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^OWH f ** 




Dottie Chezik is one of the most respected members of the 
Delaware Valley College family. Much of her work is done behind 
the scenes and can be hard to recognize. 

Dottie has been with the college for over ten years and has 
developed an adoring love for this institution, its students, faculty, 
and staff. When Dottie was first employed she was the adminis- 
trative assistant to the Dean of the College, later she became the 
Chief Business Officer. Her current du ties are Assistant to the Vice 
President for Business and Finance. Many have said that while she 
has performed her various roles in the college, she has displayed 
a great work ethic, distinction, and accuracy that is legendary. 

While Dottie has little direct contact with the students, her four 
years of involvement in A-Day, as well as other activities, is well 
known. Students as well as staff know that they can count on her. 
Dottie Chezik has become a mentor and friend to hundreds of 
students, faculty, staff, administration, and alumni of the college. 

Dottie can best be summed up by her beliefs: "All 
decisions must be measured by how they will affect 
the students," and "students come first." 

Dottie always speaks of all the good and positive 
things that Delaware Valley College has to offer and 
she is always willing to help the students. For these 
reasons we have chosen to dedicate the 2000 edition 
of Cornucopia to her. 



From 1897 until 1913 The National 
Farm School, founded by Dr. Joseph 
Krauskopf, was a four-year school. In 
1913 its program was changed to three 
years. In 1946, the school was ap- 
proved by the State Council of Educa- 
tion of the Commonwealth of Pennsyl- 
vania as a junior college, then called 
the National Farm School and Junior 
Allege. Two years later, in 1948, after 
„..panding the academic program and 
adding buildings, it was accredited as 
a four-year senior college and named 
the National Agricultural College. In 
1960, the college was renamed Dela- 
ware Valley College of Science and 
Agriculture. In 1989 the trustees ap- 
proved shortening the name to Dela- 
ware Valley College. 

Dr. Joseph Krauskopf 


In 1924, the school's Trustees built the Joseph 
Krauskopf Memorial Library. They felt that no finer 
tribute could be paid to the memory of Dr. Joseph 
Krauskopf, the man who had dreamed of beginning a 
school and worked hard to make his dream a reality. 

Dr. Krauskopf's will gave his personal library, con- 
taining hundreds of valuable books, to the school. An 
exact replica of the founder's home library was added 
to the Krauskopf Memorial Library to house these 

In 1969, to accommodate expanded curriculum and 
the need for more books, two wings, the Samuel Cooke 
and the Harry Shapiro wings, were added to the build 
ing. In the 90's, electronic resources became an integra 
part of the library. 


This building was dedicated to Baruch M. Feldman 
artist and art connoisseur, who derived pleasure fron 
his agricultural and horticultural pursuits in Buck; 
County. Dedicated in 1974, it offers additional class 
rooms, laboratories, and offices. It is often referred to a; 
the " Ag Building." 



In 1964, construction began on a new 
dormitory, Work Hall. Work's main en- 
trance is sheltered under a stately portico 
and opens into a generous 21 by 32 foot 
panelled lobby. 

Closets, desks, and storage for clothes 
were built in to provide for maximum free- 
dom of movement. 

This dormitory was built to house 114 
students. This building's cost is estimated 
$500,000. Today, we would consider that 

On November 8, 1964, 
Work Hall was dedi- 
cated to Dr. James 



f '■•■ «V i » i 

When Lasker Hall was built in 1917 it was 
the focal point for the layout of the campus. It 
originally contained the dining hall, kitchen, 
1 infirmary and other domestic services. Today, 
it houses many offices. 


g ill 

P^'l 1 4 



■ \w m 


J H 


■ ■ 




Farm Schoo 
students di£ 
Lake Archer, a 
tribute to Archer 
Rosenthal. Re- 
constructed in 
1961, this man- 
made waterway 
remains a part of 
Delaware Valley 
College today. 

Making new tracks at Delaware Valley College 


Del-Val's baseball players grab a Freshman Pamela Gromball and Tit 

quick bile to eat before they hike off lany Delvveilerare working very hart 
the the first game of the season. in order to gel through that tougl 

math class. 


Hurl class is 
challenging, as 
ihesc sludcnls 
in landscape 
design have 
found mil. 

for a clas> 
project in 
Small Animal 


that major 
snow storm on 
January 20. 
2000? These 
worked hard '- 
clear the snc 
so that we were 
able to get to 
school (he next 
day. Students 
didn't mind 
having the lew 

days this year 
to sit back and 

Sometimes class is just best taught 
outside. Dr. Fred Ray leads his class 
out behind Lake Archer for an in- 
depth look at the natural growth. 



<S' SveciaC "Events 




Each year we hold the same events, 
but we firmly step up and make each 
one our own. Clubs Track through 
the town on floats, making children 
smile and laugh. Later in the fall, 
these same clubs put on a show to 
scare those same children. Winter 
and spring bring semi-f ormals, each 
one unique to the people who at- 
tend. With Pride & Polish, everyone 
pitches in to clean up the smudges of 
the past year, but they can never 
clean up the Tracks of the past. Spe- 
cial events give DVC students the 
chance to make their own Tracks at 
their school. 

By Mcwl&na/ BcMiett 

There was a new twist 
added to homecoming this 
year. Friday night comedian 
Bryan Tucker kicked off the 
pep rally by announcing each 
sports team and trying to 
entertain the crowd between 
announcements. At the con- 
clusion of the pep rally, the 
inflatable games began. Stu- 
dents ran the maze, rode the 
inflatable bull, and sumo 
wrestled in giant inflatable 
costumes. Meanwhile, down 
at the farms, last minute 
touches were being added to 
floats and spirit cars in prepa- 
ration of Saturday's annual 
homecoming parade. The 
parade route started in 
Doylestown and wound 
through the spectators to the 
main campus. (I hear the 
candy supply was good this 
year.) Block and Bridle's gi- 
ant rotating globe wouldn't 
fit under the underpass along 
the parade route, so they de- 
toured and entertained a few 
surprised travelers on route 
202. Saturday afternoon, the 
DVC Aggies dug their heels 
in during the Homecoming 
football game, but ended up 
losing to FDU-Madison, 19- 
38. Caesar made a guest ap- 
pearance at the halftime 
show, and the homecoming 
court and parade 

First celebrated in 
1959, Homecoming 
oon caught on as a 
popular tradition 
amongst the Aggies. 

10 \ SpeciaC'Events 

Michael Stockier, Matthew Kleinle 
Nick Hooper. Neil Walizer, and 
James Mackie are getting ready to 
enjoy this year's Homecoming 
game against FDU-Madison. 

Freshman quarterback. Matt 
Bergman, keeps his eyes down field 
as he anticipates a touchdown. 

King Andrew Dougherty and Queen 
Allison Majewski are feeling on top 
of the world. 

Can&iizat&s B-ANc 

Greg Paxson and his date, 
Jenny Falser, are having a 
blast at the Pine Crest 
Country Club. The dinner 
dance was held on Thurs- 
day night for the candi- 
dates and their dates. 

1-"- ■*■ ?'W ~1 

Dr. Berthold, in his 

special Pep Rally gear, 
helped raise school spirit. 
The annual pre-game day 
festivities started with a 

E ' J* B ^fl 

rally and led to a concert 
by Last Man Standing. 

Ttiis calf was more than 
happy to participate in the 
parade with the Dairy 
Society. Clubs and organi- 
zations submitted floats 
and spirit cars to be part of 
the parade in Doylestown. 


I Football wasn't the only 



competition on Saturday, 
1 October 2nd. Wliile stu- 
dents tailgated in the 
[ parking lot, the girls soccer 


I team went on to win 

1 'Mii'i 

1 against Lycoming, 4-1. 

Waving and throwing candy from their spirit car, DVC cheerleaders Tanya Ray, Nicole 
Bererle, Chelsa Searles, and Paige Stranko spread the Homecoming Spirit throughout 

Tradition continued as a 
dance between the dorms of 
Samuel, Berkowitz, and 
Goldman rounded out the 
Homecoming Festivities. 

Homecoming 11 

winners were announced. 
King Andrew Dougherty and 
Queen Allison Majewski lead 
the Homecoming court, fol- 
lowed by BJ Kelly and Devon 
Wilcox, Ryan Glauser and 
Meredyth Fogg, and Aaron 
Turner and Terra Lutz. Con- 
gratulations to Horticulture 
Society, Sigma Alpha, and 
Alpha Gamma Rho for some 
great floats! 

Spirit car winners were Al- 
pha Gamma Rho, English 
Society, and Omega Chi. The 
annual dance between the 
dorms spun into action Sat- 
urday night. Then Sunday 
marked the Alumni 
brunch... and many recuper- 
ating students who were still 
spinning around the world... 

Story by Janet Beagle 

Cheerleader Kristen Kuhn is cheers the 
football team on during the same. 

Karin Garner and Jon Smith enjoy the pa 
rade from the Horticulture float. 

Senior Sean Earlen gets into the 
festivities by manning the grill out in 
the main parking lot for his Delta Phi 
Theta brothers. 

Riding the mechanical bull after the 

Pep Rally, freshmen Kevin 

Moloney proves he has what it 


12 Special 'Events 

wa pmy 

Lauren Teller, Jen Schaeffer and the girls of 
Sigma Alpha on their prize-winning float. As 
a new sorority at Del-Val, IA was an ex- 
tremely active organization on campus this 

Seniors Jeff Gargano and Kevin Bittorie make 
the most of Homecoming tailgating with some 
choice BBQ and some cold beverages. 

The 1999-2000 Delaware Valley College Homecoming Court: King Andrew Dougherty and Queen Allison Majewski lead the 
Homecoming court, followed by BJ Kelly and Devon Wilcox, Ryan Glauser and Meredyth Fogg, and Aaron Turner and Terra 

Homecoming 13 

No laughing matter? 
Greg Paxton loves to 
scare the unsuspecting 
guests during their trip 
through the haunted 
fields of Del Val. 

Dave Johnson runs to the wagon to 
attack its passengers. 

Taunting the guests. Amy Sprinkle 
laughes at their frightened faces. 

14 SveciaC 'Events 

Del Val's mental instution makes the 
patient. Amanda Desiderio. sick. Do 
you really want your loonies to be 
kept here? 

Charlene Mowrey darts from the 
darkness, scaring the haunted hay rid- 
ers, who are thirsty for more excite- 

Taken &y 

^KR-pi^ise. . . 

Kate Manwell savors the moment 
when she frightens an unsuspecting 




p % 1 



On the eve of October 28, 1999, ghouls and goblins 
came out of hiding to bring terror into the hearts of all 
who passed them. Del Val was converted into a 
bloodbath of excitement that attracted young and old. 
For three nights, the students of Del Val were trans- 
formed into hideous creatures that never rested. They 
brought darkness and misery over the campus, not 
resting until the last scream faded in the darkness. 
Halloween Haunting was a sucess this year and no 
one was disappointed with the evening. 

By Lauren Barrett 

From high above, this tree swinger 
delights in the terrified look in the 
eves of the wagon riders. 

Dina Robinson lunges for the ex- 
cited, vet scared, adventurers. 

Haiiowetn Haunting 15 

All A^da~rj> 

Living away from home sweet home is usually a part of 
college life. But for one weekend a year, Del Val plays host to 
one of the best parts of home: family. "All Aboard DVC" 
Family Weekend was held October 22, 23, and 24, 1999. 
Friday night had a nautical air as Shatzy's Pub and the 
A.P.R. were transformed into the Parrot Head Cafe, complete 
with a Jimmy Buffet-esque menu and music. Saturday's 
luncheon menu included various comestibles from different 
ports-of-call, including Italy, Mexico and Germany. The 
weekend was liberally sprinkled with many festivities: a 
band/chorale concert, a scarecrow competition, and a horse 
show, as well as various sporting events. Families, friends, 
faculty and students alike all enjoyed this wonderful week- 

By: Jennefer Crvaric 

Aloha Del Val! Matt Svoboda and 

his mom think South Pacific, not 

Student Center. 

Psst! Wake up! This sleepyhead 
scarecrow is dozing on his job: pro- 
tecting the produce! 

Eric Anderson. Libby Crosby, and 
their families take a time-out from 
partying to mug for this picture. 

16 Special 'Events 

Eric Anderson and 
Libby Crosby examine 
the entries in the DV'C 
Art Show like true con- 

Mmm! Bethann Corson and her dad 
grab some grub to take a break from 
the fun. 

John Reno, a.k.a. Jimmy Buffett, 
entertains families with his music. 

Tenuity 'Weekend \ 1 7 

Tifanie Sbricia, Allison Lewandowski, 
Diann Doderer, Kim Robell. Tara Corkery 
Jen Vennebush, Bethann Corson, Jean 
McMullin. Liz Polhamus, Lynette D'Elia. 
and Laura Rooker pose for their picture at 
the semi-formal. 

It's Electric! It makes the whole 
room become full of passion and it 
only happens once in the night 
when the whole room is trans- 
formed into a frenzy of dancers... 
The Electric Side. 

18 Special 'Events 


Greg Paxton and Rene Bondare 
posing for their picture under the 
clock that was designed to portray 
the end-of-the-milennium fun. 

Hyking Haley and Amy Lee 
Zimmerman are taking a break 
from the excitement of the evening. 

Gibby Goodworth and Heather 
Majchrowski are savoring the 
exquisite evening as they pose for a 

Party of the 




December 3, 1999, all of Del Val glamours up for the 
winter semi-formal. The evening was just about perfect 
with the stars shining brightly as students entered the 
party of the century from the crisp night air. The 
students danced late into the night, with the morning 
never to come until the fun and laughter was over. 

This year's semi-formal is not not one you can forget. 
As you enter the APR, you see the line of students giving 
their tickets, finding their tables, and getting their 
appetizers. The decorations were exquisite, with the 
large clock in front of the stage to give the emphasis of 
the end of the millenium. The ice sculpture brought 
elegance to the room as the dance progressed. 

A mock champagne toast was held at midnight to help 
ring in the new year and the new millenium. As the 
dance came to a close, there were still a few dancers 
reluctant to leave. The night was filled with an exciting 
and magical feeling, leaving everyone wondering what 
is in store for next year. 

Winter Semi- format 19 

The beauty of the ice sculpture 

lasted throughout the night. It 

brought elegance to the last dance 

of the year. 

Alumnus Bethany Weiland and stu- 
dent Jeremy Penrose stop for a picture 
before proceeding to the dance floor. 

Rachael Stick is having so much 

fun that stopping to smile for the 

camera is useless, so she just 


20 Special "Events 

Winter Semi-Formal 1999 

Only Time Will Tell 

mKM 111 ' 

1 LI 

■Jp = 

Gina Wcchsler. Matthew Baker, Liz 
Leiter. Sam Schwartzman. John 
Whitehead, Lauren Lehman, and Jim 
Bason all pose for a pose 5 minutes 
before Pumpkin Time! 

•]\'inter Semi- formal' 21 

A secret 

Becky Byler. 
Amanda Imwald, and 
Richard Haddon go 
over the initial sign- 
in to prepare for an 
evening of fun. 

Spring Semi- format 2000 

Dr. Orr resumes his ro 
as bartender while 
serving Gibby 
Goodworth during the 

Allison Wilshire, Cindy 
Blodgett. and Curtis 
Schondelmeyer are 
enjoying their evening in 
the garden. 

It was a rainy evening the 
night of the spring semi- 
formal, yet, no one let the 
rain dampen their fun. This 
year's theme was A Secret 
Garden and it was hosted 
by the class of 2001. The 
decorative theme por- 
trayed the start of new life 
as well as a new year. An 
ice sculpture in the shape 
of a basket, filled with real 
flowers, beautified the hors 
d'oeuvre's table and a foun- 
tain flowed as music played 
the entire evening. The 
showpiece of the evening 
was seen as students 
walked through the door, 
under an archway that was 
decorated with flowers. The 
enjoyment of this night left 
everyone cheerful as they 
exited into the cold night 

22 Special 'Events 

Dave Sheets and Kami Smith are 
having a great time celebrating spring. 

ate Bradshaw knows that you don't need two to tango, 
ere he concentrates on his steps as he opens up the dance 

Jeff Gargano and Allison Wilshire dance 
close as the evening proceeds. 

Beth Susan. Nate Marter. Rachel 
Everett. Jonathan Orr. and Jessica 
Perry pose for a group picture - all 
of their hard work has made this 

dance a sensation. 


Janet Beagle and Mike 
Bird are receiving the 
W.W. Smith prize 
from Dr. Vincent, this 
award is accompanied 
by a scholarship and 
recognizes students 
based on academic and 
leadership achieve- 

Foiandbr-'s t>Ay 

On Wednesday, April 12, 2000, the students and faculty of 
Delaware Valley College celebrated Founder's Day. This 
annual ceremony honors Rabbi Joseph Krauskopf and Dr. 
James Work for their great contributions to our school and for 
their dreams of its continued excellence. 

Many students, faculty, and staff were honored for their 
support of the school and their continued effort at promoting 
the college. 

Pomp and circumstance echo 
through the air as Jeff Young. 
JoannDonigan and Jennifer \ii>e 
process to the front of the room to 
participate in the sen ice. 

Dr. Learner starts the program off by 
welcoming everyone to the ceremony. 

24 Special TLvents 

Gerald A. Marini. Chairman of the 
Board of Trustees, presides over the 

Andrew Dougherty presents Dr. 
Vince Massaro the Student Govern- 
ment award for Faculty Member of 
the Year. 

Dr. Boyd Ghering accepts 
emeritus status from Dr. 

Lisa Munniksma receives the 
Founder's Day Award from 
Dr. Elizabeth Arrison. The 
Founder's Day Award is the 
highest honor bestow ed at this 
ceremony and is given yearly 
to a student who shows pride 
and devotion to DVC. 

\The band, led by Dr. Jack 
Schmidt, performs at one of 
the schoo 

the si hool's most solemn oc- 

Tounder's 'Day I 2? 


<Skn, Fun , Cblb^ration ! 

Paula Constable 
smiles early on 
Saturday morn- 
ing. The girls of 
Omega Chi were 
flawlessly flip- 
ping to keep hun- 
gry A-Day 
guests happy. 

1/ F r\J -t / 

It's the last weekend of April: the semester is 

winding down, the weather is gorgeous and 

all around campus, there is excitement in the 

air. Welcome to the 52nd annual A-Day - one TllC Al~Y)CI\I 

of the busiest and proudest times at DVC. The COMdWilttCC 's 

campus sheds its quiet facade and becomes a liClTU ZVOTK CI Li 

center of bustling activity as tents are pitched, y^" UTUUgflX 

booths are built, and equipment is setup. o 

Throughout the weekend students will be 

working hard, but will make time to enjoy 

friends and family as well. 



Taking a break to steady the llama. Dr. 
Reed and Susan Albertson help walk the 
animals up to the show tents. 

Looking longingly for those ticket 
buyers. Ineka Daley from the 
Registrar's Office takes a break be- 
fore the lunchlime rush. 

Could the weather get any better'.' 
This little pony rider sports some sun- 
glasses as she enjoys the beautiful 

26 Special 'Events 

<So MiACht TO V>o\ 

SAC Concert: 

Jimmie's Chicken Shack 


King & Queen 
Outdoor Concerts 

Livestock Show 

Outdoor Concerts 

Dance Between Dorms Indoor Displays 

By far, the most crowded night on 
campus is the Thursday night be- 
fore A-Day. In keeping with Del- 
Val tradition, this year's A-Day 
weekend started with a concert by 
local bands, headlining was 
Jimmie's Chicken Shack, with Mary 
Prankster and Tidewater Grain. 
Crowds formed later in the evening 
and the APR rocked as the bands 
played through the night. As one of 
the bigger acts in DVC history, it 
was a memorable night. 

As the bands play on, Brian Dravecz. Jules 
Abercauph. and Jamie Assante show some of their 
A<JX2 spirit while dancing the night away. 

A-'Day 27 

Known for their fried veggies, the 
DEB girls were kept busy throughout 
A-Day weekend. 

Maybe they've been out in the sun 
too long... Jamie Assante and Alumni 
Matt Schieferstein fry up some 
chicken for the APO booth. 

Scaling to the highest heights, the 
tree-climbers drew big crowds each 
day at 1 o'clock. 

( looting off was the order of the after- 
noon, as children played, people pic- 
nicked, and the Jim Roberti Band en- 

Although there was much to do out- 
side, the inside events also drew a 
crowd. Up in Mandell. Dr. Berthold's 
entomology exhibit drew spectators. 

28 SpeciaC'Events 

Milk-chugging definitely caught on 
with the PEK brothers. Could they 
have been practicing? 

Dr. Berthold helps to assemble the 
bee-beard. Many watched this awe- 
inspiring sight. 

A-'Day 29 

Livestock Fitting 



Stephanie Can- 
non, takes the 
edge off the com- 
petition with a 
big smile as she 
cards and clips 
her sheep before 

Chris Breeding ! 
leads his heller 

around the 

showring. Chris 
is shown here 


best in fitting and 


showmanship in 

the experienced 


rm~"^B * ^ 



Showing off 


their prize pigs. 

■* - * * 


Carla Fole> and 


Jeramie Hoffer 


display awards 


for reserve and 

champion show- 


* ^ 



Contest Results: 





Jeramie Hoffer 
Amanda Desiderio 


Jeramie Hoffer 

Carla Foley 



Nicole Goekey 
Jamie Hill 


Nicole Goekey 

Jamie Hill 



Chris Breeding 

Jeramie Hoffer 


Chris Breeding 

Jeramie Hoffer 

Setting up their sheep, these three 
students await judgment. 

30 Special 'Events 

Fun Out on the Quad 

Be the Aggie! All 

weekend long, students 

took turns meeting and 

greeting as our own 

lovable Caesar. 

Butterflies were a new 
addition to A-Day this 

year thanks to Dr. 

Bodri's exhibit in 
Allman Hall. 

Paul Lorenz demon- 
strates how milk 
chugging proved to be 
an exciting new family 

Rachel Everett and Aaron "Buford" Turner 
were named A-Day King and Queen. Both 
Rachel and Buford are involved in A-Day 
and many other activities on campus. 

Kim Denning and some friends (including a 
poodle) enjoy the April sunshine and some of 
the live music. 

.q-'Dai/ ji 


32 Special ''Events 

Special Tvents Collage 33 


There is no right path to take in 
college. You must simply move 
f oward and create your own route. A 
student's life is full of challenges. 
Whether academics, extracurricular 
activites,orevenlaundry, lifeis some- 
times difficult. Yet somehow we all 
make it through to leave our own 
impression. It is up to us to make 
these first steps positive. Everyone 
will leave his or her imprint on the 
Delaware Valley campus in one form 
or another. The trail you make now 
will lead to your future. 

3y Vctvuxs SeAheb & 
AHoCay LeonettO 

Dr. Chris Curry, Dr. Betsy Arrison, 
and President Thomas Learner all wait 
for Dr. Vincent's speech to begin. 

Students and faculty of Delaware Val- 
ley College assemble for Convoca- 
tion in the All Purpose Room. Al- 
though the program w as intended spe- 
cifically for freshmen, other students 
were encouraged to attend. 

President Learner addresses the as 
sembly to welcome the class of 200. 
as well as returning students in tb 
beginning of the fall semester. 

Raymond Funkhouser, President of 
the Alumni Association speaks re- 
garding the benefits of a DV C educa- 

36 Student Life 

Megan Scheib. Karin Garner. 
Meredith Fogg, and Kelly Roderick 

| have lunch on the Quad after the Con- 
vocation ceremony while listening to 
the live band perform. The day was 
not just for freshmen, the entire school 

[was invited to eat outside since the 
cafeteria was closed. 


On September 1. 1999, the Office of Student Life, in accordance with their new 
policies for freshmen housing and programming, joined together with staff and 
administration to offer Convocation - an opportunity for an academic orientation at 
DVC. Convocation set out to do what no summer orientation could - involve the 
whole student body, faculty and administration. 

Various speakers including Dr. Vincent, Dr. Arrison and Mr. Funkhouser offered 
advice to the first year students. After the ceremony, first year students were 
dismissed into groups according to major to meet their department staff and fellow 
first year students. This exercise was designed to help students feel more at ease 
during the first few days. 

Later that afternoon, a campus-wide picnic was held on the Segal Quad. The Jim 
Roberti Band offered entertainment. It was a beautiful fall day and a great time to 
relax and meet new people before the bustle of the semester. 

By: Christina Bednarz 

The drummer from the Jim Roberti 
Band smiles for the camera while 
performing for the Del Val stu- 

Seniors Rob Rivera. Jen Mills, and 
Julie Sentz wait in line for the picnic 
lunch afterwards. The picnic was a 
great opportunity for the different 
classes to mingle. 

Convocation I 37 

Matt Flemming and Alana Lavell lis- 
ten intently during their weekly meet- 

Bergels' Brigade get a little close 
during their weeklv meetine. 





"To sum up being 
an RA: 'Mo drama, mad 
headaches and many a 

sleepless night." 

"Being a Resident 

Advisor is a very 

enjoyable experience; 

it's both challenging 

and rewarding." 

$z ^ v If v *«r ^ 

e * % 

38 Student Life 

Gibby Goodworth and 
Danielle Brubaker lis- 
ten intently iolhe cur- 
rent issues facing the 
residence halls. 

Mike Bergels and An- 
thony Robinson both 
augh at the other RAs' 


What s Life Like as a 
Resident Advisor? 

Being a resident advisor at Dela- 
ware Valley College means being a 
friend and an enforcer in the Resi- 
dence Halls. This job requires dedi- 
cation to the residents and the Of- 
fice of Student Life. A resident 
advisor is expected to be a role 
model, whether in the residence 
halls or just on campus. Resident 
advisors are a key factor to resi- 
dence hall life. They are there 
through the good and the bad and at 

all hours, day and night. The Dela- 
ware Valley College Resident Advi- 
sor team has been trained to be 
supporters and mentors to all of 
their residents. Being a resident 
advisor is a tough job. If it is done 
right, one can walk away knowing 
that they helped maintain order on 
the campus, but more importantly - 
they leave knowing that they have 
been a huge part of a student's 
collegiate career. 

By Eric Goldstein 

While Greg Paxson doesn't look too 
happy, Nathan Marter and Karen 
Dubbs seem to be enjoying them- 
selves while they are tied up together 
during the Spring 2000 RA Confer- 

During the Spring 2000 RA Confer- 
ence, the resident advisors get to have 
some fun. Here's one of their proud- 
est accomplishments 

* • « • * & • • * „ $ 
* • * • • * * • * 

Resident Advisors I 39 

first floor 

Second fioor 

Row 1 : 'Rachel 'Martin, Jared 'Jogg, Aaron Turner, Marki 

Ault,JenSchaefjer, 'HicoleBetterley, LasfteaJQ. lly, 'Julia 


Row 2: Susie Lutz, Melissa Co [dwell, Stephanie 

Lambaugh,Jason'Bra\ton, BillCarter, %ristina'Maassen, 

Corinna Strange, Crista Sewald 

Rgzvl: Stephanie 'Jritz, 'Emily Metz, Tammi'Kplb, John 


'Row 2: %ayte 'Denslow, 'Harry Schussler, Beth Toland 

Row 3: Charles Oakley, "Kevin 'Burton, Shannon Burns, 

'Marsha 'Harris, Shannon Wescott, Jen Mills, Courtney 


'Third floor 

Rpwl: Jules A. Abercauph, Maggie 'Tallon, 'DevonWilco^ 

'Tanya 'Ray, Alissa Melamud, Andrea Sweeney, Arthur 


Row 2: Tim Re?Q Matt Speicher, Mike McCurdy, Ricky 

'J\[avarro, Seth 'Rjimas, Qibby Qoodworth 

JH Ec1r*T|Sbiffibif 

"Dimples" Kelly, Jamiela Prinks and 
Keshia Drummond are three great 
friends together for a beauty sessionup 
in New Res. 

Good friends John Whitehead, Liz 
Letter and Julia Kutcher smile brightly 
at the Homecoming Candidates Din- 

40 Student Life 

Marlena and Carrie Smiecinski, are us- 
ing the computers in the New Res lounge 
that connect Work to New Res. 

Nicole Niles. Melissa Wash. Nate Marter 
and Elizabeth Crosby are just some of the 
Work Hall residents getting in shape with 
aerobics class. 

first floor 

'Kgwl: Josh Mountz., Matt Qoxver, Jason 'Reale, Stephen 
Mess, Matt 'Jelleming (1(A), 'Amanda 'Desiderio ($&.), 'Kevin 

%gw 2: Shavm Magee, Joshua Lerner, Shanon 'Jreeland 
'Row 3: Tony LaPorte, a friend, 'Brett Albertelli, Andy 
Stutter, Michael 'DePalma, Jonathan 9io?czvorth, Craig 
'Diefjenbach, BradPalatucci, LJJerrazzarw, Jason Socrates, 
Jim 'Kerr 

Second floor 

Row 1: Melissa 'Wash, Carrie Smiecinski, Marfena 
Smiecinski, 'Tracie Zakarzewski, 'Erin 'Range 
'Row 2: Julie Lichtemvalner, Megan i\etso, 'Becky Sorge, 
Ann C. Anderes-MuUen, 'Danielle Brubaker (RA), Jamie 
Mast, Miliary Millar 

<: £ f z <: £ fe £ *> * 
& & £ & & £s & & £: 

9iew 'Residence Hall, 'W'ork'Hail I 41 

Sporting some arabic cos- 
tumes, shepherdesses 
Lesley Kroon, Melissa 
Hutchinson and Janet 
Beagle stop to laugh be- 
fore taking off on the Block 
& Bridle Float in the 
Homecoming Parade . 

Caught in the act! Nicole 
Griesa would rather be 
reading The Looking Glass 
than studying for Weed 
Science class. 

ess Hall 

first Jioor 

%gfly 'Bendi\sen, J\e[(y Beyer, Cynthia 'Blodgett, Lindsey 
•Druding, 'Mjcofe griesa, Michelle Haney, 'pristine Johnson, 
Julia Joseph, April'Knehr, Lesley 'J\roon, Sherry Ann Ladlee, 
StephanieMolnarJenniferlieiman, %risty ! Mianan, 'Rebecca 
Oakley, %elly Tentz, 'Beth %udolph, 'Kjristen Snyder, Amy 

Second Jfoor 

DeniseAncharslq, Elizabeth Armstrong, 'XelleyAtland, Courtney 
'Beidelman,Amanda'Bosal^JenniferBrase, LizCarbine, Vanessa 
Cofucci, Myra Cool^ 1/anessia Derou?Q Aurianne 'Bollard, Shan- 
non •Dougherty, Laci 'Dulin, EnidDunmire, Marcy 'Estey, Stacy 
Qould, 'Hancy Qregory, Audrey House, ^(ancy Hoffman, 'Rpxanne 
'Hughes, Jennifer Jillson, Kris ten Lally, Kjista Lazvson, 'Eliza- 
beth Leiter, Allison Lewandowski, Jennifer Lorette, Kathleen 
McMafwn, Jean McMullin, 'Melissa 'Meruit, 'Kristen Milano, 
Karen Mole, 'Danielle Moore, Meghan Tinsch, Barbara Kutata, 
Marisa Santora, Kimberly Shamberger, Alysa Shropshire, Heidi 
Tafel, Elizabeth Treager, Cassandra Vorse, Amy Wehr 

♦ .*. • 
* * ♦> 

S tudent Life 

* * * « * * 

!%pzv 1: Matt Cross, Joey 'Blandino, 'Dntight 'Jorry, 'Jtyan 
"Chippy " Qlauser, 'Jason fetzer, 'B.J. 'Kelly, J arrod Burleigh 
%ffw2: 'Paul Xitzmilkr, Mike Reinhardt, 'Ld Buckman, 
'DonaldBlew, Chris Breeling, Ben Qreen, ScottMoore, Clint 
Jones, Joe i\ltemus, %it Crisafulli, 'Dave Johnson 

Always up to something! The boj 5 of 
Elson get ready to clean up one of 
their pranks. 

S^&J9^JHr*f 9 WJi^&JL 

Ryan Spatz and Mike Reinhardt take 
a Playstation break between classes. 

'Barness and 'Elson 'Halls 43 

Must be noon! Look at the line 
for lunch at Schatzy's! 

Themenoj QoldmanHalk '.Raymond Mams, Bryce Adelhardt, Shawn Atkinson, Mattheu'Baker, Christopher'BaUyjIi.Jolin'Barr, 'Rich'Bayaclu% Jeffery 'Becker, 'Kyk'Belkr, 
Jason Biyley, 'Mike 'Bird, 'Jlwmas Boyst, Brian Champluvier, John Crawford, Nicolas Culkr, Anthony D ''Amico, Joseph D Amico, Antywon 'Daniels, Salvatore 'Donato, Albert 
Enea, III, Christoplier 'Jerrante, James Jiore, Andrew 'Jitch, 'Michael Jriedauer, 'Terry 'Junk, 'Brian Qallacjlwr, Ryan Qeschwvndt, Seth Qilbert, Adam Cjobcr, 'Eric Ljold.-tcin. 
'Tim (Jower, Anthony Ljrandinetti, John Lfroselk, Micliael 'Holderman, 'Matthew 'Mostrander, Scott 'Murky, %evin Johnson, 'U'aylon Jones, 'Thomas 'Kavanaugh, Shaun 
'Xeeyan, 'David 'Kellen, James 'Kennedy, Matthew Nleink, Peter 'Kjwrr, Steve Lafferty, Qreg Lange, Eric Lengk, Michael Lengk, 'Nicholas Losey, Brian Loukfis, Brian 
Ludwiy, John McXloney, Ian McDermott, 'Richard McQowen, Ben Mecouch, Adam Miller, 'Daniel Mills, Thomas Miltenberqer, Jonathan Morales, 'Timothy NpveSo, 'frank 
Panz.illo, '.Rocky Tarrish, Qrccjory Parson, Jeremy 'Penrose, Cory Peranich, Arujelo 'Perii, Bn/an Petrovic, 'Richard Pia, Joseph PoCkowski, Heath 'Pursell. '1 1 'ode Rath/on, '.Robert 
l^vera, Sean 'Ryan, Joe 'Ryan, Shaun Sanzick, Steven Sa?(e, Curtis Sclwndelmyer, Anthony Scianna, Arthur Shadefl, Jonathan Smith, 'Dale Smith, 'Michael Specscha, 'Michael 
Spirkp, 'Robert Spross, Jason Stever, 'Nicholas Sullivan, '.kjaiq Suter, Christopher Swalknv, Matt 'Tamburrino, 'Ken 'Tcleski, John 'I I 'ode., MiRc 'I I 'aslfp, Jason 'II Warns, 'Brian 
'W'olfcjancj, John 'Jablonski, Andrew 'yablonski, 

Smjmniei* Wall 

Second ( J[oor 

Jipu'l: "Ben %ovacs, Chris Zlhland, Josh %eyser 
'Kgw 2: Jim "Kennedy, Qeorge Jutting, 'Doug Copes ticfc 
'Nathan 'Marter, Jim 'Moff, 'Ryan Courtriqht 
t Rgu)3: Sean '\eedhain, 'Keith limber, 'Rob 'Jinldi/son, 
'Maurice 'Page ("KjV, lun Schweighofcr, Jason Ridgway, 
Jason 'Maclejeu'sk\i 

No Photo Available for First Floor Samuel 

Goldman. Samuel JiaUs 45 

first floor 

Second floor 

Rpwl: 'EricaHolland, Jessie 'Jru, Joanna'Xpnstantinidis, 
Michelle 'Bowen, SaBrina Shaivlis, Jessica 'Dacey, 'Rjistine 
Crotts, Christine Jry, 'Melissa Rosier, Alana Lavell(RA) 
Row 2: ArielTugh, Cadence'De'Xgto, JamieRiggs, Leigh 
Sexton, Rose Baylor, Jamie Verger, 'Dana Seibel, Tammy 
Clapper, Amanda 'Barry, Jacfyn Snelling, 'Emily Qarojalo, 
Jessica Rjner, Stephanie Jrisher, Melissa John, 'Xristina 

Rpwl: Matt 'Valentine, SccttHintz,TomOllice, Chris 
'Reynolds, Chris Smith 

'Row 2: Luke Miller, Joseph Jatigate, John 'Rawluk^ 
'Bryan %lass, Andrew 'Hannah 

Hfiird floor 

Rpwl: Philip Tirino, Hy king Haley (%£.), John gill, 
Joe Coyle, Jack, 'Jlinehbaugh, 'Donald Weitzmann 
Row '2: Mike Qainyard, 'Robert Marasa, Chris 'Keller, 
Matt Henshall, Jake Lantzsch, Jeremiah Trout, Jason 
'Ungurian, ShaneThillips, 'Thomas Smith, TraiisMoyer, 
(Jreg 'Keener, Marcus Jriedman, 'Brent %erschner, 
Andrew Johnson 


Stephanie Fisher and 
Kristina Roper have 
tun decorating pump- 
kins for Halloween. 

Kill Rosanelle, Bryan 
Klass and Corej 
O'Brian lounge 

around Ulman Hall 

Student Life 

^^^^-*' ' 






first floor 

'Rozv 1: Marshall Martin, SM Qlackin, 'Kevin 
Moloney, ilntlwny'West, l Bi((Crou>[ey, Cfiris'ELmore 
'Rozv 2: 'Dave. Xing, 'Rob 'Warren, <Dreiv Cook\ <PJ 
Seleskg, 9{ick'DeLong, 'Bill Qengemi 
Rpu>3: Mike Rdamek^ Joe Lang, Jeff Thomas, Dan 
'Radio , Zane Writer, 'Brian Dusault, Tom Owens, 
'Matt Laivhead {RA) 

Second floor 

Rpzvl: Brian Sorokp, "Peter Sanson, 'Eric Simoneau 
Row 2: 'Doug Boyton, Joseph Qemgnani, Jon 
Ritrovato, Codu Beranich, Ian Cook, Rj^ Rnouse 
Row 3: Coknso Campbell, Dennis Rpswell, Aaron 
'E. Harris, Edward ' Zienouncz., (JeorgeStruckp, Chris- 
topher Rawley 

'Row 4: Brian Benfield, Aaron Butter, John Bushey, 
Christian Bill, Matt Mancini, Jason 'Vestal, An- 
thony Robinson (RA), Antone Johnson 
'Row 5: Scott Dodgeson, Jason Donmoyer, 'Tim 
Soninese, Jeremy 'Worthington, Joe Dashe, 'Matt 
Bergman, Steve McDonald, Craig 'Horvath 

* * * * 
• • * • 

*£ & ^* *•• v$ 

Ulman. Cooke Halls 47 

€* €f $ fc €p £ * fc £ 

^frst J/b^r 

Second Jloor 

Row 1: Laurie 'Bish, Christina Rgdosovich (?), Sara 


Row 2: Laura Stratheam, 'Debbi/'Boardman, Bethtiajcr, 

Ashley Stiff kr 

Row 3: < Mar(ena 'Balliett, Sara 'Hgrdstrom, Cara Searle, 

Allison Endl 

Row 4: Taryn Rpmanczafa 'Darlene Soga %ate Mamuell 

'Row 5: Becky 'Paiumbo, Summer Soltis (RA), Laura 

'Jrontz, Amber Smolinksy, Brooke Hogan-Lange 

Rpwl: Jennifer 'Davis, 'Karen 'Reed, Suz.anne 'Wolfe (RA) 

'Row 2: 'Katfuj Books, 'Tiffany 'Keller, 'Heather Qantz, %ate 

Bar an 

Row 3: Jessica Spier, Rachel Lynch, Sara Blackfedge, Mary 

'Ellen Bocchichio 

Row 4: April Reeder, 'Erica Paswater, Jennifer Cook^ Leigh 

Stifler, Jenel Qoodwin, Christiene Perez-Chin 

Row 5: Heather Jinicle, Jani'Helik^ Tarn Brierley, Carole 

Tippens, Lorene 'Sonde 

ife & **• ife K* **- «fe K* **• 

<& tfe £ £« & £ & & £ 

first floor 


•.•V**!' - 

Row 1: Rachel "Visintainer, Alicia Leonetti, iA/i'^i 
(Jokey, Jenn Caligiuri, Katie O ''Donne fl 
1(0102: ! Mik& 'Miles, 'Erin 'Voder, Jen Lanigan, Jaclqe 
O'Connor, "Katie 'Jlynn, Susy 'Berg, 'Emily 'Traylor 
'Row 3: Rachel 'Everett ($£.), Cfiarlene Mowrey, Tarn 
'Martin, "Natalie Aurand, Heather Jorster, ErinBaker, 
Melissa "Helson, Katie Harrup ("RA) 

Second floor 

Rpwl: Cathy 'Jyocfi 

"Row 2: BeckyBeuler, Leslie Stevens, Stephanie Appel, 

Kirsten 'Kuhns, Melissa 'Hutchinson, Katie Sterner, 

'Rebecca Lunaqh, 'Jennifer Carcaci 

"Ron) 3: Erikq Stultz-, 'Kami Smith, Jen Jaskglka, 

Kristin Qraeve, "Bobbie Jo LafBonte, Shannon Clements, 

Andrea li'illiams, Jillaune Davis, Joy Lesher, Sherry 

Morgan, "Keena Shanes, 'Kim Sartori 

"Row 4: Jeanne c Waznak\ Lauren Snyder, Alexis 

Metzger, Kristin Henry (RA), Jessica 'Perry ("RA) 



v\ 1 1 

' \ -X^V 



A ^ A ' 1 

r * 

1 » 

Trick-or-Treal ! Erin Yoder. Charlene 
Mowrey. Stephanie Cannon. Erin 
Baker. Pam Martin and Natalie 
Aurand are ready to go door-to-door 
to find some candy. 

Rachel Everett, second floor RA in 
Berkowitz, catches a break between 
being on duty, going to class, and 
being involved. 

* ^ fe 

1 1 'otfsohn, 'Berkgwitz Halts I 49 

is heading thru the parking 
lot with a trashcan of hooks. Wonder 
what that is about? 

Student Life 

Coach Di Bernardo and the trainer are 
conversing in the parking lot. Looks 
like coach is ready to get some work 

Since it was made available 24-7 last 
year, the commuter lounge is always 
busy with people hanging out or study- 

Sometimes you can find some quiet 
time in the lounge. Usually, the lounge 
is packed during the das 

Whether you live on or off campus, 

the commuter lounge computers can 
help j on to keep in touch with others 
by letting you check your e-mail. 

Campus is \er> pretts when you just 
have time to stroll around. Shannon 
McGavin and her boyfriend realize 
(his as the) are headed home hand in 

Commuters and Campus Life \51 

Sometimes it's best to argue a point 
outside of the classroom. KiHoChung 
makes Ins emphatically at the NBI. 

Dianna Paw lkki can definetly handle 
herself. Wouldn' I you agree Dianna? 

Shaun Keggan is exhausted from too 
much studying. 

For some people, like Tim Novello, 
relaxing includes a comfortable sola 
and a good movie. 

Popular Hangouts 

_,.? 1 




7-11. Where everyone goes for things Wonder how many Del Val students Thursday nights you will find man) Del Sittin' hack and relaxin' is what many 
from soap to cigarettes. you'll find at the NB1 on any given night? Val students hanging with Q102. student's do here at I inney's. 

iHarujiruj Out On and Off Campus 53 

Magic Show & The Art of Kissing 
were both well-attended 


Nobody say anything funny - other 
wise these guj s might fall to pieces! 


Larissa Wagner and her boyfriend. 
Christopher, gel ready to demonstrate 
their kissing techniques. 

Sean Ryan anxiously awaits a kiss - 
Will it be on the cheek or on the lips' 1 

mjLtoi i r 

Just sit back, it won't hurt a bit! The 
girls get ready to become barbers. 

"No. I'm not planning to cut your 
ear..." Wishful thinking for the guj s 
on stage. 




^iagic ^tcm'andTfie:^ aj [ 'Xissiry 1 55 

Liz Carbine, a Red Cross worker, and 
another DVC donor share a snack 
after donating blood. 



With the organization of Steph Laubach and Alpha 
Phi Omega, DVC donated many pints of blood. 

"You really won't notice it." 
Stephanie Laubach shows Amy 
Zimmerman exactly where they will 
stick the needle in her arm. 

It won't hurl that much. This Red 
Cross worker tries to calm our DVC 

Carla Foley smiles bravely as she 
gives blood. 


The nurse is showing Kirsten Kuhns 
exactly where she will he sticking her 
with the needle. 

\m Heather Forester is ready to donate 
£0 \ ™ her blood to the Red Cross. 

•Blood -Drive I 57 

This year, Delaware Val- 
ley College experienced a 
wide variety of weather con- 
ditions: Floods, Hurricanes, 
snow storms, and 70 degree 
temperatures in March. 
Though some area's were 
hit harder than others, Del 
Val students seemed pre- 
pared for the conditions. 

Hurricane Floyd ravaged 

Terry Funk. Bob Woodnng. Dan 
Drake, Mike Hammer. Heath 
Papenberg. Matt Kleinle, J. P. Kleinle. 
Jim Kennedy. Nick Lombardo, and 
Kenny Teleski seem to be causing 
some trouble in the snow! 

Someone has to shovel the snow 
around here' 

the East Coast downing wires, 
destroying homes, and changing 
lives. With classes cancelled from 
1:20 on, Del- Val students enjoyed 
the flooding from Floyd. People 
were seen mud-sliding, playing 
football, or just running frombuild- 
ing to building. 

The Snow Storm of the year, be- 
ginning January 24 and settling 
down late on the 25, was a totally 

different story. Having experi- 
enced mild conditions the past 
couple years, students went crazy. 
Classes were cancelled and stores 
were closed, leaving us stranded at 

Snowball fights, purple 
snowman, and consumption of 
beverages occupied many students 
during the storm. People were 
found outside; there were a few 
who studied and slept: what fun! 

58 Sta -i. 

Becky Oakley, Lorie Khalil. Joe 

d Kristen Henry made it to 

classes in the snow. 

Leeann Boyce seems to he enjoying 
the snow with hei friend Ryan Spat/. 

•Weather I 59 

1 }{mv (Did you Spend your 

April Mafturak and John Wade get a littl 
cozy while enjoying their break from tin 
volunteer work. 


During Spring Break this year, a 
group of community oriented students 
gave of their free time to help those in 
need. These students, April Mafturak 
(the team captain) Colleen Kearns, 
Allison Lewandowski, Sara 
Nordstrom, Alison Endl, Pam 
Gromball, Colleen Milligan, Tara 
Corkery, Christine Fry, John Wade, 
Zane Writer, Kevin Maloney, Chris 
Reynolds, as well as their leaders 
Deb Mindock and Mike Bergels spent 
March 11 -18th in Corbin, Kentucky 
where they helped restore two 
churches in need of renovations and 

Everything started with a massive 
fund-raising effort that included a gi- 
ant "Back Yard sale" on February 
1 8th in the APR. They raffled a Sony 
Playstation, sold refreshments at a 
social, and also found sponsors to 
donate money to their worthwhile 
cause. Each sponsor received a 
postcard, team photo, t-shirt, and an 
invitation to the post-trip slide show 
on April 9th in the Coffeehouse. After 
finally raising enough money for the 
trip, the team started off on their ad- 

The group travelled almost fifteen 
hours down to Kentucky in two col- 
lege vans. Upon their arrival, they 
met the leader of the Helping Hands 
organization who brought them to the 
South Fariston Baptist Church, their 
living quarters for the duration of the 
trip. Reverend Dennis Woods and 
his wife Margaret allowed the volun- 
teers to shower in their home and 
other members of the community 
brought food and drinks during the 

On Monday and Tuesday, the crew 
worked at Saint Paul's Baptist Church 
in Barbourville, KY. They scraped 
the concrete walls, sanded and re- 
painted the pews, and painted just 
about everything in the church. 
Wednesday was their day off, so they 
enjoyed visiting Lexington and the 
Kentucky Horse Park which houses 
many retired Derby winners. That 
night, they wrote more than 1 50 post- 
cards to the sponsors who supported 
their trip. 

Thursday and Friday was spent 
working at the South Fariston Bap- 
tist Church. The group did more 
painting, rebuilt book shelves, and 
replaced broken windows. Friday 
night was spent at the "Reno's 
Roadhouse" for more country style 
cooking, and ended at "The Music 
Place" where they enjoyed country 
line dancing. A few hours later at 
1:30 AM, the group departed and 
left their new-found friends to come 
back to Pennsylvania. To all in- 
volved, the trip was a major suc- 
cess. Hopefully, this is only the first 
of many more to come. 

SO Smdei :. 

Pam Gromball and Kevin Malonej Mop and Chris Reynolds and Allison Lewandowski 

smile while working and repainting during are caught in the act, the act of helping out: 
their Spring Break. they worked diligently to improve the section 

the\ were assigned. 


fV • L liNSLfv |Wro 

Most of the group members pose for a picture 
outside the American Saddle Horse Museum 
in Lexington Kentucky. 


Clubs £r 



As people work together, we 
achieve a common goal - a better Del 
Val. Everything which the clubs and 
organizations have done this past 
year have left an indellible mark on 
this campus. Our Tracks can never 
be erased because future generations 
of DVC students will see that those 
who were involved in clubs made 
DVC the college that it is. Together 
we have made a difference - follow in 
our Tracks. 

CorvuACdpia/ Staff 1 

Student Government Board 

George Theo offers some commen- 
tary from the sidelines. Although he 
is not a moderator for SGB. George 
tries to attend meetings to keep up-to- 
date on SGB activities. 

Although always full of debate, the 
meetings are not serious all the time. 
Amanda Desiderio and Kate (substi- 
tuting for Jess Lerner and CIC ) share 
a linhter moment. 

Student Government Board 

Row 1: Mr. Eyre. Tiffany Keller. John Whitehead (Vice 
President ). Stacy Buzzell (Secretary ). Andrew Dougherty 
(President i. Mike Dalton (Treasurer) Gibby Goodworth. 
Row 2: Dr. Arrison, Heather Gantz. Katie Denslow. 
Rachel Everett. Mike Bird. Craig Suter. Amanda Desiderio. 
Greg Paxon, Bill Cissel, Matt Hostrander. Row 3: Mr. 
Robert Sauer. Jackie Wright. Roxann Hughes. Stephen 
Marengo, Eric Goldstein. Brian Dravecc, Waylon Jones. 
Seth Klimas. Jonathon Orr. 



Vice president John Whitehead takes 
note of a proposal. When the presi- 
dent has to be absent, for any reason, 
the vice president fills in. 

Tiffany Keller. President of the Class 
of 2003 asks the board to reconsider a 
point before voting. One of SGB's 
positions on campus is to vote upon 
the allocation of special funding, when 
n is a\ ailable, to clubs and organiza- 

*>4 \ 

^ m 

Class of 2000 

Grosso (Treasurer), Dianna Pa wlicki, Seth Klimas (Senate Rep.), Gibby Goodsvvorth 
jsident), Heather Majchrowski (Secretary). 

Class of 2001 

Rachel Everett (President), Lauren 
Teller (Secretary). 

Student Government 65 

As DVC's newest and only national sorority the girls of 
Sigma Alpha held a special place at the Expo this year. 

Jason Fetzer and Katie Sterner proudly hold high the 
Dairy Society banner. Dairy society makes many trips 
throughout the year. 

The sounds of WDVC can be heard throughout campus 
on channel 4. Advisor Jim Sutton. Ryan Fealy. Steve 
Marengo. Karen Fritzenger. and Brian Adcock provided 
the music during the C& O expo and picnic. 


W-~ i 










^L^^_. *4^ ^-Jfes-S^ 

jy 1 -" 7 ^ 






Vicki Klinger. Allison Majewski, 
Steph Laubach and a proud Dr. Orr 
are out campaigning for more APO 
members. APO is the co-ed service 
fraternity on campus. 

Jen Carcaci. Becky Lynagh and Kayte 
Denslow smile in ahopetoent oi 
more freshmen to "get into the S. A, (. 
SAC. is responsible for the concerts 
and programming on campus. 




Proudly displaying their hamsters 
and gerbils, these Animal Science 
Society Members are using the cute 
factor to attract new members. 



£)- q 

Seated: Becky Lynagh - 
Secretary, Kayte Denslow - 
President, Brian Dravcz - 
Vice President. Amy Delisle 
Treasurer. Row 2: 
Katherine Manuell, Jennifer 
Carcac. Jeff Thomas, PJ 
Selesky. Dave Foelsch. Beth 
Rudolph, Mandy Burkland. 
Tammi Kolb. Tiffany Keller. 
Row 3: George Theo, 
Brooke Hogan-Lange. 
Kevin Bittorie. Mortan Gil- 
bert, Lora Cherepy. Nick 
Fritz, Luz Delgado. 

Row 1: Courtney Nolan. Devon 
Wilcox. Michael Bird. Lisa 
Munniksma. Aaron "Buford" Turner. 
Row 2: Matthew Svoboda. Beth 
Sander. Denise Ancharski, Jess 
Jones, Amanda Strominger, Kara 
Graver, Kelly Bendixon. Susan 
Albertson. Greg Paxon, Emily Metz, 
Brad Voorhees, Paula Constable, 
James Peters, Ruth-Ann Bell. Row 
3: Kristina Raper, Stephanie Fisher. 
Andrew Stutler. Alana Lavell, Mel- 
issa Hutchinson. Kirsten Kuhns. 
Mitzi Weikel. Stacy Gould. Heather 
Gantz, Karen Reed, Chris Reynolds. 
Kate Man well, Jeremy Penrose. Row 
4: Andrew Fitch, Eric Goldstein. 
Chris Breeding. Ben Green. Robin 
Goldblum, Kevin Bittori, Waylon 
Jones, Curtis Schondelmeyer. Cindv 
Blodgett. Susan Berg. 

Seated: Luz Delgado. 
Michael Bird, Navonne 
Owen, Stephanie Fritz, 
Kraig Suter. Row 1: Jessica 
Chyle. Marlena Balliett. 
Blake Heffler, Stacy 
Richenderfer. Jenny Palser. 
Colleen Kearns. Jaclyn 
Scowcroft. Row 2: Emily 
Metz, Beth Rudolph, Natalie 
Aurund. Heather Forster. 
Larissa Keister, Catherine 
Fyock. Row 3: Michael 
Bergels, Sherry Ladlee, Ben 
Kovacs, Leeann Boyce, 
Vanessa DeRoux. 

.<&C. yJ-'Dau. ICC 67 

Seated: Joann Donigan, 
Christina Bednarz, Kristen 
Salvesen, Alicia Leonetti, 
Melissa Wash. Standing: 
Charlene Mowrey, Dana 
Seibel. April Reeder, Chris- 
tine Babler. Marlena Balliett 
and Matthew Hostrander. 

Seated: Jim Sutton. Brian 
Aelcock. Ryan Fealy. 
Standing: KristynRobbin, 
Christian Sloan. Jon 
Ritrovato. Jules A. 
Abercauph. Karen 

Fritzinger, Carl Hines. 
Emily Garofalo. 

Seated: Jules Abercauph, 
Brian Dravecz, Franklin 
Allaire. Lydia Lee, Dr. Janice 
Corbett. Standing: Maria 
Swan, Sofia Martinez, Jeff 
Gargano, Allison Wilshere. 
Lying down: Jamie Assante. 




MM Tis M»to 

As Christina Bednarz prepares to give 
out the staff gifts, Marlena Balliett 
watches in anticipation. 

- Organizations 

A proud Dr. Hofsaess, dedicatee oi 
the IW4 yearbook, cuts the cake at 
the opening ceremon) with Christina 
Bednar/ and Janet Beagle. 

Alicia Leonetti really loves herpasla' 
Dana Seibel and Charlene Mowrey 
also dig inattheend-of-the-year stall 

Showing a more serious side. Hoss 
smiles for the camera as Alicia 
I eonetti looks on. 

We work hard, hut « e still know how 
to have fun. April Reeder andKristen 
Salvesen are enjoying their evening 

at the Macaroni Grill. 

Cornucopia, 1\ l D-l'C, Rampages | 63 

Dr. Jack Schmidt leads the chorale 
in African Noel, arranged by Thomas. 
Held bi-annually. the band and cho- 
rale concert showcases DVC's musi- 
cal talent. 

Amanda Imwald. donning a pair of 
antlers, helps to present a portrait of 



k J 





I^H jV 

H » 

7 II 

"V\ hat Child is this'.'" Asks members 
of DVC 's Women's Quartet. Ruth- 
Ann Bell and Gina Wechsler, 

Accepting their introduction, DVC" 
i 'ollege Band i lai im I players ge 
ready to perform. 


DVC's trumpet soloist. Robert 
Godschlager gives it his all as he 
performs Ding Doug Merrily on High. 



Flutes: Stephanie Fritz. Jacl> n Cole. 
Amy Bryant, Dianne Karhan. Clari- 
nets Julie Lichtenwalner, Vanessa 
DeRoux. Rachel Manm. Charissa 
Hofstaedter. Jessica Dye. Winnie 
Binkley. David Titus. Leah 
Weidemoyer. Oboe: Robert Heinle. 
Bassoon: George Greza. Saxo- 
phones: Ryan Geschwindt. Melissa 
Taylor. Percussion: Scott Hartz. Jer- 
emy Worthington, Michael Marquis. 
Horns: Margaret Bryant. Ron 
Haskell. Trumpets: Andrew 
Johnson, Jim Piper. Sara Blackledge. 
Ryan Courtright. Bob Goldschlager. 
Jason Bigley. Trombones: Chris 
Balogh. Lewis Graham. I arissa 
Wagner. Jim Miller, Clair Hoffinan, 
Ryan Spink, Tim Craven Tubas 
Mark Gross, Pete Krill, Susan 
Rottschaefer. Baritone: Josh Mountz. 

Seated: Karen Fritzinger, 
Lisa Weihe, Paul Lorenz. 
Row 1: Tammi Kolb, Matt 
Brumbaugh, Brian 

Cummings, Edward 

Wharton. Charissa 

Hofstaedter, Morton Gilbert. 
Row 2: Beth Toland, Jason 
Kane, James Peters, Jeff Tho- 
mas, Scott Kingston. 

Cathy Fyock, Stephanie Fritz. 
Amanda Imwald. Vicki 
Klinger. Allison Majewski. 
Eleanor Mill, Kristy Nieman. 
Rosemary Schreader. Regina 
Wechsler, Amy Delisle. Kelly 
Bendixsen. Jay Geddes, 
Glenn Michalak, Ruth-Ann 
Bell, Larissa Keister. Krista 
Lawson, James Alderfer. 
Joshua Lerner. Emory Kohur. 
Josh Mountz. Rachel Stick, 
Jennefer Crvaric, Robert 
Binkley. Amy Borders. Cath) 
Michalak. Jacqueline Wright. 

•Band, AP1T. Cfwrak 71 

Row 1: Laura Kwisnek, 
Michelle Gimmel, Beth 
Susen. Dr. Reed. Row 2: 

Tess Davis. Laurie Bish, 
Elizabeth Anderson. Row 3: 
Mr. Gilbert, Leeann Boyce, 
Megan, Susan Albertson. 

Seated: Karen Reed. Natalie 
Aurand, Erin Baker. Devon 
Wilcox. Michelle Haney, Jen- 
nifer Jennedy, Heidi Tafel. 
Standing: Scott Wright. 
Chris Breeding. Chris 
Uhland, Matt Helm, Josh 
Sanders, Cory O'Brien, Bill 

Dr. Sloan. Emily Metz, Craig 
Sutter. Rachel Everett. 


Just horsing around. Dr. Slane shares 
a smoke with the resident statuary. 

7 2 | Clubs & Organizati ons 

Kraig Suter. Rachel Everett. Emily 
Metz, Beth. Stephanie Cannon and 
another DVC student look very pro- 
fessional at the NAMA Convention. 

Emily. Rachel. Steph. and Beth show 
how much fun their having at the 
NAMA Convention. 

Chilling in front of a the Slagg Chili 
truck. Rachel Everett and Kraig Suter 
are really enjoying their time away 
from DVC. 

Taking a different look at life. D'v C 
NAMA team peers from behind a 
steer cutout. 

4-H. T'm. i\'3'MA 73 

April Knehr and Jen Malaby some 
chumminess at the Bowl-A-Thon. 

Using a unique form as his secret 
weapon, MatI anxiously hopes to 
avoid a gutter ball. 

Bowling for Sigma Alpha. Stacey 
LoRe is determined to howl well and 
boost her team's points. 

Bowl-A-Thon isn't all howling, it's 
about chowing down on the Free pizza ' 
John Zeiger, Kevin Dulio and friends 
have at it while Mr. Gilbert watches 
from a distance. 

. !\ < & Organizations 


Bill Cissel is telling the ball that he 
needs a strike. DVC fills the alleys of 
Lans-Bowl Lanes each year for the 

Agronomy Club 



FH "l kM^Jy^jfcsil m 

r :^^H i? "^ ^UJ^^^^iWw i '«lb»^B* ' Bl 

Tiirf Club 

English Society 

Seated: Joe Blandino, Ryan 
Glauser. Nicole Griesa, Kara 
Graver. Row 1: Stephanie 
Cannon, Jeanine Karl, 
Marlena Balliett. Row 2: 
Adam Miller, Brooke 
Bennetch, Bill Cissel, Ben 
Green, Sherry Morgan. Steve 

Front : Dr. Douglas Linde 
(Advisor), Keith Williams, 
Steve Saxe. Mike Bird, Shaun 
Henry. Steve McDonald. 
Back: Phil White. Ryan 
Tuxhorn. Steve Greco. Andy 
Stutler, Greg Wargo. Chris- 
tian Pill. Scott Hintz. 

(left to right): Katherine 
Manwell. Robin Goldblum. 
Blake Heffler. Rachel Stick. 
Marlena Balliett. 

•Agronomy C lub, 'Turf Club.'Zngtish Society 75 

Kneeling: Ryan Courtright. 
Jason Fetzer. Katie Sterner, 
Andrea Garner, Joy Lesher, 
Christian Pill. Standing: 
Bryan Champluvier, Jess 
Jones, Clint Jones, Charlene 
Mowrey. Steve Prochko. 
Sherry Morgan, Jess Chyle. 
Jake Lantzsch. Neena 
Shanks. Scott Moore. Marsha 
Bosch, Amanda Shahan, Josh 
Sanders. Leeann Boyce, 
Corinna Strange. 

Seated: Stephanie Cannon. 
Corinna Strange, Michelle 
Scheid. Kelly Berger. Row 
2: Dr. Michael Schlegel, 
Kristy Nieman, Kelly 
Bendixsen, Joy Lesher, 
Kristen Kuhns, Melissa 
Hutchinson, Joy Fry, Dr. 
Hofsaess. Row 3: Janet 
Beagle. Catherine Fyock, 
Charlene Mowrey, Natalie 
Aurand. Erin Baker. Jennifer 
Crvaric. Row 4: Paul 
Kitzmiller. Dwight Forry, 
Melissa Jemni. Melissa 
McNett, Sherry Ladlee. 

Row 1: Amanda Strominger, 
Jaclyn Scowcroft, Dawn 
Kocher, Kristin Roberts. 
Row 2: Kelly Bendixsen. 
Jennifer Malaby, Syreeta 
Hurd. Jennifer Cook, Karyn 
Cochlin. Row 3: Beth 
Rudolph, Shanna Burgoyne, 
Chris Check. Elizabeth Bell, 
Cynthia Blodgett. Sara 

Dairy Society 

1i r*n i 

Animal Science 

Kari Snader puis her heart into it (and 
her nose too! ) As she hurriedly eats in 
the pie-eating contest. 

6 s & Organizations 

"READY?" Screams Janet Beagle 
as she officiates at thetug-of-war be- 
tween Dr. Schlegel, Mrs. Gilbert and 

How much did you chug? Sigma 
Alpha's Beth Susen is chugging away 
at the B&B/DTA event. 

Susie Lutz holds the seeds while Cathy 
Fyock uses them as ammunition in 
the seed spitting contest. 

Braving the cold w ith a smile. Nicole 
Griesa and Beth Anderson, organiz- 
ers and MC's of the evening, work to 
keep everything organized and on 

'Daily Society , 'Block & 'Bridie, Animal Science Societu 77 

The lacrosse club rallies to defeat 
their opponent. Lacrosse is not yet a 
recognized sport at DVC and remains 
an organization. 

The referee signals the beginning of 
play. Our Aggies play in the National 
Collegiate Lacrosse League (NCLL). 

Mike Bergels. coach and ad\ isoi foi 

the team, watches the field intently as 
Matt Lawhead cheers trom the side- 

Our Aggies warmed up and ready to 
go. The Aggies play from February to 
April with a total of nine games against 
area schools. 

:. - Organizations 

Ben Green makes a play for the 

Aggies. Watch for the team next 
spring out on the soccer field by the 
freshmen parking lot. 

Equestrian Team 

I>VC Artisans 

Seated: Brooke Rossi. Tarsn 
Sklenar, Sarah Weiand. Lindsay 
Haenisch, Lynn Faethe. Michele 
Simonet. Kneeling: Courtnej 
Beidelman, Katie Gyza, Amie 
Prettyman, Stacj Buz/ell. Kristin 
Milano, Jamie Mast, Jennifer Jillson, 
Merissa Modansky. Row 3: Suzy, 
Jamie Carden, MarisaSantora, Kellj 
Pentz, Beth Sander. Melissa Tay- 
lor, Wade Rathfun, Jerai Cligiuri. 
Katie O'Donnell. Jessica Dacey. 
Laura Frontz. Row 4: Jess Stuck. 
Debby Boardman, April Amoros. 
Kristin Lake, Sara Blacklegde. Katie 
Flynn, Kris Johnson. Vanessa 
DeRoux. Row 5: Coach Francis 
Gradel. Marcus Friedman. Erin 
Baker, Natalie Aurand, Melissa 
Jenni, Sherry Ladlee. Lauren 
Barrett. Liz Traeger. Kim Bishop 

Kneeling: Joe Ryan. Steve 
Hess. Row 2: Chris Uhland, 
B.J. Snauffer. Ben Green, 
Rob Palko. Matt Law head. 
Tim Craven. Jonathan 
Ritrivato, Gregg Paxson. 
Row 3: Chris Mclven, 
Marcus Friedman. Todd 
Mumma, Brad Palatucci, Joe 
Hare, Jeff Mortenson. Row 
4: Player/Coach Mike 

Row 1: April Knehr. Heather 
Forster. Matt Baker. 
Samantha Schwartzman. 
Row 2: Jeremy Penrose. 
Nicholas Fritz, P.J. Selesky. 
Justin Kapust. 

"Equestrian 'Team. Lacrosse. Artisan 79 

Row 1: Kevin Goodman. 
Laci Dulin, Mike Stacker, 
Karen Fritzenger. Row 2: 
Antywon Daniels. Mary 
Rogers, Waylon Jones, 
Maurice Page. Jeff Marshall 

Dr. Berthold, special guest 
who performed a stunt with a 
"bee beard." Ruth-Ann Bell. 

Row 1: Winston Nu. Matthew 
Svoboda, Nancy Gregory. Tim 
Craven, Julie Lichtenwalner. 
Larissu Raster. Row2:Tisson 
Thomas. Seth Muck. Kristy 
Nieman, Emily Met/.. Jennifer 
Crvaric, Michelle Scheid. Row 
3: Beth Rudolph. Jillayne 
Davis, Kim Sartori, Sara 
McMullen. Catherine Fyock, 
Jeramie Hotter. Aaron Mackie. 
Row 4: MarlenaBalliett, Cheryl 
Bonner. Melissa Rosier. 
Maggie Flynn. Christine Fry, 
Tiffany Keller. Dwight Forry, 
Bill Bonner. Dave Johnson. 

Bucks Co. Comm. College stu- 
Jenls not listed. 


Delaware Valley College " 

Apiary Cms 


Ken Teleski tries to get his teammate 
fired up about the competition. 

SO Clubs & Organizations 

Before the festivities begin, the po- 
tential teams are sat down and a few 
ground rules are gone over. 

They're number one! This team went 
all the way to first place in the Tour- 

L.J., Craig, and Jason Socrates show 
off their basketball skills. 

Nate Marter and his team are all smiles 
and thumbs up at IVCF's Tournament 
of Champions. 

SITE, Apiary Club. iVC'T 81 

Jeramie Hoffer, Mrs. Gilbert. Dr. 
Mike Schlegel formed a viable team 
at this year's Ag Olympics, spon- 
sored by Delta Tau Alpha and Block 
and Bridle. 

Hop to it! The three-legged race was 
part of a tricky obstacle course. 

Got Milk • Melii 
fas) as she can 

Filing i hi 

Pulling their waj to a victor) Mike 
Holdeman, Diann Doderer, Colleen 
l.eary and Tens Funk give it all 
they've got. 

- Organizations 

£8 ^ 

With a flying leap, this competitor 
takes one for the team! 

' - -*&, 


(left to right):Beth Baran, 
Josh Appenzeller. Kami 
Smith, Kevin Perry, Jason 
Fetzer. Kristin Joyce, Joe 
Marco, Mary Howard. 
George Theo, Ryan Glausser. 
Aaron Shipton, Bill Cissel, 
Stacey LoRe'. Sean Ryan. 
Jamie Hill. Greg O'Connor, 
Jennifer Vennibush. Tifante 
Sbriscia. Laura Rooker, Steve 

Seated: Beth Rudolph. Vicki 
Klinger, Jules Abercauph. 
Franklin Allaire, Jaime 
Beaucherry. Kami C. Smith. 
Erica Stulz. Standing: Jen- 
nifer Reichert. Jennifer 
Malaby. Janet Shea, Andrea 
Sweeney. Jeremy Penrose, 
Nicholas Culler. Robert Orr. 
Back: Mike Bird, Brian 

Seated. Melissa Wash. Nicole 
Griesa (Sec). Beth Anderson 
(VP). Janet Beagle (Pres). 
Christina Bednarz (Treas.). 
Larisa J. Wagner. Dr. Michael 
Schlegel. Row 2: Denise 
Ancharski. Ruth-Ann Bell. 
Lesley Kroon, Laura Hansen. 
Laura Kevisnek. Kirsten 
Kuhns. Stacey LoRe. Stacey 
Beauchamp, Susan Fistnert. 
Bobbie Jo LaBonte. Jeramie 
Hoffer. Row 3: Kelly 
Bendixsen, Jay Clifford, Robin 
Goldblum. Kristen Hoffman. 
Kim Denning. Susie Lutz. 
Amy Sprinkle. Shannon 
Yoder, Matthew Svoboda. 

IGC. Alpha Tfti Omega. 'Delta 'Tau :llpha I 83 

Front: Amy Hughes, Mary 
How aid, Marsha Bosch, Me- 
lissa Brower, Melissa John. 
Back: Jamie Mast, Charlotte 
Albright, Darcie Dundore, 
Kristin Joyce, Jess Kiner. 

Seated: Nick Fito. Matt. Ja- 
son Usnick, Greg Sharom. 
Standing: Tim 

Schweighofer. Jon Barr, 
Ryan McCormick. Gregg 
O'Connor, Jon Paul, Dr. 

(Formerly Delta Phi Theta) 

Front: Sherry Morgan, Beth 
Anderson, Mandy Naugle, 
Kirsten Kuhns, Jamie M.Hill. 
Melissa Hutchinson, Terra 
Lutz, Dr. Pamela Reed. 
Back: 1 -aura Kwisnek, Nancy 
Daniels. Stacey LoRe. Jes- 
sica Davis, Rachel Everett. 
Rachel Moyer. 

Omega Chi 

Pm Sigma Kappa 


Bashing and hupping, these frat broth- 
er', are really enjoying themselves at 
this \ear's Greek Games. 

. - 1 hjanizations 

Volleyball drev. outarivalr) between 

the Sigma Alpha and Delta Epsilon 
Beta sisters. 

Some Event Staff checks in on one of 
the sorority girls in the inflatable bas- 
ketball game. 

Racing with the football before her 
partner can get out, this DEB girl is 
fighting the pull of the bungee. 

Girls versus guys provided another 
athletic challenge at the Greek Games 
this May. 

Omega Chi. Thi Sigma 'Xappa. Sigma :\[pha 85 

Alumni Brother John "Tigger" Tighe 
serves as M.C.fortheAGR Bachelor's 

Bachelor B.J. Kelly tempts the bid- 
ders with his suave and debonair style. 

Jason l-et/er. the last bachelor up for 
sale, received a surprise as he was 
purchased by Dr. Reed! 

(Jen Ag was packed with DVC stu 
dents from many different organiza- 
tions at the AGR Pig Roast and 
Bachlor's Auction 

86 CCubs & Organizations 

With a sweet little smile, Bill 
Cissel tries to tempt the ladies 
from atop the auction block 

'Detta 'Epsilbn 'Beta. Mpha Gamma %ho. %ho 'Epsiion 'Kappa 87 

Dr. John Martin, Jim Bason, 
Mitzi Weikel and Nancy 

Deb Mindock and her daugh- 
ter. Amy Borders and Sylvia 

Seated: Mike Freedauer, Mr. 
Eyre. Standing: Nancy 
Hoffman, Chris Uhland. 
[leather Diller, Kevin Dulio. 


■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 

Getting ready for Halloween Haunt- 
ing. Shanon Freeland practices his 
tree-swinging skills. 

i bs & Organizations 


At Homecoming you could see LNC 
with this tractor pulling their float. 
Chris Balogh did the driving while 
Shanon Freeland and Heather Diller 
rode along while Kevin Dulio and 
Lorie Fox hung out on the tloat. 

Monster Truck Madness! Chris 
Balogh. Shanon Freeland and Kevin 
Dulio catch the show at the RCA 
dome in Indianapolis. 

Mr. Eyre is all smiles as he takes the 
role of chef at the Welcome Picnic 

this \eui 

Ke>in Dulio. Shanon Freeland. 
Heather Diller. Howard Eyre, Chris 
Balogh, nancy Hoffman, VIlisonEndl, 
Lone Fox and Todd Miiinina catch a 
bile to eat at the TCI in Indianapolis 

Ttoral Society. Connections. L9/C \ 89 

Pete Dixon, Jamie Assante 


Ryan Geschwindt. Cynthia Blodgett. 
Jonathan Orr 



Bobbie Jo LaBonte, Susan Albertson. 

Kirsten Kuhns, Melissa Hutchinson. 

Mrs. Gilbert. Kris Johnson, Jaime 

Beauchamp, Janet Shea. Jennifer 

Lorette. Lauren Barrett, Sherry Ladlee, 

Dina Robinson. Marisa Santora. 


society >4 



Rob Palko. Amy Porter. Chris Breeding 







Organization s 










Equine Science 

Jen Jillson. Amber 
Smolinsky. Vicki Valente, 
Vanessa DeRoux. Sandra 

Criminal Justice 

Seated: Donna Kochis. Jo- 
seph Waters (Advisors). 
Standing: Christi Corl, R.J. 
Spenser, Missy McCarthy. 
Chelsea Searles. 



•tfallou'een. 'T quine Club. 'Biology. horticultural. T quine Science. Criminal justice | 91 

This year, all of the clubs and organizations had an opportunity to 
participate by honoring a devoted member. 

Student Government Banquel 

April Reeder, Rich Pia. Joe D' Amico 
and Becky Oakley are looking great 
at the SGB Banquet. 

Curtis Schondelmeyer's dancing is 
making Terra Lutz laugh as they en- 
joy the evening at the Pine Crest Coun- 
try Club. 

Vice President John Whitehead rec- 
ognizes Sharol Bailey of the Office ol 
Student Life with an award for her 
help and patience throughout the year 

Mike Bird receives both a hug and an 
im Dottie Chezik, A-Day 
advisor. Mike was named A-Day 
\ eai 

Clubs & Organizations 

Nate Marter receives an award from 
Dr. Chris Curry for his work as a 
Resident Advisor. 

In keeping wilh custom, Vince 

Massaro gave a rousing and memo- 
rable speech at this \ ear's banquet. 

Mr. Sauers receives recognition from 

John Whitehead for being an ad\ isoi 

to Student Government. 

Dr. Betsy Arrison receives special 
recognition from George Theo and 
the Office of Student Life for all of her 
greatwork this past year. 

Student Government 'Board 'Banquet 93 


Each year, sports teams leave their 
Tracks on campus: be it football with 
cleats; wrestling with mat shoes; bas- 
ketball with sneakers; or track with 
running shoes. No matter what the 
sport, Aggies are always striving to 
do their best, some beating records 
which allow them to leave their own 
distinguishing Tracks on campus 
even after they leave. Being able to 
leave Tracks is something special, 
something that needs to be recog- 
nized, so this section is to all who 
make athletic Tracks here at DelVal. 

By Matt Hottrcwider 

The DVC field hockey team, under first- 
year head coach Meghann Mannino, went 2- 
17 overall, 0-5 in Middle Atlantic Conference 
(MAC)-Freedom League play. 

Delaware Valley was in a number of con- 
tests during the year, as 10 of 19 games were 
decided by one goal. The Aggies dropped eight 
of those contests, including four in overtime. 

Senior Danielle Rugg left her mark as one of 

Aggies with four goals and two assists for 10 
points. She scored the game-winner in the 
team's 1-0 victory over Gywnedd Mercy Col- 
lege on October 6. 

Fellow sophomore Dawn Brandt was sec- 
ond on the team in both goals (three) and 
points (six). Her tally against Albright College 
on September 28 gave the Aggies a 1 -0 victory- 
Two more sophomores, Jessica 

Back to Basics 

■ Matt Levy & Matt Hostrander 

the top goalkeepers in Del Val history. The Schweighofer and Denise Bailey, also notched 
1999 co-captain compiled 174 saves, two shut- points on the season. Schweighofer had a goal 
outs and a 2.00 goals against average in 18 and an assist for three points while Bailey 
starts this season. Rugg is the school's all-time dished out two assists for two points, 
leader in saves (632) and shutouts (13), and 
she also holds the single-season mark in both 
categories (200 saves in 1997, four shutouts in 

1997 and 1998). She was a MAC-Freedom 
League All-Star and team MVP in 1997. 

Seniors Beth Anderson, Caroline Cowen 
and Mandy Naugle wrapped up their colle- 
giate careers as well. Anderson, a defender, 
missed a good part ot the season due to illness. 
She earned her first letter and was named the 
team's Most Improved Player in 1998. Cowen 
started all lour years at midfield and finished 
her career with a goal and three assists for five 
points (none in 1999). Naugle, a co-captain, 
was a three-year starter after missing her fresh- 
man year with a knee injury. The midfielder 
notched two assists in her career; she was a 

1998 member of the National Field Hockey 
Coaches Association National Academic 

Sophomore Lauren McCartney led the 

April Mafturak 
gives it her all 
as she stretches 
to regain the 
ball from the 

The hockey 
team shows 
enthusiam af- 
ter getting a 
much wanted 

While keeping hct eyes on the ball Row 1: Heather Stephenson. Elizabeth Anderson. Caroline Cowen. Andrea Campbell. April Mafturak. Dawn Br: 
sophomore Denise Bailej strives to Denise Bailey. Erika Veth, Row 2: Danielle Rugg. Dyanna Capuano, Dana Epps. Neena Shanks. Mandy Naugle. La 
move awaj from her opponent Brooke Rossi. Jessica Schweighofer, Danielle Stevens, Coach Meghann Mannino 

Sports can 
have their ups 
and downs, and 
senior Mandy 
Naugle real- 
izes that after 
being hit in the 
head with the 
hockey, hall. 




DVC vs: 





Phillv Bible 






Philadelphia University 




Montclair State 




















King's College 


William Paterson 




Senior Caroline Cowen shows good 
form as she zooms her way up the 
field in hopes of a goal. 

Keeping a watchful eye on her oppo- 
nent, sophomore Lauren McCartney 
waits for her defensive move. 

fietdttocka) 97 

One of the top 
scorers, fresh- 
man Kyle 

Knouse. tries 
Ins best to get 
the ball out of 
the goalie's 
hands so he can 
have a try at the 

/ — 



DVC \s: 







(ivtvnedd Mercy 




King\ College 














Lebanon Vallev 


Phillv Bible 




Hol\ Family 










Junior (hi is McArthur lool 
quickl) so he can scope oul the field 

for an open teammate 

Getting some an i not always in 
basketball, which is proven here bj 
sophomore Logan Dunn as he leaps 
lor the soeeer hall. 


The men's soccer team went 7-12 overall, 
3-4 in MAC-Freedom League play. The Aggie 
men's 19-man roster had 13 players who were 
either freshmen or sophomores. The youthful 
group surprised many by jumping out to a 6- 
4 record, including a perfect 3-0 in league play. 

The top two scorers on the team were 
freshman Justin McWhorter and Kyle Knouse. 
McWhorter notched seven goals and two as- 

over Gwynedd Mercy. 

The next three leading scorers were all 
sophomores, Logan Dunn, Joe Marco and 
Tommy Arndt. Dunn found the net six times 
and added two assists for 14 points. He also 
moved into fifth place on the Aggie all-time 
scoring list with 32 points. Marco, who did 
not register a point as a freshman, finished 
fourth on the team in 1 999 with five goals and 

Starting Out Strong 

In position for 
a sideline 
throw, junior 
Jay Clifford 

waits Tor an 

sists for 16 points, while Knouse scored five 
goals and assisted on five others for 1 5 points. 
In his fourth collegiate game, Knouse tied a 
school record (shared by five others) with three 
goals, while also adding an assist in a 5-0 win 

two assists for 12 points. Arndt matched his 
numbers from 1 998 as he tallied four goals and 
assisted on three others for 1 1 points. 

Junior Chris McArthur notched three goals 
and an assist for seven points on the season. 
Two of his goals were game-winners, includ- 
ing a double-overtime tally against Allentown. 
Fellow junior Bruce Galasso returned after a 
year off and accumulated six points. 

Simon Darley and Jason Donmoyer hit the 
scoreboard as freshmen. Darley registered two 
goals and an assist for five points, while 
Donmoyer had one tally for two points. Sopho- 
more Jason Lutz also scored a goal for two 

Junior co-captains Kevin Gasiorowski and 
Jay Clifford each recorded two points. 
Gasiorowski scored the game-winner in a 2-1 
MAC-Freedom League win over King's, while 
Clifford registered two assists on the year. 
Sophomore Eric Lengle had one assist on the 

The only senior on the team, defender 
Geno Finan concluded his collegiate career 
with an assist in '99. Finan gave DVC steady 
defensive play during his tenure, while notch- 
ing two goals and three assists for seven points. 

Jim Kerr was starting keeper before suffer- 
ing a season-ending knee injury in the over- 
time victor)' over Allentown. The sophomore 
played in eight games and recorded four wins, 
26 saves, and a 1.29 goals against average. 

Freshman Adam Mendes saw action in 14 
games (1 1 starts) in goal. He stopped 75 shots 
and posted a 2.90 goals against average. Mendes 
also saw some time on the field and notched a 
goal and an assist for three points. 

B\ Matt Lew & Man Hostrander 

1: Tisson Thomas, Justin MeWhorter, Adam Mendes, Jim Kerr, Chris McArthur. Erie Lengle. Row 2: Jay Clilliuii. 
Knouse. Tommy Arndt. Jason Lutz, Bruce Galasso, Kevin Gasiorowski, Row 3: Coach Kalman Csapo, Robert 
'son, Geno Finan. Logan Dunn, Jason Donmoyer. Joe Marco, Simon Darley. Manager Cassie /lucski 

'Men's Soccer 99 

As she keeps 
her e\e on the 
ball, sopho- 
more Allison 
successful I) 
keeps it awa) 
from her oppo- 

/ — 



DVC vs: 



Philadelphia University 




Holv Family 


Baptist Bible 



















Phillv Bible 


King's College 





Brvn Mawr 







Freshman midefieldei I 

sees her opponent coming and 

the move to pass the ball on to her 


As the ball comes down, junior Stacj 
Richenderfer and an opponent both 
jump to head-butl the ball. 

100 Sports 

4 -.. /*■ 

v k 


The women's soccer team, under head coach 
Kevin Doherty, had a 9-10 overall record, 4-3 
and tied for third place in the MAC. 

The women surpassed many expectations, 
considering they lost Emilie Replogle to gradu- 
ation and saw League All-Star and senior captain 
Tifanie Sbriscia go down with a season-ending 
knee injury in the fourth game of the year. 
Sbriscia was a starter at sweeper since her fresh- 

The Aggies lost their first four games before 
going 9-6 the rest of the way. The team set a 
single-game record for goals (9) and points (25) 
in their 9-0 shutout of Albright College. 

Junior Stacy Richenderfer led the Aggies in 
scoring with 1 2 goals and six assists for 30 points. 
The midfielder became only the fourth player in 
team history to notch a hat trick and the third to 
accomplish the feat at least twice in a career. She 

Kirsten Reis 
"zooms in for 
the kill." as she 
attempts to 
steal the hall 
from her 

Knights oppo- 

A karate chop 
may be coming 
for sophomore 
Marey Estey as 
she moves the 
ball out of 
harm's v\a\. 

Surpassed Expectations 

man year and battled through numerous knee 
injuries throughout her career. She was a MAC- 
Freedom League First Team All-Star in '98 and 
the team's Defensive player of the Year in both 
'96 and '98. 

: Allison Lewandowski. Jean McMullin, Stacy Gould. Colleen Kearns, Marcy Estey. Kirsten Reis. Diann Doderer. 
: Britt Ingvertsen. Jessica Perry. Kim Robell, Stacy Richenderfer. Tianna Davis. Mardi Doe. Row 3: Coach Kevin 
ly. Asst. Coach Joe Fluehr IV, Tara Corkey, Jennifer Vennebush. Melissa McNutt, Asst. Coach Louis Vida, As-t 
Pam Zingle 

is in second place on the team's all-time scoring 
list with 50 points. 

Freshman midfielder Tara Corker)' had a 
rookie season to remember, as she tallied nine 
goals and a team-best nine assists for 21 points. 
Corkery scored two goals and assisted on two 
others in the win over Albright. She later had two 
goals and an assist in the Aggies' 4-1 triumph 
over rival Lycoming College. 

Junior Jessica Perry made a successful transi- 
tion from goalkeeper in 1998 to forward in '99. 
She hit the net eight times for 16 points, includ- 
ing back-to-back hat tricks. She is only the third 
player in Del Val women's soccer history' to 
notch a hat trick and the second to do so at least 
twice in a career. 

Marcy Estey and Diann Doderer followed 
with 10 and eight points respectively. Estey, a 
sophomore forward, recorded four goals and two 
assists while Doderer, a senior midfielder and co- 
captain, added three goals and two assists on the 
season. Doderer concluded her career as the 
Aggies sixth all-time leading scorer with 30 

Junior Kim Robell came off the bench to 
notch three goals and assist on another for a total 
of seven points, while sophomore Kirsten Reis 
and junior Britt Ingvertsen both had a goal and 
lour assists, giving each six points on the year. 

Defensively, the Aggies overcame the loss of 
Sbriscia to hold opponents to 1 .8 goals and 1 2.8 
shots per game. Junior Jennifer Vennebush 
switched to sweeper and provided tough defense 
throughout the year. Allison Lewandowski also 
played a key role in the backfield. Lewandowski. 
a sophomore, added three assists from her posi- 

Colleen Kearns played all but 45 minutes in 
goal for DVC. The junior set a single-season 
record with 167 saves, while also adding six 
shutouts and a 1 .78 goals against average. Kearns 
also became the Aggies' all-time leader in both 
saves (307) and shutouts (12). 

Bv Matt Levy & Matt Hostrander 

Women's .soccer j 101 

The Del VaJ cross country teams, under head 
coach Dr. Robert Berthold, Jr., both went 2- 1 in 
head-to-head meets, while also participating in a 
number of invitationals. 

Among the highlights was a second-place 
finish for the Aggie women at the Alvernia Invi- 
tational on October 9th, while the men were 
third in the same event. Both squads finished 
12th out of 13 at the 1999 Middle Atlantic 

the MAC's, and placed 152nd at regionals. 

Senior Sandy Tatarynw was solid all season 
for the Aggies. She had a sixth-place showing at 
the Alvernia Invitational, as well as the Albright 
quad-meet. Tatarynw improved 18 spots from 
the year before at the MAC's with a 53rd-place 
showing and crossed the finish line 176th at 

Senior captain Kristen Salvesen and rreshman 

Running with Nature 

Conference (MAC) Championships. 

Junior Steve Lafferty led the Aggie men in 
every meet during the season. He captured first- 
place honors at the Albright quad-meet, while 
finishing as the runner-up at the Alvernia Invita- 
tional. He also finished in the top 10 at the 
Philadelphia Metro Small College Champion- 
ships, the Muhlenberg Invitational and the Drew 
Invitational. He placed 39th at the MAC Cham- 
pionships and 68th at the NCAA Mid-Atlantic 
Region Championships. His showing at regionals 
was an improvement of 74 spots from last year. 

Cody Peranich and Bryan Lockwood scored 
points for Del Val at the MAC Championships. 
Peranich, a freshman, was 67th at the conference 
meet, while his best finish of the season was a 
sixth-place showing at the Albright quad-meet. 
Lockwood placed eighth in that meet, and the 
sophomore would go on to a 69th place effort at 
the MAC's. 

Freshman Andy Hannah and Sophomore 
Chris Uhland rounded out the scorers at the 
MAC's. Hannah placed 77th, while Uhland 
took 83rd. Senior Cory Peranich, along with 
juniors Clarence Williams and Ian McDermott 
competed at the conference championships but 
did not register points. McDermott served as the 
team's captain. 

On the women's side, Rachel Mayette had a 
strong junior season as she paced the Aggies 
throughout most of the year. She was second at 
the Alvernia Invitational, third at the Albright 
quad-meet, and eighth at the Drew Invitational. 
Mayette was the team's finisher at the MAC 
Championships with a 44th place showing, while 
she came in a team-best 125th at the NCAA 
Mid-Atlantic Region Championships. 

Fellow junior Corinna Strange finished third 
.u Alvernia, fourth at Albright and 1 1 th at Drew. 
She was second on the team and 47th overall at 

Mary Ellen Bocchichio also scored points for 
Del Val at the MAC Championships. Salvesen 
was 71st while Bocchichio placed 84th at the 

Bv Matt Lew & Matt Hostrander 

An exhausted 

leads this 
group of run- 
ners and even 
has some 

These Del Val 
CC runners 
start off strong, 
with only the 
finish line be- 
tween them 
and victory. 


Row 1: Man, Ellen Bocchichio. Becky Sorge. Sand) Tatars 
Row 2: Rachel Mayette. Cody Peranich, Chris Uhland. Doug 1 
Joe Kern, Cory Peranich. Steven Lafferty, Bryan Lockwood 

nw. Larisa Wagner. Kristen Salvesen. Ann Anderes-M 
Joy ton. Corinna Strange. Meagan Nelson. Row 3: Asst. C 
. Andy Hannah. Ian McDermott. Coach Dr. Berthold 

s ports 

Senior Kristen 
S a 1 v e s e n 
points to the 

ground. "I am 
going to beat 
you: you will 
not get the bel- 
ter of me...." 



Lebanon Valley 






Philadelphia Metro Meet 












Both Won 

2 of 3 Races 

MAC Championships 

Both Placed 

12th out of 


13 squads 

Who ever said CC could not be fun? 
Senior Larisa Wagner enjoys herself 

during the race as she "does not" miss 
the huge mud puddle. 

Getting warmed up is always the thing to 
do before a race, and senior Sandy 
Tatarynw knows that is the waj to go. 

'Men and 'Women '-< Cross Country 103 


De S i deri o 
takes advan- 
tage of the time 
before a game 
and practices 
her spike. 




Philly Bible 


U. of the Sciences 


Salisbury State 


King's College 


Western Maylanc 




E. Mennonite 




Villa Julie 












Lebanon Valley 


C. of Notre Dame 


St. Mary's(MD) 







Philly University 














Look at sophomore Li/ Carbine's Setting is also an important skill in 
concentration as she spikes the ball volleyball, and freshman Laura Moore 
overthenet. d plays her technique well. 

104 Sports 


' j it) r / rf 

1 m ' \B 
1 I" 1 1 1 

A^ 1 


Laura Riley 
and Emily 
Tray lor stretch 
out then arms 
as far as they 
can reach so 
they can block 
the hall and 
send it sailing 
back over the 


The DVC volleyball team completed their 
'99 season with scores of 1 1-15 overall, 2-4 in 
the MAC. 

Head coach Sondra Stoczko's squad con- 
sisted of six freshman and four sophomores, 
but the youthful group posted the program's 
fourth straight, double-digit victory season. 
They were also in contention for a MAC 

team and set a school single-season record with 
393 digs. Traylor also added 36 aces and 19 

Traylor broke the single-match digs record 
twice in the same week. She dug out 42 balls in 
a four-set match with Widener, and followed 
with 44 digs in a four-set win over the College 
of Notre Dame two days later. Both figures 

Digging and Blocking 

playoff spot until the last league match of the 

Freshman Emily Traylor was the Aggies' 
top hitter all season long, finishing with 305 
kills on 794 attempts. The rookie also led the 

f 1: Jessica Simpson. Jennifer Palser, Crista Sewald. Deni 
in Smith. Lauren Riley, Amanda DeSiderio. Liz Carbine 

se Hayden. Laura Moore. Row 2: Asst. Co 
Emily Traylor, Coach Sondra Stoczko 

ch Joe Worobetz, 

broke the previous mark of 36 set by Kelly 
Orser in 1 996. Traylor earned MAC-Freedom 
League and Eastern College Athletic Confer- 
ence (ECAC) Division III Player of the Week 
honors for her record-setting performances. 

Sophomore Crista Sewald was Delaware 
Valley's only returning starter from 1998's 15- 
1 2 squad. The co-captain placed second on the 
team this season in kills (197), digs (379), 
assists (62). Sewald was also third in hitting 
percentage (.214) and blocks (32). Freshman 
setter Laura Moore was one of the two players 
on the Aggies to play in all 95 games during the 
year. She dished out 784 assists and tied the 
team's single-match record with 48 assists in 
the four-set win over The College of Notre 
Dame. Moore led the way with 52 aces and a 
.353 hitting percentage. She also notched 274 
digs and 79 kills. 

Freshmen Jessica Simpson and Lauren Riley 
produced solid rookie campaigns. Simpson 
was third on the team with 177 kills and 334 
digs, while also adding 35 aces. Riley had 157 
kills, 1 88 digs, 36 blocks and 33 aces. 

Sophomores Liz Carbine and Amanda 
DeSiderio played key roles this season after 
seeing little time in 1998. Carbine, a co- 
captain, paced the Aggies with 45 blocks (29 
solo) while also adding 1 1 kills and 1 26 digs. 
DeSiderio played in 34 games before suffering 
a season-ending knee injury and tallied M kills 
and 27 blocks (16 solo). 

Denise Hayden, Diann Smith and Jennifer 
Palser rounded out the volleyball lineup. 
Hayden, a freshman, recorded nine kills and 
143 digs in 55 games. Smith, a 41 -year-old 
sophomore, saw action in 30 games and had 
eight kills and 26 digs. Palser, a freshman, dug 
out 12 balls in 18 games. 

Bv Matt Levy & Man Hostrander 

Volleyball I 105 

The Delaware Valley College football team 
ended the season with a 2-8 record overall, 0-4 in 
the Middle Atlantic Conference (MAO- Freedom 
League. The Aggies posted a 26-20 overtime vic- 
tory over Moravian in week two and concluded the 
year with a 10-3 triumph over Lebanon Valley. 

A number of individual accomplishments were 
attained during the season. Senior Joey Shenko 
became the first quarterback in school history to 
reach the 5,000-vard and 50-touchdown mile- 

single-game mark. He was rwice named the MAC's 
Defensive Player ot the Week. 

Senior Jamal Lewis led the Aggie rushing attack 
with 490 vards. Sophomore linebacker James Walls 
had a team-best 69 tackles from his linebacker 
position, while Sandora was second with 65. Se- 
nior cornerback Mike Vernacchio intercepted a 
team-best four passes. 

Sandora was named MAC-Freedom League 
First Team All-Star, as well as Don Hansen Football 

New Staff for 2000 

stones, and did so even though he was out for most 
of the '99 season. 

Shenko was off to a hot start as he completed 56 
of 101 passes for 807 yards, nine touchdowns and 
just one interception in three full games. However, 
Shenko suffered a season-ending knee injury early 
in the Homecoming game against FDU-Madison. 
His career would end with 5,173 yards and 50 

Senior wideout Matt Altieri became just the 
fourth player in Aggie history to catch 1 00 or more 
passes in a career. Altieri led the team in '99 with 37 
receptions for 759 yards and six touchdowns. He 
finished as the school's all-time leader with 21 
touchdown receptions, while placing second in 
yardage (1,941) and fourth in catches (104). 

Yet another senior, Art Sandora, had a record- 
breaking season. Sandora moved from linebacker 
to defensive end, and the result was a record 11.5 
sacks on the season. Four and a half sacks came in 
the victor)' over Lebanon Valley to break the school's 

Gazette South Region Second Team All-Star. 
Sophomore offensive lineman Dan Drake earned 
First Team All-Star honors, while Altieri was voted 
onto the Second Team. 

Bv Matt Levy & Matt Hosttander 

mm Jm itf trJH 1 Mr 

"t A 


I , T 1 - 7 



*% *■■ 

A \&, j.f m jml 9J r f_v. 

The 1999-2000 Delaware Valley College Football Team. 


,j 4Hr*i ; « sRb^P^^^ 





is not always 
easy, as fresh- 
man Mall 
Bergman finds 
out as he tries 
to escape a 



DVC vs: 
William Paterson 33-38 


Moravian 26-20 
Widener 27-40 

FDU-Madison 19-38 

Wilkes 0-54 

King's College 0-21 

Juniata 6-42 

Lycoming 0-34 

Albright 13-37 


Lebanon Valley 10-3 


Wide open and exhibiting his skills as Junior Michael Vernacchio 47) and 
a resever is freshman Brian Christy. sophomore John Guerrera (9) work 

together to tackle the opponent so he 
can not make n furthei on down the 

'Tootbatt 107 


DVC vs: 

Ithaca Invt. 


Oneonta State Invt. 


Delaware State 


York Invt. 


Western Maryland College 


Division HI National Duals 




King's College 






University of Scranton 




Montclair State University 




Lebanon Valley 


Gettysburg College 




Centenary College 


MAC Championships 


NCAA Championships 


Reall\ getting himself in a twist, 

freshman Justin Palmer strives to stay 
I mi he will not lose any points to 
the opponent. 

108 Sports 

The official holds up senior Mike 
tones' arm. signaling that he has won 
the match. Mike has had his hand in 
the air 32 times this season. 

The Del Val wrestling team, under head coach 
Rob Marshall, had four individual champions 
and three runners-up as the Aggies ran away with 
the 2000 MAC Championships at the University 
or Scranton. 

Del Val racked up 99.5 points, en route to its 
ninth MAC championship and first since 1996. 
The Aggies' total was 20 points better than sec- 
ond-place Lycoming, whose three-year champi- 

Andrew Perez, Aaron Harris and Matt Kleinle 
reached the finals but settled for second-place 
honors. Neither of these wrestlers were selected 
for the two wild-card entries into the NCAA's. 

Jones captured his second straight MAC crown 
and third trip to nationals as he edged second- 
seeded Eric Kelly of King's, 2-1 in the finals. Jones 
placed fourth at nationals, the exact spot for a 
third year in a row. He is only the third wrestler in 

Junior Mike 
Margclis tries 
to work his op- 
ponent to the 
mat so he can 
get closer to a 
MAC title. 

It looks like 
junior Andrew 
Perez could be 
in trouble, but 
with that look 
in his eye he 
just might be 

Aggies Win MAC Championship 

onship reign came to an end. 

Mike Jones, Bryan Klass, Mike Margelis and 
Andy Povenski were all seeded first for the tourna- 
ment, captured individual titles, and earned auto- 
able to pull off matic berths to the NCAA Division III Champi- 


» l>*r« * * 5 * <t * * * 

# g f A 1 

I: Mike Jones, Nick Sullivan. Andrew Perez, Nate Matter, Jared Rolph. Justin Palmer. Neil Walizer, Row 2: Head 
h Robert Marshall. Tim Stromberg, Jason Stever. Kendall Sexton. Tom Donahue. Bill Morris, Man Kleinle, Mike 
;elis. Bob Fieger, Zane Writer, Dwight Forty. Jessica Post( manager). Amy Wehr(mana 

Del Val history to earn All-American accolades at 
least three times in a career. He ended the season 
with a 32-3 record. 

Klass earned the Paul Kulentz Award for the 
most pins in the least amount of time. He also won 
his third MAC title and national bid in as many 
years. Klass went on to receive All-American hon- 
ors for a second time and ended the season with a 
26-6 record. 

The MAC title and trip to nationals was the 
second straight for Margelis. The junior was elimi- 
nated from the tournament in the second round of 
consolations. He finished the year with a 30-7 
mark and his second straight MAC title. 

Povenski won the MAC championship in his 
freshman year by pinning the third seed, Jason 
Schlingman of King's. He also became just the 
ninth freshman in Aggie history to pick up All- 
American honors. 

Perez reached the finals for the second straight 
year, but the junior and third seed fell to top- 
seeded John Conte of Wilkes, 4-3, but finished 
the season with a record of 24-8. 

Harris was seeded second at 149 pounds and 
made it to finals with a 10-4 decision over the 
third seed, Scott Henshaw of Wilkes. However, 
Harris' run soon came to an end as top-seeded 
Royce Eyer of Lycoming edged him by a 3-2 
decision. Harris, who transferred in at the semes- 
ter break, finished his year with a 13-3 mark. 

Kleinle reached his first MAC final, but the 
senior and second seed fell to number one ranked 
Rob Cosper of Lycoming, 4-2. Kleinle wrapped 
up the season with a 26-5 mark and placed second 
on the Aggie's all-time victory list with 109(1 09- 

Jason Stever placed third at 165 pounds as he 
earned a 1-0 shutout of the fourth seed, Donald 
Gribben of Scranton, in the consolation finals. 
Stever ended his sophomore season with a 19-12 

Freshman Tom Donahue and Bob Fieger com- 
peted but did not place at the MAC's. Donahue 
wrapped up the year with a 10-9 mark at 197 
pounds while Fieger was 16-15 at 157 pounds. 

Bv Man Lew & Man H. grander 

'U'restting I 109 

The Delaware Valley College women's basketball 
team, under head coach Laura Rotz, compiled an 8-1 6 
record overall and 5-9 mark in the MAC-Freedom 

The highlight victory for Del Val was a 73-70 
triumph over King's College on February 15th. King's 
entered the game 19-3, ranked second in the Middle 
Atlantic Region coaches poll and were in the Top 20. 

Senior Jeanne Waznak concluded her stellar career 

on the boards ranked second on the team and she 
recorded a career-high 12 rebounds against FDU- 

Freshman Lorie Knalil backed up Metzger and 
played in 18 games before missing the final six to a 
broken wrist. She notched a carrer-high of 13 points 
and nine rebounds in a loss at E-town. 

Sophomore Becky Oakley and junior Jessica Perry 
also came off the bench for the Aggies. Oakley, a guard, 
finished the season with an average of 3.8 points and 

Staying Positive 

as the school's all-time leading scorer (male or female) 
with 1,865 points. The five-foot, two-inch guard 
surpassed Rotz (1,413 points) on the women's list last 
season and moved by 1 97 1 grad Donald Sechler ( 1 ,784 
points) with her 17-point effort at Albright College. 
Waznak has been named a MAC-Freedom League 
All-Star her first three years and a fourth honor is 
expected this season. She was the league's Rookie ot 
the Year back in 1997 and was also named to the 
Women's Division III News All-Freshman Team. In 
addition to the career point total, she holds 1 1 other 
school records. One of those marks is career free throw 
percentage, as her 8 1 .70 mark not only leads all Aggies, 
but also ranks eighth all-time in Division III. She led 
the MAC in scoring during her first three years, and 
finished seventh this season with an average of 15.8 
points per game. She was second in the league in three- 
pointers per game (1.9 avg) and fourth in three-point 
percentage (32.4%). Waznak also notched 44 assists 
and 37 steals. 

Backcourt mate Alisa DiBonaventura led the con- 
ference in assists for the second straight year as she 
averaged 8.5 dishes per game. That mark also ranked 
first in Division III for the regular season. 
DiBonaventura placed second in the country a year 
ago with 7.2 assists per game. Her total of 205 assists 
broke her own school record ot 192 from 98-99. The 
junior was also second on the team in steals (48) and 
was third in scoring (13.1 avg). She ended the year with 
a career-high 24 points against Allentown College. 

Sophomore forward Kristen Henry finished sec- 
ond on the squad in both scoring and rebounding, 
while leading the way with 52 steals and 13 blocks. Her 
average of 2.2 steals per game ranked fifth in the MAC- 
Freedom League. Henry hit the game-winning, three- 
pointer against King's with just 48 seconds to go. 

Lauren Snyder had a productive sophomore cam- 
paign. The forward paced the Aggies and finished 
third in the conference with an average of 8.5 rebounds 
per game. Snyder was fourth on the team with 9.6 
points an outing while her total ol 37 steals placed 

freshman Amber Smolinsky made ,i quick impact 
for DelVal as she played in all 24 games and earned the- 
nar! in the last six contests. She averaged 8.4 points 
and 2.9 rebounds per game while also tin 
assistsand J- 1 steals. Smolinsky tallied a carrer-high 26 
points in a los (adison. 

i started 18 games at center, and t he- 
junior averaged 3.9 points and 5.1 rebounds. Her total 

1.9 rebounds in 23 games while Perry, a forward/ 
guard, saw time in 20 contests and averaged 2.6 points 
and nine rebounds in a loss at E-town. 

Freshman Elena Ramirez participated in eight games 
and tallied two points and two rebounds. 
By Matt Levy & Matt Hostrander 


Kristen Henry 
looks for a hole 
to squeeze 
through so she 
can have a shot 
at the basket. 

Head Coach 
Laura Rotz 
gives her team 
a pep talk dur- 
ing a break in a 
stressful game. 

Ron I: Amber Smolinsky. Becky Oakley. Alisa DiBonaventura, Jeanne Waznak, Elena Ramirez. Lauren Snyder. Ro' 
lach John Hi main. Jessica Perry, Kristen llenr>. Angie Snook, Alexis Met/gcr. Lorie Khali I. HeadCoaeh Laura I 


I rj ing to 

manuver her 
way around [he 
freshman Am- 
ber Smolinsk) 
keeps the ball 
out of stealing 

/ — 


DYC vs: 




80-70, 69-74 




67-56, 74-60 


64-78. 97-91 

St. Man's of Maryland 












University of Scranton 

64-94. 68-87 


62-65, 66-70 

King's College 

73-70, 58-79 


66-79, 59-89 






Sophomore Lauren Snyder gives it 
her all to keep the ball in play so that 
her team can have a chance at a bas- 

Guard Jeanne Wa/nuk shows a face 
ol desperation as she looks for a team- 
mate. Waznak finished her senior 
year with a 15.8 points per game av- 

•Women 's ■Basketball 111 



Oakley keeps 

a watchful eye 

for the 

rebound if the 





DVC vs: 



College of New Jersey 







85-75, 51-68 


69-52, 78-65 

Philly Bible 



49-48, 60-55 



Villa Julie 




Valley Forge Christian 


University of Scranton 

60-63, 54-68 


53-79, 62-68 

King's College 

84-89, 67-74 


57-69, 48-73 





Freshman Aaron Butlei 
ting around an opponent look 
he strides down the court. 

112 Sports 

Completing three-point shots is nol 
easy, and you can see freshman Tom 
Kochanski's concentration before the 

No one said 
that getting 
two points 
would be an 
easy task. 
Junior Tyree 
Jones is 
feeling a little 
right now as 
he is 

surrounded by 
his opponents 
in an effort to 
get a basket. 

guard Scotl 
Dodgson takes 
his time mov- 
ing down the 
court as he 
looks for an 
open team- 

The men's basketball team, under head coach 
Bill Dooley, went 10-14 overall and 5-9 in the 
MAC-Freedom League. 

The Aggies greatly improved from last year's 7- 
17, 1-13 marks. The team was 10-10 at one point 
before dropping four league contests. Among those 
losses was a last-second defeat to NCAA qualifier 
Scranton (63-60) and an 89-84 double-overtime 
defeat to King's. 

League and seventh in the conference. He paced 
the team on the boards in 17 of the 24 games and 
led the scoring column eight times. He went on to 
earn MAC-Freedom League and Columbus Multi- 
media Middle-Atlantic Region Player of the Week 
awards and earned a spot on the Team 
of the Week. 

Freshman guard Tom Kochanski also averaged 
13.5 points per game as he notched 324 points in 

Greatly Improved 

Junior Tyree Jones, team captain, led Del Val in 
most categories including scoring (13.5 avg), re- 
bounding (8.7 avg), field goal percentage (.531), 
steals (40) and blocks (38). His rebounding average 
led the entire MAC, while his average of 1 . 1 blocks 
per game ranked fourth in the MAC-Freedom 

.: Tom Kochanski. Scott Dodgson, Nate Bradshaw, Tyree Jones. Jeff Marshall. Mike Marke) . Jameel Hawthorne. 
'■: Asst. Coach Greg Elder, Jason Radio, Aaron Butler. Kevin Moloney. Anthony Robinson. Charles Oakley, Jared 
Head Coach Bill Dooley 

24 starts. He connected on 68 three-pointers for 
the third-highest, single-season total in school his- 
tory. His average of 2.8 trey's per contest ranked 
third in both the MAC-Freedom League and the 
conference. He led the Aggies with 62 assist and 
also added 58 rebounds and 36 steals. 

Another productive rookie, guard Jason Radic, 
saw a lot of time at forward to help the team's small 
lineup. He responded by finishing third on the 
team in both scoring (9.6 avg) and rebounding (3.5 
avg). He placed fifth in the league and tied for ninth 
in the MAC with a 39.8 shooting percentage from 
the three-point land. He also tallied 47 assists and 
24 steals. 

Two other freshman starters were guards Aaron 
Butler and Scott Dodgson. Butler averaged six 
points and 2.6 rebounds per contest while also 
notching 44 assists and 15 steals. Dodgson aver- 
aged 2.1 points an outing and dished out 3 1 assists. 

Seniors Charles Oakley and Nate Bradshaw 
concluded their collegiate careers. Oaklev had his 
finest season in an Aggie uniform as the forward 
was fourth in the team in scoring with 9.6 points 
per game and was second on the boards at a 5.9 clip. 
He recorded 445 points and 315 rebounds for his 
career. Bradshaw, a three-year player at guard, saw 
time in all 24 contests and averaged 3.8 points and 
2. 1 rebounds. He notched a career-high 16 points 
in the double-overtime loss to King's. Bradshaw, 
who was also a MAC-Freedom League All-Star in 
soccer and a two-time MAC champion in track, 
wrapped up his hoops career with l 1 ) - points and 
133 rebounds. 

Junior Jameel Hawthorne became the Aggies' 
all-time leader in three-pointers with 163, surpass 
ing 1989 graduate Joe Butts' total of 159. 
Hawthorne, who connected on 34 shots from 
downtown, averaged 7.9 points and outing and 
dished out 40 assists in 21 contests. 

Freshmen Jared Cook, Mike Markey and An- 
thony Robinson rounded out the Del Val roster. 
Cook, a forward, saw action in seven games and 
recorded two rebounds. \ larkov. a forward, notched 
three points and one assist in six contests. Robinson, 
a forward, played in 13 games and scored seven 
points while grabbing 1 1 rebounds. 

By M.ut Levy & Man Hosoandei 

'Men's 'BasketSaCi 113 

The Aggie softball team, under new head 
coach Tom Wuersde, went 3-23 overall and 1 - 
13 in the MAC-Freedom League. 

The program made small steps under 
Wuersde as he built the roster from 10 to 16 
since last year. The team won one more game 
than they did in 1999 and saw just 14 games 
end early due to the eight-run mercy rule 
compared to 20 from last season. 

split time in rightfield. Lyons batted .235 in 1 5 
games , while Bailey had five hits in 24 games. 
Sophomore Kristen Snyder saw time at 
catcher and as the designated hitter and batted 
.2 22 with four runs. Fellow sophomore Kristen 
Radosevich rounded out the starters. 
Radosevich picked up one win on the mound, 
struckout nine batters in 5 1 innings and tallied 
a 6.18 ERA. 

A New Head Coach 

[unior centerfielder Brooke Bennetch had a 
solid season for Del Val as she paced the team 
in batting (.382), slugging (.544), on-base 
percentage (.411), hits (26), RBFs (17) and 
home runs (1). She tied for the team lead in 
triples with one and was second in doubles 
with six. 

Freshman Erica Holland picked up two of 
the team's three wins on the mound. She 
struckout 39 batters in 98-plus innings and 
posted a 6.84 ERA in 19 games (16 games). 
Holland was also productive with the bat as 
she hit .313 with three runs and three RBFs. 

Kelly Berger started behind the plate for 12 
of the team's first 13 games but missed the rest 
of the year with a knee injur)'. That loss hurt 
the team as Berger was batting .306 at the time 
with 10 RBFs and she was a strong defensive 
presence behind the plate. 

Sophomore Kim Tulish and Tracie 
Zakarzewski batted .305 and .279 respectively 
tor the Aggies. Tulish, who saw time at third 
and second base, led the team with seven 
doubles and was second in both runs (14) and 
RBFs (13). Zakarzewski, a leftfielder, scored 
1 1 runs and knocked in eight. 

Another sophomore, Becky Oakley, played 
collegiate softball tor the first time and started 
all 26 games at shortstop. She batted .267 and 
led the Aggies in both runs (18) and stolen 
bases (12). Her 20 hits ranked third on the 

Freshman Beth Sander and Rosemary Paylor 
started all 26 games in the infield and showed 
promise for the future. Sander, a first baseman, 
hit .291 and was second on the team in hits 
with 23. She scored 13 runs .ind knocked in 
eight. Paylor split time between second and 
third base and finished the vear with a .258 
batting average. She also notched 17 hits, 1 1 
nd eight RBFs. 

Junior Netasha Lyons and Denise Baile) 

Completing the Delaware Valley softball 
roster were freshmen Jennifer Caligiuri, Amy 
Delisle and Dana Epps as well as senior Eliza- 
beth Leiter. 

Bi M.ut Levi ex.' Matt Hostrander 

In her ready 
Becky Oakley. 
awaits for the 
results of Erica 

As she rounds 
third, junior 
Kelly Berger. 
turns her head 
to see if she 
should con- 
tinue home to 
score a point 
for her team. 



- 7*$yy i%>| /Vt'Vy 

Rem I: Am) Delisle. Kristen Snyder, Brooke Bennetch. Kim Tulish. Denise Bailey. Row 2: Beth Sander. 
tkarzewski, Netasha Lyons, Kelly Berger, Jennifer Caligiuri, Becky Oakley. Kristen Radosevich. Erica Holland, R 
A uerstle, Assl < oach Ke> in( ooney, Elizabeth Leiter. Rosemary Paylor, Dana Epps. Elizabeth Bell (man 
ia< h I red DiChiara 



Denise Bailey 
looks around 
as she patiently 
awaits tor her 

turn at the 






Kean Universit>' 

DVC vs: 


















3-9, 0-9 



King's College 

0-8, 0-8 




0-8, 0-1 1 

Philly Bible 








* w 

As she gets read) for her windmill- 
pitch, freshman Erica Holland ne\er 
takes her eyes off the glove. 

Freshman third baseman Rosei 
Paylor stays calm as she gets in her 
stance to throw the ball to first. 

Sojtbatt\ 115 

Joe Polkowski 
looks home as 
he rounds 
third, while his 
Daron Swire, 
takes a glance 
while rounding 




Rutgers-Camden Colle 



2. 12-2. 1-3 

William Penn College 


Ve" Jersey Inst, of Tei 



St. Man's College 


Maryville College 


Blackburn College 






King's College 

3-2, 10-6 



Lebanon Valley 


Neumann College 




Philly Bible 



6-9, 6-3 



\\ ilkes 

20-2, 10-7 


2-3, 5-2 



Allen town 

3-6, 7-6 


4-6. 6-2 



MAC'S- Elizabethtown 




EC AC'S- Gettysburg 


. Mlentown 


A loose ball gives senim 
D'Amico a chance at home 
batter Frank Panzullo stays out 
was . 

With a gruelling face, freshman l onj 

I is caught here while m mo- 
inothei awesome pitch 

While off bal- 
ance, senior 
third baseman 
throws the ball 
in an attempt to 
get the runner 
out at first. 


baseman Matt 
Rush, moves 
up quick in 
hopes for a 
good fielding 
of the fast mo\ - 
ing ball so he 
can make the 
play at first. 

The Delaware Valley College baseball team, un- 
der rookie head coach and 2000 MAC-Freedom 
Coach of the Year, Bob Altieri, completed its 2000 
season with a 23-16 overall record and an 8-4 mark 
in the MAC-Freedom. The Aggies reached the MAC 
playoffs for the third time in four years and were also 
the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) 
Division III Southern Region runners-up. Three 
players— Shawn Atkinson, Tony D'Amico, and Daron 
Swire - were with the team tor all four years and 

for team-high honors in hits with 59. Leonards' .437 
average ranks eighth on the Aggies single-season list 
while his .370 career mark ranks sixth. 

Swire finished tied with Leonards with 59 hits. 
His 12 two-baggers also set a single-season record 
over the previous mark of 1 1 by Jim Brezackin 1997. 
Swire, a MAC-Freedom League second team AJl-Star 
at shortstop, batted .381 for the season with 30 runs 
and 33 RBI'sand recorded a .931 fielding percentage 
in 203 opportunities. 

Playoff Contenders 

compiled a 100-47 record. 

Senior third baseman Carter Leonards earned 
MAC-Freedom first team AJl-Star honors as he led 
the Aggies in batting (.437), slugging (.637), on-base 
percentage (.527), runs (44), RBI's (35), home runs 
(five) and triples (three). Leonards also finished tied 

I: Brian Soroko. Omar Mojica. Carter Leonards. Bill Mann. Tony D'Amico. Shawn Atkinson, Daron Swire, Doug 
[stick. Frank Panzullo. Row 2: Matt Rush. Matt Cohen. Jared Scheirer, Brian Dlugaszewski, Kyle Knouse, Rich 
chek. Bob Marasa. Joe Polkowski. Jim Kennedy. Row 3: Asst. Coach Brian Burke. Assl Coach Matt Altieri. Duke 
a Rich VanWinkle. Jason Bigley. Greg Weikel. Tony DeLude. Brian Spratt. Head Coach Bob Allien 

Freshman catcher Kyle Knouse had a productive 
first season and was a candidate for MAC-Freedom 
Rookie of the Year. He started 30 games and batted 
.368, led the team with six stolen bases, was third in 
batting, and was fifth in runs (27). 

Rightfielder Tony DeLude was named a MAC- 
Freedom first team All-Star for the second year in a 
row. The sophomore hit .343 with 46 hits, 28 runs, 
and 28 RBI's. DeLude also started seven games on 
the mound and went 4-3 with 27 strikeouts and an 
8.02 ERA. DeLude's .361 career batting average 
ranks seventh in Aggie history. 

Senior Bill Mann saw time in the outfield, on the 
mound, and as the team's designated hitter. Mann 
batted .314 with seven doubles, tour home runs, and 
27 RBI's. He went 2-5 on the mound with one save, 
27 strikeouts and a 3.50 ERA. 

D'Amico earned MAC-Freedom first team AJl- 
Star honors. The first baseman batted .29" and was 
second on the team with 34 RBI's. He also added 
lour doubles, two home tuns and 31 runs. D'Amico 
ended his career as the Aggies all-time leader in RBIs 
with 1 18 while his 26 doubles placed second. 

Sophomore centerfield Joe Polkowski batted .268 
and was second on the team in runs (40), doubles 
(eight) and triples (two). He also pitched in eight 
games (one start) and was 2-0 with two saves. 1 1 
strikeouts, and a 7.00 ER\. 

Junior Matt Rush successfully moved to the ace of 
this vear's staff. He went 9-2 with two saves and a 
3.40 ER\ and earned MAC-Freedom second team 
All-Star accolades. Rush picked up victories in the 
opening round ot both the MAC and ECAC playoffs. 
He plaved second base when he didn't pitch and hit 
.242 with 23 runs and nine RBI's. 

Fellow junior Rich Bayachek was the team's num- 
ber two pitcher in 2000. He went 5-5 with one save, 
a team-best 58 strikeouts and a 4.74 ERA. 

Atkinson pitched in a career-high 10 games and 
tallied a 3.26 ER-\. He had his first career start 
against Muhlenberg on May 1 and went seven strong 
innings to notch his first collegiate win (10-3). 

Junior Duke Greco played in 2(-> games (22 starts) 
and split time in leltfield and behind the plate. He 
batted .224 with 10 runs and 12 RBI's. Jared 
Scheirer, a freshman, saw action in 20 game (12 
starts), and the catcher designated hitter batted .200 
with seven runs and six RBIs. Frank Panzullo, 
second baseman played in 32 games (28 starts) and 
hit .188 with 13 runs, 12 RBI's and three doubles. 

'Basebaff I 117 

The Delaware Valley College men's and 
women's track and field teams, under head 
coach Jason Langdon, both went 0-1 in head- 
to-head meets. The men placed 10th out of 1 1 
teams at the Middle Atlantic Conference 
(MAC) Championships, while the women 
placed 1 1 th. 

Rob Woodring led the Aggie men all year. 
Woodring set a school record and earned an 

Hardy and Steve Lafferty. 

Cummings, a senior, finished ninth in the 
javelin with a throw of 175 feet, 10 inches. 
Hardy, a junior, placed 12th in both the 100- 
meter (11.51) and 200-meter (23.16) dashes. 
Meanwhile, Lafferty's time of 4:18.73 in the 
1,500-meter run placed him 16th. 

On the women's side, freshman Jaclyn 
Snelling finished ninth in the pole vault by 

These Aggies Do It All 

automatic bid to the NCAA Division III Cham- 
pionships (North Central College - Naperville, 
IL - May 25) at home versus Albright on April 
19 with a javelin throw of 205 feet. The toss 
broke the previous mark of 202 feet, four 
inches by Ron Zukley in 1994. At the MAC 
Championships, Woodring threw the javelin 
188 feet, five inches and placed fifth. 

The record set by Woodring was one of the 
four Del Val standards set during the 2000 
season. The other three came from April 
Mafturak, Rachel Mayette and Sandy 

Mafturak, a freshman, cleared the pole vault 
bar by exactly nine feet at the Widener Invita- 
tional on April 22 (no previous record existed). 
Mafturak was the runner-up at the MAC's as 
she cleared the eight-foot, six-inch bar. 

Mayette, a junior, set an Aggie record in the 
3,000-meter run at the Widener Invitational as 
she crossed the finish line in 1 1 minutes, 33.05 
seconds. That broke the previous mark 11:40.87 
by Kathy McGough in 1990. Mayette finished 
1 8th in the event at the MAC Championships 
(1 2:37.43) and also finished 23rd in the 1 , 500- 
meter run (5:43.07). 

Tatarynw, a senior, ran the 5,000-meter run 
in a time of 22 minutes, five seconds at the 
Messiah Invitational (no record existed be- 
fore). She did not run in that event at the 
MAC's but Tatarynw did compete in the 3,000- 
meter run and placed 20th (13:08.87). 

Senior Jon Hoxworth earned points at the 

MAC's lor the men Aggies, while fellow senior 

Jen Mills did the same for the women. 

Hoxworth finished fourth in the long jump 

leap of 21 feet, 6.75 inches. Mills fin- 

n the top six in the javelin for the fourth 

straight year. Her throw of 109 feet was good 

■ ! i for sixth place. 

for the men at the confer 
mships was Brian ( 'ummings, Pat 

clearing the six-foot, six— inch bar. Mayette, 
Tara Corkery, Kirsten Reis and Corinna Strange 
reamed up for the 4x400 meter relay and crossed 
the finish line in 10th place (4:39.03). 

By Matt Levy & Matt Hostrander 


Brian Ludwig 
down the track 
towards an- 
other Aggie 


away from 
thepack, fresh- 
man Matt 
strides ahead to 
gam the lead. 

Row I: Syh ia I homion. Sand) 1 atarynw, Ann Anderes-Mullen, Jen Mills. Colleen Milligan. Megan Scheib. Karsten 

Nelson, April Mafturak, Row 2: Cassie Zliceski, Vara Corkery, Doug Boyton. Brian Ludwig, Steve Lafferty 

twluck, Pat Hardy. Li/ Carbine. Corinna Strange. Row 3: I lead Coach Jason Langdon. Nate Bradshaw, Asst. Coac 

M.itl Bergman, Jon Hoxworth, Rob Woodring. Seth Muck, Asst. Coach Joe Kern, Asst. Coach Junior llym 

118 Sports 



DVC vs: 

S m 

Allentown ln\ t. 

No Scoring 

Muhlenberg Invt. 

No Scoring 

YVidener Invt. 

No Scoring 

Messiah Invt. 

No Scoring 

Albright College 

M - 52-96 
W - 76-81 

Widencr Invt. 

No Scoring 

Penn Relays 

No Scoring 

MAC Championships 

M - 10th place 
W - 11th place 


Haverford College Invt. 

No Scoring 

Freshmen April Mafturak focuses 
before leaping in the polo vault. 
April's focus helped her to fly higher 
in competition 

Senior Jen Mills was determined to 
earn the Vggies sonic points as she 
launched the javelin. 

•Men and 'Women 's 'Track and 'TieCd 119 

Keeping The Crowd Alive 

The cheerlead- 
ers are cap- 
tured here in 
one of their 
many attempts 
to rouse the 

We had a very successful cheerleading sea- 
son this year. We attended all the football 
games, performed at the pep-rally, and were in 
the homecoming parade. This season we ob- 
tained permission to perform stunts, which we 
successfully completed throughout the season. 
We have a very dedicated coach, Stacy 
Rotchford, and very talented girls, which made 
a great team. This year our team consisted of: 
junior Chelsa Searles (captain), sophomore 
Melissa McCarthy (captain), freshman Paige 
Stranko (captain), sophomore Kirsten Kuhns, 
sophomore Tanya Ray, freshman Nicole 
Beyerle and freshman Jennifer Clark. We look 
forward to another successful cheering season 
next fall. 

By Kirsten Kuhns & Matt Hostrander 

Miiu Ih open, eyes focused, pom-poms 
up in the air. is sophomore Kirsten 
Kuhns as she pumps up the crowd at 
it oming Game. 

The cheerleading squad is shown here 
cheering on the football team as they 
field for halftime 

Cheerleader'. Melissa McCarthy, 
Chelsa Searles and lama Ra\ hold 
their DVC signs up proudly as they 
cheer on the football learn. 

Cfieerkading 121 

w jf*. 
















Moravian Tournament 

12th place 










MAC Champions 


13th place 

Josh Keyser watches the ball float 
through the air as he holds th« 

position of his tee-swing. 

Lining up the put is one ot the most 

difficult parts of golf, and Steve 
McDonald seems to be concentating 
i ust that. 


The Del Val College golf team, under head Freshman Andv Johnson, sophomore Andy 

coach Doug Linde, went 4-6 in head-to-head Stutler, junior Jason Usnick and senior Brian 
meets and placed 13th out of 14 teams at the Wolfgang competed in two matches during 

It's Tee Time 

A little sand 
trap doesn't 
slow down 
W o 1 fga n g ' s 
game. Wolfie 
went on to get 
the team's best 
score in the 

Middle Atlantic Conference (MAC) Champi- 

Leading the way for Del Val was freshman 
Steve McDonald, who earned team Most Valu- 
able Golfer honors. McDonald paced the team 
in three matches and averaged an 82.8 for the 
year. He was also the Aggies' top finisher at 
The MAC's as he tied for 25th place. 

Another freshman, Steve Clark placed 60th 
at the confetence championship. He posted a 
season-best 89 in a tri-meet against Alvernia 
and Haverford on April 26th. 

Senior Matt Koneski and freshman Andy 
Hannah finished 63rd and 64th respectively at 
the MAC Championships. Koneski averaged a 
90.7, while Hannah recorded an 87.3 per 
match average. Junior Josh Keyser also com- 
peted at the MAC's and placed 68th. He 
averaged an 86.8 for the year. 

! i ' 1 m 
■ ft ■ fl il 1 

1 1 III Al 


the season. Johnson s best round was a 96, 
while Stutler had an 87 and averaged an 85 for 
the year. Usnick posted an 81 at the Moravian 
Invitational, while Wolfgang's 85 on April 
26th was the team's best score of the day. 

B) Matt I evy ^ Matt Hostrander 

1: Steve Clark. Andy Stutler. Andy Johnson. Todd Hippauf, Steve McDonald. Andy Hannah. Nate Marter 

Justhkethat.thiN ^ggieputsDVC 
toward \ icton 

Golf i 123 





a y* 


Sports Cottage 125 


$ " 


Delaware Valley College has been 
busy making Tracks in academics by 
making improvements available to 
students in the quality of its pro- 
grams. The National Agriculture 
College only offered eight degrees in 
1950. These eight majors included 
Animal and Dairy Husbandry, Dairy 
Manufacturing, Agronomy, Horti- 
culture, Ornamental Horticulture, 
Poultry and Food Industry. Now 
fifty years later, it is possible for Del 
Val's graduates to leave their Tracks 
in over twenty different majors. 

By Chcwl&nes Mowey 

■ ■liege class of JOOO, /offer mi, 
sincere congratulation I on yMr graduation. 9 £ave had t/ie opportunity lo get 
many of you personal}*/ through athletics, music, student government, 

tier campus activities ' e i 'ting to /enow and worA with the students 
.,,. Best parts of mg fib as ^resident. 'Jver the last t/iree years J Iiaoe 
pportunitu to a atc/i you grow (jot/i intellectually and socially. J have 
been impressed inth horn you have wor/ted logetAer as a ctass. fjou have 

d man// achievements. Jt 

n ! 

-• * 

lence an 


/, . eloped organizational sA-il/,s. learned pat 
i.s my hope that your years- of Success at Delaware Valley College serve as an 
inspiration as gou op forward into your chosen field or on to graduate school. 
9n the words of 'Jeneral Colin 7 J owell of the Ql.S. /limy. " there are no 
secrets to success. Success is the result of perfection, Aard worA, learning from 
failure, loyalty to those for whom gou worA and persistence. " 

7 offer mi, Best wishes to each of you for a bright and happy future. \Re- 
member uour alma mater and Aeefi in touch 

cj/ncerfiy yours, 
2)/: Ofiomas G. izeamer 

[President of tne (joffeae 

Dr. & Mrs. Learner 

Dear (Jeniors, 

Zlfie problem nit/i writing messages [iAe this is t/iat of being trite, of saying all of the 
tilings that are obvious and have already been said Before. Jtauing said this, here is my 
message to you. Congratulations on reaching one of the ma/or milestones of your life, uhe 
future holds in store many exciting accomplishments. i)ut. now you need to ta/ee a few minu 
to looA bac/t at your experiences at DljC • ami rvalue 1/iat these will be some of the best 
experiences of your life. 

you need to thinA of your tj( A i experience not as the end of an educational experience, 
as a beginning for future educational and life experiences you need to embark on. (■ Utile mc 
of- you are probably tired of going to school, continued education is unbelievably important I 
your future, try lo expand uour education both formally and informally. 

7aAe a moment to reflect about others close io you a no aaue sacrificed in one way or 
another to get you to this point in your life it is define/eiy one of the happiest times in theii 
life t-'arenis, siblings, relatives, friends, faculty, staff, administration, and acquaintances 
proud of you and /enow that your future is bright. 

t/s you yet ready to go into the worA world, don i let tiial world laAe your soul. f-Jour /ob 
a ill be an important part of your life, out it is only a part the most important things in life 
arc your family and friends 

( mile natural intelligence can neuer be discounted, it is important to note that how you 
treat other people, //<«•/ you worA with yourfuture boss and co~worAers, and how you apply i 
/t/mgs you nave learned are as important, if not more so, than fust knowing t lie facts. 

L ooA forward to all of Ine great experiences gou are about to have, and enjoy the trip. 

Don Jewsc/ier 

• ipi ■< nil /Issis/anl to the J J resident 

ZJo t/ie Graduating Seniors, 

your academic family extends congratulations to eac/i member of t/ie 
qraduatinq class. <-Jou are t/ie first class of the new millennium, and there are 
qreat opportunities and challenges ahead of you. Completion of your 
underaraduate deqree is a milestone in your life, but your opportunities to 
[earn and qrow as professionals and human beinas will continue for the rest of 
your lives. 

"^ou iiaue Seen prepared to function effectively in the future and ma^e 
significant contributions to mankind, jhe Golleqe stands ready to support 
qou as alumni, and we nope you will continue to support the colleqe and 
promote its mission, yt is our hope that you will reflect fond [q on your 
experiences at Delaware Ualleq Colleqe and return to qour alma mater 

33est wis/ies to the Delaware Valley Golleye Glass of 2000. 

Dr. OCe/'J tf.Uincent 

Uice- J resident of tne Ciolleaef 
Dean of tne Jacultij 

Deans of Academic Affairs 


Dominic Montileone 

Arts and Science 

Dolores Gioffre 
3usiness and Computer Services 

David Kantner 

, Dr. David Alio 
', Agronomy and ES 

Dr. Ann Algeo 

Mandy Becker Dr. Robert Berthold Jr. 

Small Animal Science Biology 

Dr. Michael S. Bodri 
Small Animal Science 

Richard Dommel Joann B. Donigan 

Food Science English 

Howard Eyre Garry Flower 

Ornamental Horticulture Business 

Dr. Gary Fortier 
Small Animal Science 

Mel Friedman 

Dr. Michael Garrett Dr. Boyd Ghering Jr 

Chemistry CISM 

Rodney Gilbert 
1 ^ge Animal Science 

Br. Edward Goldberg George Gross 

Business Large Animal Science 

Dr. Jan Hammer Dr. Janice Haws 

Small Animal Science Biology 

Lawrence Hepner 
Agronomy and ES 

In 1950, National Agricultural 
Zollege celebrated its first 
commencement on June 4. These 
47 graduates were the first stu- 
dents to recieve a four year degree 
from NAC. 

1950 was also the first year that 
NAC students participated i n the 
Philadelphia Flower Show, a 
tradition that has carried on for 50 
years. Another major event in 
1950 for the college was the 

Fdwin B. Elson Hall. 

In 1955, the college decided to build a 
Senior Dormitory in honor of Philadel 
phia finacier, Nat. N. Wolfson. 

In 1960, the decision was made to chang 
the school's name from National Agricu 
ture College to Delaware Valley College 
There was also the addition of two builc 
ings, Ethel Cooke Hall and the Joseph ai 
Mary Barness Hall, these two buildings 
were to serve as dormitories for the stu- 

In 1963, Del Val decided to offer an 
Evening Program for anyone 
interested in night classes. 

In 1964, another dormitory, Work Hall 
was added for student use. This same 
year, Summer Sessions were offered to 

In 1966, two more dormitories were 
added; these were the Morris H. 
Goldman Hall and the J. Bunford 
Samuel Hall. Also this year, the Samuel 
P. Mandell Science building was built, 
it served as a place for classrooms and 

In 1967, yet another building popped 
up on campus; this time it was the 
addtition of the David Levin Dining 

Tacu h 

Dr. Karen Schramm Mr. Michael Simone Dr. Thomas C. Slane Jr. 

English Business Ag Business 

Dr. Gregg Smith 

Dr. Charles Weber 

George F. West 

Dr. Jennifer Wilson 

Dr. Joseph Stenson 




Jeffrey A. Young 

In 1970, the library increased in size with 
the addition of The Samuel Cooke and 
Harry Shapiro wings. Also there was the 
addition of another dormitory, the Leon L. 
Berkowitz Hall. 

In 1971, the first women were admitted to 
the college: 30 freshmen and 11 sophmores 
were among these first women on campus. 

In 1972, a building was added for class- 
rooms, laboratories, and offices; this is the 
Baruch M. Feldman Agricultural Building. 

Equine Science Instructors 

Dr. Richard C. Ziemer 
Liberal Arts 

Glen Mickalah, Francis Gatlel. Jane Cory. Audrey 
Bostwick. Karin Glassman, Stephanie Barberra. 
Rebecca Merntt 

Judith Bitto 

Maria Pazdan 

Diana Scot! 

President's Secretary 

Vice President's 



Dean of Agricutural i 

Department Secretaries 


Mileen Altier Peggy Hinkle Carol Noonan 

Animal Sciences Agronomy, Horticulture, Biology, Food Science, 

Environmental Science Chemistry 

Eleanor Price 
Math, Liberal Arts 

Pat Smith 
Ag Business, CISM 
Business Admimistrat 


"n 1978, the James Work Stadium was 
.completed and ready for use. 


Tn 1996, Delaware Valley College 
X celebrated its' 100th Anniversary. 

1 1980, Delaware Valley's Football and 
/omen's Cross Country teams made their 
ebut in the Middle Atlantic Champion- 


In 1995, the newest residence hall was 
added, this one designed just for 
juniors and seniors. New Residence 
Hall is set up as apartment-style 

Athletic Department 


Matt Maust, Damon Perry, Bill Ford. Frank 
Wolfgang. Bill Dooley, Kevin Doherty, Doug Linde 
Kevin Cooney. Bob Marshall, Judy Besore. Bob 
Altieri. Matt DiBernardo 

Financial Aid Department 

Sharon Prudish. Bob Sauer, Larissa Hoffman, Joan 

Academic Support 

Karen Kay, Anne DeForrest. Edna Ney, Cheryl 
Lyons, James Yard, Sharon Malka, Roberta 
Durrington, Vilma Legendre, Donna Potts 

Bursar's Office 

u demies 

Frank Massino. Boh Tasker, Bruin Burke. Sti 

■ Zenko, Linda Hlasta, Kate Jesburg, Frances Flood. 

Sharon Georgi. Kitty Bell Walter, Mary Campbell 


Office of Career and Life 

Margaret A. Mertz. Lillian Sutton. Laurie Peters. 
Glenys Bracy. George Schotield 

Events Office 

David Mullins, Cheryl Munizza, Susan Blazer 

Registrar's Office 

Ineka Daley. Loretta Fair, Audre\ Winton, Boh 
Moran, Laurie Lerner 

Human Resources 

Susan Clarke. Carol Robinson 

Staff 135 

Health Center 


Judy Wood. Mamie Berthold. Lorna McLeod, Kathy 
Kleinle, Man Ann Phelan 


Edwina Clarkson. Art Caesar, Robin Cubboga, Chris 
Daly, Les Nelinson 

Business and Finance Office 

John Erickson, Virginia Altmann, Dorothy Chizek. 
Deborah Dando. Jean Smola. Denise Schoenewald. 
Evelyn Soderberg. Donna MaeTamney. Jennifer 

Ace Hull. i. i olbert, Brian Cummings 

. adanics 

Glenn Kirscaner. Don Corino Jr.. Don Corino St.. 
Dennis Young. Betsy Halen. Skip Rosenberger, 
Armand August. Milt Eisenhard. Craig Pierre 

Institutional Advancement 

Sean Dallas, Heidi Zver, Lee Thompson, Robert 
Nichols, Barb Heisey, Sandy Lovell 


Dan Feldstein. Jules Abercauph. Malt H. 
Amanda Imwald. Beth Anderson 

Office of Student Life 

Dr. Betsy Arrison. Sharol Baile\. Ann Porter. Beth 
Baran. Deb Mindock, Mike Bergels, George Theo 


Peter Kupersmith. Denise Ancharski. Mar) Jane 
Sergeant, Marian Mc Gurk. Kami Vogel, Chris Smith. 
Janet Klaessig. Joyce Kunkle. Heather Foster. June 
Bitzer. Charles Colombo 

Cind) Miller Jim Linden 

Receptionist Switchboard Media Center Coordinator 

Staff 137 

I got a job!!!! 

Seniors Matt Speicher and Steve 
Regula look at a potential employers 
display at Career Day 2000. 

Senior Sean Bodner questions a re 
cruiter for a company about the op 
portunities available. 

Junior Matt Fleming listens as one of 
the exibitors explains what their job 

Senior Kevin Burton talks with a rep- 
resentative oi a company that he is 
interested in working for. 

u ademics 


An opportunity for students to meet possible future employees 
and get a feel for the business world of today 

Career Day 

February 24, 2000 



Kevin Bittorie pays close at- 
tention to what these recruit- 
ers have to say. 

Kristen Hoffman takes one last look 
at her resume before handing it over 
to this company. 

Freshmen girls sign in to Career Da) 
in order to observe other student as 
they interact with employeers. so that 
they will be better prepared when 
their time comes to look for a job. 

So did I!! 

Career Dau I 133 

Delaware Valley College's Flower Show 
.lasts a winning ribbon surrounded 
nit flowers found in an educational 


Flower Show 

March 5-11 

Every year since 1950 Dela- 
ware Valley College has scut 
students to set up a display 
for the show. This year stu- 
dents designed an educa- 
tional display on gardens. 
Their goal zoas to demon- 
strate the benefits of using 
the garden as an integral 
teaching resource in pri- 
mary and secondary schools 
across the region. 

A sign welcomes visitors to the Philadelphia 
Flower Show that is sponsored by PNC Bank 
and The Pennsylvania Horticulture Society. 

Megan Scheib puts some color into a picture- 
that will be used for the college's displaj 

Welcome to the 
Philadelphia Flower Show 

Adam Gober and Dr. Martin work on putting 
mulcb inti > 01 h flower beds. 

This sign greeted visitors to the college's 
display. It explained the purpose and educa- 
tional value of a wildlife garden. 


Wildlife Gardes Learning Environment 

The wildlife garden has been designed to attract creatures from nature, 
large and small and can be used as an effective tool for a hands-on 
approach to teaching/learning in the natural sciences. Native plant 
material has been used extensively for a be a* association with native 
fauna. Plants known to attract insec 

other small animals, have been US© 

educational value. The garden < 

s indents to learn about nature. Studei 

wildlife interacts and how useful plants i 

garden is a door to learning through < 

Another view of the display: Del Val is a 
good example of "Scholarship v, nh applied 
experience." This quote is the cornerstone 

on which Del Val was founded on in 1896. 

Chris Kuensel, Amanda BaJogach, Megan 
Scheib, and Mike Dalton work on the con- 
struction of their middle sc hool 

Thiiadelpfiia 'Flower Show 141 

Ken Raney. Scott Moore. Emily Metz. 
Jake Lantzsch, Katie Sterner, Jason 
Fetzer, Brian Champluvier, Jessica 
Jones, a Puerto Rican farmer, and 
Secretary Samuel Hayes pose for the 
camera. These are some of the Dairy- 
Science students who will be benefit- 
ing from the Export for Scholars Pro- 

Ont t if the lucky yearlings that will be 
making the trip to Puerto Rico. 

Two farmers from Puerto Rico and 
Secretary Hayes get together for a 
picture. These are the farmers who 
are buying the heifers from the Penn- 
sylvania Holstein Association. 




Export for 

Emily Metz. Secretary Samuel Hayes, and 
Scotl Hartz give a thumbs up for the program. 
Emily and Scott are Delaware Valley 
College's Ag Ambassadors. 

'■. a demies 

Secretary Hayes, Jessica 

Jones. Scolt Moore. Joy 
Lesher. Jason Fetzer. Jake 
Lant/.sch. and Emily Metz 
share a lighter moment during 
the ceremonies. 

Dean Vincent, Secretarj 
Hayes, and President Learner 
join hands as a symbolism to 
the partnership that is being 
developed between Del Val 
and the Pennsylvania Depart- 
ment of Agriculture. 

Export for 

Delaware Valley College, in 
partnership with the Pennsyl- 
vania Holstein Association, is 
sending 12 yearling heifers to 
Puerto Rico this fall. This ven- 
ture will accomplish three pur- 
poses: to help Pennsylvania 
develop an international trade 
in bred heifers, to educate stu- 
dents in international trade 
and global exchange issues re- 
lated to the animal science in- 
dustry, and to allow students 
an opportunity to travel to 
Puerto Rico to learn about pric- 
ing, selection, transportation, 
nutrition, genetics, breeding, 
production goals, and success- 
ful marketing of international 

Ivjo more of the yearlings that will be 
<ent to Puerto Rico in August. 

Delaware Va lley 

I College 

d,JL - 

■ •Unify, 

... >X/U7V» 



Delaware Valley College Student Leadership, Scholarship, and 
Service Recognition Award Ceremony 



Dr. West congratulates [an 

McDermott on receiving the David 
Edward Bianco Scholarship Award. 

' I . Academics 

Dr. Elizabeth Arrison presents (Cell) Pentz 
w iih the Jnd\ 1 .audenslager Scholarship. Jody 
would have been a pre-vet student of the 

Class of 2000. hut was killed in the crash of 
TWA Flight 800. 

Dr. Michael Bodri served as the host of the 
afternoon, keeping the audience entertained 
with his vvntv remarks. 

Jonathan Orr. Rachel Everett. Kayte 
Denslow, Jessica Lerner, Jackie Wright, Mike 

Bird. Matthew Hostrander and Way Ion Junes 
are the proud recipients of the National Col- 
legiate Student Government Award for ex- 
cellence in academics and sen ice. 

Class of 2000 

Beth Anderson 
Shawn Atkinson 
Kenneth Bailey 
Janet Beagle 
Christina Bednarz 
Mike Bird 
Ian Canton 
Christi Corl 
Anthony D'Amico 
Kimberty Denning 
Eric Dillalogue 
Diann Doderer 
Andrew Dougherty 
Meredyth Fogg 
Andrew Frankenfield 
Karin Garner 
Ryan Glauser 
Hal Grosso 
Stephen Hess 
Walter Higgins 
Kristen Hoffman 
Amy Holland 
Alis Holzapfel 
Amanda Hosgood 
Dawn Kern 
Annette Kingsley 
Matt klciiili- 
Seth Klimas 
Victoria Klinger 
Lara Kostyk 
Thomas Leonard 
Susie Lulz 

Terra Lutz 
Thomas Magge 
Joanne Malfatti 
Roberta Malfatti 
Bill Mann 
Rachel Martin 
Ronald Mai lino 
Careen May 
Jennifer Mills 
Joseph Milafa 
Lisa Munniksma 
Mandy Naugle 
Jodi Paterno 
Cory Peranich 
Jessica Post 
Kelly Roderick 
Angela Romanczuk 
Danielle Rugg 
Kristen Salvesen 
Titanic Sbriscia 
Kristie Schmidt 
Joey Shenko 
Matthew Speicher 
Amy Sprinkle 
Oai on Swire 
Sandra Tatarynw 
Jeanne Waxnak 
Janel Weidemoyer 
Mary White 
Allison Wilshere 
Brian Wolfgang 

Awards Recipients 
Class of 2001 

Denise Ancharski 
RuthAnn Bell 
Jamie Beauchamp 
Kelly Bendixsen 
Kelly Berger 
Kiho Chung 
William Cissel 
Alicia Clementi 
Diane Clifford 
Jay Clifford 
Bethann Corson 
Angela Croce 
Kayte Denslow 
Enid Uuuinire 
Rachel Everett 
Ryan Fealy 
Susan Fistner 
Kevin Gasiorowski 
Ryan Geschwindt 
Adam Gober 
Robin Goldblum 
Kara Graver 
Tracy Hall 
Laura Hansen 
Scott Hart/ 
Erin Hauze 
Hi in Ingvertsen 
Rayelle Jones 
Waylon Jones 
David Kennedy 
Bryan Klass 

Lesley Kroon 
Kiisten Kuhns 
Bobbie Jo LaBonte 
Steve Lafferty 
Jamal Lewis 
Amy Long 
Nathan Marter 
Chris Mr Arthur 
Ian McDermott 
Emily Metz 
Alexis Metzger 
Cristy Minder 
Kellie Nelson 
Wendve Neubauer 
Jonathan Orr 
Jessica Perry 
Stacy Richenderfer 
Michael Saboe 
Jeff Salabritas 
Curtis Srhondelmeyer 
Kimberly Shamberger 
Marlene Sherrick 
Christine Smith 
Craig Snyder 
Leslie Stevens 
Vtathew Svoboda 
lauren Teller 
Jennifer Vennebush 
viike vernal chlo 
sii/anne Wolfe 
viarlyn Zvvitski 

Class of 2002 

Stephanie Appel 
Dominic Applegate 
Kerslen Appier 
Amanda Balogach 
Jennifer Brase 
Stacy Buzzell 
Andrea Campbell 
Liz Carbine 
Nicholas Culler 
Vanessa Derotix 
Alisa DiBonaventura 
Laci Dulin 
Marry Estey 
Dwight Forrv 
Jennifer Godown 
Stacy Gould 
Nancy Gregnrv 
Wendy Guendelsberger 
Nancv Hoffman 
Matthew Hostrander 
Tyree Jones 
Mike Jones 
Larissa Keister 
Heather hoi li 
Dawn Kocher 
Shrrn Ladlee 
Janiv Landis 
h'ssi. a lerner 
Joy Lesher 
Allison I ewandowski 

lulu tichtenwalner 
Aaron Mai kie 
Rachel Mavrtte 
kellv Mi Andrew 
Megan Nelson 
Nil nle Nile* 
Wendy Parash 
Kelly Pent/ 
Kirsten Reis 
Michelle Rizzo 
Michelle Scheid 
t herise Srheiferl 
f rista srwald 
Randv Shaner 
Janel Shea 
Lauren s.nvdei 
Rebec ( a 
Tim Stromberg 
hen TetesJV 
Jill Thomas 
Gregory Weikel 
lacUe Wright 

Class of 

Ins I mm S 
Shan no ti 



In four years, we've definitely 
made some Tracks here at DVC. 
We've taken over clubs and organi- 
zations, leading them in our own 
unique way. We made some Tracks 
as life at DVC changed - new resi- 
dence hall policies, new grading sys- 
tems, new standards and procedures, 
and new faculty & staff. 

Now, as we leave DVC we take the 
Tracks left with us from the friends 
we've loved & learned from on our 
college journey. As we move out into 
the world, one step at a time, it is by 
these roads that we will stay linked 

By ChrC&ttna/ *&&clvuw%> 


Education - Chemistry 




Large Animal Science 


Ornamental Horticulture 

Landscape Contracting 


Business Administration - Marketing 

Large Animal Science, English Minor 


Food Science & Management 

Food Science 



Ornamental Horticulture 



Agronomy & Environmental Science 
Turf Management 


Large Animal Science 

Business Administration - Marketing 

Biology - Environmental Biology 


Business Administration - Marketing 

Ornamental Horticulture 

Food Science 6k Management 
Restaurant & Foodservice 



Sustainable Crop Production 


Equine Science (AS) 


Business Administration -MIS 


Small Animal Science 

Business Administration 

General Business 

Criminal Justice Administration 


Ornamental Horticulture 

Environmental Design 




Equibusiness, Equine Science (AS) 


Ornamental Horticulture 

Landscape Contracting 


Food Science ck Management 

Restaurant & Foodservice 


Large Animal Science 


Criminal Justice Administration 

Small Animal Science 

Large Animal Science 


Business Administration 

( Seneral Business 


( ISM 




( )rna men tall lorric ulrurc 


FoodScience& Management 



Small Animal Science 




Large AnimalScience 


Small AnimalScience 


Ornamental] lorticulture 

Environmental] tesign 


A(liiiinisir;itioii-l'i!i;iii( c 


Business Administration 

( ieneral Business 


...siricssAiliniiiisiraiion-l iium e 


Ornamentall lorticulture 

Landscape^ x >t itracri i ig 


Business Administratis n i 

General Business 




Small Animal Science 


Small A n imal Science 




Small Animal Science 

FoodSrience& Management 

RestaurantcSc Rxxlservice 

Business Administration-Marketing 


Agronomy& Envin nmehtal Science 




La rge AnimaiSc ience 


I lorticulture 

Ornamentall ionic ulturc 

Landscape* bntra* ting 


( )rnamerrtall Iprti< ulturc 


Small Animal Science 

Large Animal Science 

Large Animal Science 


Education - Biology 


Agronomy & Environmental Science 
Crop Science 


Business Administration - Marketing 

Small Animal Science 

Agronomy & Environmental Science 



Agronomy & Environmental Science 

Crop Science 


Small Animal Science 


Food Science &. Management 

Food Science 


Business Administration 

General Business 





Criminal Justice Administration 

Agronomy & Environmental Science 

Business Administration 
General Business 


Small Animal Science 

Ornamental Horticulture 

Environmental Design 


Business Administration - Marketing 



Ornamental Horticulture 





Business Administration 

General Business 

Large Animal Science 

Food Science & Management 
Restaurant &. Foodservice 


Dairy Science 

Dairy Science 

Agronomy 6k Environmental Science 
Crop Science 



Small Animal Science 



SmallAnimal Science 






Biology -Pre-Professional 


Large Animal Science 


Small Animal Science 


Small Animal Science 




Criminallustice Administration 


Supervision Administration 

& Management-(AS) 




Business Administration-Accounting 


Ornamental Horticulture 
Environmental Design 



Small AnimalScience 






Small Animal Science 

Small Animal Science 

Small Animal Science 


Agronomy & Environmental Science 

Ornamental Horticulture 

Landscape Contracting 


Business Administration 


Ornamental Horticulture 

Environmental Design 


Criminal Justice Administration 


Agronomy & Environmental Science 


Business Administration 

Biology - Animal Biology 

Criminal Justice Administration 


Ornamental Horticulture 

Environmental Design 


Small Animal Science 

Small Animal Science 



Business Administration-Management 

Dairy Science 


Large Animal Science 

Large Animal Science 

Ornamental Horticulture 
Environmental Design 


Business Administration 



Equibusiness, Equine Science (AS) 


Business Administration 


Business Administration - Finance 


Biology - Animal Biology 


Education - English 


Small Animal Science 


Small Animal Science 



Senior 'Fortrai 



fe -FoodScience& Management 









Criminaljustice Administration 




Biology- AnimalBiology 











Biology- Animal Biology 



Biology-Environmental Biology 



Criminaljustice Administration 





Large AnimalScience 












FoodScienceck Management 

K xxlserviee 


Criminal Justice Administration 

Environmental Science 

Ornamental Horticulture 
Environmental Design 


Small Animal Science 

Food Science 6k Management 

Food Technology 


Agronomy ck Environmental Science 


Large Animal Science 

Business Administration 


Agronomy &. Environmental Science 
Crop Science 


Small Animal Science 


Education - Business 


Large Animal Science 

Small Animal Science 

Agronomy ek Environmental Science 








Business Administration -Finance 




Business Administration 




Business Administration 


Business Administration 


."tent'or Tortrait 

Good clean fun. These seniors trii 
to get cleaned up together after ha 
ing a mud fight after the hurricaim 

Dave Johnson shows just how cold it reallj 
there. With snow on the first day of ; 
semester, and two more snow holidays, the 
plenty of time to go out and play. 

Dr. Nash, Nate Bradshaw, Cheryl 
Grove. Mr. Dommel, Rich Pia, Tony 
D'Amico, Shannon Richie, Chris 
Swallow and Christina Bednarz are 
all smiles as the Food Science seniors 
finished their last dinner. 

Homecoming fun included fights in 
giant sumo suits. A few laughs are 
shared before the big battle. 

group hug at 
the N.B.I. How 
many times 
were you there 
this year? 

How quickly it all seems to go. 
August and everyone is looking at their schedule, 
getting ready to head back to DVC to finish up. Soon 
enough, graduation forms are sent to the registrar 
and the process begins. 

The first semester went well. Fall is always a great 
time at DVC and this year seemed to be extra special. 
Hurricane Floyd hit hard at the beginning of the year, 
forcing the school to close early due to flooding in 
September. There was better weather for Homecom- 
ing. Although DVC didn't win the football game, the 
parade and tailgating festivities went off without a 
problem. Halloween Haunting and a few days off 
came and went quickly. Soon it was time to head back 
home for Thanksgiving. 

Winter Break went too quickly. Everyone spent 
New Year's Eve celebrating back home with family 
and friends. Back in December, DVC had its own 
party at the Winter Semi-Formal. 

Snow flurries welcomed the students back in late 
January. It wasn't enough to close the school, but the 
six inches that fell a week later forced the school to 
close. Stranded students enjoyed playing in the snow 
and digging their cars out of a parking lot that never 
seemed to melt. 

at the year 


Spring Break was a 
blast! Kevin Dulio, 
Mike Dalton, Mike 
McCurdy, Ricky 
Navarro, Seth Gilbert, 

and Gibby Goodworth 
were living it up in 

Nancy Daniels and 
Hal Grosso enjoyed 
themselves at the Win- 

As the weather warmed up, seniors got excited. 
Spring Break brought new hope. Everywhere you 
looked, someone was counting the days to gradua- 
tion. One by one, seniors gave their seminars breath- 
ing a big sigh of relief as they finished. 

Spring brought the usual crowd of studying sun- 
bathers. "Senioritis" was contagious and it became 
harder to get out of bed and into class. As A- Day 
rolled around, the last papers were written and the 
last exams were taken. Each one was a step closer to 
freedom. It was an exciting time, but a scary one as 
well. Friends and memories would be left behind at 
)el-Val while job interviews promised to move people 
way from the people and routines that they had 

tten used to in the past four years. 

Although everyone had hoped for sunshine and 
arm weather, the rain which pounded down the rObf 
of the gym during graduation did not pound down the 
spirit of the seniors inside. The ceremony ran beau- 
tifully and with a tearful smile, each senior crossed 
the stage, receiving their diploma and becoming 
alumni to the wonderful college that (hey had known 
and loved Cor the past lour years. 

aSfe -Christina Bednarz 


Throughout the year, Class of 2000's socials were the place to be. 

Mike Dalton. Ryan Glauser and An- 
drew Dougherty share some holiday 

Dianna Pawlieki and "Santa" 
Goodworlh dance along to the holi- 
day music. 

s Sanla Gibby bring- 
good seniors. 

Kelly Fuller and 
beers at ihe senii 


It's come to be a tradition here at DVC, the 
annual Senior Socials. This year was no different. 
The Class of 2000 held roughly six senior socials 
throughout the course of the year. 

Each of the socials were planned around a theme 
examples include the first -"hurricaine social" which 
forced the BBQ into the APR, as well as the Hallow- 
een social, Spring Break Social and others. 

As any DVC senior will tell you, their last year at 
DVC tends to get stressful. Senior seminar, gradu- 
ation preparations, graduate school applications 
and job interviews all seem to loom over a senior at 
the same time. Socials offer a valuable service - a 
way to blow off some stress and hang out with your 
friends, while letting the class treasury pick up the 
tab. Socials also help the class officers keep in 
touch with the class, making it possible to plan _-.. 
trips - Spring Break and Senior Week and to pass 
on graduation information. 

JohnZeiger, Hal Grosso, Kevin Dulio 
and Steve Regula scope out the beach. 



Splish, splash! Selh Klinias, Steve Regula. Andrev 
Dougherty, Kevin Dulio and Conrad Martin take somi 

i ?fo&V : #«: 

m, ' r - 

Sprinfi (Breafjjun in Cancum 


Belli Anderson and Nancy Daniels 

John Zieger, Armand Zangardi. Sieve 
Regtila. Melissa Coo)ce. Andrew 
Diminii. Conrad Martin, Kevin Dulio. 
Nancy Daniels. Heather Majchrowski 
and Mike McCurdy loasi ilie trip from 
a corner of the bar. 



Gibby Goodworth, Steve Regula. 
Kevin Dulio and John Zieger pose 
below the giant palm tree in the lobby. 

Regula, Kevin Dulio, Row 3: Vince Massaro, Seth Gilbert. Oiannu Pawhcki. Mike Dalton. Rick> Navarro. Mike 
McCurdy, Row 4: Armand Zangardi, Andrew Diinino. Heather Majchrowski. Gibby Goodworth. Hal GrrfSsd 

Duinna Pawlicki smiles and shows us 
the beads which she's having braded 
into her hair. 


It au comes 
down to this! 




■ '^Mi^fc^«^^K. 


i ' 








.raduate Jodi Palerno sa 

lg an interpretive rendition of 

die ^/;h<( Mater. 


^H) 4 

-* I 

Dean Vincent opens the 
ceremony by placii 
mace- which represents 
DVC's sovereignty as an 
academic institution. 

Charles "Ch 

Alpuche. Class of I 
and VP of Technical 

reminded grudsUH 
"heads, hands and 
lo Ivnclll i>lhcrv 

S. Blau upon hi 
ary doctorale ol 

ulales Frederick 
:ipl of an honor- 
's. Mr. Blau was 
n 1940. 


— — 

\ /*)* 

. f* t«* 



^T\ m ^ 1 



A ky ofpiik ml joy 

Janet Beagle has a lot to smile about 
after receiving her diploma and being 
recognized as the class valedictorian. 

Gino Finan has some fun while » . 
ing to receive his dipli 

As the rain poured down on May 20, 200 
inside the gymnasium at Delaware Valley C( 
lege, seniors' hearts were full of joy and anticip 
tion. Gathered there with their families ai 
closest friends, they celebrated the end to the 
undergraduate college career. 

Many spoke words of wisdom, including D 
I .earner, Dean Vincent, and Chuck Alpuche. Tl 
class officers presented the school with a clo( 
and offered their own goodbyes. Allison Majewsi 
and Jodi Paterno each sang, perhaps bringing 
tear to the eye. But years from now, looking ba< 
to reminisce, 


Maybe it will be how bright your parent's fac 
shown when you held up your diploma, or ho 
nervous you were to walk up on stage. Maybe 
will be how you couldn't quite get that academ 
hood on right, but how everyone seemed to ha' 
the same trouble. Maybe it will be being part 
a champagne toast. Maybe it will be how y< 
said good-bye to your roommate, or your be 
friend. But. no matter what you remember fro 
graduation, between the tears and the laught< 
maybe you'll remember it as the day you learn 
just how much four years df DVC act ually mea 

C 1 a 

s s 

president, J 

G i b 

b y 



thanks the 










Franklin Allaire adds 
a little tevity to the day 


with a few bubbles. In 


addition, he wore a 

mad-hatter's hat and 


*Q 1 

brought the beach balls 


»- J 

to the celebration. 



1 | 


Everyone shared a 


similar experience that 


morning - if it wasn't 


the hat. it was the hood. 


Mary McGonigle lakes 


aquick glance from the 

closest mirror to make 

sure her hood's in the 

right place. 


'What we rememSer best from 'DVC. 

Remember the 

freshmen knot? 
Although its 
rather crowded, 
you can pick 
out Jackie 
Bernier on the 
left and there's 
no mistaking 
Chris Swallow 
in the center. 

Susan Albertson 

My greatest memoir of DVC is all the 
friendships I've made. So I would just like 
to say hello and thank you to the members 
of "Samuel Beta Chi" and all the other 
friends I've made in my years at DVC. 

Franklin Allaire 

The best memory I have would have to be 
of "the Pitt" and the party that we had for 
Homecoming 1999. We crammed at least 
75-80 people into that little four-man room 
with a ton of beer and alcohol and brough 
the house down. Thanks Mom, Dad, and 
Ross for your support. 

Elizabeth L. Anderson 
I. Elizabeth L. Anderson, thank my parents 
& teachers for the opportunity to continue 
my education. I thank my family & friends 
for all of their love & support. I would like 
to leave to MN & LK, the memorable 
adventures of the 3 Stooges; to ND & MC, 
my best times at DVC; to the hockey team, 
recruits; to DF & LF, thanks for a home 
away from home: to ?A, a wonderful 
reputation; and to MD, late night chats & a 
shock-free toaster. AKA: Beth, Fievel 

Christina Bednarz 

So much gone so fast! Coming to grips with 
being at DVC - then loving every minute: 
Mel, Katie. Ed. Ange - LYLS; RW, SW, 
NS, BB - we hung in together for most of 
it... yearbook deadlines - how did I ever 
get through them? Friends from Orientation 
- Maggie & Jeff; those Barness girls - up 
to more trouble than you might think: 
yabba dabba doo!; SGB buds - Jeff & 
Steve: Friday lunches with Martha: Being 
that 3rd roommate, not just for M&M, but 
then Nicole & Janet - thanks for not 
stepping on my face! Getting in trouble 
with Beagle. Steph and Lesley - Home- 
coming parade and A-Day 2000! The 
TODAY show senior week; a wacky trip to 
Kansas - here's to more adventures to 
come! Thanks Dr. Orr. Dr. Ben & Food 
Science for getting me out!! 

Jacqueline Bernier 

Blondie thank you for making the last two 
years memorable and standing by me no 
matter what. To the rest of my support 
group 1 thank you and will always remem- 
ber our time together. It has helped to 
shape and make me who I am. Good luck. 


Janet Beagle 
What's up chiqui? Come, let us run thru 
the streets of DelVal. Connections +! 
Alternate B-days. Hall parties. The 
higher calling of goldfish crackers. "Top 
Secret!" Baling twine and duct tape. Thi: 
is to all of You: Innocent? Always. And 
to Blythe and Kari - who says freshman 
friendships never last? Nod and smile. 

Michael Bird 

Chris, Kevin and Lisa - It's been great. 
Thanks roomies. A special thanks to 
Mom and Dad. How did we survive 
freshman year? Composure! Lisa A-Day 
is LIFE. Moons going to and from the 
mall. George! RISK! Denny's Albert. 
We dreaded coming here for 4 years, now 
we dread leaving. 

Kevin Bittorie 

To all of my Samuel Hall friends, I love 
you guys, a perfect four years! Mike and 
Chris, Thanks for always being there all 4 
years! Dave you're the one who helped 
Lisa and I push through the summer! 
Dean rocks! Susan you were always right 
there with us! Most of all, Lisa I love yoi 
with all of my heart and no matter what 
happens, I always will! Lisa, you were 
my main inspiration and you always will 
be! Dave and Susan, Congratulations and 
Good Luck!! 

Mandy Ann Burkland 
I'll remember - Lora - wall, lifetime. 
Philly. Kari - utes in cohoots; Shan - 
summer; Jen/Rob - my biceps, thong; 
Juls - oral fixations; Hafer - the ticket 
night - that meant a lot to me; George - 
thanks for listening; Ma - you made me 
who I am. thank you isn't enough; Daddy 
- for teaching me about sports reading 
that plastic book and all your advice I 
never took; Brad - Rico, my big bro, 
thanks for the bruises, made me tougher 
my best friend and protector. Best of luck 
to all - keep smiling! 



Lora Kim Cherepy 

Always will remember Mandy - 4 years 
in 217, the wall, Disney, late-night 
visitors; Kari - our talks, Moist Moose, 
NBI, all the men; Rachel - foal watch, a 
certain dorm, Chester Michael - paging 
with 91 1, the Apt., riding class Christine 

- "this is not the lounge," van trip, lab; 
Megan - dragging you to games, our 
picnic table, A-Days, Plumbstead; 
Nicole - for still being my friend; 
Andrea - my wonderful sister; Mom & 
Dad - thanks for everything, I love you! 

Melissa L. Cook 

I leave DVC books notes & studying. 
Naughty - four years of laughter and 
friendship. Bethae - suicidal aliens. 
Jess - Eat-N-Park! Lori - my dogs 
name. Bergie - a golf cart & a 
woodchipper. Mandee - NBI. Sam - 
Summer sleepovers. LJ - Summer of 
'99. Justin - naked volleyball. Ty - 
Michael Jackson songs. Kami - Shop- 
ping. Nathan - RAPE! Chad - Camping. 
Meredyth - sex chats. Blake - a tan. 
Tim - Winky Dinks! Maintanence Crew 

- a water fight. Stacey - thanks. Bill - 
BIG. Ann - I made it! 

Hey-ay whoa-oh! With the help of 
Shane, DVC's newest freshmen had 
no trouble entertaining the rest of 
the group during the orientation 


Waiting in a group by 
the flagpole, the 
incoming freshmen get 
ready to take off one of 
their shoes, throw it 
into a pile, pick up 
someone else's shoe 
and try to find the 
person with their shoe. 
Luckily this was not 
standard procedure at 


Nancy Lynne Daniels 
Thank you to everyone who helped me 
succeed through college - Mom, Dad, 
Cookie, and friends. I would not have been 
able to do it without you. I love you guys. 
Sigma Alpha Keep growing. Thanks for 
keeping me stressed and for all your help 
Dr. Bodri. Always keep a smile on your 
face Beth. You're like a brother to me, I 
love you Joe. Cookie - good luck with all 
of your dreams, friends forever. 
Congratulations and the best of luck to the 
Class of 2000. 

Jessica Brake Davis 

Friday nights in Heather and Christine's 
room, Ulman 3rd beer pong, the 
Goldschlagger incident with Lori, Girls 
Night out with Stace, the telephone Booth. 
Homecoming 99, Cookie - Who got the 
Hooch? Beth - Thanks for teaching me 
about the ghetto. Rachel - you are the best 
peer "mentee." SGB Banquet, Lori - 
thanks for everything especially your 
friendship, Mandy - watch out for el- 
ephants and dairy cows, and last but not 
least Stacey - What can I ever say that you 
don't already know?! I love you, MAN!! 

Didn't you hate 
scheduling? It 
seemed like the only 
classes still open 
were the ones that 
started at 8:30 and 
had the morning 

Kimberly Denning 

"Go, speed the stars of thought on to their 
shining goals." - Ralph Waldo Emerson 
Mom & Dad - Couldn't have done this 
without your love & support thanks for 
everything - I love you! 
M N B B - XO Wonk - #1 roomie love ya 
lots. KH- (Pedro) -infatuated! So glad 
we became close, many good times ahead. 
KS cherished memories. Joey - crush me. 
#1 peduncle, ilex opaca. You make me 
happy - Love you! Best of luck Class of 

Salvatore Donato 

Kevin Philip Dulio 

Dules/Jamal: Cooke Hall - Mike. Steve, 
Hal, John, Tim & the rest - drinking games, 
cig. Burns. 2x4 - Halloween '98-'99 - 
Huddy JFB Apt. Alligator - Petco - 21st - 
Camping: Only one Hero, NYC Rent. 
Cabin 98, Christmas Tree; Jan. Term - 
Toga, etc. Regula 36 shots = trashed room. 
Jim P. visits, John 21st, Retirement Home 
22nd, New Res. 312, Finney's, Kelly's. 
NBI. Socials, Cancun, Guys & Girls (Hey 
baby), JFB, Delta, all friends: Good Luck 
in the Future. K.I.T. Thanks Mom. Dad. 
Mike, Grandma, Grandpa & Kristin for all 
the love & support 

Senior 'Memories 177 

All at once, we 
were moving into 
the dorms and 
getting situated. 
It was nice to be 
put up in New 
Res for those first 
few days. 



David Erikson 

I want to thank my family - Mom, Dad, 
Debbie. Scott - the greatest family I could 
ever have. Susie - Kung Fu! Rachel - 
you're under arrest Grandma! Laub - see 
ya buddy! Bye! Bill - thanks for looking 
out for me. Steph - What can I say? 
You're my best friend and I love you with 
all my heart. To whomever I didn't men- 
tion, I apologize. Best of luck to everyone 
in the Class of 2000! 

William Fabiano 

Thank you Mom and Dad for all your love 
and support the past four years. Thanks to 
all of my fellow classmates for the great 
times we shared. I will have many memo- 
ries, and I will miss all of you! 

Meredyth Lynn Fogg 
Four years have passed by, since we 
entered Del Val. And we've made as many 
memories, As time would allow. Now we 
look to our futures, dreams, hopes, fears. 
May we always remember the best of these 
years. Thanks to: ?A - for your determi- 
nation, patience, and support ( 1 1/13/99); 
my family - for pushing me when I needed 
it. I hope you are as proud of me as I am of 
you; Tim - for loving me through it all. 

Kimberly A. Funt 

First off thanks to my parents and my bro 4 
their unconditional love, support and faith 
in me through the years. I couldn't have 
done it without you! 2 my 3 best friends 
that helped pull me thru KW, RH, & MB I 
love u! 2 RM, JC, NO, SH, MK, JK & 
everyone I forgot thanks 4 all the great 
times and mems & hopefully there r more 2 
come. I love u! 2 my SD boyz Ray. 
Andre, Christian, Jimi, Walt & Doug u 
guys rule! C-ya DVC! 



Gibby Goodworth 

Class of 2000 Student Government 2000 
Officers Seth, Kristen, Hal, Heather, 
Dianna Cancun Don't you know who I am? 
Spring Semi-formal etc. Matty my one and 
only roommate. Kelly the reason for both 
my sanity and insanity. New York, St. 
Louis, with Doc and Dalton Long Island 
Iced Teas Polish woman and her quarters 
Getting married for a smoke. The 
Wolfsohn attic, Virginia Slims Notorious 
G. I. B. Hammer time. Good Luck to 
Everyone in All that You do. Congratula- 
tions 2000. 

Hal C. Grosso 

Getting in trouble with Steve - camping 
trips, Phillies games, etc. All the guys that 
ever lived in Cooke esp. Duls, Mike, Red, 
Tripp, John & Tim. All the guys/girls in 
JFB. Delta. DEB, ?A. Liz, Terra. Jen. 
Student Govt, with Gib, Sally, Seth & 
Heather. Intramural champs even though it 
cost me two knees. New shirts, road rage. 
Spring Break, Cancun, Senior Week. Sorry 
to everyone I couldn't fit. Thanks Mom, 
Dad & Vin I love you! No thanks I didn't 
want more room. Oh well. I'm over it. 


Kristen A. Hoffman 
"... I take to the open road., 
healthy, free, the world before me, 
the long brown path... 
leading wherever I choose." Whitman 
Mom & Dad - so grateful for this experi- 
ence - I love you. P K J - Thanks for the 
encouragement - XOXO. Kisses to A M 1 
L! Reheiner - so proud of you! Kim 
(Pablo) - look out for Debriss! Lots of 
Laughs! Viva el Equador! Best wishes 
Class of 2000! 

Amanda Hosgood 

Good luck and thanks for the memories to 
all my DVC friends - you know who you 
are. Mr. Massaro - thanks for everything, 
you made this place bearable!! Thanks to 
my family and friends for everything ! I 
love you!!! 

Mary Howard 

Finally the end to the best years of my lift 
Oompa-loompa, Dublin, 4-man, everyone 
back up, voice mail wars, the chairs, the 
fire. All the spring breaks - Am I really 
staring? Dancing in the tornado, I was tht 
only good one in the Bahamas & more to 
make in Cancun. All the parties - run ins 
with the 5-0. ????I love you & remember 
it's all in the knees. ?? Thanks for the 
memories. Amy 5 years and counting 
When we are 80 I'll get the 1st keg. I am 

Amy Hughes 

5 years, where to begin... 1st year, make- 
up, late nights in the fields; 2nd year, I 
wish I knew; 3rd year, late Denny's night 
where does the sun go; 4th year, Dublin, 
nothing to be embarrassed about mon; 5th 
year, Quatch, the Luau bust, walks to 
Kelly's ... where did the time go? 
McDonalds, the parties, too many parties. 
Omega Chi, you have meant the world, Z, 
you've been there too. Mary, see ya whe 
we're 80 with our rockers and keg! 

These gentlemen show off their 
DVC I'.is'-iiuiis in Success, proving 
thai they know how to find all ol 

the campus offices. 


David E. Johnson 

For there is one God and one Mediator 

between God and men, the Man Christ 

Jesus; Who gave Himself ransom for all 

to be testified in due time. I Timothy 


Mike R. Say lipperssmmm. 

Dean lives... in the walls of the RLD. 

Our purpose is to make better men and 

through them a broader and better 

agriculture... AGR 

Lashea "Dimples"* Kelly 

Delaware Valley College has definitely 

broadened the horizons of this city girl! 

Dawn Eileen Kern 

To all my O.H. Friends: It has been fun 
and may all your futures be sunny. To 
the girls in Samuel Apartment: Thank 
you for letting me be your commuter 
roommate, Megan you are absolutely 
cool. Kelly, you know all the sap, 
you've been a true friend, silly times R 
fun. To my family, thank you for 
supporting me through this whole 
experience. It's been real love. Dawn. 

SethR. Klimas 

Good luck to the entire Class of 2000: 
thanks to Mom and Dad for your finan- 
cial and moral support, special thanks to 
Dianna and to Mike, John, Red, Tim. 
Gib, Duls, Steve, Hal, Heather, and 
Ricky for all of the fun times. Remem- 
ber Cancun, senior week, Cooke Hall 
parties, A-Days, Homecomings and all 
of the other great times; thanks SGB for 
all of the fun and experience. Finally 
don't forget Taxes, Punko, Ronald, 
Chigger, Weinerman, Seminar, PS Doc 
& Kristen 

Victoria Lynn Klinger 
Wow! It's over already. I thought it 
would never end. I feel so old! I've had 
a great time here at DVC, and I feel that 
I've grown a lot. There are so many 
memories that I don't know where to 
start. For that reason, I'll just say "thank 
you" to all of the people that I have met 
along the way, especially all of my 
friends that have been with me through it 
all. You guys made my experience what 
it has been, and for that. I thank you. 

Tammi-Marie Kolb 

It's been an interesting four years. A lot 
has happened and things are different than I 
thought they'd be. Funny thing is... I'm 
the happiest I've ever been! Thanx 2 my 
friends 4 sticking by me. I found a new 
world & senior year was the best: draw a 
KIF at the SAC retreat. Tuesday nights on 
WDVC as SAC & XVPR, Karaoke. Home- 
coming & Party of the century. Chewy, 
"Sip" or "Gulp." XVPR I'll miss you, so 
visit! Hi 2 my AITP buds. Good Luck 2 



Matt Lawhead 

Mom & Dad, thanks for everything, I love 
you both very much. Jr: my favorite goal- 
scoring cowboy; Bergels: bash brothers, 4 
a.m. fishing trips, crazy redhead; Jeeps: 
mine's bigger! Steiner: the flyin' Hawai- 
ian: Let's hunt, I'm hungry! Best buds for 
life!! Palko: You're #1 now! Long Pole, 
or no pole: D-Rules! Amanda: I love you 
and can't wait to see what lies ahead! 
Aggies LAX. our drinking team has a 
Lacrosse problem - Division 2?? What a 
long strange trip it's been. Watch for me 
on "Cops." 

Anastasia M. LoRe 

Doors open, doors close. The more doors 
the better; just have some inkling what 
you're leaving and where you're going. 
Remember life as you live it; with all the 
vibrance and joy as the first time. To my 
parents, thank you for your support and 
love. To my sisters; thank you for giving 
me friendship and memories and that 
wonderful feeling of belonging. 

Terra S. Lutz 

Thanks Mom and Dad - you are the 
greatest! Thank goodness for DPT and 
Jersey Fresh (for all the fun J) Beth, Emily 
and Jamie - I love you! SIGMA ALPHA - 
you are the best! JB you are always in my 
heart. ATK-H*U*R*T. Reachel E. and 
Beth S.-OUTTA CONTROL!! Thanks 
Ben and Mo for all the late night studying - 
we made it!! Cliffy - don't forget the great 
times! Good luck fellow seniors. It's 
finally over!! GOOD-BYE DEL VAL !! J 

Conrad Martin 

An individual should keep his little brain 
attic stocked with all the furniture that he is 
likely to use. and the rest he can put away in 
the lumber-room of his library, where he 
can get it if he wants it. Love & thanks to 
Mom, Dad, Peter, Annie. Friends, the real 
world Work 120, & the Designer Union 
6669 "Same old - Same old." 

Rachel E. Martin 

My 4 years at DVC have been memorable. 
I will not forget the people who made my 
senior year the best yet. Susie, you are the 
greatest roommate and we have lots of fun 
together. Steph. I'm very glad I got to 
know you. Dave, it's been an experience, 
but I'm glad I met you. Also, thank you 
Dan and Linda for being my parents away 
from home. You have all made my college 
years more bearable. Lots of love. Rach. 

Michael McCurdy 

Littlerig wants to wish everyone good luck 

and wants to say thanks for all the good 

times, they will never be forgotten. Cooke 

Hall and all my friends, you know who you 

are the best and remember that Oil Heat is 

#1. Appreciate it!!!! Spicer & Weinerman 

are pissed because Pumpkin Head and 

Chigger have diarrhea. 

Thanks Mom and Dad. I love you. 

Rich McGowan 

Thanks to all who have supported and 
believed in me. especially my Mom. Dad. 
Tim. and family. Ben. Chris, and Mike the 
times and memories we have shared to- 
gether are priceless. Long live the union. 
Tami. I wold never have made it w ithout 
your love, support, and encouragement 
You are the love of my life. God bless 
everyone, may the road ahead lead you to 
life's wonderful rewards. 

Ben Mecouch 

Four years of college are over and now the 
real world begins. It was fun and I would 
not change a thing. Jess, you are the light 
of my life, thank you tor being sou! Mom. 
Tim. Pete, thanks' You guys rock lor 
standing behind me. Dad. I made it! 
McGowan. Swallow and Bird, what can I 
say, Goldman I 1° Samuel 221. A-Day, 
need I dparents. I didn't 

thanks for the love. And ah' 
God. for >t is through Him all thin; 

Senior 'M emor ies 179 

Jennifer Mills 

Thanks to Mom and Dad for making 
everything possible. I'll never forget 
Wolfsohn girls: Julie, Pod, Sprinkle. 
Shooter & Courtney. Jules will forever be 
glad she took tomorrow off & Poddy's 
dance will live on forever. Rob, you're the 
best. And Best wishes to the Class of 2000. 

Lisa Munniksma 

Team Mom. Filter paper, Schindigs, moons 
over my hammy. Pearl Jam tickets, oompa 
loompa, "But Tevin," rock-paper-scissors, 
% naked, "I guess," Red Lion, Niagara 
Falls, Ricky! Watching stars, "Guys! 
Come on! Quit it!" Redley, Crash-a-roo. 
and Maxwell; "smarty-smarty didn't go to a 
party," Box-o-Rocks, Tilt-a- Whirl, 
Cadbury, "Out of control," A-Day, A-Day. 
A-Day!, "How popular!" Chicken croquet, 
Creed, You guys are my favorite! 



Dianna E. Pawlicki 

Congrats go the Class of 2000. We made 
it. Thanks to my Mom and Dad for their 
love, support and most of all their under- 
standing. Thanks to Heather, Kristen and 
Rach for all those long talks, I love you 
gus. Gibby remember Buffy. A very 
special thanks to Seth for everything you 
did for me. Thanks to all my other friends 
who made these four years memorable. 
Semiformals, long, late-night study groups, 
Cancun and Senior week. Good luck, I'll 
miss you guys! 

Jessica L. Post 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Pappy 
for making this possible. To all my friends, 
I'll miss you! To Coach Marshall, you'll 
miss me, I hope. Thanks for all the memo- 

180 I Seniors 

Timothy G. Rex 

I would like to wish the best to all the 
graduating seniors! I would also like to 
wish all the Dulz brothers the best of luck 
with the ladies! I had a great time here at 
Del Val the part that I will miss most are 
my friends! You guys know who you are. 
I had some great memories here. I would 
like to give Cooke Hall 1st and 2nd floor a 
shoutout. Cooke was the best dorm on 
campus. Thanks Mom and Dad for your 
love and support. Also thanks Robyn! 

Kelly Marye Roderick 
Thanks to my family for their 
support and encouragement. My 
memories in the OH Dept. courses 
with good friends will stay with me 
forever. The Samuel apartment 
girls are the best and will never be 
forgotten. Del Val has given me a 
lifelong best friend, we made it 
Dawn. Thanks for all of the great 
memories, it is now time to move 
on to our careers and create new 


Kristen Salvesen 

Thank you to my family for supporting me 
throughout my life and college years. 
Andrew I love you with all my heart & 
soul. Kim, I will never forget the memories 
we share. Gib, Dianna, Hal, Seth & 
Heather - Class of 2000 officers rule! We 
all share that special bond & friendship! 
Dules & Mike X-C party '98, to all my 
SAS peers - long hours in the library will 
never be forgotten! Finally to my cross- 
country team & Doc - I will miss you! 
Good luck. Thanks NBI & Kelly's for 
saving us! Finally our 4 years have come 
and gone. I love you all and cherish our 

Jennifer L. Schaeffer 
Thanks Mom and Dad, Namey and Luke. 
Friends old and new. Times I will never 
forget. Tony, the chemistry department, 
Samuel Hall and everything that has made a 
lasting impression on my life. 

Megan Ava Scheib 

Thanks to everyone who helped me to 
make it through. I love you all! Design 
Union 6669 will never die. After these 
years, everything will be easy. The girls 
of Samuel Apt. will never be forgotten. 
It's been a great year, and best wishes to 
everyone. Now onto bigger and better 
things. DVC - I am outta here! 

Kari H. Snader 

Janet - What would I have done without 
you?!? Girls of Samuel Apartment - You 
are the best and won't be forgotten! 
Mandy - you are my ute in cahoot!! 
Kelly & Paula - Did we make it? Mar- 
garet - you sexy woman you ! Goldman 
Apartment boys - you guys are the best! 
Lora and Blythe remember all the funny 
times. DelVal - I'm outta here. 

Matthew Speicher 
I just wanted to thank all four of my 
roomates, the ones that stayed, for all of 
the memories. I also want to thank my 
other friends too I will never forget any 
of ou. Finally I want to thank my Mom 
and Dad for staying by my side. I never 
thought it would happen but I finally 
graduated thanks to you. Thanks again 
and I love you both. 

Christopher M. Swallow 
Mom, Dad, Rick and Holly, thanks for all 
your love and support. To MB, BM, 
RM, KB, LM, thanks for four years of 
fun that I will never forget. Oh the 
memories: late nights, "Can you feel it?" 
Slim Jim, "I hate that kid." my night in 
the trash can, broken wrist, stuttering 
John, Box-o-Rocks and so many more 
I'm probably forgetting. To Curt and the 
gang, live it up next year, it goes fast. 
The last four years have been great, but 
it's time to move on. 

Amy Lyn Sprinkle 

"What lies behind us and what lies before 
us are tiny matters as compared to what 
lies within us." - Ralph Waldo Emerson 




10. Thursday is occassionally Mon- 
day - especially if that's the day you 
have to work. 

9. You've forgotten and walked 
through Ginko Lane. 

8. Instead of a foreign exchange 
program for students, we have a dairy 
heffer exchange with Puerto Rico. 

7. Lake Archer 

6. Chickens are considered large 
animals while elephants are consid- 
ered small animals. 

5. Elson Hall 

4. Thursday nights and 
weekend warriors 

3. Faculty ready to volunteer to kiss 
pigs and show off their sexy legs. 

2. A-Day! © 

1. Your professor is also your em- 
ployer, yourcoach,youradvisor, your 
mentor and your friend. 

By: Janet Beagle 

Somehow, I dont; think they'll be getting to strip poker tonight... Playing cards is just the way to pass 
the time during orientation for Margaret Wilkinson, Jamie Assante, Tony D'Amico. and Richie Pia. 


Margaret Wilkinson 

First I would like to thank God & my family for 
helping me through everything. Mark. I will always 
love you, thanks for being there for me. Apartment 
girls, thanks for giving me a home. Katie, I'll never 
forget you and those 3:30 mornings. Good luck to 
everyone. Dr. P. be prepared for the next one. 

John Zieger 

I want to wish everyone graduating this year nothing 
but the best. I also want to wish all the Duls on 
campus good luck with the ladies. I will never forget 
the good times in Cooke Hall. Thanks to all my 
friends for the great times and memories, I will never 
forget any of you. Finally I want to thank my family 
for everything the have done for me. Good luck to 
you dirty bastards. Chigger. 

Classes Del Val should offer, but doesn't: 

Fence vaulting 101: Learn to clear 
electric, high tensile, and wooden 
fences safely and with ease while 
being charged by a 1500 pound 

Rainy Day Adventures: Tramp 
through a cornfield with Dr. 
DeBroux, discover lichen with Dr. 
Miller, study woodies with Dr. 
Ray or paddle the walkways of 
Del Val in you very own hand- 
made canoe. Weather permitting. 

Advanced Beer Making: Experience 
the second half of the beer making 
process. Meets every Thursday 
night. Prerequisite: Intro to Beer 

Duct Tape for Food Fun and Profit: 
This course tells how duct tape can 
be used in the production of deli- 
cious, healthful diet sources, garden- 
ing pastimes, physical fitness rou- 
tines, science, business, profession, 
art, industry, and a lite sustaining 
career learning e\] ■ ience. 

The Joy of Twine: This introductory 
course uncovers the many uses of 
both baling twine and wire. Topics 
include but are not limited to : 
repair, gift wrap, basic sew ■ 
medical emergencies. 

On-Farm Tractor Repair: This practical 
course gives students the background 
necessary to perform basic tractor 
repairs. Pn : Duct Tape for 

Food Fun Joy of Twine 

Goose am how to 

and efficiently bypass the hoai 
at Lake Arcliei 


Jules Abercauph 
413 S. Quince Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19147-1236 

Susan Albertson 
RR #4 Box 4474C 
Berwick, PA 18603 
Large Animal Science 

Michelle Alesi 
1310 Thomson Road 
Roslyn, PA 19001 
Business Administration 

Franklin Allaire 
24 Trafalgar Court 
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 
Education - Chemistry 

Matthew Altieri 
43 Taylor Road 
Conshohocken, PA 19428 
Business Administration 

Brian Amato 
20 Mount Freedom Road 
Randolph, NJ 07869 
Ornamental Horticulture 

Debbie Amerman 
616 Callowhill Road 
Perkasie, PA 18944 

Elizabeth Anderson 
P.O. Box 164 
Townsend, DE 19734 
Large Animal Science 

182 1 Seniors 

Kimberly Appleby 
171 Kenton Dr 
Langhorne, PA 19047 

Matthew Arnold 
1833 Scarlett Ln 
Middletown, PA 17057 
Ornamental Horticulture 

Bryan Atkinson 
15 Wilted Grass Terrace 
Shamong, NJ 08088 
Business Administration 

Shawn Atkinson 
840 West Kings Highway 
Coatesville, PA 19320 
Business Administration 


Scott G. Bailey 
2406 Pond View Drive 
Westchester, PA 19387 
Ornamental Horticulture 

Jason Baker 
20 Gatehouse Lane 
Doylestown, PA 18901 
Business Administration 

Donna Barnickel 
4955 Whispering Oak Drive 
Pipersville, PA 18947 
Business Administration 

Janet Beagle 
25 Circle Dr 
Monson, MA 01057 
Large Animal Science 

Christina Bednarz 
290 Pheasant Run 
Feasterville, PA 19053 
Food Science 

Jacqueline Bernier 
96 Wedgewood Drive 
Naugatuck. CT 06770 
Ornamental Horticulture 

Nathan Bigelow 
852 442 Highway 
Muncy, PA 17756 
Criminal Justice 

Michael Bilinskas 
423 Myrtle Avenue 
Garwood, NJ 07027 
Equine Science (AS) 

Christian Birch 
5926 Lehigh Lane 
Bath, PA 18014 
Ornamental Horticulture 

Michael Bird 
RR #4 Box 232 
Lake Ariel, PA 18436 
Agronomy & Environ. 

Suzanne Bishard 
RR #10 Box 247 
York. PA 17404 
Large Animal Science 

Kevin Bittorie 
2159 Cimarron Place 
Sykesville, MD 21784 
Business Administration 

Dana Bliss 

11 Sheldon Road 
Willow Grove, PA 19090 
Business Administration 

Nicholas Bockbrader 
217 Johnsonburg Road 
Andover, NJ 07821 

Sean Bodnar 
7615 Brandywine Circle 
Trexlertown, PA 18087 
Business Administration 

Brenda Bolster 
138 Upper Stump Road 
Chalfont, PA 18914 
Small Animal Science 

Rebecca Bozarth 

544 W. Graisbury Avenue 

Audubon, NJ 08106 

Ornamental Horticulture 

Nathaniel Bradshaw 

45 Katherine Drive 

Hamden, CT 06514 

Food Science & Management 

Kim Braun 

12 Wilfred Avenue 
Titusville, NJ 08560 
Equine Science (AS) 

Terrance Brennan 
1058 Longfield Road 
Southampton, PA 18966 
Criminal Justice Admin. 

Sara Bringenberg 
337 West Main Street 
Bath, PA 18014 
Small Animal Science 

Matthew Brumbaugh 
2575 County Line Road 
Telford, PA 18969 

Amanda Bruno 
36 Holland Lane 
Colts Neck, NJ 07722 
Equine Science (AS) 

Linda Burg 

615 Thornton Court 

North Wales, PA 19454 

Linda M. 

Business Administration 

Mandy Burkland 

P.O. Box 104 Savage Hill 


Orangeville, PA 17859 

Small Animal Science 

Kevin Burton Jr. 
1710 Erlen Road 
Elkins Park, PA 19027 
Business Administration 

James Butler 
141 Aurora Street 
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865 
Criminal Justice Admin. 


Melissa Caldwell 
631 Third Avenue 
Williamsport. PA 17701 
Small Animal Science 

June Camerlengo 

12425 Northwest 116th Place 

Alachua, FL 32615 


John Cappello 
460 Beaver Road 
Southampton, PA 18966 

Stacey Caravoulias 
1560 Lynrose Circle 
Hatfield, PA 19440 

Ian Caton 
2447 River Road 
New Hope, PA 18938 
Ornamental Horticulture 

Christopher Cattie 
24 Johanna Drive 
Holland, PA 18966 

Lora Cherepy 
9 Ayers Road 
Montague, NJ 07827 

Richard Chidsey 
905 Strykers Road 
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865 
Business Administration 

Jill Christian 

509 E. Northampton Street 

Wilkesbarre, PA 18702 


Stephen Christie 
2257 Forest Glen Drive 
Warrington, PA 18976 
Business Administration 

Amanda Cloutier 
34 Loon Drive 
Topsham, ME 04086 

Tamara Cole 
P.O. Box 413 
Ringoes, NJ 08551 
Ornamental Horticulture 

Paula Constable 
Rd #1 Box 95 
Ridgway, PA 15853 
Food Science 

Mark Cook 

149 E. Dark Hollow Road 
Pipersville, PA 18947 
Ornamental Horticulture 

Melissa Cook 

857 Rte. 537 

Cream Ridge, NJ 08514 

Large Animal Science 

Christi Corl 
401 E. Grant Avenue 
Altoona, PA 16602 
Criminal Justice 

Caroline Cowen 
1039 Burnt Tavern Road 
Point Pleasant, NJ 08742 
Small Animal Science 

John Crawford 
15 Stevens Drive 
Delran, NJ 08075 
Large Animal Science 

Darryl Cressman 

1671 Chestnut Ridge Road 

Upper Black Eddy, PA 



Jeffrey Crooke 
4097 Mill Road Apt 1B 
Doylestown, PA 18901 
Business Administration 

Stephanie Cullins 
10 Race Street 
Vincentown, NJ 08088 

Brian Cummings 
22 Exeter Court 
Somerset, NJ 08873 

Christine Cwieka 

229 Oneida Place 

North Plainfield, NJ 07060 



Michael Dalton 
237 North Pine Street 
Middletown, PA 17057 
Ornamental Horticulture 

Anthony D'Amico 
374 Penngreen Road 
Avondale, PA 19311 
Food Science 

\lancy Daniels 
I259 Palomino Drive 
Westchester, PA 19380 
Small Animal Science 

John Darmohray 
1418 Rhawn Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19136 
\gronomy & Environmental 

lessica Davis 

'2 Johnson Terrace 

Jmithsburg, MD 21783 

.arge Animal Science 

(imberly Denning 

'09 Wellesley Road 

'.0. Box 99 

.anoka Harbor, NJ 08734 

Small Animal Science 

Barbara Dent 
27 W. Winona Avenue 
Jorwood, PA 19074 
)rnamental Horticulture 

lustin Detweiler 
I766 Bergstrom Road 
)oylestown, PA 18901 
Jusiness Administration 

lessica Digrazio 
!5 Old Mountain Road 
.ebanon, NJ 08833 
.arge Animal Science 

•ric Dillalogue 
!70 Colonial Heritage 
)oylestown, PA 18901 

Elaine DiMicco 
208 Baneberry Court 
: lemington, NJ 08822 
iusiness Administration 

)iann Doderer 

'34 Cambridge Road 

.anoka Harbor, NJ 08734 


Salvatore Donato 
75 Veterans Drive 
Jorthvale, NJ 07647 
business Administration 

•aul Dormont 

I55 Easton Road 

kpt. F-64 

Varrington, PA 18976 

business Administration 

Andrew Dougherty 
25 South 2nd Street 
'erkasie, PA 18944 
business Administration 

Tamika Dover 
4610 Brown Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19139 
Criminal Justice 

Tony Dowdy 
440 E. Pennington Drive 
Westampton, NJ 08060 
Criminal Justice Administra- 

Joey Dudenbostel 
124 Newington Drive 
Hatboro, PA 19040 
Business Administration 

Kevin Dulio 
229 Rockaway Avenue 
Rockaway, NJ 07866 
Ornamental Horticulture 

Darcie Dundore 
325 North 5th Street 
Lebanon. PA 17046 
Business Administration 


Sean Earlen 
11 Corlen Ct. 
Medford, NJ 08055 
Business Administration 

Frank Eckert 
P.O. Box 129 
Hilltown, PA 18927 
Criminal Justice Administra- 

Lisa Eisen 

250 North Broad Street 

Doylestown, PA 18901 

Agronomy & Environmental 


Harold Emrich 

RR #1 7065 Ferry Road 

New Hope, PA 18938 


Jeff Engels 
1 Fairfax Dr. 
Cinnaminson. NJ 08077 
Business Administration 

David Erikson 

26 Elm Drive 

East Windsor, NJ 08520 

Small Animal Science 

Richard Esbensen 
6801 Lawnton Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19128 
Criminal Justice Administra- 

Blythe Evans 
108 Geneva Drive 
Stroudsburg, PA 18360 
Small Animal Science 

James Evely 
3153 Maple Road 
Huntington Valley. PA 19006 

keep in U ^uch using the Senior Directory 


William Fabiano 
43 Jackson Avenue 
Haworth, NJ 07641 
Small Animal Science 

Kelly Faller 
25 Leach Avenue 
Park Ridge, NJ 07656 
Food Science & Manage- 

Adam Felix 
358 Big Spring Road 
Newville, PA 17241 
Ornamental Horticulture 
Karen Ferguson 
2116 Sumac Drive 
Florence, SC 29505 
Business Administration 

Marcee Ferguson 
610 Ferris Lane 
New Britain, PA 18901 
Business Administration 

Elizabeth Fetzer 
510 Remington Court 
Chalfont, PA 18914 
Business Administration 

Eugene Finan Jr. 
73 Bridgewater Road 
Aston, PA 19014 
Business Administration 

James Fiore III 
99 Landis Avenue 
Bridgeton, NJ 08302 

Jennifer Firesinger 
47 Carousel Circle 
Doylestown, PA 18901 
Agronomy & Environmental 

Beatrice Fitzpatrick 
104 Forest Ave. 
Ambler, PA 00192 
Business Administration 

Adam Fogelstrom 
38 Dolphin Road 
Levittown, PA 19056 


Meredyth Fogg 

65 Longbridge Road 

Salem, NJ 08079 


Jared Fogg 

777 Friesburg Aldine Road 

Elmer, N J 08318 

Large Animal Science 

Dolores Forliano 
183 Basswood Court 
Warrington, PA 18976 

Andrew Frankenfield 
98 Allentown Road 
Elroy, PA 18964 

Matthew Frantz 
2514 Eighth Street 
Bethlehem, PA 18017 
Ornamental Horticulture 

Shanon Freeland 
209 Weidman Street 
Lebanon, PA 17046 
Ornamental Horticulture 

Christopher Friedauer 
1 1 5 Hwy 34 
Colts Neck, NJ 07722 
Ornamental Horticulture 

Melissa Friling 
1103 Lansdale Avenue 
Lansdale, PA 19446 
Small Animal Science 

Kimberly Funt 
136 Queen 339 
Arendtsville, PA 17303 
Large Animal Science 


Ivy Garfinkel 
101 Tennyson Drive 
Nanuet, NY 10954 
Large Animal Science 

Jeffrey Gargano 
891 Kennedy Court 
Warrington, PA 18976 
Education - Biology 

Karin Garner 
251 Bethesda Road 
Elverson, PA 19520 

Thomas Garro 
4 Cranberry Lane 
Shamong, NJ 08088 
Ornamental Horticulture 

Ryan Glauser 
R.D. #2 Box 2384 
Fleetwood, PA 19522 
Agronomy & Environmental 

Jamie Glennon 
704 Rosewood Circle 
Collegeville, PA 19426 

184 1 Seniors 

Business Administration 
Michael Golaszewski 
160 Sunnyside Lane 
Perkasie, PA 18944 
Supervision Administration 
& Management (AS) 

Virginia A. Goodwin 
137 Iron Hill Road 
New Britain, PA 18901 
Business Administration 

Gilbert Goodworth Jr. 
425 Highland Drive 
Mountville, PA 17554 
Small Animal Science 

Kara Graver 

RR #3 Box 174 Dairy Rd. 

Tamaqua, PA 18252 

Agronomy & Environmental 


James Greenberg Jr. 
1012 Whitehall Drive 
Doylestown, PA 18901 

Nicole Griesa 

204 Cambridge Road 

Camden, DE 19934 

Agronomy & Environmental 


Hal Grosso 
35 Victoria Lane 
Palermo, NJ 08230 
Small Animal Science 

Cheryl Grove 
2687 Lime Bluff Road 
Muncy, PA 17756 
Food Science 

John Gulius 

7 Heather Hill Road 

P.O. Box 349 

Bear Creek, PA 18602 

Business Administration 

David Gustaitis 
108 Yeakle Avenue 
Glenside, PA 19038 


Patricia Haddon 
112 South Hamilton Street 
Telford, PA 18969 
Computer Information 
Science (AS) 

Stephen Hafer 
RR #1 Box 297b 
Sunbury, PA 17801 

Brian Hendrzak 
623 Acorn Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19128 
Criminal Justice Administra- 

Stephen Hess 

1150 W. Congress Street 

Whitehall, PA 18052 


Walter Higgins 
5600 Greenlee Drive 
Morrisville, PA 19067 
Agronomy & Environmental 

Carl Hines 
40 Penn Ave. 
Coatesville, PA 19320 
Business Administration 

Todd Hippauf 
203 Wood Street 
Pipersville, PA 18947 
Business Administration 

Kristen Hoffman 
1167 Canterberry Circle 
Warminster, PA 18974 
Small Animal Science 

Brian Holden 
411 N. Bellevue Avenue 
Wayne, PA 19087 
Ornamental Horticulture 

Amy Holland 
16 Pebble Drive 
Horsham, PA 19044 
Large Animal Science 

Christopher Holman 
40 Unami Trail 
Chalfont, PA 18914 
Business Administration 

Heather Holoka 
216 Hoffecker Road 
Phoenixville, PA 19460 

Alis Holzapfel 

742 Newton Avenue 

Barrington, NJ 08007 

Ornamental Horticulture 

Jennifer Hoopes 
177 Walnut Run Road 
Landenberg, PA 19350 

Bruce Horwath 
405 Rutledge Court 
North Wales, PA 19454 
Business Administration 

Amanda Hosgood 
720 West Fourth Street 
Lansdale, PA 19446 
Business Administration 

Mary Howard 
206 North Main Street 
Doylestown, PA 18901 
Large Animal Science 

Amy Hughes 
2090 Flint Hill Road 
Coopersburg, PA 18036 
Food Science & Management 

Matthew Hunter 
518 N. St. Elmo Street 
Allentown, PA 18104 
Ornamental Horticulture 


George Inhof 
P.O. Box 468 
13 Keeler Ave. 
Reamstown, PA 17567 
Dairy Science 


David Johnson 
24 Manor Drive 
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603 
Dairy Science 


Jason Kane 
326 Mahanoy Street 
Tamaqua, PA 18252 

Jeanine Karl 
P.O. Box 321 
Bedminster, PA 18910 
Agronomy & Environmental 

George Kelly 
2808 Johnson Road 
Geneva, NY 14456 
Small Animal Science 

Lashea Kelly 

293-299 Muhammad AM Ave 
Newark, NJ 07108-2038 
Small Animal Science 

Bernard Kelly 
96 Summit Avenue 
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865 
Education - Agriculture 

Wendy Kemmerer 
109 Deep Run Road 
Dublin, PA 18917 
Business Administration 

Dawn Kern 

6651 Walker Street 

Philadelphia, PA 19135 

Ornamental Horticulture 

Virginia Kesseg 
563 North Fourth Street 
Telford, PA 18969 
Business Administration 

Jenna Kilker 
190 Canterbury Ave. 
Langhorne, PA 19047 
Small Animal Science 

William King 
5427 Rinker Circle 
Doylestown, PA 18901 

Jennifer King 
6030 Durham Road 
Pipersville, PA 18947 

Annette Kingsley 
728 Second Street 
Towanda, PA 18848 
Ornamental Horticulture 

Scott Kingston 
701 Heckel Avenue 
Spring City, PA 19475 

Seth Klimas 
253 Wykertown Road 
Branchville, NJ 07826 
Business Administration 

Victoria Klinger 
3701 Woodridge Drive 
Harrisburg, PA 17110 

Thomas Kluge 
28 Endslow Lane 
Perkasie, PA 18944 
Business Administration 

Garth Knowlton 
2614 Cumberland Ave. 
Reading, PA 19606 

Thomas Koehler 
1164 Maple Hill Road 
Scotch Plains, NJ 07090 
Large Animal Science 

Tammi Kolb 
212 Wile Ave 
Souderton, PA 18964 

Shannon Kolbe 
13 School Hill Drive 
Doylestown, PA 18901 
Ornamental Horticulture 

Edward Koneski 
33 Neiffer Road 
Limerick, PA 19468 
Agronomy & Environ- 
mental Science 

Asamoah Kuffuor 
76 Radcliff Drive 
Doylestown, PA 18901 

Laura Kwisnek 
3904 Clarksburg Road 
Clarksburg, PA 15725 
Large Animal Science 


Anna Laden 
1603 Blatty Place 
Newark, DE 19702 
Equibusiness, Equine 
Science (AS) 

Robert Landis 
8603 Alicia Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19115 
Criminal Justice 

Tony LaPorte 

1557 Liberator Avenue 

Allentown, PA 18103 


Stephanie Laubach 
956 Nemeth Road 
Coopersburg, PA 18036 
Small Animal Science 

Kimberly Lauff 
1226 Jennifer Road 
Philadelphia, PA 19116 
Small Animal Science 

Kelly Laughlin 
411 Second Avenue 
Beesleys Point, NJ 08223 
Small Animal Science 

Alana Lavell 
RR #2 Box 122 
Thompson, PA 18465 

Matthew Lawhead 
206 East County Line 

Hatboro, PA 19040 
Criminal Justice Adminis- 

Jean Lefkowitz 
1998 Hollandale Dr. 
Bensalem, PA 19020 

Caroline Leiter 
123 Cedar Drive 
New Britain, PA 18901 
Administration & 
Management - (AS) 

Elizabeth Leiter 
2000 Pineford Road 
Middletown, PA 17057 

Linda Leonard 
243 East Summit Street 
Souderton, PA 18964 
Business Administration 

Thomas Leonards 

715 E. Willow Grove 


Wyndmoor, PA 19038 

Business Administration 

Vicki LePosa 
406 Huntington Road 
RR 4 Box 4523 
Kunkletown, PA 18058 
Ornamental Horticulture 

Steven Lezajski 
2 Lancaster Avenue 
Pine Brook, NJ 07058 
Ornamental Horticulture 

Maureen Liona 
64 Briscoe Terrace 
Hazlet, NJ 07730 
Small Animal Science 

Jason Lonergan 
60 Wilden Drive 
Easton, PA 18045 
Ornamental Horticulture 

Anastasia LoRe 
2900 Tanglewood Lane 
East Norriton, PA 19403 
Small Animal Science 

Paul Lorenz 
1475 Circle Drive 
Telford, PA 18969 

Brian Loucks 
612 Buchanan Dr. 
Ephrata, PA 17522 
Agronomy & Environmental 

Jennifer Luberto 
139 Liberty Drive 
Langhorne, PA 19047 
Equine Science (AS) 

Edward Lubicky 

6 Tenby Chase Apts. P203 

Delran, NJ 08075 


Susie Lutz 

1038 Garfield Road 

Mohrsville, PA 19541 

Small Animal Science 

Terra Lutz 

2525 Crawford Avenue 

Altoona, PA 16602 

Small Animal Science 


Thomas Magge 
503 Warminster Road 
Hatboro, PA 19040 

Heather Majchrowski 
836 Woodbrook Ln 
Norristown, PA 19401 
Small Animal Science 

Allison Majewski 
14 Ridge Drive 
Fleetwood, PA 19522 
Agronomy & Environmental 

Brian Maksym 
1 Carriage Dr. 
Doylestown, PA 18901 
Business Administration 

Deborah Mang 
184 Buck Drive 
Perkasie, PA 18944 
Supervision Administration 
& Management (AS) 

Marcello Mangano 
3032 Windy Bush Road 
New Hope, PA 18938 

William Mann 
RR #5 Box 341 
Pine Grove, PA 17963 
Criminal Justice 

Concetta Marano 
268 A Rt.516 
Matawan. NJ 07747 
Large Animal Science 

Brian Marcine 
199 Johnson Road White 
House Station, NJ 08889 
Ornamental Horticulture 

Jennifer Marlinski 
526 West Second Street 
Lansdale, PA 19446 
Small Animal Science 

Jeffrey Marshall 
1143 Walnut Street 
Chester, PA 19013 
Business Administration 

Alexis Martin 
458 May Drive 
Warminster, PA 18974 

Steve McCarron 
Route 2 Box 198 
Bridgeville, DE 19933 
Agronomy & Environmental 

Donna McConnell 
342 Lindenwold Avenue 
Ambler, PA 00192 
Business Administration 

Michael McCurdy 
38 Hill Street 
Rockaway, NJ 07866 
Business Administration 

Shannon McGavin 
12 Orchard Drive 
Vernon, NJ 07462 

Mary McGonigle 

125 Maple Place 

South Plainfiel, NJ 07080 

Criminal Justice 


Steven Miklosh 
427 Church Street 
Ambler, PA 00192 
Business Administration 

Jennifer Mills 
87 Tally Ho Court 
Elkton, MD 21921 
Small Animal Science 

Joe Mitala Jr. 
16 Fawn Drive 
Flemington, NJ 08822 

Isabel Mitchell 
194 Norristown Road 
Warminster, PA 18974 
Business Administration 

Lisa Ann Molettiere 
144 Durham Road 
Ottsville, PA 18942 
Equine Science (AS) 

Conrad Martin 
55 Divan Way 
Wayne, NJ 07470 
Ornamental Horticulture 

Rachel Martin 
RR #2 Box 281 
Troy, PA 16947 
Criminal Justice Administra- 

Holly Mathisen 
4 Hingham Court 
Morristown, NJ 07960 
Agronomy & Environmental 

Carreen May 
1270 Creamery Road 
Yardley, PA 19067 
Large Animal Science 

Rachel Mayette 

2925 Gallows Hill Road 

Riegelsville, PA 18077 

Agronomy & Environmental 


Richard McGowan Jr. 

15 Sturbridge Court 

Egg Harbor Township, NJ 


Ornamental Horticulture 

Harry McGroerty 

505 West Germantown Pike 

Norristown, PA 19403 

Agronomy & Environmental 


Stephen Mcllwain 
45 Quakerhill Road 
Levittown, PA 19057 
Business Administration 

Daniel McNesby 
205 Deerfield Court 
New Hope, PA 18938 

Benjamin Mecouch 
204 Meadow Court 
Glen Mills, PA 19342 
Small Animal Science 

Todd Moore 
302 Thistle Lane 
Perkasie, PA 18944 

Sherry Morgan 
RR #3 Box 343 
Tarrs. PA 15688 
Dairy Science 

Becky Mott 
1 600 Broad Street 
Perkasie, PA 18944 
Business Administration 

James Moyer 
67 Planters Drive 
Pipersville. PA 18947 
Business Administration 

Christina Mueller 
54 Camelot Road 
Sparta, NJ 07871 
Small Animal Science 

i rectorv 1S5 

Lisa Munniksma 
222 Westervelt Road 
Washington, NJ 07882 
Large Animal Science 

Donald Murray 
4891 Edgewood Road 
Doylestown, PA 18901 
Computer Programming (AS) 


Amanda Naugle 
1464 Holly Pike 
Carlisle, PA 17013 
Large Animal Science 

Ricardo Navarro Jr. 
1372 Argyle Road 
Berwyn, PA 19312 
Ornamental Horticulture 

Kellie Nelsen 
P.O. Box 791 
Quakertown, PA 18951 
Business Administration 

Mary Nichols 
120 Chestnut Street 
Middlesex, NJ 08846 
Equine Science 

Patricia Nichols 
850 Long Meadow Drive 
Chalfont, PA 18914 
Business Administration 

Darci Niszczak 
1515r Ravera Street 
Bethlehem, PA 18015 
Equibusiness, Equine 
Science (AS) 


David Olszowka 
404 Manor Drive 
Dublin, PA 18917 
Business Administration 

Donna Osilka 
337 Skyline Drive 
Feasterville, PA 19053 
Business Administration 


Amanda Parker 
9367 King's Post Court 
Laurel, MD 20723 
Large Animal Science 

Jodi Paterno 
961 S. Main Road 
Vineland, NJ 08360 

Cristina Paul 
1626 Rockcrest Drive 
Jamison, PA 18929 
Education - English 

186 1 Seniors 

Dianna Pawlicki 
6 Margaret Terrace 
Sparta, NJ 07871 
Small Animal Science 

John Pellechia 
5473 Geddes Way 
Pipersville, PA 18947 
Business Administration 

Regina Pellegrin 
632 Erlen Road 
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462 
Small Animal Science 

Krista Pendrak 
815 Manor Drive 
Dublin, PA 18917 

Cory Peranich 
RR #1 Box 3271 
Brackney, PA 18812 

Richard Pia Jr. 
316 North Broad Street 
Kennett Square, PA 19348 
Food Science 

Michael Pipe 
570 East Garfield Ave. 
Souderton, PA 18964 
Education - Mathematics 

Daniel Pitonyak 
700 Lower State Road 
Building #8 Apt. B-2 
North Wales, PA 19454 
Business Administration 

Deborah Pope 
2891 Whitetail Court 
Doylestown, PA 18901 
Business Administration 

Jessica Post 

282 Butztown Road 

Bethlehem, PA 18017 


Josette Provost 
1711 Sycamore Avenue 
Hatboro, PA 19040 

Anthony Przychodzien 

P.O. Box 62 Meetinghouse 


Sadsburyville, PA 19369 

Ornamental Horticulture 

Jennifer Pugh 
RR #5 Box 361 
Pine Grove, PA 17963 
Equine Science 


William Rankin 

16 Manor Road 

Paoli, PA 19301 

Agronomy & Environmental 


Jill Raver 

9 Tanger Road 

Boiling Springs, PA 00177 


Stephen Regula 
125 Central Avenue 
Hillsdale, NJ 07642 
Criminal Justice Administra- 

John Retalis 

3 Village Court 

Hamilton Square, NJ 08690 

Agronomy & Environmental 


Timothy Rex 
221 Green Avenue 
Middlesex, NJ 08846 

Michael Ricci 
300 West 4th Ave 
Conshohocken, PA 19428 
Business Administration 

Shannon Richie 
2418 Pine Street 
Whitehall, PA 18052 
Food Science 

Stephen Rinker 
1051 Peaceful Lane 
Hatfield, PA 19440 
Agronomy & Environmental 

Robert Rivera Jr. 
1 035 Pond Street 
Bristol, PA 19007 
Biology - Animal Biology 

Kelly Roderick 

133 W. Locust Street #C-18 

Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 

Ornamental Horticulture 

Elvin Rodriguez 
325 Valley Avenue 
Hammonton, NJ 08037 
Business Administration 



Angela Romanczuk 
4766 Bergstrom Road 
Doylestown, PA 18901 

Mark Rother 
P.O. Box 9 

Nesquehoning, PA 18240 
Business Administration 

Danielle Rugg 
2058 Maple Avenue 
Apt AA2-10 
Hatfield, PA 19440 
Business Administration 

Barbara Rushworth 
30 Cedar Hill Road 
Chalfont, PA 18914 

Rocky Russo 
22 Welisewitz Road 
Ringoes, NJ 08551 

Guy Russo 
22 Welisewitz Road 
Ringoes, NJ 08551 
Criminal Justice Administra- 

Heather Russo 

557 Warfield Road 

North Plainfield, NJ 07060 

Business Administration 

Richard Ryan 

6120 Torresdale Avenue 

Philadelphia, PA 19135 



Jeffrey Salabritas 
223 Crest Road 
Marlton, NJ 08053 

Christine Salter 
1934 Lehigh Street 
Easton, PA 18042 

Kristen Salvesen 
245 Yetman Avenue 
Staten Island, NY 10307 
Small Animal Science 

Joshua Sanders 
199 Harvey Avenue 
Doylestown, PA 18901 

Arthur Sandora 
1 Hamilton Blvd. 
Breinigsville, PA 18031 
Criminal Justice Administra 

Steven Saxe 

21 Hillside Avenue 

West Keansburg, NJ 07734 

Agronomy & Environmental 


Tifanie Sbriscia 
10 Lanning Terrace 
Washington, NJ 07882 
Large Animal Science 

Jennifer Schaeffer 

403 East Rehrersburg Road 

Bethel, PA 19507 


Gretchen Schatschneider 
908 Truman Court 
Warrington, PA 18976 
Agronomy & Environmenta 

egan Scheib 

20 Hickory Grove Road 

hoenixville. PA 19460 

rnamental Horticulture 

elanie Scholl 
772 Swetland Drive 
oylestown, PA 18901 
usiness Administration 

ynn Schote 
SO East Walnut Street 
erkasie, PA 18944 
mall Animal Science 

abriele Schuler 
988 Taylor Drive 
enter Valley, PA 18034 

rank Schumann 
3 Holland Ln 
ranbury, NJ 08512 
usiness Administration 

jlie Sentz 
784 Elinor Street 
ethlehem, PA 18015 
mall Animal Science 

anet Shull 

30 Horsham Road 

pt Bx12 

atboro, PA 19040 

usiness Administration 

aryn Sklenar 
518 N. Fiedler Road 
mbler, PA 00192 
quine Science 

risten Small 
247 Fairwood Drive 
asadena, MD 21122 
ood Science 

larlena Smiecinski 
18 Fourth St. 

ackettstown. NJ 07840 
mall Animal Science 

Eric Smith 

10403 Blackstone Avenue 
Cheltenham, MD 20623 
Business Administration 

Matthew Smith 
516 Scenic Drive 
Ewing, NJ 08628 

Kari Snader 

2864 Dogwood Circle 

Manheim, PA 17545 

Food Science & Management 

Megan Souder 

2250 Locust Point Road 

Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 


Matthew Speicher 
820 Cornwall Road 
Lebanon, PA 17042 
Criminal Justice Administra- 

Amy Sprinkle 

471 Lake Wilhelm Road 

Clarks Mills, PA 16114 

Agronomy & Environmental 


Jason Stackhouse 
133 East 9th Ave. 
Conshohocken, PA 19428 
Business Administration 

Joyce Stellabott 
425 Telegraph Road 
Perkasie, PA 18944 

Wendy Stellingwers 
103 Seminole Avenue 
Oakland, NJ 07436 
Ornamental Horticulture 

Kathryn Sterner 
155 Sterner Road 
Bechtelsville, PA 19505 
Dairy Science 

Jessica Stock 
364 Woodland Drive 
Auburn, PA 17922 
Equine Science 

Corinna Strange 
54 E. Canal Street 
Hershey, PA 17033 
Small Animal Science 

Mark Strauss 
1385 Deer Run Road 
Hatfield, PA 19440 
Business Administration 

Carol Sturges 
329 Old Dublin Pike 
Fountainville, PA 18923 
Business Administration 

Christopher Swallow 
529 Georgetown Road 
Wallingford, PA 19086 
Food Science 

Daron Swire 
1039 Ford Street 
Bridgeport, PA 19405 
Agronomy & Environmental 

Christopher Sylvester 
153 Palmer Avenue 
South Plainfiel. NJ 07080 
Criminal Justice 



Sandra Tatarynw 
7 Mobile Lane 
Toms River, NJ 08755 
Large Animal Science 

William T. Taylor 
219841853 971 Laurel Lane 
Bridgeton, NJ 08302 
Ornamental Horticulture 

Wendy Thompson 
1078 Fitch Place 
Warminster, PA 18974 
Business Administration 

John Thompson 
1078 Fitch Place 
Warminster, PA 18974 

Ronald Thompson 
1421 Valley View Drive 
Warrington, PA 18976 

John Tilstone 

29 Delaware Rim Drive 

Yardley, PA 19067 


James Treichler 
9a Apple Street 
Barto, PA 19504 
Business Administration 

Aaron Turner 

12111 Velvet Hill Drive 

Owings Mills, MD 21117 

Agronomy & Environmental 


Robert Viall 

908 East Callowhill Road 
Perkasie. PA 18944 
Food Science 

Thomas Volpe 
20 N. Main Street 
New Hope, PA 18938 


Larisa Wagner 
P.O. Box 357 
Shenorock, NY 10587 
Small Animal Science 

Bettiann Waldner 
156 Stay man Drive 
North Wales, PA 19454 

Christine Waldorf 
1015 Woodland Ave. 
Sharon Hill, PA 19079 
Agronomy & Environmental 

Gerald Walter Jr. 

700 Lower State Road 

Apt. 11-A2 

North Wales, PA 19454-2167 


Linda Ward 

2065 Scheetz Church Road 

Quakertown. PA 18951 


Jeanne Waznak 
1209 N. Rebecca Avenue 
Scranton, PA 18504 
Education - Business 

Regina Wechsler 
504 Fifth St. 
Whitehall, PA 18052 
Large Animal Science 

Janel Weidemoyer 
119 E. Old State Road 
Sellersville, PA 18960 
Small Animal Science 

Robert Weidenhammer 
Box 97 Hill Rd 
Blandon, PA 19510 
Large Animal Science 

John Weigner 
1421 Bentley Drive 
Warrington. PA 18976 
Business Administration 

Shannon Wescott 
RR #2 Box 2843 
Saylorsburg, PA 18353 
Small Animal Science 

Crystal Wheeler 

913 Front Street 

New Cumberland, PA 17070 

Agronomy & Environmental 


Mary White 

23 North Richardson Apt. 1 
Lansdale, PA 19446 
Business Administration 

Margaret Wilkinson 
1343 Gypsy Hill Road 
Lancaster, PA 17602 
Dairy Science 

Courtney Williard 
623 South Street 
Lykens. PA 17048 
Ornamental Horticulture 

Allison Wilshere 

P.O. Box 372 

Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 

Equine Science 

Brian Wolfgang 
1468 Bradley Lane 
Warminster, PA 18974 
Business Administration 

Joshua Woodward 
1776 Keystone Drive 
Hatfield. PA 19440 
Criminal Justice 

Jamie Worthington 
1141 Snyder Road 
Apt. D112 

Lansdale, PA 19446 
Business Administration 

Jared Wydra 

17 Valley Green Drive 

Danville, PA 17821 

Criminal Justice 



Martin Yocum 
1526 Oak Street 
Lebanon. PA 17042 
Business Administration 

Scott Youells 
481 North Fourth St. 
Souderton. PA 18964 


Armand Zangardi III 
1533 Adams Avenue 
Dunmore. PA 18509 
Business Administration 

John Zieger 

1756 Dreshertown Road 

Dresher, PA 19025 

Ornamental Horticulture 

Marlyn Zyvitski 
301 Marlbrook Lane 
Lansdale, PA 19446 
Business Administration 

Senior 'Directo 

S*S*, '% vj/1 

Congrats and Ads 



As we leave the college life and 
walk into the real world, we are able 
to look back through the ads of this 
yearbook and remember the Tracks 
we have made. Friends and families 
have watched us leave our Tracks in 
the past and are waiting for the Tracks 
that we have yet to leave. Even 
though people have come and gone, 
we can Track them through the in- 
dex. May the memories never be 

Suzanne Bishard 

We certainly congratulate 
you, Suzanne, for your dedi- 
cation and perseverance. 
Not only were you successful 
in breaking numerous school 
records in volleyball, but you 
achieved your number one 
goal—early acceptance into 
veterinary school. We are 
very proud of you. 

Dad, Mom, Liz, and Brett 



You did it ! 

We are so... proud of you. 

Good luck in the future. 


Mom, Dad, Mark, 
Meghan, Lady, Kitty, 
and Booka 

190 I Ads andlnde^ 

Be Forever 
Happy And 

Jacqueline Lee Bernier 

May lessons you have learned, 
the wisdom you have gained, 
the love that you have shown 
and the person you have be- 
come, stay with you throughout 
your life. We are very proud of 
your accomplishments. Wishing 
you all our love and blessings 
for a bright and happy future. 

Mom, Dad, Gram, Lee Michelle, 

Dennis, Cindy and your nieces 

and nephews 

OF ¥ou toM 

Tony Lee Dowdy 



Cthss 0/2000 

76e *D /imua Comity 


Dear Walter, 

We are all very proud of you. 

We love you, 

Mom, Mike, Evan, Eryn, 

Shadow, Cotie,G-Mom & 

G-Pop DePhilippo and 

G-Mom & G-Pop Souza 

r — ———————————————————— n 

CongratuCations to our 
sweetheart Jennal 

you've grown from a CittCe\ 

girCto a beautiful young 

woman right Before our 

eyes. IVe are so proud of 

you!! CongratuCations and\ 

much success for aCCyour 

hard work, happiness to 

you aCways. 

JACfour Cove 

Mom, Dad, MyCes, Xatie, 

'Buttons and Zippers 

k_______—— —————— —_—_—— J 

X>tC\Y TXflnn, 

We flre so very prouol of 
iadu flnot the wloh^ij 

hflve achieved during 

your uears> at "DVC. B>ut 

most of All we are pleflseot 

thflt iadu w^ade the most 

of \ad\a-y college experience ' Diann ' Dodem 

avJd have grown both flcflotemlcfllly 

And personfllly In so niflny wflys 

No matter whflt course yoix choose 
In the future, we know you'll be 
successful flt Anything you 0(0. We'll 
be there to support \ad\a In meeting you 
goflls. CongrAtulAtlons "Sflllle", we 
love udu\ Mom, T>ad, Kim., stflcey, 
"Denny, flnol the critters 

to our daughter, 


We wish you much 

success and all the best a« 

you enter your career! Wc 

love you very, very much 

and are most proud of all 

your accomplishments. 

May life bring you 

happiness and 


Love always. 
Mom and Dad 




iyou re the bed. 

\J\Je wve uovl 


2)J, Wik 

<7 M 

ana LJaan 

t's not that easy being green... 

(and gold) 



Class of 2000 

We are so proud of you! 

rhanks for a great four years 

and a wonderful yearbook. 


Mom, Dad, Joe, Lisa and Jim 

Dear Adam, 

Remember the first day, Adam? 
We went the wrong way! 
You learned how to go those 
twenty three miles one way, in a 
hurry. Your family is proud. 
Your dad will rest now You 
have the knowledge to keep 
you going in the right direction . 





Robert Rivera, Jr. 

We are very proud of you 

and how hard you have 

worked for what you 

wanted. Good luck and we 

wish you a wonderful and 

exciting life. 

Lo \ e Mom and Dad 


It seems like yesterday when you stalled college and 
here you are graduating from DelVal! We're confident 
you'll be a huge success in the new millenium with your 
landscape and design knowledge and we anticipate the 
business growing even more with you in it. Words will 
never explain how very proud we are of you and all you've 
accomplished. We couldn't ask for a better son or brother. 
Good luck in all you do. 

Love, Mom, Dad and Mike 

Alexis L Martin 

You have worked 

hard. We are so 

proud of you!! 


Dad, Mom, Chris 

and Dane 

194 1 Ads ami Index — — — — __ — __■_ — — _■ 


We have watched you grow from a little boy 
into a fine young man. We can only hope 
you are as proud of yourself as we are of you. 
It hasn't always been easy but you stayed 
strong, you hung in there, and you made it! 

We hope your future is as bright and happy 
as you have made our lives by watching you 
grow and become the person you are today. 
Just remember that all things are possible 
and always follow your dreams; dreams do 
come true! 

Love, Bobby, Mom and Dad 

Congratulations Rich! 

We knew you could do it! 
Best of lucb in the future with God 1 ! Blessings. 

With all our love, 

Mom, Dad, Nibi, Rob, Olivia, Gina, Grandmom, 

Grandpop, Grandmom Marie and Grandpop Aldo 

And from all of us at ••• 


Mushroom Co. 


Mushroom Co. 


Mushroom Co. 













And all the 





















Daddy Poncho 

Moose Felipe 
Sandy Emma 
Popi Vincente 
Angel Maria 

Mario Rita 

Jua Jesus 








Dear Dianna 

Since the early hours of 

March 18, 1978, you have been 

a bright light in our lives. We have 

always loved you. We tried to 

instill in you the desire to help 

and care for all God's creatures 

and you have never disap- 
pointed us. We are so proud of 

the young woman you have 

become. You will always be our 

darling daughter but you are 

also our friend and we cherish 

the times we have together. 

Congratulations on another 

job well done. 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Congratulations and best 
wishes for a very success- 
ful and happy future. We 
are so very proud of you! 

Kevin Dulio 

We love you. 
Mom, Dad and Michael 



o\a a job well dot/ve. Life Is a 

das>£,rDDV}A as well as a 
journey. LeariA, av^d zvC\d\a 

as you travel Its road. 

Our wish for \adu is o\az of 

success a\A,d happiness, 

always, we are so 

proud of you! 


Maureen Liona, 

God blessed us the day you 

were born. Always 

believe in yourself. Keep 

your dreams uppermost in 

your mind. Nothing is 

impossible. Reach for the 

stars. You have made us so 

proud of you. 

Congratulations and good 

luck as you enter into that 

big world out there. 


Mom, Dad, Princess and 


1>a0y Jenna, 
"you JAre Our Sunshine 

CongratuCations on a 

job weCCdone. Success 

and happiness in your 



Top, Aunt V., 

J\unt Hark, UncCe Van, 

JAunt Teg and Cousins 

linda M. (Roxanne) Burg 

anb pest Witifytx for 
>our Conttnueb §5>uat£# 

fofin Cywuta CUden 




All our love, 

Mom, Dad, Susan, Bill, 

Bobchi, Janey, Johnnie, 

Sandy, Bear and Cocoa 

To Christi Corl 

No mother could be more prouder of their 

daughter than I am of you. You are truly 

the light and joy of my life. I knew the day 

you were born that you were going to be a 

very special young lady some day. I am 
confident that with your drive, determina- 
tion and ability that you will go very far in 
life and I will be behind you every step of 
the way, no matter what direction you go 
or choices that you make. You have shown 

great growth, maturity and sense of re- 
sponsibility since calling home one month 
into your freshman year and saying "come 
get me now I hate this". Now I can't get 
you to leave DVC or the area. You know 
what direction you want vour life to take 
and you will do everything you have to 
get where you want to go. If I had my life 
to do over again, I would want to be } 
I love you, Mommy 

Dear Mike 

Congratulations for a job well done. We are 

very proud of you. Success, happiness, and 

good health throughout your life. Make those 

dreams come true... 

Mike Ryan 

'Live with the intention 
yVaCk to the edge 

Listen hard 

Tractice weCCness 

T(ay with abandon 


Choose with no regret 

Continue to [earn 

appreciate your friends 

Do what you Cove 

Live as if this is aCC there is" 

We love you, Dad, Mom, and Sean 

1$ 8 Ads and Index; 


Bestwishes in all the years 

to come and in all your 

future endeavors. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Eugenia, 

ChiennyandNite flight 



Anthony LaPorte 

"Today is your day. 

You're off to great 

places! You're off and 

away!" -seuss 

May your future be 

filled with happiness 

and success. 

Love always, Mom 

Michelle "MkTAlesi 

Congratulations to our wonderful 


May your accomplishments 

continue to soar! 

We're always so proud of you. 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Congratulations to 

Lara Kostyk & Tom 

Magge Class of 2000 

We are all very proud of 
your accomplishments 

May the future hold 

nothing but the best for 

both of you 

We always knew you 
could r*o it 

Love, The Family 

_____ — -. M 

Dearest Franklin, 

We are all very proud of your graduation. 

We look forward to celebrating many more simchas. Mazel tov!! 

All our love, 
Mom, Bruce and Ross 

Rich McGowan, 

What can be said about a son who is 
the absolute best that there could ever 
be? You came into our lives 2 1 years 
ago, and have given us your compas- 
sion, understanding, patience and love 
that is beyond compare. You have made 
us so very proud throughout everything 
that you have tried and achieved. With 
this tremendous milestone of the 
completion of college, we wish you only 
the best. 

May happiness and love greet you at 
every turn in the road, as you deserve 
only the best! God bless you always, our 
son, as you now venture into your life. 

We thank you always and in all ways , 
for just being you. Remember, our love is 
always yours... you are in our hearts! 
e always- Mom and Dad 

Congratulations io our son, 

Paul E. Dormont 

B.S.Bus.Admin., C.I.S.M., 

on the occasion of nis graduation from 

Delaware Uaffey CoJjege, 


9I&. ancfJKrs. TaufDormont 

gtcm o£2000 

Congratulations, Anthony, 

Way to go Chip. 

Well done, Whopper. 

Any way you say it, 

we love you and we are 

proud of you. 

Mandy, Dad, Mom, 

Family & Friends, Jordan, 

Panther & Bear, too! 


Jules Abercauph 








:', i 

■ T^M"J^~Tr7ii 

Bf /^^'^ 

sfc" * 


Congratulations Sweetie! 

From those who love you 

most Mom, Dad, Jason, Pam, 

Leah and Jay 


Congradulations Susie Lutz 

Dog Gone You Dun Good ! 

Ralph, Graybow, Pop and Simba 

Our son George D. Inhof 

We are all so very proud of you 

and what you have 

accomplished in life. We want to 

wish you all the very best in the 

years to come. Whatever you 

choose, we know that you will do 

it wisely and we fully support you. 

Remember someone once told 

you to take and follow your 

dreams to the fullest. We love you 

and may God watch over you, 

bless you, and keep you safe. 

Love always, 
Mom, Dad and family-Sammy too 

i\ds and Index, ••••••••••••••••••••••••• 

"The Little Engine that 


Congratulations to 
Jeffrey Crooke 

From your Ever-loving 
Family XOXO 

(Perseverance pays!) 

Congratulations To fttt 
Qradnating Seniors. 

Our times have come and gone and we are ready to go' 

Qood luck[ to all my friends. 'Memories will be cherished. I hope 
everyone is successful at aeceomplishing their dreams. 'To my mom and 
dad, I am ■Writing this for you. I sincerely 'Thank you for aff your support 
through these wonderful years. I could have never done it without you! 
'Xou have helped me through the thick\and thin. 'Jou have picked me up 
when I was down and histerical (usually once every month sometimes 
more). 'Don't worry, when I get a job I promise to show you how much I 
appreciate all that you have done. 'Erie and'Xjxrt, your sister is back! Sky, 
your coming to live with me soon, I promise! 

'Andrew , I love you ! 'My college years wouldn 't have been as 
wonderful without you to share it with. We made it through the hardest 
time of our life. 'The rest should be easier. 'The 'Dougherty family, gracious 
thankj for all your thoughtful help and encouragement. 

With 'Tender and 
everlasting love, 


1 want to wish 

Rich Pia, Daron Swire, 

Tony & Joe D'Amico, 

Jason Williams, 

Rich Bayachek, 

Shawn Atkinson, & 

Frankie Panzullo 

Good luck and 

happiness in your future 


Thanks for the good 

times at Del Val. 
yvitfi Cove, 



Wherever you go from the jungles of South 

America to the beaches of California, You will 

always have our love and support. You hold a 

special place in our hearts. 

We are very proud of you. 

Congratulations ! 
Love and hugs and kisses 

Mom, Dad, Peter, Karen, Jennifer and A,M,P,L 



Abercauph, Jules 27, 40, 
68, 83, 137 
Adamek, Mike 47 
Adams, Raymond 45 
Adcock, Brian 66, 68 
Adelhardt, Bryce 45 
Aho, Dr. David 130 
Albertelli, Brett 41 
Albertson, Susan 26, 67, 

Albright, Charlotte 84 
Alderfer, James 71 
Algeo, Dr. Ann 130 
Allaire, Franklin 68, 83, 
148, 174 

Alpaugh, Amanda 42 
Alpuche, Charles 171 
Altemus, Joe 43 
Altier, Mileen 133 
Altieri, Bob 134 
Altmann, Virginia 136 
Amerman, Debbie 148 
Amoros, April 79 
Ancharski, Denise 42, 

67, 83, 137 

Anderes-Mullen, Ann 

Anderson, Beth 29, 72, 
77, 83, 84, 96, 137, 148, 
168, 169 

Anderson, Erik 16, 17 
Appel, Stephanie 49 
Appenzeller, Josh 83 
Armstrong, Elizabeth 

Arndt, Tommy 99 
Arnold, Matthew 148 
Arrison, Dr. Elizabeth 
25, 36, 64, 93, 137, 145 
Assante, Jamie 27, 28, 

68, 90, 181 

Atkinson, Bryan 148 
Atkinson, Shawn 45, 

Atkinson, Steve 52 
Atland, Kelley 42 
August, Armand 136 
Ault, Mark 40 
Aurand, Natalie 49,67, 
72, 76, 79 

Babler, Christine 68 

Baer, Jennifer 42 

Bailey, Denise 96,114, 


Bailey, Sharol 92,137 

Baker, Erin 49, 72, 76, 79 

Baker, Jillian 42 

Baker, Matthew 21, 45, 


Balliett, Marlena 48, 67, 

68, 75, 80 

Balogach, Amanda 141 

Balogh, Christopher 45, 


Baran, Beth 83, 137 

Baran, Kate 48 

Barberra, Stephanie 133 

Barr,John 45,84 

Barrett, Lauren 79, 90 

Barry, Amanda 46 

Bason, Jim 21,88 

Bayachek, Rich 45,117 

Beagle, Janet 24,42,69, 

76, 77, 83, 148, 173 

Beauchamp, Jaime 83, 90 
Becker, Jeffery 45 
Becker, Mandy 130 
Bednarz, Christina 6, 59, 
68, 69, 83, 148, 162, 175 
Beidelman, Courtney 42, 

Bell, Elizabeth 76, 114 
Bell, Ruth-Ann 67,70, 
71, 80, 83 

Beller, Kyle 45,52 
Beltz, Cathy 135 
Bendixsen, Kelly 42, 67, 
71, 76, 83 

Benfield, Brian 47 
Bennetch, Brooke 75,114 
Bererle, Nicole 10 
Berg, Susan 49, 67 
Bergels, Mike 39, 67, 78, 
79, 137 

Berger, Kelly 42,76,114 
Bergman, Matt 10, 47, 
107, 118 

Bernier, Jacqueline 148, 

Berthold, Dr. Robert Jr. 
11,29,80, 130 
Berthold, Marnie 136 
Besore, Judy 134 
Betterley, Nicole 40 
Beyler, Becky 49 
Bigley, Jason 45,71,117 
Binkley, Robert 71 
Binkley, Winnie 71 
Bird, Michael 67, 148 
Bird, Mike 24, 45, 64, 67, 
75,83,92, 145, 148, 172 
Bish, Laurie 48, 72 
Bishard, Suzanne 148 
Bishop, Kim 79 
Bitto, Judith 133 
Bittorie, Kevin 13, 67, 

139, 148 

Bitzer, June 137 
Blackledge, Sara 48,71, 


Blandino, Joe 43,59,75 

Blazer, Susan 135 

Blew, Donald 43 

Blodgett, Cynthia 22, 42, 


Boardman, Debby 48, 79 

Bocchichio, Mary Ellen 

48, 102 

Bockbrader, Nicholas 


Bodnar, Sean 138,148 

Bodri, Dr. Michael 130, 


Bondare, Rene 19 

Bonde, Lorene 48 

Bonner, Bill 80 

Bonner, Cheryl 80 

Books, Kathy 48 

Borders, Amy 71,88,165 

Bosak, Amanda 42 

Bosch, Marsha 76, 84 

Bostwick, Audrey 133 

Bowen, Michelle 46 

Boyce, Leeann 59, 67, 72, 


Boyst, Thomas 45 

Boyton, Doug 47,102, 


Bozarth, Rebecca 141, 


Bracy, Glenys 135 

Bradshaw, Nate 23, 54, 

113, 118, 148, 162 

Brandt, Dawn 96 

Brase, Jennifer 42 

Braxton, Jason 40 

Breeding, Chris 30, 43, 

59, 67, 72, 90 

Brierley, Pam 48 

Brower, Melissa 84 

Brubaker, Danielle 39, 


Brumbaugh, Matthew 

71, 149 

Bruno, Amanda 149 

Bryant, Amy 71 

Bryant, Margaret 71 

Buckman, Ed 43 

Burg, Linda 149 

Burgoyne, Shanna 76 

Burke, Brian 134 

Burkland, Mandy 67, 


Burleigh, Jarrod 43 

Burns, Shannon 40 

Burton, Kevin 40, 138, 


Bushey, John 47 

Butler, Aaron 47,112, 


Butler, James 149 

Buzzell, Stacy 64,79 

Byler, Becky 22 


Caesar 31 
Caesar, Art 136 
Caligiuri, Jennifer 49, 

Campbell, Andrea 96 
Campbell, Colenso 47 
Campbell, Mary 134 
Cannon, Stephanie 30, 
49, 73, 75, 76 
Capuano, Dyanna 96 
Carbine, Liz 42, 56, 104, 
105, 118 

Carcaci, Jennifer 49, 66, 

Carden, Jamie 79 
Carter, Bill 40 
Caton, Ian 149 
Cattie, Christopher 149 
Champluvier, Bryan 
45, 76, 142 
Check, Chris 76 
Cherepy, Lora 67, 149 
Chezik, Dottie 2, 3, 92, 

Christy, Brian 107 
Chung, KiHo 52 
Chyle, Jessica 67, 76 
Cissel, Bill 64, 75, 83, 87 
Clapper, Tammy 46 
Clark, Jennifer 121 
Clark, Steve 123 
Clarke, Susan 135 
Clarkson, Edwina 136 
Clements, Shannon 49 
Clifford, John 83,99 
Chgiuri, Jenn 79 
Cochlin, Karyn 76 
Cohen, Matt 117 
Colbert, Larry 136 
Coldwell, Melissa 40 
Cole, Jaclyn 71 
Cole, Tamara 149 
Colombo, Charles 137 
Colucci, Vanessa 42 
Constable, Paula 27, 67, 
149, 175 

Cook, Drew 47 
Cook, Ian 47 
Cook, Jared 113 
Cook, Jennifer 48, 76 
Cook, Melissa 149,168, 

Cooke, Myra 42 
Cooney, Kevin 134 

Copestick, Doug 45,117 

Corbett, Dr. Janice 68, 


Corino, Don Jr. 136 

Corkery, Tara 18, 100, 

101, 118 

Corl, Christi 91, 149 

Corson, Bethann 17, 18 

Cory, Jane 133 

Courtright, Ryan 45, 71, 


Cowen, Caroline 96, 97, 


Cowhig, Richard 130 

Coyle,Joe 46,58 

Craven, Tim 71,79,80 

Crawford, John 45,149 

Crisafulli, Kit 43 

Crooke, Jeffrey 150 

Crosby, Elizabeth 16, 


Cross, Matt 43 

Crotts, Kristine 46 

Crowley, Bill 47 

Crvaric, Jennefer 71,76, 


Cubboga, Robin 136 

Culler, Nicholas 45,83 

Cummings, Brian 71, 

136, 150 

Curry, Dr. Chris 36, 93 

Cwieka, Christine 150 

D'Amico, Joe 45,92 

D'Amico, Tony 45,116, 

117, 150, 162, 175, 181 

D'Elia, Lynette 18 

Dacey, Jessica 46, 79 

Daley, Ineka 26,135 

Dallas, Sean 137 

Dalton, Mike 64, 141, 

150, 163, 164, 169 

Daly, Chris 136 

Dando, Deborah 136 

Daniel, Joseph 130 

Daniels, Antywon 45, 


Daniels, Nancy 84,150, 

163, 168, 169 

Darley, Simon 99 

Darmohray, John 150, 


Dashe, Joe 47 

Davis, Jennifer 48 

Davis, Jessica 72, 84, 


Davis, Jillayne 49,80 

Davis, Tianna 101 

DeBroux, Dr. Steve 75, 


DeForrest, Anne 134 

Delgado, Luz 67 

Delisle, Amy 67,71,114 

DeLong, Nick 47 

DeLude, Tony 116,117 

Denning, Kim 31, 83, 


DeNoto, Cadence 46 

Denslow, Kayte 40, 64, 

66, 67, 145 

Dent, Barbara 150 

DePalma, Michael 41 

DeRoux, Vanessa 42, 67, 

71, 79, 91 

Desiderio, Amanda 14, 

41,64, 104,105 

Detweiler, Tiffany 6 

DiBernardo, Coach 50 

DiBernardo, Matt 134 

DiBonaventura, Alisa 


Dieffenbach, Craig 41 

Diller, Heather 88,89 

Dimino, Andrew 168, 


Dimond, Dr. Roberta 


Dixon, Pete 90 

Dlugaszewski, Brian 


Doderer, Diann 18, 82, 

101, 150, 163, 174 

Dodgson, Scott 47, 113 

Doe, Mardia 101 

Doherty, Kevin 134 

Dollard, Auriane 42 

Dommel, Richard 130, 


Donahue, Tom 109 

Donato, Salvatore 45, 


Donigan, Joann 24, 68, 


Donmoyer, Jason 47, 99 

Dooley, Bill 134 

Dormont, Paul 150 

Dougherty, Andrew 10, 

13, 20, 25, 64, 150, 164, 

166, 169 

Dougherty, Shannon 42 

Dover, Tamika 150 

Drake, Dan 58 

Dravecz, Brian 27, 64, 

67, 68, 83 

Druding, Lindsey 42 

Drummond, Nakeshia 


Dubbs, Karin 39 

Dulin, Laci 42,80 

Dulio, Kevin 74, 88, 89, 

151, 163, 165, 166, 168, 


Dundore, Darcie 84, 151 

Dunmire, Enid 42 

Dunn, Logan 98,99 

Durrington, Roberta 


Dusault, Brian 47 

Dye, Jessica 71 

Earlen, Sean 12 
Eisen, Lisa 172 
Eisenhard, Milt 136 
Ellis, Mike 135 
Elmore, Chris 47 
Emrich, Harold 151 
Endl, Allison 48,89 
Enea, Albert III 45 
Epps, Dana 96,114 
Erickson, John 136 
Erikson, David 136, 151 
Estey, Marcy 42,101 
Evans, Blythe 151 
Evely, James 151 
Everett, Rachel 23, 31, 
49, 64, 65, 72, 73, 84, 134, 

Eyre, Howard 64, 88, 
89, 130 

Gromball, Pamela 6, 61 
Groselle, John 45 
Gross, George 130 
Gross, Mark 71 
Grosso, Hal 65, 152, 
163, 166, 168, 169 
Grove, Cheryl 152, 162, 

Gruber, Keith 45 
Guerrera, John 107 
Gulius, John 152 
Gyza, Katie 79 


Fabiano, William 


Faethe, Lynn 79 

Fair, Loretta 135 

Faller, Kelly 151, 

165, 175 

Fallon, Maggie 40 

Fatigate, Joseph 46 

Fealy, Ryan 66, 68 

Feldscher, Don 128 

Feldstein, Dan 137 

Ferrante, Christopher 


Ferrazzano, LJ 41 

Fetzer, Jason 43, 66, 

76, 83, 86, 142, 143 

Fieger, Bob 109 

Finan, Geno 99,151, 

165, 173 

Finicle, Heather 48 

Finlayson, Robert 


Fiore, James 45 

Firesinger, Jennifer 

151, 172 

Fisher, Stephanie 46, 


Fistner, Susan 83 

Fitch, Andrew 45, 67 

Fito, Nick 84 

Fleming, Matt 38, 

41, 53, 138 

Flinchbaugh, Jack 46 

Flood, Frances 134 

Flower, Garry 130 

Flynn, Katie 49,79 

Flynn, Maggie 80 

Foelsch, Dave 67 

Fogelstrom, Adam 


Fogg, Jared 40, 151 

Fogg, Meredyth 13, 

37, 151 

Foley, Carla 30,57 

Ford, Bill 134 

Forry, Dwight 43, 

76, 80, 109 

Forster, Heather 49, 57, 

67, 79, 137 

Fortier, Dr. Gary 130 

Fox, Lorie 89 

Freeland, Shanon 41,88, 

89, 151 

Friedauer, Christopher 


Friedauer, Michael 45, 


Friedman, Marcus 46, 


Friedman, Mel 130 

Friling, Melissa 82, 152 

Fritz, Nicholas 67,79 

Fritz, Stephanie 40, 67, 


Fritzenger, Karen 66, 


Frontz, Laura 48, 79 

Fry, Christine 46,80 

Fry, Jessie 46 

Fry, Joy 76 

Fulling, George 45 

Funk, Terry 45,58,82 

Funkhouser, Raymond 


Funt, Kimberly 152 

Fyock, Cathy '49,67,71, 

76, 77, 80 

Gadel, Francis 133 

Gainyard, Mike 46 

Galasso, Bruce 99 

Gallagher, Brian 45, 52 

Gantz, Heather 48,64, 


Garfinkel, Ivy 152 

Gargano, Jeff 13, 23, 68, 


Garner, Andrea 76, 134 

Garner, Karin 12, 37, 


Garofalo, Emily 46, 68 

Garrett, Dr. Michael 130 

Gasiorowski, Kevin 99 

Geddes, Jay 71 

Gemgnani, Joseph 47 

Gengemi, Bill 47 

Georgi, Sharon 134 

Geschwindt, Ryan 45, 


Ghering, Dr. Boyd Jr. 

25, 130 

Gilbert, Morton 67, 71 

Gilbert, Mrs. 77,82,90 

Gilbert, Rodney 72, 74, 


Gilbert, Seth 45, 163, 


Gill, John 46 

Gimmel, Michelle 72 

Gioffre, Dolores 129 

Glackin, Al 47 

Glassman, Karin 133 

Glauser, Ryan 13,43, 

59, 75, 83, 152, 164, 172 

Glennon, Jamie 152 

Gober, Adam 45, 140 

Gokey, Nikki 49 

Goldberg, Dr. Edward 


Goldblum, Robin 67, 75, 


Goldschlager, Bob 71 

Goldstein, Eric 45, 64, 


Goodman, Kevin 80 

Goodwin, Jenel 48 

Goodworth, Gibby 19, 


163, 164, 165, 168, 169, 


Gould, Stacy 42,67,101 

Gower, Matt 41 

Gower, Tim 45 

Gradel, Francis 79 

Graeve, Kristin 49 

Graham, Lewis 71 

Grandinetti, Anthony 


Graver, Kara 67, 75, 

152, 172 

Greco, Duke 117 

Greco, Steve 75,83 

Green, Ben 43,59,67, 


Greenberg, James 152 

Gregory, Nancy 42, 80 

Greza, George 71 

Griesa, Nicole 42, 75, 

77, 83, 152, 172 


Haddon, Richard 22 

Haenisch, Lindsay 79 

Hafer, Beth 48 

Hafer, Stephen 152 

Haley, Hyking 19,38, 


Hammer, Dr. Janice 

130, 164 

Hammer, Mike 58 

Haney, Michelle 42, 72 

Hannah, Andrew 46, 

102, 123 

Hansen, Laura 83 

Hanson, Peter 47 

Hardy, Pat 118 

Hare, Joe 79 

Harris, Aaron E. 47 

Harris, Marsha 40 

Harrup, Katie 49 

Hartz, Scott 71,143 

Haskell, Ron 71 

Haten, Betsy 136 

Hause, Audrey 42 

Haws, Dr. Janice 130 

Hawthorne, Jameel 113 

Hayden, Denise 105 

Hayes, Secretary Samuel 


Heffler, Blake 67, 75 

Heinle, Robert 71 

Helik, Janai 48 

Hellerman, Jean 134 

Helm, Matt 59,72 

Hendrzak, Brian 153 

Henry, Kristen 49,58, 


Henry, Shaun 75 

Henshall, Matt 46 

Hepner, Lawrence 130 

Hess, Steve 41,53,79 

Higgins, Walter 153 

Hill, Jamie 83,84 

Hines, Carl 68, 153 

Hinkle, Peggy 133 

Hintz, Scott 46,75 

Hippauf, Todd 123 

Histand, Dr. Gary 131 

Hlasta, Linda 134 

Hock, Joan 134 

Hoffer, Jeramie 30, 80, 


Hoffman, Clair 71 

Hoffman, Kristen 83, 

139, 153, 170 

Hoffman, Larissa 134 

Hoffman, Nancy 42,88, 


Hofsaess, Dr. Fred 69, 

76, 131 

Hofstaedter, Charissa 


Hofstaedter, Francis G. 


Hogan-Lange, Brooke 


Holdeman, Mike 82 

Holden, Brian 153 

Holderman, Michael 45 

Holland, Erica 46,114, 


Holman, Christopher 


Holoka, Heather 153 

Holzapfel, Alis 141,153 

Hooper, Nick 10 

Hoopes, Jennifer 153 

Horvath, Craig 47 

Hosgood, Amanda 153 

Hostrander, Matthew 


Howard, Mary 83, 84, 


Hoxworth, Jonathan 41, 


Hughes, Amy 84, 153, 


Hughes, Roxann 42, 64 

Hurd, Syreeta 76 

Hurley, Scott 45 

Hutchinson, Ace 136 

Hutchinson, Melissa 42, 

49, 67, 76, 84, 90 

Hyman, Junior 118 

Imwald, Amanda 22, 
70, 71, 137 

Ingvertsen, Britt 101 
Inhof, George 53, 153 

Jaskolka, Jen 49 

Jenni, Melissa 76, 79 

Jesburg, Kate 134 

Jillson, Jennifer 42, 79, 


John, Melissa 46, 84 

Johnson, Andrew 46, 


Johnson, Antone 47 

Johnson, Dave 14, 43, 

80, 153, 162 

Johnson, Kevin 45 

Johnson, Kristine 42, 79, 


Johnson, Ron 131 

Jones, Clint 43, 76 

Jones, Jess 67, 76, 142 

Jones, Mike 108, 109 

Jones, Tyree 113 

Jones, Waylon 45, 64, 

67, 80, 145 

Joseph, Julia 42 

Joyce, Kristin 83, 84 

Kane, Jason 71 
Kane, Mr. Don;' 
Kantner, David 12'i 
Kapust, Justin 79 
Karhan, Dianne 71 
Karl, Jeanine 75, 153 

.■/•.. Thomas 45 
n 134 
Kearns, Colleen 67, 101, 

Keener, Greg 46 

Keggan, Shaun 45, 53 

Keister, Larissa 67, 71, 


Kellen, David 45 

Keller, Chris 46 

Keller, Tiffany 

65, 67, 80 

Kelly, B.J. 13,43,59,86, 

154 ' 

Kelly, George 170 

Kelly, Lashea "Dimples" 

W I >4, 164 

Kennedy, Jennifer 7. 

Kennedy, Jim 45, 58, 


Kern, Dawn 154 

Kern, Joe 118 

Kerr, Jim 41,99 

Kerschner, Brent 46 

Kevisnek, Laura 83 

Keyser, Josh 45,122 

Khalil, Lorie 58, 110 

Kilker, Jenna 154 

Kiner, Jessica 46, 84 

King, Dave 47 

Kingston, Scott 71,154 

Kirscaner, Glenn 136 

Kitzmiller, Paul 43, 76 

Klaessig, Janet 137 

Klass, Bryan 38, 46, 108 

Kleinle,J.P. 58 

Kleinle, Kathv 136 

Kleinle, Matt' 58, 109 

Kleinle, Matthew 10, 45, 

58, 109 

Klimas, Seth 40,64,65, 

154, 166 

Klinger, Vicki 66, 71, 83, 


Knehr, April 18,42,74, 


Knorr, Peter 45 

Knouse, Kyle 47,98,99, 


Kochanski, Tom 112, 


Kocher, Dawn 76 

Kochis, Donna 91 

Kochis, Dr. Donna 131 

Kohur, Emorv 7 1 

Kolb, Tammi' 40, 67, 71, 


Konstantinidis, Joanna 


Kovacs, Ben 45, 67 

kratz, Jennifer 136 

Krill, Pete 71 

Kroon, 1 esley 4: 83 

Kucharczi k Or. Robin 


,1, Chris 141 
Kuifuor, Asamoah 154 
Kuhns, Kirsten 12,49, 


kupersmith, Peter 137 

Kutcher, Julia 40 

k, I aura 72, 84, 

Index 1 205 

Labonte, Bobbie Jo 49, 

Ladlee, Sherry 42,67, 
76, 79, 90 

Lafferty, Steve 45, 102, 

Lake, Kristin 79 
Lally, Kristen 42 
Lambaugh, Stephanie 

Lang, Joe 47 
Langdon, Jason 118 
Lange, Greg 45 
Lanigan, Jen 49 
Lantzsch, Jake 46, 76, 
142, 143 

LaPorte, Tony 41, 154 
LaSalle, Dr. Tony 131 
Laubach, Stephanie 56, 
66, 154 

Laughlin, Kelly 154 
Lavell, Alana 38, 46, 67, 

Lawhead, Matt 47, 78, 
79, 154 

Lawrence, Ed 131 
Lawson, Krista 42, 71 
Learner, Dr. Thomas 24, 
36, 84, 143, 172 
Learner, Mrs. 128 
Leary, Colleen 82 
Lee, Kathy 131 
Lee, Kenneth 131 
Lee, Lydia 68 
Legendre, Vilma 134 
Lehman, Lauren 21 
Leiter, Caroline 155 
Leiter, Elizabeth 21,40, 
42,114, 155 
Lengle, Eric 45, 99 
Lengle, Michael 45 
Leonard, Linda 155 
Leonards, Carter 117 
Leonetti, Alicia 49, 68, 

Leposa, Vicki 155 
Lerner, Jessica 145 
Lerner, Joshua 41, 71 
Lerner, Laurie 135 
Lesher, Joy 49, 76, 143 
Letourneau, Tanya 135 
Lewandowski, Allison 
18,42,61, 100, 101 
Lewis, Jamal 106 
Lezajski, Steven 155 
Lichtenwalner, Julie 41, 

Linde, Dr. Douglas 75, 
131, 134 

Liona, Maureen 155 
Lockwood, Bryan 102 
Lombardo, Nick 58 
LoRe, Stacey 74,83,84, 
155, 175 

Lorenz, Paul 31,71,155 
Lorette, Jennifer 42, 90 
Losey, Nicholas 45 
Loucks, Brian 45, 155 
Ludwig, Brian 45, 52, 

Lutz, Jason 99 
Lutz, Susie 40,77,83, 

Lutz, Terra 13,84,92, 
136, 156 

Lynagh, Becky 49, 66, 

Lynch, Rachel 48 
Lvons, Cheryl 134 
Netasha 114 

Maassen, Kristina 40 

Maclejewski, Jason 45 

Mackie, Aaron 80 

Mackie, James 10 

MacTamney, Donna 136 

Mafturak, April 60, 96, 

118, 119 

Magee, Shawn 4 1 

Maisel, Dr. Linda 131 

Majchrowski, Heather 

19,65,156,163, 168, 169 

Majewski, Allison 10, 

13,66,71, 156 

Malaby, Jennifer 74, 76, 


Malka, Sharon 134 

Maloney, Kevin 61 

Mancini, Matt 47 

Mann, Bill 117 

Manwell, Kate 15,48, 

67, 75 

Marasa, Bob 46,117 

Marcine, Brian 156 

Marco, Joe 83,99 

Marengo, Steve 64, 66 

Margelis, Mike 109 

Marini, Gerald A. 25 

Marino, Dr. Paul 131 

Markey, Mike 113 

Marquis, Michael 71 

Marshall, Bob 134 

Marshall, Jeff 80,113, 


Marter, Nate 23,39,41, 

45, 81, 93, 109, 123, 175 

Martin, Conrad 156, 

166, 168, 169 

Martin, Dr. John 88, 

131, 140 

Martin, Marshall 47 

Martin, Pam 49 

Martin, Rachel 40,71, 


Martinez, Sofia 68 

Massaro, Mrs. 169 

Massaro, Vince 25, 93, 

131, 169 

Massino, Frank 134 

Mast, Jamie 41,79,84 

Maust, Matt 134 

Mayette, Rachel 102, 


McAloney, John 45 

McArthur, Chris 98,99 

McCarthy, Melissa 91, 


McCartney, Lauren 96, 


McCormick, Ryan 84 

McCurdv, Mike 40, 156, 

163, 168,' 169 

McDermott, Ian 45, 102, 


McDonald, Steve 47,75, 

122, 123 

McGavin, Shannon 51, 


McGonigle, Mary 156, 


McGowan, Richard 45, 


McGurk, Marian 137 

Mclver, Chris 79 

McKenney, Heljena 131 

McLeod, Lorna 136 

McMahon, Kathleen 42 

McMullen, Sara 48,80 

McMullin, Jean 18,42, 


McNutt, Melissa 42, 76, 


McWhorter, Justin 99 

Mecouch, Ben 45, 156 

Melamud, Alissa 40 

Mendes, Adam 99 

Merritt, Rebecca 133 

Mertz, Dr. John 131 

Mertz, Margaret A. 135 

Metalsky, Dot 134 

Metz, Emily 40, 67, 72, 

73, 80, 142, 143 

Metzger, Alexis 49,110 

Michalak, Cathy 71 

Mickalah, Glen 71,133 

Milano, Kristin 42, 79 

Mill, Eleanor 71 

Millar, Hillary 41 

Miller, Adam 45,75 

Miller, Cindy 137 

Miller, Dr. Jim 131 

Miller, Jim 71 

Miller, Luke 46 

Milligan, Colleen 118 

Mills, Daniel 45 

Mills, Jen 37,40,118, 

119, 156 

Miltenberger, Thomas 


Mindock, Deb 88, 137 

Mishler, Dr. John 131 

Mitala, Joe 157 

Mitchell, Isabel 157 

Modansky, Merissa 79 

Mojica, Omar 117 

Mole, Karen 42 

Moll, Jim 45 

Molnar, Stephanie 42 

Moloney, Kevin 12,47, 


Montileone, Dominic 


Moore, Danielle 42 

Moore, Laura 104, 105 

Moore, Scott 43,76, 142, 


Morales, Jonathan 45 

Moran, Bob 135 

Morgan, Sherry 49, 75, 
76, 84, 157 
Morris, Bill 109 
Morris, Larry 131 
Mortenson, Jeff 79 
Mountz, Josh 41,71 
Mowrey, Charlene 15, 
49, 68, 69, 76 
Moyer, Rachel 84 
Moyer, Travis 46 
Muck, Seth 80,118 
Mullins, David 135 
Mulstay, Dr. Richard 

Mumma, Todd 79,89 
Munizza, Cheryl 135 
Munniksma, Lisa 25, 67, 

Muse, Dr. Barbara 131 
Muse, Dr. Ronald 131 

Nash, Dr. Jeffrey 132, 


Naugle, Mandy 84, 96, 

97, 157 

Navarro, Ricky 40, 157, 

163, 169 

Needham, Sean 45 

Neiman, Jennifer 42 

Nelinson, Les 136 

Nelsen, Kellie 157 

Nelson, Megan 102,118 

Nelson, Melissa 49 

Netso, Megan 41 

New Residence, Hall 40 

Ney, Edna 134 

Nichols, Mary 157 

Nichols, Patricia 157 

Nieman, Kristy 42, 71, 


Niese, Jennifer 24,132 

Niles, Nicole 41,49 

Nolan, Courtney 40, 67 

Noonan, Carol 133 

Nordstrom, Sara 48 

Novello, Tim 49, 53 

O'Brien, Cory 46, 72 

O'Connor, Greg 83, 84 

O'Connor, Jackie 49 

O'Donnell, Katie 49, 79 

Oakley, Becky 42,58, 

92, 110, 114 

Oakley, Charles 40, 112, 


Ollice, Tom 46 

Orr, Dr. Robert 22, 66, 

83, 132, 165 

Orr, Jonathan 23, 64, 90, 


Osilka, Donna 157 
Owen, Navonne 67 
Owens, Tom 47 

Quisumbing, Dr. Bert 

Pachuta, Susan 31 

Page, Maurice 45, 80 

Palatucci, Brad 41,79 

Palko, Rob 79,90 

Palmer, Justin 108, 109 

Palser, Jennifer 11,67, 


Palumbo, Becky 48 

Panzullo, Frank 45, 52, 

116, 117 

Papenberg, Heath 58 

Parrish, Rocky 45 

Paswater, Erica 48 

Paterno, Jodi 157,171 

Paul, Cristina 157 

Paul, Jon 84 

Pawlicki, Dianna 52, 65, 

157, 163, 164, 169 

Paxson, Greg 11, 14, 19, 

39, 45, 64, 67, 79 

Paylor, Rosemary 46, 

114, 115 

Pazdan, Maria 133 

Pellegrin, Regina 157 

Pendrak, Krista 157 

Pennacchio, Dr. Chuck 


Penrose, Jeremy 20, 45, 

67, 79, 83 

Pentz, Kelly 42, 79, 145 

Peranich, Cody 47, 102 

Peranich, Cory 45, 102, 


Perez, Andrew 109 

Perez-Chin, Christine 


Perii, Angelo 45 

Perry, Damon 134 

Perry, Jessica 23, 49, 

101, 110 

Perry, Kevin 41,83 

Peters, James 67, 71 

Peters, Laurie 135 

Petrovic, Bryan 45 

Phelan, Mary Ann 136 

Phillips, Shane 46 

Pia, Rich 45,59,92, 158, 

162, 175, 181 

Pierre, Craig 136 

Pill, Christian 47, 75, 76 

Pinsch, Meghan 42 

Pipe, Michael 158 

Piper, Jim 71 

Plummer, Dr. John 132 

Polhamus, Liz 18 

Polkowski, Joseph 45, 

116, 117 

Porter, Amy 90, 137 

Post, Jessica 109,158 

Potts, Donna 134 

Prettyman, Amie 79 

Price, Eleanor 133 

Prinks, Jamiela 40 

Prochko, Steve 76 

Prudish, Sharon 134 

Przychodzien, Anthony 


Pugh, Ariel 46 

Pugh, Jennifer 158 

Pursell, Heath 45 

Radic, Dan 47 
Radic, Jason 113 
Radosevich, Kristen 114 
Ramirez, Elena 110 
Raney, Ken 142 
Range, Erin 41 
Rathfon, Wade 45,79 
Rawley, Christopher 47 
Rawluk.John 46,118 
Ray, Dr. Fred 7, 132 
Ray, Tanya 10, 40, 121, 

Reale, Jason 41 
Reed, Dr. Pamela 26, 72, 
84, 132 

Reed, Karen 48,67,72 
Reeder, April 48,68,69, 

Regula, Steve 138, 158, 
166, 168, 169 
Reichert, Jennifer 83 
Reinhardt, Mike 43, 59 
Reis, Kirsten 101, 118 
Reiter, Elmer 132 
Reno, John 17 
Resident, Advisors 38 
Rex, Timothy 40, 158 
Reynolds, Chris 46, 61, 

Ricci, Michael 158 
Richenderfer, Stacy 67, 
100, 101 

Richie, Shannon 162 
Ridgway, Jason 45 
Riggs, Jamie 46 
Riley, Lauren 105 
Ritrovato, Jon 47,68,79 
Rivera, Rob 37,45,118, 

Robbins, Kristyn 68 
Robell, Kim 18, 101 
Roberts, Kristin 76 
Robinson, Anthony 39, 
47, 113 

Robinson, Carol 135 
Robinson, Dina 15, 90 
Roderick, Kelly 37,158 
Rodosovich, Christina 

Rogers, Mary 80 
Rolph, Jared 109 
Romanczak, Taryn 48 
Romanczuk, Angela 158 
Rooker, Laura 18,83 
Roper, Kristina 46, 67 
Rosanelli, Bill 46, 72 
Rosenberger, Skip 136 
Rosier, Melissa 46, 80 
Rossi, Brooke 79,96 
Roswell, Dennis 47 
Rottschaefer, Susan 71 
Ruch, Sandra 91 
Rudolph, Beth 42, 67, 
76, 80, 83 

Rugg, Danielle 96, 158 
Rush, Matt 117 
Rusiloski, Dr. Ben 132 
Russo, Heather 158 
Russo, Rocky 158 
Rutala, Barbara 42 
Ryan, Joe 45,79 

Ryan, Michael 159 
Ryan, Sean 45,55,83 
Rynes, Dr. Jean 132 


Salabritas, Jeffrey 


Salvesen, Kristen 

20, 68, 69, 102, 103, 

159, 168, 169, 175 

Sander, Beth 67, 

79, 114 

Sanders, Josh 72, 


Sandora, Arthur 

40, 159 

Santora, Marisa 42, 


Santoro, John 53 

Sanzick, Shaun 45 

Sartori, Kim 49, 80 

Sauer, Bob 64, 93, 


Saxe, Steven 45, 75, 


Sbriscia, Tifanie 18, 

83, 159, 163 

Schaeffer, Jen 13, 

40, 159 

Scheib, Megan 37, 

118, 140, 141, 159 

Scheid, Michelle 


Scheirer, Jared 117 

Schieferstein, Matt 


Schlegel, Dr. 

Michael 76,77,82, 

83, 132 

Schmidt, Dr. Jack 

25, 70, 132 


Denise 136 

Schofield, George 



Curtis 22,45,67, 


Schote, Lynn 159 

Schramm, Dr. Karen 



Rosemary 71 

Schumann, Frank 

52, 159 

Schussler, Harry 



Samantha 21, 79 


Jessica 96 

Schweighofer, Tim 


Scianna, Anthony 


Scott, Diana 133 

Scowcroft, Jaclyn 


Searles, Chelsa 10, 

48,91, 120, 121 

Seibel, Dana 46,68, 


Selesky, PJ 47, 67, 


Sentz, Julie 37,159 

Sergeant, Mary Jane 


Sewald, Crista 38, 

40, 105 

Sexton, Kendall 


Sexton, Leigh 46 
Shadell, Arthur 45 
Shahan, Amanda 76 
Shamberger, Kimberly 

Shanks, Neena 49,76, 

Sharon, Greg 84 
Shawlis, Sabrina 46 
Shea, Janet 83, 90 
Sheets, Dave 23 
Shiftier, Ashley 48 
Shipton, Aaron 83 
Shropshire, Alyssa 42 
Shull, Janet 159 
Simone, Mr. Michael 

Simoneau, Eric 47 
Simonet, Michele 79 
Simpson, Jessica 105 
Sklenar, Taryn 79, 159 
Slane, Dr. Thomas 72, 

Sloan, Christian 68 
Smiecinski, Carrie 4 1 
Smiecinski, Marlena 41, 

Smith, Chris 46,137 
Smith, Dale 45 
Smith, Diann 105 
Smith, Dr. Gregg 132 
Smith, Jonathon 12,45 
Smith, Kami 23, 49, 83 
Smith, Pat 133 
Smith, Thomas 46 
Smola, Jean 136 
Smolinsky, Amber 48, 
91, 110, HI 
Snader, Kari 76, 159 
Snauffer, B.J. 79 
Snelling, Jaclyn 4b 
Snook, Angie 110 
Snyder, Craig 53 
Snyder, Kristin 42, 114 
Snyder, Lauren 49, 110, 

Socrates, Jason 41, 81 
Soderberg, Evelyn 136 
Soga, Darlene 48 
Soltis, Summer 48 
Soninese, Tim 47 
Sorge, Becky 41, 102 
Soroko, Brian 47,117 
Spatz, Ryan 43, 59 
Specscha, Michael 45 
Speicher, Matthew 40, 
138, 160 

Spenser, R.J. 91 
Spier, Jessica 48 
Spink, Ryan 71 
Spirko, Michael 45 
Spratt, Brian 117 
Sprinkle, Amy 14, 83, 

Spross, Robert 45 
Stanley, Marcy 133 
Stellingwerf, Wendy 

Stenson, Dr. Joseph 132 
Stephenson, Heather 96 
Sterner, Katie 29, 49, 66, 
76, 142 

Stevens, Danielle 96 
Stevens, Leslie 49 
Stever, Jason 45,109 
Stick, Rachel 20,71,75 
Stiffler, Leigh 48 
Stock, Jess 79 
Stocker, Mike 10, 80 
Strange, Corinna 40, 76, 
102, 118, 160, 164 
Stranko, Paige 10 
Strathean, Laura 48 
Stromberg, Tim 109 

Strominger, Amanda 


Strucko, George 47 

Stultz, Erika 49,83 

Stutler, Andy 41,67,75, 


Sullivan, Nicholas 45, 


Susen, Beth 23, 72, 77 

Suter, Kraig 45, 64, 67, 

72, 73 

Sutton, Jim 66, 68 

Sutton, Lillian 135 

Svoboda, Matthew 16, 

67, 80, 83 

Swallow, Christopher 

45, 160, 162, 176 

Swan, Maria 68 

Sweeney, Andrea 40, 83 

Swire, Daron 116,117, 


Sykes, Bob 50 


Tabachnick, Michael 

Tafel, Heidi 42, 72 
Tamburrino, Matt 45 
Tasker, Bob 134 
Tatarynw, Sandy 102, 
103, 118, 119, 160 
Taylor, Melissa 71,79 
Teleski, Ken 45,58,80 
Teller, Lauren 13, 65 
Theo, George 64,67,83, 
93, 137 

Thomas, Jeff 47, 67, 71 
Thomas, Tisson 80, 99 
Thompson, Lee 137 
Thornton, Sylvia 88,118 
Tighe, John 86 
Tippens, Carole 48 
Tirino, Philip 46 
Titus, David 71 
Toland, Beth 40, 71 
Traylor, Emily 49, 105 
Treager, Elizabeth 42, 

Treichler, James 160 
Trombino, Ron 3 
Trout, Jeremiah 46 
Tulish, Kim 114 
Turner, Aaron 13,31, 
40,67, 160, 162 
Tuxhorn, Ryan 75 

Uhland, Chris 45,72, 
79, 88, 102 
Ungurian, Jason 46 
Usnick, Jason 84,122 


Valente, Vicki 91 
Valentine, Matt 46 
VanWinkle, Rich 117 
Vennebush, Jennifer If 
83, 101 

Vernacchio, Michael 

Vestal, Jason 47 
Veth, Erika 96 
Vincent, Dean 24, 25, 
36, 129, 143, 144, 171 

Visirttainer, Rachel 44 
Vogel, Karin 137 
Voorhees, Brad 67 
Vorse, Cassandra 42 


Wade, John 45,60 

Wagner, Larisa 7, 55, 

71,83, 102, 103, 160 

Walizer, Neil 10, 1 04 

Walter, Kitty Bell 134 

Ward, Linda 160 

Wargo, Greg 75 

Warren, Rob 47 

Wash, Melissa 41,68,83 

Wasko, Mike 45 

Waters, Joseph C. Jr. 91, 


Waznak, Jeanne 7, 49, 

110, 111, 160 

Weber, Dr. Charles 132 

Wechsler, Gina 21,70, 

71, 160 

Wehr, Amy 42,109 

Weiand, Sarah 79 

Weidemoyer, Leah 71 

Weihe, Lisa 71 

Weikel, Greg 117 

Weikel, Mitzi 67, 88 

Weitzmann, Donald 46 

Wescott, Shannon 40, 


West, Anthony 47 

West, George F. 132, 


Wharton, Edward 71 

Wheeler, Crystal 160 

White, Phil 75 

Whitehead, John 21,38, 

40, 64, 65, 92, 93 

Wilcox, Devon 13,40, 


Wilkinson, Margaret 

161, 1S1 

Williams, Andrea 49 

Williams, Jason 45 

Williams, Keith 75 

Williard, Courtney 161 

Wilshere, Allison 22, 

23,68, 161 

Wilson, Dr. Jennifer 132 

Winton, Audrey 135 

Wolfe, Suzanne 48 

Wolfgang, Brian 45, 

123, 161 

Wolfgang, Frank 134 

Wood, Judy 136 

Woodring.Rob 58,118 

Woodward, Joshua 161 

Worthington, Jamie 161 

Worthington, Jeremy 


Wright, Jackie 64,71, 


Wright, Scott 72 

Writer, Zane 47, 109 

Wu, Winston 80 

Wydra, Jared 161 

Yablonski, Andrew 43 
Yablonski, John 45 
"lard, James 134 
Yerger, Jamie 4h 
Yocum, Martin 161 
Voder, Erin 49 
Voder, Shannon 83 
Young, Dennis 136 
Young, Jeffrey A. 24, 

Zakarzewski, Tracie 41, 


Zangardi, Armand 161, 

168, 169 

Zenko, Steve 1 J4 

Zieger, John 74, 161, 

166, 168, 169 

Ziemer, Dr. Richard 133 

Zienowicz. Edward 47 

Zimmerman, Ann 19, 

42, 44, 56 

Zliceski, Cassie 99, 118 

Zver, Heidi 137 


I'd like to take this chance to acknowledge our staff, 
without their hard work, there wouldn't be a yearbook. 

Sports Editor 
Theme Editor 
Academic Editor 
Advertising Editor 
Special Events Editor 
Student Life Editor 
Photo Editor Editor 
Contributing Editor 

Matthew Hostrander 
Kristen Salvesen 
Charlene Mowrey 
April Reeder 
Marlena Balliett 
Dana Seibel 
Alicia Leonetti 
Janet Beagle 

Thanks also to our moderator, Joann Donigan, our fostens 
representative, Bill Straub, and our emergency response man. 
Jim Linden. Everyone helped out immensely. 

There is no doubt that this book is a labor, but I like to think of 
it as a labor of love. 

Thanks to my family who have put up with me for the past 
four years. It turns out that DVC was the right choice. Main 
great friendsand memories will surely keep me coming back for 
years to come. 

Thanks also to the friends at DV( who have helped me 
through. Don't worrv I'll stop asking you to ideal;: 

"Afoot and lighthearted I take to 
the open road, healthy, free, the 
world before me, the long brown 
path before me leading wherever I 

- Walt Whitman