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Comiifcopia 2002 

Delaware Valley College 

■&' .J" 


''» f.. 


Branching Out'' 

For a tree to grow, a seed must be sown. It 
must be cared for to become strong and to 


stand alone. 


As a tree grows, so do we. Like a tree, we start from a seed, form roots, 
and enter into the world. From there, the world molds us into something 
that can survive the harsh winters and the exhausting heat. Each new 

experience is a new season, used to make each part of our bodies 

stronger. As children, we learned how to share, laugh, and cry. In the 

same fashion, college has taught us to grow into adults, becoming more 

responsible with each passing year. Who knows exactly what the world 

will throw at us after graduation, but with such a strong backround from 

family, friends, and school, we can make it through anything. So as you 

continue through life I challenge you to let yourself go and learn to 


-Marlena C. Balliett- 


f, y Academics 

Sowing Seeds 
of Knowledge 

Here at Delaware Valley College, 
achieving academic excellence is al- 
ways a priority amongst the faculty 
and staff. This year was no exception. 

As it has been in past years, the Dela- 
ware Valley faculty have made it 
simple for all students to receive any 
extra help necessary. Each member 
persistently stresses that they are al- 
ways available during office hours and 
are more than willing to make an ap- 
pointment with the student if need be. 

It seems Del Val staff and faculty is 
hard at work to further the students' 
college experiences. Residence Life is 
moving towards its second year of 
hosting Special Interest Housing where 
students receive the opportunity to 
become more involved in the college 
community by organizing college-wide 

The Delaware Valley College's fac- 
ulty and staff are the backbone to this 
institution. Hopefully, for years to 
come, they will continue to sow the 
seeds of knowledge! 

By: Alicia Grysko 


Don Feldscher 
Special Assistant to the President 

To the members of the Delaware 
Valley College class of 2002, 

I offer my congratulations on your 
graduation! This is a major milestone in 
your life. 

Over the last four years, I have had 
the oppurtunity to watch you grow both 
intellectually and socially. You have 
developed organizational skills, learned 
to work with with each other and have 
achieved many things collectively. It is 
my hope that your learning and grow- 
ing at DVC will serve as an inspiration 
to you as you go toward to a job or to 
graduate school. You have been well 
prepared at DVC to go forth and make 
significant contributions in the work 
place and in society. I hope that you 
will reflect positively on your years at 
Delaware Valley College and that you 
will support you alma mater and keep 
in touch with us. 

I offer my best wishes to each of you 
for a bright and happy future. 

Dr.Tliomas Learner 


' Academics 


Congratulations to the Class of 2002. 

Each of you has accomplished an 
important goal in your life by success- 
fully completing your degree. Along 
the way you have grown intellectually 
and socially. As you transition into the 
next phase of your life, the many 
memories and accomplishments you 
created here will become part of your 
legacy. Your next steps will lead to 
new pathways and opportunities. Use 
the knowledge, skills and abilities you 
have gained to create success for your- 
self and humanity. Remember, aim 
high. People do not hit the target when 
their aim is low. Best wishes! 

Dr. Neil J. Vincent 

Vice President of the College 
Dean of the Faculty 

Deans of Academic Affairs 

James E. Diamond 

Deans of Agriculture and 
Environmenal Science 

Dominic A. Montileone 

Dean of Arts and Science 

Dolores Capraro Gioffre 

Dean of Business and 
Computer Sevices 

Administration ■ 

Department Secretaries 

Mileen Altier 
Animal Science 

P<il Smith cSi Tracy Ayres 

Agribusiness, Business 

Admininstration, & 


Sharon Haddon 
Ornamental Horticulture 

Carol Noonan 

Biology, Chemistry, 

Food Science 

Administrative Assistants 

Judith Bitto 

Administrative Assistant 

to the President 

Diana Scott 

Administrative Assistant to 

the Dean of Agriculture & 

Environmental Science 

Maria Pa/den 

Administrative Assistant to 

the President 

Jane Tyson 

Administrative Assistant to 

the Dean of Business, 

Agribusiness, & CISM 


Cindv Miller 

10 > Academics 

Del Val Faculty 








Ann Algeo 

David Beck 
Business Admin. 

Roboert Berthhold 

Michael Bodri 

Director Small Animal 


Richard Bortnick 

Rachel Bowman 
Liberal Arts 

Janice Corbett 

Joeseph Daniel Steven DeBroux 

hiformation Systems Environmental Science 

Roberta Dimond 
Liberal Arts 

Joann Donigan 

Howard Eyre 
Ornamental Horticulture 

Fredrick Hofsaess 
LargeAnimal Science 

Ronald Johnson 

Douglas Kane Doiina Kochis 

Ornamental Horticulture Criminal Justice 

Robin Kucharczyk 

Linda Kuehl 


Anthony LaSalle 

Edwin Lawrence 

Kenneth Lee 
Information Systems 

April Leytem 
Environmental Science 

Douglas Linde 

Agronomy and 

Environmental Science 

George Lu 
Information Systems 

Secretaries, Administrative Assi stants, & Faculty \ 11^ 


Paul Marino 

John Martin 

Orimental Hort 

Department Head 



-^ ' 

Larr\' Morris 
Dairy Science 

Heljena McKennev 

Barbara Muse 

John Mertz 

James Milli 



^^Hb^^OwSt ' ' 

Charles Pennacchio 
Liberal Arts 

John Mishler 

Pamela Reed 
Large Animal Science 


Jacqueline Ricotta 

John Plummer 
Dairy Science 

^r T^ 

Anthony Rohach Benjamin Rusiloski 

Business Administration Chemistry 

Karen Schramm 

Robm Shcdiauskas 
Small Animal Science 

1 Simone 


/• -? 

Michael Tabachnick 

Gregg Smith 

_^\ ^ liii 

George West 
Business Administration 

Larry Stelmach 
Business Administration 

Joeseph Stenson 
Chemistry and 

Jennifer Wilson 

Richard Ziemer 
Liberal Arts 

12 > Academics 

'el Val Staff 

Academic Support 

Anne Deforest, Edna Ney 
James Yard, Karen Kay, Sharon Maike, Donna Kolvites 

Athletic Department 

Matt Levy, Linda Feldstein, Judy Bessore, Robert Marshall 
Matt Maust, Bob Altieri, Frank Wolfgang, Jenn Wolfgang, Bob Simmons 


Steve Zenko, Christy Lester, Amy Holland, Kristy Balceniuk, Bob Tasker, Mary 
Campbell, Kitty Bell Walter, Frances Flood, Bob Yapsuga 

Missing: Frank Massino 

Bursar's Office 

Cathy Gemmell, Dot Metalsky 


Lillian Sutton, George Schofield, 
Margaret Mertz 

Career & Life Education 

Mardi Doe, Cathy Spate, Mike Ellis, 

Del Val Staff < 13 , 

Financial Aid 

Melina Delpapa, Bob Sauer, Sharon Prudish, Joan Hock, Larissa Hoffman 

Health Center 

Kathy Kleinle, Judy Wood, Marnie Berthold, 
Maryann Phelan, Lorna McLoed 


Charlie Columbo, June Bitzer, Anne DeMatteo, Janet Klassig, Joyce KunMe 
Mary Jane Sergeant, Mariah McGurk, Peter Kupersmith 

Mail Center 

Ace Hutchinson, Larry Colbert 


Robert Moran, Lucy Stillwell, Audrey Winton, Laurie Lemer, Sue Bessler 


Randy Miozzi, Robbin Cubbage 

14 /> Academics 

Student Life 

Sharol Bailey, Jill Susice, Dan Gordon, Mike Bergels, Cathy Reagan, Betsy Arrison 

" To all the teachers throughout this land, please take a bow each time you 
stand. Though sometimes your efforts and sacrifice may appear to be an endless 
win. Today, stop. . . stand. . . and think... of that one student where your efforts 
sunk in. We applaud you." 

- Ty Howard 

Who has had a profound influence on your college experience? 

"I believe Mr. Flower has been a big influence in my academic life. 
Not only is he an excellent accounting professor, but he also takes time 
to sit down with me to discuss my career aspirations. He appears to 
be a person who really enjoys his work at the college, and he takes the 
time to get to know his students." 

- AlexMeller 

"The staff member who has had the greatest impact on my life so far at 
Del Val has to be Coach Matt DiBernardo. What he teachers us goes far 
beyond just the playing field and James Work Stadium; it has an impact 
on your life. He has shown us how to be proud, even if life throws you 
a curve or gets down on you. Lessons taught on the football field don't 
stop when your remove your helmet, pads and cleats. They go on and 
follow you for the rest of your life." 
- Eric Orr 

Business & Finance 

John Ericson & Dottie Chizek 

Institutional Advancement 

Laura Soldano, Jonathan Matas, Doug MacEwan, 
Ineke Daley, & Loretta Fair 


Dave Mullins, Tom Beal, 
& Cheryl Munizza 


Eric Andrews, Tim Varacallo, 
& Sean Boyle 


Physical Plant 

Craig Pierre, Betsy Hater, Lexi Peterson, David CuUii 

> Academics 


Public Relations 

Rob Nichols, Kimberly Junod, 
Sean Dallas 

Human Resources 

Carol Robinson & Sue Clarke 

Stable Manager 

Glenn Michalak 

DVC Staff -" 17 

vhto Cmki Mfmms 

During a field trip. 
Dr. Martin shows 
students his fancy 

We would like to thank every- 
one who submitted photos. 
These three were our favorites. 
Congratulations to the winners 
and remember that you can 
catch anything if you carry a 

cameraf'with you. 

Keep on snapping! 

B\ : Alyssa Shropshire & 
.Viitzi VVeikel 

Jumping into the dance, 
.VIr. Eyre livens up this 
slow song for Marlena*- 
Balliett and Nick Culfer. 

Dr. Berthold is very 
happy with his gift. ."I 
wonder where I should 
put it?" 

By: Andrew Hanna 


Field Trips... 

Each year, many students 
accompjmy their professors to 
different places to learn new 
aspects of life. This group of 
Ornamental Horticulture design 
students went with Doug Kane, 
to see many types of landscapes, 
enjoying themselves greatly 
while they learned. 

A^Tipic To 

Photo Cont est & Class Trips \ 19, 

Cole Porter's 

Anything Goes 

Reno Sweeney, played by Larissa Keister, 
and Billy Crocker, played bv Frank 
Fasanella, sing "You're the Top " to prove 
the other is better. 

David Heck plays Elisha Whitney, Billy's 
boss. During the play, Elisha falls in love 
with .Mrs. Evangeline Harcourt. 

At the start ot the musical, Billy and Reno 
get together for a long-awaited dated. 
Reno sings "I Get a Kick Out of You " to 
show her interest in Billy, but, to Reno's 
dismay, he is in lo\ c with another girl 

Reporters, playud b)- Tim Ciiuun .iiid 
Sarah Jacobs, interview the Captain, 
played by Emory Kohut, to determine 
why there are no celebrities upon the S.S. 
American. The disheveled Captain ex- 
plains tha 1 1 he wonderful Reno Sweeney, 
the night-club singer, is on board and 
that they should not dispair. 

Erma, played by Jennefer Crv'aric, is wor- 
ried about the love of her life, Snake-Eyes 
Johnson, who has missed the ship. 

Reno Sweeney sings one of her 'sermons' 
as her angels, played by Beth Rudolph, 
Julie Lichtenwalner, and Anne Ridge, 
look on. 

Mrs. Evangeline Harcourt, played by 
Cathy Fyock is excited that her daughter, 
Hope, played by Chara Histand, is get- 
ting married to Lord Evelyn Oakleigh, 
played by Joshua Mountz. 

The entire cast sings 
"Bon Voyage" as the 
ships sets sail. 

Anything Goes x 21^ 

Career Day 

February 28, 2002 

Each \-ear, businesses come to DVC to 
show students what kinds of jobs are 
a\aliable after graciuation, or during the 
summer. Students take this day and look 
around at all the jobs that are available, 
getting to know some of the local businesses, 
and talking to the recruiters. Some may find 
a great summer job, while others may find 
their career waiting for them in the gym. 

Amy Boros and her friend stop to look 
over some information they have 
collected so far from prospective 

Excited to apph/: 

Julie Lichtenwalner, alumnus Susan Johnson, and alumnus G 

Wechsler smile for the camera as they prepare to go job hunti 

JilKnnL- U,iM> IN talking to the Penn- 
svlvania Agricultural Statistics Ser- 
vice. Perhaps a career is calling her. 

These girls sign up for a 
potential summer job. 

Hiippy or Nervous? 

Karoi Stums applied for a job. 

JoRiicr ill 11.^1 

Short Interview: 
Lauren McCartney is talking to a 
representative in hiopes of getting 
a job. 

This representitive is explaining 
the job descripition to a 
prospective employee. 

Mika Miller, Bill Kennedy, 
and Josh Pottieger take 
time to talk about the em- 
ployers that have come to 
offer them a job. 

Career Day ^ 23 , 

Greg Shinn and 
Chris Balogh man 
the booth for a few- 
hours during the 
week. After the 
show closes for the 
day, the\' will water 
and make anN' 
repairs that may be 







^^^^ ^ 





^^w * 

^H^^ \ ] 



From the house to the garden, this path 
creates a beautiful setting for a stroll 
through any area. 

^,. Ac 

Flower Show 

The Garden's 

Each year, Del Val participates in the Philadelphia 
Flower Show. A group of students get together in the 
fall and discuss the theme. Over time, they design and 
plan what needs to get accomplished in the spring. 
When the time comes, these same students plant the 
many shrubs, trees, and other plants at the show. This 
year's theme was The Forgotten Season. Many people 
do not realize how beautiful the garden can be during 
the winter. These talented students used their abili- 
ties to show the population the difference. 

This gentleman is browsing through the 
display. He is learning valuable 
information for his winter garden. 

lond was featured in Del Val's exhibit. It was 
ly the student workers as well as some of the 
:tental Horticulture staff and faculty members, 

Philadelphi a Flower Show <C 25 




26 y Sports 

»v} *»j a > pi> y 


Rooting for 

This past year, many people put go- 
ing to a sports events high on their list 
of things to do. They went to support 
their friends and their school. All the 
players showed determination and this 
proved to be a success. Their long 
hours of practice paid off. With the 
crowd rooting for them, they were en- 
couraged to win. Whether the team 
won or lost, they enjoyed time together 
with their teammates, the best part of 
being involved in a team. They have 
created many memories that can never 
be taken from them. 

As we root for our teams, the roots of 
the players grow stronger, giving them 
strength to persevere. Later, these roots 
will become important to the develop- 
ment of the players and to those 
around them. So as you come to "root, 
root, for the home team," remember, 
they need you to help them grow from 
season to season. 

By: Alicia Leonetti 
& Lauren Rusnak 



Kyla Moyer has reached the top, with the ^ 
help of her teammates. 

A little fancy footwork and Ni. 
Gravanese is ready to dismount. 


Amy Eckert concentrates on her routine 
as she cheers on the football team. 

Heather Arsunault proudly displays her 
>ign used to include the crowd in a few 


i for another game, the team 
■es their routine. 

Cheerleading ^ 29 , 


Isabella Zvvierzynski takes her time and 
watches her footing as she runs. 

Erin Baker, Isabella Zwierzynski, and 
Marianne Petrino take a break with the 
rest of the team. 


Nick Fritz runs barefoot, a common sight 
throughout campus 

Men & Women 

Under the head coach, Robert 
Berthold, both the women and 
men participated at the Middle 
Atlantic Conference (MAC) 
Championships. The women fin- 
ished 12th out of the 12 teams, but 
they worked to strive for success 
among themselves. 

Marianne Petrino, Julianne 
Arnold, and Mary Wheatley were 
the top female Aggie runners at 
the MAC Championships. 
Petrino placed 65th. Her best fin- 
ish during the year was a 9th 
place showing at the Drew In\'i- 

Arnold took 80th at the MACs 
with Wheatley followingdirectly. 
Erin Baker and Diann Smith 
rounded out the MAC partici- 
pants. Baker placed 96th while 
43-year-old Smith was 112th. 

The men's side saw three run- 
ners compete at the conference 
championships. Andy Hannah 
was the top finisher of his time of 
30:15.4. His best finishes of the 
year were a pair of 8th place show- 
ings at both the Albright and 
Cwynedd-Mercy ln\'itationals. 

Cody Peranich and Nick Frit/ 
placed 104th and llOth respec- 

I. (kIv IVr.inKh 
during the race. 

ror \m> Ix'nI II 

. 30 /Sports 

Andy Hanna does not look 
back as he runs to victory. 

Christy Charters seems to be think- 
ing about the finish line as she runs. 

Crosscountry \ 31^ 


While keeping her eye on the 
ball, senior captain, Lauren 
McCartney, strives to get past 
her opponent. 

Junior Dyanna Capuano, 
trying to regain the ball back 
for the Aggies from her op- 

Sophomore Allison Bayer, contains her 

Record-Breaking Season 

Record 12-8 overall, 3-2 in MAC 

Thisseast>n the field hockey team had 
a record-breaking season with a record 
most 12 wins, qualifying for the the con- 
ference playoffs for the first time since 
1980 and breaking other school records. 
Unfortunately, their playoff run ended in 
the semi-final game verses University of 

Helping the Aggie field hockey squad 
with this dramatic turnaround in 2001 
was freshman forward Kristin 
Cottman.This rookie led the Aggies of- 
fense all season with 10 goals and 21 

Sophmore, Sara Astbury, followed 
Cottman with 9 goals and 20 points for 
the season. 

The Aggies three seniors contributed 
greatly to this year's success. Denise 
Bailey doubled her entire output from 
the previous three years with 17 points 
this season. 

Dawn Brandt tied a school record with 7 
assists this season and dominated play 
from her midfield positon. Lauren 
McCartney finished her four-year cam- 
paign as Delaware Valley's fifth all-time 
leading scorer with 47 points. 

The Aggies' defense helped with the 
record breaking success. Junior goal- 
keeper, Leigh Stiffler, tied the programs 
single season record with four shuouts. 
She also had a 1.56 goals against average 
and 177 saves. 

With a young defense in front on 
Stiffler and other young players contrib- 
uting to this year's success, the Aggies 
field hockey team looks for another great 
2002 season. 

By Lauren Rusnak 

bophmore Sara Astbury uses he 
work to move the ball up field. 



Senior captain. Dawn Brandt, waits to 
recieve the ball before her opponent. 

With an opponent in chase, freshman 
Kristin Cottman moves the ball upfield 
for the Aggies. 

Field Hockey <( 33^ 


Rob Warren, Bill Crowley, John Guerrera 
and Andrew Erby are talking about theii 
last defensive stop. 

Brian Christy returns the kickoff for the 



Nick Sabean, after blocking a punt re- 
turn, brings the ball down the field for a 
gain in yardage. 

Rebuilding Season 

Record 3-7 overall, 2-7 in MAC 

Delaware Valley completed its 
season 3-7 overall. The offense 
broke many records this season 
and had three players named 
MAC all-stars. 

The offense set records for to- 
tal yards, first downs, comple- 
tions, passing yards and passing 
touchdowns. They were also very 
close to breaking the single sea- 
son scoring record. 

Dan Drake, Rich Gear and 
Duke Greco were named to MAC 
all-stars this season. Drake picked 
up first team all-star honors three 
yea rs in a row, sta rted a 1 1 40 ga mes 
of his collegiate career and was 
team captain. 

Greco and Gear combined for a 
set number of records and were 
both named to second team all- 
stars. Greco shattered single sea- 
son records with 168 completions 
for 2,405 yards and 28 touch- 
downs. Gear finished his career 
with 2,145 yards and 137 recep- 

A lot of freshmen stepped in 
and made a big impact on the 
squad for the aggies. 

On the defensive side of the 
ball Andrew Erby notched a team 
high 76 tackles. Brian Christy 
had 60 stops and 3.5 sacks. John 
Guerrera and Rob Warren had 
two interceptions each. 
By Alicia Leonetti 
& Lauren Rusnak 

CJuailL'ilvKk IJukc (.. 
the ball off block for 
Rich Gear. 

e.o alle, pa 
his wide rec 

04 } Sports 

The offense is lined up waiting for the 

Sophomore, Pat Connerly, punts the ball 
down the field for the Aggies. 

Football < 35) 


Seating the goalie. Tommy Arndt goes in 
;or the goal. 

senior defenseman Chris McCarthur is 
ooking for his best option to pass the ball 
jp field. 


With three defenders .i round him, sopho- 
more Scott Burcik still gets through with 
the ball. 



Aggies Reach Playoffs 

Record 8-11-1 overall, 4-3 in MAC 

Delavvcire Valley College, was 
seeded third in the Freedom Con- 
ference playoffs this year. They 
made their run to the post season 
with an impressive school record, 
six game winning streak. This 
included four conference wins. 
The Aggies a Iso set another school 
record with 337 shots during the 

Senior midfielders Logan 
Dunn and Tommy Arndt led Del 
Val with 21 points each and com- 
pleted two of the top careers in 
Aggies men's soccer history. To- 
gether the pair hold several 
school records. Dunn is the all- 
time leader in assists, while Arndt 
is the all-time goal scorer with 

Dunn right behind him. 

Another key to the Aggies suc- 
cess was goalkeeper Joe Marco. 
He started 19-20 games and 
notched all eight victories, along 
with defender Chris Mc Arthur 
who was a four year starter and 
two-time MVP. 

Justin McWhorter, gone for j 
year came, back and made a 
strong impact on the field for the 

The Aggies also had a \'er\ 
strong rookie campaign this year. 
They had just the right mix to 
compete for a playoff spot, and 
hopefully they will be \'i'ry suc- 
cessful in the future. 
Bv Alicia Lconctii 

take on whoever steps up to cover hiir 

>6 /Sports 

Freshman Mark Hannan looks as if he is 
ready to cross the ball into the middle. 

Freshman Tom Fisher makes sure to keep 
the ball from going out as the Aggies 
charge on. 


Junior Captain Kyle Knouse works on beating his defender. Looks like he has 
that under control. 

Mens Soccer \ 37/ 


Freshman Katie Leach saves the ball fion 
crossing the line keeping it in play for th^ 

Mid-fielder Alicia Leonetti looks deter 
mined to get through the two defender; 
to get the pass off. 

Sophomore StaceyDoderer traps the ball " * 
and tries to get a shot off. 

Finish Season Strong 

Record 7-10 overall, 3-4 in MAC 

Up until the last conference 
game of the season, the Lady 
Aggies were in the race for a play- 
off spot. Unfortunately they 
didn't continue into the 

Sophomore, Stacey Doderer 
led the team with 22 points, pull- 
ing off an amazing one-year turn- 
around. She was named to the 
All-Tournament Team and First 
Team Freedom Conference All- 
Star. Juniors TaraCorkery and 
KirstenWurzburg, who were also 
named to the All-Tournament 
Team, both moved up the Aggie 
all-time list this season, finishing 

19 and 16 points respectively. 

Katie Leach and Katherine 
Glabb both had successful rookie 
campaigns. Leach finished the 
season with eight points and 
Glabb with four points. 

Seniors Allison Lewandowski, 
Marcy Estey and Kirsten Reis 
wrapped up careers that saw 36 
wins and a clinch of the first ever 
playoff berth. All three ha\'e been 
named to the All Academic Team 
several times. 

Another key to the Aggies 
succes this year was the strong 
play from rookie goalies Lindsay 
Eversoleand Tiffany Nicely. They 
were a strong contribution to the 

By Alicia Leonetti 

Sweeper Megan Maddock thro 
in for the Lady Aggies. 


38 y Sports 

Freshman goalie Linday Eversole warms 
up before the start of the game. 

Kirsten Reis beats her defender on the 

unior Captain Kirsten Wurzburg beats Iter opponent to tlie ball with hopes of 
massing it down the line. 

Junior Tara Corkery is sure to keep her defender from getting to the ball as she 
advances the ball for the Aggies. 

Womens Soccer <( 39 , 


Sophomore Cafh\' Belton sets the ball up 
for her teammates. 

Jessica Simpson prepares to dig the hall 
as it comes her way. 

Moving On Up 

Record 10-12 overall, 2-4 in MAC 

Under new head coach Sara 
VVuerstle, the Del Val Volleyball 
team had a building year. Up until 
the last game of the season they 
battled fora playoff spot, just fall- 
ing short. 

The Aggies were led by Emily 
Traylor, Jessica Simpson, and 
Laura Moore all season. Each 
setting new career records along 
the way. 

Traylor paced Del Val with 21 7 
killsand .257hittingaverage. Her 
total 910 kills broke the school 
record this season. She earned 
Freedom Conference Player of the 
Week and is also 2nd on all-time 
leader list for digs. 

Simpson led the team in digs 
with 310, now leading Aggies' 
all-time record with 1,139. 

Moore was recently honored 
as the all-time leader in assists 
with 2,407. She also broke her 
single-match assist record by 
dishing out 71. 

Other major contributors to the 
team this year were Cathy Benton, 
Elizabeth Ryan, Amanda 
DeSiderio, Karen Smith, Angela 
Eacina, and Kellv Dominski. 

Jessica Simpsun ^oiv 

in Inr the' kill fori 



Captain Emily Traylor digs the ball to 
start the Aggies off. 

Junior Captain Laura Moore bumps the ball to 
one of her teammates. 

Amanda DeSiderio kills the ball for the 


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Kp^^ u«s: ■-. ^ |fl 










l^f^^^B^- ^^^^^H 




r ^ 


^B. 1^^^^ ' 





This teammate reaches for the ball as it 
comes over the net. 

Volleyball < 41 


Kevin Wolf sees an open lane to the bas- 
ket and is going for it. 

Freshman Center Josh Wurtz is shooting 
two for the Aggies. Wurtz led the Aggies 
in free throw percentage this season. 



Young Squad Gains Experience 

Record 6-19 overall, 1-13 in MAC 

With a squad comprised of 
fourteen freshmen, three sopho- 
mores and three juniors the team 
had a rebuilding year. With hard 
work and dedication this team 
will improve greatly for next sea- 

Josh Wurtz was the lone Aggie 
to start all 25 games. The fresh- 
man led the Aggies in a number 
of categories, scoring, blocks and 
free throw percentage. His free 
throw percentage led the MAC 

Rookie Kevin Wolf followed 
behind Wurtz in scoring. Wolf 
paced the Aggies with 31 baskets 
from three-point land while 

tying for second in assists and 
third in steals. 

Team captains Wade Lewis 
and Gerry Rose, provided solid 
leadership for the team. Lewis, a 
sophomore, shot a team-best 49.2 
percent from the field. Rose, a 
transfer junior, was a strong 
leader on the court and immedi- 
ately named team captain by 
peers. Rose also represented Del 
Val at Lehigh Valley Small Col- 
lege Basketball Team of the Year. 

The squad had many other 
contributors to the team this sea- 
son and are looking toward a 
strong season next year. 

By Alicia Leonetti & Matt Levy 

Randall Graves goes in for thelayup 
his steal on the defensive end. 

J? Sports 

Center Wade Lewis rises up for the shot 
over Lycoming defender. "Was it Good?" 



The team huddles around Coach Simmons on the bench while he draws out the 
last minute strategies for the game. 

Senior, Tom Kochanski, drives to the bas- 
ket after beating his defender. 

















W V 






m^- ^ 





^^Vy ' '^^H 






■ ^ 

\ 1 





^ ^ 








^^^ „-^ 






Men's Basketball < 43 , 


Melissa Martinez drives to 
the net around two defend- 

Lauren Snyder and Shannon McCormick 
save the ball from going out of bounds or 
info their opponent's hands. 

Amber Smolinsky has gotten by one de 
fender. Will she get to the basket? 

Great Season 



Record 16-12 overall, 8-6 in MAC 

The Aggies reached the MAC 
championship game for the first 
time in school history and fell 
short. They were then invited to 
defend their title in the ECAC 
Southern Region Playoff games. 

Senior Lauren Snyder and 
Kristen Henry saw theircollegiate 
careers come to an end with many 
records under their belts. Includ- 
ing a record-tying 63 wins to 
match the Class of 1991 for most 
victories. Henry wrapped up her 
season second in all-time scor- 
ing. Snyder ended her career as 
the all time leading rebounder 
standing 5 feet /inches tali. She 
was voted second team in thr 

MAC for all-stars. 

Amber Smolinsky, also named 
to the second team all-stars, led 
the team with 107 assists. 
Smolinsky is only 50 points away 
from breaking the 1000 point pla- 

Sara Tuffner impro\'ed her 
numbers from her rookie year. 
She set a school and conference 
record for blocked shots with 71 . 
Melissa Martinez had a solid 
rookie campaign. Stepping up 
big for the Aggies who needed a 
point guard this year. 

Senior Lauren Snyder blocks another shi 

44 > Sports 

Sophomore Sara Tuffner goes in for the 

Rachel Chapman and Shannon 
McCormick box out in case there is a 

Women's Basketball \ 45 , 


After iilmost being detected, this Aggie 
wrestler conies biiek in the niiitch. 

This Aggie wrestler grasps the match 



Great Season 

Wrestling captnares 10th Middle Atlantic Conference 

_46 / > Sports 

Under head coach Robert 
Marshall, the 2001-2002 
DVC Wrestling Team captured 
its 10th Middle Atlantic Con- 
ference title placed 30th at the 
NCAA Division III Champi- 
onships, held March 1-2, in 
Scranton, PA. 

Marshall became only the 
third coach in Division III his- 
tory to reach the 400-win mark. 
Over the last 35 years, his 
record stands at 400-104-7 (363- 
67-0 during his 28 seasons at 
DVC). Marshall received the 
MAC Coach of the Year award 
for the fifth time in his career. 

Sophomore Josh House- 
keeper, freshman Jason Shivak, 
and junior Andrew Povenski 
all captured indi\idual titlesat 
the MAC Championships on 
February 16th, which gave 
them automatic berths at the 

NCAA tournament. 

Housekeeper finished fin- 
ished sixth in the 174-pound 
weight class at the NCAA's to 
become the 41st wrestler in All- 
American honors. He brought a 
24-8 record to his first trip to the 
NCAA's. He placed third at both 
Ithaca and Springfield 
Invitationals and took fourth at 
the York Invitatiiinal. 

Shivak, who also made his 
first trip to the NCAA Champi- 
onships despite being unseeded 
at the event, posted a 21-9 mark 
on the year and placed fourth at 
the Ithaca In\'itational. He cap- 
tured the 163-pound title at the 
MAC tournament and went 1-2 
at the NCAA's. That one win 
came against sixth-seeded Gar- 
ret South of Lutheran College. 

Povenski won his third 
straight MAC Championship at 

184 pounds anci aimed to become 
only the fourth wrestler in Aggie 
history to earn All-American hon- 
ors three times in a career. How 
ever, a neck injury sustained dur 
ing his opening-round loss at the 
NCAA's sidelined him for the rest 
of the tournament. N\ertheless, 
Povenski was ranked second in 
Division III and won tournament 
titles at York, Ithaca, and Spring- 
field. He finished the year with a 
21-2 record, upping his career 
record to 73-12. 


Jimmy Mohl goes m tor the kill. 

rhe Aggies mo\'e closer to vvimiing the game after Jimmy Mohl defeats his 
ipponent in the first match. 

Mica Miller gets his opponent in a head 

Jimmy Mohl gets ready to pin his opponent. 

Wrestling \ 47/ 


This Aggie baseball catcher is ready for 
his pitcher to throw a strike. 

This first baseman waits for the throw to 

ff«'f :^t 


This Aggie slides into home to tie up the 

*, •' ..l.yi 

Home Run DVC!! 


The DVC baseball team (24-20 
()\erall, 8-10 in the MAC Freedom 
Conference), under head coach 
Bob Aitieri, made their sixth con- 
secutive postseason appearance, 
as they went all the way to the 
Eastern College Athletic Confer- 
ence championship game for the 
second time in school history. 

Although Del Val was the 
fourth seed in the double-elimi- 
nation MAC Freedom Conference 
playoffs, they defeated FDU Madi- 
son on May 1, and Wilkes Univer- 
sity three days later. In the May 
5th ECAC title game, the Aggies 
fell to DeSales University 3-2, and 
then lost to Penn State- Behrend 9- 
6, in the semifinal game of the 
ECAC playoffs on May 11th. 

DVC set new single season 
team records for hits (486), runs 
(328), RBIs (284), and doubles (99). 
4« Sports 

Senior pitcher Tony DeLude, who 
also played right field, had a sen- 
sational year. He earned the MAC 
Freedom Conference Most Valu- 
able Player Award for the second 
year in a row, setting single season 
school records of 70 hits, 53 runs, 
and 41 RBIs, all while batting .417. 
His .402 record career batting av- 
erage is the second best in school 
history. DeLudeis the Aggies' all- 
time leader in hits (218) and home 
runs (16, nine of which came in 

Fellow senior Rich Bayachek, 
named the MAC Freedom 
Conference's Pitcher of the Year, 
went 7-2 in 2002, striking out 68 
batters in 61 innings, and had a 
conference-best 1.48 ERA, allow- 
ing only 35 hits against him all 
year. He pitched a no-hitter 
against Marywood Uni\ersity on 

8. Bayachek and DeLude were 
both named MAC Freedom Con- 
ference first-team all-stars, along 
with sophomore first baseman 
Mark Roth (who batted a team- 
best .427 with a .611 slugging 
percentage in 2002), sophomore 
designated Ken Keiffer (who bat- 
ted .381), and junior utility player 
Kyle Knouse (who played mostly 
as a catcher and batted .347). 

Senior second baseman Frank 
Panzullo set a single-season team 
record with 29 walks and senior 
centerfielder Joe Polkowski had 
a batting average of .295. 

Rounding out the pitching 
staff were freshmen Zeke Boren 
and Mick Bigwood, as well as 
sophomores Charlie Polkowski 
and Jason Champagne (the 2001 
MAC Freedom Conference 
Rookie of the Year). 

This Aggie takes a swing before the first 

This Aggie catcher runs after a bunted 

This Aggie reaches to tag the runner out. 

This Aggie takes a bit swing to knock the ball out of the park. 

BasebaU \ 49/ 



Freshman Shawn Cooper 
takes his first swing at the 

Joe watches his 
ball fly to the 




Great Season 


The 2002 Delaware Valley Col- 
lege Golf team went 5-1 in head- 
to-head matches and finished 
sixth out of 14 teams at the Middle 
Atlantic Conference (MAC) 
Championships, at Shawnee 
Country Club in Sha wnee-on-the- 
Delaware, PA. It was their best 
conference finals in the six years 
that Doug Linde has been head 

Five of the team's nine players 
competed at the MAC Champi- 
onships on April 27, 2002 (a sec- 
ond day was washed out by rain). 
Freshman Shawn Cooper, Mike 
Fagan, and Lou Shults, as well as 
sophmore Tim Reese and junior 
Steve McDonald (elected the 
team's Most Valuable Golfer for 

the third year in a row), com- 
bined for a score of 493 in the 27 
holes of golf that were played at 
the Championships. 

Nate Marter concentrates on 
the direction of his ball. 

This Aggie drives tlie ball towards the 



Joe helps his team by hitting the ball into 
the hole. 




This Aggie looks for the correct angle to hit liis ball. 


Jackie gets ready to lead off second a 
thier best hitter comes up to the plate. 

This Aggie makes a beautiful hit to get to 
first base. 

After being injured during practice, Anne 
Ridge watches and cheers on her team- 

Hit, Run, Score!!! 



Under head coach Tom 
VVuerstle, the Aggie soft- 
ball team went 11-25 ( 1-13 in 
Mac Freedom Conference) to 
record their first double-digit 
ivinning season since 1996. In 
fact, the 1 1 wins nearly matched 
the teams' total number of wins 
from 1998-2001 combinded (12). 

A lot of the youth was fea- 
tured on the squad which won 
four out of their last five games 
to close out their 2002 campagin. 
12 out of the 17 players on the 
team were either freshamn or 

One freshmam who had 
quite an impact on the squad 
was theird baseman Jackie Neil, 
who had a team-best batting 
average of .386, with 32 hits, 19 
runs and a .530 slugging per- 
centage to lead the team. She 
also knocked in nine runs. 

Freshamn pitchers Michelle 
Smith and Jennifer Moyer also 
played key roles as they won 

9 of the 11 games and hurled 
all but 11 innings for the team 
in 2002. Smith started half the 
games for the team and went 
5-13 with and ERA of 3.71, 
striking oout 43 batters 
through 117 innings. As a hit- 
ter, she batted .364 with six 
doubles and 10 RBls. Moyer, 
names MAC Freedom 
Conference's Pitcher of the 
Week for April 22nd- 23rd, 
went 4-1 2 with an ERA of 3.48, 
striking out 32 batters through 
96- plus innings. Sphomore 
second baseman Tammy 
Banks had a thrid best .322 
batting average, to go along 
with the team high seven 
doubles and 18 RBIs. 
In their final season, seniors 
Tracie Zakarzewski (left 
fielder) and Becky Oakley 
(shortstop/catcher) batted .283 
with 12 runs scored 8 RBls and 
.204 with 10 runs and 4 RBIs, 

resectively. Both players 
served as captains for two 

Freshamn Katie Leach (cen- 
ter field) and Allison Suttie ( 
DH and center field) batted .280 
and .276. Leach was one of the 
only 2 players to hit a home run 
for the Aggies. Sutties 17 stolen 
bases ranked 4th in the 

Junior first baseman Beth 
Sander batted .248 and was the 
onl v member fo the team to start 
all 36 games. 

Freshman right fielder Lind- 
say Eversole batted .229 with 
17RBlsand 13runsscored. Fel- 
low outfielder and freshamn 
Julie Bclyung batted .227 and 
hit a 3 run home run against 
Moravian College April 18. 

Seeing more limited action 
this year were sophomore out- 
fielder Anne Ridge and junior 
3rd baseman Rose Baylor, who 
each batted .265 for the season 

Sophomore catcher Melissa 
Foxall battled through a back 
injury to appear in 20 games 
this year, knocking in 5 hits 
and 4 RBls. Freshman second 
baseman Ashley Beam batted 
.214 with 6 runs and 9 RBIs. 
Rounding out the roster was 
sophomore outfielder Christy 
Cascioli, who despite appear- 
ing in only 6 games, batted 
.333 with 2 runs and 3 RBls. 

-John J. Meller 

.52 > Sports 

Tammy Banks runs toward the ball to get 
the out.. 

Tracy watches the other team warm up. 

Softball < 53^ 

Track & Field 

This coach gives support to Mary Wheatly 
after a long run. 

Nick Fritz practices jumping over the 

Although Erin Baker is behind in the 
beginning, she will ultimately gain the 



Track team places 10th in MAC 

^54 7 Sports 

Under head coach Bob 
Leach, the womens' track 
and field squad went 1-3 in 
head-to-head meets during the 
2002 season and placed tenth 
out of eleven teams at the 
Middle Atlantic Conference 
(MAC) Championships, May 2- 
4, 2002, at Susquehanna Uni- 
versity. The men went 0-4 and 
finished last out of eleven teams 
at the Championships. 

Leading the way for the 
Aggie women at the MAC 
Championships was Emily 
Hester, who scored 7 out of the 
team's 10 points during the tour- 
nament. She placed 5th in the 
shot put and 6th in the discus. 
At the DeSales University Invi- 
tational on April 23, Hester 
broke her own school record by 
throwing the discus 116 feet, 
9.75 inches. 

Junior April Mafturak placed 
6th in the pole vault, clearing 
the bar at 8 feet, 11.5 inches. 

Senior Karen Smith competed 
in three events at the MAC 
Championships, placing 9th in 
the shot put, 12th in the hammer 
throw (the first female Aggie to 
compete in this e\'ent), and 16th 
in the javelin. 

Junior Erin Baker, who set a 
new school record during the 
Widener University Invitational 
on April 20, as she ran the 3,000- 
meter steeplechase in 13 min- 
utes, 48.15 seconds. She also 
placed 20th in the 800-meter run . 
Freshman Kate Glabb finished 
9th in the pole vault, while fresh- 
man Mary Wheatley placed 16th 
in the 1500-meter run. 

Also competing for the 
womens' team in the 2002 sea- 
son were freshmen Nicole 

Blackman( 100, 200 meters), Laur 
Isaacs (400 meters), and Mariann 
Petrino (3,000 meters), along wit 
senior Dana Smith (5,000 meters 

The men did not register an 
points at the MAC Champior 
ships, although freshmen Nic 
Daneker and Ryan Sharpe, as wo 
as junior Nick Fritz, competed c 
the tournament. Daneker place 
11th in the discus, Sharpe place 
1 3th in the javelin, and Fritz place 
16th in the 3,000-meter steepk™ 

Competing for the mens' tear 
this year were freshmen Melvi 
Hands (100, 200 meters). Ma 
Hoffert (shot put, javelin), Mik 
Macheska (discus). Ken McClurfl 
(100, 200 meters), John VVacb 
(100, 200 meters), sophomore Er, 
Orr (shot put, discus), and junioi 
Andy Hannah (5,000 meters) an 
Josh King (pole vault). 

John J. Meller 


Eric Orr warms up for his 
>hot-put match. 


John Wacker gives his all when running towards the finish line. 

Nick Fritz runs toward the hurtle. 

Ryan Sharppe throws the Javelin during the meet. 

Track & Fields 55/ 

Even/ team experiences the feeling of being an underdog, and the best 
feeling is getting to celebrate after not expecting to win! 

Celebrate good times.... 

Jackie gives one of her teammates a high 
five after a great play. 

The DVC Ram cheers on the team durin; 
all the games. 

Erin Baker, Isabella Zwierzynski, and 
Marianne take time to mentally prepare 
themselves for the upcoming match. 

Matt Deblnardo walks proudly pasi i 
coach as his name is called. 

-.56 / Sports 

Colleen Rowland leads the cheer team in 
a rejuvenating cheer. 

Tony DeLude is prepared for the pitch. 


Scott Burcik dodges the ball through a 
group of opponents. 

Dawn Brandt calmly takes control of the 

Good Times\ 57/ 







58 > Pubs 


Not only do we need to go to classes 
and to study, but we also need to have 
social activities. These activities are 
provided by the school's many clubs 
and organizations. 

Each year, students get together to 
form clubs and organizations. 
Throughout the year, each student is 
encouraged to grow into something he 
or she was unable to be without this 
special group. In a similar fashion, a 
tree is encouraged to grow by the sun, 
rain, and warmth. With the help of 
others, we are able to achieve many 
things, including growth. As we 
express ourselves through clubs and 
organizations, we need to remember 
that we also encourage others to grow 
and to be strong. 

By: Marlena C. Balliett 


Student Government Board 

Row 1; Stacey Buzzell, Kraig Suter, Jackie Wright, Roxann Hughes 

Row 2: Marlena Balliett, Dan Haddon, Danielle Brubaker, Tim Padilla, Matt Hostrander, Andrea Sheerin, Matt Davis, Dr. Arrison 

Row 3: Howard Eyre, Jeff Thomas, Kristi Orendi, Barbara Rutala, Heather Diller, Heather Gantz, Betsey Fetter, Amanda Desiderio, Dwight Ferry, Elissa Bell, Sam 


Inter-Club Council 

Row 1 : RcibtTt Sluttrr, C idbriellu Schmid, Catherine I jock, Jill Siisice, Fvrlca I'asw.iliT, 1 ItMllicr ivmerson, Aaron Fvans 

Row 2: Chris Uhland, Heather Diller, Amy Sakers, Nick D'autcl, Jamiel Dawson 

Row 3: Greg Shinn, Emily Hester, Dcsiree Hancman, Alyssa Shropshire, Nicole Goger, Michelle I laney, Jennifer Frey, Melissa Bailey 

^60 y Qubs & Organiz ations 

Student Government Banquet 

Bill Kennedy struts 
his stuff at the 

Jillayne Davis, 
Christy Anderson, 
and Amy Sakers are 
having a great time 
at the SGB banquet. 

:Andy Johnson & 
'e Byzek whole- 
tedly sing their fa- 
te song. 

om: Mike Calkins 
his date dance the 
t away. 

Bill Kennedy, Melicent Salani, Roxanne 
Hughes, Stacey Buzzell, and Steve Byzek 
are happy to celebrate another successful 
year on the SGB board. 

Clockwise from top center: Betsey Fetter, 
Jackie Wright, Stacey Buzzell, Beth Hafer, 
Cathy Fyock, Bill Kennedy, Roxann Hughes, 
& Tim Padilla 


Jim Linden, Joann 
Donigan, Cath\ 
Fyock, Jen Malab\ , 
Kim Sartori, Jen Cook, 
Kris Meichski, Alicia 
Gn'sko, Ed Lawrence, 
Renee McManiis, 
Marlena Balliett 


Row 1: Ricky 
Harrison, Aaron 
Evans, Eric Gaffney 

Row 2: Neil Steffy, 
Matt Davis, Amy 
Boros, Christa Salera 

Row 3: Kris Meischke, 
Steve DeFrank, Sam 
Hagopian, Jenn 
Murphy, Ryan Fealy 

/ Clubs & Org anizations 

omucopia Annual Staff Dinner 

Mrs. Donigan, the yearbook 
advisor, enjoys her gift. 

Jen Malaby, Jen Cook, and Kim Sartori par- 
ticipate in the festivities of the dinner held at 
the William Perm Inn. 

nee McManus care- 
ly opens her gift, a tra- 
ion which occurs 

The staff sings a song of thanks 
to Mr Lawrence for being a 
great budget manager. 

Cornucopia, Ra m Pages, WDVC \ 6^ 

IVCF at the 
Club of the 
Year Banquet... 




Row 1: iVIatthew 
Svoboda, Katherine 
Manwell, Kate Glaab, 
Janelle Wilson, Joshua 
King, Amy Sailers 
Row 2: Christy Ander- 
son, Anne Ridge, 
Jillayne Davis, Cara 
Clementi, Emily 
dementi, Larissa 
Keister, Cathy Fyock 

Row 3: Maggie Flynn, 
Mary Wheatley, 
Nichole Brimmer, Tim 

Row 4: Rebecca 
LyFord, Tim Miei<ley, 
Cheryl Bonner 
Row 5: Joshua Tho- 
mas, Bill Bonner, 
Aaron Mackie, 

Dwight Forry, Jenni- 
fer Clementi 

0&4 > Clubs 

e band and chorale entained all of Del Val with their frequent presentations 

laying Away. 

Left: Play away.... 

Lauren and her friend Daisy play their hearts 
out at Founder's Day. They were honored to 
play for the staff and faculty. 

Belozv: Bon Voyage, Bon Voyage... 

The girls' chorale section listens to the boys 
sing about their upcoming departure. The 
girls had a wonderful time putting on the 

Left: Preparing for the performance... 

The director prepares his young actors for 
the show. 

Above: Well-rounded students... 

After being crowned A-Day queen, Julie 
plays her clarinet for the crowd. 

Band, Chorale, & IVCF < 65/ 

Biology Club 

Row 1: Katherine 
Manwell, Cara 


Row 2: Emil\- 
Clementi, Melissa 
Bailey, Shannon Daub, 
Rosaline A. Danzman 

Row 3: Melissa Carboni, 
Jen Misnik, Alicia 
ClLMiienti, Dr. John 


Apiary Society 

Aaron Evans, Chris 
Uhland, Bob Lawless, 
Tarvn Bartholomew 

F -^ 


^^^^^^Hpg^rf ' ^ 

i^^nSv ^'^''^^p's^i 


^ J * 1 m' V 



Row 4: Anne Marie 
Rissi, Beth Rudolph, 
Nicholas Fritz, Brian 
Dravecz, Larry 

Anthes, Steve Byzek, 
David Griffith 



gg y Clubs & Organizations 

Get Into SAC... 

Here is the SAC team hoping for a few new 
faces to expand their group. 

Shining With the Sun... 

Alicia Clementi and Jen Misnik enjoy the 
day as they wait for new participants for the 
Bio Club. 

To Bee or Not to Bee... 

Do you want to join these guys in the 
Apiarist Society? 

Biology, Api ary Soc. &: SAC \ 67^ 

Row 1: Rene Bonde, 
Leeann Boyce, Tiffany 
Keller, Lisa Tager 

Row 2: jason Mitchell, 
Stacey Dejong, 

Christy Cascioli, 
Heather Emerson 

Row 3: Buggy, Gwen 
Courtright, Robert 
Slutter, Dr. Pam Reed 

FFA 1 

Row 1: Gabrielle h| 
Schmid, Erica 






*^^^"' ■■ 



Row 3: Shannon 
Brown, Malaree 

Searle, Jeremiah 

Paswater, Chris 




'M m 

VVeddle, Robert Mar- 

Breeding, Bill 

tV^. --J^j^^^ 


L^^^ G^^'^ 1 

tin, Nathan Mowrer, 

Callahan, Dawn 

^ ^^H 


K^Utt \ 1 

Jesse Rohrer, Ryan 

Kaufman, Mr. Wright 



I^JiV 1^ M 

Askew, Jason 

Row 2: Gabbriel 


/ ^Ur^^B 


■ ■ I i^Hil 

Heeter, Amie Ridge 

Frigm, Erin Zukus, 


J -J^^ ' W 


r "i^^^M 

Heather Emerson, 

B X- ..^ 


1 i^V^^I 

Robert Slutter, Casev 

gB^ 4 

^ \M^^^b:^ 


1 / jj^K.^I 


Sparks, Karen Reed, 


^ ^^^^^H^^^^^^ 


' "^f^Hii^i 


Charlene Movvrey,Tai 


Bl^^^^^HSn ^ 



Gonsalves, Amy 












•'< > Clubs & Organiz ations 

Fine Fine Aggies awaiting 
new members. 


that's all their business. 

4-H, FFA, NAMA < 69^ 

Turf Club 

Row 1: Shawn Abbott, Aaron 
Evans, Christian Pill, Al Cnpitos, 
Matt Davis, Tammy Banks, Logan 

Row 2: Joe L\Tich, Dave Super, 
Steve McDonald, Mike Calkins, 
Gabe Wochley, Brandon Stong 

Marlena Balliett, Andrea Velas, 
Andy Lewis 

70 •• Clubs Hr O rganiz ations 

The Turf Club takes 
many trips... 

Far Left: The group 
goes to Pine Valley 
Golf Club to learn 
about different types 
of turf and their care. 

Left: Chris Uhland 
and Steve McDonald 
enjoy the view at the 
13th hole. 

Annual Gleaner 


Another happy 
winner listens as 
her story is ex- 
plained to the au- 


Dr. Maisel gives 

this winner his 



Far Left: 

Editor, Andrea 
Velas, starts the 
Gala by explaining 
how the DVC con- 
test winners were 

Turf Club & Gleaner 

Dairy Society 

Row 1: Jessica Chyle, 
Marsha Bosch, 

Amanda Strominger, 
Audre\- Nissely, 
Leeann Boyce, Jenn 

Row 2: Karen Smith, 
Charlene Mo\vre\', 
Julie Sollenberger, 
Nicole Goger, Derek 
L. Long, jason Heeter, 
Robert Skitter 

Row 3: Seth Muck 
Nathan Mowrer 
Jacob Shenk, Ste\er 
Prochko, Buggy, Scottj 
Moore, Jeremiab 

Row 3: Dr. Hofsaess, 
Dwight Forry, Robert 
Martin, Michelle 
Haney, Kelly Pentz, 
Amy Wehr 

Animal Science 

Row 1: Beth Rudolph, 
Tammy Clapper, 
Chris Smith, Stacey 

Row 2: Ken Keiffer, 
Sara Blackledge, Ca- 
dence DeNoto, Jamie 
Riggs, Melissa 

Carboni, Gary Fortier 

Row 3: Jennifer 
Lawrence, Joe Long, 
Katie Powell, Heather 

^72 } Club s U Organizations 


Here are a few of the Animal 
Science Society members 
making balloon animals. 

The entire crew goes to 
the zoo. 

Dairy Soc, Block & Bridle, & Animal Science Soc.^ 73 . 

Equine Club 

Tai Gonsalves, Erin Yoder, Gabbriel Frigm, Janet Shea, Mrs. Gilbert, Yankee, 
Erika Stultz, Jennifer Prey, Colleen Rowland, Rebecca Sobjak 

Equine Science Organization 

Row 1: Lara Green, Sabrina Shawlis, Sarah Grove, Julie Demet 
Row 2: Cory Herald, Janelle Wilson, Lindsay Mayhew, Christine Grosse, Kate Glaab, Jamie Irwin, Jessica Carter 

<74 /Clubs & Org anizations 

Riders Get 

Gabrielle Gordon 
takes great pride 
in the ability to 
jump the fence. 

Line 'Em Up! The Equestrian 
Team shows their best after many 
great rides for the show. 

Equine Club, ESQ, E questrian Team \ 75/ 

Krystal Lucykanish installs 
kitchen cabinets during Al- 
ternati\o Spring Break. 
Great lobl 

Syhia Thornton is working 
hard with the rest of the 
DelVal crew and Philly 

Missy Rosier enjoys craft time with 
Edith, one of the residents at Pine 

Far Right: Deb Mindock takes a 
moment reminesing. 

Kate Manwell enjoys a chat 
with one of the residents at 
Pine Run. 

Alternative Spring Break hflped 
Omar Mojica to have a scmim' oI 
caring for the community. 

7h / Clubs & O rganizations 


♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Each year, a new group of car- 
ing students take on new projects. 
Individually and as a group, these 
DVC students show the commu- 
nity how much they care. As an 
organization that provides love, 
everyone wins. 

This organization is broken 
down into different groups, each 
special in its own way. Building 
houses, cleaning up a local neigh- 
borhood, reading to kids. 

and visiting the elderly are among 
the wonderful projects that stu- 
dents do to provide care to an 
otherwise lost community. 

What better way to show the 
world you care? Thank you to 
those who show their love in 
many different ways. ..keep up the 
great work! 

Working or Relaxing? 

Delaware Valley College students and 
Purdue students share some quality time 
together during ASB. 

Group Shot.... 

Gabrielle Schmid, Laurie Bish, Sylvia Thornton, 
Susie, Tara Corkery, Colleen Miligan, Stephanie 
Simpson, Dan Gordon, Keith Gruber and 
Tammy Clapper take a moment to view their 
hard work. 




A tree lacking 
leaves needs the 
help of Land- 
scape Nursery 
Club for decora- 



Floral Soc, LNC, Hort Soc. < 79) 

Row 3: Jon Nowick, Joe Marco 
Ryan Parker, Ed Hazelett 


Zeta Chi 

Row 1: Rich Gamba, Andrew 
Yablonski, Tom Marshall 

Row 2: George Strucko, Brian 

Row 3: Brad Palatucci, Joe Long, 
Dan Mills, Chris Rawley 


*<o riu bs & Organiz ations 

' So tempting.... 

Will you become a PEK 

The Zeta Chi brothers join 
=^>i«aB forces to pull in a few more 

PEK & Zeta Chi < 8i; 

Inter- Greek 

Row 1: Jill Susice, 
Craig Dieffenbach, 
Danielle Brubaker, 
Kelley Moore, Jamie 

Row 2: Tom Marshall, 
Laura Rooker, Jean 
Mcmullen, Jill 
Simpson, Emily 
Garofalo, Beth 
Rudolph, Beth Hater, 
Bill Callahan 

Row 3: Brad 
Palatucci, Ed 
Hazelett, Angela 
Lacina, Ryan Spatz, 
Brent Cammauf, 
Melissa McNutt, Brett 
Albertelli, Kris 
Johnson, Kim Sartori, 
Brett Haines 

Alpha Phi 

Row 1: Dr. Orr, Jen 
Malaby, April Khner, 
Jen Barszcz, Laur.i 

Row 2: Jen Reichart, 
Nick Culler, Rebecca 

Row 3: Matt Baker, 
Lauren Barrett, Janet 
Shea, Rosalynd Orr 

82 / Clubi St Or ganiz ations 

ongratulations APO on your 35th Anniversary! 


Beth Rudolph, Kami Smith, Karen Mole, 
and Alicia Clementi huddle together to chat 
about their dates. 

1st EVER: 

Dr. Orr Award for Advisory Excellence... 
CoUen Courney, the fraternities' section 92 
chair, is presenting Dr. Orr with this special 
award for surpassing his advisory duties. 

Dancing with Dad 

Rosalynd is caught 
having fun with 
her father. Oh how 
sweet it is. 

A Rose Among the Thorns... 

Nick Culler, Rebecca Kakos, and Matt Baker 
enjoy the long-awaited 35th anniversary 

BS U.IGC &APO < 83 

Alpha Gamma 


Row 1: Mr. Wright, Johnf 
Coombs, Kraig Suter, 
Jacob Shenk, Derek Long, 
Mike Reinhardt, Ed 
Buckman, Hank Majeski, 
Tinsley Neilson, Jason 

Row 2: Seth Muck, Bert 
Martin, Nathan Mowivr, 
Byron DuBois, Ryan 
Askaw, Ben Green, Bi 

Row 3: Buggy, Jer 
Weddle, Chris Breed- 
ing, Bill Callahan, 
Mark Smith 

Row 4: Mike Smith, 
(Smitty) Rob Hedges, 
Brett Haines, Big Bill 

Row 3: Liz Carbine, 
Kelley Altland, Sarah 
Grove, Melissa 

Nelson, Pam Brierley, 
Jillayne Davis, Jessica 
Dacey, Rene Bonde, 
Sara McMullen, Taryn 
Romanizak, Kelly 
Moore, Charlene 
Row 4: Stacy Gould, 
Jamie Riggs, Jamie 
Yerger, Jessica Blum, 
Libby Crosby, Cathy 
Fyock, Larissa Keister, 
Dwight Forry, Kraig 
Suter, Kristen Lalh , 
Nick Culler 



The brothers of AGR are pro- 
moting the ideals upon which 
our campus was founded. 

Omega Chi eagerly awaits fu- 
ture sisters. 

DTA- The "honor" is all 

AGR, O mega Chi, DTA < 852 

Delta Epsilon 

Row 1: Amy Zimmerman, Lisa 
Mariello, Marin Santorie, Heather 
Rhodes, Kathe Decker, Sara Cro- 
sier, Mel Selani. Karyn Cochlin, 
Dana Marston 

Row 2: Christie Datillo, Tara 
Corker)', Kate Leach, Emily Spies, 
Lauren Rusnak, Stacey Doderen, 
jean McMullin, Colleen Milligan, 
Alicia Leonetti 

Row 3: Roxann Hughes, Angela 
Lacina, Stacey Gould, Kimmy We- 
ber, Jackie Vander Ploeg, Kirsten 
LReis, Melissa McNutt, Lisa 
Wojcichowski, Tracey Ayres 

Row 4: Rachel Visinteiner, Niki 

Sigma Alpha 

Row 1: Kirsten Kul-u-is, Jessica Chyle, 
Devon Wilcox, Natalie Aurand, 
Krystal Lucykanish, Tammy Banks, 
Kirstin Snyder 

Row 2: Dr. Pamela Reed, Kristin 
Roberts, Shannon Brown, Amy 
Siebert, Julie Sollenberger, Marsha 
Hoopes, Beth Bell, Stacey Buzzell, 
Kate Baran 

Row 3: Leslie Kenamond, Kris 
Johnson, Desiree Haneman, 
Amanda Alpaugh, Emily Hester, 
Jessica Hester, Beth Hater 

CiuDb at urganizjtions 

igma Alpha... More than Just a Club 
..A Family 

f\e at Elmwood Park 
)! Beth Hafer shows 
i:pony the joy of being 
! gma Alpha. 

Emily Hester, Jessica Hester, and Kris 
Johnson take time to clean up their 
"home" during Pride & Polish. 

Stacey Buzzell, Kate Baran, and Kris 
Johnson take a moment from bowl- 
ing to show each other they care. 

Beth Bell, Krystal Lucykanish, and Shannon 
Brown enjoy Spring Fling while promoting 
the Kiss-A-Pig fimdraiser. 

DEB &: Sigma Alpha \ 87/ 



■onom\- 1 /^"^ • g • 

•frf Organizations 

IaTtp] O 

I Alpha Gamma Rlto | 

I Alpha Phi Omega | 

[Animal Science Society] 

jApiary Society! 

r I Band I 

fBidogy Clubl 
i Block & Bridlel 
Ichorlel AcCepffdc 


[Criminal Justice Club| 

I Dairy Society} 

[Delta Epsilon Beta| 

I Delta Tail Alpha] 




Cluba U OfKum/ .i 

I Equine Club I 

■ ■ — T* 

I Equine Science Organization | 

I Equestrian Team| 

I Floral Society | 

make the 


I Halloween Haunting I 

I Horticulture Club | 

|lnter-Club Council! 

I Inter-Greek Council | 

I I nter Varsity Christian Fellowship | 
I Landscape Nursery Club | 

I Omega Chi | I 

I Phi Sigma KappaJ 

I Ram Pages | 

[Rho Epsilon Kappa | 

I Student Activities Council 


I Sigma Alpha | 

I Student Government Board | 

[Theta Chi Sigma| 

Turf Club 



I Zeta Chi | 




From the first time we set foot in a 
college classroom during our freshman 
year until the day we graduate, the col- 
lege experience naturally enriches our 

Just as the sun's energy provides the 
opportunity for trees, flowers and shrubs 
to grow and meet the demands of their 
natural environment, so the staff and 
faculty at DVC provides us with the op- 
portunity for meeting the demands of 
21st century life. 

During our time at Del Val, we witness 
ourselves grow. We learn the values of 
creativity and hard work through the 
classroom, membership in a club or or- 
ganization, or participation in sports. 

Indeed, the college experience is some- 
thing that we are always being influ- 
enced by and we end up passing on to 
others. Just as the process of photosyn- 
thesis helps trees to grow, a similar pro- 
cess allows to grow and flourish as well. 

No two kinds of trees are exactly alike, 
just as every student is different. How- 
ever, every tree and every student here 
has one thing in common. They get spe- 
cial attention that helps them grow suc- 

As in nature, everything we do in life 

is a testament to how we grow, and that 
is what makes every student special. 

By John J. Meller 

Special Events \ 91/ 

Row 2: Jim Kerr, Mark 
Smith, Greg Paxson, 
Kelly Moore, Jamie 
Mast, Jill Simpson, 
Natalie Aurand, 
Courtney Beidelman, 
Emily Spies, Gwen 
Courtright, Shannon 
Daub, Marianne 
Petrino, Catherine 

Row 3: Lydia F. Lee, 
Jamie Riggs, Lauren 
Barrett, Nick Culler, 
Nancy Hoffman, 
Jennifer Jillson, Amy 
Wohr, Codv Peranich 

RovN' 3: Jen Czar, 

Amanda Hittle, 

Heather C. McCarty, 

Kristi Orendi, David 

Griffith, Daisy 

Reasinger, Paul 


Row 4: Shannon 

Brown, Julie Pruitt, 
Melissa Carboni, 
Kelly Wilson, Katie 

Row 5: Jonathan Orr, 
Christy Cascioli, 
Mike Azzarello, 
Peter Kuntz, Glenn 
Van Grouw, Rebecca 

Christian Pill 
Sharol Bailey 
Karen Reed 
Sara McMullen 
Heather Gantz 
Bettsev Fetter 

Who Makes It Happen? 

Who Makes It HappenK 93> 


Tl^e sky was the limit at this year's 
homecoming weekend. The wimiers of 
the homecoming court paraded down 
the street before the game that ended in 
a loss against Wilkes, 41 - 26. Despite 
Del Val's loss, homecoming weekend 
ended with great memories that will 
not be forgotten. 

By: Kris Meischke 

This i/ciir's Iwiucconiing proved to be more 
speciacular than expected. 

Above: Clowning Around. ..These three 
girls supported Del Val Animal Science 
Societ\' by selling ballon animals. They 
certainly helped pep up the crowd. 

Ki^/i(; Hiding in the Stalks...Dawn 
Kaufman, homecoming nominee, 
parades through the downtown streets 
of Doylestown. 

Ri^ht: Waving... DEB GirL; Alicia 
Leonetti, Karen Cochlin, Lee Sarsen, 
Sara Crosier, and Allison Lewandowsk 
are having an excellent time waving to 
onlookers in the crowd. Their 
enthusiasm really sparked the football 
team to do their best. 

i / Special F\ 

Kicking the ball, Pat Conerly aims to 
win the game. 

AGR's very own Derek Long takes a wet 
ride through Doylestown to help kick off 
this year's Homecoming weekend. 

Above: Cooking up some dogs.. .These 
three soccer studs cook up some hot dogs 
at the tailgating party. 

Left: Pow-wow with the Mascot... 

Heather Arsenault and Nikki Gravinise 
talk with the Ram about how the game is 

Homecoming \ 95 ^ 

Homecoming Candidates: 

King: Dwight Forry of Block and Bridle 

1 st runner up: Tyree Jones - Criminal Justice 

2 nd runner up: Seth Muck - AGR 

3 rd runner up: Chris Balough - 2002 

Queen: Jennifer Jillson of the class of 2002 

1 st runner up Mira Cook - BSU 

2 nd runner ups: Jenna Cuccaro - 2004 & 
Stacy Gould- Lanciscape Nursery Club 

Jenna Cuccaro, Stacey Gould, Mira Cook, 
Jen jillson, Dwight Forry, Tyree Jones, 
Seth Muck, and Chris Balough were all 
smiles as their names were called. 

Halloween Haunlings Kristie Orendi 
smiles for the camera as she reaches in 
the bag for more candy. 

Through the streets of Ooylestown 

Jonathan Bergman and Jenna Cuccari 
show off their stuff to the public. 

^p.^,,>l Fvcnts 

The Sigma Alpha girls are enjoying them- 
selves on the float bfore the big game. 

Although it seems like Block and 
Bridle's Float fell apart in the rain, it 
didn't stop this gang from having a good 


Amanda Strominger and Ryan 
Courtright vsrave to the crowd as they 

Rob Warren seems a little upset as the 
game comes to a close. 

Homecoming \ 97^ 


Halloween Haunting 

Below: Come Eat! These girls are 
helping out .it Halloween Haunting 
bv placing directional signs around 
campus. Because of their efforts, 
no one got lost that e\ ening. 

Halloween Haunting kicked off around 7pm on Oct 18, 2001 and die 
not end until midnight on Oct 20, 2001. Student members of man)' ciubi 
and organizations put in time over the long weekend to make this e\eiv 
a success. People came from all over to wait in line for hours just to entej 
Fright Night. At times, the entrance line extended from the APR t( 
Berkowitz Hall 

l-right Night began with a walk through a haunted house which was, 
transformed APR. After exiting the APR, the journey began througf 
LMiiipus, past Barness Hall and across Segal Quad. The excitement built ui 
along the haunted walk for the next big part of Halloween Haunting. 
The hayride began in the peach orchards and ventured through severa 
acres of land. Every organization competed to win cash prizes by puttint 
on their scariest faces and by putting their best foot forward. Lights, fog 
sound effects, music, and other machines were heard throughout the 
night. Winning first place was AGR with theirchemical spill scene. Seconc 
place was awarded to the Dairy society for thier mad cow scene. Finall) 
DEB received third for performing Michael Jackson's Thriller. Overall, th( 
weekend was a great success. 

By: Dana Mar^to^ 

Above: Setting Up....Judy Besore, 
Amanda Hittle and Heather 
McCarty finish hanging the black 
curtains in the APR. Although the 
girls ran into a few problems. 
Heather was always ready with the 
duct tape to fix it. 

Special Events 

Right: Ready to go... This group of 
students grab a quick bite to eat 
bc'fnn- ll.illovveen Haunting begins. 

Left: Tadaa! This crazy group of 
students finishes their performance 
with a huge finale. 

Below: Hot Chocolate! Students 
Amy Sakers, Jen Crvaric, Nicole 
Brimmer, Jen Frey, Cathy Fyock, 
and Cara Clementi take a break 
from selling food to count their 

Above: Hard Days Work! Dave, 
Mike, and Peter help their RA, Jeff, 
put the finishing touches on this 
scary graveyard scene. 

Left: Witches Brew! These 
students prepare their speciafty, rat 
stew. Unfortunately, no one got tin 
privilege of sampling the -brew 

Left: Bang, Bang! Jenna and Zach 
go head to head in a deadly draw. 
Fortunately, no one had the guts to 

Halloween Haunting /^ 99J; 

Good Friends.... 

Mike Bergels and Justin 
McEwen chat about the 
evening's family events. 

What a crew... 

The cast of A Memorable 

Affair preform a skit for the 



Many families were qui te- 
en tertained by the evening's 




Family Weekend 2001 

Every year, Del Val 
invites the families of the 
students to come and 
spend a weekend, which 
always includes some- 
thing special presented 
by the Office of Student 
Life. This year, the cast of 
A Memorable Affair was 
starred in Mystery on the 
High Sea. This interactive 
entertainment was fea- 
tured during dinner. 
There were also many 
activities provided for 
families, such as concerts 
and trips to near-by at- 
tractions, which helped 
reinforce the families' 
interation with the stu- 
dents' college life. 

l O)* Special Eve nis 

Dining Out... 

The performers chat with 
the audience. Many found 
this part of the show very 

Who is on the guest list? 

These two are going over 
the guest list with the audi- 
ence to see who is present 
and who is not. 


, 9 


i ^- 

^BP.' V-r^' ' 




Take a Bow: 

The show may be over for 
our school, but this group 
takes one last bow before 
treking off to perform some- 
where else. 

F amily Weekend \ }^\/ 

Winter Semiforinal 

This year's winter semi formal was absolutely spec- 
tacular. The dazzling decorations were perfectly 
placed, while the DJ played both romantic and popu- 
lar music. Many of this year's seniors found it diffi- 
cult to believe that this would be the last winter semi 
that they would be attending. 

Whether we danced and boogied or sat and chatteci 
at our tables, we all sparkled like stars at the Silver 
and Gold Ball! 

This I/car's Semi-formal made students 
feel like movie stars!!! 



Cathy Fyock, Chris Uhland, and Larissa 
Keister smile for the camera to show off 
their shine. 


Allison Fissel and Nicole Brimmer take a 
break after shaking their groove on the 
dance floor. 

Mike, Dan, and Justin serve beverages at 
the semi formal. It sure looks like they are 
having fun! 

Mrs. Learner, Dr. Arisen, Craig Pierre, 
Dr. Leamer, and Chip Arrison are always 
found at the semi formals, supporting 
the school events. 

Dv^fight Forry and Kelly Moore have one 
last dance at their last college dance. 

Winter Semiformal \103, 


A Road Not Taken 

Spring Semi-Formal 2002 

Dawn and Daryl keep the 
food table stocked for the 
hungry students. 

.JK Svvcrt SInw Sciiij; .. 
Kiot l(. hf k'lt nut, Julii' 
Sollenbfpgerand Bill Kosi-nelli 
with them. 

All the Hard Work Pays Off... 
Christian Pill appreciates the 
beauty of the night. 

Beth Hafer, Navonne Owen, Kristi 
Orendi, Kate Baran, and John Whitehead 
share a drink as the dance begins. 

ehr, Jenn Jillson, Kelly Pentz, and 
■ e Haney shine bright on this day. 
!r they had fun at the dance. 







There are many words to describe this year's Spring 
Serai-formal, held on April 12, 2002. It was a hazy day. 
There was rain, but everyone still went. 

The dance was held in a tent in Segal Quad. The 
trees were lit as well as the tent. The tables were 
decorated with Gerberas, candles, and beautiful pic- 
ture frames. 

Everyone danced and had a great time, each stop- 
ping to take photos or to get a drink. 

In one corner, there were photos being offered for 
a couple or even a group of friends, to promote 
remembering this dance. 

Spri ng Semi-FoTmal ^ 1 05 , 

Far Right: Sara Asbury, Erin 
Montgomery, Sara. Nungesser, 
and Stephanie Simpson pose 
together to take one last photo 
before the night is over. 

Right: Jason Bigley dances the 
night awav with these two lovely 

Below: Christan Pill and Michelle 
Haney smile as they share a mo- 
ment together dancing to their 
favorite song. 

A Road Not Taken.... 

Spring Semi-Formal 2002 

Fellow cowboys Tinsley 
Neilson, Chris Breeding, 
Bill Rosanelli, and 
JackFlincbaugh pose for a 
photo at the end of the 

Kim Sartori and Joe 
Baratelli are having an 
excellent evening dining, 
dancing and holding hand? 

1: Sylvia Thornton, Ann 
Peterka, Jennifer Peterka 
and Laurie Bish; 2: First 
Row-Dr. and Mrs. Learner 
Dr. Arrison, Second Row- 
Sara IVlcMullen, Karen 
Reed, Heatlier Gantz, 
Betsy Fetter, Cliristian 
Pill, Chip Arrison; 3: Jen 
Crvaric, Larissa Keister; 4 
Josh Mountz, Jay 
Geddes, and their dates. 

Spri ng Semi-Formal '\ ^^'^y 

Celebrating the Past! 

Below: Presenting... President L 
begins the program with a few 
introductory remarks. 

On April W, 

2002, Delnwarc 

Valley College 

oiice again honored 

its founders' Rabbi 

Joseph Kraitskopf 

and janics Work. 

.Annually, Delaware Valley 
College honors its founders' in 
April with a short program open 
to all students and staff. For the 
occasion, faculty members wear 
robes and sashes that represent 
the institution from which they 

This year. Dr. Susan Ward, 
graduating class of 1980, spoke of 
her experiences at Del Val and 
why she feels most grateful to 
our founders. Although she did 
honor Joseph Krauskopf, it was 
lames Work to whom she 

felt most m debt. He was the first to 
introduce to the college nonagri- 
cultural majors including biology, 
chemistry, and business adminis- 

Following Dr. Ward's speech, 
awards were given to the staff, fac- 
ulty, and students, including the 
Staff Member of the Year Award, 
Distinguished Faculty Member 
Award, and Student Government 

As always, Del Val presented a 
wonderful day to honor its most 
important representatives. It was 
certainly a beautiful program! 


lOS^^pecial I' 

Riglit: Conducting... Band and Chorale Be/oic; Walking in... Board members Dr. 
Director Dr. Jack Schmidt conducts the Hohman and Ms. Hilton follow the pro- 
band's first selection As Torrents in feasors into the APR. 

Below: Skimming the Program... Stu- 
dents Amanda, Christy, and Emily re- 
view what is in store for this afternoon's 

Left: Dressed and Ready... Jill Susice, Jeff Above: Attentive... Delaware Valley 
Thomas, Harry Schussler, and Heather College's distinguished professors lis- 
Gantz help set up for the program, ten to Dr. Susan Ward give her speech. 

Founders Day \109^ 

/Ifvc'c; Ready lo begin... Dr. Dki- 
mond practices his speech one last 
time before the ceremony begins 

Riglil: Waiting to play... Daisy 
and Lauren prepare their flutes 
for the next selection. 

1 1 *i S pecial Events 

Left: Ready to go... Jeff Young of tfie 
Mathematics department walks into tlie 

low: Attentive... Dr. Ziemer, Dr. 
Montileone, Dr. Gioffre, and Dr. Vincent 
listen to Dr. Learner give his speech. 

Bi'knv: What is instore? Dr. Fortier skims 
this evening's program. 


Above: Walking in... Dr. Douglas Linde 
marches proudly into the APR. 

Founders Day \ 111/ 

Everyone takes part in this day of beautifying the campus; (Left) 
Kristi Orendi cleans out the pond while (Top Left) Dr. Arrison makes 
the windows sparkle in the student center. (Top Center) Laura Nye 
takes charge of weeding the Centenial Garden (Top Right) as Sara 
Crosier, Stacey Doderer, Jackie Vanderplogy, Kathe Decker, Cristy 
Datillo, and Kirsten Reis paint, what seems like, the never-ending 
fence (Above) and Bill Rawling and Ben Green rake up leaves at the 
Gen Ag building. i 




Weeding the Centenial Garden, 
this participant gladly shows her 
support as she helps to clean up 
Del Val. 

Larrisa Keister, Tim Craven, Cathy F" 
Jen Crvaric, Jillayne Davis, Julie 
Lichtenwalner, and Christy Anderson,( 
to tradition by cleaning up the chapel 

112 / Special Evenls 

These girls 

paint tine 



Friends iielping 


Jen Malaby 
iielps April 

Knehr from the 

Dr. Leamer 
pitches in.... 

Man are 
those gym 


E Crew Ahead! 

r Jill Susice, Nick Culler, Kristi Orendi, Janet Shea, 

i;''nd Orr, Jen Malaby, April Knehr 

v: Becca Kakos, Kim Sartori, Lauren Barrett, Matt 

:( Jen Barszcz, Beth Rudolph 


--- m 9--'W9 f:--S^M;.- ;■*■ 

Dusting the 

the Criminal 
Justice Club 


everything to 

make the 



Pride &PoUsh <113) 

A-Day 2002 

April 27& 28, 2002 

The Secretary of Agricuitu 
sents a painting to DVC i 
exemplary programs and i 

One of the small pleasures of 
DVC's agricultural festi\'al. 

I]4)> Special Events 

A new member of the DVCET? 

Here, we hosted pony rides for 

many eager youngsters. jhe local Fire Department dem- 

onstrates their many talents and 

Ticket Taking 

Jill Susice- taking her job very 

A- Day /ns^ 

"^ *4s*^^* 



I L 


•^116/ Special Events 

The festivities of A-Day 

always bring lots of 

attention to Del Val. 

A-Day is a celebration of 

the rich agricultural 

heritage associated with 

the school. This year, the 

54th annual event, held 

Saturday and Sunday, 

April 27 & 28, 2002, drew 

thousands of visitors to 

the campus. Attendance 

was high on Saturday, but 

the inclenient weather on 

Sunday kept some visitors 

away. There were plenty 

of exhibits, activities, and 

food to keep festival goers, 

both young and old, 

occupied for hours. 

By: John J. Meller 

Activities Included: 

♦ A Chemistry magic 
show organized by the 
Chemistry department for 

♦ A craft show in the 
James Work Gymnasium 

♦ A horse show in the 
Equestrian Center spon- 
sored by the Equine Club 

♦ A tree-climbing demon- 

♦ A straw maze for 

♦ A canine demonstration 

♦ A small animal lab 

♦ Hay rides 

♦ Concerts 

♦ Farm Equipment 

♦ A photographic display 
of gardens at the Foley 

A- Day /uy) 






11 8. student Life 

. GJ^ 

Life on a 

As the years go on, so do we. 
Throughout this past year, we have 
forged many new friendships while 
strengthing past ones. Together we 
have laughed, joked, cried and 
stressed. In times of despair or great 
happiness, I was there for you when 
you needed me. You were there for me 
when I needed you. We found that true 
strength comes from having great 
friends at our sides. We have prospered 
and built friendships that will last a 
lifetime. You were my study partner, 
late night munchie runner, drinking 
buddy, and movie companion. You 
offered a hand when I fell, and I gave 
you a shoulder to lean on. Together 
through thick and thin, we held each 
other up. Living on the edge, hoping 
the branch won't break, we climbed to 
the top. Later, we will look back on this 
past year and remember how much 
fun it was to live life on a limb. 

By: Jen Caligiuri 

Renee McManus 

& Jill Simpson 

Student Life < 119) 

the troops 


Marisa Carboni, Kristi Orendi, lenna Cucaro, Kirsten 
Wordsworth, Andrew Johnson 

Kljicc Colhoun, Allison Fisicl, Haddon, Gregory 
jameel Dawson, Bill Kennedy 






' ^m^. ■ 

r Ti 

1 ^ * 

^ 1\\atri, Karol Sloni, Barbra Riitala, Mike Calkins, 
Matt Bergman, Matt llnstrander 



i:^! student I 



2nd Floor: 

Row 1: Allison Ricci, Melissa Carboni, 

Kelley Altland, Amy Eckert, Jessica 

Melhorn, Colleen Rowland 

Row 2: Tish Cipparone, Holly 

DeMoranville, Heather E. McCarty, 

Lauren Duffy, Erin Sander, Jenel 

Goodwin, Christiene P. Chin, Marisa 

Santora, Marisa Lyrm Santora 

Row 3: Jen Erase, Kim Shamberger, 

Heather C. McCarty, Candice 

Klingerman, Kelly Brown, Lindsey Peek, 

Jessica Hoffman 

RA's & Harness \ 121/ 

WoUson-Front Section 

Row 1: Rwin Ponnuitz, Larry Anthes, Pat Fisher, 

I3t;n Donnon, Ste\e Hofst, Jermey Worthington 

Row 2: Paul Harkins, James Brogan, Ricky Ha\erson, 

James Brogan, John Murray, Josh King 

Row 3: Mark Napolatino, Bryan VVhitey, Jason Smith, 

Glen Vangrouw, Brandon Strong 

Wtilfson-Second Section 

Row 1: John Britton, Jermey DeBord, Ri 

Gamba, Mick Hannon 

Row 2: Jeremy Worthington, Scott Johnson 

Moore, Tyler Dervich, Trevor Neustadter, Ar 

Koib, Mike Markarian, Bryan Pocceschi, 


Row 3: Mikn Miller, Ron Long, Tinsley N« 

PatrickCrowlcy,Jeff Aden, Dave Buckwalter, 


Row 4: Mike Bogwood, Joe Glynch, Dave 9 

Brad Stoiz 

1st Floor 

Row 1: Liz Benson, Sara Helm, Julie Belyung, Kate 

Glaab, Sara McMuUen, Dawn Kaufman, Laura Riley, 

Tasha Steese, Julie Pruit 

Row 2: Maria Cacciola, Jess Cater, Kristen Eckenrode, 

Mary Wheatley, Casey Hearn, Amanda Wain, Tai 

Gonsalves, Arme Marie Rissi 

Row 3: Diane Petraitis, Rachel Stillwell, Daisy 

Reasinger, Jodi Kent, Steph Comstock, Amy Siebert, 

Kris Meischke, Kristen Ryzinski, Heather Rhodes 

Row 4: Gwen, Courtright, Dana Pruessner, Sarah 

Bender, Andrea Pratt 

Row 5: Stacy Eisenhower, Kelly Dominski, Andrea 

Hood, Brie Frigm, Amanda Cessna, Kate McGovem, 

Marianne Petrino, Heather Arsanault, Shannon 

Brown, Maria Schmidt 

2nd Floor 

Row 1: Stacey Dejong, Lisa Tager 

Row 2:Lauren Healy, Lindsay Higgins, Sara Astbury, 

Christy Cascioli, Cathy Fyock, Jermef er Crvaric, JuUe 

Lichtenwalner, Larissa Keister 

Row 3: Laura Fitz, Danielle Hodges 

Row 4:Rosalynd Orr, Robyn King, Courtney 

Rutledge, Marlena Balliett, Jillayne Davis, Michelle 

Cooker, Nicole Goger 

Row 5: Karen Reed, Charlene Mowrey, Marisa Van 

Roon, Renee Lombardo, Emily Hester 

Row 6:Rene Bonde, Tiffany Keller, Leeann Boyce, 

Erica Paswater 

Wolf son & Berkowitz <123y 


Work 1st: 

Row 1: Ryan Parker 

Row 2: Karol Stroms, Kate Baran, Bill Kennedy 

Hafer, Dan Wiuckerham, Mike Albano 

Row 3: John Rawluk, Robert Barada, Sean I 

Tres Clarke, Matty Jankowski 

RA's Having 

Matt HoffiT, Tiffany Keller, 
& Andrew Johnson get 
comfy on the couch while on 
a much needed vacation! 

Sara McMullen aiidTiffany 
Keller have a >;reat time bei 

/\iidrew IdlinMin, let! Ihdinas, 
& Matt Hoffer ha\e fun while 
swinniriK Tiffany Keller. 

; t Student Life 

1st Floor: 

Row 1: Jenn Coupe, Kristi Orendi, Jenn 
Cuccaro, Aurora Byars, Miriam Nace, 
Natalie Lucyk 

Row 2: Marianne Petrino, Christine 
Grosse, Jennifer Kriebel, Jaime Irwin, 
Laura Isaacs, Kathy Noll, Chiriqui Coo- 
per, Jennifer Czar, Amy Hummel, Tif- 
fany Nicely 

Row 3: Lindsay Mayhew, Christy Ander- 
son, Kelly Geissler, Kristen Ryzonski, 
Jessie Campanile 

Row 4: Chris Uhland, Wendy Havourd, 
Christopher Balogh, Bethany Justice, Scott 
D. Hurley, Gregory Shinn, Bethany 
Suznovich, Jason Bigley 

AAynueL yiAJLi 

d Floor: 

w 1: Barbara Rutula, Michael Calkins, 

hley Love, Renee McManus 

w2: Eric Gaf fney, Victoria Gagel, Eliza- 

:h Conx'erse, Diana Hubbard, Andrea 

Jtt,J.R. Sturchio 

w 3: Peter Kuntz, Amy Boros, Howie 

marzo, Kelly Wilson, Jason Koestaer, 

ck Travis, Ashley Beam, Kristen 


w 4: Matt Davis, Stolgar, Kyle Overtuff, 

e Gautier, Dante, Tylor Beactian, Ver 

•ddle, Nathan Mowrer 

Samuel & Work \ 125) 

New Res 1st Floor: 

Row 1: Hiirrv Schussler, Kellv Pentz, Michelle 

Hainev, Andrew Campbell 

Row 2: John Whitehead, Andrew Mannah, Ryan 

Tuxhorn, Jeff VIortensen, Keith Williams, Anthony 

Robinson, Art Lustgarden 


New Res 2nd Floor: 

Row 1 : Jaclyn Scowcroff, Jessica Dacey.Stacey Lynn 

Doderer, Lauren Rusnack, Jenn jillson 

Row 2; Tracie Zakorzewski, Shannon Clements, 

Krisli Lally, Stephanie Vlolnar, Kristin Snyder 

Row 3: Bryce Melhardt, Krislen Radosevich, 

Amanda Alpaugh, Matt Hcrp&haw, Joe Ryan, Craig 


New Res 3rd Floor: 

Nathan Marter and Beth Rudolph 

Row 1: Bill Rawlings 

Row 2: Jermy Messinger, Joe Blandino, 

Mike Reinhardt, Kraig Suter 

Row 3: Derek Long, Brad Bobenreith, Al 

Dansbury, Paul Moseatello, Dwight Forry 

Row 4: Andrew "Hank" Majeski, Jack 

Flinchbaugh, Mike Smith, Steven Prochki 

Row 5: Ben Green, Buggy Sanders, Ryan 


Row 6: Byron DuBois, Chris Breeding, 

Nick Hamm, Brett Haines 

Row 7; Scott Moore, Aaron Evans, Ted 


New Res & Elson 027) 

Vi^rMn Mall 

2nd Floor: 

Row 1: Bert Martin, Da\e Griffith, Justin 

Miller, Drew Geider 

Row 2: James Hirst, Brian Greeves, Mike 

Azzariello, Justin Sturcliio 

Row 3: Brandon Gordon 

Row 4: Ed Ruff, Nick Fehrle, Billy 

Ammerman, John Wacker,Tom Pierce, 

Ryan, Nick Vanshaften, Brad Davis 

Trd Floor: 

Kow 1: Deric Horting 

Row 2: Steve Perillo, Mike Schilling, 

Cedric George, Josh Evans 

Kow 3: Craig Lupole, Joe Durney, Mike 

Kuc'bler, Rvan Sharpe 

Kow 4: r<i-ting Lu, Andrew Johnson, Erie 

Orr, Bob Hellu, Cole Runkle, Tony 






1st Floor 

Row 1: Shea Mealia, Chris Mclver Ben 


Row 2: G. Jamiel Dawson, Chris Kosmack, 

Stephen Dutko, Mike Justiniano, Bill 

Anderson, Aaron Donahey, Matthew 


2nd Floor 

Row 1: Asia Nicloe Shipley 

Row 2: Elizabeth Ryan, Becki Rubin, 

Amanda Hittle, Allison Fissel 

Row 3: Lydia F. Lee, Erin Adams, Karen 

Harris, Jennifer Frey 

Row 4: Gabrielle Gordon, Rebecca Kakos, 

Jill Simpson, Jenn Murphy, Kim Kennedy 

Ulman & Cooke <(l29 


Pete sings, "She thinks My 
Tractor's Sexy." 

Eric Orr, Eric Clapton... 
coincidence, I think not. 

"We're the Barbie Girls in a 
Barbie World." 

Where are those angelic voices coming from? Oh, those 
are just Colleen, Jill, and Jess. 

"He's a pimp b\ blood, nol rt'lation. 




Axel Rose? Bruce Jacques? 
You tell me! 


1, Jeff, and Eric welcome you to ballet 101. 

Bruce asks, "Who stole my hat?' 

Karaok e & Brucejacques<^1 31 

The Art 
of Kissing 

What your fantasy? We all 
know what Jake's is. 

With minty fresh breath, 
Ryan goes in for the kill. 

Talk about love at first sight! ! 

student Life 



Mark sure knows how to 
strut his stuff. 

Go Mikey, shake what your 
mama gave ya! 

Nervously, the boys waited 
to see who made it to the 
next round. 

Yes, the swimsuit 
competition is next!! 

What are you laughing at?? 

Art of Kissing & Mr. DVC Pageant<^133^ 

Hanging Around... 

Adjusting to college lite was not hard for this year's 
incoming freshman. Within days of their arrix'al, many had 
already developed lifelong friendships. "During one of our 
orientation programs, I got to know two girls on my floor, 
and afterwards, at lunch, I met their roommates. Since that 
afternoon, I ha\e basically spent e\'eryday at Del Val with 
this group," said freshman Lauren Young. 

Although school work does seem to be quite time con- 
suming, these freshman made sure that college was not all 
work and no play. "My friends and 1 are always going 
somewhere. We have taken many road-trips to other col- 
leges and cities," stated freshman Lauren Jones. 

During thier first year of college, all freshman learned 
about themsehes and how to li\'e on their own. Many are 
quite eager to see what their second year at Delaware Valley 
CoUetre will hold. 

Aboi'e: Monkey See, Monkey Do... This 
group of freshman can often be found 
climbing this unusal tree outsideofUlman. 
Luckily, no one has ever gotten hurt. 

Left: Let's Race... Luis Ortisz buckles 
up to race a few of his friends at a 
local go-kart center. Unfortunately, 
Luis did not win. 

■low: Totally Excited... After 
rummaging through some corn 
fields, Lauren Young and Alicia 
Grysko found decorations for 
their dorm room. 

Left: All Smiles... Freshman 
Frank Fasanella and Sarah Jacobs 
are talking about the Animal 
Science test. Both students did 
very well. 

Above: Prepared... Freshmen Chrissy 
Leathers, Lauren Young, Amanda 
O'Neil, and Nicci Gra\-enese prepare 
themselves for another blackout. Un- 
fortunately, the girls prepared for noth- 

Freshman Candids <(l 35 , 

All Fun & Games... 

This year's sophomores certainly enjoyed the feeling 
of being upperclassmen. With a year under their belts, 
they already knew the layout of the campus, the 
individuals in their class and were quite familiar with 
living away from home. 

Like many Delaware Valley College students, after 
long days of stvidying, they began inventing interesting 
wavs of keeping themselves occupied. 

In addition, they became even more vital in their 
clubs, sororities, and fraternities. Many participated in 
Del Val's social events such as the Winter and Spring 
formals, as well. 

Most sophomores are enjoying their stay at DVC and 
are excited to see what the future holds for them. 

Aboi'c: Ready for the Semi... Gabnelle 
Schmid and Amy Bauer are ready for 
their dates to arrive. 


Left: Together... Sophomores Sarah 
Kichler and Tom Mehaffey grab a 
hug from one another at DVC's Re- 
gional Banquet. 

Beloiu: Totally Excited... This 
group of sophomores are ready 
to catch a movie in their friend's 

Above: One quick stop... Sophomores 
Christie Dattilo, Sara Crosier and Dana 
Marson grab one quick photo together 
before they hit the dance floor again. 

Left: All Smiles... Sophomores 
Renee Calhoun and Amy Bauer 
grab a few drinks before they see 
Bye Bye Birdie. 

Sophomores \^ ^^/ 

Working Hard... 

This year's Junior class is ha\ing a difticult time realizing 
that their stay at DVC is almost up. Running many of 
Delaware Valley College's elite clubs, the\' certainly have 
become a staple in the growth of these organizations. 

Junior Tammy Clapper, for instance, has assisted Dr. 
Fortier with the Animal Science Society. She has helped run 
such functions as a trip to Six Flags Great Adventure Safari. 
There, animal science students received an up-close look at 
some rare species and their care. She also helps with 
Delaware Valley College's Connections Program. This or- 
ganization tutors students in Bucks county elementary 
schools in both Math and Reading. 

Man\' ad\-isors wonder how they will be able to replace 
such hard workers like Tammy after graduation. 

Ahoz'c: Together... This group of juniors 
captures the memory of living with one 
another in Work Hall. 

i io y btudent Lite 

v: Hey!!!! At this year's homecoming Lydia Lee dashes for the 
sail game. 

BelouK Prepared... Juniors Karen Reed, Erica Passwater, and 
Bill Callahan are excited after winning a bowling tournament. 

Above: Totally Excited... Chris 
Reynolds and Rose Paylor take 
a quick picture at a Hawaiian 

Left: All Smiles... Junior room- 
mates Cadence DeNoto and 
Jamie Yerger are eager to enter 
their final year at DVC. 

Juniors ^139) 


Every semester, there is a blood 
drive to help out others in need. 
Many students participate, hoping 
to share their love with one of 
these needy people. APO 
sponsor's the fall drive, while 
AGR sponsor's the spring drive. 
Through this drive, students have 
the opportunity to reach out to the 
community by tapping into their 
human compassion as well as their 

In light of the September 11, 
2002 events, numerous people 
showed their support by giving 
their time and blood to help out 
the people in New York. A strong 
support from the Del Val campus 
helps to proved how much 
Americans care for one another. 


Robin Kucharczyk is showing her 

support for others. She seems to be 

enjoying herself. 

Under the watchful eye of <i nurse, 

Michelle Armstrong is making her 


These boys took time out of their 
day to give blood together. 

140, Student Ufe 

Clockwise from upper left: a)Tres Clarke relaxes 
while giving his share to the blood bank for the much 
needed population in New York, b) AGR Blood Drive 
Chair, William Rawlings, converses with the nurses 
to see how everything is going, c) Colleen Rowland 
reads over the information packet as she prepares to 
support her country, d) Kelly Moore gives the camera 
a smile while waiting for her blood to clot, e) Gabby 
Gordon holds frightened Julie Demet's hand to show 
her support for her friend. f)Tres Clarke gives us a big 
smile on his way out the door after a successful 
session with the blood bank. 

A Grand Hello! 

Ben Green and a nurse give a bright 

smile as they are preparing to have a 

snack after the ceremonial "blood 


-- ' . '^™i^Hp*W 


pf^^^ -^^^.■. \^ 

^* ir^W 

Here a student is seen relaxing after 
giving blood. Many students will take 
their turn on this bed, doing their part 
to support the nation. 

Blood Drive < 141 

This group prepares for Ihe talent sho\v 
With their help, students were able ti 
present .1 successful event. 

With a voice of gold, Joshua Mountz 
wows the crowd with his song. 

Here is one last glimpse of the 
performers before they go home, 

Nina Wolfarth stands proudly next t 
her mother after a great performance. 

142 ■ Student life 



alent Show 2002 

Students show off their talents to the DVC campus. 

Clockwise from top lett: a)|iil 
Lichtenwalner beautifully carresses the 
piano keys. b) Navonne Owens 
commentates for the show, c) Lydia Lee 
reads one of her poems, d) Andrea Hood 
shows off her talent with a song. 

Talent Show <f 143) 




144 Senior- 


The leaves gently fall off the trees, 
preparing for another harsh winter. Just 
like the trees, Del Val students are also 
preparing for another change in their 
lives. However, this is not the end. The 
trees gracefully wait for another beautiful 
spring season, while showing off their 
new branches. 

Graduation is not the end, but merely 
the end of another chapter in one's life. A 
new chapter starts as students enter into 
the world after college. Just like the brand 
new leaf on a tree, this is just another 
experience waiting to happen. 

By: Kimberly Sartori 

Seniors \145/ 


Business Admin-Gon. Business 

Small Animal Science 

Equine Business 

Small Animal Science 

Equine Business 

Large Animal Science 



Agronomy & Environmental Science OH-Landscape Contracting 

Small Animal Science 

Small Animal Science 

Criminal Justice AdmLni--ii 

Biology- Animal 



Criminal Justice Administration Criminal Justice Administration 

Equine Training 

146 > Seniors 


Business- Education 

Biology-Microbio & Biotech. 

Criniinal Justice Administration 

Business Admin-Accounting 

Large Animal Science 


Equine Business 

Small Animal Science 

Agronomy & Evironmental Science 

Hort-Sustainable Crop Prod. 

Business Admin-Gen. Business 

Large Animal Science 

Senior Portriats < 147) 


Business Admin-Gen. Business Large Animal Science 


Agronomy & Environmental Science Equine Training 

Agronomy & Environmental Science 

Small Animal Science 

Dairy Science 

Bioliogy-PreProf ession , 

Small Animal Science 

Small Animal Science 

Equine Business 

Equine Business 

Criminal justice Administration 

Dairy Science 


Computer Info. Systems Mgnt Agronomy & Environmental £ !!> 

■ ■\4$)> Seniors 

Computer Info. Systems Mgnt 

Business Admin-Gen. Business 

Small Animal Science 

Large Animal Science 

OH-Landscape Contracting 

Large Animal Science 


Small Animal Science Agronomy & Environmental Science 


Equine Business Agronomy & Envirormiental Science Agribusiness Large Animal Science 

OH-Landscape Contracting 

Business Admin-Accounting 

Equine Business 

Computer Info. Systems Mgnt 

Senior Portriats < 149) 




Computer Into. Systems Mgnt 

Hort-Plant Science 


Business Admin-Gen. Business BioIogy-PreProfessional 


Mathematics OH-Floriculture 

^^ ^^^^^^ 

Large Animal Science 


OH-Landscape Contracting Business Admin-Marketing 

Food Science Mgnt 

^ ■ -^Ifc^ifc 


OH-Landscape Contracting Agronomy & Environmental Science OH-Landscape Contracting Agronomy & Environmental SB 

150/ Seniors 


Large Animal Science 


OH-Environmental Design Biology-Microbio & Biotech. 

Business Admin-Accounting 

Agronomy & Environmental Science 


OH-Landscape Contracting Agronomy & Environmental Science 

iusiness Admin-Gen. Business 

Business Admin-Accounting 


OH-Landscape Contracting 

Senior Portriats <i CI > i 


Agronomy & Environmental Science Agronomy & Environmental Science 

Small Aniimal Science 

Business Education 

Business Admin-Accounting 

Small Aniimal Science 

kklM \ I ,'\\\s()N 
Equine Business 

OH-Environmental Dcsi; 

, , 2/' Seniors 


OH-Environmental Design Crimmal justice Administration 




Business Admin-Gen. Business Business Admin-Gen. Business OH-Landscape Contracting Computer Info. Systems Mgnt 


Small Arumal Science 

Criminal Justice Administration 

Small Animal Science 

Senior Portriats \153 , 

Dairy Science 

Small Animal Science 

Large Animal Science 



OH-Environmental Desie 


Large Animal Science 


Business Admin-Gen. Business Agronomy & Environmental Sc 

<J5 4> Seniors 

Small Animal Science 

Business Admin-Marketing 


Small Animal Science 


Business Admin-Gen. Business 

Large Animal Science 

Small Animal Science 

Food Science Mngt 

Small Animal Science 


Business Admin-Gen. Business 

Equine Business 

Senior Portriats <155) 

Small Animal Science 


Computer Info. Systems Mgnt SmallAnimal Science 

Large Animal Scienc 


Computer Info. Systems Mgnt 

Hor-I'lant Science 


1 56y Seniors 

Dairy Science 

Small Animal Science 

Bus. Admin. Mngt. Info. System 


Hort-Sustainable Crop Prod. 

Agronomy & Environmental Science 

Equine Business 


Senior Portriats \157 - 


Business Admin. Marketing Bus. Admin. Mngt. Info. System 


Agricultural Education 

Small Animal Science 


Agron. & Env Sci.-Turf Mgnt Business Admin-Gen. Busin 

Food Science Mgnt 

"(iS S/ Seniors 


Senior Portria ts & Orientation \1 59 ^ 


160/ Seniors 

What was the hardest class 
you've taken at DVC? 

1. Clinical Pathology & 


2. Genetics, especially with 

3. Organic Chemistry I & II 

What was the saddest moment 
at DVC? 

1 . Sept. 1 1 , 2002 - Crashing of 
the World Trade Towers 

2. The death of Jodi Paterno 
(may she rest in peace) 

3. Saying goodbye to seniors 
and friends 

What was the best place to find 

1. NBI 

2. B&B 

3. Elson 

How do you feel about the DVC 
campus allowing production of 
the movie "Signs"? 

1. Great publicity for the 

2. Mel should have made an 

3. With a high tuition 

the school is desperate for 

What would be the craziest 
thing you would do to be an 
extra on the movie "Signs"? 

What was the best class you've 
taken at DVC? 

1 . Livestock Management 
(Gilbert, you are the best) 

2. Animal Husbandry 

3. Modern American History 
& Government 

What is the funniest moment 
you remember at DVC? 

1. PEK hanging a sign on top 
of the library. 

2. A-daywith IVCF 

3. Cows running through the 
parking lots with students 

chasing after them. 

What was the most outrageous 
thing at DVC? 

1. When toilets in 2nd floor 
New Res. constantly 

flushed during a black out. 

2. A-day 

3. PEK a AGR bachelor auc- 

What was the best event cov- 
ered at DVC? 

1. Homecoming 

2. Beef and Beer social 

3. A-Day 

Whas was the funniest thing a 
professor ever did? 

1. Dr. Linde dressed up like 
Howard Stern on Halloween. 

2. Dr. Fortier shocking himself 
on an electric fence after 

telling his students to be 

3. Two professors drunk at the 
senior social while 

What angered you the most 
about DVC? 

1 . The lack of communica- 
tion between faculty & 

2. Cost of tuition increasing 

3. Security and how they are 
not doing their job properly. 

1 . Run through the corn 
fields as an alien. 

2. Skydive while they made 
the movie 

3. Do "favors" for the pro 
ducer or MEL 

What changed the most at DVC 
since you started coming here? 

1. Student life and their staff 

2. Incoming freshmen - the 
lack of respect they have 
toward seniors. 

3. Parties on campus decreas- 
ing from freshmen to 
senior years. 


Senior Social & You Said It<( igy 




1^2 Seniors 



Spring Break \ 163/ 


Senior Memoirs 

Amanda Alpaugh 

Mom and dad, thanks for all your 
love and support. To my sigma 
sisters, I love you all! Thanks for 
the memories. Kristin and Steph, 
before I met you I never knew 
what it was like to have real 
sisters and best friends! You 
have helped me more than you 
will ever know. Don't forget 
Kristin. The couch or Steph push- 
ing me back in the boat. Don't 
forget the memories and friends 
made during our four years here. 
They are unforgettable! 

Erik Anderson 

Thank you mom and dad for all 
the continuing guidance and 
support. I love you. Well Libby, 
these last four years with you 
have been some of the greatest 
in my life. To my friends and 
faculty at DVC, Thank you. Your 
laughs, lessons, and love will not 
be forgotten. A special thanks to 
those in the Small Animal Depart- 
ment. Your advice and support 
have been an enormous help. 
Good luck to the SAS vet squad. 
Best wishes DVC. Stay in touch. 

Kelley Atland 

To all my equine girls: AD, LT, 
AS, BB, SA, JC, MC, JS, KO, and 
SS: you are awesome! Remem- 
ber the fun! Barness 2nd: KB, 
LP, CK, JC, AL: thanks for a great 
year and tons of laughs. 
4+4=JELLO. AD- never forget 
the coastguard and margaritas. 
JT/AJ - my husbands. TJ - proper 
little gentleman. BK - just like 
you, thanks for being there. 
Thanks mom, dad, and John. 
Good luck DVCET. Four years 
flew by. Keep in touch, good luck 
in the future. 

Tom Beal 

Thank you Department of Events 
for making my college years go 
by so fast and smoothly! Special 
thanks to my family for making it 
possible for me to go to college 
and helping me get through it. 
Sincerely Tom Beal 

Nicole "Chica" Betterley 

My time has come and so I'm 
gone to a better place far beyond. 
I love you all as you can see but 
it's better because I'm free to feel 
the love of people. Whom we 
love is a fire that feeds our lives. 
Thank you and much love to 
mom, dad, terese, 2/3 family, all 
four years/Tz, MC, TJ, AR, AH, 
Duke, AB, JK, JR, and Every new 
person I met one love. Espero 
Volver A Verio Pronto 

Jessica L Blum 

"To the world you may be one j 

person, but to one person you j 

may be the world" - unknown. | 

Mom and dad - thanks for all your 
support and encouragement. I 
love you guys! Jason - Thanks 
for being a great big brother. 
2002 grads - thanks for all the 

Leeann Boyce 




Awesome. MyElsonBoys-IHave 


Everything. Karol-KeepThemIn 


Only1 ODigitsAway. Josh~UR 

Wonderful. UHaveMadeMeSo 






.ILoveUAII.GM-AlwaysLoved, j 




Jennifer Brase 

Liz Carbine 

Shannon Clements 

Thanks to Kim for being a good 
roommate and always being tiiere 
when I needed someone. Thanks 
to Dan for three wonderful years 
and many more to come. Thanks 
to my offensive line boys who 
always knew how to make me 

Chiris Breeding 

I would like to thank: Mr. Rod 
Gilbert, Dr. Muse, Dr. Thomas 
Slane, Mr. Scott Wright for the 
years of support and good advice. 
Every student should have at 
least one person to help them. 
Thank You!!! 

Stacey Leanne Buzzell 

Thanks everyone for all the 
memories! I love you and thanks 
mom and dad! I will miss you all! 
Heather, Rox, Mabel, LeeLee, 
John, Des, Courtney, all my 
Sigma Alpha sisters, the DVCET, 
SGB, DTA, everyone in large 
??; animal, Sharol (my mom away 
from home), and everyone I 
forgot! Best of luck to all! Dyna- 
mite comes in small packages! 
"The only thing worse than being 
blind would be to have sight with 
no vision" -Helen Keller. Vet 
school here I come! Always 

WOW, what a journey!! Thanks 
to my family for all of the love and 
support throughout these four 
years. Thanks to Nate, my one 
true love! Thanks to the harness 
apartment for all of the good 
times and laughs!! I'll never 
forget all of the fun, excitement, 
and memories that happened at 
good old Del Val. Good luck to 
everyone as we take the next 
step in life. Live your dreams, 
demand nothing less than every- 

Jessica Chyle 

To all of those in Dairy Science 
and Dairy Society, we had many 
great laughs and tears from our 
first A-day to all the trips in sys- 
tems. Don't forget all the work 
that was done for the first sale. 
Fuzzy, I hope you find a girl some 
day and don't forget 
SCOJOYIOS!!!! Good luck to 
future Dairy Science majors. 

Alicia Clement! 

May the road rise to meet you, 
may the wind be always at your 
back, may the warm sun shine on 
your face, and soft rain fall on 
your fields; and until we meet 
again, may god hold you in the 
palm of his hand. To everyone I 
have met and gotten to know over 
these four years - Thanks for 
making them some of the best 
years of my life. I will miss all of 
you and I wish you the best of 
luck as we enter the real world. 
God bless the class of 2002 - We 
Made It!! 

We laughed until we had to cry 
and loved until the last goodbye... 
Today is the beginning of the rest 
of our lives. As we embark on an 
new path, I say thank you and I 
love you to: my parents, my 
brother, Jess, Mel, Becky, Laura, 
Jaclyn, Ty, and Chris! Congrats 
and best of luck to the class of 
2002! Some people come into 
our lives leave footprints on our 
hearts and we are never ever the 

Karyn E. Cochlin 

Delta Epsilon Beta first and for- 
ever! I loved every minute spent 
with my girls! Jaclyn and Kristin 
kept me grounded to each of 
them, I owe my sanity. Girls- 
Don't forget our laughing epi- 
sodes and Dr. Weber's class. 
Barness apartment rocks! Put 
that on the quote door! Jess C, I 
learned more from you than you'll 
ever know. Thanks. Yeah A-day! 
Mom mom and pop pop, you 
know you'll miss me! Thanks 
mom and dad, only $100,000 
later- put it on my tab. ..Love you 
and Kel, best of luck. Class '02. 

(Robin) Michelle Cooker 

Hi to all my friends and so called 
friends from the four years while I 
was at school. It was a fun and 
interesting four years. 

Ryan Courtright 

I just want to thank my parents, 
teachers, and friends for every- 
thing. College was a blast! Given 
I had a good time here. It went 
by quick. Del Val is an awesome 

Senior Memoirs \ 165, 

Libby Crosby 

Jillayne Kelly Davis 

Catherine Fyock 

Mom, dad, and Jacke - I love you 
and can't thank you enough. Erik 
- Thanks for the best four years. I 
am looking forward to more. 
Good luck - I know you can do it! 
Mr/Mrs. A - Thank you for every- 
thing. BCSPCA crew - gona miss 
you, especially Becky and 
Michelle. I'm going to miss the 
entire senior class of small animal 
science. I felt we all had a bond 
to each other. We can probably 
thank Dr. B and his hard classes 
for that. Good luck to all - it's 
been fun here in PA! 

Jennefer Crvaric 

To all my Berk girls (Fyock, 
Keister, Lichtenwalner, Davis, 
Nieman, And Scheid) and my 
non-Berk girls (Beth); I love you 
all so much! I can't imagine life 
without our late-night talks, 
Perkins/dinner runs, and all our 
crazy pranks! I know God will 
always shower his blessings upon 
you and your families! To those I 
leave behind (Sakers, Nicole, 
Annie, and Balliett): I'm coming 
back to visit so save me a space 
on the floor! All my love to 
mother, dad, beast, Abuelita, 
Nana and Sleek! 

Nick Culler 

I'd like to thank God for all the 
gifts he's given me. To all of my 
family and friends at home for all 
of their support, and to all of my 
borthers in Alpha Phi Omega-I 
could not imagine my life at Del 
Val without you guys-l love you all 
and wish you the best of luck in 
all that you do. Bobby, I know 
you're watching and with me 
always-thanks for teaching me to 
follow my dreams and to do what 
I love-Nick, aka The Eagle Eye. 

B-bye DVC, I'll miss you all - 
email me. Fyock, Keister, 
Crvaric, Neiman, and Julie - keep 
in touch. You girls rock. Go 
Berk! Amy, Nicole, and Tim - 
good luck IVCF. Marlena - 1 year 
berk done. Emily - Thanks - great 
roomy. Janet, Kim, Marissa, 
Beth, Navonne, Michelle, Laura, 
and Anne - Good Luck! Kelly - 
Dynamic Duo kicks butt!! Student 
life - without me? Thanks for 
everything - Sharol, Mike, Cathy, 
Jill, and Dan. 2002 officers - 
*LOL* Barb, Harry, Amanda, and 
Matt - Let good time roll. Have 
fun B&B and DTA. 2002 Rules! 
Hello world! Slappy. 

Brian DIugaszewskI 

Thanks for the memories. To all 
the guy on the football team, it's 
been fun. To my friends, thanks 
for being there for me. Roxaan, it 
has been a dream meeting you. 
You have made me a better 
person. I will always be here for 
you. I would also like you to know 
that you opened my eyes. I am 
meeting more people becasue of 
you. You have changed my 

LIndsey Druding 

Thank you mom and dad for 
giving me this great opportunity to 
attend DVC. Thanks to Jodie and 
her family for making me feel like 
being part of the gang. Jodie - 
you are a great best friend and I 
know we'll have many more 
memories. Shawn - thanks for 
being patient and listening to me. 
Also for making me laugh. I love 
you! Thanks to all my family for 
supporting me and for laughing at 
all my farm and cow stories. 

My college years have sure flown 
by fast! I will miss this wonderful 
school. I have met and made so 
many friends and kindred spirits. 
To the Berk girls: Larissa, 
Jillayne, Michelle, Kristy, Jen, 
Julie, Amy, and Laura, I'll miss 
our parties every night and our 
long talks when we should be 
studying. You guys are the best 
and may each one of you re- 
member my fan club. To IVCF, 
keep up those cookie bakes and 
just have fun. To my family, 
thanks for sending me my few 
cards and for loving me. 

Jennifer Godown 

Good luck to all seniors! I had a 
great four years at DVC. I want 
to thank my friends and family for 
support to follow my dreams! I 
am off to Vet school next year. I 
had a wonderful time in Ecuador 
during a winter 2000. Thanks Dr. 
Bodri. To Jody: I love ya and 
miss ya. Alisha, I couldn't ask for 
a better friend. Climbing, subway, 
featherbed hill, and Immunology. 
NJ trip spring break. DTA vice 
president. Best of luck to every- 
one in the years to come. 

Kristin Lee Gutosky 

I wish everyone success in the 
future. To all the friends I have 
made here, I will forever have 
fond memories of our time at Del 
Val. Most of all, thanks mom and 

Nick Hamm 

The four years went by quick. 
Made a lot of great friends in 
those years. I will miss all the fun 
and goofing around. I had a great 
time and will miss everybody, 
especially the guys in Elson. 

Joseph Hare 

Jennifer Jillson 

Brian Leone 

I would like to thank some people 
that have been a help and a 
friend on my joumey. My 
parents, Melissa, Bill Rein, and 
Sharon Haddon. 

Mathew C. Hostrander 

Scotty, you're the best. Freshman 
year, and no worries. Thanks to 
all my friends for your support. 
Thanks Res. Life, being a RA 
couldn't have been any better. 
What a great experience. Wife - 
thanks for being such a great 
partner, we rocked Kudos. To 
Harry, Slappy, and Little Bits for 
making such an awesome senior 
exec. team. I am really glad I 
chose DVC. Four years went by 
so fast. Miss you all and good 
luck. Thank you to mom and dad. 
• Melissa, you made my senior 
year better than ever. 
9 1/2 

Roxann Hughes 

Thank you to all my family and 
friends for all your love and sup- 
port. Thank you to all my sisters 
of Delta Epsilon Beta for all the 

, great memories and fun times at 
Del Val. Mom and dad, I could 
have never made it this far with- 

y out your support and belief in me. 
I love you all. Congrats to class 
of 2002!!! Brian, thank you for all 
your love and support. 

Joshua William Isabell 

Thanks to entire O.H. staff, espe- 
cially Mr. Eyre, Mr. Cowhig, Mr. 
Ray, Mr. Kane, and Dr. Martin. 
Also thanks to Mrs. Roth and 
Sharon Haddon. Mostly of all, I 
thank god for getting me through, 
mom and dad for all their help, 
and Marth for putting up with me. 

I would like to thank my friends for 
all the good times and memories 
these past four years (Vanessa, 
Amy, Kelly, Michelle, and many 
more...) Between riding, clubs, 
studying, and my RA "experi- 
ence", I have met many friends 
and acquaintances. My memo- 
ries will last me a lifetime! 
Thanks to my family for all their 
support. God bless and good 
luck to the class of 2002. "Truly 
good friends are hard to find, 
difficult to leave, and impossible 
to forget!" 

Larissa Keister 

Thaks you for giving me the best 
four years of my life. My friends: 
Cathy, Jillayne, Julie, Jen, Kristy, 
Michelle, Tim, Nichole, and Amy 
for accepting me how I am and 
inspiring me to be better. To 
Aaron, for making me laugh and 
teaching me how to rock climb. 
To my parents, for believing in 
me, loving me, and paying my 
way. Finally, thank you Lord 
Jesus for your unconditional love 
and getting me through chal- 
lenges that have made me stron- 
ger and to know you more. 

Kristen M. Lally 

Thanks for this opportunity mom 
and dad. Hope I made you 
proud. Marcy, I'm so glad I got 
stuck with you for a roommate. 
Thanks for everything. Jaclyn 
and Karyn, I've never laughed so 
hard. Thanks for all the smiles 
and fun. 

This may have been the longest 
four years of my life. To all the 
boys, thanks for making it bear- 
able. Dante, too bad you weren't 
here all four years. Bobber and 
Tim, thanks for being a little more 
down to earth than everyone else 
here. Buddy, god bless you and 
the stain you left on my couch. I 
wish happiness and bliss to 
everyone. Dana, who knows 
what the future holds. Mom and 
dad, I always knew I had the best. 
I love you both more than any- 
thing else in the entire world. 

Julie Lichtenwalner 

Thank you mom and dad and the 
rest of the family for all your love, 
support, and dedication these 
past four years. Thanks to IVCF 
for all the great memories and 
prayers. For the band, thanks for 
making beautiful music. To 
Jason, I wouldn't be where I am if 
it wasn't for your support. To all 
my DVC friends, I will hold all our 
memories close to my heart. I will 
miss you all very much. Without 
Christi's strength, I never would 
have dreamed I could go so far. 

Arthur Lustgarten 

To all my friends at DVC, it's been 
an awesome four years. I wish 
the best of luck to everyone, 
especially all my PEK brothers. 
Jay-great times and the middle 
sink. Jeff- satin dolls, late nights 
at the bar, and altercations with 
security. Tux- a girl over 17, and 
soldiers that won't retreat. Keith- 
DPT mems. Josh- Jaeger at 
church. Chester- a car that runs 
and the boat. Brent- scary clown, 
and mystery finger. Jamie- cap- 
tain Insane, and prancer returns. 
I'm going to miss you guys! 

Senior Memoirs S. 1^*^/ 

Jamie Mast 

So many fun times and memories 
*True friends/best friends 
*Darlene - Bzzz! I'll be back to 
visit *Tequilarose Omega Chi 
*Grumpy and Bic* Penquin* 
Matey' Liz and Puffy 4 
ever'DVCET# 977* Jay and Tux 
*Chester* Snow boarding* New 
Res 1 14 * Art-my bestest 
friend*thank you for everything. 
Jeff-I love you! I've learned so 
much from being with you. I will 
love you forever. I'll never forget 
you boys. Budweiser Clydes- 
dales* Bahamas* Girls just wanna 
have fun! Love you, Miss you! 

John P. McAloney 

Frosh Goldman 119 and 118, 
baseball, Delta, JFB North face, 
room ceiling, A-day, Soph, year, 
gower ferrantes spirko. Apt. at 
Warrington, 5 buckipee, JP and 
Tim drinking to poffride. Plant 
communities, A dog is a pig roast 
Junior yr., climb a hemlock. Phi 
Sigma Kappa conversion, X- 
country, Andy and Steve at wing 
meat, made new friends in design 
studio, Jackass video, A-day is 
crazy, Senior yr. is not over yet. 
New apt. Leone and Tim, not 
forgotten Brian Drzat still around, 
Joe day, didn't forget ya, thanks 
mom and dad, Phi Sigma Kapp 
brothers good luck. 

Stephanie IVIolnar 

I entered college not knowing 
what to make of it. Over the past 
four years, I have made friend- 
ships and memories that made 
my college experience unforget- 
table. Amanda and Kristin- you 
are my best friends, thank you for 
always being there for me. You 
are the sisters I never had; I love 
you guys. To my family, thank 
you for believing in me. To Mr. 
and Mrs. Snyder, thank you for 
your support and encouragement. 
The best part of Del Val was the 
friendships I made. 

Jeffrey Mortenson 

The time has finally come to 
graduate. Thank you to everyone 
who has helped me out and kept 
my mind pointed to the goal of 
graduating. Thank you to my 
family and friends for your sup- 
port. It has meant everything to 
me. To all the guys in PEK, I 
have had lots of fun. Art, you 
were the roommate and friend 
that I have always wanted. 
Jamie, thank you. It has been 
wonderful. Well, now it it time for 
me to take over the real world. 
Good luck and God bless to 

Joshua Mountz 

My fondest memories are of the 
band and chorus practices. 
Scott, Ryan, Adam, and Andy 
were the best. I'll never forget 
you guys. 



Joesph Murphy 

Just wanted to say thanks to my 
family: mom, dad, and Melissa. I 
don't think I would have made it 
through college without your help 
and support. Also, thanks for 
being there for me, Jackie. I love 
you. I hope these four years of 
bills will payoff in the long run. 
Anthony, you got no sack! 
Ballz...Ballz. By the way every- 
one, it was me! TIMMY! 

Navonne M. Owen 

To my family - 1 couldn't have 
done it without you. I love you 
very much! John, Rox, and Harry 

- thanks a million. Tiffy, Stacey, 
Brian, Karen, Kristi, Scuba, Erica 

- I'll miss ya! Sharol, Mike, GT, 
Deb, and Jill - thanks for believing 
in me! Memories: Kayte - 
"Faded", Tammi-1996; Rachel- 
114 curse; Erica-summer 01'; 
Kristi/Scuba-NACA and Chutney; 
John-Mabel, July 99, and Patti; 
Rox-life in 313; Harry-butter butter 
butter; SAC; RA; SGB; 2-24-98; 
Carpe Diem! I finally did it! 

Gregory T. Paxson 

Been here!!! Done it!!! Best 
wishes to the res of ya'll!!! See ya 

Kelly Pentz 

I would never have made it this 
far without the support of my 
family, friends, and my mom- 
away- from-home MOM! To all of 
you large animal science under- 
classmen- Hang in there! The 
years and experience only get 
better. We seniors know what 
you had to go through to get to 
where you are now. Keep on 
Achuggin! - Class of '02. 


Senior Memoirs 

Steven Prochko 

Slavish adherence to ancient 
rituals is a sign that tells us we 
have nothing better to do. 

Kristin Radosevicti 

I have made many friends, and I 
am grateful for all of those people 
who stood by me. To Kristin, 
Amanda, and Steph, you three 
have been like sisters to me, and 
I will always remember the great 
times we shared. To my family- 
thank you so much for standing 
by me and believing in me. To all 
of my friends- thanks for every- 
thing. I will never forget that or 
any of you! Kris, I love you! Best 
of luck to you all! 

Jodie G. Ranlf 

I would like to thank my parents 
for their help and support through 
college. Also, thanks to Joshua 
for his patience and support 
throughout the 4 years. To 
Lindsey, glad we met and hope 
we remain friends. Thanks for 
your help too. To Bud, thanks for 
the technical support. To my 
older friends, thanks for the 
patience. To the new friends, 
thanks for the laughs. Always, 


Mii^e Reinliardt 

It's hard to believe that four years 
are over. I've had the time of my 
life, but unfortunately, it's time for 
Lipps to leave DVC. I made so 
many good friends that I will 
never forget. To the AGR guys, 
it's been real! Thanks to mom, 
dad, and Dawn for always being 
there and for all your love and 
support. I love you guys. Good 
luck to everyone!! 

Laura E. Rooker 

To all my friends and my family: I 
want everyone to know that I will 
never forget any of you. Thanks 
for all the good times and the 
memories. Thank you for all your 
support, I couldn't have made it 
without any of you! I love you 
guys! I'd like to give a special 
thank you to all the sisters of 
Delta Epsilon Beta and those I've 
been closest to the past few 
years: BR, JB, AR, LD, DB, JK, 
AZ, JM, BR, and CD. Good luck 
class of 2002! 

Brooke Rossi 

Special thanks to mom, dad, and 
Ashley, with love to Nate, friends 
Laura, Latie, Suzanne, special 
memories, NBI, muggs, IHSA, 
breeding barn, A-day, homecom- 
ing, Mr. Pedally, Glassman les- 
sons, baseball games, Jammy 
Jam, Jazzy, Bella, Mardi Grah, 
Allman, Samuel, concerts. Ocean 
City, senior week, the firt time, my 
pets Fletcher and Dancer. 

Betli Rudolpli 

To all my friends and brothers, I 
just want to say thank you. You 
guys have always been there 
through the ups and downs, the 
laughter, and the tears. It has 
been a great four years full of 
wonderful memories. I'm going to 
miss you all! To my family, espe- 
cially my parents, thank you for all 
your love and support and con- 
stant encouragement. I love you 
all! Hard work and perseverance 
does pay off. 

Barbara Rutala 

Mom, Dad, Nick, Joe, Kim, Joey, 
Hoss, Harry, Bits, Slappy, Mike, 
Jean, Rox, Laura, Omar, Jeremy, 
Lynette, Dan, Leann, and all my 
DEB sisters: thanks for your love 
and support. Violent nights, the 
palace, summer??: I wouldn't 
change a thing. Kiki, Jenna, and 
Mike, you made my last year 
great. I see life as a challenge, 
not an obstacle. I am not defined 
by how others see me. Live life 
without regrets. I dedicate my 
memories to my brothers Nick 
and JoJo! You know it's over 
when you don't have to ask the 
questions any more. 

Kimberiy A. Sartori 

I would like to thank my family 
and friends who helped me 
through four years of hard work. I 
would like to thank Joey for all of 
his support and love. Without it, I 
don't know what I would have 
done. You've became my best 
friend. I Love You!! I would like 
to give a shout out to APO for 
making my DVC years the best 
ever. I've made some great 
friends here. The best of luck to 
everyone, and may the road you 
travel be a great one. I will miss 
you all!! .^ 

Senior Memoirs \ ^^^/ 

# Last 

Marisa Lynn Santora 

Thanks to all my family and 
friends! Without your love and 
support, college would have been 
much more difficult. I will always 
remember the good times. Kevin, 
your love, support, and under- 
standing have been unmatched! 
You gave me the strength and the 
confidence I needed to achieve 
my dreams! I will never forget 
your dedication to me and I will 
always love you. The future is in 
our hands, so make the most of it 
in the short time you have. 

Jaclyn Scowcroft 

As I entered DVC I had no clue 
what to expect; however, I made 
it! I need to thank my parents for 
all of their support and encour- 
agement. Without them, I would 
not be here. Additionally, a huge 
thanks to Josh! Thank you for 
being my backbone and helping 
me through everything. All I can 
say to my two favorite girls, Karyn 
and Kristin, is that opposites must 
attract. I will never forget you! 
Lastly, thanks for the friendships 
and memories!!! 


Kimberly Shamberger 

I want to thank Jen for being a 
great roommate for the last four 
years and for putting up with 
Nate! I don't know how you did it! 
Hoss, I will never forget music 
class because of you. You made 
that class interesting! Good luck 
to all my friends in Small Animal 
Science! I wish the best for all of 
you! Go get 'em at vet school 

Janet Shea 

Congratulations everyone! It's 
been an incredible four years and 
I owe it all to my wonderful 
friends! Hugs to Jamie C, Jamie 
B, Jenn L, Matt, Poof, Jen C, 
Laura, Jen B, Marisa, Kim, 
Lauren, Nick, Beth, Jenn R, Kami, 
Bhan, Alicia, Becca, Jillayne, 
Megan, Michelle, Steph, Alpha 
Phi Omega, and everyone else 
I'm leaving out. I'll miss you all. 
I'll never forget all the fun we had. 
Hugs and best wishes!!! 

Alyssa J. Shropshire 

Homecoming 2000, A-day al- 
ways. Floral Society, Germany, 
Das Crazy, Flannigans, May 18th, 
Fun and NBI, VT, Parties in 
Samuel, New Years, my house, 
Cozumel, HWTJW, Slut bucket, 
SC, CC to all my friends-second 
family - thanks for all the support, 
for putting up with me, and for 
making me feel so loved! Good 
luck to you all. You deserve the 
best! Thanks also to my family - 1 
couldn't have survived without 
you! I love you all very much! 

Kami C. Smith 

Erika - 1 will miss you, not only as 
a great roomie but also as a best 
friend! Meliss - even though you'll 
be far away, I will never forget 
how you've made me laugh and 
how we've never had a dull mo- 
ment. J - I'll miss feeding the 
ducks at lake Archer at midnight. 
Keith, Tux, Art, and the boys - I'll 
miss the Caf. dinners, the new 
year's eve, and all the parties. I'll 
miss APO too! Good luck every- 
one in all that you do! Never 
forget all the good times! 

Kristin Michelle Snyder 

Amanda and Steph - my best 
friends in the world! Don't forget 
our memories and how much fun 
we've had. Homecoming, A-day, 
fights, the hairy fish, interventions, 
guys, crying, parties, late night 
studying, NBI, the flood, and our 
"talks". I love you both! Kristen - 
thanks for being a great roomie 
and friend. Jaclyn and Shannon- 
you guys are great. I love you! 
Kate- what would I do without 
You? Mom, dad, and Dave- 
thanks for everything! I'm very 
lucky to have a family like ours! I 
love you. 

Amanda Strominger 

Wow, where have the last four 
years gone? Del Val has given 
me so many opportunities that 
have made my four years so 
enjoyable. There are few people 
I owe some thanks to: First of all 
to God who has blessed my life 
and given me the opportunities 
and guidance to live out my 
dreams. To my dad who has 
given me more love and support 
than I deserve sometimes, to my 
sister and mother who have 
supported me unconditionally. To 
all of the wonderful women in 
Segal Hall - need I say more? To 
my great friends who left me to 
carry on their legends - Cindy, 
Curt, Ryan G. and two boys - you 
made everything so much fun. To 
Ryan C. - thanks for all of your 
support and craziness. To my 
little sister, Jess - 1 love ya. 
Thanks to my roommates, includ- 
ing Jenn for putting up with Mrs. 
Clean and my visitor!! Best of 
luck to those I am leaving behind 
(Harry). Stay focused and have 

Kraig R. Suter 

Good luck to everyone. These 
four years went quickly, but I will 
always remember the good times. 
Keep Elson the same. Go NAMA! 

Devon Wilcox 

Good luck to all my Sigma Alpha 
Sisters. I will miss you all so 
much. Keep in touch. I will never 
forget all our good times. We are 
Thanks for my wonderful college 
days, and I will never forget the 
times picking up the trash! You 
are all great women, and I hope 
you all fulfill your dreams. To my 
family: Thank you so much for 
supporting me through the years. 
Good luck class of 2002. 

Amy Wehr 

I am going to miss all the great 
friends I made and all the great 
memories we had together. This 
will be one of the best experi- 
ences of my life. I hope I can 
keep in touch with all my girls. I 
am going to miss you all! 

Senior Memoirs <171 


May 18, 2002 


Gradviation \173/ 


May 18, 2002 

Graduation \ 175/ 

May 18, 2002 


^• niofs 

Graduation <. 177 x 




Albertelli, Brett 

Baer, Jennifer L. 

Bellen Kyle C. 

143 Ridgewood Rd. 

3036 Oakland Dr. 

737 E. Cumberland St. 

Wilkes-Barre, PA. 18702 

Northampton, PA. 18067 

Allentown, PA. 18107, 

Bailey, Denise 

Bergen, Melissa A. 

Alpaugh, Amanda 

3339 Trevose Av. 

237 Georgetown Ct. 

4434 IVIuncy Exchange Rd. 

Trevose, PA. 19053 

Royersford, PA. 19468 

Turbotville, PA. 17772 

Balogach, Amanda L 

Betterley Nicole "Chica" 

527 Washington St. 

520 Baldwin PI. 

Anderes-Mullen, Ann C. 

Tamaqua, PA. 18252 

Mamaroneck, NY. 10543 

1 Ehler Ct. 

Ridgefield Pk, NJ. 07660 

Balogh, Christopher J. 

186 Hawk Schoolhouse Rd. 

Beyler, Rebecca L. 

Anderson, Erik D. 

Bloomsbury, NJ. 08804 

4 Head Tide Rd. 

42 Hansom Dr. 

AIna, ME. 04535 

Merrimack, NH. 03054 

Barr, John J. 

247 Lauriston St. 

Bigley Jason J. 

Philadelphia, PA. 19128 

15 Church Rd. 

Appel, Stephanie L 

Hellertown, PA. 18055 

601 Hamilton PI. 

Barrett, Lauren Anne 

Glen Burnie, MD. 21061 

57 Elm Av. 

Blandino, Joseph P. 

Iselin, NJ. 08830 

20 Westward Dr. 

Armstrong, Elizabeth M. 

Bridgeton, NJ. 08302 

498 Landing St. 

Lumberton, NJ. 08048 

Bayachek, Richard M. 

Blum, Jessica L. 

15 Douglas Lane 

9 Byron Dr. 

Atland, Kelley 

Middlesex, NJ. 08846 

Mt. Laurel, NJ. 08054 

1030 Lisa Ct. 

Gulph Mills, PA. 19428 

Beal, Tom J. 

18 Hatters Ct. 

Borchick, Keith C. 


Hatboro, PA. 19040 

45 Charter Oak Ct. 
Doylestown, PA. 18901 

Beidelman, Courtney L. 

1 05 Second Av. 

Egg Harbor Twp, NJ. 08234 

Senior Addresses 79^ 


David J. Borton 
9029 Ashton Rd. 
Philadelphia, PA. 19136 

Leeann M. Boyce 
3 Miriam Ct. 
Dayton, NJ. 08810 

Thomas Boyst 
7114 Charles St. 
Philadelphia, PA. 19135 

Dawn R. Brandt 

888 Bushey School Rd. 

York Springs, PA. 17372 

Jennifer Brase 
26 Shenandoah Av. 
Manchester, NJ. 08759 

Ciiristoplier S. Breeding 
4602 Stein Hwy. 
Seaford, DE. 19973 

Samual L. Brown 
5008 N. list. 
Philadelphia, PA. 19141 

Danielle R. Brubaker 
PO. Box 244 
Bowmansville, PA. 17507 

Denise V. Buschmann 
5022 Jennifer Ct. 
Doylestown, PA. 18901 

Stacey L. Buzzell 
308 Lindsay Ct. 
Abingdon, MD. 21009 


Brent L. Cammauf 
152 Indian Trail Rd. 
Mohrsville, PA. 19541 

Andrea Campbell 
265 Chestnut Hill Rd. 
Emmaus, PA. 18049 

Colenso Campbell 
Lot #37 Woodstock H.S 
Buff Bay PO. 
Poetland, Jamaica 

Liz M. Carbine 
45 Katherine Dr. 
Hamden, CT. 06514 

Jessica L. Chyle 
RR 1 Box 78 
Pleasant Mt, PA. 18453 

Alicia Clementi 
2711 Red Gate Dr. 
Doylestown, PA. 18901 

Shannon K. Clements 
2915Whitefield Rd. 
Churchville, MD. 21028 

Karyn E. Cochlin 
All Stewart Dr. 
Westchester, PA. 19380 

Steve Cooce 
86 E. Cherry Lane 
Souderton, PA. 18964 

Myra Cooke 
8868 Davenport Rd. 
Gloucester, PA. 23061 

Robin M. Cooker 
21475 Morns Dr. 
Lexington Park, MD. 20653 

Doug W. Copestick 
3818 Lauriston St. 
Philadelphia, PA. 19128 

Ryan Courtright 
Box 105 Cemetery Rd. 
Hamlin, PA. 18427 

Emily C. Cripps 
404 Hillside Av. 
Jenkintown, PA. 19046 

Kenneth C. Crisafulli 
352 Buckalew Rd. 
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Lib by A. Crosby 
281 Dodge Rd. 
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Jennefer R. Crvaric 
160 New Milford Av. 
Dumont, NJ. 07628 

Nick B. Culler 
5643 Jefferson Pike. 
Frederick, MD. 21703 


Joesph D'Amico Jr. 
974 Penn Green Rd. 
Avondale, PA 19311 

Jillayne Kelly Davis 
3013 Hardscrabble Rd. 
Erieville, NY. 13061 

Lynette DElia 
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Dlugaszewsl<i, Brian 
140 West 6th Av. 
Conshohocken, PA. 19428 

Dollard, Andrew O. 

Box 6988, 700 E. Butler Av. 

Doylestown, PA. 18901 

Dravecz, Brian G. 
4604 Nicholas St. 
Easton, PA. 18045 

Druding, Lindsey 
441 South Route 73 
BlueAnchor, NJ. 08037 

Drzal, Brian W. 

466 Ridge Rd. 

West Milford, NJ. 07480 

Dzumaga, Robin A. 
27 North Marmic Dr. 
Holland, PA. 18966 


El, Cusli A. 
5657 Musgrave St. 
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Ellzy, OIlie Mae 
PO. Box 1158 
Lansdale, PA. 19446 

Estey, Marcy A. 
996 Flickner Rd. 
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Felder, Christoptier 
337 Arlington Av. 
Jersey City, NJ. 07304 

Forry, Dwigtit D. 
1015 Prospect Rd. 
Columbia, PA. 17512 

Friedauer, l\/licliael 

115Rt. 34 

Colts Neck, NJ. 07722 

Fulling, George E. 
516Cranford Av. 
Cranford, NJ. 07016 

Fyock, Catherine J. 
12222 Hwy 422 E. 
Penn Run, PA. 15765 


Godown, Jennifer 
10 Morris Rd. 
Quakertown, PA. 18951 

Gould, Stacy Lynn 
243 Kings Hwy 
Clarksboro, NJ. 08020 

Gower, Matt B. 
Rd 1 Box 1560 
Saylorsburg, PA. 18353 

Greco, Steve M. 
1211 Oakdale Dr. 
Pottstown, PA. 19464 

Green, Ben 

8612 W. Barkhurst Drive 

Pittsburgh, PA. 15237 

Guerrera, John A. 
2844 Sq Alder St. 
Philadelphia, PA. 19148 

Gutosky, Kristin Lee 
RR1 Box 1115 
Dushore, PA. 18614 


Halteman, William J. 
Harleysville, PA. 19438 

Hamm, Nick 

7840 Allemaengel Rd. 

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104 Willowood Ct. 
North Whales, PA. 19454 

Haney Michelle L. 
736 S. Broad St. 
Tuscarora, PA. 17982 

Hare, Joseph R. 
2 Cactus Rd. 
Levittown, PA. 19057 

Senior Addiesses\1 81 )> 


Hause, Audrey A. 
8 Baird St. 
Warminster, PA. 18974 

Hawthorne, Jameel H. 
5032 Osage Av. 
Philadelphia, PA. 19143 

Henry. Kristen 
2007 George Rd. 
Palm, PA. 18070 

Horn, Thomas E. 
132 Franklin Av. 
Cheltenham, PA. 19012 

Hostrander Mathew C. 
901 N. Market St. 
Williamsport, PA. 17701 

Huck, Susan A. 

124 Wigton Circle 
Perkasie, PA. 18944 

Hughes. Roxann 
105 Saint James Place 
Glenolden, PA. 19036 

Hurley Scott D. 
71 Sea Girt Av. 
Manasquan, NJ. 08736 


Isabell, Joshua William 
4279 Southview Lane 
Doylestown, PA. 18901 


Jillson, Jennifer L. 
192 Merritt Av. 
Syracuse, NY. 13207 

Johnson. Kristine B. 
7199 E. RanierDr. 
Parsonburg, MD. 21849 

Jusino, Erika N. 
2371 Lincunia Av. 
Trevose, PA. 19053 

Kutcher, Julia D. 
3 Boyce Rd. 
Danville, Pa. 17821 


Jarrah, Jaime 
3553 Apollo Ct. 
Orefield, PA. 18069 

Kane, Jennifer A. 
71 Jasons way 
Richboro, PA. 18954 

Keister, Larissa A. 

Box 62 

Laurelton, PA. 17835 

Kellen, David L. 
610 9th St. 
Carlstadt, NJ. 07072 

Kerr III, James M. 
1311 Harmony Ridge Dr. 
Peach Bottom, PA. 17563 

Kerrick, Clorece A. 
200 Spruce St. 
Doylestown, PA. 18901 

Kleinle, Jon P. 
620 Creamery Rd. 
Nazareth, PA. 18064 

Knehr, April 
3226 Meadow St. 
Toms River, NJ. 08753 

Knorr, Pete A. 
1030 Borbeck Av. 
Philadelphia, PA. 19111 


Lally Kristen M. 
391 Cottrell Rd. 
Matawan, NJ. 07747 

Lawson, Krista T. 
100 Salem Rd. 
Schwenksville, PA. 19473 

Lear, Stephen R. 
1261 Horseshoe Dr. 
Warrington, PA. 18976 

Leone, Brian D. 
4 Washington Sq. 
Doylestown, PA. 18901 

Lerner, Jessica S. 
12 Hillcrest Circle 
Doylestown, PA. 18901 

Lewandowski, Allison M. 
311 Thackeray Lane 
Williamstown, NJ. 08094 

Lichtenwalner, Julia A. 
5037 Oakland Rd. 
Coplay, PA. 18037 

Lombardo, Nicholas R. 
75 Queens Circle 
Chalfont, PA. 18914 

Ludwig, Brian C. 
501 Lincoln Av. 
Wernersville, PA. 19565 

Lustgarten, Arthur W. 

83 Meirs Rd. 

Cream Ridge, NJ. 08514 


Magro, Phillip J. 
120 Kingfield Rd. 
Philadelphia, PA. 19115 

Maloy, Laura M. 

7 Maple St. 

North Whales, PA. 19454 

Mast, Jamie 
715 2nd Av. 
Royersford, PA. 19468 

McAloney, John P. 
27 Rolling Ridge Rd. 
West Milford, NJ. 07480 

McAndrew, Kelly A. 
11-5 Aspen Way 
Doylestown, PA. 18901 

McNutt, Melissa 
3356 Ady Rd. 
Street, MD. 21154 

Mole, Karen L. 

249 Chestnut Tree Hill Rd. 

Oxford, CT. 06478 

Molnar, Stephanie L 
286 Sykesville Rd. 
Wrightstown, NJ. 08562 

Moore, Kelly 

71 New St. 

Willow Grove, PA. 19090 

Moore, Scott N. 
Rd 1 Box 360 
Jerseyshore, PA. 17740 

Mortensen, Jeffrey D. 

8 Iron Latch Ct. 

Upper Saddle River, NJ. 


Mountz, Joshua 
131 E. Ruth Av. 
Robesonia, PA. 19551 

Murphy, Joseph D. 
210 Brynmore Rd. 
New Egypt, NJ. 08533 



Nieman, Kristy M. 
6 Hilltop View Rd. 
New Milford, CT. 06776 

Niles, Nicole 
318 Foye Rd. 
Wiscasset, ME. 04578 

Nowicki, Jonathan A. 
35 Clayridge Rd. 
Ottsville, PA. 18942 


Oakley, Rebecca A. 
RR 6 Box 6691 
Honesdale, PA. 18431 

Owen, Navonne M. 
27130 Bee Tree Rd. 
Henderson, MD. 21640 

Palatucci, Brad D. 
3 Colonial Lane 
Kinnelon, NJ. 07405 

Palumbo, Rebecca L 
6 Rolling Hills Lane 
Milford, NJ. 08848 

Parash, Wendy L. 
134 Durham-Nox Rd. 
Kintnersville, PA. 18930 

Paul, Kristopher C. 
53 Ervin Rd 
Pipersville, PA. 18947 

Paxson, Gregory T. 
612 Pumping Station Rd. 
Kirkwood, PA. 17536 

Pentz, Kelly 
251 Jordan Ave 
Montoursville, PA. 17754 

Peril, Angelo L. 

760 Bronx River Rd. Apt A-61 

Bronxville, NY. 10708 

Perrine, Steven J. 

40 Lambertville Headquarters Rd. 

Lambertville, NJ. 08530 

Prettyman, Annie L. 
205 Dean Dr. 
Perkasie, PA. 18944 

Prochko, Steven M. 
1681 NetcherRd. 
Jefferson, OH. 44047 

Senior AddressesvlSS . 

Pysher. Lisa 

9277 A.N. Delaware Dr. 

Bangor, PA. 18013 

Radosevich. Kristen N. 
3517 Mangold Dr. 
Monrovia, MD. 21770 

Rank. Jodie G. 
785 Minsi Trail 
Perkasie, PA. 18944 

Ray, Tanya M. 
1635 Haworth St. 
Philadelphia, PA. 19124 

Reictiart. Jennifer L. 
1801 Fairview Rd. 
Perkasie. PA. 18944 

Reintiardt. Mii<e 
115 River Rd. 
Montagne, NJ. 07827 

Reis. Kirsten J. 
1126 Elm St. 
Bethlehem, PA. 18018 

Ridgway, Jason A. 
1597 Clover Lane 
York, PA. 17403 

Robell. KimberlyA. 
529 E. Blenheim Av. 
Blackwood, NJ. 08012 

Roberts. Kirstin A. 
6995 Interchange Rd. 
Lehighton, PA. 18235 

Robinson. Dina M. 
1237 Eagle St. 
Wescosville, PA. 18106 

Rooker. Laura E. 
3193 Sunrise Lks. 
Milford, PA. 18337 

Rossi. Brooke L. 
4 Colonial Ct. 
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Rudolpii. Betli 
57 Kaufman Rd. 
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Rutala, Barbara L. 
415 Daretown Rd. 
Elmer, NJ 08318 


Samuel, Jessica L. 
625 W. Cliveden St. 
Philadelphia, PA. 19119 

Santora, Marisa L. 

4999 Baus Rd. 

East Greenville, PA. 18041 

Sartori, KimberlyA. 
4 ShenA/ood Ct. 
Jackson, NJ. 08527 

Scheid, Mictielle K. 
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Sch ussier, Harry A. 
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Scianna, Anthony S. 

34 Columbia Ct. 

Deerfield Beach, FL. 33442 

Scowcroft. Jaclyn L. 
117 Palmer Ct. 
Williamstown, NJ. 08094 

Shaffer, Andrew L. 
1115 N. 32 St. 
Allentown, PA. 18104 

Shamberger, Kimberly 
619 WoodcrestAv. 
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Shea, Janet 
1336 FaunceSt. 
Philadelphia, PA. 19111 

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1254 Rt. 9 South 
C.M.C.H., NJ. 08210 

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Onondaga, Ml. 49264 

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26 Delaware Av. 
Ridley Park, PA. 19078 

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Albion, PA. 16401 

Spescha, Michael J. 
88 Valley View Rd. 
Milford, CT. 06460 

Strathearn, Laura J. 
904 A Cedar Crest Ct. 
Edgewood, MD. 21040 

Stromberg, Timothy J. 

34 Yorkshire Av. 

West Mildford, NJ. 07480 

Strominger, Amanda S. 
1360 Metro Dr. 
Lebanon, PA. 17042 

Stuiz, Eril<a S. 

3134 S. Black Horse Pike 

Williamstown, NJ. 08094 

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R.D. 1 Box 319 
Scottdale, PA. 15683 

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1317 Red Oak Dr. 
Chalfont, PA. 18914 


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476 Victor Way 
Wyckoff, NJ. 07481 

Thomas, ELizabeth J. 
5777 Locust Valley Rd. 
Coopersburg, PA. 18036 

Thomas, Jill 
PC. Box 222 
Mifflinburg, PA. 17844 

Treager, Elizabeth A. 
816 Chestnut St. 
Latrobe, PA. 15650 

Trout, Jeremiah J. 
Rd 1 Box 132 
Blain, PA. 17006 

Troxel, Cynthia M. 
95 Longwood Av. 
Sellersville, PA. 18960 

Tulish, Kimberly 
511 NuttRd. 
Phoenixville, PA. 19460 

Tuxhorn, Ryan G. 

PO 12, 65 Brunswick Av. 

Bloomsbury, NJ. 08804 


Visinger, Darci R. 
43 Winard Circle 
Sellersville, PA. 18960 

Vorse, Cassandra hi. 
1143 Hope Bridgeville Rd. 
Blairstown, NJ. 07825 


Warman, Brian M. 
957 Scarlet Oak Dr. 
Chalfont, PA. 18914 

Weikel, Mitzi L 
119E. 3rdSL 
Berwick, PA. 18603 

Wehr, Amy 
3245 Rt. 309 
Orefield, PA. 18069 

Wilcox, Devon M. 
50 Thurston Dr. 
Hope Valley, Rl. 02832 

Williams, Andrea 
322 E. Arch St. 
Pottsville, PA. 17901 


Yablonski, Andrew V. 
55 Roberts Circle 
Pottstown, PA. 19465 


Zakarzewski, Trade E. 
330 Harrison Av. 
Manville, NJ. 08835 

Zimmerman, Amy 
20 Blenheim Rd. 
Manalapan, NJ. 07726 

Senior Addresses\1 85^ 

'Signs' of Hollywood Appear at DVC 

Hollywood at DVC 

In Ma\- of 2001, Dr. James Dicimond was contacted by Walt 
Disnev Studios to use one of Delaware Valley College's 
secluded farms to films it's latest movie, "S/^/;s". Soon after. 
Location Manager, Andrew Ullman, was taken to Farm 7, 
located across Almshouse Road. The next day. Diamond 
received the call that would change college life for the rest of 
the summer and fall, and would lea\e an indelible mark on 
the campus and Doylestown area. Three weeks later, con- 
tracts were signed and the deal was made. Mel Gibson, M. 
Night Shvamalan, and many others would arrive at DelVal, 
bringing with them excitement for those who remained on 
campus during the summer. 

Set construction began on July 1, 2001 and continued 
through the end of August. In that time, a barn and carriage 
house were constructed, along with the homestead, complete 
with a basement. 

Getting production underway wasn't easy. There were 
permits to secure with local township officials, security and 
road closures to set up with township police, and a little 
problem of not knowing whether it would rain enough to 
grow the corn. They soon learned that an irrigation system 
was needed to guarantee proper corn growth. 

Larr\' Hepner, Chair of the Agronomy & Environmental 
Science department, aided in the success of the set. He and 
college administration officials agreed to plow under the corn 
already planted to be sure the corn was the right color, the 
right size, and "tassling" properly. 

"Tassling" is the state of of corn growth when the plant 
issues a pollen-collecting outgrowth from the top of the plo t 
that looks like a graduation tassle. Mr. Hepner also agreed 
be on call for any questions about the corn or the use of the 
field. That included the removal and replanting of a large en 
tree seen prominently in the movie. 

"The crew chain-sawed it down, then cemented it in the 
ground, right behind the house. Then they had these set 
decorators out there wiring on silk leaves to the dead 
branches," Hepner explained. 

DelVal's Director of Security, Chris Daley, and Dr. Learr r 
joined Andrew Ullman and the Pennsylvania Film Office ii 
assuring worried local residents that the filming would be 
most unintrusive, with most of the film being shot during tt 

Filming concluded in early November, with the crew to 
return to film an additional scene. However, the corn had 
browned and most lay dead in the field. This problem was 
solved quickly by painting the corn the "natural" shade of 
green for just one more scene. 

The college community was treated to a discussion with 
Frank Marshall in the gym. Over 700 students, staff, and 
faculty arrived to ask questions and to be regaled with stoi 
from his career. 

The entire college community awaited the release of the 
movie on August 2, 2002. . 

By: Sean Dallas & Marlena Ballt> 

Photo provided by Sean Dallas 
This gentleman runs through a 
scene in the kitchen that is built 
within the house. 

I Photo provided by Disney 

I Row 1: Frank Marshall, Dr. James Diamond, Mel Gibson, Dr. 
Thomas Learner, Chris Daley, M. Night Shyamalan 
Row 2; Ed Thierolf, Steve Croce, Sean Dallas, Dr. Neil J. 
Vincent, Larry Hepner, Sam Mercer 

DVC in Review 



Straight to the Movies- 
Here is the invitation to a 
behind the scenes private 
presentation for many DVC 

S 1 

Where's Mel? L 

Many of the cast and crew traveled this 
path through the corn to get from scene 
to scene. 
Photo provided by Sean Dallas 


-''•* -^ HHftisM^' A 









^^^^■^^H^^^^B^ ^^^^■^V^gyjj^l 


^fe^^^^^^^^ Wk i 






m ^-^ 










^Br , ^ "^ 



m. -m 






^^ . 


Mel Gibson and M. 
Night Shyamalan 
listen to Dr. Learner 
as he explains some 
aspects of the 

Photo provided 
by Sean Dallas 

■■Signs" < 187> 

straight from 

Hanging with tlie big txjys.... 

The next dm/, Dr. Diamond received tJie call tliat 
would change college life for the rest of the 

••-• DV'C in Review 


it View! 

driveway to the house was 


o provided by Sean Dallas 

Right: A poster promoting the movie 

Bottom Right: Here is the barn that was I 

constructed for the set. 

Photo provided by James R. Linden 

Crop circles filled the field 

as the movie was filmed. 

Photo provided by Sean Dallas 

This crew worker paints 
the corn to bring back the 
luscious green. 
Photo provided by James R. Linden 

1 1 provided by Sean Dallas 

» 1: Dr. Diamond, Frank Marshall, Dr. Vincent, Dr. Leamer 

2: Larry Hepner, Steve Croce 

One last look at the farm 
house that was constructed 
for the movie... 
Photo provided by James R. Linden 

"Signs" < 189/ 

Ads & Congrats 

Show Me the 

As the year draws to a close, we are 
reminded of the memories that are col- 
lected throughout the years, memories 
ranging from childhood to college. As we 
flashblack through these events, we re- 
member times that we shared with 
people, the laughter and tears; these 
events will always be etched in our 
memory. Each new memory blossoms 
full and green in our minds. As we 
travel along our journey through the 
forest of time, these memories will bind 
us and make us stonger as we create new 
memories in the future. 

We all start out as a seedlings when we 
step onto Del Val campus. We go to class 
and learn about time management and 
responsibility. We make new friends and 
keep in touch with the old. We get in- 
volved in campus activities. These all 
form the trunk and branches of our seed- 
ling. We continuously learn and grow 
with all these experiences as they nurture 
us like the sunlight and rain. 

The new growth that we are exposing 
to the world will allow us to beautify not 
only ourselves, but also others. By shar- 
ing knowledge with others, and using it 
for the good of the environment, we can 
paint a beautiful landscape, lush and 
green. So- graduating seniors- go out 
there and show your green! Beautify the 
world with what you obtained at DVC. 

By Jennifer Malaby and Jennifer Cook 

Ads & Congrats \191^ 




Congratulations, you did it! In 
fact, 3^ou did it extremely well! You 
have handled these four years with a 
tremendous amount of maturity, 
and you should have a real sense of 
pride for all you have accomplished; 
be confident in the knowledge that 
you are well prepared to step up to 
the new challenges that await you. 
Now go out and make the world a 
more beautiful place - not only with 
your landscaping, but also with your 
illuminating presence! May God's 
blessing be upon you and all you do. 
We love you, 
Mom, Dad, and Justin 



'"" /iiliit^ 



Aove /UcMUfA, 
"Tftcm.. Vact. & fje^^ica 

■'"/(nil mV^ 

g IS 

o O 













O o 








o o ^'^oO ^ <5 O O O 


o o 

My Little Girl, Jamie Jarrah, 

You made it, the world is yours so go and 
make it a better one. You have grown to be 
such a beautiful person, not only outside but 
more importandy inside. To me you will always 
be my litde girl. You may not need me, but I 
still need you. Letting go is never easy. RE- 
MEMBER, I'm always here, and there is no one 

Your Loving Mother 

o O 

O O o 

O O o 
Oo O o 













O o 
o O 







wade uA finoueC o^ ^ou. liow t^Mt 
cf(M <We Cfnaduated ^lom coHec/c (Md 

lemetpd&i t^at wc wiHi iove <Md Mfr- 



'T^ Aiienio- nwC 'Dtudu^ "piimilUeA 

Ads & Congrats <( 193) 


Jamie Lyn Mast 

We're going to yell out loud, 
of you we are so proud! 
We wish you all the best 

in you post-collegiate quest! 




Your Aunts and Uncles 

Dottie and Jim, Doreen and Rudy, 

Carol and John 


(^oiUjfuxtuC/xtcotii OH ^oui c^iaAuaXiiMf 7{Je Ate 

couiacfC Oitd cCu^itittf. TiJe &iu>w (pur ^uiuie 
I ^}id4 Cfxctit tAiitc^ ^r Cfou. Tile m^ cfou 

ut (foui e*tde<!UMXi4 , «W mMt o^ ail. wt 

JLm€ /HcMUfi. 

■ Jt 

'7Ko*H. Vad. SM. 



Viflcut. TKax. 





JLou cuid ^/leUea 



^194/ Ads & Congrats 

Titcuf' (pen U(^ c(Mttmie ta ic 

cid(/e(it6tnc. <Md mauf M (pern. 
cOtoxm^ come tnue. 


o Q o o <^^o r*-' ^ ^ <J (J oo ' 

o o o 




Greg Paxson 


May your future be 

filled with success and 

much happiness! 


Mom, Dad, and Jen 


To Our Son 
Brian Dravecz 
Over the years, we have watched you 
grow into a fine young man. We are very 
proud of you and all you have accom- 
plished. May your future be filled with 
success, good health, and happiness. 
All our love. 



Mom & Dad 




Jamie Lyn Mast 

We've cried with you, laughed with you, and swapped angry 
words. We've shared both your joy and your pain. Though 
we've been through rough times mixed in with good ones, 
we'd do it all over again. 

For you are the sunshine that warms up our lives, the rainbow 
that shines on our world. No matter how old you are or how 
far away, you'll always be our little girl. 
We are so proud of all you have accomplished thus far and 
we know you will succeed in all your future ventures. 

Mom & Dad 




av«v eii(f^ 

^vvy ^11111'% 

^JlUV rtlVVVKS" 


^fluv «m\vS' 

Tfl/il / 


Ads & Congrats < 195) 

Congratulations Jaclyn Scowcroft, 

As you go through life, never forget where you came fronn, remember 
old friends and beware of "woofs" in sheep's clothing. 

Mom & Dad 





Erik Anderson, 

Congratulations on what you 
achieved. Beyond the hard work 
and dedication required to accom- 
plish this, we admire your determi- 
nation to follow your dreams. May 
you always maintain your sense of 
direction and passion for what you 
believe in. 

Mom & Dad 

1 % / Ads & (.ciriKfJl' - 

■] Jessica Samuel 

Q "Ask, and it shaO be given; seek and ye 

shall find; knock, and it shall be opened 

Q unto you: for everyone that asketh 

p, receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; 

and to him that knocketh it shall be 

Q Opened. 

St. Matthew 7:7-8 

i Love on your journey, 


.11111 m i«'l"" «** 4! '!"% 4#"' w* 

fe i m «f> ^'^ ""' #11, #«.'** ""* *• •/«^ ™'' #11, 



« ooo O,"00V»"o 




Dear Mike Reinhardt, 

We are enormously proud of 
what you have accomplished at 
Del Val and the person you are. 
Use your talents well! 

Mom & Dad 





\^ 0, 00o0^%0o0^^3 


0^!^ 0^ ^^1"^ . U 


^ncewU mc ^ pnoueC o^ cfoa. 'Keep, 
up t^ (pod wot^. 7iJe iovc (fouf 

(Jefwilfen, /ipfUi'Kii^te. 

Ads & Congrats \197^ 

May God continue to Bless you, D.J. (alias, 
"David )onathon Borton")!!! Your grades are 
far above your favorite words, "I don't know" 
and "Stupid Thingy," so I'm sure you've had an 
"interesting and exciting" adventure at Del 
Val!!! Congratulations on 3'our "basket," "goal," 
"touchdown," "home-run," "score"!!!!! Add it 
all up, Mr. Accountant, and the bottom line is 
You're Special. 

We Love you 

Dad and Mom 

(198 ? ^^'^ ^ Congrati 







49 "1'4 

fi ^e<w SlOO^ /^044C, 

^UitC^ (H&Citt cfouf ^owi 

pemiiiettce <Mct cCeienwi- 
KOtiati &ave Cfwcn cf(M 
% McceAi-. "Wc looe cfou 



iff % 

4!!'.! »!"* 

A ^0 ^ ^ (J 

^ Barbara Rutala, 

Congratulations! We 
are all very proud of 

Mom, Dad, Nicky, Jo Jo, 
Louie, Sylvester, and Pard 



rj A 

'^ '^ 0.. 00^3 »^nO 0(5 





0^ oo^ooV^% 



Ads & Congrats ^199) 

Congratulations Lauren Barret, 

The past four vears have just flown 
bv. Good luck in all vou do in the future 


Mom & Steve, Ed & Joy, ^ 
Dad & Joan, Sady, Otis, and Cleo 


Best Wishes To The 
Class of 2002! 

From the 

DVC Chemistry & 




I would like to thank my staff for all 
their hard work this year.... 

]enn Caligiuri Student Life 

len Cook Ads/ Congrats 

Mrs. Donigan Advisor 

Cathy Fyock Moral Support 

Alicia Gn^sko Academics 

Ricky Harrison Photography 

Alicia Leonetti Sports 

|en Malaby Ads/ Congrats 

Dana Marston Stories 

Rcnee McManus Special Events 

Kris Mcischhke Special Events 

i ,uarcn Rusnak Sports 

Kim Sartori Seniors 

|ill Simpson Student Life 

Thank \-ou to the many (Jthers who 
cf;ntributed to the success of this book! 
-Marlena C. Balliett- 

F.ditor in Chi 

1 > ac (,Uligf<lt:> 


Matthew Baker 

Lauren Barret 

Alicia Clementi 

Nicholas Culler 

Brian Dravecz 

Jennifer Reichart 

Beth Rudolph 

Kim Sartori 

Janet Shea 

Kami Smith 

Laura Strathearn 

Ads & Congrats \ 201, 


Abbott, Shawn 70 

Adams, Erin 84,129 

Aden, Jeff 122 

Albano, Mike 124 

Albertelli, Brett 82,146,179 

Albright, Charlotte 84 

Algeo, Ann 1 1 

Alpaugh, Amanda 86,126,146,164,179 

Altier, Mileen 10 

Altieri, Bob 13 

Alvaraz, Matthew 129 

Ammerman, Billy 128 

Anderes-Mullen, Ann 146,179 

Anderson, Bill 129 

Anderson, Christy 61,64,112,125 

Anderson, Erik D. 84,146,164, 179,196 

Andrews, Eric 16 

Anthes, Larry 66.121, 122 

Appel, Stephanie 146,179 

Armstrong, Michelle E, 146,179 

Arndt, Tommy 36 

Arrison. Betsy 15,60.103,107,112 

Arrison, Chip 103,107 

Arsunault, Heather 29,95,123 

Asbury, Sara 106 

Askew, Ryan 68,84,127 

Astbury, Sara 32,123 

Atland, Kelley 84,121,146,164,179 

Aurand, Natalie 86,92 

Ayres, Tracy 10,86 

Azzarello, Mike 92,128 

Baer, Jennifer 146,179 

Baiada, Robert 80 

Baigert, Jessica L. 84 

Bailey, Denise 33,146,179 

Bailey, Melissa 60,66 

Bailey, Sharol 15,92 

Baker, Erin 30,31,54,56,72 

Baker, Matthew 82,83,113,201 

Balceniuk, Kristy 13 

Balliett, Marlena 18,60,62,70,123 

Balogach, Amanda 84,146,179 

Galogh, Christopher J. 24,96,125,146,179 

Banks, Tammy 53,70,86 

Xtlb & Congrati 

Barada, Robert 124 

Baran, Kate 86,87,105,124 

Baratelli, Joe 106 

Barr, John 146,179,192 

Barrett, Lauren 82,92,113,146, 


Barszcz, Jen 82,113,117 

Bartholomew, Taryn 66 

Bauer, Amy 136,137 

Bayachek, Richard 146,179 

Bayer, Allison 32 

Beactian, Tylor 125 

Beal, Tom 16,146,164,179 

Beam, Ashley 125 

Beck, David 11 

Beidelman, Courtney 92,146,179 

Bell Walter, Kitty 13 

Bell, Beth 86,87 

Bell, Elissa 60,66,68 

Beller, Kyle 147,179 

Belton, Cathy 40 

Belyung, Julie 123 

Bender, Sarah 123 

Benson, Liz 123 

Bergels, Mike 15,100 

Bergen, Melissa 147,179 

Bergman, Jonathan 96 

Bergman, Matt 120 

Berthold, Marnie 14 

Berthold, Robert 11,18 

Bessler, Sue 14 

Bessore, Judy 13,98 

Betterley, Nicole 147,164,179 

Beyler, Rebecca 147,179 

Bigley, Jason 106,125,147,179 

Bish, Laurie 77,107 

Bitto, Judith 10 

Bitzer, June 14 

Blackledge, Sara 72,84 

Blandino, Joseph 127,147,179 

Blum, Jessica 84,147,164,179,194 

Bobenrieth, Brad 68,127 

Bodri, Michael 11 

Bogwood, Mike 122 

Boldrin, Jessica 84 

Bonde, Rene 68,84,123 

Bonner, Bill 64 

Bonner, Cheryl 64 

Borchick, Keith 147,179 

Boros, Amy 22,62,92,125 

Bortnick, Richard 11 

Borton, David 147,180,198 

Bosch, Marsha 72 

Bowman, Rachel 11 

Boyce, Leeann 68,72,123,147,164,180 

Boyle, Sean 16 

Boyst, Thomas 147,180 

Brandt, Dawn 33,57,147,180 

Brase, Jennifer 121,147,165,180 

Breeding, Chnstopher 68,84,92,106,127, 


Brierley, Pam 84 

Brimmer, Nichole 64,99,103 

Britton, John 122 

Brogan, James 122 

Brown, Kelly 121 

Brown, Samuel 147,180 

Brown, Shannon 68,86,87,92,123 

Brubaker, Danielle 60,82,147,180 

Buckman, Ed 84 

Buckwalter, Dave 122 

Burcik, Scott 36,57 

Buschmann, Denise 148,180 

Buzzell, Stacey 60,61,86,87,148, 


Byars, Aurora 125 

Byzek, Steve 61,66 

Cacciola, Maria 123 

Calhoun, Renee 120,121,137 

Caligiuri, Jenn 78 

Calkins, Mike 61,70,92,120,121,125 

Callahan, Bill 68,82,84,139 

Cammauf, Brent 82,84,148,180 

Campanile, Jessie 125 

Campbell, Andrea 126,148,180 

Campbell, Colenso 148,180 

Campbell, Mary 13 

Capites, Al 70 

Capuano, Dyanna 32 

Carbine, Elizabeth 84,148,165,180 

Carboni, Melissa 66,72,92,120,121 

Carter, Jessica 74 

Cascioli, Christy 68,92,123 

Cater, Jess 123 

Cessna, Amanda 123 

Chapman, Rachel 45 

Charters, Christy 31 

Chin, Christiene P. 68,121 

Chizek, Dottle 16 

Christy, Brian 34,35 

Chyle, Jessica 68,72,86,148,165,180 

Cipparone, Tish 121 

Clapper, Tammy 72,77 

Clarke, Sue 17 

Clarke, Tres 124,141 

dementi, Alicia 64,66,67,83,148,165, 


dementi, Cara 64,66,99 

dementi, Emily 64,66 

Clements, Shannon 84,126,148,165,180, 

Cochlin, Karyn E, 86,92,94,148,165,180 

Colbert, Larry 14 

Columbo, Charlie 14 

Comstock, Steph 123 

Connerly, Pat 35,80,95 

Constantino, Donna 84 

Converse, Elizabeth 125 

Cook, Jen 62,63 

Cooke, Mira 96,148,180,196 

cey, Jessica 84,126 

ley, Chris 186 

ley, ineke 16 

Has, Sean 17,186 

\mico, Josepin 149,180 

niel, Joseph 11 

nsbury, Al 127 

nte 125 

nzman, Rosaline A. 66 

rley, Simon 68 

tillo, Christie 86,112,137 

ub. Shannon 66,92 

iutel, Nick 60 

vis, Brad 128 

vis, Debra 82 

vis, Jillayne 22,61,64,72,84, 


vis. Matt 60,62,70,125 

wson, Gregory Jameel 120 

wson, Jamiel 60, 129 

Angelo, Carlo 80 

binardo. Matt 56 

Bord, Jermey 122 

Broux, Steven 1 1 

cker, Kathe 86,112 

Forest, Anne 13 

Frank, Steve 62 

iffenbach, Craig 126 

Jong, Stacey 68,123 

D'Elia, Lynette 149,180 

Delpapa, Melina 14 

Delude, Tony 57 

Demarco, Howie 125 

DeMatteo, Anne 14 

Demet, Julie 74,141 

DeMoranville, Holly 121 

DeNoto, Cadence 72,139 

Depalma, Michael 149,180 

DePiero, Mike 35 

Deroux, Vanessa 149,181 

Dervrich, Tyler 78,122 

Desiderio, Amanda 41,60,149,181 

Diamond, James 9,110,186,189 

Dieffenbach, Craig 80,82,149,181 

Dieter, Sonia 149,181 

Diller, Heather 60,149,181 

Dimond, Roberta 1 1 

DIugaszewski, Brian 149,166,181,192 

Doderer, Stacey 38,86,112,126 

Doe, Mardi 13 

Dollard, Auriane 149,181 

Dominski, Kelly 123 

Donahey, Aaron 129 

Donigan, Joann 11,62,63 

Donnan, Ben 121,122 

Dravecz, Brian 66,149,181,195,201 

Druding, Lindsey 68,84,150,166,181,193 

Drzal, Brian 150,181 

DuBois, Byron 84,127 

Duffy, Lauren 121 

Dunn, Logan 36,70 

Durney, Joe 128 

Dusault, Brian 80 

Duttio, Stephen 129 

Dzumaga, Robin 150,181 

Eckenrode, Kristen 123 
Eckert, Amy 29,84,121 
Ehrgott, Michelle 84 
Eisenhower, Stacey 72,123 
El, Cush 150,181 
Ellis, Mike 13 
Ellzy, Mae 150,181 
Emerson, Heather 60,68 
Erby, Andrew 34,35 
Ericson, John 16 
Estey, Marcy 150,181 
Evans, Aaron 60,62,66,70,127 
Evans, Josh 128 
Eversole, Linday 39 
Eyre, Howard 11,18,60,78 

Fair, Loretta 16 

Fasanella, Frank 20,92,135 

Fealy, Ryan 62 

Fehrle, Nick 128 

Felder, Christopher 150,181 

Feldscher, Don 8 

Feldstein, Dan 92 

Feldstein, Linda 13 

Ferrante, Christopher 150 

Fetter, Betsy 60,61,92,107 

Finkel, Robert 66 

Fisher, Pat 122 

Fisher, Tom 37 

Fissel, Allison 103,120,129 

Fitz, Laura 123 

Flincbaugh, Jack 104,106,127 

Flood, Frances 13 

Flower, Garry 1 1 

Flynn, Maggie 64 

Forry, Dwight 60,64,72,84,96, 


Fortier, Gary 2,3,11,72,111 

Frey, Jennifer 60,64,74,99,129 

Friedauer, Michael 150,181 

Frigm, Gabbriel 68,74,123 

Fritz, Nick 30,54,55,66 

Fulling, George 150,181 

Fyock, Cathy 21,60,61,62,64,72, 


Gaffney, Eric 62,125 
Gagel, Victoria 125 
Gamba, Richard 80, 122 
Gantz, Heather 60,92,107,109 
Garofalo, Emily 82,84 
Garrett, Michael 1 1 
Gautier, Zoe 125 
Geddes, Jay 107 
Geider, Drew 128 
Geissler, Kelly 125 
Gemmeli, Cathy 13 
George, Cedric 128 
Gibson, Mel 186,187 
Gilbert, Megan 62 
Gilbert, Mrs. 74 
Gilbert, Rodney 11 

Index <203; 

Gioffre, Dolores 9,111 
Glaab, Kate 64,74,123 
Glynch, Joe 122 
Godown, Jennifer 84,166,181 
Goger, Nicole 60,72,84,123 
Gokey, Niki 86 
Gonsalves, Tai 68,74,123 
Goodwin, Jenel 121 
Gordon, Brandon 128 
Gordon, Dan 15,77 
Gordon, Gabrielle 75,92,129, 

Gould, Stacey 78,84,86,96, 

Gower, Matt 150,181 
Gravanese, Nikki 28,135 
Graves. Randall 42 
Gravinise, Nikki 84,95 
Greco, Duke 34 
Greco. Stephen 150.181 
Green, Benjamin 84,112, 
Green. Lara 74 
Greeves. Brian 128 
Gnffith. David 66.92,128 
Grosse. Christine 74,125 
Grove. Sarah 74,84 
Gruber. Keith 77 
Grysko. Alicia 62.135 
Guerrera, John A. 34,151,181 
Gullick, David 16 
Gutosky. Kristen 151.166,181 

Haddon, Dan 60,80,120,121 

Haddon, Sharon 10 

Hafer, Beth 61,82,86.87.105,124 

Hafer, Betsy 16 

Hagopian, Sam 60,62 

Haines, Brett 82,84,127 

Haldeman, Sue 10 

Halteman, William 151,181 

Hamm, Nicholas 127,151,166,181 

Hancock, Jacqueline 151,181 

Haneman, Desiree 60,86 

Haney. Michelle 60,72,105,106, 


Hanna, Andy 31 

Hannan, Mark 37 

Hannon, Mick 122 

Hare, Joseph 151,167,181 

Hargrove, Mark 82 

Harkins, Paul 92,122 

Harris, Karen 129 

Harrison, Ricky 62 

^ f'lingrals 

Hause, Audrey 151,182 

Haverson, Ricky 122 

Havourd, Wendy 125 

Haws, Janice 11 

Hawthorne, Jameel 151,182 

Hazelett, Ed 80,82 

Mealy, Lauren 123 

Hearn, Casey 123 

Hecht, Bill 80 

Heck, David 20 

Hedges, Rob (Smitty) 84 

Heeter, Jason 68,72 

Helle, Bob 128 

Helm, Sara 123 

Henry, Kristen 151,182 

Hepner, Lawrence 11,186,189 

Herald, Cory 74 

Herpshaw, Matt 126 

Hester, Emily 60,78,86,87,123 

Hester, Jessica 87 

Higgins, Lindsey 123 

Hilton, Ms. 109 

Hirst, James 128 

Histand, Chara 21 

Hittle, Amanda 92,98,129 

Hock, Joan 14 

Hodges, Danielle 123 

Hoffer, Matt 121,124 

Hoffman, Jessica 121 

Hoffman, Larissa 14 

Hoffman, Nancy 92 

Hofsaess, Fredrick 11,72 

Hofst, Steve 122 

Hohman, Dr. 109 

Holland, Amy 13 

Hood, Andrea 123,143 

Hoopes, Marsha 86 

Horn, Thomas 151,182 

Horting, Deric 128 

Horvath, Nicole 92 

Hostrander, Matt 60,120,121, 


Houck, Tara 72 

Howard, Dougie 35 

Hubbard, Diana 125 

Huck, Susan 151,182 

Hughes, Roxann 60,61,86,151, 


Hummel, Amy 125 

Hurd, Syreeta 82 

Hurley, Scott D. 78,125,151,182 

Hutchinson, Ace 14 

Jacobs, Sarah 20,92,135 

Jankowski, Matty 123 

Jarrah, Jaime 152,182,193 

Jillson, Jennifer 72,92,96,105,126, 


Johnson, Andrew 61,120,124,128 

Johnson, Kristine 82,86,87,152,182 

Johnson, Mike 122 

Johnson, Ronald 11 

Johnson, Scott 122 

Johnson, Susan 22 

Jones, Tyree 96 

Junod, Kimberly 17 

Jusino, Erika 152,182 

Justice, Bethany 125 

Justiniano, Mike 82,129 

Irwin, Jamie 74,125 

Isaacs, Laura 125 

Isabell, Joshua William 151,167,182 

Kakos, Rebecca 82,83,92,113,129 

Kane, Douglas 11 

Kane, Jennifer 152,182,197 

Kaufman, Dawn 68,94,120,121,123 

Kavalec, Roberta 13 

Kay, Karen 13 

Keifer, Ken 72,84 

Keister, Larissa 20,64,78,84,102,107, 


Kellen, David 152,182 

Keller, Tiffany 68,123,124 

Kenamond, Leslie 86 

Kennedy, Bill 23,61,120,121,124 

Kennedy, Kim 129 

Kent, Jodi 123 

Kerr, James 92,152,182 

Kerrick, Clorece 152,182 

Kichler, Sarah 137 

King, Cindy 13 

King, Joshua 64,122 

King, Robyn 92,123 

Klassig, Janet 14 

Kleinle, Jon 84,152,182 

Kleinle, Kathy 14 

Klingerman, Candice 121 

Klingert, Ted 127 

Knehr, April 82,113,152,182 

Knorr, Peter 152,182 

Knouse, Kyle 37 

Kochanski, Tom 43 

chis, Donna 11 
estaer, Jason 125 
hut, Emory 20 
lb, Andrew 122 
smack, Chris 129 
ebel, Jennifer 125 
charczyk, Robin 11,140 
ebler, Mike 128 
ehl, Linda 11 
hns, Kristen 86 
nkle, Joyce 14 
ntz, Peter 92,125 
persmith, Peter 14 
tcher, Julia 152,182 


;ina, Angela 82,86 

ly, Kristin M. 84,126,152, 


itzsch, Jake 68 

3alle, Anthony 11 

viess, Bob 66,78 

vrence, Edwin 11,62 

vrence, Jennifer 72 

vson, Krista 152,182 

ach, Katie 38,86 

amer, Mrs. 103,104,107 

amer, Thomas 8,71,103,104, 

M08, 113, 186, 187,189 

ar, Stephen 152,182 

athers, Chrissy 135 

3, Kenneth 1 1 

a, Lydia F. 82,92,129,139,143 

jendre, Vilma 13 

ane, Brian 153,167,182 

anetti, Alicia 38,86,94 

ner, Jessica 153,182 

ner, Laurie 14 

;ter, Christy 1 1 3 

'y. Matt 13 

vandowski, Allison 94,153,182 

vis, Andy 62,70 

vis, Wade 43 

'tem, April 1 1 

atenwainer, Julie 21,22,78,112, 

i, 143, 153,167, 182 

ie, Douglas 11,51,111 

den, James 62 

:on, Kenneth I. Ill 

nbardo, Nicholas 153,182 

nbardo, Renee 123 

ig, Derek L. 72,84,95,127 

ig, Joe 72,80 

ig, Ron 122 

e, Ashley 125 

George 11 

Po-ting 128 
yk, Natalie 125 

Lucykanish, Krystal 76,86,87 
Ludwig, Brian 153,182 
Ludwig, Tony 128 
Lupole, Craig 82,128 
Lustgarden, Arthur 126,153, 

LyFord, Rebecca 64 
Lynch, Joe 50,51,70 

MacEwan, Doug 16 
Mackie, Aaron 64 
Maddock, Megan 38 
Mafturak, April 82,121 
Magnotta, Nick 80 
Magro, Phillip 153,183,193 
Maisel, Linda 71 
Majeski, Andrew "Hank" 84,127 
Malaby, Jen 62,63,82,113 
Malka, Sharron 13 
Maloy, Laura 153,183 
Mannah, Andrew 126 
Manwell, Katherine 64,66,76 
Marco, Joe 80 
Mariello, Lisa 86 
Marino, Paul 12 
Markarian, Mike 122 
Marshall, Frank 186,189 
Marshall, Robert 13 
Marshall, Tom 80,82 
Marston, Dana 78,86,137 
Marter, Anthony 50,120,127 
Martin, Bert 84,128 
Martin, John 12,18 
Martin, Robert 68,72 
Martinez, Melissa 44 
Mason, Jonathan 68 
Mast, Jamie 82,84,92,153,168, 
Matas, Jonathan 16 
Mattern, Erin 92 
Maust, Matt 13 
Mayhew, Christine 74 
Mayhew, Lindsey 125 
McAloney, John P. 153,168,183 
McAndrew, Kelly 153,183 
McCarthur, Chris 36 
McCarthy, Heather 72 
McCartney, Lauren 23,32 
McCarty, Heather C. 92,98,121 
McCarty, Heather E. 121 
McCormick, Shannon 44,45 
McDonald, Steve 70,71 
McEwen, Corissa 82 
McEwen, Justin 100 
McGovern, Kate 123 
McGurk, Mariah 14 
Mclver, Chris 129 
McKenny, Heijena 12 

McLoed, Lorna 14 

McManus, Renee 62,63,125 

McMullen, Jean 82,86 

McMullen, Sara 78,84,92,107, 


McNutt, Melissa 82,86,153,183 

Mealia, Shea 129 

Mehaffey, Tom 137 

Meischski, Kris 62,123 

Melhardt, Bryce 126 

Melhorn, Jessica 84,121 

Meller, Alex 15 

Meller, John 62 

Mercer, Sam 186 

Mertz, John 12,66 

Mertz, Margaret 13 

Messinger, Jeremy 46,127 

Metalsky, Dot 13 

Meustadter, Trevor 78 

Michalak, Glenn 17 

Miekley, Tim 64 

Miligan, Colleen 77 

Miller, Cindy 10 

Miller, James 12 

Miller, Justin 128 

Miller, Mika 23,47,122 

Milligan, Colleen 86 

Mills, Dan 80 

Mincek, Andy 80 

Mindock, Deb 76 

Miozzi, Randy 14 

Mishler, John 12 

Misnik, Jen 66,67 

Mitchell, Jason 68 

Mohl, Jimmy 47 

Mojica, Omar 76,82 

Mole, Karen 66,83,153,183 

Molnar, Stephanie 126,153, 


Montgomery, Erin 106 

Montileone, Dominic 9,111 

Moore, Kelly 82,84,92,103,140, 


Moore, Laura 41 

Moore, Rob 122 

Moore, Scott 72,127,183 

Moore, Scott 72,154 

Moran, Robert 14 

Morris, Larry 12 

Mortensen, Jeffrey 126,154, 


Moseatello, Paul 127 

Mountz, Joshua 21,107,142, 


Mowrer, Nathan 68,72,84,125 

Mowrey, Charlene 68,72,84,123 

Moyer, Jason 84 

Moyer, Kyla 28 

Muck, Seth 72,84,96 

Mullins, Dave 16 

Munizza, Cheryl 16 

Murphy, Jenn 62,129 

Murphy, Joseph 154,168,183 

Murray, John 122 

Muse, Barbara 12 

Muse, Ronald 12 

Index <205^ 

Nace, Miriam 125 
Napolatino, Mark 122 
Neilson. Tinsley 78,84,106,122 
Nelson, Melissa 84 
Neustadter, Trevor 122 
Ney. Edna 13 
Nicely, Tiffany 125 
Nichols, Rob 17 
Nieman. Kristy 154,183 
Niles, Nicole 154,183 
Nissely. Audrey 72 
Noll, Kathy 125 
Noonan, Carol 10 
Nowick, Jonathan 80,154,183 
Nungesser, Sarah 78,106 
Nye, Laura 112 

Oakley, Rebecca 154.183 

ONeil. Amanda 135 

Orendi. Kristi 60,66,92,96,105, 


Orr, Eric 15,55,128,130 

Orr, Jonathan 92 

Orr, Robert 12.82,83 

Orr, Rosalynd 82, 

Ortis. Lewis 28 

Ortisz, Luis 135 

Overtuff, Kyle 125 

Owen, Navonne 66,105.143,154, 


Oxenrider, Jenn 72 

Padilla. Tim 60,61 

Palatucci, Brad 80,82,154,183 

Palumbo, Rebecca 154,183 

Parash, Wendy 154,183 

Parker, Ryan 80,124 

Paswater, Erica 60,68,72,120.123,139 

Paul. Kristopher 154,183 

Paxson. Greg 68,92,154,168,183,195 

Paylor, Rose 84,139 

Pazden, Maria 10 

Peek. Lindsay 121 

Pennacchio, Charles 12 

Pentz. Kelly 72,105,126,154,168,183 

Peranich. Cody 30,31,92 

Peril, Angelo 154,183 

Perillo. Steve 128 

Perrine, Steven 155,183 

Peterka, Ann 107 

Peterka, Jennifer 107 

Peterson, Lexi 16 

Petraitis, Diane 123 

Petrino, Marianne 30,56,78,92,123,125 

Phelan, Maryann 14 

Pierce, Tom 128 

Pierre, Craig 16,103 

Pill, Christian 70,78,92,105,106,107 

Plummer, John 12 

Pocceschi, Bryan 122 

Ponnwitz, Ryan 122 

Potter, Sean 124 

Pottieger, Josh 23 

Powell, Katie 72,92 

Pratt, Andrea 123,125 

Prettyman, Amie 155,183 

Prochko, Steven 72,127,155,169,183 

Prudish, Sharon 14 

Pruessner, Dana 123 

Pruitt, Julie 92,123 

Pysher, Lisa 155,184 

Radic, Jason 43 

Radosevich, Kristin 126,155,169,184 

Rank, Jodie G. 155,169,184 

Rawley, Chris 80 

Rawling, Bill 84,112,127,141 

Rawluk, John 124 

Ray, Tanya 155,184 

Reagan, Cathy 15 

Reasinger, Daisy 66,92,123 

Reed, Karen 68,92,107,123,139 

Reed, Pamela 12,68,86 

Reichart, Jennifer 82,155,184,201 

Reinhardt, Michael 84,127,155,169, 


Reis, Kirsten 39,86,112,155,184 

Reynolds, Chris 139 

Rhodes, Heather 66,68,86,123 

Ricci, Allison 121 

Ricotta, Jacqueline 12 

Ridge, Anne 21,52,62,64,68 

Ridgeway, Jason 155,184 

Riggs, Jamie 84,92 

Riley, Laura 123 

Rissi, Anne Marie 66,123 

Robell, Kimberly 155,184 

Roberts, Kristin 86.155,184 

Robinson, Anthony 82,126 

Robinson, Carol 17 

Robinson, Dina 155,184 

Robinson, Ellen 62 

Rohach, Anthony 12 

Rohrer, Jesse 68 

Romanizak, Taryn 78,84 

Rooker, Laura E. 82,155,169,184 

Rosanelli, Bill 84,104,106 

Rose, Gerry 42 

Rosier, Missy 76 

Rossi, Brooke 155,169,184,199 

Rowland, Colleen 57,74,84,121,141 

Rubin, Becki 62,129 

Rudolph, Beth 21,66,72,82,83,113,1; 


Ruff, Ed 128 

Runkle, Cole 128 

Rusiloski, Benjamin 12 

Rusnack, Lauren 86,126 

Rutala, Barbara 60,120,125, 


Rutledge, Courtney 82,92,123 

Ryan, Elizabeth 129 

Ryan, Joe 126 

Ryzonski, Kristen 123,125 

Sabean, Nick 34 

Sagers, Dave 122 

Sakers, Amy 60,61,64,68,99 

Salani, Melicent 61 

Salera, Christa 62 

Salo, Chris 122 

Samuel, Jessica 156,184,197 

Sander, Erin 121 

Sanders, Josh (Buggy) 68,72,84,127 

Santora, Marisa 121 

Santora, Marisa Lynn 121,156,170,18 

Santorie, Marin 86 

Sarsen, Lee 94 

Sartori, Kimberly 62,63,82,106,113, 


Sauer, Bob 14 

Scheid, Michelle 156,184 

Schilling, Mike 128 

Schmid, Gabrielle 60,68,77,136 

Schmidt, Jack 12,109 

Schmidt, Maria 123 

Schofield, George 13 

Schramm, Karen 12 

Schussler, Harry A. 109,126,156,184 

Scianna, Anthony 156,184 

Scott, Diana 10 

Scowcroft, Jaclyn 126, 156, 170, 134, IS 

Searle, Malaree 68 

Seibel, Dana 84 

Seibert, Amy 121 

Selani, Mel 86,120 

Selenski, P.J. 121 

Sergeant, Mary Jane 14 

Shaffer, Andrew 156,184 

lamberger, Kimberly 121,156,170,184 

larppe, Ryan 55,128 

lawlis, Sabrina 74 

lea, Janet 74,82,113,156,170,184,201 

ledlauskas, Robin 12 

leerin, Andrea 60 

lenk, Jacob 72,84 

liffler, Ashley 72 

linn, Greg 24,60,125 

lipley, Asia Nicole 82,129 

iropshire, Alyssa 60,78,156,170,184 

lyamalan, M. Nigint 186,187 

ebert. Amy 86,123 

gafoos, Justin 80 

mmons. Bob 13,43 

mone, Michael 12 

mpson, Jessica 40 

mpson, Jill 82,84,92,129 

mpson, Stephanie 33,77,106 

ane, Thonnas 12,68,92 

jtter, Robert 60,68,72 

nith, Chris 72 

nith, Gregg 12 

nith, Jason 92,122 

nith, Jerry 156,184 

nith, Jonathan 156,184 

nith, Kami 83,156,170,184,201 

nith, Karen 72,157,184 

nith, Mark 68,84,92 

nith, Mike 84,127 

nith, Pat 10 

nolinski, Amber 44 

yder, Kirstin Michelle 86,126, 


lyder, Lauren 44 

bjak, Rebecca 74 

crates, Jason 157,184 

ga, Darlene 78 

Idano, Laura 16 

llenberger, Julie 68,72,86,104 

Itis, Summer 157,184 

arks, Casey 68 

ate, Cathy 13 

atz, Ryan 82 

escha, Michael 157,185 

ies, Emily 86,92 

:ese, Tasha 123 

iffy, Neil 62 

jimach, Larry 12 

nson, Joseph 12 

llwell, Lucy 14 

liweli, Rachel 123 

)iz. Brad 122 

)lgar 125 

)ng, Brandon 70 

athearn, Laura 82,157,185,201 

omberg, Timothy 157,185 

ominger, Amanda 72,92,97,157, 


■oms, Karol 22,120,124 

"ong, Brandon 122 

"ucko, George 80 

Jitz, Erika 74,157,185 

jrchio, Justin R. 125,128 

per, Dave 70 

sice, Jill 15,60,66,82,109,113,115 

Suter, Kraig 60,68,84,127,157,171,1 
Sutton, Lillian 13 
Suznovich, Bethany 125 
Svoboda, Matthew 64 
Szewczuk, Roman 157,185 



Tabachnick, Michael 12,92 

Tager, Lisa 68,123 

Tasker, Bob 13 

Thaller, William 157,185 

Thierolf, Ed 186 

Thomas, Elizabeth 157,185 

Thomas, Jeff 60,92,109,120,121,124 

Thomas, Jill 157,185 

Thomas, Joshua 64 

Thornton, Sylvia 76,77,107 

Travis, Zack 125 

Traylor, Emily 40,41 

Treager, Elizabeth 157,185 

Trout, Jeremiah 157,185 

Troxel, Cynthia 158,185 

Tuffner, Sara 45 

Tulish, Kimberly 158,185 

Tuxhorn, Ryan 126,158,185 

Tyson, Jane 10 

Uckenrode, Kristen 121 

Uhland, Chris 60,66,71,78,102,125 

Van Grouw, Glenn 92 
Van Roon, Marisa 123 
Vander Ploeg, Jackie 86,112 
Vangrouw, Glenn 122 
Vanshaften, Nick 128 
Varacallo, Tim 16 
Velas, Andrea 70,71 
Vincent, Neil 9,111,186,189 
Visinger, Darci 158,185 
Visinteiner, Rachel 86 
VIoyanetes, Andy 80 
Vorse, Cassandra 158,185 

^W W 

Wacker, John 55,128 
Wain, Amanda 123 
Wallace, Ben 129 
Warman, Brian 158,185 
Warren, Rob 34,97 
Waters, Joseph Jr. 12 
Weaver, Ahnjel C. 82 
Weber, Charles 12 
Weber, Kimmy 86 
Wechler, Gina 22 
Weddle, Jeremiah 68,72, 

Wehr, Amy 68,72,105,158, 

Weikel, Mitzi 78,158,185 
Wervington, Jeremy 120 
West, George 12 
Wheatley, Mary 54,64,123 
Whitehead, John 105,126 
Whitey, Bryan 122 
Wickerham, Dan 37 
Wilcox, Devon 86,158,171, 

Williams, Andrea 185 
Williams, Keith 126 
Wilson, Janelle 64,74 
Wilson, Jennifer 12 
Wilson, Kelly 92,125 
Winston, Audrey 14 
Wiuckerham, Dan 124 
Wochley, Gabe 70 
Wohlfarth, Nina 84 
Wohr, Amy 92 
Wojcichowski, Lisa 86 
Wolf, Kevin 42 
Wolfarth, Nina 142 
Wolfgang, Frank 13 
Wolfgang, Jenn 13 
Wood, Judy 14 
Wordsworth, Kirsten 120 
Worthington, T. Jeremy 82, 
Wright Mr.68,84 
Wright, Jackie 60,61 
Wurtz, Josh 42 
Wurzburg, Kirsten 39 

Yablonski, Andrew 80,158, 


Yapsuga, Bob 13 

Yard, Jim 13 

Yerger, Jamie 68,84,139 

Yoder, Erin 74,142 

Young, Jeff 111 

Young, Lauren 135 

Zakorzewski, Tracie 126, 

Zenko, Steve 13 
Ziemer, Richard 12,111 
Zimmerman, Amy 86, 
Zukus, Erin 68 
Zwierzynski, Isabella 30, 


Fading But Never Forgotten 

Their stars that once shone brightl\ are now begin- 
ning to fade. 
They were the heroes that touched the hearts of 
The\- were brothers and sisters, fathers and motheij 

sons and daughters, colleagues, and friends. 
Through darkness and destruction they supporteci 

each other. 

Courage could be seen beyond their despair and] 


Innocent people the\' were. Who could ha\ e though 

their tragic fate? 

Most were killed. 

It looked like an unreal scene from a mo\ie. 
The de\astation put an unforgettable thorn in our 

We suffered a terrible loss of our own that has hac 

an enormous impact on the entire country. 
Through pain, this traumatic e\ent has brought u^ 

closer to each other. 

Together we ha\-e mourned and together we will I 


Prayer is our biggest support. 

Pull together and honor their courageous efforts tc 


Remember these people and help others recall gooc 

times shared with their lox'ed ones. 

Unite together and show pride for our country. 

-By: Renee McManus- 

Photo courtesy of Robert J. Linden 




^^Hl^ '^^"^^F^H 




^^^^imF w 



^^^^^^^ 1 

^^^^^K . 9^^^^F 


Stephen Boitano/Getty Images B^^^I^^SHPHP^i -StfUlMv 

September 11. 2DD1 


J w i 



ly ■• 



.^^^ EiT' 


k *■- ' -^^^^^ 


^ Rft 

Wg will rally the world to 
this cause by our effarts. 
by Dur cDuraye. We will 
not tire, we will not falter 
and we will not fail" 

-Prssident BeorgeW. Bush 

' <r California residents endure drastic 

^ electricity shortages in the fall. To 

= support energy conservation measures 

I Jay Leno stages an "unplugged" episode 

i of NBC's "The Tonight Show." 

-> Democrats gain majority control of the 

Senate for the first time since 1994 when 
i Vermont Senator James Jeffords leaves 
i Republican Party because of his 
osition to President Bush's agenda. 

1^ Argentina's economy collapses, 
sparking deadly anti-government 

protests and looting as the country 
reaches an unemployment rate of 18% 
and a budget deficit of $11 billion. 

•i' During a year marl<ed by 
economic recession, Americans 
open their hands, and wallets, 
to much-anticipated IRS 
rebate checks. 

Daniel Luni'AP/WnJe World Photos 

■:■■•►■:. ^.'-•' 1 

Spending Your IRS 
Tax Rebate Check 

Here's how... 


1 lii.nlincsUan R*w>rM: 


Paul SikudWAP/Wide WofM PlMtos 

" nuclearmlssltS'arsHflSls by nearly 
two-thirds. Later, Bush unilaterally 
pulls out of the 1972 Anti-Ballistic 
Missile Treaty to pursue a missile 
defense system. 

^ Americans face armed guards 
and tighter check-in procedures 
as airport security restrictions are 
heightened following the terrorist 
attacks on September 1 1 . 

-> Americans face another form of 
terror when anthrax-laced letters 
are sent to members of Congress 
and the media. Five people are 
killed in the attacks, and clean-up 
of government buildings costs 
millions of dollars. 

4' U.S. and allied forces mount Operation 
Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, driving 
the repressive Taliban regime from powder 

>l^ President Bush establishes a new/ cabinet position, 
Director of Homeland Security, to coordinate the fight 
against domestic terrorism. Former Pennsylvania 
governor Tom Ridge becomes the first incumbent. 

s|/ As Operation 
Enduring Freedom 
begins, the U.S. 
military airdrops 
food rations to 
the starving people 
of Afghanistan. 

\ \ 

\ \ 
\ \ 

> \\ \ , I 

\ \\k\v <- In November, stargazers are treated 

V \ ^^1 ^~'^ to a spectacular shooting star display 

^ \ ^ ~ ,^ as the Leonid meteor shower returns 

A'.y \ ^ after a 33-year absence. 

\ \ \ 

\v \\\ V ^ \ 


-> Combination PDAs and 
cellular phones take portable 
communication to the next 
level of convenience. 

%-', j^ V 

I «- Researchers at 

\ the Mayo Clinic in 

i Rochester, Minnesota, 

i unveil a new technology 

I that uses facial heat 

1 patterns to detect 

i^ lying. Blood flows 

; to the face when a 

! person lies, causing 

'> dramatic changes in 

I heat patterns. 


•I' American surgeons in New York perform the first remote 
control surgery. Signals sent through fiber-optic lines 
enable robotic surgical arms to operate on a gallbladder 
patient in France. 






Scientists at Massachusetts 
General Hospital discover that 
Ueauty trtggers a brain response 
in men that is similar to reactions 
to cocaine and money. 

<- President Bush approves stem cell 
research, but only on cells already 
extracted. The research is highly 
controversial because extracting 
the cells kills human embryos. 



Biuce BedloiH/AP/Wiae Wotld Pholosi 

'^ Winter weather buffs are If ft 

out in the heat as Ameripjfns 
^ " experience record wafrii 

temperatures across the country 

in December and January. 

-> Scientists report that vast fields | 
of carbon dioxide ice are eroding | 
from the poles of Mars. Over time, * 
this could possibly prompt the | 
return of water to the Red Planet. * 

<r Topps releases an "Enduring Freedom" card set 
featuring portraits and bios of many leaders 
involved, including President Bush and Secretary 
of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. 

4/ At 10:45 a.m. September 11, Fox News Channel 
introduces the headline ticker Other networks follow, 
creating a non-stop flood of headlines. Each "crawl" 
rotates nearly 80 headlines in a 7- to 15-minute loop. 

<- The American flag shows up anywhere and 
everywhere as patriots across the country display 
their support for U.S. troops battling In Dperatioii 
Enduring Freedom. 

<- Shrek and Donkey, voiced 
by Mike Myers and Eddie 
Murphy, hit the theaters 
to teach a valuable lesson 
about true love in Shrek. 

-> MTV, the first television 

5 network devoted exclusively 

1 1 to popular music, celebrates 

' ^ its 20th anniversary. 

1^ CBS's "Late Shovi/ with David ^^ 

Letterman" helps people cope with 
their emotions in the weeks after 
the September 1 1 terrorist attacks. 

Russell Crowe receives his third 
straight Oscar nomination for 
Best Actor with his challenging 
role as a paranoid-schizophrenic 
in A Beautiful Mind. 



[j ( 

_ ^ Entertainment 

"X- 1970s Swedish band Abba enjoys 
revival in the Broadway smash hit 
Mamma Mia! The musical features 
three intertwined love stories and 
over 20 of Abba's greatest hits. 

<- The Emnfiy Awards for Best Actress 
and Best Supporting Actress in a 
Comedy go to CBS's "Everybody 
Loves Raymond" stars Patricia 
Heaton and Doris Roberts. 

1* The WB scores a flyaway hit 
with "Smallville," the story of 
Superman's high school years. 
The show stars newcomer Tom 
Welling as the young Superman. 

-> Actor Josh Hartnett solidifies 
his role as a leading man 
in Hollywood with a pair of 
blockbuster war movies: Pearl 
Harbor and Black Hawk Down. 


1- Entertainers and major TV networks 
come together in historic fashion for 
the "America: A Tribute to Heroes" 
telethon, raising over $150 million 
for September 1 1 relief efforts. 

vj/ Mintendo's Gamecube and 
IVIicrosoft's X-Box enter the video 
game market to compete with 
Sony's smash-hit PlayStation 2. 

AP/Wlde WorW Photos 

■t The Lord of the Rings: The 
Fellowship of the Ring, the first 
movie of J. R.R.Tolkien's fantasy 
trilogy, receives 13 Oscar 
nominations including Best Picture. 

•4/ Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks 
collaborate to produce the 
10-episode HBO World War II 
epic Band of Brothers, based 
on the best-selling book by 
Stephen Ambroser -^ -^— , 


1^ Popular WB TV series "Buffy the 
Vampire Slayer" receives rave 
reviews for presenting an entire 
episode as a musical, 

4^ The highly anticipated movie Harry Potter 
and the Sorcerer's Stone sets records for 
opening weekend, and first, second and 
third place single-day box-office totals. 

't Kiefer Sutherland stars in Fox's 
Golden Globe winner "24." The 
show is delivered in two dozen 
real-time episodes, based on one 
action-packed day in the life of 
fictional CIA agent Jack Bauer. 



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1^ Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., Universal, MGM 
and Paramount movie studios discuss the joint 
creation of Moviefly — the first Internet-based 
downloadable movie rental system. 

Popular rapper Ja Rule Is 
nominated for the 2002 NAACP 
Image Awards Outstanding 
Hip-Hop/Rap Artist for the 
song "Livin' It Up." 

-> Singer/actress Aaliyah Is killed 
In a private plane crash In the 
Bahamas. During her eight-year 
career, Aaliyah released three hit 
CDs and appeared in several 
feature films. 

4^ Musicians join together tor several concerts, including The Concert 
for New York City, to pay tribute to the victims and raise money for 
recovery efforts after the September 1 1 terrorist attacks. 

'T The music from the hit movie Brother, Where Art Thou? 
becomes country music's top-seller for 2001 and receives 
a Grammy nomination for Album of the Year. 


'^ Neil Young's song "Let's Roll" 
celebrates the spirit of tf^ 
passengers who overtSbk 
hijackers on Flight 93 In 
Pennsylvania on September 1 1 . 

4- Colombian music sensation Shakira 
brings her high-energy Latin pop to 
the U.S with her first English-language 
album, Laundry Service. 

'V To benefit AIDS research ar^d 
September 1 1 relief efforyU2's 
Bono recfuitsmostctans to record 
Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On," 
Participating artists include Nelly 
Furtado, Fred Durst, Gwen StefanI 
Moby and many more. 

-» Modern rock group Incubus 
storms onto the music scene 
with the release of the widely 
acclaimed album Morning View. 

- 1 - 


<- The 14-point underdog New 
England Patriots shock NFL viewers 
by l<icl<ing a dramatic last-second 
field goal to upset the St. Louis 
Rams 20-17 in Super Bowl XXXVI. 

-^ Michael Jordan, 38, returns to the 
g NBA with the Washington Wizards. 
I Jordan fills arenas nationwide and 
1 propels the previously doormat 
I Wizards to instant respectability 
S with an over-500 record. 

/ 2001 



■if Swedish golf superstar Annlka 

Sorenstam wins the 2001 money title, 

eight tournanfients and Player of the 

Year, and sets over 30 LPGA records, 

including tlie all-time low score of 59. 

T- The Arizona Diamondbacki 

New York Yankees to win the World 
Series with a two-run rally in the 
bottom of the ninth inning of Game?. 

<r San Francisco's Barry Bonds 
makes baseball history with 73 
home runs and an astounding 
slugging percentage of 
863— both all-time records 


'^ After her team loses only live games 
all season, playoff MVP Lisa Leslie 
leads the Lcs Angeles Sparks over 
the Charlotte Sting to win the 2001 
WNBA Championship. 

<- In July. Dale Earnhardt Jr wins the 
Pepsi 400 in Daytona. Florida. 
Ironically, Earnhardt's victory 
comes on the same track where his 
father died just five months earlier. 

-f Snowboarders Danny Kass, 
Ross Powers and J.J. Thomas 
give the United Slates its first 
medals sweep in the Winter 

Olympics since 1956. 

-> In November, NASCAR 
superstar Jeff Gordon 
wins his fourth Winston 
Cup Championship. 

David Martln/AP/Wlcfe Wo'ld Phoios 

Former Georgia high school 
homecoming queen Ashley Martin 
becomes the first female to score 
in Division 1-AA college football 
by kicking three extra points for 
Jacksonville State. 

David ZaIuSowski/AP/Wide World Photos 

'^ The Colorado Avalanche skate to 
victory in the 2001 NHL Finals 
against the New Jersey Devils, 
marking the first Stanley Cup win 
for 20-year veteran Ray Bourque. 

4' Future Hall of Famers Tony Gwynn, Mark McGwire and Cal Ripken Jr. 
all retire from major league baseball at the end of the 2001 season. 

Reuters New Media Inc/Corpis 

Bill GreentlatVCorpIs Syaitia 

Kevin Sul livan/OCR/Wirelnnaoe. 

"T^ The NFL season begins on a 
tragic note when Minnesota 
Vikings tackle Korey Stringer 
collapses at practice 
and dies a day later from 
heatstroke complications. 

BlH^BBiide World Pliotos 

■f In the first Saturday night women's U.S. 
Open final, tennis ace Venus Williams defeats 
her younger sister Serena 6-2, 6-4. 

Biii*j:^'ifii;as i 

I'SAMAlllN 1„U)EN 

<- An estimated 350 search-and-rescue 
dogs brave fire, dehydration, toxic 
fumes and rubble collapse as they 
comb the World Trade Center 
wreckage for survivors and victims. 

-> Terrorist mastermind Osama bin 
Laden tops the FBI's most wanted 
list for his role in the September 

<- Sarah Jane Olson, once known as 
Kathleen Soliah, is charged with 
domestic terrorism as a member 
of the Symbionese Liberation 
Army in the 1970s and sentenced 
to 20 years to life. 




vl/ Hired as campus spokesmen for First 
USA Bank, New Jersey high school 
seniors Chris Barrett and Luke 
IVIcCabe become the first students 
to finance their college educations 
through corporate sponsorship. 

<r New York Mayor Rudy 
Giuliani makes many 
public appearances in 
an effort to make New 
Yorkers and all 
Americans less afraid 
to return to normalcy 
after September 1 1 . 


■^. ^^ 


-> Actress/singer 
Jennifer Lopez 
marnes dancer/ 
Crts Judd 
m September. 

4> Wendy's foupder and\ 
fam iliar television figu^ , 

Dave Thomas succumbs 
to liver cancer at age 69. 

John Walker Lindh, a 20-year-old 
California native, becomes a prisoner 
of war after he is found in Afghanistan 
fighting for the Taliban forces Asa 
US. citizen. Walker may face charges 
of treason 


■t NBC'S TV game show "The 
Weakest Link" gains popularity 
thanks to the assertive 
demeanor of British 
hostess Anne Robinson. 

-> The future king of England, Prince 
William of Wales, 19. enters 
the University of St. Andrews 
in southeastern Scotland. 

Priniwl in US/t O 2002 Jortfru Inc. 010637 (\m>