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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis Members and Sloan Foundation 

1992 Cornucopia 

Delaware Valley College Doylestown, PA 

"Positively Ours" 

Editor: Linda Schempp 


Kristin Bainc 
Amy Cupples 
Kyle Mackes 
April Book 
Jen Duran 
Tara Grady 
Andrea Kline 
Erica Shick 
Sue Weaver 

The Cornucopia is published by 

Jostens Printing & Publishing, 

Box 296, State College, PA, 



Merin Studios, Inc. 

Grant Ave. & Ashton Road 

2981 Grant Ave. 

Philadelphia, PA 19114 


H U 
















Welcome to the 1992 Cornuco- 
pia. "Positively Ours" is the theme 
chosen for the 1991-92 year. We 
felt this was appropriate and fit 
Delaware Valley College to a tee. 
There were times in the past when 
our independence was being test- 
ed. Would we remain on our own 
and be capable of surviving the 
times? Someone must have felt we 
deserved a chance, so here we are 
with a new president and a chang- 
ing attitude. Delaware Valley Col- 
lege is positively ours; we help 
make the difference. 

For recent graduates, this is their 
time to discover all that the world 
has to offer. With a DelVal educa- 
tion behind them, they can't go 
wrong. For seniors, this year will be 
the one to remember. Enjoy it 
while you can; it will fly by quickly. 
The junior class probably feels that 
1994 will never get here. Don't 
worry about graduation. You are 
currently at the peak of your col- 
lege days. Everyone you talk to 
can't believe you are a junior in 
college already. Time does seem to 
be flying by and the next thing you 
know, you will be calling yourself a 
college senior. 

The sophomores have one year 
under their belts and are ready for 
this year to be over. Now they can 
see what they were were like their 
freshmen year by observing the 
Class of '96. The freshmen class is a 
special class. When they graduate, 
Delaware Valley College will be 
celebrating 1(X) years. Positively 

The Cornucopia wishes all DVC 
students the best of luck. 

This year's book would not have 
been possible without the initial 
encouragement and support of 
Ched Baker. Without his guidance 
first semester, the Cornucopia 
would be dull and boring. His 
ideas helped us develop a standard 
to follow in future years. Thanks 
Ched, for all your positive thoughts 
and ideas! 

I would personally like to thank 
everyone on the yearbook staff for 
their constant support and dedica- 
tion. Thanks for making this book 
so spectacular. 

To the entire student body, the 
staff of the '92 Cornucopia hopes 
that you will enjoy the book and 
cherish the memories we strived to 

Here's to 1992! It is "Positively 



Top left: The year started off with a big picnic 
and entertainment. Some of DVC's own got up 
and gave it a shot. Far left: Newly crowned 
Homecoming Queen Lisa Gerity and her escort 
Rob Clifford smile for the camera. Lisa repre- 
sented the Cleass of '92. Middle left: Lori Bori - 
soff and Wayne Culp share a few words in the 
bookstore. Right: The Beach Party took a 
strange twist when a large piece of plastic with 
colored dots was placed on the floor. Above: 
The volleyball team gets a pep talk from Coach 
Quinn before the big game. 


Positively DVC 

Atxjvt: Jayme Finafrock re- 
joices when he realizes that he 
doesn't need to make anymore 
milkshakes for A -Day. Top left: 
Raquel Laino and Frank Kitch- 
ener join a friend for the 
Homecoming festivities. Right: 
A colorful scene from campus. 
Far right: Stephan Walters, An- 
gela Allen, and Jake Mickens 
take time out for the camera. 




Positively Fresh 
A Freshman Perspective 

I was asked to write this article from a freshman's view of college, 
particularly Delaware Valley College. The problem with writing this wasn't 
what to write but more of where to start. I learned so much this year. I think 
we all have. I still remember the first day; resident assistants, peer counselors, 
and faculty members on all sides trying to make our orientation run smooth- 
ly as possible. It seemed that during orientation, all the basic fears; of will my 
roommate like me and will the faculty be helpful and will I make friends 
were halted. Everyone seemed like they wanted me here. It was only the first 
day and I was already making friends. It would be impossible to describe 
how we did it for the methods ranged from meeting a group in the student 
lounge to doing the electric slide behind Segal Hall. It didn't matter how we 
made our friends; the point was "We did it!" and were off into our first 
semester and the beginning of our involvement in our campus community. 
Whether we joined sports, clubs, or organizations, we managed to arrange 
our schedules so we still had time for a social "party" life. As the semester 
dwindled down, our first college finals came near and so did spring course 
registration. Where was that guy who gave me my pre-made schedule in the 
beginning of the semester? It was good thing winter break was just around 
the corner. 

Coming back second semester we got to see all the friends we missed over 
break and were generally more sure of our goals. Knowing our way around 
campus made it easier to locate information and accomplish tasks making 
our college a better place. The professors at Del Val were great and easily 
accessible for help. They, however, only added to the personable college 
DVC is. Everyone here is willing to pitch in and show their support, 
especially for events including sports, games, Pride and Polish Day, and the 
notorious A -Day to name a few. It is rare to see a school commit to the pride 
Delaware Valley College has and that's only another important characteristic 
of the college. 

As a freshman, I personally am very glad I chose this college for I enjoy 
our campus community. No matter what our involvement is, whether it is 
through sports, clubs, or organizations, I hope that our freshmen class will 
contribute to positively reinforce the values for which our college stands. 

Cindy Mlczivu 
Class of 95 


Introclut tion 







11 1 



Never Give Up 

No matter where you are, 

Look above and find a star. 

Never give up, 

Never give in, 

You can conquer, 

You can win. 

Don't keep your feelings locked inside, 

For you, my friend, have nothing to hide. 

So when you feel your world has come to 

an end, |U 

Remember me, I'm your friend. 
I'll be here day and night, 
For you, my friend, will be alright. 
Just remember, 
Never give up, 
Never give in, 
You can conquer, 
You can win. 



Our Time! 

August. 1988. The beginning of great 
friendships, lasting memories, and good 

Who would have ever guessed that we 
would take with us so much more than 
just an education when we left:' The time 
spent together has been special and is 
never to be forgotten. 

Just think of all we have experienced 
together. First there was the Cooke Hall 
fire, then a new dairy, a rally to get more 
out of our tuition dollars, a new equine 
center, two new presidents, wrestling 
championships, a win in football over 
Widener. and much, much more. The 
college has undergone many changes 
since we have been here. More impor- 
tantly, we have each experienced our own 
changes. To put it simply, we have grown 
up. Although we may not want to admit 
this, it is true. Just look at how far we 
have come. We should all be proud of 
our accomplishments. Now, we can only 
look forward to challenges we will meet 
in the future. 

Although the time has come for us to 
move on, never lose the memories cap- 
tured over the past four years. We have- 
just experienced a special time in our 
lives. Many of us found that wonderful 
person who will be by our side forever. 
Others found unbreakable bonds of 
friendship that will remain strong until 
the end of time. Cherish these memories 
always; they will carry us through the 
good times and the bad. They will always 
be a part of us. 

Thanks DVC for adding such a posi- 
tive segment to our lives. Thanks also, to 
the Class of '92 for being a special part to 
my life. I will cherish you forever. 

Linda Schc 







Top left: Michelle Infante rides on the Horticulture Soci- 
ety's Homecoming float Far left: Steve Wagner stands 
proud in front of the Theta Chi Sigma banner. Guess he's 
the bouncer. Middle left: Erica Shick and Danyele Pino 
enjoy each other's company. Left: Spring has sprung on the 
DVC campus! Above: Dave Good helps a newborn calf 
with its nursing technique at the Farm Show. 



Good Luck To 
All Underclassmen 

From The 
1992 Class Officers 

+ -■— - — 

Left to right: Chris Tice, Jimmy Marini, Lisa Gc-rity, l.inila Schcmpp, and Kdly Martii 


1992 Cornucopia 

Dedication To 

Mr. Robert Sauer 

We, the members of the Cornu- 
copia staff, are extremely honored to 
dedicate the 1992 edition of the 
yearbook to Mr. Robert Sauer. 

Many of us have received letters 
from him but do not know who he 
really is. Mr. Sauer has been part of a 
staff which offers many students the 
opportunity to experience what Del- 
aware Valley College has to offer. 
He is currently the Director of Fi- 
nancial Aid and as a '65 graduate, he 
knows firsthand about the Del Val 

Upon graduating with a degree in 
Dairy Husbandry, Mr. Sauer worked 
for Agway and Merck, Sharpe, and 
Dohme. In 1967, he returned to 
DVC as an Assistant Dean. He has 
been involved with many extra-cur- 

ricular activities including the year- 
book, A -Day, and lacrosse. He has 
advised each of these organizations 
and is responsible for starting the 
lacrosse team. 

On a personal note, Mr. Sauer en- 
joys hunting, fishing, gardening, and 
being a grandfather. He is the father 
of two sons, one a DVC graduate. 

Mr. Sauer may not always get the 
recognition he deserves so we want 
to let him know how much he is 

Thank you lor being a special part 
of our college family. His dedication 
to the yearbook for 18 years as advi- 
sor helped set a standard for the 
Cornucopia. Without his past devo- 
tion, the yearbook would not be 
what it is today. 


"I have found the faculty to he dedicated, sup- 
portive and always willing to give the students 
that extra incite to keep them focused on their 
respective paths." 

Angela Allen 





E v - 

t w sZ*. » V 




Our President 

Mr. George F. West 

To The Members Of The Class Of 1992, 

How quickly your time at our College went by — it seems only 
yesterday you were a new student going through orientation. 
Now you move toward a career equipped with a foundation of 
knowledge. We are very proud of your accomplishment; we are 
confident that you will achieve success, personally and 
professionally, by utilizing your experiences at Del Val to 
advance a world in need of excellence. Stay in touch with 
us: you are our reason for being. 

Best regards , 

George F. West 



Dean of the College 







Director of Development 


The DVC Administration is responsible for making the college a 
success today and into the future. They combine their people and 
professional skills to create opportunities for students today and 

Director of Computer Service 


Dean of Enrollment Managerr 

Business Manager 

Executive Assistant 

Coordinator of Public Informant 



Agricultural & Environmental Studie 


People and the environment we sustain, 
food and fiber are our game, Agribusiness 
is our name. 

-Dr. Avery 


Mrs. Peggy Hinkcl 

Agronomy and Environmental Science 

Mr Lawrence Hepne 

l>, William Pallto 



Animal Science 

On behalf of everyone in 
Animal Science I extend my 
congratulations and best wishes 
to the class of 1992. May all of 
your dreams become a reality. 
-Dr. Hofsaess 

Dr. Gordon Faton 

Mr. Rodney Gilbert 

Dr. Frederick Hofsa. 

Bring home the bacon, Class of "92! 

Dr. Gary Brubaker 

Mr. Hans Luginbuhl 

Ms. Lynne Willoughby 

Dairy Science 

Dr John Plun 

Mr. Larry Morris 

Mrs. Mileen Altie 




Food Science & Managemen 


Dr. Mary Palumbo 

Mr. William Porter 

Mrs. Daren Grr 

Mr. Richard Dommel 

Yes, we do prepare food in several of our courses - but that is not all we do. (And no, we are not a home ec depart- 
ment). We prepare students to work in the many -faceted food industry as scientists and managers. 

-Mary S. Palumbo, Ph.D. 

Ornamental Horticulture & Environmental Desigi 

A Winning Team - The Class 
of 1992 and the Ornamental 
Horticulture and Environmental 
Design Faculty and Staff. 

-Dr. John Martin 

Senior Mike Kutzmonich 

Mr I>me, Kai 

Mrs Helen ll.ilkn 




The Horticulture Depart- 
ent provides a career -oriented 
ogram to help students to be- 
ime environmentally-aware 
ecialists in the edible horti- 
ltural plant industry from 
oduct development by the 
^technologists to product use 
the consumer. 
Dr. Barbara Muse, Chairman 



Dr. Barbara Musi 

Dr. Ronald Mu 

3usiness & Computer Information 

usiness Administration 

pportunities come and go but 
ccess is a conscious choice. 
-Dr. Dominic A. Montileone 
ssociate Dean of the College 
\rts and Science Departments 

Dr. Edward Goldberg 

Dr Gerald Handler 

Mrs. Dorothy Koch 



Computer Information Systems Managemer 

Best wishes from the faculty 
of the CISM department and 
remember "A computer is the 
means to an end and not the 

-Mr. Michael Simone 


Dr. Boyd Ghering 

Mr. Kenneth Lee 

Criminal Justic 

A degree in Criminal Justice 
Administration prepares stu- 
dents for many and varied ca- 
reer opportunities within the 
radically growing criminal jus- 
tice system. Graduates might 
enter the fields of law enforce- 
ment, corrections, probation & 
parole, security, or correctional 

counseling & services. As a re- 
sult of criminal justice's broad - 
based curriculum students will 
graduate as well-educated peo- 
ple with specialized tools to 
perform as professionals in their 

-Mr. Roberts, Director CJA 

Mr. Gordon Roberts 

To the graduating class of 1992 

Thank you for the opportunity of having one more chance to talk with you before you 
leave. I have had the good fortune to speak with many of you in the academic setting as well 
as informally. 

We are witnessing a world wide evolution, with events happening at a lightening pace, 
(liven Mr. Roberts' is having trouble keeping up). You are the first graduating class to have 
the opportunity to be a part of this change. Yesterday's adversary is today's neighbor and 
friend in need of help. Your knowledge in the areas of Agriculture, Science, and Business are 
the tools necessary to unite this changing world into a better and more peaceful community. 
The choices available to you will be unlimited and the opportunities to get involved will be 
too numerous to count. lintire countries are opening up and asking for our help. The need 
to feed their citizens and to enter the free enterprise community of nations is exciting to 
watch. You have the golden opportunity to do more than watch. 

The college family also wants the opportunity to stay in touch with you as you face the 
l hallenges that lay ahead. Please, stay in touch and let us know how we can continue to help 

As I gain in the years, I 

nt to thank you for keeping me feeling young. 

■Dr. Handler, 
Business Athninistnition 



Arts & Sciences 


Biology is the study of life's diver- 
sity. The Department's strength is 
rooted in the application of basic sci- 
ence to it's many aspects. 

- William H. Allison 

Dr. Robert Berthold 

Dr. William Allis 


Dr. John Mr: 

Dr. Richard Mulstay 

Mr. John Standing 

Dear Class of 1992, 

Thanks for asking me to contribute 
a few lines to the 1992 Cornucopia. 
During our years together here at 
DVC, we have had the opportunity to 
learn, socialize, to participate in athlet- 
ics and in other College related activi- 
ties together, and to share many 
thoughts and ideas. My hope is that 
for the many of you in the Class of 
1992 with whom I have been involved, 
the experience has been as stimulating 
and as rewarding for you as it has been 
for me. 

-Robert Berthold 

Congratulations on attaining your 
baccalaureate degree as you start on 
your lifetime professional career and 
ongoing education. All of us have en- 
joyed the years you have spent with 

-William H. Allison 




Dr. Robert Or 

To the chemistry graduates of 
the Class of 1992, 

On this very special occasion 
we wish to extend our most sin- 
cere congratulations and best 
wishes. We are proud of your 
many academic and extracurric- 
ular achievements. We compli- 
ment you for your dedication 
and diligence and know that 
these virtues will enable you to 
achieve worthwhile goals in the 
real world. We will miss you as 
individuals, whose energy and 
enthusiasm has been assets to 
your program and to our Col- 
lege. We know that you will 
impress your future mentors 
and employees. Do remain in 
touch with us and visit your 
alma mater as time allows. May 
each day provide you with new 
challenges and unlimited op- 


Chemistry Department 

Deena Di Stefano 

Dr. Michael Gai 

Dr. Richard Lugar 

Dr. Jfrn-ph Stcnsoi 

Dr. Charles Wcbtl 




The need for people who can 
write well and communicate ef- 
fectively with others is growing 
in all areas of business, the pro- 
fessions, and academic life. 
There is more to any career than 
just the technology of that ca- 
reer, and good communications 
skills can make an impressive 

Dr. Alice Clark 

Dr. Linda Kuehl 

Mr. Edward Lawrence 


Congratulations from the 
Mathematics Department. Re- 
member you can always count 
on us. 

Dr. Francis Hofstaedter 
Mathematics Department 

T^^f ^™ 

Dr. Francis Hofstaedter 

Mr. Theodore Christie 

Mr. James Popha 

Mr. Michael Tabachnick 

Mrs. Eleanor Price 



Liberal Arts Department 

In addition to the informa- 
tion, wisdom, and skills you 
have accumulated here, I hope 
you will take with you another 
observation: People want to 
know how much you care be- 
fore they care how much you 

Dr. Richard Ziemer 
Liberal Arts Department 

Mr. Edward O'Brien. Jr. 

Mrs. Joann Roberts 

I have enjoyed working, 
teaching, and having fun with 
you these last few years. I know 
your futures will be as bright as 
your ideas and smiles. 

Mrs. Daren Gross 

food Science Management 



n Memorial 

Mrs. Sally Smith 

Sally Smith will be remembered by students and colleagues for many qualities. She had great enthusiasm 
for language and literature. Her goal always was to provide the best education possible. Her students 
benefitted from her dedication and from her clear sympathy with their efforts. Her colleagues loved her for 
her generous devotion to the shaping of educational goals, for her cheerful determination, and most of all for 
her great courage. 

Alice Clark 
Department of English 

Aside from her commitment to teaching and her active participation in school affairs, Sally Smith was a 
"profile in courage." Battling a debilitating disease for fourteen years, Mrs. Smith refused to see herself as ei- 
ther a victim or invalid. A positive and optimistic attitude helped her to lead a productive, happy life even 
during the years of illness, and her unflagging spirit served as an inspiration to all her colleagues. 

Linda Kandel Kuehl 
Department of English 



Mr. Paul Trembeth 

Paul D. Trembeth passed away on July 8, 1991. He was a valued member of the Mathematics Department 
of Delaware Valley College for 18 years. He previously taught at Germantown Lutheran Academy. 

Paul graduated with honors from Central High and received a BA and an MA in Mathematics from 
Temple University (Summa Cum Laude). He was a member of Big Brothers for over 10 years and a loyal 
member of the Delaware Valley College Band. He played the recorder and the French Horn. Paul had a 
curious Mathematical mind. His perpetual "Math Puzzles" will be remembered by all who knew him. 
To honor his memory a Paul D. Trembeth Scholarship Fund has been established. 

Dr. Hofstaedter 

Math Department Chairperson 




Mr. Dick Acker 

Mrs. Julie Ambrose 

Mr. Frank Massino 


1 ~ 4 

w! i 

' L 


Mr. Jack Mazak 

Mrs. Elaine McGeady 

Mrs. Dawn Ridgeway 

Ms. Kathryn Walter 


It's sad to see you leave but thrilling to see you graduate. W 
have seen you come to DVC as young freshman and leave ; 
maturing adults. What a change 4 years has made. Don't los 
sight of your goals but remember happiness should be your moi 
important goal. 

Ms. Mary Ann Ely 

Admissions Office/C.C. Work Ha 

Ms. Audrey Daniel 

Ms. Mary Ann Rly 


Mr. Stephen Zenko 

M-. Shannon w,l 

Joan Hock and Diana Sco 




Ms. Helen Donahue 

Left to right: Mary Lewis, Jenn Singer, Irene Keyser, Reinhild Dornfeld. 

Allman I '^ 

■> to bottom, left to right: Adam Adamczyk, Larry Beck, Ale 
ichman, Gary Raymond. 

Congratulations to each and everyone of the Class of 1992. Every class is special and 
unique and the class of '92, is no exception. Your class along with other graduating classes 
have left fine examples with such things as DEDICATION and HARDWORK. Your pride 
is our accomplishments including your support for the extracurricular programs. 

Well class of '92, You made it! I know there were times a lot of you thought you would 
not, but you worked at it and look at you now, walking the last few steps and into a world 
that awaits you, and I know with Pride and Determination, you will succeed in everything 
you do. Whether it's the profession you chose or whether it is to continue on with a higher 
education, utilize the knowledge you have obtained and continue to broaden your horizons. 

njoy seeing you again, and we 
whatever this 

GOOD LUCK and come back and see all of us, 
wish you all the happiness in whatever you choose t 
is to be. Again CONGRATULATIONS. 



Mary C. Bowes 
Housekeeping Dept. 

Ms. Flame Hanrahan 





Left: General Ag. is responsible for 
the management of the college's farm 

-• - Right: Farm #3 is a beef and swine ■£* 
V production center for educational «^T^ 
purposes. ^K 


Larry Queripel 

George Coulton 

George Gross 

Scr* Robencllo 

Jennifer Nagele 

The college's orchards produce field and tree products. Many of the 
products are sold in the roadside stand. The orchard provides an excel Ian t 
chance for practible experience. 

The college greenhouses serve as a place to grow many different plants f< 
production and educational use. Hands on experience is easily attained an 
that is what makes our school's reputation. 



eldman Computer Center 



Dr. Richard Laz 

rround Crew 

Timothy Varacallo 

Robert Carver 


Marie StOugh 

Left to Right: Barry Schuster, Tom Finley, Skip Rosenber^er Bill U 




Mr. Daniel Feldsl 


Top to bottom, left to right: Ben Llzanda. Victor Siason, Butch Mannon. Mar^e Constantine, Jcanttte Jfordo 
Glorii Bocsch, Vctona Palatmus. Grace Pmzka. Lita Kasloski, Bill Biruberger, Lee Dawson, Supervisor, 

Left to right: Maty Bowes, Mike Hcffner, Cecil Bowma 





Nurse Claudia ( <> 

Nurse Mildred Waddington 

Nurse Marren Berthold 


President West gets a visit from Mt. Silverman (posing as Columbo) at his celebration in the library. 

Ann DeMatteo and Harriet Roth 




The future belongs to you 
Class of 1992. What you make 
of it will be judged by history. 
You are about to enter a world 
full of challenges and opportu- 
nities. Attack those challenges, 
Grab on to those opportunities, 
and insure a prosperous future 
for you and your children. 
Linda I in bud en (Security 

Top to bottom, left to right: Loretta Landes, Phyllis Scott, Don Marable. Norman Lies. 

Left to right: Officers Jason Martin, Tom Peltz, Lt. Wayne Pietzsch, Off. Frank Lubich 

Top to bottom, left to right: Lt. Dan Davis, Officers Rob Stone, Joe Reading, Lt. Sean DiMeo, Officers Li 
Imbolen. Caroline Barraco. 

Lasker ' ' 

Do not let what you cannot d< 
interfere with what you can do. 
Barbara A. Heisey 88 
Director of Alumni Affairs 

Mrs Barbara Ikisi-y 

Ms. Barbara Alvarado 

Mrs Joanne Outfield 

Mrs. Dorothy ' hizcl 

Mrs. l-rma Mat 




To the class of '92: 

I consider it a privilege to have 
had a small part in the big pic- 
ture of your life. 

Homer Jennings 

Mrs. Marci Stanley 

Ms. Rosemary Charles 

Mr. Homer Jennings 

-\^mJ*!i •<li:z "i 

Mrs. Mary Campbell 

Ms. Virginia Altmann 

Mrs. Peggy Strohl 

Mrs. Sharon Haddon 

Ms. Betty Peterson 

Mrs. Evelyn Soderberg 

Mrs. Jean Hellerman 

Mrs. Esther Naddeo 

Mrs Eleanor Mill 

Mrs. Jean Smola 

Ms. Pat Smith 




Act 101 

Mrs. Anne De Forrest 

Ms. Janice Ha 

Mrs Marlene Krcll 




Mr Joseph Fulcoly Jr. 

Mrs F.lainc Hochn 


Ms Sally Gordon 

Ms Susan l J .it lint; 



Student Center 

itudent Store 



Mrs. Kathleen Spi 

Ms Theresa Rea.ln 

Mr. Wayne Culp 

itudent Life 

Mr. Steven Jai 

Mr. Chcd Bake 

Mrs. Phyllis Shields 

Media Center 


Mr Dave Mullms 

Mrs. Marilyn Vogel 




"One of the best times was on Halloween when Jen 
organized a program to New Hope for a haunted 
walk around the town. I think everyone will think 
twice before going there again!" 

Jill Edwards 


Student Life 


On bed: Melody Geesman; Left to 
right: Tami Halat (RA), Beth 
Hoffer, Kristy Morely, Bev 
Kershner, Holly Smith, Vicki Mor- 
ton, Carol Trimber. 

Berkowitz 1st 

Top to bottom, left to right: Marcia 
Tsai, Heidi Faller, Nicole Wright, 
Sylance Spence, Jeannine Manzella, 
Cindy Thorton, Michelle McBride, 
Carly Soden, Dawn DePasquale, 
Erica Shick, Tara Grady, Rebecca 
Wilcox, Kelly Harper, Maria Dimo- 
poulus, Linda Musi, Chrissy Sipe, 
Nancy Nixon, Anne Marie Freder- 
ick, Pam Blodgett, Paula Musi, 
Carolyn Green, Amy Lubinsky, 
Sherri Debacker, Laura Fleck, Sandi 
Olney (RA), Heather Schaarsch- 
midt, Kate Flynn, Jill Rdwards 

Berkowitz 2nd 


w i JMi M 

Top to bottom, left to right: Deb 

Glicklick, Tabbetha Haubold, Mar- 

tha Rcichcrt, Michelle Upton, 

Sandy Lachman, Chris Farley, 

Heather Raui>ht, Tara Sewell, Sue 


Sladek, Michelle Christy, Amy 

w vi%jF 

Welker, Danyele Pino, Sue Weaver, 

jA m H 

Jen Feeley, Laura Ramachandron, 

*'\ i 

Patti Bennett, Jen Ellsworth, Net 

■^ ~z jLv fl ^L. i 

Savoy, Lisa Smith, Colleen Jones, 

Jackie lickhart, Jen Duran, Kriss 


Betts, Cathy Biancardi (RA), Heidi 
Zver, Allison Keller, Cindy 



PE^: ff \ 

k W ^B "▼' ' - ' ■ 


> " ^ s) 



Student Life 

Far left top: Carol Trimber enjoys a rest in the 
sun. Far left bottom: Melissa Torok searches for 
her nest at the Halloween dance. Far left mid- 
dle: Jill Hoffer andjenn Paric. Left: Anne Marie 
Frederick silently working at the library. 


Student Life 


Top to bottom, left to tight: Travis 
Fink, Jabe Warren, Andy Frow- 
bridge. Dave Brown, Kurt Kuiick, 
Tom Grccnlcaf, Jeff Davis (RA), 
Jim Wabals, John O'Neill, Steve 
Dietrich, F.than Almekinder. 

Goldman 1st 

Top to bottom, left to right: James 
Cairness, Barry Mahaffey, Chip 
Molesworth, Mike Knouse, Greg 
Knaub, Geoffrey Hewitt, Frnest 
Stouffer.Jim Bittle, Ross Hill, Rob 
Hughes (RA), Tony Goreski, 
James Berger. 

Gold i 


Top to bottom, left to tight: Matt 
Friczinger, Brian Hemingway, Greg 
lilwell, Chris Firestone, Tim l.andis, 
George Glatles, Ted Dalgewicz, 
Kyle Hough, Al Rathjcns, Jeff 
Hirka, lirik Pioselli, Stephan Wal- 
ters (RA). Ryan Gottshall. 


Student Life 

Far left: Jeff Hirka — He's electric! Left: 
David Good doing some housekeeping for 
the beautiful ladies who reside at the dairy. 


Student Life 


Top to bottom, left to tight: Sharon 
Adams, Rhonda Hefflefinger, Co- 
lette Szottyka, Ann Kline (RA), 
Susan LaFavet. 

Barness 1st 


To/? fo bottom, left to tight: Marci 

r» ' -m #' 

f it ^|urifl^ 

droll, Linda Krompasky, Kerry 
Yeastcd, Nicole Ciprianni, Heather 

. WKia 

Murray, Sonia Dieter, Jen Dougher- 
ty, Barbara Mould, Katie Bertels 

« 1 ■ . Hk 

^^ - ^— ^> ft 5-.m 

(RA), Michelle Infante, Angel 

v *w\ 


Wenner, Donna Shetterly, Dtnise 
Januzzelli, Lori Ann Heybach, Rob- 
in Christie, Dara Widdifield, Rlise 

^^i* -1 


'••* -^j 

^F^ 1 


•■- "A 

•*» J 

k i 



Student Life 

Barness 2nd 


Top f" bottom, left to tight: Amy 

A ti&rJt&an^r&ci 

Cupples (RA), Betsy Vogt, Vicki 

Wcrtz, Karen Hansen, Jen Cam- 

^uM m*£ m^- m ■ WV M^^M 

pioni, Kristin Baine, Lisa Marr, 

rs^e^^*^ j^ ^r _^^^^i 

Cheryl Schramm, Uremia Hoover, 

Gail Blum, Gina Sceburger, Lisa 

^BbJRK . /■M \ : ^^ '• a f^V >4% 

Monteiro, Brenda Lath, Linda Ilor- 

nyak, Cyndi Long (RA), Katie 

^. -^ r " """" " "V fl 'J ,^1 ^^d^W 

Gallagher, Linda Schempp, Kim 
Douglass, Crystal Oellig, Lisa To- 

«^»' ^ HLfli 

mascik, Amy Grill, Stephanie 

Quinn, Cindy Mleziva, Tracey Gil- 
lespie, Mary Convery, Jen Blisard. 

Top far left: Cyndi Long takes a break from 
everyday life and searches for a beach to relax 
on. Top middle: Charlene Tokheim and her 
roommate Kate Monahan try to determine just 
how well they know each other. Top right: 
Sharon Adams. Left: Amy, Kristin, Lisa and 
Katie reaching new heights on Pride and Polish 
Day. Thanks for finally removing that egg! 
Above: Lorie Adgalane and Serena Mungiole 
relaxing in their room. 


Student Life 

Ulman 1st 

Top to bottom, left to right:)ason 
Szczultkowski, Mike Ambolino, 
Paul DiMaria, Brad Longenecker, 
Dave Breneman, Rich Lake, Matt 
Cheeseman (RA), Charles Hatcher, 
Ryan Miller, Dennis Sugar, Aaron 
Nordhoff, Mike Ghiggeri, John 

Ulman 2nd 

Top to bottom, left to right: Jason 
Minoff, Mike Relvas, Rick Steven- 
son, Jason Cally, Dave Mulvey,Jeff 
Botta, Brad Truax, Brian Smith, 
Dan Brown, Brian Palmer, Todd 
Schmoyer, Ben Rakus, Dan Steiett, 
Shawn Mead, Dave Baumeister, Jim 
Williams, Ian Luginbuhl, Brad Sen- 
nett, Gary Broderick, Matt Purcell, 
Jake Neiring. 

Ulman 3rd 

Top to bottom, left to right: Shawn 
Williams, Frank Pasquale, Greg 
Caldwell, Ron Clark, Paul Lowden, 
Kevin Switala, Chris l.otano, Rob- 
ert DtFigilio, Robert Arnts, James 
Welch, Dan I.orrnican. 


Student Life 

Far left: Although Corby Caiazzo does not live 
in Ulman, this picture would not be appropriate 
in any other spot. Left: Telephone call home? 
Not!! Below: Matt Cheeseman and friends en- 
joying Pride and Polish Day. 

Far left: Dave Mulvey takes a break from is his 
trips around campus. Left: Ulman guys try out 
the new volleyball court. 



Student Life 



Diane Yoder, Nicole Schaefer, An- 
gela Allen, Tami Halat (RA), Col- 
leen Fell, Maryann Henry. 

Samuel 1st 

Top to bottom, left to right: Nick 
Giacche, Roy Coale, Rich Hesser, 
Mike Lager, Scott Kulenguskey, 
Paul Hahn, Mike Tinnery, John 
Neagle, Chris Helverson, Gary 
Kleckner, Bill O'Connor, Rob Al- 
tieri, Darren Bethke, Andy Sgarra, 
Dave Paino. 

Samuel 2nd 

Top to bottom, left to right: Ste- 
phen Gullin, Jamie Stoner, Brian 
Kain, Bill McClaffcrty, Dennis Gil- 
len, Demetri Kangas, Dave Fcrrizzi, 
Mike Ciaffi, Bryan Kirch, Scott 
Coleman, Mike Cliver, Tim Rosen - 
berger, Ralph Husinger. 


Student Life 

Far left top: Tami Halat relaxing after a hard 
day of Pride and Polish. Far left bottom: Do 
you know this Samuel man^ Left middle: 
Colleen Fell Studying hard. Left: Roy Coale 
enjoying the Halloween dance. 


Student Life 

President's House 

Top to bottom, left to tight: Robin 
Beck, Audrey Diehl, Krista Hetrick. 

t 9 fl 


^1 ^A v_ J^^^F 


Cooke 1st 

Top ro bottom, left to tight: Brent 
Blickenderfer, Pete Fisher, Matt 
lager, Marvin Zimmerman (RA), 
Mike Stroehecker, Mike Coleman, 
Jeff Rowen, Marc Krasner, Dave 
Constantine, Rob Staudt, Chris 
Greene, Bill Harris, Jeff Lugar, Don 
Egan, Chris Ruppert, Piers Prater, 
Bob OToole, Rick Rathbun. Wal- 
ter Maupay. 

Cooke 2nd 

Top to bottom, left to tight: Geno 
Lowe, Mike Felcher, Doug Jamie- 
son, Mike Hecht, Jeff Broadwell, 
Joe Najarian, Greg Clavan.Joe In- 
guaggiato, Scott Dean, Bill Tarbert, 
Jim Minninger.Jeff Rumberger, Ja- 
son Gibson, Jeff Wiedlick, James 
Wightman, Rob Henderson, Jay 
Grimes, Bradly Morris, Mike Kutz- 
monich.Joe MacMillan, Mike Har- 
rington, Rodney Anderson, Scott 
Dean, CHF.F.TO San-Chaz, Bill 
Dear, Kyle Mackes, Travis Werley, 
Matt Speedy, Matt Martenas (RA), 
Matt McMahon, Boo Drummond. 


Student Life 


Student Life 


Top to bottom, left to right: Bill 
Lebel, Jon Nicholson, Jeff Jan- 
kiewicz, Breck Vanderwende, 
Adam Snyder (RA), Pasquale Stel- 
lato, Scott Wilson, Joe DeRado, 
Rich Woodring (RA), Will Carlisle, 
Dave Cavilla. 


Top to bottom, left to tight: Frank 
Canalichio, Pete Oesen, John Reda, 
Brian Webb, Glenn Canterbury, 
Kevin Gordon, Robert Martin, 
Dave DeFrange, Dan Burchardt, 
Mike Galletta, Scott Landes, Matt 
White, Steve Hykes, Kevin Hollis- 
ter, James Febbo, Rich McConnell, 
Rich Woodring, (RA) 

''4*r WklM 

Work 1st 

Trip fo bottom, left to right: JR 
Mto, Brian Remo, Mike Quinn, 
Dave Rosario, Andy Gordon, Vic- 
tor Ykoruk, Bill Miller, lid Cramer, 
Pat Mickey, Brett Search, Greg 
Steckroat, Rob DelloRusso, Mike 
Rapp, Ron Trombino, Rob Davis, 
F.van Walton, Ken Peterson, 
Monia, Brian Worth, Eric 
Schlecker, Baka Malitz. 


Student Life 

Work 2nd 

Top to bottom, left to right: Shan- 
non Murphy, Holly Williams, Jen 
Forsha, Michelle Mulholland, April 
Kosinsky, Tara Patock, Heather 
O'Neil, Melissa Miller, Lisa Tom- 
kin, Natalie Woeltje, Ronica Gera- 
simoff, Sara Lynn, Jen McFadden, 
Lori Tomkin, Jenni Hansel, Kelly 
Hartsell, Elen Garney, Sandy 
Slanker, April McCarra, Amy 
Webb, Lisa Dotts, Heather Meehan, 
Tricia Geuthers, Christine Kristoff, 
Karin Schoeler, Beth Stack, Diana 
Curtis, Julie Haberberger, Sara Ma- 
loy, Carrie Cavotta, Christine 
McColgan, Carey Mignognia, Bran- 
dy Canter, Alyson Levine, Christine 
Portmann, Krista Hutnik (RA), 
Paula Margay, Heather Flail, Dawn 
Berkenbush (RA), Lisa Melveney, 
Melissa Manno, Kristina Mauser. 


Student Life 

It was A-Day . . . Ched and I had been up all 
night, at 5 am we decided to go to Perkins for 
breakfast. While waiting for our meal we both 
fell asleep and the waitress had to wake us up." 

Andy Greenleaf 


Special Events 

Positively Patrioti< 

DVC Salutes America 

"Proud to be an American" 1991 

This year's homecoming theme, 
"Proud to be an American," chal- 
lenged students to create floats illus- 
trating their support for America. 
Supported by local residents and the 
college itself, the students presented a 
successful parade with an excellent 
turnout of onlookers. 

The Horticulture Society took first 
place with their float. "Produced in 
the U.S.A.," the Agronomy Club took 

second place, with Block and Bridle 
receiving third. 

First place in the Spirit Cars went to 
the Floral Society, with the Equine 
Club in second place and the Biology 
Club in third. 

Having thirty -three nominations 
for Homecoming Queen made it a 
very difficult choice for the judges, 
but Lisa C. Gerity, representing the 
Class of '92, outshone the competition 
and took the title. 

Top right: Homecoming Queen Lisa Gerity 
smiles estatically after being crowned. Right: 
Nicole Shaeffer and Steve "Smiley" Sharer pi 
rade at the pep rally. Far right: The Floral Soc 
ety drove the first place spirit car to victory. 








Happy Halloweer 

Positively pumpkins! 

This year's Halloween Dance 
was the most exciting ever held 
at DVC. Who would have ever 
guessed that Elvis would be 
sighted on our very own cam- 
pus? What about that D.J.? We 
could have danced all night un- 
der the full moon. There we all 
stood waiting for the best cos- 
tume of the night. What a sur- 
prise to us all. And then when 
you thought you were safe you 
ventured over to look into your 
future. Were you at all surprised 
when you were headed for the 
top? Once again, we were a 
enlightened with a lesson about 
practicing safe sex. So what is 
left but a night with a full moon 
and a good time to remember. 



1 / ^Bi?*p'P*t '3$ 

IT fefew^S 

Ua "It was a lot of fun!" 
Hg Diane Yoder 



Positively Jollj 

Christmas Dinner Dance 

Above right: Mike Ward discusses the suc- 
cessful evening. 
Right: It's electric!! 

Santa Claus would have been 
very proud of his elves if he had 
stopped in at the 1991 Christ- 
mas Dinner Dance held in the 
APR. The room could not have 
been any more festive or the 
company more enjoyable. Ev- 
eryone who attended could not 
help but get into the Christmas 
spirit. There was an addition to 
the festivities this year which 
may have increased attendance. 
Alcohol was served to those 
who were over 21 in the Pub. 
This seemed to increase the 
number of participants on the 
dance floor. 

Special thanks go out to 
those who helped make this 
dance possible: Rob Hughes, 
Sharon Adams, Mike Ward, 
Eric Bish, Ken Petersen, Katie 
Bertels, Dawn Berkenbush, 
Tami Halat, Paul Schneider and 
Chris McColgan. 

Rob Hushes 


Christmas Dance 

The decora- 
tions definite- 
ly put every- 
one in a 
festive mood! 

Top: Chris, Ken, Tami, Marc. Kelly, Bob, Rob, 
Katie, Eric, and Dawn take time out from the 
dance to socialize over a few drinks. Above lefc: 
Couples share a romantic dance. Above: Karyn 
Schramm and Matt Michonski pose for a true 
Kodak moment. Right: Jen Wilson and Piers 
Prater captured once again on film. What a cute 


Christmas Dance 


Udderly Awesome 

Farm Show 1992 was a terrif- 
ic success. Del Val was repre- 
sented by some very impressive 
animals and some equally de- 
voted students. The college had 
an extraordinary dairy, beef and 
sheep display. Among the 
breeds exhibited were Hol- 
steins, Jerseys, Polled Here- 
fords, Angus', and Dorsets. The 
students who volunteered their 
time ranged from veteran 
showmen to newcomers. They 
were in charge of the feeding, 
watering, bathing, walking, 
clipping and showing of the an- 
imals. Above all, the Farm 
Show was a great learning expe- 
rience and a lot of fun for a 
who attended. 

The animals were not the 
only representatives of Del Val. 
A promotion stand was run by 
the Agricultural Ambassadors 
and the Admissions Office. 

Tracey Gillespie 

I ■ I 

Tup righi: Patricia Smith, Tracey Gillespie, and 
Jean llellerman show us that even the Farm 
Show is a good place CO shop. Right: Mike 
l-ajjcr shows us how much he enjoys his job. 
Fat right: Dave Good helps the newborn locate 
its nutrient source. 

PA Farm Show 


Farm Show 


Farm Show 

Phila. Flower Show 

i ■ i 

As annual as the flowers it 
showcased, Philadelphia's flower 
show once again held its week- 
long nationally recognized event 
in the Civic Center. Under the 
guidance of Dr. Martin, Dela- 
ware Valley College won three 
awards for its exhibit "Night 
Sensations - Discovering Life 
After Dark." DVC captured the 
Pennsylvania Horticultural Soci- 
ety's Award for Best in Show 
(Educational - Academic), the 
American Horticultural Society 

Citation, and a Special Achieve- 
ment Award for Horticulture 
from the Garden Club Federation 
of America. 

To achieve a night-time effect, 
the massive exhibit was draped 
with a black fabric which dark- 
ened the area and allowed the 
various plants to display their re- 
markable ability to affect the 
night. Upon entering the display, 
one walked along a meandering 
path and observed foliage, a stat- 
ue-accentuated stream, and a 

small cottage. DVC students who 
participated in the event gained 
valuable landscaping experience 
and botanical knowledge to ap- 
ply to their future careers. 

Delaware Valley College has 
been participating in the event for 
42 years and is already planning 
another impressive display for 
next year. 


Flower Show 

Above: An overview of the Nielli Sensation 
exhibit. Beautiful clematis surrounds the exit. 
Top K/f/ir. The beauty of the statue was greatly 
enhanced after dark. 


Flower Show 

Pride & Polish Day 199: 

Positively Pristic 

The Fourth Annual Pride and Pol- 
ish Day at DVC was an enormous 
success. Once again we were blessed 
with beautiful weather for this event. 
P & P Day is strictly a voluntary pro- 
gram when there are no classes held 
and everybody pitches in, rolls up 
their sleeves to spruce up, fix up, and 
clean up the Delaware Valley College 
campus. This year over 400 students, 
faculty, staff, and administration took 
time to participate in this event. Some 
of the projects included washing win- 
dows, painting dorms and hallways, 
planting flowers and trees, and build- 
ing our new sand volleyball court. 
Pride and Polish Day 1992 was defi- 
nitely a huge success due to the hard 
work, determination and devotion of 

all the students, faculty, staff, and ad 
ministration who participated. 


Pride & Polish 

Far left top: Eric Bish, SAC Chairperson. Oppo- 
site page. Far left: Diane Yoder paints on a 
happy face. Top: Duane Fitzgerald attempts to 
fix the fence as his Pride and Polish project. 
Bottom: The Farm 3 workers ride in the lap of 
luxury. This page: Top: Why am I the only one 
digging? (John Najarian, Mike Kutzmonich, 
Mike Vecchio) Above left: Even the benches 
deserve a fresh coat of paint. Above right: Work 
Hall gets a face lift. Left: Frank Pasquale gives 
the new volleyball court a test run. 


Pride & Polish 


A-Day '92 

If we were asked to choose 
only one aspect of Delaware 
Valley College that would truly 
represent what we stand for, it 
would definitely be A-Day. A- 
Day doesn't involve just agri- 
culture but all activities 
throughout the campus. The 
number of activities increases 
each year thanks to more in- 
volvement of campus organiza- 
tions which is vital to A -Day's 

Activities took place all over 
campus at various times and 
provided visitors with enough 
fun to fill an entire day. Such 
activities included canoe rides, 
hay rides, petting zoo, pony 
rides, craft show, orchard tours, 
livestock show, flower show, 
milking demonstration, cattle 
fitting demonstration, dairy 
show, horse show, kiddie trac- 
tor pull, and the crowning of 
the A-Day King and Queen. 

This year's King and Queen 
contest was dominated by the 
agricultural clubs on campus: 
The Agronomy Club (King 
Geno Lowe), the Floral Society 

(Queen Linda Schempp), the 
Horticulture Society (1st Run- 
ner-up Eric Bish), and Block 
and Bridle ( 1st Runner-up Lau- 
ra Harding). 

The dedication of A-Day 
was also awarded to a former ag 
student and very dear friend to 
many at DVC. No one was 
more deserving of this honor 
than Mr. Ched Baker. His dedi- 
cation to A-Day and all other 
campus activities will always be 

Andy Greenleaf, Jimmy Ma- 
rini, and the entire A-Day com- 
mittee are to be commended 
for the great success A-Day 
was and will be in the future 
thanks to their efforts. 



Opposite page: Top: Little Bo Peep you are not! 
(Rick Bruce). Far left: Julie Ambrose and 
Stephanie Gargula chat while waiting in line for 
funnel cakes. Left: How many Zetas does it take 
l hot dog? This page: Left: A -Day King 
Geno Lowe and Queen Linda Schempp pose 
for one of many pictures. Top right: With the 
help of these two, anyone can be a star! Bottom 
right: "When I grow up I wanna be just like 
Todd Hofsaess ..." 






Positively Entertaining 


The Student Activity Committee 
provided us with many enjoyable 
events throughout this past year. 
Dances, comedians, and movies were 
only a portion of the vast amount of 
entertainment we were able to experi- 
ence free of charge. SAC's big event 
this year was the appearance of "Bob- 
cat" Goldthwait on May 8th. SAC 
never failed to deliver the best. 

Above: The MTV Dancers were definitely a 
crowd pleaser! 

Right: Looks as though Charlene and Kate 
aren't thrilled with the question asked during 
the Roommate Game. 







Below: Doug Boesch, a Presidential Diplomat, enjoys the nice weather. To the right: )\m Wabals 
doing some spring cleaning in his second home. Far right: Eric Bish, a member of Student 
Government, flies high. Bottom left: Presidential Diplomat Nicole Gennell at Club MTV night. 
Bottom right: Ben Rakus from ICC along with some different friends. 



Inter Club Council- Top to bottom, left to right. .Jessica Edwards, Mike Lager, Jen Hughes, Ben Rakus, 
Jonathan Grimes, Mark Osiecki, Tuyen Vu, Travis Werley, Andy Greenleaf, Bill Riedell, Angel Wenner, 
Chrissy Sipe, Samantha Cichocki, Donna Miller, Cheryl Schramm, Jen Duran. 


Student Government- Top to bottom, left to right: Scott D' Amico, >, Barry Mehaffey, Baka Malitz, Andy 
Greenleaf, Kelly Martin, Angel Wenner, Jen Duran, Rob Dello Russo, Dr. Allison, Pam Blodgett, Kelly 
Harper, Mikejadis, Paul Schneider, Adam Kaplan. Mike Ward, Eric Bish, Cyndi Long, Ken Petersen, Sarah 
Lynn, Dean Jarrett, Rob Hughes, >, Nicole Wright. Margaret Wolters, Jeff Hirka, Ian Luginbuhl, Jill Edwards, 
Tim Mears, Ron Trombino. 

Presidential Diplomats- Top to bottom, left to right: Doug Boesch, Bob OToole, Krista Hutnik, Sandra 
Lachman, Nefertiti Savoy, Cindy Blackston. Jen Seidel. Stephanie Gargula, Matt Martenas, Katie Bcrtels, 
Michelle Infante, Jim Wabals, Kate Flynn, Karen DeFrancesco, Ken Petersen, Dawn Berkenbush. Jill 
Edwards, Tiffany Cutler, Kelly Harper, Nicole Gennell, Kristy Morley, Stephan Walters. 

"ICC has 
many tasks this 
year which I am 
proud to have 
been a part of." 
-Margaret Wolters 

"I like working 
on Student 
because I'm able 
to get involved 
with the running 
of the college. 
My input makes 
a difference and 
it benefits the 
entire student 
body (I hope!)" 
-Ken Petersen 

"The Diplomat 
Program has 
been instrumental 
in teaching us 
skills. Because 
we have to 
interact with so 
many different 
types of people, 
it is a great 

-Jeff Fromeyer 



Below: Kelly Harper from SAC and Katie Bertels an RA for Barness. Right: Natasha Upson and 
Dana Pinson representing MLC. Bottom left: Matt Cheeseman RA for Ulman Hall. Bottom middle: 
RA's Sam Olney and Kathy Biancardi enjoying a beautiful day. Bottom right: Cindy Blackston, 
from MLC, cleans up. 



Minority Leadership Club- Top to bottom, left to tight: Junior Hyn 
Tawanna Shelton, Angela Allen, Luan Gethers, Cindy Blackston. 

, Stephan Walters, Nefertiti Savoy, 

Residant Assistants- Top to bottom, left to tight: Cathy Biancardi, Kfista Hutnik, Matt Mattenas, Matt 
Cheeseman, Mike Ward, Bill Riedell, Marvin Zimmetman, Dean Jattett, Adam Snydet, Rob Hughes, Ken 
Petersen, Dawn Beikenbush, Etic Bish, Cyndi Long, Katen Schtamm, Jeff Davis, Sandy Olney, Tammy Halat, 
Jill Edwatds, Katie Bettels, Ann Kline, Amy Cupples. 



Top to bottom, left t 
lico, Kelly Hatpet, El 

tight: Angel Wennet, Ched Baker, Rob Dello Russo, >, Barry Mehaffey, Scott 
Bish, Jen Dutan, Baka Malitz, Andy Greenleaf, Sarah Lynn. 

"The Courage of 
working for 
something you 
believe in, day in 
and day out, year 
after year, can be 
difficult, but 
holds the greatest 
rewards. Find 
your ideal . . . 
and follow it." 

- V. Suhomia 

"The position of 
RA certainly isn't 
an easy one but 
there are rewards. 
There is the 
opportunity of 
being both a 
student and a 
member of the 
DVC staff." 

-Cyndi Long 

"Being a member 
of SAC is a great 
way to get 
involved with 
school activities. 
It's a good 
feeling to make 
campus life a 
little more fun 
and interesting 
for everyone 

-Jen Duran 



Right: Gndy Mleziva from the Chemistry Club. 
Fir right: The Biology Club awaits new mem- 
bers. Be/ow:Jen Seidel and her escort Kevin 
enjoy the scenery. Bottom right: Monica Dell, 
from the Biology Club, plans her future. 

^ - 




Biology Club- Top to bottom, left to tight: Geoff Hewitt, Hollie Kochanski, Sarah Maloy, Kelley Hartsell, 
Monica Dell, Dr. Allison. 

Chemistry Club-7bp to bottom, left to tight: Lisa Tomascik, Dr. Orr, Cindy Mlezi 

Agronomy Club- Top to bottom, left to tight: Charles Hatcher, Jim Craft, Cheryl Schramm, Greg Steckmat, 
Mr. Wolford, Susan LaFaver, Carol Trimber, Mike Filchner, Geno Lowe, Beverly Kershner, Shawn Miller, 
Robert Drummond. 

"The Biology 
Club did several 
exciting things 
this semester. 
Winning third 
place for a spirit 
car last 

homecoming, our 
annual whale 
watch trip and 
A-Day are just a 
few activities." 

-Monica Dell 

"The DVC 
Chemistry Club 
has been active 
this year. 
Between the 
parade, garage 
sale, A-Day 
magic shows, we 
all had lots of 
fun and a 
successful year." 
-Cindy Mleziva 

"The Agronomy 
Club provides 
students with the 
opportunity to 
discover new 
activities, such as 
parade, A-Day 
and the club 
banquet at the 
end of the year." 
-Jim Craft 



Below: Fellowship together, Chrissy Sipe, from Christian Fellowship and Samantha Cichocki, from 
the Newman Gub. Right: Carolyn Green stops to smell the flowers. Bottom left: Carolyn Green, and 
Chrissy Sipe from Christian Fellowship bedeviled by Kelvin Vu. Bottom middle: Amy Lubinsky 
from Hillel. Bottom right: Matt Michonski, from Newman Club, helps clean up. 




HMel-Top t 
Glicklich, An 

left to right: Hollie Smith, Adam Kaplan, Beth Hoffer, Nicole Saviet, Deborah 

iy Lubinsky. 

Christian Fellowship- Top to bottom, left to right: Tim Ford, ?, Ada 
Green, Eva Ford, Jenni Hansell, Angel Wenner, Heather Murray. 

i Snyder, Donna Shetterly, Carolir 



Newman Club- Top to bottom, left to right: Donald Fgan, Matt Michonski, Sarah Maloy, Kelly Hartsell, 
Joanne Snouffer, Samantha Ctchocki, Stephanie Gatgula, Jen Blisard, Kristin Baine. 

"Hillel is an 
educational club 
for both Jewish 
and non-Jewish 
members. There 
is also a 
available for 

-Margret Walters 

"Boycott Hell 

-Tom Brown 

"The club is still 
a young club, we 
have gone 
through some 
rough times, but 
if you guys can 
work together 
and keep active 
the club can go 
where ever you 
want it to." 

-Matt Michonski 



Above: Christine Kriseoff practices her future. To the left: Mike Kutzmonich helps redecorate the 
campus. Top left: Jeff Davis and Jim Wabals smile pretty for the camera. Top middle: Jill Fdwards 
and Fmilio Juliano from Floral Society. Top right: Jimmy Marini says "Mmm Mmm Good!" 




Floral Society- Top to bottom, left to tight: Mike Hu 
Kristoff, Linda Schempp, Jen Blisard, Kristin Baine. 

an, Carolyn Green. Chrissy Sipe, Chri 

Horticulture Society- Top to bottom, left to tight: Brie Bish, Tim Landis, Mark Shannon, Jeff Davis, Jim 
Wabals.Jeff Botta, Marc Krasner, Dr. Ron Muse, Ron Martin, Ian Phelps, Katie Bertels, Michelle Infante, Jill 
F.dwards, Chrissy Sipe, Glenn Gappo. 

Landscape-Nursery Club- Top to bottom, left to right: Melissa Torok, Piers Prater, Jeff 
Rowen, Mike Coleman, Doug Jamison, Scott Bandies, Scott Dean, Jim Minninger, Mike 
Huebshman, Amy Cupples, Marc Krasner, Chris Greene, Greg Claven, Jon Najarian, Jeff 
Rumberger, Mike Kutzmonich, Joe Macmillan, Mike Harrington, Rodney Anderson, Bill Dear, 
Sean Garrigan, Martha Riechart, Sue Sladek, Jen Blisard, Data Widdifield, Melody Geesaman. 

"Floral Society 
offers a great 
opportunity to 
get hands on 
experience doing 
floral design 
work for the 
school and the 

-Carolyn Green 

"For me, the 
Society has been 
a real unique 
experience. In 
the club, I've had 
the opportunity 
to recieve hands 
on experience. In 
the process, I 
have gained many 
good friendships. 
-Chrissy Sipe 

"The Landscape 
Nursery Club is a 
fun group of 
dedicated hard 
workers that are 
there to gi\e a 
helping hand 
whenever the 
time arises." 

-Piers Prater 



Be/owrjen Orlowsky and Michelle Robbins Say "Cheers!" To the Right: Wally Mattus flies "with 
the greatest of ease." Bottom Left: Environmentally aware Michelle Robbins and Jen Orlowsky. 
Bottom Middle: King of the Mountain, Ryan Miller. Bottom Right: Greg Bruner and David 
Fanders from the Outdoors Club. 




DVC Players- Top to bottom, left to right: David Fanders, Mark Ringenary, Wally Mattus, Greg Brun 
Deborah Glickiich, Sheri Debacker, Cheryl Schramm. 

Outdoors- Top to bottom, left to right: Jen Duran, Mark Ringenary, Wally Mattus, Greg Bruner, David r\f(af " 

Fanders, Geoff Hewitt, Christina Holeman. OHM. 

JPV 1 

Environmental Awareness Club- Top to bottom, left to righr: Ryan Miller, Charles Hatcher, Jen Hughe 
Jen Otlowsky, Tracey Gillespie, Michelle Robbins, Lori Fleck. 

"We got off to a 
slow start this 
year, but we are 
planning an 
eventful next 

-Cheryl Schramm 

"The Outdoors 
Club is the most 
unique club on 
campus. It's 
towards almost 
any activity 
allows its 
members to 
experience all 
that life has to 

-Mark Ringenary 


Awareness Club 
is a great 
opportunity if 
you want to learn 
how to protect 
and save our 
-Michelle Robbins 



Below: Mike Gerhards from the Pre -Vet Club. To the right: A Del Val picture perfect moment. 
Bottom left: Lisa Gerity is proud to be part of the Lab Animal Club. Bottom middle: "What are your 
qualifications?", asks Kelly Harper and Tracey Gillespie. Bottom right: Jamie Walsh, from Equine, 
"shakes his thang." 

- , . >* «> « _ ***** • ' • * ft 

- »** - -■••- 






Equine- Top ro bottom, left to right: Stephanie Quinn, Debbie Armstrong, Amy Webb, Tammy Mulutzie, 
Elaine Faust, Betsy Vogt, Jamie Walsh, Maryanne Henry, Romnie Newmaster, Mrs. Gilbert. 

Lab Animal Club- Top to bottom. left to right: Sheri Debacker, Lisa Gerity, Vicki Morton, Brent 
Blickensderfer, Deborah Glicklich, Anthony Colazzo, Richard Bruce, Carey Mignogna. 

Pre- Vet- Top to bottom, left to right: Cindy Thornton, Jeannine Manzella, Matt lager, Beth Stack, Danyelle 
Pino, Mike Gerhards, Kelly Harper, Tiffany Cutter, Ttacey Gillespie. 

"The Equine 
Club has a lot of 
fun throughout 
the year starting 

Homecoming and 
ending with our 
A-Day horse 

-Elizabeth Vogt 

"The LAC has 

given many 
the students 


the field of 

laboratory animal 
science the 

gather and 
discuss the 



animals in 





"As Pre-Vet 
majors, we are 
faced with the 
most challenging 
and exciting 
times in our 
lives. The Pre- 
Vet Club helps us 
realize our 
dreams of 
becoming future 

-Matt lager 



Above: Rick Bruce, from Tropical Aquarium, 
hangs in there. Top right: "Look! I got my 
picture on the FFA calendar." Right: Butch 
Schaffer proudly displays the FFA calendar. Far 
right: Krista Hutnik from FFA. 




FFA- Top to bottom, left to right: Will Carlisle, Krista Hutnik, Matt Martenas, Diane Curtis, Ann Klir 
Baker, Butch Schaffet, Roy Coale, Willie Keeney, Betsy Vogt, Steven Dietrich. 

A-Day- Top to bottom, left to right: Ethan Almakinder, Dave Good, Tom Greenleaf, Ben Rakus, Mike Lager, 
Matt Martenas, Ray Coale, Bob Bauer, Travis Walker, John O'Neill, Steven Dietrich, Pam Blodgett, Vicki 
Morton, Dara Widdifield, Jill Edwards, Michelle Infante, Tammy Halat, Becky Stack, Andy Greenleaf, 
Margaret Wolters, Ched Baker, Jen Orlowsky, Sarah Lynn, Tim Mears, Cyndi Long, Dawn Berkenbush, Jamie 

Tropical Aquarium Society- Top to bottom, left to right: Emilio Julia 
Huebshman, Adam Kaplan. 

. Rick Bruce, Ernesr Srouffer, Mike 

"FFA is today's 
agriculture. It's not 
just farming, it's 
landscaping, horses, 
horticulture, and 

-Betsy Vogt 

"As being a 
member of A- 
Day I have 
learned to 
appreciate all the 
hard work that 
goes into the 
weekend. I hope 
every A-Day 
becomes more of 
a success." 

-Crystal Oellig 

"The Tropical 
Aquarium Society 
was formed and 
chartered in Nov. 
of '91. Our goal 
is to educate the 

community in the 
raising of 
tropical fish and 
aquarium pets." 
- Emilio Juliano 



f 3$ *l 


Be/owrjeff Davis from NAMA. To the right: Scott Druckenmiller and Bill Riedell, "you've got to 
be |oking." Bottom left: Kristin Baine "the new generation." Bottom middle: Chris Quinn, from the 
Business Club, "What, no raffle?" Bottom right: Shawn, from Computer Club, practices what he 

x X 




NAMA -Top to bottom, left to right: Tuyen Vu, Angela Allen, Travis Walker, Brad Morris, Betsy Vogt, Kyle 
Mackes, Jeff Davis, Andy Greenleaf, Diane Curtis, Kristin Baine. 

Computer Club- Top to bottom, left to right: Andy Greenleaf, Megan Meo, Jit 
Hughes, Mike Ward, Bill Riedell, Ched Baker, Scott D'Amico. 

ny Marini, Ian Phelps, Rob 

Business Club- Top to bottom, left to right: Rich Woodring.Jon Geigei 
Ken Kean, Melissa Schechter, Kurt Peavy, Sandy Piatt, Lisa McGuire, C 
Schneider, Chfis Quinn, Amy Lubinsky. 

hris Firestone, David Daikeler, 
; Young, Deena Handler, Paul 

"With speakers 
from the outside 
world of 
Agriculture, we 
explore different 
opportunities to 
point our 
education to the 
future. We also 
participate in 
many campus 

-Kyle Mackes 

"I would like to 
thank all the 
students who 
participated in 
the computer 
club this year, we 
had a great year 
and look forward 
to obtain greater 

- William Riedell 

"Most Asked 
Question - Are 
we having a 
meeting today? 
50/50 raffle - 
Nobody is safe! 
We'll wake them 
up, shake them 
out of bed, and 
make them buy a 
ticket. Even the 

-David Daikeler 



Below: "Milk does the body good!" Tanya Martin and Tom Farley. To the right: "Say cheese!" 
Bottom left: ESO representative Siobhan Beebe at homecoming 1992 with her escort. Bottom 
middle: "Proud to be Americans!" Krista Hutnik and Matt Martenas. Bottom right: Jayme Finafrock 
loves his job. 



Dairy Society- Top to bottom, left to right: Adam Snyder, Brad Maxwell, Roy Coale.Jayme Finafrock, Ethan 
Almakinder, Chris Tice, Rich Hesser, Brad Morris, Butch Schaffer, Jay Grimes, John O'Neill, Tom Greenleaf, 
Diane Curtis, Steve Sharer, Marvin Zimmerman, Bob Bauer, Baka Malitz, Nicole Shaeffer, Scott Youse Dave 
Good, Tom Farley, Matt lager, Steven Dietrich, Willie Keeney, Amin Ahmadzadeh, Tiffany Cutler, Laura 
Harding, Carol Trimber, Karen Schramm. 

Block and Bridle- Top to bottom, left to right: Matt Martenas, Kerry Yeasted, Nicole Ciprianni, Krista 
Hutnik, Jamie Welch, Tim Mears, Jay Grimes, Travis Werley, Dustin Heeter, Bob Bauer, Marvin Zimmerman, 
Amin Ahmadzadeh, Mr. Gilbert, Elise Glazer, Vicki Wertz, Todd Hofsaess, Colleen Fell, Linda Krompasky, 
Lisa Tomko, Beth Stack, Nicole Wright, Danyelle Pino, Debbie Helverson, Erica Shick, Amy Welker, Cheryl 
Schramm, Margaret Wolters, Nicole Schaeffer, Karen Schramm.'"-'' J 

KT ' 

ESO- Top to bottom, left to tight: Heather O'Neill, Holly Kochanski, Robin Christie, Amy Grill, Colette 
Szortyka, Ernest Stouffer, Karen Hansen, Jen Campioni, Dia Lill, Mary Convery. Andy Trowbridge, Jessica 
Edwards, Bill Harris, Karen DeFrancesco, Jen Elsworth. Patty Bennett, Kate Flynn, Heather Schaarschmidt, 
Corby Ciazo. Robin Beck. 

"Dairy Society is 
a large active 
club on campus. 
We work to help 
further the dairy 
industry and help 
our college 
community. We 
make many 
lasting friends 
with many lasting 

-Ron Anderson 

"The Block and 
Bridle Club is a 
club that involves 
everyone from 
any major. We 
are very active 
whether it is 
selling hams, 
going on trips, 
having socials, or 
helping at A- 

-Vicki Wertz 

"The ESO is an 
made up of the 
Equine Science 
majors. The 
plans activities 
that improve our 

-Ernest Stouffer 




Below: Chris Sweeney awaits the big moment. To the right: Theta Chi Sigma proudly displays its 
symbol. Far righr: "Omega Chi challenges anyone!" Jessica Mullens, Carrie Cavotta and Wendy Orr. 
Bottom /eft: The gang's all here! Bottom right. Jeff Scott and Chris Hull looking for new members. 








Theta Chi Signa 

Theta Chi Sigma- Top to bottom, left to right: Steve Calderone, Scott Hotoshko, Frank Kitchener, Steve 
Wagner, Chris Hull, Brran Hemmingway, Mike Struble, John Bushick, Rob Hughes, Matt Reasonet, Glen 
Canterbury, Mike Coleman, Craig Higgs, Ed Wilton, Jeff Scott, Geotge Glattes. 

Omega Chi Sigma- Top to bottom, left to right: Beth Hoffer, Jen Ormond, Carrie Cavotta, Jessica Mullens, 
Margaret Wolters, Jessica Edwards, Melissa Manno, Andrea Morrissy,Jenn Hughes, Lisa Melveney, Christine 
Portmann, Marie Kogut, Joanne Snouffer, Kris Mauser, Jessica Garger, Wendy Orr 

Zeta Chi- Top to bottom, left to tight: Ben Rakus, Jeff DiGiovanni, JR Meo, Chris Sweeney, Mike Lager, 
Dan Brown. Ian Luginbuhl. Gary Broderick, Frank Heery. Bryan Smith, Justin Geiger, Jason Minoff, Jake 

"The fraternity 
has grown 
steadily since its 
beginning and is 
continuing to 
grow. Theta Ghi 
Sigma is one of 
the most active 
organizations on 

-Frank Kitchener 

"This year we 
changed our 
name from Zeta 
Chi Little Sisters 
to Omega Chi. 
We are active in 
the school and 
the community." 
-Wendy Orr 

"Zeta Chi is a 
fraternity of 
fellowship, and 
loyalty. Through 
the years we've 
strived to become 
#1 and how we 

-Jason Minoff 



Right: "Ouch I was stung!" Far right: Singing 
sisters Karyn Schramm and Cheryl Schramm. 
Below: "Bees, Bees, and more Bees. Bottom 
right:" . . and the band plays on." Carey Mig- 
nogna from the DVC band. 




Band- Top to bottom, left to right: Bob Kanzler, Cheryl Schramm, Cathy Wen, Matt Iaget, Sean Garringto 
Gteg Grimes, Cindy Thornton, Btendan Lederer, not shown: Cindy Mleziva. 

Chorale- Top to bottom, left to right: Mike F.istof, Laurie Fleck, William Harris, Travis Werley, Robert 
OToole, William Portet, Ian Phelps, Susan Lazarus, Amy Webb, Cheryl Schramm, Karyn Schramm, Matt 
Michonski, Pete Fischer, Glenn Gappo, Brent Blickensderfer, Emory Kohut, Tuyen Vu, Joann Roberts, Jenni 
Hansell. Sheri DeBacker, Debbie Glicklich, Kris Belts, Sharon Adams, Paula Rogers, Heathet Murray, Donna 
Doane, Kim Ghering, Sandy Lachman, Amy Lubinsky, Jen Orlowsky. 

Apairy Society- Top to bottom, left to right: Dr. Berthold, Steve Caldrone, Mrs. Rintier, Her daughter, Tony 
Colazzo, Mike Jadis, Dan French, Michele Harley, Rintier family 1, 2, 3, Christie Holeman, Ian Phelps, 
Stephanie Quinn, Geoff Hewitt. 

"It's the easiest 
"A" I ever got at 
DVC and it's the 
only quintet with 
two tubas that I 
have the 
experience of 
playing in." 

-Sean Garrigan 

"Chorale is a 
group of 
students, alumni 
and faculty who 
perform not only 
for the campus 
but also for the 


"Being a member 
of the Apairy 
Society is a buzz. 
It was fun being 
in the club 
because Doc kept 
everyone busy as 
a bee." 

-Jimmy Marini 




Right: Linda Schempp, Editor-in-chief of the 
1992 Cornucopia. The only reason she is smiling 
is because the book is done. Far right: Freshman 
Jen Duran devoted much of her free time to the 
sports section of this book. Below: Our com- 
panions in the publication world: Tina De- 
menczuk. Holly Williams, and Tim Vogt of the 
Ram Pages. Bottom left: Kristin Baine working 
hard on the senior section. Bottom right: Kyle 
tries to figure out where to begin his section 
( Faculty and Staff). 

"We've Come a 
long way baby!" 

-Paul Schneider 

"If you only 
knew how many 
hours I spent on 
this book . . . On 
second thought, 
you don't want to 
know! It really 
was a great 

-Linda Schempp 

Far left: Co-editor of the Ram Pages Tina De- 
menczuk. Left: April Book - without her, this 
section would not have been possible. Thanks, 



Student Government 


Vice President 




Vice President 


Vice President 

I.C.C. Rep. 
A -Day Rep. 


Vice President 
Sec. /Treasurer 


Vice President 
I.C.C. Rep. 
A- Day Rep. 

Block & Bridle 
Vice President 
Recording Sec. 
A -Day Reps. 

Ken Petersen 
Rob Hughes 
Cynthia Long 
Jeff Hirka 

Margaret Wolters 
Andy Greenleaf 
Andrea Morrissy 
Jonathan Grimes 

Geno Lowe 
Rob Drummond 
Shawn Miller 

Beverly Kershner 
Cheryl Schramm 
Sue LaFaver 
Jim Craft 

Matt lager 
Bob Kanzler 
Brendan Lederer 

Jennifer Misko 
Sue Carre 
Elen Garney 
Shannon Ceccoli 
Jeff Hamilton 
Shannon Ceccoli 

Matthew Martenas 
Krista Hutnik 
Vicki Wertz 
Butch Schaeffer 
Matthew Martenas 
Robert Bauer 

1.C.C Reps. 

Jonathan Grimes 
Butch Schaeffer 

I.C.C. Rep 

Tara Sewell 
Steven Wright 
Michael Jadis 


Vice President 
I.C.C. Rep. 

Peter Fischer 
Brent Blickensderfer 
Jennifer Hansell 
Kris Betts 

Christian Fellowship 


Eva Ford 


Chrissy Sipe 

I.C.C. Rep. 

Donna Shetterly 

Bible Study Leader 

Adam Snyder 

A -Day Rep. 

Carolyn Green 

Computer Club 


Scott Druckenmiller 

Vice President 

Dan Wadding 


Shawn Bauer 


Bill Riedell 

I.C.C. Rep. 

Bill Riedell 

A -Day Rep. 

Terry Cramer 



Linda Schempp 

Dairy Society 


Jayme Finafrock 

Vice President 

Marvin Zimmerman 


Laura Harding 


Tom Farley 

Environmental Awareness 


Jennifer Orlowsky 

Vice President 

Ryan Miller 


Renee Corcoran 


Michele Robbins 

I.C.C. Rep. 

Ryan Miller 

A -Day Rep. 

Jennifer Orlowsky 

Equine Science Organization 


Karen Defrancesco 

Vice President 

Laura Wall 


Bethany Burghoff 


Andrea Morrissy 

I.C.C. Rep. 

Lisa Jagielski 

Heather O'Neil 

A -Day Rep. 

Kevin Packer 

Heather Bankard 

Equine Club 


Romnie Newmaster 

Vice President 

Deb Armstrong 


Tammy Mulutzie 


Sonia Dieter 

A -Day Rep. 

Danyele Pino 

I.C.C. Rep. 

Amy Welker 

Floral Society 


Christine Kristoff 

Vice President 

Linda Schempp 


Jill Edwards 


Katie Bertels 

I.C.C. Rep. 

Angel Wenner 

A -Day Rep. 

Jennifer Blisard 




Industry Club 

Vice President 


Vice Preident 
C.C. Rep. 
Day Rep. 


Vice President 
I.C.C. Rep. 

Horticulture Society 

Vice President 
A -Day Rep. 
I.C.C. Rep. 

Lab Animal Club 

Vice President 
A -Day Rep. 
I.C.C. Rep. 

Landscape Nursery Club 

Vice President 
I.C.C. Rep. 
A -Day Rep. 

Vice President 
A- Day Rep. 
I.C.C. Rep. 

Newman Club 
Vice President 
Treas./I.C.C. Rep. 

Arthur Huie 
Sandy Lachman 
Todd Funk 
Stephanie Gargula 

Royston Coale 
Robert Drummond 
Geno Lowe 
Garvin Schaeffer 
Willie Keeney 
Steve Dietrich 

Nicole Saviet 
Amy Lubinsky 
Susan Tabachnick 
Adam Kaplan 

Michelle Infante 
Eric Bish 
Tim Landis 
Jeff Davis 
Mark Shannon 
Glen Gappo 

Lisa Gerity 
Anthony Colazzo 
Shannon Ceccoli 
Sheri DeBacker 
Vicki Morton 
Lisa Gerity 

Mike Kutzmonich 
Jeff Rumberget 
Piers Prater 
Jeff Rowen 
Michael Huebshman 
Dara Widdifield 

Travis Walker 
Melissa Torok 
Kyle Mackes 
Kristin Baine 
Jay Grimes 
Mike Strohecker 

Matt Michonski 
Joanne Snouffer 
Jennifer Blisard 
Samantha Cichocki 

Omega Chi 


Marie Kogut 

Vice President 

Kristina Mauser 


Carrie Cavotta 


Christie Portmann 


Andrea Morrissy 

Sgt. At Arms 

Jessica Edwards 

A -Day Rep. 

Jennifer Ormond 

I.C.C. Rep. 

Jennifer Hughes 

Outdoors Club 


Cynthia Long 

Vice President 

Wally Mattus 


Jen Fonseca 


Greg Bruner 

A -Day Rep. 

Cynthia Long 

ICC. Rep. 

Jennifer Duran 

Pre-Veterinary Society 


Kelly Harper 

Vice President 

Tracey Gillespie 


Denise Kehm 


Becky Arthur 

I.C.C. Rep. 

Rick Bruce 

A -Day Rep. 

Jen Orlowsky 

Ram Pages 

Co -Editors 

Paul Schneider 

Theta Chi Sigma 


Vice President 



A -Day Rep. 

I.C.C. Rep. 

Tropical Aquarium Society 


Vice President 




Sgt. At Arms 

I.C.C. Rep. 

A -Day Rep. 

Zeta Chi 


Vice President 

Recording Sec. 

Corresponding Sec. 



Sgt. At Arms 

Tina Demenczuk 

Frank Kitchener 
Michael Struble 
Edward Wilton 
Dave Klosinski 
Steven Calderone 
Brian Hemmingway 

Emilio Juliano 
Adam Kaplan 
Michael Huebshman 
Ernie Stouffer 
Andrea Morrissy 
Jessica Edwards 
Rick Bruce 
Jen Ormond 

Jason Minoff 
Mike Lager 
Justin Geiger 
Frank Heery 
John Schreidl 
Ben Rakus 
Dan Brown 



"Athletics give a special discipline which has tremen- 
dously helped me to be a better student. Many of life's 
common struggles can be paralleled with those you come 
in contact with on the playing field." 

David Paino 



Del Val goes head to head 

Aggie Football 

Despite finishing with its third 
straight 3-7 season, the 1991 Delaware 
Valley College football team did 
something no other Del Val team 
could do - beat Widener. The Aggies 
ended the season on a winning note 
with a 21-8 win over the Pioneers, 
snapping a 13-game losing streak to 
Widener. The squad also posted wins 
over Juniata and Wilkes giving them a 
3-5 mark in Middle Atlantic Confer- 
ence play. 

Ten seniors, Clayton Andrews, Eric 

Baum, Paul DiMaria, Jim Esposito, 
Scott Hallet, Steve Hykes, Chris Mor- 
elli, Jack Mulholland, Dave Naniewicz 
and Dave Paino, all finished out fine 
careers for the Green and Gold in 

This was also the final season for 
Head Coach Dick Bedesem and his 
staff, after compiling a 17-32-1 mark 
in his five seasons at the helm. Bede- 
sem retired due to health reasons fol- 
lowing the completion of the season. 

Top right: Bubba takes a breather. Above: 
Coach Franchclla gives Derrick Norris some 
words of wisdom. Right: Bill Nolan gets a good 
block from Clayton Andrews. 



The 1991 team did 
something no other 
Del Val team could 
do - beat Widener. 


Left: The Aggies make sure this one won't get 
away. Below: Ray Savage decides what to do 
with the ball. 


Thoughts on Coach 


' I 

"He's a diehard. I have never 

seen him give up." Joe Crea i 

"He went out on a limb for 



his players." Michael Galleta 



"He's a good coach on and 

off the field." Tim Rosen - 


:>- " 




"He's a great coach and I 


wish him a lot of luck wher- 

ever he goes!" Junior Hyman 

The 1991 Aggie Football Team: M. Ambolino, C. 
Andrews, R. Arms, J. Bardunias, ). Barr, E. Baum, D. 
Bethke, E. Booth. J. Boyatski. T. Canavan.J. Catiness, 
R. Clark, M. Clivet, S. Coleman, C. Cooper, J. Crea, J. 
Cugusi.J. Daidone, B. David, A. DeLeon, J. DeRado, 
P. DeRado, P. DiMaria, B. Donahue, B. Dougherty, B. 
Errington.J. Esposiro, S. Forman, B. Fricker, M. Gal- 
letta, C Gandolfo, S. Garrick, J. Gibson, D. GiUen, R. 
Guttshall, B. Hahn, S. Hallet, T. Hasco, D. Helton, C 
Helverson, R. Hendershot, M. Holland, M. Hopstetter, 
S. Horoshko, R. Hunsinger, S. Hykes, J. Hyman, A. 
Joyner, B. Kain, R. Kelly, G. Kleckner, G. Knaub, R. 
Kwiatkowski, R. Kwiakowski, M. Lewis, H. Lukachyk, 
R. Lyness, J. Marino, M. Marshall, C May, B. May- 
nard, C. Morelli, J. Mulholland, J. McGlinchey, J. 
McHugh, S. Mcllwain, D. Naniewicz, B. Nolan, D. 
Norris, D. Nyce, T. O'Brien, D. O'Sullivan, M. On, D. 
Paino, D. Paulsell, E. Reitter.J. Rich, T. Rosenberger, 
K. Ruschman, E. Saar. R. Savage, M. Savage, J. Swartz, 
A. Sgarra.J. Shaw, D. Sinclair, K. Smiley, B. Smith, N. 
Stamy, P. Stellato, J. Stiles, D. Swift, J, Szczutkowski, 
K. Tornetta.J. Wacht, S. Wagner, M. Walp. R. Walter, 
J. Wenner. B, White, L. Williams. 



Just for kicks 

Soccer 1991-92 

The Delaware Valley soccer team 
finished its 1991 campaign with a 1-18 
record, 0-6 in the Middle Atlantic 
Conference (MAC) - Northeast sec- 
tion, however, the season wasn't as 
bad as the record indicates as the Ag- 
gies dropped eight contests by one 
goal during the season. Head Coach 
Alan Hedden's squad was very young 
and competitive, and they did manage 
to break through with a 2-1 win over 
Albright. With no seniors on the team, 
1992 could be a very exciting year for 
the Aggie booters. 

1992-92 Soccer Team: Top to bottom, left to right: Coach Alan Hedden, Dino Manning 
Andrew Herbein, Jonas Frisk, Scott Williams, Kevin Switala, Matt Putcell, Asst. Coaq 
Kevin Dourghety, JR Meojohn Fteudig, Ftank Heery, Tim Wertz, Mike Heffner, Eric Suhi 
Martin Hedberg. 

Top right: Mike Heffner reflects the thrill of 
victory. Above: Scott Williams skillfully dodges 
an opponent. 




.#S' ; - 1% 


■ ijm<" 


J ^** 

St . .^a .* 

"With growing 
maturity and 
discipline, we will 
be a more 

Fat left: Tim Wertz, our very own Karate 
Kid. Left: Come on Erik, get out of the way! 
Below: Way to kick, Matt! 

When a team is involved with 10 one 
goal games, winning only one of them, 
its very close to turning atound and 
winning. Take into consideration that 
five of those games were lost on penalty 
kicks and that the team played most 
games with 14 players, 8 of which are 
freshmen and only 6 home games and 
13 road games. Now, with growing ma- 
turity and discipline, we will be a more 
statistically successful program. So with 
eternal and well founded optimism, 
now look forward to next year. 

Coach Hedden 



Achieving new goaj 

Experiencing A Winning Season 

The DVC Field Hockey team made 
quite an improvement in many areas 
over the 1990 season. In 1990, the 
hockey team scored 9 goals, this year 
we scored 41. In 1990, the team won 2 
games and finished 2-14. This year we 
won 8 and finished 8-7-2. The col- 
lege's field hockey team indeed 

learned many things. But the most 
important was how to grow and win 
as a unit, as a team. The winning sea- 
son is the first in many years for the 
DVC Field Hockey program. Things 
in 1992 look ever more optimistic. 
With the loss of only one senior (al- 
though an important one, Lisa Mon- 

teiro; Goalie), the DVC team is 
pected to improve and begin to 
the big games within our northi 
section of the Middle Atlantic C 
ference. Our support from the stuc| 
body was great this season. Thanks 
that support and we look forwarcj 
seeing you in '92. 

St • ' 

Top left: The girls set up an impermeable 


Top right: Sylance struggles against Textile CO 


Above: Lorie encounters a sticky situation. 

"The college's field hockey 
team indeed learned many things. 
But the most important was how 
to grow and win as a unit, as a 
team. The winning season is the 
first in many years for the DVC 
field hockey program. Things in; 
1992 look ever more optimistic' 

Coach Linda Fleischer 


Field Hockey 

rhe team posted a 
vin over nationally 
anked Scranton 2- 
i in double 

Top to bottom, Left to right: Coach Fleischer, Serena Mungiole, Lorie Adgalane, Jennifer 
Reynolds, Carey Mignogna, Charlene Tokheim, Kristi Cehula, Diane Yoder, Kerry Ohlshan, 
Sylance Spence, Rebecca Altmann, Karen Geib, Gladys Hodge, Kate Flynn, Racquel Laino, 
Suzette Brought, Amy Follweiler, Brandy Canter and Lisa Monteiro. 

Above: Pre-game warm-up. 


Field Hockey 

Serving up the competition 

Women's Volleyball 

Head Coach John Quinn's volley- 
ball team showed marked improve- 
ment from the 1990 squad (1-18), 
posting a 5-14 record during the 1991 
season. The young squad finished 
with an 0-5 mark in Middle Atlantic 
Conference (MAC) - Northeast sec- 
tion play, but were very competitive 
against tough competition. 

With no seniors on the roster, the 
Lady Aggies earned wins over Alver- 
nia (twice), Cabrini, Cedar Crest and 
Montclair State. With a solid young 
nucleus returning and another year of 
experience under their belts, the Del 
Val volleyball squad should be a force 
in the next few seasons. 

Top: Paige gets ready to serve. Right: Team 




"In 1991 we 
improved by 

Top to bottom, left to tight: Pai 
Sharon Adams, Krista Hetrick, Cindy Mleziva, 
Linda Musi, Paula Musi, Vicki Morton, Marcia 
Tsai, Shawn Bauer, Lisa Tomaczak, Kristine 
Betts, Alison Keller, Heidi Zver, Crystal Oellig 
and Carly Soden. 


I'm looking forward to next sea- 
son's competition and hope we can 
improve our record. We have ev- 
eryone returning from this year's 
team, and if some of our recruits 
play as well as I think they will, we 
should certainly be better. 

Looking forward to your sup- 
port in the upcoming season. 

John Quinn 



Running the distance 


The DVC Men's Cross Country 
Team continued to improve during 
the 1991 campaign finishing the sea- 
son with a 6 win and 2 loss record. 
The most exciting wins were over Di- 
vision II Mansfield University, Wid- 
ener University, and Albright College 
where the margin of victory in each 
meet was just three points. The men's 
team also fared well in invitational 
meets scoring second place finishes in 
the Albright and Drew Invitationals 
and third in the Philadelphia Bible In- 

Finishing first for Del Val in all his 
meets was Sophomore Co -captain 
Chuck Holliday. With the exception 
of his 23 place finish in the MAC 
championships, he finished no worse 
than sixth in all other meets he ran 

including two first place and four sec- 
ond place finishes. For his efforts, 
Chuck was voted the Team's Most 
Valuable Harrier Award. The next two 
slots on the team were filled by fresh- 
men Scott Kreider and Breck Vander- 
wende. In the NCAA All Fast Re- 
gional Meet, Scott made the All East 
Freshman Team and Breck missed 
similar honors by one place. Fourth 
for the team was Junior Co-captain 
Dave Klonsinski, with Senior Co-cap- 
tain Ian Phelps running number five 
and for his efforts he received the 
Coaches' Award. Rounding out the 
scoring for the team were Sophomore 
Pete Oesen and seniors Steve McCarty 
and Jeff Hamilton. Also seeing action 
was Peter O'Donnell. 


Cross Country 

Top: And they're off! 
Far right: Captain 
Marge Harris pulls 



Men's Record 
DVC Opponent 

21 34 Kings 

18 37 Wilkes 

45 15 Moravian 
39 20 Widener 
23 34 Drew 

46 16 Muhlenberg 
32 25 Albright 

Women's Record 
DVC Opponent 

18 45 Kings 

20 40 Wilkes 

26 29 Mansfield 

39 20 Moravian 

26 29 Widener 

20 43 Drew 

41 19 Muhlenburg 

26 29 Albright 

The Del Val Women's Cross Coun- 
try Team successfully completed the 
1991 season with a final record of 3 
wins and 4 losses. Highlights for the 
year were, unlike last year, being able 
to field a full team throughout the 
season and their second place finish in 
the Ursinus Invitational and their 3rd 
place finish in the Drew Invitational. 

The team this year was led by Cap- 
tain Marge Harris and Junior Christi 
Holeman. For their efforts, Marge and 
Christi shared the Most Valuable Har- 

rier. Number three in scoring was 
Sophomore Suanne Sladek. Fourth 
highest scorer was Jen Paric who was 
running cross country for the first 
time. For her efforts, she was awarded 
the Most Improved Harrier Award. 
Also, seeing action for the Aggie thin 
clads was Sophomore Jenn Orlowsky 
who for her dedication was awarded 
the Debbie Mac Award. Also seeing 
action were Freshmen Stephanie 
Quinn, Jill Hoffer, and Lisa Tomasko. 

^lawahi: • 
/ tmLEHi: 

** m 

"The exciting wins for the Men's 
team were wins where the margin 
of victory in meets was just three 
points. One highlight of the Wom- 
en's team was being able to field a 
full team throughout the season." 
Coach Berthold 

Top left: The girls' team gets set to tun. Left: 
Dave Klonsinski concentrates on form and 


Cross Country 

Top right: L«"s go DVC! Above: Co-captain 
Ann Marie Frederick spirited as always. Far 
nght: DVC Cheerleaders reaching new heights. 

Jumping to new heights 

DVC Cheerleaders 

At cheerleading camp, under the 
hot August sun, the cheerleaders be- 
gan their long season. They pro- 
gressed through extensive practices, 
five days a week, working on gymnas- 
tics, cheers, chants, partner stunts, 
precision techniques, aerobics, 
weightlifting, and voice projection. 

For the Homecoming parade, the 
cheerleaders led the march through 
Doylestown cheering with 
pride for Del Val. At the Pep 
Rally, the girls were ready to 
show their talent and bring 
extra spirit for all of the oth- 
er teams. Judy Peltz, the ad- 
visor for the football season, 
made sure the girls were at 
every game, home or away. 

During basketball season, the girls 
could only cheer at the home games 
but were still able to keep a spark of 
spirit alive for the players and fans. 

The cheerleaders are led by captain 
Lisa Melveney, and co- captains An- 
nemarie Frederick and Nicole Genell. 
During second semester, Nicole trans- 
ferred and has been missed very much 

by all of the girls. 

The remaining girls on the squad 
are: Rhonda Heffelfinger, Danielle 
Morrison, Stephanie Beach, Colette 
Szortyka, Gina Sandone, Nicole Bris- 
coe, Heidi Zver, Brenda Fath, Dawn 
DePasquale, and senior Jill Bachman 
who devoted her four years at Del Val 
cheering on our teams. 

Thanks for a great season 


Dawn DePasquale 

Right: Caesar sparks up some crowd spirit. 
Above: DVC Cheerleaders strike a pose. 



On Pins and Needles 


After completing the regular season 
with a 16-1 dual meet record and 
number five ranking in the N.C.A.A. 
Division III poll, the Delaware Valley 
College Wrestling team defended its 
Middle Atlantic Conference (M.A.C. ) 
Championship of a year ago by win- 
ning its sixth championship in con- 
vincing style. They were first with 
160.50 points and the next closest 
team was 65 points behind. All ten of 
D.V.C. wrestlers placed in the top 4 

Eighteenth -year head coach Bob 

Marshall believed his squad could give 
a good showing and the team didn't 
disappoint him. Winning champion- 
ships were: 126 Brian Merrifield, 134 
Demetri Kangas, 142 Troy Gump, 
and 158 Mike Johnson. Runner up 
spot went to Earl Corrine. Taking 
third place was Scott Coleman and 
Mike Reichard, and taking fourth 
place Tony Rizzolino, Kurt Handel 
and Paul Cowden. The team consisted 
of only one Junior and the remainder 
of the team are sophomores and 

Top right: Troy Gump starts off his match on 
ffic way to a win. Above: Mil < [ohlUOn win! yet 
inothei Right: Tony Rizzolino pushes his man 



e; Coach Craig Deacon and team members 
a match patiently waiting for a victory. 

f i i § § m 

Top to bottom, left to tight: Coach Craig Deacon, Coach Bob Marshall. Doug Hartman.Jim Craft, Scott 
Coleman, Mike Ciaffi, Paul Cowden, Sean Millet, Mike Johnson, John OBytne, Tony Rizzolino, Kutt 
Handel, Mgts. Kathetine Duffy, Stephanie Gatgula, Eatl Cotnine, Btian Mettifield, Kutt Peavey, Demetti 
Kangas, Ttoy Gump, Mike Reichatd, Chtis McGtath. 

e: Demetri Kangas thinks victotious 

The Delaware Valley College 
Wrestling Team defended its Mid- 
dle Atlantic Conference (M.A.C.) 
championship of a year ago by 
winning its sixth championship in 
convincing style. I believed my 
squad could give a good showing 
and the team didn't disappoint me. 

The 1991-92 squad 
didn't disappoint 
Coach Marshall 


Right > oacli Pento givel the team a few last 
minute pointers Opposite page: Top: Dawn 
demonstrates her rebounding skills. Middle: 
•ady to make a pav. Bottom Andrea 
goes all out for the ball, bottom right: Natasha 
reaches high for the ball. 

Hoop, Hoop, Hooraj 

Women's Basketbal 


Women's Basketball 

Men's Basketball 

Stephan Walters 
Coaches Award 

Matt Fritzinger 
Most Improved 


Men's Basketball 

Fat left .Jake Mickens goes for the show and the 
score. Left: Stephan Walters looks for a team 
member to pass the ball to. Below: Go Aggies! 
Below left: The Aggies on the go. Bottom: 
Players take time out to play London Bridges. 

With four seniors graduating all 
of whom were starters the coach- 
ing staff has a big job to try and 
improve on this years record, but 
with many players returning and a 
good recruiting class they feel an 
improvement is very possible. 

Coach Werkheiser 


Men's Basketball 

Abfjvc: Luan Gethers losens up before her race. 
Top Right: Scott Hallet takes a flying leap to 
increase his finish. Middle Right: Sandra 
Slanker prepares to throw the shotput. 


I ^ <■ 

Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Coach Loughcry, Dannellc Cooper, Kim Douglass, Denise 
Kehm, Marcia Tsai, Michelle Mc Bride, Gladys Hodge, Diane Yoder, Coach Brabasin, 
Christy Holcman, Luan Gethers, Sandy Slanker, Tawanna Shelton. 

op to bottom, Left to Right: Chuck Holliday, Tom Sperry, Barry Bosket, Coach Loughery, 
■on Helton, Chuck Ruchis, Keith Smily, Scott King, Steve Mc Carthy, Scott Hallet, Joe 
lac Millan, Coach Brabazon, Pete Oesen, John McHugh Ed Wolford, Scott Krieder, Mike 

Hop, Skip, and Jump 

Track & Field 


Track & Field 


The 1992 golf season was [^ 
somewhat of a disappointment. \.. '' 
After winning the first three 
matches against Philadelphia 
Textile, Cabrini, and Misericor- 
dia the Aggie team failed to win 
another match. Mike Knouse 
was the M.V.P. of the golf 
team. With 5 returning and 
some new golf recuruits, Coach 
Werkheiser is looking for a bet- 
ter season next year. 

Top: Mike Knouse searches in the Coach's 
trunk for golf balls but gets caught in the act. 
Right: Takeshi Ono. Opposite page: Middle: 
Mike Knouse, the M.V.P. shows his winning 




-,> i*v-*». 

With new 
recruits, Coach 
Werkheiser is 
looking for a 
better season next 

Top to bottom, left to tight: Kevin Gordon, Ray Wells, Brian Remo, Mike Knouse, Coach 
Werkheiser, Scort Landis, Takeshi Ono, Mike Sowers, Joe Morrissey. 



The Delaware Valley College Soft- 
ball team suffered through a 5-21 sea- 
son, but not without hope for tomor- 
row. The young squad of nine 
freshmen, five sophomores, one ju- 
nior, and two seniors continues to 
keep their heads high as they look to 
the future. 

The players enjoyed their five vic- 
tories, but also they realized they can 
learn a great deal about themselves as 
players and people in defeat that will 
help them become winners in the long 
run. This year's team consisted of se- 
niors Sue Frerichs and Jen Seidel; ju- 
nior Audrey Diehl; sophomores Becky 
Altmann, Kate Flynn, Michelle Gul- 
den, Terri Higgins, and Kelly Sciss; 
and freshmen Kristi Cehula, Jen 
Duran, Hollie Kochanski, Linda Musi, 
Lisa Smith, Sylance Spence, Joan 
Thomas, Charlene Tokheim, and Lisa 

Diamonds are forevi 


>4/>ove: Sophomore Kelly Sciss warms up under 
the bright sun. Right: Joan Thomas and Jen 
Seidel practice before the game. Opposite page: 
Top: Coach Fleischer talks to her team before 
their last game of the season. Middle: Kelly 
Sciss on her way to hitting a homerun. Bottom: 
Sue Frerichs practices throwing strikes. 



The players realize 
they can learn a 
great deal about 
themselves as 
players and people 
in defeat. 

am *•. 

Wit,* "3 




"We have an outstanding core of 
young, talented and exciting ball 
players. With the addition of two 
ot three solid pitchets that have 
speed and can throw some change 
of speed pitches, we will see a ball 
club come together as one in 

Coach Fleischer 



Sure Sign of Spring I 4 » J? ;£ 


Right: A few words of encouragement from 
Coach Wolfgang. Below: Brian's impression of 
a blowfish. Bonom left: Dino Mannino guards 
first base. Bottom right: Greg Knaub scores. 













- A - 


- Champs 


- Runners - 





• 1 1 ah ww^A* 



Intramurals offer a 
great opportunity 
for all those 
interested in sports. 


'^?-"^' : 3i 


Dream Team II - Champs 

Chug - A - Lug - Runners -up 

The Gics 

Swat Team 



Whether on the 
field or on the 
floor, a competitive 
feeling is always 




Flamin Mo's 

The intramurals program at DVC 
has greatly expanded over the years, 
giving many students new opportuni- 
ties to participate in their favorite 
sports. Many of the sports offered are 
not pictured here but truly add to the 

Congratulations to the champions 
and all participants. You are what 
makes this program work!! 



To the Senior Class: 

First and foremost - Congratulations to each and every member of the Class of 1992. Four years ago, as you prepared for college you may have 
heard the words that many students do and this is that college will be the best four years of your life. Well, if you believed that, graduation 
should be a very sad time. But all the graduations I have attended have been joyous, happy affairs, as well they should be. You have completed a 
significant step in your life. Yes, there are mixed emotions; joy and happiness at having finished, excitement and apprehension about what comes 
next and sadness at leaving Delaware Valley College. 

As you move on, remember the things you learned while you were here. Not only the technical facts, but also what you have acquired outside 
the classroom. You should now have a better idea of who you are and what you can and cannot do. Build on that. You should have also devel- 
oped a confidence in your ability to think and sort out fact and truth in a world of increasingly complex contradictions. Take that and become 
part of a better one than you received. I have great confidence you will make a difference. 

To all the individuals I have workd with over these four years - Thanks - I have truly enjoyed the experience. Please, don't lose touch. We do 
enjoy seeing you and hearing from you. Finally, may each four years be the best four years of your life and may you move through them in good 
health and happiness. I extend my best wishes to you all. 


Ronald E. Johnson 




Dear Class of 1992, 

It is hard to believe that we are college graduates. No matter how long it has taken us to complete this goal, 
we all started out scared and naive. For the traditional students that entered college after high school, it was a 
time of new freedom and the responsibility of school all at once. That first semester for many of us can be 
chalked up to a good learning experience. However, as the years went by, we learned our individual strategies 
for, doing well in the classroom, while finding time to have fun. 

On the otherhand, the non -traditional students had their own fears to conquer. I am sure returning to 
school after taking time off can be extremely intimidating. Not only do they have to sharpen their study hab- 
its, but they attend classes with some students who are more concerned with their new found freedom from 
home than their educational goals. 

All in all, we have made it through our senior year and graduation. I hope that you were happy with the 
events arranged for you by your class officers. Hopefully, we have taken not only an education from Delaware 
Valley College, but a lifetime of super memories. Good luck to all of you!! 

Sincerely yours, 

Kelly L. Martin 
1992 Class President 



Sharon Marsha Adams 

96 James Drive 
Ringwood, NJ 07456 

To all my family; Thank you for your help & for 
allowing me to be an individual & set my own 
goals. To friends near & far. Thanks for always 
being there & never hesitating to ask for help. 
DVC womens VB; GOODLUCK RH thanks for 
all the study sessions, KB for putting up with me 
as a roommate & listening & most importantly 
Mark O. for being 1 of the best friends a girl 
could have. 1 Love You Alt. Good Luck to all 
future DVC grads & may all your i 
rimes here be as a special as mine 

Amin Ahmadzadeh 
Dairy Science 
P.O. Box 7536 

New York, NY 10150 

Thanks to my Mom, Dad, Brother and sistet never 
forget visiting in the hospital, NF.SA Trips, Judg- 
ing Moo's SS Boys Team Good Luck to my 
buddies; Jayme Chtis Marv Dickie Roy Smiley 
Matt Chick BB Bye Mrs. A. 


Deborah Anne Armstrong 


749 Patrick Drive 

Chalfont, PA 18914 

Jill Marie Bachman 

747 Fairmont Road 
Riegelsville, PA 18077 

Cheerleading -shots at V2 New Orleans -snausages! 
MTV Guys, Finny's, Grounds Monkees, Club 
H20, Grain P. Shore, Ullman 108- Roomies wakin' 
in wagon. Taxi Ride after midnight, KO'D by TK 
Cecil. Brown n Serve, ApedYackety-Yak, Dog- 
man, NBI!! Elbow, Cheese, Yo B1M! Get Bent O! 
Sylvia-NY, Myrtle Beach, Virginia-JM WR, RG 
PBJ, Chips, Frigget. Best of times w/JM, WR, KC, 
RH & DM! Thanks to my "mint" guy Ron for 
making my years here special- 1 Love You! Thank 
you, Mom & Dad for giving me all of your love. 

Kristin Elisabeth Baine 


1020 North Gravers Road 



Norristown, PA 19401 

1 *- ML 

Late night/early morning talks; Great times in 
Toronto, St. Louis, New Orleans. Things I got a 
chance to do that I never would have done. Yield 
to Bud. The best friends I could have asked for: 
Jennie B, Linda, Melissa, Jen. Amy I'll miss you. 
Hey little Lisa ya gotta love me. miss you roomie. 
Mom, Dad, Rich, Katie, Pat thanks for all the 
support 1 DID IT!! TI JM JWO . Mike you've 
showed me there's so much out there I'm so glad 
we found each other 1 Love You!!! 

Heather Ann Bankard 
Equine Science 

900 Susan Drive- 
Westminster, MD 21157 

Stacy my best friend & roomie I'll miss you, Good 
luck your Sr. year. X-mas at K-mart with Berk 1st 
girls Stacy, Annemarie. Pam, Dawn, Linda & Pau- 
la. But Bill I gotta get it washed! Go Aggies 
Wrestling! GOOD LUCK: Steph & Meach, 
Equine Science class of 94. DVC Equestrian Team, 
cheerleaders, fireman Paul, Darren wake up! Yo 
MTV Raps whatcvet Bill & Buck, Hazelton Guys. 
Thanks Mom tit Dad I Love You!! 


Paula J. Bense 


749 Suffolk Road 

Rydal, PA 19046 

The 1 



of my family , 


ilir most important <omponer 
at DVC Without you. Mom, Dad, Dani, I'd 
be in. 1 in); Mai Tai's and slingin' hash. "TI 
you" just doesn't seem enough. To fellow "1 
trails' (students and la< tllty) Thank you for 
friendship and help. 

Dawn Melanie Berkenbush 
Animal Science 

26 Audubon Parkway 
Wayne, NJ 07470 

Sunset, Birdie the few, the proud, "the Cpack". 
DB, RH. TH, MJ, CM, KP! Christmas Dinner 
Dance 91, Mountains 92. Stair talks with JIM 
Doug -Its Electric! C.hrissie are you hysterical yet? 
Lyric my Black & White buddy! Who is the 
UNKNOWN HA' Its not me! Ken and Dawn 
RA Buddies. Part of Ms. Elys Work Hall Family. 
Tami *r Dawn the tag-along sisters! SC at TP I 
will miss U! Lethal Weapon 2. ROB! HERE I 
ALL YOUR SUPPORT <* LOVE:! farewell I >V( 

Eric B. Bish 

psr : - 


220 North Jefferson Street 

Kittanning, PA 18901 

Activities: SAC, Hort. Society, Resident Assistant, 

IMpIr ' *^", 

Pres. Dips, to the original Goldman Boys esp. Big 


Bear, Dave, and Frank -we ain't no joke!; Work 

%%? ~s?f 

lst-cut the crap Brian; Hort. Boys; Hon. Profes- 

sors; and everyone else who helped make this 

ifc A. 

great 4 years-Thanks! Goldman 2nd floor parties; 

Hort. Building-thinning peach trees; Homecom- 

ing floats A-Day. Thanks God for keeping my 

head above water. Thanks Mom & Dad LBNL All 

my girl friends, OH & KATIE-I GOT U LAST! 

Jiff - 

John T. Blagojevic 
Animal Science 
1933 Appaloosa Drive 

Warrington, PA 18976 

Carol, Mom, Dad Thanks for all your support, 
encouragement, and enthusiasm! I don't know 
what I would do without you! To all my friends at 
DVC, past and ptesent, Good Luck! Thanks to all 
my professors! Bye Buffy I was pulling for you 
and hoping you'd make it! I'll miss you so much! I 
Love You! February 3, 1992 

Jennifer A. Blisard 
Ornamental Horticulture 

55 North Spring Lane 
Phoenixville, PA 19460 

Thanks to all my friends at DVC fo; 
and great times-Partying at Ulmai 
Brad, & Matty, etc also at Jen, Jane, & Bruce's- 
Senior Socials-NBI -Tabor- A-Day ■ PFS-late 
night talks-the nerds-Cooke 2nd-and so on- 
Good Luck Class of 92 


Sean A. Boag 
Ornamental Horticulture 

110 D Street 

Seaside Park, NJ 08752 

Drink 4 Struble, Cerbo, and Hirk. Thanks Mom & 
Dad! Remember: Late nite party study breaks, 
Panama City A -Days, the fight, working out in the 
dungeon, Mamma! What am I a 6pk I2pk I'll get 
it 4u. Beet fund. Monstet truckers. At the beach 2/ 
Dana D!. we're in college we can do anything. 
Would ya! Hercules not. U can't know it all. Hey 
wouldn't it be gteat if . . . Samuel Hall and little 
Italy. Riz, Fetizx2 and the test of u. Bad boyz hey 
cleat the halls! 
Keep it up have fun and everyone have a cold one. 

Lori Michelle Borisoff 
Business Administration 

267 Birch Drive- 
Lafayette Hill, PA 19444 

It's all < 

I always i 

e trouble Good-bye to every- 
embcr Softball #18 Captain 3 
:lick" Spting Break 91 New 
Orelans Pat O Briens cats meow Taco Bell Snau- 
sages Summer 1 best ever 6/20/91 Herman & 
Harry Crumb Mt. Fugi T2 Gtounds ctew where's 
Tim Wendy's sick again let's go to the dump 
watet gun fights koshet dogs 11:11 snake 101 
jeopardy blue hawaiian betk 232 groovy kind of 
love Thanks Mom, Dad, Don, and Nick for all 
your love and support!!! 

David Bogle 

Business Administration 

330 North Main Street Apt. A 
Doylestown, PA 18901 


^^M ^ 

Sandra Rene Boyce 


Animal Science 

79 Lincoln Avenue 

Ivyland, PA 18974 

# «b 

Vice, Pres. and Senior Rep of E.S.O. Hard work 

pays off I would like to thank Mom and Dad for 

■ ^ **1 

their time, patience, and understanding. ILU! Lisa 
Too! to LW-my crazy friend stamped for life! LC 

^A 4.- 1 

Too-PA, NJ. WVand VT! What state is next' For 

KP- Kidders and I wish you lots of luck in Swiss 

■ v * i 

cheese land. To all my friends -I love you all and 
please KIT! To Steven -U mean so much to me. I 
Love U! I promise you a horse someday! Sam is 

^| -"^^p 

mine! I'll be back for Linus-you can be tonit! 

^H -•"-'Sit'.a^B 

^•* ^Wi 

w - ". Ji 

Jamie Dorann Cafaro 
Business Administration 
60 Rumson Road 
Rumson, NJ 07760 

Susan E. Carre 

306 Emerald Drive 
Yardlty, PA 19067 

It's been real, It's been fun. but it wasn't real fun. 
Gee Tata, do you really think I look like a Henri- 
etta? How about a Dewey? Nah!! Think not. 
What was teak Biology Club, Chemiltry Club. 
What was fW Gossip talks at dinner (now that 
wal nol fun!), Senior socials and all those won- 
dcrful Del Val friends who made being here bear- 
able What wasn't real fun'" How about those 
Mulstay classes!! Hmm, I wonder!!! Oh Yeah! 
Thanks Mom & Dad, and my srudy group pals 
(you know who you are). 

David L. Breneman 
Business Administration 
R.D. #21, Box 115 
Dover, PA 17315 

Jeffrey L. Bricker 

| Ornamental Horticulture 

25 Warrington Ways 

Wellsville, PA 17365 

Steven Michael Calderone 
Food Science 

245 Indian Creek Drive 
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 

Thcta Chi Sign 

ta. The red 

of the r 

>se and the size 

of the rack at 

e elite syn 

bols we 



friendship, dev 

otion, and 


are characteris- 

tics othets cannot compa 

e, May the new 

and old 

keep the faith 


To all m 

y fell. 

w Beta's 

and Mom and Dad I Love You! 

Kimberly A. Carroll 


616 Beaumont Road 

Fairless Hills, PA 19030 

We are finally done \ long years of hard work 
Thank you Mom «i Dad for your love Ik support, 
Michele, I'm glad we became such good friends. I 
know we will keep in touch. Remember the long 
nights talking m. studying, whale watches upside- 
down magnets, noisy neighbors, & best of all, 
horse back riding. Tom, with out you I would 
have given up. Thank you for making me study, 
you were right it was wotlh it. I love you, can't 
wait until Oct, 17th 1992. XO 



Joseph Cerbo 
Ornamental Horticulture 

1 Prince Court 
Parsippany, NJ 07054 

"1 never really loved you I just drank too much", 
Ullman 3rd, Panama City U-Turn Sunburn Sal- 
loon, College Roadtrips. Sunrises, Homecoming 
Weekend Start at Dawn, "Boag, I don't want to 
die", Hitk, Mike, and Boag finish that. Halloween 
patties, Tokar's visits, Hirk rurning his matrress. 
Doing the dinkel tinkle, Thejetsons, The agility 
of the big man, A-Day parties. Ant & Sandys 
visit, wotking out in the dungeon, There goes my 
heart, take the pain, August 9, hanging out w/the 

Robert Clifford 
Animal Science 

410 Wendy Road 
Southampton, PA 18966 

Thanks Lisa for helping to get through the last 
four years Remember Friday night! Most of all 
thanks to my family especially Mom and Dad. 

Michele Lee Cochran 


P.O. Box 41 Mill Street 

Stockton, NJ 08559 

Lori Ann Chamberlain 
Animal Science 
R.D. #2 Box 643 
Andover, NJ 07821 

Steph-the Apt drunk morns at the barn, Daytona, 
we've been thru so much growing up togethet 
Sandy-skiing, Smokin 1st time, all our fun & 
ftiends, A-Day '91, Steve. Scott-Never forget 
bobby ZX-I owe you a few, Keith, Jon, Doreen, 
21, Rob-hold me up. NBI Class of 90, LOD, The 
flusher, Jack. Jeff, Jim -don't forget what we wete 
thru you'll always be close. ELSA, Jammer, Sam 
(RIP). Tara-you're always thete. Jefftey-you 
picked a lulu . . . I'll see you all on our Island!! 

Royston G. Coale, III 
Dairy Science 

RR2 Box 447 Fulton School Road 
Felton, PA 17322 

Bye DVC, Thanks Mom & Dad, Mrs. A., Mr. 
Morris, Dr. Plummer, Sue & Russ. Good Luck to 
my "true friends" Dickie, Chris, Jayme, and Mike. 
Don't forget Barbs Bar & Grill I will never forget 
the eatly mornings at the DVC Dairy. Here's to 
good times with Dairy Society. I will always re- 
membet all the long houts that went into A-Day, 
and late night clip jobs. Good luck to the FFA 
club. I will nevet fotget my four years at DVC. all 
the good times and bad times. 

Anthony Colazzo, Jr. 
Animal Science 
41 Card Road 
Wantage, NJ 07461 

Activities: Lab Animal Club, Apiary Society, Star 
Trek Club. Christian Fellowship, ADay Commit- 
tee Rooming with my best friend. Thanks to all 
my friends PF.JR, AL, SD, DG.JH, SF, BB,JD, 
PP, MK. MC, BM.JG, SM, RB. AK, Mrs. C, WF, 
& EL. Best of luck to the Class of 92. The light is 
there for everyone to see. Thanks to Pete for 
everything you will be a part of my life forever 
Always reachout for your goals, but don't forget 
the little guy. Now it is time to say goodbye! 
Goodbye! GOD BLF.SS YOU! 

Michael Scott Coleman 
Ornamental Horticulture 

319 South Summit Street 
Lock Haven, PA 17745 

Thanks to the brothers of Theta Chi Sigma. Re- 
member the Brotherhood is forever! Gammas 
Rule! To all the friends I've made over the past 
four years. Thanks for the memories! To Kim and 
Lisa, remember all the great times we've had to- 
gether from bio class when you gave me my 
nickname — Chromatid, to all the parties we went 
to at the house. I love you! Keep in touch, Finally 
to my Mom, Dad, and sister Leslie thanks for all 
the support, I Love You!! 1 Finally did it! Thanks!! 

Tracy Lee Cooper 
Animal Science 
1612 Bonnie Brae Drive 
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 

Better late than never! Thanks MOM, DAD, Val, 
Alan, & Guy for you love 8c support. Family 
means so much-I LOVE YOU! Thanks DVC for 
not making me a number! Ive learned so much in 
the past 2 years, Bahamas 1991-sanddollars, Lins- 
ley, riding in the ram. Summer 1990-The best! 
Kelly & Krista; What would I do without you? 
Tif- seminar? Ched -Thanks for lunches & DAYS! 
Jayme & Amin-Thanks for friendship and advice. 
Linsley, love Winnie. Kyles-the Bent Elbow. Mi- 
chelle, Rocky & Jack-Fin. Aid will never be the 
same! Love, TLC 


Amy B. Cupples 
Ornamental Horticulture 

1417 Calcutta Lane 
Naperville, IL 60563 

Well, the long nighcs with no sleep, and the day 
that dragged by have finally paid off. To the nigh 
crew that stayed up hts. after hrs. Best of luck ou 
thete. To the best roommate ever. This last yea 
wouldn't have been the same. Good luck ou 
there, to the Barness Girls for all you have done, 
JB, AK, KB, LS, and all who have made a d 
ence. Mom, Dad who would have guessed 
out of here and free to do what I please!!!! 

Tiffany Ann Cutler 
Animal Science 

24-4 Springbrook Trail 
Sparta, NJ 07871 

Thanks so much for all your love & support Mom 
Dad & Wade- couldn't have done it without you! 
Mags, Buff, Mic, Ashley, Stanley & the Wolfson 
gang-what a great year! Great roomies Romnie & 
Wilbur, Cooke parties with Ra, Mike, Corn, Geno, 
BP & the tree-climbing clan. Skiing at NF.SA. 
Thanks for loads of encouragement Kelly & Car- 
ol. Houdini, Gale, & Mal-my best apartment 
buddies. Eric, I Love You with all my heart -here's 
to Vet School & many more wonderful years 
together! Next: DVMH 

David J. Daikeler 
Business Administration 
1233 Stump Road 
North Wales, PA 19454 

Chris F. you are the best and thanks for your 
friendship. Bundy, Tim, Bob, Paul, and Herka best 
friends a guy could have. Sandy great singing and 
I love being your friend. Tracy & Karhy also 
thank you for NBI fun. Karoaki fun on Wed 
nights. Dante & Gary, thanks for making my 
semesters the best. Special thanks to Paul my 
brother. Chris R. & Rutnik neighbors from HELL. 
Thanks Bubba & Patty Thanks for the wonderful 
opportunities Mom & Dad. Sioux I'll always care 
& thanks for your caring. 

Jeffrey Robert Davis 

5 Davis Ledge Road 
Sterling, MA 01564 

John Dawes 

Ornamental Horticulture 
Box }01 Colonial Heritage 
Doylestown, PA 18901 

William S. Dear, Jr. 
Ornamental Horticulture 

3598 Buttonwood Drive 
Doylestown, PA 18901 

I look back i 

the last fo 

lot of 

events stick in my mind. The A-Day parties be- 
tween Goldman and Samuel, staying up all night 
for design classes, and on more than one occasion 
getting FlIBAR. What really comes to mind is the 
people I've met in the every day life in rhe dorms. 
The people who added the most are my roommare 
for my four years here Rob Drummond AKA 
"Boo" and Melody Gecsaman who 1 have been 
seeing since my sophomore year and will continue 


Susan E. Donnell 
Business Administration 
RD I, Box 82D 
Kitnersville, PA 18930 

Kimberly K. Douglass 
Business Administration 

Box 272 r'ulmer Road 
Spring Mount, PA 19478 

To Mo 
Love y< 

& Dad. the official start (i 
! Here's to great times w/tl 

& coach Hrinsky; the 2nd fl. Goldman Men, all 
rhe OXE men, especially Sped. Brian. George Ik 
Chromatid, Rex, arc you still OX. Have you ever 
tried to drive w/ wax lips & keep a straight face/ 
l.isa-never stop tasring your food! Excuse you. 
Joanne, Seminar cluclessness w/ Dave & Mike! 
Brian -wanna blender' ll-rhanks for teaching me 
the bridge i» walk We'll always have fun! • 


Robert F. Dowd 
Business Administration 

4462 Tolbut Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19136 

Robert G. Drummond,Jr. 

17 Frog Ocean Road 
Salem, NJ 08079 

They call me Boo! Geno, Bev, Mike, Carol, Corn, 
Smiley. Mart, 1 will always remember the great 
times we had. I wish you luck in the future. I 
would like to thank Bill and Mel for all of the fun 
times also. Mom, Dad. Jeff, and family: Thank 
you for your support. I will remember all of our 
late night study sessions and our rowdy Thursday 
nights. Keep on partying guys! Well Del Val there 
is not much to say except I will see you later!! 

Eric G. Ekholm 


42 Barry Road 
Lambertville, NJ 08530 

David Michael Fanders 
Ornamental Horticulture 

419 West Third Street 
Moorestown, NJ 08057 

Shoot me I'm a moose. A special occasion: The 
Third Ave Street Fair. Geld oder leben! There are 
thtee things that ease the heatt: water, green grass, 
and the beauty of a woman. 

Scott D. Druckenmiller 


RD #1 Box 304 


Kempton, PA 19529 

Nickname: Drunk DVC Acrivities: Computer 

ii ZH 

Club President Special Memories: All those 3D 

parties, road crips to Phili, golf parties, painting 

I^Wfe ^5™ 

Wolfson, roughing up woody (she's just 15) and 

most of all the oscats (calculus). Personal Mes- 

sage to family and/or friends: to Mom and Dad 

thanks for financing my schooling I Love You. 


Dave and Dan thanks for all the great times, you 

guys were great roommates and great friends. Tara 

thanks for the support I Love You 101693 


Paul Michael Dunman 

414 Ronald Lane 
Smyrna, DF 19977 

Bobby C. Eleftheriades 

Food Science 

6 Derry Road 

North Wales, PA 19454 

Jane A. Faranetta 
Animal Science 

54 Washington Street 
Rocky Hill, NJ 08553 

TABOR, DEAD IN OHIO, parrying with the 
gang all night, A -Day in the pit. my special friend 
Rd. Senior socials! 50 cent drafts, Wednesday nite 
as NBI!! Kasha and Wacket! Field trips with the 
beef lab! Trips in the orchard. Team TM [R ., My 
; of Del Val College! 


Michael Filchner 


661 Point Phillips Road 


Bath. PA 18014 
Well I made it. thanks to my Mom, Dad & Family 

** ^>W 

for all their help; also thanks to all my rowdy 
friends in low places: Geno, Corn, Boo, Bev, Smi- 

ley, Mart & the test of the crew, good luck in the 

future but especially to Catol for being thete for 
me when I needed you, I'm always there for you. 
Love Ya. Remember all the good times at Geno's 

& DVC. All the good parties. Double Slams and 
playing three man. Yield to Bud. Well DVC what 


can I say. I sure wont miss you!! LATER, ATTI- 

Jaymes W.K. Finafrock 

Dairy Science 

Box 68 

Orrtanna, PA 17353 

Four years gone by, so fast, too fast- alot of 
memories . . . Amin, Dickie, Chris, Rob, Elmer, 
Roy, Jim, Ched and Maine, Sober Socials, Dairy 
Society, A -Day, Canada. NF.SA Trips, General 
Ag, Larry Q, Del Val altogether, Cooke Hall Fire, 
Don, and Ron, and you Margaret. Thanks to all 
who helped me through parents, family and 
friends. Good luck in wherever life leads you. I 
will never forget anyone, good luck Linda and 
everyone else! I am going to miss Samuel 107 this 

Christopher A. Firestone 
Business Administration 

377 Hamilton Avenue 
Trenton, NJ 08609 

Rob you are the master Remembet the "old" 
Goldman. Matk. Marty. Rob, Joe. Hitk. Bob, 
Gorman, Greg. Bundy. You guys are the best. 
Heather, thank you fot everything. 1 Love You. 
Dave you're a great friend, Honestly! Mom, Dad, 
Carol, Debbie, John. Donna. Brad. GG, Tom, 
You guys made everything alot easier, you are the 
best family. 

Jennifer Anne Fonseca 
Animal Science 
19 Joyce Lane 
Wayne, NJ 07470 

Wendy Francis 
Animal Science 
512 Hollow Road 
Phoenixville, PA 19460 

Sean C. Garrigan 
Ornamental Horticulture 
50 Mallard Road 
Holland. PA 18966 

Whelp it's all ovcr-oi is it! The infamous Cookelll 
waterfall. Ulman 2nd = Hell + Smell = Lysol, 
Back to the Cooke closet Brandon you shouldn't 
have left you bum. nice hat but no you can't 
become Amish. Packer-Sec See KD Huffy 
Brush. Mark you party. nut. JS, PB. JTGtxid 
lu' k Picri were you speeding' Nooo . . - what the 



' Sic 

i go 

iul-1 didn't dtaw either- JUSC start plopping! Mm- 
linger- Dixip! Nothing like Beer + Wagner Well 
in that vcorell just integrate!! 


Jeffrey A. Frommeyer 


Ornamental Horticulture 

221 Fairview Road 

Glenmoore, PA 19343 

Freshman Year 1.81s Yikes. Yeehaw Rapin Roy. 

Chip smokes dope. Daron, Whered you go' 

W 6 ^ - f 

Skuse-Rogain! yo EWBB Rules! AV» Beaver! 

Topo-Chimera & Howie Kevin Kennedy "1 paid 

$10 to feel like this:'" Stinky, Ban & the Goldman 

Boys! STX'S TYPO-RAMA! Sean & Wayne Take 

li ^5r . 

cate, I'll miss you all to my girlftiend words can't 

say enough. Maryann, I Love You! The College 

Puke finally made it! Yo Chris Check it outPosi- 


tive Attitude = Positive Results! Mom and Dad 

Thank You for everything I LOVE YOU BOTH!" 




Melody Geesaman 

Ornamental Horticulture 

603 Harbaugh Valley Road 

Fairfield, PA 17320 

College is the collision of minds - the mature and 

insane. At DVC I met my future and did things I 

^fcrr. ^#71* 

will nevet do again. 1 will nevet fotget the late 

M *^ l 

nights dtawing, top 10 lists, 7-11 tuns, no sleep lor 

1 ' J 

days, and 1 will never forget the patience of my 

A £-- A 

ftiends. 1 give these memories and will treasure the 
rest with my one and only. 

M^ 1 


Lisa C. Gerity 
Animal Science 

44 Glenside Avenue 
Summit, NJ 07901 

There are so many people to remember in 4 ye; 
Linda -I can't believe you were scared of me 
turned out beautifully! I can't wait until Feb 27 
Yes, you can wear my crown! Keep in tor 
always, I Love You! Kel-calm down, you'll 
fine! Think of you at vet school! Luv ya odie! B 
friends! Greg-I Love You Forever. U were 
smartest thing that ever happened to me III ne 
forget July 4. Luv ya Robroy -never again! Thai 
a bunch to my family-Mom, Dad, AJudy, Gr; 
Tom, Kim, Brxjgs, of course Yvonne 

Anthony Joseph Godfrey 
Food Science 
2326 Grantley Road 

York, PA 17403 

Thanks to my wondetful Mom for all her support 
and encouragement! Thanks to my beautiful girl- 
friend for all her help and support! To all i 
Dairy Science buddies in the doim, I'll see whi 

.- — A.. „k.... f rk„ c „ mill, ~ri^c FVm'r wurrv mi 

Dairy Sc 
I'll hi 


ilk prices. Don't 
ire you guys to take care of my esta 
$4.50 an hour sound. I'll miss tho 
»ns at F.rv's. The great times we had 
the peach block "C". Not!! Take 
:,-L l.l« 

of 91 

g(X)d luck guys 

otry guys. 

Andrew Todd Greenleaf 
Business Administration 
RD 1 Box 132 
Martinsburg, PA 16662 

Del Vals first Flvis sighting, napping at Petkins, 
Lenord. Manure pit jumping on Annies bike, Late 
night car chases through the orchards, Canada 
trips, studying anatomy at Erv's, Judging ttips. 
Clams ftom Maine, NACA91, Syracuse ttip with 
Black Bart and Grimey, Running people over with 
my cow at A-Day, the Nerd Dorm, Farm Show 
'90, Lucy Juice, Standard Steve, Noid 

Kimberly A. Ghering 
Business Administration 

551 Maple Avenue 
Doylestown, PA 18901 

Who's Who Dean's List Chorale P1F, TK, KG 
AND M -Thanks for always being there and 
making it all worth it. To the "guys" of Theta Chi: 
You are the best. SC-Through the bad and the 
good, joy and the pain -you've been thete. L: I've 
loved these days. NLF-the best is always best! To 
the 4KG's, D & T- we'te stuck together and I 
wouldn't want it any other way. Sandi & Boyd: 
and true thanks-I Love You. 

Christopher Robert Greene 

Ornamental Horticulture 

^^ "^ 

Box 418A RD2 

M Jfe^ _ ^^k 

Branchville, NJ 07826 


1 ACTIVITIES: Landscape Nursery Club, Horticul- 

Vp& v 1 

ture Society, Delta Tau Alpha, Pi Alpha Xi SPE- 

CIAL MEMORIES: Cooke Hall and the guys. 

Theta Chi parties, Joe and Hitk's, Eight Room- 

mates, The boxer, Motel Light, Slacker's, The 


Lake, Adult Decisions PERSONAL MESSAGE 

TO FAMILY AND FRIENDS: Thanks to all the 

Faculty for my education, Mom and Dad fot your 

support, Beth, Todd, and all the fiiends I've met 

along the way. It's time to move on we ate the 


Tami Jane Halat 

Animal Science 

169 Flocktown Road 

Long Valley, NJ 07853 

Jjs^l Wl 

Hey honey- 11/17/88, Betk. and Goldman 2nd, 

the band is on my fronr porch, you geek, nerd; the 

m wsz ^\ 

granny squad, the few, the ptoud- the 6pack: TH, 

MJ, DB, RH, CM, KP., Are we going to the NBI 

JW. Provincetown, MA. (the whale watch). Stay- 

^M'Mm 81 

ing up late just talking, Christmas Dance '91, the 

m L *^ M 

pictutes! Showing Ashley '91. Joe and Ferdie then 

Charlie. Miller, Alumni and the P. House. Thanx 

i m 

to everyone for putting up with me: Mom, Dad, 

^^^^^^& Hk>_^A ' > 

and Ten, especially Marc- 1 Love You! — Good- 

bye DVC 

flb' c < ^v 'J-k£k*JA 

Scott Glenn Hallet 
Food Science 

.304 Flicksville Road 
Bangor, PA 18013 

Laura M. Harding 
Animal Science 

RD 2 Box 1735 
Lebanon, PA 17042 

Dairy judging ttips. Dairy Society - Social, ttips to 
Canada and NFSA Jayme and Dickie, I'll never 
forget you guys!! Keep in touch! 3 man games in 
Cooke. It's been gteat guys! Kel, I can't believe it's 
been 4 yeats! Remember that damn "G" and all 
those papets! Mom and Dad, thanks fot all of 
your support. Bruce, thanks fot being so patient 
and for being thete fot me Love You. 


Jennifer R. Harnatriewic 
Business Administration 
54 Crown Road 
Levitown, PA 19057 

I would like to say thanks for the long ( 
lions and in depth analysis of life, to the Ceasars 
Pub Club. To ail my fellow seniors. I wish you all 
the best in the teal wotld. "Go fot it. you nevet 
know you might fly!" 

William B. Harris 
Equine Science 

RR 2 Box 240 
Antrim, NH 03440 

The Duck Pond. "Oh my God!" "Oh, it's only ten 
minutes ftom my house!" Court with J. S., A-Day 
91, moment of suspension!, the Fquesttian Team, 
All my friends, K.F., L.F..J.S., H.S., and evetyone 
else, thanks fot all the memories. 

Kelly Kathleen Harper 


Animal Science 

3316 Parkside Terrace 


Fairfax, VA 22031 

,J| 1 

Thanks Mom, Dad & Scott for giving me the 

m BL 

opportunity to realize my dream & for believing in 
me. I Luv LI! Bob, thanks 4 the memories & your 
endless love, support & paricnce. I Luv U! Lisa, 
remember all the fun times, long chats + special 
secrets. LI -R -Terrific! Tiff, thanks 4 everything! 
We've made a lot of memories at DVC + AHSC 

^a^^HfcSv ""^^^^Hra 

& I'd do it all again! I Luv U! Rob, I'll never 4 -get 
our chats! Luv U! C.T.J.F., T.H.. K.M., L.H., L.S., 

>fif j*I^ 

Thanks 4 all the fun! U R all gteat people! Good 

^^^^ ^^i^^W 

Luck out thete! Luv Ya'll 

H ^t 

m. 1 

Richard F. Hesser, Jr. 
Dairy Science 
R.D. #2 Box 136R 
Lewistown, PA 17044 

Thank you Mom and Dad. Its finally ovet! Best of 
luck to the Class of 92. May all your dreams come 
ttue. Remember all rhe fun in Samuel with Jayme, 
Chris, Roy, Mike, Rob, Irene, Margaret, Jim and 
Flmer. Don'r forget the nights at Batbs Bar and 
Grill. Going to miss you Jen. Never forger rhe 
Blonde Jokes! Thanks Ched and Bob for the 
memories at Maine. To Amin Good Luck ar Grad 
School. So long DVC! Ill never forget what you 
have given me over rhe lasr four years! 

Jeffrey L. Hirka 
Business Administration 

15620 Bushy Park Road 
Woodbine, MD 21797 

This is what college is all about drink3 good 
friends clubll8 lets toad crip roommare thing 
Panama City Homecoming-starring at 7 am Jet- 
sons Adays Hirks world Halloween Parries NBI 
the night after Spring Break and Sherry my brown 
eyed girl New Years Fve 91-92 wouldn't ItBgreat 
if . . Ullman third Palindrome getting busted 
worry is a useless emotion lifting in the dungeon 
would ya> Keg a day the falls unptepared their all 
the same LUNFX + Tuesday Loaded Special 
thanks to Mom and Dad Hirk 

R. Michael Hirschmann 
Business Administration 
62 Violet Lane 
Newtown, PA 18940 

Arthur Huie 
Food Science 
608 Cedar Hill Road 
Ambler, PA 19002 

Steven L. Hykes 
979 Hykes Road 
Greencastle, PA 17225 

Thank you Lord for guiding me 
to Lynn. Thanks Mom, Dad, Til 
the support. Lynn, I Love You 
great memories of college. 

nd bringing me 
. and Mark for 


Patricia R. Jamann 

1925 Old Bethlehem Road 
Quakertown, PA 18951 

It took 15 years and yes folks, it \ 

c.rth it!!! My 
; How insignificant 
all those Del Val finals seem now . . . Thanks to: 
Joyce in the library for teaching me WP 5.1; also 
thanks to the wonderful folks in Segal, Mandell, 
Financial Aid, Lasker and the OH Counseling 

Scott A. Jaslar 
Business Administration 

2065 Faglevvay 
Hatfield, PA 19440 

Thanks to all my friends who were there to en|oy 
these four interesting years. The challenge is just 
beginning. Hey, don't worry about it! Just enjoy it. 
Work hard . . . Play hard. Special thanks to Mom 
& Dad for everything. I couldn't have made it 
without you! See ya-1 am outta here ... Remem- 
ber: The JBL FLIP, LC, BS, SB, SB, AH, PM.JF. 

Beverly A. Kershner 

576 Church Hill Road 
Lehighton, PA 18235 

Thank you Mom and Dad for your constant love 
and support. Tfoy you've been my best friend, my 
shoulder to cry on and the helping hand that has 
always pushed me ahead and I love you for it all I 


, linallv 




friends.-' To my derelict agronomy brothets, 
Geno and Boo, Agronomy is a major now. Can't 
forget Mike, Carol, Corn. Smiley, Matt, and Mi- 
chelle. You've all made my Senior year great. 1 
wish I would have found you all sooner. 

Tf ''-♦■■ 

fm v'-S 1 : - : ' ; 
LI im ./ m i 

Ann M. Kline 
Ornamental Horticulture 
RD 4 Box 186 
Birdboro, PA 19508 

To my family thanks for all your support. To the 
Tabor girls thanks for making my last semester as 
RA my best. Oscar TY for the waggs & kisses. 
Barness girls TY for 2 years of memories. HF & 
WD never forget our talks or when you woke me. 
To SL VW SB remember sucks to be you & our 
TS Project. Amy TY for all your help & support 
here at DVC & weekends at CapeMay. Jen re- 
member the day the vacuum ate my shoe. Tropical 
hort trip, FFA cross country RA1991 Angie thanks 
for your help. To all take cate Ann . 


Douglas Jamieson 
Ornamental Horticulture 

205 Stirling Road 
Warren, NJ 07059 

Kristina L. Johnson 

1211 Malatesta Avenue 
Boothwyn, PA 19061 

I finally 

Thanks to Mom & Dad. Lots of lo 
made it! To all the Tabortots-thanks for all rhe 
memories -Tabordales, IBT's, Mikey's game, 
Freebird, Spring Break, ralks on the roof, the 
goose, Fatm fest, MM sttuck again. A-Day, trac- 
tot lessons, Marker wagon, cranky customers. 
Blooming Glen, Pt-time roomies, AC, KK & PF 
for hanging in rhere. You know who you R! 
Thanks & love esp to Russ for being thee thru it 
all-good and bad- something good did come out 
of Poco's Margaritas! 

Francis X. Kitchener, Jr. 
Ornamental Horticulture 

7384 Brookhaven Terrace 
F.nglewood East, FL 34224 

rst and foremost, thanks Mom + Dad for i 
upport. To my brothers of Thera Chi Sigr 


adition, and learn from rhe past. To 
all my friends, thanks for rhe grear times do not 
fotget your RA, golf course parties, not to drink 
in the hallway! The fratermry house and my room- 
mates, don't drink + drive, I really did shoot the 
pig! Remember you always have a place to visit in 
sunny Florida 

Mike Kutzmonich 
Ornamental Horticulture 

RD3 Box 770 Huffs Church Road 
Barto, PA 19504 

You guys are *r"!#@ crazy! Yea weve heard that 
before. Mom. Dad. Jo. thanks. 1 Love You Guys. 
Thanks to Buddha. BP, Hose, Joe, Jeff, Doug.JA, 
Jack, Chucko, Poopy, Rod, Mikey. Scoot, Jon, 
Wiley, the Barness Gals. FOIF, I need a sandwich. 
Hooch, 83MPH, DC, NYC, The cave. Mushroom 
pizza, State, How bout a chaw? Stoopin, who 
farted > What! Woodies and Taxon hikes, hull, 
Pete in the trunk, 18 doz donuts. Thanks to my 
little buddy. You filled the void in my life. Thanks 
1 Love You Kris! That's all fot now. Later Del Val! 


Sandy Lachman 
Food Science 

11 Kathryn Road 
Chalfont, PA 18914 

Scottie- special times, preck 
will always be in my heart. David-thank yo 
spreading your light on my life. What ! 
you have given me! Chris -you are the greatest 
roomie! Thank you for everything! Always re- 
member the tun times, especially our trips to the 
NBI!! Sam, Cathy, Jenny, Tracy, Chris T, Chip, 
Fred, and STX-we have all shared a very special 
friendship. You all have made these the best 4 
years of my life! Love, luck, and happiness to all of 
my friends!!! 

Michael Robert Lager 
Animal Science 
P.O. Box 296 525 Pearl Street 
Mars, PA 16046 

Had a great time DVC; Summers at DVC, ADI, 
Goldman 2nd Hall Parties, thanks for the best 
time Zeta-ChiZX, Bev how about taking over:* 
Take care farmers (Samuel 1st). Well OXE, thanx 
for treating me like one of your brothers. Uh the 
lady with the meats;* Thanks Gilbert and 91 Judg- 
ing Team, and Downtown Cincinati pit -stops. 
Thanks Mom, Dad 1 love you both. Melissa, my 
worst year was when I wasn't with you, thanks for 
all you have done and gave to me-I will always 
love you. 



Animal Science 

1328 Highland Avenue 
Abington, PA 19001 

Thanks to the friends that were there for me and 
helped me make it through school. If it wasn't for 


r "■ 

them I probably would have never graduated. A 
special thanks to my parents for letting me come 

I 4 - tL 

back, and for their help and support at home. 


Thanks again to my friends now I know what it 



. means to have "college days" memories. With all 


■l. my love your tnend, hllen 




Erik D. Leight 

247 Franklin Avenue 
Souderton, PA 18964 

Scott Robert Liermann 
Ornamental Horticulture 

2406 Rose Drive 
Glenshaw, PA 15116 

Sharon Marie Loeffler 

Lynn Marie Long 


Animal Science 

-; A 

RD 2 Box 359 i 
Annville, PA 17003 

Praise the Lord for helping mc through these four 
years. Thanks Mom and Dad for your love, sup- 

port and washing machine. Mike, I appreciate all 
the work you have done for mc. Maybe now you 
will have some "free time". Steve, 1 Love You! 

Thanks for always being there for me. I'll always 
remember those times when I sat in the sun, rain, 
and cold to cheer on my 51 and to hear the 

announcers butcher your last name. You're the 







John Bradley Longenecker 

2094 R Turnpike Road 
Elizabethtown, PA 17022 



Thanks to all rny friends who helped me through 
these trying years. We worked hard, and we played 
hard, and everything came together. Special 
thanks to my parents for their devotion and en- 
couragement, and Alex for all the special times 
and memories we shared. As Randy would say, 
God Bless, and he has. Especially SAJ, and the 
i Flip. Move!!! 


Eugene Leroy Lowe, III 

Rt. 1 Box 26 
Hebron, MD 21830 

Well I done know where to start, but here it goes. 
I have to thank all my ftiends that helped me get 
through the last tout yeats. So thanks to Matt, 
AA. Boo, Corn. Bev, Carol, Smiley, Michelle and 
Jill. I'll ncvet forget you guys and all the great 
times we had. Yield to bud. The biggest thanks to 
my patents for putting me thtough here and 
standing by me through the good and bad times. 
Finally I need to give a special thanks to my 
grandparents and Dawn fot keeping things going 
at home and always supporting me. 

Amy Beth Lubinsky 
Business Administration 

102 Applegate Avenue 
Spotswood, NJ 08884 

All of our discussions sitting in the pub. Our 
evenings out in the NBI. Watching movies on the 
VCR. Having a lot of people in the dorm room-all 
sleeping over. Talking to my toommate half the 
night. Singing in the Chorale. All of my friends- 
Good Luck Guys!!! BOM Class whete I met my 
boyfriend Steve. Playing catds with Kat and win- 
ning without even paying attention. Hillel. Cho- 
rale, Bus, Club, Ram Pages, and more 

Harry Lukachyk 
Business Administration 
179 Page Avenue 

Lyndhurst, NJ 07071 

Luke will always remember having great times 
with his roommates Tom.Jeb, Barry, Kurt, and his 
friends Spuds, Dave, Adam, Chicky. Thebo, and 
the rest of them. The Kellet beater Goldman Hall 
1st and 2nd floor golf party, yo dudes, and the 
best 4 l /2 yeats of college 

Kyle K. Mackes 

764 Prospect Street 
Tatamy, PA 18085 

Just call me Corn -reason in the past-Kym, I glub 
you w/ everything -had our 'great' times-earth 
keeps spinning -an artist & a farmer yea right . . . 
too bad-NAMA, who needs NAM A -thanks to 
fellow Lamas searching fot life after Del Val-the 
clown-Daiquitis-Bourbon St.-Dtug pushing 
nurses-Dew Rules -bearman-where's the 
whitewoman at' Fddie-best of friends for life-G, 
RA, Weisle (DA Roomie), Matt, Smiley, Jim, 
Boo, Henty (your nuts), Tiff, Jaws -Life's short- 
play hatd- Yield to Bud -Mom, Dad, Pa, Dooket . 
. . Your love made it happen. 

Jimmy Marini 

2121 Veale Road 
Wilmington, DE 19810 

Yo-well I think It's over and I had a great time 
doing it. Thanks to evetyone fot all the help you 
gave me in my struggle thtough the DVC adven- 
tute-especially the family-I don't think I could 
have done it without you guys. Coopet dude, 
come out with us tonite-yeah fight monkey keep 
on philosophying-flyin Brian you ate mumbling 
again -Bob could you please pull up you are 
parked on my legs-Stevie what did you say well I 
gotta go -gotta get there 

Marlene Mattero 
Food Science 

509 Walnut Street 
Lansdale, PA 19446 

Kelly Martin 
Animal Science 
Box 42 Pottersville Road 
Pottersville, NJ 07979 

Thanks Mom and Dad fot all of your love and 
support. Lauta- Thanks for fout gteat yeats! 
"Pony". so many laughs. Class officers. Senior So- 
cials-Too many papers! Out buddies! L.G. and 
L.S. the best neighbots. Pat -everything will wotk 
out fot the best. You ate vety special to me! Good 
luck to everyone! 

David W. Mattus 
Food Science 

123 Quigley Avenue 
Willow Grove, PA 19090 


Stephen C. McCarty 

Business Administration 

16 Rabbit Run 


Cape May, NJ 08204 



MEMORIES: Acorn fights, watet fights, award 

banquets, parties. Middle Atlantic Conference 

Meet thanks Pete, Chuck, Scott. Bteck, Dave, 

Glen. Jill. Jenn, Sue for making the end of the 
season cross country party a smash. Sue watch it. 
Breck take it easy. Hanging out with friends at the 
Student Center. Thank you Mom and Dad for 

making my college experience possible I couldn't 
have done it without you. 

Christina McColgan 
Food Science 

5-13 Harvey Road 
Glenside, PA 19038 

D.C. Radio lammin' (TS), Kjeldahl explosions 
(KM); The Lunch Bunch; Carnival Night 89-"I 
need to be inspired!"; The Few. The Proud. The 6- 
Pack-CM. KP, DB, RH, TH, MJ- X-mas Dance 
'91. etc; The Gtanny Squad; Mall tfips and 2nd 
gear; The Wotk Hall Expetience! I'm so wired!; 
Thanks to The Mom and The Dad (fot evety 
thing!) & the rest of the family unit, and the 
Petetsen/Rangecrew. Ken-Thank you for all your 
love and support and fot always being there for 
me. I love you! Bye DVC!! 

Daniel McCormac 
Business Administration 
1010 South Field Ct. 
Harrisburg, PA 17111 

Mom + Dad Thank You. You Are On Your 
Own. Thanks to Uncle Jetty + Aunt Mar; Aunt 
Mary and all my friends for shacking me up. To 
all my roommates, it's been a pleasure. Mike M. 
thanks for Soph. Year. Chris M. Your Welcome 
for Jr. Year. I'll Always remember: KGS in 
316Monopoly, Jack's food Espos tatenight study- 
ing, to the othets; Fletch. Wags, Baby Shane, etc. 
It's been fun. Sea Isle was memorable. "Nevet 
Look Back, Someone Might Be Gaining On 
You.'' -Satchel Paige now the hatd part. 

Joanna Gail McKenna 
Ornamental Horticulture 

i 333 Brook Avenue- 
North Plainfield, NJ 07060 m M 

C *^!^i 

ChecileadinL. shots at V 2 time. Club H20. The .■ jE j^Bt 

Monkevs. NEW ORLEANS— Is lill still out in the t'M , j^^J 

can 1 FRIGGER! All the Ullman 108 bovs. I'm f. ^^M 

_ i 

Aped. Dinnets at Zeta Chi. My Goldman bit; r^| -L -^^" "* 

brothers-thanks tot the talks. N.Y.- lillv Km 1 ( /jH A.V 

fixed my shoe, Sylvia's out tonight! NBI, Kelly's. 'rWal 

Stallion. To the best ot times-IB. WR. KC, SA. IF. ffl^Bf 

CD. CG. PM. SF. Golf = MarriaL'e. Astral Plane- ff^^B 

Fru Ftih^ To mv best friend in the whole world. JS v3^^B 

i David 1 Love You so much! Mom and Dad. /j fl| 

thanks for all your help and support Love Stinky j ^^^^^M 

Matthew D. McMahon 

Dairy Science ^ .^- 

20910 Middle-town Road flH 

- ^H 

Fa-eland. MD 21053 mk 


Thanks once again to mv folks for all their love 1 W^^^^ 


and supporr and of course thanks and all mv love \ ^^m^ 

to Diane, couldn't have made it without vou. My 1 ^B 0^' 

•v w 

ftiends in low places, Geno. Com, Smiley. A. A „ 1 ™ ' * 

Carol, Boo and Bev. Study bteaks at NBI, III have 

what the gentleman on the floor is having. We ^Hl ^^. 

' N / 

don't need no stinking badges! Best of luck to all m^P 

■C M 

my underclassmen friends. Off to Maryland to ^^ 

milk my cows. Thanks DVC -see ya in the funny | ^ 

^S \. 

papets! \_ 


Barry J. Mehaffey 

RR#9 Box 19-1 
Bridge-ton, NJ 08302 

Remember all the good times in Goldman with 
Tom. Luke. Kurt. Eric. Will never forget Pumpkin 
stealing on Halloween 90 will always remember 
Goldman golf party, Fley Stixs lets go to the 
Beaver. Remember the summer of 90 with Jodie. 
Michele. and Glenn. Will always remember the 
four years at Delaware Valley. Thanks alot for 
everything Mom & Dad 

Bruce R. Mellott 


669 Gerhart Lane 

Telford, PA 18969 

Live for the weekend -I've got to get out of this 
place! Another parking ticket, Dt. Miller's lichens, 
Invert. Zoology shore trips, Gimp, Anatomy- 
thanks Katin, "studying" with Rob. Micky and 
others, Uagel Jakes 


Matthew Joseph Michonski 
Animal Science 
1405 Apple Drive 
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 

James K. Minninger, III 
Ornamental Horticulture 

678 County Line Road 
Telford, PA 18969 

Have ya ever seen a grown man naked r" Or been to 
a Turkish prison- 1 Thanks to Mom and Dad for 
making me go to this institution and allowing me 
to make them financially defunked! Thanks to 
Sharon Marie for bailing out on me my senior year 
... I still love ya anyway. Is that a banana in your 
pocket ot are ya happy to see me.' Thanks to Bev 
for letting me hutl in the car. Turf, you could die 
tomorrow, so remember LIFE IS SHORT. PLAY 

Robert John Mitros 
Ornamental Horticulture 

116 South Scott Avenue 
Glenolden, PA 19036 

Thank you Mom and Dad for all your love and 
support. To my brother and sisters, thank you for 
putting up with me. ZetaChiBtothers thanks lot 
being there. Special memories ZX pledging, Foot- 
ball camp, 86, Yea-Yoo, All nighters, Quota, 
Thurs. Nite, Fri. Mornings, Beaver College road 
trips, formal, Happy Jim Chew, BLOODGOOD 
Who's all mad dogged out?. The house and the 
BUSCH BOYS, Ulman 2nd, Sunrise party, Zeta 
Chi Toga, Hey Mutph-whete R U?, Little Sisters, 
N.B.I. . Safety. Keg?, What Keg.', The shocker! 

Andrea G. Moree 
Ornamental Horticulture 

7 Morning Glory Lane 
Levittown, PA 19054 

I'd like to thank my patents fot all their suppon 
throughout the four years. Good luck and good- 
bye to all my friends who have also helped me 
Special thanks to Patti, Tracey, Paul and Scott. I'l 
nevet fotget being sttanded across the street dur 
ing Woody lab and also the "hotror show" ol 
hanging my site analysis upside down. 

Pascal Monkam 

Food Science 

DVC Box 6762, 700 E. Butler 


Doylestown, PA 18901 

Kristy L. Morley 
Food Science 

151 Marlboro Road 
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 

91 REJECT! Mom + Dad -Thanks for everything! 
DLP99xFE, I promise I will be here, wanna play 
BBall? G +T, LW2, WACKER (FB + B), where's 
Ralph? Mr Stogies, PIPIN, Bacardi, Registatds, 
PULL UP YOUR PANTS! Meatloaf, The Cart- 
wheel, I think I need oil, NOT HERE!! Kev-nice 
hait! Whiteheart, Summer on the 3rdfloor, Bar- 
ney + Zeus, Carpe Deim, LTOYW, Weekends in 
the city, 5hts Later- just give me 2asptins and a 
bathroom! B+K. BS, HE, J + D, AS, SW, CM, 
Thanks for making it what it was. Finally-It's over 
PS -we are everywhere! 

Barbara A. Mould 

Animal Science 

107 Penn Boulevard 

East Lansdowne, PA 19050 

!'"- jB v 

Good times w/ the "Dairy Herd" -Chris, Dickie, 

,^^rZ%r~ -V ^| 

Roy, Jayme & Mike. Janie and Apple Pie. Pi Mu 

m 1 

Sigma w/Jen, Nan, Ede. Glow in the dark paint. 


Jen Reed's a geek. Katoaki nights and electric 

E *** *H 

lemonade. Barb-fest 91. Homecoming 91. The 

beer fairy dancing on the furniture Psycho-kitty. 

il k- Jfl 


People go into your room and they never come 
out. A final goodbye to all my "ffiends in low 
places", I'll miss you all. Welcome to the real 
wotld and temembet live, love, laugh. 

Edward Mulroy 
Business Administration 

735 Eggleston Circle 
Sharon Hill, PA 19079 


Thomas A. Napier, III 
Business Administration 
2335 Three Mile Run Road 
Perkasie, PA 18944 

Mom and Dad thank you for all of your help, I 
hope I will be able to give back to you as much as 
you have given to me. To the two best friends 
anyone could have, Matk + Space, Thank you. 
Without either of you I dont think I could have 
made it as far as I have made it as far as I have. 
Hey Chip, Skip sch(x>l. get yout jetski, theres 8ft 
toilets out there today -NO FRAR! Zeta Chi, 
thank you for a true taste of college life-contin- 
ued success. Thanks to all who made sute I stuck 
it out (Judy). 89-90 club Bundy boys-thanks. MC 

James Neal 
Food Science 

72 Cowpath Road 
Souderton, PA 18964 

Thanks to all my friends for helping to make 
Senior year the best ever. Good luck in the futi 
It's finally over!!!!!!!!!! 

Gary Nefferdorf 
Business Administration 
659 Dick Avenue 
Watminster, PA 18974 

Frederick Newton 

4766 Matple Street 
Philadelphia, PA 191.36 

Elizabeth O'Connor 
Animal Science 
2441 Union Street 
Allentown, PA 18104 

Susan E. O'Donnell 
Business Administration 

260 Richboro Road 
Richboto, PA 18954 

Kevin W. Packer 
Animal Science 
564 California Avenue 
Bricktown, NJ 08724 

David L. Paino, Jr. 
Business Administrati 
1940 Melissa Drive 
I'easterville, PA 19053 


Ian Phelps 

Box 89 

Fountainville, PA 18923 

Christopher Brian Quinn 
Business Administration 

3095 Gibson Lane 
Doylestown, PA 18901 

Business Club (Chairman). Thanks Mom and 
Dad for all your help and Support. Thanks to 
Karen for being the wonderful person that you 
ate. Good luck to all my friends who have made 
my college experience a time I'll never forget. 
Chris Quinn 

Matthew A. Reasoner 
Ornamental Horticulture 

404 Ccrromar Drive 
Venice, FL 

Theta Chi Sigma, Chaplain Del Val Soccer, Asst. 
Pledge Master to all Theta Chi brothets long live 
the m.xjse to Les NBI, the houses, cops, Alpha. 
FF, the nugget. Md + Scott, Thanx!! To I. + M 
true btos forever to Mom + Dad thank you! To 
all my finance help Nan, Pop, Gram. Pop thanx! 
WEASF.L: Family for life to Mags thank you for 
everything: money, support, Love; you made it all 
happen' NBI, Pond, FLA, KW to sis Amy: x-mas, 
NYR 2f).' "Hey pal" "Love you guys" Long live 
the amigos T + A 

Kenneth Petersen 

10 Buchanan Road 
Blairstown, NJ 07825 

Many thanks to everyone at DVC for everything. 
Always remember Cinema 111 with Art, John, 
Colin, & Pat. All those Saturdays at Track meets. 
Thanks to Coach Acker & Loughery for turning 
me into a 400 man. Go smoke! To all the guys in 
Work Hall for making it the best dorm at DVC! 
To the few, the proud, the 6 pack DB. RH. TH, 
MK & CM. All my love to Chris McColgan 

Piers Philip Prater 
Ornamental Horticulture 

1141 Township Road 216 
Bellefontaine, OH 43311 

Remember the good old days Wrestling! Nachos! 
Thanks for the fun times in Flson/Cooke Jeff 
Marc Brian Tom Mike Ant. Best of luck J & S!! 
Think positive Marc! Thanks to Barness gang 
(Linda Jen Melissa Kristin) for being yourselves 
and taking time to cate! Good Luck Linda & 

Fondly remember DelVal! A sincere thank you 
with love to Mom & Dad for your caring and 
help. I've appreciated it! Best for last . . .Jen thank 
you for you! Thanks for standing beside me. Love 
ya! Sparkle + Patience + Love = YOU! Take 
care all! 

Allen Rathjens 
Ornamental Horticulture 

341 Country Club Road 
Bridgewater, NJ 08807 

Jennifer E. Reed 
P.O. Box 711 
McConnellsburg, PA 17233 

The days at Tabor; A very cold trip to NFSA; A- 
Day; Wednesday nights at the NBI; Life off cam- 
pus; Partying with Hairball, Matty, Little Jen and 
many more; A best friend like Jane and a great 
four years at Del -Val. 


Mark A. Ringenary 
Ornamental Horticulture 
1270 Wright Road 
Quakertown, PA 18951 

To all my friends and the fun we've had. SH 

Kelly A. Ritsick 
Food Science 
507 Lesher Lane 
Hatboro, PA 19040 

w/o your love, support, & faith in me Mom & 
Dad I wouldn't have made it. Rest of family - 
thanx. You've made my dream come true-both of 
you are the greatest! Thanx Jeffrey for standing by 
my side, for patience, help, faith, & luv in me. I'll 
always luv u so never let me go! To friends & 
professors I made/lost. Long/cold horseshows- 
regionals. whalewatch. Homecoming-91. A-Day. 
Fla. 90-supposingly skiing. Cooke fire-chem test 
canceled! No more day naps! Floor hockey-foo- 
d/equine club. Thanx to CM, AM, Ang. Thank U. 

^mgm -"•^■^ 

Jeffrey G. Rowen | 

Ornamental Horticulture 


•41 Notch Road 


Oak Ridge, NJ 07438 

Thanks Mom and Dad for your support and love 

^B ^-" 

in everything I have done. Thanks Sandra for all of 

^PC^- — 

your love and support. I couldn't have done it 


without you. I will never forget you Tony, Piers, 

Brian, Marc, and Mike. Pile on! Wrestle mania 


lives! How many lumps.-' Best of luck with Lisa 

and Jennifer. Good luck to all my friends! 




John Ruzicka 
Business Administration 
320 East Patterson Street 
Lansford, PA 18232 

I will never forget all the good times the Valley 
Boys had on 2nd floor of Goldman Hall. Without 
them I don't think my Senior year would have 
went that fast. Also, I would like to thank my 
Mom and Dad, My grandmother, my brother 
George, my sisters Donna & Kim, and my grand- 
father f who is watching over me). I Love You All 
& Thank you for your support. Also, thanks to 
Angt. you're really great. Thanks for everything, I 
Love You. 

Jeffrey S. Rumberger 
Ornamental Horticulture 

PO Box 10 

Collegeville, PA 19426 

I love you Mom, Dad, Fam., and Kim. Thanks 
BP, Mo, Jim, Fred, Taz.Joe, Mikey, Scooter, Ack- 
nad, and all the rest. Never forget going to war 
parties, Midnight missions, the Hooch, Nights at 
the greenhouse, Mattress Sledding, and all woo- 
dies classes. Sorry about your car Bev. I am serious 
and don't call me Shirley. Yes. I see that, hey 
what's the difference, you could die tomotrow. 
Love and hate. On that scote, I'm outta here 
friend. Pubescent man, look at the pelt on that 
guy. Later 


Leonard Carl Schaible 
Animal Science 
Box 157B 
Ottsville, PA 18942 

Linda E. Schcmpp 
Ornamental Horticulture 

42^7 Stirling Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19135 


. Mo 

& Dad for all I 
• Thanks for 2 i 

support Hi 

years; Tom St I will miss you more rhan you' 

know Love ya!JB, KB. MT. college life i 

not have been the same without you. Will 

_ : all the special times at DVC Barnes 

PFS, A-Day. the Nerds. Tom Thanks for • 

ing behind me. I'm finally yours 12 months ; 

truly love you more than anything' Best \ 

, the ' lass of 92, thanks for the memorn 

Go Stcf! <n 2- 27-9} 

Brian L. Schlegel 

HI) #1, Box 214A 
Oley, PA 19547 


Karyn L. Schramm 
Animal Science 

1236 Saddle Drive 
Nazareth, PA 18064 

Poohbear, Scoots, K. Choir, band, A-Day, ICC, 
Drama club, ODC, DS. Chem Club, RA, P & P 
Day, Farm #3. Judging Team. I-KLS, Where's 
Meow! TA -collapsing beds, toiler 
!. M + W- shoot me I'm a Moose! 
TG-3am? Dickie fallin thru the floor at JJ's. AI 
course. Sheepers! Whar do you mean that was a 
performance class!;*! ML-thanx for making me 
laugh Matt-did you mark you card? What a 
difference u've made in my life. MZ LS SS GL MS 

Patricia Seiger 

f" 'im"— w 



PO Box 90 

' fe 

Revere, PA 18953 


i MAJOR: Biology NICKNAMF.: Patti (LMD) 



S/m ^ * *"t^ 

FAMILY AND FRIENDS: Mom-thanks for 

f aat •*»" 

standing by me, Uncle Ed- Thanks for your in- 

' Ml k 

sight and advice, Renee and Bunch-Thanks for 


words of encouragement. Rob -You are always 

iHl X *"^* ^"" 

there lot me! Andrea-You are a great friend. 

Randi, Lisa, Pat-You are a great support team! 

Thanks to all of my professors -you deserve an 

V B^^^l 

A+ 111 miss everyone 


Jonathan Self 

Business Administration 

1012 Limekiln Pike 
Ambler, PA 19002 

William B. Sennett, Jr. 
Ornamental Horticulture 

38 South Davis Street 
Woodbuty, NJ 08096 

Hairball-will always remember Ulman 2nd. Hang- 
ing out with Davey B.. Brad, Jeffrey, Justin, Matty, 
Kitsten, Jenny B., Jen Reed, and everyone else I 
don't have room for. Will also remember many, 
many nights which I don't remember, the NBI, 
and all the good times with my friends at DVC. 

Tara L. Sewell 


PO Box 72 

Fallston, MD 21047 

It's been 

real. Its been fun, but it wasn't real fun. 

There w< 

re, however, some exceptions: Lori & 

Tetry's t 

ke-out picnic; Dinner gossip; notable 


classes and classmates, A-Day; learning 

to live v, 

/a roommate; Henrietta; talking NOT 


borrowed books; old tests; night class- 

es?; my 

Drain twin; noisy neighbors; moving in; 

moving < 

ut; Hogan's Heroes; food from home; 

talking it 

out; forever friends thank you all 

Deborah A. Shepherd 
Animal Science 

253 Lismore Avenue 
Glcnside, PA 19038 

To my family, thanks for everything To KLM- 
We have shared so much. Keep those memories 
with you always. To the Lab Animal gang, thanks 
for making it so competitive and lun. To my very 
best friend in the whole world, thank you for your 
support, love & friendship You have taught me 
that building my character is a necessity & have 
motivated me to gain the qualities that guarantee 
success. And yes, I finally got my Mercedes Benz 



Steven J. Sharer 
Dairy Science 
RD2 Box 95A 
Laceyville, PA 18623 

I want to thank Mom. Dad, and Btian fot their 
support and love to help me thtough DVC. My 
Cooke family, Geno, Matt, Boo, Brian, Corn, Bev, 
Mike, Carol, Best of luck guys. Memories: 3:30 
Dairy, Cooke Hall Fire Drills, giving seminar flrsr. 
Best of luck to all my classmates and underclass- 
men. Heathet, 2-1-91 I Love You very much 
thank you for being thete for me. If not for you I 
wouldn't be here now. I Love You! 5-15-93. 
Thank you all 

Sandra Slanker 
Business Administration 

86 Hampshire Drive 
Plainsboro, NJ 085.36 

Thanks Mom & Ted for everything you 2 have 
done. Laughery. Acker & Doc thanks for four 
great ycats. (Mac, Penn Relays) Work Hall keep 
partying. Hot in the Hot Tubes. Floot Hockey 
#1. Cooke Hall stay cool. Thanks everyone else 
I'll miss u all. For the man that has turned my life 
atound I LOVE YOU! Rob u gave me every- 
thing & then some!! Adios Del Val. I'll miss you 


Thomas D. Sperry 
Business Administration 

RD#2, Box 86, Sunset Drive 
Ottsville, PA 18942 

Michelle A. Stankunas 

Business Administration 

2359 Murray Avenue 

Huntingdon Valley PA 19006 

Wf I 


t m 

' mi*'! 

Michael Gene Strohecker 
Animal Science 

RD #1 Box 1225 
Herndon, PA 17830 

Judging team trips fun and wotk, The support 
baskets from the Hebe Gang! The YUKon Night, 
My roomate and the talks does his mother counts 
All my girls! Stop!!! Homecoming and A-Day, 
Bump ahead. Hang on! Jan. Bth and Jan. 23rd at 7 

Michael Struble 
Ornamental Horticulture 

376 Macopin Road 
West Milford, NJ 07480 

Best friends fot life: Hitka, Cetbo, Boag. Ullman 
3td. The best road ttips 'Panama City* Halloween 
Parties, NBI, Dinkel Ackers, A-Day & Home- 
coming-Funnels at 7:00 am Shoot-a-boot, the 
Jetsons. In the gym w/little bro Cali-Thed 
Champs! Spanky's awesome. Thanks Les/Matt- 
best toomates-couldn't have made ir w/o u2 guys. 
Thanks Brinsk. By Grim & OX Brorher. Only 
those w/the rack know Marty Moose & his 
faith/PG. Good Luck Brothers. Would Ya> Al- 
cohol kills all germs! Drnk 5 Ant, Joe. Boag, Hitk. 
Thanks L "Dtink!" 

William L. Tarbert, Jr. 
17220 York Road 
Parkton, MD 21120 

To Mom and Dad, Thanks for putting up with me 
fot all these yeats. i couldn't have done it without 
you. -To all my buddies on Cooke 2nd: DIE! To 
Weed, I leave Junior the Homeless Hobo to ride 
on your coartails-To my Dirt Brother, no more 
late night gaseous outbursts-ToJunior the doctor 
of style, I leave my many useful Gordon Phillips 
Hair Tips -To Wiley, the job of referee to make 

the tht. 

ch other. Huh' 

Hey Dummy- Fall Guy forever • Hooter Hunter- 
Save out Land-Wonder Weasel-Jay. been to Toys 
R Us lately? Smut- Wiley, one of the guys, smell 
something gamey^ Toe-Guys, thanks for all the 
fun, maybe you'll get out someday too! 

Dorothy M. Thorne 
Ornamental Horticulture 

421 Rockland Avenue 
Narberth, PA 19072 

Kasha, remember freshman year. First Day: Will 
she beat me up.' Party with the RA Work Dorm 
old and new Chugalug Gang Super Bowl Parries 
Bowling FFA Homecoming Junior Year: Friday 
after THANKSGIVING Best night of my life! 
21st Birthday INXS Alarm Zoo-Kupala Ocean 
Blue Hot Tub Parties Cancun-with u and TUR 
missions Bldg. A-Day Senior year GRADLIA 
TION! I Love You, Victor! All this would no 
have been possible without Mom and Dad 

M. Christian Tice 

Dairy Science 

RD#2 Box 202 llighway#771 

Rimer, NJ 08318 

Remember all the great times at DVC will never 
forget 1991 Dairy Judging Team all night duving 
and the offtamp speeding to my "ttue" friends. 
Jayirie Mike Dickie Roy my sincere best and good 
luck to all of you May yout dteams of farming 
come true. Always remember Barbs Bar and grill. 
ADay has always been great fun and worth all the 
work. Will never forget the old daily. Late nights 
and early mornings, still ring clear. Thanks Mom 
and Dad. Plans to Ik- a Dairy Farmer Deluxe. 

Michael B. Tinneny 
Business Administration 

128 Hast 8th Avenue 
C.onshohockcn, PA 19428 



Carol Trimber 

1s ^ t ^ 

Animal Science 

i^k ^^tk 

273 Delmar Street 

^| |Hk 

Philadelphia, PA 19128 

J 1 C J 

Thanks to my family for helping me through these 
years. To my friends Boo, Bev, Smiley and his 
underwear, Corn, Michele, Dawn G. and the Lab 
Animal Crew. The best is yet to come. To Mike 
the past is the past and the future is ours, remem- 
ber we all love you! To Mary thanks for putting 
up with me. Always remember Organic Chem 2, 
Hooch, A-Day, Fire Drills, Whale Comments, 
Guinea Pig Sex, or Eaton's house. Well here I go 
for four more. See ya Del Val!! 


Scott "Woody" Vascavage 

227 North Diamond Street 
Shenandoah, PA 17976 

Mom and Dad thank you for everything, I really 
appreciate it. I Love You. To my best friends 
Drunk and Dan, I'm going to miss partying with 
you. Stay in touch. To my girlfriend JoAnn, 
thanks for everything you did for me. I Love You, 
more than words can say. Drunk thanks for all the 
trouble you got me in. Especially the time you got 
me arrested at Theta for drinking. Thanks to ev- 
eryone who supported me these past four years. 

Lisa Vinkler 

Business Administration 

17 Kings Court 
Hatboro, PA 19040 

I will always remember the good times I had at the 
"Pub'' and the friends that I hung out with there! 
But, most of all, I will never forget the fun times 
in and outside of Finance class! Sandy thanks for 
driving me around campus. I want to thank all my 
teachers and friends for many memorable experi- 
ences! Thanks to my family for all of your sup- 
port. Lisa Vinkler 

Judith Vogel-Barnitz 

1514 Tarleton Place 
Warminster, PA 18974 

James G. Wabals 

270 Highland Drive 
Coopersburg, PA 18036 

Activities: Presidential Diplomat, Peer Counselor, 
Hort and Dairy Societies, ICC, FFA. Parties with 
Skim. Bane, Sherm, and my "Little Brother". 
Cheesy Bitt, and the Elson Nerds. Homecoming 
1990, Mummers Parade 1989. The Loft, A-Day to 
Security. Let's go lift Skim. Buzz and Chester "the 
coon hunter" Elson Halls Senior Night Out-Give 
me another beer! Thanks to everyone who sup- 
ported me. I couldn't have done it without you. 
Good luck to my fellow Aggies-It's been fun. 

Daniel Thyer Wadding 


P.O. Box 347 

Mountainhome, PA 18342 


TIES: Computer Club V.P PERSONAL MES- 

I <— . ■ 


to the last of the "Wolf Pack" To Dave, Dtunk. 


Woody: the rest of our lives will be spent with 

m L- l 

wives. Most of all a special rhanks to my Mom 

m r 

and Heather I never have made it without yout 

^L ^fe" - v & 

love and support!!! Thank you, so very much!! 

^L ^ V 

1 Adios DVC Class of 1992 Heres to May 8, 1993 

r ^^^. 



Laura Lynn Wah 
Animal Science 

1607 Swamp Road 
Furlong, PA 18925 

Four years! We did it!! ESO-VO-Not me/Eques- 
trian Team/SANDY-Higgs/Anns/Tamping 
101/Splinrs on the turnpike/ADays/Scott Doc do 
foals dtink beet.' /City Gardens/ Zadars/The 
Jane's Riot/NBI! /Nuclear Assault/Faith no 
more/ Ritz NYC/Brandywine rest stop/Ra- 
mones/Dandelion/ AM Champagne/Equisi- 
ze/RH ChiliPeppers/Bobcat/Tats/Nat. HS-NY- 
Bus Terminal/MS. W & the cone/Mustet Fted 
GP Berk Tug Os Rose Glenn Maggie .... 
/Hobbes/Fanny & Roo/Hey Ted! Kevin, Lori, 
Becky, Siobhan-ENTOOSEASM MrL! /And I am 
Outta Here 

John A. Walsh 
Business Administration 
2355 Pioneer Road 
Hatboro, PA 19040 


Frank H. Whitton 
Business Administration 
820 High Street 
Norristown, PA 19401 

Dara A. Widdifield 
Ornamental Horticulture 
R.D. #2 Box 455 
Elmer. NJ 08318 

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for all your help through 
my years of college. I would never have made it 
without you! Thanks Russ, for being there when I 
needed you. I will never forget Christmas 1991. I 
love you. Michelle, you've been a great roomie! 
Will always remember the Phila. Flower Show, 
1991, pulling all-nighters; "Friends!"; Susan and 
Sally; LNC Floats; Amy, Melody, Scott, and the 
Nerds. Thanks to everyone else who helped make 
my stay at DVC enjoyable! Good luck to all!! 


James M. Wightman 




Brook Drive South 

4 £9 b 

Morristown, NJ 07960 \ 

Thanks Mom & Dad & Grandma & Grandpa for 

^^^^ •"■"" *\^B 

all the help throughout the years. Do I really have 

Br* 1 *"" W 

to go to work now.' Look out Wightman's. What 

do you mean I have 14 cuts in Chemistry. Hey has 

anyone seen my tiresr 1 Well, It's raining so we're 

not going to class today. Hey Rob. a quick game 


of Nintendo. Doug, what are ya doin.' Melissa, I 
couldn't have done it without you. Just a little 
longer. Love you lots!!! LOOK OUT KOKOMO. 
Corn, Lumpy 's on the phone. 

Marvin Eugene Zimmerman 
Dairy Science 
RD 2 Box 92 

Benton. PA 17814 

Dairy Society Vice President, R.A., Peer Counsel- 
or, Dairy Judging Team. Block & Bridle "Look at 
those cheekys Amine!" First and only roommate , 
Jeff D. and all of our B.S. sessions, Cooke Hall 
Fire, Summers 89 & 90 with the "Q", Mrs. A & her 
warm and friendly hugs. The fourman, Bubbles, 
Tall, Long and upstanding Black & Whites. Sc- 
nior Socials . . To all of my special friends here at 
DVC . . It's been great. Till we meet again . . Keep 
your face in the sun and may you reach your goals. 

David L. Bartholomew 
Business Administration 
2905 Tower Road 
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 

Mom and Dad thank you for everything you two 
have been my backbone through these years 
l.O.U. Dan and Scott thanks for all the memories 
in 28A. You will always be my best friends-see 
you at the weddings- you know where to reach 
me. Joanna I never planned on finding my wife at 
DVC-hut 1 guess the craziest things happen when 
you play golf drunk, I l.ove you and I can't wait to 
see you everyday for the rest of my life. Thanks 

for the 

of paper DVC! Guys 


Kurt Kulick 

RR 1 Box 1197 

Hop Bottom, PA 18824 

1, .iinin Sagnia 


Camera Shy 

Paige H. Barnett 
Animal Science 

325 Linden Lane 
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054 

Brad- Great friend I will never forget. Barness porn flicks, B & B Hayrides, New Years as a CA 
Raisin, Equestrian Team road trips! U. of P. Party with Dawn, Lori, Joe, New Year's 1990 with Carl in 
Philly Rooming with Naner; "the" intellectual, "the" Goldman golf party; ugh No more tidy bowl 
. Ever! Meeting Magnus; thanks for just being you. Wait another! Chaser's 91. To the Barness crew; 
LG, KM. DS, LH good luck in all you do! To Penn State crew; MD. DM, YY, DM, GW, COL & 
AL Love you guys!! Here's to GW; Europe here we come! Chip, love you! Welcome Home. 

Caroline N. Nkuo 

125 South Second Street 
Covered Bridge Apts. #A2 
Perkasie, PA 18944 

Its been a wonderful 4yr experience at Del Val. I am finally leaving with great satisfaction of 
accomplishment. Thanks to the administration and staff for all their support and loving care. I can 
never be able to pay back Del Val Col for all they've done for me. but I hope they understand that 1 
appreciate all the care I received. Special thanks to my Mom and family for all their support. Without 
them I wouldn't have made it. Goodbye DEL VAL COL and may God bless you!! 

Greg Elwell 

Ornamental Horticulture 
R.D. 9 Box 220 

Bridgeton, NJ 08302 

Donna T. Sekely 
Equine Science 

131 Lebbie Lane 
Fairless Hills, PA 19030 

Frank Filor 

Business Administration 

11 Gault Avenue 
Oneonta, NY 13820 

Well -the time has come for me to run from all the Del Val fun. As I go on w/ my journey through 
life, I will never forger all of my friends and family who have been around for me-U2 Miss Ely. A 
special thanks to Jimmy, Curtis, D.L., Btian, Stevie & Bob! I'll nevet fotget the apt. & the scud. 
Megan, Nej, Midge. Christie, Melissa, Colleen & Jackie all who put up w/me & rhe othet me. Chris 
& Marie the trips we went on wete great! George keep Work 1st under control. Luv Monkey 

Susan Ann Frerichs 
Business Administration 

19 Joyce Lane 
Wayne, NJ 07470 

SBall-Capt, van rides, Italian Hoagie, Turnpike -LBKSJSJZ New Orleans-Snausagcs" Grounds 
Crew-Stuck in the dump- Have you seen Tim.' Walkie Talkies-Hey Kel-44! John- I'm poopy! 
Wendy, I got the Boones!! Slippety Srallion, Elbow WR KS SG DKJBJM CG KD MA PD SH-It's 
been fun! LB DP CP TM MK Thanks 4 a great 4 yrs Skip-I've put up with you long enough, but you 
ate still my friend, Wha.' Mom, Dad, Tommy, Mikey, and Patty-Thanks for everything your've done 
for me I Love You Guys!! 

David A. Gundrum 
Food Science 

230 Stonebridge Road 
Northampton, PA 18067 

I have many fond memories of DVC. Classes * 
in my dorm was very friendly and were fun to 
roomie Chris, Bubbles, and Luigi. Will also 

Michele Lynn Harley 

445 Waring Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19116 

ot very memorable, bur the people are. Everyone 
ound. Will always remember my best friend and 
nber Norm, my favorite professor. 

Melissa L. Torok 
Ornamental Horticulture 

PO Box S 

Pittstown, NJ 08867 

I want to thank all of my friends for making the past four years fun and memorable! Jen, Kristin, 
Linda, Amy, Girls it was great! Best of luck to all of you! Jeff, we had a hell of a time didn't we.' 
Good luck and may Jetk & Stupid always be successful. Piers, Hey I hope you spend the rest of your 
life in a swamp friend! Annie, for you I have a simple . . . Thanks. Mel, Dara, Paul, Andrea, Tracey, 
Sean-friends it's over! Thanks to Mom, Dad, Ron, Heather, and the posse for the support and the 

Tamiko "Twin" Ward 
Business Administration 

4904 N. 15th Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19141 

Thank U God ... 4 my life & athletic talent, Mom ... 4 everything. Dad, Mario, Stephen, Alton, 
Tony, Davis, Bullock, Kilgore families. Dee & Gang, Aunt Len & family . . Terry, we did it 2gether 
as always. Un4getable-'88 Troopin' Posse (Bill, Deak, Reeze & Jeff & Stephan) '89 Work 1st Floot 
party. Snowball fights, "Cheers" 3rd Ulman- Also Gant & Cherry '90 A-Day weekend party. Had lots 
of fun w/Marty, Dionne. Savoys, Moye, Eric, Randy, Dana, Stephs, Deitra and others. Peace & stay 
optimistic! Good Riddens 

Terry "Twin" Ward 
Business Administration 

4904 N. 15th Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19141 

Thanks to God -4 watching over me through good & bad times & my athletic talent. A lot of thanks 
to; Mom, Dad, Mario, Stephen, Alton, Davis, Bullock, Filmore, Kilgore, Families, Dee & Gang, 
Aunt Lynn & Family . . Tamika-We're finally outta journey DVC! . . . Memories: Had lots of fun 
w/Stephan, Eric, Reeze, Moye. Bill, Deak, Butts, Gant, Joe, Savoys, Dana, Marty, Dionne, Stephs, 
Deitra & others. Snowball fights. Work Hall floor party MVP V— Ball. Coach Pento's 
Botedum! Track meets. Most of all Sam visiting me-'93 Baby!! 

Kim: Work Hall, Florida '89, Georgia, Friendly 's, Mulstay Exams-at any rate, Biology club, late night 
talks. Scooby Doo at 8:00. butts. Absolut. Nose job from Tulip, Is that Kim or Michele. DVC 
Dinners. Whale watch, the flying crucible, eggs and potatoes Jen: It's all relative, rats, Elton, I will 
clean the room this weekend, I swear, from one intellectual to another- Carpe Diem DCF: Thanks for 
putting up with me, I will always love you. DVC THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES 

Lisa Monteiro 
Ornamental Horticulture 

1132 Riverboat Court 
Annapolis, MD 21401 

Hey Mom & Dad I'm outta here -Thank you very much for everything. Good luck F.H. Team. 
YES — No more all nighters!! Thanks to Mr. Kane who helped us make our mark on the ecosystem. 
SMART.'? NOOO! Fun House, Crazibu, Banana Fights, Top 10 Lists, 7-11 runs for Chunky 
Monkey. Thanks to Chromatid (Rex). All the OXE men. Kim for 3 1/2/ great years, everyone who 
kept me INSANE while designing. Good luck Brian, you're one of the good guys Bridget -well what 
can I sat that you can't! See Ya - - - 


Above: The 1992 Class Officers: Chris Tice (Trcas.), Linda 
Schempp (VP), Kelly Martin (Pres.), Lisa Gerity (Sec), 
and Jimmy Marini (Senate Rep.). Above middle: Debbie 
Armstrong horsing around. Top right: Margaret Wolters 
and Jaymc Finafrock take a break from all the excitement of 
the Block and Bridle/Dairy Society Banquet. Right: Lasker 
Hall. Middle right: Just call me Htugmansia! Fat tight: Tim 
and Peter grab a snack between classes in the student store. 


l^m^--, ^. 



1 J 8 

k 1 


II. •: 

|:(Sg^ ] 



i M | ' 

■iKlL^^r ; J^ 

tF^^*' r ^^B 






Positively '92 

Right: Rob Drummond caking his daily snooze. Far 
righcTip toe through the tulips! Below: Jeff Hirka, 
Nanycy Nixon, and Steve Calderone enjoy St. Pat- 
ty's Day. Below right: The dancin' machine. Amin! 
Opposite page: Below left: Steve and Heather look- 
ing ever so lovely. Below right: Dickie and Roy 
sharing a Kodak moment. 





Top: What building is that.' I d 

Above: Would you let this 

shows us his shady side. Right: Corn gets into the holiday 

spitit. What a smile! 



Left: Wendy, Sue, and Lori use the pole for some support. Good 
thing they have each other. Below left: Eric Sechler, Brad Longen- 
ecker, Hric Fckholm, and Lamin Sagnia in Washington D.C. Are 
these our next senators? Below: A future Del Val grad checks out 
the beef at A-DAy. 



Right: Jen and Linda spending yet another A 
Day in the plant booth. Below: Dave Klosinsk 
Bob Wogish, Mike Struble, Craig Higgs, Btiai 
Hemingway, and Kd Wilton; Btothers Fotevei 
Bottom: Seniors Kirstin Baine and Mike Kutz 
monich ate teady to parade their stuff. Marl 
looks thrilled. Below right: Hey Boo! Opposit 
page: Top left: Mark and Wally at Pinnacle ii 
PA. Too bad we can't see the scenery! To 
tight: Rob and Irene — looking good! Bottom: I 
lasting shot of the Student Center. 

.& **£** Iti 






. . . participation 
of students and the 
quality of students 
was outstanding. 
Best organized 
function I have 
attended compared 
to other larger 
schools. You have a 
lot to take pride 

Mr. Mike Kelly, 

Perdue Farms, Inc. 

Positively Prepared 

February 19, 1992 marked Delaware Valley College's 10th 
Annual Career Day. Held in the All Purpose Room from 10:00 
A.M. -3:00 P.M. Career Day hosted representatives from 87 

In addition to being a critically important day lor our seniors. 
Career Day also provides underclasspersons with an opportunity 
to explore summer positions and internships offered by the 
companies in attendance. We find that our students are much 
better prepared to get the most out of Career Day as seniors it 
they have had experience with Career Day as underclasspersons. 

On behalf of the Office of Career Planning and Placement, I 
would like to thank the many individuals who assisted with 
Career Day and commend all of our students for a job well 
done. We have received many letters praising both the students 
and Delaeware Valley College. 

Thanks so much for your help and support. We look forward 
to many more successful Career Days! We "heart" you! 

Sally J. Gordon, M.A.F.d. 
Director of Career Planning and 


Career Day 

Left: Kyle Mackes looks for all the help he can get in his 
career search. Left bottom: Matt Cheeseman receives in- 
structions from Susan Pachuta, Secretary to the Director of 
Career Planning and Placement. Top: Ken Peterson and 
Marc Krasner use Career Day to ask questions ti. 
alumnus Bob Deemer. Above left: Dave and Doug B 
man talk to Del Val graduate Karen Cumminsky 
career with Agway. Above: Dorothy Thor 
Cooper look over the list of attendees. 


Trace v 

Attendee list 

Allegro Microsystems, Inc. 

Argus Research Laboratories 

Agway Inc. 

American Breeders Service 

American Cyanamid 

Asgrow Seed Company 

Atlantic Breedets Cooperative 

W. Atlee Burpee & Co. 

Bio/dynamics, Inc. 

Cargill Nutrena Feed 

Carroll's Foods of Virginia 

Chapel Valley Landscape Company 

Crop Management Association 

Philadelphia County Assistance Office 

DNX, Inc. 

Doylestown hospital 

Dupli-Fax, Inc. 

Enseco Incorporated 

F.sterly Root, Inc. 

Farm Credit of N.CJ. 

Farmers Union Co-op 

Garden Gate Landscaping, Inc. 


Gold Medal Sporting Goods 

Greenway Group 

Harleysville National Bank 

Heyser Landscaping, Inc. 

Hit or Miss 

HRP, Inc. 

Independence Bancorp 

Keystone Farm Credit 

Kmart Corporation 

Lacto Milk Products, Corp. 

Land Tech Remedial 

Lebanon Agricorp 

Lemmon Company 

Liberty Gardens 

Lipinski Landscape & Irrigation, Inc. 

Aledical College of Pennsylvania 

Merck Sharp & Dohme Research Labs 

Monsanto Agricultural Company 

Moon Landscaping, Inc. 

Northeast Agri-Fmployment 

Ohmicron Corporation 

PA Dept. of Fnvir< 

Penn Color, Inc. 

Penn State Cooper; 

Perdue Farms, Inc. 

Pine Valley Supply Corporation 

Purina Mills, Inc. 

Radio Shack 

River Valley Landscapes 

Roerig Division of Pfizer 

Rohm and Hass Company 

Rolling Hill Hospital 

Scott Speciality Gases 

Seneca Foods Corporation 

Shearon Environmental Design 

Sire Power, Inc. 

SmithKline Beccham Clinical Labs 

SmithKline Beecharn Pharmaceuticals 

Southern States Cooperative, Inc. 

Specta Guard 

Triad Systems Corp. 

Trooper Veterinary Hospital, Inc. 

TW Recreational Services, Inc. 

United Patcel Service 

United States Air Force 

United States Army 

United States Dept. of Agriculture 

U.S. General Services Administration 

Upjohn Company 

U.S. Department of Labor 

United States Peace Corps 

UniversAL investment 

Vigortone Ag Products 

Wistar Institute 

Young's Livestock 

Waterloo Gardens 

Wawa Food Markets 

enta Resources 

ye Extension 


Career Day 

Founder's Dav is a very special day 
that commemorates the rounding of 
the National Farm School bv Dr. Jo- 
seph Krauskopf in 1896. The speaker, 
Arthur Polev. a 1954 graduate, spoke 
on the many challenges that have 
faced the college. He also acknowl- 
edged some of the people that were 
very important in meeting these chal- 
lenges such as Dr. Krauskopf, Dr. 
James Work and Dr. Joshua Feldstein. 

After Arther Poley addressed the 
150 member audience, awards and 
recognition were given out. Twenty 
year service awards were given to the 
Dean of the College Dr. Craig Hill, 
assistant biology professor John 
Standing, and the late English profes- 
sor Sally Smith. The Student Govern- 
ment Service Award was given to 
Dave Mullins. Staff member of the 
year was given to Ronald Johnson, 
assistant biology professor. Marvin 
Zimmerman was awarded a S5.(XK) 
scholarship from the W.W. Smith 
Foundation. The Founder's Day 
award was given to F.ric Bish. 

There were many nominations for 
th Founder's Day, all of which were 
deserving of this award. When I think 
back at what the class of 1992, with 

Founder's Da) 

Positively deserving 

the help of faculty, staff, and admin - 
mistation, has accomplished, it makes 
me proud to say I am part of this 
outstanding class. I often wish that I 
was not graduating so I would be able 
to see the many positive changes that 
wil be taking place at DVC in the very 
near future. I would like to thank all 
the students, faculty, staff, and admin- 
istration that helped give me an excit- 
ing and rewarding four years at DVC. 

Eric Bish 


Founder's Day 

This page: Top left: Ron Johnson, assistant pro- 
fessor of biology, thanks everyone for his 
d. He received the Distinuished Faculty 
Member Award. Top right: Alumnus Art Poley 
speaks on the history of DVC and Founder's 
Left: Student Government President Ken 
Peterson awards Dave Mullins the Student 
Government Service Award. Above: President 
West congratulates Marv Zir 
ceiving the WW. Smith Foundati 


Founder's Day 


Seniors In The Sun 

Top right: Marv enjoys a trip through town 

with friends. 

Right: Marv and Jack relax on the rocks. 

Right:Jef(and Kelly decide wheth 
should go in and investigate. 




Far left: A scenic view of Cancun. Left: Kelly 
the tourist. Below: Kelly and Kelly innocently 
sip their Cokes. Looks as though Kelly is think- 
ing about what her next drink will be. Bottom 
left: Many in the group decided to stick togeth- 
er and enjoy the sites from the road. 



Positively Done 

1992 Commencemen 

Top right: John Blagojcvic poses for a picture- 
before the ceremony. He couldn't have picked a 
better location than in the shade. Boy, was it 
hot. Above: Morton S. Mandell, Chairman of 
the Board of Trustees, Joseph J. Cicippio, com- 
mencement speaker, and George F. West, Presi- 
dent. Right: James Trainer, President of the 
DVC Alumni Association gave the favorite- 
speech of the day: short and 



Top left: Kelly L. Martin, President of the Class 
of '92, urged the class to take risks in life and 
not be frightened of what lies ahead. Top right: 
Michele Harley has good reason to smile. She 
finished her years at DVC with top honors. Left: 
Congratulations Class of '92!! You did it! 
Above: How could his mother not be proud of 
him? Thanx should go out to all Moms and 
Dads for their support. 



Above: Joseph Cicippio. held in captivity for 
1.908 days, was a very inspirational speaker and 
received a well -deserved standing ovation when 
he completed his speech. Top right: Kim Gher- 
ing lost her cap among all the excitement but 
was able to re-adjust it under the eye of her 
department head. Mr. Simone. Right. Mr. cicip- 
pio seemed to really enjoy his day at DVC. We 
were all definitely glad to have him here. 




By the winding banks of Neshaminy, 

Stands our Alma Mater dear. 

We look o'er your fields we love, 

Cherished year by year. 

All hail your colors, Green and Gold, 

As they proudly wave on high. 

Treasured mem'ries fond and true 

In our hearts will lie. 

With your inspiration great, 

Ever forward we will go, 

Fearless of the tasks ahead, 

Conquering each foe. 

To you, our College, let us sing 

Praises of your honored name. 

Courage, strength, and unity, 

Build an endless fame. 

Left: What a wonderful feeling it was to walk 
down the aisle and hear "Pomp and Circum- 
stance!*' Above. The chorale sang "It's Time To 
Go," a song very appropriate for the occasion. 
Although our time together has ended, always 
keep strong the memories gathered here. 



SOCIALS!!! A crue highlight of 
our Senior Year. Thanks to the hard 
work of our officers they all turned 
out successful. Socials were held ap- 
proximately every two weeks with 
great turnouts for each one. They al- 
ways offered time to relax and social- 
ize. A special thanks to that one per- 
son who always made us (the officers) 
feel appreciated for getting the socials 
together. Thanks, D. 

Top /r/r; Joanna McKcnna and friends share the 
latest gossip. Top middle The Senior Socialites: 
Linda. Wendy, Kelly. Lisa, Debbie, and Kelly. 
Top Ri%hr: Our beerman, Jimmy Marini. 
Above: Why is Sandy smiling at a table full of 
guys' Rifihi: Chris Ouinn and friends enjoy 
themselves at the Senior Dinner Dance. Far 
light Jeff Hirka and "friends" (Actually, they 
know him they just posed with him 
for the picture.) 



Dear Pete Whitton, Jr., 

We, your proud parents, would like to "Thank You" for making one 
of our special dreams come true. Through your sincere efforts and 
hard work you have accomplished your college degree. We wish you 
the best life has to offer and pray God will keep you in his care as 
you pursue you career. We know you will aim high for your 
"determination" and exceptional good character will lead the way 
as your most valuable assets. God be with you and we wish you 
happiness, success, and good health always. 


Mom & Dad 

Congratulatoins, Kristy Morley, 


We are very proud of you 

and love you bunches! 

Mom and Dad 

Richard Hesser Jr., 

As you walk down life's journey let God take your hand. He 


lead you all the way. On Christ the Solid Rock stand. Step out 


the world with courage and faith wherever you go, whatever 



Always remember 

Mom and Dad will never stop loving you. 

God Bless you-son 

We are very proud of you 

Mom and Dad 

Tiffany Cutler, 

A pal to all creatures great a small. You're bound to succeed. We 
love you Mom, Dad, Jen, Keeter, Peaches, and Missy. 

Robert Drummond, (BOO), 
You did it! We are proud i 



Morn, Dad, and Jeff 

f you. Congratulations and success 

Dear Amy Lubinsky, 

Best wishes for a wonder!' 

j| happy I'u 


e. W< 




oud of 

your accomplishments 

md know that you 


11 be success 


in any 

career you choose. 




and Uncle 




Dear Andrea Moree 

For all you are, for all you do, May everything beautiful in life 
come to you. 
Mom, Dad, and Mike 

Tara Sewell, 

The woods have now appeared through the trees, and 
Know" has become a challenge, not an answer. 
CONGRATULATIONS! We cannot be more proud. 
Mom and Dad 

'I don't 

Melody Gessaman, 

Stand tall with all your thoughts and dreams focused toward the 
horizon so success and goodwill can fill your path in the future as it 
has in the past. 

Love, Mom, Dad, and Amy 

To Lisa Christine Gerity, 

You have brought us so much love, happiness and pride, espe- 
cially in the last four years at DVC. Good luck in veterinary school. 
Here's to our very own Dr. Lisa Gerity, DVM- we know you can do 

We love you a lot and we are always here for you, 

Dad, Mom, Tom, Kim, "Boogs", Greg, Gram 

The Harvis's and all your friends 


"Treat the earth well. 

it was not given to you by your parents; 

it was lent to you by your children." 

Kenyan Proverb 

Good luck in careers where you can contribute to preserving a 

balance among all living things. 

John and Pattie Longenecker 

Congratulations Jon Self 

Love Mom and Dad 
Rob and Kris 
Gram and Pop 


Kelly Ritsick, 

Good Luck in vour 



Keep on Riding!!! 


Mom and Dad 

Amy Lubinsky, 

Bravo for a job well done. 
I am so proud of you. 


Sue Frerichs 



Mom, Dad, Tom, Mike and Pat 

Kim Douglass 
With all our LOVE 

Patti Seiger 

Congratulations- you made it! 
The past lour years were wel 

Love & Future Success 


worth ii 

Congratulations Michelle Stankunas 

Mom, Dad, .lake and .lesse 





From Mom. Dad. Mark, and Tina 

Dearest Tami Halat, 

Congratulations Gorgeous from your biggest fans 

Mom, Dad 

Teri, Charli, Ralph, 

Sami, Joe, Freddie and 

Slinky, and Teddy 

Michael Strohecker 

We are so very proud of you and the person you have grown up to 

be. Congratulations and best wishes to you and your class for a 

happy future. 


Mom, Dad and Family 


Congratulations Dan French 

We are all very proud of you. 



Frank, Susan, Patt, Walt, 

Emily, Nancy, 


Patty, Jerry, 


Emil and Buster 

Dear Lori Borisoff 

On the course of four years you have put in a lot of hard work and 

along the way you also had some fun. Through all the hard times, 

sad times and good times you have collected a memory that will 

last you a lifetime. We are proud of you and love you very much. 


Mom, Dad, and Donny 

Dear Frank Kitchener 

We're so proud of you and all your accomplishment. We couldn't 

have asked for a finer son. 

As you embark upon your new career, we wish you much success 

and all the happiness you're so deserving of. 

Keep smiling! 

All our love, 

Mom and Dad 


Kelly Kathleen Harper 

Congratulatoins to Kelly for skillfully and successfully navigating 
her ship of life through the shoals of college academia to the safe 
harbor of graduation. May your future journeys and ports of call be 
filled with adventure, warm friendships, fond memories, stimulat- 
ing successes and, most of all, love. 
Your proud and loving parents 

Eugene Lowe 




years of fond memories 

ind proud 



culminated as 

you graduate from college. 

Life's best 

comes f 


within the heart, 

and Geno you 

are sure 

to succeed. 

Thank you 


all the things 

you have 

given me. 

Love you, 


Amy Beth Lubinsky 

Congratulations to our granddaughter Amy Beth Lubinsky. We are 
so proud of you. Con 

To our favorite Daughter, Jennifer Fonseca 

As you complete this step of your life, you are experiencing an 
end and a beginning. We want, you to know how much pride we feel 
in our "Deans List" daughter. You have given us much joy and we 
hope your future brings that joy back to you. 
Mom, and Dad Fonseca 

Jimmy Marini 

In today's demand 

ng society, 

it takes a 

family < 

ffort t< 

igel H 



( ongratulations, 


Love. Mom, had. 

Mom Morn 

Joe, Gay 





Paul, Kale. Dannj 

, Tracey, Marianne, 


, Mike, 


t, and 


Scott Liermann 



we are proud would b< 

a gioss under 


. Th 

! way 

you h 


ed your 

college < 


made us re-ev 

iluate ou 

■ sel 

/es in 



as. Wh( 

n times 

became lough you 





and di( 

whatever it took to succeed 

For this 




reasons we 

ove you 

and k 

now you will be a great 

success in 


you do. 






Amy B. Cupples 

Congratulations from one DVC Grad to another. 

Really glad to have you join your old Dad. Your mother and I are 

very proud of your achievements. Our love and best wishes in all 

you choose to do. 


Mom and Dad 

Dear Eric George Ekholm 

We wish you much success, 


and good 


in the 


With love and a great deal of pride from everyone at Oak Tree 


Dear Amy Lubinsky 

I'm very proud of all your accomplishments during your 21 years on 

this earth. You have excelled in college, work, and human 


No one could ask for a better niece. The world is before you . . . the 

future is in your hands . . . make the best of it. 


Aunt Renee 

Robert Dowd, Jr. 

Congratulations! I am so proud of your accomplishment— I love you 
and like you, Too! Continue to live with caring Faith, sharing and 
truth, Bob, and they will continue to come back to you. 
Love, The proudest Mother in the Universe. 
P.S. Now . . . Get a Job!!! 

Kristin E Baine 

"Bunky" . . We want to thank you for all the pleasure and happi- 
ness which you have brought to us since you became a part of our 
lives in that small village in Germany. In the years that have 
passed since that wonderful day we have watched you grow and 
mature into the beautiful person you are today. We are proud of 
each and every accomplishment you have made as you traveled the 
road which leads to today. We know the future will be yours and is 
limited only by the design which you may have. We love you very 
much and are glad you are a part of our lives. 
Mom, Dad, Rich, Katie, and Pat 

To Brad Sennett 

Well, Brad, you ended your days at DVC on a high note. We 
always knew you had it in you and are VERY proud of you and your 
Good Luck 
We Love You 
Mom and Dad 


James E. Blair 



Best Wishes 

To the class of 1992 

Annie and Bob Blair 

Gary Nefferdorf 

To our son and brother 
Best of luck in the future 
We are proud of you! 
With love, 

Mom, Dad and Stacy 

Scott Vascavage 



Luck and Success 


Mom, Dad, and Sis 

Linda Schempp 

Congratulations Linda 
You've made us proud to be your parents, 
pursuing your dreams. 
i Love, 

Mom, Dad, and Stefani 

Good luck in 


conwatulatio/is to... 






Linda Schempp 

Good luck Linda. We are proud of you. Love Mom Mom and 
Pop Pop 

Robert B. Davis 

Congratulations Rob Davis. Love Mother and Dad 

Kelly Martin, 

Congratulations Class of 1992 Donna and Jim Martin 

Amy Lubinsky, 

Congratulations for graduating college. Good luck to my 
devoted Grandchild. With love, Grandma. 

Cynthia Galcher, 

Congratulations! Well done and we're all looking forward 
to your next 2 years, Mom, Dad, Marge, Tiger and Mag- 

Amy Lubinsky 

Congratulations! We are very proud of you and wish you 
only success in the future, love Eileen and Tiffany. 

Chris Firestone 

Our son and brother, you have made us so proud. Go get 
em honey. Dad, Mom, Carol, Deb, John, Donna, Brad, G.G. 
and Tom 

Jamie Cafaro 

Congratulations to our number one rising star. Mom, Dad 
and Cafaro 

Lisa Monteiro 

Congratulations Lisa! We are very proud of you. Best 
wishes to the entire class of '92. 

Brian Schlegel 

Congratulations. We are very proud of you! Love Mom and 

Robert Clifford 

Congratulations, we are proud of you and we wish you 
much happiness in your chosen field. Your Family 

John Blagojevic 

We're so proud of you. We love you and send our best 
wishes for your future. Mom, Dad, and Drew 

Matthew Mc Mahon 

Matt you can't begin to know the love and pride we feel as 
you graduate! Congratulations and well done. Mom and 

Samuel Bork 

The best is ahead. Our love and Congratulations! Mom and 

Karyn Schramm 

Congratulations and best wishes. Love Dad, Mom, Cheryl 
and Alan 

Bruce Mellott 

We are very proud of you! We have enjoyed watching your 
accomplishments and growth into adulthood. 

Dear Bill Harris 

Congratulations good luck in the future I'll miss you but will write and will visit. Love ya 


This line is for all the important people at Del Val that I did not feel were important 
enough to put in with my senior memories . Andy Greenleaf 

To my brothers and two sisters on Cooke 2nd: I'll miss all of you very much. I would 
have never made it through the hard times without you guys. You all mean more to me 
than you'll ever know. Love Always, Michelle 

Jayme F. — To the man I shared my first dissection with. Just think what we would 
have missed if it hadn't been for that bug. Thanks partner, for all the great memories; 
I'll miss you! 

Kelly and Laura- Sorry about all the noise- Best of luck to you both. Love, Lisa and 

To my friends and classmates of '92, may the sun shine warmly on your face, may the 
wind be at your back, may the rain fall softly on your shoulders, and may God keep you 
in the palm of his hand. Marvin Zimmerman. 


Jeffrey A. Frommeyer (STYX) 

Your said what you would do and you did it! 
We're proud of you and we LOVE you 
MOM and DAD 


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