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« j-n 

The 1991 

Anqela Ctonin 

* Sir AN 



<Jttl ! , " ^JillHrubaker/Foltz « •. 


3ruie I 


Linaa Sch.e 





An Exciting Year 

Top: Mike Kutzmonich and Eric Kunz go chair surfing in their 
Cooke 2nd room. Above: Art Ruediger cools down with cool 
refreshing 7-UP after a cross country race. Middle: Sally Qar- 
gula is named the 1990 DVC Homecoming Queen. Right: Every- 
one is welcome to visit the college president, even Laurel! 

2 Cornucopia 

Middle: I'll give you the hamburger, Craig will give you 
the plate. Above: Lora, Lisa, Liz, and Donna the 
Berkowitz totem pole. Left: John Allen and Matt Martenas 
discuss who is going to put money in the meter. 

Cornucopia 3 

^^^ Event 

bmecoming '90 

20th Century Showcase 

This year's homecoming parade celebrated the coming of a new century. Each 
float represented a different decade ranging from 1920 to 1990. During the halftime 
ceremonies of the football game, a new homecoming queen was crowned. Sally 
Gargula, representing the class of '91, was crowned the 1990 Homecoming Queen 
by the 1989 Queen Sandy Solimene, nominated to the court were Rebecca Wed- 
dowes, 1st runner-up, and Debbie Shepard, 2nd runner-up. 

Top Right: Shawn, Doug, enjoy the Tailgate Party 
Middle: Some of the queen nominees wait on the 
field. Below: The queen and her court Below Right: 
Lester and Mike cooking it up. 

Top Left: Queen nominees Debbie Shepard, 
Dawn Reckner, Kay Lobaugh, Jennifer Fon- 
seca, and Kim Douglass. Bottom left: 1990 
Homecoming Queen Sally Oargula Bottom 
Right: Dave McWilliams mans the grill. 

Homecoming 7 

Right: The Pep Rally was an explosive event. Far 
Right: Members of the Dairy Society hard at work. 
Below Left: LAC queen nominee Deb Shepard and 
her escort. Below Right: DVC's biggest fans. Bot- 
tom: The Horticulture Society's winning float. 


Top Left: The Outdoors Club and their 60s float 
with queen nominee Jennifer Fonseca riding high. 
Top Right: Glen and Dot working hard. Above Left: 
Krista working on B & B's float. Above Middle: The 
Dairy Society's second place float. Above: Biology 
Club Members take a break from working on their 
float. Far Left: Dr. Berthold shows his school spirit. 
Left: The ram in action. 

1st- Horticulture Society 
2nd- Dairy Society 
3rd-Block St Bridle 

Homecoming 9 

Sixth Annual Christmas Magic 

Those who entered the APR on December 8, 
1990, entered into a room that was magically 
transformed into a Christmas Wonderland. A 
fun time was had by all who attended the Sixth 
Annual Christmas Magic Dinner Dance. The 
committee responsible for putting together 
such a great event included Angie Mazaika, Rob 
Hofstetter, David Bortz, Sean Schwartz, Andy 
Qreenleaf, and Ken Petersen. The theme for this 
year's dance was "Rockin' Around the Christ- 
mas Tree" and that's exactly what happened. 

Top Right: Trish, Donna, Lisa, Lora, Laura, and Sue -the 
Work Hall sextet. Center: The scenery helped set the mood 
for the magical evening ahead. Below: Sue, Diana, and Kir- 
sten dancin' the night away. Bottom Right: Sue and Mike 
share a romantic moment. 

10 Christmas Magic 

Angela Mazaika 

Top Left: Bob, Kelly, Lisa, and Qreg look ready for a great 
evening. Top Right: Ken, Mick, Sean, Rob, Qlen, and Sue 
jammin' the night away. Left: Mick and Lynn are all smiles for 
the camera. 

Christmas Magic 11 

Halloween Dance 

Top Left: Girls from Work prepare for a devilish time. Top 
Right: Old MacDonald decided to let the animals have the 
night off. Above Left: Work 2nd shows off their togas. Above 
Right: Creative carving. Right: Joanna and Jill model famil- 
iar fashions. Far Right: Heather and Marina should water 
Angie before they go. 

12 Halloween Dance 

Halloween Dance 13 

Philadelphia Flower Show 

Taking part in the Philadelphia Flower Show has 
always been a special event for the OH/ED program. 
Under the direction of Mr. Doug Kane, this year's 
display walked away with the PHS Award of Merit and 
a Special Achievement Award for excellence in edu- 
cation from the Garden Club Federation of Pennsyl- 
vania. The overall theme of the 1991 show was "End- 
less Spring." Our exhibit's theme was entitled "A 
Mew Day Dawning: Do or Die'' which expressed the 
need for change in the way we landscape. The dark 
sun represented how our present philosophy will 
someday kill us. The bright sun introduced visitors to 
the new philosophy and demonstrated its tech- 

Center: Jeff and John add some finishing touches to the beds. 
Below: The beautiful statue adds a romantic touch to the pond 
area. Below Right: The bright sun announces the new philosophy. 

Alhi Philosophy is Dairircj ■ 

14 Phila. Flower Show 

Above Left: A group shot of most of the participants involved with putting together the 
exhibit. Above Right: The college's awards were displayed among the plant material. 
Center: Mr. Eyre working on construction just outside the studio entrance. Right: near the 
exit, a colorful sign explains how we should integrate housing developments more with 
the landscape. 

Phila. flower Show 15 

Turkey Trot 

Right: Ken Peterson on the run. Dr. Lugar. Below 
Right: Coaches Berthold and McDaid at the Turkey 
Trot Awards Ceremony. Bottom Left: Jenn Or- 
lowsky, Jane McDaid, Dave Klosinsky and Jen Han- 
sen sign up those registering late. Bottom Right: 
Dave Klosinsky. 

16 Turkey Trot 

A fine day for running favored Del Val's 
annual running of the Turkey Trot, with 
over 260 runners finishing the 3.5 mile 
race. The race director is Dr. Bob Berth- 
old DVC's Men's and Women's Cross 
Country Coach. Me is assisted each year 
by the members of his coaching staff, 
team, other members of the faculty and 
the staff, returning alumni, and friends. 

The men's course record of 16:04 set 
in 1984 by alumnus Jim Parsons was 
broken this year by Jim Norris and Steve 
Avy who tied in 16:00. Parsons did not 
defend his title due to an injury. Jan Yer- 
kes won the women's title in a time of 
19:13. Del Val "associates" winning 
prizes were graduates Bob Qabel and 
Ken McDaid in 4 and 8 place; and senior 
captain Art Ruediger in 14. Age group 
winners were freshman Chuck Holiday 
and Dr. Richard Lugar of the Chem. 
Dept. After the first 5 runners were 
scored, Ursinus College and Del Val Col- 
lege were in a dead heat, with the 6th 
place finish pushing Ursinus into the 
winner's circle. Ursinus also won the La- 
dy's team championship and C. B. East 
won the high school race. 

In conjunction with the race, the Doy- 
lestown Hospital sponsered a Health 
Fair in the gym. 

Turkey Trot 17 

Founders' Day 

The annual Founders' Day Convoca- 
tion was held on April 3, 1991 in the 
APR. Faculty members were honored for 
twenty years of service along with other 
special honors. Dean Jarrett was the re- 
cipient of the Student Government 
Award, Mrs. Altier received the Staff 
Member of the Year Award and the Dis- 
tinguished Faculty Member Award was 
given to Dr. Vincent. Student award re- 
cipients were Sally Gargula, receiving 
the W.W. Smith Prize and Angela Ma- 
zaika, receiving the Founders' Day 
Award. Congratulations to all! 

Above left: Dr. Mandell, Chairman of the Board, 
taking part in the ceremony. Above middle: Mr. 
West presents Mrs. Altier with her award at a recep- 
tion held in her honor. Above right: Angela Ma- 
zaika, recipient of the rounders' Day Award. 
Above: Dr. Vincent and his family after receiving 
his award. Right: Mr. West and other staff members 
proceed into the ceremony. 

18 Founders' Day 

Candlds 19 

Delaware Valley College Proudly 

Supports The Troops 

Top left: Rear Admiral J. Ronald Denney speaks to 
a crowd of over 200 on the war in the gulf. Top 
right: Students and the staff of MW Wood support- 
ing Operation Pegasus. Above: Vice President Russ 
Schulz, LCDR Mark W. Krause, CDR Mark Brazell, 
and Rear Admiral J. Ronald Denney pose for a 
picture after a lecture on America's involvement 
with Operation Desert Storm. Right: The flags out- 
side the Student Center fly at half mast in honor of 
the men and women who gave their lives in the 

20 America At War 

The third annual Pride and Polish 
Day was held on April 17, 1991. The 
day was established to allow all facets 
of the College community, adminis- 
trators, faculty members, support 
staff personnel and students to work 
together to give Delaware Valley Col- 
lege a spring spruce up with selected 
projects. This was strictly voluntary 
and no classes were held on this day. 
After the work day was over, gifts were 
distributed at the Pride and Polish 

Top Right: Sheri DeBaker and Vicki Morton paint 
the steps at Lasker Hall. Above: Chris McColgan 
and Sandy Lachman show off their technique. 
Above right: Lori Ross helps paint the fence. Right: 
Mr. Roberts preserves a piece of history. 

22 Pride And Polish 

Pride and Polish Day 

Above: Kristin Baine and Melissa Torok help out at 
Lasker Hall. Above left: Mr. Fulcoly, Andy Green- 
leaf and part of the A-Day committee preparing for 
the big weekend. Left: Russ Subject, Sue Brown, 
Bev Tinsley and James Lenhart hard at work at the 

Pride And Polish 23 

'Pride And Polish Day Was A Success 
And Should Be Continued. Everyone Had 
Fun While Accomplishing A Lot " 
Melissa Torok 
Class Of '92 

Top left: Heather Hemley and Mrs. 
Altier clean the display case in the 
Feldman Building. Top right: Holly 
McPherson and Elizabeth Wiley 
horse around. Above: Angela Allen 
helps clean up the herb garden. 
Right: Todd Hofsaess hard at work. 

24 Pride And Polish 

Candids 25 

26 Current Events 


1 U.N. Security Council voted to authorize military action if Iraq did 
not withdraw its troops from Kuwait. 2 Irish import Sinead O'Connor 
sang her way to stardom and picked up three MTV Music Video 
Awards. 3 Puppeteer Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets, died. 4 
Van Gogh's "Portrait of Dr. Gachet" sold for a record $82.5 million. 
5 Manuel Noriega was captured in Panama and will face drug 
trafficking charges. 6 'The Simpsons", with Bart Simpson as king of 
the underachievers, hit the Nielsen Top10 with their prime time 
TV cartoon series. 7 Emperor Akihito ascended to the 
Japanese throne in a Tokyo ceremony. 8 Football and 
baseball star Bo Jackson announced his intention to return to 
Auburn University to finish his degree. 9 Cincinnati Reds 
won the World Series in four straight against Oakland. 
Reds' Eric Davis is shown hitting a two-run homer in game 
one. 10 Germany united-German youths gathered in 
Berlin to celebrate German unification. 11 Solidarity leader 
Lech Walesa was elected President of Poland. 12 Bush 
(US) and Gorbachev (USSR) held a summit meeting in 
Washington and signed a series of accords. 

Photos By Wide World Photos 



K J 



1 FBI agent Date Cooper (Kyle MacLachtan) solved the mystery of 
who killed Laura Palmer on TV's "Twin Peaks". Also shown: co-star 
Michael Ontkean. 2 Buster Douglas knocked out Mike Tyson for the 
heavyweight boxing title. Eight months later he lost to Evander 
Holyfield, 3 Entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. died. 4 Ted Danson 
accepts an Emmy Award for best lead actor in a comedy series for 
his role in "Cheers". 5 Heavy equipment was used to knock down 
damaged buildings after about 50,000 people were killed by an 
earthquake in Iran. 6 Isiah Thomas and Mark Aquirre celebrated 
after the Detroit Pistons defeated Portland to win the NBA 
Championship. 7 Tel Aviv was hit by Scud missiles fired by Iraq 
after Iraqi troops invaded Kuwait. 8 Jozsef Antall chairman of 
the Hungarian Democratic Forum, shows victory sign after his 
party won the election in Hungary. 9 An exhibit of photographs by 
the late Robert Mapplethorpe raised questions about national funding 
for art. 10 In South Africa F.W. De Klerk legalized the African National 
Congress and released Nelson Mandela. He is shown talking with 
Mandela. 1 1 Violeta de Chamorro flashed a "V" sign after she won the 
presidency in Nicaragua. 12 Leonard Bernstein, renowned composer 
and conductor, died. 

Photos by Wide World Photos 

Victory in Nicaragua 







Current Events 2 

The Students Of Delaware Valley College 
Proudly Present The 

43rd Annual A-Day 

Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Eric Sechler, Royston 
Coale, Chris Tice, Beverly Kershner, Robert Drum- 
mand, James Craft, Donna Miloszar, Tony Calazzo, 
Jen Reed, Matt Martenas, Margaret Wolters, Linda 
Schempp, Jen Blisard, Melissa Torok, Cynthia Bie- 
loski, Michelle Infante, Sean Schwartz, Jill Ed- 
wards, Frank Qunson, Tami llalat, John Schreidl, 
Angie Mazaika, Trish Gimon, Robert Hofstetter, 
Melissa Bravo, Ched Baker, Steven Shetterly. 

The 43rd Annual A-Day was held on April 27th 
and 28th 1991. This event was by far one of the 
most successful A-Days in DVC history. Due in part 
to two extremely hardworking chairmen, Andrew 
Qreenleaf and Steve Shetterly, and the beautiful 

30 A-Day 

Left: Willie Keeny, Royston Coale, and Promise put 
on a milking demonstration during Saturday of A- 
Day. Below: Members of Theta Chi Sigma take a 
break from the thousands of people buying pizza. 

Above Left: Krista Hutnik finishes fitting her sheep 
before the trip to the show ring. Above: Chairmen 
Andy Qreenleaf and Steven Shetterly finally get to 
talk face to face. Left: Sue riann giving a long await- 
ed pony ride. 

A-Day 31 

Above: Mrs. Altier selling A-Day T-shirts to the 
many visitors on campus. Above Right: A-Day King 
Tom Kellett and Queen Tracy Cooper. 

Above: Making milkshakes for the Dairy Society, 
Irene Home and Rob Anderson. 

32 A-Day 

Left: The DVC Cheerleaders were very successful 
selling sweetcom at A-Day 1991. Below: Dr. Hof- 
saess selling tickets for .25<t each. 

Above: Candles and candle molds are displayed 
outside of the Apiary exhibit in the Feldman Build- 
ing. Far left: Steven Shetterly hard at work prepar- 
ing for the weekend. Left: Another satisfied cus- 

A-Day 33 

Faculty & 
^=e Staff 


Top: A pleasant smile to always greet you. Top Right: Once again busy at work 
Middle Right: Busy keeping students informed about special events. Bottom Right: 
Reliable to be there when she is needed. 

36 Dedication 


1991 Cornucopia Dedicated 
Mrs. Erma Martin 

We, the members of the 1991 Cornucopia staff are extremely proud and honored to dedicate the 
Delaware Valley College Yearbook to Mrs. Erma Martin. Mrs. Martin joined the College family as a 
receptionist in 1974 and continues today in that capacity. She has continued for the past sixteen years 
to exhibit enthusiasm and dedication to our institution. Her involvement in campus activities includes 
the Rainbow Connection, the Annual Events Committee, the Tuition Exchange Committee and Pride 
and Polish Day. She is extremely active with the Homecoming Parade, Halloween and A-Day. Mrs. 
Martin has been referred to as the "Staff Social Director." She initiates and organizes the college 
community to participate and support in all campus wide activities. Mrs. Martin is always willing to 
take on additional tasks with a warm smile and a sense of humor. 

She is a friend, confidante, a devoted wife, a proud mother of 3 and a loving grandmother. 

The respect of the College Community was exhibited in 1987 when Mrs. Martin was selected as a re- 
cipient of the "John Herbst Memorial Staff Member of the Year" award. 

Mrs. Martin has enriched the lives of many students over the years and the members of the 1991 
Cornucopia staff wish to express our deep appreciation, respect and affection. 

Thank you Mrs. Martin for being you! 

Dedication 37 


TELEPHONE 215-345-1500 

May 18, 1991 

To The Graduating Class of 1991, 

On behalf of the entire College community, I congratulate you on the 
achievement of your degree. I know the amount of effort and hard 
work that you have invested will yield high dividends in your future 

The central purpose of your College is your success. The faculty has 
provided you with the tools to pursue your life work; use them to benefit 
yourself and by contributing to the advancement of your profession. 
The world you inherit is full of opportunities. We wish you well in 
taking full advantage of them. 

Best^ personal regards, 


Mr. George West 

Jeorge F. West 


38 President 


1 ' 


Dr. John C. Mertz 

Mr. Russell K. Schulz 

Vice President of Operations 

Administration 39 

The DVC student store 
what a place! Where else 
can you by a text book for 
$52.50 and a .554 super 
slim jim under the same 
roof? Student store manag- 
er, Kathy Spratt and book 
store manager Jack Stahl 
do a fantastic job keeping 
DVC students supplied with 
everything to keep them on 
top of their classes and to 
keep them out from under 
their dirty laundry. A mod- 
em line of DVC clothing was 
introduced this year which 
seemed most popular. The 
DVC boxer short was a 
smash hit with both the la- 
dies and the men. Mrs. 
Spratt has made an honest 
attempt to meet the request 
of the students. She has 
brought life into a store to 
meet the needs of students 
unable to get off campus. 

JJ Ell T 

Richard Acker 
Assistant Director/ Admissions 

William Allison 

Virginia Altmann 

Barbara Alvarado 

Julie Ambrose 

V : '-> 

Jane Antheil 

Dean of Enrollment 


Elizabeth Arrison 
Asst. Dir./Counseling 

John Avery 

40 Faculty/Staff 

Charles E. Baker 
Student Life/Activities 

Judy Bitto 
Secretary to the President 

1r. William L. Porter, As- 
sociate Professor of Food 
Science and Management 
shows a group of freshman 
students the Food Science 
Laboratory. The introduc- 
tory course introduces stu- 
dents to the resources nec- 
essary to produce raw food 
material and the role of 
food and agriculture in our 
society. The students also 
discover the relationship of 
the production of the food 
crops to the food process- 
ing industry. Common 
methods of processing food 
materials is experienced by 
all the students as part of 
the DVC hands on experi- 
ence" offered in this major. 
The department has a 
close association with area 
food processors, restur- 
ants, food service compa- 
nies and government lab- 
oratories which enable 
students to gain first hand 
knowledge of the industry 
through field trips and sum- 
mer employment. 

Richard Bedesem 
Head Football Coach 

Robert Berthold Jr. 


Greg Betz 
Sports Information 

Gary Brubaker 
Lab Animal Science 

Frank Burk 
Plant Engineer 

Joanne Busfield 
Registrar Coordinator 

Faculty/Staff 41 

Rosemary Charles 
Telephone Console Operator 

Mr. Douglas Kane, Assis- 
tant Professor of Landscape 
Design, reviews a mid-term 
examination with a student. 
Obviously he feels he has a 
perfect test. 

The Environmental De- 
sign program was devel- 
oped for students planning 
on careers in landscape de- 
sign, landscape architure, 
design/build, and other de- 
sign oriented professions, 
ail with an ecological em- 
phasis. This specialization 
can serve as a pre-MLA 
(Master of Landscape Archi- 
tecture) program. The MLA 
is the preferred degree for 
landscape architecture. 

Mr. Kane was chairman of 
the Flower Show- the theme 
"A Mew Day Dawning . . do 
or die," won DVC a second 
place award and one for ex- 

42 faculty/Staff 

Mr. Russell Schulz, Vice 
President of Operations, Dr, 
John Avery, Chairman of 
the Agribusiness Depart- 
ment, and Dr. Craig Hill 
Dean of the college wel- 
come Israeli Agricultural- 
ists to DVC. 

The college has been for- 
tunate in its extending out 
reach programs with Pol- 
land, China and Haiti. The 
best known secret in Bucks 
County is fast enjoying on 
international reputation. A 
group of directors of the 
Collective Farms from the 
Soviet Union toured the 
campus in April 1991 to 
view DVC facilities and 
learn how small farming 
can be economically profit- 




Theodore Christie 

Claudia Cornell 

William Craver 

Exec. Asst. for Enrollment 


Jonathan Daly 
Artist in Residence 

Audrey Daniel 
Adm. Couns. /Minority Liaison 

Daren Davis 

Anne De Porrest 
Asst. Counseling Coordinator 

Ann De Matteo 

Faculty/Staff 43 

Hans Luginbuhl of the 
Equine Science department 
watches as Russeli K. 
Schulz, Vice President of 
Operations and Mr. Dan 
Shmucker from Schmucker 
Construction Company add 
the crowning touch to the 
Equine Facility. The spa- 
cious center located in an 
area in the back of the cam- 
pus has allowed the college 
to provide the courses 
available for the students in 
the Equine program. The 
center allows for Driving 
Ground Training, Riding 
(Western and English) Lib- 
erty training, Stable man- 
agement. Aerobic, Anaero- 
bic, and Vaulting. 

The gentlemen were very 
lucky there were no gusty 
winds or wind shears in the 

Roberta Dimond 

Judith Feldman 
Executive Secretary 

Donald Fleischer 
Facilities Manager 

Linda Fleischer 
Head Coach/ Hockey 

Mary Frick 
Office Coordinator 

44 Faculty/Staff 

Joseph Fulcoly 

Dir. Student Counseling 

John Qinnett 

Mold the pickle . . . hold the let- 
tuce . . . special orders don't upset 
Sarah! Sarah Landis is employed 
by MW Wood and works at our own 
Caesar's Pub. Her bright cheerful 
smile and personality is known to 
all the students and employees 
she serves. Each day she flips bur- 
gers for many commuter students 
as well as takes care of special 
events in the Student Center. 

Sarah's workplace. Caesar's 
Pub, is located in the Student Cen- 
ter and is managed by MW Wood. 
The Wood Company has made 
considerable positive changes to 
the pub menu. Real pizza was add- 
ed along with specials such as na- 
chos. and fried foods. These 
snacks are very popular at night, 
especially at Caesar's Comedy 
Club. A big thanks to Pood Service 
Director, Ron Wood for the 
changes he has Introduced. 

Sarah Landis - thank you for be- 
ing so pleasant to the students 
that you serve. It is nice to know 
that the students, especially the 
commuter students have a place 
to get a good meal and be served 
by a delightful person. 


Paculty/Staff 45 

Willetta Qourley 
Secretary of the Corporation 

Janice Haws 

Sue Brown, superinten- 
dent of the Dairy, helps to 
unload a bobcat that was 
delivered to the Dairy Sci- 
ence Center in Mid Febru- 
ary. Miss. Brown joined the 
DVC family in July of 1990, 
after spending six years 
working for Wauregan Farm 
in Turner Maine, a 600 head 
purebred Holstein Dairy 
Farm. Miss. Brown graduat- 
ed from the University of 
Maine-Orono with a Bach- 
lors degree In Animal Sci- 

Along with being superin- 
tendent of the dairy. Miss. 
Brown is also the Dairy Cat- 
tle Judging Team Coach. 
The Judging Team com- 
petes at various competi- 
tions through out the fall 
semester. This past season,! 
Miss. Brown took her team 
to the Eastern States Expo- 
sition, AH-American and the 
World Dairy Exposition. At 
those competitions the stu- 
dents were exposed to out- 
standing cattle and were 
able to meet valuable con- 
tacts in the dairy industry. 

Qermaine Grant-Rivers 

Oerald Handler 

Elaine Hanrahan 

Sandra Hayward 
Head Athletic Trainer 

Alice Heath 
Chairperson/ English 

Barbard Heisey 
Director of Alumni Affairs 

46 Faculty/Staff 

By the winding banks of 

Stands our Alma Mater 

We look o'er your fields 

we love. 
Cherished year by year. 
All hail your colors, Qree 

and Gold, 
As they proudly wave on 

Treasured mem'ries fond 

and true 
In our hearts will lie. 

With your inspiration 

Ever forward we will go, 
fearless of the tasks 

Conquering each foe. 
To you, our College, let us 

Praises of your honored 

Courage, strength, and 

Build an endless fame. 

W&m ■ 

*\ f *^«^^ X .*«4 

Elaine Hackman 
Tutorial Coordinator 

Frederick Hofsass 
Chairperson/ Anin. Husbandry 

Francis Mofstadter 
Chairperson/ Math-Physics 

Stephen Jarrett 

Acting Dean of Students 

Faculty/Staff 47 


This dormitory named after Fast 
President Dr. James Work was 
built in 1966. This co-ed dorm 
houses over 125 students and sits 
facing the college baseball field. A 
plaque is proudly displayed out- 
side of the dormitory in Dr. Work's 

James Work's life traversed the 
history of Delaware Valley College. 
A national Tar School graduate 
from the class of 1913, who as a 
sucessful farm owner, industrialist, 
a businessman, was destines to 
become the College's most influ- 
ential leader since the days of Jo- 
seph Krauskopf. 

During his 30 years of leadership 
the College experienced its great- 
est growth and saw the additions 
of several nonagricultural majors, 
including Biology, Chemistry, and 
Business Administration. In 1962 
full accreditation was granted by 
the Middle States Association and 
Secondary Schools. 

Most of the major development 
programs for the consruction of 
the modem facilities which make 
up the campus today occurred 
during the last two decades of 
Work's leadership. 

Homer Jennings 

Karen Krzykowski 
Director Act 101 Program 

48 faculty/Staff 


Loretta Landes 
Manager/ Security Dept. 

Robert Liebau 
Foreman/ Maintenance 

Joseph Krauskopf Memori- 
al Library 

Library Arrangement 

■ Books are arranged according to 
the Dewey Decimal System. 

- Circulating Books. Located in the 

open stacks of each wing. 

- Reference Books (REF over call 
no.). Located in the Memorial 
Area and the main Reference 

- Reserve Books. Shelved by In- 
structor's name behind the Cir- 
culation Desk. DVC ID card must 
be presented for use. 

- Periodicals 8r newspapers. Locat- 

ed on the lower level. Current 
newspapers at the Circulation 
Desk. Popular magazines for 
light reading shelved in the Up- 
per Reference Room. 

- Student Comuters. Also on the 
lower level. 

Edwin Lawrence 

Richard Lazarus 

Director of Computer Services 

Kenneth Lee 


*r. fe? 

Norman Lies 

Eire/ Safety Inspector 

Anthony Litwinowicz 

Hans Luginbuhl 

Faculty/Staff 49 

Robert Marshall 
Coach/ Wrestling 

John Mazak Jr. 

Assistant Dir./ Admissions 

On graduation day one remem- 
bers only the good times, the win- 
ning game, the 98ori an exam and 
the Christmas dinner dance. 
Somehow the semesters spent 
here seemed more like weeks than 
months. The 4 a.m. milkings, the 
ten page paper and the bees that 
stung you in Apiculture, all seem 
to have slipped away from our 
memories. Graduation is a time to 
be proud of the difference you 
made at DVC. 

Although, graduation may seem 
to be for the graduate and their 
family, it is also for the people who 
helped you to commencement 
day. While at college one is guided 
by many individuals. Many of these 
are DVC's own faculty. 

Dr. Neil J. Vincent, seen here, is 
one of those proud, helping facul- 
ty. A graduate himself from Dela- 
ware Valley College in 1965 he is 
now the department chairman o; 
the Horticulture Department. 
Along with teaching various po- 
mology courses. Dr. Vincent also 
oversees the work in the orchards 
and small fruit areas of the col- 

On April 3, 1991 Dr. Vincent was 
awarded the Distinguished Faculty 
Member of the Year Award at the 
college's Annual Founder's Day. In 
his acceptance speech he dedicat- 
ed the award to his students, as he 
said, "that is why I get out of bed 
in the morning." 

Maureen Mihalko 

Eleanor Mill 
Executive Secretary 

James Miller 

50 Faculty/Staff 

The great Friday night Home- 
coming Pep Rally led by the "Fan- 
tastic Foursome," cheerleading 
squad of DVC's Ann Petrillo, Carol 
Noonan, Mary Prick, and who is 
that hiding in the last row? Of 
course, it's Erma Martini 

Everyone was surprised to see 
these four employees make their 
cheerleading comeback. The 
crowd was in an uproar as the four 
came out and gave the athletic 
teams a good luck hurrah. We 
were all left wondering whether 
this was to be a Homecoming tra- 
dition, such as Doc Berthold and 
the fur coat. 

After the "Fantastic Foursome" 
gave their cheer emcee, Dr. Jim 
Miller, came out and announced 
the athletic coaches. Each Pall 
Coach introduced their team cap- 
tains and said a few words about 
their season. 

Dr. Miller literally gave each 
team an exploding send off to Sat- 
urday's competitions. The football 
team was on their feet knowing 
that a victory was certain. How 
could it be anything else after a 
victory cheer from the "Fantastic 
Four. " 

Dominic Montileone 
Chairperson/ Business 

David Mullins 

Student Center Coordinator 

Barbara Muse 

Esther Maddeo 
Clerk/ Typist 

Allan Mash 

Carol Moonan 

Edward O'Brien 

Robert Orr 

Chairperson/ Chemistry/ Bio- 


Faculty/Staff 51 

Mr. Rodney Gilbert, Livestock 
Superintendent has been a pro- 
fessor of Animal Science at DVC for 
18 years. Students in his class 
learn the skills necessary to man- 
age livestock facilities by partici- 
pating in the breeding, feeding, 
and health care management of 
the college's livestock at Farm 3. 

Mr. Gilbert is also actively In- 
volved with the DVC Block 8t Bridle 
and the college's annual A-Day ac- 
tivities. During A-Day he assists 
the students with the showing and 
fitting of the student's animal. 

Being the coach of the college's 
Livestock Team is another of the 
activities that Mr. Gilbert is in- 
volved with. Students leam how to 
judge cattle, sheep, and swine un- 
der his direction. This year Mr. Gil- 
bert and the girls on the team com- 
peted in judging events 
throughout the Eastern States and 
attended the Morth American Inter- 
national Livestock Exposition. 

The college is very pleased to 
have a devoted person such as 
Rod Gilbert on campus. 

John Plummer 

Chairperson/ Dairy Husbandry 

James Popham 

William Porter 

Eleanor Price 

52 Faculty/Staff 

Frederick Ray 

Elmer Reiter Jr. 

Charles Rekemeier 
Qreenhouse Manager 




Francine Rissi 
Office Coordinator 


Scott Robertello 
Horticulture Production Mgr. 

Joanne Roberts 

This one acre pond wa 
originally constructed in 
memory of Archer Rosen- ^£ 
thai in 1908. This pond was tp>\ 
reconstructed in 1961 by 
the student body of Dela- 
ware Valley College Classes 
of 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964 

Dawn Ridgway 

Assistant Director / 


Harriet Roth 
Senior Clerk 

Faculty/Staff 53 


Robert Sauer 
Director/ Financial Aid 

Mary Jane Sergeant 
Clerk/ Typist 

Craig Hill winds up and th 
the pitch, Frank Wolfgang jumps 
up off the bench, where he has 
been all season, and hits the ball 
to Joe Fulcoly playing centerfield. 
Fulcoly is quick to light up a ciga- 
rette as he awaits the incoming 
ball. As the ball nears, Fulcoly 
takes the last remaining puff from 
his cigarette, and flicks the butt 
into the already pile of butts that is 
only inches from his lawn chair. 
Fulcoly gets up and attempts to 
catch the ball. Losing th ball in the 
sun, it falls to the ground. Unable 
to pick up the bail Fulcoly is assist- 
ed by good friend Bob Sauer who 
walks over from left field. Mean- 
while Wolfgang is just rounding 
first base. Sauer picks up the ball 
and throws it to visiting John Pyne 
who is in his chair at second. Un- 
able to catch the ball because his 
liverwurst has fallen onto his lap 
Wolfgang passes him and heads 
towords third. Coach Craver is furi- 
ous with Wolfgang because he did 
not grab the liverwurst sandwich. 
Disgusted with the whole play 
Steve Zenko at third gets in the 
way of incoming Wolfgang. Both 
players collide at third and fall to 
the ground. Fulcoly sits back 
down, lights up another cigarette, 
•play ball..." 

Mary Jane Sergeant 


Paul Schatschneider 
Business Manager 

Marianne Schumacher 

Diana Scott 
Office Coordinator 

Phyllis Shields 
Dean of Women 

Constance Shook 
Director/ Library Services 

Michael Simone 
Chairperson/ CISM 

54 Faculty/Staff 

Duplicating engineers, 
Trudy Blake and Ann Pe- 
trillo take inventory in the 
store room of their office. 













legal pads 


black pens 

DVC letterheads 

rolls of tape 

paper clips 

post it notes 


white out 

bottles of asprin 


boxes of chalk 




3 ring binders 


Sally Smith 

Patricia Smith 
Accts. Receivable Clerk 

Evelyn Soderberg 
Purchasing Analyst 

Kathleen Spratt 
Student Store Manager 

Jack Stahl 
Textbook Manager 

Martha Stanley 
Executive Secretary 

Betsy Stefferud 
Financial Aid Coordinator 

Marie Stough 
Office Coordinator 

Faculty/Staff 55 


Julie Ambrose, CC 
Serkowitz Hall, and Mary 
Ann Ely, CC Work Hall. Not 
only do they work together 
in the Admissions office 
and are both Community 
Coordinators on campus 
they also take the time out 
to play. 

As mentioned these two 
hard working individuals 
work in the college admis- 
sion center. It is here where 
the future of DVC is born. 
Prospective students are in- 
terviewed and reviewed be- 
fore they are hopefully ac- 
cepted to Delaware Valley 
College. The admissioi 
counselors are busy eve 
spring trying to meet 
projected number of st 
dents to be a part of the 
corning freshman class. 

The center is a very bt 
and important place at D\ 
. . . we all support and 
predate your hard wor 
and dedication. 

Henry Sumner 
Dir. of Dev. and Alumni Giving 

Michael Tabachnick 

Timothy Varacallo 

Supervisor/ Grounds 


Neil Vincent 
Chairperson/ Horticulture 

Marilyn Vogel 
Director/ Media Center 

Nathaniel Wallace 

Charles Weber 

56 Faculty/Staff 

William Werkheiser 
Head Coach/Men's Basketball 

Lisa Yard 

Pictured reverently be- 
neath the picture of the col- 
lege Founder, Rabbi Jo- 
seph Krauskop, are mem- 
bers of our Continuing Edu- 
cation Department. Pre- 
sent are Mr. Robert Bug- 
geln. Director for Profes- 
sional Development, Elaine 
Hanrahan, secretary, Laurie 
Lemer, and Dr. James B. 
Hirsh, Director of Continu- 
ing Education. This quartet 
is responsible for the 
growth of the evening divi- 
sion, the Center for Learn- 
ing in Retirement, and for 
short seminars held on 

This department was also 
instrumental in develop- 
ment of the associate de- 
gree program in Supervi- 
sion, Administration Sf 
Management. The admin- 
istration of the LaSalle Uni- 
versity MBA program also 
comes under the depart- 
ment of the Continuing 

jucation Department. 

Lynne Willoughby 

frank Wolfgang 

Fred Wolford 

Chairperson/ Agron./ Enviro. 


Stephen Zenko 
Director/ Admissions 

Richard Ziemer 
Chairperson/ Liberal Arts 

Faculty/Staff 57 




Making A Positive Difference Through 

Student Leadership 

Above: STUDENT GOVERNMENT 1st Row: Ken Pe- 
tersen, Angela Mazaika, Jeff Hirka, Kelly Martin, 
Mike Ward, Rob Hofstetter, Rich Difulvio, David 
Bortz. 2nd Row: Craig Higgs, Ian Luginbuhl, Dawn 
Berkenbush, Kirsten Dresser, Sean Schwartz, 
Frank Qunson. 3rd Row: Adam Kaplan, Mike Jadis. 
Right: INTER CLUB COUNCIL 1st Row: Rich DiFul- 
vio, Jim Wabals, 2nd Row: Samantha Cichocki, 
William Harris, Tricia Qimon, Jeff Hamiton, John 
Schridel. 3rd Row: Butch Schaffer, Mike Huesb- 
man, Karyn Schramm, Mike Strohecker, Adam Ka- 
plen, Margaret Wolters, James Craft. 

60 Organizations 

Zimmerman, Rob Hofstetter, Sandra Olney, Donna 
Miloszar, Sean Schwartz, Liz Kelly, Frank Qunson, 
Melissa Bravo. 2nd Row: Karyn Schramm, Ann 
Kline, Teresa Schneider, Lori Ross, Paige Bamett. 
3rd Row: Brendon Cawood, Rich DeFulvio, Sean 

Middle: A scene from the Homecoming Pep Rally. 
Above: Class of '91 President, David Bortz. Par 
Left: Angela Mazaika, Student Government secre- 
tary. Left: Another successful ICC club night. 

Organizations 61 

Developing Into Leaders By 

Club Participation 

Above: AGRONOMY 1st Row: Travis Sherman, 
Mike Zimmerman, Travis Hutchnik, Tracy Lewis, 
Clay Hatcher, Todd Hofsaess. 2nd Row: Marvin 
Zimmerman, Tom Kellet, Bev Kershner, Kurt Ku- 
lik, James Craft. 3rd Row: Mr. Wolford, Andy Ernst, 
Sean Miller, Geno Lowe, Rob Drummond. 

62 Clubs 

7 Will never Forget The Day 
Every Bee In The Apiary 
Stung Me, I Called Security 
For Help And They Asked If J 
Was In Trouble. " 

Jimmy Marini 
V.P. Apiary Society 

Left: Apiary advisor, Bob Berthold, assists a stu- 
dent with the identification of bee body parts. Cen- 
ter: Agronomy Club members work into the early 
morning preparing their float for Homecoming 

Left: APIARY SOCIETY 1st Row: Dr. Berthold, Tom 
Kellet, 2nd Row: Ron Bain, Dan French, Caroline 
Mkuo, frank Qunson, Lisa Dietrich. 3rd Row: Jen 
Orlowsky, Jimmy Marini, Melissa Bravo. 4th Row: 
Ryan Miller, Mark Osiecki. 

Right: BIOLOGY CLUB 1st Row: Ann Wetzel, Kim 
Carroll, Michele Marley, Brian Redfern. 2nd Row: 
Jen Misko, Pat Jaman, Matt Cheeseman, Jeff Hami- 
ton, Rob Adamski, Mark Osiecki, Dr. Allison. 

Right: BUSINESS CLUB 1st Row: Mark Ambrose, 
Rich Dif ulivio, Scott Drunkenmiller, Dan Wadding, 
Chris Quinn, John Schreidl. 2nd Row: Bob Blake, 
Rae Ellen Gommel, Sandra Williams, Sally Qar- 
gula, Jill Brubaker/Foltz. Above: Students in a 
business class leam the importance of organiza- 
tional skills. 

From Classroom To Field Clubs Have 

Delaware Valley Pride 

Above: BLOCK AND BRIDLE 1st Row: Matthew Mi- 
chonski, Laura Harding Tiffany Cutler. 2nd Row: 
Marvin Zimmerman, Tami Halat, Dawn Berken- 
bush, Carol Trimber, Margaret Wolters, Krista Hut- 
nik. 3rd Row: Todd Hofsaess, Suzette Brought, Sue 
Block, Jonathon Crimes, Butch Schaffer. 4th Row: 
Mike Kutzmonich, Joe Mac Millan, John Allen, Matt 
Martenas, Mike Strohecker. Top: Block and Bridle 
members discuss the characteristics of a swine at 
farm 3. Center: Biology club members walk with 
their float down Doylestown Main street. 


Always Making Room For 


66 Clubs 

>osite page, far left: CHESS CLUB - Top to bot- 
left to right: Pat Jamann. Dr. Allison: Advisor. 
inia Waats. Brad Braun, Amy Sillup. 


Above: CHORALE: Top to bottom, left to right: Bill 
Harris, Jenni Hansell, Pete Fischer, Tad Kuntz, 
Tuyen Q Vu, Marvin Zimmerman, Matt Michonski, 
Karen Doll, Trish Gimon, Mr. Porter, Brent Blick- 
ensderfer, Susan Tabachnik, Sheri DeBacker, Rae 
Ellen Qommel, Karyn Schramm, Kim Rose, Jen 
Orlowski, Amy Lubinsky, Renee Kazokas, Kristine 
Betts, Laurie Fleck, Chondra Spring, Mrs. Roberts: 

Left: CHEMISTRY CLUB: Top to bottom, left to 
right: Trish Qimon, Mike Landis, Amy Sillup, Brett 
Wright, Tara Sewell, Karyn Schramm. 

Right: DAIRY SOCIETY: Top Row: Don Wivell, 
Irene Home, Robert Anderson, Jodi Lex, Jonathan 
Grimes, Byron Qraybill, Butch Schaffer, Adam Sny- 
der, Robert Kanzler, Heather Hemley, Steve Shar- 
er, James Wabals, Roy Coale, Dr. Plummer; Advi- 
sor, Tom Akam, Willie Keeney, Scott Youse, Matt 
McMahon, Tracy Cooper, Laura Harding, Marvin 
Zimmerman, Dawn Berkenbush, Sue Block, Amin 
Ahmadzadeh, Jayme Finafrock, Bridgette Boyer, 
Chris Tice, Matt lager. 

Above: OUTDOORS CLUB: Top to bottom, Left to 
right: David Mattus, Qreg Bruner, David Fanders, 
Ryan Miller, Richard Rathbum, Mark Rigenary, 
Krista Hutnik, Christina Holeman, Jennifer Fonse- 
ca, Jennifer Orlowski, Hollie Smith, Karyn 
Schramm. Right: David Fanders of the Outdoors 
Club. Center: Sue Brown and Dicky Hesser prepare 
the dairy display at the PA Farm Show. 

68 Clubs 

Showing Their Pride For Their 




. - 







bottom, left to right: Paul Sukhija, Ryan Miller, Cin- 
dy Bieloski, Jim Craft, Sonia Dieter, Kris Mauser, 
Jen Hughes, Lisa Melveney, Renee Corcoran, Mi 
chele Robbins, Jen Orlowsky, Tracey Gillespie 
Clay Hatcher. Top left: Three members of the ENA 
Top right: Dicky's home January 4-llth. Left: Pres 
ident of ENA Jennifer Orlowsky. Above: Jayme Fin 
afrock takes a nap with Laurel. 

Achieving Success Through 


Top Right: EQUINE CLUB: Sue Hann, Sonia Dieter, 
Christine Borowsky. Center: ESO: Top Row: Sandy 
Boyce, Kevin Packer, Karen DeFrancesco, Nicole 
Ciprianni, Jessica Edwards, Holly McPherson, 
Diane Chandler, Lisa Jagielski, Andrea Morrissy. 
Bottom Row: Colette Szortyka, Joanne Stagliano, 
Kate Flynn, Laura Wah, Bill Harris, Patti Bennett, 
Heather Bankard, Becky Men-it. 

^PR-^ **' 

Center Left: FTA Top Row: Jim Wabals, Matt Mar- 
tenas, Beverly Kershner, Jim Craft, Shawn Miller, 
Robert Drummond. Bottom Row: Butch Schaffer, 
Qeno Lowe, Ann Kline, Roy Coale, Chris Tice. 

Providing Support Through 


Right: NEWMAN CLUB: Top to bottom, left to right: 
Sally Qargula, Matt Michonski, Joanne Snouffer, 
Stephanie Qargula, Kristin Baine, Samantha Ci- 
chocki, Jennifer Blisard, Ron Bane. Above: New- 
man Club President Jennifer Blisard. Below right: 
Kathy Biancardi hard at work. 

Left: HILLEL: Top to bottom, left to right: Advisor: 
Mr. Tabachnik, Amy Lubinsky, Sue Tabachnik, 
Adam Kaplan, Hollie Smith, Nicole Saviet. 

Above: FLORAL SOCIETY: Top to bottom, left to 
right: Jill Edwards, Michelle VanZant, Christine La- 
Penna, Samantha Cichocki, Chrissy Sipe, Carolyn 
Green, Raquel Laino, Kristin Baine, Mark Ringen- 
ary, Angie Mazaika, Emilio Juliano, Jennifer Bli- 
sard, Linda Schempp, Tom Brown. Center left: 
Trees on 202 were decorated with yellow ribbons 
to show the college's support for the troops. Far 
left: Linda Schempp and Jennifer Blisard; Presi- 
dent and Vice-President of the Floral Society. 

Clubs 73 

Right: HORTICULTURE SOCIETY - Top to bottom, 
left to right: Sue Block, Maureen Reichards, Glenn 
Qappo, Krista Hutnik, Michelle Infante, Emilio 
Jualiano, Tad Kuntz, Jeff Botta, Mr. Scott Rober- 
tello, Mark Shannon, Tim Landis, Jimmy Marini, 
Jeff Davis, Eli Dreher, Jim Wabals, Cynthia Bie- 

Right: LAB ANIMAL CLUB - Top to bottom, left to 
right: Dr. Q. Eaton, Pete Fischer, Vickie Morton, 
Brendon Cawood, Jen Misko, John Blagojevic, Re- 
nee Corcoran, Brian Worth, Dr. O. Brubaker, Ra- 
chel Ashbaugh, Renee Kazokas, Anthony Colazzo, 
Lisa Qerity, Jennifer Ormond, Adam Kaplan, Julie 
Rabin, Sherry Debacker, Debbie Shepard, Tiffany 
Cutler, Carol Trimber, Tami llalat, Melissa Manno 

Incorporating Pleasure With 


tom, left to right: Jill Edwards, Sean Schwartz, Kel- 
ly Martin, David Bortz, Jim Wabals, Angela Ma- 
zaika. Dawn Berkenbush, Tiffany Cutler, Matt 
Martenas, Beverly Kershner, Adam Kaplan. Top 
right: Dawn Berkenbush, junior Animal Science 
major. Right: Jim Wabals ready for a tour. 

Organizations 75 

Establishing Better 


Right: CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP: Top to bottom, 
left to right: Jess Edwards, Carolyn Green, Tom 
Brown, Bob Kanzler, Adam Snyder, Steve Shetter- 
ly, Eva Miller, Sara Lynn, Lisa Jagielski, Tara 
Sewell, Samantha Cichocki, Tony Colazzo, Jenni 
Hansell, Chrissy Sipe, Andrea Morrissy. 

tom, left to right: Dara Widdifield, Amy Cupples, 
Sean Schwartz, Sean Qarrigan, Rick Ray: Advisor, 
Jim Minninger, Mike Kutzmonich, John Shenk, Jeff 
Rumberger, Eric Kunz, Jonathan Najarian, Jordan 
Renos, Mike Hutchinson, Jill Edwards, Marc Jen- 
sen, Brian Mensinger, Phillip Stark, Jeff Bricker, 
Jeff Rowen, Tim Collins, David Bortz, Samantha 
Cichocki, Diana Costa, John DeFeo. 

"Minority Leaders 
Coalition, In Its Endeavor 
To Improve Relationships, 
Create Harmony, And 
Strive For Self- 
Determination, Would Like 
To Instill In Our Peers That 
It Is "riot Wise To Grasp At 
The Shadows And Loose 
The Substance" Because 
What We Have 
Accomplished Is The Roots 
For A Continued Success. " 
Malika Savoy '91 
President, Minority 
Leaders Coalition 

» » i * 

bottom, left to right: Nefertiti Savoy, Terry Ward, 
Tamika Ward, Cindy Blackston, James Moye, Eric 
Banks, Malika Savoy, Dana Pinson, Deitra Ivery, 

Clubs 77 

Right: NAMA - Top to bottom, left to right, Caroline 
Nkuo, Kristen Baine, Kay Lobaugh, Melissa Torok, 
Diane Chandler, Jay Grimes, Travis Walker, Eric 
Sechler, Matt Martenas, Kyle Mackes Above left: 
Kristen Baine and Melissa Torok, MAMA members, 
prepare for homecoming - the 20th century show- 
case. Above right: Kay Lobaugh works through the 
night on the NAMA float. 

Right: THETA CHI SIGMA - Top to bottom, left to 
right, Dave Paino, Bob Wogish, John Thomas, 
Mark Brinsky, Brad Groff, Scott Horshoko, Steve 
Wagner, Mike Coleman, George Glattis, Craig 
Higgs, Mike Struble, Ed Wilton, Lester Struble, 
Dave Klosniski, Frank Kitchner, Dan Law, Steve 
Calderone, Matt Reasoner, Jim Cain 


*** 'JUT exi jf 

\ *%. a CkL ^-^i ill #*\ i 


Supporting Their College Through 


9 tat* 


Angela Cronin 

Photography/Sports Editor 
Melissa Bravo 

Special Events 
Linda Schempp 

Faculty Section 
Adam Kaplan 


Amy Cupples 

Gregg Betz 

Senior Section 
Jill Brubaker/Foltz 
Joanna McKenna 

Commuter Section 
Kirsten Dresser 


Mr. Ched Baker 

Photographs by Merin Studios 
Philadelphia, PA 

Published by Jostens Printing and Publishing 
State College, PA 

O ifti 

Above: YEARBOOK: Left to right: advisor: Ched 
jP Baker Linda Schempp, Joanna McKenna, Angela 
Cronin, Adam Kaplan, Melissa Bravo, Amy Cup- 

Clubs 79 

Living And Learning With 

Brotherhood & Uaa 

Center: ZETA CHI 1st Row Dan Breslin, Frank 
Heery, Jason Minoff, Rob Mitros, Gary Broderick, 
Pat Looney. 2nd Row: Ian Luginbuhl, Chris 
Sweeney, Dan Brown, Justin Qeiger. 3rd Row: Bry- 
an Smith, Jeff DiQiovanni, John Schridel, Jake 
Neiring, Ben Rakus. 4th Row: JR. Meo, Mike Lager, 
Billy Turner, Randy Cropper, not shown: Dan 

Above: Clubs 1st Row: Beth Hoffer 2nd Row: Lynne 
Routzahn, Nicole Qenell, Melissa Manno, Lisa Mel- 
veney, Marie Kogut. 3rd Row: Margaret Wolters, 
Christie Portmann, 4th Row: Jenn Hughes. 

Above: Margaret Wolters enjoys the fun outside of 
Work Hall. Right: Christie Portmann smiles for the 
camera while watching the baseball game. 



Row 1 (L to R): Steve Wagner, Jim Esposito, Dave Naniewicz, Joe Rozick, John Casani, Tom Kellett, Tim 
Ford, Todd Nichols, Mike Santillo, Travis Sherman, Ron Bane, Eric Baum, James Moye. Row 2 (L to R): 
Clayon Andrews, Jerry Stiles, Bill Kalinich, Jim Betts, Scott Horoshko, Mike Coleman, Darren Bethke, 
Dave Faino, Darren Swift, Jack Mulholland, Mike Stam, Dave Samuel, Joe Boyarske, Bob Daugherty. Row 
3 (L to R): Bryan Smith, Bill Nolan, Rom Clark, Jim Strickland, Chris Bockrath, Joe Clarino, Kurtis Kress, 
Seve Hykes, Larry Williams, Craig Cooper, Bill Hogan, Jeff Beltronte, Bill Maynard. Row 4 (L to R): Scot 
Hallet, Mat Walp, Carret Car, Tom Zadroga, Joe Simpson, Alan Creidus, Junior Hyman, Ryan Conover, 
Bruce Zollo, Ed Hancock, Mike Calletta, Matt Holland, Dave Paulsell. Row 5 (L to R): Joe Marino, Chad 
Ochnich, Mike Cliver, Jason Nol, Tony Mallozi, Mike Ambolino, Brian Kreider, Dennis Qillen, Joe 
Schwartz, John Zazalak, Shawn Qarrick, Anthony Swetz, Mike Wilson. Row 6 (L to R): Brian Kain, Chris 
Morelli, Joe DeRado, Qen Rinker, Mark Lewis, Greg Shipe, Neil Stamy, Tim Rosenberger, Brent Stouffer, 
Jim Smith, Andy Sgarra. Row 7 (L to R): Tim Pavst, Alpha Joyner, Vance Quimet, Ralph Hunsinger, Mike 
Hirshmann, Paul DiMaria, Tim Canavan. 



Perhaps the best way to sum up the Delaware Valley Football team's season is with one word: 
FRUSTRATING. The Aggies started out slowly losing their first three games, bounced back to win three of 
their next four, before dropping their final three outings by a total of just nine points. So the Green and 
Gold finished up the 1990 season with a 3-7 overall record and a 2-6 mark in the Middle Atlantic 
Conference (MAC). 

Del Val posted wins over Albright (35-28), Wilkes (49-28) and Wesley (34-14), while dropping contests 
to Wagner (34-13), Juniata (33-10), Lycoming (33-21), Susquehanna (37-23), Moravian (27-25), Lebanon 
Valley (30-28) and Widener (19-14). 

It was a record setting season for the squad, as the offense established a new single-season rushing 
record with 2,498 yards on the ground out of fourth-year coach Dick Bedesem s wishbone offense. 

Individually, senior quarterback Tim Ford was busy writing his name in the annals of Del Val football, 
setting new career records for Total Offense (3,598 yds.) Scoring (156 pts.) and Touchdowns (25). The 
Aggie co-captain led the team in rushing with 619 yards on 169 carries with nine touchdowns, while 
completing 44 of 92 passes for 538 yards and four scores. He also earned MAC "Offensive Flayer of the 
Week' - honors twice during the year, was named to the Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference (ECAC) 
South region All-Star team, while also being named a Second Team All-Star by the MAC. 

A trio of juniors also had fine seasons running the football as halfbacks Bill Nolan (59 carries-367 
yards-5 TD's) and Clayton Andrews (74-348-3) teamed with fullback Jack Mulholland (62-349-4) to 
provide an explosive offensive attack that averaged 25.2 points per game. 

Junior Scott Hallet also had a record-setting year as a kick returner. Hallet returned 28 kickoffs for a 
single-season record 576 yards, including a 90-year touchdown jaunt in the season opener against 
Wagner. He also set a new single-game record for return yardage with 134 yards of four returns against 
Wagner and established a new career mark for kickoff return yardage with 1,028 yards. 

Juniors Steve Hykes and Steve Wagner anchored the offensive line and were honored on the MAC All- 
Star team, with Hykes being named to the Second Team and Wagner as an Honorable Mention. MAC 
Honorable Mention All-Star Mike Hirschmann led the defensive charge with a team-high 121 tackles for 
the season from his inside linebacker position. Fellow sophomore Darren Dethke contributed 99 stops 
from the other linebacker spot, while freshman defensive tackle Ron Sowers was third on the team with 
91 tackles. 

Senior nose guard Tom Kellett finished out a fine career with 79 tackles and 2.5 sacks, while earning 
second team All-Star status from the MAC, as did sophomore safety Dave Samuel, who finished the year 
with a team-high five interceptions along with 87 tackles. Sophomore defensive end Bill Maynard topped 
the squad with 10 quarterback sacks. Freshman punter Dill Hogan also added a solid contribution, 
leading the MAC in punting, while earning a spot on the MAC'S Second-Team All-Star squad. 

The 1991 version of the Aggies returns 17 starters from this years squad and should be a team to 
contend with In the MAC title hunt. 

Back Row: Matt Purcell, Jim Cain, Doug Caldwell, Andy Herbein, Scott Williams, Travis Walker, Ken 
Hopkins, Kevin Switala, Jake Niering, Jr Meo, Tim Mears Front Row: Randy Cropper, Rich DeFulvio, Paul 
Robillard, Jason Alwine, Victor Yokorak, Frank Heery, Chris Young, Frank Qunson 


It has been a year of change for the Delaware Valley College soccer team. The 
main change in the program came with the coaching. The new head coach, Mr. Alan 
Hedden, comes from a history of soccer coaching in the Bucks County area. Assist- 
ing coach Hedden are two Del Val graduates, Chuck Barrett and Kevin Dougherty. 

The new coaches, heavy recruiting, and much effort by the players, have led the 
team to their best season in 3 years. Victories came from Wesley, Upsala and one of 
Del Val's largest rivals-Washington College. Last season, Washington burned Del 
Val 18-0, but the new team avenged this loss with a 3-1 win in overtime this year. 

The team captains for the 1990 season were G R Meo and Randy Cropper, both in 
their sophomore years. Seniors include Doug Caldwell and Corey Cluck, who both 
received all tournament honors at Trenton State this season. With only two graduat- 
ing seniors, the young team hopes to use the many changes to their advantage in 
the upcoming seasons. 


Back row: Marleen Bums, Karen Qeib, Gladys Hodge, Suzette Brought, Sherri McAllister, Coach Fleischer 
Middle Row: April Hanson, Angela Cronin, Amy Fallweiler, Melody Qeesaman, Front: Lisa Monteiro 

90 Field Hockey 

Field Hockey 

The 1990 Field Hockey team experi- 
enced another tough season, posting a 
2-15 record. The 11, sometimes 10 girl 
squad learned a great deal about them- 
selves and their abilities as the season 
progressed. "The girls are a fundamen- 
tally sound team that wants to win and 
will win if they continue to work hard 
together." (Coach Fleischer) Coach 
Fleischer also sees light over the hori- 
zon as intense recruiting brings in play- 
ers to complement those already on the 
team. This year's squad was led by Cap- 
tians Suzette Brought, so.; Amy Foll- 
weiler, So.; and Lisa Monteiro, Jr.. Other 
team members included Angie Cronin, 
Sr.; Melody Geesaman, Jr.; Marlene 
Bums, Jr.; Sherri McAllister, Fr. Karen 
Qeib, Fr.; Gladys Hodge, Fr.; April Han- 
den, Fr.; and Amy Terry, Fr.; Melody Gee- 
saman was also selected to the MAC all- 
academic Team. Amy Follweiler was 
selected by her peers as the teams mvp. 
Amy was also selected as a MAC all-star 
by the coaches in the northeast section 
of the MAC. Sherri McAllister and Amy 
Follweiler were recognized for their ef- 
forts when the squad played in the PcB 
tournament toward the end of the sea- 

Field Hockey 91 

Back Row. Coach John Quinn, Manager Sean Baver, Middle Row: Jan Sayvom, Eva Miller, Deitra Ivery, 
Pam Blogett. Front Row: Vicki Morton, Tamika Ward, Terry Ward, Angel Largent 

92 Volleyball 


The 1990 Women's V-Ball team had a 
very disappointing season. Their record 
ended 1-18. The team was coached by 
John Quinn. 1st year coach Quinn stat- 
ed that this was a long but fun season. 
The ladies played hard, but the oppo- 
nents played harder and were stronger. 

The team was led by seniors Deitra 
Ivery, Terry and Tamiko Ward. They 
were the catalysts of the team. They 
were looked to whenever there were 
points needed, whether it was their 
blocking or powerful spikes. They were 
joined by junior captain Angel Largent,. 
whom the team looked upon for leader- 
ship. Sophomore Pam Blodgett was 
looked to for her powerful serves. Fresh- 
men Vicki Morton, Rachel Ashbough, 
Eva Miller, Jan Sayvorn, and Mary Ann 
Henry added to the team's depth. 

Volleyball 93 


After three losing seasons, the DVC Men's Cross 
Country Team returned to their winning ways, log- 
ging a 6 and 4 record. Outstanding dual meets 
were their one point victory over Albright and their 
narrow loss to Susquehanna. The team also fared 
very well in invitational meets finishing sixth in the 
Lebanon Valley Invitational and third in the Drew 

Leading the team not only in scoring but also in 
leadership was senior Art Ruediger. Art won six of 
the dual meets and medaled in both the Lebanon 
Valley and Drew Invitationals, finishing seventh 
and sixth respectively. For his efforts, the team 
voted him the Most Valuable Harrier Award for the 
third straight year. Also making a significant contri- 
bution to the team's success was freshman Chuck 
Holiday. Chuck finished second in five meets, and 
he was awarded NCAA all East Second Team 
Freshman honors for his finish in the regional 


The Del Val Women's Cross Country Team was 
plagued by a plethora of problems, and with the 
exception of one meet, they were unable to field a 
full team throughout the season. The team was 
lead by sophomore Marge Harris, who was voted 
the most valuable harrier by her teammates. Oth- 
er team members who participated in most meets 
were sophomore Christina Holeman, who for her 
consistent performance was awarded the Debbie 
Mac Memorial Award, and freshman Jenn Hansen. 
Also, seeing action for the team were freshman 
Sue Sladek, Junior captain Sandy Slanker, and Ju- 
nior Kim Douglass. 

94 Cross Country 

Cross Country 

Cross-Country 95 

Colleen Qebhardt, Catherine Duffy, Lisa Melveney, 
Qina Sandone, Colleen Jones, Tiffany Olson, Jill 
Brubaker, Anne Marie Fredrick, Joanna Mc Kenna, 
Jill Dachman, Wendy Rector, and Stephanie Beach 

fVMi.'S I . • 

96 Cheerleaders 

Front: Doug Linde, Coach Werkheiser, Bob Natkie, Back: Roger Miller, Kevin Gordon, Ted Mulroy, Ray 
Wells, Michael Sowers Missing: John Thomas, Cory Cluck, Mike Qallaetta. 


Del Val's golf team had a new home 
this year, the Pinecrest Golf Course, in 
Montgomeryville. The players quickly 
took to the new course and had one of 
the better seasons in several years. At 
the only home patch, DVC played its 
finest tournament. Doug Linde, a senior, 
shot a record of one under par 69. Ray 
Wells, a freshman, shot 79 and John 
Thomas, a senior, shot his season low of 
83, far surpassing this in all other 
matches. Bob Natkie, Cory Cluck and 
Mike Knouse also contributed to the 
home matches success. 

At the MAC championship at Shawnee 
on the Delaware, the Aggies finished 
16th out of 21 teams. Linde led the team 
with an 8th place finish overall. Mike, 
Bob and Ray also did exceptionally well 
at the final tournament. Coach Werk- 
heiser is looking forward to getting an 
early start into next year's season. 

Top Left: Senior — Ted Mulroy 
Middle Right: Senior— Bob Matkie 
Middle left: Senior — Doug Linde 
Bottom left: Junior — Roger Miller 
Bottom right: Freshman — Mike Sowers 

Oolf 97 



1 Beaver 


127-53 j 

j King's 












j Moravian 






Cabrini Classic 



Beaver Classic 



















































15-3, 11-1 






14-2, 11-1 



6-4, 11-2 



17-9, 10-6 ] 


— Rained 



11-1, 15-3 



19-9, 8-1 



12-2, 14-0 

Philedelphia Textile 

— Rained 

^ Wilkes 


11-12, 14-3 

^^ Allentown 



^^ MAC Playoffs 








































Lebanon Valley 



F. Federal lnvit. 1st 

Great Lakes Open. 1st 

York Tournament 1st 

Delaware State W 

Kean College W 

Division III 3rd 

Lycoming W 

Gettysburg W 

King's W 

Moravian W 

Elizabethtown W 

Susquehanna W 

MAC at Haverford 1st 
NCAA D. Ill at Augustanna 




2 All. Americans 


16th Out Of 

20 Teams 

Doug Linde 






15-5, 7-4 






7-4, 10-9 

11-9, 11-6 


10-3, 8-4 




8-5, 12-11 


3-2, 8-6 




Philadelphia College 
Moravian College 
Drew University 
Swarthmore College 
Cabrini College 
Wesley College 
Holy Family College 
Widener University 
Upsala College 
Albright College 
Wilkes University 
Ursinus College 
Haverford College 
King's College 
U. of Scranton 

Washington College W 3-1 




























Wilkes Toum. 
Utica Toum. 
Trenton State 

Philadelphia Textile L 

Moravian L 

Widener W 

Haverford W 

Kutztown L 

Juniata L 

Holy Family W 

Albright L 

Allentown L, 

King's L 

Drew W 

Lebanon Valley W 

Scranton L 

FDU-Madison W 

Scranton L 
Eastern ^i^ W 

Kings W 

Lycoming W 

Susquehanna L 

Ursinus L 























L 74-70, 69-62 









W 74-62, 75-57 




W 63-58, 63-51 








o A> 

Men 5 And 4 
And 5 

Cross Country 



Swath/Widener/Franklin/Sf Marshall 
Moravian College 
Albright/Lebanon Valley 

MAC at Gettysburg 
Princeton Invitational 
nCAA Maperville, Illinois 



















6-5 7-4 

Scores 99 

Front L to R: Jamie Debugue, Chris McGrath, De- 
mitri Kangas, Dana Pinson, Chuck McQrath, Miki 
Chiaffi, Troy Gump, Todd Funk. Coach Craig Dea- 
con, Stephanie Qargula, Chris Hoover, Jim Craft, 
Scott Coleman, Bob Mokrynchuk, Mark Ambrose, 
Jimmy Cunningham, Mike Johnson, Sally Qargula, 
Coach Robert Marshall. Ed Hancock, Paul Cowden, 
Shawn Miller, John O'Byme, Eric Schimf, Kurt Han- 


Top Left: Paul Cowden breaks a pin attempt. 
Right: Mike Johnson won his first MAC title this 
season. Middle: Kurt Handell makes his move. 

The D.V.C wrestling Team, coached by Bob Marshall, ended another successful 
season by winning their 5th Middle Atlantic Conference Championship. 

Delaware Valley College sent 6 wrestlers into the finals and came away with three 
champions. Demitri Kangus, So., won his second title in two years, wrestling at 134 
lbs. Mike Johnson, Fr., won his 1st title at 150 lbs, and Sr., Mark Ambrose, wrestling 
at 158 lbs, won his 4th title and 2nd outstanding wrestling award. In all, D.V.C. 
placed 9 out of ten of their wrestlers in the top 4 places. 

The wrestlers won every tournament they were in this season. The First Federal 
Tournament, The York Toum., and the Great Lakes. Mark Ambrose and Bob Mok- 
rynchuk received All-American honors. Ambrose finishes his school career with a 
school record of 114 wins and only six losses. The Aggies are looking forward to a 
winning season next year. 

Wrestling 101 

Top Left: Demitri Kangus, Sophomore 
Top Right: Dana Pinson, Junior 
Middle Left: Chris Hoover, Senior 
Middle Right: Bob Mokrynchuk, Senior 
Bottom: Todd funk, Sophomore 

102 Wrestling 

Womens Basketball 

The 1990-1991 season started off with great expectations. 
Considering that the Aggie Ladies are a young team, and play- 
ing the toughest schedule in M.C.A.A. Ill with opponents such 
as Trenton State, Philidelphia Textile, Moravian, Holy Family, 
Scranton, and Kutztown. I have to be Happy!! with the way these 
girls played and advanced as a unit against some very fine 
opposition. Playing two freshman, two sophomores, and one 
senior in a starting role, the ladies overall record was 14-14 
and 6-4 in the MAC-NE. We earned our fourth straight trip to 
MAC'S playoffs, dropping a tough 72-71 contest event in the 
northern division. We also made our fourth consecutive ap- 
pearance in the E.C.A.C. Southern Region Tournament. With all 
but one player returning for next years season and five recruits, 
the Lady Aggies are looking to go to the playoffs for the fifth 
year in a row. Best of luck to Karen Cumminskey who is gradu- 
ating this year. 

W. Basketball 103 

Right: Row 1 (L to R) Coach Gary Pento, Stephanie 
Armstrong, Karen Cumminskey, Andrea Shumack, 
Natasha Upson Row 2 (L to R) Kelly Sciss, Dawn 
Fapciak, Pamela Ball, Melanie Falkiwicz (missing 
Stephanie Mason). Below: Stephanie Armstrong 
strong arms 2 points!! Bottom Left: Stephanie 
screams Hey while trying to get the ball. Bottom 
Right: Will Melanie's jumpshot hit for 2 points? 
Wait and see. 

104 Womens Basketball 

Left: Dawn jumps to receive the rebound. Below: 
Del Val setting up for the steal. Bottom: The team 
psyching up for the game. 

Women's Basketball 105 

Top (L to R): Coach Werkheiser, Mike Knouse, Jeff 
Weidlick, Matt Fritzinger, Ted Mulroy, Gene Bloe- 
maker, Brian Buckley, Bill McClafferty, Tom Riley, 
Stephan Walters, James Moye, Coach Coyle, Seat- 
ed — Eric Banks, Captain. Missing: Doug Linde, 
Jacob Mikens. 

Top Right: Doug Linde and Tom Riley prevent an 
opponent from shooting. Bottom: Count it . . . Eric 
Banks for "three"!! 

106 Mens Basketball 


The Delware Valley College Men's Basketball 
team had a tough time on the hardwoods during 
the 1990-91 season, finishing with a 3-22 overall 
record and 1-15 mark in the MAC-NE. 

Senior guard Eric Banks led the team in scoring 
with 285 points and three-point field goals (50) to 
earn team MVP honors. Junior forward Jacob Mick- 
ens topped the squad in rebounding, pulling down 
7.0 rpg. while scoring at a 12.0 ppg clip. 

The biggest highlight of the season came on 
November 24th, when the Green and Gold scored 
a school record 127 points in a 127-53 route of an 
undermanned Beaver squad. 

Banks and senior center Doug Linde conclude 
their careers in 1991, but the Aggies return nine 
players from this year's roster in hopes of re- 
bounding in the 1991-92 campaign. 

Top: Stephan Walters ... air bound. Left: Jake 
Mickens . . Slam Dunkl Middle: Doug Linde actionl! 
Right: Tom Riley looks to pass over a defender. 

Men's Basketball 107 

Below: Tom Riley takes baseline to the basket. 
Middle: Jake Mikens works one on one in the post. 
Right: Full speed ahead!! Jake drives one for DVC. 
Bottom Left: Ryan Buckley squares up for a jump 
shot. Bottom Right: Coach Werkheiser gives the 
team the gameplan. 

108 Men's Basketball 

rack and Field 

Left: Pat Qlozzer takes a nap after a day on the 
track. Below: Over the hurdle in the first lane, San- 
dra Slanker is headed for the finish line. 

Track And Held 109 

Track And Field 

Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Ken Petersen, Barry 
Bosket, Scott Hallet, Pat Qlozzer, Shawn Huzar, 
Chuck Ruchis, Peter Oesen, Sandy Slanker, Coach 
Loughery, Joanne Snouffer, Chuck Holiday, Dave 
Klosinski, Scott Jones, Ed Wilton, Kim Douglas, 
Mark Brinski, Asst. Coach McDavid, Tamika Ward, 
Terry Ward, Danielle Cooper, Luan Qethers, Chris- 
tine Holeman. 

Delaware Valley College senior field- 
man John Allen and freshman fieldman 
Joe MacMillian both recently qualified to 
compete at the Division III Track Cham- 
pionships to be held at Baldwin-Wallace 
College in Berea, Ohio on May 22nd 
through 25th. 

Allen, who holds the school record in 
the javelin, qualified for his third straight 
trip to the national championships by 
capturing the Middle Atlantic Confer- 
ence (MAC) javelin championship with a 
toss of 1931". Entering the MAC Cham- 
. pionships, Allen's best throw of the year 
had been 185' 10" to place first in a 
quadrangular meet at Swarthmore Col- 
lege on April 6th. The national qualifying 
standard to obtain entry into the Divi- 
sion III Track Championships is 193'. 

MacMillian had an outstanding fresh- 
man year for the Green and the Gold, 
competing in both the discus and the 
shot put events. The Aggie freshman 
earned his trip to the Track Champion- 
ships, in the dicus event, on May 11th at 
the Princeton Invitational. His throw of 
156 4" not only qualified him for a trip to 

110 Track And Field 

Ohio with Allen, but it also set a new 
Delaware Valley College school record 
in the event. The old mark had been 
held by Steve Trostle. 

The Aggie men finished the year with a 
6-5 record and eighth place finish at the 
MAC Championships. The Lady Aggies 
capped off a 7-4 season with a ninth 
place position in the MAC. 

Junior Kim Douglass capped off a fine 
season by winning the MAC 100 and 200 
meter dash titles. She ran season bests 
at both races, capturing the 100 in 12.78 
seconds and the 200 in a time of 25.55 
seconds, which is just one one-hundreth 
of a second shy of qualifying for the 
Track Championships. She was undea- 
feated in the 200 meter dash this sea- 
son, while winning all but two 100 meter 
dash races. 

Sophomore Bridget Kelley and fresh- 
man Denise Kehm both had good show- 
ings at the MAC Championship. Kelley 
finished second in the High Jump event 
with a leap of 5'0", while Kemp placed 
seventh in the Shot Put with a throw of 
3311" and 20th in the Discus. 

Top: The gun is shot at a track meet at Albright 
College. Above: DVC's Art Ruediger is in the lead. 

>ve: John Donovan rounding the bend heading 
ards the finish line. Above: Barry hands off the 
on in the 4 x 400 meter relay. Opposite page: 
At the line Pat Qlozzer shows his fustration. 
die: Senior, John Allen, practices throwing the 
:lin. Bottom: Ken Petersen ready to hand off. 

Track And field 111 

Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Coach Fleischer, 
Brenda Green, Cheri Cambum, Becky Duma, Tab- 
bethia Haubold, Marion VanAuken, Michelle Infan- 
te, John Zazulak, Sherri McCallister, Kelly Sciss, 
Sue Frerichs, Lori Borisoff, Becky Altmann, Rachel 
Ashbaugh, Katie Bartels. Missing: Jen Seidel 

112 Softball 

Far left: Outfielders Sue Frerichs, Kelly Sciss, and 
Marion VanAuken psyche up for the inning. Left: 
Jen Siedel. third base, throws the ball to first after 
taking several steps. Center: With a team member 
up to bat, the team looks with hope of a home run. 
Below: Sue Frerichs up to bat! 

| I 

The Delaware Valley College Softball 
am, with nine freshman and only two 
iniors, continued through its rebuild- 
ig process in 1991, posting a 3-16 
Iverall record and 2-6 mark in the Mid- 
le Atlantic Conference (MAC) - Morth- 
ast Section for the first-year coach Lin- 
a Fleischer. 

The Lady Aggies jumped out to an 
arly 3-0 start on the season, before 
le lack of depth of a pitching staff and 
•experience resulted in a season end- 
ig 16-game losing streak. Despite the 
•sing streak, the Green and Gold still 
re optimistic about their future, con- 
dering the fact that they had no se- 
iors on this year's roster and every- 
ne is expected to return to next year's 
)Ster and everyone is expected to re- 
im to next year's squad. 
"We took a step forward this season 
jnsidering all of the young players we 
ad on the squad,'' said Fleischer. 

"Once we establish a solid pitching ro- 
tation, we should once again become a 
contending ball club over the next sev- 
eral years, especially having nine fresh- 
man and no seniors on this year's ros- 

A trio of freshmen were the main of- 
fensive forces fore Del Val this season. 
Shortstop Becky Altmann, centerfielder 
Kelly Sciss and pitcher-infielder Sherri 
McAllister all hit over .400 on the year 
and were the top three on the squad in 
hits and runs scored. 

Altmann topped the team in batting 
average .464, hits 26, runs scored 23, 
and earning a spot on the MAC - north- 
east Section All-Star team. She also 
tied for the team lead in stolen bases 
and was the general on the infield from 
her shortstop position. 

Sciss finsihed the year with a .434 
batting average, with 23 hits including 
a team-high six doubles. She was sec- 

ond on the team with nine RBI's and 
third on the club with a .547 slugging 
percentage, while leading the team 
with a .951 fielding percentage. 

Sophomore third baseman Jen Sei- 
del is another solid building block re- 
turning for next season. In 15 games 
this year, she rapped out 15 hits, in- 
cluding three doubles and two triples 
on her way to a .349 batting ave. with 7 

A pair of junior outfielders will also 
be back in 1992 to provide leadership 
to the young Lady Aggies. Sue Frerichs 
(.333) and Lori Borisoff (.190) each 
drove in eight RBI's for the year. 

Softball 113 

Losing just three seniors off his 1991 
Delaware Valley College baseball team, 
fifteenth year head coach Frank Wolf- 
gang sees only good things ahead for 
his program after posting an 8-14 overall 
record and 5-5 mark in the Middle Atlan- 
tic Conference during the 1991 cam- 

Despite the losing record, the Aggies 
showed a three game improvement over 
the 1990 season, while playing a num- 
ber of freshmen at key positions 
throughout the line up. Those fresh- 
men, combine with several upper class- 
men, will provide a solid nucleus for 
1992 and years to come. 

"I thought the kids played well and we 
had a chance to win a few more games." 
said Wolfgang. "The kids played hard 
and gave a good effort. The only thing 
that was dissappointing about the sea- 
son was the fact that we never had a 

chance to win a doubleheader." 

In six doubleheaders on the year, the 
Aggies split five and lost one, losing the 
first game of all six twinbills. However, 
the squad was able to bounce back and 
capture two one-run games and a pair of 
two-run games to avoid being swept. 

Junior infielder Bob Altieri, completed 
an outstanding season by earning the 
team's MVP award for the third straight 
year. Named to the MAC-HE section and 
Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference 
South Region All Star teams, Altieri hit 
.437 with three home runs and 21 runs 
batted in (RBI). He topped the team in 
batting average, RBI's, hits (38), dou- 
bles (6), triples (3) and handled all 89 
defensive chances without an error. He 
was also the ace of the Green and Gold 
pitching staff, posting a 5-4 record with a 
9.11 earned run average (ERA), while 
striking out 34 in 53-1/3 innings. 


Top: Bill Turner quickly gets the ball in. Above: To 
bad this foul ball, caught by Paul Hahn, doesn't 
count for an out. Right: Brian Siegal watches as his 
teammate calls for the ball. 

^■■1 WF m m 

114 Baseball 


i IlPnr m m. — 



Top to Bottom, left to right: Coach Bob Simmons, 
Kyle Walters, Bill Hogan, Bob Alteri, Ryan Buckly, 
Brian flicker. Matt fritzinger, Mike Rapp, Scott Die- 
mees. Coach Frank Wolfgang, Paul Mahn, Bob 
Spratt, Dan Law, Bill Turner, Ron Qorniak, John 
Maresca, Brian Siegal, Tim Mears 

Above: Coach Frank Wolfgang brings in pitcher 
Ryan Buckley to liven up the Aggies. 

Above: Outfielder, Brian Flicker, awaits the ball. 
Left: Bill Hogan, takes a few throws to warm up in 
the chilly spring weather. Middle: The Aggies in 
between innings. 

Baseball 115 


Top to Bottom, Right to Left: Tim Woytas, Joe Cascarelli, Tad Dalgewicz, Pete Williams, Joe Rozick, Bill 
Tarbett, Glen Canterbury, John Pohl, Matt White, Steve Calderone, Mike Lager, Fred Barberra, Doug 
Walkup, Craig Higgs, Sean Harkins, Jr. Meo 

Above: Mike Lager #11 makes his way onto the 

116 Lacrosse 

Alumni Field 

Lacrosse 1991 

Lacrosse 1 1 7 

118 Equestrian Team 

Equestrian Team 

The Del-Val Equestrian Team, 
coached the past two years by Claire 
Harris of Fox Heath Farm, competes in 
the Intercollegiate Horse Show Associa- 
tion. The Team rides in 7 to 9 shows a 
year, and competes with other colleges 
in horsemanship classes such as Begin- 
ner Walk, Trot, Canter for those riders 
just starting out, novice. Intermediate 
and Open for the more advanced riders, 
and the over fences classes for those 
riders that are more daring. 

The Del-Val Equestrian Team has 
been very competitive in the IHSA cir- 
cuit. In 1988 and 1990, DVC was High- 
Point College in this region. This en- 
abled the team to send a rider from each 
division to the IHSA National Horse 
Show. While there, DVC had riders win 
their divisions, congratulations Del-Val, 
we are proud of you!! 

Equestrian Team 119 


122 Intramurals 

-^ .-\ 

Intramurals 123 

124 lntramurals 

Intramurals 125 

Intramural .... 

Football Teams 

Bob's Boys 

Theta Chi 
Nunzio Boys 

Hockey Teams 

Theta Chi 
Fire Starters 
Staff Team 

Samuer Goon 
Wolf Pack 
Mad Hallers 

Basketball Teams 

Theta Chi 
Dream Team 
S.S. Boys 
Staff team 

BOB'S BOY'S: Sean Boug, Tony Rizzolino, Curt Handle, Dana Finson, Billy Turner, Chris Hoover, Re 
Ferrizzi, Jimmy Cunningham, Brian Schlegel Front: John Myers, Bob Moreman, Mike Savare, Da\ 


WOLF PACK: Mike Stamm, Mike Qalletta, John Casani, Ron Qomiak, Torrey Bracken, Back: Bob Alte 
John Maresca, Mike Ambolino, Joe Rozick, Darren Bethke. 

©3© %2Q£ 

eJ\J A 

THETA CHI SIGMA: John Thomas, Brad Qroff, Dan Law, John Maresca, Dave Faino, Back: Lester Strubk 
Ed Wilton, Scott Horoshko. 

126 Intramural Champions 

. . . Champions 

Volleyball Teams 

Ryan Miller 











1UG • A - LUG: John Maniatty, Andy Gizzi, Frank Gunson, Mike Rapp, Colin Ringer, Mike Sowers, Back: 
irk Owens, Rob Davis, Eric Shade, Gino Bloemker. 

Softball Teams 

Theta Chi 





CMS Mouse 



Bingo Long 

no name 





:Z0 S: Front: Dante Perri, Mike Savare, Cary Palmer, Back: Mark Ambrose, Dan Benner, Rich DeFulvio, 
:is Hoover, Paul Cowden, Kurt Handel, Troy Gump, Tony Rizolino 

ntramural sports at DVC are actively participated in by many of our students. Men 
) 1 women join in the fun of Volleyball, Floor Hockey, Softball, Football and 
kketball and compete to become season's champions. The prize is becoming 
irolved in a campus activity as well as the coveted team shirts. 

ntramurals is the chance to join a DVC team, regardless of ability. It is the chance 
toe a part of the TEAM SPIRIT of DVC. 

his years winners for the season are: FOOTBALL — BOB'S BOY'S; HOCKEY- 
JTTBALL-BOZZO'S; TEnniS— Demitri Kangus and Chuck McGrath, Sean Reid and 

Tennis Winners 

Ron Tronnino 
Shawn Reed 


Chuck McGrath 
Demetric Kaugus 

Girls Hockey 




Intramural Champions 127 

Top: Joe Rozick heads across to get the ball from 
an opposing team member. Above: Bill Hyde re- 
trives the ball from the goalie in a very close game. 
Middle: The ball is taken down court by junior, Jim 
Wightman. Right: Frank B. Qunson stick handles 
the ball pass opposing team member Bill Hyde. 

128 Intramurals 

Top Left: No, let me get it. Bottom Left: OK, wait a 
minute, I think I need a break. Middle: The Three 
Stooges playing Floor Hockey. Bottom: Guys, I'm 
not the puck! 

Intramurals 129 

Intramural Basketball 

Below: Dan Law discusses the last second strat 
gies with his team. Bottom; Left: Mark Jensen goe 
in for two points. Center: Lisa Dietrich wishes th 
game activity would pick up. Right: Moving intj 
shooting distance, Eric Shade. 

130 Intramurals 

Intramurals 131 

Intramural Softbal 

Above: Pitcher, Jerry Skoda steps up to the 

Top right: Scott Horoshko and Lester Struble are 
coming into home base one after the other. 

132 Intramural Softball 

**"*■ **%, 

^^i 0& 


^> jji 

Left: Members of Theta look on as their team is up 
to bat. 

Intramural Softball 133 



1 f?*5CUil us 


Smooth as Iraqi oil . . Piunzio the elf . . 
Boones is #1 . . Cut the crap man . . Hey 
Weenie . . HOT TUB PARTIES . . Mike 3 . . 
The lounge . . Stickball . . When it rains, 
Work hall goes MUD SLIDING! Super 
Bowl party . . . Ya Giants . . Christmas 
Dinner dance . . Cha, Cha, Cha . . Orbs . . 
. Rusty, where's our pizza!! . . Norm!! . . 
A-LUG RULES . . Seat saved . . Look out 
Mel's coming, Relax Frank's here!! . . 
Schade . . Cheesesteak nights and open 
mike at NBH! . Sour Cream chips . . 
Thanks Colin . . Thank God for inventing 
DENNIES . . 7've run . . No more fire 
alarms! . . Waynes World . . We love you 
Ms. Ely . . Babe, the seven toed freeload- 
er .. No pets allowed . . What's an STD?? 
. . Co-ed all the way . . You fit how many 
people in your room? . . COORS and 
then some!! . . gatta love those sneaky 
Dan's . . right Lis!! ZX Little Sisters . . 
pledging . . Frunk, Bart, . . . it's your fault 
. . CHEERS AND ALF . . . best shows ever 
AHOLIC . . Well, there's always Schade . 
. T & T, everybody's favorite twins . . 

136 Work Hall 

Ethel W. Cooke 

Top Left: Tom Peltz, Community Coordinator, di- 
rects the gentlemen of the 1st floor of Cooke Hall 
with the help of HA, Marvin Zimmerman, in the 
nightly sing-a-long. Middle: Senior, John Allen 
lures Jeff and Eric to the cigar buckets. Left: The 
excited students of Cooke's 2nd floor give the 
place a thumbs up!! 

Cooke Hall 137 

Barness 1st And 


.^■^^k ^^B ^^i 

vr -^B 


Ann, I think something died in your room!!-OH 
MO we have pledge's-Who did you say, Karen? I 
don't think I know a Karen up here!!!-All right who 
is turning the hall lights off at night?-What is that 
smell by the trash?-Woo you have maggots-Ring 
the Bell or we can't hear you. -Will someone get 
that Damn phone-Listen no pig boots in the hall- 
way-Paige when are you going to take the Christ- 
mas stuff down- Oh my God is she telling those 
damn stories again- The damn vaccum is broke 
again-Do not worry we do not have any R.A.'s- You 
were told not to run in the hallway!! I think the 
blenders here more then she is!!-The Freshmen 
were wasted again last night. 

138 Bamess 

Alumni Hall 

Yuk! What is that smell?-Cow What?-What are all 
those people taking pictures of?-Hey!! It's cold in 
here-Dead Head all the way! 

Rodi's Nite-3RD Floor Drafts-The Spirits of the Sea- 
son-75 lb. pumpkin. 

Alumni/Miller Halls 139 

Ulman Hall 1st 
& 2nd 

Top: The boys from Ulman 1st stand in front of 
their newly landscaped residence hall. Above: Se- 
nior, Eric Baum, takes a break after a tough day on 
the gridiron. Middle: Ryan Miller, Doug Breneman, 
and Brad Longenecker turn around after playing a 
challenging game of Nintendo Football. Right: Ul- 
man 2nd residence crowd the enterance to the 
1923 dormitory. 

140 Ulman Hall 

Ulman Hall 3rd 

Top: Kevin Switala is caught studying Biology on a 
Saturday morning. Middle: The Ulman crew take a 
breather in front of the dorm. Junior, Mike Lager 
looks back. Left: Students from Ulman's 3rd floor 
show the support for American's troops in a very 
patriotic year. 

Ulman Hall 141 

Elson 6e 
Wolfsohn Halls 

Right: The boys from Elson Hall relax in their lounge. 
Below: Larry Williams persuades a friend to go play 
basketball with him in the gym. Center: Elson RA 
Brendon Cawood . . . alio. alio. Bottom: The gang 
from Wolfsohn Hall stand outside their Residence 
Hall. Senior, Bill Turner gives the big #1 for DVC. 

142 Elson & Wolfsohn Halls 

Left: Did someone say Moo? Below: Drinking too 
many Martinis? Bottom Left: Here I come! Bottom 
Middle: True Love. Bottom Right: Hello. Mom. 
Please send some money? 

Dorm Life 143 

Goldman 1st And 


The Great flood in Dan Law's room!-How 'bout those 
Goldman Golf Parties-Who threw the chairs- who 
ripped the phone off?-Where did all are shower cur- 
tains go?-Theta Chi Sigma!!-We hold the record in 
breaking the roles.-Fights, what fights?-Are those 
Freshman Fighting again?-Who hung the Christmas 
balls on the tree outside?-Cheers; Scott and Billy-If it 
happened upstairs John Hirst did it!!-Bob stop throw- 
ing the Orange fights 

144 Goldman 

Samuel Hall 
1st 6f 2nd 

Top: Students of Samuel Hall, 1st floor, make fun 
of their 3 year RA, senior, Rich DeFulvio. Middle: 
Dave Rosario of Samuel 2nd relaxes after a busy 
day at the college post office. Above: Sophomore, 
Rob Anderson wonders why his roommate Don 
mixed his dairy cloths in with his good cloths. Left: 
Samuel 2nd is comprised of mostly DVC Football 
and Wrestlers. 

Berkowitz Hall 1st & 

Top: Berkowitz 1st girls surround RA's Sandy Olney, 
Donna Miloszar, and Liz Kelley. Above: Melissa Gor- 
don caught off guard! Center: Stephanie Armstrong, 
Nef Savoy, Cindy Blackstone, and Sharon Adams ad- 
miring Deitra Ivery's hoops. Right: Berkowitz 2nd RA, 
Terri Schnieder holds court over the girls on the sec- 
ond floor and the "T." 


146 Berkowitz Hall 

Left: Isn't life grand? Below: A9< or best offer. 
Bottom Right: We didn't touch it, honest. Bottom 
Left: Come on let's squeeze in. 


The commuters of Del VA1! The few, 
the proud and the free!! No quiet hours, 
no roommate battles, no dorm rules and 
no RA's. And best of all, no false fire 
alarms at three in the morning. Lot's of 
peace and quiet and nothing to worry 
about except the neighbors complaining 
and the real cops showing up if we do 
get rowdy!! Although we aren't close to 
campus and we put a lot of wear and tear 
on our cars and bodies getting here dur- 
ing rush hour traffic it is still worth every 
minute of it, (except when we're 20 min- 
utes late for class). We've got home- 
cooking when and if we can cook it, and 
the way we like it. We enjoy the freedom 
of coming and going as we please and 
getting a decent nights sleep when we 
want, that we could never give up. Sure, 
we all miss not being around for all the 
fun events on campus and being in- 
formed of all the latest comings and go- 
ings .... believe it-commuters are al- 
ways the last to find out about anything . 
. . and then its usually only a week or two 
late .... but hey, these things happen 
and for what we gain by being out on our 

148 Commuters 

Commuters 149 


Far right: This freshman commuter 
student catches a quick bit before 
that 2:45 class. Right: Energy for the 
long commute HOME! 

150 Commuters 

Left: This student lost his place on the page and 
fell into the ketchup. Below: This student is afraid 
that he will lose his place on the page. Bottom: Is 
Kim Ghering waiting for a big surprise? 

Commuters 151 

Delaware Valley College 

Top: Denny and Carl discuss Carl's 
latest exam. Above: Becky Altmann 
holds her dog that she is training to 
become a seeing eye dog for the 
blind. Middle: Please don't bother me 
- I'm hungry!! Middle right: Dan Lee 
looks over notes as he reviews for an 
upcoming exam. Right: It says here 
that Holsteins are black and white and 
Brown Swiss are brown. 

152 Commuters 

Doylestown, PA 

Top: Senior, Mike Zimmerman, smiles 
as he thinks about graduation day - 
May 18th. Middle left: I think I parked 
in Mrs. Shield's spot. Center: This cof- 
fee tastes QREAT! Middle right: What 
is this paw print on my notes? Left: 
John, it says here that DVC stock just 
went up 3 points. 

Commuters 153 

Top: This non-traditional student finds getting back in the swing of thir 
not as easy as he thought. Top left: Amy Lubinsky is all smiles. Left: T 
traditional smile from a non-traditional student. Above: Curtis Cooper ca 
wait to hit the beaches in California! 

154 Commuters 

Top left: Donna Jennings copies down the names 
of the Student Government Officers. Left: Commut- 
er, Kirsten Dresser, gives a sly look as she watches 
the Aggies win the baseball game. Center: Lisa 
Brous tries to explain the DVC Animal Science pro- 
gram. Below: Another day another paper down! 

Above: A last minute look before the big exam. 
Left: A pen in one hand and a fork in the other, this 

Commuters 155 

Above: A common way of commute for students is 
Septa, which stops right behind campus. Left: 
Then I hold my arm out like this and it falls asleep. 
Bottom: Commuters, Sue Kris, and Diana, have a 
Christmas concert of their own in their off-campus 



Top Middle: Hey pal, what's up? Top Right: Aah! I 
needed that. Below: I think I'll take a couple of 
these. Bottom Right: You're so funny! Bottom Left: 

Maguy Abboud CISM 

John J. Allen Jr. BA 

Dina M. Antonelli AS 

Kristine Artes AS 

MA • 


1 * 

•*. ." 

^ ^ ■^■■B JIH 

s * t *"\flHt ft ^ 

<tX la^ 

r&^ s^^^^^m vtfc* **■ - 

ctp ^K ^H 


Mo Photo 

Eric M. Banks BA 

I rtfl S ftarberra OM 

Andrew K. Bamdt OH 

Seniors 161 

Brian S. Bayda BY 

Christian Q. Beaulieu OH 

Daniel L. Benner DS 

Qlenn R. Biondi OH 

Susan M. Block DS 

Christine H. Borowsky AS 

David W. Bortz OH 

Melissa A. Bravo AS 

Heather L. Brown AS 

Thomas C. Brown OH 

Jill S. Brubaker/Foltz BA 

Douglas W. Caldwell OH 

Annette M. Canalichio AS 

Diana J. Costa OH 

Joseph R. Cascarelli OH 

Audra A. Cinalli BY 

Laura S. Cinalli BY 

Angela S. Cronin OH 

Seniors 163 

Karen M. Cummiskey BA 

Richard DeFulvio BA 

John Defeo III OH 

Lisa A. Dietrich 

~ " - 9| 

w <m ' ** bL^ 

* s lB^i ffim ifer ' 

Kirsten M. Dresser AS 
164 Seniors 

Jennifer L. Delgatto BY 


v» IR^^s- ■*** V • 



Christopher H. Falkler AE 

Michelle D. Fenton AS 

Timothy B. Ford BA 

David H. Frank BY 

Melissa Gall BY 

Kristian I. Qarver FS 

Patricia A. Gimon CH 

Nicholas J. Giorgianna Jr. BY 

Melissa M. Gordon AS 

Ronald Q. Gorniak BA 

Frank B. Gunson BY 

Seniors 165 

Signe B. Hanson OH 

Heather L. Hemley DS 
166 Seniors 

Sean n. Harkins OH 

Victoria B. Herr AS 

Thomas P. Higgins BA 

Robert J. Hofstetter HT 

Ingeborg L. Jenkins AS 

Donna Jennings BA 

Marcus R. Jensen OH 

Renee A. Kazokas AS 

Kurt I. Keller BA 

Seniors 167 

Thomas Kellett AE 

Ann M. Kline OH 

Elizabeth M. Kelly BY 

Jeanette L. Kidd OH 

Marc A. Krasner HT 

Tad E. Kuntz HT 

Sandra E. Kusma CH Qretchen A. Lannon AS 

168 Seniors 

J. Daniel Law BA 

Joan B. Kinley AE 

Eric Kunz OH 

Stina A Liebman AS 

James W. Lenhart DS 

Robert J. Lopes Jr. AK 

Christine D. Levis BA 

Thomas S. Lewis OH 

Jo-Ellen M. Lex AS 

John J. Mahoney BA 

Seniors 169 

John D. Maniatty BY 

Scott L. Mann CISM 

Jeffrey D. Martin OH 

Angela M. Mazaika O 

Robert Ash McDonnell OH 

Erin M. McQowan AS 

170 Seniors 

Charles W. McQrath Jr. BA 

Peter Milicia OM 

Lisa Monastero/O Brian BY 

David A. McWilliams OH 

Brian W. Mensinger OH 

Douglas T. Miller OH 

Donna M. Miloszar BY 

James A. Moye HA 

Betsy J. Myers AS 

Steven L. Metzgar C1SM 

Gail L. Mirabella AS 

Richard M. Mazareta Jr. BA 

Seniors 171 



*-_.....- -■'■■' 

Caroline N. Nkuo AB 

Jeannine E. Pawelski BY 

Joseph A. Perelka BA 
172 Seniors 

Michael J. Penta III BA 

James J. Pitts Jr. AS 

Julie A. Rabin AS 

Dawn M. Reckner OH 

Lori A. Ross BY 

Lynne Routzahn BA 

Arthur A. Ruediger BY 

Edward M. Sandshaw AE 

Mk.hael r. Santlllo BA 

Seniors 173 

Malika A. Savoy FS 

Peter J. Schweitzer BA 

Steven A. Shetterly DS 
174 Seniors 

Danielle L. Schlick AS 

Theresa J. Schneider BY 

William B. Sennett Jr. OH 

Elizabeth A. Shandor BY 

Jacob A. Singer AS 

Lora J. Smith BY 

Sean M. Schwartz OH 

Travis E. Sherman AE 

Thomas M. Smith AB 

Anqela D. Thigpen AS 

Christine A. Trunkwater BA 

Margaret PI. Whitache AS 

Rebecca S. Widdoes FS 

Sandra I. Williams BA 

Robert W. Wogisch OH 

Timothy Q. Woytas OH 

Peter Pi. Williams OH 

M&»v'- ''. V* HE 31 


W& r * 1 ' ' ImBf ^1 


Far Left: Hey, let's go riding Left: Boy that was 
tough Below: Together forever. Middle: This is the 
life. Bottom Right: OK, it's time to go. Bottom Left: 
Hurry and take the picture. 

Seniors 177 



*A O 








John Joseph Allen Jr. 

703 Hunter Drive 
Langhorne, PA 19053 

Special thanks to Mom and Toni for all your 
love and support, and everything you've 
done to get us through the last 4 years, I 
love you both and couldn't have done it 
without you! Also special thanks to Tim and 
Michele, yur the greatest. Memories: Wolf- 
son, Alf, Fast Eddie, Football, OG-OT #79, 
Track Captain, Javelin, MAC'S, Nationals, 
Chicago, Cooke Fire, B + B, Hayrides, 
School record Holder, St. Patrick's Day, A- 
Day, Country Tavern, shoulder biter, RT, 
Feeding the ducks, wanna be, "Carnival 
Night". The guys: Thanks for everything Eski- 
mo, B.P, Matt, Jaz, Joe, Turf. Very special 
thanks to Trina, thanks for a great year and 
life, I love you! 

Dina Antonelli 

810 E. 15 Street 

Chester, PA 19013 

Remember: Sociables, P-town, Skiing, chili 
and cheese, HELLO JACK, 21 shots, chubby 
bunny, gasping at grapes, Goldman 2nd, 
Thursday all-nighters, losing my axle and 
wheel, rotaries, Oui ja board. Jinks, crusted 
warblers, Floyd and wreaking my favorite 
drinking buddy, you cut me right off!!. 
Motty, the night is young and so are we. 
Maggot, you are my Sunshine! Jimmy, no 
more tequila for you! Rob, you are a legend 
in your own mind. Jamie, I'd appreciate you 
not coughing in my face! Reinhart, you just 
RELAX! To all my friends at DVC. Thanks for 
the memories . . . One last thought for the 
road: "I drink, therefore I am." 

Ronald Joseph Bane Jr. 

619 Altamont Blvd 

Frackville, PA 17931 

ACTIVITIES: Football, Apiary Society, 
Newman Club, Intramurals: Floorhockey 
and Basketball. 

Thank you mom and dad for making this 
possible. Hi Lori and Dan! Kerri, there's so 
much to say-Thanks for starters. To Tom 
and Travis, it's over. Time flies. Skim, Keep 
pluggin. Scott J. I didn't forget about ya. 
To all my fellow teammates, believe me I 
won't miss the August heat. Attention 
Cooke Hall residents: Beware of firebug! 
Tom and Judy thanks for all your help and 
keeping an eye on us. To all my friends 

Mark N. Ambrose 

1509 Mifflin Street 

Huntingdon, PA 16652 

Thank you mom and dad for everything 
The past four years Sally- it means every 
thing to me that you came down hen 
too! I love you. Wrestling team . . DVC 
winning team . . . You guys are great- 
Keep BOB's reputation going. Bob's boy: 
Skin Head, get a life. Hoover— You Bum' 
Have a drink on me ... . 

Andrew K. Barndt 

453 Bucks Rd 
Perkasie, PA 18944 

Thanks mom and dad. I've had enoug 
school now. I never could have done 
without you. Good Luck Squirt! Keep m 
seat warm, Miller; I'll get your keys. Tax 
onomy class with Russell, Doug and Nui : 
ney— got the old lab Jay? Doug, did yo ! 
see my hat on the flagpole? Ahwooba 
CC! Just wanted to dance. Now what' 
Enough of this nonsense. See you late 
Bye. Work it friends! Tschau. 

Brian S. Bayda 

4311 Newburg Rd 

Bethlehem, PA 18017 

Nick, Doug, Cool Pauly, YO! YO! Reiny, 
Jeannine, Art, Tad, Joey, Pete, Sean. 
Nick did you see that. Fuzzy lip, FUBR, de- 
ciphon, excavations, Dancin' NBI style, 
rummage Rehobeth!!! I'm 52, hatchet 
wound, feelin rugged. Joe and Nick- you 
both started it. Hey Art, NBI for an hour, 
late night at Denny's, Oops Up, Monte, 
Tad's annoying list! Mark and Ed— If we 
only had her?! Ghost deer, Goldman 
Boys, Doug- I heard slurping!! BTB, Star- 
Trek, D + D, Skipper, Schleppy, King 
quaser, NOGO nova, Blue streak. Jean- 
nine, thanks for keeping me sane! Good 




180 Memories 

Glenn Robert Biondi 
52 Glen Gary Road 
Middlesex, NJ 08846 

dona THE bar, DVC golf course!! Mud 
lides. fearless Dave af the Zeta Chi par- 
y, eat more beer, Albert Einstein's philos- 
>phy Smashing bottles, Atlantic City trip 
towaway, you can feel fat in the dark, 
>ut you can't feel ugly! I got the mun- 
:hies, man!. We saw the blue flame, 
JORM! I drank what? Make me another 
:heesesteak lady. Who wrote on the 
>athroom wall?, NBI to the rescue, I got 
lOthin to do, Who the hell are you?? Get 
jut of my room! You fit 35 people in this 
oom, HOW?? Lose the shirt. Thanks ev- 
>ryone, Work hall gang past and present, 
kimundy is outta here. 

David Walker Bortz 
123 Woodland Drive 
Landsdale, PA 19446 

Susan Marie Block 

327 Barbara Drive 

Clarksboro, NJ 08020 

Nickname: Blockhead 
Activities: Dairy Society, B + B, Out Doors 
Club, A-Day and Livestock Judging Team. 
It's been a blast. Will always remember 
rooming with Krissy and all the crazy things 
we did, simon, Kitty — Meow Meow, Puss 
Puss. Pep talks, moral support and scientific 
evidence. Are they bonding? Ah Tabor, Jer- 
ry, water slides, Mikie's B-Day, Bumble, Ricky 
roadkill. Love ya Kathy and most of all NO 
RULES!! Tex you native! Roadtrips, parties, 
and friends. Mo keep on turning those 
tassles. Want to forget waking Don up for 
4am milkings, Marge's Breakfast, isoplus + 
the summer of 89 — they tried to kill me I was 
roped into it — Honest. Thank you Mom and 
Dad. Go Aggies!! 

Christine H. Borowsky 
53 Clearview Ave 
Trenton, N J 08619 

hanks mom and dad for everything, 
ivestock Judging team was great even 
lough we did not do so well. Remember 
rudying— slides guys + the FUSTRATION!! 
jlie- Bio final!! How about Rosanne 
ights, Erin especially Sophomore year 
iding lessons were the greatest- AC JL 
•B. Heather + Angie, never forget the 
jnches. Lavin, Luih + foals. Best of luck 
'veryone. It was fun being a part of such 
i small (all women major) college. Thanks 
:indy for all your support and rides. Lucky 
- I are going, going, gone. 

To all of the seniors . . . You are the best! 
Good luck in all you do. To the officers: 
AC, LC, JC, TK, KD, AK, NG, AR — thanks 
for everything! Senior socials, Trips, Baha- 
mas Bound!!, A-DAY, LNC-MR. Patch, Mud 
Boggin' in the rain. SG meetings, Wolfson 
22, Cooke 205: Learn not to burn!! 
Friends-INTEGRATE!!, Don't seperate NA- 
TIVES— Work it draw— Boys!! JD— You've 
made my time at DVC the best they 
could have been. I'll miss you MAD DOG!! 
take care and K.I.T. LM. KD, JK, JB and LS 
especially. To my family — all of my love. 
BS— You are my life, heart and soul— 

Lisa M. Brous 

59 W. Myrtle Ave 

Feasterville, PA 19053 

Equestrian Team (3), Lab Animal Club (1), 
Pre Vet Society (1). 

To Jim, Thanks for being there for me and 
loving me no matter what. I will always 
love you!! To Erin, "I want a pound of 
Busch", you were the best roommate I 
could ever ask for, I'll miss you. To all my 
friends: You know who you are, thanks for 
making these last years so bearable. I'll 
miss you. Scruffy, you will also be special 
to me. Goodbye DVC, Hello real World!! 

Melissa Ann Bravo 

R.D. 5 Box 258 

Wellsboro, (Hickkville) PA 16901 

Hey gang, anyone got a clue what we're 
suppose to do now?? Bye Del Val, it's been 
fun! now for some serious life!! Hope you all 
enjoy this book?? Special memories: Dancin 
on the library roof, smokin one the wrong 
way three times!! Ulman 308, the boys!, Evil 
Dead, the dumb look, Jim, Jim, Jim ... No 
more Jim?? Roadtrips home, Summer's at 
Doug's, Haunted Houses, Roy's, Thurs. night 
rendezvous, A-Day 89, Goldman Hall party 
88 and The Wolfson Gang 87 — Wedns. 

nights at NBI and KAROAKE SHOW TIME 

Babushka brother's don't forget me!! J. A, 
Brendon: thanks for all the talks. Work Hall 
gang . . . Keep up the tradition and thanks 
for making everyone's year a memorable 
one. Everyone who lent me car keys the last 

four years THANK YOU. Everyone at 

home. Thank you for putting me through 
college. Well gang, this is it. Grab Reality!!! 
Kegs, just think of the fun we'll have now!! 

Memories 181 

Thomas C. Brown 

HC Box 19-A 

Leek Kill, Pa 17836-9704 

Sleeping a whole semester in a closet, the 
saliva oath, the power of prayer, ""Boycott 
Hell Dude!!!" Degarmo and Key concerts in 
Wildwood, Car evangelizing, being de- 
pressed with John, Late nights at Perkins, 
Bottomless glasses of ice tea, twister + Uno, 
square dancing with the "Older genera- 
tion". Mom and Dad prayer support and all 
their help as well and most importantly the 
way God has led me through my four years 
of college, especially this last year. God, 
you are awesome. 

Annette Marie Canalichio 
1709 Spencer Drive 
Croydon, PA 19021 

Thanx mom, dad, Frankie for all your love, 
support, and encouragement and money; 
Crutches cause I had to be the first girl on 
the soccer team — no you can't have 2 din- 
ners; Jenifer Albi, Pudding, Punk hair, 3am 
milkings, Andy, my bike, manure pit, who's 
the D2 girl, late nite walks, Lucy juice, 
Druckie: Shower in S. St clothes, wash at 1 
am studying, trip to JW, S ST; Pittsman "Mr 
D" in POC, Don't forget to check the chicks; 
Dr. Streams + Annie Worthington?, DVC 
Sprite, Pride and the rest of the herd. Thanks 
Lisa for the lessons, Lori for breakfast and Mr. 
and Mrs. W. for putting up with me, and 
"Dad" for my "HERD". To my roommate, 
Nicole: Berk 208 will be empty. Stephen: You 
taught me love, support, hard work, com- 
fort, and how many pizza's I can eat in a 
week, I love you. LOVE NETTIE. 

Heather Lee Brown 

P.O Box 113 Carter Hill Rd 

Canterbury, NH 03224 

Dairy Society, Alpha Phi Omega, A-day 
Committee. Dean's List, Who's Who 
Among University Students. Mom Bob, 
and Steve, Thank you for your love and 
support. It has meant the world to me. I 
love you all very much. Angie, there is no 
one who I will miss more than you, you 
have been such a great friend, I will never 
forget all the wonderful times we've 
shared. I love you. Erin — I'll see you next 
Tuesday! I'LL never forget our NBI adven- 
tures, I'll miss you. Good luck Stina and 
Chris. Keep in touch. Mark — I love you 
and I'm looking forward to the future with 

Jill Susanne Brubaker 

5398 Point Pleasant Pike 

Doylestown, Pa 18901 

"Sloshie", Ballbreaker" Business club, 
Cheerleading captain. Mom and Dad, 
thank you for your love and support. Love 
you both. Jackie, my favorite sis, luv ya LI 
nig! To my man Rob — your the best, I 
love you! Myrtle Beach, Colorado, The 
night the couch burnt, you're lost Pam! 
Aunt Jamima/ Mrs Butterworth, Finnys-1 
way street-spuds + spongie! Shuckin 
corn, Colleen-at Deb shop again? Toast- 
ed almonds, NBI, Medieval Fest, Cheer- 
leaders in Lycoming — OwwwM Face- 
masks, Chuckie — Pink bug + Raymond! 
Colleen J. — Butter Wrestling! To my 
roomdogs, Sally, Wendy and Cather- 
ine — who made the year fun! Good luck 
whatever the future may hold! 

Anthony J. Calazzo 

RD #6 200 Card Road 

Sussex, NJ 07461 

Activities: DVC Christian Fellowship, La 
Animal, Apiary Society, A-Day commi 
tee, and the small animal lab. 
Memories: Wrestling with the Boys, 
seemed like it was me against the dorn' 
Thanks guys! John M. and his advice, | 
worked! Jeff who took the time to be 
friend, thanks. Thanks to Tom for leadin; 
the way! To all who crossed my path an 
made a difference in my life. Good luc 

Joseph R. Cascarelli 

50 Fairbank Street 

Hillside, NJ 07205 

Goldman Boys— Tad, Nick, Doug, Bria 
Pete, Sean, Mark, Paul, Chris, Al Bund 
Sup— SS, Ed, Marc, Dave, John, Jim, LeJ 
Art, Chris B, Doug C, 4 wheeling. A-Da 
Monster truck, Hall Parties, Nick started J 
Lacrosse Hits, Wolfson Fly farm, You-Losii 
You-Drink! Late nite boys. Slippers, Soc; 
dish, and Razor gone. Stop snoring, 
okay we're not late, Sean let's go hurj 
ing, Tax and Woodies Hikes, Wolfy's clas 
es. I'm killing you— That's cool. Boylov 
Repelling, Fire alarms in the snow. Sno 
ball riot. Door knob. Thanks mom and dc 
for all your Support & love. 

182 Memories 

Audra Cinalli 

703 Fairbridge Drive 

Fairless Hills, PA 19030 

activities: Class officer, Student Activities 
;ommitttee and Student Government 
dy love to Angelo, Cialo, Ben Kitty, and 
■randy: You will always be with me in my 
Bart and mind wherever I go. Thank you 
or your friendship. Mom and Dad, thanks 
or always believing in me. I hope to 
nake you proud of me. To Laura, my 
avorite roommate, its been tough at 
imes but we made it together. Art, 
hanks for giving me special times at 
)VC. Till we meet again . . . John, thanks 
or putting up with me and giving me 
omething to smile about. I love you all, 
md wouldn't be here today without you. 

Diana Joy Costa 

132 Meadow Lark Rd 

Stratford, NJ 08084 

■ Day October 30, 1968, Special Envir. 
>esign. The trolls w/ no truffles to feed 
hem, the X-Mas cone. Party lights, "I 
•eed them for the Butterflies!", Dr. Martin 
rid his asprin, the Van that Toed, Singing 
xound the X-Mass Tree; Loo, Loo, Loo, 
he Apt. and all the pillow wars and the 
jateway to hell!! The tiger on the pot, 
tomecoming '90 and the visiting police, 
he cranberry bog and the flying nut! The 
jngle upstairs, the all nighters, friends, 
ton't labor, on the score! Dave, John, Phil 
ou guys are the greatest, I love you all! 
L big sigh of relief, thanks mom and dad 
/e did it!! 

Brendon Barrett Cawood 

Planet Earth 

The Universe 00000 

At last I've been able to get off this cam- 
pus. God knows where to next. 3 Admin . 
. . 10 moves, + 1 dorm fire later and still 
kicking. Special thanks to Barrett and 
Moyra, I love you. Cheers Ruby. Thanks to 
all the families that adopted me, espe- 
cially the Bittners. Pat, Brad, lets kick 
some butt. "The Boot". Good music and . 

? Well better luck in the future, I 

hope. Road trips, VW's, Route 32, The 
PV's. Road rallies, Canoeing, summer 88, 
Farm #3, 89 and 90, Hey Lit. The Fella, 
Thanks PF, BB + NB, Sh, JM, JD, SB for 
helping me maintain my sanity and a 
steady supply of food. 
PS: Have you hugged your veterinarian 

Laura Cinalli 

703 Fairbridge Drive 

Fairless Hills, Pa 19030 

I would like to thank my Dad for making 
my education possible. To the best Mom 
anyone could hope for. You always sup- 
ported me and told me to never give up. 
Audra, I wish you luck in Veterinary 
School. I guess it is time we go our sepa- 
rate ways, it will be scary at first, but I 
know we can do it. Kurt, thank you for 
always being there for me, we can finally 
start our life together. Art, you are a 
good friend, Kitty, Angelo, Brandy, Ciaio 
and Ben, thank you for all of the lovely 
memories you have left in my heat. I love 
you all. Laura 

Corey W. Cluck 

433 Montgomery Avenue 

Souderton, PA 18964 

Revenging- Victory-over- Washington-Col- 
lege! Golf-MAC's. Van-Rides, Male bonding. 
Ecology labs, Pitt road trips. Lake Galena, 
Supra, Ext 2410 please. A-day parties, B- 
days at comedy works. Carp fishing in Lake 
Archer, Driving to NJ for beer, Tom's Hickeys, 
Plumstead Pootanger Parties, Billy Joel, Phil 
Collins, Amore coupons, Cheesesteak night 
at NBI, Hong Kong Jacks, Bagel Jakes, Thir- 
ty's, Great times at the "Work House", Liz: 
Will you come out and play?? Busted OXE 
Party, D.C.C-XMAS-tree, Peen. Lizard, Flow, 
Litha, Frank, Tom, Angus, Aggie, and 
Chucky: Thanks you for my greatest memo- 
ries. Mom and dad, Thank you for all the 
love and support. 

Angela S. Cronin 

5148 Mebus Street 

Philadelphia, PA 19124 

To my friends and family: Thank you for help- 
ing me through my four years of college. I 
would have never made it without you. 
Lisa, Kim and Amy: thanks for being there 
when I needed you, I'll never forget all the 
fun we had together. Mom and Dad: I really 
made it, but now I'm going to be out in the 
real world, What am I going to do? Thank 
you for all of the support!! I'll always remem- 
ber our hunt for pumpkins, SLEEPOVERS. The 
roommate game, Trips to the Spa, Junior 
year Halloween, Toilet papered room, and 
my first Homecoming. To my class- mates, 
Good luck out there, and have a little fun. 
Bye Jeannette, GOOD LUCK! 

Memories 183 

John Defeo III 

1331 Macopin Road 

West Milford, NJ 07480 

To all my "FRIENDS" as Mr. Kane would have 
said :WE HAVE IT MADE!": Cooke Hall Fire 
DEC. 12, 1988, Sparky you have done it this 
time!!, Thanks to all, Dave's jumper cable 
surprise, YUK, Dougs, Stop playing with your 
mustache, Buddha's always getting into 
mischief, well that's Buddha. DVC food is 
soOO INCREDIBLE!! Cleaning up Dave's 
"HURL" 4am. Flowershow 88/91. #1 LNC. 
Here comes the "SMURF" truck!! Oh, no- the 
sunrise again!! Hi: DB, PS, JM, PM, JB, LS, SS, 
Dianer C. Thanks Mom and Dad for every- 
thing!! Well, back to reality BYE BYE. 

Kirsten M. Dresser 

Box 61235 

1203 Montreal Drive 

Aberdeen, Maryland 21001 

18th Bday w/ Todd and Kerry, J.D., moving 
in with Denise, Work Hall w/ all the guys on 
the "T" throwing frogs out the Ag. window, 
B-day at Rich's and Jack's, A-DAY parties 
w/ Ulman guys & Gary, drunk showers at 
2:00 am., Grinch party . . . Thanks girls!! 
Showing a cow, saving the duck, swims in 
Lake Yuk!, skinny dips, BUD Beer!!, Being 
crayons 8c cowboys on Halloween, Oww 
the sun burn! Water fights, shaving cream 
up my nose, rebels 4-ever! Smoking what 
we shouldn't, X-mas tree, beach party, ZX 
house. Stupid Gov., Road trips to where- 
ever, PANIC TIME!! THANKS: Mom and Dad, 
Gary, Todd, G & G Shoe, Mel, Nes, ... Oh 
and RJLM GRB . . . thanks so much for being a 
friend. DS, KJ, SB and guys down stairs thanx 
for the best year ever!! 

184 Memories 

Karen Cummiskey 

6014 Walker Street 

Philadelphia, PA 19135 

Thank you Mom and Dad and family for 
all your love and support over these past 
4 years, and Ray, for being such a special 
person throughout my college life! "As a 
matter of fact". Sheri, Becca Rae, and 
jen — you guys are the best! Jill, Wendy, 
Sally— thank you for your friendship and 
making my last year the best! To Michael 
K— Whatever, Ted, just once, Little 
John— even though you were cuter as a 
freshman 8c the Law, My first plane ride 
partner!! Mrs Spratt and Jack for your pa- 
tience and everything you taught me 8c 
assistant manager Moye and Pee Wee! 
Lastly, to my good friend and buddy 
Ambo, You're a good egg— I'll always 
be your Barbie! Congratulations to the 
class of '91, Best of luck in everything you 
do. Thank you for the memories and for 
making my senior year, especially, the 
best!! Miss ya & GOOD LUCK— Love, Ka- 
ren (K.C, Bag Lady) C. 

Jennifer Delgatto 

16 Oak wood Drive 

New Eqpt, NJ 08533 

DVC Activities: Equestrian Team, Biology 
Club, Business Club, Tour Guide, Presiden- 
tial Diplomat. 

Special Memories: Plumsteadville!! Thanks 
to all my great roommates. Homecoming 
1989/ What a night!! December 1, 1989 . 
. . A night to remember for all. Lingerie by 
the fireplace, Elvis, Rugy, Todd, Bob, and 
Wolfe, what a tree! Landscaping compli- 
ments of Jeff, Fake I.D's, Avalon!! Dayto- 
na!! NBI Berk 1 16 our registered party. Se- 
nior socials, And a million more great 
memories. Personal memories: Thank you 
mom and dad for your love and support. 
Todd . . . Thank you for making college so 
very special. 

Lisa A. Dietrich 

R.D. # 1 Box 882 

Lenhartsville, PA 19534 

Mom, Daddy, Joan 8c David: Thanks I 
much for the love & support. Frank, ty 
ing for extra thick, chocolate shakes 
shower talks? Dm: I DON'T CARE ANf- 
MORE, trek across PA in flood and Ms. PI 
Man. Liz: Barbaso battles, state pars, 
quotes, Limno, back rubs, and Cat S1 1 
vens. Mel: Jim-Steve- Jim-Carl- Jim-Keii- 
Jim-Rapp-?? Roy's, 308, KISS, 8c Hauntd 
Houses. Tricia: Procrastination, Ulmas 
belt over Orion 8c A big variety of musp. 
Glenn: Hugs, Formals, NBI & just hangi^ 
out. Work 101, Dancin on the bar, dita- 
ing Chem lab for Bruce, Keg? what Kef? 
Chugalug's 8c much more. It all meanp 
lot. Love 8c Happiness to all of you Worlf 
hallics. Hey Watersprout: Thanks for jl 
support, laughs, and everything else. \ 

Christine L. Druck 

R.D. # 12 Box 539 

York, PA 17406 

Thanks Mom, Dad and Family for all ycjr 
love and support. Never would ha| 
made it without you. You are the b€Jr 
and I love you a lot. Dawn 8c Big Daddvl 
hope for the best to you both, Nico I 
keep on pushin you will graduate somr 
day. A.C. or is it A.W.? Thanks for yd 
tutoring in grammar, but "their's" 
hope. To my two big brothers D.W. a| 
R.S., want to go for a ride in my cc? 
Thanks judging team! I'm innocent on II 
charges of toilet explosions! Mr. G ca I 
borrow your patients now? I'll always | 
der a small. Thanks for everything, y,J 
taught me a lot. Thanks again Mom afl 
Dad, you are the best! 

Michelle Denise Fen ton 

1639 Falls Road 
Clarks Summit, PA 18411 

Wow 4 years have come and gone! 
Mom + Dad I love you; your support is so 
valuable to me. I wouldn't have made it 
w/o you to keep the homefire burning for 
me to return to. Robert, you'll never know 
how much your presence in my life 
means. Everyone else knew! Thanks 
Dave! Who killed LP? I hope the years to 
come are as great as the past one w/u. I 
love you so much dear. Kirsten, never for- 
get. My darling demon, Tink, I love you — 
You are the side of me that is wild + 
wooly and free as only a horse can be. 
We belong together. To Heart — Crazy on 
you! FMAC— don't stop thinking about 
tomorrow it'll soon be here! 

Sally Ann Gargula 

717 Moore Street 

Huntingdon, PA 16652 

dark, Thanks for being my best friend. I 
Dve you more than everything times in- 
jty. To my family, I love you all. Dudd + 
id, thanks for the W + D. Tracy, Troy Liz 
md Bob; thanks for being my friends and 
4 that you have done for me. And my 
oomdogs — Wendy, Jill, and Catherine; 
'ou made my year the best it could be. It 
vas great. I love you guys! 

Rae Ellen Gommel 

P.O Box 287 

Bedminster, PA 


)VC activities: Computer club, chorale. 
'o my family and friends: It may have 
aken me 10 years to get a 4 year de- 
ee — But I did it!!!! I'm gonna miss all the 
lends I've made. Especially all the com- 
Rjter geeks! Mom and Dad — Thanks for 
1 your love, support and faith. I couldn't 
ove done it all with out your help! 

Patricia A. Gimon 

129 Rutherford BLVD 

Clifton, NJ 07014 

Geemunddies!! Could you believe we 
are out of here? Lis, Mel, Nes, Kar, Dude, 
and everyone else — try to remember 
the good + bury the bad. Coole 106, 
Roy's, 3-cornered hats. Terrible squared. 
Kicked in the face, Splat! Singing in the 
shower and jammin in the room. Work 
101, 230, 234. Elbows and rumpled with 
LD, Yea Bengi, We're airborne! Strip! Do 
they really make that stuff. Southern? 
Time Warp at Bowie. OH JUNK! Rommies 
for 4. Grant my wish, Mom, Dad, Mike, 
thanks for all you love and support! Why 
Chem? I donno. "I spent 4 years prostrate 
to the higher mind got my paper and I 
was free"! But anyway .... 

Nicholas J. Giorgianni Jr. 

517 Freund Ave 

Gibbstown, NJ 08027 

Woo Woo AKA Artie, Bayda, Walkup, Doug 
C, Paul, Joe, Sean S., BP, Tad, Maggot, 
Keannine, Lenny, Pat Cris, Chris, Sean, Pete. 
Matro's road trips. LAMDA NU BETA. OTR with 
Artie. Goldman hall parties, "It's Magic". 
Thanks Mom and Pop, for everything I love 
you guys. P.S. Just call me Doc for all the 
people who doubted me. 

Frank B. Gunson, IV 

94 Armour Ave 
Trenton, N J 08619 

Ag. is my bag. What a first impression! Thank 
God it was wrong, because we had fun 
anyways: Mud football, chesesteak night at 
NBI, any other night at NBI, SEV-RUN, video 
games (especially Super Breakout and 
Mario #), hallway soap and slides, the Home 
shopping Network, the tailgate zone and all 
of the nights we spent with Mona! Let's not 
forget Lisa's most famous quote: "Frank, 
your dorm is on FIRE!" All of the unanswer- 
able questions: Can a man and a women 
just be friends? and why do we have to 
drive to NJ to ge beer on Sundays? Last but 
not least, the endless games of phone 
tag— but I got you last —TAG YOU'RE IT!! 

Memories 185 

Susan L. Hann 

RD. 1 Box 20 

Hershey, PA 17033 

Thanks Mom and Dad for everything— No 
more college bills! Gail— S.p, Don't forget 
spitballs while studying and NBI nights. Hey 
whiskey, Where's the Boones? Pitts, remem- 
ber the Am Fam. Party? Don't drink and 
drive! Kris, watch out for vermin in the lab. 
Will always remember Hot tub parties, long 
cold horse shows and the Cartier Cup at 
Nationals. Mike cubed, thanks for every- 
thing, you're great! Orbs, wait for me out- 
side, I love you. Dear Alex, . . . have fun in 
CO., Gail, I'll be her in PA with Kimba, Take 
care of Timber and we'll see you in Colora- 
do—skiing and bungee jumping! 

Heather Hernley 

RD #2 Box 2539 

Lebanon, Pa 17042 

Special Memories: Alumni House Rm #2 
L.C., Always being there for me when 
needed someone to talk to, J.L Reed di-! 
rections on how to mix coffee!! B.B, Dirty 
looks I would get when Russ would bang 
on the door after we came back from 
work, J.L, Calling me at 2:00 am to tell 
how well you did in Madison, S.S Cook Hall 
fire Drills and March 1st. Mom and Dad: I 
love you, thanks for your support Car- 
melle, Wandsa and Shawn— Thanks for 
your love and help, Steve, thanks for all 
the memories, love, hope and future. No 
more 4:00 am milkings in that stupid milk 

Victoria B. Herr 

1461 Greenhill Road 

West Chester, PA 19380 

Mom and Dad, thank you and I love you. I'd 
also like to thank my roomates. Crazy 
Vickie, Jen and Holly— I'll never forget you 
guys! Freshman year: My dream came true . 
. . Al Jenkins and I can't forget those cows— 
You're the greatest, Al! Also sleeping at the 
DVC standardbred barn, finding the 
Wasky's barn . . . free board . . . Ashley's 
arrival. Living at Miller — my own room. Mary- 
beth and thursday riding lessons. Goodbye 
DEL VAL, I'll miss you. 

Robert J. Hofstetter 

RD. 2 Box 456 

Cooperburg, Pa 18036 

Mud football. Work 101, SAC, Hey Rob 
your dorm is on fire! Dec. 12, 1988, Cooke 
Hall. Another stuffed animal Frank? Lets 
play some midnight B-Ball under the lights. 
Road trips to Millersville, Beer runs, SEV- 
RUNS at 2 am. Keg still not kicked?? 

Shawn Huzar 

310 North Main Street 

Coopersburg, Pa 18036 

Special thanks goes to my parents, they 
gave great support when things got 
tough and shelled out big bucks when I 
needed it most. If it wasn't for them I 
would'nt have even come close to grad- 
uating. Thanks to Chug-A-Lug the #1 
sports team. Thanks to Coach Acker, you 
made me work harder than anyone. To 
Bridget, you made my last two years of 
school so much more enjoyable. 

Sheri Ann Hughes 

91 6th Street 
Whitehall, PA 18052 


DVC activities: SAC, Volleyball, Intramu- 
ral Hockey and Football, Business Club. 
Special memories: Plumsteadville Poo's 
parties — Dec. 1st will live in infamy; 
Homecoming blowout. Turfman, Jello 
wrestling. Lights out on Thanksgiving, Suzi,; 
wants $5 cats without ears, thats cool NB 
My roomates who are by best friends—! 
We'll be together forever. Hen + Hue-j 
master— Who reigns India? Tailgating; 
Ura Clown! Personal: Thank you family for 
supporting me in everything, Mom and; 
Dad, I love you. You gave me everything 
and then some. Long live the Poo's!! 

186 Memories 

Deitra Deneen Ivery 

215 W. Sedgwick Street 

Philadelphia, Pa 19119 

/1y memories at DVC: Volleyball, work 
tudy. working in the Dining Hall + Hall 
)arties. I would like to thank my mother + 
/ernelle, + my brothers Daryen + 
/aughn for their support and encourage- 
nent. I would like to give my love and 
hanks to Keith, for his love, support, pa- 
ience and understanding when I needed 
■ the most. To my Aunts + cousins Thank 
•ou for caring. To alll the friends I have 
nade at DVC, I would like to wish them 
he best of luck in the years to come. 

Elizabeth M. Kelly 

848 Concord Avenue 

Drexel Hill PA 19026 

Marcus Richard Jensen 

308 Elliger Ave. 

Fort Washington, PA 19034 

The rollercoaster ride filled with many ups 
and downs has come to and end. I enjoyed 
many fun times with the Goldman boys and 
the "kids" from Blooming Glen. Co-President 
and founder of Supp master Zeke Inc. Have 
many memories of Wolfson, allnighters in the 
design room, DW's Bog Excursion, and the 
Dogs of War. Favorite phrases are Supp 
Zeke, Work it, Hey guy. Friends that's incred- 
ible, on that score, FTW's long pauses. If you 
don't like the suppmaster's, we didn't like 
you first. Thanks for getting me through col- 
lege Mom and Dad. Thanks to Tami for put- 
ting up with me! LATER DVC. 

Renee Ann Kazokas 

726 Glen Eagle Drive 

Winter Springs, FL 32708 

questrian Team, Alpha Phi Omega, Dra- 
-ia Club, Lab animal club, NAMA, chorale 
librarian), Equine club (secretary and 
C.C. rep.). Business minor. Thanks Mom 
ind Dad-I love you! Thanks for your sup- 
>ort throughout these 4 years. These 4 
ears were the best. Especially my room- 
-late Amy, who is a very nice person. 

There is no such thing as a "self made" 
man. We are made up of thousands of 
others. Everyone who has ever done a 
kind deed for us, or spoken one word of 
encouragement to us, has entered into 
the make-up of our character and of our 
thoughts, as well as our success. George 
Matthew Adams . . . Donna: Friendship is 
one mind in two bodies. Mencius "yo 
plonker" Lisa: Peace is rarely denied to 
the peaceful. Vonschiller. Stealing Lisa's 
room, Frank's skateboard, Staying up all 
night for O. Chem with F, L, and D. I loved 
O. chem so much I took it again. Stickle 
back mating dance, pumpkins, What a 
cranky year, D.C. Colorado. 

Marc A. Krasner 

10911 Waldemire Dr. 

Philadelphia, PA 19154 

Hort Society 2, 3, 4; Intramural Volley ball 
2, 3; Picking, pruning, and grading to the 
dead, the infamous work hours, Chunky 
Monkey, the Saliva Brother Oath with the 
Chickenman, Blinking Penguins Forever! 
Jai Alai inft Pierce, Beak Wars with Piers, 
Seminar 1990: The Medfly. Doc B, the 
Muses, Dr. Vincent, Dr. Nash: Thanks for 
the memories. Special thanks to friends 
and family and even Deadhead for mak- 
ing the last four years great, I miss you 
Bup, wherever you are! 

Tad E. Kuntz 

6609 Oxford Rd. 

Gardness, PA 17324 

Goldman Boys, Joe, Doug, Nick, Pete, 
Bayda, Paul, Doug's 2 ceiling episodes, 
Hershey, Hort stands by myself, Wolfson 
fly farm, the Rutgers sell-out, micks devil, 
monster truckin, IC Slipper, NBI, PA Turn- 
pike, A-Day, awesome showers, 7 am 
class, food service. The Mad Dog Bite, 
Bayda Dancer, Hot DVC women, the 
Band Jello wrestling, doorknob, FUBAR, 
you lose- you drink. Guiding Light, South 
Street, wall women. Tropical Hort, large 
rocks, monetary support from home, and 
LBNL. Jen 

Memories 187 

Doug Tord Linde 

4835 Limeport Pike 

Coopersburg, PA 18036 

Golf, Basketball, DVC Food and Agriculture 
Ambassador, Agronomy club. Presidential 
Diplomat. Mini- golf at MAC'S, Orbs "Let me 
in. Brad is at it again", Our return golf trip/ 
party, B.O.B. Agronomy boys of '91: Kellet, 
Sherm Turch, Bullet, Ed, Collin, Zimmy. The 
Doc "B", anyone for a smooth elbow. Little 
Werky, Jake- the 6th man in the crowd, 
Capt'n Butts. Go back to New Jersey— or 
where ever the he — you're from. Pardon 
me for curvebusting. 

John Douglas Maniatty 
3565 Lindberg Ave. 
Allentown, PA 18103 

I would first like to thank God for the chance 
to go to college and make so many friends. 
I would like to thank my parents who put up 
with my complaining about classes and the 
cafateria food (like what the heck is in 
Dutchman's pie). Especially I want to thank 
my Fiance who has enriched my life so much 
and made it extremely hard to go back to 
school at the end of a weekend. Thanks to 
work Hall 1st for making me relax and play 
Basketball. Thanks Pat G. for making my 
college life exciting. Thanks to Art R. and 
Ken P. for the great cinema experience and 
great times at track. Colin R. and Mike C. 
are simply the best. 

183 Memories 

Eric Kunz 

20 Ryan Road 

Cranbury, NJ 08512 

BP-ESKIMO and TAZ "I can't believe we're 
Dad I did it in four. I love you. Thanks for 
being there. KM. D.S., L.H., L.G., J.A., 
M.M. J.M. and the rest or the crew, thanks 
for making senior year the best. TURF It's 
been a great year-Midnight missions and 
everything else. "Cut the rug." 

Thomas S. Lewis 

12 Wake Field Road 

Scarsdale New York 10583 

Can we please get back to reality!! Free 
at last- free at last- free at last- Thank 
God Almighty, we are Free at last!! . . . 
and hey let's all be careful out there!! 
And now onto Graduate school! P.S. The 
memory of my father will guide me forev- 
er! FRIENDS!!! 

Kay E. Lobaugh 
440 Lobaugh Rd. 
Aspers, PA 17304 

DVC Activities: NAMA, FFA, ICC 
Birthday 8-18-68 
Major: Agribusiness 

Special Memories: Kidnapped stuffed an! 
imals, the Grape Ape, the beak warmer 
Personal Message to Family and/o 
Friends: Thank you Mom and Dad. 
couldn't have done it without you 
Thanks to my family and Smily Marie, Al 
fred and Jolene- you are the best. 

Gail Louise Mirabella 

524 PennyPack Circle 

Hatboro PA 19040 

Alex Hase. Sue, it looks like we made r 
too bad we can't find jobs that'll let i 
work together?!?! To my pub pals. Thank 
for letting me sit with you, Jim Doug, an; 
Inge. P.H. you will never forget me, I ar 
your worst nightmare. Good bye, Good 
luck and Goodridden's to the other lai 
animals majors, I'll miss ya all. Come vis 
me guys, you know where I'll be!! Alej 
good luck in your senior year, I'll be ther ; 
to help you, as you did for me, I love yoi 
Mom and Dad thanks, you mean th 
world to me, but Alex and Timber are rfr 
world. P.S, come to Boulder and bunje 

Brian Mensinger 

Road # 1 
Green Lane PA 

Jeffrey D. Martin 

30 Park A venue 

Convent Station NJ 17961 

Brenda and all our good times, Hangin 
with Ray and Dan, Going out with the 
boys Parties with Maddog and Chopper, 
working all night on designs, staying up 
with BP for the he — of it, going out to 
eat, hot tub parties, Ursinus College, go- 
ing to Kell's, NBI, Denny, Ragamuffins, 
waking Petie up on late nights, Listening 
to Maddag stories, "Oh great my room is 
on fire, don't need grades what you 
need is a portfolio. Friends, Hey Maddog 
wake up we have class now, Hey BP I got 
a little natural adhesive for you" PM, JD, 
BP, SS, SH, (EW, MW, NC) LS, JB, AC, LM, 
JK and the rest on that score! 

ley we did it! At times it was a bear but 
ese' Pete's let's remember all those fun 
imes! I'd like to wish luck to all those O.H. 
eniors who will be in the world this year, 
nay your pockets be full of money and 
our landscapes be Native Friends! All of 
is design majors will never forget the late 
lights! Let's not forget Mr. Ray, Mr. Co- 
•hig, Mr. Blau, Dr. Martin and Mr. Kane, for 
nese guys have made DelVal known 
iroughout the trade! As for the Landsca- 
>e/Nursery club keep my treasury re- 
ord straight! The last thing I'd like to say 
thanks to all my friends and esp. to my 
lirlfriend Lisa, I couldn't have made it 
/ithout you. 

Jon Alexander McCracken 

Rd #4 Sylvan Dr. 

Pottstown, PA 19464 

Let's see now . . . Homecoming '90 yowl 
PEEEEEETE! I didn't run the red light that 
bad, did I? Aquahogging! The Be-In with 
the band! Does Rob have to work 
again?? He's Omar the Sailor Man! Pro- 
test!- "The Politicians Blues!" Thanks Bart, 
Curtis and Monkey for letting me hang 
out in your room all the time. Also thanks 
to Zack, DL, the Tabor boys and girls, Nej, 
Christie, Meg, Jake, Jeb, Billy, Randy, Jr., 
Cheeks and all the other mutants for the 
good times. Keep in touch everyone. 

Robert Ashton McDonnell 

11 Steeplechase Road 

Devon PA 19333 

The moose stands upwards of 6 feet tall, 
weighs 1600 pounds and has a massive rack 
which shines above all others. Theta Chi Sig- 
ma Brothers have this rack. 5- ball. Mom, 
Dad #1. Love to all my brothers and friends. 
Del Val Lax. I love you Sue Snyder, Ashton 

Erin McGowan 

530 Academy St. 

Peckville, PA 18452 

hanks Mom Dad, Carla, Grandpa, B.B., 
arty, Joan. Love you so much. I love and 
niss you Gummers. LASC Summer '89: 
he 3 B's. Julie- Go get the hammer, 
leather- remember that night and the 
xithroom. Speech class & NBI: Home 
weet Home. Dr. Eaton: Volleyball "Ar- 
wld". Dr. Weber you stud. Thursday 
ning nightmares- Judy for all the talks. 
Thanks. Senior socials, bike rack. 
lys off. Ambulance ride next time a 
opter. To all my friends: Luv ya. I'll 
niss you all. DVC Thanks for the memo- 
ies. Out of here and not looking back. 

Douglas Thomas Miller 
89 Valley View Rd. 
Watchung NJ 07060 

Thanks Mom &. Dad for all your help and 
support, I Love you. Good luck to all my 
friends who have made my days and nights 
ones to remember. Andy stay out of the 
bars. Orban, don't be afraid of any more 
chainsaws, or you might hurt yourself. 
Thanks Gail for all your help and support. Mr. 
Ray how is your olive tree? 

Memories 189 

Peter Milicia 

1020 Central Ave. 

Highland Park, NJ 08904 

Hey guys, we're finally out of here. I'm going 
to miss hanging out with you guys. Remem- 
ber all the good times we had sophomore 
year and junior year with Buddha and the 
gang. Jen and Linda, I'll miss you guys. Re- 
member to write or I'll come back to haunt 
you. Sparky thanks for the memories on 
Dec. 12, 1988. Maddog thanks for all the 
stories, you added a little laughter to the 
long days. Jeanette 8t Lisa watch those 
lemon drops, they may come back to haunt 
you. That road will go through, kiss that land 
goodbye on that score!!! Thanks for the 
good times JM, JD, DB, SM, DS, BP, MS, SS, SH, 
LS, JB, JK, LM, DL, AM, TH, MK, AC, KA. 

Betsy J. Myers 

4159 Robin Hood Drive 

York PA 17404 

Thanks Mom & Dad for all the help and sup- 
port you gave me through the past 4 years. 
Butch, without you I'd never have made it 
through the past 2 years, thanks. I love you! 
Freshman year- Wolfson Dorm Brad, Art Jim- 
Brad can! Pit party's- Red's Lighty, Chang- 
Deri, Chrissy, Dina Perfect Roomies. Deni, al- 
ways remember the great times together 
Bailing each other out of trouble. She's 
studying with Brad! Deni, meeting the gang 
from Wolfson. Am Family video project! the 
window entrance in Berk 121 Deni Watch 
out for new additions to the room at 2 am 
with Tim and Kevin. I still got out on time. 

Mike Orban 
35 Church Lane 
Wayne, NJ 07870 

To all the guys on the first floor of Work. 
We had the best parties in all of DVC! To 
my family, thank you for everything. To 
Sue, I love you and always loved to be 
with you. Chug-a-lug is no. 1! Keep up the 
tradition. We will always remember to 
hurt people in Hockey. Mona, Golf, Nin- 
tendos, and plenty of drinking. Remem- 
ber that exam week is for playing ball, 
not studying. To Geno and Schade, hope 
you guys graduate. To my roomies Rapp 
and Whiskey, good luck . . . Mike . . . Orbs. 

James Joseph Pitts, Jr. 

You Guys! I came, I stayed, I conquered! 
I'm so confused! Thanx Mom and Dad-luv 
yuz. Great X's w/ my DVC family. P-town, 
Skiing, that night- Marc's room- Tequila- 
I'm fine- carried 2 Dina's room- pictures! I 
don't know! Dina's complicated stories! 
Height of Femininity! Julie-where's that 
shirt? Kris-lab partners/what are we do- 
ing? Gail-the P word! Canalichio girl! Sue- 
what a party! The boat-breaking down! 
Mr. D! Missy U ecotone U! Frown-what's 
that? Tracy-bad influence! Meet ya in 
the Pub! Marilyn, Madonna, Michelle-luv 
yuz! Good luck 2 all my DVC friends. 
Outta here-life-diving-happiness. 

Donna M Miloszar 
239 Bentley Avenue 
Mercerville, NJ 08619 

I don't care anymore 8<. DP - CaCo &. Ci 
Pumpkins- Tippy 8<. TAHM- Shrooms- If he's 
got one he is one- Liser, Fern, Cork, Flo 
Lizard, Bert, etc- I love you! Mom, Dad)* 
Mike 8<. Ralph- thanks- Love you- Pene- J 
Turkey- Butt- Hackney- Rainbow chips-.' 
Crane game- Gu-LENN- Jello Again- Mj .", 
pacman- FLA '90- Let's go lets buggloos- 1 
Liz= DM- Spoogee- Picnics- Suck bottles- : 
Amore coupons- Goldman cake fight-j., 
making ornaments- Lisa's empty room-' 
FIRE!- Pon my head- Haunted House- Rot; 
22- BIM- FREAKIN- road trips- ecology- [ 
Igor- JR wake up- look at Donna- Come-| 
dy club- NBI- carport- transitional worn' 
an-Camaro!- Roys at 1 am- BIGONK 
grades aside, we sure learned a lot 
good luck- I'll miss you all. 


Jeannine E Pawelski 
1713 Hatboro Ave. 
Hatboro, PA 19040 

Thanks mostly to Mom & Dad for every- 
thing. A special thanks to Felix for putting 
up with me through all of this- I couldn'i 
have done it without you!!! Gail- It's finally 
over- we did it! Brian, Paul, Nick, Art, Liz 
Becca — wouldn't have been the same 
without you! 

190 Memories 

Julie Rabin 
101 Patricia Ave. 
Delran, NJ 08075 

?UCE- What more can I say?! I'll miss you 
gter. Kris: Thanks for tolerating me 4 
ears- Where's our roommate award? 
ou make up your mind you choose the 
nance you take. Jimmy Joe: I'll always 
follow" you- Look Here! Annettebee: 
■\e Net, Gimpy, Steph, Poola- Jubie. Is a 
ream a lie if it don't come true or is it 
xnething worse? A & P: Is this another 
lagination thing? Erin: I owe u a Slurpee! 
ge: EC the Thursday morning Night- 
lares! "Arnold": and me being the ma- 
no man that I am! DUDE! Window frisbee 
aseball catches 18 & % hrs. 4 BRUCE! 
andy: Shirt R U, BO, high freakin" hurdles, 
lien Nat'n. Thank you to my family, 

* i 

Lori Ann Ross 

Box 337 B Martens Creek Rd. 

Nicholson, PA 18446 

Edward Thomas Reiff 
125 Main Street 
Trapp, Pa 19426 

Well my life at Del-Val has come to a close. 
What a ride! Thanks Mom And Dad for fund- 
ing my four year expedition to DVC. A spe- 
cial thanks to Vickie for putting up with my 
bull I Enjoyed times with the Goldman 
Gang & commuter boys Co-president & 
founder of Suppmaster Zeke Inc. Memories 
include Wolfsohn, Cooke fire, overnight 
drawing room visits, bog diver, intramural 
hoops. Favorite collegiate phrases- Work it! 
'supp, hey guy, on that score, friends in- 
credible, bourdon burps with FTW. If you 
don't like the suppmasters, we didn't like 
you first! Supp Del-Val. 

Arthur Albert Ruediger 

R.D. 7 Woodruff Rd. Box 134 

Bridgeton, NJ. 08302 

hunka Charts, beer fights, room 6 with 
larp, conviction sophomore year, Yo 
3t, Mercy Street! OTR with Nicky, Hot 
jbs- the real kind! The 1990 Snap Sum- 
er- BB CR PD- Hey Bayda, we drink too 
uch! The Pit, Cross Country with Doc, 
ack with Coach, Pat and Art's sexual 
•rum. Ken McDaid and Jane, Ken P., 
Dw'd you survive? Woo-woo night- Len, 
'hat's in this? The smoke in my room, 
jllo wrestling with Hairball, all nighters, 
eeting Audra and Laura C. -Thanks AU- 
?A! Donovan, YEAAA! Natty Bo- THE 
olin Cancer, Dawn and everyone else. 

Thanks for being home strays and keep- 
ing them. TS, HS, KD & KD. MF, BD, CM, KP, 
FJ, CH. Remember wasted Rock Rangers, 
singing Grinch, B-days, win, lose, or — ? 
Cape Cod, RA's TS, KS and the Bash. HS, 
my headbanging twin. All my U. of S. 
buds-The Party Zone! Homecoming, A- 
day, playing pool. Hall roller derby, con- 
certs, back stage passes, High BMR's, Lost 
Doors. New friends TS, Sue, TG, MB, NS, 
HS, & CM. Special love to Mom, Dad, 
Tammy, Paul, Ryan, And Chelsea, Shu, 
MC, Bud. J., Cric, Snoo, Shep, also thanks 
to my foreign friends Jilly, and Maudi, 
watch out for Clay Ave. and Taylor Z., 
and take care of the guys downstairs. 

Theresa J. Schneider 

15 River Road 
Flanders, NJ. 07836 

Malika Ayisha Savoy 

2614 West Somerset Street 

Philadelphia, PA 19132 

My Memories: Classes: Biology and Food 
Chemistry, the friends I made and lost. My 
grades, Workstudy, growing up, learning 
and achieving, Minority Leaders Coalition 
and nights in Berkowitz. 
Special thanks to my family: Mom, you have 
been the best role model! Dad, I am be- 
cause you are! Herb, your love and support 
has given me strengh and I will always re- 
member what you taught me about love, 
respect, caring, and sharing. Hakim, Nef, Ja- 
hari, Fikisha, Nene, Kesho, and my new Fam- 
ily, The Felders, Thanks for your support and I 
love you All!! 

Thanks to M & D, friends for the good 
times! Esp. Window frisbee (JR), Wash. 
DC. (CM), whale watching, EM and 
hangovers-falling off furniture, road trips, 
Lake Galena, Headbangers Ball (LR & HS), 
TV drool sessions, Optic problems w/ LR, 
homecoming 87, & 90, dinner entertain- 
ment, mud sliding (LR & KD), West Palm 
(HS), parties to remember-Caribbean 
Night, the Grinch, win, lose or drink (bro- 
ken windows), BBQ's and pool parties, 
toxic cherry cokes and top bananas; 
grain and peanut butter fights, powered 
sugar pranks, cards and pool, NBI, Poco's, 
Thurs. nights, Denny runs, hayrides (?), etc 
. . Bye Guys- We are outta here!!!!! Terri. 

Memories 191 

Sean Schwartz 

LNC, Student Government, A-day, Inter- 
murals. This one was for you DAD. Hey Joe 
let's go hunting!! Best wishes to the Gold- 
man and Cooke Boys. Jill we made it this 
far so stay strong, The rough road is still 
ahead. Remember our talks and I'm with 
you no matter what, this will be the final 
step. Love, Sean 

Travis Edward Sherman 

158 Locust Lane 
Abbottstown, PA 17301 

Activities: Football (4 years), Agronomy 
Club (4 years). Block and Bridle (4 years). 
Away football games, parties and drinking 
with Tom and Ron, fourman room, floor 
hockey team. Thanks Mom and Dad for all 
of your support. Saying goodbye to all of 
my friends but hey, we will meet again. 
Thanks for all the memories. Well, it looks like 
I'm heading home to farm and hopefully get 
that job with the soil office. This is what I 
always wanted to do and this place has 
made it possible. So long to my best friends 
and good luck. Hey Eby, Earnhardt, and 
Chevy did it again!!! 

Steven Allen Shetterly 

RD 1 Box 188 
Millersburg, PA 17061 

Elson Hall Nerds, Lenard, Cheezy, Stan- 
dard Steve, Little Red Wagon for Feeds 
Class, Dairy Society trip to Canada, A- 
day (Exhaustion sets in!) Christian Fellow- 
ship Bible Studies and get togethers. 1989 
Dairy Judging team (What an education, 
right girls??!!) 

Jacob A. Singer 

125 Walnut Street 

Jenkintown, PA 19046 

I'ts been a long time comeing but I 
finally graduated. Thanks to all who 
helped me, especially PAM. 

Lora Jane Smith 

29 Kenmar Road 

Budd Lake, NJ 07828 

Special memories: Hot tub parties, Die hard 
soccer fans, Work Hall parties, Bio— Nerds, 
Blue eyes, X-Mass dances 88 and 89, Spring 
break 90, Slurpee Noises, Goldman cake 
fight, coed showers. Picnics at Corey's, 
Cooking out Glenn's window, Superbowl 
parties, 21st Birthday parties, and Dex. 
Personal message: Thanks Mom, Dad and 
Amy, for your love and support. Without it I 
could never have accomplished all that I 
have. To my friends — good luck to you all 
in the future. It's an uphill climb but we can 
do it! I love you all! 

Thomas M. Smith 

R.D. 1 Box 156 

Washington, NJ 07882 

Personal message: Thanks Mom, Dad 
and Gwenn for all the love and sup- 
port you have given me. Luke, Jeb, 
Barr, thanks for making my senior year 
a great one. Luke, it has been a 
great 4 years roomming together. I 
couldn't have had a better room- 
mate or friend. 

Special memories: Never forget the 
A-Day and Homecoming weekends. 
Hey, Let's go to NBI for Happy hour. 
How many chips do you have? Re- 
member the great times we had at 
Daytona '89 and Bahamas /91 to 
come. Colleen, let's go pumpkin 
stealing? Ha! I will never forget all the 
great memories I had here at DVC. 

192 Memories 

Kathleen L. Stasney 

419 S. Cedar Lane 

Upper Darby, PA 19082 

Equestrian Team, Chorale, Equine 
Club anq Ram Pages. Playing musical 
rooms in Berk, late night talks, what 
our neighbors thought?? 4 years of 
Halloween qances, the pool games, 
trips to the mall, the suprise parties for 
Deb anq Renee, and the one for me. 
To Mom and Dad — Thanks, I couldn't 
have done it without you. Gwen, 
thanks for your support. To all my 
friends at DVC, thanks for putting up 
with me. Pete and Amy — You're 
next. I couldn't have survived without 
all of you — especially you Deb — 
thanks for being a great roomate. 
Thanks to my friends and professors 
for their friendship and support! 

Phillip M. Stark 

27 Greenwich Drive 

Shavertown, PA 18708 

Mom and Dad, Thank you! Get ready 
Becky and Jennifer. Supp Zeke and Zeke. 
Get a grip Milt. Thanks for our great senior 
year at the apartment Dave and John. 
Diane, Linda, Lisa, Jen you really made it 
fun. Hey guy. On that score!! (21) Thanks 
Mr. Ray. Friends, Lets design a hummock. 
In's & out's Incredible!! Boy Low F. Work It 
Rodney! Pi Alpha Xi?? Looking forward to 
being 21!! Let's remain PRIVATE DEL VAL 
and get out act together! Remembering 
all of my friends. A lifted Ford Explorer. Still 
in search of the perfect woman. It was 

Lester J. Struble 

376 Macopin Road 

West Milford, NJ 07480 

YEARS OF "ABSOLUT" . . . OXE .... 

Christine A Trunk waiter 
35 Windy Knoll Drive 
Richboro, PA 18954 

Mom — It's finally over, no more acid churn- 
ing in your stomach (how much $$ do 
IOU??) I can't thank u enuf! Charlie— Thanx 
4 sharing the seedless rye bread. Chuck— 
Thanx 4 the help in math. Dan— Revenge, 
I'm graduating again! Steve — Ur the best 
brother a sister could ever hope 4. I love 
you! Mac — Wake up! Smooth, ABM, Fool, 
rude, Thurs nite, NBI, Halloween 89, Rm #1 14. 
Library chats, the name game, the surgery 
masks, ZMBGM, 7-11, Zeta, I'm outa here! 
Bob and Heidi, sounds like a harmonica . . . 
drink!! Mark— So many good times, so 
many more to come — and the wonder of it 
all, is that you just don't realize . . . how 
much I love you. 

Joseph Turchi 

444 Penn Road 

Norristown, Pa 19401 

What a long strange trip its been but 
the time has come to say goodbye. 
Thanks Mom 8t Pop, and Renee. To 
my brothers: Bushwackers / Brew Cru 
& the ladies auxiliary. I love you all. It's 
been real— drinking, fighting, getting 
married. Turchi Lawn Care = = 
$$$$$$. Take it to the limit one more 

Rodney Douglass Walkup 

1442 Chestnut Ct. 
West Chester, Pa 19830 

To the Wolfsohn Alumni, the Goldman Boys, 
LB and OXE MEN. Plumstead Girls, and DVC 
partying girls: Thanks for 4 years of parties, I 
had a blast. A special thanx to mom and 
dad for their financial and mental support. 
Quotes: from the "Cran- berry Bog Diver"— 
'Tuber Man": Be good and stay gold; I'm 
going to take the blue streak mobile and 
jump over the horse bar, In reverse while 
drinking a 16 oz can of beer. Kids! Don't try 
this at home I'm a professional. "Listen" — 
I'm out of here!! I've got a date with life. 
"Late!!" S.A.L Don't ever forget. 

Memories 193 

A Final Toast To 

Delaware Valley College's 
Class Of 1991 

Peter N. Williams 

1638 Ludwell Drive 

Maple Glen, PA 19002 

SH; DW; NG; BB; JC; TK; PD; CB; DC; AR; MM; 
MJ; ER — I never knew 4 years of hell could 
be such fun. Thanks to my family who were 
there 4 me when I needed them. Remem- 
ber the cops and beer. Sean: Window 
jumps — Fishtanks — Fire alarms, Mad Dog 
and beer, Roadtrips, Free pizza. JC, Slippers, 
Scmitty, Tad and Monte Jeeps, Bron- 
co's and the Monster Ford in deep!! Pump- 
kins and shotguns — beer. My roommate 
Sean, How he put up with me? Lacrosse hits, 
All nighters. Girls?? A-DAY, parties. Beta and 
dancing, Nick and his family, Doug in NH, 
Guys night out — always!! Snowball riots led 
by cool! Dinner at Levins. Stay in touch over 
the years, Good luck in life— Only the best 4 
the best. I'll miss YOU ALL and the times we 
had. BYE!! 

194 Memories 

Timothy G Woytas 

63 Branford Road 

Whippany, NJ 07981 

To Theta Chi Sigma— Keep the Fraternity 
going. Remember Alphas will always rule!! 
To Mom and Dad — Thanks for the 4 
years of partying, it was worth it! To the 
Townes Lauran, Sue, and especially Alex, 
Thanks for making my life a little more 
interesting and fun for the last year and a 
half, never forget you guys, Love Yal! To 
my friends, Fred, Bob and my Little Brother 
Ash — Thanks for the best 4 years of my 
life, keep in touch. To Dave — Don't ever 
forget not to cross the cheese line! It's 
not worth it!! 

David Lee Young 

273 Trevams Road 

Livermore, CA 94550 

The summers Sally and I spent alone in 
Segal Hall; Bubba Shnoo and Annie too, 
Ched, the family wagon and the kids — 
don't put taffy in your sister's hair; NACA- 
Rob, Frank, Matt and Nick, the Hot dog 
man, A-Day 1990 with Kathy and Sue, 
Hey Dick, I found your wallet, Mary take 
care of my copier, my computer and my 
laser printer. Ice Ice Baby. Lisa G., I'll re- 
member you. Thanks Mom and Dad youi 
support and love got me thru. 

Far left: Dan Law dressed for reality. Left: Vicki Herr 
wonders if there are naps in the real world. Below: 
Joe Cascarelli and Tad Kuntz enjoying a picnic 
dinner at the start of very short year. Bottom: Mark 
Jensen offers his classmates a toast of Mountain 

Don't ever say good-by Don't ever 
give into the sadness and the loneliness 
of that word. Instead remember the joy 
and the happiness of those times when 
you first said hello to a friend. 

Memories 195 

Ninth Annual Delaware Valley College 


Acme Markets 

Agway inc. 

Allegro Microsystems, Inc. 

American Breeders Service 

Argus Research laboratories. Inc. 

Asgrow Seed Company 

Atlantic Breeders Cooperative 

Barefoot Qrass Lawn Service 

Bio/dynamics Inc. 

The Brickman Qroup 

Bucks County Bank 

Cargitl Inc. -Mutrena reed Div. 

Carroll's Foods of Vlrglna, Inc. 

Chapel Valley Landscape Company 

CMS, Inc. 

Commonwealth of PA 

Doylestown Hospital 


ELITE Landscaping 

Envir-Qro Technologies 

Esterly-Root, Inc. 

Farm Credit Bank of Springfield 

Fisher Brother, Inc. 

dale nurseries Inc. 

Qarden Qate Landscaping, Inc. 

Qreen Baron Qarden Supply 

Qreenway Services, Inc. 

Hazelton Research Products, Inc. 

Heyser Landscaping, Inc. 

The Intelligencer/Record 

Internal Revenue Service 

Jamesway Corporation 


Keystone Farm Credit, ACA 

Lacto Milk Products Corp. 

Landmark Genetics 

Lebanon Agrtcorp 

Liberty Gardens Lanscape/Mursery 

Liplnskl Landscape 

Medical College of Pennsylvania 

Merck Sharp & Dohme 

Moon/Richert nurseries 

northeast Agri Employment Service 

Penn Color, Inc. 

Penn State Cooperative Extension 

PA Dept. of Enivoronmental Resources 

Perdue Farms Inc. 

The Pillsbury Company 

Pizza Hut Inc. 


Radio Shack 

Rohm and Haas Company 

Rolling Hill Hospital 

Rotelle, Inc. 

Scott Specialty Oases 

Shearon Environmental Design 

Sire Power Inc. 

SmilhKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals 

Southern States Cooperatives Inc. 

SpectaQuard, Inc. 

Tasty Baking Company, Inc. 

Tru Green Inc. 

Thomas Jefferson University 

TSG International, Inc. 

United Parcel Service 

Universal Investment Co. 

United States Army 


USDA/Farmers Home Administration 

United States Peace Corps 

U.S. Department of Agriculture 

U.S. Food & Drug Administration 

USDA Fanners Home Administration 


USDA Soil Conversation Service 

U.S Department of Labor 

Vlgortone Ag Products 

Waterloo Gardens 

The Wistar Institute 

Youngs, Inc. 

Young In Business 

waWa Inc. 

Career Day 

Above Left: Tamika and Terry Ward discuss careei 
plans with a recruiter. Above: Jodi Lex and Vick 
Herr are dressed for the working world. 

196 Career Day 

February 20, 1991 marked Delaware Valley College's 9th Annual Career Day. 
Held in the All Purpose Room from 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Career Day hosted 
representatives from over 80 companies. 

In addition to being a critically important day for our seniors, Career Day also 
provides underclassmen with an opportunity to explore summer positions and 
internships offered by the companies in attendance. We find that our students 
are much better prepared to get the most out of Career Day as seniors if they 
have had experience with Career Days as underclassmen. 

On behalf of the Office of Career Planning and Placement I would like to 
thank the many individuals who assisted with Career Day and commend all of 
our students for a job well done. We have received many letters praising both 
the students and Delaware Valley College. 

Thanks so much for your help and support. We look forward to many more 
successful Career Days! 

Sally J. Gordon. M.A.. Ed. 


Career Planning and Placement 

Top: With resumes in hand. Donna Miloszar and 
Corey Cluck prepare to sit down with employers 
and talk business. Middle: Betsy Arrison and Su- 
san Pachuta greeting students with words of en- 
couragement. Left: Sue Hann and Kyle Walters at 
Career Day 1991. 

"... participation in this 
event in the past three 
years has resulted in the 
hiring of five (5) full time 
staff as well as employing 
12 people in our summer 
employment and summer 
student internship 
programs ..." 

Dr. David L. Kantner, 
Delaware Valley College 
Class of 1960 
Penn State Extension 
Penn State University 

Career Day 197 

Right: Is Liz Kelly going to look into the Marines or 
is she going to take a free pen? Below: Frank B. 
Qunson IV interviews with a representative from 
Rohm Se Haas. 

S Resume 
S Attire 
M Pride 

Above: Director of Career Planning and Placement, 
Ms. Sally Gordon discusses the success of Career 
Day. Right: A representative from Lebanon Aricorp 
tells Donna Miloszar about the company. 

198 Career Day 

Career Day 

"A special thank you to 
Ms. Sally Gordon for her 
help and support!" 

Class of '91 

Career Day 199 

Del Val Students Conquer 

Freeport, Bahamas 

Above: Senior Rob Hofstetter leads the group in , 
the Bahama Congo Line. Top: Mike Orban looks 
for his suntan lotion. 

Above: Is this the motel where Mike Rapp stayed? 
Right: Thumbs up in the Bahamas! 

200 Senior Trip 

Senior Trip 201 

The Senior Class 

Heads To The Tropics 

Top: Senior Class president and organizer of this 
great trip, David Bortz. Above: Sean Schwartz and 
Mike Ward show the crowd how it is done. Right: 
Hey Mow, I know that guy, it's Doug Linde, what's 
he doing here? 

202 Senior Trip 

Left: The Band! Below: Mike Rapp, Frank Qunson, 
Rob Hofstetter, Mike Orban, Tracy Cooper, Sue 
Hann, and Lisa Dietrich make their way down the 
street of the blooming metropolis of Freeport. 

Senior Trip 203 

m ' * 

Laura Smith Nicholl, '79, Commence- 
ment speaker, had the members of the 
class literally and figuratively on their 
chairs encouraging them to "seize the 
day", plunge into the arena of life and 
make a difference in society. 

Ms. Nicholl, Secretary of Commerce 
for the state of Kansas, is the first wom- 
en to direct trade, tourism and econom- 
ic development program for that state. 

234 Del Val students were awarded di- 
plomas at the 92nd Annual Commence- 
ment on Saturday, May 18, 1991. 



Top: Proud to be alumni of DVC. Above: Members 
of the class were asked to get on their chairs and 
repeat a short portion of Ms. Micholl's speech. Mid- 
dle Right: Keynote speaker, Laura Smith Nicholl, 
Secretary of Commerce State of Kansas. Right: Is 
Dr. Berthold surprised that Donna Miloszar is 
dressed in a cap and gown? Far Right: Kay Lo- 
baugh receives her Baccalaureate degree in Agri- 
business from President George West. 

204 Graduation 

ninety- Second Annual Commencement 

Delaware Valley College 

Top Right: Hey Now! We are outta here! Above: 
Thomas Kellett receives his baccalaureate degree 
in Agronomy and Environmental Science from 
President Qeorge West. Left: President of the class, 
David Bortz, leads the Class of 1991 into Com- 

Graduation 205 

When You And Your Friends Must Part 

Reach Deep Within 

You And Bring Back The First Hello. 

Far right: Jun Iwata proud to be one of the flag 
bearers in the 92nd commencement of Delaware 
Valley College. Right: Doug Linde looks for his 
family as he marches towards the front. Below: 
Dietra Ivery, a graduate in Food-Science, has lost 
her cap. 

Above: R. Bruce Merrifield, John D. Rockefeller Jr. 
Professor, The Rockefeller University, Lobel Laure- 
ate, Chemistry, 1984 gives a few brief remarks to 
the class. Right: Dawn Reckner and Christine 
Druck pose for a picture before the start of 

206 Graduation 

Far left: Phil Stark shows his enthusiasm on the 
day of his college graduation. Left: Jeff Martin and 
Sean Schwartz make it back from the Bahamas 
just in time for graduation. Below: The boys from 
Qoldman 2nd, their last day of college. 

Qraduation 207 

iigns of a new beginning 
Signs of a life worth living 
The better to forget than to be all that up-set 
It's the time to taste the wine 

208 Good Luck!