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irfrf7 (yprnHrttoui 

Student Life 44 

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Special Events 126 
College Community 156 
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Title Pagt 

I MAGINE the history of 

Delaware Valley College as 
a largo book. Somo pages 
were written long ago while 
others wait to befilled. Cal- 
ibrating tho Centennial of 
Dol Val is just like flipping 
backthrough the pages of 
our history book to catch 
a glimpse of the past. We 
also wonder what 
the future holds 
and what will be 
seen on the pages 
yet to be turned. 
This year marks a 
transition for Dela- 
ware Valley College. 
the first 100 years 
and turning the 

2 Opening 

Distracted only by the lapping of water and the 
quacking of ducks, this student reads a text- 
book at Lake Archer, a common retreat for 
residents and commuters. Many student 
projects involve the lake, either wildlife studies 
in Ecology or building a deck for Landscape 

Del Val Resident Assistants work and play as a 
team. RA's Carrie McGill, Kristen Hughes, 
Steph Townsend, andLynann Inlow enjoy the 
calm before the falls on the log flume during 
RA training. 

Football players Mike Collins and Rob- 
ert Rivera check out their on campus 
mail. Flyers from clubs to their mem- 
bers or advertising events get to stu- 
dents through the campus mail sys- 

Mariah Krauter, Chair of the Service 
Counsel, tallies up the number of re- 
cruited volunteers for the AidsWalk 
held in Philly. During the Service 
Counsels's first year of existence, it has 
sponsored such activities as the Aids 
Superdance and participated in a Day 
of Caring at the Tabor House. 

pages to see what is yet to 

Perhaps one of the most 
prominent transitional 
forces of this year is the 
ongoing Presidential Search. 
During this search, Joshua 
Feldstein, a man affiliated 
with DVC for many years, 
served as the Interim Presi- 
dent. Certainly, a newchap- 
ter will begin when the new 
president is in place. 

As Del Val adds this year 
to its history, some events 
will stand out. Thisyearsev- 
Associate Dean Don 
Posenblum, Dean of Enroll- 


Heading out of the Student Center, Christine 
Hunter. Suzanne Dadig, Dina DiVirgilio. and 
Garth Knowlton enjoy the autumn warmth. 
During the warm seasons, students get their 
lunches from the Pub and eat outside. 

ment Management James Hirsch, 
and Computer Services Director Ri- 
chard Lazarus, left Del Val to follow 
other pursuits. Sadly, several 
people affiliated with DVC passed 
away. Both Dr. Maureen Bochierri 
and Football Coach Chris i3ockrath 
were killed in tragic car accidents. 
Chairman of the Board of Trustees, 
Art Poley, passed away after an 
extended illness. 

This year Dean Vincent reorga- 
nized the Dean's office and Dr. 
Dominic Monteleone filled the new 
Associate Dean for Academic Ad- 
ministration position. 

Construction and remodeling have 

A falling tree nearly demolished 
Alumni House, which has been re- 
built for new uses. The addition on 
Mandell started with broken water 
and gas pipes and will continue 
through the summer The Allman 
Building and the David Levin Dining 
Hall were remodeled and spruced 
up. Newgreenhousesare planned in 
memory of Art Poley and a new 
sheep barn has been built out at 
Farm 3. 

Equine Science curriculum, and the 
credit standing for organizations 
such as A-Day and 5G& came up 

4 Opening 

Dr. James Miller demonstrates the "magic" of 
science to a small crowd during Homecom- 
ing. This activity was offered for alumni and 
their children as an alternative to watching 
one of the sports games or tailgating. 

Since Alumni Lane is closed to vehicular traf- 
fic, students like Beck)' McElhaney and Jen 
Berryman can safely walk across campus. 
During this year, yet another gate has been 
taken down and replaced, this time with signs 
warning of fines for violation of the policy. 

Assembly line production works for the Theta 
Chi Sigma annual Pig Roast at Homecoming. 
Ron Trombino helps 0X1 brother Brad Hal- 
ter to make sandwiches out of the 200 lb. pig. 

for review. A Master'sof Education 

program has been planned. The Re- 
tention Committee met over Holi- 
day breaktodiscuss why students 
withdraw from De\ Val. 

New technology on campus in- 
cludes E-mail accounts, radio sta- 
tion improvements, and the return 
of the TV station. 

This year has certainly filled its 
pages with events that will change 
Del Val forever Ks each of us turns 
to the next page in our life history 
et us look back on the pages we 
filled here at DVC often and with 
fond memories of the good times 
and good friends. 


Dr. Michael Garrett 

I hel997Cornucopiastaffdedicatesthisyear'sCornucopiatoaprofessorwho 
enjoys chemistry and enjoys teaching the students of Delaware Valley College, Dr. 
Michael Garrett. Dr. Garrett received his undergraduate degree at the University 
of California and his doctorate from the University of Illinois. He was hired at 
DVC in September 1970 to team teach General Chemistry with Dr. Joseph Stenson 
and Dr. Edward Goldberg. This "team" hosted a radio show the night before an 
exam to answer any last minute questions called in by the students. These 
professors enticed students to listen to the radio show by playing the latest hits. 

When Dr. Garrett first came to Del Val, he and Dr. Stenson shared an office in 
the basement of Ulman, when the infirmary was on the first floor and the 
wrestling room was down the hall. This office was plagued by junk mail 
avalanches that occurred when the door was slammed. Dr. Garrett used a meter 
stick with the "scientific" units of "avalanche" and "fusion" to measure how 
high the pile grew and to predict when it would topple. Off hours, Dr. Garrett and 
Dr. Stenson hung out at a local establishment called the "Hub" in Doylestown 
and drove around in his Triumph. 

Dr. Garrett's colleagues consider him a safety conscious professor who is 
sensitive to student concerns. His teaching load consists of General Chemistry, 
Physical Chemistry, Advanced Physical Chemistry, and Descriptive Chemistry. 
Over the years, Dr. Garrett has worked with students on several projects. One of 
his projects was to capture on film the explosion between potassium and water 
to determine the kinetics of the explosion. Dr. Garrett reads magazines such as 
"Young Scientists" to remain on the cutting edge of Chemistry, Physics, and 

Dr. Garrett is a very laid back and unexcitable person. He has a sharp, wild, 
and interesting sense of humor. Although Dr. Garrett may seem lost in thought, 
his friends know that he is in tune with his surroundings. However, he is often 
used as an example of the absent-minded professor. 

Dr. Garrett enjoys movies and novels in the Science Fiction genre and 
appreciates a good Sci-Fi movie for its artistic subtleties. He appreciates classical 
music and loves his dogs. He enjoys such shows as the X Files and Star Trek. At 
home, Dr. Garrett, as his wife says, is "a putterer". He likes to tinker around the 
house and build gadgets. He also enjoys playing computer games and reading. 

Dr. Michael Garrett is a professor who leaves a legacy behind. Students will 
never forget him and chemistry may never be the same. 

Dr. Garrett enjoys puttering around his house, which 
he shares with his wife Maty Kay. These photos show 
that he works on a wide range of projects including 
building a shed, painting in the house, and working 
on the roof. He also enjoys relaxing with his dogs. 

Dedication 7 

READY, AIM, FIRE! Senior Laura Gurk concentrates as she attempts to 
win at this arcade game at the SAC member appreciation outing. SAC, the 
Student Activities Council which sponsors the entertainment on campus, 
wraped up a semester of hard work at Chuck E. Cheese's. 

Every Senior at Del Val must prepare a Senior Semi- 
nar within their major. Dairy Science student Jill 
Sanders researches in the library for information for 
her Seminar. 

Hiep Luong stops in to the Cornucopia office to see if 
his Senior Memories and portraits are in order. As 
graduation approaches, Seniors must prepare by or- 
dering cap and gown, diploma, portraits, and maybe 
a class ring. 

Sherry McCarthy reviews for a midterm in one of her 
Business courses. Seniors often have tough sched- 
ules in their last year with difficult, upper level 

Senior Divider 

After four years of studying, hanging out, 
goofing around, and working hard, it's time 
to graduate. Memories of life at Del Val 

remain asthejob hunt or 
starts. The next page graduates 
puts them in "the real world"! 

turn to 

Anita Snyder 

Senior Divide 

Richard Adamo 

Small Animal Science 

53 Edgewood Lane 

Levittown, PA 19054 

Tracey Ann Albright 

Equine Science 

104 Fannin Street 

Shelton. CT 06484 

Alexander Amorosa 

Equine Science 

53 Hubbell Mt Rd 

Sherman, CT 06784 

Eric Andrews 

Ornamental Horticulture 

1 37 Jubilee Rd. 

Peach Bottom, PA 17563 

Michael Arvizu 

Food Science and Technology 

15 Howell Ave 

Piscataway, Nj 08854 

Carolyn August 

Business Administration 

60 Springs Dr 

Doylestown, PA 18901 

Jason Austin 

Ornamental Hort. & Environmental Design 


Lutherville.MD 21093 

RoxaneC. Bascelli 

Animal Science 

2740 S. Hutchinson St 

Philadelphia, PA 19148 

Jason Bauer 

49 Conifer Rd 
Levittown, PA 19057 


y<* •> 

r ' 




Tracey Ann Albright 

Life will be hard in the "real world" but we'll 
all make it. Thanks to all the people that 
helped me reach this point, especially my par- 
ents, friends, and family. And tojim, you helped 
me find the strength to be the person 1 really 
am. I will always love you for that!! Goodbye 
everybody Good Luck! 

Jason Austin 

'Cosmic Charlie, How do you do? Truckin 

inside along the avenue. 

Dum di Dum Di doobity Do. 

Go on home your Mommas calling you* 


f3eth Berry 

Thanx Mom & Dad 4 everything I luv u 2 w/ 
fpak. Howcan 1 4get laftertalkssplingseccodes 
bubbas sink chans Pinnochio sptltle fish 
pubtrys ski dip tltshw food DncPty Art OcnCty 
ADays HC'z4mals Big Mama + kids Fat Boys U 
all are the best friends ever CS JC LK NBI Buds 
I'll nver 4get all the crzy nites Thanx 4 all the 
lafter Friends 4ever Pete ure alwys in my heart 
I will missu all it hasbeen a great 4 yrs Bye Del 
Val It was g! Thanx 4 all the memories! 

Mary Beth Bogardus 

To the '96 Poultry Science class, never forget 
operation CT. Tojason and Stymie, thanks for 

all the laughs and interesting meals. Jason, 
here's to the years of friendship and love. I 
wish you the best in all your hopes and dreams. 
You will be a great success. To all my friends, 
good luck out there in the big scary world. 

Leah Christine Braas 

People come and go throughout everyone's 
life, but once and a while you run into some- 
one special. They are those you cannot live 
without- your friends. Words alone cannot 
express how I feel - Diane, Leslie, Sandra- you 
are my sisters of my heart and college would 
not have been the samewithoutyou. Mike, you 
are my soul-mate and my best friend in the 
world. I will love vou alwavs, and I never 

would have made it without you. Thanks 
for the memories. 

Jonelle Marie Buckley 

To my family, thank LI. I luv u very much. 
Jeremy I cud nevr thank 1 1 enuf 4 the past 4 
years. U have bin my best friend + boy- 
friend thanx 4 putin up w/me I luv U. 2 The 
girls where do 1 start? ther have bin ups + 
downs but true frendships last thru it all. 
cant4get,sinkspyingFH burns corn wolfpak 
stealin holdin hair dip chains A-Day HC 
bubba 17 ice cind conch skeltins closet fat 
boys 4mals snape ull lrst I no we will nevr 
say goodby so 111 just say goodluck. thanx + 

Joshua Beck 
Large Animal Science 
524 Kemp Rd 
Pottstown, PA 19464 

Doreen Decker 
Small Animal Science 
6010 Shisler St 
Philadelphia, PA 19149 

Sarah Behm 


3019 Miller Rd. RR7 

McHenry, IL 60050 

Jennifer Lynn F3ell 
Small Animal Science 
4049 Neilson St 
Philadelphia, PA 19124 

Dominique J. Bender 
Large Animal Science 
446 Monmouth Rd 
Clarksburg, NJ 08510 

Beth Berry 


1 145 Delaware Ave. 

Churchton, MP 20733 

Michael Blahut 

Ornatmental Hort. & Environmental Design 

9 Stevens Dr 

Holmdel.NJ 07733 

Mary Beth Bogardus 
Large Animal Science 
445 Bella Vista Rd. 
Brick, NJ 08724 

Heather A, Bogart 
Dairy Science 
RR 4 Box 243 
Muncy, PA 17 756 

Megan K. 
Equine Science 
1811 Old Westminster Rd 
Westminster, MD 21157 

Heidi Ann Bonigut 
Animal Science 
411 Twin Steams Dr 
Warminster, PA 18974 

Lorelee Bonomo 
Equine Science 
20 Goodleigh Rd 
Dallas, PA 18612 

Todd D. Dorger 

Business Administration 

2819 Willow St 

Coplay, PA 18037 

Leah Christine E3raas 

Small Animal Science 

107 Hitching Post Ln 

Lancaster, PA 17602 

Jonelle Marie Buckley 

Business Marketing 

805 Suellen Dr. 

Reading, PA, 1960S 

David A. EJurlingame 

Ornamental Hort. & Environmental Science 

PO Box 493 

Yardley, PA 19067 

Christophers. Burns 

Small Animal Science 

30 West 6th St 

Lansdale, PA 19446 

Colleen 5 Bushnell 

Agronomy and Environmental Science 

1185 Highland Av. 

Bensalem, PA 19020 

Amy M. Dyers 

Large Animal Science 


Liverpool, PA 17045 

Victoria Celia 

Large Animal Science 

610 New Rodgers Rd. 

Bristol, PA 19007 

Leslie A. Cline 

Large Animal Science and Dairy Science 

5166 Highway 19 

Cochranton , PA 16314 

Colleen S Bushnell 

Hugs and Kisses to the boys in 212. U guys sure 
know how to make me smile. Michelle, Julie, 
Mel, + Kurt, I II never forget all the times we've 
spent laughing, yelling, and doing the hand 
jive. Next time any of you find yourself danc- 
ing on a table, don't forget to think of me. I 
love U guys, you've made all my 4 yrs unbeliev- 
able. U Rail truly mybestfriends.Thanx. Mich 
4 givin me that little xtra boost! Can't 4get 
Allison, UR the best, what can I say!-Thanx 
Mom and Dad. 

Amy M. F3yers 

m ThanksforsurprisingHeather + 1 
when we were on manure duty! Nash- too bad 

you didn't like Clay Walker! Heather + Lori- 
What would I do without ya? Heather, how 
many houses are you going to have, 3? Lori- 
Remember our roommate experience + Big 
Mikesfrequent visits! Operation Chicken Truck- 
what asuccess - too bad it was taken in an anal 
manor! Mary Beth, Dawn, Anne- Remember 
our road trip?!? Chicken class was by far the 

Leslie A. Cline 

Henry, Lenny, and Lester- What acrew! Oper.CT- 
Jokes on U! Freq Trips to O.V.- Dairy Judging 
'95-Hell no Dale! Livestock '96-Main- 
Dorsetrams. To my DVC Grads-DH, TW, and 
Pino-I'll soon join ya. SA(DVM-2B)now I wear 

myseatbelt! Dairy crew- Keep harassingHomer- 

he likes it. AT, DH.+ Wojo-vodkasux. TD-BAMA 
Rules! TS-argue on.. MC-Nesa '94 BL-Always 
my little brother. Dad, welcome to western PA- 
Mom, thanks for it all. C-ya RI and DVC. 
Watch out world, Here I come!!! 

Michael Cornman 

Thank you Mom and Dad for all of your sup- 
port. Block and Bridle, Livestock Judging 
Teams, NAILE- 1 5th in swine. Farm 3 Extraor- 
dinary + Image, A-Day Threepeat, Operation 
Christmas Treejan Term 96 W'restlingmatches 
with \Vojo + Zepp, J 40 inch Wranglers, Late 
Nights and good times in Samuel. AW.GZ, CW, 
BM, WJ, LC, LS, + HG. It's been fun Walker- 

Just a little? Lots! How's 50 sound? Durocs and 
Yorks forever! Future Pillar of the Seedstock 

Joey W. Corona Jr. 

I want to thank my role models: my mother 
who taught me to care and my father who 
taught me to survive. I appreciate all the 
sacrifices you have made! All my love and 
thanks AKS, the future is already upon us - we 
shall accomplish our goals hand in hand. To 
Dr.'s DeBroux, Schloupt and Ben- You have 
inspired and motivated me. Thanks! Heather. 
Carrie, and Danni thanks for your friendship. 
Danni, do not worry, when the gov t. collapses 
and the aliens invade, we will be readv! 

David J. Cohen 
Criminal Justice Administration 
12494 Sweet Briar Rd 
Philadelphia. Pa 19154 

Joseph Coleman 
Business Administration 
325 Spruce St 
Tamaqua, PA 18252 

Jaime Conrad 
Small Animal Science 
RR 2 Box 134 
Mehoopany, PA 18629 

Brendan Conway 
33 Biser Rd 
Flemington, NJ 08822 

Jeanine Marie Cooke 
Criminal Justice Administration 
3887 Aberta Ter 
Philadelphia. PA 19154 

Michael Cornman 
296 Greason Rd 
Carlisle. PA 17013 

Joseph W. Corona Jr. 
135 S. Mine Rd. 
Quakertown, PA 18951 

Mario Costa 
Business Administration 
701 Plank Rd 
Matfield, PA 18433 

Wyatt Coutlee 

Ornamental Hort., Landscape Contracting 

RR 1 Box 72 

Burlington Flats, NY 13315 

Andrea L. Dellagicoma 

Thanx Mom + Dad We made it! MWADJC 
CP+NR Study Buddies.Ulman 2nd 1994 cows 
Del-Val Buds NTHCHKADMP-94 NT I'll miss 
ya, we had some good times. Move the van and 
+ Cho MW-KIT U turned out 2bok Go Greeks I 
luv U all CYA O-CHI Thanks for the memories! 
Who's got the RT202 lion? Thanks NM, U 
helped out a lot, 1 won't 4get ya KIT Dr. Orr 
Thanks, you are the best JS-Clin Path 11:20? 
Russ-143- It's over I'm finally outta here CYA 

David James DelloRusso 

Then, pale and worn, he kept his deck. And 
peered through darkness. Ah, that night of all 
dark nights! And then a speck- A light! a light! 
alight! alight! It grew, a starlit flag unfurled! 
It grew to be time's burst of dawn. He gained a 
world; he gave that world its grandest lesson: 
"On! Sail On!" (From Columbus) Cincinnatus 
Hiner Miller 

Robert DelloRusso Jr. 

Thanks Mom you rule! Yes, Dave's my brother 
Bearded Clams + Bloomsburg. Rutgers + 

Cluck 1 1 CKn Franks Ckn House A.C. We' re even 
1 ZETA CHI Life in B4 No Hassels Remember A- 
Day? Spring Break in Clearwater Homey + his 
summer crews Near Deaths looking for low, 
never found Milking Cows 3am New Years 
morning All our wonderful toys Potato 
Launcher Road Trips- New Orleans, Cancun, 
Troy, PA The friends I've made forever where 
have all the good times gone Bye for now DVC 

Heather Noel Demarest 

My years at DelVal have been 4 of the best years 
of my life. I owe my graduation not only to 
myself, but also to all my wonderful friends 

who have given me love, support, and friend- 
ship throughout the years, without them I 
neverwould have made it. So I would like to say 
a special I love you to Becca, Josh, Rich, Chris. 
Jaime, Steve, Dave, Ted, Lexi. Kristy, Paula, 
Sarah, and especially my best friend and roomie 
Steph. I truly love all of you. I will miss you. 
Good luck and may the force be with you' Love 
Heather.Yader, Heather. 


Andrea Deliagicoma 

Small Animal Science 

1408 Lincoln Ave 

Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442 

David James DelloPusso 

Biology, Pre-Professional 

P.O. Box 23 

Peapack, NJ 07977 

Robert DelloPusso Jr. 
15 Hull Rd 

Bernardsville. NJ 0^924 

Heather Noel Demarest 

Small Animal Science 

P.O. Box 371 

Hope NJ, 07844 

Thomas P. Denton 

Agronomy and Environmental Science 

P.O. Box 137 

Fountainville, PA 18923 

Paul Dippery 

Ornamental Horticulture/Floriculture 

62 Valley Road 

Lambertville, NJ 08530 

AnnMarie Doyle 

Large Animal Science 

527 Camelot Drive 

Brookhaven, PA 19015 

Susan Duchnowski 

Food Science 

19 Wheeler Rd 

Kendell Park, NJ 08824 

Gerald F. Durphy 

Small Animal Science 

1719 Edgehill Rd 

Abington, PA 19001 

Thomas P. Denton 

"Some people say the sky is just the sky, but I 
say why deny the obvious." Is the sky, which all 
livingorganisms of the earth coexist symbioti- 
cal ly in a complex web of harmony, more than 
what we see with our eyes, telescopes, and 
scientific data or is it a gaseous atmosphere? 
1996 Olympics, Orchards two Summers DVC 
Peaches Soil Judging in New Hampshire 
Barness 2 1 1 Peace Valley Park Delaware River 
Keeper. "Like two sparrows in a hurricane." 

Paul Dippery 

These past 4 years have flown by so fast but 

were filled with so much fun. To my buddy 
Dave: 109 is still the best, Wilfred tape, etc. 
Loads of laughs. Jeremy: jokes from classes 
will never end! Craig: Fun w/ drawing bugs. 
Anita: who will fix the Mac now? LNC + 
yearrbook the best. To these frriends + MB + 
JG + others (e-SP HP) Good Luck - Keep in 
touch. Thanks Mom and Dadforyoursupport. 

TraceyAnn Evans 

Housekeeping say "Ba-Bye" I'm gonna miss 
you guys. I love you man! Don'tforget the good 

times+karaoke times. Thanks NBI. MS. MK. 
NC,KG,CK.()VH,PKK Thanks4thefun Thanks 
to SS,KG,6o,ll\ + MK for being there! Megg 

your the best!Thanks for keeping me in line. 
KG+HN thanks for the boost. To IHSAIkeep on 
winning. To mom and dadthanks for mak- 
ing me believe in myself.And thanks 4 the 
support. . .you're the best 1 I'll never forget all 
you've done 4 me! I love you!CYA 

Christine M. Filosa 

MOM & DAD - Thanks for everything! You 
mean the world to me. Greg, Pam & Jon - 
Thanks for your support. I love you ALL. Jen- 
LOVE YA, mean it! Thanks for being a great 
friend. Nancy-I'm glad we're friends. Thanks 
for everything. You're the best. 

the rest-I luv U-GOOD LUCK! Tojoe-the love of 
my life-Thanks for being you & for loving me. 

Heather Paige Fister 


William D. Enright 
636 Calamia Dr 
Norristown, PA 19401 

Tracey Ann Evans 
Equine Science 
3217 Augusta Ave 
Scranton, PA 18508 

Barbara Feichthaler 
Business Administration 
8 Drummers Way 
Hatborn. PA 19040 

Nora Fekete 
3 16 Azalea Ter 
Branchburg, NJ 08876 

Daniel E. Feldstein 
Business Administration 
PO Box 537 
Richlandtown, PA 18955 

David Fertig 

Ornamental Hort. & Environmental Design 

2128 Sycamore Dr 

Harrisburg, PA : 

Scott Fillingham 
Large Animal Science 
1733 Cherry Hill Rd 
Palmerton, Pal80 7 l 

Christine Filosa 

Computer Information Systems Managment 

1908 Middlefiel Ct. 

Denville, NJ 07834 

Heather Paige Fister 
Equine Science 
34 Beechwood Dr 
Reading, PA 19606 

Mary Helen Flannery 

Thanks to the Senator, the Chocolate lover, the 
runner who forever will be complaining about 
some ache or pain, to Steph D., Sheldon, Eric, 
Gerry, Lindsay, and to everyone else that made 
school fun and enjoyable. Chris, don't forget 
those Friday afternoon conversations with 
Tanya! Jon, we have had some really fun times 
together and I wish you and Chris the best of 
luck after graduation. Thanks again and I 
love you! 

Richard Fleischer Jr. 


Uead.goin phisbin.road trips.spring break- 
where the hell are we!.puff-Jester,To all of my 
ZX brothers.its been a blast.keep it strong, 
Tolbert-AKA rulesthe floor-Let it ride on 
BlackJCRD.We rocked village one.Pauly- 
Junebug-Just say N.0>,AH,MH-you have 62 
urgent messages.NBI is GAY.pooch your Egg,A- 
DAY-super Drunken powers Mexican+Toga 

Alison Brooke Flynn 

The Boys of 2 1 2- You guys are the best. Thanks 
for all of the laughs. To Derrick- you have 
always been there for me and I don't think I 
would of made it through without you. Amy- 
You are truly mv best friend and I will never 

forget all of the great times we've shared. 
Colleen- You made class worth going 
to.(Probably YES!!) Thanks Mom and Dad. I 
owe this all to you. Shannon and Ryan- 1 love 
you guys. 

Michelle A. Foraker 

1st 2 my parents-Thanx 4 all I luv u-fresh.YR 
the best ever met the Aday Dude+Fell 4 Him 1st 
seen Frorien. Coffin. Driving Trk 2 my sis I'm 
glad we bcame close uRspecial I wish I + IF al ! 
the best All my others Good Luck Thnx 
MF=Timon-n-Pumbaa, 6am dilema, late 
all the fun Fall% HH AdayAPO KA 2 my Fiance 
Jim Craft I Luv you Thnx For Work Hall 

103196 Can't wait 4 our big day 1079" Luv ya 

Jonathan Fox 

It it makes you happy, It can't be that bad. 
Sheryl Crow 

Kathryn N. Gerhardt 

"The hardest to learn was the least compli- 
cated" IHSA Cal. W/TE England 97 Thanks. 
Luck and Line to NIK TK K\\ SK CB Sean, I'll 
always love you! Thank you Mom and Dad, 
Heather, Meghan, Tyler "How lucky we are to 
have someth ing that makes saying goodbye so 

Mary Helen Flannery 

Business Administration 

247 1 Brandon Court 

Bensalem, PA 19020 

Richard Fleischer Jr 

Business Administration, Accounting 

664 Lincoln Ave 

Pomp Lakes, NJ 07442 

Alison Brooke Flynn 

Agronomy, Turfgrass Management 

7411 Revere St 

Philadelphia. PA 19152 

Michelle Foraker 

Small Animal Science 

2730 Woodland Ave 

Norristown, PA 19403 

Jonathan M. Fox 

Ornamental Hort. & Environmental Design 

2355 Willowbrook Dr 

Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 

Kathryn Gerhardt 

Equine Science 

214 Allem Ln 

Perkasie, PA 18944 

Heather Glennon 

Large Animal Science 

403 Shiloh Rd 

McRae.AR 72102 

Jason Arsene Gordon 

Agronomy, Turfgrass Management 

34 Kristin Rd 

Plymouth, MA 02360 

Paula M. Grandoni 

Ornamental Hoticulture, Floriculture 

8 Kennedy Dr 

Lacka wanna, NY 14218 

Laura Gurk 

Ornamental Horticulture, Floriculture 

2649 W. Buck Rd 

East Greenville, PA 18041 

Robin D. Hale 


500 Susquehanna Rd 

Ambler, PA 19002 

Krista Hammer 

Animal Biology 

2 7 Castleton Court 

Oceanside, NY 1 1 ^"2 

heather Marie Hartzog 
221 PineSt 
Eraraaus, PA 18049 

Amanda Haven 
Equine Science 
89 North Belair Ave 

Cedar Knolls, M 

Dianne M. Henry 
Business Administration 
Fleetwood, PA 19522 

Shaun A. Henry 
Agronomy. Turfgrass Managment 
Mechanicsburg. PA 17055 

Annemieke Hermans 
Biology. Education 
3 Lotus Place 
Newtown, PA 18940 

Jeffrey M. Hess 


Box 401 

Blooming Glen, PA 18911 

Mandy Lynn Hetzendorf 
Business Administration 
RR 2 Box 501 1 
Northumberland, PA 17857 

Patricia L. Hillanbrand 


1 1 1 Sumac St 

Philadelphia, PA 19128 

Korey L. Hirschel 
Foosd Science and Technology 
121 1/2 S.Jefferson St 
Allentown, PA 18102 

Heather Glennon 



Jason A. Gordon 

i feel it is important to thank everyone who has 

helped me through my col lege education. Spe- 
cial thanks to: Mary Beth Ma + Dad U. Bob A. 
Cheryl Good luck to all classmates. 

Laura M. Gurk 

First and foremost,l must thank my family for 
their love + support + for making these past 4 
years possible. I love you all very much! I've 
had a terrific times here at DVC, made a lot of 
lifelong friendships + happy memories. I'm 
sad to see it end so soon. Freshman yr Cooke 
2nd ruled, \ -ball all 4 years, yearly shore trip + 
long drives at 1AM. Good luck to the class of 

'97-may all your dreams come true! Please 
keep in touch! Until we meet again. . . 

Lori Harnish 

The sisters Rule! Heather's sneezing, Kim's 
alarm clock, and Amy' sex on the beach. How- 
many men is that now \\ heat) ? Kim- the truck? 
Amy was that the floor or the couch!' Who has 
Heathers notes now'' Amy-was it the top or 
bottom!' Kimmie- How's that banana? Boys- 
am one up for a rubberband fight? CHOCO- 
LATE! CHOCOLATE! Wendy- I'll be your get- 
away driver anytime! LOOK 01 T- Mrs Pig is 
making a suicide jump! Wheaty-the thief ! 
Aim -the chicken Queen! 

Heather Marie Hartzog 



Mindy D. Hoffman 


24" Sharadin Rd 

Kutztown, PA 19530 

Nicole Hoffman 

Ornamental Horticulture, Floriculture 

27 John Dr 

Aiinandale, XJ 08801 

Jeffrey M. Hoopes 

Agronomy and Environmental Science 

361 Creek Rd 

Christiana. PA 17509 

Theodore Hon/ath 

Large Animal Science 

940 Dewees Lane 

Chester Springs, PA 19425 

Nicole Hoyer 

Equine Science 

365 Country Club Rd 

Easton. PA 18042 

Derrick Hudson 

Agronomy, Turfgrass Management 

RR 1 Box 356H 

Bernville, PA 19506 

Steven Hughes 

Small Animal Science 

2090 Flint Hill Rd 

Coopersburg. PA 18036 

Christine blunter 

Ornamental Horticulture, Floriculture 

34 Schmehl Rd 

Fleetwood, PA 19522 

Man/Ann H. Johnson 

Criminal Justice Administration 

6900 Colonial Court 

North Wales, PA 19^54 

•« * 

Dianne Marie Henry 
Mom+ Bill Thanku 4 your love & support! To 
friendships that will last forever Leah Leslie 
Lori never forget freshmanyr Ulman 94 Girls 
Rule To all the people I have had the opportu- 
nity to share crazy moments with Shawn Brian 
LEAH I R the best! ALLnight? nbi!949596 
NEVER forget homecomings ADAY WKNDS 
ALL those late DVC NIGHTS! XJRoadtrips? 
SanDiego! LCsecurity IN MY ROOM? I'll Miss 

Mandy Lynn Hetzendorf 


Patricia Louise Hillanbrand 

2 Mom+Dad, Thanx 4 all U have done 4 me- 
Your love S pride have gotten me thru it all. 
Thanx to my family 4 all their love, support, 
encouragement. Steph- thanx 4 being a great 
friend. Kelly- thanx 4 the late nite talks! CA, 
DK. KC, SA- GOOD LUCK. Nicole-Words can't 
explain what we have been thru in the past 8 
years! (1999 will be here soon) JK-NKCouldn't 
have found ami better SACS Nancy- I'll miss 
U! Pete- the past 3 + yrs ahve been great- 1 can ' t 
wait until 9-6-97!! I LuvU! 

Korey Lee Hirschel 

To my one and only Mike I couldn't have made 

it w/out you I LOVE YOU I'm w/you no matter 
what! To all my band buddies - we're small but 
still here - never give up! Keep playing it's 
worth it. To all my friends- Good Luck in 
whatever you do! To my family, esp my parents 
I made it thanks for all your love and support- 
I know it wasn't easy! One last thing to Mike 
thanks roomie! 

Nicole M. Hoffman 

W( >W 4 Years goes so fast! Thanks Mom and 
Dadforsupportingme through the last4years. 
Krista, Amanda, Wyatt.Laura and all myfriends- 
it's been a blast! Thanks for support through 
the tough times. Hey guys don't forget to watch 

Jason James Kamienski 
93 Dorothy St 
Carteret, Nf 07008 

Christina Kapelan 
Small Animal Science 
2918 Frink St 
Scranton. PA 18504 

Mary Avril Kear 
Equine Science 
110 West 9th St 
Watsontown, PA 1 

Meggan L. Keeler 
Equine Science 
31 Webster Hill Blvd. 
West Hartford, CT 06107 

Tyrone Kenyatta 
Ornamental Horticulture 
6742 Wyncote Ave 
Philadelphia. PA 19138 

Tom Kepping 
Criminal Justice Administration 
RR 3 Box 300 
Bloomsburg. PA 17815 

Michael J. Kiefer 
Agronomy and Environmental Science 
916 Elbow Lane 
Warrington, PA 18976 

Stephanie Kightlinger 
Large Animal Science 
13 Longhurst Rd 
Marlton, XJ 08053 

William Kitsch 
5848 Hasbrook Ave 
Philadelphia. PA 19120 

DAYS! Kristal' 11 sendya the crossword puzzles- 

OH Yeah When is our next trip to Disney? To my 
IVCF family I'm so glad I got to know you all 
this year. Remember in the toughest times 
Christ will be there. 

Theodore S. Horvath 
To the four years 1 spent here & to those I spent 
them with, it has been a great experience! To 
all my friends- Dave, Mike, Steve, Josh, Lexi. 
Laura, Sarah. Roxxy- Thanks for all the memo- 
ries that 1 will earn' with me forever! I will miss 
you all very much & wish you all the best of 
luck. To Nikki- my love for you and let you 
know there's always a place for you in my 
heart! To my family- thanks for all the support 

& love you gave me! 

Nicole Hoyer 

Can you believe we're graduating? It's been a 
great 4 years thanks to all my friends who 
helped me along the way. Especially my teddy 
bear, who was alway there when 1 needed him. 
Also a huge thanks to my parents who made all 
of this possible and gave me their support. 
Good luck to everyone in their future endeav- 
ors, I won't forget you! 

Derrick Hudson 

Thanks Mom & Dad. To Allison. Colleen, 
Strauss, and Michelle- Good Luck. To the men 
from 212, 1 will never forget Hilton Head and 

all of the good times, not to mention the 
phychos the wandered into our room. Al- I'm 
alive from having ever) class with you but it 
was fun. Always remember the great times and 
don't forget to keep in touch. Jeff. Vico, Mark. 
Charlie, and Double B. Lots of luck in the j ears 
to come. Thanks to all that helped. 

Steven Hughes 

Thanks to al I my friends for a great 4 years and 
thanks to my parents for the support. LG- 
Thanks for your trust and for always being 
there. Beware of the Muscovy! DM If you ever 
need to smack some golf balls let me throw. JC- 
Next time you want to drive 2 hours to see your 
dogs be sure to call . CB-My TV will never be the 

same thanks to your shouting. SR-If you ever 
fold the tollbooth money again you're dead! 
To all: Best of Luck! 

Christine Lee Hunter 

Thanks to Mom, Val. Paula, and Leon for all 
your support and Love Daddy- 1 love and miss 
you as always. To GH, BS. HF. R\\ . BL I V NF 
SD JT and SL'Z- Thanks for the memories. 
Playing I never, Dave I.etterman. Little House, 
salting S and K's carpet, being hit b) pillows. 
bell) | nercing. tattoos, lemon drops, scrambled 
eggs. Mr Schmeelman, cocktails, \\\ sum- 
mer, boj nicknames, quarters, and my hockey 

Wendy Koblish 


55 Schoolhouse Lane 

Morristown, NJ 07960 

Krista Kowalczyk 

Biology Education 

221 Wilson Dr 

Hazleton, PA 18201 

Nicole Kozin 

784 Smylie Rd 
Philadelphia. PA 19124 

Genevie Ann Kuhns 


67 Roland Ave 

Chambersburg, PA 17201 

Kimberly Kulick 

English Education 

PC) Box 1 10 

Dublin. PA 18917 

Elizabeth LaPrince 

Criminal Justice Administration 

7630Rugby St 

Philadelphia. PA 19150 

Alan LaPock 

Secondary Education 

1022 Poplar St 

Lansdale, PA 19446 

Pamela Laubenstine 

Horticulture, Biotechnology 

RR 1 Box 1296 

Bethel, PA 19507 

Christopher M. Lederer 


103 Wells Rd 

Parkerford. PA 19457 

Jason Kamienski 

Thanks to Nicole for making the past 4 years 
tht best years of my life, i would never be where 

1 am if it weren't for you. Goodbye and good 
luck to my 5 roommates and all m\ friends 
Keep in touch. 

Christina D. Kapelan 

2 my fam Thanx 4 all u have dun 4 me I lui I - 
Matt Thanx 4 all the gr8 x's you're my best 
friend I luvf'-Peter you r w/me until I see U 
again [luvU-An.Sci.crew-wedidit!Yeah! 
2myfriends these past4yrs.have been thebestl 
won i forgetU-2mygirIs-We will always B 
2getherl luvU-Adays,HC's,sinks,dip,the castle, 

sevs, spying, 4mals our talks, events FatBoys, 
Loretta, Shopping in closets, Macarena, Crs. 
litetraysleds. pink carpet, 212Boys Thankyou 
God 4 always walking with me. 

Meggan Keeler 
Thank you Mom and Dad for all your support 
through the years. I never would have made it 
withoutyou. Good luck Ryan. I loveyou. Thank 
you Rob for being so wonderful. I love you. 
Tracey. Katie. Kelly you're the best. So many 
great times to remember. Good luck 
MS,BD,PC,MG,CB,KG,HN,TM,PS and all the 
PEK boys! Never forget all the NB1 nights! 
HORDE FEST was a Blast'' I'll miss you guys 

while we're in Engalnd! Good luck after Grad! 
Who's your Daddy!!! 

Tyrone S. Kenyatta 

First of all I want to thank God. Secondly I 
would like to thank mv family, especially my 
Mother who stood by me for 4 longyears. To all 
my "true" friends at DVC, I wish you all success 
in the near future. Thank you also to Mike, 
Leslie & John for all that I learned outside the 
classroom. I must admit DVC is a true learn- 
ing experience. 

Stephanie Lynn Kightlinger 

Mom & Dad-thanx 4 the luv & support. If it 
wasn't4uIwouldn'tbhere. Iluvll! 2 all my 
friendsi&u know who u r)-without u all I 
don't think I would have made it. 
KAJSJT.NK.PHJM.LR-thanx 4 being there 4 
me thru everything. Patty-u've been a great 
roomie-can't wait till 9/6/97. Nicole-we met 
on day 1 & we'll be 2gether 4 graduation. How 
xciting! Rich-no matter where life takes us, 
remember that I will love u 4-ever! Thanx 4 the 
memories everyone!! 

Timothy Lehman 
Large Animal Science 
1065 Vi r . Trindle Rd 
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 

Andrea Line 
Small Animal Science 
2305 Ritner Highway 
Carlisle, PA 17013 

Alexander K. Loomis 
Food Science 
116 Harris Rd 
Waterford, NY 12188 

Jessica MacKenzie 
OrnamentalHorticulture & Environmental De 
16 Harry Ave 
Shillington, PA 19607 

James A. Mackie, Jr. 
Business Administration 
l317Dewson Lane 
Wilmington. DE 19805 

Brian M. Maddux 


6445 Ferry Rd East 

Doylestown, PA 18901 

Randi Marie Malkemes 
Large Animal Science 
RR 2 Box 535 
Tunkhannock. PA 18657 

Nicholas J. Manorek 
Business Administration 
105 Man- St 
Shavertovvn, PA 18708 

James D. Marckstein 
Business Administration 
38 Country Rd 
Perkasie, PA 18944 

William Kitsch 

I will always remember my times at Del Val: 
Days in the commuter lounge. DM and BC I 
thank God for bringing me to IVCF Mike.Glen, 
and the rest of the group. Especially my love 
and one to be wife, Christine. GOD is the only 
one powerful enough to bring us together 
praise Jesus Christ our Saviour' ! Christ died for 
our sins according to the scriptures, that he 
was buried that he was raised on the third day 
according to the scriptures. ICor. 155-4 

Krista Kowalczyk 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Kev& Kel for all thatyou've 
done since I've been here! Chris the past few 

mos haven't been easy w/us being apart! 
Thanx for being there! To all my friends that 
I've met over past 31/2yrs! Esp NH, AM.JA. KH. 
JN, KH, MS... And to those not mentioned! 
Remember all the fun times we had whether 
I've had a BLASTHI'm g to miss you all!! Good 
luck and have to all!! Don't forget to KIT write 
or Email!!!! 

Nicole Anastasia Kozin 

Thank you to the two most wonderful parents 
in the world. Mom & Dad, thank you for your 
love, support and guidance. But most of all, 
thank you for believing in me. You are my best 

friends! Jason -thank you for making all of m\ 
dreams come true. I love you with all of my 
heart, mind and soul. Patty and Steph-thank 
you for all of the wonderful memories. I am 
looking forward to all those yet to come! Best 
wishes to everyone for a successful future. 

Genevie Ann Kuhns 

Hey real world, here I come! Oh the 
memoriesAVolfsohn Hall girls (1994-5), the 
quad in Harness X Andy! I miss mj guys in 1st 
floor NRH too. Field Hockey. Track & Field. 
The Vmleuc office-Marshall do you work?! To 
Bill-thanks for always being there when I 
needed to talk. Good luck to everyone in fol- 

lowing their dreams, don't he afraid to take 
chances (Lew) GOD Bless you all. 

Elizabeth La Prince 

First I would like to thank GOD for 
everything. Thank my parents. family. and 
friends for support. Thank Andrew t< 
friendWish luck to all ni\ Saul huddies.and 
my friend MichelleA special thanks I 
for listening to me.l wish all my residents 
luck. Thank Donald for bringing me true 
happiness.ToallSeniors.wefinall) DID IT'To 
im sisters,! love you.Thanks again Dad and 
Mom. I love you.with all my heart J.nW.l II 

Stephen J. Marshall Jr. 

Ornamental Horticulture & Environmental Design 

615 Colebrook Rd 

Philadelphia, PA 19115 

Nicole M. Maurer 

Small Animal Science 

3 130 Princeton Ave. 

Philadelphia. PA 19149 

Kristy Mauroschadt 

Ornamental Horticulture. Floriculture 

408 E. Berkshire Rd 

Berkshire, NY 13736 

Jeanette McF3ride 

Large Animal Science 

PO Box 521 

Waddington, NY 13694 

Sherry L. McCarthy 

Business Administration 


Carversville, PA 18913 

Jan M. McClintock 


6244 Groveland Rd 

Pipersville, PA 18947 

Jessica Diane McCune 

Biology Education 

47 Alberts Way 

Langhorne, PA 19047 

Rebecca Sue McElheny 

Ornamental Hort., Landscape Contracting 

1419 Skyline Drive Box 56 

Blandburg, PA 16619 

Jennifer McGrail 

Agribusiness & Agronomy 

251 Hublersburg Rd. 

Bellefonte, PA 16823 

Alan LaRock 

Delaware Valley College lias been a lot of work 
andalotof fun. I hope the restof life is also as 
interesting, entertaining, and enjoyable!! 

Pam C. Laubenstine 

To Min. Barb. Chris, Den, and Den' Min-so 
many memories-Luv Va! Barb, the Dough boy 
and the cowboy still ride. And Den, I hear 84 
Lumber is the place to go just in case you ah, 
need to build a loft. A. Sue, I kept my half of the 
deal, so pay up girl! Tony with a "V" I'll always 
be a monozygotic twin! Love you mom dad, 
and sis!! 

TimothyS. Lehman 

Crosby's 4 years. Trundling for wings with the 
Big Man. Road trip in the Nashmobile. Flour 
bomb. . . Wheres the train? Mabel's good cook- 
ing. Mandy and Randi . . .watch that last step! 
Visiting the Sisters... Far out funky 
supermonkey. Riding in Amy's hotrod, "i 
gotta study." Gross and Gilbert are awesome. 
Base to Davis, Timmy fell in the manure pit. 
The mighty 5020, out of the mud. Dealing with 
Scip's mood swings. Barbera and Da) 'sin vice 
their pop. 

Nicholas John Manorek 

Thanks Mom and Dad for all that you've done 
for me. To my best friend my Dad: I love vou 

and thanks to all the OXE brothers past and 
present including RG. BT. JM, DG, PC, EW, CG, 
Being your Pres. has been great and to the 
others VD, CY, LB, DH, AD, BS- remember me 
always, DVC soccer rulz, Lambda pledge sea- 
son, 7-11, GLD118, GLD119, beer pong, 
Clinton/Gore, the Dead, Diet Pepsi, natty light. 
NBI. loafers, de-tox, life has been great" 

Nicole M. Maurer 

Many thanks: To Jeanette, the SB, for tolerat- 
ing an eccentric POTO fanatic these past 
4yrs. .sunlight is highly overrated! To the ones 
who made a difference-Mackie, one of the 
truly good guys (even if he cheates at Spit); 

Vicky?; Tony, the Physics-god; CH-Apodemes?; 
Ms Haws, KK, Dr H-for the bit of trivia & Chef 
Eric. To my family, thanks for EVERYTHING. 
Here's to Finley's, oat bars, BRMIZ, & philoso- 
phy® lam! 

Jeanette McE3ride 

There are too many people who are important 
to me, and not enough space to name them. 
So, to all of you and my large animal class, 
"This is the time to remember because it will 
not last forever, these are the days to hold on to 
because we won't although we'll want to." 
Everyone has adream. let's hope we are all one 
step closer to achieving ours. Now where are 

Michael H. McMahon 
Business Adminstration. Accounting 
100 Claudis St 
Egg Harbor City. NJ 08215 

David A, Mertz 
Small Animal Science 
7091 Copenhagen Square 
Behtlehem, PA 18017 

Michelle Lin Meyer 
Small Animal Science 
1964 West Market Street 
Pottsville, PA 17901 

Tara Rene Miliziano 
Equine Science. Business & Breeding 
1404 Tanner Ave. 
Burlington. NJ 08016 

Amanda F. Miller 
Ornamental Hort., Landscape Contracting 
204 Park Lane P.O. Box 10 
Alburtis, PA 18011 

Steven J. Miller 

Ornamental Hort.. Landscape Contracting 

1244 Mearns Rd 

Warminster. PA 18974 

Jeffrey Robert Moffatt 
336 New Rd 
Southampton, PA 18966 

Charles A. Mohr 
Business Administration, Marketing 
516 Laurie Lane 
Aberdeen. NJ 07747 

James Robert Moore 
Ornamental Horticulture, Floriculture 
232 New Rd 
Yincentown, NJ 08088 

my keys? Hey Nicole, have you seen my ID? The 
Palisades gang. ewe factor?. ..procrastination? 

Rebecca Sue McElheny 

Thanks to my family for helping me along the 
way. As for Walker, Cornman, Smithie, Gorski, 
Becca, Joe, and Adrienne, I'm really going to 
miss you. I will still have Gemini Days. The 
littleblue truck will always take on a good mud 
puddle Walker! Good Luck to all of my great 
friends that I made here at DVC! 

Jennifer McGrail 

TP on Lori's butt. No, they're really dirty. YUM, 
YUM. HC 95 did we go? Later NBI. CZ noone 
over 30 allowed. Can we have a party yet? Lynn 

no formal. Let's go to CATTY. Walks & Miles. 
Who's in my bed? Guess what happened down- 
stairs? Where will I be? C-ya compost. TGoff 
stool. Beertasting. Playing caps. Thanks Zelko- 
good luck! C-ya Softball buds. Sucks to be you! 
Later roomies. Oops, fell out of bed. Take care 
NRH girls. Thanks Mom, Dad, Theresa, & 
Erin-1 love you! 

Michelle Lin Meyer 

Thanks Dad and Mom I love you! I know that 
I have found the best set of friends anyone 
could ever ask for Thanks to the boys of 2 1 2 for 
giving me a home and entertaining me, Colin, 
Jules, Mel & Kurt we were a great family I love 
you guys thanks for keeping me sane! Jen & 

Nanq thanks for making me insane! It's been 
FUN! I 'II miss you guys but our friendships will 
last forever the bonds we have created are too 
strong to ever be broken. Now What' 

Tara Renee Miliziano 

1 all my girlz-look how far we\ come! 
preXwntrintrn shp-what x duz the 9oclk sho 
strt?nvr 4get r group talks&Ms G-skiing- 
pmknz-spying-hc'z-Annap.Lou SBgbrd- 
In&jrmn/COACH, thanx 4 e\ meant 
so much! 2 my FAM-i kno U bad a hard x 
trusting GOD -i my life-look where HE has takn 
me! thanx 4 u'r luv&suport!2 PS-how did U 
putupw/me43yrs?GODHASAPLAN4l ! i luv 
U all, liksistrs 1 im alwzhere4U! nvr4get#17/ 

ill mis I but nvr4get UIP.S. DON'T DSRESPC! 

Amanda Miller 

Man) memories have been created here. To 
mam to mention, so here are a Fi 
peepshows. road trips. NASCAR races. LS and 
lis breakups and life changes, you km™ who 
you are. I met many great people here and I 
wish them all the best of luck in everything 
Flunks Mom, Dad, Kim. Harvey, Amy, and 
Jon. I love you. Your support has been m\ 
motivation to continue. Woodies walks with 
Wyatt will never be forgotten. Mickei rules' 

Kari L. Mowry 

Criminal Justice Administration 

98 Gordon Rd Box 176 

Sandy Lake, PA 16145 

Rachel Elizabeth Moyer 

Business Administration, Accounting 

336 S. Fourth St 

Perkasie, PA 18944 

Tara Lyn Moyer 


258 S. 2nd St. 

Lehighton, PA 18235 

Chad E. Mullins 

Ornamental Horticulture, Landscape Contracting 

Delcan, NJ 

Brian Patrick Murphy 

Animal Biology 

2"S Park Dr. West 

Kitnersville, PA 18930 

Dwayne Murphy 

Large Animal Science 

PO Box 225 

Darlington, MD 21034 

Nicole Murray 

Large Animal Science 

25 Spruce Street 

Mountain Top, PA 18707 

Matthew G. Myers 


107 Silver Springs Rd 

Landisville, PA 17538 

Jonathan Harrow 


27389 BonneyRd. 

Watertown, NY 13601 

rttfW&Qtx ' 


" J! r 



• 'ill 


Charles A. Mohr 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Jeff, Brian, and Patty. 

Tara Lyn Moyer 

sending me to DVC. I luv U! Shelly & Leenie- 
BFF never forget B-burg, Scranton, the cafe, 
DVC's stars. Karaoke at NBI, R&C, Karate Kid, 
Patty Dance, Babushka, collect calls(DBT), 
MP's B&Ws, 80s, stealing the crib! Luv U! 
Trishy-why'd I ' leave me 4 Temple? Kath, Marc, 
Brendan, & Tim-never forget VA, uni-lung, so 
much 4 pretendin', Cotton Eye Joe, & the 
s-Thaitt for always being there! 

Chad E. Mullins 

To the last two remaining tribal members Karl 
Ryder and Jesse Marder. Stay healthy and proud 
and always keep up with your tribal ways! 

Ashley Elizabeth Neale 

I never thought four years would go by si i fast 
All of the hard work and good and bad times 
have made me who I am. I have made so many 
friends that will always be important to me. 
But the one person that I have met at DVC that 
will always mean the most is my best friend. 
Eric. 1 will always remember our memories at 
school and how our love began. And then there 
is Heather, thank you for all that you have 
done for me I will always remember vou! 

Heather Lynn Newcomb 

Well, kids here we go- off into the game of life. 
Just remember- fallen stars are dreams de- 
ferred of forgotten ones, so stay true to your 
dreams & help light the sky. Thanks to MS, KG, 
MK, RD, MM, MA, & AW for all laughs, tears, & 
advice exchanged. Thanks to IHSA, B&B, NBI, 
Club Redneck, & Samuel 1 17 4-man for mak- 
ing my senior year a great one! Love & grati- 
tude to Noelle, Tracey, Mom & Donnie for 
instilling confidence in me. I am off to chase 

Tony L. Noll 

I just wanted to take this chance to thank all 
the people that gave their friendship and sup- 

port over the past 4 years. Special thanks to the 
crazy ladies of the bookstore who kept me 
laughing. Good luck to all the great friends 
I've made. (How's your mother?) Live long 
and prosper, over and out, run naked through 
campus, buenas dias my little chiquita!! 

Dawn Elise Novi 

I look back on my college days 

and they do not cease to amaze 

my friends and I, each and every one 

Made it through and had some fun 

But one event in my mind is stuck 


Thanks Mom & Dad & all my family for all your 

love and support! I love you all very much! 

Ashley Elizabeth Neale 
Large Animal Science 
Box 1685 RR 1 
Woolwich, Me 04579 

Heather Lynn Newcomb 
Equine Science 

l\o Box 91 4134 Creamery Rd. 
Creamery, PA 19430-0091 

Jennifer Rae Nickel 
Business Administration 
151 Central Ave 
Souderton, PA 18964 

Tony L. Noll 
Environmental Science 
RR 3 Box 163 
Mifflinburg, PA 17844 

G. Aaron Noorigian 
Ornamental Hort.. Landscape Contracting 
2041 New Bedford Kd 
Spring Lake, NJ 07762 

Dawn Elise Novi 
Large Animal Science 
4 Banor Dr. 
Somerville. NJ 08876 

Lynn Marie Nowakowski 
Ornamental Horticulture, Floriculture 
66 Sellersville Rd 
Chalfont, PA 18914 

Heather R. Nye 
Small .Animal Science 
Rd 2 Box 686 
New Columbia, PA 17856 

Thomas M. Olesh 
Business Administration, Accounting 
1250 Buck Rd 
Auburn, PA 17822 

Heather K. Nye 

Over the years life has changed drastically. 
Through these changes, we have learned the 
true meaning of hard work. Along with the 
hard work we have shared events that caused 
both tears & laughter. As we look back over the 
last 4 years we now realize that without the 
hard work, laughter, & tears we wouldn't be 
where we are now. No matter how much we 
complain we know that Del Val has given us 
friendships & memories that will last forever. 


Senior Band members Mike Schaffer. Korey 
Hirschel. and Krista Kowalczyk relax while 
preparing for a holiday perfonnance. 

Mark E. Oeborn 

Computer Information Systems Management 

105 Kino Blvd. 

Mercerville, NJ 08619 

Melissa Parker 


57 Fairfield Rd. 

Parsippany, NJ 07054 

Amanda K. Peak 


7227 Wertzville, Rd 

Carlisle. PA 17013 

John Mark Pecore 

Business Administration, Marketing 

625 Fairmont Ave. 

Westfield, NJ 07090 

Michelle M. Peterson 

Animal Biology 

PC) Box 403 

Newtown, PA 18940 

Robert C. Posner 

Business Administration 

20 Linda Lane 

Warrington, PA 18976 

Stephanie Razze 

Small Animal Science 

143 W.Jersey Ave 

Pitman, Nj 08071 

Miliesa Read 

Animal Biology 

7021 Oakley St 

Philadelphia, PA 19111 

Daniel F. Reda 

Animal Biology 

18 Deer Path Dr 

Flanders, NJ 07836 

Mark E. Oeborn 

Nash's4 years at DVC: eating wings & drinking 
tea from the Vat-0-Tea with Big Mike. Doing 
the Kickin' Crosby Show and sacking in the 
hall with Tim. Daily visits to the sisters. Heather 
and her Pig, Lori and her love for chocolate. 
Amy-Yo! Driving the Nashmobile. Halloween 
Haunting- is it raining out? Simone- keep your 
eye on the chairs. Hiking to the shack for class. 
Watching Scip play solitaire. Watching the 
constuction of a barn in the Party Dorm! 

Melissa Parker 

2 my family, thanx 4 everything & I luv II all. 
Matt, you've been there 4 me 4 the past 2 yrs. 

We've had alot of gr8 times, I luv U. 2 all the 
girls, we've had a gr8 4 yrs 2gether & have 
many more 2 come. I luv U all & want 2 say 
thanx 4 all the gr8 times. I'll miss us. HC's, 
Adays, Fat Boys, Big nose, Bubas, late nite 
chats, shower power hrs, B-days, Pig outs, 
socials. Grimace, Wolfpk, sleding, 4mals, Brk- 
ups, spying, sevs, Aim 108, Pete, dips. BYE DVC 

John Mark Pecore 

The future always arrives a little before you're 
ready to give up the present. These past few 
years have definitely been an adventure to 
success. I'd like to thank everyone who has 
helped to make them more enjoyable. Espe- 

cially my family and teachers. Just keep on 
plugging! Always remember where you came 

Stephanie Lee Razze 

Wow! The past 4 years flew: Late night drives, 
orange jello, search for snow, deer spotting, 
the famous Chinese firedrill, let's go out on 
Valentine's Day, not passing, being thrown in 
the bushes, sliding under the holly tree, trying 
to jump that puddle, flipping my desk over, 
casino trip, look Heater a stripper, Bee are you 
21 yet? To all my buds, I leave you with this... 
thanks for all the memories, I love you all. Best 

luck in the future! 

Milissa Anne Read 

Mom & Dad, thanks for letting me go. Aim, 
Chris, Kay: my room is soon yours. Babba and 
Pop-Pop, thanks for the love and a home, to 
RGMCDNMFJ & Land esp MF, you guys have 
shaped my life in a way I will never forget. MF- 
killer fan- If the walls could talk. I miss you 
and the many laughs. Finally, my favorite 
pilot John, Le Monde attend notre beaucoup 
des voyages... Together we will see the 
world. ..the year 2000. Love always, your favorit 
navigator, PS 599 where are you ack 

Melissa P. Resnick 
Small Animal Science 
30 Hickory Lane 
Newtown Square, PA 19073 

Danielle A. Rissi 
Business Administration and CISM 
4664 Bergstrom St 
Doylestown. HA 18901 

Edrick R. Rivera 
Business Administration 
56 D Fairview Ave 
Perkasie, PA 18944 

Daniel 5. Romaine 


162 South Main St 

Wharton, NJ 07885 

John J. Roth III 

Computer Information Systems Management 

1267 Madison Dr 

Yardley, PA 19067 

Jacqueline E, Ruch 

Large Animal Science and Dairy Science 

7721 North Gale St 

Westfield, NY 14787 

Anthony Salamone 
Business Administration, Accounting 
23 Alberts Ave 
Sicklerville, NJ 08081 

Wilfredo Salcedo, Jr. 
Business Administration 
2909 Northampton St 
Easton. PA 18045 

Brian E. Salmons 
Ornamental Hort., Landscape Contracting 
81 Summer Ave 
BurlingtonTwp, NJ 08016 

Melissa Resnick 

Thanks to all who made me laugh, cried with 
me, helped me make up my mind, got me 
drunk, got me home, especially Mich, Col, Jul. 
I'll never forget 1-9, thecups, I'lman, bunkbeds 
and boyfriends! cramming for exams, cram- 
ming oreos, vodka shots, riding lessons, aero- 
bics, studying by the lake. Congrats to all who 
made it out. May you look back with no regrets. 

Wilfredo Salcedo, Jr. 

Wow, those four years sure went fast! Class of 
'97 rocks! SayonaraDVC! 


SIFE Seniors Rebecca McElheny and Rose 
Rock listen to a speaker who talked about 
women in the workplace. The SIFE members 
had the opportunity to speak with business 

owners in the community. 

Jill S. Sanders 

Dairy Science 

RR 3 Box 3127 

Bangor, PA 18013 

Steven C. Sarnoski 


4120 Burns Rd 

Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 

Michael J. H. Schaffer 

OH. Floriculture/Business Administration 

1966 S. Hall St 

Allentown, PA 18103 

Matthew Schwartz 

Criminal Justice Administration 

130 Shady Lane 

Lansdale, PA 19446 

DouglasS. Scipioni 

Large Animal Science 

PO Box 28 

Kleinfeltersville, PA 17039 

Craig S. Scollo 

Ornamental Hort., Landscape Contracting 

29 Summer Rd 

Flemington, NJ 08822 

Lonce Scott 


1140 East Upsal St 

Philadelphia, Pa 19150 

Michael A. Semeniuk 

Large Animal Science 

868 Carmel Rd 

Millville, NJ 08332 

Janis Shelly 


718 Collegeville Rd 

Collegeville, PA 19426 


** \ 

1 I -IL 



WW. "sT;'V 


^ ^<-^J 

Trish Wherry looks at business 
cards at a workshop for women 
in the workplace. Workshops 
such as this one are good for 
networking and finding a job 
after graduation. 

MichaelJ. Schaffer 

To all my friends- "Round down downs, 
starrific, and nebular, queedle quaddle!" To 
my sweetie, Cricket Korey, I Love You! Remem- 
ber love n — s! "Fabio, the girl magnet!" 
College activity: DVC community concert band 
offices: 93-94 vice-president, 94-97 band presi- 
dent. Instruments: clarinet, tenor sax & per- 
cussion. Aspecial thanks to all the DVC faculty 
& staff who have influenced my educational 

Douglas Steven Scipioni 

Gross & Gilbert were the BEST! Can't find the 
carcass strap anywhere Davis trying to save 

the $5 calf. Shane is the real Davis. Who moved 
the crawler and backhoe? Pigs in MND. D66s 
soybean my son Paul. Big Mike going to 
Waltemeyers with Grandpa. The all night crop 
harvest. Interrupting foaling. The Dog Lady, a 
vet? 3AM at the Dairy. Walker and the 
mennonite/JoeWenger in love? Studying with 
Tim & his blackbox. Smashing Ward James 
head until eyes out. 

Lonce Scott 

I truly had a unique time here at DVC. This was 
the place I learned some valuable life experi- 
ences. I also want to give honor to God for 
making this all possible, and aspecial thanks 
to my parents for all of their support. 

Rachael M. Shenyo 
Small Animal Science 
RR 1 Box 552 
Sugarloaf. PA 18249 

Martha Shiery 
Equine Science 
4154 Midland Rd 
Allentown, PA 18104 

Christopher J. Shupp 
Small Animal Science 
RR 1 Box 28-A 
Tannersville. PA 18372 

Alyse Slack 
Small .Animal Science 
7062 Ely Rd 
Nevs Hope. PA 18938 

Matthew Solt 
Business Administration 
16 Nor-Bath Bjvd 
Northampton. PA 18067 

Sylance Spence 

Ornamental Hort. & Environmental Design 

536 Fair View Rd 

Mount Joy, PA 17552 

Tricia Stabler 
Large Animal Science 
5210 Damascus Rd 
Gaithersburg, MD 20882 

Rebecca Stellenberg 
Small .Animal Science 
402 Wilson Court 
Hockessin, DE 19707 

T. Eric Stewart 
Small Animal Science 

Parker, PA 16049 

Michael A. Sememiuk 

M\ friends may we cherish our "precious" 
memories of the time we spent together espe- 
cially Dave/Ted/Steve/Matt Myers/[ess/[osh/ 
Becky/Steph . . . you'll alwaysbemylover. There 
is still one special person, Leah, may your 
future be as bright as you have made the 
present! Mom, Dad thanks for the unending 
support, Nick & Stef - I'm done first . . . Ha-Ha- 

Martha E. Shiery 

I would like to give lots of thanks to my parents 
for making the past 4 years possible. I love you 
two. I would also like to thank the followingfor 

always being there for me: KG. MK. K\V, LB, IH, 
SR.JA. TE, EJ, SS, HN, plus all the DEB girls. I 
love you all. Always remember the parties, the 
horse shows, HORDE Fest, and the NBI! These 
have been the best four years of my life. I will 
miss you all. Love always, Mart) 

Christopher J. Shupp 

and aloha means goodbye!" 

Alyse Slack 

Mom. Dad. Sean: Thanks for all your love and 
support. You have made me who I am today. 1 
love you. An. Sci. Crew: I wish you all success in 
the future. Thanks for all the laughs. Peter: 

you will be with me in my heart forever. I will 
never forget. Joe: Thanks for always being my 
best friend. I love you. To my friends: I will 
cherish all the memories we made here to- 
gether. I'll miss you all "We laughed until we 
had to cry. We loved right down to our last 

Sylance Spence 

Thankyou Mom, Dad, Kelly, andmyfamilyfor 
all the support throughout the years. Sorry 
Dad, I am not a professional student! To Char, 
Kristi, Katie, Mel. Omega Chi. My big sisters 
Carrie and Paula... Thank you for all the 
great times. . . Berk 20". The house. AC field 

hocke\ and the other good times. To Dave. 
thank you for everything, you make my life 
great! Love ya! Buckmans you are the greatest! 
Even body in my life, thanks and lo\ I 
bve Del Val. 


Jennifer A. Strauss 

Small Animal Science/ CISM 

206 Crestview Dr 

Telford. PA 18969 

Matthew Daniel Sullivan 


6 Crescent Place 

Cranford,N[ 07016 

Jamie Sundermier 


Box 8 Colonial Heritage 

Doylestown. PA 18901 

Loretta Sweeney 


HOW. Bristol Rd 

Ivyland, PA 18974 

Edward Tarantelli 

Criminal Justice Administration 


.Ashland. PA 17921 

Amy Thompson 

Large Animal Science 

RR2 Box 290 

Delhi. NY 13753 

Jessica Joy Thompson 

Food Science 

4 1 ) Raymond Ave 

Aberdeen, MD 21001 

Jennifer C. Thorson 

Large Animal Science 

9 Taney Ave 

.Annapolis, MD 21401 

Nancy Trenton 

Small Animal Science 

26 Partridge Rd 

Flemington, NJ 08822 

This group of 
Seniors enjoy 
themselves at a 
Senior Social as 
they reflect on 
their years at 
Del Val. 


JS*^ , •• ■' 

"'m * t . 

Jennifer Ann Strauss 

To my parents, thanks for al I your support and 
love to my friends, you guys are the best! Our 
friendships will last lever. Don't ever tget the 
good times! NT, MM, CK, SM, and SV you will 
never be 4gotten BJ love ya! Love ya mean it! 

Amy Annette Thompson 

Thanks Mom and Dad for making all of this 
possible and for raising me right. Here's to 
Barness, best friends: AF, WJ, AS, AW, MS, 
velociamyraptors.Adaysheep, volleyball team, 
VB in the upper gym: CB, SH, MS.TM.DHJH, 
email and road trips to California: MS, being 
adapted by families on hollidays: AF, SM, RF, 

the rednecks, and roommates: AF, MS, SM, TM. 
and GK, good luck all! 

Jessica Joy Thompson 

Thanx mom & dad for all your love & support. 
I love you. Good luck 2 all my friends who have 
made my days & nights ones 2 remember. Let 
us never 4get code names spying spit tit show 
art Jade Lou BB8 Dance Party Fslabs HCs A- 
Days 5 heads Big Mama & kids Fbuds Bev 
Karaoke iceJN JRM laughs midnt snax roller 
sSing fun flix Wolfpack W&P talks prom & 
gossip. I love you all. It has been a great 4 yrs. 
Thanx 4 the memories! Bye Del Val. 

Jennifer Callahan Thorson 

First women in Ulman Hall. Sure, 111 work at 
the dairy, you want me to wake up when? How 
can 1 keep baseball score in the rain'' Shane & 
Peter Craig Math minor, I must be nuts. Time 
travel is possible. Off campus. No, not all men 
on the internet are ax murderers. Don't ask me 
how I met him. MB SS, JJ, GK, JM, & associates. 
Baseball, Athletic Training, Techniques class, 
golf cart. Yeah, I'll miss it all, now step aside, 
I'm out of here. 

Nancy Trenton 

Mom & Dad- Thank you for your support- 1 
love you- To all my friends- Thank you for the 

memories- I love you guys and 1 now know 
what true friends are! Homecoming '95! 

Sandra Veggian 

Thanx to my family & friends fr putting up 
with me these past -i years, .Love you! "Don't 
follow where the path may lead. Go instead 
where there is no path and leave a trail." Miss 
you Grandma.. .This one's for you! To all my 
friends here at Del Val thanx for the memories. 

Victoria L. Virkaitis 

Thanks everyone for the good times, you know 
who you are. Of course, thanks to my parents 

who made me who 1 am today The years went 
so fast, but it's been the longest time of my life. 

Jeffrey Dennis VanLuvanee 
Business Administration, Accounting 
211 Middle Rd 
Perkasie, PA 18944 

Sandra Veggian 
Small Animal Science 
682 New Drop Ln 
Staten Island, NY 10306 

KJrsten Ventresca 
Food Science Technology 
53 Cherry St 
Willow Grove, PA 19090 

Victoria L. Virkaitis 
PO Box 382 
Morrisville, NY 13408 

Kelly Wagner 

Equine Science 

PO Box 430 

Laurys Station, PA 18059 

Amy Rebecca Walker 
Large .Animal Science 
621 Beverly Rd 
Holland. PA 8966 

Melinda A. Walker 
Large Animal Science 
Spencerport. NT 14559 

John M. Walson 
Business Administration 
3601 W. Congress St 
Allentown, PA 18104 

Bryan Warren 
Food Science Technology 
6 Gateshed Dr 
Bridgewater, Nj 0880" 

Amy Walker 

Thanks mom, dad. Bob for everything Never 
forget soccer ( knees & cards ) Sbred bam ( fuzz 
therapy & reindeer) Farms' -How'bout those 
redneck girls'' Livestock Judging - Love them 
Sheep! Thanks for the great times & memories 
-KL. LS. GZ, KH. LI DB. SF. RenJEn. Fm3 Boys. 
Mr G, Doc: Thompson the air is better down 
here Yelociamyraptors SRV Threatening me'' 
Thanx4thelaughs Becky Gemini Days'Thnx-t 
always being there Tell Sally I saidhi 1 Cornman 
Can we take these steps to MN? Red Pigs just a 
little? Does this mean we're serious? 50. eh? 
We'll see... 

Patricia Wherry 

Susiness Administration, Marketing 

PO Box 726 

South Orleans, MA 02662 

Jonathan Wiggins 


10 Harvey Ave 

Doylestown, PA T8901 

Megan J. Wikiera 

Small Animal Science 

38 Pendleton Rd 

Granby, CT 06035 

Caryn J. Yoder 

Business Administration 

RR 2 Box 163-D 

McVeytown, PA 17051 

Jason P. Zawacki 


N20508 Zawacki Ln 

Bark River, MI 49807 

Christina A. Zelko 

Large Animal Science 

7 Naomi Lane 

C halfont, PA 18914 

Gabe Zepp 

Large Animal Science 

2734 Old Washington Rd 

Westminster, MD 21157 

Ponald S. Zukley 

Environmental Science 

1840 Easton Rd 

Doylestown, PA 18901 

Christina Alexandra Zelko 

Sucks to be you. .Saudi drop ins. Jen best 
roomie. .Drunk. .Never stay too long.Jeanie 
Cookie take care. .Non-farmer. NBI Good 
bye. .No more Ra-Ra.. Never stayed @ Marci & 
Jen's. .50 yd line-MW..Franky..Coke is 
iLZACPSU Getaways..Do I look 0K..ISFBL..7 
Naiomi..Trip'n at Archer.. Don't worry he's 
fixed. .Walks-N-Miles.. No Shower. .yum- 
yum..HC 95 Did we go?. ICEQUEEN..Thanx.. 
McGrail.. Antisocial. ,KH..Thankyou Mom, Dad 
and Davian-Love you!.. 5 down 4 to go!!! 

Gabriel 5hane Zepp 

Thank you mom & dad love you always. Big 
hn ither Dave best wishes with your new family 
Tab and Laura. Red Angus forever! Money, 
thanks for looking after me. RIP Gram, 
Mommom, Pappap I think of you always. To 
all my good friends best of luck always! Mike & 
Amyjer & Jan Trish & Carl wedding invita- 
tions? To all my friends of football LaXclub E- 
team livestock Team-PSI l-who thanks for the 
ride-time to get off. Best wishes to all especially 
the girls of NRH 313! 

Ponald S. Zukley 

Thank you to all faculty, students, and staff for 
the overall enrichment I experienced while 
attending Del Val. Athletic and academic bal- 
ance proved to be especially beneficial to me. I 
have found lasting friends and many exciting 
moments. I am glad to be a part of Aggie 
\\ restling, I'll miss all of my fellow athletes. 
Tamara ( my wife) and I would like to stay in 
touch with friends. Our home is always yours. 

Camera Shy Seniors 

Robert Adamski 

Scott Angstadt 

Jorge Araujo 

Jenine Avellini 

David darca 

Jerri Barnes 

Myle5 Bartos Jr 

Brian E>er\der 

Florence Bendig 

Brad Block 

Rebecca Bowman 

Richard 3randt 

Richard Dreder 

Chrisitine Bristow 

David Bristow 

Jason Bruno 

Joan Buschman 

Gerald Carr 

William Cassels 

Jennifer Chaki 

Brenda Chernikovich 

Brian Clapp 

Nicole Climan 

Jennifer Conway-lanacone 

Nancy Dales 

Jared Daniels 

Tina Darling 

Sonia Darmohray 

Evelyn DeJesus 

Anthony DeLeon 

Michael DeLucia 

Eric Demurat 

Marc Detweiler 

Tracy Detwiler 

Patricia Dick 

Sharon Dinsmore 

R. Kenneth Dixon 

Wendy Donovan 
Thomas Doughty 
Russell Dunfee III 
Korey Ebert 
Kim Evans 
James Febbo 
Maria Fell 
Frederick Fiesser 
Edward Freed 
Cathy Fullam 
Barbara Galligan 
Charlotte Good 
Constance Grimsley 
Paul Grochowski 
Christopher Harding 
Lori Harnish 
Dawn Heasley 
Deborah Helverson 
Eric Hess 
Mandy Hilbert 
Charmaine Hileman 
David Hollenbach 
Yvonne Hooper 
Ralph Hunsinger 
Hirofumi Ichinose 
Dean Iverson 
Christine Johnson 
David Jones 
Jeanette Jordan 
Joseph Junod 
John Karavias 
Paul Karcewski 
Jessica Keifer 
Teri Keller 
Craig Kennedy 
Raymond Kirk 
Douglas Klinger 

Michael Knaub 
Kenneth Kratzinger 
Mary Krueger 
Meggan Kucinskas 
Matthew Kurke 
Kelly Jean Kwiatkowski 
Brendan Lederer 
Nancy Lee 
Jeremy Lothian 
Kelly Love 
Theresa Lushkin 
James Manser 
Carol Martin 
Mark Mazza 
James McConnaughey 
Stephanie McCormick 
Stephen Mcllwain 
Anthony Melson 
Michelle Merkelt 
Steven A. Miller 
Kelly Munizza 
Claudia Mushrush 
Sara Nash 
Christine Neal 
Glenn Nehoda 
Troy Newell 
Anthony Norris 
Calvin Patten Jr 
James Puia 
Carl Pyzowski 
Heather Raught 
Kim Rightler 
Peter Rock 
Rose Rock 
Ryan Rockovits 
Christine Ruehl 

Michelle Rzaca 
Annette Saldutti 
Sandra Santonataso 
Stephanie Sawtelle 
Andrew Schieferstein 
Lois Schroder 
Kimberly Schwartz 
Stephanie Severino 
Michael Shannon 
Ann Sheffer 
Abigail Shuey 
William Simons 
Helen Solensky 
Adam Spector 
Michael Stoehr 
Chris Stopper 
Sylvia Stottlemire- 
Chris Straup 
Jane Swartzentruber^ 
Joanne Szogas 
Buddy Tanjala 
Kimberly Thurnau 
Matthew Toht 
Ben VanDevort 
Cynthia Varcoe 
Madeleine Volb 
John Wagner 
John Walsh 
Lora Watkins 
Jammie Weber 
Dara Widdifield 
Laura Wilhelm 
Christopher Young 
Michelle Zdancewicz 
Michael Zozula 

Seniors 3^ 



Taking a dip and making a basket. Tyrone 
Kenyatta, Mark Fioresi, and Jeff Hess opt for 
the pool instead of the ocean to catch some 
rays during their break. 

After sitting in the Philadelphia International 
Airport for eight long hours, Janine Cooke and 
Chris Zelko reached the point of frustration. 
The Seniors sat in the airport for so long due 
to an overbooking by STS. 



Curled up under a Mexican blanket. Janine 
Cooke catches up on sleep after a late night out 
on the town. Seniors relax during Spring 
Break in Cancun after a tough four years of 
classes and snow at Del Yal. 

The Cancun Crew: Row I: Andrea Dellagicoma. Jessica Thompson. Beth 
Berry, Jen McGrail. Chris Zelko. Nicole Wagner, Jeanine Cooke. Kim Kulick. Row 
2: Greg Vico. Alison Flynn. Michelle Meyer, Nancy Trenton, Tara Miliziano. 
Laura Gurk. Mary Frick. Joyce Stevens. Row J: Jeff Hess, Kelly Lerner. Derrick 
Hudson. Mark Fioresi, Tyrone Kenyatta, Rich Adamo, Sandra Veggian. Dave 
Mertz, Steph Razze. Dianne Henry, Carrie Cunningham, Jay Wright, Maria 




NicoleWagnerJanineCookeJen Strauss, and AtthemandatorySeniormeeting.CareerCoun- 

Betli Berry belt out a song during karoake at selor Mike Ellis hands Mike Blahut a Senior 

a Senior Social. Karaoke seems to be an Aggie Information Packet that will tell Mike about 

favorite, especially down at the NBI. commencement and Senior Week. 


Tyrone Kenyattajessica Thompson, and Tricia 
Stabler kick back in the APR during a Social. 
Senior Socials were few in number this year, 
but well-attended. 

David Mertz, Mike Semeniuk, Leah Braas, and 
Josh Beck recruit new DJs for WDVC in order to 
teach them how to operate the station before 
any of these Seniors graduate. 

(yOmmincimiint 'rfj 

Dr.JoshuaFeldsteinpresentsthePICPA The Real Thing. Assistant Registrar Laurie 

Award to Business graduate Rachel Lemer presents Jason Gordon with his di- 

Moyer. This award recognizes out- plomaaftercommencement. Graduatesdon't 

standing Accounting seniors who ex- actually recieve their diploma until they turn 

eel within their specialization. in their graduation cap and gown. 

P — *T%-I 

Buddy Tanjala gives a thumbs up prior 
to the ceremony on the dreary Satur- 
day morning. Rain threatened tochase 
the graduates and their families in- 
doors but was only a nuisance. 

James McConnaughey, Jacqueline 
Ruch. and James Bane experience 
mixed emotions during the procession 
to their seats. 

3<6> Seniors 

Cum laude 

with Honors 3.5-3.69 GPA 
Alexandra Amorosa Jessica McCune 
Leah Braas 

Richard Brandt Jr. 
Rebecca Bowman 
Tracy Detwiler 
Gerald Durphy 
Maria Fell 
Kathryn Gerhardt 
Eric Hess 
Korey Hirschel 
Donald Ivereon 
Maryann Johnson 
Jeanette Jordan 
Jason Kamienski 
Nicole Kozin 
Elizabeth LaPrince 
Carol Martin 
Sherry McCarthy 

Amanda Miller 
Steven Miller 
Christine Neal 
Troy Newell 
Calvin Patten 
Jacqueline Ruch 
Michelle Rzaca 
Jill Sanders 
Matthew Schwartz 
Douglas Scipioni 
Stephanie Severino 
Helen Solensky 
Amy Thompson 
Jeffrey Van Luvanee 
John Wagner Jr. 
Melinda Walker 
Lora Watkins 


Head of the Class 

Top Continuing Education student Richard 
Bredershakeshandswith Mr. Michael Simone 
of the Business Department. 

Magna cum \aude 

with High Honors 

3.7-3.69 GPA 

Jorge Araujo 

Cathy Fullam 

Matthew Kurke 

Melissa Pesnick 

Terri Barnes 

Heather Glennon 

Timothy Lehman 

Pose Pock 

Sarah Behm 

Jason Gordon 

Alexandra Loomis 

Christine Puehl 

David Bristow 

Laura Gurk 

Michelle Meyer 

Michael Schaffer 

Joan Bushmann 

Christopher Harding 

Sara Nash 

Lois Schroder 

Brenda Chernikovich 

Shaun Henry 

Glenn Nehoda 

Ann Sheffer 

Leslie Cline 

Yvonne hooper 

Anthony Norn's 

Tricia Stabler 

Patricia Dick 

Kenneth Kratzinger 

Dawn Novi 

Ronald Zukley 

Susan Duchnowski 

Mary Krueger 

Tamatha Polichetti 

<40 Seniors 

Summa cum laude 

Top Continuing 

with Highest Honors 3.9-4.0 GPA 

Education Student 

Richard Adamo Jr. Kenneth Dixon 

Nicole Maurer 

Richard Dreder 

Brad Block Frederick Flesser 

Rachel Moyer 

Richard Breder Charlotte Good 

Tony Noll 

Top Traditional Student 

Heather Hartzog 

Christine 3rlstow Heather Hartzog 

Jamie Sundermier 

Mary Beth Annemieke Hermans 

Laura Wilhelm 

Bogardus Christine Johnson 

Pennsylvania Institute 

Tina Darling Alan LaKock 

of Certified Public 

5haron Dinsmore Pamela Laubenstine 

Paul Dippery Theresa Lushkin 

Accountants Award 

Rachel Moyer 


This is the moment when a Del Val 
Senior becomes a Del Val graduate. 
Lexi Loomis proudly recieves the di- 
ploma that she has worked hard for 
during the past four years. 

After the hist of thei r classmates recieved 
their diplomas, Matt Sullivan and 
Jaime Sundermier applaud as others 
in their class cheer and toss up their 

ixed Emotions 

42 Seniors 


Umbrellas dot the crowd during the 
drizzle even as speakers remind every- 
one that it was not raining. Luckily, 
the Class of 1997 did not experience a 

Carl Pyzowski Hips his tassel, which 
symbolizes the transitionarystep from 
college to the work force or graduate 

Enjoying the last tastes of summer... 

Freshmen Amy Sprinkle, Kari Snader, Jen Buckley and Lee Ann Williamson 
enjoy dinner out on the lawn as part of the picnic dinner sponsored by the 
Student Activities Office the first week of school. The event is a part of 
Welcome Week and allows students to meet new friends at the dinner. 

Liz LaPrince enjoys a ride on the carousel at Dorney 
Park. ;ls part of the trip taken by the RA's during 
summer training. 

Freshmen Noreen Houst, a resident, and Jeff Gargano, 
a commuter, talk about weekend plans on their wa\ to 

Four good friends Pat Due, Kari Mown . Marc Dejong, 
and Angela Zolko enjoy asnack between classes in the 
courtyard. This is a great place to relax and watch 
some of the activities on campus. 

AA Student Life 

hat a year! Moving in, RA training in 
Forney Park, blood drives, endless con- 
struction, - it all shows that it's time for 

improvement, expansion, and change. E3ut 
all too soon, itdisappears, leaving ustoturn 
the pages of another year. 

fiction £>tfltt 

Christina E3ednarz 


Kristin Hofer, a Junior, cleans stalls in 
the barn. Care of the livestock is im- 
portant in the summer when fewer 

Animal Science students are available 

to help out. 

46 Student Life 

C hisses are out and it's time 
for students to go back 
home, but for many Del 
Val students, workis just beginning. 
Even - summer, DVC students earn 
hours for employment credit, a few 
extra dollars and valuable experi- 
ence as they stay through the sum- 
mer to work. Much of the work 
takes place on the campus farms. 

These activities include working in 
the standardised barn, mucking out 
stalls, feeding the animals, and har- 
vesting at the orchard. On the main 
campus, students perform grounds 
maintenance, landscaping, and of- 
fice work. Students who work over 
the summer are given a room in 
one of the residence halls. 

The summerdiffers from the fall 

and spring in many ways. Without 

demand, both the dining hall and 
Schatzy's are closed. Students have 
to fend for themselves. The pres- 
sures of classes are reduced with 
only a few courses being offered 
over two separate summer sessions. 
Students have the option of getting 
ahead in theirclassworkwhileearn- 
ing their work experience. 

This summer, students lived in 
Berkowitz Hall, and many became 
a close-knit group. Summerfriend- 
ships were formed by people who 
had just met but who hung out 
together throughout the long sum- 
mer. Staying at Del Val for a sum- 
mer is a different experience and 
gives students a different view of 

Tom Denton has some apples, has 
a tractor: what more does he need? 
Hauling some of the harvest from 
DVC's prolific orchards is hard 
work. Food that is grown there will 
be sold at the DVC Farm Market on 
Route 202. 

Patti Xuding feeds at the standard 
bred barn. Horses need to be fed a 
certain amount of food in a proper 
mixture to stay healthy. 

Groundscrew members Bethany 
Bernard and Eric Andrews. Orna- 
mental Horticulture majors, and 
Michelle Peterson, Animal Biol- 
ogy major, pause from their prun- 
ing on a hot summer's day. Stu- 
dents who work over the summer 
receive a free room, prompting 
many students ti i use the summer 
as time to catch up on classwork. 

More than just summer school, 

Great jobe, great people! 

Student; Life 

Ttiese are the times that try 
one's soul.... 
Moving is a time of ad 
justment at any age. This is espe- 
cially true for the students who at- 
tended Welcome Weekend. As par- 
ents, friends, and relatives swarmed 
the campus to help the students 

with their belongings, both began to 
feel a separation taking place. Stu- 
dents were on their own now, and this 
new life required many adjustments. 
For some, this was simply how to fit all 
their clothes into one small closet. For 
others, it included adjustment to a new 
state, new friends, and a new lifestyle. 

Roommates offer their own set of 
adjustments for one another. Things 
like being neat or messy, being a morn- 
ing or night person, and having to get 
up at three in the morning to go down 
to the farm all take a bit of getting used 
to. But college proves to be a growing 
period for students. Together, room- 

mates learn to solve problems. The; 
collaborate when they need to shan 
the wall and decorate it. They ad 
just their schedules to fit around tin 
other's. They even figure out wha 
sort of food they need to stockpile fo 
midnight snacks. 

Mine hi is one time when securitj 
will allow you to park on the grass 
and drive through the gates. Dur- 
ing Welcome Weekend, freshmen 
moving in to college becomes a 
family affair. 

Roomates Jamie Assante and Tony 
Cirinocheck in at Cooke Hall. Over 
the summer, roommates are 
matched up based on preferences 
indicated on forms. During the 
spring semester, housing registra- 
tion, based on accumulated cred- 
its, gives students the opportunity 
to change roommates and/or 

RA's LynAnn Inlow. Matt 
Stonecipher and Greg Hinderliter 
help sign freshmen in during We 
come Weekend. RA's help to ease 
the transition to dorm life by 
ing down problems and encourag 
ing residence hall activities. 

Stepping out on your own 

Growing to Like It Here 

A€> Student, Life 

Welcome Weekend was a great place to 
meet new friends! Jay Wright encour- 
ages new students by hopping along 
on a funnoodle race! 

Moving in is always better with a little 
help from your friends and family! 
Even though living on your own can 
be great, nothing can compare to 
Mom's homecooking! 

Student Life 

Although DVC is 100 years old, it 
is easy to see that it is 
determinednot to grow fallow- 
in its old age. On the contrary, the 
college is constantly expanding and 
growing to meet the demandsof a chang- 
ingworld. This is best seen inthe amount 
of constrution that has been taking place 
across campus. From one end to the 
other, students were finding that bull- 
dozers blocked their path to class. Some 
of the disturbances were caused by im- 
provements that were begun last year, 
namely, the addition to the gym. Other 
continued on next page 

Work on the newest addtion to the gym 
lasted throughout the better part of the 
year and landscaping yet remains to 
be done. 

This insidious tree damaged Alumni 
House in a windy autumn storm. The 
April Fool's Day edition of the Ram 
Pages claims that mother nature is Del 
Val's new demolition crew, helped by a 
secret student organization. 

We're only getting better! 

Improvements Needed 

30 Student Life 

improvements have been made out of 
necessity. Early this year a fallen tree 
instigated the remodelling of Alumni 
House at the main entrance to campus. 
Crews have been working throughout 
both semesters to expand and repair 
this building that may eventually be 
used for meeting rooms. At Farm 3, the 

old sheep barn was torn down so that a 
new one could be constructed. The new 
barn is much more reliable than the 
old building, whose safety was ques- 
tionable. A new greenhouse was com- 
pleted at the beginning of the fall se- 
mester as well. The latest round of 
construction results from a partner 

ship with Thomas Jefferson Medical 
School - an addition to Mandell. Al- 
though all of these improvements can 
be a temporary hindrance, it is well 
worth the inconvenience. The new 
gym has been well received by the stu- 
dent body, the Large Animal Science 
students are happy with the barn, and 

the other improvemeii 
to be a benefit to the colleg 
munity. As the college continues to 
grow and expand into the twenty- 
first century, expect more innova- 
tive improvements. We can only get 

Work on an addition for Mandell 
Hall began in December. The new 
wing will be used by Thomas 
Jefferson University for research. 

j^ SC^fcjEJ 


\^ M 


Mew Residence Mall 

Mew Residence Ma 

Row 1: Tricia Stabler, Ethan Brownback, Derrick Hudson. Row 1: Rich Naniewicz, Lynn Kennedy, Renee Milligan, Nicole Wagner, Jon 

Row 2: Chris Salmon, Dwayne Murphy, Tara Miliziano, Leigh Post, Melissa Narrow. 

Parker, Christina Kapelan, Jonelle Buckley, Beth Berry, Jessica Thompson. Row 2: Jeanine Cooke, Jammie Webber, Christine Saladino. 

Row 3: David A. Mertz, Steven Hughes, Ted Horvath, Michael A. Semeniuk, Row3: Nicole Kozin, Patty Hillanbrand. Sarah Behm. Laura Gurk, Matt Myers. 

[ules A. Abercarph, Brian P. Leusner, Tim Quinn, Louis A. Del Giudice. Mark Row4: Dianne Henry, CarynYoder,WilSdcedo,KristyMauroschadt, Heather 

Vlongrain, Ray Worriner. Demarest. 

Student; Life 51 

Addition to Gym gives DVC 

Room to stretch 

f"^ eturning students felt 

V^ that they had waited 
1 ^Slong enough, while 
freshmen were pleasantly sur- 
prised by the completion of the 
gym addition. The construction 
project, which began last winter, 
was finally completed, just in 
time for Homecoming. Athletes 
enjoy the benefits of larger locker 
rooms, more free weights, and 
numerous exercise machines. 
The expanded facilities allowstu- 
dents recreation while athletes 
continued on next page 

Mart\- Morrison mops up as the 
construction dust lifts. The new- 
gym is an impressive addition to 
the DVC campus. 

Wolfsohn hall 

Row 1 : Jenn McCracken, Stephanie Townsend, Farah Berkey, Allison Majewski 
Row 2: Ivy N. Garfinkel, Noreen Houst, Sarah Welch. ErikaYaczina, Shannon 
Wescott, Vicki Klinger Row 3: Amanda Parker, Jenn Mills, Amy Roberts, 
Shannon McGavin, Sam Hance, Annette Kingsley, Terra Lutz, Donna Osilka 
Row 4: Lauren Orpbneck, Azra Hromadzic, Peggy Myers, Julie Sentz, Jessie 
Post, Kristen Salvesen, Holly Mathisen, Amanda Bruno, Aida Pasalic Row 5: 
Maureen Liona, Chrissy Battinelli, Kelly Roderick, Alana Lavell, Heather 
Majchrowski, Suzanne Bishard, Sarah Brown, Heather Mae Miller, Bhthe 

52 Student Life 

Samuel Mall 

Row 1: Jennifer Hess, Barb Dunn, Michelle Taylor, Kathleen Kingsley, 

Danielle Newsham, Mary Nichols, Lee Ann Williamson 

Row 2: Laurie Smith, Dave Shannon, Mike Bird, Matthew Stonecipher, 

Jennifer Heebner, Maria Orlando, Kerri Cozine, Eric Moore 

Row 3: John Mortelliti, Steve Sarnoski, Scott J. Thomas III, Chris Swallow, 

Salvatore Donato, Andy Swanson, Steven Saxe, Bill Fabiano, Ben Mecouch, 

Rich McGowan 

Many students frequent the gym on a 
daily or weekly basis to enjoy the ben- 
efits of exercise. Physical education 
students will benefit by being intro- 
duced to a gymnasium which is fully 
equipped to serve their needs. 

In addition to the benefits to the 
overall fitness of the college, intramu- 
ral as well as varsity athletics are sure to 
benefit by an expansion of facilities. 

The new gym offers a more extensive weight room, 
exercise equipment, and an opportunity for all Del Val 
students to get into shape. Senior Tara Miliziano 
works off the stress of a day of classes by lifting weights 
in the new gym . 

Outside, the gym addition adds to the overall size of 
the gym. The addition now covers what was a grassy 
area for students to eat or toss a frisbee. 

Student; Life 

uring three nights this past March, the 
' gym was filled with the sounds of "God 
Bless Texas!" Students brought out 
their boots and ten gallon hats to participate 
in the country line dancing class. Although 
sponsored by the Class of 1999, the short 
course was open to anyone interested. 

The class consisted of three nights of in- 
struction by Natalie Shields. Steps such as the 
Watermelon Crawl, the Boot Scootin' Boogie, 
Slap Leather, and the Fourteen Step kept 
interested country fans kicking up their heels. 
Because of the strong country music interest 
at Del Val, the course was naturally well- 
received. Kelly Barnes, speaking for the 25 
people who signed up said "It was a lot of fun 
and exciting!" 

Instructor Natalie Shields shows Brendan 

Conway and Sara Case that line-dancing is 

more difficult than the hokey-pokey. 

Kim Funt, Mary Beth Bogarth, and Heidi 
Dahlhammer shuffle to the left proving that 
line dancing is great fun and great exercise. 

:A Student- Life 

Class of 1999 

3oot Scootin' &ooq\e 

(From back to front) Jennifer 
Heebner, Margaret Wilkinson, Kim 
Funt, Kristen Wall, Katie Sterner. 
Heidi Dahlhammer, Man - Beth 
Bogarth, Katie Maciolek and 
Brendan Conway master the ba- 
sics taught during the three-ses- 
sion line dancing course. 



tow 1: Garth Knowlton, David Erikson, Kevin Dulio, John N. Whalen, Drew Row 1: Susie Lutz, Heidi Dahlhammer, Leah Eason, Heather King. 

)iMino,Brad Halter, Brian Murphy, Angel Prinos Row 2: Rachel Martin, Janet Beagle. Martha Cheetham, Margaret Flynn, 

tow 2: George Kelly, Brandon Daughtry, Nick Feito, Tony Cirino, Tim Thomas, Melonica Kauffman, Mandy Naugle, Caroline Cowen, Jessica Bach, 

amie Assante, Hal Grosso, Stephen Reguk, Patrick Dew Row 3: Becca Stavenick, Tammi Kolb, Melissa Aflague. Heather Weaver, 

tow3: RayBerryman,CalvinPattersonJr.,LanceHillegass,BrianHeam,Mike Elizabeth Anderson, Lael Krukar, Elizabeth Wiley, Jenny Buckley, Gillian 

.engle, Jason Bauer, Brian Kelly, Elvin Rodriguez, Jason Powell, Mike Carnevale Metzgar, Jennifer Bornkamp 

Student Life 55 

Brian Hearn, a Freshman Horticulture stu- 
dent, checks his mail for signs of a package 
from home. 

5<3 Student- Life 



Row 1: Courtney Raneri, Krista Pendrak, Tori Dowdy, Krista Kowalczyk, 

rennille Frock, Paula Constable, Chris Cusano, Jodi Paterno. Row 2: Kevin 

Langley, Melissa Eaton, Bill Mann, Lashea Kelly, Kelly White, Serena-Lyn Rowl: MattShowater,WilliamGuthier,JonathanHoxworth,JohnnieFiguera, 

Mowakowski, Johnnie Figueroa, Stephanie Farrand, Michele Roman, Hillary Jeff Aitken, Ricky Navarro, Anthony La Porte, Jeff Salabritas 

Shard, Sean Hiester, John Pecore. Row 3: Paul Stayback, Stacia Murphy, Bob Row 2: Michael Abbott, Shawn Magee, Bill Mann, Jason Schall, William 

ieinschmidt, Rickv Navarro, Tom Vanderslice Eric Petrowski. Somma, fason Heuer, fason Pulaski 

Lunch outside on a bright sunny 
da\ proved to hit the spot for Fresh- 
men Larissa Wagner, Amy Sebring 
and Gillian Smith. During lunch, 
DVC students may discuss how 
much they dislike aclassorprofes- 
sor or their plans for the evening. 

hese are the days when 

Anything goes. . . 

Student Life 57 

When moving into the 
residence hall in late sum- 
mer, it's easy to forget 
something, lose your way around cam- 
pus, or just become homesick. RA's 
deal with these issues and many more. 
For a Resident Assistant, their school 
day lasts 24/7. When they aren't in 
classes or keeping up with their own 
busy lives, RA's are answering ques- 
tions and solving problems on cam- 

RA's have a variety of jobs that people 
often take for granted. RA's coordinate 
life within their own residence hall, 
such as hall meetings, as well as activi- 
ties with other residence halls. 

This undertaking requires a large 
sense of community. This spirit begins 
to form in the summer when RA's re- 
turn to campus for a week of training. 
Training includes various important 
aspects of campus life such as fire safety 
and people skills. RA's don't just learn, 

but also become friends. 

One part of the RA training is the 
day at Dorney Park. Here, RA's can 
be themselves and get to know each 
other and their support staff. Since 
RA's help to communicate campus 

events with residents, it is important residents demand many things fro 

that they have a good relationship an RA which requires incredit 

with the Office of Student Life. One time management. 

week may not seem like a lot of time 

to train an RA, but they are con- Contributed by Heidi Dahlhamrr, 

stantlv learning. With each week, 

Never fear, help is here! Bill Kitsch 
plays firefighter for the day. Unfortu- 
nately, problems do arise where RA's 
are required to put thei r fi re training to 

5& Student Life 

Resident Advisors 

Back Row: Bob Marshall, Dean Stephen Jarrett, Mrs. Mary Frick, Nancy 
DeBord, Dean Jay Wright, Jenn McCracken, Jamie Haddon. Row 3: Greg 
Hinderliter, Matt Myers, Brad Halter, John Knudson, Bill Kitsch, Ethan 
Srownbackjohn Karavias, George Kelly, Bob Wrzesniewski, Bill Mann. Row 
1: Michelle Foraker, Joe Boutureira, Matt Stonecipher, Stephanie Townsend, 
Kristen Hughes, Jessica Cochran, Nicole Kozin, Heather Gorski, Vanessa Dell, 
Liz LaPrince. Row 1: Grant Campbell, Laurie Smith, LynAnn Inlow, Lorie 
\ochanski, Kelly Lerner, Nicole Robinson, Becca Burk, Heidi Dahlhammer, 
]arrie McGill 


Row 1: Nicole Hoffman, Angela Romanczuk, Julia Kutcher. Mandy Beil, Kim 
Funt, Korin Mediate. 

Row 2: Amanda Miller, Laura Mayer, Sandy Tatarynw, Dianne Pawlicki, Sara 
Case, Nancy Daniels, Katie Hutchinson, Barbara Dent, Krista Hammer, Eliza- 
beth LaPrince. 

Row 3: Jessica Carnivale, Diann Doderer, Katie Sterner, Stacey Lore. Erin 
Vogelsong, Liz Leiter, Michelle Sandrock, Emilie Replogle, Megan Young, 
Julie Matlaga, Heather Gorski 

After their minds are already whirl- 
ing with various dorm safety tips, 
the RA's take a break from training 
to get to know one another. Kristen 
Hughes, Lorie Kochanski and Bob 
Wrzeniews ki enjoy the Tilt-A- Whirl 
at Dornev Park. 

Community Builders 



Student Life 59 

T'ry to track down a commuter stu 
dent: it's next to impossible to find 
them. Commuters make up about 
half of the DVC students and include people 
with all different types of living situations. 
While a resident is known to eventually return 
to their residence hall, a commuter can be 
found just about anywhere! From watching 
"The Newlywed Game" in the commuter 
lounge, to the library, to working out in the 
gym, commuting students make the most of 
their time on the DVC campus. Many com- 
muters have either a job or a family which 
keeps them busy in their after-school hours, 
and some have both! 

With many obligations, being acommuter 
can sound confining, however to some, hav- 
ing the freedom to come and go whenever 
they please proves to be a very liberating 

Ornamental Horticulture majors Steve 
Miller and Wyatt Coutlee study in 
between classes in the commuter 

There is a bit of a challenge for a commuter to stay 
involved at DVC. While residents can conveniently walk 
over to activities and club meetings, a commuter often 
has to make a return trip to school after stopping at 
work or home. Commuters believe that it is worth the 
effort, however. Many hold prominent positions in 
student government and in the clubs on campus. 

Commuters aren't excluded from all the fun either. 
Commuters come back to campus and enjoy parties, 
dances, and socials just as much as the rest of the 
students do. Whether travelling between work and 
family obligations, or just gaining some space from 
campus, commuters know the ins and outs of balanc- 
ing school and home life. 

0O Student; Life 

Commuting Students 


With their eyes fixed on their work, 
Jan Edm and Jon Ceschan share a 
table to study before class. As stu- 
dents move off campus, the post of- 
fice has to prepare a place for them 
among the ever-growing row of 

Regina Pellegrin, Kristen Hoffman, 
and friends relax between classes by 
watching TV in the commuter lounge. 
Some choose to use their break to do 
homework, while others spend the time 
napping or talking to friends. 

Sylvia Stottlemire-Dempsey, a Senior 
in Food Science, could be pondering 
anything as she walks over to the com- 
muter lounge - why the snow fell so 
late this year, if she' 11 have her senior 
seminar ready, or even w : hat to make 
for dinner. 


Del Val's Blood Drives 

lis E3bods fo 


Sean Gallagher carefully answers 
questions for a Red Cross nurse 
before she takes his blood. The 
Red Cross will not take your blood 
if you've been under medication 
or are deficient in iron. Questions 
like those Sean is answering help 
ensure a safe blood supply. 

Chuck Roohr asks about his 
progress, and when it will be over, 
as he donates one of the hundreds 
of pints collected by Del Val at each 

Various clubs and organizations 
conduct registration for the Blood 
Drive. Potential donorjesscia But- 
ler talks with Lisa Karkoska, Kristen 
Hughes and Brad Halter. 

&Z Student- Life 

Through the continued organization by 
Kristen Hughes, Del Val participated once 
again in a successful blood drive to help 
the American Red Cross. Various clubs showed 
their support through posters, banners, signs 
and registration service hours. A number of 
club members also signed up to donate. 

Over 100 people signed up to participate 
and around 80 were able to give blood. As 
blood banks face increased shortages, both 
winter blood drives are crucial to helping the 
community. The American Red Cross has 
presented the College with a plaque com- 
memorating its 8th Annual Blood Drive. 

None of the profound generosity could 
have been possible without the help of so 
many organizations. Kristen Hughes has 
served as Blood Drive Chairperson for the past 
three years. It is dedication such as this which 
allows Del Val to claim itself as a pillar of 
service to the community. 

It only hurts a little. Sophomore Food Science 
student Lori Gregalis is willing to donate blood to 
the American Red Cross. Through DYC's two an- 
nual drives, over 190 pints of blood were donated by 
members of the College Community and from folks 
in the surrounding areas. 

Senior Jonathan Fox squeezes his ami to help slow the 
ood flow after giving blood. 

Student Life 03 

Most people only think of Del Val as a 
day school. Although much of the 
learning goes on during the day, a 
recognizable portion of it takes place during 
the night classes offered by Continuing Edu- 
cation. Students enrolled in these classes 
consist of Seniors who are trying to make up 
classes, those jugglingfull-time jobs, oradulls 
taking a course for general knowledge. 

The Continuing Education program uti- 
lizes many of the Business and Liberal Arts 
staff to offer core courses and degrees. Pro- 
grams include Business Administration, Com- 
puter Information Systems, Math, Crimin; 
Justice, Environmental Landscape Design, 
Education, Chemistry and Biology. Tradi- 
tional agriculture courses are not available. 
Students enrolled in Continuing Ed ap- 
preciate busy schedules. Many are parents 
returning to school to further their career and 
must balance work, school, and family. 

Many of Del Val's Continuing Education stu- 
dents are Business majors. As a result, Michael 
Simone's "International Trade" class is well 

Senior Susan Duchnowski gets a helpful tip 
from instructor Neil Hilkert during class. Su- 
san is taking this Business course in order to 
graduate on time. 

All photos by the Office of Continuing Edu 

64- Student; Life 

Continuinq Education 

gainst the Grain 

Linda Landis chats with Neil Hilkert after class 

about the various programs offered by Con- 
tinuing Education. Professors are available 
to students to help them plan their schedules 
and decide which courses to take. 

Students watch in rapt attention as professor 
Michael Gnida lectures for the World Cultures 
evening section. Many evening courses are 
restricted, not allowing day school students 
except under special circumstances. 

Attending night school often leaves little time 
for studying. Lira Loung tries to review his 
material a little before class begins. 

Student Life (35 

Landscape Contracting major Sarah Campbell 
keeps her nose to the grindstone as she pre- 
pares her project. Site Analysis is a reuired 
course for most OH majors, so they put forth 
the time and effort to create their designs. 

Extroverts generally keep their doors open to 
welcome the coinings and goings. Kathy 
Salisbury checks out who's outside her first- 
floor Samuel room while studying at her desk. 

&<3 Student Life 

-lens, There & Everywhere 

Del V/al Students on the Go 

Flashing a smile which could only 
mean that she's thrilled to be back 
to school, Meg Wikiera takes time 
to buy books for spring semester. 

Can you believe that the year's 
almost over? Camille Norvaisas 
and Gabriele Schuler laugh over 
how fast time flew during the sec- 
ond semester. 

Another long day at the sheep bam 
eaves Tifanie Sbriscia resting in 
the hallway. Tifanie frequently 
makes trips down to the sheep bam 
to prepare her sheep for A-Day. 


Take Down! Junior Adam Staton attempts to flip his opponent from 
Gettysburg College to pin and win his match. 

Sophomore Holly 
the ball. 

Hofer runs to regain control of Kevin Burton looks for a way to pass the opponent Adam Amaral lines up his putt and aims to make 

and go for a basket. par. 

&3 Sports Divider 

Many students get involved in the sponts 
teamson campus, ^neseteamsencourage 
growth of leadershipandresponsibilityand 


individual improvementasthe season goes 
on. Athletes Turn to new Pages as new 
coaches and members join the team. 

Chuck Erway 
Fred Lundy III 

Sports Divider (39 

Right: This photo shows the de- 
termination and teamwork that 
goes into a scoring attempt. Bot- 
tom Right: Mark Plath winds 
up for the shot as opposing team 
members rush toblock his attempt. 
Mark scored one goal in the sea- 
son. Bottom Left: Jason Cassel 
knocks the ball away from an op- 
posingplayer during a home game. 
Photos by MS 








Gwynedd Mercy 
















Lebanon Valley 




Phil. Bible 










fl PI 




70 Sports 

^OPtn^ ^ctlm 

Try by ('.buck Erway and Fred Lundy 
This 1996 men's soccer season 
wed to be a learning experience 
Dt only for the new team members. 
i also for the veterans. The one 
mior and four juniors learned to 
ave patience with the younger 
lembers. The upperclassmen also 
ive the younger squad the experi- 
lce needed to win at the collegiate 

The overall record of 3-14 ( 1-5 
1 the MAC) does not show the vast 
uount of experience gained by the 
nderclassmen. Five of the teams 
sses came by only one goal. 
This experience was quickly used 
better the team. The win over 
ing's shines as a season highlight. 
tie Aggies exploded on offense, for 
/e goals. 

Throughout the season co-cap- 
in Bryan Purcaro set the standard 
I the younger team to follow. 
arcaro led the Aggies with seven 
)als, five assists, and 19 total points 
I the season. Perhaps the biggest 

game of the season for Purcaro 
came in the explosive 5-3 win over 
King's. He scored three of the five 
goals and assisted on the other two, 
giving him a total of eight points 
for the day. 

Purcaro is currently the fourth 
all-time leading scorer in Del Val 
history. The junior only needs six 
points to become the schools all- 
time leading scorer. 

Goaltender sophomore Mike 
McNamee had a spectacular day 
against Division II team Kutztown. 
Although McNamee made 19 saves, 
Del Val lost 0-1 to Kutztown. 
McNamee showed his strong will 
in this first game back after four 
out with an injury. For his play he 
earned a second team All-star bid. 

Senior co-captain Jason Cassels 
chips in by giving detennination to 
the team. He has been a starter for 
the Del Val soccer team for all four 
years. Over these past four seasons, 
Cassels has compiled 29 points to 

be listed as the fifth all-time scorer. 
Cassels has also recorded 13 assists 
over the past four seasons. 

Below: Junior Karl Rider heads the ball away from an opponent. 
Rider's stats included one goal and two assists for a total compi- 
lation of four points for the season. Photo by MS 

At Left: Front Row (L to R): Bruce 
Grallasso.Joel Keller, Ryan Sweeney. 
Michael Lengle, Michael McNamee, 
John Foley, Ashley Peck and Mark 
Plath. Back Row (L to R): Geno 
Finon, Karl Rider. Jason Rice. Brad 
Ederhardt, Bryan Purcaro, Adam 
McGraw, Brain Loucks, Jesse Marder. 
and Jason Cassels. Photo by Tim 


Overall 11-4-1 

DVC vs: 

Baptist Bible 


Holy Family 










Bryn Mawr 


Lebanon Valley 











1 ' [ ' :> ' ' ^$M 





f *r 


3JL . M ?i" 

At Right: Lorie Kochanski and 
teammate Tifanie Sbrisciapro- 

tect the goal and gain control 
of the ball. Middle: Karen 
Lamarre drives the ball past 
the defendei's during an away 
game. Below: Olivia Martin 
shows that soccer is a full con- 
tact sport as she is blocked by 
the opposition in her success- 
ful attempt to headbutt the ball. 

72 Sports 

7^**t J^nttUs for ^tfaptt ~£><iYtk 

ory by FredLundy mid Matt Lay 

In just its third year of varsity play, 
e Delaware Valley College women's 
ccer team finished the 1996 season 
ith an 11-4-1 record, including a 4 
mark in the Middle Atlantic Confer- 
ice (MAC)- Freedom League. 

The Aggies battled seven- time de- 
pdingconference champion Scranton 
r the final playoff berth on the last 
ly of the season but came up short, 
rst year head coach Kevin Doherty 
rected his team to school records in 
ins (11), consecutive games without 
loss (8), shutouts (8), and consecu- 
rewins (4). 

Sophomore sensation and team 
ost Valuable Player Emilie Replogle 
i the way on the field. She topped her 
'-goal, 61 -pointfreshman season with 
! goals and eight assists for 72 points 

this year's 15 games. Replogle's 
'erage of 4.8 points per game more 
an doubled her closest competition 

the MAC. She was also named the 
inference ' s Pi aver of the Week on four 
parate occasions. 

Replogle brokeschool records (men 
id women) with her five-goal, 11- 

point performance in a 6-0 victory over 

The 11 points broke the previous 
mark of 10, held ironically by Doherty 
in a game in 1985. Only 16 players in 
the history of women's soccer (all Divi- 
sions) have scored more goals in a 
game than Replogle did on that 

Sophomore midfielder Olivia Mar- 
tin set records of her own with 12 assists 
in the season. She also set a mark with 
three assists in a game (later tied by 
Replogle). Martin finished the year 
with 14 points, and is the second all- 
time leading scorer with 26 points. 

Jennifer Keim enjoyed a solid fresh- 
man season as the forward. She was 
second on the team with five goals and 
finished with 1 1 points. Midfielders 
Tracy Decker and Karen Lamarre fol- 
lowed with nine points apiece. Decker, 
a sophomore, connected for three goals 
while Lamarre, a junior, found the net 
on two occasions. 

Senior co-captain Jeanette McBride 
moved from forward to keeper in 1996 
and responded with a record-breaking 

season. McBride started 15 games and 
stopped 1 14 shots, en route to aschool- 
record (men and women) 1.07 goals 
against average. Eight of herwins were 
shutouts, which broke the single-sea- 
son school record and tied the Aggie 
career mark. 

Defenders Quendryth Poore, co-cap- 

tain Rebecca Ripley, and Tifanie 
Sbriscia were key reasons why the 
Aggies cut their total goals allowed 
from 33 in 1995 to 17 this year. 
Poore and Ripley, both juniors, 
added four points a piece. Sbriscia. 
a freshman, was voted Defensive 
Pi aver of the Year. 

At Left: Front Row (L to R): Beth 
Sheflin, Emilie Replogle, Lorie 
Kochanski, Jennette McBride. Tracey 
Decker, Karen Decker, Olivia Martin. 
Back Row (L to R): Kevin Doherty. 
Diann Doderer. Jen Keim. Quendryth 
Poore, Rebecca Ripley, Tifan ie Sbriscia, 
Donna Mover, Eric Skillman. Photo 
byCE Above: Rebecca Ripley chal- 
lenges the opposition for control of the 
bail. Photos fry MS. 

Women's Soccer 73 







Muhl. Inv. 



LVC Int. 


27 th 





Elizabethtown 35- 







Phil. Inv. 


5 th 

Drew Inv. 






Cath. U. 





10 ,h 



12 th 


Above Left: Emily Hayes, a 
Junior, prepares herself for the 
long race ahead by keeping 
pace with a Drew opponent. 
Above Right: Racingto catch 
the person in front of her, fresh- 
men Renee Emery charges 
ahead with a burst of energy. 
Renee was third in scoring for 
the women Right: Sopho- 
more Becca Stavenick rounds 
the comer with a pack of run- 
ners on route to the finish. 
Becca has been the top 
women's runner for the past 
two seasons. Photo br C'E 

74 Sports 

^mm £ttiy& ^positive Respite J^oss tt ^tfivers 

Charles Erway 

"This season was great for the 

women and a little rough for the 

men, but we all made it through 


Story by Charles Erway 

This year was an excellent year 
for the women harriers. On the 
other hand, theyearwasastruggle 

for the men due to the loss of 
many runners. The women com- 
piled a 5-2 overall record and the 
men's record was 0-3. 

The women's team was led 
again this year by Becca Stavenick, 
a sophomore. Following close 
behind Stavenick was senior cap- 
tion Lexi Loomis. Loomis has 
been a four year starter and a 
corner stone of the team; her tal- 
ent will be missed next year. One 
surprise was freshmen Renee 
Emery, who ran third for 
the team. Another fresh- 
men, Kristen Salvesen, ran 
fourth for the team. Junior 
Steph Townsend rounded 
out the top five scorers. This 
year's award winners were 
Lexi Loomis, voted this 

year's MVP, and Steph Townsend, 
voted next year's captain by her 
fellow team mates. Loomis and 
Townsend were also named MAC 
All-Academic. The special Debbie 
MAC award went to Kelly 
Musselman, who was injured at 
the beginning of the year and 
could not compete for most of the 

On the men's side, the season 
was a hard fought struggle. How- 
ever, leading the way was senior 
co-captain Mike Kiefer. Kiefer 
has been a four year starter and 
has had a spectacular career here 
at Del Val. Junior John Knudson 
was second on the team in points. 
John was voted this season's MVP 
and next year's captain. A bright 
spot for the men was freshmen 
Scott Kingston, who did not lose a 
step between high school cross 
country and college. 

Above: Senior Mike Kiefer leads the 
way for Junior John Knudson and 
the rest of Del Val men's team. They 
combined during the season for an 
awesome one, two punch with times 
in the low30's. Photo by CE Right: 
l sl Row (L to R): John Knudson, 
Renee Emery, Kelly Musselman, 
Stephanie Townsend 2 nd Row: Scott 
Kingston, Lexi Loomis, Emily Hayes, 
Kristen Salvesen, Jan Uerkus 3 rd 
Row: Coach Robert Berthold, Ella 
Pandy, Mike Kiefer, Amy Seabring, 
Larisa Wagner, Becca Stavenich. Not 
shown in photo: Jill Chambers and 
Charles Erway. Photo by Steph 

Croe>e> Country 

J\eiv (^oath pushes to ^t&tlm to 

Story by Chuck Erway and Matt Levy 
Del Val's volleyball team will re- 
member this season for its triumphs. 
These spikers finished the year with a 
16-10 overall record, setting a school 
record for wins. The six-game winning 
streak in the middle of the season, one 
shy of tying the school record, helped 
capture this triumphant record. 

Junior Kelly Orser, a first season 
collegiate volleyball player, led the way 
for Del Val. Kelly's average of 1.1 aces 
per game ranked third in the nation for 
Division III after the regular season. 
She received the honor of being named 

Amy Thompson 

"We had a great 

season with a very 

talented team. The 

new Coaches put us 

together well. The 

future looks veiy 


At Left: First Ron < (L to R): Monica 
Starr, Rebecca Andrew, Jenifer Konia, 
Terra Lutz, Bonnie Margon, Colleen 
Keanrns. Amy Thompson. Back Row 
(L to R): Head Coach Sondra Stoczko, 
Karen Smith, Donna Osilka, Tracy 
Mann, Amy Sprinkle, Kelly Orser, 
Vanessa Dell, Assistant Coach Chang 
Han. Above: Kelly Orser concen- 
trates on the ball during her serve. 
Kelly paced the Aggies in kills (207), 
digs (334), and aces (88). She was 
also named a 2"' , -Team All Star along 
with Amy Thompson and Terra Lutz. 
Photos by MS 

Middle Atlantic Conference (MAC) 
Player of the Week. 

There were many bright spots on 
the team, including senior Amy 
Thompson. Thompson finished her 
final year second on the team in kills 
(155) and blocks (26) while ranking 
third in digs with 290. This four-year 
starter and three-year captain finished 
her stellar career with 486 kills, 714 
digs and 110 aces. 

Other bright spots were freshman 
setter Terra Lutz, junior Tracy Mann, 
co-captain junior Monica Starr, and 
sophomore Rebecca Andrew. Terra 
Lutz led Del Val with 595 assists while 
adding 89 digs, 65 kills and 57 aces. 
She was named the Most Valuable 
Player at the Academy of the New 
Church College Tournament. Terra's 
performance throughout the year 
earned her MAC Rookie of the Year 

Tracy Mann, an asset in height, led 
the team in blocks (58), with 45 of 
them being solo attempts. She also 
finished third on the team in kills with 
145, and was tied for fourth in digs with 

192. Fellow junior and team co-captain Monica 
Starr recorded 109 kills, 192 digs, and 38 aces. 
Rebecca Andrew rounded out the starting lineup. 
The sophomore finished the season with 88 kills, 
297 digs, 47 assists, and 43 aces. 

This year's team award winners were: Kelly Orser 
for MVP, Tracy Mann for Most Improved Player, and 
Amy Thompson for the Coach's award. 

7 Sports 

Overall 16-10 


















New Church Tournament 1 sl 

















Cedar Crest 




Cabrini Tournament 

1 st 



Abort': Traq Mann prepares 
to spike the ball back to the 
opposingteam. Tracy officially 
recorded 14S spikes. Above 
Right: Amy Thompson and 
KellyOrser get set todig the ball 
during the opposition's volley. 
Amy recorded 2 C M) digs, while 
Kelly recorded 334 for the sea- 
son. At Left: With determina- 
tion on there faces, Del Val 
teammates Amy Thompson and 
Tracy Mann return the ball, as 
Kell) Orser looks on. Photos by 

Womerie Volleyball 77 

At Right: Dan Osada makes 
one of his 18 tackles for the 
season as David Ciriaco gets 
into position to assist in the 
tackle. Below Right: Mike 
Erbrick of the Aggies is looking 
for a hole in the opposition's 
defensive line. Del Val finished 
the year with 1,181 vards of 
rushing offense. Below Left: 
Sophomore Joey Shenko checks 
over the opponent' s defense be- 
fore delivering the ball to one 
of the Aggie receivers. Photos 

.<£_. /,•:£*& 

Overall 1 - 9 


Salisbury St. 









Lebanon Valley 

: port 


thirst y^ear fender }Jead (j?P4tA (^Arls ~f~>tekratn 

Reconstruction (Begins 

'ory by Fred Lundy and Matt Levy 
The 1996 Delaware Valley College 
Kitball season came to an end on 
aturday, November 1 6 with a 48 - 33 
>ss at Lebanon Valley College. The 
ggies, under new head coach Chris 
ockrath, finished 1-9 overall and 1- 
in the Middle Atlantic Conference 

(MAC)- Freedom League play. 

Del Val's lone win of the season was 
a thrilling 27-2-4 triumph at FDU- 
Madison. The point total and 302 
yards of offense in the victory were 
team highs until the last game's 33- 
point, 431 -yard performance. 

"I think the season 
was alearning experi- 
ence for everyone in- 
volved with the pro- 
gram," Bockrath said. 
"We graduate just four 
seniors, so we should 
have a good number 
of players back. Tie 
that in with what will 
hopefully be a good 
recruiting year, and it 
gives us a strong 
nucleus to work with 
next season." 

Quarterback Joey 
Shenko produced the 
sixth-best single game 
passing total in school 
history. The sopho- 

more completed 18 of 34 passes for 
262 yards and three touchdowns 
against Lebanon Val ley. Shenko ended 
the season 62-for-l66 with 823 yards 
and seven touch2dovvns. He ranked 
10th in the MAC in pass efficiency 
(85.68) and total offense ( 102.2 yards 
per game). 

Junior Bob Leach was eighth in the 
conference in receivingwith 38 catches 
for 490 yards and two touchdowns. 
Leach's 86 career receptions places 
him fourth on the Aggie's all-time list, 
while his 1 , 1 5 1 yards ranks him sixth. 

Fullbacks Brian Hearn and Bob 
Engle led the Delaware Valley ground 
attack with 273 and 262 yards, respec- 
tively. Hearn, a sophomore who played 
through a shoulder injury all season, 
scored one touchdown while Engle, a 
freshman, found the end zone on two 

The Aggie special teams were 
sparked by the play of freshman Jose 
Valentin as he returned 19 kickoffs for 
458 yards and a 24.1 average. 
Valentin's average ranked as high as 

12th in the nation for Division III. 
Safeties Terrance Oliver and John 
Convey led the team in tackles with 
88 and 82, respectively. Oliver, a 
junior, added three pass breakups 
while Convery, a sophomore, had a 
breakup and two fumble recover- 

Senior cornerback Jeremy 
Lothian tied for ninth in the MAC 
with three interceptions. He also 
added 21 tackles and four pass 
breakups in his final season. 

After the end of the season, the 
Del Yal community, especially the 
Aggies Football team, was dealt a 
terrible blow. At the begining of 
the spring semester, Coach 
Bockrath was killed in a tragic car 
accident. All of the Delaware Valley 
Collegecommunitywill dearly miss 
Coach Bockrath. However, the re- 
construction that he started will 
continue to improve the team in 
the future, through his legacy of 

K» * • ■„ • < , ' ,<r. . " f . c - " X.y 

t^itei® <&£ W^Wm*& :* 

At Right: The 1996 Del Val Football 
team Abort': The Del Val defense 
stiffens against the run offense of the 
opposing team. This year's Aggies de- 
fense recorded a total of 13 fumble 
recoveries and 7 interceptions. Pho- 
tos by MS 

Football 79 

Below Left Sophomore Holly 
Hofer chases down the ball 
during a home game. Below 
Right: Samantha Thomas 
positions herself in front of 
the goal to deny the opposi- 
tion a successful shot. 
Samantha scored two goals 
and had < me assist for the sea- 
son. Right Caroline Cowen, 
a freshman, hustles to regain 
possession of the ball. 

Overall 6-12 


William Paterson 




Phil. Bible 


Montclair State 






Phil. Textile 







'770C\CLI<P£S OC\L 

r (buck Erway and Fred Lundy 
Despite the field hockey's overall 
?cord of 6-12, the year was not a 
tss. In league play, the ladies only 
)St by one goal in each of their 
,ames. With the loss of only three 
eniors, the team will have a tai- 
nted core of young players back 
next year. 

By seasons end, the squad was 
ible to put together back to back 


'This was an 

excellent year, 

twice as good 

as last year!" 

iome wins. With the first one being 
igainst Beaver in a 5-0 rout. This 
,vas Del Val's best offensive out put 

this year. This win pumped them up 
for a 2-1 hard fought victory over 
King's two days later. In this game 
freshmen Kristen Bonk scored both 
goals, with the winning goal scored 
in the last 19 minutes of play. 

Kristen, an outstanding freshmen 
playerwas a candidate for the MAC- 
Freedom League Rookie of the Year. 
She was also named to the second 
team All-Stars. During the season, 
Kristen compiled a total of 12 point 
and was the second highest scorer. 
Leigh Poust lead the Del Val Aggies 
in scoring with a total of 13 points. 

Stabler and Jonelle Buckle}-, both of 
which are seniors. Tricia was the 
defensive heart and soul of the team, 
her skills will be greatly missed. 
Tricia was voted MVP for the season 
by her follow teammates. On the 
offensive side Jonelle has compiled a 
total a 27 points in her seasons of 
play here at Del. Val. 

Another bright spot was the ex- 
cellent goal tendingput in by Mandy 
Hetzendorf with 1 26 saves this sea- 

son. Excellent goal tending is not a 
fluke thing for Mandy. last year she 
set a single season record 185 saws. 
Mandy 's all-time saves is a Del Val 
record at 369. 

\syou can clearly see Del Val has 
excellent talent to earn' the determi- 
nation into the next season and well 
into the future. 

Above: An Aggie player, freshmen 
Michaela Lawless tries to knock the 
ball away from her opposition. Left: 
Members of the Aggie team, give an 
total team effort in an scoring attempt. 
PbotoS by MS 

Sports SI 

Overall 4-19 

DVC vs: 





Phil. Pharmacy 





















E. Mennonite 








Cwynedd Mercy 


Below: Freshman Jason Williams 
drives to the hoop on route to a easy 
lay-up. Williams connected on one of 
the biggest shots of the year- with 
seven-tenths of a second remaining- 
to lift Del Val past Eastern Mennonite. 
Photos by MS 

At Right: Jim Greenburg 
brings the ball down the court 
lookingtopass to an open man 
and complete one of his many 
assists. Greenburg earned 103 
assists on the year and became 
the 5"' player in the history of 
Aggies basketball to break 100 
assists for the season. Below 
Right: This year's work horse 
Kevin Burton looks to score one 
of his 128 points for the season. 
Kevin was not only an offen- 
sive threat, he also led the team 
in all defensive categories. 

S2 Sports 


Story by FredLundy and Matt Levy 
The Delaware Valley College men's bas- 
ketball team took the beginning steps 
(towards a promising future. The Ag- 
gies, under first-year head coach Dave 
buda, finished the 1996-1997 season 
with a 4-19 record overall, 2-10 in 
doni League play. 

The Aggies were winless in 23 games 
last year and lost by an average of 30 
points per game. Duda and his young 
team (eight freshman, four sopho- 
mores) upped the win total while cut- 
ting the point differential to 10.6 per 
game. They also finished with a 4-6 
record at home, the most wins in James 
Work Gymnasium since the 1989-90 
season (4-6). 

"I was pleased with the small steps 
that we took," Duda said. "We stressed 
throughout the pre-season that we have 
to take the small steps before we can 
make the big steps. We had a young 
team and watching them develop 
throughout the year gives us a good 
foundation to build upon." 

One foundation lies within sopho- 
more forward Kevin Burton, who in his 
first varsity season was named a MAC- 
Freedom League Second Team All-Star. 
The six-foot, three inch Burton led DVC 

in points (l4.5ppg), rebounds (10.9 
rpg), steals (2.0 spg), and field goal 
percentage (.529). He led the MAC in 
rebounding and was ranked 14th in 
Division III for the regular season. 

Burton was the only player in the 
confrence to average a double-double 
in points and rebounds. He posted 13 
double-doubles on the season and led 
of tied for the team high in rebounding 
in 18 of the 23 games. 

Freshman guard Buddy Maurerwas 
second in scoring, despite missing 10 
games with a fractured foot. Maurer 
averaged 11.1 points per game and led 
the team with 25 three-point field goals. 
He also added 3-5 rebounds and 1.7 
assists. He was named to the MAC 
Honor Rollearlierin the season, thanks 
to back-to-back 22-point efforts. 

The Aggies started a freshman 
backcourt for most of the season in Jim 
Greenberg and Jason Williams. Both 
played in all 23 games with Greenberg 
starting at point guard and Williams 
getting the nod at shooting guard 15 
times. Greenburg averaged 6.6 points 
and paced the team with 103 assists 
(4.5 apg), including 11 in the season 
finale against Drew. He became just 
the fifth player in Aggie men's basket- 

ball history to surpass the 100-assist 
mark for a single season. 

The trio of Charles Oakley, Chris 
Vreeland, and Dave Franck contrib- 
uted for the Aggies as well. Oakley, a 
freshman forward, played in 21 games 
and earned the start in the last eight 
games of the year. He averaged 5.2 
points and 4.3 reboundsper game while 
leading the team in blocks with 21. 

Vreeland followed Oakley with 21 
blocks and the sophomore center's 80 
career blocks ties the school career 
mark. He also averaged 4.4 points and 
2.7 rebounds in 23 games. 

Franck started in 12 of 23 games as 
well and the sophomore forward fin- 
ished with 4.4 points and 3-0 rebounds 
per game. 

Carl Hines and 
Frank Binns saw 
their first varsity ac- 
tion and contributed 
6.9 and 6.5 points 
per game respec- 
tively. Hines, a 
sophomore guard, 
played in 22 games 
and averaged 3-2 re- 
bounds and 1.3 as- 
sists. Binns, a fresh- 

man, saw action in 11 games. 
He averaged 1.5 three-pointers 
per game and shot just under 35 
percent from downtown. 

Below: Charles Oakley shies for a jam 
in front of the home crowd. Oakley 
lead the team in blocks with 22. Photo 
by MS 

At Left: l sl Row: Scott Nealmanjim Greenberg. Buddy Maurer. 
Jason Williams, Sean Bodnar. Sean Earlen. 2 nd Row: Chris 
Vreeland, Thomas Bucci, Jeff Marshall, Josh Kline, Josh Seifried, 
GregVico, FrankBinns. 3 Row Dave Franck, Charles Oakley, 

Lance Boddie. Carl Hines. Mark Fioresi, Mike Przyuski. Back 
Row: Dave Duda, Bryan Dickens, Stephen Balogh, Derek starts. 
Kevin Burton. Robert Chestnutt, Lashea Kelly. 

Men's Basketball <S3 

At Left: 1 st Row: Colleen Reams, Tricia 
Stabler, NikkiWagnerJeanetteMcBride, Susie 
Lutz, Jeanne Waznak. 2 nd Row: Stephanie 
Cullins, Allison Siwiec, Tracy Mann. Angie 
Galdo, Christi Corl, Kristin Bocci, Coach Rotz. 
Above Left: Nicole Wagner pull up in lane 
for a jump shot over an opponent. Wagner 
compiled a total of 178 points for the season. 
Above Right: The Aggie defense swats the 
ball away from an FDU opponent. The team 
total 84 blocks on the season. Photos by MS 


DVC vs: 

College of NJ 







Gwynedd Mercy 


Frostburg State 




Lebanon Valley 























<S4- Sports 


- rm 

■i.ionrm n n 






*W 3 




ia * 

, — mii -\m ^*^^ f A M 


_a M ^^^ *>. ^ B 




At Left: MembersoftheDelValteamscramble 

for position on the Free Throw attempt. This 
year the team was fifth in the conference with 
a0.719 Free Throw percentage for the season. 
Below: Kristin Bucci drives past her FDU 
opponent. Bucci had a total of 353 point for 
the season. Photos by MS 

3y: Chuck Erway and Matt Levy 

The women's basketball team, tin- 
ier first-year head coach and 1990 
graduate Laura Rotz, finished the sea- 
son with a 6-18 overall record. Rotz 
ind her team doubled the win total 
:rom last season and cut the point dif- 
erential down from 19.1 to 7.5 points 
ler game. "I was pleased with the 
season," Rotz said. "We were up and 
iown at times, but my personal goal 
was to get respect back into the pro- 
gram and I felt that we did that. The 
jirls improved individually and they 
^rew together as a team." 

One main reason for the improve- 
nent was freshman sensation Jeanne 
Waznak, who was named a MAC-Free- 
iom League All-Star and Rookie of the 
tear. Waznak led the MAC in scorning 
(20.2 ppg) and free throw percentage 
(.882) for the regular season while 
ranking 14" 1 and 12 1 ' 1 in Division III for 
each category. She was also tied for 
eighth in the conference in three-point- 
ers with an average of 1.3 per game. 
Waznak's 484 points was the second- 
highest single-season total in Aggie 
women's basketball history and shat- 
tered the previous freshman record of 

301 set by Michelle Shirk in 1986-87. 
The five-foot, two inch guard also tal- 
lied the third-best single-game scoring 
total in Del Val history with her 34- 
point effort against FDU-Madison. 
Waznak paced the team with 65 assists, 
tied for the team-lead in three-point- 
ers(31) and was second in steals(40). 

Kristin Bucci gave the Aggies a per- 
fect one-two scoring punch as the jun- 
ior guard/forward ranked eighth in the 
MAC in scoring, averaging 14.7 points 
per game. She went over the 30-point 
mark twice during the year with 30 in 
a win over Gwynedd-Mercy and a 31- 
point effort in an overtime victory over 
Wilkes. Bucci, who transferred in from 
MercerCounty Community College, tied 
Waznak with 3 1 three-pointers as well 
as tying for eighth in the conference in 
three-pointers per game (1.3). She led 
the Aggies with 49 steals and 24 blocks, 
including a record-tying six rejections 
against Ferrura. She also ranked third 
in both rebounds (51 rpg) and assists 

Senior guard Nikki Wagner ended 
her collegiate career 10"' on the all- 
time scoring list with 677 points. She 

was third for the 
team in scoring, 
averaging 7.7 
points per game, 
and hit the game- 
ending shot with 
less than five sec- 
onds remaining in 
the season-ending, 
overtime win versus 
Drew. Wagner, the 
1995-96 team Most 
Valuable Player 
also averaged 3-5 
rebounds, 2.7 as- 
sists and 1.5 steals 
per game. 

S p h m r e 
Stephanie Cullins 
and Junior Tracy 
Mann rounded out the starting lineup. 
Cullins was fourth in scoring with 6.6 
points per game and paced the team 
with 6.3 rebounds a game. The for- 
ward was also second with 18 blocks 
and fourth with 11 steals. Mann started 
16 games after fellow center Allison 
Siwiec suffered a season-ending knee 
injury. Mann averaged three points 

and 5.8 rebounds while blocking 
12 shots. 

Christi Corl provided Del Yal 
with outside shooting off the 
bench and ranked in the top 10 
in the MAC in two categories. 
The other two seniors were Tricia 
Stabler and Jeanette McBride. 
both contributing in the season. 

7^4^t ^fleets £ CAS fin £j?04t 

Women's 3aeketbs> 

At Right: Josh Mangle of the 
Aggies sizes up his opponent 
and prepares himself for his 
next move. Mangle wrestled 
in the 142 pound class. Below 
Right: Ethan Brownback 
man handles his opponent on 
route to a pin. Brownback was 
crowned MAC champ for the 
second year in a row. Below 
Left: Jerrod Weida scored a 
take down on his opponent. 
then proceeded to get back 
points and win the match. 
Weida recorded a 16-6 overall 
record for the season. Photos 
by MS 

Overall 12-5 

DVC vs: 

Ithaca lnv-(17teams) 9 

Kutztown lnv-(io teams) 1 

Delaware State 

York Tour.-(6 teams) 


York College 




Univ. of Scranton 

Montclair State 

Lebanon Valley 



New York U. 

Western Maryland 





MAC- (8 teams) 

East Regional- n 5 teams) 2 


. orte> 

tA>%% u& £ cn ^ Thru to YXfrtiontiU 


<lon by Chuck Erway and Matt Levy 

This was another year of continued 
greatness for the Del Val wrestlers. The 
Aggies, ranked 21 s ' in Division III and 
winner of the last two East Regional 
Championships, took second place to 
Lycoming. Del Val only missed getting 
first for the third consecutive year by 
5.5 points. The Aggies had eight wres- 
tlers place in the top six with a trio of 
wrestlers taking individual titles and 
earning an automatic bid to the Na- 
tional Championships. The trio con- 
sisted of Jeff Hoopes, Ethan Brownback, 
and Adam Staton. 

It was Hoopes' third consecutive East 
Regional championship and national 
bid. The 126-pound Senior won three 
matches, improving to a 32-2 on the 
season. The three victories also boosted 
Hoopes' career mark to 101-15, mak- 
ing him just the third wrestler in the 
storied history of the program to reach 
the 100-win plateau. He joined 1996 
graduate Brandon Totten (122-20) and 
1991 graduate Mark Ambrose ( 106-6) 
on the exclusive list. 

Brownback successfully defended his 
East Regional crown as the sophomore 
and fifth-ranked wrestler in Division 

III at 177 pounds. He picked up four 
wins during East Regional to improve 
to 43-1 on the season and 74-8 in his 
career. Brownback has the highest win 
percentage for Del Val this season. 

Staton captured his first East Re- 
gional title and national bid. The Se- 
nior won four matches to up his mark 
to 21-4 on the season. Staton, who 
transferred to Del Val from 
Shippensburg prior to last season, is 
76-38 in his career, including a 41-16 
mark here at Del Val. 

Freshman Jerrod Weida and Senior 
Ron Zukley reached the championship 
finals at 13-4 and 190 pounds, respec- 
tively. Weida finished his first Colle- 
giate campaign with a 16-6 record. 
Zukley finished the season with 23-9 
and wrapped up hiscareerwith a80-l6 
record and is eighth on the Aggie all- 
time victory list. 

Freshmen Rich Kovacs recorded a 
7-16 mark on the season while Matt 
Kleinle finished 23-8. Fellow Fresh- 
man Scott Cummins ended his first 
season with a 16-10 mark. 

This year Del Val had three wrestlers 
quality' for nationals: Jeff Hoopes, Ethan 

Brownback, and Adam Staton. They 
put forth an excellent effort in their 
matches. The) achieved the following 
standings: left I It xipes P' h place), Ethan 
Brownback (3 rd place). .Also notewor- 
thy is Hoopes' All-American Status at 
this year's Championships. 

At the end of the season Coach 
Marshall was inducted in to the Penn- 
sylvania Wrest- 
ing Hall of 
Fame. Others 
receiving hon- 
ors for their 
hard work on 
and off the mat 
were Jeff 
Hoopes, Ron 
Zukley, and 
E t h a n 
They were 
named to the 
1996-97 Divi- 
sion III Scholar 

At Right: I s1 Row (L to R): Justin Clemens. Brian 
Hauer, Jeff Hoopes. Jerrod Weida. William Somma. Josh 
Mangle. Jim Mackie. Matt Kleinle. 2 !,lt Row: Coach Bob 
Marshall, Ass t Coach Shaun Smith. Adam Staton. Bob 
Greski '. Scott Cummins. Lance Hillegass. Ron Zukley. Mike 
Mangeney, Steve Hess, Ethan Brownback. Manager Kelly 
Wagner, Sandy Scott. 

Above: Scott Cummins flips his opponent to force him to 
the mat to score points on route to a victory. Pbotos by MS 

Wrestling &7 

At Right and Below Left: 
Students vent off some ol the 
pressure of having a "rough 
day" by participating in some 
form of athletic competition. 
Below Right: Rob Rivera 
dribbles the ball against 
Suzanne Bishard while Scott 
Wright, the assistant herd man- 
ager at Farm #3. is ready to 
help defend. It is not just the 
students that get enjoyment out 
ofintramurals. Thereare fac- 
ulty that play on student teams 
and or form teams of there 

Intramurals featured here at 

Del Val: 




Roller Hockey 

3<2> Sports 

£tH,Mnt ^/ItAUtcs 7/liake the. 


lory By Chuck Erway and Fred Lundy 

For athletes here at Delaware Valley 
vho didn't find themselves competing 
it the intercollegiate level, intramurals 
iffered a chance to compete in the 
port they loved. These athletes have a 
vide variety of sports to choose from to 
lelp promote physical fitness and en- 
lance social activity. Many of these 
ictivities are sponsored by the athletic 
lepartment, while others are sponsored 
>y clubs found on campus. 

A major intramural event was the 
'Night of Champions". This was 
ponsored by Inter-Varsity Christian 
fellowship to promote a night of fun 
ind good sportsmanship. The event 
vas a huge success, with the involvment 
if eight teams consisting of at least five 

At the start of the evening, teams 
:ompeted against each other in alter- 
lating games of basketball and volley- 
>all. This truly tested stamina and 
earn work. 

In the second half of the evening, 
earns split up to compete in individual 
'vents. These events consisted of: shoot 
ind relay, football toss, and scooter 

relay. The shoot and relay consisted of 
two teammates, one at the foul line and 
the other at the three-point line. Each 
player would shoot from their position, 
get their rebound, and pass to the other 
teammate. The teams had a minute to 
score as much as possible. 

The football toss was an accuracy 
drill where competitors tried to hit mov- 
ing targets for points. They were al- 
lowed three tosses each. 

The final event for the competition 
was the scooter relay. Three team mem- 
bers started by scooting across the gym 
to the half-court line, where they grabbed 
a baseball bat and played "izzy-dizzy." 
From there the competitors tried to fin- 
ish their run to the other end of the gym, 
throw a ball against the wall, catch it, 
and then scoot back to where it all 

The evening concluded with the two 
overall point leaders, dueling it out in a 
tug-of-war to find the "Champion of 
Del Val". 

On any given night, pick-up games 
of basketball, roller hockey, and volley- 
ball can be found forming in the gvm. 

Students take it upon themselves to 
start these games. These games are not 
only to help keep the students in shape, 
but a great stress reliever after a hard 
day of classes. 

Above and Left: Students participate 
in many different types of intramural 
activities. Some play basketball is 
shown in the photos, other play volley- 
ball, flag football. Softball, and roller 
hockey. On any given night here at Del 
Val you can find students coming to- 
gether in sports competition. 


Overall 18-12 

DVC vs. 

St. Scholstica 






Stevens Tech. 


Stevens Tech. 








































Phil. Pharmacy 






Phil. Bible 






Top Left: Chad Shaffer throws 
the ball in after making the 
catch. The Aggies finished the 
season with a .921 fielding 
percentage. Above: Catcher 
Frank Green makes the tag as 
the runner slides into him. 
Green started 24 of the 32 
games played this season. At 
Right: An Aggie batter winds 
up to bring in the runner on 
third and get an RBI. This 
season Del Val had 227 RBI's 
compared to the 177 that op- 
ponents had against them. 
Photos In 'MS 

nj S>C 

"team Reaches ^o&t-^ift&on 


Hon by Matt Levy and Chuck Erway 
For the first time since 1984, the 
Delaware College baseball team quali- 
ied for the Middle Atlantic Conference 
MAC) playoffs. The baseball team 
vas rewarded for its record-breaking 
•eason by placing four Aggies on the 
vlAC All-Star team while head coach 
•"rank Wolfgang was named the 
eague's Coach of the Year. They im- 
)roved from last year's 7-15 record to 

Junior outfielder Matt Altieri earned 
; irst Team honors for the second year 
n a row while first baseman Tony 
3'Amico, catcher Frank Green, and des- 
gr.ated hitter Mike Ricci were named 
second Team All-Stars. 

Altieri ranked fifth in the MAC in the 
•egular season in batting and finished 
vith a team-high .422 mark while 
letting a school records for hits (54), 
'Lins (SO) and stolen bases (32) in a 
season. His average of 1 . 1 3 stolen bases 
)er game ranked second in Division 
\\. He started all 32 games, including 
:he last 12 at shortstop to help 
strengthen the team's defense and re- 
:orded a .919 fielding percentage. He 
was named a First Team All-Star due to 
lis .486 batting average, which led the 


D'Amico made quite an impact dur- 
ing his freshman year as he finished 
second on the team in batting (.389), 
slugging (568), on-base percentage 
(.500), runs (32), RBI's (30) and sto- 
len bases ( 5 ) . He started 30 games and 
produced a .973 fielding percentage. 

Green, a junior, picked up Second 
Team honors for the second time in his 
collegiate career. He hit .321 with four 
doubles, a home run, and 20 RBI's 
while committing just one error be- 
hind the plate. 

Ricci, a sophomore, improved his 
numbers in a drastic way. He hit .376 
with a team-high seven home runs and 
25 RBI's after batting just .203 with no 
home runs and three RBI's in 1996. 
Ricci finished with a team-high .683 
slugging percentage after placing 
fourth in the MAC for the regular sea- 
son. He tied a school record on the 
mound by winning five games and 
added 29 strikeouts in 47 innings. 

DVC set a school-record for wins by 
finishing 18-12 and qualified for the 
MAC playoffs. The Coach of the Year 
honor was Wolfgang's first in 21 years 
at the helm of the Aggie program. 



Above: An opposing batter begins his 
wind-up to hit the ball, unfortunately 
he missed and got a strike instead. At 
Left: Members of the Del Yal team 
huddle to discuss strategy and get 
pumped before the start of the game. 
Photos by MS. 


lT mm 

gfel ' 



' ^ 

| ^| 

Br < 


Baseball 91 

Overall 6-25 

DVC vs: 

Jersey City State 9-17,17-5 


2-8, 0-10 



Jersey City State 3-14 








1-9, 14-15 















Holy Family 






92 Sports 

At Right: LorieKochanski 
connects with the ball. She 
reached the 100-hitplateau 
during the season. Above 
Right: Rebecca Vernitsky, 
the Aggie Third Baseman, 
throws to first for the out. 
Above Left: Senior Short- 
stop Kelly Orser fields a 
ground ball duringahome 
game. Orser had a 642 
slugging percentage. 

^Ptr&onat ^carAs £et V^tiiU 

]y: Matt Levy and Staff Writer 

Despite the setting of several 
chool records, DVC's softball team 
Dished the 1997 season with a 6-25 
ecord overall and a disappointing 
-11 in Middle Atlantic Conference 
MAC) Freedom League play. 

The Aggies were producing on 
lie field, but unfortunately it wasn't 
ufficient at game's end. The team 
et school records for hits (280), 
oubles (44), home runs (11), and 
lugging percentage (.449) in asea- 
on and also posted new game marks 
rout of Centenary College. 

On an individual basis, the play- 
is also set records. Senior out- 
sider Stephanie McCormick, who 
lolds school records for runs in a 
eason (33 in 1995) and career (111) 
nd is tied for the single-game mark 
/ith five runs, became the third 
layer in Del Val history to surpass 
le 100-hit plateau for a career and 
nished second overall with 1 26 hits. 

Pitcher/ left-fielder Lorie 
ijchanski put her name in the NCAA 

record books as she tied a Division 
III record with four doubles in one 

Others setting records included 
first baseman Lisa Cascone. As a 
sophomore she currently ranks sec- 
ond in career batting average for Del 
Val with a .444. Kelly Orser tied for 
3rd in the conference with an aver- 
age of 1.07 RBI's per game. Kelly 
played shortstop and led the team 
with a .642 slugging percentage, 
which ranked her 5th in the MAC. 

Player of the Year was awarded by 
the team to Kelly Orser who led the 
Aggies with 32 runs and 33 RBI's. 

All-Star honors went to two play- 
ers this year. Stephanie McCormick 
was named a MAC-Freedom League 
First Team All-Star for the first time. 
Second Team All- Star honors were 
received by Lisa Cascone. 

The Aggies will graduate only 
three seniors this year and are hop- 
ing the experience gained during 
the 1997 season will provide for an 
improved record during 1998. 

Linda Fleischer 

" The individual accomplishments 

of players kept the team motivated 

and working together. We are 

hopeful for an improved record 

next season." 

Above: Julia Sentz returns the ball 
after making the pop-up catch. 
Left: Front Row (L to R): Kelly 
Orser. Jessica Carnivale.LizLyons, Lisa 
Cascone, Lorie Kochanski, Stephanie 
McCormickJen McGrail. Back Row 
( L to R ) : Coach Linda Fleischer. Kristy 
Schmidt, Julie Sentz StephKiglitlint;er. 
Jessica Post. Rebecca Yernitskv Heidi 
Bow en 

Softball 93 

Above: O.J. McNamara knocks in his 
putt during one of his many games 
during the season. Right: Derrick 
Hudson lines up his putt after some 
well placed shots got him to the green. 

Overall 4-7 
MAC Championships 



Coach Linde 

"The players on this year's team were ex- 
tremely enthusiastic to not only play golf, 
but to improve their game. With the player 
that are returning next year and some new 
recruits, I'm excited about next season." 

t/inAtr y\<iiv XjMMntiijo ~t<i<im ^performs 

As new head coach for the 
jgies, Doug Linde provided the 
reeled leadership for the team to 
iprove over hist season. Though 
,eir 4-7 record may not speak for 
self, it speaks rather loudlywhen 
impared to last season's 0-12 
cord. The team's membership 
id those member's scores in- 
eased for the '97 season. 
DVC was represented at the 
iddle Atlantic Conference (MAC) 
lampionships by Junior Chris 
jtler, Senior Eric Demurat, 
•eshman Todd Hippauf, Sopho- 
ore Kyle Kaufman, and Fresh- 
en O.J. McNamara. The Aggies 
aced 10th out of 13 teams at the 

MAC Championships. This is a 
significant improvement overlast 
year's 12th place finish out of 12 

Freshman Todd Hippauf led the 
team during Middle Atlantic Con- 
ference (MAC) Championship 
competitiion and finished with a 
54 hole score of 239 and a 4th 
place medal. Todd missed win- 
ning the individual title by only 7 
strokes, an impressiveshowingfor 
the Aggies. 

Hippaufwas named Most Valu- 
able Player by the team. The 
Aggies are looking for continued 
improvement next season. 

Above: Eric Demurat warms up by taking 
some practice swings before putting. At Left: 
1st Row: Coach Dr. Doug Linde. Chris 
Butler, Derrick Hudson. Troy Newell. 2nd 
Row: Eric Demurat, Todd Hippauf. Adam 
Amaral, O.J. McNamara, Kyle Kauffiman, Josh 
Gehman, Brian Beadling. 

Golf 95 

Another year, Another Coach 


Story by Matt L'ty and Staff Writer. 
Once again, the DVC Track & 
Field team experi- 
enced a season of 
transition. Glen 
Leonard coached 
the team for the 
members. This was 
their second 
straight year with a 
new coach. Build- 
ing on the previous 
season is difficult 
with the changes 
which accompany 
new coaching in a 
2-2 record for both 
the men's and 
women's teams. 

Student leadership for the team 
was provided by John Knudson, 
men 's captains, and GennyKuhns 
and Kelly Musselman, women's 

Though the team's showing at 
the Middle Atlantic Conference 
(MAC) Championships was not 
impressive, the men placed 7th 
out of 8 and the women 9th out of 
9, some individuals performed 
well. Wade Esbenshade threw to a 
4th place finish in the shot put 
and Jennifer Mills threw to a 4th 
place finish in the javelin. Ed 
Baniak had the best showing by 
placing in two events. He placed 
2nd in the long jump and 5th in 

the triple jump. 

This year's Most Valuable Play 
Awards were presented to Kel 
Musselman for the women ai 
Ed Baniak and Brendan Roon 
for the men. 

This year's team may not ha 
placed as well as they would ha 
liked in competition, but they a 
tainly keep pace in the classrooi 
Over 20% of the team were narrn 
to the MAC All-Academic tea 
which requires a 3.2 or great 
GPA Receiving this honor for D 
Yal were Wade Esbenshade, Gem 
Kuhnsjaime LaTourette, Jeanel 
McBride, Kelly Musselman, Sec 
Reedell and Ron Zukley. 

Above: At the start of the sprint. Jaime 
LaTourette gets out of the blocks as fast 
as she can. Speed out of the blocks and 
in the first few strides is important in 
beating your opponents. Right: 
Johnnie Figueroa positions himself to 
get the best advantage once the gun 
goes off. Photos by Sandy Scott 


At Left: While maintaining her form, 
Kelly Musselm an clears the first hurdle 
in the lOOmeu-nt Hurderlersmustbe 
limber and quick to meet the extra 
challenge of their sport. Above: Bob 
Leach sprints down the runway for the 
pole vault. This men's event requires 
not only speed but also a great deal of 
upper body strength. Below: Poised 
and waiting for the sound of the pistol. 
Bill Guthier concentrates on his start 
as the referee readies the runners. 
Photos by Sandy Scott 



F8M Invitational 3-22 

Greyhound Invit. 4-9 

Lebanon Valley 4-22 

Widener Univ. 4-24 

Blue-Grey Invit. 4-26 

MAC Champshps. 7th 


F8M Invitational 3-22 

Greyhound Invit. 4-9 

Lebanon Valley 4-22 

Widener Univ. 4-24 

Blue-Grey Invit. 4-26 

MAC Champshps. 9th 

£ ,-«* 

rack & Field 9 / 

Upper Right: The Cheerleading 
Squad pauses before beginning the 
cheers. At Left: Junior Michelle 
Mormile cheers along with the others 
to get the crowd going. Below: The 
DVC Cheerleaders work on getting the 
crowd hyped up for the next half of the 
game with their half-time routine. 
Photos by l/s 


)8> Sports 

Overcoming Controversy 


After a year of controversy on 
ambling and stunts, the DVC 
ieerleaders have come back to 
ne sidelines. This year brought 
n many new changes. New 

and Andrea Line. These young 
ladies got back out there and gave 
all they could give in school spirit. 
Although still not permitted to 
do tumbling and stunts, they 

Lynn Kennedy 

"The team improved over the 

year with the new coach. We 

can improve even more in the 


toach, Lisa Sudholz, brought a 
lew perspective to the sport of 
:heerleading. The members of 
he squad also got new uniforms. 
The squad consisted of 10 girls 
vith two seniors, Janine Cooke 

to get the crowd going. At the 
half-time shows of both football 
and basketball, the squad did 
dance routines that were full of 
energy and attitude. 

At Left: Row 1: Tennille Frock. 
Michelle Mormile. Noel Roche. Row 2: 
Angela Winterling, D.J. Fetzer, Lori ?. 
Row 3 Lynn Kennedy. Andrea Line. 
Janine Cooke. Serena-Lynn 
Nowakowski. Above: Tennille Frock 
demonstrates her athletic ability in 
the dance routine done by the cheer- 
leaders during the half-time at Home- 
coming. Photos by t/.v 


Cheerleadlng 99 

As Angry Salad plays the beat, these four rotten veggies danced along. Jules 
Abercauph. Kevin Langley, Todd Borger, and Franklin Allaire got into the spirit of 
the show by jumping right into it. 

Members of the Alpha Phi Omega Fall pledge class 
smile with relief now that the semester of pledging is 
over. A.P.O is aservice fraternity and just a small part 
of the many organizations found here on Del Val's 

Members of Halloween Haunting decided their job 
liadn ' t ended with the closing of the four day scholar- 
ship activity. They apparently decided to scare a few 
more at the Block and Bridle Halloween Dance. 

Many interesting people showed their faces at the 
Block and Bridle Dance, including one of those cheer- 
leaders that just didn't quite make the team this year. 

100 Organizations Divider 

When working towards that perfect job 
for anyone. When students become 

involved in the organizations on campus they 
expand their experience well outside the 
classroom through trips, lectures, and fun. 

Korin Mediate 

Organizations Divider 101 

Cb6 7V$te 

Reaching Out to the Campus 

Mam Students gather on the lawn to the left of 
the Student Center as the 1 996 Club and Orga- 
nization Expo begins and a picnic dinner is 
served. Club night is organized every year by 
ICC fomew students, as well as old to meet and 
become a part of the various campus 

iAnimat Science Society 

FirstRow: Nancy Daniels, Caroline Covven, Christina Kapelan, Joseph Boutureira. Stepb 
McCormick, Elizabeth Wiley, Sandra Tatarynw. Second Row: Kristen Salvesen, Emily 
Hayes, Jennifer Strauss (President), Stephanie Razze, Michael Semeniuk. Third Row: 
Angela Romanczuk.KristaKowalczyk. Nancy Trenton (Vice President), Heather Demarest, 
David A. Mertz. 




First Row: William Somma. Sandra Tatarynw, Michelle Sandrock i Treasurer ). Melissa 
Eaton, David Dello Russo. Second Row: Tony Zoforte, Angela Romanczuk, Christine 
Hunter, Suzanne Dadig (President), Jaime Blyskal (Vice President) 


Firs! Row: Mandy Beil, Kim Flint, Melissa Cook, Steph Townsend, Leslie Cline, Kim Evans, Grant 
Campbell, Nealie Newberger, Suzanne Bishardjoanne Hines, Lynanne Inlow, Carrie McGill, Betli 
Anderson. Second Row: Sarah Brown, Barb Dunn. Navonne Owen, Kat Kingsley, Janet Beagle, 
Heather Miller, Wendy Donovan, Joy Vance, Jen Heebner, Lindsey Hicks, Rob Weidenhararaer, 
Kristen Hughes, Am) Walker, Margaret Wilkinson. Ben McElwain, ? . Charlie Patterson. Sherry 
Morgan. Jill Sanders, Christine Salter, Peggy Myers, Jenn Barnkamp, Shannon Carlberg, Maggie 
Flynn. Laura Mayer, Clandette Gilbert, Heather Newcomb, Dr. Hofsaess, Ruth Southall, Jenn 
Nickel, Alana Levell, Michele Taylor, L)J Fetzer. ThirdRow: Joe Bouturiera. Jim McMi innaughey, 
Dough Meyers, Gabe Zepp. Mike Corman, Chris Wojciechowski, John Tighe, Kurt Curtis. Ann 
Schiffler. Beth Meyers, Mark Kresge. 

The Student Government Board hads a table 
this year at the C & (J Expo. Greg Hinderliter. 
SGB President takes a break from recruiting 
while Chuck Erway discuses the plan-, for the 
yearwith SWAT Representative Eileen Brown, 
a fellow member of Student Government. 

Past president of Alpha Phi Omega. Matt 
Mi y< in squints bis i yes as the warm fall 
sun radiates on his table The i 
niiiv ed fi >r this year due to the construction 
on the gym. APO is just one of the several 
campus Fraternities and Sororities. 

JO \&% 

Organizations ' 

President Ruth Southall and Michelle Ledger 
stop to admire a buckskin paint mare at a 
registered Paint farm they visited during a 
club trip. The Equine Club is dedicated to 
expanding theirmember'sknowledge of horses 
and the horse industry. 

Susan Albertson is caught red- handed 
eating the profits from the Equine Club's 
caramel apple fund-raiser on Famih Day. 
Lisa Munniksma, Kristin Hofer , and Mrs. 
Gilbert just smile knowing that there is no 
evidence against them. 

'Dairij Society 

Firs/ Row: Grant Campbell, Leslie Cline, Jason Swallow, Jim McConnaughey. Second 
Row: ??, Maggie Flynn, Joy Vance, Jessica Cochran, Christine Johnson. Jill Sanders, 
Laura Mayer, Wendy Dnovan, Peggy Myers, Kim Flint. Third Row: Heather Miller, 
Christine Salter, Beth Meyers, Charlie Patterson, Sherry Morgan, Kurt Curtis, Brett 
Carman, Shannon Carlberg, Margaret Wilkenson. 

'Equine Cftib 

Firs/ Row. Susan Albertson (Treasurer), Melissa Pogwizd (Secretary), Ruth Southall 
(President), Amy Walker. Second Row: Lisa Munniksma, Ivy N. Garfinkle, Sandy 
Tatarynw, Korin Mediate, Beth Anderson. 

i04- OraanizgrDions 

'Equine Science Organization 

First Row: Patrick Biegel, Melissa Pogwizd, Tara Milizano (Vice President). Second 
Row. Marty Shiery (President). Carole Moore (Secretary). 

Oiorse [overs of the DVC campus 

Some of the members of the Equine 
Club endeavor to build this year's 
Homecoming float. The Equine Club 
received honorable mentions for all 
their effort in the club's first float, 
"Plowing Through the Past." 


John Tighe, a.k.a Tigger, was on the prowl 
The Pillsbury Dough Boy took time off during the Halloween Social. Tigger had the 
from his baking to part)', dance, and have opportunity to compete in various costume 
a good time with friends. competitions. 

First Ro/r. Grant Campbell ( President). Laura Mayer. Lisa Munniksma. 
Heather Mae Miller. Second Row: Tina Sarachick, Emily Hayes, Bill T; 
Chris Patten, (Secretary), Kristin Hofer. 

Beth Anderson, 
ivlor, B.J. Kelly, 


First Row: Susan Albertson, Navonne Owen. Second Row: Jen Nickel, Carrie McGill, 
Laura Mayer, Stephanie Townsend. Third Row: Mr Gilbert, Jessica Schaub, Katie 
Sterner, Brian Bell. 

)<S Organizations 

Tcoiogicaf Landscape 'Design Ctub 

First Row: David W. Fortig (Secretary), James R. Murphy (Treasurer), Tracy A. Camp 
(President), Matthew M Hunter (Vice President). SecondRow: Douglas Kane (Advisor), 
Stew Marshall, Jason Bruno, Megan J. Young, Megan A. Scheib, Katie Hutchison. 


Sponsored by ^Btoci^ & bridle 

Ronja Henderson and Anastasia Lore make 
the flower girls of the 60's come alive in the 
90's during the Block and Bridle Halloween 
Social. Block and Bridle expanded their inter- 
ests and created an atmosphere for all to 

Organizations 107 

Band President and bass drummer Michael Senior Korey Hi rschel, the band's vice presi- 

Shaffer keeps the beat at the Homecoming dent and clarinetist, and senior Krista 

Parade, during which the Bandplayed " March Kowalczyk. flutist, pose for a picture prior 

America" and "Beer Barrel Polka " The Band to the Family Day performance, 
marched through Doylestown andpastGinkgo 
Lane enroute to James Work Stadium. 

Making Music ftggic Styfe 

[floral Society 

FirstRow. Laurie Smith (President), Kelly Conway (Secretary), Nicole Hoffman. Second 

Row David M. Hudock, Heather Gorski, Nicole Robinson, Kathleen Salisbury. 


'Lnviromental Awareness Club 

Barb Mathieson, Lisa M. Domuczic (Vice President), Beth Sevbert (Presidenl I 



^Horticulture Societij 

Firs/ Row: Jules A. Abercauph. Joe Corona, Annette Kingsley. 
Laubenstine, Heather Hartzoe. Anita Snyder, Sam I lance. 

Second Row: Pam 

Members of the DVC Community Concert Band 
prepare to play their concert for those who 
attended Family Day. The Concert Band per- 
forms several times throughout the year, 
whether at a concert with the chorale or at 
events such as Founder's I lay and Al laj 

Organization 109 


Malting for an Entertaining 

Nicole Kozin listens to some of the ideas pre- 
sented by her fellow S.A.C. members. The 
Student Activities Council brings movie, con- 
certs, and comedians to Del Val's students. 

Landscape 'Mursen/ Ciub 

First Row: Michelle Taylor, Jeremy Dippery, Tim Kruse, Shannon Freeland, Amanda 
Miller. Second Row: Alana Lavell, Sarah Brown, Michael Dalton, Paul Dippery (Vice 
President), Bill Murdoch. Third Row: Kathleen Kingsley, Barb Dunn, Lou Caggiano, 
Rebecca Mc Elheny (President). 


Student government 

First Row: Greg Hinderliter (President), John Browning, Courtney Ranier, Leslie 
Burk, Kristen Hughes, Liza Bauer, Chuck Erway (Vice-President), Jennifer Hess, 
Laurie Smith, Elizabeth LaPrince, Dean Stephen Jarrett. 



\ 1 J&jJlA 

' r ill?* 

H A^T^yw ft 

> w r ?Y 

y vug '"v 

^ J 

Student government 

First Row:hpr><\ Miller, Nicole Kozin, Patty Hillanbrand, Todd Borger, Kelly Barnes, 
Kelly Lerner, Andrew Dougherty. Second Row: B.J. Kelly, Jessica Schaub, Jessica 
Thompson, Man' Helen Planner), Gibby Goodworth, Rob Wrzesniewski. Third Row: 
Anita Synder, Kim Grey, Jon Soderberg. 

<D.V.C. Artisans 

First Row. Rachael Shenyo (President), Dwayne Murphy, Jane Chaundy (Secretary). 
Second Row: Sam Hance, Annette Kingsley. Beth Wieland. 

Members of Angry Salad jam on stage with 
students invited up from the audience. 
Angry Salad was just one of the rock'n 
bands SAC. brought on to campus this 

Organizations 111 

Jane Chaundy doesn't seem to know 
what to think when the members of 
Five O'clock Shadow try to woo her 
with a song. 

Members of Five O'clock Shadow, gave 
an acapella concert for the students. 
The group's rhythm came thanks to 
their throats and vocal chords. 


First Row: Johannes M S Brevis. Amy Reader, Amy Lloyd, Keum Ha Yang, Dawn I 
Novi, Krista Kowalczyk, Franklin Allaire, Andrew Swanson, Joel Semke. Second R 
Michael Schaffer (President). Korey Hirschel (Vice President), Angela Romanczul 
June Stefanelli, Betty Hintenlang, Paul Lorenz. Keith Lysack, Bob Goldschlager, \ll 
Gross, Rosalind Erwin(Band Director). 

'Business Club 

First Row. Terry Binkes, Becky McElheny, Rachel Mover, Kristen Hughes, Trish 
Wherry, Caryn Yoder, Linda Bonigut. Second Row: Mr. Neil Hilkert, Lonce Scott, 
Rose Rock, Dianne Henrv. |im Evely, Nick Manorek. 

112 Organizations 

« i 


First Row: Stephanie Kauffman, Monika Schleifer, Allison Majewski. Erika Yaczina. 
Stephanie Kightlinger, Kristen Wall, Ms. Rosalind Erwin (Director), Sarah Welch. 
Second Row: Jennifer Le.Munyon, Nicole Maurer, Jessica Butler, Jen Heebner, Julie 
Currie, Mary Kear, Guest Singer. Third Row: Christi Antonelly, Steph Smith, Pat 
Callahan, John Karavlas. 

Members of Five O'clock Shadow put on a 
unique display of talent. They showed how 
the human body can make awesome music. 

Ihey're matcing music zoith their 


Tlie Apian Society sponsored the Honey Exposition to familiarize interested students with 
bees. Students set up the honey display according to the type of honey. The honey is 
categorized by what type of pollen is used to make it, such as clover or wildflower. 


Tutting the. 'Bee to Worl^ 

'food Club 

First Row: Rob Schwartz. Dr. Dani Bellmer(Advisor), Michael Arvizu, Winston Wu, 
Kimberly Brobst. Second Row: Kevin Rambo, Christina Bednarz. Susan Duchnowski, 
Lexi Loomis, Jessica Thompson. 


Intervarsiti/ Christian 'Jetfawship 

First Row: Maggie Fly tin, I 'n stal Wheeler. Kelly Barnes (Worship Leader). Julia Kutcher, 
Krista Kowalczyk, Nicole Hoffman, Colleen Kearns. Second Row: Becca Stavenick, 
Bethany Bernard, Sarah Campbell (Treasurer), Donna Osilka, Kim Sodt. Alexis 
Mi iretti I Secretary I . Megan Boggs. Tara R. Miliziano, Rebecca Andrew. TbirdRow; Keith 
Lysack, Richard King. John Knudsonl President) Ethan Brownback, Jeremy Yeager, Jeff 
Korn, Erich M. Hirschman. 

Lacrosse Club 

First Row: Patrick Biegel, Scott J. Thomas. Ryan Basilel President). Kurt Mueller. 1 lave 
Shannon(Treasurer). Second Row: Dan Cormican, Tom Cormican. Andrew Fox. Terry 
Bella. Melissa Eaton. Bill Murcoch. Third Row: Andrew Kaplan. Ricky Navarro. Tony 
Cirino, Barb Dunn, Kathleen Kingsley. Lou Caggiano. 

Sam Hance looks at the honey through 
a refractometer to classify its clarity 
and consistency. Sam is a freshman 
majoring in Ornamental Horticul- 

These finished candles, like ones that can be 
made at the candle making workshops, were 
made during the honey exposition to show just 
some of the uses for bee products. 

Organizations 115 

Clubs create something nezvfor 
the nej(t page. 

Jules Abercauph looks closely at his work for 
the Alpha Phi Omega banner. ICC sponsored 
the event to provide the clubs with their own 
banner to display in the APR and at events. 

F/bY/?o/rMindyHoffman(Yice-President), Stephanie Kightlinger.PaulaConstable.Kevin 


first Row: Jason Powell, Michael Semenick (General Manager), Beth Mazzo, Noreen 
Houst, David A. Mertz(Secretary). Second Row: Josh Beck, Steph Razze, Tim Thomas, 
Tony Cirino, Sarah Welch, Erika Yaczina. 


FirstRow: Kelly Barnes (Special Events), Anita Snyder (Editor), Korin Mediate (Clubs). 
SecondRow: Fred Lundy III (Sports) Jeremy Dippery (Ads), Chuck Erway (Sports), Paul 
Dippen* (Ads), Jules Abercauph (Clubs). 

Joy Vance, Laura Mayer, Christinejohnson, 
and Grant Campbell work hard on Banner 
Night to set up their banner for Dairy 
Society. Dairy Society is open to all majors 
and focuses in on those who love Dairy 

Jesse Marder of Rho Epsilon Kappa adds the 
finishing touches to the new PKK banner. PEK 
is one of several social fraternities established 
on campus. 

Organ izat-ior 

Melissa Pogwizd gets ready to roll a Members of Theta Chi Sigma watch 

strike for her next turn. Melissa was a and wait for the bowling to begin, 

representative of the Equine Club in Everyone of the teams who attend show 

the Bowl-A-Thon. great team spirit. 

Having fun for a good cause. 

Piauozveen fHauntiwj 

Executive Board: Greg Hinderliter, Pete Dixon, Dwayne Murphy, Brendan Conway, 
Apryl Miller. 

First Row: Kevin Langleyjane Chaundy, Franklin Allaire. Second Row: Elizabeth 
Wiley, Todd Borger (Editor), Lisa Munniksma. 

\Q> Oro i av]\'za't\or\e 

Jk# \jpr *XT ^3^ T* V* t ^^ *5 ^^ * 

First Row. Concetta Marano, Theresa Hanley, Catherine Murphy. Kristen Hughes. 
Tina Sarachick, John Browning, Laurie Smith(President). Amanda Miller. Ella 
Pandy. Second Row: Kim Funt, Amy Walker, Alexis Moretti. Bethany Eckroth. Marty 
Shiery, Mike McNamee , Kelly Conway, Emily Hayes. Steve McCarron. Third Row: Joy 
Vance, John Riggilizzo, Melissa Eaton, Jane Chaundy, Kurt Ginter, Christi Antonelly, 
Jessica Thompson, Kim Gray, Brian Bell, Maria Orlando, Chris, Jason Bruno. 

Sarah Welch waits for her ball to come 
back alter rolling a gutter. The night 
was an evening of fun and good spirits 
all for a good cause. Sarah did her best 
to help out the Alpha Phi Omegapledge 
class team. 


Sponsored by the Class of 2000 

The Talent Show hosts present Tim 

Lehman with the first place award for Serena-Lyn Nowakowski and Andrew 

his performance of "Friends in Low Dougherty. Freshman Class Officers, 

Places" by Garth Brooks. hosttheFirstAnnual DVC Talent Show. 

Service Council 

First Row: Carrie Preston. Maria Krauter (Chairman) , Allison Majewski. Second Row: 
Theresa Hanky (Secretary), Donna Osilka. 


First Row: John Browning, Patty Hillanbrand, Nicole Kozin, Kim Kulick. Second Row: 
Hue Quan, Christine Johnson, Michael Arvizu, Laura Gurk, Krista Pendrak, Melanie 
Picciano. Third Row: Jessica Bach, Heather King, Jason Kamienski, Mike Imwald, Linda 
Bonigut, Kevin Gehring, Kristie Aquino, Jessica Thompson. 




j-iii nnfi 

F/c.s'/ /tor: Carrie McGill, Laurie Smith, Kristen Hughes (Chairperson), Chris 
Wojociechowski, Lynann Inlow, Mark Kresky. Second Row: Crystal Wheeler, Brian 
Schaedel, John Courtney, Pat Due, Nicole Hoffman, ?. Third Row: Dr. Ben Rusiloski, 
Dorothy Chizek, Peggy Meyers, Michelle Foraker, Bethany Bernard, Denise Kothe, Pat 
Beigel, Mike Comman.j c 'o«r//;/?o« , :JennBornkamp, Beth Meyersjessica Cochran, Rob 
Schwartz, Adam Amaral, Heather Gorski, Amy Walker, Amy Thompson, Laura Mayer. 

First Row: Ronja Henderson, Brian Holden, Andrew Dougherty, Navonne Owen, Sarah 
Welch, Erika Yaczina, Normie. Second Row: Kim Sodt, Gibby Goodworth, Denise 
Waldron, Samantha Keenan, Barb Dunn, Rebecca McElheny. Third Row: John 
Knudson. Courtney Nolan, Ted Detwiler, Maria Palermo, Sherry Morgan, Joy Vance, 
Karen Griswold, Rocky Rupert. Fourth Row: Genny Kuhns, Bill Murdoch, Matt 
Schieferstein, Amanda Parker, Karyn Yoder, Adam Halsey, Darcy Knight, Dianne Henry. 

Ethan Brownback smiles as he receives 
the third place award for his jump rope 
routine to music. Just watching made 
the audience tired. 

Organizations 121 

Alpha Thi Omega 

Carrie Preston makes a temporary basket out of her sweater during the apple picking service 
project. Each semester, the pledge class has to design a service project that in some wa\ helps 
the community, the fraternity, or the school. The pledge class of Fall 1996 chose to help the 
DVC's Horticulture Production Department. 


Class of 1998 

Firs! Row: Scott Schoepf (Treasurer), Kim Gray(President), Jennifer HesslStudent Gov- 
ernment Rep.) MarylisaMyers(Secretary). 

Class of 1999 

First Ron: Holly Hofer ( Secretary ) , Kelly Barnes ( President), Kevin Long (Vice-President). 

v, ganizat;ions 


First Row: Joel Shaffer, Matt Schieferstein, Dwayne Murphy, Stephanie 
Townsend(Secretary). Michael Semeniuk( Historian, Pledge Coordinator) SeauulRaw: 
Susan Pachuta (Advisor), Michelle Foraker, Lisa Karkoska, Carrie Preston (Y P. Service), 
Jill Chambers, Joseph Boutureira, Robert Orr(Advisor) Third Row: Jennifer Hess (V.P. 
Membership), Barb Dunn, Kathleen Kingsley (V.P. Fellowship), Derrick Hudson, Laura 
(kirk. Matthew Myers (President). 


First Row: Mary Kearl President). Second Row: Jen Cillis, Lisa Melhani, Holly Stocker, 
Trace\' Decker. Thin/ Row: Shawna Bingaman, Kim Gray (Vice President), Marty Shiery 
(Corresponding Secretary), Lori Gregalis. Fourth Row: Jess DiGrazio, Marylisa Myers, 
Carol Moore, Kelli Zeigler. Fifth Row: Kristen Cansler, Rebecca Ripley. Tiffany Bartus, Lori 
Bonomo (Secretary). Sixth A'o«.Bridget O'Donnell, Lara Mangiafridda. Amy Howard, 
l.vnann Inlow 

Sarah Brown and Jane Chaundy emptj 
their apples from the Cortland block. Sa- 
rah and Jane were part of the fall of 1996 
pledge class of Alpha Phi Omega. 

Pam Laubenstine receives congratulations 
from Leah Braas during the pledge initiation 
ceremony. The fall pledge class went camping 
and had a starlit initiation ceremony. 

Organizations 123 

Paul Dippery looks through the com- Melissa Craig sits back waiting for the 
puter manual to find out how to fix one staff meeting to begin. The meetings, 
of the computer's many gliches. held every other week, keep the staff on 

track of what is done and what still 

needs to be done. 


Memories to Loot^liacf^on 


First Row: Steve Rychalsky, Jesse Marder, John Courtney. Second Row: George Inhof, 
Brian Schaedel, Joe Afflisio, John Walson, Rob Landis, Mike McMamee, Mike Prz\uski. 


First Row: Pat Callahan (Secretary), Brad Halter (Vice President), Nick Manorek 
(President), Adam J. Amaral (Treasurer). Second Row: Steve McCarron, Anthony 
Przychodzien, Chris Felderjosh Huyett, John May. ThirdRow: Jeff Primus, Scott Youells, 
Dan Grannis, Jason Jones, George Neumann, Christopher Holman. 

124 Organ izat;ions 


First Row: Kelly Laughlin (Treasurer), Karen Griswold (Vice President), Audi 
Dellagicoma (President), Megan Wikiera, Amy Hughes (Secretary, Historian). Second 
Row: Carrie Blocher.ConcettaMarano (Rushing Chair), Mary Howard( Rushing Chair), 
Catherine Murphy. 

The 19% CMA Conference held in Walt 
Disney World gives staff members the 
chance to attend various workshops to 
improve publishing skills and to meet 
students from other col leges. Evenings 
were spent enjoying the attractions at 
Pleasure Island and Epcot Center. Kelly 
Barnes, Lori Gregalis, Nancy DeBord, 
and Anita Snyder used the time awa\ b i 
get to know each other better. 

Organizations 125 

Happy Birthday Del Val!! The Centennial Homecoming birthday cake rolls 
through the streets of Doylestown. Unfortunately, no one was inside waiting to 
jump out and surprise us all. 

Hcsppvf icotli BirttoAij DVCH 

The serai-formal isn't as serious and romantic as This Halloween Haunting gal ma) look like an 'Josh and the Giant Peach" makes quite an en- 

some may think. Laurie Smith and Liza Bauer show innocentlittleoldlady.butyoubestwatchoutasshe trance as Joe Corona, the caterpillar, sits upon his 

may not be what she seems. pride and jo) 

the fun and humorous side of the event. 

Special Events Divider 

DVC has begun turning to the pages of a 
new century by changing aspects of 
events that we see every year. Whether 

^petiftt £vent& 

it be the time of the Homecoming Parade 
or themes for the formals, something is 
always changing about these annual 
events at Del Va I. 

faction t^ftnU 

Kelly E3arnes 

Special Events Divider 127 

'^0 Homecoming 199<S 

Story by KDB. 

On October 4-6, 1996, Del Val cel- 
ebrated its Centennial Homecoming. 
The Rampage Pep Rally held on the 
Segal Quad started off the weekend, 
complete with introductions of the Fall 
Sports teams and Homecoming candi- 
dates. A fireworks display showed the 
DVC spirit in lights. Despite the chilly 
weather, many stayed for the country 
music played at the Dakkota concert. 

Saturday's activities began early in 
the morning with the Homecoming 
parade, but not quite as early as last 
year. Changes were made in regards to 
this event. The parade started at 
10:30 AM instead of 9:00 AM and the 
route continued through the campus 

by the gates at the old college entrance. 

The theme for the parade was Disney 
characters. With this whimsical theme, 
club members became very creative in 
designing their floats. Many Del Val 
fans came out to see the parade go 
through Doylestown and return to the 

The athletic fields were busy this 
year. Not only did fans enjoy the foot- 
ball game, but also soccer, field hockey, 
and volleyball. Our football team took 
on the Moravian Greyhounds on the 
main field. 

During the Halftime Ceremonies, 
the DVC Cheerleaders performed some 
cheers and a dance. The Dance 

continued on opposite page 


f»V>y; J 

< » \l 

L 1 ■ -j'r \ JL 

Dave Hudock and Monika Schleifer go "plant- 
crazy" in the Floral Society's Plantasia float ;(£. 
Mariah Krauter gives out candy to the onlookers 
while representing the Service Council in their 
Spirit Car. Photos by MS. ^ Mr. Tahachnick, 
elected by the ICC as our Grand Marshal, greets 
the crowd on DVC's campus. Photo by ASS. 

25> Special Events 

VpllKlt (InA Spirit Car [rfinners 


First Place; Dairy Society, 
Snow White and the Seven 
Second Place: Block &F3ridle, 

Charlotte's Web 
Third Place: Floral Society, 
Plantasia; and Landscape 
Nursey Club, Winnie the 
Spirit Car: 

First Place: Lacrosse Club 
Second Place: Service Council 
Third Place: Delta Epsilon Beta 

Hi Ho Hi Ho. . . Snow White, the Seven Calves and their guest, 
Board of Trustees memher Richard H. Woodring '34, came down 
rom the forest to celebrate our Centennial through Doylestown. 
Jessica Cochran, posing as Snow White, placed 3rd runner-up for 
the Homecoming court. ;<£ Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, too! 
yrone Kenyatta and Barbara Dunn guard Pooh's hunny as they 
travel down the parade route. Photos by MS. 

between the Halls of Goldman and 
Samuel ended the Homecoming 

This year all of Friday's events 
werenoclosedcontainerevents. Stu- 
dent Life and Security reinforced 
the school's alcohol policy by re- 
quiring students over 21 to acquire 
a wristband for identification pur- 

Overall, this Homecoming suc- 
ceeded due, not only to the team- 
work of students, faculty, and ad- 
ministration, but also to the many 
new changes made in the operation 
of the weekend. Are these changes 
the beginnings of new traditions at 
Del Val?! 

Special Events 129 

tf>e^ 6 





wa^ 6 


The crowd intently watches the Halftime ceremonies in hope to 

hear the winners of the court. ;<£ 1996 Homecoming King 

Chris "Wojo" Wojciechowski, representing Block & Bridle and 

Queen Liza Bauer, representing Student Government. 

Photos byAFS. 

130 Special Events 

First Runners-up ;(£ Jon 
Soderberg, representing DVC- 
T\" and Mary Beth Bogarth, 
representing the Class of '97 


2nd Runners-up !& Brad 
Halter, representing the 
Class of '98 and Leah Braas, 
representing Alpha Phi 

Third runners-up jf£ Bill 
Kitsch, from Christian 
Fellowship and Jessica 
Cochran, representing the 
Dairy Society 

Spec --S ^^"'' 

mrts And \z^akcnA 
^/\ ttivifies 

A Del Val student cooks up some grub for his 

buds during tailgating in the main parking lot. 

Tailgating is a good time for grilling up some 

hamburgers and relaxing. Photo byAKS. 

i<£ Sophomore Holly Hofer swings to drive the 

field hockey ball back into play during the team's 

Homecoming same. Photo by MS. 

m m wmiitlfil— «IH 


! 32 Special Eve irks 

LET'S GO AGGIES!! The football team is 
ushered onto the field for the Homecoming 
game. Photo by MS. s<f£ The Cheerleading 
Squad shows some attitude during their 
performance for the half -time crowd. Photo by 
MS. s<£ 'Ah, this is the life.' sighs John Tighe. 
aka Tigger, as he relaxes in the sunshine during 
tailgating. Photo byAKS. 

€>pec\8\ Events 133 

TheScareand Fright of Del Val 

Story by Greg Hinderliter andKDB. 

Halloween Haunting was held on 
October 23-26, 1996. The annual spec- 
tacle showcased 78-year old Lasker 
Hall as the Haunted Mansion, the Hor- 
ticulture Building as a Horrid Cider 
Mill, and the DVC Orchards as a fifteen 
minute Haunted Hayride. 

The event, chaired again this year 
by Greg Hinderliter, proves to be a con- 
sistent crowd-pleaser, orfrightener. In 
spite of cool rainy weather, the event 
drew in nearly $9,000 gross this year, 
raising the overall total to $78,000 since 
the program's inception only a few 
years ago. 

Assisting Hinderliter were vice-chairs 
Peter Dixon (House) , Dwayne Murphy 
(Cider Mill), and Brendan Conwav 

(Hayride). The crew also welcomed 
Tim Vogt as the new staff advisor. 

Halloween Haunting grew and 
prospered under the leadership of DVC's 
Development Office for several years 
before being turned over to the Student 
Government Board in 1995. Since then, 
the event has enjoyed continued suc- 
cess as a student-run scholarship ben- 

Many College volunteers helped 
make this a "spooktacular" event. Rep- 
resentatives from nearly every depart- 
ment on the campus volunteered time. 
storage space, facilities, materials, and 
countless other much-appreciated as- 
sistance. Numerous "cronies" sup- 
ported the event by selling tickets, 
Continued on next page 

;ial Events 

"I'll get you my pretty!" 

Allison Majewski spooks the 
crowds as they begin their 
journey through the Haunted 
Cider Mill. ;<£ Freshman, Jodi 
Paterno gives new meaning to 
the phrase back from the dead. i<& 
This kid shows no fear as haunter 
Apryl Miller tries to persuade him 
otherwise. sc£ Tim Vogt confirms 
that even the parking lots aren't 
safe at this time of year. Photos 
by MS. ;<£ Preparations for the 
haunt each night takes time and 
talent, as expressed by these 
students. Photo bvAKS. 

directing traffic, making hot chocolate 
for the haunters, counting money, and 
even haunting! Club participation was 
also phenomenal this year, with over a 
dozen clubs turning out each night to 
earn money for their scholarships and 
for credit towards the "Club of the Year" 
award. Inter- Varsity Christian Fellow- 
ship made cookies and sold them along 
with hot chocolate and Del Val's own 
apple cider to the guests as a fundraiser. 
APO sold candied and carmeled apples 
in the cider mill. 

Special Events 


Bill Kitsch and Erich Hirschmann return from the 

Haunted Hayride unscathed, but did their 

passengers survive?! ^ Theta Chi Sigma joined 

in the fright with this electrocution of a brother. 

;<£ Greg Hinderliter, chairman of Halloween 

Haunting, gives some final instructions, or maybe 

cautions, before allowing Scott Thomas to 

continue on his journey. Photos by IKS 


Krista Kowalczyk gives instructions and 
warns the passengers of what lies ahead. 
$£ The Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 
sold cookies, apple cider, and hot chocolate 
to those attending the haunt. 
Photos by AKS. 

. ^PWrZ 

folk;- e <=i. 





J ^s s 

o Ut , 

G 4. 


Spec\s\ Events 137 






&&■ „„£&. 


Liza Bauer and Joe Goetz chat 

during dinner. Manv use the 

night as a time to relax, chat, and 

have a good time together in a 

different atmosphere. ;(£ Chuck 

Erway, head of the Semi-Formal 

committee, is finally able to relax 

as the event gets underway. 

Photos by KDB. 


[renter £ trott "jpAntvgA 
1 S§ m 7M ^pmk 

1990 5emi-Forma! 

Story by KDB. This year's Semi- 
Formal was held on Saturday, De- 
cember 7, 1996. The APR seemed 
peaceful when transformed into a 
beautiful park complete with an ice 
skating rink, posing as the dance floor, 
and wide gates as entrances. 

There was something to please ev- 
eryone at dinner with the choices of 

steak, chicken, or vegetable lasagna 
along with the original salad, baked 
potato, vegetable, and dessert. 

The hardwork and dedication put 
towards this event by the Semi-For- 
mal committee and volunteers was 
appreciatedbyeveryonewho attended 
and deemed the event a success. 

Matt Scheiferstein takes a break 
before he hits the dance floor 
again. ;<£ Rocco D'Alessandro 
and many others enjoy doing 
the ever popular Electric Slide. 
$£ (l.-r.) Jessica Bach , Will 
Currey, Chuck Roohr, and Lisa 
Shespko,a student at West 
Chester University, get into the 
groove as the music plays and 
the night goes on. 
Photos by KDB. 

5pec\a\ Events 139 

March 26, 1997 

Story by KDB. Each and every year, Del Val presents 
students with awards for their academic and leader- 
ship achievements. These awards are given to those 
students who meet the requirements for each indi- 
vidual award. Faculty, staff, and administration 
present the awards to the students at this specia 
ceremony each spring. The following awards were 
recognized and received by students: 

Who's Who Among Students in American 
Universities and Colleges 
College Juniors and Seniors who have exhibited 
outstanding scholarship, 3.0 G.P.A.; participation 
and leadership in extracurricular activities, citizen- 
ship and service to the College; and potential for 
future achievement. Announced by Mr. Stephen K. 

National Collegiate Student Government 
Student leaders who have achieved in academics, 
3.0 G.P.A.; citizenship, leadership, service to the 
College by participation in Student Government. 
Announced by Mr. Howard Eyre. 

Dean's List 
Students who have achieved the 
Dean's List for the last three con- 
secutive semesters. Announced 
by Dr. Neil Vincent. 

National Collegiate Minority 
Leadership Award 
Student leaders who have 
achieved in academics, 3.0 G.P.A.; 
citizenship, leadership, service to 
the College and example to the 
student body. Announced by Dr. 
Ben Rusilowski. 

Honors Frogram 
College Seniors selected for their 
exceptional performance scholas- 
tically to participate in this edu- 
cational enrichment program and 
who have completed the require- 
ments by Spring '97 semester. 
Announced by Dr. Neil Vincent. 

Specia! Events 

Athletic Leadership 
Student athletes who have shown outstanding abili- 
ties in team leadership. Announced by Frank 

Middle Atlantic Conference All-Academic Team 

Division III Wrestling Scholar All- American Team 

199© National Field Hockey Caoches Association 

National Academic Squad 
College Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors with a 3.2 
G.P.A., who have participated as starters or signifi- 
cant reserves on the team. Announced by Frank 

Community Service 
Individuals who share a concern for others and for 
involvement in service beyond immediate College 
community. Announced by Dr. Ben Rusilowski. 

Recognition of Faculty/Staff Members 
Chosen by one of their students as the faculty/staff 
member who has been most influential throughout 
their college career. Announced by Dr. Dolores Gioffre 
and Dr. Robert Orr. 

Names of recipients can be found on pages 196-97. 

Sarah Campbell and Rebecca McElheny stand in recognition as 
their names are called as recipients of the Who's Who Award 
;c£ Dr. Barbara Muse and Dr. Man' Palumbo are recognized 
faculty in the Award's Day ceremonies. ^ Mr. Stephen Jarrett. 
Dean of Students, presents the Who's Who Award to deserving 
students. $& Dr. Gary Brubaker and Dr. Michael Bodri stand as 
their names are called as recognized faculty members. ^During 
the ceremony, Dr. Neil Vincent presented both the Dean's Lisl and 
Honor's Program awards. s$: Joseph Conover.Jr. stands as his 
name is called as being on the Dean's List. Photos by LG. 

Special Events 141 

1997 Superdance 

Jay Wright and Man' Frick perform "New York, 

New York" as entertainment for the group. Photos 

by KDB. ic^Tori Dowdy, Tony Dowdy, Tyrone 

Kenyatta, and Asya Prosser, donning their red 

ribbons to promote AIDS awareness, take a break 

from the dance floor. Photo by Steve Marengo. 

i$ DEDICATION. First row (1-r): Stephen 

Marengo, Allison Majewski, Patti Hillanbrand, 

Kelly Conway, and Angela Zolko. Second row (1- 

r): Nurse Toni Rubic. Kelly Barnes, Mike Imwald, 

John Browning, Nana 1 DeBord, and Mariah 

Krauter. Third row (1-r): Jules Abercauph, Susan 

Pachuta, and Jay Wright. Photo by KDB. 

jv£ DVC's mascot even got into the groove at the 

Superdance. ^ Many students came out to help 

raise money for AIDS. Photos by star Marengo. 

%$: As daylight dawns these dancers are still 

to the music Photos by KDB. 


1 \i 

Story by KDB. For 24 hours they 
danced and danced. The Service Coun- 
cil, headed by Mariah Krauter, ran this 
event with help from various clubs and 
organizations such as Delta Epsilon 
Beta, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, 
and Alpha Phi Omega. The event, held 
April 4, 7 PM to April S, 7 PM, raised 
close to $1000 for the organization. 
From All Walks Of Life. Many students 
came out to the dance throughout the 
night. However, just eleven amazing 
dancers stayed the entire twenty-four 
hours!! These supportive dancers were: 
Nancy DeBord, Jay Wright, Susan 
Pachuta, Kelly Conway, Patti 
Hillanbrand, John Browning, Kelly 
Barnes, Mike Imwaldjules Abercauph, 
Mar\ ! Frick, and Allison Majewski. 



Special Events 14-3 

Story By KDB. On April 9, 1997, Del 
Val celebrated yet another Founder's 
Day in remembrance of Dr. Joseph 
Krauskopf and Dr. James Work. This 
year's ceremony opened with a speech 
given by Dr. Frederic Blau, a Professor 
Emeritus of Landscape Design and a 
1940 graduate of DVC. He spoke of 
Krauskopf s life and of how he came to 
be the founder of the National Farm 
School. Blau reminisced on his years 
spent as a student here. 

This year in celebration of the Cen- 
tennial, a Time Capsule was buried in 
the Student Center Courtyard. Many 
offices and organizations contributed 
to this piece of Del Val "history", which 
will be removed and added to in 25 
years (2022). Items placed within the 
capsule ranged from dining service 
menus, calendars, and a tuition bill to 
a centennial diploma and a freeze- 
dried mouse from the Small Animal 
Department. Every aspect and corner 

of Delaware Valley College has been 

represented in the Capsule. 

Awards were presented to the following 

students and faculty/staff members: 

20-year Service Award: 

Mr. Richard Cowhig 

Mr. George Gross 

Mr. Larry Morris 

Dr. Ronald Muse 

Ms. Grace Pinzka 

W.W. Smith Prize: 

Jason Kamienski 

Student Government Board 

Founder 's Day Awards: 

Frank Burk 

Larry Queripel 

Student Founder 's Day Award: 

Michael Cornman 

Staff Member of the Year: 

Laurie Lerner 

Distinguished Faculty Member of 

the Year: 

Dr. Robert Orr 

Mr. Gerard Marini '52 introduces the 

Founder's Day speaker. Professor 

Emeritus Frederic Blau. ;(£ Mr. 

Larry Morris is presented with the 

20-yr. Service Award by Dr. Vincent. 

;(£ Students stand for recognition in 

being nominated for the Student 

Award while waiting for the winner 

to be announced. Photos bvAKS. 


irfrfy ^tinder's JZb/ty 

Dr. Robert Orr says a few words to 
the audience after receiving his well- 
deserved award. $£ Charles Erway 

stands in the APR observing what is 
to be placed in the time capsule.^? 
Nicole Kozin, Elizabeth LaPrince, 
Greg Hinderliter. and Patti 
ilillanhrand assist in the burial erf 
the time capsule. Photos by AKS 

5pec\a\ Events 14-5 

Laurie Lerner, Assistant Registrar, returns to her seat upon being 

awarded as Staff Member of the Year. 3$z Greg Hinderliter, SGB 

President, presents Larry Queripel with a Student Government 

Award. ic£ Senior Michael Cornman proudly displays his 

Founder's Day award. 3f£ The DVC Chorale and Band performs 

the school's alma mater to close the ceremony. ;<£ Jason 

Kamienski is presented with one of two awards he received. 4^ 

Frank Burk crosses the stage to receive his award. Photos byAKS. 

aje. BOB*** 

, „ the student, 1 
f nt them- 

r ! a 1 


Special Events 147 


D'Alessandro, John Karavias, Marty 

Morrison, Christine Tildsey, and Ethan 

Brownback pose with their dates for a picture 

to remember the evening by. ic£ Kim Kulick, 

Scott Schoepf, and Marylisa Myers work 

inflating the balloons scattered on the floor. 

i^Lynn Kennedy and Ed Highland enjoy the 

dinner that was prepared for the occasion. 

d^ Roxy Rupert, Adam Amaral, and Beth 

Seybert dance the night away to the variety 

of music played during the evening. 

:3c£ "Simply Heaven" and simple it was— this 

beautiful ice sculpture added to the splendid 

decorations for a successful formal put on by 

the Junior Class ('98). 

1997 Spring Formal^ 

Story by KDB. As Del Val tradition 
goes, the Junior class sponsored the 
spring formal, this year's theme, Sim- 
ply Heaven, was thoroughly portrayed 

rough the decorations that were 
simple and yet, set the perfect mood. To 
start off the evening, everyone enjoyed 
the dinner. The rest of the evening was 
spent dancing the night away to the 
various music that was played to 
accomodate everyone's individual 

Ultimately, without the hard work 
and dedication to the planning and set 
up as well as clean up of this event from 
the Class of 1998 and other students, 
this formal could not have been such a 
tremendous success. Together they 
overcame obstacles and prepared an 
unforgettable evening for all who at- 
tended. This Del Val tradition will 
certainly continue for years ahead, 
something for each class to look for- 
ward to being a part of. 

Special Events 149 

4tfth /[ nnnd /I -T&df 

Story by KDB. The 49th Annual A-Day was 
held April 26 & 27, 1997. This event is well- 
known to the Doylestown and surrounding 
communities, where families come to enjoy 
the various things offered to them here at our 
A-Day celebration. 

A-Day is an event that is planned all year at 
weekly meetings of the A-Day Committee. 
The committee is made up of representatives 
from each club and organization on campus 
and an Executive Team which is elected at the 
end of each year. This is the largest student- 
run event put on here at DVC. Everyone from 
students and staff to faculty and administra- 
tion get involved some way or another. 

The campus is completely transformed 
from a college campus to a fair ground and 
farm show of sorts. The set up begins the 
Monday before A-Day as booths and tents are 

put up all over campus. Once classes are over 
for the week, the desks are removed so clubs 
and organizations can begin to build their 
room displays. Each club is assigned a room, 
if requested, to put on a display that is educa- 
tional and represents their club. Friday, the 
day before the event, is the biggest day for set 
up -classes are cancelled and students come 
out all hours of the day to do various duties 
ranging from painting booths to working on 

Many events happen on this campus at A- 
Day. Students run booths selling everything 
from fried veggies and pork BBQ to milkshakes 
and fries. Numerous craft vendors set up in 
the gym to sell their merchandise. Also flower 
arrangements done by Del Val students s 
put on display and judged in the APR. 
Continued on p. 157 

jcial Events 

William Currey uses his manly 
strength to drive a tent spike deep 
into the ground. ^ The Agronomy 
Club is in the process of building 
their room display of a wetland. iif£ 
Kristen Hughes, chairperson of A- 
Day, phones from the information 
booth to make sure everything runs 
smoothly for a prosperous A-Day. ;(£ 
GROUP EFFORT. That's what it 
takes to put up these tents, especially 
the Judging tent, the largest used for 
this event. it^Even commuters, like 
Joseph Corona come out to help put 
together the booths. Photos by AKS. 

Special Events> 151 

A >£>** C mrt 

1997 A-Day Queen Leslie Cline ('97, 

NAMA) and King Grant Campbell 

('98, FFA).;^: 1st runners-up, 

Michael Cornman ('97, Block 'n 

Bridle) and Jennifer Nickel ('97, 

4-H). $£; 2nd runners-up, Sarah 

Campbell ('98, Inter-Varsity 

Chrisitian Fellowship) and Derrick 

Hudson ('97, Alpha Phi Omega). 

Photos by AKS. 


ftnA ^&£Aicfl£fan 


This year's A-Day Dedication honored Mr. 
Rodney A. Gilbert. Mr. Gilbert is an Assistant 
Professor of Animal Science and Superinten- 
dent of Livestock at Farm 3. He also coaches 
the Inter-Collegiate Livestock Judging Team and 
the Collegiate -4-H Club. 

Mr. Gilbert is also a well-known livestockjudge 
as well as a frequent- speaker for field days 
sponsored by sheep and cattle organizations. 
Additionally, he is the Director and Treasurer 
for the Bucks Mont Sheep and Wool Growers. 
the Chair of the Pennsylvania Wool Marketing 
Committee, and the Director of the Pennsylva- 
nia Sheep and Wool Growers. 

His involvement in A-Day is most noted for 
the Livestock Show and Judging as well as help- 
ing with the Petting Zoo. However, he is also 
widely involved behind the scenes. This dedica- 
tion recognizes Mr. Gilbert for his dedication 
and service to DVC and to A-Day. 

Special Events 


^^ vseen 
cami? us - 

Students showing equine often bring 

the horses up to the campus to work 

with them as a group. Photo by 


train of beef heifers! These students 

who are showing beef, must walk 

their animals up to campus over the 

railroad tracks. Photo by AYS 

;<£ Lindsay Hicks, a sophomore, is body 

clipping her dairy heifer down at the 

Dairy in preparation for the show. 

Photo by KDB.i<£ Tifanie Sbriscia. 

Martha Cheetham, and Ruth 

Southall place their animals while 

keeping attention pointed to the 

judgejf^Korin Mediate helps out 

with the pony rides, a big attraction 

for the kids. ;<£ Using a head gate to 

keep the animal secure, Kim Funt 

puts the finishing touches on her 

Angus heifer before taking her into 

the ring. Photos by AK> 


pedal Events 155 

&tAcr ^/l-^&ay £yent& 

Monika Schleifer sits at the flower 

show selling small flower pots 

"grown with love". This show is 

sponsored by the Floral Society. 

3ff Tree climbing is a feature at A-Day 

done by students who have/are 

taking the Arborculture course 

offered to OH majors, j^r Adam 

Halsey and Steve McCarron enjoy the 

afternoon inspecting the machinery 

on display. Photos by AKS. 

~><3 Special Events 

Continued from p. 150 

Many students joined in the Livestock 
and Dairy showing that takes place both 
days. Thisyear, Dairy and Equine showed 

on Saturday and Livestock (beef, sheep, 
and swine) on Sunday. Showing is an 
opportunity for students to prepare and 
present an animal that has been raised 
at one of the campus facilities. They are 
judged on two criteria: Fitting (the ap- 
pearance of the animal) and Showman- 
ship (the student's handling and repre- 
sentation of the animal). For some, this 
is a requirement for a class they are 
presently taking. This year we had a new 
attraction for all ages, a Mule-Drawn 
Carousel. Itprovedverypopularamongst 
the crowds. 

Ultimately, through the teamwork 
and dedication of the DVC community. 
A-Day '97 was a huge success and raised 
$111,000. This annual event was en- 
joyed by one and all. 

W11ATLL IT BE? Lindsay Hicks 
takes an order at the Pork BBQ booth 
from this man and his son. $£ Tim 
Gallowa) and Stephanie Kightlinger 
put on a funny skit in the Student 
Center Courtyard. r^Dr.Zeimer 
shows true spirit by volunteering his 
aftemnon to the dunk tank. Pbot 

Spec\a\ Event 

Dave Shannon and Pat Callahan discuss what size rocks would be good for 
the river bed in the Pennsylvania Flower Show display. Delaware Valley 
College participates in the Flower Show through the Ornamental Horticul- 
ture department. 

Many Landscape Contracting students spend count- 
less hours on the project for their Site Analysis class 
Justin Clemens works on his project in the New Resi- 
dents Hall drawing room. 

Student go to Segal Hall for tutoring, counseling, and 
employment program. Kim Gray and Aaron Turner 
pass by Segal Hall on their way to class. 

Jack Chambers and Elaine Hochman lead a training 
session forthe Peer Mentors. Peer Mentors help out on 
Welcome Weekend to break the ice with the incoming 
freshman and get them use to the college community. 

College Community Divider 

As the year passes, each individual fills 
the pages of life's book with memoriesand 
experiences. E3y going to class, partici- 

(yOttc^d Community 

oating in academe activities, and visiting 
with faculty or administrators, students 
?uild the skills needed to succeed in life 
and to turn to the next page. 

Lori Gre^alis 

College Community Divider 159 

Examing the master schedule, Sherry Ruth Anne Hewitt enters a student's 

Roth searches for a class that fits into schedule during class registration, 

her schedule and that fulfills her re- Students and employees agree that the 

quirements for graduation. Many stu- computerized system and the assigned 

dents end up with conflicts, especially times works well at Del Val. 

as Seniors. Photo by AKS. Photo bvAKS. 

'President's Office 'Dean of the College 

Gordon Roberts, Mary Campbell, Judith Bitto, Dr. Joshua Feldstein Maria Pazdan, Dr. Dominic Montileone, Dr. Dolores C. Gioffre, E 

Neil J. Vincent, Janet Lord 

im unity 

Class Registration 

Planning your life 
for a semester 

Class registration has changed 
over the past few years. It wasn't 
long ago that students had to stand 
in line beginning in the wee hours 
of the morning. Registration was 
done on a first come, first serve 
bases. Technology and a new sys- 

tem to organize students came 
together to increase the efficiency 
of class registration. With all these 
changes in registration, maybe in 
the future the master schedule 
will be on the campus- wide com- 
puter network!? 

Jeff Orban and Allison O'Neil don't 
mind not waiting in a long line to 
register. Photo by LMG. 

Wendy Harvey enters this Continuing 
education student's schedule into one 
of the temporary computer stations 
used during registration. PbotbyAKS, 

.As a sophomore. Susan Dadig hopes 
that the classes she has chosen haven't 
lied before her registration time. 
Sophomores and freshmen sometimes 
have trouble getting into classes that 
are filled by upperclassmen. Photo by 

(Dean of Enrollment 'Management 
Dean James Hirsh, Susan Pachuta 

^Academic Services 

Marlene Krell, Edna Ney, Betsy Arrison, Cindy King, Laurie Kline. 
Tim Yard, Mike Ellis, Karen Kav 

College Community 1(31 

Vne DVC communi 

Welcomes New 

New freshmen bust a move in the pub 

Making connections. Welcome 
Week is a time for freshmen to find 
friends to depend on for their college 
years. Tammy Kolb and Conrad Mar- 
tin participate in one of the zany ac- 
tivities during the Mentoring Mix and 
Mingle sponsored by the Office of New 
Students Orientation. 

The 1996 Peer Mentors. Peer mentors 
are upperclassmen that help freshmen 
get situated to college life at Del Val. 


Judy Besore, Evelyn Soderberg, Ron Trombino, Dottie Chizek, 

Sharon Haddon, Rosemary Charles, Julia Sousa, Virginia Altmann, 

Jean Hellermanjean Smola 



Mary Ann Ely, Stephen Zenko, Maria Rounsavill, Frank Massii* 

Frances Flood, Bob Tasker, Melanie Falkiewicz, Kathryn Waltei 

Dorothy Ball, Elaine McGeady 

Passports are an important g 
new places Fn shmen get acquainted 
with the different offices and services 
offered on campus by getting their 
orientation passports stamped 
\iarlene Krell. 

Mhktics Office 

rank Wolfgang, Pete Balzano, Matt Lew, Marianne Schumachei. 
>b Marshall, Larry Laub, Glen Lenord, Dave Duda, Bob Altiere, Jon 
Swart, Chris Bockrath, Linda Fleischer 


James Linden, Jim Sutton 

College Comr 

Helping Out 

Academic Services 
and Student Life 

Jim Yard, Coordinator of Learn- 
ing Resources, works at his 
computer in Segal Hall. He 
organizes the tutoring center. 
Photo by AKS. 

All students must have proof of 
insurance before coming to 
school. Joyce Stevens works 
diligently at her computer to 
enter insurance data. 

MarleneKrell explains a project 
to Anita Snyder, a student 
worker. Students help out 
across campus in many offices. 
Photo by BM. 


Loretta Fair, Kathleen Spratt, Janeen White, Glenys Bracy 

■::•> i inrty 

Computer ancf Telecommunications 

Janine Wright, Leslie Burk, Cindy Miller, Dave Burch, Jenny Curr 

Student Life helps coordinate 
many club and campus activi- 
ties. Mike Cornman, Nancy 
DeBord, and Dean Stephen 
Jarrett discuss the fine points of 
an activity that Cornman is 
involved in planning. 

Computer Services 

Brenda Brown, Donna Doan, Timothy Vogt 

fining 9iall 

Brian Mihm, Ron Wood, Reinhild Dornfeld, Eric Rappaport, Steve 
Kline, Gary Romberber 

College Commu!" 

Horsing Around 


The Equine program at Del Val is 
well renowned. Students have the 
choice to earn an Associates of Science 
Degree or an Animal Science Degree. 
Their studies consist of breeding, 
driving, Equibusiness, farm manage- 
ment, riding, and training. 

Every equine student remembers 
their freshmen year when they had to 

In the tack room, Amy Howard 
gets her bridle and saddle for 
class. The tack room is were 
they store equipment and gear 
for different riding principles. 
Photo by BIG. 

Kelly Barrett gives a pep talk to 
her horse before the riding 
class. Photo by LMG. 

Special care for a horse is im- 
portant in maintaining their 
health and well- being. Jessica 
McGrane brushes off and cools 
down her horse after a lesson. 
Photo by LMG. 

rise at the crack of dawn to muck the 
stalls and to groom the horses. Stu- 
dents can then further their skills by 
joining the intercollegiate riding team 
or studying abroad at Hartbury College 
in England. 

Overall, the Equine program is an- 
other example of how learning is done 
at Del Val. 

faculty Union Officers 

Michael Tabachnick, Dr James Miller, Dr. Renee 
Ronald lohnson 

Diligentl) grooming her horse 
Boulderdash. Katie Gerhardl 
prepares for her riding lessi in 

Equine students enjoy paying 
attention to the horses as well 
as working with them. 
Photo bvLMG. 

Jinanical Aid 

tarissa Hoffman, Joan Hock, Sharon Prudish, Robert M. Sauer, 
Diana Scott 

Health Center 

Duffy Holland, Toni Rubic, Bonnie Morgan. Annie Baughman 

College Commu- 


Christine Cannon, Doug Opshal, Pat Faherty, Gennaine Rivises, 
Grace Pinzka, George Heffner, Verona Palatinus, Lee Dawson, Dee 
i, Lita Kasloski , Charles Ott, Ruby Richardson, Marciano 
Canete. Bill Binsburger, Arnold DeQuito 


Coming and Going 

Between Classes 

Chad Walls and Pat Dew lounge around 
on tin.- job. They sit on a stack of chairs 
that they helped move around during 
the cafeteria renovations. Photo by 


Main students find ways to relax be- 
tween classes. Jason Powell and Tom 
Cormican hack in front of the cafete- 
ria. Photo by IMG 

Lending a helping hand, strongman 
Peter Kupersmith helps to move a 
table. Mr. Kupersmith has brought 
many changes to the Krauskopf 
Library since he became Director in 
January of 1996. Photo by MS. 

3. ( ) 

9 \\ v 


larlie Colombo, Marian McGurk, June Bitzer, Mary Jane Sergeant, 
Janet Klaessig, Peter Kupersmith 


Bridget Bogart, Skip Rosenburg, Mike Bogart, Ed Long, Barry 

Schuster. Armand August, Homer Jenning, Bob Carver, lav Kulp, 
Dennis Young 

College Cc 


Del Val and "the 

Computers have become more avail- 
able across campus. Commuters have 
access to word processing, games and 
the internet in the commuter lounge. 
Photo by Aft 

The commuter lounge is available for 
people to do their work on. This lab is 
quite and out of the way so it's great for 
concentrating. Photo byAKS. 

Rebecca Andrew, an OH design major. 
takes advantage of the information 
superhighway. Photo bvAKS. 

Tost Office 

Noel Roche, Linda Feldstein, Julie Matlaga, Gloria Boesch, Darcy 


Annie Petrillo, Erma Martin, Cindy Miller, Lexi Islinger 

The increasing number of computers 
across campus has eased the stress i il 
needing a computer and finding them 
all full. Students also use computers 
more frequentl) Photo by KDL 

W- — 



5W -* ^^^^^^**"p 


::':';':!i : 


per Naddeo, Wendy Harvey, Diane Happ, Laurie Lerner, Mindy 
Hoffman, Ruthanne Hewitt, Jen Spand, Robert Moran 


Art Caesar. Ken Kozuhowski, Chris Daley, Linda Pluck, Chris 
Sheridan, Tim Johnson 

College Cotnmu- 



30 Years At 

Richard Woodring '93 and 
Mike Ward '93 do some net- 
working at the Business 
Department's 30th Anni- 
versary Dinner. Joining 
them is Rich's fiancee Me- 
lissa Kutzbeck. 

Chuck Alpuche '81 and Dr. Dominick 
Monteleone pose with the First Centennial 
Alumni Award. Chuck Alpuche was the key- 
note speaker and he spoke to the group about 
how his Business diploma helped him to suc- 

Student Center 
Jim Greenburg Jeff Marshall, Dave Mullins, George Kelly 

Student Life 

Dean Stephen Janet, Mary Frick, Nancy DeBord, Joyce Stevens, Jay Wright 

7 2 College Community 

Story by Laurie Jones 

The Business Department at DVC began in 
1965 in response to the high demand forbusiness 
graduates in industry. Over its thirty plus years, 
the department has added concentrated areas of 
accounting, computer applications and man- 
agement. The Business Department was instru- 
mental in beginning the Agribusiness major in 
1983 and the recent Criminal Justice Adminis- 
tration major. The Business Department helps to 
make DVC a more comprehensive college and 

offers the opportunity to nonbusiness stu- 
dents to expand their curriculum by selecting 

business courses as electives. 

Special programs that our Business De- 
partment initiated are the Career Day for 
prospective graduates, which began in 19 7 2. 
and Students in Free Enterprise, which allows 
students to network with industry leaders and 
entrepreneurs andcompetenationally against 
other colleges in team presentations. The 
department cooperates with area community 
colleges and the CHI Institute for 
students who want to enroll in 
our Bachelor of Science degree 
and brought about a joint ven- 
ture of the La Salle MBA pro- 
gram on the DVC campus. As a 
business community involve- 
ment, the Department brought 
the Central Bucks County Cham- 
ber of Commerce Business Expo 
on campus, an annual event now 
running for a dozen years. Also 
for more than a decade, the De- 

partment has offered business coura 

the Prudential Insurance Company in 
gomery County. The business faculty holds ma- 
jor positions and board of director memberships 
in areachambers of commerce. The Department 
was instrumental in the founding of the Bucks 
County International Trade Council. 

1 )VC business graduates have had much suc- 
cess m their careers. To mention only a few: 
some of our alumni are owners or partners oper- 
ating medical supply firms, accounting firms, 
insurance agencies and construction firms; sev- 
eral are in the banking and investment securities 
industries; several are vice presidents of major 
national companies exampled by Coca-Colaand 
Pepsi-Frito Lay; many have management posi- 
tions in local, regional, national, and interna- 
tional organizations. These success stories show 
DVC's Business Department has an edge because 
of the advantages of small class size, the stu- 
dents' close relationship with their faculty, and 
the availability of internships for our 



President of DVC Alumni Association. 
Dr. James Trainer '82 welcomes alumni 
to the dinner. James Trainer has been 
president since 1991. 

Dr Dominick Montileone and Ira 
Cooperman award the First Centen- 
nial Alumni Award to Dr. Joshua 
Feldstein in recognition of his 57yeais 
of service to thecollege. PbotosbyCB. 

Transportation Services 

Dan Feldstein, Danielle Rissi, Grant Campbell, Kelly White 

Dr. Thomas Shine 

College Comr 

Head of the Class 

3rew\r\0 what's Qood 

Story by Lori Oregalis 

There are several unique courses 
offered here at Delaware Valley College 
such as Apiculture, Arborculture, and 
Introduction to Brewing Science. The 
microbrewclass began about fouryears 
ago as a result of student interest that 
Due to the large interest only 15 to 20 
students are permitted to take the course 
and the only requirements are that you 
have to be 21 and have a desire to stay 
for a Friday afternoon class. William 
Porter, the professor of the class says, 
"The main objective of the course is to 
teach people the basics of brewing beer 

Rebecca Stellenbergputs the malt-hop 
extract into apot in preparation for the 
second batch of beer. 

Ryan Basile measures out powdered 
sugar for the first batch of beer. When 
asked why he took this course he 
said,"Brewing has been with humans 
since the beginning of time. I'm just 
doing my part of being a human." 

and that beer can be enjoyed in mod- 

As a part of this class, beer is brewed 
three times a semester. The first batch 
consists of a lager, an ale, a stout, a 
bock, and a porter, prepared from beer 
making kits. The students learn the 
basics of brewing in this first session. 
To make this batch, they added sugar 
and yeast to a malt-hop extract and let 
them ferment. The second batch con- 
sists of lager type beers with different 
hops to show how different hops have 
an effect on beer. The final batch is a 
culmination of a semester longproject. 

This project consist of the students' choice of brew where 
they have to grind there own grain, make their own extract, 
and add their own flavorings. 

As a general enrichment course, the microbrew class 
teaches a unique hobby to a wide range of students. 
Students come away with an appreciation of the brewing 
process and some home brewed beer. 


Dr. Dave Aho, Dr. Steven DeBroux, Fred Wolford, Larry Hepner, Dr. 
Ronald Muse 

Large Animal Science 

Michael Schlegel, George Gross, Barbara Gilbert, Dr.. Reed, Dr. 
Fredrick Hofsaess, Rodnev Gilbert 

174 College Com rriuni"Dy 

I.i in Bonomo and Chris Harding si- 
phon out beer from the fermentation 
tanks so sugar can be added to it Once 
the sugar is added the beer is ready to 

be bottled 

Putting the correct amount of extract 
into a beer mixture is important to get 
a good tasting beer. Mike Semeniuk 
and Jen Thorson measu re out the malt- 
hop extract. 


Small Animal Science 

Dr. Gar}' Brubaker, Dr. Maureen Bocchieri, Dr. Michael Bodri 


Dr. John Mishler, Jennifer Niese, Ronald Johnson, Dr. Richard 

Mulstay, Janice Haws. Dr. James Miller, Dr. Robert Berthold. Dr. John 


College Community 175 


Pat Callahan, Mr. Eyre, and Bill 
Murdoch learn how to build a tradi- 
tional bamboo wall used in the Japa- 
nese landscape. 

Bill Murdoch and Heather Gorski con- 
struct a bamboo retaining wall for the 

.<■ V i 

» t*r» 




(Business administration 

Michael Simone, Elmer Reiter, George West, Vincent Massaro, Dr. 
Gerald Handler, Dr. Edward Goldberg, Neil Hilkert 

3 College Community 


Dr. Ben Rusilowski, Helena McKenny, Dr. Richard 1 
Dr. Michael Garrett, Dr. Joseph Stenson, Dr. Kathryn Fi 
Charles Weber, Dr. Robert Orr. 

ante, Dr. 

Great Exchanges 

People, Places, 
and Plants 

Mr. Eyre and Peter Zook check over the construction 
designs with the Japanese professors before building 
the exhibit. 

Sean Martin and Huno are placing 
moss on the exhibit while Mike Dalton 
watches the process. For this year's 
display, Del Val collaborated with stu- 
dents from a landscape school in Ja- 

The students from the OH Department 
construct a traditional Japanese land- 
scape with the help from the students 
from Japan. 

Computer Information Systems Managment 

tody Ghering, Mike Simone, Joe Daniel, Ken Lee, Richard Lazarus 

Continuing "Education 

Elaine Hanrahan. Dr. Robert Yapsuga, Samantha Keenan 

CoWeae Corrw 

Career Day 

The Real World 
Starts Here 

Jeanine Cooke signs in for Career Day 
to start here job hunt. The office of 
Career and Life Education organizes 
Career Day to help students enter the 
"real world". 

Jill Chambers asks Dave Shannon 
about his opinion of Career Day. This 
is where many students find possible 
internships and summer jobs. 

While looking over the Career Day Booklet, graduate 
Brett Jacobson, and Seniors Doug Klinger and Brendan 
Conway discuss what companies they would like to 
talk with. 

Criminal Justice 

Gordon Roberts 

(^ o 


'Dairy Science 

Dr. John Plummer, Larry Morris, Michael Schlegel, Dr. Pamela 

7 3 College Com rn unity 

Jill Mentkewics and Melissa Toth, both 

Small Animal Science majors, look for 

summer jobs or internships within 

their field. Underclassmen attend Ca- Trish Wherry and Can n Voder discuss 

reer Day to gain experience in net- possible openings with the 

working. Intelligencer Record Newspaper. 

Il_ I 


Ralston Jones, Dr. Paul Marino 


Karen Schramm, Joann Donigan, Jan Corbett, Ann Algeo. Edwin 
Lawrence, Alice Clark, Linda Kuehl. Linda Maisel 

College Co rr 

Round Them Up 

and Fit: Vnem Down 

At "the Farm Show 

Leslie Cline explains a little about Dairy 

Judging at the Farm Show to Laurie Smith. Dairy student Todd Webb maintains 

Students like Leslie are responsible for the appearance of the DVC Dairy area 

clipping and milking their Holsteins. by cleaning up after the cows. 

'Equine Science food Science 

Jane Cory, Lynne Willoughby, Karin Classman, Pat Wilson Dani Bellmer, William Porter, Richard Dommel, Dr. Mary Palumfti 

College Community 

Beth Meyers stops by the Del Val display to see Showing ajersey cow takes a lot of time, J 

how Sherry Morgan was holding up. Students preparation. Steph Townsend, a Large Animal 

camp out at the Farm Show to make sure their Science major, shows her dairy cow at tl le farm 

cows remain safe and healthy. show. 


I Ronald IMuse, Dr. Joshua Feldstein, Dave Harvey, Dr. David Blumenfield, 
Dr. Neil Vincent, Dr. Barbara Muse, Dr. Renee Schloupt, Peg Hinkel 

Ornamental ^forticufture 

John Long, Leslie Cole, Mike Brandt. Dong Kane, Richard Cowhig, 
Dr. John Martin, Frederick Ray, Bernie Semenuck 

College Com m unity 1S1 



(Dr. Maureen (Boechieri 

Christian Qoekrath 


Arthui ■ < Po[ey 


Dr. Roberta Dimond, Dr. Richard Ziemer, James Day, Edwin 


Jeff Young , Dr. Theodore Christie, Frank Hofstaedter, Michael 
Tabachnick, Dr. Jean Rynes, Dr. Jennifer Wilson, Eleanor Price 

>2 College Community 

(Dr. Maureen (Bocchieri 

Dr. Maureen Bocchieri was an Assistant 
Professor of the Animal Science Depart- 
ment for many years. Her untimely death 
saddened many members of the college 
community. Dr. Bocchieri was very in- 
volved in the Animal Science community. 
When she brought students on field trips, 
she made sure to show and explain things 
in detail. Well-educated in her field, she 
took pride and care in passing on the 
knowledge to her students. Not only was 
she well liked, but also respected. Students 
and faculty will miss her quiet manner 
and her involvement in the Animal Sci- 
ence community. 

Coach Christian bockrath 

Christian was a proud and loyal 1970 DVC 
graduate with a major in Food Science. 
After a successful and lengthy coaching 
career at Archbishop Kennedy High School 
in Norristown, Pennsylvania, he returned 
to his alma mater to rejuvenate our Foot- 
ball program and to lead it into greatness. 

He was always concerned about his col- 
leagues in the various departments of the 
school, especially the Athletics. In addi- 
tion to his concern for the faculty, Chris 
was dedicated to the welfare and educa- 
tional progress of this student athletes. 
Dr. Joshua Feldstein 

Many of the Del Yal athletes not only 
appreciated Chris Bockrath as a great 
coach, but also saw him as a father-figure. 
Considered one of the nicest people you 
could meet, Bockrath cared for his ath- 
letes not only on the field, but off the field 
as well. Bockrath, wanting to get to know 
his athletes as individuals, always had his 
door open for them if they had a problem. 
As a coach, he instilled in his players 
respect and pride for themselves and oth- 
ers. Coach Bockrath will always be re- 
membered for contributions to the Del Val 
community and his inspiration to his stu- 
dent athletes. 

Arthur Toky 

Arthur Poley was one of our most loyal and 

highly dedicated alumni. TheColleg 
truly his home during his student years, 
1950-5^. and his home away from home 
the rest of his productive life. He loved his 
alma mater with a fervent passion! He 
worked long and hard to ensure that the 
College remain independent and continue 
to make progress and offer every deserving 
student individual attention and the op- 
portunity to acquire the best education 
possible. He loved the beauty of nature 
and was very proud of the College's history, 
mission and agricultural heritage. He 
contributed his time, efforts, energy and 
friendship. Arthur Poley made very sig- 
nificant financial contributions to the Col- 
lege and to other very worthy causes. He 
was a devoted and loving family man. His 
smile, embrace, firm handshake and true 
concern will always be remembered by all 
who were privileged to know him and to 
love him! 
Dr. Joshua Feldstein 

In the Spring of 1997, construction began 
on greenhouses built in his memory 
through money that he donated to DVC. 

Oiuman Resources 

Susan Clarke 

In Memory of.... 

Dr. Maureen Bocchieri - Assistant Professor of Small Animal 

Christian Bockrath - Head Football Coach 
H. William Craver - retired football coach and administrator 
William K. Gemmill - son of former Chairman of the Board 

of Trustees Kenneth \Y. Gemmill 
Madeleine Hillman - daughter of Dr. Joseph Krauskopf 
Arthur Poley - Chairman of the Board of Trustees 
Edythe M. Roth - Benefactor of the College 

College Con 

Chadd Tindall and Coleen Lean' help each other prepare for a test in the lobby of 
Mandell. The lobby is a great place for both commuters and residents to grab a 
snack and study between classes. 

Mr.Cowhigwillalwaystaketimetohelpstudentswith Dave Jones, an avid Yankees fan, is preparing his AlanaLavel,AmandaBenz,andMicheleTaylorpicnic 

their problems or just talk with them. On this fine seminar in the newly organized library. Dave is a outside the Student Center on a warm day. Eating 

summerday, he walks toclasswith OH students Alexis Senior majoring in Biology. outdoors isagreat way to beat cabin fever and isasign 

Moretti and John Whalen. of fine weather. 

b4- Congratulations Divider 

The Congratulations section in the 
Cornucopia is the place whore seniors are 
I congratulated by their families for their 

achievements and are wished success in 
life. Turning the Pages to the Index, onecan 
find friends and family at Del Val. 

I Paul Dippery 

I Melissa Craig 

Jeremy Dippery 

Congratulations Divider 1<55 

7*/ Ttieaie THanie *%oM*uz*t 

"Wofidb catmot exftne<i& 6oui 

fenoud eve one o£ you. ^oct, <%& 

a, yneat teacher once &zid: 

"Ho< 'THwie *7*<zinwty 

*Do> ty^cc ^ecftuine 

76*t TVUt 'tyotc "Heed 
'Tfta^f t&e 'ponce &e 

*&ove: 'TftcMi^f 'Dact, €wct ?*ect 

Michael H. McMahon 

Del Val College 

You've made it 
and we're both 
proud of you! 

Mom & Dad 


We wish you all the 

success that you have 

worked very hard for 

these past 4 years at 

DVC. You deserve it! 

Way to go! 


Dad, Mom, Chris, and Aloxx '97 

Contw-atuoations- '/fw* cut e,xce£&4(tiob. 

tyou are a i&gma, to oarhmim. 
(mow the woMw/Wie a /tetter- 
peace because- ok you, 
low, /Wow 


C oiKi) (iliitaticus, Dawn! 
•/// a viink of an cue wu went from graduating from PreScnool to 
graduating from ( oitege. 

Our wish is tliat wu find success and happiness in all war endeavors. 
qMjOU all uour dreams cane true, 

'We are so ecru proud of wu. 

i. ove llii'diis, 
cjjlciu at id Pad 
halnli. lu'i'in, Uiiscn, and Diane 
psepn, belli. Brian, ana Mcaalian 
Doreen, YLicnael, <■ inilii. and naiitin 


(Best of fuc/^to you in 

the years to come. May 

success always be with 

you... And may you be 

rewarded for the joy 

you give to others. 

Love, Mom andTtad 


C on araTu Cations 


J\y love, a not best wishes ft 

ybcc and all your -pn'en 
i)WC - especially io Qraij. 



We never had any doubts, 


Love, Your Whole Family, 
Jim, and WWW 

av\d Best Wishes to 

and the Class of 1997! 

As you travel the road of 
life, know that your 
security lies in our love for 
you. Follow your heart, 
and the road your choose 
will lead to happiness. 

With our love, 
Dad, Mom, and Meaghan 




(dell, yaubejust reached another 
milestone in your life ushich etas 
always one of your dreams. Need, 
you're able to close your eyes and 
dream on to odhereoer your dreams, 
may take you. Cde're all so very 
proud of you and all you have 
accomplished thus far. 
So, Michelle, dream on in good 
health faith all our fooe. 

fflom-Dacf'fflariheth-anof all your family 


Wishing you the best 

life can offer. 
Congratulations on 
your achievement and 
hoping for a great and 
happy future. 
God bless you. 


Mom, Dad, Cos, & Maria 


Congratulations to 
Abigail Lee Shuey 
Delaware Valley College 
Class of 1997 


With Pride and Respect and All our Love, 
Mom, Dad, David, Susannah, Maureen, Jackie, & Andrew 

Congratulations 1<2>9 

0*t (pan tfoadccatcatt 

joy 6e yomb. 
*We one veny finoad o£ epcci 

'Dad & 'THorn, i ?Cmc 9 
Sugamte, fame, fame&, 

and s4Cex 

O Congratulation;; 

To our "Joey": 

From the first cry to "Daddy's" cowboy boots, recliner, dry 
cereal, and "Under Dog" to swim meets, soccer games, chess and books to "Baby 
Talk' ' , "Mayor Shinn' ' , "Simpsons' ' , admired graduate and all dreams beyond. We 
are often awed by your knowledge, but always proud of your accomplishments. We 
know you will advance to the next stage of life with as much energy, humor, and 
anticipation as always. We knew you could do it!!! 

Love and much Pride, 
Mom and Dad 
P.S. When can you have your things out of your bedroom, we're having the hot 
tub delivered on May 19th! 

Jo our daughter and sister 

oonia Dw-fnohrau 

we as ^our parents and 'brothers are vara brow 
ofi ctour accomplishment. Afrter w ctour hard 
cvor/o, mr£in&Motrtimeandattendn&schootKuolr- 
titne ctou haw attained uour froao, we are wru< 
proud ok m and consider ourse&as fortunate and 
ifessedto haw ^ou as our daughter and sister, 
Ourcvis/vfjOruou is to haw thesuccessin^ourntM 
thatctou striwKor, 

with Low andmnoha/a oitaf 
your nom, Pad and brothers Roman and John 



Best Wishes, WIL! 

We're very 

proud of you! 

Mom and Dad 


'The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a 
dream. The oak sleeps in the acorn; the bird waits in the 
egg. Dreams are the seedlings of realities." -James Allen 

Congratulations, STEVEN! 

We're so proud of you and all your accomplishments. Now, 
you're on your way to "moving mountains" and fulfilling 
dreams. We Love You! 





OvJ*? ' ■■" 

7rt5 £"4sr ejoives youfz uJowueyqe, 
Trie soum yevf-ZPiwr ,*fi& w&%~ 

' YwP eMcfiMS, aw me Mem ycrvt^ 
&<rpy— WHATevez wv y$v ctfoK-e 
-TO TPAv eL , l& THt PizetvoKS 

^'9focy f 4tM, 

t>^ ZE have. C\lu>4<*S 



Youre Ue"0£Srl 

3 know oil your 

dreams will dome irite ! 
Love, s-\ 

^ilvfays pe irue io Yourself 
and dll of VouTc/re4ms 
Will become reality. 


joure terrific! 1 -! 
We pvisfi Vou much. 

Success, health, h£PP' n ess 
and prosperity 

° r &rcL7i<lma. 4P&.P&- 

)2. Congratulations 

For Jeff Hess 

festerday is already a dream, and tomor- 
row is only a vision; but today, well-lived, 
nakes every yesterday a dream of happi- 
less and every tomorrow a vision of hope. 
Love, Courtney 

[ expect to pass through life but once. If, 
therefore, there be any kindness I can 
show, or any good things I can do to any 
fellow being, let me do it now, for I shall 
not pass this way again. -William Penn 

We make a living by what we get, but we 
make a life by what we give. 

-Norman MacEwan 
Phil. 3:14, ICor. 16:13, 14, IlCor. 9:10 

Congratulations and Love, 
Mom, Dad, Courtney, Grea and 

Blinker's Fuels Inc. 


Self Serve Gasoline System billed monthly. 


-Heating & Air Conditioning Sales & 


Frecon Orchard Supplies 

A complete line of Fruit and Vegetable 
Packaging Supplies 
Pruning Tools 
Protective Spray Clothing 

Boyertown, PA 




On wur Cotlcae uraauation! 

We are all so iroud of iiou! 
JYloin, Darin, lop- lop, C mis. 

oAimee, and haile 


(Dear (Dianne, 
Jbu are a dream come true- 
you have brought us so 
much iove and happiness. 
*We couldn't have as fed for 
a lovelier daughter We 
ivishyou Love, Lucfc^ and 
Odappiness always. 

Mom, (Bitt, and'Kimberiy 

Cor\Qrg{tu\8(t\or\e> 193 






70O& Awe and Pnide, 
tyiavtdmom &•* 'Daddy 

Tb: 9^tco[e %gzin 

Congratulations on all your 
accomplishments and best ivishes 
for a life full of new adventures, 

We are so very proud of you!! 

Ml of our love to someone so 
very special We kjxoioyou are 
destined to do great things. 
Love and "Kisses, 
9dom and<Dad 

\2>A Conqrs(t\j\at>\one> 

Lori Gregalis, a member of the Cornucopia staff, works hard on the College Community 
action so that she can make the deadline Were it not for the many hours that members 
devote to the yearbook, the Cornucopia would not be the quality book it now is 

Student Activities Council 

Congratulations on a successful 

year and tfiantyoufor all your 


'Best ojluct^to those who 

are graduating and moving on— 

Laura Gurk 
Patty Hillanbrand 
Christine Johnson 
Jason Kamienski 

Nicole Kozin 
Kim Kulick 
Amy Reader 
Jessica Thompson 

We appreciate your dedication 

and support over the years, 


Congratulations to the Class of 1997 

From the staff of the Cornucopia!!! 

We wish you success and happiness in your 

and careers. 

Thanks to everyone who holpod make this Cornucopia 
possible. Wo couldn't have done it without you! 

Cong rat 

:'e Who Among Students In American Universities and Colleges 

Class of 1997 
Todd Borger -BA 
Leslie Cline -ASG 
Joseph Corona -AEHT 
Paul Dippery -OHF 
Wendy Donovan -DS 
Heather Glennon -ASG 
Jason Gordon -AET 
Laura Gurk -OHF 
Christopher Harding -BYF 
Heather Hartzog -HT 
Christine Johnson -DS 
Jeanette Gordon -CH 
Michael Kiefer -AE 
Elizabeth LaPrince -CJA 


Class of 1997 
Patti Hillanbrand -BYF 
Nicole Kozin -BYF 
Elizabeth LaPrince -CJA 

Class of 1997 
Richard Adamo -ASM 
Mary E. Bogardus -ASG 
Leah Braas -ASM 
Leslie Cline -ASG 
Tracy Detwiler -BAA 
Paul Dippery -OHF 
Vonna Doyle -CH 
Christine Filosa -CM 
Jonathan Fox -CM 
Heather Glennon -ASG 
Jason Gordon -AET 
Christopher Harding -BYF 
Lori Harnish -EDA 
Annemieke Hermanis -BYE 
Korey Hirschel -FST 
Christine Johnson -DS 
Jason Kamienski -EDM 
Elizabeth LaPrince -CJA 
Pamela Laubenstine -HTB 
Timothy Lehman -ASG 
Alexandra Loomis -FS 
Nicole Maurer -ASM 
Sherry McCarthy -BA 
Michelle Meyer -ASM 
Amanda Miller -OHL 
Rachel Moyer -BAA 
Tony Noll -AE 
Anthony Norris -BYF 
Dawn Novi -ASG 
Calvin Patten, Jr. -ASM 
Rose Rock -BAA 
Jill Sanders -DS 
Michael Schaffer -BA 
.yards Day 

Pamela Laubenstine -HTB 
Alexandria Loomis -FS 
Jan McClintock -CH 
Rebecca McElheny -OHL 
Amanda Miller -OHL 
Rachel Moyer -BAA 
Tony Noll -AE 
John Rimmer -OHF 
Jill Sanders -DS 
Michael Shaffer -BA 
Lois Schroder -OHL 
Amy Thompson -ASG 
Madeline Volb -CH 

Collegiate Student Government 

Class of 1998 
John Browning -OHF 
Greg Hinderliter -AE 
Laurie Smith -OHF 
Anita Snyder -HT 

Dean's List 

Kimberly Schwartz -BA 
Matthew Schwartz -CJA 
Joanne Shaeffer -AE 
Tricia Stabler -ASG 
Jamie Sundermier -AE 
Melinda Walker -ASG 
Laura Wilhelm -BYP 

Class of 1998 
Christi Antonelly -ASM 
Aimee Ashley -AB 
Colleen Behm -ASM 
Jaime Bylskal -BYF 
Grant Campbell -ASG 
Shannon Carlberg -ASG 
Michael Carnevale -AE 
Kristin Cataldi -BA 
Holly Clouse -ASM 
Joseph Conover, Jr. -CJA 
Melissa Craig -BAA 
Lois Delgiudice -ASM 
Vanessa Dell -ASM 
Karen Doucette -BYF 
Wade Esbenshade -AE 
Lynn Francis -ASM 
Joshua Gehman -AET 
Megan Keyes -ASG 
Richard King -BA 
Kathleen Kingsley -ASG 
Karen Kulp -BA 
Karen Lamarre -HTS 
Christy McAllister -AE 
Carrie McGill -ASG 
Diann Mentzer -MP 
Kelly Musselman -ASM 

Class of 1998 
Alex Amorosa -EQB 
John Browning -OHF 
Sarah Campbell -OHL 
Greg Hinderliter -AE 
Michael Imwald -ASM 
Christy McAllister -AE 
Donna Moyer -OHf 
Carrie Preston -HT 
Amy Reader -CH 
Jennifer Rishel -DS 
Jennifer Rudolph -OHE 
Jessica Schaub -HTB 
Laurie Smith -OHF 
Anita Snyder -HT 


Class of 1999 
Kelly Lerner -EN 

Class of 2000 

Andrew Dougherty -BA 

Danielle Noel -BY 
Katherine Peetros -ASM 
Tamatha Polichetti -BAA 
Carrie Preston -HT 
Hue Quan -AE 
Amy Reader -CH 
William Reid -CH 
Jennifer Rishel -DS 
Kathleen Salisbury -OHF 
Jessica Schaub -HTB 
Daniel Shollenberger -CH 
Laurie Smith -OHF 
Anita Snyder -HT 
Kathleen Sweeney -AE 
Sabina Tedesco -BYF 
James Wallace -CM 
Edward Wlodarczyk -EDB 
Kathleen Sweeney -AE 
Sabina Tedesco -BYF 
James Wallace -CM 
Edward Wlodarczyk -EDB 

Class of 1999 
Stephanie Bumbaugh -ES 
Jessica Cochran -DS 
Katie Evanchalk -AB 
Rachel Hendricks -ASM 
Amy Hershberger -ASG 
Rene Hilderbrand -BY 
Melissa Ihnatenko -ASM 
Stephanie Kauffman -HT 
Colleen Leary -CH 
Kelly Lerner -EN 
Katie Maciolek -ASG 
Laura Mayer -ASG 

Rachel Mayette -ASG 
Korin Mediate -ASG 
Beth Meyers -DS 
Melanie Picciano -ASG 
Christie Rager -ASG 

Emilie Replogle -ASG 
Christine Salter -EDA 
Michelle Sandrock -ASM 
Melissa Pogwizd -ASG 

Michael Shultz -EDA 
Cheryl Sitarchyk -AE 
Erin Vogelsong -ASM 
Jeremy Yeager -AE 

National Collegiate Minority Leadership Award 

Class of 1997 
Heather Hartzog -HT 
Elizabeth LaPrince -CJA 

Class of 1997 
Richard Adamo -ASM 

Class of 1997 
Jonelle Buckley -BA 
Eric Demurat -AE 
Jeffrey Hoopes -AE 
Genevie Kuhns -AE 
Alexandra Loomis -FS 
Jeanette McBride -ASG 
Stephanie McCormick -ASM 

Class of 1998 
Alex Amorosa -EQB 
Hue Quan -AE 

Honor's "Program 

Kelly Love -AE 

Athletic Leadership 

Todd Schwacke -EDS 
Matt Solt -BA 
Tricia Stabler -ASG 
Amy Thompson -ASG 
Nicole Wagner -BA 
Class of 1998 
Brad Eberhardt -CJA 
Lorie Kochanski -OHF 

Class of 1999 
Stephanie Kauffman -HT 

Class of 1998 
Anita Snyder -HT 

John Knudson -EDB 
Kelly Musselman -ASM 
Bryan Purcaro -FSM 
Rebecca Ripley -ASG 
Monica Starr -AE 
Class of 1999 
David Franck -CJA 
Christopher Vreeland -AB 

Mid-Atlantic Conference AW- Academic Team 

Class of 1997 
Jeffrey Hoopes -AE 
Alexandra Loomis -FS 
Tricia Stabler -ASG 
Amy Thompson -ASG 
Ronald Zukley -AE 

Class of 1997 

Class of 1998 
Louis DelGiudice -ASM 
Wade Esbenshade -AE 
Karen Lamarre -HTS 
Donna Moyer -OHF 
Scott Reedell -CH 
Stephanie Townsend -ASG 

Class of 1999 
Ethan Brownback -UN 
Stephanie Bumbaugh -ES 
David Franck -CJA 
Holly Hofer -ASM 
Timothy Quinn -CJA 
Emilie Replogle -ASG 
Elvin Rodriguez -BAA 

Division III Wrestling Scholar Ail-American Team 

Class of 1999 
Ronald Zukley -AE 

Jeffrey Hoopes -AE Ronald Zukley -AE Ethan Brownback -UN 

1990 National Field Hockey Coaches Association National Academic Squad 

Class of 1997 
Tricia Stabler -ASG 

Class of 1999 
Stephanie Bumbaugh -ES 

Community Service 

Class of 1998 
Jessica Schaub -HTB 

Recognized Faculty/Staff Member 

Hollv Hofer -ASM 

Class of 1999 
Mariah Krauter -CJA 


John Avery 
Robert Berthold 
maureen Bocchieri 
Michael Bodri 
Bary Brubaker 
Theodore Christie 
Richard cowhig 
Steven DeBroux 
Rosalind Erwin 
Howard Eyre 
Kathryn Frantz 
John Ginnetti 
George Gross 
Janice Haws 

Larry Hepner 
Frederick Hofsaess 
Francis Hofstaedter 
Edwin Lawrence 
Douglas Linde 
Vincent Massaro 
Heljena McKenney 
Dominic Montileone 
Larry Morris 
Richard Mulstay 
Barbara Muse 
Robert Orr 
Mary Palumbo 

John Plummer 
Frederick Ray 
Elmer Reiter 
Renee Schloupt 
Thomas Slane 
Charles Weber 
Lynn Willoughbv 
Mileen Altier 
Shane Betz 
Glenys Bracy 
Dorothy Chizek 
Nancy DeBord 
Donna Doan 

Kevin Doherty 
David Duda 
Dan Feldstein 
Mary Frick 
Diane Happ 
Alan Hedden 
Peg Hinkel 
Joan Hock 
Stphen Jarrett 
Karen Kay 
Glen Leonard 
Elizabeth Lutz 
Dave Mullins 
Edna Ney 

Carol Noonan 
Susan Pachuta 
Eric Rappaport 
Maria Rounsavil 
Robert Sauer 
Marianne Schumacher 
Sandy Scott 
Bernadine Seminack 
Pat Smith 
Julia Sousa 
Sondra Stoczko 
Jay Wright 


August, Armand 169 
August, Carolyn 10 

Austin, Jason 10 

Abbott, Michael 57 
Abercauph, Jules 51, 

Adamo, Richard 10, 35 
Afflisio, Joe 124 

Aflague, Melissa 55 
Aho, Dave Dr. 174 

Aitken, Jeff 57 

Albertson, Susan 104, 

Albright, Tracey 10 

Algeo, Ann Dr. 179 

Allaire, Franklin 100, 112, 


Bach, Jessica 55,120, 

Ball, Dorothy 162 

Balogh, Stephen 63 
Balzano, Pete 163 

Barnes, Kelly 111.115, 
117, 122, 125, 142. 143 
Barney, Blythe 52 

Barrett, Kelly 166 



Alpuche, Chuck 172 

Altiere, Bob 163 

Altmann, Virginia 162 

Amaral, Adam 6Q>, 95, 


Amorosa, Alexandra 10 

Anderson, Elizabeth 


Andrew, Rebecca 76, 


Andrews, Eric 10, 47 

Antonelly, Christi 113, 


Aquino, Kristie 120 

Arrison, Betsy 161 

Arvizu, Michael 10, 114, 


Assante, Jamie 46, 55 

Bartus, Tiffany 123 
Bascelli, Roxane 10 

Basile, Ryan 115, 174 
Battinelli, Chrissy 52 
Bauer, Jason 10, 55 
Bauer, Liza 111, 126, 130, 

Baughman, Annie 167 
Beadling, Brian 95 

Beadling, Chris 168 
Beagle, Janet 55,103 
Beck, Joshua 11,37.117 
Becker, Doreen 11 

Bednarz, Christina 114 
Behm, Sarah 11,51 

Beil, Mandy 59,103 
Bell, Brian 106,119 

Bell, Jennifer 11 

Bella, Terry 115 

Bellmer. Dani Dr. 114, 


Bender, Brian 168 

Bender, Dominique 11 

Benz, Amanda 184 

Berkey, Farah 52 

Bernard, Bethany 47, 


Berry, Beth 11.35,36, 


Berryman.Jen 5 

Berryman, Ray 55 

Berthold. Robert Dr. 75. 


Besore. Judy 162 

Biegel, Patrick 105,115. 


Bingaman, Shauna 123 

Binikos, Terry 112 

Binns. Frank 83 

Binsburger, Bill 168 

Bird, Mike 52 

Bishard, Suzanne 52, 

8>&, 103 

Bitto, Judith 160 

Bitzer, June 169 

Blahut, Michael 11.36 

Blau. Frederic 144 

Blocher, Carrie 125 

Blumenfield, David Dr. 


Blyskal, Jaime 103 

Bocchieri, Maureen Dr. 

175, 182 

Bockrath, Chris 163 

Bockrath, Christian 182 

Doddle, lance 83 

Bodnar, Sean 83 

Bodri. Michael Dr. 141. 


Boesch, Gloria 170 

Bogardus, Mary 11,54, 


Bogart, Bridget 169 

Bogart, Heather 11 

Bogart. Mike 169 

Bogedid, Linda 112 

Boggs. Megan 11.115 

Bonigut, Heidi 11 

Bonigut, Linda 112.120 

Bonomo, Lorelee 11, 123, 


Borger. Todd 12, 100, 


Bornkamp, Jennifer 55, 


Boutureira, Joseph 59. 


Braas. Leah 12, 37, 131 

Bracy, Glenys 164 

Brandt, Mike 181 

Brevis, Johannes 112 

Brobst, Kimberly 114 

Brown, Brenda 165 

Brown, Eileen 103 

Brown, Sarah 52, 103, 


Brownback, Ethan 51, 


Browning, John 111.119, 

120, 142, 143 

Brubaker, Gary Dr. 141, 


Bruno, Amanda 52 

Bruno, Jason 107.119 

Bucci, Kristin 84, 85 

Bucci, Thomas 83 

Buckley, Jen 44, 55 

Buckley, Jonelle 12,51 

Burch, Dave 164 

Burk, Becca 59 

Burk, Frank 146 

Burk, Leslie 111.164 

Burlingame, David 12 

Burns, Christopher 12 

Burton, Kevin 6b, 82, 


Bushnell, Colleen 12 

Butler, Chris 95 

Butler, Jessica 62,113 

Byers, Amy 12 

Caesar, Art 171 

Caggiano, Lou 110.115 

Callahan, Pat 113,124, 

158, 176 

Camp, Tracy 107 

Campbell, Grant 59, 



Campbell, Mary \60 

Campbell, Sarah 66, 


Canete, Marciano 168 

Cannon, Christine 168 

Cansler, Kristen 


Carlberg, Shannon 



Carnevale. Mike 


Carnivale, Jessica 


Carver, Bob 


Carver, Dave 


Cary, David 


Case, Sara 54, 59 

Cassels, Jason 70. 71 

Celia, Victoria 


Ceschan, John 


Chambers, Jack 


Chambers, Jill 123,178 

Chard, Hillary 


Charles, Rosemary 


Chaundy, Jane 111, 112, ! 


Cheetham, Martha 



Chestnutt, Robert 


Chizek, Dorothy 121, 162 

Christie, Theodore 



Clrlaco, David 


Cirino. Tony 48, 55, 115, 


Clark, Alice 


Clarke, Susan 


Clemens, Justin 87, 158 

Cline, Leslie 12, 103, 104, 


Cochran, Jessica 


104, 121, 129, 131 

Cohen, David 


Cole, Leslie 


Coleman, Joseph 


Collins. Mike 


Colombo, Charge 


Conover Jr., Joseph 141 

Conrad, Jaime 


Constable, Paula 57, 116 

Conway, Brendan 


54, 55, 118, 178 

Conaway, Christie 


Conway, Kelly 108,119, 

142. 143 

Cook, Melissa 


Cooke, Janine 13, 34, 

35, 36, 51, 99, 17S 

Cooperman. Ira 


Corbett, Jan 


Corl, Christi 


Cormican, Dan 


Cormican.Tom 115,169 

lornman, Michael 13, 
lorona, Joseph 13, 109, 
26, 151 

lory, Jane 160 

loeta, Mario 13 

Courtney, John 121,124 
;outlee, Wyatt 13, 60 
^owen, Caroline 55, 50, 

;owhig, Richard181, 184 
lozine, Kerri 52 

>aig, Melissa 124 

^ullins, Stephanie 84 
Cummins, Scott 87 
Surrey, William 139, 151 
^urrie, Julie 113 

^urry, Jenny 164 

irtis, Kurt 103, 104 
^usano, Chris 57 

)Alessandro, Rocco 

39. 148 

?adig. Suzanne 4, 103, 


)ahlhammer, Heidi 54, 


?aley, Chris 171 

Walton, Michael 110 

Daniel, Joe 177 

?aniels, Nancy 59, 102 

?aughtry, Brandon 55 

?avis, Bethany 163 

)awson, Lee 168 

)ay, James 182 

}eBord, Nancy 59, 125. 

42, 143, 165, 172 

)eBroux, Steven Dr.174 

decker, Karen 73 

decker, Tracey 73, 123 

?eJong, Marc 44 

^elGiudice, Louis 51 

?ell, Vanessa 59, 76 

}ellagicoma, Andrea 14, 

35, 125 

PelloRusso, David 14, 


~)e\\oRusso. Robert 14 

Jemarest, Heather 14, 


Demurat, Eric 95 

Dent, Barbara 


Denton, Thomas 14, 47 

DeQuito, Arnold 


Dickens, Bryan 


DiGrazio, Jess 


DiMino, Drew 


Dimond, Roberta D 


Dippery, Jeremy 110, 117 

Dippery, Paul 14, 110,117, 


DiVirgilio, Dina 


Dixon, Pete 


Doan, Donna 


Doderer, Diann 59,73 

Doherty, Kevin 


Dommel, Richard 


Domuczic, Lisa 


Donato, Salvatore 


Donigan, Joann 


Donovan, Wendy 



Dornfeld, Reinhild 


Dougherty, Andrew 111, 


Dowdy. Tony 


Dowdy. Tori 57. 142 

Doyle, AnnMarie 


Duchnowski, Susar 


64, 114 

Duda, Dave 83, 163 

Due, Patrick 44, 55, 121. 


Dulio, Kevin 


Dunn, Barbara 52, 103, 


Durphy, Gerald 


Earlen, Sean 83 

Eason, Leah 55 

Eaton, Melissa 57, 103, 

Eberhardt, Brad 71 

Eckroth, Bethany 119 
Edm, Jan 61 

Ellis. Mike 36,161 

Ely, Mary Ann 162 

Emery, Renee 74, 75 
Enright, William 15 

Erbrick, Mike 78 

Erikson, David 55 

Erway, Charles 111, 117. 
138, 145 

Erwin. Rosalind 112,113 

Evans, Kim 103 

Evans, Tracey 15 

Evely, Jim 112 

Eyre, Howard 176, 177 

Fabiano, Bill 52 

Faherty, Pat 168 

Fair. Loretta 164 

Falkiewicz, Melanie 162 
Farrand, Stephanie 57 
Feichthaler, Barbara 15 
Feito, Nick 55 

Fekete, Nora 15 

Fleischer, Richard 16 
Flood, Frances 162 

Fluck, Linda 171 

Flynn, Alison 16,35 
Flynn, Margaret 55, 
Foley, John 71 

Foraker, Michelle16, 59, 

Fortig, David 107 

Fox, Andrew 115 

Fox, Jonathan 16,63 
Franck, Dave 83 

Frantz, Kathryn Dr. 176 
Freeland, Shanon 110 
Frick. Mary 35, 59, 142, 
143, 172 

Frock, Tennille 57,99 
Funt, Kim 54, 55, 59, 
103, 104, 119, 154 

Gilbert, Clanr; : 

Gilbert, Rodney 

153, 166, 174 


Ginter, Kurt 119 

Gioff re, Dolores Dr. 160 

Glassman, Karin 180 

Glennon, Heather 16 

Goetz, Joe 138 

Goldberg, Edward Dr. 


Goldschlager, Bob 112 

Goodworth, Gibb . 


Gordon, Jason 16 

Gorski, Heather 59, 

108, 121, 176 

Grallasso, Bruce 71 

Grandoni, Paula 16 

Grannis, Dan 124 

Felder, Chris 124 

Feldstein, Daniel 15, 173 

Feldstein, Joshua Dr. 

160, 173, 181 

Feldstein, Linda 170 

Fertig, David 15 

Fetzer, DJ 99, 103 

Figue^oa, Johnnie 57, 


Fillingham, Scott 15 

Filosa, Christine 15 

Finan, Geno 71 

Fioresi, Mark 34,35, 


Fister, Heather 15 

Flannery, Mary Helen16, 


Fleischer, Linda 163 

Gaido. Angie 84 

Gallagher. Sean 62 

Galloway, Tim 157 

Garfinkel, Ivy 52, 104 

Gargano, Jeff 44 

Garman, Brett 104 

Garrett, Michael Dr. 6, 


Gehman.Josh 95 

Gehring, Kevin 120 

Gerhardt, Kathryn 16. 


Ghering, Boyd 177 

Gilbert, Barbara 104, 


Gray, Kim 111,119,122, 


Green, Frank 90 

Greenberg, Jim 82, 83, 


Gregalis, Lori 63, 123, 


Gresko, Bob 87 

Griswold, Karen 121, 125 

Gross, George 174 

Gross, Mark 112 

Grosso, Hal 55 

Gurk. Laura 8, 16, 35, 


Guthier, William 57,97 

■ 199 

Haddon, Jamie 59 

Haddon. Sharon 162 
r ob\n 16 

.., Adam 121,156 
Halter, Brad 55, 59, 
62, 124, 131, 168 
Hammer, Krista 16, 59 
Han, Chang 76 


Handler, Gerald Dr. 176 
Hanley, Theresa 119, 120 
Hanrahan, Elaine 177 
Happ, Diane 171 

Harding, Chris 175 

Hartzog, Heather 17, 

Harvey, Dave 181 

Harvey, Wendy 161, 171 
Hauer, Brian 87 

Haven, Amanda 17 

Haws, Janice 175 

Hayes, Emily 74,75, 
Hearn, Brian 55, 56 
Heebner, Jennifer 52, 

Heffner, George 168 
Heisey, Barbara 168 
Hellerman, Jean 162 
Henderson, Ronja 107, 

Henry, Dianne 17, 35, 51, 

Henry, Shaun 17 

Hepner, Larry 174 

Hermans, Annemieke 17 
Hess. Jeffrey 17 34, 35 
Hess, Jennifer 52,111, 
122, 123 

Hess, Steve 87 

Hetzendorf, Mandy 17 
Heuer, Jason 57 

Hewitt, Ruthanne 160, 

Hicks, Lindsay 103, 154. 

Hiester, Sean 57 

Highland, Ed 148 

Hilkert.Neil 112,176 
Hillanbrand, Patti 17, 51, 

Hillegass, Lance 55,87 

Hinderliter, Greg 48, 


145, 146 

Hines, Carl 83 

Hines, Joanne 103 

Hinkel. Peg 181 

Hintenlang, Betty 112 

Hirschel, Korey 17, 25, 


Hirschmann, Erich 115, 


Hirsh, James Dean 161 

Hochman, Elaine 158 

Hock, Joan 167 

Hofer, Holly 68. 80, 


Hofer, Kristin 46,104, 


Hoffman, Kristen 61 

Hoffman, Larissa 167 

Hoffman, Mindy 18, 116, 


Hoffman, Nicole 18, 59, 

108, 115, 121 

Hofsaess, Fredrick Dr. 

103, 174 

Hofstaedter, Frank 182 

Holden, Brian 121 

Holland, Duffy 167 

Holman, Christopher 


Hoopes, Jeffrey 18, 87 

Horvath, Theodore 18, 


Houst, Noreen 44, 52, 


Howard, Amy 123, 166 

Howard, Mary 125 

Hoxworth, Jonathan 57 

Hoyer, Nicole 18 

Hromadzic, Azra 52 

Hudock, David 108,128 

Hudson, Derrick 18, 35, 

51, 94, 95, 123, 152 

Hughes, Amy 125 

Hughes, Kristen 2, 59, 



Hughes, Steven 18, 51 

Hunter, Christine 4, 18, 


Hunter, Matthew 107 

Hutchinson, Katie 59, 


Huyett.Josh 124 

Imwald, Mike 120, 142. 


Inhof, George 124 

Inlow, Lynann 2,48,58, 


Islinger, Lexi 170 

Jacobson, Brett 178 

Jarrett, Stephen Dean 


Jennings, Homer 169 

Johnson, Christine 104, 


Johnson. MaryAnn 18 

Johnson, Ronald 166. 


Johnson, Tim 171 

Jones, Dave 184 

Jones, Jason 124 

Jones, Ralston 179 

Kamienski, Jason 19, 

120, 146 

Kane, Douglas 107,181 

Kapelan, Christina 19, 


Kaplan, Andrew 115 

Karavias, John 59,113, 


Karkoska, Lisa 62, 123 

Kasloski, Lita 168 

Kauffman, Melonica 55 

Kauffman, Steph 113 

Kaufman, Kyle 95 

Kay, Karen 161 

Kear.Mary 19,113,123 

Kearns, Colleen 76, 84, 


Keeler, Meggan 19 

Keenan, Samantha 121, 


Keim.Jen 73 

Keller, Joel 71 

Kelly. B.J. 106.111 

Kelly, Brian 55 

Kelly, George 55, 59, 


Kelly, Lashea 57,83 

Kennedy, Lynn 51, 99, 


Kenyatta, Tyrone 19, 

34, 35, 37, 129, 142 

Kepping.Tom 19 

Kiefer, Michael 19,75 

Kightlinger, Stephanie 


King, Cindy 161 

King, Heather 55, 120 

King, Richard 115 

Kingsley, Annette 52, 


Kingsley, Kathleen 52, 


Kingston, Scott 75 

Kitsch, William 19,58, 


Klaessig, Janet 169 

Kleinle, Matt 87 

Kleinschmidt, Bob 57 

Kline. Josh 83 

Kline, Laurie 161 

Kline, Steve 165 

Klinger, Doug 178 

Klinger, Vicki 52 

Knight, Darcy 121, 170 

Knowlton, Garth 4 

Knudson.John 59,75, 


Koblish, Wendy 20 

Kochanski, Lorie58, 59, 

72, 73, 92 

Kolb, Tammi 55,162 

Konia. Jenifer 76 

Korn.Jeff 115 

Kothe, Denise 121 

Kowalczyk, Krista 20, 



Kozin. Nicole 20.51,59, 


Kozuhowski, Ken 171 

Krauter, Mariah 3, 120, 

128, 142 

Krell, Marlene 161, 164 

Kresge, Mark 103 

Krukar, Lael 55 

Kruse, Tim 110 

Kuehl. Linda 179 

Kuhns.Genevie 20,121 
Kulick. Kimberly 20,35, 
120. 148. 163 
Kulp.Jay 169 

Kupersmith, Peter 169 
Kutcher, Julia 59,115 
Kutzbeck, Melissa 172 


Lamarre, Karen 72 

Landis, Linda 65 

Landis, Rob 124 

Langley, Kevin 57, 100, 


LaPorte, Anthony 57 

LaPrince, Elizabeth 20, 

44 59,111.145 

La Rock, Alan 

LaTourette, Jaime 

Laub, Larry 

Laubenstine, Pamela20, 


Laughlin, Kelly 125 

Lavell.Alana 52,103, 


Lawless, Michaela 81 

Lawrence, Edwin 179, 


Lazarus, Richard Dr. 177 

Leach, Bob 97 

Leary, Coleen 184 

Lederer, Christopher20 

Ledger, Michelle 104 

Lee, Ken 177 

Lehman, Timothy21, 120 

Leiter, Liz 59 

LeMunyon, Jennifer 113 

Lengle, Michael 55,71 

Lenord, Glen 163 

Lerner, Kelly 35,59,111 

Lerner, Laurie 146, 171 

Leusner, Brian 

Levy, Matt 

Linde, Doug Dr. 

Linden, James 

Line, Andrea 

Liona, Maureen 

Lloyd, Amy 

Long, Ed 

Long, John 








2.00 Index 

'.ong, Kevin 122 

.oomis, Alexandra 21, 
'5, 114 

.ord, Janet 1<oO 

.ore. Anastasia 107 
.ore, Stacey 59 

Lorenz, Paul 112 

wucke, Brian 71 

_oung, Lim 65 

_ugar, Richard Dr. 176 
.undy III, Fred 117 

.uong, Hiep 6 

_utz, Susie 55, 54 

_utz. Terra 52, 76 

.ysack, Keith 112, 115 


vlaciolek, Katie 55 

VlacKenzie, Jessica 21 

Viackie, James 21,67 

Vladdux, Brian 21 

Magee, Shawn 57 

Maisel, Linda 179 

Majchrowski, Heather 


Majewski, Allison 52, 

113, 120, 135, 142, 143 

Malkemes, Pandi 21 

Mangeney, Mike 57 

Mangiafridda, Lara 123 

Mangle, Josh 56,67 

Mann, Bill 57,59 

Mann, Tracy 76, 77, 64 

Manorek, Nicholas 21, 


Marano, Concetta 119, 


Marckstein, James 21 

Harder. Jesse 71, 117, 


Marengo, Stephen 142 

Margon, Bonnie 76 

Marini, Gerard 144 

Marino, Paul Dr. 179 

Marshall, Bob 59. 67. 


Marshall, Jeff 63,172 

Marshall, Stephen 22, 


Martin, Conrad 162 

Martin, Erma 170 

Martin, John Dr. 161 

Martin, Olivia 72, 73 
Martin. Rachel 55,60 
Martin, Sean 177 

Massaro, Vincent 176 
Massino, Frank 162 
Mathieson, Barb 106 
Mathisen, Holly 52 

Matlaga, Julie 59,170 
Maurer, Buddy 63 

Maurer, Nicole 22,113 
Mauroschadt, Kristy 

May, John 124 

Mayer, Laura 59, 103, 
Mazzo, Beth 117 

McBride, Jeanette 22, 
73. 64 163 

McCarron, Steve 119, 
124, 156 

McCarthy, Sherry 6, 22 
McClintock, Jan 22 
McConnaughey, Jim104 
McCormick, Steph 102 
McCracken, Jenn52, 59 
McCune, Jessica 22 
McElheny, Pebecca 5,,141 
McElwain, Ben 103 

McGavin, Shannon 52 
McGeady, Elaine 162 
McGill, Carrie 2.59. 
103, 106, 121 

McGowan, Pich 52 

McGrail, Jennifer22, 35 

McGrane, Jessica 166 

McGraw, Adam 71 

McGurk, Marian 169 

McKenny, Hejlena 176 

McMahon, Michael 23 

McNamara, 0. J. 94, 95 

McNamee, Michael 71, 


Mecouch, Ben 52 

Mediate, Korin 59, 104, 

117, 154, 171 

Melham, Lisa 123 

Mentkewics. Jill 179 

Mertz, David 23, 35, 


Mertz, John Dr. 175 

Messina, Melonie 56 

Metzgar, Gillian 55 

Meyer, Michelle 23,35 

Meyers, Beth 103,104. 


Meyers. Doug 103 

Mihm, Brian 165 

Miliziano, Tara 23,35, 


Mill, Eleanor 168 

Miller, Amanda 23,59, 


Miller. Apryl 111.116.135 

Miller. Cindy 164,170 

Miller, Heather 52,103, 

104 106 

Miller, James Dr. 5, 166, 


Miller, Steven 23,60 

Milligan, Penee 51 

Mills, Jenn 52 

Mishler.JohnDr. 175 

Moffatt, Jeffrey 23 

Mohr, Charles 23 

Mongrain, Mark 51 

Montileone, Dominic Dr. 

160. 172, 173 

Moore, Carol 105,123, 


Moore, Eric 52 

Moore, James 23 

Moran, Robert 171 

Moretti. Alexis 115,119, 


Morgan. Bonnie 167 

Morgan. Sherry 103, 


Mormile, Michelle 98. 


Morris, Larry 144, 178 

Morrison, Marty 52, 


Mortelliti, John 52 

Mo wry, Kari 24,44 

Moyer, Donna 73 

Moyer, Pachel 24, 112 

Moyer, Tara 24 

Mueller. Kurt 115 


Mullins, Dave 

Mulstay, Pi: 


Munniksma. Lisa 104, 


Murdoch, Bill 110,115, 


Murphy, Brian 24, 55 

Murphy, Catherine 119, 


Murphy, Dwayne 24, 51, 


Murphy, James 

Murphy, Stacia 57 

Murray, Nicole 24 

Muse, Barbara Dr. 141, 


Muse, Ponald Dr. 174, 


Musselman, Kelly 75, 97 

Myers, Marylisa 122, 

123, 148 

Myers, Matthew 24, 51. 

59, 103, 123 

Myers, Peggy 52, 103, 


Haddeo, Ester 171 

Naniewicz, Rich 51 

Narrow, Jonathan 24, 

Naugle, Mandy 55 

Navarro, Ricky 57, 115 
Neale, Ashley 25 

Nealman, Scott 63 
Neumann, George 124 
Newberger, Nealie 103 
Newcomb, Weather 25, 

Newell, Troy 95 

Newsham, Danielle 52 
Ney, Edna 161 

Nichols, Mary 52 

Nickel, Jennifer 25, 103, 

Niese, Jennifer 175 

Noll, Tony 25 

Noorigian, Aaron 25 
Norman, 5hane 163 
Norvaisas, Camille 67 
Novi, Dawn 25,30.112 
Nowakowski, Lynn 25 
Nowakowski, SerenaLyn 
57, 99, 120 
Nuding, Patti 47 

Nye, Heather 25 

O'Donnell, Bridget 123 
O'Neil, Allison 161 

Oakley, Charles 63 

Olesh, Thomas 25 

Opshal, Doug 168 

Orban.Jeff 161 

Orlando, Maria 52, 119 
Orpneck, Lauren 52 
Orr, Robert Dr. 123, 145, 

Orser, Kelly 76, 77, 92 
Osada, Daniel 78 

Osborn, Mark 26 

Osilka, Donna 52, 76, 

Ott, Charles 168 

Owen, Navonne 103, 

Pachuta, Susan 123, 

142, 143, 161 

Palatinus, Verona 168 

Palermo, Maria 121 

Palumbo, Mary Dr. 141, 


Pandy, Ella 75, 119 

Parker, Amanda 52 

Farker, Melissa 26, 51 

Pasalic, Aida 52 

Paterno, Jodi 57, 135 

Patten, Christine 106 

Patten, Calvin 55 

Patterson, Charlie 103, 


Pawlicki, Dianne 59 

Pazdan, Maria 160 

Peak, Amanda 26 

Peck, Ashley 71 

Pecore, John 26, 57 

Pellegrin, Regina 61 

Pendrak, Krista 57, 120 

Peterson, Michelle 26, 


Petrillo, Annie 170 

Petrowski, Eric 57 

Picciano, Melanie 120 

Pinzka, Grace \<o& 

Plath, Mark 70,71 

Plummer, John Dr. 178 

Pogwizd, Melissa 104, 


Poley, Arthur 182 

Poore, Quendryth 73 

Porter. William 180 

Posner, Robert 26 

Post, Jessie 52 

Poust, Leigh 51 

Powell, Jason 55, 117, 


Preston, Carrie120, 122, 


Price, Eleanor 182 

Primus, Jeff 124 

Prinos, Angel 55 

Prosser, Asya 142 

Prudish. Sharon 167 

Przychodzien, Anthony 


Przyuski, Mike 83,124 

Pulaski, Jason 57 

Furcaro, Bryan 71 

Rounsavill, Maria 162 

RubioToni 142.167 

Ruch, Jacqueline 27 

Rupert, Rocky 121.148 

Quan. Hue 


Rusiloski. Ben Dr. 121, 

Queripel, Larry 



Quinn, Tim 


Rychalsky. Steve 124 
Rynes, Jean Dr. 182 

Rambo, Kevin 114 

Raneri. Courtney 57, 111 
Rappaport, Eric 165 
Ray. Frederick 181 

Razze, Stephanie 26, 

Read, Milissa 26 

Reader, Amy 112 

Reda, Daniel 26 

Reed, Pamela Dr. 174, 

Reguk, Stephen 55 
Reiter, Elmer 176 

Replogle, Emilie 59,73 
Resnick, Melissa 27 
Rice. Jason 71 

Richardson, Ruby 168 
Rider, Karl 71 

Riggilizzo, John 119 

Ripley, Rebecca 73, 123 
Rissi, Danielle 27. 173 
Rivera, Edrick 27 

Rivera, Robert 3 

Rivises, Germaine 168 
Roberts, Amy 52 

Roberts, Gordon 160, 

Robinson, Nicole 59, 

Roche, Noel 99, 170 
Rock, Rose 27, 112 

Roderick, Kelly 52 

Rodriguez, Elvin 55 
Romaine, Daniel 27 

Roman, Michele 57 

Romanczuk, Angela 59, 
Romberber, Gary 165 
Roohr, Chuck 62.139 
Rosenburg, Skip 169 
Roth, John 27 

Roth, Sherry 160 

Rotz, Laura 84 

Salabritas, Jeff 57 

Saladino, Christine 51 

Salamone. Anthony 27 

Salcedo. Wilfredo 27, 51 

Salisbury. Kathleen <5<o, 


Salmon, Chris 51 

Salmons, Brian 27 

Salter, Christine 103, 


Salvesen, Kristen 52, 

75, 102 

Sanders, Jill 8, 28, 103, 


Sandrock, Michelle 59, 


Sarachick. Tina 106,119 

Sarnoski, Steven28, 52 

Sauer, Robert 167 

Saxe, Steven 52 

Sbriscia, Tifanie 67,72, 

73, 154 

Schaedel, Brian 121, 124 

Schaffer, Michael 25. 


Schall, Jason 57 

Schaub, Jessica 106, 111 

Scheib, Megan 107 

Schieferstein, Matt121, 


Schiffler, Amy 103 

Schlegel, Michael 174, 


Schleifer, Monika 113. 


Schloupt, Renee Dr. 


Schoepf, Scott122, 148 

Schramm, Karen 179 

Schuler, Gabriele 67 

Schumachei, Marianne 


Schuster, Barry 169 
Schwartz, Matthew 28 
Schwartz, Rob 114, 121 
Scipioni, Douglas 28 
Scollo, Craig 28 

Scott. Diana 167 

Scott, Lonce 28, 112 
Scott, Sandy 87 

Sebring, Amy 57, 75 j 
Seifried, Josh 83 

Semeniuk, Michael 28, 
Semenuck, Bernie 181 
Semke, Joel 112 

Sentz, Julie 52,93^ 
Sergeant, Mary 169 
Seybert, Beth 108, 148 
Shaffer, Chad 90 

Shaffer, Joel 123 

Shannon, Dave 52, 115, 

Sheflin, Beth 73 

Shelly, Janis 28 

Shenko, Joey 78 

Shenyo, Rachael 29, 111 i 
Sheridan, Chris 171 

Shespko, Lisa 139 

Shields, Natalie 54 
Shiery. Martha 29, 105, 

Showater, Matt 57 
Shupp, Christopher 29 
Simone, Michael176, 177 
Siwiec, Allison 84 

Skillman, Eric 73 

Slack, Alyse 29 

Slane, Thomas Dr. 173 
Smith, Dee 168 

Smith, Gillian 57 

Smith, Karen 76 

Smith, Laurie 52,59, 
Smith, Shaun 87 

Smith, Steph 113 

Smola.Jean 162 

Snader, Kari 44 

Snyder, Anita 109,111, 

Soderberg, Evelyn 162 
Soderberg, Jon 111,131 
Sodt, Kim 115, 121 

Solt, Matthew 29 

Som ma , Wi 1 1 ia m 57, 87, 
Sou, Wan 56 


3ousa, Julia 162 

3outhall, Ruth 103. 

I04. 154 

3pence, Sylance 29 

Spond.Jen 171 

Spratt, Kathleen 164 

Sprinkle, Amy 44,76 

Stabler, Tricia 29,37, 


Starr. Monica 76 

Starts, Derek 03 

Staton, Adam 60, 07 

Stavenick, F3ecca 55, 

74, 75. 115 

Stayback, Paul 57 

Stefanelli, June 112 

Stellenberg, Rebecca 

29, 174 

Stenson, Joseph Dr. 


Sterner, Katie 55, 59, 


Stevens, Joyce35, 164, 


Stewart, Eric 29 

Stocker, Holly 123 

Stoczko, Sondra 76 

Stonecipher, Matthew 

40, 52, 59 


Sylvia 61 

Strauss, Jennifer 30, 

36, 102 

Sullivan, Matthew 30 

Sundermier, Jamie 30 

Sutton, Jim 163 

Swallow, Chris 52 

Swallow, Jason 104 

Swanson, Andrew 52, 


Swart, Jon 163 

Sweeney, Loretta 30 

Sweeney, Ryan 71 

Tabachnick, Michael 
120, 166, 102 
Tarantelli, Edward 30 
Tasker, Sob 162 

Tatarynw, Sandra 59, 
Taylor, Bill 106 

Taylor. Michelle 52, 103, 


Thomas, Samantha 00 

Thomas, Scott 52, 115, 


Thomas, Tim 55,117 

Thompson, Amy 30, 76, 

77, 121 

Thompson. Jessica 30, 



Thompson. Lee 160 

Thorson. Jennifer 30. 


Tighe.John 103,106, 


Tildsey, Christine 140 

Tindall, Chadd 104 

Townsend, Stephanie 2, 


123, 101 

Trainer, James Dr. 173 

Trenton, Nancy 30, 35. 


Trombino, Ron 5, 162 

Turner. Aaron 150 

Uerkus, Jan 


Vance, Joy103, 104, 117, 


VanDerslice, Tom 57 

VanLuvanee, Jeffrey 31 

Veggian, Sandra 31, 35 

Ventresca, Kirsten 31 

Vernitsky, Rebecca 92 

Vico. Greg 35, 03 

Vincent, Neil Dr. 141. 


Virkaitis, Victoria 31 

Vogelsong, Erin 59 

Vogt, Timothy 135,165 

Vreeland, Chris 03 

103, 121. 130 

Wolfgang. ; 
Wolford, Fred 

Wood, Ron 

Woodring, Richard 129 


Wagner, Kelly 31, 07 

Worriner, Ray 


Wagner, Larisa 57, 75 

Wright, Janine 


Wagner, Nicole 35, 36, 

Wright, Jay 35 

49, 50, 


59, 142, 143, 165. 172 

Waldron, Denise 121 

Wright, Scott 

46, 00, 

Walker, Amy 31, 103, 


104, 119, 121 

Wrzesniewski, Rober 

Walker, Melinda 31 

50, 59, 111 

Wall, Kristen 113 

Wu, Winston 


Walls, Chad 169 

Walls, Christine 55 

Walson.John 31,124 

Walter, Kathryn 162 

Ward, Mike 172 

Warren, Bryan 31 

Yaczina, Erika 

52. 113. 

Waznak, Jeanne 04 

117, 121 

Weaver, Heather 55 

Yang, Keum 


Webb, Todd 100 

Yapsuga, Robert Dr. 177 

Webber, Jammie 51 

Yard. Jim 


Weber, Charles Dr. 176 

Yeager, Jeremy 


Weida, Jarrod 06, 07 

Yoder. Caryn 32, 1 

Weidenhammer, Robert 



Youells, Scott 


Welch, Sarah 52, 113, 

Young, Dennis 



Young, Jeff 


Wescott, Shannon 52 

Young, Megan 

59, 107 

West, George Dr. 176 

Whalen,John 55,104 

Wheeler, Crystal 115, 121 

Wherry, Patricia 20, 32, 


White. Janeen 164 

Zawacki, Jason 


White. Kelly 57,173 

Zeigler. Kelli 


Wieland. Beth 111 

Zelko. Christina 32. 34, 

Wiggins. Jonathan 32 


Wikiera, Megan 32, 67, 

Zenko, Stepher 



Zepp, Gabe 

32, 103 

Wiley, Elizabeth55, 102, 

Zieger, John 



Ziemer, Richard Dr. 102 

Wilkinson, Margaret 55, 

Zoforte, Tony 


103, 104 

Zolko, Angela 


Williams, Jason 02,03 

Zook, Peter 


Williamson, Lee Ann 44, 

Zuarino. Maria 



Zukley, Ronald 


Willoughby, Lynne 100 

Wilson, Jennifer Dr. 102 

Wilson, Pat 100 

Winterling, Angela 99 

Wojciechowski, Chris 


Internal Workings. An X-ray ma- 
chine in Epcot Center allows an inside 
peak at Anita Snyder. 

Dr. Doug Linde assists Marion Hugga 
and John Retalis on the techniques of 
surveying. Topographical Surveying 
allows students to learn the correct 
procedures and techniques to survey 


Martha Cheetam and Maggie Flynn cast their 

votes for who they would like to represent their 
respective class in Student Government. These 
elections are held each spring for individual 
class officers as well as for the Student Govern- 
ment Board. Ballots are found in both the 
Student Center and Feldman. 

Kelly Barnes hangs out with DisneyW orld's 
topiary Stegasaurus while attending the CMA 

conference, where Cornucopia staff mem- 
bers meet people from all over. 


Senior Class President Jessica Thomp- 
son takes control of a game of volley- 
ball by calling the shots while the Se- 
niors visited Cancun. 

Mr. Eyre, Mindy Hoffman, and Joan 
Hock help themselves to the array of 
food available at the Senior Social 
sponsored by the Alumni Office. 


Sunshine and Wind, students take 
advantage of a perfect kite flying da\ 
and of the empt) space over the wres- 
tling and weight room. 

Sophomores John "Tigger" Tight- and 
George Neumann proudly display the TV 
and VCR prizes the) won at the spring 
Sophomore Class Meeting Raffli 
Meetings are held once each semester for 
the students to discuss ideas and concerns 
with their class officers. 

K\ an Basile, Heather Hartzog, Joe Corona, 
and Carrie Preston enjoy some fall sun 
while on a day trip to Morris Arboretum. 
Students visit many of the off campus 
facilities located within the area that are 
geared either towards their academic or 
their outside interests. 

205 Closing 

T^ /4 tmn 7/Jilter 

By the winding banks of the Neshaminy, 
Stands our Alma Mater dear. 
We look o'er your fields we love, 
Cherished year by year. 
All hail your colors, Green and Gold, 
As they proudly wave on high. 
Treasured mem'ries fond and true 
In our hearts will lie. 

With your inspiration great, 
Ever forward we will go. 
Fearless of the tasks ahead, 
Conquering each foe. 
To you, our College, let us sing 
Praises of your honored name. 
Courage, strength, and unity, 

Build an endless fame.