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1996 Cv^i^mvp-U 







f,,i |- 1 





■ - .. ■." ■ . „ • .-, , '>-«--r.,, ,,.,^^:| 

"TlUe l^MC \'J^ I 

Time is a novelty of life, you 

never know what adventures fate 
reflect on past events and grow and 
learn from them. Just as past expe- 
riences help everyone to grow and 
develop new ideas, new people help 
inspire and expand ideas through 
different perspectives. In addition 
to changes generated by new 
people, changes in the environment 
reveal new perspectives. 

Delaware Valley College's 1997- 
1998 academic year brought nu- 
merous changes which impacted 
many areas of the college commu- 
nity. The foremost change came 
with the inauguration of a new presi- 

\o\) right: Del Val has one of 
the most beautiful cam- 
puses. People can go to Lake 
Archer and enjoy a Fall day 
at the gazebo. Photo by LSS. 

Rif^ht: Many students enjoy 
playing intramural sports 
such as flag football. Rich 
Brummet and Chad 
Bigelovv flex their muscles 
while waiting for the next 

Cover page: Photo by LSS. 



Top: All the ghouls come 
out at night. Jamie Assante 
decapitates a fellow crea- 
ture of the night during Hal- 
loween Haunting. 

Above: Dr. Berthold enter- 
tains the crowd at Home- 
coming during Rampage 
Pep Rally. Dakkota played 
at the rally to raise spirit for 
the weekend events. 

dent, D. Thomas Learner, whose 
perspective on education is helping 
the college to change and grow to 
the next level. Don Feldscher was 
named the Special Assistant to the 
President following the resignation 
of Gordon Roberts. With new ad- 
ministrative leadership, Del Val be- 
gins a new journey toward the 
twenty-first century. 

Academics saw changes in per- 
sonal, curriculum, and services. Dr. 
Kenneth Clever became a new As- 
sociate Dean of Academic Ad- 
ministration. Also, Dr. Donna Kochis 
was selected as the Chairperson for 
the Criminal Justice Department. 
Curriculum changes included the 
addition of graduate studies in edu- 
cation and a new one and a half 
year certificate program in various 
areas including Ecological Land- 
scape Design, Environmental Studies, and Floral 
Business. Students in need of aid with classes 
can now find the Tutoring Center on the first 
floor of Segal Hall. For hands on research, the 
Ornamental Horticulture Department and stu- 
dents are now able to occupy the Arthur Poley 
Greenhouse Complex. 

This academic year provided students with 
upgraded education resources within various 
buildings on campus. The Joseph Krauskopf 
Library made advancements through technol- 
ogy with a computerized card catalog and check 
out system. In cooperation with resources from 

the library, students can 
go to Miller Hall for assis- 
tance in writing research 
papers through the new 
Writing Center. 

Within the past year, 
there have been many 
improvements, changes, 
and additionsto the Dela- 
ware Valley College cam- 
pus. The most signifi- 
cant was the addition to 
the Samuel P. Mandell 
Building. The original 
portion of Mandell was 
improved with the reno- 
vation of the chemistry 
labs. Other physical changes included the pav- 
ing of parking lots and Alumni Lane, and the 
painting of the Student Center and other build- 
ings. Not all the changes were for refinement, 
some were to increase safety. The walk by Lake 
Archer leading to D Lot and the New Britain 
Classroom Building has always been a concern; 
however, the new lighting funded by the Stu- 
dent Government Board now helps ease stu- 
dents minds. Along with the lighting, security 
cameras were installed to insure safety to the 
students and their property. 

Top: Not all days are bright 
and sunny at Del Val as ev- 
eryone found out over 
Homecoming weekend. 
Mike Ryan and Dominic 
Lupinacci with umbrella in 
hand head back from the 
soccer game. 

Above: No Vacancy. Not a 
common occu rrence seen a t 
colleges. Then again Del 
Val is unique. 









f . » 



■^,. >-i 
















.a-'.- ': 


... .— , 







* * 

Top; A picturesque view of 
the mares at the standard- 
bred barn leisurely grazing 
in the pasture. PhotobyLSS. 

Above: The DVC flag is a 
noticeable landmark on 

Students organizations also saw 
change. Inter-Greek Council was 
created to build relations between 
Greek organizations and to pro- 
vide opportunities for them to 
work together. Other groups were 
added to Del Val's organization 
roster. These are the Cultural Lead- 
ership Coalition, designed to raise 
diversity awareness and bring stu- 
dents of differingcultures together, 
and the DVC Step Team, formed 
by interested female students who 
perform during athletic and other 
campus events. 

Overall, the past year at Dela- 
ware Valley College has been full 
of changes in a variety of areas 
and each of them has brought out 
a new perspective in its own way. 
Life is never complete without 
changing perspectives. 


In collaboration with the senior class 
through a nomination process, the Cornuco- 
pia Staff chose a professor of Ornamental 
Horticulture as the dedicatee of the 1998 
Cornucopia. Mr. Howard Eyre is a highly 
respected faculty member here at Delaware 
Valley College. He received his associates 
degree in Forestry at the Pennsylvania State 
University and both his bachelor and master 
degrees in Forestry at Stephen F. Austin State 

Students regard Mr. Eyre more as a friend 
than a professor. Although you may not do 
well in his class, you never leave without 
learning something valuable you will use 
later in life. He makes his classes interesting 
and uses his own experiences to captivate 
the minds of his students. 
His tests are said to be 
thought-provoking, but fair; 
expect the unexpected. Stu- 
dents feel comfortable going 
to him for help whether it is 
regarding personal or aca- 
demic issues and he never 
turns them away. Some 
refer to him as a "coach in 
the classroom", bringing out 
the best in his students. 

It's not uncommon to see 
Mr. Eyre at college functions. 
His involvement outside of 
the classroom is as impor- 
tant as his time spent in 
class. He is the advisor for 
the Student Government 

C rvji 'hcAlMiion 

Board and the Landscape Nursery Club. 
He not only advises, but goes beyond 
those duties with involvement in A-Day 
with the tree-climbing demo and time in 
the dunl<ing booth, trips with students to 
conventions and conferences or "just for 
fun " camping trips along the Appalachian 
Trail. These are only a few of the numer- 
ous things in which he tal<es part. 

Away from Del Val, Mr. Eyre is very 
dedicated to his family and enjoys spend- 
ing time with them. He also enjoys wood- 
working, golfing, and landscaping in his 
spare time. 

His exchanges with the students 
whether in the classroom or outside 
shows that he truly cares about them. 
When asi<ed to describe Mr. Eyre students 
said he is l<nowledgeabIe, multi-talented, 
and unique. Overall, Mr. Eyre has a "con- 
sistent, friendly and practical approach to 
life and teaching." 



As OUR Senior Year progresses, we begin a 
Change of Perspective: from that of a lab 
partner to that of a co-worker; from a work 






Legal Graf f itti. Jeff Primus misses 
his mark while spray painting a 
SIFE sign hung on Allman Build- 

Daring the rain, frigid tempera- 
tures, and a vow to stop smoking, 
Jen Marlinski and poncho pre- 
pare to spend Spring Break '98 
hiking on the Appalachian Trail. 

Scott Schoepf takes the plunge 
into the Annual Hotwings con- 
test during Homecoming. 

S&h-lVhS ICH 9 

Thomas Jason Albert 

32d Lo(U)vi«* Acres Court 

Newton. NJ07e€{ 

business Administration 

Adam Joseph Amaral 

3 Wiliett Circle PO Pox 313 
Cataumet MA. 02554 
Small Animal Science 

Christi H. Antoneliy 

1512 Uke tod 
Feasteiville. FA 19053 
Small Animal Science 

Aimee Sue Ashley 

I Fine Lans 



Jessica 3ach 

5524 Glen Oak Dri^e 
Jarrettsville.MD 21084 

Omafental Hortir.ulttjrs - Floririjitum 

Edward Banlak III 

2495 Camproclthill Road 

Quakertown. FA 18951 

Business Administration • Marteting 

Ryan Stephen Sasile 

18 Gales Lafi? 


Ornamental Horticulture • Landscape Contracting 

Colleen Elizabeth &ehm 

4.3'} larchivood Ai/cnue 

Tre-vose, FA 19053 

Small Animal Sckn'.r 



Thomas Jason Albert 

(Delta Phi Theta the boyz) Behind 
blue eyes (Myrl^le Beach 96) (The 
House) (Panama City Beach 97) 
(10/15/97) Going to theNBIw/the 
crew (Goldman 213) (Lehigh par- 
ties) Late nights with the boyz 
tailgates (Brutus the bar) 
Stonington 405 410 Every class 
with Kristen Saladino How's the 
bar feel (Lindsay the Fraternity 
and my parents thanks for every- 

Adam Joseph Amaral 

I would like to thank all my friends 
for the good times. I will miss you 
all. I leave to all the other stu- 
dents of Del Val all the political BS 
that goes on, I won't miss that. In 
the future I hope to goon togradu- 
ate school and get my PhD in Ge- 
netic research. Good luck to all of 
my friends in the future and may 
you have all your dreams come 
true. May OXE live long and pros- 
per. Sports played: Golf 4 years. 

Christ! Antoneliy 
Thanks 2 Fin. Aid 4 keeping me @ 
DVC. Darcy u r the best T.Y.4 the 
fun times Sharon. Kelly, Jen, Kristi 
T.Y. 4 the memories. Jen, 1st NHS. 
then DVC, RahRahs, Cooke Hall wa- 
ter fights-T. Y. 4 being there 4 me. 
Shawn ur my special bud. I luv u. 
Jeff. Laces out! Lou, Good Luck w/ 
Vet school. Delhi. DUCK TAPE 
SUCKS! T.Y.4 the flowers. DVC 
Football. Thanks 4 all the fun and 
memories. Cooke 2nd-Thank5 4 

putting up w/me. Patrick. Hold my 
necklace?U5tartedit ILOVEYOU! 
Good Luck this year. 

Aimee Sue Ashley 

Great times with my best friends 
in the whole worid- Peanut & Bev, 
Freshman year in Wolfsohn, Par- 
ties in Samuel freshman year. Din- 
ners with Bev & Peanut, Fourth of 
July picnics, long walks and talks 
with Bev & Peanut. To my family: 
you are the BEST. 1 could not have 
done this without you. Thanks. To 



15 Timber Uns 
Cape May. NJ 03204 
Business Aiiministracioti 

Jaime BIyskal 

Sethleheiti. PA 18017 
Biology -Pre Professional 

Srenda L. bolster 

138 UpperStump Road 
Chalfont. PA 18914 

Small AriimaiScignce" 

Joseph William 3outureira 

i5& 03 82 Street 
Jamaica, NY 11414 
Small Animal Science 

Heidi P. Bowen 

21! Sandy f^noli Drive 
Business Administration ■ AcccunQria 

John Browning 

209 Prospect Avenue 
:-i:w!!,NJ 07643 

> ■:i'>isnt3lHorticutej"- - 

MarcC. Brunner 

Leslie R. Burk 

l-c Delmont Avenue 
.,?-rninster. PA 18974 

'^, --:^ ':■---■ . .---.:.-t;ng 

Rebecca Gene Burk 

8 Hi()h Riflge RoaJ 
Long Valley. MJ 07853 
A^ivnptny&Environ.'nentai Science 

Bev & Peanut: you guys are the 
absolute best, idon'tknowwhatl'll 
Ao without you. I love you both. 
Thanks for everything. I would not 
have made it through the last 4 
years w/o you. Thanks forthe best 
time of my life. 

Ryan Stephen Baslie 

My Dad would often say "what's 
long and hard on Ryan?.. .English I" I 
got by though thanks to the 
Schraminator. LNC & LaCrosse 
Club continue to Rock On! The Dog 

Pound, Crazy Jeff, Zookster, 0M, 
JP, AF, Chaoses, STDS, 5D,MD,Big 
John, JA, Rob, JonnyZ, Jerky, 
ChrisW, Mom&Dad I leaveyou with 
all the memories and times hard 
to remember. I'd like to leave ev- 
eryone with this thought "AINT 
GOOD TIME"-poison-because if 
you forget boredom will set in. 

Brenda Bolster 

To all my friends whom I've grown 
to loveand cherish, shallourfriend- 

ships endure the lest of time and 
never perish. Shall all of your hopes 
luck with all yourfuture endeavors 
in whateveryou do. All my friends u 
know who ur Louie- I'll really miss u 
I know u'll go far in life! Michelle- 
Thanx4helping me get thru PI! lab! 
Joanne stay sweet! 

John Browning 

Thanks to my family for all their 
loveand supportthese past years. 

I will never forget my time here at 
DVC. Thanks to CA, SM, MM, LS & 
ND for always keeping ICC fun & 
exciting and for all your hardwork 
& dedication. I will miss SAC, but 
most of all I'll miss my home away 
from home(DVC). Never underes- 
timate the situation, you may learn 
something when you least expect 
it. Class of '9& Best of Luck. Hail 

S'^^im ! 


Jessica A. Sutler 

Tracy Ann Camp 

Orumenta) Hordcuftufe - EnvircnmenUl Design 

Grant Emerson Campbell 


Sarah Johanna Campbell 

L': ii.jit'jrs- Landscape Contractin-j 

Shannon Nicole Carlberg 

DO/. 2i2i h'-ccK'-<^rsft6':':irq fcaj 
Lar^ Animal Science 

Michael Joseph Carnevale 

44 Forest Drive 

Lawrence C. Cattarin 


Telford, FA 18969-19^-^ 

Food Science and Mana^mer; 

John W. Ceschan 



Onamenlal Horticulture - landscape Cmtncum 


44 • 

Marc C. 3runner 

To all of my friends at DVC thank 
you forbeingthereforme. Remem- 
ber all the good times and all the 
420's. Thanks to my parents for 
spending their money to send me 
to DVC. We are out of here, Let's 
enjoy life. Let's prove that we can 
make a difference. Oh and don't 
forget Taz ate Snoopy. 

Grant Campbell 

The last four years have been 

great! Thanks for all of the memo- 
ries of ROA trip, field trip, and so- 
cial gatherings. May thefriedships 
we've built lastoverthemiles,days, 
years and states that separate 
usaftergraduation! Keepintouch! 

Sarah Johanna Campbell 

Wow, these 4 years have flown by 
waytoofastand so many changes 
have been made. BB- you are a 
great friend and the best room- 
mate, so what if everything we do 
leadsto trouble! B5- lam sothank- 

ship. KB, JK, & AW: Fun, trouble, & 
DECORATING! J^;, KL, & DF: great 
guys, what more can I say. Your 
friendships have meant a lot to 
LNC are the best! I'll miss all of you! 

Shannon Carlberg 

All of the fun we had in Dairy Soci- 
ety, Block and Bridle, and on the 
Dairy Judging Team! 

Michael Joseph Carnevale 

There has been many qood times 
with JFB & in Cooke Hall 114. I'll 
keep riding in the Domino's Pizza 
outfit to keep JB, RS, DH, CR, SK, 
TK, EJ, and JO content with life. 
Keep the microphone show alive on 
Thursday night. Remember team 
showers. Most importantly, 
thanks Mom and Dad for making 
these 4 years possible. 

Lawrence C. Cattarin 

B.A. Biology, Mansfield University; 




Shawn W. Clark 

130 HzrmA hieme 
Staten Island. N (' \(f)(:] 
Criminal Justice Administration 

Justin M. Clemens 

50 Oneida Avenue 

Oakland, NJ 07436 

Ornamental Horticulture - Landscape Contracting 

Holly K.CIouse 

1564 Mineral 5prin<| '^3d 
Reading, PA 19602 

t Small Animal Science 


Christopher M.Conner 

954 Baxter Avenue 
Sensalem, PA 19020 
Criminal Justice Administration 

Joseph William Conover Jr. 

410 Locust Road 


Criminal Justice Administration 

Jason Corropolese 

243 New Street 
i Roversford, PA 19468 
1/ l>iminal Justice Administration 


I John Mark Courtney 

I; 705 Lexington Avenue 
I Cranford,NJ 07016 

Ornamental Horticulture - Environmenral Desii 


3,3 Willow Street 

PA. Certified Laboratory Director 
for the Bacterological Examina- 
tion of Dairy Products; Supervi- 
sor, Quality Assurance, Convance 
Pharmaceutical Packaging Ser- 
vices Inc; member of American So- 
ciety for Quality, (ASQ) 

Beverly L. Crowl 
First I must thank my family for 
their support and help without my 
parents my college experience 
would never be. Next, I must thank 

my two best friends, Feanutand Aim 
for saving me from psyco! You guys 
have helped me become the person I 
am. Peanutand Aim rememberSamuel 
downstairs, and Peanut remember 
Samuel upstairs. Without you two I 
most likely would have never met my 
man and I thank you for that. I am so 
lucky to have the friends I have. 

Physics professor Francis 
Hofstaedter explains a Physics 
problem to Kat Kingsley as Sean 
Martin looks on. 

S'e'MVi-s (r^ /5 

Melissa Crai^ 

Administraiion-Acc.-u';;- : 


Kocco D'Alessandro 

Criminal Justia Mmistnf.'. ■ 

Jason Matthew Darling 

Law Animal 6ci«n: •■ 
Matthew L Delhi 

Marc-Robert Joseph de Jon^ 

Criminal Justice Adminiitra'.iv - 

LoufsA. DelGludice 

Vanessa L. Dell 

^zoQ D'Alessandro 

To Mem and Dad thanks forallyour 
love and support. I could not have 
done it without you. You're the 
greatest. Thanlcs to everyone who 
made this the best time of my life. 
Especially John. Ethan, Marty. 
(Thanks for your devoted friend- 
ship and confidence in me. friends 

Matthew LDeihl 

Thanks Mom Dad Gram Grampy I 
love you and I couldn't have done it 

without you. Theta Chi Sigma keep 




the brotherhood and true friend- 




ship. Chris Wildcat stay on top 




Buford keep it on all fours do it like 




you mean it & Pat. Nibbles, the doq 




famllywill reckon. It's timeforDeihI. 



the Dillsnill, to hit the real woric^ 


rT Jl 

wow I'll always be a phone call a wa ^ 

^^^^B ^^H 


1 leave all the qood. bad and ugly 

■^^^^^B ^^^^ 

^£^_^m 1 

things I've done to the best of all 



V ' ^.J^JJ 

my friends. You all made this 5 

^E^ ^\ 

^K V \ 

\ \^~^|^^^^^^H 

year journey a real trip. 


Freshman Orientation '94! 


ii^ €!&£ 




Jeremy Scott Dippery 

Bea^'er Springs, PA 17&I2 

Ornamental Horticulture Landscape Contraain^ 

Lisa M. Domuczicz 

19 Vineland Place 
North Easton, MA 02556 
A^ronomyS Environmental Science 

Michelle Donovan 

311'jjenkintown Road 
Gienside. PA 19038 

Chrissa Pooling 

49 Grace Drive 
Richboro, PA 18954 
Small Animal Science 

AnnMarie Doyle 

527 Camelot Drive 
Brookhaven, PA 19015-1503 
Large Animal Science 

Charles W. Erway 

247 Slingerland Road 

Genesee, PA 16923 

Agronomy i\ Environmeiiwi Saenct; 


662 S.Kinzer Avenue 
New Holland, PA 17557 
Agronomy & Environmental Science 

Jeffrey Fadigan 

656 Renz Street 

Philadelphia, PA 19128 

Computer Information Systems Management 


16 Helen Lane 
Chslfcnt PA 18914 

Jeremy Scott Dippery 

Wow, I can't believe 4 yrs have 
passed already. First of all 1 would 
like to thank my Mom and Dad for 
supporting me all these years. 
Also, I thank my aunt, uncle, and 
cousin for all their support and 
housing. Thank you to all the OH 
staff for all the education and fun 
times. LNC will rule forever. Good 

Lisa M. Domuczicz 
Spending the eummer with Jane, 
Tim, John, Susan, and BJ. Sopho- 
more yr "Officer Troxil I thought 
you said that you didn't wnat to 
have to come back here again." 
Cheryl with a "C'only one moreyear 
to go and you'll be through. Jess, 
Heather, Kate and Jen you guys 
are the best. Don'tforgetourpinky 
promise for when or if one of us 
gets married. To all others have 

fun and neverforget 2315 Wolfson 
Rules 94-95. 

Marc de Jong 

Thanks Mom and Dad, Eric, Krista, 
Nana, Pop Pop, Kathy I love you 
Thanx. Bye-Bye DVC Hello Crimi- 
nals, DVC ruled, Cooke Hall, Shav- 
ing cream fight, Yuengling, Babz, 
Pop Jerry Springer Thanx to ev- 
eryone 1 partied with -MR, TM, CR, 

Charles Erway 

1 wish the best to all my friends 
and my Alpha Gamma Rho Broth- 
ers. Thanks for all the memories!! 
Always remember my motto: "Eat 
or Be Eaten". 


S'^hIpJ'J i 


William Ferguson 

Southampton. FA ISec' 

Mark Louis Fioresi 

539 Hjriiiiiii Hiijhtva^ 

Richard C.Fleischer Jr. 

6iJ4 Li.iwln Avenue 

Lynn Francis 

Snull AniiTjl Scienct 

Laurie Ann Gallen 


Southampton. PA 1690'; 

Computer infofmation 5pten'.s MinaqemePl 

Christopher M. Gebhardt 

20 Covinijtcri Place 


Kevin R. Gehring 


Warminster. PA 15974 

Adinlntetration • Maiietivj. 

Heather Eileen Gorski 

•.:.:; '■y.?0&exe2 


Orrumental Horticulture - Environmental Design 

Gerald J. Gray 

William Ferguson 

I would like to thank my Mom and 
also like to thank Jennifer, because 
she showed me so much love. I will 
remember myjoumey to the woods 
with Jake, that really cheap beer, 
the time my alarm went off for five 
hours and Jeff nor I woke up. the 
BlahBlah with Trip on A-Day week- 
end, come on it is Friday 3:30 and 
I need a ride, that year the RA 
wrote me up 44 times and then 
became my roommate. The guys 

from Cooke 14^^ 

Mark Fioresi 
Thank you Mom, Dad and Rhonda 
forall your support; Hove you: to all 
my family and friends thank you: 
To my boys Double B, Jeff, Vico, 
Derrick and Charlie: 212 forever: K,- 
9: Cut the Power 6 ways: I didn't 
forgetyou Josh: YoCus: Peep: But 
I love you! The NBl is the greatest: 
Grasp my meaning Tennille: the 
dodge: Grants#1: 76ers: To my 
friends in DFT: Beer Monster, but 

Professor I'm in APO; Fat man 
Little Jacket: Poof: No Hitten Greg 
Vico: Nose Man; Mr Ed: Peace out! 

Richard C.Fleischer Jr. 
Thanks Mom, Dad. Lauren. 
Rebecca. Zeta- Chi- Keep it strong, 
I'll never forget the friends and 
memories- It's been real-Thanksto 
all my family- you've made me who 
I am- I Love You- Thanks for get- 
ting me here! 

Lynn A. Francis 

First of all I'd like to thank my parents 
for all of the support and love they 
havegiven me through theyears. Matt, 
you have been there for me even though 
we had to be apart most of the past 4 
it! I'll neverforgetall of the great times 
we have had these past 4 years! 

Christopher M. Gebhardt 

Shauna. DJ Wormser. Ulman 3rd My 
Boys. Dwayne Tony Leecher -t- Malik 
the love slave. Banshee Shower Par- 



Tricia Griess 

'■:',' ;:'!-'.:;)rive 

!v«.r!i::-i':;i..;,i 19067 
f5ioloijy- Pre Professional 

Karen Griswold 

IS Linda Lane 
Scverna Part, MU 21146 
Animal Science ■Eqiiirifi Training 

William F.Guthier III 

' ' Peppermint Road 


32 Stever Park Road 
Pipersviile, PA 18947 
Business Administration 


513 Deerfield Road 

Wat«rMilL NY 11976 

Agronomy & Environmental Science 

Bradley Earle Halter 

i'O P'c:v 62, 34 Kansas Road 
Pennsville,!!! 09070 
Criminal, Justice Administration 

Amy J. Haydu 

5 Dartmouth Drive 
C-alfont PA 18914 

Emily Hayes 

1 - )hii- 1-fp* 

Sloane Heffler 

130 East Georgianna Drive 

Richboro, FA 


t:ies. Call Chinese Goldman 222. IVe 
Gone Country Lance + Mike = 
Trouble. Bombin Stonington 
Farms. RedWings Late Night Pool 
w/Tony. Beers Garth Brooks Con- 
cert, Hockey Colemans Parties, 
NBI, Hound Homie Light, Karaoke. 
4whee1 TailGate Parties. Guiness, 
No Sleepy, Mrs D Cookin Thanks 
Miss you Mandy Rooney Love you 
Hahn Loweer Peter Rick Saladino 
Shortys Pub Kev Mike D Bre + Joe 
Thanks for the Guidance- Frank I'll 
never forget you guys DT RJ 

William F.Guthier III 


Kathy Haare 

Thanks Dad, Ron and especially 
Mom, Good luck Kelly- Class of 

Bradley E. Halter 

Lunchbox-Theta-Thank you MOM 
forallyourloveand support, I never 
would have been able to do it with- 

out you, I loveyoulThankstoall my 
friends you know who you are and 
so do I, My Fam :Hamburglar, 
McMuffin.Whopper.Sizzler. Lamb- 
das: NM, CP, BR, JM. A-Day pizza, 
spring breaks, seniortrip, my DEB, 
NBI, Pong, Snowdays, Roadtrips 
buddies, Sports: WSOC, WBB, SB, 
FB, 4-man'94-'95, pigroasts. My 
Best Friend Pat, SGBPRES, HC- 

Sloane Lynn Heffler 

Thanx Mom, Dad & Blake hugs & 

kisses, Ree- u r my best friend- luv 
ya! To Steph- good luck with Tom! 
To Bex-keep smiling! To Beckie- 
don't party too hard! To all other 
friends-good luck & keep in touch! 
To Mr, L,-thanxfordriving me crazy 
but you're a great mentor! To Dr, 
K. -thanks for ALL the XTRA 
CREDIT! To all my other teachers- 
thanks foreverything&seeya in 5 
years when I'm a teacher here. 

Se-h-lvys f^ // 

Andrew R. Heltzel 

MartJnsbur^ PA 16662 

();)irv' 'Vi^no' 

Jennifer Melissa Hess 

450 Shcemakersville tod 

ShcemiemWe. PA 19555 

Biology -Pre Professional 

Edward J. Highland 

11615 Co! man Terracp 
PhilaiclDhia. PA 19154 

Christiana J. Hilbert 

Coplay. PA 18037 
I ar.if Animal Scificf 

Gregory J. Hinderliter 


Wescos*. PA 18106 

Agronomy & Environmental 5ciencf 

Joanne Hines 

4326 A'infieid TerraK 
Fsston. PA 18045 

Kristin M. Hofer 


Upper BiackEiUy. PA t897L 

Lar^ Animal ScisriC' 

Brandon Hucaluk 

3817 Cinriamon Drive 



Kristen Rose Hughes 














Jennifer Melissa Hess 

Thanks George and &arb\ Dippy 
eggs, late night stu<dy sessions at 
Denny's. Walmart. New York Jen, 
"No licking!" snow angels, Taco Sell, 
■| have to study," straw giris. foot- 
ball games in the rain, "wanna see 
my I.D.?" loft building, equichicks, 
cherry fruit roll-ups, "we're good 
like that," Chalfont Police, White 
Russians. Mulstay. "When are we 
getting e-mail?" Lazy Susans, The 
Pepper, rebounds. "She's going to 

England. ..alone." "Oh oui!" 

Kristin M. Hofer 
Thanks Dad. Mom, Susan, Tommy 
and Erik for all of your love and 
support. I'll never forget summers 
at Farm 3- MM, AW, DB, SF, and 
Livestock Judging Trips- Mr. G. DM. 
PN. RS, DK. and BM- Don't forget 
talking timid sheep! Good Luck to 
allof my friends thatgavemegreat 
memories at DVC- ST. GC. JR. JS, 
AH. and EH. ESyourstuck with me 
and myanimalsfortherestof your 

life. MM and BH- Friends forever 
can't wait til 2000. 

Kristen R. Hughes 

Mom & Dad Thank you for always 
supporting me! I love U! Rob & Mike 
DVC has changed! Jeanine I 
wouldn't have made it through 
without yoursupport&advice. Hey 
what's for dinner? Leslie Thanks 
for the friendship & the memories. 
Boots lets dance. Sal happy hour 
sounds like a good idea today. Jay 
why weren't you in class! Thanks 

forlendingmeyourshoulder when- 
ever I needed it. To all DPT where 
is Jay? Joey R. Lets go to NBI for 
one beeri Hey not in my hair, and 
don't forget Quantleap, Sara & 
Alana I cannot go to the gym to- 




Michael Imwald 

9904 Lindley Drive 
Morrisville. FA 19067 
Small Animal Science 

Lynann M. Inlow 

^ ft42Bet;h!eliernF!lteApt.C. 
; Colmar. FA 18915 
Law Animal 5cien,:>: 

Kyle Hess Kaufmann 

: 2118 ftVerton Read 
i RivertoaNJ 08077 
I Agronomy - Turfgrass Mana^me: 


Srian Kelly 

3536 New Queen Street 
Phiyelphla. PA 19129 

Heather King 

3870 Salem Church tod 
Jarrettsvilie. MO 21084 

Darcy Shannon Knight 

320 Ellis Road 
Milrord,NJ 08845 
Education - Business 

pTorie Kochanski 

' 329 Eastwood Avenue 
Feasterviile. FA 13053 
Ornamental Horticulture - Floriculturi 

Michele Kopiec 

: McDonald. FA 15057 

Lar(?e Animal Science 


• 4/SHillRoaJ 
: Feiiasie. FA 18944 

Computer Information Systems h 

Mike Imwald 
Why?? Coffee and caffeine are 
qood things. Thanks all. Live life to 
the fullest. 

Lynann Inlow 

To my Mom & Dad Thanks for all 
your support all those years so 
faraway. Mr. Gilbert thankyoufor 
all your support. Jo all of my sis- 
ters, take care and keep the \ove 
strong and DEB will survive. To the 

three stooges I love you guys! Two 
Rules! To my R.A compaudrea 
Smith, I love you man. All of you 
who I share so many memories with 
thanks for all the good times. PEK 
you guys rule!! Steve, Thank you 
for all that you have done & given 
me. I love you! VLynann 

Darcy Knight 
ST DS, BM, DB, WE, AH, KB, CA, u 
guys R the best! Thx 4 4 great 
yrs.! I luv u all! J(\ and JM, good luck 
next year. I will miss u. CA- urthe 

best roomie and friend- 1 luv u! AH- 
best wishes & good luck. U will al- 
ways have a place in my heart. Thx 
2 the boys next door 4 pong, 
showerand door wars! KC,SA, JD, 
KA, CA, rthe best roomies! GC, thx 
4 the talks & being there. JV, SM, 
JT, GC. AH in Nashville, Grand Ole 
Opry! Good luck to everyone, best 
wishes and God bless. 


Toall my friends, good luck. Special 
thanks to Kopatzand Chipper. Re- 

make a million. Good luck to every- 
one thanks for some great years. 
Thanks Mom and Dad. 


S'^HlPfJ lOl /i^ 

K I 

Mark Kresge 


Meggan M. Kucinakas 



Animal Science • Equine Traininti 

Karen Elizabeth Kulp 

5169 County Line &J.1 
rhalfont. PA 16914 

Christine Ung 

ii3fc5eile!nfiaileL.v .■ 
Warminster. PA lee- 

Kevin P. Langley 

157 K^pcr Street 

Quincy. MA 02170 

Criminai Justince Administratic- 

Mark E. Lawrence 

801 6outhgate Drive 
State Coi!e.^e. PA 16K'': 

Jennifer Lynne LeMunyon 

ii/'j 30ui.n iVuodi/ine A/snut; 

langhome. PA 19047 

Business Administraticr 

Michael J. Lyman 

7 bypass Lane 


Biology - Animai 

William J. Magiliton III 

125 Noftti Lincoln Ai^enue 

Karen E. Kulp 

Thanks Mom and Dad for all of your 
love and support. 1 could not have 
done this without you! Gary, our 
life toqeVner is just beginning. 
Thank you for all of your love and 
support. I love you very much. 

Jennifer LeMunyon 

I will always remember the friends 
1 have made at Del Val and the won- 
derful professors that have influ- 
enced my Irfeforsver.l willalsocher- 
ish Del Val as the place I met the 

love of my life Bill. Christi, we have 
been friends for many years, and 1 
look foward to many more. Lastly, 
I will always remember the love, 
support, and encouragement I re- 
ceived from Lovey. Thank you. 

Tracy Lee Mann 
To the Volleyball and basketball 
teams- We have been through a 
lot over the past four years, the 
ups and downs, wins and losses, 
tears and joy! Thanks for the 
memories. ..qood luck infuture sea- 

sons... To all of my Del Val buddies- 
the Wolsohn gang, Barness Quad, 
NRH 214, small animal 
classmates.. .It has been real! Good 
luck. I will miss you all! 

Senior Clhuck Erway helps 
with some finishing touches 
on Haunted Lasker Hall. 






. ■ iffiinal Justice Administration 

Tracy Lee Mann 

744 Jackson Avenue 
Ardsley. PA 19058 
Small Animal Science 

Jennifer Anne Marlinski 

526 i'/.2n(l Street 

■• - ^ "A '94410 

Barbara A. Mathieson 

594 Estates Boulevard 
Hamilton Square. NJ 08690 
Small Animal Science 

Christy Ann McAllister 

7217 Bingham Street 
Philadelphia. PA 19111-403! 
Agronomy & Environmental Science 

Kerry McBride 

PO Box 586 

Montgomeryville, PA 18956 
Biology -Pre Professional 

Megan K. McCullion 

8961 Turton Drive 
Philadelphia. PA 19115 
Small Animal Science 

Alice R. McElhone 

Telford. PA 18969 
Education - English 

Carrie Mc^ill 

PO Box 715 
Vanderbilt. PA 15486 
Large Animal Science 

Barbara A. Mathieson 

keep my sanity, you know who you 

Megan McCullion 


are. 1 wish toalso express my grati- 

Thanks Mom & Dad- Now you can 

tude to my professors for sharing 

"If they can face it 

retire! Beth, youVe helped me see 

their knowledge with me. It has 

Then 1 can take it 

it all! See ya at the moon! Rocky, 

been an enriching four years here 

In their eyes X^ 


the salsa bar will live on in the 

at Del Val, 1 would like to leave you 

1 know I'll make it. 1 


hearts of those who attended! 

all with this: Remember the land is 

Their tiny minds ^«' 


a valuable and nonrenewable re- 

And sacred cows J 


Christy Ann McAllister 

source, so please use it wisely. 

Just fake it. ^ 

Oh 1 find that then and only then 

I'd like to thank my family and God 

They will understand. 

for providing support and love for 

They turned a full blooded city boy 

me over the years. I'd also like to 

Into a full blooded city man." 

thank my friends for helping me 

Bernie Taupin 


S&MhS i'"^% Zl 

Jessica McGrane 


Timothy W. A. McNatt 

North Wi3te.Fr:!34&4 
CompuKr Itifomutiofl SpUm Mann^ment 

Jiliian M. Mentkewicz 


Jeannett€ Marie Milewski 

Ajroflomy - Crops Producnc^ 

Apryl Noel Miller 

Animal Science - Equiiwstnese 

Eric A. Moore 

C^ntM' City. P* '5?':- 

Bonnie Morgan 





Small Animal 5ci«r^ • 

Alexis 6. Morris 

200 Wesf Partway Rear. 

Jeannettfi Milewski 

I'd like to thank my parents and all 
of my family without them I never 
would have had this experience, a 
spec iaIthankstoCyndieand Bruce 
Maryanoff- I definitely couldn't 
have done it without them. I love 
you all. Also I want to thank two of 
my best friends. Aimee and 
Beverly. I spent four of the best 
years of my life with them. Wegrew 
and changed together and you 
both helped me to see who I am. 

Thankyou bothand rememberPea- 
nut loves you & Keep in touch. 

Bonnie Morgan 

To my Mom who put me through 
school and put up w/ me thanks. I 
love you Mom. You give me 
strength and courage thanks for 
all the pep talks, last minute bills 
and all the rest. Mom you are the 
best. I love you Daddy .To my Honey/ 
Sweety Kelvin.Thanksforyoursup- 
port I love you! To my old crew 

Renee.Linda etc. w/ the Thursday 
Night parties. To my young crew 
Class of 2000 you giris will dojust 
fine. Kit Aunty Bonnie will always 

Senior Class Homecoming 
Court nominees, Brad Hal- 
ter and Christi Antonelly, at- 
tempt to stay dry during 
Homecoming '97. 




Martin R. Morrison Jr. 

469 Flamingo Street 
Fhiladdphia, FA 19)28 
tritninal Justice Adminibt.ratioii 

Donna Jean Moyer 


Woodbury, Fa 16695 

Ornamental Horticulture - Floriculture 

Stanley W.Mucha Jr. 

239 Gatehouse Circle 
Computer Information Systems Management 

William Bruce Murdoch V 

9015 Chapel Road 
Easton.MD 21601 
Ornamental Horticulture - Landscape Contracting 

Kelly Musselman 

4122 Warm Spring Rfiad 
Ciiambersburg, PA 17201 
Small Animal Science 

Marylisa Myers 

2015 Waverly Drive 
Bel Air, MD 21015 
Small Animal Science 

Richard T. Nan iewicz 



Agronomy & Environmental Science 

Patricia Diane Nuding 

155 Schoolhouse Road 
L,3rge Animal Science 

Catherine L. O'Brien 

(5735 Sag,3more Road 
Philadelphia, PA 19128 
Ornamental Horticulture - Floriculture 

Martin Morrison 

To my Mom & Dad thanks for all 
the support you gave me through 
these 4 yeare. I would not have 
been able to do it without you. Jen 
thanks for giving me money when I 
needed it, someday I'll payyou back. 
To Jay keep shining them shoes 
and stick with golfing your getting 
better. Kevin, good luck with the 
rest of your college career and 
soccer. Kocco we'll be friends for- 
ever good luck with real world. 
Christine, I love you, we had a lot of 

great times together and many 
more to come. 

Kelly Musselman 

Mom, Dad, & Lance- 1 never would 
have made it without you. Thanks 
for putting up with my whining. 
Your love and support was instru- 
mental in keeping my sanity. Lynn 
& Jen- We finally made it! After 4 
years we can actually get away 
from all of our "friends" here. I'll 
never forget all of our Gavin jokes, 
Del Val jokes, Glub, ozzy, Mr. Bor- 

ing, MS, and the multitude of oth- 
ers. I'll always remember the fun 
we had. Best of luck 2UI 

Patricia Nudi^ 
K.H., R.S., Remember the smallest 
of the small! 




Susan A. Peterson 



Wmpuwr mcnnatiOr tjysw^if Mjniijdmf nt 

L. Lei^h Poust 


Carrie Preston 


Jeffrey Primus 






Softball 123 Soccer 2 V-B all 34 
First I want to thank my father 
for putting me through college & 
giving me a better opportunity in 
life to succeed. You have always 
stood by me in all of my decisions 
whetherthey conflicted with yours 
or not. I am sorry that my Mother 
is notable to be with me during my 
graduation but I knowthatyouare 
watching after me. As for all my 
peers, it has been a learning expe- 
rience I will never forget. See you all 

Katherine Ann Peetros 

Thanks to everybody who has 
helped me make it through Del Val. 
esp Mom & Marc. Thanks to all my 
friends that have given me such 
great memories these past 4 
years. Cooke, shaving cream fights. 
Dirty Joe. Jerry Springer. SoCo. 
Zima. Uni-lung. VA. what'sgoing on. 
skiing. VT. Pop night, etc. Best of 
luck to JR. 10-01. BC, MR. CR, JM. 
MM. JP. TM. CC. I love you Marc- 
youre the best! 

Carrie Preston 
I've got no time for spreading runes. 
The time has come to be gone. 
Though I've held sweet drink a thou- 
sand's time to ramble on.LZ 

Jeffrey Primus 
Deans list sp96-SIFE-CE0 Thank 
you Mom&Dad I love you both- 
KBMBF- Aimee we did it- To all my 
Theta Chi Sigma Brothers- 1 don't 
need a filing cabinet to remember 
ail the great times we had- Detox. 

Bundy. Giza. Hoiman- my partners in 
crime- to those that say Dei Val is no 
fun- you didn't hang w/the right 
people- NU Fall '95 Fabuius 14 Man 
what the F@"?- Welcome to Dei Vai- 
Leave your rights at Student Life- 
See yaill got chicken?-File this 

Hue Cluan 

u've given me thru the years. Christy- 
not only did we make it thru algebra & 
M-S&J's- weaiso made itthru classes 




Courtney 5. Raneri 

1062 Jefferson Court 
Business Administration 

Scott Alan Reedell 

66 Grand Arenue 
Wahington.NJ 07862 

William J. Reid 

4 Douglass Street 

Anil*;r,|-'A 19002 

Donna Reideil 

604 Erford Road 

Camp Hill, PA 17011 

Criminal Justice Administration 

John G. Rice 

1560Tennis Circle 

Unsdale, FA 19446 

Ornamental Horticulture - Environmental Design 

Karl Rider 

North Wales, PA 19454 
Ornatnental Horticuit 

JohnJ. Rimmer 

407 Conservator/ Road: 
Ornamental Horticulture - Floriculture 

Jennifer Rishel 

RRl Box 1611 
NeivColumbia, PA 17656 
Dairy Science 

Jennifer Christine Rudolph 

511 Cypress Street 
Lansdale, PA 19446 
Ornamental Horticulturf-^-'^,::.!"' : :. 

w/ hardnosed teachers-Peter. 
Martha & Maggie- What can I say? 
E'0wlingNE1?u2stay cool-Hope u2 will 
ates- Remember, procrastination is 
like a credit card, it's fun until the bill 
comes. Special thanx 2 the wonderful 
teachers who poured their heart & 
soul on 2 those chalkboards. 

Courtney Raneri 
Thank you Mom and Dad for every- 
thing you have done for me, I love you. 

To Jeff, you are so wonderful, you 
have made me so happy- 1 love you. 
Thanks for always being there. 
Krista.what can I say? We've had 
so much fun. Lynn and Chris I'm 
glad we were able to become bet- 
ter friends this year. To the guys, 
Chris, Mark, Greg, what would I do 
withoutyou?Loveyou-fam, grand- 
parents, Steve, kids. 

Scott Reedell 

There is no crying in Chemistrylll 
Thanks to the overweight guys in 

312 BEEFCAKE!!! And finally to 
Denise, Bill , Mark, Dan, Coleen, Tom, 
Bill, and Becky: STAY HUGE!!! 

John J. Rimmer 

Delta PhiThetaTreasurer'96-'97, 
Pi Alpha Xi National Honor Frater- 
nity. To AO)©: Let's go to the NBI 
forjust one beer. Should we get 2 
or 3 kegs? To Pocky: Sorry about 
Venus, What ever happened to 
Zeus? To pipes: S.D. what? 

Jennifer Rishel 

There have been lots of good times 
and memories here. We have 
learned a good deal, made many 
close friends, some will be friends 
forever, and have had lots of fun. 
The memories will last me a life- 

Jennifer C. Rudolph 

"Just living is not enough... one 
must have sunshine, freedom, and 
a little flower" -Hans Christian 

"Hurt not the earth, neither the 

S'&MP/'J (^ ^S' 

Rachelle L. Rupert 

Jeffrey A. Russell 


Michael Ruth 


Steven J. Rychaisky 


"jlJlsaaAAiftifetratioii minor BusirBSsAdmuilsu-;/ 
Christine daladino 

Pnilaier'- . 

Kathleen Vanessa Salisbury 

Christopher J. Salmon 

Charles R. Scally, Jr. 


Brian P. Schaedel 

. i 











Rachelle Rupert 

Thanks Mom & Dad! Barb- Don't 
make me disco in your qenera\ di- 
rection! Mary, Amy, &.Karen- Never 
forget Assa woman Dr. To Rimmer- 
Venus 11/1/96 RJF& Zeus is loose! 
And of course, to the Ulman crew- 
I love you guys! Josh & Jaimie. you 
are my dearest friendB. 

Steven J. Rychalsky 

Thanks Mom & Dad for makmg the 
sacrifice to put me through col- 
lege, you made me who I am today. 

PE(s keep the tradition alive and 
strong, it's been real, the friends 
and memories, to all the Brothers 
you guys kick (§>** and party on 
with the J6C & 5GA. Thank you 
Lynann, I love you. 

Christine Saladino 

2 my Mom Dad & Family. I couldn't 
hav dun it w/o U. Thanx & ILY! 
GL2Nean Nik Lyn 3 Kris Mar Legs 
Donna &my friend Leigh, #66RjJL, 
Fat BoysNKenG. NFU: Bob Bran- 
don RichTo. DPT ur the best b/c u 

really care-l'll miss u all! Thanx 4 
theGrftXs: HappyHrs, Adays, HCz, 
BerkWindow. NBI, BangBang. 
Meanwile, Who The _ Is Alice? 
ClarkSumit, Joe Pik Me! Thers No 
Such Thing as 1! The House" YoBobI 
Imnotdrinkn. Bent Elbo Contests, 
Lyn7383, HughesCan I get 1? 
GL113I Want 2 go 2 the bar? 
my best friend! Miss you Pop! 

Kathleen Vanessa Salisbury 

Oh, the comfort- the inexpressible 

comfort of feeling safe with a per- 
son, having neither to weigh 
through nor measure words- but 
pouring them all right out- just as 
they are-Chaff and grain together- 
Certain that a faithful hand will 
take and sift them- Keep what is 
worth keeping- And with the 
breath of kindness blow the rest 
away. DMM Craig True friends I've 
made thank you & good luck. Mon 
ur the best! Thanx & much love to 
my family. Mom, Dad, Jab, Chels. 



Jessica Marie Schaub 

9 C;-iril.yi) Avenue 
h.jslOeUiubt, NY 11733-3906 
Horticulture Biotechnolo«iy 

Monika H. Schleifer 

RD 1150x3(32 

Robesonia, PA 19551 

Ornamental Horticulture Floriculture 

Scott Schoepf 

Valley Stream, NY 11580 
Criminal Justice Administration 

Todd C. Schwacke 

Stroudsburg, FA 18630 
Education - General Science 

Robert 5. Schwartz 

4 Cherokee Trail 
f'lairstown.NJ 07825 
Food Science & Management 

Joanne L. Shaeffer 

2035 Kriebel Road 
Lansdale, PA 19446 

Joel P. Shaffer 

961 Passer Road 
Agronomy & Environemental 

Ralph Chad Shaffer 

111 Hedijeroiv Drive 

Morrisvilie, PA 19067 

Agronomy & Environmental Science 

DaWd E. Shannon 

415 Alexandra Drive 
Trooper, PA 19403 
Ornamental Horticulture - Landscape Contractini 

Christopher J. Salmon 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Laura, Amy, 
KC, Grandma &. Grandpa for you 
beeX, of luck to my boyz: MF, GV, 
dreams come true. Never forget 
all the q^ood times & late nit, - ,;s in 
the &man, Legends of 212 will live 
forever. Sandy 1 want to tril you 
how much I really love you. To all 
those I met up with in the past who 
didn't think 1 could make it, well 1 
didi Lyme Warrior Artie Ice- 12/7/ 

94. '09RDRUN Doxy. I'm out 5&. 

Elizabeth Saranchak 

To those who have Reached me: 
Doc, you're my #1. Marcus- you're 
the bestdrummer I'vetoured with- 
love you. Harry M, thank you for 
more than the pen and hug. Resh 1 
missyou.Liz,you are the greatest. 
Albe, Dave, Rush, Tao, Abby, sXe, 
Ellen- 1 remember the inspiration. 
The Horns.Tothose who have cared 
RZ, NH, HM, RB, JH, CP. Thankyou. 

Charles R.Scally Jr. 

Thanks Mark, Jim, &ecca, Mom, & 
Dad for being there. 

Jessica Marie Schaub 
With epeaa\ love to Dad, Mom, 
Erika, Grams, Pappy, and to ALL of 
myfriends. Thanks so much forthe 
love, support, and good times. Be 
well and stay true to the cause! 
"What the caterpillarcalls the end, 
the butterfly calls the beginning." 

Todd C. Schwacke 

Samuel First Floor with Dan Tucci 
Scott A-Day parties outside 
Samuel Fat Kids & the hole in my 
wall Football for4yearscocaptain 
Senior year soph year getting 
freshman chaced in their jokes 
Damions weird stories Getting 
beat at Scotts & driving in field in 
my 5.0 Coach Bockrath &the talks 
Coach we'll miss you Thanx Mom & 
Dad for everything urthe best. GO 
AGGIES! Beating FDU Senior 
Year! P.S. Bevsaid its OK fat kids. 

Andrew Michael 5haw 

yrrjiTwiui Horticuluire • Eiwlronmental Da-iy 

Laurie Sue Smith 

Miiileto*n.N^ 10941 
Onunwnta! Hcrticjltur • Floriculture 

Anita Kay Snyder 


Jon Soderberg 


New Britain. FA teSV 

A^ronom^ i Environmental Self no- 

Ruth Louise Southall 

'67i> Perryviile Road 
Large Animal Scien;': 

Jennifer A. Spond 

8% Harrell Avenue 

Joanne Shaeffer 

To my family- Tom. Matt. Jamie, 
and Chris. Thank you for bearing 
with me for the past 3 and a half 
crazy years! You allowed me the 
chance to reach for my dream, and 
you helped me make it come true. I 
owe you a lot and I love you a lot! 

Chad Shaffer 
It's been fun at DVC but now I have 
to join the real world. Thank you to 
my family for all of your help and 
support, especially Mom and Dad. 
Its been interesting roomies, qood 
luck to you J5. BL. JB. MJ5 thank 
you for bring there for me. keeping 
me warm on cold nights, and for 
being you. It wouldn't be the same 
without you. -CS- 

Laurie Smith 

What you alone can control bute 
memories. .Taz: Mischief Night: 
Berry Ralph & Wishbone; Dutch 
BIrtz: Samuel Boys. Holly's Hallow- 
een Haunting; Breyer's 100% All 
Natural Vanilla Bean Ice Cream; 

RainbowSpring Things; Cardboard 
Castles; Futon Triplets; Taco Bell; 
Tubing; Hiking the AT; My Broth- 
ers; Cheezits; Flower Show; Road 
Trips; Homecoming '97; The Best 
is Yet to Come!!! I Love You Guys!!! 

Anita K. Snyder 

"I'll be at the Cornucopia Office." 
Nancy- Can you sit inyourchairso 
I can remember what I was going to 
tellyou? "Did I forget to eat again?" 
Joey- Will you go to the office with 
me- I'll only be a little bit! Yes. Car- 
rie. I'm taking a power nap in your 
bed. "Sorry to chew your ear off. 
but..." Mom and Dad- Thanks for 
the sacrifices you made to 
edumacate me - the work ethic 
thing paid off. I Love Brown! "SB 

Jon Soderberg 

Thanks Mom and Dad. I did it, love 
you. Theta Chi Sigma Lunchbox. 
Whopper, and a little to be named 
later, the dirty dozen. Mike+ Matt 
I want to shoot it! Years of A-day 

and SGB. The NBI and Brewing 
Company Nic on even all 
my true friends, may you get the 
best of them before they get you. 
Club twol2. The room that never 
sleeps sringbreaks, Daytona, 
Cancun, and roadtrips. Bolting in 
the van. DFC 79.19 wouldn't have 
made it w/out you, soberturd, 
soderslut. sizzler will live on. 

Ruth L. Southall 
bUirmhj&iulcuin i ilvmj& 
Thanks Mom and Dad for four very 
memorable years. Equine Club- 
Lets ride. Lvstk Judging Team97. 
Plump broodie timid sheep. Aday. 
Stormy Forever Thnx DOCH 
Mr&Mrs G Good Luck and Best 
Wishes toall myfriendsGC KH BM 
DS PN ST the Sam group. Don't 
forget Let's do lunch Thanks guys 
for all the good times. It's been 

Jennifer A. Spond 
I'd like to thank my parents for the 
love and support they have given 
me! Lynn and Kelly- we finally made 

it! We've survived all of our favorite 
classes and all of our "friends". 
Don't forgetall of the great times 
we've had. (And our lists) Best of 
luck in the future. 

Richard Stanley 

richard- 'i_' -'k ; 
Baseball 96-97. 

Monica Starr 

Mems of the Wolfsohn Pack 94- 
95;4grandyrsof vball w/MamaT; 
Weddings w/ Meggan; New Res w/ 
Boonie; Scary car rides w/ Michi- 
gan Smith; Thanx to Regina & Amy 
forshowing the ropes; Mom, Dad & 
Aunt Elena for $upporting me; Vic 
& Mandy my editors; A special 
thanx to Chad for being my topo 
partner and entering my life! I'll 
miss the fire drills; away game van 
rides; Cherries in the sink-Maybe 



Richard J. Stanley 

566 Ardsky Street 
5taten Island. NY 10306 
Business Administration 

Ariele M. Starr 

80-10 !56 Avenue 
Howard Beach. NY 11414 
Large Animal Science 

Monica Starr 

iOi Cambridge Drive 
( i«^ u,N P4 10342 

I ' r trriftfii Science 

Megan Lynn Stasicky 

654 East Woodbridge Avenue 
Avenel.NJ 07001 
Small Animal Science 

Mattliew R. Stoneciplier 

510 Riggin Road 
Troy, IL 62294 
Ornamsntal Horticulture - landscape Construction' 

I MicliaelA. Susi(i 

1784 Fairv/ay Dr. 

Sabina Tedesco 

3i50 Burn Brae Drive 
Dresher. FA 19025 
Biology - Pre Professional 

Scott JosepliTliomas 

Wortcn.MD 21678 
Ornamental Horticulture - Landscape Contracting 

Christine C. Tiidsiey 

214 Deerfield Lane 
Aberdeen. Nj 07747 
Small Animal Science 

Megan L Stasicky 

From ridiculous survey trips as 
freshmen to ghosts in Beulah, It's 
been an unusual time alright! EM, 
Semi-Formals won't be the same 
w/o you! Adam, Thanx for lending 
an ear/hug when needed & always 
ready to laugh w/ me! Thanx every- 
one for sending me love in Aussie! 
Here's sending a 41eaf clover to all 
my friends; remember to enjoy 
yourselves! Thanx for the memo- 

ries... I'll always bejust a phone call 

Sabina Tedesco 

Some words of wisdom to remem- 
ber: "Nothing would be done at all if 
a man waited until he could do it so 
well that noone could find fault with 
it" -Cardinal Newman. "Where all 
thinkalike, noone thinks very much" 
-Walter Lippman. "Have the atti- 
tude that obstacles come to in- 

struct, not obstruct" -Anony- 
mous. "Today is the tomorrowyou 
didn't plan foryesterday" -Anony- 

Christine Tiidsiey 

I'm really gonna miss all the great 
friends I made here at Del Va 1. 1 had 
some very memorable moments. I 
want to say Congrats to all who 
made it through 4yrs at Del Val.To 
Marty, I loveyou and nowthat we've 
blown this popsicle stand the fun 
begins! You and I forever. Good luck 

Kevin! Rocco you're one of my good 
friends, CONGRATS! Keep in touch 
ya bum! Dad, Sean, Carrie, I love 
you guys! To the rest of you, noone 
beats the class of 98! I'm out! 


S&l^lVhS fcSf >2^ 

Stephanie Townsend 

Christine 5. Tumolo 

Ambler. PA !9c\'. 
Lrimiral Justice Admimstratv 

Gregory Vico 


John \^inciguerra 

Philadelphia, PA 19K: 
Small Animal Scienc: 

Nicole Wagner 

Warring. PA 13976 
Business AJministratiofl - Accounting 

James A. Wallace 

SoutMmntfyr, PA W%Q 

Thomas William Walsh 

Wood-Rid^. NJ 070'' 
&u5ln«s Administrate^" 

Timothy K. Walton 

Philadelphia. PA 191:' 
Small Animal Scienf 

Todd D.Webb 

Stephanie Townsend 

Thanks 4 allthe support Dad & 
Mom. I did it in 31/2. Nevr 4get- 
Dad: $15000Party. Club Red Neck. 
HC(BBChicken) Aday Mom: Rice 
Krispies & Red Fish EH:Can I Sit w/ 
u? Study Sessions 1^ & EH: Bud- 
dies 4ever. Pinkies, werfiunting 4 
Rabbits. XCSally: Rice Krispies. 
vThose shoes. Road Trip. My 
House, xc team: 4 yrs of Doc. 
400s. Hills, Straightout. Vthose 
little yellow shorts. We love to run! 
It's a great day 4xc. GC. R5, K.H, 

PN conversations at lunch. Dairy: 
3:50am already. FSHearn: New 
V?? JB: Pimp Daddy, I'll miss Mrs. 
A, RAstaff, many friends & DVC 

Christine Tumolo 
I finally did it! This has been a long, 
hard journey for me, but now that 
it has ended. I see it was worth the 
late nights and the upsets to 
acheive my goals. Thanks Mom, 
Dad, and my family for all of your 
love and support. Thanks John for 
putting up with me. I love you all. 

Gregory Vico 

Thanks Mom. Dad. Stef & Fop for 
your love & support. Couldn't have 
done it w/out you. Thanks DPT for 
great times & great brothers. 
Keep it strong. Lyn you've been a 
gr8 friend good luck. HG- Wasup? 
Halloween '97. CR- Shutup Greg! 
MF. BB, JK, JH, DH, CM- you heard 
me! Your 1^0 fat! Whach you want? 
She just don't know. Yellow. Corey 
4/22/97. NBI. Parties. Showbar, 
HH, Cancun, AC, Senior Week '97. 
all the psychos! 212 & K-9 will live 


Nicole Wagner 

DVC-lfs been great! WB-Ball-Thx 
& Good Luck! CS. LK. JC, UR the 
best roommates!- Thx 4 the 
memories! NBI, A-Day, 113 NRH, 
Formals, Parties, F-Boys, 
Karaoke-I'll never 4get U guys! 
DPT- Bcuz U care\ Justin- I love 
you! Thx for being there 4 me- ur 
the best! I'll miss U all! Most of all 
to my Mom, Dad, Alicia, Geoff. Thx 
4allur support! I coudn't have done 
it w/o u! I Love U! 



Josh Wexler 

7 Alberts Court 
Piolofiy - Pre Krofessional 

Erin Lynn White 

571046 South street 
Fottstown, PA 19464 
Bidogv - Pre Professional 


i 106 Carlisle Road 
: Newville, PA 17241 
Small Aninicil Scienr, 

Marie S. Zmijewski 

2373 Deer path Drive 
Warrington, PA 18976 
i Education - English 


232 Rothsville Road 

Akron, PA 17501 

Ornamental Horticulture - Landscape Contracting 

Thomas W. Walsh 

Thank you to my family for giving 
me the opportunity to come here, 
because I met a great bunch of 
kids here. I've seen a lot of these 
kids come and go through my four 
years here, and Ijust wanttosay 
something to the kids before I leave 
this place, "Thanks for the memo- 
rable moments and the great 
times here." P.S. I will see you on 
top of the mountain with me. 

Erin Lynn White 

I dedicate all my hard work and 
achievements to my Pop. My only 
wish is that he could be here with 
me. Thank you to both my Mom 
and Dad- without your support 
and encouragement (and money), I 
wouldn't be where i am today. 

Marie 5uzanne Zmijewsl<i 

Thankyou Mom, Dad, Mike, & Lisa 4 
everything! Your love & support 
helped to make it a breeze! 
Sloaners-what can I say but we 
made it! Next year will be "A Whole 

New World" Bex-always smile & 
never 4get Faulkner *Fitzgerald 
rules!* Steph &. Beckie-Boo-you 
guys r incredible! Best wishes al- 
ways! Duane & Brian-hey guys! 
what's up? Dr. Kuehl-you're amaz- 
ing! Thank you for always sharing 
your knowledge & time. To every- 
one-keep in touch & remember "A 
Dream is a Wish Your Heart 


Hanging out on a hammock, Joe 
Boutureira, Jen Marlinski, Megan 
Stasicky, Dave Shannon, Holly 
Clouse, and Jess Schaub relax at a 
port of call during the Senior 
Class January cruise. Photo 
courtesy Joe B. 

S'mim ^^_5^ 




Onward and Upward. Anita 
Snyder treds the trodden trail 
on the Senior Class Hiking trip 
at Pine Grove Furnace, PA. 

Joe Boutureira and Megan 
Stasicky play a wild game of 
Sesame Street Cookie Match- 
ing the night before heading to 
the gi-eat outdoors for Spring 

" m 





Kathy Salisbury and Pete 
Zook pause and take in all 
the action at the ICC Bowl-A- 

Tired from exploring all tlu' 
wonders of the world underwa- 
ter, Dave Shannon returns from 
the ocean in the Caribbean. 



AMEKA Shy Seniors 



Sharon A. Adamski ASM 
Dorinda C. Ascolese BAM 
Jason Austin OHL 
David Barca Martinez ASM 
Christopher J. Bawduniak BAK 
Leah Berner SAM 

Shauna Leigh Bingaman ASG 
Lisa Ann Bittle EDY 
Roberts. BiattnerCJA 
Heidi BonigutASE 
Linda Marie BonigutBA 
David W.BowkerAE 
Stephanie Brymesser CJA 
Christopher Butler AET 
Mary Kate Bykowski AST 
Kristin D.CataldiBA 
Donald Clemmer BAM 
David Cohen CJA 
Christopher Conner CJA 
Donald Cook BYP 
Marion E.Culp CM 
William J. Daly ill CJA 
John E.Daniel, Jr. EDM 
Stephen Duane Darienzo EDE 
Craig Davis BA 
Jonathan Derstine ASG 
Patricia Donnelly BA 
Karen DoucetteBYF 
Vonna Doyle CH 
Barbara M.Dymek BAK 
Brad M.Eberhardt CJA 
Angela V. Edwards ASM 
Nancy Esposito BAM 
TraceyAnn Evans AST 
John Pick CM 
Mary Helen L. Flannery BA 
Joshua William Gehman AET 
Jennifer Mary Gillis ASE 
Cynthia A. Gradwell BAA 
Constance M. Grimsiey BAA 
Jaime L. HagertyBYA 
Amanda Haven ES 
Donna HellriegelBA 

Cecilia H.Herbst BAM 
Charmaine N. Hileman AE 
Holly Ann Hofer ASM 
Jill S.Hoffer BYP 
Jeriann Lee Howard BYE 
Marion Huggan AE 
Daniel Hutchison OHL 
Lisa M.Johnson ASM 
Elaine C.Junod BAM 
Joseph Junod CIS 
John Karavias BYP 
Almeta L. Keating BA 
Sheila M.Keating SAM 
Megan M. Kelly ES 
Craig Edward Kennedy CJA 
MaryE. KeuneckeBA 
Megan E.KeyesASG 
Richard King BAA « 

Matthew Knee ABS 
Maureen Eileen Kulbacki ASE 
Karen LamarreHTS 
Linda J.LandisBAA 
Jennifer L. Laurence OHP 
Mark Lawrence CH 
RobertT. Leach CJA 
Jennifer LeMunyonBA 
Trevor E. Lewis EDY 
Benjamin J. Lowell OHE 
Sharon R-LownesBA 
Timothy Lumpkin EN 
Brandon J. Martin AE 
James McHenry BAK 
Lisa Anne MelhamES 
Brian Mitchell AE 
Susan Moldovanyi CIS 
Carol Christine Moore ES 
Suzanne Marie Moore SAM 
Marybeth Moscarello OHE 
KariL. MowryCJA 
Kelly Munizza AST 
Douglas Myers ASG 
Rita Nelan MA 
Mary Lynn Nichols ES 
Jamie NiedzinskiES 
Donald D.Nissley EDA 

Danielle Marie Noel BYP 
John O'Brien CJA 
Thomas Olesh BAA 
Maria Orlando CJA 
Rick L.Penecale CJA 
KimberlyA. PermarBAA 
Tammy Sue Pirmann BAI 
Michael P. (luinnAES 
Jane Rakos-Yates BYE 
Tracy M.Rambo BYP 
Mark Jeffery Reiner CJA 
Cynthia A. Ristine ASM 
Peter L. Rock BA 
Daniels. RomaineAE 
Ronald RomerCH 
Elizabeth Saranchak CJA 
Gary Schneider PS 
Michelle A. Scott BAK 
Beth Ann Seybert ASM 
Rachael M. Shenyo ASM 
Daniel Earl Shoilenberger CH 
Pamela Shufelt ASM 
Michael Reed Shultz EDA ^ 
Pamela E.Smith OHE 
Stephanie Ruth Smith EDE 
Tammy Smith BAA 
Holly Ann Stocker AST 
Michael A. Stoehr CM 
Sylvia Stottlemire-Dempsey PS 
Christopher Straup CH 
Timothy David Straus ASM 
Kathleen Sweeney AE 
Samantha Thomas ES 
Matthew J. Toht ASM 
Stephanie Townsend ASG 
Kelly Wagner AST 
Rebecca J. Walter EN 
Charles Washington AE 
Gregory Webster BA 
Jonathan W.Wiggins EN 
Winston C. Wu PS 
Jason ZawackiAB 
Karen B. Zbyszinski EN 
Brian Zeitz CM 

^&MV}-J ^^33 


Below: Joe Boutureira snor- 
kels with fish above a reef off 
of an island owned by Royal 

Right: Megan Stasicky gets 
prepared to go snorkeling off 
CoCo Cay, the only snorkel- 
ing expedition on the trip. 

Above: P^xploring the world 
around him, Dave Shannon !.•< 
spooked by a conch coming out 
of its shell. All photos courtesy 
Joe B. 

The Cruise Crew 

Adam Amaral 


Mike Carnevale 

Holly Clouse 

Heather Gorski 

Tricia Griess 

Brad Halter 

Emily Hayes 

Joanne Hines 

Kristen Hughes 

LORIE Kochanski 

Jenn Marlinski 

Tim McNatt 

Jennifer Rudolph 

Mike Ruth 

Jessica Schaub 

Dave Shannon 

Laurie Smith 

Megan Stasicky 

Stephanie Townsend 

Josh Wexler 

Advisor Janine Wright 

Advisor Kim Kulick 



RuisiNO TO Relaxation 

Members of the Class of 199S> left behind the seasonal blahs with 


OF CALLS IN Key West, the 
Bahamas, and the island of 
CoCo Cay. The cruise, last- 
ing 5 DAYS between JANUARY 

12-10 199S, RAN about 
$000. The Seniors left 
Miami on the R.oyal Carib- 
bean Sovereign of the Seas. 
Joe 30UTUREIRA said of the 
oceanliner that it was simply 
"a tremendous ship". 

The first port of call was 
Key West, Florida, where 


Bahamas where Aggies par- 
life afterwalking around the 
Straw Market. Also in the 
Bahamas, at CoCo Cay, Se- 

on the beach. 

This cruise proved to be a 
good way to relax, get some 
sun, and reinforce old friend- 
ships in a warm and sunny set- 
TING. Only the bar tab could 

the CRUISE. 

Left: Mike Ruth, Tim McNatt, 
and Joe Boutureira enjoy the 
sea breeze on the "Yellow Boat" 
off of Nassau in the Bahamas. 

Left: Adam Amaral Afooue.-Steph Townsend 

watches as Jenn and Janine Wright 

Marlinski gambles her dance in the nightclub 

money away in the on- on their last night of 

board casino. the cruise. 

S&h.lvys ^^3S 


^^^^^^ As THE Senior year rolls along, anticpation for 

graduation begins to run high as does excitement for "getting outta here 
The only problem is, there are a couple o f things that need to be done first. Thing 

TURAL enrichment" you've had 
over the last four years. 
And don't forget about that 
Senior Seminar. Ya know. 

Senior Chemistry major 
Michelle Donovan presents her 
seminar on the production of 
diamonds to her classmates. 



the one thats do next week 
and your file just crashed. 
Aside from all of this 
WRAPPING UP, Seniors have to 
start preparing for the rest 


PERSPECTIVE. Seniors have to 
LEAVE Del Val. 

For some Seniors, th-- 
means preparing resume; 


SCHOOLS. All in all, our Se- 



Above: Franklin Allaire of the 
Media Center helps out this 
hapless Chemistry Senior with 
preparing his Seminar. 

S'enlm v^)37 

1 ''t^%^-i,t 


iKiNc? Along the AT 


M • The trip to Virginia in two Del Val issued vans was long. The trip from Virginia 


Grove Furnace, PA AND PICKED UP like walking through a small glory. Although camping in 

THE Appalachian trial there. stream, water running down the March proved to be a bit chilly, 

As we unloaded our gear at mountain path, deep enough to ATshelters built and maintained 

the parking lot, we noticed just flood your boots. by volunteers were greatly ap- 





TANCE. Once on the trail, it was sun dried the campers in all its the MOUNTAIN. 


Left: Howard Eyre, expert 
arborculturalist and kindling 
chopper, directs wood dr\"ing as 
Joe Boutureira hopes to get his 
hands on an axe. 

These Seniors spent their 
Spring Break hiking through 
rain and sunshine: Anita 
Snyder, Joe Boutureira, Dave 
Shannon, Laurie Smith, Jenn 
Marlinski, and Megan Stasicky. 

1 9 

9 a 

S'^hIp/s ^)3^ 

EARING Up for the End 

^^^^^^ At Del Val, graduation is a much anticipated event, yet when the 

DAY arrives, Seniors find themselves faced with mixed emotions. 
Most hectic is the actual day of commencement, when family and friends 
are there to wish the Seniors well and last farewells are said. 

Above: Jim Wallace, Rebecca 
Burk, and son Nathaniel 
Wallace celebrate Becca and 
Jim's accomplishments. 

Right: Seniors Scott Schoepf, 
Megan Stasicky, Adam Amaral, 
Emily Hayes, and Tim Straus 
smile for a picture that will re- 
kindle many memories of DVC 
over the years. 



Far Left: Agronomy 
Senior Chuck 
Erway celebrates 
his graduation 
with a big ol' cigar. 

Left: Flowers in 
speaks with her 
family as she pre- 
pares for the pro- 

S'^hlP^J iOl ^/ 

NSPii^ATiON & Reality 

^ After the processional, Allison Majewski opened commencement exerciser 

WITH A STIRRING RENDITION OF THE "Star Spangled Banner". Dk. Richard Ziemer gave 

AN Invocation and Gerard Marni welcomed Seniors and their families. Commencemeni 

Speai^er Congressman James 
Greenwood told the graduates 
about the good, the bad and the 

ate to use their advantages in life 
to better the world around them. 
With Dean Neil Vincent an- 
nouncing. President Thomas 
Leamerand Associate Deans Ken- 

neth Clever, Dolores Gioffre, and 
Dominic Montileone conferred 
bachelor and assocate degrees 



After the l^st of their class- 
mates received their degrees, the 
Senior Class Officers read a 
little poem about growing up. 

Raymond Funkhouser of the 
Alumni Association then welcomed 
THE newest DVC Alumni. 


Stephanie Scarborough per- 
formed ON the clarinet, Allison 
Majewski sang the Alma Mater, 
and Dr. Ziemer gave the Benedic- 



Left: Congressman James 
Greenwood kept his motiva- 
tional address short and to the 
point: these graduates can make 
a difference in the world today. 

Below: Sophomore Allison 
Majewski performs the Alma 
Mater in an amazing display of 

Above: Senior Shannon Carlberg 
reflects on the words of the 
speakers. For many, graduation 
is a time of reflection and look- 
ing forward to the future. 

Left: These Seniors listen to the 
speaker on the sunny and warm 
day of commencement. 

S'enivhs ^^ 4i5 




^^^^^F Each year, Delaware Valley College honors a few of its graduate 


are those who have earned excellent gpas, through the naming of graduates a8 
Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, and Summa Cum Laude, or with honors, with high 
honors, and with highest honors, respectively. 

SuMMA Cum Laude 

3.9-4-.0 GFA 

Donnda C. Ascolese 

Lisa Ann Bittie 

Shannon Nicole Carlberg 

Kristin D. Cat-aldl 

Lawrence C. CatXarin 

William J. Daly 

Barbara M. Dymek 

Lynn Franc\e> 

Joshua William Gehman 

Cynthia A. Gradwell 

Amy J. Haydu 

Holly Ann Hofer 

Oksana Leidy 

Sharon R. Lovvnes 

Christy Ann McAllister 

Kimberly K. Pursceil 

Peter L. Rock 

Jessica M. Schaub 

Margaret R. Schumer 

Joanne L. Shaeffer 

Valerie T Shay 

Anita K. Snyder 

Michael A. Suski 

Kathleen A. Sweeney 

Rebecca J. Walter 

Horticulture graduate Anita 
Snyder receives congratulations 
from President Learner as the 
Top Day Student. Anita also 
received the Burstein Award. 



Magna Cum Laude 


Chhsti H. Ant-onelly 

Aimee Sue Ashley 

Chris-topher J. Bawduniak 

Robert S. Blattner 

Rebecca Gene Burk 

Denise E. Claffey 

Stephen Duane Darienzo 

Vanessa L. Dell 

Karen A. Doucette 

Jan C. Dunner 

Angela V, Edwards 

Wade R. Esbenshade 

Tracy J. Fellman 

Donna Hellriegel 

Jennifer M. Hess 

Elaine C. Junod 

Megan E. Keyes 

Karen M. Lamarre 

Linda J. Landis 

Trevor E. Lewis 

Le/it; Top Continuing Education 
student Dorinda Ascolese smiles 
as her honor is announced. 
Dorinda graduated with a 4.0 

Below: Melissa Craig, graduat- 
ing with a Business degree, car- 
ries her diploma and plaque 
which recognizes her achieve- 
ment as the recipient of the 
Pennsylvania Institute of Cer- 
tified Public Accountants 

William J. Magil-ton, III 

Megan K. McCullion 

James McHenry 

Eric A. Moore 

Kelly Musselman 

Rita Ann Nelan 

Danielle Marie Noel 

Katherine Ann Peetros 

Tammy Sue Flrmann 

Carrie Pres'ton 

Hue Quan 

Tracy M. Rambo 

William J. Reid 

Jennifer Rishel 

Daniel Earl Shollenberger 

Pamela J. ShufelT 

Donna J. Souilliard 

Megan Lynn Stasicky 

Sabina Tedesco 

Gregory S. Webster 

Keith M. Williams 

Benjamin T Zartman 111 




Commencement is a time of praise and pride for graduates and theif 

Cum Laude 

3.5-3.09 GPA 

CoWeen Elizabeth 3ehm 

Kimberly Brobst 

Grarrt Emerson Campbell 

Sarah Johanna Campbell 

Michael J. Carnevale 

Donald R. Oemmer 

Holly K. Clouee 

Joseph William Conover 

Right: Agronomy Department 
Chairman Larry Hepner con- 
gratulate.s Chad Shaffer with a 
hearty smile and handshake. 

Opposite Left: AnnMarie Doyle 
proudly waits for her name to be 
called and her chance to walk 
across the stage and receive her 
diploma. AnnMarie wears the 
yellow and green cords that sif,'- 
nify membership in the newly 
reactivated honor society, Delta 
Tau Alpha. 

Opposite Right: Large Animal 
Science graduate Grant 
Campbell beams as he shakes 
hands with President Thomas 
C. Leamer and receives his di- 

Craig G. Davis 

Louie A. DeiGiudice 

Michelle Donovan 

AnnMarie Doyle 

Vonna Doyle 

Nancy L. Esposito 

William J. Ferguson 

Heather Eileen Gorski 

Kathy N. Haare 

Andrew R. Heltzel 

Rickie Lee Holness 

Marion Huggan 

Karen Elizabe-th Kulp 

Jillian M. Mentkewicz 

Douglas Myers 

Heather L. Newcomb 

John C. O'Brien 

Melissa J. Patrick 

Kimberly A. Fermar 

Jane E. Rakos- Yates 

John J. Rimmer 

Konald L. Romer 

Elizabeth Saranchak 

Michael Reed Shultz 

Jennifer A. Spond 

Michael A. Stoehr 

John Vinciguerra 

Karen S. Zbyszinski 



Above: Class officers Scott 
Schoepf, Adam Amaral, Jenn 
Marlinski, Laurie Smith and 
Lori Kochanski (not in photo) 
have front row seats at com- 
mencement. The 1998 Officers 
addressed their fellow gradu- 
ates with a little poem about 
growing up. 

S'^hIpz-J (pj 47 







Right: Student Government 
President Brad Halter proudly 
displays his hard-earned di- 
ploma. %vhich sNTnbolizes four 
years of achievements. 



S'e-nCvi-j I's 


Each year perspectives change through 
variousdepartmentalchanges. withnew 





SO ^) CplU^e Cofh-fuHHlilj 

Above: It is not unusual to 
see a professor giving a class 
outside. Students gather 
around Mr. Lawrence to lis- 
ten to him. 

Left: One way of getting 
around on campus is by cart. 
Security and the grounds 
crew are usually seen driv- 
ing around in them. 

Right: Kristen Hughes and 
Grant Campbell enjoy 
themselves at the Student 
Government Banquet. 

CviU^C' CvM'KiAl^.liij rS^ S'l 

What Were You f 
Doine at One 120 ? 

Above right: Sarah Campbell, Scott 
Thomas, Jeremy Dippery, Jessica 
Bach, and Justin Clemens do some 
last minute review for one of Mr. 
Eyer's tough exams. The knowl- 
edge these students receive 
within their classes will prepare 
them for work in the horticulture 

Above left: Jennifer Molnar and 
her lab partner have finished con- 
cocting their experiments and are 
now ready to \vrite their results 

Right: Asya Prosser, Ste\'e Hess, 
and Mike Ryan are carefullv dis- 
secting their minks in anatomv 
class. This course has utilized 
cats in the past, but now students 
use minks to gain insight into 

President's Office 
Judith Bitto, Dr. Thomas Learner 

Dean of the College 

Dr. Neil Vincent, Dr. Dolores Gioffre, Janet Lord, Mar 
Pazdan, Dr. Dominic Montileone 

' \j) ^^^^ Ci'h./uMHi'^y 

Top: At 1:20, this student is hard 
at work doing research on the 

Far left: Erin Vogelsong is deter- 
mined to get this chemistry prob- 
lem correct. 

Left: Maeve Desmond and 
Michelle Taylor are really dig- 
ging into their school work. These 
two ladies are working diligently 
in the greenhouse. Photos by AKS. 


Frank Massino, Steve Zenko, Bob Tasker, Mary 
Campbell, Kitty Bell Walter, Maria Rounsavill, Kim 
?vulick, Mary Ann Ely, Frances Flood, Melanie Spratt 

Administrative Support Staff 
Ann Petrillo, Erma Martin ,Linda Montgomery 

CplUje Cvh^h^iAhlrij \/^S5 



Right: Students created a re- 
laxing area for people to sit 
and read. While taking a 
rest the fragrance of mari- 
golds, daffodils, and sun- 
flowers surround \ou. 

Far r/\j/;f; This pile of soil 
will be used to create a beau- 
tiful landscape for the 
flower show. 

James Linden 

5« O ^'' 

Athletics Office 

Edna Manlove, Sandy Scott, Frank Wolfgang, Laura 

Rotz, Kevin Doherty, I^obcrt Altieri, David Ragone, 

Peter Balzano, Marianne Schumacher, Robert Marshal 

Jonathan Swart, Linda Fleischer, Matt Levy, David 

Duda, Glenn Leonard, William Maczko 

Right: Ideas change due to 
uncontrollable circun^- 
stances. Instead of a bed of 
roses being plant it ends up 
being a bed of stock. 

Lower left: Did you ever 
think about taking a bath 
outside? Our students did. 

Opposite page bottom: A DVC 
student plants Hyacinth for 
the Philadelphia Flower 

Below: DVC students show 
that plants are used for more 
than just landscaping. Es- 
sential oils that are pro- 
duced from the flowers can 
be extracted and used as 













* J 



H^kflvT' ^ 







Gilbert Goodworth, Becki Bozarth, Glenys Bracy, 
Kathleen Spratt, Loretta Fair, Janeen White 

Campus Communica'Dions 

Janine Wright, Jenny Curry, Cindy Miller, Jim Sutton, 
Leslie Burk 

Cvii&j'& Cvm^hhUij f~j^ 55 

Career Dav 

atch Out World 
Here We Come 

Top: While a representati\'e 
looks overhisresume,Jules 
Abercauph reads about 
some benefits that this job 
has to offer him. 

Above: Kelly Orser is taking 
information papers that will 
tell her a little more about 
this company. Many stu- 
dents find careers with the 
help of this annual event. 

Campus Maintenance 
Jay Kulp, Tim Varacallo, Eric Andrews 

Controller's Office 

Julia Sousa, Virginia Altmann, Deborah Velardi, Jean 

Hellerman, Jean Smola, Judy Besore, Evelyn Soderber^' 

Susan Clarke, Rosemary Charles, Sharon Haddon 

Sb rjy ColUfe Coh-fh44ni6lj 

Left: Kathleen Salisbury talks to Jim Swasey, a representative 
from the University of Delaware, about her future plans of 
attending graduate school. 

Above: Seniors Brad Halter, Rich Brummet, and Lynann 
Inlow are looking over some job prospects. Career Day is 
offered to the students to help them find jobs once they 

The 16th Annual Career Day at Delaware Valley Col- 
ege was sponsored by the Office of Career and Life 
ducation on February 25, 1998. This activity was 
)rovided to help the students network and find jobs. It is 

great opportunity for students to make contact with a 
arge number of companies and schools in a very brief 
)eriod of time. Also , the contacts made are in person and 
nay prove more effective than simply sending a resume. 

Seniors investigate prospective positions as they look 
'orward to graduation. Undergraduates also attend for 

summer internships so they are able to complete the 960 
hours of employment that is mandatory for all students. 
These hours help students prepare themselves for the real 
world and gives them an idea about what they might like 
to do with their field of study. 

Over 100 recruiters attended this year's Career Day 
covering all majors and offering positions of Full Time, 
Part Time, Internship, Cooperative Positions, and Sum- 
mer Opportunities. 

Counseling and Learning Services 

Cindy King, Anne DeForrest, Edna Ney, Vilma 
Legendre, Jim Lard, Karen Kay, Sharon Malka 

Dining Hall 

Kristin Johnson, Lori Rush, Marie Russo, Reinhild 

Dornfeld, Denise Assal, Judy Blasco, Chris Schuell, 

Mark Johnson, Helen Donohue, Rich Crooks, Emily 

Black, Mary Lee, Roger Stutcliffel 

Has anyone noticed a difference 
in Mandell lately? If so, you might 
be wondering what all this construc- 
tion is about. Del Val in conjunction 
with Thomas Jefferson University 
are building The Jefferson Center of 
Biomedical Research. A section of 
the building will be occupied as labo- 
ratories and office space by Thomas 
Jefferson. One of the offices that will 
be in the new wing will be the main 
office for the Hepatitis B Founda- 

This multi-million dollar project 

was announced on April 9, 1997 at 
the Founder's Day ceremonies by 
Dr. Joshua Feldstein. "This is an 
exciting development for our col- 
lege since sophisticated basic sci- 
ence research will be conducted with 
the latest technology and our stu- 
dents will have the opportunity to 
interact with world- renowned sci- 
entists. The cooperative efforts of 
the two institutions will help Dela- 
ware Valley College to become both 
the cultural and research center of 
Buck's county," said Feldstein. 

In conjunction with the additioi 
to Mandell, the chemistry labs hav( 
been renovated. Through acollabo 
ration of money sources from th( 
Mandell Foundation, alumni, fac 
ulty, the Rohm and Haas company 
and the College's Renewal and Reno 
vations fund. Faculty have movec: 
some offices to make room for ai 
instrumental computer lab. Thislal 
has an immediate impact on th( 
eduction of the students by enabling 
the professors to better the students 

Health Center 
Marren Berthold, Toni Rubic, Mary Lorditch 

Institutional Advancement 

Eleanor Mill, Rob Nichols, Barb Heisey, Lee Thompson 
Ira Copperman, Paul Acampora 

5<f r~^ Colleger CoMwuniiij 

Mandell in the 2kt 

Legacy Program 
Jean Moore, Bethany Burkholder, Stewart Calloway 

Opposite page: An early shot of 
the infrastructure of the addi- 
tion on Mandell. Construction 
on the new wing started in 
early January of '97. 

Top Right: Construction work- 
ers diligently construct the 
frame work of the new science 
wing. Thomas Jefferson has a 
ten year lease to use the build- 

Above: The remodeling process 
of Mandell 101 shown in mid 
stage. Photo by JO. 

Center: This portion of the 
wing is where the faculty 
offices will be. The movement 
of the offices allowed for 
renovations of the chemistry 
labs in Mandell. Photo by }0. 


Joyce Kunkle, Ann Dematto, Charlie Colombo, Peter 

Kupersmith, Michelle Belamorich, Rebecca Walter, June 

Bizer, Karin Vogel 

Cvlt&M Cvh^ii^nh-liij fj ^9 

New Dnssident Brings 
New Per<spective 

Story by A)uirea Snyder 

On July 14, 1997 Delaware 
Valley College instated our 
ne^v President, Dr. Thomas C. 
Learner. He is the eleventh 
President that the college has 
had since it opened up over 
one hundred years ago. 

Dr. Learner was raised in 
Williamsburg, Pennsylvania 
where he grew up on a hun- 
dred acre farm with his two 
sisters. He attended college at 
both the University of Wis- 
consin and Penn State Univer- 

Before coming to Dela- 
ware Valley College he held 
the position of Executive Vice 
President at the State Univer- 

Top: President Learner takes a 
moment to give a college update 
at the ExecutiveAlumni Commit- 
tee Meeting. 

sity of New York. Besides be- 
ing the College's President, he 
is also a full professor of Plant 
Science. He specializes in 
Agronomy, Field Crops and 
Soil and Environmental Sci- 

Dr. Leamer is one of the 
more involved Presidents at 
DVC. He is not weary about 
getting hands-on experience. 
Whether it's a sports banquet 
or the Farm Show you can ex- 
pect him to be there support- 
ing the school. 

The President lives on 
campus with his wife, Susan. 
Together they have four chil- 
dren and eight grandchildren. 

Right: Thousands of people at- 
tend the Farm Show each year, 
a Dr. Leamer meets with Dr. John 
Martin, Paul Acompora, and Lee 
Thompson '64 at the DVC booth 
during the Farm Show Reception. 

Orientation and Office of Career and Life 

Post Office 

Elizabeth Arrison, Tanya Ray, Laurie Kline, Valerie Linda Fcldstein, Elizabeth Anderson, Ace Hutchinsor 

Burns, Marlene Krell 

r ^ College Coh^ihUkiiiij 

Top: Dr. Learner greets 
Sam Hayes, Secretary of 
Agriculture, and Gover- 
nor Tom Ridge at the 
Farm Show kick off din- 

Center: Students aren't 
the only one that receive 
hands on experience with 
the DVC animals. Karen 
Griswald gives Dr. 
Learner a riding lesson at 
the Annual Christmas 
Party held at the Equine 
Center. Photo by LG. 

Right: On or off campus. Dr. 
Leamer attends many college 
events to show his support. At 
Julie's restaurant in Willow Grove 
he socializes with Gregory Currie 
his wife Julie, and Frank 


Wendy Harvey, Esther Naddeo, Diane Happ, Laurie 
Lerner, Ruthanna Hewitt, Bob Moran 


Art Caesar, Chris Daley, Thomas Hutchinson, Mike 
Davis, Amyn Abdu-Khahq 

Cvtte^& CvMf^HHl{ij \^ bf 

Above right: Many students 
work for the grounds crew 
to keep our campus beauti- 
ful. Freshman Waylon 
Jones rakes leaves in front 
of Segal Hall. 

Above left: Not all people that 
call the Office of Student 
Life know who they need to 
talk to. Mike Bird shows his 
frustration with the caller. 

Left: Working on the 
grounds crew is not all fun 
and games like these guys 
think. The crew that works 
for Tim Varacallo rake 
leaves, cut the grass, and 
trim hedges among other 
tasks to keep our campus 

Opposite page top: The addi- 
tion on Mandell was com- 
pleted in early Spring. The 
landscaping around the ad- 
dition was done by the stu- 
dents that work for grounds 

otudent Center and Receiving 

Dave Mullins, Brian Schaedel, Nick Cenci, Jeff Marshall, 
Seth Reedy 

'otudent Life 

Dean Stephen Jarrett, Jay Wright, Nancy DeBord, Joyc 
Stevens, Mary Frick 

b^ f^l CotU^e CoM'-Hhi{lj 

Far left: Some students pre- 
fer to work inside. Heather 
Forster works at the circu- 
lation desk in the hbrary. 

Left: These men are taking 
the tree branches that the 
students in the 

Arboriculture class cut 
down. The branches will be 
made into mulch which will 
be used on campus. 








Transportation Services 
Dan Feldstein, Grant Campbell 

Dr. Thomas Slane 

C^llefe- Cv^i^h^HhUij ^ || 45 

Top left: A lot of careful de- 
cisions need to be made be- 
fore doing anything. Dave 
Shannon decides his next 
move: should he cut the 
limb or should he rest. 

Top right: Bill Murdoch fi- 
nally ties the knot!! Bill is 
tying the climbing rope onto 
his harness as he examines 
the tree he is about to climb. 

Left: Dave Shannon care- 
fully makes his cut on the 
old tree he and two class- 
mates took down this spring 
in the Hort. woods. 

Opposite page bottom: Prof. 
"Howie" Eyre and Peter 
Zook, one of the three stu- 
dents taking the Advanced 
Arboriculture class, study 
the large tree they are pre- 
paring to take down. While 
Dave Bowker stops to see 
what his classmates are up 

Agronomy Large Animal t>G'\enc& 

Dr. Dave Aho, Dr. Steven DeBroux, Fred Wolford, Larry Scott Wright, Dr. Frederick Hofsaess, Michael Schlegt 
Hepner, Dr. Ronald Muse Rodney Gilbert, Dr.Pamela Reed 

^4- CJj CoiUije CoihihHuittj 

Far left: Dave Shannon uses 
the right side of the lower- 
ing rope to swing the limb 
towards him. The rope will 
be wrapped around the 
trunk of the tree and then 
the log will be lowered to 
the ground. 



5mall Animal Science 

Dr. Janis Hammer, Rebbeca Hughes , Dr. Gary 
Brubaker, Dr. Michael Bodri 


Jennifer Niese, Janice Haws, Dr. Richard Bortnick, 

Ronald Johnson, Dr. James MUler, Dr. Robert Berthold, 

Dr. Richard Mtdstay, Dr. John Mishler 


Expands Horizons 

Top: Everyone seems to be enjoy- 
ing themselves as they gather 
around to eat lunch in a Chinese 

Above: In the past. Act 101 has 
taken trips to New York City. 
There are plenty of things to do 
and places to see. This view of the 
busy city below, is taken from the 
top of a building within the New 
York City Skyline. 


Vincent Massaro, Cynthia Neuman, Neil Hilkert, Ed 
Love, Elmer Reiter, Michael Simone 

^^ r^ CoiU^e Cofh.thiinUy 


Dr. Robert Orr, Dr. Joseph Stenson, Helena McKenny 

Dr. Kathryn Frantz, Carol Noonan, Dan Shollenberg, 

Dr. Micheal Garrett, Dr. Richard Lugar, Dr. Ben 

Rusilowski, Dr. Charles Weber 

ft: This group is taking a short Above: Rockefeller Center was 
eak in front of the cathedral one of the many places Act 101 
ter a long day of sight-seeing. students got to see on their 

summer excursion. 

Act 101 was established by the Commonwealth 
f Pennsylvania in 1971 and has been at Delaware 
alley College since 1987. The program recruits 
ighly motivated students who are Pennsylvania 
jsidents and meet the eligibility requirements, 
rogram services include counseling and tutoring 
iroughout the students' four years as needed to 
sist students with academic and personal issues 
[elp is provided in areas with other issues such as 

study skills, time management and adjustment to 
college life. In addition, career choices are ex- 
plored, cultural activities are offered, and work- 
shops such as stress management and time man- 
agement are also offered. There is a three day 
summer orientation program for incoming fresh- 
men. New to the program this year is a textbook 
library where Act 101 students may sign out books 
for semester use and swap books with other Act 
101 students. 

Computer Information System Management 

Bruce A. Love, Joseph H. Daniel, Boyd W. Ghering, 
Kenneth R. Lee 

Continuing Education 

Bob McNeill, Samatha Keenan, Elaine Hanrahan, 
Michele Roman, Dr. Robert Yapsuga 

Ci>tu^& cvj'hfKHh.iitj rj^ bj 

Above: Unlike what Dave 
Frank, John Tighe, and Pat 
Callahan think there was 
more than just socializing 
and dancing at the Student 
Government Banquet. 

Opposite page: It is tradition 
for the President to pass 
down the gavel to the new 
President at the Student 
Government BanL]uet. Cur- 
rent President, Brad Halter, 
introduces next years Presi- 
dent, Andrew Dougherty, 
to all in attendance. 

Criminal Justice 
Dr. Donna Kochis, Neil Hilkert 

Dairy Science 

Dr. John Pliimmer, Larry Morris, Michael Schlegel, Di 
Pamela Reed 

r^ College' Coh^h^HUij 

SGB Banquet 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^IH^^^^ r 




^B^ iVM ^^^ 




■ 4^ 1 yI 

^ ^ i if) - ■ J9 


Top: Vice President, Leslie 
Burk, talks to Treasurer, 
Mike Dalton, about the 
evening's events. 

Above: The coach waits for 
all those who attend the ban- 
quet. For those students that 
don't want to drive to High 
Points they may take the 

V. !#• 

Dr. Paul Marino, Dr. Anthony LaSalle 


Joann Donigan, Donna Tobin, Dr. Karen Schramm, 

Dr. Linda Kuehl, Dr. Anne Algeo, Linda Maisel, 

Ed Lawrence, Dr. Jan Corbett 

Cvllefe- Cp)t^h^HHc{ij I \| b9 

Opposite page belozv: Mrs. 
Jarrett, Jay Wright, and 
Lorie Kochanski sit and so- 
cialize at the senior brunch. 

Opposite page right: Nancy 
DeBord discusses with Jim 
Murphy about upcoming 
SAC events. Nancy left Del 
Val to go to the University 
of South Florida to be the 
Activities Coordinator. 

Eq^uine Science 

Wendy McCook, Helen George, Jane Cory, Karin 

Glasssman, Katie Gerhardt, Carolyn Edgar, Stephanie 


Food Sciece 
Dr. Mary Palumbo, Dr. Jeffery Nash, Richard Dommel: 

^^^ CoiU^e CoMhnnc{tj 

Exodus at Student life 

ead6 to a Change of 



' 1 




-•'*«,n^ /t? 


Dr. Ronald Muse, Dr. Barbara Muse, Peg Hinkel, Dr. 

David Blumenfield, Dr. Renee Schoupt, Dr. Joshua 


Ornamental Horticulture 

Dr. John Martin, Fredrick, Doug Kane, John Long, Leshe 
Cole, Howard Eyre, Richard Cowhig, Mike Brandt 

Cvii&^e- Cvi^^h^i'iMitj 

R/,^/!f: If a student hasa prob- 
lem in a class they can go to 
Segal Hall and get a tutor. 
Many students volunteer 
their time to help others in 
their studies. 

Opposite page top: Students 
often congregate in the 
lobby of Mandell to study. 
Frank Zaccone helps Holly 
Hof fer with some questions 
before class. 

Top left: The librar}' is not 
the only place to studv. Stu- 
dents can grab a bite to eat 
and go and studv in the 
court yard. 

Top n'^^/if.Students can take 
a break from studying and 
look at magazines in the 
lobby of the librar\'. 

Liberal Arts 

Dr. Charles Pennacchio, Edwin Lawrence, Dr. Richard 
Ziemer, Dr. Jack Schmidt 

Mathematics | 

Dr. Jennifer Wilson, Eleanor Price, Feff Young, Frank 

Hofstaedter, Dr. Theodore Christie, Dr. Jean Rynes, 

Michael Tabachnick 

-- f^ CvlU^e CpMhHnUtj 

Computer Services 
Donna Doan, Timothy Vogt, Brenda Brown 

Far left: Kevin Rambo takes 
a quick glance at his notes 
before he has to take a Food 
Analysis exam. 

Left: Jim Murphy and 
Megan Young study for a 
Floral Crop Production 
exam. Many students go to 
the library to find a quite 
place to study. 





Cviie^e Cvh^i^i'iM£ij X^]} <-,, 



Rape Aggression Defense Systems was founded 
in 1989 by Lawrence N. Nadeau, after years of 
requests for a self defense program tailored spe- 
cifically for women. Mr. Nadeau has been a noted 
martial artist and law enforcement officer for the 
past fifteen years, with the City of Poquoson Police 
Department in Virginia. The R.A.D. Systems are 
the onlv self defense programs ever endorsed by 
the International Association of Campus Law En- 
forcement Administrators. All the R.A.D. pro- 
grams place emphasis on self-reliance, self-real- 
ization of power, and empowerment. There are a 
number of reasons why this program is offered to 
women only. Most rapes are committed by men 
against women, therefore this class teaches women 
physical self defense. As a teaching method for 
R.A.D. the women work with one another to per- 
fect the defense moves. The instructors may be 
male or female and they are there to teach the self 
defense system. 

The R.A.D. program was brought to Delaware 
Valley College by Chris Daley, Director of Public 
Safety and Security. Chris had to go through 
special training in order to get certified as an 
instructor. R.A.D. started at Delaware Valley dur- 
ing the Spring of 1996 and is offered to those on 
campus and to anyone in the community. Now, 
two more officers at Delaware Valley College are 

Top: Brian Stahmer and Chris Sheridan take time out of their da' 
working as a security officer to teach the women's self defense cour^i, 
Brian and Chris seem to be having a good time preparing themsel\ x 
for the final simulation. 

Aboi'e: On the final day of R.A.D. class, students and instructors ge 
dressed up in protective equipment to try the moves learned. Laurii 
Lerner tries to take Chris Sheridan down and get away. 

also certified as R.A.D. instructors. This progran 
is going to be held every semester, and has ahead) 
certified approximately ninety-five women. 

r^ CdIU^C' Coft^-fhiinUtj 

Left: Ronja Henderson stands in 
her self defense position waiting 
to block the hard hits to come by 
Chris Sheridan. 

Left: Emily Hayes runs away af- 
ter giving Chris Sheridan a punch 
to the stomach that brought him 
down to his knees. 

Left: Before the women put on 
their equipment they do a little 
stretching. They need to stretch 
so they do not pull any muscles 
as they use their new fighting 

Cvit&^& Cvh^h^Hh-Uij U}? 7^ 

In the effort to heighten school spirit and 

increase involvement, members of the college 
community couaborate on school wde events 
and indmdually sponsored programs. the new 
and returning students alike work hard to 
keep their daily life full and exciting. from pic- 
nics and dances to talent showcases and "ca- 

OfiHstmd T^edndhz 

7h \^ SiiiAcH^ Jlje 

Left: Dianne Doderer and 
Mike Dalton work on sand 
sculptures as part of the resi- 
dence hall activities held in 
Samuel Hall. 

Left: No vacancy was the 
cry as shown by this banner 
placed out in front of the 
sign on Route 202. This year, 
a record number of on-cam- 
pus students overcrowded 
the halls leaving some stu- 
dents to live in converted 

Right: Kelly Barnes, Sara 
Hinkle, intern from 
Oglethorpe in GA, Kelly 
Barrett, and Kevin Bittorie 
sing their hearts out during 
an orientation karaoke. 

SUA&UMfe ^7 JJ 

2001: The Odyssey 
Begins Here - and with 
those words, the newest 
members of the DVC com- 
munity were welcomed. 
On July 9-11, 15-17, and 22- 
24, the members of DVC's 
Class of 2001 got their first 
taste of campus life. 

Both the new students 
and their families enjoyed 
the hospitality of The Office 
of Orientation and New 
Student Programs during 
their first day. Parents 
learn about letting go and 
students learn how DVC 
will be their second family 
and home. Throughout the 
day students and their 
families are given an oppor- 
tunity to share what they 
have learned with one 

The second day students 
are given a chance to see 
what it really feels like to be 
a student at DVC. They are 
sent to a mini class, meet 
with their advisor, and plan 
out their fall semester 
schedules. In addition to 
the scholarly side of DVC, 
students are also intro- 
duced to various other 
dimensions of campus Hfe 
through informative work- 

By the third day, students 
can leave knowing that 

'■•^n they return in Sep- 
_^tember, they will have a 
%ead start on classes and 

Below: Anxious freshmen 
wait patiently for their turn 
to become a real Del-Val stu- 
dent. Registration is the fi- 
nal part of a lengthy regis- 
tration process. 

Above: From top to bottom: Jack 
Chambers, Elaine Hochman, An- 
gela Zolko, Tori Dowdy, Lashea 
Kelly, Kelly Barnes, Beth Ander- 
son, Row2: MariahKrauter,John 
Heberle, Christina Paul, Dave 
Carver, Jamie Assante, Jen Kania, 
Krista Pendrak, Courtney Raneri 
Row 3: Stephen Marengo, Jill 
Chambers, Sloane Heffler, Liz 
Leiter, Beth Wieland, Matt 
Lawhead, Karen Smith, Mike 
Dalton, Matt Kleinle, Jenn 
Heebner, Chuck Erway, Rebecca 

2001: The Odyssey Begins. 

skirting a Journey 

Left: As part of the Orienta- 
tion experience, students 
wait anxiously in the lobby 
of Lasker Hall, anticipating 
their chance to register for 

Kil^hl: DVC President 
Learner, speaks to the in- 
coming freshmen during 
orientation. This is one of 
the few times in the 
college's history where the 
president was as new as 
the students. 

r/^ SUAeniJlfe- 







Le/t: Orientation Leaders, 
Larisa Wagner and Kevin 
Bittorie stand outside of the 
Student Center to welcome 
the freshmen to orientation, 
their first taste of college life 
at Del Val. 



Right: Students get to know 
one another over some 
"business at Orientation". 
College handbooks and Ori- 
entation schedules are 
handed out to help the fresh- 
men become accustomed to 
DVC campus Ufe. 





f * 

Orientation Leaders: 
Left to Right: Elizabeth 
Arrison, Tori Dowdy, An- 
gela Zolko, Kelly Barrett, 
Tony Dowdy, Kelly Barnes, 
(intern) Sara Hinkle, Kevin 
Bittorie, Larisa Wagner, 
Steve Marengo, Elaine 
Hochman, Bethany 

Wieland, Marlene Krell 




Cooke Hall 

All hallways look the same 
to an individual except if 
you live there. Do you know 

this hallway? 

(fo Qi Sti^Aei^i J4J& 

Wolfsohn Hall 

L^rl WolfsohnHall 

SiiAA&KtJij& \ji Si 

Above: Mike Carnevale fills 
up on food at the 1999 pic- 
nic. The first class picnic 
brought a lukewarm recep- 
tion from the class. Photo hi/ 

Class of 1999'5 

Fall Rcnic 

Below: Christie Rager, 
Maggie Flynn, and Beth 
Meyers chat between bites 
about how things are fair- 
ing so far this semester. The 
picnic was a fun social for 
the Class of 1999. Photo by 


Left: Heidi Dahlhammer, 
Jess Cochran, Maggie Rynn 
and Christie Rager prepare 
to tie-dve shirts, a bit of 
memorabiUa from the pic- 
nic. Photo by KDB. 


^ ■^' i^.^'U^Tr. 

. \ 



Right: Various class mem- 
bers enjoy the picnic. The 
Class of '99 managed to take 
advantage of the warm Oc- 
tober weather on the lawn 
behind the Student Center. 
Photo by KDB. 



Left: Amanda Benz, Eric Jo- 
seph and Sara Brown are on 
their way to watch the vol- 
leyball game, another fun 
part of the picnic. Photo by 


SUA&dXcf& ^ S3 

^4 ^ SUdeU 



^^^HHV' ^..'\ 


Collegeopoly was one fun ^^^^^|Hl| 
way to learn about register- ^^^^BEp^ 
ing for classes and to bond ^^^^^F 
with fellow classmates. ^^^^^B _^,,^ 



Students enjoy themselves 
at the dance between Ulman 
and Work halls. 


^^^11 l^^lh^v.^^^ ^^^_..^ El^^^^^^L>_i." 


H^HHk^^.=^fi^H, 1 


Welcome Week 1997 

While most 
people just use 
Labor Day week- 
end as an excuse to 
go down to the 
shore or have a 
picnic, Delaware 
Valley College 
Students know 
that it means one 
thing - moving in. 
With classes start- 
ing on Tuesday, 
Welcome Week is ■ 
the perfect time for 
DVC's newest 
students to become 
situated. With 
moving in and 

ome ). 


The Start of Something New 

Do that conga! As part of 
the Jacktivities, freshmen 
parade around Doylestown 
Park in the most unusual 
dance line. 

goodbye to parents 
being the first ordet 
of business, Wel- 
come Week helps 
students adapt with 
fun programs, 
themed dinners, 
and trips to K-mart 
for everything that 
you forgot at home. 
There is a dance, 
karaoke, and mov- 
ies planned for 
those who aren't 
quite ready to begin 

SiiAA&t^t Jlj& f^ S^ 

In an effort to 
promote talent at Del 
Val the Class of 2000 
held their 2nd An- 
nual Talent Show. 
This year, the show 
was incorporated 
with Family Week- 
end. Students and 
staff came out to 
show their talents 
and school spirit as 
they competed for 
monetary prizes. 

This year's entries 
included such versa- 
tile acts as: singers, 
dancers, magicians, 
percussion acts and 
solo performers. 

The performances 
added a unique 
touch to the Dela- 
ware Valley College 
community and their 
families alike. 

Talent on Display 

All that attended the talent 
show were entertained by 
the talented student. 

These girlsentertained thr 
crowd by dancing to Cot- 
ton-Eyed Joe. 

f^ Clf SUdey^i Jlj& 

Class of 2000 Officers Con- 
gratulate those individuals 
who took top rank in the 
show. 1st place- Allison 
Majewski, 2nd place-Jeff 
Gargano (drum solo) 3rd 
place- Sylvester (Wes) 
Lawrence. Class officers 
shown are Andrew 
Dougherty (President) on 
the far right, and Serena- 
Lyn Nowakowski, (on the 
far left). 

SUAe^ti^je iji Sy 

Right: Doughnuts and or- 
ange juice were made avail- 
able for the donor so they 
can raise their blood sugar 
levels after donating. 

'^^G/ SUAe'U Jijc' 

Brad Halter, Stephanie 
Laubach, Pat Callahan, and 
Dan Grannis work the reg- 
istration desk. Many clubs 
contribute time to the pro- 
gram including SGB, 0XS 

DVC students fill out ques- 
tionnaires before donating 
blood. The Red Cross moni- 
tors its suppliers making it 
safe to donate. 

StiAdei^ts Donate pints 

Saving lives 

Red Cross workers set up 
equipment in the APR. 

A DVC student gets her 
blood pressure checked 
before giving blood. 
The Red Cross cares 
about the health of the 
donor both before and 
after donating blood. 

StiAA&UJlh ^^ S9 

Work Hall 

Spring fever. Residents 
from Work F (all go out and 
enjoy the warm day by play- 
ing some frisbee. 

PO ^ SiaAeniJ^e 

J\Je\A/ Residence Hall 

Work Hall 



Left: Dean Jarrett, as a dealer, 
and President Learner, the 
high roller, came out to have 
some fun and show their 
support for the Class of 


Right: Students crowd the 
slot machines trying to win 
big bucks. 


Left: Toni Rubic and Dave 
Mullins wait for the stu- 
dents to state whether they 
are staying or if they want 
another card. 




' rj) SinAcpxi Jij& 

Right: Students take a break 
from the gaming festivities 
to nibble on the Casino 
Night refreshments. 

The Class of 2001 presents . . 

Casino Night, 1998 

Left: WDVC was on hand to 
provide music for the Us- 
tening pleasure of all in at- 

On April Fool's Day, 
1998, the Class of 2001 
sponsored its first Annual 
Casino Night. The night 
marked the inaugural event 
for the class as they wel- 
comed the entire campus to 
the festivities. Gamblers 
were given 200 cliips to try 
their luck at the various 
gammg tables. The more 
they won, the more chances 
they had to win prizes, 
gifts, and scholarships. 

Del Val faculty, staff, and 
administration were m 
attendance working hard 
with the Class of 2001 as 
they provided their services 
as dealers and attendants 
for the night. 

In addition to the casino 
games, there was also sumo 
wrestling, speed pitching, 
bouno' boxing, and a 
money pit. For those taking 
a break from ail the action, 
there was food, music, and 
dancing. All in all it was a 
wonderful night for over 
200 participants. 

SiiA.A&ni Jde 




An RA's job is never done. 
Kelly Barrett, RA for first 
floorSamuel, sits and stud- 
ies in her room while she is 
on duty for the evening. 

^^ ^^ iSlSi^/tjf ^^ 

Through the year resident 
hall RA's hold dorm activi- 
ties. Jen Keim, Dianne 
Doderer, and Mike Dalton 
enjoy Samuel Hall's sand 
art activity. 

Residents of Samuel Hall 
can go to the lounge and 
work on homework on one 
of the five computers. 


lAiman Hall 

Many students go out lolhr 
quad to play games and 
enjoy the day. Billy Sommn 
plays frisbee in front of 
Ulman hall on a gorgeous 
spring day. 

^^ \~^ SinAeni Jlh 


Many students venture out 
to the front of Ulman and 
Work to play games and 
hang out on the baseball 
field and Segal Quad. 

SiiAAeUMje- f^ 9J 

Ste\'e Hess, Mike Ryan, and 
Geno Finan sit around and 
wait for the Class of 2000 
meeting to begin. Prizes 
were given out at the class 
meeting with Rachel Mar- 
tin receiving a VCR and Josh 
Woodward winning a TV. 
During the Class of 1998's 
last meeting, seniors signed 
up for senior week trips 
along with getting informa- 
tion about graduation. 


Senior Wade Esbenshade 
completes his years at Del 
Val as his seriior year comes 
to a close. Treasurer Julia 
Kutcher and Secretary 
Kristen Salvesen set the pro- 
jection up to show slides at 
the Class of 2000 meeting. 

Stlid&^i Jlh \^ 






\~_A CUhs &^ Vi-^iHii2Aiims 

CUks ^ D>-^Ai^lM.ilvi^s C^ Wi 

Right: The Floral Society, one of DelVal's 
manv plant organizations, enticed new mem- 
bers bv allowing them to make their own 
tlower arrangement. 

Bf/oit'; The Community Ser\ice Council helps 
out in manv wa\s. The annual Aids Walk is 
just one example of what thev sponsor. 



^liidciil J(rc) 



Row 1: Kristen Hughes, Leslie Burk (Vice-President), Brad 
Halter (President), Mike Dalton (Treasurer), Crystal Wheeler 
(Secretary) Row 2: Laurie Smith, Lorie Kochanski, Kelly 
Lerner, Mariah Krauter, Andrew Dougherty, Alison Majewski, 
Rene Ward, Kayte Denslow, Kelly Barnes, Mike Imwald Row 
3: Mr. Eyre , Mr. Sauer (Advisors), Jason Powell, Lori Gregalis, 
Chuck Roohr, John Browning, Darcy Knight Row 4: Dean 
Jarrett (Advisor), Gibby Goodworth, John Whitehead, Scott 
Schoepf, Greg Hinderliter 

"^ \J) CUh 1^ 5^/-f^HijA^ip/tj 

'Jlll(l-( llll- ' 'clllli ll 

Row 1 : Mike McNamee, Christi Antonellv, John Brown- 
ing, Steve McCarron, Laurie Smith Row 2: Jessica Davis, 
Meredyth Fogg, James Wilt, Lizie Dodoson, Mike 
Camevale, Jeremy Yeager, Charles Patterson, Melissa 
Pogwizd Row 3: Eric Horn, Matt Svoboda, Courtney 
Willard, Beth Shiner, Beckie McElhone, Kelly Conway, 
Sharon Adamski, Lisa Mclham, Mariah Krauter, Krista 
Pendrak, Alison Majewski Row 4: Jeff Brightcliffe, LauTc 
Brown, Stacy LoRe, Suzanne Dadig, Joy Young, Scott 
Thomas, Kurt Ginter, Christine Salter, Kristen Wall, Mike 
Bird, Steve Hess. 


^tudmt i idhitics (Aiuicil 

Row 1: Krista Pendrak, Jim Murphy, Mike Imwald, 
Kavte Denslow Row 2: Matt Svoboda, Jess Bach, 
Heather King, Tanya Ray, Lori Gregalis, Maureen 
O'Brien, L}Tm Kennedy Row 3: John WTiitehead, Becky 
Koval, John Browning, Kristie Aquino 

Top: Numerous students 
stand in line to eat the deli- 
cious picinic prepared by 
the Dining Hall Staff for the 
Club Expo. 

Left: Mike McNamee and 
Bilh" Somma take a break 
during the Club Night pic- 
nic to catch up from their 
suimner vacations. 

Uh ^ S^Z-fAMAtulVHS %0J 10} 

♦ ♦ ♦C^ ♦ ♦ ^^ ♦ ♦ ♦-1-Ly 



Row 1: Kristen Hughes, Adam Halsey, Mike Dalton, Keith 
Lysack, Sarah Campbell, Jonathon Orr, Larisa Wagner Row 
2: Greg Hinderliter, Ruth Southall, Dr. Rusiloski, Joy Vance, 
Christine Smith, Rachel Stick, Patrick Biegel, Matt 
Schieferstein, Alicia Blaney, Sarah Welch 


Above: The amazing power of tho 
mind can even control your 
temperature. Alissa Melamud 
and Atiya Clayton huddle to- 
gether to keep from "freezing". 

Row 1: Robin Goldblum, Katie Sterner, Alana Lavell, Sarah 
Brown, Michelle Taylor, Laurie Smith Row 2: Michael 
Marshall, Jessica Cochran, Beth Meyers, Robert Schwartz, 
Adam Amaral, Cheryl Sitarchyk, Bethany Bernard, Laura 
Mayer Row 3: Kurt Curtis, Jennifer Bornkamp, Curtis 
Schondelmeyer, Rob Pallco, Cindy Blodgett, Kara Graver, 
Navonne Owen 

W^ [Qf CUhs 6^D>-^^^i2AiiVh.S 

Left: The power of the hypnotist 
Ues in his calming voice. At the 
count of ten, these students be- 
come mesmerized and obhvious 
to the world around them. Photos 
by ]JW. 

Center: Students take a break from 
studies to watch fellow class- 
mates under go hypnosis. This 
event, sponsored by SAC, was 
one of the best crowd pleasers of 
the year. 

Below: Student volunteers acting 
on command of the hypnotist, 
Mark Pittman. They were help- 
less against his suggestions to 
believe they were glued to their 

Ro^v 1: Denise Kothe, Courtney Nolan, Shannon Wescott, 
Shannon McGavin, Michael Bird Row 2: Lisa Munniksma, 
Marv Howard, Courtney VVillard, Christy Ann McAllister, 
Katie Harrup, Cr\'stal Wheeler, Julia Kutcher, Doug Forst 
Ro'sv 3: John Rigolizzo, Jim Beagin, Maria Orlando, Samantha 
Keenan, Meredvth Fogg, Stephanie Fritz, Kelly Bendixsen, 
Tricia Madlineer, Brad Voorhees 

CU/lJ ^ di-^d.MM.tlVh.S \J 1 WS 


Clhsit oftfie Starts 

'Del Lais Q^reek bames 

Above: AGR and PEK brothers 
compete in a grueling battle of 
strength during a tug-a-war 
match. They compete for the 
bragging right of who's frater- 
nity is stronger. Photos by LG. 

Right: These participants are pre- 
paring whipped cream pies for 
the pie relay contest. The object 
of this game is to see who's team 
can move their pies the quickest, 
using only their teeth. 



Row 1: Patrick Biegel, Ryan Glauser, Jason Swallow 
Row2: Greg Hinderliter, Robert Weidenhammer, Adam 
Halsey Row 3: Will Currey, Ben McElwain, Jeramie Hoffer, 
Grant Campbell Row 4: John Tighe, Charles Patterson, 
Chuck Erway, Bill Murdoch 

/Ob \^ CUhs i^ Vy^O-Mi^ilonS 

Left: Bridget O'Donnell of 
DEB and John May of TXE 
compete in the game of izzy 

hliv t^psiloii hapna 

Rowl: Michael Przyuski, Chris Vreeland Row 2: Michael 
McNamee, John Mark Courtney, Jesse Marder, Michael Ryan 
Row 3: Steve Hess, Steve Rychalsky, Geno Finan 

Delta Gpsilcii Beta 

Rowl: Lynann Inlow, Kim Gray, Lisa Melham, Amy 
Howard, Bridget O'Donnell Row 2: Laurie Lerner, Maria 
Orlando, Rebecca Ripley, Marylisa Myers, Tracy Decker Row 
3: Tiffany Bartus, Kristen Cansler, Kelli Zeigler, Carol Moore, 
Holly Stocker, Lori Gregalis 

Cl^h ^ S^Z-fdHlA^t^lPhS 


. . S\ndifie Qames Qo On 

Above: The boys of PEK, Steve 
Hess and Geno Finan, show off 
their legs as an added attraction 
totheGreekGames. Photo by TD. 

Ma fin Ulwta 

Rowl: Jeff Sauvigne, Ed Highland, Joe Rimmer Row 2: 
Greg Vico, Jeff Orban, Justin Clemens, Jason Albert, Eric 
Joseph, Clyde Wolfe, Art Sandora Row 3: Josh Kline, Jeff 
Brightcliffe, Nick Felto, Dave Fanck, Jim Greenburg, Derek 
Starts, Sean Earlen 

llplid I III CJiiicaa 
Row 1: Dr. Orr, Jessica Schaub, Michele Roman, Jennifer 
Dougherty, Stephanie Townscnd, Sarah Brown Row 2: Am\ 
Roberts, Sarah Welch, Allison Majewski, Donna Osilka, 
Apryi Miller, Pete Dixon, Alana Lavell, Jules Abercauph, 
Korin Mediate, Matthew Schieferstein, Franklin Allaire, 
Christopher Salmt)n, John May, Joseph Boutureira 

fOS^ (q) CUhs ^ dt^A^liAiionS 



Row 1 : Concetta Morano, Mary Howard, Darcie Dundore 
Row 2: Paula Constable, Kelly Laughlin, Amy Hughes, 
Karen Griswald 

ll i^ii^iiJ^H 



Top: Three-legged races are not 
as easy as they seem. These three 
Greeks take a tumble while Nancy 
DeBord enjoys a good laugh. 
Photos by LG. 

Center: One, two, three and pull. 
AGR and PEK are battling to find 
the stronger Greeks. Not all of 
the Greek Games were outdoors. 

Left: Some of the games were held 
on a court where some of the 
Greek Titans took to the air to 
play a no holds bar game of vol- 

Ctah ^ S^z-fdHc^lPHj 


CKristian singer, Erin O'Donnell 
captures the audience through 
her inspirational songs. She lets 
her spirituality tlow from the 
words and her beautiful voice. 
Pfwtos hi KDB. 



llieta ('hi ^iama 

Row 1: Chris Holman, Anthony Przychodzien, Brad Halter, 
Matt Deihl, Pat Callahan, Aaron Turner, Nick Manorek Row 
2: Keith Snyder, Jerry Brison, Dan Crannis, Josh Huyett, 
Chris Felder, David Jochnowitz, Adam Amaral, Mike Weiser, 
Rob Schwartz, George Neumann 



CUhs ^ 5^f-^dHi2AilVh.J 

Zcia ('In 

Row 1: Tony Dowdy, Jerry Dellagicoma, Jared Fogg, Brad 

Voorhees Row 2: John Rigolizzo, Kurt Ginter 

Left: The Student Activities Coun- 
cil presents Erin O'Donnell, who 
entertained all that attended with 
her niusical talents and lyrics. 

service Coil 

.^ow 1: Donna Osilka, Alison Majewski Row 2: Jessica 

khaub, Mrs. Mary Frick, Angela Zolko, Mariah Krauter 

S.dA.C 1 resents... 

Tnn O'^onneH 

CUhS ^ S^J-^dh-i^lVHS 


^eCta Tim jMffia 

Jlatioiiai LKoiior Societij 

Right: Mr. Mike Schlegel, advisor 
for DTA, welcomes the new ini- 
tiates, the proud parents, and the 
faculty to the first Delaware Val- 
ley College DTA initiation. 

Beloir: Sarah Campbell, treasurer 
of DTA, reads the code for moral 
conduct for the Honor Society. 

Bottom: Laurie Smith, secretary, 
reads other codes for the group. 

Prila ia 


Row 1 : Hue Quan, Sarah Campbell, Anita Synder, Jessica 
Schaub, Ruth Southall, Laurie Smith, Ann Marie Dole Row 2 
Dyan Webber, Martha Cheetham, Margaret Flynn, Joel 
Schaffer, Alexis Moretti, Kristen Wall, Mr. Mike Schlegel 
Row 3: Lisa Karkoska, Melissa Patrick, Christine Bednarz, 
k'nnifer Rudolph, Claudette Gilbert, Laura Mayer, Patrick 
I'l'igcl, Jeremy Yeager, Mike Shultz Row 4: Vanessa Dell, 
Icnnifer Marlinski, Megan Stasicky, Grant Campbell, 
Samantha Keenan, Emily Koch, Jim Beagin 

ffZ \j) CUh ^ ^i-^a^iiiniionj 

"Dedicated To 

Delta Tau Alpha, DTA, 
is the first National Honor Soci- 
ety to be formally recognized at 
Delaware Valley College. DTA 
started in 1960 by the National 
Association of College Teachers 
of Agriculture, NACTA. DTA is 
a National Honor Society for 
non-land grant colleges and 
universities. Non-land grant 
colleges are not provided with 
land or money from the state. 
The purpose of DTA is to: recog- 
nize academic excellence among 

agricultural students, encour- 
age high ethical standards, pro- 
mote professionalism in Agri- 
culture, and provide services 
and cooperation to Agriculture 
institutions. This National 
Honor Society has twenty-three 
active chapters and over 4,000 
members. To be inducted into 
DTA the students must have 
nine credits in Agriculture, com- 
pleted forty-five credits, and be 
ranked in the top thirty-five 

percent of their class. 

The Delaware Valley 
College chapter of DTA was in- 
stalled in the spring of 1997. 
There are seven students re- 
sponsible for installing DTA at 
Delaware Valley College. They 
are Sarah Campbell, Christy 
McAllister, Hue Quen, Jessica 
Schaub, Laurie Smith, Anita 
Snyder, and Ruth Southall. 
During the fall of 1997, officers 
were elected and letters were 

sent to potential new candi- 
dates. This year the chapter is 
up and running. Some of the 
activities that this new orga- 
nization has had are a wel- 
come back picnic, fund-rais- 
ers, and an initiation cer- 
emony, in which thirty-four 
new members were inducted. 
The DVC chapter of Delta Tau 
Alpha would like to form an 
Honor Council and help start 
other honor societies. 

dAssociation oj 3)ijormatioii t/eclmoloaii Tnjessimais f'zASilT) 
Row 1: Mark Kostick, Chip Scally, Mr. Daniels Row 2: Jason 
Powell, Chris Cattie, Tim McNatt, Jim Wallace, Jason Kane, 
John Jais 

Above: Hue Quan, Induction Officer, leads the new initiates into the 
ceremony. Anita Snyder greets the new members. 

('Idss oj 1999 &ljicei:s 

Row 1: Vice-President Jim Beagin, President Kelly Barnes 
Row 2: Secretary Holly Hofer, Government Representative 
Chuck Roohr, Advisor Mr. Schlegel, Treasurer Joy Vance 

Clnh ^ £^/-fdHl2A^cmj \Jj ffj 

J^or Tasy Listening 

Above: The Band practices 
hard for an upcoming con- 
cert. Many of the members 
are professors, staff and 
members of the community. 
As you can see, the prac- 
tices are extremely serious 
no laughing here. 

Ri^ht: The band have vari- 
ous performances including 
the Mercer Museum, Christ- 
mas Concert, a concert in 
the spring, and Commence- 
ment. The group has other 
performances as well. 

( viniiiuuihj ( ciiceil band: 

Row 1 : David Titus, Kim Funt, Rachel Martin, Chrissy 
Spotts, Stephanie Fritz, Jacklyn Cole Row 2: Kristen Wall, 
Mary Gillespie, Joel Semke, Michael Schlegel, Ryan 
Geschwindt, Larisa Wagner, Lewis Graham Row 3: Dr. 
Schmidt (Director), Mark Hinterlang, Ron Haskell, Paul 
Lorenz, Otto Schwarz, Keith Lysack, James Miller, Ryan 

//^ \j) CUhs ^ 0f-^a.h.i2^{iDi^S 

"Hey, that's my kid!" is the 
proud echo that rings at the 
Ar\nual Christmas Concert. 
The performers are the DVC 
Community Concert Band 
the Chorale. 

!Rowl: Kelly Brabazon Row 2: Melissa Wash Row 3: 
Maeve Desmond Row 4: Scott Hegyes 


Row 1: Donna Doan, Paulette Groth, Donna Moyer, Jill 
Chambers, Kelly Bendixsen, Vicki Klinger, Stephanie Fritz, 
Bethany Burkholder, Christine Babler, Eleanor Mill, 
Amanda Wengert Row 2: Emery Kohut, Scott Hegyes, 
Robert Maynard, Josh Lerner, Allison Majewski, Gina 
Wechsler, Rita Annabel, Rachel Stick, Dr. Schrriidt (Direc- 
tor) ( Pennsylvania Inter-Colliegate Choral Festival) 

CIhJ!J ^ V>-^Ah.lM.ilVh.S 


Left: Dave Shannon and 
Ryan Basile slip into their 
tree cHmbing harness. Sh- 
annon, placing first, and 
Basile, placing third, com- 
peted in the Arboriculture 
Techniques Contest. 

Below: Dave Shannon and 
Ryan Basile eagerl\ 
watched the first contestant 
throw his bean bag. Each 
person had six chances to 
throw the bean bags at two 
specifically marked 

crotches in the trees. Ap- 
parently, Basile did not pay 
enough attention to the first 
thrower, because he threw 
his bean bag into the tree 
and got it caught. 

I (iiulscdpc ■ \nrscnj ( iuv 

Row 1: Bill Murdoch, Jared Hamwell, Sarah Campbell, Alana 
Lavell Row 2: Michele Taylor, Doug Forst, Courtney 
Willard, Jeremy Dippery 

Right: Dave Bowker and Sh- 
annon Freeland worked as 
a team to build a brick pa- 
tio. Congratulations guys 
for receiving the third place 

//^ "^ .j) CUhs '^d>-^a.nl2A{ivns 

!Mid-M(hntic iHbrticufture 
TiM'Day; ^riC4, 1998 


ndy Swanson, Josh Gehman, Mike Bird, Dr. Linde, Brian 

ight: Scott Thomas, a senior member of the club participated 
the Pruning Competition. Thomas received the seventh 
ace award. 

- JZ^' ' 



k '' !^ 

"" mum<^ ' ^^ 

,». -^a. «fc."'i»*fc| 

Hff'f '^^^H^H 

,f ^^^^^^B 

iij|n '^JJK / l^f^^^ 


HHii^ii^^ H ^^ 



(f'/r// vocietu 

3w 1 : Mary Gillespie, Donna Moyer, Kathy Salisbury, Kelly 
onway, Dianna Pawlicki Row 2: Bethany Bernard, Cindy 
odgett. Amy Sprinkle, Megan Young, Mandy Burkland, 
ira Case, Donna Osilka, Anita Snyder, Alexis Moretti 

"le Mid-Atlantic Horticulture Field Day is sponsored each year by a 
fferent college. There are several landscaping contest for the 
udents to participate in. This year there were sixteen different 
impetitions. DVC sent fourteen students and Mr. Eyre to Suffolk 
Dunty Community College Eastern Campus. The contests gives the 
udents to show off their landscaping skills and allows the profes- 

sors to see that what they teach us really does sink in. The contests are 
not limited to students interested in landscaping. The college took 
along several students who had no background with plants, yet they 
placed well, enjoyed themselves, and can not wait until next year to 
compete again. DVC brought back the third place award for the 
overall competition. Congratulations to a job well done. 

CUk 1^ 5'hJ^^iM.ii'VhS \Jj 11 J 

Members of Theta Chi Sigma and 
Delta Epsilon Beta joined forces 
in fixing up the building at the 
Farm Market off 202. 
E\en the gazebo by Lake Archer 
got a cleaning and fresh coat of 
paint!! Here some faculty cleans 
out the hard to get part before 
painting the new coat. 



Row 1 : Bethann Corson, Rebecca Burk, Crystal Wheeler, Christy 
McAllister Row 2: Allison Majewski, Hue Quan, Ryan Glauser, 
Rachael Giant Row 3: Rebecca McDonell, Michael Carnevale, 
Michael Bird, Adam Miller, Steve Otto, Josh Appenzeller, Dr. 
Steve DeBroux 

//(cT \Jy Clah ^ 5)f-fa(ii2diiDhJ 



Row 1: Dave Shannon, Matt Lawhead, Matt Stonecipher, Bill 
Murdoch Row 2: ScottThomas, Andrew Fox, Rob Paiko, Keith 

Tride &To&sh '38 

ejiiter-Uarsitii Lhristian "ifetwi 


Row 1 : John Knudson, Rebecca Andrew, Becca Stavenick, Kelly 
Barnes, Sarah "Wild thing" Campbell, Vanessa Dell, Mike Shultz 
Row 2: Dave Kennedy, Matt Svoboda, Julia Kutcher, Amanda 
Wengert, Holly Hofer, Katie Harrup, Becki Bozarth, Dave 
Johnson Row 3: Lola Shaner, Jay Kneisley, Kara Graver, Rich 
King, Katie Sterner, Keith Lysack, Christy McAllister, Mark 
Coleflesh, Erich Hirschmann Row 4: Bill Bonner (IV Staff), 
Corinna Strange, Jeramie Hof f er, Maggie Fly nn. Chuck Murphy, 
Rob MacDonald, John Browning, Jim Murphy, Crystal Wheeler, 
Mike Imwald, Cheryl Bonner (IV Staff) 

Students of the English Society 
along with Dr. Lawrence work 
together in putting a fresh coat of 
paint on Miller Hall. 
Lisa Melham and Mike Weiser 
scrape off the old paint on the 
back part of the Farm Market 
building before repainting it. 

CU/fS ^ £^/-fdHlA^6 


Dr. Jim Miller earnestly 

reaches for his ball to take a 

chance at a spare— will he 

get it?! 

WDVC keeps the action 

moving with loud, lively 

music and a give-away of a 


Brotherly love. . .MattDeihl 

buries his head in Brad 

Halter's "volumptuous 


Row 1 Tom Cormicanjohn May, Liz Lyons, Melissa Wash Row 
2: Jason Freeman, Kelly Barbazon, Dani Fulcomer, Brandy 
Krall, Joe Silva Row 3: Jess Schaub, Jaime Assante, Sarah 
Welch, Maeve Desmond, Lisa Cascone, Michael Wasko, Jared 
Hammel, Jim Linden Row 4: Kevin Langely, Steve Marengo, 
Jeff Gargano, Tony Cirino, Jason Powell, Jason Bogle, Martin 

/20 \Jf CUhs ^df^^^^iz^iiOkii 


^natisli vocielij 

low 1: Marie Zmijewski, Rebecca Walter, Blake Heffler, Robin 
Joldblum Row 2: Dr. Linda Kuehl, Sloane Heffler, Beckie 
dcElhone, Liz Leiter, John Santoro 


.owl: Franklin Allaire (Editor-in-chief) Row 2: Jamie Assante, 
rin Vogelsong, Liz Leiter, Beth Wieland, Kathy Salisbury, 
^evin Langley, Tom Bilotta, Jason Freeman, Jane Chaundy 

DEB sister Liz Polhamus 
participating in the Bowl-a- 
thon goes up to roll the ball 
down the lane in hopes of a 

CUJlS ^ 5'f-^dh-i.^ivnS 



The Animal Science Depart 
ment gave a lecture on see 
ing eye dogs for the dis 
abled. Students that at 
tended received cultur.i 
enrichment credit. 

Jl- I. 

Row 1 : James Wilt, Keith Lysack, Navonne Owen, Katie Harrup 
Row 2: Laura Mayer, Chris Patten, jenn Rishcl,Meredyth Fogg, 
Joy Young Row 3: Grant Campbell, Jeramie Hoffer, Bill Taylor, 
Barb Dunn, Lisa Munniksma 

Row 1 : Dr. Pamela Reed, Jenn Dottercr, Rachel Everett, Navonne 
Owen, Kara Graver, Merodyth Fogg, Mr. Rodney Gilbert Row 
2: RyanGeschwindt, Laura Mayer,SusanAlbertson, Jess Schaub, 
Laura Kwisnek, Jessica Davis 

fZZ r^l CUk ^ 5'>-^dni2d{tVHj 

Loolqng tftrovgH different eyes 

Row 1: Kurt Ginter, Mike Rvan, Pat Callahan, Mike McNamee 
Row 2: Tony Do'ivdv, Eric Joseph, Gino Finan, John Tighe, 
Darcie Ehindore, Tiffanv Bartus, Amv Hughes Row 3: Patrick 
Biegel, Clyde Wolfe, Robert Weidenhammer, Steve McCarron, 
Kristen Cansler 

Manv majors gi\'e creative 
lectures to get students 
more involved within their 
field of studv. Some stu- 
dents ma\' decide through a 
lecture what thev want to 
do after graduation. 

During the one hour lecture 
students watched a \-ideo 
on ho'sv" the dogs are trained. 
The families of the dogs 
%vere in attendance to give a 

CUhj ^ Vi-^AMM-iiv^S ^y fZ} 

Tfe Malqngs oftfie Comucopu 

Not only does Chuck Erway do the Sports 
Section, he also runs cross country and 
track! Beth Toland contemplates whether 
she likes the layout or not and what to 
change about it. Leigh Poust reads the 
copy she just typed for spelling and gram- 
mar errors before printing. Lori Gregalis 
is not only Co-Editor of the Cornucopia, 
butisa veryactivememberofSAC. Kelly 
Barnes, Co-Editor and Nancy DeBord, 
Adviser, have been dedicated members 
of the Cornucopia since they set foot on 

( (iiiiiic iiuv 

Row 1 : Mrs. Barbara Gilbert, Betsy Glenney, Susie Fistner, Ru 
Southall, Lisa Munniksma, Jamie Beauchamp, Mari^ 
Modansky Row 2: Diane Clifford, Becca Stavenick, Melis 
Hutchinson, Kirsten Kuhns, Susan Albertson, Kristen Wc" 
Melissa Pogwizd, Ceili Betsch 

iJairii oorichi 

Row 1 : Kristen Hughes, Joy Vance, Margaret Wilkerson, Racl" 
Everett, Kirsten Kuhns, Jess Cochran, Sherry Morgan, Ma,t;j. 
Flynn Row 2: Larisa Mellott, Jeramie Hoffer, Charles Pattersc 
Christine Salter, Grant Campbell, Jenn Rishel, Jay Knci^lt 
Kim Punt, Martha Cheetham Row 3; Mark Kresge, Laura May 
Todd Webb, Ryan Shores, Mike Marshall, Brian Champluvii 
Mr. Morris, Jarrod Burleigh, Shane Betz (calves pictured 1 
Pepper, Mississippi, Sassparilla 

Ston/byKDB. The Cornu- 
copia does not appear by 
itself, but numerous stu- 
dents dedicate time and 
energy to put it together 
from scratch. When the 
pages are first set up on 
the computer, they are 
completely blank, but 
when thev are sent to the 
publisher they are full of 
what is in your hands. 
This timely publication 
with deadlines and hours 
of hard -work -would not 
be possible without the 
members of the staff who 
do it all from choosing 
the year's theme, taking 

pictures, WTiting captions 
and stories to putting it 
on the computer and ship- 
ping it off to the publisher. 
The Adyiser, Nancy 
DeBord and Co-Editors 
Lori Gregalis and Kelly 
Barnes keep things run- 
ning smoothly and up to 
date making sure not to 
miss an important eyent 
or person. With weekly 
staff meetings and yari- 
ous workshops, the 
"Cornucopians" put your 
memories in a lifetime 
memory book. 
This year bids farewell to 
some great members of 

our staff: Nancy DeBord 
(Adyiser), Anita Snyder 
(Senior Sect.), Chuck 
Erway (Sports Sect.), Sa- 
rah Campbell and Scott 
Thomas(Clubs & Org. 

Sect.), Leigh Poust (Col- 
lege Community Sect.), 
and Melissa Craig (Busi- 
ness Manager/ Ads & In- 
dex). Thanks for your 

'■•^ f 

















Staff 'Mot 'Pictured: 

Christina 'Bednarz 

(Student Life Sect) 

Jofin li-'fiitefiead 

(Student Life Sect) 

Jlnita Snyder 

(Senior Sect) 

'Melissa Craig 

CBusiness 'Manager) 

'Wayfon Jones 

(Sports Sect.) 

Sarah. Campbeff 

(CfuBs & Org. Sect) 

Jindrea Snyder 

(Cotfege Community 


CUh 1^ ^'/■fdMAfl^lVHj \Jf 1ZS 


The athletics at del val relatively stay 
the same from year to year, but small 
changes can turn the perspective of the 
sport. with new students joiniing the 
teams and new coaches taking over the 
field, the sports move in one direction- 





HK \|B|# r-. 




^^^^^L ^ ^^^^H 

ttHi ii 

^^^^^ SaMPSHHiBBiillBf Yjim^' 

1 i^- 

■■ '^'^ 

1 .- ", 






-■% — ' 


r^r ^:::f'^"' 


Tony DeLuca highly concentrates 
in preparing to shoot for a basket. 

^ ^"'^ 

A s^ ^^i >T; 


Tif anie Sbrisca stops the ball from 


^^H^l going any closer to the team's 
jHWH goal. 

^^^^■H Kelly Musselman keeps pace as 
^^^^^1 not to tire out at the beginning of 
^^H^H the race. 



Stpn/ B\/: Chuck Emm/ 

The Delaware Valley College Cross- 
Country teams finished the season with a 
number of new freshmen. Coach "Doc" 
Berthold recruited nine freshmen n.m- 

The men's team was led by senior cap- 
tain John Knudson. John, a first time 
n.mner four years ago, placed first for the 
mens team in all the races this season. 
One of the new recn.uts, freshman Rob 
MacDonald, ran second for the team. Rob 
improved with every race and will be a 
bright spot for next season. A third and 
fourth positions battle developed between 
freshman Steve Lafferty and junior Scott 
Kingston, as thev pushed each other all 
season. The team rounded out with fresh- 
man Corv Pernich, senior Chuck Erway, 
freshman Josh Lerner, and freshmn Ian 

The women's team was led by a strong 
freshman Corinna Strange. Corinna, a 20 
minute three mile runner, contributed 
greatly to the team by placing first for the 
team in all races she competed in. Placed 
solidly in second all season was senior 
Emily Hayes. Emily, another first time 
runner four years ago, made great im- 

provements within her time here at Del 
Val. Taking third was junior Ella Pandy, 
who was battling an illness all season, 
gave it her all in every race she competed 
in. The rest of the team consisted of junior 
Jill Chambers, senior Steph Townsend, 
senior Kelly Musselman, sophomore 
Sandra Tatarynw, sophomore Larisa 
Wagner, sophomore Kristen Salvensen, 
and freshman Tracy Bodnar. 

Winners were announced at the An- 
nual Cross Country Banquet. The MVP 
for the men's team was John Knudson. 
John received this award for contribution 
to the team over the season. The MVP for 
the women was Steph Townsend. Steph 
won this for commitment and dedication 
to the team. The coach's award went to 
Chuck Erway, for showing his determi- 
nation by coming back from an injury that 
kept him out of last season. Finally, the 
winner of the Dibbie MAC award went 
Emily Hayes. 

Now that another long hard season 
has finally come to an end, the members 
of both teams are looking forward to some 
hard earned R&R. You can bet that at the 
beginning of next year they'll be ready to 
improve on the last season. 

Below: Senior John Knuson charges up the hill oi 
route to one of his sub 30 times. John was toj 
scorer for the team, and this was his third year a' 
captain of the men's team. 

/4toc't': Junior Ella I'andy, tiestorun dt)\\n 
the opposition during a the race. 

Above: Third Roui (R to L): Ian McDermott, Josh Lerner, Rob MacDonald, Chuck Erway, Stew 
Lafferty, Nick Perotto, Doc. Second Row: Ella Pandy, Mark Ault, Cory Pernich, John 
Knudson, Corinna Strange, Scott Kingston, Jill Chambers. First Row: Steph Townsend, 
Kristen Salvensen, Larisa Wagner, Sandra Tatarynw, Michele Ault, Kelly Musselman, 
Tracy Bodnar. 

aS ^ ^^0/i^J 

Top: Senior Stephanie Townsend runs 
Above: Freshman Corinna Strange and Senior Emily Hayes work together to overtake their smoothly during midpoint of the race, 
opponent. Corinna and Emily battled all season to be at the top of the women's team. Steph was the captain of the women's 


Above: Chuck Erway, senior, shows his 
z_ <-* determination to finish the race. Chuck is 

him to compete last year. 

Overall 18-14 

DVC vs: 

Washington (L) 


Marvmount (L) 


Brvn Maw r (L) 


VVidener (W)(L)(W) 


Alvemia (W) 


Phillv Pharmacy (W) 


Wilkes (W) 


Muhlenburg (L) 


Frostburg (L) 


St. Mary's (W) 




Lebanon Valley (W) 


Pitt-Johnson (L) 


Kings (W) 


Lycoming (L) 




ST. John Fisher (W) 


Centemar\' (W) 


Philly (W) 


.Albright (W) 




Scranton (L) 


Eastern (L) 


Wilmington (W) 


FDU-Madison (W) 


York (L) 


Elizabethtown (L) 


Above: Back Rozc (L to R): Coach Sondra Stoczko, Karen Smith, Angle Gaido, Tracy Mann, 
Amy Sprinkle, Bob Fischer. Front Roic: Terra Lutz, Monica Starr, Wendy Stellingwerf, 
Nealie Newberger, Kelly Orser, and Rebecca Andrew. 

Beloic: Senior Kelly Orser, prepares to dig 
the ball one of many she record this sea- 
son. Kelly officially recorded 389 digs. 

Story by: Matt Levy and Waylon 

The Delaware Valley College \'ol- 
levball team, under head coach Sondra 
Stoczko, finished with another record- 
breaking season. The team was 18-14 
overall, and 3-3 in the Middle Atlantic 
Conference (MAC) - Freedom League 
play. The 18 wins broke last year's 
record-mark of 16. This is the Aggies 
second consecutive winning season. 
The three league wins were also the 
first for the team since 1993. Playing in 
her first year of collegiate volleyball, 
sophomore Suzanne Bishard set school 
records in just 89 games and led the 
MAC with 384 kills averaging 4.32 kills 
per game. She also averaged 4.40 digs 
per game with a total of 392 digs. 
Bishard also paced the Aggies with a 
.274 hitting percentage and tied for 
second in blocks with 37 of them. She 
was named to the All-Tournament 
Team as the Aggies placed second be- 
hind only Division II Pittsburgh- 
Johnston at the Lebanon Valley Col- 
lege Tournament. Kelly Orser ranked 
in the top ten of the MAC in three 
categories herself. She was second in 
ser\'ice aces, averaging .97 aces per 
game. She was fourth in digs, averag- 
ing 3.6 digs per game. Orser was also 
ninth in kills, averaging 2.96 kills per 
game. Her total of 105 service aces set 

an Aggie seasonal record while her 
career total of 202 in just two years is 
tops in DVC histon,'. Setter Terra Lutz 
also set a Delaware Valley record a^ 
the sophomore dished out 875 assists 
on the season. Lutz, who alread\' owns 
the career mark with 1,470 assi!^t^, 
ranked sixth in the MAC with her T.'-'t^ 
assists per game. She joined Bishard 
on the All-Tournament Team at Leba- 
non Valley College. Senior Tracy Ma n n 
became the Aggies all-time leader in 
blocks as her single-season record o f ^ ^ 
rejections raise her career total to 2i'ir 
She also added 176 kills and a .2i-^ 
hitting percentage. Freshman Wend\ 
Stellingwerf and junior Angle Gaido 
finished fourth and fifth on the team 
with 113 and 95 kills respecti\el\ . 
Stellingwerf added 196 digs and ^"^ 
assists while Gaido tied for second on 
the team with 37blocks. Senior Monica 
Starr and junior Rebecca Andrew con- 
tributed to the team as defensive spe- 
cialists. Starr recorded 242 digs and 55 
kills while Andrew tallied 251 digs. 
Karen Smith and Nealie Newberger 
rounded out the Aggie roster. Smith, a 
junior, finished with 26 digs and 10 
kills while Newberger, a sophomore, 
added five kills. All-in-all DVC's vol- 
leyball team finished with another 
strong season this year. 




Above: Sophomore Suzanne Bishard, in mid-swing, prepares to kill the ball. Suzanne 
recorded a total of 384 kills this season, which lead the MAC. 

mMP, s&i;^Jk& 

Bcloir: Suzanne Bishard serves the ball for 
one of her 44 Service Aces in the season. 

Above: Sophomore setter Terra Lutz, sets 
the ball for a teammate. Terra recorded a 
total 875 assist this season. 

^Ae C^t^mf^etlthn 


At Right: Sandwiching their opponent 
the Aggies use their head to keep the ball 
from their opponent. BcIozl' Bottom: Bryan 
Purcaro fights off his opponents defense 
trying to find the open Aggie to pass to. 
Beloxc: Tissen Thomas settles the ball on 
the move usini^ his chest. 

rj4^^m^^^i^/v'e^P5^/A}^s:£^^S'£^isvA> diHSMij^e^ ng mi^Mi'PdJ^i''^ 




Aboz-e: Tliird Roic.lcn to n^iii: Brian Laucks, Andrew Fitch, Mike Risell, Anthony DeThomas, 
Nate Bradshaw, Arder Diltz, Dan Epperlv. Middle Ron-': Bruce Galasso, Ke\an Gasiorowski, 
Ed Hazelett, Jav Clifford, Bryan Ptircaro, Dominic Lupinacci, Geno Finan. First Row; Mike 
Lengle, Patrick Brawley, Nate Marter, Tissen Thomas, Amit Vinukur, Mike McNamee. 

Overall 5-12-1 




















Gvwnedd Mercy 




Lebanon Valley 


Phila. Bible 












5tcn/ by Wai/loti Jones ani Matt Leiy 

The Delaware Valley College 
men's soccer team, under head 
coach Alan Hedden, finished its 
season with a 5-12-1 record over- 
all. The Aggies's big highlight of 
the season ^vas a 2-0 shutout over 
Middle Atlantic Conference 
C\LA.C) - Freedom League pre- 
season favorite Drew University 
for their first win o\"er the peren- 
nial po^\"er since 1979. 

Leading the ^vay all season was 
freshman forward and MAC- 
Freedom League Second Team 
All-Star Amit Vinukur. The 
rookie paced the Aggies with nine 
goals and t\\"o assists. The nine 
goals tied a team single-season 

Junior Nate Bradshow saw 
time all over the field and fin- 
ished second on the team in scor- 
ing ^N-ith three goals and three 
assists. Bradsha^v earned MAC 
Plaver of the Week honors for his 
performance at sweeper in the 
\\-in. over Drew. 

Sophomore midfielders Bruce 
Galasso and Dominic Luptnacci 
finished third and fourth respec- 
tively in scoring. Galasso notched 
a goal and a school-record with 
six assists while Lupinacci added 
three goals during the season. 

Sophomore Geno Finan, a 
back, scored two 2;oals and an 

assist in the season. While senior 
Bryan Purcaro, a midfielder tal- 
lied one goal and two assists. 
Purcaro is second on the all-time 
scoring Ust with 15 goals while 
placing for the Aggies. 

Midfielders Andrew^ Fitch and 
Steve Wilson contributed for the 
Aggies. Fitch, a freshman, scored 
a goal and added two assists. Wil- 
son, a sophomore, tallied a goal 
and a assist on the season. 

Freshmen Anthony DeThomas 
and Kevin Gasiorowski notched 
their first collegiate goals as did 
junior Brian Loucks. Freshmen 
Arden Diltz and Mike Risell re- 
corded an assist apiece. 

Junior keeper Mike McNamee 
protected the Aggies goal and 
e\'en notched a tally for the team. 
He scored a goal while playing at 
forward against Moravian but 
started 15 games in the Aggies' 
net. McNamee recorded 116 
saves and four wins, en route to a 
2.77 goals against average. 

Freshman keeper John 
Yablonski played in eight games 
(three starts) and stopped 32 
shots. He w^on one game and 
posted a 3.70 goals against aver- 

Above: A Del Val defender outruns his 
opponent to regain control of the ball in 
the opponents end. Photos by TDB. 


At Riv;ht: Caroline Cowen fights her op- 
ponent to gain control ot the ball. The 
Aggie defense fought all season for balls 
with 10 games decided by one goal. Below 
Bottom: An Aggie defender uses her body 
to block her opponent from taking over 
possession of the ball. Belozc: Two Aggie 
defenders team up in attempt to ciri\'e 
their opponent off course and stop the 
scoring opportimit\'. 

M/]Ajg cx^s'^ ^AMts m& ^5 

5^ (j^Sj^ods 

Back Row, left to right: Asst. Coach Meghann Spratt, Mandy Naugle, Tara Gamen, Kelly 
VSTute, Katie Evanchalk, Coach Linda Fleischer. Second Row: Danelle Rugg, Caron Long, 
Kristen Bonk, Jaime LaToiirette, Neena Sharks, Emily Metz. First Row: Carrie Blocher, 
Holly Hofer, Stephanie Bumbaugh, Leigh Poust, CaroUne Cowen. 

Overall 7-12 


William Paterson 




Phila. Bible 








Montclair State 
















Phila. Textile 










By: Chuck Erzvay and Matt Levy 

The Delaware Valley College 
field hockey team, under head 
coach Linda Fleischer, completed 
it season with a 7-12 overall 
record. The Aggies battled all 
season with 10 games decided by 
just one goal. 

Leading the way for Del Val 
was MAC-Freedom League First 
Team All-Star and team most 
Valuable Player Leigh Poust. 
Poust became the first player in 
the Aggie field hockey history to 
lead the team in scoring in each of 
her four years as the senior col- 
lected six goals and seven assists 
on the season. 

Poust ended her career as the 
program's second all-time lead- 
ing scorer with 21 goals and 18 
assists. The 18 assists is a Del Val 
record while Poust' s seven as- 
sists this year tied a school mark. 

Sophomore keeper Danielle 
Rugg also had a record-breaking 
season of her own and was named 
a MAC-Freedom League Second 
TeamAll-Star. Rugg set an Aggie 
single-season record with 200 
saves while posting seven wins 
and a 2.16 goals against average. 
She also tallied four shutouts and 
shared in a fifth. 

Junior forward Jaime 
LaTourette played in her first year 
of collegiate field hockey and fin- 
ished second on the team in scor- 

ing with five goals and two as- 
sists. Fellow junior Stephanie 
Bumbaugh followed with five 
goals and one assist from her 
midfield posifion. 

Tara Garner was the co-recipi- 
ent of the team's Most Improved 
Player Award as the sophomore 
forward notched four goals and 
an assist. Sophomore midfielder 
Kristen Bonk placed fifth on the 
team in scoring with two goals 
and two assists. 

Junior Samantha Thomas and 
Sophomore Caroline Cowen 
rounded out the scoring for the 
Aggies. Thomas, a back, recorded 
a goal and an assist while Cowen 
started every game at midfield 
and added an assist. 

Defenders Katie Evanchalk 
and Neena Shanks received 
awards at the team's banquet. 
Evanchalk, a junior, was named a 
co-recipient of the Most Improved 
Player Award while Shanks, a 
freshman, was voted the team's 
Rookie of the Year. 

Fellow backs Mandy Naugle 
and Kelly White greatly contrib- 
uted to the Aggies defense. 
Naugle, a sophomore, returned 
after missing all of last year with 
a knee injury while White, a jun- 
ior co-captain, took over the start- 
ing role at sweeper. 

Above: Kristen Bonk launches the ball 
up field to clear it out of the Aggies' 




Belozi': The Aggies' offensi\'e line tries to 
create a hole for the running back to crash 
through. The Aggies running core netted 
1302 yard this season. Photos b\/ TDB. 

Above: An Aggie Defenseman stuffs the opposite teams running back to the ground. 

At Left: Aggie quarterback, Joe Shenko, drops back looking over the defense to find the open 

man. Shenko passed for 1547 years this season to lead the Aggies. 

/J^ O Sf^^ods 

-> 7ti'«v^=. r^-^iii^ '^.q^.V-®- -^ n=P,^ 

iil \m 1(1^11 iii mini ii ••• I ■! ■'Ill r i'^" ^' 

Overall 5-5 




Salisbury State 


La Salle 














Lebanon Valley 


Above: The 1998 Delaware Valley College Football team. 

Story by Charles Envoy and Matt 

The Delaware Valley College 
football team finished the 1997 
season with a 5-5 record follow- 
ing a thrilling, 40-37 overtime vic- 
tory over Lebanon Valley Col- 
lege for the last game of the sea- 
son. It marks the first .500 cam- 
paign for the Aggies since 1988. 

Del Val posted a 5-5 record in 
1988 but went a combined 20-59 
in the next eight years. During 
that span, two of its players were 
killed in separate accidents while 
two coaches passed away. 

One of those tragic losses was 
head coach and 1970 alumnus 
Chris Bockrath, who returned to 
his alma mater before the 1996 
season to rebuild the program. 
However, he never had a chance 
to see the turnaround as he died 
in February of '97. Glen Leonard, 
who was an assistant under 
Bockrath, took over with prior 
head coaching experience and led 
the team to a memorable season. 

"It has been a remarkable year 
and one I'll always remember and 
treasure," Leonard said. "Our 
goal as a coaching staff going into 
the season was to have our kids 
be in a position to win games in 
the fourth quarter. We did that 
and the players came through 
time after time. This year's team 
has changed the whole outlook 

on Delaware Valley College foot- 

The season came to a joyous 
end with a wild overtime finish 
against the Flying Dutchmen for 
the Aggies' second overtime win 
of the season. They defeated 
FDU-Madison, 47-44, in triple 
overtime, to get the seasons third 

The leader of the team was 
sophomore quarterback, Joe 
Shenko. Shenko threw for a 
school-record 16 touchdowns on 
the season while his 1547 yards 
ranks as the second-highest, 
single-season total in Aggie his- 

Junior cornerback, Terrance 
Oliver, broke a school record on a 
interception and return. He re- 
turned the ball 100 yards to brake 
the old record of 92 yards set 
ironically by Bockrath in 1969. 
Oliver also finished the year with 
46 tackles and tied for the confer- 
ence lead with seven intercep- 

Sophomore tailback, Jamal 
Lewis, posted 447 yards on the 
season. This made him the Ag- 
gies leading rusher. 

Senior wide receiver Bob Leach 
caught a team-high 42 passes on 
the season to tie for fourth place 
on the single-season reception list. 
He finished his career as the sec- 
ond all-time leading receiver in 

Aggie history 
with 128 
catcher for 
1622 yard and 
six touch- 

Above: The Aggie offense tries a running 
play to gain a first down. Photos by TDB. 




OveRill 12-7 


Kutztown (L) 


Baptsit Bible (W) 


MilleRville (L) 


Centnary (W) 


Irsinus (W) 


Kings (W) 


Ciibrini (W) 


Mora\ian (L) 




Bea\er (W) 


.\lbright (W) 


Lycoming (L) 


W likes (W) 


Lebiuion \'alley (W) 


Holy F;imily (L) 


Scnuiton (L) 


Br\n MavvrlW) 


Allentovvn (W) 


FDL'-Madison (W) 


Above Third Rozc (L to R): Kevin Doherty, Tifanie Sbriscia, Rebecca Ripley, Qwendryth 
Poore, Jennifer Vennebush, Assistant Coach. Second Row: Britt Ingvertsen, Liz Polhamos, 
Danielle Brubaker, Jennifer Keim, Laura Hansen, Erin Range. Frist Row: Emilie Replogle, 
Stacy Richenderfer, Colleen Kearns, Diann Doderer, and Tracy Decker. 

Ston/ In/: Chaiies Erwai/ and Matt 

The Delaware Valley College 
women's soccer team, under head 
coach Kevin Doherty, ended its 
season with a 12-7 overall record. 
This marked the third consecu- 
tive winning season in just four 
years of varsity play for the Ag- 
gies. The 12 victory also set a 
school record, breaking the mark 
of 11 from last season. Of the 
seven losses, five were decided 
by one goal including games 
against Division II foes Kutztown 
and Millersville and Division III 
nationally-ranked Drew. 

AU-American Emilie Replogle 
paced the team in scoring for the 
third straight year as the junior 
collected 16 goals and 12 assists. 
The reigning MAC-Freedom 
League Most Valuable Player and 
First Team All-Region tied the 
Aggies single-season assists 
record with 12 assists and broke 
thecareer mark with 27. Repogle 
now hold or shares all scoring 
records (goals, assists and points 
in game, season and career) at 
Del Val. With 75 goals and 27 
assists for 177 career points, 
Replogle will enter her senior sea- 
son with a chance to reach re- 

markable milestones of 100 goals 
and /or 200 points. 

Jennifer Keim and Britt 
Ingvertsen finished second and 
third respectively in both goals 
and points. Keim, a sophomore 
forward, doubled her goal total 
from a year ago as she finished 
with 10 goals. Ingvertsen, a fresh- 
man mid-fielder, tallied nine 
goals including five goals in the 
last three games of the season. 

Junior mid fielder Tracy Decker 
had the finest season of her colle- 
giate career as she nearly matched 
her point total from the previous 
two years. Decker, who entered 
1997 with 11 career points, scored 
two goals and added six assists 
for 10 points. 

Freshman Stacy Richenderfer 
and Laura Hansen had produc- 
tive rookie campaigns. 
Richenderfer, a forward, re- 
corded three goals and two assist 
while Hansen collected a goal and 
four assists from her mid-field 

Senior defenders Qwendryth 
Poore and Rebecca Ripley, along 
with sophomore sweeper Tifanie 
Sbriscia, keyed an Aggie defense 
that allowed just 1.1 goals and 
11. 5shots per games. Pooreadded 
two assists while Ripley tallied 

one assist. 

When a ball reached Del Val's net, sophomore 
keeper Colleen Kearns was there to stop it. Kearns, 
playing her first collegiate ball, recorded 140 saves 
and six shutouts. 

Sophomore midfielder/forward Diann 
Doderer came off the bench and produced two 
assists on the season. Freshman Erin Range and 
Jennifer Vennebush added an assist apiece. Fel- 
low rookie Elisabeth Polhamus rounded out the 

0^ O^^^ 

At Riglit: Team captain, Emilie Replogle 
challenges the opposing team member 
and reached the ball first kicking it in the 
direction that favors her. Emilie was the 
All-American candidate for the girl's soc- 
cer team. Ptiotos by AS. 

Above Left: Jen Keim a sophomore, tries to outrun her opponent to the ball. Kelly re- 
corded 10 goals for the season. At Left: Qwendryth Poore looks up field for a teammate to 
receive the ball. Far Left: Diann Doderer chases after the loose ball to drive it away from 
her opponents. PJiotos by AS. 



Above Top: Boxing her opponent, Enid 

Dunmire places herself in a good position Above: Kristin Bucci breaks down the lane away from her opponent to dish or score. Kristin 

to make a rebound. Enid had a total of had 79 assists on the season. Left Bottom: Stephanie Cullons takes her shot over her opponeni 

262 rebounds for the season. Photob\/TDB. Stephanie scored 36 field goals on the season. Photos by TDB. 

Overall 8-16 

Arove: First Ro%\- (L to R): Jeanne Waznak, Heather Pignatello, Christi Corl, Tracy Mann, 
Kristin Bucci, Jessica Perr^-, and Colleen Keams. Second Row: Alexis Metzger, Michele 
VVikiera, Eiud Dunmire, Erica Crockett, Allison Siw^ec, Stephanie Cullons, and Laura 













33-92, 53-74 










GwiTiedd Merq' 











83-69, 61-74 

Chesmut Hill 





50-76, 60-69 

Lebanon \'alley 









Ceder Crest 









Story Bv: Wayloti Jones & Matt Levy 

The Delaware Vallev College 
women's basketball team, under 
coach Laura Rotz, finished the 
1997-98 season with an 8-16 
record overall. The \\"in total ^vas 
an increase over last year's 6-18 

Leading the way for the Ag- 
gies ivas \LA.C-Freedom League 
Second Team AU-Star Jeanne 
Waznak. The sophomore guard 
led the conference, for the second 
vear in a ro^v, in scoring and free 
throw percentage. She scored an 
average of 19.5 points per game 
and shot .880 from the line. Her 
shooting touch from the foul line 
set both a school and \LA.C record. 
IVaznak also ranked fourth in the 
MAC with a three-point percent- 
age of .360, and ^vas tied for sixth 
for three-pointers per game aver- 
aging 1.4. 

Despite missing t^vo games 
with an ankle injure", Waznak's 
430 points tied her for the fifth- 
highest single-season scoring to- 
tal in Delaware \'aUey history. 
She scored a school-record 40 
points in the team's season-finale 
win at Drew. 

Waznak, moved into sixth 
place on the Aggie all-time scor- 
ing list %\-ith 914 points. She also 
averaged 3 rebounds, 2.3 and 1.7 
assists on the year while being 
named to the \IAC Honor RoU 

on three occasions. 

Senior Kristin Bucci, finished 
second on the team in scoring 
^\ith 9.6 points per game while 
pacing the squad with 79 assists 
and 58 steals. Her average 2.4 
steals per game tied for runth in 
the MAC and her total of eight 
thefts at Wilkes \\-as the second 
highest total in the conference 
this year. Bucd ended her two- 
vear career at Delaware \'alley 
\\"ith 583 points. 

Freshman Enid Dunmire, i\"as 
a MAC-Freedom league Rookie 
of the Year candidate as the cen- 
ter plaved in all 24 games, with 20 
starts, and led the conference in 
rebounding with 10.9 boards per 
game. She also placed second in 
the MAC in blocked shots with 
an average of 2.5 rejections per 

Dunmire's total of 59 blocks 
broke the school record of 50 set 
by Andrea Shumack in 1991-92, 
^s'hile her eight blocks in the 
team's win over FDU-Madison 
in Januarv also set a new college 
mark. Dimmire's 262 reboimds, 
ranks fifth on the Aggie single- 
season list. She also finished third 
on the team in scoring \\'ith 8.9 
points per game. 

Fellow freshman Erica 
Crockett, and Jessica Perrv, also 
saw significant time as starters. 

Crockett played 
in 23 games and 
was second in re- 
bounding and 
blocks, averag- 
ing 6.1 boards 
per game and 23 
blocks. The for- 
ward finished 
fourth on the 
team in scoring 
^vith 6.1 points 
per game and 
averaged 8.2 
points and 8.4 re- 
bounds in her 
starts. Perry, a 
guard, started 22 
games averag- 
ing 5.5 points, 4.2 
rebounds, and 
2.7 assists each 

Forward ^lichele Wikiera, and 
guard/forward Stephanie 
Cullons, plaved in aU 24 games 
and averaged 3.8 and 3.4 points 

Senior center Tracy Mann, 
started six of the 23 games she 
plaved in and averaged 1 .8 points 
and 3.3 rebounds per game. 

The women's team struggled 
through their season this year, 
but \\-ith so manv returning play- 
ers thev should be a threat in the 
upcoming season. The team is 

Above: Kristin Bucd stands at 
the top of the arc waiting for 
an open teammate. Photos by 

still building, and with so 
much potential on the bench 
and on the court, they can only 
improve. The ■tvomen sho%v"ed 
their determination in each 
game, and eventually this de- 
termination should pay off. 

S'^/^ C^ ^-^^ 

Above Top: Jason Williams um's his ball 

handling skills to out maneuver his op- Above: Kevin Burton has position on his opponent to block the dunk. Kevin had 14 blocks on 

ponents. the season. Photo by TDB. 

Aboi'e: As easily as the ball is laid in, the 
Aggies finish the season with a winning 
year. Photos by TDB. 

cr/K?c?f A)/A)A)/A)^ cV54cSm) /A) // g?(S4i^c 

lOi't'; First Row (L to R): Jim Greenberg, Frank DeLuca, Jeff Marshall, Kevin Burton, Carl 
ines, Sean Bodnar, Charles Oakley, Jason Williams, Buddy Maurer, and Jameel Hawthorne, 
cond Row: Dave Duda, Sylvester Lawrence, Maurice Page, Frank Binns, Tyree Jones, Sam 
own, Jimmy Garrett, Mike Swoyer, Kevin Duda, and Lashea Kelly. 


Q 12-12 





PHIL, Pharmacy 





68-75, 100-90 



90-82, 71-90 


(W)(W) 68-65,69-66 




Gwynedd Mercy 








55-59, 50-56 






73-76, 67-89 

PHIL. Bible 





68-63, 56-98 




Valley Forge Christian 









Ston/ In/ Wall/on Jones &Matt Levy 

The Delaware Valley College 
men's basketball team, under 
head coach Dave Duda, finished 
the 1997-98 season with a 12-12 
record overaU, 6-8 in Middle At- 
lantic Conference-Freedom 
League play. 

The Aggies' success is a dra- 
matic turnaround from a winless 
season in 1995-96. The team went 
0-23 and lost by an average of 30 
points a game prior to Duda's 
arrival and improved to 4-19 last 
year with a 10.6 point differen- 

This year, Delaware Valley 
was in contention for a MAC play- 
off berth through the last week of 
the regular season and out scored 
its opponents, 1761-1723. Duda 
was voted by his peers as the 
MAC-Freedom League Coach of 
the Year for his efforts. 

A major key for the turnaround 
was the play of the freshmen, 
who accounted for 80.2 percent 
of the team's scoring total. The 
top four scorers on the team were 
freshmen, including MAC-Free- 
dom League Rookie of the Year 
and Second Team All-Star Jinmny 

Garrett scored a freshman- 
record 469 points, averaging 19.5 
points per game, to tie the sixth- 
highest scoring total in Delaware 

Valley history. The guard led or 
tied for the team high in scoring 
in 17 of the 24 games, he also 
paced the team with 49 steals 
while placing second in assists 
and three-pointers, with 92 as- 
sists and 41 three-pointers. 
Garrett's numbers ranked him 7th 
in steals, 8th in scoring, and 10th 
in assists in the MAC-Freedom 

Freshman center Tyree Jones, 
placed second on the team in scor- 
ing, averaging 1 5 points per game, 
and rebounding, averaging 7.8 
rebounds per game, and was 
named to the MAC-Freedom 
League All-Rookie Team. 

Jones led the MAC and set a 
school-record with a .652 field 
goal percentage, with 233 at- 
tempts he made 152 baskets, 
breaking the previous mark of 
.631 by Dwight Weldon in 1986- 
87. During a 12 game stretch 
midway through the season, 
Jones shot an amazing .800 per- 
cent from the field. He also led 
the team and was tied for fourth 
in the conference with 40 blocks. 

Freshman Jameel Hawthorne, 
was also named to the MAC-Free- 
dom league All-Rookie Team as 
the guard led the conference and 
tied a school record with 71 three- 
pointers. Hawthorne averaged 

11 points per 
game and shot 
.390 from be- 
yond the arc, hit- 
ting 71 of 182 at- 

Junior for- 
ward Kevin Bur- 
ton, led the Ag- 
gies and finished 
fourth in the 
MAC in re- 
bounding with 
nine boards per 
game. Burton 
was ranked as 
high as fifth na- 
tionally in re- 
bounding dur- 
ing the season 
and added 7.3 
points per game. 

Sophomore guard Jim 
Greenberg, became the first 
player in Delaware Valley men's 
basketball history to record 100- 
plus assists twice in a career. 
Greenberg dished out 104 assists 
(third in MAC) for the fourth - 
highest school total and topped 
his personal mark of 1 03 as a fresh- 
man. He also added 3.2 points 
and 2.5 rebounds per game. 

The Aggies have come a long 
way in less than two years. 
Through good coaching and team 

Above: Jimmy Garrett takes the 
stop as Charles Oakley shoots 
for the rebound. Oakley 
grabbed a total of 34 rebounds 
on the season; he was fourth on 
the team in rebounds. Photos by 

work, the Aggies were a threat 
in the 1997-98 season, and with 
so many returning players, 
they can only do better in the 
upcoming season. It is a posi- 
tive turnaround that has 
marked the new beginning for 
men's basketball at DVC. 

Above Top: Rich Kovacs forcefully has the 
advantage on his opponent. 

Above: Rich Kovacs, a 177 pound wrestler, has taken control of his opponent. Kovacs 
Above Bottom: Matt Kleinle, a wrestler in compiled a record of 27-12 during the season, 
the Heavyweight class, show determina- 
tion as he grapples with an opponent for 
the advantage, or in this case a "leg up". 
Kleinle had a 29-9 record for the season. 

f-/o^ ^/^^siMM/^w f^i^is^xt^s cm^imt' wl 

Overall LS-S 

boi'c: Frist Row (L to R): John Laffan, Kris Thopson, Justin Clemens, Jason Reale, Mike 
)nes, Mike Weston, Bryan Klass, and Greg Sharm. Second Row: Jason Bucchi, Hearth 
ursell, Scott Miller, Joe McGowon, Tom McSweeney, Marc Aber, Matt Kleinle, Kevin 
ihnson, Nate Marter, and Mike MargeHs. Third Row: Jessica Post, Shaun Smith, Bob 
.resko. Lance Hillegass, Steve Marengo, Todd Going, Bryan Champluvier, Rich Kovacs, 
obert Marshall, and Sandy Scott. 


Ithaca Inv. 


Elizabethtown (W) 


Albright (W) 


Kutztown Inv. 


Delaware State (WO 


York Inv. 


Western Maiyland (W) 


Hunter Inv. 


Divison III National Duals 


Lebanon Valley (W) 


Wilkes (W) 


King's (W) 


Lycoming (L) 


Scranton (W) 


Montclair (W) 


Messiah (W) 




East Regional 


NCAA Div. Ill 


on/ by Chuck Emmy and Matt Levy 

Delaware Valley College fresh- 
men wrestlers Mike Jones and 
ryan Klass earned All-Ameri- 
.m accolades at the NCAA Divi- 
on III Championship this past 

Jones finished sixth at 118 
ounds while Klass took eighth 
It 134 pounds. Jones, who also 
aptured the East Regional title 
uring the season, ended his 
3okie campaign with a 32-9 
ecord. Klass won both the 
liddle Atlantic Conference and 
ast Regional crowns and 
/rapped up his first year with a 
8-8 mark. 

"Both Mike and Bryan 
.Testled tremendously at nation- 
Is," said Aggie head coach Rob- 
rt Marshall. "It's not easy to 
ecome an All- American as a se- 
ior let alone as a freshman and 
le honors speaks highly of Mike 
nd Bryan's ability and determi- 

The duo became just the sixth 
nd seventh freshmen in the sto- 
ied history of DVC wrestling to 
arn Ail-American honors as 
ookies. They joined current 
ssiatant coach Shaun Smith, Rich 
Villiams, Garth Lakitshy, Mark 
Ambrose, and Brian Marrifield 
a the illustrious group. In all, the 

Aggies have produced 35 All- 
Americans under Marshall's tu- 
telage. This is an excellent tribute 
to Marshall as a coach and men- 

Jones, the eight seed, won his 
first national tournament match 
with a victory over Dusty Rich of 
Norwich. However, a major de- 
cision loss to Jay Field of Buena 
Vista dropped the rookie in the 
consolation bracket. 

Jones bounced back with a con- 
vincing decision over Rubin 
Prophete of SUNY-Oneonta and 
a victory against Cory Bauer of 
Wisconsin-Stevens Point in the 
first two rounds of consolations. 
That set up a match with the third 
seed and 1997 Ail-American, 
Abduul Shabazz of Western New 
England. Jones won and assured 
himself of All- American status. 

Jones opened the next days 
action with a decision over Britt 
Marolf of Simpson in consolation 
quarterfinals but fell to fourth 
seed Zac Weiglein of Wartburg 
in consolations. That dropped 
him into the fifth /sixth place 
match with Robert Rivas of 
Luther and Jones was pinned. 

Klass, who was unseeded, 
started tournament action with a 
decision over the fifth seed, Jer- 

emy Reynolds of 
in the opening 
round. However, 
he fell to Ben 
Hahlen of John 
Carroll, in the sec- 
ond round to drop 
him into the conso- 
lation bracket. 

Klass faced Mike 
Gauglerof Messiah 
in the first round of 
consolations and 
pinned him. The 
freshman then de- 
feated Steve 
Smiddy of Western 
Maryland, and fol- 
lowed with an Ail- 
American clinching 
decision over Drew 
Blichensderfe of 

Klass lost a deci- 
sion to the third 
seed, John Hatfield 
of Simpson, in the consolation 
quarterfinals and that dropped 
him into the seventh / eighth place 
match with Ben Hahlen of John 

The Aggies finished the 1997- 
98 season with a 13-3 mark for its 
28th consecutive non-losing sea- 

Above: Mike Margelis, a 167 pound wrestler, 
has top position at a restart of his match. 
Margelis totaled 27 wins and 12 losses for the 
season. Photos by TDB. 

son and 18th straight winning 
campaign. The Aggies were 
ranked as high as 10th in Divi- 
sion III during the year and fin- 
ished as the MAC and East Re- 
gional runner-up. They were tied 
for 29th at Nationals. 



Overall 28-10 








Penn State-Behrend 

v2. 13-1 



Anna Maria 





7-4, 1-0 








1-2, 3-2 













Phil. Pharmaq' 




Phil. Bible 





7-0, 4-0 


6-1, 1-7 


2-3, 5-3 

Front: Matt Rush, Chad Walls, Jim Brezack, Rich Bayacheck, John Schilling, Matt Altieri 
Jamin Williams Middle: Derek Thomas, Carter Leonards, Brian Wolfgang, Dave Williams 
Daron Swire, Jason Stacldiouse, Shawn Attcinson, John Robino, Mike Ricci, Tony D' Amico 
John Robino, Mike Ricci, Tony D' Amico. Back: Bob Altieri, Jason Williams, Kevin Bittorie 
BenLowell, Bill Mann, Matt Laub, James Grenewicz, Dave Erikson, Frank Wolfgang. 

:>:iin/ bii Ciuuk Lricay and Matt Ltri/.Ihc most 
successful season in Delaware Valley College base- 
bail history to an end recently and, although the 
Aggies were not awarded an invitation to the 
NCAA Division III playoffs, it was a year worth of 

The team, under head coach Frank Wolfgang 
and assistant head coach Bob Altieri, finished the 
season with a school-record 28 wins and a Middle 
Atlantic Conference-Freedom League Champi- 
onship. It was Delaware Valley's first league title 
since 1984 when it captured what was then known 
as the MAC-Northeast Section. The team also 

/4^ Q) Sf^oHj 

entered with the national rankings for the 
first time ever as they were 29th in the 
Division III poll prior to the MAC play- 

The Aggies began the playoffs with a 
14-4 victory over Juniata College but fell 
to Allentown College in the next game. 
With elimination facing them in the eye, 
they rallied from a four-run and a three- 
run deficit to knock off MAC-Common- 
wealth League Champion Albright Col- 
lege, 11-8, to reach the MAC Champion- 
ship game. However, Delaware Valley's 
run at the title came to an end in the next 
game with a loss to Allentown. 

Leading the way for the Aggies was 
1998 MAC-Freedom League MVP and 
three-time First Team All-Star Matt Altieri. 
The senior centerfielder paced the team 
in virtually every category this year as he 
batted .380 and set single-season records 
with 57 hits, 52 runs and 11 home runs. 
He tied the school mark with 36 RBI's and 
also led the way with a .667 slugging 
percentage, a .440 on-bas percentage and 
27 stolen bases. 

Another key reason for the team's suc- 
cess was the return of Jason Stackhouse. 
Stackhouse, who played for Delaware Val- 
ley in 1995, returned to the college this 
past fall and quickly became the ace of an 
improved pitching staff that posted 243 
strikeouts and a 3.68 ERA. Stackhouse 
started 14 games, went 11-2 with a 2.87 
ERA and was named a MAC-Freedom 
League First Team All-Star. He struckout 
96 batters in 94 innings while allowing 
just five walks. The junior's base on balls 

ratio of 0.48 ranks second in NCAA 
Divions III history for a single season. 

Junior pitcher John Schilling received 
MAC-Freedom league Second Team All- 
Star honors following the best season ol 
his collegiate career. After going 3-3 with 
a 7.19 ERA in 1997, Schilling improved te 
9-3 and a 2.08 ERA in 15 appearances. Ht 
also struckout 75 batters in 73 innings 
while allowing just 14 walks. 

Ben Lowell and Mike Ricci combined, 
for eight wins 58 strikeouts. Lowell, a 
senior, went 4-3 with 39 strikeouts and 
3.29 ERA. Ricci, a junior, posted a 4-1 
record with one save and a team-best 2.79 

Senior Jim Brezack saw his collegiate 
career come to an end. The second 
baseman batted .31 5 with 29 runs, 32 RBI's 
and a team-bes nine doubles. Brezack 
became Delaware Valley's all-time RBI's 
leader with 92 after posting single-season 
record last year with 11 doubles and 36 

Fellow senior Frank Green was named 
a MAC-Freedom League Second Team 
All-Star for the third time in his career. A 
four-year starter behind the plate. Green 
batted .31 1 with a home run, 27 runs and 
18 RBI's. 

The Delaware Valley College boys 
baseball team had nothing to be ashamed 
of this season. They all put forth their best 
effort and with that they received the 
MAC-Freedom League title. Their hard 
work was rewarded this year, and with it 
the baseball team was also finally recog- 
nized in a nation wide poll. 

Opposite page far left:: Frank 
Green throws the ball back to the 
mound for another pitch. Above: 
Jason Stackhouse delivers a pitch 
in one of his fourteen games he 

Top: Frank Green and Jim 
Brezack take a few practice 
swings before stepping to the 
plate. Bottom: Jim Brezack looks 
towards the umpire for the call 
on his close play at third base. 

A ^e'O'hdS'e'dSPhm 

IM ^o^S d ^pnn^ 




Top: Jessica Post shows her face of determination to hit the ball. Above: Jillian Baker 
gets ready to step into the box for her next turn at bat. Right: Coach Fleischer speaks 
with Lorie Kochanski and Kim Taylor about how the game is going. 

WM^X&^T^ 'fMJA'. 

Overall 5-24 

Front: Liz Lyons, Kim Lauff, Netasha Lyons, Jillian Baker, Kim Cooper, Jessica Post, 
' Lorie Kochanski Back: Brad Halter (Student Trainer), Coach Linda Fleischer, Kelly 
Berger, Brooke Bennetch, Kim Taylor (Asst. Coach) 

I Story by Chuck Erivay and Matt Levy. The 

' Delaware Valley College softball team 

recently completed its 1998 season. The 

Aggies, under head coach Linda Heischer, 

went 5-24 overall. 

Delaware Valley had 11 players on it 
! roster, including six freshmen. Leading 
' the group of rookies were Kelly Berger 
and Jillian Baker. Berger started all 29 
games and the infielder paced the Aggies 
with a .349 average. She also added four 
doubles and 16 RBl's. Baker, an out- 
fielder, batted .341 while leading the way 
with 30 hits, seven doubles and six stolen 

Freshman infielder Kim Lauff played 
in 23 games and hit .333 with 12 runs and 
a teams-best three triples. Fellow new- 
comer and infielder Brooke Bennetch bat- 
ted .310 in 29 games with team-highs in 
both runs (17) and RBl's (17). 
I Jessica Post started all 29 games and 
I saw time at second base, center fielder 
and on the mound. The sophomore and 
leadoff batter hit .318 with 28 hits, nine 
runs, seven RBl's and five stolen bases. 
She also went 1-3 with four strikeouts in 
17 innings pitched. 

Lorie Kochanski was the only senior 
on the team and saw a brilliant career 
come to an end. Kochanski saw action at 
pitcher, second base and centerfield in 
1998 and batted .298 with 14 runs, eight 
RBl's and four doubles. She also picked 
up wins on the mound along with 26 

Kochanski ends her career with the 
fifth-highest batting average (.360) in 
Aggies Softball history. She holds the all- 
time records with 83 RBl's and 33 doubles 
while also occupying the single-season 
marks for hits 94 in 1 995, RBI' s (36 in 1 995) 
and doubles (13 in 1995 and 1997). 
Kochanski owns or shares five single- 
game records and is tied for and NCAA 
Division III record with four doubles in 
1997 game versus Allentown. 

Jonior pitcher/infielder Kim Cooper 
rejoined the Aggies after a one-year ab- 
sence and won two games while striking 
out 26. She also batted .275 with seven 
runs and eight RBl's. 
Junior's Lisa Cascone and Liz Lyons 
played in 23 and 27 games respectively. 
Cascone, a first basemen, hit .233 with 1 1 
runs and 10 RBl's while Lyons, a catcher, 
batted .219 with 14 hits and five runs. 

Freshmen outfielders Kim Robell and 
Netasha Lyons rounded out the Dela- 
ware Valley roster. Robell started 23 
games and hit .216 with 13 runs and seven 
RBl's. Lyons played in 14 games with 
seven starts and recorded two hits on the 




Jersey City State 















8-14, 10-9 






3-7, 2-6 

Phil. Bible 





1-9, 6-8 


3-14, 1-13 






0-7, 2-5 

Lisa Cascone is ready to re- 
ceive the ball for a put out. 



Men Overall 5-3 
Women Overall 4-4 
D\'C at: 

Fnmklin & Mai-shiill ln\itational 
Ursiniis Iiivitation:il 
Lebanon \ alley In\itational 
Princeton In\itational 
Albright/Stevens Tech/Lycoming 
Widener Invitational 
Lebanon \'alle\- College 
Mora\ian Invitational 
MAC Championships (Widener Univ. 

Above: Senior Nate 
Bradshaw was voted MVP 
for the year and a champion 
at MAC'S. Opposite page 
bottom left: Bill Guthier 
competed in many jump- 
ing, hurdle and running 
events. Middle: Junior 
Jaime LaTourette placed at 
MAC'S in one of her events. 
Senior Wade Esbenshade 
threw the shotput and dis- 

Front: Beth Susen, Sandra Tatarynw, Jaime LaTourette, Atiya Clayton, Donna 
Osilka, Derek Lucas, Angela Romanczuk, Megan Scheib, Kelly Musselman, Jen Mills, 
Nekeshia Drummond Middle: Karen Smith, Amy Sprinkle, John Knudson, ?, Nate 
Bradshaw, William Guthier, Alexis Metzger, Corey Peranich, Ian McDermott, Corinna 
Strange, Johnnie Figueroa. Back: Coach Dave Ragone, Joshua Lerner, Brian Mattoi, 
Mike Collins, ?, Wade Esbenshade, Jon Hoxworth, Steve Hess, Rob Rivera, Ste\e 
Lafferty, Rob MacDonald 

Story by KDB and Matt Levy. The Delaware 
Valley College men's and women's track 
and field teams recently completed its 
1998 season by competing at the Middle 
Atlantic Conference Championships. 
Both teams, under first-year head coach 
Dave Ragone, finished eighth in the 10- 
team tournament with men racking up 27 
points and the women scoring 23. 
The Aggies sent 20 competitors to the 
MAC'S and had seven individuals score 
points. The team also placed in the 4X100 
meter relay on both sides. 
Leading the way for the men was junior 
Nate Bradshaw who placed in the top 
eight in three individual events, includ- 
ing a first-place finish in the 400-meter 
dash (49.06). Bradshaw also took second 
in the 200-meter dash (22.26) and eighth 
in the long jump (20-3.75). 
Bradshaw was also a member of the Dela- 
ware Valley 4x100 relay team, along with 
junior Johnnie Figueroa, freshman Pat 
Hardy and sophomorejon Hoxworth that 
finished fifth with a time of 44. 52 seconds. 
Freshman Brian Mattoi and Glenn Gray 
fared well in their first conference cham- 
pionship. Mattoi placed sixth in the 

shotput with a throw of 40 feet, 11 inches 
while Gray finished eighth in the javelin 
with a toss of 176 feet, four inches. 
On the women's side, freshman Jamie 
Hill made an emmediate impact for the 
Aggies as hse captured the 100-meter 
hurdles title with a time of 16.45 seconds. 
Hill also placed eighth in the 400-mettr 
hurdles as she finished the event in one 
minute, 13.28 seconds. 
The Aggies had three of the eight 
placewinners in the javelin, led by Jen 
Mills. The sophomore took fourth in the 
event with a throw of 103 feet, five inches. 
Junior Karen Smith finished seventh with 
a toss of 86 feet, two inches while an 83 
feet, four inch throw by junior Jaime 
LaTourette was good enough for eighth. 
Smith also placed eighth in the shotput 
with a distance of 33 feet, 3.5 inches. 
Hill and LaTourette, along with fresh- 
man Atiya Clayton and Alexis Metzger 
placed sixth in the 4x100 relay with a time 
of 53.25 seconds. 

Delaware Valley finished the regular with 
a 5-3 record for the men and a 4-4 mark for 
the women. 




I eft: Senior John Knudson 
was captain for the Men's 
Team. Below: Women's 
Team captain Kelly 
Musselman was team MVP. 

X&^T^S'i'MM W \)1CW^^ 

niyo CQAc^ 

s^vdsxji /y 

cMt^^xt/^M^s z);^!^ i^xJc si'&l^ ^MM 

\/^orlciyu^ ^^dAcr 



Top Luft: Knth.iriiu' Mick keeps a smile on her fnce even in the r<iiny weather. 
Above: During halftime the DVC Step Team entertained the crowd with their dynamic 
routine. Bottom Left: Showing their spirit for the school, the DVC cheerleaders boost 
the morale of the crowd during the rainv i lomecoming weekend. 


Left: Halftime will never be 
the same for basketball. 
DVC Step Team shows their 
Aggie spirit by stepping 
their best. Bottom Left: 
Practice makes perfect. The 
Step Team was a new addi- 
tion to the Athletics Dept. 
Below: Freshman Melissa 
McCarthy pumps the crowd 
up at the Homecoming Pep 
Rally. The DVC Cheerlead- 
ers performed at all home 
and away football games. 

S)^p/^j(^ 1^5 

Above photos: Matt Koneski (top photo) and 
Josh Keyser (above)vvere 2 of the 5 members 
that competed at MAC's. 

2b^X VAL T^^^ Q^"^ TQA 

Opposite page right: Se- 
nior Kyle Kaufman is the 
captain and MVP of the golf 
team headed by Mr. Doug 
Linde. Left: The Golf Team 
plays at the Shawnee Coun- 
try Club in Shawnee on the 
Delaware. Dedicated mem- 
bers put aside A-Day fes- 
tivities to play the sport they 
love. Below left: Todd 
Hippauf placed 31st at 
MAC'S, helping the team 
finish 6-5 this year. 

■^-*v.-x, .;j^-;^| 

^;^" ..>^'^^>>" 

Above At the Mid-Atlan- 
tic Conference Champion- 
ship Del Val placed 9th of 
14 teams with Jason Usnick 
tying for 29th in individu- 




^ ports, 

DVC Sports Improving: 
15 teams combined to win 129 
games and finished with a .494 
win percentage 
9 teams were .500 or better 

AlAC-Freedom League Champs 

Conference and Regional Run 
2 Ail-Americans 

2 MAC MVP's 

21 MAC All-Stars 

2 MAC Rookie of the Year 

Top: After a hard game, 
Dominic Lupinacci re- 
freshes himself with a cold 
glass of water. Right: Rich 
Kovac puts a move on his 
opponent to try and win the 




S'^i^KJl IS] 


/y^f ^7 ^^cUt&u&nis 

A haunting tree swinger takes a 
beating as he dangles from his 

Maggie Flynn uses her cane to 
move her pig "Fred" towards 
the judge, keeping a close eye 
on both. 

Doc Berthold captivates every- 
one in his outrageous decor 
from head to toe at the Home- 
coming Pep Rally. 

SU'CiA t'Ve'Us rj^ /5^ 









Story by KDB. Although the 
weather was cold and wet, 
this year's Homecoming 
was still a great success. 
DVC Renaissance was dis- 
played excellently through- 
out the week's events. 
The week's festivities began 
with a medieval banquet 
held in the APR so the can- 
didates could be introduced 
and receive their sashes. The 

menu by Wood company 
had everything a Medieval 
Feast would have. 
Dakkota graced us with 
their presence once again as 
the entertainment for the 
Pep Rally on Friday night. 
This year the Pep Rally was 
held on the basketball courts 
behind security and fire- 
works were set off over the 
football field. The crowd 

was large and everyone en- 
joyed the country tunes they 

Unfortunately, for all the 
hard working and dedicated 
students who worked on the 
floats for endless hours, the 
parade was rained out. The 
football game was an excite- 
ment for all, as the Aggies 
kept the opposing team 
looking over their shoul- 

ders. Halftime ceremonit 
went on without delay wit 
all queen candidates doi 
ning flower halos and kin 
candidates boutonniert 
done by the Floral Society 
Once again, as Del Val tn 
dition goes this year' 
Homecoming celebratio 
came out shining throug 
the cloudy skies. 

fCc rj^ ^i^ecUl &i/en6 

^omeconmg 1337 

M H o '\ ir^i ^ 'u 

Navonne Owen, ICC Represen- 
tative for Block & Bridle, helps 
get things ready for Homecom- 
ing by tracing and cutting letters 
for the Student Center. 
Students enjoy the delicious meal 
served during the Medieval Ban- 
quet. Photos by LS. 
Steve McCarron and a Del Val 
Alumnus vi'ork together on set- 
ting up the APR for the banquet. 
Photo by KDB. 

Meredyth Fogg and Chris Patten 
put finishing touches on the post- 
ers for the FFA float. 
Down on the Farm. . . many 
students of Block & Bridle begin 
the long process of stuffing 
chicken wire with toilet paper for 
their parade float. 

S-^&cUi &vei^{s rS^ /b/ 

Inter-Varsity Christian Fellow- 
ship Candidate Becca Stavenick 
and escort Chuck Murphy take a 
moment after dinner to smile 
pretty for the camera. Plioto by LS. 
Homecoming King and Queen 
Runners-Up: lst--Grant 

Campbell ('98) and Jessica 
Cochran ('99), Photo by LS. 
2nd-Adam Halsey ('98) and 
Stephanie Tovvnsend ('98), 3rd— 
Jeremy Yeager ('99) and Darcy 
Knight ('98). Photo by ST. 
The 1997 King Brad Halter ('98) 
and Queen Lorie Kochanski ('98). 
Photo by LS. 

\j} Sj^cUi Evenis 

itA/&Us fjj i(>3 

Hotmcotmm Spirit 'Event 



Del Val Aggies keep the oppos- 
ing team on their toes as the game 
continues on. 

Spirits aren't being washed away 
by the rain for these three Aggies: 
Rob DePiano, Gina Lukas and 
Frank Zaccone, they stand in the 
rain enjoying the tailgating at 
halftime. ' Photos by TDB. 
Dakkota entertain us once again 
this year during the Pep Rally. 
Many attended inspite of the 
chillv weather. Photo by LS. 

^^^ \j) Sj^C'i'^i-il^ 


The traditional pig roast was not 
rained out by any means, how- 
ever, this year it was sponsored 
by Delta Epsilon Beta. 
Our beloved mascot, Caesar, 
shows his school spirit by com- 
ing out in the rain to be at the 
game. Sophomore Jason Swal- 
low takes time out of his busy 
schedule to take good care of him. 
Do we see a pattern here? 
Umbrellas are numerous due to 
the weather, but are a great help 
in keeping those watching the 
game dry. Photos by TDB. 

S^^Udl &v&i^is C^^ 1 IbS 


Wait a minute these two haunt- 
ers are scaring each other not the 
kids and students . 
Glenys Bracy part of the Del Vai 
Bookstore staff takes time out of 
herbusy schedule to scare people. 
Sloane Heffler and Rebecca 
Waikerof the English Society pre- 
pare to scare their victims. 

tC^ Vj)! SucUl &veHij 

MIoivem 9-(aunting 

Halloween Haunting ^vas 
again another big success 
this year despite the rain 
and cold weather. The 8th 
Annual Event took use of 
the 78 year old Haunted 
Lasker Hall, the Horticul- 
ture Building as the horrid 
Cider Mill, a trip through 
Haunted Woods and a 
spooky Haunted Hayride. 
The event was again chaired 
by Greg Hinderliter with 
four chairpersons: Peter 

Dixon, Katherine 

Kreymborg, Jules 

Abercauph and Korin Me- 
diate. The whole event was 
sponsored by the Student 
Government Board. This 
year's haunting hosted a 
scholarship benefit, which 
raised $7,300 which was 
due partly to the enormous 
crowd on Saturday night, 
the line stretched from 
Lasker Hall past the Allman 
Building and down Alumni 


Thirteen clubs partici- 
pated in the Haunted Hay- 
ride providing hair raising 
skits. They were each 
judged on all four nights by 
faculty members. The Land- 
scape Nursery took first 
place with Tree Swingers. 
Second place went to Alpha 
Gamma Rho for Farm Safety 
101 and Block and Bridle 
came in third for The Hospi- 

Halloween Haunting 
went well this year due 
to all the students who 
volunteered their time. 
Hopefully next year will 
be as big of a success. 

This Lasker Hall Haunter is go- 
ing to get some ghostly revenge. 
In the Haunted Mansion Pete 
Dixon and Kristen Hughes plague 
their victims with goosebumps. 

SmcIA &y&t^is \jl loj 

These DVC students joined the 
graveyard of the Cider Mill for 
some frightening antics. 
Sue Krudz, a Del Val house- 
keeper, does her part in making 
Halloween Haunting a scary 

Apryl Miller, Matt Schieferstein, 
and Jillian Metzgar prepare the 
haunting grounds. They want 
everything to be perfectly evil. 
Jamie Assante works on cooking 
up his gruesome feast. 
Beth Wieland hides in the dark to 
surprise anyone who ventures 
around the corner towards her 
dwelling. Photos by LMG. 

ShedM S'l/en^ 



S'mcIaI 5'Veh-ts 


'BaSes In ^oylJand 

Stan/ by KDB. On the 
e\ening of December 6, 
1997, many of the Del 
Val Community came 
to the beautifully deco- 
rated APR for the An- 
nual Event of the Win- 
ter Semi-Formal. As 
tradition, the dinner 
dance is sponsored by 
the Student Govern- 
ment Board. 
This year's theme came 
from a play. Babes In 
ToN'land. Students, fac- 
ulty, administration. 

and staff were able to 
mingle together in a 
settiiig of holiday cheer. 
Many were seen chat- 
ting and laughing the 
night away as the mu- 
sic played and dinner 
was served. 
Again as tradition goes 
at DVC, the event was a 
great success put to- 
gether by those of DVC 
both young and old. 

//^ V^F S^t^Ul ^i/eft{j 


Senior Christi Antonelly gives a 
big smile to let us know that she 
is enjoying the evening trenien- 

President and Mrs. Learner en- 
joy the night using the time to 
relax and fellowship with many 

As you can see hardworking stu- 
dents put effort into decorating 
the APR for the occasion. 
Students and their dates take a 
break from dancing to rest their 
tired feet. 

Kayte Denslow and her date de- 
light in a romantic evening. 
Dave Hudock, Chuck Roohr, and 
Seth Klimas take time to pose for 
a quick photo. Photos by KDB. 

S^&ud&mds \^ /// 

^Award's (Day 

Who's Wlio Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 

Christi Antonelly 
Aimee Ashley 
James Beagin III 
Casie Belagh 
John Browning 

Melissa Craig 
Louis DelGiudice 
Vonna Doyle 
Wade Esbenshade 
Katie Evanchalk 

Stephanie Bumbaugh Tracy Fellman 
Grant Campbell VViUiam Ferguson 111 

Sarah Campbell 
Kristin Cataldi 
Jill Chambers 
Denise Claffey 
Jessica Cochran 

National Collegiate 
Student Government 

John Browning 
Kayte Denslow 
Andrew Dougherty 
Lori Gregalis 
Mariah Krauter 
Allison Majewski 
Kelly Lerner 
Scott Schoepf 
Laurie Smith 
Crystal Wheeler 

Donna Hellriegel 
Holly Hofer 
Michael Imwald 
Stephanie Kauffman 
Samantha Keenan 
Richard King 
Mariah Krauter 
Mark Lawrence 
Jaime LaTourette 
Jennifer LeMunyon 
Coleen Leary 
Kelly Lerner 

Athletic Leadership 

Matt Alteri Robert Leach 

Suzanne Godfrey 
Rebecca Gollnick 
Heather Gorski 
Kathy Haare 
Susan Hagar 

Rebecca Andrew 
Suzanne Bishard 
Sean Bodnar 
James Brezack 
Kristen Bucci 
Shawn Clark 
Frank Green 
Carl Hines 
John Knudson 
Lorie Kochanski 
Richard Kovacs 

Benjamin Lowell 
Tracy Mann 
Leigh Poust 
Bryan Pucaro 
Emilie Replogle 
Rebecca Ripley 
Art Sandora 
Joseph Shenko 
Stephanie Townsend 
Kelly White 

Tracy Mann 
Carrie McGill 
Beth Meyers 
Alexis Moretti 
Kelly Musselman 
Tim Quinn 
Christie Rager 
Scott Reedell 
Emilie Replogle 
John Rimmer 
Jennifer Rishel 
Elvin Rodriguez 

National Collegiate 
Minority Leadership 

Richard King 
Elvin Rodriguez 
Jessica Schaub 
Anita Snyder 

Jennifer Rudolph 
Kathleen Salisbury 
Christopher Salmon 
Jessica Schaub 
Daniel Shollenberger 
Laurie Smith 
Anita Snyder 
Ruth Southall 
Monica Starr 
Stephanie Townsend 
Rebecca Walter 
Leanna Wester 

Peter Zook 

Michelle Alesi 
Christi Antonelly 
Kristie Aquino 
Edward Baniak 
Janet Beagle 
Christine Bednarz 
Colleen Behm 
Casie Belagh 
Christian Birch 
Michael Bird 
Suzanne Bishard 
Lisa Bittle 
Robert Blattner 
Kristen Bonk 
Rebecca Burk 
Grant Campbell 
Michael Carnevale 
Sarah Case 
Kristin Cataldi 
Michelle Chase 
Martha Cheetham 
Denise Claffey 
Jessica Cochran 
Joseph Conover 
Melissa Cook 



Christi Corl 
Melissa Craig 
Marc Dejong 
Vanessa Dell 
Kimberly Denning 
Ellen Derrick 
Eric Dillalogue 
Karen Doucette 
Andrew Dougherty 
Jennifer Dougherty 
Jan Dunner 
Leah Eason 
Angela Edwards 
David Erikson 
Wade Esbenshade 
Katie Evanchalk 
Tracy Fellman 
William Ferguson III 
Susan Flamingo 
Meredyth Fogg 
Lynn Francis 
Dani Fulcomer 
Joshua Gehman 
Ryan Glauser 
Kenneth Godwin 
Rachel Greywall 

Dean's List 

Mary Griffin 
Susan Hagar 
Sloane Heffler 
Donna Hellriegel 
Renee Hilderbrand 
Holly Hofer 
Rickie Holness 
Alis Holzapfel 
Axra Hromadzic 
Marion Huggan 
Melissa Ihnatenko 
Lisa Karkoska 
Stephanie Kauffman 
Samantha Keenan 
Dawn Kern 
Victoria Klinger 
Emily Koch 
Charles Kochanski 
Amy Kroeger 
Karen Lamarre 
Jaime LaTourette 
Michael Lawson 
Coleen Leary 
Jennifer LeMunyon 
Kelly Lerner 
Jason Lonergan 

Honors Program 

Holly Hofer 
Jessica Schaub 
Anita Snyder 

Suzie Lutz 
Adrienne Lyons 
Katie Maciolek 
William Magilton 
Rachel Martin 
Laura Mayer 
Christy McAllister 
Carrie McGill 
Jillian Menkewicz 
Diann Mentzer 
Eric Moore 
Lisa Munniskma 
Kelly Musselman 
Beth Meyers 
Rita Nelan 
Danielle Noel 
Aida Pasalic 
Katherine Peetros 
Regina Pellegrin 
Danielle Picciano 
Jason Powell 
Carrie Preston 
Hue Quan 
Emilie Replogle 
Jennifer Rishel 

Jennifer Rudolph 
Rocky Russo 
Kathleen Salisbury 
Christine Salter 
Michelle Sandrock 
Elizabeth Saranchak 
Jessica Schaub 
Ralph Shaffer 
Daniel Shollenberger 
Pamela Shufelt 
Michael Shultz 
Regina Sipler 
Anita Snyder 
Kathleen Sweeney 
Sandra Tatarynw 
Sabina Tedesco 
John Vinciguerra 
Erin Vogelsong 
Kristen Wall 
Rebecca Walter 
Leanna Wester 
Elizabeth Wiley 
Edward Wlodarczyk 
Jeremy Yeager 
Megan Young 

SuclA &\/efxis 

March 18, f998 

James Beagin, III 
Christine Bednarz 
Patrick Beigel 
Jennifer Bornkamp 
Grant Campbell 
Sarah Campbell 
Shannon Carlberg 
Michael Carnevale 

Delta Tail Alpha 

Martha Cheetham Kathleen Kingsley Beth Meyers Joel Shaffer 

Vanessa Dell Emily Koch Alexis Moretti Michael Shultz 

AnnMarie Doyle Katie Maciolek Melissa Patrick Cheryl Sitarchyk 

Barbara Dunn Jennifer Marlinski Hue Quan Laurie Smith 

Margaret Flynn Laura Mayer Christie Rager Anita Snyder 

Claudette Gilbert Christy McAUister 

Lisa Karkoska Carrie McGill 

Samantha Keenan Korin Mediate 

Kristen Wall 
Dyan Webber 
Jeremy Yeager 

JenniferRudolph Ruth Southall 
Jessica Schaub Megan Stasicky 
Joel Semke Carla Trabacca 

Middle Atlantic Conference All-Academic Team 

Suzanne Bishard Holly Hofer Emihe Replogle 

Jaime LaTourette 
Kelly Musselman 
Mandy Naugle 
Tim Quinn 
Scott Reedell 

Kristen Bonk 
Stephanie Bumbaugh 
Jill Chambers 
Louis DelGiudice 
Wade Esbenshade 
Katie Evanchalk 

Elvin Rodriguez 
Tifanie Sbriscia 
Monica Starr 
Sandra Tatarynw 
Stephanie Townsend 

National Field Hockey Coaches 

Association National Academic 


Kristen Bonk Pamela Reed 

Stephanie Bumbaugh ^^^^^ ^"^z 
Katie Evanchalk 
Holly Hofer 
Jaime LaTourette 

National Soccer Coaches 

Association of America 

Scholar Athletic All-Regional 


Emilie Replogle 

GTE Football Academic All- 
American All-District Team 

Wade Esbenshade 

David Aho 
Ann Algeo 
Mileen Altier 
Robert Alieri 
Robert Berthold 
Shane Betz 
Michael Bodri 
Mary Bovv^es 
Glenys Bracy 
Bary Brubaker 
Larry Colbert 
Nancy DeBord 
Steven DeBroux 
Anne DeForrest 
Roberta Dimond 
David Duda 

Recognition of Facutly/Staff Members 

Howard Eyre 
Dan Feldstein 
Linda Feldstein 
Linda Fleischer 
Kathiyn Frantz 
Mary Frick 
Barbara Gilbert 
Rodney Gilbert 
Janis Hammer 
Elaine Hanrahan 
Wendy Harvey 
Lawrence Hepner 
Neil Hilkert 
Peg Hinkel 
Elaine Hochman 
Joan Hock 

Frederick Hofsaess 
Francis Hofstaeder 
Richard Hutchinson 
Ronald Johnson 
Karen Kay 
Sue Kratz 
Linda Kuehl 
Edwin Lawrence 
Kenneth Lee 
Glenn Leonard 
Matthew Levy 
Richard Lugar 
Paul Marino 
Erma Martin 
Vincent Massaro 
Frank Massino 

John Mishler 
Dominic Montileone 
Barbara Muse 
Edna Ney 
Carol Noonan 
Robert Orr 
Susan Pachuta 
Mary Palumbo 
Charles Pennachio 
John Plummer 
Eleanor Price 
Frederick Ray 
Toni Rubic 
Ben Rusiloski 
Robert Sauer 
Michael Schlegel 

Renee Schloupt 
Diana Scott 
Bernadine Seminack 
Michael Simone 
Pat Smith 
Julia Sousa 
Marcy Stanley 
Sondra Stoczko 
Jonathan Swart 
Michael Tabachnick 
Robert Tasker 
James Wallace 
Charles Weber 
George West 
Jennifer Wilson 
Jay Wright 

Richard Zeimer 

Conqratafathns to all 
(liho (tyere hanoredi 

S'MUdl &yet^ts \J 7 1J3 

Sarah Campbell and Julia Kutcher 
trv- on their Mardi Gras masks to 
get more into the celebration. 
Photo by LS. The dance floor was 
set off bv this center arrangement 
of gossamer which went from 
ceiling to floor. Photo by KDB. 

Skvy by KDB. The Mardi 
Gras celebration of New 
Orleans came to Delaware 
Valley College on March 28, 
1998 for the Spring Formal 
in collaboration with a Mas- 
querade for all to enjoy. This 
year the event was wonder- 
fully sponsored and put on 
by the Class of 1999. 

The APR was trans- 
formed into the streets of 
New Orleans with a foun- 
tain, windows, and lamp- 
posts with street signs. At 
one point you could be on 
Bourbon Street and at an- 
other you were at the French 
Quarter. The feeling was 
brought alive through the 
decorative masks given to 
each person attending and 
the delicious cajun dishes 
that everyone was given the 

option to choose from. 

For added enjoy- 
ment there was a 
blocked off casino area 
called Cajun Court. It 
consisted of a Black- 
jack table and a Rou- 
lette table where fac- 
ulty, staff, and admin- 
istration worked as 
dealers and cashiers. 
Prizes were awarded 
to the top three "win- 
ners". $100 went to 
Adam Amaral and the 
two $25 gift certificates 
to Borders went to 
Alex Szarka and Lisa 

At the end of it all 
the event was enjoyed 
by everyone as they 
laughed, danced, and 
had a great time. 

As dealer for the blackjack table, 
Don Felscher, Special Assistant 
to the President, waits to see if 
anyone wants another card. Photo 
by KDB. David Bowker dips 
Maureen O'Brien as they sweep 
across the dance floor. Photos by 
LS. A few ladies of Del Val stand 
for a photo which will bring back 
fun-filled memories of their time 
at the "Masquerade Mardi Gras" . 
Class Government Rep Chuck 
Roohr works on finishing up the 
wiring of the lampposts for the 
Mardi Gras scenery. Photos by 

9\hs(]uercuk 9Aardi Qras 

/998 Bpring Formal 

Shu'ui &]/e'his \J1 fJS 

Allison Majewski sings the 
Star Spangled Banner at the 
beginning of the ceremony. 
Dean Jarrett recognizes all 
the seniors nominated for 
the Founder's Day Award 
and awards Carrie McGill 
with her plague. 
Dean Vincent awards Hue 
Quan the W. W. Smith Prize 
for a GPA of 3.89. 
Alpha Gamma Rho (AGR) 
volunteered to be ushers 
and help with the ceremo- 
nies. Photos by KDB. 

Story by KDB. On 
Wednesday, April 8, 1998 
the class schedule was 
modified for the 
Founder's Day celebra- 
tion. This year it was held 
in the James Work Gym- 
nasium. The invocation 
was given by Dr. William 
Barger of Doylestown 
Presbyterian Church fol- 
lowed by Dr. Neil Vincent 
giving the welcome and 

Many awards were gi\-en 
to faculty, staff, adminis- 
tration and students. Mr. 
Larry Hepner, Dr. Linda 
Kuehl and Peg Hinkel 
were recognized with the 
20 Yr. Service Award and 
Dr. Joseph Stenson re- 
ceived the Harleysville 
Professorship Award. 
The Student Government 
Founder's Day Awards 
went to: Dr. Ben Rusiloski 
(Faculty), Wendy Harvey 

1998 ^Founder's 'Day 


Sji^uA &u&tiis 

Brad Halter, SGB President, 
recongnizes Wendy Harvey 
with the Distinguished Staff 
member award given by 
Student Government. 
Kristen Hughes and Mike 
Dalton carry in the Ameri- 
can and Del Val flags dur- 
ing the processional of the 
ceremony. Photos by KDB. 

(Staff) and Joan Hock 
(Administration). The 
following Seniors were 
reognized for the 
Founder's Day Award 
and given a certificate 
for being nominated: 
Laurie Smith, John 
Browning, Grant 
Campbell, Mike 

Imwald, Kristen 

Hughes, Lorie 

Kochanski, and Carrie 
McGill. The recipient 
of the award was Car- 
rie McGill. 

Congratulations to all 
who were recognized 
for all their hard work 
and dedication to the 
Delaware Valley Col- 
lege Community. 

Sh&uA ^n/e^x-is l^.'? Z// 

The Band and Chorale per- 
formed Sail Forth and the 
Alma Mater for the event. 
Joan Hock is awarded the 
SGB Founder's Day Service 
Award for a member of the 
administration by Brad Hal- 

Many attend the reception 
following the ceremony in 
the APR, here, Neil Hilkert 
and Bill Cissel are waiting 
to congratulate President 
Leamer on his inauguration. 
Photos by KDB. 


SmuA &ue^tis 

Dr. Dimond, Mr. Massaro 
and Coach Marshall file into 
the rows of seating reserved 
for faculty and staff. 
Ray Funkhouser addresses 
everyone giving a greeting 
from the Alumni to Dr. 
Leamer on his inauguration. 
Dr. Giof fre presents the Staff 
Member of the Year Award . 
Photos by KDB. 

Sh&uA &\/& \Jl 1J9 

Inaugurd Convocation 

cf President Learner 

Stonj by KDB. Aside from 
the traditional Founder's 
Day Celebration, this year 
the inauguration of Dr. Tho- 
mas Learner as President of 
Delaware Valley College 
took place. Dr. Thomas 

Leamer was elected May 20, 
1998 as the eleventh Presi- 
dent by the Board of Trust- 

President Leamer was pre- 
sented with a Presidental 
Medallion by Dr. Joshua 

Feldstein. The medallion is 
symbolic of the Office of the 
President of DVC. It is worn 
by the President during aca- 
demic convocations as a sign 
of leadership responsibili- 
ties vested in that office. The 

seal of Delaware Valley Col- 
lege forms the center and 
represents the ideals and 
heritage on which the Col- 
lege was founded. Inscribed 
on the medallion is "Vir Vita 
(continued on next page) 

President Leamer address 
the audience with his grati- 
tude and vision for Dela- 
ware Valley College. 
This ice scultpture of the 
emblem sits in the recep- 
tion with the guest book. 
Gerard Marini swears Pres. 
Leamer in as Dr. Joshua 
Feldstein stands by await- 
ing to present the medal- 
lion. PlwtosbyKDB. 

IdO \£il Sj^cUi &ue'nis 

Terra" --"Power, 
Life, Earth." 
In his speech. 
Learner touched 
upon DVC's 
past, present, 
and future and 
how we all need 
to be "leaders of 
change and not 
followers of 
ideas of others". 

He stated that we must al- 
ways look to what is ahead 
and that the only way to tie 
the past and the present to- 
gether is to look at the fu- 
ture. Dr. Learner posed 
three questions for all to 
think on: (1) "Where are we 
going?" (2) "How will we 
get there?" and (3) "How 
will we know when we have 
arrived?" Every thing he 
mentioned was true and 
from the heart. His final 
thoughts were 4 points on 
what we should do: "Dare 
to Dream, Be Bold, Think 
Big, and to Follow 
Through." He talked about 
what some of the priorities 
were for the next 5 years 
and to bring us all to the 
same chapter of Del Val. 
Family, friends, colleagues 
and students attended this 
joyous event to officially 
welcome President Leamer. 

Karen Matteson, Dr. and 

Mrs. Learner's daughter, 

speaks on behalf of the fam- 


Dr. and Mrs. Leamer greet 

everyone coming into the 

reception. Photos by KDB. 

S-kr&uA &v&Us \Jl lSl 

50tli ^^binud A-'Dcty 

Ston/bi/KDB. This year's A- 
Da\' celebration was a trib- 
ute to the past 50 years of 
this annual event unique to 
Delaware Valley College. 
As usual, students along 
with faculty, staff and ad- 
ministration came together 
to create the 50th A-Day that 
no one would forget. 
From the booths and club 
room displays to the tents 
and equipment, things went 
smoothly on preparing for 
the crowds of people that 
were sure to show up at Del 
Val on the 25th and 26th. 
Having the Friday before A- 
Day with no classes, many 

took this time to help the 
committee in putting up the 
tents and getting everything 
ready to go the next morn- 
ing. When Saturday arrived 
everyone was excited and 
raring to go. 

Many got up early to do last 
minute preparations on 
their animals that they 
would be showing in the 
li\'estock show as well as 
others who went to do last 
minute preps for the booths 
and room displays. The 
Block & Bridle and Dairy 
Society displays are famous 
for having animals in theirs 
for the adults and kids alike 

to see and enjoy. Others 
have plants that need to be 
watered or posters that need 
to be put up. The students 
\vork hard and put forth 
excellence in talent and 
teamwork for this one \veek- 

As entertainment this year, 
the Cultural Leaders Coali- 
tion brought The Showtime 
Steppers, a step team from 
Philadelphia to perform. 
Several spectators gathered 
around to watch the ener- 
getic performance done by 
the numerous members of 
the group. Also for enter- 
tainment there was a con- 

cert in the APR by Love Seed 
Mama Jump sponsored by 
SAC and the concert in leu 
of the dance between the 
dorms of Fragrance of Life 
which was sponsored by 
Inter-Varsity Christian Fel- 
lowship and SGB. 
Many came from all around 
to celebrate this 50th Anni- 
versary and they all had a 
great time despite rainy 
weather on Sunday. 
As Del Val tradition contin- 
ues so does one of the most 
anticipated events of the 

Mi \Jf isf>ecULt'^ctx{j 

Brian Sharer and Bryan 
Champluvier show their dairy 
heifers. Students taking Prin- 
ciples of Dairy Science are re- 
quired to show at A-Day. 
Fragrance of Life, a christian 
band, performed Saturday night 
before the dance between the 

The Showtime Steppers per- 
formed on the quad. These girls 
surely strut their stuff to an awe- 
some beat. 

Martha Cheetham shows a dorset 
ewe keeping its head up and at- 
tention towards the judge. 
Bob Leib and Jeramie Hoffer 
keeping their pigs between them- 
selves and the judge. Students 
are broken into classes according 
to experience. Photos by KDB. 

Sk-&uA &v&i^is 




ft^ \j) Sj^uA tn/e'Us 

Bedicatea: Br. Joshua Fefdstein 

The 1998 A-Day Committee dedicated this 
golden amiiversary celebration to Dr. Joshua 
Feldstein. Dr. Feldstein (who, incidently, par- 
ticipated in the first A-Day!) has served his 
alma mater tirelessly and faithfully as a profes- 
sor, administrator. President and Trustee. His 
exuberance for all things Green and Gold is 
unparalled and matched only by his bound- 
less caring for Delaware Valley College — its 
students, faculty and staff. (Story by KDB and 
A-Day Program booklet) 

1998 A-Day King Scott Thomas 
and Queen Christy McAllister. 
Many sit under the tent and enjoy 
the food and music on the sunny 
Saturday of A-Day. IstRunners- 
up: Christie Rager and Todd 
Webb. 2nd Runners-up: Robert 
"Herb" Weidenhammer and Jes- 
sica Davis. Photos by KDB. The 
Dedicatee: Dr. Joshua Feldstein. 

S'&e'Udl ^i/e-H^s \jl iSS 

The Agronomy Club 
awaits spectators to see 
the past, present and fu- 
ture of agriculture which 
was depicted in their 
room display. 
President Dr. Leamer 
and his wife, Susan, en- 
joy a chat with some stu- 
dents on the sunny lawn 
of the Segal Quad. They 
greatly enjoyed their first 
A-Day. Photos by KDB. 

Idb \j) Sj^&ciA I'V&kdS 


The Dairy Society display fea- 
tured what else, but milk! It does 
a body good. 

One of the contest categories for 
the flower show was a birthday 
party. This Pooh table display 
was done by Mary Gillespie, a 
florticulture student. 
Robert Weidenhammer waits 
with the dairy calf before taking 
it into Feldman for the room dis- 

The most important booth of A- 
Day where you can find out any- 
thing—Information. Photos by 

so Years 

f)((ina dau's d^ark 

S'^eC'Ul &\/&k{s \J 1 fSj 

\^v KaniMUilv i^S 

Within the congratulations section fami- 

-Ui ir In/iji ^) li'i' 


Congratulations to our "Lady in Red" 

"Katie Katie" 

We all eo proud of you! 

love, MichadandEiten Jady J^nniferandJohn 

D^dandMoms FranbndTemsa D^nandNadine David and Meghan 
Laumn Michad Danny 

Godson Frante 5arah 

;orfecky Jackio 

terMan and Maddio ...5ofar. 


To Mark L Fioresi: 

You have made us all 

so proud of your 


Wishing you a future 

bright with success and 


Congratulations and 

much love. 

From you Mom and Dad 

and Sister, Rhonda 

To Todd DeRan Webb 

with pride, 

We are so very 

proud of you. 


in all of your 


May your future hold 

all of life's blessings. 


Mom and Dad 


Pear ■ linicc. 

t onaratidatwus! •// ivas a ivoulcrjuf jciir 
ijccirs ji'V ijcK (it III .(".. •/ Lncir tjcn iviii Lccy 
iiciir irllccic 1 1 u'l Ill-lies ivitli iicii aliraii.s. 

'lit luirc (I rcrii special toucii ana cvcruoiic iioii 
cciiic ink' coiikui icitli is joiiuiiate encnali fc 
slicuc lliat irilli iicu. 

jjivua oj lien flian 

•7 (•(■///(/ iicl Ir anil mere 

am iicir and aliraiis liaiv feen and aiiraiis 

iriH k 


Dear Joseph, 

Congratulations! We are so proud of 

\'ou. Wishing you all the best and 

happiness in the future. Followyour 

dreams and remember we all love 



Mom, Dad, John, Anna, Janinne, 
An gelo, Jackie, Greg, James, Dawn, 

Jenn, Brian, Grandma, Grandpa, 
Alexa, John John, &Jullianna. 

h^dJ.& viAymi^lltj so hnidd. 

^^oiA^ /jHUlin^ M^SOHdU'itj kdS 

ioiAckeJ. i^o}'& ■^o-^i& ik&i^ vjoia 

CAi^ ll^A4li^&, Coi^aJ'A-iiAUiloi^S 

OK Mkl&vli^^ At ikdi ijOiA 
k^\/& S&i oiAijoh <A^dij tjOiA}' 

toh^oyyoNS hmUu&s> 


Good luck in all your future 
endeavors] Whatever you 
do, we knowyou will do well! 
We couldn't be more proud 
of you. -Congratulations!!! 
Mom, Dad & Stephanie 





maV the future hold still greater dOY, 


We are so Very proud of Vouttt 






Wondering where the years have gone, full of 
love and more proud than w^e could ever imagine 
ot the fine young man you have become, we wish 
you God's speed and His best blessings. We wish 
you the knowledge that you go with the deepest 
love a parent can have. 

You will have no greater cheerleaders in the 
game of life and you can be sure that your sisters 
Laurie and Ann Marie will be with you, just over 
the horizon, encouraging and cheering, in every 
step of your journey through life. 

Mom and Dad 

m ^ w^/ ^ /^^4^ 


Karen Kulp 

on your graduation 

from Del Val. You have 

done a tremendous job 

and we are very proud 

of you. 

Love Always 

Gary, Dad and Mom, 

Aunt Lin, Uncle Glenn, 

Grandpop, Granny 

Bnnker's ffieis AC 





FAX (21 5) 348-8396 

Frecon Orchard Supplies 

A complete line of Fruit and Vegetable 

Packaging Supplies 

Pruning Tools 


Protective Spray Clothing 

Boyertown, PA 

Congratulations for a joS well bonel 
Katherine Ann Peetros 

Class Of 1 998 

The entire de Jong family 
applauds your success! 

/Jdj ^ W^/ f^ f^S 

Dear Grant, 

We are venj excited and proud to celebrate with you ''the completion of 
another season" of your life. (There is a time for eveiy thing and a season for 
every activit]/ under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1) 

It is most appropriate for all of us to shout to you GOOD JOB, WELL DONE 
AND CONGRATULATIONS in honor of your awaited graduation day on 
May 23, 1998 from Delaware Valley College. 

As you begin ''a new season" of your life, (fear God and keep his command- 
ments for this is the whole duty of man. Ecclesiastes 12:13b) 

Grant!! Tlw very best to you and all your future endeavors. We know you will 
besuccessfid in zvJmtever path you choose to walk in life. YOU are the greatest! 


Earl & Tamie Campbell (Mom & Dad), Glen, Lori, Garth, Melissa, 
Gerrett, Kelli (Brothers and Sister-in-Laws) , Courtney, Chasity, 
Trey, Nichole, Coy, Ty (Nieces and Nephews) 


TOM'VE cont A lom W^T nCTCH. 


Xom J^'lofK, T^dd, {^e^v^^l&; 

f9h ^^ rAAi ^ ^hdejc 

for a job well boml 

Marc-Robert Joseph de Jonj 

Class of 1 998 

entire family 

applauds your success! 

/-iM^Ue/O '9] 


Abdu-Khaliq, Amyn 61 
Aber, Marc 145 

Abercauph, Jules 56 

Acompora, Paul 58, 60 
Adamski, Sharon 102 

Aho, Dr. Dave 64 

Albert, Thomas Jason 10 
Albertson, Susan 122, 124 

Alseo, Anne 


Allaire, Franklin 37,121 
Altieri, Robert 54 

Altmann, Virginia 56, 57 
Amaral, Adam 35, 40, 47, 
1 04, 1 1 
Anderson, Beth 78 

Anderson, Elizabeth 60 
Andrew, Rebecca 11 9, 130 
Andrews, Eric 56 

Annabel, Rita 115 

Antonelly, Christil02, 171 
Appenzeller, Josh 118 
Aquino, Kristie 103 

Arrison, Elizabeth 60, 79 
Ascolese, Dorinda 45 

Ashley, Aimee Sue 10 

Assal, Denise 57 

Assante, Jamie 3, 78, 121, 
Ault, Mark 128 

Ault Michele 1 28 


Babler, Christine 1 1 5 

Bach, Jessica 10,52 

Balzano, Peter 54 

Baniak III, Edward 10 

Barbazon, Kelly 120 

Barbera, Stephanie 70 
Barnes, Kelly 77, 78, 79, 
86, 102, 113, 119 
Barrett, Kelly 77, 79, 208 
Bartus, Tiffany 107,123 
Basile, Ryan 1 1 6 

Beagin, Jim 105,113 

Beauchamp, Jamie 124 
Bednarz, Christine 1 1 3 
Behm, Colleen 10 

Beigel, Patrick 1 1 3 

Belamorich, Michelle 59 
Bendixsen, Kelly 115 

Benz, Amanda 83 

Berger, Kerry A. 1 

Bernard, Bethanyl 04,1 1 7 
Berthold, Dr. Robert 3, 65, 
Berthold, Marren 
Besore, Judy 
Betsch, Ceili 
Betz, Shane 
Biegel, Patrick 


Bigelow, Chad 
Bilotta, Tom 
Binns, Frank 
Bird, Michael 


56, 57 
105, 118 

Bishard, Suzannel30, 131 

198^ UAejc 

Bitto, Judith 
Bittorie, Kevin 
Bizer, June 
Black, Emily 
Blaney, Alicia 
Blasco, Judy 

77, 79 

Blocher, Carrie 1 1 

Blodgett, Cindy 1 1 7 

Blumenfield, Dr. David 71 
BIyskal, Jaime 1 1 

Bodnar, Sean 143 

Bodnar, Tracy 128 

Bodri, Dr. Michael 65 

Bogle, Jason 120 

Bolster, Brenda L 1 1 

Bonk, Kristen 135 

Bornkamp, Jennifer 104 
Bortnick, Dr. Richard 65 
Boutureira, Joe 32, 34, 35, 
38, 39 
Bowen, Heidi P. 1 1 

Bowker, David 1 75 

Bozarth, Becki 55,119 
Brabazon, Kelly 1 1 5 

Bracy, Glenys 55,166 
Bradshaw, Nate 1 33 


Caesar, Art 61 

Callahan, Pat 68,89, 107, 

110, 123 
Calloway, Stewart 59 

Camp, Tracy Ann 1 2 

Campbell, Grant47, 51,63, 
106, 113, 122, 124, 162 
Campbell, Mary 53 

Campbell, Sarah 52,104, 
113, 116, 119, 174 
Cansler, Kristen 1 23 

Carlberg, Shannon 43 
Carnevale, Michael 12, 82, 

102, 118 

Brandt, Mike 
Brawiey, Patrick 
Brightcliffe, Jeff 
Brison, Jerry 
Brown, Brenda 
Brown, Laura 
Brown, Sam 
Brown, Sara 
Browning, John 




11, 102, 

103, 119 


2, 57 









Brubakeni, Daniell 
Brubaker, Dr. Gary 
Brummet, Rich 
Brunner, Marc C. 
Bucchi, Jason 
Bucci, Kristin 140,141 
Bumbaugh, Stephaniel 35 
Burk, Leslie 55,69,102 
Burk, Rebecca 11,40, 118 
Burkholder, Bethany9,1 1 5 
Burkland, Mandy 117 
Burleigh, Jarrod 124 

Burns, Valorie 60 

Burton, Kevin 142, 143 
Butler, Jessica A. 1 2 

Carver, Dave 

Cascone, Lisa 

Case, Sara 

Cattarin, Lawrence C. 

Cattle, Chris 

Cenci, Nick 

Ceschan, John W. 

Chambers, Jill 78,115, 

Champluvier, Bryan 145, 

Charles, Rosemary 56, 57 
Charles R. Scally, Jr. 26 
Chaundy, Jane 121 

Cheetham, Martha 1 1 3, 
124, 183 
Chizek, Cathleen T. 12 
Christie, Dr. Theodore72 

Cirino, Tony 
Cissel, Bill 
Claffey, Denise E. 
Clark, Shawn W. 
Clarke, Susan 
Clayton, Atiya 





56, 57 

104, 150 

Clemens, Justin 13,52, 145 

Clifford, Diane 124 

Clifford, Jay 133 

Clouse, Holly K. 13 

Cochran, Jessica 104, 162 
Cole, Jacklyn 1 1 4 

Cole, Leslie 71 

Coleflesh, Mark 119 

Colombo, Charlie 59 

Conhan, Brian 117 

Conner, Christopher 1 3 
Conover Jr., Joseph 1 3 
Conway, Kelly 101,102, 
Cooperman, Ira 58 

Corbett, Jan 69 

Corl, Christi 141 

Cormican, Tom 1 20 

Corropolese, Jason 1 3 
Corson, Bethann 1 1 8 

Cory, Jane 70 

Courtney, John Mark 

13, 107 
Cowen, Caroline 1 34, 1 35 
Cowhig, Richard 71 

Cozine, Kerri Lynne 1 3 
Craig, Melissa 1 4, 45 

Crockett, Erica 141 

Crooks, Rich 57 

Crowl, Beverly L. 1 4 

Cullons, Stephanie 141 
Currie, Gregory 61 

Curry, Jenny 55 

Curry, Will 1 06 

Curtis, Kurt 1 04 


D'Alessandro, Rocco 1 4 
Dadig, Suzanne 102 

Dahlhammer, Heidi 83 
Daley, Chris 61 

Dalton, Mike 69, 77, 78, 
102, 104, 177 
Daniel, Joseph H. 67 

Daniels, Mr. 113 

Darling, Jason Matthewl 4 
Davis, Jessica 1 02, 1 22, 
Davis, Mike 61 

de Jong, Marc-Robert 1 4 
DeBord, Nancy 62 

DeBroux, Dr. Steven 64 
Decker, Tracy 1 07, 1 38 

DeForrest, Anne 57 

Delhi, Matthew L 14 

DelGiudice, Louis A. 14 
Dell, Vanessa L. 14 

Dellagicoma, Jerry 110 
DeLuca, Frank 143 

Dematto, Ann 59 

Denslow, Kayte 1 02, 1 03, 

Desmond, Maeve 53, 1 1 5, 

DetLomas, Anthony 1 33 
Diltz, Arder 1 33 

Dimond, Dr. 1 79 

Dippery, Jeremy Scott 1 5 
Dixon, Pete 167 

Doan, Donna 73, 115 
Doderer, Diann 138 

Dodoson, Lizie 1 02 

Doherty, Kevin 54,138 
Dommel, Richard 70 

Domuczicz, Lisa M. 15 
Donigan, Joann 69 

Donohue, Helen 57 

Donovan, Michelle 1 5, 36 
Dooling, Chrissa 1 5 

Dornfeld, Reinheld 57 
Dotterer, Jenn 1 22 

Dougherty, Andrew 68, 
87, 102 
Dowdy, Tony79, 1 1 0, 1 23 
Dowdy, Tori 78, 79 

Doyle, AnnMarie 1 5, 47, 

Duda, David 54,143 

Duda, Kevin 143 

Dundore, Darcie 123 

Dunmire, Enid 140,141 
Dunn, Barb 1 22 




Edgar, Carolyn 70 

Ely, Mary Ann 53 

Epperly, Dan 1 33 

Erway, Chuck 15,41,78, 

106, 124, 128, 129 

Esbenshade, Wade99,l 50 

Evanchalk, Katie 15,135 

Everett, Rachel 84, 1 22, 


Eyre, Howard Mr. 6, 7, 38, 

52,64,71, 102 

Fadigan, Jeffrey 1 5 

Fair, Loretta 55 

Felder, Chris 110 

Feldstein, Dan 63 

Feldstein, Dr. Joshua 71 , 
Feldstein, Linda 60 

Fellman, Tracy J. 1 5 

Felscher, Don 1 75 

Ferguson, William 16 

Figueroa, Johnnie 1 50 
Finan, Geno 98, 107, 123, 

Fioresi, Mark Louis 1 6 
Fistner, Susie 124 

Fitch, Andrew 133 

Fleischer, Linda 54,135 
Fleischer, Richard Jr. 1 6 
Flood, Frances 53 

Flynn, Maggie 82, 83, 113, 
119, 124, 159 
Fogg, Jared 1 1 

Fogg, Meredyth 1 02, 1 05, 

122, 161 
Forst, Doug 1 05, 1 1 6 

Forster, Heather 63 

Fox, Andrew 1 1 8 

Francis, Lynn 1 6 

Frank , Dave 49, 68 

Frantz, Dr. Kathryn 66 
Freeland, Shannon 1 1 6 
Freeman, Jason 1 20, 121 
Frick, Mary 62, 70, 1 1 1 
Fritz, Stephanie 1 05, 1 1 4, 
Fulcomer, Dani 1 20 

Funkhouser, Ray 1 79 

Punt, Kim 1 1 4, 1 24 

Gaido, Angle 130 

Galasso, Bruce 133 

Gallen, Laurie Ann 16 

Gamen, Tara 135 

Gargano, Jeff 87, 120,205 
Garrett, Dr. Micheal 66 
Garrett, Jimmy 143 

Gasiorowski, Kevin 1 33 
Gately, Martin 120 

Gebhardt, Christopher 16 
Gehman, Josh 117 

Gehring, Kevin R. 16 

George, Helen 70 

Gerhardt, Katie 70 

Geschwindt, Ryanl 1 4,1 22 
Ghering, Boyd W. 67 

Gilbert, Claudette 1 1 3 
Gilbert, Mr. Rodney64,122 
Gilbert, Mrs. Barbara 1 24 
Gillespie,Mary 114,117,187 
Ginter, Kurt 1 02, 1 1 0, 1 23 
Gioffre, Dr. 52, 1 79 

Giant, Rachael 118 

Glasssman, Karin 70 

Glauser, Ryan 1 06, 1 1 8 
Glenney, Betsy 1 24 

Going, Todd 145 

Goldblum, Robin 104, 121 
Goodworth, Gibby55, 102 
Gorski, Heather Eileen 1 6 
Graham, Lewis 1 1 4 

Grannis, Dan 89, 1 1 

Graver, Kara 1 04, 1 1 9, 1 22 
Gray, Gerald J. 1 6 

Gray, Kim 1 07 

Greenberg, Jim 143 

Gregalis, Loril02, 103, 107 
Gresko, Bob 145 

Griess, Tricia 1 7 

Griswold, Karen 17,61 
Groth, Paulette 1 1 5 

Guthier, William 1 7, 1 50 






Haare, Kathy 1 7 

Haddon, Sharon 56, 57 
Halsey, Adam 104,106, 

Halter, Brad 1 7, 48, 57, 68, 

Hammel, Jared 
Hammer, Dr. Janis 
Hamwell, Jared 
Hanrahan, Elaine 
Hansen, Laura 
Happ, Diane 
Harrup, Katie 101, 105,119, 

Harvey, Wendy 61 , 1 77 
Haskell, Ron 114 

Haws, Janice 65 

Hawthorne, Jameel 1 43 




Haydu, Amy J. 
Hayes, Emily 
Hayes, Sam 
Haze, Emily 
Hazelett, Ed 
Heberle, John 
Heebner, Jenn 
Heftier, Blake 
Heftier, Sloane 

Hegyes, Scott 
Heisey, Barb 
Hellerman, Jean 
Heltzel, Andrew R. 
Henderson, Ronya 


17,40, 75 







1 7, 78, 

121, 166 



56, 57 



Hilkert, Neil 66, 68, 1 78 

Hillegass, Lance 145 

Hinderliter, Greg 1 8, 1 02, 

1 04, 1 06 









Hines, Carl 
Hines, Joanne 
Hinkel, Peg 
Hinkle, Sara 
Hinterlang, Mark 
Hirschmann, Erich 
Hochman, Elaine 
Hock, Joan 
Hofer, Holly 11 3, 119, 135 
Hofer, Kristin M. 1 8 

Hoffer, Jeramie 1 06, 1 1 9, 
122, 124 
Hofsaess, Dr. Fredrick 64 
Hofstaedter, Frank 72 
Holman, Chris 1 1 

Horn, Eric 1 02 

Howard, Amy 1 07 

Howard, Mary 1 05 

Hoxworth, Jon 1 50 

Hucaluk, Brandon 1 8 

Hudock, Dave 1 71 

Huges, Kristen 1 04 

Hughes, Amy 123 

Hughes, Kristen 1 8, 51 , 

Hughes, Rebbeca 
Hutchinson, Melissa 
Hutchinson, Thomas 

Huyett, Josh 





100 ^\ UAex 

Hepner, Larry 46, 64 

Hess, Jennifer Melissa 1 8 Imwald, Mike 
Hess, Steve 52,98,102, 
107, 150 
Hewitt, Ruthanna 61 

Highland, Edward J. 18 
Hilbert, Christiana J. 18 

19, 102, 

103, 119 

Ingvertsen, Britt 138 

Inlow, Lynann 19, 57, 107 


ais, John 1 

arrett. Dean Stephen 
62,70,92, 102, 1 

ohnson, Dave 
ohnson, Kevin 
ohnson, Kristin 
ohnson, Mark 
ohnson, Ronald 
ones, Mike 
ones, Tyree 
ones, Waylon 
oseph, Eric 

83, 1 




Kane, Doug 


Kane, Jason 


Kania, Jen 


Karkoska, Lisa 


Kaufmann, Kyle 



Kay, Karen 


Kearns, Colleen 





Keenan, Samantha 



Keim, Jennifer 

1 38, 1 39, 


Kelly, Brian 


Kelly, Lashea 



Kennedy, Dave 


Kennedy, Lynn 


King, Cindy 


King, Heather 



King, Rich 


Kingston, Scott 


Klass, Bryan 


Kleinle, Matt 78 



Klimas, Seth 


Kline, Laurie 


Klinger, Vicki 


Kneisley, Jay 



Knight, Darcy Shannon 




Knudson, John 



Koch, Emily 


Kochanski, Lorie 1 9, 70, 
102, 162 
Kochis, Dr. Donna 68 

Kohut, Emery 1 1 5 

Kopiec, Michele 1 9 

Kostick, Mark T. 1 9, 1 1 3 
Kothe, Denise 1 05 

Kovacs, Rich 1 44, 1 45 
Koval, Becky 1 03 

Krall, Brandy 1 20 

Krauter, Mariah 78, 1 02, 
Krell, Marlene 60, 79 

Kresge, Mark 20, 1 24 

Krudz, Sue 1 68 

Kucinskas, Meggan M. 20 
Kuehl, Dr. Linda 69,121 
Kuhns, Kirsten 1 24 

Kulick, Kim 53 

Kulp, Jay 56 

Kulp, Karen Elizabeth 20 
Kunkie, Joyce 59 

Kupersmith, Peter 59 

Kutcher, Julia 99, 1 05, 
1 1 9, 1 74 
Kwisnek, Laura 1 22 


Laffan, John 145 

Lafferty, Steve 1 28 

Lang, Christine 20 

Langley, Kevin 20, 1 20, 
Lard, Jim 57 

LaSalle, Dr. Anthony 69 
LaTourette, Jaime 1 50 
Laubach, Stephanie 89 
Laucks, Brian 1 33 

Lavaell, Alana 1 1 6 

Lavell, Alana 1 04 

Lawhead, Matt 78, 1 1 8 
Lawrence, Mark E. 20 
Lawrence, Mr. Edwin 

51,69,72, 119 
Lawrence, Sylvester 1 43 
Lawrence, Wes 86, 1 50 
Learner, Julie 61 

Leamer, President Thomas 
179,180,181, 186 
Leamer, Susan 1 86 

Learner, Josh 1 28 

Lee, Kenneth R. 67 

Lee, Mary 57 

Legendre, Vilma 57 

Leib, Bob 1 83 

Leiter, Liz 78,121 

LeMunyon, Jennifer 20 
Lengle, Mike 1 33 

Leonard, Glenn 54 

Lerner, Josh 1 1 5 

Lerner, Joshua 1 50 

Lerner, Kelly 1 02 

Lerner, Laurie 61, 74, 107 
Levy, Matt 54 

Linde, Dr. 117 

Linden, James 54,120 
Lipinacci, Dommic 133 
Lisa, Charlie 84 

Long, Caron 135 

Long, John 71 

Lord, Janet 52 

Lorditch, Mary 58 

LoRe, Stacy 1 02 

Lorenz, Paul 1 1 4 

Loucks, Brain 204 

Love, Bruce A. 67 

Love, Ed 66 

Lugar, Dr. Richard 66 

Lupinacci, Dominic 4 

Lutz, Terra 130,131 

Lyman, Michael J. 20 

Lyons, Liz 1 20 

Lysack, Keith 1 04, 1 1 4, 
119, 122 


MacDonald, Rob119, 128, 
Maczko, William 54 

Madlinger, Tricia 1 05 

Magiliton, William III 20 
Maisel, Linda 69 

Majewski, Allison 43, 87, 
102, 111, 115, 118, 176 
Malka, Sharon 57 

Mangle, Josh 21 

Manlove, Edna 54 

Mann, Tracy 21, 130, 141 
Manorek, Nick 1 1 

Marder, Jesse 1 07 

Marengo, Steve 78, 79, 
120, 145,205 
Margelis, Mike 145 

Marini, Gerard 1 80 

Marino, Dr. Paul 69 

Marlinski, Jenn 9, 21, 35, 
38, 39, 47, 1 1 3 
Marshall, Coach 1 79 

Marshall, Jeff 62,143 
Marshall, Michael 1 04,1 24 
Marshall, Robert 54,145 
Marter, Nate 133,145 
Martin, Dr. John 60, 71 
Martin, Erma 53 

Martin, Rachel 98, 1 1 4 
Massino, Frank 53 

Masssaro, Vincent 66, 1 79 
Mathieson, Barbara 21 
Mattoi, Brian 1 50 

Maurer, Buddy 143 

May, John 107,120 

Mayer, Laura 1 04, 1 1 3, 
122, 124 
Maynard, Robert 1 1 5 

McAllister, Christy 21, 105, 

1 1 8, 1 1 9, 1 84 
McBride, Kerry 21 

McCarron, Steve 1 02, 1 23, 
McCook, Wendy 70 

McCullion, Megan K. 21 
McDermott, Ian 1 28, 1 50 
McDonell, Rebecca 1 1 8 
McElhone, Beckie 21, 102, 
McElwain, Ben 1 06 

McGavin, Shannon 1 05 
McGill, Carrie 21,176 
McGowon, Joe 1 45 

McGrane, Jessica 22 

McKenny, Helena 66 

McNamee, Mike 102, 103, 

107, 123, 133 
McNatt, Tim 22,35,113 
McNeill, Bob 67 

McSweeney, Tom 1 45 
Melamud, Alissa 1 04 

Melham, Lisa 1 02, 1 07, 

Mellott, Larisa 1 24 

Mentkewicz, Jillian 22, 41 
Metz, Emiy 135 

Metzgar, Jillian 1 68 

Metzger, Alexis 141 

Meyers, Beth 82, 1 04 

Milewski, Jeannette 22 
Mill, Eleanor 58, 1 1 5 

Miller, Adam 118 

Miller, Apryl 22, 1 68 

Miller, Cindy 55 

Miller, Dr. James 65,114, 
Miller, Scott 1 45 

Mishler, Dr. John 65 

Modansky, Marissa 124 
Molnar, Jennifer 52 

Montgomery, Linda 53 
Montileone, Dr. Dominic 

Moore, Carol 1 07 

Moore, Eric A. 22 

Moore, Jean 59 

Moran, Bob 61 

Moretti, Alexis 1 1 3, 1 1 7 
Morgan, Bonnie 22 

Morgan, Sherry 1 24 

Mormile, Michelle 22 

Morris, Alexis B. 22 

Morris, Larry 68, 1 24 

Morrison, Martin Jr. 23 
Moyer, Donna 23, 115, 117 
Mucha, Stanley W. Jr. 23 
Mullins, Dave 62 

Mulstay, Dr.Richard 65 
Munniksma, Lisa 1 05, 

Murdoch, Bill 23,64, 106, 

1 1 6, 1 1 8 
Murphy, Chuck 1 1 9, 1 62 
Murphy, Jim 73, 103, 119 
Muse, Dr. Barbara 71 

Muse, Dr. Ronald 64, 71 
Musselman, Kelly 23, 128, 
Myers, Marylisa 23, 1 07 


Naddeo, Esther 61 

Naniewicz, Richard T. 23 

Nash, Dr. Jeffery 70 

Naugle, Mandy 135 

Neuman, Cynthia 66 

Neumann, George 1 1 

Newberger, Nealie 1 30 

Ney, Edna 57 

Nichols, Rob 58 

Niese, Jennifer 65 



Nolan, Courtney 1 05 

Noonan, Carol 66 

Nowakowski, Serena-Lyn 

Nuding, Patricia Diane 23 


O'Brien, Catherine L. 
O Brien, Maureen 

O Donne!!, Bridget 

Donne!!, Erin 
Oakiey, Cfiaries 
Oriando, IVIaria 105 
Orr, Dr. Robert 
Orr, Jonathon 
Orser, Keily 24, 56, 
Osiika, Donna m, 

Otto, Steve 

Owen, Navonne 104, 




Page, Maurice 143 

Paiko, Rob 104,118 

Paiumbo, Dr. Mary 70 
Pandy, Elia 128 

Patrick, Melissa 113 

Patten, Chris 122,161 
Patterson, Charles 1 02, 
106, 124 

Paul, Christina 78 

Pawlicki, Dianna 1 17 

Pazdan, Maria 52 

Peetros, Katherine Ann 

Pendrak, Krista 78,102, 

Pennacchio, Dr. Charles72 
Pernich, Cory 128 

Perotto, Nick 1 28 

Perry, Jessica 141 

Peterson, Susan A. 24 

Petrillo, Ann 53 

Pierson, Catherine J. 24 
Pignatello, Heather 141 
Plummer, Dr. John 68 
Pogwizd, Melissa 102, 124 
Polhamos, Liz 138 

Poore, Quendryth 1 38 
Post, Jessica 145 

Potz, Laura 141 

Poust, Leigh 24, 124, 135 
Powell, Jason 102,113, 

Preston, Carrie 24 

Price, Eleanor 72 

Primus, Jeff 9, 24 

Prosser, Asya 52 

Przychodzien, Anthony 110 
Przyuski, Michael 107 
Purcaro, Bryan 132,133 
Pursell, Hearth 145 


Quadrato, Amy 24 

Quan, Hue 24,37,113, 

118, 176 


Rager, Christie 82, 83, 185 
Ragone, David 54 

Rambo, Kevin 73 

Raneri, Courtney B. 25, 78 
Range, Erin 1 38 

Ray, Tanya 60, 1 03 

Reale, Jason 145 

Reed, Dr. Pamela 64, 68, 
Reedell, Scott Alan 25 
Reedy, Setu 62 

Reid, William J. 25 

Reidell, Donna 25 

Reiter, Elmer 66 

Replogle, Emilie 1 38 

Rice, John G. 25 

Richenderfer, Stacy 1 38 
Rider, Karl 25 

Ridge, Governor Tom 61 
Rigolizzo, John 105,110 
Rimmer, John J. 25 

Ripley, Rebecca 1 07, 1 38 
Risen, Mike 133 

Rishel, Jenn 25,122,124 
Rivera, Rob 1 50 

Roman, Michele 67 

Roohr, Chuck 102,113, 
171, 175 
Rosazza, Keith 1 1 8 

Rotz, Laura 54 

Rounsavill, Maria 53 

Ruble, Toni 58 

Rudolph, Jennifer 25, 113 
Rugg, Danelle 1 35 

Rupert, Rachelle L. 26 

Rush, Lori 57 

Rusilowski, Dr. Ben 66, 

Russell, Jeffrey A. 26 

Russo, Marie 57 

Ruth, Michael 26, 35 

Ryan, Michael 107 

Ryan, Mike 4, 52, 98, 123 
Rychalsky, Steven J. 26, 

Rynes, Dr. Jean 72 


Saladino, Christine 26, 49 
Salisbury, Kathy 26, 32, 
57, 117, 121,206 
Salmon, Christopher J. 26 
Salter, Christine 1 02, 1 24 
Salvesen, Kristen 99, 1 28 
Santoro, John 121 

Sapienza, Angela 86 

Sauer, Mr. 102 

Sbkiscia, Tifanie 1 38 

Scally, Chip 1 1 3 

Schaedel, Brian 26, 62 
Schaffer, Joel 1 1 3 

Schaub, Jessica Marie 

27, 111, 113, 120, 122 
Schegel, Michael 68 

Schieferstein, Matt 1 04,1 68 
Schlegel, Michael 64, 1 1 3, 

Schleifer, Monika H. 27 
Schmidt, Dr. Jack 72, 114, 

Schoepf, Scott 9, 27, 40, 
47, 102 
Schondelmeyer, Curtis 

Schoupt, Dr. Renee 71 

Z02 rS I^Aex 



Schramm, Dr.Karen 69 
Schuell, Chris 57 

Schumacher, Marianne 54 
Schwacke, Todd C. 27 
Schwartz, Robert S. 2 7, 11 
Schwarz, Otto 1 1 4 

Schwertz, Robert 1 04 

Scott, Sandy 54,145 

Semke, Joel 1 1 4 

Shaeffer, Joanne L 27 
Shaffer, Joel P. 27 

Shaffer, Ralph Chad 27, 46 
Shaner, Lola 1 1 9 

Shannon, Dave 27, 32, 34, 
38,39,64,65, 116, 118 
Sharer, Brian 1 83 

Sharks, Neena 135 

Sharm, Greg 1 45 

Shaw, Andrew Michael 28 
Shenko, Joey 1 36 

Sheridan, Chris 74 

Shiner, Beth 1 02 

Shollenberg, Dan 66 

Shores, Ryan 1 24 

Shultz, Mike 1 1 3, 1 1 9 
Silva, Britannia 86 

Silva, Joe 1 20 

Simone, Michael 66 

Sitarchyk, Cheryl 1 04 

Siwiec, Allison 141 

Slane, Dr. Thomas 63 
Smith, Christine 1 04 

Smith, Karen 78, 1 30, 1 50 
Smith, Laurie 28, 39, 47, 
1 02, 1 04, 1 1 3 
Smith, Shaun 145 

Smola, Jean 56, 57 

Snyder, Anita Kay 28, 32, 
39, 44, 1 1 3, 1 1 7 
Snyder, Keith 1 1 

Soderberg, Evelyn 56, 57 
Soderberg, Jon 28 

Somma, Billy 103 

Sousa, Julia 56, 57 

Southall, Ruth 28, 1 04, 
113, 124 
Spink, Ryan 1 1 4 

Spond, Jennifer A. 28 

Spotts, Chrissy 1 1 4 

Spratt, Kathleen 55 

Spratt, Meghann 1 35 

Spratt, Melanie 53 

Sprinkle, Amy 1 1 7 

Stahmer, Brian 74 

Stanley, Richard J. 29 

Starr, Ariele M. 29 

Starr, Monica 29, 1 30 

Stasicky, Megan 29, 32, 

34, 38, 39, 40, 1 1 3 

Stavenick, Becca 1 1 9, 1 24, 

Stellingwerf, Wendy 1 30 
Stenson, Dr. Joseph 66 
Sterner, Katie 1 04, 1 1 9 
Stevens, Joyce 62 

Stick, Rachel 1 04, 1 1 5 
Stocker, Holly 1 07 

Stonecipher, Matthew 29, 

Strange, Corinna 101,119, 
128, 129, 150 
Straus, Tim 40 

Stutcliffel, Roger 57 

Suski, Michael A. 29 

Sutton, Jim 55 

Svoboda, Matt 1 02, 1 03, 

Swallow, Jason 1 06, 1 65 
Swanson, Andy 1 1 7 

Swart, Jonathan 54 

Swoyer, Mike 1 43 



Tabachnick, Michael 72 
Tasker, Bob 53 

Tatarynw, Sandy 1 28 

Taylor, Bill 1 22 

Taylor, Michelle 53,104, 
Tedesco, Sabina 29 

Thomas, Scott 29, 52, 102, 
1 1 7, 1 1 8, 1 84, 206 
Thomas, Tissen 1 32, 1 33 
Thompson, Kris 145 

Thompson, Lee 58, 60 
Tighe,John 68,106,123 
Tildsley, Christine C.29, 49 
Titus, David 1 1 4 

Tobin, Donna 69 

Townsend, Stephanie 

30,35,128, 129, 162 
Tumolo, Christine S. 30 
Turner, Aaron 1 1 

Vance, Joy 1 04, 1 1 3, 1 24 
Varacallo, Tim 56, 62 

Velardi, Deborah 56, 57 
Vennebush, Jennifer 1 38, 
Vico, Gregory 30 

Vincent, Dr. Neil 52, 1 76 
Vinciguerra, John 30 

Vinukur, Amit 1 33 

Vogel, Karin 59 

Vogel song, Erin 53,121 
Vogt, Timothy 73 

Voorhees, Brad 1 05, 1 1 
Vreeland, Chris 1 07 


Wagner, Larisa 79, 1 04, 
114, 128 
Wagner, Nicole 30 

Walker, Rebecca 1 66 

Wall, Kristen 1 02, 1 1 3, 
Wallace, James A. 30,40, 

Walsh, Thomas 30 

Walter, Kitty Bell 53 

Walter, Rebecca 59, 78, 

Walton, Timothy K. 30 
Ward, Rene 1 02 

Wash, Melissa 11 5, 1 20 
Wasko, Michael 1 20 

Waznak, Jeanne 141 

Webb, Todd 30, 1 24, 1 85 
Webber, Dyan 1 1 3 

Weber, Dr. Charles 66 
Wechsler, Gina 1 1 5 

Weidenhammer, Robert 

106, 123,185, 187 
Weiser, Mike 1 1 

Welch, Sarah 104,120 
Wengert, Amanda 1 1 5, 

Wescott, Shannon 1 05 
Weston, Mike 1 45 

Wexler, Josh 31,37 

Wheeler, Crystal 1 02, 1 05, 
1 1 8, 1 1 9 
White, Erin Lynn 31 

White, Janeen 55 

White, Kelly 135 

Whitehead, John 102, 103 
Wieland, Beth78, 79, 121, 
Wikiera, Michele 141 

Wilkerson, Margaret 1 24 
Williams, Jason 142,143 
Williard, Courtney 1 05 
Wilson, Dr. Jennifer 72 
Wilt, James 102,122 

Wolfe, Clyde 1 23 

Wolfgang, Frank 54, 61 
Wolford, Fred 64 

Woodward, Josh 98 

Wright, Janine 35, 55 

Wright, Jay 62, 70, 92 
Wright, Scott 64 

Yapsuga, Dr. Robert 67 
Yeager, Jeremy 88, 1 02, 
Young, Feff 72 

Young, Joy 1 02, 1 22 

Young, Megan 73, 1 1 7 


Zaccone, Frank 72, 1 64 
Zeigler, Kelli 31,107 

Zenko, Steve 53 

Ziemer, Dr. Richard 72 
Zmijewski, Marie S. 31, 
Zolko, Angela 78, 79, 1 1 1 
Zook, PeterJ. 31,32,64 


Right: Need a lift. Michelle 
Taylor tries to scare the 
people on the tree swing 
during Halloween Haunt- 

ZO^ r^ CLift^tftf 'Pmj^ediv&s 

Left: For some lunch time 
entertainment, Jamie 
Assante, Jeff Gargano, and 
Steve Marengo from WDVC 
play some music for every- 

Above left: While at a field 
hockey game, John Swart, 
Pat Callahan, and Brad Hal- 
ter look over a first aid 

Above right: Everyone that 
comes out to the field 
hockey game enjoys them- 
selves. Just look at the 
smiles on Jeff Orban and 
Seth Klimas. 

CidHflHfPe/-J&€'C'^li/eJ' f^ ^^5 


FARM senoovj 

Top: Through the years our 
school has taken on many 
names. The first names be- 
ing The National Farm 
School which turned into 
Delaware Valley College of 
Science and Agriculture. 

Above left: Even the horses 
enjoy themselves here at 
DVC. Breezen gets dressed 
up for the Christmas party 
down at the stables. 

Above r/x/if: Scott Thomas 
and Kathy Salisbury pose 
for the camera at the Spring 
Formal. The theme for this 
years formal was Masquer- 
ade Mardi Gras. 

/O^ C^ C^^f''^ ^^I'^^i^tiveJ 

Left: While passing by Lake 
Archer you can see these 
ducks. Del Val is their home 

Below: In between classes, 
Lisa Melham and Bridget 
O'Donnell talk about what 
they are doing for the week- 

CidHflHf Pem^dli/e-J |_^ -ZOJ 

Above: To get some rest and 
relaxation, people can take 
a walk around Lake Archer 
or sit in the gazebo or on the 
patio built nearby. 

Right: Kelly Barrett, Dianne 
Doderer, Jen Keim, and 
Colleen Kearns smile for the 
camera while sitting and 
watching the men play soc- 

^OS r^j CLiHjiHf 'PehSheciives