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I^Yit^^/T^rXKl^ YO^ 

Cornucopia 2006 


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\Qube and Organizations 0&6 

fecial Evd^nfe 093 



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in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 

Wc! all exyecX- var^K^^t^ of life? to becyu, ewi a\ id have eo\) it? type 
iiiiJdlc! wlic'rc' 6l^ inucli can liappc?ii at any cjivcfn mamant, B'ut ehouU wc?| 
ultiniat(?ly acc(?pt that all thing!? niuet come Xo eome ewM Evc?ry tiay wc- 
e%\''er\ence infinite? c?VG'nte which in eeeeme \\vhce chantic? at eome lc?Vc?l, ^ut^ 
tra0(?dy for all \e that weteu.i to be? focueeci en the? t?V(?nt6 that can occur 
only c-Jurinci our lif ^epan. I aek you now, "Wh^t of the lamer picture?" 

\e it po6t?ible? tliat e?vc?ry individual \e part of a larQer circle: a cycle of eonic? 
eort"? Juet ae a fore?et recyclee each leaf that comee to reet on the? foreet 
floor, are we too a product of a \]ever e\]d\\]0 cycle of construction and de?- 
struction? Tliroucih the? study of ch(?iTiit?try we learn that matter \e noithor 
createA nor deetroyeLl eo where were the atonii? that compose? our bodie?s 
bd^orc^ We? e?xistc^d? Who thoucjht our thouejhts. . .our <?ii lotions? Tlio aiiswc?r 
hos in the? circld" of lifo that has us bound likc^ that e?nticine3 sce?iio of a movie? 
whc?ro we be?come? so involvc^d tliat the worlA arounii us disappc^ars. To think 
outsida the box may sound like? a cliche? but tako a momont and look arounA: 
the circle of \\fe is spini lii i(j all around f " 

Hold those? printod paeje?s as pre?cious witii all of your boinci, for ' 
Se?iit just a part of your cycle?, a part- of your history. Tlio enA of a collc?iie? 
career brin^js about an infinite? numbe?r of omotions that may or may not be 
c?xpre?ssible? in words,. B»ut should it be consid(?rc?d the? enA or a baejinninej? Hi 
will be? f or all of you to d(?cido. 

Always rc?mombc^r, your story is 

"No&a0iniiin0 and No Bid- 

Life? is a -dynamic e?ntity; e?ach day brii ujs iic?w surprise?s anA challencjee to 
AraceA. look on anA roniefinbor tho surprises anA chall(?ne30s Delaware Valley 
llotje? has oxpe?rionce?d be?causo of your involve?me?nt. Pe?l Val has oxiste?d for 
M^nts anA such ovidonce? can be found ondlossly around the? campus. For 
itfaiiy of us, our cycle? at Pol Val is not yot compte?to, but to those? of you w 

LeeM.Fouliot BJftor-m-Chief 

E.11VII1 Luvrc'iicV lOiiic'J the' PH.nvjir \ jllc\v lVIIc.Jc' .\-'iiiiiiLiiiity in 1 v^^l^^ 
j\e< j\n AtVOt'Utc' frcfeet->o\' of EiijIil-Ii jwA IWyvA \vt^.\ hf rc^cc'ivc'J hv:^ t^.A. in 
Eiiiilit-^h fi-L"*!!! HcMy uwv rolkic* in M.i-vAvliLitvtti' jnd liii-^ M.A, in Aiiic'iwin Lit- 
cT.iturc^ ftvMi the' Llnivc'ir^ity of t^c-fjiiton. Tlii-aiijh hii"^ nuny yc'.iiv jt P\C, Mr. 
Lmrewce h.v- t.uicjht iiuiiic^roLit^ rbtH,-c^t^ fivin c\''in^witk''n t^^ jrt. He' \uo 'Ait l^ii 
tHk'h t\''i nmittc^c't3 .v- Liirji-y, uiiriailLiiti jiiiJ Al-.^Jc'iujo tr't.=iiiciirJt\ He' jLv 
tviA e'J J fivc' yc'.ir tcTiii .=it3 the' EiicjIiL^h Pc'p.ii'tmc'ntV^ Ouir. 

Whc'ii it c\-'iiic't'^ to Iviiitj involvc'J with c-.iinput^ .\'tivitic't\ Mr. Lnvrc'ikv hjt^-' 
tViAe'J jl"' the' jJ\ kvr to the' Otitciviv^ Clnh, jiii \ui^ for iiuiiy yc'jiv hc'c'ii oiic' 
of the' LoriiLioopij't'^ oo-aIviiViv. In thif^ role'. Mr. Uwrc'iioc" \uv .itvit'-tc'J the' 
yc'jrhook f^tjff in unJc'rt'^t.inJintj yc'.=irhook oot^tv .11 ki iur woiic'd dilijc'iitly to 
finJ wjyi^ fc\- the' t^t.=iff to hriikj tli<? ytf.^rbook to moJorii .-olle'cjc'-lc^vc?! et^n- 
Ajw'Av'. lXc'i- the? \pjie<t two yc^.^r;?, h(?o.=iLitV of hit? juiti^iioc^, thc^ Cornuropi.^ lue 
iikT<fAvJ to o\/er 220 yj\iye Jc^t.^iliiicj Pc^l V.^il nic'nioric^t^ j\e new vVae h.wc' Veew 
jillowcfj to (jrow awA W Xr\e.\ hy thc^ t-tjiff. Without iiit^ juiJ.^iiirc? it \e cerXm 
th.=)t tile' c^^riiLioopij vvoLiLi not Iv of the' c]Lijlity it it^ to.i^iy. 

With L'tioh Avoinplk'^hme'ntt^ jiiJ Je'Jio.=itioii to a vaXWr Jc^tc'riiiiiic'J a\v\ f.^ir- 
ivjoiiino cjroLip of L-^tLiJc'ntL\ it it^ witli ^jrc'jt veeyecX 3S\\ iionor th.^t "Eve'ry- 
tiiiikOou Ne'Vc'r E\|.votc'cf jnJ "No Pe'cjinniiuj No Eiki" ave cioJk^^tc'J to Mr. 
Eivin L^wronoo. Wc' th.^nk you for jII your hjt'ci woii a\v\ Je'Jiojition .^iki wif'h 
you We'll in the' future' a-:- you h.We' truly Ic'ft 3\\ ovorL^t^tiiicj nurk ow Pc^bw.^rd? 

V^lle'V Collc'tlc'. 












tStORXk 1 




'■v ;»^ 




- tHomarmeK. 


J / 


xm .sT(),p 

[CN y(^ .st(>|\i)ReamiMa 
:)p B^ieviNi^^ rX)Y^^'^N^5^ 








^' V*: 



- 1 






%> « 




. esie\ 1 X\\oee' of X\\e w^rm, 


\| £Hjniiiic?r n 101 ithe 0:311 tHJrj: 

we, inot^morpho^iiuj from a 
, ar 1:^11 tjrc^on niaee into ^ oolor- 
, -' r\ f ul Ji^pby of ^11 etenity of 
evolution. What^ar tha c?n- 

. _ _-l- 4-1 J. -IJ .' - 4-1. -. . 

'd^ thd^ rc^-^^ilic^ncy to off6£?t chaWewye and reveal to 
morli K/\otUer Haturee artietic ab\\\t\ee. Wa too 
Birt of thi^ Jadtjn. Wh^n younj, we are \ke a de- 
m\Q l^iJe ju^t walthQ for th(? ritjht nionic^nt: thc^ 
fct inetant to ^llovv the? worU to eee our hidd(?n 
^6. With the? eame power an J Qraudeur we too 
r in eiich a mamer ae to oivd^ back to thd^ world 
thd^ world hae QWen to ue. Tlia oyob ha6 No ^^- 

riin0 and No Bid, 
. -^ind ju;^ like? tht?6£? 
.^ flowere, all of you 
Ua\/e the ability to 
^ bc^ Ev^rythino You 



aK^ make a Hew eKrSiK^.. 
. '^ m^Ria KPBiN5oJsr 




: i I 



n^ — - — r> — ^ 






E3cU of th^ ^tuti^nt^ here aX Ve\ 
ya\ Uae MferewX iAeae ahouX sphere Xhew 
\\fe ehoiL] (\o, \\\X each of ue hae cue ccwv 
111011 i}oa\\ Xc receive au eAucaXioii It 
Aoeeu'X maXXer whaX oXher acX\\/'\X\ee we 
are iiivolvc?d in or how nu^ny f rioiid? we 
make, we are all here Xo acHeve XUaX 
001 111 lion ijoal We wa\]X Xo ijraAiiaXe, c\eX 
out of horo a\v\ iiiovo o\\ Xo Wyyr a\v\ 
beXXer thiiitj!?. Whiit we boooino in tho 
fuXure, Xo eome oxtont, will be ehayed l^y 
tho oL^^^ot^ we Xook a\]A XUe profot^^ort^ 
we had We all \\a\e XhaX oue f.worito 
yrofeeeor a\\\ owe XhaX we cau'X- heWeve ie 
aWoweA Xo Xeach here, hut both ph^iy a\] 
import .^nt rolo in t^h.ipintj our futuro, It it- 
horc?, aX Delaware Valley Collojo that we 
will rtfinoiiihor with fowheee all Xhe cjooA 
Xrnee X\raX we haA awA it it? tiiit? \iace 
XhaX will t.^ko i\t- Xo ovon hottor tiiiiot?, 
Wo are ae iiiuoh a \'^arX of thit^ institution 
ae it it? of ut? anA it will bo a yarX of Ut? 
forovor ae we eXrwe Xo acHeve whaX we 
eo o.^rnot^tly trioJ to lo.^rn horo, 

May Xhe ijooJ tiiiiot- awi all DkjhX 
t?tLiJy i?ot?t-iont? Dover he forootton! 



€ €49 acni 

su ctti iiSl exaeci is acme^e new 

saa sff 

ms0e Seusrnf usa^ a^eient circumstances an- 


ess as a cnanae... 




^ cJues (^Q^rsmn 



Dear Setwrea 

To the memb&re of the Dd^^are Valby Cdb^e Qaee of 2006, 
I offer my e^\f]cere con^ratulatjone on your ^radu^on. IHe b a 
major mWe^tone in your llf d Whil^ each of you has bamed much, 
thare b 00 much mora to \eam 3o I hopa you hava a dadra to 
coMrtse to \eam throughout your llf a. You h^e been wdl pre- 
pared at PVC to ^0 forth and make e^nificarrt corrUibMona in 
the work place and in eooiety. 

I have had the opportunity to watch you ^row during your time 
here at UVC. You have devebped organizational skilb, learned to 
work with each other and have achieved many things both indi- 
vidually and collectively. You have 0rown bath eodah/ and intel- 

I hope that you will reflect positively on your years at Vds^are 
Valley College and that you will support your alma mater in the 
coming years. 3est wishes to each of you for a bright and 
happy future! 


Pr. Thomas C. Leamer 


^fc^owLe^^e i^ Happijsre^.^^ Became to nave 
IcNowLe^^e ~ Bnoa^^ ^eep IcjsrowLe^^e — i^ to 
Icjsrow tRue eH5s fRom f alse^ a^^ lofty tnlN^s 
fRom low../^ f^ BfeleN losileR 

Dr. Thomas C. Learner 

' i-r.irtt'vl vvitli yaii- |l«k'' fc\- X\vh, 
,ii- .M.jf'nirtV tw-" iik-'Vc' cw ii^ [Tpklfly tc'iii- 
•' .-J IVltll tllf t<Alll(\V ci^^ffM\\\ ACcA fiviuV- 
.iii.1 tlv iViKVni iAc*i^,j«<Litk-li.irtc'J future', Kit 
ijr.iiutk-'n It- tlk^>fMiiiimii c^ yt\Ji- ti-'Ukv- 
l^.•^v■••. PuniKi w<ir ccWe.y \ie.v\- yixi h-ivc* 
•.•■tiuliAl, vyilc'J. pr.vtiiv.l, f'Li\/c'.i, txvulccJ 
.mi iiiiyr iiiifvrt.iiitly, .jtvwn. Ntiw yiii .iir 
prfy«vJ to t*iiilMii on yair iMrc't'iv or oon- 
tiwii^ yair {"JuMtioii. Our it' to ip\.\e you 

iM,lli yair c'Juo.itiOM III t'iioh ^ w.iy 
yai .irc" frq^MivJ to fuiwtioii c^""fc'i.-tivcHy iii 
yiiji- futuir. Ac*!- oaii'tv you Xjke .\\\A 
w\\eve\ev litV \e.\k^ yai, tik* f.ioulty mA 
.dniiMiC'tr.ition witMi you lufyiiic'tv jiiJ 
Ifillmciit. Pc't-t of tuA .mJ ooiicir.ituUtioiit-J 

Nc-il .1. \ iiKvnt 






\?e^r Mc*iTilvrt> of tli<? Cljit-^ of 2 0;5: 
It tx'c'tnt' like* iut''t \ieete'rAi=\y, I wjit- 

irc'c'tiiuj nLiiiy of you ^\v^ your p.^trntr .it 
Mc'iit.ition. You havc" oonid* ^ lonj w^y from 
the* wiJc'-<?y^J frc't-liiiit^n vvonJc-rinj if you 
luJ xwAAe the rinlit Jc^oit^ion i-oiuiiy to 
VeW A. Wlvii .^11 it- eM a\v\ Acne, it itiU'.?t 
rkJVc? Ivc-ii the' rijht Jc'rit^ion lvo.ui?^ hcfrc" 
ure, on th^ othc^r c'lui irjidy for wh.^t- 
c^r .awditt- you. I know tii.^t you iuivf 
Ic'jinic'vl a >ir<?_it Jc'.il ovc'r the" yx-X few/ 
)Je^ri■. You ha\e j.aiiic'J a tc^chil-jl export it-f 
in your chotvii f it'll awA you h^v^ Ae^eloyeA 
'\\e XeaAercAviy mA iiitt^i^c^rtvii-il t^cillt-^ 
ill ■eewe you we\\. You cm XAe ynAe in the' 
Aeavee you hjv? c'jrn^J. ^tcitit-tiotT t^hovv the" tunc' a\\\ mones/ you ii^^vi? invft^'tc'J 
in yourtvlf will now Ivtjin to p.iyoff with 
re career options, better promotion 
'portiiniti^t- awA \Mher o\era\\ eam\\\c\e 
than your f ric'idt^ who Ai\A not t^tid it out 
to eee this? Aay. M^e^^ you look i-ack at your 
time' tYc'nt ivrc", I liopc" it will be with foid 
\ tinic'r' awA c\ccA f\-\e\\V3. 
\\v\ I hope" tlut th?v;c' of ui? in 5tiii1(?iit- 
^ff jiirt^ will ha\e \xaA ayiOi<^\s/e impact on 
your ^xpe^ri^ikv h^rc". Pe?t of luc-k in all you 




ph you We'll, 
Vtt^y Arri^oiigg^ 

Dr. Dolhree C. Oloffre 

Deaw o\ ^U6ina66 a\\\ Coiiiput 

'Ve.3X- Ora.-\uatee, 

My e\nce\r coucy'^^tdatlowe to exU of you 
1 achidviiuj thit^ itiilftston? in your career^. You 
lavc? woAed loriij an J ImvA awi Aoeer^e the 
rc^ooijiiition Ae a tiraAiatt? of VeXavjj^re- Valitfy 

K^vivino your c^^ec\e Ae-iyee it? tlv f iiv-t 
ote\'' in your future?. Without tliiL? Aeiyeo, yoi 
oaiiMot continue' your c'Juoation. Witli tiiie 
Aearee, you am move in e-o many u"lifft'rc='nt 
Jirootiont^ For tliot-c? of you wlio will cointmu 
your oJuoation, Pdaware V'allc^y Collc'(ic' hat.' 
proparc'J yoLi woW. For tlio?e of you vvlio vvil 
join tho ivork f orof, you, too, liaV(? be&^ 
prc=^parc?J weW. You will \v die to co\r\\: 
with inJiviclualt.- fi-oni arrot;>3 thi? world ii 
advanoiiiij in your ohotron oar£?i?r 

Po not fonjc't thf Collc'(_v at? you inovc^ 
foi-ward. De renmAeJ of the lJOoA titric"-.^ jtii 
tlv baJ tnwee. Motst of all, howovt'r, Iv 
remiiklifJ of how muoh tliit? c?xi.-'£='ric'nLV lia-: 
inoant to your ijrowth aiiJ how We'll you hav?: 
i^eeu prc'parod to n\eet the ohallonj c't'' alva . 

L-ood luok to oaoh of \/oaJiAf!^')Ioi»- " 
Arej^mc-' all oonio truo; an>Ktiay you ow Jay 
return to PeLware \me\j Co^eo,e to L-'harif 
your (jood Uc^wt? witti othc'rt? 


Polorc";? Caprari/ (rioff re 

to m^at u^u^^4}e to sau^!:^^^ ^yi aggie ^^\>f(iR./i 

KidurJ Pl'^iiiiiic'I 
hi-vm P(."'iiiic'llv 

1 /^^Ny L - "k^i'tfi 




III.1.1 Pc'iijc'lloun 


kLivit Punic'y 
HL^'WjrJ Eyre' 
Kjfhd Fiiilc'y-t^c"'vvi)ijii 
i.-'.^in-y FL'^Wc't" 
L^.vy Fortic^r 

KcAufy L^illvrt 
trluivn HaHoh 

Kj\re\] Mcfhereon 
Eve Miiitvn 

Not Picturc'ci: .Ic'iiiiy C.iiiilvll; ^ecwy l-ivlv; KkHuivi Hunt; T\\\y Hunt; Liz KoIm-; i\\].U M^itvl; VcTl^mic-.^i 
Mc<?ow3\v, Lr•\e\^ Mich^lA; Htfnry tr-.iiiJlvr.j; Kobiw trlvJUurkA^ Clurlee Wc'lvi-; tr-UL^^n Whitt?; Pt^riL^ WitV 

"fiHi^H eaCH l>ay aN5 Be ^ojsre witn it. you nave ^ojsre wnat 
you Coul^. i^ome BluJsr5eiL5 ajsr^ aB^UR^itiei jsro ^ouBt Cuept ijsr^ 
foR^et tnem a^ 5ooN a5 you caN. tomoRROW i5 a Jsrew ^a)^ you 
5HaIL Be^iH it well aN5 ^eRejsrely.'' 

KalpH Vi^al^o emcRSoN 





. VS,-'* 


.- i - w 

under here. 




^^ 1^* 



' f^Bj 


^l«l^ "p-r- 


JHVir i^bHM 


»X^^7^ w^p» 



R^E. V^:L 


^^ — ^^ ^^^^^^^C^^'^^i^^^ ^^^^V^^^^^^t 


{^&my yi 













. 1 

k ■ 







,i '••■■iwlii' 















Vehwjwe Vdley CoWecje '\e more th.^ii ju^t a 
y\j]ce where you can Recover your true potential: it- 
it? aleo where you can make new and lifc^L^iicj fridiiJ- 
eh\ye. Ev(?ii on the firet .hy of freehman year, 
etudente are alwaye wWWwj to he\y one a\]other in 
any way yoeeUe, iiukiiitj thc^ tr.^iit^itioii to coWeije 
lifc^ more' con]fortaHe; thc^ feare of eeniore cjiviiitj 
frc't?hiiic^n tiic^ coU ehoulier \e ne\/er yreeent. 
..^^.. t\^e ca\]\\\\e itt'^c'lf it? put tOiyther eo that 
there are alwaye ylacee to \\\eet new people .^iiJ 
buiU fric'idt^hipt^ t\^e taHee in thc^ pub and ciinin^j lull 
are eet up eo that people can et ne\t to one an- 
other and etart ct'nvc'rt?atiL'ni?; cjame ehowe and 
^INcrO nicjhtt^ in tlic^ APR allow total etrancjere to 
talk and ijet to know one ^notlic^r hotter and 
Karaoke it? jut?t Jiiothc'i" way to hond with \]\e\uhere 
of tlid etudent hody. 

Wlirn war\]]er weather rolle \n, t?tuJ(?iitr> ca\] he 
fou\]d pUyinj hori?c't?ht'c't? or fit?liintj in the? ponJ. 
Purinj thc^ winter 6c?.^t?on p.^rtifip.^tinr] in t^nowiull 
fijhtt? and "tmy t?l(?JJinij" are only two potv-ihiliticft? 
L>f p.^t?t?intj tile' tin ic'. 

All year loncj thc^ fric^nJly atmoephere of thc^ 
collecje brill j6 out th^ bot-t in it^ etudent e, 
whether It'e cjivintj diroctiont? to the Jiffc'ront 
buiUincjt? on campue or rc^coniiiic'nJincj teachere and 
claeeee for future' ee\neetere. 

Fric^nd-hipe fonnoJ at Ve\aware Valley Collei^e 
een/e ae intrio.^to support pilbr^ .^t? well ae \\fe\oni} 
re\at\o\ it?hip6, Fric'i i Jt? toJ.^y, f rioi i Je toi i lorrow, I 
friende for oyer... I 

^epejsr6ejsrt ojsrijr oj^ tne full u^e of our 
Oneatiye ima^ljsratiojsr../^ /v R^tn Rp^^ 029 

feny, \, t^r'Hc^rl-y, K., L^illc'f^|.v, J., ICi|.\w, J., 
Hji-cic'i-, C, "rtwwy, J., PiiftVLi, k, V'c'iituH, u 
Fc-rticj, E., Wc'.ivc-r, J., \:vAitLiic\ M, Hjzlc^tt, k., 
^ jvlx' i I l ii li, W Tr-^2t^3t1V[, J., KeM^iiitVii, tp., W.irci .1., 
lViiiic'c'ii J., UiiJc'v?irN1:7~VVilluiiit\ u. Mm, P., 
Hillc'L-^hc'iin, P., Pjiriiic'k .1., tpciivvcya^r, P. 

HjiJiim, k, Pc^jtivk, P., Pj^-^tc^n, tr., L^iu f^V^'cvinc', 
A., Ctvpi-vr, L, L^wff, H., Whitc'luuts T., trluffa" 
Pc'iitlc'y, .1, F.^hrc'iikiiitj, P., Klif-h, u, c^illvrt, ir., Mc^if, 
P., FMiit'itW, .1, Pc'hiii, C, t?iiyJc'r, M., NcVcic^r, .!„ 
Mjivomi, p., MjuIc', a., Uff(frty, tr., triiiith, M., 
Fryitiyc^r, l^., Kizit\ P., Mc^fluii, E, Mjliiicvii, P., P^uib, 
A., Cortvii, M., OlivicTi, N., Poiiovoii, C, Miircicvk, K.. 
Uihiii, 0., Trump, k, \acco, C, lAjitot\ A., Hc^ok, t3., 

^[.v^tcvki, .1., MoL\iicj.^M, .1, trt .if ft-^rJ, A., r.^tiiircji, 
k^M^'tiii, P., Tmfc^y, P., Alliii^^ii, R., Kreeije, E, PUkt?, 
M, w5M<Vr, tr., Pc'lTLltVL^ u, O'kcfilly, u, irtc^rii, C, 
Onyon, A., ryiiic?, ^l, l^j\c\i J., \?'\em, k, Eiidiht, 6., 
Wc^ziibk, P., Vvhjtc^hc'.iJ, N„ P(?iiiiit?, k, Poiic^, k, L^vv.?, 
F., ^3rr\eo\], W.,H:L M- Hc^it^y, P., Pc^Jrin, ^1., H.iyc?^, E, 
Lintztvh, E, L^.^t^^., W.iriic'r, k, Nc'uluutvr, k, 
Caffrey, A., Fr^ink, KVroiiii?, k, Kolb, M., crallc^y, L, 
Freetcii C, feA^nco, ^, Cer\]c[y\, M„ McL^oJ, A„ 
P.^iivr, A. 

\jL\cae, A., CoiiraJ, k, Pc^rtV/HL'in, E, Kc^c^l^y, L, Hdlc'r, E, 
Tiillc'y, t?., (?c^rkc^iit^ A., pjiiitcMotto, t?., Piiiic^tt, T., 
Pc'cTc'r, K„ Mpt^c'i', .1, Tivut 
L^illbiii, I., .Iphiitvii, E, HuJt 

5„ Pizzo, J., Praiiit^, M., Pr 

, L, Cr.iiri, t?„ ppjuni. P., 

on, .1, HLLit?on, N„ L?c>ridni, A, 

\awta, k, Potvin, C, i?tc'Pjinnipiii, N., L?rot?t^, A., Pudc?k, 


A., W.^Uiiuyr, P., Ziniiii(?riiLn, N., Wexeev, E, L^Vcfiitioai 

„ Carreau, M., P^ll^^^iiL^nytr', c^c^rhcT, k, Wootcfrt^, P„ 
Folc?y, H., H^fiic?r, M., W/toii, A., kt-^on^y, C, Oe\b, N., 
kc'tjL^inJ, E, Hiiic^t-, E, ydermaw A., 6d^d(?yn, t?., O'Hara, 
k, P.iln It'll, P., Mpt^rtiylii, T„ Tzortzis, 6., 6'tock, A., 
Frjukile, P„ Be'entr/ut, W„ .l.=init?ch, k, Parrc^ll, .1., kc 
P., Cjit.iUi, P., PtvLiv, P., Feterecn, P. 








' r^ 









Kizit\ M., W.#li M., Howe, t^., Kniiii^vni, M., t?ohj.i, 
J., Lyc^z, H., CjiiiplvIL J., Mcljikihlin, P., Mc'tvix, M., 
Hjrt, E, P rovvg A.. W.illjeV, K., toth, A„ 
M^i itc^\iL\\rut1rbw,.^Pjv iL\ P., Hiiikc'l J., M.iy, 
T., Mjrtiii, k, nil J., Fti1vniTt^fU„, Wc'lvr, A., 
HLitV'iiiith, J., Killuii E 

MoiL\\\ k, kitto, K., NiL\Mtvii, k, Piffiii, K., 
ipnyu-tcT, k, Pc'Lliou, M., Ic'litoli k, iseony, k, 
L^ijiiniiii, N., Kolc?t\ir, t, Wricjht, k, pjiivur. A., 
KnohUuc-h, A., Cook, tr., Uc'c-wit^z, P., Hc'rivt, J., 
KrAl t?., Hcvht-tc^iii T, Chc'cvll^, V., Fr.^in, 1„ Cj\rr, 
P., ku^i?ick, M., Ev^n^, A. 

Fut^c'liiuM, A^Ut'^'ti l^^^^ N„ Plohiii, T., \?j\\/'\e, 3., 
Pl^iiiipii, p., kjiiiW-, M., Woitm^i], k, Ariiit?t rono 
M., Pr.^y, .1., N.^eli^?., Evt^rinLjhaiii, M., 
W\tUoreyoo\i T., [iiTZ \, Hed, A., Millar, M., 
OnLit^.^iiiL-h, P., Vorea^, C, Prouiic'll k, Tlioinp- 

cPjiUic'ri, k, Coiifuorto, Pi Veeyree, M., Cox, M., 
kc^utcT, k, H^^rJy, M., Oci\za\ez. W., Cbtit30ii, k, 
Frj]te, C, 3rokoweky, t". t'o'ifert, P., Otr, k, 
VeXereow E, k.=iiii^, C, Tc?tz, .l, Finuciiiic^, k, 
Hittiii.jc-r, P., McriiJ^llo/j. Kirk, k, Oliver, J., Oj^t, T, 
Pc^itcli, L^., Tretter, 


















4 Id 

so .3 J*^^ 

Jfea^ 'Chr^iL 

i jr ' i^HKUi^giaSiSSfl 

ijsr^ tnat V9 


<v HeJSTRV? 

HCJsr we 

OUR i^eaRH- 

te^iH to 

1^ llHOReau 


:5 ^ 

3 A^ = 

LMwh, A., KiWiihc'rijc'r, A., L^illiaiii, J., JifitLiLm, J., Wjy, h., 
Prowl), tr., Tc-'iiic'i-, E, Kua\iM, u, Kc'iiii.i, u, Fc'ttc'i-, k, Lilly, A., 
l>imitc\ X Fc-lJc-iizcr, K., Wood C. Hiiit, J., Mui^vlf, N., 
t^tjii, tp., Ewiiuj, tr., LVitMcT, .1., Hc'iriiLiiin, .1, Kkjhtc'r, V'., 
Mikiy, J„ fiiiluts L, trtull, H„ tr-tc^c^liiic^, M., TtViudy, K., 

r ^wll-A L, I i . ^HaLLT^LiiKjU ii't. A., uitviiioi, r., P.wir, P., 
(Viwii, P., cVrj'AirL\ A7Ff?rTWi4Vz, E, P'lrnic'r, tr., P.=icic^r, R, 
Wic'cic'r, .1,, Anvyo-Pi.iz, E, LjiK"^lvn* 

Wjllc-tr, e., eiiLilrj, t^., e-jiikc-rt, k, Imic-ivt^b^iLi k. 
trjiitjiiiJi'Li, tr., Mirtin, u, Pc'iiiic'tt, P., FcTtjUtxTlNM., Uip, k, 
Joyce. E, Wc^JJk .1., Millc'r, J., U^Vc^ll, M., pL^nujjirciiic'r> 
u'.iiij, C, 'c'cire, J., triiiith, k, PLiiiitvlut, T., Mct.iii, M., 
Hc\ujhtL"'ii, J., Mc\\c^\]\u, M., K(fynoHt\ E, uliiiic^t\ A., F^^ko, .i> 
Pc'Lk-i.i J., W.=ikc'iii.=iii, 3., 'ddwj\rtz, t?., Lijhtiic'r, l^., Hjmic'iO 
F., Mlidoz, C, C-cii\Y\\i H. Kurtz, t^., Wjcjiic-r, tp., HjH P, Wc-- 
Ivr, M., Nii-klc?, C F.^olc'ivio, T. 

fd'wW, C, triiijlL C, Pc'iiiic'tt, P., kiio\, t^., PdLif JVC', A., K^rt, 
A., HLiltt\ A., tphc'jrc'r. A., Corr, t?., Pc'rc'Z.^iitty, N., Whc^c^lc'r, k, 
AuHc', A„ Kt\iic-lki, J„ Prc\iL\ T., Whitc-t^c-ll, J., Derr, C, 

u^rty. A., P>lc\v^, E, Et^ridjc', E^., t?.^ylor, l^., t?h.=iiik, K., 
KkjJ>Vi3„ Frit^lV(f, L^., Moore, J., (3rady, M., Pinh.=it^, t3., Millar, 
.1, troLitlu^, M„ Mouilloch, .1., crubii. A., Poyntoii, (?., Jonik, 
J.A., PcMliiicjcT>^, L\iLina, N., ForeytUe, 3., W.icjiic'r, T, Kruzici, 
P., Uudr, C, Hlil\!^, L, Cli:anihc^rbiid, A., P.wboii, T., 
Ariiit-tivMtj, .!„ kuhlki, k, Churoli, k, "deAwavz, L, Kiiic'hiiiic^r, 
.1., Morton, T., Fr.^iitz>6., Tlionu^s?, k, kc?llc;rni.=in, H., Krc'L-jo, 
A, ky^zovvtii, t?., Clotii^t-, Z., Cuff, A„ Colliiitvii, C. 

:3.^nt iooriiu, M„ ^jwXer, QCyktor, k, Flyiin, k, Tlionu!?, k, 
Trotta .1, Oliii, A., MoCut-'kc'V .1, FewAerwucher, P., Heary, u 
Mou^iin, Z., P.=ivit?, A., ClunihW^ C. troipt, .l, ForJ, ^l., 
P.^inl^rid, .1., Pc^lohor, P., MoPiucj.^ll, N., E.^rlL<oii, P., bdawyr, 
P„ Por^^inbo, J„ kit^tlor, J., ^'olW.^rtzivL-k, P., f'.^nJdre, J., 
Bjawe. P., Poyc?r, P„ Haut^c'iiiji i, .1, ^roww, M., Hahc^rbiiJ, E, 
Puniij:3rdti(?r, P., 6iiiyr^, A., Ka ir, ^l, Portifr, M., '^wa\^eo\l k, 
Piiiolfi, C, PbncharJ, k, Prow i. P., Pbzc^jcfw^i, P., Woinri^rt, 
k, Kliiitjor, K., Frocter, J., Mioli, i3„ i3toink^ohor, ^1., 3horte, .1, 
Mdri^^fio, M., Worthiiitjton, k.,/kioc?, .1, klc?ni:=iti. P., Tf^rnplin, k, 
Bnnioiie, T., Tioo, .1., 5t.^iiii\mjh, k, Porrc^lli, ul, HaXa\e. C, 
.lorJon, ul, t3oboz.^k, M., Whifo, P., Friohol, M., North, O., H^r- 
rit?-t?tovc'iit?, k, TlioiiL^?, k/Uitz, .1., Lanniiiti, N., Pondlcfbury, 
X \'c\\\ Hook, N„ Koziokl P/Moltzor Wc?bb, A„ trtoinort, c?., 
Finkbiii(?r, k, Powoll, ^'„ kp.^tiiicj, N., tr.^phot^, N., Toole?, 
Volt re?, v., Churohwoll,/C., P.=ibcook, t?., H.^tiiuilom^n, t3., !?hf 
horJ, A. 



* ^ 




',tr /M 

te "^ 

^' > ..^mir\ 

\ 1 

1%^ 1 


"n'T' ^ 





FytV, .1., r.itiiitWk-li, P., Pfc'iyiiM, tr., L^-rjiit, K., [\^iiL^tViL\ 
f^ Willi.iiiit\ k, km II I id, M Lc'iuluii, f., Vevw M., Withc'ivw/, 
J., -NnJcTtVii, T., MIjl-IiIjii, J., Piltt\ K., Hc'iiii-vrly, ^\. Piv- 
\ cvt, T„ Trjvit\ Z., ChjIiiicTiS .1, tpc-huli t?., Fjzic^ u, 
Nc^riiijii, k, Poiiil^iviiic', tp., NicViit\ T., Pi^niic'll, P., 
"rrnfjTjrrrTPptir^^^ k, Pottts P., 

pTiMJIviit, M., PaiTj, JJ^fy^Tvl^Pi'/^ti, P., Kiplvni, J. 

t^Lkwllj, A., RlWiiuii, M., kiik'yljrz, K>VVc^lir, k, 
FitZcjc'rjLI, A., V\^\\e. k, Pluii, A„ \^\\y\e, NVK^^vc', A., 
Mxlot^c^y, cL W.ittt\ k, Piiiniii(jluiii, A., K.iiiit\^y, .1., 
L^iicl, J., l\iiJ, k, Ijiic'tti, M., Fc'i'ijUtVi 1, P., Miboh, 
L^ifzij, A„ P.^iwviplo, M., Vec, "b., Pc'tvhc'iic't\ .L Wc't-^t> 
M., Tlioiiut\ P., Mibiic'-Pb|.y, C„ WhitjkcT, W., Fc^niiiiiiorc', 
PoLiliot, L, pL\ic'tvk, M., Pjtv^li, E, trwjrtwoLit, M., W.^llvrt," 
P., Nc'Lvii, M., PjL^iiJrillp, t, L^^irciiic'i; A„ u^orJoii, M., 
"KC.yv. P, HjII a., ec-^U, P., etutvhic^ J. Purt^c-ll J„ 
Pjiie-hyon, ^1., trlurj-vr, k, Clc'tiic'iit\ P., kotiy.^d, P„ 
?\^\^^v\\|, t?., PLiti, V., kic?t^ k, Quc'lly, A., P-mith, tr., 
iik-ipiita M., Z^Sve'^o, ^., PcMLvk, P., trtrohc'cic'r. A., 
M., Willc^y, H., Upp, M„ Eaton, .1, t3c-huniiii, k, 
tit\ P., Alt.aiiiir.aiia A., t?tuiii|.'f, k, ^unJc^rtiiic'r, 
J., L4c', k/fecic'iiz^r, L 


KohlcT, t?., Hut^oK _., Fuller, T„ "oovXz. E, triik-.avjicit?. P., 
L^arUiiJ, P., OJcT, J^A^^'^w^f'' E., 3\ackmo\i N., ^ariid^s, N., 
Phrit-^tiiL^ii, J„ Pc-llo, XvVilhLir, P., Wtijht, P., P'AJrc':^, P., 
FiiiLia^iic^, .1., Phillipt-, E, cvy, F., Punkc', L, McLaikihlin, k, 
lic'ijlc'r, P*., Wlui-y, e^., Pofecra -'., Wdlincjton, P., Quinii, P., 
WcTMcT, E, U'itzc'll, P*., i3t^.=irt, N., M^artouc', N., T^ybr, J., 
Frc'c'J, I„ Pt.^hl, A„ HuniniA k, Timlin, .1, ComaccHa. K. 
pLitlc^r, A., NorJc'n, P., Pc?rLaiVi.^ M., Pillitj, T., [jjcae. P., 
Phc'.atlwni, T, kt.\"lriLjU(?z, k„ tarl. P., i3cully. A., PoJinc?, P., 
Lor^anj, iP., ^i^hton, T, Philbcli, N., P>r(?c?n, k, deleter, J., 
Lica?, N., Mroz, P., Matlcck, k., Zcic'ptti, c?., C?c?it^c?l, T, 
Pc'hulvrt, M„ 

Ke\ane, L, Pjiliii^r, k, P.ahill, ^., Z^lc^ni?, A„ Pot^^?^y, 
Pot^c?i?t?ky, P., Matteie, M., /.I^nkiii^^, A., 3rauc\x M., 
3(?yrouty, k, Pumnic^r, .1,, sorter, M„ KirL-y, k, Yaacjcfr, A., 
P'Acjot^ino, M., W\ezb\ck\, p., Palliat, P„ Pc?.al, P., Prc'nizc'r, 
P., NXirf^n, L, P.air, L, Trmck, M„ Kotila, P., K.a^c?iy, P„ 
Hc?cicj.=irJ, E, V.^inPykc^, /, Purkc?y, N., Ptanwood, .1,, 
Nc'wniiiii, .1., PlovcT, KXfoeter, 3., Heumam, M., Will^l 







































^ 1 


^ 1 








^ : 







04 3 

-/ . 






» m.^ 


,^^S WHCN 

we Be^iK to accept 

OUR OWN W^Siki^e^^,// 






lAiiv-t, J., M'liiJiiii, K., kjiiipf, i'., MjiiLiiui t?., t?jzik, M, 
MiMLitola M„ nun, J., NUivzi, k, Fc'lbwt3, tr., Hc^itznuii, M 
Pjulvr, E, Nkioloff, A., v.lLiL-^tkv, P„ kiiiiic'y, K., PrL^v c^iiz.=iMO, P., 
Wc'ilc'r, M., Prc-'wii, .1., tPUtiioii, k, trpitvik, L, tTLiiiino, k, Eiki, M., 
HcMiv, L, L-jllc-r, J., W.^rJ, A., L^wc'ry, k, t'hc'clLviv, K.. Pr.^un, k 
;\ J., r L''pi"'\vrcTr1<^n4^t:iiljJiAi, k, Milk-"!!, k, Pop, A., PLMiini, k, 
».\irjltii, A., pjrtc'lt, k, kk-lir"A;7t54UjPi.vii, k, "Utviifluk, P., 
H.\ilvi-cj, H„ L-rc\v=iii, M., Allport, P., AittSiqAvio, k, Vulp, A., 
WintcTiii-jLV, J., Niirtiiii, N., Ui-Aiiii, T., EnitvOfc. pylc*, P. 

Pihill, A., Trcvtlc', E, Tc^iiipkiiii\ P„ V jcvlik\ P., Pjvk\ 
Pc^LjriWv, L, PfisotUveir, V\ol% A„ Kowc*, .l, trvvift, J., 
Pi-c'lvd, .1, \-\j\zZ3rA, k, Mc-L=iU(ihliii, .1., trtc'c'lc', k, Fort in, P.> 

nth, A., P.iJc'A.v, P., k.^h0M,'A„ P.=irr, t?., Millc^r, P., tCohl^iiit^,' 
k., KliIc^, N., Freewui], J., Wc'ltc'r P., .Lvktvn, K., Lfiik^ik-c'lli, k, 
Lip.m, M„ trt.iuJcT, N„ Poir, P., Eivnic'iiok, tr., Millifr, P., 
NL^rthc'y, A., Hc'P--towt"ii, t?., Hl-^j-Y^l^i i, A„ Mt-TicTiuii, M., 
Mc'lrhioiTc', P„ FiVcT, k., krjiiicT, P., LjMitr.^ M., Pit, k, kc^yc??, 
M, Wilhc'lni, T., PUri, M., NVycT, k, Plikiik\=i, V'., 'oduff^r, 
J., ctL^ljijiiiiit-"'- i?- M^urcT, tr., Prowiic', P., P^miphdl, k, Lirt^c?ii, 
k, Kc\\\ A., MillcT, J., Tjk.=ii-t\ L, PttjvL^iip, C-., Ptikv, E 

Pkic'r+v, P'fhc'irc'r, J., Tali, P., kMll,T„ L-uth, 5„ Ksweer, M., 
V'c'JJc^r, J^w-ok, .1., Mc-Fjrljik1, k„ Aiippc^rlc'c?, P»„ .bnkt^w^i, k, 
.L=ikulvwtii, _>Ptibh, k., P.^rroll, W., Nwctjwucjwu, (P., Fc^rt?inan, J. 
H.^iL^c'iL^Lic'r, A., ,\\Hy, t?„ Mdntyrc?, P., P^iikjrifh, 5., Pourtc", k, 
Hdey, M., LItkc', .1., L^vit\ P., PjilljiJino, J., faikoVite, t3., 
P-t.^iplc^e, W., H\ret, wVunic^r, P., Nicotr-i, 6., Pc^r^ickc^tti, J., 
Pc?.^ii, .1, Irick, tr., kc'cfft?,!^,, ki<?r^iiowi?ki, k, Flc?L\i, M., 3a\ter, M., 
Marchidi, M„ P(?inirk.=iy.=i, X., P.=ilbw:ay, k„ Wdeh, k, Piityiiit^Lin, 
k„ Pryiint, .1, Foneeca, H.XcehncU, N., T^llc'y, N4., kc^crfcT, P., 
kc'iiiic^rt, P*., M=iiit-, .'„ E.^tAi, .1., MjkML^, E, WillL=tni^, J. 

Poi-v.^ttrcV, k, Plk=irkut\ P., Pc'cJf'rio, L, P.=intorc', A., Hy.^tt, L, 
PlivcT, P„ PrinkiiL^iiii, P., Prc'l^tt', .1., Purtiii, P., H.^riic?r, H„ 
kkiiikjcfr. A., kiiitjht, P„ PcfPic't -a P., W\f.ier, k, Nichobt^, P-., 
P.=irtlc?k^utjh, .1, 6chaffliiicj, J., H(??tc'lc'r, P„ P.^lint?ky, k, 
Wortoii, A., Nye', M., Torzewek, L, kt^pf, A„ 6\mmere, J., 
Mjiijiueee, E, .It^ycc', E, k.^rt<diit?, k, Vawyr, k, Pawlc^y, A., 
6<?ndiijc'r, .1., Mikut3, E, Jc\]ee K., k.^t^iik-^viL-h, L, Alc^xandc'r, P., 
kot-c'n. A., Umlvrt, A„ Fmii3c'tti, L, kc^lvrto, E, Hoiil^, k, 
kik^-c. P., Murphy, M., WiltVi/, M., M^^ry, L, Wile'Cn, M., W.^jiic'r, 
P, Ljit.=i, H., Pc-c-t, J., Ptuiyff, E, Miitih.^ni, L, Elliott, k, 
"i.^rnoll, L, HiirfYtc'r, A., Mlee, k, Pxiorni?c?y, H., Mazzd X 
FLilliiior, H„ P'.^toly, J., rarry. A., Fiduoircfjo, M., Daalier, k, 
•XLilotiK^ich, A., kyo, PJClotzjc-r, P, Puffc^r, P., Wohl, P, 
HioLTtvk, P., Piotric^A., Pc-nii, k, F.^ll, H. 

South 3rd floor F 

Work letRoor 

/J i/np^lta/it ts expeci 
\xi n^tm/ia, ts ta^e eeeig expeih 
(^ e/iee, incuiauia t^e /leaa^i^e 
o ones, aJ melefu dt^epj ^n t^e 
patn, a/f{/ ^o pweee^" 

^ ^^^am WaJ.4 

WfeeRof Y\feIcohne 

Alio. 2?th-23tli 


04 cS 

/ 76 

I . Mt?litV-i Rot^tfiiii!!! pbyt^ Pjtwce Ojtnce 
Rpvolut It'll like" j\ p-omtbe uiiMiiiutcT 
Louiujc' uiuriiiti Lit? Nijlit... 

^ . Oiic' oinwy of new students w^ke td 
tlwr \]e\t \ocjt\on in tli(? AmazinJi Race... 

I \ 

vI^. AiiJ tv flic' ijcWic^c' teiin...nic'i^t' L'tuJt=iitr 
are ivjlly t jkiiiij tlit" i.''|.yi.''rtuiiity Xo iVt tt^ 
know one M\oX\\er... 

4. dii you say^tuffiffliips! M?nil^c?rt? of APl* 
iiiiN up .niuziTiij'frozai crsatioit^ for t^onic' Lite- 
Niijlit fun... 



M^ M 

At^J\ E f-oiiit" ■^tudt'iit-.- pLiyin.j hiiijo in the iiiut'k- room, one of ni.iiiy ^V^ 

aotivltlA- offifrfj jit Lite" Niiiht Jurin.i WifA of WHooiiic' tliL- yc-.n-... fv 

HEAPINl- Jxkie lo\\^ Xmce-J- in the- etuAewt Center pjiiiiy lot for tlic^ ^' 
local traffic, an J to iiivc' Ivr fric'nJt' a ijooA Luyh... 


S 049 


U/if^ t^e mea^ ale ciuef, 
(^fi^entfene^S ca/i snfu Se 

l^'.Vrt- Willi:- A ff\icw \\\\f iV.llk- 111: >'.irj to fiiui 

i\it mmlrrc- tlvw 'i i^t" "' iVininoii.. 

f^f K 'i\ "T-ittT Tot" .4.1 Z.k-li Tr.ivit-. livwc- hit- 
t'iitl«kv.%''*n fiv J ijr^.it .t.iiik' of Pill. JO tviiili' 

.lllotlkT fc'IK'SV \l, II;- f'lri'.lir-.- for .1 II. If,. 



V^Hat tne fooL ^oe^ 
ijsF tne eNc) tne wise 
maKF lyoe^ in tne Be- 

giMiSf iNg. . . ^^ ^pRoveRB 

I . "Kift?"''and hie Pinijo PuJJy i'c"Li\ 
between iviiiic?^ liopiiKj the' Mr-\t tinit= 
jn-ounj will bjiJ to f jt-^h iii thc-ii- pookc'tt?... 

^ . AiiJy WillLinit- .=iiij EiUiif Maiolo are '- 
l-Vi-ft^ctly, focue-e^ oi\ JifVc'loping [^oper 
.lahhinj prorc'Jurc' 

J". Will t^t jplfe looks? on with a riiiilt? je hie 
hUtUy AJjiiii knobUuL-h lookenifiitjilly 
propjiivJ for thf nc'vt.ijaiiit?... 

4,kitic' Tlioniasjttsfa newly found friifnti 
.itt.iok tht?irMhgo cards a? tho mco it? on for a 
hj oaeh win.,, 

-\h'^'\ i. F.ii'vn Hjrinor and ^laokio Lonj find now u o^ tot thou I in ]0 Jiipe. 

LEFT Sanoa Curtin and Sophia Tzort-zis concont rato hard on tlioir binjo 
oardi?, hopinij to ijot lucky and win some monoy tonijlit' 


^oAt fs0e, u/ife44 u^u expect 
^su expect fsoeJ! i 


/ ( ■ ■ ' 

I lurvv .ll^(• tvliili" luiyiiy cot .iiul lk'tc"Miri,l t..' 

f.-n.-^v ..tii.tfMt"- f<ii.i rii.--ii iw.M tv Alt 

; i I. iVnv W.ii.tiiij ■' ,i.-|-.- iwi- .jiiV\,-' .'!' 

Karaoke ee^t. ^th 

05 d 

V^e aLL ^o no 


eNb of feeLiKFC, aNd 
we mistake it foR 



^TTiSiKk twain 

I . Stawom \e on \te way f cr tUe Aijijic' 

pc-rfortnanci? wlite anotlisr Karacke epeaal&t 
eeardnee for X\\e pSrf,^. son/to captiWtc^ 

1 the (-ratvd,., 

4. Mik« "Boat" LrraHy jiiJ L-iJeon Frit-lvc" take" 
tli)?'Sta?rfli5'i" two-iiun tifjm out on .1 inireion... 

A1^L^\ E AmJ_v AuH? anJ crd^w warm up in pwpjrjtion for tlvir 1 5 
ininutt?^ of fame in tht" Karaoke spotliijlit... 

l-EFT Mike "Poat" e^raJy niake:?tlio laJiet^ ewoon with He perforinauoe at 
iiiLit-ioal iiinht of fun runt- on for liourt?,.. 


> / 

rVi'/i/iet expeeh /s mi/i in 
fuffmg pwpjee^." 

\\ Pr. tCkktrJ rit-ltlfT •.■'^U■^v•.• cfi Ilk' .if lllc't 
• itumn Ilk' LVmc-Jv At .it tlik' yt"-ii'i' •-'•li'''^ 



Nl^v. 1 7th 


tne BegiHNiNg of 

O^CaK VSriL^e 

I . Kflly Pc-jtriLi jiveg the OfoivJ n e\\/ 
look Jit- t'lii? i:ontinue6-<?M4;hi:eugli Uer 
L-iaiK-e rdut'me... 

— . ZAii "Kiji" Clt'iiifiitt- take"? tli:» etalje 
for yot .iiiothor eow) wiiiiiiii.j tlio 
Aklic'iitv'o.ittc'iition M\A .=\\y\auee... 

^. Tony ithi? hoi?tl awi eieter &rooke Catai 
[-V(f orni a speciata*^- to^ethe/ dancing the 
routini? to a popularW©ync,^on(3, 

4. With ynAf awi eomf rfc-po the- PVC etcp 
tt?,iiii took over th? •otajc' aiiJ wow third plaoif 
jt the' ovont.,. 

ABOVE Chrbtophor Porr t^howt^ off jiiiothfr aiiiazinj t.ilont ae Ue ow\^6 
He piano piact?,.. 

Lt:FI Liz Walkor rtuii:? jiid nic'i.-nic'rizc'e tlio orowj witli a \uoet t'poctaoular 
porforiiijiikv wiiiniiuj lior cioooiiJ plaoo overall,.. 



^H .._■ 




9cean, m^at me fead / ^ 


?xpeete{f geneiaffu ^appek£JWJJ.MMXi 

/(■ / 

kic H r Aiiuiul Klk'llirwki, Uf fL^ilk'-t .iiv.1 Vim 
OibiVM t.*/ .1 moment ti.^ f-lu^v ^■"tlwrt' t\v tnw 
fMi".!!!!!!.) cf fivruMiif 

Miiii "rlkT' sMvplk-r.) oKvivA< oiit" i"'f 

riv iiLiiiy ^.".lnl^.ll ,j.i"Wi' offtVrt'J to AFX 


Carnival fVi 

Fc^l^. 1 0th 

I .Aiiiaivia' 
an J fi-ifiu-fe? 
the' Caiiiivjil 
ere whip <xit 

~£>4t jlrikvt tVt'itk^ Ik^^^i 
ii?Yrviiy to Jo eom 

th«v .ioee te 
Altlvu,jh Vin look , 
h.i^'f'y with a ,ycvy of nirfe 


were e^'en iy\en .w 

thiv iii;3ht...m.ilkii 

thc-sv \jij\ee 
e\tre\\v\y h.^^'^^... 


^t>Ne must Live tne ,.,^ 
way one tniNks or et<o 
up tHinkiN^ tne vsray 
OKre Has Live^...^' 

— '^ p. BouR^et 

1 . Emily jiul "E?c\it" pullliy the- U'lnniiy 
rvifflif tlL-kftrjUtit wit'hiiy thc'ir iiuiiiIvi-l- 
lwH Iv \\i\[eA nc"\t.,. 

_ . \t'v A\ 111 tlic- fLVUL\...v- thiv' Aiiijic" 
i^^ikviitratft- on foniiiiy thc» pc'i-fc'L-t l-jiiJ 

. "', All it t_4ft' i-.-' ■.viiic' IvillcViiL^ in the iih.ifv 
L^f .1 te.Uy Ivjr with .i lic-.n-t to put .1 H,j 
L'liiilc' on Aiiiic' Cluir-3 f.iLV.., 

CT. Vin., Vin, Viii...mut*t we wonder what le <join<j 
ttiraigirAmaiiiHa'gi mind at tlite Vc^ry moment... 


^^u ale g^^fi^, ^^(^ ^^^ / ^ 
^^u expect ^ get t^eleX^ 

t ':■ f'.irf y tlilk* fiT titt . 1.^ v"-klllt JfOUf 

r.tiiy .1 iTf.i from k-tc'iiiiui .iiui dk-jTiiy 
' ■ tlut- oroiif of Ao-iiA- vkHto fc't/t' Lit*" 




H|^K« ~ .fyy ■pr. 










j.m\e away 
any JBti-jrfbiK'« 

_ .WPVC t=.taff Priali .11'' 

^"xpTTK^ wori with i?<.\jr 

ik.vr.1iru^3r .loeli ai^ aiiotlt 

^.auirf Privet jkfs^fl 
Ic-ttiiM tlvHr tuiic^t? fill tlv AFT< 

4.Ki-fefii/ C- 


witH BegiNKfiKfg...^^ 
^ RoBCRt ^CHuLLeR 

1 ^6 

i , Lft tht» c-weat roll as tflie band 
c-vt-itft- tli<» crowAwAtbeome\'pwprfu\ 

■ ~> _ 

^. cliitsrt- jiid iiioiv ijuit^rt-, one iiiut^t 

n'onJc'r...whc'rc' .=11^ the" other iii;-^tmiiic»ntr 

^^.bJuic't PrlVir' IJIlltt't^ till? t-tAJS iTIiyilliJ llc-W 

c-McTijv Jiid t'v-itc'iiic'iit to the; room... 

^^.let the solog^tetiin jit? thftv two hjiiJ 
nieiiferg^lisivv'off their move!? 011 c^nazzy 
iiuitari?.,. / 

APOV E Drum?! 60 thesse hjinJt? rd'.silly ^re wuAe up of more jLiL-t 
tjiiiijers and gultamte... 

LEFT We're not ^ure whst to ojII tlut instrument but we're pretty aire 
it mi.jht be j Kinjo? A mut^t be...but .it a rook ooiicert? 
Mivbe...iiuvbe not... 




r C ; 

Miv K'ylf- J.ihtlwi P.iu.*-.vii\ \lA\\f 
ICilt^ti^i iN.iik-y KuU-V Ouvf cn'lvr Wirii it^tj^c 

(YfjMre' fiv J >)it\-a\^i^i ci f\/f<\t:- t.iiiwi five .it 
tlv K.4^toiiV i-ozy Pel .'^ Prc.if.K't... 

hbU''W MItV ClAfvvf II [iiyo-.l l-y Mkik-llc- 
NrtviiUMlil eiKW» oH Iwr IvIJ ..ylt-i Mlitt-aH- 

tlii^ niurcic'r iiiyrt 

^ . T.ll-ltlw, ^tc^c" did .let 
MaiiuihliM iRiJL>r Mrffj3lf> 

Juriiy flifeX^Mc? L'f tlv? pl^... 

(.-•ff li(^rwiiik1c"rfLl( 

pv-iviitf Ivrei 

4, More.i^uc'L-tioik? 

sviVmvycx-t Ivjiiv.- 
-ittc'iii^'t^ ti? f iijur^ 
Mt wlw tlv i-c'.il 
mur.1?rcT i 


C-^:f^J^ April 7 til 


In tne enc) we Retail 
fRom OUR 5tu^ie5 ojsjLy 


tnat WHiCH we pRacticaD^ 

~ JoHajsrJsi WoLf^aKT^ 

VON ^oetne 

1 , \e'rte\i<f'e character the reM 
niurJc?rc=r? Will we e\/er know the truth... 

k/ Foorfpor Mrn Poyle, if nisylv you 
feren't eo-dieaiyeeaHe you woulJu't lijivc" 
fbeeu the oiv- to "JJAippc'jjr"... 

O. Major Mtftfjif pivrc-Mtiiitj We very militarv' 
way of thinkin.j to tiii? rft-t/^ the cagj.^--^ 

4. Prfc-otivo Trottor pl.iyo.i hy KanJI 
5tarr L-oorjf Ir.vuc- _iii inxc'L^tlijatlon into tJio 
niurtler of Mir. Poylo.,.EviJenoe may be (jathereJ 
but ft just ieaAe to more questions fortUe 

APOV'E Jarod Eaton portrays the eoleotio awA trickster style of his 
character Mr. Faravioini,., 

LEFT Poor Mrs. Ralston iNancy fCulei always beiiiij followed anJ aHmireJ by 
the shaJy Mr Faravioini playe.H by ..laroJ Eaton... 


^S4}e (J fi^e a f^d ai^iefe. U 









^-^., -'.?■;?: 


it is impo55iBLe to j^,^ 
LeaRN tnat which 
oNe tnink^ oNre aL- 
Keaby kNow:^..'^ 
- 7^^^\ '^ Cpictetus 

I . fM\ kiiirhury, Piirctor of Kec-lifuce 
Lift» ijivc't^ J cfffcU ou the iiijiiy.A-hicfVc'- 
iiic'iitt' f'tuJc'iit'.' iiiuMvc'J with reelAeme 
litV Uj\e 3L-coiu\i\-:'hfA... 

^ , Tliie c=Vc»iit truly wae a (jooA c>m...the 
t^iiiilife provi? it,.. / 

S'. \CC Frgeideitt Emily Joyce 0\vee a 

f jiitaetic epeeoU on tlic= .jojte' ICC has ^- - 

.u-cDMipligh&i.. ^ 

4-^^efari:hg6AC^i-ee'iio\\t Kol- AraAucono 
couijratdWee inromiiiij Frc't^i.Viit k.irli'r oi 
hcT .VJit-jition .inJ flc-ctioii to tlv ptvition... 

A30\ E Pr. & Mt-t^. Lfjiiier lovt? tc support all 6tuJi?nt Activitic?s aiiJ 
suraly look h.=ippy to Iv IiivoIvaH in this year's banquet... 

LEFT Memories to last a lifetime.,.eveiits that create our 
iiieniorles...tliese Aijijies will never fonjet tlie events of the 200?- 
200^ sohool year... 



Whdii c\]e thiiikt^ of cc\\ec\e, uetiAly, the 
flret thiiicj that cc\ i ]ee^ to iniiiJ '\e (rveei \\fe. 
Frpi 1 1 1 hc^ lovc^ly \3A\ee of tricjma Alph.^ t o t he' 
n ic'i 1 of Aipl L^ L^.^i 1 II 1 u Rl 10, tl ^e Oreeke 1 1 L^ko 
the\\\cehee known hdro .^t PVC, 

The? !3orority womon form ovorL^^tintj 
frionJ^hipt? 3i\v\ c\o o\\ nuniorout^ outintjt? to 
i3tr(?njthon ho\v\e< hetweeu eietore. From 
\ce oroiim eoc'\a\e to bowlincj nicjht^, tho b- 
c\\ee of 6ir|i i l^ N^yha. Delta Ep^iloi i Pot.^ a\ vi 
Omocj.i Chi .^11 know how to have a cjooJ tim^ 

Ejioh of the? thrd^ fraten liti^t^ oi i oampu^ 
prov iJc' brothf rt^ with nic'moriae th^t thc^y 
will nc'Vc'r fonjet a\L-\ for tho^c? who Jo f or- 
tjc^t, bu.lii^e will mot?t likc^ly Ilwo picture?^ to 
rc'minJ th^m, From Ajrioulturjilly haeeA ac- 
tivitic't- to bc?ioh^lor .^uotiont^ aivi nunic'rou^ 
fu\v\va\eere. the men of PVC fvatenwtiee 
aX\ .^notlic'r ciimc^nt^ion to tho Jyn.^mio lifc^ 
our o.^mput^ hae to oiier. 

C^r^ok Ortj.^niz.=itiont- ou camyue it it? ole'iir 
that the?t^c^ cjroupt^ [iay a cmcial role in 
et u Jc^i it life?. Frioi iJt^hipt^ 1 1 i^iy ooi ]]e a\ i J cjo 
but a PVCC^ro^k ^itrtorhooci or brothc?rliooJ 
laete forever... 

ma^ei an 











nZ. ivl/'r" 

J 3S 

0\]e c-.^niiot e\]tc'r the worli of Dfi^ware 
Vdley Lollc^cjc^ jwvi not jot involvoci in cue of tho 
iiL^iny olub^ awi orjjniz.^itiont- .w.^iiUHo on ojiii- 
[we. From trinijino to .^lotincj .^iiJ pUntinj to 
rUinj, thoro \e t-oiiiothintj intoro^tintj for ovory 
?tuJont to join in, 

With tho oollocjo hoinj .^cjrioultLirjilly i^aeed 
Jozont- of roL^toJ ortj.^niz.=itiont^ .=iro a\/a\\aHe 
to !?tuJontt? from momhort?hip in tlio A-P.^y 
Committoo to a pot-ition in tho Hortioulturjil 
6ooioty. trtuJontt- htereeteA in liori?o? ov 
other a\m\a\e ca\] .=ilw.=iys3 finJ tiionit^olvot? a 
eyot in Plook 5< "owWe ov the Animal 5oionoo 
trooioty. Howovor, if ono'e iovo it- for Jrot^trinci 
up a\ki act \\]ij crazy there \e alwaye a place in 
tiio haunt Oci houso run hy Hallowoon Haunting, 
Evon tiiot^o wlio are mut?ioally inolinoJ have a 
homo at PVC. It \e alwaye a cjeat [ieaeure for 
the campus oommunity vvhon tho Choralo awA 
Concert ^a\\\ porform. 

Tlio club? a\v\ ortjanizationt^ are an oxoollont 
avonuo for fir;?t yoar t^tuJonte to roally tjot 
involvoJ in tho PVC way of lifo awA to finJ 
frionJt^ that ?haro t^imiUr intorot^te. Club ac- 
tivitiot? ehow the t-urrounJintj oommunity what 
PVC it3 all about, brinjiiicj a lovol of priJo to tho 
inetitution, No one e\/er iee\e loft out whon 
part of an Ajcjio tjroup,,, 

t3^ entefi^ liei sf gfieat faSs^i sfi /la^a^i^ m^uA Se unifei- 

we exjiect^i^m t^emJ! 
^ ^amuefQfs/liiisn 


laotf fii §mm 

■ 1! iq ^^ygfc'/y 


m ■ 

l^"/^ y^^^^ ^^<^'^^^ f'i ff^(<i^//f', S<i^ to exoeet 4^t^eu to ^eep 


/\\iavy i>oc\eX\i, 

Food InJuetry Club, 

[^cweee Club, 

iawiecaye Hureery Club, 



Turf Club 

^GoaL^ aRe a meaisi^ to aisr eKc) not tne 
uLtimate pURpo^^e of our Live^. tney 
■ aRe ^impLy a tooL to CoHCeisjtRate our 
Cu5 aK[5 move us in a ^iReCtioN. tne 
fLy Rea^ON v^e ReaLLy puR^ue goals is 

to Cause ouRSeLves to expand a^b 


, gROVsr. aCHieviNg goaLs By tnemSeLves 

^wiLL NeveR make us nappy iisi tne 
LoNg teRm' it^s vstho you Become, as 
you oveRCome tne oBStacLes neCessaRy 
to acnieve youR goals, tnat can give 

' you tne deepest aN^ most LoHg-LastiKg 
se\<^^e of fuLfiLLmeNt...^^ 

ro antHOHy KpBBiiSjS 


/4 e fo0e 


Tli^ f ollowiiici e^jewX-d ave XUoee which \^a\/e tic?vc?l- 
oyeA a\\\ \naXureA with PVC thmutjii the? acye. It 
it- thc^ec? e^enXe which Jc^fiiic? - cjiv^ iiic?aiiiii(3 to - 
t3tud^iit Lif(? cu c-.=iiiipu!?. 'V[^eee are X\^e evewXe 
that aXXracX crowAt-' Xo cUeer cw XUe fooX[\4 
Xeam. creaXe Xhe Ht?iii<?coiiiiiitj Farade, which rcWe 
proudly throutjii t h(? eXreeXe of Poyl(?t?towi i XhaX 
XraueformeXiie barreu APR into a luacycal AeeX'\- 
iwtioii for the? t^c'ii li-f omul Aawcee. Tlion thoro.^rr; 
thot^c' c'vontt^ which M\\\e Ve\ \/a\, WouU tho F.^ill 
tr^iik't-tc'r ho coinploto without K=illowoon Hjuiit- 
inci? WlLit wouU f-priiicj ho liko without A-P.^y? 
Cloarly, without thoc-'O ovoiit-6, Pol Val wouU bo liko 
nuny othor collocjot? awA Ullivol•t3itiot^ Put with 
thot?o ovontts we bocoino ciofinoJ a-:-^ a crojtivo, 
oriciin.^il Ot-t.^Miehinoiit with tii no-honoroJ aw\ 
reeyecXeJ tr:=iciitioii6. 

Tliot?o ovoiiti? are tho Jietinciuit^hiiici 
fiictort? of PoL=iw.=iro V^illoy Collotjo - thot?o that 
ijivo nioaiiiuii aw] proviJo nuniorout- outlott- for 
fun aftor daee \eX^ out... 

t^49 expect a/fc/^ u^ne/i expeetatio/t /J e 
1 oiatiYief/^, (oe a^a/it to Se aaai/f ex 
~ '^affiaefOfo^/i^o/f 

t^ei (/Uap- 





T''? ^ 




- ^ v*^^^i« 


" A HLMlyvvcwi Ht-iiic^c-L^iiiincj" tmly turiic'J cut to bt? .=i etji 
L-tiiJJc'J vvc'Ac'ikI c^vtrav.iijiiiiz.^ ^it^ multiple' evente came tdyth 
11 1 3\\ aW-canfu^ cdeW3t\o\i A rally eet forth the? PVC t^pirit ae tl 
f.\^thjll tc'Jiiii prifp.irc'J for mother iX\ccet-efu\ cyine out on tlic' f ieLi. 
pi-jclc- 1 liroLkjIi Voyleetowu t?prc'.=iJ the- PVC t?pirit to the Awroiw kliiicj .^irc 
cirawin.j jittc'iitipii to our t^m.^ll hut ^^^£="0^1 oollc?cjc'. A Amco aWowoA t\ 
Acji^jioe to o\[io'\t huilt up enenjy .^Iw^iyt^ eeome to etop 1^ on t\ 
for tlic' nuny eocial e\/eute mA throe romAe of o.^mputr' wiAe votiiu Co 
.ii-.itubtioii!? to Rob AroUbooi lo 3\ li Ai i lii ]Aa holier, the 200^ Coup 
ji 1 J Ivt^t wir'hc^t^ to thifir oourt of weW-Aeeenn ij ii i Jiv Llu.ilf-. "i ou jill rc'prc>t?c^i 
thc^ tmc' iiic-.iiiiiiij of prUc?, .i(?ciii.-.ition mA Aee\re^ 
Miiiy thjinkt? inuet a\eo he exteuAeA to Lauren Coreou auA Prijii Turiic'r 
th^ Hoiiic'oomincj Chaire, who were rc^:?poii?iHc' for thi? e\fe\\t. Without 
your harA work anJ J(?.iiLation "A Holly woo J Homfc-omiiicj" wouU not luv 
hc'c'ii potV'ihlc'i \t'e c'Vc'iitt^ like' thit"^ tlut hrc'.ithc' life- into our o.imput^, . . 

if you couLb get up tne CouRa pe to 
BegiN^ you nave tne OouRagei 
to SnCCeeb,// 
^avi^ Vi^<^ott 

. TlX'lTOriVTf'v'f M('IUc'.IMIrll.lkll.<n.l, 

IM tik" ('.<rAl(", tvllk"ll Wi'il t irv-t |H.V(* i^ri 

: V ' ! U 'M Ll..)ly null Nici t^c-iri-iih^y vVllAti- 
i.iMCitk-'n jt tilt" HctiiAViMim t\vtMI". 



/^j /f^t yet oStat'fiecf afl' t^at ^e 
expects to Qft." 

jnSio^e !jfj'ieiee 

. A lyopp of e\dteJ f aiisschc'er on tlv 
\yyee at the football^amd' against- 

Lc'h.ini''n V.illc^y. 

- . Wlut HoiiiaGOiiiinij we^enJ teall action...anJ winiiiiiij of 

^\ Tlv Hcriiic'tvmiikj CjnJUjtt?^ Iiiiif up for 
thc" \jot tiiiic" l'ef'or^-amm0 who the Koyal 
Jouplc" will Iv. ^^-~~-,/ 

4. ?o the^ct^ou comee to Del K'A, ^e^ 3 
Weetem xtion movie rolls throuijli Poylc^town 
Juniiij the? Hom(?(-oniintj FaraAe 

AP J\ E Ae if Hollywood were f\oat\n0 Jown tlii? roaJ, Tlii^ CiJer Houee 
l?ul(?s preeented by tlic? Horticultut-? Society (.-aptivati?t^ our iiit?rc^i?t Jiud 
took thirj yljice in thc» HoMii»L-oniin,j faiwie. 

Lt" FT Ani.iiiJj Pohlfr 3\]A Rob Art iJlvomo port" for 3 pk-tur<f a- tlv Mfwly 
jippointc'J HoniifL-ominii kiiui jnJ Clueeu of 2005. 


gR!#v5 41^6 caj 



Halloween riaunTtnq 

Oct. 20tli-22iid 

Vcft iicjaiii, a £^pc?ll wa? c-at?t over Vd Val'e cainpui? at^ thc^ Hallowc'c 

H.=iuntiiiij t«ni vvc'iit cut in full fcrcc to co\^pre a hair-rabiiio cctiil; 

iL^iticn of t\\ii-y f.^C(?t^ .111.1 pLwt- fcr thie y(?ar'? Haunted Houee a\ 

HjiyriJi?. Vemowe were hrcuijht to life? to etak the liviiicj who AaveA t 

^iitc?r lu^iunt^J torritory ae X\^e AeaA roamed fr(?t?ly jihout oaniput?. Zi 

animale eecapeA into tlio oroJLirJ ivliilc* a car acciiewt left bodiee etrev^ 

about the APR. Ho.^rt-^toppinij ^creame echoed throujii tiic^ nitjlit air i 

[veeeeeed olowi il-> chaeed vit?itor« from tiit? doore of the Haunted Houee. Eve 

WPVC dedicated time to eettwuji an eerie mooci witii the t-ounJ? and eonijec 

Halloivcc'n. It e\'en eeemed ac- if Mother Nature' hortvlf vvit?hoJ to he a [''art i 

the event mi\in,j cool iiijlit a\r with clouit^ .=iiici a Ji-o.^iry overcast look. 

Even thoucjh the i^in c^ime and threjiteneJ to he even more dleai- 

troui-' tUa\] the t^pookt? deweed by the Halloween H.iuntiiic] tejim, vii?itoiv- 

t?till turneJ out in n]aeeee to experience what wae created. Tlie e\'e\]t wa. 

a true t?uccet^^ and many thankt? are t?ent to Nick ^erzaiitrky, Lauren Pair, 

'E'ara Howe and Chrit?tina Carl for their harJ work aivi dedication to t?ucl' 

a meinorahle e\ ent Tliankc- alc^o to all that participate J in puttina this 

Jauntintj event totjether, without your time and work Halloween 
Hauntiiitj wouU never come together year after year with such 

It is BotH tne meaH5 
ajsr^ tne eNb,// 

/ IS 

/ /; 

ri.ilU'svc'c'ii H.iuMtiiy '\.tvv\'i ■ .'iiJy Prtvir 

.I.IO.tllHi\-i.Vt l\lt tlVlr.VM :x.ll>/ tWCIt- fill- 

• H.»intc-J Haky. tv,>ii^if., .1 ivic-.KV -iftt-r 
UkU .1 l'VK''y tvt'Ht'ii.l' 

'.\ ftxtit Frtvi- .iwjito tlif- .iniv.»l of lih- iir>.t 
,irixi(' to toiir tliroutih tlv H.iuiit<rJ HoutV.- 

Halloween RaonTtna 

1 ..Wf Pcfviiic^, 

H.1UITtl?J Houm" 

MiinAi<?r, ^low? off 

tilt' be^t of hiip ivoir-t 


How to li^r dwf Hoi-i.„, 

»!?. Not cvfli ?trAllitjaii. 
0311 ri?rttr.iiii Ajijiifii WMi tl 
.iir liluVr tll<? e}'* 

4. No :vtor or *-t4V-CT? 
, Iv ok.w.^ifMl without 
" • of !?otiif* v^ry t.ili 


TiOve Begins witn a , j ^; 
smiLe^ gRow5 v^itn a 
ki55^ aisib e^bs witii a 





. Even thotV ivlio .irif c^iidli?s?ly liauiitfui 
like" to yoee for the cjtmerA.Aficture caw 

-. y anyone liLnyi-y? It \ooke \kS Amh 
Mjy be ahioet i-ej\jy... 

'. \- the" JfjiA .w.iken to walk the LmJ pikv 
.\]M\ tliiL^ uiu1e.=ij iiklivUual prepjiret^ for her 
oiily L'tep-.- of the yejr... 

+ . T))Otre who are Jea.i awi even thotv who are 
liownt- can ijet jIoikj, a- Lee Miy.iliii-a and €\me 
Milon-CU|.y take a inoiiieiit to eii|Oy eacj/ 
othei-'t? oonipany... X 

■\i30\'E Area Coordinator 3eth Tatro act-? out a "ijolf-oart" craoU tvene 
tliat could have chilled any pat^erby'e Hood... 

LEFT OH, the .jhouL^ auA ooHin.-. tlut took the time to a^year in thif^ 
year't- event...We may even have a new lyecief' ol^ our handL^... 




Dec. 3rci 

Tlic^ Iv.iLity ci Mother Njtuiv vvjt- rwAeA thif-yc'jr ^-:^ XUe Wiiitc'r 
tTr^iiii-Foniul "Tc^Vc^rn l'^ii thc^ C'reeu" tcvk thj\ye in tht? PVC All-Purpo^c; 
Room. Tlic' iiif.3inout- Jiniiuj c'\|.''c^ric'iioc' V^eeA in Now Yoti City nuJo 3^ 
\veeie\v\ t-top in Poylo?town, in^ikinij for ^ luot-t nioinorjiHo ovont. Twin- 
klinj liijliti? were reflect eA off tho purplo a\v\ bUok hjilloon? whioli Aeco- 
rjitoJ tho ovor-hoaJ t^paoo whoro \e3f\eeeXreee roee f rom tho floor ^ilniot^t 
tvoniinij to lijivo .^ooiJont.illy ivon pl^mtod in.ioort-. Lit e\/eriyee^^ treee 
."■roviJoJ 3\: 3uti3uce wiiilo pointvtti.=iL- aUoJ j\ t-pbeli of oolor to ijnito a 
pjt\?ion for tho e\ oniiicj. It .liiikv-t folt >.- if Ia/ wjiikinj throuLjIi tlio AfK wt? 
were j\ctuA\y t.^kinj j w.^lk tliroujii tlio pjiii. TaHoi? woro dolicjitoly 
AecorateA auA \p\aceA throutjiiout tlv tfj\ce to cjivo 3 emdl private f(?<?linj 
to .=ill who ^^ittonJo.i 
Tlion thoro wa^ tlio luut'-io, wliioli only aHocI to tho iiUijio wejivwkj 
toijothor of tlio iiuny ooiiiponontr tlut iiLjht. P.^noc? .aftc^r Aawe 
'\tte\]Aee-'AMii\}eA -'-miloJ m.i L'roitoJ iiic'iiiorio''- to h'-t 1 lifotiiiic 

Javem on the Oreen '\e by far one of the moet memoralAe nitjhtf- 
thie year. Many thanke qo out to 'den FoWmer, Nici derzaneky, 
HoeWe Lucoioni, Crystal Crai^j, lee Pouliot auA Va\ie\\e Quatjlia, 
who eat on t\^e■ Va\xe Committee anA put toc^ether tHe 
moet epe€\a\ event, for all your harA work the reet of ue 
are eternally grateful. 

^'^ope J^^l t^e Sed, expect t^e 
wont ^(/e (4 a pfau. 
14 he <(file^eai4e{/." 

.kk'tlil .III ' 


"'■■■ ' •■■ ^'M'. ^ltUlll.U, 

•r r.llkV iH" .1 

• ■ .1 irniiil.W 

.'I rii. ;\i \A itu'iiwiit.. 

L.mrt*ii h.ilr.iii.10livni.i(* itiir nwiiioiVt- I't' 


1. Nc 


iSL^EvcTy tiiHc" war e 

3. Hoiwi^l (pee^i- for 

L^anicT, Mr. .iiij Pr. /^^ 
& Ml-?. Fli?»v^\-, .11 l1 

\ /' to off» 

/ /2 

/ / 

^(ruaRReLs eNb But 
vsroRc)S oMOe :5pokeN 

ct^RicaN pROveRB 

I.And tv it fei:AJani "iphep" 6hf[Aiei\-\ 
i-urpritV6 Clirit-ty Muiioz with .i ki;V' n.iht 
IvfcTc' liciJiiiij off to .1 lllijht of 
torturout- J.iiit'in.j... i \ 

2. Courtntfy KulVo 3i\A V.vwfWe 'Q.uai]\\a 
C'Uow off thVir yrc-fectly Aowe luiV Ivfoiv 
.iinoiiM the" nijiit ^WJ\\/,.. 

sS.P.iiilV, P.inoc', P.iiioc' Kc=volutioiiiii Tlic' itoli 
Iul- oonic" to PVC. vvoii't yoli join in too'? 

4. Litsji Pc.^^.^rz, Lee Fouliot .iiiJ AiiJivj 
RjfJioo, fdlow Writiiiii Coiitc'r Tutoro, c'lijoy the" 
Irejti thi'y ijt't from oJitiiiij p.ipoiv- for fc-llow 
Aoijio etui1i?ntft.. 

APOV'E It'? all siiiibs for tliit' iTOuy of A.i.jlift- fiijoyinn j\ iiiOt?t iiic'iiio- 
raHif t^vfliiiiij in a P?l Val ^rttiiij... 

LEFT Pfii Poliiiic'r L-iiiilt't' on Jr two Jaikv partiifr;? {■et the inooJ 
for tlic" ivvt .iaikv... 

/ /3 


'«^ M.m^^ 4th - 1 1th 


Flower Show 

Time? wae aWaAy miiiiiiiii out for the' Rowt?r 'chow ?racX'\cum eXuAenXi 
ivhc^ii th^y 3\r\\eA Nek on ca\\\yue for the trpriiij f'c'iiie!?ter. Pl.iiitt=' 
weeAeA to bc^ rc?;?(?£)rc"hc^t-l auA ovAereA. yoeXere Ae&L}\^eA auA ee\X 
for priiitiiitj, ylawX oolleotore reeearcheA anA [idyrayHee writtc'ii, awA prop? 
ooII(?otc?.1 auA huilt for tliit^ yeare ?\i\\aAe\\''\\\a ?\ower t?hokv. It'r no Joul^t 
thtft-c" t^tuJc-ntt^ .=iloruj with tlic^ Ornatuc'nt.^il Hortioulturc" f.icLilty li^i oiiif c\er- 
tlicf-top Jit-pl^^iy in minJ for V\JCe c^ntry. 

Tlic^ pL^nniMij p„=iiJ off auA Xhe c^vhihit "Pionc'c'rr of \^eme WooJt^ Ovt?r Tlirc'c' 
Cc'nturic'r of Phil,=iJelplii£i'ir C-reen \AerXaiy" came to \\fe. Tlit? Aeeu^n inoluJeJ tlic? 
liOiiriipliic-t^ of niultiplif PhiJAlc'Ipliiji area \ia\^X eyylorere who \Ae\^X\f\eA a\]A 
oollc'otcfJ pljntt? from tliit=> avea auA a\\ o\/er XUe worlJ. Tlic" jo.=il of tlii? JiepL^y 
\\/av to lic'lp vit^itort^ rea\\ze Xhe need to protect anA ^^ppreoi^^tc" the natur.^1 
pUnt oommunitiet'- thit- rejion Uae to offer, t^inoe iiuny of to.l^iy't? hortioultur- 
it-tt- rimply Jo not know tlie Iwk.jrounJ of the pljintt^ they oolleot a\]A trea- 

\ it'^itor;:- entered tlie eviiiht anA entered a world of weuAer. Amid a 
.' iMinii.i -"-ite riidle-'""' ii ifiv e v\ vX-'^ iden1"ified I'v "fhe-v indi\ idii ^l'-' -'■■ it" in full 

•loom providing a ^peot^fL-ubr vii?ion, fratjrauce anA feelinj \w other di?pL\\ 
could rival, anA the judtje« aiyreeA\ Tlie display won ^eeX in 6how for 
Academic/Eiucational D\e[ia\/e, ae well ae the Bulkley Medal of Honor, 
two very pree^tiijioue m/avAe. Conc}raXu\aX\one Xo the eXuAenXe 
awi faculty who made thie e\/enX anoXher 
ac-c-dacie- for De\aware Valley CoWegei 

"39-/^ ^/ft/fff4 ale expectet/^ of 
//J, a/ia /ioui(/fg Sig eoei came 
of Sei'/io ^//laff." 



.)ii>fliy crMtiivj .1 >vi''ii.)trfiil \ k-Il'm c'f tlw -^ 

rc^in't* Wtwt tlwiiif" k- .til .il\xit... ■ '.^tk' i-iHoiv .wul t(*\tiii-rt.' iiuic* tliit' 
Irvr- iH.iiit .)ii>)S.«y 'f^v.t viil ir t\v.»l [Vlllt... 

%■ T . 


elk^viiiii Ik^ llvc' pL 


infciTtyfii'M CM exb [id , 

tS<^Hi>r(?r .iikf j)|70ut the^ Jirplay 

\ ill oc'i'c'i'-^L 

C. WiiiiiiHij "Pftvt in 5lw 
reah/ liat' it:? p? li^. i 
LnriHy tivphy a,iV 

4. Pr. PuiiiLid k 
to c'iit<?r1;i.iiil viriti 
aiU talk^hiAlt tvli 

/ /O 




^oN^t Let Life ^isCouRacje 
you^* eveRyoNe who <^ot 
WHeRe He is na^ to Begijsi 

WHeRe He vsras... 



. NjitlVt' pUiitt' cre^teA thf iiuit^rity 

■.'Lipportllywlut the" Oriunic' 
Hoi'tii.-ulturc' Pc'pjrtiiic'iit te.\-\Vir... 

Tini Pi|oH L^t.iikfe p-ouJIy in front of 
tlir W.iiJuti Cx-e ivliilc" tjknuj .i bir^k from 
iv.itc'rin.j pLintt?... 

J", How speot.ioLlir n.itivc" floweiv cjin be if 
Ur?J and Jl^pLiyc'd in tlic" prop?rwjiy... 

n . Upon c-ntoi'MM the" .li-.^Liy fxb vi-oitor wj\e 
.jrootc'd vvitli jn introJuotion to wlut Tonn'L^ 
WooAe wjte jII jlYiut..tlii?n tUe maijio bftjjiti as 
tlic" ivalk oontinuc?d tlirouijh a caitipsitif and 


APOV E Pr. PiaiiionJ attc'iiiptt- to lioU in lilt? ont-husiasm aftor findiiy 
out that PVC liaJ won two vory di-otiiiLtivc" awarJi? at tliii? yoar'i- Flowor 

I Rol" Aividiaoono it' eo proud of tliir' ulii-play lii" liat^ to t-top for a 
photo to doouinont hio vii-it to tlio Convc»ntion LVntc-r... 

/ 17 

^y Mjirch 2 3rJ 

It A\ nipiitht-' l"c=i'c'rc' tlut vv.irni, t^uiiny MjivIi Ajy a- thc^ 
Off\ce of C.^irc'c'r jiiJ Life' E.iuojtioii irriiiitc'J hunJrc'Jt- of hut^i- 
iitftWt- jiiki fOiiipjiiii(?r> for this? yc'iir't? Cjirt^c'r Pjy Fiiir. Pjirtioipjintt^ 
arrivt?J on Oc^iiipu^ arouid 3:0L\^.m., 3nA fill^J thc^ jyiii with ewieee 
cyycrtu\]\t'\ee for tlv .lohit^Vc'm^iit of lifc'tinic' .Warne 3\)A ijode. '\AAe 
^iXe\■ XAAe, i-wtor ^f\:e\■ pot^tor, the' P\ C J^yiii C3\\e Awe with the" 
hc'jrt hc'.=it of tho pot-t-oolkji? worU...tho woiiJorful worLi of oniploynic'iit. 
trtuJc'iittr cjjithoroci for tho ovoiit by XW maeeee. AeckeA out in thc?ir 
inotrt proft?fc^ioiijil jittiro, .^rinoJ with reeumSe aiiJ co\/er \eXXere. yreyare^ 
Xc awe^jer jiiiy tiuortioiiL-to ooiiipiinit?? offc'riiici opportunitic?? for c?iiiploy- 


Aid .^11 thit? of fort for wlijit? Wlijit it- tlio purpotv? Tlio ^iiit-wor of 
oourt^c" \e a tHJoooi^ful futuro, Cjweer Vay li^it? once ai]a\u proviJoJ an 
opportunity for Pol \/a\ eXuAewXe Xo ueXvjoA with varioue^ yrofe-eeiou- 

Ac- in fioUi"' raiiiin.i from L^n.itW^po Pot-ipn to uiiiiin,^l Jiiirtioc' .=iid 

iic^tworkino ie^ juet thi? b(?oiiiiiiiitj. Conoratulatione to Xhoee- eXu- 
deuXe who Ua\/e found amazing pee. \nXeme\i\?e and eummer 
opportunities^ and thank you to t-h<? Off ioc^ of Carc^d^r and Uf<?- 
tinic^ Eiucation. PVC eXude\^e owe much yra\ee Xo you for 
your eff orXei. 




fea<i ale n^e toa/i(tei{ffg jo/f<i. 
f neij snofo ao (o^e/i {/oa fea^t ex 
oeet Uie/tf." 



Tliit- y(fjr't- Ac'iit took c\] tlv tlvitic', "Wr-'rc' Ckiniiij Lip Our -Vt,' 
j\e th(? Fwie jiiJ foMi Coitimittc'c^ Jittc'mpt^.l to cjjtUer .1 hujc' 
cTOwJ of etuciente and f.^tculty to join efforte to bc'.uitify Pt?! Vde 
u^iiipui?. From jiJvc^rtit-c-mc^iiti? jiiiJ i)\\feawa\/e. the? c-oiuiiiittdc^ aioot?!?^- 
fully LjathereA o\fer c<00 iiiJiviJu.^lt- to work on proit^otr' from littc^r 
piokup to muL-hiiij. trtu Jfi itt^ jiiJ f.vulty jlke wc'iit to IVci the" iiLjht 
hcforc' c-xpc'ttiiiij t^iiiny -:i.\d'e awi hc'.^iutiful r'priiitj woatUt^r the" iic?\t day. 
Put tht? pioturc? Mothc'r Njturc^ pjiiiitcfJ in the morninti nuy oven Uas/e 
t^urprirfJ tht? trooe. . .trNOW. Whipping winA^ anA coli teuforaturee, enow 
fc-ll from till? eky, bbnkiftin.i the" camyue in whito. Wliat a chaWencyncj way 
to ^^tart off the Jayi 

At5 olullffnoino ae it luay have eoo\uoA, thif FriJo .^nci folidi toame were 
unetopp.^Ho anA unvvillincj to yioU to OlA Man Wintc?r't- futilo atteufte 
to eta\e off e\T\nc\. Winter \ackete, i\lo\/ee. boote anA ecawee can\e 
ont anA tW tea\\\t- n\arcWA fovt\^ to Vatt\e tlv t'^now. Witli .=1 hit of 

luok, tho f-torm broke' anA t\\e afternoon yros/eA to be pet ae eoc- 
ceeefd ae the e^nowy inornino. 

Praiec? anA thanke to the FrlAe anA Polish team for another 
WOiid(?rfully orc}an\zeA e\/ent that truly ehowcaeee the yr\Ae 
a\v\ ree/ipecX- both faculty anA etuAente have for Dela- 
ware VaWey Co\\eQe\ 

VVe 5aiL witniN a va^t SpneRe. evcR 
c)Riftiisj^ ijsr uNCeRtaiNt)^ 
c)RiveN fRom eNc) to eNb.// 
BLai^e pa^caL 


. ■ tlk"<'ri*^\n>.L4<' •Nivlvr 

fviiic" "Iv.ittliy" fK^i.. 

'> MHkWt Kktill wotif ..viitly to |vIk»Ii uf 
tlv .U\v\» ti.^ tlv OiifvL. 

1 . 5i.iiiic'titnc'e Uke 

Iviwty e\/ei\ tluxijli 

tlic Wilt ^rs? riwy scare- 


i^Uki lTt».ilvVvliilc^ i:4«iiiiv| t)it» 
LilTj)i-v's^X'lt'"ii.''i''.il KtVi n . . 

Itiivi eoiiu' d^iiliiic'A? tc lAe 
I Art-li^c... 

4. Tliiii ludy (iraif-' of 



aeoo/e expecti/ig t^ A'/i^ it, 

„ / ■/>/>" 
{JO a ^uiew fPfft... 

^Slana/u JLi/icof/i 

I . AnJy Ma~jrty vvoiii' on eX}\\\} .1 
l-i.iiitliM IvJ Jowli hy thif P.m-y p.ini... 

'OT/nv — • Snow oil PriJc^ & Foltelil No 1 

worric'e...f<ie?e iTave A(joii?6 arc' fcfarlsss ~ 

jmJ pirpji-eJ to takt" on any lHuIIc'iujc'... 

.-^. Tilt" crovvJt-' pirpjrc" for a loHij Jjy of 
pliyAMi M\\ t'lullc'ii.jiuj labor,,,' 

4, Cliristiiii? WajHifr aiiJ Rot* Tlionia? paint the" 
Tfnntiylvaiiia Pairy" t^ijii tlit? wffk aft?r friV 
M\\ rolit^h.,.iii tlv nice" warm weathc'r,,. 

LEFT Mary Elc'iu Moran rtopr t-hovc'liiy iiiuloh jLiL-t for a nioiiic-iit Xc 
c'lnh-aoi' a fiviiJ aiiJ fHloiv Aaaic*... 


HORT 101 

'^o NOW it is time to c) tiie pciRt.s of tne 
jic^.Siiw puzzLe or to piece aNotiieR oNe tocjetneR. 
toK-i^i^iL-Lnat^ iiaviNcj come to tiie eN()iof my 
: Lite is just Hec^iNNiN^...^^ j 

~ OoNRac) Yeibt 








^Yt^m&fs Day April 1 2th 

A s/c'jrly trAiitic-^ii, Fl^iiiJct'l- Pj\y Alcw-j' the Pc'Ijwjwc' Valley 
CAe-cy- coinniuiiity to pauee for a w\ow\e\\\ a\v\ ve\\\e\\\^er XW 

mc'iiiL'Hi^t- fornic'J hy the" ewAeee inJivUu^ilt^ who \\a\e- pbytf^J e'0\\\e 

\irt 111 the' c'volLitic^ii c\ ovw L-ollc'.jc'. Py rd'iiitfiiib^rincj the? adiesie- 
\\\e\\Xe of f^bbi ^lotrcfph ^^cawAoyf 3\v\ ^a\^^ee ^oA, wc^ kc'c'p fx■e>^\^ in 
cur niiiiJt^ the' ^yAe a\v\ obi^ctivc?e put ffrtli by the? c?arly fouiitic^rt-, 
1 ovw X\me, ?o{.\\v\e\''e Pay ha? takc^ii o\\ an AliitiL^nal iiic^aiiinj: veco^y 
liziiiij facxilty, !?taff anJ !?tuJc?iiti? who havc^/arc'/will pby a eitjiiifi- 
:aiit roll? in c-tratiiiij Pc^bwaiv V'all(fy Collc^j^'t? hit?ti?ry. Coiitjratulj- 
tioiit:- Xo all tliotv who weve \^o\\o\■e^ o\\ tliif- prc^t-titjiout- Jay. "i ou all 

lavc? \\o\N bc^oonic' ni(?nib(?rL^ of an oliti? jroup of iiiJiviJualt\' inJiviJuab 

who haV(? creaXed an iiit?titution't- hif-tot-y . , . 

fio/N ot^ei4, ft (J /tot ff^^at mte 








BJMMM^ tfiii ^^B 



April 2 1 et 

Tickc-te We're ecli Areeeee boujlit anA euXe deaueA anJ yveeeeA 
Tlic' owe eyecXacdar ^"Oyera ^oydawe" wae jiij.^iii AecoraXeA with 
XUe f\\)e-A trimniinjL^ iov a -3\vie oyera Ye\-fom\a\\ce. " Tlie riuntoni't-' 
h'Ut\]uer.^J(f'" l^rouijlit the n]ue\c awi wcwAer of o\:e of tlic" worlA'e iiiOt< 
populjir lovc" t-tonee to th(? hearte a\\\ eo\ie of PVC? ooinniuiiity. Rioh, 
Jc'c?!-'' colon? emWaceA owe ^mothcT orc'^^tiivj aw atw^oe\\^ere of myt^tc'r-y 
.^iiJ iw-i-yewi'e ivliilc' focj J.^iicvJ IvhiiiJ thot-c' who wjilkcfJ .irouiiJ thc^ lull 
ijrc'c'tinj otWv-:-. WaA-:-^ hii Ac'ryoiic''t^ t\x\e iJc-iitity a\\\ yvowVA a\\otW\ 
c'lc'iiicfiit of myt-tet-y to tht? c'Vc'iit. 
With mut^io Jilw.^yr pL^yiiitj in tW hAijrouiiJ, attewAee-:- c'litc'rc'J a ,ja\v\ 
hjillrooin JtfiritjMc'ci with ooluimit? a\v\ a iiii?t?t intrio^itt? floor pUii. Piiiiitfr 
\Na'c eeweA a\v\ t\\e\\, ae v:- Pd V'.^l't- t-tyk tW p.^rty bc?tj.^ii. Tlv iiic'iiio- 
ric^t? of tlut nijht will .ilw.iyt?' hum hrijlitly for .^11 t\\o<ce who Wc'ro iii- 
volvc'.i 111 itt? uiifoLliiij. Coi 1 uL^tioi It- to the" CXaie of 2 00 7'e Vana 
Coniniittc^c' - P.inic'llc' L^LUoli^'i, CoLirtiic'v l^u?i?o, .Ic'ii Kin^hiiiicT, Lee 

ouliot awA Lhri£.ty Munoz. Without your vieion thie cVdiit wouL 
iicv^r liaV(? \pe■e^^ created. 

^We aRe born foR Love, it is tne 
pRiKfCipLe of existeNCe. aNb its 
ONly CNc)./^ ru BejsijamiN ^iSRaeLi 




\.^ . tSi.111 TiinwT. Li"*" Toiilu'I ^ \iiu1iLirw.t 
K-'i tvf tliij u}' tlik* .l»iVf-...i'rill X\y<y iniiiU"... 

Hie f'luiitotriV \vwfi n.h> tiV t>tri-<iy tc 
I ••ift' iri.H.iltiii.1 III fy/f» t\\(- U'.mit'r't' t.ikliiii a 


I . Aniar 


MerfJith C 
edvni to I 

^ Kim katto juvi Kath 

WCIIAV IILlk.c' the" te't 

tlvir Li?'^,«e?iiii-fi?rinal l'<?fi: 
\, oraJiuticn 

Matlirt.111 taki? a l' 
^vJiaiijt^ tvmplinw 
.iiiuziiki .Vcc 



a\i[H? wiiit-ii, 



(foitu/tatefiu, {/sal 094 
le^atat{0/i sften le^h /wi 
(jO{n aS(f(tfy to /s m^at usu 

aS(f{t{y to {/o w^at peopfe ex- 
pect" \ 


: . While' the" bandana wae proba% not a 
p.irt of the coetume it isurely ht^lpc^J keey 
the eweat from .^rippi^J off tht^ A,jijic»... 

.- . f'tc'Vt' Kt'iitic'rt and Victona Kut-.zewek\ 
taif a iiioiiic'iit to o^pturc- .mothc^r 
iiic'iiiory oil film... 

^"^. Whoit^ic-? iJiiyoutHI? Nc-ithc-r c-ouU 
WA-wo'll leave it ae a iiiytntory.,. 

+ . P.irty, p.irty, f\irty....PVL kiiowt^ how to 
pjrty in t5tyli?.,.thi^ Jance will airvly jo Aown in 
history a&^e of the most intrioitf... 

LtFf PrLiii TLirnc-r, Uea PoJiurz, e.^in.iiitlu Eroiiic-nok _=inj Viii CHanca 
take uy eoiue eyace ou tlv Aawce floor. AlthoLkih it only tvciii- ji- if Li"^ i- 

April 2 3th- 5 0th 


Evc'i-yoiic' vv^j' truly .i "Little' Cajnti-y c\] A-P.iy." Oiic' of PH 
V'.^il't? Hijjc?L-t t?Vt?iitt?, the? L-.=iniput^ wae packed with f.=iniily, fric^iiJt-' jiiJ 
L^thc'rr who wc^ro lookiiiij to h.^vo 3 weekewi yackeA full of jooJ V^'lc' 
oountry fun. OhiLiroii Wc'ro riJiiiti .irouiii tht? oollotjo in hortV Jr.^iwn ojir- 
riiijot- whilo trjotort? pulloJ oil Jmnit- filloJ with troro^^iniiiuj youi ujt^t d^r^, 
Tile' etu.iente of PV'C ijot to chow off tliifir t-kiWe hy t^howiiicj cowe, 
yk]^ jiiJ eheep to the? crowd of byt?t5)nLic?ri? whilc^ |U!?t acroee the yew 
other livft-took wc^rc^ Iviiiij raceA Tlvro tvmothiiiij new on A-P.^y with 
tlv uiaoiliiuj of the ijrAiLLitinj oIaV' of lOO'o'v jift to the oolletjo: a ran 
■c^XaXue y\aceA in front of the f-tuJont iViiter. "i eX troine tr.^.iitioiit? t?till 
h(?U tiut?, like the iiever-eiiJiiij line for inilkt^luket-. Of course, the wait \e 
alwaye worth it. 

Tliir''t- A-P.^y fet'-tivitiet- jo Jowii in hit?tory a-j- one of the 
firt't A-J.=iy vveekeii.l^ in reoeiit memory where Mother N.iture let the 

^^1111 ■''Inn.-' f.T ill thtVr' ."I n/'''l It .'."'lllr'''' tllr'll I'' II."' '-Ill' 


recorc\e were eUattereJ ae the camyue eeemeA to aiwaye be yackeL 
with vidtor?. Coiitjratulatioiis to the entire A-Pay etaff who 
worked tireleedy to create a moet memorable event. Your 
ef forte made t\ie year'e celebration a euc-ceed 

^eace Be^iN5 witH a 5miLe...^^ 
'^ ITlotHeR tcRc^a of Calcutta 

vl I Ni' Axjht • five mikv.iI •.,•. tu'ik' fiviii 
riw C\C P.iiU .ittiA-t .1 ' .1. ' • . <ci\/.i .V tlv 

• fiijt'y tlv ifYi-t.ioinruf-.itli^r, tlvxylit iit't 


tJ/te ^/loafef expect 0'^>0 

t/tat t/te expeetea ca/i Se 
pie^e/iteff, Sat t/ie a/iexpeetea 
iaoafa aaoe See/t expected^." 

I .• JunLVi? L^t" FoulLit .iiul ^li»n Kiiii?hiiii(?r 
em^e a- tJify imic'inlvr thc'ir Firt?linun 
A-P.iy...iii the" Mill... 

— , Tininiy XW Tifniiitc" vit-itt' Ptfl V'_=il cwce 

v?.o<4. VA \JA horeeeytwtaffiae'uuAf 

.)iiJ tliPtv youih}-sit'heart a nJe in a horee 
Arawu cairUije \e a relaxing way to spt^nJ tlv 

■\P^'\ L-. At-if vvc-'.ili .li.lnT kik-u - riik-. jUt-^t p-L^Kc-L'tlLir A-I\iy k- f .-r .ill,.. 

LEFT Tliis was th? first year reck Llinibiii.j w^^e at A-Pay anJ it c^c't^iiie to 
liave been a popular attraction.. 

1 35 





't» ' 


■■-} « * l^ 

.^ I I U L 
I I I 

At tx^iiic' pjiet yolut in tiiiic^, Atjcjic^ etuJc^ntt^ 
could obeewe. in ej^.heee, cpiet eXmAe duriiitj 
fcvtk=ill L^amee and a lack of support for m.^ny 
e\?orte teame. Today, thin(]6 have \uoet defi- 
nitely chanc^eA Our football Xea\\\ ie back-\o- 
baci MAC chaiiipion?, m^kinij tiic' eem\-f\\]a\e for 
tho yaeX Xwo yeave. 'W^e ivroi^tlintj Xeam hae 
coiitiiiUc'J it^ loMtj trjJition of eucceee with now 
niomlvri? aud t-onio osporionood luoinbore lo.^Jinn 
tho way. Witli thit^' inoro.^it^o in winninj^ and 
titlot\ PVC Uae oxporionooJ a booeX in t?pirit . . .an 
oxplot^ion in a-liool priJo. Tlmje^ have oli.^n^joJ, 
for tlio beXXer, on XUe Atjriio lioino fiolJt^ 5o, 
wlut doee all thit^ nio:aii? Wo'vo 0oX eoino sprit 
and eo\ne [ride? Wdl it't3 tinio to eliow it offi 
'oXande are oonet^^intly ovorf lowing with f.^nr- 
1 1 laX support tho PVC iitl ieXee. Homoooi i lin^ 
wae a liugo, popubr ovont whoro tlio ontiro 
t?oliool ehowoJ up in somo niannor to support 
tho football toain. Tliis is just one ox.^implo of 
tlio onJloss acXW\X\ee XbaX have cjown becanee 
of tho suooossos our Xeame are oxporionoiiiti 
t3o whoro is your Pol Val aXXire"? have 
you tjot a noiee maker or how 'bout somo face 
paint? How about tliat louci voioo that is just 
waitiiitj to scroani ranJoin phrasos as tlio toaiii 
scoros anothor tjoal? 

Fiuc-I all thoso thincjs anJ bo oroativo, Pol Val's 
sports are alive and well and suoooss is tho 
namo of tho ijaiiio! 

Xjf mo/it acci '/ a/f{yt^i/fg feu tA/f t^e Sed a ofay 


J eapaoie 
at Kjr ea/i 

a^ j^l ^uft a/i{f t^e teaffi." 

I 39 





4* • 


a, ?^ 


Tile Pc'L^wjirt? V.^llc^y uMkjc' L^hc'crkiiiiicj tc'jni vvc^ii itr 
thirJ jMci iiicv-"t prL^ticjiait^ title' of the' yc'jr .v^ the' Acjcjie't^ 

finidk^jjfitvt jt the' VVe'e'ke'llci-L'^l UJ Kc'JicTl Tile' Pe'.^cTl N.^- 

Viul l1 le'e'TCAfcH^Ti ipc't it Il^i 1 lic'U ill Occ'3\] City, M.=ii^- 
Liiii, Tlv Acjcjie't'^ LViiip^Tcvlni the' .=ill-cjiii, l'miuII rolle'cje' ai- 

\ JlkvJ cilVlL'Hc^M JllJ Te'LViVe'J rhc^hiclhc?^t fOlllhllle'ci LVOtr 
lAcT tlv two .t=iyt"^ of eVllipe'titl(>R Tll^ tc'.^lll reTe^iVc^J 3 

trcyliy, h.^iiiiie'r Jiii lutioiul eTuiiipic^.^hip jAie'tt^ for the'ir 

E^irlieT thit"^ ye'.=ir lie'jJ coj\cU M^ure'c'ii fVyle' .=iiiJ her L\]LiAi 
o.iptiire'ci title'f^ jt Ivth the' trpriiicj Fliiij i3lic'c'r Coiiipe'titio 
jiiJ the' Northc'jL^t fc'iiiiL'^ylvjiii.^ iNEPA^ Cll^cfrlcfcaJintj Chjil- 
le'l ly. 

Coinpc'tiiM for the' Agcjic?? were t-eiMor .le'iiiilfe'r Lxioki?; 
lUiiiort^ t3ioHi.aii Cc^rroll .=iiiJ Liz Rc^yiioUt^ t-ophdbiiiorc^e^ Jc?ii 
Pc'LioL^ "^ar^ 'dchwartz, At^hloy 5oolloii, Liz T^t.^rdcy, 
Pr.^iiJy W.^kc'iii^iii .=iiiJ .L=iiiiic^ Wc^idic^U; jiiiJ fre'^hiiioii KriL-tiii 

nJ At?hlc?y 
\ Lilpi, 

^^itniNk of Life as a goo^ Book. 

[e fuRtHCR you ^et iNrxo it^ tne 
i^OKe it Begins to rn^ke seNSe,// 




#%l # 






nv Pc^lnvjiv \ jIIc'v/ i.Vllc'ijc' iiic'ii'i'- .iiki ivoi He'll'-/- i.TlW-' iWinti-y tc'jiiii', liikIc'I" Iic'jJ 
awli E.1 AiiJfcnvlc'VkHi tVLViitly ivr4yc'c1 up the' 200!3 LMiiipicjii. Tlic' Acjijlc' woiiic'ii 
w/cu 2-0 in hc'Al-to-hc'Ai iiicfc'tt-- .inJ pUv.l 1 4th out of 1 4 tc'.iiiit^ .it tlitf MLHIc' 
\tLiiiti(.- Coiifc'rc'ik-c' IMAC cluiii|.''ic'nL-hip'A Tlic' nic'ii .liJ wet hjvc' c'naiijh iiiniic'iv- 
.iiniKj the tVAvn to tvorc? jit^ 3 te.^wi 

Firt-hiiic'n ir'.ir.T Prowii iTroy, PA/Troy'' .=iiiJ .'c'nnifc'r Pc'l Polito iNutlc'y, N.l/Niitlc'y^ 
IfA the' Aijijic' woiiic'ii .=ill t-c^.it3oii jmJ pLvc'J o!3th /inJ 70th r(?^|."'c'otivc'ly jit the' 
__NJ3u-<r ^ l ij i ) if^ i o i iL' iufiuJVovvi 1 tcci top lionort- out of 25 iuniic?ri? jit tlic" tri-iiie'c't 
U'lth .1 tiiiic' of 2 2 iiiiiiLrr?L'r-^>3 t^c?ooiiJi? md w^e eeccnd out of 30 3t the" 
Ml^i-ijht Im\ it.itioii.ll iOotob(?r 2^;^^4(ith a tinic^ of 22 ininutc^e, 9.5 ^c^ooii.itr Pc'l 
Polito rc'oor.ic^tl j\ time' of 2 7 iiiiiiut(?^>5?.'?(3 t-t?ooiiJt? .it the? MAC Chanipioiit-hi|.v 
.11 iJ Irtrtc'J thjit time? at the NCAA MiJ-Ei^t Kc'tjioiLilt^ with a tini(? of 26 iniii- 
Lite't\ 30.9 eeco\v\e 1 1 ?Pth out of 293 ruWrL-X Pc'l Polito wae eecowi at the' 
■Mvc-riii.i tri-nie'e't i22;4?^ .inJ third .it the- All>yht l22: 1 0.9\ 

file' Pe'l.nv.irc' V'.ille'y iiie'ii''.- iwt<^r h.iJ thrc'e' ruiiiie'rt-' iMrc'L'-hnic'ii Kc'viii Wc'lvr 
vTc-lfot-.l, PVtr'>-"'LiJc'rtoii\ P.iii Fc'iit.-tc'iii.vhor le^rove' Pit^ PA/l-ivv c' Oity^ a\]. 
Mc'.iiif- iL-LitV'horo, N.l/L-Lirolvro\ 

1 Jo-3h 

Wc'hc^r yaceJ the Ajjie^s? in tho nv^jority of evente, inoluJinjYhc' MAC Clumipion- 
■.■>hipt^ whe'rc' he ylaceA 9 1 t-t out of 1 54 ooinpc'titort^ with A tiiiie' of 30 minute'^, 
33.P3 lVooiiJl\ He' took thirJ out of 2 2 runiic'ir- .it the' MvVriiLi tri-iii(?(?t with a 
tiiiic' of 29 niiiiuti?t?, 32 eecouAe. Fe^iit^teTiiLiohor .ibo ooin|.vTe'J .it the? MAC;? 
.lid croe^eti the finish liiii? in 1 1 0th [iace with a tiiiic^ of 32 iliinute?, 23. 1 6 
LVoonJt-. He' wae 1 3th at the Alvc?rnia tri-iiie'c't ae he wae olootc'J a eeaeon- 
Ivt'-t 3 1:17. Me^.^iiit^ r.=iii in fivo meete auA ylaceA fifth at the Mvc^riii.i tri-nic^c^t 
with .1 time' of 30 iniiiutc^t\ 33 tvooiiAr He' yaceA the' Acjijic't^ v/ith a t\\]^e of 32 
iniiiut(?t?, 3.36 L-c'ooiicij' jinJ a t-c'vonth-pLioc' t-howiiuj out of 20 runiie'iv- .it tho 
^wyiic'JJ-Mc'roy Collc^ije lOotobc^r 31 

paif^, Sat (o//fY^ /fO/fe n^aoe a Ham 
t^ expect" 


flic' Pc'Uvv.irc' \'A\cy Collc'jc' fic'H Ikvkc'y tc'jiii it' Ic'J I'v I^c'jA iwvli Jc'iiii WolfiViiu 
Tlic' Aijijic't' wc'nt P-d^ ovcTjIl Mii J'-4 in the" Frc'c'.1t''ni Confc'rc'iic'c'. Pc'Liw^irc' V.illc'y 
.yt i?ff tc J 4-0 I't.irt j\nA yct-'teA itt^ tVL-oiic-l wiiiniiiij tV.iLvn of the' Lit^t three 
yc'.iiw Hie' Aijcjiet^ .iliv h.ittlc'J fi.x j co\]feveuce pLiyoff tfct Liiitil the' \j-A Ajy of 
the iVijuUr tvjitvn. 

f'c'nior Jrfc'iitlc'r .iiiti four-yc'.ir t-tjwter Miivy Nye" ^Pc'rnvillc', f.\/Ju\yehccke\\^ 
c'.in ic'J Ml-Fivc'cloni Conf c'tn k-c" honort- for the? firt-t tiiiic' in hcT career ae eUe wae- a 
a- 1 tt-M i ii .v 4 <g dai:uNyc' notoh^ti ew Jc'fc'iir'ivc' !?.Wc^^ .=inJ hc'lpc'd Pc'Liw.iir V'.=illc?y 
Acw |LiL'-t J, 2 cJl\iL' .iriTl~S4;r'hotr' pc^r ij.^nic'. 

Fc'lloiv tvnior Tiff .my L=iKl\\=i (.WcwlL-toML N^i/Pc'iin^^ (?rov^"i roiioluJc^cl \\e\- career ae 
V'eV'WNave V.^illc'y't:^ fifth jill-tinic^ Ic'jtJiiuj tVoh<r vvitii 2 2 opA'o a\v\ 1 4 aee\eXe for 
1?^ point-A In 2 005, eW X\eA a ec\\oo\ recor^^i^- a-:-*c\eXe in a eeaecw with ee\/eu 
.11 iJ jltv aAAeA c'iijlit cjo.^ib for 2 3 poiiitt?. Tlirc^c^ of tlic^ i}oa\e can^e o\] t?fiiior P.=iy 
awA a 4- I vviii ovc'r Frc'c'Joiii OonfVrc'noc' FPLI-lwh^ni lOotolvr 201 a pc'rfor- 
mjikv tlut hc'lpc'J Ivr c'.irii L-ontVirikv pUyc'r of tlv vW'c'k honor;?. 

Frc't^hnijin Mioh(?llc' Ofrnobyl lAllc'iit own, PA/U^uit- E Pitfrufl^lijiJ a t^t,anJout rookit? 
0.111 ipjiijii ae the forw.irJ [weA the Acjt]\ee in Ivtii tjo.ilt- (. ly"* auA poiiitt^ r23\ Hor 
.ivorAjo cf OJ 1 acale yer aaw^e t'leA for fourth in the Froo^loni Oonfc'rc'iioc' while 
liei- 1 .o? pointt- |.vr oontet'-t t\eA for fifth. 

trophoiiiore Liuron Puhiol iW.idiiiujt on, HJ/Warren Hillt^"' .aiiJ iunp' PohHe Fultz 
^Lowirtown, PA/L'wir'towiO hit JouHc' fiijurcft;- in tvoriiki at" woll with 20 .iiiJ 1 1 
point t^ rot-poot IV ely. PliIvI ivoorJoJ eijlit acak^ a\]A four AMt-ti^ whilo loAiiiij tlio 
Aijtjic't- in ij.iiiic'-winniiuj t.illiot- with thivc'. Fultz founj the Iwk I'f the oAje on five 
ooOvit?ioii;? jiiki at-^-ieteA on o\]e i\oa\. 

^touRage 5oeSN^t always WoaR. 
lometimes couRage is tue/ quiet 
vmce at tne cnk) of tue^lyay sayiN^^ 
^ij VvjiLL tRy agaiN tomoRROVsr../^^ 
JTlaRy ^^KTNe Rabmacngj 


IN N0^^ n\ eON lll OLI^RTEKRN^Le 

Tlv Ajtjic't\ who We're' 2-:r in 2002, finit'-hc'J .iiic'thc'r ytr.v to iritic'inlvr with j\ 
12-1 ivtvr.i J tVcViici MLUIc' At Untie" Confc'i'c'ncc' i.MAO'' oluinpiont'-'hip .inJ .=i 
ivvonj trip to tlv NOAA i]Lijrtc'i-fin.ik\ Lv-t y^jr'-:- iiin jkv c'nJc'J .iij^in-.'-t Kow.m 
\vitli J ?o-7 lot»-, 

TIiIl'- yc'jr't'^ ij.inic' cMMIc' Jovvn to tlio fnul nioniontt'- .v- Poljvvjro \ A\^y took ovor oi] 

^c -yjrJ iinrTtrwu-^- 2 1 ivitli J'lO 1 roi n.^inniij jift c^rA^^iron Mo-CorJ jot 
o.iujlit in the' Willi jiiJ woirT^CTr^^i.-iiit\ Tliroo \ij\yt-' \j\ter, the Ajijic?!? fjiceA 
fourtli-jiul-four from tiio ?0, hut>|u>Ti'tc'Hv=iok Acliin KnoHjuoh liit tjiilback Jske 
f'hoftVLI for jn 1 1 -y.^rJ p.^o-o pLiy .^nkiXfiiv-t Jowiut tlio ] 9. 

kiioliuioli oiiloJ o\]c' of tht? inot?t iiic?nioraHt? o^^rt? in Pivit^ion ill hir'tory ae Ue 
ooinplotoJ 23 of 4 1^tVr'for 245 yardt^ jiirktwo touohJowii!? wliilc'^bo 
itio-hiiij fc\- 4? y.irJt'- 3uA oiio tvoir. Ho finisrhcfJ tvot^iJ jll-tiino in Pivit^ion III with 
1 2,333 y.^irJt- of tot.^l offoiitv whilo hit=> 1 1 ,234 p! yarAe rauke fifth o^^ 
tho career \\vt. KnoHjLioh alv'C owiit- or t-h.^ror' 1 7 tvhooVc'^'t.''r.1t- aiiJ \e a <?aiji\a\rAi 
Trophy fiiuliot for tho Pivioion III PLiyor of tho, 

trtovo Oook, ak-i? a oonior, iv^n 1 P tiinot.- for a cj.iino-hijh TOV-^'i'-lt^ ^vhilo alec ojtoh- 
iiiij e\\ [\'^eeee for .inothor 3 7 y^^rdt-. Ho wr.ippoJ up hit^ career ae the tx-hool'!? Jill- 
tiino lo^^Jor in rut-hiiKj (.3,3301 ovor.^ill touolilowiit- 133"> anA jall-purpot-o yarAe 
i4,4 1 O'' whilo tyiiKi Knoliiuoh for tho .=ill-tiino leaA in iiit-hin.i T^ouohJown-.^ with 

n fye/f yoa expeet t/ff//ffJ th /iappe/t 
3 H^/foew e/foaa^ - ufe^ ao //fappe/f." 
^ ^o^/f ^^ielpo/ft )!moiga/f 


Tile" Pc^ljiwjirt? Vjillc^y Collc^tjc? inc=^n't? ecccer tc'.im i-.-^ unAer tli<? Jirc't-tk-'ii c'f IvjJ co^ch 
kilnuii L>4V. Tlic=' Aijijifft? wc*iit 0- 1 3- 1 ovctjII jiii 0-7 in the' Firc'clom Oc'nf ct- 
c'lkv. Tlic' tejnu'e [one tic" wjit^ j\ 3-5 t-oiitc'-j't with Mor.wijii CcMlc'Oc' on trc'ptc'Mihc'r 

r^c'iiicT Tjnvc'h Witlic'iv^Lvn ^Hjiiiiltc"'!!, N.l/Nottiiijh.nii'' e.inic'.l j\ c-<yot on the All- 
Firc'ci'-ni ContVirnt'c' tVcvnJ tifjin for the fiivt time in hit? c^rfer. He t\w tune jII 
over the field .iiiJ finit'-heJ .it^ Peljiw.^re V.^lley'r' tvoonj leAiiikj !?oorer with three 

^i ilI th i ve -,34JulotV for nine (.viiit'O. Wither-opoon wj\e ouc' of 'Oi\ tvniort- on the 
tejin jloiij with t^rLinF^IoTriu^J lAll^ricjhtt-A ille, FA/ Jim Tliorpel Mike P'Aii.jelo 
.Hort^hiiiii, PA/Hathoro-HortMuirnMC^m dA"'wniniitown, PA/'-'hLiivh F.irm 
t.vhooll Robert ;?liinn iPurlin.iton, N.l/Rrlin.iton Townohip^ jnJ Chiv- Iirpoli iKiver- 
,-'iJe, NJ/Kivert^iJe\ 

~ ^ *? J t^looJ.jooJ notoheJ two AVi-ot-o for two point-oK 1 " jjmet^ wliile P'Anjelo mitWci 
^* * A\ hut oi\ j.mieo to niiLiry .mJ JiJ not tvore j pointSPunlMr pLiyeJ in .=ill 1 P cou- 

te-ott^ jiiiJ lial one for two A-oioto. irhinn jIlV |-t\(eJ in jII 1 P j.^inet- Mii Ai 
i V Q not reoorJ .^ point. 


poll, .1 jojikeeper, 11110-00.1 .^11 liit tlie fiiLiI three tjjineo onthe oejoon. He rjokeJ 
up 40 ejw-ee, iiioIllIhm j oohool-reoorJ 2o in 3 4-0 Iol\^ to^defeiLliikj FreeJom 
Ooiiferenoe oh.^impion Prew LIniveroity lOotolvr 22\ 

H a 


^^vcRy ^Reat 5Ream Be^iN5 ivsrit 
^ReameR. sJ-v^^y^ RememBek^ you 
Have wit H In you tne 5tR0NgtH. 
patiejsjce. aNb tne pa/^ioN to 
H foR tne 5taRS aN^ cnajsj^e 

^ HaMdet tuBmaN 


^ . •»5,fr» 


• ... 

rile' Pc'Uvjrc' \ Ales/ CcWfiy woitic'iiV- tu\Tc?r tc'jm, unJc'r hc'al awh kc'\ in L\"'hc'fty, 
w/M'- 1 0-P- 1 (.AcT.ill j\\\A LiLLilific't1 for the' FreeAcw] Coiifc'rc'ik"c' pl.^yofft'-' with j 4- 
J!- I Ic'JiiLic' null 

OLiw.irc' \ Alc-y .iiiK-hc'J itv fiiv-'t pUyoff Ivrth t"-iiKV ^OOl'' with j 2- 1 hc^'iiic' 
\ k-tc^ry ^AfT L'-i\-tiiiic' .Ic'fc'iiJin.j .-oiifc'inKV c"h.iiiipion The' LliiKcT'.'ity of f'orjnton 
tho Lv-t Jjy of tho ro.jLiLir oojooii iLVtohor 2P\ It wje tho fiir-t-ovor viotoi-y 

roPTho Lily IC?vitr^TwJ4j''''-T'^''<^^'' 't'hom into 3 t-oinifiiul iiutoh-u|.'' Jit top- 
■.'-c^0t1(?t1 Drew Lliiivc?r'Oity on No^'fsqlv'r 1 . 1110 Aijiyee 3nd Vrew [iayeA a ecore\eee> 
j.iiiic' for no.^irly 3o iiiiiiLito-o whon Thtddiicior-o ivoro.'! for tho 1 -0 viotory. 

VLivv.irc' \ jlloy hjJ thivo pUyort'- njinOci Xo fhe MI-FrooJoin (fonforoikv tojin with 
X\^C' o.^rniiij o-|.voijl iroOijiiition j\e we'll. 'c'e\\\or Aii^IolMi irhiLiJolphu, PA/North- 
i^j\eV WA- iijiinoJ tho FrooJoin Conforonoo fUyor ortho jiiiJ Aeo earueA 3 
■:fct c\\ tho firot, whilo frc^t?limjiii Emily Porryiii^lH^^inilton, NJ/trtc'inc'rt"! 
wjitr 3 tpc'oonJ-toiiin t?c'l(?otioii 3\v\ the Rookio of tho "1 oA tronior Ahhy Wortoii iL^ii.j 
foiki PA/Poooiio MountaiiO wae Aeo iijiiiic'.i to tho fiiv-'t \c'jiii. 

Moo.=ii loJ tho Xe^^\^ in txoriiij for tlio fourth r'tr.^iitiht yojr jV -."•'he' \\3.\ 1 ijoalt? 
A\v\ -A\ Av4<'0 for 2(3 pointt^ Four of hor ijojb \^e>ce ijjtnio-wNinort-, inoluJinj tho 
tjlly tlut provoJ to Iv tlio JifforoiicV in tlio win c<\ev iror.^inti.Vi. M?oaj finidic^J hor 

'Saveer ae tho Ajjio-J'' -.voonJ .^ll-tiitic' tvoror with ^o ijioalv a\k 
1 06 point'O. 

2 aeeiete for 

Meca\ awA Worton were two of four eeiMcre on tho to.^iti a-:- P. \]a Kony.vk 
.t^otliiohoin, PA/ Nortlijiiiptont awi Ja\]e\\e trinoyor iWhitc'lullFVVVhitolulP woir 
four-yojr t-t.^rtort^ with tho Aijijit?^. Roiiyaok, a iniJfioLior/^'Icl^fik'lor, pLiyoJ in a\\ 
2 jjiiiot^ a\)d wae a u]a\or koy to thf Pdaware \ alley Aefe\>de. f'moyor, a 
iniJfioUc'r, wae XieA for fourth en Xhe Xeam in ^-oriiiij with Xfree ijoale awi four 
aeeieXt- for 1 points, It ojppoJ a career XhaX eaw t^iuoyoiynotoh 1 ? ijo.^iL^ .=iiiJ 
^\ Jirvit^tt? for 52 pointf^, 

^ateoei me expect (m^^ eo//(aeiice 



Tlir' PH.nv.irc-' \ .ilL'v iVllc\jc' \o1Ic\vIm1I tcMiii h.- LiiilcT tile' Jiirt'tioii of hc'.iJ awli 
fHinvii Klii'-Ii. Tlir' Ajjicv ivc'iit "- 1 ^ (.ncT.ill .mJ O-o III tile' Fivc'cloin lVi itVrc'i kv. 

Pc'Lw.iir Vjllr-y't^ rtvtcT fe^ture.i two pniort-'. four eoyUomoree jiivi two frc't^hnic'ii. 
Tlic' unit ^LvtcfLi two more' vviiit^ tluii itr ?- 1 ? o.impjiLin in 2004 jtiiJ ti^J j\ 
lvIiooI rc'oorJ with 2 7 j\oc'e in j\ 3-0 win ovc'r Piv it^ioii II Ohc'v/iic^y Lliiiv(?rdty on 

O.-tolvr 22. 

■if i i iio i y tptc^ jixiijicMsJiov iNjirlvrth, FA/Lower Mc'rion"' etj\rteJ 3\\ 2? nutohc't^ 
.iiiJ r^o .j.iiiic'L- jiiJ Ic'JfRc'Aj^jic't- with 1 oO killt-^ j\v\ 40 Hocke. She aleo j\XieJ 
4? JicK- .ml 33 tr^rvioc^ acee. F?th?v4{t\ylioiiiorc' J.vkic' HoHi?worth iPuiiiont, N.I/ 
Pumoiit^ Aoo irtjw'tc'A A\ i^(3 j.iinc't^!^^rij<w3."^ rijlit IvIiinJ Kno\ with 1 37 kilb. 
HoUt^worth At-o \eA the tc^.iin .iid pUcvJ rkit-Ll in tlic^ Frc'c'Join Oonfc'rc'ikv with 
344 Jij£^i4.00 ^vjl whilt? hc'r 33 t^c^rvicv .^icVi^l 0.i3 2 3\/,j^ rjwkeA fourth in tlv 
.-onfc'rc'ikv. t^lic' 3\eo hlookc'J 2 4 kill .^ttc'inptr'. 

.luiiior Luiirn trilio it^^priiitjfic'Li fA/Mc'rion Mc^roy AL-jJcWiyi finit-hc^ci the o.^inpiijii 
with 1 43 killt?, 23^ Jiijt- Jikl 3(3 tvrvkv j\ct?e in 23 t-TS^rtt"^ i36 Ljj\\uee\ Her 
j\e\-JOie of 2.99 Jkk- yer .yvwe pUvJ 1 Otii in the' Firc'^Vin Oonfe'imoe. 

■XiiJirj He'll lAllc'ntown, F^A/fjiiUnJ^ pliyc'^'l m lUt^t 43 tjjiiyt^ .lie' to injurieft? jUki 
the? 2004 Frt?t?Jom Oonfc'rc'ik-c' Kookie^ of the? V.^r iii:toiic'j\l 1 2 killt\ P3 Jiji?, 
3 7 eeWice acee d\v\ 2 4 WocVe. Wer as/eratje of 0.^4 acee pe?i\tj.^iiie? \eA the oonft?r- 


^HCRe must Be a BegiNNi^;[^ of aNy 
gReat mattcR. But tue coNtiNuiNg 
UN to tne CM^ uNtiL it Be tnoR- 
►u^nLy fiNi^SHec) yieLb^tne tRue 

^fka MC ii^Ra ke 




Hi d.T 


-V — 






liiipivvc'iiic'iit ivji' thc^ kc'y Wc"'i-J t^r hc'.iJ .wvh Pc'iiiiy tpLiiwrt- jiiJ the' Pc'LiW£ir(? 
\ jllc'y ClMIc'iJc' nic'iiV- lu-Ac'tlvill Xe^\^\ \\\ 20tM-0!3. Tlic' youiKj .\i.jic't\ wlio ffji- 
tiifc'J t'^nly ewe LvnicT, wc'iit P- 1 (b c\e\-j^ mS 4- 1 J in the' Fi-c'c'Jl'ii) Cowierewce - 
upfivMi 4-20 jiiJ J"- 1 I fivin tlic'yc'jr Ivfoir. 

Noiv J lvIiJ jiVLip of i-c'turiic'c'i'- Jill jik^'thc'r iriTLiitiiij ciw- h.v- the' tc'.iin hcyiiiij 
i^v e\e\\ \\\cve ^witivc't'^ in 200?-0(3. 

jHt^jJiJ iij the aiL^ L^itxgtiiriic^ft^ it- jLiiikT ,\\^\\\ ^\v\ i^ecowVXe^w, .=ill-Fr^c^Joni Cow- 
ievewce \\o\\ovee ItviijiliTirulcM^ iPhiLiJc'lphij, FA/^idiop Mc-Pcnitt\ Piiiciii^y, who 

1o"V^- in 2003-04, finit-hoJ in X\\e top 1 in tlv 
Frc'c'Joiii in fivc^ ciiffc'rc'nt ojitc'ijoric'L- iibk^liiuj tvorinj vvIicTc" he' \N^-:■' t'-i\th with ^\\ 
.■\\e\\\y of 1 !3.o pointt'^ per c\m\e. 

yex jj 


riikinoy Aco Jit-he'J out 2.P j-o-t^^tt 

■:-^XeAe 3S\ outiiicj i^th'' vvliile' finit-hiiicj ae oiit? of 

.-onfeTc'iioc' l3th ill hotli ^-pointcTt- in^Je' 3\\\ 

.^ilHo f nurc't 

iitj 1 3 X'wwee, incluJiiij 

1 in tile' Frc'c'.'lom'' a\v\ \\^^ 1 .' 
3-point •o\\ooXexe in X\\e 
pe'roe'lit.iije'l He' rc^^^ohc'c^ 
3rec?r-liiiin,V 1 -point p(?rforiiij:iiioc^ 

.i.lJiiiL't Wilkc'i'- ^\v\ Kiin't3. 

f'c'iiior MuiiVc' trl.iUtjIite'r iPiiiUJe'lpliij, PVNortlFJt-t^ it- lviA jfte'r a t?uooc't*?ful 
firt^t tVJr'On witli PoUw.^re' V '.illc'y lliif trjUt-ferre^J in from Mj\ior Oolle'ije'l Tlie' 
forvv^^rJ, \eA X\\e Xem\ 3\v\ \\^ce.\ -s\\X\y in the' Frc^oJom in re^lvMiiJinij witli (3.4 
IwirJt- pcT ,■\^\^\e. We w.=it^ Ac-o tliirJ cw XW Xe^\^\ in tvoriiui witl\ P. 1 point t- |.vr 

Junior oe'iitt?r ^oA\ Taylor iF^iirlc't??' Hilb, PA/H.=irry ?. Truiii^in"' ii 
tlut e^\N liiiii .We^rjstjc' o^roe'r-hiijlit- of ?.2 poiiitt- jiid 3.o rc'ho 

.lunior P_it Le'iuh.^in iPe^thle^lioin, PA/P-e'tiile'he^iti Ojtholio'' ^\^^ t-iphoniore^s? A.^l. He A 
iPriJijtr'ville', PE/f'Ui?t.c'\ Cc'iitrjP mS K..!. Cjilliiway lAuJulvn, N.j/Audubon'i rouiiJ out 

tile' re'turlle'e'r'. 

roniiiitj off a eeaeow 
\\v\c\\\ 24 t?t.irtt-. 

^Le'iijhjn, ^ iju.^rJ/forw.irJ, -aiw tiiiic' in 1 4 tjjtnic't.- itnJ iivtfr 

nte't-t. Nc'.^l, a forw^irJ, iil^J^ 1 3 aiyej^n^ncee anJ avi?r. 

rc'tSL"'unLit? pc?r cj^iiTic^, C:3ll5iw^iy, .=i iiu:=irJ, :a\/er3i.jie.i ].3 [\ 

^jed 3,9 poiiiti? por 
He'J 3,3 pointt^.^nJ 2. 1 
o i^m^ee. 

^ Jhj//^// ^^oaf{f/fO^ Se expect eff ^o Jeu^e 







'^ ^ ^1 








Tile' \iijic't? fiiik'-lic'J the' iv.iLiljr tvjtvii 1 7-^ lAc'imII, P-? jiiJ tic'J with Pc'f'.^ilc^t- 
fcT lVc^oiiJ pLvc" 111 c\-'iifr'ivikv pljy. FlT hc'.iJ 1.-0 A'li LiLir.1 Hl' jiiJ the' Aijcjic't', it 
k'- the"!!- fifth ..-i?nfc'rc'ik"c' |.''Livc"'ff ■sfC't in the" Lit^t t"M\ yfjre ^\i-\ j irturn the? 
[''oc-'ted'^eon ^fter mii?t?iiM Lv't yc'jv'-:- touriuiuc'iit, Tlic' yjiuiuj tc'jiii with jut^t oiic' 
ivnic-T ill itt- t^t.irtiiiij liiic'Li|.'' wjii- \.\\eA to fiiiii?h i?i\th l^ the' awlic't'- in thc^ pir- 
■.v.kvii ycW. Howc'v^r, vej\t-'0\] eweeye of FPLI-HoHum, Kiiiij't-, LyLViniiiij Cc?llc?tjc^ awA 
Wilke't'^ LlnivcTt-ity ['jW'd'A the way towjwi^ the'ir he't'^t e-onfc're'ikv re'ijuLir t-€j\t-<on 
fiiik-'li in HcM.iii'l-' 1 0-vc'.=ir te'iiure'. 

-r.kllllj the' tr.lin . l[r???rrSOUi£'nO IUl'> he'e'll tVeVllcl te'.lin, jll-L-Onfe'rc'IKV llOlkTe'e' 

Kji.-lic'l Joyce" ikiiKj of'A/lJr'pc'r Mc'rk-'ii\ Tlie' fc-'iivjrJ/jLijrJ yjcot-' the' 
\lcjic^t^ in Ivtii twriiiij U 4.2 jw/oi^ jikK^vunJiiuj i3. 1 ^ jinJ t'h^ jc'tt- to tlv foul 
liiic' Jill averaiy of u^ore th^iii e\\ timers? p^f^iiic^ (.7 7.2 pt?rct?iit foul diootcrl 
Pctr.ilc't^ keyt Joyce in ohe'ok cluriikj tlie' re'ijul^^N^e'jitvn a- t-he^ .We^rajc-J ju^t 73 
pointt- jtiki d\ re'lvunJt-' in tlic' two oontc't.^tt^. 

f'ophomorc' c\uarJ MoiM Ponoliuc' iPliiLiJe'lpliij, PA/diSdiiLil Poucjiic'rty'' followt^ 
.loyoc^ in t?ooniitj witii 1 5.3 points yer tijuiic? whil^ .^k-o cVntrihutiiici ^.9 rc^l''OUiiJt\ 
3.P jitrt'itrtt? 3uJ 3 to.ini-liii.jli 2.9 eteaie por oontfrt. Pouohue' liit for JouHc' 
ficjurc";? in tvorinj in botli rc'ijubr-tr^jit'On iiioc^tiiiij with the' ViJy PulHoijt-. 

Fe'llow cjujir.i .lull Moc^owan ^trlc^n^iJe?, PA/&it?liop MoPc'vitt^ liAi j [\j iikjlit j\t 
Pet'Aoe ejrWor t\i^ eeaeow ae ehe hit four t^hot^ from J'-poinV UnJ jiiJ finit^hc^J 
witli a tc?jim-hicjli 2 2 point t-. Tli^ loiij r.=iiijo hoiiibor in f iftli onVt'lie' Aijijic' .^ll-tiiiic? 
Iit-t witli 1 20 tre'y;?, .^iiJ t^hc^ \e Jiv^r.=itjiiicj 1 1 .9 poiiitt- Jiid 3.p rc?houikit^ pt^r 
j.=iinc' thif- t'-e'>A"'n. 

Junior oc'iitc'r Prookc' Pittiiur iLiiujhoriic', PA/Nc't^liJininy^ 3\]J Ofiiior iju.,^rJ Kate 
Mv.^irthy iPiiiiuiiiiii!?oii, N.I/tT't. ^.^t-il Ao.iJc'niy'* rouid out the' Atjijic^ et art ere. 
Pittiiur r'tjrtod .3II 25 oontot^tt? ciiriiiij tlie' r<?cjuljir t^e'A-on a\JA a'^eraiyJ 4.3 
poiiitv' jiiiJ (3. 1 rolvunJt- an outiiuj. 3!^ haJ a JouHc'-JoulHe' wijh 1 2 point-j' awi 
1 1 Iw^i-Jl^ .i.j.^iiit^t Po3alot^ 

MoPjrthy pL^yoJ in a\\ 25 Ljamee with four etarte Juriiij tWo roijubr :?c'£it?oii a\]J 
. c^r.=icjc'J 4. 1 pointt? a\)J 1 .4 aeeiete yer c\ame. 'dhe yaceJpeiaware \'a\\ey with 

point r' AVllllt-t Pc'f'.^le't-. 

/Hat someoNc 

\f7HeN H 

i5, Beg INS to/Be ReveaLec) 
HCN He 5 tops 

LeNt a Bates, 

Hat He^aN c)o. 





X ^^ 


PcljWJfr \ jllr y iVlky tVlllL^r Jjliull Jl^IiIIiVM irjMlcicM, NJ/ 

y^\ f>iiii'AiLiLc"ii Tc'l'Ii^ .\i[yc"J .=i L\^\revXc ve\\\e\\\\Yv l;v piMiiiiicj 
hk"^ L^p^L^iic'nt 111 \ivA 3«3 tVcVikV^ Xc rjptiiiv the' 1 97- 
\\\\\\A HCW P\\v:ao\\ III L'hjMipiL^iiL^hip ^X Tlic' Collc'tjc' of Hew 
JcTL Vy. JL^Ij ikvii't"-' title' vvjt-- the' c'lijlith iii tvhcvl hir-toi^ .v^ 

he' iL^llle'J the^^vlUt^iVt<Jh>^ of cXIITe'llt llc'.d CO^^cU PmilJoil 

Ti^tte'ii 1 1 PP5, 1 PPo^^-c^iit .^t^bt.^iit he^ai coach 
eiijuM eiiiith I 1 P3?, I 93(>>JP3Pl Mjii AiiiItol^c- 
I 1 P.^P^ JllJ K.iiiJy WoiTe-ll 1 1 P3^\ 

At'^ a Xea\\\, Ve\3A/a\r V'.^lle'y finit'-'he'ci iiWc'Ve'iith y\ace fo\' XUe 
c^eco\v\ \iej\v in j rc^w. Tlie' Atjcjic't^ with fiW c^ujilificre^, re^tjit^- 
te'trJ o2 yo\\\Xe Xo X\e with He'lJe'llrt^i uollc'tje'. W.irthui\i 
ClMIc?c1c^ wow itt'^ tliirJ chjiiipi^iiL'^hip in XUe bt^t four yeave 
with 1 413.? piiitt-. 




^^ --,_ ■ 't^r^\:\ 

/nag/tet, a/f{f at tiaet^ to /t^eW (O^at- 


7 '''■'/" 

4 ^ 





•N.j.jic*--' vvc'iit 1 .3- 1 i^ c\e\-A\ 1.0- 1 2 in the" Firc'Ji-'iii uiiifc'rc'iuv^ for X\vw 1 Otii i-oiiivaitivc' noii- 
Lviiuj i.Miiif\iiijii. 

Jm\o\- tVcViiJ iMtViiuii/fiti-hc'r Ji."'hn fViviiic'tti iH.m niton triiu.iir, N^i/MaVmi'tcin uitlu^ic^ 
tiMMi-fc^nvJ ill fivin Mc^tvy County Coiiiinuiiity Collc'ijc' prior to the" tVA-oii .iiiJ wmt luiiic'^l to the* 
.ill-Fivc'Joiii foiifc'rc'iioc' fiivt tc'.iMi, He" t't.irtc'J .ill 3(3 i}^\^\e■^< ^\v\ yxeA the Aijjic't- in Kittiiiii 
..?^4\ hitt' ^^Jl jiiJ KPIt^ l,2.3'> while" Ac'C AUiiuj 2 7 ttiiit^ tvorc'J, t^i\ JouHc^t^ .inJ tlirt't' t^tohi 
1->.vl\ Hit'- hit totjil tic^J for t'Atli iii tlv oonfc'inioc' ^n^ iiiit^r'c'J the" Pc'L=tw.irc' V'jillc'y t^iiylc^-t-c^.it'vn 
Xcy 1 lit'-t by thirc". Pc^rt^iokc'tti At-o fiiiit^ic'J tic'tl for fifth in X\v Ftrc'Join Confc'irikv in wiiit? jit^ 
ic" vvc'iit ?-2 en Xhe inounJ with 2? i-trikc'OLitr mA 3 5.29 EIC\ Hit^ ? 1 inniiKjt^ piti-hc-J wx- 

■H- t tilt LL ' M l 'f I 

vIliiiioi- oLittic'Uc'i- Mike" L".^i\iintrHtii^di.iin, rA/H.itlvro-Hort-luiiO i-t.irtc'J 54 ijjtmee jtwi 
finit^hc'.l in the" ooiitVrc'ik-c^'t- top 1 in>k;£V .-jtc^ijoric'-j'. He' kittc'J .350 jinJ wx-^ t^ixth in tlv 
Frc'c'.iom with j\ .466"' on-K^?c^ pc^rLvnt.ijc'/I^styilLilo wj\c-' Ac-c X\eA for fourth in triplt^t'- with thirc^ 
.lid tic'ci for ninth in runt? tvOirJ with ?0. He jl^tvlc'liv t'trJ t'-i\ Jouhlc'i'-, one" lioiiic' mii, 1 P ICPIr .inJ 
l"'|\ r'tolc'ii [^^eee 

^lunior thirJ hit^c'iiun/LMtolic'r t'X^e ls.innc='y (.OttvviUKTA/rt'nniiiijc'"' IwJ jut^t three hitr^ in 2 
sj\ree\- j\X-b^Xe in hit^ firt^t two yejtiv before battiikj .J^CVioP-for- 1 Oc'"' in ? 1 t?tjirtt- thit^ 
tVJitvn. Kinney deo notoheJ five Joublet^ 1 7 runs? i?ooreJ .inXz P KP'L' while iVininittiiKj ju-.-t four 
erroiv in 37 oh^ncet^' for 3 .95^ fieUiikj peirentaje. 

f'ophoinore firirt b£ii?ein3n Kyle Pobb iMeoluniot^burj, rA/CuinbVUnJ Vjilley^ pLiyc'-i in 55 (.jamee 
v5 2 L=.tjirtt^l iiiki biitteci .324 with four Jouble?, 1 P rune ecore.i\n.^ 1 9 KPIt\ He 3\eo c-.^nie out 
of the bullpen in three ijiiinet^ ;.2.45 EKAi .anJ fiiiit-he.1 tiecH for fifth\i the Freedom Conferenoe 
with two i^Mee. Tlie iils?o tieJ him for fourth on the tvhool't^ t^iii\e-tv.=it-on lit?t. 

Fret?hin^in outfieUer Kevin Weiikjjirt iPelie Me^id, N^i/Montijoinery'* mJ tvphoinore infieUer Zjtch 
Jjikubowi?ki lAuciubon, N.l/Auc-Jubon'' hjiA proJuotive ye.irt^ for the A(jijiet\ Wc'i"'J-=»''t' pl-^iyt'^'l in 52 
.-ontert^ C5 1 eXarXe^ jinJ hit .503 with 3\ te^im-bet^t nine doublets He keo ^iJJeJ two triple?, 
ene home am, 25 run? tvored mA 1 3 RPIe. ^l^ikubowtii eXarteA 55 ijjim*? anJ K^tteJ .505 
with four cHouble?, two triple?, one home run, 24 run? ecored anJ 2 2 KPI?\ 

Fre?hnk=)n Cluirlie PiNolfi lPri.ijeport, PA/Llpper Merlon"! joined Per?iokett 
?t£irt all 5(5 L-onte?t?. Tlie ?hort?top/pitoher Kitted .236 with five Jou 
20 run? ecoreJ anA 20 KPi?. On the mounJ, PiNolfi leJ the Freedom Oonfe 
.=1? he went 4- 1 with 26 ?trikeout? in ?even outiiy? i.?i\ ?tart?\ 

^lunior? Chri? White i.OL=iti?ville, PE/lnJian Kiverl anA Pave Keeler ireiia?ie, 

a? the lone Ajjie to 
'le?, five ?toleii ba?e?, 
■enoewitha 1.6^6 EKA 

FA'' aloiiij with ?opiio- 
jven win? thi? eeaeo\i 
White went 5-5 in nine ?tart? anA fiiii?heJ ?ixth in the Freedom Conferenre with 39 ?trikeout? 

i/enoe. Keeler made eiijht 
' moved into a tie for 
iijhth plaoe on the Pelaware Valley all-time li?t witli 1 2 viotorie?. Meta/ue took the mound eiijht 
time? (.?i\ ?tart?^ anA went 5-4 with 1 4 ?trikeout? anA a 5.5 1 B^\i 

nore Pan Metajue l5outhainpt on, PA/Cardinal Pouiiherty"" oombined for ) 

in 47-plu? inniikj?. Hi? 4.54 EK,\ wae i;}OoA eiioujh for 1 0th in the Oc 
.appearance? rfive ?tart?"' anA po?ted a 1 -5 mark with a 5.5 1 EK,\. He . 


[f you c^o to v^ORk on youR (^oals^ youR ^oaLs 

^iLL <^o to woRk ON you. if x^ou c^o to vsroRk 

ON youR pLaN. youR pLaNy^iLL go to woRk on 

^ou. WnateveR c^ooc) t«iNc^5 we BuiLc) eNb^^(yp 



,, V*- 



Tile' Pc'Lnvjiv \ jllc'y iVlkjc' ,]Af tc'jni ii- limJcT the' Jirc't-tk"'!! of lic'.iJ twvli Pay 
LinJc". Tlic' Aijijic't- wewt ^ i-Vi-tVc-t Ip-O in hc'al-to-hc'jJ itic'c'tt'- jiiJ thc'ii pLwJ 
•-"'c'cVnJ .it the' Frc'c'Jc"'iii Confc^inif:^ Ch.=iinpioiiL'-'hip'.\ 

Pc'ljivjfc' \ jIIc'v- U'lii-h iv.^n the freeAciu Ccnfeveik-c' cwww in ^lV"*?, rc^ijbtc^ivJ 
.1 Ir'4-hL''lc' tc'.ini -sxore of PoO jit the? trhjwnc'c' Inn .=in.i L-LMf Clul^ to trjiil only FPLI- 
FloHuni i.P?(3'' in the twen-t^jini L-lunipont-^hip fic'L-J on April 2P jnJ 30. 

iTc'nior Mik<? Evc^rinijlum iCortUndt Minor, Nl/W.iltc'r Pjin^);?'' c^nJeJ hi^ oollc'jLitc' 
v-.irc'c'r on .1 hiijh note' .v- he' o.iptLire'J tlv Frc'e'Joni Confc'rc'noc' olwnipon- 

-rrri J wjt^ jli. ^r-tHUJe^tjthc' L-onfc're'noc''L'- L^olfe'r of the' ") ej\r. He' pot"-'tc'ci s\ !34-holc' 
totjl of 2 23 to toy FPLP^^feudi^in'L-' tp.inic'c'r Klun hy pet ow trtrokc' jnJ pLievJ 
owe eyot UkjUer tlun hit'- iiinne'r-Lip>k<Hvinij from 200?. A two-tinic', .ill-Fre'e'Joi n 
2onfc^rc='noe' honorc'c', Evc'rinjluni jvcTjoM^^ te'jni-lvL'-t 30.? -j-troke't.- |.vr roLiiiJ 
(or the ye.v. 

iTe'nioi- Put'-tin PVroc' iF-e'llc'V ille', PA/Le'ivi-;-'toiviVU'init-hc'c1 111 the' top 1 jwi c'jrne'J 
.'c?oonJ tc'jini, jill-oonfc're^noc' honort- for tht? rc'ooiUsVc'.ir in j row. Pie'tvc', who wjo- 
1 0th in 200?, t^hot a ?4-hole' tot.^l of 24 1 toX^ke the ee^ewth eyot thit? 
eeaeon. He wae eecowi on the" trquAi witli jiii .ivc'r.iije' of 3 1 . 1 etrokee pc?r rounJ. 

f'c'iiior Joe tr-oiotroiii iWc'i^t Orjinjc', N.n h.iJ hi;:- Ivt-t yt^r ^e 3\} Aijijie^ ^e he \i3ceA 
I 1 tlut tlv Frc'c'cioin Ooi if c're'iKV Oluinpiont-hipt-' with 3 vctd ecore of 2 4 1 . He' 
pot-te'J 3\] 33.4 3\/erj\ije oxer 1 mjitolic'L=' thit- t-c'A-on 

Fre'L'-hnuii Niok Hook lO.ikbiid, N^l/Pt'ii Potvo fre\-''' jiiJWnior .Wf Pi^iiic'lli 
-Forty Fort, PA/Wyoiniiicj V'.ille'y WeeV aleo e-ompcftc'.i jit thd« oonfe'ivnoc' touriia- 
itic'iit. \ j\] Hook diot 3 2?0 to finit^h tieA for 1 ?th. He' w.v- Wt-o thirJ o\) the 
■/a]lijJ for the' yc'.ir with .in j\er3,]e of 3 1 .0 t'-troke't- pe'r roiwu. Puiie'lli t-hot 3 
2? 1 to t\e for 1 7th iit the' L-hjiinpiondiipL-. He' ooiupe'tc'.l in f Ve' nutohe't^ diriiiij 
the year jinJ notoheJ an 3?.? jivc^r.^ije'. ) 

Fivd II He'll Z3ch HuL-t on (.Oil City, PA/Oil City^ jiid trrott L\Lii\iiiino lE^e^ton, 
PA/ Wikvii"! ooinpc'tc'J in nuitoh^t^ Juriiicj the' irtjuLir re'A-oii. Hih-ton !?hot an 3*3 to 
hcflp Pelaware V'5illc?y Jowii Pe'^aiee Lliiivc'rt?ity on April 1 while' OtiaJciiinino took 
p.irt in thtrc' iiLitohe^t? anA axeraijieA 33 :?trokc't- p(?r rouiiJ. 

^lunior Joel Puhlvniiioyc^r i.Tc^mpIc', PA/Flc^c'twooJl t-ophoinorA- 3oott l-iiicJivIi 
{lancaeter, PA/Pc?iin M.1110P auJ 3h„wii Milli?r iHulnievillc', PA"> mj frc'ehiiic'ii AnJrcfw 
Pc'<?otht-c^ir lLlppc?r P.irhy, PA/Llpper P.^rhy\ Kcfviii Niohobon [Uo\on\3. HJ\ Ky.311 
^retter lEphr^itji, PA/E^iirjit.^'> mJ Jo\] Trott.1 iVc'rnon, HJ/\rutree\ County Terh^ 
iminJc'.i out the' \lW rot-tc'r hut Jii not i-oinpc'tc' in 3 lujToh thir tVJit-on. 

^^jUeffiea^io/f /J /fo^ m/frr/ ot^em expect e^ {/ou, 
ft (^ (onat </oa ea/f g/oej^ o^nen,,'! 

\ '\ 

\^c\\\ Hunt 'ce^X ^\\^ Wc'f-tc'ni B]Lic'L'^tiijii tc'jiiiL'- \v\\ \ev\i -:a.\c- 
.vW'f Lil ^ L^ 13- :2 0(3 ee^'do\ it-, Tlic^ Hui it "oes^ eo^ee\\x^\ i \e^\ 1 1 
w.v^ OuMipk^ii 111 IHtrA Zoiic' ?, Kc'ijIl^ii '1, flic's/ .\\\.^\\ceS j tc'.^iii ti^ 
the' Italic' o C\\A\\y\o\y:M\\x-, whc'tr thc^y e^\^\e^ XW X\X\e o^ IHtpA 
-:^eftr 3 Kc"i^c-rvT^OjjmL''ic'>i il\ Aivjikiiitj j tc'jiii i^'f nJc'iv-' Xc XW 
IHtrA N.^tioiul Chjiiip?n^ki|^ in H.^iTit^burj, T\. Tlic' Hunt 'beaX 
Xe^\^\ \\^ce^ c'icjhth .^t the' N^t^ML^l OuiiipioiiL"-hi|.\\ Hunt eeaX 
tc'jin awh, i>ry Kic'tvhiiki w.v- n^uic'J Hunt t3t?.^t Co.^ch of the? 
Vjr fcT IHtrA Zone' O, Kc'tjion Z. 

Tlic' Wot-tcTii Tc'.^iii .^bt? c^.^riic'J tho titkof Zoiic' 3, Rc?ijioii 2 
Lluiiipioiit.^ X\\e Wc^t-tc?rn 10.^111 .^Itv v^o\^ thMH3A Wc'L-torn Zone' 
3 Zhjinpoiit^hip t?how, obiiiiiiuj the' title' of Zoiic' 3 Wc't'-teTii iluiii 
pioik"- jiiJ aIv jiioiiicj ^ te'jiii to the' IH3A N.^tiouul Zhjnipoiii?hip?, 
.lojiiiie' Zonitjlio, oOc^oh of thc^ Wc^t^cTii Te'.iiii, c'.^i\ic'ci IHtoA Zoiic' 3, 
Ke'dion Z We'o^te'rii Co^c\^ of the' ^ e^w 


'VsTHateveR you 5o^ or c)Ream you can^ 
BegiN it. BoLc)Ne5S Has gcNit/s aisrS 
poweR aM^ ma^ic In it...^^ 

^JOHaNN WoLfgaN^ xfoH ^oetne 

b^i^ '^t^ 



•^ fm 


■ «fc^ 


1^ l^|fv^:"' « 

''•~''' -^^ 






Tlir" Pc'Luv.iir \ -illc'y l'cMIc'Jc' ivftkill tc'.iiii It"- unJc'r the' .liirt-tioii .."'f lic'jJ twvli Kich 
Mit-itViV. Tlic' A.jijic't' vvc'iit 15-20 ovc'imII .m\A 4- 1 in the* Fivc'JL'm coiitVrc'iiL-«?. A 
yeXiMij vk]uj\A c\"'m|.TitvJ cf owe t^^nior, iiiiic' tvplviikTc't"- jiiiJ tWc^ii firt'-hiiic'n recorAeJ the 
-."■c'l.vnj-liijlic'i't, t"-'iM>ilc'-iV.=itVn vit-ti"'i-y tetA in pvjiMiii hii-tpi-y - iniivinj the' nuii 1^ |Ut't 
two ivint'. 

Lc'.iJin.j the' Ajijic't"- vvcTc" tvphomorc't'- Kc'lly AnJirvvt? iPc'tiilc^hc^in, PA/Pc'tlilc'hc'iii Cj(tUo- 
Ik"'* jwA H\cc\e PcTiic^y luJujikcrtown, fA/'dA\eixny'> .inJ c'jii-h ejimeA j\ eyot on tUe d\- 
freeJoiu Cowference eecouA tc?.=iiii. AidrcWt-, a thitd b^isrc^nun, yickeJ up .=)ll-CL>iif(?r^iicc^ 
-uw'LiJc'i'' for tlic' f itv-t time' in hc^r cj^reer 3ir the L-\ra\uat'\cA\\/ improV(?J her nunilvrt* f rt^m 

r f-J II I i ji k j i I t p r^yxi^^Z^ 4 ji\/erj\ije. 1 4 hitt\ 3 miit?, 1 1 K3\e in 56 t^t.irtt?\ t?hc^ 
•AjirteA c2 ij^mee in '0(5T^nrKijjk;-lic'c1 fourth in tiit? Fr^c'Join Coiifc?r(?ik-(? in ht^th Iv^ttiiij 
^.?i^?^ 3nJ o\]-bj\ee [-'ercent j\iy {.A^^'S^^hWe .4v pl.^iL-inj in the? top 1 in Ivtii KPb 
'.c'i.jlitli witli 2 51 „iiui hit;? 1, 1 Otii witli oNv AnJirvvt^ a\eo jiAAeJ ee\fen AouHee, two home 
iiiiii^ .11 iJ 1 3 ruiit^ ^cVre'J while" i-oiiimittiiM iUl^lWc'h errore at tlic^ liot corner tor a 
.9A0 fic'lJiiiij pc'tvc'nt.=iije'. 

Ponie'y wae luiiiefJ tlic' tvoond tc'jin .Mtolvr forl^ic' t'-e'oonJ y^jr in a row ae ehe \eA 
the A.jiji(?L- aid wae ti<?J for thirJ in tlic? Fr^c^Joni ConfNrc'iiot? in Ivth lioiii<? rune 161 and 
KPli' i?4\ f-hc? niit^c^J tyiiiij hc'r own Vetaware \JMe\i ewy^eeaeon recor^ tor hov\^e run? 
hy |Lit'-t 011^ and nii6«e?d tlic' RPI iiiaii l^y two. Poriic'y ak-o ytiAceA fourth in the? oonfc^rc'iioc' 
witli a .(3 1 3 elujjiiiij pe^ro^ntatjc" a\v\ aAAed a .o'do battiiiiK^vc'raijc' witli ^ijlit double?? 
,inJ 1 5 run? ecoreJ in 32 ?tart?. f-hc^ i? alrc^ady thc^ ?choor?\ll-tiine' Ic^ad^r in hoin^ run? 
with 1 3 and, with ^i? KPl? in two yc'ar?, i? on yace to bre?ak thV K5I recorA of i?3 ?e't by 
I i-''^^.?' graduate' L"'rie' Koohaii?ki. 

Fc'llow ?ophomore' Kim Harlc' iMohr?villc?, PA/f-ohuylkill \ allc'y'' pL^^A'd in 32 tjamc"? with 
3 1 ?tart? anA batte'd .30(3 to jo aloiy with te?ain hijli? of 2 2 Vun? e^oreA l?i\th in 
the' oonf^rc^nc^biid 1 ?tolc^ii ba?c^? (.fourth in the" oonfc^rc'iioc'l Tlic'Woond baeeman al?o 
jAAeA 33 hit?, fivc* double??, 1 3 RPi? anA iu?t ?c^Vc'ii error^r in 1 43\ohaiioe?? for a .533 
fi^ldinj pc^rc^ntacje?. 

Sophomore?? Kir?tyii Kuhlinj lWarmin?te?r, PA/William Tc'iiiic'iit"' aiv 
vPlair?town, N.l/P'c'lvide?re?^ paoe?d a Pe?laware? Valley pitohinj ?taff th 
tc"am EK/\ tCuhliiiij pitohc^d in 1 P jame??l 1 3 ?tart?"i anA went 7-£ 
loeeee oomiiiij in oiiei'-run tjam^?. f-he? blaiik(?d a pair of oppoiie?iit? iPre*/ Lliiive?r?ity anA 
Elizalvtlit own Oolle'.je:''" and ?truok out 29 hattere, en route to a J.oP EK\ \-\er Efi\ 
rankeA e^'ijhth 111 the' Frc^c?dom Coiife?r(?ncc' while? hc^r victory total wap' t\eA for ninth. 
Kaziano etarteA 1 4 ijaiiit?? and po?tc^d a 3-3 recorA, includiiitj vie^orie?? o'^er oonft?re^iioe? 
oppoiic^nt? Pc^-ale?? Llnivc^r?ity anA Tlie? Univc^r?ity of Soraiiton. 51tp faiin<?d 23 batte?r? in 
^7 7-plu? inniiitj? of work anA fini?hdd with a 4.33 EKA 

^Fir?t ba?e?man Amy Pe^-Puok iPiiic^ bland, NV-'ohn 5. 5urkc' Ca'tdolio^ wae the? loiic^ ?e?iiior 

he' tc'am ai\A tlv tlirc'c'-ye?ar etarter anA two-year caytJn provide?d out?tandinii 
'a.'Yr?liip for the" youiuj ?quad. Pc^Puck etarteA 30 of the? ,^2 janie?? ?he? playc'd in anA 
\^t'\\eA .203 with c^icjht am? ?core?d, ?e?Ve?ii KPl?aiid a .9S(2 fit?ldinij pe?roe?iitatjc'. 

{l/fO,ie toou ale /oieoeiyfo oe ^otfom,,'! 

te?phaiii^ Raziano 
aiinotohe?da 3.42 
with five? of hc^r 

m. ■■ 


I n 



Tile' Pc'Uv.itr \'.illc'y JtMlc'jr' iiic'iiV- jnJ won it'll'-.'' tr.vk jiiJ tVU tc'.iiiiL' .iir LiiiJc'r the' 
.lirc'i-tk"'!! oi W.\\ cwvli E.1 AiKlrcwlc'vk-li. Tlic' Ajjic' vvoiiic'it finitMic'J iiiiitli out of 1 1.'' 
■a]lia1!.' ^X X\\e Mi.Hlc' Atliiitio Confc'rc'ik-c' iMAO Cluiiipioiii.'-liii.v while' the' iiic'ii X\ not 

■.VOrc' .Illy l-Villtt."-' .\X the* c'Vc'llt. 

Pc'Lw.iir V.illc'y piokc'J Lip fivc" points on the* woiiic'irt' t^iJc' jt the' MW (.he'll .it WiViic'i 
LliiivcTL^ity from W\^^^ ? to M.iy 7\ .ill from the? t^ffortv' of frc't^iiik^iii Pc'oky Hc'it?c*y L'^rtvy 
f'horc', PA/^lc^rtvy f'horc^l H^it^y pljiO(?J fifth in the' rhot put with ^ pc'twiul-hc'^t throw 
of 3? fc'c't, 7.2? iiiclic^e. 'vW- Aec haJ htfr toy throw in the? Aecwe .a? •^W- took (?iijhth 
with ^ totv of 1 2 feeX, 3 inohc^t^. Hc'ii?c'y A-z-o qu^^lif ic?J for the' ooiifc'rc'iice? champion- 

t'lir' iJ^c-liiirtHciiaik^T^J 1 5tli with 3, tlirow of 91 feet, 6 \uchee. Her beet effort 
of the'tVAVii wjit^ 1 1 1 f??t>4>4iik-he't^.it th(?Le^K=tiioii V'jllc^y liivit.3tioiuUApril 1 2\ 

tpophoiiiorc' ^l^iinifc'r HoUijhtoii iF?M<ir'/ McVFct-tut-'' jiiui frc'tMim^n Pe'th Alc'ViiiJc'r 
Toiiit' Kive'r, N^l/Toiiit' Kive'r North"* j\\vi Mr^^iii Kolh iTmmh.iUe'iVA'ille', PA/L^u.ike^rtowii'* .:alt^o 
■ompc'tc'J .it the' MAP Ph.impioii:?liipL\ Houjh1S;ii pLvc'.i 1 3th in tiic' 3P0-m^te?r run 
2:?0.02U=inci 25rJinthc' 1 500-iiic'tc'r run uS.2 4.041 Hc'r top tiliic'.-luriiicj the? 
'^.itvii in the" 300 wje 2 miiiutc't\ ?7.i30 t^c'coidX^ th^ L^h^noii V.illc'y Invit.itioiul 
April I "> while' t^h^ r.iii the? 1 ^00 in ? iiiinutA^ 3 ] .7£^econJe at Xhe KioharJ f-tooktoii 
Invit^itioiLiI (.M.3tvh 2?\ Ale?\.ii iJe'r pl.wJ 1 4th in tht? ^t put with a p(?r60ii£il-b£?t?t 
to£^ of 5 1 fc't^t, 0.?0 iiiL-hci*t\ Puriiuj the" e'eaeou, .We\a\v\cva\-:-'0 oomp^te?J in the' Ji^out^ 
v33-4 at tlv April 1 2 Le'h.inon V.illc'y Invit.ition.^P and thc'V'c'lin i4o-6 at RicluirJ 
3tooktoii\ Ml' notohc'J a lonj iuinp of 1 4 fe?e?t, 4 inchc't- to lSjiit?h in 1 ?th pLvc" at XUe 
\i\Ce. V\er pc'rt-oiul-be?6t le?.=ip vjae 1 4 feet. 1 inoh^t^ at RioluVl f-tookton. Kolb .^l^o 
oomp<?te'J in the? 1 OO-iHt'tc'r Aaeh 1 1 4.93 at K\charA e-tooktoiV, th^ 1 OO-iiic'te'r 
hurJe?rl20'.i3O .it tlv April 1 Lfh.inoi i V.illc'y liiv it .ition.iP .mJ tli^ triple" jump l50- 1 aX 
Le'h.inon V'.illc'yl 

On the' men'e e\Ae. f r(?!?hriuin K^viii ^Neber iTalf or.i PA/;?ouJc'rton1 aiiJ eopliomori? 
Kolrrt Kr.aut^ iFlc'minijton, N^l/Hunt^rJon Cc' qu:3lifi(?ci for th£?\MAC Championship 
Wc'lvr oompc'tc'J in the' 3,000-m^tc'r i?tt?c'plc?oha?(? awi yiaceA 1 d' h with a \?ereona\- 
Ivt^t time' of 1 minutt??, 59A9 eecowie. He? aieo i:ompt?tc'J Juriiuj the? ye?..^r in tlv 
300-mc'tc'r run i2:0i5.30 aX Xhe April 1 2 L?Kinoii V'jllc'y InvitatictuP anJ the? 1 ,?00- 
iiic'te'r mil 1.4: 1 3.30 aX L?hanon V'jille?y\ K.r.iut?v qualific'J in both the shot put awi Xhe 

ki a shot put Xoee of 

heX. 1 1 Ilk-he's .ilso .it 

4 fc-dtv 9 \uchee. 

l.ivc'lin, hut A\A not oompc^tc? .it th^ ^v^nt. Purinij th 
39 feeX aX Le'Luion V .ille'y lApril 1 2"i anA .i j..ivt?liii thre 
Le'h.inon V-ille'y. While' .it tht? invitational he? also Xoeee^ 

f* jJKJslot eveRy eNc) is tne ^oal^ tney^Nc) of a 
f- v^^^^qA iiwLo5y i5 Not it5 ^oaL aN5 yot if a meLo^y 
jNlB ^ ■ Ha: 

its/ goaL a paRaBLe...^^ 

Ha$ Not ReaCHec) its cn^. it ^s Not Reacnec) 

'v;,.£Riec)RiCH Klietzsci 




I I I I 



For X\^e p-iL^t four \iea\-e, XW Lja.\yaX\\ \-\ 
C\aee of 200(3 \^a'^ We\^X\^e cjuUiiuj forod WH\v\ 
Ve\3N^\^e \/.=)llc'y Co\\e,y'e euccee^. Vou, w/ho, Uj\\/e 
eU.^yeA XUe coWecy community ae wd\ j\e youreds/ee 
into c'Vc'i-yoiic' ec'ee XoAay. How, you j\re 
yreyareA Xo cjo on one of thc^ c-t^t .iJvonturc^t? 
known Xo huiiLinkinJ. Tlut journoy b lifo; tho AoeX\- 
\vaX\o\\ it? unknown a\v\ tho patht? .iro ae nuny .inti 
v.irioJ A-^ tho kincie of poopio you .iro. iour 
tiiuo horo it^ aX .in onJ, you h.ivo t^pont tho^t four 
yeare lo.irninj aw] livinj. With thotv oxporionoot^ you 
loavo ae aMXe reaAy Xo Xake on tho worU. Vou'ro 
roaJy to t.iko on tho worLi with knowloJ^o, oxpor- 
X\ee and a willindnc't^^ to makc^ tho worU a beXXer 

Roil 101 liber .ill hat^ h.ipponoJ Xo you horo 
.it PoLiw.iro Valley College, whothor jood or bad, for 
thot5o iTioiiiorioe will holp you cjeX through lifo. Ke- 
Mionibor .ill tho frioiiJt.^ you h.ivo in.iJo, for thotV .iro 
tho pooplo you h.ivo iii.ic-lo .111 iiiiprort^ion upon, AnJ 
romoinlvr no iii.ittor whoro you cjo in tho 
worli you will .ilw.iyt3 be roiiioiiilvroci horo. For it it^ 
hc'traX PoLiw.iro V.illoy Oolkjo you h.ivo loft 
a loij.ioy. 

t^o Xo all XUe Ot? of tho OLit^ of 
2006 I oonjratuLito you .iiiJ wit?h you tho bo-t of 

.^<"°' KotvTlwuae'09 

tne AameJ! 


Tracy Awdereou 
Cvee^ya Aiitoiii<?llo 
^[■^eh h!rc\S\acono ■ 

Amanda ^mvvii 
'damue\ bullock 

Vave CaW'&a\t 


l^ove ^oe5 Not Be^JM aNc) eN^ tne v^ay we 5eem to tHiNk it ^^^ 

hoes. Love is a BattLe^ Love i^ a waR! Love is a ^ROwiMc 

r^ James ^RtHUR BaLowiN 

CuWen CamybeW 
Jemifer Campbe^ i 
SXe^ha\ie CampbeW 
Anthony Cepparuio 

Nbhola? Chilbon 
Dainen Qecwiez 
Diomae Cifdli 
Kristin Cochraiie 

Da[e Davie 
TabitUa Davieon 
Amy Dei^ick 
Mark Dehda 


Jacc\ue\yu Cozene 
Mbhaal D'AQoetiw 
Kristin P'Elia 
3uzame Damenhower 

3ream VepleXro 
ChrletopUer Derr 
Kobert Diff in 
Ame DouQlierty 

At- yen A\ yvc'yjve tc tA<f thif \\c'\t c-'tey in yt^ur 
life?, t^ke the t'wue to reelect ou your four yeare at Ve\a- 
v^are V'iillc?y CoWeiy. 'W^e f rit?! Li!?hi|.\- you have iiuJc?, the? 
(?jLic-jitioii you wow hcH at the tip of your f\\\yre. awi 
the iiiJivHLL=ilt- you have a\\ hecome will wow oyew Aoore to 
tlic' fLiturt? owce eeemeA c\oeeA Vow't foryt ahout 
tlie i}ooA tiiiic't^ tlL=it were t^-'j-vnt in coWe^e becauee th(?y 
are i:li(?ri!?li^J nic?inL'ri(?t? tlu=it will wever he fc^rtiL'ttc'ii. "1 our 
(?jLic\=itic'ii wae th<? flret pricrity, hut wo hook wouLi Il^Vc? 
tjLkjht you tho lotv-oiit^ you havt? all learweA while at Pol 
\ .^1. Komoinhor to alwaye t^inilo, t.^ko rleke, awi look at 
the poif^tivo elie of f jiiluro, Tliit? oluptor of your lifo hae 
001 no to a olotv hut .inothor hae oponoJ for yo'U to ov 
ploro tho onJIot-o opportunitiot'^' lifo hae to offer. I wit^h 
you a\\ tho hot?t of luok in your futuro onJoavore awA 
i-oinoinhor to alwaye reach for tho t-t.^rt-. 

"Twoiity yojirL- from wow you will ho inoro Aleap- 
pointoJ hy tho thiiuj? that you JiJn't do thaw hy tho 
onot? you JiJ Jo. 5o throw of f tho howliiio?. Callaway 
from tho i?afo harhor. Catch tho traJo winJe^ in your 
eaile. Exploro . , , Dream . . . Cferovor , . ." 

It b \uni to i-c^lic'Vc' th.=it our yeare aX Ve\ \'A \^\^e\ 
co\^\e Xo aw ewX It e^eewy-c like? |ut?t yeeXewXay snc were euh 
'"^liiikj cii thit? JoLiriicfy, au.i uow we are in iti? doemL^ eXaciee. 
I thii ik all of ue ca\ i a.yee that we ca\ i ]e Xo co\\e,}e vvith 
cerXaw] e\YecXaX\o\}e a\v\ cjoale. I l-^ii only hope' th.^t thot^t- 
expecXaXioue were iiic^t, e^eu exceecied auA XhaX you have 
far eur\.'aeeed your cjoale. It ea.iieue nic? to leave every oi]e 
a\v\ c^vorythincj th.=it hae t?o hc^c^n a ^arX of \\\e for the' paet 
four yo.=irt3, but I will ohc^rit-h the' nic^ni 
encouraije you to hoU on to the" niifn 
durinj your yoart? aX oollotjo aw] to 
ouee. Lifo '\e oomprit^c^J of an inf inito 
anJ what you ohooi?c^ to Jo with thot 
you ae a yereon. Roniombc'r TorcjeX 
Xo m\ee" Congratulation;? and c?od Plot 



Alicia P(?wiiiii(3 
K^rin Pubbe 
Mif.Jiac'l Ev<?riiitjliaiii 
Zaciiary Fairchild I 

^:. ^g^Mj^'"^ -^^ff'*^ 

^cjcicept eveRytHJH^ aBout youR^eLf — i meaisi evev^xt^ih^:^^ 04$ 

yon iiKe you ajsid tnat i^ tne BegijsrNiJsi^ atsibtne eNt 
apoLoGie,*? no RC^Ret.^../^ r^ HeNRv ki^ssiNGCR 


Krbtin Huminal 
Paiitd; ^lohii6oii 

Shanna Joiid^e 

Kimbc'riy Kobryii 
Sarah Krall 
Scott Kran0e\ 

Jemifer \-\erbet 
Jared Hinkd 
Came Hoffman 
Diana Hubbard 


Sainaiitha KaMier 
Kiinbarly Katto 
Erbka Killiaii 
Aciam Knoblauch 

WleWeea Krawczyk 
Chrtetina Kruvczuk 
Blzabeth Kulp 
V\ctor\a Kuezeweki 




Our tinii? at Pel Val \e ovct, but the u}en]or\ee of 
four ivoiiJc'i'ful yojire here will Iwo ou till we j\re oV\ a\v\ 
c\re\j. Kc'c-c'llc'ctiont- of (?V(?iitt-, rc't-iJc'ikv lull life' 3\v\ 
fr\e\v\-o will alwayt? be? a raiiiiiJcT of cur tinic^ at Pd Val. 
Wt? havtf c-haiiijc'J t-o inuoh t-incc' our firt^t yc'ar, at^' we \\a\e 
eeew many ohaiitjet^ ae woll: a iitf-w roir-icic'iifc' halt ue^ ath- 
liftic ficfUt.- 3\\\ niaior;?, aiiJ a cir(?at football tc'ani. I will 
alwayt- r(?iiiotiibc!r tho tjrifat frionJe I havc^ niaJc? \\ere, aiiJ 
it will bo Jiffioult liviiuj t-o far away from you all. ^ut \^ow 
we are ombarkiiiij on a now ohaptor in our livot^. Wo will tako 
what we \earue?\ at this? intrtitution auS apply it to mako 
tho worlJ we livo in a bottor plaoo. Kemember to support 
your ecUool bo prouJ you were an Ag^jio! i3oojl luok to tho 
Claee of 200i5, a\v\ romombor your frlewie are only a 
phono oall away' 

Qaeecf 2006, 

Lookiiitj back over the' paet four yeare at Pd V.^l our 
e\yer\eucee have macie ue who we are todiiy. I have learueJ 
to take nothiiir] for ijanteJ awi \[ve life' to the' fullc'r-t. Ae 
we cjraLiuate, we will all ijo our ee\''arate wa\ie \eav\\\} heHwi 
our history .^iiJ etoriee to he toU to etuJc'iite to come. 
You'll look hack at your timo at Ve\ \/a\ auA em\\e at the- 
thought of all tho ijeat \\\emor\ee you have maAe. 'do he 
prouJ to bo a inoiribor of tho Ctaee of 2006 and bo euo- 
ooet?ful ill all that you Jo. 

^C^Jc^^/at cann^^t ^it mU^ an {0/i49fa/i/ oeu^/i ajii/ 

I / 

Natalie^ Uicyk 
K^-hcH M;aiitx>ii 

M(?li£^;5j Martin 


Clirfetoplid^r N4cNani^ 

6aaii \\Ae\eXer 
Jenifer Me)/ere 

,„.^^^ ^P^ -"^H^^ Ji^ ^ ;|r^ ^PP^fi^<^«|giP«f 

'y'ou wiLL JcKTOVsT tnat fr 

Call tH05e WHO HURt you 3iNb feeL tne powcR to wl 
weLI,.. ^^ ^ Lewi.^ B. Smebes 

'■N WHeN you Re~ 04 4 

Tliomae Mohacsi 
KatHeen Monaco 
u'aeon Moora 
Matthew Morrison 



Jo Tile' (J^rjJujtiiiij Claee of 2006: 
ut lic't- Ivhiiki Uv jiiJ wh.^t lic'r l"c=f crc' ut^ are tiny 
nuttcTt'^ L'oiiiprc'ci to what iiee within u;?." 
Kjiph WA.ic EincTtvn 

I^ tdcl I'm r'Upj.w-'c'ci tc write tvinc'thinj nic'^n- 
LjfuL hc'jrtfc'lt 3\ki iiityirintj tc the daee cf '200(3. 
We'll, 1 can |.Toniit?c' you two out of tliif three aw] 1 oiin't 
roinitv you thc?y won't be? corny. 

fecyle constantly nioV(?; thify movc' in anJ out of 
cur livc'r on thc-ir owu accord Soiue yeo[ie etick .^rounJ 
loucj (?nouf|h only to make a yro[''er introJuotion awi are 
thc'n joiit?, \]e\/er to croee our paths or be thoujlit of 
aijani Tlic'n there are othere; thoee who imprint thc?m- 
ee\\ee in our livc^s and forever play an instruiiic^ntal role in 
hcflpintj to shape? us into the? pc?oplc? wc? arc? ultimately to 
■^ bc?oomc?; the? pe?oplc' you 0e?uUn't ije^t rici of if you wauteA 
I to. Put thc^ii acjain look at those' arounJ you, who wouU 
want to? 

Four yeare of Pe^lVal are uow LvliinJ you, thd 
frle?nJships auA honJs you'vi? maJc? aloucj the? way you 
always takc^ with you, auA a worLi of c'Ve^rythinn is ahc?aJ 
of you. Carp(?Pic?m. 

It eee\ue like? \ue\ s/eeterchy when our pareute 
iroppifJ ue off at Ve\ Val a\v\ wd entereA a braiiJ now 
vorU. I remember thiiiinj that c}raAuat'\on couUii't come 
ooon enouc\\\ It it? now 4 yeare later and I Jon't fc?c?l any 
AAer nor Jo I want to tjaAiate anA enter the ^\ea\ worVt 
ni:aiik you Claee of 2 006 for all the memoriee and I w'\eh 
/ou .^11 the beet of luck in the yeare to come. 

%o manu pesp/e expec}^i>s/i(fei^ fwm {fefti^eiacu, m^eln ^^e nis^t 


Joh] FoweW I 

Krietina Frattie ; 
Laura Fre0e\}zer \ 

Jaeon Korer 
Feter Rozdileki 
EeteWa Ruth 
Bizab<?th 'dchaeXi 

Iceep tne cIrCus gom^ n-^ - you^ ]^Q^jy it r- ■ c)oN^t take ^"^^ 

aNTytHiN^ too 5eRi5ouL^ it^LL aLL woxk out In tne skj^. 

ro ^avi^ JSJiveM 


EvcTy t'-'prinj, prior tc"" tirAiLitioii, I prc't-i^nt .^ii 
j^ward at tny Aliiu M^^tc^r in nic'iiic'ry of my fiithc?r who 
ptwJ away in 2002 of Lc'ukc'iil^. It aWowe me to r<?- 
ininJ tile' Lvniort- of 3 tliincje thc'y mu^'t Jo before th(?y 
c-tey OLit into the real world I wouU Ike to !?lu=irc? thc?ni 
vvitli you. 1 } Tlijink your parents auJ fau]\ly for m^kiutj 
you the? eucceeeful pereon you arc? toJay. 2.'' Pon't ooni- 
protrii^c^ youri?df for ^inyont?, bf^caut^c? it \e u^u.^illy at your 
ow\] expeuee. o) iearn ue\/er to waete one breath be- 
cauee it couU be your laet. ^aelcally, do wbatesier \uakee 
you happy. It may not make? you rioh or famous, but if it 
makc?t^ you happy, you'll ue\/er work a ciay in your life?. i?ooA 
Luok an J Oonnratulationt^ Olat^ of 200^31 

"Our \\\jee ave woX ^eXe\^m^e■^ by \n\\c\X \\a\>\^e\\3 Xo us, 
but by how ^vc? reacX Xc whiit h.^ppc^iit^, not by wh.^t life? 
brifitji? {\e, but by the? .^ittituJc' Wt? briiicj Xo lift?. A positive? 
aXX\Xi\M caueee a c\\a\\\ rc?:aotioii or posit ivt? thou^jhts, 
e\ie\\Xe. a\v\ outooiiic?s. It is a caXalyeX: a spark that cre- 
atc?s c>\traorJinary rc^sults..." ~ Anonymous 

Many (?Vc'nts awi amazmcj e\per\e\ree have haypened 
Xo all of us htfrc^ at Pc?l Val over the? past four yc?ars aw] I 
hope? that e?acli aiiJ ovc'ry one? of us has made Xhe beeX of 
thc^st? unJc^rtakiucjs As We? take* our last ste?ps in tliis 
chapte?r of our livefs auA walk apprc'he^nsive?ly anJ anxiously 
into tha n<?xt chayXer. w<? will euduve e?ve?nts just likc^ those? 
c!xpd^rie?nce?Li he?re? at Pe?l Val, whioh will ciwe us couflhixe and 
strt^ncjth to make? the? beeX- of our lifc=' e?xp(?rie?nrc's Moving 
into this n^xt ohapte?r, wc? mustn't forcjei't thosd' who Wc?ri? 
so iiiflu£?ntial in our aspirations and dreame. Tliank you to 
our famili<?s, frlende, Xeachere, and adnmeXraXore becauee 
witliout all of you we iimjht have? nd^Vc^r made? it this far, 

Pe?st of Liok and ConcjaXdaXione Xo Xhe Class of 
2006, we did it!! 

e/i ale aSfe ts 6{/M^/fe a/wt^ei, ^ii^mina t^e exak^^ /egiee 

I is: 

Nicole l\r;^\to 
w'^aniiic? V^nUivaiic^c' 
lylich^c?! VaiiLuv^iic^(? 
Clirie yereace 

Jeedca Timlin 
CoHii Toeh 
Tliiiothy Trotinan 
Mart3t> F. l\be\e 


Ano<?la Wd^bc^r 
Diana W<?ndlin(3 
u'^nnifd^r Williaine 
Janiic^ Withd^row 


Tanv^h Witli(?r6p(?<; 
Amy Wolf 
Krietlu Wdtman 
Abigail Wort on 


^hxeN ofteisf Become wnat tney Believe 
tnem^eLve^ to Be. if i Believe i CajsiNot ^o 
SometHiH^^ it make^ me iisicapaBLe of ^oiisjg 
it. But WHeKf i Believe i CaM^ tneisr i aC- 
QuiRe tne aBiLity to ^o it eveK if i ^i5N^t 
Have it ijsj tne Be^iHJsriKg...^^ 

^ Jnanatma ^ajsr^ni 


:-'Li|."'|.\w I clwU Ivcjiii tliit'^ Ic'ttc'r with thi? Ut'-LLiI 
VL-'iicji-jtuLitioMt^ J\\]J iJlwI lud in the' futur<?" t'-'t.^tc'iiic'iit 
thjt it"^ .^11 toe co\]]\]\c\] thc'tv .Uye. Put for iiic? the" 
L-L^mplc'tiL'ii .111 J orAiLutiL.^'ii from ccWeiy \e eo uvch n]c\'c' 
of j\] jc-hic'v c'li ic'iit thjii inot-t yeople wouli thitik. We know 
vvhjt it tAee to tjet diead t\^eee Aj^ye a\v\ t\^e cha\- 
\e\\}ee thjt fj^ce Us? Juriiitj collc^ijc^ \iea\-e - vje eee the 
uikirtiiic'J \-oj\A 3hej\A 

I j\m truly hc'norc'J to Uas/e h.^J the' op|.vrtuiiity to 
iiitc'r.iot with you - thc^ C\aee of 2 00(3 - h^r^ at Vela- 
ware \/ alley Colle(\e. All of you, in i?omc? f^aehion, ha\/e been 
leaAere - the? creatore awl protectore of ewMeee traJi- 
tioue a\]A Aefwmc] elements of your Alma Wlater. It ie 
l^c'o.^ut-o of .=ill of you th^it upooniinti daeeee have the 
opportunity to follow in your eteaA 

All of you are \]0w r'ntorinij a new timo, [iace a\]J 
cUayter each with itt? own Jit-tinot poeeiHlitio?. 1 hopd 
tlut your livot- are full of uew opportunitic?;?, oh5ill<?ntjc^i?, 
and Lpale to tackle. If o\]e tjete out of lifc^ Ae'yewie 
on what one \\\te in - thc'n life" for the' dae-e^ memVere of 
200(3 will Iv hicjhly rc'wjrJintj. Nc-vor for^jot thot-o of ue 
ronuininn at Ve\ \'a\ awl nuy c'.^oh of you follow your 

ut Ao I W3\]t to Iv wh£?ii I ijrow up? Tliat it3 3 L]ueet\c\] 
aAeA myeelf jrowiiy up. 1 am ijowu up uow a\v\ eX'\\\ dow't have a 
eure aum/er. EveryAay e\\)ce AujUt?t of 2002 whc'ii many of i\e 
armed on campue I have aekeA \u\/ee\f th\e c]ueet\o\]. I am truly 
happy to write to you all a\^d remember the? cjooA tlmee we the 
C\aee of 200c3 have eyeut tocjiether. It hae truly heen an 
experience to remember, from the' firt^t tiiiic^ we all wakeA on to 
tHe caiiiput^ with e\c\teme\]t, fear, aiiJ not kuownj what e\ee 
to think or fee\ a\\] the? uncertainty of what our yc^ar;? in oolkio 
wouU briutj ue. Durinj our time' hc'ro we have all .jowu auA ma- 
tured \Ne all have our owu m\\v]e anJ our owu opiniont-, Wo all 
havo our Mfereucee awA we all havo our i?imilaritic?6. For eome of 
ue, eportt?, oluht? an.i orcjanizationt? were our way of be\w\ in- 
volved on campus an.i tjottinj our voicot? hoarJ. Wo camo with 
many i^uostione about lifo anJ what we wouli be whew we fii 
\ehed auci eome of ue still havo thoso quot?tions. Lifo \e a book 
filloJ with many chaptors; it le uow timo for us to start our 
noxt chaptor anJ fill it with moro oxcitiikj oiuioavors. Oontinuo 
to ask yoursolvos what do you want to be when you cjrow up. 
am still not suro but I Ao know in four yoars of poikiorin^i that 
quostion, is that tho quostion truly has no solid answor. It just 
exists to koop us ovolvinj profossionally aiiJ omotionally. I will 
eee all in tho nest chaptor of lifo aii>.-| wlioii you aroii't suro 
about your next chaptor just ask yoursolf, what Jo I want to bo 
wlion I ojrow up? 

^ij<ue Love l)oeSN^t nave a nappy 
eNc)iN^^ Because tRue Love NeveR 
eNc)s. LettiN^ ^o is one way of 
sayiN^ i Love you...'^ 


ml /I 

'its {/(H(1 f/^//f(/.. 

'iOio ca/f </o(f expect ot/h 




^-■' '% 

o/na^ f\ e//?o< 





^^? :/ 

\^' ■'■■^ 








( Kii f aufi/i (I (i/iif (/ifif too J (I (jilt //f////ft/ ' 'II titi' (/i(i( Ihoi'i/ II /ii/niih ji/i, f j//f ii'ttj /i/jf o/if i/ai/ »/fr' 
\ /letH fiiif inn iff ( tt /lui/i ji /ihhI, (/ki/i n/i(ti /)i'/ ) r//. 

y.^Slifi/f l/t'M'70l'lf llljutllllil' I///1/ II /into, 

'■ fay i/ie A/ifff in/ia( i/ie n>fi/iffi/ liii/if fiti/ii (/if jfiiif ii/it/ /ii'if af Dei \ ri/ jfyf fii'iti/iii' ni'ii' i/iiinf^ 

J'i<i/ii (/le /i7i( Lj- iJoo (» (/if /iij( ^11 n/f loiti ti(ii>in/j if/iif/ii6f7 /ifi /jiij(. 

I ( ^ /jf/fiininf I a((f<j Vodeai' , 'h'i»/f i/n( (/if //inii>/fi/i/f j/if ii>nti/i/ i/ffi/ (n /iflp /jiiof (/if ii<(ii/ (nii>(i\ 

/ifi fiidiif ijHiih. 

C'J (( i//ii/i/f//j iiif (/if /ifin( 1/ /If/ J mi/ fi/ '^iio/e^ 
'joii/i/io/i ( l~f(t(fi( : 

■Li^f (t/if( tli'a(/t, f/ifiui/ 11/11/ aea<e, i/ ' 7 j(no (oi/aij i( (i>f/j j(i// in(ii(/i i(. C t>f/i (/if (fiii/i/e /iiii(n^'fi 
(/ia( f /itvc //laf/f Oii(/ <i>o<i(a Aaof n/i/iia</f ly ' 7 roa/a. if /ic o/n/iJ (n<i( /inoe ^ui/ie// /iif ii/k/ iimea 
/IK. JO(t(, t( ivaj utnU/i 1 ( foi /laoi/ia (iff/i fi/'/'»tnf(/' (» iiiiii/i in/ifie Joe foaZ/'fi/. n /lir/i inai (o /le/f 
o/i eai(/t, /ifuvf/i nft f/n(/i, 6(ir/r' aiini/i, tH(f>, ii/i//fi, fai fr/i// Scdoff/i, (/noaii/i 1 (, i/i i( a/ii/ ndeoe. . . 

( J /i(/f/i/i^ '3fo(ie 

* « ■ 

'■ ui/nf/iie/ii /f//tr\y ui/i/fpsp c'J f^c//'. ' 

"( J (/ n/to/u'^i excep( /na/i /i/iO(/> (/i(i( (/if piimipof />mi/ii'j.> 

)) iji/ia/n (i An«ioi/i(j iv/iat te a«_ t iex/, oiitae li aoi'/iff if.' 
~ Daofe/'viail ' //fu/n/i — A \ , f 

\ JT ^ 

jOa//\ -j //ye/: ^- -^-^^' 

^7/1 to a /i I /I (J a (ifffr, i/jf rr /o/ki jfic/. ~ ytfa/) <l^f-(<i/iij 

I J (a f/ll'/iO iC 

')ll/llfff/ 7^ll(ii'l 

JLi/e /j /io( f/6oti( loaid/iij /or (/le M^i/ii /s flojj, i/\> (i6ou( /e/H/^ij (n /lamf i/i (/if intn. 

il e ale ///'/' oeriy proa// /^ 
i/oii ^\ieofe^ yU/r/y i/o/n 
/ieai( ji/i(/ (//!(/ (//i/n ei/ej /ea/f 
i/M(i (/<ito/i (/le lia/i( pa(n\ 
n/(oai/.i i(ni/ (me (o ///mrjefy' 

Jfiei( (/i i/oa i/i If// i/oii //&'"! 

7 (i/ii fr/to(/(/j foi (/i (//)(/. 
JLeoe j\(o/ii 

For - Nicole^ Aiiii.^ t?traiii 


Hannah 3om0ardnerjon\/ ^eavX 

KDcheWe Golne Jordan \^a\\\n, 

Andy McCarty Juel^in Rie^ar, 

hAaxn 3ceav6v, ^eed Timlia 


Tlu^nk Yai for ycxir J^db^tion ^iiJ lc?^Jc^rdiip (?Vc?r the? \^aeX 
four yc?.^r6. Your h^rJ woti, f ric?iiJly aXXWwAee a\\\ etronQ 
fdth have hAyed Lie\/e\oy IVCF into what it i6 toJ^y md 
what it will b(?oonic? in the future 
c?OP PLE56 & g^oet of Luck in tho futuri?. 
Your ^rothore and 6\etere in Christ, IVCF 2005-06 

W<j "Sealed ^£jiM^. 

c^yi^^ti fla4^e excee(fe(f f/i aft t//e 
oaf^ tnat {/^a finite acco/fipfiifie^ i/i tne 
a ^t foul yean. "My ^ealt is fiffe/ 

(ix'tn piicfe a/icf j'sa Jecau^e ^ U'0<A 

For ~ Libby Gavwex' 


F.^r - Elizjlvthkilp 

CcnQratdatme Hizabeth 

V\le 3re eo proud of you awi avaiA/thiiij you 
have accouyMied May you ^Ivv^yf^ h.^Vc' euc- 
ceee in ^11 you do ^nd .^11 your Jro^me ooiiic' trud 
Livo o.^oh J.^y to tho fulloet ^tid you will Ua\/e a 

wonJorfut lifd 

ly TO 


L^ve, Mom, Kc'iiny jiiiJ tO'vin 

For ~ Ky.^ii Prt^wn 

How can the a\ma\ world not 
wdoom^ you?! 

Lovc^ ~ 
Mom &P^J 

For -H.^Miuh PoiirjjrtiMc'r 

You'vc? iic^Vc'r Wew afrali of Uawi 


Co\VT3ti\\3t\o\]e on 3 job w^ll Joiic^i 

With loV(? from tho PoiiitV^irJiic'r F.^niily 
P.=id, Mom, JooL MolinJ.^, M.^tt, 
K^^tioL^ Annie' 

For -Tony ^earA 

CoN^RatuLatiojsrS Iionu 
pRoveRBS 3:21, 2/2a 
JTly 5oN^ pReseRve 
souNc) ju^^meNt aNc) 
^isceRNmeNt. ^o Not 
Let tnem out of youR 
Si^Ht* "tney v>7iLL Be 
Life foR you. 
Love^ JTlom a.Nb c)ab 

awi Jackid 
don't Qet cauQht 
with your pl^iit 


Agronomy Club 

Fl^i' ~ .ic'iiiiifa^Laiiif-' 

Dear Jew, 

It t.V(fiiit3 like jLit-'t yc^tf-tercicay I w.^t^ writiiitj to yai 

111 yair Hicjh trohool yej^rbcck awi now, wow, you 

jro cirAiLtrfiiiicj collotjo. At^ I t^it 3\]A write thb, I 

know you know to^^rt? fill my oyc=^i? oiro aj.^in. 



) oLi jro eo vory eyeciA ji li we are eo proiii of 

you a\ li of :^ll your .\toi i iplie^-hi 1 loi ita It cja\/e uo 

cjro.^t piiio to w^^toh you \^art\c\yate in all your 

acX\\\\\ee o\/er the yearo. I will oepoc-ially 1 1 wee 
w.^tohiiio you choor Juriiicj football eeaeow \ou 

alwayo 600111 tohavo tho brijihteet emilo whoii 
t you'ro cheer\\]Lj. j 

Now you are moviiiij on to fulfill a i\ream you had 
f i\-^i 1 1 1 ho tinio you were vory youtuj. You always 
know you waiitoJ to ho a \eXemar\an a\v\ with 
all your harci work, you are woll o\\ your way. We 
wit-h only the boet for you. Novor etop holiovinj 
in yourt?olf. Always remember how much you are 
loveJ aw] \\e\jer forq^eX' we will atwayo bo ritjht 
hore i:>r you, our littlo prin^^... 

\jo\e Mom, Pad, Michello, ^ Kay la too! 

For - Kobert ArciJi^cono 

02 4 

Ae we watched you work 
throUijh your yeare of e^tuJy, 
our hearte were f illai with yriie 
at your accouyMMneute... 

Cowjatuiatioue ou your eucceeel 
love, Mom, DaA & Mare. 


Thank you for tha wonderful memoriee and 
traditione you now leave in our care. Wa are 
forever 0rateful for the matk you have laft on 
WCecampue. Your claee of \e full of dreamere 
andbe\\es/ere,„ i mi 

Goodhdfiinallyourfmureendeavore. May 
eucceee be waiting for you at avary corner you 
turn. Mwaye remember UVC and all thoee you 
left \mpreee\one on... 


Fmmtha Class of 2007 





'Enli^htenmant will \?e now Vce be^mm^, 
not the end, ^a^innin^ of a non-andin^ 
proceee in ^11 dmemo\^3 of iichneee" 
- 3ha0war{ €>hvee Kapeeeh 

OoN^RatuLatioN^ to tne 
CLass of 2006. Be^t 
wiSHeS foR a futuRC fuLL of 
RiCHNes^ aN^ memoRies tnat 
Live ON foR etcRNit}^.. 


ROm r^ 

^tu5eHt ^oveRJsrmeisrt 


For -^euFolimer 

Willi lit uj the eerlee 36 yeare 

EarimQ a decjee 2'Zyeare 

HaVmQ you ae a eon Fr\oe\eee 

for ~ Mich^d Vauliwauee 

McUael we are very prouJ 
['>arenXe. You diJ XHe on your 
own. Ten yeare of nitjht coWeQe, 
tjiviiitj up other tHncje, but the 
\en't a eur['^r\ee. You have a\- 
waye eet cjoale an^ have accom- 
plieUed them. 

Love you, Mom & Dad 

Mke, it wae your drive and 
deternmation that puehed me 
to l}o back to nkjht echool It \e 
lanyiy becauee of you that I 
eaw it through. I a\u eo proud of 
you and eo proud to be your 

Love, Jan\ne 

for ~ Jaiiiiit? \Jan[juvanee 

With .^11 that you have? bc?^n throufih 
ill your youiitj life" to accoinplieh thie 
iiiilc'i?toiic', I couU not be more proud of 
you. For you Xo be able to be in the 
ywceee of ra\e\\}(^ your ohiUr^n, takincj 
cave of your hou;?o, practioing a\\^ play- 
incj in a ba\v\ awA join^ back to echool, 
what more can I eay than WOW you Jid 
it cjirl. 
With all my lovc?, Pad 

No iiiothc?r oouU be any more proud 
than I am of you today. You eet (}oa\e 
for youreolf and you cjivd^ tham 1 007c. 
You are a perfect- role moc\e\ for Nikki 
anA Mik(?y. I muet eay your marriage to 
Miko wae the boet dc^oieion you ovc?r 
mado. You oonipl(?tc? c?ach othc?r. Iwieh 
Oma and Oya oould bo with ue. I know 
thoy would bo eo proud of you. 
All my lovo. Mom 

For - Chrb Zirpoli 

^ear Chrie, 

it eeeme UarAy yoeeUe that you 
\\a\J6 c-onipl(?tt?J four yeare of colltftjc", W<f 
are eo proud of you- wot only for your 
Lvho[at?tio achleyemente but for tlit? man 
you liavc? boconic?. Wd know tlic^ri? \e a 
Iri^jht future? ahead for you. etay r'tron.i 
and etay detemmed, but our tnoet impor- 
tant prayor for you \e that you are happy 


for - Kri^tr^ii Mc^it\^ikc^ 

YouVa come a bnQ was/ 
b^by. \oueoar6dw\ththe 
ea(^ee, built your ne^ hi^h 
^nd fhv tha ext^a m\\ee,„ 

loves/ on, 


For - Krbtin Ryziiieki 



Throughout Ue, I would never let you 
quit ^nytHn0 you etarted I ^uaae I 
wae a ''mean\e'\ but 1 fee\ XHe rub | 
m^da you a etron^er yereon. ab\e to " 
raske W\eer decidone. You have faced 
many adNerdXXee \n We, more than 
eome oXhere, yet youVa ^rown into a 
beautiful youn^ woman 0raduat\n0 
co\\e0e. My pride and love for you '\e 
immeamraHe; it alwaye hae been and 
a\waye will be, i 

You are the "Kainbow &\ite" and the 
"HearUte" of my Ue. Follow your 
dreame and be true to youreelfl 

V^ay To Go\ 



WaVa 60 proud 
Kemeber that the 
joumes/ in lif a b 
the de^nat\od 



CoN^natuIatioN^ i^eJsrioR^! 

tne^Vd^aiRy .Society wouLb Like to ReCogNi^e tne 

cLaiiS of 2.006 

-H^NNaH Bom^aR^NeR- 

-ClHRi^ ^eRR- 

-Jeisri jHeRBSt- 

-iSaRaH IcRaLI- 

-aN^y HldCiaRty- 

-JU5tiN RiS5eR- 

-a^am ^HeaReR- 

tnaNk you foR all of youR HaR5 worIc aN^ ^e^iCatioN. 

you Have ^Reat aCCompLi^nmeNts now ^o ajsr^ UllJ-iJC 

it foR all it' 5 woRtn!!! 


For ~ y^ade Lewie 

To the (jeaXeeX 

we have 
e\/er recewed.. 

lo\/e, Mom 5< Dad 

for - A\e\^eMu\^ro 

Aloiit?, we are very pmuJ of all 
you have acco\u\p\\eheA of your 
Aeelre to he tho boet you o^n 
he a\\\ your cieternmatm to 
not left aiiythiii£j tjot in your 
way. You will f^oo oh^llc?n6jo6 

both tjooJ awi had in tho 
yeare to como, but your fa- 
ther and I will he honored and 
prouJ to he ahle to watch you 
eucceed in ac\'\\e\/\nQ YOUR 
0oa\e and dreame... 

love, Mom $< Dad 

for -Traoy Aw-Jereou 



Cl^eeof 2006 

Tracy Ar\dereor\ 

We are eo proud of you! 

Love you lotd 

Mom, crr^^nnio and crr^^ndpy Min^r 

For - Ja\ne i^e cr^lluppi 

Dear Daik^hter. 

It eeeme \kepet yeeterday you 
d^oee to attend Del Val CoWecje 
and now you are tjaduat'wvy ^y 
^chiaviiitj your uudenyaduate 
de(\ree in Iwemeee you have ac- 
coufWeUed your f'lret \ua\or tjoai in 
lif c^. V\le would lib to take tHe 
opportunity to cowjatdate you 
ou your adie^j emeut Jamie, you 
have boon and will oontinuo to bo a 
CUrletlau role model for other 
youucj women in a eecular world. 
Dad & MotTi 



CoJsr^RatuLatioH^ ^eNioR^i 

aLpHa ^amma Rho wouL^ Like to KeCo^isri^e 
tne Cil^a55e5 of 2^00^ ^2iOQG 

you tRuLy aRe tne settcR meK of a^RiCuLtuRc! 

^^ -'' 

R()B£lR<^i^i-icoNO c)cRick BoLLiiMCjeR isjick Ch'I.I.son l^cilc c)avi.s 




CHRi.s c)eRR gi5e()N fRiSBee jaRoO nickel. aNt)y m^CaRty 

ja.soN iTlooRe 

BRac) StoLz 


BRiaN ^iriaLL 


J IfiiLLy 5uttoN 


/nil, ^ua/ia, ^am, 


T\m...Co\iQratu\at\one, you 
made it. Kemember, 
what€\/er caw \pe con- 
cewed a\\\ bdiava^ caw be 

Mom & D^d 

For -Tm Trot man 

for - Kinib^rly Kobryii 


VI e ^/isd} t^at ^oa miff 
Se 4}elu 4aceei^/(ff i/i g^ul 
A'efcf 01 m^eieoei fife ta^e4 
i/ou. We ^n^m tnat uoa 
nm^e (f^oi^etf nai{/ to acfiie^e 
aoul goaf anif u^u (fe^eiee tfie 
Seit. 14 e ale 4}elu pi^uff 0/ 

Xoi,e. Sfom I S)a/ 

For ~ Erin McPd^rniott 

Dc?ar Erin, 

CowjaXdaWowe awi beet 
wlehee. We are VERY prouJ 
of you! c?t?od luck in all your 
fvXuve endeayove, 
loye Mom & Dad 




Co\\0rai\JbX\oYB Jaima 


For - Puet'in Fierce 

Coiicjratul^itioiit^ to Puetin 
Flercd W<? hopc^ your lif ^ ie 
full of E^cjbt^ i5( ^irdic^^... 

L?Vc?, Mom, Dad 5< MiranJa 

For ~ Adiloy Fut3t3c^liii^^n 

It ie h-^8fe^l^t?lic?Vc' th.-^t your PV'C 
c'^tic^^tich It? fon iplc'tc? J It t?(?c'iiif- like' only 
yc?rt(?rJ:.iy tl].^t I vp\e in tc^art- .^6 you Icfft 
for 01101 it jition.-^ Ii/ini.i'tlo tvhooL you were 
p-ot?oiitoJ with ii "Moot Dotorminoci" 
jward Tlijit wae pet the tip of tiio iro- 
borcj, O'ver theee pj^?t foLir yo.=iri?, you 
havo onoouiitoi'tfJ i?ovor£il ohgtaolot? awi 
\\3\ie ovorooiTio. I roniain in 3Ne of your 
JotoriTiinLation and poreovoranoo, Witli 
your drivo, you aro Jeetlned to aohiovo any 
tjoal tliat you tvt for yourt3olf. Howovor, 
Jo look forward to tlio day whon I ati 
what you aro doinj ^ud I jot a difforont 
ant?wor tiiaii "I'm L^tudyintj — what o[t?o?" 
Enjoy your lifo' Wo s\re all oo proud of you 
3\v^ your aohiovon lontt-! 

Lovo Always?, 

Mom, ^lat?on, MeWeea, Taryn, c^ram. Pap, 

3\]A your own "Philly Zoo" 

Cowjr^tulationd We- are eo 
proud of your eucceee at Vd 
\'d. Wc? kiww you'll Jo fina ae 
you t?tart a uew phaee of your 
lifo. R^nic?nibor, wo'll alwaye be 
with you ovory ^top of tho 

Lovo, Mom, DaA, lcre\i Krbti 

For - Jordan Martin 


Wh:?it a fine youncj man you 
have become, Tli^nk you for al- 
waye Joiiicj your beet. We love 
you dearly a\v\ our ^r ay ere will 
always? be with you no matter 
what road you ohoo^o. 

L^vo -Mom diVad 



"A Filled Atjriailtural t?ohL\'>l!" 
Wc^ \rc' ^0 PrpUci of ^ t^u! 

M^y your fric^iklL^iipt-> Iv- L^t^tinj ^tid your \ue\wr\ee 

With Uva -- Mom, Dad, Kolby, 





V\/e are ^oiprcud ^/ou! It took lu^rJ work to cyt th^t boautiful buck aivi pet a 

little? jooJ^luok. ^« it took 3 lot of h^rJ work to ear\] your diploma from Ve\ V^l 

^nJ iibw we w/lili you .=i wonJc'rful future full of luck .=iiiJ tjeat pronii^c^. 

Lovo ~ M 

Aiitiy, ^rauAma, Gra\v\a. Pad Han, S< all the reeX of your 
loviiuj family. 

For ^ Chrie Vereace 


CowjaXdaXme on your (ToIIocjo jradu^tioii! 

Wo aro vory prouJ of a\\ you ha\/e accowv 

pliehoJ Juriiicj your four yoare ^t DVC. 
5c?6t of luck - wo know you will bo bloi^e-oJ 

Lovo, Morn & P^ 4,^,.^.,,,.,, ...... . 

"Lifo '\e not irioas?urod by tho nunibor of 
breathe we take, but tho momente that 
take our breath away. . ." - OeorQe Car\\\] 

cipO wiiat wnat! 

al'pna put Omega is a Co-eb NatioNaL SeRviCe 
fkateRNity sasec) on t?ie pRiNCipLes of LeabeR- 
siiip^ fRieNc)5Hip aNc) S^Rvice. tne fRateRNity 
was fouNc)e5 In 1925* ^^^ <^^^R CnapteR^ ^ic^ma 
Nu^ was fouNbeb In IqG/T tne fRateRNity ex- 
ists to pRovibe otneRS witn our tHRee pRiN- 
cipLes. ap.O. Has a gReat 5eaL of gROVsriNg po- 
teNtiaL aNc) wiLL aLways Be of seRvice to tnose 
vsTHo waNt aNc) NeeS it! 

For - Kand Oeonje 

^ eep </oal e</ei on yoal 

acnie^e ei^enjtm'/tg </ou Jet 
tjoai iig/ih o/i... 

JL<i0e ~ ^Yio/n 

For - 6^rah M.^lowidi 

'varA\, our ccwtjirl: 

Wc? are eo proud of you and your 

caoooiiiplidinic^nt?, Your dodioation 

awi yereevenmce Uae paid off! 

K(?(?p eniiliiiLj ~ you will i.-\o ijeaX 


LoV(?, Mom, VaA, & errotj 

P.t?- Althou(ih th^rc? lu^vo haon a 

fc'w "Eriiioi?". , , from tiio bojitiiiiiuj 

thoro \\ae only boon oiio "^ort"! 

For --Bob 61 lit 1! 

OoN^RatuLatioJsi^ Bob 

Best VSriSHes 
ITlom^ ^a^ (^^iaNJsia 

For - K Hed FreAerick 

— P, 

Coiicjratubtion^, Nc?^l on ooin- 

pl^tiiuj ^ i?itiiiifio5iit mWeetone 

in your lif^ - tjr^du^tincj from 

colbj^! M^y c?od Heee you a? 

you U60 your c?duoation to 

build up "Y:ard3oapc?t-^" 

Numbers 6:24-26 

Lov^, Pad & Mom 

- /5 


iNteR d^tk OouNCiL 

CoN^Ratu Lat ioN5 

aNr5 ^oo^ Luck to 

aLL OUR ^Rabuatijsr^ 



expect people to Be BetteR tnaN tney aRe^ 
it HeLps tnem to Become BetteR. But ^oN^t 
Be 5i5appoiisftec) WHeN tney aRe Not* it 
HeLps tnem keep tRyiN^...'' 

^ lUeRRy BROWNe 

for --P^iiidcfPoniiiiik 

CoiitjmtuL^tioiit? D3\M\e on a job W(?ll 

Joiic?! r 

W(? ar^ ^11 V(?ry pmuJ of your .^ccoinplbh- 
iiic?iit. M.^y your futuro bo fllloJ with iiiuoh 

I Uppil 10t3t3 ^1 1 J t3UOOOt?t3. ^^ 

L?vo Alw.^yt- ~ Moiii, 3ob, Joi?opli 

CrmnJnioni, (3miiJpop, Llnolo Dan, Aunt 

Trbha, Mark, Paul, Brian, Aunt ClauJia, 

U^uii?, Matthow, Aunt Maria, Brian, Ovvon, 

a\v\ of ooureo Zoo too! 

For -- 5amantha KaWeher 

'dam vvhoii you look baok at tho 1 7 + yoar^ you 

havo boan attofidino ^ohool you etart to roalizo 

jUi?t how niuoh work aiiJ tinio it ha^ takoii to roaoh 

thi^ point ill your lifo. It \e no email aooon iplit?hniontv 

etawi tall a\v\ bo proud of your euooo^. YouVo 

workoJ liar J for it. Wo are eo proud of you. Cow 

ijaXdaWone 3a\nn\ 

love, Mom, Bill Oeuee, Chrie, & Autumn 

Jjeai "^u'lfi/f, 

^cv - Nkvl(f Ann Llrjiiko 

II fift/j i(i/i/io( f\/j7t'jj //oti> /jrtit/t/ inr aif <i^ (/ok f///t/ t/om (ii < o/iiuhj/i- 
/iif/i(i. ^' »t/ //f/j fiiitf/ /i/fjjt't/ ttai fa/iii/<j <i>i t/i Jt/i // a tiio/i(/eifa i f/f/a(///- 

(f1. y( I'djf JCf///J t(/tt' t/t'jft' 7 //{/(/ f//f/f (/If 6lH(((l/(( (/(i(( /(0/l(C (!/((/ H((7 (/o(jJ, 

')>•(/// (U(i /(<(/, I /ict-^ct/ (/ (i(( (i((( fia/n //>'(/(/ fo f (■)('. .L/ff/c (//'(/ ((If /i/i(H(> 

(/((i( (■(>(( ((io((/(/ (ijjj(if (a ( /(f( A (/(f/K (i((f /ra/// /if(i(/ fa (ni/. ( /(if7 (/if 

( f(/7j, ((If //(/(If ((i(/ft //f(/ (/»((7 (n/if (!//(/ />(! J Jlfi/Z ^H7 (/////l/(/h (j7(t((i. ii f 
/!//ti((i (/(*(( //(/(If (/(7ff Mf<i(/( (//Kjfh I// /(f(/(lf//. (/0((7 ^(1/1(1 (//((/ jfoij 
'/ if if (///(/ JHO // 7(///A(i ((>(/((//(//(/ »(if7 (/(id (///(/ J///(/i//(/ ((lit// (//fi7 
(/IJl)7(l(i(/f. / //f(/ ((ift((/(/ />f JO /J7(9(((/ /(i 6f /(f7f /(9 j/((/7f (/0(/7 Mf (('(// 

(1 7(/(/(((/(iO/l (/(/(/. ( /(/7 (l(/(i(( f (o (/0(( ij (o 7f///f///6f7 ((>//f7f (/0(( < (///If //O/ll 
(///(/ (/0((7 /(////(/(/, (o ^o//o(ll (/0(/7 lo(if (///(/ /J(/JjiO// /o7 (///i///(//j (///(/(//(/> (/(/J 
(o (d/tf ^' 0(/ ((lit// (/0(( O/l (/0(/7 iO((7/lf(/J. ( j J (/0(( 7f( f((lf (/0((7 (/(- 

ijlof/KI, (//i/l/l (^ ('( //of 0///(/ (/J (//f (((////(//(//('O// (^ (/0((7 /((/7(/ ((IO7/1 (///(/ 
(/f(/it (/((O/l, />((( (//jO (/J (//f 6f(/('////(//(/ /"^ (/ /)7((j/(( (///(/ ((IO//(/f7/((/ /'(((//7f. 
('((7 /o/if (//If/ J(//JIJ07( ((>('/'/' fo//'o(l> (/0(( ((l//f7f(lf7 (/0(( (7f/(lf/i >f ////////// O (/ 

fo7 ////('//(/ 0((7 /((If J (/!((/( JO ///(((// /0(/ (///(/ n//o(li(/l(j (/J (o />f (/ Mf <■('(// 
0(/7( i/l (/0(( /iff f/J (yO(( ( o/i(i/i(if (o 0(l7J(lf (/0((7 (//fO/llJ. 


rgi^^ffOal Xooe, Wm,/ fr J)a/ 

'"^ ^^^^^^^^^^n^^fU^^^^^^^^^^^^ 

^^1l ' ~S 


""i^^^^ ^^^ 

^ee/ni A'4'e o/ify <yei(ei(/n(j t/iaf </oai Jron a/K/"^^ loeie ^tn/if/'i/ia o/> 
t^e niyn ic/ioo/' ite^i ^ooi/nj o<ii oafaie ta4'c// loit/t t/oa i/t </oal rap 
a/nf yoto/i. "^Sottt J'oai yeau fatei, Qf/ii /inppt/ to 6'c qouig (o f/oai 
coiiege giaaaad'o/i. 

'J/N io oeny piotin of i/Odi fyign e/ef/'icatio/i to eoen/ p/ia^e of </oui 
effacotio/h yo<ii /mtn'caf <'0/itiiS<ttio/n o/i(/'</o(n fooi/ig eo/icein foi a/'/' 
t/ie a/iif>i(i/^. il hey (/if/'ee</' (oiff Se t/i'e o//ej Se/ie/'ituig /'to/ii «/oai /lia/i 

c'J^J/ ///y fooe a/i/ iappoit ai you tiaoef o/i loit/i youi et/acatio/i. 
cy^oui ^y la/icf/not^ei l<~ia/i^o 

'•Jjr?f. aJo you t/f///4' toe coa/c/' imaggfe JLi/i/iy /looie t/t t/t'e Sactt of t/ie 


yp^o/iylatufatto/ii o/i yia/aati/iy fio//f coffege'^ C/ ///^^/? yoa cou/'/ /o 
(t aff afo/iy. Of a/n oeiy pioa/ of yoa an/goot/'fae^atV'-et^^c^oof^ 
JLooe,,^Jfc^oai ^iot/iel Mfic^' 

For -- H\co\e Ann Llmnko 


^, ,^ 

USLNkS foR 5uppORtiN^ youR Sc.C 

^f/^ito 1 C^^/ti merits, . . 


When .a yereon takee on a 6uch ae thb book- the? early e\\.vctat\one are alwaye filled with excitement. 
.=iiitic-if\=iti.-i), .inJ c-ir.itivity bt?iiij Jrivc-n fonvard at full efeeA with enAleee t-ncfMy fuiflinj the f ird^?. Two hunJrt?d piititr-? ' 
Litc-r thit^ c.vne [-^ert-on won,^ere if thf end ie reaWy near- or are the paQee et\\\ eiack:\nc-\ up, 

KeijarA\eee, we\e Mue to tlic c-iiJ of tliit? eMion which meane ijoale iiave been achieved - eucceee readied Tlit^ 
followiiij [''eoyle are tliot^t" who I would haK'e been loet without- thot?^ who ylayed a [-'art m the creation of thit? hook anJ 
othere who oftVivJ inspiration atid support whc-n preeet\re wae hijh. I tnay ha\e tlie title- of Elitor-in-ohic-f, but it would 
luc'^ii uothiiy if tlv followiiij pc-oplo were not involved in tho [■'roceee. To !all you I offer my MiOi?t t?inoere an.-\ oratoful 
.ipptroi.'ition. I will never forjet the journey thi^ edition hroujht me and may you never forget the memories oheriahed 

A-fm Jjiiiet KlaeeeLj- 

If it o.^n he ;p:=iid that one person really did the "dirty work" of thi? - Mre. Uaeee\c} you would {]eX the award. 
Without your time and patience, editing pajei? would have slowed me down and left me behind deadline:?. You offered 
another set of critical eyes, catchitvj issues I completely looked over Cornucopia is both privilecjed and honored to have 
your SLipport and dedication. Tliank you for the endless hours you spent reading page after page and for providing excite- 
ment and enthusiasm at every achievement. 

Mr. JiinLiiiJen- 

When it comes to technology and equipment the yearbook staff would clearly have been lost without you. From 
training staff on new camerae to rescuing pictiJres from corrupt memory cards, I cannot recall how many times you saved 
the yearbook from near disaster, \ou are always willing to give - to dedicate time to improving the yearbook. You've 
offered advice, new ideas, and have had a profound influence on the quality of this year's book. Tliank you for all you do. 

Vie Cornucopb etaff ~ Katie, Heather, Koee, Jamie. Monica, Colt-y, drittany, Lauren, Ann, Debbie, Sara & Matt ~ 

>ou are the true heroes in the creation of this book. When presented with the themes and original concepte 
never disagreed once. You grasped the vision at once and bolted full speed ahead. Monica, you must be responsible for 
almost half the pictures in this book, "i ou were relentless and your patience is unmatched by any 1 know. 
Heather and Katie, I really put the pressure on you to complete pages by my crazy deadlines and regardless you always 
pushed and did your best. Pebble and ^ara, 1 always put you on last minute picture-taking challenges. Ross, you write 
stories as an author writes novels and I could not be happier with all your efforts. ^ ou are" the future of this book and I 
wish you all well as we incoming seniors allow our influence to fade and yours to increase. For the rest of you, you know 
where your influences have impacted this book, space limits how much I can say just know you're as valuable as the others 



liiere are no proper phrases that come near to describing how much I've relied on you for support at various 
times You are one of the most driven individuals I've ever known and your future successes are imminent. You listened to 
my complaints, my sorrows and allowed me to ramble. You never came bacJ; with your own issues- you just listened and 
offered support and courage. You will never be forgotten and now ae you begin a new chapter in your life I wish to '^aw 
"Evei^ythingWillPeLX..." " ' " ^ -y - y 


1 wish there was a way to explain how much I cherish our friendship. Clearly I have a roundabout way of showing it 
and I hope this makes up for some of my lost moments. You are another of my rocks, always solid and strong when I need it 
the most. Your were hard on me, forcing me back to my feet and pushing me fo\vjard recjardleee of what I wanted to do. 
) ou perseverance is unmatched and I know it will make all your dreams come true. If ever you need the same support you 
offered me, please ask, I could only hope to return all you have given, 


) ou've played a role in this book too, including being my assistant typist over the summer Sometimes just your 
presence meant I could focus on the pages at hand to ijet things finished, Tliank you for your patience with me as I've 
spewed anger and frustration. Another rock, you offered courage and support when it was needed most. 


Tliere are so many others that have had some impact on the creation of this book, If I had unlimited space 1 would write 
to all of you and share something I remember from the year, but I cannot possibly add any more pages to tliis edition, "i ou 
are all in my heart and I'm thrilled to know you and have your support. Enjoy this book, cherish the memories it contaiiit'^ 
and keep on creatin.j memories for me to catch and freeze. Keep on creatin.j Pel Val's history, , , 

Lee M. Pouliot 

1 -^ 



Wc^ Jill hc»|.v t\ut the tHw^e we \o\/f the niL>t?t will \j\et 
fi?re\/er. . .tlut thee^ momeute or oi^jette will bc^ with Ut^ for A\ t'wue, when- 
ever pcfreoiul cc\ufo\^ \e weeAed Yc^t, life* fuivtioii? in ^ ooiiiplc'tc^ly o[yo- 
tAte fjehiow. Et comity jitniot^t eniyyete tlwt time is? ^^ ?trjiicjht Wne trav- 
diiicj fjir p.rf wlut jny niiiiJ c:3n co\]ce'\\/e. True life* i^ iiL»t j^e aich. Tiuc? lifd^ 
fuMi-tioiifc^ in Ji c-yck from the? hc^ijintiiiitj ^t birth ^nd chiUhooJ to adult- 
hcwi Jiiicl fii Lilly the* eud An J oticc? Wc?'v^ Ic^ft wh:=it it? tc'riiic^d life?' we are 
,\o\\e iore^er a\\\ t-ome^Nhere e\ee moti^er c\iL\ it? born bd^^jinniiitj o^ ire.£h 
c\fc\e of life?. 60 th(?n, whjit it^ tlit' purpos^^ of livintj - the* iii^jnin^j of lit>? 
'Wye ciUc^i?tion h-^e been aekeJ and ponJarc?d for 3c]ee and yet no anewer, no 
inattc^r how lotjical, e>e'eme to put my 60ul at eaee. Maybe* thi;? \e my way 
of t?c?arrhintj for my purpoi?c' in liff, ae e\/eryone doee. We're all watohinr) 
anA pc^rotfivinri the? day? oyolin(i l^ ae the yeare bc^jin to mount until at 
\aet, loncj Arawn out mom^ntf^ in thou^jht 0\\/e way to more e\my\e \deae 
anA a daily routin<? that eome may accept ae beinQ the usual', 

An aUi^^A/er to the question may never come no matter how many 
mindt? oollaboratc' and look for mc?anintj in what our epedee hae done? on 
this pland^t. Or it may be that the anewer to this c\ueet\on \e different 
for cv^ry pereon. We all strive to rc^ach dfferent Qoale we eet for our- 
ee\yee anA Aefhe eucceee pe^rsonally ae thoee cjoale are either accom- 
plishad or lost. For c^aoh tjoal rec^ardeee of the outcome, evente take 
[iace that define thc^ past. Tlidn tim^ movd^s on anA only mc?mori^s keep 
that past from dvind oomplc^t^lv 

both etr'we to keep a part of your cycle f flMOTHPm^H^P^iiy 
yeare to come. V\cturee for remembemQ womente inspira verbd c-oniinu- 
nication of the etoriee the p'lcturee repreeeut. 3oth ha\/e the power to 
\\]c\te memoriee beyond what \e coWected in thie- book a\\\ theee memorlee 
are more than likely too numeroue to count, tbe meet important thincj 
to remember \e that we each hold a Mferent piece of VeX Val's paet in 
our winde. It \e when thasa memoriee osjerAap, where we ehare a memory, 
that we all become connected in a web that weavee together a definition 
for a epecific time and location. 3y eharinc\ me^moriee all of ue, ^'Oniehow, 
es/en thoee who do not know one another, become connected and our 
etory lives on for ae lonoj ae that web ie connected. It cannot iat^t for- 
ever, ae eventually all of the livin^j web will cycle to the end, but this book 
will live on for eternity alwaye holdintj, always keeping, and always pro- 
tectincj the soul that cjives meaniiui to a plot of land in Doyiest own, 

jr^ (j^a Wi^e so/ziho/fe, pat t^eii /fame ui a ellCi 
y^z/jy //eaitj ca/f ^ Sw^e/i, Sut et'iefe^ nei^el 

m^it-\' ':'-:'j.XJ-i/i\'^\s ■:l'i.J!^^XiiKl^■€i^7SSU^■■i^ii^^ 

L^mJuatd^t3 054 

t^ycrte 0^6. 

^[^edalEvente 1 26i 

Clube and Or(]anizatioii6 1 33 

Orecke 1 46 

6tiiJc^iit Lif^ 1 96 

Acadd^mb3 2 1 

K^ p^^::iViH:iK^^ 

Cornucopia 2006