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Another year comes to a dose/another ripple in the pond. During 
past year , friends have been made and friends have been lost. Lost but noO 
forgotten; a ripple in our lives mat will stay with us forever. In a way, life is 
like the ripples you see in a j/ond. Its' start can be made by something as 
inconsequential as the tiniest eff pebbles tossed in the water. However, that 
pebble ^wil^^^^neripple tip form and then another, until there are many 
riodrfeach a specific ni^MiLVn our lives. 

Each life has an infinite amcu^pf ripples in it. These ripples can be aj 

small as a cut the knee the first tinkrou fall off your bike, or as large as a 

it date. Ripples are both the momeniM^our lives that we alwav>^ant to 

smember and the moments that we cant Kit to 

The: ripples grow.. ever wider,. e% 
# Bpp|6s. Youf first frie» 
%d;the; .rest of your life ^tt, tfi 
?ples are' the people that you- 
ft effect on you. If you ar* 

and intensifying, until they touch 
love, the person you want to 
it these ripples represent. These 
Jout the ones who can't help but 
^>ur ripples will be many. 

"We come and go 
■just Ike nppks ina stream." 

Our lives are forever changed by the ripples that we meet on our ever 

expanding journey. Ripples are also the changes that we see in ourselves 

as we mature and grow. One of the great ripples that form in our lives occur 

when we leave for college, or simply the first time that we venture out on 

our own. In the four years that we spend here at DVC, we create thousands 

upon thousands of ripples, both the happy and the sad. Remember the 

friends you have made, for they will be the ripples which impact you the 

most. Remember the good times and the bad, for those are the ripples that 

have changed your life. 

Doss Thomas 

"Remember eyerythingJbr what is Be, but ripples xrta pond" 

Rodnev and Barbara Gilbert 

200 8 Cornucopia Dedicatees 

In 1971, Mr. Rodney Gilbert received his BA. degree in Animal Industries from the University of Connecticut. Mr. 
Gilbert continued his studies at the University of Connecticut and received his MA degree in Animal Production 
in 1973. While attending the university, Mr. Gilbert met his now wife and fellow dedicatee, Mrs. Barbara Gilbert. 
Mrs. Gilbert received her BA. in 1973 and the couple started their exciting lives at Delaware Valley College. 
Mr. Gilbert is an Assistant Professor of Animal Science and Superintendent of Farm 3. Mrs. Gilbert worked as a 
substitute teacher for Central Bucks before their children Katherine, Seth, and Hannah were born. Now she 
works at the Piper Vet Clinic and volunteers her time to helping with lambing and farrowing at the farm. Both Mr. 
and Mrs. Gilbert have taught numerous courses during their years here at Del Val. Mr. Gilbert has taught 
everything from Beef and Swine Science to Dairy and Livestock Genetics and Livestock Evaluation. Mrs. Gilbert 
has taught the Animal Husbandry Techniques course, Poultry Science and has helped with the Introduction to 
Animal Science course. With their unforgettable antics in the classroom and their remarkable patience around the 
farm, this couple will always be remembered by their students. Students love this couple so much that they have 
helped Mr. Gilbert win the NACTA Outstanding Teacher Award. And even though this award is added to many 
other awards, Mr. Gilbert remains unbelievably humble. 

While it sounds like Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert have occupied all the useable hours in a normal day, they have only just 
begun. Both are very active in their church and in the community and can be seen helping out with a variety of 4- 
H and FFA events. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert are also big participants in campus events and are advisors for the Block 
and Bridle Club and the Equine Club, respectfully. 

The true devotion to the success of their students is what makes Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert favorites among students. 
As such, it is with great pride and honor that the 2007-2008 Cornucopia Staff would like to dedicate Enduring 
Impressions to Mr. Rodney Gilbert and Mrs. Barbara Gilbert. As classes come and go, the impressions that this 
couple have set in their many students will last long after the time at Delaware Valley College is over and will 
immortalize Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert in all the lives they touch. 

: ; \ - V -<&■■ 



^^^^j^wj^^sj**^ - ' "**iS3&ifti 

[j| I bl 1/^^H? 


,jber there's no 
such thing as a small act 
of kindness. Every act 
es a ripple with 

' 1 Is not 50 much the ^campk of others we imitate as the reflectiorLof 
ourselves imtheir eyes and the echo of ourselves rtthdr words: ■ 



For the past four years, the graduating class of 2008 has 
been the guiding force behind Delaware Valley College's 
successes. You have shaped the college community as well as 
yourselves into what everyone sees today. Now you are 
prepared to go on one of the greatest adventures known to 
humankind. That journey is life; the destination is unknown and 
the paths are many and as varied as you are. Your time here 
is at and end; you have spent the last four years learning and 
living. With those experiences you leave as adults ready to 
take on the world. Now is ycjui^teaeej^o make your ripple 
upon the world. 

Remember all that /Kas happened to you here\ at DelVal, 
whether good or J6ad, for those are the memories that will 
help you get thrdugh life. Remember all the friends Vhat you 
have made, for those are the people^etrdiave nrafck^and 
impression upolrlAnd remember thaHio matter 
in the yrorld you\will always bo^remembered here. For it is 
here/at Delaware Valley College that you have left a ripple 


60 to all the graduates of the class of 2008 
Congratulations and Cood tuck! 


"Jt is from numberless diverse acts dt courage and held that 
humarLtefory is shaped Each time a marLstands up for aru 
ideal or acts to improve the bt of others, or strikes out 
again^: injustice, he sends forth a tiny rippb of hopeJ' 

^Robert Francis Kennedy 

Bethany L. Alexander Jason Arce 

Andrew L. Auble Taryn D. Bainbridge Brandi A. Baker 

Jessica L. Baldwin Nikki L. Barnes 

Thomas Baxter 

D. bean Lisa M. Bednarz 

Brooke Lynn BenneLL Alison N. Bilbee Hailey /, black 

Uric A. Borlz Amanda E. Boyd Christine M. Brinkmar 

Class of 2008 

Zena D. Bryant 

a L. ftuccella Jenni 

Annie Chan 

Jaclyn E. Christman Vallerie E. Clark Meredith L. Cole Angela &. Cornacchia (Sean D. Corr 

Samantha Dailey Katherine E. Darger Stacey Davis 

What is a memory? Memories are in essence a feast. 
Actions and experiences are the ingredients; life is 
the recipe. My hope is that your time cooking at Del 
Val has produced something filling and rich. Even 
though this process may have been difficult it has 
preserved our strength of character. 

Let there be quality in the diet of your 
life. Remember, there is no substitute for fresh 
ingredients like creativity and confidence. Make sure 
your new memories are, and may the spices of love 
and laughter flow freely upon you. 

People you meet may be acquired tastes. Don't fear new flavors. If you do not have a pallet for 
someone, let them know. Keep those who comfort you close, you will need them. Convenience in life doesn't 
always equate to quality. Like a fine wine, your life will age, yet despite there being dust on the bottle, it is truly 
about what's inside. 

Graduation will be our banquet. We all will bring something to table. Tears of sorrow and joy, solemn 
prayers for those lost on the way, and for many a sense of relief. Let us reap the bounty of which we have 
sowed. The fertile fields of Delaware Valley College once again have yielded a premium crop. We are the fruit 
of that harvesL.we are Aggies...,but most importantly we are the class of 2008! 

Stephen M. Deimert, 

Delaware Valley College 

Student Government President: 2007-2008 



President Class dt 2008 

Delaware Valley College Graduates of 2008, 

Congratulations! We have overcome another stepping stone and achieved yet another goal. Our time 
here at DVC has provided an education that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives, and with that, the art 
of professionalism and having to dig in and get dirty to get the experience we need. Unfortunately or 
fortunately, our time at DVC has passed; but here, for many us, we have found friends, loves, memories, jobs, 
interests, and hobbies that will be unforgettable tagalongs throughout our lives. We have laughed, cried, and 
been sentimental and apathetic. We have learned that education isnt all we need in life. A small measure of 
wisdom finally makes sense thanks to the influence of habits, beliefs, personal experiences, traditions, and 
cultures which have helped us identify with who we are. 

I encourage you to find what truly makes you happy in life and never settle for anything less. What is personally 
satisfying for you can never be replaced. You owe it to yourself to overstep your boundaries and overshoot 
your goals. And when things dont work out, move on; there is obviously something better for you elsewhere, and 
you deserve it. 

Though we will all tread our chosen paths, I hope you remember what made DelVal worthwhile to you, and I 

hope to see you in the years to come. 

Good luck in all of your endeavors. God Bless. 

Liz Walker 


Kate Halb 

Thomas J. Fuimer Anne T. Furlons 

vj E. Harpster Matthew F. Heitzman Erin M. Heller 


sworth Laura K. Hussev 

Class of 200 8 

:lissa Rosemary 

S G B, \te-President 

To the class of 2008: 

From the moment I stepped foot onto this campus, | 
I felt overwhelming joy fill my body. (Seeing the 
beauty that stood before me, I realized that I had £ 
found the college of my dreams. From that point 
forward, I would create long-lasting memories to 
cherish. As each new class enters DVC, 1 
recognize how fast we have matured. Viewing the 
classes below us do the same is remarkable. I can 
remember move-in day: the nervous faces of 
students, the tears from the parents, the welcome J 
arms of faculty and staff; the realization that we 
were not teenagers anymore who could sneak out 
late to watch the newest horror film, or request 
money for a shopping spree at the mall. We were I 
once freshman, yet the title never seemed to 
frighten us. 

Now, we have become men and women of tomorrow, and DelVal has done its' finest to build the foundation. I 
remember the first time we took our first steps outside in a rainstorm to walk to class. Every year I smirk to see 
each student's reactions. The college checklist of DVC should include rain boots, a canoe, and a paddle to 
prepare for the monsoon. 

Each class is unique in what they bring forth to this college. From this, we have grown to become a more diverse 
group, speaking for what we believe in. (Still, we work together as one unit. I do know one concept we share in 
common: the idea of making our college years the best, never to fail and always to succeed at what we set our 
hearts to. Class of 2008, we have accomplished out ambition. 

With a determined and hard-working attitude, we have excelled far beyond what we could ever imagine. We 
entered as young adults, yet we leave triumphant as individuals. Many things have occurred since our first year, and 
we have grown.never letting anything weigh us down. The definition of a team is a distinguishable set of two or more 
individuals who interact dynamically, interdependently and adapfively to achieve specified, shared and valued 
objectives, the class of 2008. 

ON May 24th, 2008, we slide our tassels over and become Delaware Valley College alumni. We understand why our 
colleagues, professors, and superiors have informed us to enjoy every second of our life here at DVC. From the 
wise words of Dr. Seuss, Don't cry because its over. Smile because it happened. 


Melissa A. M. Roseman 
Student Government board Vice President 

JVkmfith Co 

Mbe-Presicfcnt, Class of2008 

To the graduating class of 2008: 

Congratulations to everyone; we've finally made it to the finish line. 

We have spent the past few /ears of our lives together here at Del Val, growing to become the adults who will 
walk across the stage at graduation and receive the degree that has been the coveted goal of us all. As graduates, 
we are now prepared to enter into what many have called the "real world". The way that I see it, life here at Del 
Val was the real world for all of us. We experienced that awkwardness of meeting someone for the first time, 
homesickness for the times when everything seemed easy, giving new friends the whole background of our lives so 
they realize why we are the way we are, finally fitting in with a group of people that understand and love you, 
laughing so hard that your sides hurt, learning to ask for help, being stretched out of our comfort zones, being 
challenged to go beyond what we thought was our limitations, possibly being misunderstood and frustrated, but at 
the same time, always being overwhelmingly committed to reaching our goals. Without each member of the senior 
class, our college experiences would not have been as memorable or satisfactory. We have been our own support 
group, motivation, and competition, all of which made us stronger and wiser, and the people who we are today. 
Everything that has happened here was as undeniably real and comparable to many of the challenges that we have 
been prepared to encounter in our lives. 

We walked into freshman orientation not knowing what college held for us, and now we walk across the graduation 
stage looking back and reflecting on all that college has been. It is my hope that we never forget the people we 
were when we came to college, the efforts and sacrifices we have made to succeed, the people who supported us 
along the way, and the individuals we have become today who made it to the finish line. May we use what we have 
learned in the classroom, around campus, and from each other to spring board into the rest of our lives. I wish the 
class of 2008 all the luck, health, happiness, and strength to reach every finish line we set for the rest of our lives. 

God Bless, 

Meredith Cole 

Vice-President for the Class of 2008 |5 



Lindsey Hyatt Zachary E. Jakubowski Ashley E. Janson J. Andrew Jonik 

Emily M. Joyce Kimberly L. Kancylarz Matthew D. Kane 

Heather M. Kellermann Kristen L. Kirb' 

Casie E. Knight 

Robert b. Krau*s Amanda L Krcagc 

Me>:un E. Lapp Chase Edwt 

Class d 200 8 

Michelle M. Lipari Gregory M. Lorang Justin M. Lucas 

Kristin L. Lup 


Jamie L. McLachlan Kaith/n L. McLaughlin Meghan M. McTamney Christine L. Metzger Katie M. Mick 


Kathleen Ann Milach Justin A. Miller 

William Miller 


S G B, Secretary 

Class of 2008, 

Congratulations! It is unbelievable that our years at Del Val are finished. As we 
move on to more education or to start our careers, our lives will forever be 
changed by the experiences we have had here. We have made memories and 
friends that will last a lifetime. 

This quote from a Tim McGraw song made me think of our time spent at Del Val 

and the friends we've made: 

We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, 
we take a little bit of each other everywhere. 

Good luck and best wishes for continued success in the future! 


Michelle Iipari 

Secretory, Class ot 2008 

Class of 2008, 

I would like to take this time to first and foremost say congratulations on jour hard work and 
accomplishments throughout your college years. Through these triumphs and tribulations, we have all made it, and will 
begin a new chapter in our lives. For some, it may be moving on to further your education, and for others, it may be 
stepping out into the real world to try the knowledge and skills that you have acquired here at DVC. I was once 
told that education is, conceivably, the only wealth that cannot be robbed. 

None of us are really smart enough to go at it alone. "We are educated by every experience we 
encounter, every interest we chase, and every book we read. We are influenced by every person that we meet. 
No matter what is in your future, the little things you learn from others will have the most impact on your life. 
I feel that during our college career, we have learned many lessons not only in education, but also in life. The most 
important things that we could have learned cannot be found in a textbook, or a professor's lecture. These lessons 
involve hard work, friendship, and dedication. Our friends gave us a reason to drag ourselves out of bed every 
morning while making our days that much more enjoyable. We have experienced pain, happiness, tragedy and 
success, but it has always been together. At the end of your life you will never regret not having passed one more 
test, not winning one more football game, or not closing one more deal. You will regret time not spent with a friend, 
parent, or loved one. With that in mind, I'd like to thank everyone who's had an effect on my life here at Delaware 
Valley College for their inspiration. 

I hope that you will all have tremendous success in the next phase of your lives, and I hope you make the most of 
every opportunity that arises. 

Good Luck and Thank You, 
Michelle Lipari 


Cole 6. Miller 

Andrew Joseph 

ara N. Moorman Anne F. Morris 

Melissa J. Murphy Sherrill L. Nash 

Allen L. Neal 

&hannon A Nicholas Brooke M. Oliver 



Cia Otiaviano 

Lyda M. Negron Jessica L. Newman 

Donna L. Pair 

David A. Palmsevich Jamie M. Peel Channing Pcrone John A. Pcrsickel 

Isaiah Markeith 

Cyan F. Pope 

Mark P. Principato 

Elizabeth Mari< 

Kelly E. Pies 

I N 

Melissa A. Poseman Valerie Ann Pothermel Kirstyn M. Puhlin^ 

Carrie L. Pye 

Nicholas A. Saphos 

Nicole N. Schoenewald 

Class d 200 8 



S G B Treasurer 

DelVal has offered a wonderful and unique 
college experience that I strongly believe 
could not be duplicated at any other 
college or university. 

The relationships I have made at DelVal 
have taught me a great deal about life and 
will continue to make impressions upon me 
throughout my life. 

DelVal is what you make it. It is very easy 
to get to know the faculty, residence life 
staff, mailroom staff, dining hall staff, 
maintenance staff, housekeeping staff, and 
many others. 

It is also very easy to feel like you are someone who is an important part of the everyday 
workings o^ DelVal. 
However, you need to do your part to become that important part of DelVal. 

The environment at DelVal makes it easy;simply take that step and you will make your experience 
at DelVal and anywhere else you go in life that much better! 

6eth Maurer 


Treasurer, Class of 2008 


To start I would like to congratulate all of you for making it this far; the achievement of a college degree is no 
task, and each and every one of you deserves a commendation for your efforts. 

I would also like to thank all of you for making my college experience one of the greatest of my life. Without 
all of you, my time spent here at Del Val would not be filled with the great memories and life changing 
experiences that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. 

I hope all of you carry with you the experiences, memories, and life's lessons that you have acquired during 
your time here. As each of us prepares to take our next step into the great unknown, I wish you all good luck, 
health and great success in your futures, no matter which path in life you decide to take. 


Justin T. Fyfe 
Class of 2008 


6tephanie M. Schuh Sara A. (Schwartz Jennifer A. Scire Ashley T. Scollon 

Christine L. Seelaus Katie A. Sickles 

Corrie L Small 

Kelly Smith 

Samantha Helen 


Michael Vincent 



Allison A Stock Elizabeth M. Tatarsky 



Katie S. Thomas Lisa M. Torzewski 

Class of 200 8 

Lauren Venuto Christine L. Wagner Brandy L. Wakeman Elizabeth A. Walker Sara Wallet 

Jamie Beth Weddle Katherine J. Wehr Jaime L. Weicheld Blair L. Welter David P. Wilbur 

Andrea L. Wolf Jonathan Zadrejko Bonnie L. Zobel 

You are educated. Your certificationJs irxvour degree. You may think 
of it as the ticket to the good life. Let me ask vou to think of an_ 
alternative. Think of it as your ticket to change the world." 

-Tom Brokaw 

Wesley Sharp 

S G B, Member-at-Iarge 

Dear Class of 2008, 

It has been my pleasure to serve the student body as the (Student Government Board Member at Large. 
I could not have asked to server with a better executive team. 

Though many members were new to the board, everything seemed to run just as smoothly as it did in 
the past 

I hope that the things that we accomplished this year will benefit future students of Delaware Valley College 
and help to make this a better place for all. 

Wesley Sharp 

SGB Member at Large 2007-2008 


Ja&ne McIaeWarL 
Senate Representative, 


Dear Class of 2008, 

When Charles Dickens said, "It was the best of times; it was the worst of times." I believe that this holds true for 
our college careers. Throughout all of the good times and the bad, we have all been there for one another, and I 
hope that our recollection of the past four (or five) years together will be a positive one. Although, graduating 
may put some of us in dismay, we will always have our memories to reflect on, and we will always carry the past 
four years with us. We all took DelVal for what it was worth, and we will move on with our heads held high. I am 
sure that some of us wish that we did a little more and others wish they did a little less. However, always 
remember that everything that you did was, at that moment, exactly what you wanted to do. We should leave 
Delaware Valley College with no regrets, but with the life lessons that we will forever carry in our hearts. 
We will always look back on our very first day of freshman year, the day we never thought would come. We 
walked onto campus and into our dorm rooms for the first time, knowing that our lives at DelVal would be great. 
It is hard to believe that that day was four years ago, and we are now leaving our comfort zone and moving on to 
the real world. However, being here, at the end of our college life, proves that we have successfully made the 
transition between then and now, which gives hope that we will be able to adjust to our new lifestyle next year 
and all the years to come. 

We all have our own unique memories, ranging from Farm 3 to the crazy nights of karaoke and the dances. We will 
never forget the N5I and late night snacks at the pub. But, most of all, we will remember each other. We will 
remember how everyone had some effect on who we are and who we will always be. 60, with that, Good Luck to 
the Class of 2008. 

Jaime McLachlan 

Class of 08 Senate Rep 


C You 

Gaiety is oftenihe reekjess rlppJe over depths of despair 

-EdwirLHubbe] ChapirL, 

ia] Events 

During the academic year, there comes a time when Delaware 
Valley College students experience a transformation of their 
environment, the campus changing from a relatively quiet 
campus, to a never ending source of fun; this is reflected in 
many ways, from the attractions of A-Day to the guests who 
entertain students during various programs, to the winter and 
spring formals. These events are designed to provide the 
DVC community with unique experiences that make going to 
college exciting, interesting and fun! 



m 1 i < 

^m P""" — ' 

f fll 

Br 1 j9j '^jijS 

emm4 %' ^^8 






Halloween Haunting 

Special Events 





at ^>_^ 

.-■ A 



"Io! Death has reared himself a throne 

]n_a strange city lying abne 

Ear downj^thfrLthe dim West, 

Where the gocd and the bad and the 

worst ar 

Have eone to their eternal resL" 

Writer Semi Formal 

V\Anter Semi Formal 

1 11 



4 # 

v >"■_ ? ? > K /4B : 4r ■ 



In the time of daffodils 
know the goal of living is to 
forgetting why, remember how 

In the time of lilacs who proclaim 
the aim of waking is to dream, 
remember so (forgeting seem) 

In the time of roses (who amaze 
our now and here with paradise 
forgetting if, remember yes 

In the time of all sweet things beyond 
whatever mind may comprehend, 
remember seek (forgetting find) 

and in a mystery to be 
(when time from time shall set us free) 
forgetting me. remember me ee cummings 

Flower &how 


* SB 

;spl # £ 2 






1 H 

V!'^"".-^^*" "■• / 


I know of nothing so pleasant 

1 nothing which so lightens and 

to the mind, 

1 sweetens toil, as the hopeful 

as the discovery of anything 

B^^^ pursuit of such 

which is at once new and 

B ^V^ discovery. 

valuable - 

B ^^ Abraham Lincoln 

•-- - V 



... if a person has had the 

sense of the Call - the 

feeling that there's an 

adventure for him - 

and if he doesn't follow that, 

but remains in the society 

because it's safe and 


then life dries up. 

. . if you follow your bliss, you'll have your bliss, whether you have money or notl 
f you follow money, you may lose money, and then you don't have even that. The 
secure way is really the insecure way and the way in which the richness of the 
quest accumulates is the right way. Joseph Campbell 


"Let no one be discouraged 

by the belief that there is 

nothing one man or one 

woman can do against the 

enormous array of the 

world's ills - against misery 

and ignorance, injustice and 

violence... Few will have the 

greatness to bend history 

itself; but each of us can 

work to change a small 

portion of events, and in the 

total of all those acts will be 

written the history of this 


Robert F. Kennedy 

ware tydjey College 



k ■ 




J *A 



PS : 


■■.<» ■ / / 



Rabbi Dr. Joseph Krauskopf 

Dr. James Work 

An education is the great 

ordinary means to a 

great but ordinary end; 

it aims at raising the 

intellectual tone of society, 

at cultivating the public 

mind, at purifying the 

national taste, 

at supplying true principles 

to popular enthusiasm and 

fixed aims to popular 

aspiration. . . 

It is the education which 

gives a man a clear 

conscious view of his own 

opinions and judgments, 

a truth in developing them, 

an eloquence in expressing 

them, and a force in urging 


John Henry Newman 

BV 1 H 


1 H 

■ K. 

| Founder's Day | 

*■ 1 

■ BBr ^ " 

L - 


"Tn_d an^Sfetr> be out 

o( vounfek,. Larger, 
more beatitifu^snioKe 
powerful. This 

power, \t is gliprv d 

earth and it is 
the tak ng, 



"Dan ie for yourself, ff 
not thoL- no matter, go 



ht onjdottTg what 

you foveJ 1 

Your fofefar yoursdf is a V showuvheayou|are 

:-*». — »• 


. . 


DVC is more than just a college; it is a place where students 
find their true potential, and over the course of four years, 
find themselves. The college's size is conducive to making 
friends, and expressing individuality.From the very beginning 
on freshman move in days, students are encouraged to form 
groups and make friends, most of which last a lifetime, 
from the abundance of shows/presentations in the APR to 
the never-ending social gatherings on Thursday nights, 
student life at DVC is enriched by the variety of activities 
and the people who participate in them. 


You carunake a difference inihe worH Ike a nppb effect just ty 

changing one thought" 
~Sheena Stegent 


, , fej 



Second Floor 

Eric Chamberlin 



li. 1 


V/henJnjdcxibt, make a fool of yourself. There is a 

microscopical thinJne betweerLbeing brfllantJy 

creative and acting Ike the most gigantic idict orLcarth. 

So what the heD, tap." 

-Cynthia Heime] 



First flobi 
Jarod Eaton 

"Happttiess, that grand mistress of the ceremonies inihedanoe of Ife, 
npds us through aB its masses and meanderings, but leads none of us 

£y the same route" 

~ Charts Caleb Colore 





»-^»* " • 






V 1 

>;, i 



f * 


i • 

^ v 




I ■•■.•■;- ■ ,■■ 




t %Mt*$$fa^l_ — S)f 

1 ■' i 7SES?SS^!i2 


•^^^SP^X^^ - 



jpi|ra^t 'Hf 


■j^~ W 


■ fv Br^-J 


^3* \ 



'"'•- Wmm 

i^m jy& 

his *§ 


"Wherut snoivs, you have two choices: 
shove] or make snowmen^' 


"You have to leamJbc rules of the game And 
thertyou have to phy better thanjanyone else" 
~ AJbert BnsteirL, 

The spirit, the will to wfrvarri the wffl to 9cod are the things that 
erriure. These oyaltfes are so much more important thaoihe even 

that occur. 
~\tae Lombard 

1 ■ 





1 J$ 


^■* :i " ■ 




Wdck Second 


Ashley Ungqr & 
Christen HartM 


WorKFirst Floor 

Doug oocchino, 

Kelly Fetter, & 

Kery Swope 

™f^^^^&j. v t i ltlt 






^ i 


Lbj,_ * 








f lite doesnl offer a game worth playing, then. 

Fluent a new one." 

~An£hony J. DAngeb 




As long as you don't make waves, ripples, life seems easy. But that's 
condemning yourself to impotence and death even before you are dead. 

count myself in nothing else so happy 
As . . . remembering my good friends. 

'Practice random beauty and senseless acts of 


"The happiness of a man in this life does not consist in the absence 
but in the mastery of his passions." 

f $SP 



"If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of 

[saac Newton 

"Human salvation lies in the hands 
of the creatively maladjusted." 

Martin Luther King Jr. 

Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love and 
to work and to play and to look up at the stars. 

Henry van Dyke 

The great thing in this world is not so much where we are, 

but in what direction We are moving. Oliver Wendell Holmes 

l*nr__ —— - 

v.~ w Q> 

Be fully aware of human variety, 
and you will recognize the interdependence of humanity, m. &ott Peck 

"-.Whenever you laugh, gladness spreads Ike the rlppks rta pond-." 


Its hard to imagine DVC without a tremendous athletic 
heritage, founded over countless years of determination and 

the full embodiment of the Aggie spirit. Whether its the 

jammed football stadium on homecoming day, or the dedicated 

groups of students who follow their teams on away games, 

never compromising school pride, the DVC community 

supports its great athletic programs. There are countless 

examples of the Aggies' team spirit and endless victories and 

accomplishments that contribute to our college's continued 


WinljerboLLom, Lop. 
Aggie Mascot, middle. 
Cathy Novak, above. 

GrofT, brandy 
Wakeman. Jess brown, ;md 
Ashley Vulpi, far right. Ashley 
Vulpi. ri 

Dear 2007-2008 Cheer Team: 

Its hard to believe that our season is soon coming to an end. We have had so many fun, challenging and rewarding' 
experiences this year as a team! From tryouts in April through Nationals the following April. From the football 
games and competitions to planning and running our very first Cheer Competition. 

It seems like we just went to our Private UCA camp in August and Jimmy from Tennessee was teaching us how to dl 
the rewinds and that other crazy flipping stunt It was a grueling week, but we achieved so much. Jimmy was so 
impressed with everyone's skill and determination, and that says a lot from a UCA Counselor from Tennessee wherd 
cheerleaders are basically bred. 

Our football schedule was tough this year, with our first three game* being away, and those games were all in 
different states: Iona in New York, Wesley in Delaware and Salisbury in Maryland! Remember how one of our va§ 
broke down on the highway on the way to the Wesley game and George, our driver, was telling us what FOQD 
stood for? (Fix Or Repair Daily!) I'll never forget the great fun we had in Salisbury at the game and at our teaa| 
dinner at the Olive Garden! 

This year's Christmas Party was filled with funny moments, good food, (you guys attacked that Taco Dip) and gift 
giving. 1 love the framed and engraved photo you gave me of the team with Santa! It means so much to me that yoi 
took the time to dress in your uniforms and to go to the mall. I am sure you attracted a lot of attention getting that 
photo taken!... 

...Our competition season was one of the hardest seasons ever, but worth every minute. Mark joined us as tumbling 
coach and helped everyone's tumbling improve dramatically. Our routine was incredible and truly the best, with this 
highest level of difficulty we've ever put together. We raised the bar this year, and you all met the task! Who ' 
ever forget achieving the 2-2-1 at the MAC Invasion or watching Ashley's expression on the video while the stunt wb 
going up? Who will ever forget Ashley at the toll booth on the turnpike returning home from Nationals? 

It is hard for me to believe that it has been four years since our three seniors joined the team. Sara, Jen and 
Brandy brought so many skills, talent and personality to the team. They also have grown so much in many ways, 
helping the program and team to grow too. Each one is so different, yet we worked so well together as team 
captains. They will be sorely missed next season. This is the hardest part of being a coach; you work so closely 
with your team members for four years, and then it is time for them to move on. You can only hope that you were 
not only just their coach but also a good example, hopefully having taught valuable life skills and having become a 
friend to rely on. I look forward each year to the Homecoming game when 1 get to see past team members who 
make it a point to stop by the sidelines to visit, and all the memories come flooding back. 

Thank you for those memories everyone, 
one of the best times of your life. 


Coach Maureen 

hope that every time you look at this yearbook, you'll realize this was 



Dear Mens & Women's Cross-Country Teams, 

On an individual basis, each of you offered great things to the team. Chip and 
fcvin McCoy put in a strong summer training program which culminated in sub 28 
jmes at the regional meet. Kevin Weber came off a summer stress fracture to 
show significant improvement by the end of the summer. Dan worked through 
njuries all season to cap a personal best by seasons end. JC came back to 
unning late in the summer and was strong toward the finish of the season. Matt 
gutted out every workout, every race to watch his time come down. Pat suffered 
w injury mid-season but worked successfully on rehabbing the injury to run our 
ast meet. For these great triumphs, you should all be proud 
As individuals, you all have highlights that make coaching a joy. Brittany was 
consistently in the top ten and highlighted by the 1st place finish at Gwynedd 
4ercy and First Team All Conference at the MAC meet in 6th place. Caitlin was 
ight along with her for most of the meets and had her own 1st place finish at 
Jrsinus and was (Second Team All Conference with a 13th place finish at the MAC 
neet. Captain Sara Brown was a solidifying force for this team in her quality 
eadership and consistent number three spot on the team. Talesha's competitive 
Mure made her a quality number four to keep this team progressing to the 
excellent finishes. Amanda Barr pushed forward in the season despite a late 
developing stress fracture. Melissa Plourde was solid as a rock as her times 
ontinued to improve dramatically from last year all the way to regionals. Meghan 
lunsiker suffered a season ending injury in the 4th meet, but gave us some quality 
-mishes that helped our team in the first few meets. Lindsay and Yi-Cai worked 
lard together and showed great improvement over the course of the season. 
Katies smile and great attitude were a plus for our team as she battled some 
njuries throughout the season. Ashley battled some injuries as well but was a 
yeat supporter of our team effort 


]oach Ed 

Amanda Barr, top; Sara 
Brown, middle; Matthew 
Wiley, above. 

Daniel Fenstemacher, far left; 
Brittany (Schwartz, left. 


Field Hockey 


/ * 

^ .*> 

There are so many great memories from the season. You 
endured preseason through all the rain. We went on a 5-0 
start, including winning the Villa Julie Tournament. Through all 
of our ups and downs, we always played hard and worked as 
a team. Our 12-8 record is proof of your endless belief in 
each other. 

I couldn't have asked for a better group of girls to coach. 
Your dedication, enthusiasm, and commitment to the program 
are admirable. As coaches, we push you each day to be 
better players and individuals, and you continually step up 
to the challenge. 

In particular, I would like to commend senior Sara Wallet. 
(Sara's enthusiasm and spirit for the game was contagious. The 
way she always encouraged her teammates to put the 
biscuit in the basket kept us all pushing through the season. 
Sara, the team and the coaches wish you the best of luck in 
your future endeavors. 

Michelle Cemobyl. top; Sara 
Wallet. Katie Dichter, Nikki 
Qogers, Rate Highberger. 
middle; Meghan Clark, 

Mindy Miniconzi, right; 
Danielle Heyne. far right. 



The 2007 football season was filled with anticipation from the previous /ear. 
The team had lost some valuable assets, but was bringing back the core of 
their team. On the defensive side of the ball, nose guard and captain Travis 
Albanesius was returning for his senior year. He was accompanied up front with 
another senior, Sean Rafferty, who was looking to repeat his all conference 
play from 2005. Behind them was linebacker John Pursell, who was looking to 
reach the 300-tackle mark for his career - a feat accomplished by just a 
handful of players. To anchor the secondary, the return of Kyle Mancuso and 
Quincy Thaxton was going to lead to some big hits and a lot of interceptions. 
The defense was looking to set the table and be the best in the conference 
once again... 

...The team headed into the hardest part of the conference schedule and 
came up just a little short. The team went down to Widener and lost 13-10 to 
the eventual conference champions in a rain-soaked affair in Chester They also 
got nipped by a streaky and dangerous Wilkes 27-24 at home the next week; 
the first lost all year at home. The team looked to close out the year and get 
back to the .500 mark. The game was a game of pride for the seniors and it 
showed. The Aggies dominated Albright for their fifth win and left the field on 
top and second in the conference. 

The team will miss many of the great seniors, especially the leadership of 
Sheffield, Pursell and Albanesius. They led their team not only on the field, 
but off it as well. They also headlined the team that saw 10 all-conference 
honors be awarded to them. As the Aggies look ahead to next year, they will 
most certainly not forget the graduating senior class and the influence and 
impact they have had on the programs now rich history. 
Thanks for a great year and were looking forward to an even better one next 

-The Coaching Staff 

Mike Dilts, top; Matt Mariano, 
middle; Anthony Dyers, 

Derek Porter, far left; Greg 
Kissinger, left. 


Wbmerfs Soccer 

6amantha Loeber. Lop; 

'■ladini, middle-, 
Cortney bower, above. 

Emily Pcrryman. far right; 
[ ighl 


Our 2007 season was one in which we learned a lot about ourselves and just how much a 
group of hard working women who care about each other can achieve. As with every year, 
we once again set a goal to quality for the Conference playoffs; however, we knew that 
in an effort to do that, we would need to incorporate a class of new players into a team 
that was committed and accountable to one another. 

As pre-season camp came to a close, we all knew that this team was going to have the 
ability to achieve our goals. Team picnics, swimming, spaghetti dinners, and of course 
Hershey Park all served to strengthen the bond needed to be successful as league play 
began in early October. Through the adversity of a couple season-limiting and season- 
ending injuries, we were determined to stay focused on our goal of the playoffs. As the 
season wound down, our chance at the playoffs came down to needing a win or a tie on 
the last day of the season against the first-place Manhattanville Valiants. After a day delay 
due to torrential rain, we provided a courageous effort in playing the Valiants to a 1-1 draw. 
The result pushed us into the playoffs and a rematch with Valiants. Although we would 
eventually succumb on a chilly Tuesday night in New York; we knew that we had laid the 
foundation for greater future success. 

As we look back on our season, we can take pride in the fact that our work did not go un- 
noticed. We were fortunate to have Elise Dauber named Conference Player of the Yea, as 
well as a Regional All-American. Dauber and Christine Del Turco were named first team Mi- 
Conference performers. Nicki Martini was named as a Scholar All-American and Martini, Emily 
Perryman and Cortney bower were named to the Conference Academic Team. 

As we looked forward to what we hope will be an exciting and successful 2008 season, 1 
would like to take the opportunity to thank our two seniors - Christine Gregory and 
Brittany Shubra - for their contributions and a job well done. We wish them well in the 

For the rest of you, 1 look forward to seeing you next season! 


It A^iEs V 







Elise Dauber, top left 
corner; Mary Conklin, left; 
Jacqueline Minnich, above. 

Elise Carpenter, top right 
corner; Elise Dauber, 
second right; 
Grecco, third right. 

Cortney Dower, right; 
Samantha Loeber, lower right 

Ashley Gagliano, far left; 
Nicki Martini, left. 


A/LenS Soccer 

3ear Men's Soccer Team: 

Phis season was always about changing the attitude and mentality of the 
earn, and that did happen. You guys worked very hard all season and 
lever gave up. You fought hard and competed in every game and in 
svery single training session. 

5ven if we did not win as many games as we would have liked, we 
mproved in every statistical category. 

[he first win in almost three seasons came on a Saturday afternoon away 
jgainst Immaculata University. We were behind 3-1 with 12 minutes to go in 
lie game, and we scored three unanswered goals to win in dramatic 
Bshion, 4-3. We followed that up with an 8-1 win at Southern Vermont 

fou guys all helped lay the foundation for what is going to be a very 
Dright future for the men's soccer program here at DVC. 

'. am looking forward to coaching those of you who will return in 2008. 
\nd for you seniors, thank you so much for your hard work and 
dedication to the program. 

Brian Kammersgaard 
Men's Soccer coach 

Eric Maciag, top; Matt 
Fennell, middle; Nick 
D'Amato, bottom. 

Matt Weiler, far left.-. Nathan 
Knight, lea. 



To the Volleyball (Seniors: 

Congratulations on your graduation and best of luck as you take the next step in 
your lives. The contributions the four of you have made to our volleyball program 
over the last four years are immeasurable. When you arrived, we were a struggling 
program, looking for an identity. Through hard work, dedication, and perseverance, 
you four provided the foundation for a team that got better each year and 
represented this college in a positive manor. 

As much as you helped to turn us into a competitive volleyball team, the 
performance you showed off the court is even more impressive. As student-athletes, 
you learned to balance difficult course loads with the demands of practices and 
matches to excel in the classroom. You contributed to service projects in the 
community. You each displayed leadership and served as role models to others. It 
was a pleasure to watch you grow and mature during your time at DelVal. 

I think one statistic stands out and is indicative of the kind of heart you all showed. 
During your senior season, we went into a fourth game down 2 sets to 1 on seven 
occasions. In those situations, when facing defeat, we went 6-1 in those game fours. 
That is the kind of attitude that transcends athletics, and will no doubt make each of 
you successful in your careers. No matter how bleak a situation may look, refuse to 
accept defeat. Dig deep, and find the pride and the passion you showed as DelVal 
volleyball players. 

Atlrfflfiflflfiflflrl- AGGIES!!! 


Coach Rush 

Kate Klish. top; 

Jackie Holdsworth, middle; 

Andrea Wolf, above. 

Ronnie Zobel. far right; 
Kate Kli*h and Jaki blood, 


Team photo, top left corner; 
Kate Klish and Jackie 
Holdsworth, left; Ashley 
Mikulsky, above. 

Klish, top right corner-, 
anie Knox, second 
right; Kelsey Fisher, third 

Jaki Blood, right; Ashley 
Mikulsky, bottom right corner. 




Jackie Holdsworth, far left; 
Stephanie Knox, left. 


Wbmerts Basketball 


\s I start to look back at our season, I keep coming back to one thing: perseverance. At one point, 
re had a 4-8 record, had just lost our conference opener at DeSales and were going through some 

We then fell behind by 15 at halftime to Kings and were down 17 in the second half. Instead of 
ranging our heads and getting blown out, we fought back and battled the rest of the way. And then 
vjoira somehow saw brooke open underneath the basket, and she hit the layup in the final seconds 
or the win. 

think that's the day we regrouped as a team and went on to win nine of the next 13 games to 
nake the playoffs for the second time in the last three years. We lost at Kings to end the regular 
reason and that put us on the road in the playoffs against DeSales. We gave De&les everything 
ye had, and nobody should hang their heads over the six-point loss to a team that was at home and 
srent on to the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA tournament. 

Congratulations to Moira for making first team all-conference and also for being named to the all- 
egion team of Kim made second team, and I think she would have been a lock for 
irst team if she had stayed healthy. And congratulations to brittany for being named the conference 
ookie of the year after taking on a role much larger than any of us thought going into the year. 

'or the two, four-year seniors, you accomplished a lot during your time. Moira, you were a two-time 
all-conference player, breaking the schools all-time record for 3-pointers and ending up among the 
Dest in Delaware Valley College history in points, assists and steals. You took this team on your 
sack sometimes this year and played some of your best ball. 

5rooke, you were robbed of an all-conference honor. You really showed that in the last two games 
when you dominated two of the girls who were picked ahead of you. To average a double-double 
in this conference is no easy task, and you succeeded in that this year. 

'or the ones coming back, we are going to be a young team next year, and I am counting on you to 
provide the kind of leadership that Moira and brooke showed this year. Practice your game and 
conditioning in the summer, and be ready to go in October. 

Coach Hogan 

Drooke Dittmar, top. 
Moira Donohue, middle. 
Kim Vennera, above. 

Amanda Wilson, far left 
Team Huddle, left. 


A/Lerte Basketball 

Ryan Thomas, Lop. 
Dan MacDonald, middle. 
Head Coach Denny 6urovec. 

Jason 6eipl„ far right, 
bill Celsomini. right.. 

Although the men's basketball team struggled in terms of 
wins and losses, they stuck together and battled hard each 
and every game. Highlights of the season were the wins 
over Penn (State Brandywine (70-55), Penn State Berks 
(80-69) and Lancaster Bible College (87-77). 
Individually, junior Jason Seipt set a new single-season 
school record with 158 assists, and he will have a shot at 
setting the career mark next year. Raheem Wiggins was a 
Freedom Conference Rookie of the Year candidate, and 
fellow rookie Jason Goldheimer led the conference and 
easily eclipsed the school record for 3-point shooting as 
he connected on more than 54 percent of his shots from 

(Seniors Dan MacDonald and Zack Van Dyke were solid 
contributors to the team, and their dedication on and off 
the court during their time at Delaware Valley College was 
greatly appreciated. 

A new chapter of Aggie men's basketball will begin next 
season as Casey SUtzel was named the new head coach in 
March. Coach Stitzel already has an impressive resume at 
such a young age, and he will bring new enthusiasm and a 
new attitude to the program. 



1 ^gl 

^^■B ■ 




^^^^H N^ 


^r k ! 


i ~ 



Team line-up, top left. 
Bill Gelsomini, above. 
Brian Hilinski, left. 

Ryan Thomas, top right corner. 
Dan MacDonald, second right. 
Jason ©eipt, third right. 

Zack Van Dyke, right. 
Kevin Lipinski, bottom right. 

Jason Goldheimer. far left. 
Joe Lutz, left. 


1 Wt-*4 



l r nH 



- «-• 

' ■•■-.* — *^ 

Justin Day, Cody Turn :r 

Venturi. Vince Zaccarinc 


Doug Bocchino, 

Chris Zeledon, Jason Marks, 

Garret Dow, Matt Nehoda, 
Ashley linger 

Shani Gilbert, Jason Cormier 
Chris Venturi 

Mike Vasaturo, Adam Pesta, 


Jason Lombardi 
Seth Robinson. 


)ear Lacrosse Club, 

As not only a member, but also the President of the Lacrosse Club, it gives me 
Teat honor to congratulate each of you on a season well done. Although we may be 
ust a club team, we do not let that affect us in any way. We all worked hard each 
lay at practice and even harder in the games, and I am quite excited that we 
;nded the season with the most wins this Lacrosse Club has ever seen. Each day we 
yere striving to make ourselves better, and this showed while on the field during 
mmes. The games may have started out rough, but even the losses were a learning 
<ood experience. Our indoor season and outdoor season were both exciting and 
nteresting. I am proud that we managed more wins this year in indoor than prior 
'ears, and even continued that winning streak outdoors, where we reached the most 
pins in the Lacrosse Club history. Each of us has memories of our favorite moments 
rom this season, and the quotes for the team are endless. I know that I will 
definitely be taking a lot with me from this year, and hope the same is for the rest 
f you guys. Our season was full of ups and downs, many undefined and 
eschedulings, but that never deterred us from our goal: to make the Lacrosse team 
;nown on campus and maybe one day an actual Del Val team. I know that when I 
save, each of you will be continuing to strive for a team and will continue to better 
oirselves, not only in Lacrosse, but in life as well. The past four years that I have 
Deen a part of this club, and especially this year when I was President, have been 
^reat times with great people, and 1 know that we all worked hard and still managed 
o have fun. I would like to thank each of you for a great season and a fun one at 
hat, and I hope that your luck continues through the years. There are only two 
rords that can sum up the Lacrosse Club, "DO WOPK!" Good luck in upcoming 
seasons and the best of luck in the future. 

fhanks for a great season 


Maggie Trunack 

Lacrosse Club President 07-08 

Stephen Dombroskie, 
Zach Freed 

John Schafler, 
Maggie Trunack 




You added another memorable chapter to the strong history of Aggie wrestling. 
From day one of practice, you gave it your all, and you worked hard all season with: 
the one goal in mind - nationals. 

The result was 14 wins and 4 losses and a first-place showing at York during the 
season. We dominated fifth-ranked Luther at the National Duals, and it was probably: 
the best match of the year for us. We came up short against Wartburg and Augsburg 
the next day and finished fourth, but we would have won the Augsburg match and 
have a victory over the defending national champs had we had our full lineup. 
You had a great two weeks of preparation for the Midwest Regionals, and it 
showed as eight of you reached the finals and six were crowned champions. The 
other two were rewarded for their efforts and earned wild card to nationals. 
We had lofty goals for the NCAA Championship, and we obviously wanted to bring 
home a trophy for at least a top four finish. We came up just short on that and 
finished fifth, but it was still the third-highest finish in school history, and you should 
be proud of that! 

Mike Wilcox wrestled his way to the finals, and he was a national runner-up in his 
first year with us. Cyan Herwig did not have the greatest of years, but he came 
through when it counted most and wrestled all the way back to third place. Kyle 
Bilquist and Chris Sheetz finished in the top eight as all four deservedly earned Ail- 
American honors. 

Just qualifying for nationals is a major accomplishment in this sport, and Dan Hall, 
Brandon Clemmer, Jesse Harrington and Joe West were among just 160 wrestlers in 
the country to do so. For Dan, reaching the NCAAs four times in a career is a feat 
reached by many wrestlers in team history and it's something that you should be 
proud of. 

My thanks to everyone on the team for a great season and 1m already looking 
forward to 08O9. 

- Coach Totten 

Kyle Bilquist, top. 

Joe West, right. 


Hi Wv? 




Greg Miele, above. 
Joe West, far left. 



The Delaware Valley College softball team will to look to win its first-ever Freedom 
Conference Championship and the automatic berth to the NCAA Division III playoffs that 
goes with it as the third-seeded Aggies will battle defending conference champion and 
second-seeded King's College on Friday, May 2 (LOO p.m.) in the first game of the double- 
elimination, Freedom Conference playoffs held at Wilkes University's Ralston Complex. 
This is the second straight season and fourth time overall (1982, 1987, 2007, 2008) that 
Delaware Valley has qualified for the conference playoffs. They split twin-bills with the 
three postseason participants, including DeSales. In fact, they are the only squad to do so 
as both FDU-Florham and King's were swept by the top-seeded Bulldogs. Delaware Valley 
enters the postseason on a hot streak as it has won a school-record seven games in a row. 
The streak began with a second-game, come-from-behind victory at King's on April 19 and 
continued with doubleheader sweeps of Elizabethtown College (April 22), Drew University 
(April 24) and conference foe Manhattanville College (April 26). Manhattanville was the only 
other Freedom team to win a game against DeSales in the regular season. 
As a team, the Aggies boast a .271 batting average and average 5.1 runs per game. Leading 
the way all season long has been Bethany Pavlik (Lewes, DE/Sussex) as the sophomore 
outfielder and 2007 first-team, all-conference honoree paces the squad in batting (.385), 
slugging (.681), on-base percentage (.438), hits (35), runs (28), stolen bases (11), home runs 
(7) and RBls (30). The home run total ties her for the school's single-season record and is 
six RBls shy of tying that mark as well. 

(Senior Nicole Dorney (Quakertown, PA/Salisbury) and Kelly Andrews (Bethlehem, 
PA/Bethlehem Catholic) have batting averages of .319 and .316 respectively. Dorney, a 
three-time, second-team honoree at catcher, leads the way in doubles with eight and also 
has three home runs and 18 RBls to her credit. She is the school's all-time leader in both 
home runs (18) and RBls (93). 

On the mound, Delaware Valley has compiled a 3.19 ERA with the senior tandem of Jennifer 
Bummer (Allentown, PA/Salisbury) and Kirstyn Ruhling ((Southampton, PA/William Tennent) 
compiling all but 22 innings for the year. 

Bummer is 8-8 with a 2.98 ERA on the season and has four of the team's last seven wins 
(one in relief). She has already broken her own record from last season as she has fanned 
73 batters on the year, and has upped her career total to a school best 161. 
Ruhling, the school's all-time leader in victories (26), is 5-7 with a 3.64 ERA. She ended the 
regular season by going 3-0 with two shutouts and was named the Freedom Conference 
Pitcher of the Week for her efforts. 


B f 

m}^^^^^: tern* 


Nicole Dorney, top. 
Lacy Miles, middle. 
Kelly Andrews, above. 

Maureen Ferguson, far 

Brittany Stockert, left. 



Kyle Bobb, top. 
Dylan Saldutti, middle. 

Mike Isgro. far right 


The Delaware Valley College baseball team will look to end the season on a high note as! 
the Aggies vie for the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) South Pegion 
Championship which will be hosted by Alvernia College on Friday and Saturday, May 16 and 

Delaware Valley (24-17) is the third seed for the five-team tournament and will meet second- 
seeded Wesley College (27-14) in Friday's first semifinal match-up at 11:00 a.m. Alvernia (31- 
12) is the top seed and will play the winner of Wednesday's first-round contest between 
No. 4 Washington and Jefferson College (22-16) and fifth-seeded University of Pittsburgh at 
Bradford (23-20) in the 2:00 p.m. semifinal contest. The two semifinals winners will vie for 
the ECAC South Degion Championship at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday. 

The Aggies will make their fifth overall appearance in the ECAC Championships and their 
first since hosting the tournament and winning the crown in 2004 (they also captured the 
title in 1999). This year's squad reached the Freedom Conference playoffs two weeks ago 
and dropped both of its games in the double-elimination tournament. 
2008 Freedom Conference Player of the Year Zach Jakubowski (Audubon, NJ/Audubon) 
paces a Delaware Valley offense that averages 7.1 runs per game. The senior third baseman 
top the squad in nearly every category including batting (.465), slugging (.736), hits (67), 
triples (9) and PBIs (47). The three-baggers are a single-season record (as is his career 
total of 15) while his number of hits is just three shy of tying current assistant coach Tony 
DeLude's record total from the 2002 campaign. Fellow senior Kyle Bobb (Mechanicsburg 
PA/Cumberland Valley) and sophomore Mike Isgro (Galloway, NJ/Absegami) were named to 
the all-Freedom first team at first base and utility respectively. 5obb is batting .346 withi 
four doubles, 22 runs scored and 22 P5Is. Isgro is hitting .367 with nine doubles, four 
triples, two home runs. 27 runs scored and 22 PBIs. 

Sophomore second baseman Dylan Saldutti (Lansdale, PA/Lansdale Catholic) and junior 
outfielder Kevin Weingart (Belle Mead, NJ/Montgomery) are two other players to watch in 
the lineup. 

Saldutti is batting .355 with seven doubles, 33 runs scored and 18 PBIs. Weingart has a .338' 
average, a .574 slugging percentage, 11 doubles, three triples, five home runs, 44 runs 
scored and 32 PBIs to his credit. 

Isgro, who was also a second team, all-Freedom honoree on the mound, heads an Aggie 
pitching staff that has a 4.13 team EPA. He is 6-2 with 49 strikeouts and a 4.50 EPA in 54 
innings of work. 

Sophomore Sean Tappan (Milton, DE/Cape flenlopen) is 4-5 with 49 K's and a 3.10 EPA in 
58 innings while Metague is 5-3 with 39 strikeouts and a 5.19 EPA in 44-plus innings. 



Dear Golfers, 

Thank you for participating on the team 
this past season (06-07). Thank you Joseph 
Scioscia for doing a good job as captain. You 
had jour best season with a 76 average 
score, followed by Nick Van Hook with an 81 
average. The team's 3rd place finish at the 
conference championships at Shawnee-on-the- 
Delaware was respectable although just shy 
of our goal of winning. I have enjoyed golfing 
with each player on the team and trying to 
get everyone to improve. Hittem straight! 

Doc Linde 
Head Golf Coach 

Ryan Terrill, top-, Chris 
5urnell. middle-, Michael 
Molchan, above. 

Scott Gingrich, far left 
Nick Van Hook, left. 


Track & Field 

Hie 2008 Delaware Valley College mens track and field team, under head coach Ed 
\ndrewlevich, had six letterwinners back from a squad that placed 10th at last year's 
Middle Atlantic Conference (MAC) Championships. 

jeading the returnees was sophomore Shane Toohey (Neptune, NJ/Neptune). Toohey was 
he top Aggie finisher at the 2007 MAC Championships as his time of 52.48 seconds in the 
£00-meter dash placed him 13th out of 24 competitors. Toohey also qualified in the javelin. 
?ophomore Chip Brumbaugh (Hatboro, PA/Upper Moreland) and junior Kevin Weber 
Telford, PA/Souderton) round of the returning conference qualifiers. Brumbaugh 
competed in the 10,000-meter run and placed 14th with a time of 34 minutes, 48.84 
seconds. Weber competed in the 3,000-meter steeplechase for the second championship 
n a row and took 16th with a time of 11 minutes, 4.76 seconds. 

junior Dan Fenstermacher (Grove City, PA/Grove City) and sophomores Kevin Carlock 
Oceanside, NY/Oceanside) and Kery Swope (Marietta. PA/Elizabethtown) were also back 
iRer earning letters a season ago. 

toe letterwinners, including six conference qualifiers, were back for head coach Ed 
vndrewlevich and the Delaware Valley College womens track and field team as the Aggies 
ooked to improve on last year's ninth-place finish at the Middle Atlantic Conference (MAC) 

leading the cast of returnees was junior Becky Heisey (Jersey Shore, PA/Jersey Shore) 
?ho placed in the top eight in three events and earned all 10 of the teams points at last 
ear's MAC Championships. 

leisey placed fourth in the shot put (36-2) and sixth in the javelin (115-7) to earn second- 
earn, all-conference honors in those events. She also placed seventh in the discus with a 
oss of 100 feet, 10 inches. Heisey also competed in the 100-meter hurdles last season, 
iunior Sara Brown (Troy, PA/Troy) qualified for the MACs in the 1,500-meter run while 
ophomore Brittany Schwartz (Strasburg, PA/Lancaster Christian) competed in the 5,000- 
leter run. 

iophomores Amanda Barr (Strasburg, PA/Lampeter-Strasburg), Greta Heagy (Lebanon, 
)A/Annville Cleona) and Nicola Procino (Boonton Township, PA/Mountain Lakes) also had 
4AC championship experience in the 400-meter hurdles, the high jump and the heptathlon 

Shane Toohey, top. 
Kevin Carlock, middle. 
Sara Brown, above. 

Nicola Procino. far left 
Anja Fernand, left. 


I CJubs & Qri 

From the very first day of freshman orientation, when one 
enters the world of DVC, he or she has many opportunities 
to get involved in the various clubs and organizations offered 
on campus. From community band to horseback riding, there is 
something for everyone. The college's agricultural roots 
provide plenty of organizations which are geared toward 
agronomy and horticulture, many of which participate in 
activities throughout the United (States. Activities such as 
Halloween Haunting, a famously entertaining activity, invite 
students to get dressed up^jid-^ewe^nwary guests in the 
haunted house! From da^one, the office oN^esidence Life 
encourages students/o get involved, and with tnXabundance 
of clubs and organizations, everyone is bound toYind their 
niche. / \ 

The term "collage life" conjures up^ktragfes 1 of^Qeek 
organ ization^ropther it be the brothers of Alpha Gamm^ 
Rho, oi/me sisters of &igma Alnfra. In fact, DVC offers a wide 
range/of fraternities and sororities, and their presence is a 
powerful force on catous, fipm the field trips to movie nights 
mi so much more. AlPbkeJe fine organizations are proudly 
displayed during homecoming and A-Day, each one playing a 
c Tiicial role in student life. 


Wheruvou have confidence, you canJiave a fot 
d: furu And wheayou have fun_, vou can-do 
amazing things." 








Enwoimental Club- 

ine Club 

'roject Earth 


\ FENCING , |^ ■ I -• 

/ . -J 



Eqijine Perfo rmance Organization- 


PS wF 

**> -At 


r ^E 




Habitat forlSimatiity 

Halloween Hauntin; 







Horticulture Society 


Landscape Nuns fay Club 


f ¥ 



1^'^ >V_ Ml 

' ^^v 






'Individual commitment to a group effort 

that is what makes a team work, 

a company work, a society work, 

a civilization work." 

Vince Lombardi 



Each student here at DVC has different ideas about where 
his or her life should go, but each of us has one common 
goal: to receive an education. It doesn't matter what other 
activities we are involved in or how many friends we make, 
we are all here to achieve that common goal. We want to 
graduate and move on to bigger and better things. What we 
become in the future is, to a great extent, shaped by the 
classes we took and the professors we had. We all have had 
that one favorite professor and the one we didn't like, but 
both play an important role in^skapifig-Qiir futures. It is here, 
at Delaware Valley Gattege, that we wutNemember with 
fondness all the gooa times that we had, and iHe this place 
that will lead us tc/even better times. We are as rimch a part 
of this institution/as it is a part of us. It will be a p\rt of us 
forever as we strive to achieve 
to accom 


"Everybody talks about wanting to change things and he]p and fp^ but 

ultfrnateV aB you carudo is fyc yourself. And that's a fot. Because if you 

canijx: yourself, it has a nppfe effect." 

-Rob Reiner 


Dr. Joseph BrosnarL 


Dear (Seniors: 

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! 

I've only been here a short time, but I've had the pleasure of meeting many 
of you, and I am impressed with your thoughts on Delaware Valley College and 
your goals for the future. 

I hope that Del Val has provided you with many valuable experiences and 
opportunities during your tenure here. May the challenges and triumphs you've 
encountered and the knowledge and talent you've gained here help guide you 
in the next phase of your exciting lives. 

Every graduating class at Delaware Valley College has provided its own 
perspective, its own voice for changing the world for the better. I know that I 
speak for the entire college community when I say that we have confidence in 
you, and we expect that your class, the Class of 2008, will do the same. You 
have left an indelible mark and set standards for future generations to follow. 

So, on behalf of the faculty and staff of Delaware Valley College, 
congratulations and best wishes for a happy and fulfilling life! 


Dr. Joseph &. Brosnan 

Nancy Schuyler 
Executive Assistant to the President 


Dr. Dorothy Pnsco 

Vice President of Academic .Affairs and Deatrof Faculty 

Dear Members of the Class of 2008: 

Congratulations on your noteworthy 

You have completed your degree and 
achieved your goal. Through hard work and 
dedication, you have in your possession a 
credential that will always be a valuable 

You faced many challenges as you 
progressed through your programs of study, 
and you developed a record of success 
that will be the foundation for viewing 
future challenges as opportunities for 
personal growth and accomplishment. 

You may encounter some challenges 
that seem insurmountable. A number of 
years ago, I found a wonderful quote by (St. 
Francis of Assist founder o^ the Franciscan 
Order, which has provided support and 
encouragement in the face of such 
challenges. Here it is: 

<Start by doing what is necessary, then 
do what is possible, and suddenly you are 
doing the impossible. 

The message is clear and simple. (Small 
achievements can lead to major 
accomplishments. The impossible is possible 
one step at a time. 

I hope you face all of your challenges with a 
sense of adventure, and the confidence 
that you have established a foundation for 
success at Delaware Valley College. 

Good luck and my best wishes to each 
of you. 

>' >rothy Prisco 


Pauline Phillips / 

\i Imisb 

itiv< /\ •■ . - . i -. . I .-nit b -Hi- Vi< : ' 1 >r< :sii Pill, of ^ 


demic Affairs and 1 )cBn < »f Faculty W 

Dr. Elizabeth Anisoru 

Vice President of Student Affairs and DearLof Students 

Dear Members of the Class of 2008: 

It seems like just the other day you were in high school or in limbo trying to decide your future. Where 
will I go to school? What will 1 be? Somewhere during that time of uncertainty you made the decision to come 
here, to Delaware Valley College. It was a decision that from this point forward will now define you as alum of 
this wonderful institution. You have come a long way from the wide-eyed freshmen or uncertain transfer students I 
greeted at Orientation. Back then you were wondering if you had made the right decision in choosing Delaware 
Valley College, and here you are a few short years later prepared for whatever awaits you. I know that you have 
learned a great deal in the intervening years. You have gained a technical expertise in your chosen field and you 
have developed the leadership and interpersonal skills that will serve you well. You can take pride in the 
degree you have earned. (Statistics show that the time and money you have invested in yourself will now begin to 
payoff with more career options, better promotion opportunities and higher overall earnings than your friends 
who did not stick it out to see this day. When you look back at your time spent here, I hope it will be with fond 
memories of good times and good friends. And I hope that those of us in Student Affairs have had a positive 
impact on your experience here. Be assured, we are better for having known you. Best of luck in all you do. 

I wish you well, 

Dr. Betsy Arrison 

Alexis Islinger 

Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of 

Student Affairs and Dean of Students 


Dr. BerLRiis/loskj and Dr. Jim Diamond 

To the Class of 2008: 

Congratulations on achieving this milestone! Your education here at DVC has 
prepared you well for your future. The lessons you have learned both in and out 
of the classroom, coupled with the experiential learning opportunities that are 
hallmarks of a DVC graduate, have given you a competitive edge over your peers- 
from other institutions. These experiences have laid a solid foundation upon which 
you will build the next phase of your life. 

Remember at this time to celebrate and cherish your family and friends who 
have sustained you along your journey. Please also remember to keep in touch 
with your alma mater. We look forward to your support in the years to come! 

I wish each of you much happiness and success, both personally and 
professionally, now and in the future. 


Benjamin E. Rusiloski 

Dean of Business, Education, Arts and (Sciences 

(Susan Haldeman 

Administrative Assistant to the Deans of Business, Education, 

Arts and Sciences, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences 

Dear Class of 2008: 

1 congratulate you on achieving this important milestone in your respective 
professional careers. Deceiving a Bachelor of Science Degree is the first step in 
achieving career goals and aspirations. The friends that you have made at Delaware 
Valley College will hopefully be life-long friends. The memories that you take along 
with you will forever be a part of your psyche, and we hope they are kind and 
complimentary memories. It's been said that friends and memories are two of life's 
most precious treasures and that the older we grow, the more precious they become. 

As each of you begin your careers, remember that you'll need to continue your 
education to keep on the cutting edge of your respective fields of employment. This 
means attending workshop, seminars, conventions, forums, additional classes, and 
acquiring a Master's Degree or even a Ph.D.. because education is a life-long 
process. When 1 attended Delaware Valley College, much of what I learned then is 
now obsolete; hence, the reason one needs to continue the educational process. 

As you pursue your respective career path(s), don't ever underestimate the 
power of positive thinking. There will be times when you will experience trials and 
tribulations; however, a positive attitude will contribute towards making a negative 
into a positive. 

i vy special in your own way, and I am very confident that you will 
make us all "DVC Proud". I wish you all the very best as you begin your careers. 
Please remember your Alma Mater, and do come back to visit us. 


With my warmest personal regards, 
Jamea E. Diamond 
Dean for Agricultural and Environmental Sciences 


8fez_.eparL.BararL David Beck Imad Benjelloun. Elisa Bobmi Richard Bortnck Tanya Casas 



Rjchard Cowing Steve DeBroux 

El __1 
keann_DePietro Kenneth Dedeian. JoanaDoniganL. 

▲Efaft£ M TIM flBMlJiTMBri dllTl 

Brvna Donnelly Kathleen_DOv'idio Howard Eyre Rvan_FeaIev 

Garv Fortier Garr\' Flower 

ftxhael Garrett Emira Gegvata Rodney Gilbert Crystal Groesbeck Janice Haws Larry Hepner 

Fred Hdsaess Re«^' Hoyt Richard Hunt Ron-Johnson. Cynthia Kcler Thomas Kennedv 



Gorv Kieschntck Janet Klaessig 

Donna Kochis Eir-abeth Kolar Kjmberly Kovath Linda Kuehl 

No Photo 

Peter Kupersmith Tom- LaSallc Ke^Lee Andrew Levin. YunJLi Doug Lindc 

M/ngwang Liu GuoqlIu BrianJLutz, Linda Maisel JohnJvlartin. Veronica iVLcGowai 

Kill W ^W \ '^^ I x rf 

KarerLMcPhersorLCamille McQuillan Eve Minson, Dominic Monteleoiie JohiiMishler Larrv Morris 

Barbara Muse Ronald Muse lames O ' Connor Sarah Perraiman. RmPetruso Robert Pierson] 

Faculty o o o 



No Photo 

Marta Piotrow John_Plummer Anderw Pollock KathrvrLPonnock Pamela Reed Jacqueline Rjcotta 

aTlhonv Rohach Marian_Schad Jack Schmidt Karen_Schramm Christine Seel RobirLShedlauskas 

letlana Shkitko Tom Slane David Snvder Michael Stamps Lawremee Stelmach William Stephens 


lih-chieh (Jav) Su Michael Tabachruck Angelo Telatnt Chris Tipping Ruth Trubnik Charles Weber 


-» ;1 « « ■ 

IGeorge West David Whelan. SusarCWhite Frank Wofgang Jeff Young Richard Z_eimer 




Donna Doan. Brcnda Lazarus, 

Coleen Perkins, Dan Hunjgf^ascn Palm 

a Fair. Mike Daa^Dili Mille 
Chris Baker 

Technology and Library Services 

Chief HomiatioirGficer 




Lyn Murphy. Jason Ketter, 
Sara Doyle, Dan Grebb, 
Melinda Delpapa, Tom Knadig, 
Jen Dock, Nicole Misnik. 
Susan Blazer, Sean Dallas. 
Maria Pazdan, Sue flarrity 

Purchasing & Duplicating 

Sue Peterson, Craig Norcross, bill Lyle, 
Rosemary Charles 


* % 

Todd Webb 
& Darrin Mayer 

John Bernheiser, Bob Carver, Dob Qapp 
Greg Graff, Bruce Wilson, Alex Szarka, 
Ken Miller, Dob Liebau, Don Corino 



DVC Departmental & 

Animal, Dairy & Bourne Science 


No Photo 

Mj'leen. Altier Linda Feildstein. 

S upport -Assistant -Assistant to VP of 

Business & Finance Business & Finance Business Administration. 

aidrev Coulter Laurie Phillips Pat Smith 

Chemistry & Biochemistry Contniuing Education. 

V>nna McTamnev 

Mj'ssv Chubb 


Educational Leadership 

No Photo 

Sharon Georgi 

Donoa Whittaker 

Leslee Blahut 


Administrative Assistants 

Eouine Studies 

Facilities Planning & Construction. 

Rebecca Merrit 

Lexi Harell 

Institutional Advancement 

Libera! Arts & Math Ornamental Horti'culture&HorticuIture 

Kathv Cohan. 

No Photo 

Chris Qrhadliek 


Public Relations & Communications 

Student Support Savices 

LvTLiVLurphv Chervl L\-ons 

Administrative .Assistant to the 
Student Support Services Special .Assistant to the President Technology & Library Ser\'ices 

Edna New 

Angela Reckner 

Jane Tv-soit 



Dr. Joseph BrosrarL 

A/Lay 9, 2008 

"Finish each day 

and be done with 

it. You have done 

what you could. 

Some blunders 

and absurdities no 

doubt crept in, 

forget them as 

soon as you can. 

Tomorrow is a new 

day, you shall 

begin it well and 


Ralph Waldo Emerson 

"Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We 

must have perseverance and above all confidence in 

ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for 

something, and that this thing, at whatever cost, must 

be attained." 

Marie Curie 



A/Lelssa Enck 


Sarah Gardner 

Katheryne Hubbard 

Heather KeDermannL 

A/Lark A/Lifler 

Stephanie Neiderer 

Sarah Richardson^ 

Katie Thomas 

Ross Thomas 

A/Lr. BiD Straub, Jostens 

A/Ls. JoanaDonigarL 




Dear Bird-Girl (Katy Darger), 

We are so proud of you: 

Winning your scholarships, 

being on the Dean's List many times, 

the Bio Club winning A-Day 
competitions when you ran them, 

being the first female in Del Val 

history to perform the Bee Beard, 

playing in the orchestra, being an RA, 

being a top notch library employee, 

and so many more! You should be 

proud of yourself, too! 

Your future looks great! 

Mommy & Dougie 



Congratulations, Eric! 

It seemed like yesterday that we watched our happy 

little boy receive his kindergarten diploma, and today 

we watch our serious young man receive his college 

diploma. Time has passed quickly, but you have 

accomplished much in this time, and we are very 

proud of you! We wish you lots of love and 

happiness and continued success in your life! 

Mom, Dad, Erin, Eric, Kelyn, Buddy, Emom and Epop 


Congratulations ! 





Words cannot express now proud 

we are or you. We wisn you fieaun, 

nappiness and loue in your life. 

We loue you. 

Jliay S?od bless you always. 




JlLom (G Dad 




Ijou were always crazy about animals! So many 

memories - your stuffed orangutan and dogs wearing 

pajamas, your announcement at the age of 6 tkat 

you were going to be a zoofeee(jer when you grow uf», 

our beloved Goldie, and even your shear love of 

handling snakes at Cattus. Ijouve worked 

hard - now enjoy your journey through life. 

Congratulations on a job well done! 


Mom, Dad, Christie & Paul 



Congratulations, you made it! 

Much success for the future, Let your dreams fly! 

Mom, Aunt Brenda and Uncle Jim 


Congratulations, Robyn! 

"6De ore se proud off jf\e fiord 
'k>6r<k iu ( ou ftaue odtlrlio uour 

(^ood luckmtfie (future and 
keeg reaching (for new fieigfits) 

ffflom.Trankand 'Jamie 


usuries, \)\c 

Congratulations Kate!! Hurry to work, we need you! 

Dad, Bonnie S Tommy 



Conptulations! We're so proud of you. We all love you so much! 

Christine, Jaime & Lexy 

You did it - J-Cardwor^ great grades, and now you're 

graduating. Now it 's time for more hardworf^ great business 

decisions and time for the girfs to run the empire. 

Congratufations! I am very proud of you - 

I Love You, OVLidgiell 

WLom '08 



u JKay your joys £e as bright as the morning, 

Otfndyour sorrows merely Se shadows that fade in the sunlignf of- love, 

JKay you have enouah happiness to Keep you sweet, 

(Ljnouah trials to heep you strong, 

&nouah hope to heep you nappy, 

&nouah failure to heep you numole, 

Onouah success to Aeep you eager, 

Onouan friends to aiue you comfort, 

Onouan wealtn to meet your needs, 

^nnd one tnina more: 

&nouah determination to mahe eacn dag 

a more wonderful day than the day oej-ore. ,; 

~ yfufhor 'Unhnown 

(Hie 're so proud of uou J 



" ; '"::":':'-.; / - iKS&d 


iDooe i/oa, 

\Dacf, Miom, jenn^ JlLarubetn 
an o all uo ur family £ frien os 


Congratulations, Bryan! 



Congratulations on four super successful 

years! You should be very proud - 

I know we are! 

Here's to an "udderly" bright and 
happy future! 

Mom, Dad, Allison and Erie 



What a wonderful and eventful college career filled 

with memories that could never be duplicated! 

Continue to build successful memories and enjoy 

the time to come! 

Uncle Billy, 

I will always be your cheerleader. 

Love, Emily 

Uncle Billy, 

Thanks for teaching me how to kick the football; 

you can be my holder anytime. Love, David 



So many magical moments 
these past 4 years. Thank 
you for them. Hope you 
have many, many more in 
your life. Love you so!! 
Mom and Dad 

Z £W:-,-i- S 


7 SECONDS TO A WIN!!!!!! g 

WE DID IT!!!! 



Congratulations on all your accomplishments 

on and off the field. We love you, Lisa and Dave 


To our #24, So proud of your college football 
achievements - take the same passion you have 
for the game into your adult life and you will be a 
success ! Love you, Aunt Chrissy and our angel #27. 




<J V 1 


Congratulations on your graduation. 
1 know Daddy is watching from Heaven and 
is so proud of you, as I am. 

I just don't know where all the years 
went, you were our little baby just yesterday. 
Wherever the time has gone, we have always 
been proud of you. 

You have worked very hard to get into 
vet school. There are many people cheering 
you on. God Bless and may all your dreams 
come true. 

Much love, 

Mommy & "Daddy Angel" 


Congratulations, Lisa 

and tfiz Ola** 4 2CC8! 

We awe to ptaud of. you! 

We wish you much oucceot and fuvppineoa. 

Horn, and tte*t Witftei, 

Mxsm, S)ad, Ofvdstinu, foe. and fan 


t'vert) Mother's Prayer 

I pray /you'// be my liglil and natch her where she goes anel help her to 
be wise, hdp rue to let go. 

{■'very mother's prayer, every child knows 

lead her to a plan ; guide her with yuurgrac< to a plan where she'll Ik 

safe. I pray she finds your light and holds it in her heart, as darkness 

falls each night remind her when you are: 

I've ry inollu r's preiye r. every child known 

■ \eeel tei jinel ei plan . guide her with your grace , give he r faith no she 'II 

he- safe, leeiel he r tei ei place, guide her with your grace tei ei place where 

she'll he safe. 

Wean all so proud of you; wc wish 

you lots of success and happiness 

always, continue, to strive and reach for 

the sletrs. we know ye hi carl. 

I'eive you always, fern ver emd a day. 

Mom. ()eid. /)eiviel..,llherl <y Iseiiah 


Congratulations to my Daughter-Granddaughter! 

We are so very proud of you and all your awesome accomplishments. 

You are indeed an excellent "Role Model" for all young women. 

Continue to reach for the best you can be. 

We thank GOD for you. 

You are a Blessing to Your Family. 

We LOVE You. 

Grandma-Mom Helen 


Your Family, 

Grandma-Ma Louise, Aunt Chantay, Uncle A. Price, Alissa, Limac, Jamal, Kasim, Ayanda and 
India, Grandfather Samuel Bivins, Uncle Eddie Bivins, Aunt Bird, Aunt Reness, Uncle John, 
Aunt Lois, Uncle Gary, Aunt Susan, Uncle Arthur, Aunt Liz Jackson, Aunt Cindy, Aunt Mary, 

Cousin Mary, Aunt Jenelle Lassiter, Aunt Creola Gramby, Aunt Edith Dixon, 

Godfathers Percy Wilson and Robert Snead, Sr., Godmothers Vivian Wilson and Virginia Joint, 

God sisters Monica Wilson, Catrina Joint-Long and Keria Joint, 

Your First Corinthian Baptist Church Family and Antoine 

In Loving Memory of: 

Grandma Macie Kithcart-Bivins 

Uncle Paul Kithcart 

Grandpa Cheatham 

Uncle Harmon Elliott 


When you were born you were a Ray of Light that came into 
our own little part of the world. Now as you go out into that 
world you have become a Beacon of Light setting an exam- 
ple for all whom will come after you. Your hard work and 
dedication are an attribute to which all others will strive for. 
You are an example of what happens when you mix a dream 
with perseverance on a quest that has made you someone 
to admire and respect. Simple words can not describe the 
pride you have thrust upon our family. 
You are destined for greatness and always have been. 
There is no doubt that you are one of the few 
who possess the power to change this world 
for the better. 

Congratulations on your achievement. 

All our love, 
Mom, Tony & Brandon 



Congratulations, Anthony! 

"We hope your dreams take you . . . 

to the corners of your smiles, to the highest 

of your hopes, to the windows of your 

opportunities and to the most special 

places your heart has ever known." 

"May today mark the beginning of many 

new joys and accomplishments . . . and a 

continuation of all of the good things that 

you have already achieved." 

We are so proud of you! 
Lots of love and adoration . . . 

Mom, Mike, Nick, Mikey, Allie, Kyle, Nan, GG, 
Dee, Crystal, Pat, Jack, Angelina, BJ, Caitlin, 
Nancy, Ralph, Robyn & EmilyA 


CUe are so proud oP your 

accomplishments. In college you mode 

the Dean's List and cuere inducted into 

the Honor Society. In the show ring 

you haue on abundance oP uuinnings. 



BECOmE/ Vou are neuer afraid to be 

VOUR OUJfl PERSOM! It is hard to 

belieue you are graduating Prom 

college, so as another chapter oP your 

UPe closes another one is opening. 


Remember UPe is not a guided tour, it's 

a journey. UJe hope the uery best Por 

you and ujish you the best oP luch in 

Pinding a career tha you enjoy! I 

remember an encerpt Prom Gerald 

Harteis in the DeJ UaJ campus magazine 

that I Pound so propound in our 

everyday living. He stated, "AJcuays 

remember cuhere you came Prom and 

don't be aPraid to share it. Vou cuere 

born an original, don't die a copy." And 

Por you Tori, the shy is the Jimit . . . 

there is nothing you can't do. Stand 

Pirm to your morals and values and 

oJcuays be honest to yourseJP. 

ALCUAVS remember, you're never soiling 

the ship oJone . . . 

God is ALCUAVS guiding the cuay. 



" II 

lu^Mfcfa »^t^^w 


jpr 1 


Congratulations, Angela, on your graduation from Del \&L 

We arc so very proud of you and your Life time accomplishments. 

You are truly amazing. Nothing gets in the Way of your 

determination to succeed in life. My hope for you is to be 

passionate in all your endeavors: Live, Laugh and Love. 

You danced as a little girl with big smiles and a lot of heart, 

played softball through clouds of tears and never gave up, tried 

basketball and found a way to succeed at that, you played field 

hoclcy and found your true sport and braved a terrible injury but 

prevailed, you sang a solo completely in Italian and made me 

cry With joy and pride, you found a Way to Work, with animals 

and realized your true calling in life. Your brother and sister 

see you as their champion and Learn from you Dad wishes that 

learning new things came as easy to him as they do to you, 

I Love you always and forever. 

Male of your future what you Want and you Will succeed. 

Always remember what your goal is when times seem bleak, and 

you feel Weary. Share the burden of life With friends and family, 

don't go it alone. You arc never alone. 

"Sometimes you just have to dance in the rain 
if you Want to Walk, in the sunshine." 

Love, Mom 


Congratulations, Sherrill 

You have traveled a long road, sometimes easy, sometimes hard, 

but you made it through. Just remember as you embark a new 

segment of your life, all things are possible if you believe in God. 

We are so proud of you. 

Co^ratulotions Lady Lynn, 

t|our Grandpa Sport would be so proud to 
know kls granddauxjkter graduated from, college. 

Love always, Glunt Jane 

Best wishes in your future. 

Joan & Jerome Brickey 


Goo&fak in your future. 

Betty mi Dave 

That's my girt, Congratulations! 
Johnnie Cement 

Congratulations f 
Wrom tf\e olasf\ 7ami(u 

I Knew you could do it. 


Grandma Sweetie 

Con a uat u l at i on s ! 
R?om tke Willis Family 


Congratulations ! 


To mm fa't ft '([started with a trip to the Cjame 
Tarmf you 've always (oved animals ana 


1 you aetto wor^amona idem. 

Commutations on a((v\our accomplishments 

7d)e 're very proud of you and we fcpow ijoia 
'((do wed in your career because you're 
doina something you (ove. 

Tile (ove you! 

your (ovina family 


We delight 

in_the beauty 

ot the butterfly, 

but rarely admit 

the changes 

it has gone through 

to achieve 

that BEAUTY. 

M^va .Angdou 

Congratulations to CXir Graduates 

f % f % ^ 

* f 

f *t 

% Brandon^* 
5 Burnett J 

f *t 

n n f Vf 

% f 

: at j 






f S 



^ WifcOTL^ 

Vvr vr 

Best of Luck inlhe Future 
The DVC English Department 





^-^ . 

. v 

The more we grow, the greater becomes our capacity 
to empty ourseVes d the old 50 that the new may 
enter and we may be thereby be transformed 


— i 

■ *.^ 

^ . 

i > 


^iP» lite'' 

-" -- - 


- . 



- ^f^ 







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It is an awesome feeling, putting the finishing touches on a yearbook. (Something 
you have worked so hard on finalized so easily. Coming into this yearbook 
partway through the process, it was difficult to make my own ideas heard when 
those of my predecessor had been so forcefully applied. 

However, the theme of this yearbook, Enduring Impressions, was one that 
resonated most strongly with me. Being the first yearbook that I was in charge of, 
it was an experience of a lifetime. I had an excellent staff, one that I would not 
trade for anything, a wonderful advisor, and two of the most affable past editors 
that anyone could have asked for to help me along . They are the real success 
behind this yearbook. They are the ones who have made that lasting impression 
upon me. 

All of the experiences that I have encountered with this yearbook, both the good 
and the bad, have left such an impression upon me as to change my perceptions 
of being an editor...of being a good editor. 

Above all else, it has been an honor and a privilege to produce what I think is an 
excellent testament to the creativity and fortitude of the Class of 2008. This 
yearbook is for you...Congratulations and Good Luck!! 

Ross M. Thomas 
Class of 2009 

"A persorL^houJd sd his goals as earV as he canjand db/otc all his energy and 

talent to getting there With enough effort, he may achieve it Or he may find 

something that is everLmore rewarding. But inihe end, no matter what the outcome, 

hewiD know he has beerLaJve" 
- Wal Disney 


those We fove be perfectly 
themseVes, "and not to twist 
them to ft" our ownJmage.^ 
Otherwise we ]ove onV the 
reflect&rLof ourseVes we find 
irLthemJ' .,. 




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World Beat 






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Front Page Headlines 

REUTERS'Enk de Castro Landov 

^ As the war in Iraq passes the four-year mark 
lours of duty are lengthened and recruitment 
standards are relaxed. 

▼ To ease the mortgage crisis, the U.S. 
Senate passes legislation allowing 
homeowners with delinquent sub-prime 
mortgages to refinance into federally 
insured loans. 

Six men are trapped when a 
Utah coal mine collapses on 
August 6. Ten days later, the 
mine collapses again, killing 
three rescue workers. After 
four weeks the search ends. 

i Rtck Bowmer/epa/Corbis 


► The U.S. Postal Service issues 
a forever stamp featuring an 
image of the Liberty Bell. It will 
always be valid for first class 
postage on envelopes weighing 
one ounce or less. 


A During televised debates. 
Democratic and Republican 
presidential candidates answer 
tough questions submitted by 
voters via YouTube. 


▲ The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to former Vice President Al Gore 
and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, represented by 
Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, for their efforts to call attention to global warming. 


► People around the world cast more than 100 
million online votes to determine the New 
Seven Wonders of the World. The winning 
wonders are announced at a gala in Lisbon. 

▼ More than 150 of the world's leading music 
acts perform in concerts staged around the 
world for Live Earth, a star-studded event to 
draw attention to the global climate crisis. 

e* Wo *< 

The melting of the Arctic Sea 
ice spurs an international 
network of climate scientists 
to conclude thai global warming 
is indisputable, and that human 
activity has been causing 
temperatures to rise since 1950. 

Tropical cyclone Sidr is 
the deadliest storm to hit 
Bangladesh in a decade. 
It destroys thousands of 
homes, ruins crops and 
forces more than a million 
villagers to evacuate. 


A The digital smiley face 
celebrates its 25th 
birthday. Its inventor, 
Carnegie Mellon 
professor Scott E. 
Fahlman, first used 
the icon on an electronic 
bulletin board in 1982. 

A Using mice, biologists 
develop a method to 
reprogram ordinary skin 
cells into all-purpose 
stem cells. This discovery 
is likely to have a 
positive impact on 
treatments for a 
number of diseases. 

•^ Crops are threatened when honeybee colonies 
in the U.S. and Europe suffer from Colony Collapse 
Disorder, losing up to 70 percent of their bees due 
to unknown causes. 

Getty Images/Sci 

Cute and comfy baby doll jumper 
tops and dresses with button 
straps start as a summer trend 
and morph into fall fashion layered 
over close-fitting sweaters and 
matching tights. 

■4 Under Armor athletic 
apparel is a popular 
fashion choice for 
athletes both on and 
off the field. 


The music video game Guitar Hero 
III: Legends of Rock is released with 
a soundtrack of 71 playable songs. 
Slash and other real-life guitarists 
appear as in-game characters. 

T The music video game Rock Band is 
released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. 
Players perform together in virtual bands 
using peripherals to hit notes as they 
scroll onscreen. 



▼ Shia LaBeouf portrays a teenager who is 
plunged into a high-tech battle between good 
and evil alien robots in Transformers, a live 
action adaptation of the 1980s cartoon series. 

▼ A 90-minute episode of The 
Simpsons takes six years to 
make. The Simpsons Movie 
finally makes its big-screen 
debut and is a major hit. 

4 Atonement receives 

seven Golden Globe 


nominations, including 


lead acting nods for 

Keira Knightley and 

& & 

James McAvoy. 


► Disney's National 
Treasure: Book of 
Secrets nets the 
third-highest box-office 
total ever for a Christmas 
weekend release. 

5 Walt Disney Picturoa/courlesy Evorelt Collection 

I Disturbia, a surprise hit thriller about a 
bored teenager under house arrest who 
thinks his next-door neighbor may be 
a notorious serial killer, spends three 
weeks at the top of the box office. 

Joel and Ethan Coen write and 
direct No Country for Old Men, 
a film adaptation of Cormac 
McCarthy's bleak, moody modern 
western novel. The film receives 
eight Oscar nominations. 

© Universal Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection 

▼ In I Am Legend, Will Smith is 
the last man alive in New York, 
after a man-made virus wipes 
out most of the world's population 
and turns the survivors into 
dangerous mutants. 

Best Picture 



Michael Clayton 
No Country for Old Men 

Using a combination of live action and animation, 
Enchanted tells the story of Giselle, a fairy-tale 
character seeking a "happily ever after" ending 
in modern-day Manhattan. 

▼ Fergie continues to place 
singles from her triple-platinum 
solo album, The Dutchess, on 
the Billboard charts. 

▼ Fall Out Boy headlines the Honda Civic tour, 
performs at Live Earth concerts and reaches 
the top of the charts with the release of their 
album Infinity on High. 

Punk-pop princess Avril Lavigne releases 
her third album, The Best Damn Thing, 
featuring "Girlfriend," her first No.1 single 
on the Billboard lop 100. 


T The American League Champion 
Boston Red Sox defeat the National 
League Champion Colorado 
Rockies in a decisive four-game 
sweep to capture their second 
World Series title in four years. 

Chris Graythen/Getty Images 

Former Senator George Mitchell 
releases a list of Major League 
Baseball players, including 
seven MVPs and 31 All-Stars, 
under investigation for illegal 
use of steroids and other 
performance-enhancing drugs. 

▼ The veteran San Antonio Spurs, 
led by Tim Duncan, beat the 
Cleveland Cavaliers and their 
young phenom, LeBron James, 
in a 4-0 sweep to win the 2007 
NBA finals. 

AtX-Games13, Ricky 
Carmichael wins the lirst 
MotoX Racing Circuit, Simon 
Tabron does back-to-back 
900s in BMX Vert and Jake 
Brown survives a 40-foot fall. 

'.'. Ill' ,' . ,1.-1 '„:\l/ Iff 

il/NIIAI f'.'flly Ini.Ki'-. 

The LSI) Tigers pounce on 
Ohio State early on their way 
to a 38-24 victory. LSU is the 
first two-loss team to compete 
for and win the BCS National 

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