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delaware valley collegi^ 
of science and agriculture 





vKLtr* & 






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**i*wf#**'4« * WP'^S^^'**'* 


^, |^§-^' 7d - -f7 cornucopia 

^^^^ Mlaware valley college 

.^.^.^ -^ science and agriculture 

/poylestown, pa. 18901 

watA .1^ 

Delaware Vaiie) 
College Library 



'mA^ mljS^ . 

¥"5 your friend is your needs answered, 
he is your field which you sow with 

and reap with thanksgiving, 
he is your board and your fireside, 
for you come to him with your 

hunger , 
and you seek him for peace. 

and when he is silent 

your heart ceases not to listen to his 

for without words, in friendship, 
all thoughts, all desires, all 

are born and shared, 
with joy that is unacclaimed. 

when you part from your friend, 

you grieve not; 

for that wiiich you love most in liim 

may be clearer in his absence, 

as the mountain to the climber is clearer from the 




and let there be no purpose in friendship 

save the deepening of the spirit. 

for love that seeks aught but the disclosure 

of its own mystery 

is not love but a net cast forth; 

and only the unprofitable is caught. 


itauiajLthiA v. 





and let your best be for your 

for what is your friend 
that you should seek him with hours 

to kill? 
seek him always with hours to live. 

we've been through some things together 

with trunks of memories still to come 

we found things to do in stormy weather 

long may you run . . . 

although these changes have come 

with your chrome heart shinin' in the sun 

long may you run . . . 

neil young 




robert berthold 


we, the class of 1977, would like to dedicate this yearbook to a multl -faceted member of the 
faculty, dr. robert berthold, an educator, scholar, coach -athlete, and a craftsman. 

"doc" teaches at delaware valley college, speaks to various community groups, runs the 
beekeeping short course, and has made several television appearances in which he talked on 
honey bee -related topics, in 1976 he was cliairman of the national honey show at the american 
beekeepers' national convention, dr. berthold has, on many occasions, written various docu- 
ments for scientific publications and presented these at scientific conventions in both the usa 
and Canada. ^ 

doc has also a fondness for sports --in particular, running, throughout his life, he has won— ^ 
numerous awards for his running, this devotion to running and outdoors has also led to his be- ^* 
coming our head coach of cross country, moreover, he continues coaching and practicing 
through the spring with the track team and during the summer, participating in aau trackmeets. 
doc has become known in the running world as the "skinny weasel". 

during the summer dr. berthold is a bee inspector for the Pennsylvania department of 
agriculture, this gives him a chance to get outside and meet people from many walks of life, 
his contact with working people allows him to make his classroom activity relevant and appli- 
cable, beyond this, doc looks forward to the physical exercise and outdoor activity after being 
inside all winter. 

between his commitments to the college and to his wife and two children, doc's spare time 
is limited, yet he also practices the craft of tinsmithing. this gives him a break to relax and 
enjoy the aged craft, he also enjoys working in his garden throughout the summer. 

dr. berthold has served beyond his call of duty in the many activities he is involved in at 
school, many times throughout our way we have lost sight of our goals, but doc brought back 
the purpose and reality that set us back on our way again. 

we thank you for your enthusiasm, confidence, guidance, inspiration, and encouragement 
through the past four years. 


to the class of 1977: 

i am deeply moved in learning of your decision to dedicate your yearbook to me. i consider it a 
great honor, and i sincerely thank you. 

during our years together here at d.v. c. we have had the opportunity to learn together, to partici- 
pate in athletics and in other college and related activities together, to socialize together, and to 
share many thoughts and ideas together, my hope is that for the many of you in the class of 1977 with 
whom i have been involved, the experience has been as stimulating and as rewarding for you as it has 
been for me. 

although the above comments could almost suffice, i feel that the dedication honor gives me some 
license to philosophize a bit. my wishes for your success and happiness upon graduation go without 
saying, of these two, success is usually more easily achieved than happiness, happiness is related to 
your being satisfied with yourseK, not by letting society mold you into a carbon copy of itself, happi- 
ness through self-satisfaction can be best achieved by knowing that you have done your best in all you 
do, to accomplish this, you should dev elope all of your abilities to their fullest and then utilize them 
not only for your own benefit but also for the benefit of your fellow man. 

again with many thanks and best wishes to you in the future, i am, 

sincerely yours. 

robert berthold jr. 
associate professor, biology 
cross country coach 


elmer reiter, John 



dr. & rare, james work 


Stanley sitarski 


karen orbaker 


Clinton blackmon 


Joshua feldstein 


robert tasker 


oskar larsson 


Joseph fulcoly 


robert sauer 


1. clara decoursey 

2. brent franklin, craig deacon, steve zenko, barry snyder 

3. linda green 4. robert mcclelland 
5. willetta gourley 6. rita chrismer 

7. Joan holt 8. Johanna keunecke 

9. maude moore 10. dorothy kich 

11. howard kahan 12. charles conover 

13. richard Schumacher 


V .' 

.t.«^^ ^. 



William navarre 


John hardy 


frank Wolfgang 


robert marshall 


peggy vellner 


ned lint a 


alvin Wilson 


fred miller 

1. m. russo. e. ventressca, i. 

link, g. 

rosenberger, s. 




j. weid- 

eman, g. neff, j. malecki, p 

. blodgett 

, m. cooly, j. 


, e 

ventresca, m. von 

rath, m. bates 

3. Sitting Front-d. perry, m. 

corrao, s. 

shaner Sitting 


duncan, d. duchai, m. 

pierce, w. morgan, s. crane 

— Standing-1. perea, c. 


k. brusstar. 

m. ham- 

ilton, e. ehring, c. green, j. 


d. bonpua, p. 




4. Kneeling -bob holt, robert liebau — 

Standing-leo von rath. 


troxell, John 


Joe mccloskey 

2. John Clinton 


al happ 

6. ken, dave & purcel 


george moran 


barbara bianco, lynn yates 


elaine mcgeady, phyllis stille 


mildred wassington, claudia Cornell, joanne fischer 


michael pence 


mary ann birch 


barbara bartisek 


kathleen nelson 


custodial staff 


ethel strand 


erma martin 


mildred hanisco, emily aulenbach 


betty bartlett, bobby place 


henry sumner 


ethel dendler, betsey tettemer 

1. george keyes 

2. James o'reilly 

3. robert fitt 

4. edwin lawrence 

5. Joanne roberts 

6. richard ziemer 

7. edward o'brien 

8. library day staff 

2nd From Left-elaine smith 
head librarian 

1. paul wade 

3. James popham 

5. sally smith 

7. theodore Christie 

2. eric shirber 

4. edward gavin 

6. michael tabachnick 

8. paul trembeth 


h. William craver 

in September of 1973 i had the pleasure of welcoming you and 
your parents to delaware valley college for the beginning of your 
college career, these past 4 years have flown by and now you are 
alumni and alumnae, on that warm September day i told you that 
you came here on your own two feet and on the record that you had 
made in highschool. now you have earned the privelege to be a 
college graduate by the setting of high standards for yourseK and 
the working to meet those standards, you, of course, are a different 
person from the person you were on that September day. your atti- 
tudes, values, and concepts of yourself have changed and will be 
changing continually, we take pride in the part that delaware valley 
college has played in your continued growth and we hope you leave 
us with pride, take pride in your college, take pride in your famil- 
ies, most of whom have sacrificed to enable you to spend your last 
4 years here, take pride in yourselves, not an arrogant pride, but 
a quiet, self-assurance in your own achievement, you- have a won- 
derful life ahead of you, enjoy it with our blessings and congra- 

h. William craver 




^ I 

















the 1976 delaware valley college football team was a hard working dedicated 
group of individuals, co- captains James boaman and scott kingsbauer came into 
the season with new coach al wilson to give the fans comipetitive football, high- 
lights came for the aggies in the college's annual homecoming contest, which 
this year was against upsala, losing 15-9 in the last 3 minutes. 

the traditional rivalry against wilkes proved to be a good defensive game hold- 
ing wilkes to only 9 points, even though victory escaped this year's squad, 
something must be said for the way the aggies played as a team and the total ef- 
fort the coaching staff put in. six seniors proved to be the leadership catalysts in 
the aggie squad: co- captains jamies boaman and scott kingsbauer, John edwards, 
eric eisenhart, michael konoza and robert nicholson. 

there were many individual efforts which were noted in this year's team, scott 
kingsbauer led the middle atlantic conference northern division in punting with 
53 kicks for 2,106 yards and a 39.7 punting average, he also led the team with 
25 pass receptions, defensive seniors James boaman had two interceptions and 
eric eisenhart two fumble recoveries . offensively , John edwards , michael konoza 
and robert nicholson formed the aggie senior threats. 

a team always hates to see the senior members graduate, but the aggies being 
a young team have many good games ahead of them. 




Left To Right, First Row: John itterly, eric eisenhart, michael konoza, james boaman, scott kingsbauer, John edwards, robert nichol- 
son, Steve hertig, charles comstock. 2nd Row: John maloney, kent rickenbach, ed cini, dick kling, scott melroy, mike mackrides, 
fitz gittens, joe kazarnowicz, jim fretz, joe laumakes. 3rd. : bob reapsome, charles thomas, brace dugan, richard phillips, matt 
kistler, jeff osmtm, stan mcglynn, keith traskin, barry fritz. 4th : enrico peelicore, bill crozier, gregg stoner, John mazak, torn 
dodd, bob root, nick cicchino, pete mcintyre, ton haraka, andy hreha. 5th: martin chamelin, robin sipler, paul dreabit, pete al- 
bano, metro malasavage, burce shickora, torn herold, gary scott, greg yetter, joe lelli. 6th: don viall, bryan felter, bill mullen, 
andy conley, keith supple, mark chranowski, John ledva, tim wells. 7th: al wilson, Joseph injaychock, ken achuff, John hardy, 
emerson dromgold, bill navarre, henry sumner, ned linta. 

Left To Right - Row 1: tom simpson, joe iasello, joe szewczyk, mark werkheiser, dave 
stuU, paul bernett, capt. , bob weidman, carl kogel, bob gerberich, paul zmoda, 
harold danibley Row 2: joe gilbert, vie frey, greg bums, nick jubek, ray bryson, 
jerry o'cormer, frank savini, norm foran, bob gabel, doc. Row 3: jim dougherty, phil 
wisser, mike depetris, gill sheiber, kyle kemp, joe jaskot, russ rising, donna foley. 


coach dr. robert berthold's cross country 
team completed the 1976 season with an excel- 
lent 11-2 mark and a fifth place finish out of j 
19 teams in the middle atlantic conference 
championship, the 11-2 season made it the 
sixth year in a row for a winning record that 
the delaware valley college harriers have had. 

senior captain paul bernett from yardley, 
pa. led the team with robert weidman of | 

denver, pa. and dave stull from larksville, pa.' 
the only two losses for the d.v.c. runners 
came against scranton university and lebanon 
valley college. 

underclassmen ray bryson and jerry o'con- 
ner, both juniors, and vie fry, a sophomore, 
contributed substantially to the success of the 




cross country 
























phila. textile 






lebanon valley 





1 23 






mac's - 5th pi. 




'K^.'j>'- < ■■ 

the delaware valley college 
women's field hockey team com- 
pleted their third and most com- 
petitive season ever with a 3-3- 
record, coach peggy vellner 
will only lose two seniors, but 
valuable players in captain audrey 
mather from ambler, pa., and 
holly barr of york, pa. 

returning next year will be ten 
juniors, four sophomores, and ten 
freshmen, underclassmen which 
were definite contributors on the 
season included freshmen patricia 
ries, and juniors susan cromwell, 
holly deitch, kathy faherty, and 
Janice kirk. 

victory appeared for the lady 
aggies against scranton university, 
Philadelphia textile and muhlen- 
berg college, next year's squad 
should carry some well-gained ex- 
perience into the season as wo- 
men's field hockey grows in pop- 
ularity at d. v.c. 

Left To Right, Row 1: holly deitch, cindy dtincan, betty foy, Janice kirk, audrey mather, sue cromwell, kathy faherty, deb 
seller. Row 2: janet lepkowski, nancy coe, sue morton, cindy morton, kathy fry, linda polgar, sandy bennett. Row 3: helen 
otte, carol metzger, barb petty, peggy vellner, linda bud 

women's field hockey 


women's field hockey 
dvc opp 



phila. textile 

Center: coach peggy vellner 




















Left To Right - Row 1: miguel jiron, john dolch, greg swidersky, robert thompson, bill gerberich, pete kerch, mark pierce, jokn 
bowen, Row 2: mike russo, tom snell, al habiak, jim solomito, frank delgasio, Steve saxton, don burrell, rich flores, john sy me, 
coach marshail. Row 3: tony gadaleta, terry nevill, bob stille, tom suska, frank troelstra, bob strand, Steve homesack, tom 

the first year for soccer at dela- 
ware valley college in many years 
concluded on a winning note with a 
4-2-0 record, in its first full season 
as a college club, the aggies totaled 
17 goals against the opposition. 

leading scorers were sophomores 
don burrell of hatboro, pa, and tom 
rudolph from Springfield, pa. with 3 
goals apiece, freshman dave loesser 
of trenton, n. j. led the team in 
assists, team captain for the 1976 
season was senior greg swidersky 
from scotch plains, n. j. 


Front To Back, L To R: Joanne whitehead, sharon chamberlain, bev tichy, deb vislocky, 
deb verhovshek, andrea gross, mary corrao 

Front To Back, L To R: sharon chamberlin, joanne whitehead, connie smith, wendy bish- 
op, andrea gross, lisa pezzoti 


dvc opp 

84 fairleigh dickinson 58 

72 Wilkes 97 

71 Philadelphia pharmacy 93 

68 drew 53 

60 ursinus 55 

91 eastern 67 

63 albright 90 

57 elizabethtown 64 

62 muhlenberg 55 

70 Washington 81 

95 lycoming 103 

53 moravian 67 

50 widener 69 
62 scranton 69 
60 Susquehanna 84 
68 upsala 94 

51 Philadelphia textile 86 
93 allentown 83 
77 Juniata 78 
66 glassboro 88 


L To R, Row 1: m. werkiser, p. butler, d. pastucha, j. rodenbaugh, b. mgierri, j. mcshea. Row 2: t. white, c. Johnson, k. 
mitchell, j. wisniewski, b. Stanley, r. parker. Row 3: f. Wolfgang, s. zenko, John. 

the 1976-77 delaware valley college mens' basket- 
ball team finished with a season record of 6-11. the squad 
was co-captained by seniors dennis pastucha and John 

on the season, dennis pastucha finished as high scorer 
with 378 points, he was chosen three times as e. c. a. c. 
player of the week and was a top leader in the middle 
atlantic conference - northern division, the 6 '4" pas- 
tucha, while at del. valley college, attained third place 
on dvc's all-time scoring list with 1,423 career points, 
the other co-captain, John rodenbaugh, also had a fine 
season with 137 points, the 6'7" rodenbaugh as center and 
pastucha as forward were fine team players and will be 
missed next year. 

coach frank Wolfgang will have many fine players 
return next year, individual standouts this year were 
freshmen ken mitchell and mark werkheiser who both 
helped the team a great deal, other players aiding the 
aggie attack were John watson, phil butler, ron parker, 
jim mcshea, brian ruggieri, and charles Johnson. 

highlighting the season were delaware valley vic- 
tories over fairleigh dickinson, drew, ursinus, eastern, 
muhlenberg, and allentown. other exciting games came 
for dvc in a one point loss to juniata, a near upset at 
scranton and a team high scoring game at lycoming with 
95 points. 

S o 

i3 S 

<^ E 

> B 


c <u 

i a 



the delaware valley college 
wrestling squad ended the season with 
an outstanding 10-3 mark and a fifth 
place in the middle atlantic conference 

hightlighting the season were aggie 
victories over ursinus, scranton, Sus- 
quehanna, muhlenberg, elizabethtown, 
western maryland, glassboro and a 
triangular match sweep of juniata, le- 
banon valley and widener. delaware 
valley's only losses were at the hands 
of Wilkes, lycoming and moravian. 

this year's team had five seniors- 
dan bender, (4-1-0), Fran campbell 
(10-1-2), ericheisenhart (12-1-0), 
tedd fleming (8-4-0), and Steven smith 
(6-4-0). in middle atlantic champion- 
ships, Steve smith and erich eisenhart 
both placed third in the 126 and 190 
pound classes respectively. 

in addition to the seniors, regis- 
tering records were sophomores art 
shuU (10-2-1), dave zawaisza (9-4-0), 
and mike danis (8-4-0). freshman John 
Campbell (9-2-1) and ken espenshade 
(8-3-2) both were standouts in their 
first year as aggies. 

in the mac championships, art shull 
took second place in the 134 lb. class 
and John campbell secured third in the 
142 lb. class. 

coach bob mars hall's third excel- 
lent season elevates his aggie coaching 
career to an outstanding 32-8. 











lebanon valley 


























western maryland 





women's basketball 

the 1976-7 delaware 
valley college women' s 
basketball team completed 
their third season with a 
3-5 record, 

the leading lady aggie 
was junior, captain Jan- 
ice kirk, with 124 points, 
sue cromwell, also a 
junior, was second with 
87 points, other strong 
standouts were helen otte, 
carol gmver, Joyce news- 
wanger and barb gregory. 

Row 1: h. otte, j. newsqanger, s. cromwell, j. kirk, 1. budrewicz, k. smith, s. bennett. Row 2: d. kaledenskas, c. gruver, b. 
gregory, s. morton, p. vellner. 

JHP I ■up* 



the 1977 delaware valley college baseball team ended 
a fine season with an overall 10-10 record, the aggies 
as a team set a new home run record of 14 on the sea- 
son and tied for second place in the mac northern divi- 
sion east section, 

leading the aggies was senior pete wieliczki with 
tough defense at second base and another fine season 
with the bat. senior pitchers dan whittaker and bob ni- 
cholson also had excellent seasons, dan received the 
most valuable pitcher award, winning 5 games and 
striking out 44. 

throughout the season many underclassmen also aided 
the cause like sophomore John zisk with 6 home runs, 
batting .380, knocking in 20 runs and winning the most 
valuable player award, junior dennis helmstetter also 
had a super year with a . 354 average and playing con- 
sistent ball, other players helping out were phil butler, 
greg lacava, bob reapsome, jim dunbar, and John lewis. 









5 ■ 







ursinus .^^^^^^ 



drew ^^H^B| 



drew '^^^^BPP^ 



phila. textile 



phila. textile 











































phila. textile 



lebanon valley 


90 1/2 


38 1/2 





32 1/2 


44 1/2 


1^^. j>jgjX 









' '"> 


the 1977 delaware valley college track team fin- 
ished an excellent season with a 7-1 record, the only 
loss in 2 seasons was to lebanon valley, coach Wil- 
liam navarre, in his two years as head track coach, 
has attained an overall 17-1 record. 

undefeated in their individual events were co-cap- 
tains scott kingsbauer in the 100 and 200 yd. dashes, 
and al zimba in the shot put. in addition to being un- 
beaten, scott won this year's most valuable runner 
award and al won the most valuable fieldman. 

this year's team will lose five seniors in the 
likes of tom gunther, bill gerberich, scott kingsbauer, 
bob weidman and al zimba. high scorers in points for 
the aggies were scott kingsbauer with 55, John ma- 
loney 43, Stephen lilly 40, al zimba 31, and bob weid- 
man 30. 

due to a shortage 

members, these 


of yearbook staff 
pages never got 



/ \ 


;^ f ^^ 


' ■'■^"'r^-^' ■ 


"W i'''^ ■•■''7 '',1 ■■^' •' " v. ■ 'i-i ''•^ i'\^ 


Left To Right-Kneeling: s. yingling, e. barbano, e. fleming, r. kern, j. spindler, 
s. crane, p. haran, c. geyer, r. hodnicky, r. pelkofsky, b. vanlaere, mr. kem- 
merer, t. woUer. Standing: e. nelson, r. roeshen, p. northrop, m. kratz, m. antos, 
1. dropp, h. pyle, j. daubert, d. masson, e. wisenhart, s. chirrup, j. sutton, m. 
tarulli, t. stawovy, j. marm, i. brunner, r. oberheim. 

^0/7 judging team 

Left To Right-Row 1: t. woUer, c. squier (high scorer), d. ray, f. savini. Row 2: n. 
luzzetti, k. levy, 1. dropp, j. spindler, mr. kemmerer. Row 3: k. henry, g. snyder, 
b. troxel, c. lammey, dr. palkovics. 

Left To Right-Kneeling: k. flegel, g. byrne. e. wolck, m. coleman, b. Horowitz, b. wollerton, m. beach, p. curran, m. werk- 
heiser, j. gilbert. Standing: k. thompson, j. hartline, m. curran, g. pusillo, j. dimmler (sec), t. smith, doc, j. novak, p. ber- 
nett, b. gerberich, (pres), t. gunther, h. dambley (treas), k. bruster, c. morton, a. zimba. j. sheafer, r. rising, v. frey, and 
paul zmoda (vp) 

dibs american institute of biological sci. 


Front: mark alexander. Row 1: carol custis, sharon staub, rande leibowitz, bill disanto. 
Row 2: John myers, jeanne vannuys, bob hirst, dr. allison. 

alpha phi omega - service organization 

4-h club 

Row 1: John Jacob, bob woollerton. 
Row 2: mary cook, karen frank, dan 
nordland, mark lichtenwalner. 

business club 

Kneeling: robert vansciver, fred clay- 
ton. Standing: frank pursell, bob mil- 
ler, rick shutt, mr. west. On Steps: 
george Schmidt, Steve brennan, joe 
porawski, John appleton. 

equestrian team 


' ■::-! fr 

L To R, Sitting: e. erhing, n. goodwin, d. limbach, d. petrovich, k. borgen, m. bowersock, g. michelak, e. bouchard, m. ko- 
vacs. Standing: dr. hofsaess, j. hewett, k. grabowski, s. morton, b. peiry, c. kelly, i. neckritz, j. vannuys, m. bruder, c. 
smith, p. hankes. 

band & 

block & bridle club 



livestock judging team 

L To R: Row 1: r. kramp, d. mcnabb, j. 
hewett, g. krug, d. miller. Row 2: h. hoff 
man, e. gallen, d. mangione, k. federico, 
r. gilbert. 

chemistry club 


Left To Right: unknown, s. 
webb, j. sherry, j. gibson. 

Front: j. taranto, treas, k. hillegass, vp, g. gayraan, j. smi- 
gelski, a-day, Back: a. grosjean, pres, n. houseknecht, sec, 
t. bowman, ice 

the dairy society 

Top Row: t. bowman, m. czachor, k. hillegass, g. krug. Middle Row: c. elliot, e. taczanowsky, d. graham, j. fleck, d. ray, 
g. gayman, m. simpson, d. douglass, d. daubert, n. geil, p. wisser, t. robbins, m. brady, n. houseknecht, j. plummer. Seated: 
p. risser, c. paul, d. heisey, m. bird, a. grosjean, j. miele. d. mellon, j. smigelski. 

the dairy judging team 

L To R: a. grosjean, j. shirey, b. Stephens, k. hillegas 
n. houseknecht, j. mccaffree. 

christian fellowship 

Row 1: p. barrctt, b. Ste- 
phens, j. lepkowski, k. 
musser. Row 2: d. heisey, 
c. elliott, f. savini. 

agriculture club 

Sitting: t. simpson, s. crane, d. Henderson, 
p. leonard, g. burns, m. wind. Standing: 
c. sutton. d. mason, m. Schneider, p. cur- 
ran. baby*frank mason 

equine club 

Left To Right-Row 1: n. goodwin. e. erhing, b. colflesh, e. gallen, j. hewett, a. grosjean. Row 2: k. grabowski, d. petrovich, 
d. limbach, m. bowersock, e. bouchard, b. perry. Row 3: f. hofsaess, s. morton, s. crane, i. neckritz, m. kovacs, p. hankes, 
m. bruder, c. kelly, c. smith. 

J,J, CI, future farmers of america 

Ground: m. kloter, d. claycomb, a. habiak, s. 
yingling. Middle Row: j. mccarthy, d. hcisey, c. 
elliott. Top Row: c. dunlon, r. gardner, g. gross, 
bryan leh vp, 1. berry pres, r. pulveski 


jtd florists transworld delivery - student chapter 

Front Kneeling: v. butera, b. thompson, d. hunsicker. Back Kneeling: t. jakubczyk, d. perry, d. levitsky pres. Standing Row 1: 
c. buchanan, k. lazgin, f. grau, k. frey, d. unger, m. downing, b. conway, d. baun, b. tichy, k. faherty, j. sherry. Standing 
Row 2: c. hirt, v. frey, d. davis, b. dobbs. 

food industry club 

Ground: j. Ventura, r. ruch, d. long, j. andrus, m. castro, 1. krauss. Row 2: 
j. russo, t. daniels, p. butala, j. comell, n. ziolkowski, b. michener, g. 
lacava, t. hemritzy, k. greenberg, m. chranowski, m. tyzinski pres, d. 


the horticulture club 

Front Of Wall, Left To Right: 1. bernard, t. sawicky, d. grant, m. Schneider, t. simpson, g. simon, g. snyder, j. miale. On 
Wall: b. cashin, k. frey, j. whitehead. Row 3: p. briar, c. hallar, w. morgan, 1. berry. Row 4: b. beaver vp, g. rence, t. sell, 
d. Johnson pres, j. puglisi. 


the photography club 

marian kloter and glen michelak, v. p. and pres. 

circle k club 

joe iasello, doug graham, nancy ziolkowski, don levitsky 

Greenhouse 2 


the f 
ornimental Z 


Left To Right, Rc5w 1: w. plummer, k. kutchey, s. skoin, Row 2: 1. whippie, 1. young, r. vanarsdale, m. wilson, d. becker. 
Row 3: a. vanvlack, t. jakubczyk vp, m. beach, d. baun, b. shulson, m. ridge, a. koppe, w. bishop, r. keifner. Row 4: s. stys, 
s. makrancy. Row 5 (Standing): s. peechatka, r. vetanovetz, f. zaminski, v. butera, d. himsicker pres, c. hirt, brian, c. fried- 
rich, d. levitsky, d. gillen, d. perry, k. frey, v. naylor, p. mccuUough, s. miller, k. faherty, b. tichy, b. dobbs, unknown, d. 
davis, c. buchanan, v. frey. 

club rap 

Kneeling: g. kittles, k. mitchell, m. 
landers. Standing: c. goolsby, a. 
holmes, f. gittens vp, w. Stanley, e. 
preston pres, 1. fennell, e. oir, s. 
Washington. Tree: r. suber, t. Wil- 
liams, b. Conner 


Front: i. neckritz. Kneeling; b. woolerton, d. Campbell, d. russel. Standing: j. ma- 
loney, c. weinstock 


the railroad club 

officers: lewis bamard, paul barrett, bill cashin, chris mccarron 

Left To Right, Row 1: f. tourville, k. bumley vp, 1. 
bamard. Row 2: b. cashin pres, r. cox, p. barrett 

the tropical fish club 

Front: k. dunning. Row 1: m. kloter, k. bergen, b. hourowitz, k. rice. Row 2: r. fulton, 
d. gillen, j. melograna, a. vanvlack. Row 3: d. Campbell, 1. perea, 1. krauss, m. schnatz 
pres, j. maloney, t. steinbeiser, m. pence. 

the ski club 

Left To Right: s. silberstein, 1. 
rickert, c. smith, r. pelkofsky 

varsity club 

Row 1: t. snell, j. fretz, b. tichy, unknown, k. deitrick, e. eisenhart. Row 2: 
k. richenbach, s. smith, ra. konoza, j. kazarnowicz. Row 3; j. rodenbaugh, j. 
lewis, d. pastucha, j. mcshea. 

the Sigma society 

LToR: k. orbaker, g. king, 1. hagerman, e. preston vp, b. thompson, k. kloter, c. metzgar, k. vanaulen, d. unger, d. kupiec, 
j. botti, s. shaner pres. 

the gleaner 

lydia berry, glen sharko, allison rank 

Left To Right, Row 1: d. primrose, d. clapp, r. szary, b. disanto, b. siroka. Row 2: j. appleton bus. mngr, s. staub, r. emenzy, 
j. matulaitis,'w. plummer, m. zoUo, p. northrop mngr, a. puskas, m. muir program dir. 

student government 

ice inter elub eouneil 

Left To Right, Row 1: d. Johnson, d. levitsky, 1. berry, 1. Whipple. Row 2: m. cook, m. mawson, d. limbach, k. borgen, j. 
whitehead, g. michelak. 

a- day eommittee 

Back To Front, Left Row: b. bleicher, j. meyers, r. mc- 
carter, m. beach, m. yockobishen, sec/treas, n. good- 
win, d. primrose, c. grube. Right Row: a. karcher, g. 
Schubert, d. limbach, j. whitehead, s. chirrup chrmn, 
m. muir co chrmn, m. taruUi operations, r. lazarus, k. 

Delaware Valley 
College Ubraat 


sonia shaner-co-editor 
bev tishy-co-editor 


jim spindler-advertising ed. 

layouts -marion fulton 
missing-lee tarr 

jeff singletary 

photography staff: todd sailor, glenn sharko, bev tichy (ed. ), 
pete lawton 


i would like to take this opportunity to apologize for any mis- 
takes, deletions, mispellings, or whatever that may have occured 
in this book, it is extremely difficult to produce a 244 page year- 
book with no mistakes when you have a staff of 4. thank-you jim, 
lee, and jeff , 

i think i should point out that if the cornucopia continues to re- 
ceive this amount of attention every year, in the future, you just 
may not have a yearbook. 

coffee houses 


music for all 
blood donations 
guest lecturers 

linus - robert karcher 
Charlie brown - steve skoin 
patty - mary corrao 
schroeder - greg stoner 
snoopy - greg burns 
lucy - sonia shaner 

our town 

stage manager 
dr. gibbs 
joe crowell 
howie newsome 
mrs. gibbs 
mrs. webb 
george gibbs 
rebecca gibbs 
wally webb 
emily webb 
prof, willard 
mr. webb 

Simon stimson 
mrs. soames 
constable warren 
si crowell 
sam craig 
joe Stoddard 
the dead 

sharron blistan 
John appleton 
Steve skoien 
John melograna 
denise Hitchcock 
lynn mazzei 
gary Schneider 
Stephanie schucher 
joe miale 
nancy bailer 
ken sansone 
pat mcinemey 
Carole kasper 
mary mawson 
tony zotti 
terry lutz 
patty wohlferth 
ken sansone 
Steve skoien 
tony zotti 
ken sansone 
margie dark 
denise Hitchcock 
Carole kasper 
terry lutz 
mary mawson 
joe miale 
patty wohlferth 


A .■>■'-'•;,'*'>'• 


V j;^ •.■> ' 






/•-- ^ . 

. 0^ 




hay rides 

peanut plants 


chicken barbeque 


greased pole 




tree walks 

pony rides 

flower show 




chem & bio experiments 

: V- i;;.iiS 

the planned 


Ui VDOK PALW ^^^. "^ 

Vton I0:5ti Till |;^<3 

and the unplanned 

on Saturday, nov. 20, 1976, a fire 
broke out in ubnan hall, it was the 
second fire at the college that year: a 
hay bam had burned down during the 

over 150 fireman from five fire 
companies battled the blaze for over 
two hours to gain control, the fire be- 
gan in the area between the ceiling over 
the third floor and the roof, and snaked 
along the length of the roof's eaves, for 
those of us who watched it get progres- 
sively worse, it was an unbelievable 
and disastrous spectacle. 

those students housed on the first 
two floors returned to their rooms af- 
ter thanksgiving recess, the third 
floor students weathered the remain- 
der of the semester in the gymnasium 
locker rooms, barracks style. 

although many people lost their be- 
longings, no one was hurt, i think the 
student body became closer during and 
after the fire, it could have been any 
dorm, so we all pulled through it to- 
gether, what are friends for? 




Left To Right - Row 1: wenda morgan, steve makrancy, karen klein, Steve 
miller, rusty kerstetter, mike mercure Row 2: brian leh, archie karcher, 
judy katz, albert koppe, pauUne risser. Row 3: wait kozak, karen levy, donna 
Campbell, torn jakubczyk. Row 4: don mullen, lance lipton, jamie sharp, 
peter Jennings, bob dobbs 

Left To Right - Row 1: clyde hirt, kermeth greenburg, deloris heisey, john dolch. Row 2: george futterknecht, marion fulton, 
russell fulton, dan gillen, kathy faherty. Row 3: rich gardner, jerry fleck. 

Left To Right - Row 1: ed taczanowsky, 
bev tichy. Row 2: pete zakanycz, larry 
Whipple, mike bruce, beth Stephens, 
cheryl waiting . 

junior class officers: Front-liane baily, rep. to hse. of social 
act. Row 1: vincenzo butera, pres. , greg Johnson, vp. Row 2: 
richard lazarus, adv., judy carkhuff, sec, larry whippie, 
treas. , marion fulton, rep. to hse of conduct 

Left To Right - Row 1: frank savini, glen 
rence, marion klotter, sherry peechatka, 
torn murphy. Row 2: richard rhodes, tim 
robbins, bob schultz, tim sell, doug 

Left To Right - Bottom Step: mark beach. Row 1: vince butera, ray bryson, judy carkhuff, dan digenova, dan clapp. Row 2: 
denise baun, liane baily, brad bowman. Standing: jeff belke, dave anderson, bill disanto, mide brady. 


sophomore class officers - Left To Right; cindy buchanan, rep. to hse. of social act. , armette 
kapp, pres. , janet botti, treas. , kyle kemp, rep. to hse, of social act. 



Left To Right - Kneeling: janet botti, bill cashin. Standing: greg bums, connie bish, cindy buchanan, sandy bennett, john citrone. 
On Wall: dave Campbell, pam berardi, glenn sharko, annette capp, mike czachor. 


Left To Right - Front Row: dave russell, tracy rimkel, mike ridge. Back Row: 
donna ray, vince maisano, mark prime. 

Left To Right - Kneeling: 
terry spinosa, jerry sutton, 
Steve silberstien, bill troxell, 
Standing: donna unger, 
barbara ungemian, connie 
smith, diane scott, jean 
van nuys. On Wall: james 
solomito, michael szmodis, 
jim spindler, steve yingling. 


Left To Right - Sitting: paula healey, kyle kemp. Standing: sue harvey, deb kupiec, 
Valerie hayes, carol hippie, kirk lammey. 

Left To Right - Front: scott geller, bruce dugan, james demille, robert godbout. Back: karen frey, carol grube, roberta emerizy, 
eileen flynn, cindy dunton. 



Freshmen class officers - Left To Right - Sitting: vince destefano, rep. to hse. 
conduct, lynn hagerman, vp, gary scott, pres. Kneeling: linda budrewicz, 
rep. to hse. of social act., patti mccullough, sec. 

Left To Right - Row 1: margaret mcginnis, Stewart kessler, todd grove, margaret hankes, diane hartzell, chiis hartzler, mary 
coleman. Row 2: chuck friedrich, chris ivaniski, dorian grim, johanna geiger, barb gobus, mary gunn, diane leahy. Row 3: 
John fedorosko, wendy gehman, lynn hagerman, Vincent destefano, torn king. 


Left To Right - Front: russell sutton, bill shinn. Row 1 (Sitting): jim sheaffer, mike snyder, joe smokonich, frank troelstra, rich 
spinelli. Row 2 (Sitting): marian verrastro, joe Ventura, joan vandyk, eileen wolck. Standing: doug pfeiffer, glerm skidmore, 
tim steinbeiser, bill showers, brian horowitz, bob strand, neil weinstein, philip wisser, tyler smith, torn suszka, keith thompson, 
mark skelding. 

Left To Right - Row 1: marian payer, rich pelkofsky, pat reese, bob root, robin ruch, carol metgar, dave pratt, bev olson, Row 
2: barb petty, lesUe rikert, greg royer, linda peterman, louise Sanders. Row 3: nick porzio, garry raff, jim quarella, gerard 
rennekamp, gordon phillips, gary pusillo. 

Left To Right - Sitting: chris scalfo, barb schultz, irma neckritz, jeff meyers, terry nevill, robin moyer, cynthia kopf, helene mul- 
len. Standing: frances /amiskie, luann pasternak, charles pruitt, jeff novak, pat mcclullough, grace krogman. 

Left To Right - Row 1: ron haraka, pete shiner. 
Row 2: neil Cleveland, John bradley, scott birch. 
Row 3: mark alexander, chris arts, pete clipp. 
Row 4: j. Campbell, norm foran. Row 5: joe lelli, 
andrew conley, fred bromm. 

Left To Right - Row 1: alan weiner, john wagner, fred wojtowicz, wendy bishop, mike 
retistle, deb verhovshek. Row 2: bill wintermute, mark halchak, tim kelly, lori high- 

John Cole 

Left To Right - Row 1 : robert kim- 
mey, rich kiefner, robert kunkel. 
Row 2: wendy higgins, marie 
kovacx, Stacy kerstetter, Catherine 

^ "-^ :^ 





ronald e. Johnson 
senior class advisor 

f^dear members of the class of 1977: 

your undergraduate years at delaware valley college have come to a close and i hope that at 
some point during your stay here you have asked yourself the question, "what good is a college 
education?" you can pick up newspapers and magazines and regularly read articles, complete 
with facts and figures, stating that four years of college are no longer worth the time, perhaps, 
in a society that increasingly measures all parameters in dollars and cents, these authors feel 
this is true, but what they fail to see or deliberately overlook, is one of the primary benefits, 
aside from accumulated technical knowledge, of the college experience, it is best summed up 
by two philosophers whose ideas i should like to paraphrase, these ideas are to know the truth 
(and it shall make you wise) and to know yourseK. 

it is during these four years that you have the opportunity, not readily available to those who 
miss the college experience, to examine yourself, what you can and cannot do and how you re- 
late to others, this is done in an environment where you are not heavily penalized in the process, 
you learn how to look for and recognize the truth in a world of increasingly complex contra- 
dictions, you should be leaving here with confidence in yourself and your beliefs, this, i feel, 
is one of the most important aspects of a college education. 

as you enter what is facetiously called the real world, it is my hope that this confidence 
leaves with you. not so you can join a silent majority , suffering wrongs and injustices, 
fearing to speak out because of what others may think, but rather to become part of a vocal 
majority, speaking out with confidence for what you believe in (for to remain silent in the face 
of injustice is to be guilty of perpetuating that injustice) and taking an active part in improving 
the processes and conditions which govern your lives, to this end i wish you Godspeed and 
good luck. 

f j> 
' ^^ with best wishes for a peaceful 

and prosperous future. 

nciMJcci C K^c'Lyv'x 

ronald e. Johnson 






Julian prundeanu 

to the 1977 agronomy class 

on behalf of the agronomy faculty i wish to extend to everyone of 
you the most sincere congratualtions to your graduation. 

for the last four years you have been sharing with each other a 
learning experience which included taking mostly the same courses, 
going to the same classes (some more often than others), having the 
same instructors, as as sharing the social and extraciuricular activities 
on the college campus. 

from now on each of you will go his or her own way. some of you 
will continue your formal education at the graduate level, some of 
you will be working on golf courses, some will return to farming 
while others will seek positions in teaching, or agrobusiness, or with 
the government, no matter what a career each of you will be enter- 
ing, all of you will have in common the educational background you 
received as an agronomy major at delaware valley college which, 
we think, is second to none, thus, you will be joining other hundreds 
of our graduates who have responsible positions in agriculture and its 
related fields and who literally are taking over the commonwealth 
and some of the neighbouring states. 

we are looking lorwara to your professional success and to your 
maintaining the closest ties with your alma mater. 

best wishes and good luck ! 
Julian prundeanu 

William paDcovics 

jimmy kemmerer 


^00lifimmt ' 


donald claycomb 


■■1 ^'^ TrS^WS^&^ 




pi^H f^iiftf^ f^mS^' 


irr fi^'^^v.^ijr ^B' 

.. j'^ 

'x: ^^^^^^^^^H^^B^/ ' ^S^Kk' 


t^m^ ^^^^^^^^^^K^ ' .^B^^i^:: 


HH .^^ ^f^fji^^^ ^^Kf ''*^V 



fred wolford 

boyd ghering 

sieven alger 

edward barbano jr. 

ingrid a. brunner 

kernsie--b-l pcnn hall-cin- 
dcrella- -student affairs- -freshman 
all mghters--sexy and mature-- 
what a hearthrob--goldman 214 — 
dead head--the dairy and the ag- 
ronomy club- -partying- -going to 
the skyline with the "guys"--being 
a farmer--all those special times 
shared with cathy, debbie, mimi, 
maryann and d. kramer--special 
thanks to mom G dad. 

Steven p. chirip 

thanks to mom and dad. sam- 
uel-stud, chink, raschen, griggs, 
kern, fatboy fran, and my polish 
buddy stawovy- -agronomy men 
ike, mike the hulk and kratz-- 
water battles, derelicts- -thanks to 
marlene, marlene, mark, mike 
and dr. lazarus for all the help 
with a-day--a very special thanks 
to pam; she made everything 

Charles a, geyer 

mr. chucka--2nd floor har- 
ness — shots and beers at the bott- 
om--"showtinie"--my roommate 
eats popcorn for breakfast, 11 
quarts of oil- -chuck, i lunched 
it — volleyball 76-77--can't wait 
until may--tim, i hope you ful- 
fill all your goals — thxirsday night 
parties- -let's go to newton sq. -- 
rosemary ! ! best of luck John, 
hope you and kathy have a wonder- 
ful life together — all my love to 
mom and dad for making it all 
possible — thanks--that's basically 

denise marie hitchcock 
to my parents. . . . 

rudolph (chip) kern 

i. a.ij. — pelt hunters — smoke 
bombs to new dorm for christmas- 
4/6/76-utah boys--c, d and gink- 
gos — "big duck" --p. p. pelt-- 
keeping one step ahead off detec- 
tives sitarsky ans tasker — pi4-2200- 
bottle rockets with quaz and lip-- 
e. m. o. defense --Samuel hall 
partying with ness, barbella and 
pezza--ed's for rings--"the prune 
wants to see you"--petey, stawvoy, 
leery, Jensen and the boys- -thanks 
hopps, ness, xmcle joe and mom 
for putting up with everything. 

carl kogel 

thank you doc--never a dull 
moment with mark, paul G donna 
— goldman I, 11, 111, IV — F-troop — 
thank you very much mom & dad. 

ingrid a. brunner 

Steven p. chirip 

denise marie hitchcock 

iTidolph kern 

lloyd kinzel 

michael konoza 

best of luck to the 1977 aggie 
football team and coach wilson, 
hardy, achuff, nutsy, enjaychuck 
C drumgold--to the agronomy boys 
stavov, kratzy, chirip, the hulk 
and chip, remember the good 
times, to tom, ike, "puppy", and 
Yets, thanks for the memories — 
thank you mom and dad and Ceci- 
lia for making this all possible, 
but most of all thank-you Hoi, for 
your never ending love and support 
which made it all worthwhile. 

michael g. kratz 

thanks to mom and dad who 
made possible — studies — cramm- 
ing — heaven hill — fuller--the 
prune--it was a terrific experience- 
-thanks again, all my love to patti 

mark e. kuenzi 

thanks to mom and dad for all 
they've done- -praise to God for all 
He's done — thanks to Him for dear 
christian friends as bob, norm. £ 
roger, C other dear friends as well 
--"for the preaching of the cross 
is to them that perish foolishness; 
but unto us which are saved it is 
the power of God"(I Corinthians 

John lashier 

thanks mom and dad 

tom roeschen 

from algae to zoospore and 
everything in between in 4 short 
years-3 years of Saturday classes 
and at last i'm 4/4ths of a college 
graduate- -It's not dirt, it's soil-- 
special thanks to my parents for 
all their help. 

timothy j. stawovy 

woifsohn hall destroyed fresh- 
man year--samuel hall II--to all 
the people that made this place 
livable- -'soup' — e. m. o. --pelt 
hunters — dog soldiers- -he's big, 
he's bad, he's shane--lenix heal- 
"it's the school's policy" — dan, 
chip, rich, John, andy, uncle joe, 
eric, carol "we'll meet again 
someday" and a very special thank 
you for my parents for giving me 
this opporttmity. 

michael konoza 

John lashier 

carl kogel 

h. thomas woller 

michael g. kratz 

mark e. kuenzi 

h, tliomas woller 

"wallaby" --loose- -redneck — 
memories include soil judging and 
two yeas out in the mid-west 
wheat whacking--quick, easy, 
crazy carl, spaceman, jumble, 
cash, bwana, bolt, wolfman, wei- 
sel, mockernut, dan, rose and all 
the nuns- -brewers- -who does that 
laugh in the shower? — wiesel sea- 
son is open! — did he jump out the 
second story window ?--qucik, let 
me in yovir room! --he died with 
his boots on again — he's going 
home again?--top survey map — 
back to the rack — b. s. , m. s. , 
p. h. d. --dr. polk, dr. prun, and 
j.k. — special thanks to mom and 
dad for their help and tmderstand- 

thomas roeschen 

timothy j. stawovy 


frederick hofsaess 

to the animal husbandry class of 1977: 

on behalf of the animal husbandry faculty i congratulate each of you upon 
completion of your undergraduate studies, 

for many of you the b. s. degree will mark the end of your formal educa- 
tion and you will enter the livestock industry in some capacity, for others, 
your degree will serve as a stepping stone for advanced degrees, regardless of 
the direction you choose, you will face many challenges requiring you to 
draw upon the knowledge and skills which you have obtained during the past 
four years. \ise the education which you have obtained, but also accept the 
responsibility to improve the efficiency of animal agriculture. 

from all of us in the a. h. department, good luck and best wishes for a 
successful and happy future. 

f. hofsaess 


mary lou bowersock 

eve breitung 

mark choper 

barbara jane colflesh 

karen cook 

laura didonato 

mary lou bowersock 

going home on weekends — 
sledding by the greenhouse — pizza — 
a-day 74, 76--christmas vacation 
75--the miracle of birth-home- 
coming 76--laura and her guitar-- 
equine club--the bobsey twins-- 
inter-collegiate horse shows, ne- 
ver close by--the four musketeers- 
b &b — 6 a.m. working at farm 
#3-No i am not nuts — warning, 
never change majors your second 
year — 3 classes scheduled at the 
same time — alternating classes, 
still 27 credits to go — i'm getting 
out of here on time--mica in the 
heater--good friends — fines-- 
cheryl, a #1 roommate — and to 
my parents, brother and sister 
without whom i could not have 
made it these four years, thank 

barbara jane colflesh 

commuting every day- -snow 
by the railroad tracks — walks th- 
rough orchard- -segal hall. . . seven 
dwarf s-4 musketerettes — long days 
in the library- -touche and dtmi 
dum--lippy and hardy — intercoll- 
egiate horse shows — west point — 
i want to thank my wonderful pa- 
rents and tante for making these 
fovir years possible and by helping 
me through the tough spot, each 
year added a little to my life, 
now i take this experience and say 
hello to a new era in my life. 

laura didonato 

thanks dad and mom. 

donaid m. duchai 

surfin-ge city 7S — one desert! 
--farm 3 and good times — it's on- 
ly me mrs. gulick — jo' cornfield- 
r. a. - bobbies babies and the gang- 
rocky-raccoon--parties and the 
shore--colleen and telephones-- 
finding the banquet band--the ol 
ham sale — noofy — meester, how's 
dem chickens? — don, can you 
find someone to work for me?-- 
the pit-jeff, good luck it's all 
yours — many thanks to dr. pelle 
for giving me the confidence i 
needed, a very sincere thank you 
to colleen, mom, and my bro- 
thers and sisters for believing i 
could do it. and c & d busher for 
getting me started, kitchen crew, 
sonia, gary and his stereo- -holi- 
day housesitting. 

Catherine federico 

so many good times & friends; 
ingrid G kern, mimi, maryann, 
deb, jerry — b3 peim hall--lake 
federico- -what a man!--blit2ed-- 
boobie baby — memories of living 
with d. long for 4 short years! — 
the mill — Sbdvd -party — s. a. 1. 
and trips with the judging team — 
the hay ride--happiness with my 
special buddies, debbie, gary, 
rich, and rog--with love to mom 
dad, mary and the crew. 

tedd Jeffrey felming 

all the battles and the haunted 
bouse in Samuel t. 

donald m. duchai 

Catherine federico 

tedd Jeffrey fleming 


donna b. foley 

pual--sept. 14--"for YOUl"-- 
ll/ll--with dan G don — beep — 
fidget- -sutbby feet--falling off a 
log- -old love, new love- -the pits- 
nanc: sharing clothes, laughs, 
sighs, and four comfortable years- 
"diamond girl"--rnniboullet sheep 
in the shower- -four musical years 
with nirs. roberts — appendages-- 
rolling ribs — playing dairy — doc G 
all tlie cc boys- -pompano beach 
'75- -no flow! — crazy aunt marge 
— Stoney, lorna doone, edith, mor- 
gan--wafne stompers, ann arbor, 
canon ftb's, dunkin donuts galore-- 
gare--a-day queen--where's my 
keys--for pets's sake--pheasant 
fever: bird dog--bic pens--henkel/ 
meyer — the fearsome foursome: 
skiing, fishing, hunting, ice- 
creaming- -caveman kogel(the 
bear)--werk-heiser and faithful 
olav- -thanks for the home support, 
folks--good luck friends--and 
paul 5/28/77 

joan hewett 

thanks to my family who knew 
deep down i would make it all the 
way through, many thanks to dan 
who made sure i finished the last 
two years, never forget all of my 
great friends, judy, nancy; nancy 
and the mGm's--farm Wi — prin- 
cess, flash — hey boss, if i work, . . 
judging? reasons? more mGm's 
quick--lady, you spend too much. 

bonnibelle fuchs 

l.b. the mxmchkin--yoal, 
betsy — jaw and barnyard--pipel- 
ing and peanut butter — flex's 
drive-in;w. 1. , bogy, lefty and 
postie in new hampshire — our pos- 
ter for micro--out a site with de- 
generate — poetry days — thanks 
jude: you're silly--thanks mom 
and dad. 

donna beih lulcv 

bonnibelle fuchs 

John hayes 

nancy lyn henkel 



eileen m. gallen 

four musketeers- -Segal hall-- 
equestxian team and west point- - 
my successful showing career on 
a day — touche (thanks for con- 
verting me to english) — livestock 
judging team--the minibus--har- 
risburg to all my friends and tea- 
chers, you've helped me more 
than you could realize, thank you. 

norman c. giel 

the bud's- -count '73 '--birth- 
day prize--r. r. — cliff--bamess 
and 300 people — h. v. and murph- 
s. c. chem lab efficiency team — 
monday at 7:00- -harness 218- - 
friday nite case — dairy beef — mr. 
m — don's "prize" — spud & ham-- 
skiing--florida 76-dee dee-shots 
and beers — 3 man room — cooke 
106 --r. a. --the jeep Wednesday 
night cards--junior prom--a. h. 
tech I — dairy tech 3:30 a. m. — 
'love is blind' --fannhouse--the 
fish — thanks to parents & sisters 
and last but not least april. 

John hayes 

mr. chitlins--the rifleman — 
ulman III — class picnics — ulman's 
orphans — the goose and nils — buck 
brothers--the yellow bear--friends 
i have come to know and thanks 
to mom. 

nancy lyn henkel 

a.h. class Of 73--c.d.t. -- 
iowa — bowman's tower--streakers- 
grease mixers — legs-thanks howie- 
rah — the stump — rambouillet sh- 
eep in the shower — pompano 
beach--cooke hall G 210--rockin 
roy's disco- -venison steaks G mush- 
rooms — dance marathon- -gottfried 
--udo G monika — summer of 76 
at dvc--rossies are after the mad 
moosehairs again — padre--mena 
G mateus--r. a. reports- -r. a. e. c. 
and hixon--babysitting, horseshat 
and more, bleeding sheep with 
krug — laura G pets — cooke hall 
76 — hewett, mGm's and farm 3 — 
oktoberfect? — mr. G mrs. g and 
piggies — laaadee — unforgetable 
a.h. class of '77 -donna, fashion 
coordinator, nite owl, lost keys, 
mixmchies, greatest roommate-- 
dec. 18: henkel G meyer- -thank 
the Lord for getting me through 
and the loving support from mom, 
dad, kathy, jody, g-parents and 

howard r. hoffman jr. 

mom and dad who i owe so 
much — Janet — babe — in that or- 
der — pres. with the 'mister' -- 
himip, what htmip — samuel t — 
nancy--c. c. and c. f . bullrider — 
parties — you're a jerk--b G bwhat 
a pain in tlie--vet school? 3 stoo- 
ges theodore, Italian stallion G ? 
it's all over — my roommate and 
his problem — he'll pass--and again 
thanks to mom and dad with love ! 

joan hewett 

howard r. hoffman jr. 

tliomas William hubbard 

John, do airplanes neC' wings 
to taxi? football 18 straigh losses- 
what happened nov 20 at 5 p.m. 
C ended at 7 p. m. ? i'll gi e you a 
hint, ulman's 3rd floor--p nny 
wise pound foolish and rus; an rou- 
lette fits dvc like a glove- -for 
their maintenance dept and faci- 
lities- -lewis' quizzes- -shoe boxes 
filled with unidentified bugs- -ap- 
plied fire cracker — heads up in the 
showers--business majors learned 
to coimt to ten this week ! ralph's 
naders raiders--what after shave-- 
thanks for the following people for 
finally allowing me to say that 
i'm truly finished with taking 
notes, >vTiting, typing reports, 
studying, and having to struggle 
with tliose exams--barbar3, gerry, 
emmett, mike, jim, John, lewis, 
ken, reed, darwin, gary, fellow 
a. h. students G profs — and of 
course my parents, relatives, ken, 
richard, betsy, dale, dean, and 
amanda. thanks again. 

John m. Jacob 

work hall and captain andy-- 
wolfinger finish the lab i'm going 
home — buds and pseudobods-- 
court, prize drives, hoags and 
ralph — friday nights before genetics 
lab--norm, coming to the picnic 
this summer? cooke 106, 3-man 
room — fla. '76, yea chuck is still 
sleeping — the button shots and 
beers--the coffin — junior prom-- 
a-day, cliuck will you take me 
home now--what happened to 
stuU over the summer, holy freak 
--chuck, don't leave any tracks 
on the rug-lambrusco and pino- 
chile — well cathy these four years 
went pretty fast, see you all on 
July 23, 1977, i can't thank you 
all enough, cathy, mom, dad and 
mikey — thank-you Lord for my 
sanity (no comemnts cathy) 

roger b kramp 

meester, you sink i'm here to 
tell you the wrong sing to do? all 
it takes to get a degree in a. h. is 
"total recall" — j.p. mac, r. j. and 
the boys, many good times, judg- 
ing team, i should have gone to 
purdue. hello hello dr. mangione. 
cathy, what would i have done 
without you, special thanks to dr. 
h. and co and especially to m & 
d for making it all possible. 

gregory f. krug 

goldman hall 3 yrs- -Schwartz's 
bed — the all nighters — food high-- 
dance contest — bryan's wedding — 
weekends at villanova — the cou- 
gars-the judging team with the 
drs. 1. 1. , duck, oats, fed in the 
van--b. k. and the old mansion — 
a-day and k. v. — discussions with 
tacy? pine run farm --and bleeding 
sheep-calf in the cougar — bone 
prectical — campus for sale — Sam- 
uel and farm house gang--red 
noses — 151--good times with hal 
and bryan- -special thanks from the 

thomas wm. hubbai'd 

John m. Jacob 


roger b. kramp 

gregory f. krug 

dennis michael mcnabb 

david mangione 

4m- w 

heart to mom and dad — who made 
it all possible — also thanks to mr. 
and mrs. lucas, lovie, mrs. owen, 
tha tarlen fam. , and to my friends 
who back me all the way esp. tc, 
bd, td, re, kv, dg, ts, and nh. 

dennis michael mcnabb 

hey krug, wake up — judgin| 
team and the trips — many thanks* 
to mr. gilbert for all his work — 
did you hear about the handful of 
oats? want to thank my mom and 
dad for all they have done for me. 
special thanks to my wife, ellen, 
who makes it all worthwhile. 

david mangione 

b G b — a-day — livestock jud- 
ging team '76 — c. c. bullrider — 
perdue imitation--disaster at ti- 
monium — bust- -hello hello dr. 
knamp- -Samuel 2nd- -haunted hall 
--christn:ias--water fights--toot 
toot- -vino --iesha — beward of the 
og — root cellar- -nightly enter- : 

audrey mather 

parties and 'ralph' — learn as 
though to live forever, live as 
though to die tomorrow — dad — 
notso — absence makes the heart 
grow fonder — love is the great 
asker— bobby-- 1/17/ 75-- nassau-- 
granny grunts — indian head — lori- 
anne and a-day — jesse — you're the 
greatest mom. thanks. 

david r. miller 

ingrid and me in the orchard 
frosh orientation week--samuel 
223--pool hall— buck a ball, 
dime a pin — harness punch — the 
buds and their trials — gwedd mercy 
and their talent show — e. m. o. — 
foulballs — bleeding sheep — selling 
the school and mrs. work's garden- 
-pelle & his fav topic and mary. 

mary kay moscati 

much love and thanks to mom 
and dad, c-bird, hag and smitty. 

audrey robin mather 

david r. miller 

mary kay moscati 

mark c. muir 

remember the class of '76.5 G cheers to the 
class of 77.5;; student center- -pinochle 
card game--the farmhouse a G b--football 
cheers 59, 60 G 61--wapo and all the com- 
muter jocks — William tell overture --bone 

sonia shaner 

ll-10-73--dek's for ever- -8 + roommates- - 
finnies?those dreams — florida G nassau — S 
extra days — m. a. — lizry G saddie — not so-- 
jessie — you're a very crabby person lucy-- 
otte, will you ever learn? harness girls are 
the best-the pit and touche--not enough 
hours in one day--seminar? mom, your 
guidance through these past four years made 
everything worthwhile--thanks dad for your 
constant giving without asking and most of 
all, all tihe kind words in the world would 
not be enough to thank aunt lou, janice and 
bud. i love you all more than i can show, 
bud, this is just the beginning ! 

todd a sailor 

tequila and black russian rye bread- -bees- - 

greenhouse collection- -rocking chair- -sit 

th' jit-super glue 3 --painting and fishing 

with charlie--fire. stoned talks with the 


kathryn smith 

to my friends: "in the space that we share 
there is love, in this love there is truth, in 
this truth there is life, in this life that we 
live, we are one. " thanks, joe with love 
forever: sunrise, sun fall, time flies, love 
conquers all. thanks and love too, dad, 
mom and lun: and it was from my family 
that i learned to observe the birds, the 
animals and the trees, to all in '76, love, 
peace, happiness. 


todd a. sailor 

kathryn ellen smith 

tacy a. smith 

angelo pinto 

sonia shaner 

tacy smith 

mom and dad, thanks for every- 

mark tanis 

a 4 day, 19 hour schedule, there 
is none better, at dvc, to the 
profs you are not just a number, 
but a person, liked and disliked 
all at the same time, but they do 
care, with the practical exper- 
ience from home it helps to put it 
all together and make what i have 
learned here more valuable, ode 
just to have 400 acres in western 

wayne tine 

professors, parties, farmliouse, 
segal hall derelicts, a-day and 
stands at the football games with 
the apple cider, and i'll never 
forget. . . the night of nov. 20 when 
my dorm took fire and we didn't 
have marshmallows. the end of the 
ulman II boys. 

kathy wolfe 

cooke 2--mrs. porter--penn hall 
with dorm mom--penn gang-- 
dining hall--steakmaster--liberty 
bell race track '75--may 8, 1975 
--the beginning- -montana wo- 
man, farm 3-homecoming float 
'75--a-day 76--graduation '76-- 
backpackir^ and camping at tus- 
carora--the truck then the vw-- 
summer of 76--gilbert's fair 
weather farmers- -paul's truck and 
what gas?-the inseparable trio, 
and to all my family, friends who 
made it all memorable, thanks! 
but most of all to my very own 
tree climber, baxry jay, 

warren wylde 

thanks to dad and mom for making 
the last four years possible--too 
many good times to mention, but 
thanks to all those who helped me 
through the rough times and who 
were part of all the good times ! 
may we pelt hunters find our 
elusive pelt- -happiness and peace 
to my friends and classmates in 
your future endeavors. 

wayne a. tine 

kathy i. wolfe 

mark tanis 

warren andrew wylde 


ellery f rench 

when you came to delaware valley college four short years 
ago, you came filled with enthusiam, interest, and a desire to 
achieve certain goals, you now leave having accomplished a 
major step on your road to success, we hope and trust that your 
enthusiam will continue, that your ambitions will be fulfilled, 
and that good fortune will be yours, we are proud of you. we 
will miss you. we, the faculty of the biology department, wish 
you well. 

ellery w. french 

Lionel adelson 

robe It 





rosemary albert 

"life is very short. . . the things 
you put a lot of time into have 
very little permanent worth, the 
permanent things are matters of 
the spirit and of the heart. " 

kent alien brusstar 

me! college! — truckin home 
to work at the vet's--homecom- 
ing '74-work II--friz2leboard, 
parties, finals (blah) — bike hike 
with gerb in the dead of winter — 
the cliffs-movies, movies — the 
pit, shut up mark — yo quant — 
visits during the summer — my 
freshman; felt my kazoo did 
he! 7. 70 x 10^ and santa--best 
wishes to gerb and p. z. — special 
thanks to mom and dad, and to 
marge. . for being there, and to 

frank brzozowski 

jim, carl, joe, John, straight 
bob, ken, andy, lois, linda jeff, 
sam, John, holly, larry, barry, 
Wayne, moran rej, deb, karen, 
sahren, maino, patty, mac, bill, 
John, davies, craig, perch, dar- 
von, joe, old man, popeye, 
migger, fearee, grant, jim, bob, 
Steve, fran, mosha, rus, bert, 
tygh, shell, merry, dawn, al, 
jay, jr. , dave, ray, etc for all 
the memories. 

William a. davies 

i wish to thank some people, 
my friends called me 'buck', i'll 
always remember going out with 
the boys, those beautiful fast ones 
on the ben franklin parkway, and 
the first day out on the road by 
the tracks with. . . 

William gerberich 

1st intercollegiate soccer sea- 
son (4-2) and 4-0 shutout over al- 
bright — a-day '75 & ekg's — the pit 
and the qay it was — killer rabbit — 
good luck to ken, paid, chris, 
jeff, pat, bob, and werm. --late 
night ride to d-town by bike-- 
many thanks to my mother and 
Sharon for loving, caring and 

debra boretti 

kent alien brusstar 

rosemary albert 

frank brzozowski 

linda cytrynowicz 

William davies 

William gerberich 

William 1. kliefoth 

bert lampson 


robert hirst 

"qucik" — #35--cooke II brew- 
ers — b, loose, easy, bvvanna, bolt, 
redneck cash, space man and all 
the others--goldman I fubar: wolf- 
man, weasel, jumble, rag man-- 
it's weasel season--he died with 
his boots on again--lynii myers 
and glenn fahnestock were really 
good friends during my first 3 
years-the worn path--most of all, 
thanks to my parents for all their 
patience, understanding and sacri- 
fice - i love them both ! 

robert jones 

home: cosmos, saturn ring #3, 
04137 age: 21 profession: slacker, 
destructor of dormitories, tumor 
exhibitor hobbies: osmosis with 
mugs of brew, eating, music, 
sports, blastin to b G b's, outwit 
Stan last accomplishment: pa. 
grain deal, eyesight to the blind, 
caught the same disease as lou G 
mehl. official warning '76 quotes: 
if i don't know it by now. fire 
brew #2--i hear ya--millers and 
whoppers — taking notes — profile: 
can't turn a cold brew down- -sorry 
champion- -cute — irresi stable, 
sensitive, alcohol preferences: 
pharmco grain, molson golden, 
genesee a's, b's alcohol repulso: 
utica club — national bohemian 
serious love to mom and dad. 
their sacrifices and inspiration 
made it all possible, love to v. t, , 
r. r. , 1. h. 

William 1. kliefoth jr. 

thanks to the greatest parents 
in the world for making my educa- 
tion possible, and thanks to Susan 
for her love, understanding, and 

mike mcgarvey 

thanks to mom and dad, donna 
& jim, and the rest of the family- 
love always to ginny (mousewell)- 
i will always remember elson hall 
and marshall law — the 't'--z's-- 
b's--inattTess fight- -merry- go- 
round- -buffers & stuff ers- -basket- - 
ball G volleyball — geting notes-- 
ed's — and last but not least the 
summer of '76, 

patrick mcinnerney 

freshman year and all the diff- 
erent people that went with it — 
mellowing out sophomore year on 
the third floor, God rest its soul 
with K. r. and droopy timmy-j. d. 
's little red friend and everybody's 
friend- -that little green box that 
wandered around this campus so 
much — bozo — great battles — wat- 
er and otherwise — heading south 
with c. h. & b. g. — the pickled 
egg ed and all the plays G players- 
f. b. putting the a in a-day — all 
my bio buddies j. m. , w. m. , s. s. , 
p. w., d.b,, good luck! the fire G 
all its subsequent b. s. some great 
lines-yea, but i do smell smoke, 
or no beddard, i don't have your 
ticket--o. k. at least 5 times — d. h. 
and all the foxy things she's been 
up to--hitting friendley's in the 
rockmobile bus — sharing it with 
patti, from here, who knows? 
good luck wee willy, keep in tou- 
ch — so long del val, write me 
when you join the twentieth cen- 

Christopher main 


daniel james o'connell 

tawny port, sascatchewaiui spe- 
cial--fishing trips and blind dates- 
with d. b. --hockey and b-ball with 
the 'thugs' --panic with b. s. -- 
thanks to all the profs at d. v. c. - 
a special thank you goes to mom 
and dad for supporting me through 
it all, thanks mom, thanks dad. 

james ray 

throughout the last four years 
at del val i have experienced many 
things, the fine education offered 
was one, but the practical appli- 
cation of learning to live and work 
with a variety of personalities was 
another, i'd like to thank jim 
street, scott Strang, dan o'connell, 
stef schucher, patty wohlferth, the 
'superstudents and a host of others 
who helped break up the monotony 
when things got rough, i'd also like 
to give special thanks to karen, 
and to my mom & dad without 
whom i would have never made it. 
good luck to the class of '77. ps. 
thanks to tony for the jacket--the 
chalfont — eternal happiness to all 
of them — corvettes are for sissies — 
"lingi" unite 

William j. schomp 

cooke Il-b loose G quick — rag 
man, i've gotta go home!--cash- 
jumble — Where's the daks? it's 
weasel season !--wolfman, are you 
an aniazon yet? — f. u. b. a. r. — 
bwaima, bolt, biuit--brillo pad- 
playing with boxes at four in the 
mormng--it's huffing time--l. c. - 
70 will get you 6 7- -you owe me 
five — brotherhood? — the 'z' — gold 
wings! — o.r. & r. r. — special thanks 
to mom & dad, i love them both. 

William metzger 

daniel james o'connell 

robert pritz 

james ray 

William j. schomp 

Stephanie schucher 

kenneth shepley 

barry siroka 

robert smith 

ken shepley 
fractured noisulli 

recorded live at dvc bchveen 9/73 
and 5/76--alI instruments G titles 
performed by umfair--arranged by 
soft determination--co-produced 
by ma G pa--financial backing ma 
G pa inc. --special effects: dev 
uhstating- -equipment: chance 
pure — engineer: with thanks G 
deepest respect, admiration, and 
awe to the engineer (he nos hoo he 
iz!)- -sieve design: '77 yeebee 
staff — special thanks to the "any 
serious professionals here" ma, pa, 
and friends 

barry siroka 

ugh! hello bert- -coffeehouses- 
social actlvities--running around 
like a chicken with his head cut 
o£f--hey glenn want to do me a 
favor?--dan, new dorm lounge — 
panic — 3 years living in the pool 
hall--goldman water fights with 
quick, loose, easy, wolfman, and 
weasel — torn t. after 4 years we 
made it — many thanks to my 
friends and special thanks and love 
to my parents without whom i 
couldn't have made it. 

thomas w. troy 

Jerome, dave, turk auralius, 
derky, don, j. d. , john-boy, slez, 
pickler, gore, work hall hotel 
suite #114- a-day '76, keith m's 
21st birthday, streading '75 — 2 a. 
m. trips to the shrine- -rudie's 
stud service — by chested snow war- 
mer — pickled joker--red tape — 
bareass — easter he's cut freshman 
year — homecoming float '76--door 
— miss a wave--dr. miller organ- 
ization — dr. mulstay's and my com- 
parable see-thru mustaches-yea! — 
grape fruit — the fantastic four — 
j G b, birthday shower--b. w. 's 
abduction, r. a. 's hockey player — 
harness executive club-special 
thanks to my folks for making this 
all possible -Susan 

patricia 1. wohlferth 

rood the crude dude and friend 
fred — wapo — jan--hag and gang — 
tion — summer of '76--alice p. 
zeka, balzac, the root cellar, pat, 
p.z. steff, Scott, pete--st. louis 
11/76 — there's so much more to 
come — no, i don't think i'd send 
my son here, --earth to chris, bio- 
logy, bagpipes in the cornfield — 
'64 falcon--holiday house — ed 
gavin — mom and dad, thankx. 

thomas Strang 

patricia 1. wohlferth 


george f . west 

to the members of the class of 1977: 

you are about to meet the challenge 
for which your four years of business education 
has prepared you. the combination of your ef- 
forts and that of our faculty have brought you to 
a level of achievement in which you should be 
most proud, however, graduation is only a 
beginning, not an end. now you must begin to 
use the tools with which you have been equipped , 
your learning is far from over, learning on the 
job, training programs, perhaps graduate 
school and various other educational experiences 
await, many changes in the future will affect the 
course of your career, we of the business ad- 
ministration faculty feel that you are prepared 
to meet and at times, shape those changes. 
good luck to you all. 

george f. west 
chrmn. business admin- 

michael simone 

edward j . mccool 

gerald handler 

^. '„T*.-- 

James boaman 

Stephen r. brennan 

Stephen r. brennan 

driving to school--pool hall-- 
the green rebel--silver coolde-- 
frank and the pin ball machines-- 
to the friends i made here at sch- 
ool, rick, bobby, frank, wait and 
bob, i wish them the best of luck 
always. Special thanks to my par- 
ents, mary jo, len and cin for all 
the help they gave me. 

mary ann burbella 

special thanks to my parents, 
penn hall-apple jacks- -new dorm 
Il--orchard parties--the big party 
--ski trips--all nighters--'the 
pack'-- concerts- -wmmr--ingrid, 
d, long, cathy, my beautiful 
roommate--star route z--long-wah 
— good times, bad times, and all 
the rest — it's been real. 

frederick r. clayton jr. 

the silver cookie--franco and 
pin ball — commuter basketball 
team--the three stooges — monte 
hall and robert lee ! --ocean city 
at 'nite in venice'--how would you 
like to go to florida? — trips to 
fort lauderdale--hollywood dog 
track & flagler — Saturday night 
pool tournaments, special thanks 
to all of my family for their help 
in making my education possible. 

Joseph r. diminni jr. 

many thanks to my parents who 
made it all possible--who's your 
little friend? — oneness — george 
the pyro — many, many good peo- 
ple-a very surrealistic 4 year epi- 
sode of my life- -too many all 
nighters, so long nephew ! --thanks 
to barbara for keeping me in real- 
ity, big red sour smash bottle-- 
the fire escape-dvc picture show 
each day. 

james r. engle 

jr. prom — my friend den and 
his radio — special thanks to the 
greatest mom and dad ever for 
making it all possible and to my 
beautiful fiancee debbie for giving 
me the encouragement i needed to 
make it through. 

scott kingsbauer 

memories of the 'phased out' 
club--post-season blasts--monday 
night football in John i's room-- 
oakland all the way--many thanks 
to mom and dad for the love and 
kindness they have shown to me. 
special thanks to the biggest part 
of my life lee anne, whose love 
and understanding has made my 
life something special. 

michael anthony landers 

thanks to fitz and gene and the 
other people of rap. good luck to 
the freshmen, thanks and love to 
that special family in d'town that 
meant so much to me. i love you 
mom and dad. thanks for every- 

frederick r. clatton jr. 

Joseph r. diminni jr. 

mary ann burbella 

james r. engle 

dermis holt 

scott kingsbauer 

michael landers 

mark h. pierce 

franklin 1. pursell jr 


thomas e. newell 

robert a. miller 

huff 'n' stuff — kegs — pent- 
house has class-hilton--student 
store — grain on brain — penthouse 
burns- -weightroom motel — this is 
animal-penthouse is back, better 
than ever-karate on the knee-psu — 
nassau--i would like to thank the 
best parents in the world, who 
made the greatest years of my life 
all possible by their understanding, 
by their beliefs, happiness and esp- 
cially their love and devotion to 
their family, dad, even though 
you aren't alive to see your wish 
come true, graduation, i know you 
will guide me to success, morn, 
with God and dad as our guides, 
success is the only beginning, bill, 
carol, barry, helen, we've got the 
greatest family possible and noth- 
ing will ever part our love for each 
other, special thanks to the many 
friends who helped through good 
and hard times at dvc. 

thomas e newell 

after 5 years let me out of 
here, the frat (brotherhood) where 
would i be, and how would i have 
gotten through craziness without 
it. the greatest bunch of guys i've 
ever met. -work I parties-sleeping 
in cook hall lounge — is he dead — 
the penthouse c-1 — a-day 74 — 
cook 105- -so this is doylestown, - 
tigger--the farmhse-the friends, 
experiences, good times and bad. 
it was a great experience, but let's 
not do it again--to joe and carol 
thanks--and a special thanks to 
mom and dad, i love you more 
than you could realize. 

robert nicholson 

robert nicholson 

a very special tiiank you to my 
parents, the greatest mom and dad 
in the world — a big kissey-face- 
huggy-bear for zaida — m'm m'm 
good ! a super job from my florida 
lady ! really hate to think what it 
would have been like without z. t. 
— long distance phone calls — doing 
it all-phase out — post season blast-- 
farm house — 6/11/76 — bnzt — mia- 
mi — 60'6" — ragging it-ear to ear — 
parrrrrrrty- -football what a bum- 
mer — #11- -white shoes — the bea- 

mark h. pierce 

special thanks to my parents 
who have made it possible for my 
success, thanks to all my friends 
and to all the others that i have 
met during my 4 years at dvc. 
each one has provided me with 
both a unique and memorable ex- 
perience that will enable me to 
get a clear idea of what 'mankind' 
really means, thanks to all the 
memories that the "sound of the 
grandfather clock" bong! has pro- 
vided me and my friends with, 
good luck to all of my friends and 
classmates in the future, may life 
and partying continue to last for- 

franklin 1. pursell jr. 

3 fantastic years--great friends- 
good instructors- -and pinochle 

michael j. rinaldi 

thanks to mom and dad whose 
love and understanding made it 
possible, jj, will we ever grow up? 

John e. rodenbaugh 

thanks mom and dad — special 
thanks to kathy — basketball — 
gaz — poncho — the t gang--pomes- 
1—nghorns- -Softball- -work hall-- 

any good times — the moles — 


John rodenbaugh 

wait rybas 


thomas e. smith 

friends, friends and more fr- 
iends — ulman II--samuel t — great 
parties, great times — the farm 
house and the skyline and then the 
working mans pub--many great 
memories — a special thanks to 
mom and dad who made it all po- 

Wayne tucker 

thanks to mom for without her 
it wouldn't have been too imposs- 
ible, to club rap, 'do that'--a 
good-bye to the business depart- 

robert charles vansciver 

franco--ths silver coolie-- 
monty hall--the three stooges-- 
intramural basketball — ocean city, 
night in Venice --florida trip-- 
pool tournaments — band concerts — 
triiunph — special thanks to mom 
and dad and to the others of my 

mark wagner 

study, whats that we're in, 
business?--work hall keg parties-- 
streaking--guy — moravian, yuch-- 
penthouse — the blaze — locker room 
--this is animal --penthouse revi- 
val, better than ever — ample 
workers--k. s. c, psu - let's go!- 
farmhouse--set em up--charlie's- 
student store, gerry's bargain 
basement--lance romance — great 
times with super friends bob and 
shutty--keep in touch — herb — 
bowling — renoppnassau- -carol ?-- 
her loss — d. d. — vinnie, the ital- 
ian stallion--bolt home--thanks 
mom and dad, you made it all 

Clifford weinstock 

thanks mom and dad--the 
buds--bad loads--12 poimds plus-- 
work hall parties. 

torn weisel 

arch — Charlie's brothers — ski 
club trips especially jay peak — 
57 Willys — what, we can't go to 
schaeffer brewery?--sailing on 
lake galena--tower of power-- 
must thank my parents for the sup- 
port and encouragement they off- 
ered, thanks. Stephanie lets go for 
a ride on my bike, best of luck to 
my fellow classmates-granny 
grunts 75. 

daniel charles whittaker 

many thanks-dad — thanks ag- 
ain dad — thank you joany for pa- 

george schmidt 

thomas smith 

robert soloduk 

wayne tucker 

robert charles vansciver 

mark wagner 

£*' ,'>-'-." 

daniel charles whittaker 


lobert orr 

to the chemistry 
class of 1977: 

graduation is a time to recall the past, to enjoy the present, and to think about the 
future, your past four years have been spent in preparation for a career in the chemical 
profession, you have worked hard and are to be congratulated. 

may your future be filled with success and happiness, and may it provide many op- 
portxmities for you to use your talents in building a better tomorrow for everyone. 

the chemistry faculty and i are proud to. have been a part of your life at delaware 
valley and hope that you visit us frequently and share your new experiences with us. 

on behalf of the chemistry department and the entire faculty, i wish you well, 

robert orr. 

richard lugar 

Joseph stenson 





















Jesse elson 

michael garrett 

robin m. ash 

carole lancaster 

robin m. ash 

"friends i will remember 
you. . " special thanks to mom C 
dad for their patience and confi- 

Carole lancaster 

thank you mon G dad & margie 

marlene yockobishen 

much love to mom and dad 
for helping to make this all poss- 
ible and for understanding during 
.the rough times, thank-you rick 
for your encouragement. 

karl strohmaier 

marlene yockobishen 

dairy husbandry 

John pliunmer 


the time has come to bid farewell to you- the class of 1977. we watch you go with great anticipation, but 
also with the realization that the road ahead may not always be an easy one to travel, we have all come to real- 
ize that there is a very real evergy shortage, without students like you, there could easily be a shortage of edu- 
cated young dairymen prepared to move dairying into the future, we challenge you to accept the responsibility 
which is yours, and to never be content with things as they are. .but to always strive to improve them. 

John plummer 

L\^-K/v\_/ ^olc^^A.^^rvwv^^iiil'-VX 


danicl patrick beadling 

trucking west- -rabbit stew in 
wolfsohn hall--working at joe's-- 
3 digit phone bills — Susan's letters- 
special thanks to everyone who 
helped me through the four years, 
especially all my family and 
friends, mr. G mrs. ingerman for 
their generosity, and susan for her 
perseverence, understanding and 

april lynn grosjean 

penn c-l--ever see the star in 
a cow's teat? dairy trip to canada- 
udder guys '76 — summer '75 and 
ground hogs--the marathon dance 
176 and summer '76--norm — th- 
anks to everyone especially mom 
and dad. senior year? !* ! ! the gull 
sees farthest who flies highest. 
march to your own drum, you have 
the freedom to be yourself your 
true self. . . nothing can stand in 
your way! 

kirk a. hillegass 

special thanks to dad G mom, 
and best wishes to all my friends 
who helped make these past few 
years more enjoyable. 

nancy houseknecht 

i wish to thank mom and dad 
and all those who made these the 
best four years. 

paul mecouch 

time for the pig roast — the 
great white hvmter-member of mid 
night supply — farm house nights- 
anyone see haunch — bad memor- 
ies at joe's — good times at the 
apartment- -thanks go to my fam- 
ily for their support, and my wife 
for the sacrifices she made. 

daniel patrick beadling 

kirk a. hillegass 

nancy houseknecht 

richard lutz 

paul mecouch jr. 

James miele 

david pi r rung 

* 'A 

John s. shirey jr. 

John s. shirey jr. 

"get it down so the calves can 
eat it! " what keg? apple battle — 
"everyone is down in my room" 
--and a neater tail setting- -"buds" 
--what a bunch of trophies! - at 
the apartment — "hey torn, let's 
pull the engine" - "seeing is be- 
lieving and a big cat will kill 
you! " huntin grizz with the mag- 
num- -red roof nights- -"how do 
you cure a sore throat?" "let's 
knock off for the day" pfu man — 
parlor bull and another escapee 
--"what we have here is a failure 
to communicate" signed aa!? 

david s. stull 

the buds--barness 2 — court — 
prize drives- -frosh-- the beach-- 
i just couldn't — shirey and mad 
dog — doc--x-c and track- -c.c. 
boys--ice cream--the prom--oh 
my garsch!--mr. montgomery and 
work-the beast and the truck — 
pheasants — hunting and 5 mile 
walk — the cabin — game dinner--s. 
c. and "i'll help you to the bath- 
room stull! "—the ra--ya***hoo~ . 
norm's party — John's house — dvc " 
mixers — farmhouse — do you have 
any i.d.— a.h. tech 1,2, G 3:30 
am--senior year--it was a great 

4 years — thank God i made it 

special thanks to mom and dad for 
all the guidance. 

david r. wolfinger 

gimp's room- -getting the hei- 
fers in every fall--sell it by the 
piece young--bidder takes one or 
all--whatta ya say we knock off 
for today — get the torch--we're a 
small group, we can be flexible 
— why don't we pull the motor 
bowman! ! ! — lab practical with 
kodachromes with help! ! --dim- 
ples and duchess(i'm taking duch- 
ess with me doc)- -those big 
brown beef cows at the dair/ — 
int'll — now and forever balancing 
the numbers for farm mgt. report 
— one hour max. studying for any 
test — superlarry — southern com- 
fort — special thanks to mom and 
dad, family and friends, 
but most of all, God! 

daniel r. young 

four years i wouldn't trade for 
the world — "would somebody give 
a quarter for the lot?" — startin the 
nova at 3:20 a.m. — lab practical 
— practically failed it--long walks 
to the parking lot— long nights at 
ben's auto body— much thanks to 
the wonderful dairy guys and 
gals--special thanks to my loving 
parents- -but most thanks to the 
Lord who makes it all possible- 
john 3: 16-19 

david s. stull 

david r. wolfinger 


to the evening college graduates: 

congratulations upon earning your degree th- 
rough the evening college, having also obtained 
a degree during evening hours, i can appreciate 
the sacrifices you have made in time, energy 
and money to achieve this goal. 

aside from congratulating you upon your sub- 
stantial achievement, i would hope to convince 
you that this occasion marks a beginning rather 
than an ending and is a step rather than a pinn- 
acle along the road of life. 

it is a pleasure to have worked with you. i 
hope you will visit us often and continue to give 
us of your time and talents in order that others 
will be able to follow in your footsteps. 

boyd w. ghering jr. 

;.'^ ^T'l^mv^fflmywairTMiMimi iin wrmawwTMi 

James t. carr 

t» my wife, mary, a 
special 'THANK YOU' for 
your understanding and 
encouragement, to my 
children, mary, jimmy and megan, 
i deeply appreciate your patience; 
now i can be a fulltime father, my 
gratitude goes to all the faculty 
members for their dedication, to 
all my fellow classmates- i wish 
you the best of luck, i will miss 
the hallway and coffee room con- 
ferences about your electric bills. 

robert g. Howard 

there should be an honorary de- 
gree presented to the family of 
every graduated evening school 
student, how else can one begin 
to thank his family for the endless 
love and devotion throughout these 
many long years. 

edward j . lacher 

classes were all excellent-in- 
structors were courteous and help- 
ful, i enjoyed learning, i thank 
God i had the opportunity to ful- 
fill a lifelong ambition, delaware 
valley college students and the 
faculty have my deepest appre- 

donald moyer 

all the evenings you felt you 
just couldn't make even one more 
class, when snow and ice were 
everywhere, schools were closed- 
i called delaware valley and the 
answer was "yes evening school is 
open. " 

robert g. vincent 

i remember the many hours 
spent at school and at home study- 
ing for exams, writing term pa- 
pers, etc. , when i could have 
been spending time with my fam- 
ily, i want to thank my wife sue 
for all the "papers" she typed for 
me and more important for her un- 
derstanding and patience \vithout 
which i never could have gradua- 
ted, thanks also to my sons curt 
and russ who were always "quiet" 
while their daddy was studying for 

deniiis s. wales 

the time that passed by ever so 
slowly, and the constant question 
- is it really worth it? 

James carr 

William gowen 

William milles 

donald moyer 

robert vincenc 

dennis wales 

henry hannon 

robert Howard 

edward lacher 

raymond owczarzak 

donald petrie 



howard e. eck 

John barry edwards 

randy kliment 

John barry edwards 

remember- pins- "the house of 
edwards" — ^bongineers Softball 
team-thanks to mom, dad, bruce, 
carol and good friends. 

howard s. eck 

wow! 4 years- seems hard to 
remember back that far. thanks 
a lot mom and dad for making it 
all possible, chuck & whit, good 
luck to both of you, we had a good 
time and our room always looked 
it. get randy and we'll play some 
pinochle, stonebird, barry G chip, 
roger good luck to you. hope you 
finish someday, catch you all 

robert c. dries 

monday night football at hel- 
ens-bonganeer Softball — whit- "i'll 
give you dallas and 14" — howard- 3 
fingers means aces and a run--ran- 
dy, chip, barry, stoney, John e.- 
good luck and keep in touch-- 
thariks bob & pat 

thomas e. daniels jr. 

ted--say folks-- "for as long 
as one can see the sun and feel the 
breeze" — many special thanks to 
mom, pop, sisters, friends--the 
fi dept-"ok, now kiddies-- "next 
time we will" — "cross that bridge 
when we get to it"-- "to be a bet- 
ter bossman"--wolfsohn, work, 
cooke, goldman halls, fi labs and 
lectures, field trips, parties, latin 
casino, skyline, friendly's dvc. 

deborah long ^ 

four special yeais'^ilti: roomy, 
mimi, ingrid, maryann, debbie- 
the graduates of '74, '75, '76-- 
jerry-and women of nd 2nd-chapt 
10: farmer graduates, greased door 
knobs, runt's room for rent, pam- 
pered pets of penn hall b- 3- tequila 
queen — 3b.d.v.d. party-christ- 
mas party--monkeys, and the mill 
--good luck to all my senior fi 
buddies — more than thanks to dad, 
ann, cathy and gary! 

William thomas roedel 

and tliey said it couldn't be 
done ! i would like to thank my pa- 
rents for all their support over the 
years, also, i would like to thank 
the desert fox and dr. weidman 
for their help in quant. 

_-«.i.^-^^ ^j 

deborah long 

William thomas roedel 

michael r. rosenblatt 

mark e. tyzinski 


michael r. rosenblatt 

cruising to phila — a-day festi 
ities — all nighters--selling hoagies 
--cramming for finals- -starting 
your weekend on thurs-the explo- 
sion in frozen and canned food 
lab — flying to kentucky-for a 
hearty thanksgiving feast — for five 
extra days plus easter vacation 
which enabled me to cruise to 
calif, for some early sun — gamb- 
ling on the monday night football 
games — the night of the hall n 
oats — and livingston taylor con- 
certs — last and the least who can 
forget brownsville sta. 

mark e. tyzinski 

wolfsohn hole freshman year — 
Samuel 't' senior year — "the great- 
est ever" — and to our many suc- 
cesses: haimted hall, Christmas, 
decorations and so much more- 
food industry club-raquel welch- 
atlantic city and congratulations 
to doctor dommel- -thanks for 
everything — toot toot to the farm- 
house — many thanks to my parents 
for the continuous support thruout 
the many years of my life-- and 
most of all to my dearest joann, 
i knew you would wait--i will be 
HOME soon. 

robert weidman 

thanks to mom G dad, mark, 
norm, bob, roger, cc boys and 
"doc"--three years in ulman 1st — 
stormin normans--the thomas — 
four- man rm-the fire--be a whole 
man — "essentially" — bill and study 
sessions-what do ya think — ice 
creami party 

LaA.5:iA;iA.ay^" )>: r. fta > , -.f-^oi 

robert weidman 


Clinton blackmon 

neil j. Vincent 

to the horticulture graduates in the class of 1977: 

with the fvindamental tools of your training in head and hand you 
now face the challenge of a career, temper and hone sharp these tools 
with your experiences, and do the very best you can. 

on behalf of the horticulture faculty and underclassmen we wish 
each of you sincere congratulations and best wishes. 

neil j. Vincent 

"i^fiE^^^^wmm^mstamf iSt'Si >'>vi'.-Tr>>.r;iCi^^^s85:-^^sj««a?5Mt«i:a 

ds »^t wee/;. M «►!<-' 

david blumenfield 

lee zehnder 



special thanks to my wife, deb- 
bie my parents, and my grandpa- 
rents who all combined to make it 

all possible 10-16-76--tater. 

harry, eggs, Jeff, the hort crew- 
all die boys in the samuel t. 

thomas beddard 

tliirty days of wonderbar went 
in-came out-we were all about-- 
for a time — it was nice but not 
exactly like nice usually is. god 
bless all the bonganecrs everywhere. 

paul bemett 

my roommate mark who i spent 
4 decent years with. -the fearsome 
foursome, with crary kogel--4 
years of x-country — 3 years of ten- 
nis--2 years of track--5 cars in 4 
years, olaf — all the ice cream par- 
ties--my missed 4.0 semester — 
hunting for anything that moved-- 
fishing for muskie-camping with 
bets, bear, steff, kogel, mark and 
freezing to death — all the running 
i did in 4 yrs--the man that made 
me go--dr. berthold that i owe a 
lot to — all of my team members-- 
canoe race G tug-of-war at a-day 
— my neat rooms--to the people 
who were in my life, the bets, 
joan, kogel, mark, doc, straw, 
and fooj all my love, my future 
wife, fooj, who made life inter- 
esting for me and my friends, nanc 
her roommate, the junior hort ma- 
jors, and specail thanks to my pa- 
rents for helping me. 

lydia berry 

four great years- -special thanks 
to my folks and friends, both here 
and at thebbg--for their encourage- 
ment and support — byron-- nothing 
is impossible- -you can do anything 
if you have faith in yourself and the 
the Lord. 

larry borchardt (guinzzo) 

the elson eagles, buffers & 
stuffers, b's, the t, and most of a 
all student affairs court, the great 
times we had at parties especially 
senior year in the work t with its 
daily bong-a-thons, hall hockey, 
and other intense activities--the 
unique studebaker, farm house and 
b G b beverages contributed to 
these great times--and i hope to 
reminisce these times in the future 
with my classmates — special thanks 
to those who helped me make it 
through these past 4 yrs, especially 
my parents. 

deborah grant 

thanks to mom and dad, who 
gave encouragement and under- 
standing to help me through these 
4 years. 

jean anne hagan 

peg and barney, thank you 

bradley a. beaver 

thomas beddard 

lawrence borchardt 

deborah grant 

raymond hixon 

michael martin hollenack III 

donald m. Johnson jr. 

michael martin hollenack III 

"whooper dapper" — living ac- 
across from tasker — staying up all- 
night — truckin' home on fridays 
and back on Sundays — option days 
--alpha die wonder mouse — Sam- 
uel 210 — sleep studying-- "baby" 
— passing the handkerchief--trips 
to jersey-- giving pony rides-- 
walks in the orchard--weekends 
with 'babe' — getting "busted"-- 
all those friendly sessions with the 

donald m. Johnson jr. 

taters and eggs — thanks to all 
my friends; harry, beaver, boats, 
ogre, uebs, mauker, pissor, car- 
tell, muscles, buch, bair, mole, 
little John and many more — hort 
club at geneva, new Orleans, and 
atlanta — hort gang of 76 and 77 — 
best man?--pine run?-- loading, 
gate five! --judicious work-- let's 
move out — let's bolt--vinnie — 
friday afternoons, — special thanks 
to my family for all their help. 

barbara nell keily 

thanks to mom and dad 

danielb. mccleerey 

let's go wolfpak--the gil — vic- 
tory party 5/7/74~next year! 'for 
humanity'--casting out the chip- 
sters — dog soldiers pelt hunters 
"ed's" — free the dvc 22-eat the 
flesh-the burial-who ate the broil 
— partying with tim, John, wyled 
-thing, jet, chip, 'tmcle joe', eric, 
scott, shane, roger, al, hag, lee 
and stivov- thanks to mom G dad 
for making it possible, and to aU 
my friends for making it bearable. 

richard r. moss 

will never forget, wirth, duke, 
ken, griggs, quazza, chink, the 
rest of samuel and ulman hall 
men, and the great dorney — junior 
hort majors, and t-fish basketball 

alexander nappi 

slap happy — the ninja warrior 
— silent sam--hey p.r. — new yawk- 
on the balcony with hoe and tom-- 
who's droopy? crashing after finals 
— d. v.c.-'die show that never 
ends". -had some good times-met 
a lot of good people. God bless my 
parents for their unending encour- 
agement and support and for the 
sacrifices they made to make my 
education possible. 

michael komada 

chris mattern 

barbara nell keily 

richard r. moll 

John loos 

daniel b. mccleerey 

alan mcgrady 

alexander nappi 

-" <ak'*-^-»i.»r.r 


michele m. pezzii 

penn hall 2nd lloor-cvelyn 
party--ngcnt f(x) — whcre's jules? 
the beater people — orchard parties 
--new dorm II — the big party- 
blood in the halls — apple jacks- 
ingrid--d. long- -cathy-- star rte 
2 — best wishes for my roommate 
mary ann, love to gene, love G 
thanks to my parents, i've made 
it and it's been real! 

madelyn anne sclmeider 

searching for truth carries v^rith 
it the implicit responsibility of re- 
vealing that truth when it is dis- 

thoraas g, Simpson 

delaware--cost rica--doyles- 
burg-pawnee rd--kesslersville-- 
doc, joe i. boys--wpen 
— olmc-"may the world see the 
foUy of an over- consumptive so- 
ciety". . .with the guidance of the 
Lord may my life be worthwhile, 
let me discipline myself, let me 
love and be loved, allow me to 
fill an aching void in my life, 
thank you family and friends for 
advice, consolation and laughter, 
mom and dad, i love you. 

Steven b. smith 

all praise to God who guided 
me through cvc — thanks to mom, 
dad, and jodie--i love you chris 
— July 77--4 years \\Testling coach 
marshall's tough gut, all right- 
samuel 1st — junior hort majors- 
do it again — raschen and chunda 
strike again — ken's cool — sucking 
weight — mac's sophomore year-- 
i'm really glad to get out and 
start farming, peaches that is 

glenn r. snyder 

the Wolfgang- -apiary volley- 
ball, Saturday labs. 

harry trayer 

it's bolting time — catching z's 
in lee's class--beaver use a pen 
on the next test— beating tater in 
tic tac tow during advance garden- 
ing — sign me in mill! — doc you 
sure these slides are up to date? 
that potato combine has wooden 
wheels! — doc b you got the most 
checks in my book--eggs, let's 
get some cool ones — tater, got 
your 'buzz on'? i can't believe i'm 
wearing a tie and still smiling. 

Steven wirih 

ulman parties- -dukes "tv"-ka- 
zoo and the snowball fight — 73 - 
74 ulman boys — not getting up for 
morning classes--that plastic foot- 
ball — travelin music--that peren- 
nial slice. 

gary simon 

thomas g. Simpson 

Steven wirth 

harry trayer 

michele m. pezza 

madelyn anne Schneider 

Steven b. smith 

glenn r. snyder 


John c. mertz 

to the class of 1977: 

As i am sure you all recognize, the ornamental horticulture in- 
dustries are experiencing a perhaps unprecidented period of growth 
and development, a situation that presents you witii unparalleled 
opportunities, in reflection of that, we as a department are exper- 
iencing growth and development also, so tliat it has been a period 
of transition and change for us as well. 

the department wishes each of you the very best in your future, 
and we are cognizant of the fact that your future is, in a sense, 
our future too. it is our earnest hope that as you step forward into 
your future you will continue to think of yourselves as part of us. 
keep in touch, let us know what you are doing, help us to con- 
tinue to build on the strengths of our past as we continue to strive 
to make ornamental horticulture at delaware valley college a 
growing, vital reflection of the industries we serve, we hope that 
in your minds your graduation will mark not an ending, but a be- 
ginning -- a beginning to your careers as professionals and of a 
lively and concerned association with the department. 

we wish each of you a bright, challenging, and rewarding fu- 
ture, and trust that you leave us with fond memories of your brief 
stay with us. 



C A^ui^/ 

chrmn. ornaxnental horticulture 

■I^^^B V 


^^■■^^F^,,. -^ *>^ 

^1 1 












i" A-6 i 




frederic s. blau 

bob achterman 

thank you dad, mom and robin 
and the wonderful grace of Cod, 
who through Jesus Christ, made all 
things possible, it's been such a 
joy to know and love so many close 
friends during my stay here, "there- 
fore if any man be in Christ he is 
a new creationj old tilings are 
passed away; behold all things be- 
come new." (2 Corinthians 5:17) 

robert r. anthony 

miss a wave and you're sitting 
on top of the world, lou the screw, 
b.e.c. rest its soul, snowman in 
107 barness-thanks pickles, that's 
it period, it's obvious, the cost is 
just exorbitant, dave, tom, greg 
don, , don, joe, John, jon keith, 
gary, dan, quaz and the boys, the 
shrine at 3 a.m. a-day '76. dave 
the guy on the top bunjk for three 
years- the king of b.v. burger bag 
with gary. hall hockey-the worlds 
fastest sport, kay i'll figure you 
out yet. harness, cooke, work, h 
homecoming '75, '76. that first 
day- where has it all gone, i have 
hopes for many things, but none 
greater than for peace and happi- 
ness, lyrme-may the good times 
continue for both of us. extra 
special thanks to mom and dad for 
more help and support than anyone 
can expect, farewell doylesburg. 

gary allyn barber 

the bean! understand what i'm 
trying to say? how's that? come 
again? although socially this school 
leaves much to be desired, i found 
del-val to be a rich and rewarding 
experience, you just have to make 
your own fun! four years here is 
a little long but the fourth year 
was worth it all because the bean 
is in love — love you janice! i 
want to give special thanks to my 
grandmother for supplying my 
books for me the last four years. 
finaUy-icaimot express the thanks 
and gratitude to the finest mother 
and father God could ever bless a 
son with, for mthout their time, 
energy, patience, understanding 
and most of all love, this could 
never been possibel! i love you 

donald g. becker 

special thanks to mom and dad 
for making it all possible, 4 years 
on ulman 2, good times, parties, 
ubnan 2 gang, november 20, 
1976 ulmanhall fire, oh, a-day, 
farmhouse, good friends, intramu- 
rals, so ends 4 great years at the 
ag university. 

dan g. bender 

who loves ya baby? many good 
friends and experiences i'll never 
forget-thanks to my parents for 
their patience 

robert achterman 

robert r, anthony 

gary allyn barber 

donald g. becker 

sharron blistan 

dlane bonpua 

jack bachmann 

Sharon g. blistan 

to dear bob, "ever^'thing was 
easy 'cause of you. . . out town. . . 
ed, lou, and slinky sam. . .ciao. 

diane bonpua 
it's been real 

j. francis campbell 

a few good friends, with love 
to them! especially all my friends 
at milton hershey who helped to 
make my dreams possible, earl 
and Jeanne, irene and bud, d. Wil- 
lis, b. seese, mary ann, linda, 
water fights, t.v. and a few b's, 
grolierinc, football wrestling, 
south dakota, iowa, ray j. , big 
al, the shore, poconos, no respect!, 
b.s. artistry, some regrets , dat 
food?, meeting at night, parting 
at morning, winning, losing, feel- 
ings are funny things ! 

dan g. bender 

j. francis campbell 

John cattle 

elizabeth t. conway 

sincere thanks to my family 
and friends, without them i could 
never have acliieved this goal, 

douglas m. coyle 

elson hall, hootinany, jimbo 
the nut pool hall, grin concert, 
big al and u.p.s. , frank d. , cooke 
hall 75-76, rar. beiiner and the 
persimmons, joe donoild, always 
broke, dr. muse always a laugh, 
must have 8 hours of music a 
night-aerosmith, montrose, turn 
it up loud, dining hall food, j. 
pimbo, stage crew, lou polites, 
thanks mom, dad, nana, and 
grandad for your encouragement, 
love and prayers, thanks shadow 
for the claw marks, avoir del-val 

harold dambly 

thanks to mom and dad for 
making it all possible, also for the 
special support from amette, 4 
years of good times in goldman 
with Stan and bobby, all nighta- 
thons, coffee, beds never made, 
miss halibreed, the spirit of the 
cc boys, paul's midget, the shoe, 
ray's pinto, the boat, wall to wall 
plants, b. ball and cougars, a-day, 
we tried, the night of a food high, 
the goldman boys help me pack, 
the weasel, kathy mallarkey, bro- 
ken glasses, rocking rye, beer, 
may wine, schwartzy, greaser 
dance, brian and his wedding, the 
smell of nature , phila convention 
and apiary society, jr. prom, last 
night often each spring semester, 
the 4 great years of my life. 


elizabeth t. conway 

douglas m. coyle 

richard j. edge jr. 

John j. fuller jr. 

harold dambly 

alan e. devries 

timothy j. gardner 

robert g. gerberich 

many thinks to my parents and 
linda for their inspiration along 
the way and to sam, sharon and 
brian for their close friendship. 

John j. fuller jr. 

my thanks to mom and dad for 
pushing me through, i love you 
both, much love to karen. to mike, 
"b's" brandy and broads, to the 
men of the "t". windy pops, bongs, 
unmade beds, camping, traylng, 
ballistics, the resevoir, getting 
notes, espionage, insurance, 
there, and also to peter- don't for- 
get telephone booths, thanks it 
was great. 

timothy j. gardner 

humanity, halloween 1974, 
j.m., lou, box #143, kadooch, 
the dvc 22, ces la vie. 

bob gerberich 

great times, cross country, 
track, undefeated 10-0, apiary 
society, honey judging, conven- 
tion, "doc", eds greasy spoon, 
hal-48 hour record-4 years of dis- 
aster and good times, added con- 
fusion with my shadow across cam- 
pus, thank you mom, for making 
these 4 years possible. 

Jeffrey b. gibson 

raccoon, reno, brad, that 
webb character, "b", torn willie, 
rich, f.h., p. p. a., thep.r, , the 
terrible trio, stinky pete, f. troop 
case studies, quercus, the stones, 
nassau, everything's handy, com- 
ical or tasty. 

Clinton j. griggs 

freshman-3 man room with cjq 
and kj4, let's bolt, samual hole, 
p.f.u. man stud, thanks to y.n.b. , 
lou the freshies, chink, raschens 
renta, park in the boonies, the 

Jeffrey b. gibson 

Clinton j . griggs 

thomas guntlier 

witliout the people associated 
with my life i would never have ha 
had any life to live, i greatly ap- 
pieciate the moments others have 
shared for they are the most impor- 
tant facts in my life, chuck, for 
without him a great loss; gary the 
streaker; brian the best ballplayer, 
super roommates, the angels are 
great, pole-vaulting never high 
enough, volleyball champs, to 
mom and dad and super family 
for everything, to pat for without 
her no future and no past. 

howard j. holden 

my most sincere appreciation 
to kath for being an encouraging 
and understanding wife, secondly, 
i thank mr. and mrs. rosengarten 

barry gruber 

thomas gunther 

howard j. holden 

kim Jackson 

richaiu j. j ens en 

eileen keough 


L ^ 






dave hunsicker 

joe iasello 

jr. , without whose help and time 
this treasured experience would 
not have been possible, and to all 
the warm people of del-val. best 
wishes and m^ay our paths cross 

dave hunsicker 

a living art, its obvious, un- 
believable, race with a train, scu- 
pemoung and cheese, b.e.c, 
miss a wave, shrine at 3 a.m. , 
snow in cooke 104, rob, scott, 
torn, joey, don, judy chris, mark, 
jon, keith, don, greg, thanks foi 
the good times, homecoming 75 
and 76, a- day non-stop, scott the 
eternal muncher, rob and his b's, 
jr. prom, denver at the garden, t 
the screw, that close, ronstadt con- 
cert, b.v. and ginger, 11 shots, 
reieadowbrook and gino's. almost 
buddy, almost pal, dinner at my 
house, flashlight longwood and 
exam.s, special oats, farewell 
doylesburg, special thanks and 
love to mom and dad. 

joe iasello 

i really enjoyed my stay here , 
even the summers with mr. rellis 
and mr. clinton. my first 
two years were fun-thanks dave r. , 
diane p. , don 1. , judy k, jim 
(doc), and once again don. all 
mentioned all good people, i ap- 
preciate the help from all my 
friends at the college and i thank 
God for the love from my parents 
and family, i love you all 

kim Jackson 

tank and shootout with andy, 
"a wise guy, huh?", ed's friendly's 
and the king, "shut the window e. 
b. " mass planting, p.p. bolt labs, 
work 2nd, bean's field trips, don- 
dingle, monty python, hoop games, 
ping pong with george and miike, 
"must be nice", funky joe and 
george, skating on archer, a spe- 
cail thanks to mom and dad for 
making it all possible. 

peter p. kerch 

dvc was a place to which i 
came, i looked, i saw, i under- 
stood, it was a warm place filled 
with the smiles and aspirations of 
many good friends, if not for the 
love of pat and jane who've treated 
me as a son it would never have 
been psossible. good luck and a 
happy and successful future to all 
the "broz" thanks for the tie and 
jacket tony. 

andrew koenig 

many thanks to my professors, 
friends, and especially to my won- 
derful parents for without their re- 
assurance i would not have made 

peter p. kerch 

andrew koenig 

paul leslie 

all those friday nights randy 
and i spent getting smashed and 
having a good time, parting with 
mark, an energetic torn gunther 
and always beautiful pat, good ol' 
ted (how could he put up with me 
for 2 years is beyond belief), mom 
and dad and gerry; i hope i can 
live up to your expectations, hill- 
side, farmhouse, skyline, and re- 
member the red fox! and last but 
not least, to my girl gina. my love 
to her on my graduation. 

dona Id i. levitsky 

quazza? thomas? berger? simon? 
koenig? Ventura (the best), well, 
i lived through dvc in spite of my 
"esteemed roommates!" too much 
nonsense and too many memories 
to list but i'll never forget any of 
them, .davey, dennis, bamess girls, 
work 1st, greenhouse and campus 
maintenance. . .thanks to joe i. 
and judy for their very special 
friendship, let's never forget what 
good friends we are. thanks also 
to paul howard, amy mike, lois. 
special thanks to elaine, sam, 
uncle joe, doc, and mrs. feldstein, 
mr. sauer, emily, mrs. wadding- 
ton and to 4 very special people 
who gave me the 4 best years of 
my life, much love and thanks to 
my parents and grandparents, boy 
did they get an education! 

gary edward leyrer 

kari mcshane 

John b. mann 

sabrino marino 

donald i. levitsky 

gary e. leyer 

the buds, bamess, cooke hall, 
court, prize drive, roommates torn 
and don. visits to moravian, Ca- 
role, volleyball's all-star team 
76-77. apiary society, gerb, room- 
mate and pole-vault star torn, 
game dinner at chucks, senior 
roommate and head waiter ad da- 
vid levin's dining hall, don. mem- 
ories with be rt. leyer bear, sterio. 
tomma. hunting, camero. acci- 
dent, thanks for all cards and to 
all visitors, special thanks to mom 
and dad for my education and 
care packages. 

scott a. mcfie "scout" 

wondering why i came to pa. 
when they don't even have an o- 
cean. hatteras, Sebastian inlet, 
tlie peet hannonburg, roger, "t" 
times-in-tense, the almost any- 
thing goes team, my swede, les. 
a very special thanks to mom and 
dad for making this all possible, 
sisters linda and sue. 

John b. mann 

r. j. 's big bust, names-dates- 
faces wolfson 14, orchard parties, 
lost weekends, a.w.'spets, linda, 
beta, aunt blabs and uncle joe, hu- 
manity, wooden ships, tea table, 
the cliffs the mart, mother, re- 
gina, dr. boondica, Jackie, mary 
the maid and the entire fast group. 

sabrina marine (berman) 

to my parents who gave so very 
much, the hort gang, 202 north and 
south, the falcon, bumperskiing, 
nevah!, jan. 26, 1974, nov. 6, 
1974 to roommate, long talks, my 
norfoUc island pine, spagetti din- 
ner, trips haome by train, to all 
my true friends who were and al- 
ways will be judy and popcorn, 
the showers, i'm crumin! take a 
heart attack? signing in. 

Steven j. masters 

many thanks to mom and dad 
who made all this possible. 

mark mehltretter 

blinded by the b's, purple 
wears, abnormal repulsing, buffer 
and stuffers, thanks mom, dad, 
diane sacrifice, support love. 

keith maurer 

george mayo VI 

Steven j. masters 

mark mehltretter 

eric warren nelson 

Samuel 1st "Jf^-ll , neshaminy 
and rick, o.c, h.g., o.h., love 
to deb and all she taught me. 
rooms for rent and purely organic, 

edward r. pawloski 

ullman and samuel halls, apple 
war freshman year, one button tun- 
ing, dirty harry, look at all the 
bmf's, the hackensack boys, good 
luck and thanks to; steve my room- 
mate for 4 years, chink, moll, 
gimpy and grigg keep in touch, 
raschen put that football down, 
"we'll see you al", now it's my 
turn to make it. i want a receipt. 

dennis m. pieretti 

thanks to mom and pop for these 
these 4 years, bananas at burger 
king with a good friend, a lot of 
good memories, some not so good, 
to joe burce and don three good 
friends, bubbles? 

eric warren nelson 

edward r. pawlowski 


diane 1. primrose 

dennis m. pieretti 

diane 1. primrose 

student center III and IV, pin- 
ochle tournaments, we only need 
one more person for a game of 
pinochle, i'll never gorget some of 
the special people and friends i've 
met, final exams again?! ! just 
one more semester? special thanks 
to mom and dad for making it all 

carl quazza 

samuel 105, lee levitsky, the 
floods and the 3 man room with 
kjr and cjg, keyhole and the bell, 
doubleheaders with the lip rangers 
and backaches with t. fish, con- 
gratulations to all of the derelict 
for putting up with me for 4 years, 
h: 0-8, ?, ?, ?, special thanks to 
gliggs the only person who could 
have roomed with me for the 3 1/2 
years and thanks to mom and dad 
for making this all possible. 

carl quazza 

kenneth j. raschen 




f ^ *■' ■' 









HI^I^^Ai i 



kenneth j. raschen 

to the 3 man room freshman 
year, the great floods of samuel 
1st, hackensack boys, monday 
night football, hot dogs and a per- 
fect martini . to chink for putting 
up with all my crap, to all the 
bmf's dirty harry and all the good 
friend i have met here. 

norman charles reynolds 

fran Campbell and franklinia, 
don becker's grade calculations, a 
prayer that j. kravitz, j. jascot, 
j. melograna, a. zimba, b. beaver, 
d. duchei, d. becker, t. gunther, 
and r. Johnson get saved, freshman 
new dorm 1 crowd, dan-good time 
our soph picnic, thanks to mom 
and dad who made graduation pos- 
sible and to God who made every- 
thing possible, mark and bob my 
best friends ever-walks, tea, and 
friendly' s. rosetto-lkwd, late 
night talks, the best of everything 
to ricky hodnicky, don't forget 
the Lord ! bye sam ! bonsai. 

bruce rawlings 

norman charles reynolds 

thomas h. rohrer 

schatzo, peta, dick, yellow u-to 
tow at rub- a- dub- dub, samples at 
friendly's, don't forget the tooth- 
paste, big key, o.t.r. , kiss, pee- 
vas and cold gin, p b-ing out perry 
p. rana, let me tell ya, tapurshat, 
b.d. , greaser mixers, no tell mo- 
tel, daukweedaceae, get a hair, 
colleen and flash, 1st pa. thanks to 
mom and dad for footing the bill, 
to nancy for being a good sport for 
tlie past 4 years, rodent. 

richard w. rumpf 

well we finally made it-no 
studies all i want is a d, it was 
cake, 2 great years with the toad 
and his advice which i never lis- 
tened to, pushing steel, p.b. shat- 
on-shat, it never cease to amaze 
me, sitting at dinner looking at 
the sight and sow-bows, a semes- 
ter of looking out the window at 
t.#l, remeber no teU motel and 
greaser 76, that took guts, thanks 
to everyone especially peta, mike, 
reds, rodent, for putting up with 
me when i was rag city, thanks to 
mom and dad who kept with me 
during some rough times, it was 
an experience i'll never forget, 
finally i'm a dude now! 


louis rice III 







carol schnapp 

james m. sherry 

judy smith 

Chomas h. rohrer 

richard w. rumpf 

michael f . schnatz 

ward schuitz 

mike f. schnatz 

it was a great experience and 
much of what was learned came f 
from outside the classroom, there 
were some good times and not such 
good times Ijut i suppose we'll re- 
member the good, that's a memory 
isn't it? so here they are: the dudes 
dick, peta, fran, toad and rodent, 
the greaser's and the no-tell- motel, 
ulman hall, mr. p and trips to 
martins, the ever moving tropical 
fish society, so i guess i'm a dude 
now! many thanks to mom and dad. 

ward schuitz (dutch) 

i've been for 4 years and i'm 
still laughing, smiling, playing, 
and singing, it's been quite an ex- 
perience meeting you all, i know 
i will meet you all somewhere in 
the sunshine again, thanks to 
mom, dad, sister and all my bro- 
thers, thanks to mike for lending 
me the suit. 

James m. sherry 

dvc holdsmany memories of 
good friends like jeff, sam, rich, 
barb, the 3 musketeers, sloth, "b" 
and liis bombs, reno, thep.r. , 
pear tree, thank God for turning 
21 and the farmhouse, thanks to 
the many people who made it 
possible especially mom and dad 
and of course lynn. 

judy smith 

freshman-soph years, hort boys- 
rick, herry, John, bumperskiing, 
the falcon, being thrown in the 
showers, janet. jr. and sr. years- 
always laughing, don, joey, da- 
vey, bette middler, wine and 
cheese, scupemoung, the white 
wonder and running out of gas, 
summer's in Canada, thanks for it 
everything mom. -^t 

gregg swidersky 'M 

being diseased by quaz trying 
to avoid a bad wave, cooke 1st, 
athletes in action. 

Christopher stelmach 

gregg swidersky 


mark w. traynor 

dan uebersax 

mark w. werkheiser 

peter wieliczki 

mark w. traynor 

thanks to mom and dad for 
making it possible, special thanks 
and love to debbie. much luck to 
my good friends, the elson eagles, 
the men in the "t", ballistics, wa- 
ter and snow fights, traying, 
camping (hickory run), signs, 
tennis ball wars, broken windows, 
volleyball-Softball, z's, b's, sorry. 

dan uebersax 

cooke 209, brewers, moukemut 
and the parties, kubota man, d 
dauntless defender of law and or- 
der, sanuel 229 and the guys in 
the t, tater, eggman, og and 
boats, muscles mcshane, cartel 
and the rest of the gang, nights 
at the farmhouse; "toot-toot", 
special thanks to my parents and 
brothers for all their help and 
mark w. wekheiser 

thanks to everyone who helped 
me through, especially mom and 
dad, paul, donna and the bear, 
out across the barren wastelands 
dodging the caribou migrations, 
bloated whales on the baseball 
field, if they had planted those 300 
ft. redwoods when i told them to 
we'd never have a wind problem, 
ice cream parties with the cc boys, 
hurtin for certain and loose as a 
goose. 4 years and not a single all 
nighter. blue olaf with skin can- 
cer, less easier said than done. 

peter wieliczki 

my memories are few and far 
between but what i do have are 
great ones, i learned a lot and al- 
so didn't, i owe a lot of thanks to 
dick, mike, rodent, fran, and 
toad, remembering such things as 
baseball cooke hall beach, no 
studies and flunks, daytona 76, 
greaser mixers, no lifts, b.t., 
bobby V. , and last of all i'm a 
dude now. my greatest thanks go 
to the best, my mom and dad. 

michael 1. wrightstone 

thanks to tony for the jacket 
and to mom and dad for all their 
help and confidence. 

jon e. yerkes 

rene bergquist, ping pong, friz- 
bee, "cass", ski trips, pinochle 
in segal hall and meg snyder. 

michael 1. wrightstone 

Jeffrey yeager 

alphonse s. zimba jr. 

thanks to mom and dad for their 
intangible time and efforts, to my 
roommates-Steve, dan, lou, and 
carl for the better side, to my 
track coach harry d. (widener) for 
his coaching and inspiration. 4 
years of track without a track, the 
mid-term screw fall 76. ncaa 
championships, all nighters. 2 
peach trees, 3 cows, 1 castrated 
ram and they call it dvc. mr. o' 
gerb, donna, mark, jack, alan, 
doc- thanks! patty b. to June for 

antliony Joseph zotti 

it was a place i had come to 
rest and think, in return it taught 
me to see. happiness and health 
to the "broz". 

■"^ ^9l^' 


jon e. yerkes 

alphonse s. zimba jr 

anthony Joseph zotti 

achtcniLin, robert - oh 
344 lincoln ave . 
v;^ roseta, pa. 18013 

all>ert, roseniar)- - bio. 

^' 515 mill creek road 

chalfont, pa. 18914 

, drama club; ram staff; 
b:iesident assistant; a.i.t>fs 

alger, Steven - agron. 
box 54 
campbelltowr, pa. 17010 

ithon>', robert - oh 

27 parker dr. 

morris plains, n.j. 07950 

intramural football, 
basketball, Softball j a day 
'76C'77 *^ 

ash, robin - chem. • "* ^*- 
4020 foxhill lane 
newtosq, pa. 19073 


equestrian team; chem club; 
block & bridle ;\s'n 
homecoming parade . 

bachmann, jack - oh 
8653 femdale st. 
Philadelphia, pa. 19115 

barbano, edwardjr. - agron. 
445 easton rd . 
horsham, pa. 

barber, gary allyn - oh 
shore rd . - box 235 
cape may ct. hse. , n.j. 

intermballural football , 
basketball class treasurer 
3,4; prom committee 3,4. 

barr, holly - an. hus. 
4136 wdlshire dr. 
york, pa. 17402 

beadling, daniel - dairy 
r.d. 1 - box 84 
burgettstown pa . 15021 

intramural football 1,2; int . 
Softball 1,2; dairy club 
2,3,4; farmhouse 3,4. 

beaver, bradley - hort. 
511 greenwood ave. 
jenkuitown, pa 19046 

hort club vp 3; dta pres 4. 

becker, donald - oh 
15 woodland ave. 
lititz, pa. 17543 

oh club 3,4; band 1; 
intramurals 1,2,3,4 - 
football, b-ballC b-ball. 

bcddard, thomas - hort 
3263 shad\-^\-ay dr. 
pittsburg,'pa, 15227 

inder, dan - oh 

d, # 5 - box 94 
lititz, pa, 17543 

Class pres. 1,2,3,4; ^ 
wTestling 1,2,3,4; student 
govt, rep 1,2,3,4; varsity 

berman, sabrina - oh 
610 waring ave. 
bronx, n.y. 10467 

bemett, paul - hort. 
16 spring lane 
yardley, pa. 19067 

cross country 1 ,2,3,4- capt; 
tennis 1,2, 3 -capt; track two 
years; mvp tennis G cross 

berr^', lydia - hort. 
r.d.#l - box 412 
stone ridge, n.y. 12484 

future farmers of am; hort 
society; dta; ram; photo 
club; ice. 

blistan, sharon oh 
404 e . church lane 
Philadelphia, pa. 19144 

boaman, james - bus. 
1402 hearth dr. 
north wales, pa. 19454 

bonpua, diane - oh 
26 community dr . 
w . long branch , n . j . 07764 

borchardt, lawrence - hort. 
106 branch ave. 
red bank, n.j 07701 

intramural football, 
basketball volley- G softball. 
a -day; 

boretd, debra - bio. 
box 609 
dublin, pa. 18919 

bowersock, marylou - an. hus. 
1166 barijara dr. 
cheery hill, n.j. 08003 

equine club 1,2,3,4; block G 
bridle 1,2,3,4; ram 1; 
equestrian team 2,3,4. 

breitung, eve - an. hus. 
62 wexford , st . '. 

Springfield, mass. 01118 Y 

brennan, Stephen - bus. ^ 

932 St. Vincent st. 
Philadelphia, pa. 19111 

intramural basketball; 
business club. 

brunner, ingrida. - agron. 
95 orchard place 
maywood, n.j. 07607 

agronomy club 1 , 2 , 3 vp , 4 
pres; dairy club; solil 

brusstar, kent - bio. 
3040 moser rd . 
aston, pa. 19014 

ram 1,2,3,4; apo 1,2,3,4; 
track 4; apiary 4; s.g. 
movies chrmn 2,3. 


brzozowski , frank - bio . 
2357 e. dauphin st. ~ 
Philadelphia, pa. 19125 


burbella , mary ann - bus . 
42 avon terrace 
iselin, n.j. 08830 

ski club pres; business club 
sec; wapo. 

Campbell, j. francis - oh 

football 1,2; wrestling 
1,2,3,4 capt; varsity club 
2,3,4; intramural Softball 1. 

cattle , John oh 
661 deaver dr. 
bluebell, pa. 19422 

chirip, Steven - agron. 
11 valley view dr. 
dover, n.j. 07801 

agronomy club ; intramural 
football, basketball, volley- 
G Softball; a -day chrmn '77. 

choper, mark - an. hus. 
69 hazelwood ave . 
metuchen, n.j. 08840 

Clayton, frederick - bus. 
201 abbeyview ave. 
willow grove, pa. 19090 

business club; intramural 
basketball . 

cohen, michael - dairy 
9 rockage rd. 
warren, n.j. 07060 

colflesh, barbara - an. hus 
603 willow St. 
jenkintown, pa. 19046 

chorale 1 ; block C bridle 
3,4; equestrian team 3,4; 
equine club 3,4. 

conway, elizabeth - oh 
48 rankin ave . 
basking ridge, n.j. 07920 

ftd sec/treas two years 
intramural volleyball ; oh 
society 2. 

cook, karen - an. hus. 
3244 w. ridge pike 
eagle viUe, pa. 19408 

coyle , douglas oh 
32 beechwood dr. 
wayne, n.j. 07470 

cross country ; oh soc ; social 
act. stage crew. 

cytrynowicz, linda - bio. 
314 forest ave. 
willow grove pa. 19090 

dambly, harold - oh 
113 cheery tree court 
cherry hill, n.j. 08002 

daniels , thomas e . jr . - f 1 
1124 west blvd. 
alpha, n.j. 08865 

intramural sports ; golf; fi 
club, sec. of ift chapt; 
school's pasteurizer 3 yrs. 

devries, alan - oh 
2442 highway 27 
north brunswick , n . j . 08902 

photo club 1,2, 3, 4- pres 2; 
a-day rep 1,2,3,4; apo 2,3; 
sgt. at arms; a-day comm. 
programs 2,3,4; 

didonato, laura - an. hus. 
612 s. broadway 
tarrytown, n.y. 10591 

dta; a-day; block 7 bridle;^, 

dierks, beth - an. hus. 
214 preston rd. ^ 

flourtown, pa. 19031 * 

diminni, Joseph - bus. ^,^ 

248 carol jean way 
somerville, n.j. 08876 

doMiey, paul 
1632 hlllcrest ave . 
bethlehem, pa. 18015 

dries, robert - fi 
; . - 324 hany ave . ^^ 

',0 r®besonia , ketball, volley- 


duchai, donald - an. hus. 
171 a. main st. 
hightstovvn, n.j. 08520 

block C bridle club; equine 
club; dta; student mngr. 
dining hall; poultry house 

eck, howard - £|-' 'K. ■'^t -t/ 
r.d. #5 - ^^-- ---- 

ncy, pa. 177 M 

lod industry cL 
.tramurals . 

'e^e, richard j. jr." 
538 morristoNvn rd . 
linden, n.j. 07036 

1,2,3,4; cross country stats 
2,3,4; varsity basketball 2; 
ice 3; a-day queen '75; 
intramxu-als ; 

iritz, William 

15 orchard lane 
audubon, pa, 19' 

fuller, John - oh 
r.d. #1, tr. 73 
berlin, n.j. 08009 

inteamwal soccer, softbalii-^ ^^^ 
soccer club ; tennis . 

edwards, John - fi ° 
, 301 w. butler ave. 
/.^<halfont, pa. 18914; 

lolbd industry club; vafslty"' 
- Keifs-, 

eitenhart, erich - a 
1029 mantua blvd 
sewell, n.j. 08080 

engle, James - bus. 
559 maple ave , 
Southampton, pa. 189G6 

intramural football , softball , 
basketball; business club; 

{ederico, Catherine - an. hus 
1 ware place 
middletown, n.j. 07748 

business club 3,4 treas 
livestock judging team 4; 
block G bridle 1,2,4. 

fleming, tedd - an, hys 
beaconhill rd . < '^V. 

.figllfon, n.j. 07830 * 

gallen, eileen - a; 
1516 buck rd. 
feasterville , pa. 19047 

equine club 3; dta 4; 
equestrian teami 3; block G 
bridle 3,4; livestock judging 

gardner, timothy - oh 
1901 Wallace st. 
stroudsburg, pa. 18360 

wapo dj 1,2,3. 

gerberich, robert - oh 
r.d. # 2 
bemville, pa. 19506 

cross country; track; apiary 
society; a-day committee; 
varsity club; ice; dta; scuba 

gerberich, william - bio. 
r.d. #2 
bemville, pa, 19506 

apo 1,2,3,4; ram staff 
2,3,4; aibs 3,4; soccer 4. 

geyer, charles - agron. 156 s. 

spring garden st. 
,. ambler, pa. 19002 

>l*r!)agronomy club ; dta ; v - ball ; 

track 1,2,3,4; block G bridle 
1,2,3,4; dairy society- 4; 
intramural football 1 . 

gombosi, alan e. - oh 
r.d. # 2 - hillcrest dr. 
milford, n.j. 08848 

goolsby, Cleveland - fi 
1819 tasker St. 
Philadelphia, pa. 19145 

grant, deborah - hort 

759 harleysville pike -^ 
teKoid, pa. 18969 

s^ory, mark - 
Siil9 henry ave . 

arminster, pa. 18974 

griggs, Clinton - oh 
161 clarendon ave. 
yardvillle, n.j. 086 IQ^ 

henkel, nancy - an. hus. 
r.d. #1 - box 221 
strasburg, pa. 17579 

a-day comm. 2,3; ice 1; 
block G bridle 1,2,3,4 a-day 
rep G vp; outstanding ^ 

freshman award; J 

cheerleading 1,2; dta 3,4; ^ 
4-h collegiate club 2,3 - 
sec/treas; intramurals 1,2; 
equine club 1; ra 3,4; senior 

>: spec, problems 4, raec 4; 

ewett, joan - an. hus. 
< Clearfield st. 

Philadelphia, pa. 19132 

hillegass, kirk - dairy 
r.d. # 1 
berlin, pa. 15530 

dairy society 1,2,3,4; ^airy 
judging team 4; intramurals 

oh club 1; ftd 3. ;'^' 

grosjean, april - dairy -^^S^^^Sjurst, robert - bio. 
box 256 - mountainside||*rJ.*V-ii7 3 colts neck terr. 
brookside, n.j. 07926 i^i^PV-' 

chorale 1,2; wsc 1; dairy*'*^^ 
soc. 1,2,3 co-ed. annual, 4 
pres, G co-ed; student govt 
1,2,3,4 treas; dta 3,4; vp; 
equestrian team 3,4; dairy 
judging team 4, 

gross, george - dairy 
box 84 - wexford-bayne 
Wexford, pa. 15090 

^ wrtsding; intramural sports. 

foley, donna 
16 schanck st. 
freehold, n.j. 07728 

class sec 1,2,3,4; block & 
bridle 1,2,3,4; sec 3 G 
publications 4 ; choral 

gibson, Jeffrey - oh^'j 
907 heathdale lang| 
media, pa. 19063 ■ 

intramural football 1 , 
basketball 1,2,3, softball 
1,2,3; chess club 2,3,4 

gruber, barry - oh 
w . wolf ert station; 
mickleton, n.j 

gunther, thomas - oh 
349 larchwood rd . 
Springfield, pa. 19064 

track 1,2,3,4; intramurals 
1,2,3,4; apiary 4; ice 4. 

hagan, jean - hort. 
360 dehaven st. 
conshohocken , pa. 19428 

hannon, bruce - bus. 
14 frelinghysen ave . 
raritan, n.j. 08869 

hayes, John - an. hus. 
2 blueberry lane 
scituate, mass. 02060 

i? yardville , n.j. 08620 

chorale 1,2; ice 2; a-day 
comm . 4 ; aibs 2,3,4 pres 

hitchcock, denise ■ 
62 barry lane 
simsbury, et. 06070 

hixon, raymond - hort 
r.d. #2 - box 97 
palmyra, pa. 17078 

hoffman, howard - a: 
1041 papen rd . 
bridgewater, n.j. 08807 

block G bridle member G 
pres; livestock judging tearal 

holdne, howard - oh 
820 church rd . 
wayne, pa. 19087 

hoUenack, miehael - hort. 
437 swedesboro rd . 
gibbstown, n.j, 08027 

intramural bowling , softball , 
volley ball . 

holmes, frank - bio. 
48 w. upsal St. 
Philadelphia, pa. 19149^jj 

houseknecht, nancy - dairy 
r.d. #1 
muncy, pa. 17756 

dairy society' 1,2,3, C 4 sec 
block G bridle 1; dta 3,4 
treas; dairy judging team 4. 

howard, John - agron. 
annandale, n.j. 08801 

hubbard, thomas - an. hus. 
11 grace court 
islip, n.y. 11751 

hunsicker, david - oh 
box 262 
center valley, pa. 18034 

oh society 1,2,3, C- 4 pres ; 
'76 a -day flower show chrmn 
'77 a-day exhibit chrmn; ftd 
2,3,4; dta 3,4; 
Philadelphia , flower show . 

iasello, Joseph - oh 
71 Jackson st. 
newark, n.j. 07105 

conservation society 1,2,3; 
circle k 2,3,4 pres; ftd 3,4; 
dta 3,4; oh soc 4; 
intervarsity 2,3. 

Jackson, kim - oh 
winard ave . 
sellersville, pa. 18960 

Jacob, John - an. hus. 

41 kenalcon dr. 
phoenixville, pa. 19460 

Jensen, richard - oh 
231 hillside ave. 
livingston, n.j. 07039 

Johnson, donald - hort. 
deerfield St. 
deerfield, n.j. 08313 

horticulture club 1,2,3,4 
pres. a-day comm. 3; ice 4. 

Jones, robert - bio. 
1317 pinegrove ave. 
westfield, n.j. 07090 

kahnbach, linda - an. hus. 
county line rd . 
line lexington, pa. 18974 

karp, Steven - bio. 
2 lantern lane 
lansdale, pa. 19446 

keily, barbara - hort. 
108 lincoln terr. 
norristown, pa. 19401 

keough, eileen - oh 
516 w. 67th ave. 
Philadelphia, pa. 19126 

kerch, peter - oh 

2785 nottingham way 
trenton, n.j. 08619 

soccer club pres . first varsity 
soccer team; a-day special 
display . 

kern, rudolph - agron. 
294 w. main st. 
bound brook, n.j. 08805 

varsity golf 1,2,3,4; ski 
club; agron. club vp. 

kingsbauer, scott - bus. 
327fairhill rd. 

hatfield, pa. 19440 

football 1,2,3,4; co-capt; 
track 1,2,3,4; co-capt. 

kliefoth, William - bio. 
1162 dickinson dr. 
yardley, pa. 19067 
varsity baseball ; aibs . 

kliment, randy - fi 
box 429 - r.d. #3 
milford, n.j. 08848 

koenig, andrew - oh 
23 deep dale dr. 
timonium, md. 21093 

wrestling mangr 1,2; 

kogel, carl - agron; 
2813 luiruh ave. 
Philadelphia, pa. 19149 

cross country; track. 

komada, michael - agron. 
8 waverly rd . 
wyncote, pa. 19095 

konoza, michael -agron. 
485 adrain rd . 
gratersford, pa. 19426 

varsity football 1,2,3,4; 
agronomy club ; dta ; 
weightlifting club. 

kramp, roger - an. hus. 
310 s. cheery st. 
ebensburg, pa. 15931 

block G bridle 1,2,3,4; 
intramural sports 1,2,3,4; 
livestock judging team. 

kratz, michael - agron. 
20 e. main st. 
lansdale, pa. 19446 

band; agron, club; dta. 

krug, gregory - an .hus. 
239 Kensington rd . 
garden city, n.y. 11530 

daury club ; block f bridle ; 
intramural basketball; 
judging team livestock; 
farmhouse . 

kuenzi, mark - agron. 
207 church hill rd . 
turtle creek, pa. 15145 

lampson, bert - bio. 
2012 keystone dr. 
hatfield, pa. 19440 

lancaster, carole - chem. 
209 glen ave . 
midland part, n.j. 07432 

lacher, edward - eve. 
951 anders rd. 
lansdale, pa. 19446 

landers, michael - bus. 
3014 n. 26th st. 
Philadelphia, pa. 19132 

football 3; rap; intramural 
basketball . 

lashier, John - agron. 
2715 crescent drive 
endwell, n.y. 13760 

leslie, paul - oh 
489 conarroe at. 
Philadelphia, pa. 19128 

intramural football, softball 
and basketball , soccer; wine 
and women 

levitsky, donald - oh 7740 -c 
stenton ave . 
Philadelphia, pa. 19118 

conservation soc. 2 yrs; 
circle k 1 yr; ftd 2 yrs; oh 
soc . 2 yrs ; pres ftd 3 ; dta for 
life ; 4 yrs wk . study 

leyrer, gary - oh 
417 alden ave. 
morrisville, pa. 19067 

intramural basket- volley 
vail ; 4 yrs ; apiary soc ; block 
G bridle 2 yrs . 

long, deborah - fi 
box 1 valley rd . 

gradyville, pa. 19039 

fi club 1, 4 treas; dta 3,4; 
intramurals 1,2,3. 

loos, John - hort. 
33 old windy bush rd . 
new hope, pa. 18938 

lutz, richard - dairy 
405 mountain ave. 
north plainfield, n.j. 07060 

mccleerey, daniel - hort. 
21 garden ct. so. 
garfield, n.j. 07026 

hort soc. 1,2,3; agronomy 
club 3; intramurals 1,2,3,4; 

mcfie , scott - oh 
18 clearview rd. 
e. brunswick, n.j. 08816 

mcgarvey, michael - bio. 

202 ashwood way 
harrisburg, pa. 17109 i 

mcgrady, alan hort. 
257 yorK rd . 
Warminster, pa . 

mcinemey, patrick - bio. 
rt. 3 
Washington, n.j. 07882 

intramurals; drama club. 

mcnabb, dermis - an. hus. 
mechanicsville rd. 
mechanicsville , pa. 18934 

block G bridle 4; livestock 
judging team . 

mcshane, karl - oh 
r.d. #2 - box 71 
belle vemon, pa. 15012 

main, Christopher - bio. 
3631 timberlane dr. 
easton, pa. 18042 

malick, craig - bio 
r.d. #2 - box 173b 
new hope, pa. 18938 

maUdel, barry - bio. 
2763 mower st. 

Philadelphia, pa. 19152 

mangione, david - an. hus. 
168 ethel rd. 
edison, n.j. 08817 

block G bridle ; livestock 
judging team 4. 

man, John - oh 
14 jacobus ave . 
little fall, n.j. 07424 

masters, steven - oh 
116 morton dr. 
ramsey, n.j. 07446 

mather, audrey, - an. hus. 
welsh, rd. - r.d. #1 
ambler, pa. 19002 

equine club 1,3,4 sec/treas ski 
club 1,2,3; hockey 2,3,4; 
dta 3,4; capt hockey 4; ice 
2; varsity club 3,4. 

mattern, chris - hort. 
205 dolores dr. 
cinnaminson, n.j. 08077 

mauer, keith - oh 
governor's rd. 
horsham, pa. 19044 

mayo, george - ohglencoe rd. 
glencoe, md. 21152 

mecough, paul - dairy 
120 sylvan ave. 
rutledge, pa. 19070 

mehltretter, mark - oh 
5 glen court 
n. plainfield, n.j. 07063 

melograna, John - bio. 
199 Cleveland ave . 
beverly, n.j. 08010 

metzger, william - bio. 
7 hillsdale rd . 
lawrenceville , n.j. 08648 

miele, James - dairy 
58 kiiigwood lane 
levittown, pa. 19055 

miller, david - an. hus. 
box 101 - r.d. #3 
stewartstown, pa. 17363 

miller, robert - bus. 
101 merritt ave . 
douglassville , pa. 19518 

moll, richard - hort. 
326 n. 5th st. 
emmaus, pa. 18049 

golf; intram. softball; 

moscati, mary - an. hus. 
17308 e . devonfield dr . 
baldwin, md. 21013 

moyer, donald eve. 
103 meadow lane 

norristown, pa. 19401 

muir, mark - an. hus. 
646 e . mcmurray rd . 
SiS!?'^« mcmurray, pa. 15317 

■sis«,. a-day '74- '76; co-chrmn 
77; wapo 73-77; bGb 76-77. 

nappi, alexander - hort. 
415 hoyt ave . 
staten island , n.y. 10301 

nelson, eric - oh 
17 parkway ct . 
allentown, pa. 18104 

agron. club; intramural 

newell, thomas - bus. 
r.d. #2 
landenberg, pa. 

apo. 1,2,3 vp, 4; equine 
2,3; photo club 3,4; bus. 
club 2,3,4; a-day 2,3. 

nicholson, robert - bus. 
6 wedgewood dr. 
Carteret, n.j. 07008 

football G baseball 4 yrs ; 
varsity club ; bus . club ; am . 
prod. & inventory control 
see. phila. purchasing assoc. 
student day . 

o'connell, daniel - bio. 
2136 diamond st. 
sellersville, pa. 18960 

palmerio, greg - bus. 
hatfield, pa. 19440 

pastucha, dennis - bus. 
109 lonbard st. 
tamaqua, pa. 18252 

pawlowski, edward - oh 
490 sylvan st. 
saddle brook, n.j. 07662 

goKteam; intramural 
basketball and softball . 

pezza, michele - hort. 
287 ronald dr. 
f airfield, ct. 06430 

student govt rep . 2 ; chrmn 
food comm . 2 ; member 
publications 2; hort club. 

petrie, donald - eve. 
1327 foster rd. 
Warminster, pa. 8974 

pierce , mark - bus . 

479 wheatsheaf rd. 
Springfield, pa. 19074 

soccer 1,2,3,4; birthday 
parties, pit; fish club. 

pinto, angelo - an. hus. 
1915 forrestal st. 
Philadelphia, pa. 19145 

pieretti, dennis - oh 
710 argyle rd . 
Wynne wood, pa. 19096 

oh club 2,3,4. 

primrose , diane - oh 

r.d. #5 box 767 
e. stroudsburg, pa. 18301 

wapo; a-day asst. sec/treas. 

pritz, robert - bio. 
39 norwood rd . 
viyland, pa. 18974 

pursell, franklin - bus. 
p.o. box 12 
doylestown, pa. 18901 

pinochle toumy 1G2. 

puskas, alex - dairy 
r.d. #3 - box 327 
somerset, n.j. 08873 

quazza, carl - oh 
262 valley rd. 
wayne, n.j, 07470 

raschen, kenneth - oh 
372 Chelsea st. 
paramus, n.j. 07652 

intramural football, 
volleyball, softball, 
basketball; golf team. 

rawlings, bruce - oh 
26 park ave . 
chalfont, pa. 18914 

ray, james - bio. 
1123 donna ct. 
linden, n.j. 07036 

intramural basketball G 
football; photography club; 
ram staff. 

reynolds, norman - oh 
952 e. county line rd. 
lakewood, n.j. 08701 

karate club 1 ; weightlifting 
club 1 ; apiary soc 2,3; dta 

3,4; class vp 1,2,3,4. 

rice , louis - oh 
39 ingleside ave . 
pennington, n.j. 08534 

rodenbaugh, John - bus. 
922 w. Jackson st. 
norristown, pa. 19401 

basketball 1,2,3,4; varsity 
club; ra. 

rinaldi, michael - bus. 
6517 bobllink place 
Philadelphia, pa. 19153 

varsity football ; intramural 
basketball . 

roedel, william - fi 
659 rising sun ave . 
hoUand, pa. 18966 

roeschen, torn - agron. 
320 witmer, rd. 
horsham, pa. 19044 

agron, club; apiary soc; 
soil judging . 

rohrer, thomas - oh 
201 morris rd . 
ambler, pa. 19002 
tropical fish soc; treas 3,4; 

rosenblatt, michael - fi 
22 autumn lane 
matawan, n.j. 07747 

ram reporter; a-day price 
comm; rep; fi club; bike 
club; eco-ag club; theta chi 
frat; yoga; water skiing; 
hockey; member ift; 

rumpf, richard - oh 
3440 sorrel lane 
huntingdon valley, pa. 19006 

weightlifting club ; 
intramural football . 

rybas, waiter - bus. 
10820 cresmont ave . 
Philadelphia, pa. 19154 

sailor, todd - an. hus. 
1138 Wellington st. 
Philadelphia, pa. 19111 

yearbook photographer 2,3,4 
mtramural softball . 

santillim, francis - oh 
11 circle dr. 
norristown, pa. 19401 


Schmidt, george - bus. 
720 cressman rd. 
harleysville , pa. 19438 

schnapp, carol - oh 
904 san jose dr. 
glendora, n.j. 08029 

schnatz, michael - oh 
1117 airport rd. 
west Chester, pa. 19380 

football and basketball 
intramurals; presoftrop. fish 

Schneider, madelyn - hort. 
r.d. #1 - dark nollow rd . 
pipersville, pa. 18947 

Student govt; deans list; ram 
\vTiter ; 

schomp, Nsilliam - bio. 
machold farms 
ellisburg, n.y. 13636 

aibs '76. 

schucher, Stephanie - bio. 
201 parkside dr. 
roslyn heights , n.y. 11577 

schultz, ward - oh 
box 45 main st. 
\v . Chatham , jnass 02699 

shaner, sonia - an. hus. 
bridge st. 
spring city, pa. 19457 

shepley, kenneth - bio. 
704 hibberd ave . 
collingdale, pa. 19023 

sherry, James - oh 
10 homer st . 
parsippany, n.j. 07054 

intramural soccer, softball; 
chess club 2,3,4; ftd 3,4; 
ppa 1,2,3,4. 

shirey, John - dairy 
r.d. #1 
beavertown, pa. 17813 

dairy soc. 1,2,3,4; dairy 
judging team 4. 

shore, Steven - agron. 
7507 rowland ave . 
Cheltenham, pa. 19012 

sikina, thomas - hort. 
r.d. #2 
doylestown, pa. 18901 

simon, gary - hort. 
118 sunny brook rd. 
cherry hill, n.j. 08804 

simpson, thomad - hort 
1228 Wheatland ave. 
lancaster, pa. 17603 

track 4; cross country 4; hort 
soc. 3,4; eco-ag 4; 
intramurals 3,4; 

siroka, barry - bio. 
10 hatters hill rd. 
medfield, ma. 02052 

wapo dj; coffee hse chrmn; 
speaker of hse . soc. activ. 

sleznikow, larry - bio. 
r.d. # 2 
milford, n.j. 08848 

smith, Judith - oh 
205 cedar rd. 
wallingford, pa. 19086 

hort club 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ; student 
govt 3,4; dta 3,4; ftd 3,4; 
Philadelphia flower show. 

smith, kathryn - an. hus. 
311 w. champlost ave. 
Philadelphia, pa. 19120 

glee club 1; wsc; intramurals 
(dek) ; 1st segal hall mural. 

smith, robert - bio. 
1418 buttonwood ave. 
Warminster, pa. 18974 

smith, Steven - hort. 
fish pond rd . 
sewell, n.j. 08080 

wrestling 1,2,3,4; co-capt; 
varsity club 2,3,4; pres; 
inter varsity fellowship; 
intramural softball. 

smith, tacy - an. hus. 
11 deep dale dr. east 
levittown, pa. 19056 

smith, thomias - bus. 
east mountain rd. 
belle mead, n.j. 08502 

business club; t^tT^ 

T ■ 
snyder, glenn - hort. 
14 s. 15th St. 
catasauqua, pa. 18032 

intramural volleyball , soft 
ball, basketball; hort club. 

soloduk, robert - bus. 
box 63 ab, hogback rd. 
pittstown, n.j. 08867 

stawovy, timothy - agron. 
r.d. #2 Jamie dr. 
belle vemon, pa. 15012 

golf team 1,2,3,4; capt 
3,4. agronomy club 3 yrs. 

stelmach, Christopher - oh 
340 continental ave . 
river edge, n.j. 07661 

Strang, thomas - bio. 
gravel pike 
zieglersville , pa. 19492 

streett, james - bio. 

250 tally-ho dr. 
Warminster, pa. 18974 

strohmaier, karl - chem. 
r.d. #1 
oxford, pa. 19363 

stull, david - dairy 
r.d. #1 mt. rd. 
larksville, pa. 18651 

cross country 1,2,3,4; track 
1,2,3,4; varsity club 2,3,4; 
dairy soc. 1,2,3,4; block G 
bridle club 4. 

suber, ronald - fi. 
2450 n. 10th St. 
Philadelphia, pa. 19133 

swidersky, gregg - oh 
2240 evergreen ave . 
scotch plains , n . j . 07076 

intramural basketball, soft 
ball, soccer, bowling; soccer 
team capt. 

szewczyk, Joseph - bio. 
21 jansen ave . 
woodbridge, n.j. 07095 

tanis, mark - an. hus. 
ideal farms 
augusta, n.j. 07822 

livestock judging team 4; 
american angus assoc . 

thomas, peter - oh 
841 valley view rd . 
media, pa. 19063 

thomas, william - hort. 
350 zeralda st. 
Philadelphia, pa. 19144 


tine , wayne - an . hus . ; # / 

71 tine rd. ^1 *i 

flanders, n.j. 07836 

block E bridle 4_; intra murs^L. 
baseball 4; parties G farmr^^ 
hse. 2,3,4; 

trayer, harry - hort. 
brownsburg rd. 
newtown, pa. 18940 


traynor, mark - oh 
121jennings lane 
north plainfield, n.j. 07060 

tennis; intramurals. 

troy, thomas - biol ^^ 

2 mallard rd. ^^^ 

somerville, n.j. 08876 

tucker, wayne - bus. 
5027 ogden st. 
Philadelphia, pa. 19139 

rap sec. & treas; football 
mner; ice; a-day 3 yrs; bus 
club; intramurals; wapo. 

tygh, Patrick - fi 
4067 n . wamer rd . 
Philadelphia, pa. 19139 

tyzinski, mark - fi 
7801 wattsburg, rd. 
erie, pa. 16509 

fi club 1,2,3,4; pres; ice 4; 
a-day 4; ift national G 
student div. member; 

uebersax, dan - oh 
28 bellclare circle 
sparks, md. 21152 

oh club 4. 

vansciver, robert - bus. 
113 e. walnut st. 
colmar, pa. 18915 

intramural basketball; band; 
bus. club. 

vanvoorhis, celia - an. husZ-j. 
14 briarwood dr. 
band; bus. club. 


vanvoorhis, celia - an. hus. 
14 briarwood dr. 
somerset n.j. 08874 

wagner, mark - bus. 
4717 freemansburg ave . 
easton, pa. 18042 

mnee , student store ; ski 
club; bus. club; 



warmflash, allan - agron. 
80 new england dr. 
w5qmro4e, dS. 06903 

Vincent, robert - eve. 
23 adams ave. 
souderton, pa. 18964 

webb, Samuel - oh 
701 broadway blvd . 
steubenville , ohio 43152 

wales, denniss. - eve. 
538 bradford ave . 
Warrington, pa. 18976 

school, work, family; 

weidman, robert - fi 
r.d. #3 - ridge rd. 
denver, pa. 17517 

cross country; track; fi club; 
a -day; dta; intramural 
football, baseball G 
basketball . 

weinstock, Clifford - bus. 
2281 Wynne lane 
bellmore, n.y. 11710 

scuba club; bowling league; 

weisel, thomas - bus. 
1219 horsham rd. 
ambler, pa. 19002 

ski club; bus. club; 
intramural wrestling , and 
basketball . 

werkheiser, mark - oh 
r.d. # 1 - box 104 
henryville, pa. 18332 

cross country 3,4; track 4; 
band 1,2; apiary 3,4. 

werst, michael - oh 
414 race st. 
perkasie, pa. 18944 

whittaker, daniel - bus. 
81 prospect st. 
e. stroudsburg, pa. 18301 

basketball 1,2; baseball 
1,2,3,4; intramural 
basketball 4; 

wieliczki, peter - oh 
5 dale st. 
north abington, ma 02351 

oh soc ; ftd ; dta ; tropical fish 
club; varsity club; baseball; 
weightlifting club . 

wilgard, Joanne, - bio. 
9109 femdale st. 
Philadelphia, pa. 19115 

Williams, daniel - agron. 
22 linderman ave . 
kingston, n.y. 12401 

winans, susan - bio. 
480 oakdale ave . 
massapequa park, n.y. 11762 

wirth, Steven - hort. 
373 central ave . 
new providence , n.j. 07974 

intramural basketball, 
Softball, volleyball; 

wohlferth, patricia - bio, 
r.r. # 1 
orion, ill. 61273 

wapo 1,2,3; ram 2, 3,G 4 
ed. in chief; drama society 
2,3,4; gleaner, 3. 

wolfe, kathy - an. hus. 
849 south St. 

pottstown, pa. 19464 

block G bridle 2,3,4; wsc 

wolfinger, david - dairy 
box 210 frogtown rd . 
ottsville, pa. 18942 

band 1,2; 

woUer, thomas - agron. 
505 orchard lane 
f easterville , pa. 19047 

agron. club; soil judging; 

wrightstone, michael - oh 
1509 Carlisle rd. 
camp hill, pa. 17011 

intramurals, basketball, 
Softball, volleyball. 

wylde, warren - an. hus 
5 f oxhill rd . 
montvale, n.j. 07645 

yeager, Jeffrey - oh 
115 valley view dr. 
Pittsburgh, pa. 15215 

yerkes, jon - oh 
upper moimtain rd . 
buckingham, pa. 18912 

intramural soccer 1,2,3; 
tennis 1,2; oh soc . 3 ; ski 
club 1,2; choir 1 . 

yockobishe, marlene - chem. 
r.d. #1 harrison rd. 
doylestown, pa. 18901 

a-day sec/treas; chem club; 

young, daniel - dairy 
r.d. #4 
doylestown, pa. 18901 

zimba, alphonse - oh 
4304 rhawn st . 
Philadelphia, pa. 19136 

track G field 1,2,3,4; 
weightlifting club 1,2,3; 
apiary soc . 3,4; ice 2 ; ra 
3,4; football 1; track co- 
capt 4. 

zmoda, paul - bio. 
999 Carteret rd . 
bridgewater, n.j. 08807 

zotti, anthony - oh 
54 broad st. 
summit, n.j. 07901 

hewett, joan 

block G bridle 1,2,3,4. treas 
3 yrs ; equine club 4 yrs ; a - 
day rep G comm. 4 yrs; 
equestrian team 4 yrs, co- 
capt and capt; dta 3,4; 
chorale 1 yr; conservation 
soc 2 yrs; deans list 5 times; 
who's who in am. students. 

howard , robert - eve . 
632 s. towamencin ave. 
lansdale, pa. 19446 

Jacob, John - 

chorale 1,2,3,4; block G 
bridle 2,3,4; 4- h club 3,4; 
dta 3,4; apiary 4; volleyball 
shaner, sonia 

band 1,2,3,4; chorale 
2,3,4; block and bridle 
2,3,4; a - day 3 ; wsc 2,3,4; 
pres. 4; sigma soc. pres. 4; 
yearbook 2,3,4, co-ed 4; 
librarian band G chorale 3 ; 
intramurals 2,3,4; dvc 
musicals 2,3,4; wapo 1; 
inter collegiate choir 3 


Evergreens , Shade Trees , Shrubs 
(Wholesale Only) 


(201) 694-6157 







Specialist in hauling liquid 
and dry bulk commodities 
Tank wagon service to 
and from Puerto Rico 
and foreign ports » 

Sa/tfy' r\cKtcK^ Setucce^ 



BOX 547, DOYLESTOWN, PA. 18901 

PHONE 215-345-0810 


DecoroUng D^n. 

Drapci^ Ccupot WaJkoveting 

Botany Drapery & Carpet Cleaners 

York Road and Fairhill Street 
Willow Grove, Pa. 19090 






ROUTE 611 & 313 





PA. I»I I I 

(215) WI -7-5965 



(215) 34B-S689 
(215) 343-1117 





Compliments of 



raOM: MS-M3C 




P. 0. BOX IIS 


mOGflRGee BROTHGRS, inc. 

O^ainiinq & 'U-^ahe.xhanqin.q 

525 Armstrong Street 
philadelphia, pa. 19144 


Home-raised Beef For Sale 

Custom Slaughtered & Processed 

PHONE - (215) 759-4540 or 253-1520 





when you have 
a friend at Bucks 
County Bank,you 
have one in ouakertown 

Perkasie, Dublin, Plumstead, Chalfont, 

^*w^^ a community banking system. 

L\ BneksCoimty Bank 





Silver Brook Farm 
Willow Grove, Pa. 19090 

PHONE OL9-0885 


HORSHAM, PA. 19044 
PHONE (215) 674-5400 




Phone (215) 345-9030 
17 W. Mate St, DoTtoitown. Pa. 18901 

Open 7 Days A Week 

7 A.M. - 10 P.M. 









R.R. 2 

Waynesboro, Pa. 



258 W. Ashland St. 

Doylestown, Pa. 



Contractor and Builder 

18 West Street 

Doylestown, Pa. 



288 W. Butler Ave. 

P.O. Box 70 

New Britain, Pa. 



Plumbing & Heating 
154 Keeley Ave. 
New Britain, Pa. 


RT 24, RD #2 

Box 953 A 

Chester, NJ 

Beef, Chicken, Eggs 

HON. 7th St. 

Perkasie, Pa. 



Authorized Dealer 
Grain Storage G Handling 


Donald E. Lichtenwalner I 


Rt. 2, box 84 

Macungie, Pa. 18062 

(215) 965-5214 


Williamsport, Penna. 17701 


Phone 345-1158 


Clemens Cleaners, Inc. 


Route #611, Cross Keys 
Doyle s town, Pa. 18901 


128 West State St. 

Doylestown, Pa. 18901 

Telephone: (215) 348-2675 



Headquarters for: 





Chai ■ Bwi I Pi A/A 

5s>v • A COMPLETE 

Bernie Parent Saves 

IVB ... for all your banking needs. 

Snap-Save Plus • Checking Accounts • Highest Interest VIP 
Savings Bonds • Christmas and Vacation Clubs • Trust 
Services • Safe Deposit Boxes • VIP Executive Credit A 
Cards • Bank by Mail • Extra Cash Account Credit Lines m 

Industrial Valley Bank * 

Member FDIC 


^'v^ i 







152 W. State St. 

lues. - Sat 

Bobbi Lunick • Kaien Kapralick 




621 Bristol Pike 

Andalusia, Penna. 








It mows a swath 72 inches wide so 
we call It Groundsmaster 72. It also 
drives a two-stage rotary snow plow 
(there's a cab, too) or a 60-inch rotary 
broom — to cut equipment investment 
cost, maintenance cost, and save 
storage space. 

It's powered by an In-line 4- 
cylinder water-cooled industrial 
engine mounted in the rear. 

It's driven through a hydrostatic 
system that's simple, silent and de- 
pendable. No belts, no chains in the 
power unit. 

Its speed is infinitely variable from 
to 10 mph — with instant forward- 

It's operated from a seat that puts 
the operator up front over the free- 
floating mower unit. 

It's engineered for ease of mainte- 
nance — simple and clean. 

It's built like a truck and handles 
like a toy. 

It offers capacity, capability and 
durability equal to no other riding 

It's built by the Toro Company — 
and backed by Toro parts and service 

i Parent Patrons 

William & Mary Vislocky 

George G Grace Pierettd 

Dr. C Mrs. Louis G. Bosco 

Eugene G Joan Festa 

Mr. GMrs. Kenneth P. Githens 

Robert G Siozanne Clavert 

Phillip G Dorothy Manheimer 

Edwand G Frances Budrewicz 

Theodore W. Hitchcock 

Daniel G Anna McCleerey 

James G Anita Thompson 

Donald G Madeline A . Castro 

Henry M. G Margaret M. Pecic 

Erma Gerherich 

Indian Acres Dairy Farm 
Willis H. G Palricia Simpson 

Mr. G Mrs. Donald Yingling 

Richar dL. G Evelyn B. Hixon 

Mr. GMrs. Michael M. Hollenack, Jr. 

Mr. G Mrs. Anthony F. Moscati 

Russel L. G Elsie F. Sutton 

Harold N. G G. Lucille Davis 

Mr. G Mrs. Henry P. Scalfo 

Mr. G Mrs. E. Pawlusiow 

Julius G Mary M. Wagner 

Mr. G Mrs. Phil Simon, Sr. 

Mr. G Mrs. Frank Tourville 

Mr. G Mrs. John Frank 

Clarence C. Felter, Jr. 

William E. G Lois R. Jones 

Davis G Evelyn Kaplan 

Mr. G Ivlrs. Joseph Laumakis 

Mr. GMrs. HeneryJ. Schubert 

Mr. G Mrs. Chas. W. Lamb 
Donald P. G Gloria H. Ash 

Mr. G Mrs. Donald Lindsay 

Mr. G Mrs. Armand M. Melograna 

Mr. G Mrs. Floyd Blake 

Alfred C . G Anna Lea Prime 

Mr. G Mrs. Nooh W. Wenger 

Mr. G Mrs. Stanley E. Brown 

Mr . G Mrs . Emanuel Butera 

N'lichael F. G Cecilia M. Konoza 

Mr . G Mrs . Gene F . McGrady 

Mr. G Mrs. W. H. Cartwright 

Joseph B. G Gloria Ventura 

Mr. G Mrs. James Shepley 

Mr. G Mrs. Peterman 

Thelma Moore 

Thomas A . G Marion S . Newwll 

Mr. G Mrs. Laurence Bubenheim 

Mr. G Mrs. Paul Wysocki 

Richard J. G Patricia A. Bloomfield 

Mr. G Mrs. Walter Mathewson 

Mr. GMrs. Sherwood S. Kessler 

Mr. G Mrs. Carl G. Gross 

Mr. GMrs. William A. Showers 

Mr. G Mrs. James A. Sheaffer '50 

John M. G Marie Mozak 

Mr. G Mrs. John Shirey, Sr. 

Frank G Rose Mary Marinelli 

Mr. GMrs. John J. Fuller, Sr. 

Mrs . Elizabeth McAlamen 

Charles G Marie T . Mattem 

Mr. G Mrs. Eugene N. Chiesa 

Merrill I G Elaine N. Chiesa 

Merrill 1 G Elaine B. Lipton 

Mr . G Mrs . Ira A . Bitner 

Peter G Christine Mastrobattesta 

Henry G Constance Fox 

W. A. G Nancy Main, Jr. 

Lewis C . G Marie E . Frey 

Edward N. G Helen S. Bruce 

Harold G Jane Croshaw 

Hugo G Aina Alps 

Joseph G Clara K . Hague 

Arthur J. G Helen G. Gold 

John G Mary Dunbar 

Stanley R . G Genevieve D . Rane 

Ralph G Mary Wolfinger 

JackH. G Pauline F. Pyle 

Edward F . G Natalie D . Barbano 

Mr. G Mrs. John Wieluski 

Daniel H. G Viola G. DOlch 

Dorcas Winans 

Carl A. G Glenice M. Swenson 

Walter G Ann Kozak 

Otto F. G Marie L. Wirth 

Mr. G Mrs. Ernest Kuenzi 

Mary G John L . Lashier 

Mr. G Mrs. John J. McFadden 

Robert D. G Joyce R. Kerstetter 

Patricia J. Grouser 

Fitzhugh L . G Anne M . Kirk 

Gerald D. G Eloise J. Miller 

Mr . G Mrs . Charle A . Fehr 

Alvin A, G Phyllis S. Koenic 

Robert G Rose Marie McFie 

Mr . G Mrs . Harold Berman 

Col. Clarence E. G Jean W. Skoien 

Mr. G Mrs. Albert Harvey 

George M. G Ruth B. Werkheiser 

Mr. G Mrs. Howard E. Wise 

COmelius J. G Marion Shovlin 

Mr. G Mrs. Thomas Perillo 

Douglas R. G Marjorie C. Barr 

Mr. G Mrs. JOseph Cantarella 

David J. G Jean Marie Lancaster 

Garth D. G Helen L. Becker 

Mr. G Mrs. Nicholas Sciss 

Mr. G Mrs. Nicholas A. Sentillo 

Dorthy D. G Herman Krause 

Rosemarie G Harry A . Woller 

Aretz G Allan C . Morgan 

Mr. G Mrs. John Masters 

Harry D . G LaDean B . Kramp 

ArtiiurJ. G Margaret M. O'Connor 

J. Richard G Marie S. Runkel 

Mr. G Mrs. Al Neckritz 

Thomas N. G Monica B. Cook 

Mr . G Mrs . James J . Pezza 

Frank A . G Louise Gilbert 

Louis J. G Julia M. Makrancy 

Mr. G Mrs. Ted Cybowski 

John L . C Mary E . Donaldson 

Ann C . G Richard C . Lewis 

Mr . G Mrs . John L . Bradly 

Donald E . G Betty Jane Lichtenwalner 

Mr. GMrs. Stanley P. Silberstein 

G.W. G Delores Krogman 

Mr. G Mrs. Harold J. Quazza 

Joan Dugan 

Gottlieb G Marie D. Strohmaier 

Fred G Kathryn Smith 

Mr. G Mrs. Walter A. Wagner 

Angelo and Marie Mongione 

Claire G Charles A . Mauk 

Howard R . G Gladys Hoffman 

HerminA. G Marion B. Rohsler 

Mr. G Mrs. Benjamin R. Leber 

Berne Goodwin 

Mr. G Mrs. Jack Mc Shane 

Richard J. G Georgann A. Kunkel 

Mr. GMrs. Charles R. Taylor 

Mr. G Mrs. A. Chirip 

Mr. G Mrs. Robert Levitsky 

LaRice and Catherine Flegal 

John H. G Anna M. Alger 

Joseph E . Brzozo 

John V. G Rita P. McFadden 

Bradford K. G Alice M. Cross 

Samuel W. G Elizabeth D. Clipp 

Mr. G Mrs. Ronald C. Barber 

Mr. GMrs. James R.R. Spindler 

Saul G Renee Rosenblatt 

John H . Baugher 

Lt. Col. Nicholas G Anna Jubok, Sr. 

Elliot F. G Ellen C. Smith 

JohnF. G Sally A. King 

Mr. GMrs. Robert G. Wrightstone 

Mrs. William E. Cashin 

Bright W. G Irene E. Ketner :^-« v"**3 

Gilbert D . G Barbara H . Rawling ^^N^^ 

Harry C. G Elizabeth L. Wohlferth'*^;^?*^ 

Mr. GMrs. Donald M. Johnson 

I. E. G Kathleen Mikowski 

Mr. G Mrs. Albert Grabowski 

George G Veronica Yockobishen 

Mr. G Mrs. Nicholas Cicchino 

Edward G Helen Fuchs 

Joseph Reinert 

Mr. G Mrs. G. D. Maynard, Jr. 

Doris G Daniel Hendrickson 

Mr . G Mrs . Louis S . Rice II 

Mr. G Mrs. William B. Lower 

Mr. G Mrs, Jack Foley MM 

Joyce Krug "^^ 





friendshio's blossoms 

friendships are formed, 

kindled and warmed 

by kindly acts and deeds. 

friendships survive. 

vibrant, alive, 

from thoughtfully planted seeds. 

friendships are grown 

from care that is sown 

lovingly with the hand, 

and blossoms bloom, 

where you have grown a friend. 

L helen barker 

and let your best be for your friend. 

if he must know the ebb of your tide, 

let him know its flood also. 

for what is your fripd that you should seek him 

with hours to kill? \ 

seek him always with Jiours to live. 

for it is his to fill your need, but not your emptiness; ^ 

and in the sweetness of friendship let there beJaughter, 

and sharing of pleasures. * ; 

for in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning 

and is refreshed. 

-the prophet- 
kahlil gibran