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\% \ 




Student Life 

College Community 

Clubs & Organizations 

Special Events 



Velawave Valley College 
oylesiopcn, VA IK901 


C c 


C ?c><i"a ^Mfc, 1 

As a new day begins, a New 
Horizon appears in front of 
us. Many decisions will have 
to be made and with that 
many changes will come and 
go. The college community 
has faced many New Hori- 
zons throughout the year be- 
ginning with the total change 

over in the Office of Student Life. Dr. Betsy Arrison was 
named the new Dean of Students. Through this office, 
New Horizons appeared in campus life. We went from 
having 7 Resident Directors to having 3 Area Coordina- 
tors who oversee a few residence halls each. The college's 
procedure on resident students choosing housing has 
changed. Before, the students were able to choose any 
residence hall in which they wanted to live. However, 
with the new system, the residence halls of Samuel, 
Ullman, Wolfshon, and 2nd floor of Berkowitz will be 
restricted for Freshmen 
Housing. Fortunately for 
upperclass students, all the 
RD apartments in "fresh- 
men" halls will be desig- 
nated for them. 

Also, campus itself faced 
various changes. For in- 
stance, the college received 

Everyone views the world in a The campus is full of beauty, 
different way. Sit and relax, enjoy your 





a new database system, 
Datatel. This system is 
used to store school 
records. Many adminis- 
tration and staff members 
have gone through numer- 
ous training sessions to 
learn the intricacies of the 
program. There 

have also been renovations 
to various buildings 
throughout the year. Dur- 

At sunset tranquility can be 
found any place on campus. 

Everyone has their own 
nightly rituals. Tommy Arndt. 
Jay Bigley, Jason Lutz. and 
Brock Bender g ather in Work 
Hall for Dawson's Creek. 

Something that you might 

take advantage of and consider 

it as being simple can become 

beautiful in a different light. 

Walking in a winter wonder- 
land, students are mesmerized 
by DVC's first snowfall of the 

Would a rose by any other 

name smell as sweet as a rose? 

-William Shakespeare 

ing the summer various residence halls were repainted and some 
received new furniture. The Counseling Center received a new set 
up. Two new offices were constructed and the Learning Center was 
moved back upstairs. Face lifts were also given to the APR and Gym. 
Some of the classrooms in Feldman were granted new desks. 

New Horizons were also brought to the campus community through 
changes that students face as each new year begins. As the seniors 
graduate unknown horizons lie ahead of them. They face the 
decision of where they are going an d what they will be doing. 
Freshmen, for the first time experi- 
ence being away from home . These 
students face decisions of what classes 
to take and what to get involved in. 
The whole student body has new 7 teach- 
ers and classes upon the beginning of 
each semester. Even faculty experi- 
ence these changes as new students 
enroll in their classes and peers retire, 
leaving the Del Val Community. Sadly 

jiHt. Pp 1 '" 1 "? 

Dr. Gary Brubaker left the Small Animal Science De- 
partment and Dr. Michael Bodri took over his position 
as the Department Chair. 

The Cornucopia has even embarked upon New Hori- 
zons. This year we recieved new advisors, Mrs Joann 
Donigan and Dr. Greg Smith. Also, the Cornucopia 
went from being under the Office of Student Life to the 
English Department. Although the transition was a 
little rocky we have overcome the obstacle and pro- 
duced this very book full of memories that will stay with you 
throughout the many horizons we will all face in the years to come. 
Many new people were recruited as staff members which helped 
diverse the organization and its ideas for stories. 

Zing, one of the three breeding 
boars at Farm #3. loves to greet 
visitors as thev enter the barn. 

Showing DVC spirit, Greg 

Paxson and the mascot attend 
the wrestling match verse 

1999 OedicatioH io 

Dr. Fredrick Hofsaess 

Through the years, many students that have received their education 
from Delaware Valley College return to where their horizons first began to 
give back to this fine establishment. 1999's dedicatee graduated from Del 
Val in 1967 with a bachelors in Animal Husbandry. He received his masters 
and Ph. D in Reproductive Physiology from the Animal Science Depart- 
ment at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University In 1970, he 
returned back to Del Val to teach meat animal and equine production 
courses. Dr. Fredrick Hofsaess became chairmen of the Animal Science 
Department in 1978 and since then he has supervised the teaching and 
production programs within the Large Animal Science program. 

The dedication and hard work that Dr. Hofsaess has done has not gone 
unnoticed. In 1989, he received the Distinguished Faculty Award for 
outstanding service as a teacher, counselor, and contributor to the college 
and community. The NACTA Eastern Region Outstanding Teacher Award 
was given to him in 1991. He was the A-Day Dedicatee in 1996 along with 

being recognized as a Who's 
Who Among American Teach- 
ers. In October 1997 he re- 
ceived the College's Centen- 
nial Award. 

Along with all his accom- 
plishments, Dr. Hofsaess be- 
longs to the Standardbred 
Breeders and Owners Asso- 
ciation of New Jersey and 
Pennsylvania, United States 
Trotting Association (USTA), 
Standardbred Retirement 
Foundation, Harness Horse 
Youth foundation, and a li- 

Dr. Hofsaess can been seen 

spending time with his wife 
Betty and daughter Ede. 


A* I leparl in. hi ( 'hair. Due can 
be seen congratu latin 
I ...I ge \ininal studenl 
cross the stage in Maj 

Being a horse owner, Dr. 
Hofsaess enjoys riding when he 
gets the opportunity. 

"If I ever know half of 
the material that he does 
I will consider myself 
- Christie R. Rager '99 


censed harness racing owner/ trainer/ driver in PA and NJ. He is also a 
member of the American Society of Animal Science and advises the Block 
and Bridle Club. 

Besides all the hard work Dr. Hofsaess does for the school he finds time 
to spend time with his family. He and his wife Betty have been married for 
thirty years and have two grown children Ede and Todd. 

With all of his accomplishments, "Doc", as he is known at DVC, has given 
tremendously to the DVC community. Students see him as a very 
dedicated, heartwarming individual who is always willing to lend a hand 
to students. He pushes students to do their best and stresses the 
importance of working hard. 




e^tn year 
ns, a New 
is almost in 

We look to 
or Id for 
and look to 
lends for 

kelly T>. 'feawes 



Rebecca A. Andrew 

199 Blacksmith Shop Rd. 

Gettysburg, PA 17325 

Daniel D. Anetrus 

2933 Center Rd. 
Northampton, PA 18067 

Kristie Ann Aquino 

8 Weedon Drive 

West Milford, NJ 07480 


Kelly Dawn Karnes 

P.O. Box 359 

Scotland, PA 17254 


Kelly A. Rarrett 

718 Sergeanstvifle Rd. 
Stockton, NJ 08559 

Tiffany M- partus 

5521 Rinker Cr. 

Doylestown, PA 18901 


Rrian p. Readling 

107 FairviewAve. 

Hatboro, PA 19040 


James < J. Reagin DDT 

41 Hillside Dr. 
lotowa, NJ 07512 

Michele J. Relamorich 

10836 Modena Terrace 

Philadelphia, PA 19154 


Rrian Thomas Rell 

12 Burnt Mill Rd. 

Somerville, NJ 08876 


Amanda < J. Rem 

127 Colonial Heritage 

Doylestown, PA 18901 


Rethany A. Rernard 

352 Maskells Mill Rd. 

Salem, NJ 08079 




Erin fydclu 

RD 2 B 
Spring Mills, PA 16 

Terry tfinikos 

1230 Greenwood Road 

Slroudsburg, PA 18360 


Patrick A. %iegel 

9 Forest Ave. 

Old Tappan, NJ 07675 


Michael Vjottles 

3 Shady Lane 

Edison, NJ 08820 


<Jeff tfrightcliffe 

3209 Kilburn Rd. 

Philadelphia, PA 19114 



Rowan D. tfriscoe 

P.O. Box 170 

Port Antonio, Jamaica W.I. 

Sarah Cynn grown 

Box 170 RD 2 

Carbondale, PA 18407 


Kristin V$ucci 

312 Orchard Avenue T 

Burlington, NJ 08016 


Stephanie < J. tfuntbaugh 


Boothwyn, PA 19061 


Patrick p. Callahan 

3537 Station Avenue 

Center Valley, PA 18034 


Cisa Cascone 

63-52 75th Place 

Middle Village, NY 11379 


7*7/ M- Chambers 

165 E. Woodland Ave. 

Penndel, PA 19047 




JaneM- Chaundy 

RD 2 Box 369 

Shamokin, PA 17872 


Martha M- Cheetham 

12 Doulton Rd. 

Pittsburgh, PA 15229 


Donna Chiccarine 

71 Highspire Road 

Richboro, PA 18954 


Kelly M- Conway 

8054 Old State Road 

Cranesville, PA 16410 


Justus H. Cooley 

P.O Box103 

Colts Neck, NJ 07722 

Stephanie Cullins 

10 Race St. 

Vincetown, NJ 08088 


Julie Currie 

34 East Fox Chase Rd. 

Chester, NJ 07930 


Suzanne M- Dadig 

1522 Wood Ave. 

Honesdale, PA 18431 


tfethany A. Davis 

13209 S. 26th Ave. 

Bellevue, NE 68123 


Kelly Dawn games 

Txs 2 my fam&buds 4 UR Support&Love. 2 
my profs-Txs 4 the great knowledge. SGB 
Cornucopia IVCF SAC B&B-gr8 times & 
memories. I'll never 4get all the fun tmes w/ 
KD.NO.SC.RH & all of IVCF. DF-Txs 4 ev- 
erything 97&98 OLs Farm3 ACT101 JFB-- 
U guys R crazy-Luv ya anyway 
Hoochiemama-U were always there 4 me- 
Txs. OSL-gr8 workin w/ U all! To all roomies- 
It's been wild! BB-95-97-never 4get U! '99 
Ruiz! DVC was certainly the place 4 me-l'll 
surely miss it!! LUV U ALL!! 

'James 7. IQeagin III 

We started this thing and have had a lot of 
good times together. Seth, Eric. Tom, Ricky, 
JR.and the boys of 2nd Floor Cooke:No one 

parties like our crew! To the "Get Fresh" Girls 
of Jersey Fresh (Amanda. Steph, Kate, Sa- 
rah, Alana, Colonel, Rachael.and the Field 
Hockey Girls):We hope you enjoyed the 
Freshness! Happy Hour Anyone-JFB 4- 
Man-Late Night Talks-Team showers-Lolli- 
pop-Jersey Fresh Beer Bong Club-Library 

JVlichele J. tfelamorich 

These four years were the best years of my 
life. Thank you Mom. Rene, Julie, Kristen, 
Tina, Tammi, Kim, Navonne, and especially 
Michael for making that possible. I Love 
You all! 

IJethmnj A. Vjernard 

The past four years have been an experi- 

ence I will never forget. To Nicole, Stephanie, 
Michelle, Cheryl and Sarah: Thank you for 
being there for me through the tough times. 
I will never forget you. To my parents: Thank 
you for believing in me and giving me your 
support. To the rest of my friends! Thanks 
for giving me memories that I will always 

Amanda 7. l$em 

To my family.JFB.I love you. The past 11/ 
2years have been very memorable. We have 
laughed, loved&drank alot. No goodbyes for 
us SB&AL.I love you, my closet will never 
be the same. JB best friends are God sent 
CR. girls are crazy but somehow 
youunderstand us EJ, never enough bath- 
room breaks DMH. never forget study ses- 



Tiraceu C. Decker 

21 Ronald Dr. 

Southampton, PA 18966 


Ellen M- Derrick 

12 Church Hill Rd. 

Wash. Depot, CT 06794 


Andrea DiJVlaria 

1010 Pelham Drive 
Hatfield, PA 19440 

Stephen <]. Dolinski 

813 Manenstein Rd. 

Upper Black Eddy, PA 18972 


'Jennifer C. Dougherty 

1047 Gillam Ave. 

Langhorne, PA 19047 


Eileen H. DulQell 

1640 Franklynn Dr. 

Furlong, PA 18925 


Barbara JVl- Dunn 

1030 Jaine La. 

Chester Springs, PA 19425 

Ceah V$. Eason 

1219 E. Main St. 

Nomstown, PA 19401 


Katie K. Evanchalk 

RD2 Box 492 

Pine Grove, PA 17963 


sions or bar inspections. You will never be 
forgotten. Love you JU.You are a cube. 
Mom&Dad.Thanks for everything. Everyone. 
I love u.l'll miss u Always smile 

Patrick A. IJiegel 
Good luck to my brothers and friends in the 
future. Thank you for exciting, memorable, 
and influential years at college. 

'Jeff Qrightcliffe 

I want to thank my mom & dad for support- 
ing me through college. I want to thank my 
family for being there. I'm going to miss 
everyone esp. my brothers in DPT-Found- 
ing Father. I want to say goodbye to all my 
fnends-B-REAL(CC) Most of all I want to 
thank Mary for always being there when I 
needed her. DPT never diel I graduated! 

Thank you God! GLD214 CANCUN '99 OCT 
15,1996 "The House" Good luck to all my 
friends! Where all my DOGS at? JB is a beast! 

Cisa Cascone 

To All my Buds: It was great fun while it 
lasted. We all had some really wild times 
together. Becca, thanks for being such a cool 
roomie. To my Family: I made it! I love you 
so much. Thank you for your love and sup- 
port, Mom and Dad, John and Stephanie. 
And the cats. To the One Person I owe my 
sanity: Zhizhy: I love you. To Softball: TGIO 

Donna Chiccarine 

MOM-my best friend DAD-always pushing 
me a little further TONY-my inspiration 
BOBBY-helping me out of ruts! 

KL(stnptease)-thick & thin Freshman year 
C0-TY4 always making me smile 
MK(poopstain) talking 4 hrs about nothing 
MM-TY 4 being there always LS-Mrs! Meet 
me at the corner LK- Scranton-NBI-New Res 
CS-Boyfriend-Don't cheat on me HAVE- 
12:10 first & last TY 4 love! Goodluck- 
Friends 4 life Panama City Hunt Teams '97 
Clover Farm NBI 

(Julie Elisabeth Currie 

My DelVal experience has been a good one. 
Thanks to all my friends: Rene. Michelle. 
Kristen, and Kimmy I hope to keep in touch. 
See you all at the reunion. 

Seniors ^4f, t% 

Johnnie AT. 3'igueroa 

53 Red Maple Ln. 
Levittown, PA 19055 

Margaret Aileen Jlynn 

5031 Greene St. 

Philadelphia, PA 19144 


David Jranck 

P.O. Box 76 
Otisville, NY 10963 

Dani C. Julcomer 

RD 2 Box 659E 

Annville, PA 17003 


Angela E. Qaido 

709 5th Ave. 
Parkesburg, PA 19365 

Wendy C. (jaj 

P.O. Box 136 

Quakertown, PA 18951 


Caurie £7. Qander 

185 Mabie Ct. 

Mahwah, NJ 07430 

Alethia S. Qewertz 

713 Schwenkmill Rd. 

Perkasie, PA 18944 


Claudette £. gilbert 

1164 Strauss Valley Dr. 

Lehighton, PA 18235 


Suzanne p. Godfrey 

167 Cameron Dr. 

Holland, PA 18966 


Erin Qoldschmidt 

1647 N. 21st St. 

Allentown, PA 18104 


Rebecca A. Qollnick 

563 Prospect St. 
Plantsville, CT 06479 

RB5*^^^^^H i 

* H 

1 - ml 

^fl i ^l~~^^^ 

m. H m, 



Dan Qrannis 

125 Kline PI. 

Dunellen. NJ 08812 


Kimberly 7. Qray 

29 S. Main St. Apt. 3C 

Doylestown, PA 18901 


William (4 reaves ^Jr. 

959 Fillmore St. 

Philadelphia, PA 19124 


Cori M- (jregalis 

250 Avon St. 
Easton, PA 18042 

Susan C. Hagar 

1230 Bridle Path Dr. 

Lansdale, PA 19446 


Eric D. Halperin 

513 Caddy Drive 

Doylestown, PA 18901 


Susan Hatch 

24 Churchville Lane 

Churchville, PA 


Alex W. Haubeck 

526 Middle Road 

Perkasie, PA 18944 


Lindsay Hicks 

2618 Fallow Hill Lane 

Jamison, PA 18929 


Rene Hilderbrand 

85 Dollard Drive 

North Babylon, NY 11703 


Amy S. Howard 

68 Trenton Ave. 

Frenchtown, NJ 08825 


Dave M- Hudock 

267 Ellis Rd. 

Milford, NJ 08848 





Matthew M- Hunter 

518 N.Saint Elmo St. 

Alientown, PA 18104 


Carrie H. Jackson 

3490Manor Rd. 

Bethlehem, PA 18020 


Kelly M- Johnson 

Alb Hopwood Dr. 
Warminster, PA 18974 

Lisa M- Karkoska 

61 East Seven Stars Rd. 

Phoenixville, PA 19460 


Stephanie K. Kauffman 

1224 Fritztown Rd. 

Reinholds, PA 17569 

Jill 13. Kearns 

27 Violetwood dr. 

Levittown, PA 19057 


Samantha Cynne Keenan 

4118 Barnstaple Place 

Bensalem, PA 19020 


Megan M- Kelly 

526 W. Siddonsburg Rd. 

Dillsburg, PA 17019 


Cynn Kennedy 

725 Electric St. 

Scranton, PA 18509 


Ijethamj A. Davis 

EK-to forgetting things.DBH. JS-to being 
shady about things. TL-to saying things, if 
he luvs me I would luv him. Homewrecker! 
Girls to unforgettable fnendships&memones 
I will treasure always! HM-I luv U. forever 
friends. CL-you have truly influenced me, 
s"t H20! WJS-to unforgettable secrets.AD- 
U can count on me.KS,KD.MN,TG-to all the 
good times, NBI! JV & JO-gossip girls, win- 
dows, SGB, Finally friends !MK, SM. DG, 
PC, BC, MA, GN, RW, JT, AD, RG, AT, WC, 
CM. MC. thanks boys! I luv U all! 

Dave Jranck 

I want to thank my parents for everything-l 
love you both.DPT 10-15-96 live forever. 
410,405 Stoneington Farm. hanging w/ the 

boys. Work Hall '95 '96 w/CV EH JS SE The 
house and all the parties. NBI late nights. 
Panama City '98. JFB-best weekend ever 1 1- 
20-98. B-ball '95-'97. D.C. thank you for 
everything and all the memories, I love you. 
Road trips and the memories w/ C.V. Gradu- 
ation MAY 22, 1999-finally done!!! Thanks 
to all my's been fun!! 

Heather Allison Qalanti 

Thank you to my family for supporting me 
throughout my life and college years. 
Tennille, Steph, Cardi. Christine, Marty, Cuz, 
Vico. B, Michele. Steph:l cherish our friend- 
ship and memories that we made and will 
carry them with me always. John, I love you 
with all of my heart and soul. With you I 
have felt in my heart the promise of eternal 
love. Look out real world, here I come! 

Dan grannis 

As I complete my journey HERE I would like 
to thank those who inspired me: Mom, Harry, 
Frank for being there for me; Dad for keep- 
ing me in line; Billy sky is the limit for us; 
Chewy my partner in crime; Buford keep 
floatin; Neumann for pulling me through; my 
grandparents Poppy stay strong; Bret My LIL 
BRO; Beth.Tara.EM, Jen for all the laughs; 
Pat for his antics; Rachael you're a sweet- 
heart; Homeless for his generosity; Kev 
you've been there since day 1. 

Cori Qregalis 

These past four years were the best time of 
my life & I am going to miss everyone, es- 


Mary Klineburger 

8060 Craig Street 

Philadelphia, PA 19136 


Emily Sue Koch 

255 Whippoorwill Lane 
Cogan Station, PA 17738 

Charles E. Kochanski 

2310 Upper Barness Rd. 

Warrington, PA 18976 


JVlariah Krauter 

2624 Pickertown Rd. 

Warrington, PA 18976 


Eric Yi. Cabs 

1021 Butler Lane 

Perkasie, Pa 18944 


Robert 3. Candis 

8603 Alicia St. 

Philadelphia, PA 19115 


Peter E. Candrum 

500 Upland Rd. 

Havertown, PA 19083 


Paul C. Canzetta 

5911 Pidcock Creek Rd. 
New Hope, PA 18938 

^Jaime C. Ca'lourrette 

141 Allem Lane 

Perkasie, PA 18944 


pecially LM.B0.KG.TD & the rest of the DEB 
girls. Thanks for the memories. Skit night 
rules! So long to Melrose AL. sorry about 
9/16 the date LD & I will never forget. To all 
the Bahama mamas & papas, down with the 
Bohemian Plague. Much love! 

Yiene Hilderbrand 

Michele, Julie, Kimmie, and Knsten: You 
four are my best friends. These four years 
have been so memorable because of you 
guys. Thank you for always being there for 
me and I hope we stay in touch forever. I 
love you! Rene 

Dave Hudock 

Mom & Dad I love you. Without you two I 
couldn't have made it. Thanks. JFB where 

do I begin. You guys have become the broth- 
ers I have never had. You'll remain a part of 
my great memories forever. To all my boys 
CR, JB, TK, EJ, GS, DF, G0.& the rest of 
JFB and DPT, ill never forget all the great 
times we had from going to the bar, party- 
ing, four-wheeling, and Cancun. 

Cynn Kennedy 

Txs Mom, Dad, Jen & Mar 4 all the 
luv&support Ed: Txs 4 always being there 4 
me To MK.DC.KLELE Txs 4 all the memo- 
ries To MF.GV.LP&MM I could never have 
donit w/out you guys! I luv U! To the girls 
ml 13NRH you're the best Txs 4 the gr8 par- 
ties! I'll never forget the delta boys.NBI,HC's,A- 
Days, the house, all the scandals in 113. 
thursday nights, Petes.karaoke at NBI. happy 
hour, parties&formals! Always remember if 

U can run U can get away w/ anything but if 
U fall then it's all over! ByDVC Txs 4 all of 
the great memories! I Luv U gram 

Mary Klineburger 

MOM-lm here b-c of you DAD-thanks for 
your guidance MY FAMILIES-I did it! DC- 
BPL,Satellite,"horsing"around.FRIENDS "I 
cut myself" KL-GCA,rock hard, "the gimp's 
sleeping", FRANCIS.Joshua Lite LK- 
Pillowtalk.lEEM CS- 

sister.bodyguard.Xena.SPECTATORS KC- 
rubberarm ED&MK-MEMsisters 

LaQueet-B**"in'Feet-NO REGRETS! JB- 
Drink&be merry. P in a bag.WE did it! 


Michael K. Cawson 

17512 Kohloss Rd. 

Poolesville, MD 20837 


Coleen E. Ceary 

1213 Osbourne Ave. 

Roslyn, PA 19001 


Elizabeth A. Ceiter 

2000 Pineford Dr. 

Midletown, PA 17057 

Kelly Cerner 

12 Hillcrest Circle 
Doylestown, PA 18901 

Kevin D. Cong 

3014 Shakespeare Rd. 

Bethlehem, PA 18017-3220 


Alex K. Cozano 

805 Barclay Ave. 

Kristin Cutcher 

214 Andrew Dr. 

Newtown, PA 18940 


Adrienne £. Lyons 

22 Peony Road 
Levittown, PA 19056 

Elizabeth Cyons 

43 Thombury Ave. 

Glen Rock, NJ 07452 


Keith 7. Cysack 

143 Union Corners Rd. 

Warwick, NY 10990 


Katie M- Maciolek 

2613 Bradenbaugh Rd. 

White Hall, MD 21161 


Kelly £. JVlair 

25 Lamp Post Lane 
Somerdale, NJ 08083 


'Jesse A. J\Aarder 

300 Media Pkwy. 

Wallingford, PA 19086 


Tracy C. Masterson 

10 Crest View Dr. 
Akron. PA 17501 

Laura "Jean Mayer 

50 Waldheim Rd. 

New Oxford. PA 17350 


Steve C. McGarron 

RT2 Box 198 

Bridgeville, DE 19933 


Rebecca M- McDonnell 

3372 Creek Rd. 

Northampton. PA 18067 


Korin Mediate 

1 153 Walton Rd. 

Jeannette, PA 15644 


Lisa Anne Mel ham 

278 Sample Bridge Rd. 

Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 


Carissa Mellott 

5178 Lincoln Way West 

St. Thomas, PA 17252 


Melonie A. Messina 

7609 Hunter Dr. 
Morrisville, PA 19067 

geth Meyers 

7460 Friendship Village Road 

Chambersburg, PA 17201 


Dawn M- Michelizzi 

655 Elbow Lane 

Warrington, PA 18976 


James W. Miller 

4400 Miller Rd. 

Bangor, Pa 18013 




/I lexis Ann Moretti 

205 Bryans Rd. 

Nomstown, PA 19401 


Sheldon Cee Myers 

347 Kellers Church Rd. 

Perkasie, PA 18944 


Cjeorqe < J. pjeumann 999 

9 Hillary Terrace 

Succasunna, NJ 07726 


fJealie C. JVewberger 

406 Commons Way 

Doylestown, PA 18901 


Darci /\!iszczak 

1514-R Ravena St. 

Bethlehem, PA 18105 


Camille C. PJorvaisas 

24 Jay Street 

Feasterville, PA 19053 


Maureen O'Brien 

7749 Greenbrier Rd. 

Pennsauken, NJ 08109 


Michael Robert O'Gonor 

1312 Southampton Blvd. 

Toms River, NJ 08757 


tfridget M< O'Donnell 

619 Mueller Rd. 

Warmister, PA 18974 


Emily Sue Koch 

This goes to my threesome Jen, Beth and 
Terra: You guys have been there for the best 
and worst of me. This goes to Sam my study 
buddy and friend for four've put 
up with a lot. To Pat.Nibbles.Steven and the 
gang. To my only Stamper T I'll miss our 
Thursdays. Finally this goes to the girl who 
says things, the other who does things, the 
other that is shady about things and last the 
one that loses things. I love you guys Thank 
you for all the fun. 

JVlariah Krauter 

Wow that went fast. 3 yrs at del val and my 
last semester on semester at sea travelling 
the world (9 countries) my college memo- 
ries will last a life time as well as some of 
the friends I made along the way. My deep- 

est thanks to my mother who supported me 
thru it all (even Police Academy) I love & 
appreciate you more than you'll ever know! 
Best wishes to everyone on their journeys 
into the real world. Reach for the stars and 
expect nothing less. 

Eric Vi. Cabs 

We are finally out of here, but now the real 
world starts. Mom and Dad thank you for 
all your help through school. College was 
the best time of my life, partying and hang- 
ing out with my friends. In the future I'm 
going to make beer pong a professional 
sport. Hippauf and I are Pong Champions 
and will challenge anyone who wants to get 
beat. Good luck to all my friends and every- 
one else in the future. 

Kevin D. Cong 

Chris, always remember the angry beavers 
rule! Chewy, never forget our Kl & orna- 
ments and late night wings. Maureen, when 
I make my millions I'll buy you your very 
own manatee. Boon, Da**it Jim, you are such 
a beeach! Tim, I am the TM2 Champion. You 
will always refer to me as the champ, and 
that goes for you too Jeff. Jeff is yellow. Kurt, 
I rather have a sandwich. I am El Guapo, not 
OJ, it's never 10:15, and I don't drive a white 
bronco! Beavers! 

Kristin Cutcher 

Thanks M&D for your love &support,l could 
nothave done it w/out you!Fred-UR a great 
friend&brother. DC,MK,CS,LK,KC, CO-U 
guys are the best.Fr.yr.BPL, Satte.GCA- 
braid-rubberarm. pillowtalk-leatem! Mon. 

20 &% Se "i°<* 

Allison A. O'JVeil 

4 Short 
Danbury, CT 06810 

Terrance C J. Oliver 99 

5370 Old Oneida Rd. 

Verona, NY 13478 


'JeffJV. Or ban 

35 Church Lane 

Wayne, NJ 07470 


Maria D. Palermo 

125 Adams Ave. 

Browns Mills, NJ 08015 


Christine Patten 

113 Point Airy Rd. 

Pilesgrove, NJ 08098 


Charles Yl. Patterson 9V 

115 Patterson Dairy Ln. 

Chestertown, MD 21620 


Megan K. Paugh 

4230 Manayunk Ave. 

Philadelphia, PA 19128 


jVJelanie < J. picciano 

923 Wallace st. 

Endicott, NY 13760 


Melissa 9. Pogwizd 

P.O. Box 3 

Sharon, VT 05065 


nights- 1 13. Francis bring out the 
gimp.Klllmgton.NBI-vacation. AS-U have a 
heart of gold. Case-Thnx 4 being U. "Truly 
great friends are hard to find.difficult to leave. 
and impossible to forget" Panama City98. 
Good luck! 

Andrienne C. Lyons 

People come and People go but you will 
always remember the special few who 
touched your life. I give special thanks to 
my mom, grandparents and Daren. Without 
your love and support the past 4 years 
wouldn't have been possible. I had a great 
time and I learned a lot. Lesson #1 -Don't 
go in the jungle with Bahama Men! Best 
wishes always to the library staff and all of 
the friends I have made in my 4 years at 

Elizabeth Lyons 

To all my friends I made at DVC: You better 
keep in touch and I will look foward to our 
next beer together! To my family:Thank you 
for all your love and support! I love you! To 
Zeesh:You have made being "special" the 
best thing in the world. ...thank you for all 
the great times and heres to all the new 
memories we will make in the future. "Don't 
Dream It Be lt"-Frankenfurter 

Laura 'Jean Mayer 

I would like to thank my family for all their 
love & support to get me thru college-it 
means so much! To my friends-thanks for 
the memories & please stay in touch. And 
to Bill & Justin- 1 LOVE YOU!! 

Korin Mediate 

Well I guess it's the end of four years on the 
"otherside" of the state. I'm definitely going 
to miss all my Alpha Phi Omega brothers. 
Younz have provided some of the best and 
most lasting memories of all. Shawn, all I 
can say is the letter. Sue, thanks for laughs 
and the ear to listen. I hope I'm invited to 
the wedding. Matt never lose that nyer way. 
Dan you were the best boss a student could 
ask for. Kat.Jules. and all the rest in SGB. 
Eguine Clb, Thanks 



Quendryth Poore 

71 Melville Lane 

Willmgboro, NJ 08046 


'Jason Wade Powell 

553 Grant St. 

Hazleton, PA 18201 


tjryan K. Purcaro 

252 Ackerman Place 

Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442 


Christie R. Rager 

108 Greenbriar Dr. 

Marysville, PA 17053 


Michael C. Reese 

1804 Jericho Dr. 

Warrington, PA 18976 


Emilie Replogle 

4003 Media Rd. 

Oxford, PA 19363 


Stephen S. Rinker 

1051 Peaceful Lane 

Hatfield, PA 19440 


flJicole Robinson 

198 Gaylord Dr. 

Rockford, Ml 49341 



JVlichele Jean Roman 

526 Margorie Drive 

Dunmore, PA 18512 


Charles Roohr 

Box 277 

Browns Mills/Cookstown Rd. 

Cookstown, NJ 08511 


Kevin p. Ryan 

241 West Burgess Ave. 
Morrisville, PA 

Christine M- Salter 

1934 Lehigh St. 

Easton, PA 18042 


T i 

■ *& | 



WP h hi ill 


Michelle C. Sanrirock 

3363 S. Front St 
Whitehall, PA 18052 

Christopher M- Sarnicola 

42 Gregory Dr. 

Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 


Matthew J. Schieferstein 

21 Bruce Lane South 

Kings Park, NY 11754 


7oc/ D. Semke 

1045 Stevens Road 

York Haven, PA 17370 


Amy Marie Shiffler 

600 Early's Mill Rd. 
Hummelstown, PA 17036 

Donna D. Shumpert 

171 Ridge Rd. 

West Milford, NJ 07480 


Christine M- Siracusa 

47 Kuggas Place 

Bergenfield, NJ 07621 


Cheryl M- Sitarchyk 

1004 Coal Street 

Lehighton, PA 18235 


William < J. Somma 

3153 Winding Road 

Kintnersville, PA 18930 


Matthew C. Soncini 

112 Ruth Ln. 
New Britain, PA 18901 

Derek W. Starts 

400 Broadway 

Runnemede, NJ 08078 


Rebecca C. Stavenick 

1130 Boulevard 

Westfield, NJ 07090 




949 Grant Avenue 

Philadelphia, PA 19115 


Edward p. Szwajkowski 

2354 Yeager Court 
Bensalem, PA 19020 

Qlenn 'Lager 

79 Evergreen Rci. 

Vernon, CT 06066 


Michelle /V7. Taylor 

2411 Winding Rd. 
Hatboro, PA 19040 

Christine /V7. Thomas 

801 Willopenn Dr. Apt 0-206 

Southampton, PA 18966 

Samantha A. Thomas 

223 Fair St. 

Bloomsburg, PA 17815 


/War* Thompson 

1120 Hunter Hill Dr. 

Lansdale, PA 19446 


John J. Tighe III 

1476 N. Main St. 
Williamstown, NJ 08094 

Christina JVl- Tronolone 

6413 Fir Rd. 

Allentown, PA 18104 


Caiissn fAellot 

4 years have gone fast-thanks to my parents 
for doing all my work and supporting me, 
to Nana for all you do, and the rest of the 
family for being there. Also to Eli for show- 
ing me what I want and making it come true- 
Tarrying your love with me"-many more 
years to come, good luck to all dairy majors 
and thanks for putting up with me Melissa! 
Gawrsh, I'll miss this place! Whatever! 

Sheldon Cee Jfiyers 

Thank you to all of my friends, who were 
able to make my college experience GREAT! 
I am just glad that it is finally over! 

Christine Patten 

Thanks Mom & Dad for all of your love and 
support. To all my friends it has been a great 
four years. Never forget all the crazy stuff 
we did and talked about. After graduation 
our paths will divide but our friendships and 
memories are everlasting. Keep in touch! 

Michele 'Jean Roman 

First of all, I would like to thank my parents 
for giving me the opportunity to receive a 
college education. Heather, I'm glad that we 
became roommates through which we be- 
came great friends. Steph, you're a great 
friend and I really treasure all the talks we 
had together. Michelle and Bethany, I'm glad 
we ahve become friends. Mike, you will al- 
ways hold a place in my heart. And to my 
family. I hope I have made all of you proud 

of me. 

Charles E. Koohr 

To all the people who have made my years 
@ Del Val so great. Thanks. Special Thanks 
goes to my mom. dad and grandparents for 
pushing me in this direction. And then where 
would I be without my ADOPTED family. You 
guys mean the world to me. DH, JB, TK, SK, 
SC, MM, EJ, of course the JFB, as well as 
our new friends the DPT Brothers. Easily the 
best 4 years of my life. How could I forget 
you guys.. ..Lisa I didn't forget you. You've 
been the greatest, I Lcve You. 
Matthew J. Schieferstein 
Congrats to the class of 99! 
of you next year! To all my APO brothers 

24 jWfe_5 


best of luck and keep the brotherhood!! Fi- 
nally remember when you are 121 you are 
121 for life! Peace! 

Derek IV. Starts 

I would like to thank my parents especially 
my father for pushing me so much in school, 
sports, and life! Without him pushing me 
who knows where I would be today! I love 
you mom. dad, Jay and Gunner! 

%eth Swenson 

I wish to thank my mom for all her love and 
patience, I love you very much. I also wish 
to thank the rest of my family, especially my 
sister and best friend, Heidi. To all my friends 
at DVC, thank you for the great times and 
good luck in all you do. 

Samantha A. Thomas 

Mom Dad Chris & Buh-weet Thanx for the 
laughs. FH Team Balls & Rickerts. L&L lots 
of beer. Kann UR the best roommate a girl 
could ask for. F your markers! GTH thank 
you for giving me, beanies, your 
car. and especially your love. You made it 
all possible. ILY. "I Love the friends I've gath- 
ered on this thin raft. We have constructed 
pyramids in honor of your escaping"- James 
Douglas Morrison 

'Joy Vance 

Thanks to all for your support! Thanks Lind- 
say, BL. MK. HD. LC, JD, NF, MS, SM, JF. 
AG, BetsyH, A-Day, Dairy Society. B&B. 
SGB, NAMA.& to all! The last 4 years have 
been made of memories, good times, bad 
times, and many forgot! Best wishes to all 

as the Class of 1999 travels on with life! 

Kristen JVlciry Wall 

Joel.Rich.Carne.Alethia.Donna and Kimmie- 
I love you guys and I will miss you so much! 
Kimmie-I'm up you ate it! Rene-you are the 
best roommate anyone could ever ask for! I 
love you so much and you had better keep 
in touch even after you are a rich doctor. 
Joel-Ill see you in vet school-you are the 
Mac! Rich save cheesecake for me! Carrie 
you are my pumpkin forever! Thanks to all 
for always being there and I wish you all the 
best of luck! 

'Joy Vance 

R.D. 3 Box 320A 
Mt. Pleasant, PA 15 


Kristen Mary Wall 

HC 1 Box 1960 

Tafton, PA 18464 


Dyan C. Webber 

3552 Rose Ave. 

Trevose, PA 19053 


'John Whalen 

198 Wilde Ave. 
Drexel Hill, PA 19026 

'James A. Whelan 

32 West Vine St. 

Hatfield, PA 19440 


Kelly White 

11595 Liberty Oak Dr. 

Frederick, MD 21701 


Bethany Wieland 

43 North Grant St. 

Palmyra, PA 17078 


Elizabeth M- Wiley 

201 Candlebrook Rd. 
King of Prussia, PA 19406 

Pamela A. Wilson 

368 Thomridge Dr. 

Levittown, PA 19054 




Clyde J. Wolfe <]r. 

303 Wall St. 
Hummelstown, PA 17036 

Michael 7. Wood 

2699 Beech St. 

Jeremy A. Ijeager 

761 Sollenberger Road 

Chambersburg. PA 17201 


Angela Carrie Zolko 

5030 Butler Pike 

Plymouth Mtg., PA 19462 


Kelly White 

MOM&DAD-Thank you for all of the you have given me thise 
past 4 yrs. GRET-Thank you for being a great 
sister.l couldn't have done it w/out you. 
KEN&CELS-Thank you for waiting 4 me. 
EGG-Thanks 4 making me believe in the 
fairytale! BR-Thanks 4 keeping me laughing 
everyday! CS.KG.SW-Good luck! JY-I'm here 
if u need anything.stay focused! Good luck 
DVC Field Hockey! Thank you to the 

IQethany Wieland 

Jane-Remember NBI & all our other long 
talks. John 0., Sonya, and Loni-Our fun 
times in the pub will be missed. Matty Matty- 
RELAX!!! Kevin-All my love! all of my friends 

that I have had over the past four years: It's 
been real, but I'm outta here. See ya at Home- 
coming '99. PEACE! 

Angela Carrie Zolko 

Oh yes! I finished in 4 years!! Changed my 
major, have a double minor, TRAVELLED THE 
WORLD BFF MK! Was very active and started 
as a CHOICES student. It truly enjoyed my 
college years but it's time to move on! I have 
come a long way and am very proud of all I 
have achieved! Much love and thanx 2 my 
mother Lesley and father Richard you 2 have 
made me into the person I am 2day. You 2 
gave me the world & beyond without U guys I 
could not of achieved all that I have. I love U 
& thank U I will make you proud. Thanx 2 my 
BFF TH DR CH & my love TD & MH 2 my Bro 
I love U! 

As Time Goes By 
By Kellv P. Barnes 

Four years have gone by 

Old friends have stayed with you, 

New friends have come along. 

New memories are made. 

Reminisced each time you are together. 

Classes begin, classes end. 

Professors pass on their knowledge, 

In hopes you will take it with you on your journey. 

Events come and go, 

Improving each year. 

When year fouri rolls in 

You begin to think of where you might go. 

You look to the world for advice 
On whereto go y ; :.■ 
Only to realize 
The answer istyithin yourself. 

After resumes and interviews 
You begin to have an idea, 
But continue to look behind 
To see if you missed something. 

Looking ahead is not an option until graduation. 
Although a small part of your future is mapped out, 
You look at the long, winding path you made 
To where you are. 

As you walk across the stage, 

You thank the Lord 

For all that has happened, 

Knowing it was all to get you where you are today. 

Your friends and family wish you luck, 
Hoping you only receive the best. 
Congratulations and shoot only for the stars. 

26 ^Ufc, Seniors 

Camera Shy Seniors 

Eric M. Afflerbach 

Theresa Marie Alderfer 

Barbara Annan 

Anthony Michael Baccari 

Erin Lee Bailey 

Misty Dawn Barto 

Casie Lynn Belagh^ 

Kerry Alan Berc 

Raymond Dofraldson Berryman 

Tripti Raj^ra Bijoor 


John^incent Bisbing 

DeJ^rah Kim Blades 

pthryn Elena Be 
Brenda Lynn Bolster 

; : : I v ck Bolton 
Randal ... Boriel 

. t, r Lynn BornLmu> 
A. Bortnir 
. Patricia Bov. 

old Richard t 

Nathaniel Edward Burns 
Person M. Burt m 

l oi Carl Caggiai 

Carrie Elizabeth ClarjvsojL 
Mich- >e Denise Clements 

firl Connolly 
Dame! Marshall Cormican 
James ThomasT^^Pr 
^John J.Costigan Jr. 

Iliam Thomas Currey IV 
Harry J^ijjJjipean Jr. 
Francis W. De? 
James Amedeo Di Jliiseppe 
Dina Mane DiViralio 
Joey LeeDudenJpstel 
Jan C. Dunnej 
Paula Nanetj/Eggert 
Marcee Jo/erguson 
James Mjfhael Ficzko 
Austin m co I as Figueroa 
Mark/rancis Folweiler 
Domes A. Forliano 
Andr^^inslie Fox 
Syrene F^jedmann 
Heather Allison^ajanti 
Barbara A. Galligan 
Kyle Drew Garner 
Kelly Mane Gartner 

Theodore A. Gilbert III 
Kenneth A. Godwin 
Daniel Jacob Gower Jr. 
Elisabeth Sloane Gray 

rtichael Gresko Jr. 
ConstancfcShurer Grimsley 
Christina BetmMadeline Ha^Er 
Sheldon Omar Hwsorj 
Francis Joseph Hel 
^ja L. Henderson 
Ingrid Andrea Hopkn 
EdwarfJjE. Hunter 
Joshua Jay Huyutt 
Melissa Ih'n iiinko 
George Davd In hoi 
Jais John 
Eric Khalid J : ' 
Eric Robert J "sng 
Suzanne Aly .- Katzbeck 
Scott Rober Keir 
Frank L. Ket -hek 
Maureen Ci leen Killeen-Stanek 
David Scotl Kinkead 
John V. KM ch 
Garth E. Kiowlton 
John Chri ,topherKnudsn 
Robin Dei Kobren 
Denise Kothe A 

Eileen D Krai ^ 

Mark Lf.-i Kresge 
Amy M \ r > K'oeger 

Frank Joseph Kui 

Christine Virginia 
^Hce Kathenne Lapkiel 
^Hmia Corry Lazarowitz 

Tbert Tenel Leach 

Jan S. Lefkowitz 

Kenneth Irving/I^er 
TMary Beth Lefnon 

Gale L. LenyMays 

Kyle Jacoblevengood 

Robert Joieph Lieb 

Janet Ly/e Lord 

Timoth/vlichael Lij/Tpkin 

Kevin/harles Maj 

Jam* Jeffrey Manser 

Mi/ael Dale Marshall 

S«n ThomayMartin 
hgela Chi*ine Mastrangelo 

Lisa Marie Magellan 
^Corina Sue McCc 

Jessica Williams McC 

Robert Mark McLeod 

Michael Patrick McNammee 

Diann Tyler Mentzer 
Joseph Richard Monchek 
Carol Christine Moore 
William Bruce Murdoch V 
Mary Lynn Nichols 
Rebecca Pauline Nissley 
Antonia Rosattia Nocero 
Jonathan L. Nuss 
Jennifer Louise Olsen 
Kelly Ann Orser 
ReginaAnn Pagano 
Ella Noel Pandy 
Joseph Kenneth Pinkey 
Karen Lynn Poli 

Richard Lee Presco Jr. 

Michael Joseph Przyuski 
Timothy P. Quinn 

Kevin Bruce Rambo 

Rebecca E. W. Ripley 

Daniel Scott Romaine 

Sherry Sue Roth-Eyre 

Maureen Anne Rush 

Michael Brian Sagel 

Gretchen Lyn Schatschneider 

Stephan Schlussel 

Kristopher Eric Sebring 

Elizabeth Hart Sheflin 

Jason Sherman 

Michael George Simons 

Pamela Elaine Smith 

Jon Soderberg 

Adam Hawke Staton 

Eric G. Steiner 

Kimberly Allison Strichik 

Brian Kenneth Stull 

William Jason Swallow 

Ellen Marie Van Pelt 

Christy Vandegrift 

Erika Maria Varnai 

Brian Phillip Vickers 

Gregory Vico 

Christopher Brooks Vreeland 

Lisa Ruth Warfield 

Raymond C. Warriner 

Shannon L. Weidemann 

Jeffrey Welch 

Leanna Esther Wester 

J. Marc Whittington 

Loise Marie Williamson 

Joseph F. Windish III 

Heidi Elizabeth Wolfgang 

Robert John Wrzesniewski 

Megan Elizabeth Young 

Dennis Joseph Ziober 






Through the year, the 
Class of 1999 officers 
worked hard on plan- 
ning the Spring Break 
trip to Cancun. There 
were a total of 15 trav- 
elling including Mr. 
Schlegel as advisor. 
Departure from Del 
Val took place on Fri- 
day. March 5th taking 
ther7i to LA and then to 
Cancun. On Sunday, 
a welcome party was 
given at Fat Tuesday's. 
The party included 
various exotic mixed 
drinks and crazy con- 
tests. Next came the 
booze cruise on Mon- 
day. They travelled to 
Isla Mujeres and en- 
joyed dinner, competed 
in contests, and rode 
the mechanical 

Tuesday night 
continued the 
trip with a Jam 
Session at Dady 
Rock. Music 
was featured 
from the 70's, 
80's, and 90's. 
They went to a 
Mardi Gras 

theme on Wednesday 
for a night at Pat 
O'Briens. Thursday 
evening the group split 
up and visited places 
they wanted to see. 
Some of them went to 
Senor Frogs and oth- 
ers went to the Si. 00 
Corona Bar. On Fri- 
day night they re- 
turned to the airport 
for their trip back to 
Del Val. Boy was that 
a quick trip. 
Of course, no trip is 
complete without 
funny happenings and 
sayings that you're 
sure to not forget. Do 
any of you remember 
the 7th floor club or Go 
Widener or the One 
man Foam Party for 

/ ayicun 

Chuck?!? "Tom, take 
the deadbolt off'---this 
is one in teresting story 
no trip should be with- 
Everyone enjoyed the 

crystal blue waters, the 
sunshine, the beer, and 
the fun memories that 
they will carry with 

Story bx Kell\ D. Barnes 


>©Sii syrups i 

^5H/ ' 

2X ^Mfc Seniors 

Tommy Koehler sees himself as being 
King of the world or at least this ocean. 
Certainly hope he doesn't jump!! 

The group gathered for their last 
meal in Cancun at Carlos & 

Jill Baker. Kelly Lerner. Jess 
Lerner. and Mr. Schlegel relax 
on the beachfront enjoying the 
cool breezes coming off the waves. 

The girls look ready to go out on 
the town. Mary Klineburger. 
Kelly Lerner, Jessica Lerner. 
Lynn Kennedy, Jillian Baker, 
and Leah Eason all smile pretty 
for the camera waiting to get out 
on the town. 

Caucus $fc 29 

This beautiful view is of the 

bridge from Nassau to Paradise 


5^^:r_li_.._'i ■;■,-» 

Various humorous, but serious 

signs were spotted around the 

Atlantis Hotel grounds. 

Could this be the one? Tifanie 

Sbriscia didn't just go for the 

sunshine, she was hoping to 

scope out a guy. 

The famous Atlantis Hotel on 
Paradise Island. To stay in the 
arch costs $25,000 a night!! 

The group of students are on their 
way to Robinson Caruso Island. Lori 
Gregalis, Lisa Melham. Dan Grannis. 
Pat Callahan, Kurt Ginter. Wendye 
Neubauer, Stephanie Bumbaugh. Jeff 
Orban, Carol Moore, and Scott Yules 
enjoyed the day full of fun activities 



Iterative £ reak 

Vacations are a time of 
relaxation and fun. 
however, SpringBreak 
for these individuals 
started out pretty 

rocky. The Bahamas 

trip teas set up by a 
loeal travel agency. 
The 21 Spring Break- 
ers were to leave on 

Saturday. March 6th 

and return March 

i:it/i. Unfortunately, 
two days before depar- 
ture a call came in say- 
ing they had to leave 
Friday instead. With 
excitement everyone 
packed up early and 
headed out. 
Once at Nassau, every- 
one settled down in the 

Hilton Hotel. It teas 
under construction, 
but didn't ruin the trip 
for these guys. During 
theweek, the group vis- 
ited various clubs such 
as the Zoo. This placed 

Dreams loeated on the 
beach featured day 
and night time actix i 
ties allowing many to 
drop in at various 
times. Their activities 
had themes like Mardi 
Gras. Also frequented, 
was the Waterloo 
which had inside and 
outside facilities. 
Monday night every- 
one attended the booze 
cruz on the Yellow Bird 
lasting 3 hours full of 
dancing and rum 

On Wednesday, the 
group went on a day 
trip to Robinson 
Crusoe's Island. Many 

Jared Fogg. Scott Yules, and Pat 
Callahan enjoy the sun. but boy 
is it bright in the eyes! 

Some of girls enjoy relaxing on 
the beach outside the hotel with 
drinks to quench their thirst 
Wonder what's in the cups?! 

of the stu- 
dents went 
kayaking, or 
just relaxed 
at the beach. 
The daytime 
events were 
up to the in- 
dividual. Ac- 
tivities in- 
cluded: beach 
bound, shop- 
ping at Straw 
Market, rent- 
ing mopeds, 
or taking in 
the sites of 
Some even 
went to Para- 
dise Island to 
see the 

Atlantis Ho- 
tel and play 
the casinos. 
U n fo r t u - 
nately, some 
got sick while 
on vacation 
calling it the 
Overall a 
great time 
was had by 

Story by Lori 

Is Colleen Kearns having troouble walk- 
ing or is that just the boat making her 
wobble? Better help her out Tif. 

'SatwuzK ^*tr 1? 



A highlight of senior 
year are the senior so- 
cials put together by 
the Class Officers. Se- 
niors gather for a few 
hours at least once a 
month to chat, relax. 
and have so?ne d links. 
They revel in these op- 
portunities as they are 
the honored guests cel- 
ebrating what will be 
approaching closer 
and closer as each so- 
cial goes by— Com- 
Being the Class of 
1999, we celebrated 
long and hard on Feb- 
ruary 11th. as it 

marked -'99 Nights Til 
Graduation". The so- 
cial was filled with 
music from our very 
own Bill Taylor as DJ. 
andfun as everyone en- 
joyed the excitemen t of' 
knowing there was 
only a short time left to 
go. Each setiior attend- 
ing the 
w a s 
given a 
" 9 9 
shirt to 
wear to 
t h e 

Talk about unity! 
Our last social was 
held on April 8th be- 
hind Admissions with 
a picnic. Preceeding 
the social was the ga- 
zebo dedication to the 

On the sentimental 
end, socials mark the 

time that has past and 
will soon end. Al- 
though some won Y ad- 
mit it, being a senior is 
full of sadness and sor- 
?'ow as we move on and 
leave DVC behind with 
all it has given us. 

By Kelly D. Barnes 

Tommy Koehler can always be 

found smiling and lending a 

hand where it was needed. 





r ^ 

W <rfv 

• " J 


* ii 


1 f 


L i 



Our fearless leader Jim Beagin 
makes sure everything is 
running smoothly and everyone 
is having a great time. 

Sean Earlen is all smiles while 
Dr. Tom Slane pours the beer 
is in cup Which is it: Coors or 

Sociafc ^TTr 33 

Pat Callahan and Stephanie 
riumliaugh are having a good 
time enjoying the good food. 


And the \run 


Jeff Orban seems to be having 
aheated discussion while his 

l.llili'Hl.ltr- looks n|| 

Our faithful bartenders: Dr. 
Slane and Dr. Orr. They never 
missed joining senior for some 

Theta Chi Sigma brothers 
stick together and pose 

Sociak ^Tv 35 

Bethany Weiland and Art 
Caesar enjoy a brief chat 
during the picnic following the 

*£ ^r^Q- Seniors 

As tradition cavil year, 
the senior class pre- 
sents the college with a 
gift. The Class of 1999 
wanted to give some- 
thing that truly gave 
back to the school. 
Upon suggestions and 
comments, the decision 
was made to have a 

gazebo constructed on 
the grassy knoll behind 
I 'Iman Hall. This is a 
common area for stu- 
dents to stand and was 
a beautiful site for its 

After speaking with 
Mr. Howard Eyre, his 
construction class un- 

dertook the task of 
building it as their se- 
mester project. It 
slowly began its for- 
mation and was look- 
ing to be a marvelous 

When the fall semester 
came to a close, con- 
structions was halted 

h o w - 
a w a y 
by vari- 
ous vol- 
w h o 

Following the ribbon cutting. 
Dr. Learner told the guests how- 
pleased he was with the 
finished product. 

would work on it after 

classes uith the guid- 
ance of Mr. Eyre. 
On April 8. 1999 the 
gaxebo was finally 
completed and a dedi- 
cation, ribbon cutting 
ceremony was held. 
Following a brief 
speech of the Class 
President Jim Beagin 
and description of fu- 
ture landscaping 
plans from Mr. Eyre, 
the scissors were 
handed to Dr. Learner. 
Dr. Learner then 
thanked the class for 
the beautiful gift which 

will surely be 

enjoyed by all 
many years to 

. I) Barnes 

Mr. Eyre gave a brief descrip- 
tion of the future plans for the 
landscape around the gazebo. 

Jim Beagin acknowledged 
those who put in long hours to 
complete the project. 

tiazebo Dedication 


During Homecoming 1998, 

Billy Somma was the king 

candidate for SIFE. What a 

fine young man he has become! 

Maggie Flynn and Jeremy 

Yeager catch up at the B&B/ 

Dairy Society Banquet. Jeremy 

graduated in Decemberl998. 

■Eli . 

John Tighe, more commonly 
known as Tigger, was one of 
the founding brothers of Alpha 
Gamma Rho a few years back. 
He is also a great auctioneer. 

3X j% Seniors 




An inevitable thing 
about being a senior is 
the memories, sure 
you have memories to 
reflect on each year, 
but as a senior you 
tend to do it even more. 
You begin to think of 
when you first visited 
the college and came 

to orientation. How 
hard it seemed to un- 
derstand how the sys- 
tem worked regarding 
meals and scheduling 
for classes. 

But the most guarded 
memories are those 
you have mede with 
the numerous friends 



you have made in the 
past four years. You 
begin to reminisce 
about stupid and 
funny things you did 
when you were a fresh- 
man or places you 
went. The thoughts 
continue to float 

through your head 
subconciously, but 
they are such vivid 
memories that you can 
not help but smile to 
yourself and say, 
"These were four great 
So, as you leave DVC 

remember to 
look at what 
you've ac- 
and who 
you've be- 

By Kelly D. Barnes 

Dani Fulcomer along with 
other WDVC members coast 
down the parade route. 

After dedication and Angle Gaido played her 

teamwork, the 1998Spring hardest during each 
Formal was a success. Dave volleyball match. 
Hudock, Mike Carnevale, 
Kelly Barnes, Jim Beagin, 
Seth Klimas, and Chuck 
Roohr take a moment to 
make a memory. 

A le*norie& ^TlL 39 

^ke (Ztass oj 7999 

L^ommencement . 

On Saturday,May 22,1999, the 

honorable Samuel E. Hayes, Jr., 

the Pennsylvania State Secretary of 

Agriculture, addressed the Class of 

1999 and their guests, as the 

keynote speaker for the ceremony. 



President Dr. ! homa 
addresses tin.- c lass ol 

Graduation &te, M 







42 ^^ CtfadustioH 

Cicadua1ion ■&& A3 

aa S^k Graduation 








QradimiioH J^^tfS 

(S o mm e n c em e n t K 

&6 ji<t. Graduation 

Qradnaiion ■&& #7 




tit-actuation ^fc m 

Matt Arnold. Frank Panzullo. Brian Wolfgang and Rich 
Bayachek catch a glimpse of the Homecoming parade from 
Goldman. Like so many things in student life, we don't realize 
what we have until it passes us bv. 






for washing 
s, and town 
s all raised 

<§usness O] 
e school is 

g. New staff 

make the 

ion easier 

s overcome 

Wing pains. 

tefina 'Redmi^z 


■r.^L « 

J\/eiu AcJtoal, h£4ajl jfuewolif 

92 &% Student Lift 

Orientation is a greal time to 

hang with your friend> 
you aren't part of the Class of 
2002 Senior Bethany Davis 
and Junior Jen Schaeffer have 
a tickle-fight between sessions 

Orientation leader- i 

Class of 2002: Ron l L I: 

Way lun Jones. Jen Schaeffer, 
Kelly Barnes, Danielle Vacirca, 
Misty Barto. Row 2: Dan 
Grannis. Michael Wasko, Matt 
Lawhead, Liz Leiter. Bethany 
Davis, Dani Fulcomer, Marsha 

Untying the human knot 
between these freshmen is a 
great way to unravel some of 
the stress that exists in coming 
to a new school. Orientation 
helps provide incoming 
freshmen with a preview of 
college life. 



It's a long way from New 

Jersey, or Pittsburgh when 

you're driving to Del-Val to 

move in. Even Mom needs to 

stop for a juice break. 

* » 




S* j% StudextUfk 

One boj ii 

Pendi td t<> be 

finished I gii 

in '.. 

Just sif,'n in here and you'll re- 
ceive your key to your room, torn 
Garro registers with Will ( iurrey 
in the New Res lobby 

Boxes, Bags, Clothes and Food 




This room is rather empty, hut 
looks rather lived in. 

Just a little splash of color, right 
here. Roomates Jessica Jones & 
KimberlyDavis offset the white 
walls by hanging a plant over the 


Moving In ^TlL *>*> 

Chris Morris and Jared Fogg 

share the stage for a touching 

duet at Schatzy's. SAC 

sponsors karaoke night once a 

month on Tuesdays for those 

who want to sing their heart 


&J&. Stotoftlffk 



Row l: ]ohn Knudson, Chtusnan Sloan, Kelly M. Spence, Ryan Couxmqh 
Will. Su-ivn ProcJjko, JaRRod Mvtexqh, Joe Mmphy, Dmgh foray, Tyson F. Rea>enTeR 
Row J: MflRfe KResge, Bob Lieb, Bill royioR, TRavis Block, jasou Swallow, Ryan S 
Row4: Brum rwlly, feReo>y Vea^eR, Dawd Kennedy, ]oe Blandmo, Cbanlie ?ai renson, 
Dnauschak, HeKbVfeidenhammen Row 5: NickHamm, Joseph Ahemus, John GMselle, Kurt 
Curtis, Grm (Vcirgo 

Row 1: Jaclyn QaxdeUa, Yverre Dubois, Danielle Sofeolopp, Krzsto Lmvsoii, Suzanne 
WolpefRA), Elizabeth Andenson(RA), launen McCamney, Amanda Desiderao, Crista Sewald 
Row 2: Michelle Honey, Amanda Balogach, Jessica Jones, Sanah Bnovm, Dianna Pawlicfei, 
Amanda Bnuno, Blyrhe Barney, Jessica Chyle, Julie lichrenwalneK, Jenmpen Baen, Bnooke 
MaRRay, Kristcm Radosevich, Devon Wilcox, Elizabeth Cnosby, Kim Davis, Melissa McNktt 
Row3: Melissa STewcek, KioSaRTORi, MuMleAuLr, MauReenLiona, STacyBacdnno, Micbele 
SieTSOJa, KRisnne Johnson, Lisa Duake. Summen Solus, Megan Nelson, KaTbleen McMahon, 
BaRTina BaRkley, Amanda Alpauqb, Knisnn Snyden Row 4: Kelly SkellmgeR, jauve Jamah, 
Andnea Naumick, Amanda Bosak, Stephanie Appel, Minanda Milieu, Ktmyn Cochhn, SafeRina 
HaRTOJan, Laa Duliw, Allison Lewandowski, Jean McMullm, Myna Cooke. Tina DiVrranTomo, 
lindsey Dmdmq, Jenmpen Jillson, Nancy Gnegony 




^t ? 7 

Row 1: STepbame Kaujpman, Katun GawieK, Samamka Thomas, Lt - t'<iin/ Boyce, ]il\jayne Davis, 
Kmsren Kubns, Rebecca Sange, Hearhen Koch Row 1: ElizaheTh Susen, Tamika Doven, 
WaKcanej Wilkenson, Nicole Robinson, Bk/tt Ingvemsen, Lisa Pyshen, Kellv Airland, Amie 
PKerryman, Andnea Campbell, Emily Cunmgham Row 3: tAeTiedyrh Fogg, Ohms Parren, ]oy 
leshen, Melissa Bengen, Amanda SrRommgen, Alyssa Shnopshme, Audney tiause 


Row I: Andxew DouchenTV, Gibkv Goodwomh Row 2: Kaie Guiitcr., Sracey Bnzzell, lorn 
Gnegalis, Michelle Gmawel, Banhana Rmala Row 3: Heathen Majchxowsk, Aonvida Shahan, 
Manlena Saneanski, Wendve NeuhaueK, Danielle BKiihaken, Kane Gaza, Kelly Whue, Buoche 
Rossi, Allison tAaiewsh, Kellv Piqgv 


Student Lift 

Family weekend, sponsored by 

the Class of 2001, was a big 

success. Seen here is a 

member of the John Breslin 

Jazz Band which entertained 

families throughout the day. 

Part of the fun of family 
weekend was taking out some 
frustration. With the carnival 
setup, sumo wrestling had a 
big appeal. 

Tarn/if'.nd ^T%r S9 

PPL" ' 



George Neumann, Allison 
Majewski, Stephanie Kauffman, 
and Tamika Dover await stu- 
dents moving into Samuel and 
Berkowitz halls. RA's reported 
to school long before the rest of 
the students. 

Camped ympAovem&ifa &uuicil 

As a subcommittee of the 
Student Government, the 
Campus Improvements 
Council (CIO was formed to 
listen to the voices of the stu- 
dents. Chaired by Jessica 
Lerner, CIC took on several 
issues this year which in- 

Siudctrf Life. 

eluded the laundry problem. 
Through meetings with Craig 
Pierre, CIC came up with a 
plan to improve laundry fa- 
cilities: fixing broken ma- 
chines, increasing the num- 
ber of change machines avail- 
able on campus. Dry erase 
boards were posted in the 
laundry facility for students 
to register their complaints. 
Residence hall housekeep- 
ing and temperature troubles 
were taken care of along with 
lighting troubles., and trash 
pickups. By serving as a liai- 
son between students and 
staff, the CIC was able to 
allow both sides to appreci- 
ate the other and to work 
together to make DVC a bet- 
ter campus. 

Maggie Flynn makes use of 
the dryers in Work Hall. 
Several washers and dryers 
broke leaving students to do 
their laundry at odd hours. 

urn l : Comohne Cowen, Kmsren SaLvesen, bAaumce Pace, Naie Martcr, Will Cunny, Sieve tAcCannon, John Tighe, Eric Goldstein, Andnevi Doughejny 
Row 2: Alexis MoRern, Bct/.' Andenson, tAandy Naugle, Kelly Whne, Allison Majewski, Rachel Evenen, Suzanne Wolfe, John Knudson, Bill Mann 
Row 3: Geonge Kelly, Man lawhead, Gilsby Goodv/OKrh, Taonka Doven, Hiking Haley, Nicole Robinson, Bk/tt Ingveinsen, Stephanie Kaufpojan, Heidi 
DahlhaowcK, Connad MflRTiM. Chanhe Lisa 

Vicki Klingcr measures out 

soap to do her wash. With 

the overcrowding of people at 

the beginning of the year, 

washing facilities on campus 

were in demand. 

feAyCantfiiK Iwpcovwu'.nls Council 

$k, 6t 

Row 1: Dave Uudock, Steven Spnague, Wabe Rathpon, Raxny Schusslen., Mike Alhano. Man 
Tamhumnno, Gany Reman, Jon longano, Floyd Johnson, Bill ThaUen Row 2: Roohn, 
jhv Beagm, Jenemy Gnay, Bkuiii Dnavecz, Gaxy Deiblopp, }oe Polkovrsh, Chms Femmnte, 
Michael Spinko, Michael lengle Row 3: AwoKew Srurlen., Tw Rex, Chats FmedaueK, Rot 
Walesyn, Jason Socnaies, Grieg lance, Anrhony Ramem, Nicholas Spmocostas, Ken Teleski, 
Man Cohen, Sham Samyich, Tommy KocHck, Serfc Khmas Row i: Mike McCunby, Chanlie 
Lisa, Kenny Womtell, Jason Reale, Scon RunLey, Justin Qmmanilla, Alpneb Fishen, Michael 
FmedaueK, Cnaic Dieppenhach, Ben Swishen, Manhev/ Ayens, Cnaig Snyben, Stephen Recida, 
John ZieceK, Kevin Duho, Sieve lappenty, Mike Spescha, Totv Boysi 


Row 1: Mantha Cheetham, Nicole Gniesa, launa Mayen, Kellv Benbixsen, Kellv Bengeti, 
Denise Anchansh, Bwoke Bennetch, Melissa Jenni, Jackie McLean, Becky Paluaoho, Jamie Rock, 
Jess DeKsrine, Sam CanteR, Kuv Rokell, Stacy RichenbevpeK, Money A. Estey Row 1: Janet 
Beagle, Jill Chamhens, Jaime Beauchamp, Susan FistneR, Jenn Lonene, Kmsten TavloK, Sbemiy 
ladlee, Jill Thomas, SheKKv Milieu, Neena Shanks, launen lellen, Rachel Evenen (RA), 
lieghann Geonge, Hollie Cianke, Manby Naucle (RA) Row 3: Regina Wechslea, Kia? 
ShamheRgen, Jennipen Bmse, Jenmpen Kilnen, Jamie Canben, Janet Shea, Rohm Cooken, Becky 
Beylen, Nikki Niles, Michelle Scheib, Stephanie Cannon, Kmsten lally, Jenmpen Gobovm, 
Jacklyn Scowcnopt, Cinby Blobgen, Shannon BiiKcovne 



Cooke/'&arMes& ^Ufc, 62 

"What was the whole fiasco 
with signups?" Hal Grosso 
questioned the procedures for 
signing up for a room. 

Steve Hess, a 

junior, brought up 

many issues for 

the panelists to 

comment upon. 

Dr. Betsy 

Arrison reported 

that the 


housing policy 

was instituted to 

insure a 


transition for 

new students 

and helped to 

institute specific 

programing for 

these students. 


A concerned 

student raised the 

issue of why 

roommates were not 

allowed to sign-up 


"We need more beds, but we 
don't have enough time to build 
a building which will be ready 
for next year." Dr. Learner 
answers Christi Corl's concerns 
about the housing process. 

6* <&L Student Lift. 

On Wednesday, 
April 21, 1999, Stu- 
dent Life and Stu 
dent Government 
sponsored a town 
meeting to discuss 

the issues which 

arose during the sign 

up procedures. Mike 

Dalton, Student Gov- 
ernment Treasurer, 
chaired the commit- 
and worked 
closely with the Stu- 
dent Life office to set 
up a fair and regu- 
lated forum for the 
students to express 
their views, opinions 
and ideas related to 
•he stress incurred 
from housing sign 
ups. Among the ad- 
ministration present 
were President 
Learner, Dr. Chris 
Curry and Dr. Betsy 

Throughout the 
night, students ques- 
tioned the rationale 

of the housing proce 

dure. Students ex- 

pressed displeasure 
that the procedure 

started early when 

students had been 

told that st rut t imes 
would he adhered to. 
Many did not agree 
with the freshmen 
housing decision. 
This issue arose time 
and again through- 
out the evening. An- 
drew Dougherty, 
Student Government 
President and Dr. 
Arrison reminded 
students that this 
was not a time to de- 
bate the freshmen 
housing issue, but a 
time to offer sugges- 
tions toward improv- 
ing the procedure for 
the following year. 

Concern was ex- 
pressed that stu- 
dents living in 
lounges and RAs 

with roommates 
make the campus feel 
crowded Becau 
the Large projected 
incoming freshmen 

class, some St udents 

were unable to re- 
serve a room and 
were placed on a 
waiting list. Ideas 
were brought up to 
alleviate the burden 
included: allowing 
fraternities to have 
off-campus houses, 
buying housing in the 
area, and imposing 
academic restrictions 
to those who live in 
New Res. Student 
Life promised to look 
into the issues and to 
hopefully have the 
situation resolved by 

As of the submis- 
sion of this article, 
the original members 
of the waiting list 
were being moved to 
rooms on campus. 

s< i 

ad Bethanj i < 
tened intently t" tht | 
en t )i. mj_'fi 1 1 
. thehoueini 
ipiril "i the entire 
-luil. m bod) 

u 1 1 tin 

rli.lll. i 
-UhI. Ill- 

Pi ^ 

Housing ?s%r 6S 

Even the snow can't keep them 
aw ay! Commuters had al least 
three special instances where 
they battled the snow to make 
it to classes tins spring 


There are still a few spots in 

the back! Commuters will 

always have the headache of 

finding that illusive spot in A- 

lot in time to get to class. 

CcunaUutij, cztfotne and Camped J!ifie 


J>o^ gt «Mcd 

Student Life 

All COO park 

111 Lot !• gaze ■<< pictur- 

|| t 

Jackie Wright and a 
friend enjoy one of the 
perks that the commuter 
ounge offers between 
classes. The lounge is a 
great pi ace to meet friends 
or catch up on some home- 
work between classes. 

Time to make up for that lost 
sleep! Commuters often run 
between school and work, 
leaving sleep a precious 

Whether you're catching the 

or just riding under the 
bridge at New Britain Road, no 
commuter's day would be the 
same without this familiar 
SEPTA site. 

Cof.Mnrtei'S SrlEr 61 

jHfc Student Life 

Row I: Michael Butticb, Elizabeth Gusrapson, Jamie Most, Allison V/ilshei 

Mahnda DelPapa, Hearken Russo, Apud Knekn 

Row 2: Rob Knox, NicJwlos CulleR, Jason Kane, Kn Ctustapulh, Cbmstme Cwieka, Andy 

Yahlonsh, Samantha Schwantzman 

Row J: Chmsrophen HaheR, Bnad Voonhees, Brum Adcock, F*ok Smith, Bki!i) Palatuca, ]ason 

Powell. Pii/i Milts, Kraic Sinen 


Row 1: Eric Goldstein, ]ay Geddes, Kkis Seeing, foe Lanpnanre, joe Bor/wct, Brum Luowiq, 
Doug CoBesnck, HeaTB PuRsell, BRyon KLoss, Tioj STRoaAeR<j, Paul Philips, Bman Dneznel, 
Torn MiltenheKgeK, Chuck Wetzel, Ryan Tuxhowi Row 2: Connad Mantm, ]on Kleinle. Kevin 
Reilly, foel FRced, Cbris lifelaud, Brctt Al&eRTetli, ]ason WohUmuck, Mike Reinhanot, fusoB 
Rii)jcH'iiv, Tii7' ScbweujBoto, Logan Dunn, ja±on Maciejewsh, Andnew Bohiak, Matt Khenle, 
Denek Thomas, Tom Block, liam Cox. Mike Petenson, Rch Petenson Row 3: Kyle BelleR, Joey 
Wbne, Curtis Schonbelweyen, Cbris Bneeding, Brcbt Cammaup, EkiIc AnoeRSon, Akt 
LusTQORTen, Rocky Poojsb, /^sl 1 Moumz, Dan Rurcbinson, Matt Gowen, ]ohn Paul McAloney, 
]im MilleR, Elvin RooRUjuez, TeRRy Fuwfe, HeaTB Papenheng, Woody, ]ohn Yaldonsh, joe D'Avi, 

Tloot'K. Hvlv'IHo HiiltrV 


-.. dMfc & 

Row I: Bnad On, Sean Ryan Row 2: Mank Thompson, Ray Adams, William Somma, Ed 
Hazeleu, Gxec Paxson, Marrhew HosTnanden, Siephen Hess, Buoek BendeR, Tony LaPoKre 
: Mank Tharchen, Rowan BRiscoe, Kennerh Bailey, ]ason Unz, Jeff Ganqano, Man 
lawhead, ]ason Biqley, Seen tAoone Mow 4: Bman Dlugaszewsh, Glenn Tagen, Jeff Onhan, 
Ben Gxeen, Genmy Bardow, FRonkhn Allame, ]amie Assanre, Man SchiefCRSTem, Roh Knox 



Row I: Beeki BozaKih, Becky Koval, Ktusien Salvensen, Rok Knox, Nancy Hoffman, Desinae 


Row 1: Kimhenly Tulish, Rene Wand, Kelly Peine, Sraev Gould, Michelle ARmsTRonq 

Row 3: Kmsren Gurosky, Kmsren Rohenrs 

Siudetrt Life 

Aren't you guys ready yet? 
Leeann Boyce yells down the 
hall of Wolfsohn as she meets 
her friends before class. 

hJork Mali 



Row I: Angela L. Peun, Keirh lysack, Kelly Barnes 

Row 1: Navonne Owen. Melissa Aplague, Rob Knox, John Whirehead, Rawiy Schusshex 

Row 3: Aanon Shijnon, Jules Abencauph, Rebecca Andnew, Alexis Monern, Tamaa\ Koli, 

Roxann Hughes, Bill Mann 



Kristen Wall, 

Charles Oakley, 

Lashea Kelly and a 

friend spend some 

time hanging out in 

front of New Res. 

^% Student Lift 

Carl Hines tries to outrun 

the bungee cord at 

Student Appreciation Day. 

Student Government 

sponsored the event along 

with Wood Company. 


Good friends Erica 
Crockett, Jessica 
Perry and Heather 
Pignatello share 
dinner at the 
festivities. The 
menu included 
-li'.il. harbeque 

chicken and clams 

mm & 


1 * 



11' \ 



J iaiir i3 

Chances of showers 
moved the event 
indoors to the APR. 
The event was well 
attended by both 
students and faculty. 

Fighting a losing battle. Liz 

Carbine falls to the bottom of 

the bungee cord runner. 

Are you ready? Quinn 
Barilone and Steve Hess 
took a chance at the Slam- 
Dunk contest. 

Sindi'trf Appreciafiofi Dinner ^%. 73 

By giving blood, we save lives 
Laura Rooker donates her time 
and blood to help someone else. 

Everyone TWfds a break from 
st^^Bc once in awhile. 



?ars go by, 
ts experi- 
mperie rices 
ke way for 

divider ij^C 75 

Aeatete Reception 

John Whitehead enjoys 
his dinner with some of 
his classmates in front of 
Segal Hall. 

Animal Science students 

sat around the barn 

down at Farm #3 while 

savoring their meal and 

the day over some 


: j^Hfc Xcadewu 


Mr. Gross and Mr 
Wright help out at the 
animal science dinner . 
The animal science 
department had a 
barbecue down at Farm 

Karen Dubbs discusses 
different design tech- 
niques at the dinner. 
The Horticulture 
department had a BBQ 
at the Greenhouse 

Many students that 
participate in a sport 
unfortunately missed the 
dinner their department 
gave. Jen Vennebush 
and Liz Polhamus play 
soccer and luckily the 
Horticulture department 
was kind enough to let 
them join in their dinner. 

President's Office 

Don Feldscher, 

Judith Bitto, 

Dr. Thomas Learner 

Dean of the College 

Dr. Neil Vincent, Dr. 

James Diamond, 

Maria Pazdan, Janet 

Lord, Dr. Dolores 

Gioffre, Dianna 

Scott, Dr. Dominic 



James Linden 

Acadi'i'tic Reception jfrUfc 77 

The team practiced their 
swine judging skills at 
the Isler Genetics Farm 
in Ohio. Each of the 
members had to wear 
protective coveralls so 
diseases are not 
transmitted to the 

Team consisted of John 

Tighe, Amy Shiffier, Mr. 

Gilbert, Claudette 

Gilbert, Laura Mayer, 

and Christie Rager. 

The Large Animal Science department at DVC spon- 
sors the Annual Livestock Judging Team. This group of 
five students spends a semester preparing for competi- 
tion through the Advanced Livestock Selection class 
offered every Spring. The team then competes in a 
variety of competitions in the Fall semester. To main- 
tain their edge, regular trips are taken to practice 
judging at local farms. In a typical contest, each team 
member judges 12 classes composed of market and 
breeding classes of sheep, beef, and swine. After the 
judging is completed, oral reasons on eight classes are 
presented (without notes!) and scored by an official. A 
good livestock judge can picture the class in his/her 
mind and coherently present reasons- a bit of a chal- 
lenge when you have 12 classes swimming in your head. 

This year's judging team competed at Eastern States 
Exposition ( MA), Eastern National Livestock Show (MD ), 
Keystone International Livestock (PA), the Main Event 
(OH), and the North American International Livestock 
Expostion (KY). DVC is proud to boast beating Penn 
ite in the market lamb class at the national competi- 

' : adewics 

tion in KY. 

Numerous farms were visited en route to these 
competitions, the most memorable being Minnerich 
Land and Cattle Company. "It's a great experience. 
It's a lot of hard work, but it's worth it," was the 
sentiment echoed by each member of the team. Each 
one leaves with memories bursting with competi- 
tions, beautiful farms, somersaulting in hotel rooms, 
saddle sores from 8+ hour days in the van, Wendy's, 
Bob Evan's, chicken fried steak, and Motel 6. High- 
lights of their travels include Lonestar and traveling 
with West Virgina Unversity. 

The team encourages other students to consider 
joining the team. "This is the best class you can take 
at DVC," they claim. For those following behind 
them they intone, "We'll leave the light on for you." 

The 1998 livestock judging team would also like to 
send a special thank you to Dr. Hofsaess, Chairper- 
son of the Large Animal Science Department, and 
Coach Rodney Gilbert who made this experience 

Story by Janet Beagle 


( Hen Leonard, Bob 

Alt ieri, Laura Rotz, 

Frank Wolfgang, 

Marianne Schumacher, 

IVte Bal/.ano, Linda 

Fleischer, Kevin Cooney, 

Bill Dooley, Matt Levy, 

Bob Marshall, Dave 

Ragone, Bill Maczko 

This Dairy Ilnlstt-in is an 

example of a type ofcatt le 


Glenys Bracy, Mar- 
garet Mertz, Ineke 
Daley, Jan Dynner, 
Kathy Spratt 

Sharon Haddon, 
Evelyn Soderberg, 
Rosemary Charles 

iwrtock Judging Teaw _^ 

Save Lives 


Donor Tif Sbriscia gives 
the Blood Drive mascot. 
John Tighe a hug. The 
job of the mascot is to 
walk the donors to the 
rest table after giving 

Diann Doderer looks 

away as the nurse puts 

in the needle to draw out 

the blood. 


k, Acudewfics 

Counseling and 
/Icademic Support 

Cindy King, Vilma 
Legendiv. Roberta 
Kavalec, Jim Yard, 
Karen Kay. Sharon 
Malka, Edna Ney, 
Anne DeForrest 

This Blood Drive sign 

could be seen across cam- 
pus to help direct donors 
to the center 

Before giving blood, 
medical associates would 
ask general health 
questions to make sure 
the donor is eligible. 


Marren Berthold, 

Maryann Phelan, 

Judy Wood, Lorna 



Sean Dallas, Tom 
Tenges, Lee Thomp- 
son, Robert Nichols, 
Paul Acampora, 
Eleanor Mill, Bar- 
bara Heisey 

The most time consum- 
ing part of giving blood is 
the wait. Donors sat 
around talking and 
watching movies to pass 
the time. 

Maryjane Sargeant, 

Joyce Kunkle, Peter 

Kupersmith. June 

Bitzer, Karin Vogel, 

Barbara Bower, 

Adrienne Lyons, 

Jean McMullin 

Marian McGurk, 

Charlie Columbo 


Human Resources 

Carol Robinson 
Sue Clark 

Offieeof Career and Cife 

Laurie Kline, Tanya 

Letourneau, Tanya 

Ray, Mike Ellis 


Linda Feldstein, 

Brian Cummings, 

Ace Hutchinson, 

Larry Colbert 


Students gather in the 

gym to find out the 

results of the olympiad. 

The winner of the B 

division was Unami 

Middle School from 

Chalfont and for the C 

division was Harriton 

High School from 

Radnor. PA. 

For one of the events, 

the students had to build 

a machine that could 

shot a ball through a 


Matt Schieferstein, 

Roger Demos, and 

Jonathan hand out the 

awards to the students. 

Schools from all over the 

south eastern corner of 

PA participated in the 

Science Olympiad 

sponsored by the 

Chemistry Department 

at Del Val. 

•'»*• Olympiad 

Fundamentals of 
Fun Science 

Some students got to 
build a bottle rocket from 
a plastic bottle with 
water inside of it under 
pressure. The bottles 
were launched at the 

Students learned the 

principles of physics by 

participation in the egg 

drop event. The object of 

the event is to be able to 

drop an egg two stories 

without it breaking. 

Science Olympiad ^tffc. £3 

Public Safety and 

Art Caesar, Dave 

Wolfe, Chris Guinan, 

Mike Davis, Chris 


Dave Mullins, Cheryl 

Munizza, Chris 



Mike Bergels, George 
Theo, Rob Peterson, 
Rob Nox, Dr. Bettsy 

Arrison, Deb 

Mindock, Marlene 

Krell (not pictured: 

Dr. Chris Curry) 


Matt Schieferstein, 
Dan Feldstein, 

Amanda Wengert, 
Korin Mediate 

•; Academics 

Sleepless daj and restless nights? 
Shane Betz manager of the I lai] j . 
catches a few winks while he can, jus) 
hope In' doesn't choke on thai piece of 

Each year, Delaware Valley College's Farm #3 and 
the Dairy take animals to the Pennsylvania Farm 
Show to not only show the animals, but to advertise 
the college. This year, Farm #3 took a few of the 
Herefords that they felt were the best of the lot and 
after hard work and dedication by the farm staff, they 
looked great and were ready to go. The Dairy took 
numerous cattle and had a beautiful display next to 
the animals advertising Del Val and its great Animal 
Science Program. Students working at the farms 
during break are often given the opportunity to go 
along to show and keep the area clean and spotless. 
This year, the diary received 1st and 4th places for the 

DVC shows proud and strong in this 
display next to the dairy cattle. 

housekeeping contest done at unannounced times 
during each day of the show. 

In the exhibit area, Alumni Association and a few 
students who act as ambassadors for the college were 
there to answer any questions that anyone may have 
about the college and its programs. Pamphlets and 
booklets were available for the taking as well as 
temporary Aggie tatoos. The beautiful display fea- 
tured pictures of the college community. You could 
see Dr. Ben teaching, Crystal Wheeler working, the 
animals grazing and many other things that can be 
seen any day on campus. 

Story by Kelly D. Barnes 

Tarn Show ^Mfc KS 

on the H 

Career Day 

Laurie Kline helps students sign in as they 

go job searching at Career Day. Laurie works 

in the Career office and coordinates the 


John Santoro & Steve Hess fill out a 

questionnaire on how helpful Career 

Day was. This helps the office make 

improvements for next year. 

Career Day attendance is on the rise, forcing the 
increasing number of recruiters to move to a larger 
building. DVC's 17th Career Day, held February 25, 
outgrew the APR and expanded into the James Work 
and Rudley Neuman Gymnasiums. The new location 
provided more room for the 376 students and 150 busi- 
ness and graduate school representatives who attended. 

Sponsored by the Office of Career and Life Education, 
Career Day is open only to Del Val students. This 
annual event allows students to distribute resumes to 
potential employment, set up interviews, and network 
for part time, full time, and summer employment, in- 
ternships and graduate schools. Underclassmen may 
learn of possible career directions. 

60-70% of the companies attended annually, accord- 
ing to Mike Ellis, Director of Career and Life Education. 
lgh the majority of the recruiters are from re- 

gional businesses, with the concentration in Pennsyl- 
vania and New Jersey, representatives are also avail- 
able from other parts of the country. 

Some students felt this year's large percentage of 
business and ornamental horticulture recruiters was 
unfair to other majors. They would like to see more 
animal science and food science opportunities. Ellis 
also admits there were few equine and chemistry 
representatives, but says these industries are often 
small, privately owned businesses who hire few em- 

Fifty more students attended than last year, and the 
Office of Career and Life Education plans on using the 
gymnasiums again next year. Ellis would like to see 
even more students attend the day, but he says the low 
turnout may be a positive sign that many students 
already have jobs. 

Dr. Michael Bodri, 

Rebbeca Hughes, Dr. 

Janis Hammer, Mr. 

Gary Fortier 



An equestrian student rides Teddie dur- 
ing the demonstation. Just look at the 
power in this horse! 

Here, a student demon- 
strates riding side saddle. 
This isn't as easy as it 

These Equestrian riders 

are doing a dressage 

exhibition. This is when 

the horse is the focus 



kl ____j__ 

^ : '91 

\» 1 






Mr. Ron ■Johnson, 

Dr. Robert Berthold, 

Dr. Jim Miller. Dr. -John 

Mertz, Dr. Richard 

Mu /stay, Dr. John 

Mishler, Ms. Jennifer 

Niese, Ms. Janice Haws, 

Dr. Richard Bortnick 


Dr. Michael Garrett, 
Mrs. Heljena McKenney, 
Dr. Richard Lugar, 
Dr. Joseph Stenson, 
Dr. Gary Histand, 
Dr. Ben Rusiloski, 

Dr. Robert Orr, 

Dr. Charles Webber, 

Coleen Leary, Bethany 


A gent 
ing the 

leman rider takes Tina 
the Equestrian rink dur- 
sho vv . 


Mr. Edward Goldberg, 

Mr. Bruce Love, 

Dr. George West, 

Mr. Vince Massaro, 

Mr. Elmer Reiter, 

Mr. Michael Simone, 

Dave Beck 

&£fnjtfe Science ^f*£- 


Continuing education 

Dr. Robert Yapsugct, 

Bob Mc Neill, 

Nancy Messick, 

Elaine Hanahan, 

Lynn Klem, 

Michelle Roman, 

Alisa DiBonaventura 

Criminal justice 

Donna Koch is, 
Mr. Joseph Waters 

This flowering cactus 
drew the eyes of everyone 
with its natural beauty. 
The display won the 
Buckley Medal of the Gar- 
den Club of America as 
well as the Special 
Achievement Award from 
the Garden Club Federa- 
tion of Conservation. 



Dr. Paul Marino, 
Dr. Anthony Lasalle 


Wfe Academics 

Spectators marvel at the boat 
which was near the end of the 

Each plant in the display was 
labeled with both latin and com- 
mon names. 

The Philadelphia Flower Show 
welcomes everyone to come and 
see the joys of nature. This year's 
display was called "Follow 
Nature's Path". 

TloM.r Show 


Colleen Kearns and Nathan 
Roher acted as guinea pigs in 
Tony D'Angelo's motivational 

ICC Leadership 

Stacey Buzzell was the Students had to fill out 

first to break the board!! a packet of information 

This showed the students as they listened to Tony 

that they can do anything speak on self-motivation 

they put their mind to. and team building skills. 



Dr. Ann Algeo, Mr. Ed 

Lawrence. Mrs. Joann 

Donigan, Dr. Karen 

Schramm, Dr. Linda 

Maisel. Dr. Jan in' 

Corbett. Dr. Linda Kuehl, 

Dr. Gregg Smith 

(zcfidtte Science 

Heather Kates, Rebecca 

Merritt, Audrey Bostwick, 

Karin Glassman, Mrs. 

Willoughby, Stephanie 


Tony D'angelo had the students 
do numerous arm stretches and 
exercises while shouting various 

Dr. William Porter, Mr, 

Richard Dommel, 

Dr. Mary Palumbo, 

Dr. Jeffrey Nash 



For The Most Part 

I^V^^^^^ h 

1 li^ 1- 

Mi L J 

This student is using the tech- Tony Dowdy takes a break from 
nology of the internet to her ad- studying to see what is on tv. 

A resident of Wolfshon Hall is 
diligently reading her assign- 
ment for tomorrow's class. 

9& v|rfc, Academics 

Dr. Joshua Feldstein, 

Dr. Neil Vincent. Ken 

Peterson, David 

Blumenfield, Dr. Ronald 

Muse. Peg Hinkel, 

Dr. Barbara Muse 

Stephanie Cannon and Allison 
Majewski do research on the in- 
ternet for a class project. 



New , 

of Student Uf e 

-aces, New Horizons 

Assistant Dean of 
Students, Dr. Chris 
Curry is one of the new 
faces found in the Office 
of Student Life. 


Deb Mindock discusses 

and researches new 

program ideas for the 

following academic year. 

Deb is the Director of 

Orientation and Special 


Junior Navonne Owen 
is a student worker in 
the office. The student 
workers answer the 
phone and help out 
around the office by 
running errands and 
doing various other 

Area Coordinator Mike 
Bergels helps out around 
the office as well as 
advises the Lacrosse 
Team. Coordinators 
create resident hall 
programs to make 
resident life more 

Rob Peterson is the Area 
Coordinator of Samuel. 
Goldman, and Berkowitz 
Resident Halls. 

Siudttrt Life. 


ai Friends 

Retirement Reception 

Marciano Canete, Mary 
Ann Ely-Carter, Dr. 
Richard Lugar, Dr. 
Theodore Christie, 
Eleanor Mill, Elaine 
Hanrahan, Erma Martin, 
and Grace Pinzka are 
some of the people that 
retired from Del Val. 
These people might not 
have been seen every 
day, but their contribu- 
tion to the school helped 
it to run smoothly. 

Ms. Haws, Dr. Lugar 

and Jeffery Lugar enjoy 

appetizers before the 



Eleanor Price t^ivc-s her 

long time -< 

Martin a farewell hug. 

Marciano Canete and 
his family came to honor 
the hard work he and the 
other retirees have done. 
His daughter Isabelita 
Kaslowski also works for 
the school in the 
housekeeping depart- 

Past retiree Edward 
O'Brian and Dr. 
Theodore Christie talk 
about past days. Dr. 
Christie is a professor in 
the mathematics 

fertiriwetrt deception 




Place your bets!! Will Charlie 
Lisa be lucky or will Jean Smola 
& Dr. Betsy Arrison get the best 
of him?! 

6r Organizations 


t &*4zgfiom 


dew gear in 
m students 
g involved, 
ft and orga- 
n faces the 
md adven- 

-LecaMM IZoyce 

Phidcr irkr tot 

Goin 'Clubbin '?(? 


Kevin Bittorie and Mike Bird 

catch up from summer vacation 

while Lisa Munniska awaits 

eager freshman. 

Steve Hess plays his own game 

of musical chairs as he waits 

for students to recruit. 

Mrs. Donnigan talks to a 

couple of former students about 

Welcome Week activities. 

r_ Clubs 6r Organizations 

Brandy Crallej gets an inter- 
esting apian lesson from Hoc 

Xnter-Qreek Council 

I i-;iu \ linker. Dave Kranck, Miki Ryan, Gene Finan, Tony Dowdy. 

Eric Joseph, Kicky Navarro, Patrick Beigel, Steve Hess, Kelly Laughlin, 

Diann Doderer. Scan ESarlen 

Inter-Cluf Council 

George Theo. Michael Bird. Julia Kutcher, Kelly Conway. Navonne < rwen, 

Jess Davis, Rob Knox. 

Nichole Tanghare, Bethany Wieland, Margaret Wilkinson. Meredyth Fogg, 

Yvette DuBois, Jim Shuhler, Allison Majewski, David Johnson. Susan 


Joe Ryan, Mitzi Weikal, Katie Evanchalk. Liz Polhamus. Andrew Shaffer. 

Dan Andrus. Jon Soderberg. Steve Cutillo. Karen Fritzinger. 

Rachel Stick, Ben Green, B.J. Kelly, Kristin Joyce, Rene Hilderbrand, Tony 

Dowdy, Christopher Haber, Samandtha Keenan, Leeann Boyce, Corinna 

Strange. Shannon Yoder, Stephanie Fritz 

PEK Brothers John Nowicki, 
Geno Finan, and Chris O'Connell 
take a break from recruiting as 
Dan Mills looks on. 

Club Kigkt j% t02 

■ft-IDay Gemmittee 

Row 1: Travis Black, Patrick Biegel, Jenn Bornkamp, Steve McCarron, Joy 
Vance. Michael Bird. Lisa Munniskma, Matt Schieferstein 
Row 2. Doug Foist, Navonne Owen, Paul Lorenz. Tifanie Sbriscia, Kurt Curtis, 
Laura Mayor. Kelly Bendixsen. Tricia Madlinger. Tom Garro. Nick Feito, 
- Neumann 

Dottie Chizek, Dr. Ben Rusiloski. Cindy Blodgett, Rachel Everett, 
iiecinski, Mike Marshall, Keith DeJong, Dave Kennedy, Brent 
Carmr.auf. Kevin Perry. Jessica Jones, Robin Goldblum, Donna Osilka. Amy 

ad Voorhees, Meredyth Fogg, Julia Kutcher, Denise Ancharski. Paula 

' than, Susan Albertson, Alana Lavell, Amanda Benz, Kevin 

■ , Shannon Wescott 

Jammin' to the music, everyone 
was pumped up! 

>arfc > Clubs 6r Organizations 

Students Xn 7ree Enterprise (§Z 7M) 

Row l AN -\ Haubeck, William J. Sum ma, Katie Maciolek, Karen Fritzinger 

Row 2 David (Qakead, Lisa Weihe, Nealie Newberger, Mr. Neil Hilkert 

Row > Mr. Bruce Love, William Greaves.. Jr.. Maurice Page, Joshua Lerner 


Other members of the band 

lead some songs too. Everyone 

got into the groove! 

These bongo drums put a new 
beat on many of the songs. 




Ge~te> rockin 

Engine 9 



Hard at (i&rk & pfaq 

Cornucopia Staff 

Lori Gregalis, Kelly 

Barnes, & Christina 

Bednarz were ready to go 

out on the town, Kansas 

City, MO that is! Lori 

and Kelly worked side by 

side as Co-Editors and 

are Seniors. We wish 

them luck!! 

While at the CMA 

Convention in Kansas 

City, the group enjoyed 

dinner at a Club 427. 

Janet Beagle blessed 

the staff with her talents 

as a writer and great 


Ram (Poses (newspaper) 

Matt Schieferstein, Franklin Allaire, Jeff Gargano, Brian Dravecz 

Erin Vogelsong, Liz Leiter, Bethany Wieland, Allison Majewski, Maeve 


Clubs 6r Organizations 

i be > oup enjoyed w atching the 
chuckwagoo races duric 
American Royal Rodeo « hii I 
followed bj a i om eri bj i 

I. Di-i Gti inder, 

Mr Ji] 

of improving th< I o • ; i i . i . 1 1 
ilic- ( MA Convent ion 

i.. . 

= T 

\\ fir not .ill work. « e enjoy our 
plaj too Staffers Devon Wilcox 
and I ii-. inn Boyce give us their 
besl *\ eggie faces* 

Matt Hostrander, Sports editor, 
found the Missouri air a little 
chilly as we waited outside 
Kemper Arena Christina 

Bednarz was nice enough to lend 
her doves 


WDVd(rodio station) 

Ryan Fealy, Maureen Liona, Jamie Assante 

Dianna Pawlicki, Maeve Desmond. Erin Vogelsong. Liz Leiter, Dani 

Fulcomer. Lisa Cascone. Liz Lyons. Franklin Allaire 

Steve Marengo, Steve DeFrank. Jeff Gargano, Jason Powell. John Sa 

Brian Adcock 

Cornucopia St 


Vairu §iscietu 

Katie Sterner, Jenn Dotterer, Sherry Morgan, Neena Shanks, Leeann 

Boyce, Devon Wilcox, Infiniti, Laura Mayer, Jessica Chyle, Amanda Shahan, 

Maggie Flynn 

Shane Betz, Corinna Strange, Cindy Blodgett, Rachel Everett, Lauren 

Teller, Joy Vance, Rachel Moyer. Jessica Jones, Heidi Tafel, Lisa Pysher, 

Martha Cheetham, Leanna Wester 

Brian Shaner, Christopher Balogh, Mike Kromer, Scott Moore, Mike 

Marshall. Kurt Curtis, Charles Patterson, Josh Groselle, Ryan Courtright, 

Jennifer Jillson, Kim Davis, Ed Buckman, Steve Prochko, Jarrod Burleigh, 

Stephanie Cannon 


ov. 5-14,1 
Toronto, Ontario 


Various members of the 
Dairy Society were given 
the opportunity to attend 
the Winter Royal Fair in 
Canada. It promotes the 
excellence in agriculture, 
horticulture and eques- 
trian activities through 
world class competitions, 
exhibitions and educa- 
tional experiences. 
There are over 350,000 
attendees throughout 

The Dairy Industry covers more 
than just cows, as we see by this 
class of Nubian goats. 

Even near winter time beautiful 
flowers are displayed in the Glo- 
bal Gardens. 

the 10 day festivity. Not 
only were there cattle, 
but also many horses, 
goats, birds, pigs, and 
sheep. Students were 
given the opportunity to 
watch various judging 
shows and auctions as 
well as look at the nu- 
merous education dis- 
plays around the coli- 
seum. These displays 
showed everything from 

S/ac* & 'Bridle 
Mr. Mi hael Schlegel. Christie Rager, Amy Shiftier, Suzanne Bishard, 
David Kennedy, Dr. Frederick Hofsaess 

Melissa McNutt, Laura Mayer, Corinna Strange, Kelly Berger, Leeann 
Joy Lesher, Kristin Taylor, Sherry Ladlee, Dwight 

Cannon, Christine Salter, Janet Beagle, Martha Cheetham, 
Gilbert, Kara Graver, Jess Davis. Laura Kwisnek, Navonne 
rla Foley, Michelle Grimmel, Amanda Shahan 

Beth Anderson. Melissa Jenni. Michelle Seheid. Jennifer 
[eyers, Joy Vance. John Tighe. Scott Moore. Paul Kitzmiller. 

jgTfc Club*, h OrganizartioH<i 


singingdogstogiant veg- 

This fair not only high- 
lighted the dairy indus- 
try, but touched upon 
many aspects of culture 
and the agricultural in- 
dustry giving Del Val 
students the chance to 
see what others are do- 
ing to keep up with the 
daily changes. 
As a side trip they vis- 

ited the famous 
Niagara Falls and 
dined at the Skylne 

hx Kcllv Dan n Barnes 

Mil isa Santera, Kiraten Kuhns. Lisa Munniskma, Shannon Voder. Wade 


Kristin Gutoaky, Nancy Gregory, Jennifer Lorrette, Jamie Beauchamp, 

Betsy Glenney, Kristen Wall, Jennifer Jillson, Melissa Hutchinson 

Pistner, Kelly Pentz 

Animal Science §ecieU 

Kelly Bendixsen. Andrea Snyder. Andrea Sweeney. April Knehr, Samantha 


Kristin Lally, Beth Rudolph. Kristine Johnson. Tracy Hall, Stephanie 

Fritz. Amanda Strominger. Marlena Smiecinski 

Ryan Geschwindt, Tricia Madlinger, Britannia Silva, Joe Murphy. Ryan 

Fealy. Stacey Lore, Nancy Daniels 

Feeding time is always a good 
time for these cows. 

Juitrfee 'koyal 7aiv 


Jim Kerrwaits while theotherplay- Rachel Kverett. Suzie Lutz. and 
ers decide on their bets hoping Dave Jonathan Orr stand guard at the 
Mullins deals him some good cards. prize table. 

Bill from Entertaining Ideas 
Roxann Hughes smiles big for mans the table. Will any of these 
the caricaturist. students beat the odds?!? 

1 jlnfc- Club* 6r Organizations 

P/ace uour 6efs 


Casino Night 

Kevin Long gets ready to place This I 

in I- i on roulette lumps on the velcro wall. 


9tt i y 


"^ V^^^^L ^^^^^'1 

* ■■. -II — 

^^V \ ] 

tftdnSscope iluneru Clu€ 

Michelle Scheid. Nicole Tanghare, Dave Hudock. ??? 

?'.", Steve Sprague. ???, Steve Greco, Christopher Uhland. Thomas Garro 

Casino Niykt ^fc /// 

^aronemu C/uo 

Jeanine Karl, Becca Stavenick. Maggie Flynn. Rachel Mayette, Kara 

Graver, Joe Blandino, Nicole Griesa. Bill Cissel, Yvette DuBois, Kit 


Ben Green, Angelo L. Perii, Ryan Glauser, Crystal Wheeler, Jeremy 

Yeager, Allison Majewski, Adam Miller, Josh Appenzeller 

Help raise money 

v\j waiKing 

r* ** ^ r* 



Aaron Shipton, Andy Swanson. Matt Smereski. Joel Freed, Jamie Mast 
Kevin Perry, Dan Andrus, Steven Saxe, Steve Greco, Michael Bird. Dr. 
Doug Linde 


On March 21st, Service 
Council and the Juvenile 
Diabetes Foundation 
( JDF ) teamed up to have 
the first JDF Walk-A- 
Thon here through cam- 
pus. All money raised 
went to benefit JDF and 
their efforts agains dia- 

The walk was approxi- 
mately 3 miles going both 
through the campus and 
along surrounding roads. 
Also volunteers stood at 
three water stations 

ICC President. Navonne Owen, 
and Secretary. Stephanie Fritz 
take care of the registration and 
handing in of donations before 
the walk begins. 

along the route. Despite 
the chilly weather there 
was a great turn-out. Ap- 
proximately, 39 people 
came to walk or help out 
in some way. 
The organization team 
was made up of Allison 
Majewski, Devon Wilcox, 
Leeann Boyce, Rachel 
Moyer, Mitzi Weikel, 
Karen Fritzinger, and 
JDF Rep Ron Greeby. 
From all donations and 
the sneakers sold by 
clubs, approx. $3000 
was raised. 

by Kelly Dawn Barnes 

Once everyone returned from the 
walk they enjoyed chatting with 
one another and helping them- 
selves to the food and drinks that 
were available. 

Id \.± wt\ 

ft ' 

Clubs fir Organizations 



7leral §ecietu 

Vicki KJinger, Bethany Bernard, Kelly Conway, Mary Gillespie 

??, Mitzi Weikel, Josh Mountz 

horticulture §ac/efy 

Rebecca McDonnell, Michelle Scheid, Meredyth Fogg, Rarin Gainer, 

Stephanie Kaufrinan, Annette Kingsley, Susan Braden 

Matt Baker, Robert Palko, Keith i Breeding, Angelo L. Perii, 

Cush El, Dr. Barbara Muse 

Jamie Hill, Emily Koch, and Kelly Bendixsen keeps up with 

Terra Lutz waited with water in the leading group as Devon 

hand and encouraging words as Wilcox and the rest of the gang 

walkers passed the first water keep pacing along, 

Applause!! This group did a 
great job in walking for a great 

7f>T TvalU-A-ThoH j#% m 

Zeta (Sfr 

Row 1: Jared Fogg, Brad Voorhees 

Row 2: Mark Ault, Tony Dowdy, Chris Morris 

Bethany Davis cau- 
tiously carries the egg 
on her mouth. Hope 
she doesn't drop it! 

Dave Franck and Sean 
Earlen battle it out by 
jousting. DPT Team 
#2 won second place in 
the competition. 

Mike Ryan, IGC President, and 
Ed Hazelett kept tally of the 
scores while the games went on. 
PEK went to win it all coming in 
1st place. 

Kirstin Reis of DEB gets suited 
up for Sumo Wrestling. Hope 
she doesn't fall over, she may not 
get back up! 

Omega Gfii 

Row 1: Mary Howard, Darcie Dundore. Paula Constable 

Row 2: ??, ??, Kelly Laughlin, Concetta Morano 


Club* fr OvgaHizactivm 

Find They're Off! 

2nd Annual Greek Gavnee> 

Dave Johnson ofAGR had a hard 
time peddling thai tricycle which 
further on course losl a w heel 
A(iK won 3rd place in the games. 

Toga, toga, toga' The weekend 
Will John Tighe be able to walk of competition began with a toga 
straight once hi^ partner Matt social out by gym. Thi 
Cross counts to ten?! w ere quite festive 

Tfiefo Cfii <§/oma 

Row 1: Dan Grannis. Steve McCarron. Josh Huyett, Chris Felder 

Row 2: Pat Callahan, Mike Weiser. Jon Soderberg, George Neumann, Chris 
Holman, Anthony Przychodzien. Scott Youells 

tireek Qmte*. ^fV //£ 

Will Curry Keith DeJong. Joseph Blandino. Ryan Glauser, BJ Kelly, 
Charles Patterson. Donald Blew. Aaron Soldavin 

Steve Drauschak, Mark Kresge. Patrick Biegel, Bill Cissel, Bill Taylor, 
Robert Weidenhammer. David Johnson, Jason Swallow. Jeff Bowlby, 
Robert Palko, Bob Lieb, Matt Cross 

April 17 1999 
Gen. Aq 3uilding 

§igma fiilgfia (<$arer/fu Xn 'Oeuelepmeni) 

Jamie Hill, Rachel Mover, Kirsten Kuhns, Elizabeth Susen, Jennifer 

Schaffer. Terra Lutz 

Mandj Xaugle, Jessica Davis. Meredyth Fogg. Laura Kwisnek. Dr. Pamela 


Melissa Hutchinson, Elizabeth Anderson. Nancy Daniels, Stacey Lore, 

Emily Koch, Bethany Davis, Rachel Everett, Lauren Teller, Jennifer 

Dotterel - , Sherry Morgan. Neena Shanks, Taryn Sklenar 

fiGR Annual 

Once again, Alpha 
Gamma Rho hosted their 
annual pig roast and 
bachelor auction at the 
Gen Ag building with 
half of the proceeds go- 
ing to Farm Safety for 
Kids. Due to a forecast 
of inclement weather it 
was all moved inside. 
Numerous students, fac- 
ulty, staff, and adminis- 
tration were in atten- 
dance as well as family, 
friends, and alumni. 
To kick off the festivi- 
ties, the pig was roasted 
and served with other 

delicious foods and des- 
serts. Before the auction, 
Sigma Alpha (SID) an- 
nounced the winners of 
their kiss a pig contest. 
This was a fundraiser 
where numerous members 
of the campus community 
were nominated and their 
names placed on cups. 
Donations were put in the 
cups by various people as 
to who they would like to 
kiss the pig. The contes- 
tants were broken into 
three categories: Students, 
Faculty, Staff & Adminis- 

Terra Lutz. Laura Kwisnek. and This young handsome gentle- 

Bethany Davis get a laugh as 
Dave Hudock gets ready to kiss 
the pig. 

man, Donald Blew was bought 
bv Stacev Buzzell for S26. 

w\r Club*, fc Ovgamz<ftiom 

Pig Roast 

The winners were: I )r. 
David Aim. Mr. Rob 
Peterson, and Dave 

The auction began and 
everyone got ready to 
start bidding. John 
Tighe was the auction- 
eer for the evening and 
Bill Taylor was the DJ. 
As the bachelors came 
out one by one, a descrip- 
tion of their likes and 

dislikes and other infor- 
mation was read. The 
highest bid of the 
evening was $250 for 
Mike Reinhart to Amy 
Holland. Also, John 
Tighe went for $160 and 
Matt Cross for $150. 
By the end of the evening, 
they had raised $465 for 
Farm Safety for Kids. 

by Kfllv Dawn Barnes 

Laci Dulin, Matt Schieferstein, Vicki Klinger, Amy Sprinkle, Franklin 

Allaire, Dr. Robert Orr 

Steph LaBach, Donna Osilka, Allison Majewski, Michael Bird, Korin 


'Delta Tau ftlpfia 

Joel Semke, Kristen Wall, Claudette Gilbei I 

Pat Biegel. Lisa Karkoska. Dyan Webber, Samantha Keenan. Laura Mayer 
Mr. Michael Schlegel, Jim Beagin. Jennifer Marlinski, Maggie Flynn, 
Martha Cheetham. Korin Mediate 

Matt Cross shows the ladies that 
he has what they are looking for. 
This handsome cowboy went for 

Numerous people enjoyed the 
food and time for chatting 
before the auction got under- 

Atite 'Pig <&oa<rt/Auciion ^fc ttl 

Rfia 0,Qsilen Jipopa 

Row 1: Michael Przyuski, Michael McNamee. Mike Ryan, Steve Hess. 

Row 2: Geno Finan, Robert Landis, Andrew Fitch. George Inhof, Jesse 
Marder, Sean Rvan. 

John Tighe, the 
evening's auctioneer, 
helps the ladies find 
their potential dates. 

Many fine women came 

out to support a good 

cause and see the 

brothers show off their 

stuff in hopes to buy a 


Clubs 6r Ot'ganiz&tiom 

Let the 

Two for the price of one is better 
than none for Charles and Billy 


4 I 






1 *& aH 

"Delta M,asilen oefo 

Row 1: Tracey Decker, Colleen Kearns. Lynette D'Elia, Diann Doderer 

Row 2: Lisa Melham, Amy Howard, Danielle Brubaker. Laura Rooker, 
Rachel Giant, Bridget O'Donnell 

Row 3: Lori Gregalis, Bet hann Corson. Liz Polhamus. Jen Vennabush, Kim 
Gray, Tiffany Bartos. Tiffany Sbriscia 

bidding begin 

PEK E3achelor Auction for charity 

lli'iin l-iii.m gi\ ee i In- ladief 
reason to spend their money. 

Chris\ reeland was the evenings 

purchase al $50 to Kellj 

Everyone was ready to handle 
the financial affairs al the clos- 
ing (it ihr event, Jen Gutosky 
pays her money to the book- 

"Delta MiTfieta 

Row 1: John Barr, ?, David Franck, Jason Usnick 

Row 2: Greg Sharin, Greg O'Connor, Jeff Orban.Andrew Shaffer, Steve 
Lezajski. Harry Dean. Derek Starts, Jim Greenberg, Clyde Wolfe. Sean 
Earlen. Jeff Brightecliffe, Ricky Navarro, Eric Joseph 



/national <ftgr/-W)orAe(fno •Association (D'ftWl'A) 

Dr. Tom Slane, Emily Metz, Katie Evanchalk, Jim Beagin. Greg Paxson 

Meilissa Aflague, Rachel Everett, Lindsey Druding 

Jared Hafer, Preston Vincent. Eric Goldstein. Kevin Horvath, Kraig Suter 

The instructor and her partner 
show us the nexl important, 

but fun step in the art of swing. 

wing Dance 

oieloau Clu6 

Cindy Blodgett. Alicia Clementi. Allison Lewandowski. Stacy Richenderfer 

Jilliam Baker. Kimberly Robell, Michael Ryan, Steve Hess, Jonathan Orr, 

April Amoros 

Ryan Geshwindt, Michele Belamorich, Quinn Barilone, Stephanie Fritz, 

Scott Hegyes 

Curtis Schondelmeyer. Rene Hilderbrand, Julie Currie 

music. Looks like they have the 
hang of it. 

"Mibs 6r Organizations 

ftsseciatien 6ff Xn/fermotien Tecfmsleou tPro/fesshnals (ftsXTlP) 

Jason Kane, Mr Daniels, Garth Knowlton 

'.'■.*'.', James Evely, Paul Lorenz, Jason Powell, Christine Cweika 

Get in the 




Swing Lessons 


Xnter- -varsity Christian Wellswsfiip 

Crytal Wheeler, Rebecca Andrew, John Knudson, Becca Stavenick, Amanda 

Wengert, Maggie Flynn 

Kelly Barnes, Mark Pappas, Jillayne Davis, Larissa Keister, Susan 

Albertson, Michelle Scheid.BethRudolph, Charlotte Walker, Cristy Minder, 

Katie Harrup, Cathy Fyock 

Julia Kutcher, Matt Svoboda. Stephanie Cannon, David Johnson, Jarrod 

Burleigh, David Kennedy, Randy Weidenauer, Dwight Forry, Stacy Gould, 

Nancy Gregory, Heather Forester, Angie Gaido, Doug Forst 

Corinna Strange, Chuck Murphy, Jeremy Yeager, Justin Poe, Aaron Mackie, 

Ryan Courtright, Kraig Suter, Tim Craven 



The Cultural Leadership 
Coalition and Student 
Activities Council 
colaborated and brought 
the Ziana Fashion Club 
from Lincoln University 
to campus for a fashion 
show. The event was well 
attended by numerous 
students and guests from 
Lincoln. Proceeds went 
to benefit education on 
effects of HIV/AIDS. 
Ziana is an Aztec Indian 

word meaning always 
and forever. The club 
was formed to promote a 
positive relationship 
among students inter- 
ested in exploring their 
creative side. There are 
60 models, male and fe- 
male and 15 board mem- 

The emcees for the 
evening were Maurice 
Page and Tamika Dover. 
Also, Nakeshia 

This couple proves that love needs 
no words, and fashion needs no 
brightness. They were dressed in 
the primary colors: black & white 

Nakeshia Drummond performs 
"Mother To Son" with meaning and 
feeling emitting fromthe words she 
spoke with much determination. 

Clubs 6r Organization* 

Cultural ch>eadersfiip Csalitien 

John Whitehead, Rob Knox, Nakeshia Drummond, Jeff Marshall 
Netasha Lyons, Asya Prosser, Braheam Brown, Gayon Davis. Lashea 
Kelly, Tamika Dover 


I Irummond performed 
the poem, "Mother To 

Son". The show con- 
sisted of poems being 

read or music being 
played as models came 
down the runway in the 
various array of fashion 
and colors. The models 
did a tremendous job 
with displaying the de- 
signs as the fashion ex- 
travaganza continued. 
Also, a group of gentle- 

man from a fraternity 
performed a stepping 

routine while chanting a 


Overall, this event, first 

in its likeness, was a 

great success with efforts 

from numerous avenues. 

Bv Kelly D. Bonus & Rob Knox 

This model seems to be asking her- 
self, "should I or not?" This young 
lady was sporty, yet sophisticated. 

These young men displayed confi- 
dence as they walked out as proud 
"Ebonj Men" 

Tend Science 

Bryan Purcaro, Rich Pia.Tonj D'Amico, Preston Vincent, I leatb Papenberg, 

Danielle Brubaker 

Guest, Shannon Kichie, Cheryl tirove. Christina Bednarz. V. 

Newbauer, Chris Swallow. Dr. Mary Palumbo, Mr. Richard Dommel.. James 


Jason Ridgway, Cathy Fyock. Netasha Lyons, I. aura Hooker. Amy 

Sponsored by: 

M.nglisfi §ociefu 

Jamie Carden, Robin Goldblum, Vanessa Colucci 

Elizabeth Leiter, Mike Reinhart. Blake Heftier, Rachel Stick 

Ziana Tush/on Show 


The judge. Dr. David Aho, sug- 
gested he marry Angelina him- 

The members of the jury speak 
their opinion on the issue of court. 

'DuC Artisans 

Bethany Weiland, Vicki Klinger 

Elizabeth Leiter, Scott Hegyes, Heather Forester 

Clubs 6r Organizations 

Trial f by Jury 

DVC Chorale &. 3and 

The i"" ospeople are all in an 
uproar about I be scandal 

•Jules Abercaupb por- 
trayed the Usher with Angelina played by 
power and dignity. Order Allison Majewskiw 
in i In court!! Silence!! ;i member of the jury. 

Tfieoter <ft,rts d-reuo (T$><3>) 

Elizabeth Leiter, Scott Hegyes 

Michelle Robinson, April Knehr, Beth Rudolph, Stephanie Fritz 

Trial &/ 7mv ^% f2S 

Martha ( luvtliuni relaxes in the 

I . ni .1! A I lav. Each stu- 

howing an animal musi 

ip for an hour in which they 

keep an eve on things. 

John Whitehead and his date 
Jen enjoy anicechat on the dance 



nzons are 
s in sight 

ditions are 
New things 
board and 

the best o 


-Devon h)(lco\ 

Divider jjQfc_G7 




Homecoming 1998 

: ;'- 

y Special £\ji'.nts 

1999 Homecoming Court: King Jon Soderberg and Queen Bethany Davis 
1st Runners-up: Bob Lieb and Meredyth Fogg 
2nd Runners-up: Chuck Roohr and Joy Vance 
3rd Runners-up: Will Currey and Allison Majewski 

It was t be traditional 

w iiulv and cold atop 

the football stadium 
)leachers on October 
3, bul t be leu drops <>f 

rail) that dared to 
briefly show them 
selves were inconse- 
quential compared to 
the rainy deluge of '97. 
The crowds responded 
to the fair weather, 
with Del Val students, 
faculty, and alumni 
crowding onto campus 
for this year's home- 
coming celebration. 

Homecoming '98 
was kicked off with the 
annual pep rally, fire- 
works over the softball 
field, and a concert out- 
side the Student Cen- 
ter on Friday night. In 
the main gym, sport 
teams rallied before 
the school, the king 
and queen candidates 
were presented, and 
the DVC Cheerleaders 
and Step Team per- 
formed briefly. Dr. 

Berthold presented 
the men's and women's 
cross country teams 

while wearing his tra- 
ditional pep rally at- 
tire-gifts from past 
runners that ranged 
from bumble bee slip- 
pers to boxer shorts. 
The rally was com- 
pleted with the rally- 
ing of the 1998-1999 
DVC Football team. 
and all those watch- 
ing the rally felt the 
bleachers tremble as 
the football players 
poured off the 
bleachers onto 
the gym floor. 

events began 
with the home- 
coming parade 
that wound its 
way from 

Doylestown to 
the college cam- 
pus. Floats and 
spirit cars spon- 
sored by vari- 
ous clubs and 
Del Val alumni, 
king and queen 
candidates, and 
the DVC band 
helped round 
out the parade. 
The winners for floats 
were Horticulture So- 
ciety for 1st, Dairy 
Society, (2nd), and 
Landscape Nursery 
Club and Block & 
Bridle tied for 3rd. 
Spirit Car winners 
were Floral Society 
(1st), SAC (2nd), and 
Turf Club (3rd). This 
was followed by the 
women's field hockey 
game and the home- 
coming football game. 

DVC Ag- 

beat the 


• bounds, 

winning their 
football game 
for the first 
time in 5 years. 
The home- 
coming Kin^ 
and Queen and 
their court 
were an- 

nounced dur- 
ing half time. 
sponsored by 
Theta Chi 
Sigma, and 
Bethany Davis 
sponsored by 
the Class of 
1999 received 
the king and 
queen honors. 
The dance be- 
tween the 
halls was 
rained out Sat- 
urday night. It 
was moved 
briefly into the 
gym, but when 
the DJ did not 
arrive, the 
event was can- 
celled. Sunday 
morning the 
annual alumni 
breakfast was 
held, as the 
1998 Home- 
coming events 
drew to a close. 
A major stu- 
dent concern of 
this year's 
events was the 
enforcing of 
the DVC Alco- 
hol policy. Stu 

continued on next page j 

dents were not allowed 
to carry around con- 
tainers of any kind 
during homecoming, 
including at the dance 
between the halls. 
This caused an uproar 
from students over 21 
who wished to be al- 
lowed to publicly 
drink. There was not 
enough time to regis- 
ter the weekend as a 
social event, in which 
case bracelets would 
have been adminis- 
tered to those students 
of legal drinking age. 
Student Government 
sponsored an open 
campus town meeting 
to discuss the problem. 
Student concerns were 
mediated by interim 
Dean of Students Dr. 
Betsy Arrison. In the 
end, however, the al- 
cohol policy remained 
in effect. 

Since the tailgate par- 
ties during the football 
game are hosted by the 
alumni, they were not 
affected by the alcohol 
policy. Those students 
who were of a legal age 

r Special £\jenis 

were therefore allowed 
to drink during this 
time. Some students 
responded to their al- 
cohol restrictions by 
pinning the "No Pub- 
lic Drinking" signs to 
their backs during 
these tailgate parties. 
Overall, however, the 

weekend passed with- 
out any major alcohol 

Another homecoming 
came and slipped 

6y Janet Beagle 

Theta Chi Sigma's candidate, Jon 
Soderberg, rides in style with escort 
Kim Gray down the parade route. 

Sherry Ladlee from Block & Bridle 
smiles the entire way down the "'Oregon 

The salsiness from the 

Horticulture Society add spice 

to DVC's Western theme 


Each organization gets a 

chance to make a float for the 

parade. Matt Schieferstein and 

Peter Dixon from Halloween 

Haunting show a different side 

of the wild west. 

On the back "t > pick up truck, 

Alpha Ga indidate 

Ryan t ilaiu i i ind • corl 

Am. in. I i] ck out the 

paj ade a "»■! 

Alpha Gamma Rho Brothers 
Mark Kresge, Keith DeJong, and 
Pat Biegel are having a wild shoot 

Dr. and Mrs. Learner enjoy their 
ride in a horse driven carriage. 
Many people come to watch the 
Homecoming Parade each year. 

DVC Aggie mascot, Caesar III, 
accompanied by Jason Swallow, 
show their school spirit down the 

Howe cowing ^rfa ^ 

Y e rnoor> 4zo 


Down Mome Tradition 


The aggies kept the crowds 

attention with the beat of the 


Even alumni come to join in 
the tailgating festivities. 

For those who like to try some- 
thing different could stop over to 
see the brothers of Alpha Gamma 
Rho to have a taste of a Rocky 
Mt. Oyster. 

These signs were hung all 
around campus to remind stu- 
dents of the reenforced alcohol 
policy. Protestors pinned these 
to their backs during the tailgate 

As a Friendly Reminder! 

Special 6ve.trts 

It's all in the family. Homecom- 
ing was a great opportunity to 
get mom and dad fired up too! 

The AGR brothers really showed 
their support this Homecoming, 
cooking during tailgating, watch- 
ing the game and being in the 

For the days festivities the 
James Work Memorial Stadium 
was decorated by the Homecom- 
ing Committee. 

DVC Aggies take down the 
Morivain Greyhounds. Del Val 
won it's Homecoming game for 
the first time in five years. 

h 'cwn 'cowing ^T& /3? 

To Play 

Watch your back for bats and 
goblins, they're everywhere! 

Normal, but not so normal. 

This haunter just chose a 

mask, but it put fright in some 


What's around the next 

corner??? These haunters 

enjoy seeing the fright in the 

eyes of those passing by. 

; ifr 

Special Events 

This animal hospital skit done 
by Small Animal Society doesn't 
portray your typical vet hospital. 

ttattotveen Haunting ^Mfc. J2 C > 

V October 28th- 31st 1998 $ 

Do you want a piece of me? I don't think so. Jason is back and ready for action. 
Some of the goblins were quite friendly. 

Love can be so deadly as these haunters portrayed through the Cider Mill. 
Spt'clsl &\j£tff$ This ghost is not Resting In Peace, but seems to be ready to begin a journey. 

It was a cold 
Wednesday night on 
the Delaware Valley 
College. The weeks of 
work were about to pay 
off for the committee. 
Theninth annual 1 [al- 
loween Haunting 
Scholarship Benefit 
event was about to 
open for the week. At 
seven o'clock Co-Chair 
Matt Schieferstein 
gave the word to open 
Lasker Hall. Hallow- 
een Haunting "98 was 


This year's event 
featured a walking 
tour of 80-year-old 
Lasker Hall, the 
Haunted Woods, the 
Horrid Cider Mill, and 
a fifteen- minute hair 
raising hayride. Co- 
Chair Peter Dixon and 
House Chair Jamie 
Assante led the festivi- 
ties in Lasker Hall. 

Upon entering 
Lasker, guests were 

greeted by the Grim 
Reaper who led the 
way from there. I pun 
leaving the house. 
guests ventured to the 
woods. Lake Archer 
and its fog set the back- 
ground of this fright 
filled area. Ghouls 
from the English Soci- 
ety and The Animal 
Science Society 

awaited their next vic- 
tims. Guests were 
given a chance to catch 
their breath before en- 
tering the Hor- 
rid Cider Mill 
coordinated by 
Building Co- 
Chairs Korin 
Mediate and 
Amy Sprinkle 
and the Broth- 
ers of Alpha Phi 
Omega. If they 
survived, the 
guests were 
treated to a 
sample of the 
witch's brew 
and shuttled off 
to the Hayride 
coordinated by 
Will Currey. 
The Hayride 
featured skits 
put on by Block 

and Bridle, Theta Chi 
Sigma & Delta Epsi- 
lon Beta, Alpha 
Gamma Rho, Zeta Chi, 
AITP, and The Land- 
scape Nursery Club. 

All the skits were 
great and the winners 
of this year's competi- 
tion were, third place 
Landscape Nursery 
Club with the Tree 
Swingers,. The sec- 
ond place skit was 

k and 
Bridle featur- 
ing a "Road 
Kill ( 
theme where 
guests were of- 
fered the most 
exotic of foods. 

The first 
place skit this 
year was put 
on by Alpha 
Gamma Rho. 
It incorporated 
farm equip- 
ment and a 
junkyard. The 
h ighl igh t s 
were "Popeye" 
zooming at the 
wagon and the 
Bucket Loader 
chasing after 
you at the end 
of their skit. 

Upon re- 
turning to the 
Loading and 
area guests 
were offered a 
cup of hot 
chocolate and 
some cookies 
served up by 
Inter Varsity 
Christian Fel- 

The event 
was one of the 
most success- 
ful of the nine 
other years it 
has been held. 

By: Matthew 


Halloween Mangling JaPlL ^7 

On December 6, 1998, 
the Student Govern- 
ment Board hosted the 
Winter Semi-Formal 
in the APR. The com- 
mittee headed by VP. 
Chuck Roohr with 
Kelly Barnes as head 
of decorations did a 
tremendous job in 
planning the event. 
Once again, the APR 
was transformed into 
an evening of elegance. 
This year's theme, 
"Grandest Gift Ever" 
took the decorations to 
new heights, there 
was a giant 12'X12' 
present, a 16' Christ- 
mas Tree beautifully 

decorated, and a 5' 
snowman, along with 
other various special 
touches. A sleigh was 
borrowed for the night, 
being used as the main 
place for group and 
couple shots. Every- 
one attending enjoyed 
the grand feast pro- 
vided by Wood Co. and 
wide range of music 
provided by the DJ. 
People were seen do- 
ing everything from 
the macarena and elec- 
tric slide to line and 
swing dancing. Once 
again, the annual win- 
ter formal was a great 

Story by.KeHy Barnes. 

Following tin- formal 
these attendees stayed to 
get a special picture for 
their scrapbooks. 

Dr. Arrison and her 

husband take time out 

from dancing to pose for 

the camera. 

Special ^wtrfs 


(grandest <&ift &ver 

1998 Winter Semi-Formal 


Ratio Harrup and Keith 
Lysack take advantage 
of when things slowed 
down a bit. 

This 1 1 1 1 ■ ■• ii ni . 

pari "I the wonderful 

Nothing stops these three 
party goers from showing off 
their dancing skills. 

Muter Sewf-Tarwat 


<fa { jjQrd t s < Dag (serenion 

March 23, 1999 


Each year students are rec- 
ognized for their hardwork 
and dedication to their aca- 
demics. These students 
have all kept their GPAs at 
3.0 or higher. 
Numerous are recognized 
for being named to the 
Who's Who Among Stu- 
dents in American Univer- 
sities and Colleges or the 
Dean's List. Awards are 
also presented to students 

who have show outstand- 
ing contributions to the 
college through Student 
Government while keeping 
their grades high. 
Dr. Orr awards those who 
have completed the Honor's 
Program. Bethany Davis, 
Rene Hilderbrand, and 
Emily Koch were the proud 
recipients of this presti- 
gious honor. Mr. Schlegel, 
Advisor to Delta Tau Al- 

pha, awarded the members 
with their honors. Many of 
the students were also rec- 
ognized for their leadership 
in various sports. 
Of course, the community 
of DVC isn't complete with- 
out the recognition of nu- 
merous faculty and staff 
members who have highly 
influenced the success of 
the students here. 

Johnnie Figueroa was recog- 
nized for being on the Dean's List 
for three consecutive semesters. 

Dr. Ben Rusiloski. one of DVC's 
most respected professors, gave 
opening and closing remarks at 
the ceremony. 

Andrew Dougherty was recog- 
nized for Who's Who. Dean's List 
and Nat'l Collegiate Student 
Government Award. Doc is the 
President of SGB. 

President Dr. Learner welcomed 
everyone to Award's Day cer- 
emony and congratulated all re- 


Wendy Harvey is recognized for 
her hardwork and dedication as 
a DVC Staff Member. 

Junior Tifanie Sbriscia was 
awarded for her outstanding Ath- 
letic Leadership of the Womefafc 
Soccerteam. Her family attended 
the ceremony with her. 

Ar^rd's L>a y ^Ufc, f/ff 

ojjng XnTfie (3^ 

1999 Spring Formal 

Greg Paxson must really enjoy 
the music, he certainly is danc- 
ing away!! 

Looks like the electric slide 

brought everyone to the dance 


Katie Harrup and Keith 

Lysack smile as they are 

caught by the camera's flash! 

This year the Junior 
class gave complete 
elegance to the Spring 
Formal. With the 
theme of "Swing In 
The City", all attend- 
ees were ready to go 
on the "town" the 
evening of Saturday, 
March 27th. 
As you entered, all la- 
dies received a long- 
stemed red rose from 
the maitre d'. A red 
carpet led to the check- 
ered dance floor and 

beyond it stairs lead- 
ing to the city scape. 
The cuisine prepared 
by Wood company con- 
sisted of three choices: 
chicken, steak, or veg- 
etarian. The dessert 
was special made for 
the event. 

To start off the danc- 
ing some swing music 
was played to go with 
the theme. As the 
evening continued, 
many other well- 
known songs were 

played by the DJ as 
well as along with nu- 
merous requests and 
dedications. At times 
the music slowed down 
and everyone either 
rested their feet or 
grabbed that special 

Overall it was the larg- 
est formal with ap- 
proximately 200 in at- 
tendance. The night 
was full of fun, laugh- 
ter, and memories. 

Bv Kelly D. Barnes 


Gina Wi chsler and Marl ha 
Cheatham enjoj a fri< adlj chat 
before dinnei I irl 

Thiagroup ol beaut ifullj ladies 
and i iii'n handsome men i" 1 i 
for a few picl urea before hi adin 
down ta the formal 

Cindy Blod ;et( ind Britannia 

Silva enjoy doing the varinus line 

This group moved from the dance 
floor to the stage. Things were 
starting to get crazy!! 

Spring Towwl ^*fc fA2 

aesday, April 
yy at 3:30 pm in 
the All Purpose Room 
of the Student Center, 
the traditional 

Founder's Day cer- 
emony began. Faculty. 
Staff, Administration, 
students and guests 
filtered into the room 
for the convocation. 
Following the Na- 
tional Anthem and in- 
vocation Gerard 
Marini, Chairman of 
the Board of Trustees 
said a few words and 
then introduced the 

John Rigolizzo '75 is a 
farmer and the Presi- 
dent of the New Jer- 
sey Farm Bureau. His 
first statement was his 
amazement at the 
"biggest band he has 
ever seen at Del Val"! 
His motivational 
speech made everyone 
realize that we can not 

go forward unless we 
know what lies behind 
us. He noted that to- 
day is not only a day to 
celebrate our founder's 
but to celebrate the 
impact on the commu- 
nity that various mem- 
bers of the college have 
had over the years. 
He specifically told the 
students to think of 
where they've been, 
where they are, and 
where they are going 
and to remember that 
there is no other place 
likeDVC. Here it is an 
experience because 
you are a person and 
not a number. Most 
importantly. John 
stressed that we must 
continue the legacy of 

The following were re- 
cipients of the listed 
award at this year's 
ceremony. Ann 

Dematteo. June 

Bitzer, and 
Mary Jane 
Sarge were 
for their 20 
yrs. of ser- 
vice. The 
W.W. Smith 
Prize, $5000 
was awarded 
to both Katie 
and Christie 

The Student 
Award recipi- 
ents were Dr. 
Ziemer. Jim 
Sutton and 
George Theo. 
Dr. Arrison 
Kelly Lerner 
with the 
Day award 
and recog- 
nized all the 

nominees. StafFMem- 
ber of the Year was 
Rebecca Merritt who 
is part of the Eques- 
trian Center staff. Dr. 
Mike Bodri received 
the Distiguished Fac- 
ulty Member Award 
for his hardwork and 

dedication to the stu- 
dents. Dr. Gary 
Brubaker. Dr. 

Theodore Christie, 
and Dr. Richard Lugar 
were all recognized 
with Faculty Emeriti 

Dr. Dolores Gioffre and Dr. 

Neil Vincent make their way 

towards the platform. 

The faculty make their way to 
their seats during the proces- 
sional. Each are dressed in 
their ceremonial gowns. 

ial &-ve.yri<. 

founder's < Q{ . 

A Tradition Still Strong o^ 

Chuck Roohr, SGB Vice Presi- 
nt carried the American Flag 

leading in the processional. SGB 
mbers volunteer to be ushers 

John Rigolizzo gave a motiva- 
tional speech on looking to the 
future, but not forgetting your 

Dr. Theodore Christie was 
recognized by Dean Vincent 
with the Faculty Emeriti 

Tonnder\ Dayj£%rJQ5 

Tf>e ^'gtt & ee $ ,e ^ ec °gr\ize$ 


to all 

recipients of 


Rebecca Merritt is awarded 

Staff Member of the Year by 

Dr. Dolores Gioffre. Rebecca 

does a lot of behind the scenes 

work at the Equestrian Center. 

Special Events 

Mary Jane Sergeant was one 
of the three recognized for 20 
years of service to Delaware Val- 
ley College. It just so happens 
that all three recipients of the 
award work in the Krauskopf 

Chairman Gerard Marini gave 
the opening remarks of the 
Founder's Day Convocation. 

Speaker John Rigolizzo was a 
very uplifting speaker. He said 
to "appreciate those before you 
and the foundation they have 

Tounde.r\ ?ai) &*& tQl 

Andrew Dougherty awards 

George Theo with the Student 

Government Founder's Day 

Administration award. 

Dr. Michael Bodri, Small 

Animal Science Chairperson, is 

recognized as this year's 

Distinguished Faculty Member. 

Dr. Neil Vincent awards Dr. 

Richard Lugar with Faculty 

Emeriti recognition. Dr. Lugar 

is also one of our retirees. 

Dr. Neil Vincent not only 

presents awards, but also 

makes sure that the entire 

ceremony runs smoothly. 

special Events 

Kelly Lerner is awarded the 
Founder's Day award by Dr. 
Betsy Arrison. She received this 
due to her high merits and many 
contributions to the campus com- 

Dr. Ziemer was highly touched 
when receiving the Student 
Governement Faculty Award. 

rounders T>mt ^fc M9 


Special £vcni<i 


A-T>an .<ifHt IS! 

s4 J0 D*ty 

F Special 6-venls 




Kevin Bittorie 

Matt Scieferstein 


Craft Show 

Denise Ancharski 

Meredyth Fogg 



Bethany Davis 

Lou Caggiano 



Pat Biegel 

Navonne Owen 

Barnyard Exhibit 

Flower Show 

Susan Albertson 

Bethany Bernard 


Kei th DeJong 

Pat Callahan 


Courtney Nolan 


Kurt Curtis 
John Tighe 


Jason Kane 

Plant Sales 

Dave Huddock 

Pony Rides 

Kirs ten Kuhns 


Dave Kennedy 

A-Oait ^% /S3 

L Special &\jt'*rt<. 


Executive Committee 


Joy Vance 


Steve McCarron 

A-Day Secretaries 

Jenn Bornkamp 
Lisa Munniksma 

A-Day Treasurer 

Mike Bird 

Members at Large 

Pat Biegel 
Matt Schieferstein 

A-Day Advisors 

Dorothy Chizek 
Vincent Massaro 
Br. Benjamin Rusiloski 

Senior Emilie Replogle uses the 
flip throw with the soccer ball in 
hand, in order to get more power 
out of her throw. 

Kathy Fvock 
Amber she 
they cheer 

while thev 


ear, team 
s come and 
ch year, 
m or lose, 
come, the 
are always 
\g to reach 
oals, their 

Wi fRerv ttosicawdec 

Holder ^t, '57 

tbmd Time's A Cbanw 

The Del Val volleyball 
team, under head coach 
Sondra Stocko, posted its 
third consecutive winning 
season as the Aggies fin- 
ished 15-12 overall, 2-4 in 
Middle Atlantic Confer- 

It was the first time in 
the 19-year history that the 
Aggies had three straight 
winning campaigns. Del 
Val went 16- 10 in 1996 and 
finished 18-14 last year. 

Leading the success was 
Suzanne Bishard, who 
broke seven school records 
during the season. The jun- 
ior set new single-season 
standards with 471 kills 
and a .321 hitting percent- 
age while also adding 
single-match marks with 
31 kills and 75 attempts in 
a five-set win over 
Elizabethtown on Oct. 9. 

Bishard, who did not 
play her freshman year, is 
the Aggies' all-time leader 
in kills (885), kill attempts 
( 1 ,949 ) and hitting percent- 
age (.314). This may be her 
last year with the program 
since she is awaiting word 
on early entrance into Vet 

Bishard was ranked in 
the MAC's top 10 all sea- 
son in kills, digs, aces and 
hitting percentage while 
placing as high as 10th in 
Division III in kills. She 
was also second on the team 
in aces (52) and blocks (34). 
Setter Terra Lutz added 
to her record-breaking 

numbers as she dished out 
872 assists on the season. 
The junior just missed 
matching the school's 
single-season assists mark 
of 875 (which she set last 
year) but she upped her 
career total to an Aggie 
record 2,342 assists. Lutz 
also set a new single-match 
standard by tallying 48 
assists in the win over 

Senior Rebecca Andrew 
graduates as Del Val's all- 
time digs leader with 1,048. 
The four-year starter and 
two-year captain led the 
team with 346 kills and 
was fourth in both assists 
(30) and aces (27). 

Both Angie Gaido and 
Wendy Stellingwerf 

wrapped up their two-year 
careers with the Aggies. 
Gaido joined the team last 
year after a two-year stint 
with the basketball squad. 
She finished the season 
with 115 kills, 187 digs and 
a team-high 61 blocks. 
Stellingwerf collected 113 
kills and 163 digs. 

Freshman Liz Carbine, 
Amanda DeSiderio and 
Kathleen McMahon 
rounded out the Delaware 
Valley roster. Carbine re- 
corded 32 digs, 21 kills and 
nine aces in 59 games. 
DeSiderio saw action in 31 
games and produced 25 
kills. McMahon had 12 digs 
in 25 games. 

6v Matt Levy & Matt Hostrander 


Freshman Crista Sewald is 
showing here kill skills as she 
spikes the ball to the oppo- 
nents. Sewald was second on 
the team with 182 kills. 

Rebecca Andrew shows off her 
best move, which she holds the 
most of, as she digs the ball for 
a teammate to hit over the net. 



%t Spoets 


from zooi 

il .' ouldhavi beei 

n to the 1 1 ... j i 

\n.ii her ^kill thai • r i-i.i Si v. aid 

I 1 1 : it nl d 

i he ball to( be Front of I hi com i in 
hopi that a te; ti « ill hit it i 


have i" taki omi plinti i oul after thi 

hi Fall to t he flooi on hi i 
tin' team 

Row 1: Rebecca Andrew. Crista Sewald, Wendy Stellingwerf, Terra Lutz, Katie McMahon, Row 2: Coach 
Stoczko. Angie Gaido. Liz Carbine. Amanda Desiderio, Suzanne Bishard. Coach Vanessa Dell 



vs: Z 

Philly Bible 

3-0 n 




3-0 £ 


3-1, 2-3 C 


2-3 7- 


3-0 n 



Mary Washington 


Philly Pharmacy 

3-0, 3-0 

Salisbury State 


Johns Hopkins 


Wilkes University 



2-3, 3-2 

St. John Fisher 












King's College 











Trying to regain the ball, Mike Hurley 

squirms as hi- 0] , King's 

College figl away. 

Seniot ' ips the 

ball from going out of bounds, while the 

opponent comes up from behind to try to 

steal it from him. 

Freshman Tummy Arndt meanders his 

way around the King's defense and is 

back on his way down the field. 



DVC vs: 





Gwynedd Mercy 






King's College 


Lebanon Valley 

Philly Bible 






Row 1: Eric Lengle. Tommy Arndt. Mike McNamee. Jim Kerr. Pat Brawley. Jason Lutz. Chris McArthur. 
Row 2: Jay Clifford. Kevin Gasiorowski. Geno Finan. Logan Dunn. Nate Bradshaw. Bryan Purcaro, Ben 
Swisher, Mike Dolan. Row 3: Joe Marco. Andrew Fitch. Phil Bowen, Anthony DeThomas. Chris Hoffman. ,| 
Mike Risell, John Adams. Mike Hurley. Brian Loucks 


A Recond Bneakmg Season 

The men's soccer team 
ended up with a record- 
breaking 1998 season. The 
Aggies set a new mark for 
victories and posted their 
third-ever winning season 
as they went 10-7-1 over- 
all, 1-5-1 in MAC-Freedom 
League Play. 

The 10 wins broke the 
previous record of eight set 
by the 1993 team and was 
a big improvement from 
last year's 5-12-1 finish. 
This year's squad set new 
season marks for goals ( 38 ), 
assists (27), points (103) 
and shutouts ( 7 ) while also 
posting a new standard 
with four straight shut- 

Senior midfielder Byran 
Purcaro became Aggies' all- 

time leader in goals, as- 
sists and points. He ended 
the year fourth on the team 
with six goals and three 
assists for 15 points to up 
his career totals to 2 1 goals 
and 13 assists for 55 points. 
Purcaro capped his career 
by scoring the game-win- 
ning goal in the 3-2 season- 
finale win over Moravian 
for the team's 10th win of 
the year. 

Forward Phil Bowen be- 
gan his collegiate career in 
record-breaking style as 
the freshman set new Del 
Val single-season marks 
with 1 1 goals and 26 points. 

Senior forward Nate 
Bradshaw settled for sec- 
ond place behind Bowen 
with eight goals and a 

Logan Dunn, a freshman, and 
sophomore Kevin Gaiorowski 
struggle to kick the ball into the 
goal as the goalie tries to block. 

Record-breaker Phil Bowen 
gets ready to tap the ball off of 
his head and continue on with it 
down field. 

4 P^**j\ 

school-record tying six as- 
sists for 22 points. 
Bradshaw also spent time 
on defense for the Aggies. 

Freshman midfielders 
Logan Dunn and Tommy 
Arndt played major roles 
in the Del Val turnaround. 
Dunn finished third on the 
team in scoring with six 
goals and six assists for 18 
points. Arndt used a strong 
leg to place fifth in scoring 
with four goals and three 
assists for 11 points. 

Sophomores John 
Clifford and Kevin 
Gasiorowski played solid 
defense all year long and 
finished with four and 
three points respectively. 

Fellow stopper and co- 
captain Anthony 
DeThomas collected a goal 
for two points. Freshman 
Eric Lengle stepped in and 
recorded an assist. 

Senior keeper Mike 
McNamee ended a solid 
career that saw him place 
second all-time in saves 
with 421 while also record- 
ing nine shutouts. He 
played in 15 games this 
season and posted five 
wins, 98 saves, four shut- 
outs and a 1.71 goals 
against average. 

Freshman James Kerr 
saw time in goal in seven 
games. He went 5-0 with 
four shared shutouts. 
Sophomore Pat Brawley 
did not allow a goal in 135 
minutes of play. 

by Matt Levy & Matt Hostrander 

Men's Soccer 


1,2,3,4 Who Warns Mone? 

The women's soccer team 
finished the season with a 
12-4-1 record overall. 4-2-1 
in the MAC. and it also was 
the Aggies' fourth consecu- 
tive winning campaign. 

Del Val tied a school- 
record with 12 wins and 
set a new mark with a .735 
winning percentage, and 
leading the way for the 
Aggies was senior forward 
Emilie Replogle. who will 
go down in the record books 
as one of the most prolific 
scorers in NCAA Division 
III history. The three-time 
MAC-Freedom League 
First Team All-Star and 
three-time MVP. paced Del 
Val and the conference with 
19 goals and 15 assists for 
53 points. She has a total of 
230 points in 68 games, 
which is the third-highest 
known total in Division III 
history. Also, she holds ev- 
ery women's soccer scoring 
record in Aggie history. 

Junior midfielder Diann 
Doderer exploded in '98 
with eight goals and an 
assist of 17 points. Britt 
Ingvertsen tied for second 
in scoring with Doderer as 
the midfielder collected 
seven goals and three as- 
sists. Sophomore 
midfielder Stacy 
Richenderfer placed fourth 
on the team five goals and 
an assist for 11 points. 

Freshman Marcy Estey 
and Kirsten Reis had solid 
rookie campaigns and fin- 


ished with seven and five 
points respectively. Estey. 
a forward, started all 17 
games and scored three 
goals while Reis, a 
midfielder, found the net 
on two occasions. 

Sophomore Danielle 
Brubaker and freshman 
Kim Shamberger added a 
goal and an assist apiece 
for three points on the sea- 

Defensively, the Aggies 
allowed just 17 goals on 
the whole season. Sopho- 
more Jessica Perry played 
her first year of collegiate 
soccer and the keeper re- 
corded all 12 of the team's 
wins along with 157 saves 
and a 1.10 goals against 
average. She tied a school 

record with eight shutouts. 
Freshman Roxann Hughes 
played in net in the second 
half of the final four games 
of the year and did not al- 
low a goal while stopping 
17 shots. 

Junior Tifanie Sbriscia 
and sophomore Jennifer 
Vennebush were solid at 
back all season long. Both 
players picked up an assist 
as well. 

Senior midfielder Tracey 
Decker missed 11 games 
due to a knee injury . Decker 
was a 1997 MAC-Freedom 
League Team All-Star and 
finished on the Colleges all- 
time scoring list with five 
goals and 11 assists for 21 

b\ Matt Levy & Matt Hostrander 

One Del Val offensive player 

tries desperately to get the ball 

into the goal, and she is 

definitely using her head. 

Senior Emilie Replogle and 

freshman Marcy Estey cram 

the opponent from Rutgers 

between them to take control 

of the ball. 


herwaj past her opponent, wl 
all she has got to rega 
for her team 

A scramble al I 

hut the 
the ill 

( .in iu find tin- ball? Freshman I 
Melissa McNutt did as Bhe tried to shield 
thr ball from man ing by her and right into 
ill'- opponent - hands 

J «& - ! 

Row 1: Stace) Buzzell. Marcy Estey, Allison Lewandowski, Stacy Richenderfer. Steph Schowalter. Roxann 
Hughes. Emilie Replogle. Jean McMullin. Kir>ten Reis. Tracey Decker. Row 2: Coach Kevin Doherty. Stacy 
Gould. Diann Doderer. Jessica Perry. Kim Shamberger. Tifanie Sbriscia. Melissa McNutt. Jennifer 
Vennebush, Danielle Brubaker. Brut Ingvertsen, Kim Robell. Laura Hansen. Asst. Coach Joe Fluehr IV 







Baptist Bible 
Holy Family 
King's College 














Lebanon Valley 






Brvn MawT 









K>or>en\ Soccer ^pfc 162 

Giving It All they Got 

Field Hockey, with a 9-9 
record marked the first 
non-losing campaign since 
1992. They tied a school 
record with four consecu- 
tive wins and were tough 
in the close games, win- 
ning eight of 11 one-goal 
contests. The Aggies also 
came up with 2-3 in the 
MAC. This was one of the 
teams most productive sea- 
sons in the 25 year history 
of the program. 

The Aggies were in ev- 
ery game thanks to the bril- 
liant goal tending of 
Danielle Rugg. The junior 
and 1997 MAC-Freedom 
League Second Team All- 
Star was in the net for ev- 
ery minute played this sea- 
son. Rugg recorded 166 
saves, four shutouts and 
1.41 goals against average. 
Her four shutouts tied an 
Aggie single-season record 
while her career total of 10 
blankings established a 
new school record. Rugg 
also became Del Val's all- 
time saves leader this year 
with 458. 

The Aggies had a strong 
defense, led by senior 
sweeper Kelly White who 
made a number of defen- 
sive saves on the year and 
helped keep opponents to 
an average of 14 shots per 

The offense was led by 
junior forward Tara Gar- 
ner, who collected five goals 
and four assists for 14 
points. Four of her goals 


were game-winners. 

Freshman Jessica 
Schweighofer and senior 
Stephanie Bumbaugh fol- 
lowed with four goals for 
eight points each. Two of 
Schweighofer's goals came 
in the 2-1 victory over 
Albright. Bumbaugh fin- 
ished her four-year career 
with 15 goals and two as- 
sists for 32 points. 

Senior back Samantha 
Thomas provided aggres- 
sive play as well as a strong 
shot on corner opportuni- 
ties. She finished fourth on 
the team with two goals 
and two assists for six 
points. Midfielder Caroline 
Cowen followed with a goal 
and two assists for four 
points. It was also Cowen's 

first goal of her collegiate 

Freshmen forwards 
Denise Bailey and Lauren 
McCartney added three 
points apiece. Bailey col- 
lected a goal and an assist, 
including the game-win- 
ning tally with 77 seconds 
against King's. McCartney 
got her total from three 

Mandy Naugle and Joy 
Lesher rounded out the Ag- 
gies scorers. Naugle, ajun- 
ior midfielder, assisted on 
two goals, while Lesher, a 
freshman back, set up one 
Delaware Valley tally. 
Lesher's playing ability 
was a big reason for the 
team's improvement. 

bv Matt Lew & Matt Hostrander 

Freshman Joy Lesher stares 
inquisitively as the coach goes 
over stuff in a pregame huddle. 

Goaltender Danielle Rugg 

sacrifices her leg to stop the 

ball from entering the goal box. 

Staring ;ii i be ball at d reil lnt> 

i b< tick i all thai pbanie 

Bumbau ij clown 
thi field to a goal 

Th«- I id Val Field Hoi 

their banner w ith pridedui in 

io thai the opponent will know who ii"". 

\-- i in opponent oil I bi ball fi 

Di Baili ii pped in front to stop if 

either w ii ii bei bodj 


Row 1: Caroline Cowen, Beth Anderson, Stephanie Bumbaugh, Stephanie Henyx, Danielle Rugg, Denise 

Bailey. Danielle Gayda. Samantha Thomas. Andrea Naumick, Row 2: Asst. Coach Megan Spratt-Mannino. 
Lauren McCartney, Mandy Naugle. Tara Garner. Joy Lesher. Kelly White. Stephanie Cannon. Stephanie 
Molnar, Coach Linda Fleischer 


\te\awate Mailey 



DVC vs: 

Phillv Bible 2-1 

Kean 0-1 

Elizabethtown 0-3 

Muhlenburg 0-3 

Manhattanville 0-3 

Misericordia 1-0 

Montclair State 1-0 

Drew 1-3 

Albright 2-1 

Scranton 0-2 

FDU-Madison 1-0 

Wilkes 0-1 

Widener 0-3 

Beaver 2-1 

Philly Textile 1-0 

Moravian 3-1 

King's College 2-1 

William Paterson 1-2 




~Field Hockey 


Del Val running back Jama) Lewis 

makes his way around the defense as the 

offense blocks in hopes that he will come 

up with some yardage. 

Defensive end, Ronald Smith tackles a 
La Salle runningback, with help by J.I'. 

Kleinle, as he tries to make his way up 
the field. 

Junior quarterback Joe Shenko winds 

up to throw the football to a receiver, as 

a defensive player is on the move in 

hopes for a sack. 



g] DVC vs: 

^J West Virginia Tech 




La Salle 








King's College 






Lebanon Valley 


The Delaware Valley College 1998 Football Team. 


Sranrmg Off On The Rigbr Foot 

Tin' football team got off 
to its best start since 1985 
with a 3-1 record. The big 
win was a 28-16 victory 
over perennial power 
Moravian College on 

Head coach Glen 
Leonard and his squad 
opened the season by beat- 
ing W.V. Tech on artificial 
turf as quarterback Joey 
Shenko threw for 236 yards 
and two touchdowns. 

The next week saw the 
team take on an Albright 
squad that had reached the 
post-season in each of the 
last three seasons. The 
Aggies went ahead to 20- 
19 in the last quarter but a 
late Albright touchdown 
gave them the victory. 

Del Val hosted La Salle 
U. for its home opener on 
Sept. 26 and shutout the 
Explorers 29-0. Shenko 
threw for two scores and 
rushed for a touchdown 
while the defense held La 
Salle without a point for 
the second year in a row. 

The Moravian game fol- 
lowed and had many dra- 
matic moments. The first 
occurred just before half- 
time as Dan Osada inter- 
cepted a pass and returned 
it 68 yards for a touchdown. 
On the first play of the sec- 
ond half, Shenko hit Matt 
Altieri for a 75 yard TD. 
Altieri was named Home- 
coming MVP and MAC Of- 
fensive Player of the Week. 

However, a 27-26 loss the 

Sophomore Jonathan 
Hoxworth kicks a field goal for 
Del Val as the ball holder just 
releases the ball to be kicked. 

A quick hand-off by the 
quarterback Bobby Spross to 
runningback Jonathan Klag is 
all the J.V. team needed to get 
the play moving. 

next week at FDU-Madi- 
son began a downslide that 
led to the 3-7 finish. There 
were individual highlights 
throughout the way. 

Shenko became DVC's 
all-time leading passer in 
yardage and touchdown as 
the junior increased his 
career totals to 4,366 yards 
and 4 1 touchdowns. He also 
set new seasonal marks 
with 2,006 yards and 18 
scoring passes. 

Bill Mann finished sec- 
ond on the Aggie single- 
season list with nine sacks. 
The junior defensive end 
accomplished this feat de- 
spite missing two full 
games and portions of oth- 
ers with injuries. 

But the story of the year 
was the play of Altieri. In 
just his second season of 
football since the age of 12, 
the wideout caught 46 
passes for 856 yards and 
eight touchdowns. The 
eight receiving touchdowns 
tied the school record for a 
single-season while his 15 
career scores also matched 
that mark. He tied a third 
record by hauling in 11 
passes in the loss to FDU- 

Altieri was one of the five 
Aggies to be named MAC- 
Freedom League First 
Team All-Stars. He was 
joined on the list by Mann, 
Terrance Oliver, Tim 
Quinn and Matt Soncini. 
Tight end Mike Holderman 
received Second Team. 

by Matt Levy & Matt Hostrander 

Smiding For The Win 

The Delaware Valley 
College cross country 
teams, under head coach 
Dr. Robert Berthold, Jr., 
both ended up their sea- 
sons with 1-3 records in 
head-to-head meets while 
also participating in a 
number of invitationals. 

The men's top finish of 
the year was a fourth-place 
showing in the seven-team, 
Muhlenberg Invitational 
on September 19. The 
women's team was sixth 
out of eight teams at the 
same race. 

Sophomore Steve 

Lafferty was the top Aggie 
finisher in six of seven 
meets this season, includ- 
ing the Middle Atlantic 
Conference and NCAA 
Middle Atlantic Region 
Championships. Lafferty's 
best time was 29:15 as he 
placed 29th at the Drew 
Invitational while his 16th- 
place showing at the Phila- 
delphia Invitational 
earned him a medal. He 
finished 43rd at the MAC's 
and 142nd at Regionals. 

Mike McCurdy also took 
home a medal at the Philly 
Small College Invitational 
as the freshman crossed the 
finish line in 19th place. 
His best time was 30:13 

and an eight-place show- 
ing at the head-to-head 
meet with Albright, 
Alvernia, Lycoming & 

Fellow freshman Bryan 
Lockwood and Chris 
Uhland competed strongly 
for Delaware Valley. 
Lockwood finished ninth at 
the head-to-head meets 
with a time of 30:14 and 
posted the Aggies' third- 
best score at the MAC's. 
Uhland was the team's 
fourth top runner at the 
conference meet. Junior 
Cory Peranich also scored 
points at the MAC's and 
served as team captain. 

On the women's side, 
Heather Koch had a pro- 
ductive freshman season. 

The rookie earned a medal 
with a 14th-place showing 
and a time of 22:58 at the 
Philadelphia Small Col- 
leges Invitational. Koch 
was also the Aggies' top 
scorer at the MAC Cham- 
pionships by placing 45th. 

Juniors Sandra 

Tatarynw and Kristen 
Salvesen were the next two 
Aggies to cross the MAC 
finish line. Tatarynw was 
71st while Salvesen placed 
75th. Salvesen also served 
as the team's captain dur- 
ing the season. 

Junior Larisa Wagner 
and senior Jill Chambers 
also registered points for 
Delaware Valley at the con- 
ference championships. 

b\ Matt Levy & Matt Hostrander 


Keeping up the pace is 

definitely what junior Kristen 

Salvesen wanted to do so her 

opponent from Bryn Mawr 

would not be able to pass by. 

Sophomore Josh Lerner is 

shown here sweating out the 

race, but still looks to be going 




Starting thi ra 

[an Mi I li i in. .11 leadc i ln^ pack oi ru 
n iili do problem 

As the i hree Del Val i 

were together, hut will definitely pari as 

Junior Sandra Tatai 

iii. lead as bei opponent - ci eep up behind 

i losei and clo 

Row 1: Heather Koch. Sandy Tatarynw, Larisa Wagner. Ella Pandy, Megan Nelson, Kristen Salvesen. Ann 
Anders-Mullin, Row 2: Jill Chambers. Tim Craven. Lauren Barrett. Chris Uhland, Ian McDermott. Corina 
Strange. Cory Peranich. Scott Kingston. Row 3: Seth Klimas. Mike McCurdy. Bryan Lockwood, Justin 
Kapust. Josh Lerner, Steve Lafferty. Jason Wahlbuck. Coach Dr. Robert Berthold 



DVC vs: 


Alvernia 42-19 























Lebanon Valley 




Philly Small Colleges 


Drew University 


Allentown College 



MAC Championships 



Men 6r K)oww<. Crow Couninj 


Del Val Mar Wans 

The Del Val Wrestling 
team tied for 25th place at 
the NCAA Division III 
Championships, and were 
14-4 in dual meets for their 
29th consecutive non-los- 
ing season and 20th 
straight winning cam- 
paign. The team placed 
second at the MAC Cham- 
pionships for the third year 
in a row. 

Sophomore grapplers 
Mike Jones. Mike Margelis 
and Bryan Klass qualified 
for nationals by winning 
individual titles at the 
MAC Championships. 

Jones won five of seven 
matches at the NCAA 
Championships to place 
fifth at 125 pounds and 
earn All-American honors 
for the second year in a 
row. He is the 36th All- 
American in Del Val his- 
tory and the ninth wres- 
tler to accomplish the feat 
at least twice in a career. 
He finished the year with a 
team-best 31-4 mark. 

Margelis made his first 
trip to nationals this year, 
but ended with a loss in the 
consolation bracket . He fin- 
ished the year with a 26-6 
mark and the MAC title. 

Klass reached the NCAA 
Championships for the sec- 
ond year in a row but failed 
to earn All-American sta- 
tus. He ended the year off 
with a 21-8 mark. 

Bucky Johnson went 26- 
6 at 141 pounds for the 
Aggie.- after transferring 
in from Ursinus College. 

J&l Sports 

The junior captured first- 
place honors at the York 
Invitational and was run- 
ner-up at the MAC Cham- 

Jason Garcia compiled a 
25-6 mark at 184 pounds. 
The sophomore took first 
at the York Invitational 
and placed second at the 
MAC's. Garcia opened the 
year with a third-place 
showing at the Ithaca Invi- 

Fellow sophomore An- 
drew Perez won 20 of 24 
matches at 133 pounds. 
Perez was ranked as high 
as fifth in Divsion III dur- 
ing the season and was con- 
ference runner-up. 

Junior heavyweight 
Matt Kleinle was the se- 

nior member of a young 
Aggie squad. He went 25-7 
on the year with a first- 
place title at York and 
third-place finished at the 
MAC's and Ithaca. Kleinle 
moved into eighth place on 
the Del Val all-time vic- 
tory list with 83 career 

Justin Kovacs and Mark 
Thatcher recorded 18 and 
12 respectively. Kovacs. a 
sophomore, finished with 
an 18-10 mark. Thatcher 
went 12-10 in his first col- 
legiate season. Sophomore 
Jason Stever started all 
season at 165 pounds and 
finished with a 10-16 
record. He placed fourth at 
the MAC's. 

b\ Matt Lev\ and Matt Hostrander 

First year collegiate wrestler 

Jason Stever is shown here 

taking control over his 

opponent from King's College. 

Junior Bucky Johnson is all 

prepared in the bottom position 

before the whistle is blown. 



1 r> inn 

sophomore Justin K 

and weight to show thi lerwho 

\\ ben looking at this picture, oni 

iphomore Br) getting 

tired of playing around and wants to get 


,Q^S^ & %V 

Row 1: Andrew Perez, Buckv Johnson. Tim Stromberg, Justin Kovacs. Kevin Johnson. Bryan Derembrino. 
Bryan Klass, Row 2: Coach Rob Marshall. Dwight Forry. Jason Garcia. Jason Stever. Mark Thatcher. Matt 
Heinle, Mike Margelis, Mike Jones. Trainer Sandy Scott 


DVC vs: 

Ithaca Invt. 3 th 

Elizabethtown 21-13 

Delaware State 40-6 

\ ork Invt. 1st 

Lebanon Valley 30-3 

Western Maryland 39-3 

Division 111 National Duals 4th 

Wilkes 28-6 

King's College 33-7 

Lycoming 14-18 

Universtiv of Scranton 36- 1 4 

Montclair State 1 6-23 

Messiah - 4 " 13 

Albright 40-t> 

Gettysburg College 35-6 

Muhlenberg 37-6 

Washington & Lee 48-3 

MAC Championships 2nd 

NCAA Div. Ill 25th 




hJrestUng ^T^L Fl' 

There is not lii an botching a 

shot tin which is 

skillfully show n he 

forward Lam en Snj der 

Freshman guard Beck] Oakley 

desperately tries to retrieve the loose 

hall before her opponent gets a hold of it 

Awesome^ i Waznak shows 

off her dribbling skills as she rounds her 
opponent and gets closer and clo 

the basket. 

the crnon 

i~ 11 


Z DVC vs: 

Cl. Goucher 




^ Neumann 



75-71, 63-85 


53-66, 96-84 

St. Mary's of Maryland 


King's College 

62-78, 59-92 





Frostburg State 



62-85, 81-73 



Chestnut Hill 



87-76, 85-62 


72-68, 76-70 






Row 1: Jessica Perry. Becky Oakley, Alisa DiBonaventura, Jeanne Waznak. Colleen Kearns, Lauren 
Snyder, Row 2: Coach Laura Rotz. Enid Dunmire. Alexis Metzger, Michelle Wikiera, Kristen Henry. Asst. 
Coach Melanie Spratt, Asst. Coach John Brittain 


Women Aggies; The Besr In Yeans 

The women's basketball 
team exceeded all expecta- 
tions this year as the Ag- 
gies compiled an 18-9 
record and reached the 
post-season in both the 
MAC and Eastern College 
Athletic Conference 
(ECAC) playoffs. 

The team had won 17 
games, including five MAC 
contests, in the previous 
three years combined. A 
pre-season poll had them 
finishing seventh out of 
eight teams. Then, in the 
last pre-season scrimmage, 
returning center Enid 
Dunmire went down with 
a knee injury and was lost 
for the year. 

With two juniors, four 
sophomores and three 
freshman on the roster, 
third-year head coach 
Laura Rotz directed the 
team to monumental wins 
over NCAA playoff teams 
Scranton and St. Mary's of 




Maryland and recorded the 
second-best mark in Aggie 
women's history. 

Del Val qualified for the 
MAC playoffs for the first 
time since 1993 and 
dropped an 86-66 decision 
to eventual conference run- 
ner-up and NCAA playoff- 
bound Elizabethtown Col- 

The women used an up- 
tempo offense that aver- 
aged 76.9 points per game 
and went over the 90-point 
mark five times during the 
year. The team's full-court 
pressure forced an average 
24.5 turnovers per game. 

Junior Jeanne Waznak 
had another season to re- 
member, as the guard 
broke the Aggie single-sea- 
son and career scoring 
marks, led the conference 
in scoring for the third 
straight year and was 
named a MAC-Freedom 
League All-Star for the 

Second-year center Alexis 
Metzger uses her good defense 
skills to keep the ball away from 
her "man." 

Not every jump for a shot is suc- 
cessful. Freshman Kristen Henry 
tries to get the ball to the basket, 
but il is knocked out by the three 
women coverage of the opponent 

third time. She scored 573 
points to break the previ- 
ous mark of 508, and then 
set her sights on the 
program's all-time scoring 
mark of 1 .1 L3 points, held 
ironically by Rotz. Waznak 
broke the mark, and ended 
with a total of 1,487 points. 

Fellow backcourt mate 
Alisa DiBonaventura was 
a major key to the Aggie 
turnaround and was 
named a MAC-Freedom 
League Second Team All- 
Star. She shattered the 
records for assists ( 194 ) and 
steals (105). 

Freshmen forwards 
Kristen Henry and Lauren 
Snyder played prominent 
roles in Del Val's winning 
season. Henry was second 
on the team in scoring with 
14 points per game. Snyder 
led the MAC in rebound- 
ing with 282 boards to tie 
for second on the Aggie 
single-season list. She has 
been twice named the 
ECAC Rookie of the Week, 
and was fourth on the team 
in scoring with 12.3 points. 

Sophomore guard/for- 
ward Jessica Perry ap- 
peared in 26 games and 
averaged six points and 4.5 
rebounds per contest. 

Fellow second-year play- 
ers Michelle Wikiera and 
Alexis Metzger filled the 
void at center after 
Dunmire's injury. Wikiera 
averaged 4.5 and 4.4 re- 
bounds, while Metzger had 
4.4 points and 3.4 rebounds 
an outing. 

Freshman guard Becky 
Oakley avg. 2.4 points and 
1.6 rebounds. Junior guard 
Colleen Kearns added 1.2 
points and 1.3 rebounds per 

by Matt Levy and Matt Hostrandcr 

K)omh\ 'Basketball ^Hfc /73 

Aggies Shoor Ton Excellence 

The men's basketball 
team finished the season 
with a 7-17 record. 

Head coach Bill Dooley 
inherited a young squad 
when he took over late last 
March and directed the 
Aggies to a number of close 
games this season. Eleven 
games were decided by two 
possessions, with Del Val 
coming out on the winning 
end in three of those con- 
tests. The highlight of the 
season was a 79-73 victory 
over conference playoff- 
bound Lycoming College. 

The top three scorers on 
the team were all sopho- 
mores, Jameel Hawthorne, 
Sam Brown and Tyree 
Jones. Hawthorne was the 
only Aggie to start all 24 
games and the guard led 
the way with an average of 
12 points per contest. 
Hawthorne also paced the 
team in three-pointers with 

Brown was second on the 
team in both scoring (11.5 
avg) and rebounding (5.3 
avg). The forward/center 
led Del Val and was second 
in the conference with 48 

Injuries and illnesses 
limited Jones to 18 starts 
on the year. The center fin- 
ished with 9.1 points and a 
team-best 7.5 rebounds. 

Seniors Carl Hines, 
Kevin Burton and Nate 
Bradshaw followed on the 
scoring sheet. Hines played 
in all 24 games and the 
swingman finished with 
7 . 1 points and 2 . 1 rebounds 
an outing. His three-year 
Aggie career came to an 
end with 352 points and 
145 boards. 

Burton started six of the 
24 games he appeared in 
and the forward contrib- 
uted six points and five re- 
bounds per contest. He re- 
corded 653 points and 590 
rebounds in his three-year 

Bradshaw was the 
team's pleasant surprise 
this season. The guard saw 
action in just one game the 
year before but hit the court 
on 21 occasions, including 
five starts. He averaged 
five points, 3.8 rebounds 
and 1.7 steals per game. 

Forwards Glenn Gray 
and Charles Oakley ap- 
peared in 24 and 23 games 
respectively. Gray, a sopho- 
more, started three con- 
tests and chipped in with 
an average of five points 
and 2.8 rebounds. Oakley 
started four games and the 
junior averaged 3.6 points 
and 2.7 rebounds per per- 


Junior guard Jim 
Greenberg led the Aggies 
in assists ( 58 ) for the third 
consecutive year. He added 
2.6 points an outing. Fel- 
low guard Mike McCline 
came off the bench and the 
sophomore contributed 
with 2.4 points and 2.1 re- 
bounds in 21 games. 

Brad Transue. Brent 
Cammauf and Brian 
McCormick rounded out 
the Del Val roster. Transue 
contributed 14 points. 17 
rebounds and 12 assists in 
13 games. Cammauf, a 
freshman forward, saw ac- 
tion in six games and tal- 
lied four points and four 
rebounds. McCormick ap- 
peared in three contests 
and the sophomore center 
recorded the first two 
points and rebounds of his 
varsity career. 

6v Matt Levy and Matt Hostrander 

Making sure the opponent 

does not get the ball is evident 

here, as sophomore Sam Brown 

blocks his "man." 

Center Tyree Jones reaches 
for the ceiling as he lobs the 

ball up to the basket, despite 
the defense of the opponent. 

™ Jtffe. SfcrH 

Senior' irlH .11 into 

the basket, but is stopi 
one of the Kim I 


I, .mi. sophomore Jan.. • I II 
caught as In- releases the ball for it 

the run 

Senior Com urd Kevin Burton patiently 
looks around the court for an opt i 

be can tfet the ball closer to the 

Row 1- Brad Tran-ue Maurice Peterson, Jameel Hawthorne, Jimmy Garrett, Kevin Burton, M&e McCline, 
Nate Bradshaw, Jim Greenberg, Rov. 2 Asst Coach Jason Rapp. Asst. Coach Michael Wolfe. SamBro,vn, 
Glenn Grav Tvree Jones. Brian McCormick, Carl Hines. Charles Oakley. Brent C ammauf, Coach Bill Dooley 

DVC vs: 

k ccr i imu ■ 

Phillv Bible 











67-80, 55-66 


69-75, 79-73 

King's College 

60-61, 52-81 








63-68, 53-55 


57-68, 59-68 

Valley Forge Christian 



64-74, 62-100 


58-59, 76-80 

Penn State-Altoona 





Men's 'ZatketbaU ^Mfc. m 

•Just take ;i look at that concentration! 

Sophomore centerfielder Brooke 

Bennetch is lined up perfi ctlj with the 

ball so she can hit another triple. 

Senior Lisa Cascom moves in for the 

capture of the speeding ball, as she 

places her glove on the ground 

anticipating its every move. 

Mp ^M~ I 

Row 1: Kim Tulish. Kristen Radosevich. Michele Siestma, Liz Lyons. Netasha Lyons. Re 
Linda Fleischer. Lisa Cascone. Susan Altomare. Tracie Zatarzewski. Brooke Bennetch 

^T%> Sports 


Rookies Lead The Way 

'Plic Delaware Valley 
( 'ollege soltball team went 
•2-2:5 overall, 1-13 in the 
Middle Atlantic Confer- 
ence (MAC)-Freedom 
League play. 

The Aggies roster con- 
sisted often players, eight 
of whom were freshman or 
sophomores. In fact, two 
the top three hitters were 

Leading the team in bat- 
ting was freshman 
leftfielder Tracie 

Zakarzewski. She hit .322 
with 19 hits, 12 runs, six 
doubles and eight RBI's. 
Fellow classmate Susan 
Altomare was third on the 
team with a .303 average. 
The first baseman/pitcher 
added 20 hits, 11 runs, a 

team-high seven doubles 
and eight RBI's. Altomare 
also pitched in four games 
and went 0-2. 

Seniors Lisa Cascone 
and Liz Lyons concluded 
their four-year playing ca- 
reers. Cascone switched 
from first to second base 
this year and finished sec- 
ond on the squad with a 
.318 batting average. She 
led the team with 21 hits, 
12 RBI's and two 
homeruns. She ended her 
career as the fifth all-time 
leading hitter in Del Val 
history with a .351 aver- 
age. Lyons started all 25 
games behind the plate to 
give 100 starts for her ca- 
reer. She batted a career 
best .293 to finish fourth 

Freshman pitcher Kristen 
Radosevich is seen here as she 
grunts while releasing the ball 
from her amazing wind-mill tech- 

Does she look captivated or 
what? Freshman Susan Altomare 
stares at the plate, making sure 
she keeps her eyes on the ball at 
all times. 

on the squad. Lyons also 
added a double and five 

Sophomore centerfielder 
Brooke Bennetch and 
freshman third baseman 
Kim Tulish followed with 
.286 and .234 batting aver- 
ages respectively. 
Bennetch had nine runs, 
five doubles and a team- 
high two triples while also 
recording a .944 fielding 
percentage. Tulish started 
22 games at the hot corner 
and added two doubles and 
three runs scored. 

Freshmen Michele 
Siestma and Kristen 
Radosevich started 25 
games apiece. Siestma, a 
shortstop, batted .224 with 
three doubles, a triple and 
eight RBI's. Radosevich hit. 
208 with four runs and 
three doubles. She also 
started 23 games on the 
mound, picked up both of 
the teams victories and re- 
corded 51 strikeouts. 

Denise Bailey and 
Netasha Lyons rounded 
out the Aggie roster. Bailey 
started in 21 games at 
rightfield or third base and 
produced 11 hits and nine 
runs. Lyons started 21 
games as a rightfielder or 
designated player. She had 
three hits and a RBI on the 

by Matt Levy & Matt Hostrander 

Softball £%. rn 

ECAC Champions! 


The Delaware Valley 
College baseball team 
wrapped up its record- 
breaking, 31-7 season in 
dramatic fashion by com- 
ing from behind to cap- 
ture the Eastern College 
Athletic Conference Di- 
vision III Southern Re- 
gional Championship. 

The Aggies were 
seeded second at the 
four-team tournament 
and defeated Wesley 
College, 5-3 in the semi- 
finals. That moved them 
into the championship 
game against top-seeded 
and host, Frostburg 
State. Delaware Valley 

trailed the 25th ranked 
team in the country, 5-2, 
heading into the top of 
the ninth, but the Aggies 
scored three runs to tie 
the game. They then es- 
caped bases-loaded jams 
in the ninth and tenth 
innings, before winning 
the game and the cham- 
pionship with a run in 
the eleventh inning. 

Jason Stackhouse was 
named the tournament 
MVP as his solo home 
run in the eleventh in- 
ning proved to be the 
game winner. 

Stackhouse pitched a 
nine-inning, nine- 

strikeout performance in 
the semifinals, then shut 
down Frostburg State in 
the eleventh for his first 
save of the year. 


" * I ** 

Senior third baseman Jason 
Stackhouse uses his strength to 
throw the ball from his position 

to first base while on the run 
and in the air. 

Caught right after his release 

of the baseball, sophomore 

Matt Rush closely watches to 

see were it will end up. 


Junior Daro 
foi i bird ba ■ 

no( '" ' i i 

I miiu perfect form, freshm n 
Panzullo fields the baseball so 11 
enter the outfield 

••|.<-Cs take .1 little lut of a lead, thinks 
sophomore I iarter Leonards, whili ; 

- getting readj foi thi 
throw from the pitcher 

Row 1: Doug Copestick. Matt Rush. Mike Ricci. Jason Stackhouse. Daron Swire, John Schilling. Huh 
Bayachek. Frank Panzullo, Row 2: Ken Perkin. Shawn Atkinson. Ken Worrell. Steve Saxe. Jim Kennedy, 
Matt Cohen, Brian Dlugaszewski. Joe Polkowski. Row 3: Asst. Coach Matt Altieri. Duke Greco, Carter 
Leonards, Matt Beasley, Jason Williams. Tony D'Amico, Brian Wolfgang. Asst. Head Coach Bob Altieri, 
Row 4: Head Coach Frank Wolfgang. Greg Weikel. John McAloney. Derek Starts. Bill Mann 



■ IXLLr ll\U 

— 1 




































































1 ,,, N icnces 















Fill' Madison 


























Wesley (ECAC Seroifina 

) 5 


Frostburg St lECAC Championship Game) 6 




^^£ gag 







^ Albright 

^ York 



>• Swarthmore Invit. 

Lebanon Vallev 

Messiah Invit. 

Lebanon Vallev 

Baptist Bible 

Widener Invit. 

Penn Relays 






6th out of 7 



No scoring 






No scoring 

No scoring 

8th out of 10 

Row 1: Nakesia Drummond. Jamie Hill. Jessica Perry. Meg Nelson. Sandy Tatar. n\v. Row 2: Amy Sprinkle. 
Crista Sewald. Megan Scheib. Atiya Clayton. Alexis Metzger, Tracey Bodner. Jen Mills. Row 3: Asst. Coach 
Bill Maczko. Corinna Strange. Liz Carbine. Amanda DeSiderio. Coach Dave Ragone 


Ovenall: laovwvemem 


The Del Val women's 
track and field team went 
3-4 during the season, im- 
proved their point total at 
the MAC's from 23 to 29 
and placed 10th. 

Jessica Perry starred for 
the Aggies by scoring points 
in the five different events. 
The sophomore took fifth 
in the 100-meter dash 
( 14.05) and placed eight in 
both the 200-meter dash 
(27.88) and the javelin 

The Delaware Valley 
quartet of Perry, Nekeshia 
Drummond, Jamie Hill, 
and Alexis Metzger fin- 
ished third and earned a 
medal in the 400-meter 
relay with a time of 51.76 
seconds. The same group 

placed fourth in the 1600- 
meter relay with a time of 

Hill came close to defend- 
ing her MAC championship 
in the 100-meter hurdles 
as the sophomore's time of 
16.81 seconds was topped 
only by Jessica Sprankle of 
Juniata ( 16.48). Junior Jen 
Mills also placed for the 
Aggie women as she fin- 
ished fifth in the javelin 
with a throw of 109-feet, 
three inches. 

b\ Matt Levy & Matt Hostrander 

K)0t4te*'s Track fr yield ^% IHt 

Messiah Invit. 

Lebanon Valley 

Baptist Bible 

Widener Invit. 

Penn Relays 


No scoring 

No scoring 

8th out of 10 

Row 1: Chris Uhland, Art Shadell, Joe Marco, Nate Bradshaw, Pat Hardy, Brian Ludwig, Clarance 
Williams, Row 2: Chuck Kochanski, Tony Grandinetti, Rich Gear, Alfie Fisher, Rob Rivera, Corey Peranich, 
Jim Kerr, Row 3: Asst. Coach Bill Maczko, Jon Hoxworth, Glen Gray, Dan Drake, Ken Teleski, Justin 
Kapust, Rob Woodring, Asst. Coach Marty Stern, Coach Dave Ragone 

>«fe. St*"-** 



BesT In Ten Yeans 

The Delaware Valley 
College's men's track and 
field team, which went 5-3 
during the season, posted 
their best conference fin- 
ish in the decade by scor- 
ing 55 points and placing 
sixth at the MAC champi- 

The season may not be 
over for one Del Val ath- 
lete, however, as Rob 
Woodring is on the NCAA 
provisional list for the jav- 
elin. The sophomore placed 
third at the MAC's with a 
toss of 193-feet, one inch. 

If the number of the au- 
tomatic qualifiers does not 
equal or better the mini- 
mum number of partici- 
pants at the NCAA Divi- 
sion III Championships 

(15), then the committee 
turns to the provisional list 
for the top participants to 
complete the field. The 
NCAA Division III Cham- 
pionships take place at 
Baldwin-Wallace College 
(Berea, OH) from May 20- 

Senior Nate Bradshaw 
captured four medals (top 
three finish) and placed in 
the top eight in a fifth event. 
He successfully defended 
his 400-meter dash cham- 
pionship from a year ago 
by edging Raymond 
Crooms of Widener, 49.05 
to 49.10. Bradshaw also 
earned an individual medal 
with a third-place finish in 
the 200-meter dash (22.75 
seconds). He added a 

fourth-place finish in the 
long jump with a leap of 
21-feet, six inches. 

Bradshaw played a key 
role in the medal-winning 
Aggie relay teams. 
Bradshaw, Alfie Fisher, 
Pat Hardy, and Clarence 
Williams took second in the 
1600-meter relay, while 
Bradshaw, Fisher, Hardy, 
and Jon Hoxworth crossed 
the finish line third in the 
400-meter relay. Fisher 
also recorded a top-eight 
finish as he was fifth in the 
long jump. 

Sophomore Glenn Gray 
took fourth in the javelin 
with a throw of 190-feet, 
10 inches. He made the 
NCAA provisional list as 
well, but he is at the bot- 
tom end of the chart and 
will not make it to nation- 

Tyree Jones, Brian 
Ludwig, and Joe Marco 
each placed in the top eight. 
Jones took eight in the high 
jump (5-9), Ludwig was 
sixth in the shotput (43- 
3.5), and Marco tied for 
eight in the pole vault ( 12- 

by Matt Levy & Matt Hostrander 

Me* sTt-aekk yield &%? «3 

Slaying linden Van 


The Delaware Valley 
College golf team went 1-9 
for the 1999 season. The 
team did not participate at 
the Middle Atlantic Con- 
ference Championships. 

The Aggie's lone victory 
game came against the 
University of the Sciences 
with a 368-413 triumph on 
March 31. Todd Hippauf 
posted a low score of 85 en 
route to the win. 

Happauf, a junior, was 
named the team's Most 
Valuable Player for the 
second time in his career. 
He also recieved the honor 
as a freshman in 1997. 

Row 1: Brock Bender, Nate 

Marter, Jim Greenberg. 

Coach Doug Linde 

Happauf averaged an 86.5 
score per match. 

Freshman Andy Stutler 
averaged a 95.3 and earned 
a varsity letter. Sophomore 
Nate Marter earned a let- 
ter as well. 

The head coach of the 
Del Val golf team is Dr. 
Doug Linde, an alum of 
Delaware valley and a 
three-time golf MVP for the 

bv Matt Levy & Matt Hostrander 

1 *} 




, t 

■J 1 




Row 1: Andy Stutler, Todd 

Hippauf, Andy Bobiak, Coach 

Doug Linde 

Freshman Brock Bender 
watches the golf ball closely as 
he follows through on his put. 


Freshman Andy Bobiak shows 
his sign of disappointment as the 
ball just misses the hole. 

Chipping the ball is not always 
easy. One can see how junior 
Todd Hippauf handles the situa- 
tion as the ball is lofted into the 

Lining up thi I ii the 

gi ■ Here Bophomori \i d 

i close look at the ten 
aim and the bole 

Still 1 1. 1 In v. mi' i In 1 1> if 1 1 .-. nli in .■. mgand 
. itching thi j"'!! ball 1 pal h i junior Jim 
i,M enberg, 

Sometimes ii i interi bag to see what 

1 1 Hi i m doing '■•• bill I bey're not 

iii. club 01 putti i I in. can defi 
mi. I gel .1 .li ii. ii in pei ipective of things 
thatwa Etela in ind not getting stressed- 
mil ig iiuw in stay on top 

- KF 





— 1 





University of the Sciences 





Moravian Tourn. 


out of 21 







Lebanon Valley 



















Oolfjj&_ «5 

Row 1: Chelsa Searles, Row 2: Kirsten Kuhns, Katie Mick, Piage Stranko, Sabrina Hartman, Melissa 
McCarthy, Row 3: Katie Smith, Liz Leiter, Tanya Ray, Becky Koval, Rene Ward, Maggie Fallon 


Pumping Up The Cnowd 

The 1998 cheerleading 
squad had a great year 
cheering the football team 
to victory. They cheered at 
most of the Aggie's home 
games. Homecoming was 
an especially great time 
because the squad was rep- 
resented in the parade. 

The squad's captains 
were Melissa McCarthy, 
Katie Mick, and Chelsa 
Searles. These three were 
the only cheerleaders who 
returned from last year. 
The team members were 
Maggie Fallon, Marsha 
Harris, Sabrina Hartman, 
Becky Koval, Kirsten 
Kuhns, Liz Leiter, Tanya 
Ray, Katie Smith, Paige 
Stranko, Danielle Vacirca, 
and Rene Ward. 

The squad was led by 
their new coach, Stacey 
McDermott, who taught 
them many new cheers. 
Thanks to the help of cho- 
reographer Shannon 
McDermott, the squad per- 
formed a new dance, to the 
delight of many fans. With 
the hope of a cheerleading 

camp this summer, and the 
possible lifting of the "no 
stunts at Del Val law," the 
squad is looking forward to 
a new and better season in 

by Liz Leitei 

Cheerteading ^Mfc. ffl 

One of the events at the Greek Games 
was the joust. The teams competed in 
a variety of events to receive points 
and the team which had the most 
points won. 

Within the pages of 
the Cong r atalations 
section, families and 
profess ors of the 
mdM&Ling senior 
or them on their 
this book comes 
n end, the peopie 
fill th is book can 
uhd in the 

Congrats 6r Ivda* 


To our Christine, 

You already know how much joy and pride you give to us. You know 
how blessed we feel, that you are part of us. Your many accomplish- 
ments to this day has built a secure stepping stone, for you to walk out 
onto the road you have chosen to travel. 

How fortunate for God's creatures, that you will always be a kind and 
loving soul among them, who will cure and protect with a passion that 
started when you were a child, and has grown into your life's ambition. 
We, being your family, who has supported you all the way, feel it so 
rewarding to see you filled with such happiness, excitement, and readi- 
ness, for the life that is ahead. 

May God continue to bless you, with the love for what you do, and 
may He guide that love, to it's fullest potential, so that everyone and 
every creature in your life will be able to benefit from your presence on 
this earth. 

With so much love to you, 

Mom, Dad, Cathy, Bob, Dave, Grandma, Grandpa, 
Darla, Clarence, and of course, your Sophie 

Dear Ken, 

Congratulations for a Job well 
done. We are very proud of you. 
Success, happiness, and good health 
throughout your life. We love you. 
Mom and Dad 

ik K)hen education ends. 
genius often begins " 

- Isaac Olsraeli 

Congratulations kelly T^arrett 
andihe Class of 19991 

K)e are so proud of all your 

Love V>ad, Mow, and Lynn 

Congrats 6r \nde,\ 

I ■ 

m very \proua or you! 
You've done a terrific 





ove You 

Cowst* br l»de\ &%, t9t 

[rfie are so prond o£ yon. sf-rem the time yon 
i yen >\ little frov, yon ivcrc alivayS so determined. 
V/?« just kvieiv VDH ivtnld succeed At Anything 
yon tried ik yon just put your heart into it. 

"Yletv yen have made it! Von are graduating 
and starting your liU. "Vl^ay the future hold 
tycndcrf-nl things for yon. "VKay the people yon 
interact ivith recognize your value, "pflay those 
yon love altvayS return yonr love. "Yftay yon have 
success at everything yon ivork for. "pflay yon 
have many, happy, fulfilling years ofi lifo so that, 
in old age, yon may look 6ack H>ith pride and 
satisfaction at yonr accomplishments. 

'VJicm, Z>ad, and jLiz 

K To 

E Kristin 

E From the little girl 

P you once were- 
to the beautiful 

F woman you have 

O become. 

L We have always been 

so proud of you and all 
W you have accomplished. 

1 Love, 

N Mom, Dad 

G Fred 

Neen and Pop 



To Our Son, Brother, Nephew and Grandson 


You have made all of us so proud! 

Continued success i n your future! 

Make those dreams come true 


Mom, Dad & Stacey 

Your Aunts, Uncles & Cousins 

Pappy Hinton 

To kelly 'Earner 

\t seetm Ju$f like yesterday you 
graduated fi'ow high school now 
another fourye-ars have gone by 
and Ii s fi-ow college. J W to very 
proud of you to accomplish this 
along with your sister as no one 
eke In our fawlly has. Good luck 
and congratulations on graduating 
and on your Job you got so quick! 
Congratalatlons to all the seniors. 

Cofiai-3ts I5r Indi"< 


You wanted to make a difference and you have in you life 
and in the lives of everyone you met while at DVC. You 
reached out and touched many hearts along the way. 

You fill our hearts with love and pride for being you and for 
all you have accomplished! 

Continue to dream new dreams and hope new hopes. 
Keep a song in your heart and you will harvest a life full of 

Our love , 

Mom, Dad, and Beth 


^OPt'rn tin *]£>zs>t 

Congrats & bickx &*£ 192 

Mom, liteecf, (Jon 

^ Congests 6c lnck'\ 


Be proud of yourself and all 

you have accomplished. 

You have brought much love, 

happiness, and pride to our 

lives and hearts. 

Love and best wishes for all 
your dreams to come true. 

- Mom, Dad, Guyee, and Pop - 

The English 



"the Class of 

Good Luck! 

Congratulations to 

graduating seniors. We 

will miss you. 

Dr. Palumbo 
Mr. Dommel 
Dr. Nash 
Mr. Cappiello 
Mr. Porter 

Congrats fir \ndt 


Be forever Happy 
and Successful 

Graduates 1999 

Congratulations to all 

Agri Business 
graduating Seniors. 

0on<gm,tnttition& dnd 
]£>e$>t Irfb&Aes to titt 

^/\ Amini&trtlthn 

^mdnates. ttfOoA 

buck in ait your 



and Good Luck to 

all CISM 


Congrats 6r lndt"< 

Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they were 
meant to be there.. . to serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson or help figure 
out who you are or who you want to become. You never know who these people 
may be but when you lock eyes with them, you know that every moment that they 
will affect your life in some profound way. And sometimes things happen to you at 
the time that may seem horrible, painful, and unfair, but in reflection you realize that 
without overcoming those obstacles you would have never realized your potential, 
strength, will power or heart. Everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens 
by chance or by means of good luck. Illness, injury, love, lost moments of true 
greatness and sheer stupidity all occur to test the limits of your soul. Without these 
small tests, life would be like a smoothly paved, straight, flat road to nowhere. Safe 
and comfortable but dull and utterly pointless. The people you meet affect your life. 
The successes and downfalls that you experience can create who you are, and the 
bad experiences can be learned from. In fact, they are probably the most poignant 
and important ones. If someone hurts you, betrays you or breaks your heart, forgive 
them because they have helped you learn about trust and the importance of being 
cautious to whom you open your heart to. If someone loves you, love them back 
unconditionally, not only because they love you, but because they are teaching you 
to love and open your heart and eyes to little things. Make every day count. 
Appreciate every moment and take from it everything that you possibly can, for you 
may never be able to experience it again. Talk to people you have never talked to 
before, and actually listen. Let yourself fall in love, break free and set your sights 
high. Hold your head up because you have every right to. Tell yourself you are 
a great individual and believe in yourself, for if you don't believe in yourself, no one 
else will believe in you. Create your own life and then go out and live it. 

A liiD would like to congratulate all of their graduating seniors. 

"£i$Am "J^arttu'' "]Z><\rtn& 
/Cr'tstCH "~£ri%<£cr" 0/lnsUr 
~fcr<iciy '"^.ifrit" "Z^ickir 

XjOri "tf/lfjfjy" ^n^nCis 

/^my "£,L Cip'ttAiyi" }-}civArA 

JL't&1 "~tivinhii "Zees" "yhdkAHi 

Carol "£R"yKcon 

"^riA^ct "C hatter frt)\." ' Q'^enyidl 

~fci{n<:cii " ^Aciv grit" fc'tpUy 

Congrats 6r bide* 


Kelly Marie White 

Our shy little girl has 
blossmed into a wise and 
beautiful woman, Ojou 
have passed all uour tests, 
left uour mark on the 
Hockeu field, made us veru 
happu and proud to be 
uour Mother , father, and 

you are part of us and 
we love uou alwaus, 
Mom, Dad, Qretchen 

"2% (?pryinrtjyi<i £> tM ivoulA tike 
to an^mtnUu the 0U&& ok irfrfrf 

Congrats 6r Jndi'y 

}Jmzan& ^ 

7\uv tftrizsn 




y\av jrjcr'izt: 



y\ilv yicrizttn, 


Wok) cowll 


It's tk& Ust CvtottcouA Pj