromnDljr goodnoos. In IkUltou'a syatnn ther« would luirdly 

ban Toom for 8t Tertaa, or Mi-a. Fry, much lean for Queen Klixa- 

h, af gloriotia tnemory. 

Auoiber atoty of Milton ia only liidicroas, but one hopes it is 
I irat, for one wonld Uko only the loftiest uawciatwua to centre round 
'lits namtL A friend onc« noiidoled with bini ou ttie lorn of bin nif^t, from 
the point of view that be could never have the jdaLsurc of aceiog his wife 
•• Ah." rpjilied Milton with a aigh, " would that I were deaf as well { " 
Id truUi Milton seeBU to har« looked upoa hia Bemy (No. 3) na a 
neeasHuy evil, nccaaiKry for purpoeea of bousdceepbig and cookery, 
^mo of hia biogmphfn have reprearaitcd him ns a man of anstere life, 
who madn btmHlT mtscrable by suppiBg on olivce aud «old water, but it 
«eema more [>robnblc that be was aometJiing of an epicure in a <{iiiet way, 
sad tlttt a Bavoiiry sttew was very niti<:b indeeil to liifl teatct, llh wife 
oaee vet IWniy him a diiih of whtcb bn was exooedtngly fotid, drt»»ml with 
nicott cnlinary art, and as Ibo poet Bt«, he obaen'ed, with his mouth full, 



by way of czproaungliifllbiutlu. "Thou knownt that I hare left i 
1 have." HistoTy is sileat w to the pt-ectso oatiixe of Uiia 
n^eetion, wh«tber " gnsniuW steamed," or guoib " built up in puttyj 
but l]io« who Uiiuk Milton had do iil«a of n good dmiicr, Itave finlf 
turn to the rl«ii^riplioii of Iho bnnquei ^th vbtch tb« Drril tviB|rta < 
Sariour ia "Paradise l{C£iutKd;~howanliIce, beeiclaiins, "to that i 
apple which divnrtcd Kri>! " 

Yet it seonui almost aacrilege to repeat goanp wmeer u ing Uie I 
taartyr of Kugliah liberty. Ono is tcmptGcl (o am tJw fonniiln i 
by Honxlotui^ whcu that chamiiig stoiy-tcDor hail given aotue jiartiA- 
larly naughty rttary n.-latii)g (o a venerated pentmai^ " May I sot iw 
the anger of any CoJ or Horo 1 " Th« truth ta tliat half of wliat cooali- 
tutas tl>6 amiuidg in \iie auDak of our cniioux raco i« cofnporad of brti 
morn or Icmb to tbo dtscrcilit of thoea vbo hnro luarU a stir in tht «ViU 
Who, for inatanoo, that has read FitEtrarcr't nong haa not karat U 
ooiutect tho luuue of Henry Howiinl, Knrl of Surrey, with aO tint