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A catalogue of the library of the Museum 

3 1924 005 002 229 











Printed for Her Majesty's Stationery Office 



Price Fifteen Shillings, 


This is tlie first printed Catalogue of the Books in the 
Library in this Museum. When originally founded in 
184*3 this institution consisted only of the Geological 
Survey of Great Britain and the Museum of Economic 
Geology, which sprung from the Survey, and was then 
situated in a small building in Craig's Court. As far 
as the funds of the Survey and Museum would then 
admit, the Library was steadily increased, and in addition 
to purchases, aU English and foreign maps and books 
presented to the Survey have ever since been placed in 
that collection. 

When the Royal School of Mines was founded in 
1851, the addition of many works essential to such 
an institution resulted in the formation of a Library 
unrivalled of its kind, containing" as it does works 
bearing upon the Sciences of Geology and Palaeontology, 
Mineralogy, Mining, Metallurgy, Natural History, 
Chemistry, and other allied Sciences, from early times 
down to the present day. 

Andrew C. Ramsay, 

Director General. 
Museum of Practical Geology, 
19th December 1877. 

^^ LIBRARY j^ 


The Library of whicli this is a Catalogue contains at the 
present time about 28,000 volumes, chiefly relating to the 
subjects "which are taught in the Royal School of Mines or are 
illustrated in the Museum of Practical Geology. 

Its formation commenced in 1843, when the first Director 
of the Museum, Sir Henry T. De la Beche, C.B., F.R.S., con- 
tributed the whole of his scientific books to form the nucleus. 
It has been much increased by the annual grants from Parlia- 
ment, by liberal donations from many learned societies, both at 
home and abroad, by numerous gifts from the late Director, Sir 
Roderick I. Murchison, K.C.B., F.R.S., and by Mr. Kenneth R. 
Murchison, who on the death of his uncle in 1871 placed the 
whole of Sir Roderick's scientific library,, including 161 volumes 
of pamphlets, at our disposal. 

Although from the want of space the Library could not 
conveniently be made a public one, every facility is given to 
persons who wish to consult it for scientific purposes. Under 
no circumstances, however, is any volume allowed to be taken 
out of the building. 

The Lords of the Treasury having sanctioned the preparation 
of this Catalogue, it has been compiled by Mr. Henry White, 
who superintended the compilation and printing of the Royal 
Society's Catalogue of Scientific Papers, and whose experience 
in such matters is a guarantee for the accuracy of his work. He 
has been most ably assisted by my colleague, Mr. Thos. W. Newton, 
the Assistant Librarian, who has devoted much of his spare 
time to bring about its completion. 

Teenham Reeks, 

December, 1877. Librarian, 

40883. Wt. 15927. • a 2 


This Catalogue of Books has been arranged chiefly 
according to the names of the respective Authors, but 
it has been found convenient to group certain portions 
under the following headings : — * 

Agricultural Surveys. 


Exhibitions, Industrial. 

Geological Surveys. 




Mines and Mining. 

Museum of Practical G-eology. 



Science and Art Department. 


Transactions of Academies, Scientific Societies, &c. 

(M.U8. P.) and (Murch. P.) refer to the Museum and 
Mxirchison Collections of Pamphlets. 



Abbot, Charles. 
Flora Bedfordiensis ; comprehending such Plants as grow wild in the 
County of Bedford. 8"- Bedford, 1798. 

Abbot, H. L. See Humphreys, A. A. 

Abbott, George (jun.) 

An Essay on the Mines of England. S" London, 1833. 

Abel, Clarke. 

Narrative of a Journey in the Interior of China, and of a Voyage to 
and from that Country, in the years 1816-17. 4° London, 1818, 

Abel, F. A. See Exhibitions, Industrial — London, 1871. 

Abercrombie, John, and Mawe, Thomas. 

The Universal Gardener and Botanist. 4" London, 1 778. 

Abich, H. 

Ueber die Natur und den Zusammenhang der vulkanischen Bildungen. 

4° Braunschweig, 1841. 
Vergleichende chemische Untersuchungen der Wasser des Caspischen 

Meeres, Urmia- und Van- See's. 4° St. Petersburg, 1856. 
Ueber das Steinsalz und seine geologische Stellung im Russischen 

Armenien. 4° St. Petersburg, 1857. 
Beitrage zur geologischen Kenntniss der Thermalquellen in den 

Eaukasischen Landern. Lief. 1. 4° Tiflis, 1865. 
Geologische Beobachtungen auf Beisen in den Gebirgslandern zwischen 

Kur und Araxes. 4° Tiflis, 1867. 
Etudes sur les Glaciers actuels et anciens du Caucase. Partie i. 

8° Tiflis, 1870. 

Academies. See under Transactions of Academies, &c. 

Accvuu, Fredrick. 
A Practical Essay on the Analysis of Minerals. 12" London, 1804. 
A Practical Treatise on Gas-light. 3rd edition. 8° London, 1816. 

Acerbi, Joseph. 
Travels through Sweden, Finland, and Lapland, to the North Cape, in 
the years 1798-99. 2 vols. 4° London, 1802. 

Achard, Franz Carl. 

Analyse de quelques Pierres Precieuses. Traduit, &c. par J. B., 
Dubois. 8° Paris, 1783. 

40883. Wt. 15927. A 

Achenbach, Heinrich 
Die Berg- Policei- Vorschriften des Rheinischen Haupt- Berg- Uis- 

trictes. 8» Koln, 1859. 
Das Franzosische Bergrecht. 8° Bonn, 1869. 
Das gemeine Deutsche Bergrecht. Theil 1. 8° Bonn, 1871. 
See Journals — Zeitschrift fur Bergrecht. 

Achiardi, Antonio d'. 
Coram Fossili del Terreno NummuUtico dell' Alpi Venete. 4" Pisa, 

1867. (Mus. P.— T.) 
Mineralogia della Toscana. Tomo 1. 8° Pisa, 1872. 

Ackner, M. J. 

Mineralogie Siebenbiirgens. 8" Hermannstadt, 1855. 

Acland, H. W. 

Report on the Transfer of the Radeliffe Library to the Oxford Uni- 
versity Museum. 8" Oxford, 1861. 

Acosta, (Padre) Joseph de. 

Historia Natural y Moral de las Indias. 4° Madrid, 1608. 

Actonian Prize. See Jones, T. W. Lowne, B. T. 

Adam, W. 

The Gem of the Peak ; or, Matlock Bath, and its Vicinity, &c. 12° 
London, 1845. 

Adams, Andrew Leith. 

Wanderings of a Naturalist in India, the Western Himalayas, and 
Cashmere. 8° Edinburgh, 1867. 

Adams, Arthur. 

Zoology of the Voyage of H.M.S. " Samarang," under the command 
of Captain Sir E. Belcher, in 1843-46. By J. E. Gray, Sir J. 
Richardson, A. Adams (editor), L. Reeve, and Ad. White. 
(Contains a Memoir on the Spirula, by Prof. Owen.) 4° London, 

See Adams, H. 

Adams, Arthur, Baikie, William Balfour, and Barron, Charles. 

A Manual of Natural History for the use of Travellers. With 
remarks on Geology and Meteorology. 12° London, 1854. 

, Adams, C. B. 

Monograph of Stoastoma, a new genus of new operculated Land 

Shells. 8° Amherst, Mass., 1849. (Mus. P 26.) 

Monograph of VitrineUa, a new genus of new species of Turbinidje. 

8<> Amherst, 1850. (Mus. P.— 26.) 
Catalogue of Shells collected at Panama ; with Notes on their 

Synonymy, Station, and Geographical Distribution. 4° New 

York, 1862. 

See Geological Surveys — United States : Louisiana. 
Adams, George. 

An Essay on Electricity. 5th edition. With corrections bv W. Jonpq 
8» London, 1799. ^ 

Adams, Henry and Arthur. 

The Genera of Recent MoUusca ; arranged according to their Organi- 
zation. 3 vols. 8" London, 1858. 

Adansoxi) . 

Histoire Naturelle du Senegal. — Coquillages. 4° Paris, 1757. 

Adcock, Henry, 

Patent Modes of raising Water from Mines and other deep Places. 
8° n.p., 1840. (Murch. P.— 72.) 


The Geodesy of Britain; or, the Ordnance Survey of England, 
Scotland, and Ireland. 8° London, 1859. (Mus. P. — 26.) 

Adet. See Journals — Annales de Chimie. 

Adhemar, J. 

Kevolutions de la Mer. Deluges Periodiques. 2nd edition. 8° 
Paris, 1860. 

Admiralty. See Maps. Reports. 

*' Adventure," Voyage of the. See Cook, Capt. J. King, 
Capt. P. P. 

Aeby, Carl August. 

Die Schadelformen des Menschen und der AfEen. 4° Leipzig, 1867. 
Ueber die unorganische Metamorphose der Knochensubstanz dargethan 
an Schweizerischen Pfahlbautenknochen. 8° Bern, 1870. 

2:iianus, Claudius. 

De Natura Animalium, Libri XVII. G-rKce et Latine, cum animad- 
versionibus C. Gesneri et D. W. TriUeri, curante Abr. Gronovio. 
2 vols. 4° Londini, 1744. 

Africa, South. 

The South African Diamond Fields, and the best Route to them, from 
Port Elizabeth, Algoa Bay. 8" Port Elizabeth, 1870. (Mus. P. 

Agassiz, Alexander and Elizabeth C. 

Seaside Studies in Natural History. Marine Animals of Massachusetts 
Bay. — Radiates. 8" Boston, 1865. 

Agassiz, Louis. 

Recherches sur les Poissons Fossiles. 5 vols, (in 2) 4°, and 5 vols, 

(in 2) oblong Atlasses. Neuchatel, 1833-45. " 

[Review.] 8° London, 1835, (Murch. P 34.) 

Rapports sur les Poissons Fossiles decouverts en Angleterre. 8" 

Neuchitel, 1835. (Murch. P.— 107.) 
Monographies d'Echinodermes Vivans et Fossiles. (With additional 

Monograplis, by Ed. Desor and G. Valentin.) A" Neuchatel, 

. Catalogus Systematicus Ectyporum Echinodermatum Fossilium Musei 

Neocomensis, secundum ordinem Zoologicum dispositus. 4° Neo- 

comi Helvetiorum, 1840. (Mus. P.— L.) 
Etudes critiques sur les Mollusques Fossiles. A° Neuchatel, 1840. 
Letters on Glaciers. (Private copies.) 4" 1842. (Mus. P.— t5.) 
Nomenclator Zoologicus, continens Nomina systematica Generum 

Animalium, tam viventium quam ossilium. 4° Soloduri, 1842-46. 

Monographic des Poissons Fossiles du Vieux Grfes Rouge, ou Systems 
Devonien (Old Red Sandstone) des lies Britanniques et de Ruasie. 
4° With oblong Atlas. Neuchatel, 1844-45. 

A 2 

Agassiz, Louis — cont. 

Nomenclatoris Zoologici Index Universalis, continens nomina sys- 
tematica classium, ordinum, familiarum et generum animalium 
omnium, tam viventium quam fossiliiim. 4° Soloduri, 1846. 

Nouvelles Etudes et Experiences sur les Glaciers A.ctuels, leur 
Structure, leur Progression et leur Action Physique sur le Sol. 
8° (With Atlas.) Paris, 1847, _ 

Lectures on Embryology. Read before the Lowell Institute. (News- 
paper Report. — Imperfect.) folio. 1848-49. 

Materiaux pour una Bibliotheque Zoologique et Paleontologiqiie. 

folio proofs, n.d. or pi. 
Bibliographia Zoologias et Geologise. (Ray Society.) 4 vols. 8° 

London, 1848-54. 
Lake Superior ; its Physical Character, Vegetation, and Animals ; 

with a Narrative of the Tour. By J. E. Cabot. 8° Boston, 1850. 
Contributions to the Natural History of the United States of America : 

Monographs 1-2. 4 vols. 4° Boston, 1857-62. 
Methods of Study in Natural History. 12" Boston, 1863. 
Geological Sketches. 12° Boston, 1866. 
The Structure of Animal Life. 8» New York, 1866. 
Glacial Phenomena in Maine. 8" Boston, 1867. (Murch. P. — 47.) 
Address delivered on the Centennial Anniversary of the Birth of 

Alexander von Humboldt. 8" Boston, 1869. 
De I'Espece et de la Classification en Zoologie. Traduction par Felix 

Vogeli. 8° Paris, 1869. 

See Costa, O. G. Geological Surveys — United States: 
California. Miller, Hugh. Morton, S. G. 

Agassiz, Louis and Mrs. Louis. 

A Journey in Brazil. 8° Boston, 1868. 

Agassiz, Louis, and Cfould, A. A. 

Outlines of Comparative Physiology ; touching the Structure and 
Development of the Races of Animals, living and extinct. Edited 
by Thomas Wright. (Bohn's Scientific Library.) 8° London, 

Aggravii Venetiani. 

Aggravii Venetiani, Ac. ; or, the Venetian and other Grievances • 
together with a proposal for raising the Price of Tin in Cornwall 
and Devon, according to the policy of the Venetians. 1st part. 
4° London, 1697. 

Agricola, Georg. 

De ortu et causis Subterraneorum ; de Natura eorum quffi effluunt ex 
Terra ; de natura Fossilium ; de veteribus et novis Metallis • Ber- 
mannus, sive de re metallica dialogus ; et interpretatio Germanica 
vocum rei metallicse. folio. Basilete, 1 546. 

De Mensuris et Ponderibus Romanorum atq, Gr^corum lib v • de. 
exterms Mensuris et Ponderibus, lib. ij. ; ad ea quEe Andreas Alci- 
atus denuo disputavit de Mensuris, brevis defensio lib i ■ dp 
Mensuris quibus intervalla metimur, lib. j. ; de restitue'ndis" Ponde- 
ribus atcb Mensuris, lib. j. ; de Precio Metallorum et Monetis. folio. 

Agricola, Georg — cont. 

De Re Metallica, libri duodecim. folio. Basilese, 1556. 
Vom Bergwerck xij, Biicher. Woodcuts, folio. Basel, 1557. 
Bergwercks-Buch. folio. Franckfort a. M., 1580. 
Another edition, folio. Basel, 1621. 

Gesprach vom Bergwesen ; mit einem ganz neuen Zusatze von 
kliiglicher Anstellung des Bergbaues, u.s.w. Von J. G. Stor. 8"» 
Eotenburg, 1778. 

Agricultural Surveys. 

Agricultural Surveys of the United Kingdom. Eeports drawn up 
for, and issued by, the Board of Agriculture and the Dublin 
Society. 72 vols. 8" and 8 vols. 4°. London, &c., I794r-1832. 

England : — 

Bedford. By Thomas Stone. 4° London, 1794. 

By Thomas Balchelor. 8° London, 1808. 

Berkshire. By William Pearce. 4° London, 1794. 

By William Mayor. 8° London, 1809. 

Cambridge. By Charles Vancouver. 4° London, 1794. 
Cheshire. ByHenry Holland. 8° London, 1813. 

By Thomas Wedge. 4° London, 1794. 

Cornwall. By G. B. Worgan. 8° London, 1811. 
Cumberland.~By J. Bailey and G. Culley. 8" London, 1805. 
Derbyshire. See Farey, John. 

Devon. By Charles Vancouver. 8° London, 1808. 
Durham. By Joseph Granger. 4° London, 1794. 
Essex. By Messrs. Griggs. 4° London, 1794. 

By Arthur Young. 2 vols. 8° London, 1807. 

Gloucester. By Thomas Rudge. 8° London, 1807. 

Hampshire, including the Isle of Wight. By Charles Vancouver. 8° 

London, 1813. 
Hants. By Abraham and William Driver. 4° London, 1794. 

, Isle of Wight. By the Eev. Mr. Warner. 4° London, 1794. 

Hereford. By John Duncumb. 8° London, 1805. 

Hertfordshire. By Arthur Young. 8° London, 1804. 

Huntingdon. By E. Parkinson. 8° London, 1811. 

Kent. By John Boys. 2nd edition. 8° London, 1805. 

Lancaster. By John Holt. 8° London, 1795. 

Leicester. By William Pitt. Two editions. 8° London, 1809, 1813. 

Lincolnshire. By Arthur Young. Review of, by Thomas Stone. 8° 

London, 1800. 
Middlesex. By John Middleton. 2nd edition. 8° London, 1807. 
Monmouth. By Charles Hassall. Two editions. 8° London, 1812, 

Norfolk. By Nathaniel Kent. 8» London, 1796. 

By Arthur Young. 8° London, 1804. 

Northampton. By William Pitt. 8° London, 1809. 
Northumberland. By J. Bailey and G. Culley. 8° London, 1805. 
Nottingham. By Robert Lowe. 8° London, 1798. 
Oxfordshire. By Richard Davis. 4° London, 1794. 

By Arthur Young. 8° London, 1809. 

Rutland. By Richard Parkinson. 8° London, 1808. 

Salop. By J. Bishtou. 4° Brentford, 1794. 

Shropshire. By Joseph Plymley. 8° London, 1803. 

Somerset. By John Billingsley. 4° London, 1794, and 8» Bath, 

"Stafford. By William Pitt. 8° London, 1808. 
Suffolk. By Arthur Young. 3rd edition. 8" London, 1804. 
Surrey. By William Stevenson. 8° London, 1809. See Malcom, 

Sussex. By Arthur Young. 4° London, 1793, and 8° London, 

Warwick. By John Wedge. 4° London, 1794. 
„;_ — By Adam Murray. 8° London, 1813. 

Agricultural Surveys — cont. 
Englajsod — cont. 

Westmoreland. By A. Pringle. 8" London, 1803. 
Wiltshii-e. By Thomas Davis. 4° London, 1794. 

By Thomas Davis. 8° London, 1811. 

Worcester. By W. Pitt. 8° London, 1813. 

Yorkshire (East Riding). By H. E. Strickland. 8° York, 1812. 

(North Biding). By John Tuke. 8° London, 1800. 

(West Biding). By Kohert Brown. 8° London, 1799. 

Waies : — 

Anglesey, Caernarvon, Denbigh, Flint, Meirionydd, Montgomery. 
By Walter Davies. 8° London, 1810. 

Brecknock. By John Clark. 4° London, 1794. 

North Wales :— Flintshire — Anglesey — Caernarvonshire — Mont- 
gomeryshire— Merionethshire— Denbighshire. By George Kay. 
4" Edinburgh, 1794. 

Scotland : — 

Aberdeenshire. By George Skene Keith. 8° Aberdeen, 1811. 
Argyle. By John Smith, D.D. 8° London, 1805. 
Ayr. By William Aiton. 8° Glasgow, 1811. 

Berwick. By Alexander Lowe. With Appendix by Arthur Bruce. 
4° London, 1794. 

By Robert Kerr. 8° London, 1809. 

Caithness. By Sir John Sinclair. 4° London, 1795. (Murch. P. 
— 2M.) 

By Capt. John Henderson. 8° London, 1812. 

Clydesdale. By John Naismith. 8° Glasgow, 1798. 

Cromarty. By Sir John Sinclair. 4° Loudon, 1795. (Murch. 
P.— 2M.) 

Dumbarton. By Andrew Whyte and Duncan Macfarlau. 8° Glas- 
gow, 1811. 

Dumfries. By Dr. Singer. 8° Edinburgh, 1812. 

Fife. By John Thomson. 8° Edinburgh, 1800. 

Galloway (comprehending the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright and Wig- 
tonshire.) By Samuel Smith. 8* Loudon, 1810. 

Inverness. By James Robertson. Two editions. 8° London, 1808, 

Kincardineshire, or the Mearns. By George Robertson. 8° London, 
n.d. (about 1808.) 

Lothians (East-Lothian). By Robert SomervUle. 8° London, 1805. 

(Mid-Lothian). By George Robertson. 8° Edinburgh, 


(West-Lothian). By James Trotter. 8° Edinburgh, 1811. 

Nairn and Moray. By William Leslie. 8" London, 1811. 
Orkney. By Sir John Sinclair. 4° London, 1795. (Murch. 

P.— 2 M.) 

Carse of Gowrie. By James Donaldson. 4° London, 1794. 

Perth, By James Robertson. 4° London, 1794, and 8° Perth, 

Ross. By Sir John Sinclair. 4" London, 1795 (Murch. P. — 2 M.) 
Roxburgh and Selkirk. By Robert Douglas. 8" London, 1798. 
Shetland. By Sir John Sinclair. 4° London, 1795. (Murch. 

P.— 2 M.) 
Sutherland. By Sir John Sinclair. 4° London, 1795. (Murch. 

P.— 2 M.) 

By Capt. John Henderson. 8° London, 1812. 

See Scotland. Transactions r— Edinburgh. 

Ireland : — 

Antrim. By John Dubourdieu. 2 vols. 8° Dublin, 1812. 
Armagh. By Sir Charles Coote. 8° Dublin, 1804. 
Clare. By Hely Dutton. 8° Dublin, 1808. 
Cork. By Horatio Townsend 8" Dublin, 1810. 
Donegal. By James M'Parlau. 8" Dublin, 1802. 
Down. By John Dubourdieu. 8" Dublin, 1802. 
Galway. By Hely Dutton. 8" Dublin, 1824. 

Agricultural Surveys — cont. 
Ireland — cant. 

Kerry. By Thomas Eadcliff. 8° Dublin, 1814. 
Kilkemiy. By William Tighe. 8° Dublin, 1802. 
Leitrim. By James M'Parlan. 8° Dublin, 1802. 
Londonderry. By G. Vaughan Sampson. 8° Dublin, 1802. 
Mayo. By James MTarlan. 8° • Dublin, 1802. 
Meath. By Eobert Thompson. 8° Dublin, 1802. 
Koscommon. Ry Isaac Weld. 8° Dublin, 1832. 
Sligo. By James M'Parlan. 8° Dublin, 1802. 
Tyrone. By John M'Evoy. 8" Dublin, 1802. 
Wexford. By Eobert Eraser. 8° Dublin, 1807. 
Wioklow. By Thomas Eadcliff. 8° Dublin, 1812. 
Chaknel Islands. 

Islands on the Coast of Normandy. By Thomas Quayle. 8° London, 

Origin of Board of Agriculture. See Sinclair, J. 

Report upon Farms. See Robertson, T. 


DeUa Mama e di alcuni altri Fossili atti a render fertili le Terre. 
4° Venezia, 1768. 

Guano Streams. An attempt to suggest a method of preserving the 
refuse of the drains of towns for the purpose of manure. 8" 
London, 1845. (Mus. P 11.) 

Speeches at the Agricultural Meeting at Drayton Manor. 8° London, 
1847. (Mus. P.— 11.) 

See under Transactions. 

Agrippay Henricus Cornelius. 

De Occulta Philosophia libri tres, folio. 1533. Cologne ( ?) 

Ahremberg, Henrik E. 

Stampelbok for Svenska Jernverken ; utgifven Sr 1864. 8° Goteborg, 

Aikin, Arthur. 

Proposals for a Mineralogical Survey of the County of Salop, and of 

some adjacent districts. 4° n.p., n.d. (Mus. P. — B.) 
Journal of a Tour through North Wales and part of Shropshire ; with 

observations in Mineralogy, &c. 8° Londtfn, 1797. 
A Manual of JMineralogy. 8" London, 1814. 
Illustrations of Arts and Manufactures, 8° London, 1841. 

Aikin, Arthur, and C. R. 

Dictionary of Chemistry and Mineralogy. 2 vols, 4" London, 
Aillaud, J. P. See Dictionaries — ^Portuguese. 
Aim€, G. See Algeria. 
Ainsworth, William, 

An Account of the Caves of Ballybunian, County of Kerry ; with 

some Mineralogical details. 8° Dublin, 1834. 
Researches in Assyria, Babylonia, and Chaldaja ; forming part of the 
labours of the Euphrates Expedition. 8° London, 1838. 
See Journals — Edinburgh Journal of Natural Science. 

Airy, Sir George Biddell. 
Address to the Members of the Neath Philosophical Institution. 12" 
Neath, 1837. (Murch. P.-T-39.:i 


Airy, Sir George Biddell — cont. 

A Treatise on Magnetism. 8° London, 1870. 

On Sound and Atmospheric Vibrations; with the Mathematical 
Elements of Music. 2nd edition. 8° London, 1871. 

The Discovery and History of the Mines in Scotland. (Contains also 
" Metals in Scotland, Testacea Marina, Discoveries by Scotsmen, 
Celebrated Scotsmen," &c.) folio. MS. 

Aitken, Captain. See Newbigging, T. 

Aitou, William. See Agricultural Surveys — Scotland : Ayr. 

Alton, William T. 

An Epitome of the Second Edition of Hortus Kewensis ; for the use 
of practical Gardeners. 8° London, 1814. 
Ajasson de Grandsagne. See Flinius. 

Akerly, Samuel. 
An Essay on the GecJogy of the Hudson River. 12° New York, 

Akermann, Richard. 

Studien iiber die Warmeverhaltnisse des Eisenhohofenprozesses. 
Uebersetzt von P. Tunner. 8° Leipzig, 1872. 
Alaman, T. See Septien, J. M. 

Alberi, Eugenia. 

Una Visita alia Manifattura di Porcellane di Doccia. 8° Firenze, 
1840. (Mus. P.— 19.) 

Albers, loann. Christ. 

Malacographia Maderensis, sive Enumeratio Molluscorum qua? 4n 
Insulis Maderse et Portus Sancti aut viva exstant aut fossilia 
reperiuntur. 4" Berolini, 1854. 

Die Heliceen. 8° Berlin, 1850. 

2nd edition. By Eduard von Martens. 8" Leipzig, I860; 

Albert, . 

Die Bergwerks-Verwaltung des Hannoverschen Ober-Harzes, in den 
^ Jahren 1831-36. 8° Berlin, 1837. 

Albert!, Friedrieh von. 

Die Gebirge des Konigreichs Wiirttemberg, in besonderer Beziehung 
auf Halurgie. Mit Anmerkungen von D. Schiibler. 8° Stuttgart, 

Beitrag zu einer Monographic des Bunten Sandsteins, Muschelkalks 
und Keupers, und die Verbindung dieser Gebilde zu einer Forma- 
tion. 8° Stuttgart, 1834. 

Halurgische Geologie. 2 vols. 8" Stuttgart, 1852. 

Ueberblick iiber die Trias, mit Beriicksichtigung ihres Vorkommens 
in den Alpen. S" Stuttgart, 1864. 
Albertus Magnus. 

Tractatus de Lapidibus. 4° Oppenheym, 1518. 

De Mineralibus et Rebus MetaUicis libri quinque. 12o Coloniae 1569. 

Albin, Eleazar, 

A Natural History of Spiders and other curious Insects. 4° Lotidon 
1736. ""uo", 

Albinus, Peter. 

Meissnische Land- und Bergchronik. folio. Dresden, 1589. 


AlbinuS) P. C. See Leonardus, C. 

Albmair, Teodoro. 

I Quattro Elementi spiegati in venti cinque discorsi. 4° Eirenze, 

Alcan, Michel. 

Essai sur I'lndustrie des Matieres Textiles. 8" With oblong Atlas. 
Paris, 1847. 


Arcanum der anderen Universal- Medicin, &c. (MS. in Grerman.) 
Artis auriferae quam Chemiam vocant, volumina [tria] quae continent 
Turbam Philosophorum, aliosque antiquissimos auctores. 3 vols. 
8<> Basilese, 1610. 
Alchymistisch Sieben-Bestirn das ist sieben scbone uhd ausser- 
lesene Tractatlein vom Stein der Weisen darinn der richtige Weg 
zu solchem allerhochsten Geheimniiss zu kommen hell und klar 
gezeiget wird. 8° Hamburg, 1675. 
Fortresse (la) dor^e d'Hermes. To which is added, Commantaire 
de Jean Valchius, philosophe, sur le Livre du Petit Paysan 
touchant ces mots : Mais en peu de mots scache de plus que qui 
bien comprend'l'origine des metaux. (MS. in 8°.) 
Hermetical Triumph; or, the Victorious Philosophical Stone : trans- 
lated from the French. To which is added, the Ancient War of the 
Knights : translated from the German. 8° London, n.d. 

[The name of the author of the first treatise in Latin is contained in the 
Anagram : Dives sicut Ardens S * * *.] 
Another edition. 8° London, 1723. 
Hermeticall Banquet, drest by a Spagificall Cook, for the better 

preservation of the Microcosme. 8° London, 1652. 
Medicina Metallorum, das ist griindliche Wissenschaft die geringeh 
Metalle zu reinigen und zu verbessern .... Transmutatio 
Metallorum, &c. 40 Leipzig, 1723. 
Revelation de la Parole cach^e par les Anciens, ou la Genealogie de 
la Mere du Mercure des PhUosophes. (folio MS., without name or 

[At the end is J. H. Vierort's Last Will and Testament, an alchemical 

work, 1672; Excerpta ex IBustr. Edv. Generosi Innominati, 1562; 

Diaphoron KomdorfFeri, in German, &c.] 

Secrets Revealed ; or, an Open Entrance to the Shut-Palace of the 

King, containing the greatest treasure in Chymistry never yet so 

plainly discovered. 8" London, 1669. 

[The anonymous author claims to have discovered the Philosopher's Stone 
at the age of 23.] 

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(Col. 1644.) 


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(Col. 1641.) 
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Dendrologiffi, naturalis scilicet Arborum historise, libri ii. folio 
Bononiae, 1668. 

[These works are arranged in the order in which they originally appeared. 
Only the first three were published during the author's life, the others 
being edited from the materials left by him, by the various men whose 
names are giyen on the respective title-pages.] 

See Naturalist's Library — Mammalia. 
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Alexis of Fiemont. 

The Secrets by him collected out of divers excellent Authors, and 
newly translated by WUlyam Ward. 8° London, 1559. 

[First part imprinted by H. Sutton, Goth. Title missing, but the binder 
has prefixed the title to Part 2, 1560, printed by Thom. Kyngston. In 
Part 2, Eiemont is given instead of Piemont. Part 3 is wanting. A 
portrait of Alexis , is pasted on fly-leaf.] 

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3 vols. 
Geologic. Par. E. Eenou. 
Min^ralogie. Par M. Eavergie. 
Physique Generale. — La M^diterranee, et Magn^tisme Terrestre. Par 

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familiar, in the English, French, and German Languages • with 
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au£ die Lebenden Krokodilinen nach seiner gesammten Organisa- 
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rMus. P.— 36.) 

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e ne' Monti che li circondano. 4tli edition. 8° Milano, 1814. 

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Beitrage zur Kenntniss der fossilen Flora Siebenbiirgens und des 

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Facts and Suggestions concerning the Economic Geology of India. — 

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2nd edition. 8° London, 1856. 
2nd edition, re-issue. 8° London, 1856-69. 
Non-Metallic Mineral Manufactures. (Lectures on the Great Exhi- 
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Scenery, Science, and Art ; being Extracts from the Note-book of a 

Geologist and Mining Engineer. 8° .London, 1854. 
Descriptions of Remarkable Mineral Veins. — Account of the Cobre 
(Copper) Lode of Santiago de Cuba. 8" London, 1856. (Murch. P. 

[This contains the "Introduction" — not published by the Geological 

On the Decay and Preservation of Building Materials. 8° London, 

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folio. Westminster, 1866. 

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Compilazione fatta per ordine del Governo. 8" Firenze, 1790. 
Comparative Views of the most important Anthracite Collieries in 

Pennsylvania. 8° 1835. (Mus. P.— 29.) 

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other bituminous substances capable of supplying burning fluids 
8° New York, 1859. 

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Firenze, 1872. 


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Surface du Globe depuis son origine jusqu' a I'Epoque actuelle. 
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ouest du Plateau Central de la France. 8° Paris, 1 843. (Murch. P, 

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Paris, 1847-60. 
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1856. (Murch. P 19.) 

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Dresden, 1778. 
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the Port of King's Lynn and of Cambridge ; with the method pro- 
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Observations on some of the fundamental Principles and existing 
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8° Lugd. Bat., 1738. 

Artificia. .... 

Artificia hominum Miranda Naturae in Sina et Europa, ubi eximia, 
quse a mortalium profecta sunt Industria, et singularia quae Sol 
uterque in Visceribus Terras, Aquarum varietate .... unquam 
produxit compendiose proponuntur, conferuntur ad Creatoris laudeih 
amplissimam. 8" Francof. pd Msenum, 1655. 

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Antediluvian Phytology ; illustrated by a Collection of the Fossil 
Remains of Plants peculiar to the Coal Formations of Great Britain. 
40 London, 1825. 

40883. , ^ 


Artis, Edmund Tyrell — cont. 

The Durobrivae of Antoninus, identified and illustrated in a Series of 
Plates, exhibiting the excavated Remains of that Roman Station, 
in the vicinity of Castor, Northamptonshire, folio. London, 1828. 
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Arts et IXetiers. 

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Cartonmer. Par M. de la Lande. (Vol. 23.) 
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CoUes (I'Art de faire les). Par M. Duhamel du Monceau. (Vol. 23.) 
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Corroyeur. Par M. de la Lande. (Vol. 5.) 
Coutelier. Par M. Jean-Jacques Perret. (Vols. 20, 21.) 
Couvreur. Par M. Duhamel du Monceau. (Vol. 6.) 
Criblier. Par M. Tougeroux d'Angerville. (Vol. 4.) 
Cuirs dores ou argentfo (Artde travaiUer les). Par M. fougeroux de 

Bondaroy., (Vol. 5.) 
Cuivre (I'Art de oonvertir le) en Laiton, &c. Par M. Galon. (Vol. 22.) 
Distillateur d'Eaux-fortes, &c. Par M. Demachy. (Vol. 22.) 
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(Vol. 4.) 
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Per fondu (I'Art d'adoucir le). Par M. de E&umur. (Vol. 3.) 
Per (Forges et Fourneaux). Par MM. de Courtivron et Bouchu. With, 

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Indigotier. Par M. de Beauvais Raseau. (Vol. 7.) 
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Instruments de Mathematique et d'Astronomie. Par M. le Due de 

Chaulnes. (Vol. 21.) 
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Lingfere. Par M. de Garsault. (Vol. 12.) 
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Arts et Metiers — cont. 

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B 2 


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B * * *. 
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Another copy. [Identical (title-page only excepted) with the 
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B., F. A. 
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B., Z. 

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taken chiefly for the purpose of discovering a North-east, North- 
.west, or Polar Passage between the Atlantic and Pacific. S" 
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Die Kunst, ordinare Topferwaare, sowie auch Ofentafeln, keines und 
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T^TFc ^^^' ^'*°*^'' ®° 2^^- lD«ecten. 2 vols. W Haarlem, 

1 < D^— DO. 

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c 2 


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[The fossils figured in this work are all counterfeit, Beringer having been 
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1864. . & & 

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MiSCELLAkBOUS — cont. 

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I. Vertebrata. 

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British SEuseum— cont. 
ZooLOGr— cont. 

I. Vertebrata — cont. 

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Catalogue of Snakes. By J. E. Gray. 12° 1849. 

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IL Annulosa. 

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12° 1846. 

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Nomenclature of Coleopterous Insects. — 1. Cetoniadse ; 2. Hy- 
drocanthari; 3. Buprestidse ; 4. Cleridse (by A. White); 
5. Cucujidee ; 6. Passalidse (by F. Smith) ; 7 and 8. Longi- 
cornia (by A. White) ; 9. Cassididse (by C. H. Boheman). 
9 vols. 12° 1847-56. 

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2. Sialidae-Nemopterides ; 3. Termitidse-Ephemeridae. By 

F. Walker, 3 Vols. 12° 1852-53, 

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Catalogue of Hymenopterous Insects. — 1. Andrenidaa and 
ApidsB ; 2. Apidse; 3. Mutillidss and Pompilidse ; 4. Sphe- 
gidsB, LarridsB, and Crabronidae ; 5. Vespidae; 6. Formicidas; 
7. Dorylidee and Thynnidse. By F. Smith. 7 vols. 12° 


British Uuseum — cont. 
Zoology — cont. 

II. Annulosa — cont. 

List of Lepidopterous Insects.— 1 to 7. Lepidoptera Hetero- 

cera; 8. SphingidsB ; 9 to 15. Noctuidee ; 16. Deltoides ; 

17 to 19. Pyralides; 20 to 26. Geometrites ; 27. Crambites 

and Tortricites ; 28. Tortricites and Tineites ; 29. Tineites. 

By F. Walker. 29 vols. 12° 1854-64. 
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Catalogue of Myriapoda.- 1. Chilopoda. By G. Newport. 

12» 1856. 
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Wollaston. 80 1857. 
Catalogue of Neuropterous Insects. — 1. Termitina. By H. 

Hagen. 12» 1858. 
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Catalogue of Orthopterous Insects. By J. O. Westwood. 4° 

Catalogue of Halticidse. By Rev. Hamlet Clark, 8<> 1860. 
Specimen of a Catalogue of Lycaenidse. By W. C. Hewitson. 

4° 1862. 
Catalogue of Amphipodous Crustacea. By C. Spence Bate. 

80 1862. 
Catalogue of Coleopterous Insects of the Canaries. By T. V. 

Wollaston. 8° 1864. 
Synopsis of the Species of Starfish. By J. E. Gray. 4" 1866. 
Catalogue of Heteropterous-Hemiptera. By F. Walker. 8 vols. 

8<> 1867-73. 
Catalogue of Diurnal Lepidoptera of the Family of Satyridae. 

By A. G. Butler. 8° 1868. 
Catalogue of Blattarise. By F. Walker, 8° 1868. 
Catalogue of Diurnal Lepidoptera described by Fabricius. 

By A. G. Butler. 8" 1869. 
Catalogue of Dermaptera Saltatoria'. By F. Walker. 5 vols. 

8" 1869-71. 
Illustrations of Typical Specimens of Lepidoptera Heterocera. 

Part 1. By A. G. Butler. 4» London, 1877. 

III. Mollusca. 

Catalogue of Mollusca. — 1. Cephalopoda Antepedia ; 2. Ptero- 
poda; 4. Brachiopoda Ancylopoda, or Lamp Shells. Bi- 
valve.— 1. Placentadse and Anomiadae. By J. E. Gray. 
4 vols. 120 1849-53. 

Nomenclature of Molluscous Animals and Shells. — 1. Cyclo- 
phoridae. By J. E. Gray. 12<> 1850. 

Catalogue of Phaneropneumona. By L. Pfeiffer. 12" 1852. 

Catalogue of Marine Polyzoa. By G. Busk. 3 vols. 12"> 
and 8" 1852-75. 

Catalogue of Conchifera. — 1. Veneridse, Cyprinidse, and Glau- 
conomidffi. By M. Deshayes. 12" 1853. 

List of Shells of Puba. By A. D'Orbigny. 12" 1854. 

List of Shells of South America. By A. D'Orbigny. 12"> 1854. 

British Museiun. 

ZOOLOGT — cont. 

III. Mollusca — cont. 

List of Shells of the Canaries. By A. D'Orbigny. 12" 1854. 
List of Mollusca,— 1. Volutidae. By J. E. Gray. V2.° 1855. 
List of Mollusca and Shells. Collected and described by 

MM. Eydoux, Souleyet, and Rang. 12" 1855. 
Catalogue of Pulmonata. By L. PfeifFer, 120 1855. 
Catalogue of AuriculidaejProserpinidae, and Truncatellidae. By 

L. Pfeiffer. 12« 1857. 
Catalogue of Mazatlan Shells. By P. P. Carpenter. 12° 1857. 
Guide to the Systematic Distribution of the Mollusca. By 

J. E. Gray. 8° 1857. 

IV. Calenterata. 

Catalogue of Sea-pens, or Pennatulariidae. By J. E. Gray. 8° 

Catalogue of Lithophytes, or Stony Corals. By J. E. Gray< 


V. British Zoology. 

List of British Animals. 17 vols. 12° 1848-55. 
I. Centronise. By J. E. Gray. 
II. Sponges. By J. E. Gray. 

III. Birds. By G. E. Gray. 

IV. Crustacea. By A. White. 

v. Lepidoptera. 1st and 2nd editions. By J. F. Stephens. 
VI. Ilymenoptera Aculcata. By F. Smith. 
VII. Mollusca Acephala and Brachiopoda. By J. E. Gray. 
VIII. Fish. By A. White. 
IX. Eggs of British Birds. By G. E. Gray. 
X. Lepidoptera (continued). By J. F.. Stephens. 
XI. Anoplura. By Mr. Denny. 
XII. Lepidoptera (continued). By J. F. Stephens. 

XIII. Hymenoptera. By F. Smith. 

XIV. Neuroptera. By A. White. 
XV. Diptera. By A. White. 

XVI. Lepidoptera (completed). By H. T. Stainton. 

XVII. Anoplura, Euplexoptera, and Orthoptera. By A. White. 
Catalogue of British Hymenoptera — 1. Apidae — Bees. By 

F. Smith. 12" 1855. 

2nd edition. 8<> 1876. 
Catalogue of British Ichneumonidae. By T. Desvignes. 12» 

List of British Curculionidse. By J. Walton. 12" 1856. 
Catalogue of British Fossorial Hymenoptera, Formicidae, and 

Vespidae. By F. Smith, 12" 1858. 
List of British Diatomace». By Rev. W. Smith. 12" 1859. 
Catalogue of British Birds. By G. R. Gray. 8° 1863. 
Catalogue of British Fossil Crustacea. By H. Woodward. 8* 

London, 1877. 

Reports, &c. 

Report of a Committee of Natural History Science of the Royal 
Commission on the British Museum, folio. London, 1849. 

Communications made by the Architect and Officers to the Trustees 
respecting the Enlargement of the Building. 8° London, 1852. 
Further Communications, &c. 1859. 

40S83. E 


British Museum — cont. 
Reports, &c. — cont. 
Income and Expenditure, &c. folio. London, 1853-76. 
Report respecting certain Cylinders and Terra-cotta Tablets with 

Cuneiform Inscriptions. By Edward Hincks. 12° London, 1854. 
Statements and Suggestions respecting the Want of Space in that 

Institution. 8° London, 1857. 
Plan of Museum of Natural History : Report to Trustees. By Richard 

Owen. 8° London, 1859. 
Correspondence on the Subject of providing additional Accommoda- 
tion for the several Collections, folio. London, 1864. 
Report from the Principal Librarian, folio. London, 1864. 
A Letter to the Trustees of the British Museum on the Condition of 

the National Collection of Invertebrata. By -Philocosmos. 8° 

London, 1865. 
Correspondence as to the Woodhouse Collection of Antiquities, folio. 

London, 1867. 
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sugU Apennini e sul suolo adjacente. 2 vols. 4° Milano, 1814. 
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See Maps — Rome. 
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80 Strasbourg, 1819. f / i 

-See De la Beche, Sir H. T. 


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, Brief Statement of Pacts connected with his Scientific Pursuits ; 
more especially as they regarded the Improvement of Steam 
Navigation. 8° London, 1829. (Mus. P.— 28.) 

"BvoAerxpfWilliam John. 

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the genus Cymba. 4° London, 1830. 
Hints for collecting Animals and their Products. 8° London, 1832. 
(Murch. P.— 4.) 
See Berger, L. 

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A History of the Fossil Insects in the Secondary Rocks of England. 
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Histoire des Vegetaux Fossiles. 2 vols. 4'>'- Paris, 1828-37. 

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vne de leur classification botanique, et de leur description geolo- 
gique. 8° Paris, 1849. (Murch. P.— 90.) 

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Brongniairtj Alexandre. 

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2 vols. 8" Paris, 1807. 
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Memoirs sur les Terrains de Sediment Superieurs Calcareo-Trappdens 

du Vicentin, et sur quelques terrains d'ltalie, de France, ■ d'Alle- 

magne, &c., qui peuvent se rapporter- a la mftme 6pdque. 4° 

Paris, 1823. ' . 

Classification et Caractferes Mineralogiques des- Roches Homogeneset 

Heterogenes. S" Paris, 1827. 
T^-bleau des Terrains qui composent I'Ecorce du Globe, ou Essai sur 

la Structui'e de-la Partie connue de la Terre. 8° Paris, 1829. 
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dans le Cours de Mineralogie fait au Musluih Royal d'Histoire 

Naturelle. S" Paris, 1833. (Mus. P.— 31.) 
Premier Memoire sur les Kaolins ,ou Argiles h, Porcelaine, sur la 

Nature, le Gisement, I'Origine et I'Emploi de cette sorts d'Argile. 

4<> Paris, 1839. 
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s 2 


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Heidelberg, 1831. 

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Palaontologische CoUectaneen, hauptsachlich als Beliebiges Erganz- 
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AUgemeine Einleitung in die Naturgescliiclite. 8» Stuttgart, 1853. 

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dem Lettenkohlen-Sandsteine. 8" Stuttgart, 1858. 

Die Entwickelung der organischen Schopfung. 8° Stuttgart, 1858. 
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Welt wahrend der Bildungs-Zeit unserer Erd-Oberflache. 8° 
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A Familiar Introduction to Crystallography; including an explana- 
tion of the principle and use of the Goniometer. 8" London, 

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1 . — Histoire du Voyage. 6 vols. 

2. — Vnes et Scfeneg. 1 vol. 

3. — Antiquity des luoas, &c. 1 vol 

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Bibliogi'aphie de I'Archeologie Prehistorique de la Suede 

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p 2 


Catalogues — cont. 

Books. — A Keference Catalogue of Current Literature; with' a List 
of Pen Names, &c. 8" London, 1877. 
. Russian Literature. See Krebel, R. 
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Cabinet . . 8" Paris, 1774. 

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Fossilia Petriiicata. (MS.) 

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&c., published by the Admiralty. 8° London, 1847. 

Catalogue of Maps of the British Possessions in India and 

other parts of Asia ; published by order of the Secretary of State 
for India, 8° London, 1870. 

Catalogue of Maps, &c. of India and other parts of Asia ; 

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See also under Admiralty. Exhibitions — Industrial. 

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and Art Department. Transactions. 
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organischen Chemie des Dr. J. Liebig. 8° Wien, 1843. (Murch. 

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Padova, 1856. 
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Paleozoica. 4° Padova, 1856. 

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Discorrimenti sopra alcuni importanti fatti Geognostico-Paleozoici. 

80 Padova, 1865. (Mus. P.— 58.) 
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See Salina, Conte C. 

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until the opening of the Canal in 1854. 3 vols. 8° and 4" 
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-See Falconer, H. 
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Atlas. Benevento, 1853. 

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Collection in the British Museum. 4° 1855. 

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and other Manufactures of Great Britain. 8" London, 1721. 

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Paris, 1867. 
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Les Temps Prehistoriques dans le Sud-est de la France. Part 2. 

4° Montpellier, 1873. 

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carum ad Constantinorum tempera Orbis terrarum faciem declarans. 
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On the so-called Celtic Languages," in reference to the question of 
Pace. S" London, 1863. (Murch. P.— 26.) 

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2nd edition. 8° London, 1866. 
3rd edition. 8" London, 1870. 
4th edition. 8o London, 1874. 

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HaU Marks on Gold and Silver Plate. To which is added, a History 
of rOrfi^vrerie Fran9aise. 5th edition. 8" London, 1875. 


« Challenger,*' Voyage of the. See Thomson, Sir C. W. 
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Stratified Rocks. 8" n.p., 1855. (Murch. P.— 69.) 

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Chambers, Charles Karcourt. See Gastaldi, B. 
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chemical, mineralogical, and statistical information. 8° Worcester, 
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of Sea and Land. 8" Edinburgh, 1848. 
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Tertiaires et Quaternaires ; leurs Deltas — la P^riode Pluviaire— le 
Dauge. S" Nice, 1873. 
Chamisso, Adelhert Von. 

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navigatione terrae auspicante Comite N. Romanzoff, duce Ottone de 
Kotzebue, annis 1815-18, peracta observatis. 4" Berolini, 1819. 
(Mus. P.— L.) 

Champfleury, . 

Histoire des Faiences Patriotiques sous la Revolution. 8" JParis, 
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Chancourtois, de. See Elie de Beaumont, L. 

Channel Tunnel. 

The Channel Tunnel, or Submarine Railway between England and 

France. 8» London, 1874. (Mus. P 56.) 

See Reports — Channel Tunnel. 
*« Chanticleer," Voyage of the. 5ee Webster, W. H. B. 

Chantre, Ernest. 

Etudes Paleoethnologiques ; ou Recherches G^ologico-Archeolo- 
giques sur I'lndustrie et les Moeurs de I'Homme des Temps antfi- 
historiques, dans le Nord du Dauphin^ et les Environs de Lyon. 
4" Paris, 1867. 
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Voiron (Isere). folio. Grenoble, 1871. 

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(Murch. P.— 79.) 
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40883. o 


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a 2 


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4.0883. I 


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[These haye teen ascribed to De Foe.] 

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^theri&gef Bobert — cont. 

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Ueber die Entdeckung des NeuhoUandischen Charakters der 
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2 A.) 
Flint implements in the Drift ; being an account of further 

Discoveries on the Continent and in England. 4° London, 1862. 
The Ancient Stone Implements, Weapons, and Ornaments of Great 

Britain. 8° London, 1872. 

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A Report upon the Strength and other Properties of Anthracite Pig 
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See Maps — World. 


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some Remarks on the Geology, &c. 8" London, 1829. 

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Cambridge. 8» Boston (U.S.), 1846. (Murch. P.— 40.) 
Speech in support of the Memorial of Harvard, Williams, and 
Amherst Colleges. S" Cambridge (U.S.), 1849. (Murch. P.— 40.) 

Eversj Henry. 

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Latino, per M. Pietro Lauro. 8" Venetia, 1588. 

fvrard, Alfred. 

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Travaux Publics. Tome 1, 2. With Atlas. Paris, 1872. 

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Ewald, L. See Transactions — Darmstadt. 

Ewbank, Thomas. 

A Descriptive and Historical Account of Hydraulic and other 
Machines for Raising Water ; with the Development of the Steam 
Engine, &c. 14th edition. 8o New York, 1856. 

Exhibitions, Industrial. 

Dublin Exhibition, 1865. 

OflScial Catalogue, illustrated with engravings. 8° Turin, 1865. 
Flokence Exhibition, 1841. 
Rapporto della Pubblica Esposizione dei Prodotti di Arti a Mani- 
fatture Toscane, eseguita in Firenze nei Settembre 1841. 8'* 
Firenze, 1841. 

Havre Exhibition, 1868. 
Havre International Maritime Exhibition ; Rules and Regulations. 
8° London. 

London Exhibition, 1861. 

Official Catalogue of Exhibits. 4° London, 1851. 

Official and Descriptive Catalogue of the Works of Industry of all 

Nations. 3 vols. 8" London, 1851. 
Reports of the Jurors. 8" London, 1852. 

Reports 1-5 of the Commissioners. 3 vols. 8" London, 1852-67. 
Catalogue of Works on the Exhibition. By C. W. Dilke. 8" 

London, 1855. 

The Exposition of 1851. By C. Babbage. 8" London, 1851. 
Lectures on the Results. Delivered before the Society of Arts. 

By Whewell, De la Beche, &c. 2 vols. 8» London, 1852-53. 
The International Results of the Exhibition of 1851 By 

H. Cole. 8» London, 1853. ' 


Exitibitions, Industrial — cont. 
LoKDON Exhibition, 1862. 

Jury Directory. 8° London, 1 862. 

Official Catalogue of the Industrial Department. 8" London, 1862. 

Official Catalogue of the Fine Art Department. 8" London, 1862. 

List of the London Medal-holders. S" London, 1862. 

Report of the Commissioners. 8" London, 1863. 

Reports of the Juries, 8° London, 1863. 

Practical Mechanics' Journal. A Record of the Exhibition. 4° 

London, 1862. 
Fac-similes of the Egyptian Relics discovered at Thebes (circa 

B.C. 1800). By S. Birch, oblong folio. London, 1863. 
The Exhibited Machinery. See Clark, D. K. 
Tables of the Results of a Series of Experiments on the Strength 

of British, Colonial, and other Woods exhibited. By Capt. F. 

Fowke, R.E. 8° London, 1867. 
Handbook to the Industrial Department. See Hunt, Robert. 

Algiers. — Catalogue special, accompagne de Notices Historiques et 

Statistiques sur les Produits Agricoles et Industriels de I'Algerie. 

8" Paris, 1862. 
America. — Description of a large Collection of American Minerals, 

containing many hundred unique specimens of gigantic Crystals 

and Ores. 16° New York. 
Austria. — Austria at the International Exhibition of 1862. By Jos. 

Arenstein. 8° Vienna, 1862. 

The I. and R. Geological Institute of the Austrian Empire. 

Articles of Exhibition. 8° Vienna, 1862. 

Notice of the Objects sent by the Austrian State Railway 

Company. 4" Vienna, 1862. 

Belgium. — Catalogue des Produits industriels et des (Euvres d'Art. 

12° Bruxelles, 1862. 
Brazil. — Catalogo dos productos nacionaes e industriaes remettidos 

para a Exposi^ao em Londres. 8° Rio de Janeiro, 1862. 
Canada. — Descriptive Catalogue of a Collection of the Economic 

Minerals of Canada and of its Crystalline Rocks. By Sir W. E. 

Logan. 8° Montreal, 1862. 

Colonies, — ^Report upon some of the Colonial Medicinal Contribu- 
tions to the International Exhibition of 1862. By Charles Hunter. 
8° London, 1863. 

France. — Catalogue Officiel. 8° Paris, 1862. 

Comite des HoniUferes de la Loire. Note sur les Industries 

dont les Produits sont exposes sous le nom du Comite. 8° Saint 
Etienne, 1862. 

■Notices sur les ModMes, Cartes et Dessins relatifs aux 

Travaux Publics, reunis par les soins du Ministfere de I'Agrieul- 
ture, &c. 8° Paris, 1862. 

Apparatus, Machines, and Processes exhibited b}' Messrs. 

Laurens and Thomas, Engineers, Paris. 8° 1862. 

Chemical Products extracted from the Soda of Seaweeds 

manufacture at the Conquet (Finistfere). By Tissier. 


Exhibitions, Industrial — cont. 
London Exhibition, 1862 — cont. 

Germany. — Amtliclier Bericht : Bergbau, Steinbruchai-beiten, Metal- 
lurgie und Mineralien. 8° Berlin, 1863. 

Official Catalogue of the Mining and Metallurgical Products, 

Class I. in the ZoUverein Department. 8° Berlin, 1862. 
Hungary. — A few particulars regarding some of the Chief Pro- 
ductions of Hungary. Compiled (in respect to the International 
Exhibition of 1862) by Ladislas Korizmics. 8° London, 1862. 

India. — Official Classified and Descriptive Catalogue of the Contri- 
butions from India. Compiled by A. M. Dowleans. 4° Calcutta, 

Italy, — Official Descriptive Catalogue. 8° London, 1862. 

Reale Comitate Centrals Italiano : Atti official!. 4" Torino, 


Catalogo Descrittivo pubblicato per cura del E. Comitate 

Italiano : I. Mineralogia e Metallurgia. 8° Torino, 1862. 

Elenco degli Espositori Premiati. 8° Londra, 1872. 

Eelazione al Ministro d'Agricoltura, Industria e Commercio, 

dei R. Commissarii Generali. 8° Londra, 1862. 

Eelazione intorno agli esperimenti per la conversione in 

acciajo dei ferracci Italiani col processo Bessemer. Sheffield, 1862. 
Eelazioni dei Giurati. — Industria Mineraria e Metallurgica. 

8" London, 1863. 

The Mineral Resources of Central Italy, with a Description 

of the Mines and Marble Quarries. By W. P. Jervis. 8° London, 

Elenco generale degli oggetti spediti dal Governo Pontificio, 

per mezzo del Ministro del Commercio, &c. 8° Roma, 1862. 

Natal. — Descriptive Catalogue of the Natal Contribution to the 
Exhibition of 1862. By Dr. Mann. 8" London. 

New South Wales. — Catalogue of the Natural and Industrial 
Products of New South Wales ; with a Map and introductory 
Account of its Population, Commerce, and general Resources. '8° 
London, 1862. 

Nova Scotia. — Catalogue of the Nova Scotian Department. 8" 
Halifax, 1862. 

Portugal. — Catalogue des Produits Min^raux du Portugal. 8° 
London, 1862. 

— Estudos Geologicos ; Mineraes uteis e suas applica9oes; 

Metallurgia e Lavra de Minas. Relatorio sobre a Exposi9ao 
Universal. Por J. A. C. Das Neves Cabral. 80 Lisboa, 1864. 

Queensland. — Catalogue of the Natural and Industrial Products of 
Queensland. 8° London, 1862. 

Russia. — Catalogue of the Russian Section ; with a List of Awards. 
4" London, 1862. 

South Australia. — Account of the Colony, with a Catalogue of the 
Products exhibited. By F. Sinnett. 80 London, 1862. 

Sweden. — Catalogue of Works of Industry and Art sent from 
Sweden. 8° London. 


Exhibitions, Industrial — cont. 
London Exhibition, 1862 — cont. 

Tasmania. — The Products and Eeeources of Tasmania, as illustrated 
in the , Exhibition qf 1862. By George Whiting. With Ap- 
pendices on the Vegetable Products and Climate. 8" Hobart 
Town, 1862. 

Trinidad. — Descriptive Catalogue of the Collection sent from the 
Island of Trinidad. By H. Criiger. 8" London, 1862. 

London Exhibition, 1871. , 

Scientific Inventions. — Official Keports : Mechanical Inventions, by 
T. M. Goodeve ; Chemical Inventions, by F. A. Abel ; Prime 
Movers, by Lieut. T. English ; Traction Engines, by H. Sandham. 

Educational Works and Appliances. — Official Reports ; School- 
buildings, &c., by A. C. King; Books, Maps, &c., by E. P, 
Bartlett ; Toys and Games, by G. C. T. Bartley ; Materials for 
Science-teaching, by J. F. Iselin ; Materials for Art-teaching, by 
G. A. Stewart ; Musical Instruments,' &c., by J. HuUah. 

Manufactures. — Official Reports ; Earthenware, by C. D. Fortnum ; 
Porcelain, by C. Magniac and R. H. S. Smith ; Miscellaneous 
Pottery, by Leon Arnoux. 

Fine Arts Division.— Official Reports ; Paintings in Oil, by Sir 
Coutts Lindsay ; . Paintings in Water-colour, by S. Redgrave ; 
Painting (miscellaneous), by Sir M. D. Wyatt ; Mosaics and 
Stained Glass, by T. G. Parry. 

For Scientific Instruments' Exhibition, see Science and Art 

Moselle Exhibitions, 1829-44. 

Rapports.— Par MM. Bergery,raivre,&c. 8° Metz, 1829, 1834, 

New Yokk Exhibition, 1854. 

General Report of the British Commissioners. 1854. 

New Zealand Exhibition, 1865. 
Reports and Awards of the Jm'ors. 8° Dunedin, 1866. 

Paeis Exhibition, 1849. • 

A Report on the Eleventh French Exposition of the Products of 
Industry. By Matthew Digby Wyatt. folio. London, 1849. 

Paris Exhibition, 1855. ' 

Exposition des Produits de I'lndustrie de toutes les Nations, 1855. 

Catalogue Offlciel. 2nd edition. 8° Paris, 1855. 
Rapport sur I'Exposition Universelle de 1855. 8" Paris, 1857. 
Rapports du Jury Mixte International. 8° Paris, 1856. 
Les Cartes Geographiques. 8" Paris. 
Travaux du Comite Departemental du Bas Rhin. 8" Strasbourg, 


Rapport du Comite de I'Arrondissement de Valenciennes. Par 
Edmond Pesier. 8" Valenciennes, 1855. ■ ., 

Essai sur I'Art Industriel aux Expositions de Londres en 1851, 
et de Paris en 1855. Par Ch. Laboulaye. 80 Paris, 1856. 

Austria, — Catalogue des Envois de TEmpire d'Autriohe en 1855. 
2nd edition. S" Paris, 1855. 


Exhibitions, Xnd\istrial — cont, 

Paris Exhibition, 1855— cont. 

Austria. — Coup d'CEil g^ologique sur les Mines de la Monarchie 
Autrichienne. Redige par Fr. de Hauer etFr. Foetterle ; avec une 
Introduction par G. Haidinger. 8° Vienne, 1855. 

Bericht iiber die allgemeine Agricultur-und Industrie- 

Ausstelhing ku Paris im Jahre 1855. Von Eberhard A. Jonak. 
3 vols. 8° Wien, 1857-58. 

Bericht iiber die auf der Pariser Welt-Industrie-Ausstellung 

vorhandenen Producte des Bergbaues und Hiittenwesens. Von 

Peter Tunner. 8° Wien, 1855. 
Canada. — Esquisse Geologique du Canada. Par W. E. Logan et 

T. S. Hunt. 12" Paris, 1855. 
Denmark. — Catalogue des Produits du Danemark. 8" Paris, 1855. 
Germany. — AmtUclier Bericht iiber die allgemeine Pariser- Ausstel- 

lung von Erzeugnissen der Landwirthschaft, des Gewerbfleisses 

und der schonen Kunst. 8" Berlin, 1856. 

Catalogue des Produits du Royaume de Wurttemberg. 8° 

Stuttgart, 185S. 

Great Britain. — Report on the Results of the preliminary Measures 
for transmitting Works of Industry and Art to the Paris Uni- 
versal Exhibition, folio. London, 1855. 

Catalogue of the Works exhibited in the British Section 

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roflexiones del Contador D. Joseph de Villa SeSor y Sanchez. 4o 
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40883, T 


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[Review of the above Report. By Matthias Dunn. 8° London, 

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de la Suisse voisines du Mont-Blanc. 3 vols. 8° With folio Atlas. 
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Favre, Ernest. 

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Recherches geologiques dans la Partie Centrale de la Chatne du 
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1 2 ■ 


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Mietau, 1778. 
1st es vortheilhafter, die silber-haltigen Erze und Schmelzhiitten- 

produkte anzuquicken, als sie zu schmelzeh ? 16° Leipzig und 

Wien, 1787. 
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Korper in einander. 8° Berlin, 1788. 
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Lectures on Select Subjects in Mechanics, Hydrostatics, Pneumatics, 
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^iscorso sopra lo studio in vari tempi deUe scienze naturali in quest* 

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8» Freiburg i. B., 1871-73. 
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Inquiries respecting the Geological Eelations of the Beds between 
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Lunatic Asylums. 

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40883. „ 


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u 2 


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((See also under Maps.) 
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British Isles. 

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Vol. I., 1846. 

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Denudation of South Wales and the adjacent Counties of England. By A. 

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Connexion between the Distribution of the Existing Fauna and Flora of the 

British Isles, and the Geological Changes which have affected their area. 

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Influence of Magnetism and Voltaic Electricity on Crystallization, and other 

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Gogofau or Ogofau Mine, near Pumpsant, Caermarthenshire. By W. W. 

Mining Academies of Saxony and Hungary. By W. W. Smyth. 
Mining Establishment of France. By W. W. Smyth. 
Coal and Lignite raised, and Iron and Steel manufactured in France, 1844. 

By W. W. Smyth. 
Copper and Tin raised in Cornwall. By E. Hunt. 

Vol. II., 1846-48. 

Malvern Hills compared with the Palaeozoic Districts of Abberley, &o. By 
J. Phillips. ^ 

Palaiontological Appendix to the above. By J. Phillips and J. W. Salter. 

Vegetation of the Carboniferous Period, as compared with that of the 
Present Day. By Dr. Hooker. 

Peculiarities in the Structure of Stigmaria. By Dr. Hooker. 

Structure and Affinities of some Lepidostrobi. By Dr. Hooker. 

Asteriadae found Fossil in British Strata. By E. Forbes. 

Cystidea! of the Silurian Rocks of the British Islands. By E. Forbes. 

First Report on the Coals suited to the Steam Navy. By Sir H. T. De la 
Beche and Dr. L. Playfair; 

*NoTB. — The Maps and Sections of the Geological Survey of the United 
Kingdom are kept in the Geological Survey Office. A separate " Catalogue of the 
Publications of the Geological Survey of the United Kingdom " is published by 
the Geological Survey Office. 


Geological Surveys — cont. 
British Isles — cont. 

Memoirs, Vol. II. — cont. 

Experiment on the Influence of a weak Voltaic Current upon Matter. By 

R. Hunt. 
History of the Lead Mines of Cardiganshire. By B. Hunt. 
Mining Districts of Cardiganshire and Montgomeryshire. By W. W. 

Composition of some of the Limestone used for Building Purposes, especially 

on those employed in the erection of the New Houses of Parliament. By 

T. Kansome and B. Cooper. 
Produce of Lead Ore and Lead in the United Kingdom for the years 1845 

to 1847. 
Table of the Copper produced from the Mines of Cornwall and Devon, for 

the years 1845-7. 
Tables showing the Sales of Copper Ore at Swansea from 1804 to 1847. 

Vol. hi., 1866. 
North Wales. By A. C. Ramsay. With Appendix, by J. W. Salter. 

Vol. IV., 1872. 

London Basin. By William Whitaker. Parts by H. W. Bristow and 
T. McK. Hughes. 

Memoiks relating to England, published separately. 8° 
Altrincham (country round). By E. Hull. 1861. 
Banbury, Woodstock, Bicester, and Buckingham. By A. H. Green 

and E. Etheridge. 1864. 
Berkshire and Hampshire (parts of). By H. W. Bristow and 

W. Whitaker. 1862. 
Blackpool, Poulton, and Fleetwood (country round). By C. E, 

De Kance. 1875. 
Bolton-le-Moors (country round). By E. HuU and J. W. Salter. 

Burnley Coalfield, and country round Clitheroe, Blackburn, Preston, 

Chorley, Haslingden, and Todmorden. By E. Hull, J. R. Dakyns, 

E. H. Tiddeman, J. C. Ward, W. Gunn, C. E. De Eance, and 

R. Etheridge. 1875. 
Cheltenham (country round). By E. Hull. 1857. 
Cornwall, Devon, and West Somerset. By Sir H. T. De la Beche. 

Cornwall, Devon, and West Somerset (Palaeozoic Fossils of). By 

J. Phillips. 1841. 
Derbyshire and parts of Yorkshire. By A. H. Green, C. Le Neve 

Foster, J. E. Dakyns, and E. Etheridge. 1869. 
Dewsbury, Huddersfield, and Halifax. By A. H. Green, J. R. 

Dakyns, J. C. Ward, and E. Eussell. 1871. 
Euglish Lake District (northern part of). By J. Clifton Ward. 

8° 1876. 
Folkestone and Eye (country between, including Eomney Marsh). 

By F. Drew and E. Etheridge. 1864. 
Furness (southern part). By W. T. Aveline. 1873. 
Harrogate (country north and east of). By C. Fox-Strangways. 

Isle of Wight (Tertiary fluvio-marine formation of). By E. Forbes. 



Geological Surveys — cout. 
British Isles — cont. 
Memoirs relating to England — cont. 

Isle of Wight. By W. H. Bristow and E. Etheridge. And Notes 
on the Eocene Flora of Alum Bay, by P. De la Harpe and J. 
W. Salter. 1862. 

Kendal, Sedbergh, Bowness, and Tebay. By W. T. Aveline and 

T. McK. Hughes. 1872. 

Kirkby Lonsdale and Kendal. By W. T. Aveline, T. McK. 

Hughes, and R. H. Tiddeman. 1872. 

Lancashire (country adjoining coasts of south-west of). By C. E. 

De Ranee and R. Etheridge. 1877. 
Leeds (Carboniferous rocks north and east of), and Permian and 

Triassic rocks about Tadcaster. By W. T. Aveline, A. H. 

Green, J. R. Dakyns, J. C. Ward, and R. Russell. 1870. 
Leicestershire Coal Field, and country round Ashby-de-la-Zouch. 

By E. HuU. 1860. 
Leicestershire (part of). By W. T. Aveline, H. H. Howell, and 

R. Etheridge. 1860. 
Liverpool and Southport (country between). By C. E. De Ranee.. 

London and neighbourhood. By W. Whitaker. 1875. 
Middlesex, Hants, Bucks, Berks, and Surrey (parts of). By W. 

Whitaker. 1864. 
Midland.Counties (Triassic and Permian rocks). By E.Hull. 1869. 
Northamptonshire (part of). By W. T. Aveline, E. Trench, and 

E. Etheridge. 1860. 
Northamptonshire and Warwickshire (parts of). By W. T. Aveline 

and R. Etheridge. 1861. 
Nottingham (country round). By W. T. Aveline. 1861. 
Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire (parts of). By W. T. Aveline. 

Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire, and Derbyshire (parts of). By W. 

T. Aveline. 1861. 
Oldham (country round ; including Manchester and suburbs). By 

E. Hull and J. W. Salter. 1863. 
Oxfordshire and Berkshire (parts of). By E. Hull, W. Whitaker, 

and R. Etheridge. 1861. 
Prescot (country round). By E. Hull. 2nd edition. 1865. 

Rutland, and parts of Lincoln, Leicester, Northampton, Huntingdon, 

and Cambridge ; with Essay on the classification and correlation 

of the Jurassic rocks of the Midland District of England. By 

J. W. Judd and R. Etheridge. 1875. 
Somerset (East) and the Bristol Coal-fields. By H. B. Woodward, 

H. W. Bristow, W. A. E. Ussher, J. H. Blake, and R. Etheridge. 

— With Appendix : — On the Microscopic Characters of Eruptive 

Rocks, by F. Rutley. 1876. 
Southport, Lytham, and South Shore (country round). By C. E. 

De Ranee. 1872. 
South Staffordshire Coal Field. By J. B. Jukes. 2ud edition. 



Geological Surveys — cont. 
British Isles — cont. 

Memoirs relating to England — cont. 
Stockport, MacclesBeld, Congleton, and Leek (country round). By 

E. Hull, A. H. Green, and R. Etheridge. 1866. 
Warwickshire Coal Field. By H. H. Howell. 1859. 
Weald (parts of the counties of Kent, Surrey, Sussex, and Hants), 

By W. Topley and R. Etheridge. 1875. 
Wigan (country round). By E. Hull and J. W. Salter. 2nd edition. 

Wiltshire and Gloucestershire (parts of). By A. C. Ramsay, W. 

T. Aveline, E. Hull, and R. Etheridge. 1858. 
Woodstock (country round). By E. Hull and R. Etheridge. 1859. 
Yorkshire Coalfield (part of). By A. H. Green, J. R. Dakyns, 

and J. C. Ward. 1869. 

Decades. 4«. 

British Organic Remains. Decades 1-13. By E. Forbes, J. W. 
Salter, S. P. Woodward, Sir P. De M. Grey Egerton, A. Giinther, 
and T. H. Huxley. 1849-72. . 
Decades 1, 3-5. — ^Echinodermata. 
„ 2, 7, II.— Trilobites. 
„ 6, 8-10, 13.— Fish. 
„ 12. — Crossopterygian Ganoids. 

Monographs, folio. 

British Organic Remains. Monographs 1-3. By T. H. Huxley 
and J. W. Salter. 1869-64. 

Monograph 1. — Genus Ptery^otas. 

„ 2. — Structure of the Belemnitidse. 

„ 3. — Crocodilian Remains in the Elgin Sandstones, &c. 

Colonial Suetets (published under authority of the Bkitish 
Government). 8°. 

British Guiana. By C. B. Brown. 1875. 

Jamaica. By James G. Sawkins. 1869. 

Trinidad. By G. P. WaU. 1860. 

Iron Ores. 8°. 

Part 1. — North and Midland Counties. 1856. 
„ 2.— South Staffordshire. 1858. 
„ 3,— South Wales. 1861. 
„ 4. — Shropshire Coal Field and North Staffordshire. 1862. 

Memoirs (Explanations) relating to Ireland. 8". 

Armagh (country round). By F. W. Egan. 1873. 

Bangor, Newtownards, Comber, and Saintfleld (country round). 

By E. Hull, J. L. Warren, W. B. Leonard, and W. H. Baily. 

Belfast, Lisburn, and Moira (country round). Bv E. Hull, J. L. 

Warren, W. B. Leonard, and W. H. Baily. 1871. 
Clare (part of). By G. H, Kinahan, F. J. Foot, and W. H. 

Baily. 1862. 


Creological Surveys — com. 

British Isles — eont. 

Memoirs relating to Ireland — cont. 

Clare and Gralway (parts of). By F. J. Foot. 1863. 

Clare and Kerry (parts of). By F. J. Foot and W. H. Bailv 
1860. ^ 

Clare, Kerry, and Limerick (parts of). By J. B, Jukes, G. H. 
Kinahan, F. J. Foot, and W. H. Baily. 1860. 

Clare and Limerick (parts of). By J. B. Jukes, G. H. Kinahan, 
and W. H. Baily. 1860. 

Clare, Tipperary, and Limerick (parts of). By G. H. Kinahan 

and A. B. Wynne. 1861. 
Cork (part of). By J. B. Jukes and G. V. Du Noyer. 1861-62. 
Cork (part of), including Bantry, Skibbereen, &c. By G. H. 

Kinahan. 1861. 

. By J. B. Jukes and W. H. Baily. 1864. 

Cork and Kerry (parts of). By J. B. Jukes, G. H. Kinahan, 

G. V. Du Noyer, and W. H. Baily. 1860-64. 
Cork and Limerick (parts of). By J. B. Jukes, A. B. Wynne, 

and W. H. Baily. 1859. 

Cork and Waterford (parts of). By J. B. Jukes and A. B. Wynne. 

Cork, Waterford, and Tipperary (parts of). By J. B. Jukes and 

A. B. Wynne. 1861. 

Down and Armagh (parts of). By F. W. Egan and W. H. Baily. 

Downpatrick, Dundrum Bay, and Strangford Lough (country 

round). By W. A. Traill and F. W. Egan. 1871. 
Dublin, Kildare, and Meath (parts of). By J. B. Jukes and G. V. 

Du Noyer. 1860-61. 

Dublin and Meath (parts of). By J. B. Jukes, G. V. Du Noyer, 

and W. H. Baily. 1861. 
Edgeworthstown, Castle Pollard, and Kells (country round). By 

E. J. Cruise and W. H. Baily. 1872. 

Elphin, Frenchpark, and Ballaghadereen (country round). By E. 
Hull, S. B. Wilkinson, R. J. Cruise, and W. H. Baily. 1874. 

Galway (part of). By G. H. Kinahan, H. Leonard, and R. J. 

Cruise. 1871. 
Galway Bay (north of). By G. H. Kinahan. 1869. 
Galway and Clare (partsof). By G. H. Kinahan. 1863. 
Galway, Clare, and Tipperary (parts of). By G. H. Kinahan 

and W. H. Baily. 1865. 

Galway and Roscommon (parts of). By J. B. Jukes, F. J. 

Foot, G. H. Kinahan, and R. G. Symes. 1867. 
Headford and Oughterard (country around). By G. H. Kinahan 

and J. Nolan. 1870. 
Kerry (parts of). By J. B. Jukes, G. V. Du Noyer, A. B. Wynne, 

G. H. Kinahan, F. J. Foot, and W. H. Baily. 1859-63. 

Kerry and Limerick (parts of). By J. B. Jukes, G. H. Kinahan, 

F. J. Foot, and W. H. Baily. 1860. 

40833. M 9 


Geological Surveys — cont. 
British Isles — cont. 
Memoirs relating to Ireland — cont. 

Kildare and Queen's County (parts of). By J. B. Jukes, G. H. 

Kinahan, and W. H. Baily. 1859. 
Kilkenny, Carlow, and Wexford (parts of). By J. B. Jukes and 

W. H. Baily. 1861. 
Kilkenny and Tipperary (parts of). By J. B. Jukes, F. J. Foot, 

J. O'Kelly, and W. H. Baily. 1861. 
King's County, Queen's County, Galway, and Tipperary (parts , 

of). By J. O'Kelly. 1866. 
Limerick and Cork (parts of). By J. B. Jukes, G. H. Kinaliau, 

J. O'Kelly, and W. H. Baily. 1861. 
Limerick and Tipperary (parts of). By J. B. Jukes and J. O'Kelly. 

Limerick, Tipperary, and Clare (parts of). By J. B. Jukes, A. B. 

Wynne, and G. H. Kinahan. 1860. 
Londonderry, Tyrone, and Fermanagh . (parts of). By J. E. 

Portlock. 1843. 
Louth, Meath, and Monaghan (parts of). By E. Hull, W. B. 

Leonard, and W. H. Baily. 1871. 
Mayo (part of). By E. G. Symes and W. H. Baily. 1872. 
Mayo, Galway, Roscommon, and Longford (parts of). By G. 

H. Kinahan, R. G. Symes, and W. H. Baily. 1871. 
Meath, Dublin, and Kildare (parts of). By G. V. Noyer and 

W. H. Baily. 1860. 
Meath, Louth, and Dublin (parts of). By E. Hull, J. R. Cruise, 

and W. H. Baily. 1871. 
Newtown Hamilton, Keady, and Castleblayney. By F. W. Egan 

and W. H. Baily. 1877. 
Queen's County (part of). By M. O'Kelly and W. H. Baily. 1862. 
Queen's County, Kilkenny, and Tipperary (parts of). By J. B. 

Jukes and F. J. Foot. 1860. 
Roscommon, Leitrim, Longford, Cavan, and Meath. By W. B. 

Leonard, E. J. Cruise, and W. H. Baily. 1873. 
Tipperary (parts of). By J. B. Jukes, A. B. Wynne, J. O'Kelly. 

G. V. Du Noyer, and W. H Baily. 1860. 

Tipperary and King's and Queen's Counties (parts of). By J. B. 
Jukes and A. B. Wynne. 

Tyrone Coal-field, &c. By E. T. Hardman and W. H. Baily. 

Waterford, Wexford, Kilkenny, and Tipperary (parts of). By G. 
^ V. Du Noyer and W. H. Baily. 1865. 
Westmeath, Meath, Kildare, and King's Counties. By J. B. 

Jukes and G. V. Du Noyer. 1860. 
Westmeath, Roscommon, Galway, Longford, and King's Co. 

(parts of). By F. J. Foot, J. O'Kelly, and G. V. Du Noyer. 

Wicklow and Dublin (parts of). By J. B. Jukes, G. V. Du Noyer, 

and W. H. Baily. 1869. 

Data and Descriptions. 1858. 
-See Griffith, Sir R. 


Geological Surreys — eont. 
British Isles — coDt. 

Memoies relating to Scotland. 8° 
Berwickshire (eastern). By A. Geikie. 1863. 
East Lothian ; with parts of the Counties of Edinburgh and 
Berwick. By H. H. Howell, A. Geikie, J. Young, and J. W. 

'. Edinburgh (neighbourhood of). By H. H. Howell, A. Geikie, and 

J. W. Salter. 1861. 


Explanations of the Maps. By A. Geikie, &c. 8° Edinburgh 
1869-73. ^ 

Ayrshire (southern). 1869. 

(coast of ) . 1869. 

(south-western). 1869. 

(north), with parts of Renfrewshire and Lanarkshire. 1872. 

Dumfriesshire (north-west), Lanarkshire (south), and Ayrshire 

(south-east). 1871. 
Kirkcudhright (north-east), and Dumfriesshire (south-west). 1877. 
Lanarkshire (central). 1873. 

Peeblesshire ; with parts of Lanark, Edinburgh, and Selkirk. 1869. 
Wigtonshire — Mull of Galloway. 1872. 

Burrow Head. 1873. 

(western). 1873. 

Reports of the Director-General of the Geological Survey, the 
Museum of Practical Geology, the Royal School of Mines, and 
the Mining Record Office, for the years 1855-1876. 

See Jukes, J. B. Museum of Practical Geology. Maccul- 
loch, J. Museums — Edinburgh. 


Geological Survey of Canada. — Reports of Progress, for the years 

1844-58. By W. E. Logan (Director). 5 vols. 8° Montreal, 

Reports of Progress, from the commencement to the year 

1869. By Sir W. E. Logan (Director), Alex. Murray, T. S. 

Hunt, and E. BiUings. With Maps and Sections. 4 vols. 

8'' Montreal, 1863-70. 

Reports of Progress, for the years 1870-76. By Alfred 

R. C. Selwyn (Director). 6 vols. 8° Montreal, 1870-77, 

Dec^es 1-4. Figures and Descriptions of Canadian 

Organic Remains. By Sir W. E. Logan (Director), J. W. 
Salter, James HaU, E. Billings, and T. Rymer Jones. 8° Mon- 
treal, 1858-65. 
Minerals of Canada. See Exhibitions — Industrial ; Lon- 
don, 1862; Philadelphia, 1876. 

Palaeozoic Fossils, containing Descriptions and Figures of 

new or little-known Species from the Silurian Rocks. By E. 
Billings. Vol. 1, 2 (part 1). 8° Montreal, 1863-74. 

' Catalogues of the Silurian Fossils of the Island of Anti- 

costi. By E. Billings. 8» Montreal, 1866. 

• Reports on the Gold Region of the County of Hastings. 

By T. Sterry Hunt and A. Michell. 8» Montreal, 1867. 



Geological Surveys — cont. 
Canada — cont. 
Geological Survey of Canada.— The Fossil Plants of the Devonian 
and Upper Silurian Formations of Canada. By J. W. Dawson. 
80 Montreal, 1871.. 

Report on the Fossil Plants of the Lower Carboniferous 

and MiUstone Grit Formations of Canada. By J. W. Dawson. 
8° Montreal, 1873. 

Observations sur la Partie Chimique du Eapport de Progrfes pour 

I'annee 1847-48, de I'Exploration Geologique du Canada. Par 

M. de Rottermund. 8° Montreal, 1850. 
Second Rapport sur I'Exploration des Lacs Superieur et Huron. 

Par le Comte de Rottermund. 8° Toronto, 1857. (Murch. P. 

North American Boundary Commission. See America. 

Surveys published by British Government. See under British 
Isles— Colonial Surveys. 
Dead Sea. See Lartet, L. 


Orographisch-geognostische Uebersicht der [Regierungsbezirkes 
Diisseldorf. Von Dr. H. von Dechen. 8° Iserlohn, 1864. 


Aquitaine. — ^Notes geologiques. Par V. Raulin. 8° Bordeaux 

and Paris, 1859. 
Aube. — Statistique geologique et mineralogique (avec Atlas). 

Par A. Leymerie. 8° Troyes, 1846. 
Bas-Rhin. — Description geologique et mineralogique. Par A. 

Daubi-ee. 8" Strasbourg, 1852. 
Basses Alpes. — Statistique mineralogique. Par Scipion Gras. 8" 

Grenoble, 1840. 
Calvados.— Essai sur la Topographic geognostique. Par M. de 

Caumont. 8° Caen, 1 828. 
Charente. — Description physique, geologique, pal6ontologique et 

mineralogique. Par H. Coquand. 2 vols. 8° Besan90n, 

Correze. — Explications de la Carte geologique. Par M. De 

Boucheporn. 8° Paris, 1848. 
C6tes-du-Nord. — Carte geologique. Par M. Eugene de Fourcy, 

8° Paris, 1844. 
Dauphin^. — Description geologique : Isfere, Drome, Hautes Alpes. 

Par C. Lory. Partie 2. 8° Paris and Grenoble, 1861. 
Finistere. — Carte geologique. Par E. de Fourcy. 8° Paris, 1844. 
Haut-Rhin. — Description geologique et mineralogique. Par J. 

Delbos et J. Koechlin-Schlumberger. 2 vols. S" Mulhouse, 

Herault. — Statistique du Ddpartement. Par Hippolyte Creuze de 

Lesser. 4° Montpellier, 1824. — 

Loire. — Description geologique et mineralogique. Par L. Gruner. 

8° With folio Atlas. Paris, 1857-58. 


Geological Surveys — cont. 
France — cont. 

L/on. — Societe de la Carte geologique eu France. Discussion des 

Statuts. 8" Lyon, 1869. (Mus. P.— 53.) 
Morbihan. — Carte geologique. Par MM. Theodore Lorieux et 

Eugene de Fourcy. 8° Paris, 1848. 
Oise. — Essai sur la Topographie geognostique. Par L. Graves. 

8° Beauvais, 1847. 
Orne. — Etudes geologiques. Par M. Blavier. 8° Mans, 1840. 
Seine et Marne. — Essai d'une Description geologique. Par M. 

de Senarmont. 8° Paris, 1844. 
Seine et Oise. — ^Essai d'une Description geologique. Par M. de 

Senarmont. 8» Paris, 1844. 
, Tarn. — Explication de la Carte geologique. Par M. de Bouche- 

porn. 8° Paris, 1848. 
Var. — Description mineralogique et geologique. Par le Comte H. 

de Villeneure-Flayosc. 8" Paris, 1856. 
Vaucluse. — Description geologique, suivie d'une Notice sur les 

Mines et Carrieres. Par Scipion Gras. 8° Paris, 1862. 
Vendee. — Le Boccage. See Fournel, H. 

Germany. See Maps, &c. 


Geognostische Karte vom Konigreich Hannover. Von H. Roemer, 
Parti, folio. Berlin, 1852. 

Holland. See Netherlands. 


Mittheilungen aus dem Jahrbuche der kon. ungar. geologischen 
Anstalt. Vols. 1-4. 8° Pest, 1872-75. 

Mineralogical Eeport upon a Portion of the Districts of Nellore, 

Cuddapah, and Guntoor. By Lieut. Ouch'terlony. 8" Madras, 

Damoodah Coal Field. (Map and Sections.) 1847. 
Valley. By D. H. Williams. 8« London, 1850. 

(Murch. P.-.33.) 
Eeport of the Geological Survey of India, for the Season of 1 848-49. 
; . By J. M'Clelland. 4» Calcutta 1850. 

Annual Reports of the Geological Survey of India, and of the 

Museum of Geology, Calcutta, 1852-67. Published under the 

direction of Thomas 'Oldham. 8" Calcutta, 1852-68. 
Memoirs of the Geological Survey of India. Published under the 

direction of Thomas Oldham. Vol. 1-13. 8° Calcutta, 1859-77. 
Palseontologia Indica. Published under the direction of 

Thomas Oldham. Vol. 1-5. 4° Calcutta, 1865-75. 

Vol. 1. Fossil Cephalopoda of the Cretaceous Rooks of Southern India. 
By H. F. Blanford and F. Stoliczka. 
„ 2-4. Cretaceous Faima of Southern India. By F. Stoliczka. 
„ 5. Jurassic Fauna of Kutch. — Cephalopoda. By William Waagen. 

Records of the Geological Survey of India. Published under the 
direction of Thomas Oldham. Vol. 1-9. 8" Calcutta, 1870-76. 

N 2 


Geological Surveys — ^cont. 
India — cont. 
Catalogue of the Geological Museum in coanexion with the Geolo- 
gical Survey of India, Calcutta. Part 1. — Minerals. Published 
under the direction of Thomas Oldham. 8° Calcutta, 1857. 
(Murch. P.— 66.) 
Geological Map of a Portion of Central India : — Saugor and 

Nerbudda Territories. Calcutta, 1858. 
Memorandum on the Salt-range of the Punjab, &c. By T. Oldham. 

80 1864. 
Mineral Statistics :— Coal. By T. Oldham. 8° Calcutta, 1869. 
See Markham, C. 

Memorie per servire alia descrizione della Carta geologica d'ltalia, 
pubblicate a cura del E. Comitato geologico del Regno. 2 vols. 
4<> Firenze, 1871-74. 
Vol. 1, 1871. Western Alps, by B. Gastaldt ; Minerals, by Striiver. 

Tertiary Formation of Sicilian .Sulphur Districts. By S. Mottura. 
Geology of Elba. By I. Cocchi. 
Pliocene Malacology. By C. d'Ancona. 
,, 2, 1873. Geology of Ischia. By C. W. C. Fuchs. 

Geology of St. Gotthard Chain. By F. Giordano. 

Tertiary Formation of Sicilian Sulphur District. Appendix, by 

S. Mottura. 
PUocene Malacology, No. 2. By G. d'Ancona. 
Western Alps, No. 2. By B. Gastaldi. 

Cenni intorno ai lavori per la Carta geologica d'ltalia in grande 

scala. Per P. Zezi. 8° Roma, 1875. 
BoUettino del R. Comitato geologico d' Italia. Anno 1-7. 8" 
Roma, 1870-76. 
Jamaica. See British Isles — Colonial Surveys. 

Yesso Coals. By Henry S. Munroe. 8° Tokei, 1874. 
The Gold Fields of Yesso. By Henry S. Munroe. 8° Tokio, 1875. 
Reports and Official Letters. By Horace Capron. (Geological, 
Trigonometrical, and Botanical Surveys.) 8° Tokei, 1875. 

Hokkiado. By Murray S. Day, Benjamin Smith Lyman, and 

Henry S. Munroe. 
Yesso. By WiUiam P. Blake, Louis Bohmer, Murray S. Day, Ben- 
jamin Smith Lyman, A. G. Warfield, and James E. Wasson. 

Lorraine. See Alsace-Lorraine. 

Description geognostique du Grand Duche. Par A. Engelspach- 

Lariviere. 4° Bruxelles, 1828. 
Aperfu general de la Constitution geologique et de la richesse 
mineral. Par Ch. Clement. 8° Luxembourg, 1864. 

Verhandelingen der Commissie voor de Geologische Kaart van 

Nederland. Deel 1-2. 8" Haarlem, 1853-4. 
De Geologic van Nederland. Handleiding voor de Bezigtigers 
der Verzameling welke op het Paviljoen te Haarlem bijeenge- 
bragt is. 4° Haarlem 1853. 
iVctti Brunswick. 

Report 1. By Abraham Gesner. 8<> Saint John, 1839. (Murch. P. 


Geological Surveys — cont. 
New Brunswick — cont. 

Five Eeports of the Geological Survey of New Brunswick. By 

Abr. Gesner. 8» St. John, 1839-43. 
Report on the Mines and Minerals. By L. W. Bailey. 8° Frede- 

ricton, 1864. 
Observations on the Geology of Southern New Brunswick. By 

L.W.Bailey. 8° Fredericton, 1865. 


General Report of the Geological Survey, executed during the 

Years 1839-40. By J, B. Jukes. 8" London, 1843. 
Report on the Geology, for 1865. By Alex. Murray. With Re- 
port and Appendix, by Sir W. E. Logan. 8» Montreal, 1866. 

Reports upon the Geological Survey. By A. Murray. 8" St. 
John's, 1870, 1872, 1874. 

Neto South Wales. 

Reports. By S. Stutchbury. folio. Sydney, 1851— 55. 

Report, by W. B. Clarke ; also Report on the Auriferous Quartz 

from the Fingal District, 1852-57. folio. Sydney. 
Correspondence concerning Petroleum, folio. Sydney, 1867. 
Tin-bearing Country, New England. By Surveyor Wilkinson. 

folio. Sydney, 1873. 

New Zealand. 

Eeports on: — 1. Geology of the Province of Auckland. — 2. Gold 

Fields of Otago. — 3. Geological Expedition to the West Coast of 

Otago. — 4. Coal and Building Stones of Otago. folio. 1859-64. 
Report on the Western Districts of Nelson Province. By Julius 

Haast. 8» Nelson, 1861. 
Reports of Progress. By J. Coutts Crawford, James Hector, &c. 

folio. Wellington, 1861-67. 
Reports on the Geology of Canterbury. Also, on the Head-wstters of 

the River Waitak, by Julius Haast. folio. Christchurch, 1862-65. 
Report on the Coal Deposits of New Zealand. By James Hector. 

8° Wellington, 1866. 
Reports on the Colonial Museum and Laboratory. By James 

Hector. 8" Wellington, 1866-70. 
Botanical Notes on the Kaikoura Mountains and» Mount Egmont. 

By John Buchanan. 8° Wellington, 1867. 
Reports of Progress. By James Hector. 8° Wellington, 1868-71. 
Catalogue of the Bu'ds of New Zealand. By Frederick Wollaston 

Hutton. 8» Wellington, 1871. 
Geological Sketch Map of New Zealand. By James Hector. 

Wellington, 1873. 
Report on the Geology and Gold Fields of Otago. By F. W. 

Hutton and G. H. F. Ulrich. With Appendices, by J. G. Black 

and J. McKerrowI 80 Dunedin, 1875. 

Nova Scotia. .. 

Papers on the Gold Fields, including Messrs. Poole and Campbell's 

Reports, folio. Halifax, 1861. 
Mines and Minerals. — Coal, folio. Halifax, 1864. 


Geological Surveys — cont. 
Nova Scotia — cont. 

Report on the Mineralogy. By Henry How. 8° Halifax, 1869. 
Report of the Department of Mines. 8° Halifax, 1876. 

Palestine. See Lartet, L. 


Relatorio acerca das Minas do Brafal, Palhal, Carvalhal, e Penna 

no districto administrativo de Aveiro. Par J. A. Cesar das Neves 

Cabral. 8° Lisboa, 1859. 
Flore Fossile du Terrain Carbonifere des Environs du Porto, Serra 

do Bussaco, et Moinho d'Ordem pres d'Alcacer do Sal. [In 

French and Portuguese.] Por B. A. Gomes. 4" Lisbonne, 


Notice sur les Squelettes humains decouverts au Cabefo d'Arruda. 

[In French and Portuguese.] Por F. A. Pereira da Costa. 4° 

Lisboa, 1865. 
Description du Terrain quaternaire des Bassins du Tage et du Sado. 

Por C. Ribeiro. 4° Lisbonne, 1866. 
Gasteropodes des Depots tertiaires du Portugal. [In French and 

Portuguese.] Por P. da Costa. 4" Lisbonne, 1866-67. 
Memoria sobre o Abastecimento de Lisboa com aguas de nascente e 

aguas de rio. Por C. Ribeiro. 4" Lisboa, 1867. 
Notice sur les Grottes de C^sareda. [In French and Portuguese.] 

Por J. F. N. Delgado. 4° Lisboa, 1867. 
Notions sur I'Etat prehistorique de la Terre et de I'Homme, suivies 

de la description de quelques Dolmens ou Antas du Portugal. [In 

French and Portuguese.] Por F. A. Pereira da Costa. A'* 

Lisbonne, 1868. 

Prince Edward Island. 

Report. By J. W. Dawson and B. J. Harrington. 8° Montreal, 
1871. , 


Einleitende Bemerkungen zu der geologischen Specialkarte von 

Preussen und den Thiiringischen Staaten. 8" Berlin, 1870. 
Abbandlungen. Vol. 1, part 1-4 ; Vol. 2, part 1. With folio 

Atlas. 8° Berlin, 1872-76. 
Erlauterungen. No. 52-360 (not consecutive). 8° Berlin, 1870-76. 
Maps. No. 237-369. (In progress.) 

Reports. By Richard Daintree. folio. Brisbane, 1868-69. 
Saint Gothard. 

Geologische Tabellen und Durchschnitte iiber den Grossen Gott- 
hardtunnel. Lief. 1-3. folio. Ziirich, 1876. 


Geognostische Beschreibung des Konigreichs Sachsen. Von 
C. F. Naumann und B. Cotta. Heft 1-5. Dresden, 1845. 

Geologie von Oberschlesien. Von Ferd. Roemer. 2 vols. With 
Atlas. 8<> Breslau, 1870. 


Geological Surveys — cont. 

Eegistro j Eelacion general de Minas de la Corona de Castilla. Per 

Th. Gonzalez. 2 vols. 8° Madrid, 1832. 
Memorias sobre las Minas nacionales de Rio Tinto. Por Don 
Joaquin Ezquerra del Bayo. 4° Madrid, 1852. 

Por A. L. Anciola y Eloy de Cossio. 8" With Atlas. 

Madrid, 1856. 
Descripcion geol6gica industrial de la Cuenca Carbonifera de San 
Juan de las Abadesas en la Provincia de Gerona. Por Don A. 
Maestre. 4° Madrid, 1855. 
Memoria geognostico-agricola sobre la Provincia de Castellon. Por 

Don Juan Vilanova y Piera. 4° Madrid, 1859. 
Descripcion f isica y geol6gica de la Provincia de Madrid. Por Don 

Casiano de Prado. folio. Madrid, 1864. 
Statistique des Mines de I'Espagne. Par Greg, de Balliano. 49 

Paris, 1865. 
Boletin de la Comision del Mapa Geoldgico de Espana. Tomo 3. 
8" Madrid, 1876. 

See Lujan, F. de. Schulz, G, 
Nigra Ord till belysning af den Geologiska Kartan ofver Fyris- 

i,ns Dalbacken. 8° Stockbolm, 1857. (Murch. P.— 21.) 
Sveriges geologiska Undersokning, pS, offentlig Bekostnad utford 
under Ledning af Axel Erdmann ; (now) Otto Torell. — Memoirs 
relating to Maps, Nos. 1-49 (in 5 vols. 8"). — Maps, Nos. 1-49 
(in 5 cases). Stockholm, 1862-75. (In progress.) 
Beitrage zur geologischen Karte der Schweiz : — 

Vol. 1. Geognostische Skizze des Kantons Basel. Von Alb. Miiller. 4° 
Neuenburg, 1862. 
„ 2. Geologische Beschreibnng der nordostlichen Gebirgc von Grau- 

biinden. Von G. Theobald. 4° Neuenbuig, 1863. 
„ 3. Geologische Beschreibung von Granbiinden. Von G. Theobald. 

4» Bern, 1866. 
„ 4. Der Aargauer-Jura und die nordlichen Gebiete des Kantons 

Zurich. Von Gasimir Moeseh. 4° Bern, 1867. 
„ 5. Geologische Beschreibung des PUatus. Von Franz Joseph Kauf- 

mann. 4° Bern, 1867. 
„ 6. Description glologjque du Jura Vaudois et Neuch&telois. Par 
Auguste Jaccard. 4° Bern, 1867. 

„ 7. Supplement, 1870. 

„ 8. Description geologique du Jura Bernois et de quelques districts 

adjacents. Par J. Bte. Greppin. 4° Bern, 1870. 
„ 9. Das s-iidwestliehe Wallis. Von H. Gerlaeh. 4° Bern, 1871. 
„ 10. Der siidliche Aargauer-Jura und seine Umgebungen. Von Casimlr 

Moeseh. 4° Bern, 1874. 
„ 1 1 . Eigi und Molassegebiet der Mittelschweiz. Von P. J. Kaufiuann. 

4° Bern, 1872. 
„ 12. Apergu geologique sur les Alpes de Fribourg en general et description 

sp^ciale du Monsalvens. Par V. Gilli&on. 4° Bern, 1873. 
„ 14. Molasse und jiingere Ablagerungen. Von A. GutzwiUer. 4° 

Bern, 1877. 
„ 15. Das St. Gotthardgebirge. Von Karl von Fritsch. 4° Bern, 1873. 

Report upon some of the Coal Seams. By Alfred E. C. Selwyn. 

folio, n. p., 1855. 
Coal Fields. By Charles Gould, folio. Hobart Town, 1861. 

Thurinffia. See Prussia. 


Geological Surveys — cont. , 

Trinidad. See British Isles — Colonial Surveys. 

Verein zur geognostisch-montanistischen Durchforschung des Landes 
Tirol und Vorarlberg. — Berichte iiber die 5-9 Generalversamm- 
lungen. 8° Innsbruck, 1843-47. (Murch P.— 111.) 

United States. 
Alabama. By M. Tuomey. 8° Tuskaloosa, 1850. 
Arkansas, northern. By D. D. Owen. 8° Little Rock, 1858. 
California. 8° Washington, 1850. 

Mining Statistics, No. 1. 

Coast-mountains. By J. B. Trask. (3 reports in 1 

vol.) 8° Sacramento, 1854-56. 

• Geological Reconnaissance. By Wm. P. Blake. With De- 

scriptions of the Collection, by L. Agassiz, A. A. Gould, J. W. 
Bailey, T. A. Conrad, J. Torrey, G. C. Schaeffer, and J. D. 
Easter. 4<> New York, 1858. 

Report of Progress. By J. D. Whitney. 1865.— Pale- 

ontology. By F. B. Meek and W. M. Gabb. — Ornithology. 
By J. G. Cooper. 4 vols. 18° 1864-70. 

Mineral Species. By Wm. P. Blake. 8° Sacramento, 1866. 

Carolina, South. By M. Tuomey. .4" Columbia, 1848. 

By Oscar M. Lieber, &c. 80 Columbia, 1857-60. 

Colorado. By F. V. Hayden. 8° Washington, 1874. 

and New Mexico. By F. V. Hayden. 8" Washington, 

Colorado River. Report of the Exploration (1857-58). By Lieut. 

Joseph C. Ives. — Botany, by Prof. Gray, &c. — Geology, by Dr. 

J. S. Newberry. — Zoology, by S. F. Baird. 4" Washington, 1 861. 
Connecticut. By C. U. Shepard. 8" New Haven, 1837. 

By James G. Percival. 8° New Haven, 1842. 

Connecticut Valley (Fossil Footmarks in). By E. Hitchcock. 

With Supplement. 2 vols. 4° Boston, 1858-65. 
Dakota, Black Hills. By N. H. Winchell. 4" Washington, 1875. 

See Warren, Lieut. G. K. 
Delaware. By J. C. Booth. 8o Dover, 1841. , 
Erie Canal (district adjoining). 8° Albany, 1824. 
Fortieth Parallel. — ^Mining Industry. By James D. Hague. With 

Geological Contributions, by Clarence King. 4° With oblong 

Atlas. Washington, 1870. 

Microscopical Petrography. By Ferdinand Zirkel. 4° 

Washington, 1876. 

Idaho. See Montana. 

Illinois. By A. H. Worthen. 2 vols. S" Chicago, 1866. 

Indiana. By D. D. Owen. 8° Indianpolis, 1859-62. 

By E. T. Cox. 8° With Atlas. Indianopolis, &c., 1869-76. 

Iowa. By J. Hall and J. D. Whitney. 8° Des Moines, 1858. 

By Charles A. White. 2 vols. 8° Des Moines, 1870. 

■ Wisconsin, and Illinois. By D. D. Owen. 8" Washington, 


See also Wisconsin. 


Geological Surveys — cont. 
United States — cont. 
Kentucky. By D. D. Owen. 3 vols. Frankfort, Ky, 1856-57. 
Lake Superior. By J. W. Foster anil J. D. Whitnev. 8° 
Washington, 1850-51. (Murch. P.— 1.) 

Copper Lands. By Messrs. Foster and Whitney. 8° With 

Atlas. Washington, 1850. 

Louisiana, Red River of. By R. B. Marcy and G. B. McClellan. 
With Maps. Washington, 1854. 
Botany. By J. Torrey. 

Ethnology. By K. B. Marcy and W. W. Turner. 
Geology. By B. Hitchcock and G. C. Shumard. 
Palseontologj'. By B. P. Shumard. 

Zoology. By B. B. Marcy, S. F. Baird, C. Girard, C. B. Adams, and 
G. G. Shumard. 

Maine. By C. T. Jackson. 8° With Atlas. Augusta, 1837-39. 
Massachusetts. By E. Hitchcock. 8» With Atlas. Boston, 1838. 

^ 2 vols. 40 Amherst, 1841. 

Mexican Boundary Survey. By William H. Emory. 2 vols. 4" 

Washington, 1857-58. 
Michigan. 8° Detroit, 1839-41. 

By Charles T. Jackson. 8° Washington, 1849. 

Zoology and Botany. By A. Winchell. 8» Lansing, 1861. 

Upper Peninsula. 2 vols. 8" With Maps. New York, 


1. Iron-hearing Eocks. By T. B. Brooks. 

2. Copper-bearing Bocks. By Raphael Pumpelly. 

3. Palseozoic Eocks. By C. Rominger. 

Minnesota. Its progress and capabilities. 8° Saint Paul, 1862. 

Explorations iu the Mineral Regions. By Col. Charles 

Whittlesey. 8° Cleveland, 1866. 

Reports 1-5. By N. H. Winchell. 8" Saint Paul, 


Important Physical Features exhibited in the Valley of the 

Minnesota. By G. K. Warren. 8° Washington, 1874. 
See also Wisconsin. 
Mississippi. By J. N. Nicollet. 8" Washington, 1845. 

By B. L. C. Wailes. 8'' 1854. 

By Eug. W. Hilgard. %<> Jackson, 1860. 

Lead Region. By J. D. Whitney. 8» Albany, 1862. 

River, Surveys west of. 8° Washington, 1875. 

Missom'i. Green Bay and Wisconsin Territory to Coteau de 

Prairie. By G. W. Featherstonhaugh. 8<> Washington, 1836. 

Fort Leavenworth in Missouri to San Diego in California. 

By W. H. Emory. 8" Washington, 1848. 

By G. C. SwaUow. .8° Jefferson City, 1855. 

Line of Pacific Railroad. By G. C. Swallow. S" St. 

Louis, 1859. 

Iron Ores and Coal Fields. By R. Pumpelly, 8" With 

Atlas. 8°' New York, 1873. 

By G. C. Broadhead, F. B. Meek, andB. F. Shumard. 8» 

Jefferson City, 1873-74. 


Geological Surveys — cont. 
United States — cont. 
Missouri. By G. C. Broadhead and C. J. Norwood. — Lead Eegion, 
by A. Schmidt, J. R. Gage, and P. N. Moore. — Chemical 
Analyses, by E. Chauvenet. 8° Jefferson City, 1874. 
See also Yellowstone, &c. 

Missouri and Bed Rivers (elevated country between). By G. W. 

Featherstonhaugh. 8° Washington, 1835. 
Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah. By F. V. Hayden. S" 

Washington, 1872-73. 
Nebraska. By F. V. Hayden. 8° Washington, 1873. 

. See Warren, Lieut, G. K. 
Nevada. 8° Carson City, 1867. 
New Hampshire. By Charles T, Jackson. 8" and 4° Concord, 

New Jersey. By Henry D. Rogers. 8° Philadelphia, 1836-40. 
By William Kitchell. 8° Trenton, 1856. 

By George H. Cook. 8° With Atlas. Newark and 

Trenton, 1868-74. 

New York, 8° With Atlas. New York, 1837^1. 

Mineralogy. By Lewis C. Beck. 4° Albany, 1842. 

See New York, Natural History of. 
Ohio. By W. W. Mather. S" Columbus, 1838. 
By J. S. Newberry. 2 vols. 8° Columbus, 1871. 

By N. H. Winchell. 8° 1871. 

Pacific Railway. Reports of Explorations and Surveys to ascer- 
tain the most practicable Route from the Mississippi to the 
Pacific. 12 vols. 4° Washington, 1855-60. 

Botany. By Asa Gray and J. Torrey. 

Cactaceae. By G. Engelmann and J. M. Bigelow. 

Fishes. By A. L. Heermann and C. Girard. 

Geology. By J. S. Newberry. 

Mineral Waters. By E. N. Horsford. 

Mosses and Liverworts. By W. S. Sullivant. 

Reptiles. By E. Hallowell. 

Tertiary Fossils. By T. A. Conrad. 

Zoology. By C. B. K. Kennerly. 

See also Missouri. 
Pennsylvania. By H. D. Rogers, 8° Harrisburg, 1886-41. 
• With Geology of the United States, the Coal Formation, and 

Coal Fields of North America and Great Britain. By Henry 

Darwin Rogers. — Coal-plants. By Leo Lesquereax. 2 vols. 

4<> Edinburgh, 1858. 

See also New York. 
Red River. See Missouri. 

Rhode Island. By Charles T. Jackson. 8° Providence, 1840. 
Rocky Mountains (Statistics of Mines and Mining west of). 

By R. W. Raymond. 3 vols. 8° Washington, 1870-73. 
Tennessee. By G. Troost, 8» Nashville, 1835-43. 

By J. M. Safford. 8° Nashville, 1856. 

Territories. Reports in 8° By F. V. Hayden. 9 vols. With 
Maps. Washington, 1869-77. 


Geological Surveys — cont. 
United States — cont. 
Territories. Eeports in 4° Washington, 1873-77. 
Vol. 1. Extinct Vertebrate Pauna. By Joseph Leldy. 

2. Vertebrata of the Cretaceous Formations. By E. D. Cope. 

4. Profiles, Sections, &c. 

5. Acrididae. By Cyrus Thomas. 

6. Cretaceous Flora. By Leo Lesquereux. 
9. Invertebrate Fossils. By F. B. Meek. 

10. Geometrid Moths. By A. S. Packard. 

11. North Ataerican Eodentia. By Elliott Coues and Joel Asaph 

Miscellaneous Publications. 8" Washington, 1873-77. 

No. 1. Elevations. By Henry Gannet. 
„ 2. Meteorological Observations. By Henry Gannet. 
„ 3. Birds. By Elliott Coues. 

„ 4. Flora of Colorado. By Thomas C. Porter and John M. Coulter. 
„ 5. Photographs. By W. H. Jackson. 

„ 7. Ethnography and Philology of the Hidatsa Indians. By 
Washington Matthews. (Containing Hidatsa Dictionary, &c.) 
„ 8. Fur-bearing Animals. By Elliott Coues. 

Bulletin, Vol. 1, 2. 8" Washington, 1874-76. 

The Grotto Geyser of the Yellowstone National Park. 

oblong. Washington, 1877. 

Utah. See Montana. 

Vermont. By Edward Hitchcock, E. Hitchcock, jun., A. D. Hager, 
and C. H. Hitchcock. 2 vols. 4° Claremont, 1861. 

Virginia. By W. B. Eogers. 8" Philadelphia, 1838-41. 
Washington Territory. By J. G. Cooper and G. Suckley. 4" 
New York, 1859. 

Report of Capt. A. A. Humphreys. 8° Washington, 1859. 

Wisconsin. Chippewa Land District. By D. D. Owen. 8" 

Washington, 1848. 

By J. G. Percival. 8° Madison, 1856. 

By J. Hall and J. D. Whitney. 8» New York, 1862. 

Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota. By D. D. Owen. — Crinoidea, 

by B. F. Shiimard. — Botany, by C. C. Parry. — Ornithology, 
by H. Pratten. 4" With Atlas. Philadelphia, 1852. 

Wyoming, <&c. By P. V. Hayden. 8° Washington, 1871. 

(North-western) ; including Yellowstone National Park. 

By W. A. Jones. 8° Washington, 1875. 
See also Montana. 

Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers. By F. V. Hayden. 8° Wash- 
ington, 1869. 

See also Territories ; Wyoming. 
yhncouver Island. 
Import. By Robert Brown. 8° Victoria, 1864. 

Mining Surveyor's Reports. 3 vols. 8° Melbourne, 1859-61. 
Reports, folio. Melbourne, 1862. 
Coalfields, folio. Melbourne, 1872-73. 
Geological Survey Maps. (A. C. R. Selwyn, Director.) 


Geological Surveys — cont. 
Victoria — cont. 
New Vegetable Fossils of the Auriferous Drifts. By Baron Fer- 
dinand von Mueller. 4° Melbourne, 1874. 
Prodromus of the Pateontology of Victoria. Decade 1-4. By F. 
McCoy. 4" Melbourne, 1876. 

G-eology (Miscellaneous). 
Introduction to, and Questions on Geology. 8° (Murch. P. — 4.) 
Ice and Water. A Review of the Superficial Formation. 8" n.p., 

n.d. (Murch. P.— 67.) 
Elemens d'Oryctologie, ou Distribution methodique des Fossiles. 

Par B. C. P. 8° Neuchatel, 1773. 
Beobachtungen iiber das G-ebirge bey Koenigshayn in der Oberlausiz. 

4° Dresden, 1780. (Mus. P.— G.) 

Classificazione deUe Eocce secondo i piu celebri autori. 8° Milano, 

Geological Primer, in verse ; with a Poetical Geognosy ; or, Feasting 

and Fighting. To which is added, a critical dissertation on " King 
'Coal's Levee." 12° London, 1820. 
King Coal's Levee ; or, Geological Etiquette. 4th edition. To which 

is added : Baron Basalt's Tour. 12° London, 1820. 
Geology. (Edinburgh Review.) 8° 1830. (Murch. P.— 7.) 
A Portrait of Geology. By a Fellow of the Geological Society. 8° 

London, 1838. 
Outline of Geology. 8° London, 1843. 
Wanderungen in der Gletscherwelt. 8° Zurich, 1843. 
A Estrada de Ferro do Semraering nos Alpes Noricos da Austria. 

— Geologia. (Table.) Dresde, 1855. 
The Dudley Gathering. A Ballad. [Visit of Geologists to the 

Caverns of Dudley, &c.] 8° Birmingham, 1869. (Mus. P.— 55.) 
Sub-Wealden Exploration. See Reports — Subwealden Exploration. 
See Journals, Transactions, &c. Wales. 

G-eoponika. See Constantinus, Csesar. 

Georgi, Joh. Gottl. 

Bemerkungen einer Reise im Russischen Reich im Jahre Vi'Ji-'J'i:. 
2 vols. 4° St. Petersburg, 1775. 

Gerard, Charles. 

Essai d'une Faune Historique des Mammiferes Sauvages de 1' Alsace. 
8° Cohnar, 1871. 

Gerarde, John. 

TheHerball; or, Generall Historic of Plantes. Edited by T. Johnson, 
folio. London, 1633. 

Gerbe, Z. See Degland, C. D. 

Gerhard, Carl Abraham. 

Beitrage zur Chymie und Geschichte des Mineralreichs.. 2 vols S" 
Berlin, 1773-76. 

Gerhardt, Charles. 

Traite de Chimie organique. 4 vols. 8° Paris, 1853-56, 


Gericke, Heinrich. 

Beitrage zur Kenntniss des Sulfobenzids. 8" Gottineen, 185(), 
(Mus. P.— 24.) 
Gerlach, H. 

Die Bergwerke des Kantons Wallis. 8° Sitten, 1873. 
See Geological Surveys — Switzerland. 
Gerlach, J. 

Handbuch der aUgemeinen und speciellen Gewebelehre des menscli- 
lichen Korpers. 8" Mainz, 1848. 
Gerland, Georg. 

"fiber dass Aussterben der Naturvolker. 8" Leipzig, 1868. 
See Waitz, T. 
Germar, Ei-nst Friedrich. 

Grundriss der KrystaUkunde. 8° Halle, 1830. 

Die Versteinerimgen des Mansfelder Kupferschiefers. 8° Halle, 

1840. (Murch. P.— 112.) 
Die Versteinerungen des Steinkohlengebirges von Wettin und Lobejiin 
im Saalkreise. folio. Halle, 1844-58. 
See Berendt, G. C. 

Germond de Lavigne, A. 

Espagne et Portugal. (Guides Joanne.) 8° Paris, 1872. 

Gerolt, Federico de. See Maps — Mexico. 
Gerrard, Edward. See British Museum — Zoology. 

Gerstaecker, Adolph. 

Ehipipboridum Coleopterorum Familiae dispositio systematica. 4" 
Berolini, 1855. (Mus. P.— L.) 

See Carus, J. Fl Decken, Baron C. von der. Journals — 
Bericht wissensch. Leist. Geb. Entomol6gie. 
Gervais, Paul. 

Zoologie et Paleontologie Fran^aises. Ouvrage accompagne de 
Planches. 4° Paris, 1848-52. 

2nd edition. 4° Paris, 1859. 
Histoire Naturelle des Mammiferes. 2 vols. 4° Paris, 1854-55. 
Theorie du Squelette Humain fondee sur la Comparaison osteologique 

de I'Homme et des Animaux vertebres. 8° Paris, 1 856. 
Zoologie et Paleontologie Generales. Accompagne d'un Atlas. 4" 

Paris, 1867-69. 
Elements de Zoologie, comprenant I'Anatomie, la Physiologic, la 
Classification et I'Histoire Naturelle des Animaux. 2nd edition. 8° 
Paris, 1871. 

See Journals — Journal de Zoologie. ThioUiere, J^ 
Gervaise, Nicolas. 

Histoire Naturelle et Politique du Royaume de Siam. 4" Paris, 

Gesner versus Cairns et al. See Trials at Law. 
Gesner, Abraham. 

Eemarks on the Geology and Mineralogy of Nova Scotia. 8" Halifax, 

The Industrial Resources of Nova Scotia. 8<> Halifax, N.S., 1849. 
A Practical Treatise on Coal, Petroleum, and other Distilled Oils. 8° 
New York, 1861. 

2nd edition. By George Weltden Gesner. 8° New York, 1865. 
See Geological Surreys — New Brunswick. Taylor, JB. C, 


Gesner, Conrad. 

De raris et admirandis Herbis, quae sive quod Noctu luceant, sive alias 

ob causas, Lunariae nominantur, commentariolus, et obiter de aliis 

etiam rebus quse in tenebris lucent: ejusdem Descriptio Montis 

Fracti sive Montis Pilati, juxta Lucernam. 4° Tiguri ["1555 ?] 

Nomenclator Aquatilium Animantium. Icones Animalium Aquatilium 

in mari et dulcibus aquis degentium. folio. Tiguri, 1560. 
De omni Eerum Fossilium genere, Gemmis, Lapidibus, MetaUis, et 
hujusmodi, Ubri aliquot, plerique nunc primum editi. 8° Tiguri, 

1565. Hoc volumine continentur : — 

Cordus, Valerius. De halosantbo seu spermate ceti liber. 

Epiphanius. De duodecim gemmis quae erant in Teste Aaronis, Graece 

et Latine. 
Fabricius, Geo. De metallicis rebus ac nominibas. 
Goebelius, Severin. De succino libri duo. 

Kentmann, Jo. Nomenclatura Kerum Fossilium quae in Hisnia praecipne 
et in aliis quoque regiombus iuTeniuntur. 

Calculormn qui in corpore ac membris hominum iunascuntur 

genera xii. 

Eueus, Fr. De gemmis aliquot iis praesertim quarum D. Joannes in 
Apocalypsi meminit, libri duo. 

[A former owner of this volume calls Gesner an " auctor dam- 
natus," but the book an " opus permissum."] 

Epistolarum Medicinalium libri tres ; his accesserunt ejusdem Aconiti 
primi Dioscoridis asseveratio, et de Oxymelitis EUeborati utriusque 
descriptione et usu libeUus. Omnia nunc primum in lucem data. 
4" Tiguri, 1577. 

Opera botanica per duo ssecula desiderata, quorum pars prima prodromi 
loco continet flguras ultra CCCC minoris formas . . . nunc 
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[Only a few copies were printed for private circulation. This large paper 
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40883. o 


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o 2 


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40883. » P 


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p 2 


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[In this work the Dodo is figured and described.] 
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[Notice of the Dodo at p. 9.] 
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B 2 



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Annales des Mines. See Transactions — Paris : Ecole des Mines. 
Annales de I'Agrieulture Fran9ai8e. Fondees par M. Tessier. 
4fi serie. 10 vols. 8° Paris, 1843-52. 
5» serie. Par M. Londet et De L. Bouchard. 36 vols. 8" 
' Paris, 1853-70. 

6« serie. Par M. Londet et De L. Bouchard-Huzard. 6 vols. 
8» Paris, 1871-73. 


Journals — cont. 
Annales des Sciences Geologiques. Publiees sous la direction de 
MM. Hubert et Alpli. Milne Edwards. Vol. 1-8. 8" Paris, 
Annales des Sciences Naturelles. Par MM. Audouin, Brongniart et 
Dnmas. 30 vols. 8° Paris, 1824-33. 
Table g^nerale. 8» Paris, 1841. 
Atlas to Vols. 4-6. 40 Paris, 1825. 
Revue Bibliographique, pour servir de Complement aux 

Annales. Annee 1830. 8" Paris. 
Zoologie. Par MM. Audouin et Milne Edwards. 
2« serie. 20 vols. 8<> Paris, 1834-43. 

Table gen^rale. 8° Paris, 1844. 
3« serie. 20 vols. 8" Paris, 1844-53. 
48 s^rie. 20 vols. 8» Paiis, 1854-63. 
5* s^rie. Zoologie et Paleontologie. Par Milne Edwards. 

20 vols. 8» Paris, 1864-74. 
6« serie. Vol. 1-3. 1874-76. 
Annali di Storia Naturale. 8" Bologna. 4 vols. 1829-30. 
Annals of Natural History ; or. Magazine of Zoology, Botany, and 
Greology. Conducted by Sir W. Jardine, Sir W. J. Hooker, and 
K. Taylor. 5 vols. 8" London, l838-AO.-^Contimied as — 
Annals and Magazine of Natural History. Conducted by Sir 
W. Jardine, P. J. Selby, Dr. Johnston, David Don, and 
R. Taylor. 15 vols. 8» London, 1841-47. 

2nd series. Conducted by Sir W. Jardine, P. J. Selby, 

G. Johnston, C. C. Babington, J. H. Balfour, and R. 

Taylor, 20 vols. 8» London, 1848-57. 
3rd series. Conducted by P. J. Selby, C. C. Babington, 

J. E. Gray, A. Henfrey, R. Taylor. 20 volg. 80 London, 

4th series. Conducted by C. C. Babington, J. E. Gray, 

W. S. Dallas, and W. Francis. Vol. 1-7. 8° London, 


Annals of Philosophy ; or. Magazine of Chemistry, &c. By Thomas 

Thomson. 16 vols. 8" London, 1813-20. 

New series. 12 vols. (17-28). 8° London, 1821-26. 
Annuaire de 'Chimie. Par E. Millon, J. Reiset, F. Hoefer et J. 

Nickles. 7 vols. 8" Paris, 1845-51. 
Annuaire des Eaux de la France. 4" Paris, 1851. 
Annuau-e des Mines et de la Metallurgie Fran9aises. 8" Paris, 

Annuaire du Journal des Mines de Russie. 8 vols. 8" St. Peters- 

bourg, 1840-45. 
Annuario del Museo Zoologico della Reale Universita di Napoli. 

Per A. Costa. Anno 1-6. 4» Napoli, 1862-71. 
Arcana of Science and Art. Vol. 7 — 1 1. 8» London, 1834-38. 
Archiv fiir Anatomie, Physiologic und wissenschaftliche Medicin. 

Herausgegeben von Johannes Miiller, Carl Bogislaus Reichert 

und Emil Du Bois-Reymond. Jahrgang 1834-76. 8° Berlin and 

Leipzig, 1834-76. 


Journals — cont. 
ArcMv fiir Antbropologie. iHerausgegeben von C. E. von Baer, 
E. Desor, &c. Vol. 1-7. 4° Braunschweig, 1866-74. 

Archiv fiir Bergbau und Hiittenwesen. Von Dr. C. J. B. Karsten. 
20 vols. 8° Breslau and Berlin, 1818-31. 

Arehiv fiir die gesammte Naturlehre. Herausgegeben vom K. W. Gr. 
Kastner. 27 vols. 8° Niirnberg, 1824-35. 

Arehiv fiir die gesammte Physiologie des Menschen und der Thiere 

Herausgegeben von E. F. W. PMger. Vol. 1-12. 8" Bonn, 

Arehiv fiir mikroskopische Anatomie. Herausgegeben von Max 

Schultze, La Valettes St. George und W, Waldeyer. Vol. 1-12. 

8° Bonn, 1865-7. 

Register. Vols. 1-8. 8° Bonn, 1872. 

Arehiv fiir Mineralogie, Geognosie, Bergbau und Hiittenkunde. 

Von C. J. B. Karsten und H. von Dechen. 26 vols. 8" Berlin, 

Arehiv fiir Naturgeschichte. Herausgegeben von A. F. A. Wiegmann. 

Jahrgang 1-6. 8° Berlin, 1835-40. 
— Herausgegeben. von W. F. Erichson. Jahrgang 7-14. 8" 

Berlin, 1841-48. 

Herausgegeben von F. H. Troschel. Jahrgang 15-39. 8" 

Berlin, 1849-73. 

Register, 1-25. 1860. 
Arehiv fiir physiologische und pathologische Chemie und Mikroskopie. 

Herausgegeben von Job. Florian Heller. Vol. 5, 6. 8° Wien, 

Arehiv fiir wissenschaftliche Kunde von Russland. Herausgegeben 

von A. Erman. 25 voir. 8° Berlin, 1841-67. 
Arehiv fiir Zoologie und Zootomie. Herausgegeben von C. R. W. 

Wiedemann. 4 vols. 8" Berlin and Braunschweig, 1800-5. 
Archives de Botanique ; ou Recueil Mensuel de Memoires Originaux, 

d'Extraits et Analyses Bibliographiques, d'Annonces et d'Avis 

divers concernant cette Science. Sous la direction de M. A. J, 

GuiUemin. 2 vols. 8° Paris, 1833. 
Archives Neerlandaises des Sciences exactes et natureUes. Publiees 

par la Societe HoUandaise des Sciences k Harlem ; et r6digees par 

E. H. von Baumhauer. Vol. 1-10. 8" La Haye, 1866-75.' 

Archivio per la Zoologia, I'Anatomia e la Fisiologia. Pubblicato Tper 
cura del Prof. G. Canestrini. 8" Geneva and Modena, 3 vols. 
1861-65 ; part. 1, 1866.' 

Serie 2. Pubblicato per cura dei Proff. T. Richiardi e G. 
Canestrini. 8° Torino e Firenze. Vol. 1, 1869; parti, 

Arsberattelse (w Berattelse) om Zoologiens Framsteg under 
1840-50. Af G. J. Sundevall, C. H, Boheman och C. H. Lov^n. 
4 vols. 80 Stockholm, 1844-54. 

Artizan ; a monthly Journal of the Operative Arts. Edited by the 
Artizan Club. 27 vols. 4» London, 1844-69. 

Athenseum. Journal of Literature, Science, and the Fine Arts. 
Vol. 1-51. 40 London, 1828-76. 


Journals — cont. 

Beitrage zur Kenntniss des Eussischen Reiches und der angrenzenden 
Lander Asiens. Herausgegeben von K. E. von Baer und Gr von 
Helmersen. 26. vols. S" With Atlas. St. Petersburg, 1839-71. 

Berg- und hiittenmannische Zeitung, mit besonderer Berucksichtigung 
der Mineralogie und Geologie. Redaction : Carl Hartmann, 1 842-59 ; 
K R. Bornemann und Bruno Kerl, 1859-63; Bruno Kerl und 
Friedrich Wimmer, 1864-76. 35 vols. 4» Nordhausen. Freibera- 
&c., 1842-76. ^' 

Hauptregister zu Band 1 bis 10. 
Atlas. 1 vol. 40 and 1 vol. folio. 
Supplement zu Band 10. 
Folio Atlas. Weimar, 1860. 
See AUgemeine berg- und hiltten. Zeitung. 
Berg Geist. Zeitung fiir Berg-, Hiittenwesen und Industrie. 

Jahrgang 1-19. 40 Coin, 1856-75. 
Bergmannisches Journal. Herausgegeben von Alexander Wilhelm 
Kohler und C. A. S. Hoffmann. 12 vols. 8" Freyberg, 1788-94. 
Neues Bergmannisches Journal. Herausgegeben von A. W. 
Kohler und C. A. S. . Hoffmann, 3 vols. 8" Frevberff 
1795-1802. •' ^ 

Bergwerksfreund. Ein Zeitblatt fiir Berg- und Hiittenleute, fiir 
Gewerken. 22 vols, 8° Eisleben, 1839-60, 

Neue Folge, Vol, 1, part 1, S" Eisleben, 1860. 
Bericht iiber die Entwickelung der, chemischen Industrie wahrend 
des letzten Jahrzehends. Von Dr. A, W. Hofmann. Braunsch- 
weig, 1875, 
Bericht iiber die Fortschritte der Eisenhiitten-Technik, Von A, 

Ritter von Kerpely, Jahrg, 1-11, 8° Leipzig, 1866-77, 
Bericht iiber die wissenschaftlichen Leistungen im Gebiete der 
Entomologie wahrend der Jahre 1865-68, Von Dr, A, Gerstaecker 
und Friedrich Brauer, 2 vols, 8" Berlin, 1868-71. 
.Bericht uber die wissenschaftlichen Leistungen im Gebiete der 
Naturgeschichte der Insekten wahrend des Jahres 1869, Von 
Friedrich Brauer, 8" Berlin, 1871, 
Bericht iiber die wissenschaftlichen Leistungen in der Naturge- 
schichte der niederen Thiere wahrend der Jahre 1866-67, 1870-71. 
Von Dr. Rud, Leuckart, 2 vols, S" Berlin, 1869-74, 
Bibliotheque UniverseUe — Agriculture. Vol. 3. 8° Geneve, 1818. 
Bibliotheque UniverseUe des Sciences, Belles-Lettres et Arts ; faisant 
suite S, la Bibliotheque Britannique, 13 vols, 8° Geneve, 1816-20. 
Bibliotheque UniverseUe et Revue Suisse. Ajchives des Sciences 
Physiques et Naturelles. 26 vols. 80 Geneve, 1846-57. 
NouveUe p^riode. Vol. 1-57. Geneve, 1858-76. 
Bijdragen tot de natuurkundige Wetenschappen. Verzameld door 
H. C. van Hall, W. VroUk, en G. J. Mulder, 7 vols, 8° Am- 
sterdam, 1826-32, 
Bulletin des Sciences NatureUes et de Geologie, Publie sous la 
direction de M, le Baron de F^russac. 27 vols. 8° Paris, 
BuUettino geologico del Vesuvio e de' Campi Flegrei. Comp. da 
L, PiUa, No, 1-5, 8» Napoli, 1834. 


Journals — cont. 
Calcutta Journal of Natural History. Conducted by John M'Clelland, 

&c. 8 vols. 8<> Calcutta, 1841-48. 
Cambridge University Reporter. No. 1-5. 4" Cambridge, 1870. 
Canadian Journal of Science, Literature, and History. Conducted 
by the Editing Committee of the Canadian Institute. Vol. 14. 
8» Toronto, 1873-74. 
Canadian Naturalist and Geologist. By E. Billings. [And Pro- 
ceedings of the Natural History Society of Montreal.] 8 vols. 8° 
Montreal, 1857-63. 

A Bi-monthly [Quarterly] Journal of Natural Science. New 

Series. Vol. 1-7. Montreal, 1864-75. 
Chemical Gazette ; or. Journal of Practical Chemistry, in all its 
applications to Pharmacy, Arts, and Manufactures. Conducted 
by William Francis and Henry Croft. 17 vols, 8° Loudon, 
Chemical News. With which is incorporated the " Chemical 
Gazette." Edited by William Crookes. Vol. 1-34. 4" London, 
Chemische Annalen fur die Freunde der Naturlehre, Arzneygelehrt- 
heit, Haushaltungskunst und Manufacturen. Von Lorenz Crell. 
33 vols. 80 Helmstadt, &c., 1784-1801. 

Beytrage zur Erweiterung der Chemie. Von' Lorenz Crell. 

4 vols. 80 Helmstadt, Ac, 1786-91. 
Beytrage zu den chemischen Annalen. Von Lorenz Crell. 
Theil 3-5. 3 vols. 8° Helmstadt, &c., 1788-94. 
Chemische Archiv. Von Lorenz Crell. 2 vols. 8" Leipzig, 1783. 
Neue chemische Archiv. Von Lorenz Crell. 3 vols. 8° 
Leipzig, 1784-85. 

Chemisch-technischen Mittheilungen der neuesten Zeit. Von Dr. L. 
Eisner. Fortgefiihrt von O. Dammer. 23 vols. 8° Berlin, 

Sach-Register, 1846-71. 80 Berlin, 1873. 

Chemisches Journal fiir die Freunde der Naturlehre, Arzneygelehrt- 
heit, Haushaltungskunst und Manufacturen. Entworfen von 
Lorenz Crell. 3 vols. 8" Lemgo, 1778-80. 
. Chemisch-technisches Repertorium. Von Emil Jacobsen. 8° Berlin, 

Chemist ; or. Reporter of Chemical Discoveries and Improvements, 
and Protector of the Rights of the Chemist and Chemical Manu- 
facturer. Edited by Charles and John Watt. 3 vols. 8° Lon- 
don, 1840-42. 

Colliery Guardian, and Journal of the Coal and Iron Trades. Vol. 

1-31. folio. London, 1861-76. 
Country Gentleman's Magazine. 3 vols. 8» London, 1868-69. 
Deutsches Archiv fiir die Physiologie. Herausgegeben von J. F. 

Meckel. 8 vols. 8» Halle and Berlin, 1815-23. 
Dublin Quarterly Journal of Science. Edited by the Rev. Samuel 

Haughton. 6 vols. S" Dublin, 1861-66. 
Edinburgh Journal of Natural and Geographical Science. Under 

the direction of Wm. Ainsworth, Henry H. Cheek, &c. 3 vols. 

8" Edinburgh, 1830-31. 


JoTirnals — cont. 

Edinburgh Journal of Natural History and of tbe Physical Sciences. 
Conducted by William Macgillivray. folio. Edinburgh,. 1835-40. 
Edinburgh Journal of Science. Conducted by David Brewster. 
10 vols. 8" Edinburgh, 1824-29. 

New series. 6 vols. S" 1829-32. 
Edinburgh Philosophical Journal. By David Brewster and Robert 

Jameson. 14 vols. S" Edinburgh, 1819-26. 
Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal. Conducted by Robert 
Jameson. 57 vols. 8° Edinburgh, 1826-54. 

New series. Edited by T. Anderson, Sir W. Jardine, J. H. 

Balfour, and H. D. Rogers 19 vols. 8° Edinburgh, 


Efemeriden der Berg- und Hiittenkunde. Herausgegeben von C. E. 

Freiherrn von Moll. 5 vols. 8° Munchen and Niirnberg, 1805-9, 

Engineering ; an illustrated Weekly Journal. Conducted by Zerah 
Colburn, &c. Vol. 1-21. folio. London, 1866-76. 
■ English Mechanic and Mirror {afterwards World) of Science. Vol. 
11-22. foho. London, 1870-76. 

Ethnological Journal. Edited by Luke Burke. 8" London, 1848-49. 

Fortschritte der Physik. Redigirt von G. Karsten, &c. Jahrgang 
1-27. 8° Berlin, 1847-76. 

Register. Jahrgang 1-20. 1845-64. 8° Berlin, 1872. 

Geographisches Jahrbuch. Herausgegeben von E. Behm. 6 vols. 
Gotha, 1866-76. 

Geological and Natural History Repertory, and Journal of Prehistoric 
Archeology and Ethnology. Edited by S. J. Mackie. 2 vols. 8" 
London, 1867-69. 

Geological Magazine ; or. Monthly Journal of Geology. With which 
is incorporated " The Geologist." Edited by T. Rupert Jones, 
Henry Woodward, John Morris, and Robert Etheridge. 10 vols. 
8° London, 1864-73. 

New series. Vol. 1-4. 8" London, 1874-77. 

Geological Record. An Account of Works on Geology, Mine- 
ralogy, and Palaeontology published during the year. Edited 
by William Whitaker. Vol. 1, 2. 8» London, 1875-77. 

Geologist. Being a Record of Investigations in Geology, Mineral- 
ogy, &c. Edited by Charles Moxon. 2 vols. 8" London, 

Geologist. A Popular Monthly Magazine of Geology. Edited by 
S. J. Mackie. 7 vols. 8" London, 1858-64. {See Geological 

Giornale {afterwards Rivista) delle Alpi degli Appennini e del 
Vulcani. Aw. G. T. Cimino. 14 parts. 8" Torino, 1864-67. 

Gleanings in Science. [Edited by J. Prinsep.J 3 vols. 8" Cal- 
cutta, 1829-31. 

See also Transactions — Calcutta. 

GoLlingische gelehrte Anzeigen. Stiick 146, 147 (1837), und 5-8 
(1839). 8° (Murch. P.— 112.) 

Guia del Minero, Periodico Cientifico, Industriel y Mercantil. S' 
Madrid, n.d. [1848?] 

40883. S 


Journals — cont. 

Hei'tha. Zeitschrift fiir Erd-, Volker- und Staatenkunde. Yon 
Heinrich Berghaus, Karl Friedrich Vollrath HoiRnann, und 
Alexander von Humboldt. 13 vols. 8° Stuttp;art and Tiibingen, 
] 825-29. Continued as — 

Annalen der Erd-, Volker- und Staatenkunde. Herausgegeben 
von Heinrioh Berghaus. Vol. 3, 5-12 (imperfect). 8» 
Berlin, 1831-35. 
3. Reihe (Fortgetzung der Hertha). "Vol. 1-5. 8° Berlin, 
Institut. Journal UniverBel des Sciences et des Societes Savantes en 
France et ^ I'Etranger. Vol. 25-38, 40. folio. Palis, 1857-70. 
Nouvelle serie. Vol. 1-3. 1873-75. 
Iron. The Journal of Science, Metals, and Manufactures. (A 
New Series of the " Mechanics' Magazine.") Vols. 1 -7. folio. 
London, 1873-76. 
Isis, Oder Encyclopadische Zeitung. Von Oken. 25 vols. 4» 

Jena, 1817-32. 
Jaarboeken der Wetenschappen en Kunsten in het Koningrljk 

Holland. 2 vols. AP Amsterdam, 1809-10. 
Jahrbuch fiir den Berg- und Huttenmann des Oesterreich. Kaiser- 

staates. Von J. B. K. Kraus. 8<> Wien, 1852-55. 
Jahrbuch fiir Mineralogie, Geognosie, Geologic und Petrefakten- 
kunde. Herausgegeben von K. C. v. Leonhard und H. G. Bronn. 
3 vols. 8° Heidelberg, 1830-32. 

Neues Jahrbuch. Herausgegeben von K. C. v. Leonhard, 
H. G. Bronn und G. Leonhard. 8° Stuttgart, 1833-61. 

Herausgegeben von G. Leonhard und H. B. Geinitz. 

Jahrgang 1863-76. 8" Stuttgart, 1863-76. 
AUgemeines Eepertorium. 1830-69. 80 Stuttgart, 1841, 
1851, 1861, 1870. 

Jahrbiicher der Berg- und Hiittenkunde. Herausgegeben von K. E. 
Freyherrn von Moll. 5 vols. 8o Salzburg, 1797-1801. 
Neue Jahrbiicher. 6 vols. 8o Niirnberg, 1809-26. 
Jahres-Bericht liber die Fortschritte der physischen Wissenschaften. 
Von Jacob Berzelius. 29 vols, and Index. 8" Tiibingen, 
Jahresbericht iiber die Fortschritte der reinen, phannaceutischen und 
technischen Chetoie, Physik, Mineralogie und Geologiei Her- 
ausgegeben von Justus Liebig, Hermann Kopp, Heinrich Will, 
Adolph Strecker, Alexander Naumann und Aug. . Laubenheimer. 
28 vols. 8'' Giessen, 1847-77. 

Index, 1847-62. 2 vols. 8° Giessen, 1858-68. 
Jahresbericht iiber die Fortschritte der Physik. Von Friedrich 

Zamminer. 8° Giessen, 1858. 
Jahres-Bericht iiber ■ die Leistungen der chemischen Technologic. 
Herausgegeben von Johannes Rudolf Wagner, (After Vol. 16, by 
Rudolf Wagner.) Vol. 1-20. 8" Leipzig, 1856-76. 

Index to Vol. 1-10. By Friedrich Gottschalk. 8" Leipzig, 1866. 
iJern-Kontorets Annaler. 25 vols. 8" Stockholm, 1817-45. 
New series. Vol. 1-27. 8° Stockholm, 1846-76. 
Index, 1876-64. 8° Stockholm, 1866. 


Journals — cont. 

Journal d' Agriculture pratique etdeJardinage. Vol. 1-50. 8° Paris. 

Journal de Conchyliologie, comprenant I'Etude des Animaux, des 

Coquilles vivantes et des Coquilles fossiles. Par MM. Petit de la 

Saussaye, Crosse, Fischer, &c. Vols. 1-24. 8" Paris, 1850-76. 
Journal de Gr^ologie. Par MM. A. Bou4, Jobert et Rozet. 3 vols. 

8» Paris, 1830-31. 
Journal de rAnatomie et de la Physiologic normales et pathologiques 

de I'Homme et des Aiiimaux. Par Charles Robin. Vol. 1-12. 

8" Paris, 1864-76. 
Journal de la Physiologic de THomme et des Animaux. Public sous 

la direction du Dr. E. Brown- Sequard. 6 vols.- 8° Paris, 1858- 

Journal de Physique. — ^Introduction aux Observations sur la Physique, 

sur I'Histoire Naturelle et sur les Arts. Par I'Abb^ Eozier. Vol. 1. 

4» Paris, 1777 [1772]. 
Observations et Memoires sur la Physique, &c. Par l'Abb6 

Eozier, J. A. Mongez (le jeune), La Metherie, Ducrotay de Blain- 
,viUe, &e. 4° 95 vols. Paris, 1773-1822. 

Journal des Beaux Arts. See Memoires pour I'Histoire. 

Journal de Zoologie, comprenant les diff^rentes Branches de cette 
Science. Par Paul Gervais. Vol. 1-5. 80 Paris, 1872-76. 

Journal fiir Chemie und Physik. Herausgegeben vom Dr. J. S. C. 
Schweigger (und Dr. Meinecke, vol. 27). 30 vols. 8" Niirnberg, 

Vol. 31-44 (Jahrbuch der Chemie und Physik, Band 1-14). 

8° Niirnberg und Halle, 1821-25. 
Vol. 45-60. Herausgegeben von J. S. C. Schweigger und 
Fr. W. Schweigger-Seidel (Jahrbuch, Band 15-30). 8» 
HaUe, 1825-30. 
Vol. 61-69. Herausgegeben von F. W. Schweigger-Seidel. 
(Neues Jahrbuch, Band 1-9.) 8» Halle, 1831-33. 

Journal fiir praktische Chemie. Herausgegeben von Otto LinnS 
Erdmann, ifec. 108 vols, and Index. 8" Leipzig, 1834-69. 

New series. Edited by Hermann Kolbe. Vol. 1-14. 8* 
Leipzig, 1870-76. 
Journal fiir technische und okonomische Chemie. Herausgegeben 
von Otto Linn6 Erdmann. 18 vols, and Index. 8° Leipzig, 
Journal of Agriculture (Quarterly). 13 vols. 8° Edinburgh, 

New series. 12 vols. Edinburgh, 1845-66. 
Third series. 4 vols. Edinburgh, 1866-68. 
Journal of Anatomy and Physiology. By G. M. Humphry, WiUiam 
Turner, &c. London and Cambridge, 1867. 

Second series. Vol. 1-10. Cambridge and London, 1868-76. 
Journal of Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, and the Arts. By W. 
Nicholson. 5 vols. 4° London, 1797-1802 [1801]. 
Second series. 36 vols. 8<> London, 1802-13. 

s 2 


Journals — cont. 

Journal of Science and the Arts. Edited at the Eoyal Institution. 
(Published quarterly.) 5 vols. 8° London, 1816-18. Continued 
as the — 

Quarterly Journal of Science, Literature, and the Arts. Vol. 

6-22. 8° London, 1820 [1819]-27. 
Quarterly Journal of Literature, Science, and Arts. [New 

Series.] 7 vols. 8" London, 1827-30. 
Journal of the Eoyal Institution. See Transactions — London, 

Journal of the Indian Archipelago and Eastern Asia. Vol. 1. 8° 
Singapore, 1847. 

London Geological Journal, and Record of Discoveries in British and 
Foreign Palaeontology. September 1846 to May 1847. 8° Lon- 
don, 1846-47. (All published.) 

London Physiological Journal. Edited by S. J. Goodfellow and 
E. J. Quekett. 80 London, 1843. 

Madras Journal. See Transactions — Madras. 

Magasin de Zoologie. Par F. E. G-uerin-Meneville. 5 vols. 8° 
Paris, 1839. 

2e serie. (Called "Magasin de Zoologie, d' Anatomic Com- 
paree et de Palaeontologie.") 7 vols. 8° Paris, 1839-49. 

Magazin fiir die gesammte Mineralogie, Geognosie und mineralogische 
Erdbeschreibung. Herausgegeben von Karl Ernst Adolph von 
Hoff. Vol. 1. 8° Leipzig, 1801. 

Magazin fiir die Naturkunde Helvetiens. Herausgegeben von D. 
Albrecht Hopfner. Vol. 3 and 4. 8" Zurich, 1788-89. 

Magazin fiir die Oryktographie von Sachsen. Herausgegeben von 
Johann Carl Freiesleben. 5 vols. 8" Freyberg, 1828-48. 

Magazine of Natural History, and Journal of Zoology, Botany, 
Mineralogy, Geology, and Meteorology. By J. C. Loudon. 9 vols. 
80 London, 1829-36. 

New series. By E. Charlesworth. 4 vols. 8" London, 

Magazine of Science and School of Arts. 15 vols. London, 1840-44. 

Magazine of Zoology and Botany. Conducted by Sir W. Jardine, 

P. J. Selby, and Dr. Johnston. 2 vols. 8" Edinburgh,'1837-38. 
TVIalacological and Conchological Magazine. Conducted by G. B. 

Sowerby. Part 1. S" London, 1838. (Murch. P.— 74.) 

Malakozoologische Blatter. Als Fortsetzung der Zeitsehrift fiir 
Malakozoologie. Herausgegeben von K. T. Menke und L, Pfeiffer. 
Vol. 1-23. 8<> Cassel, 1854-76. 

See Zeitsehrift fiir Malakozoologie. 

Materiaux pour I'Histoire positive et philosophique {afterwards His- 
toire primitive et naturelle) de I'Homme. Par Gabriel de Mor- 
tillet. Continuee par Eugfene Trutat, Emile Cartailhac, &c. Vol. 
1-11. 8<> Paris, 1864-76. 

Medicinish-chemische Untersuchungen, aus dem Laboratorium zu 
Tiibingen. Herausgegeben von Dr. Felix Hoppe-Seyler. 8" Berlin. 


Journals — cont. 

M^moires Giologiques et Paleontologiques. Publies par A. Bou6. 

Vol. 1. Paris, 1832. 
M^moires pour I'Histoire des Sciences et des Beaux- Arts. 265 vols. 
12" Tr^voux et Paris, 1701-67. Continued as the — 

Journal des Beaux- Arts et des Sciences. 80 vols. 12"' Paris, 

Supplement. 2 vols. 12° Paris, 1774-75. 

Mici-oscopical Journal and Structural Record, for 1841. Edited by 
D. Cooper — For 1842. Edited by D. Cooper and &. Busk. 8" 
London, 1842. 

Mining and Scientific Press." folio. Vol. 8-14. San Francisco, 

Mining and Smelting^ Magazine. Edited by Henry Curwen Salmon. 

7 vols. 8° London, 1862-65. 

Mining Journal and Commercial Gazette. Conducted by Henry 
English, &c. 46 vols. (Wanting for 1842 and 1845.) folio. 
London, 1835-76. 

Mining Magazine ; devoted to Mines, Mining Operations, Metallurgy, 
&c. Edited by William J. Tenney, and afterwards by Thomas 
McElrath. 11 vols. 8" New York, 1853-58. 

Second series. Edited by William P. Blake. 2 vols. 8" 
New York, 1860-61. 
Mining Magazine and Review. Edited by Nelson Boyd. 2 vols.- 80 
London, 1872. 

Mining Review. A Journal of American Gold and Silver Mining, 
folio. Georgetown and Denver, Colorado, 1873-76. 

Mining World, and Engineering and Commercial Record. Vol. 
1-10, 4<> London, 1871-76. 

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Journals — cont. 

Natural History Eeview — cont. 

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Palaeontology. Conducted by A. H. Haliday, W. H. Harvey, 
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Journals — cont. 

Philosophical Magazine — cont. 

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See Broca^ P. 
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Journals — cont. 

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[^Continued in the Moniteur Scientifique.] 
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[ Continued in the BuUettino Geologico.] 
Technical Repository ; containing Practical Information on subjects 

connected with discoveries and improvements in the Useful Arts. 

11 vols. 8° London, 1822-27. 
Telegraphic Journal and Electrical Review. Vol. 1-4. 8° London, 

Teutschland, geognostisch-geologisch dargestellt, und mit Charten ' 

und Durchschnittszeichnungen eriautert. Herausgegeben von 

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Zeitschrift fiir das Berg-, Hiitten- und Salinenwesen in dem 
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1-24. 4» Beriin, 1854-76. 


Journals — cont. 

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• See Malakozoologische Blatter. 

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Third series. Edited by J. E. Harting. No. 1, &c. 8» 
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&c. together with the Natural History of the Country, and an 
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4° Hannover, 1855. 


JnkeS) Joseph Beete. 

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2 vols. .120 London, 1842. 
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Captain F. P. Blackwood, in Torres Strait, New Gruinea, &c., 
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West Somerset. 8" Dubhn, 1867. 
Letters and Extracts from his Addresses and Occasional Writings. 
Edited, with connecting Memorial Notes, by his Sister. 8" London, 

■ See Geological Surveys — British Isles; Newfoundland. 
Maps — British Isles. Murchison, Sir R. I. Museum 
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Histoire et Fabrication de la Porcelaine Chinoise. Ouvrage traduit 
du Chinois. Accompagn^ de Notes et d' Additions par M. Alphonse 
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traduit du Japonais par M. le Docteur J. Hoffmann. 8" Paris, 

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See Manuels-Roret. 

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Unterirdische und auentbehrliche Arbeit das Edle Bergwerck zusambt 
denen darbey brauchlichen Terminis oder Wortern kiirzlich 
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Ueberlandpost im September und October 1848, Uebertragen von 

J. K. Hasskarl. 8<> Leipzig, 1852. 

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See Goppert, H. R. 

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Terrains Tertiaires de I'Jle de Java. Partie 4. Echinodermes. 
4» Leide, 1854. 

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Befordert, &e., durch Dr. C. Gr. Nees von Esenbeck. 8" With 
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Plombieres, 1862. 


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The Queen's University in Ireland. An Address, 8" Dublin, 1856. 

(Murch. P.— 38.) 

See Moritz-Riihlman. 


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Eapp) Christian. 

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hunderts. 8° Miinchen, 1872. 
See Transactions — Hanover. 

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See Journals — Archiv fiir Bergbau. Archiv fiir Mineralogie. 

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See Eiess, J. P. 

Earsten, G. 

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Kochsalzes in Wasser. 8° Berlin, 1846. 
Lehrgang der mechanischen Naturlehre fiir hohere LTnterrichtan- 

stalten. 8o Kiel, 1851-53. 

Beitrage zur Landeskunde der Herzogthiimer Schleswig und Holstein. 
Reihe 1, 2. 4° Kiel, 1869-72. 

See Journals — Fortschritte der Physik. 

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Physisch-chymische Abhandlungen durch neuere Sehrif ten von hennet- 
ischen Arbeiten veranlasset. 2 Heft. 8° Halle im Magde- 
burgschen, 1786-87. 

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Chemie zur Erlauterung der Experimentalphysik. 8" Erlangen, 

See Journals — Archiv fiir die gesammte Naturlehre. 
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present, qui se trouvent au Museum Grand-ducal de Darmstadt 
4<> With folio Atlas. Darmstadt, 1832-39. 

Beitrage zur naheren Kenntniss der urweltUchen Saugethiere. 40 
Darmstadt, 1854-61. 

iSee British Museum — Zoology. Brown, ZT.G. Klipstein, 
A. V. 

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Cabinet d'Histoire Naturelle du Grand-Due de Hesse. 8° . Darm- 
stadt, 1832. (Murch. P.— 31.) 

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Theil 1-10, and one Register. 6 vols. 4° Leipzig, 1834—48. 

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De Cyclo quodam Legum Duodecim, secundum quas crystalli generum 
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8" Berolini, 1834. (Mus. P.— 25.) 

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Winnepeek, Lakes of the Woods, &c., in 1823. 2 vols. 8' 
London, 1825. 

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Nebst einer Abhandlung iiber den Eintritt der Samenzellen in das 
Ei. Mit Zusatzen von M. Barry. 4» Konigsberg, 1854. 

Eefersteiii} Christian. 
Tabellen iiber die vergleichende Geognosie. 4" Halle, 1825. 

(Mus. P.— G.) 
Die Naturgeschichte des Erdkorpers in ihren ersten Grundziigen. 

2 vols. 8» Leipzig, 1834. 
Greschichteund Litteratur der G«ognosie. 8» Halle, 1840. 
Ansichten iiber die Keltischen Alterthiimer, die Kelten iiberhaupt und 

besonders in Teutschland, so wie den Keltischen TJrsprung der 

Stadt Halle. 3 vols. 8" Halle, 1846-51. 
Mineralogia Polyglotta. 8° HaUe, 1849. 
See Journals — Teutschland. 

Eeferstein, Wilhelm. 

Bemerkungen iiber das Skelett eines Australiers vom Stamme War- 

nambool. 4° Dresden, 1865. 
Ueber neue und wenig bekannte Batrachier aus Australien und 

Amerika. 8» Berlin, 1868. 

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See Horbye, J. C. Maps — Norway. 
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8° Erlangen, 1867. 
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Ceylon. 8» Ceylon, 1852. 
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malie, 1859. (Mus. P.— 46.) 

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Ziirich, 1865-76. 
The Lake Dwellings of Switzerland, and other parts of Europe. 

Translated by John Edward Lee. S" London, 1866. 

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(Murch. P.— 64.) 

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Warrington. 8° Liverpool, 1871. (Mus. P. — 42.) 

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1844-65. 3 vols. 4» and 4 vols. 8» Leipzig, 1852-68. 
Das Mohs'sche Mineralsystem dem gegenwartigen Staudpunkte der 

Wissenschaft gemass. 8° Wien, 1853. 
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Ueber die Meteoriten oder die meteorischen Stein- und Eisenmassen, 

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40883. T 


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T 2 


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40883. U 


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Coutelier. Par H. Landrin. 1835. 
ficlairage au Gaz. Par D. Magnier. 1849. 
Escaliers en Bois. Par C. Boutereau. With Atlas. 1844. 
Essayeur. Par MM. Vauquelin, Gay-Lussac et d'Aroet. Nouv. edition. 

Par A. D. Vergnaud. 1836. 
Fabricant de Couleurs et de Vernis. Par MM. Kififault et Vergnaud. 

Nouv. edition. Par M. Toussaint de Sens. 1850. 
Facteur d'Orgues. Pai; M. Hamel. 3 vols. With Atlas. 1849. 
Ferblantier et Lampiste. Par MM. Lebrun et F. Malepeyre. Nouv. 

edition. 1850. 
Tilateur. Par C. B. JuUien et E. Lorentz. 1843. 
Fondeur. Par .T. B. Launay. Nouv. edition. Par A. D. Vergnaud 

Vergnaud fils et F. Malepeyre. 2 vols. 1854. 
40883. T 


Manuels-Koret — cont. 

Graveur. Par A. M. Perrot. Nouv. edition. Par S". Malepeyre. 1844. - 
Horloger. Par MM. S^b. Le Normand et Janvier. Nouv. Edition. Par 

D. Magnier. 1850. 
Ingenieur Civil. Par MM. E. Schmitz, C. E. JulUen et B. Lorentz. 2 vols. 

With Atlas. 1845. . 

Mattre de Forges. Par. H. Landrin. 2 vols. 1829. 
Mficanique appliqn^e i I'lndustrie. Par A. D. Vergnaud et M. Janvier. 

2 vols. 1838. 
Pliysicien-Preparateur. Par le Docteur Fan et Charles Chevalier, , 2 vols. 

With Atlas. 1853. 
Physique appliquee aux Arte et Metiers. Par J. J. V. GuiUoud. Nouv. 

edition. Par M. Terrien. n.d. 
Ponts et Chaussees. Par J. D. Gayffier. 3' edition. 2 vols. 1850-52. 
Poreelainier, Faienoier, Potier de Terre, Briquetier, Tuilier. Par M. 

Boyer. 2 vols. 1846. 
Savonnier. Nouv. edition. Par Mme. Gacon-Dafour, MM. Julia de Fonte- 

nelle, Thillaye et Malepeyre. 1852. 
Serrurier. Par MM. B. et G., de Gr. et G. A. Toussaint. Nouv. edition. 

Par M. Paulin-Desormeaux. 1853. 
Toumeur. Par B. de Valieourt. 3 vols. With Atlas. 1848. 
Verrier. Par MM. Julia de Foutenelle et F. Malepeyre. 2 vols. 1854. 
Vinaigrier et Moutardier. Par M. Julia de Fontenelle. ' Nouv. Edition. 

Par M. Fr. Malepeyre. 1854. 

Uanzoni, A. ' 

II Monte Titano (Territorio della Repubblica. di San Marino), 1 suoi 
Fpssilij la sua eta ed el sue modo d'origin'e. 8° Firenze, 1873. 


/ {See also under Geological Sukvexs.) 


Atlas Maritimus et Commercialis ; or, a General View of the World, 

so far as relates to Trade and' Navigation, folio. London, 

1728. . , 

The London Atlas of Universal Geography. By John Arrp-wsmith. 

folio.' London, 1847. ' • 

The Physical Atlas. Based on the *' Physikalischer Atlas " of H. 

Berghaus. By Alex. Keith Johnston, folio. Edinburgh,1848. 
Sharpe's Corresponding Atlas, folio. London, 1849. 
The Atlas of Physical Geography. By Augustus Petermann and 

the Rev. Thomas Milner. folio, London, 1850. , 

AUgemeiner geologischer Atlas, Von Heinrich Berghaus. folio. 

Gotha, 1860, 
Hypsometrischer Atlas, mit Erlauterungen und Hohenverzeich- 

nissen ; von J. M. Ziegler. Oblong. Winterthur, n.d. 
The Koyal Illustrated Atlas of Modern Geography. With intro- 
ductory notice by Dr. N . Shaw. Parts 1-7. folio. London, 1854. 
Atlas Universel, physique, historique et politique, de G^ographie, 

ancienne et moderne. Par H. Dufour. folio, Paris, 1860. 
The Eoyal Atlas of Modern Geography. By Alexander Keith 

Johnston, folio. Edinburgh, 1861. 
Reynolds's Geological Atlas of Great Britain. London, n.d. 


Geological Sketeh-Map of SouthAfrica, By E. J, Dunn. London, n.d. 

Another copy. London, 1876. 

Carte g^ologique du D6partement de TAisne. Par M. le Vicomte 
d'Archiac. Paris, 1842. 


Uaps — cont. 
Atlas der Alpenlander, Schweiz, Savoyen, -(fee. Von J. G. Mayr. 

(11 sheets.) Grotha, 1858-65. 
Alpen-Ansicht vom Gurten bei Bern. Von Eob. Stierlin. Bern, 

See Switzerland. Tyrol. 

Carte g^ologique des Etats-Unis et des Provinces Anglaises de 
I'Amerique du Nord. Par Jules Marcou. Paris, 1830. 

American Maps (not geological). Bound in one volume :^ 

1. United States, Canada, and Cuba. 1852. 

2. Oregon and Upper California. 1848. 

3. Central America. 1850. 

4. Delta of St. Clair., 1842. 

5. Routes from Mississippi to Pacific. 1850. 

6. Boundary between United States and Mexican Republic. 1849. 

7. Profile — Rivers St. Croix to St. John. 1840. 

8. Official Map of San Francisco. 1849. 

9. Mineral Lands : Lake Superior. 1845. 

10. Junction of Colorado and Gila Rivers. 

11. Madison. (2 maps.) 1856. 

12. Colton's Map of Wisconsin. 1857. 

A Geological Map of the United States, and the British Provinces 

of North America. By Jules Marcou. (With text.) Boston, 

Plans of various Lakes and Eivers between Lake Huron and the 

River Ottawa. (22 maps.) Toronto, 1857. 
A New Map of Central America. By H. Kiepert. Berlin, 1858. 
Mapa de las Eepublicas de America Central. For Maximilian von 

Sonnenstern. London, 1860. 
Karte der Gold-Staaten von Nord-Amerika. Bremen, n.d. 
Die geologische Uebersichtskarte des mittleren TheUes von Siid- 

Amerika. Von Franz Foetterle. (With text, by Franz Foetterle 

and W. Haidinger.) Wien, 1854. 

A New Map of Tropical America. By H. Kiepert.- Berlin, 1858. 

Amoor Land. 

Karte des Amur-Landes. Von L. v. Schrenk und C. Maximowicz. 
St. Petersburgj 1858. 

Arabia Petrcea. See Egypt. 

Arctic Regions. 

Karte der nordlichen Hemisphare. Von Heinrich Kiepert. Berlin, 

Karte der Nordpolar Lander. Von Heinrich Kiepert. Berlin, 



Carte g^ologique du D^partement des Ardennes. Par MM. Sauvage 
et Buvignier. Paris, 1841. 

Armenia. See Caucasus. 

Hiitten- und Gewerbe-Karte des Regierungs-Bezirks Arnsberg. Von 

Ludw. Herrm. Wilh. Jacobi. Iserlohn, 1858. 
Topographische Karte des Regierungs-Bezirks Arnsberg. Von N. 
Emmerich. Iserlohn, 1860. 

T 2 


Maps — cont. 

Aschaffenburg. See Franconia. 

- Stanford's Library Map of Asia, constructed by A. Keith Johnston. 
London, 1862. 

General-Karte von Central- Asian. (12 sheets.) Wien, 1874. 
Asia Minor. 

Karte von Klein- Asien. Von H. Kiepert. (With text.) Beriin, 

See Turkey. 


General Map of the South-eastern Portion of Australia. (With the 

Gold Fields marked.) Sydney, 1850. 
First Sketch of a Geological Map of Australia, including Tasmania. 

By R. Brough Smyth. Melbourne, 1873. 


Geognostische Uebersichts Karte der Oesterreiehischen Monarchic. 

Von Wilhelm Haidinger. (With text.) Wien, 1845. 
Geognostische Karte des Oesterreiehischen Kaiserstaates. Von 

Josef Scheda. Wien, 1847. 
Franz Foetterle's Geologischer Atlas des Oesterreiehischen Kaiser- 

staats. Lieferung 1. Gotha, 1860. 
Geologische Uebersichts-Karte der Oesterreiehischen Monarchie. 

Von Franz Ritter von Hauer. (With text. 12 sheets.) Wien, 

Geologische Karte von Oesterreich-Ungarn. Von Franz Ritter 

von Hauer. 2nd edition. Wien, 1875. 


Carte topographique et mineralogique d'une partie du Departement 
du Puy de D6me dans la ci-devant Province d'Auvergne. Par 
M. Desmarest. (7 sheets.) Paris, 1823. 

See Puy de D6me. 

Bavaria. ♦ 

Geognostische-Karte des konigreichs Bayern. Von C. W. Giimbel. 
Miinchen, 1858. 


Carte topographique de la Belgique. Dressee sous la direction de 

Ph. Van der Maelen. (250 sheets, in 18 cases.) Bruxelles, 

Carte topographique des Mines, Minieres, Carrieres, et Usines de 

la Belgique, en 1845. Bruxelles, n.d. 
Carte geologique de la Province de Liege. Par A. H. Dumont. 

n.p., n.d. (Murch. P.— U.) 
Nouvelle Carte gfo6rale de la Belgique. n.p., n.d. 
Carte geologique de la Belgique. Par Andre Dumont. Bruxelles, 


Geognostische Karte der Umgegend von Berlin. Von Rudolph von 

Bennigsen-Forder. (With text.) Berlin, 1850. 

Bessarabia. See Podolia. 


nCaps — cont. 
Geologische Kai-te von Bohmen. Von M. V. Lipoid. 4» Karls- 
bad, 1862.. (Murch. P.— S.) 

British Columbia. 
Map of the Gold Regions of British Columbia. Victoria, 1862. 

British Guiana. 

A Geological Map and Sections of British Guiana. By J. G. 
Sawkins. (MS.) 1870.] 

British Isles. 

Bath. — ^Map of Twenty-four Miles round the City of Bath. 
Coloured geologically by the Rev. W. D. Conybeare and H. T. 
De la Beche. Bath, 1823. 

Bristol. — Map of the Bristol Coal Fields and country adjacent. 
Geologically surveyed by William Sanders. (In 19 sheets.) 
n.p., 1862. 

British Isles. — Geological Map of the British Isles and Part of 

France. By I. A. Knipe. London, 1845. 
Geological Map of the British Isles. By John Phillips. 

London, 1847. 

Another Map, undated. 
An Index Geological Map of the British Isles. By John 

Phillips. London, u.d. 
New Index Geological Map of the British Isles. By John 

Phillips. London, n.d. 
The Hydrographical Map of the British Isles. By Augustus 

Petermann. London, 1849. 
Geological Map of the British Isles. By Archibald Geikie. 

(With text.) Edinburgh, 1864. 
Geological Map of the British Isles. (Prepared for the Rivers 

Pollution Commission.) By E. Best. London, 1874. 

Cambridge Geological Map of the Neighbourhood of Cambridge. 

By Lucas Barrett, n.p., 1859. 
Geological Map of the Neighbourhood of Cambridge. By 

Alfred J. Jukes-Brown, n.p., n.d. 

England and Wales. — Map and Delineation of the Strata of 
England and Wales ; with part of Scotland. By William 
Smith. (16 sheets. With Memoir.) London, 1815. 

A Geological Map of England and Wales. By G. B. 

Greenough. (In 4 sheets. With text.) 1st edition. London, 

2nd edition. (With text.) London, 1839-40. 

— — A New Geological Map of England and. Wales. By W. 

Smith. London, 1820. 
Geological Map of England and Wales. (Reduced from the 

Map of the Geological Society. Not coloured.) London^ 1826. 
Scientific and Commercial Map of England and Wales ; with 

the Geology, &c. By T. B. Loader. (In 2 cases.) London, 1834. 


Maps — cont. 

British Isles — cont. 

England and Wales — cont. 

Geological Map of England and Wales. By Sir Eoderick 

Impey Murchison. London, 1843. 

3rd edition. London, 1856. 

A Geological Map of England and Wales. By G. B. 

Greenough. London, 1865. 

'~ Geological Map of England and Wales. By Andrew C. 

Eamsay. 3rd edition. London, 1872. 
English Counties^ — Geological Maps of English Counties. By 
William Smith. London, 1819-24. 

Bedfordshire. Huntingdonshire. Rutlandshire. 

Berkshire. Kent. Suffolk. 

Buckingamshlre. Leicestershire.' Surrey. 

Cumberland. Norfolk. Sussex. 

Durham. Northumberland. Westmoreland. 

Essex. Nottinghamshire. Wiltshire. 

Gloucestershire. Oxfordshire. Yorkshire. 

Forest of Dean. — Lidex Map to the Coal and Iron Mine Districts 
in the Forest of Dean. By T. Sopwith. London, 1835. 

Ireland. — A General Map of Ireland, showing the principal Phy- 
sical Features and Geological Structure. By Eichard Griffith. 
Dublin, 1846. 

Same Map, not coloured geologically. 

Geolo^cal Map of Ireland. By Joseph Beete Jukes. 

London, 1867. 

Isle of Man. — A new and improved Map of the Isle of Man. 

n.p., n.d. 
Kent, &c. — Geological Map of Kent, Surrey, and Sussex. By W. 

Whitaker. (From Medical Officers' Eeport.) London, 1868. 

Lancashire. — A Mineralogical and Geological Map of the Coal 
Field of Lancashire, &c. By Elias Hall. Castleton, 1832. 

London Sections of the London Strata. By Eobert W. Mylne. 

London, 1850. 

Map of the Geology and Contours of London and its 

environs. By Eobert W. Mylne. London, 1856. 

Geological Map of London [^and its envu'ons. By E. W. 

Mylne. London, 1858. 

Map showing the Distribution of Cholera in London and 

its environs, from June 27 to July 21, 1866. London, 1867. 

Stanford's Geological Map of London, shewing Superficial 

Deposits. Compiled by J. B. Jordan. London, 1870. 

Scotland. — Geological Map of Scotland. By James Nicol. (With 
text.) Edinburgh, n.d. 

—^ First Sketch of a New Geological Map of Scotland, (With 
teslt.) By Sir Eoderick I. Murchison and Archibald Geikie 
Edinburgh, 1861. 

Geological Map of Scotland. By Archibald Geikie, Edin- 
burgh, 1876. 

Somersetshire. A Map of Somersetshire, geologically coloured, 
Taunton, 1852, 


Uaps— cont. 

British Isles — cont. 

Thames. — Greologioal Map of the Estuary of the Thames. By 
Joseph Prestwich. London, 1858. 

Wales. — Map of North "Wales. (Not geological.) Llanymynech, 

Yorkshire. — Diagram connecting the several Coal Beds in the 
Yorkshire Coal-field. By the Rev. W. Thorp, n.p., n.d. 
, A Map of the Principal Features of the Geology of York- 
shire. By John Phillips. York, .1853. 
See Geological Surveys — ^British Isles. 

(Maps of the Geological Survey of the United Eingdoiu are kept in 
the Geological Survey Office.) . 


Geognostische Karte des Herzogthums Braunschweig. Von- A. 
von Strombeck. Braunschweig, 1856. 

Cairo, U.S. 
Plan of the City of Cairo, Illinois. Philadelphia, 1837. 

Series of Charts, embracing Surveys of the Bay of San Francisco, 
&c., State of California. By Cadwalader Ringgold. (With text.) 
Washington, 1852. 

Carte geologique du Departement du Calvados. Par M. de Caumont. 
n. p., 1825. 

Cambridge. See British Isles. 

Cape Colony. 
Geological Sketch Map of Cape ■Colony. By E. J. Dunn. 
London, n.d. 

Geognostische Karte der Nord Karpathen in Schlesien und den 
angrenzenden Theilen von Mahren und Galizien. Von Ludwig 
Hohenegger. (With text.) Gotha, 1861. 

Cassel. See Magdeburg. 

Karte von dem Kaukasischen Isthmus und von Armenien. - (Bo- 
tanical — Ethnographical — Geological — ^Political.) Von Karl 
Koch. (4 maps.) Berlin, 1850. 

Road Map from Peking to Kiachta. n.p., 1858. 

Choco. See Panama, Isthmus of. 

Carte geologique du Departement de la Correze. Par M. de 
Boucheporn. n,p., 1848. 

Cdtes du Nord. 
Carte geologique des C6tes du Nord. Par Eug. de Pourcy. Paris, 
The Krima or Crimea Peninsula. Ethnological edition, by Wm. 
Paget Jervis. London, 1854. 


Maps — cont. 
Crimea — cont. 

Military topographical Map of the Krima Peninsula. By Lieut.- 
Col. T, B. Jervis. (3 sheets.) London,, 1855. 
Piano geografico de lalsla de Cuba. Por D. E. de la Sagra. Paris. 

Darien, Isthmus of. See Panama, Isthmus of. 

Uebersichtskarte der Berg- und Hiitten-Werke im Oberbergamts- 
bezirk Dortmund. Yon J. Sievers. Iserlohn, 1869. 
2nd edition. 1871. | 4th edition.. 1874. 

3rd edition. 1873. | 5th edition. 1878. 


Situations-Charte der Gegend zwischen Dresden und Freyberg bis- 

zur Bohmischen Grantze. n.p., n.d. 

Etudes geographiques et geologiques de I'Egypte, de la Peninsulo- 

de I'Arabie Petree et de la Palestine. Par Figari Bey. (6 sheets.) 

Paris, 1864. 
Carte hydrographique de la Basse Egypte et d'une partie de 

risthme de Suez. Par M. Linant de Bellefonds. Paris, n.d. 

Geognostische Karte der vulkanischen EifeL Von E. Mitscherlich. 

Berlin, n.d. 


Geognostische Karte der Insel Elba. Von A. Krantz. n.p., n.d. 

Karte des Ober- und Unter-Engadins. Vou S. M. Ziegler. 
(2 maps, in cases, and 4° vol. of text.) Winter thur, 1876. 
England. See British Isles. Germany. 

Erzgebirge Basin. 

Geognostische Special-Karte des Grossen Erzgebirgischen Bassin?. 

Zwickau, n.d. 
tJbersichts-Karte der dem Erzgebirgischens Steinkohlen-Bassin 
angehorenden Theile des Konigreichs Sachsen. (8 sheets.) 
Dresden, 1861. 
Geognostische Karte des Erzgebirgischen Bassins im Konigreiche 
Sachsen. Von Carl Naumann. (With text.) Leipzig, 1866. 

Historical and Topographical Map of the Eruptions of Etna, 
By Joseph Gemmellaro. London, 1828. 

Geological Map of Europe. By Sir Roderick I. Murchison and 
James Nicol. Edinburgh, 1856, 

Carte geologique de I'Europe. Par Andre Dumont. Paris, n.p., n.d. 
Geologische Karte von Central Europa. Von Heinrich Bach. 
Stuttgart, 1859. 


Carte geologique du Finistfere. Par Eug. de Fourcy. Paris, 


SCaps — cont. 
Karte iiber die Richtung der Schrammen ia Finnland. Von N. 
Nbrdeuskiotd. n.p., n.d. 

Carte topographiqiie de la France, levee et publi6e par ordre du 

Roi. (169 sheets. Imperfect.) Paris, 1833-45. 
Essai d'lme Carte geologique de la France, des Pays-Bas, &c. Par 

J. J. d'Omalius d'Halloy.. Paris, n.d. 
Map of the Volcanic District of the Interior of France, n.p., n.d. 
Carte min6ralurgique de la France. Par MM. Dufrenoy et Elie 

de Beaumont. (6 sheets.) Paris, 1840. 
Carte geologique de la France. Par MM. Dufr6noy et Elie de 
Beaumont. With 2 vols. 4° of text. Paris, 1840-48.. 
Tableau d' Assemblage des Six Feuilles. Paris, 1841, 
Carte geologique de la Flandre Frangaise. Par A. Meugy. Paris, 

Carte industrielle et geologique du Bassin Houiller du Nord de la 
France. Paris, 1854. 
See Germany. 

Karte des k. Baijer. Kreises Unterfranken und Aschaffenburg. 
Wiirzburg, n.d. 

Topographischer Plan der Konigl. Sachs, alten Bergstadt Freyberg, 
und nachstr. Umgegend nebst d. darunter befindl. Erzbergbaue. 
Von Heinrich Adolph Schippan. Freiberg, n.d. 
Grund-Riss iiber die Gegend durch welche vom hochsten Elb- 
Spiegel bey Meissen ein neuer Haupt-Stolln zu tieferer Lossung 
des Bergbaues in Freyberger Bergamtsrefler heranzutreiben ist. 
n.p., n.d. 

Galicia, See Carpathians. 

Geognostische Uebersichstkarte von Deutschland, der Schweiz, 
und den angrenzenden Landertheilen. Von Heinrich Bach., 
(With text.) Gotha, 1855. 
Geognostische Uebersichts-Karte von Deutschland, Frankreich 
England. Von H. v. Dechen. Berlin, 1859. 
2nd edition. (With text.) Berlin, 1869. 
Geologische Karte von Deutschland. Von H. von Dechen. 
(With text.) Berlin, 1869. 

Die Gegend bei Gerolstein. Von E. Mitscherlich. Berlin, n.d. 

Gi-eat Britain. See British Isles. 

Kaart van de Provincie Groningen. Door M. A. Smit van der 
Vegt. n.p., 1837. 


Geognostische Karte der Umgegend von Sainichen im Konigreiche 
Saehsen. Von Carl Naumann. (With text.) Leipzig, 1871. 


Maps — cont. 

Bodenkarte des Erd- oder Schwemm- und des Felalandes der 
Umgegend von Halle. Von Rudolf t. Bennigsen-Forder. (4 
sheets.) Berlin, 1864-67. 
Halle an der Saale. 

Geognostische Darstellung des Steinkohlengebirges ■ und Roth- 
liegenden in der Gegend nordlich von Halle a / d Saale. Von 
Dr. Hugo Laspeyres. . Berlin, 1870, 

Karte vom nordwestlichen Harzgebirge. Von C. Prediger. Claus- 
thal, 1851. 

_ Another edition. 1861. 
[Plans and Sections of Mines in the Hartz.J (10 sheets^ in ease.) 
Charte von dem Harz-Gebirge, &c. Von Priedrich Julius, 
Heinrich Berghaus, und Heinrich Brose. Braunschweig, 1852. 
Karte von Harzgebirge. Von C. Prediger. Clausthal, 1859. 

Another edition. 1861. 
Karte vom westlichen Harzgebirge. Von C. Prediger. Clatsthal, 

General Gang Charte des nordwestlichen Harzgebirges. Von E. 
Borchers. (With text.) Stuttgart, 1865. 
See Magdeburg. 

Carte gdologique du Departement de la Haute-Marne. Par M. A. 
Duhamel. Paris, 1857-60. 
Hesse {Ch-and Ducal). 

Geognostische Karte des Grossherzogthums Hessen und des 
Konighch Preussischen Kreises Wetzlar. Von A. v. Klipstein. 
Darmstadt, n.d. 
Geognostische Uebersichtskarte von dem Grossherzogthum Hessen. 

Von F. Becker. Darmstadt, 1847. (Murch. P.— 35.) 
Geologische Specialkarte des Grossherzogthums Hessen. ' (18 
maps ; with text.) Darmstadt, 1855-72. 

Holland. See Netherlands. 

Mappa generalis regni Hungarise, &c. Pesthini, 181G. (10 sheets.) 

Geologische Karte von Oesterreich-Ungarn. Von Franz Eitter 
von Hauer. 2nd edition. Wien, 1875. . 
See Ulyria. 

■ General-Karte des Konigreichs Illyrien nebst [dem Koniglich 
Ungarischen Littorale. Wien, 1843. 

General Sketch of the Physical and Geological Features of British 

India. By G. B. Greenough. London, n.d. 
Map of the East Indian Eailway ;- showing the line proposed to 
be constructed to connect Calcutta with the North-west Pro- 
vinces. London, 1846. 
Geological Map of the Northern Front of the Vindhya Hills. By 
Captain Walter S. Sherwill. Calcutta, 1852. 


JUaps — cont. 

Ireland. See British Isles — Ireland. 

Carte geologique du Departement de I'Isere. Par Emile Gueymard. 
Grenoble, n.d. 

Topographisch-geognostisclie Karte der Umgebungen von Jena. 
Von E. E. Schmid. (With text.) Jena, 1859. 

Geognostische Karte der Umgebungen von Krems und vom Man- 

V V 

hardsberge. ■ Von Joh. Czjzek. 1849. 

Geognostische Karte von Kurhessen und den angrenzenden Lan- 
dem zwischen Taunus-, Harz- und Weser-Gebirge. Von Adolph 
Sehwarzenberg und Heinrich Keusse. Cassel, 1853. 
Laacher See. 

Geognostisch-geographische Karte der Umgebung des Laacher 
See's. Von C. v. Oeynhausen. (With text.) Berlin, 1847. 
Lake Lugano. See Lake Orta. 
Lake Orta. 
. Carte geologique du Terrain entre le Lac d'Orta et celui de 
Lugano. Par Leopold de Buch. n.p., n.d. 
See Malacarne, C. G. 
. Lake Superior. 

Geological and topographical Map of the Mineral District of Lake 
Superior, Michigan. (2 maps.) New York, 1855. 

. La Manche. 

Carte geologique du Departement de la M9,nche. Par M. de 
Caumont. Paris, 1827. 
Liechtenstein. See Tyrol. 
Liguria. See Savoy. 
Loire Inferieure. 

Carte geologique de la Loire Inferieure. Par Frederic Cailliaud. 
(With text.) Nantes, 1861. 
London See British Isles. 


Karte von den land- und forstwirthschaftlichen Bodenklassen der 

Konigl. Preuss. Oberlausitz. Gorlitz, n.d. 
Geognostische Karte der Konigl. Preuss. Oberlausitz. Von E. F. 

Glocker. Gorlitz, 1857. 


Physical Map of the Island of Madeira. By J. M. Ziegler. 
London, n.d. 


Mapa geologico en bosquejo de la Provincia de Madrid. Por 
D. Casiano de Prado. Madrid, 1853. 


Geognostische Karte des Landes zwischen Magdeburg und CasseL 

Berlin, 1835. 
Geologische Karte der Provinz Sachsen von Magdeburg bis zum 
Harz. Von Julius Ewald. Berlin, 1864. 
Manhardsberge. See Krems. 


Maps — eont. 
Carte geologique du Departemeut de la Meurthe. Par J. Levallois. 
Paris, 1855. 
Carte geologique du Departement de la Meuse. Par Amaud 
Buvignier.' Paris, 1845. 

Carta geognostica de los principales distritos minerales del Estado 
de Mexico. Por Federico de Gerolt y Carlos de Berghes. 
(3 sheets; with text.) Diisseldorf, 1827. 

Mont Blanc. See Savoy. 
Mont Cenis. 

Plan nivele du Col du Mont Cenis. Paris, n.d. 


Geologische Karte der Markgrafschaft Mahren und des Herzog- 
thumes Schlesien. Von Franz Foetterle. Wien, 1866. 
See Carpathians. 

Carte geologique du Morbihan. Par j^Theodore Lorieux. Paris, 
Netherlands. • 

Proof eener geologische Kaart [van de Nederlanden. Door W. C. 

H. Staring. Groningen, 1844. 
Nieuwe Etappe-Kaart van het Koningrijk der Nederlanden. 
's Gravenhage, 1848. 
New Brunswick. 

Map of New Brunswick. By Thomas Baillie and E. N. Kendall. 
London, 1832. 
New South Wales. 

Sketch Map of the New South Wales. Coal-field. With Sections. 

(15 sheets.) n.p., 1873. 
Mineral Map and General Statistics of New South Wales. Sydney, 
New Zealand. 

Geologisch-topographischer Atlas von Neu-Seeland. Von Ferdi- 
nand von Hochstetter und A. Petermann. (6 maps j with 
text.) Gotha, 1863. 
Geological Sketch Map and Sections of the Province of Wellington, 
N. Z. By James Coutts Crawford. Christchurch, N. Z., 1866. 
Sketch Map of the Geology of New Zealand. By Dr. Hector. 
Nile Basin.. 

NonveUe Carte du Bassin du Nil. Par J. J. Miani. Paris, n.p., 

Erster Versuch einer geognostischen Karte von Norwegen. Von 

B. M. Keilhau. Christiania, 1844-49. 
Veikart over Norge. Af J. Waligorski eg N. Wergeland. n.p., 

Geologist Kart over det Sondenfjeldske Norge. Ved Telef Dahll 
og Theodor Kjerulf. (With text.) Christiania, 1858-65. 
See Kjerulf, T. 


llaps — cont. 
Mapa topografico de la Provincia de Oviedo. Por Guillermo 
Schulz. Madrid, 1855. 
Palestine. See Egypt. 

Carte de I'Isthme de Panama et de Darien, et de la province du 
Choco. Par Augustin Codazzi. Berlin, 1857. 

Coupes geologiques et topographiques des environs de Paris. Par 

MM. Leblanc et V" Raulin. Paris, 1842. 
Carte geologique souterraine de la Ville de Paris. Par M. Delesse. 

Paris, 1858. 
Carte hydrologique de la Ville de Paris. Par M. Delesse. Paris, 
Pepinster. See Spa. 
Piedmont. See Savoy. 
Geognostische Karte von Podolien und Besarabien. Von G. 
Bloede. n.p., 1838. 
Poland. See Silesia. 


Nuova Pianta degli Scavi di Pompei. n.p., 1862. 

Carta geologica de Portugal. Da Carlos Eibeiro e Joaquim FUippe 
Nery Delgado. n.p., 1876. 
See Spain. 
Predaeeo. See Tyrol. 
Prussia. See Geological Surveys — Prussia. 

Puy de Dome. 

Geological Map of the Chaine des Puys, near Clermont, Puy de 

D6me. By G. Poulett Scrope. n.p., n.d. 
Atlas geologique du Departement du Puy de D6me. Par Henri 
Lecoq. (24 sheets.) Clermont-Ferrand, 1861. 
See Auvergne. 

Rhenish Prussia. 

Bergwerks- und Hiitten-Karte des Eheinischen Ober-Bergamts- 

Bezirks. (With text.) Essen, n.d. 
Geologische Karte der Rheinprovinz und der Provinz Westfalen. 
Von H. von Dechen. (35 sheets. With text.) Berlin, n.d. 
See Saar. 

Carta fisica del Suolo di Eoma ne' primi tempi della fondazione di 
questa citta. Di G. Brocchi. n.p., n.d. 


Karte und Profile zur geologischen Beschreibung von Rildersdorf 
und Umgegend. Von H. Eck. Berlin, 1872. 


Das Ruhrthal. Karte der Bergisch-markischen und der Prinz- 
Wilhelm Eisenbahn. Iserlohn, n.d. 


Uebersichtskarte der Gebirgsformationen im Europaischen Russ- 
land. Von Gr. von Hehnersen. St. Petersburg, ,1841. 


Maps — cont. 
Russia — cont. 
Karte der Gewerblichen-Verhaltnisse im EuropSischen-Russland. 

Berlin, 1844. 
Carte geologique de la Eussie. Par MM. Marohison, de Verneuil 
et le Comte Keyserling. Kevue par Gr. de Helmersen. (With 
text.) St. Petersbourg, 1863. 
Greognostische Karte des Landes zwischen der untern Saar und dem 

E.heine. , Von J. Steininger. Trier, 1840, 
Geognostische Uebersichtskarte des Kohlenfiibrenden Saar-Ehein- 
Gebietes. Von Ernst Weiss und Hugo Laspeyres, Berlin, 1868. 
Plotz-Karte von dem Saarbriicker Steinkoblen District. (With 
text.) Gotha, n.d. 
Saint Cassian. See Tyrol. 
Saint Gothard. 
Greognostische K!arte des Sanct Gotthard. Von Karl von Fritsch. 
Winterthur, 1873. 

Carte geologique des parties de la Savoie, du Piemont et de la 
Suisse voisines du Mont-Blanc. Par Alphbnse Favre. (With 
text.) Winterthur, 1862. 
Carta geologica di Sayoja, Pieinonte e Liguria. Del Angelo 
Sismonda. n.p., 1862. 

Saxony. - 

Geognostische Specialcharte des Konigreichs Sactsen und der 
angrenzenden Lander- Abtheilungen. Von C. F. Naumann und 
B. Cotta. (8 sheets.) Dresden, 1846. 
Kohlen-Karte auf welcher die Verbreitungsgebiete der Kohlenfor- 
mationen im Konigreich Sachsen. Von Bernhard Cotta. (With 
text.) Freiberg, 1856. 
Geognostische Specialcharte des Konigreichs Sachsen und der 

angrenzenden Lander Abtheilungen. folio. Dresden, n.d. 
Geologische Specialkarte des Konigreichs Sachsen. Bearbeitet 
von Hermann Credner. Leipzig, 1877. • 
See Erzgebirge Basins. 
Scotland. See British Isles — Scotland. 

Carte geologique du Departement de Seine-et-Marne. Par M. de 
Senarmont. Paris, 1844. 
Seine-et- Oise. 
Carte geolo^que du Departement de Seine-et-Oise. Par M, de 
Senarmont. Paris, 1844. 
Seine Irvferieure. 
Carte geologique du Departement de la Seine-Inf^rieure. Par A. 
Passy. Paris, 1832. 
Geologische Karte des Sentis. Von Arnold Bscher von der Linth. 
Winterthur, 1873. 


Das Siebengebirge. Von Dechen. Berlin. 


Bergwerks Eeviere an der Sieg, &c. Berlin, 1845. 


Kaps — cont. 
Karte von den Bergwerken und Hiitten in Ober ScHesien Von 
G. Horold. (With text.) n.p., n.d. 

Der OberscMesisoh-Polnisclie-Bergdistrict, mit hinwegglassung des 

Diluviums. Von O. Degenhardt. Berlin, n.d. 
Geologische Karte von dem Nieder Schlesischen Gebirge und den 

angrenzenden Gegenden. Von Dr. von Carnall. Berlin, n.d. 
Geognostische Karte von Ober-Schlesien. Von R. v. Carnall. 

Berlin, 1844. Another edition. Berlin, 1857. 
Geognostische Karte von den Erz-Lagerstatten des Muschelkalk- 

steins bei Taxnowitz und Beuthen in Oberschlesien. Von R, 

V. Carnall. Berlin, 1854. 

Flotz-Karte des Steinkohlen-Gebirges bei Beuthen, Gleiwitz 

Myslowitz und Nikolai in Ober-Schlesien. Von Carl Mauve 

(19 sheets. With text.) Breslau, 1860. 
Bergwerks und Hiittenkarte von Ober Schlesien. Von Markscheider 

Sabarth. (With text.) Breslau, 1869. 
Geognostische Karte von Oberschlesien und den angrenzenden 

Gebieten. Von Ferd. Roemer. (12 sheets.) Berlin, n.d. 
See Carpathians. Moravia. 

The Silurian Region and adjacent Counties of England and Wales 

geologically illustrated. By Rod. I. Murchison. London, 1831-38. 

Carte geologique ,de Spa, Theux et Pepinster. Par A. Dumont. 
, Bruxelles, n,d> 

G«ognostiche Uebersichts-Karte von Spanien. Von J. Ezquerra del 

Bayo. Erlautert von Gustav Leonhard. Stuttgai-t, 1851. 
Carte geologique de I'Espagne et du Portugal. Par E. de 

Verneuil et E. Collomb. Paris, 1864. 


Carta geologica dei dintomi del Golfo deUa Spezia e Val di Magra 
inferiore. Da Giovanni Capellini. Bologna, 1863. 


Stuttgar mit seinen TJmgebungen. Von Topograph Bach, n.p., n.d. 

Sti/ria. ^ 

General-Karte des Herzogthums Steyermark. Wien, 1842. 
Geologische Uebersichtskarte des Herzogthumes Steiermark. Von 
Dionys Stur. Gratz, 1865. 
Sweden. ' 

Charta ofver Stora Kopparbergs Hofdingedome eUer Dalaune. Af. 

S. G. Hermelin; n.p., 1800. 
G«ognostisk Karta ofver Medlersta och sodra delarne af Swerige. 

Af W, Hisinger. n.p., n.d. 
Karta ofver Fahlu eller Stora Kopparbergs Grufwor. Af J. J. 
Tjader. (39 maps. With text.) Stockholm, 1845. 

Greologisk Karta ofver Fyris Ans Dalbaeken. Af A. Erdmaun. 

ii.p., 1856. 
Ofversigt ofver Glaciallerans (Hvarfviga lerans och Hvarfviga 

mergelns) Utbredning inom sodra delen af Sverige. Af A, 

Erdmann. n.p., 1863. 


Kaps — cont. 
Stoeden — cont. 
Jernvags-, Post-, Telegraf och Res-karta ofver Sverige. Af T. A. 
von Mentzer. Stockholm, 1864. 

Swiss Lakes. Maps bound in one volume : — 

1. Sondes du Lac Leman. Par H. T. De la Beche. n.p., 1827. 

2. Rives du Lac Leman. Par J. Du Bois. n.p., n.d. 

3. Canton Argau. n.p., 1825. 

4. Oberland Bernois. n.p., 1818. 

5. Fond des Lacs de Neuchatel et de Morat. By Cte. H. de Pourtal^s 

Gorgier. n.p., n.d. 

Carte geologique de la Suisse. Par B. Studer et A. Escher von der 
Linth. Eclaircissements par J. M. Ziegler. (Also 2nd edition, 
and Reduction of 2nd edition. With text.) Winter thur, 1852-3. 

Carte hypsometrique de la Suisse. Par J. M. Ziegler. Winterthur, 

TDritte Karte der Sch-weiz. Von J. M. Ziegler. Winterthur, n.d. 

Topographische Karte der Schweiz. Von G. H. Dufour. (25 
sheets.) n.p., 1855. 

Panorama du Lac Leman, pris depuis la terrasse de Glyon. n.p., 

See Germany. 
Si/lt, Insel. 

Geologische Karte der Insel Sylt. Von L. Meyn. Berlin,. 1876. 

Carte geologique du Departement du Tarn. Par M. de Boucheporn. 
(4 sheets.) Paris, 1848. 

Tasmania. See Australia. 
Carte geologique de la Chaine du Tatra et des soulevemens 
parallfeles. Berlin, n.d. 
Taunus. See Kurhesse. 
Carte physique de I'lle de Teneriffe. Par Leopold de Buch. 
Paris, 1814. 

Hydrographische Kaart der Texelsche Zeegaten en Vaarwaters. n.p., 

Theux. See Spa. 

Geognostische Karte des Thiiringer Waldes. Von H. Credner. 
Gotha, 1846. 

Another edition. With text. Gotha, 1855. 
Geognostische Karte von Thiiringen. Von Bernhard Cotta. 
Dresden, 1847. 
See Prussia. 

Original Map of the Transvaal, or South African Republic. By 
A. Petermann, &c. Gotha, 1868. 

Geologische Uebersichts-Karte von Siebenburgen. Von Franz 
Ritter von Hauer. Hermannstadt, 1861. 


Haps — cont. 

Turkey. ^ 

Carte derEuropaisoheiiTurkei, nebst einem Theile von Kleinasien. 
(13 sheets in 2 cases.) n.p., 1829. 

Generalkarte von der Europaisclien Tiirkei. Von Heinrich 
Kiepert. (With text.) Berlin, 1853. 


Generalkarte der G^fiirsteten Grafschaft Tyrol, nebst Vorarlberg 
und dem Souverainen Fiirstenthume Liechtenstein, n.p., 1831. 
Geognostische Karte Tirols. n.p., 1849. 
Uebersichtskarte der Stubaier Gebirgs-Gruppe. Von Leopold 

Pfaundler. Innsbruck, n.d. 
Geognostische Karte der Umgegend von Predazzo, St. Cassian und 
der Seisser Alpe. Von Frhr. v. Richthofen. (With text.) 
Gotha, 1859. 

See Widmann, H. von. 
United States. See America. 
Ural Mountains. 
Karto des nordlichen Ural und des Kuesten-Gebirges Pae-Choi. 
n.p., 1853. 
Karte iiber einen Theil der siidlichen Wallisthaler. Von G. Studer. 
Winterthur, 1849. 


Geological Sketch-Map of the Parish of Beechworth [Victoria]. 
Victoria, 1871. 

Victoria, showing portions of New South Wales, &c. (Not geo- 
logical.) Melbourne, 1876. 

Geognostische Karte des Beckens von Wien. Von Paul Partsch. 
(With text.) Wien, 1843. 

Another edition. Wien, 1845. 

V V 

Geologische Karte der Umgebungen Wien's. Von Czizek. Wien, 
Vorarlberg. See Tyrol. 

Carte geologique du Departement des Vosges.. Par E. de Billy. 

Paris, 1848. 
Feuille d' Assemblage de la Carte geologique des Vosges. Par 
E. de Billy. Paris, 1848. 

Bergwerks- und Hiitten-Karte des Westphalischen Ober-Berg- 

Amfs-Bezirkes. Essen, n.d. 
Floetz-Karte des Niederrheinisch-Westfalischen Steinkohlen- 

beckens. (In 32 sheets.) Berlin, n.d. 
Flotz-Karte der Steinkohlen-Formation in Westphalien. Iserlohn, 

See Ehenish Prussia. 

Wetzlar. See Hesse. 

World, the. 
Geographical and Physical Map of the World, showing the Coal 

Fields, &c. By Smith Evans.^ London, 1851. 
408S3. ^ 


Maps — cont. 

World, the — cont. 
Geological Map of the World. By Jules Marcou. Winterthur, 

Carte geologique de la Terre. Par Jules Marcou. 2nd edition. 
(With text.) Ziiriflh, 1875. 

Geognostische Karte der Umgegend von Wiirzburg. Von A. 
Schenck. Mainz, n.d. 

Zuyder Zee. 

Hydrographische Kaart van de Zuider Zee, noordelijk gedeelte, 
u.p., 1849. 

SEaraschini, Pietro. 

SuUe Formazioni delle Eocce del Vicentino. Saggio Geologico. 8° 
Padova, 1824. 

Maravigna, Carmelo. 

Del Galvanismo e della Elettricita Metallica. 8° Catania, 1811. 

Istoria dell' Incendio dell' Etna del mese Maggio 1819. , 12° 

Catania, 1819. 
Memorie di Vulcanologia. 4° Catania, 1832. 
Memorie di Orittognosia Etnea, e de' Vulcani Estinti della Sicilia. 

8° Parigi, 1838. 
Le Rocce dell' Etna e sul mode di loro emissione. 4° Napoli, 

1845. (Mas. P.— K.) 

Marbodeus (cog. Evans). 

De Lapidibus Pretiosis Enchiridion, cum scholiis Pictorii Villin- 
gensis ; ejusdem Pictorii de lapide molari carmen. 4° Wolffen- 
buttelie, 1740. 

[On the title he is called Marbodeus GaUus ; but in Briickmann's Preface 
we read : — " Hie Marbodeus cognomine Evanx, natione Biitannus ex 
Cambria fertur natus, obiit A.C. 1532." Poggendorff says that he was 
born in Anjou 1035, and died 1 123, which is the date given by Briickmanu 
in another place.] 

DEarcel. See Egypt. 
Uarchese, E. 

Cenno suUe Ricchezze Minerali dell' Isola di Sardegna. 8° Cagliari, 
Marck, W. v. d. See Geinitz, H. B. 


I Viasgi. Tradotti per la prima volta dell' originale Francese di 

Eusticiano di Pisa, e corredoti da Vincenzo Lazari, pubbl. per cura 

di LcdovLco Pasini. 8° Venezia, 1847. 
VEarcou, Jules. 

Eesume explicatif d'une Carte geologique des Etats-Unis, et des 

Provinces Anglaises de I'Amerique du Nord. 8° Paris, 1855. 
Ueber die Geologic der Vereinigten Staaten- und der EngUschen 

Provinzen von Nord-Amerika. 8° (1855?) (Murch. P. — C.) 
Ecole Polytechnique Federale. Cours de Geologie Paleontologique : 

Legon d'Ouverture. 8° Zurich, 1856. (Murch. P.— 19.) 
Lettres sur les Roches du Jura et leur Distribution G^ographique dans 

les Deux Hemispheres. 8° Paris. 1857-60. 
Geology of North America. 4° Zurich, 1858. (Murch. P. — C.) 


niarcou, Jm^*— cont. 

Geology of North America. With two Reports on the Prairies of 

Arkansas and Texas, the- Rocky Mountains of New Mexico, and the 

Sierra Nevada of California. 4° Zurich, 1858. 

Letter on some points of the Geology of Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, 

. and Nebraska. 8» Zurich, 1858. (Mus. P.— 7.) 

Reply to the Criticisms of James D. Dana. 8° Zurich, 1859. 

(Mus. P.— 7.) 
Une Ascension dans les Montagues Rocheuses. 8° Paris, 1867. 

(Mus. P.— 53.) 
Distribution G^ographique de I'Or et de I'Argent aux Etats-Unis 
et dans les Canadas. 8" Paris, 1867. (Mus. P. — 53.) 
See Maps — America ; World. 

Marcy, Randolph B. See Geological Surveys — United States : 

Marenzi, Graf Franz von. 

Zwolf Fragmente iiber Geologic. 8° Triest, 1868. 

Mareschal, A. A. 

Les Faiences anciennes et modernes, leurs Marques et Decors. 8° 
Beauvais, 1868. 
Marey, E. J. 

Animal Mechanism ; a treatise on terrestrial and aerial locomotion. 
80 London, 1874. . 

Maret, . See Encyclopsedias. 

Hargarita Fhilosophica. See Reisch, G. 
Marie, F. C. M. See La Lande, Jerome. 

Mariette, F. J. 

Traite des Pierres Gravees. 2 vols, folio. Paris, 1750. 
Mark, William Penrose. 

Report on the Mineral Districts of Andalusia. (In Commercial 
Reports to Foreign OfSce.) 8'> London, 1868. 
Markham, Clements R. 

On the Introduction of the Cinchona Plant into India. 8" Bombay, 
1861. (Murch. P— 67.) 

Travels in Peru and India, while superintending the collection of 
Cinchona Plants and Seeds in South America, and their intro- 
duction into India. 8° London, 1862. 

Abstracts of the Reports of the Surveys and of other Geogra- 
phical-Operations in India (including the Geological Survey of 
India, &c.), for 1869-73. 8° London, 1871-74. 

A Memoir on the Indian Surveys (including the Geological Sui-vey 
of India, &c.). 8° London, 1871. 
Markwick, W. See Wtite, Rev. Gilbert. 

Marlor, Joseph. 

Coal-mining investigated in its Principles, and applied to an Improved 
System of working and ventilating Coal-mines. 8° London, 1 854. 
Marmier, Xavier. See Gaimard, P. 
Marmora. See La Marmora. 
Marquardt, Friedrich. 

Geschichte des gewerkschaftlichen Metallbergbaues im Banate. 8<> 
Wien, 1848, 

z 2 


Uarquart, Louis Clamor. See Transactions — Bonn. 

SKarryat, Joseph. 

Collections towards a History of Pottery and Porcelain, in the 15tli, 
16th, 17th, and 18th Centuries ; with a Description of the Manu- 
facture, a Glossary, and a List of Monograms. 8" London, 1850. 
A History of Pottery and Porcelain, Mediaeval and ;Modern. 2nd 
edition. 8" London, 1857. 

3rd edition. 80 London, 1868. 

Hffarschall, Count August de. 

Nomenclator Zoologicus. 8° Vindobonse, 1873. 
SKarsden, William. 

The History of Sumatra ; with a description of the natural produc- 
tions!, &c. 3rd edition. 4° London, 1811. 

Uarshall, John. 

Outlines of '•Physiology, human and comparative. 2 vols- 8" 
London, 1867. 

Marsili (or Marsigli), Louis Ferdinand Comte de. 
Histoire Physique de la Mer. folio. Amsterdam, 1725. 

[lias all the 52 plates.] 
Danubius Pannonico-mysicus, observationibus geographicis, astrono- 
micis, hydrographicis, historicis et physicis. 6 vols, folio. Hagse 
Comitum, 1726. 

KEarsson, Dr. See Transactions — Pomerania. 
Marten, Henry John. 

Stafford Corporation Waterworks. — Report with reference to a pro- 
posed new Well, Boring and Pumping Station, in lieu of that 
intended to be constructed at the " Common " Site, folio. Stafford^ 
Wolverhampton Corporation Waterworks. — Report on the 24-inch 
Bore-hole at Cosford. folio. Wolverhampton, 1876. 

Martens, Eduard von. 

Die Preussische Expedition nach Ost- Asian. 3 vols. 8° Berlin, 

See Albers, J. C. Decken, Baron C. von der. 

Martin, B. 

Philosophia Britannica ; or, a New and Comprehensive System of 
the Newtonian Philosophy. 2 vols. 8" Reading, 1747. 

Martin, George A. 
The " Undercliff " of the Isle of Wight ; its climate, history, and 
natural productions. 12° London, 1849. 

Martin, H. N. See Huxley, T. H. 

Martin, M. 

A Late "Voyage to St. Kilda. 8" London, 1698. 

Martin, P. See Egypt. 

Martin, Peter John. 

A Geological Memoir on a part of Western Sussex ; with some 
observations upon Chalk-basins, the Weald-denudation, and Outliers- 
by-protrusion. 4° London, 1828. 

On the Anticlinal Line of the London and Hampshire Basins. 8"^ 
London, 1851-57. 


KCartin, William. 

Petriflcata Derbiensia ; or, Figures and Descriptions of Petrifactions 

collected in Derlbyshire. A" Wigan, 1809. 
Outlines of an Attempt to establish a Knowledge of Extraneous 

Fossils on Scientific Principles. 8" Macclesfield, 1809. 

IXEartin Saint- Ange, G. J. 

Etude de I'Appareil Eeproducteur dans les Cinq Classes d'Animaux 
Vertebres, au point de vue anatomique, physiologique et zoologique. 
40 Paris, 1856. 

Hartineau, Harriet. 

The English Lakes. With Geological Ma,p, by John Ruthven ; and 
Appendix containing the Geology, Mineralogy, &c. 4° Winder- 
mere, 1858. 

Wartinez. See G6ngora de Martinez. 

Martini, F. H. W., and Chemnitz, J. H. 

Systematisches Conchylien-Cabinet. Fortgesetzt von G. H. v. 
Schuberth und J. A. Wagner. Herausgegeben von Dr. H. C. 
Kiister. 3 parts. 4» Nfirnberg, .1851. 

DIartins, Charles. 

Eemarques et Experiences sur les Glaciers sans Neve de la Chaine 

duFaulhorn. 8° Paris, 1842. (Mus.P.— 5.) (Murch. P.— 17.) 
Un Hivernage Scientifique en Laponie. 8" n.p., 1843. (Murch. P. 

M^moire sur les Temperatures de la Mer Glaciale, a la surface, a de 

grandes profondeurs et dans le voisinage des glaciers du Spitzberg. 

S" Paris, 1848. (Murch. P.— 11.) 
Eicerche sul Periodo Glaciale. Tradotto da Bartolommeo Gastaldi. 

B" Torino, 1851. (Mas. P.— 5.) 
Tableau Physique du Sahara Oriental de la Province de Constantine. 

8<> Paris, 1864. 
Deux Ascensions scientifiques du Mont Bltinc. 8" Paris, 1865. 

(Mus. P.— 53.) 
Les Glaciers actuels et leur ancienne extension penda.nt la Periode 

Glaciaire. 8» Paris, 1867. (Murch P.— 42.) 

See Bravais, A. Gaimard, P. Lamarck, J. B. de. 
Transactions — Switzerland. 

ICartins, Charles, and Collomb, lEdouard. 

Essai sur rAncien Glacier de la Vallee d'Argeles (Hautes Pyrenees). 
4" MontpelUer, 1868. (Mus. P.— E.) 

UKartins, Charles, and Gastaldi, B. 

Essai sur les Terrains Superficiels de la Vallee du P6 aux environs 
de Turin, compar6s a ceux du Bassin Helvetique. 4° Paris, 
1850. (Mus. P.— L) 

KCartius, Carl Friedrich Philipp von. 

Die Pflanzen und Thiere des tropischen America. 4» Munchen, 

Erinnerung an Mitglieder der Math. Phys. Classe der k. Bayr. 

Akademie : — Rede. 4" Miinchen, 1859. 
Denkrede auf Alexander von Humboldt. 4° Miinchen, 1860. 
Beitrage zur Ethnographie und Sprachenkunde Amerika's zumal 

Brasiliens. 2 vols. 8° Leipzig, 1867. 


Uartius-MatzdorfF, J. 

Die Elemente der Krystallograpbie mit stereoskopischer Darstellung 
der Krystallformen. 4° Braunschweig, 1871. 

nCartjrn, J. Transactions' — Paris : Institut. 

IXtartyn, John. See Transactions — London : Eoyal Society. ' 

Martyn, Thomas. 

Figures of Nondescript Shells, collected in the different voyages to 
the South Seas, since the year 1764. folio. London, 1789.' 

Marx, C. M. 

G-eschichte der Crystallkunde. 8° Carlsruhe, 1825. 

Marzari-Fencati, Giuseppe. 

Corsa pel Bacino del Eodano e per la Liguria d' oCcidente ; contiene 

la orittogi-afia del monte Coiron. 8° Vicenza, 1806. 
Cenni Geologici. Venezia, 1820. (Murch. P.— 2 E.) 
Letterra Geologica. 8° Vicenza, 1823. (Murch. P. — 2 E.) 
Quadro delle Formazioni che serve d'indice all' " Essai geognostique 

sur le Gisement des roches dans les deux hemispheres," del Sig. 

Barone di Humboldt. Vicenza, 1825. ' (Murch P. — 2 E.) 
Omaggio di alcune Osservazioni che non favoriscono i SoUevamenti. 

8" Vicenza, 1832. (Murch. P.— 13.) 
Communicazione Geognostica. 8° Vicenza, 1832. (Murch.P. — 13.) 
See Breislak, S. 

Marzucchi, Celso. See Poggi, E. 

Masion, Lambert. See Ansiaux, L. 

nSaskelyne, Nevil Story. 

Eeport on the best means of Conveyance of the Bath Mineral Water 
for a'distance of 1,200 yards. 80' Oxford, 1853. (Mus. P.— 44.) 

IVEason, Rev.- F. 
Tenasserim ; or. Notes on the Fauna, Flora, Minerals, and Nations of 
British Burmah and Pegu. 8° Maulmaiu, 1852. 

Kassalongo, Abramo. 

Schizzo Gepgnostico.sulla Valle del Progno o Torrante d' Illasi ; con 
un saggio sopra la Flora Primordiale del Monte Bolca. 8° Verona, 
1850. (Mus. P.— 18.) 

' Sbpra le Piante Fossili dei Terreni Terziarj del Vicentino. 8" 

Padova, 1851. 
Conspectus Florae Tertiarise Orbis Primsevi. 4° Patavii, 1852 

(Mus. P.— 17.) 
Monografia delle Nereidi Fossili del Monte Bolca. 8° Verona, 1855. 
Sulla Flora Fossile di Sinigaglia. 8° Verona, 1857. 
Descrizione di alcuni Fuchi Fossili della Calcaria del Monte Spilecco 

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See Gems. 

40883. A. A 


Uines and Mining. 

(iSee also under Eepoets.) 
America. , 

An inquiry into the Plans, Progress, and Policy of tlie American 
Mining Companies. 3rd edition. 8" London, 1825. 


Bergwerks-Betrieb, See Reports — Austria. 


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Carrieres et Usines. S" Mons, 1824. 
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6 Juillet 1859, la Loi Italienne du 20 Novembre 1859, et la Loi 

Prussienne du 24 Juin 1865. 8<> BruxeUes, 1866. 
Tableaux des Operations des Lidustries Minieres et Siderurgiques 

en 1874. — Tableaux des Operations des Charbonnages, 1865-74. 

8° BruxeUes, 1875. 


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&e. folio. Leiptzigt, 1616. 
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Wien, 1875. 

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British Isles-. 

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Bundles of the Exchequer. 4° London, 1649. 

Customs of Mendip. In MS., transcribed from a copy in the pos- 
session of the Bishop of Bath and Wells. 

A Familiar Discourse, or Dialogue concerning the Mine-Adventure 
[of Bwlchyr-Eskir-Hyr]. 8<> London, 1700. 

Some Account of Mines, and the advantages of them to this 
Kingdom. With an Appendix relating to the Mine Adventure in 
Wales. 8" London, 1707. 

[Ascribed to Thos. Heton, vicar of Buntingford, Herefordshire.] 

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Parliament of Tinners, at Truro, Sept. 13, Anno 27° Geo. II. 
8° n.p., n.d. 

2nd edition. 8° Truro, 1824. 

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folio. London, 1742-1827. 

Miners' Guide ; or, Complete Miner. Containing the articles and 
customs of the High Peak and Wapentake of Wirksworth, 

Derbyshire, &c. [Manlove's Rhymed Chronicle is bound up at 

the end of this volume.] 8" Wirksworth, 1810. 


mines and Mining — cont. 

British Isles — cont. : ■ 

Miners Guide ; being the new Articles and Laws, together with 
the recent Act to define and amend the Mineral Customs in the 
Wapentake of Wirksworth, &c. 12° Wirksworth, 1852. 

The Mining Almanack. See English, H. 

The Mining Guide ; containing the particulars of each mine, British 
and Foreign. 24" London, 1853. 

Mining and Miners, and Diggers and Priggers. By a Shareholder. 
8° London, 1854. 

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See Safety Lampd. Trials at Law. 

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Paris, 1836. 

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folio. Paris, 1837-42. 
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Metalliferes du Departement de I'Aveyron. 8° Paris, 1847. 

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Calais, 1856. 

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vie domestique et la condition morale des populations ouvrieres 
des diverses contrees. (Les Mineurs, vol. 3, 4.) 4 vote. 8° 
Paris, 1857-62. 

Annuaire des Charbonnages et de toutes les Industries Minerales 
de la France et de I'Etranger. Annee 1. 12° Paris, 1876. 


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NiederhohendorfT und anderer umliegenden Orten gefundene 
goldische Sande, &c. 8° Leipzig, 1696. 

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furt a. M., 1698. 

Abbildung und Beschreibung deren samtlichen Berg-Wercks 
Beamten und Bedienten nach ihrem gewohnlichen Bang und 
Ordnung im behorigen Berg-Habit. 4° Niirnberg, 1721. 

Bericht von Bergbau. 4° Leipzig, 1 772. 

Nachricht von dem ehmaligen Bergbau bey Emenau. 8° Weimar, 

Tableau der Erzaufbereitung.von der Grube Bergwerks-Wohlfahrt 

bei Clausthal. n.p., n.d. 
Geschichte und Beschreibung des Sachsischen Bergbaues, nebst 

22 colorirten Abbildungen der Sachsischen Berg- und Hiittenleute 

in ihren neuesten Staatstrachten. 4° Zwickau, 1827. 

Generalbericht (2 und 3) der Direktion des Deutschamerikanischen 
Bergwerk-Vereins in Elberfeld an die Aktien-Inhaber. 2 vols. 
8° Elberfeld, 1827-29. 

A A 2 


mines and Mining — cont. 
Germany — cont. 

Neuer Schauplatz der Bergwerkskunde. 15 vols. 8° Ouedlinburg 
and Leipzig, 1845-48. 

9. Aufbereitung der Brze. 

10. Grubenmauerung. 

11. Geognosie. 

12. Grubenhaushalt, von W. Leo. 

13. Bergwerkstatistik. 

14. Brennmaterialen Lehre, von W. Leo. 

15. Hiittenbau u. Huttenmaschinen. 

1. Markscheidekunst. 

2. Grubenzimmerung. 

3. Ezlagerstatten. 

4. Grubenforderung. 

5. Wasserhaltung. 

6. Grubenbaue. 

7. Arbeitslehre, &c. 

8. Bergrechtslehre. 

Ueber die Fortschritte des Berg- und Hiittenwesens in Sachsen, 

seit dem Jahre 1817. Vortrag gehalten am Wernerfeste zu 

Freiberg den 25 Sept. 1850. 8° Freiberg. (Mus. P.— 20.) 
Erinnerungen an Freiberg's Bergbau. 8" Freiberg, 1850. 

Vergleichende Uebersicht der Ausbeute und des wiedererstatteten 

Verlages, welche vom Jahre 1530, an bis mit dem Jahre 1850, 

im Freiberger Revier vertheilt wurden. Von M. F. Gratzschmann. 

8<> Freiberg, 1852. (Mus. P 20.) 

Kalender fiir den Berg- und Hiittenmann. 3 vols. 16° Leipzig, 

1854, 1856-57. 
Einladung zar Betheiligung am Bergbau in den Grrafschaften 

Stolberg-Stolberg und Stolberg-Eossla. 4" Halle, 1858. 
Berg- und Hiitten-K alender. 12" Essen, 1859. 
Allgemeines Berggesetz fiir die Preussischen Staaten, vom 24 Juni, 

1865. Bonn, 1865. 

[Reports by Professors Savi and Targionl-Tozzetti on the Copper 

Deposits in the Serpentine Rocks of Tuscany. In Italian. 4° 

Florence, 1850.] 
Repertorio delle Miniere. Leggi, Decreti, Regolamenti, Circolari, 

Atti diversi concernenti le sostanze Minerali. Serie 2*. Vol. 1-3. 

8" Roma, 1874^76. 


Mining Plans. MS. 

Observations on Foreign Mining in Mexico. By a Resident. 8° 

London, 1838. (Mus. P.— 2.) 
Reales Ordenanzas para la Direccion, &c. del importante Cuerpo de 
la Mineria de Nueva-Espana. 4° Santiago de ChUe, 1833. 
[This is a reprint of the Madrid Regulations of 1783.] 
Netherlands'India. See Reports — Netherlands-India. 

New South Wales, 

Annual Report of the Department of Mines, New South Wales. 
4° Sydney, 1876-77. 

Nova Scotia, 

An Act relating to the Regulation of Mines in Nova Scotia. 
8° Halifax, N.S„ 1873. 

Russian Miners' Book. (In Russian.) 8° St. Petersburg, 1862. 
Manual for Russian Mining Engineers. Edited by a Com- 
mittee of the Mining Corps. (In Russian.) 2 vols. 8° 
St. Petersburg, 1862-64. 


nines and Mining — cont. 

Code des Mines pour la Principaute de Serbie. 8° 1 866. 

Berg- und hiittenmannischer Wegweiser durch Ober-Schlesien. 
2 vols. 80 Berlin, 1828. 

Investigaciones sobre Minerales Aurlferos, 6 Guia para encontrar- 
los reconocerlos y ensayarlos. Por A. M. A. 8° Madrid, 1850. 
Andalusia. See Reports — Commercial. 
See B., F. A. Xavier de G-amboa. 
Mines de Fer nommes Normarken dans la Province Wermelandie 
en Sufede. folio, n.p., n.d. 
Tuscany. See Italy. 
Rise and Progress of Quartz Mining at Clunes. 12° Ballarat, 1869. 
The School of Mines, Ballarat. A Statement of the Objects, 
and present Resources of the School. 8" Ballarat, 1873. 

See also Coal. Reports. Safety Lamps. Trials at Law. 
mining Schools. See Transactions — Freiberg, Paris, &c. Wood, N. 

Mingaud (du Gard), 

Explorations Geologiques faites avec M. Marcel de Serres. &" Paris, 
1863. (Mus. P.— 38.) 
mining Record Office. See Museum of Practical Geology. 
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schaft. 2 vols. 8» Stuttgart, 1852-54. 
Mitchell, David William. See Gray, G. R. 
Mitchell, George. See Karsten, D. L. G. 
Mitchell, John. 

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&c. ; with Remarks on Bonaparte's projected invasion of England. 
4» Brunswick, 1808. 
Manual of Practical Assaying. 12° London, 1846. 
2nd edition. 8° London, 1854. 

3rd edition. Edited by William Crookes. 8° London, 1868. 
4th edition. Edited by William Crookes. 8° London, 1873. 
Treatise on the Falsifications of Food, and the Chemical Means 
employed to detect them. 8° Ix)ndon, 1848. 
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Mitchell, Lieut.- Col. T. L. 

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descriptions of Australia Felix and New South Wales. 2nd edition. 
2 vols. London, 1839. 
Journal of an Expedition into the Interior of Tropical Australia, in 
search of a Route from Sydnej to the Gulf of Carpentaria. 8° 
8° London, 1848. 
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3rd edition ; Vol. 2 is 2nd edition.] 
See Maps — Eifel ; Gerolstein. 


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See Meyer, H. A. 
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See Geological Surveys — ^Switzerland. 
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Bonn, 1866. 

2nd edition. Nebst einem polemischen Anhang. 8" Bonn, 
Molir, P. 

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Diluvial-BildungenWiirttembergs. 8» Stuttgart, 1847. (Mus. P. 

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Sammlung mineralogischer und bergmannischer Abhandlungen. 8" 

Wien, 1804. 
The Ch.aracters of the Classes, Orders, Genera, and Species ; or, the 

characteristic of the Natural History System of Mineralogy. 8° 

Edinburgh, 1820. 
Die Charaktere der Klassen, Ordnungen, Geschlechter und Arten, 

oder die Charakteristik des naturhistorischen Mineral-Systemes. 

2nd edition. 8» Dresden, 1821. 
Bemerkungen iiber das naturhistorische Mineral-System. Heransge- 

geben von Ambrosius Eau. 8" Wiirzburg, 1821. (Mus. P. — 23.) 
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dom. Translated by William Haidinger. 3 vols. 8° Edinburgh, 

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und Hiittenkunde ; Eferaeriden der Berg- und Hiittenkunde ; Jahr- 
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MoUj Herman. 

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See Auria, V. 


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:-- (1853-56). 4° Napoli, 1857. 

Sulle Anomalie Geognostiche e Pajeontologiche delle Formazioni Apen- 

niniche delle Provincie Meridional]. 8" Torino, 1863. (Murch. P. 

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De la Houille dans le Royaume d'ltalie. Traduction par L. Hawer- 

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Phenomfenes de Fossilisation des Animaux et des Plantes de tous 

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[" This curious work contains a new opinion concerning the origin of 
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Murch. F. 

[Refers to Pamphlets collected by Sir R. I. Murchison, which will be 
found in the Catalogue under the names of the respective authors.] 

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3rd edition. By Robert Hunt and F. W. Rudler. 8° 1867. 
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3rd edition. 8° 1862. 
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Museum, of Practical Geology — cont. 
Catalogues — cont. 
G-uide to the Geology of London. Illustrative of the Geological 
Model of London, in the Museum. By Wm. Whitaker. 8° 1875. 

Royal School of Mines. 
Records of the School of Mines and of Science applied to the Arts. 
Vol. 1. 8" London, 1852-53. (All published.) 

1. Inaugural Discourse. By Sir Henry T. De la Beche. 

2. Study of Abstract Science essential to Progress of Industry. By 

Lyon Playfair. 

3. Relations of Natural History to Geology and the Arts. By Edward 


4. Importance of cultivating Habits of Observation. By Robert Hunt. 

5. Science of Geology and its Applications. By Andrew C. Ramsay. 

6. Value of an extended Knowledge of Mineralogy and the Processes of 

Mining. By Warington W. Smyth. 

7. Importance of special Scientific Knowledge to the Practical 

Metallurgist. By John Percy. 

8. Geology of the South Staffordshire Coal Field. By J. Beete Jukes. 

9. Stigmaria Beds of the South Staffordshire Coal Field. By Sir Henry 

T. De la Beche. 

10. Mode of Working the Coal and Ironstone of South Staffordshire. 

By Warington W. Smyth. 

11. Coal raised and Iron made in South Staffordshire. By Robert Hunt. 

12. Mines of Wicklow and Wexford. By Warington W. Smyth. 

13. Statistics of Produce of Copper, Tin, Lead, and Silver. By Robert 


Lecture on Industrial Instruction on the Continent. By Lyon 

Playfair. 8" London, 1852. 
Lecture on the Educational Uses of Museums. By Edward Forbes. 

8" London, 1853. 
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London, 1851-77. 

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By Robert Hunt. 8° London, 1855-77. 
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Miscellaneous Publications relating tq the Museum. 

Account of the Museum of Economic Geology, and Mining Records' 

Office. By T. Sopwith. 8" London, 1843. 
Handbook Guide for Visitors. 4° London, 1851. 
Lectures on Gold ; for the instruction of Emigrants about to proceed 

to Australia. (Delivered at the Museum.) 8° London, 1852. 

1 . The Geology of Australia, with especial reference to the Gold Regions. 

By J. Beete Jukes. 

2. On our Knowledge of Australian Rocks, as derived from their Organic 

Remains. By Edward Forbes. 

3. The Chemical Properties of Gold, and the mode of distinguishing it 

from other substances. By Lyon Playfair. 

4. The Dressing or Mechanical Preparation of Gold Ores. By W. W, 


5. The Metallurgical Treatment and Assaying of Gold Ores. By John. 


6. The History and Statistics of Gold. By Robert Hunt. 

See Geological Surveys — British Isles. Journals- 
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Royal College of Chrmistry. Science and Art De- 

40883. It B 



Bavaria. See Oppel, A. 

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befindlichen Petrefacten. Von F. Braun. 4" Leipzig, 1840. 


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other objects illustrative of Irish History, exhibited at the 22nd 
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Calcutta. See Geological Surveys — India. 
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illustrating the Composition, Structure, and other Characters of 
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of Minerals in the Museum ; to which is added, an Irish Mine- 
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See Jukes, J. B. 

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Descriptive Catalogue of Rock Specimens, collected by the 

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Haarlem. See Transactions — Haarlem. 

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India. See Transactions — Calcutta. 

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blished in the year 1780. 8» Keswick, 1870. (Mus. P.— 56.) 

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British Museum. See under British Museum. 

Corporation of London. See Transactions — London. 


Sluseums — cont. 
London — cont. 

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London, 1851. 

■ A Catalogue of Birds. Vol. 1. 8» London, 1854. 

A Catalogue of Lepidopterous Insects. By Thomas Hors- 

field and Frederic Moore. 2 vols. 8° liOndon, 1857-59. 
India Museum. — ^Resolutions respecting Transfer to South Ken- 
sington, folio. London, 1876. 
Lever Museum. — Companion to the Museum (late Sir Ashton 

Lever's) ; removed to Albion Street, the Surry End of Black 

Friars Bridge. 4° London, 1790. 
Museum of London Antiquities. See Smith, C. R. 
Museum of Practical Geology. See under Museum of Practical 

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Gilbert Scott. 8° London, 1877. 
Royal College of Surgeons. See Transactions — London. 
South Kensington Museum. See Science and Art Department. 
United Service Museum. — Catalogue of the Minerals. 8» London, 



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8» Melbourne, 1871. 

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lurgical, Geological, and Agricultural Models. 8° Melbourne. 

Public Library, &c. — Report on the Public Library, Museums, and 
National Gallery of Victoria, folio. Melbourne, 1874. 


Description des Objets de Page de la Pierre Polie, contenus dans le 
Musee Archeologique du Morbihan ; par L. Davy de Cusse, L. 
Galles et G. D'Ault-Dumesnil. 8° Vannes, 1867. 

Naples. See Journals — Annuario. 

New Zealand. See Transactions — Wellington. 

Nova Scotia. See Reports— Nova Scotia. Transactions — Halifax. 


Rariora quae olim B. et M. R. Besleri coUegerunt, ajneisque tabulis 

ad vivum incisa evulgarunt, nunc Commentariolo illustrata a f" oh. 

H. Lochnero. folio, n.p. ? Norimb. 1716. 
Paris. See Transactions — Paris. 

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2 vols, in 1. 8» Pragae, 1774-75. 

Rio de Janeiro. See Transactions — Rio de Janeiro. 


Vatican Museum, See Mercatus, M. 

Saffron Walden. 
An Abridged Catalogue of the Saffron Walden Museum. S" 1845, 

B B 2 


DCnseums — cont. 

Sevres Museum. See Brongniart, Al. 
Museum Tessianum, opera Dom. Car. G-ust. Tessiti coUectum. 
folio. HolmiEe, 1753. 
[This catalogue was arranged and edited by Linnaius : it is very rare, a few 
copies only having been printed for private circulation.] 
Catalogue Raisonne de la Collection Mineralogique du Musde 
d'Histoire Naturelle. Parl'AbbeEtienneBorson. 8» Turin, 1830. 

Catalogo ragionato dei Fossili Nummulitici d' Egitto della raccolta 
del E. Museo Mineralogico di Torino. 4° Torino, 1854. 

United States. See Transactions — Cambridge (Mass.) ; New York. 
Ittiolitologia Veronese del Museo Bozziano : Ital. et Lat. Dal Gio- 
vanni Serafino Volta. (75 plates.) folio. Verona, 1 796. 
Index rerum naturalium Musei Caesarei Vindobonensis : pars prima, 
Testacea. (Lat. et Germ.), ab Ignatio a Born. 2 vols. 8" 
Vindobonee, 1778. 
Das k. k. Hof-Mineralien Cabinet in Wien : eine Uebersicht der 
neuen Aufstellung desselben, nach dem naturhistorischen Mineral- 
Systeme des Herrn Prof. Mobs. Herausgegeben von Paul 
Partsch. 8° Wien, 1828. 
Bericht iiber die Mineralien-Sammlung der k. k. Hofkammer im 
Munz- und Bergwesen. Von W. Haidinger. 4° Wien, 1843. 
Uebersicht der im k. k. Hof-Mineralien Cabinette zu Wien zur 
Scbau gestellten acht Sammlungen : nach der letzten, im Jahre 
1842 vollendeten Aufstellung. Herausgegeben _ von Paul 
Partsch. sm. 8" Wien, 1855. 
Uebersicht der Sammlungen der k. k. Schatzkammer. 8° Wien, 

See also under Transactions. 
Catalogue of Fossils in the Museum of the Eoyal Artillery Insti- 
tution. By W. Davies. 8° Woolwich, 1864. 
Yorkshire. See Transactions — Yorkshire. 

Mushet, p. 

Papers on Iron and Steel, practical and experimental. 8° London, 
Mus. F. 

[Refers to the Museum Collection of Pamphlets, which will be found 
in the Catalogue under the names of the respective authors.] 
DIuspratt, Sheridan. 

A Lecture on the Manufacture of Soda, &c. 12" London, 1848. 
(Mus. P.- -28.) 

See Plattner, C. F. 
Muthon, J. M. 
Traite des Forges dites Catalanes ; ou I'Art d'extraire directment et 
par une seule operation le Fer de ses Mines. 8" Turin, 1808. 
Mylius, Gottlieb Friedr.. 

Memorabilium Saxonije SubterranCEe, pars prima et secunda; i.e., 
des unterirdischen Sachsens seltsamer Wunder der Natur. 4" 
Leipzig, 1709-1718. 

Mylnej Robert W. See Maps— London. 


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Entstehung und BegrifF der naturhistorischen Art. 2nd edition. 
Miincben, 1865. 

See Transactions — London : Ray Society. 
Kaismith, John. 

Elements of Agriculture. 8° London, 1807. 
.See Agricultural Surveys — Clydesdale. 
ITapier, James. 

A Manual of Electro-Metallurgy, including the Applications of the 
Art to Manufacturing Processes. 8" London, 1851. 

XTapion?, Carlo Antonio. 

Elementi di Mineralogia esposti a norma delle pivi recenti o.sservazioni 
e scoperte Vol. 1. 8" Torino, 1797. 


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ITardo, Gio. Domenico. 

Sinonimia moderna delle specie de Crostacei, Testacei e Pesci, di 
■ Stefano Chiereghini. 8» Venezia, 1847. 

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Vorstudien fiir Geschichte und Zucht der Hausthiere, zunachst am 
Schweineschadel. With oblong Atlas. Berlin, 1864. 

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Natural History. 

Memoire instructif sur la manifere de rassembler, &c., les Diverses 
Curiosites d'Histoire Naturelle. 8° Lyon, 1758. 

Naturalist's Library. 

The Naturalist's Library. Conducted by Sir William Jardine, Bart. 
40 vols. 8° Edinburgh, 1833-43. 


Vol. 1. — Monkeys. By Sir William Jardine, Bart. (With Portrait and 

Memoir of Buffon.) 1833. 
„ 2. — The Eelinse. By Sir William Jardine, Bart. (With Portrait 

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DD 2 


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