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"hi; Duchess of Portland. 


(gtrxtxnct ®u6e of {potttan^. 

THE DUKE OF PORTLAND, K.G., G.C.V.O., William John 
Arthlk Charlls Jamk.-. Can kxi>isii-Hk\tin(K, Marquess of Titch- 
field. Earl of Portland, Viscount 
Woodstock, Baron Cirencester, 
and Baron Bolsover. Born at 
Kinnaird House, co. Perth (the 
residence of his maternal grand- 
father), 28 December 1857 ; edu- 

cated at Eton ; Lieut. Cold- 

stream Guards 1877-80, Hnn. Artillery Cumpany of London 
1881-83, and Hon. Col. 4th Batt, Sherwood Foresters since 1889, and of 1st 
Notts Rifle Vol., and ist Lanark.shire Vol. Artillery; Master of the 
1886-92, and from July 1895 to 1905; Provincial Master Notts Free- 
masons since 1898 ; Knight of Justice of St. John of Jerusalem ; appoints 
two Family Trustees of the British Museum ; Deput}--Lieut. for co. A}-r ; 
County Councillor for Notts (Mansfield Woodhouse Div.) ; Lord Lieut, for 
Caithness 1889, and Nottinghamshire 1898. Succeeded his cousin as 6th 
Duke in 1879, and his stepmother as Baron Bolsover in 1893. 

Married, at St. Peter's, Eaton Square, 11 June 1889, Wijiif red Anna, 
only daughter of Thomas Yorke 
Dallas- Fcr/vof Walmsgate, Lin- 
colnshire (b\' PVances Perry, 
daughter of William Graham of 


Burntshiels 1 ; born at Murtle\- //// C^^^^^-^^* ^~'^/, . -^-Z /^ 

Castle. CO. Perth, 6 September "I /n( O^^^^^'^^ec.^-^et^ 

1863. Children :— 

i. J'icturia Alr.xandrina I'ioUl, for whom Queen \ ictoria stood sponsor 

in person, born at .^, Grosvenor Square, 28 February 1890. 
ii. William Arthur Hf.xrv Cavendish-Bentixck, Marquess of Titch- 
field, born at 3, Grosvenor Square, 16 March 1893; educated at 
iii. Francis Morvkn D.\llas Cavk.xdish-Bk.ntinck, born at Langwell, 
27 July 1000. 

Residences : Welbeck Abbey, Notts ; Bothal Castle, Northumber- 
land ; Fullarton House, Aj-rshire ; Langwell, Caithness. Town House : 
3, Grosvenor Square, W. Clubs : Guards, Turf White's, Marlborough, 
Carlton, Bachelors, Hurlingham. 

Arms recorded at Heralds' College: Ouarterl_\- — 1st and 4th, azure, 
a cross moline argent, for Bentinck ; 2nd and 3rd, sable, three stags' 
heads caboshed argent, attired or, a crescent for difference, for Canenihsii. 


Crests : i. Out of ducal coronet gold, two arms counter-embowed, 
vested gules, on the hands gloves or, each holding an ostrich feather argent, 
for J5EXTINCK. 2. On a wreath argent and sable, a snake nowed ])rf>per, 
for Cavendish. 

Sui'F(jKTEKS : Two lions double queued, the dexter or the sinister 

Motto : "Craignez honte," formerly "Quo fata vocant." 

Baixies for Ogle: i. A slip of oak fructed with two acorns or. 
2. A semi-rose, part of the badge of the royal house of York, the sun 
radiating from the base. 

.^lUCStVl).— The family of Beiitinck is known to have been settled, as 
early as the thirteenth centur\', in the Duchy of Guelder, and they ap|jear 
to have derived their name from the castle of Benting or Bentinck, between 
Zutphen and Deventer. Their pedigree has been traced in detail thirteen 
generations prior to William Bentinck's .settlement in England in the seven- 
teenth century, and it may be noted that there still flourish in Holland 
se\eral branches of the of Bentinck. The English branch descends 
from the fourth son of Freiheer Bernhard Bentinck of Diepenheim, in the 
province of Overyssel, who died in i668. He was the father of nine 
children, amongst whom was the first Earl of Portland, with whom we 
accordingly commence the pedigree ; — 

Woodstock and Baron Cirencester, 
being so created 9 April 1689. Born 
20 July 1649; died, "after a fever of 
twelve days", at his seat at Bulstrode 
Park, Buckinghamshire, 23 November 
1709, and was buried 3 December 1709, at Westminster, "in the vault at 
the east end of King Henry VII's chapel", and was succeeded by his 
eldest son as below. 

The Earl of Portland, founder of the House of Bentinck in England, 
was the fourth son of Bernhard Bentinck of Diepenheim, in Overyssel. He 
was Page of Honour and Gentleman of the Bedchamber to William, Prince 
of Orange, whom he accompanied to England on that prince's accession 
to the English throne as William III in 16S8. He was sworn of the Privy 
Council 14 February 1689, Keeper of tlie Privy Purse 1689, Superintendent of 
the Royal Gardens 8 June 1689. 

Prior to this, when in Holland, he was in command of a Dutch 
Regiment of Horse Guards 1672; Bailiff and Stadtholder of Breda i'i74; 
Bailiff and Stadtholder of Lingen 1675; Lieutenant Forester in Holland and 
West Friesland 16S1 ; created D.C.L. Oxon. 1670; Envoy to England 4 June 
1677 and July 1685, and to Berlin in 1685. 

He was appointed Lieut. -General in Ireland 1 July 1690, and was 
engaged in the battle of the Boyne ; Commissioner of Greenwich Hospital 
20 February 1695 ; elected 19 February and installed 15 March 1697 as Knight 
of the Garter; Ranger of Windsor Great Park 20 May 1697 to 7 May 1700; 
General of Horse 1 June 1697; Keeper of the Little Park of Windsor 
13 January 169S to 7 May 1700; Plenipotentiary to France 29 December 1697 ; 
Ambassador to discuss terms of treaty with Louis XIV 1 July 1699. 

In the Revolution William Bentinck took an active part, being tiie 
confidential agent of the Prince, and continued to be his trusted friend to 


Recorded in llix Ma/csfy^ Collrgc of. Inns. 


the end of his life. As was to be expected, he received many grants from the 
King, and preferment from time to time for his services, A biograph}- of the 
Earl of Portland becomes of necessity the political history of his time, and can 
be but briefly summarized here. After the death of King William, the Earl's 
"visits to his native country seem to have recurred with their usual regularity, 
and occasionall}' to have been combined with confidential business of a public 
nature. . . His domestic life had probably continued to be a happy one, as 
it had been in the days of his great friend who had taken so warm an interest 
in the children of his family. The\' were numerous and settled parti}' in 
England, partly in his native land. . . . Patriotism, as well as friendship 
and loyalty, was prominent amongst the motives which prompted his services. 
He was wholly unskilled in flattery, and, according to Burnet, 'seemed to have 
the art of creating manj' enemies and not one friend'. The Earl of Portland 
was, during William's reign, 'probably the most unpopular man in this country'. 
In requital of the unpopularity to which he was exposed, Portland's name 
will always be remembered as inseparable from the histor}' of the most 
important political transactions of William Ill's reign." 

The Earl of Portland married, (i) i Feb. 167S, .i ////(■, daughter of 
Sir Edward Villicrs, Knight-Marshal; she was Maid of Honour tn the 
Princess Mar\-, and sister of Edward, ist P^arl of Jersey, and died at 
Zorgvliet, in Holland, 20 Nov. 1688. Children : — 

i. WiLLi.AM Bi-NTiNcK, bom at the Hague; died young. 

ii. Hi;nry ESe.minck, his successor, of whom next. 

i. Mary, mar. (i) Algkrnon (Capel), Earl of Essex, and (2) the Hon. 


ii. Aiuic Margaret, mar,, 1701, Arend van Wassenaer, Baron van Was- 
SENAER-DriivE.NVOORDE, Ambassador from Holland to the English Court, 
iii. Fiances JI'i7/ie/ii/ii/a, mar. William, fourth Lord Byro.n. 
iv. Eleauura Sc/t/iia, died unmarried. 
V. Isabella, mar. E\-klyn (Pilrkki'ont), Duke of Kingston. 

The P2arl of Portland married, b}- special licence, (3) at Chiswick, 
Middlesex, 12 May 1700, Jane Martha, Dowager Lady Berkeley of 
Stratton, and 6th daughter of Sir John Temple, Bart., of Ivist Sheen, 

By her, who died 25 Mar. 1751 : — 

iii. William Bentinck, of Rhoon and Pendrecht, Holland, and of Tenington 
St. Clement's, Norfolk ; born 6 Nov. 1704; created, 29 Dec, 17,52, a 
Count of the Holy Roman Empire. He mar. and left two sons, 
whose descendants settled some in Holland, others in England. 

iv. Charles John Bentinck, born at Bulstrode, 2 June 1708 ; mar., 1 1 Jan. 
1739, Lady Margaret Cadogan ; died 9 Mar. 1779. 

vi. Sophia, born at Whitehall, 4 Apr. 1701; mar., 24 Mar. 1728, Henry 

(DE Grey), Duke of Kent. 
vii. Elizabeth Adriana, born at Whitehall, 27 June 1703 ; mar., iS Dec. 1720, 

Henry Egerton, Bishop of Hereford; died 1765. 
viii. Henrietta, born at Whitehall, 12 Dec, 1705; mar., 15 Oct. 172S, James 
(Hamilton), Viscount Limerick, Ear! of Clanbrassil ; died 1792. 

ix. Barbara, born at Bulstrode, 20 Oct. 1 709 ; mar., 1 734, Francis Godolphin, 
afterwards 2nd Lord Godolphin ; died i Apr. 1736. 

The Earl of Portland was succeeded by his son : — 


II HENRY BEXTIXCK, Earl of Portland till 6 July 1716, when 
he was created Marquess of Titchfield and DUKE OF PORTLAXD. 

Styled Viscount Woodstock from 1689 to 1709. He was born 17 Mar. 1682, 
at the Hague, died 
in Jamaica, 4 July 
1726, and was buried 
3 Nov. 1726 in the 
Duke of Ormonde's 

vault in Westminster ^,^,-is-^ (y ^ ^ / ^L_/^ 
Abbe>-. Will dated 
9 August 1722, proved 14 P'eb. 1727. M.P. for .Southampton 1705, for 
Hampshire 1708-9 ; Captain and Colonel ist Troop of Horse Guards 
21 July 1710; Lord of the Bedchamber to King George I 16 July 1717 ; 
created LL.D. Cambridge 7 Oct. 17 17, and appointed Governor and 
Captain-General of Jamaica 31 Oct. 1721, and Vice- Admiral 13 Dec. 1721. 
The Duke of Portland married, by licence, at Chiswick, 9 June 1704, 
Lady Elizabeth Xocl, eldest daughter and co-heir of Wriothesley Baptist, 
2nd Earl of Gainsborough. She sur\'i\ed him, and was buried at Titchfield, 
March 1736-7. Children : — 

i. William Bentinck, 2nd Duke of Portland, of whom next, 
ii. Georgk Benti.nxk, colonel of the fifth infantry regiment; M.P. for 
Droitwich i 742-7, Grampound 1747-54, and Malmesbury 1754-9 ; born 
27 Dec. 1715, died 1 March 1759,31 Bath, and was bur. at Heston, 
i. Aiiiic, niai'. Colonel Daniel Paul, and died in July 1749. 
ii. Isabella, mar., 8 Nov. 1739, Henry Monck, of Charleville, co. Wicklow, 

and died 1783. 
iii. yliuclia Catlwriiic, mar., 24 Dec. 1747, Jacoi; Arenu van Wassenaek, 
Baron van Wassenakr, and died in 17=6. 

Wassenakr, and died in i 
The Duke was succeeded b\' his son : 

K.G., styled \'iscount Woodstock 1709- 
16, Marquess of Titchfield 1716-26; born 
1 March 1709; died i Ma)- 1762, in his 
54th year, and was buried, 8 May, in 
Westminster Abbe\-, in the Duke of 
Ormonde's vault. 

Governor of the Foundling Hospital 
K.G., 20 March 1741 ; a Family Trustee of 
created D.C.L. Oxford, 5 March 1755. "A man rather calculated for the virtues 
and enjoyments of a literary and private life." 

The Duke of Portland married, at St. Marylebone, 11 June 1734, 
Margaret Laveiidish Harlcy* onl\- daughter and heir of Edward (Harle}-j, 
2nd Earl of Oxford (bv Lady Henrietta Cavendish Holies) ; born 

7 Aug. 1739; F.R.S., 
the British Museum, 

6 Dec. 
I Dec. 

* It may 

mother, the C 

his mother's il 

transferred \\- 

death ol the tl- 

Welbeck descended to this lady upon the death of iter 
1 1755. The third Duke lived chiefly at Welbeck until 
hich' he lived principally at Bulstrode Park, and in 1795 

son upon his marriage. Bulstrode was sold after the 
:e (it Somerset. 


II Feb., bapt. 19 March 1714-15. She, who was celebrated b\- Prior 
as "my noble lovely little Pegt^_\'", died 17 Jul\- 1785, in her 71st >'ear, and 
was buried, 30 July, in the Duke of Ormonde's vault in Westminster Abbe\-. 
Children : — 

i. Wn.LiAM Hkxrv Bi:\ThN'CK, ,;rd Duke of Portland, of whom next. 

ii. P:d\v.\rd Charlks Beminck, born 3 March 1744, died at Brussels, 
S Oct. 1S19; educated at Christ Church, Oxford; matriculated 7 No\. 
1761; M.P. 1 774- 1802; mar. Elizdlnih, dau. of Richard Cunibcrhuid, 
who died 18,57, leaving issue. 

i. Eli-.dliiili, mar. Thomas (Thynnk), 1st Marquess of Bath. 

ii. Uciirictla, mai'. Cikorge Harr\- (Gri:v), 5th Earl of Stamforu and 


iii. Margaret, died, unmarried, 28 April 1756. 
i\-. Frami-f, died, uinnarried, in March 174J. 

The 2nd Duke was succeeded by his son : — 

stN'led Marquess of Titchfield 1738-62; burn 14 April 
1738; died at Bulstrode 30 Oct. 1809; buried at St 
Marylebone, 9 Nov. 

He was educated at Westminster and Christ Church, Oxford ; matricu- 
lated 4 March 1755; M.A. i Feb. 1757; M.P. for Weobley 1761-6-; a Family 
Trustee of the British Museum, 1764; Lord Chamberlain of the Household 
10 July 1765 to 26 Nov. 1766 ; Privy Councillor 10 July 1765 ; F.R.S. 5 June 
176*6; Viceroy of Ireland 10 April to 15 Sept. 1782; LL.D. Dublin 1782 
High Steward of Bristol 1786; Chancellor of the University of Oxford 
27 Sept. 1792 ; created D.C.L. by diploma 7 Oct. 1792 ; Recorder of Notting- 
ham June 1794; Secretary of State for the Home Department 11 Julj' 1794 
to 30 Jul3- 1801 ; Lord-Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum for Notts 10 June 
1795 ; Steward, Keeper, and Warden of the Forest of Sherwood and Park of 
Folewood 30 June 1795; Governor of the Charter House 2 Dec. 1796; Elder 
Brother of the Trinity House i 2 June i 797 ; Custos Rotulorum for Northumber- 
land 27 June 1800 to 19 May 1S02; KG. 16 July 1801, having been elected in 
1794; Lord President of the Council 30 July 1801 to 14 Jan 1S05; a member 
of the Cabinet, without office, Jan. 1805 to Jan. 1806 ; First Lord of the Treasurv- 
31 March 1S07 to 28 Sept. 1809. 

The third Duke of Portland, who succeeded his father at the age of 24, 
had entered Parliament as M.P. for Weobley two years before, and became a 
membei- of Lord Rockingham's first Government in 1765, as Lord Chamberlain. 
He took an active part in politics, belonging to the Whig party, as was 
natural, and, in 1783, became Prime Minister, with Lord North and Fox as 
Secretaries of State, but this coalition Cabinet fell the same yeai', and for 
a time he left the active duties of political leader of the opposition to Fox 
and Burke, retiring to his country seat. The tendencies of the French 
Revolution alarmed the great Whig houses, and the Duke of Portland, after 
some hesitation, joined Pitt's Government. He himself was Home Secretary 
from 1794 to iSoi, and though the repressive acts brought about by dread of 
the French Revolution placed an enormous power in the Duke's hands, his 
administration of the Home Office "was marked bj* no straining of his powers 
and by no consequent unpopulaiity of the Government". He has been 



described as a "tolerant man of the world, not a man of great ability, but of 
great experience, who knew the advantage of leaving the expression of public 
opinion as free as possible". 

In Addington's administration he became Lord President of the Council, 
continuing as such until January 1S05. He held no office in the "Ministry of 
all the Talents", but in 1807 he again became Premier, he being the only man 
under whom the rivals Canning and Lord Castlereagh would serve. He was 
old and feeble, but from a high sense of public duty, though unwillingly, 
accepted the burden. The duel on Wimbledon Common between those two 
btatesmen resulted in their resignation, and the Duke, whose health was 
rapidly declining, insisted on retiring ; and his death followed a few weeks later. 

"Few statesmen have suffered more obloquy." Yet he has been 
described in the Dictionary of National Biograpliy as a "good administrator, 
tolerant in his exercise of" great and extraordinary powers, careful in details, 
and yet not wanting in broad statesmanlike views. In private life he was in 
every way admirable." 

In ciinscquencc i.>f his descent fnmi the e'avcnclish Uukes of New- 
castle thnHii;h his mother, he, b>- Rnyal Licence, 5 Oct. 1801, assumed for 
himself and issue the additional surname and arms of Cavendish. 

lie married, at Burlington, Piccadilly, 8 November 1766, 
Porn/I/v C,i:'ci/(iis/i, only daughter of William, 4th Duke of Devon- 
shire, who (lied 3 June 1794, aged 43 years, and was buried at St. Maryle- 
bone 14 June. Children: — 

i. WiLi.i.\M Hknry Cavendish-Be.n'tixck, 4th Duke, of whom next. 

ii. WiLLLVM Hkxrv Cwendish-Bentinck, born 14 September 1774; died, 
sp, 17 |une 1S39 ; educated at Ealing and Westminster Schools; 
G.C.B., G.C.H., Governor-General of India, r827 to 1S35; M.P. for 
Glasgow 1836 to 1S39; mar., 19 February 1803, Mary Aclicsou, 2nd 
dau. of Arthur, 1st Earl of Gosford. 

lie entered the army, in 1791, as an ensign in the Coldstream 
Guards, becoming Captain in 2nd Light Dragoons 1792, and, on 
20 iVIay 1794, Lieut. -Col. of the 24th Light Dragoons. He served in 
the Netherlands and in North Italy in 1799 to 1801. From 1803 to 
1807 he was Governor of Madras, from which he was recalled in con- 
sequence of the mutiny at Vellore, caused, it was thought, by the 
regulations introduced " by the Government. Subsequently, having 
been promoted as Major-General, he took part in the Peninsular War, 
and commanded a brigade at Corunna. From 181 1 to 1814 he was 
envoy to, practically Governor of, Sicily. At the close of the war he was 
13 years unemployed, but, in 1827, was appointed Governor of Bengal, 
becoming, in 1S33, the first Governor-General of India. He resigned 
the Government 1S35 "much regretted by Europeans and natives", 
and a statue in his honour was erected at Calcutta. "There can be 
no question that Bentinck's Indian administration must be regarded 
as a marked era in the history of Indian progress. He was the first 
British statesman entrusted with the government of India who de- 
clared and acted upon the policy of governing India in the interests ot 
the people of that country." 

iii. Wn.ij.x.M Ch.\klks Augustus C.-we.ndisii-Bentixck, of whom hereafter. 

iv. Frkdkricr Cavendish-Bentixck, C.B., Major-General in the Army ; 
MP. for Weobley 1816-1824, and Queenborough 1824-1826; born 
2 Nov. 1781 ; died 11 Feb. 1828; mar. Marv Loivtiicr, dau. of William, 
Pari of Lonsdale, who died 21 Oct. 1SO2, leaving a son. 


-^C<>^ .^Wt^t^l^,..^!^ 

fourth Duke of Portland, st_\led Mar- 
quess of Titchfield, 1768 to i8og, and 
from 1809 till his death DUKE OF 
PORTLAND, using as his signature, 
"Scott-Portland" ; born 24 June 1768 ; died at W'elbeck, 27 March 1S54. in 
his S6th year 'Will proved July 1854^. 

Educated at Ealing and Westminster Schools, and Christ Church, 
(_)xford; matriculated 25 Jan. 1785; created D.C.L. Oxon., 3 July 1793; took 
tiie name of Scott, in addition to Bentinck, by King's Licence, 5 Sept. 1795 ; 
M.P.for Petersfield 1790-1, for co. Buckingham 1791-1809; Lord of the Treasury 
,;i March to 28 Sept. 1807 ; Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal 30 April 1S27 ; 
Privy Councillor 30 April 1827 ; and Lord President of the Council 17 August 
1S27 to 26 January 1828; a Family Trustee of the British Museum 1S09-29 ; 
F.S.A. ; Lord-Lieutenant of Middlesex 5 July 1794 to 2 February 1842; and 
Custos Rotulorum 28 July 1794 to 2 February 1S42 ; Deputy-Lieutenant of the 
tou-n and count}- of Nottingham, and Deputy-Lieutenant of the county of 
Derby 29 December 1796. He mari-ied, at Mrs. Scott's house in Piccadilly, 
Hcnrutta. ist dau. and co-heir of RLijor-General John Scott, of Balcomie, co. 
Fife, by Margaret, youngest dau. of Robert Dundas, Lord Pi-esident of the 
Court of Session. She died 28 April 1S44, at WelbecU, and was buried at 
St. Marylebone. Admon. July 1844. 

Children :— 

i. Wn,LiAM Hknry Cavendish-Bentinck, styled Marquess of Titchfield; 
born 21 March 1796 ; died 4 March 1S24. 

ii. William John Cavendish-Bentinxk, 5th Duke of Portland, of whom 

iii. WiLLiAJi George Frederick Cavendish-Bentinck, styled Lord 
George Bentinck; born at Welbeck 27 Feb. 1S02 ; died, unmarried, 
21 Sept. 1S48, and was buried at Marylebone. 

He was educated at home, and entered the loth Hussars, as 
Cornet, in 1S19. He entered political life as secretaiy of Mr. Canning, 
who had married his maternal aunt, and was so engaged fjr three 
j'ears. "Tall and well made, both in grace and figure, a model of 
manl\- beauty, quick of eye and action, he was distinguished by his 
skill in every kind of sport." He inherited a taste for racing, com- 
bining with it "a fine sense of honour which made his patronage of 
the sport a benefit for racing society". On the turf he was most 
successful. Later he joined the 2nd Life Guards, but in 1S2S became 
M.P. for King]s Lynn, which he represented till .his death. 

He was, "as became his birth, a Whig of the Revolution era". 
He voted for the Catholic Emancipation Bill, and upheld generally the 
principles of the Reform Bill. In 1845 he became an active opponent 
of Sir Robert Peel, and approved of the Corn Laws, taking an active 
part in organizing the Protectionists as an independent party, and, in 
1847, sold his racing stud that he might devote himself to politics. 
His career is summarized in the D.N.B. at considerable length. He 
died suddenly, on the 21st Sept. 184S, at the early age of 46, near 
Welbeck, it was said "from a sudden spasm of the heart ", and wa^ 
buried in the old parish church of Marylebone, the burying-place of 
his family. 

iv. Henry William Cavendish-Bentinck; born 9 June 1S04; died 31 Dec. 
1870. Lord Henr3' Bentinck was a Family Trustee of the British 
Museum; M.P. for North Notts, 1S46-57. 


i. Margtvrt Hciniii, born 21 April lyyS ; died 9 April 1882, unmarried. 

ii. Caroline, born 6 July 1799; died 2,; Jan. 1S2S. 

iii. Cliarlotlf, born 14 Jan. 1806; died 30 .Sept. 1889; mar., 14 Jul}- 1827, 
John Evelyn Denison, M.P., Speaker of the House of Commons, 
"created Viscount Ossington in 1872. By Royal Licence, 26 June 
1S82, Lady Ossington assumed the name of Scott in lieu of Denison, 
and the arms of Scott quarterly with those of Bentinck and Cavendish. 

iv. Lucy, born 27 Aug. 1807; mar., S Nov. 1828, Charles Augustus 
(.Scott-Ellis), Lord Howard de Walden. She died 29 July 1S99, 
leaving issue. 

V. Mivv, born 3 July 1S09 ; died 20 July 1S74 ; mar., 5 Oct. 1S54, Lieut.-Col. 
Sir WiLLL^M 'rop[L\M, Lieut, "of II. M. (k-ntlemen-at-Arms ; he died 
7 June iS.;5. 

The 4th Duke (if Portland was succeeded b_\' his son : — 

Duke of Portland, st)led, from 1809 to :S24, Lord John Bentinck, from 
1824 to 1854, Marc]uessof Titchfield, . ^^^^ 

and from 1854 till his death DUKE ^ /v, X^ j> \J 

OF PORTLAND, using as his .signa- Q_yC.^'7T- (/ cn^'''^^U».^*<-^ 
ture " Scott-Portland." His Grace 
was born at London 17 Sept. 1800, 
bapt. 30 Sept. at St. George's, Han- 
over Square ; died, unmarried, at 
Harcourt House, Cavendish Square, 6 Dec, and was buried 12 Dec. 1879, 
at Kensal Green cemetery. 

Ensign and Lieutenant Grenadier Regt. of Foot Guards 10 July iSiS; 
Cornet, loth Prince of Wales' Own Royal Regt. of Hussars, 24 Oct. 1S21 ; 
Captain, 2nd Regt. of Life Guards, 25 Jan. 1823 ; Lieut, and Captain, Grenadier 
Regt. Foot Guards, 15 June 1830; M.P. for King's Lynn 19 March 1S24-1826, 
when he was succeeded by his uncle. Lord William Bentinck ; Deputy-Lieut. 
CO. Middlesex, 12 July 1828, and Vice-Lieut, co. Middlesex, 6 June 1836; 
Deputy-Lieut., Nottinghamshire, 1 Aug. 1859. He took no very active part in 
politics, but engaged himself largely in the management of his estates and the 
erection of buildings at Welbeck and elsewhere. 

Upon his death the co-heirship of the barony of Ogle devolved upiin 
his sisters, and still remains in abeyance, while the Dukedom of Portland 
and other honours passed to his cousin, \\'illiam John Arthur Charles Janio 
Cavendish-Bentinck, 6th and present Duke of Portland. 

We now revert to the family of the third Duke of l^irtland. His 
fifth son fthe third of those who reached adult age , the grandfather of the 
present Duke of Portland, was ; — 

TINCK, Lieut.-Ccl. in the Army; Treasurer of the Hou.sehold 1812-1826; 
born May 1780 ; died 28 April 1826. He married, (1) 21 Sept. 1808. 
Gcorgiana Augusta Fi-cdcnca Seyutour, who died 10 Dec. 1813, leaving an 
only daughter : — 

i. Gcorgiana Aiii^usla Frcdcrica, born 21 Aug. 1811; died, unmarried, 
i2"Sept. 1883. 

The Dike ov PoKXLANr: 


He married, (2) 23 Jul_v 1816, Aiuie WcHeslcv (a (lauL;liter of the 
Marquess Wellesley, previously married to Sir William Abdy, Hart. 1, who 
died 19 March 1875, aged 87 years. Children :— 

i. Rev. Charles William Frederick Cavendish-Bentinck, born 8 Nov. 

1S17 ; died 17 August 1865. He mar., (1) 26 Sept. 1839, Sinctta, dau. 

of James Lauilnmrue, who died without surviving issue, iq Feb. 1S50. 

He mar., (2) 13 Dec. 1859, Caroline Louisa, eldest dau. of Edwyn 

Biiniaby, of Baggrave Hall, Leicestershire. He died 17 August 1865, 

leaving three daughters. She mar., (2) 30 Nov. 1S70, Harry Warren 

Scott, 3rd son of Sir William Scott, of Ancrum. 
ii. Arthur Cavkndish-Bentinck, Lieut.-General in the Army and Col. 

7th Dragoon Guards; born 9 May 1819; died 11 Dccciiiber 1S77. 

Genei-al Cavendish-Bentinck mar., (1) 18 Feb. 1857, Eliiahiili Snpliia, 

eldest dau. of Sir St. Vincent Hawkins 1 1 7i//s/ici/, Mart,, who died 

4 January 1858, aged 22, leaving a son : — 

i. WiLi.i.\,M Joii.N Arthur Charles James C.wendish-Be.ntinck, 
6th and present Duke of Portland, of whom above. 
General Cavendish Bentinck mar., (2) 10 June 1862, Aiii^iisla 
Mary Elizabeth, younger dau. of the Hon. and Rev. Henry Montague 
Broituic, Dean of Lismore (2nd son of the 2nd Baron Kilmaine). .She 
was created Baroness Bolsover 23 April 1880, and died 7 August 
1893, when the title, by special remainder, passed to her stepson, the 
present Duke of Portland. Children :— * 
ii. Henry Cavendish-Bentinck, of LJnderly Hall, co. Westmorland, 
M.P. for N.-W. Norfolk 1S86-92, and for South Nottingham 
1895-1906; born 28 May 1863; educated at Christ Church, 
Oxford ; matriculated 14 Oct. 18S1 ; mar., 27 Jan. 1S92, Lady 
Olivia Tayloiir, only surviving child of the Earl of Bective. 
iii. William Augustus Cavendish-Bentinck, Capt. loth Hussars; 
born 31 Jan. 1S65; educated at Christ Church, Oxford; 
matriculated 25 May 1S83 ; died, unmarried, 28 Oct. 1903. 
iv. Charles Cavendish-Bentinck, capt. 9th Lancers, born ; Oct. 
1S68; mar., 27 Feb. 1807, Cicclv Marv, dau, of Charles Sevmour 
Gniiftll, of Elibank, Tapk.w. " 
i. OUoltiic I'iolrt Aiiiir, born 16 June 1873 ; mar., 8 Feb. i(io2, 
Philip Enw.xun .Mokrkli,, M.P. for .South (.^.xfordshire. 

ii. Anne, died, unmarrinl, 7 June 188S. 

iii. Emily, mar., 8 Nov. 1845, the Rev. Henry Hopwocjd, M..\., rector of 
Bothal, Northumberland. She died 6 Jan. 1850, leaving issue. 

*To his cluldi-en 
I daughter of a Duke. 

(Bre^orp of (Jlofhnggam, 
<S)tAn of ^t (pauf's. 


of St. Paul's, London. Dean Gregon-, who was born at Leenside, Notting- 
liam, 9 February 1819, was baptized 18 Februar\- 1S19, at St. Mar\-'s, b\- 
the Rev. Georije Wilkin.s, Vicar, and received his 
earl_\- education at a private school in Yorkshire. 
He matriculated at Corpus Christi CoUei^e, 
Oxford, 2 April 1840 ; B.A., 1843 ; M.A., 1846 : 
and D.D., by decree of Convocation, 1891. Ik- 
obtained the Denver Theological Essay, That 
faith must be fortified by good works, in 1850. 
Ordained Deacon, 1843, and Priest, 1844, by 
the }?ishop of Glcnicester and Bristol ; Curate 
of Bisle}-- (Gloucestershire), Wragb}' (Lincoln- 
shire), and Panton (Lincolnshire); Curate, and 
afterwards Vicar of St. Mary-the-Less, Lambeth, 
from 1853 tn 1873; Select Preacher at Oxford, 
1867 ; Canon of St. Paul's, 1868 to 1890 ; Rural 

Dean of Cambei 
the ArchdeacdHi 

[ 870 U 

873 ; Proctor for 
868 tn 1874, and 

Dean and Chapter of St. 
Paul's, 1874 to 1890; Chaplain 
to the Bishop of Chester, 1884 
to 1888; Dean of St. Paul's, 
1890. Dean Gregor\- is author 
of the fallowing : — 


Small Metropolitan Parish," 1S66. 

"A Plea tor Small Parishe;- 

"The Difficulties and Orga 

"Sermons," 1S69. 

"Lectures at St Paul's," 1S71-73. 

"Position of the Celebrant, a Speech in Convocation," 1S75. 

"Elementary Education, its Rise and Progress in England," 1S95. 







at K 

/nrs, c 


.f W 








:,. Dublin, 

'stown, CO. 

m 1844. 
Dublin ; 

[ ) Mary 
she died 

Emily Mary, born at Bisley, iS iVlay 1845. 

RoBKRr SiKWART Gregorv, Rector of Much Maciham, Hertfordshire; 
born at ISisley, Gloucestershire, 26 March 1S47 ; educated at Merchant 
Tavlor's School ; matriculated at Trinity College, Oxford, 15 October 
186V) (jrd Mods. 188S); B.A. (4 Lit. Hum.), 1870; M.A., 1873; of Cud- 
desdon Theological College; ordained Deacon, 1872, and Priest, 1S73, 
by the ijishop of i^ondou ; Curate of Putney, 1872 to 1878; N'icar of 
St. Mark, Myddleton Square, 1878 to 1882, of Edmonton, 1882 to 1900, 
and Rector of Much Hadham, 1900. 


iii. Right Rev. Francis Ambkosf 
Gregory, D.D., Lord Bis 
hop of Mauritius, Bishop's 
Court, Moka, Mauritius. 
Dr. Gregor3-,\vho was boru 
at Panton, Lincolnshiic, 
12 Oct. 1S48; educated at 
Merchant 'raylor's Scliooi ; 
matriculated at Corpus 
Christi College, Oxford, 
23 Oct. 1S67 (2nd Mods. 
1S09); B.A. (3rd Lii 
Hum.), 1871 ; M.A., 18S3 ; 
D.D., honoris causa, 1904 ; 
ordained Deacon, iS;,, 
Priest, 1874, by the Bishc 
of Winchester ; Curate ol 
Cheam, 1873-74; Warden 
of St. Paul's (S.P.G.) Col- 
lege, and S.P.G. Mission- 
ary at Ambatobaraiiana, 
Madagascar, and Chaplain 
to the Bishop of Mada- 
gascar, 1S74 to 1900; Chan- 
cellor of the Cathedral of 

Antananarivo, 1889 to 1901 ; Chaplain of St. John, Mentone, 1901 to 
1904; consecrated Lord Bishop of Mauritius, 25 July 1904, bj' the Arch- 
bishop of Canterbur3' and the Bishops of Ely, Dover, and Madagascar. 

Dean Gregorv' married, {2} \6 July 1861, Charlotte Anne, 5th daughter 
of the Hon. Sir Robert Stopford, Admiral of the Red, G.C.B., G.C.M.G., 
Rear-Admiral of England, a Governor of Greenwich Ho.spital (by his 
wife, Mary, daughter of Robert F^anshawei [son of James, 2nd Earl of 
Courtown, K.P.] ; she died 1903. Children: — 

iv. Eleanor Charlotte, born at St. Mary's Vicarage, Lambeth, 1S63. 

V. Christiana Stupfoni, born at St. Mary's \'icarage, Lambeth, 1S66. 

vi. Aiice Sophia, born at St. Mary's \'icarage, Lambeth, 1867. 

Dean Gregor\- has continued his association with his nati\-e town all 
his life, and till recenth- owned freehold propert\- there, as his family still 

.^tntCSmj.— The Regi-sters of St. Marx's Church, .Ndttini. 
eight Gregory weddings between 1740 and 1762, of which sex- 
it may be presumed, relate to this famil\-. The}- are : — 

John Gregory, of Breason, co. Derby, and Elizabeth Hall, 

of Costock, licence, married .. .. i 

Timothy Gregory and Elizabeth Rivington, married 
William Arthur and Elizabeth Gregory, married 
William Gregory', this parish, and Jane Shelton, of Cal- 

verton, licence, married . . 
John Rowe and Doroth}- Gregory, married 
William Wheat and Jane Gregory, married 
John Watson and Catherine Gregory, licence, niai ried . . 
William Filds and Mary Gregory, married 

jnam, r 
eral at 

S De 

^; Mr 




It seems probable, though it has not been definitely determined, that 
William Gregory and Jane Shelton were parents of the Robert Gregory, 
with whom the pedigree commences, and that Doroth)- Gregor)-, who 
married John Rowe in 1757, was sister of William Gregory. 

The ascertained pedigree commences thus : — 

ROBERT GREGORY, of Nottingham, of the firm of Gregor\- and 
Son, wharfingers, coal, and bone merchants, died at Nottingham in 1824, 
"advanced in life". Will proved at York 21 May 1824, by his wife /«/w 
lUirnayd. His children were : — 

i. Robert Gregory, of whom next, 
ii. Charlotte, mar. Robert Wilson, of Beastmarket Hill, Nottingliam, draper, 

and left issue. 
iii. Maria, married, before iii24, John Shel/on, of Nottingham, 
iv. Harriet, married Mr. Hall, a surgeon in Sheffield. He was brother of 
Samuel Hall, and of the famous surgeon, Marshall Hall. The lives 
of both are given in the Did. Nat. Biog. They were sons of Robert 
Hall, of Basford, bleacher. 

ROBERT GREGORY, of Nottingham, in partnership with his father 
as wharfingers, coal, and bone merchants, born at Nottingham 27 November 
1793, was baptized there, and died at Leenside 16 November 1824, aged 31 ; 
buried at Nottingham. Will proved at York 8 October 1825 ; married, 
by licence, at St. Mary's, Nottingham, by the Rev. Robert Burra, curate, 
24 January 1817, Amie Sop/iia, daughter of Alderman Joseph Oldkiio-io, 
grocer, of Angel Row, Nottingham [Sheriff, 1769; and twice Maj-or, 1792 
and 1799], by his wife Mary Roberts, who died at Leenside 28 November 
1824. She was born 16 March 1789, and died 15 Jul_\- 1824, aged 35 )-ears, 
and was buried at Nottingham. 

Mr. Gregory's funeral sermon, afterwards published, was preached by the 
Rev. John Hannah at Halifax Place Chapel, and the preface states that "the 
death of Mr. and Mrs. Gregory in the prime of life, and the full flow of 
temporal prosperity, had excited an unusual degree of public feeling". A note 
states that "within the space of sixteen months five died under the same roof, 
Mr. Gregory sen., an infant, Mrs. Gregory jun., Mr. Gregor}' jun., and 
Mr. Oldknow". It may be observed that the large brick mansion of the 
Gregorys still exists on Leenside, between Meadows Street and Malt Mill 
Lane, as well as their wharf in Trent Street, near by. 

Children: — 

i. Anne Sophia, born first week in January, and baptized 14 February 
1 81 8, at St. Mary's, Nottingham, by the Rev. T. S. Bassett ; died a't 
Brighton, February 1876, aged 58; married the Venerable John 
Hannah, D.D., Vicar of Brighton and Ai-chdeacon of Lewes [son of 
the Rev. John Hannah, D.D.J. Their son, the Very Rev. John Julius 
Hannah, D.D., is the present Dean of Chichester, 
ii. Robert Gregory, Dean of St. Paul's, of whom above, 
iii. Mary Juliana, baptized at St. Marj^'s, Nottingham, 6 April 1S20; died 

20 March 1 90S. 
iv. Charlotte, born 1821 ; died 1S36. 
V. An infant, died 1S24. 

vi. John Oldknow Gregory, born 1 i July 1824, was baptized by the Rev. 
John Hannah immediateh^ after his mother's funeral, and died in 
[une 182s. 

Robert Gregory, D.D., 

Dean of St. rant's 

lS02 1861. 

TCDabewort^ of (Tlothng^am. 

SlUCStni. — The family of Wadsworth, or Wordsworth, as some branches spell the name, was 
ancientl}- a Yorkshire one, and e\-identl\- deri\ed its name from a place called Wadsworth, pre- 
sumably the township of that name in the parish of Halifax, in the West Riding of that County. 
The earliest mention of the name which has been noted is that of John de Wades\\(jrth, who was 
a knight of the shire for the County of Nottingham in 25 Edward III, i.e.. in 1351. We find 
also a Robert de Wadesworth assessed for the poll tax at that place in 2 Richard II, 137S. The 
will of Thomas W'adesworth, of Tevelb}-, was proved at Lincoln in 1580, and so far this is the 
earliest known connection with that county. This branch of the family was settled at Cla_\'pole 
in Lincolnshire in the latter part of the seventeenth century. The first ancestor, so far as at 
pre.sent ascertained, was : — 

John \V.\ds\vorth, of Claypole, co. Line 
d. and bur. there 10 December i7:;S. 

at Lla 
- .Ma\ 



Robert W.adsworth, of Claypole, bapt. Amu, l>ap 
19 Apr. 1702; bur. there, in woollen, 27 Claypole, 
Jan. 1746-7 ; will proved at Lincoln, 26 August 17c 
Feb. 1746-7 ; mar. (i) at Claypole, Ellen bur. there 
Brierley, 3 June 1723; bur. "there 3 Jan. .\pr. 1722. 
1728-9 ; mar. (2) at Newark, Sarah .'~a7//s, 
of Newark, 30 Apr. 1729 ; bur. at Clay- 
pole, 29 Sept. 1767, aged 67. 


of Claypole, bapt. 
there 20 Juh* 1707 ; 
bur. there 1 i May 

John W.\ds\vortii, 
of Claypole, bapt. 1 1 
Apr. 1731 ; bur. there 
12 June 17SS ; will 
proved at Lincoln, 9 
Apr. 1 78.,. 

of Becking- 
ham, m. by 
lie, 12 Ian. 


Robert \V.\dswortii, bapt. 
at Claypole, 24 June 1 733. 

Aniic. bapt. at Claypole, 7 
Dec. 1735; ni. there Fr.ancis 
Rolling, of Claypole, 16 
Nov. 1760. 

Susaimali, bapt. at Clay- 
pole, I Jan. 1737-S ; bur. 
10 Feb. 1747-S, aged 10. 

Siisanualt Cnllcigii, 
m. at Claypole, 25 
Apr. 1 730 ; bur. there 
1 1 June 1773. 

.Mar\. bapt. at Claypole, 15 Feb. 
1739-40; bur. 22 Dec. 1752. 

WiLLL^M W.\DswoRTn, bapt. at 
Claypole, 10 Oct. 1741. 

Eli-abclli, bapt. at Claypole, 2 

.Sa)-ali, bapt. at Claypole, 10 May 
1747 ; bur. 6 Nov. 1753. 

CO ( 'X7' ] ' PEDIGREES. 

Helen, bapt. at Clay- 
pole, 25 Dec. 1752; 
m. there William 
Pratt, of Gelston, p. 
Hough, 5 July 1772. 

Maiv, bapt. at Clay- 
pole, 23 Mar. 1755; 
111. . . . Need HAM. 

RoBT. Wadsworth, 
bapt. at Claypole, 6 
July 1757; bur. there 
24 Jan. 1778? 

John Wadsworth, of^ 
Long Row, Nottm., 
miller, bapt. at Clay- 
pole, 1 Feb. 1759 ; d. at 
Nottm., 6 May 18 12, 
aged 53 ; bur. in Barker 
Gate burial ground, 1 1 
May I Si 2; Freeman of 
Nottm. by purchase ; 
took the oath 1 1 Jul}' 
1792, William Huth- 
waite, Mayor ; will 
proved P. C. York, 23 
Ian. I Si?. 

t/^/a) ^A^y/^/^/}C 

Cathciiuc, dau. of 
Francis Bainbridgc, ol" 
Flinthani, Notts., far- 
mer; bapt. alFlintham, 
26 June 1760 ; m. at 
St. Mary's, Nottm., by 
lie, I Mar. 17S7; d. 9 
Feb. 1 832, at .St. James' 
Street, Nottm., aged 
7 1 ; bur. in St. Peter's 
churchyard, 14 Feb. 
I S3 2. Sec Note. 

I I I I I 

Martha, bapt. at Claypole, 7 
Mar. 1762; bur. there ii Apr. 
I 7 So. 

William Wadsworth, bapt. 
at Claypole, 15 Jan. 1765. 

Thomas Wadsworth, bapt. at 
Claypole, 1 Sept. 1709. 

Joseph Wadsworth, bapt. at 
Claypole, 23 Jan. 1771. 

Aim, bapt. at Claypole, 1773. 


I. Anu, b. 7 
Oct. 1790; 
d. 6 May 
1832; bur. 
at Flint- 
hatn ; m. at 
St. Peter's, 
Nottm., 9 
Feb. 1S17, 
F r .V N c I s 
Curtis, of 

(2) AunvNamy= 
Coleman, m. at 
.St. N i c h o 1 a s' 
Church, Nottm., 
17 Mar. 1S50; 
d. aged 81, 17 
July 1896 ; bur. 
in the Church 
Cemetery, Not- 

Annie, b iS Aug, 
4 Feb. 1S6:;. 

4. JoH.N Wadsworth, of 
Nottm., attorney-at-law ; 
admitted Hilary 1824; suc- 
cessively of 25 Fletcher 
Gate, Hounds Gate, South 
Circus St., and Newcastle 
Terrace ; born at Long 
Row, 4 Nov., bapt. at St. 
Mary's, 5 Nov. 1S02; d. at 
Newcastle Terrace, 24 Dec. 
1 86 1, aged 59; bur. in Nott- 
ingham Church Cemetery, 

{i)Marv Elizabeth, 
d. of John Brown, 
of Ossington. 
Notts ; land sur- 
veyor; 111. at Flint- 
ham, 7 Sept. 1831 ; 
d. at South Circus 
St., Nottm., aged 
40 ; bur, 1 1 May 
i84S,at St. Peter's, 

2. J 'ii.\ Wadsworth, 
b. 27 Sept. 1797 ; d. 
inf. — 

3. Joseph Wads- 
worth, b. 26 Oct. 
1 798 ; d. unm. i Feb. 
1827 ; Freeman of 
Nottm. by patri- 
mony, 22 Sept. 1825; 
willpr. P.C. ofYork, 
7 August 1S27, P.C. 
Canterbury, 10 Apr. 

Josephine, b. 26 July 1853; 
m. 30 .Aug. 1882, George 


Shipley, Yorkshire. 

Gertrude, b. 16 Dec. 1856, 
now of (1, Bedford Gardens, 
Kensington, W. 


Note.— Mrs. John Wadsworth's sister. Ami Bainbridge. married at Amiesley, Notts, 23 February 1785, George 
ivnrth, nf Amiesley Hall, and their daughter and sole heir, Mary Ann Chaworth, so well known as " Byron's 

f Colwick, their great-grandson being the present John Patr 

li'^ Chaworth subsequently married the Rev. William Clarke, rector 

' di-ric Wadsworth a Royal Descent from King Edward I is brought 

ml Fox. Tabitha Croker married in 16S6 Francis Fox, of St. Germans, 

married, in iS^i, George Braitluvaite Crewdson, parents of Mrs, 

' ^79- 

-d, 17 August 1805, Inhn Mn-t 
.itli-MM-.t.'1-s, Esq,, of Ann' 
,iUl-Hi, Xiitts. By the mar 
' l.iiiiilv through the famili 

■.til. Iioni whom descended I' I ...\, vih.) married, ni 1S31, Lieorge Braitluvaite ( 
■ic Wadsworth. .See " Chronicles ul Tonedale" by Charles H. Fox, privately printed 

Frkderr Wadsworth, 
Pic'sideiit, iSg4, Xottm. Iiicorp. Law Society. 

y. luc^d^ 


J. Dunn S; Son Prinlen. 


IT is hereby certilletl to all whom it may concern, That ^J/ C^t'liJ/l/ 

was this (Jay admitteJ ami sworn a 
tingham, being thereto entitled by 

UilOESS of the said Town of IVot- 
mh havina 

first taken in Open Hall the Oath hereunder written 

Dated the itUUl/Uj iHUOj-l ^^C—— ^-^ tlHy of 




Ir^iSJtftA U)QdjimUh do swear that I will 

be faithful and hear true allegiance to His Majesty King George, and that I 
will be true and faithful to the Mayor and Burgesses of this Town of Not- 
tingham, and to my power maintain and defend the Franchises, Prtvih'cres 
Jurisdictions, and Charters of this Corporation ; and p<'rform, execute and do 
all such duties, offices and things as I ought to do^ as a McmbtT of the same 

Sworn in the GviMJ^U oj' the said Town 
of Noltindiam, t/ie'MiitdZi/ ^C(C7^ 
day. of ^tJjJi^yifJc^ L^. i.?2^ 
be/ore me, 






loHN Brown Frkdiku W'AiibwoRTH, of Nottm., solicitor ; ad- 

Wadsworth, niitted Mich. iSoo; successively of Park Drive 

b. 13 June and Nevvlands, Nottm. Park; educated at Greasley 

1836; d" 19 Vicarage, Notts., by Rev. John Hides, and at 

Jan. 1837. King's College, London; President of Nottm. 

Incorp. Law Soc. 1S94; President Nottm. Gen. 

Dispensary 1907; Registrar of the Archdeaconry 

of Nottm.; born at Fletcher Gate, Nottm., 14 

Feb. 183S. 

^ ,1 

E D W A R U \Y A U S W (J R 111 , 

\V,\LTI.R W'aDsWuRI 11, 

1 1 

Calhcnnc, b. 

of Newton, Notts ; b. 

ot Park Valley, Nottm., 

24 June 1842, 

S Mar. 1839. 

lace manufacturer; b. 6 

now of Wor- 


Aug. 1841 ; m. 12 Sept. 


Albert Wadsworth, 

1871, at Old Basford 

b. 2, lune 1840 ; d. in 

Church, Elizabeth 


Christiana Elliott. 

Elh'ii Fox, dau. of George 
Braithwaite Creivdsoii, of Ken- 
dal, Westmorland, banker, b. 
at Kendal, 13 Feb. 1845 ; m. 
at St. Mary's, Windermere, 
28 June 1866; d. 21 Dec. 1902, 
aged 57 ; see Crewdson of 
Crook in pedigree of Wilson 
of High Wray, b}- Sandys B. 
Foster, privately printed 1 890, 

.'^iirah, b. 8 No\'. 1S45; 'ii- 
3 Nov. 1874, at St. James', 
Nottm., FIarry Munk, of 
Flm House, Beeston, Notts. 

See pedigiee of iMu.xk. 

Ellen Beatrice, b. 5 Oct. iS('.S; m. at 
Christ Church, New Radford, Nottm,, 
II Dec. 1902, to Richard Holmes 
HowiTT, of Farnsfield, now of Fai'ii- 
don, Notts. 

Mary Lais, b. 16 Apr. 187 
Newlands, The Park, Nott 

now (jt 

Frederic Arthur W.xdsworth, iA 
44, Addison Street, Nottm., and of 
iS,Weekday Cross- Nottm. .solicitor; 
admitted Apr. 1894; b. at Park Drive, 
Nottm., 30 June 1871 ; bapt. at Holy 
Trinity' ; educ. at Rockley House, 
Southport, and Hailejbury. 

^ Un--^riL^ Dil ^^^Jyi-^-Arr^-rzC_ 

Edith Frances, dau. of 
Seaton Frank Taylor, of 
Bickley, Kent, solicitor, 
and granddau. of the late 
.Surgeon-General lohn 
Robert Taylor, C.B., 
F.R.C.S., sometime at- 
tached to the s8th Regi- 
ment, m. at St. George's, 
Bickley, 3 June 1902. 

Frederic Seaton Wadswortii, b. 21 Sept. 
1903, at 44, Addison -Street, Nottingham. 

Fredkrk Akhiir Walsw. 

^ LXyu^riu-ux, A/.o.ui/^zwurr-i^'r^^^ 

Wii.i.iAM Samiay, D.D. 

Wl. vfaK^ 

^a)i^<x^ of Cot^xav^ ant j^ofme {pxtxrcponL 

WILLIAM SANDAY, wf Christ Church, Oxford, Lady Margaret Pnifcssor (,f Divinity, 
and Canon of Christ Church, 1895 ; Chaplain in Ordinar\- to the King, 1903. Professor 
Sanday, who was born at Hohne Pierrepont i August 1843, and baptized there 3 Sept. 1843, was 
educated at Repton ; matriculated at Kalliol College, Oxford, i Feb. 1862, migrating, in 1863, to 
Corpus Christi College on being elected a scholar of that Society ; B.A. 1st Mods. 1863, ist Lit. 
Hum. 1865; M.A. Trinity College 1868; ad eundem M. A., Durham, 1876; D.D., by decree, 1895 ; 
Hon. D.D., p:din., 1877; Hon. D.D., Durham, 1882; Hon. LL.D., Dublin, 1887 ; Hon. Litt. D., 
Cam., 1902 ; Fellow of the British Academy, 1903 ; Hon. Fellow, Exeter College, 1898; Fellow 
of Trinity College, 1866-73; Deacon, 1867, Oxon. ; Priest, 1869, Rochester; Lecturer, St. 
Nicholas, Abingdon, 187 1-2; Vicar of Great Waltham, Essex, 1872-3 ; Rector of Barton on the 
Heath, Warwick, 1873-76; Examiner in the Honour School of Theolog}- at Oxford 1876-77; 
Principal of Bishop Hatfield Hall, Durham, 1876-83 ; Examining Chaplain to Bishop (LightfootJ 
of Durham, 1879-81; Select Preacher at Cambridge, 1880, 1892, 1903; Ireland Profes.sor of 
Exegesis of Holy Scripture, Oxford, 1882-95; Tutorial Fellow (if Exeter Cnllege, 1883-95; 
Whitehall Preacher, 1889-90; Bampton Lecturer, 1893. 

Dr. Sanday married at the Priory Church, Great Malvern, 18 Jul}- 1877, Marian Charlotte 
Amelia, eldest daughter of Warren Hastings Woodman-Hastings, of Tw}'ning, co. Gloucester, J. P. 
Cgreat-nephew of Warren Hastings); she, who was born 9 Nov. 1854, died without leaving 
issue at Christ Church, Oxford, 19 June 1904, and was buried there 21 June. 

Di-. Sanday is author of the following books: — "Authorship and Historical Ciiaracter of the 
Fourth Gospel" (1872) ; "The Gospels in the Second Century" (1876); "Romans and Galatians" 
(in Bishop EUicott's Commentary, 1S78); "Appendices ad Novum Test. Stephanicum" (1S89); "The 
Oracles of God" (1891); "Two Present Day Questions" (1802); "Inspiration" (The Bampton 
Lectures, 1S93) ; "The Conception of Priesthood in the Early Church and in the Church of England" 
(1898); ".Sacred Sites of the Gospels" (1903); "The Criticism of the Fourth Gospel" (Mor^e 
Lectures delivered in New York, 1905) ; "The Life of Christ in recent Research" (1907). 

Also the following pamphlets :— "The Catholic Movement and the Archbishops' Decision" 
(1899); " rhe Obedience of the Clergy" (1899); "An Examination of Harnack's 'What is 
Christianity?'" (1901); "Divisions in the Church" (1902); "justice in Education" (1904); Art. 
"Jesus Christ" (in Hasting's Did. of the Bible), reprinted separately as "Outlines of the Life of 
Christ" in 1905. 

Di-. Sanday has also edited : -" Traiisiatioii of .Select Works of Hilary of Poicliers" (Libr. of 
Nicene and Post Nicene Fathers, 1S98) ; " Report of Conference on Different Conceptions of Priest- 
hood and Sacrifice" ( 1900). 

He was Joint Editor "Variorum Bible " (iSSo-Si;) ; "Studia Biblica et Ecclesiastica" ( 1891 ). 
Joint Editor, with Bishop of Salisbury, "Old Latin Biblical Text", part ii ( 1886). Joint Editor, with 
Dr. A, C. Headlam, "Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans" (1895). Has contributed many 
articles \.o Journal of Theologieal Studies, Expositor, E.xfiositorv Times, Guardian, New York Clmrclt- 
man, etc. 

.^lUCStriJ. — Recent researches into the history of the Sanda_\- famil\- shows that the\- were 
settled in Cotgrave .some three hundrcfl years ago, but how much earlier is at present not known. 
The spelling and Sandies, of the two earliest entries we find in the Cotgrave register. 



would suggest that it is a variant uf the name Sandys, also found in Nottint^hamshire at that 
date, but as the name seems to have been spelt uniformly without a final j- from 1613 to the 
present time, it seems probable that Sanda\- and Sand_\'s are distinct families. It ma}- be well 
to note that in the sixteenth century there was an armigerous family of Sanda\" in Devon, though 
we ha\e no t-vidence connecting Ihcin with the Nottinghamshire Sanday.s. 

The name of Sanday is doubtless uf local ori 
^\■ith an\' particular localit\\ though we find .Sand\ 
Bardsley's Eiio-lis/i Snr/Mwrs notJs the occurrence < 

jin, but it is impossible to connect the famil\' 

in Bedfordshire, in Doiiicsdirv Sandeia, and 

f Xicliolas de Sand\-e in Huntingdonshire in 



une IJi 



"The surname .Sanday is pretty certainly fruni a place-name, compounded of the \\o\\\ snini 
and of the word (Old Norse cy. Old Engligh eg', Ig, Old Nortliumbriaii en) which is connnonl_\' tran- 
slated "island", but (like the German true, which is etymologically identical) could be applied to a 
piece of land close to a river. The form of the name affords no sufficient indication to show whether 
it is Old Norse {Saiid-iy) or Old Mercian {Saii(/-Pg: as place-names chiefly survive in the dative 
or locative, we may write Snntf-c-ge ; the^ was pronounced asv). There were probably many places 
in England, both iii the .Scandinavian and purely Anglian districts, that had this name. It need not 
have been a village that was the origin of the surname. .\ny place, inhabited or not, that answered 
to the description, would be called a-/ S<v/(/t'iir ; and a man who built a house at such a place would 
naturallv take his surname from it.'" 

istcrs thi 

.\t Cotgrave w c find from ll 
seems to ha\e been twice married, extending o\er 
to be imperfect in the middle of the seventeenth 
hardly doubt that Samuel Sanda\-, who died in 

• entries of the famil)- of Robert Sanday. who 
the period 161 2 to 1637. The Registers seem 
century, as is too often the case, but we can 
701, was his descendant, most probabl)' the 

grandson. This Samuel .Sanday, whose wife L}'dia [perhaps Kettleburn, see p. 40] survived him 
and took out letters of administration to his estate, was presumably the of that Samuel 
Sanda\- with whom the following pedigree commences: — 

S.uiUEL Sanday, of Strag--- 

-Elizabcfli Hall, of Cot- 

glethorpe, p. Cotgrave, 

grave, m. by licence at 

St. iVIary's. Nottm., 

farmer ; bu. at Cotgrave, 31 

Oct. 1762; will dated .^8 

10 June 1732. 

Oct. 1762, pr. at York, Feb. 



VM S.^ 

Martha, bapt. 
at Cotgra\e, 
'i Jan. 1736/7; 
m. at Cotgrave 
24 Dec. 17^8, 
Thos. Run- 

.Sti'agglethorpe, p. Cot- 
grave, afterwards of 
1 lolme Pierrepont, far- 
mer ; bapt. at Cotgrave, 
50 Dec. 1739; d. at 
H. P., 4 Sept. ; bur. 
there 8 .Sept. 1709;™.!. 
[ Sec notes. \ 


Eliuxheth. dau. 
of IJinghani, 
woolcomber, by 
Elizaheth ( as/le- 
(line Ills wife ; 
m. at I lolme 
Pierrepont, 16 
Jan. 1762 ; d. 22 
IVIai". 1802, aged 
59; bur.atH.P.; 

. ///;/, bapt. at 
C o t g r a \ e , 

[?-^5l -luly 

1742 ; note in 
Register by 
Richd. Stern, 
rector, that 
she was bapt. 
in the said 
church, but 
entry omitted 
by him ; m. at 
Cotgrave, by 
licence, 8 IVIay 
1759, Thomas 


bapt. at Cot- 
grave, iSlVlar. 
Cotgrave, by 
lie., 24 Feb. 
I 764, 
Ken'd.m., of 
C 1 a w son, 


/• o, 1 ,1 lie, 
bapt. at 
16 March 

:V- ('('/v;a'.; /•/•; .tx/> holme riERKi-.roxi . 

Samiki. Sankav, William I Icilnic 
lieiit. in M.M. Navy; Pierrepont, fanner, h. and 
1). 1,5 Dec. 1764; bapt. bapt. there .^ jaii. 1 708 ; d. 
at Holme I'ierrepont, there 10 Nov. 18,54, ''iged 

66; bur. at H. P., iilI. ; 

will proved at York, 20 Feb. 

18 ;v \Scc Hotc<^.\ 

Jan. 176.:;; d 
imrn. in Ceylon, 1 
Dec 179 5, of wounds 
received from the 
Dutch on landing 
there with his partv; 
m.i. atll. P. 


Mary, dau. of 


John Lowe, far- 


mer, of Basi no- 


Held, H. P., by 

d. i 


m. at 11. P., 9 July 

1 709 ; d. 3 Feb. 

iS,:;oat H. P., aged 

, May , 
(1. 28 



Elizabeth Mai \\ h. at \Vili.i.\m .S.wn.x^. of 1 lolinc Pierre- 

Elizabeth. 2nd dau. of 

H.P.,9 Apr. 1815; pout, tanner, b. there 24 Aug. i8m. ; 

George J/rt////, of .Marr 

Newark-on-Trent, 15 d. at Radcliffe-on-Trcnt, 17 Oct. 

Grange, near Doncas- 

May 1872 ; m. at H. P', 1896, aged 80 ; bur. at Holme Pierre- 

tei-, Yorkshire ; b. ii. 

27 Apr. 1854, Hkxry pout; m.i. [See iwfcs.\ 

Jan. iSis ; d. 21 Apr. 

Lammix, of Newark-on yp 

188^, aged 70; m.i ; in. 

-Trent, maltster; d. at // ^-i^ J^ y 

ai ISrodswnrth, \nvk- 

Streatham Hill. Sur- /A^IA'*;^/**^^^^^/ 

-liire. 22 .Sept i8p. 

rev, 26 Aug. .8qo, /// l/^^^-^^^^ 7/ 

aged 76. - /// L/ 1/ 

William .Saxday.D.D,, Marian Cliarlofir . L Gk.kc.f Hkxkv S.w- /,iv//r; -/«'//-■, <lau. 

Lady Margaret Pro- IVooiiiiiaii-Hastiiii^^s, i>.\v, of Holme Pieric- 

of Ldwar.l MuuL; 

fessor of Divinity, and b. 9 Nov. 1854; m. 10 pont, afterwards of 

of Nottm. ; 111. at 

Canon of Christchurch July 1S77 ; d. 19 June London, land agent, b. 

St. lames'. Stan- 

[ofi^Linin above] 1904. [Sec above.] at Holme Pierrepont, 

dard Hill, Nottm., 

' , ' p,^ 15 June 1S45 ; d. at 

17 Sept. 181.8. 

/f , A P \ ^ Wealdstone, Middx., 4 

VV vi 6L K C) e.ci_^ l^ec. ,908, aged 63. 

^ • ^ ^^-^ \ Sec notes.] 

II II 1 1 II 11^ 

Ellei, .\Lir^an/,h. Alter Mau,l. b. .\„rah lleatriee, b. Willia.m ILnkv Laiiur (.erirude. 

iSiMi; i\. i'"8c)4. 1872. 187(1; d. 1885. .Saxuav, b. 1878. h. 1881. 

Sarah Minik, b. Elizabeth, h. \?.U- I'-'l"'' M<rrv, b. Georck LinvARH Annie Mav, b. 

,872. 1^77. .Saxd.w, b. 1S7.1. 1882. 

S-\.ML-i;i. .Saxii.\\, of Puddington: 
Hall, Cheshire, and of Liverpool, 
corn merchant ; J. P. for Cheshire ; 
b. at Holme Pierrepont, 24 Feb. 

1847. L.SV7W/OA-5.] 

Auine Certrude, only dau. Elizabeth Marv, b. 
of .lohn Stock, of Knolle at Holme Pierre- 
Park, near Liverpool, m. at pont, 7 Feb. 1849; 
Childwall, Lancashire, 24 now of Newcastle 
Apr. 1878. Terrace, Nottm. 


: Pierre- 
pont, 2 May 
18,^2 ; now of 
Newcastle Ter- 
race, Nottm. 

George Percy 
Saxday, b. 1879. 

K Crcii 
b. iSSo. 

b. 1881 

S.\xdav, b. I 88,: 




Samuki, Saxh.W, who died of wounds received in Ceylon, in 
1795, was <jn board H..M.S A'aiiiiir, commander Herbert Sa\v_\'er, 90 guns, 
750 men, in 1781. In 1785 he set sail, 12th April, for Nova Scotia. 
In William Sanday's memorandum book is this note : — 
August 21st, 1796. "Advice arrived by letter from Lieut. Davies of 
Samuel Sanday's death, he was wounded by the Dutch on landing upon the 
west coast of the island of Ceylon, and died on the ist day of December i-^^ — 
there were only two men left in his party but what was either killed or 

his memc 

A cenotaph inscrijjtion t 
Pierrepont, is printed below. 

William Saxdav, of Holme 
possessed of a freehold at Cotgrave, 
also a farm there, and another at 
of Kingston until 1777, and then froi 
Meadows, afterwards created Earl Manvers, 
was steward of the Holme Pierrepont estate. 
1764 he appeared as pa 

in the Church\'ard, Holme 

Pierrepont, wh 
•hich was sold 
Holme Pierrej. 
Mr. Chas. 
constable for Holme 

died in 1799, was 
1 1806. He rented 
nt, from the Duke 

Pierrepont ; church-warden and o\-erseer in 1768, 
and a commissioner for the enclosure of Cot- 
grave in 1790. 

William Saxdav (son t)f the last named j 
held the same two farms as his father, and con- 
tinued to act as steward of the Home Pierrepont 
estate until 1806, when ill-health compelled him to 
resign. His silhouette portrait is in possession of 
his grandson. Dr. William Sanda_\', at Christ 
Chin-ch. It is here reproduced. 

William Saxdav (son of the preceding) 
occupied the same farms as his father and grand- 
father. He attained considerable eminence in 
agriculture, winning many prizes for Leicester 
sheep and shorthorns at the Royal Agricultural 
and other shows. He was man_\- }-ears a member 
of the Council of the R.A.S. 

The late Mr. G. H. Saxdav lived first at Holme Pierrepont, suc- 
ceeding his father in the farms there. He removed in 187410 Wensley, 
Yorkshire, becoming agent to Lord Bolton. He joined the firm of 
Rawlence and Squarey, land agents at Salisbury and in London, in 1884, 
and li\ed successively at Langdale Lodge, Clapham Park ; Blackwell Hall, 
Chesham ; Highfield, L-xbridge ; and finall}' at Wealdstone, near Harrow, 
where he died in 1908. He was a vice-president of the Royal Agricultural 
Society from 1902 to 1905, and was a member of the Council from 1874 to 

Mr. Samukl Saxdav is head of the firm of S. Sandaj- & Co., corn 
merchants, Atlantic Buildings, Brunswick Street, Liverpool, with branches 
in Bomba)', Karachi, New York, and P>uenos Ayres. He was president of 
the Liverpool Corn Trade Association in 1S92-3. 


.'/" Ilohiw /'ifin-piuif, 

SAA-Jjjv OF co7(;KAn-: Axn holme pinRRiiroNr. 39 

The I'an'sh Rcs^isters at Cutyrave contain many entries relating to 
the Sandays, showing that they were settled there early in the seventeenth 
century. The following extracts have been supplied b}' the kindness of 
the Rev. J. P. Hales, now Rector of C'otgrave: — 

Marye, dau. of Robert Sandisse, baptized . . 

Wni., son of Robert Sandies, baptized 

John, son of Robert Sandae, baptized 

Klizabeth, dau. of Robert Sande, baptized . 

Robert Sandavve & Margerj- Carintonne, married 

.\ne, wife of Robert .Saiidawe [? I, burved 

Issabel, dau. of Robert .Sandie, baptized 

Nicolas, son of Robert .Sandie, baptized 

Mighill [Michael], son of Robert .Sanday, baptized . . 

Nicholas, son of Robt. Sanday, buried 

An, dau. of Robert Sanday, baptized 

Anne, dau. of John Sanday, baptized about 

John, son of John .Sanday, baptized about . . 

Margaret, dau. of John .Sanday, baptized 

Margery Sanday, widow, buried . . 

Thomas Bagelay & .\nne .Sanday, married 

Tho. Kirke <k Elizabeth .Sanday, married . 

William Sanday & Mary Parre, of Bingham 

Issabella Sanday, buried . . 

Elizabeth, dau. of .Samuell .Sanday, baptized 

L'rsilla .Sanday, wid., buryed 

Joseph Sanday & Elizabeth, dau. of Henry Archer, married . 

John, son of .Sam. Sanday, baptized 

Mar^', dau. of Joseph & Elizabeth .Sanday, baptized 

|(iseph, son of Joseph Sanday, late deceased, baptized 

Henry Randay & Elizabeth Sanday, wid., married . . 

Mary, dau. of Samuell Sanday & Lidea his wife, baptized 

.Samuel, son of Samuel & Lydia Sanday, baptized .. 

Elizabeth, ye dau. of .Samuel & Lydia Sanday, buried 

.Samuel Sanday, buried . . 

Thomas, son of [Henry V] .Sandy, [baptized ?] 

Robert Sanday, householder and batchelor, buried . 

John, son of Jo. & Margt. .Sanday, baptized 

"Elizabeth, dau. of John & Margt. .Sanday, baptized . 

.Samuel Sanday, an adult, baptized 

Sarah, dau. of Jo. tS; Margt. .Sanday, buried 

.Samuel, son of John iv Alargaret .Sanday, baptized . 

John Sanday, buried 

"Martha, dau. of Saml. cV Eliz. Sanday, baptized 

William, son of Saml. & Eliz. Sanday, baptized 

N.B. -Anne, daughter of .Samuel li Elizabeth Sanday, born 
Julv 2t [?]"i742. omitted in this register, tho' baptized 
in ye said Church by Richard Stern, Rector utriusq. . . 

Eliz., dau". of Samuel tV Eliz. Sanday, baptized 

Fortune, dau. of Sam. & Eliz. Sanday, baptized 

John, son of John & Eliz. Sanday, baptized 

Samuel, son of Samuel & [Lucy ?] Sanday 

.Samuel .Sandav, buried at C'otgrave 

10 Oct. 
12 Mar. 

1 Mar. 

5 X.)v. 
20 Xo\'. 
,7 June 

h Dec-. 
iS Dl-c, 
10 .\ug. 

.1 .\ug. 
I 1 .Mai-. 
JM Mar. 

1 .Mav 


10 Feb. 

jS .\pr. 


JS lune 


;, Oct. 


4 Feb. 

JO Aug. 


1. Dec. 

1- July 


10 lunc 



1 'M)S 

,0 Dec. 


10 Dec. 


.4 Oct. 

1 701 

14 Feb. 


2 Dec. 

20 Mar. 


; Ian. 
r, Ian. 
o Dec. 


.\nii .Sandy iS: Tho 
Samuel .Sandav ».V 

M.\KvV, N( 

nil Hall, l),,th of Cotgrave. in 

:. Oct. 


|ohn Sanday, widower, & Martha Moore, widow, /icfi/sr . . 24 Apr. 1734 

Robert Sanday, of St. Peter's, & Martha .Mus-on, of St, Marv'> 7 Oct. 1 745 
Sarah Sanday & William Dance, //<v'//5r .. ".. 4 P'eb. 1756 

Makklagk .\t Toli.krton. 

Samuel Saiidall, of Cotgrave, & Lydia Kettleburn, of Tollerton 5 May 16S7 

[Probably the parents of .Samuel .Sanday who died in 1762 ; scr p. 34.] 

There are several tdinbstcmcs at Hdlinc Pierrepnnt. On the south 
side of the church is a hii;h monument with the fnllnw in-- inscriptions : — 


to the Memory of 

SAMUEL, son of 

W'li.riAM cV' lCLiz.\Bh7ni S.\nd.> 

who died on the 1st day 

of December 1 795 

of the wounds he received 

on the Island of Ceylon 

in the Service of his 

King and Country 

Aged 30 Veais. 

On the other side of this tomb is:— 


to the Memory of 


who died 4th Sept. 1799 

Aged 5., Years. 


to tlie Memory of 


his Wife 

who died -nd March iSo.^ 

.\ged 5M Years. 


Near hx is th 

lo the Memory of 


Daughter of 

WiLLi.iAM & Elizabi:tii Sa.ndav 

who died 26th November 


Aged 56 Years. 

On a low flat tmnb adjc 

In Memory of 

Sou of 

William & Elizauktii 


who died the loth of 

Nov. 1834 

Aged 66 Years. 


to the Memory' of 


his Wife 

who died the 3rd of 

Feb. 1850 

Aged 76 Years. 

cocx'j]' riii>ic,Ki-.i-:s. 

L-pon th 

(tinlls on 

ith the fo 

In .Menior\' ol' 
i:i.l2.\15KTll SANDAY 

The beloved Wife of 

W'lij lAM Sand.w 

who died at RadcHB'e on Trent 

April 2 1 St 1S85 Aged 70 Years. 

■■Truly my hope is even in Tliee." 

Also of the said 


who died at the same place 

October 17th 1896, Aged 80 year; 


the . 

(lutli •>i(lL- of the churchy. 11(1 near to t 

le .Sanda 


tion ( 

n a tomb of pohMied red -ramie: 

In loving Memory of 


of Newaik upon Frent 

Horn Aug. -Mth 1814 

Died Aug, 26th i8yo. 

■■ Uiilil tlie day l.ieak and the shadows iVe au 


111 Affectionate Kemembrance of 


for eighteen years the beloved wife of 

lliNRY L.\M.MiN, of Newark upon Lreiit 


only daughter of William and Mary Sanday 

.May 15th 1872 

{pa^df Q0ar^., of ^ut^on QBomng^on, 

PAGET, Hanuict, ..fSuttmi Hcnin-- 
ton ; J. P. and D.L. fur XoUs ; High 
Sheriff 1898 ; Chairman of the Midland 
Raihvay Company since 1900; joined 
the 7th Hussars i860; afterwards, 1861, 
a Lieut, in the Ro)-al Horse Guards, 
retiring- 1867; since Col. of the Leices- 
tershire Yeomanry Cavalry ; J. P. for 
CO. Leicester ; and was created a Bar- 
onet 25 Sept. 1897. Sir P>nest, who 
was born at Sutton Ronington, 10 Nov. 
1 841, and was educated at Harrow 
School, married, 16 Nov. 1864, at Lock- 
ington, CO. Leicester, Sc/^/iid, third dau. 
of Charles //oA?',-//, C.ilonel 5ist Regi- 
ment. Children : — 

i. Gkorgk Lkigh Pagkt, boiMi at 
Sutton Bonington 16 July 1871 ; 
Capt. 2nd Battalion Rifle Brig- 
ade, killed in the .South Afiican 
War, 9 Oct. 1 900. 
ii. Cfxil Walter Paget, born 19 Oct. 
1S74, and educated at Harrow ; 
mar. at St. Andrew's, Wells 
Street, 1906, Lady Alexandra 
Louisa Gudolphin Osborne, .\t\\ 
daughtei- of the 9th Duke of 
Leeds, born 20 Feb. 1872. 
iii. Hylda Sophia, ni. at Sutton Bon- 
ington, iS Dec. 1902, to W. A. 

TiLNEY, Major 17th Lancers (second M>n of the late Lieut.- Col. R. |. 
Tilney, C.B.). 
Ak.MS recorded at Heralds' College : Argent a cross engrailed sable, 
fretty of the field, in the first and fourth quarters an escallop of the second. 
CrE.ST : A lion rampant .sable collared or, supporting an antique 
shield argent charged with an escallop sable. 
Motto : Espere et persevere. 

ReSIDEN'CE: Sutton Bonington, Loughborough. Cl.lli.s : .Army 
and Na\v, Turf, Carlton. 

.^nCCStVlJ.— l^ranches (.f this family were early settled at Ibstock, 
Peckleton, Barwell, and elsewhere in Leicestershire. The Rev. Joseph 
Paget, rector of Barwell, entered his pedigree at the Visitation of Leicester- 
shire in 168 1 -2, whilst Thomas Padgett, of Ibstock, disclaimed at the .same 
Visitation. William Pachet, of Boudon, was assessed 4s. to the Subsidy of 
1 ;27. The family before ns was ccrtainh- settled at Ibstnck as earlv as 

46 corxrv phdigrees. 

1469, since |c)liti l';iL;ct and Thomas Pai^ct ncciiras freeholders resithiiL; tliere 
in that _\-ear. The name is variously sjx-lt in the Ret;isters nf Ibstock, 
which commence in 1568, but "Pagett" is the earlier and nmre usual form. 
The first named in tlu"-sc ke-isters is : - 

I. WMd'.RI.W r.\(.l';rr, of ll.stock, o.. Leicester, bm-ied there 
2S Au_-. 15.S0. Mis wife Anne was buried 14 Jan. I 5 So. Children :— 

i. Lio.N.XKi. I'.xr.i 1 1, nr\ ne.xl, 
ii. Kieii.NR!. P.A(W ri, l.ur. '> |unc i;,Si. 
iii. A;//.s, mar. '. lune ivSi to Wn.i.i.xM 
iv. J.Hvnin. mar. _'o March i.^.S.^ to I 1o>m ki v .Si.nm.i v. 

II. I.KOX.VKl) l'.\(iKrT, of ibstock, had issue 6 children :— 

El!-.,ilirlli. I.apt, 

, of whom presentl 
J.I .\pril 1580. 
an. 1 ;S.S. 

Ion I'.u,, ,,, lM| 

n. ^ Mi.r 1589. 

V, Mnnn. ha|.l. oS Jun.' , 5„(.. 

111. rilOM.X.S r.\(,h:ir, Churchwarden of Ibstock, ir,J4 ; baptised 
V, 1 )ec. 1 vS:; ; buried 7 March C/,.,. I Ii. u ilV Dorotlim wa-, buried 1 :; .Ma\- 
1633. Children: 

i. Cracr, bant. 1 1 Sept. lom. 
ii. Aiiiia. hapt. 14 hui. 0,21 ; mar, m Mav o.^V t'J Tho.m.vs Ci..\kk, of 

iii. l),,r,,lli\\ hapt. i.S .\ 1024. 
iv. TiK.M.xs l'.\,,i I I. of whom ne.Nt. 
V. Dorothy, hapt 1 .Mav M.27. 
vi. Kli-.nhrlh, hapt 1,^ I >er. ,029; hur. 17 \hx. M.34. 

1\'. rilOM.X.S I'.XCh.'l'T, of Ibstock, baptised I Max- 1627; parts- 
with his sons Thonias. [..scjih and, to a lease dated J^ .Sept. 1678, 
from Wi-stiiu's l|.,spital, of lan.K in Ibstock Xn/io/s Lrn:, iv, 7,1, ■; 
mai-ried /://:w/v//^ buried 15 heb. 1703. Children:- 
i. FiiOM.xs l'.x,.i I 1, ,,f whom p.rescntlv. 

ii. Wu.l.l.xM l'.\(.i 11, h:ipt S Oct. M.^^ 

iii. KIr.nhr/h, !:o,-n :^ Ian in^4. 

iv. .1A//-1-. ho,-n <. ( ),-t, OvVr 

\- losi I'M l'.\(,i I I, liorii \i<i<2\ party to lease of 0.78. 

vi. loiix I'.M.M 1, horn \'t('T,; party to lease of 1 07S. 

\'. 1I1().\1.\.S I'.VGETT, of Ibstock, baptised 23 julx K.^j ; part> 
to lease of |(')7S ; disclaimed at the Visitation of Leicestershire ii'iHi/j ; hi's 
wife M,uy was bm-ied 2n .Sept. 1704 Children : — 
i. Doi-olhy. hui-. 10 June ]08i. 

ii>iili.\K\y. in.Aiii;. i68^; mar. 1708 I'mom.vs P.m.ftt, of l>irmiiii;haiii 
ni. .lA//-r, hapt, .'4 lM:h ,087. ' 
u. Aiiiii\ h.ipt. ..-I beh. 168.). 
V. loM iMi I'.M.i I 1, of whom ne.Nt. 
\i. I'noM.xs l'.\(,i I I, hur, ici .Sept. 1 704. 

\\. JOSh.l'll I'.XCh: r. of Ibstock ; an eminent a-riculturist, and a 
proprietor at the Inclosure 1774. Marshall teims him "a superior n-ianager 
of the highest fif \-eomanry " and " prohcient in the science and art of 
making grass-lands" {Rural Ecoii. of MuU. Cos.. Uj2. 287). He was born 
I 700 ''his" baptism is not entered in the Re-isters , and died 16 March 

rAGET, nAKT., OF sriTox iioxixcrox. 

1789; buried 20th at Ibstock, M.l. Ik- marricil huunin AL-ocI:, niece of 
Thomas Guv. Esq., of Loiidmi, fduiidL-r of Ciu's lio-,|iital. wiu-ix-hy the 
Pagets became "Foundei-s' Kin" at Christ's ii.'.,s|iital. She iWiX iS Oct. 
1793, and \\ as buried at Ibstock 4 Jan. M.I. ( hildren : 

i. riioM.\s 1\\gi:t, ancestor of the Pagets ..f II)^.tiMk. ilumiierstone, etc., 
now represented by Thomas Guy Frederick Pa,i;et (>ee Ihnke's Laminf 
Gcii/rv and Fletcher's Lcicrs/rrs/iiir /'r</ii;irrs diii/ Riival /)rsirii/s) 
ii. JosKrii P.\gi:t, of whom ne.Nt. 
iii. £"/;C((/)(//;, bur. 20 Nov. 1747. 
iv. Aiuic, bur. 2,5 Mav 1770, 

V. Man; mar. 12 lulv i7(.,S, Rev, .M.vriinw C.\i>r, curate of Ibstock. .She 
was bur. ., July" I 7. ,2. 

\-Il. JOSKPli P.XGKT, of l.,,u-hbon.u-h, CO. Feicc.ter ; born at 

Ibstock 20 Sept. 173S ; settled in l.oUL,dibonju^-h ; died there J .\pril 1S25, 

buried at LoughborouL;ii, .M.l. lie married Mivj I[nr,-liu^, who died 

I I Oct. 1809, ;tt. 68. aii<l wa-^ binied at Lout,diborou,L;h, -M.l. Children : - 

i I'lioM.Ns P.\(.KT, ancestor of the Pagets of Leicestei- and l.oui^hboruuyh. 

ii W'li.i.i.xM P.XGKT, of whom ue.xt. 

iii. John l'A(a:r,died 5 Nov. 1772, aet. lomonths; bur. at Loughborough 7th. 
iv. John Pai.kt, ancestor of the Pagets of Ihorpe .Satchville, for whom see 

Burke's Lmidrd Gtiitiy. 
V. JosKPH P.XGKT, ancestor of tlie Pagets of Kuddington and Biistall. and 

Stuffvnwood, Notts, 
vi. (lull loth. mar. to hniN .An soir. 
vii Mm-y. mar. ( i ) lo Wn.i.i.xM Wnni:, and (2) to J.xmks Pkirck. 

VIIl. WILLIA.M PAGET, ..f Loughborough; born 1771 ; died 
13 Max- 1846; buried at L(.)ughborough, M.L; Will proved P.C.C. 4 June 
1846 ; married Mary, daughter of the Rev. John Bvii^!^, of Tamworth. .She 
died 1 May 1859, a;t. 86; and was buried at Loughborough, i\I.I. Children : — 
i. WiLLi.xM P.XGKT, auccstor of Paget of Southfields, Loughborough, 
ii. Mary, born 1796; died 19 Oct. 18S2 ; bur. 2jrd in Fnmianuel Church- 
yard, Loughborough; mar. 1823 W'na.i.x.M Wiutk, of Loughboi-ough, 
(he died 18 July :849). 
iii. .///;/(•, born 16 Marcii 1798; diet! Julx 1S54; mar. 20 ( )ct. 1820 .\i« nui.M.o 
Kknkick, of West Bromwich, and had issue, with others, Hnrnrt/, 
the first wife of the Right Hon, Joseph Chamberlain, P.C, MP. 
iv. Harriett, born i,; Nov. 1800; mar. 16 Dec. 1825 John P.xrki h, of St 

Nicholas, Worcester. 

v. Eliza, boiTi 15 March 1802; mar. 1823 her cousin Cii.xhli -. l'.\c,i 1, MP. 

for Nottingham 1856 to 1865, High Sheriff of Notts 1844, nt Rudtiington 

Cji-ange, Notts, ancestor of the Pagctsof Ruddington ami .Stnffvnwood. 

vi. (an,liiir, horn 0. March 1800; died 11 Feb, '1828; bur. at" l.onuh- 

borouiiii, M.l. 
vii. (n-OR.a BvNG P.x..i 1, of wiiom ne.xt. 


GF.( )R( 





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on Hall, 

Sutton Boi 



L-o N. 


di.un ; b( 


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pt, I Soy, 

died j; H 

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March i"8. 

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lildren: - 


Sir Gkorok K 


>i l',\ta. 

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et, of wl 



7, mar, to 


INKY l),x 



OBrabe^aw of (Uothng^am, 

WILLIAM BRADSHAW, n{ Carisbroukc House, The Park, 
Nottingham. Mr. Bradshaw, who wa.s born in F"letcher Gate, Nottingham, 
21 April 1836, wa.-^ educated at Lincohi, and became a, entering 
the office of the A'ottiiighaiii Journal in 1850, joining as partner in 1866. 
He founded the Leicester Daily Post, the only morning paper in that town, 
in 1870, and withdrew from the proprietorship of that paper in 1877 and 
from the Nottiiigliaiii Journal \n 1888, and since then has ceased to be con- 
nected with journalism. Mr. Bradshaw was President of the Nottingham 
Dispensary 1893-4 and 1898 ; President of the Nottingham Naturalists' 
Society 1904; President of the General Hospital 1906-7 ; President of 
Bromle\- House Librar}- 1898-9, and 1904; Member of the Thoroton 
Societ\- and the Geologists' Association ; Member of Council for several 
\ears of the Nottingham University College, and of the Free Library and 
Natural Hi.story Museum ; Trustee of the Nottingham Blue Coat School, 
and a Governor of the Wood School at Woodborough, Notts. Mr. Bradshaw 
takes an active interest in the Medical Charities of Nottingham, and also, 
for man\- )-ears, was a Trustee of Saunderson's Charity, with which the 
famil}- have been connected for over 100 \-ears. 

Mr. Bradshaw is unmarried. 

;5llUCStn).— The liradshaws' of Nottingham come from Stretton, in 
the parish of Great l^udworth, in Cheshire, from which also came another 
well-known Nottingham famih', the Lowes of Highfield, Lenton, Notts. 
Stretton, which is in Bucklow Hundred, adjoining Macclesfield Hundred, 
anciently belonged to the Starke\- family, having been granted to Richard 
Starkey in the time of King John, which ultimatel)- divided into two 
branches, Starkey of the Nether Hall, and Starke_\- of the Over Hall. "The 
Upper or Over Hall is supposed to have passed in marriage to the l^rad- 
shaws, b}' whose representatives it was sold to Mr. Peter Dutton, of 
Warrington, the pre.sent proprietor, 181 5." See Ormerod's Cheshire, i, 664. 
The earlier pedigree of the Bradshaws of Stretton has not been 
traced out in detail, and it is not possible at present to show the connection 
which ver}' possibly exists between them and aii\' other Cheshire Bradshaws, 
or, indeed, the exact line of descent of the Nottingham family from that of 
the Stretton Bradshaw.s. But in the parish church of St. Mary, Nottingham, 
is a tablet with the following inscription: — 

"Sacred to the memory of Joii.n Braush.wv, second son of Joh\ 
Bradshaw, Esq., late of Stretton, in the county of Cheshire, who departed 
this life on the 27th day of August 1822, aged 67 years." 

' The name of Bi-adsliaw IS not uncommon in Cheshire, and Ormerods History of that 
county gives a detailed pedigree of Bradsliavv of Marple, tracing the descent from Henry 
Bradshaw of Bradshaw, in Derbyshire, whose grandson, Henry Bradsliaw, purchased Marple 
Hall, in Macclesfield Hundred, from the Stanleys, in 1606, Irom which tamily came John 
Bradshaw the regicide, and there are many entries of the name amongst the list of Wills at 
Chester. The pedigree of the Nottingham Bradshaws has not been investigated further 
than is shown above. 

William Buadshaw. 


As this gentleman was born about 1755, it may be presumed that 
he was uncle of the John Rradshaw next mentioned, with whom the 
pedigree commences, and who was born in 1766. 

I. JOHN HRAIJ.SIIAW uf \ottin-ham, merchant, born 12 Xov. 
1766; died at Snentun 11 .Sept. 1S55, aged 88 years, and was buried in 
Barker Gate burying ground. He married A'///// 7r/////«s,'-.v, whci died 7 Feb. 
1832, aged 68 years. Their children were : — 

i. Nathan Hradshaw, born j.? May lyyo; died 17 July 1879. aged 
89 years ; mar. Aniiv Hkkiuan ; left one dau., Ruth Aiiiir, who was 
born 11 Jan. 1S16; mar. John Wh.i.iamson of Nottingham, S May 
1845 ; she died 3 April 1899, aged 8,; j'ears. 

ii. William Bradshaw, born 20 Dec. iSoi ; died .nt Carlton, near Notting- 
ham, 8 Oct. 1846, aged 45 ; buried in (iedliug clunchy.ird. 

iii. Job Br.xdshaw, of whom next. 

II. JOB BRADSHAW ..f Nottingham, s,,|icitor, and proprietor nf 
the Nottiitghani Jonnial; burn at Nottingham 11 May 1804; admittefl 
solicitor Michaelmas 1825 ; was a member of the .Nottingham Town 
Council for sev^eral years. 

In 1841 he became proprietor of the Nnltiui^^luuu Jiiumal. from the 
ownership of which he retired, in 1S66, in favoui- of iwn of his r-oiis, William 
Bradshaw and Albert .Septimus Bradshaw. 

.Mr. Job Bradshaw resided on Standard Hill, and died there 30 Dec. 
1877. aged /I years, being buried 3 Jan. 1878, in St. Nicholas churchyard. 

He married, at St. Mary's Church, Nottingham, 30 July 1832,'JA?;;;', 
daughter of George Mills of Nottingham, where she was born.* She died 
13 Aug. 1872, aged 64 years, and was buried .it .St. Nicholas chin-ch\ard, 
Nrittingham. Their children were : — 

i. CiKoKGE Mills Bradsh.wv, born 10 June 1833, at Fletcher Gate, Notting- 
ham ; died 6 December 1837, aged 4 years. 

ii. Rev. John Mills Br.\dshaw, born at Fletchei" Gate, Nottingham, 12 Oct. 
1834; educated at Uppingham School, and matriculated at Lincoln 
College, Oxford, 1854; B A. 1858; M.A. i860; ordained Deacon 1859, 
and Priest 1S60, by the Bishop of Llandafl"; Curate of Llanfaenon, 
CO. Monmouth, 1860-2 ; 2nd master of Exeter Grammar School 1862-9, 
and assistant master of Trinity College, Glenalmond, Perthshire, 
1S70-2. Has held no clerical appointment since. Is unmarried. 

iii. William Bk.\dsii.\\v, of whom above. 

iv. Hknry Bi-i.\usH.\w, born 24 Sept. 1S37 ; educated at Lincoln; died at 
Standaid Hill, Nottingham, 27 Marcli 188S, aged 50. Unmarried. 

V. Gkorge Bradshaw, born 26 April 1S39 ; died 16 Oct. 1S39, aged 
6 months ; buried in vault in .St. Nicholas' Church, Nottingham. 

vi. Gkorgf. Mills Bradshaw, born 12 May 1842 ; educated at Lancing 

College, .Sussex ; died 18 Sept. 1S81, aged 39 ; buried in Nottingham 

Church cemeterj'. Unmarried. 

vii. Albkrt Ski'TIMUs Bradshaw, born 4 Dec. 1S43; educated at Lancing 

College, -Sussex ; part proprietor of the Niil/inglidin hiurnal from 1S60 

* Mrs. Bradsliaw's brother, George Brightmore Mills, born at Leicester 10 March 
1S07. died at Alvaston, Derbyshire, lo January 1S92, aged 87 years. He married, in Angust 
1S53. Helen, daughter of Henry Holdsw.irth of Alvast.m, Esq. : but left no issue. 


1887, now of 

m, Man 



uly 1S81, An,,. 

ic, dau. , 

.f John ( 


; mar. at Matlock Bridge, 
of Nottingham, and lia> a 
son : - 

1. \'i kNON Ai.BKRT Mills Bradshaw, born at Hampden Street, 
Nottingham, 27 Dec. 1882 ; mar. at Edmonton, Middlesex, 
27 Jan. 1904, Henrietta Anne Foot, of Bristol. 

Alkrki) Br.vush.wv, born 1 Dec. 1844; educated at Lancing College, 
Sussex; died at Northampton 17 Dec. 18S3, aged 39, and buried in 
Nottingham Church cemetery. Unmarried. 

Frkdkrick Bradshaw, born 24 April 1S40 ; died 15 June 1840 ; buried 
in vault in .St. Nicholas Church. 

Charlfs Bradshaw, of Pelham Street, Nottingham, solicitor ; educated 
at Lancing College, Sussex; admitted 1870; acting Under-Sheriff of 
the county of Nottingham. Mr. Bradshaw was much interested in 
the affairs of St. John's Church, Leenside, Nottingham, of which he 
was churchwarden, and built there a Mission Hall, with residence 
attached, in which he resided for some years. Born at St. James' 
Street, Nottingham, 2 Dec. 1847, and died at Nottingham, unmarried, 
K) June 1886, aged 39 years. 

Friukkick Fr.vnk Bradshaw, born 16 Ma}' 1851, at St. James' Street, 
Nottingham; educated at Lancing College, .Sussex; died 17 March 
1890, aged 39. Unmarried. 

M(irv Eliuilu'tli, born at St. James' Street, Nottmgham, Jan. 1S54; 
mar. at St. Matthew's Church, Nottingham, 10 Nov. 1898, as his 
second wife, Jusfph Littlewood, of the Ropewalk, Nottingham, 
surgciin, wlii.i died 2 May 1908, aged 72 years. 

?K:J?(*''"''' i-«lS'n.', and:;Siii.otibert?t(:eirarie5, atcorJiW to the Cuflorn of the Ck-, ■'f L/^nhn, di.uin^jE&e 
••'tlaidTerm. An', fm the true Peiformance of all ari-ieverv the- faiJ Coveii:iru^ lu j A-;;nts,^i#er- 
■-^*LL '"'■'■ '^'"^''^" ^ '•■"'-'^■''"-'^^•^'■t' ™t^' the other I)- theiPrcfeiit.'. 3E11 ci:iitiu-!o v^ fwrco^t^B^S^ 
- ia^'e-iiaaieJ v tiiele Indentures intsidiange^tLly hay? pi^: ih^'t Kani; anj S'--i!>, ^^-^ ^^^J/i -'^^ 

P-- ^ T*irflf-thc Reijn ..f our Sj\'creiga^^<^^3^^4r^^<i^^Z.»f £".'/".'./; S:^. ^;m« Dm.. 1^06 

< y/ ^u- 

/ */T^t^ ^ J/J' ^/ V /^ / 



^^^Ji^^t/e •J^/Zoi/^, 

^effowe of (gece^on ^^efbe^ 

GEORGE FELLOWS, of Bccston I-'iclds, j.l'. tur the (nuiit)- of 
Nottingham ; born at Becston 29 March 1845 ; educated at Rcptcjn ; Captain 
and Hon. Major South Nottinghamshire Yeomanr\- Cavalry 1876- 1895 ; 
formerly partner in the firm of Hart Fellows & Co., bankers, Notting- 
ham, of which city he was appf)inted Treasurer in 1874; married, at St. 
Peter's, Eaton Square, London, 7 l"cb. 1877, Eiiniia Mar!::;arct. eldest 
daughter of the Rev. Richard Thomas rii/h-inj. rector of Ashley, Market 
Harborough. Children : — 
i. Evclvii linniui 
ii. Fraiirrs Domlhw 
iii. Viol, -I . 
iv. John- Pultk.n'ky Fki.i.ows, hoi'ii at Beeston Fields, j,S .Maivli i.S.Si ; 

educated at Reptoii. 
V. RicH.\RD VVooDHOUSE P'kli.ows, Itnrn at ISeeston Fields, i^.Xpril 18S7; 

educated at Marlborough. 
vi. Sylvia Bettiua. 
vii. Margairf Grraldiiir. 
viii. Cwi-ndiilnii- Mary, died agcil two da\--. 

Rksidkxci; ; Beeston Fields, Xottingham. Clciis : Junior Carlton 
and Notts Count\-. 

Arms, recorded at Heralds' College -.-Per pale azure and sable, a 
fesse dancettee ermine between three lions' heads, each within <in annulet 


or. Crest: — In front nf a lion's head erased sable, charged with two 
barrulets danccttce, three annulets fessewise or. MoTTo : — " Confide recte 

l^nCCStnj. — This faniil}-, there seems no doubt, was uriginall)- settled 
at Selston and Felle\-, between Man.sfield and Nottingham, and in the 
Church registers of the former ]:)lace there are many entries of the name r.f 
Fellow or'pellowe. Tlie first ascertained ancestor was : — 

I. HK.XJ.WIIX l-ia.I.OWS, of the City of London, who by his 
wife ( iitln-riiie • buried at .St. W'erburgh's, I)erb_\-, 30 Nov. l6g6; left a son. 

II. S.\AIUEL h'KLLOW'S.of High Pavement, Xottingham, hosier, 
born ]6 Aug. 1687; he was an Alderman of Nottingham; Sheriff 1729; 
Mayor 1755". He served the office of Coroner 1746-56. He died 12 Dec. 
1765 ; buried at St. Mary's, Nottingham. He married, (\) at Snenton, 
26 .Sept. 1717, .l/(?/-)', daughter oi ]o\\\\ Jalland, of Scarrington, who was the 
nephew of Dr. Robert Thoroton, the historian of Nottinghamshire; she 
died 21 Dec. 1730. He married, (2) at St. Mary's, 4 Nov. 1731, Hannah, 
daughter of Thomas ]]'n]i;ht, I^sc]., of Nottingham (of the Mapperle\- 
fam'iU- ; she died 15 .April 1704, without issue. H\- his first wife he left 

i. Samuel Fellows, bapt. at St. Mary's, Nottingham, 16 Nov. 1718, and 

bur. there 25 Aug. 1719. 
ii. loHN Fellows, bapt. at the Presbyterian Chapel, High Pavement, 

Nottingham, 21 July 1724, and bur. at St. Mary's, 19 March, 1726 7. 
iii. Marv, bapt. at the" Presbyterian Chapel, High Pavement, Nottingham, 

20 May 1726, and was bur. at .St. Mary's, 9 June [? 1726]. 
i\- JoH.N Fellows, of whom next. 
v. I laniiah, horn 12 March 1721; died, unmarried, 10 May 1769, in hei" 

4iith year, and was buried at St. Mary's. 
\ i. k'atliiTiiir, died voung, and was bur. at St. Mary's, Nottingham, 29 Jan. 

111. JOHN FELLOWS, of High Pavement, Nottingham, b.irn 
24 .\pril 1728; baptized at St. Mary's, Nottingham, 10 May 1728; died 
iS Dec. 1791, buried at St. Mary's; Sheriff of Nottingham 1753; Ma}-or 
1775, 1782 and 1798. Married, Feb. 1750, Maty, daughter and heir of 
Henry Sharpc, of Wing or Freeb\-, co. Leicester ; she died at Nottingham 
and was buried at St. Mary's 9 Oct. 1778. Their children were :— 
i. John Fellows, of whom ne.xt. 

ii. Timothy Fellows, bapt. at High Pavement, 27 Mav i7''4; diet! at 
Ormsby, Norfolk, S March 1841; Sherift' of Nottingham 178S; mar 
Es//in; dau. of William Manning, of Ormsby, Norfolk, and had issue, 
iii. Kluu- .Samuel Fellows, bapt. at High Pavement, 17 Nov. 1765; died 
10 March 1841; bur. General Cemetery, Nottingham; Sheriff 1790. 
Mar. (1) Catherine Frances, dau. of Gilbert Ncvill, of Nottingham; 
she died 16 Jan. 1827, bur. St. Peter's, Nottingham; and (2) Jiilidnn 
White, of Chesterfield; died at Beeston, October 1851. He left no 
iv. Maria, born 30 May 1771 ; mar. John Pfarsox, son of Micliael Pearson, 
M.D., of London, and had issue. 
And nine othei" childi-en who died young or unmarrietl. 



IV. JOHN FELLOWS, of High Pavement and Beeston, Notting- 
ham, silk merchant ; born 26 Sept., baptized at High Pavement, 14 Oct. 
1756 ; died 15 April 1823 ; buried at St. Mary'.s ; Alderman of Nottingham; 
Sheriff 1751. One of the founders, in 1808, of the Bank in Bridlesmith 
Gate. Married, 7 Sept. 1784, at Christ Church, Spitalfields, Sara//, daughter 
of Michael Pearson, of London, M.D. She died 12 June 1832, aged 67, 
and was also buried at St. Mary's. Their children were :— 

i. JoH.x MicH.AKL FixLOWs, of RlsJcy, CO. Derb^', born 27 April 17S7 ; died 
25 Feb. 1854; bur. at Risley ; Sheriff of Nottingham 1S13. Mar., 
4 Feb. 1817, Mary, dau. and heir of John Cocker, of Risley; she died 
at Risley, 30 Nov. 1S64, aged 66. They left no issue. 

ii. Alfrkd Thomas Fkllovvs, of whom ne.xt. 

iii. Edward Fellows, of Blackheath, silk merchant in the Citv of London; 
born 5 Feb. 1794; died 30 Oct. 185S, unmarried; bur.'at Charlton! 

iv. Jamks Fellows, of Nottingham, solicitor; born 17 July 1707 ; sheriff of 
Nottingham in 1824; died 16 Sept. 1833, unmarried; bur. at St. 
V. Sir Charles F"ellows, of London, and West Covves, Isle of Wight, 
"traveller and archaeologist, son of John Fellows, a banker and gentle- 
man of fortune"; born 31 Aug. 1799; died at 4, Montague Place, 
London, 8 Nov. i860; bur. at Highgate Cemetery. He is com- 
memorated b}' a stained glass window in the Chancel of .St. Mary's 
Church, Nottingham. Mar. (1) 25 Nov. 1845, Eliza, dau. and heir of 
Francis Hart, of Nottingham, banker, who died 5 Jan. 1S47 ; bur. at 
Nottingham General Cemetery, by whom he had issue one son. 

I. Charles Francis Fellows, M.A., of 15, Great Cumberland Place, 
London ; educated at Rugby and University College, Oxford ; 
of Lincoln's Inn, barrister-at-law, 6 June 1872 ; Lieut. -Col. 
Yorkshire Artillery Militia; born 25 Dec. 1846; mar., al Hares- 
comb, CO. Gloucester, 22 Jan. 1874, Alice Mary, second dau. of 
William Charles Lucy, of Brookthorpe, Gloucester. 

Sir Charles mar. (2) Harriet, dau. and co-heir of John Eanies, 
of Covves, Isle of Wight, and widow of William Knight, of Oaklands, 
Herts; she died 19 March 1874, without issue. 

Sir Charles Fellows was a traveller of distinction and received 
the honour of Knighthood in 1845, in recognition of his services in 
the removal of the Xanthian marbles to this countiy. 

Sir Charles Fellows "made many explorations in Asia Minor, 
and after the death of his mother, in 1832, he passed the greater part 
of the ne.xt ten years in Italy, or Greece, or on the shores of the 
Levant". The result of his second visit to Lycia "was the discovery 

of thii'teen ancient cities In all the expeditions he paid his 

own expenses, and never at any time received any pecuniar}' reward 
from the nation". He published several volumes dealing chiefly with 
his discoveries in Asia Minor. On 25 July 1837 he made the 
thirteenth recorded ascent of Mount Blanc, using a new route. A 
more detailed account of his life will be found in the Did. of Nat. Biog. 

vi. Emma Sarah, born t,° Nov. 1S03; died, unmari-ied, 15 P'eb. 1857; 

bur. at St. Mary's, 
vii. Maria, hoxn i Nov. 180O; died iS June 1804; mar., 7 Feb. 1827, her 

cousin, Michael Pearson, of London, and had issue. 

62 COrXTY r/il)I(;REES. 

V. ALFRED THOMAS KKLLOWS, of Ik-cstmi I-iclds : Ix.r 
Jy ]Jec. 1790; died 9 Oct. 1862; buried at Beeston. Sheriff of Xnttini, 
ham 1817; Treasurer of the IVinuiL^h and of 
the Count\- of Nottini;ham ; partner in the 
firm of Hart Fellows '.^ ( o., bankers. Mar- 
ried at Beeston, 19 June 1S33, S ns,i mid, i>n\y 
child of Edward U'lnxi/io/isc. of Scotswood, 
Newca.stle-on-Tyne, and widow of Joseph 
Bainbridge, of that town; she died 12 Oct. 
1S45, aged 42. Their children were : — 

i. John Fellows, born at Beeston 1 1 Aui; 

1S.57 ; J. P. for Notts; Lieutenant in 

.Soutli Notts Yeomanry Cavalry 1862- 

1875; ri"easurer of the Borough of 

Nottm. ; died, unmarried, 12 Dec. 1S7; ; 

buried at Beeston. 
ii. Edward Fkllows, born 24 .Sept. 183S ; 

died 2 iVpril 1839. 
iii. Hknrv Fkllows, of Wimbledon (Garrick 

Club), boin at Beeston Fields 30 .Sept. 

1S40; educated at Rugby .School; 

called to the Bar at Lincoln's Lm, 

1S67 ; mar., 13 Oct. 1870, at Otterburn, 

Northumberland, Eiiiilv Hnpi\ only daughter of Ihonias Jiiiiics, Esq., 

J. P., of Otterburn Tower and Rudchester, Northumberland, and has 

issue :— 

1. Alfrkd Ja.mks Fellows, born 8 August 1871 ; educated at Eton 

and King's College, Cambridge, and called to the Bar at Lin- 
coln's Inn, 26 Jan. 1897. 

2. IIenhy Hope Fellows, born 12 June 1877. 

3. Mnri^nni. 

iv. Geor(,i: I'l llows, of f]eeston Fields, (jf whom above. 

V. Sarah, mar., 17 July 1863, Wu.llvm Hugh Scott, J. P., of Draycott 
House, near Derby, and had issue. Mr. Scott died i-| July 1906 ; bur. 
at Wilne, Derbyshire. 

vi. Elizabeth, mar., 4 August 1S65, Lieut.-Colonel Thomas Alexander 
Riddell-Carre, J. p., late 3rd battalion Royal Scots Fusiliers, of 
Cavers Carre, Lilliesleaf, co. Roxburgh, and had issue. Mr. Carre 
died 21 March 1904, aged 7;. She died 28 Feb. 1890 ; both buried at 


©imocft of ^aet (Ketforb, 

JOHN GEORGE DIMOCK, .imiurch Gate, Kast Retfoid. Mr. 
Dinmck, wlio buin at StiUmt, co. Huntingdon, 13 June 1843, and 
baptized there, was educated at SDUtiiwell and Newbun- Grammar 
Schools, and is a solicitor practising at Kast Retford. He is also clerk to 
the Guardians of the East Retford Union, clerk to the River Idle Drainage 
Commissioners, and Superintendent Registrar of Births, etc. He married. 
II May 1 886, at Christ Church, Patricroft, Manchester, Z//(j ^4««, daughter 
of Joseph Douglas, u{ Babworth, Notts. She died 13 October 1904, and 
was buried at Retford. Children : - 

i. Barbara Marv, born at Rctfortl 7 A[)ril 1.SS7. 

ii. John Fr.wcts Dim.k k, boni at Retford 20 July 1S8S. 

iii. i.\]\u> Doicw.As DiMdiK, horn at Retford 9 October 1S90. 

iv. noni/hv .bill, horn at Kcirnril 14 March, bapt. 7 April 1892. 

.illUCStn). — This faniil\- w as settled in Gloucestershire at a \ er\' earlv 
date, and no doubt derived its name from the village of Dymock in that 
county. From the fourteenth centur_\- the name Dymmok, D_\'mmock. 
Dymoke, Dimmock, Demock, Dimock, variously spelt, occurs in pleadings, 
subsid}' rolls, court rolls, wills, registers, etc., in man}- parts of Gloucester- 
shire. The ancestors of the present family have been resident at Randwick 
and Stonehouse since the commencement of the seventeenth centm-y. 
The first ascertained ancestor was : — 

I. GILES DIMOCK, of Randwick, c. (Gloucester, living there 
1639 ; had issue, by Martha his wife : — 

i. GiLKS Dimock, of whom next, 
ii. John Dimock, bapt. at Randwick 2 Feb. 1639. 

II. GILES DIMOCK, of Randwick, and afterwards of Stroud, 
clothworker; churchwarden of Randwick 1661 ; buried there 20 Oct. 1680. 
Will, dated 3 May 1676, was pr. at Gloucester 10 November 1680. He 
mar., (i) Sarah, bur. at Randwick 4 Sept. 1667, and ('2) Margairt, who 
survived him. Children : — 

i. P'rancis Dimock, of whom ne.\t. 
ii. loHN Dimock. 

iii. Giles Dimock, bapt. at Ran.hviL-k 1 2 Aug. 1601 ; bur.there 20 May 1660. 
iv. Rebecca, mar. at Randwick (. .\ug. 11.77 to Joskpii Mills. 

III. FRANCIS DlMOe'K. of Randwick; churchwarden 1682; 
bur. there 2^ March 1710-11 ; mar. 24 July 1672, at Standish, ^farv Wu'sci 
(or Vtyscy); bur. at Randwick 2 F"eb. 1705. Children: — 

i. Giles Dimock, of whom ne.xt. 

ii. John Dimock, of Randwick, clothier; churchwarden 1700 and 1701 ; 
bapt. at Randwick 9 Feb. 1674; bur. there 29 April 1712. His will, 
dated 2 April 1712, was proved at Gloucester lo June 1712. 

IV. GILES DIMOCK, of Stonehouse, co. Gloucester; bapti/.ed at 
Randwick 31 July 1673; buried there 18 May 1711 ; administration at 
Gloucester 14 July 171 1 to his widow. He mar.. 16 April 1696, at Stone- 
house, Rebecca feuiier, of Stonehouse ; bur. there 2 Aug. 1726. Children :— 


i. GiLics UiMOCK, of whom next. 
ii. Marv, bapt. at Stoiiehouse ii Oct. 1698. 

iii. John Dimock, of; bapt. there 24 I'eb. 170 1-2; mar. at 
Eastington 27 Jan. 1727-8, Elizabeth Evans, of Eastington. She was 
bur., 31 Oct. 1744, at .Stonehouse, leaving issue three daughter.s. 
iv. William Dimock, bapt. at Stonehouse i August 1704. 
\-. Snrali, bapt. at Stonehouse 18 Sept. 1707 ; mar at Eastingtim, 20 April 
1741, to Samuel Cluttkrhuck. 

V". GILES DIMOCK, of Stonehuirsc; Ijaptizcd there 22 i-cb. 1696-7 ; 
<lied 1 Sept. 1768, and was buried there 4 Sept ; m.i. at Stoiieiiousu. He 
married, at Stonehouse, 3 Ma)- 17 19, Saru/i, daughter of John Alldricli (or 
Aldridge), of Stonehouse, and Mary his wife ; bapt. at Stonehouse, 20 July 
1694, and bur. 16 August 1799, aged 85 ; ULi. at .Stonehouse. Children : — 
i. Mary, bapt. at Stonehouse i Feb. i7i()-2o; mar. thei-c, 23 .Sept. 1750, 

William Clark, of Pitchcomb. 
ii. Giles Dimock, bapt. 16 Dec. 1720, and bur. 21, at Stonehouse. 
iii. Sarah, bapt. at Stonehouse 7 Nov. 1721. 

iv. Giles Dimock. of Stroud, bapt. at Stonehouse 12 Dec. 1723 ; Inir. there 
7 Feb. 1767. He maiv, at Stonehouse, 24 Sept. 1749, Alary, dau. of 
rhomas Hilch, of Stonehouse. She was bapt. ii Dec. 1726, and bur. 
26 June 1789, at Stonehouse, leaving issue. 
V. />(■//!', bapt. at Stonehouse 16 Feb. 1725-6, bur. there 15 April 1776; 
mar. there, 17 April 1 748, to William Hitch, of Stonehouse. He was 
bapt. 3 Jan. 1734-5, and bur. 11 Jan. 1801, at Stonehouse. 
vi. John Dimock, bapt. 7 and bur. 9 Dec. 1727, at .Stonehouse. 
vii. Margaret, bapt. 21 Sept., and bur. 3 Oct. 1728, at .Stonehouse. 
viii. John Dimock, of whom next, 
ix. William Dimock, of Randwick, bapt. at Stonehouse 13 March 1731 ; 
died 14 Dec. 1775, and bur. 18 at Stonehouse, but left no surviving 
issue ; m.i. there. Administration granted by the Gloucester 
Registry 6 Jan. 1776. He married, (2)" 30 Oct. 1759, at Stonehouse, 
Sarah, dau. of Samuel Apperly, of Stonehouse. She was bapt. there 
17 Nov. 1729, and died 4 Aug. 1779, and was bur. 9 at Stonehouse; 
\w.\. there. 

VI. JOHN UIMOCK, of Bridgend,, clothier. 
He had large cloth mills at Bridgend, in partnership with Giles Nash, and 
the cloth used for making George Ill's garments was manufactured there. 
He was baptized at 12 March 1729-30; was churchwarden of 
Stonehouse in 1791 and 1 799 ; died 2 1 Oct. 1 808, and was buried there 26th ; 
m.i. at Stoneh(Hise. Will proved in P.C.C. Januar)- 1809 (20 Lovedaj-). He 
married twice: (i) .SV?;W/, daughter of Thomas /fV/V;, ofthe Hill, Fainswick. 
who died 21 May 1759, aged 45, and was buried 31st at Stonehouse; m.i. 
there. He married (2) Elizabeth (or Betty), daughter of Nathaniel Cole, of 
Colliwell, Stroud, by Sarah Andrews, his wife. She was baptized at Stroud 
28 Dec. 1732, and died 17 May 1822, aged 90, and was buried 22 at Stone- 
liouse ; m.i. there. He left issue by his second wife only. Children : — 
i. N.MHANiEL Dimock, of Bridgend House, .Stonehouse; boin 9 Feb. and 
bapt. 16 March 1766, at Stonehouse; died 22 April 1809, and was 
bur. 27th at Stonehouse; m.i. He mar. (i) 18 April 1786, at .Stone- 
house, Priscilla, dau. of Nathaniel Walts, of Stroud ; she died 7 Oct. 
1796, aged 32, and was bui-. 13th at Stonehouse; m.i. He mar. (2) 
at Fainswick, 10 Jan. 179S, Ann, widow of the Rev. William Blake, 
of Brampton, co. Devon, and dau. of William Carnilhcrs, of Brown's 
Hill, Fainswick; she was born in 1775, and died 7 March 1.S12, and 

nfMiH'k- (V" /i.lSr R/iT/'OKD. 6.7 

was bur. i2tli, al Sloiielioii.^t; ; m.i. there. He had issue six children, 
see Gloiursli'rshiir Notes ami Oiirrics, v, 244-5. Hi-s grandson, the 
Rev. Nathaniel Diniock, M.A. St. John's College^ Oxford, of Heinstede, 
Redhill, Surrey, the author of many theological books, died ,:; March 
igoci. aged 83, and was buried Sth in Reigate Cemetery. 

ii. Snni/i, born 29 July and bapt. S Aug. 1768, at Stonehouse ; died 18 Nov. 
1847. and was bur. at Leonard Stanley; m.i. there. She mar., at 
Stonehouse. 24 Aug. 1786, S.xjil-kl Holbrow, of Leonard Stanley, 
clothier. He was born 13 May 1758, and died 14 April 1814, aged 55, 
and was bur. at Leonard Stanley ; m.i. there. F'or particulars ot" 
their children, and of this family, see Sniiic Account of the Family of 
Holbrow, by W. P. \V. Phillimore, 1901. The Arms of Holbrow 
are: Azure, a bend ermine between six mullets pierced argent. 

iii. £'//s(7/»^//;, of Berryfield, Stonehouse ; born 18 and bapt. 28 Aug. 1770, 
at Stonehouse; died, unmarried, 12 December 1853, and was bur. 
19th at .Stonehouse; m.i. there. Her will, dated 17 Sept. 1845, was 
proved in P.C.C., January 1S54. 

iv. John Giles DniocK, of whom next. 

VH. The Rev. JOHN (HLKS DLMOCR. rector (,f Tppin-ham. 
cu. Rutland, and lord of the prebendal manor of Uppingham ; born z\ March 
and baptized 16 April 1773, at .Stonehouse; matriculated at Pembroke 
College. Oxford, 15 December 1790, and migrated to Universit\- College 
22 Feb. 1791 ; B.A. 1794; ^LA. iSoo; ordained Deacon 24 Sept. 1797, and 
Priest 5 Oct. 1800, by the Hishop of Gloucester; was Curate of Brighton, 
Leonard Stanley, and Stonehouse ; \'icar of Clanfield 4 Dec. 1800 to 1823; 
Rector of L^ppingham 3 \o\. 1S17 ; had lands at Stonehouse, Gretton, and 
Wymondham ; died 15 Dec. 1858, and was buried 21st at L^jpingham. 
Will, dated 1 1 Jan. 1S56, proved at Leicester 15 Feb. 1859. He married at 
St. James', Westminster, 19 April 1808, Sam//, dau. of William Hninplirics. 
of Baldock and Harpenden, Herts. Settlement dated 14 .\pril 1808. She 
died 19 April 1851, aged 69, and was bur. at Uppingham 24th. Children : — 
i. Anne Jane, born 7 June 1S09, and bapt. at Leonard Stanley (sponsoi': 
the Marchioness of Abereorn) ; died at Folkestone, 19 Aug. 1879, anfl 
was bur. in the Folkestone Cemeter}- ; m.i. Will proved at Canter- 
bury 27 Sept. 1879. She mar. at Uppingham, i Jan. 1839, the Rev. 
William Georgk Parker, M.A. St. John's College, Cambridge, Vicar 
of Bulkington, co. Warwick. He, born 6 Sept. nSio. died 1 March 
1S54, and was bur. 7th at Epsom ; will proved P.C.C. 23 March 1834. 
ii. James Fran'cis Dimock, of whom next. 

iii "l/f?;7(7/r7«c. bapt. at Stonehouse 21 March 1813 (sponsor : Lady Maria 
Hamilton); died 21 Oct. 1840, and bur. 27th at Uppingham. She 
married, as his first wife, at Uppingham, 1 Jan. 1839, the Rev. 
WiLLiAJi Henry Flowers, B.A. Jesus College, Cambridge, Vicar of 
Ulceby, co. Lincoln. He mar. (2) Ann, dau. of Thomas Fletcher, of 
Handsworth ; and died 17 Sept. 1875, at Ulceby, aged 67. See 
pedigree of Flowers in G. F. T. .Sherwood's Pedigree Register, vol. i, 
pp. </4-97- 
\\. William Robert Dimock, surgeon in the Hon. East India Co.'s service, 
Bombay Presidency; born 27 March, and bapt. at Stonehouse 17 June 
1S15 (s'ponsor: Mrs. Howley, wife of Dr. Wm. Howley, Bishop of 
London, afterward Archbishop of Canterbury); died at Vingorla, 
India. 20 Dec. 1849. He mar. in Oct. 1S44, Harriett, dau. of Major 
Matthews, of the Madras Army, and widow of Captain Fitzherbert 
Williams, of the Bombay Arm.y. She died 9 May 1854, aged 37, and 
wa^ bur. at Ludlow; mi. Children:^ 


i. William James Dimock, of whom presentl}-. 

ii. Hnrriiite Jaiic, born at Bombay 23 April 1847; died, unmarried, 
23 Nov. 1872; bur. at Witton Cemeterj', Birmingham. Her 
will, dated 13 July 1870, was pr. at Birmingham 10 Feb. 1S73. 
iii. Sarali, born 1849; d. young; bur. at Bedworth, co. Warwick. 
V. The Rev. Georgk Ambrose Dimock, B.A., Sidney Sussex College, Cam- 
bridge ; appointed Headmaster of Wymondhani School, 22 Dec. 1S42; 
born 14 Nov. 1816, and bapt. at Stonehouse 27 March 1817 ; died, s.p., 
15 Feb. 185 1, and was bur. 22nd at Uppingham. He mar. Marv 
Elizabctli, dau. of Campbell Morris, of Loddington Hall, co. Leicester, 
Lord of the Manor and Patron of Loddington. .She was born 25, and 
bapt. at Loddington 26 Oct. 1817, and was bur. at Uppingham 15 Ma}- 
1861. See Pedigrees of Morris in Nichols' Lciastcrsliirc, iv, 401, 
and in Fletcher's Lciccsfersliire Pedigrees and Royal Descents, 177. 
vi. Martha Eiizabetli, born 13 July, and bapt. at Uppingham 11 Aug. 1S19 ; 
died at .St. Marychurch, Torquay, 18 Feb. 1905. She mar. at 
LIppingham, 19 April 1842, Charles James Herbert, of Bedworth, co. 
Wai-wick, surgeon. He was born 18 May 1815, and died at Islington 
21 Nov. 18(15, 3nd was bur. at the Finchley Cemetery, 
vii. Elizalnth Sarah, born 19 Aug., and bapt. at Uppingham i .Sept. 1S21 ; 
died at Wimborne, co. Dorset, 29 Oct. 1904, and was bur. 2 Nov. 
in the Wimborne Cemetery; m.i. there. Administration granted by 
the Blandford Registry, 1 Dec. 1904, to her dau. Alice \'aughan 
Fletcher. She mar. at Uppingham, 20 June 1844, the Rev. John 
Waltham Fletcher, M.A., of Brasenose College, O.xford, Chaplain 
of the Leicester County Prison 1854-1S77, and afterwards of Ashleigh, 
Burton Road, Derby. He was born 5 Sept. 1816, and died 7 Nov. 
1S96, and was bur. 11th in the Uttoxeter Road Cemeteiy, Derby. 
His will, dated 16 Nov. 1891, was proved at the Derby Registry 
1 5 Dec. 1896. The Pedigree of Fletcher is recorded at the College 
of Arms (Norfolk 9. 21, 13 D. 14. 153, 20 D. 14. 70-74, and .Surrey 3. 
91), and is given in Burke's Cniiiiiiouers and Landed Gentry, Howard's 
Misc. Gen. et Her., n.s., i\, 214, Fletcher's Leicestershire Pedigrees and 
Royal Descents, 163-169, and in Howard and Crisp's J'isitation of 
England and IVales iii, 75-81, and Notes to ditto, v, 12-16. Tht Arms 
of Fletcher are: — Argent a cross engrailed sable between four pellets 
each charged with a pheon or, on a canton azure a ducal crown gold, 
viii. Marv .Inne, born 5 August, and bapt. at Uppingham 13 Sept. 1S23 ; died, 
unmarried, and was bur. there 7 August 1845. 

VIII. The Rev. JAMES FRANXTS DIMOCK, .Minor Caiiun of 
Suuthwell Minster, 1846-63 ; curate of Uppingham, Spalding, and Stilton; 
rector of Hamburgh, co. York, 1863, and Prebendar\- of Lincoln 1869; 
"Divine and historical scholar" fD.N.B.j; a learned and anti- 
quary, and friend of Profe.ssor E. A. Freeman, the historian ; author of 
Illustrations of the Collegiate Church of Southwell, I'ita /iingna S. Hugonis, 
and Giraldus Cauihreiisis, \o\. x to vii in the Rolls Series, Metrical Life of 
St. Hugh, Ilie Thirtr-nine Articles Proz'cd and Explained, etc., -And of many 
arch.x'ological papers. He was b(jrn at .Stonehouse 22 Nov. 1810, and bap- 
tized there 10 Feb. 181 1 (Sponsors: the Marquess of .Abercorn and the 
Countess of WicklowJ ; educated at Uppingham School and St. John's 
College, Cambridge ; B.A. 1833, A1.A. 1837; died 22 April 1876, and was 
buried 26th at Barnburgh ; m.i. Administration granted by the Wakefield 
Registry 11 May 1876. His biography is given in the Diet. Xat. IHog.. 
.Supplement ii, 136. A portrait of Mr. Diinock, from a photograph taken 
in 1853, is re]3roduccd here. He married, 1841, at Moulton, Caroline, 

(ij ■'^OKtllli' 

l)/.]fOCK O/' /i.lSr A-/: '//■Oh'/) 

(lauglitei- of John 7<?A//// ..f Al.mlton, co. ij-iia.lii. She \va 
1820, and died at Balham 24 Jan. 1 8yo, and was Ijiiried 
l-'or Tatam, see Maddisun's /.iiiii>l)isliiri- /''rilii:;rt\s. Chilflrc 
i. Elizabctli Snm/i, mar. at St. George the Maityr, llolbon 
to the Rev. JOHN GfiORC.K Curry, B.A. London, rector < 
Southwark, and Kinal Dean of Newington. 
ii. JOH.N Gkok(.k DiMOCK, of whom above, 
iii. Caroline Fnimrs, died 28 Ma}' 1865, aged 20 ; bur. at IJa 
iv. William Alfri-p IIlnry JAsn-s I)imo( k, of New \'uvk, ma 
\'. X/aiy Cliarlol/i , (bed in infancy. 

\i. Fk.\.\( i~- I)im(» k, thed 25 Dec. 1870, aged 22; bur. at ISarnbiirgli. 
\ii. Mr.NKv lloix.KiN 1 r KM i< DiMocK, of the Civil Service ; died, uiniinrried, 

20 Feb. 1884, anil was buried at the Canterbury Cemetery. 
viii. l^ev. Arthur Dimock, M.A., Trinity College, Dublin; cui-ate of St. 
.Stephen'.s, Nottingham, 1881 to 1887 ; vicar of Wardle, Lanes., 
1892; rector of Wetherden, co. Suffolk, 1896-1906. He mar. at 
.Snialbridge, 27 Jul\ iSSo, .li/i/h; dau. of the Rev. Tiiomas Berry, 
Vicar of St. Wei iuiri^h'-, 1 )erby. She died 26 Dec. 190,^, and was bur. 
at Wetherden. Mr. Dimnck is author of "Soutlnveir'aiid "St. Paul's" 
in Bell's < a///,, fra/ Series. 
ix. Robert Woiinuoisi 1 Ilmock, (bed at tiie Westminster Hospital 27 Dec. 

1902, and w.i'- 'uir. .it NunlKad Cemetery ; mar., but s.p. 
x. Maria Editha 
xi. Alice /■'ranees 
xii. Edw.\rd Fri 1 .m.\.\ Dni.M k. 
xiii Mary. 

xiv. Hi:gh Pi K( i\-.\i. Di.akhk, of Pipestone, Minnesota, L'.S..\.; casbiei' in 
the First N.-itional Bank of Pipestone; married. 

We revert I., the isMie . -f \\ illiani RMherl Diniock .see above, VI 1, iv). 
IX. VVn.LLAAl JAMKS UIMOCK, of Muller's Pass, near New- 
castle, Natal, South Africa, architect and surve>'or ; born at Bombay 
^1 Juh- 1845 '• educated at Uppingham School ; articled to Charles James 
Neale,' civil engineer, of Mansfield, Notts ; married, 15 Ma\' 1872, at 
Bo.scobello, near Newcastle, Natal, Edit/i Mnrr. daughter of John Scod/e, of 
Boscobello, and niece of Sir Andrew Richard Scoble, K.C.S.I., K.C., M.P., 
Attorne_\--General f >r Boniha\-. Shi- was Ixirn in London :;o No\ ember 
I 85 I. tl'hildren : — 

i. Marv Elizahelh, born 2 Feb. and died 17 Oct. 1873. 

ii. John William Scoble Dimock, born 28 Nov. 1873 ; served in the lioe-r 
War (Imperial Guides), and received the Distinguished Conduct 
Medal and two other medals, 
iii. /■'ranees Helena, born 16 Feb. 1876; mar. at St. Paul's Church, Durban, 

29 Aug. 1900, to Lemuel Arthur Cross?:, of Natal, and has issue, 
iv. Margaret Hilda, born 10 Aug. 1S77 ; mar. at St. James' Church, Dundee, 
Natal, ,5 June moS, to Joiianxfs J.\( onus Van »er Liniiin, of Cape 
V. George Arthur Gii is Dlmoik, born 27 June 1879. 
\i. Robert Alexander Dimock, boiTi 11 July 1885. 

vii. Ethel Maud, born ;,o March 1887 ; mar. at St. James' Church, Dundee, 
Natal, ^^ June 1908, to Charles Edward Parr, son of George Parr, 
solicitor, of Nottingham, England, 
viii. Henry Ernest Dimock, boiT) 19 Oct. 1888. 
ix. Eielyn May, born » July 1891. 

@6^wefe of ^^efforb anb Qtot^m^^am. 

HENRY ASHWELL, of 1 17, Waterloo Crescent, Nottingham, was born at Epperstone, 
15 May iS2<S, aiul was eclucated at Leicester Proprietary School. He is a bleacher and dyer at 
Basfor'd, and has held, amongst others, the following public offices : — Overseers' Guardian 
of Basfiird Uni<iii, Chairman, Member (throughout its existence) and for some time Chairman 
also of the Hasfurd Local Board, Vice-Chairman Nottingham District Sewage Board, Member, 
Vice-Chairman, and Chairman of Nottingham School Board, a Governor of Nottingham High 
School, President P2ast Midland Baptist Association, and for many years has been a J. P. for 
the cit\' of Nottingham. Mr. Ashwell married, at Derby Road Baptist Chapel, 22 Dec. 1853, 
S,irn/i 'lili-.abcth, eldest daughter of Alderman John Rogers, of Nottingham. Children : — 

i. John Rogers Ashwell, of Nottingham, F"ellovv of the Chemical Society ; born at Nottingham 
16 October 1854; died at Dundee, .Scotland, 6 February 1895; married, 11 October 1877, 
Kale, daughter of (, liarles Pearson, of St. John's Wood, London. Children : — 

1, A/A// Idii I'cnrsoii, born at Nottingham 26 January 1S79; educated at Notting- 

liaii) (iiiK' I jigh .School, and at Universit}' College, Aberystwyth; B.A. London, 

2. Kathleen Klr.ahrfli, boni at Nottingham 10 (October 1883; educated at Notting- 

ham CiirK' llij.;h .Si_'hool, and at University College, Nottingham; B.A. 
London, 1906, honours (2nd class) modern languages; M.A. 190S. 
ii. Marv Helen, born at Nottingham 16 August 1857. 

ill. J.Mus IJE.N'RY Ashwell, of Nottingham, born at Nottingham 7 November 1S58. 
iv. l-'ranees EUzabelh, born at Nottingham 5 June 1862; married at Derbj- Road Baptist 
Ciiurch, 17 Jan. 1900, John Arthuk Cooke, of Manchester and Nottingham. Son : — 
1. John R.wmond Ashwell Cooke, born at Marple, Cheshire, 16 January 1907. 

.^InCCStvn. -The name <..f VMiwcll, which is cvidentlv of local origin, is found in Notting- 
hamshire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Rutland, Lssc.x, Bedford, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Surre)', and 
in Staffordshire, but it is not probable that the various bearers of the name have a common 
origin. There is a tradition in Mr. Ashwell's family that they came from Ashwell Thorpe, 
Norfolk, but the Parish Registers around there, which have been searched, do not contain 
references to the name. However that may be, it is certain that Ashwells were settled in 
Nottinghamshire at an early date. The earl)- Assize Rolls mention a John Ashwell, disseized 
of land at Morton in \X^--,\ and in the sixteenth ccntur\- Ashwell Hall in Morton was solrl to 
Sir Roger (oopcr. 

.At C<iddington, near .Newark, a famil\- of Ashwell held land and resided there from the 
reign of Richard H until recent times ; a fine old Manor House, and also Hall, exist there, with 
Ashwell names built iiL John Ashwell is mentioned immediately after the Prior of Thurgarton 
in connection with a chantry founded by Henry de Coddington in that village. W^ills of the 
Coddington Ashwells are extant from 1549. It ma\- be that the tradition claiming for the 
Ashwells of Shelford a common origin with those of Coddington is c(_irrect, although at present 
we ha\'e no ex'iflence to confirm it. 

SoiiK- .\sh wells were settled in Shelton, near Newark, before the end of the fifteenth centur\-. 
Henry .Asshcwell of Shelton is inentitmed in the inquisition jxist mortem of William Staunton, 
in January 1497-8. Robert .Xshwvll was presented to the Rectory of Shelton in .April 1505, 
and was buried in the chancel of that church in Ma)- 1507. His will is at ^'ork. 

The pro\en pedigree of the .Nottingham Ashwells can be traced back to the seventeenth 
centin')-, and we connnence the |)edigree with : — 

Jl/Utrt^ Cuf^tlL 

John AsiiWLLL, 



Edward Ashwkll, of Shelfoi-d, 
bur. there U Dec. 1736. 

Mary, wli 
;o June 1 

wa.-; bui'. at .Shelford, 

i ijlililiil i 

Elizabeth, hd^^X. At Mne other Edwwrd Abuwtu., ot Sheltord, 

Shelford, i May daus. and one 2nd son ; bapt. there 20 Ma}- 

1687 ; bur. there son. 1698 ; d. there 21 Dec. ; bur. 23 

31 Mar. 170S. Dec. 1765, aged 67; m.i. 

Ann F/otvfi; of Barnston ; d. 7, 
bur. at Shelford, 9 Jan. 1769, 
aged 77 ; ni.i. ; m. at Langar, 
Notts, bv lie, 29 Dec. 1720. 



WELL, bapt. at 
Shelford, 24 Oct. 
1721 ; bur. there 
16 June 
a^ed s- 

Maiy, bap. at Shel- 
ford, 1 7 M ar. 1 7 2 2 ; 

m. \VlLLL\M Al- 

cocK,of Lindby, at 
726, .S.Nicholas, Nottm. 
13 Apr. ,745- 


AbiiwELL, of Shelford aud^Eiizaln/h Martin, of 

Burton Joyce, farmer; bapt. at .Shel- 
ford, II June 1727; d. at Burton 
Joyce, 6 July i 792, aged 65, and bur. 
there; will prv. at Nottm. \(> Apr. 

bap. 1 1, bur. 
19 Aug. 1730, 
at .Shelford. 

Elizabeth, bapt. 17 Ann, bapt. 7 

Nov. 1731 ; m. RoBT. Nov. 1 7 53 ; 111. 

Gree.n', of Ratcliffe- there 19 May 

on-Trent, at Shel- 1765, Joseph 

ford, 21 Oct. 17^4. Brewster. 

William Asii- 
WELL, bur. at 
Shelford, 19 
Feb. 1735, ^§<?'^ 
1 1 ; m.i. 

Burton Joyce, whod. 
and was bur. there 1 
Nov. 178^ ; m. there 
by lie, I /Oct. 1754. 

Sarah, bapt. at 
Shelford, 21 Dec. 

A dau., bapt. at Ja.mks Ashwell, ot' — Mar] 




Shelford, 27 July Burton Joyce, far- I m. by lie. at at Shelford, 20 Feb. i 759; Shelford 

and bur. mer, bapt. at Shel- 
there 25 Apr. 1 756. ford, 21 Mar. 1757. 

E. Bridgford bur. there 18 Nov. 
26 Nov. I 7S0. aged 9 mouths. 

?59, Feb. 1761 

Edward Ai,u-^'.]Jar 

■ William Ash- 


l<in.\ Ashwell, 

Phab,- IVood. 

J <i> 1. 1' II 

well, bapt. at 


wELi , bapt. at 

Iry, d at 

of Bobber's Mill, 

of Smalley, 


Shelford, 25 


Shel lord, 31 

Nottm., 3 

near Nottin., for- 

CO. Derby, d. 

b. at Shel- 

Apr. 1763; bur. 

May 1765. 

Oct. 1S13, 

merly of Shel- 

at Clarendon 

ford, 23 

there 28 Ian. 

aged 43; m. 

ford, Epperstone, 

St., Notting- 

Aug. 1 7 78; 
m. M a r v 

, 789. 

at S. Marv's 

and Nottingham, 

ham., 20 May 

Nottm., "bv 
lie, 16 July 

iron m nger, 
iron founder, far- 

1S68, aged83; 
m. by lie. at 

Hill, at St. 




.lAz;-r, bapt. at Shel- 

John Ashwell, 


mer, and ac- 

St. " Peter's, 

Nottm., bv 

ford, 25 July 1784; 

bapt. at Shel- 

countant; Cham- 

Nottm., 27 

lie, 8 Apr. 

mar. Joh.\ Rose, 

ford, 21 Jan. 

berlain & Sherift' 

Ian. iSi;. 





of Nottm. ; J. P., 
and thrice Mavor, 


27 Nov. 1 80S. 

once Deputy- 

^layor; b. at Shelford, 14 ^ 

/^ / 


Ian. ; bapt. 15 Jan. 1771, If 

/ n / 


at Shelford ; d. at Bobber's /^ 

C*, t2/^ 


Mill, 3 Aug. 1838; bur. in 

the graveyard Stoney .St, 

Bapt. Church, now .St. -/•v«/' 

^^ ■ — ^ 

Marv's Hal 


COUNTY r /■:/)/(; M HI- s. 








1 L AbllWKLL, Ot 

Jamks Asuwfll, b. 2^ |une 

Sarah, b. 18 


1 7<)5 ; d. at Gold- 


cv Street, Lon- 

1799 ; civil engineer; fellow 

Ian. 1805; d. at 

smith St., Nottni., 


piiysician at 

commoner ot |esu.s College, 

Nottm. 3 Oct. 

14 Dec. 1 88 1, aged 


s Hospital; d. 

Cambridge ; one of the six 

1 87 2, and was 

87 ; m. Rob i- r t 

in I 

ondon, 21 Dec. 

founders of the Roval Insti- 

bur. in Trinity 

Cl.ARKE, of Wis- 


, aged ^g ; m. 

tution of Civil Engineers in 

Church yard ; 

bccli, i8Mav 181S. 


1 Smilli, of Lon- 

i8(S; d. at Mildmay Lodge, 

she m. (i) |iiii,\ 



Weston-super-Mare, 2 July 
1 88 1 ; m. ( I ) Susan Raivson, 
of Nottm. ; (2) Mary Helen 
Barker, who d. s.p. 


Akthuk Raw.son Abiiwi rr, M.A. ; 1). 
at Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, 9 Dec. 1824 ; 
niatric. at Trinity Coll., Cambridge, 
1S50; Canon res. of Chichester, and 
Chancellor of Chicliester Cathedial, 

1879; aui 
forec, etc. 

hoi- of the Life of JVilber 
; editor of the Church (Jiiar 
«! ; d. at Chichester 23 ( )ci 
20 Apr. 1854, FJkabeth, dan 
Fi'xsen, of BlacUheat 

John IIiard Asiiwi 1 l, 
of Nottm, lace manufac- 
turer, wine merchant ; b. 
9 June 1S06 ; d. 1 Sept. 
1S75 ; bur. Gen. Ceme- 
tery ; m. Harriet Smith, 
of London. 



Edw.xki) .S-Mirii 

AsHVVhLL, b. 6 

Oct. 1836 ; now 
(1909) living in 
New York, 

l<el,eeea, \x at Nottm., 1 1 
Apr. 1835; d. 7 Oct. 18S3; 
m. at St. Peter's, Nottm., 
1859, JOHN Rainbow, of 
NoVtm", b. July 1823; d. 10 
Oct. 1882; both bur. in 
Gen. Cemetery. 

Relnrea, b. 28 
June 1810; d. 
at Plymouth, 
12 Sept. 1S77 ; 
m. Cyrus Ri:id 
Edmunds, Head 
Master Leices- 
ter Proprietary 

I>. 20 Jail. 1S18 ; d 
28 June 1819 ; agec 
1 7 months. 

AVw.-r Tehl.ntI, 
Bluntisham, Ilui 

lulv . 

it Xutti 


' r 

■\< 1 HOMAS 

of Nottni. 

G'weudoline Cowcii, 
m. at St. Mark's, 
Audley St., Lon- 
don, 9 Apr. 1885. 


!l kl 




b. 2 


e 18; 

- ■ ]|] 






19 Jan. 1886. 

I'Inilis (ran. 
1887; m. I 
Jan. i9o8,TiiFx 
DORK Bkchi 
AcroN Walki-; 
of Fiskeitoi 

.liu/ny EliudH'th 
Foard, b. 3 1 Ma\- 

Frank Ashwi li., b. 25 
May 1855 ; d. at The 
Fosse, Leicester, 4 Dec. 
1896 ; bur. in Leicester 
Cemetery =^ Heh'u Mar- 
garet, dau. of William George Lyon, ol 
Henry Ellis, J. P., of Pontefract. 
Ansty Grange, Leices- | 

ter ; m. at the Friends p^ 

Meeting House, 30 Thomas Grorr- 
March 1882. KKV Lvox Asn- 

WKI.I., b. 1 Jul\ 


Doris Lyon, b 
21 Sept. 1900. 

L, b. 4 Dec. 1883. 

■llison Margaret, 

.-KLL, b. I July 


Georgk Amiwi ll, 
b. at Nottni. 24 
Ian. 1823; d. at 
New York, U.S.A., 

Nov. is-r,. 

who d. 
Mar. iSS^. 


5 May 

Jll£^irLXf (2d^tilU 

JDH.N R0GF.RS = A'(7/rA' 
AsllWKLL, b. 

at Nottm., iC 
Oct. 1S54 ; d. 
6 Feb. 1S95. 

Smah Elr. 
bcth A'oon 
Sir almvr. 

Phnrhf Anuc, \x 10 
Apr. 18,53 ; d. at Kast- 
boiirne, 30 June 1908 ; 
111. 5 Mar. 1859, .Samuel 
lIiRRuK .Sam.>, ,,r 



Mary Helen, 
b at Nottm., 
16 Atigust 

j.\Mi:s Hknry 


at Nottm., 7 
Nov. 1S58. 


Ellen Ida r, -ar- 
son, B.A., b. at 
Nottm., 2() |an. 

Kathleen Ell:a- 
beth, M.A., b. 
at Nottm., 10 
Oct. 1 88;. 

h'raneef f-Jr.a- 
/;(•///, b at Nottm. 

S junu 1802 ; m. 

I )c 

at N.jttm., 17 


Jan. 1900, John 
Arthur CooKt., 
of Nottm. and 



uia. b. .8 Ian, 

AsHWKLL, b. 17 lua, b. 18 Jan. I'-DMOND^ 

Apr. 1852; d. 26 1854; m. 18 Ashwell, 

-Sept. igo2, s.p. ; Jan. 1888, b. 16 July 

ni. 21 June 1S76, George H. 1S57. 

Einuieltne Con- Woodward. 
la III Reynolds. 

Marv Moore G e o r g i- 
Reynolds, m. E s c h e 
13'Dec. [8S2. 


l< 1 C H A R D 

Porter Ash- 

ASHWEI.L, WELL, b. 1 7 

b. 2 1 Sept. Aug. 1 8(12 ; 111. 
1859 ; m. Georgia A. 
mod. Ear me I- , 2 

Jennie G< r- 
'irude, b. 27 
July _ 1865 ; 
111. William 
Ni c holas 
31 Dec. 1S91. 

George Gil- 
bert Ash- 
well, b. 4 Oct. 
1 883. 

Herman- Ed- 
monds Ash- 
well, b. 29 
May 18S5. 

John i,e Yau 
Ashwell, b. 
Nov. 1S89. 

(^ &i6t of i^t Borb Bituttmnts of 

VkkM nil N'lAK UjiM 111 Mil I^RI SIM TlME, I 9O9. 

1694, luiie 4. lohn (Holies) Duke of Newcastle. 

1714, Oct. <). Thomas (Pelhani-HoUes) Lord Pelham afterwards (1715) 

Duke of Newcastle. 

1763, Jan. 10. Evelyn (Fierrepont) Uuke of Kingston. 

1765, Dec. 13. Thomas (Pelham-Holles) Duke of Newcastle. 

1768, Dec. 16. Henry (Pelham-Clintoii) Duke of Newcastle. 

1794, Apr. 30. Thomas (Fiennes-Pelham-Clinton) Duke of Newcastle. 

1795, .lu"e 10. William Henry (Cavendish-Bentinck) Duke of Portland. 
1809, Dec. 20. Henry Pelham (Pelham-Clinton) Duke of Newcastle. 
1839, July 11. John (Lumley-Savile) Earl of Scarbrough. 

1857, Feb. 2. Henry Pelham (P'iennes-Pelham-Clinton) Duke of Newcastle. 

1864, Nov. 25. Edward (Strutt) Lord Helper. 

1880, Aug. 1 8. William Amelius Aubrey de Vere (lieauclerk) Duke of St. 

1898, June 2. William [ohn Arthur Charles lames (Cavendish Bentinck) 

Duke of Portland. 

@l Bi6^ of t^e ^^enffe for t^e County of 

pRriM nil ^'l.\l< 1701 1(1 nil-: Pki sim Tlmi;, 1909. 

1701. Joseph Harb<jrd of Gringley. 1720. William Hallows of Cortling- 

1702. William Burnell of Winkburii. stock. 

1703. Henry Sherbrooke of Arnold. 1721. John Sherwin of Bramcote. 

1704. Borlace Warren of Staplefoid. 1722. John Grundy of Bleasbj'. 
1705 PatriciusChaworthof Annesley. 1723. James Banks of East Stoke. 
1700. Mundy Musters of Colwick. 1724. John Richards of Normanton. 

1707. Sir George Savile of Rufford, 1725. George Langford of Coulston. 

Bart. 1726. Beilby Thompson of Bole. 

1708. William Levinz of Burton. 1727. Richard Brown of Gunthorpe. 

1709. Richard Edge of Strelley. 1728. Anthony Eyre of Rampton. 

1710. John Simpson of Babwortli. 1729. Samuel Peake of Farndon. 

1711. Jonathan Acklom of IVIatterse3'. 1730. William Shipman of Mansfield. 

1712. Henry Sherbrooke of Oxton. 1731. John Nevill of Nottingham. 

1713. Francis Lewis of Stanford. 1732. John Neale of Mansfield Wood- 

1714. George Sharpe of Barnby. house. 

1715. John Collin of Elton. 1733. John Disney of Flintham. 

1716. Julius Hutchinson of Owthorpe. 1734. Thomas Porter of Arnold. 

1717. Joseph Mellish of Blyth. 1735. Thomas Lister of Bavvtry. 

1718. Isaac Knight of Waisop. 1736. William Burnell of Winkburn. 

1719. Lionel Copley of Plumptre. 1737. William Challand of Wellow. 

The Editor of "COUNTY PEDI- 
GREES ' will be glad to receive the 
Pedigree of any family for insertion in 
the appropriate volume. 

New counties will be mcludcd in 
the series so soon as sufficient pedi- 
grees have been received. 

A Prospectus and blank Pedigree 
Form will be sent upon application to 

124, Chancery Lane, 







\V r. W. PHILLIMORE. M. A.. B. C. L. 



Phillimore and Co., 124, Chanc^kry Lanl. 
Price, Five Shillings Net. 





Joseph Clay of Lambley. 



John Gilbert Cooper of Thur- 

Thomas Langford of Basford. 





John Story of East Stoke. 
William Cartwright of Marn- 






Lancelot Rolleston of Watnall. 



John Linley of Skegby. 



Henry Donston of Worksop. 



John Thornhagh of Shire Oaks. 



Sir Charles Molyneux of Tever- 

sall, Bart. 



Thomas Stowe of Xewark- 




William Chaworth of Annesley. 

J 7 9 1 . 


William Westcombe of 




John Borlace Warren of Sta- 




Darcy Burnell of Winkburn. 


Mundy Musters of Colwick. 



Jonathan Acklom of Wiseton. 


Sir Thomas Parkvns of Bunn}-, 


I 796. 


Robert Sutton of Scofton. 



John Hall of Mansfield Wood- 



Sir George Smith of East Stoke, 


Bart. " 



lohn Whetham of Kirklington. 

Ralph Edge of Strelley. 



Samuel Gordon of Newark- 





John Newton of Buhvell. 


Daniel Gash of Balderton. 



Charles Mellish of Ragnall. 



William Ellis of Newark-upon- 



George Brown of Ordsall. 



Sir Gervase Clifton of Clifton, 



1 809. 


John Bell of Colston Bassett. 



Robert Foster of Newark- 





Urban Hall of Wai-sop. 

181 ^ 


George Donston of Worksop. 



George Nevile of Thorney. 


John Emmerton Wescomb 

1 8 1 5. 

Emmerton of Thrumpton. 

I S 1 6. 


Joseph Pocklington of Carlton- 




Cornelius Launder of Hickling. 


Abel Smith the younger of 





John Musters of Colwick. 



William Bilbie of Berry Hill. 

William Denison of Ossington. 
Charles Vere Dashwood of Stan- 
Lancelot Rolleston of Watnall. 
John Lichfield of Mansfield. 
John Gilbert Cooper of Thurgar- 

Pendock Neale of ToUerton. 
Sherbrooke Lowe of Southwell. 
Anthon}- Hartshorne of Haj'ton. 
Thomas Waterhouse of Becking- 

Richard Stenton of Southwell. 
John Chamberlain of Red Hill. 
George Chaworth of Annesley. 
George de Ligne Gregory of 

Edward Thoroton Gould of Mans- 
field Woodhouse. 
The Hon. Richard Lumlev Savile 

of Ruft'ord. 
John Simpson of Babworth. 
Jonas Bettison of Holmepiei-re- 

John Wright of Nottingham. 
John Galley Knight of Warsop. 
Nathaniel Stubbins of Holme- 

Samuel Bristowe of Besthorpe. 
William Gregory Williams of 

William Elliott Elliott of Nottm. 
Robert Lowe of Oxton. 
William Coape Sherbrooke of 

Thomas Webb Edge of Strelley. 
Christopher Rolleston of Watnall. 
Sir Thomas Woollaston White of 

Wallingwells, Bart. 
John Longden of Bramcote. 
John Manners Sutton of Kelham. 
Thomas Walker of BerryhiU. 
John Chaworth of Annesley. 
Thomas Wright of Norwood Hall. 
Hugh Blaydes of Ranby Hall. 
John Need of Mansfield". 
Wm. Fletcher Norton Norton of 

John Smith Wright of Wiiford. 
Sir Robert Howe Bromley, Bart., 

of East Stoke. 
Thomas Blackborne Hildyard of 

Henry Walker of Blyth. 
Henry Gall}' Knight, of Langold. 
Sir Robert Clifton of Clifton, 




















Thomas Wildman of Newstead. 1855. 
William Fanuvorth Handley of 

Newark-upon-Trent. 1 S56. 

William Mason of East Ret- 
ford. iS57- 
William Charlton of Chilwell. 
Gregory Gregory of Rempstone. 1858. 
George Savile Foljambe of 

Osberton. 1S59. 

Frederick Robinson of Widmer- i860. 

John F^mnierton Wescomb of 1861. 

Thrumpton. 1862. 

John Sherwin Shervvin of 

Bramcote-hills. 1863. 

John Coke of Mansfield Wood- 
house. 1864. 
Thomas Moore of Ruddington. 
Henry Machin of Gateford Hill. 1865. 
Sir Thomas WooUaston White, 

Bart. 18O6. 

Slingsby Duncombe of Lang- 
ford. 1867. 
Christopher Nevile of Thorney. 
John Handley of Muskham 1868. 

Robert Ramsden of Carlton in 1869. 

Thomas Webb Edgeof Strelley. 1870. 
John Evelyn Denison of Os- 1871. 

sington. 1872. 

Sir luckes Granville Juckes 

Chfton of Clifton, Bart. 1873. 

Henry Smith of Wilford. 1874. 

Francis Wright of Lenton Hall. 1875. 
Thomas Dickinson Hall of 

Whatton. 1876. 

Charles Paget of Ruddington. 
William Hodgson Barrow of 1877. 

Southwell. 1878. 

Francis Hall of Park Hall, 1879. 

John Vere of Carlton-on- 18S0. 

Robert Holden of Nuttall 1881. 

Granville Harcourt Vernon of 1882. 

Right Hon. Edward Strutt of 1883. 

Kingston Hall. 
Ino. Francklin of Gonalston. 1884. 

Hy. Frederick Walker of Blyth 

Hall. 1885. 

Thomas Spragging Godfrey of 

Balderton. 1SS6. 

Samuel Bagnall Wild of Cos- 1S87. 

Hy. Bridgeman Simpson of 

Samuel William Welfitt of Lang- 

with Lodge. 
Richard Mil ward of Thurgarton 

lonathan Hardcastle of Blidworth 

Henry Sherbrooke of O.xton. 
Edwd. Valentine Pegge Burnell 

of Winkburn. 
Henry Savile of Ruftbrd Abbey. 
Thos. Blackborne Thoroton- 

Hildyard of Flintham. 
Jno. Henr}' Manners .Sutton of 

John Chaworth Musters of An- 

Wm. Fredk. Webb of Newstead 

Sir Edwd. Samuel Walker of 

Berry Hill, Knt. 
Sir John Sutton of Norwood 

Park, Bart. 
Jno. Bagshaw Taylor of Radcliffe- 

Jno. Handley of Newark-upon- 
Jas. Thos. Edge of .Sti-elley. 
Jas. Thorpe of Coddington. 
Geo. Wm. Mason of Morton Hall, 

near Retford. 
Henry Eyre of Rampton. 
Robert Kelham of Bieasby. 
Henry Robert Clifton of Clif- 
John Elliott Burnside of Ged- 

Lancelot Rolleston of Watnall. 
Robert Laycock of Wiseton. 
Thomas Broughton Charlton of 

William Henry Coape Oates of 

George Coke Robertson of Wid- 

Sir Henry Bromley of East Stoke, 

Percy Hartshorne Cooper of Bul- 

Frederick Chatfield Smith of 

Robert Millington Knowles of 

Colston Bassett. 
Henry Abel Smith of Wilford. 
Benjamin Huntsman of West 

Retford Hall. 


iSSS. Frederick Piatt of Barnby 
Manor, Newark. 

1SS9. Francis Jolm Savile Foljambe 
of Osberton (now Right 
Hon. F. j. S. Foljambe). 

TS90. Col. Charles Seely of Sher- 
wood Lodge (now Sir Chas. 
Seely, Bart.). 

1891. Lewis Norwood Starkey of 
Norwood Park. 

1S92. Thomas Isaac Birkin of Rud- 
dington (now Sir Thomas 
I. Birkin, Bart.). 

1893. Benjamin Ingham Whitaker of 
Hesley Hall. 

1S94. Edward Evelyn Harcourt Ver- 
non of Grove Hall. 

1895. William Evelyn Denison of 
Ossington Hall. 

1S96. William HoUins of Pleaslev 
Vale, Mansfield. 

1897. Philo Laos Mills of Ruddington. 

189S. Sir George Ernest Paget of 
Sutton Bonington, Bart. 

1 904. 

William Welfitt Hall of Park 

Hall, Mansfield. 
Francis Abel Smith of Papplewick 

John Robinson of Worksop Manor 

(now Sir John Robinson, Knt ). 
John Patricius Chaworth Musters 

of Annesley Park. 
Colonel Albert Cantrell Cantrell- 

Hubbersty of Tollerton. 
Thomas Lewis Kekewich Edge 

of Strelley. 
Francis Lej' of Epperstone (now 

Sir Francis Lej-, Bart.). 
Captain (now Major) Joseph 

Frederick Laycock, D.S.O., of 

Wiseton Hall. 
Thomas Philip Barber of East- 
Major Francis Willey of Blyth 

Sir Hugo Meynell Fitzherbert of 

Nettleworth Manor, Bart. 

(Ueefiitt of ^uf^onnn;(X6%eb. 

ROBERT NESBITT of Sutton-in-Ashfield. Mr. Nesbitt, who was 
b(irn at C'nr-iass, c<i. M(inat,fhan, 8 Sept. 1855, i.s a Licentiate of the Royal 
College of S'ui-geons (Ireland, 1876 and Phy.sicians f Dublin) 1877. He has 
been Medical Officer of 
Health for Sutton-in-Ash- /n ^ /j^ / /, 

Nottinghamshire. He mar- 
ried, at :\ra>- Street Church, Belfast, 28 Sept. 1882, Aium- lili::.abctli, second 
daughter of lames Coikhnrti of ]5anbridge, co. Down. Children : — 

i. J.\Mi;s \'icTOR NisBrrT, born at Banbridge, co. Down, 24 July 1S83; 
was edu- 

ted at Ox- 
ford 1902 ; 

Scholar of Christ Church in Natural Science; B.A. 1905 (ist class in 
Science and ist class in jurisprudence); M.A. 1909. He also repre- 
sented the University in football and lawn tennis. Entered at the 
Inner Temple 1905; called to the Bar 26 Jan. 1909. 
ii. Margaret Mitricl. born at Sutton-in-Ashfield 2 July 1S85. 

iii. Aiinic Gertrude, born at Sutton-in-Ashfield 17 March 1S88. 

iv. Robert Thornton Nesbitt, born at Sutton-in-Ashlieid 17 June 1891, 

died 14 February 1892. 
V. Mary Irene, born at Sutton-in-Ashfield 21 March 1895. 

SllUCStrn. — This famil}-, according to tradition, was anciently settled 
in Berwickshire (where the name is to be found at a very early date), but 
removed to Ulster during the reign of William III. We commence the 
pedigree with : 

I. ROBERT NKSBITT, born <. 1710, who settled in Tonary, 
near Newbliss, co. Monaghan, and married Jane Jlrr.soi/ of that place, had 
a son : — 

II. ROBERT NESBITT of Tonar\- and Kinduff co. .Monaghan, 
farmer, was born in 1750 at Coranewr}-, co. .Monaghan, and died at Kin- 
duff 1798, aged 48 years. He married Ainie. daughter of James Thoiiipsoii, 
who died at Kinduff 181 3, aged 54 }'ears. Children ; — 

i. Ricn.xRD Nesbitt, of whom next, 
ii. Jane, born 1787, died 1854, aged 67 ; mar. J.^.mes Wright of Drum- 

rooghil, CO. Monaghan, who died 1856, aged 75 years, 
iii. Margaret, born 1793, died 1868, aged 75; mar. Thojias H.arper of 
Coragarry, co. Monaghan, who died 22 Dec. 1S71, aged 95 years. 

NEsnirr of sutton-in-ashfield. 

iv. Elizabeth, born 1796, died 1S72, aged 76; mar. GkorgI' Ford of Cora- 
vacan, co. Monagliaii, who died iS62,aged 84 years. 

III. RICHARD XESBITT of Cor-Iass, co. Monaghan, farmer; 
born at Tonary, co. Monai^han, 1779, died at Corglass 1829, aged 50 years, 
and was buried at Drumkeen. Will dated 8 Nov. 1829, and proved at 
Monaghan 30 Nov. 1H29; married Atiite, daughter of Robert Shainnvi 
(whose ancestors were li\-ing in Corglass in 1659). She died at Milltuwn, 
CO. Monaghan, 1 1 April 1857, aged 66 years. Children : — 

i. KoBKRT NKSBrrx of Milltown, born . , 

1S12; High Constable of the /^ /- — ^y/^—A 

Barony of Dartrey .865-1874; ///^{U^^'r/'t^^^r 
died, unmarried, 3 f eb. 1897. 

ii. JAMKS Nesbitt, of wiiom next. 

ill. Richard Nesbitt of Mill- y ^^^ ^ 

town, born 181S, died, un- ^^ ' y / t7^^ / ' /y 

married, 14 July 1895. „^ 4,.^^^^^^A^ ^^^Y e^^l^ f' /^ 

iv. Rev. JOSEPH Ni 
16 Oct. iSjf., 
died, unmar- 
ried, 14 Aug. 
1S94; educa- 
ted at Belfast College and Free Church College, Fdinburgh ; 1X1). 
a Presbvterian Minister at Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. 


IV. JAMKS Nh'.SBITT of C.rglass, c .. Monaghan, farmer and 
landowner; born at 1815, died there 26 Dec. 1901, aged 
86 years, and was buried at Drum- 

keen. Married at Ardragh, 1842, ^/ y^-^.^>^ 

i^?r-r^/Y/, daughter of Robert y/w;-;/- J^A^-^^^ ^^ t^-^J^^-^^ 
ton, whose ancestors came from Scot- 
land and .settled in Ardragh in 1695. She was born at Arflragh in iSi 1, 
and died 2 Dec. 1882, agecf 71 years. Children :— 

i. Robert Nesbitt, born 1843, diet! 1844. 
ii. Richard Nesbitt of 
Corglass, farmer and 
landowner, born ii>^/'-^C''/'2'^Z''Zti^ (i'-'y^^^^. 

ill Anme' Elisabeth, born 1S47; ™'ii"- I^obert Swann, J. P., of Swann's 
Cross, CO. Monaghan, and has issue one daughter. 

iv Marv fane, born 1850; mar. Joseph Greer ot Glebe House, FuUy- 

corbet, co. Monaghan, and has issue three sons and one daughter. 
V. RoBFRT Nesbitt, now of Sutton-in-Ashfield, ot whom above. 

T}?ifcocR6on of (Uofhng^am. 


Nottingham, solicitor, B.A. Oxon. Born at 
Snenton 19 July 1849; baptized at St. 
Stephen's Church, Snenton. Educated at 
St. John's College, Hurstpierpont, Sussex. 
Matriculated at Queen's College, Oxford, 
27 October 1.S69T B.A., February 1873; 
articled at Nottingham to Messrs. Enfield 
and Dowson, solicitors, admitted solicitor 
in 1876, and since then has practised in 
Nottingham. Has composed various musi- 
cal pieces, and published, in 1870, "The 
Happ}- Land" valse, and, later, "The Ri\al 
Blues" polka ; married at All Saints, Nor- 
folk Square, London, 17 April 1898, C/n is- 
tine, second daughter of Captain Donal 
Miiiiro, Chief Constable of co. Rtiss 
and Cromart)-, by Margaret Cameron 
his wife. The\- have issue : — 

i. Margmrt Rosaiuoud, boi'n at Not- 
tingham 2S May i<)oo; bapt 
at St. Andrew's Parish Clunrli. 

;3lurStVl_). — The pedigree of this famil)' has not been tiefinitcly traced 
further back than the earl)- part of the eighteenth century, but it seems 
likely tliat the Wilcockson famil}- came from Derbjshire, for the list of 
Wills proved at Lichfield record many of the name of Wilcockson and 
Wilcocks, spelt in various ways, during the sixteenth and seventeenth 
centuries. Thomas Wilcoxson occurs in 1556, and James Wilcoxson in 
1558. Some Wilcocksons were settled in Newark-upon-Trent in the 
sixteenth centur}-, and the parish register of Newark records the burial 
there of Margarett Wilcokessonne on 8 Dec. 1600, age 46, and of Robarte 
Wilkcok.ssonne on 19 April 1600, age 44, but as there are no further entries 
of the name till the eighteenth centin-\-, it is not safe to assume that the\- were 
related to the famil_\- with which we are now dealing. The first ascertained 
ancestor was:— 

I. JAMES WILCOCKSON of Newark, whose wife Am/c, who 
died 10 C)ctober 1 74 1, was binied in the na\-e of Newark Parish Church. 
Their son 

II. JAMES WILCOCKSON, ..f Newark, \ 
if Newar]< Parish Church 2S p'cbruary 1759, aged 

buried in the na\( 
He married /atn 


daughter and co-heircss <.f Jolin Francis dc Viciimi^ of Newark, b\- Eliza- 
beth his wife. 

James Wilcocksoii and Jane Vi-ani had issue:— 

i. William Wilcockson, of whom next, 
ii. Elnabiih. bapt. at Newark 23 Oct. 170S. 
iii. JAMi> WiLcocKsoN, bapt. at Newark ji Oct. 1715, and bur. there 

iv. Mary, bapt. 3 Jan. i:jj. 

III. WILLI.AM WILCOCKSON of Newark, chemist, bapti/.ed 
\l Jui_\- 1706; buried at Newark 5 May 1761. His will, dated April 1761, 
was proved at York by his widow, 7 Nov. 1763. He held a considerable 
amount of landed propert}- at Newark, and at Horncastle, Somerb}-, Rop- 
sley, Holbeach, Gosberton, Trusthorpe, Croft and Thorpe in Lincolnshire. 
His wife Auut\ born about 1703, died 1797, and was buried in the nave of 
Newark Parish Church. Their children were : — 

i. JaiH\ bapt. at Newark 18 Aug. and bur. there 10 Nov. 1741. 
ii. Willia:m Wilcockson, bapt. at Newark Jan. 174-'-,:;. 
iii. Aniic, bapt. at Newark 12 Jan. 174.5 4; mar. at Newark, by licence, 

27 Oct. 1763, Daniel Lynch. 
iv. John \'igani Wilcockson, bapt. at Newark 31 Jan. 1744-5, bur. there 

23 March 1745-6. 
V. J/(7/;o-rtr('/, bapt. at Newark 3 Sept. 1747; mar. at Newark, b}' licence, 

5 Dec. 1764, John Girton, esq., widower, 
vi. J.vMKs W'lLcocKSON', of vvhom next. 
vii. Elizabeth, bapt. at Newark 8 Nov. 1751. 
viii. Edw.\rd Wilcockson, of Newark, attorney-at-law, bapt. at Newark 

7 Nov. 1754 ; mar. ./(■?«(', and left issue two sons and one daughter, 
ix. Margaret, bapt. at Newark 1756 ; mar. at Newark, by licence, 26 Sept. 

1773, Richard Berks. 
X. Sarali, bapt. 8 June 175S; mar, at Newark, 10 July 17S0, John Wight- 

M.\N of Horncastle, Lincolnshire. 

IV. JA:\IES wilcockson of Spalding, Lincoln.shire, who was 
baptized at Newark 9 Nnw 1749; married Margaret, daughter of l\'att 
Barton, of West Abbe\-, Lincolnshire. Their children were: — 

' John Francis dk \'ig.\ni was an Italian, born at X'erona about 1650 ; a 
distinguished chemist, who settled in England about 16S0, and became the first 
professor of chemistry in the University of Cambridge in 16S3. He was 
author q{ Medulla Cliyntiae, published at Dantzig in 16S2, which went through 
several editions. He gave private tuition at Cambridge in chemistry and 
pharmacj-, and in 1703 his labours were recognised by his University when 
a grace passed the Senate for investing him with the title of Professor of 
Chemistry, and he was lecturing on pharmacy at Queens' College in 1705. 
Later he went to reside at Newark-upon-Trent, and was buried there 26 Jan. 
1712-3. His will, dated 19 July 171 2, was proved at York 13 June 1713, and 
to his daughter, Mrs. Wilcockson, he gave one shilling, "having done for her 
sufficiently already". His wife Elizabeth was buried at Newark in 171 1. 
Besides Mrs. Wilcockson he had an elder daughter, executri.x of his will, 
Franees de J'igaiii, baptized at Newark 22 Jan. 1682-3, who married at South 
Muskham iS Dec. 1701, Tho.mas Phisick of Newark. A long notice of \"igani 
appears in the Diet. 0/ Xat. Biog. 

CO UNT y I'EDI (;rkes. 

i. Anne I'igani, bapt. at Newark 12 May 1774. 

ii. loHN GiRTON WiLCOCKsox, of whom next, 
iii. 'Margairt, bapt. at Newark 15 June 1775. 
iv. Marv, bapt. at Spalding 2 June 1779. 

V. Elizabeth, bapt. at Spalding 13 Dec. 1780; mar. at Spalding, by licence, 

18 Sept. 1806, William Gates, of the Close of the Cathedral Church 
of Petei-borough, attorney-at-law and notary, deputy registrar of the 

\i. Cliailcille, bapt. at .Spalding ,:;i March 1782. 
vii. Iani\ died in infancy and was bur. at .Spalding. 

viii. [ami's WiLdicKsnx, born in 1784; died in infancy and was bur. at 
i.\. Ilarrirt, bapi. at Spalding 20 Feb. 17S6 ; d. in infancy ; bur. at Spalding. 

V. JOHN GIRTON W IL( 0( KSON df I mi^ Rn\\ \,,ttm^h im 
bapti/.c<l at Newark 5 June xjyS , 
died 16 June 1847, ayed 69 IK 
took a medical ciualification at Dub 
lin, and .settled as an apothecan ni 
Lonc^ Row. He was an actne W hi^ 
politician, and one of the punciiul 
supporters of Lord Denman when 
first elected M.F. for Nottin-,diam, 
in 1820. He married Z«£j, daugh- 
ter of Samuel Eiukiiey of Notting 
ham, by .Ann hi^ wife. She was 
baptized at St. Mai\ 's, Nottin.,hani 
2 October 177S ; died 29 Ma\ iS6o 
aged 82. Their children weie — 

i. Maw Harriet, born in 1802 , 
died 20 August 1830, aged 
34. Her infant son, Sif- 
PHiiN Stavely, died 24 Sept 
1836. She mar. John Sta\ t-- 
LEY of Nottingham, book- 
seller. They left issue 

ii. James Wilcockson of Mans 
field Road Terrace, Notting- 
ham, registrar of biuhs and 
deaths ; died 9 August 1849, ^g^d 46 ; m 

19 Nov. \^ii„ Mary Frances Baker. In 
of the Holy Scriptures. They left issue. 

iii. Charles Vigani Wilcockson of Long Row and Albert .Street, Notting- 
ham, chemist, bom at Spalding in 1806; died 8 May 1867, s.p. ; mar. 
(1) Ellen Clay, and (2), at St. Peter's, Nottingham, 16 May 1848, 
Althea Taylor Massey, but left no issue. 

iv. John Girton Wilcockson of Carlton Stix-ct, Nottingham, chemist, died 
28 October 1879; mar. at St. Peter's Clumli, Nottingham, 30 June 
1861, Sarah Burton, but left no issue. 
V. Luev Aune, died 29 Dec. 1834, aged 24. 

vi. \\'n.i.i.\M 111 Mn \ViLCOCKSON, of whom next. 

'. at St. Mar\''s, Nottingham, 
847 she published E.xposition 






im, hnrn 9 Jan. 1S16; died 

22 Nov. 1887 

was 1) 


1 at St. Stci)hL-n's, Siieiitnn. 

.f Tluniand Street, 
aijed 71 \"ears, and 


He was educated as an architect, but in 1834 
he entered the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Banic 
when tirst established, and remained there until his 
death, being manager for thirt}- years, and becoming, 
in 1 886, one of the board of directors Being an 
ardent churchman he took much interest in church 
affairs, and aided the formation of the first surpliced 
choir at Snenton, where he was organist for several 
j-ears. When the ancient chancel stalls at St. Mary's, 
Nottingham, were removed at the restoration of 1848, 
Mr. Wilcockson bought them and presented 
them to St. Stephen's, where the}- still 
remain. A stained glass window to his 
memory was placed in St. Stephen's. 


Mr. Wilcockson married, at Kew 
Parish Church, 28 April 1848, Maria Lister, daughter of the Rev. Henrv 
White, M.A., formerh- rector of Long Claughton, Lancashire (who died at 
Kew in 1844), b)- Elizabeth Stacl<huuse his wife. She died 6 September 
1854, and was buried at Wiirksci].!, Notts. Their children were : — 

i. Ber-nard Wiliolksun, of whom as above. 

ii. Edith Maria, borri at Nottingham iS Dec. 1850; mar. at St. Mary's, 
Nottingham, 3 Sept. 1874, Joseph Thompson, of i, Oxford Street, 
Nottingham, surgeon, and has issue. [See pedigree of Thninpson.] 

iii. Ainiie, born at Worksop 8 Oct. 1S52 ; mar. (i), 8 April 1875, Arthur 
George Micklev, M.B. Lond., of Nottingham, afterwards of Bunting- 
ford, Hertfordshire; died at sea, 7 Oct. ^883, and (2), Ernest Kenric 
Williams of Leicester, solicitor, admitted 1876; died cj Sept, iSSci, 
aged 36, at Shanklin, I.W. ; and has issue. 

^^ompeon of Cohton (^aeedt anb (Uottmg^am* 

JOSEPH THOMPSON of i, Oxford Street, Nottingham, surgeon. Mr. Thompson, 

who was born at .Xottingham 17 February 1844, was baptized at St. Mary's, Nottingham, and 
was educated pri\ately, and, like his father, studied medicine at University College, London, 
where he obtained honours in medicine, surger)', and midwifery. M.R.C.S., 186^; L.R.C.P., 
1866; surgeon to Xottingham General Hospital and late consulting surgeon to the Nottingham 
General Dispensary, and surgeon to the \\'omen's Hospital ; fellow of the Obstetrical Society of 
London. Married, 8 September 1874, at St. Mary's, Nottingham, Edtt// Jl/uria, elder daughter 
of William Henry IVi/cockson, manager of the Nottingham and Notts Banking Company, by his 
wife Maria Lister, daughter of the Rev. Henr\- White, of Kew, Surrey. 

Their children's names and other particulars are given in the pedigree which follows. 

.•slncCStril. — The surname of Thompson in one or other of its spellings is amongst the most 
comm<_)n of English patronymics, standing twentj'-first in order of frequency, and consequently 
the earh- history of any family of this name presents special difficulty to the genealogist. The 
present family was settled at Colston Bassett in the early years of the eighteenth century, but in 
the registers of that place no earlier trace of the name appears, except an isolated marriage 
in the j-ear 1645, so that it would seem that the family settled there shortly before the year 
1 7 14. A memorandum given to his eldest grandson by the late Mr. Joseph Thompson of 
Hickling, who died in 1875 in his hundredth year, points to a Leicestershire origin for the family. 
He stated therein that his great grandfather, John Thompson of Colston Bassett, married 
Elizabeth Berridge "either from Thromaston [i.e., Thurmaston] or Syston, nr. Leicester". In 
this district we find both the families of Tomson and Berridge settled before the middle of the 
sixteenth century. The will of William Tomson of Kirb}- Muxloe was proved in 15 17, that of 
John Tomsone of Belgrave in 1526, John Thomson of Barkby in 1520. The will of John 
Berridge of Barkby was proved in 1543, and one of the same name in 1544, and yet another 
John Berridge of Barkby in 1580. And it may be noted that the wills of twenty-two Berridges 
were proved at Leicester between 1495 and 1649. Barkb\- is not far distant from Syston and 
Thurmaston, and it seems likely that the two families had been long settled as neighbours 
in that district before we find John Tomson and his wife, Elizabeth Berridge, at Colston Bassett. 
Lideed, a reference to the marriage registers of J^arkb\-, which commence in 1586, show before 
1700 the following marriages of the two families : — 

John Nydd & Elizabeth Berridge .. .. .. .. 13 Nov. 15S7 

Saint John Peale, of Burrow, & Kateryne ronisone, of Barkby . . 10 Feb. 1605/6 

Lawrence Sarson & Frauncys Tomson .. .. .. .. 7 Nov. i6oy 

Thomas Thompson, of Belgrave, & Ellen Gellibrande, of Barkby . . — Aug. 1614 

Thomas Duckett, of Thurmaston, & Ann Berridge, of Barkby . . 25 May 1641 

Thomas Berridge & Elizabeth James .. .. .. .. 27 Nov. 1691 

Further search amongst Leicestershire Wills, Marriage Licences, and Parish Registers 
clearly would much extend our knowledge of the two families, but at pre.sent it has not been 
possible to undertake such an inquir\'. The wills in the Leicester Archdeacon's Court, between 
1495 and 1649, include one hundred and twent_\'-six of the name of Tomson, in various spellings, 
and the Leicestershire Marriage Licences, 1570- 1729, give nine bridegrooms of the name of 

•H ThoMI'SOX, 
of Xnt/hii^/iiiiii, 

''X^^ ' 

Joseph Thomi 
of Colston Basset I ai. 



Berridge, seventeen of Thompson, and t\vent\ of Tompsun, the latter being evidently, in 
ancient times, the favourite spelling, and at first the usual furm found in Colston Bassett registers. 
We accordingly commence the pedigree as follows : — 

JOHN ToMi'soN of Colston- = £■//-(;/)(■/// /iVrr/c^'c, m. from Thur- 
Bassett, husbandman ; bur. I ma^ton, or Syston, Leic. ; bur. at 
there ;o Autr. i-jo. (\ I;., 4 Oct. 17^0. 


bur. I 7 19. ston Bassett, bachelor & Bassett; bapt. at C.B., 7 Nov. 

farmer; bur. 20 Oct. 1741. 1714; d. 16 Api-. 1771, aged 

Anne Marriott, ni. 5 Apr. 
1741 ; d. 30 Jan. 1763; 
bur. I Feb. at C.B., aged 

46; m.i. 

Elizabeth, bapt. 26 Feb. 1742; m. at C. 
12 lune 1765, Henry Stokes, of Hose. 



^^^^ iy't^^K^ 

...J bapt. 
at C. B , 20 
Mar. ,744; 
m. at C. B. 
by licence S 
Apr. 17S2, 


John I hojh'- 
bON, bapt. 28 

bapt. at C. B., 
21 Feb. 1750; 
bur. 7 Apr. 

.Si. MI 

Ioskfh I'hompso.n, 

Sarah, bapt. 


loHN Thompson, bapt. 

Fetek I'ho.mpson, 

bapt. at C. B. 21 

C.B., 4Mar. I 


26 Apr. 1 757 ; m. Eliza- 

bapt. at C. B. 21 

feb. 1750; bur. 3 [une 

beth Barratt by lie. 

Ian. 1762 ; bur. 23 

1784 at C. B. 

8 Sept. 17SS. 

Ian. 176:;. 

I'liOM-As Thompson of Colston Mni^iiiM;- -Elizabeth Stokes of Hose, Co. Leic. ; m. JA»-r, bapt. 

bapt. at C. B. 10 Mar. 1745; d. 27 iVIay ; at C. B. 2 Oct. 1772; d. 3 Feb., bur. 6 iSSeptem- 

bur. 28 May 1784, at C. B., aged 38 ; m.i. Feb. 1823, aged 75. ber 1749. 

tyA^yy^^^ ^yT^T'i^^a^n 

€Co^c.£t^ M^ 

Ann, bapt. at C. B. 10 Aug. 17112; 
\Vm. Lammin of Saxondale, 9 May 

^y%^nm yA^i^^on^U 

John Fiiomps 
28 June 177S. 


Joseph Thompson of 
Colston Bassett, after- 
wards of Hiclding, far- 
mer; bapt. 12 luly i77i; Hiclding, 12 Mav, 
bur. 25 May 1875, in 
his 100th year; bur. 

^^^ ^-7^ 


Mary Siunner, m. by 
lie. at C. B. 17 May 
1S02 ; d. at Hiclding, 
28 Jan. ; bur. at C. B. 
2 Feb. 1S46, aged 68. 



■ I -A-""' A 95- 

see p. 

I I 

7lA?;-r, bapt. at . liui, hapl. 

C.ll 14. bur, L\ 1;. SI -^1 

I 7 l*cb. 1S04. iSo^ ; bill" 

Jan: us,,. 

21 1 

n-lb, ba 
:., bur. 


ji.>si,rii rnuMrb(j.\ of 1, 
(Jxlord Street, Nottni., sur- 
geon ; bapt. at C. B. 1 9 June 
I 808, and also r 9 Mar. 1 S49 
at St. Barnabas R.C. Cathe- 
dral ; d. 19 Mar. 1S72 ; bur. 
in the Church Cemetery. 
■ notcs.\ 


^//jff^c///, eldest dau, 
of Thomas Hall, ol" 
Friar Lane, Nottm., 
attorney-at-law; m. 
at St. Mary's, Nottm., 
4 Dec. 1837 ; d. at 
Sherwood Street, 
Nottm., 10 May 1887, 
aged 70. 


21 Nov. 1840; 
d. 30 July 
1S60; bur. in 
the Ch. Cem , 
Nottm. ; m.i. 

VVm. 'I'llOMI'- 

.sox, d. 1 May 
1840, aged 1 
year ; bur. at 
St. Mary's 
Churchyard ; 

Khzahclh, b. 10 
Dec. 1842 ; d. 4 
x\pr. 1S91, aged 
49; bur. at Not- 
tingham Church 
Selstone, Notts., 
13 Sept. 1862, 
Nottm., timber merchant; 
d. 27 May 1904, aged 64. 

|(jsi;pH ThompsoiN of I, Oxford - 
Street, Nottingham, surgeon ; b. at 
Pelham .Street, 17 Feb. 1844. [Sec 

Edith Maria 
IVil cocksoti, 
mar. at St. 
Mary's Ch., 
3 Sept. 1874. 
[Scr Ull- 

cnclan,, l\di- 


Joseph Bernard Thompson of Snenton, sur-^ 
geon ; educated at Nottm. High School, and 
University College, London ; M.R.C.S. and 
L.R.C.F., London; b. 6 July 1S75; bapt. at 
St. Mary's, Nottm,, 2,, July 1S75. 


L Se 

Nancy I'igaiii, b. at Mary Edith L>sbonH\h. 

Ruddington, Notts., at liuddington, Notts., 

17 Sept. 1906, and 20 Dec. 1907, and bapt. 

bapt. there, there. 

i:/s/c, dau. of Chas. 
King of Nottm., 
by Caroline his 
wife; m. at Rad- 
cliffe-on- Trent, 31 
.\ug. 1905. 


lliNRV White 

I'll oil PS ON of 

London & Ber- 
lin, merchant; b. 
3 Sept. 1876 ; 
bapt. 4 Oct. 1876 
at St. Mary's, 
Nottm. ; educa- 
ted at Nottm. 
High School 
and at Newark- 

Maud, dau. of 
'Hnnntt of 
Nottm., by 
Emily his 
wife ; m. at 
St. Andrew's 
Parish Ch., 
Nottm., K) 
Sept. 1908. 

Hall.-- Thomas Hall, father of Mrs. Joseph Thomp- 
son, was a solicitor, practising in Friar Lane, Nottingham ; 
he was born 27 June 1794, and died 2 Nov. 1S25. His wife, 
Elizabeth Sai/thorpe, born 12 April 1796, married a second 
time, Francis Morris of Camberwell, and died 31 Augu^-t 
1S39, at the birth of her first child by her second marriage. 

William Sculthorpe, and Robert Sculthorpe, all solicitors in Nottingham. Thomas Hall was the 
second son of Capt. Hawkesle}- Hall, of the East hidia Company. His children were:— Thomas 
Hawkesley Hall (d. in infancy), Elizabeth (afterwards Mrs. Thompson), Charles George Hall, Ellen 
Marion, and .\melia. 

ster of George Sculthorpe, 



of XiUtilliillil 

y%r».*.ylJ~7uTZ.'^ ^y-^ 

Bkknard TuoMrsoN, 
of Siicn/o/i, A'otlingham. 


L St 

<-£^ •/Iccru-. 




B from p. ii6 

loHN Thompson uf 



Sarah, bap. 

TlKlMAS riio.MP- 



riiniu'- Frances Ann, 

White House Faini, 

- ; 


15 lune 

soN, bapt. 15 

bO.N, bapt 

C.B. J b. II, bapt. 23 

Long Clawson, co. 

iSi 1 

; bur. 

1813; d. 

Ian. 181s ; bur. 

Sept., bur 

S Sept. Dec. 181 7 ; d. 

Leic, farmer ; laapt. 


I Lily 

uniiiar. 26 

14 Feb. 1S30, 


28 April 1906, 

3 June 1S09 ;d. there 

iSi 1 

Feb. 1890. 

aged 15. 

aged 88; ni. 

21 April 188s; 111. 
Sarah IVhittlc. 


of Norwich ; d. 1 1 

lune 1887, aged 81. 

^ ■/'•'"" A"" 

Adah, d. 12 Apr. 
1846, aged five 
months ; bur. at St. 
Mary's, Nottm. 

D from p. 96 

Gertrude Amelia, now of 
Tunbridge Wells; b. 25 
Apr. 1847 ; bapt. at St. 
Paul's Church, George 
St., Nottm. ; confirmed 
with the name of Mary 
Magdalen, 31 May 1S57. 

Ma)y Agnes Lcih, in re- 
ligion called Sister Mary 
PIvangelist ; b. 22 Aug. 
1853; bapt. at St. Bar- 
nabas R. C. Cathedral, 
Nottm. ; a nun in the 
Convent of Our Lady of 
Merry, Nottm. 

Alex.xnder Douglas 
Thompson of Shepshed, 
Leic. ; b. i Jan. 1857 ; 
bapt. at St. Barnabas 
R.C. Cathedral ; m. Dinah 
Cealia Neal. 

Guy Douglas Thomi'son 
of Shardlow, co. Derby, 
brewer; b. 9 Jan. 1878; 
bapt. at St. Mary's, 10 Feb. 
1878; educated at Newark 
Grammar School and High 
School, Nottm. 

Margaret, dau. iil 
Thomas William 
Bates of Nottm., 
by Evangeline his 
wife ; m. at St. 
Giles, West Bridg- 
fbrd, 6 Sept. 1905. 


( )s\v.\LD 1 Ho:\iPsoN (twms), 
b. 4 May 1880; bapt. at St. 
Mary's Ch. 26 May 18S0; 
d. in infancy, aged 3 months; Oct. iSSi ; educ. a 
bur. in Church Cemetery. Hipperholme Gram 
mar .School, Yorks. 

Lancelot Bernal 
Thompson, of Nott- 
ingham ; b. 26 Sept. 
18S1 ; bapt. at St. 
Alban's, Snenton, 19 

Joseph Guy Thomp- 
son, b. at Cavendish 
Bridge, co. Derby, 26 
June 1906; bapt. at St. 
Alban's, Nottingham, 
1 906. 


1 V .\ N L E > L I E 

Thompson, actor; 
b. 19 Sept. 1884 ; 
bapt. at St. Al- 
ban's, Snenton, 16 
Oct 1884 ; educa- 
ted at Hipper- 
holme Grammar 
.School, Yorks. 


Ihmj/liy K,iilh. b. 
14 Apr. I 887 ; bapt. 
at St. -Alban's, 
Snenton, 25 May 
1887; educated at 
Western House 
.School, Nottm. 


.\lan WlLEKin 

Thompson, b. 3 
Sept. 1889 ; bapt. 
at St. Alban's, 
.Snenton, 1 Oct. 
18S9 ; educated at 
Broadgate School, 


'The occupation of J(.).SKPil Tliu.MUSoX (died 1771J and hi.s s(jn 
T)[(j.\l.\.S TiKJMi'SON (died 17S4J has not been ascertained, thoui^h it may 
be presumed that they were farmers. According to tradition the 
Thompsons were settled at a farm called The Lodge, about a mile distant 
from the village of Colston Hassett. The house has been rebuilt since 
their da_\'. 

JDSKl'll Thomp.son, formerly of The Lodge Farm, afterwards of 
Hickling, to which he removed slv'.rtl\- before 1S46, died in 1875, having 


ver)- near!)' completed his hundredth )'ear. He was a man of some con- 
siderable abilit}' and fond of mathematical studies. His wife, Alary Sniuner, 
belonged to an old Colston Bassett family strongly attached to the Roman 
Catholic faith, and he himself joined that communion and, later on, per- 
suaded b}' him, his son, Joseph Thompson of Nottingham, did the same. 
At Hickling Mr. Thompson fitted up a little oratory at his house for the 
benefit of the villagers, which was served b_\- a priest either from Newark 
or Eastwell. 

Colston Bassett ancientl)- was closely associated with the Roman 
Catholics, and the Golding famil)-, the principal family in the \illage, were 
well-known "popish recusants". A chapel had long existed in the village, 
and .services were still occasionall)- held, being served b)- priests from 
Nottingham, until last year, when the building was sold. 

The memorandum already referred to, which was given by Mr. 
Thompson to his grandson, follows : — 

"In the year 1710 there was at Colston Bassett John Thompson, who 
had two sons; 'rhomas the eldest died a batchelor, and Joseph, born in 1719, 
married Anne Marriott April 5, 1741. They had three sons, Thomas Thompson 
the eldest married Elizabeth Stokes October 2, 1772, who had three sons; 
Joseph Thompson the eldest (myself) married Mary Sumner, who had three 
sons ; Joseph the eldest (a surgeon) married Elizabeth Hall, Joseph the eldest 
son being yourself John Thompson manied Elizabetli Berridge either from 
Thromaston or Syston, nr. Leicester." 

As alread}- stated, Joseph Thompson, the writer of the preceding 
note, died in 1875 in the hundredth _\'ear of his age, and was buried with 
his ancestors at Colston Bassett. 

Jo.SKPH Thompson, his eldest son, received only such education as 
was available in a village for a farmer's son in the early years of the last 
centur}-. He was sent in to pursue his medical studies at University 
College, London, which then had not long been opened, where he obtained 
two silver medals for anatomy and surgery, and in 1831 he became 
L.S.A., and a member of the College of Surgeons. Shortl}- after, he com- 
menced practice as a surgeon in Nottingham, being at first in partnership 
with Mr. William Wright. This partnership was dissolved about 1842, and 
he soon made a very large practice, continuing alone until his son joined 
him in 1865. He resided successivel)- at Felham Street, Carlton Street, 
and High Pavement until 1858, when he built for himself a large house, 
No. I, O-Kford Street, Nottingham, still occupied by his .son. 

In 184S he published a little book itnt\\.\ed Epilefi/ic Form of Pner- 
pci-al Coiiviibioiis, and contributed various papers to the medical journals. 
As a surgeon he attained considerable repute throughout the Midlands. 
He held various appointments, and was hon. surgeon to the General 
Hospital from 1859 till his death. Besides being a member of the Not- 
tingham Town Council he was an active politician on the Tor\- side. 

The Registers at Colston Bassett, which have been e.vamined from 
165 I to 187s, contain the following entries relating to the Thom|json and 
Sumner families : — 

Baptisms AND BuRi.-xLs: Skarchkd from [651. 
Joseph, }'e son of John Tompsoii cV Elizabeth his wife, was 

baptized ye 7 day of Nov. . . . . . . . . i 714 

John, son of John Tompson, buried .. .. .. — — 1719 


John Tompson, husbandman, was buried ye thirtieth day of Aug. 
Thomas Tomson, bachelor and faimei", was buried . ." 
Ehzabeth, dau. of Jos. Tomson by Ann his wife 
Ann, dau. of Jos. Tomson & Ann his wife, baptized . . 
Thomas, son of Joseph Fomson & Ann his wife 
John, son of Joseph Tomson & Ann his wife, baptized 
John, son of Joseph & Anne Thompson, buried 
Mary, dau. of Josepli & Ann Tomson, baptized 
Thomas, son of Joliu & Mary Tomson, baptized 
Ehzabeth Tomson buried 

Joseph & John, sons of Joseph & Ann Tomson, baptized 
John, son of Joseph & Ann Tomson, buried 
Sarah, dau. of Joseph & Ann Tomson, baptized 
John, son of Joseph & Ann Tomson, baptized 
Peter, son of Joseph & Ann Thompson, baptized 
Ann, dau. of Thomas & Ehzabeth Thompson 
Peter, son of Joseph & .-\nn Thompson, buried 
Ann, wife of Joseph Thompson, buried 
Joseph Tomson, buried . . 

Joseph, son of Thomas & Elizabeth Thompson, baptized 
John, son of Thomas & Elizabeth 'Thompson, baptized 
Thomas Thompson, buried 
Joseph Thompson, buried 

Mary, dau. of Joseph & Mary 'Thompson, baptized . . 
^laiy, dau. of Joseph & Mary 'Thompson, buried 
-Ann, dau. of Joseph & Mary Thompson, baptized 
Elizabeth, dau. of Joseph & Mary 'Thompson, baptized 
Elizabeth, dau. of Joseph & Mary Thompson, buried 
Joseph, son of Joseph & Mary Thompson, baptized . . 
John, son of Joseph & Mary Thompson, baptized 
Ann, dau. of Joseph & Mary Thompson, buried 
Mar}^ dau. of Joseph & Mary Thompson, baptized . . 
Mar\-, dau. of Joseph & Mary 'Thompson, buried 
Elizabeth, dau. of John & Sarah Thompson, baptized 
Sarah, dau. of Joseph & Mary Thompson, baptized . . 
Thomas, son of Joseph & Mary 'Thompson, baptized 
John, son of John & Sarah Thompson, baptized 
William, son of Joseph & Mary Thompson, baptized 
William 'Thompson, infant, buried 

Elizabeth, dau. of John & Sarah Thompson, buried (aged 4 years) 
Joseph, son of John & Sarah Thompson, baptized 
"Frances Ann, dau. of Joseph & Mary 'Thompson, baptized 
William, son of John & Sarah 'Thompson, baptized . . 
James, son of John & Sarah Thompson, baptized 
Elizabeth Thompson, aged 75, buried 
Sarah, dau. of John & Sarah Tiiompson, baptized 
Elizabeth Anne, dau. of John & Sarah Thompson, baptized . . 
Thomas 'Thompson, aged 15 years, buried . . 
Frances, dau. of John & Sarah Thompson, baptized 
Mar}' 'Thompson (lived at HicUling), aged 68 years, buried 
Joseph Thompson, of Hickling (aged 100 within a few days), 

M.AKRI.\GKS: .SK.\KCHKn FROM 1591 tO lSl2. 

John 'Tomson & Mary Champiaii . . 

[It is probable' that tins entry dors not relate to the fantih 
are concerned.] 
Henry Stolces, of Hose, iS; Elizabeth I'homson 

20 Oct. 


2(, Feb. 


26 Mar. 


10 Mai". 

28 Jan. 


9 Aug. 

iS Sept. 


3 Jan. 1740 so 

4 Oct. 

21 Feb. 


7 Apr. 

4 Mar. 


20 .Apr. 


21 Ian. 


,6 Aug. 

-3 .I'i'i- 
. Feb. 


18 Apr. 


.2 July 

•77 s 

28 lune 


28 May 


3 June 

14 ¥eh. 


1 7 Feb. 

V Mar. 


21 Dec. 


28 Dec. 

19 June 


3 "^ept. 


9 Jan. 

iSi I 

23 June 

so "lulv 

24 Jan. 

I S 1 3 

13 June 

15 Jan. 


.3 Apr. 

2 .Sept. 

I Sir, 

; Sept. 


27 Nov. 

27 lulv 


■ 5 "Dec. 

25 Dec. 


iQ Ian. 


6 Feb. 


9 Oct. 


30 Aug. 


.4 Feb. 


.2 Aug. 


2 Feb. 



Thomas Thompson, of Colston Bassett, & Khzabeth Stokes, of 

Hose, Leic, by licence 
John Simpson & Ann Tompson. bv lueine . . 
John Thompson & Elizabeth Barratt, bv licrnce 
William Lammin, of Saxondale, p. Shelford, & Ann Thompson, 

by licence .. 
Joseph Thompson & Mary Sumner, by licence 

Sumner Entries in Colston Bassett Rkgister from 
Thomas, son of Thomas & Anne Sumner, baptized . . 
John, son of Thomas & Ann Sumner, baptized 
Mary, dau. of Thomas & Ann Sumner, baptized 
John, son of Thomas & Ann Sumner, baptized 
Thomas Sumnor, husbandman, buried 

2 Oct. 


8 Apr. 

8 Sept. 


9 May 


.7 May 



-^S Aus. 


28 Oct. 


21 Sept. 


IS Sept. 


14 Nov. 


The (Jlii Church, Colsion Bassett. 

Thomas, son of Joim & Mary Sumner, baptized 

John, son of John & Mary Sumnei', baptized 

Samuel, son of John & Mary Sumner, baptized 

Thomas, son of Samuel & Elizabeth Sumner, baptized 

Mary, wife of John Sumner, senior, buried . . 

Mary, wife of John Sumner, senior, buried . . 

Mary, dau. of Samuel & Elizabeth Sumner, baptized 

John Sumner, senior, buried 

Sarah, dau. of Thomas & Sarah Sumner, baptized 14 Apr., buiied 

Thomas, son of Thomas & Sarah Sumner, baptized 

Thomas, son of Thomas & Sarah Sumner, bui'ied 

lolin Sumner buried 

1 5 Aug. 


2 Mar. I 


7 Dec. 


12 June 


25 Oct. 


27 Aug. 

■ 76,S 

10 luly 


6 A or. 


28 May 


. July 




iS Aug. 


The ancient church of Colston Bassett is now a mere neglected ruin, 
having been dismantled in 1892, when a new church was built in the centre 
of the village, though the grave)-ard is kept in order and is still used for 
burial. On the south side are nine slate headstones of the Thompsons, 


some of them very quaintl}- carved in the style not uncommon in Nottini;- 
hamshire churchyards. The_\- are thus placed ; — 

l.T. 187s. E.T. 1823. T.r. 1784. A.r. 1703. j.r. .771. j.T. 17^4 

M.T. 1846. r.r. x6io. A.T. 1811. 
These headstones appear in the extreme left hand of the accom- 
panying illustration. The inscriptinns upon them, taking; them in order of 
date, are as follows: — 

Rcspicr Here 

lieth the Body of 

ANN, the wife of 


Siie departed this life 

January 30th 1763 

In the 47th year of her age. 

Farewell Husband and children dear 
Which in this world Ive left behind 
Don't weep, lament, or shed a tear 
Eternity be sure you mind. 


lieth the Body of 


He departed this life 

April the i6th 1771 

Aged 55 years. 

Think as this sacred ground you tread 
Amongst the mouldering heaps of dead 
Tune was. like you, they life possessed 
Time will be, yon, like them will rest- 

the meniorv of 


who died May the 27 


Aged 38 years. 

Oh c 

uel death ! that would no 

longer spare 

A lo\ 

ing Husband and a Fathe 



is the loss of those that's 

left behind 

But I 

e we hope eternal joy wil 



juffh CI 

Sacred to the memory of 
who departed this life 
June J, 17S4 
in the 32nd j'ear of his age. 
Farewel my Brothers and my Sisters too 
Friends and Companions take this last adii 
I, in the bloom of lite from you was torn 
Pay the debt of Nature, man was born 
To meet again once more I hope we may 

How fleeting Human life 

In memory of 


daughter of 

losEPH and Mary Thompson 

who died January 5, 1811, 

in the 6th year of her age 


so of three other daughtei's who 

died in their infancy 


dear babes since art nor skill could save 


IS death to snatch you to the grave 

Like R 

isebuds cropt, and long before their prime 


d the st,.rm. they saiHnGluryShnie. 

In memory o\ 



of rHo:\iAS rHo:\n'soN 

who died February ;„ 1S23 

Aged 75 years. 


ewel! Farewel! my children all adiew 

What in my power was, I've done for you 

The days are gone that I did spend in pain 


hojie through Christ to meet with you 



Sacred to the memory of 


son of Joseph and Mary Thompson 

who died February ii, 1830 

in the i6th yeai- of his age. 

Adiew v;iin Wdrld, my time was shoit in tliL-t- 
A yuutli ill bud, when Christ he called for me 
Mourn not dear parents, brothers, sisters swee 
The time is short before we all sliall meet 
What is your life V a day! a race ! a span ! 
A point! a bubble! a froth! so vain is man. 



Sacred to the memory of MARY 

wife of 

Joseph Thompson 

who died January 28, 1846 

Aged 68 years. 

This IVail memorial of departed worth is 
raised over tlie dust of an afi'ecticmate wili- 
and tender IVIother who closed a life nl 
usefulness by a death of tranquility, on 
whose soul may the Lord have mercy. 

Ill Memory of 


who died 

May 12th 1875 

aged 99 years. 

he sinlit I 

the Lord, 


A little further a\va_\-, nearer the chancel, is the resting-place of the 
Sumner family. The inscriptions, which are upon headstones similar in 
character to those of the Thompst)ns, are here yjrinted : — 


\ lere iietli the body of 


the wife of John Sumner 

She died October y* 25rd i 762. 

Aged 64 years. 

All you tliat do heliold this stone 
Pray tliink liow quickly I was gone 
Death dotli not always warning give 


lesiis Hoiiiitniiii balvatur. 

In Memory of 


who departed this life April 24 

1797 Aged 66 years 

Also of MARY, Relict of Thomas Sumnkr 

who died April 1 1, 179S aged 67 years. 



Memory of 


son of 

JciHN and Mary Sumnkr 

who died Eebruary 6, 1806 

aged 31 years. 




Cloria Deo. 


to the memory of 


who departed this life 

August 15th, 1812 

Age So years. 


In memory ot 


Rehct of tlie late 

John Si'mnmr 

who died June 11, 1814 

ill the 67th year of her age. 

.Stay mortal and depart not from this stone 
But stand and ponder well where I am gone 
Death quickly took my sense and strength away 
I now am laid in this dark bed of clay 
Reader consider and take home this line 
The grave that next is made, it may be thine. 


In meiii(ii"v of 


wife of 

John Sumnkr 

who died July 10, 1S15 

aged 48 years. 

St. M, 

is the fuHowiiu 

Sacred | to the Memory of | WILLIAM, son of 
JosKPH I and Elizabeth Thompson | who died May i, 
1841 I aged I year. I Also of ADAH, their Daughter, 
who died 12 April 1846 I aged 5 months. 

CO UNT ) ■ runiGREES. 

In the Cluiixh Cemeten-, Xuttiiv^^liam, is a marble pedestal, siii 
nil Hinted b\' a crd^s, with these insci-iptions : — 
On the Sniith side: — 


glicb yUtvdi )()tlt. )K7-', 

SCi^cb t>4 IJCrtVS. 

lucnitac 3 no tcr luij i"atlttv.' 
" l^c.i»ii-ocat in Vrtcc.' 

,\nb of (!'li?abi-tl) l)is uufc. 

W\ii> Itlrtij jOtlj, ]S87. 

3^j^i'& 70 ncrti-s. 

On the \\\ 


n tlic bear 


(I3vic an^ 



floiu'b tmi 

I "-iOW^ cf 


atib ItMtl) 

i+l. (Tliompson, 


L'b X\xiim»t 

<)tli, ]KSO, 

5V.u-b r, „ 


On the luist side 


tin" bi-iif iinb bilot 
i+U'inovn of 

Plavn ©lUni, 

brtiti^llter ot 



nub ©Ujabetlt tTljo 




u-b 3ulu *Otli, 1K()H 
Ai^i-b ^1 iji-nx-s. 

•■ A:>itat .to 

4. an., u.itl.ox.t .n.c ^It 


i^ut tl)at e-ljij l1U■■^'^ uuis oJKb 



Ai.b tit. 

It (Tliou l>ib'9t mi' coinc 
(0 i.iiul> of ONob, 5 CO 



(Bnftcfb of (Jlothngijam, 

ERNEST WILLIAM ENFIELD of the Grove, Burton Joyce. 
Mr. Enfield, who was born at Little C'ampden House, Kensington, 25 Nov. 
1849, was educated at Universit\' College School, London, and matriculated 
at Corpus Christ! College, Oxford, 2<) Oct. 1868; B.A. 1871, S.C.L. He 
qualified as an electrical engineer, and was engaged in laying the Atlantic 
and other submarine cables. Afterwards he became a partner in the 
banking firm of Hart, Fellows & Co., Rridlesmith Gate, Nottingham. He 
is J. P. for Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, Alderman of the Notts County 
Council, District Councillor, Guardian of the Poor, Chairman of Burton 
Jo\xe Parish Council, and of various political and philanthropic bodies. 
He married at Southport, Lancashire, 14 Jan. 1881, /.I'/rr --J //<(•, daughter 
of John Lindsay Laz^'foni n( Birkenhead, formerly of Knutsford. Cheshire. 
Children : — 

i. Alice HoiKira, born 4 Jan. 1882, at the Park, Nottingham. 

ii. Er.nest Arthur Enfield, born 13 June 18S3, at .Sutton Bonnington. 

iii. Ralph Roscoe Enfield, born 22 Dec. 1S85, at Sutton Bonnington. 

iv. Margaret Elinor, born 17 May 1887, at Sutton Bonnington. 

V. Joyci\ born 29 April 1805, ^^ "Bvu-ton Joyce. 

3ncCStVl}.— The p:nfields were resident in Suffolk in the first half of 
the eighteenth century, but their earlier pedigree has not been traced out. 
The surname is obviousl}- a local one, and maj' be derived from the 
Middlesex town of the same name. We accordingly ci.immence the 
pedigree with : — 


born at Sudbur_\-, in Suffolk, 29 March 1741. 

" He was an amiable and estimable man, an 

influential writer and persuasive preacher, and 

was a leading figure in the literary s(.)ciet_\- of 

Warrington and Norwich." — D.N.B. He was 

author of man)' works, amongst the best known 

being, perhaps. The Speaker, first issued in 1774, 

which went into man}' editions ; others were : 

Institutes of Natural Philosophy (1783) ; History 

of Philosophy {1791); and Seriuons on Practical 

Subjects (1798). He became LL.D. at Edin- 
burgh, 8 March 1774. He died at Norwich, 

3 Nov. 1797, aged 56, having married, at Liver- 
pool, Mary, daughter of Richard Holland of 

Liverpool, draper, who sur\'i\-ed him and died in 

1830. Their children were : — 

i. Richard Enfield, born 1709, died 
at Broad Street Buildings, 
London, in 1791; was articled 
to William Roscoe of Liverpool, .M.l'. {sec IJ.X.Ii.), antl became an 
attorney in Nottingham, and Town Clerk there. Buried at Stoke 
Newington Chapel, 
ii. Anna, born 1771, d. 18,56, mar. TiioriiAs Fletcher of Li\erpcol, mer- 
chant, b. 179;, d. 1851. 



iii. Hknrv Enfield, of whom next. 

iv. Maria, born 1776, died 1S28; mar. Edward B.\krox of Norwich and 

London ; born 7 Sept. 1770, died 1847. 
V. Eli-a, born 1781, died 1864, mar. Kobf.rt Ki.ndkr of Cheapside, London, 

linen draper; born 1S07, died at .Stonegravels, Chesterfield, 26 |an. 


IL HExXRV ENFIELD, .solicitor, and Town Clerk of Notting- 
ham, was born at Warrington in 1775, and died at Bramcote 16 April 1845, 
aged 69 yeans, and was bnried in St. Nicholas Churchyard, Nottingham. 
He married, at Worksop, in iSoo, Emnces, daughter of Benjamin Henfrey 
of Worksop. She died at l^ramcote 6 Julv 1844, aged 66 years. 

i. Wn.i.i.\M Enfikld, born 9 July 
iSoi, of Low Pavement, Not- 
tingham, solicitor, admitted 1 S23 ; 
Town Clerk of Nottingham 1S44 
to 1870; Alderman of Notting- 
ham till his death in 1873 ; died 
s.p.,at 18, Low Pavement, loMar., 
aged 72 ; buried in Nottingham 
General Cemetery. The£>.iV.Z?. 
describes him as "a leader of all 
philanthropic efforts at Notting- 
ham." Mar. at Lenton, 14 Oct. 
1835, to Anne, daughter of Mat- 
thew Necdlmm of Lenton House, 
by Mar}', dau. of William Man- 
ning of Norwich, 
ii. Henry Enfield of Nottingham, 
born 24 June 1803, died at Mat- 
lock, Derbyshire, 23 July 1869. 
He became a solicitor, and was 
practising in Derby in 1827, but 
in 1829 had settled at 10, South 
Square, Gray's Inn, London, be- 
coming later a partner with Mr. 
Thomas Cuvelje, at 19, South- 
ampton Buildings. He was ap- 
pointed, about 1841, chief clerk in Chancery, also Secretar}- to the 
Commissioners in Lunacy, and retired in 1864 ; he settled in Notting- 
ham, where he became J. P. for the Borough and took an active part in 
public life. Mar., 6 Apr. 1841, at High Pavement Chapel, Ellen Sara, 
dau. of Matthew Needliain. Children : — 

1. Mary, born 4 Feb. 1842, now of 6, Park Valley, Nottingham 

2. Ellen, born 24 Nov. 1845, died i Sept. 1859. 

3. Henry Enfield, now living at Berlin, artist ; born 12 Sept. 1849; 

educated at St. Leonard's and Brighton College, articled to his 
uncle, Richard PZnfield, but gave up law for art without being 
admitted; mar., 18S3, Elise Schiniilf o( Dusseldorf ; no family. 
iii. Maria, born 10 Sept. 1806 at Houndsgate, Nottingham, died 1884; mar. 
at Lenton Church, 12 Aug. 1828, to John Withers Dowson of Noi-- 
wich, attorney-at-law. 
iv. Edward Enfield, of whom next. 

V. Anna, born 26 Dec. 1814, died 26 June i860 ; mar. at Bramcote, 16 July 
183^, to Septimus Dowson of Geldeston, Norfolk, merchant, who 
died 21 July 18S4. 

HiiNRY Enfield. 
Tozvn Clerk of .\o//i,toliam, 




of i\oltiiif(/iam, 


vi. Richard Enfield of Branicote, Nottingham, solicitor, admitted 1841 
born at 18, Low Pavement, 
5 April 1817, died at Bram- 
cote 23 and was bur. there 
28 April 1904; mar., 31 
Aug. 1852, at Geldeston, 
Norfolk, Mary Pmdldmry 
Houghton, dau. of Henry Gibson Dowsoii of Geldeston, Norfolk, who 
died 28 Sept. 1876. She was born at Geldeston 12 Dec. 1827, and 
died at Oban, Argyleshire, 8 Sept. 1884, aged 56, leaving issue: — 

1. Susan Pcudh'hiirv Housyhloii, born 25 Feb. 1854, died 12 Nov. 


2. Henry Houguton Enfield of Bramcote, Notts, born at Park 

Row, Nottingham, 31 Dec. 1854; educated at Clifton College ; 
matriculated at Trinit3' College, Cambridge, 1873; B.A., 1876; 
M.A., 1881 ; admitted solicitor, 1S80. 

3. Frai/n-s, horn 10 Mar. 1857. 

4. Mary Fi iidli liurv, born 18 June 1S59. 

5. Anna, born 17 Nov. i860. 

Mr. Enfield was prominently associated with manj' of the philan- 
thropic institutions in Nottingham, including the Mechanics' Institu- 
tion, the General Hospital, the Midland Institution for the Blind, the 
Coppice Lunatic Hospital, Midland Orphanage, and School of Art ; 
President of Nottingham Incorporated Law Society, 1896 and 1900; 
one of the first movers of the University extension scheme, and a 
member of the governing body of Nottingham University College 
from the commencement ; President, 18S5-86, of the British and Foreign 
Unitarian Association, and for over forty years was associated, as 
teacher and superintendent, with the Sunday School at High Pave- 

vii. Harriet, horn 14 March 1819, died at Gloucester Street, Portman Square, 
London, 27 Dec. 1887 ; mar. at Bramcote, 19 Oct. 1840, Iohn Taylor 
of Coedhu, Mold, Flintshire, M.FC.E. and F.G.S., partner in John 
Taylor and Sons, mining engineers. He died 20 April 1S81, aged 72. 

viii. .Igncs Frances, died in eai'ly childliood, buried at -St. Nicholas, NottUL 

III. EDWARD ENFIELD of London, b..rn at N,,ttin-ham 
15 Ma\- 181 1, died at 19, Chester Terrace, N.VV., 21 .April iSSo, ai^cd 
68 )-ears, and was buried 26 April at Woking. In 1826 he entered 
Manchester College, York, as a student, and he was afterwards President of 
Manchester New College, London. Sub.sequently, "through the influence 
of Lord Holland, he was appointed one of the Mone\'ers of the Mint, and 
became one of the most active members of the Corporation.'" The company 
of Moneyers was dissolved in 1 851, when Mr. Enfield retired, and thence- 
forward "gave his time and energy to works of education and philanthropy". 
In 1867 he became the Treasurer of University College Hospital, London, 
and was a "guiding spirit" in the management of that college and hospital. 

' The Moneyers were a body of considerable historical interest, coming 
down from Anglo-Saxon times. They were incorporated by a Charter of King 
Edward II, and continued to have charge of the gold and silver coinage of the 
realm until 1851, when the system was changed and the existing Moneyers, 
of whom Edward Enfield was one, received pensions. 


As a Unitarian dissenter he took a large share in nnsectarian efforts for the 
elevation of the poor in East London. His biograph\- appears in the Diet. 
Nat. Biog. He married, ( i ) at Little Portland Street Chapel, London, 3 Oct. 
1848, Honom, daughter of John Tay/oi , F.R.S., of Sheffield House, Ken- 
sington, and Anne Row Pring his wife, sister of John Taylor above-named ; 
.she was born 20 May 1815, and died 28 Nov. 1849, aged 34 years. Son : — 
i. Krmsi \Villi.\m Km'ield, of whom above. 

Mr. Kdward Knfield married, (2J at Berne, Switzerland, 19 Aug. 1S54, 
Harriet, daughter of Henr}- Roseoe of Liverpool, a barrister of the Inner 
Temple and a distinguished legal writer (see Diet. Nat. Biog.), whu now 
(1909) resides at Hamjistead. 

X ( ) T K . 

In 1789 Richard I'lnfield, eldest son uf Dr. Knfield, settled in Xuttir 
ham as an attorne)-, and succeeded Robert Segrave as town clerk 
Nottingham in 1790, but held office onl\- 
about a year, his death occurring in 1791 
at the early age of 22. His brother, Henr\- 
Enfield, was articled to him, and, on his 
death, to Mr. George Coldham, who was 
chosen town clerk in 1791, but the name of 
Henr_\- Knfielcl does not occur in the Law 
List until 1799, when he became, the previous year, a partner with Mr. 
Coldham, practising with him as "Coldham and Enfield". At that time 
there were but fourteen attornies practising in Nottingham. Mr. Coldham 
died in 181 5, and was followed as town clerk b_\' his partner, Henr\- Enfield, 
who held office from 18 15 to 1845, practising alone until 1824, when 
he was joined b_\- his son, William Enfield, the firm being known as 
"Enfield and Son" until 1841, when it became "Enfield and Sons" on 
the late Mr. Richard Enfield joining his father and brother in partnership. 
Mr. Henry Enfield died in 1845, and the business was continued by his .sons 
as "W. & R. Enfield", the elder brother, William Enfield, succeeding as 
town clerk, which office he held till 1873, when he resigned. The .same year, 
a nephew, Benjamin Dowson, joined them, and for a short time the firm was 
known as "W. & R. Enfield and Dow.son", and on Mr. William Enfield's 
retirement as "Enfield and Dowson". Mr. Dowson retired from it in i S74, 
and Mr. Richard Enfield continued to alone till 1880, when he was 
joined by his .son, Henry Houghton Enfield, the business becoming, as it 
now is, "Enfield and Son". It will be .seen that the Enfield family have 
been associated with the legal profession in Nottingham for at least one 
hundred ami twcntv x'ears, and since 181 5 have occupied the same house, 
iS, Lou Pavement.' 

William Bonser, 

of Si(ll<i>i-iii-Ash field, 



^^i:^i^ ey?^ 

(^oneer of ^ution'An'.(^6^fid^. 

GEORGE GERSHOM BONSER nf Kirkstede, Sutton-in-Ash- 
field ; born there 30 March US51 ; baptized at Sutton-in-Ashfield i May 
185 1. Mr. Bonser was educated at Mansfield Grammar School; he 
formerly resided at Brighton, was member of the Brighton Town Council 
and School Board, and has also been chairman of the School Board. Local 
Board, and Urban District Council of Sutton-in-Ashfield. He married at 
St. John's, Mansfield, 14 Dec. i SSo, £>cyof//_r Aidi il/(?n', daughter of the 
late Samuel Sims of Hollowaj', Derbyshire. Their children are : — 

i. J]'inijir(i Helen, born 7 Dec. 1S81, at Sutton-in-Ashfield, and bapt. there 
15 Jan. 1881 ; mar. at Cromford Church, Derbyshire, 18 Sept. 1901, 
Arthur Burtox Livingston of Swansea. 
ii. Geoffrky Alwyn Gershom Bonser, bom 3 Feb. 18S8, at Sutton-in- 
Ashfield, bapt. there 7 Mar. 1S89; educated at Brighton College and 
Worcester Cathedral King's School, and matriculated October 1907, 
at St. John's College, Cambridge. 

.itlUCStrn. — The family nf Bonser first appears in South Xottingham- 
shire in 1693, at Granby and Colston Bassett, the name being variously 
spelt as Bonsar, Bonsire, Bonsier, Bonsor. In 17 17 the then representative 
was described as a weaver. The Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, in 
1685, drove many Protestants to England, where they found safe as\'lum. 
and many of them a livelihood by weaving. It seems likely that the 
Bonsires or Bonsiers were amongst those who came over. 

The first ascertained ancestor was : — 

I. WILLIAM BONSER, bapt. i April 1724, at Kinoulton, Notts, 
as son of William and Ann Bonser; was buried at Colston Bassett 5 Jul}- 
1777 ; married Elizabeth Railton, at Whatton-in-the-Vale, Notts, 7 Nov. 
1756, who died 3 March 1766. Their son : — 

II. JOHN BONSER of Colston Bassett, weaver, baptized there 
5 Feb. 1759, died 25 Nov., and was buried there 28 Nov. 1S26, aged 
67 years. His wife, Sarah, died 14 March, and was buried 18 March 1797, 
aged 39 years. Children : — 

i. Calherine, bapt. at Colston Bassett 26 Dec. 1779. 

ii. George Bonser, bapt. at Colston Bassett 4 March 1783. 

iii. William Bonser, of whom next, 

iv. Henry Bonser, bapt. at Colston Bassett 13 Ma}' 1789, d. same day. 

v. John Bonskr, bapt. at Colston Bassett 5 Jan. 1795, d. 28 Aug. 1858. 

III. WILLIAM BONSER of Bridgford, draper, born at 
Colston Ba.s.sett, and baptized there 27 July 1786; died y/yy^ 

at Ea-st Bridgford 10 Dec, and buried there 13 Dec. 1847, ^^^/^/P^S^' 
aged 61 }-ears. Married at Old Dalb\-, Leicestershire, 
15 Nov. 1809, Susaiice, daughter of Edward and Ann Haines, baptized 
19 Dec. 1780, died at Bridgford 20 Dec. 1870, aged 90 years. 
Children : — 



i. John Bonskr, bapt. at Car-Colston 24 Nov. 1811 ; d. 3 Jan. 1876, at 

East Bridgford. 
ii. WiLLi.vM BoNSER, ot" vvliom ne.xt. 
iii. Einv.\Rii IJoNSER, d. 26 June 1888, at Nice, France, leaving issue. 

\\. WILLIAM BONSER of Sutton-in-Ashfield, draper, born at 15ridgford 5 July 181 5, and baptized there; died at .Sutton-in-Ashfield 
18 Apr. and buried 
21 Apr. 1 89 1, aged 

t S-ighaL't^ -^^^ ■^''- >>- ' -^^^^^ ^ 

the Executors, 

Edward Bonser, George Gershoni Bonser, and Arthur Howard Bonser. 
Married at Sutton-in-Ashfield, 15 May 1840, Eliza, daughter of Thomas 
Ward o{ Sutton-in-A.shfield, born there 6 April 1817, and died 22 March 
1885, aged 68 years. Children : — 

i. William Bo.nser, born m March 1S41, d. 11 Nov. 1S57, bur. at .Sutton- 
ii. Edward Bonser, of Sutton-in-Ashfield, born 25 Jan. 1844; ni''ii'- 
Harriett, dau. of late Benjamin Oscroft, 16 March 1808, and has 
iii. Eliza, born 2 Aug. d. 2 Nov. 1846. 

iv. John Hanbury Bonser, M.R.CS. and L.S.A., 1871 ; educated at .St. 
Thomas' Hospital ; house surgeon at Salford Royal Hospital ; born 
14 July 1849; d. 4 March 1875 ; bur. at Sutton in-Ashfield. 
V. George Gershom Bonser, of whom above. 

vi. Harold Bonser of Leeds, civil engineer; born 15 June 1853; mar. 
Annie, dau. of the late Thomas Robinson of Huthwaite; she died 
24 Apr. 1909, leaving issue, 
vii. Arthur Howard Bonser of Forest Lodge, Sutton-in-Ashlield, organist 
and composer, born there 14 Apr. 1855, ^apt. at Sutton-in-Ashfield; 
was educated at Grove House, Mansfield, and is an Associate of the 
Royal College. Mr. Bonser is a Justice of the Peace for Notts, 
Chairman of the Mansfield Board of Guardians, and has represented 
the West Ward of Sutton-in-Ashfield on the Notts County Council 
since 1891. He also was Chairman of the old Local Board, the 
Urban District Council, and of the Local Education Authority. 
Married at the Parish Church of Crich, Derbyshire, 12 Aug. 1879, 
Alice, daughter of the late Samuel Sims of Holloway, Derbyshire. 
Their children are : — 

1. Dorothy Alice, born 9 Aug. 1880, at Bulwell ; mar. at Sutton-in- 

Ashfield, 12 July 1906, Frank Bradwell of The Park, Mans- 
field, son of John Howard Bradwell, J. P., of Hawkesworth, 

2. Cyril Arthur Bonser, born 6 April 1S87 at Sutton-in-Ashlield, 

and bapt. there ; educated at Mansfield Grammar School, 
matriculated Oct. 1906 at Keble College, Oxford ; B.A. ; honours 
in jurisprudence 1909. 

3. Mildred Aline, born 6 June 1895. 

viii. Harry Martyn Bonser, born 15 Jan. 1857, d. 26 March 1858. 
ix. Florence, hovn 27 March 1859, and now residing at Orlando, Florida; 
mar. William Beardall, late of Mansfield Woodliouse. He died 
5 May 1907, leaving three sons: Harold Beardall, M.D., John 
Beardall, Lieut. U.S. Navy, and William Beardall. 

OBooSer of (llo^hn^^am. 

."SllUEStrii. — The name Booker is spelled in various ways, 
but Hooker and Rowker largelj- predominate ; the original 
probabl}- is le linker, which ajjpears in Lancashire as earl_\' as 
30-31 Henry III [1345-6], anil on various other dates. The 
earliest mention of the Booker family so far noted in the town 
of Nottingham is in 1621, when the baptism of James, son of 
Robert Booker, is recorded in St. Mary's registers. At that 
period a family of Bookers had been settled for several genera- 
tions in and amund W. m in the of Blyth, Not- 
tinghamshire, and the visitation pedigree and other records 
show that they were connected with a more numerous grinip 
of families of the same name at Manchester. William B(HikL-r, 
with whom the pedigree here printed commences, presumably 
came from this, and it is not unlikel\- that he was iden- 
tical with William Booker, baptized at Blyth in 1 604, brother 
of John Booker, who entered his arms at the Visitation oi 
London in 1634 — Or, an eagle displayed vert ducally crowned 
of the first, all within a bordure azure charged with eight fleurs- 
de-lys of the first. This John Booker was s<.n of l-.-lmund 
Booker <jf W'oodhouse, but he was then resident in London, 
where he appears to have been a merchant of some importance, 
and ca|jtain of one of the trained bands. 

Arms have also been recorded to two branches of the 
Nottingham Bookers. On iS.Xugust 1 S5 :;, Thomas William 
Booker of the Leys, Heref..rd, a s,\n of l")r. Luke Booker [.w 
Fedigirc'], obtained a grant of the following coat : — Per pale 
or and vert, an eagle displayed, within a bordure charged with 

four roundels and four fleur.s-de-lys, all counterchanged. Cre.ST : A demi-eagle displa_\-ed 
or, in the beak a fleur-de-lys vert, the dexter wing bendy of six or and vert, the sinister wing 
bend}' sinister of six, also or and vert. 

The descendants of William Booker of Nottingham (d. 1S61 ) are entitled to the following 
Arms, hitherto borne by their ancestors, duly differenced, which were recorded in 1906 in 
Heralds' College:— Quarterly or and argent, an eagle displayed vert ducally crowned of the 
first, all within a bordure azure charged with four fleurs-de-lys and four roses alternatelj' also 
of the first. Crk.ST:— A swan proper collared and lined or, and charged with a fusil azure, 
thereon a rose argent. MOTTfJ:— "Semper fidelis." Mr. F. W. Booker also imj^ales the arms of 
Russell :— Argent, on a fesse between three gules barbed and seeded proper, as man)' 
water bougets of the field. 

The following pedigree has been registered in the books of the College of Arms as regards 
the lineal line from William l^ooker, who died in 1657, to the present time. 


William Booker of Nottm. 
bur, at St. Mary's Cinircl 
there S Oct. 16^7. 

{\) Marv Pickard,m.~M; 
at St. Peter's Ch., 
Nottm., 1 7 Jan. 1679; 
bur. there 2 :; Nov. 

■ widow ; bur. 

at St. Mary's Cliurch, Nottm. 
I Nov. 1 6^8. 

l!(.i(iKEi< of Nottm. ; 
bur. at .St. Peter's Church 
there 25 Sept. 17 10; will 
proved at York 12 Oct. 17 10. 

(2) El.zah 

/// S)iiitli, m 

at St. 



Peter's C 

rurch, Nott 

m., 18 


at St. 

Oct. 1687 ; 

bur. there 2 

6 Mar. 



1 731-2 ; w 

11 proved a 





/.. ,25 .V 


)osEPH Booker, 

Martha, bapt. 20 


, bapt. 17 

Matthew Booker, ot'= 

'-Aiiit Bowler, m. at 

bapt. 15 Jan. 

Oct. 1680, at St. 



Nottm. ; bapt. at St. 

St. Mary's Church, 

16S1, at St. 

Peter's Church, 


's Church, 

Peter's Church there. 

Nottm., 2 Sept. 1712; 

Peter's Church, 

Nottm.; m. there 


n. ; m. to 

2 Feb. 16S9 ; admitted 

marriage bond dated 

Nottm. ; bur. 

TiioM.vs Eyre, 



to the Freedom of the 

2 Sept. 1 712, Arch- 

there i |ulv 

17 Ian. 171 5. 

Borough of Nottm., 

deaconry of Nottm. ; 


I 7 1 I ; will proved at 
Y(irk, 1.) lulv 1751. 

m. secondl}- Joseph 

seep. 125 B 

Matthew Booker, bap. 
13 Jan. 1714, at St. 
Mary's Ch., Nottm. ; 
bur. there 19 Oct. 1784, 
leaving several sons 
and daus., among whom 
was Rev. Luke Booker 
LL.D.,F.R.S.L., Vicar 
of Dudley, co. Woix. ; 
chaplain to H.R.H. 
the Pi-incc Regent. 

Francis Booker, 
bapt. 26 Dec. 1722, 
at .St. Mary's Ch., 

George Booker of= 
Nottm. ; bapt. at St. 
Mary's Church there 
15 Jan. 1723 ; admit- 
ted to :he Freedom 
of the Borough of 
Nottm., 1745; bur. at 
St. Peter's Church 
there 14 Sept. 1 797. 

r ^ 

George Booker, 

bapt. 1 1 Dec. 1747, 
bur. 10 Apr. 1748, 
at St. Nicholas' 
Church, Nottm. 

bapt. 22 June 1751, 
bur. 12 Feb. 1752, 
at St. Nicholas' 
Church, Nottm. 

John Booker, 
bapt. 1 1 July 
1753, at St. 
Nicholas' Ch., 
Nottm. ; bur. 
at St. Mary's 
21 May 1820 ; 
m. Sarah lii- 
gar, at St. 
Mary's, 22 
Apr. 1789. 

Charles Booker of Nottm., bapt. at Bas- 
ford, 4 Mar. 1759 ; admitted to the freedom 
of the Borough of Nottm., 1780 ; d. 4 Feb. 
1837 ; bur. at Stoney Street Chapel, Nottm. 

Elizabeth Brown, bur. 
at St. Peter's Church, 
Nottm., 5 May 1766; 
m. at St. Peter's Ch., 
Nottm., 9 Oct. 1746 ; 
marriage bond dated 
8 Oct. 1746, Archdea- 
conry of Nottm. 

see p. 125 

( 1 ) Sarah Selby ; m. 
at St. Nicholas' Ch., 
Nottm., 31 Jan. 1 779; 

(2) MarvPalethorpe; 
m. at St. Mar3''s Ch., 
Nottm., 21 Oct. 1800. 

Richard Boliker of Nottm.; bapt. at .St, 
Mary's Church there 31 July 1779 ; admitted 
to the Freedom of the Borough of Nottingham, 
1802 ; d. at Snenton, Notts. ; will proved at 
York, 23 May 1825. 

c/u.o/i 0\/o-o-^vi^i 

'le.^ — ' 




Ami, tlau. lit 

IuH.N IkldKER, 

.Sarah, m 


Chas. Young, 

d. at Newark, 


by Hannah 

2 Oct. 1829; 


Brooks his 

m. Elisabeth 


wife; d. at 

Simpson, 3 

Nottm. 28 

lune 1S03, at 

Mar. 18^9; m. 

S. Mary's Ch , 

at St. Mary's 


Ch., Nottm., 


(1 Ian. 1800. 

seep. 120 


from p. 

John Booker, bap. 
15 Aug. 1694, at 
S"t. Peter's Church, 

Ann, bapt. 5 .\ug. 
168S, at St. Peter's 
Church, Nottm. ; 
m. there 2 June 

1713, to ROHKKT 


Elizabeth, bapt. i 5 
luly 1691, at St. 

Sarah, bapt. 1 5 
Aug. 1694, at St. 

Peter's Church, Peter's Church, 

Nottm.; m. there Nottm. ; bur. there 

14 Jan. 1713, to 14 May 1731- 
\Vii.i.i.-\iM Wesson. 

Barbara, bapt. 15 
Aug. 1697, at St. 
Peter's Church, 
Nottm.; bur. there 
20 Aug. 1O97. 

Jron, /.. 

16 Apr. .,..„ ... 
St. Marj's Ch., 
Nottm. ; bur 
there 7 Oct. 


9 July i; 
St. Mary' 
Nottm. ; 
27 Nov. 1 

bapt. Mary, bap. 

St.. Mary's Ch. 
Nottm. ; m. 
there 22 Sept. 
1746 to Bkn- 



A line, bap. 2c 
Ian. 1724, at St 
Mary's Church 
Nottm. ; m. al 
Hohne Pierre- 
pont, Notts 

of ." 


-;45. to 
'H Wesso.n 
:. Mary's, 

Sarah, bap. 
lulv 1726. 



Mar^ ... 
Nottm. ; 
there 2S 
■ 1729- 

Julian, b 
1 3 Dec. 1 , 
at St. Mary 
Ch., Nottm. 



I p. .24 

RicH.xRD Booker, = Haiiiiah Davis, d 

bapt. 10 Ma}' 1761 
at St. Peter's Ch., 
Nottm.; d. 2 June 
1833 ; bur. in St. 
Mary's Burial 
Ground, Barker 
Gate; m.i. therein 

69 ; bui 

0, aged 
in St. 
Ba; Uer 

_784, at St. Mary's 
Church, Nottm. 

Ann, bapt. 2 
Feb. I 7 48, a 
St. Nicholas 
Cli., Nottm. 

1 .Mav I 755, at 
St. Nicholas' 
Ch., Nottm. ; 
bur. there 19 
Oct. i:-.6. 

Marv, h. 22 
July 1756; 
bapt. 3 Aug. 
1756, at St. 
Nicholas' Ch., 

Elizabeth, bap. 
18 June 1764, 
at St. Peter's 
Ch., Nottm. 


I frolU /). LJ4 

William Ijookfr nt' High I'avcnient- 
and afterwards of Cromwell Street, 
Nottm. ; b. 3 Nov. 1800 ; bapt. at St. 
Mary's Church, Nottm., 9 Nov. 1800; 
admitted to the freedom of the Borough 
of Nottm., 1S31 ; Official Referee under 
Nottm. Inclosure Act; d. 20 Dec. 186 1 ; 
bur. at Nottm. General Cemetery; will 
proved 2.) Feb. io'>j. 

Eliza, dau. of John 
Foster oi Nottm. (for- 
merly of Broughton, 
Lines ) by Elizabeth 
White his wife ; m. by 
lie. at Tithby, Notts., 
24 Apr. 1 82 5; d. 29 
Jan. 1884; bur. at 
Nottiu. General Ceme- 

Rrii.xri. Yclng 
BouKKR, b. 24 June 
1804 ; admitted to 
the Freedom of the 
Borough of Nott- 
ingham, 1S26 ; d. 
at Talbot Street, 
Nottm., 29 Sept. 
1S76 ; bur. in 
Nottm. General 
Cemetery ; admon. 
dated 21 Oct. 1876; 

Elizabeth, bapt. 
at St. Mary's 
Church, Nottm., 
2 Jan. 1803; bur. 
there in 180^. 


Henry Booker of= 
race, Cromwell St., 
Fellow of the Royal 


The T 


Historical Society ; b. at 

Snenton, Notts., 23 Jan. 1826; 

bapt. there; d., s.p., at The 

Terrace, lo Mar. 1896; bur. 

at Nottm. General Ceraeter}'; 

will proved 8 Sept. 1S96. 

-Savali, eldest dau. of John 
Bennett, of Nottm. ; d. at 
The Terrace, 17 May 1878, 
aged 51 ; bur. at Nottm. 
General Cemetery ; m. at 
St. Nicholas' Ch., Nottm., 
3 Jan. 1850. 

Frederic Richard 
Booker of Short 
Hill and afterwards 
of Cromwell Street, 
Nottm. ; b. at Snen- 
ton, Notts., 7 Nov. 
1827; bapt. there 11 
same month ; d. at 
Newbury House, 
Cromwell Street, 1 1 
882 ; bur. at 
Nottm. Genera 
Cemetery ; will prv 

Elizabeth, dau. 
of Wm. Wood- 
ward JVallia; of 
Stafford Street, 
Liverpool, co. 
Pal. Lancaster, 
formerly of 
Nottm., by Eliz- 
abeth Harrison 
his wife; b. at 
Nottm., 17 Mar. 
1830; m. by lie. 
at St. Silas' Ch., 
Liverpool, 22 
Jan. 1857; d. 
at Newbury 
House, 16 Nov. 
1905 ; bur. at 
Nottm. General 
Cemetery ; will 
proved 22 Dec. 


F. from f>. \26 

Albert Booker, b. at 
Nottm., 7 June 1832; 
d. there Oct. 1S35; 
bur. at Stone^' Street 
Chapel there. 

Robert Booker of \"ickeri— £';;/;7r, 
Street, Nottm. ; b. at Nottni., 
29 Ma}' 1837 ; bapt. at St. 
Marj's Ch., 28 June 1S37 ; 
admitted to the Freedom of 
the Borough of Nottm., 1S5S; 
hving in 1909. 



of William 
Stevenson, of 
Nottm. ; m. 
at Mansfield 
Road Chapel 
there, 4 Jan. 
1S70 : living 
in iQog. 


b. in the p. 
of St. Mary, 
Nottm., 20 
May 1840; d. 
there 5 .May 


Miiiv Ann, 
bapt. at Snen- 
ton, 24 Jan. 
1830; d." in 


L.\s Booker, b. at 
Elm Avenue, Not- 
tingham., 6 Nov. 
1875 ; living unm. 
in 1909. 

Margaret, b. at Bilbie 
Street (now Dryden Street), 
Nottm. ; m. at Mansfield 
Road Chapel, Nottm., 5 
June 1902, to Hubert 
W'lLLi.vM Woodroffe, of 
Skegness, Lines. ; both liv- 
ing in 1909. 

Fr.^nk \\'illi.\m Booker of Mapperley Rd., 
Nottm. ; Fellow of the Surveyors' Institu- 
tion ; b. at High Pavement, Nottm., 6 Oct. 
1 8 58; registered in the District of St. Mary, 
13 same month ; living in 1909. 

Marv Elizabctli, 
dau. of ]ohn i?»s- 
Gate, Nottm., b}- 
Elizabeth Thur- 
man, formerly of 
Tollerton, Notts., 
his wife ; b. at 
Goldsmith Street, 
Nottm. ; bapt. at 
St. Mary's Cli. ; 
m. at St. Nicholas' 
Church there, 9 
Sept. 1S84 ; living 
in 1909. 

c u t h b e r t 
Booker, b. at 
Short Hill, 
Nottm., 24 
Feb. 1872 ; 
registered in 
the District of 
Exchange on 
the 6 Mar. 
1872; d. 20 
Apr. 1S72 ; 
bur. in Nottm. 
General Cem. 
23 Apr. 1S72. 

Annie, b. at High 
Pavement, Nottm. ; 
registered in the Dis- 
trict of St. Marj- ; m. 
at St. Nicholas' Ch., 
Nottm., 17 Sept. 
1 89 1, to Harry 
MicHiE, M.B., CM., 
Regent St., Nottm. ; 
both living in 11109. 

Louisa Elizabetli, b. 
at Short Hill, Nottm.; 
registered in the 
District of Exchange; 
living in 1909. 

Frederic Russell Booker, b. at 
Mapperley Road, 11 Aug. 1S91; 
registered in the Sub-District of 
Nottm., N.E., 14 same month ; 
bapt. at Holt, Norf , 22 Nov. 1907 ; 
educated at Mr. Russell's school, 
Roclaveston House, Nottm., and 
at Gresham's School (Fishmon-; 
gers' Compy.) ; living in 1009. 

Winifred, b. at Addison 
Street, Nottm.; registered 
in the Sub-District of 
Sherwood ; bapt. at St. 
Nicholas' Ch., Nottm. ; 
living in 1900. 

35^»^coc6 of (Uo^^mg^am* 

Samuel Hancock of Pinxton,- :Mrt;;v C/;(r//;(7;;; of 
Derbj-shire, collier}' ganger ; d. I Shirland, Derby- 
1865. I shire. 

Joseph Hancock, formerh' of=-- /?«///, dau. of William .-llvry of 
Pin.xton, now of Nottm., miner, Edingley, Notts; m. there June 
retired; jrdson; b. 29 Dec. 1S29. 1S56 ; d. 1 Feb. 1904, aged 72. 


iEORGE Hancock of Nottingham 
Road, Basford, Nottm., miners' agent ; 
elected M.P. (labour) for Mid-Derby- 
shire July 1909 ; Justice of the Peace for 
the County of Nottm. ; Chairman of the 
Pinxton School Board ; Member of the 
Basford and Nottingham Boards of 
Guardians, and Town Councillor for 
Nottingham ; b. at Pinxton 15 Oct. 
1857 ; bapt. at Pinxton Wharf Free 
Methodist Chapel; educated at Pinxton 
and Selston Milage Schools. 




Louie, b. at 
Pinxton 17 Mar. 
Mar. 18S7; edu- 
cated at Nottm. 


1- rank Hancock, 
b. at Pinxton 13 
Jan. 1S89; educa- 
ted at Nottm. as an 
architect, now a 
colliery student. 

Mary, dau. of Thomas 
Hofcn of Pinxton, 
miner; b. 28 Aug. 1S57 ; 
m. at Pinxton Parish 
Church 9 Oct. iSSi. 

Lois, b. 8 Sept. 
1S59, living in 
1909, unm. 

Albert Han- 
cock, b. 6 
Mar. 1 861; d. 

Allen Hancock 
of Pinxton, miner, 
b. 16 Nov. 1S62 ; 
m. Marlha Elliott. 

Willl\mGerv'ase Henry Hanxock 

Hancock of the of Pinxton, draper. 

Green, Pinxton, b. 13 Feb. 1871 ; 

checkweigher ; b. m. Henrietta Little- 

19 July 1S67; m. wood; no issue. 
Sara/i Clar/c. 


Algie H.ancock, 
b. at Pinxton 13 
Feb. 1891 ; educa- 
ted at Nottingham. 

Harold Hancock, 
b. at Nottingham 
18 Nov. 1893; edu- 
cated at Notting- 


July 1896. 

from al)oi 

Marv, dec, m. Saml. 

FaiiiiY, ni. Isaac 

Iames Hancock 

loHN Hancock, 

Gkorgk 4ancock 

Anthony of Codnor 

Hayes of Pinx- 

of Pinxton, miner. 

miner, emigrated 


Park, foreman in 

ton. /|, 

livingretired 1909; 

to America, and 

Sutton -in-Ashfld, 

the Butterley Iron 


mar. Bridget Bing- 

died at middle age 

farmer; m. Han- 



Ihomas Hanxock 
of Pinxton, miner; 


m Pennsylvania ; 
in. Martha Haves. 

nah Baggaley. 


m. Rebecca Bing- 

William Hancock 

liain. A\ 

of Pinxton, miner. 

Samuel Hancock, 

dec. ; mar. Marv 


drowned in youth. 

JiiMN George Hancck k, 

Of .\'otiiii:j:iiaiii, 

M.l'. for Ml, I DohYshi. 



liKECUOKT Rkside> 

(gucvoft of Tl?iffot5, 

.•iluCCStnj. — This is a branch of a family which has been settled at Tithby, Notts, for several 
i^enerations. The earhest Beecroft entry in the Tithby Parish Register, which commences in 
1559, is the baptism of "Thomas Beecroft, y'' sonn of Thomas and Mary Beecroft his wife", on 
10 June 1665. Mar}' Beecroft died in January 1673, and in October of tlie same year Thomas 
married, at Tithby, Mary Beecroft, by whom he had at least four children, the youngest, John, 
having been baptized at Tithby on i June 1683. Further particulars of the Beecroft entries in 
the Tithb}' Registers are given in the Notes following this pedigree. 

William Beecroft, with wlmm the following pedigree opens, and who settled at VVilford 
near the end of the eighteenth centur\-, was born at Tithby, but owing to the disappearance of 
the Registers it is impossible to trace his ancestry. He was possibly a son of Thomas 
Beecroft, who married Elizabeth Threaves in 1762, who may have been a son of "John Becroft 
of T\-thb\' & Hannah Deeping of Cotgrave. Notts", who were married by licence at St. Peter's 
Church, Nottingham, i Feb. 1729. 

William Beecroft lived in a quaint thatched cottage at a corner of four cross roads, near 
the village-green, mentioned in Jl'ir/ZiS round Notti)igha>ii (1835J, as "formerl)- an ale house 
under the sign of the Star". An illustration of it (with references to the Beecroft family) appears 
in The Homes and Haunts of Henry Kirk Wliite {\<^o%). Here four generations of Beecrofts 
have been born, and the cottage is still in the tenancy of the present William Beecroft, who, 
however, resides at a .substantial modern house, known as "Grotto Farm", in the middle of the 
village. In some notes about Wilford, which appeared a few years ago in a local paper, we 
find: "Prior to the erection of the Infant School, in 1828, the children were taught by Mrs. 
Beecroft [who died 1858], in the house now occupied by Mr. W. Beecroft (one of her descen- 
dants), upon which Lady Lucy Smith voted Mrs. Beecroft an annuity" ; in other words. Lady 
Lucy granted Mrs. Beecroft a pension as compen.sation for the removal of the school, which 
pension she enjoyed for a period of thirty years. 

The Beecroft family, for two or three generations, farmed land in the parish of Wilford 
belonging to the Clifton estate on the north side of the river Trent, on which the Clifton Colliery, 
opened by Lady Clifton 16 June 1870, now stands. 

We therefore commence the pedigree as follows : — 

William Bekcroft of Wilf,jrd, 
farmer; born at Titiiby ; d. at 
Wilford and bur. tliere 8 Sept. 
1S07, aged, according to tradition, 
47 or 48. 

, \ B... 

croft; bap. 
at Wilford 
1 7 January 

WiLLi.ui Bici;- 
croft; bap. at 
Wilford 26 
xAug. I 793; bur. 
there 22 Dec. 
I 7>>3- 

Sarah, dau. of John Luinas of Wilford 
and Sarah Keeling of Beestoii, Notts. 
(mar. at Wilford 12 Oct. 1755); bur. 
at Wilford 12 Jan. 1S30, aged 76; 111. 
at Wilford 23 Dec. 1790. 

WiLLI.XmIJkW koFTofWil- 

ford, farmer; b. at Wilford 
and bap. there 3 May 1 796 ; Wilford 23 Oct. iSSo, 
aged 84 ; bur. at VVilford ; 
m.i. Will prv. at Nottm. 
15 Nov. 18S0, by William 
Beecroft, his son and -ole 
executor. a 

.Ann, dau. of 
Henry Sam- 
ples ; she d. 
at Wilford 7 
March 1858, 
aged 64 ; bur. 
there ; m.i. 

CROFT of Wi 

ford, bap. : 
Wilford 1 
Nov. 1708. 

Hardy of 
Clifton; m. 
at Wilford 
26 Nov. 



1 A fnnn /,. 


loM.N Bkeckoi r 

^Hainiiili, \). at 

S(inili,ba\>.M Gi:OR(,i Hii- 

GiuKi^K I^Ki:- Small Swil.-r. 

of Nottm., shoe- 

Boston, vvlio d. 

VVilford 29 CROFT, bap. at 

CROFT of Rud- 

b. at Rud- 

maker ; bap. at 

at Ruddin2;ton 

Nov. i8i8;m. Wilford 29 

dington; bap. at 

dington; mar. 

Wilford 26 May 

25 May 1894, 

SamuelHar- Dec. 1820; 

Wilford 12 luly 

there 15 |une 

iSi6; d. at Not- 

aged S3; bur. in 

DV of Clifton, bur. there g 

]823; d. at Rud- 

1 8 4 8 ; now 

tingham 30 )an. 

Gen. Cemetery, 

Notts, Mar. 1 82 1. 

dington 2^ |uiie 

(1909) living 

1862 ; bur. in 

Nottm. ; m.i. 


at Rudding- 

Gen. Cemetery; 


Issue : 3 sons and ? daus., all 

mar., having issue. 

t'll.AKLhS 1; 

lekoii, haj)!. at 


CiiAKLis IJULROFI, bapt. at 

l.\MFs 1]ki-.ckufi, bapt. at 

Wilford 2.1 

Sept. iS^o; bur. 

Willord 15 lune 18^2; bur. 

Wilford II Oct. i8:;6 ; bur. 

there r. Mar. 


there 17 June [832. 

23 Dec. .83 7. 

Hfnry Bfk- 
CROFT of Not- 
tingham, bap. 
at Wilford 19 
Mar. 1S26; d. 
II Oct. 1883 ; 
bur. in Gen. 

lull Allen of Nut 
d. 20 Apr. 1867, aged 36; 
bur. in Gen. Cemetery, 
Nottm.; (2) Marv Ann 
Merrill of Nottm.," who d., 
s.p., 20 June 1903, aged 76 ; 
bur. in Gen. Cemeterv 

Issue: two sons, both 
mar., having issue. 



20 Jan. 

aged 76 ; bur. at 
Wilford 4 Feb. 
1905 ; m.i. ; Will 
at Nottm. 1 7 
Feb. 1905, by 
William Bee- 
croft, son, and 
Flizabeth Bee- 
croft (wife of W. 
A. Beecroft), 
dau., executors. 


Sarah Aim, 
d. of Sam- 
uel Row- 
tingham; b. 
there 3 Apr. 
1831; d. 9 
Feb. 1899, 
aged 57; 
bur. at Wil- 
ford ; m.i. 

•/>. 13=; A 

William Bfkcroft of Wilford, :.^A>///A A'larv, dau. of Kdward Elizahrfh, h 
farmer; b. at Wilford 17 Aug. IVriglit of' Wilford; mar. at at Wilfoni 17 
1S68 ; educated at Wilford En- Fishtoft, Lincolnshire, 20 Apr. Jan. 1871. 

J ; educated a ^ 

dovved .School ; overseer of W 
ford .qog. 

l/f,l£ic.<9iyyp^ c.>\J-<jt^:yc^?-%^ 

William A. Bef- 
( RiiFT, her cousin, 
2nd son of Henrj' 
Beecroft, at Wil- 
ford, 6 ,\usi". I go ;. 

Sarah El iz- 

Ell nil, h. at 

Alice, b. at 

Mav, b. at 

Elhel Marv, b. 

AV//V, b. at 


abiih, b. at 

Wilford 10 

Wilford 29 

Wilford 29 

at Wilford 27 

Wilford 3 

b, at Wil- 

Wilfoid 7 

Aug. 1899. 

May 1 90 1. 

May .901. 

Feb. 1903 ; d. 

Sept. 1905. 

lord 9 Mar 

Feb. 1898. 

7 lulv 1904; 
bu'r. at Wil- 

■ 90S. 

ford ; m. 


from p. i7,( 

Samukl Bkecroft of Wil- 
ford ; born 20 Jan. 1S60 ; d. 
unm., at Wiltbrd, 9 June 
1896 ; ni.i. Will prov. at 
Nottni., 23 June 1S96, by 
William Beecroft, father. 

Eii:„l„-ll,. b. 10 

Rrhckah, b. 10 


Sarah Aiii,,b. 

Nov. i<S6i ; d. 

Nov. J 86 1 ; d. 

b. at Wilford 12 

at Wilford 17 

13 Jan. ,802; 

1., Ian. 1S62; 

Nov. 1862; d. 

Nov. 1865 ;d. 


there 6 Feby. 

there 26 Nov. 

1S77; m.i. 

186S; m.i. 



Thomas Beecroft, ye son of Thomas and iMary Beecroft his 

wife, baptized .. .. .. .. .. 10 June 1665 

Marv Beecroft, buried . . • ■ 3' Jan- 1672 

[Thomas] Beecroft and Maiv Beecroft, iiiaTried .. .. — — 1673 

[On last page, much JaiAd.] 

Ann, ye daughter of Thomas Beecroft and Mary his wife, bapt. 23 Uec. 1674 

Mary, ye daughter of Thomas Beecroft and Mary his wife, bapt. 7 Nov. 1 676 
Frances, ye daughter of Thomas Beecroft and Mary his wife, 

baptized .. .. .. .. .. .. 5 Mar. 1C79 

John, ye son of Thomas Beecroft and Mar3' his wife, baptized 1 June 16S3 

The volumes containing Baptisms and Burials from 1684 t(j 1799, 
and Marriages between 1685 and 1754, are unfortunately missing, but the 
following Alarriages occur between 1754 and 1812: — 

Thomas Beecroft and Elizabeth I'hreaves . . 
Thomas Beecroft and Flizabeth Beecroft, Ik. 
Thomas Parker and Alice Beecroft, lie. 
Richard Porter and Hannah Beacroft, lie. . . 
John Barker, of Beeston, and Mary Beecroft 
John Willoughb}- and Sarah Beecroft 

William Horspool, of Bingham, and Elizabeth Beecroft, lie. . . 
William Elston, of Screveton, and Ann Beecroft, lie. 
Thomas Beecroft and Martha Wragby 

William Skeavington, of Ilkeston, Derbyshire, and Mai'y 
Beecroft, lie. 

29 Dec. 


9 Feb. 


20 Nov. 

1 yiy 

3. Dec. 


25 May 


27 Nov. 

20 Nov. 


24 May 


7 Dec. 


Abstract of Beecrof'i 

Wilford Parish 


John, son of William and .Sarali Beecroft, baptized . . 
William, son of William and Sarali Beecroft, baptized 
William, son of William and .Sarah Beecroft, baptized 
George, son of William and Sarah Beecroft, baptized 
John, son of William and Ann Beecroft, baptized 
Sarah, daughter of William and Ann Beecroft, baptized 
George, son of William and .\nn Beecroft, baptized 

. 17 Jan. 


• -'■' -:^,ug- 


. 31 Mav 


1 1 Nov. 


. 26 May 


. 2g Nov. 


. 29 Dec. 




George, son of William and Ann Heecroft, baptized 
Alice" daughter of George and Elizabeth Beecroft, baptized 
Henry, son of William and Ann Beecroft, baptized . . 
Samuel, son of George and Elizabeth Beecroft, baptized 
William, son of William and Ann Beecroft, baptized 
John, son of George and Elizabeth Beecroft, baptized 
"Charles, son of William and Ann Beecroft, baptized 
Charles, son of William and Ann Beecroft, baptized 
.lames, son of William and Ann Beecroft, baptized 
George, son of George and Elizabeth Beecroft, baptized 
Charles, son of George and Elizabeth Beecroft, baptized 
Samuel, son of William and Elizabeth Beecroft, baptized 
Alice, daughter of William & Elizabeth Beecroft, baptized 
Sarah, daugliter of William and Elizabeth Beecroft, baptized 
John, son of William and Elizabeth Beecroft, baptized 

2 Mar. 



19 Mar. 

. 28 May 


. 20 Ian. 


. 14 Sept. 
. 29 Sept. 


. I . Oct. 


. 13 Nov. 

26 Aug. 
. 2S Feb. 


. , Apr. 

lA 14 Sept. 

. 7 May 


\ExainiiH'd to end of year 1S57.] 


William Beecroft and Sarah Lomas 
George Beacroft and Elizabeth Hardy 

[Examined fo end of 


23 Dec. 
26 Nov. 


William, son of William and Sarah Beecroft, buried 

William Beecroft, buried 

George Beecroft, aged 9 weeks, buried 

Charles Beecroft, aged five months, buried 

Charles Beecroft, aged two days, buried 

Sarah Beecroft, aged 76 years, buried 

James Beecroft, aged fifteen months, buried 

Alice Beecroft, aged 14 years, buried 

Elizabeth Beecroft, aged ^^^ years, buried . . 

. 2 2 Dec. 


■ ^ ^F'- 


9 Mar. 


. 6 Mar. 


. 17 June 


. 12 Jan. 

1 8^6 

. 25 Dec. 


17 lune 


4 June 


^Examined to end of 


"By the death, which took place yesterday, at the age of 75, of Mr. 
Wm. Beecroft, Wilford has lost one of its oldest inhabitants. He was for 
several years a member of the Basford Board of Guardians, and one of the 
first Rural District Councillors. Until recently also he was an Overseer of 
the Poor, and a member of the Parish Council. He was very highly respected 
throughout his native village." — Nottingliani Guardian, 2 Feb. 1905. 

The followinLj inscriptions ap[3ear upon foi 
Churchyard, which are shown in the accoinpan)-in: 
given from left to ric;ht in consecutive order. 

headstones in Wilford 
illustration. The\- are 

Upon a slate headstone : — 

In 1 affectionate remembrance | of ] Willi.vm Beecroft, | who died 
Oct. 23rd 1880, I aged 86 years. | "He came to his grave in a full age, like as I 
a shock of corn cometh in in his season." | Job 5, 26. | Also [ Ann, his beloved 
wife, ! who died March 7th 185S, | aged 64 years. I "For I know that my 
redeemer liveth." ] Job 19, 25. 


Upon a slate headstone adjoining the last : — 

In ] loving memory of I Sarah Ann, | the beloved wife of , William 
Beecroft, I who departed this life Feb}'. 9th 1889, I in her 57th year. J Also of 
John, son of the above, | who died Feby. 6th 1S77, aged 13 years. | Also Sarah 
Anx, her daughter, j who died Jany. 15th 1859, \ aged 2 years & 9 months. | 
And of Elizabeth & Rebekah, j who died in their infancy. [ Also the above 
named | William Beecroft, | born January 19th 1S29, ! died February ist 
1905. j "His children arise up and call him blessed." ] "Him that cometh unto 
me I will in no wise cast out." [ John vi, 37. 

WiLFORD Church and the Beecroft Tombs. 

Upon a slate headstone adjoining the last : — 
In ! loving memory | of | S.a.muel Beecroft, i born januar 
died June 8th 1896. ; "To be with Christ is better life." 

J2nd i860, 

L'pon a white marble headstone adjoining the last ; — 
In I Loving Memory of | Ethel Mary, ; the dearly beloved child of \ 

William and Edith Mary Beecroft, I who died July 
and 4 months. | "Safe in the arms of Jesus." 

(^ &xet of t^t QHa^ore of (Ttotfmg^am 

From the Year 1701 to 1909, 

Note.- the Munic 

pal Corporations Act, 1S36, the Mayors were elected on 

Michaelmas day, 29 September 
Act, was elected on i January. 

Thomas Wakefield, the first Mayor cliosen under that 

170T. John Rickards. 

1740. Thomas Langford. 

1702. John Peake. 

1741. Alexander Tkirden. 

1703. Samuel .Smith.* 

1742. William Trigge. 

1704. Williatn Barke. 

1743. John llornbuckle. 

1705. John .Shipiiian. 

1744. John Burton. 

1706. Ffancis .Sahiiciii. 

1745. Henry Butler. 

1707. William l),u,y. 

1746. James Huthwaite. 

1708. Samuel Watkiiison. 

1747. Thomas Langford. 

1709. John Peake. 

1748. William Trigge. 

1710. Samuel Smith. 

1749. John Hornbuckle. 

171 1. Benjamin Green. 

1750. John Burton. 

1712. William Baike.* 

1 75 1. Henry Butler. 

I 7 13. John Collin. 

1752. James Huthwaite. 

I 714. John Shipman.* 

1753. Thomas Langford. 

1715. Thomas Hawksley.* 

1754. William Trigge. 

1715. Samuel Watkinson.* 

1755. Samuel Fellows. 

1716. John Sherwin. 

1756. John Burton. 

17 1 7. Thomas Trigge.* 

1757. Cornelius Huthwaite. 

1718. Richard Beam.* 

175S. Henry Butler. 

1719. [ ] Willus.* 

1720. William Bilbie.* 

1759. Isaac Wylde. 

1760. Thomas Langford (elected 9 

1721. Alexander Burden.* 


1722. ThoiTias Trigge.* 

1760. Robert Huish. 

1723. Thomas Trigge. 

1761. Jantes Hornbuckle. 

1724. Marmaduke Pennell. 

1762. Humphrey HoUins. 

172s. Richard Beam. 

1763. Cornelius Huthwaite. 

1726. William Bilbie. 

1764. Henry Butler. 

1727. Joseph Walters. 

1765. William Cooper. 

1728. Benjamin Green. 

1766. Robie Swann. 

1729. Alexander Burden. 

1767. James Hornbuckle. 

1730. William Trigge. 

176S. William Foulds. 

1 73 1. Thomas Trigge. 

1769. Humphrey HoUins. 

1732. John Huthvvaite. 

1770. Richard Butler. 

1733. Thomas Langford. 

1771. Cornelius Huthwaite. 

1734. William Bilbie. 

1772. Henry Butler. 

1735. Benjamiti Green. 

1772. Richard Butler (elected 8 Oct.). 

1736. Alexander Burden. 

1773. Thomas Oldknow. 

1737. William 'Trigge. 

1774. John Carruthers. 

1738. John Newton. 

'775- John Fellows. 

1739. James Huthwaite. 

1776. Thomas Sands. 

* Tlie names in this list are taken from the Hall books of the Corporation. For 
certain years tlie Hall books are missing, having been destroyed in the fire at the 
Exchange in the year 1836, and the names of the Mayors which are marked with an asterisk 
are supphed from the indexes. 







Richard Butler. 

Thomas Oldknow. 

William Huthwaite. 

John Smellie. 

John Carruthers. 

John Fellows. 

Richard Butler. 

William Howitt. 

William Huthwaite. 

John Carruthers. 

Joseph Lowe. 

William Howitt. 

William Smith. 

Richard Butler(elected 23 Apri 

John Fellows. 

William Huthwaite. 

Joseph Oldknow. 

Henr}' Green. 

Thomas Caunt. 

Benjamin Hornbuckle. 

William Howitt. 

Joseph Lowe. 

Thomas Oldknow. 

Joseph Oldknow. 

Samuel Worthington. 

John Davison. 

Benjamin Hornbuckle. 

Stokeham Huthwaite. 

John Ashwell. 

Edward Swann. 

John Allen. 

Joseph Lowe. 

William Howitt. 

Wright Coldham. 

John Bates. 

William Wilson. 

Edward Swann. 

John Allen. 

John Ashwell. 

Charles Lomas Mode}-. 

William Wilson. 

John Houseman Barber. 

Isaac Woolley. 

William Soars. 

John Ashwell. 

Charles Lomas Morley. 

Octavius Thomas Oldknow. 

William Wilson. 

Samuel DeveriU. 

John Houseman Barber. 

John Allen. 

William Soars. 

Charles Lomas Morley. 

Octavius Thomas Oldknow. 

William Wilson. 

John Houseman Barber. 

John Heard. 

1833. William Soars. 

1834. Charles Lomas Morley. 

1536. Thomas Wakefield (elected 

I January). 
1836. Richard Morley. 

[A/kr this date the Mayors ivcre 
elected on 9 November unless otherwise 

1537. lohn Heard. 

1838. John Wells. 

1839. William Roworth. 

1840. John Margaret Becher Pigot. 

1 84 1. Richard Morley. 

1542. Thomas Wakefield. 

1543. William Vickers. 

1844. Thomas North. 

1845. Thomas Herbert. 

1846. William Cripps. 
1S47. John Heard. 
1S4S. Thomas Carver. 
1849. Richard Birkin. 
1S50. William Felkin. 

1851. William Felkin. 

1852. Thomas Cullen. 
18^3. Jonathan Reckless. 

1854. John Lawson Thackeray. 

1855. Richard Birkin. 

1856. John Bradley. 

1857. Lewis Heymann. 

1858. Edwin Patchitt. 

1859. Edwin Patchitt. 
i860. Thomas Cullen. 

1861. Richard Birkin. 

1862. Richard Birkin. 
1S63. William Parsons. 

1864. William Page. 

1865. Thomas Ball. 

1866. John Lawson Thackeray. 

1867. John Barber. 

1868. John Barber. 
iS6g. James Oldknow. 

1870. John Manning. 

1 87 1. "William George Ward. 

1872. William Foster. 

1873. John Howitt. 

1874. William Lambert. 

1875. John Manning. 

1876. John Warren Bowers. 

1877. William George Ward. 

1878. James Oldknow (elected 24 

June) (knighted 1878). 

1878. Sir James Oldknow. 

1879. Sir James Oldknow. 

1880. Edward Gripper. 
iSSi. Edward Goldschmidt. 
1882. Leonard Lindley. 
1S83. John Manning. "^ 




John Burton. 



William Lambert. 


John Turney (now Sii 

■ John 





John Turney. 



John Renals. 



Edward Goldschmidt. 



Samuel Herrick .Sands. 



Richard Fitz-Hugh. 



Anderson Brownsword. 



Frederick Pullman. 



Joseph Bright (now Sir 






Joseph Bright. 


Edward Henry Eraser (now Sir 

Edward H. Eraser). 
Edward Henry Eraser. 
Edward Henr}- Eraser. 
Abraham Pyatt. 
Frederick Richardson Radford. 
Edward Newcome Elborne. 
Arthur William Black. 
Alfred Page. 
Joseph Bright. 
Arthur Cleaver. 
John Alfred Henderson Green. 
John Tricks Spalding. 
John Ashworth. 


The Mayor. — John Ashwortli. 

The Sheriff. — Edwin Mellor. 

The Recorder. — The Hon. Sir Edward Chandos Leigh, K.C.B., K.C. 

The Town Clerk. — John Alfred Henderson Green. 

The Clerk of the Peace. — Sir .Samuel George [ohnson. 

The Blazon' of the Arms of the Mayor, Alderme.n a.nd Citizens 

of the City of Nottingham and County of the same City 

as recorded in Heralds' College. 

Arms.-GuIcs, issuant from the base a tagged cross couped vert between two 
ducal coronets in chief or, and the lower limb of the cross enhled with 
a like coronet. 

Crest. — On a wreath of the colours, or and gules, a castle, walled, tripled- 
towered and domed proper, the dome of the dexter tower surmounted 
by an increscent argent, and the sinister by an estoile or. 

Supporters. — On either side, standing on a staff raguly erased, a ro3'al stag 
guardant proper, ducally gorged or. 

Motto. — "\'ivit post funera virtus." 

The City of Xohi.ngham and County of itie same Cn 

HknRY 15LAGG, 

of Car-Colstoii, 



&Ci^^ of Car;€oee^on, 

.^nCCStnj. — The surname of Blagg is of very limited distribution in 
England, being apparently confined previous to the year 1500 to the two 
counties of Chester and Nottingham (Wiltshire examples of Blage and 
Blague being apparently variants of the surname Blake) ; while by the j-ear 
1600 it had only spread into the additional counties of Somerset, Kent, 
Suffolk, Salop, Gloucester, and into N.E. Leicester, London examples, of 
course, not being reckoned. As it can be proved that the Blaggs of Somer- 
set, Kent, and Suffolk all originated from the same Cheshire stock, while 
N.E. Leicester counts the same as Notts., which it adjoins, and Shropshire 
and Gloucester are only represented by isolated instances, it seems pre- 
sumable that Cheshire may be the cradle of the kindred. 

The earliest record of the name we have is from the manor court of 
Macclesfield, where, in the year 1350, some tenements were transferred to 
John, son of Thomas Blagge, Henry Blagge being surety. In 1362 Cecily 
Blag was fined \od. before Bartholomew de Burghersh, Justice of Chester, in 
his itinerary at Macclesfield, for breaking the assize of ale. In 141 5 Hugh 
Blagge paid \\d. for pannage in the forest of Macclesfield, and in 
the same year Thomas Blagge helped to build a barn called "le dome", in 
the park of Macclesfield, for "keeping the wild beasts within the park in 
winter". In the Ministers' Accounts of the Duchy of Lancaster, the name 
of Blagge occurs annually as that of a family of tenants in the forest of 
Macclesfield from 1350 until the rolls cease in 1487. In a muster roll of 
the army going to France under the Duke of Somerset, in 1442, occur the 
names of Robert Blagge and Stephen Blagge with other Cheshire men, 
under the command of John Dan)^el of Lymme, in that county, h'rom 
this family evidently came Rcibert Blagge, who rose to great wealth 
and eminence under Kings Henry VII and VIII. He states in his will 
(dated 1522) that he was the son of Stephen Blagge and Alice his wife, 
and was born at Witton, in Northwich, Cheshire. In 1502 he received 
a grant for life of the office of King's Remembrancer in the Exchequer, 
and was raised to the bench as the third Baron of the Exchequer, 
ij June 15 1 1. He married, first, Katherine, daughter and sole heir of 
Thomas Browne of Horseman's Place, in Dartford, Kent ; and, second, in 
1536, Mary, daughter of John Broke, Lord Cobham, by Margaret, daughter 
of Edward Nevile, Lord Abergavenny. With the first he acquired some 
property in Kent, which went to his sons by her, and with the second the 
estate of Broke-Montague, in Somerset. His son by his second wife. 
Sir George Blagge, was a favourite courtier of King Henry VIII. He 
was born in 1512, is mentioned as being present at the siege of Landreci 
in 1543, narrowly escaped being burnt at the stake in 1546, accompanied 
the expedition to Scotland and was knighted after the fight at Mussel- 
burgh in 1547. He was the father of Henry Blagge, who acquired 
b\- marriage the estate of Horningsherth, in Suffolk, and founded the 
famih- of Blagge of that county, whose pedigree is printed in Gage's 
History of Suffolk (Thingoe Hundred). Henry Blagge's son. Colonel 
Thomas Blagge, was groom of the bedchamber to King Charles I, and was 


the governor of Wallingford, whicli he gallantly defended for the King 
during the Civil War. He died in 1660, and was buried in Westminster 
Abbey, his widow being granted a pension of ii^200, afterwards increased to 
;^500, a year from the Treasur)'. Three of Colonel Thomas Blagge's 
daughters were maids of honour at the Court of Charles II — Henrietta 
Maria "the Blagge with the blond e}-e-lids", mentioned in Grammont's 
Memoirs, who married Sir Thomas Yarburgh of Snaith ; Mar)-, who became 
Mrs. Colclough ; and Margaret, the friend of E\-cl)-n the diarist, who 
married Sj'dney, Earl of Godolphin. 

It was Colonel Blagge who, after Worcester fight, preserved King 
Charles the Second's jewel of the "George", passing it, for safety, into the 
hands of the wife of Mr. Barlow of Blare- Pipe House in Staffordshire, 
where he took refuge. From her Robert Milward had it, who gave it to 
Isaak Walton, who again passed it to Blague, then a prisoner in the To^\•er, 
whence escaping he restored it to the King. (Elias Ashmole's Hist, of the 
Garter, 17 15, p. 182.) 

Among others of this name whose lives are of interest must be 
mentioned Thomas Blage, or Blague, of Queens' College, Cambridge, w ho 
wrote A Schole of Wise Conceytes, an exceedingly rare book, printed at 
London in 1569. He is probably identical with the Thomas Blague who 
was Dean of Rochester from 1592 to 161 1. He it was who performed the 
marriage ceremony between William Seymour and the Lad}' Arabella 
Stuart, between four and five o'clock one Friday morning in the Lady 
Arabella's chamber at Greenwich. This Thomas Blage descended from an 
ancient Wiltshire family, settled at Calne and Pinnell ("Pynhills"j in that 
county, as appears by a long pedigree given in Harl. MS. 1548, fo. 100 ; of 
this family also was John Blague, Abbot of Cirencester. Their name is fre- 
quently spelt Blake, which .seems interchangeable with Blagg in Wiltshire. 
A John Blake, implicated with Simon Burley, and executed for treason in 
1387, is described as John Blagge in a MS. in the Bodleian (Rawliuson, 
Ixxiii, fo. 1096J, and the famous Admiral Robert Blake is called "General 
Blague" in a pamphlet of 1653, and "Blage" in some contemporarj' MSS. 

A Stephen Blage, of Warminster, co. Wilt., is mentioned in a 
petition to Sir Nicolas Bacon, Lord Keeper (Cliaucery I'roeeediiigs, Sec. II, 
bdl. 145, no. 125.) 

Another was a Captain Blage who was tried in 1683 for high treason 
and conspiring the death of the King and raising a rebellion by having 
planned to the Tower with his own ship, manned by two hundred 
men armed with mortar pieces! The jury brought him in "Not guiltv". 

To come to the Blaggs of Nottinghamshire, we find them settled 
first in the hamlets of Sutton and Barnston, in the parishes of Granb}- and 
Langar. Geori^e Blngg of Barnston made a will, dated 18 October 1506, 
in which he directed that his body should be buried in the church of 
St. Andrew, at Langar. To the church of Langar he left a quarter of malt, 
and to the chapel at Barnston half a quarter of malt, to the light before the 
Sepulchre two sheep, to the light before the image of the Blessed Mary 
two sheep, to each house of Friars in Nottingham twenty shillings, to the 
Blessed Mary of Barnston two sheep, to the new bridge, xij(/. ; to Margaret 
Blage, a black steer (unam nigram juvencam) ; and, after .some other legacies, 
the remainder of his property to his wife Elizabeth and his son Thomas Blagg. 
Thomas Blagg of Barnston makes a will, proved in 1559, in which he 
mentions his sons Thomas, Richard, John, and Robert. William Blage of 
Barnston made a will in 1579, mentioning his sons Thomas, Henr}-, and 

Mks. Henry Bi.agg, 

Rchccoi Wait',-,!. 



Robert, and leaving, among other bequests, twenty shillings to "the 
repar\-nge of Langar churche, and ending quaintl)', "I bequithe my ferme 
unto Margaret my wif and Thomas my sonne, and my wyf to be the head 
so longe as she doithe keipe her widdowe, and }'f she do marrye, my ferme 
wholle [wholly] to remayne unto my sonne Thomas, she to taike hir parte 
[departure] and goo hir waye"! Possibly this son Thomas is the Thomas 
Blagge, senior, of Barnston, who makes a will in 1596, naming " nyne 
of my yongest children", viz., William, Thomas, Richard, and six 
daughters. In the neighbouring parish of Granby we find the name of 
Henry Blagge appearing as a juror on the. Court Rolls for that parish, 
preserved at Belvoir, as early as 1539, and frequently thereafter. This 
Henry apparently died in 1568, leaving a will, in which he describes 
himself as "of Suttmi in the parish of Granebe", and making his son Henry 
his sole e.xecutor, incnliduiiig also his sons Richard, John, and William, 
besides daughters. /'//////' lUagiie was parson of Barkston, in Leicestershire, 
an adjoining parish, from 1604 to 162 1, and there are isolated entries of the 
name of Blagg in the parish registers of Muston, Barkston, and Wood borough, 
between the years 1562 and 1573, but the only other parish in this part of 
England, besides Granby and Langar, in which the name occurs for any 
continuous period prior to 1600, is Cotgrave, where Henry Blagge appears 
as a juror at an Inquisition Post Mortem as early as 1566, from whence 
there are records of that family down into the seventeenth century. The 
frequency of the names of Henry and Thomas in the Blagg family, in 
proportion to the generally more common names of John and William in 
other families, and the way in which they prevail throughout all periods 
from 1350 to the pre.sent time, and in all branches of the surname, both in 
Notts and elsewhere, is worthy of notice and remark, as supporting the 
theory of a common ancestry. 

With one of Henrys the pedigree here printed begins. It is 
possible he was the Henry mentioned as one of the younger sons of 
William Blagg of Barnston, from the wording of the will evidently quite a 
child in 1579, or he may have come from Sutton-cum-Granby or Cotgrave ; 
but all we know at present, for certain, is that he came to East Bridgford, 
where the name does not occur before his time, and married Katherine 
Branston, a widow, in 1616. From that date to the present day the 
pedigree is unbroken and unusually detailed and complete. Biographical 
particulars, so far as they are es.sential, are given under the individual 
names in the chart pedigree which follows. 

In North Nottinghamshire there was a family of this name at Tux- 
ford and East Markham in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. 
In the churchyard of the latter village are many headstones to them. 
Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Blagg of Tuxford married Sir Thomas 
Wolla.ston White of Wallingwells, Bart, 3 January iSoi. James Blagg of 
Tuxford was a colleger at Eton in 1808. 

Arms. — Sir George Blagge and his descendants, the Blagges of 
Suffolk, bore on their shield : Argent, two bends engrailed gules. The 
Kentish branch used Argent, two bends engrailed sable, a baton 
gules. There has been no grant of arms to Blagg of Nottingham- 
shire. Henry Blagg, senr., when signing a family settlement with his 
son Henry I^lagg, junr., of Car-Colston, in 1 806, sealed it with a lion 


rampant, but there is no evidence that he was entitled to it as a crest or charge. Of recent )-ear.s 
a "blague" or pouch with the punning motto: "Partagez votre blague" — Share your pouch — 
has been used as a badge or rebus. A bookplate so devised is illustrated on page 152. 

Henry Blaggk of East Bridgford,^Art//;f/-/;/<:, widow of Roger 
Notts., churchwarden of E, B. Branston of East Bridgford, 
1619; bur. at E. B. 20 Oct. 1642. 

Margaret Ragsdair, bapt. at E. B.= 
18 Oct. 1624; mar. at Knecton 
25 Feb. 1644-5; bur. at E. B. 14 
July 1652 (tst wife). 

Brauslon of East Bridgford, 
m. at E. B. 27 Nov. 1616. 

THOivLVb Bl.^ggk, bapt. at East l>ridgf"ord 
1 6 Nov. 161 7; signed the oath of protes- 
tation 1642 ; bur. at E. B. 22 Oct. 1666 ; 
admin, granted to Sarah, iiis widow, 1667. 

Sarah (2nd wife). She 
was presented at the 
Archdeaconry Court, 
15 Sept. 1663, for not 
coming to church. 
sec p. \s2- 



bapt. Sept. 


Bl.^gg of 



; m 


lie. 1675, 



husbandman, | 



Kof Crop- 



1 of E. B. 




y CO man. 


-. at E. 

B. 29 Feb. 


Margaret Ragsdale of 
Kinoulton, m. by lie, 
24 Mav 167 1 ; bur. at 
E. B. V) lune 16S1. 

Henry Blagg of 
East Bridgford ; 
b. i672;d. 1732. 

(.race Hall, 

Issue, one dau. .li. 
who died 1 7 1 S. 

Thomas Blagg of East— 7V/( 
Bridgford, yeoman, b. 
1677 ; d. 2 Apr. 1722, 
and bur. at E. B. ; 
tombstone in E. B. 
churchyard [see illiis- 
tratioii]; will proved at 
York, 27 Feb. 1723. 

Herring, m. at E. B. 25 Oct. 1695; 
bur. at Ancaster, co. Line, 1 Feb. 1759; 
iniierited the manor of Ailworth, co. Glouc, 
from her brother John Herring, who had 
bought it in May 1720 from the heirs of 
Joshua Ailworth, the last of his ancient 
race, for _;^i 5,200. By deed, dated 9 Sept. 
1742, settled an annual rent charge of ^100 
thereout during lier life on her son Henry 

THor^iAb Bla(,(., 
bapt. at E. B. 
iS Oct. 1696. 

Mary Oli- Henkv Blagg of Car-Colston, gentleman, 

ver of bapt. at E. B. 27 Feb. 1713; lord of the manor 

Bingham, of Ailworth, co. Glouc, and of one moiety of 

b. 1699; m. the manor of East Bridgford, Notts.; settled, 

atS. Peter's in 1744, at Car-Colston, where, in con- 

Nottm., 30 junction with his mother, he bad bought a 

Apr. 1720. small estate in Sept. 1743 ; churchwarden of 

C. C. I 751, I 767, and 1786; d. at Car-Colston, 

1 8 Dec. 1 788 ; bur. in S. aisle of C. C. church ; 

will (made 1767) proved at York, 30 July 1789, 

\Sir illiistratiousA ' ' n 

Reheeea Wawui, b. 
1715; m. by lie. 27 
Feb. 1737 ; d. at 
C. C, 26 July 1796; 
bur. in south aisle of 
C. C. church. [See 
portrait. ] 

'/>• 15' 

John Blagg, b. 1722; 

Gn.BERT Herring Blagg 

d.s.p. 1743; tablet in 

b. 1 729; drowned 1756; bur 

Ancaster Church, CO. 

at Bingham. 

Line. [See illiisf.] 


VVm.Bl.\(,g, named in will 

Thos. Blagg, b. 1720. 

uncle Henry Blagg, 1767. 


Eight daus., most of 
whom d. in infancy, 
but one, Elizabeth, 
m. William Roe of 
Ciunthorpe, 3'eoman. 


B I fro 


Hk.nrv Blagc, of Ka-'-t Hridgtbi-d, gentle- 
man, lord of the manor of Aihvortii, Glouc, 
and lord of a moiety of East Bridgford 
manor ; inherited a small estate at Car- 
Colston; churchwarden of Car-Colston 
1758; bapt. at East Bridgford 15 Mar. 1738; 
d. there 9 Nov. 1S07, aged 69, bur. there; 
will proved at York 12 May 1808; sold 
Aihvorth, in iSoi, to the Dolphins of 
Eyford for /'i 6,000. \Sce illustrations.] 

Su saiinali, 
dau.of John 
Cooper of 
m. there bv 



b. 1740; 

settled at Mansfield. 

Twice married. 

Descendants : — 

Bi..\GG of Cheadle ; 

Ellis of Mansfield 

and Trafford ; 
HoLLiNs of Pleasley ; 
VValkdkn of Mans- 

1 769. 

Henry Blagg of Car- 
Colston, gentleman ; 
ch. warden, in 1790-4-7, 
etc. ; bapt. at E. Bridg- 
ford 19 Jan. 1765 ; d. 
at Car-Colston 17 Mar. 
1807, aged 42 ; bur. 
there; will proved at 
York 12 Sept. 1S07. 
{See illustrations ] 


.-J;///, dau.of Thos, Iohn Blagg, bapt 
Chettle of Shack- Aug. 176S ; d. 1S37 ; m. 
erdale, p. Car- Ann Hiiskinson of E. 
Bridgford, and had issue. 

Colston; d. 14 
June 1845, 3ged 

Mary, bapt. 27 July 1770; 
bur. at C. C. 28 July 1 846 ; 
m. 26 Oct. 1802, John 
Chettle of Car-Colston. 



26 Ian. 

I 773 

unmar. 1 

n iSoS 



b. and d. 




b. .777; 

d '779 

Thom.\s Blagg of Car-Colston, later of Lang-=G';-fl'f?, only dau. and heir of Page 

ford, Notts., yeoman, churchwarden at Car- Goulson of Knipton, co. Leic, by his 

Colston 1846-7 ; b. there 10 May 1S02 ; killed wife Dorothy, dau. and co-heir of 

by fall from his horse, 28 Aug. 1876, aged 74 ; Robert Sfl;;?/'('vof Screveton, Notts. ; 

bur. at S. CoUingham ; will prv. 2 Oct. 1S76; b. at Knipton 6 Oct. 1812 ; ni. at 

sold bulk of Car-Colston property to Rev. Car-Colston 18 Feb. 1S33; d. at 

John Chancourt Girardot in i860; brass in Car-Colston 15 Mar. 1898, aged 85. 
Car-Colston church. [See illustrations.] 

NRY Blagg 
803 ; d. 1804. 

Marv, b. 21 Nov. 
1833 ; living in 
1909, at C. C. 

Rebecca, b. 1 8 Dec. 
1835 ; d. 25 Jan. 
1891 ; m. John 
Marsh of New- 
ark, surgeon. *, 

Thomas Matthews Bl.\gg, now living 

at Little Carlton, Newark; b. at South 

CoUingham 5 Mar. 1875 I educated at 

Magnus Gram. Sch., Newark; elected 

F.S.A., 5 Mar. 1903 ; author of iVceiw/l' 

as a Publishing Town, 1 89S ; A Guide to 

the Antiquities of Newark, etc., i9o6;co- June i909atNav 

Editor of Notts. Parish Rfgisters, etc. enby 

Margaret Eliza, d. Henry Blagg of Burton Joyce, co. 
of Stephen Sneap Nottm. ; b. 1 Sept. 1S39; m- Agnes 
of S. CoUingham, Hazuson. ,! — 

by Mary, dau. of Page Blagg of Finchley, co. Midd.x. ; 
b. 1 5 Aug. 1841 ; m. Augusta Ho?vsin. 

Thomas Blagg of Car-: 
Colston, now of 25 Car- 
ter Gate, Newark; b. 
and bap. at Car-Col- 
ston 15 Oct. 1837 ; 
educated at Magnus 
Gram. Sch., Newark, 
and at Ramsgate. 

Edward Tnrton ; 
111. there 9 Apr. 

Francis Blagg of Danethorpe, Notts., 
b. II Jan. 1843 ; m. Mary Barloiv. 

Ethel Mary, third 
dau. of William 
Knight Hay-ivard 
of Navenby, co. 
Line. ; b. there 27 
Oct. iSSs; m. s 

Percy Blagg, b. 
at N. CoUingham 
27 April 1S76. 

Evn Mary, b. at 
N. CoUingham 10 
Oct. 1877. 

Sidney Blagg, b. 
at S. CoUingham 
17 Jan. 1881. 


/rum , 


JOHN Blagg, Three daus., of 
bnpt. 8 Oct. whom one died 
i6(it. in infancy. 

Thomas Bi.agg, Li. at 
E. B. 9 Oct. 165s; d. (. 
Dec. 1707 ; adni. gran- 
ted to widow 19 Dec. 
1707 ; headstone in E. 
B. churchyard. \Scc 

Hannah , 


1 , 

alter Thomas Blags;'s 


(. Nov 

deatli she m. at Car- 

Colston, 13 Apr. 170S, 

Joseph Mayfikld ot 

E. Bridgford. 

tniin p. 151 


Mrtrr, b. 1742; 
m. i762,Thos. 
Palmer of 
par. All Hal- 
lows, Bread 
St., London, 

'Thc.mas Bl.\gg, of Car-Colston ; 
surgeon, b. 1746; drowned 24 May 
'795 (see Throsby's Notts., vol. iii), 
Tablet in C. C. church [sec illttstra- 
tion'\ ; m. Sarah Innocent. Had one 
son, FRA^'CIS Blagg, surgeon, R.N., 
from whom descend families of Par- 
kin, Wagstaffe and Huthwaite. 
widow, Sarah Blagg, 

who died 23 July 1838, set. 86, and to 

whom there is a mural tablet in C. C. 

church, was the last person to be 

interred within the buildine:. 

Ann, b. 1 750; bur. 
in n. aisle of C. C. 
church, 1807 ; ni., 
1770, Jx. Brettle 
of Thurtiai'ton. 

Tho. Blagg'i 

Ne/iara, h. 1754; bur. 
in baptistry of New- 
ark Church, 1840 ; 
m., 17S0, Rev. Wm. 
Key, vicar of Car- 
Colston. I 





b. 1745 


died an 


died an 


died an 






/} oni p. 

Grace, b. 
d. 27 jan 

Robert : 
CoKton ; 


17 Apr. I 
. 1S83. 

.jlagg of 
b. 21 




Nottm.; b. 3N0V. 1847; 
m. Frances II 'i/he/niina 
Kcvivorfh of VVelling- 
ley, CO. York. 

Sarah, b. 29 Oct. 
d. 20 July [882. 

Alfred Blag(. of 
Scarborough ; b. 29 
June 1851 ; m. Dora 
Hawson. 1 

Arthur Blagg of 
Nottingham, b. 1 
Aug. 18s 7 ; rn. EditJi 
Kevworfh, of Well- 

Eniilv, b. 1 5 Dec. 1854, 

ingley, co. ^'ork. 

now living at Car- 


of Car-Col Si 

2S'A£ji(/asfi§/6. " 

ie/io afie</'af(xir-6olsfon Manor tj~Mar:i8p8. 
g)otffare&Bie(f(aSouf//(hffij, t/lis 6ounfy. 


' ' un w -i\ I r t 111 iM 
^ Tl ^ ih ] t 111 ^ ^M 



KAsr Briugi-ord Ci 

^■^^^^ l.n^jk 

Written ill 1S44 

^m^ '^fa^^9^unf~ 

Written in 17 So. 

\M ilteii in iqog. 




II '1 itten ill 1909, 

Written in 1794. 

Signatures ok Six Consrcutive Generations. 

/ ofJ'lem-j'Blaog . \ 

.Alio ReKeccatKe Wife ■:. 
:,i vlie said Jiciuy BlanA- 

In Car-Colston Church. Floor of S. Aisle. 

■^ O nisi, ^. \kn 


^NlloJpi dl till \TSUll ] 

1^ 'z/^/ ^ Sfac/c/jl 

ibo (l&ptsTti'rf tJ|ili6 tnnf toryi 
\Lairhi ^0/ on Vk xi^lioA 

^ Of Hlb \gK —- I 

^Mlo of He !i > Son of (he abcvej '-^ 

In East Bridgford Chi 

In Car-Coiston Churchyard. 


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