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Queens College 
Charlotte, North Carolina 

Ruth Lee Hill, Editor 

Harriet Hart, Business Manager 

Azu Ocampus, Art Editor 

Susan Byers, Susan Salyer, Copy Editors 

Parham Berryman, Photography Editor 

Terry McGehee, Cover Design 


: 4 




1 Tft' 



















So many roads to choose. 
We start out walking 
And learn to run — 
And yet, we've just begun. 

Paul Williams, Roger Nichols 


"You are young and have the world before you;" 

Cotton Mather 


"Foolery, sir, does walk 
about the orb like the sun; 
it shines everywhere." 

William Shakespeare 

iruViOIVKH miiiuai. ^ ■■». 



"One crowded hour of glorious life 
Is worth an age without a name." 

Thomas Osbert Mordaunt 


"... for all life is a dream, 

and dreams themselves are only dreams." 

Pedro Calderon 
de la Barca 

tiiriWlH'HilMI llliiiiiyiiminTn 


"A hope beyond the shadow of dream. 

John Keats 



'These studies are a spur to the young 
> delight to the old;" ^' 

Marcus Tallius Cicero 



"If a man has talent and cannot use it, he has 
failed. If he has a talent and uses only half 
of it, he has partly failed. If he has a talent 
and learns somehow to use the whole of it, he 
has gloriously succeeded, and won a satisfaction 
and a triumph few men ever know." 

Thomas Wolfe 


"You, who are on the road, 
Must have a code 
That you can live by 
And so become yourself 
Because the past 
Is just a good-bye. " 



"Daybreak — finds you up and alive 
As though you could touch a star 
But sunset — seems to leave you weary 
Alone and wondering who you are." 

James Taylor 

^.^^ ^<V 




For her constant service to Queens College, for the enthusiasm which 
she shares with everyone, for an interest in each student, for the 
ability to laugh and make others laugh with her, we dedicate the 1971 

Coronet to 





Mr. William H. Barnhardt 

Mr. Irwin Belk 

Mr. John L. Crist, Jr. 

Mrs. Hunter Dalton, Jr. 

Mr. George W. Dowdy 

Mr. E. H. Everett 

The Rev. J. E. Fogartie 

Mr. Joseph W. Grier, Jr. 

Mr. James J. Harris 

Mr. Francis M. Hipp 

Mr. Benjamin S. Horack 

Mrs. Curtis B. Johnson 

Mr. H. F. Kincey 

Mr. William States Lee III 

Dr. Clarence W. Legerton, Jr. 

Mr. Carl G. McGraw 

The Rev. Cliff H. Mcleod 

Mr. S. C. McKeekin 

The Rev. Fred V. Poag 

Mrs. Edward M. Schlaefer 

Mr. C. P. Street 

The Rev. James G. Stuart 

Mr. E.Craig Wall 

Mr. J. Mason Wallace, Jr. 

Mr. John F. Watlington, Jr. 

The Rev. James T. Womack 

Dr. John E. Smylie, Ex Officio 


Mr. John M. Akers 

Mr. Arthur H. Burgess 

Mr. Harry L. Dalton 

Mr. A. A. Diffy 

The Rev. Harold J. Dudley 

Mr. J. B. Glover 

The Rev. J. Cecil Lawrence 

The Rev. Arthur M. Martin 

Mr. Arthur N. Morris 

Mr. William F. Mulliss 

Mr. J. Norman Pease 

Mr. John J. Ryan 

Board of Trustees 

The Board of Trustees meets twice a year 
to discuss and develop a workable program 
for Queens College. Concerned with the good 
of the College, the Trustees strive at all times 
to see that her interests are served and that 
her reputation remains superior. 

Dr. Smylie with Mr. Street 

Mr. C. P. Street, Chairman 


John E. Smylie 


Each day Dr. Smylie undertakes the diffi- 
cult task of administering Queens College. 
The coordinator, the diplomat, the counselor, 
and the friend — he must fill all these roles. 
Yet with all the problems and conflicts which 
only the President of a college can have, he 
retains a warm interest in and deep concern 
for each Queens student. 

Dr. John E. Smylie. President 

Alfred O. Canon 


With the newness of the Class of 1974 
came a new Dean, Alfred O. Canon. Sharing 
the initiation of the freshmen, he ascended 
in our minds to the pedestal from which he 
operates. And yet, this is the Dean who is 
everywhere on campus and sincerely inter- 
ested in all aspects of student life. Queens 
can only hope that the students can succeed 
in selling our college to Dean Canon as well 
as he has sold his personality and leadership 
to the student body. 

Afred O. Canon 

Ann S. Gebhardt 


Perfection describes in every respect the 
actions of Dean Ann Gebhardt. She is friend, 
confident, counselor, and "mother away from 
home" for each Queens student. Her door is 
always open. She greets students with a 
smile on her face and an ear eager to listen 
to joys and sorrows, problems and rewards, 
whether large or small. 

Ann S. Gebhardt 


Mrs. Rose K. Anderson 

Director of Library 

Mr. Terry Edmonson 

Director of Admissions 

Mrs. Elise M. Barksdale 


Miss Anne S. Caldwell 

Director of Alumnae Affairs and 
Financial Aid 


Dr. Raymond Hoxeng 

Director of Development 

Mr. George S. Kilner 

Business Manager and Treasurer 

Miss Mildred L. Miscally 

Director of Publications and 

Mrs. Barbara Werner 

Director of Public Information 


Robert A. Archer 

Instructor in Mathematics 

Margery W. Adams 

Assistant Professor of Art 


Charles E. Brewer 

Associate Professor of Economics 

Gerald P. Bradley 

Assistant Professor of Philosophy 

Robert W. Calder 

Associate Professor of Music 

James W. Clay 
Visiting Instructor in Geography 

Jane F. Crosthwaite 

Instructor in English 

Janice C. Coffey 

Assistant Professor of Biology 

Frank DeFelice 
Associate Professor of Economics 

Richard A. Davis 

Assistant Professor of History 


Gordan D. Duncan 

Professor of Chemistry 

Nancy L. Eagle 

Associate Professor of Music 

Judith T. Gatlin 

Assistant Professor of English 

Mary E. Gover 

Instructor in Physical Education 


M. Keating Gritfiss 
Assistant Professor of Art 

Edwin R. Harris 

Professor of Psycfiology 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^V^^ X 


^^^^^^^^^^^^^H|^r ^ :\ 





IVIarie J. Hargett 
Assistant Professor of (vlusic 


Agnes F. Hostettler 

Assistant Professor of German 

Mary C. Hopper 
Assistant Professor of Spanish 


Hughes B. Hoyle, Jr. 

Professor of Mathematics 

Alan D. Jacobs 

Assistant Professor of History 


Majorie T. Kirby 

Assistant Professor of Spanish 

Clive F. Jacks, Jr. 

Associate Professor of Religion 

Eleanor L. Jenkins 

Associate Professor of Mathematics 


Patricia A. Kyle 

Assistant Professor of Political Science 

Joseph E. Lammers 

Assistant Professor of Music 

W. Greg Lanier 

Assistant Professor of Psychology 

Catherine S. Little 
Instructor in English 


Frances E. Lopez 

Instructor in Spanish 

John D. McClanahan 

Associate Professor of Art 


Mildred M. McEwen 

Professor ot Chemistry 

Virginia L. Martin 

Assistant Professor of Biology 

Ruth R. Magher 

Assistant Professor of 
Physical Education 

Emory H. Mason, Jr. 

Associate Professor of Education 

Thomas F. Mason 

Assistant Professor of Art 

Albert R. May 

Associate Professor of Ivlusic 

Malinda Maxfield 

Associate Professor of English 

Paul B. Newman 

Professor of Englisfi 

Yancey L. Medlin 

Professor of Education 


John D. Morrison 

Associate Professor of Ivlusic 


Jimmie C. Oates 

Professor of Physics 


Roger Pearson 

Associate Professor of Sociology 

Morris W. Preyer 

Professor of History 

Phyllis Pharr 

Assistant Professor of Physical Education 

Linda H. Reeder 

Instructor of English 

Richard W. Relchard 

Professor of History 

/ > 

Charles D. H. Reynolds 
Assistant Professor of Englisfi 

Myrna H. Rose 

Instructor in Frencfi 


Caroline G. Richardson 

Assistant Professor of French 

George A. Shealy 
Professor of Art 

Joyce H. Shealy 

Professor of Psychology 

James D. Shumaker 

Associate Professor of Philosophy 


Aleo G. Sica 

Assistant Professor of Music 

Mary T. Smith 

Assistant Professor of Education 

George A. Stegner 

Professor of Music 

David V. Sylert 

Assistant Professor of Political Science 

Averal T. Trimble, Jr. 

Professor of Cfiemistry 

Cynthia H. Tyson 

Assistant Professor of English 

Edmund T. Weiant 

Professor of Russian 

Charles M. Woll 
Assistant Professor of Sociology 

Sarah M. West 

Assistant Professor of Secretarial Practice 

Elizabeth G. Wright 

Professor of Religion 

William W. Womble 

Instructor in French 


Helen M. Barto 

Secretary, Business Office 

A. Jackson Bost 

Supt. Buildings and Grounds 

Sallie B. Brody 

Library Assistant 

Virginia Cartilidge 

Head Nurse, Infirmary 

Laurie Connor 

Admissions Counselor 

Louise L. Council 

Counselor, Harris Dorm 

Cathy Crayne 

Secretary, Business Office 

Sue S. Davis 

Reference-Circulation, Library 

IVIargaret K. Dudley 

Catalog Asst., Library 

Gertrude G. Gill 

Secretary, Dean of Students 

Lorena A. Goeller 

Counselor, Albrigfit Dorm 

Frances Grainger 

Admissions Office 

Carrie B. Green 

Counselor, Barnfiardt Dorm 

Kathleen N. Gurley 

Secretary, Continuing Education 

Marain F. Henderson 

Faculty Secretary 

Jeane Hodges 

Secretary, Music Dept. 

Bette W. Honeycutt 

Secretary, President 

Katherine I. Jenkins 

Library Assistant 

Martin F. Kaeike 

General Superintendent 

Donald D. McNeill 

Asst. to Treasurer 


Sarah T. McNamee 

Counselor, Long Dorm 

Nellie W. Marel 

Asst. Cataloger, Library 

Margaret N. Maultsby 

Asst. Publications and Placement 

Donna Newell 

Asst. to Registrar 

Veronica M. Noetling 

PBX Operator 

David L. Pate 


Gee Gee Powell 

Admissions Counselor 

Mary P. Raines 

Head Cataloger, Library 

Linda S. Reynolds 

Addressograpti Operator 

Jean Robinson 
Secretary, Alumnae Office 

Paul Samuelson 

Admissions Counselor 

Elizabeth Southern 
Secretary, Dean of the College 

Thomas 0. Squires 

Post Office 

Jean Stewart 

R.N., Infirmary 

Mary C. Tinsley 

Counselor, Wallace Dorm 

Bryte W. Tison 

Counselor, Belk Dorm 

Mildred Vessell 

Secretary, Maintenance 

Dorothy A. Wentz 

Secretary, Business Office 

Margaret L. Wicker 

PBX Operator 








Who's Who 
Among Students in American Colleges and 

Fourteen Seniors are representing Queens 
in tlie 1 970-1 971 edition of Who's Who Among 
Students in American Colleges and Universi- 
ties. The fourteen selected are outstanding 
in tfieir leadership abilities and in their con- 
tributions to the college and community. 

Emily Albritton, Liz Aberle, Julie Pristash. 

Ruth Lee Hiii, Robin Lindsey. 



Susie Arnold, Sallie Whalen, Sheryl Leverett. 


Segar Gravatt, Libby Schmidt, Melissa Reese. 

Betsy Breazeale, Claire Roberts, Susan Cacchioli 


Orb and Scepter 

Leadership is the criteria for selection to 
Orb and Scepter, an honorary senior organi- 
zation. Orb and Scepter is designed to rec- 
ognize members of the rising Senior Class 
who have exercised their leadership abilities 
during their years at Queens. Orb and Scep- 
ter selects its members each spring. 

FRONT: Sallie Whalen, Betsy Breazeale, Susie Arnold. BACK: 
Melissa Reese, Libby Schmidt, Terry McGehee, Sheryl Lev- 

Sheryl Leverett, PRESIDENT. 


Valkyrie is an honorary organization com- 
posed of Sophomores who have exhibited 
responsible leadership, scholarship, citizen- 
ship, and character during their freshman 
year. Valkyrie members work in the infirmary, 
distribute assembly slips and usher at col- 
lege functions. 


Nadia Rasheed, PRESIDENT. 

Nadia Rasheed. Margaret Shelton, Mary Eleanor Eaddy, Reedy Floyd. Marcia Duncan, Helen Keller. Mary Meares. 


Sheryl Leverett, CHIEF MARSHAL. 

College Marshals 

College marshals are chosen on a basis 
of academic excellence. The two girls from 
each class with the highest academic aver- 
ages are the college marshals. The chief 
marshal is the Junior with the highest aver- 
age. Marshals usher at college functions. 


COLLEGE MARSHALS: Kathy McKee, Marilyn Roberts, Emily Albritton, Jacquelyn DeBerry, Sheryl Leverett, Angle Malone. 


FIRST ROW: Peyton Potter, Dee Gaffney. Sheryl Leverett. SECOND ROW: Harriet Hart, Angle Malone, Joy McKey. THIRD ROW: Harriet 
Hudson, Susie Arnold, Marsha Turner, Teresa Caton. 

Sigma Mu 

Sigma Mu is an honorary fraternity for up- 
perclassmen who maintain high scholastic 
achievement. Tapped into Sigma Mu are 
those Juniors in the top ten percent and those 
Seniors in the top fifteen percent of their 
classes. Tapping is held in the spring. 


Queens and Dana 

Queens Scholars are entering Freshmen 
selected on a basis of outstanding scholastic 
achievement in high school and future pro- 
mise in the college community. This year 
Queens Scholars participated in an honors 
ancient history course. 

Outstanding scholastic achievement 
throughout the college years is the criteria 
for the election of Dana Scholars. In choosing 
Dana Scholars, the college considers cumu- 
lative averages, faculty evaluations, and 
campus participation. Queens and Dana 
Scholars serve ten hours a week as assist- 
ants to faculty members and receive financial 

FRONT ROW: Jeanice Towson, Garland Bagnal, Carolyn Hoskins, Donna 
Sears, Win! Mollis. SECOND ROW: Anne Lackey, Robin Moore, Susan 
Brady, Julia Worth, Martha Wright, Gay Blouin, Pat Morgan, Betsy Shaw, 
Janet Reece, Jamie McGuire, Julia Propst. 

FIRST ROW: Angle Malone, Martha Talley, Susie Arnold, Katrina Black. SECOND ROW- Marsha Moss Anette Paul Terpsa Taton 
Lel^tXyloiTonlr"- '"""' '"'""■ '"'"° "°"^ '"'" ^"'''"'' ^^"' ^'""''' °'' G^ftney HlrietTHlrt Joy McKe'y, Shl°r;i 

LEFT TO RIGHT: Jean Robinette, Margaret McNeely, Sherry McGeachy, Melanie Merrlam, Marilyn Roberts, Ann New. 

LEFT TO RIGHT: Diane Upchurch, Nadia Rasheed. Kathy McKee, Amanda Templeton. Brenda Weant. June Wilson, Becca 
Hodges, Jackie DeBerry, Marcia Duncan. 

Delta Omicron 

Delta Omicron is an international honorary 
music fraternity whose members are selected 
on the basis of scholarship, leadership, music 
potentiality, and seriousness of purpose. 
Delta Omicron members serve the college by 
ushering at school musical functions. 

Marilyn Roberts, PRESIDENT. 

LEFT TO RIGHT: Sylvia Estes, Marilyn Roberts, Dee Gaffney, Dora-Weston Spady, Teresa Caton, Mary Beth Shelly NOT PICTURED- 
Mary Smellie, Emily Albritton. 


Sigma Upsilon 

Recognition of literary talents is the pur- 
pose of the Queens Cakes and Ale chapter 
of Sigma Upsilon. The members of Sigma 
Upsilon are given a chance to express their 
talents through Queens' literary magazine 
Signet. Sigma Upsilon periodically sponsors 
poetry readings as well as creative writing 


Marian McGregor, PRESIDENT. 

LEFT TO RIGHT: Katrina Black, Marian McGregor, Sherry McGeachy, Julie Ferrell, Cathy Henson, Kathy Fetter. 






The Student Government Association, in- 
cludes under its tieading five major campus 
organizations: R.S.C., Q.C.A., R.A., D.S.C., 
and Judicial Board. Under the enthusiasm 
and guidance of Betsy Breazleale, the 1970- 
1971 administration accomplished many of its 
goals. Its accomplishments included the 
newly pictured student I.D.'s, the beginning 
of a phone fund, an informative Careers Day 
program, and the sponsoring of the 1970- 
1971 Symposium. In an effort to become an 
even more representative body, S.G.A. in- 
creased class representation on Legislature. 
With an eye on the future S.G.A. v^^orked for 
the co-ordination of faculty-student commit- 
tees, the extension of library hours, the self- 
scheduling of exams, and the beginning of 
a mini-mester. 

Student Legislature 

Betsy Breazeale, PRESIDENT. 


President's Board 

FIRST ROW; Beth Seay, Betsy Breazeale, Martha Talley. SECOND ROW: Susan Cacchioli. Libby Schmidt, 
Liz Aberle. Becca Hodges, Claire Roberts. THIRD ROW: Mary Lou Bell, Nadia Rasheed, Julie Pristash. 
NOT PICTURED: Helen Harrison. 

Executive Committee 

Sheryl Leverett, Betsy Breazeale, Corky Erwin, Sherry McGeachy, Nadia Rasheed. 


Judicial Board 

Life at Queens is bound together by a 
strong, functional honor system. The Honor 
Code stresses truthfulness at all times, hon- 
esty in academic assignments, and respect 
for the property of others. It is the job of Ju- 
dicial Board members to investigate infrac- 
tions of the Honor Code. 

Melissa Reese, CHAIRMAN. 

NTprcTuREl:r::s":iu.';r:nl";^,tLT.rrr' "'^ ^^°-"-' °'- ^'- '^^°'- ^-^ Cra.,ord, BecKy Carpenter, Susie 

NOT PICTURED: Mrs. Sue Little, Dean Alfred Canon 




Resident Student Council endeavors to 
maintain a high quality of living in a commu- 
nity atmosphere. The organization originates, 
revises, and upholds rules for residence 
halls, placing emphasis on individual free- 
dom and responsibility. Responsible for all 
resident students, R.S.C. is involved in almost 
every aspect of life at Queens. 

Libby Schmidt, PRESIDENT. 

Bobble Calhoun, Beth Beaty, Margaret Sakowskl. Ann O'Dwyer, Jodi Emerson, Betty Crosiand, Butter Wilson, VIckl Remlshofsky, 
Penny Camp, Laura Sharpe, Segar Gravatt, Libby Schmidt. 


Q. C.A. 

Queens Christian Association works to 
bring about greater student involvement in 
the religious side of college life. Q.C.A. 
established an adjunct chaplaincy with the 
_ hope of providing counseling for students. 
Other Q.C.A. actions included community in- 
volvement through the Open House, strength- 
ening of the Faculty Firesides Program, and 
attempts to explore different styles of work- 

Claire Roberts, PRESIDENT. 

w=nl"r "■,'^!1'^''°^*^'' ^^"^ ^^^^- SECOND ROW: Diane Hawk, Pam Wilson, Mae Spicer, Molly McCall, Nancy Lindlev THIRD ROW- 
TdVISOR. '■ ''"""" °"""' '""" ''°'""' ^^^9'" ^"""'"9^' ^'^'^^ """^^^^ Su='« Arnold, Chari' GaX Dr. pVank^ rac*'. 


R. A. 

Recreation Association Is responsible for 
the fun side of campus life. Aside from Stunt 
Nighit, wfiich is always successful, R.A. plans 
intramural swimming, basketball, and tennis 
tournaments. R.A. sponsors tfie showing of 
excellent films on campus including "Days of 
Wine and Roses" and "I Love You, Alice B. 

Susan Cacchiolo. PRESIDENT. 

FRIST ROW: Mary Arthur, Pat Holton, Susan Cacchioli. SECOND ROW: Caroline Thompson, Hurley Silsbee, Angle Smith, 
Christy Taylor. THIRD HOW: Nancy Lindley, Paula Boyd, Beth Jacober, Cathy Torrence, Lise Swenson. Ann Snoddy, 
Helen Keller, Sally Green. FOURTH ROW: Karen Minich, Emily Albritton, Patsy Beckford, June Wilson, Margaret Sakowski, 
Ann Hinson. 

D. S. C 

Day Student Council, the organization rep- 
resenting commuting Queens students, 
sponsors many successful projects during 
the year. The Council's major project, Black 
Friday Auction, was the highlight of its pro- 
gram. The money collected from the auction 
is placed in a scholarship fund for Queens 
students. The Council also held a bake sale 
and aided an underprivileged Charlotte 
family at Christmas. 

Liz Aberle, PRESIDENT. 

Nel Hobbie, Marilyn Roberts, Melanie Merriam, Liz Aberle, Patti Bailey, Angle Smith. 


N.S. A 

Members of the National Student Associa- 
tion worked during the first semester to dis- 
solve the organization on campus. N.S. A. felt 
its national affiliation unnecessary for 
Queens. The program of N.S. A. has now been 
co-ordinated with the program of the Web. 

Mary Lou Peterson. 

Mary Lou Peterson. Jean Robinette, Linda Theus, Jeannle Williams. 






In presenting an overall reflection of 
Queens College, the Coronet combines pic- 
tures and copy which review the activities of 
the campus. Through the Coronet the staff at- 
tempts to capture the personality of Queens. 

Ruth Lee Hill, EDITOR. 

COPY STAFF: Marcia Cook, Mary Beth Ryman, Ann O'Dwyer, Susan Sal- 
yer, Martha Cobb. NOT PICTURED: Mrs. Jane Crosthwaite, ADVISOR. 

Mr. George Shealy, FACULTY ADVISOR. 


Parham Berryman, PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR; Susan Byers, COPY EDITOR; 
Azu Ocampos, ART EDITOR. NOT PICTURED: Terry McGehee. 


PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF: Karen Maxwell, Dale Pratt, Ann Clark, Marilyn Price, Laura Kirkland. 


Keeping students well informed and up to 
date on campus and community events is the 
purpose of the bimonthly publication of the 
Queens Current. The Current presents a cross 
section of the opinions and ideas on campus. 

Cathy Home, EDITOR. 

Hoskins^^"^' ^^'^ "°"^' °^^^^ °"^"' "^^^"'"^ Towson, Lucy Lawrence, Roma Davis, Marcia Cook, Marie Storer, Kris Kramer, Carolyn 

Dr. Judith Gatlin, FACULTY ADVISOR. 

PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF: Laura Tomlin. Beth Lawson. 
Mary Lou Peterson. NOT PICTURED: Faye Griffin, 
ASSOC. EDITOR: Gayle Advock. COPY EDITOR; Julie 

REPORTERS: Mary Ann Hester, Martha Talley. HEADLINES EDITOR, Reedy 



Signet, the creative facet of Queens publi- 
cations, presents to its readers original liter- 
ary and artistic works by Queens students, 
alumnae, and faculty. Entries In poetry, plays, 
essays, and fiction are submitted for publica- 
tion to the Signet staff where they are judged 
for style and originality. 

Sherry McGeachy, EDITOR, Dr. Edmund T. Weiant, ADVISOR. 

SEATED: Marian McGregor, Reedy Floyd, Julie Ferrell. STANDING: Martha Talley, Pat Holton, Kathy Fetter, Katrina 


Publications Board 

Publications Board discusses and co-or- 
dinates all aspects of student publications at 
Queens. It is also responsible for nominating 
the editor of eacti publication. The Board 
consists of the editors, business managers, 
and advisors of the Queens Current, Coronet, 
and Signet as well as the Dean of Students, 
Director of Publications, and college trea- 

LEFT TO RIGHT: Ruth Lee Hill, Dean Ann Gebhardt. Dr. Edmund Weiant, Sherry McGeachy, Cathy Home, Harriett Hart, Mr. George 
Shealy, Miss Mildred Miscally, Mr. George Kilner. 

The American Woman 


Symposium 70-71, The American Woman: 
Feminism-Femininity, provided the college 
community with a structured format for the 
analysis of the role of women in contempo- 
rary American society. The topic, chosen by 
the student body, brought educator Sheila 
Tobias, psychiatrist Jeanne Sing, and jour- 
nalist Pat Carbine to the Queens campus to 
share their views on women in education. In 
society, and In the media. 

The February portion of the symposium 
activities Introduced Elizabeth D. Koontz, Di- 
rector of the Women's Bureau of the De- 
partment of Labor, and Kate Mlllett, sculp- 
tress and militant-feminist author of Sexual 
Politics, to the Queens community. Panel 
discussions were an Integral part of the two- 
day program, with campus and community 
panelists probing the issues of "The Concept 
of Femininity," "Alternate Life-styles," and 
"The Female Body-Man In Control?" 

Kate Millett speaks on the sexual revolution. 

Female liberation or male chauvinism? Both sides listen. 



Elizabeth Koontz advises students to "Stay Loose.' 

Symposium draws capacity crowds. 

Sheila Tobias probes the role of women in edu- 

Kate Millett talks informally with students. 


William Browne and Robert Cordle present their "Concept of Femininity.' 

"The Female Body-Man in Control?" 

Panelists present their own life style. 

What is the role of women in modern society? 

Queens College 

Concert Choir 



Under the direction of Dr. Robert Caulder 
the Queens College Concert Choir offers the 
College Community outstanding musical per- 
formances as well as providing valuable 
training for its members. Each year the choir 
performs in a number of college and com- 
munity events including participation in 
Boar's Head, concerts with the Charlotte 
Symphony, and college convocations. The 
highlight of the year was the Choir's Winter 
Tour of the east coast and the cities of New 
York and Washington, D.C. 

In its second year of organization the 
Queens Chorus provides musical training for 
any one interested in choral singing. No spe- 
cial training or experience is necessary. 

< -^JK!.--.-^, ^--'!3/^ 

Su^e Arnold SECOI^D ROW l^n.n" ^^' ^,^^!^^Cobb, Carolyn Thomas, Sylvia Estes, Lynn Stultz, Diane Upchurch, Julie Crowther, 
Linda fiLbb FM7=h»th P , t ° °"y^^' 'J°*s Emerson, Cindy Hanna, Judy Goodson, Elizabeth Sheffield, Sally Ruff, Kathy Powell 

cLmTDrCaui'derChoirD rector ' ''' ' '""°"' '"""' """''""■ """'^ """^^' '^^'^ ^='^'"^"' D°^--Weston Spady, Penny 

Dr. Caulder with Teresa Caton, Choir President. 

CHORUS MEMBERS. FIRST ROW: Lise Swenson, Debbie Wilde. Hobbie Davis, Connie Meaders. Chris Flannagan Kathy Mauldin 
Cathy Torrence. Pam Wilson. SECOND ROW: Quincy Dix, Vi Taylor, Sylvia Estes, Cilia Bagby, Betty Frances Floyd' Nancy Thomas' 
Dee-Dee Clayton, Mae Spicer. THIRD ROW: Cathy Carroll, Page Harbin, Linda Parker, Wileen Wilson, Eunice Mills Randy Newcome' 
Stephanie Danko, Molly McCall, Mary Rebecca Ligon. 


During the academic year Queens presents 
an outstanding series of visiting lecturers and 
artists. Among those included In the 1970- 
1971 Concert-Lecture Series were: Giorgio 
Tozzi, Metropolitan Baritone; Eugene Sch- 
weiger, Cellist and Janet Schwelger, Pianist; 
Fedora Horowitz, Pianist; Dr. William S. Cof- 
fin, Yale Chaplain; Eugene C. Blake; Dr. J. 
Frank McCormak; Los Indies Tabajaras; and 
Gerald Goodman, Troubadour Harpist. 


Los Indies Tabajaras 

Gerald Goodman 

Giorgio Tozzi 


. 'ft-, 

if J 



During the summer months Queens stu- 
dents may participate in a travel study pro- 
gram arranged by the Institute of European 
Studies, Vienna. In 1970, thirty students trav- 
eled through England, France, Switzerland, 
Germany, Italy, and Austria. Five weeks were 
spent studying in Vienna where students took 
courses in art, music, and history. This past 
year the Travel Study Program also included 
travel to the Scandanavian Countries. 


Biology Club 

Parham Berryman, Pres. 

Julie Irwin, V. Pres. 

Alice Mclntosh.Sec.-Treas. 

Rebecca Boyte 

Ann Clark 

Gail Colangelo 

Ginger Crook 

Lollie Currie 
Dianne Day 
Jacquelyn DeBerry 
Chari Gamble 
Ann Hinson 
Beth Lawson 
Gail Roach 

Chemistry Club 

Sheryl Leverett, Pres. 
Millie Poe, V. Pres. 
Brett Morris, Sec.-Treas. 
Cindy Callaway 
Martha Finnical 
Reedy Floyd 

Penny Hayes 
Penny Holliday 
Ann O'Dwyer 
Sharon Pickard 
Marilyn Williams 

Dance Club 

Harriet Hudson, Pres. 

Becky Ross 

EmjIyAlbritton, V. Pres. 

Janis Tucker 

Betty Frances Floyd, Sec.-Treas. 

Ann Webb 

Hobbie Davis 

Marilyn Williams 

Karen Foreman 


Dolphin Club 

Sherry Thomas, Pres. Jane Goodman 

Karen Mmich. V. Pres. Betty Harrmgton 

Betsy Way, Sec. Pat Hess 

Chan Gamble, Treas. Betsy Hodges 

Ann Hmson Assl. Treas. Susan Leaberry 

Miriam Baker Sally Marshall 

Chris Flannlgan Judy Smith 

Ellen Franklin Janice Work 

German Club 

Diane Anderson 
Chari Gamble 
Charlene Hay 
Barbie Winter 

History Club 

Cindy Gourley, Pres. 
Becky Carpenter, 1st V. Pres. 
Ginger Hudson, 2nd V, Pres. 
Betty Waller, Sec. -Treas. 

Beth Beaty 
Nancy Jones 
Susan Salyer 
Kay Pritchett 

Psychology-Sociology Club 

Karen Conway, Pres., Soc. 

Alexis Rocker, V. Pres. 

Ann Webb, Pres., Psych. 

Anne New, V. Pres. 

Liz Aberle 

Martha Bishop 

Susan Cacchioli 

Patty Campbell 

Wendy Crawford 

Jane Cubberly 

Nancy Gurley 

Mary Powell Johnson 
Betsy Lieblich 
Carroll Ann Lineberger 
Peggy Milroy 
Ridie Moon 
Claire Roberts 
Susie Schaeffer 
Libby Schmidt 
Mary Brown Shaw 
Michelle Spessard 
Brenda Waller 

Russian Club 

Kathie Mauldin, Pres. 

Debbie Sank, Sec.-Treas. 

Susie Arnold 

Mary Eleanor Eaddy 

Reedie Floyd 

Anne Guthier 

Sherry McGeachy 

Kathy Mullenix 
Betsy Shaw 
Barbie Winter 
Dr. Janice Coffey 
Mrs. C. F. Jacks 


Nancy Gurley, Pres. 
Alice Letton, V. Pres. 
Judy Goodson, Sec. 
Becky Bryen, Treas. 
Gayle Adcock 
Parham Berryman 
Karen Bittenbring 
Jane Cubberly 
Quincy Dix 

Charlene Hay 
Marcy Heckman 
Cahy Henson 
Ruth Lee Hill 
Lynn Krohn 
Peyton Potter 
Jean Robinette 
Liz Ross 
Mae Spicer 


Who's Nothing 

Susan Cacchioli 
Sally Cockrill 
Irish Dwyer 
Sue Groover 
Betsy Hansel 
Betsy Lieblich 
Sally Marion 
Janet Martin 

Ridie Moon 
Azu Ocampos 
Donna Turner 
Karen Warder 
Susan Wiseman 
R. A. Davis 
Tom Mason 

Young Democrats 

Peggy Parkins, Pres. 
Cathy Flannagan, V. Pres. 
Jane Reynolds, Treas. 
Katrina Black 
Becky Benson 
Patty Powell 
Marilyn Price 

Susan Roberts 
Carol Savadge 
Rita Schermerhorn 
Amanda Stubbs 
Martha Talley 
Wileen Wilson 

Young Republicans 

Butter Wilson, Pres. 
Kay Gorman 
Mary Eleanor Eaddy 
Corky Erwin 
Pam Felts 
Julie Ferrell 
Gail Gilman 
Penny Hayes 
Marcia Hirt 

Midge Merrick 
Cathy Parks 
Betsy Phillips 
Mary Brovi/n Shaw 
Mary Beth Shelley 
Edie Showalter 
Lise Swenson 
Caroline Thompson 




■ V.- 




Panhellenic Council worked this year to 
promote a spirit of unity among the Greek 
organizations on campus by sponsoring ac- 
tivities in which all sororities participated. 
The slogan "Go Greek" was used to empha- 
size that the sororities are more a joint body 
rather than individual groups. 

President, Helen Harrison 

Seated: Barbara Hunt, Anne New, Carol Crawford, Jo Anna Huffstetler, Peggy Milroy. Standing: 
Shelton, Betty Pilcher, Jane Reddick, Helen Harrison, Brett Morris. Not Pictured: Cindy Gourley. 

Angle Malone, Margaret 



Helen Harrison 


Jo Anna Huffstetler 


Margaret Shelton 


Jane Reddick 

Social Chairman: 

Cindy Gourley 

Advisor, Dr. Janice C. Coffey 


Alpha Delta Pi 

p .\:.-X<-:.*^^3^.M-,/ y^-Z^f-^ ^r-g 



tlT : ih r^^'f°^' ^""" Coleman. Emily Albritton, Debbie Welch, Nancy Whiting, Becky Benson, Lila Brown, Pam McMillian 
Beth Jacober, Carol Crenshaw, Julie Crowther, Betty Pilcher, Debbie Eubank, Helen Keller. Standing: Jacquelyn DeBerry Susan 
JiZl'L""^^, '^'!'' ^.^^garet Shelton Nadia Basheed, Margaret McEver, Jane Still. Connie Meaders, Vange Rutherford Kay iborman 
Margaret Sakowski, Alice Mcintosh, Sally Green, Shelley Spears, Elizabeth Gaskin, Barbie Winn, Sara Barfield, Me inda K°nTaiS' 

Russell sL'^yV a'"' ' ' ''"^' '''''" °""'""' ^"^"^ ^™'"' """^ ^°""" '°'"^°"' """" O'^^^^^' Andrea Peltosa^^ Ann 


Secretary, Carol Crenshaw; Treasurer, Margaret Sakowski; Second Vice-President, 
Susan Si ewers; First Vice-President, Sara Barfield. 

Alpha Gamma Delta 

First Row: Elizabeth Sheffield, Cathy Torrence, Lynn Stultz, Angle Malone, Weston Spady, Terry McGehee, Robin Reeve, Mary Rebecca 
Ligon. Second Row: Jane Cubberly, Chris Jeanes, Diane Upchurch, Anne Guthler, Quincy Dix, Nancy Lockwood, Jean Roblnette Betty 
Harrington, Teresa Caton. Third Row: Kathle Mauldin, Mary Eleanor Eaddy, Penny Hayes, Jane Reddick, Ruth Lee HIM, Becky Bryen 
Fourth Row: Carol Statham, Karen Bittenbring, Marcle Heckman, Liz Ross, Sally Thomason, Tina Flegas, Kay Videon, Alexis Rocker 
Kathy Flanagan, Ann Love, Debbie Myers, Kathy Broadway. Not Pictured: Parham Berryman, Tricia Gaston, Segar Gravatt Nancy 
Qurley, Cindy McMillon, Melanle Merrlam, Susan Salyer. 


v-,^ '^\^(^ 

President, Angle Malone 

Second Vice-President, Anne Guthier; First Vice-President, Marcie Heck- 
man; Recording Secretary, Cathy Torrence; Treasurer, Jean Robinette; 
Corresponding Secretary, Karen Bittenbring. 


Chi Omega 

First Row: Becky Carpenter, Pat Hess, Beth Beaty, Ginny Marks, Susan Cacchioli, Paula Copenhaver, Brenda Waller Marsha Turner 
Cindy Gourley, Karen Warder, Donna Turner, Gayle Green, Carol Sottile, Julie Hunt. Second Row: Betty Waller Ciarkie Patterson' 
Amanda Templeton, Jan Tucker, Wileen Wilson, Susie Spears, Judy Clement, Mollie Hunt, Nancy Lindley, Kathy McKee Alice Letton' 
Mary Beth Bisselle, Mary Penick, Gayle Gilman, Anne DeVane, Valerie Hastings, Diane Davis, Susan Ruff, Celeste Rosson. 


President, Barbara Hunt 

Kappa Delta 

First Row: Anne New, Sherry Thomas, Frances Crockett, Susan Roberts, Sally Atkinson, Ann Howard, Jan Hall, Nel Hobble Margaret 
McNeely, Peggy Williams, Mary Arthur, Serena Phillips. Second Row: Barbie Winter, Brett Morris, Cindy Calloway, Julie King Susan 
Coblentz, Millie Poe, Ginger Little, Cilia Bagby, Budgie Kister, Doty Lee, Carol Yandle, Peggy Green. Not Pictured- Liz Aberle Deda 
Edwards, Kathy Dennis, Helen Harrison, Ann Hinson, Nancy Jones. 


President, Brett Morris 



Assistant Treasurer, Susan Coblentz; Editor, Frances Crockett; Vice-Pres- 
ident, Margaret McNeely: Treasurer. Doty Lee: Membership, Sherry 
Thomas. Not Pictured: Secretary, Ann Hinson. 



F rst Row: Mol y McCall, Brenda Weanl, Mish Vaiden, Lise Swenson, Janet Ferrill, Paula Boyd. Second Row: Peggy Milroy, Libby Schmidt 
Row M^J^hl!;,, w'^ K?^' o""^^ o'^"^^' ^^'°' Crawford, Pat Holton, B. F. Floyd, Pam Wilson, Mary Meares, Ann Wiggins. Third 
R«h«r^« Fffm! W^isley, Mary Brown Shaw, Sally Marion, Betsy Lieblich, Kathy White, Betsy Phillips, Ginger Manning, Lane Maurer, 
M^nnS D L I r^ f ' ^^"^'^ "-'"S'®- ''°"'"' ''°"- ^°^'" "-indsey, Melissa Reese, Sue Groover, Margy Watkins, Betty Crosland 

<^V..l'u'V; ,n ..°'.'^' '-^"'^"^ °''=""- ^°^ Pictured: Janet Martin, Cathy Parks, Peyton Potter, Bobbie Calhoun, Sally Edwards 
LynneSandberg n'I TI ^°k"*^'^' ^^""^^ ^"'"^^' ^^''''^y °^=^'^"- ^^^"^ ^^y^ ^^ige Harbin, Dolly Mason, Liza Maurer, Sally Milam, 



President, Peggy Milroy 

Pledge Trainer, Sandra Lingle: Assistant Treasurer, Ann Wiggins; Trea- 
surer, Susan Byers: Song Leader, Margy Watkins; Recording Secretary. 
Dee Gaffney; Rusti Co-Ctiairmen, Sally Marion and Betty Crosland; Corre- 
sponding Secretary, Wendy Crawford. 




.« j 



Idtf 90 k ■ 


An aura of excitement surrounded 
Freshman Orientation as the newest mem- 
bers of Queens became active members of 
the college community. The Orientation 
Committee planned many activities for the 
freshmen which included a free movie, skits 
sponsored by various campus organizations, 
a fashion show, and a picnic in the May Dell. 
The Committee also planned the reception for 
the freshmen and faculty as well as the mixer 
with the Davidson freshmen. Sophomores 
aided the Orientation Committee in welcom- 
ing the freshmen by staging Friendship 

AJ J J(XJj^f\jt_ 

■i^- , 

lol Jll 

i^ . - I. 

£11 ^{|| 



Everything but the l<itchen sink. 


Robin Lindsey, Co-Chairman of Orientation Committee. 

Queens-Davidson mixer. 

Where is my picture? 



Each fall Queens invites the parents of all 
students to be guests of the College for a 
special Parents' Weekend. Coordinated by a 
student-faculty committee the 1970 Weekend 
included Stunt Night, Class Coffees, a special 
convocation and luncheon, and a father- 
daughter tennis tournament. 

Parham Berryman, Parents' Weekend Chairman with Dean Canon and 
Miss Smith. 

i-:i,,;j Mr. and Mrs. Fred McGehee with daughter Terry. 

Glad you could come! 


Smile, this is the last one. 

Betsy Breazeale and parents with Dean Canon. 

Freshman Class coffee. 

Stunt Night 

The Recreation Association once again 
sponsored a successful Stunt Night using as 
its theme, "Look, Mom, It Was Like This . . 
.". Excitement as well as competition ran high 
as Seniors captured the awards for Best Ac- 
tress and Best Gallery and Sophomores won 
the award for the Best Skit. 

C. H. and Lolly accept an award for the Senior Class. 

Scene from the Sophomore skit, chosen best in the show. 


Award winning Senior gallery. 







^^^^^^^^B *'^' ''''v 


Dr. Mac leads the faculty. 

Recognition Day 

The first college convocation this year 
honored the Senior Class as they began their 
last year at Queens. The Seniors chose Dr. 
Janice Coffey to present the Senior Recogni- 
tion Day speech. Dr. Coffey spoke of the im- 
portance of botany to our everyday lives. 

Senior Recognition Day culminated in the 
Senior Banquet sponsored by Queens Alum- 
nae Association and held that evening in 
Morrison Dining Hall. 

Seniors line up for procession. 

Boar's Head 

A part of old England can be found each 
Christmas as the college celebrates its tradi- 
tional Boar's Head Ceremony. Begun at 
Queens College, Oxford, the ceremony in- 
cludes the processional, the recounting of the 
first Boar's Head Dinner, and the singing of 
carols. Each year outstanding Seniors partic- 
ipate in the ceremony. 

After the dinner the concert choir and the 
dance club present a special program of 
music and dance. 

The Hearld begins the ceremony. 


L1^ Ji?J'S=^»!^^"o^?' Tf^u"" ''°"^''' ""DER, Cathy Henson; BOAR'S HEAD BEARER, Harriette Fulton; CANDLE BEARER, 
Miny Bates, HERALD. Betty Pilcher. 


the President 

Telling the President of new engagement 
rings, pins, and lavaliers has become a 
Christmas custom at Queens. Dr. Symlie re- 
ceives the girls in the lobby of the Fine Arts 
Center after the Boar's Head Dinner. 

Yule Log 

In the week preceeding exams Queens 
students gather for the Yule Log ceremony. 
Each student touches the Yule Log with a sprig 
of holly before it is tossed into the fire, sym- 
bolizing the tossing away of last year's trou- 
bles. Hot cider and cookies are served after 
the ceremony. 

May Day 

May Queen 



Maid of Honor 



Marian McGregor, Senior 


Gayle Green, Senior 


Molly Hunt, Junior 

Tara Luther, Freshman 

Susie Spears. Sophomore 

Helen Lyies, Junior 


Jan McGill, Freshman 

Dee Gaffney, Senior 

Linda Barnett, Freshman 

Jeannie DeMarco, Freshman 


Lise Swenson, Sophomore 

Mary Beth Bisselle, Sophomore 

v*^ -^v ::5i**- 

AnneHeen, Sophomore 

Sharon Pickard, Sophomore 

Carol Crenshaw, Junior 


Jody Emerson. Junior 

Bobbie Calhoun, Junior 

Brenda Nash. Freshman 

Patty Campbell. Peyton Potter. May Day Co-Chairmen 






S.G.A.. Marsha Turner; Elections Committee, Dale Pratt; Stunt Night, Lollie Currie and Cathie 

President, Susan Siewers 

Secretary-Treasurer, Sara Barfield; Vice-President, Betty 


Emily Alice Albritton 

Music, B. M. 

Shirley Elizabeth Aberle 

Sociology, A.B. 

Susan Elizabeth Arnold 

Music, A.B. 

Diane Oorsett Anderson 

German, A.B. 


J J 


^!" B 

' 1 :. 


Sara Glenn Barfield 

English, A.B. 


Virginia Parham Berryman 

Biology, A.B. 

IVIarian Louise Bates 

Art, A.B. 

Mary Lou Bell 

History, A.B. 

Karen Elizabeth Bittenbring 

History, A.B. 

Martha Ellen Bishop 

Sociology, A.B. 


Katrina Black 

English, A.B. 

Elizabeth Norris Breazeale 

Music, A.B. 

Kathryn Leigh Broadway 

English, A.B. 

Lila Byrd Brown 

Economics, A.B. 

Virginia Perrow Bruce 

English, A.B. 


Emily Anna Callaham 

Political Science, A.B. 

Susan Sinclair Cacchioli 

Psychology, A.B. 

Joyce Kelchie Carr 

Music, A.B. 

Patricia Ann Campbell 

Psychology. A.B. 

Jeffrey Eppleye Carr 

History, A.B. 


Teresa Campbell Caton 

Music, A.B. 

Christie Jene Cobourn 

History, A.B. 

Karen Elizabeth Conway 

Sociology, A.B. 

Ann Dryden Clark 

Biology, A.B. 

Sally Haden Cockrill 

History, A.B. 



Paula Miller Copenhaver 

Spanish, A.B. 

Ann Marie Costan 
English, A,B. 

Laura Debard Currie 

Biology, A.B. 

Patricia Anne Dwyer 

Art, A.B. 

Julia Thoben Ferrill 

English, A.B. 


Kathryn Anne Fetter 

English, A.B. 

Mary Kathryn Flanagan 

English, A.B. 

Harriette Hodge Fulton 

History, A.B. 





Cynthia Gayle Gourley 

History, A.B. 

Delia Sutherland Gaffney 

Music, A.B. 


Jacqueline Segar Epes Gravatt 

History, A.B. 

Gayle Velva Green 

History, A.B, 

Mary Sue Groover 

Art, A.B. 

Nancy Louise Gurley 

Psychology, A.B. 

Anne Michele Guthier 

Russian Studies, A,B, 


>*''»'^ Jes^"* 


Harriet Erwin Hart 

Biology, A.B. 

Elizabeth McKee Hansel 

Art, A.B. 

IVIarcia Lee Heckman 

English, A.B. 

Mary Ann Hester 

Political Science, A.B. 

Charlotte Catherine Henson 

English, A.B. 


Elizabeth Wentworth Hodgdon 

Economics, A.B. 

Mary Henrietta Holliday 

Chemistry, A.B- 

Ruth Lee Hill 

History, A.B. 

Cattiy Lynn Home 

Political Science, A.B. 

Harriet Elizabetti Hudson 

English, A.B. 


Linda Louise Hudson 

English, A.B. 

Barbara Jeanne Hunt 

Art, A.B, 

IVIary Jane Hunter 

Art, A.B. 

Nancy Ann Jones 

History, A.B. 

Mary Powell Johnson 

Psycfiology, A.B. 


^-■BTOSP ■• 

*;i -jUtLxtt^ 

Laura Ann Kirkland 

English. A.B. 

Beth Wright Lawson 

Biology, AS. 

Sheryl Lynne Leverett 

Biochemistry, A. 8. 

Elizabeth W. Lieblich 

Sociology, A.B. 

Nancy Elizabeth Lindley 

English, A.B. 


Carroll Ann Lineberger 

Sociology, A.B. 

Frances Robin Lindsey 

Sociology, A.B. 

Terry Sims McGehee 

Art, A.B. 

Virginia Joyce McKey 

Latin American Studies, A.B. 

Marian Elizabeth McGregor 

English, A.B. 




Cynthia Love McMillon 

History, A.B. 

Angie Lee Malone 

History, A.B. 

Sally Anne Marion 

Art, A.B. 

Jeneva Williams Merridith 

Music, A.B. 

Janet Len Martin 

Mathematics, A.B. 


Margaret Starr Milroy 

Psychology, A.B. 

Ridie Coleman Moon 

Sociology, A.B. 

Sally Boyd Muench 

Psychology, A.B. 

Linda Jean Moorman 

History, A.B. 

Mildred Brett Morris 

Chemistry, A.B. 


Debra Lynn Myers 

History, A.B. 

Azucena Ocampos 

Art, A.B. 

Juanila Annette Paul 

Biology, A.B. 

Margaret Marie Parkins 

Psychology, A.B. 

Mary Catherine Parks 

Political Science, A.B. 


Elizabeth Louise Pilcher 

English, A.B. 

lUlildred McCalla Poe 
Biochemistry, A.B. 

Peyton Ann Potter 

English, A.B. 

Dale Allison Pratt 

Spanish, A.B. 

Julieann Pristash 

History, A.B. 










Melissa Ellen Reese 

English, A.B. 

Elizabeth Anne Rennolds 

English, A.B. 

Lauren Kimberley Reynolds 

English, A.B. 

Claire Wenzel Roberts 

Psychology, A.B. 

Elizabeth Stuart Ross 

Spanish, A.B. 


Mary Adams Rybolt 

English, A. B. 

Elizabeth Lisle Schmidt 

Psychology, A.B. 

Susan Lee Schaeffer 

Psychology. A.B. 

Elizabeth Wilson Seay 

Art, A.B. 

Laura Ann Sharpe 

English, A.B. 


; '/T, .V'.// 


'' >/,'<X-K'.'. ■ ■ • ■ , 


^ "'"' Se ™I!3|f"' 


■ ■ ■ 

Mary Brown Shaw 

Sociology. A.B. 

Elizabeth Brown Sheffield 

Music, A.B. 


Mary Elizabeth Shelley 

Music. A.B. 

Gayle Joanne Shepard 

Art. A.B. 

Rebecca Beverly Shutord 

History, A.B. 


Susan Walker Siewers 

Economics. A.B. 

Carol Ann Sizemore 

Sociology, A.B. 

Dora-Weston Spady 

Music, A.B. 

Terry Michele Spessard 

Psychology, A.B. 

Martha Jennett Talley 

History, A.B. 


4 ^t_ W 

Cecelia Joanne Tily 

German, A.B. 

Donna Sue Turner 

History, A.B. 

Marsha Turner 

English, A.B. 

Marilyn Elizabeth Vogt 

History, A.B. 

Sally Lynn Via 

History, A.B. 

■ •' ■• .^k^- 

fi.-'>/> * " 


% -^x"^- 

^g ■~^'-_^ ^^^H 

^■1 ^H 

^:-/-->.. ; -^f^^^^ 

Sally Marie Walker 

English, A.B. 

Brenda Gail Waller 

Psychology, A.B. 

Karen Irene Warder 

Art, A.B. 

Betsy Vaneita Way 

Spanish, A.B. 

Margaret Donnell Watkins 

Music, A.B. 



Eliza Whaley 
Art, A.B. 

Ann Leslie Webb 

Psychology. A.B. 

Marilyn Williams 

Biochemistry, A.B. 

Susan Whitelaw Wiseman 

Art, A.B. 







li Vv/1r 


Michaelle Elizabeth Wrisiey 








Vice-President, Edie Showalter; Secretary-Treasurer, Sally Green. 

);. „- 


President, Ram Wilson 

S.G.A., Anne New; Stunt Night, Debbie Welch; S.G.A., Nancy Thomas. 


Alma Gayle Adcock 

Eleanor Huske Alexander 

Sherrill Olivia Altman 

Priscilla Frances Bagby 
Patricia Jean Bailey 
Miriam Anne Baker 

Elizabeth Fewell Beaty 

Patricia Ruth Beckford 

Jo Marie Bode 

Nancy Maclay Brazier 
Rebecca Jane Bryen 
Susan Yvonne Byers 

Barbara Jeanne Calhoun 

Blanche Rebecca Carpenter 

Caroline Whitehead Crawford 


Nancy Wendell Crawford 
Carol Louise Crenshaw 
Mary Elizabeth Crosland 

Jane Hart Cubberley 
Margaret Brooks Cummings 
Ellen Quinton Dix 

Katherine Maclear Dorman 
Sara Morgan Edwards 
Sue Carlanne Erwin 

Deborah Jean Eubank 
Christine Cronin Flannagan 
Charity Rebecca Gamble 

Victoria Hewitt Glover 
Jane Ward Godwin 
Margaret Elaine Green 


Sarah Frances Green 
Martha Faye Griffin 
Cynthia Lee Hanna 

Hefen Olivia Harrison 

Charlotte Hancl<el Hay 

Nancy Ann Hinson 

Susan Berenice Hudson 
Jo Anna Huffstetler 
Ivlartha Stokes Hunt 

Sandra Elizabeth Lingle 
Helen Elliot Lyies 



The best things come 

in small packages 

Martha Sherwood McGeachy 
Catherine Ann Mclntyre 
Margaret L. McNeely 

Elena Lee Manning 
Lane Franklin Maurer 
Melanie Merriam 

Jane Wolherspoon Miller 
Karen Jean Minich 
Marsha Ethel Moss 

Harriet Anne New 
Laurene Danyse Orcutt 
Mary Worthen Penick 


Soon to be Seniors: 

Elizabeth Van Deren Phillips 

Brantlee Corinne Price 

Lois Kay Pritchett 

Jane Elizabeth Reddick 

Gail Cheryl Roach 

Kathleen Elizabeth Roberts 

Marilyn Josephine Roberts 

Jean Catherine Robinette 

Alexis Andre Rocker 

Margaret Dunlap Sakowski 
Edith Sands Showalter 
Mae Antoinette Spicer 




pray, play, and procrastinate 

Lynn Dearborn Stultz 
Anne Milton Thomas 
Sheryl Elizabeth Thomas 

Nancy Catherine Torrence 
Betty Joanne Waller 
Deborah Lynn Welch 

Anne Roelse Wesson 
Judy Ann Wiggins 
Emmie Norvell Wilson 

Pamela Sue Wilson 
Katherine Watson Wright 
Susan Carol Yandle 




Secretary-Treasurer, Connie Meaders; Vice-President, Mary Meares. 

President, Mary Eleanor Eaddy 

S.GJV., Diane Upchurch and LIse Swenson; Stunt Night, Reedle Floyd and Betty Harrington; 
S.G.A., Betty Frances Floyd; R.S.C., Anne DeVane. 


Half-way through with bigger 

Sarah Touse Atkinson 

Carol Cuswell Babb 

Cassandra Elizabeth Baker 

Rebecca Caroline Benson 

Mary Elizabeth Bisselle 

Denise Ann Boswell 

Paula Elizabeth Boyd 

Rebecca Louanne Boyte 

Margaret McAllister Brock 

Nancy Elizabeth Burnett 

Dorothy Ruth Campbell 

Catherine Christine Carroll 

Susan Scott Clay 

Susan MacPherson Coblentz 

Carmela Gail Colangelo 

Susan Coleman 

Marcia Antoinette Cooke 

Frances Ann Crockette 

Virginia Reed Crook 

Mary Cathryn Cross 

Julia Ellen Crowther 

Noretta Marie D'Albora 

Helen Berkley Dashiell 

Diane Adair Davis 

Elizabeth Hobble Davis 

Dianne Louise Day 

Jacquelyn Elizabeth DeBerry 

Kathryn Louise Dennis 

Anne Smith DeVane 

Colleen Anna Dickens 

Marcia Vance Duncan 

Betsy Coker Dunlap 

Martha Booth Dyer 

Mary Eleanor Eaddy 

Greta Elizabeth Edwards 


and better things to come 


Mary Lynn Edwards 
Sara Elizabeth Edwards 
Susan Gail Elliott 
Sylvia Rae Estes 
Rebecca Brunson Farmer 

Pamela Swan Felts 
Janet Lou Ferrell 
Nancy Helen Fishcer 
Athena Tina Flegas 
Betty Frances Floyd 

Marie Floyd 

Margaret Jane Foreman 
Penelope Louise Frisbie 
Betsy Jane Gandee 
Mary Elizabeth Gaskin 

Gayle Mane Gilman 
Judy Garrett Goodson 
Janice Hope Hall 
Paige Arzella Harbin 
Jane Leslie Hardin 

Stunt night trophies 

Elizabeth May Harrington 

Valerie Marie Hastings 

Lu Pendleton Hayes 

Anne Kirsten Marie Heen 

Marcia Reed Hirt 

Frances Nelson Hobble 

Elizabeth Sydnor Hodges 

Rebecca Marion Hodges 

Frances Ann Howard 

Ida Elizabeth Jacober 

Anna Christine Jeanes 

Jane Eileen Jordan 

Helen Iredell Keller 

Nina Malinda Kincaid 

Julie Norris King 

Linda Gay Kuhlthau 

Susan Selb Leaberry 

Alice Roberta Letton 

Margaret McDowell Linl< 

Virginia McLean Little 

Nancy Kessler Lockwood 

Margaret Ann Love 

Ruth Marie Lyies 

Molly McCall 

Susan Charlene McClung 


make it two in a row 

Mary Lynn McConnell 
Rhoda Lane McCook 
Terri Sue McDermott 
Margaret Anne McEver 
Alice Mcintosh 

Kalherlne Leigh McKee 
Phyllis Amelia McMillian 
Virginia Mclntyre Manning 
Sarah Elizabeth Marshall 
Dorothy Dilworth Mason 

Kathie Lynne Mauldin 
Mary Eliza Maurer 
Kathryn Elizabeth Maxwell 
Connie Dee Meaders 
Mary Catherine Meares 

Margery Daniel Merrick 
Susan Jane Miller 
Betty Lyie Norwood 
Bridget Ann O'Dwyer 
Nancy Clarke Patterson 

Serena Elliot Phillips 
Sharon Miller Pickard 
Mary Louise Plonk 
Anna Marilyn Price 
Nadia Rasheed 

Robin Hadley Reeve 
Mary Victoria Remishofsky 
Jane Dayton Reynolds 
Kimberly Pryor Rhein 
Louise English Rice 

Susan Drayton Roberts 
Frances Celeste Rosson 
Sara Elizabeth Rowe 
Sallie Rembert Ruff 
Susan Berry Ruff 


Margaret Ann Shelton 

Sarah Hurley Silsbee 

Virginia Irene Silvey 

Judith Anne Smith 

Mary Morris Sorrells 

Carol Hobbs Sottile 

Shelley Spears 

Suzanne Gay Spears 

Edith Kyle Spencer 
Lucy Carole Statham 

Donleen Carol Strayhorn 

Lise Carroll Swenson 

Viola Minrose Taylor 

Amanda Elizabeth Templeton 

Sara Katherine Thomason 

Caroline Elizabeth Thompson 

Patricia Ellen Tovey 

Elizabeth Gwynn Truitt 

Lenora Muldrow Tubbs 

Janis Elayne Tucker 



Susan Lynn Turley 
Diane Tuttle Upchurch 
Mary Harwood Vaiden 
Gigl Gemeta Van Keuren 
Kathryn Louise Videon 

Brenda Gail Weant 
Virginia Leigh Wenderoth 
Katherlne Anne White 
Margaret Neafus Whitmore 
Nancy Spurr Whiting 

Margaret Gibbons Williams 
June Allison Wilson 
Martha Jo Wilson 
Wlleen Wilson 
Barbara Jane Winn 




Vice-President, Alice Arey. Secretary-Treasurer, Betty 

President, Brigtit Kinnett 

N.S.A., Jean Anne Williams; R.S.C., Penny Camp; S.G.A. Dee Thomas and Fredi Fulmer; Q.C.A., 
Diane Hawl(; N.S.A., Linda Theus. 


The first year brings 

Josephine Beattie Allison 

Supaluek Apiluekpanich 

Alice Laurabel Arey 

Melissa Lee Arnett 

Dorothy Annette Ayers 

Millie Ruth Barclift 

Linda Kay Berry 

Eugenia Leugh Beasley 

Barbara Lanier Berry 

Julia Siade Bethune 

Angela Dianne Blair 

Claudia Gay Blouin 

Karen Lynn Borden 

Cleo LeLand Boyd 

Margaret Johns Bradley 

Mary Susan Brady 

Nancy Kelly Bridgers 

Janis Marie Bryant 

Allison Burns 

Anne Holliday Calhoun 

Pamela Lee Camp 

Allison Newton Campbell 

Abigail Powers Carson 

Jeannie Carol Carter 

Heather Elizabeth Chandler 

Martha Garrett Cobb 

Jane Elizabeth Coombs 

Anne Corriher 

Patricia Cunningham 

Stephanie Ann Danko 

Roma Joeanne Davis 
Jean Lisa DeMarco 

Mallory Irene Divine 
Elissa Jan Dmytryk 
Barbara Dean Dow 


fears, friends, and a lot of fun 

Stephanie Richards DuBose 
Katie Oliver Early 
Carol Lynn Edwards 
Patricia Lynn Elliott 
Jill Lena Evans 

Florence Elizabeth Finch 
Margaret Isabel Finlayson 
Maureen Elizabeth Floyd 
Linda Lee Forehand 
Karen Lee Foreman 

Mary Ellen Franklin 
Susan Dianne Fullerton 
Winifred Agnes Fulmer 
Janet Schley Gardner 
Margaret Garland Bagnal 

Susan Cornelia Gause 
Cynthia Sue Gilbert 
Carolyn Nash Glenn 
Jane Catherine Goodman 
Anita Margery Graham 

Adele Headley Green 
Susan Clark Green 
Elaine Rutledge Gross 
Mary Brevard Gwynn 
Mary Elizabeth Hagins 

Susan Haley 

Mary Jacqueline Hammer 
Julie Bost Hancock 
Mary Stuart Hankins 
Elesa Marie Hansen 

Martha Diane Hawk 
Jane Brown Hefner 
Fran Worley Hempstead 
Janet Elizabeth Hodde 
Katherine Amelia Hodge 


Hazelle Maureen Holbrooks 

Susan Jean Holcomb 

Winifred Rader Hollis 

Lucy Dancy Holt 

Carolyn Jane Hoskins 

Flora Virginia Hudson 

Jeanette Catherine Poppolona Huisman 

Katherine Anne Hulsey 

Trevis Hutchinson 

Catherine Ann Ireland 

Barbara Jo Ivey 

Jean Elizabeth James 

Donna Marie Jermain 

Barbara Lynn Johnson 

Terry Lee Jones 

Sandra Barrett Karll 

Lura Susan Kay 

Rebecca Stevens Keb 

Mary Ann Kelly 

Pricilla Lee Kelly 

Avery Elizabeth Kern 

Joanne King 

Elizabeth Morrowi Kinnaird 

Elizabeth Bright Kinnett 

Mildred Yates Knowlton 

Christina Letton Krammer 

Lisa Jane Krisher 

Elizabeth McCrary Kunkel 

Mary Anne Lackey 

Lucy Monroe LavKrence 

Nancy Virginia Lee 

Debora Ellen LeShanna 

Lesley Lottis 

Marsha Deanne Loftis 

Teresa Ann Long 

Tara Lea Luther 

Jane Tiller Lynch 

Frances Janette McGill 

Jamie Hudson McGuire 

Janet Leigh McKean 



Martha Dew McLean 
Linda Dianne McMillen 
Anne McNeill 
Patricia Denby Macaulay 
Melissa Jane Maffett 

Anne Wise Marian 
Janice Sharon Martin 
Linda Lane Mathis 
Gerry Elizabeth Matthews 
Karen Jean Maxwell 

Mary Kathryn Milam 
Lindsay Ann Miles 
Karen Eugenia Miller 
Eunice Anne Mills 
Helen Robinson Moore 

Patricia Elise Morgan 
Eugenia Louise Morse 
Maureen Patricia Mullen 
Cathryn Jeanne Musk 
Brenda Elizabeth Nash 

Susan Erwin Nelson 
Randy Lamar Newcome 
April Lynn Nicl<ell 
Harriet Leslie Nipper 
Deborah Ann Nix 

Barbara Katherine O'Dwyer 
Deborah Jean Owen 
Elizabeth Owen Mapp 
Peggy Elizabeth Paris 
Jane Evans Peck 

Elizabeth Petrea 
Rebecca Peterson 
Carolyn Lee Phillips 
Carolyn O'Neill Phillips 
Susan Lurick Poe 

Patricia Marcia Pope 
Elizabeth Patterson Powell 
Julia Alexander Propst 
Linda Jane Rabb 
Katherine Regina Randolph 


Marguerite Morton Ray 

Janet DeLane Reece 

Janie Alexandrea Reppert 

Margaret Ellen Robinson 

Christiana Tompkins Rood 

Mary Wilson Ross 

Rebecca Gebgart Ross 

Lynne Michelle Rosser 

Mary Elizabeth Ryman 

Sally Jeannie Sabayrac 

Julianne Sanders 

Deborah Lillian Sank 

Caroline Jenkins Savedge 

Lynda Kae Scanlan 

Lisa Karen Scott 

Trudy Lynn Scott 

Donna Sue Sears 

Vicki Blair Sellers 

Elizabeth Parker Shaw 

Elizabeth Lee Skardon 

Anglyn Rebecca Smith 

Catherine Mizell Smith 

Clara Carroll Smith 

Deborah Lou Smith 

Mary Abigail Snipes 

Ann Taylor Snoddy 

Mary Elizabeth Southerland 

Patricia Anne Stafford 

Marianne Stanley 

Peggy Lee Stephens 

Anne Clark Stewart 

Ann Marie Storer 

Ann Wood Strickland 

Amanda Eisfield Medlock Stubbs 

Kathryn Lois Sturgis 

Paula Sue Sutton 

Ainslie Christie Taylor 

Linda DaleTheus 

Carolyn Ann Thomas 

Dee Anne Thomas 


Freshmen bring enthusiasm 


Karana Lewis Thomas 
Wanda Joyce Thomas 
Carol Turner Thornton 
Courtney Marshall Ticer 
Laura Annas Tomlin 

Jeanlce Susan Towson 
Ellen Guinn Truitt 
Trina Van de Watering 
Lynn Vosbeck 
Mary Jo Wade 

Anne Noel Walker 
Leslie Ann Walker 
Jane Clarage Walter 
Jane Lyn Weaver 
Elizabeth Penelope Webb 

Mary Davie Wendt 
Wyndall Grace White 
Deborah A. Wilde 
Allyson Hadyn Williams 
Jean Annette Williams 

Bettie Kathryn Wilson 
Donna Boggs Wilson 
Mareen Wilson 

Elizabeth Hart Woodham 
Julia Stickney Worth 
Ann Carol Wright 

Martha Ruth Wright 
Cathryn Elizabeth Yantis 
Ann Elise Yochem 


"Ideals are like stars; you will succeed in 
touching them with your hands. But like the 
seafaring man on the desert of waters, you 
choose them as your guides, and following 
them you will reach your destiny." 

Carl Schurz 






"Let's all get together soon 

Before it is too late. 

Forget about the past 

And let your feelings fade away 

If you do, I'm sure you'll see 

The end is not yet near. 

Where do we go? Where do we go? 

Where do we go from here?" 

Peter Cetera 

Board of Trustees 

Barnhardt, Mr. Wiliiam H., 1512 Queens Road, West, Charlotte, 
North Carolina 28207 

Belk, Mr. Irwin, 400 Eastover Road, Charlotte, North Carolina 

Crist, Mr. John L., Jr., 2042 Queens Road, Charlotte, North Caro- 
lina 28204 

Dalton, Mrs. Hunter, Jr., 811 Hillcrest Drive, High Point, North 
Carolina 27260 

Dowdy, Mr. George W., 1871 Cassamia Place, Charlotte, North 
Carolina 28211 

Everett, Mr. H. H., 5824 Providence Rd., West Charlotte, North 
Carolina 28211 

Fogartie, Rev. J. E., 2146 Roswell Avenue, Charlotte, North 
Carolina 28207 

Grier, Mr. Joseph W., Jr., 1869 Queens Road, West Charlotte, 
North Carolina 28207 

Harris, Mr. James J., 3700 Sharon Road, Charlotte, North Caro- 
lina 28211 

Hipp, Mr. Francis M., 33 West Avondale Drive, Greenville, South 
Carolina 29601 

Horack, Mr. Benjamin S., 1839 Cassamia Place, Charlotte, N. C. 
2821 1 ■ 

Johnson, Mrs. Curtis B., 225 Pembroke Avenue, Charlotte, North 
Carolina 28207 

Kincey, Mr. H. F., 301 Eastover Road, Charlotte, North Carolina 

Lee, Mr. William States, III, 1632 Beverly Drive, Charlotte, 

North Carolina 28207 

Legerton, Dr. C. W., Jr., 32 Council Street, Charleston, South 
Carolina 29401 

McCraw, Mr. Carl G., 330 Eastover Rd., Charlotte, North Carolina 

McLeod, Rev. Cliff Hill, 310 Main Street, Sumter, South Carolina 

McMeekin, Mr. S. C, 1915 Pendleton St., Columbia, South Caro- 
lina 29205 

Poag, Rev. Fred V., 486 Connecticut Ave., Spartanburg, South 
Carolina 29301 

Schlaefer, Mrs. Edward M., Jr., 1412 Medway Road, Columbia 
South Carolina 29205 

Street, Mr. C. P., 2727 Sharon Lane, Charlotte, North Carolina 

Stuart, Rev. James G., Country Club Dr., Gastonia, North Caro- 
lina 28052 

Wall, Mr. E. C, 1607 Ninth Ave., Conway, South Carolina 29526 

Wallace, Mr. J. Mason, Jr., 517 Livingston Dr., Charlotte, North 
Carolina 28211 

Watlington, Mr. John F., Jr., 2025 Buena Vista Road, Winston- 
Salem, North Carolina 27100 

Womack, Dr. J. T., 4027 Flint Ridge Dr., Flint Forest, Stone 
Mountain, Georgia 30083 

Smylie, Dr. John E., Ex-Officio, 2148 Selwyn Ave., Chartotte, 
North Carolina 28207 

Faculty-Staff Directory 

Adams, Dr. Margery W., PT Asst. Prof., Art CH 204 (202) 
(Dr. Carlisle) 1500 Meadowood Lane 28211 (366-3578) 

Albright, Miss Thelma, PT Asst. Dir. Continuing Education (224, 

25381/2 Selwyn Avenue 28209 (376-8135) 

Anderson, Mrs. Rose K., Director of Library (278) 
3318 Windsor Dr. 28209 (525-3317) 

Archer, Robert, Instr. Math, McEwen 112 (315) 
6511 Wisteria Dr., Apt. 11, 28210 

Barksdale, Mrs. Elise M., Registrar. BH (211) 

(Brian D.) 818 Hempstead Place 28207 (375-1870) 

Barto, Mrs. Helen M., Secretary, Business Office BH (221, 222) 
339 Circle Ave. 28207 (375-4176) 

Bost, A. Jackson, Supt. BIdgs. and Grounds, MR (201, 279) 
501 Pressley Rd. 28210 (523-0341) 

Bowman, Orville R., Maintenance, MR (274) 


(Loma) 1315 Delane Ave., Apt. 1,28211 (364-3146) 

Bradley, Dr. Gerald P., Asst. Prof, Philosophy FAC 222 (299) 
(Anne) 2322 Wellesley Ave. 28207 

Brewer, Charles E., Assoc. Prof., Economics, Dana 104 (236) 
(Beth) Route 3, Eagle Lake Dr. 28210 (588-1558) 

Brody, Mrs. Sallie B., Library Assistant (278) 
(Edward W.) 115 Hillside Ave. 28209 (333-1742) 

Brooker, F. Frank, Saga Food Service (282) 
(Carol) 6728 Caudell Circle 28215 (537-4414) 

Brown, Johnny L., Maintenance, MR (274) 
(Faye) 1017 Nations Dr. 28210 (523-8546) 

Bullard, Byron C, Security Officer, Blair (306) 
(Ludie) 637 Dorothy Dr. 28203 (523-2099) 

Burgess, Dr. Elva, Consulting Psychologist 

(office) Hawthorne Medical Ctr., 225 Hawthorne Lane 28204 


(home) Route 3. Shoplon Road West 28203 (588-1 160) 

Calder, Dr, Robert W,, Assoc. Prof. Music, FAC 220 (298) 
(Jacqueline) 2138 Selwyn Ave. 28207 (377-1523) 

Caldwell. Miss Anne S.. Director of Alumnae Affairs. BH (214) 
Director of Financial Aid, BH (214) 926-D McAlway Dr. 28211 

Canon. Dr. Alfred. Dean of tfie College. BH (234. 249) 
(Betty) 2311 Radcliffe Ave. 28207 (376-8710) 

Caniidge. Mrs. Virginia. Head Nurse. Infirmary (223) 
(John) 306 Christenbury Rd. 28213 (596-1323) 

Clay, Dr. James W.. PT Asst. Prof.. Georgraphy. Stultz 203-B 

(Mary Frances) 2132 Matheson Ave. 28205 (377-1994) 

Coffey, Dr, Janice C, Asst. Prof. Biology. WSB 212-A (261) 
(Grady L) 2131 Selv»yn Ave. 28207 (375-6985) 

Connor. Miss Laurie, Admissions Counselor, BH (212, 313) 
Apt. 57, Old Lantern Way 28212 (536-0524) 

Council, Mrs. Louise L., Resident Counselor, Harris Dorm (220) 

Crosthwaite, Mrs, Jane F., Instr, English, McEw/en 113 (327) 
(James C.) 1344-A Green Oaks Lane 28205 (536-2148) 

Davis, Richard A., Asst. Prof. History. Dana 309 (257) 
(Boyd) 2133 Selwyn Ave. 28207 (334-3828) 

Davis. Mrs. Suzanne S.. Reference / Circulation. Library (278) 
(Glenn G.) 6300 Sharon Hills Road 28210 (366-6926) 

DeFelice, Dr. Frank, Assoc. Prof. Economics, McEwen 109 (329) 
(Eleanor) 5032 Allen Road, East 28213 (596-5181) 

Dudley, Mrs. Margaret K., Catalog Asst., Library (278) 
(Walter C.) 301 N. Canterbury Rd. 2821 1 (366-4025) 

Duncan. Dr. Gordon D.. Prof. Chemistry. WSB 312 (265) 
(Todi) 2714 Selwyn Ave. 28209 (334-4006) 

Eagle, Miss Nancy L., Assoc. Prof. Music, FAC 217 (204) 
300 Cooper Dr. 28210 (525-2576) 

Edmonson, Terry L,, Director of Admissions, BH (212, 313) 
(Paula) 1527 Stanford Place 28207 (372-8578) 

Elliott, Dr. Lloyd J., Prof., Economics, Dana 105 (237) 
Box 386 Queens College 28207 (803 / 327-2890) 

Ellison, Mrs. Mary Wain, Admissions Secretary, BH (212,313) 
(Boyd) 1790 Jameston Dr. 28209 (372-8036) 

Fehon, Dr. Jack H., Prof. Biology, WSB 205 (260) 
(Peggy) 2411 Vernon Dr. 28211 (366-6343) 

Gaffney. Mrs. Anne S., Roving Resident Counselor 
2200 Croydon Road, Apt. 11, 28207 (334-4515) 

Gatlin, Dr. Judith T., Asst. Prof. English. McEwen 214 (338) 
(H. Leon) 459 Merwick Circle 28211 (366-6614) 

Gebhardt. Mrs. Ann S.. Dean of Students, BH (226, 227) 
(Bruce) 2500 Sherwood Ave. 28207 (375-7900) 

Gill, Mrs. Trudy, Secretary to Dean of Students, BH (226, 227) 
(Robert) 533 Jefferson Dr. 28211 (366-3510) 

Goeller, Mrs. Lorena A., Resident Counselor, Albright Dorm (320) 

Gordon, Tom D.. Maintenance, MR (274) 

(Eva) Route 3, Waxhaw, N.C. 28173 (843-2434) 

Gover. Mrs. Mary E., Instr. Phys. Ed., Ovens (228, 269) 

(David A.) 528 Meadowbrook Lane, Rock Hill, S. C. 29730 


Griffiss, Miss Keating, Asst. Prof. Art, CH 204 (202) 
561 -D Wakefield Dr., 28209 (523-2420) 

Gurley. Miss Kathleen, Secretary, Continuing Education (224. 

2033 Tippah Ave. 28205 (375-7487) 

Hardin, Mrs. Ruth L.. Supt. of Residence Halls, MR (201, 279) 
1621 East Blvd. Apt. 1, 28203 (333-4646) 

Hargett, Mrs. Marie J., Asst. Prof. Music, FAC 224 (248) 
(Walter) 3541 Cotillion Ave. 28210 (366-981 1) 

Harris. Dr. Edwin R., Prof. Psychology, McEwen 17 (305) 
(Mildred) 243 Redgewood Ave. 28209 (333-9122) 

Henderson. Mrs. Marian F., Faculty Secretary, BH 205 (321) 
(James R.) 5415 Wedgewood Dr. 28210 (523-5661) 

Hinson, William T., Maintenance, MR (274) 

(Mildred) 7508 Nations Ford Rd. 28210 (525-2806) 

Hodges. Mrs. Jeanette B., Secretary, Music Dept., FAC (244) 
(Joseph M.) 2301 Providence Rd. 28211 (366-3471) 

Honeycutt, Mrs. Bette W., Secretary to President. BH (216, 217) 
(Ray E.) 5200 Glenham Dr. 28210 (523-3925) 

Hopper, Mrs. Mary C. Asst. Prof. Spanish, Dana 209 (250) 
(Edward W.) 1121 Coddington Place 28211 (364-0700) 

Hostettler. Mrs. Agnes, Asst. Prof. German, Dana 210 (251) 
(Ernst) 607 Queens Road 28207 (334-0557) 

Hoyle, Dr. Hughes B., Jr., Prof. Math, McEwen 102 (308) 
(Frances) 2040 Hastings Dr. 28207 (334-1718) 

Jacks, Dr. C. F.. Jr., Assoc. Prof. Religion, Dana 203 (253) 
(Ann) 1029 Sewickley Dr. 28209 (523-0429) 

Jacobs, Dr. Alan D., Asst. Prof. History, Dana 310 (208) 
(Georgia) 3001 Forest Park Dr. 28209 (376-6734) 

Jansen, Mrs. Diane L., Saga Food Service (282) 
1324 Abbey Place 28209 (525-0502) 

Jenkins, Miss Eleanor L., Assoc. Prof. Math. McEwen 108 (328) 
1521 E. Seventh Street 28204 (332-7932) 

Jenkins, Miss Katherine I., Library Assistant (241) 
1926 Ewing Avenue 28203 (376-1985) 

KaeIke, Martin F., General Superintendent, MR (201, 279) 
(Kathryn) 810 Judith Court 28211 (366-2559) 

Kilner, George S., Bus. Mgr. and Treasurer, BH (221, 222) 
(Mabel) Route 3, Eagle Lake Dr. 28210 (588-0805) 

Kirby, Miss Marjorie T., Assoc. Prof. Spanish, Dana 206 (238) 
2201 Sarah Marks Avenue 28203 (333-3909) 

Koonce, Mrs. Maria H., PT Instr. English, McEwen 206 
(William) 4635 Thornwood Road 28213 (596-2125) 

Kouri, Mrs. Raja T., Clerk. Library (278) 

1300 Resse Road, Apt. 215. 28209 (523-7473) 

Kyle, Miss Patricia A., Asst. Prof. Political Science, Dana 303 

4028-F Providence Road 28211 (364-3712) 

Lammers, Joseph E., Asst. Prof. Music, FAC 226 (245) 
71 3 Brookside Ave. 28203 (376-8947) 

Lanier, Dr. W. Greg. Asst. Prof. Psychology, McEwen 16 (307) 
(Connie) 4825 Zephyr Lane 28209 (523-1207) 

Little, Mrs. Sue, Instr. English, McEwen 207 (333) 
(William C.) 1221 S. Kings Dr. 28207 (372-6224) 

Green, Mrs. Carrie B., Resident Counselor, Earnhardt Dorm 

Lopez, Mrs. Frances E., Instr. Spanish, Dana 208 (206) 

(Damaso) 1307 S. Kings Dr. 28207 (375-6541) 

McClanahan, John D., Assoc. Prof. Art, CH 201 (287) 
(Charlotte) 620 Elmhurst Road, Apt. A, 28209 (334-5818) 

McCormick, Mrs. Brenda, Cashier, Business Office, BH (221, 222) 
(George M.) 1413 Wembley Dr. 28205 (536-9593) 

McDonald, Mrs. Marian S., PT Instr. Sociology, Stultz 104 

(Vance) 2017 Sagamore Road 28209 (office 372-7170) (525- 

McEwen, Dr. Mildred M., Prof. Chemistry, WSB 311 (262) 
2316 Westfield Road 28207 (333-4616) 

McNamee, Mrs. Sarah T., Resident Counselor, Long Dorm 259 

McNeill, Donald D., Asst. to Treasurer, BH (221,222) 
(Lucille) 139 3. Canterbury Road 28211 (366-2032 

Mackey, C. Ray, Supt. of Operations, MR (273) 
(Mary) Route 3, Waxhaw, N. C. 28173 (847-9760) 

Magher, Mrs. Ruth R., Asst. Prof. Rhys. Ed., Ovens (228) 
(James T.) 3419 Park Road 28209 (523-231 1) 

Maret, Mrs. Nellie W., Asst. Cataloger, Library (278) 
1784 Jameston Dr. 28209 (376-3369) 

Martin, Dr. Virginia L., Asst. Prof. Biology, WSB 210 (266) 
301 -B Wakefield Dr. 28209 (523-1383) 

Mason, Dr. Emory H., Jr., Assoc. Prof. Education, Stultz 207 (277) 
(Mary) 5138 Addison Dr. 28211 (366-5296) 

Mason, Thomas F., Asst. Prof. Art, CH 101 (288) 
(Lynda) 4611 Hedgemore, Apt. A, 28209 (525-3176) 

Maultsby, Mrs. Margaret N., Publications & Placement, BH (213) 
5229 Londonderry Road 28210 (525-5093) 

Maxfield, Dr. Malinda R., Associate Prof. English, McEwen 210 

1355 8. Kings Drive 28207 (376-7877) 

May, Albert R., Assoc. Prof. Music, FAC 228 (247) 
(Ann) 3451 Windsor Dr. 28209 (523-3567) 

Medlin, Dr. Y. L, Prof. Education, Stultz 203-B (276) 
(Sarah) 1300 Biltmore Dr. 28207 (333-1720) 

Miscally, Miss Mildred L, Dir. Publications and Placement, BH 

1020 Arosa Ave., Apt. 2, 28203 (332-3360) 

Morrison, John D., Assoc. Prof. Music, Balk Chapel (291) 
(Mildred) 1817 Maryland Ave. 28209 (375-2887) 

Newell, Mrs. Donna J., Asst. to Registrar, BH (211) 
(Jimmie) 58 Four Seasons Lane 28212 (537-7730) 

Newman, Dr. Paul B., Prof. English, McEwen 209 (334) 
(Anne) 2215 Hassell Place 28209 (333-1047) 

Noetling, Mrs. Veronica M., PBX Operator, BH 
(G. Gordon) 1404 Lyon Court 28205 (334-2022) 

Oates, Dr. Jimmie C. Prof. Physics, WSB 112(267) 
(Joyce) 3125 Connecticut Ave. 28205 (537-1660) 

O'Bar, Dr. Paul, Physician, Infirmary (223) 

(Peggy) 3327 Gresham Place 28211 (364-6335) 
(Nalle Clinic) 1350 S. Kings Dr. 28207 (372-8750) 

Pate, David L., Print Shop (210) 

(Ellen) 1029 Nations Dr. 28210 (523-6830) 

Pearson, Dr. Roger, Assoc. Prof. Sociology, Stultz 106 (270) 
(Marion) 21 15 Selwyn Ave. 28207 (375-8174) 

Pharr, Miss Phyllis A., Asst. Prof. Phys. Ed., Ovens (269) 
4943 Park Road, Apt. 104, 28209 (525-5003) 

Pope, Lynnwood, Security Officer, Blair (306) 
(Sarah) 809 Fugate Ave. 28205 (334-2908) 

Powell, Miss Gee Gee, Admissions Counselor, BH (212, 313) 
Apt. 57, Old Lantern Way 2821 2 (536-0524) 

Preyer, Dr. Norris W., Prof. History, Dana 304 (304) 
(Kathryn) 2028 Roswell Ave. 28207 (334-5022) 

Raines, Mrs. Mary P., Catalog Librarian (278) 
(Henry H.) 6212 Sharon Rd. 28210 (366-4848) 

Rayburn, Mrs. Coma, Nurse, Infirmary (223) 
153 Middleton Dr. 28207 (334-2443) 

Rayfield, Mrs. Willie E., PBX Operator, BH 

Valley Rd., RFD 1, Box 345, Matthews, N. C. 28105 (847-4312) 

Reeder, Mrs. Linda H., Instr. English, McEwen 212 (336) 
(Harold L.) 6606 Sunview Dr. 28210 (366-8836) 

Reichard, Dr. Richard W., Prof. History, Dana 308 (240) 
(Harriet) 1220 Providence Rd. 28207 (332-2536) 

Reynolds, Charles D. H., Asst. Prof. English, McEwen 203 (332) 
(Berk) 4005 Carmel Forest 2821 1 (364-2808) 

Reynolds, Mrs. Linda, Addressograph Op., Print Shop (210) 
(Barry) 2336 Barringer Dr. 28208 (376-3189) 

Richardson, Miss Caroline G., Asst. Prof. French, Dana 204 (254) 
221 Hawthorne Lane, Apt. 302, 28204 (333-3643) 

Robinson, Miss Jean, Secretary, Alumnae Office, BH (214) 
1324 Biltmore Dr. 28207 (332-5337) 

Rose, Mrs. Myrna H., Instr. French, FAC 227 (301) 
(Russell) 1344-B Green Oaks Lane 28205 (536-7776) 

Samuelson, Paul, Admissions Counselor, BH (212, 313) 
(Jean) 549-B Wakefield Dr. 28209 (523-7416) 

Shealy, George A., Prof. Art, CH 200 (286) 

(Joyce) 1801 Carlanda Circle 28209 (523-1261) 

Shealy, Dr. Joyce H., Prof. Psychology, McEwen 11 (300) 
(George) 1801 Carlanda Circle 28209 (523-1261) 

Shumaker, Dr. James D., Assoc. Prof. Philosophy, Dana 112 (235) 
(Rita) 2200 Selwyn Ave. 28207 (375-1007) 

Sica, Aleo, Asst. Prof. Music, FAC 223 (290) 
(Cindy) 1019Circlewood Dr. 28211 (364-4917) 

Smith, Miss Mary Thomas, Asst. Prof. Education, Stultz 206 (203) 
3526 Windsor Dr. 28209 (523-8855) 

Smylie, Dr. John E., President, BH (216, 217) 
(Cornelia) 2148 Selwyn Ave. 28207 (376-5708) 

Southern, Mrs. Elizabeth, Secretary to Dean of College BH (234) 
(John C.) 4807 Pandora Court 28212 (536-7040) 

Squires, Thomas O., Post Office (311) 

(Mary) 5103 Randolph Rd. 28211 (366-0158) 

Stegner, Dr. George A., Prof. Music, FAC (244) 
(Jackie) 6544 Folger Dr. 28211 (366-6714) 

Syfert, David V., Asst. Prof. Political Science, Dana 305 (252) 
(Pamela) 244 Hickory Hill, Matthews, N. C. 28105 (847-6813) 

Tinsley, Mrs. Mary C, Resident Counselor, Wallace Dorm (293) 

Tison, Mrs. Bryte W., Resident Counselor, Belk Dorm (258) 

Trimble, Dr. A. T., Jr., Prof. Chemistry, WSB 313 (207) 
(Mary Eleanor) 2325 Pender Place 28209 (332-6530) 

Tyson, Mrs. Cynthia H., Asst. Prof. English, McEwen 213 (337) 
(B. Floyd) 21 15 Providence Road 28211 (364-1056) 

Vessell, Mrs. Mildred M., Secretary, MR (201, 279) 

1233 Spruce Street 28203 (375-2933) 

Weiant, Dr. Edmund T., Prof. Russian, Dana 205 (256) 
(Barbara) 2500 Inverness Rd. 28209 (525-2092) 

Welton. Mrs. Sidney, Nurse, Infirmary (223) 
4738 Sharon Rd. 28211 (366-4191) 

Wentz, Mrs. Dorothy A., Bookkeeper, Business Office, BH (221, 

2423 Milton Road 28215 (537-7502) 

Werner, Mrs. Barbara, Director of Public Information, BH (209) 
(David) 616 Camrose Dr. 28215 (536-6066) 

West, Mrs. Sarah, Asst. Prof. Secretarial Practice, Blair (281) 
(John 0.) 171 N. Canterbury Rd. 2821 1 (366-4502) 

Williams, King, Security Officer, Blair (306) 

(Helen) 1705 Haw/thorne Lane 28205 (375-1309) 

Wolf, Charles M., Asst. Prof. Sociology, Stultz 105 (229) 
(Patricia) 2109 Bay Street 28205 (333-7495) 

Womble, W. Warren, Instr. French, FAC 218 (243) 
6201 Providence Road 28211 (364-6549) 

Wright, Dr. Elizabeth G., Prof. Religion, Dana 306 (242) 
2301 Croydon Rd., Apt. 4 28207 (377-6649) 

Senior Statistics 

Elizabeth Shirley Aberle 

Kappa Delta 
Kappa Delta (2,3,4), Junior Panhellenic (2), House Council (2), 
Student National Education Association (3), Kappa Delta Social 
Chairman (4), Day Student Council President (4), President's 
Board (4), Election Committee (4), Student Government Associa- 
tion (4), Kappa Delta Most Active Pledge (3), Who's Who Among 
American College and University Students (4). 

Emily Alice Albriton 

Alpha Delta Pi 
Concert Choir (1,2,3,4), Concert Choir Librarian (4), Concert 
Choir Accompanist (1,2,3,4), Dance Club (2,3,4), Dance Club 
Vice President (4), Dance Club Treasurer (3), Second Vice 
President of Resident Student Council (3), Alpha Delta Pi (1,2,3,4), 
Alpha Delta Pi House Chairman (3), Alpha Delta Pi Historian (4), 
Delta Omicron (1,2,3,4), Delta Omicron Second Vice President 
(4), Student Government Association Committee Chairman (3,4), 
Coronet Staff (3), Dana Scholar (2,3,4), Sigma Mu (4), Charlotte 
Music Club Award (3), Who's Who in American Colleges and 
Universities (4). 

Diane D. Anderson 

President German Club (2), Member of Charlotte Peace Coali- 
tion (3), Assistant Committee Chairman Symposium (3), "Eligible 
for Honors" (2). 

Susan Elizabeth Arnold 

Lila Byrd Brown 

Alpha Delta Pi 
Alpha Delta Pi (1.2,3,4), Alpha Delta Pi Guard (3), Alpha Delta 
Pi Executive Board Representative (4), Young Republicans (1,2), 
House Council (1,3), Tennis Club (1). 

Virginia Perrow Bruce 

Sara Glenn Barfield 

Alpha Delta Pi 
Alpha Delta Pi (1,2,3,4), Alpha Delta Pi Corresponding Secre- 
tary (3), Alpha Delta Pi Vice President for Efficiency (4), Senior 
Class Secretary-Treasurer (4), Second place winner in fiction 
for Signet (3). 

Marion Louise Bates 

Alpha Delta Pi 

Virginia Parham Berryman 

Alpha Gamma Delta 
Dance Club (1), House Council (1,2), Freshman Follies (1), 
Photography Staff of Coronet (2,3,4), Stunt Night (2,3), Biology 
Club Vice President (3), Biology Club President (4), Self-Study 
Committee (3), Alpha Gamma Delta Pledge Class President (3), 
Chairman of Parents' Weekend (4), Student National Education 
Association (4), Dean's List (4), Mary Morrow Scholarship (4), 

Tri-Hi-Y Advisor (4). 

IVIartha Ellen Bishop 

Karen Elizabeth Bittenbring 

Alpha Gamma Delta 
Stunt Night (1,2,4), Student National Education Association 
(2,3,4), History Club (2,3,4), Alpha Gamma Delta (3,4), Alpha 
Gamma Delta Corresponding Secretary (4), Dean's List (4). 

Annie Katrina Black 

Elizabeth Norris Breazeale 

Susan Sinclair Cacchioli 

Chi Omega 
Freshmen Follies Program Chairman (1), Chi Omega Sorority 
(1, 2, 3, 4), Freshman Advisory Council (2, 3), Recreation Asso- 
ciation (2, 3), President Recreation Association (4), Student Na- 
tional Education Association (2, 3), Vice-President Student Na- 
tional Education Association (3), Secretary Chi Omega Sorority 
(3), Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities (4). 

Emily Anne Callaham 

Alpha Delta Pi 
Queens Current (1), Alpha Delta Pi (1,2,3,4), Freshman Follies 
(1), State Student Legislature (3,4), Panhellenic Council (3), 
History Club (3), Stunt Night (4), Symposium Committee (4), 
Washington Semester (3), Dean's List (3,4). 

Patricia Ann Campbell 

Transfer: Southern Seminary Junior College, May Court (3), 
House Council (3,4), Alumnae Weekend (3), May Day Co-Chair- 
man (4). 

Jettrey Eppleye Carr 

Joyce Ketchie Carr 

Transfer: Greensboro College, Delta Omicron (4), Day Students' 
Association (4). 

Teresa Campbell Caton 

Alpha Gamma Delta 
Concert Choir (1,2,3,4), Young Republicans (1), Concert Choir 
Librarian (2), Delta Omicron Music Fraternity (2), Alpha Gamma 
Delta Sorority (2,3,4), Freshman Advisory Council (3), First 
Vice-President Delta Omicron (3), President Concert Choir (4), 
Delta Omicron Historian (4), Dana Scholar (3,4), Sigma Mu (3,4). 

Ann Dryden Clark 

Recreation Association (1,2,3,4), Young Republicans (1,2), Biol- 
ogy Club (2,3,4), Presidential Assistant to Recreation Associa- 
tion (3), Current, Photographer (4). 


Christie Cobourn 

Ciii Omeaa 
Freslimen Follies Program Chairman (1), Chi Omega Sorority 
(1,2,3,4), Freshman Advisory Council (2,3), Recreation Associa- 
ing Committee (3), Chairman State Student Legislature (4), 
Chairman Web (3), Chi Omega (2,3,4), History Club (3,4), Dean's 
List (4), Library Award (3), Educational Policy Curriculum Com- 
mittee (4). 

Sally Haden Cockrill 

Karen Elizabeth Conway 

Morgan School (1), Freshman Advisory Council (2), Vice-Presi- 
dent Sociology Club (3), President Sociology Club (4). 

Paula Miller Copenhaver 

Chi Omega 
Freshman Follies (1), Chi Omega Sorority (1,2,3,4), Coronet 
Staff (2), Resident Student Council (3), Judicial Board (4), So- 
cial Co-Ordinating Council (4), Chairman Chi Omega Sorority 

Laura DeBard Currie 

Web Committee (2), Queens Christian Association (3,4), Stunt 
Night (3,4). 

Patricia Anne Dwyer 

Julia Thoben Ferrill 

Kathryn Anne Fetter 

Concert Choir (1,3,4), Kappa Delta Sorority (1,2,3), Drama Club 
(1), Stunt Night (1,2,3,4), Morgan School Project (1), Signet 
Staff (3,4), Sigma Upsilon (3,4), House Council (3), Current Staff 
(4), Student Representative to English Department (3,4). 

Mary Kathryn Flanagan 

Alpha Gamma Delta 
Transfer: West Virginia University, Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority 
(3,4), Young Democrats (3,4), Secretary Young Democrats (4), 
Student National Education Association (4), Freshman Advisory 
Council, Delegate to North Carolina Young Democratic Conven- 
tion in Winston-Salem (4). 

Harriette Hodge Fulton 

House Council (1), Co-Chairman Student Self Study Committee 
(3), Chairman Campus Drives Committee (4), Vice-President 
Queens Christian Association (4), Dean's List (4), Boar's Head 
Bearer (4), Tri-Hi Y Advisor (3). 

Delia Sutherland Gaffney 

Phi Mu 
Phi Mu (2,3,4), Secretary Phi Mu (4), Delta Omicron (3,4), Trea- 
surer Delta Omicron (4), Public Events Committee (3,4), Concert 
Choir (2,3,4), Chairman Public Events Committee (4), May Court 
(4), Dana Scholar (3,4), Sigma Mu (3,4), Dean's List (4). 

Cynthia Gayle Gourley 

Chi Omega 
Dance Committee (1,2), Freshman Follies (1), Stunt Night (1), 
Chi Omega Sorority (1,2,3,4), May Day (2), Treasurer History 
Club (3), President History Club (4), Panhellenic Social Chair- 
man (4), Dean's List (4). 

Jacqueline Segar Epes Gravatt 

Alpha Gamma Delta 
Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority (1,2,3,4), Treasurer Recreation As- 
sociation (2), Queens Christian Association (2), President Junior 
Class (3), Student Legislature (3), President Belk Dorm (4), 
Resident Student Council (4), Student Life Committee (4), Who's 
Who in American Colleges and Universities 

Gayle Velva Green 

Chi Omega 
Stunt Night (1,2), Freshman Follies (1), Vista Volunteer (2), 
Psychology Club (2), History Club (3), Chi Omega Sorority 
(2,3,4), May Day (4). 

Mary Sue Groover 

Phi Mu 
Current (1,2), Symposium, Publicity (3,4), Secretary Queens 
Christian Association (3), Assistant Treasurer Phi Mu Sorority 
(3), World Service Chairman Phi Mu (4). 


Nancy Louise Gurley 

Alpha Gamma Delta 
House Council (1,2,3), Alpha Gamma Delta Corresponding Secre- 
tary (3), Psychology Club (3,4), Treasurer Psychology Club (3), 
Granddaughter's Club, Student National Education Association 
(2,3,4), President Student National Education Association (4) 
May Court (3). 

Anne Michele Guthier 

Alpha Gamma Delta 
Russian Club, Secretary Day Student Council (3), Alpha Gamma 
Delta Sorority, Second Vice-President Alpha Gamma Delta So- 

Elizabeth McKee Hansel 

Harriet Erwin Hart 

Biology Club (2,3,4), Business Manager Coronet (4), Dana Schol- 
ar (3,4), Sigma Mu (3,4). 

Marcia Lee Heckman 

Alpha Gamma Delta 
Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority (1,2,3,4), Treasurer Alpha Gamma 
Delta Sorority (2,3), First Vice-President Alpha Gamma Delta 
Sorority (3,4), Student National Education Association (3,4), 
Committee Chairman Queens Christian Association (4), Com- 
mittee Chairman Student Government Association (4). 

Charlotte Catherine Henson 

Freshman Writing Award (1), Dean's List (3,4), First Prize Fiction 
in Signet (3), Sigma Upsilon (3,4), Reader Boar's Head Cere- 
mony (4), Stunt Night Co-Chairman (4), Cast College Dramatics 
Production (2), Signet (3,4), Co-Chairman Student National Edu- 
cation Association (4). 

Mary Ann Hestor 

Ruth Lee Hill 

Alpha Gamma Delta 
Student National Education Association (1), Alpha Gamma Delta 
Sorority (1,2,3,4), Junior Panhellenic (1), Freshman Advisory 
Council (2,3), Coronet (2,3,4), Coronet, Copy Editor (3), Chair- 
man Educational Policy and Curriculum Committee (3), Trea- 
surer Panhellenic Council (3), Coronet, Editor (4), Judicial 
Board (4), Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities 
(4), Dean's List (3,4). 

Karen Marie Hoarty 

Dean's List (2,3,4), Washington Semester (3), Dana Scholar (4), 
Treasurer Web (4), Representative National Student Association 
Convention Atlanta (2), National Student Association Co-Ordina- 
tor Web (3). 

Elizabeth Wentworth Hodgdon 

Mary Henrietta Holliday 

Chemistry Club (1,2,3,4), Swatches, Editor (2), Day Student 
Representative Student Government Association 2), Dana Schol- 
ar (2). 

Cathy Lynn Home 

Linda Stevens Hosteller 

Concert Choir (1), Self-Evaluation Committee (3). 

Harriet Elizabeth Hudson 

Current (1), Dance Club (1,2,3,4), Secretary-Treasurer Dance 
Club (2), President Dance Club (3,4), Dana Scholar (1,2,3,4), 
Dean's List (3,4), Sigma Mu (3,4). 

Linda Louise Hudson 

Barbara Jeanne Hunt 

Chi Omega 
Psychology Club (2), Treasurer Chi Omega (3), Symposium Com- 
mittee (3,4), President Chi Omega (4), Panhellenic Council (4), 
Coronet (4). 

Mary Jane Hunter 

Mary Powell Johnson 

Alpha Delta Pi 

Nancy Ann Jones 

Kappa Delta 
Kappa Delta Sorority (1.2,3.4). Kappa Delta Guard (3,4). Student 
National Education Association (3). History Club (3). Dining Hall 
Committee (3). Self-Study Committee (3). Dean's List (4), 

Laura Ann Klrkland 

Stunt Night (1.2.3), House Council (3). Senior Class Used Book 
Sale (4), Coronet. Photography (4). 

Beth W. Lawson 

House Council (1,2.3). Modern Dance (1). Biology Club (2), 
Queens Christian Association Cabinet Member (2), Freshman 
Advisory Council (2), Current Photography (3,4), First Semester 
Dean's List (4). 

Sheryl Lynn Leverett 

Elizabeth W. Lieblich 

Phi Mu 
Freshman Follies (1), Stunt Night (1), Phi Mu (2,3,4), Admissions 
Committee (3), Phi Mu Projects Chairman (4), 

Nancy Ehzabeth Lindley 

Chi Omega 
Recreation Association (4), Vice President (4), Queens Christian 
Association (4), Cabinet (4). Student Life Committee (3.4). Stu- 
dent Government Association Career's Day Committee (4). Chi 
Omega (3,4), Rush Chairman (4), Tennis Team (3,4). 

Frances Robin Lindsey 

Phi Mu 
Freshman Advisory Council (2,3). Stunt Night Co-Chairman (2), 
Best Actress Award (4). Mayday Co-Chalrman (3). Chairman of 
Orientation (4). Chairman of Freshman Advisory Council (4), 
Chairman of Elections Committee (4). Phi Mu (2.3.4). Assistant 
Pledge Trainer (2). Pledge Trainer (3). Who's Who Among Ameri- 
can Universities and Colleges (4). 

Carroll Ann Lineberger 

Terry Sims IVIcGehee 

Marion Elizabeth IVIcGregor 

Dance Club (1). Signet (3.4), Independent Reading Committee 
(3). Symposium Steering Committee (3), Symposium Library Com- 
mittee (4). Sigma Upsilon (3.4). President (4), Mayday (4). 

Virginia Joyce McKey 

Cynthia Love IVIcMillon 

Alpha Gamma Delta 

Angie Lee IVIalone 

Alpha Gamma Delta 
Alpha Gamma Delta (1,2,3,4), President (4), Freshman Advisory 
Council (3), Current Staff (3), Chairman of Student Government 
Association Bulletin Committee (2), Dana Scholar (2,3,4), College 
Marshal (2,3,4), Sigma Mu (3,4). 

Sally Anne IVIarion 

Phi Mu 

Janet Len Martin 

Phi Mu 
Phi Mu (2,3,4), Who's Nothing. 

Margaret S. Milroy 

Phi Mu 
House Council (1), Freshman Advisory Council (2). Student 
Government Association Committee Chairman (3). Phi Mu Mem- 
bership Chairman (3), Psychology-Sociology Club Vice-President 
(3), President of Phi Mu (4). 

Deborah Lynn Myers 

Alpha Gamma Delta 
Alpha Gamma Delta (1,2,3,4), Guard (3), Chaplain (4), Freshman 
Follies (1), History Club (4), Stunt Night (1,2), Dean's List (2,4). 

Who's Nothing (4). 

Ridie Coleman Moon 

Linda Jean Moorman 

Mildred Brett Morris 

Kappa Delta 

Sally Boyd Muench 

Coronet Art Editor (4). 

Azucena Ocampos 

Margaret Marie Parkins 

Young Democrats Club (2.3.4). President (4), Outstanding College 
Young Democrat in North Carolina for 1969. Outstanding mem- 
ber in Mecklenburg County Young Democrats Club for 1969. 

Mary Catherine Parks 

Young Republicans (1,3). Phi Mu (1,2,3,4), Student Government 
Association class representative (4), WEB Core Committee (4), 
Washington Semester Program (3), Sigma Mu (3,4), Dean's List 

Juanita Annette Paul 

Kappa Delta (1,2), Biology Club (2,3,4), Dana Scholar (3,4), 
Honor's Program (3), Dean's List (3). 

Mary Lou Peterson 

Freshman Advisory Board (1,2,3). Vice-President History Club 
(3). Young Democrats (2.3). Co-Ordinator National Student As- 
sociation (4), President's Board (4), Student Legislature (4), 
Current Staff (3,4), Assistant Editor (4), Student Faculty Awards 
Committee (3), Admissions Committee (3). 

Elizabeth Louise Pitcher 

Alpha Delta Pi 
Alpha Delta Pi (1,2.3.4). Pledge Class Secretary (1). Treasurer 
(3). President (4). Competitive Swim Team (2), Queens Christian 
Association (3). Secretary-Treasurer of the Junior Class (3), 
Vice-President of the Senior Class (4). Elections Committee (4), 
Panhellenic Council (4). Parents Weekend Planning Committee 
(4), Boar's Head Herald (4). 

Mildred McCalla Poe 

Kappa Delta 
Secretary Chemistry Club (3.4), Kappa Delta. 

Peyton Ann Potter 

Phi Mu 
Phi Mu (1,2,3,4), Vice-President (4), May Court (1), Lysistrata 
(2), Dolphin Club (3), May Day Co-Chairman (4), Queens Scholar 
(1), Dana Scholar (2,3,4), Sigma Mu (3,4), Boar's Head Cast (4). 

Dale Allison Pratt 

Stunt Night (1,2). Spanish coaching (3,4), Photography staff of 
Coronet, Senior Representative to Elections Committee (4); Stu- 
dent Government Association Literary Committee (4). 

Julieann Pristash 

Concert Choir (1.2), Russian Club (1,2,3), History Club (3,4), Co- 
ordinator Environmental Teach-in (3), Current (3,4), Business 
Manager (4), Co-ordinator, Symposium 1970-1971, President's 
Board (4), Publications Board (4), Queens Scholar (1), Dana 
Scholar (2,3,4). Who's Who In American Universities and Col- 
leges (4). UNCC Internship in Community Education and Service 

Melissa Ellen Reese 

Phi Mu 
Resident Student Council Representative (1). House Council (1). 
Treasurer of Resident Student Council (2). Valkyrie President 
(2), Judicial Board Representative (3). May Day (3). Symposium 
Committee (3). Admissions Committee (3). Chairman of Judicial 
Board (4), Who's Who Among American Universities and Col- 
leges (4), Presidents Board (4), May Day (4), Orb and Sceptre 
(4), Phi Mu (4), 

Elizabeth Anne Rennolds 

Lauren Kimberley Reynolds 

Class Vice-President (1), Elections Committee (1), Tennis Team 
(1), Signet (3), May Day Court (4). 

Claire Wenzel Roberts 

Elizabeth Stuart Ross 

Alpha Gamma Delta 
Alpha Gamma Delta (2,3,4), Resident Student Council (2), Choir 
(1), Granddaughters Club (2,3). 

Psychology Club (4). 

Mary Adams Rybolt 

Susan Lee Schaeffer 

Elizabeth Lisle Schmidt 

Phi Mu 
Young Republicans (1), Class Representative to Student Gov- 
ernment Association (2), Secretary of Resident Student Council 
(3), President (4), Hostess for Symposium (3,4), Psychology 
Club (3), Queens European Tour (3), Phi Mu Rush Chairman 
(3), President's Board (4), Psychology-Sociology Club (4), Vall<y- 
rie, Secretary-Treasurer (2), Orb and Sceptre (4), Who's Who in 
American Universities and Colleges (4). 

Elizabeth Wilson Seay 

Concert Choir (1,2), National Student Association (3), Chorus 
(3), WEB Co-ordinator (4), President's Board (4), Student Life 
Committee (4), Symposium (4), Queens Christian Association 
Cabinet (4). 

Laura Ann Sharpe 

Mary Brown Shaw 

Phi Mu 

Elizabeth Brown Sheffield 

Alpha Gamma Delta 
Recreation Association Representative (1,2,4), Tennis Team (1, 
2,3,4), Choir (1,2,3,4), Dean's List (4), Presser Foundation IVIusic 

Mary Elizabeth Shelley 

Young Republicans (1,2,3), Dorm Devotions (2), Educational 
Policy and Curriculum Committee (3), Graduate Studies and 
Careers Committee (3), Student Center Committee (3), Current 
Circulation Manager (4), Queens Scholar (1), Delta Omicron 
(3,4), program chairman (4). 

Rebecca Beverly Shuford 

Susan Walker Siewers 

Alpha Delta Pi 
Stunt Night (1,2,4), Freshman Follies (1), D.A. Society (1), Alpha 
Delta Pi (2,3,4), Pledge Trainer (3), First Vice-President (4), 
Class President (4), Awards Committee (4), Parent's Weel<end 
Committee (4). 

Gayle Singer Shepard 

Dora-Weston Spady 

Concert Choir (1,2,3,4), Drama Club (1,2), Delta Omicron (4), 
Music Educators National Conference '70-'71, Secretary-Treasur- 
er, Stunt Night (3). 

Sigma Mu (3,4). 

Terry MIchele Spessard 

Donna Sue Turner 

Chi Omega 
Stunt Night (1), Freshman Follies (1), Vista Volunteer (2) Psy- 
chology Club (2), History Club (3), Gas House Gang (4) Chi 
Omega (1,2,3,4), Who's Nothing (4). 

Marsha Turner 

Chi Omega 
fo'i"!>^L^'^' <^'' Freshman Follies (1), May Day (1), Dana Scholar 
(2,3,4) Symposium Committee (2), Student Government Associa- 
tion Class Representative (3), Admissions Committee (3) Publici- 
ty Committee (3), Development Committee (4), Chi Omeaa- 
Sigma Mu. ^ ' 

Cecelia Joanne Tily 

Sally Lynn Via 

Alpha Delta Pi 
Alpha Delta Pi, Assistant Treasurer (3), 
(4), Freshman Follies (1), Stunt Night. 

Membership Chairman 

Marilyn Elizabeth Vogt 

Dance Committee (1,2), History Club (3,4), 
(1), Stunt Night (2), Model City Volunteer (2). 

Freshman Follies 

Sally Marie Walker 

Columbia College (1), House Council (4), Dean's List (2,3) Dana 
Scholar (3,4). 

Brenda Gail Waller 

Chi Omega 
Chi Omega (1,2,3,4), Social Co-ordinating Board (2,4), Psvcholoav 
Club (4). ^ 

Karen Irene Warder 

Chi Omega 
Chi Omega; Who's Nothing. 

Betsy Vanieta Way 

Stunt Night (1,3,4), Dolphin Club (3,4), Secretary (4). 

Ann Leslie Webb 

SallieTrippe Whalen 

Student Government Association (1), Class Vice-President (2), 
Resident Student Council First Vice-President (3), Judicial Board 
(3), Student Life Committee (4), Symposium Committee Chair- 
man, Valkyrie (2), Orb and Sceptre (3,4), Queens Scholar (1), 
Dana Scholar (2,3,4), Who's Who Among American Universities 
and Colleges. 

Eliza Edings Whaley 

Marilyn Williams 

Dance Club (1,2,3,4), Biology Club (1,2), CIRUNA (1,2,3,4), 
Young Democrats (1,2,3), Morgan School Tutoring Program (1), 
- Treasurer of Young Democrats (2), Publicity Chairman of Young 
Democrats (3), Symposium Committee (2,3,4), Chemistry Club 
(2,3,4), Chairman of Junior Class Project (3), State Student 
Legislature (3), Chairman of CIRUNA (4). 

Susan W. Wiseman 

Who's Nothing (3,4), Social Standards Committee (1). 

Michelle Elizabeth Wrisley 

Phi Mu 

Student Directory 

Aberle, Shirley Elizabeth — Sr. — 334 Northgate Rd., Concord 
North Carolina 28025 

Adams, Charlotte Hawpe 
burg, Virginia 


Soph. — 106 W. Market St., Lees- 

Adcock, Alma Gayle — Jr. — 4607 Hope Valley, Durham, 
North Carolina 27707 

Albritton, Emily Alice 
bam a 36420 


Meadowlawn, Andalusia, Ala- 

Alexander, Teresa — Fr. — 2015 Grand Prix Drive N E-. Atlanta. 
Georgia 30345 

Allison. Josephine Beattie — Fr- — 400 Cleveland St., Green- 
ville. South Carolina 29601 

Altman. Sherrill Olivia — Jr. — 1363 Kathwood. Columbia, 
South Carolina 29606 

Benson. Rebecca Carolina — Soph. — 1301 Fair Road. States- 
boro, Georgia 30458 

Berry, Barbara Lanier — Fr. — 2579 Fremond Avenue, Columbus, 
Georgia 31906 

Berryman, Virginia Parham — Sr. — 206 Jewel St., New Or- 
leans, Louisiana 70124 

Anderson, Diane Doresett — Sr. — 1031 Stamper Rd., Fayette- 
ville. North Carolina 28305 

Bethune, Julia Slade — Fr. — 165 Red Fox Run, Athens, Georgia 

Apiluckpanich, Supaluek — Fr. — 1752 / 39 Charodenakorn Rd.. 
Dhonburi. Thailand 

Arey. Alice Laurabel — Fr. — 475 Caldwell Drive S.E.. Concord, 
North Carolina 28025 

Bishop, Martha Ellen — Sr. — 675 Ocean Ave. Apt. 6F, West End, 
New Jersey 

Bisselle, Mary Elizabeth — Soph. — 9509 Seddon Road, Beth- 
esda, Maryland, 20034 

Arnett, Melissa Lee — Fr. — 4636 Alta Vista Way, Knoxville, 
Tennessee 37919 

Arnold, Susan Elizabeth — Sr. — 2203 Cheryl Dr., Jacksonville, 
Florida 32217 

Bittenbring, Karen Elizabeth — Sr. — 879 N. Madison St., 
Arlington, Virginia 22205 

Black, Annie Katrina — Sr. — 1805 Irma Street. Charlotte. 
North Carolina 28208 

Arthur. Mary Catherine — Soph. — 3844 Wieuca Road N.E.. At- 
lanta. Georgia 30305 

Blair. Angela Dianne — Fr. — 3421 S. Brookwood Road. Birming- 
ham, Alabama 35223 

Atkinson, Sarah Louise — Soph. — 49 Elaine Terrace, Yonkers, 
New York 10701 

Blouin, Claudia Gay — Fr. — 1202 Sorrento Rd., Florence, 
Alabama 35630 

Austin, Anita Jayne — 2027 Sherwood Ave., Charlotte, North 

Austin, Edith Magee — Fr. — 3954 Mindin Rd., Memphis, Tennes- 
see 381 11 

Bode. Joanne Marie — Jr. — 3388 Wood Valley Rd.. Atlanta, 
Georgia 30327 

Borden, Karen L. — Fr. — 130 Burnett Dr., Spartanburg. South 
Carolina 29302 

Ayers. Dorothy Annette — Fr. — 419 Carolwood Lane. Atlanta. 
Georgia 30342 

Boswell. Denise Ann — Soph. — 336 Oakdale Rd.. Rocky 
Mount, North Carolina 

Babb, Carol Griswell — Soph. — 7500 Kensington St.. Pitts- 
burgh. Pennsylvania 15221 

Boyd, Cleo Leiand — Fr. — 1103 Landgrave St.. Georgetown. 
South Carolina 29440 

Bagby, Priscilla Frances — Jr. — 2625 Edgewood Rd., Tampa, 
Florida 33609 

Bagnal, Margaret Garland — Fr. — 17 Frank Clarke Street, 
Sumter, South Carolina 29150 

Bailey, Patricia Jean — Jr. — 258 Scenic Drive N.E., Concord, 
North Carolina 28205 

Baker, Cassandra Elizabeth — Soph. — 1801 Forest Dr., 
Camden, South Carolina 29020 

Baker, Miriam Anne — Jr. — 4404 Random Court, Annandale, 
Virginia 22003 

Barclitt. Millie Ruth — Fr. — Route 7. Box 323. Florence. Alabama 

Barfield, Sara Glenn — Sr. — 2514 Foley Dr.. Columbus. Georgia 

Barnett. Linda Kay — Fr. — 3620 Paces Valley Road N.W.. 
Atlanta. Georgia 30327 

Bates. Marian Louise — Sr. — 727 Pleasant St., Worcester, 
Massachusetts 01602 

Beasley, Eugenia Leigh — Fr. — 403 McDaniel Ave., Greenville, 
South Carolina 29601 

Beaty, Elizabeth Fewell — Jr. — 1045 Evergreen Cir., Rock Hill, 
South Carolina 29730 

Beckford, Patricia Ruth — Jr. — 128 36th Avenue S.. Jackson- 
ville Beach, Florida 32050 

Boyd, Paula Elizabeth — Soph. — Box 117, Flat Rock, North 
Carolina 28731 

Boyte, Rebecca Louanne — Soph. — 636 Orme Circle N.E., 
Atlanta, Georgia 30306 

Bradley, Margaret Johns — Fr. — 5 Elmhurst Rd.. Baltimore. 
Maryland 21210 

Brady. Elena Ryan — Jr. — P. O. Box 8, Afton. Virginia 22920 

Brady. Mary Susan — Fr. — 602 Jackson Ave.. Lexington, Vir- 
ginia 24450 

Brazier, Nancy McClay — Jr. — 4811 Henrico Ave.. Richmond, 
Virginia 23229 

Breazeale, Elizabeth Norris — Sr. — 133 E. Parkins Mill Rd., 
Greenville, South Carolina 29607 

Bridgers, Nancy Kelly — Fr. — 717 N. Poplar St., Aberdeen, 
North Carolina 28315 

Brock, Margaret McAllister — Soph. — No. 1 Fort Stephenson 
Place. Lookout Mountain, Tennessee 

Broadway, Kathryn Leigh — Sr. — 201 Huntley Place, Charlotte, 
North Carolina 28207 

Brown, Lila Byrd — Sr. — 3500 Timuquana Rd., Jacksonville, 
Florida 32210 

Bryant, Janis Marie — Fr. — 4902 Pines Lakes Dr., Myrtle 
Beach, South Carolina 29577 

Behrens, Kay Laura — Soph. — 31 Sheridan Ave.. Metuchen. 
New Jersey 

Bell, Mary Lou — Sr. — Box 285 Limestone Campus, Gaffney, 
South Carolina 29340 

Bryen, Rebecca Jane — Jr. — 506 Alpine Dr., Franklin Lakes, 
New Jersey 07417 

Bruce, Virginia Perrow — Sr. — 1509 Cedar Lane, Richmond, 
Virginia 23225 

Bullard, Esther Rebecca — Sr. — 635 McAlway Rd., Charlotte, 
North Carolina 28207 

Burnett, Nancy Elizabeth — Soph. — 221 Pineville Rd., Spartan- 
burg, South Carolina 29302 

Burns, Allison — Fr. — 84 St. Albans Fairway, Memphis, Tennes- 
see 381 11 

Butt, Sara Florence — Fr. — 290 Hclden Ave., Orlando, Florida 

Byers, Susan Yvonne — Jr. — Box 83, Hinesville, Georgia 31313 

Cacchioli, Susan Sinclair — Sr. — 101 Fernwood Ave., Hartwell, 
Georgia 30643 

Calhoun, Ann Holiday — Fr. — 2986 Nancy Creek Road N.W., 
Atlanta, Georgia 30327 

Calhoun, Barbara Jeanne — Jr. — 5639 Rebel Dr., Charlotte, 
North Carolina 28207 

Callaham, Emily Anna — Sr. — 511 Cedar Rock St., Pickens, 
South Carolina 29671 

Callaway, Cynthia — Soph. — 424 Young St., Selma, Alabama 

Camp, Pamela Lee — Fr. — 143 Cunningham Dr., Carrollton, 

Campbell, Allison Newton — Fr. — 1622 Pine Valley Rd., 
Milledgeville, Georgia 31061 

Campbell, Dorothy Ruth — Soph. — 1534 Gunn St., Charlotte, 
North Carolina 28207 

Campbell, Patricia Ann — Sr. — 4602 Northridge Street N.E., 
Roanoke, Virginia 24012 

Carpenter, Blanche Rebecca — Jr. — 227 Sevens Oaks, Green- 
ville, South Carolina 29605 

Carpenter, Nancy Ann — 4741 Hedgemore Dr. Apt. 4-D, Char- 
lotte, North Carolina 

Carr, Jeffrey Eppleye — Sr. — Route 5 Garth Rd., Charlottes- 
ville, Virginia 2290 

Carroll, Catherine Christine — Soph. — 3210 Delwynn Dr., 
Wilmington, Delaware 19803 

Carson, Abigail Powers — Fr. — 3835 Bonwood Fr., Charlotte, 
North Carolina 28207 

Carter, Jeannie Carol — Fr. — P. O. Box 302, Jasper, Florida 

Cash, Elizabeth McClure — Jr. — 350 Hillside Dr., Atlanta, 
Georgia 30305 

Caton, Teresa Campbell — Sr. — 2111 Boulevard Heights, 
Anderson, South Carolina 29621 

Chandler, Heather Elizabeth — Fr. — 885 Wesley Drive N.W., 
Atlanta, Georgia 30305 

Clark, Ann Dryden — Sr. — Box 242, Locust Valley, New York 

Clark, Kim Montgomery — Sr. — 110 Meadowbrook Dr., Somer- 
ville. New Jersey 08876 

Clayton, Mary Cordelia — Jr. — 2524 Shrewsbury Rd., Orlando, 
Florida 32803 

Clement, Judith Holcomb — Soph. — 108 Fenton Place, Dan- 
ville, Virginia 24541 

Cobb, Martha Garrett — Fr. — Box 66, Pinetops, North Caro- 
lina 27864 

Coblentz, Susan MacPherson — Soph. — Route 1 Box 256, 
Raphine, Virginia 24472 

Cobourn, Christie Jene — Sr. — 3459 Pierce St., Hollywood 
Florida 33021 

Cochrane, Linda Lee — Jr. — 1414 Abbey Place Apt. 3, Char- 
lotte, North Carolina 28207 

Cockrill, Sally Haden — Sr. — 3777 Lott St., Endwell, New 

Colangelo, Carmela Gail — Soph. — 1 Avon Lane, East Hills 
L.I., New York 11577 

Coleman, Suzan — Soph. — 116 Lee St., Statesboro, Georgia 

Conner, Janice Anne — Jr. — 5704 Apache, Louisville, Ken- 
tucky 40207 

Conway, Karen Elizabeth — Sr. — 6200 S.W. 116 St., Miami 
Florida 33156 

Cooke, Marcia Antoinette — Soph. — 457 Kennebec St. No 3A 
Oxon Hill, Maryland 20021 

Coombs, Jane Elizabeth — Fr. — 2107 Burns Lane, Camden, 
South Carolina 29020 

Copenhaver, Paula Miller — Sr. — 421 Doric Dr., Beaconsfield, 

Corriher, Anne Lewis — Fr. — 432 W. D Street Ext., Newton, 
North Carolina 28658 

Costan, Ann Marie — Sr. — 1507 Langhorne Rd., Lynchburg, 
Virginia 24503 

Covington, Helen Pamela — Jr. — 909 Rockford Rd., High 
Point, North Carolina 27260 

Craig, Susan Scott — Soph. — 125 Huntley Place, Charlotte, 
North Carolina 28207 

Crawford, Bonnie Lynn — Jr. — P. O. Box 1161, Greenwood, 
South Carolina 29646 

Crawford, Caroline Whitehead — Jr. — 7029 South Woodlawn, 
Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022 

Crawford, Nancy Wendell — Jr. — 5840 Solway St., Pittsburg, 
Pennsylvania 15217 

Crenshaw, Carol Louise — Jr. — K. Milliken Ave., Drayton, 
South Carolina 29333 

Crockett, Frances Ann — Soph. — 3031 Gardner Park Dr., 
Gastonia, North Carolina 28052 

Crook, Virginia Reed — Soph. — 2388 Erskine Ave., Charleston, 
South Carolina 29407 

Crosland, Mary Elizabeth — Jr. — 104 Belmont Ave., Green- 
ville, South Carolina 29601 

Cross, Mary Cathryn — Soph. — 2 Adams St., Fort Bragg, North 
Carolina 28307 

Crowther, Julia Ellen — Soph. — 5336 Heritage Lane, Kingsport, 
Tennessee 37664 

Cubberley, Jane Hart — Jr. — Shady Oaks Rd., Chester Springs 
RD1, Pennsylvania 19425 

Cummings, Margaret Brooks — Jr. — 2 Mystic Lane, Darien, 
Connecticut 06820 

Cunningham, Patricia — Fr. — 6244 Preston Creek, Dallas, 
Texas 75240 

Currie, Laura Debard — Sr. — 219 Park Place, Pine Bluff, 
Arkansas 71601 

D'Albora. Noretta Marie — Soph 
Florida 32922 

Danko. Stephanie Ann 


— 108 Beverly Rd., Cocoa, 
1530 Doxbury Rd., Maryland 

Oashiell, Helen Berkley — Soph. — 2703 Nancy St., Columbus, 
Georgia 31906 

Davis, Diane Adair — Soph. — 616 E. Brovu Rd., Lookout Moun- 
tain. Tennessee 

Davis, Elizabeth Hobble 
South Carolina 29150 

Davis, Roma Joeanne — 
Georgia 30033 

Day. Dianne Louise 
Atlanta, Georgia 30305 

Soph. — 24 Buford St., Sumter, 
— Fr. — 2275 Leafmore Dr., Decatur. 
Soph. — 4197 N. Stratford Road N.E., 

DeBerry. Jacquelyn Elizabeth — Soph. 
Florence. South Carolina 29501 

1310 Rutledge Rd.. 

DeMarco, Jean Lisa — Fr. — 1914 Winchester Rd., Cleveland, 
Ohio 44124 

Dennis, Kathryn Louise — Soph. — 1008 Ashley Rd., Savannah. 
Georgia 31404 

Devane, Anne Smith — Soph — 516 W. Lowrance Ave.. Moores- 
ville. North Carolina 28115 

Dickens, Colleen Anna 
Virginia 22901 

Divine, Mallory Irene — 
Georgia 31705 

Soph. — Rio Rd.. Charlottesville. 

Fr. — 1616 Marbury Lane, Albany. 

Dix. Ellen Quinton — Jr. — Eastville. Virginia 23347 

3209 Majestic Circle. Avondale 

Dmytryx, Elissa Jan — Fr. - 
Estates, Georgia 30002 

Dorman, Katherine Maclear 
Atlanta, Georgia 30305 


2627 Birchwood Dr., 

Dow, Barbara Dean 
Georgia 30601 

Fr. — 230 Pinewood Circle, Athens, 

Dubose, Stephanie Richards — Fr. 
South Carolina 

508 Chestnut St. Clinton, 

Dunlap, Betsy Coker — Soph. — 412 Goodson Road, Hartsville, 
South Carolina 

Dwyer, Patricia Anne — Sr. — 3003 Lake Shore Dr.. Michigan 
City, Indiana 46360 

Dyer. Martha Booth — Soph. — 801 S. Union Ave., Havre De 
Grace, Maryland 21078 

Eaddy, Mary Eleanor — Soph. — Richardson Ave., Hemingway, 
South Carolina 29554 

Early, Katie Oliver — Fr. — 3470 Waynoka, Memphis, Tennessee 

Edwards, Caryl Lynn — Fr. 
California 92506 

5463 Provence Place, Riverside. 

Edwards, Greta Elizabeth — Soph. — 250 3rd Ave., N.E., Hickory, 
North Carolina 28601 

Edwards, Mary Lynn — Soph 
City. Florida 33525 

Edwards, Sara Elizabeth 
tairie, Louisiana 70005 

312 E. Southview Ave.. Dade 
Soph. — No. 15 Pelham Dr., Me- 

Edwards, Sara Morgan 
North Carolina 28211 

Jr. — 2449 Red Fox Trail, Charlotte, 

Elliott, Patricia Lynn — Fr. — 809 Linda Lane. Charlotte. North 
Carolina 28211 

Elliott. Susan Gail — Soph. — 2612 Carson Dr.. Columbus, 
Georgia 31906 

Emerson. Joanne — Jr. — 1428 Thornwell. Rock Hill. South 
Carolina 29730 

Eros. Kathryn Belle — Jr. — 3198 Haversham Rd.. N.W.. Atlanta, 
Georgia 30305 

Erwin, Sue Carlanne — Jr. — 112 Pinetree Circle, Spartanburg, 
South Carolina 29302 

Estes. Sylvia Rae — Soph. — 1328 Abbey Place, Charlotte, 
North Carolina 28209 

Eubank. Deborah Jean — Jr. — 707 Devon Road. Richmond 
Virginia 23229 

Evans. Jill Lene — Fr. — 500 Westover Dr. N.W.. Atlanta. 
Georgia 30305 

Farmer. Rebecca Brunson — Soph. — 804 Dunbarton Dr.. 
North Augusta. South Carolina 29841 

Felts. Pamela Susan — Soph. — 109 Whippany Rd.. Whippany. 
New Jersey 

Ferrell, Janet Lou — Soph. — 345 Norfolk Ave., Lynchburg, Va. 
Virginia 24503 

Ferrill. Julia Thoben — St. — 6125 Edgewood Terrace. Alex- 
andria, Virginia 22307 

Fetter, Kathryn Anne — Sr. — 3836 Somerset Dr.. Durham. 
North Carolina 27707 

Finch. Florence Elizabeth — Fr. — 517 Manor Ridge Dr. N. W.. 
Atlanta. Georgia 30305 

Finlayson. Margaret Isabel — Fr. — 2015 Woodbine Terrace. 
N.E., Atlanta, Georgia 30345 

Fischer. Nancy Helen — Soph. — 3037 W. Queen Lane, Phila- 
delphia, Pennsylvania 19129 

Fitzgerald, Sharon Kay — Fr. — 208 East Dr.. Princeton. W. 
Virginia 24740 

Flannagan. Christine Cronin — Jr. — 320 Granite St.. Henderson, 
North Carolina 27536 

Flanagan, Mary Kathryn — Sr. — 915 B. St.. Ceredo. West 

Flegas. Athena Tina — Soph. — 102 Southdale Dr.. Laurens. 
South Carolina 29360 

Floyd. Betty Frances — Soph. — 404 Williams St.. Lake City. 
South Carolina 29560 

Floyd. Marie — Soph — 2727 Capital Dr.. Charlotte. North 

Floyd, Maureen Elizabeth — Fr. — 1388 Sheridan Rd. N.E., 
Atlanta, Georgia 30345 

Forehand, Linda Lee — Fr. — 4419 Williams Rd., Lynchburg. 
Virginia 24503 

Foreman. Karen Lee — Fr. — 4221 Wilcomico Ave.. Beltsville. 
Maryland 20705 

Foreman. Margaret Jane — Soph. — 3001 Sedgewick Dr.. 
Lynchburg. Virginia 24503 

Foster. Mary Sadler — Jr. — 1900 Arlington St.. Orlando, 
Florida 32805 

Franklin, Mary Ellen — Fr. — 1442 Powder Springs Rd.. Marietta. 
Georgia 30060 

Frisbie. Penelope Louise — Soph. — 11003 Candlelight Lane, 
Potomac, Maryland 20854 

Fullerton. Susan Dianne — Fr. — Route 6 Box 86, Henderson- 
ville, North Carolina 28739 

Fulmer, Winifred Agnes — Fr. — 708 Kipling Dr., Columbia 
South Carolina 29205 

Fulton, Harriette Hodge — Sr. — 205 S. Columbia Dr. Decatur 
Georgia 30030 

Gaffney, Delia Sutherland — Sr. — 111 Broughton Dr., Green- 
ville, South Carolina 29609 

Gamble, Charity Rebecca — Jr. — 916 Marion Sims Drive, 
Lancaster, South Carolina 29720 

Gandee, Betsy Jane — Soph. — 531 Lone Palm Drive, Lakeland 
Florida 33803 

Gardner, Janet Schley — Fr. — 909 Sixth Avenue, Albany 
Georgia 31705 

Gaskin, Mary Elizabeth — Soph. — 608 Greenway Dr., Florence, 
South Carolina 

Gaston, Patricia Claire — Jr. — 1361 Council Bluff Dr., N.E., 
Atlanta, Georgia 30345 

Cause, Susan Cornelia — Fr. — 440 Palm Island, SE Clearwater 
Florida 33515 

Gilbert, Cynthia Sue — Fr. — 2482 Dellwood Dr., Atlanta 
Georgia 30305 

Gilman, Gayle Marie — Soph. — 516 Live Oak Ave., Kingstree 
South Carolina 29556 

Glenn, Carolyn Nash — Fr. — 31 E. 44th Street, Savannah, 

Glover, Victoria Hewitt — Jr. — 13035 Nevada Street, Coral 
Gables, Florida 33156 

Rt. 3 Box 303-G, Wilmington, 

Godwin, Jane Ward — Jr. 
North Carolina 28401 

Goodman, Jane Catherine — Fr. — 901 Fairmont Avenue, Salis- 
bury, North Carolina 28144 

Goodson, Judy Garrett — Soph. — 310 Newman Street, Franklin 
Georgia 30217 

Gourley, Cynthia Gayle — Sr. — 2133 Woodland Ave., Burlington 
North Carolina 27215 

Graham, Anita Margery — Fr. — 4640 Pine Grove Court, Colum- 
bia, South Carolina 29206 

Gravatt, Jacqueline Segar E. — Sr. — 101 Morris Street, Black- 
stone, Virginia 23824 

Green, Adele Headley — Fr. — Muir Station Road - R.R. 9, 
Lexington, Kentucky 40505 

Green, Gayle Velve — Sr. — 208 E. Tharpe St., Tallahassee 
Florida 32301 

Green, Margaret Elaine — Jr. — 1 10 Fernwood Lane, Greenville 
South Carolina 29607 

Green, Sarah Frances — Jr. — Box 185, Clarkton, North Carolina 

Green, Susan Clark — Fr. — P. O. Box 185, Clarkton, North 
Carolina 28433 

Griffin, Jan Elizabeth — Jr. — 3514 Paces Place, N.W., Atlanta 
Georgia 30327 

Griffin, Martha Faye — Jr. — 5116 Evelyn Byrd Rd., Richmond, 
Virginia 23225 


Groover, Mary Sue — Sr. — 4456 Doyle St., Tucker, Georgia 
30084 " 

Gross, Elaine Rutledge — Fr. — 117 Berkely Road, Avondale 
Estates, Georgia 30002 

Gurley, Nancy Louise — Sr. — Box 25, Indian Trial, North 
Carolina 28079 

Guthier, Anne Michele — Sr. — 722 Jerusalem Dr., Cohasset 
Massachusetts 02025 

Gwynn, Mary Brevard — Fr. — P. Q. Box 12, Tallahassee 
Florida, 32303 

Hagins, Mary Elizabeth — Fr. — 501 Chestnut Street, Camden 
South Carolina 29020 

Haien, Gretchen Anne — Soph. — 220 Sunridge Road, Pitts- 
burgh, Pennsyvlania 15238 

Haley, Susan — Fr. — 960 Vistavia Circle, Decatur, Georaia 

Hall, Janice Hope — Soph. — 3531 Sharon Road, Charlotte 
North Carolina 

Hammer, Mary Jacqueline — Fr. — 1115 Applewood Circle, 
Signal Mountain, Tennessee 37377 

Hancock, Julie Bost — Fr. — 2716 Robin Hood Road, Winston- 
Salem, North Carolina 27106 

Hankins, Mary Stuart — Fr. — 4411 Williamsburg Road, Greens- 
boro, North Carolina 27410 

Hanna, Cynthia Lee— 1226 S. Hawthorne Road, Winston-Salem 
North Carolina 27103 

Hansel, Elizabeth McKee — Sr. — 401 Prospect Ave., Cranford, 
New Jersey 07016 

Hansen, Elesa Marie — Fr. — 4040 Red Rock Lane, Sarasota, 

Harbin, Paige Arzilla — Soph. — Rt. 9 Manly Dr., Greenville 
South Carolina 29609 

Hardin, Jane Leslie — Soph. — 843 Alderman Road Apt 144 
Jacksonville, Florida 3221 1 

Harrington, Elizabeth May — Soph. — Honaker, Virginia 

Harrison, Carey — Fr. — 3567 Paces Valley Road, N.W. Atlanta 
Georgia 30327 

Harrison, Helen Olivia — Jr. — 711 Nelson Street, Greenwood 
South Carolina 29646 

Hart, Harriet Erwin — Sr. — 310 Cedar Street, Mooresville 
North Carolina 28115 

Hastings, Valerie Marie — Soph. — 3029 Bransford Road 
Augusta, Georgia 30904 

Hawk, Martha Diane — Fr. — 3562 Knollwood Drive N.W Atlanta 
Georgia 30305 

Hay, Charlotte Hanckel — Jr. — Coburg Box 3128, Charleston 
South Carolina 29407 

Hayes, Lu Pendleton — Soph. — 4805 Northway Dr. N.E Atlanta 
Georgia 30305 

"^':^!'!]'- ^^"^'^ '-^^ — Sr. — 2 Virginia Court, Huntington, 
West Virginia 25701 ^ 

Heen, Anne Kirsten Marie — Soph. — Apt. No. 1, 385 N. Graham 
Street, Memphis, Tennessee 38117 

Hefner, Jane Brown — Fr. — 218 Bost Street, Stafesville, 
North Carolina 

Hempstead. Fran Worley — Fr. — 2935 Auburn Ave., Columbus. 
Georgia 31906 

Henson, Charlotte Catherine — Sr. — 1105 Country Club Dr.. 
Greensboro. North Carolina 27408 

Hess. Patricia Lynn — Jr. — 870 Hornig Rd.. Lancaster. Pennsyl- 
vania 17601 

Hester. Mary Ann — Sr. — 12 Phillips Lane. Greenville. South 

Hill. Ruth Lee — Sr. — 300 Lee Ave., Chickamauga. Georgia 

Hinson. Nancy Ann — Jr. — 201 N. Hampton Street. Lancaster, 
South Carolina 29720 

Hirt. Marcia Reed — Soph. — 5208 Pembroke Place. Pittsburgh, 

Hoarty. Karen Marie — Jr. — 2018 Shenandoah. Toledo. Ohio 

Hobble. Frances Nelson 
lotte, North Carolina 

Soph. — 4920 Hadrian Way, Char- 

Hodde, Janet Elizabeth — Fr. — 2384 Silver Palm Road. West, 
Boca Raton, Florida 33432 

Hodgdon, Elizabeth Wentworth — Sr. — 15 Devon Blvd.. Devon. 
Pennsylvania 19333 

Hodge, Katherine Amelia — Fr. — 321 W. Hampton. Sumter. 
South Carolina 29150 

Hodges. Cynthia Hilda — Jr. — Box 98. Fairmont. North Carolina 

Hodges, Elizabeth Sydnor — Soph. — 211 Goodale Road, 
Baltimore, Maryland 21212 

Hodges. Rebecca Marion — Soph. — 177 N. Central Avenue. 
Belmont. North Carolina 28012 

Holbrooks. Hazelle Maureen — Fr. — Crosby Road - Sheffields. 
Greenwood. South Carolina 29646 

Holcomb, Susan Jean — Fr. — 131 Hillandale. Toccoa. Georgia 

Holliday. Mary Henrietta — Sr. — 1800 Wensley Drive. Charlotte. 
North Carolina 28210 

Hollis, Winifred Rader — 
Florida 32803 

Holt, Lucy Dancy — Fr. 
Atlanta. Georgia 30305 

. — 2700 Norfolk Road. Orlando. 
521 Peachtree Battle Ave. N.W,, 

Holton. Patricia Ann — Jr. — 5029 Hermitage Drive, Raleigh, 
North Carolina 27609 

Home. Cathy Lynn — Sr. — 33A Eagan Avenue. Langley AFB. 
Virginia 23365 

Horner. Sandy Susan — Soph. 
Beach. Florida 33480 

232 Southland Road. Palm 

Hoskins. Carolyn Jane — Fr. — 310 Tyne Avenue. Murfreesboro. 
Tennessee 37130 

Hostetter. Linda Stevens — Sr. — 1054 Tenby Road. Berwyn. 
Pennsylvania 19312 

Howard. Frances Ann — Soph. 
Myers. Florida 33902 

1281 Caloosa Drive. Fort 

Huber. Kathleen Elizabeth — Jr. — Dogwood Circle, Moultrie, 
Georgia 31768 

Hudson. Flora Virginia — Fr. — 3 Round Pond Road. Greenville. 
South Carolina 29607 

Hudson, Harriet Elizabeth — Sr. — 1953 E. Roxboro Road N.E., 

Atlanta, Georgia 30324 

Hudson, Linda Louise — 
New Jersey 07090 

Sr. — 885 Village Green, Westfield, 

Hudson, Susan Berenice — Jr. 
North Carolina 28690 

309 Bouchard Ave., Valdese. 

Huffstetler, Jo Anna — Jr. — 435 Oakland Drive, Burlington, 
North Carolina 27215 

Huisman, Jeanette Catherina — Fr. — 912 Papaya Drive, 
Augusta, Georgia 30904 

Hulsey, Katherine Ann — Fr. — 5122 Arapahoe Avenue. Jackson- 
ville. Florida 32210 

Hunt, Barbara Jeanne — Sr. — 374 Londonberry Road N.W., 
Atlanta, Georgia 30327 

Hunt. Julia Ann — Soph. — 5525 Grandview Road. Little Rock, 
Arkansas 72207 

Hunt. Martha Stokes 

Box 30. Chatham. Virginia 24531 

Hunter. Mary Jane — Sr. — Route 3 Shopton Road. Charlotte. 
North Carolina 28210 

Hutchinson. Tevis — Fr. — 7312 Cardigan Circle N.W.. Atlanta. 
Georgia 30328 

Ireland, Catherine Ann — Fr. — 3029 Lake Forest Drive, Augusta, 
Georgia 30904 

Irwin, Julie English 
Georgia 30327 

4390 Powers Ferry Road, Atlanta, 

Ivey, Barbara Jo — Fr. — 2305 Smiley Avenue. Winter Park. 
Florida 32789 

Jacks. Ann Elizabeth — 1029 Sewickley Dr.. Charlotte. North 
Carolina 28209 

Jacober. Ida Elizabeth — Soph. — 8112 University Dr.. Rich- 
mond. Virginia 23229 

James. Jean Elizabeth — Fr. — 3980 N. Galloway Dr.. Memphis, 
Tennessee 38111 

Jeanes. Anna Christine — Soph. 
South Carolina 29365 

Jermain, Donna Marie 
Virginia 22030 


— 107 Ridge Rd., Lyman, 
10307 Wood Rd., Fairfax, 

Johnson, Barbara Lynn — Fr. — 811 Stoneleigh Rd.. Baltimore. 
Maryland 21212 

Johnson. Mary Powell — Sr. — 1730 S. Sycamore St.. Peters- 
burg. Virginia 23803 

Johnson, Suzanne Landberg — 2137 Sharon Rd. Apt. 7. Char- 
lotte, North Carolina 

Jones, Donna Lee — Soph. — 218 Livingston Dr., Charlotte, 
North Carolina 28211 

Jones, Nancy Ann — Sr. — 108 Doverland Rd., Richmond, 
Virginia 23229 

Jones, Terry Lee — Fr. — 3840 Randall Ridge Rd. N.W.. Atlanta. 
Georgia 30327 

Jordan, Jane Eileen — Soph. — 310 Woodside Dr.. Hampton, 
Virginia 23369 

Joyner, Phyllis Narribe — Soph. — 4515 Longwood Dr., Char- 
lotte, North Carolina 

Karll, Sandra Barrett — Fr. — 703 Bensfon Place, Baltimore, 

Kay, Lura Susan — Fr. — 423 Alexander Ave.. Morganton. 


North Carolina 28655 

Keb, Rebecca Stevens — Fr. — 581 Fairfield Rd. N W Atlanta 
Georgia 30327 

Keller, Helen Iredell — Soph. — 121 Douglas Heights, Union 
South Carolina 

Kelly, Mary Ann — Fr. — 3206 Cathryn Dr., Columbus, Georqia 

Kerr, Avery Elizabeth — 530 W. Lowrrance, Mooresville North 
Carolina 28115 

Kincaid, Nina Malinda — Soph. — Mt. Airy Farm, Mt. Jackson 
Virginia 22842 

King, Joanne — Fr. — 543 Hillyer High Rd., Anniston, Alabama 

King, Julie Norris — Soph. — 1409 Hathawray Rd., Raleigh 
North Carolina 27608 

Kinnaird, Elizabeth Morrow — Fr. — 2016 Lexington Ave Ash- 
land, Kentucky 41101 

Kinnett, Elizabeth Bright — Fr. — 3131 Cathryn Dr., Columbus 
Georgia 31906 

Kirkland, Laura Ann — Sr. — 2618 Ardsley Dr., Orlando, Florida 

Kister, Carol — Soph. — 135 Riverview Terrace, Pittsburgh 
Pennsylvania 15215 

Knowles, Charlotte Thompson — Jr. — 206 Crest Dr Mt Holly 
North Carolina 28120 

Knowlton, Mildred Yates — Fr. — 1 Brampton Cir., Columbia 
South Carolina 29206 

^Kramer, Christina Letton — Fr. — 1086-C N. Jamestown Rd 
Decatur, Georgia 30033 

Krisher, Lisa Jane — Fr. — 1612 Dryden Lane, Charleston 
South Carolina 29407 

Krohn, Lynn Ann — Jr. — 2711 Chilton Place, Charlotte, North 

Kruse, Martha Cottrill — Jr. — 472 Nob Hill Lane, Devon 
Pennsylvania 19333 

Kuhlthau, Linda Gay — Soph. — 1817 Meadowbrook Heights, 
Charlottesville, Virginia 22901 

Kunke: Elizabeth McCrary — Fr. — 400 Rupley Road, Camp 
Hill, Pennsylvania 17011 

Lackey, Mary Anne— Fr. — 402 Rice Street, Hamlet, North 
Carolina 28345 

Lagrone, Martha Jarrell — Soph. — 107 Country Club Drive 
Greenville, South Carolina 29605 

Lanier, Connie C. — 4825 Zepher Lane, Charlotte, North 

Lawrence, Lucy Monroe — Fr. — 2300 S.W. 42nd Street, Ocala 
Florida 32670 

Lawson, Beth Wright — Sr. — 6 Clydesdale Rd., Scotch Plains 
New Jersey 07076 

Leaberry, Susan Selb — Soph. — 785 Eastwood Dr., Huntington 
W.Virginia 25705 ' 

Lee, Doty Elizabeth — Jr. — 3185 Belvoir Blvd., Shaker Heights 
Ohio 44122 " ' 

Lee, Nancy Virginia — Fr. — 3982 Bonnington Court N E 
Atlanta, Georgia 30341 

Leshanna, Debora Ellen — Fr. — 923 Buckingham Circle, N.W., 

Atlanta, Georgia 30327 

Letton, Alice Roberta — Soph. — 52 Blackiand Rd. N.W Atlanta 
Georgia 30305 

Leverett, Sheryl Lynne — Sr. — 177 Heard Drive, Elberton 
Georgia 30635 

Lieblich, Elizabeth W. — Sr. 3603 Prince William Dr. Fairfax 
Virginia 22030 

Ligon, Mary Rebecca — Jr. — P. o. Box 37, Lane, South Caro- 
I ma 29564 

Lindley, Nancy Elizabeth — Sr. — 385 N. Hillcrest Dr. SW 
Marietta, Georgia 30060 

Lindsey, Frances Robin — Sr. — 5206 Sherwood Rd Little 
Rock, Arkansas 72207 

Lineberger, Carroll Ann B. — Sr. — 2230 Woodhaven Rd 
Charlotte, N. C. 28211 

Lingle, Sandra Elizabeth — Jr. — 1016 Wentworth Dr., Florence, 

Link, Margaret McDowell — Soph. — 26 Mercer St., Princeton 
New Jersey 08540 

Little, Virginia McLean — Soph. — 816 E. Park Dr., Lincolnton 
North Carolina 

Little, Mary Ann McKeever — 3015 Ferncliff Rd., Charlotte 
North Carolina 

Lockwood, Nancy Kessler — Soph. — 39 Berkley Rd., Charles- 
ton, South Carolina 29407 

Loflis, Lesley — Fr. — 419 W. Maynard Avenue, Durham North 
Carolina 27704 

Loftis, Marsha Deanne — Fr. — 4506 Beachway Dr Tamoa 
Florida 33609 ^ ' 

Long, Teresa Ann — Fr. — 124 West 11th Street, Huntington 
West Virginia 

Love, Margaret Ann — Soph. — 245 N. Edinborough St Red 
Springs, North Carolina 28377 

Luther, Tara Lea — Fr. — 1510 S. 23rd. Street, Arlington 
Virginia 22202 

Lyies, Helen Elliott — Jr. — 127 Elm Court, Greenwood, South 
Carolina 29646 

LyIes, Ruth Marie — Soph. — 1142 S.E. 10th Street, Ocala 
Florida 32670 

Lynch, Jane Tiller — Fr. — 1900 Forest Dr., Camden, South 
Carolina 29020 

McCan, Molly — Soph. — 16 Tallokas Rd. Moultrie, Georgia ■ 
31 768 

McClung, Susan Charlene — Soph. — Balcony Downs Box 65 
Glasgow, Virginia 24555 

McClure, Susan Lacy — Soph. — 350 Hillside Dr., Atlanta 
Georgia 30342 

McConnell, Mary Lynn — Soph. — 689 Balmoral Rd., Winter 
Park, Florida 32789 

McCook, Rhoda Lane — Soph. — 212 W. Newlyn St., Greens- 
boro, North Carolina 27408 

McCoy Valorie Warr — Jr. — P. O. Box 463, Hamlet, North 

McDermott, Terri Sue — Soph. — 979 Whitney Lane, Maple 
Glen, Pennsylvania 19002 

McEver, Margaret Anne — Soph. — 3119 Arden Rd. N.W., 

Atlanta, Georgia 30305 

Carolina 22902 

McGeachy, Martha Sherwood — Jr. — 318 W. Allenton Street, 
Mt. Gilead, North Carolina 27306 

Martin, Janice Sharon — Fr. — P. O, Box 102, Ellabell. Georgia 

McGehee, Terry Sims — Sr. — 1209 4th St.. Marianna, Florida 

McGill, Frances Janelle — Fr. — 904 Fourth Ave., Kingstree, 
South Carolina 29556 

Mason, Dorothy Dilworth — Soph. — 546 W. Wesley Rd. N.W., 
Atlanta, Georgia 30305 

Mathis, Linda Lane — Fr. — 547 Spring Valley Road, N.W., Atlan- 
ta, Georgia 30318 

McGregor, Marian Elizabeth — Sr. — Rt. 1 Cherokee Circle, 
Anderson, South Carolina 29621 

Matthews, Gerry Elizabeth — Fr. — 6506 Cherry Road, Knoxville, 

McGuire, Jamie Hudson — Fr. — 907 Prospect Avenue, Pulaski, 
Virginia 24301 

Mcintosh, Alice — Soph. — 230 Mason Croft Dr., Sumter, South 
Carolina 29150 

Mauldin, Kathie Lynne — Soph. — 3336 Regalwoods Dr., Dora- 
ville. Georgia 30340 

Maurer, Lane Franklin — Jr. — 2613 Alamanda Ct., Ft. Lauder- 
dale, Florida 33301 

Mclntyre, Catherine Anne — Jr. — 106 White Gate Rd,, Pitts- 
burg, Pennsylvania 15238 

Maurer, Mary Eliza — Soph. — 2613 Alamanda Ct., Ft. Lauder- 
dale, Florida 33301 

Mclntyre, Virginia Lewis — Soph. — 1016 N. Main St., Marion, 
South Carolina 29871 

Maxwell, Karen Jean — Fr. — 3304 Summit Dr., Aiken, South 
Carolina 29801 

McKean, Janet Leigh — Fr, — 6 Pilgrim Rd., Scarsdale. New 

McKee, Katherine Leigh — Soph. — 3563 Hamstead Court, 
Durham, North Carolina 

McKey, Virginia Joyce — Sr. — 1007 Valencia Ave., Orlando, 
Florida 32804 

Maxwell, Kathryn Elizabeth — Soph. — 4390 Skyland Dr., N.E., 
Atlanta, Georgia 30305 

Meaders, Connie Dee — Soph. — 244 Seminole Dr., N.E., Mari- 
etta, Georgia 30060 

Meares, Mary Catherine — Soph. — 2511 Wake Dr., Raleigh, 
North Carolina 27608 

McLean, Martha Dew — Fr. — P. O. Box 369, Southern Pines. 
North Carolina 

Meredith. Jeneva Williams — Sr. — 6822-D Farmingdale Dr., 
Charlotte, North Carolina 

McMillen, Linda Diane — Fr. — 5701 Carmel Rd., Charlotte, 
North Carolina 

Merriam, Melanie — Jr. — 5401 Chedworth Dr., Charlotte, 
North Carolina 28210 

McMillian, Phyllis Amelia — Soph. — 304 N. Jackson St., Rae- 
ford. North Carolina 

McMillon, Cynthia Love — Sr. — 1150 Banbury Trail, Maitland. 
Florida 32751 

Merrick, Margery Daniel — Soph. — The Meadows, Gordonsville. 

Meyer, Pauline Berry — 152 S. Canterbury Rd., Charlotte, 
North Carolina 

McNamee, Sarah Thompson — 343 S. Academy St., Mooresville, 
North Carolina 

Milam, Frances Ruth — Soph. — Musgrove Extension. Clinton, 
South Carolina 

McNeely, Margaret L. — Jr. — 343 S. Academy St., Mooresville, 
North Carolina 28115 

Milam, Mary Kathryn — Fr. — 810 Roanoke Rd., San Marino, 

McNeill, Anne — Fr. — 3 Brook Lane, Lakeland, Florida 33803 

Macaulay, Patricia Dendy — Fr. — 355 W. Kivett St., Asheboro. 
North Carolina 27203 

Maffett, Melissa Jane — Fr. — 735 Fair Oaks Manor, N.W.. 
Atlanta, Georgia 30327 

Malone, Angle Lee — Sr. — College St., Monticello, Georgia 

Manning, Elena Lee — Jr. — 3208 East Briarcliff Rd., Birming- 
ham, Alabama 

Mapp, Elizabeth Owen — Fr. — 4734 Wrenwood Lane, Columbia, 
South Carolina 29206 

Marien, Ann Wise — Fr. — 540 Alcazar Avenue, Coral Gables, 

Marion, Sally Anne — Sr. — 30419 Ednil Dr., Bay Village, Ohio 

Marks, Virginia Burton — Soph. — 4420 Culbreath Ave., Tampa. 
Florida 33609 

Marshall, Sarah Elizabeth — Soph. — P. O. Box 347, Thibodaux, 
Louisiana 70301 

Martin, Janet Len — Sr. — 110 Ft. Lyttleton Rd., Beaufort, South 

Miles, Lindsay Ann — Fr. — 3701 Ayscough Rd., Charlotte, 
North Carolina 

Millard, Janice Lee — Fr. — 10 Rose Street. Coraopolis. 
Pennsylvania 15108 

Miller, Jane Wotherspoon — Jr. — 4529 Hawthorne St.. Washing- 
ton, D C. 20016 

Miller, Karen Eugenia — Fr. — P. O. Box 184, Concord, North 
Carolina 28025 

Miller, Susan Jane — Soph. — 711 Leafmore Dr., Savannah. 
Georgia 31406 

Mills, Eunice Anne — Fr. — 535 Springdale Street, Athens, 
Georgia 30601 

Milroy, Margaret Starr — Sr. — Route 3 Echo Acres, Henderson- 
ville, North Carolina 

Minich, Karen Jean — Jr. — 806 Penn Street, New Bethlehem, 
Pennsylvania 16242 

Moody, Katherine Deane — Sr. — 317 Marion, Mt. Airy, North 
Carolina 27030 

Moon, Ridie Coleman — Sr. — 2107 Minor Rd., Charlottesville, 
Virginia 22903 



Moore, Helen Robinson — Fr. — 616 Ruby St., Durham, North 
Carolina 27704 

Moorman, Linda Jean — Sr. — 1303 Mulberry Rd., Martinsville, 
Virginia 24112 

Morgan, Patricia Elise — Fr. — Route 1, Laurel Hill, North 
Carolina 28351 

Morris, Mildred Brett — Sr. — P. O. Box 536, Butler, Alabama 

Morse, Eugenia Louise — Fr. — 932 Scott Blvd., Decatur, 
Georgia 30030 

Mozeley, Diane Brownell — Soph. — 4 Castelvi^ood Rd., West 
Hartford, Connecticut 06107 

Moss, Marsha Ethel — Jr. — 1027 Bryn Mawr, Orlando, Florida 

Moss, Susan Rachel — Soph. — 563 Third St. North, P. O. Box 
188, Naples, Florida 33940 

Muench, Sally Boyd — Sr. — 2610 Mirror Lake Dr., Fayetteville, 
North Carolina 28303 

Mullen, Maureen Patrice — Fr. — Tally-Ho Drive, Box 568, 
Starkville, Mississippi 39759 

Mullenix, Kathleen Ruth — Jr. — 4656 N. 24th Street, Arlington, 
Virginia 22207 

Musk, Cathryn Jeanne — Fr. — 2315 Ridgeview Drive, Anniston, 
Alabama 36201 

Myers, Deborah Lynn — Sr. — 4405 Willingham Dr., Columbia, 
South Carolina 29206 

Nash, Brenda Elizabeth — Fr. — 2224 Street De Villa N.E., At- 
lanta, Georgia 30329 

Neale, Virginia Anne — 1125 Dresden Dr., Charlotte, North 
Carolina 28205 

Nelson, Susan Enwin — Fr. — 1517 Caroline St., Fredericksburg, 
Virginia 22401 

Ne»^, Harriet-Anne — Jr. — 1200 Country Club Dr., Greensboro, 
North Carolina 27408 

Newcome, Randy Lamar — Fr. — 817 Statler Rd., Columbia, 
South Carolina 29210 

Nickell, April Lynn — Fr. — Box 428 Gauley Bridge, W/est 
Virginia 24085 

Nipper, Harriett Leslie — Fr. — 110 Brookside Way, Greenville, 
South Carolina 29605 

Nix, Deborah Anne — Fr. — 735 Brightwfaters Blvd. N.E. St. 
Petersburg, Florida 

Norv^ood, Betty Lyie — Soph. — 1308 Crenshaw Court, Lynch- 
burg, Virginia 24503 

Norwood, Louise Berkeley — 1870 Queens Rd. W., Charlotte, 
North Carolina 

Oakley, Judith Edna — Soph. — Shelter Island Heights, New 
York 11965 

Ocampos, Azucena — Sr. — 812 Ardsley Rd., Charlotte, North 

O'Dwyer, Barbara Katherine — Fr. — 3843 Shenandoah, Dallas, 
Texas 75205 

O'Dwyer, Bridget Ann — Soph. — 3843 Shenandoah, Dallas, 
Texas 75205 

Orcutt, Laurene Danyse — Jr. — 4409 Newport Dr., Richmond, 
Virginia 23227 

Owen, Deborah Jean — Fr. — Pauley Addition, PIkeville, Ken- 
tucky 41501 

Paris, Peggy Elizabeth — Fr. — 967 Foxcroft Rd., Atlanta 
Georgia 30327 

Parker, Linda Waters — Soph. — 31 Lake Forest Dr., Greenville 
South Carolina 29609 

Parkins, Margeret Marie — Sr. — 410 E. Grend Ave., Mt. Pleas- 
ant, Michigan 48858 

Parks, Mary Catherine — Sr. — Elon Road, Madison Heights, 
Virginia 24572 

Patterson, Nancy Clarke — Soph. — 1303 Langhorne Rd. 
Lynchburg, Virginia 24503 

Paul, Juanita Annette — Sr. — 703 N. Wilson Dr., Cheraw, South 
Carolina 29520 

Peck, Jane Evans — Fr. — 226 S.E. 12th Avenue, Fort Lauder- 
dale, Florida 33301 

Peltosalo, Andrea Lynn — Soph. — Gibson Island, Maryland 

Penick, Mary Worthen — Jr. — 1616 Beechwood, Little Rock, 
Arkansas 72207 

Peterson, Rebecca Ann — Fr. — 3077 Nila Way, Salt Lake 
City, Utah 84117 

178 Scenic Drive, Concord, 

Petrea, Elizabeth Anne — Fr. 
North Carolina 28025 

Phillips, Carolynn Lee — Fr. — 2430 Sagamore Drive, N.W., 
Atlanta, Georgia 30305 

Phillips, Carolyn O'Neill — Fr. — 300 W. Avondale Dr., Greens- 
boro, North Carolina 

Phillips, Elizabeth Van Deren — Jr. — 900 Fifth Ave., Albany, 
Georgia 31 705 

Phillips, Serena Elliot — Soph. — 3495 Tuxedo Rd. N.W., Atlanta, 
Georgia 30305 

Pickard, Sharon Miller — Soph. — 2502 Wake Dr., Raleigh, 
North Carolina 27608 

Pilcher, Elizabeth Louise — Sr. — 499 S., Woodland Dr., Mari- 
etta, Georgia 30060 

Pittman, Patricia Lynn — Jr. — 5129 Saltan Road, Washington 
D.C. 20016 

Plonk, Mary Louise — Soph. — 2403 White Oak Rd., Raleigh, 
North Carolina 27609 

Poe, Mildred McCalla — Sr. — 515 Pelham Rd., Greenville, 
South Carolina 29607 

Poe, Susan Lorick — Fr. — 515 Pelham Rd., Greenville, South 
Carolina 29607 

Pope, Patricia Marie — Fr. — 3475 -Tuxedo Road, N.W., Atlanta, 
Georgia 30305 

Potter, Peyton Ann — Sr. — 1412 Spring Lake Dr., Orlando, 
Florida 32804 

Powell, Elizabeth Patterson — Fr. — 658 Boyd St., Spartanburg, 
South Carolina 29302 

Pratt, Dale Allison — Sr. — 237 Christopher Dr. N.W., Gaines- 
ville, Georgia 30501 

Price, Anna Marilyn — Soph. — 404 Pawnee Dr., Springfield, 
Tennessee 37172 

Price, Brantlee Corinne — Jr. — 773 Pope St., Newberry, South 
Carolina 29108 

Pristash, Julieann — Sr. — 1217 S. Crawford Ave., Covington, 


Virginia 24426 

Pritchett, Lois Kay — Jr. 
North Carolina 27215 

1010 Tarlelon Ave., Burlington, 

Propst. Julia Alexander — Fr. — 662 Wil-Mar St N.W.. P. O. Box 
526, Concord, North Carolina 28025 

Rabb, Linda Jane 

Ragan, Mary Caroline 

Fr, — 16 Williams St., Greenville, South 
Soph. — 1306 Stuart Ave., Albany, 

Randolph, Katherme Reglna — Fr. — 160 Stanton Way, Athens, 
Georgia 30601 

Rasheed, Nadia — Soph. — P. O. Box 379, Georgetown, South 
Carolina 29440 

Ray, Marguerite Morton 
Florida 32670 

Reddick, Jane Elizabeth — Jr 
Florida 32351 

Reece, Janet Delane — 
North Carolina 28115 

Reece, Melissa Ellen — 
Virginia 23229 

Reeve, Robin Hadley - 
Georgia 30117 

Fr. — 1331 S. E. 5th St.. Ocala. 

Route 2 Box 9-C, Quincy, 

Fr. — 706 Fleldstone Rd., Mooresvllle, 

Sr. — 401 Beechwood Dr., Richmond, 

Soph. — 146 Griffin Dr., Carrollton, 

Remishofsky. Mary Victoria — Soph. — 2941 Buena Vista Rd . 
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27106 

Rennolds. Elizabeth Anne 
Dallas, Texas 75229 

Sr. — 11423 Lamplighter Lane, 

Reppert, Janle Alexander — Fr. — 232 West Olive St., Bridge- 
port, West Virginia 26330 

Reynolds, Jane Dayton — Soph. — P. O. Box 5, Elkview, West 
Virginia 25071 

Reynolds, Lauren Kimberley — Sr. — 36 Old Farm Rd., Char- 
lottesville, Virginia 22901 

Rhein, KImberly Pryor — Soph 
River, Ohio 44116 

Rice, Louise English — Soph. 
Arkansas 72207 

Roach, Gall Cheryl 
Maryland 20014 

- 21695 Kenwood Ave., Rocky 
43 Beverly Place, Little Rock, 
Jr. — 5711 Aberdeen Road, Bethesda, 

Roberts. Clair Wenzel — Sr. — 2208 Springdale Dr., Columbus, 
Georgia 31906 

Roberts, Kathleen Elizabeth — Jr. 
Gainesville, Florida 32601 

Roberts, Marilyn Josephine — Jr. 
lotte. North Carolina 

Roberts, Susan Drayton — Soph. 
Carolina 28731 

Roblnette, Jean Catherine 
Tennessee 37620 


3662 N.W. 7th Ave., 

- 5833 Murrayhlll Rd., Char- 

- Box 185, Flat Rock. North 
300 Lavinder Lane. Bristol, 

Robinson, Margaret Ellen — Fr. — 1300 Greenhill Rd., Columbia, 
South Carolina 29206 

Rocker, Alexis Andre — Jr. 
Florida 33803 

Route 8, Box 2305, Lakeland. 

Rogers, Kathryn Elizabeth — Soph. — P. O. Box 68, Chocowinlty, 
North Carolina 27817 

Rood, Christina Tompkins — Fr. — 4901 Ninth Ave. W., Braden- 
ton, Florida 33505 

Ross. Elizabeth Stuart — Sr. — 55 Tenth Ave., St. Albans. West 
Virginia 25177 

Ross. Mary Wilson — Fr. — 533 Sherwood Circle. Spartanburg. 
South Carolina 29302 

Ross, Rebecca Gebhart — Fr. — 55 Tenth Ave.. St. Albans, 
West Virginia 25177 

Rosser, Lynne Michelle — Fr. — Box 36 - Route 9, En«in Rd., 
Sanford. North Carolina 

Rosson, Frances Celeste — Soph. — 201 Sequoia Dr.. Spring- 
field, Tennessee 37172 

Rowe, Sara Elizabeth — Soph. — 494 Country Club Rd., Avon, 
Connecticut 06001 

Ruff, Sallie Rembert — Soph. — Route 3, Newtown Park, Lexing- 
ton, Kentucky 40505 

Ruff, Susan Berry — Soph. — Wildwood Route 4, Box 15, 
Tupelo, Mississippi 38801 

Russell. Ann Campbell — Jr. — Route 3. Winder, Georgia 30680 

Rutherford. Frances E. — Soph. — 2890 St. Claire Rd.. Winston- 
Salem, North Carolina 27106 

Rybolt, Mary Adams — Sr. — Route 4 Box 404, Orlando. Florida 

Ryman. Mary Elizabeth — Fr. — 1206 W, Walnut Ave.. Dalton. 
Georgia 30720 

Sabayrac. Sally Jeanine — Fr. — 5621 Orduna Dr.. Coral 
Gables. Florida 

Sakowski. Margaret Dunlap — Jr. — 101 Powe St.. Morganton, 
North Carolina 28655 

Salyer, Susan Nell — Jr. — 1045 Citadel Dr., Atlanta, Georgia 

Sandberg, Lynne Arelene — Soph. — 121 PIneview Dr., Smyrna, 
Georgia 30080 

Sanders, Julianne — Fr. — 1307 Winchester Dr.. Charleston, 
South Carolina 29407 

Sank, Deborah Lillian — Fr. — East Bare Hill Rd., Harvard, 
Massachusetts 01451 

Savedge, Caroline Jenkins — Fr. — 169 Hobcow Dr., Mount 
Pleasant, South Carolina 29464 

Scanlan. Lynda Kae — Fr. — 7009 Brynhurst Dr.. Charlotte. 
North Carolina 

Schaeffer. Susan Lee — Sr. — 229 Willow St.. Delanco, New 
Jersey 80875 

Schermerhorn, Rita Denise — Soph. — 16020 Napa Street, 
Sepulveda, California 91343 

Schmidt, Elizabeth Lisle — Sr. — 1205 W. Mam St., Shelbyville, 
Kentucky 40065 

Schrum, Nancy Howard — Jr. — 631 West Ninth Street, Newton, 
North Carolina 

Scott, Lisa Karen — Fr. — 2407 North State Street, Jackson, 
Mississippi 39216 

Scott, Trudy Lynn — Fr. — Route 4, Havenwood Dr. Box 263, 
Lancaster, South Carolina 

Seagrove. Clara Thomason — 4801 Monlclair Ave.. Charlotte. 
North Carolina 

Sears. Donna Sue — Fr. — 4937 Macon Road. Columbus. 


Georgia 31907 

South Carolina 29407 

Seay, Elizabeth Wilson — Sr. — 1410 Palmyra Ave., Richmond, 
Virginia 23227 

Sellers, Vicki Blair — Fr. — 105 Scoggs Court, Morganton, 
North Carolina 28655 

Sharpe, Laura Ann — Sr. — 4220 Reily Lane No. C-208, Shreve- 
port, Louisianna 

Shaw, Elizabeth Parker — Fr. — 402 Stewart St., Sumter, South 
Carolina 29150 

Shaw, Mary Brown — Sr. — 5 Buford St., Sumter, South Caro- 
lina 29150 

Shealy, Virginia Jarratt — Soph — 8844 Lyndale Dr., Richmond, 
Virginia 23235 

Sheetz, Dale Elesa — Soph. — 1510 Peachtree Battle Ave 
N.W., Atlanta, Georgia 30327 

Sheffield, Elizabeth Brown — Sr. — 2530 Rivers Rd. N.W., 
Atlanta, Georgia 30305 

Shelley, Mary Elizabeth — Sr. — 2104 Mockingbird Road, 
Columbia, South Carolina 29204 

Shelton, Margaret Ann — Soph — 4602 Starmount Dr., Greens- 
boro, North Carolina 27410 

Showalter, Edith Sands — Jr. — 2200 Via Luna, Winter Park 
Florida 32789 

Shuford, Rebecca Beverly — Sr. — 7487 Buck Lake Road, 
Tallahassee, Florida 32301 

Siewers, Susan Walker — Sr. — 926 Goodwood Road, Winston- 
Salem, North Carolina 27106 

Silsbee, Sarah Hurley — Soph. — Route 7 Box 323, Florence, 

Silvey, Virginia Irene — Soph. — 1412 Sophia Street, Fredericks- 
burg, Virginia 22401 

Singer, Gayle Joanne — Sr. — 3206 Stratford Road, Richmond, 
Virginia 23225 

Sizemore, Carol Ann — Sr. — 1808 E. 7th Street, Charlotte, 
North Carolina 28204 

Skardon, Elizabeth Lee — Fr. — 625 Hampton St. Box 145, 
Walterboro, South Carolina 29488 

Smellie, Mary Elizabeth — Jr. — 74 Penn Drive, West Hartford, 
Connecticutt 06119 

Smith, Anglyn Rebecca — Fr. — 7208 Park Rd., Charlotte, North 

Smith, Catherine Mizell — Fr. — 607 College St., McRae, Georgia 

Smith, Clara Carroll — Fr. — 416 Plantation Rd., Tallahassee 
Florida 32303 

Smith, Deborah Lou — Fr. — P. O. Box 3 Ridge Rd., Harriman, 
Tennessee 37748 

Smith, Judith Anne — Soph. — 3915 Eton Rd., Durham, North 
Carolina 27707 

Snipes, Mary Abigail — Fr. — 3807 Madison Ave., Greensboro 
North Carolina 27403 

Snoddy, Ann Taylor — Fr. — 215 Finley Ave., Greer, South Caro- 
lina 29651 

Sorrells, Mary Morris — Soph. — 4209 Waymar Dr., Memphis, 
Tennessee 38117 

Sottile, Carol Hobbs — Soph. — 19 Johnson Rd., Charleston, 

Southerland, Mary Elizabeth — Fr. — 115 Batchelor Rd., Greens- 
boro, North Carolina 

Spady, Dora Weston — Sr. — P. O. Box 104, Townsend, Virginia 

Spears, Shelley — Soph. — 9 San Diego Rd., Ponte Vedra 
Beach, Florida 32802 

Spears, Suzanne Gay — Soph, — 8800 Sierra Rd., Richmond, 
Virginia 23229 

Spencer, Edith Kyle — Soph. — 2525 Fainway Ave., Columbus, 
Georgia 31906 

Spessard, Terry Michele — Sr. — Glenjean, West Virginia 

Spicer, Mae Antionette — Jr. — 80 Wallace Road, Memphis, 
Tennessee 38117 

Stafford, Patricia Anne — Fr. — 3501 Heatherwood Rd., Colum- 
bia, South Carolina 

Stanley, Marianne — Fr. — 1708 Lafayette Cir., Rocky Mount, 
North Carolina 

Statham, Lucy Carole — Soph. — 2258 Sanford Rd., Decatur, 
Georgia 30033 

Stephens, Peggy Lee — Fr. — 556 Leslie Dr., Villa Rica, 
Georgia 30180 

Stephenson, Kathryn Phillips — Sr. — 843 Tyvola Rd., Charlotte, 
North Carolina 

Stewart, Anne Clark — Fr. — 1340 Whispering Pines Dr., 
Clearwater, Florida 33516 

Still, Martha Jane — Jr. — 1008 Highland Cir., Conyers, Georgia 

Storer, Ann Marie — Fr. — R.F.D. No. 4 Highway 166, Douglas- 
ville, Georgia 

Strayhorn, Donleen Carol — Soph. — 1021 Westwood Dr., 
Durham, North Carolina 27707 

Strickland, Ann Wood — Fr. — 557 Garden Rd., Dayton, Ohio 

Stubbs, Amanda Eisfield M. — 1111 Lancaster Lane, Rocking- 
ham, North Carolina 28379 

Stultz, Lynn Dearborn — Jr. — 220 West Trail, Stamford, Con- 
necticutt 06903 

Sturgis, Kathryn Lois — Fr. — 817 Milton Ave., Rock Hill, 
South Carolina 29730 

Sutton, Paula Sue — Fr. — 6500 Randy Dr., Charlotte, North 
Carolina 28212 

Swensson, Lise Carroll — Soph. — Rt. 2 Heyburn Rd., Chadds 
Ford, Pennsylvania 

Talley, Martha Jennett — Jr. — Route 1 Box 420, Fayetteville, 
North Carolina 28301 

Tarner, Patricia Anisworth — 7021 Londontowne Dr., Charlotte, 
North Carolina 

Taylor, Ainslie Christie — Fr. — 923 Kenleigh Cir., Winston- 
Salem, North Carolina 27106 

Taylor, Viola — Soph. — 2220 Marguerette St., Columbia, 
South Carolina 29204 

Templeton, Amanda Elizabeth — Soph. — Springfield Rt. 1, 
Fort Mill, South Carolina 29715 


Terrell, Ann Campbell — Sr. — 620 Shawnee Dr., Charlotte, 
North Carolina 28209 

Theus, Linda Dale — Fr. — 4521 Nandina Dr.. Columbia, South 
Carolina 29206 

Thomas, Anne Milton — Jr. — 105 Country Club Rd., Culpeper, 
Virginia 22701 

Thomas, Carolyn Ann — Fr. — P. O. Box 490, Panama City, 
Florida 32401 

Thomas, Dee Anne — Fr. — 1519 Saddlecreek Dr., Houston, 
Texas 77090 

Thomas, Kama Lewis — Fr. — 210 Upland Rd., Decatur, Georgia 

Thomas, Nancy Carolyn — Jr. — 1317 Linville St., Kingsport, 
Tennessee 37660 

Thomas, Sheryll Elizabeth — Jr. — 3320 Caria St., Orlando, 
Florida 32807 

Thomas, Wanda Joyce — Fr. — 1130 Collins St., Savannah, 

Thomason, Sara Katherine — Soph. — 607 Fifth Ave. W., Spring- 
field, Tennessee 371 72 

Thompson, Caroline Elizabeth — Soph. — 1828 Richmond Rd., 
Lexington, Kentucky 

Thorton, Carol Turner — Fr. — Route 3, Milledgeville, Georgia 

Ticer, Courtenay Marshall — Fr. — 312 Crown View Dr., Alex- 
andria, Virginia 22314 

Tily, Cecilia Joanne — Sr. — 26 E. Riding Dr., Cherry Hill, New 
Jersey 08034 

Tomlin, Laura Annas — Fr. — 1030 E. Front St., Statesville, 
North Carolina 

Torrence, Nancy Catherine — Jr. — 134 Rankin St., Mooresville, 
North Carolina 281 15 

Tovey, Patricia Ellen — Soph. — 113 School St., Concord, New 
Hampshire 03301 

Townsend, Elaine M. — Box 248, Waxhaw, North Carolina 28173 

Atlanta, Georgia 30328 

Van Kueren, GIgi Gemeta — Soph. — 104 Crestview Cir., Greer, 
South Carolina 29651 

Via, Sally Lynn — Sr. — 1807 Mt. Vernon St., Waynesboro, 
Virginia 22980 

Videon, Kathryn Louise — Soph. — 284 Vickers Dr. N.E., At- 
lanta, Georgia 30307 

Vogt, Marilyn Elizabeth — Sr. — 1628 Brandywine Dr., Char- 
lottesville, Virginia 22901 

Vosbeck, Lynn — Fr. — 7512 Ft. Hunt Rd., Alexandria, Virginia 

Wade, Mary Josephine — Fr. — 698 Anderson St., Memphis, 

Walker, Anne Noel — Fr. — 121 Central Ave., Tazewell, Virginia 

Walker, Leslie Ann — Fr. — 2245 Country Club, Huntingdon 
Valley, Pennsylvania 

Walker, Sally Marie — Sr. — 176 Victoria Rd., Spartanburg, 
South Carolina 29301 

Waller, Betty Joanne — Jr. — 2601 Madden Dr., Columbus, 
Georgia 31906 

Waller, Branda Gail — Sr. — 2601 Madden Dr., Columbus, 
Georgia 31906 

Walter, Jane Clarage — Fr. — 73 San Juan Dr., Ponte Vedra 
Beach, Florida 

Warder, Karen Irene — Sr. — Box 1226, Anderson, South 
Carolina 29621 

Watkins, Margaret Donnell — Sr. — Charlotte Court House, 
Virginia 23923 

Way, Betsy Vaneita — Sr. — The Greenbrier Hotel, White Sulphur 
Springs, West Virginia 24986 

Weant, Brenda Gail — Soph. — 1109 Rockford Rd., High Point, 
North Carolina 27262 

Weaver, Jane Lyn — Fr. — 218 Starling Ave., Martinsville, 
Virginia 24112 

Towson, Jeanice Susan — Fr. — 1211 Mundy Dr., Jacksonville, 
Florida 32207 

Webb, Ann Leslie — Sr. — 3433 Frontier Rd. N.W., Roanoke, 
Virginia 24012 

Truett, Elizabeth Gwynn — Soph. — 609 Piedmont Dr., Talla- 
hassee. Florida 32303 

Webb, Elizabeth Penelope — Fr. — Quantico Rd., Salisbury, 
Maryland 21801 

Truitt, Ellen Guinn — Fr. — 1230 Hilltop Dr., Albany, Georgia 

Welch, Deborah Lynn — Jr. — 506 Gurney, Burlington, North 
Carolina 27215 

Tubbs, Lenora Muldrow — Soph. — 317 Stradleigh Rd., Wil- 
mington, North Carolina 28401 

Wenderoth, Virginia Leigh — Soph. — 5703 Kinkead, Fort 
Smith, Arkansas 72901 

Tucker, Janis Elayne — Soph. — 924 Gillette, Little Rock, 
Arkansas 72205 

Wendt, Mary Davie — Fr. — 4529 Nandina Dr., Columbia, South 
Carolina 29206 

Turley, Susan Lynn — Soph. — 1224 Summit Rd., Lexington, 
Kentucky 40502 

Turner, Donna Sue — Sr. — 3132 Hilton Ave., Columbus, Georgia 

Turner. Marsha — Sr. — Box 115, Pink Hill, North Carolina 28572 

Wesson, Anne Roelse — Jr. — Rt. 2, Charlestown, Pennsylvania 

Whalen, Sallle Trippe — Sr. — 2372 E. Lindmont Court, At- 
lanta, Georgia 30324 

Whaley, Eliza — Sr. — 605 Second Ave. N.W., Hickory, North 
Carolina 28601 

Upchurch, Diane Tuttle — Soph. — 112 West Sixth Ave., Rae- 
ford. North Carolina 28376 

White, Katherine Ann — Soph. — 117 Hemphill Ave., Chester, 
South Carolina 29706 

Vaiden, Mary Harwood — Soph. — P. O. Box 237, Williamsburg, 
Virginia 23185 

White, Wyndall Grace — Fr. — 831 Chadwick, Pensacola, 

Van de Watering, Trina Anne — Fr. — 6696 Riverside Dr. N.W., 

Whitmore, Margaret Neafus — 704 West Friar Tuck, Houston, 


Texas 77024 

Whiting, Nancy Spurr — Soph. — 408 W. Fifteenth St., Lumber- 
ton, North Carolina 28358 

Wiggins, Judy Ann — Jr. — 245 Cart Dr., Spartanburg, South 
Carolina 29302 

Wilde, Deborah Ann — Fr. — 111 Pheasant Dr., Pittsburgh, 
Pennsylvania 15238 

Williams, Allyson Hadyn — Fr. — 930 Moores Mill Rd. N.W., 
Atlanta, Georgia 30327 

Williams, Jean Annette — Fr. — 407 35th Avenue, North, Myrtle 
Beach, South Carolina 29577 

Williams, Margaret Gibbons — Soph. — 704 East Forest Hills 
Blvd., Durham, North Carolina 27707 

Williams, Marilyn — Sr. — 1320 Kentilworth Ave., Charlotte, 
North Carolina 28211 

Wilson, Bettie Kathryn — Fr. — P. O. Box 576, Elizabethtovim, 
North Carolina 28337 

Wilson, Donna Boggs — Fr. — 214 East MoNeely Ave., Moores- 
ville. North Carolina 28115 

Wilson, Emmie Norvell — Jr. — 702 Cumberland St., Harriman, 
Tennessee 37748 

Wilson, June Allison — Soph. — 214 East McNeeley Avenue, 
Mooresville, North Carolina 28115 

Wilson, Mareen — Fr. — 1707 Westway, McAllen, Texas 78501 

Winn, Barbara Jane — Soph. — 3636 Old Orchard, Ashland, 
Kentucky 41101 

Winter, Lola Barbara — Soph. — 117 Dunbarton Cir., Aiken, 
South Carolina 29801 

Wiseman, Mary Ann — Soph. — 245 Parkviews Place, Danville, 
Virginia 24541 

Wiseman, Susan Whitelaw — Sr. — 347 Forest Cir., Danville, 
Virginia 24541 

Woodham, Elizabeth Hart — Fr. — 4407 Greensprings Cir., 
Kingsport, Tennessee 

Work, Janice Kay — Soph. — 2026 Deborah Dr. N.E., Atlanta, 
Georgia 30329 

Worth, Julia Stickney — Fr. — Route 1, Box 636, Wilmington, 
North Carolina 28401 

Wright, Ann Carol — Fr. — Homeland Farm, Haymarket, Virginia 

Wright, Katherine Watson — Jr. — 1721 Pineview Cir., Meridian, 
Mississippi 39301 

Wright, Martha Ruth — Fr. — 101 Brookwood Dr., Thomasville, 

Wrisley, Michaelle Elizabeth — Sr. — 750 Dalrymple Rd. Apt. 
E-4, Atlanta, Georgia 30328 

Yandle, Susan Carol — Jr. — 6414 Fordham Cir. East, Jackson- 
ville, Florida 32217 

Wilson, Martha Jo — Soph. — Lorraine Dr., Woodbridge, Con- 
necticut 06525 

Yantis, Cathryn Elizabeth — Fr. — 1800 S.W. 55th St., Ocala, 
Florida 32670 

Wilson, Pamela Sue — Jr. — 114 St. Janmes Dr., Spartanburg, 
South Carolina 29301 

Wilson, Wileen — Soph. — 1707 Westway, McAllen, Texas 78501 

Yochem, Ann Elise — Fr. — 617 Loridans Dr. N.E., Atlanta, 
Georgia 30305 

Zulick, Natalie — Soph. — Bat Cave, North Carolina 28710 



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