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Cornell University Library 
PR2359.A1 1579a 

The shepheardes calendar the original ed 

3 1924 013 125 392 o..,-.. 


Cornell University 

The original of this book is in 
the Cornell University Library. 

There are no known copyright restrictions in 
the United States on the use of the text. 



Five hundred and twenty copies only printed for England 
and America combined. Each copy numbered. 



The Shepheardes Calender 

By Edmund Spenser 










Shbpheardes Calender. 





s ^ 

Professor A. W. WARD, Litt.D., LL.D. 



Rev. W. E. BUCKLEY, M.A., Middleton Cheney. 


JOSEPH THOMPSON, Esq., Treasurer. 

A. H. BULLEN, Esq. 

CHAS. W, SUTTON, Esq., //o». Sec. 


TTTHIS reprodu6lion of the "Shepheardes Calender" is 
issued by the Council of the Spenser Society by arrange- 
ment with Mr. J. C. Nimmo, who has recently published a 
limited number of copies of the work. The volume is an 
ejvira and special issue, which it is hoped will be acceptable 
to the Members. 









QPENSER'S "Shepheardes Calender" was in its day a book 
•^ of great interest, not only because it made the world 
acquainted with " the new poet," but also because it contained 
allusions to personages of distinction well known, and to circum- 
stances familiar to everybody. From 1579—97, in a space of 
eighteen years, it passed through five different editions. 

In our days the little book is still interesting, but for other 
reasons. Firstly, as the earliest work of importance by the 
writer of " The Faerie Clueene." Secondly, because, as Dean 
Church in his "Life of Spenser" appropriately observes, it 
marks a " turning-point " in the history of English literature ; 
twenty years had passed since the publication of Tottel's 
Miscellany, and the appearance of the " Shepheardes Calender " 
gave a new impulse to English Poetry. Thirdly, from the 
mysterious circumstances connected with its publication. 

It is well known that the attempts to identify " E. K.," the 
so-called friend of Spenser, whose commentary appeared with the 
Calender, have given rise to many suppositions and disputes. 
Some have said " E. K." means E. King ; others have asserted 
" E. K." means Edward Kirke or Kerke, and this for no other 
reason than that there was a man of such name living in Cam- 
bridge in Spenser's time. Very few only, and among them 


G. L. Craik, ventured, even at the risk of being laughed at, to 
speak of the possibility that "E, K." and E. Spenser might be 

In 1888, after the subject had been dropped for many years. 
Dr. Uhlemann, a German scholar^ took it up again, and proved, 
as far as this is possible, that Spenser wrote himself the com- 
mentary, generally attributed to one of his friends. 

In bringing out the present edition, it was chiefly my aim to 
make English students acquainted with this result. By kind 
permission of E. Maunde Thompson, Esq., the Principal Libra- 
rian of the British Museum, Mr. L. B. Fleming was allowed to 
photograph the volume. 












ON December 5, 1579, "The Shepheardes Calender" was 
entered at Stationers' HalP under the name of Hugh 
Singleton, who probably bought the book from the author 
or his friends. As the epistle of "E. K." is dated April 10, 
1579, we may suppose that the volume passed in the interval the 
press. Neither in the entry nor on the title-page the author's 
name is mentioned, but on its verso some dedicatory verses are 
signed " Immerito." The title of this original edition is this : 

I. The Shepheardes Calender. Conteyning twelue ^glogues 
proportionable to the twelve monethes. Entitled to the Noble 
and Vertvous Gentleman, most worthy of all titles, both of 
learning and cheualrie, M. Philip Sidney, ('.') At London. 
Printed by Hugh Singleton, dwelling in Creede Lane neere vnto 
Ludgate at the signe of the gylden Tunne, and are there to be 
solde. 1579. 4to.* This edition contains woodcut engravings 
before each of the twelve eclogues, appropriate to its contents. 
The poem is printed in black letter, the arguments in italics, 
the notes in Roman type. Title (with verses "To His Booke" 
on the back), one leaf j Epistle to Gabriel Harvey, two leaves; 
the General Argument, one leaf; and the poem on Sig. Ai to 

' Transcript of the Registers of the Company of Stationers' of London from 1554 
to 1640 A.D., privately printed by Edward Arber, 1875, 4to, vol. ii. p. 362 : — 

S December [1579]. 
Hughe Singelton i Lycenced vnto him the Shepperdes Calender con- 
teyninge xij eclogues proportionable to the xij monethes — vj<'. 
' Handbook to the Popular, Poetical, and Dramatic Literature of Great Britain, 
from the Invention of Printing to the Restoration. By W. C. Hazlitt. London, 
1867, 8vo, p. 572. 


N4 in fours. There are four copies of this edition known to 
exist : — 

i". No. 11,533 of the Grenville Collection of the British 
Museum, from which the present edition is photographed.^ 

a°. In the Bodleian Library, Oxford.^ 

3°. No. 293, Capell, T. 9, in the Library of Trinity College, 

4°. No. 437 of the Huth Library.* 
, The next four editions are published by John Harrison the 
younger, to whom, according to the Registers of Stationers' 
Hall, Hugh Singleton assigned the book.* The second edition 
is very much like the first, and the same woodcuts precede the 
single eclogues. It has this title : — 

a. The Shepheardes Calender. Conteining twelue iEglogues 
proportionable to the twelue Monethes. Entitled to the Noble 
and Vertuous Gentleman, most worthy of all titles, both of learn- 
ing and cheualrie, M. Philip Sydney. V IT Imprinted at Londpn 
by Thomas East, for John Harrison the younger, dwelling Pater 
noster Roe, at the signe of the Anker, and are there to bee 
solde. 1581. Also this second edition is rare. There are 
copies of it in the Grenville Collection, in the Bodleian, Trinity 
College, and Huth Libraries. It is similarly arranged as the 
first edition. The Title occupies one leaf j the Epistle to Harvey, 
two leaves ; and the General Argument, one leaf. The volume 
has 5a folios. The poem is printed in black letter, the Argu- 
ments in italics, the Commentary in Roman type. 

3. The Shepheardes Calender. Conteining twelve ^glogues 
proportionable to the twelue Monethes. Entitled To the noble 
and vertuous Gentleman, most worthie of all titles, both of 

* Catalogue of the Grenville Library, under "Spenser." 

° Catalogus Impressorum Librorum in Bibl. Bodleiana, vol. iii. p. 520. 
' Rob, Sinker, Early English Printed Books in the Library of Trinity College. 
Cambridge, 1885, 8vo, p. 105. 

* Catalogue of the Huth Library. London, 1880, 4to, vol. iv. p. 1383. 

* Transcript. Reg. of Comp. Stat., &c, vol. ii. p. 380 : 

29 October [1581]. 
John harrison : Assigned ouer from Hugh Singleton to have the sheppardes 
callender, which was hughe Singleton's copie. — vj* 


learning and chiualry, Maister Philip Sidney. Imprinted at 
London by John Wolfe for John Harrison the yonger, dwell- 
ing in Pater noster Roe, at the signe oF the Anker. 1586. 4to. 
Contrary to this statement, we read on folio 5a : "Imprinted at 
London by Thomas East for John Harrison/' etc. With very 
slight differences, arranged as the first and second editions. 

■4. The Shepheards Calender, Containing twelue Aeglogues 
proportionable to the twelue Monethes. Entitvled To the 
noble and vertuous Gentleman, most worthie of all tides, both 
of learning and chiualry, Maister Philip Sidney. London, 
Printed by John Windet for John Harrison the yonger, dwelling 
in Pater noster Roe, etc. 1591. 4to. 

5. The Shepheards Calendar. Conteining twelve Aeglogues, 
proportionable to the twelve Moneths. Entituled to the noble 
and vertuous Gentleman, &c. London. Printed by Thomas 
Creede for John Harrison the yonger, dwelling Pater noster 
Roe, at the signe of the Anchor, etc. 1597. 4to. The British 
Museum copy contains Latin translation in MS. 

In 1611, together with some other poems, the Shepheardes 
Calender appeared for the first time with the poet's name 
attached to it ; this volume has the title ; The Faerie Qveen : 
The Shepheards Calendar; Together with the other Works of 
England's Arch-Poet, Edm. Spenser. IT Collected into one 
Volume, and carefully corrected. Printed by H. L. for Mathew 
Lownes. Anno Dom. 161 1, fol. This volume is dedicated to 
Queen Elizabeth thus : To the Most High, Mightie, and Mag- 
nificent Emperesse, Renouned for Pietie, Vertve, and all Graciovs 
Government : Elizabeth, By the Grace of God, Queene of Eng- 
land, France, and Ireland, and of Virginia: Defender of the 
Faith, &c. Her most humble Seruaunt, Edmund Spenser, doth 
in all humilitie dedicate, present, and consecrate these his labours, 
to Hue with the eternitie of her Fame.^ 

In 1653 Spenser's book came out with a Latin translation in 
verse : 

^ In this edition the woodcuts that were made for the original edition were used 
for the last time; The "Faerie Queen," the "Shepheards Calendar," and the 
" Prosopopeia " are each separately paged. Several of the minor pieces have 
separate title-pages, and are without pagination. 


The Shepheards Calendarj Sec, by Edmund Spenser, Prince 
of English Poets, accompanying " Calendarium Pastorale, sive 
wiEglogae duodecim, totidem anni mensibus accomodatae, Ang- 
lice olim scriptae ab Edmundo Spensero, Anglorum Poetarum 
Principe J nunc autem eleganti Latino carmine donates k Theo- 
doro Bathurst, Aulae Pembrokianse apud Cantabrigienses ali- 
quando socio. Londini M. M. T. C. & C. Bedell, ad Por- 
tam Medii-Templi in vico vulgo vocato Fleetstreet. Anno 
Dom. 1653." 8vo. The editor of this translation, as well as 
the original, appears to have been, by the preface, William 
Dillingham, of Emanuel College, who in the same year was 
elected Master of that Society. At the end of the volume a 
Glossary, or Alphabetical Index of unusual words, is added. 
The Epistle to Harvey, the General Argument, and the Com- 
mentary are not in this edition. The whole is printed in Roman 
type, and contains 147 pages. 

This edition was reprinted in 1733 by John Ball, with the 
addition of a Latin dissertation: " De Vita Spenseri, et Scriptis," 
and an " augmented Glossary." On the title-page below, the 
words : " Typis Londiniensibus. Prostant apud Ch. Rivington, & 
John Knapton, Bibliop. & T. Fletcher, Oxon," No date is given, 
but the vplume appeared also with another title-page, on which 
1733 and the printer's name, W. Bowyer, are given. 

Besides these separate editions, the Shepherdes Calendar has 
been reprinted with all the editions of the complete works of 
Spenser,^ the best known of which are Todd's (1805), Collier's, 
(1862), Hales' (1869), and Grosart's (1883), and with all editions 
of his poetical works.^ 

In our own time. Professor Henry Morley edited the " Shep- 
heardes Calender," 1888, separately, for Cassell's National Lib- 
rary (i2mo). 

' According to the General Catalogue of the British Museum Library, there exist 
about ten different editions of the complete works, and about fifteen of the poetical 
works of Spenser ; so that altogether the " Shepheardes Calendar" has been printed 
thirty-five times in three hundred years. 

' H. J. Todd's ed., 8 vols., Lond., 1805, 8vo ; J. P. Collier's ed., J vols., Lond., 
1862, 8vo J J. W. Hales' Globe ed., I vol., Lond., 1869, 8vo ; A. B. Grosart's ed., 
Lond. and Aylesbury, 1882, 4to. 



THE "Shepheardes Calender" was from its first appearance 
accompanied by "the Glosse," or an explanatory com- 
mentary, written by " E, K.," who professes to be a friend of 
the poet. Nobq.dy knew who " E. K." was, and, as far as we 
could ascertain, about that time nobody was inquisitive to know, 
perhaps owing to the fact that the poet's name itself, which was 
naturally of greater interest, was hidden behind the pseudonym 
" Immerito." 

Many years after — the date cannot be fixed — people com- 
menced to inquire about " E. K.," and tried to penetrate the veil 
with which the pseudo-commentator's personality is surrounded. 
Successively several suppositions were then made, till it was 
discovered that about Spenser's time there lived at Pembroke 
Hall, Cambridge, a certain Edward Kirke or Kerke, though really 
beyond a few dates '^ nothing whatever was known about this 
Kirke. This discovery put a stop to any further critical investi- 
gation. Edward Kirke was the "E. K." alluded to in the letters 
of Spenser to Harvey,^ and he was proclaimed the author of 

1 Cooper's Athenas Cantabrigienses, Cambridge, 1858 and 1861, 8vo, vol. ii. 244- 
24s !— 

" Edward Kirke matriculated as a sizar of Pembroke Hall in November 1571, 
subsequently removed to Caius College, and as a member of the latter house, pro- 
ceeded B.A. 1574-5, and commenced M.A. 1578." (Comp. Biograph. Brit., 3804, 
3805, 3814. Calendars of the Proceedings in Chancery in the Reign of Queen 
Elizabeth, Lond., 1827, fol. i. 73, ii. 125. Haslewood, Ancient Critical Essays, 
Lond. 1815, 4to, vol. ii. p. 262 and 288. W. Oldys' Brit. Librarian, Lond., 1738, 
8vo, p. 87 and 90. — Comp. also Notes and Queries, 2nd Series, ix., June 21, i860; 
3rd Series, vii., June 24, 1865.) 

" " Three proper and wittie familiar Letters," &c., and in the same volume : " Two 
other very commendable Letters," &c. Lond., 1580, 8vo. 

In the letter dated April 10, 1580 : — 

I. "'E. K.' heartily desyreth to be commended vnto your Whorshippe ; of 


" the Glosse." Thus from edition to edition of Spenser's works 
this was repeated as a fact; nobody ever thought of going again 
deeply into the matter; indeed, if anybody doubted it, he was 
afraid of expressing his opinion for fear of being laughed at. 

It is interesting to read some of the accounts given by Spenser 
students on this point. 

Todd ^ writes : " Some have been led to assign the name of 
Edward Kerke to the old scholiast. Some also have not failed 
to suppose that King might be the name." He himself leaves 
the point undecided, and generally speaks of the commentator 
"E, K." 

Collier* says: "The discovery of the name of a person in 
Spenser's own college, whose initials correspond with the ' E. K.' 
placed at the end of the epistle to Gabriel Harvey introducing 
the ' Shepheardes Calender/ puts an end to the absurd specula- 
tions* hazarded by some critics that Spenser had in fact been 
his own editor, and consequently his own laudator, and to the 
scarcely less improbable notion that G. Harvey had penned the 
letter to himself." 

Hales,* in his biography of Spenser, says: "These poems are 

whome, what accompte he maketh youre selfe shall hereafter perceiue, by hys payne- 
full and dutiful! Verses to your selfe." 

2. " Thus muche was written at Westminster yesternight : but coming this morning, 
beeyng the sixteenth of October to Mystresse ICerkes to haue it deliuered to the 
Carrier, I receyued youre letter, sente me the laste weeke." 

3. " You may alwayes send them most safely to me by Mistresse Kerke, and by 
none other." 

The other reference is in the postscriptum ; — 

" I take best my Dreames shoulde come forthe alone, being growen by meanes 
of the Glosse (running continually in maner of Paraphrase) full as great as my 
Calender. Therin be some things excellently, and many things wittily discoursed 
of E. K.," &c. (These letters are reprinted by J. Haslewood, Lond., 1811, 4to, 
in Anc. Crit. Essays upon Engl. Foets and Poesy, and in vol. i, of Dr. Grosart's 
edition of the works of Gabriel Harvey.) 

» Todd, Spenser's Works, Lond., 1805, vol. i. p. xxi. note. 

' J. Payne Collier, The Complete Works of Spenser, vol. i. p. xl. 

3 Rob. Nares, A Glossary or Collection of Words, Phrases, Names, and Allusions 
to Customs, Proverbs, etc., in English Authors. London, new edit, enlarged by 
J. O. Halliwell and Th. Wright, 1859, 8vo, p. 334 : under "Frembd," "Spenser 
was probably his own commentator ; " under "Mister," "his own Glossary." 

* J. W. Hales, Life of Spenser, in Morris's Globe edition, Lond., 1869, 8vo. 


ushered into the world by Spenser's college friend (in Cam- 
bridge), Edward Kirke, for such no doubt is the true interpreta- 
tion of the initials ' E. K.' " 

Grosart,^ in a special article, "Notices of Edward Kirke," 
&c,, writes : " Connecting the full name of ' Mystresse Kerke ' 
{bis) — a mere variant spelling of ' Kirke ' — with E. K. (also lis) 
of these letters, it has been long accepted that E. K., who 
was (probably) editor and (certainly) Glosse - writer of the 
* Shepheardes Calender,' was an Edward Kirke, contemporary 
with Spenser and Harvey at the University of Cambridge. I 
have been unable to verify who first thus appropriated the 
initials; but certes such appropriation commends itself, as 
against the fantastic and impossible theories whereby Spenser 
himself is made out to have been his own Glosse-writer, the 
absurdity culminating in that of 'Notes and Queries,'^ which 
gravely reads E. K. as 'Edmund Kalenderer' (?)." 

More moderately, though not yet decidedly, Craik,^ after hav- 
ing mentioned that some people advanced the opinion that the 
poet and the commentator are the same person, continues : " It 
does not seem to us to be impossible, or very improbable. Such 
a device, by which the poet might communicate to the public 
many things requisite for the full understanding of his poetry, 
which he could not have openly stated in his own name, and at 
the same time leave whatever else he chose vague and uncertain, 
or at least indistinctly declared, had manifest conveniences. If 
he had really a friend who could do this for him, good and well ; 
but no one would know so well as himsfelf in all cases what to 
disclose and what to withhold, and he would perhaps be more 

1 Grosart, Spenser's Works, vol. iii. p. cviii. Besides the few dates given about 
Kirke in the Athen. Cantab., Grosart adds, "The only other bit of new biographic 
fact is that Edward Kirke became Rector of the parish of Risby in Suffolk." Sub- 
joined is Kirke's Will and Epitaph. 

2 Notes and Queries, sth Series, vi., Nov. 4, 1876, p. 365 :-- 

"The gloss or explanatory coramentatory prefixed to the earlier editions of the 
several eclogues is subscribed 'E. K.,' intended, not improbably, for the poet him- 
self, the initials signifying here Edmund the Kalenderer," &c. 

^ Geo. L. Craik, Spenser and his Poetry. London, 1845, 3 vols. i2mo, vol. i. 
PP- 34-35. 



likely therefore to perform the office himself than intrust it 
to any friend. As for the real vanity, or whatever else it may 
be, with which he is chargeable, it would be very nearly of 
the same amount whether he thus actually sounded his own 
praises or got another to do it for him, although the indecorum 
might be less in the latter case. On this supposition, E. K.'s 
'painful and dutiful verses,' spoken of in the letter of the i6th 
October 1579, may be merely a long Latin poem addressed 
to Harvey by Spenser himself, under the character or signature 
of ' Immerito,' and transmitted in the same letter. However, 
it is impossible to affirm anything for certain upon this matter ; 
and perhaps the manner in which Spenser speaks to Harvey, 
in a passage already quoted, of the Gloss of the same E. K. 
upon his Dreams, may seem rather adverse to the conclusion 
that he is himself that friendly commentator. At the same time 
it is strange that even in writing to Harvey he should always so 
carefully keep to this imperfect mode of indication ; he is not in 
the habit of naming Sidney or Dyer and his other friends by 
their initials; it seems impossible not to infer that there "is some 
mystery — that more is meant than meets the eye." 

So far the opinions or statements of those who by an intimate 
acquaintance with Spenser's poetry ought to be best qualified 
to decide the question who "E. K." was; but can any critic be 
satisfied with them? They all agree that "E. K." must have 
been an intimate and chosen friend of the poet, as every page 
of the Gloss shows, and that for no other reason than that this 
"E. K." describes himself as such, and because they cannot 
reconcile themselves with the idea that Spenser could have been 
capable of such an action. Supposing they were all right, why 
did not Spenser in later years, when it was lotig known that he 
wrote the Eclogues, disclose also his friend's name ? The devoted 
friend is nowhere mentioned after 1580 in any of Spenser's 
writings. If Spenser was anxious to conceal that he wrote the 
"Glosse," must we not naturally imagine that he did all in his 
power to make the illusion complete,^ and to avoid as far as he 

1 The remarks, therefore, which Spenser makes in the letter already published 
in 1580 about E. K. are of no value at all. 


could everything that might lead to a disclosure? Further, the 
initials "E. K." were connected with a certain Edward Kirke 
for no other reason than that he was a contemporary of the 
poet. Nobody has ever proved that a friendship existed between 
Kirke and Spenser, but the enigma, one must admit, can through 
this hypothesis be very conveniently explained. I do not think 
that I am unjust in saying all those statements, Craik's excepted, 
are bare of any criticism, for if there were no reasons to be found 
for the identity of Spenser and Kirke, certainly it is no less absurd 
speculation to advance the one hypothesis than to be in favour of 
the other ; and however strange it may appear to us if we read 
"E. K.'s" epistle, and see him spoken of by Spenser in the letters 
referred to above, it is neither impossible nor improbable, but a 
fact, that Spenser wrote the " Glosse " without being guilty of any 
contemptible action. As all great poets, Spenser was in advance 
of his age. He saw clearly in his mind the difficulties with 
which he would have to contend in appearing before the world, 
unknown, in controversy with the existing opinions and fashions, 
a declared enemy of the University pedantry and the aflFectations 
of the Court. Fully conscious of his poetical abilities, and feel- 
ing that he was destined to fulfil a literary mission, he wrote the 
Commentary, in order to draw the attention of his contem- 
poraries to his work, to be better able to point out to them how 
he meant to deal with style and form.^ To successfully reach 
his purpose, he profited by the love of mystery and allegory, a 

1 Spenser intended to introduce pastoral poetry into England (though this had 
already been attempted long before him by the Benedictine monk Alexander 
Barclay and others; comp. Sommer, Erster Versuch iiber die englische Hirten- 
dichtung, Marburg, 1888, 8vo, p. zo) ; hence his defence of this "new "kind of 
poetry and his detailed description iu the Epistle to Harvey. Publishing some 
years later the first books of the " Faerie Queene," he accompanied them by a 
preface in the shape of a letter to Raleigh : " Sir, knowing how doutfully all Alle- 
gories may be construed [perhaps he had some experience from his " Shepheardes 
Calender"], and this book of mine . . . being a continued Allegory, ... I have 
thought good, as well for avoyding of gealous ppinions and misconstructions, as for 
your better light in reading thereof, ... to discover vnto you the general intention 
and meaning, which in the whole course thereof I have fashioned. . . ." Had he 
thought it wise to disclose his name in 1579, he would have commenced his 
preface in very much the same way. 


prominent feature of Elizabethan literature, and I believe did 
no great wrong. 

I shall now proceed to adduce, following Uhlemann,^ argu- 
ments that my supposition concerning "E. K." is correct, 

I. The recent investigations and researches by Kluge and 
Reissert^ concerning Spenser's sources, both published in the 
Anglia, have shown that the commentator's references to the 
poet's authorities are in several cases inaccurate or even wrong. 
As I shall perhaps have an opportunity of treating more fullyabout 
this subject later, it may here suffice to give a few examples. In 
the eleventh eclogue, " E. K." says Spenser has copied or imi- 
tated Theocritus, whereas Kluge proves that Mantuan has been 
the poet's model. In the twelfth eclogue a few verses are said 
to have been taken from Vergil, but actually they are, taken from 
Marot, &c. How can these facts be accounted for, especially 
if we bear in mind that"E. K." is generally accurate to the 
detail ? Very well, when we assume that " E. K," is Spenser 
himself. In the "Epistle" the sources are all stated as Theo- 
critus, Vergil, Mantuan, Petrarca, Boccaccio, Marot, Sanazarus, 
and " also divers other excellent both Italian and French Poetes, 
whose foting this Author every where followeth;" "yet," he 
continues, "so as few, but they be well sented can trace him 
out," For this latter reason, Spenser thought it necessary to here 
and there point out to his readers the very passages he imitated, 
and this he did from memory, not having his models at hand, 
and thus we can explain why his quotations are not always 
correct and complete. Besides, to judge Spenser, we must adopt 
another point of view than we would as regards a modern poet. 
The literary decorum was in the sixteenth century different. Poets 
profited by their predecessors more than we would consider 
decent now-a-days, and they did not take care to quote their 
authorities. So, e.g., Chaucer and Lydgate did, as Kissner, 
Ten Brink, and Koeppel have proved. Compared to them 

' Dr. Uhlemann, Der Verfasser des Kommentars zu Spenser's " Sheplieardes 
Calender," Jahresbericht, No. xiii. des Konigl. Kaiser WUhelms Gymnasiums zu 
Hannover, 1888, Progr. No. 292. 

" Kluge, Anglia, vol. iii. pp. 266-274 ; Reissert, Anglia, vol. ix. pp. 205-224. 


Spenser has been scrupulous. The illustrious poet Alexander 
Pope, many years after Spenser, did a far greater wrong by 
giving such references to his models as were intended to 
mislead his readers. 

a. In his notes to the Eclogues of January, October, and 
November, " E. K." refers often to the writings of Plato. He 
quotes especially the Dialogues " Alcibiades," "De Legibus," 
and " Phsedon." All tjiese references, particularly those in the 
first and tenth Eclogue, show distinctly that their writer was 
intimately acquainted with Plato's works. Such a knowledge 
of Plato was in Spenser's age by no means so common as in our 
days; but of Spenser we know from his own statements (comp. 
Preface to the " Faerie Queene "), and from Bryskett's " Discourse 
of Civill Life " ^ written between 1584-89, that he was well 
versed with Greek philosophy, and devoted himself with zeal 
and pleasure to the study of Plato. Also in his " Fowre 
Hymnes"^ Spenser expresses thoughts concerning true love 
very similar to those expressed on this subject in his notes to 
the Eclogues of January; and these hymns, though only 
published in 1596, were partly written in his earlier days, as 
he states in his preface, "Having in the greener times of my 
youth composed these former Hymnes in the praise of Love and 
Beautie." Is it after these reflections not more reasonable to 
suppose that Spenser himself wrote the Commentary than to 
attribute it to an " E. K.," about whom and about whose know- 
ledge of Plato we have no knowledge whatever ? 

3. Between the Epistle to G. Harvey and the text of the 

' Lodowick Bryskett's Discourse of Civill Life : "Yet is there a gentleman in 
this company, whom I have had often a purpose to intreate, that as his leisure 
might serve him, he would vouchsafe to spend some time with me to intrust me in 
some hard points which I cannot of myselfe understand ; knowing him to be not 
onely perfect in the Greek tongue, but also very well read in Philosophie both morall 
and naturall" (Todd's Life of Spenser, vol. l p. Iviii.)- 

^ Compare, e.g., the 26th stanza : — 

" For love is Lord of truth and loialtie. 
Lifting himselfe out of the lowly dust 
On golden plumes up to the purest skie, 
Above the reach of loathly sinful lust," &c. 


" Shepheardes Calender " is the " General Argument of the 
Whole Book," treating chiefly of the history of the " Calender," 
An article about the signification of the word " eclogue," which, 
according to " E. K.," h^-s etymologically to be spelled " aigloga," 
concludes with the words, " Other curious discourses hereof I 
reserve to greater occasion." What greater occasion is meant? 
There appears to be a reference to some unpublished treatise ■ 
on poetry. Of an "E. K.," whoever he may be, we do not 
know by any record that he ever wrote or intended to write 
such a work; but Spenser had finished about that time his 
unfortunately lost work, "The English Poet," which is de- 
scribed as to its title and contents in the Eclogue of October : 
" In Cuddie is set out the perfect patern of a Poet, which, find- 
ing no maintenance of his state and studies, complaineth of the 
contempt of Poetrie, and the causes thereof: Specially having 
bene in all ages, and even the most barbarous, alwaies of singular 
account and honour, and being indeed so worthie and commend- 
able an art, or rather no art, but a. divine gift and heavenly 
instinct not to be gotten by labour and learning, but adorned 
with both ; and poured into the witte by a certaine Enthousias- 
mos and celestiall inspiration, as the Author hereof else where 
at large discourseth in his booke called 'The English Poet,' 
which booke being lately come in to my hands, I minde also by 
God's grace, upon further advisement to publish." From this 
we may conclude that one part of the lost work, "The English 
Poet," treated about the high vocation of the poet. In the 
"glcisse" to the eclogue of October, "E. K." terminates a long 
remark to the words " For ever," thus : "Such honour have Poets 
alwayes found in the sight of Princes and noble men, which this 
author here verie well sheweth, as else where more notably." 
This "else where" can only refer to "The English Poet," as 
none of Spenser's works which we possess treats a similar subject, 
and among his lost ones it can only allude to "The English 
Poet." As it is impossible to find any trace of such a work by 
an " E. K.," I think we may reasonably suppose that " E. K." is 
4. One may say that the arguments hitherto given are not 


absolutely convincing; the following is certainlj- so. In the 
notes to the Eclogue of May, " E. K." mentions as source for 
the verses : 

" Tho with them wends what they spent in cost, 
But what they left behind them is lost," 

an epithet of Sardanapalus, which Cicero thus translates: 

" Ha;c habui qua; edi, quseque exaturata libido, 
Hausit, at ilia raanent inulta ac praeclara relicta." 

" These verses may thus be rendered into English," continues 
"E. K." 

" All that I eate did I joy, and all that I greedily gorged : 
As for those many goodly matters left I for others." 

As it is obvious, the English translation is an imitation of the 
Latin distich. Now we know from the correspondence be- 
tween Harvey and Spenser that the former endeavoured to 
introduce antique metres into English poetry, and that the 
latter attempted to carry out these theories.^ Is not this a 
reason to attribute the translation of the Latin distich rather 
to Spenser than to an unknown person ? Fortunately we have 
in this case a certain proof at hand. In the letter dated April 
10, 1580, Spenser communicates a little poem to his friend 
Harvey, in which he tried the antique metre, and says : " Seeme 
they comparable to those two which I translated you extempore 
in bed, the last time we lay togither in Westminster? 

'That which I eate did I joy, and that which I greedily gorged, 
As for those many goodly matters leaft 1 for others.' " 

This translation corresponds to that owned by "E. K." word 
for word — except for the change of "all that" to "that which," 
— and this proves that " E. K." and Spenser are identical. 

Further, in the Eclogue of April, " E. K." or Spenser remarks : 
" Bay branches be the signe of honour and victorie, and there- 

' Letter of October 15, 1579, ". . . I am, of late, more in love wyth my Eng- 
lishe versifying, than with lyming : whyche I should have done long since, if I 
would then have followed your councell." 


fore of mightie conquerours worne in their triumphs, and eke of 
famous poetSj as saith Petrarch in his Sonets : — 

" Arbor vittoriosa triomphale, 
Honor d'lmperatori et di Poeti," etc. 

The same Italian verses are quoted in Harvey's third letter to 
Spenser, where he says, in order to encourage his friend : " Think 
upon Petrarch's Arbor vittoriosa triomfale, Onor, etc., and per- 
happes it will advaunce the wynges of your Imagination a degree 
higher." Harvey thus apparently takes it for granted that 
Spenser is well versed with the said verses of Petrarch, and this 
either because of his personal intercourse and correspondence 
with him, or because he knew that Spenser was the writer of 
the " Glosse " to the " Shepheardes Calender," which latter is 
under the circumstances more probable.^ 

The identity of "E. K." with Edmund Spenser is nowhere in 
contradiction with -the form and the contents of the commen- 

If we allow that Spenser wrote the commentary, we can under- 
stand the enthusiastic tone of the "General Argument," and of 
the note to the words "For ever," in the tenth Eclogue. A mere 
commentator would never have been so deeply penetrated with 
a sense of the high vocation and importance of the poet. 

1 Searching in A'otes and Queries, I came across the following suggestion, Sept, 9, 
1854, 1st Series, vol. x. pp. 204-205 : "In the 'Glosse' of the Eclogue of April, 
Rosalind is spoken of as deserving to be commended to immortality as much as 
Myrto or Petrarch's Laura, ' or Himera the worthy poet Stesichorus his idol, upon 
whom he is said so much to have doted, that in regard of her excellencie, he scorned 
and wrote against the beautie of Helena. For which his presumptuous and un- 
heedie hardinesse, he is sayd by vengeance of the gods, thereat being offended, to 
have lost both his eies,' If we compare these latter lines with verses 919-924 of 
' Colin Clout's come home againe : ' — 

' And well I wote, that oft I heard it spoken. 
How one, that fairest Helene did revile. 
Through iudgement of the gods to been y wroken, 
Lost both his eyes and so remaynd long while, 
Till he recanted had his wicked rimes, 
And made amends to her with treble praise,' 

we are led to think that both came from the same pen." 


It no longer excites surprise that the merits of G. Harvey, 
not to mention others,^ are so much expounded in the Epistle 
and in the notes. If "E. K." were not Spenser himself, he 
would have carefully avoided darkening the poet by praising 
others at his expense, but Spenser doing it himself simply ex- 
pressed his gratitude to his best friend Harvey. 

Thus we now know that "E. K." means Edmund Spenser, 
and this result enables us to say that all allusions to the life 
and works of Spenser contained in the "Glosse" are genuine 
and valuable material for the completion of his biography, 
whereas the letters between him and Harvey have to be used 
with great care. But it still continues an open question why 
Spenser took these letters, or what is meant by them. Most 
probably this will remain an enigma, like the mysterious 
" W. H." of the dedication to Shakspere's Sonnets. 

^ Eclogue for January : Sir Tho. Smith ; in the third Eclogue : Angelus Politianus. 


Shefheardes Calender 

Conteyning twelue .£g|[ogues propordonabk 
{0 ttie nuelve motiet^e?. 



ws Gentleman moH tterthj'tfdU titltt 

both of learning and cheualiie M. 

Philip Sidney. 


Tr'mted by Hugh Smgleton^dMllmgin 

Creede Lane neere vntoLudg^te at the 
figne of thf sploen ^unne,ffi») 



Goe little bool^ithyfelfeprefent^ 
nAs childi^hofe parent is lon^nt : 
'To him that is thefrefident 
OfnobkJJe andofcheualree^, 
^nd if that Ernie har^ at thee^ , 
nAsfure it mllyforjuccour^flet^ 

Fnder the fhadovf of his inking, 
dA^nd af^d^who theeforthJidhring, 
qJ' Jhepheardsfi^aine/aje did thee Jing, 
{iAlias hisjlrayingjloc^ hefeddet 
(lAndvphen his honor has thee redde, 
Craue pardon for mjhardyhedde* 

^ut *tfthat any afk^ thy namely 
%ay thou "Vpert bafe begot vpith blamt^i 
For thy thereof thou iaJ^efl /bamt^, 
oAndy^hen thou artpdfiieopardee^. 
Come tellme^vphatn^^jaydofmee^ : 
cJhdfmllfend more after thee^. 


The general argument of 

, Ittlelljope^eedethmeatlai^e to dKfcourfe the&P:Onpfl»V of^Io- 
j gues^utng aiteadie toucjied the fsme . Rue for.the word ^glogucs t 
\ know is voknowen to moft,and allb.miftaken of jlome the beit teamed 
I (astliey think) I rvyU fay romevvhattliecEoFjbeing not at all im^ettinec 
to my present purpole. 
They were fiiA of the Gtcekes tfic inuentoursof them called ^lo- 
gajositwcre ei'eyet ozaiyniuni.xiiyi. that is Gotcheards tales. For although in Virgile 
and others the ^cakets be moft (hcpheards^nd Gotehcards,yet Theoctitiis in whom is 
more ground oCauthoritiejthen in V;i;gile, this C>ecially from tTiat deriuJng,as from the 
£t(l bead and vvellptii^the vvhoIelQiKridonpfhis i£gloi;uc$^akcthGote])eardsLtbe 
perlons and authors othis talcs. This btin& vvho fecthnbt tlve gto(IciK0e of fuch ps by 
colour of feaming would maltcvslbde^ue mat jhcy <are more ligbtlv tcmicd Eclogai> as 
thej would ray,ex traotdinaiy difcourfes of vnnecc^arie mattcr,vvhicb difinition .^be in 
fiibuaunce and meaning it agree with the nature ofihe thing,ye t (lo^hit anfvvereth with 
the atdjjmt and interpretation of the wond. For tbtyfakeiiottenned Eclogues, but £g-' 
logaes.vvhich fcntence tbit autht»ir veiy well obfeniin^yp9n good iudgemcpt, though 
indeedc few Qotpheiards haue to doe hercir^nethclctle dbubteth not to cat ih| by the 
vied and bifiknoweh name. Qthctcuiiou$4ifcouri^kereDfIre/etuetDg)X3ter occ« 
.{ioii.Thelbitij. i£clogues euery where anfoeiing to tlic (ealbns of the tweJue .monthes 
ina; bfwell deuided into three fmrncs or ranckcs; For eytb£c tliey be Pbintiue, as the 
fit&,tbtiixt,dieeUueath,&tl)e nvclfth,otrecrcatiucjSich a al thofe bc,w{ii(h conceiiie 
taatter of Ioucjm comtnendatioaiOf Xpcci^ pet-(biia|es, oe Moral: v vhich foe the otoll 
partix: mixed with fomcSatyncal bitterndTe, namely thefccond of reuerence'dewe to 
oUagiuthefi&of coloured deceipt,thefeuend)aiidili(ithof(&J}otute {hepheards &pa(^ 
ooorSjthe ten^ of conteinpt of Poetrie Spleafaunt vvits,And to diis dinifion may cue* 
ly thi|^licrein be reafbnably apptvcd i A few onely exceiit,who(c fpeciall putpofe and 
uteanihgl amflot ptiuie to,And thus much {generally of theJe xij. .£cIogucs.Now will 
we fpeake p^icidarly ofalljand firft of the hrft . which he callcth by the fitfi moncthc* 
name lanuarie ; wherein to (bme he may fteme fowly to haue faultcd,in diat he erront> 
oufly beginneth wid) that monethjwhich beginneth not the yeate.For it is wcl known, 
andftoutely mainteynedwithfirongerealbasof theleamed, thatiheyeare beginneth 
in March.for then the (bnne renewethhisfinifliedcourie^d die feafbnable fpting rcfre 
flieth the earth,and the plefaunce theieof being bmied iu the fadncfle of the dead winter 
now wome away,reliueth.This opinion maynteiiic the olde Aftrologers and Philofo- 
phetSjuamelytlicretierciid Aha.iil6ja(idMadtQbhjsft>hlsh61ydaycsoT S^ijic.wbidh 
accoumpt alio was generally obferued both of Grecians arid Romans . Bwfauingthe 
Icaueoflilch leatnedheads,weinayntaine4 etiflome«f<otmipting theieaToiisfrom the 
moneth lanusiy, vpon amorc fpeciall caufe,then die hcadien Kiilofojihere euer couldc 
conceiue,that is/or die iniarnation of our miglbtjr Sauiour and eternafl redeemer the L. 

Chrift,who as thenfenewingdieftateof the decayed worW^ndreturniiedKcopaflc 
of expired yetes to thcyrTonner date and firft commencemenr,1eft to vs his heircs a mc- 
moriallofbisbiKhintbccndeofthclafiyecre and beginning ofthenext.whrchrccko 
oingjbefidedarctacaU monumcuofour01u4tion,lcincth2fo'yppcngood proofcof 

Tpccial iuHgemei For albf it iliat In tlder timeJ, vvlien asyet tfie f oompt oWie yere vrat 
not Of tfertcd,as aftewvatde it was by Inlius Czfarjtliey began to tel the monerhcs from 
Marches begianing.and according to ihe fame God (as is fayd in Scripture) comaundcd 
fhc people of the 1 e vves to count the moneth Abi!,that vvliich yve (jail March , for the 
fitrt monethjin remcmbraunce that in that moneth he brought them out of the land of 
^gjpi : yet according to tradition oflatte r times it hath bene othcrvvifeobferued^botb 
in goiicrnment of of the churchyind rule of Migiitieli Realmes . For irom lulius Cxfar 
who £rftobfcrucd the ieapeycere which he called Riflextilem Annom, andbroughtia 
to a more certain courfe the odde wandring dayes which of the'Gtcekes were cali'Sj 
vV/>f wirnc of the Romanes intcrcalarcs (ror in fuch matter oflearni:^ I ant forced to 
vie die tertnes of ^e learned ) the monethes haUc bene nombi^d »;. virhieh in tbe.&ft 
ordmalince ofRomsitus were butcenne, countinfbutCCCiii/.dayeaineiieryyeare', 
and beginning with March. Bqi Nnma PompiUus,vy hp w^the father of al die Romaiii 
ceremonies andreligionVf*eii)gthjtreckonii»g-fO'agreeneithei?Vvith the courfcoftlie 
Ibnne^orof the Mooncjihetcvnto added ti!Voitioneth«,lamiary andFebruaryrwboi- 
in it ii:emeth,thac V vifc king minded ypon good reaibn to beigm'&eyeare at 'Ianuatie,oir 
him therefore (b ctlled tanquamlanna anni tbegate and cnttaunce ofthe yete,oi of the 
nameofthcgodlanus , to which god for that the ^d Paynims attributed thebyrthSc 
beAinninc;of all creatures new cqmming into ths^vrorlde , itfeemeth that he tneifqte 
tohima(iignedtliebeginningand.fir(l enrraiince ofdi'eyeare . yvhtclraccoiintforthe 
Mod part hith hetherto coi^tuAttd.Notvnthft'anding tbarthe :£giptians be^ne theyr 
ycare at Scptember,for that according tadie opinion of the bed R3(>bin£,and^ vety pur- 
polc of the tctipture (elfe ,■ GodiUade tlie Vvorlde in thatMonetb,that is called of mem' 
Tidi And therefore he commannded diem,to kecpe the feaft of the end^. 
thcyc3Fc,in the sir. day oftheieuenthmonethjvvhich before that time waf the fjrfl^ 

But our AuthourreipeArng nether the.fub.tiIticorthbne paree^oithe antiquitieor 
thodier,thinkeih it fitteft accordii^ to the finipficitie of cotijulicn ThdeiA.anding,to ber 
gin with Tanuarie,wening it pciliaps no decorii, that Sepheard ihould be feene in mat 
tvrof ib deepc inGght.or canuaie a cafi of fadoubtfiiliudgment.So thetefotc bcginnedi 
be,Si (b continueth he throughout. 

To the moflexceUmt and learned hoth 

jD^ato; anil ipoeee^spapSer 6a&;teU ^wx^^it 

vetiefpecia) and fingiilar good IrendElC. comment' 

dcth tbe eood lykingof this his labouTt 




i|lCOV tHB VNKISTB, Sayle the oUc faffloas Poete 
(Saucer: vvhotnfi>r his excdlencie and vvpndeiiullfkil in making, 
^ riisrcholIerLicfeate,avvpRl^fehollerofroexcelIci»3inai{iet, cu« 
kth theLoad^nane bfour Langui^e^ vvhbm out Colin clone hx 
tothe wortbines of the Roman Tityras Virgile. VVbidi prouerb«a 
i myne owne good firiend Ma. Haiuey^in that good old Ppete it (e>- 
ued V veil Pandaies purpole,for the bolfieting.ofhis ban^Wcage, fo vity well taketh 
place ill this oiu ne vv Poete,wIio for that he is vncoucbc (as faid Qiaucer) is ynki(l,anil 
vnbiown to mofl m£, is regarded biat of fevv. But Ident notj.(b (bone as his name ftall 
come into the knovvledgofmi;n, andhisworchines-belbundedinthetrompeffame, 
■battbathefhallbenotonelykifte,bvtal(bbdouedofalli cmbncedof^&emol^ aoi 
yrondred at of the beft. No lefle I thinke,dereraidi his vvittinefle in deiri(ing^sj>ithi!>. 
nefle in vtteting^ complaints ofloue (b buely^is dircoatfes of f leafiire lb pleaiantly, 
hisp^orallnideneffe j rBsmorallwiienefle, ,ldsdevveob(etuingof Jpecorameuctye 
Tvhercjin per(bnage$,in leafanSjin ffiateer,i(i Ipeachjand generally in alileeinely fimply* 
citie of faandeIinghismatterjandiramtnghl»vvordki&e which ormabythingeswbicti 
inhimbc fitaunge,tknoinnrviII fiienieaieftratmgeft , die vvordithem fdues being (b 
auncientjdie knitting of Pernio fiiort andintrkacejand the vvhole Petude & compsiOe 
of fpeachefbdel^tlbmcibtiheionndhelle, andibgraue^theflraiingenelle. And 
&Ac of the Wordcs to fikake, Igraunt ttey be /bnnechinghard,andt>f moU men vrmred, 
yetbothEng^i(h,andallorredofmoftexcellentLA4thor»andmoIlfainous Pocces.. In 
Trhom vvhenas this our Poet bath bene mudi nraueiled and tbroQghly redd, how could 
it b^ (as that vronhy Oratonr (ayde) but that walking indie fbnne aldtoi^h (or other 
tunes. Butwhethcr he vlelfiThembyiuchcwialtyeandcofioine'^toffetpUiporcand 
€hoyfe,asdiinkingthemficte{lrorrudinifficaIInidcnefreof{hephe3rds, eytherforthai 
theyr ronghfoimde would make his tymes moicia^ed and rui^tcal, or els becaufe fucli 
oldeand obfolete vordesare moft vfed of country %!kc, fare I thinl(,and think I think 
not amifie^that they bring greatgtace and,a$ione would fay^ii^ntie toxhe vcrie . "Bqz 
^bennongft many other Suites it fpeciaJIy be obieAed of Vail»againftLiuir,and of o- 
dictagainlFSalufiCjthatrvithouer much fiudieiiieyaJ9cd'aatiquitie,ascouetiqg there, 
cycredence and honor of elder yeercs,yetl am ofopinion, and ekcthe bed learned are 
pf^lyke,thatdidle atmcieft t felcmne wordes arc a great ornament both in die one Se. 
in me otherj the one labouring to (etibtth in hys worke an etemall image of an ti<)uitie, 
and the otha carefully difcoatSi^ matters of grauitie and importaiince.For if my memo 
ty u^ie iio^ Tuliie in that bools, wherein n; cndeuourethto fufotth tbe pater^ie of 3 

4[J> pcrfca. 


ytrfcfiOntour, faytli thitofKimesanauncientworJtmakcth ttclfylc/eemegranc, 
and 3S it were rcuerend : n o otherwifi; then we honour and reuerence gray hearcs for a 
certein religious tegard.which wc liaue of cid igc.jrct nether euny wheremuA old wordf 
be ftiiflrd in,nor the commen Dialefic and manet of fpcakihg fo corrupted thed>}r, Aat 
as in old building it (cne difbrdeHy Si niioous. ^ut aH'as in moft exquifitc pifhires they 
v(e to bl«c and portraictnot onelj^die daiiitie lineaments of beautye, but alfo loonde 
about it to Shadow the rude thickets and craggy clifts^thatby the balcoefle of (iich parts, 
ftioreexcellencj^mayacctewto Aeprincjpiljforoftimesw'efyndcoiiirdues , Iknowe 
rochovv , (ingularly delighted with the ItieweoffuchiiaturaURideneflejand take gieac 
pleafurc in that Uirordetly order:Ew3i To doc thofe rovgbandharlh temics enluniarand 
jnake more clearly to appeare the brightneflc of brauc & glorious words. So o^animes 
a difchordc in Mulick makcdi a comely concordaunce:fof teat delight'tooke the worthy 
Pocce Alceus to behold a blemilh in the loynt of a Ardihsped body .But ifamrw Jl rafh> 
Jy blame fuch his purpofe in choyfe of old'and rnvvonted words, him may I more iuffly 
blame and condcinne,or of vvitl^e headineOe in ludging, or of beedeldlehardinOSc in 
condcmiiing.for not marking the compaiTc ni bys bent, he vvil iudgcpf the length ofhh 
cift.for in my opinion it is one Ipedil prayle,of many vvhych ate dew to this'Poete,diac 
he hach bbo;'rcd to refiore,as to they r nghtfull heritage fuch good and naturall Englilh 
woids,as hauc bcniong time out of v(e & almoft cicarc dilhenced. Which is the oncly 
CAu(c,diat our Modicr tonge.whicb tniely of it feU is both ful enough for prole &ilately 
cnougli for verlcjhath long time ben couted mod bare & batrein of both. «vliicli default 
when as/bme cndeuoured to Cdue &recure,thev patchcd-vp the holes with peccs & ra^t 
of other langu jgcSjhortowing here of the frencn,thcrc of the Itiilian, eucry where of me 
L.?tine,nof weighing how il,thole tongues accorde vvidi themfelueSjbut much vvorle 
vvitli oursiSo'now- diey haue made our Englifli -tonguCja gallimaufray or hodgepodge of 
ol other lpcches.Other Ibme no lb wel femein tlie EngUfti toiKc as j)erh.ips in other Ian 
™ge$,if thi: happen to here an oldc vvord albeit veiy natnrafi and%iihcam,c7e out 
iircight W3y,that wc ipeak no Englilh,but gibbrifli/}i rather nicb,asin oldtime Euoden 
moiiif r fpakr. whofe fy& fliame is,that ihcy are not alhained,in their.ovm mother tqnge 
flraungcts (o be counted and altenn.Thc fecond Oiamc no lefle then the liifijthat. vrfiac 
lo rii<yf vndcrfl.-indnot,they ftreight way decme to befencdcOe, and not at a| to be Vrt- 
derdode.Much like to thelVloIe in i£(«pes.faUe,,bring blynd herfeIf<,vvould iiino 
wife be perfw.-idcd,that any beafi could Ice . The loll ii>ottih,ifneful then both,diat of 
their ovvne co'untiy and natural fpeach, yvhicb together with their Nourccs n^ diey 
riKked,they haue fo bafe regard and baftard iud^enKnt,that they will not onely them* 
fclucs no< labor CO gamilh &beautifieit,butaUorrpiDe,tha(ofotherit'{hoIdbeembel 
Iil}ied.Like to the dc^e in the maungcr,that him felie can eate no hay, and yet batkech 
-at the' hunsy bnllock,that (o faine would feede : whole currllh kind thoi^ cannot be 
krpt from b3rkJng,yct I conne them thankc iliat they refrain from byting. 

Now for the knitting of fentt:nces,vvhych they call die ioynts .ind membeis thero^ 
and for »! the compafle of the fpcach, iiisround without roughnene,and learned wytb* 
out har(tiics,luch indcede as may be perceiued of the ieafte , vnderiloode of die mofle, 
but tudged onely of the leamed.Fctr what in mod Engliih wtyters vfcth to be loo(e,HVd 
as it were vn2ytt;in this Auriiour is S-veO grounded^^ely framcdisnd flrongly ttuflcd vp 
together. In regatd'wheref, Ifcortieand Ipueouttherikehellye route of pur ragged 
rjtsxn (for fo thcfclues vfe to hunt tlie letter) which without leaining belle, without 



iudgement ungic, without realbn rage and (onw^t iribme inAinA of Poetinlt /pi'tiie 
hadnew/y raui(ked theni aboue the meanenfeflc ofcommen capaciiie.And being in the 
niddeft of all theyt braunyjibdenly cy ther for want of niatter,ar of ryme, or hauing for 
gotten theyt former conceipt,they fceme to be lb pained and traueiled in thcyr icmcin • 
trance,as it were a woman in childebirth or as that (ame Py thi3,vvhen the irauncc came 
vponher. Os rabidumferacordadomaiu&c. 

Nethelefle let them a Gods name feede on theyr ovync folly. To they Iccbe not to dar. 
fcen tlic beames of others glory . As for Colin,vnder whofe petfon the A uthoiir fclfe is 
(hadowedjhovv fune he is &om fcch vaunted tides and glorious (hov-ves,both liim feUc 
ihcwetb,where he &y th. 

OfMulesHobbin.Iconnenorkill. And, 

Enough is me to paint out my viuefi, &c. 

And alio appeareth by the bafeneire of the name,vvhereinjit (onetb, he chofe rather to 
vnfoU great matter of argume t conrrtly ,thcn profelfing it, not fuffice tlwrcf o according 
ly. which moacdhim rather in Ag!ogucs,tnen other wift-to wiite,doubting perhaps 
nuhabdme , which he little nceded,orm'ynding to fumidi cur tongue vvhhtnitkinde, 
wherein it faulteth.or following the example ofthc bcft & mod luncient Poetcs,which 
druiredthis1dndofwryting,beingbotbrobareforthematirr,and homely for the man- 
ner,atthefitftfotiycHKyrhabdicics? and as young birJes, that be newly aept out of 
the nc^y little£iil » prone theyr te ndcr wyngs, before they make a greater flyght^o 
flew Tlieorritus,^ you may peiceine he vyas ;iirready full fledged. So flew Virgile^as not 
yetvvcjl iixlinghis winges So flew Man!uane,as being not (till fomd.So Pelrarque. So 
Boccaee; So ManCjSanazanis^and 'dib diuers other excellent both Italian and Fiench 
PoeteSjwhofe foting this Author euery where foUoweUijyct (b as few, but ihcy be wcl 
fented can tracehim out.So finally ,flycth this our new foete^as a bitd,vvhore p-.incipals 
be fcareegrowcnputjbut yet as diat lo timirfhall be liable to keepe wing with the befi. 
Nowastbucbii^ thegeneralldryftandputpofec«lbis.^logucs,rmindnotto fey 
mnch^'m fclic labouring to conceale it. Onely this af^eareth^tbtliis vnflayed you-nh 
hadbngw^VukedinthccommonLabytintliofLoue, inwhichtimeto mitigate uid 
anaythehcateonMsp3lfioniOeelstowarne(ashe fiythjiheyoongfljepheards /. hise- 
aualls and companions of his vnfortunate (blly,he con^tled^c Sttj. i^lo<^cs,vvhich 
forthatthcyb<;»ethes,hc tcnneJitSe SHF.P- 
HEARDrS CALE ND A R, applying»iolde name «o anew worke.Hcreunto 
haoe I added a eettain Glofli or fchohon for ttjexpoGtion of old worde* & harder plira- 

in our tongueyet for (omuch as I knew many {xcelleijt & proper doiilcs bQthS.worde* 
andmattetv»ouldpafreintbefpcedycoutfc of reading, eftheras vnki)pwf,-,or as-iiot 
Bvaiked^andihat in this kind^s iti otiier we might be eoual to the learned of other nati- 
ons,! thought good to take thepaine* vpon me.the tStbet forthat by mcanesof fomt fa 
miliar acquauitannce I was made prime to hisxounfell ind feott meaning ih than as 
alfo in ruiidry,other vvori;s of h.s,whicl> albeit I know he nothing fo'mucliliatefbjis 

croraulgatc , yet thus muihhaue I adueniuredvponbisfreiidSp^hhnftlfcbeirwfor 
bne «'me furte efcaunged , hoping this will the rather occafon him,.o put firti, 
dium odier excelfent worksof hi J,vvh5ch flepe in hi; DreameslJs Leeend«! 
his CouitofCupid«,andfondryotheni whofecommendatiohs5ofer«St,w<wvei)^ 



rayne4etWHges though worthy ofmanyiyetbeingSneiiifeBtofew.'nicfemyptefent 
pay nc$ if to any they be pkafurable or profitabIe,be youiiifee^ac <^vyn good Maiftej 
HaruevSto Vvhom Ihaueboth in refiwaofyour vyoHhiaeffegeitoally^nd othewvyfe 
vpon foine particular 8^ (pecial coufidetatjons vouedthism/laboar,andthemaydea- 
hcad of this out commen frends rdetrie^infelfe hauing afccady in the fccginning dedii- 
cated it to*c Noble and vvonhy Gentleman^ the ri^tworihfpfiill Ma. PW. Sidney^ 
fpecial fauoWr & maintaincr of all kind of learning. ) VVhofi caufe Ipi»y you Sir > yf 
Eniiic (hall ftur vp any wrongfnlaecufifibnyJiftnd with your mighty Rheion^c &.otber 
your rare gifts of learnii^,as you can,& fliield with your good vvjl,as you ou^r,againft 
the malice and outrage offo manymemies^ I knoyv vviibe fccoiifire with the jjpark* 
of his kindled glory. And thus rec&nending the Author vntayou^ unto Iris moff fpe- 
cial goQd ft end, and my felf e vnto you both, as one nutcif^ finguler ;icc0unt of xr to fo 
very gQod'and lb' choilefrends,! bid you both moll hartely £u;v vel^ > and commit yon 4; 
your mod commendable ftudiesto the tuicion of the greavii 

ICour o'ifttt fijfuredljr to 
be comnraunHtdE. K.. 

r\ /*OwItmftM.Haney,thatv{Kin(rghtor your(pcciallfrends'andfi'now Poets 
*y X. doingSjOr els for enuie offo many vnworthy Quidams,vvhich catdi at the gat* 
londjvvhichtoyoiuloneisdevye ,70uwinbeperrvTaded to pluck out qitheharcful 
daiknefle,diofc lbmanycsc<Uent&ig|i<hpoemesofyours,which.Iyehid,and bri^iii$ 
forth to eternalllight. -Tti^ me youdoe both them g^iatwrong,indq>riuing Aaati 
the delired fonne^and alfo your (elfe^h fmootheringyoor delenicd ptay(b,and all men 
generally,in withholding from Acta Co cTiianc {deafives, whitjitfa^ mjo^ conceine of 
yourgallantEndi(hyerres,as they bane akeadydo^aofyourJ^cine Pbcmes, which in 
my opinion boM for inuention and Elocntioa are very delicate^d luperexceUcnt. And 
^usagaincj takemyleaue ofm; good Mo^fier Harney . frommylodg^atLond^a 
thysio.of April!. 1579. 



J "i^ this fyrU Mglogue Colin doute ap>epbearJes hoj campfametb him 
of his vnforttt»4te ltuej>ting butnetelj(^as femeth)enamoured of a (4tm- 
trie Ufie called Rofalinde: ttith "pbicb Bropz tffeilion being "ver^fore tra* 
ueUdfhe comparetb bis care full eafe to tbejaddeftifon oftbejeare,tothe 
fro!iieground,to the fro fen trtes.and to his ottne tfinttrheaten^ockg. Jtni 
iSiilye, fynding himfelfe rohhed of all former pleafdnnee and dttiebtsjieg 
breaJ{etb bis fipe inpeeces,and taHetb himfelfe totbegtouud, 

COLIN Cloute. 

Sbepc()eatDs(bope(no betteciioetiAn caH) 
toS^ti mimxi toaffful fpigtjt toas alraoft fpen^ 
an ina runnefi;ine Da!>,ai!iitD befall , 

!LeQ fi]^ ttte flocM&atbao bm lonsppnu. 
fi)o fapnt tbep too]te,anii ftcbic fa tbe fdoc, 
^^^^^ ^battKHubmtetfteatbcfcfme coulotljjmbp&als, 

m m^z fi>&e«pe/a?6 tnag t^e Ojepebeaaa loo&e, 
JFo? pale ano toafine &e ujajf,(alas; tlje tobHe,) 
S^ap feeme be loin>,o? els fome wrebe woKc: 
mt^tm^ tie tnm^ijtj?ipe,ano (camedis tM£« 


Skxa im W^ plapnD, xkt bibtle bid lliepe t^ne (eUDp. 

IDe f&mtinmjSi&ti^i^t loners papitr, 
<3If Mp 08110 tbe paine of loners picie: ) 
Loo&e from abouejtntiere pou in topes remaine, 
Sdo (ioUx ponr4!ates bnto mp oolefiill ofttic. 
9nti iPon t^u Il;epbearD0 (SoD,t&at once DioQ ioue, 
]^itie t^e paineji, tfiat t^ou itp felfe oioff pjout. 

90m Satteitt grbuini,lubome iuinters to^at^ liatd biaOcD, 
Src maDe a mp;r|)onr,to bebolQ inp plt^bt : 
tSl|}ilome t^p fteij} fp^mg Roturo, ano aRer badeft 
^p fommer p^otuDe tut'tb Oaffaoilltes otgljt. 
SnD notu is tome t^p tupnters fio^mp Rate , 
Wm mantle marir,)nlicrein tbou maf-keoa (aie. 

&acb rage as tointers, rtigpet^ in mp Wxt^ 
H&fVXt iilouD frieftng )i>t(b iinhinDlp coId: 
^ucti Qo^mp 9ourestio b^eenemp balefnd fmarc, 
^S ifrnp peare tnere malt, ann tuoren oId. 
Qivesi pet a1as,but nouimp fp^ing begonne, 
9nb pet alas,pt is alceaop oonne. 

3^QttQfdteii-(cees,Ui|iore(|>ab^ leaues areloff, 
iCQlHeGeiQit^ i^jiDS toere moatto builo tbeir bab);e: 
Snfi naiu txi cIotljD tuitb molTe ant boarp froff, 
SfnQeiie of Uoormes,.\Dbpi;u>itb pour buna oio floture: 
3iee pour t.eaces;tbat from pour boug^ettDoe raine, 
SUbofe D;ops ia b;crp pGcIcs rcmatne. 

an fo mp lufifull leaft IS o^pe ano fere, 
Sf^p timelp buDs initblua^ing all are ttafteo;. 
%\fi bIo(rome,uibtcb mp b^aunc^ of poutb nio Um% 
SCtitb b^eatbeo Iig^esis blotune atBap,9 blaaeo, 
9nD ftoin mine epes ttie bMjItng ceares befcenbj 
fls on pour baugbcs tbc pQcIes tiepcnD. 

t^on feeble flodte,ttt)oiir1Ieere is rongfb «nb rent, 

2a;ibofe knees m inea&e tti}on£^ r«a anb cniU fare; ipatS 

fanuarle^* foil 

^t^Ht toieneCTe \ai\\ bp i^p in gouerncmenf, 
^bp mapffers rntnn te ouercome uittb care, 
^bou t»eake,3l manneicljou leane,3l quite fo^Ioine: 
miOi mounting ppne 31] pou toi^ ppning moncne* 

atboufanofit^eisSI cutfettiat carefitnijoteEr. 
iZtberetn 31 longD tbe neighbour totune to fee: 
SInD dte (enne ttiourano litbes 31 bUITe tbe aonre, 
aUbetettt 3i fabie To fap^e a Ggl}t,as Cbef' 
^et anfo^iiatigdcrnclj Kg^t ^atb bjcD mp bane. 
Sb (SoDjtIjat loue (boulD bjeeDe bot& iop ano papne* 

3!t t« not Hoblrinol tDbetrfo;e 31 plarne, 
Slbee mp ioue be ieeke uiit^ oaplp fuit: 
^18 clomnifb gifta ano curtGep 31 oiroafnf, 
ll)id htooes J)is ct;ackneUcst,ano }}ii eatip fcuft* 
31) foolifl; Hobhmol.t\i^ gpfts bene bapne: 
Colin tljetngwca lo ^falini againc 

31 lone tlitlke Ia(re,CaIa9 tn^p ooe 3IIotte.' ) 
iano am foMp;ne, (alas lubp am 31 lo^ne.' ) 
@)bee oeigncsi not mp gooo ii>tll,but DotO rep;oue) 
Sivia of mptucall mtiflch boloetb fco^ne. 
^bepljeacDs oeuife Q)e batetb as tbe fnahc, 
9im laugljes tbe rongeSjtbat Colin chut Dotb make* 

ffSttierefoK nn> pppe,a{brc ruoe T<m tbou plcafe, 
^et fo; tUou pleareft not,U)l]Cce mo(t 31 tooulD: 
^nb djou nnluchp S^ure,tbat uiontK to eare 
S^p muiing mpnD^ct canltnot,tuljen tijou fljoulp; 
3$oib pppc ano S^ure,(balt ro;e t!je tubile abpe. 
&o b;ofce biis oaten pppe,anii ooiune bpo Ipe* 

^p tbat,tl)C toeften fhabtts gan abaile, 

Oisiuearp U)aine,Bn{i Houetlje &oap^/^{i« 

i|)er mantle black tb?ouglj {jeauenganouertiaile. 

Zaijtclj feenejthe penfire bop balft inbefpt'sftt 

2rore,anD bometuarb D^one W ronneo (becpe, 

WifAi {gauging ^eaosi bio Teeme W careftiH cisfe to lucepe. 

^."« Co/mr 



(iJ'ncbora fpeme. 


COLIN Cloutc) is a name not gready vfed,and7etlMue 1 fene a Poefieof M. Ske!- 
tons vnder that title. But indeede the v vord Colin is Frcndie,and vied of tlie 
French Poetc Marot(inie be wortliy ofthe name of a Poete)in a certein £g- 
logue. Vnder which name this Poete (ecredy (hadowcth liiniielf, as (bmctime 
did Virgil vnder the name ofTityruSitliinking it much ficter^djea fiicb Latme 
names,iot the great vnlikelyhoodc of the language. 

rnnethes) fcarcely. 

couthr) commeth of the verbe Conne,tfaat is,to know or to hane rfeill. As well inter- 
preceth the fame the worthy Sir Tho. Smitth in his bookc of goacrmentiwher 
of I haiie a perfeA copie in w^ting Jent me by his kinreman,and my veiyc fin- 
gular good fi-ecndjM. GabrielHanicy:as alToof fome othcthis moft^aue & 
excellent vvrytiiigs. 

Sythe)time. Neighbour towne) the next townetoprcfCngibeLatine^^cina. 

Stoure) a Htt. SeteVrvithered. 

llisdowniihgyfts) imitatethVitgils verle, 

Rufiicus es Corydon,nec fflunera curat Alexis. 

(lobbinol) is a fained country nam.e,whereby,tt being (b commune and V(tQlI,(eemedi 
to be hidden the perfon of fome his very (peaall & moft familial' frcend,whom 
he entirely and extraordinarily beloued,asper3duenture Ihidl bemore largely 
declared liereafter.Tu thys place feemedi to be fome fauourof dilbrderly lou,e, 
vvhiditheleamedcall pzderafliciBrbutitisgatheredbefidehis'meaning. F6t 
whothachathred Plato his dialogue called Alcybiades,Xenophon andMax' 
imus Tynus of Socrates opiuions,may eafily perceiue,thac fiicb loge is mudie 
to be alowed and liked of^ipecially Co meant,as Socrates.vied itswTio fay th^at 
indcedeheloued Alcybiadesexffcmcly, yetnotAlcybiadesperCjn,' buthys 
foule,which is Alcybiades ovvne felfe. And Co is pxderaflice mutjb to be cne. 
fciTcd before gyneraAice,th3t is the loucwbiche enflameth meawith Iu{l to> 
ward woman kind.But yet let no man tliinke,th3t herein t&mi v'vith Lucian 
orhysdcuclilhdircipIeVnicoAretiRO , in defence oT-execrableind horrible 
finnes of forbidden and vnlawfulflefiiLnefTr.VVhofc abominable ettouris hil- 
ly confuted of Pcrionius,and others. 

I lour) a prcty Epanorchofis in thele two verles, and witiiall a Patonomafia or play- 
ing wiih die word,where he fay th(I loue thilkc la{re(alas &(^ 

Rofalinde) is alio a feigned name,whichl>eine wdocdeml,wilbewraf As vety name 
of hytloue andmifttelTe, whomby tnatnamehecotburedi.5o'atC>uide ilia- 
doweth hys loue vnder the name of CotynnaiVf hidh of Ibme is fuppofed tp be 




Uia^efflpcmr Aogpftus bis c!aughter,andw]r(e ca Agtyppa^o doth Aiuih 
but Stella eueiy where ca II his Ladv Altetjs ana Iaittfais,albe it is vrei knowea 
that her tight na me was ViolantilU: as witnefle th Statius in his Epithalamiiv 
And lb the£imous Paragone oP Italy, Madonna Oxlia in her letters enuclo^ 
petb her felfe vndcr the name of Zima:and Petrona vudcr the name of Bello- 
chia.And this generally bath bene a coQinoo cufiomeof councetfeidingtbe 
nameso f (eaet Petfoiuges, 

AuaiQ bring dowtK . <' 


Oueihaile} drawe oacb 

HisEmblcme or Podyeis here vnder added in Italiin, Andi6rafi)eme: theneaning 
whetofu,tliatnot^vitEf{andehisextrenKpafEoQ4ndliia[leirelouc, yet kj^ 
njng on hopt^k is fome what lecomf orceo. 


jEgloga Secunda^, 


j^ Sis ^glogue it rather mot all andgtnaall.then lent to anjfetrtte ef 
fn^tuUr fpefully xmtyiutb a Ai/ceurfe of old agt, in tbg 
ferfoaetf Thenot aatUtSbepbeard.-aiiofotJi)it ettoks^efft a»d Vn/«ffi- 
neJfe,isfcorned of Cnddie an. Vnbappj Hiadlniaiakyi«.I^Btvt<ttter'»t-' 
ty »fi/ actordetb tfitb tbtff'afonoftbe mmKfbt^iMimt dtoupin/.O" 
« /* ■»tre,dra'xsin^ to bis latt a^tJor as in tfHstOBi if^ tbe in our 

^.iii. ytdifs 


Uiits thm is »irp&Vnhmngttild,ythicbvtngtAl)nhtht cruHrdVood, 
andfriefeth the tuthtrheati flefli.'nnb Htrmts ofTortHttr, <y harefroSt 
tFCare, Tt "Uhltb fnrj^oft the olde man telleth a tale of the Oa\e and the liuely ani jo feelmglj,4s if the thing tterefct forth' in fomt fie* 
turt befort our ejtJ.moreflahtl/ couUnot af^eart, 


tE&efe bitter blalf st neuct gmne ta(n»ap/ 
Watiitm celp blouicis tb^ousb mp beaten ^psej 
;ail ag 31 ttiere ((jjougl) tbeboop gcpire. 
^p raggen tmm all QjiDer aitD Qjafee, 
Sii Doen btsb '^otu^rji in an earthquake: 
^ijep tuont in tiie bit'niii toagse tbeirtojigte (atlei^ 
3^ccke aj3 ipeacoc&t but noiue it auateji. 


letoDTp cpmptaincll tbouIaeCelaOQe, 
f>f SBinter? t))}att(e,fo; making tijee &tise. 
i^uft not t^e t»o;lo luenD in W commun trnvfe 
jTrom gooo to t)aoD,anti from baote to Uiojfcy 
jTrombio^rebnto t^atid ttugffof all) 
Sixa t6en returneto ^is former hWt 
ZSX\it\ luin not fufifer tlje Ito^mp time, 
ZSX\im UnlT^e liue tpK tbe lullp p^ime.' 
&>tMt bau£3I tuo;ne out t^rirettjrettie pearrst, 
&ome i8 mttt^ iop, manp in manp teares: 
^et nener eomplaineo of colD no; beatc, 
®f S>ommec0 flamejno; of ^tnterjai ttj^eat: 
JlSeeueriiiaato Jfo^cune foeman, 
%VA gentip tooke,tbat bngent^ came. 
SnD euer mp flocke bias mp cljiefe care, 
dlintec 0} Sommec tbep moug^t UieK fare. 


jl?o marueile TbtnotM^tax can beare 
Cberefuilp tbe Wiiwa^ lujattifuli cbeare : 
jFp; 9ge anu SBinter acco;D full nie, 
^Ijitfcliills^at colD,j^i3 crookeD,tbat to^pc* 


j&d ftmeS t^dtt libe gooo ft^ap to fcotoite * 
35ut tnp flolttjtns poutb ts fbeto ftol!, 
flap flbtpne tmlDont in fimazi to be coff * 


^je rmieratgne of feaiS |je Uame{( fn bafne, 
^at once reabeate,Uiillttt&a apitu. 
^0 loptrtng \m pou \[tSiz\\it«c\s&tmizi, 
Eeepins potic beaSeiii in t^e buDDeo b^oontetS: 
ani) ui^en t^ (|){nins fnnne langljet^ once, 
^ou Deemen,tlje ^^^tng t{S come attonce. 
€^0 gpnoi poujfono flpeiS] t^e (olti to fco^nc, 
ano crouiins in PPP^ti ntaue Of greene co;ne, 
^on tijtnben to be hip% of tie peate» 
!Ii?ut cftjtii^en pe count pott freeo &pm fearc, 
Comets tl;ebiemetuinter toitlj cbamfireb b;oUie^, 
jf uH of U);itnckIe0 ano fcoSie furrolnesi: 
£>)erap QiootingbtisiEo^niptiareej 
CUXbfcb cruoolcjs t^e bloon^ann ^HM t^e Oarte. 
^benispour cacelelTe co;ase accoteo, 
^ontcarefull^eactisteitlj colo bene annoteo. 
Wntn pape pou t|ie p^tce of pouc fitrqueo^te, 
Wii^ tteq?tng,anD tuapltngjano mtrei^p. 


QSi foolilb o(D man, 31 fco^ni? tOp fhtn, 
^m luoulbelt nie^mp fp^instng; ponngt^ to fpil. 
31 oeemejtdp b^atne empert^eD bee 
^b^ougb rultp elDe,t(jat ^at& cotteb tfiee: 
€); (icHcc tbp dean becap totrfei0, 
!&o ontbp co;be Qjouloer it {eane$i aiitiCTe. 
J!9oU) ibp Telfe bad Ion botb lopp ano lopp, 
910 inp buboins b;aunc& t^ou baoulDeS cropp: 
TSwt tucce typ peare0 ^ttta^^i nobi bene ntpne, 
^0 ottier belig(jt0 cb^iuonlo cncltne. 
^0 luouloea tl^Ieacne to cacoU of Lone, 
dno berp tuicb bpmnes tbp latTee gloue. 
^bo tsoulbeQ t^ou pppe oiPbyiUs pjapfe: 
"Bat Thjllis iu tn^ne foj man; bapes: 

^•4' '3 tianne 


31 ttionne %vt toitft a gp^Dlc of gelt, 

Ctnboft ttift bUEgleabcttttb? belt. 

©utij an one (bepJljeania ttioulDC ma&e fun tame t 

S)udj an one luoulo make t^ee pounge againe. 


^bou art a fon,af t^p (oue to boSe,. 
9a(Ijati0lent,toloue,ttipilbeloff. ' 


&eel!,boU)e b;ag pono l^ulloc&e ktmit 
Sw rinirite,roTinoot^e,bt<ip;fcketiearei!iif 
^ii bonnes benea»b;oabe,asi laainebottie b(% 
i>ii oeU)clap asi l^the,a0la(& ofiSent. 
See bolue (je bent(t]i into tbe t^ipnp. 
dOeeneSof louete not ^t$ nipnti# 
&eemetiitlj£> flot<(e tijp cftrnfell can, 
S)o luQKirobehe tbepi^ro tuea&e fo tuan^ 
CtotbeD iDitb cpIti,ano Uoacp tuptb fcoS. 

^bp CtoeMjatloont to bane blouien bag)iC» 
li&exaailefiaiDiiBDotueitbangentbeic n«y|^ t 
^ecatbeclambeitbeneftacueiittitb cotB^ 
flu &) tbefi; ^tiSUi iA luQIeir? ano blQ. 


Cfi<f({(r.3l toote tbou bend little goeo. 

jTo; IDoungtb in a bubble blouin Dp lof tb b;eatb» 
axtbore ttitt tiruieatenetretUborettiage is oeatb, 
atEtbore ttiap » tutlDetne(re,tubore pnne ipenwnce, 
Sno ftoopegallaunt ^ge tlje boSe of (^recuattiice. 
iBm IbaQSI tel tbee a tale of ttutb j 

Wi\<^ 31 COttD titTityrtts (n Wp pOUtfr, 

fieepfngbtotbeepe ontbebQtf of lEUnb 


Zq uongbt mo;e minh (0 6(iit| 
®)en to beare nouellit of bin oeuife: 
9bep bene foiiien ibetDeii,antt b iptTeyi 
SObat tuec ^at gdov do man befpske. 


Februarie^. y^**^ 


S^anp meete tales of potitb t>fo de mtAt^ 
ann rome of fawMnD fome of cbeaalrie: 
Sat none fitter tben t^itf to applie. 
jaott liften aivbilCjanD hearken ttte nitr. 

T)t)ere srettc an ageo %ttz on tl)e gmne, 
a spooDip ^abe fonietime ttao <t bene, 
mi^ armed full Srotts ano larselpDirpIapo, 
:?ut of ttiett (eaueis tljep mere Difarapoe: 
^e iiooie bigge,ano tnijsbtclp ptgtit , 
^bjiougblp rooteD>anD ot monoerouss MsbR 
<I2Ibilonie W bene ttie IKins of t^e folD, 
Sno mod^ell ma(t to tbe dufbant) did pteloca 
9nii niiU) biji( nutiS iatoeb manp fbiine. 
iSnt notn tbe gf ap mo(& marreo W rme, 
i^0 bareb boug^e^ mere beaten tottb tto^meu, 
^(is toppe mas baIo,9 ttafteouittt) toojincjs, 
1^10 bono? becapeii,bt!S b^auncbes fere. 

lt)arD bp bis Hoe gceuie a b;agg(ng b^ere, 
tSXWi p?oupIp tb^uH tnto ^bciement} 
Jlnb feemeo to tb^eat tbe JTtrmament' 
^t mas embcUi^t tuttb bloffbmes fap;e, 
Sxa tbereto ape ttonneo to repap;e 
®be(b,epbearDSDangbter0s to gatbec filalumb 
^ peinct tbeir gi'tloniiis tnitb bts coloui^es. 
i9nD in W Tman bu^es bfeb to (b;oteoe 
tiCbe ftueete il3tgbtingale Gnging To lo)uDc: 
SSbicb rnabe tbis foolilb Bjere tocjie To bolo, 
^at on a time be caS btm to fcolo, 
^no fnebbe ^ goob IDafee, fo; be toast oId. 

ca^bp ttatkua tbere (qnotb be) tbou b;uti(^ blodtef 
JSo; fo; fruicr,no} fp;i (babonte rernes tbp ftocket 
&eeS,bobi fceQ) mp floluers bene fp^ebbe, 
Dpeb in£tUptt)bite,ano eDr^nan rebbe, 
JKIIiti) JLeanes engrafneo tnlnSp grecne, 
CdoiQji meeie to tlotbea wupben Clncene; 

35.1 tiit 


€$p taaS b(gneiE( but tambtxi tbe grountDa 
9nD Dirhs tb'e b^aut; ofm;) bfofTomed toti)ntr« 
^e niDtilDie mo(re,tebiclj (|iee accrotet^^ 

S^timfoje roone 31 tut tW^mte ceinoae, 
JLeafC t&oiulje y?ice of inp DtfpteaOtte ti;one« 
^ofpaltetbis bolo b^ereiuitlj gceatiitlbaine:: 
jLtttle bint ^ntlueceD tbe £)alte agatne, 
3ut pielDeo,t»itb fl;aine atiQ gceefe aoab3eci» 
^batofa tseeDebelna^oueraUico. 

^t cbaunc^o aftec tipoti a oap, 
Q%e Oor-banimian felfe tii come tbat teajp, 
IDf cnSome fo; to (ertieUie bt0 stolunli, 
Sno bt8 trees; ofitatein contyaffe tatonOt 
$)im ttiben tbe rpttefull b;ere bao efppeD , 
CaurieCe comidatue&,a.nii lotoulp crpeD 
<2nto biiJ io^Djiittrnnsbp aerne (Irife: 
5D mp Itege jCo;tr,tbe (Sod of mp life, 
I0le«i'ecbpoutiontecpour@>uypliant(t plafnt,. 
Caufeoof U^oRgjim]) cruell conOraint, 
CQbicb % "swx poQ;e aialTaU Hdplp euQure ; . 
iiaitii but pour gooonestbe fame recure9 
i(m litte fo? oerpecate tioole to t>pe, 
^ibjougbftlonouis fo^ceof mine enemfe. 

(Sreattp agbaO irttb ^ts pttebud plea, 
IS>im teQeo tbe goooman on tbe lea, 
sum baooetbe St,ere m,bus plaint p^oceece. 
JEQitb patntiei) U)0|t3 tbo-gan i\m pjotioe iseew, , 
(9smott vten Smbittons Gillte: ) 
^is colotoreo ctime bittb craft to clo&e. 

Sybntp raiierat'pe,io)D of cteaturen all, 
^ou placer of plants bod) bumble ano (alia 
22Iasittot3l planteaoftbtne otonebatiP, 
^Ctbetbep^tmrofeofalltbptano, . 
IZlttb flooring Uo(rome0,ro^ratft'(be c;ime, 
9nD fcarlot berries in S>ommer time.' 
i^ttrfalbi fttt)en,$at tbui f^tbeo iDalte, 

Fehmarte^, p^^ 

WSunKz nakeD acmes (Imcb fnto ti>e fp;r. 
Onto fnc^ tpjamuetiotb afyire: 
!t>tnDectng ttiA ^I'lS (baDe ^ Imielp ligljC) 
Stni roiibtns me oftbe fmeteronneiis Qslit^ 
g>a beate Ots alb bmis^cis mj* tenoec Csr, 
®bat oft^ebloutifj^insetbfeomiiiotmoii Ui^c 
tautimelpmp fioiDTes fsjceb lofall, 
^at bene tlje bono; of^auc Cc^cnalf. 
0nb oft be lets \\i tancker tuo^tes b'gbe 
anboft^tsboactelotic^sotDne botbcaS, 
Sabece toftb nip fre{bfioti);etts bene Deraff. 
^o; tb(s»anD raanp mo;e fucb otttrage* 
C^amngpourgooDltbeanto afiuase 
t2^e rancho)Dus ngouc of bts mt^t, 
Jf3ougbtarkt3l,bntoneIptobolD mp rigbt: 
^ubmittinsmetopout soooCufferance, 
annp^aping to be gamofrom greeuance* 

^(bistbe€>abecaSbtmto replie 
SIteil as be coutlj: bttt bts enemie 
^ao kinolebfutb coles of utrplealor^, 
fDbat tbe goon mannoulse fiapbisi^leartiirc, 
S^ut borne btm baSeo b)i4) ftin'ous ^m^ 
Cncteanng bis iu;atb tnitbittanj^ a tb^eate. 
^ts batmeftiU ^atcbet be bint in bano, 
(3las,tbat it fo ceatp fbouls ffanb) 
dnb to tbe Selo alone be I]^eebetb« 
(3p little belpe to barme ibete neesttb) 
flngec noalD let bf m tpeaketo tbe tree, 
Cnauntec bis rage inougbt cooleo bee t 
l^ut to tbe coote bent bis QucDp Qrobe, 
9nb mane manp teottnus in tbejsall iDake* 
^be apes eBgc Dft oft tuntc agijtne, 
as balfc Wjtoillingto cutte tbe gratncif 
fi)emeD,tbefencelei(re p?on cpo feare, 
®2 to tn^ong ^ot^ elD bio fojbearr» 

fts^ ittiao bene nt auncient vctt, 

^crcD toitb manp a mpaeree, 

^nD often aoQ tnttf) tbe {t^teftesi mUit, 

SInti often baloiucD tuttb bolp matet oeiDe. 

!]5ut Gke fancies ineren faolerfe, 

SInD bjougbten tl)i0 £Dake to tbtsntifttj^e^ 

jTo; nottsbt wousbt (tie? Quiztcn dim torn nccap: 

jpo) fietxel^ t^e gooQ man at (jiin Din Iape» 

^)e blocke oft ponto unoct t^e blotn, 

flno Ggljeo to fee W neare ouectbioto. 

3n fine (be ffeeU ^ao pierceo liie pitc^, 

^Ijo OBbinc to t^e eart^ (je fdl fojtduit^rt 

l!)t6 tuonoerous ttetsbt maoe tbe groiinoe to qna&r, 

^bcarcb (b^onkc bnncr ()im,ani> fcemen to Q)alte* 

^crc Ifctb t\iz 2[)ake,pttie& ofnone. 

i^iiU) aani>0 tlje Bretc like a Lo^o alone, 
l^uffeo ))p Uittl) P7!)0e anD baine pleafaonce: 
^ut aQ iW glee i;ai> no continuainiee* 
jTo; cftfoned iULlinter gan to appjiocjie, 
^e bluilring $ o^eas Dto cnttoc^e, 
Sno bcate upon tbe foIitanelSrcre: 
JTo? nota)e no fuccoure teas feene &im nere. 
^oto gan be ijepent bis p^^'Oe to late: 
Siai nakeo left ano nUconfoIate) 
^ebpting fi;0a niptliitf Qalke sean, 
^e toatrte toette inrcgbeii boinne W beao, 
Snn beapeo fnoiue burtmeo bfm fo foje, 
^at name bp;iisbt be can Qano no moje; 
Sno being Bctonc, \i troTiDe in tbe nun 
fl>f cattcll,anii b;git;ei>,ano G^elpburt. 
ducb bias tbenn of tbis 9mbitiou)it;eiT9 


J^oln 31 p?ap tbce (bcpbcatD, (d it ux fo^t^i 
Oerc MA long tAtjan litde tso^tb. 
&o loogc bane a lifttseo to tbp fpecbe, 
^Stat geaffeo to tbe snim»(0 nip b)ecU: 

Februarle, foLj. 

^ (intbbot ii toeinf gVfconie 31 feele, 
anomp galage gcotone faff to mp ^»le: 
ISvn Utcle eafe of tbp Uluo tale 31 taffeD. 
ippe tijce borne (bepbearMe nap iiS niglj IvaCcD. 

TheAots Embleme. 

fddioferche e yecchio, 
fafuoial fm efiemfw. 

Cuddies Bnbleme. 

Spayenta Iddio. 

•ij .A-d ^nn* «.<^r«ri li' 


Kene)ftwrpe."" <. , , a 

Cride) perced : an oUe word muclivred of Lidgate,but not found (that I know oQ 

in Chaucer . , 

Ronts) young buUockei. 
VVnde) mine or Violence, whence commRh(hi|>macke:and not wireake, Aatif 

ven^aunce or wrath. 

Thenot)thenamebfafliepheardioMarothi$ £g)o^ues. 
Tlie foucraigne of Seas ) is Neptune the God of the Seas . The faying^is borowed 0/ 

Mimus Publianus,vvliich vfed this prouerb in a verfe. 
Tmprobf Neptunum accufat, qui itetum nau&agium facit. 
Heard°romes.) Chaucets verfc almoft vvhole . 
Fond %es) He compareth carelefle fluggardeior ill hufbandmen to flyet,that lo (boftc 

asthefunne (hineth, or ytwenth any thing waitne, begin toflyeabtoade 

wbenlbdeinly they be ouertaken with cold: 
But eft when) A verye excellent and Iruely dcfcription of Winter, fi> as may bee indif- 
ferently taken,eytlier for old Age/>r for Winter feaibn. 
Breme) diillj)ttter. ChamfrcJ) cbapt,or vvrincklcd. 

Accoied) phukeddowne and daunted. Surquedrie) piyde. 

F.lde)olde3ge. Sicker) Aire. Tottie) wauering. 

Corbe) crooked. Heric)wor(hippe, 

rhyilis) the name of Ibme mayde vnknowcn,«4KHn Qiddir,whofe petion it CtOfXtjA- 

ued.The natne is vfuiQ in Theocritiis,VirgiIe,and Mantuane. 
^3te) a girdle or waft band. A(bn)afoole. ly the) foftSc gentile. 

Vcnteth>fnu£th in the wind. Thy flocks Father) the Ramme. Ctags)neckcs 

BJii-. lUthce- 


Rather Limbes) that b c cvvcd early m the beginning of the yeate. 

Youth is) A weryc moral and pitthy Allegotje of yon:h,and meluftcs thereotcompareJ 
to a wearie vvayfarine man. 

Tityius) I luppofe he incanc Chaucer , whoft pray fe for pleaTaunt tales cannor dyc,(b 
long as the memoric of hys nameihal iiue,& the name of Poetric <ha1 endure. 

Well thevved; that is,3ene moratx,full ofmorall wifenefTe. 

There grew)Thts talc of the Oake andlthe BterCjlw telle'th as learned of Chaucer,bnt it 
IS deane tn another !nnd,and rather like to iEfopes fablcs.It is very cxccllente 
for plcafaunt dcfcriptions, being altogether a ccrtame Icon or Hypotypolis of 
difJainfullyounkcrs. - 

Erabcniflit)beautifiedandadonicd. To wonnc) to hiuntxjr frequent. Sneb)checke. 

Why ft3ndft)Thc fpeach is fcorneful & vcty prcfumptuous. Engraincd)dyed in gram. 

Accloicth) cncombrerh. Adavved) daunted & confounded. 

Trees of ftate)tallcr trees fitte for timber wood. Sterne ftrife) faid Chaucer .C 

fell and Autdy. O my liege) A manet of fupplicacion, wherein is kind- 

ly coloured die affe^ion and fpeache of Ambitious men. 

Coronall)Garlande. Flourets)youngWo(rome$'. 

The Primrqlc) The chiefe and vvorthieft 

Naked anms) metaphorically ment of the bare boughcs,{poyledofIeaues.Thiscoloti- 
rably he rpt.ikc-th,3S adiudging hym to the fyre. 

The blood) fpoken of a bIocke,as it were of a Luing creature, figuratiuely, and(as they 

(aye) iffr iiyja}i!a. 

Hoaric lockcs)mccaphoricairy for withered Icancs . 

Hem) caught. Nould) for would nor. Ay)euermore. Wounds) gaflies, 

£naunter) leaft that. 

The pricHcs ere we) holy water pott,whcrewith the popiAie pried vfed to fprinckle ft 
faallowe the trees from mifchaunce.Sudi blindnelTe was in tbofe times,which 
the Poete fupporcthjto haiie bsne the (inall'd^cay of tliis auncicm Oake. 

The blockc oft groncd) A liueU'c figure,T>vhiche gcueth fence andfecling to vnfenfible 
crcitureSgas Virgilealfo laycch; Snxa gcmunt grauido &c. 

Boreas) The Northernevvynd,thatbringeih me mofte ftotnaic weather. 

Glee) chcre and ioUitie. 

FotfcorningEld) And minding (as (houlJe feme) tohauETiwderymoto the former 
verfc,he is conningly cutte of by Cuddye,as difdayning to here any more. 

Galage) 3 ftarcuppe ordownifli Hioe. 


ThiscmblemcisTpokcnofThcnot, as a moral of his former tale:namelye,that Cod, 
which is himfelfe moft aged', being before nl ages, andvvithoutbcginnmge, 
maketh ihofe,vvhomheioueth like to himfelfe,in heaping yeares vnto theyre 
dayes^and blcfling diera wyth longe lyfe. For the blcflmo of age i» not giucn 
to all,but vnto thofe.vwhome God will fo btcfle: and albeit that many euitme 
reache vnto fuch fulncITe of yeares , andfomealfovrexeoldemmyferieand 
ihratd(ime,yet therefore is not age eucr the lefle blctTing.For cuen to fiich euill 
incnfucbnumbcrofvearesisaddcd, that they may in their laftdayts repent, 
and coine to their GrftliomcSo the old man chedccth the talhheadedboy, foe 
deipyling his gray and froftye hcares. 

VVliomCudd/edoclicountttbufTwith^abyting and bitter ptouobe,(pokcnindccde 

at the 



atthe&ft iacacef;t^>cofoldiig.egenuall];.focic VVASSO oldopinioniandyecis 
cStinued in fome mem conceipt,chatiqe of yearn luue no feare of goct a t al', 
or not fo much ay younger folke.Fbr.tbatbeing rypencd witli l6ng cxjp'efience, 
and hauingpa{led many biccer brunts and bl jftes of vengcaunce , they dread 
no^SKcosioli- Fortune,nor wrathe-of G6ds,-nordaimgerofmennejas bcin» 
cyther by longe andripc wifedorac armed againd all mifchaunces and jdua(i> 
tie,orwith much trouble harden^ Rgiinfl all troutJefomc tydes: lylrevnto 
(he ^c,of which is (ayd in £(ops fabIes,th3cofc&ntime$ mectifigthe Lybn,he 
vvasatfirftforeaahaK&dilhia.ycd^tthegrimncsandaulleiitic cf hys court- 
tenance,but at lau being acquainted with his lookes,h6 was fo fprre from fea- 
ring him,that he would familiarly gybe andicfl with him : Suchc longe expcri 
cnce bteedethin (omemenfecudtiicAlthougKitpIeafeEEafimusagrcatclctkc 
and good old father,morc fatherly and ^uourablye to confltne it in his Adages 
for lus own behoofc. That by the prouerbe l^emo Senex metuit Iouem,is not 
mcantjthat old men haue no feare ofGod'at al^ut that they be furrc fromfu- 
pcrllicion and Idolatrous tegardoifalfe Gods,3s is lupiter.Butthis^teate lear- 
ning noiArithftandinsitt is to plaine,to be gainfayd , that olde men ire muche 
more enclined to fuchfond fooiettes,then youngerfaeadci- 


^■K, , , ARGVMENT. 

fKtbis JEglogut ty,<,Jhtphcards bojes taking oct^Pm ofthfe^fonM' 

J l^mt to makr furfof, of hue And other plefaunte Z y,hih tofprLim, 

»-4- and 

mi ^Mt) Cupide the ftttt Qoi ofLtmSitt mtrtpiriUuhrljit 1 
thiiikfjn tbeferftn efTbonulm it nuMtfonuJicreteftttnii,yibtfc(irnti 
Lout and hit Itjtigbts [o httgjtill at Ingtb bimftlft f>is tntangled,(mi ifn^ 
ifares itoundtd tpitb tbtdart (ffimtbtautifnuregardtyithitb itCupidts 

Willye HmhuIbi. 

'T' 1^amalitty)xlbp Tptten luc for, 
*■ ^i toercn ouertDenc Uiit^ isor, 

Opon fo (ape a ma^ota).' 
^(je iopane time notu tii^ett faff» 
%^nt f^ali alegje Ms Umt Uafll, 
aoDaalt^ tbe viAmets^oim* 


^tder (Bat(Ipe,ajou loamelltnelT: 
fo} mimm U);at6 tegtnnest to quelU 

9nti plearantrp^ingappearetb. 
^e graOe noine sinnes to be cefiref^r, 

ano cloiuoie idlelhin clean(&« 


t>otu ii^aglp it beginneii to Inifioe, 

9nD utter Ijiis tenoec ^eao.' 
f /or4 noui calletb fo^tb ec^e aotuer, 
Sim bins ma&e reaop Mms bounce, 
^bat none isi bp^pS ftom beiibe, 
^0 (baK toe rpo;ten in beiigbt, 
flimleatne tnitb lettfcetottieicelig^]^ 

^bo btiO m little loue abialce, 
^at tkouiefleepet^ in Letbtliix, 
9nD pjap bint leaben our oauncc 


C(EtiIIpe,3l tuene tbon bee aSbttt 
Jto) Initie Loue ({infleepetb not, 



zSMard. fil9 

^\ mane p^euie to t^e fame t 


jl3o,bnt()appelp 31 ^smfpptie, 
WXmt in a bu(!) be htii t^tn 0(O?> 

miilii U)ing«0 of purple ano bletnt* 
anil ttecenot,tbativp#eepe tootyio^cap, 
^{je pjeufe matftiei 31 uioub bet»;a{!s, 

SCtiieccbp b)> tbaunce31 bint luieb)e« 


^bomalrasbaue no cact fo; tbp, 
^p relfe tufll bane a toubir epe, 

^Ufte to mp flocfte and tbtne: 
iTo; ateiat bpnte 31 baue a rp;e, 
^ (f epoame ebe as lubott &i tp\i^ 

Cbat oettilp aoapeif comnnimii?* 

. Thomalin. 

j|%ap,but tbp reetng bifll tiot Tertie, 

^p Qieepe fo; tbat map (baunce to fiuetue* 

antr fall into fome mlfcbiefe. 
jTo} G^enis Id but tbe tbtco mo^otne, 
^bat 31 cbaunlE to fall a aeepeuttb (b}Ottf, 

9nD luafceD agfatne tiiitb gtiefe: 
^be ubile tbiOte fameunbapppe iSM, 
SaXbofe clonteo legge bee burt Dotb (bettr» 

JreHbeanlongtnto a odl, 
9no tberebntopnteo bocb bet bones; 
^ougbt bee neche bene t^ipnteD attonejETs . 

S>be (boulDe bane neetie no moje (pdl; 
^elf mast fo luanton auu fo l»oo9, 
(But noD) 31 ttame can bettec sood) 

WiDye. ' ' 

JLetbe,ai$ mapbe,tbatljtpaff! 
®bat xi to coine,{ei be fa;eta(!. 
Bm tell i}0,Dibat tbott \itiR fectie* 




lonsttanD^fns bp am Dobme t^ebnD, 
SQit^ botaie aim bo(» in eiftet (^ano, 

jf oj biciis in bnfllies (oodns: 
;3t lensdj uiittitn an ^afe toboe 
C^ete Q);ouw& inatit^e little OoD) 

31 iwm mp bolt againStbe bul^, 
liSmins ifanp ^(nsm'D rulbe, 

IBnt ^ni beam no moje ntlHins. 
^0 peepins dofe into tbe tbicfte, 
^igbtree tbe monins of ibme qntcfce, 

(KIbofribapeappeaceD not: 
!But tteee it fatrie,feenB,o} (naite, 
{^p toucase eacnb it'to aivafce, 

9nB manfnUp tbcteat Ibotte. 
iSlitb tbat rp;onsfo;tb a nakeo ftuapne, 
WHah fpotteBiuingetf li{te]^eacock!Strapne| 

9ttO lansbing lope ta a tree. 
lE)i0 gploen qnitter at bifli \ui&ti 
Jlno (iluec boiiie,tabicb bia^but flacfce, 

(Dillbicblisbtlp be bent at tne. 
^at feeins 31, leueloe againe, 
9no Qiott at bbn toitb tnigbt anb iAauir« 

9tf tbitfce,a0 it bao baptto. 
fyi Ions 31 (bott, tbat al tnas Tpenu 
^opumietton^H bAai{>bent, 

flnn tbjeuietbattifittgbt abatlcb: 
l[)e vua To i»imbIe,anB To urigbt* 
irrombougb to bousb belcppeb \i^t, 

9nBoft ^e pinnies latcbeb. 
^ctctDift afficapb % cannealoay: 
Vcit be>tbatl eatQ TeeniD butto plape, 

3 Q»aft in eatneO fnattbeOs 
JTo^^ai litdcfinaitoiD Mm 


March. fol'io 

>0tit (iMtte {t% encttafeo. 
9iO notv it ranchUtb mo^e ana Wbttg 
gftti fnttattilir it feOretb To^e, 

j3e bwte 9. bob) to ccafe it* 


fOiomfHiai 3lpttttet()ppKgf)r< 

4ro) once 31 6earD mp fattier (kp, 
ipottbe bim caugbt Dpon a Dap» 

(JL^bneof be uiflbe t»;otoO 
encansteo in a fbiultng netj 
Snijfclj be fo) carrionCrotues ban fef, 

^batinoorlpeeretrce bauuieo. 
^0 fapOsbe toa0 a ttitngeo Iod, 
^ut bouie ami (bafts as tbcn none baOt 

<EI0 bao be fo;e be oaunteo. 
%ut fee tbe asXelE(in tbidtn apac7» 
9nD Qouping !Pi(><^tif ffeepes bisc face 

l^ti time to (jail b9 bomettaeo. 


fsgrauntedfearce to Codahaue.. 

TIiQtnatms Embletne . 

OfHony and of (j auk in km then is floret 
^he Honye is much, but the (^aule is more. 


THIS £^(^efe«aet{i(bmewhactoieranbIe &at fame- ef TheocritiK,wheKSa 
the boylHtewiTetdlii^ttie o!dman,thathehadi]iotacaniingedboyinatta, 
■ was byhym wamecl^o b(w«rc of mifchiefe to come* 
Ou«vvent)««erg«je AliOTe)«>leiren«afmBe. 

To^H) toabate. VVeSin) *e fkifc ' 

Cii. HKfirattow} 

The fwallow) which bird vfctb to be counted the meftenger , and as it were, the fore 

runner of (pringc. 
nonjthe GoddelTe offlowres,but indede(as faith Tacitusja famous hatlot,which with 
the abufe of her body hauing gotte great ridieSjinade the people of Rome her 
heyre: who in remembraunce offo great beneficence,appointcd ayearely feftc 
for the memoriallof her,calIingbcr,not as (he waSjnot as fome doethinlc,An- 
dix>nica,but ^ora : makingher. (be Goddellc qfall flouics,and doing yerely to 
her folemne (acrifice. 
Muas bovvtt) thatisthepleafauntfidde,6rrathettheMayebulhes.Maiaisa Goddes 
andthemotherofMercurie' , inhonoutof whomethemonethofMaycisof 
bet name facalledjas ftyth Macrobius . 
Lcttice) the name of lome country lafle, 

Afcaunce) afkfevve or afquim. For thy) therefore. 

I.ctlie) is a lake in hell,vvhich the Poetes call thclajic of forgetfulncs. For Lethe l^nifi- 
eth forgetfulnes. Wherein the foules bcipg dipped,dld forget the cares of their 
former ly fe.So that byioiie fleepingin Lethe hke , he meaneth he was almoft 
forgotten and out ofknov-vledge,bytea{on of winters hardncfle,whenalplca- 
Cires as it were, fleepc and weare oute of mynde. 
Aflbtte) todoie. 
Hisflomber) TobicakeLoues'flomber,isto cxctcife the delightcs of Loue and wan* 

Wingcs of purple) lb is he feyned ofthe Poetes. 
For als) he imitateth Virgils verfe. 

Eft milii namquc domi pater^eft iniufla nouerca &c. 
AdeX) a hole in the ground.. 

Spell) IS a kinde of verfe or charme,(hat m elder tymes they vfed often to Ciy ouer eoeiy 
(hing,that they would hauepreferued, astbeNlghtfpelforthceucs , and the 
woodfpell-And herehence.I thinke is named the gofpell, ns it were Gods fpell 
or vvordeJ^nd Co l^yth Chaucer, Lifteneth Lordings to my fpeU. 
Giingr) goe AnYiirc wdde) athickebulhe. 

Swaine) r boye : For To is he dolcribed ofthe Poetes,to be a boye S. alwayes frcfhe and 
luftie : blindfolded , becaufehe makechno difference of Perfonages : wyth 
diucrs coloured wingesj.f. fill offlying fancies : wiih bovve and aaow , that 
is vvithelaunceofbe3Utye,vvbichpryckethasaforkedaiTowe.He isfaydalfo 
to haue inafts,fbme leaden/ome golden: that is,both plcaliire for thegracioos 
andloued,andlbro w for the louer that ts difdayncd or forGfc^. Bat who liftc 
more at large to behold Cupids colours and furniture, let liim reade ether I^ro- 
pertiuf^or Mofchus his Idyllion of wandting loue,being now mod excellently 
tranilated into Latine by the fuigulet learned man Angelus Politianus: whyds 
rrotke I haue fecne amongdotherof thys Poets domgs,vety wcl tranflated al-. 
fo into EngbfheRymes.' 
Wimble and wiglve) Qiiifkeanddeliiier. 

In die heclc) is very PoftKaUy fpoken,andaot without rpeciall iudgeroem . for T re- 
membcr, Homer it is fayd of Thetii,that rfiee tooke facryoungbabe A- 
diiUetbcingnewrly borne , and holding him by the heele,dipped him in the 


March, foLn 

RmtrofScyy. Theveituevvhefeofis',todefendaiTdli<!ep&tliebo<iyetv«ifhc4 
therein from any morciili vroimcLSo Achilles being warned al ouer,£n>e-ondy 
his hele,by which his mother held, was in the reftinvnlucrableitheribrq bv Vii^ 
risvvasfeyned cobeeihottevvith a poyfonedarroweintheheele^vvhileshe 
was bufie about the marying of Polyxena in the temple of Apollo.whicb my> 
fiicall fable Euflathius vnfoldtng,raytb: that by wounding in the hele,is meant 
liiftfuUloue.For from the heele(as(aythebeftPhifitioiis) to the prepiepartp* 
tlierc pafTe certaine ycines and flendet fj'nnewes^as alfb oie like conie fiom db« 
headjsnd are catiycd lykc little pypes behynd the-ei|ics:(b that (as laythHipo^ 
crates) yf thole vevnes there be cut a fbnder.'thepairtie flraightebectwierfi cold 
and vnfruicefuL which reafbn out Poete vvel weighing,maketh this fltcphcvd; 
boye of purpofc to be wounded by Loue In theheelc. 

Latched) caught Wiofcen) reuenged. 

l^roncc) In this tale isfctteautthe fimplicitye ofihepheards opinion of Louc. 

Stouping Phiebus) kaPetiphrafisofthe funncfcttin^ 


Hereby is mcant,that all die delights of Loiie, wherein wanton youth wallowed), !>« 
but follye mixt vvidi bittemefTe.and fbrovy &wced with rcpentaunccFor be- 
(ides that the very afTeflion of Loue it filfe tormenteth the mynde,and vexeth 
tilt body many vva/es,vvith vnreflfulnefTe aHnigh^nd v marines all day, fee- 
kiiig for that wc can not haue, fitfypdingdiat we would not hauereue thefelfe 
things which beft before vs Iyked,m courfedf.timeand chauagoftypjryea^s, 
»vhiche alfo thercwithall ehaungeth our wbnted.lyWng and fonner fantaifits, 
yvill dicj feeme lothlbme and breede vs annoyaunce, when yongthes flovvrc 
isvyithcred,andvvefynde ourbodycs andwitsaunfwcrenottofuchcvayne 
ioUittcandlufifuU pleafaunce. 


jEgloga Quarta. 

TP His Mgfogue h ftnfofily intenitd fo the honar and pray ft tf our most 
gradoHs JQuertiffie^Qjieene Etizabetb.The fpeal^ers bneinbeHohbi' 
wU aud Thcnott,tt>o p^epheardet: the xibUh HobbintU being before men' 
tiontd,grtatly to haue loued here fct filth more targtly , tomplay' 
King him of that bojts great mifaduenture in Lane, ttbereby his mynd tpas 
aUenatt and ttitb dra-i/en not onelyfrom him,\tho moile hutd himj/ut alfa 
from all former deligbtes and itudieStaffrell ia pleaf aunt pyping.its conning 
ryming and finging.and other bis laudable exercifes . ly hereby he takftb 
occafion.forproofeofhismoreexcflltncieand fkillinpoetriejto rectrde a 
fonge,-»hith thefayd Colin fometimt made iu honor of htr Maieiiit,\ihom 
abiHptiljf ht termetb Ely fa. 

Thcnot. Hobbinoll. 

*■ WJtit' l)it\i rmne SZtdfe tb tenner lambed pto}ne.' 
Sbi in tbi) Baspppe b^okctbat (bunoeii To ftseete / 
iDi art tijon of tbp loueDlaCTe fo^Io^ne/ 

^; bene tbt'ne tyti attempreo to tl}e peare, ^ 
Qucnctiing tt^e gafpins furrotaicji t^ira ttit^i ra^ t 


ftJ'prilL foLit 

)Lt(te Sp^a fi^oure, & Ocemcd dje tricMing tedres 
Sloolune ttip cbeefee, to qnenclje t^p ttijiSpc papne. 


jao) tl)p«!,no; miicbe ooctl) make me mourne, 
35at fo; t^e(aDiie,U)|)ume long; 31 (ouo To oeare . 
jl3otte loueii a IaCre,t|)at all bisi loue Dotl) Tco^ne: 
l£>e plongo in papne,^t!S trefTeo lochs ooot'; teacc. 

^fp^eamst fielis^ts^eoootl) tijem anfo^fmeare, 
0pi( yleafdunt ipipc,ti)tipc^ matie i)£t meciment, 
^e ttpIfuKp IjatI) b;ohe,ani> Dotb fojbeate 
i^iis ttionteD fonsSjiu^emn (je all outuienti 


32t^at 16 be fo^ a lanoe, pou To lament/ 
P0 loue fuel) yincljtiig papne to t{)em,t^at p;oue / 
dint) Ijatl) i;e (tttll to make fo ei;teltent, 
^et (jatb fo little fbill to b;pDU loue / 


Colin t^ou kenft, tbe $^out[jecne {bep^eatlretc dopet 
l^tm iLoueljatI) UiounoeD tuitlj aoeanlpoaite. 
^bilome on Ijim inas all mp care ano iope, 
jf Dicing iDitlj sprtjs to tninne Ijiis toanton tjeacc . 

'But notu from me I;ps matiDtng mpnti ii (tarte, 
9nti tnoeis tbe ^ttDOoiueis caugUter oft^e glemte: 
So notue fap;e %ofalind. ^at^ b^eDOe bps fmatc, 
&o jioiu \iiii fteno is c^aungeo fa; a ficenne. 


1?ut if 6p:S Ditties bene (b trimlp oig^t, 
31 p^ap tbee Ha^tmoZ/.tcto^oe fome one; 
%\it \a\ii\ti out flocbes tioe gra^e about in Ogt^ 
9nD toe clofe ({j^oiDoeD in ttips Qjaoe alone. 


Contented 31 & tben tDtn3I (mge ^fs lape 
SDf fapje Jf /i/'i.C^ueene of Qjepbeames all: 
CElbicb bncebe mabe,a8 bp a fpiting (^elapr, 
dob (uneo it bfiio t^e SStatec? bO . 


iTo; Tahe patic luatrp botwet^j aitD lietfiet Ioo!te» 

Snu e6« pou ^icgH(ct»^aton Porn<r//e Dtuel^ 
iSXWtt fbtM^Ufiitm ^)z leatneo uieH , 
£0f)t£6 inliei; leice oot& all mdl. 

SDf fopje ilij<t fie pout filuei; fon jj 

^fie flotu^e of a3irgtng,map Qyeeflo^fQi \m^ 

jTo? ^e«l8 SyraxDaitgbcer tottboutfijotfe, 
C^tli^ <^'"> t^s (lieplKaiDe ®oo office b^sott 

^ofp^onsbev grace 

SUta iho^tall bleintQje map ber bloue. 

g)ee,b}&ere{benMi)pon tbegcalTiegreeiie, 

^clan in ^caclatlike a mapnen ^ucene« 

iUponljer^eaD <a CremoKn co^oAetj ' 
SStitb Damar&e rofes ano ^affaDiUie^fet: 

^apleauen benuecnt} 

Cmbelltlb i§eftt)eetea2tolet> 

^enme,i^mie pefecne det angelt^fa^j 

I^et|esuen!p baueourjbec p^incelp gtacc - 

^e IReoBc rofe mebleo biitli tbe CS^ie |fere« 
3In eit&ei cbee&enepeinctenliuel^pcliece. 


iaxberebme^feene(iiel&,bitt4ieic' 31 

aJprdl. fohl 

]()tb1u{^tto (cs anotlr^ S»uniu Iielobt?, 
j^e 9urS aptne ^ts ^;;e face out iljoue: 


!|)i!S b;ttg&tneire compare 
||3tit() ^evsi^to ^aue t^e ouertljjobie. 

^ette tbpfelfe CjfM^M luftb tlip Oluer ra^eiS, 

SStben (&ee tbe Jieames of &er beautp offplapeis, 

^as 31 tttll not matci] ^ec tuitl^ Latmuts fem, 
^ut^ follte great fa;a)» idT^o^r otQ bjeetie* 


9nD makeiei oapip mone, 
JCQartifng all ot^er to tabe beetle* 

p4»inap be p;ono,t|at euec^ ^sat 

9nii5>i'<»xte(opre}t&ateueniia0 lierlot 

^oone as mp pounglmg0 crpen fb; t9etrain> 
^ |)ec UitH 31 ofiera mimtDbttie lamb : 

S»bee id mp goraeire plaine, 

9nii 31 Iter (liep^eros rtuapn^ 
fllbeefb^rttoncfc ann fb^Dtfatc 31 am. 

31 fee C4//wj>e fpcenc ber to t&e place, 

&3^ere mp (SoDoelTe ^ness: 
Sno after ^ec tbe otiieF ^uTes trace^ 

3$ene t^ep not Bap b;aunclje0,t])fiicb t{ief toe hmt, 
9Xi fo? f /i/4 in^er {)an9 to toeare^ 

&)0 fineetelp tliep plap^ 

^atftadeatrettiutolieare. D. Co 


JLo^ob) findp^e ^xitcfi can ttfoote 

'S^eptintnceniiefflp,ani> Gnsctiibotet 

mamt not not « fpnrt& scace^to ma&eifie Dattnce enen.' 
let ttiat totume toims laup be peuen: 


^0 ^11 tbefourdj place, 
^mim'peio^ tf^ereStnleatien* 

Sim tu|)it(/er comes t^ii hmit of laoicj} b^igfit, 

^iiep bene alt JLanpeis oftS^c lake be^tg^t, 

chlorh. tijat 10 t^e cbiefeff Jl^pinplj of al, 
SDf Oine bjaanc ^is bearegai aCo^onall: 

iDIiueti bene fo; peace, 

SSLlbenluacd ooe furceafe: 
S)Ud[i &; a l^jinceffe bene pjincipall. 

IDe ({lep^earDis paug^tersijt^at utaell on tde gceenc, 

^pepoutbere apace: 
letnonecome tbete,butet)at Oirffin^bene, 

to aDo^ne bee grace. 
9nQ bitien pon come,tubetea«i Ibee t^i in place, 
&K.t\)ai pour ruDenelTe ooe not pou nifgcace: 

l^intie pour fillets faSe, 

SinD giro in pour Uiafte, 
iTo} tno?e fineiTc, \uitb a taworte lace. 

:^;tng better tht ^inckt am> purple Cunambinc, 

Viing <Do;onattons,anii.^ops tntome, 

tDO^ne of l^aramoures. 
dtroine me tbe grounn toicb DaffaDotimfiflltes, 
^nfiCDotuatpstanD SvinQcttptf, anDloueo LtUieu: 


9ntitl;e CbnttfAunce. 
^all matcl) bntl) ^e fapie Sobiie Delice, jr^oto 

Snti notu peoamtie Damrellsi ma? tiej^ate 

31 feare,31 Nue troubleD pout ttouped tc longe; 
Let name bUt^a tljanfce pou fo; W fong. 


a^nben DamOnesS getber, 
31 tiifll part t^em all ;ou among, 


^tnr toa^ tijilb Tame fons ofCo/mx otone mM\^ 
^b fooltl^ bop, tbat ii tutt^ loue pblenct 
^reatptnie is,be be in Tudb tafting, 
^0} naugbt caren,tbat bene To leiuDip bent. 


&icf(er 31 bolo btm,fb^ a greatee fon, 
^batlouett tbc^inSibe cannot purcbafe, 
'SSwt let Mi bometuats: fo; ntsbt o^aboetb on, 
Slnb ttttncUng (larre^ tbe napUgbt ^ence cbafe. 

Tlcnots Emtleme. 

qmm te memorem Vtrgo? 

Hobbinols Binbleme . 

dea certe. 


Gais thee greete] caufeth Aee weepe and complain. Porlomc] left & fprialcen. 
Attcmpred to the yeare] agreeable to the feafon of the yeare.that is ApriU,which mo~ 

neth is moft bent to (houres and leafonable rayne:toqaench, that is, to dcbye 

the dioughtjcaafed thiough dryiicfle of March Vvyndes. 
The Ladde] Colin Clout] The Lafle] Rofalinda. Treffed locks) wrethed & cutlej 
It he for a ladde] A ilratinge tnanner of ipeaking .f. what maner of Ladde is he > 
To m Ae] to rime and verfifye.Forin this word mafctng,our olde Engliflie Poetes were 
VvoBt to comprehend all the f kil of Poetrye , according to the Creeke vyoorde muin 
to inake,whence commeth the name of Poetes. 

D tj. Colin 


Colm thoukenft] know«ft. Seemcth hereby thatGoIui peneynetb lo romeSomhem 
noble inan,andp«haps in Sunye or Kent , theratherbicaurehefoofienna* 
nSeth (te Ken«i(h'dpvviie$i^ana before^ As lythe as laflfe of Kent. 

The Widowes] He calle(h Roialind the VVi jowes dauditcr of the ^enne,tl!at is,ofa 
country Hamlet orborough,which I thinkeis rather fiyde to coloure and con. 
cektheperibn,(henfiinply fpetem: For itis well knowen,euen intpighteof 
Colin and Uobbinoi],that ihee is a Cende yroman ofno meane hooTcjnot en 
dewed vvith any.(^.vulgare and commoii gifts both of nature and mannets : but 
fuche Mdccdejas neede nether Colin be alhamed to haue her made knowne by 
his vcrl«,nor Hobbinol be greued , that lb <he (hould be commended to im> 
morcalitie for her rate and (inguUr Vertues:Specially Jefetuing it no lc(re,then 
ey ther Myrto the mod excellet Poete Thcoaitus his dearling,or Lauretta the 
ijiuine Pctrdrchcs Goddefle, or Himera the vvortbye Poete SteGcborus hys 
I dole: Vpon whom he is iaydfomuch tohauedoted,tlutin regardofhet ex- 
cellcnaCjhc fcomed & wrote againfi the beauty of Helena. For which his pne- 
rumpiuousandvnhcedichatdinefle, he is fayde byvengeaunceofthcGodsj 
thereat being offended, to haue left both his eyes. 

B-tnne] «ibaungcr. The word I thinke was fitft poetically put^andafterwardevfed la 
commen ciifiome of ^each for fipienne. 

Di^hi] adorned. Laye] a>fong£. asUonndelayesandVitelayes 

In all thisibnge is notnrbe te(pefied,vvhat the worthinefle of her Mnieftie de.> 
f{tucdi,not what to thchi«|ines of a Prince is agreeable , but what is molie 
comely forthcmeanefleofa Ihepheards witte, or to conecnie,octo rtter. 
And therefore he calleth'her Elyla, as through tudenefle trippmg m her name: 
eealhepheardsdaughtcr^t beii^ve_tyvn(it,thata{hephcardsboy brought vp 
m the fliepefold]<hoi]ldknow,ot eucr feme to haue heard of a Qucenes roialty. 

Ye ilainiie] ts,a$ it were an Exordium ad ptepatandos animos. 

Virguu] the nine Mu(es,daughters of Apollo & Memorie,vvhofe .ibode the Poets faine 
tobeonParnaflus,ahiIlinGrece^ for that in that countryc ipecially floiithed 
the honor of all ex(:eBentftudtes. 

Helicon] IS both the name of a fountainc at the foot* ofP4rnaflus,and alio of a mou n- 
teine in Bzotia,out o( which flowe th the faiAouS Spring Caftaliiis,d:dicate al- 
fo to the Mufesnf which (piing it is fay dgfhat when Pcgaliis tlie winged horfe 
of Perleus (whereby is meantfamejuid flying tenowme) (irooke the gtownde 
withhishoo&tibdenly thereout Iprangc a welofmoftedeare andplea^unte 
water,whicbf(athece foith was conlecrate to the Mufes & Ladi^ ofleartijng. 

Yout (iluet fongj-feemeili to imitate the ly kc in HcCodiis ry^n ftf^s. 

SyiiiB^isthe nameofaNymphe of Atcadii:, whom when Pan being in lone purliie^^ 
(he flying fro him,of the Cods was turned into a reele.So that Pan catching at 
the Reedes in flede of the Damofell,aad p«fiingliard(fbrhe was allnofi out of 
wind) with hys breath made tlw Reedeis topypeivvhichheCeeing, tookeof 
them,and in temembraunce ofhis loftloue^nadehim a.pype thereof. But here 
by Pan and Syrinx is not to bee thoughti:, that the (hephearde (implye meante 
tnolePoeticaiGodsrbut rather flippoGng (as feemetb;. her graces progenieto 
be diuioe and inmottall (fo as iIk Paynims wue wont to ludgc of all Kinges 


dJprilL fol.\% 

an4 Pjincf S,»ccor<3ing to Homcres faying. 

could dewfe no parents in his judgement fo worthy for her, as Pan tlic (hepe- 
he«ds God,aniiuS beft belouedSyrinx.So that by Pjjn ts here meant thenioft 
femoos and viflorious King,her highnefle Fathcr,late of worthy mcmorye K. 
Henry the eyght.And by thatname,oftymes (asheriaftef appcar«th)be noted 
longs and mighty Potentates: And in feme place Chrift bimfelfe, vyho is the vc 
rye Pan and god of Shepheardes. 

CtcmoGacoionet] hedeuifeth her crowne to be of the fineft and nioft delicate flowera, 
inftedeofperles and precious (lones,wJicrevvitli Princes Diadcntcs vfc to bee 
adorned and emboli . 

Embellifh] bcautifyeandfetout, 

Phebe] the Moone.whom the Poets faine to be filler vnto Phasbos, that is the Sunne. 

Medted] mingled. 

\fctc] together. By the mingliti^of the Redde role and the White, is. meant the vni- 
tingofthetwoprincipaQhoufesofLancafierand of Yptkei byvvhofclonge 
difcord and dcadiv debate ,this realm many yeares was (ore traueiledj & almoft 
cleane decay ed.Til the famous Heniy-tlie leuenth,of the line of Lancafier , tst 
kin^to wife the moil: vertuous Princclle Elifabeth^daughtet to the fourth Ed- 
vvardofthehoufe of Yorke^h'S'^'t^tiemoiltoyalHcmy th^ eygbtaforefaydc, 
iU'WhornvrasthefirftevnionoftheVyhyteRoie aodtheRedde> - 

GAIiope] one of the nine Mufes : to vvhome they afligne the honor of allPoetical In- 
uention, & tlie fitlle ^oiye of the Heroicall vetfe.othet&y , dia(. <fliec is the 
CoddeffeofRhetorick: bucbyViigilciicj&manifcftettfaat ihey myfiakethe 
thyng. For there in hy^ Epig|:aiiis,tliat artcfenieth tobcattributed-to Poly- 
mnia/aying : Sigosc cnnfia n)anu,Iaqiiiturque I^olyrtinia g«^ 
which feejmeth fpecially to be nfieant of A^on andeIecatio|i jjoth fpecial par 
tes ofRhetotick : befydethath<ername,vvhich (asibmeconftiveit) imp'ortcdi 
great rcmembraunce,contetnetb another part. buc.I holde rathei.vvith them, 
which call her Pdymnia or Polyhymnia:of her^ood fingiflg. 

Bay branchesjbethe figne of bono^ & vidtot-yjSctheifbrcol diyghty Conquerors wpm 
in theyrttiumphesj&ekeof famous Poets jaslaichP«t«n;hmfa^« Sonets. 
Arbor viiloriofa aiompbale , 
Honor d' Impetadori & di Poeti, &c. 

The Graces]be three fiflers,the daughters of,(<vhorename»3rc Aglaia,Tlntia, 
£uphrof]!ne,&-Homer on$Iy addetti a|ourth.f.Pafitheet)otberwifccaUed Chari 
teSjthat is thanks.vvho the Poetes feyucd to be the Goddcfles of alfaountie & 
comelineffjvvhich therefore (as faydr Tlieodontius) tbqr make three^to wetc, 
that men Grfi ought to be gracious & bountiful to other fre$ly, theato recciue 
benefits at other mens hands cuReouflv,and thircBy toTcquite tfacmthankful- 
ly.which are thtcefundry AAions inliberalitye . And<Boccacc&itb,that diey 
be painted naked, (as they were indcedeoirae tombeof C Iidius CcTar ) the 
oaeliauingher badetowardvs, and ha:facc&omwarde,3$ptaceeiling from 

D.J. «8 

vs-.the other two covnrdvSiROongiSoaUet!iaBliet0te(kie:oTi&rd)ib«ae« 
(it, wchauedonc. 

Dfaffly] Fintlyennd nimbly. Soote] Sweete. Meriment] Mirth. 

BeuitJ A beauicorLadyeSjisfpokenfiguratiuely for a company or troupe, ^e termejs 
cakrnolLacfces.Fo:tbcyr3ya BeuieofLarkes,eaenasa Coiiefdf Partridge 
or .111 eye of Pheafauntf. 

Lddye) ofthe lakt] bcNymphes.ForitvvasancIde opinion areongfie the Anncient 
Headien,(liat of euery fpiing and fountaine was agoddeflethc Sooeraigne. 
V Vbiclie opinion ftucke in die myndes of men not manye yeares fi(hcnce,{>y 
meanes ol ceitain fine fabiias{uidlov«d1yers,fuch as were the AiitharsofKihg 
Arthure the great and fiich Iike,who tell many an vnlavvfiiU leafing of the La- 
dyes of the Lake,th3tis,theNyniphes. For the word NyiiipheinCccekeiig- 
oifieth VVcU wjter,orothe(wiA;aSpoure o^Btyde4 

RoJighO called or named. 

Cloriijthe name of a Nymph,and fignifiedi greeneflcjof yvhome is (aji, lim Zej^iynis 
the V Vcfieme wind being i>i Ibite with hcr^ind coueting hcr-to yryfe^ gaue faet 
for a dowriCj the eliiefedomg aid (buecaigntye of al fiowres and g^KCiic hetbes, 
grpvrtrfg on earth. 

Otiuesbene] TfheOliuewjswonttobethetW^neofi'eaeearid'qmetne^, eydiet 
for that it cannot be planted'fiftdfnined^d'rocareiij^kxxed-to^asitoi^hti 
but in time o f peace:ot ekfor thaMhe Oliue tree , they fiy , Vvffl not grovvc 
neare tlie Fine tfec , vvhidi is debate to Mars the Giod ofBattailCj and vfed 
mod for fpeares .-ind bth^inllrtnnents of Warre. Whereupon isfin^ (^gned, 
tliat when. Neptune and MinettiaQnHie for .ehciiamingdMhteitje of Athens, 
Neptune (IrikiAg thegroutid wi4thi&niacit, - cau(ed aliprfe tocfimejR>nh,ilBt 
importeth vv.vrf ,bu( at Mineifuaes^firoke ^oog oufan C%oe ^ loBOte th;|t it 
niould bea niufe ofleamti^nd^sh peaceabte fbdies, 

fitndc yourj Spokcnrudcly^d^iKCO(di<^(0'meplMard6sirnipIicity«.; 

Bnn^ all thefe be names of flovvciS'. -S^ in wine a flowte in cblonrfnuch like to a 
Corona tion,but -differing i^i fitid and quAnti tye.Floivre delice,^t 'wjiicb ihcy 
vfe to mirtcrine,Flovyfe dellHxibCing inliafine-called fhs delttiantrfi, 


Forlvvortckiindfbirfwan^ otieitaboUKd and^i^liarHt; 

1 fa w Phzbus]the funne.A (enfihlieM3rr«ion,8i ^cnt ^k'ti of tlte tbingmmt fawifJ. 
which they calFnofiu/a. 

Cynthia] the Sloione lb colled of Cynthus a hjrlljwHete fliewashonojiTCiL 

Latoaaes (eede") VVaSv^^loandPima. VVhqmv«fiQTasNiobiedie.v:vifeof Aii>. 
phKjn fcomed,ii>rcfpea.of the msbbfrtdaofher-wonftbc- , n^mdylier feuen- 
ronn(s,and To many d^ughtCTsXatona bcthg^it^tli diSltafic^ cdmmaun- 
ded herfonneF'httbas toite^ theiantKS,aiiJDianaiiQnirdaughtcrsnvliete 
at the vnfortuqite Ninbe being (bit dinnaye4 and lamehitngout ofmeafoie^ 
was feigned of the F>octes, to be turned into ^Qane vpon the feptdcjire ofher 
children.for wlrich cauie theih^>faeatd (fyth^ rfsiH pot compatjehtr to them, 
for feare oflike mynbttunci 

Now rife] is die conclu(ioii.For haou^lb decked ha widtprayftt and eompariTcatthe 


Q>f prill. fol. \6 

Ktumctb alt thethanck oflm laboure to the exceHencie of hcr Maicftie. 

WhcnDainlins] Abafetevvardofaclovvniftigmer. 

^bltrit] Y, i$4 poeticall addition.blent blinded. 


Ttis Poefye is taken out of Vii^e,ahd there of hin> vftd in the peifon of .^eas to hit 
mother Venus,appeanngto him in likenelfe ofbne of Dianaes dainofellsJ>e- 
ing there moft diurncly let fottliTo which fimilitude of diuinitfc HobbinoM 
comparing theexcekncyof Eiifay-uidbeiM thuoughdicwortliynesofColins 
(bng,asitwere,ouercomewitbthehugeiicfie of htsimagination^ruflethout 
in great adrairation,(0 quam te mempte vire;o')being otherwife vrfiable.theii 
by foddein fiIence,to exprcife the wortbineQe of his conceipt. Whom Thenot 
anfwerethwith another part of the like vetfe,3S confirming bvhisjgraunt and 
approuamice,iliat Elifa is uovvhit inferiour to the Maieftie «f iier, of vvlwme 
thai Poete fo boldly pconouncedjO dea certc 


JBgloga Qujnta^ 


fn this firJUe Mghgut. Vnder tbeperfons offwopiephttris flirs & Prf- 
litftdiejft refrtfinttit^o formes ofp/iSiamrff dx MiniHerStOrthtpntt'- 
Rant dni the CatholiqueiXtbofc tbitfe talks Banitth in Tca/tnu^^tvhether 
the life tf the one mufi beliks the other, tviib tphom bming pt-Hif^iththt 
it daunierttts to mtinteittt anyfclfiffljipttrgiuf ttf wucb cxtdii tt theix n 

lourahle andfeytieigtoitvill.hetelleth him d tateefthefoxe, thdthyfutb 
« counterpnjnt of cr*ftines deemed and deuoured ibesredukus J^ddt. 

Palinode. Picw, 

T & not tdiikc tlje merp monetl) of ^oj^, 

' Sn.l\en loue lana marki>n m frpdi aran.' 

UXi)tn loue laoa mafken in frel^ arap.' 
ii}oiu fallen it tbeitjVae nomenier bene, 
^lilie aa otOeris.strt in gatop greene.' 
SDucb!onrttec liuerpejsbenealiPtoraD&e, 
SFo} tinlkt Tame feafon^tijljen al! is pcIaoD 
jtaiitt) plearaunceulje srotunD Ui|^.sra{re,t()e dl^lotiiS 
CttitO greene {eaue0,tbei>u(!]es luitb bloofming BttD^. 
^ougtted folkenotu flociken in euerp biijcre, 
^0 g atljet map buf-ftctu ana fmelling b^erc: 
3rd Ijome t^ep l^alten tU poSesi to Digbtj 
anoalltlje Eir&e ];>tIlour£; ciireoap lig^t, 
£K itb lJ)ataJtbo?ne bu50, ann Cuete Cgiantine, 
3nD sirlonou ofrofeij ano S)opp!3 in tntne. 
&ucb nierima!te|)0lp S>ainc{i Doti) queme, 
^u( UK ^ecefpcten ajj D^ottinD in a n^e, 


JTo? JDounftcrs Talinode fiicb follies Btte, 
"Bat lue tuiap bene men of elDet mitt. 


feicker tljiis mojrotoe,ne lenger ngor, 
31 fauie a Rjoie offljeyebearoea ourgoe, 
iKIttb (inging,anti Q)oiittng,anD ioBp cljete: 
^efoje tbem pooc a !u(fp 'a:abrere, 
©bat to tbe manp a i|)o?ne pppe plapo, 
SLlIjereto tbep oaimcen edje one Mt^ bis ma^. 
■STo fee tijofe folhea make fucb ioupfnujice, 
S^flDe mp beart after t^e pppe to oauncc. 
©Ijo to tlje grecne mmt tljep fpeenen bem all, 
©0 fetflienljomc S^ap luitb tbeir nmacall: 
3 no borne tbep b^tngen in a ropaU tb?onc, 
CroiDneo as ktng: ano bis ©weme attone 
JKHaa taop irio?a,ontobom«)iliatteniJ 
9 fapje flocke of ^aemj3,anD a fceil) beao 

©f louclp japmpbsi. (£) tbat 31 toere tbere, 
^0 belprn tbe taopcs tbetr S^apbuft bearc) 
Sllj iPierj, bene not tljp teetb on eDge,to iljinbe, 
Ibolo great rpojit tljepsapnen uiit^ little rtttnck. 


ipetote To farre am 31 from enute, 

^at t^etr fononefTe (9lp31 pitte. 

^^ofe faptottt« Itttle regarfien t^efr cbarge, 

m.\)i\t tljep lettjns tijcir ftcepe runne at large, 

^alTen ttjeir tiWi tbat {|iouId be Tparelp Tyent, 

3ln luftibcoe ans inanton mecpmenc. 

-^bOke Tame bene (bepeljearDsi fo; tbe Detii(0 Qeiiiie. 

^batptesen^iiibtle t^etr Bockee beunfeoDe. 

WiiW ts it feene,tbep? ^eepe bene not tbeir otunC} 

^^at letten tbem runne m ranoon alone* 

^ut t^ep bene bp?eir fo j little pap 

SDf otber,tbat caren as Itttle ae tbep, 

WLW fallen tbe fIorke,fo tlicp ban tbe fleece, 

SnD get all tbe gapiie,paping but a peece. 

3! mufejtnbac account bot^ tljefe tuill make, 

W^t one fo; tbe Mre^iubicb be oot^ take, 

^tiDtbotber fo; leautng W lojoa tal-ke, 

Cll^en great) fan accoiuit of fljepeberoed (ball af-ke. 


dicker nou] 31 fee tboii fpeakeQ of fpigbti 
dill fo; tbott lacked fonieoele tbctr Dcligljt- 
31 (ae 31 am) ban cattjer be enuieo, 
311 biere it of mp foe,tben fonlp piticD: 
Sno peC if neeoe Uiere,pittED tuoulD be, 
l£latber,tben otber (boulo fcojne at mc: 
jTo^t pittieD igmt(I)appe,tbat nag renieDie, 
TBut fco^jieb b jne oeiies of fonp foolerie. 
(LObat (i)Outi)en (bepbeacof; otber tljtngs tcnii, 
^benOtfj tbetr (Sod bis goooooes tbcm feno, 
IReapcn tbe fruite tbereof,tbat ts pleafurr, 
^he lubilc tbep bere liuen,at eafe ano leafurt.' 
jf o{ kul^en tljep beneneai),tt)Cit gooo tu pgoe, 

€t^?p flcppenltt nfljlQen u otger ihoe. 
€C^ uitlj ((jem U}en9s(,tu()at (l;ep Tpetit in caff, 
33ut tubat t^ left \i%\ym tfjntMiEi loft, 
(Soed (0 no sooti,bac if ic be TpenO:' 
Coo giuethgooD fo; none ot^et eno, 


flb falinotlit. tbou art alyo^Iwp cjiiloc: 
(Lado touctjed l^itc^ miDiisljt needea be nt^lut* 
3Sut Q)epIjeacO0(as3 SIgctno l>reDto Tap,) 
^oug(;( not liue plt&e,a0 men of tlje Upe: 
S^ict> t^cm it Gtfii to cm fo; t^eic ^eite, 
Cnauittec t^ett beritage t>oe irhpaire: 
^(jep muQ |);outtie fo; meanes of matntenaunte, 
Sra (0 rontinuetrjn'c toont eountenauuce. 
But (i)epbeatti mulllualkeanottjer uiap, 
&(k^ uio^Dlp fouenance be muff foKfap- 
^l;c fonne of tis iotnes M)^ fljouio be repro 
^0 leaue enritbet) i»ttb tbat (je batb Tparo.' 
S)bouti> not t\}iM (SoSjdjat gatic Ijim tbat goeo, 
C&e djerii^ bis cb'iiOjif in bis usapes be ffooo.' 
if o; if be mifliue in Ituonc? ann luff, 
■Little bootes an tbe tueltb ano tbe truff, 
^Imtbis fatbec lefc bj> iuberitaunce; 
SllunKbefooneiDaffeo biitb mtfpaeiitamice, 
3Suttb;ousb tbiSyStA otber tbeit mifcreauBte, 
lECbcp makcin itianp a w}ms t^euifauncea 
l[)eaping up mafz of ^eltb ann tuoe, 
^^eflotmed inbcteof Iball tbem ouerflotoe. 
&iftemens foUieSftattnot compare 
%etter,tben tg tbe Sfpeer folifb rare, 
^bat ii (b etiamodccb of.lyec poung one, 
(9nti pet <$oo ibote, fucb raufe ba^ (be nohe) 
^at ttitb bet bars ^'oto^aniD fltai^n cmbjactng, 
&be ffoppetb tbeb?e«b of bet ponHgltng, 
&o often tim'e0,ti>ben as geoD is mrants 
Cuil enfuetb of U);ong en(ent. 
^e (iftie ttaiJ ouce^ano map agatne tctojnc, 


( fo? ouglit mtq? feappen,t6at Ijatfji bene bcfiJiM ) 
m\)m Q)ep^eiu;os tjan none tnlKcttaun»s 
ji3eoflanti,np}fertn{iiSetamrce : 
nsvLi W6iat.nrtg^t arifc of fte Uaw ISscyf, 
((Utere it mo?c o^Icffeitobicl] tftep 5(d feeppc. 
2iEaeUvui8iDa0 it£uc() Qje^IjCiwOfJ tboe; 
JIQottsbt l)auinff,noMgIjt ft arco rtjcp to fojgoe, 
iPo; P4» ^ttnTeire tuais tbetr inOerttaunce, 
iSlni) little tljem fentcn fo; t^etr mapnjscnaunce. 
siL\it fl;^ubtarci (SJod fo tuel tl;em gnioeo, 
^Ijat of uouglK tljep xatxz bnpjoutiicD, 
n^uttet ettousyjonpe,miIkc,anoii)l^api 
iQitio tbcir flodtes flcece{!,tl)eln to arapc, 
n^ut tract of time,anD lonspjorpecttte: 
^batnourceofi}ice,t^ts of inrslencte, 
jLttlleo t^e Ogepbearosi in rur&fecuritie, 
^^ac not content taiitlj lopall o&epiTaunce, 
S)onte gan lo gape fb; greeoie gotternaanre, 
^nD niatcl) t^em fdfe ttitb niigiitp potentate;!;, 
^.ouerai of iojoibip ana tronblers of ftatesi: 
fD^o gan (liep^earDg fiuHineg td loohe a lofr, 
3noleairetdriueNrD,anti leatne toliggefofc: 
^tio bnoec colour af fl)epebearos,romeu)^!e 
Witxt crept in Sa:tolue0, fu( of fraufie ano guilej 
^^t often Deuoureo tbeir otune (berpe, 
^im often t^e fljcp!)earD{;,tIjnt Ditr^em 6eepe. 
'^\}ii tD3S ttie firft foBrfe of Ifteptjcar ds fojoiue, 
^ijat noU) nill tc qiritt luttt; baiHejno! (lo^toiur. 


^j^eetljinge? to beare,i>eneberp burDenoRiJ, 
23ut tbe fourtt) to fo;beare,i«i oittragious. 
CJHemen ffrat of louca longing once lulf, 
JE)ari)fp'fo?beareni bn£4jaue it tljcp nnrt: 
S)o toben cooler 10 iiiflameu tiiitb rage, 
itttaniing reuenge^a ftaro to attoage: 
flno tobo can counfell a tbrittfefotile, 
^ttlj patience to fo;beaie t§« oGrreo botule.' 

C2. 3&u( 

*Q\\\ of an totiend}tf;at a mmtxanieare, 
^oae iCjii fpoint tslfce to bcare aiiD to beam 
31 luene tlje iSeaum&acaatftMiatDeigbt, 
^^at bearciet mW %^^ixiSsi,t J^jrauems bcigj^b 
^^ou 6niieQfadUe,tQb(te nps£o DrfininD, 
:9[iitj butloed Onms tuatfteDpoji a: tutahegrotmut 
^t)ou w^W, on rigt)t biuljouteti reafmij 
9nD blamed ^emmucb/o; fmall encljcafoib . 
ifpoU) (liotdsen Qjepljeacoet! Uue»tf not fo/ 
ilOtiat.'' QjoulD t^ep ppneii in paptie ano ttnie„ 
JI3ap TapD 31 tbei;eto,bp ntp peare bo]ito\3}e4 
3|f 31mapte(t,3| tiill line tnfo^cotue. 

S)o;coti)e ne.neeDe be iiaOmei) on : 
JTo; be tDtil come luttbout callins anone* 
aitbile ttine«i enoureuof tranqutllttiej 
Olen tue freclp pur ieiicitte. 
jTo; U)l;en app^ocbentfie ilo^mte ffotoje^ 
CtHe mousljt luitlj our Q)ouI<iecaibeace of tbeQraiye Qiotuje?* 
3ni> TootJ^ to rapne,nougbt feemeib ftke ffrifej 
"Sbat (bcpbeac^eia: fo taitten ecb others KCe, 
9nD lapen tjer faults clje tuojlBbefo^ne* 
^Ije tobije tbeit foeis oone sac^e of bau rco:nek 
let none miflclte of tbat map not be menDei>t 
&o contech Toone bpconco^D moug^t beetioco. 


^bepbeatDtJI iiitmineacco;!ianncem/;!(e 
^ttb fljepiieani.tbatiiocs tbetigVtiBapfbilalte. 
9ntJ of tbe tmatne.if c{)oice bietc to me > 
S)aD leuct nip foc,tben mp fteeun br be. 
i'o; uibat (onco^B ban Iigbt ann Barkcfam,' 
iD; tDhat peace bae tbe Cton ttittb tbe lanibe^ 
S)Hcb faito;6,luben tbetc falfe bane bene bur^e. 
(UUiU Dor^ae did the jFote bp tbe StiDOe . 


sum PifM^of reloto(btp,teII biS tliat faping: 

^o; tbe i afitie can tecpe botb our Bocfeu fcoin flfrapii^. 


Maye^, foLi^ 


T^flhe (ante Wsan (fiis 31 ami toeffoeuiTe) 
SOasttop betp fbolil^ atto bmutfe. 
jf o; on Atjfmtin S)omniec feafoR, 
^^e (Sate ()tc name, tbat l^ao goos reafon. 
^ooe fcgtt^ a&^aoe t)nto t^z gceene tuaoD, 
^ b^n?e,o; pIap,o; U)()ae Qjee ty ou^^t gooD, 
But fo; Qje ^0 a motderlp cace 
€>f ^ec poung roniie,ano lute to betnare, 
&tjee fet-Oec poungltRg before Ijer {utoTs 
^batiuaa; bott) fceSj^anDlouelp tofee, 
Sno iiiliof fauouTjas fetDDe inoug^t ber 
f^vi Oellet (jeao began to Qfoote ont, 
9nD (jtsiujEatbeD {jo;tnts gan netulprp^out; 
^b£ bloIToines of luff to bun i^todegtnne, 
^nb rp^tng fo;iIjtancMpbitiierbi«i cdinnc* 

£Pp fanne(quotb Qje) (ano ttittlj tbat ganHieej^e; 
^o; carefulU^ottg^csi tn bet learc oto creepe) 
Sno Tena tI)CB top ofc^p ioUttee 
^Ijp fatber (^at tno^ti Q)C fpaite bn't^ papnct 
jf o; a (tgb ^ao nigb tent bet beactm ttnatne) 
^bp tatber,bati be liucir tbis! bap, 
^0 fee tbe b^auntbe of bts botip Difplafe, 
l^oloteottlD be baue topeo at tbi(i ftueete CgW 
^t ab falfe jf octane fucb top otu bim^t^t, 
9nii cutteof bpceoapee mitbbntttndptuoe, 
Betraptng btm into tbe ttatnes of bptffee. 
JSouti 31 a ttaplfall iuiDbobne bebtgbt, 
SDfnipoIoagebaue^ig one oeligbt. 
^0 fee tbec fncceeoe in ^p fatbete ffeabe, 
9ri> fIo;t(b tnflD]]i^s.of InOp beao. 
^o; euen fo tbp fatbecb» beao bpbelOs 
Sno fo b(8 bautp bo^nc0 bto be iuelo. 

^bo marking btm tut'ib melting epeif, 
a tbMHtng tb?obOe from bet bat t bib arpfe, 
Sno internrpteo all (jer otl^er fpeaclje. 

Sntt^ rome oId ra}otee,4at mane a nim b^eac^et 
^ecrncn (bee fabe in ttje poungftnsff face 
^(je olD lineaments of Ns fathers grace* 
Qit ladder roleinftlenceflje b;oke, 
^nD s'Mi Ms netue 6uobeD bearo to ficoke 

iKiODie (quotlj (bee) tboubenft tbe sreat care> 
3l!)aueoftbpbeaIc|)anii tbpteelface, 
3in()icb manp loplo beaSes (issen in luaf tCj 
jTo? to entcay in t^p tenner (fate: 
7S\xt moQ tbe jFiji^jWaiiter of coIIuGom 
jTo; be (jas boue!i<t^^{aa confnGon. 
jTo; tbp mp fttoDte be rultilip inee, 
9nD neuer gitte iruS to bistrecberee. 
3uo if Ije cbatince conte,l))bett 31 am ab;oa9c, 
^perretbc patefa(tfo;feareoffraum 
J3e fo; all W ymttt'm fo)! ^i be^ 
&)pett tbe bo^e at W reque(!» 

S)0 rcljooleb tbe (Sate tier manton Tonne, 
^bat anrmcrb W motber,ftU (bonio be Done« 
€(jo mem tije penGfe Damme out of no^e, 
9nD cbantiit to Somble at tbe tb^eiboli fio;e: 
H^ec (toml)!ins fiepp fome b)bat ber ama^eir, 
(f o; aicb,a(i Gpejs of ill luck bene titrpjaifeo) 
^et fo^tb (bee pone tbereat balfe agball: 
QLxcti IKiDbietbeDo^efperceii after ber fad, 
3It b>a£j not Ions,aftec (bee urns gone, 
^ut tbe falfe jToiire came to tbcboiie anonc: 
Ji^pt as a fmM t()sn be bail be keno, 
35ut all as a poo;e pebler be nib tueno, 
Shearing a trttiTe of trpfies at bpd bac&e, 
^s bensianii babes, anb glaiTrs in bps p^cke. 
9 Iffiggen be baa got about bis bjapne, 
jTo; in bis beaopeace be felt a fo^t papne« 
$)ts binoer beele inas ta^aptin a clout, 
/o; tuttb great colo be bao gotte tbe gottt. 
^bere at tbe bo^c be caS me oobine bps pacft, 
9nD lap b>nt bottnejano gconeb,9Iack, <SlAtk. 


SI) oearc )Lojt>»snii Ixomz ^mx. C6ari(ec, 
€:Nt fome gooD toop luouloe once pitte mee* 

SQlell beato iSiotitcal tti» fo^e couScamr, 
^no (engQ t&ttito^t^ecaure of (jt'is cotnplatiu: 
^bo creeping cioTe bel)inii tbe ^tcltet0 dincfe, 
l^^euelie be pcepeD out tb^ougl) a cDincfu 
^etnot Tep^etttUe^but ttje JToi^e btmrp^eo: 
^o; eecetfull nuantng ist Double epeo. 

^b poD pouB's indtffec (tbcn san be crpe) 
3Iera6 bleae tbat nueeteface}31 cfppe, 
aiiD hecpe pour cojpfe from tbe carefull SotmO!$, 
^ifAt in nip carrion carcasdbounti0. 
%\)z fitiOD pjctptno; bp0 beaufnefTe;, 
Sirkeo (Ije cduQ^ of bttt great otdcelTe, 
9n& alfo lubo^auoiubence tbatbcttere, 
fCbo be,tbat baoiuen pconD bt'is lerej 
%\m niefileo bisi talhe tuttb manp a teare9 
^ickc,Scke,aI^ji()anb little lack of fteao, 
tl&ut 31 b^reftetieo bp-ponc beaHlpbeao. 
3 am a poo^e «g>be£pe,albe mp coioureiionnet 
Jro? tiJtti; lojig traactle 3t am b?ettt in tbe fonne. 
9ni) if tbat mp (SraRoRre me fap^jbe tnie, 
dicker 31 am to pou : 
&o bepour soboltbcao iioe not btQiaine 
^be bafe kinreirof fo Hmple foiaine. 
a>f mercpe flho fauour tben 31 po« pjap, 
^^itb pour apo to fojdall mp necre oeca^. 

^bo out of bis packe a glaffe be tooke: 
Saitberein lubtlehtODte bnlnaces ofii looltr, 
^t bias fo enamo^eb bittb tbe nemell, 
^batneusbf be oeemeti beare fb) tbefetoeff. 
«bo opentb be tbe bo?e,anbincame 
®be fflJie jFo]te,as be mere ffar&e lame. 
V\A taple ^e clapt bettetjct bts legct tbtapne, 
LcH^e llboulD be ocfcrieo bp W trapne. 

^i«S toitbtHjtbe Kiobe mabe btm «m ftlee, 

^4. aftec 

aftet W tijere. tlje Ipeolet can cfeat, 

9nD tdl manpleGns0 of t^ui^anfit^at} 

9nD |)oUi HcoulD (l)e)u( manp a fine toutckt 

^bo ((^etDefi bin t»ace,8nD opener bt^pacbf « 

ail Taut a beOjiiibtcb be left bebtRD 

3In tbe baf-ket Eb^tbeSttODeto fpnti. 

(rabicb inbcmbe iStDOe QoopeOBotDnc to catclis 

00 popt bi>n in,anD W bar-ket oto (atcb* 

J^e ffapeo be once,tbe BO;e to make fatt, 

But canne aioiapeUiitb bim tnall bflll> 

i^ome tnben tbeDoubtfoli Damme baD W bppe, 

^;e maugbt fee tbe Doje (tanD open b>pDe, 

9I( agaQjlolDDlp ^e ganto call 

tyn ^toDe:but be noulD anfuiere at an. 

^bo on tbe 8o;e,(be fauietbemeccbanoire, 

Df ttbicb bee Tonne bao fecte to oece e pjife. 

WiW belpe/berSStODe (bee knetBetueKtuas gonet 

3)bee b)eepet>,anD tuaple&,anD matte great mone. 

&ud; enb baD tbe iStDDe/o} be noulo luatneD be 

€>rccaft,coIoareti tottbCinipItcitie: 

Sno fucb enD petDie ooeji all bem cemapnc, 

^bat of fud) falfera fceenDfbip bene fapne. 


^rulp P/er^.tbou actbeODetbp tcfc, 
jfuctbelt fro tbe matl(e,tDeeiring it'to bit, 
.)13oU] 31 p^ap tbce,Utte me tbp tale bo^tome 
jTo; ettc flr 3lobn,to {s.^ to moitcolue 
9t tbe iKcrke,\]iben it isboIUoap : 
jTo; UicU be meanest,but Uttle can Tap. 
But anti tf jFojceis bene To craftp,86 fo^ 
^ucb neecetb all IbepbearDii bcmco knotue. 


£Df tbeitfallbotie mo;e coulD 31 recount- 
But nm tbe b;igbt &unne gpnnetb to oifmount : 
Sno f6;| tbe Dealut'e nigbt noiu ootb npe, 
31 bolD it bed fo; ))$,borae to bpe. 

Palinodes EinbiefflC. 
Picn his Embleme. 

T« t its'- '"'«" «'»»5« I 



Thilke) Ais fame moneth.Tt is applyed to the feafon of the mwieth.whcn all menne de-- 
lidit them felues with pkaCiuiicc of fieldes^d gardens,and garments. 

Eloncket liueries) gray coates. Yclad) airayed,Y, redoundeth,as before. 

Iheueiy where) aftiaonee.yetptoperkthdbffpeaking. 

Bufl«ts)aDiminutiueJ.littlebufhesofhauthomei Kiriie)ch«fch. Quemejpleafe. 

A {h»le)a maltitudejtaken of fi(he,wheteof fome going in great compamc*, are fayde 
to rwiBune in a (hole . 

YodeWnt. louy(rance)ioye. Svvinck)l3boor. Inly)emiTely Faytourjl vagabonds. 

Great pan) UChrifl,4he very GoJ of aD fhcjAeards , which callethMnrelfe thegreate 
andgbodlhepHertLThe name is mofl rightly (mcthihkes) applyed to him,for 
Pan fi^ifieth all or omiiipotent,vvhith is onely the Lord lefus. And by thac 
name (as I rememher) he is calbd of Eufebius in bis fifte booke de Prepatat.E- 
uang; who thereof telleth a proper florye to that purpofe. Which flory is fitft 
recorded of Plutarch,in his booke of the ccafing of oracIes,& ofLauetere tran- 
flatedjinhis booke ofwalkingfprightes. vvho layth,that about the fame time, 
tbait our Lohl (ufleredhismollbitterpafKon f<ir the redemtion of man, certfttn 
pafJengetsfaylingfrom Italyto Cyprus and parting by certain lies called Paxae, 
beard a voyce calling atovvde Thamns,Thamus,(now Thamus vvas the name 
of an /Egyptian,yvhich was Pilote of the fhip^) who giuing care to the cty,was 
■bidden,vvhen he came to Palodes,to tel, that the great Pan vvas dead; which 
he doubting to doe,y et for that vvhen he came to Palodes, there fbdeinly vvas 
fuch a calme of wmde,that the (hippe (loode ftill in the fca vnmoued , he wis 
forced to cty alowd, that Panwas dead : vvberewithall there was heard fuche 
piteous oucctyes ahd dreadfull fhriking,as hath not bene the like . By vvhych- 
I?an, though of (bme be vnderAoodc the great SatanaSjWhofe kingdom.c at that 
timevvasby Chriftconquered,the gates of hell broken vp,and death by d^ath 
deiiuered to eternall death, (for at that time, as he fiy th, all Otitcles furccafed, 
and enchaunted fpirits,t!ut were wont to delude the peoplejtliencelbrth held 
theyr peace) Scalfoat thedemaandoftheEmpcroureTibtrius,wht) th&t Pnn- 
fhouldbe, anfwcre vvas made him by the vvifefl and beift learned,thkitvvas 
thefonnc of Mercuric and Penelope, yer I think it more properly meant of the 
death.of Chrift,the onely and very Pan, then fuftcring foi' liis flock. 

T as T am) feemcth to imitate the cpmmen prouerb,Malim Inuidete mihi omnes qaam 

Nas) is a fyncopc,for he has,or has not ; as nould,for vvould not. • 
Tho with them]dethiinicate the Epitaphe oCthe ryotous king Sacdanapalus^ vvhych 

F< caufed 


emCei to be written onhitfoBibe in Gjreekenrvhichvttrct be ihttS tnnfliled 


,, H«chabiri<i«eedi,«]uiquemturKaliBido 

„ H;>.ufit^t •ilanianeixcinulcaacpi^claiatcli^ 
which may thus be tum^ into Endiflu 

„ All that I e»te did I ioyc^d all that T greedily gotged : 

„ As for thdfe tnafiy gi&6dly matters left I for others. ' 
Much like the Epitaph of^ good oldc Etle of Deuoii{hire,vvhich tboug^ macA 
more vvifedomt bcwraieth, then S3rd.-impaliu,yethatb a finacke of his rcnfodJl 
(lelighM and beaftlioelle.the tymesbe ^ele. 

„ Ho,Ho,whoUcshci;c? 

„ IfhegoodEtJw?fDeuonlhere, 

„ AndMauldcmywifCjthatyvasAildeate, 

,, We liued together lv,yeare. 

, f That we (pent, we had: 

,1 Tbatvvegaue,vvehaue: 

, , That we Wte, vve loft. 

Algtiin)th«ntnMofa'fliepheatd, MenofThel.»')lLaymeti. Enauiuer) leafitbtt. 

Souenauncc) ' reincinbrauncq . Mifaeamce) de(peire octniTbeliefe. 

CheuiTauocc ) tixnetime of Chaucer vfed.for ga^e.HameaiiieofotherfiM-Q>oylc,or 
bootie,or enterpriftiand Ibinctimc for cbiefdome. 

Pan himfelfc) God. according as is fayd in Deutetononiie,That in didilioti of the lande 
of Canaaivo the ttibcof Leuie no ponioiv of heritage (hould.bee allotted, for 
C Q D himfclfe was their iaheht^nce 

Somp g^n) meaat of the Pope^and his Anticbriflian pre1ates,wl]ich vlurpea tyrannical 
dominion in tbc Qiurehe^am) with Petczscodntetfct keycs^open a vwdc gate 
u^al.wiskednefl'c aiid inibJent gouemmrnt J^oiight here fpolcRj^ orpurpofe 
to.denyJfatbetlyniIeand god^ gouetn3anc«(asromemaiitioii(lyofktchauis 
done to the great vnrefte and.hinderaunce of die Chutche) but to dilpbye the 
ptide and difotder of ruch,as infteede of feeding theis (heepe, indeedefeede of 
theyr flieepe 

Soutfe) vvcllpnng and oiiginall. Rorrowe)' pledge or (ttertie. 

The Geauntf) is the greatc Atlas,vvhom the poetes fdgn to be s huge geaunt,that bea 
teth Heauen on his {houlders:being in deede a meroeilouslugne mouAtaine in 
Mauritania,that now is 6arb:rie,whicfa to leenung perceththe doudes, 
and ie'emeth to touch the heauens.O ther tbinkc,and they Jiot amiife, that this 
fable vir.« meant of one Atlas kjngoftiie fame countty6.(ofvvhome may bee, 
that that hil had hit denomin.ttion)brothet to Ptometheus(who as die Grekes 
lay) didiitft fynd out the hidden courfcs of the (lanres, by an eiccellent imagi- 
nation wherefore the poetes f«gned,that he fufteyncdthcficmamcntont^x 
(houlden.Many other coniedutcs needclefle be told hereof. 

Waike) vvoifce: Enchea{bn)cAure,occa(ion. 

DcATc borow) dutis oarfauiourjthecomtnen pledge of all mens debts to deads, 

VVy ten) blame. Nought fcemcth) is vnfcemely, Contcck)(bife contention. 

Ha)tbeyi^(vrtdi Chaucer. t1an)ferhaue. Sam) together. 


rent BytheKiddenwy beyo<krftoo<kt!iernnpU:fo«eof the faythfuUand 
true auiftians.By hys dame Chrifle, that hath alreadie with cateMl watche- 
wordJ (as heere doth the gote) warned his little ones^o beware of fueh doub- 
liMdeCeit.By the Foxe.the fafc andfiithleflePapife. , to Momii no acdit 
tobegiuenywrfclowftiippetobevfed. *• /■ j 

Theewe) the GoterNotthemely fpoken to mme O into A. Yode) went. aBoreftyd 
Shefet) AfigwecalledFiaw which vfeth to attribute reifisnablc aaionsandrpeachet 

tovnreafooiblecrcatuies. ■ 
The bloofmes of Uift) be the young and moflie heaws, which then beginne to fproi 

and ihoote feottb,whcn lu(ifulI4ieate begin Aetb to kindle. 
And with) A very Poetical] ^ntSie. 

Orphane) A youngling or pupill,tbat needeih aTtrtour and gouetnoup. 
That word) A pathetieall encreare a carefall Hypetbaton. 
The braunch)of the fathers body,i$ the child. 
Foreuenfo) Alluded to the faymgof Androtmcbeto Afcanius mVirgile. 

Sic oculos,(ic ille manus,flc ora fercb». 
A thrilling throb) a pereingfighe, Liggen)lye. 

MaifterofcoUu(ton)Xeolouredgiiilc,becaurethe Foxe of al beads itmoflwily &ci<itjr 
Spenetheyate) fliutthedort 

Eorfiich) The gotes ftombliogis here noted as an euill figne. The like to be marked in 
allhiftoriej ;and that not tbeleafte of thcLorde'Hifiingaes in king Rycharde 
the third his dayes. For belide his daungcroui dreame (whiche was a fiirewde 
prophede ofhis inifiiap,thac folowcd) u is tayd that in the morning tyding to- 
ward the tower of London,there tafittevppon matters of countcil, hishorre 
AomblcdtwifeorthriTebytheway: vvhichoffome, that tyding vvithiiyra 
in hit con^tanvjwete priirie to his neere dt{ienie,v<ras (eciiedy marked, and af» 
terward noted fee mcmorie ofhis great mi(hap,diat enfewed. For being then. 
as metye,asman m^bt be,and lealt doubting any mortal! daungei'Jie was with ' 
intwohowTesaiter,oftheTytanneputtoa fliamefull de^the. 
Asbeles) by fuch trifles ate noted^the reliqiies andra^etcif popifti fupetfiiooiijwhich' 
put no final religion in Bellesiand BabiesXl(feres:and^biIesiI Pases^-uid foch 
iyke tiumperies. 
Great cold.) For they boafl much of their outwardj>atience,aniI voluntaiye lufierauncc 

a* a worke'of merite and holy humbiene0e. 
SwccteS. Charitie.Tlie Catholiquescomenothe^andonely ^eache , tohaue charityc 
alwayes in their mouth,and fomctime in their outward Adions,but neuer in* 
wardly in &yth and godly zeak. 
Clincke. )';a key hp le.VVliofe diihinutiue is clicket,vled of Chancer for a Key. 
Staundes.)Gtces:.ifore(ayde. Hts lere) t^ Icflbn. Mcdied) mingled. 

Beftlihead.) agreeing to the petXon of a beaft. Sibbe.) ofkynne 

Newell) anewething. Tofbreftal!)toprMient, Glee]chcre,afferefayde, 

Dcare ". price.) his lyfeivvhich he loft-for thofe t oyes. 

Such end<0 is an Epiphonetna, or rather the morall of the whole tale, vvh<j(e purpo(c is 
TO watnc the protcftlunt beware, howebe gcucthaeJittoihevnfaythfull 

V.t. Cathohque 


Cadioliquc vvbafeofwe hane dayly proofes (iifficientt bm oncffiofie famcnis 
of all,firadiredo£La(£ ycates in Fraunc« by Qiarks me njinth. 

Ftfne) ^addeordcfyrous. 

Our fir lohn^' a PopifliTPnsft , A^yingft for the g^&tefle of adiephcsrc^biM ^ 
keif t0 oiiiKe ynlc£;ncd Pti<^. 

DiTmounO deC:«nde or fet. Nye) ^Iravvetb nere. 


BtRhrfiefsEmKlemMimkeoitewholeHcsamccre. *n»ftfifpQttes<ofI^l2nodif , «in 
reproche of them, that be difliuflfbll, is a peoceofTheogiis vetfe, intending, 
ihntyviio dodi mofhnifttofi i^ mod falfe.For inch cspcnence in falfehod brec- 
ded) miflr ](t in; cbe myndtthinking noteffe^nile to luilce in othen,tlKn in bym- 
fdfe.But I'iers iheieto fitbngly re^jreth Vvith anotherpeece of the (amc verfc, 
fayin^WRtrirfoimer fablsjWbacfsyth then is there in the fay ihldTe. For if 
fayth be the gfovmd dTrelij^onjTvfaich faytb they di^y £ilfe, what hold then is 
there of tbeyr religion. Andthysisjilltbiitth^ %e. 

jEgloga fexta^, 

TT Ws EgUgut is -wholly \o\ni to the com^taynhug af CoUas illfccctjfe 
In his lout.Bor heing(as is a ferefaid) tnamomei. of i Country taffe 'iyo 
f^linif.and hauing (as fcemetb) faunde pltce in her bedrt, he lamenttti to 
his dtare frend Hobbittoll,that be is ninet forfaineii unfaithfully , and in. 
his flude M en aU as. another fhtpheardrtteiued dijlajaHy.Jtwdtbisii tbt 
"Oihtle /rgummt of this JEgUgut. 



'^t Gmple m^J^i S^ntle tvairtdtng topor, 
So cainie,ro coolej^is no ^txt t\h 31 'fpnoe: 
^de grAlIp^fiCpnnliMt^ Datotpe Da|i6eie(tfg&t, 
€^e 7&;ambte{ruf|),tt)^ece !]Sp;ej) ofenccp ^pnoe 
^t(ie t»ates!Sfall£9(ftttlnesat^empei (ia^t. 


2) {lapppj^ofr^iiuo//^ 31 liielTe t|ft> &te, 
^at pataQife^aft fi3unD,Ui&pc^ ^t^^m-lo^ 
0»e tDaiaetaia^t^^ fiotg eaclp o; iate^ 
Ci[lit(N)^ten Vitxm of ^iaoluejs to bencptoffj 
%^p louRlp {^cd bere maps ^oti fcedp to(te. 
^ut 31 bn6/ippp tn3ii,li)&om ccittllfate, 
9nii ansrp (^oDd pncfue front cOffe tatt^t. 
Can notu^ere fpno^^uoetinpfa^elTe pae^ * 


tCijen (fbp me tI;ou M aeuifeo be, 
iTo^fafK t^e ropMjat (b not^ t^e be!D((^; 
leane me tboTe btHes, Uabere^arb^ottsj^ ntjS to fee, 
^0^ &otpiiu(b,no^b;etejno;li>in9mg; ttiftcbe: 
anD to tbe oafeg lefo^tM^W^JlHpbeaiuerucfe 
StiD fi:t(ic(funfloc&9bene enerptoltete to Tee. 
HJere no nigbt Eaucnc loop mo?e biacfe t^eti pftffie. 
JI3o; eIttCQ» sl^oltjijno} gaaip oteleis boe See. 

3$ut freuBlp $^$mt&jimMiS^ manp ®race0, 

aa|jc& OepbcgHpeaijattO trimlp troDDen tcacej? , 
^WaCpffeianpn^tobtcb otoEll on SP<ir»4/f bw&t . 
Ono !Pd» btmfclfetobiire tbeic cb^ittall face0, 
m«i pppe ano Dauntejto^en iPAffi* ibmetb truirlitt 
feucb pferteireplea5«cc« baue SDetntfenc placS . 

Snb 3[M^llpoM4),ai« counc of caceielTe pww 


Ote let melsafke tdtf^uten Itn^jEt oHoue, 
3ln Tucb oeltgbts ottn top ammsff mp peete$( : 
TSm rpper.age fuc^ pleafures nm^ tepjmi^, 
^p fancpe cite from former ttWm motte 
^0 (tapeo (leps.foji tiniein pading tuebetC 
<?[si B4nntnt0 Doen^ttbic^ ttieimt elo aboue) 
9nD D^abietb nrtoe neli^tett 'oo)^ t;oacp beareif . 

^bo coutb 31 (ins of loue,anD tune mp pppe 
Cttito mp plamttue pleas in bev^g maDe: 
^bo tuoulo 31 Tee&e fo; Cueene apptess unrppC) 
^0 zmw9%ofAlini,mi inS>ottimet Qjane 
jDtQ;btsanDp(SttIonirg,iua((mpcomen ttati?, 
^0 ccotune bee goloeii Iockis,bnt pectee mojetpp^, 
^iiQ loflfe of ber, luljofe loue as Ipfe 31 Uiapn, 
^boTe Uiearpttianton topes auiap Dpti U)ppe« 


Ctlin. tabeare tbp i?mes ano tomtitelapetf, 
lSX\)i^ tboii taece biont ontoalifull bpKa t^ Gitg^, 
31 mo^e Deligbt>tben larfce in Sommcr Dapes : 
cabofe €cboniai>e tbe nepgbbonr gtouee to ring;, 
SnQ tangbttbebp;ti0,iubicb in tbe lotoec fp^ing 
Din Qf^oune in fijaop leanes from fonnp rapes, 
JTcame to tbp fonge tbeic cbetefiil cberiptng) 
SO} bolo tbep7 peaee,fo; %mt tf tbp fuiete Iaped» 

31 fatue Callhfe\o}>ili S^nfti mot, 
&oavit as tbp oacen pppe began to faun?, 
^bep;t pua^p lupts ano ^atnbucinQ fe^goe: 
9no from tbe fbuntaine,ttbere tbep fat arounv, 
%enne after badelp tbp Klnet founo. 
^uttnben tbep came,vubere tbou tlip fiull Diodibotnej 
CTbep ti^euie abaefcejas balfe inttb (bame confouno, 
&l)t^6?t^ to fee^tbem in tbepr ait outgoe* 


fiDf Sl^ufes HohhincL 3 coime no null: 

jf 0? tbep bencD8ugbtff8of tbebpgbett Iom. 

SlniibolDenrco;ne of (^inelp Qf^pbeatos quiil. 

fme. fol 24 

mHiifHi ()tm((rmuc|) rebuke anDBaungetojoue; 
a ncucc Ipft wcftttiieto P^rwiJebpll, 
:i0ut ppptnff iotue in (l^aae of lomlp scouey 
31 pla{ to pleate itip rclfe,all be tc tfl . 

jaoustit D»%b 3I,tu^ mp Ibns mtb pjApfe o; i>Iat»e 
i3e ftriue to tDinnettttoiunetO^pallirtbe red: 
SOlub (bepbcaro Gttea not,folla)nefrpuis fame : 
!Kut feeoe bis 0ocke in Gebsi^iii^ere fails bem beff* 
31 uiote mp rpmets iieitc rousbjSntiro&dp o;eil: 
^be fpttec £bf P) mp carefiiit cafe to frame ; 
€nougb is me to paint outntp \mt% 
^no po^e mp piteous plaintis out in tbe fame* 

^e (Son offbtpbeariis; Tityrus tis oeaOi 
2Ilbo tattgbtme i)omrip,as3 ranjtoinalte. 
^r,U)btl(t be iiueii,ua0 tbe foaeraigne bean 
S>r IbepbeacDiet all,tbat bene tuitb loue ptahe; 
WiiW coutb be tuaple bps 2iaoe(e,ano ligbtip fla^e 
%be 'Rmt^jaaW) loue tuitbiftbis bcart bafi bjebo, 
Sno tell bs merp tal£0,to hecpe i>s toafce, 
^e wbile one Qjecpe about bit fafeip feoce* 

Jl^oiue neao be idjand Ipecb iv^apt tn leap, 
(2> lubp (bonlo oeatb on bpm (ttcb outraffe (^otuc/) 
ano all bps pairing fbilluicb bira isKeooe, 
^jr fame iii^ereof Dotb oaplp greater gcome. 
!Sitt if on me Tome little D^ops tooulo flotoe, 
SDftbat tbe fp;ing teasi (n W leameii bebtre, 
31 foone taoulo learne tbefe taiootis^to juaple mp ttioe* 
Sno teacbe tbe tcee0,tbcft meeting ttnzn to (^eD&e. 

^ben Iboulo mp pTaint8,t«utb of oircurtcfeej 
90 mefC^geiiei ofall mp painfull pligbt, 
JFIpc to mp lonCjUJbcee eucr tbat fte bee, 
ano pierce bcrbeart toitb popnt of ttJO?t6ptB(g6(t 
w (bee oereruejsjtbat tvjougbtfo oeaolp fpigbt. 

jr.4. an8< 



T>M bnoecfons mp Iairc,to bieice fo !ig6t, 
3>^ouItiea luell beknbmne fo; fitcl; tljp btUanee. 

3&nt Qnce 31 am n0f,a$(3I tnfQ) 31 toet^y 
$e gentle ^tx^^tmiMit^ pottrSocItiSDofeetr, 
S^()et{)(r on ljpI{s,o} talos^? ot^eelug'ere, 
^eare luttneOe all oftlipssfo tutcheti oeese: 
Snu tell tge iaire,tii^ofe floto^e tsi tuore a teceoe, 
Sno f^tdcIeOe fai^t^^intneii to fait^IeOTe fecei 
€;i^at Ojexbe ttueS i!)ept»earD0(jact maoe bleeoe, 
^^at IpueiS on eart^^ano loueo l;ermo{t oere. 


£) cacefiin Colm. 3 lament t^p cafe, 
®&p teares uioulD mal^e tde ^artteH flint to flolue» 
Sb faitblelTe iLoralmD^antiDoiDe of grace, 
fCbatarc tbe rooteof all tbtgrutljiuUiiioe. 
25ut uoui is t(me,3l gelTejtionietuart) to goe: 
^^en rpfe pe blelTep flocKs^ano borne apace, 
JLeaffnigbttuitl) dealing iteppes no: pott fo^floe, 
3nD mett pouc tvmt iLanibeiijtbat bp pou trace* 

Cqlins dnblemc. 

(jiajftme Jfenta, 

GLOSS E. ' "' ' '"" 
Sytep fituation and place. 

Faradilc) A Paradi^ in Greeke GgpiSeth a Garden of pleadice^rplace ofdelights . So 
- he compateth the (bile,yvherin Hobbinoll made Us abode, t<»dut exihh Pa- 
ndi(e,inrdipturecalIed,EdeniVvherein Adam inhisfiHl creation vraspuced. 
Which of theitioft learned is thoaght to be in Mefbpotamia,' the mod fertile 
and pleafauntc CQuptty in the vvorid.(as may sppeace by Diodorus^yculusde 
fcription of itjin the hjilorie ofAlexanders conqucft thertof. ) Lying be- 
tweene the two famous Ryneis^wfaich art'layd in icripniire to floiMDut of Pat* 
Fot&kc'the(byIe) Tiht&is«opocticalfi^on j butvnfeyA((%(^l(enoi'tIwpoetereIfe, 


fune, foil') 

informeiQand forhis more preferment remoiung out of the Korthparts came 
into the South,as HobbinoU indeede adui(ed him priuateljr. 
Thofehvlles) that is the North coun9jre,where he dwelt. Nis) is not. 
The Dales) The5oudtlpattes",vrhere he lioweabydeth, v.vhichdwughethey befunof 
hylleland ¥VoOdes.(fot Kent is very hy%e and woodyej and iherdfore fo cal- 
icd:forKant{h in the Saxons tonguefignifieth vvopdie) yetintefcefteof the 
Norchpartes they b£ called dales.For indedc the North is counted the higher 
NigfitRauenr&c.) byCuJihatefullbyrdes , heemeanctb alltniffortuncs(VVheteof 

they be tokens) flying pnery where. 
Frendlyfeeries)the opinion of FtfeneiahdelfeS is very old, andyetfticlcethveryrdigi- 
oufly inthemyndesof (brneiButtorobtethatrancke'opiniono'ffilfcsoute of 
mens heartS5thetrtj&is;tbat there be no fiichthinges, noryet riieftiadowesof 
the thingjjbut oneiy by a (or o/bald Friers and knauilh (hauelingi! fp feigped^ 
which as in all otfier things/o in that, fougbte to noufell the comen people in 
ignorouncejkafi being once'acqoainted with the truth of things^hey woiilde ' 
in tyme (inell out the vntruth of tbeyr patfced pelft and Maflepenie religion. 
But th&ibodiis,thatvthen all Italy wais diftraidle into the Faxons of the Gu« 
dfes and the Gibelinsibeing two famous houfes in Florence, the naAie began 
through their greacmifchiefes and many outrages , to be fo odious or ramcr 
drcadfuUin the peoples earcs,thiit if thcyr childrcp at any time were frowarde' 
and wancon,tliey would fay to them that the Guelfe or the Gibelinc came. 
Which words nowe from them (as tnany thinge els) be com e into our vfagtf j- 
and for Guelfes and Gibelines^we fay Elfcs & Goblins. No otberwife then the 
Frenchme vfed to (ay of tha^Valiamt captatn,the very (courge of Fraunce,the 
Lord Thalbot,3fterwatd Etleof Shrevvf bury; Whofe noblefl e, bred fuch a ter- 
tourinthe hearts of the Frei)ch,tbat 6ft times euen great armies were defjic- 
ted&put to^ghtatthe onelyhcaiingofli)'silaine.Itt.(bmuch that the Freeh 
wemcn,to affray theyr chyldren,vvould tel! them that the Talbot commeth. 
Many Graces) though there beindeede buuhiee Graces orCharites (as afore is fayd) 
orat the vtmofi but foure, yet in refpeft ofmaiiy gyiftes-of bounty, there may 
be&ydemotie. AndfoMufisus (ayth ,. that inHerocseythir^ye there fatte 
a hundred gj'sces . Arid by that autfaoritye,thys{ame Poete in his j?agcaum$ 
fayth. ' An hundred Graces on her eyeledde fattc&c. 

Haydeguies) A countiy daunce or rownd.The conceipt is,that the Graces and Nym- 
phesdoe dauncCvnto theMufes,andPanhismuficke.alInightby Mdpnclight. 
To Iknifie the plta(auntneire of the (oyle. 
Pcercs] Equal^s and felow fhepheards. Qu^neapp}esvnripe) imitating Vii^ls v«fe. 

7p(e ego canalegaqitenera lanugine mala. 
Neighbour groucs)aftrauijgephtareinBngJi(h,butvvordfotwotdcxprefl3ng the La- 
tine vicinanemora. 
Spring) not ofwater,bnt of young trees IpringiBg. Calliope) affbrefayde. 

Thys ftafFe is is full of verie poetical inuentioii. Tamburines) an olde 

kind of infttumcntjwhich of (bnic is (iippofed to be the Clarion. 
PanvvidiPhxbus) the tale isiyciiknownc^owethatranandApolIa^iuingforex- 

G. ccftcncic 


cdlencje in Aia(icke,chore Midas for their iudge. Who beiAg corriiptd vvy th 
partialuf{edion,gaue the viflotye to Pan viuleierueckfor which Phoebus fttte 
apayrc of Afies eates rpoh hys head &c. 

Titynis) That by Ti^ciis it meant Chauccr,h3th bene already (ufSciently (3yde,& b/ 
thys mote pL^ne appcareth,that he faythjhe tolde meiye talcs.Such as be hys 
Canterburie tales.vyhom he csUeth the God ofPoetes forhys exceUenciej To 
as TiJlie caUetb LencuIiis,Detim vita; Tux Xthe God ofhys lyfe. 

To make) to vetfifie. O why] A totye EpanorthoCs or cortc^on. 

Dif<:urtefie)he meanetb the f alfenefle of 6is louer Rofaliode, lyho ibtfakiiig hym, hadde 
choftn another. 

JPoynteofwonhywite] theprickc of deferued blame. 

Menalcas ] the name of a (liephesu'de in Virgile ; but here is meant a perfon vnknowne 
and (ecrete,agaynft vvhomc he 6ften bitterly imiay cth. 

Vnderfcige] vndennynde.wddeceiuebyfaUe (liggefiion. 


Youtememberithatinthe-fyrAi^loguejCohnsPoefievrasAnchoralpeme : for that 
as then there was hope of fauour to-be found in tyme.But nowe being deane 
fotlome and reieded of her,as whofe hopejdiat yras,is cleane extmguilhed and 
turned into delpeyre , he renounceth all comfort and hope of goodneffe to 
come.rvhich is all the meaning of thys Embleme. 

foil 6 

jEgloga feptima. 

nr His /Eglogut is made in the homur and commendation af g oorf/fcrpf- 
bedrdes,andttthefl}ameanddiffMj>feofpYoudeandambiciotti fa^ 
Sours. Sueh as Mnrell is here imagined to bee. 

Thomalin. Morrell. 

J S> not tliiltterame a goce^earo y^otnoe, 

tijatOtcesi on ponoec banclte, 
^B^ore Qraptns beam tbem felfe Dot^ ^}time 
cmong t^e bufbejs ranctte/ 


^cctec iHyt^en tbe lololp plapne, 
alj3 fo; t^p flocke,anD ttjee. 


SI) 6oii (|)(elD,man,tl^at 31 (T;oulD dtmr,. 

ano Uatne to loofee alofte, 
€;bt6 reeDe is ipfe,tbat oftenttme 

(Sreat clpmberg fall bitfoft. 

(5.2. J„ 

3In.&umBIe Mti\$ fastins faff, 

atiu tboiigft one fali t6?oug& (iMJlclTe feaff, 

^erij:! t)t0 xMz not mtcfele. 
^nD nou) ^ ^onne ^at^ reareo bp 


^^e rampant Ipon ^trntsTfie fait, 

tuftti X)oggeof nopfome b^eat^, 
dXtljofe balefuU batbiMs b^tngett in ^ai3 

ppne,plagut0,ano D^cetp ueatj;. 
9gapnftiiiS€nitil rto;tcf)rt^^aR . 

tobere baS ttioti couecture / 
tTbe biaSefaU bpltebn^oi)i«i tb^eate 

T5\xi tftbeeIu(l,tobolDencbat 

tuitl) feelpCbepberDs ftnapne, 
Come tiob)nr,anokacne (belittle tt^^at; 

tbat ^boitialtneaa (^pne. 


^pler,tbpusi but alaeCe Ioo^d , 

anbrettes mucbof tb^ Huinttt , 
lEk^x. tuitb fontrteemeMtto taeetieSD? Iso^irtf 

to blere mpne epee boeB tbinke. 
3In euillbonre tbiin btnted in bono 

tbUjS ^olp bplles to btatne, 
JTo; faaeD bnto faint? ttjep flonb, 

ano oftbetnba^t^iep; name. 
fb. ^ic^cl2 mount mbo docsi nat&nouiy 

t^at toaroetf ^e 2^ei!ente coffee 
9no of &» B^tgets boto^rBI ttobi, 

all Eent can rigbtlp bbade: 
Snn tbep tbatVon of Scutes f btlT, 

fapne moft tt)ljat,tbat ttii^p o^eR 
(90 goteNartie luonQ bpon a (jill, 



lulje. foLiy 

Snti b)ontiet) not t^e sceat ®od ?<<»> 

bpon mount 0/>«rt: 
^ceDtng t^e Wetfto floche of ®<<». 

U^f li opu binirelfe beget/ 


iD bleflj^D fbeepe,£> (|)epl]earii greac, 

t^at boug|)t^t!i; flocHe fo Dcare, 
9no tbeni Dio Taue lutt^ blouiip fmeat 

from ailoIues,t!)at uhiuId t^em team 


T^erpDe^as Ijoip fatl;erg fapne, 

casijere rit^n rprett) from t^e mapej 

Upon uit)ofe toppe tW ttarreg bene 0ape9, 

ano all tlje fkie Dott) leane, 
€l)ere is tl^e catte,U)&ece Htbt lapeOj 

ttje (Ijep^caco long to D^eame. 
ail^aomettierebreiiObepbeatDis aH 

to freue d^ep;,flodtsi at MI^ 
^iQ bp W folp one oto fall, 

tbat all t^e reft Qiofptll. 
Sim (it^ens (liepljearDed bene fo^efapn 

ftpm places of beligtjt: 
^o; t^p 31 uieene tljou be affcapt, 

to dunetfitsi tiiQesfieig^t. 
^tSynah can 31 tell t^ee mo^e, 

9nti of one iaopeitliotia^e: 
^nt little neenes to ffcoto mp Ko^j 

f)«cz ^an t^e^olp f^wr^rerourfe, 

ano Sfluanes ^^cen catbe. 
l^ere ^as ttjefalt ^enmap W fotitf^* 

DQ^ecetn t()e JiSprnpHes ooe bat^e. 
^e fait ^eomap, tbat tttc&Itng ftcemt;^ 

asottne t^e j>alei3 of Ecnt: 


ZiR raiiX) W tlm b^o^et VO^mti 
1^10 bfiAitb ttaucff bemepnt. 
fi»m sro)»e0 Melmpede oier? Ma^m, 

mirerilintb goolT fy} (Sotesi; 
^()irone,inp manDittg iUDii;^ tormere» 

lt)creto,tbe tjilljt bene nigbec deuen, 

atiD tbeuce tUe palTage abe« 
j|)j luell can {i:oue t^e piercing leuin, 

cbat feelDome fadis b^net^e. 


&fkn t^ou (^eaites Ip&e a leluDe lo^rell, 

of i|) oemetrfn: 
i|)otu be 31 ant bnt tme ana bojcett, 

pet nearer lAiapefl 31^ knotee. 
<£o Kerke t^e narce,from (Son mi^e facte, 

bas b<ne an olu fa^fauie. 
9dd \)t tijat acmes to tiAicb ^eStaxng, 

aifoone map {bepbearo cipmbe to fltpe} 

tbat {eaoeifs in ioiulp oalesi, 
9i$ ^oteberD photon tbat fitting bp^i 

iipon tbe S^a»ntatl1e Tapleis . 
i^p feelp (beepe like lucll beloinr, 

tbep neebe not Meiampode: 

StO} tbep bene bale enoQgb,'3I trotue, 

3?ut if tbep )uitb tbp ®ote£i (boulo pcoe, 

tbep (bone mpgbt be cojruptcn: 
2); like not of tbe froUiie feoe, 

0} U)itb tbe lueeoe^ be glutteo. 
^t bpQ«t)ti)bere btoelleb bolp faints, 

j^t fi>) tbentfelfCjiiut fo; tbe fapnttis, 

(CSIbicb hfm be bean of po;e. 
9tiD notne ^ep bene to beauen fojetoent, 

^tn S009 iit loitb tbcm 8<k: 

Mye. folil 

^ep; romipte ottelp toDs tent, 

^^ aljS bie mougbt troe foe. 
&^e]^e«cDs( t^ep tneten of tl;e bed, 

9nii Gttrt^epjfottles bene nott) atrcff, 

ttbp fiisne t»e tbem otfcafe.' 
Sinci) onebe toas^C as 31 ()atie (jtaco 

olofllgrino often fapne) 
^at lubtlome mais tbefitft ibepiiearb, 

ano Iiueo ttittb^ltttle gapnet 
a^g mee^e be b)aMi( meelce mou^^t be, 

^umble,anii li&e inecbe oepee 

^e fIoci(e,ti);[)icb be tno becpe. 
SDfun be breo of bpti keepe 

JlSobie }uitb a St|DDe,noii) tnitb a Qjeepe 

tbe Altars balfotutng. 
j&o lototeo be bnto bpst ILo;b, 

fiicb fauonr eontb be fpno, 
^acfitbens neuertoas^t^o^ 

tbe Om]pIe%pbearDs ftpno. 
9nti fnc^ 31 iueene tbe bjetb^tttrr, 

^eb^etb^en ttoelBe,tbati(ept^ece 

tbe floc&e0 of mig^ Pm. 

inbom Hi bpll opo bearsj 
^at left bpji fiocfce, to fttcba IdlTe, 

tubofe loue be bousbt to oeare: 
/o; be tnadp^oubejtbat ffl load paps, 

(no focb moug^t lbq[ibeat;og bee) 
Slnb&u'^IetBbelttfltnaiS ouerlapot 

ttaiap i!ii\!a.%$ boen fiK agree: 


Wii^ Mb\^ Mfti bntie^leD, 

ano ffoute as (feeue of bjatTe. 
^i)xt oneCrapD^{gr(«) MofesMi, 

tbat ratse ^pg makers face, 
I^is face ino;e cleace,t^en C^jiSall gfaOTe, 

anD fpabe to ^tm in place. 
^t)is fiao a b^ottier, (Nsi name 31 knette) 

9 (bepbeacD tretue,pec not fa tnie, 

dH^tlome all ^cfe luere lotDe>ano itef, 

ann loueo c^ett flacks to feeoe, 
^(jep neuer Qtouen to be cbtefe, 

ann Qmplelvas tbepjitiieeDe. 
ISivt notn (t^anfceii be 6oii t^erefo^O 

^^eic lueebes bene not fo m|(6Ip bio^r, 

fucd (tmpIetTe mousbttbem^enn: 
^^ep bene {iddti fn purple anfip^ 

To ^atb t^ep) goD t^em bliS, 
^ep rcigne ann rulen quee al1» 

$sprt \ntt& belts of slitcecain golo. 

(mousbttbepjooo (beepebeatosbene) 
^ep; lpian<bep;Jbeepm tbem bag (oio, 

31 rape as fome baue feena. 
iPo} ]^altnooe(tf^oubtnHen) 

tS;o1Kemei(iff«c^ be^Eome) amt^en 

JTo; tbepebeacus Cfapo be) tbetx ooen leases 

as looses Doiiembec ubm, 
^ep^ (beepe ban ccc^sanD tbep $e b^eab: 

tbe cbippet^ano tgep tbe cbece: 

%be cornets tbep^jll^otbertb^etli, 

lulye, foLi9 

W^vf ban great lIo;eit,anD tti^tftpe ftf^th 

great fctmni anu feeble foei;; 
ZS^&tnmt bem caren fa; t^zitOatHf 

tbepjbopets c^looftetot^ore. 
^Iiefe tDtfariis iveltce in melt^s ttauei;, 

pamp^eiitn plearnregneepe, 
^()ep6anfatte tiernesi,aimieanpknauej{» 

t^ir faSingflocfteji to {(ee^e. 
^ite nriftee men bene all mifgones 


I^idflgteattieale of gooo matter, 

jSoWGcftet %ttijikoA BoeS but dmm 

bacme map come of melltng. 
^oa mcDleff mo;e,tben Qjall ^ate t^ante, 

ro Bopten IbepbeatDi} uebb : 
SSlien foltte bene fatjand xv^zi tat!dte» 

3?nt (ap me^ttibat i(( ^/^rm ^^ 



S>e {0 a (bep()eacD great fn gree* 
but but) bene long ppent. 

(as tioitf tbou tuoubeO^ me; 
Tdvi 31 am taught I019 Jlgtins in, 

to louetbeloioe Degree) 
Jf 0; Otting fo tuitb bareo fcaipe, 

^at loeening bpti ubpte beao tea; (^alr* 

&|ietteeni) t|ie ibeQfifl^eto baue &»a&e« 

butr ^ 

&)0 notD aftonieo mitb tbe (trobe, 
belpcgfttlingringpapne* Aforr^//. 



fdittoiis Emlleme, 

In medio Virtus. 

Morrells Smhleme. 



A Cotehearif] By Gotes iaJaypnirc''be teprcfente J die wicked and tepmbate, rrboft 
pafiour sib mv& needes be fiicb: 

Banck)is the (eate of honoc Straying heard] which wander out of the w:^e of truth. 

Als]foiaUo. Oymbe] fpoken of Ambition. Great clymbetsJ^ccordTng to Sene- 
necahisyerfe, Degiduntceifagtauiorelapfiu. Mickle] much. 

The ibnne] A reafonjwhy he re£i leth to dwell on MoufttaineSibrcaufe ther« is no ihcU 
tcragaioft theicortchingrunne.accordingtothc time of they eate, vvhichc 
is the vvhoteflmoneth of all. 

TheCnppandDiademe] BetwoCgnAintheFiinianicnt, through which the Ibnnc 
maketh his coutle in the moneth of liily. 

Lion] Thys is Poetically <poken,as if tlic Stmne did'hunt a Liooyvith one Dog;e. 
Themeaning whereof is,th»t m luly die fonne is in Leo At which tyme the 
Dogge ftatre, which is called Syrius or Canicula reignetIi,VTidi immoderate 
heate caufine Pc{hlence,diougth,and many diieafes. 

Ouertiire] an open place.The word is bonovved of the Frcnch,& vied in good wiiten 

To holden chatt) to talke and prat^ 

Alootde] waswontamopgtheold'BritQnstoJigniliea Lorde . And therefore the 
Danes,tliat long time vlurpcd theSjrr Tyrannie here in Bry tanie, wc re caUed fot 
more dread and di^itie^LucdanesX Lord Dancs.At which time itis Ikyd,tlMt 
the inlblencie and pryde ofthat nation vras fo outragioininthys Realme,thac 
if it fortuned a Briton to be j;oiue ouer a bridge, and fawe the Dane let fooce 
vpon the fame,' he mude retorne back, till the Dane were dcanc ouer,or cit a- 
byde the pryce of his.diiplealute,Whieh was no lefle,thenprelent deatkBut be- 
ing afcerrvarde expelled that name of Lutdane became lb odiotis vntodic 
pcople,whom they had long opprefledjdiat cocn at this dayc tljey yfe fot more 
f eprochc,to call the Quartaiie agpe the Feucr Lurdane. 

Rcdcl nuun of thy fwinck)counts much ol thy pavnei. VVectclcfTe ]not vndcKloode. 

5. Michcls 

July. fol^Q 

S Michets mount) is a promontorie in the Wefi part of England 
Ahill) PamafliisaHbtefayA PanChnfl. DaiO One trybe is put for the whole na- 
tion perSynecdochen - ri. i. itj 
VVhete Titan) the Sonne. Which floiy is to be «dde in Diodorns Syc. ofthe hyl waj 

from whence he fay th,aU nigbt time i» to bee feene a mightyfrfoe^ it the fkye 

biimed,vvhich toward morning beginneth to gather into a rownd foime,aflo 

thereof lyfeth the fonne, whome the Pocte* call Titan : i . mi 

TheSherfie3td]is Endymi(Jh,vVhom the Poets fayne^tohaue bene fo belofledofl'li»- 

be,f.theMoone,tbathevvasbyhetkeptafleepeinacaue by thefpaceof sxx. 

yeareSjfortoenioyehiscompanye. i. e 'u 

TIick) thatisinParadi&jWhere rfirougherrouroffliepheardsvnderftanding^efayth, 
, thajallfliepheardsdidvfetoferdeiheyrflocks, tiUone, (that is Adam by hys 

foUye and difobedienc«,made all the reft of hys of fpring be debarred &fliutte 

out! from thence. 
Synah) ahillinAr,ibia,vvhere God appeared. 
cSur Ladyes bovvre) apbceofpleafure fo called, 
Faunes or Syluanes] be of Poetes feigned to be Gods of the V Voode. 
Medw3y]the name of a Ryuer m Kent,vvhich running by Rocheftet,meeteth with Tha- 

me<;whom he cilleth his elder brother^rh becaufe he is greater, and alfo 6t- 

lethfooner into the Sea. 
Meynt] mmgled. Melampodc and Tevebintfa] be hearbes good to cute difea- 

fed Gotes. of thone fpealceth Mantuane, and of (bother Tlieoaitas . 

Nighetheauen] Note the ihepheards(imp!enefie,vi{iicbrupporeth that fronntfaehyQs 
is'nearer wave to hesuen. 

LeiBh] l^tning;vvhich he caketh for an 3rgnment,to prone die ni^nes to heauen^e- 
caufe the lightning doth comenly light on hygti mountaynes^ccording to the 
(ayingoftnePoete. Feriuntauefummosft]lminamonte&. 

Lotrell] A lolelL AborreB]apliynefellowe. Narre]ne3r€r. 

Hale] for hole. Yedc] goe. ftowye] rauftye or mollk. 

Of yore] longagoe. Fora^ente] gone afore. 

The firfte (hcpheard] was Abell the r^eoiis,vvho (as fcripture fayth)bent hys mind 
to keeping of <hcepe,as did hys faftother Cain to tilling the grownde. 

^is keepe] hys charge f. his flocke. Lowted] did honour and renerence. 

The brethren] the nvelue fonnes of Iacob,vvbych were fhepemaifters, and lyued one 
lye thereupon. 

VVhom Ida]Pari5,which being the fonne of Pri.imus king of Ttoy,for his mother He- 
cabas dre3me,v vliich being vv^tli child of hym, weamed Ihee broughte forth a 
fiiebrandjthat iet all the towre of Ilium on fire , was cafi fortli on the hyll Ida} 
where being f oftcied of (hephc-irds^he eke in time be came a fhepheaid > »id 
laftlv came to knowledge ofbis parentage. 
A biTe] Helena the wy fe of Menciaus king of Lacedemonia , •was by-Venus fjf the 
golden Aple to her geuen,then promifed to Pari^.;R4iP^ere^ion vyjth aforte 
. of luftve Troyancs,l^olc her out of Lacedemonia,afidkeptfiL^u(*rtoycwhich 
Was the caufe of the tenne yearcs watre inTroye^iad tnc mofic hamoikjfe 


of aD A{ia.mofi lamentab1y'£Kk«iiaod deficetl 
Argas] wasi^f (lie Poets (tegiTed to be fuQ ofeyes^d there&retobjm was cmniiiittet) 

the kcepii^of the tiaiif&rmed Cow lo: ^ calieij biecauu tbat in tbe print of 

d Cowcs Mote,there is iiguted an I in tb; middeA of anO. 
Uil name) hemeaneth Aaromwhofe name fonnoteDecotuin, the fliej^aide fayth he 

natfa forgot^ his temembraunceiuulfbill in anaqisties of holy writ fhouU 

iceme to exceede tbemeancnefleioftbe Pcribn. 
Not (b true) for Aaton in tbe abfence of Mofes ftaix£<l4fide,atij committed Idolatry, 
lofutple] Spqkenof die Popet and:Catdinalles,vvhich v& fiicb tyrannicil colours and 

pompous'paynting. Belts) Girdles. 

G]ttteraAd)GIittOvig.a Pattiudlev(ed (bmetime in Chaucer,but altogether in I.Qooie 

TheyrPan) thatis tbe Pope,rvhomdiey count th^Godandgteateft fliepbeord. 

Palinode) Afh^bearde^mwholereponhefeembtbtofpeakeSthys. 

Wifards)greate learned heads. Wdtet) wdlovve, Keme)aChurIeorFatmee. 

Sikemifiernicn) fiichidndeofmen. S)]rly)(i3te]yiuidpn>vvde Milling) medling« 

Bett) better. Bynempte)°natrted. Gtee) for degree. 

Algtin the namedf a fliepIiKvd an4rc&yde,vvhofe ray(hap he alludeth to the chaancCj 
thatfaappencdtotlK Poet£lcbylu$,tliatwas braynedwithaflielil^c.- 

By thys poefycThomalin confiimeth that,vvhichin hys former (peach by (cindtye rea.. 
fixahfrhad beiiig:both hyoifelfe fequefoed/ioro^dl ambition ai^ 
alio abhorring it in others of hys cote,he talceth occafiofito prayie the meahe 
and lowly ftate,as that wherein is fafecie vvithouc feate^and ijuiet without dan 
ger, according to the laying of oldePhilofophcrs, that-vetoiedwellethih tli4° 
iniddeft,beingenuirpned with two contrary vices : whereto Mocreil teplieth 
vrithcontinuaunca«fche iame Philoibphersopiaion,that albeit aliboontye 
dwelleth in medkxritie,yet perfe£) felicitye dwcDeth u (iipremade, for they 
(ay^d mofi true it is,that happiniefle is placed in the higheil degree,(b as if any 
thmg be higher or better.then that fireieht way ceafedi to bepeife^happmes. 
Much like to thatjwhich once I heard aUeaged in defence ofhomilityeout of a 
great dodour^iiotum Chriflurhumillinuis : which iaying a gentle man in the 
company taking at tbe rebownd, beate backe again with tyke fiyiog of aiio> 
(bet Dodoute, as he (ay dc. Suotum deus alliflimus . 



jEgloga oBauo-i, 

ftT^tbis Mghgutiffttfwtb a dtU&ahh conmuttfte, made in imitation 
J ofth»tinTin«mtus:'tfherttotlftVirgilefA[hi(m4bii third (s'feuentb 
J£glog*t.Tbtj eboofe for\mpere of their ftrifeXttddh a ntatbeards boj/tt 
tobobduing ended their caujejredtetb aljo himfetfe a^ro^trfmgit/btrcof 
Ctlin befajth'^as ^uthour. 


VVilIye. Perigot. Cuiiie. 

€11 me ferigotMjat (&aUic4^ game, 
SSlbmioie tuitb mpne fi^ou Dace i^p mufidt niat^e.' 
S)} bene ti^p ISagppped tenhe fame out of Brame.' 


% fvilly r,\o^en t^e ^art t'sfll alTapoe, 
l£)oU) can :?agp.t{je,o]k immfi be tpell apapn/ 


StCt^at tlitfottle etiiU ijad^ ttiee To btttmti 
ZSi^Oom^oix tnaspevepn tottie&eff, 
SnDtuonttomafeet^eioHp (f^epefjearDs slanae 
; SRO 6aiuictng3Qiiift paOe ttie re(t. 




96 nfWlji nobi 31 &aue lemno a netoe o«ttncet 
SBp oId muH^ ntatn bp a neiue mifc^aunce* 


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^nt fee,bobi faff rennetb tbe (b^pbearo fuiapne, 
^ fane tbe innocent from tbe beaSes patueis: 
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^ILxiSi. me^fticb a cqp baS tI>ou euer (enr.' 
dH^mdngbt it befemeanp^acueQ C^ue'ene. 


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ifo^ 31 b^oitsbt &tm bp ini^out tbc Dambe* 
35ut Co/;» Clout cafee me of diss b^otlKCi 

Wi9i%t pwc&aa of me in ttie piapne fielD: 
&o;eagAm(tniptttinu)ajS 3lto?ff to ^ielf. 

£[)tcl(er mafcelt&e account of^its b^ot^r. 























^at (ball ponDcc ^earogrome,anD none otber, 
dO^icb oua t^e ^ouITe ietiietUaco sotD poO. 


^ut fiijt tbe Sttnnebeame fa foje ootb tiis beate, 
(KLlere not better,to Hjunnc tte fcojtciitng tieate^ 


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&>ike a fang neuec beactielt tbou,btit Co/is fing« 


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3>ii(e atuDge, an Cm(1(/<>. mtt fo; a tttng. 


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tbe tubile (be ibepbeato fdfe Dtb fi^iU; 
31 fa)» tbe bouncing BelUbone> 

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9nD in a itirtle of greenc il^pr, 

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SI ^apelet onbfcbeao ^eiaojr, 

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Itttl^ lacfcet^ ferigot of t^e beff. 
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9reeDe bpjistitlpMo W tbe btcto;pe.' 

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jfaptb of mp rouIe,3l neeme tdj ^aue gapneh . 
jTo; tbp let t^e lainbe be fyillje big ottme; 
arn^fb; Prrigot rouell!^atb ^^m papneo, 
^0 Ijmbe tie ta^oag^tenma^ei; alone. 


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iI3c can fFilljietaite ^e noitiMt ^erDgeoome* 


jiSeuer tempt mo^e ti^t of beautpeSI toeene, 
^tjeibep^earb of /</<>, tljatiH^gebbeautiejsCiucene* 


ISttt cell me (bep^ctos, (boulo itnot pCjenb 
l^ovx rouneelj} freil^jto i^eare a oooUfuUbetre 

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^(jat Colm maDe,p{ke can SIpou ce^eatfe. 


J^bi fap tt ciiUie^m t^ou art a lawe : 
SaJic^mecp^tng Its goostometilefaDiie. 


jTapt^ of mpfotttest^du llyaltpcroiinfti be 
3In Ctlm fte&e, if tljout^is rong areeoe: 
JTo; nenec t^tng on earc^ To pleafttb me, 
^0 (}im to ijeaife^o^ matter ofljisi oeeDe, 


^en Uffnet&tcb iinto mp&eau^Ia^f, 
iSinotnnepour pppeis ajsrut^fuljajs^cntap. 

C tuaSefnll \mmi> beare foftnefTe of mp ttioe, 
an^erein mp plafnts ntQ offentimeiS rcrounti: 
^e cateiefle kp^tus are p^iuteto nip crpci^, 
aitt)ic|) in pour fonpttiere uiont tamafee apart: 
C^oti plearannt fp^ing IjaS Ittio nie ott a ffeepe, 
SB^ofe Sreameismp trii^nge teare«t otoofte 
Eerojt of pe^pU.Do'^ m^ greefsi augment> (augment, 

^e toalleo totoneii do tuo^fce mp steater tooe: 
'SDii. fojetl bitoc tsiRtter to.refouni) 
^^etoHoto ({^cljo Qfmp cavefull crpesf, 
31 ^atet^eboufe^Ctnce tljence mp louepio parti 
Plljofetuaplefullvuant Debarred nipne epcis fromfleepe 
1 ee Ctreniest oftearr gs fuppfp tl)c plare or Qeepe: 

let an t^at tiueete tiS^opntanD all t^at ma|! augment 
' S^p DooIe,ti)atii e n^are^o^e mcete to tuap!e mp tooe, 
^ene t^e todo tuoDtiesTrnp ro^romethrO rerounD, 
^^nbeODe,o; bQU)^e,bot^ tubtcb 3! &Q Ibortit crpetfs 
W!cm% ibem fee fo ti!aia,anD fpno no part 
S)f plearnre paH.l^ere biill 31 iit])cll apart 
JngaafuII: grimetbmro;e,ttlitnpIaftfleepe 
Doe dole mmr^aetcro Q^ 31 notaoginent 
JGSIit^ Cgbt of fii^ a djaunge m^reaicCTe l»o<; 
^elpe mf^pefianefnll i)p;&{L,D)bore Qt^tefung fot]^ 
^ figfic of Djeet J Beat^mp w&Dip wpcs 

^oft tu^ftin^ to tunc^no a^ mp tt^ti 
CWkWi of nip tBoe cannot 6e)t);ap leaff jpavO 
^ou^eare all nigbta^ben nature ccauetb fleepej 
Slncc^afeifiiletvoui; p^kfomepelte ausment. 
^tt!S all tbeittgbt in {ilaintSjtbe »apdn tooe 
31 botueb baue to &)apa,tiH raf« ann fotiho 

#1 (bmefull fcngd can cb^unse mp.cbmlelTe cr^eif. 
it)ence toftb tbe j^igljttngale b)tll 31 talte pact, 
^iAhMXa i)p;o,t|iaitf{ienO0 bee time of fleepe 
Sm fongs ano platniiue pleais^tbc mo^e taugment 
^ memo^p of bpis mirDeeDe,tbac &;eD bn: woe; 
Snn pou tbatfeefe no bioe, | biben as tbe fonno 
fCftbetemp nigbtlpcrpeis jpebeat^apart^ 
}Let bjealupotic foanoecaeepe | aim pttteaugmm. 


® Colin, Cilirt, tbe Sepbcacois tope,. 

^m 31 aomtre cc^ turning of tbp becfe : 
Sno Cuiiie, frelb M</iff tbe Itefeft bope, 

^m Dolefiillp bid Doole tbouDioIt rebcatfe* 


^Om blolue pouc pppesi G[)epbeani!!;,ttl pou be at borne: 
^e nigbtnisbetb faa,ptsi time to be g^ne* 

Perigot Iris Embleme. 

'Oincenti gloria victu 

Willyes Emblenie» 

Finto non Yttto, 

Cuddie'! Embleme. 

Felice chipuo. 


BeftacUOdifcofed^rJerei PetegaH) eqnaH. Whilome) once 

Rafte^bacRfdepiiued. MifyveoOgonailcayr. Ill may) accordtOr* 

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Amaiet) So alfodp Theocutus andVirgiUfcignepledgesof theirftrife. 

Enchafca) engtaueitSuch pretic dcfcriptiotis euery vvhere»fi«h TheocrituSjto bring in 
his ]dytti'a.Forwmcli fpetjiallcaufeindedehebytliatAatnetennethhis^^i;*- 
sues: for Tdyllion in Greke figmfieth the ftiape or piflure of any diyngjvvherof 
his booke is fuL And not,3s I bage heard romefondly gucfle,cluit they be called 
not Idyjiia,but Hzdilia,of the Coteheaidsiii th^m. 

Entrailed) wrought betvvene. 

HarueftQueene) The manner of country folkeiinharuefttj'me. Poufle.) Peafti 

It fell vponJPwigot makech hy s fong in prayfe of his Ibue, to. who V Villy anfwcteth e- 
uery vnd$t verfe.By Perigot who is meant,! can not vprightly fay : but if it be, 
vvho is iiippofed^nis love deteiueth halefle pr3yfe,then he^iueth her. 

Greete)wcepin^ and complaiat.- Chaplet) vkittd of Garbnd lykc a ciovvne. 

Leuen) Ligmhitia. Cynthia) wasfaydtobetheMoone. Giyde)^erced. 

ButiO notvijilife. Squintcye) partiaUiudgement. Echhaue) To faith Virgile. 
Et vitula tu dignusjethic &c. 
So by enta-chaBfige of^gyfts Cuddie pleafeth both partes. 

Doome) iu4gement. Dempt) fordeeraed^ijdged. Vviic the witelefle) blame the 
blameldTe. Tlie fhcpherd of Ida), was fayd to be Pans. 

Beauties Queene) Vfnus,to whome Paris adiu(%ed tfaegoldafcn Applc^asilje piyce of 


Theme»nioBlief«»f •' ^67 ambiguoBsrfor Perfgot by his poefic claming the coqaeft,& 
VVulye noryeeldingjCuddiethe arbiter of theyr caufCjandPsoon of his own, 
femeth to challenge it,af his dew,rayingjtfiM be,is happy which can^b abrupt- 
ly ending but heemeaneth eythft him,thnt can win the beficjor moderate him 
telfe being bcft,and.leaucofvviththebeft. 



jEgloga ^J^na->, 

O Frf/n li>ggi>n S>/tuit is deuiftd to be a/hepbeard , that in hope ofmwt 
gaynejroue his ftieepe into a fartt tountrye, Tbtabufesybertof,aad 
Uof timing offefiP}{rtlttts,by tecaJionofHobbinols demsHdJft^ifaHr" 
/ttb at Urge. 

Hobbinol. DiggonDanie. 

3lgsott Dattte, 31 btooe i;ec goo Daps 
SD; Dtgson ^^^ t{(,o^31 mtfTape. 

I^ec Mam Ijec , my i(e (c tnas oape Ii's^c , 
l^ut noD) Ijec is a^noS lujecdjeo iDt^t^t. 
JTo; fiap.tljat tDa0,(a Un'sbtlp paft, 
9nD noU) ateatft tde Dtttte niglit Datd ^aS. 


SDiggon areeDe,toljo Ijaa tfjfe fo Dfgftt.' 
Ji^cuet 31 luiS t^ee inlo poo^e a plight. 
a^bere t^t^^fap^e fIocke,tl)ou tvastnont to leaM/ 
£)? bene t^ep cI;aSrcD io} at mtrctifefe Deao ^ 



S^fo^loueoftiiattts totdeemoaeleef^, 
IDobbtnoI^ p;ap t^ee gaQ notmp oID sruFet 
^ike quefttott ripetli Dp cattle of nclne mor, 
/To; one opetieo tnote bnfolDe tnanp moe. 


jr^ap, but ro;roU) cloPe (bjouocD in {larr 
31 bnoD),co kepe,is a bucoetiouit fmatt. 
C^ctiedjingtrnpatteirisnto^e eatdto beam 
dltiiencberapnetjSfaln, t^eclouDesboeicen clearr* 
ano name fitbenre 31 Tatte tbp beao laS, 
Wi}ik ib?ee ^ooneis bene fullp fpent amr pal!: 
^tnce tD^en tbou baft mearuteo mucb grotunD, 
StiD uianD^eD 31 liiene abottt tbe inojlo rounoea 
^0 as tbou can manp tbinseis relate: 
!]^ut tell me foil of tbp docRs allate. 


$^p (beepe bene luaaeo, (iuae fd me t^erefo^e) 
^be iollp (bepbearo tbattoai^of pp^e^ 
3I(! nouie no; folipesnoit (bepebearoe mo;e« 
3jn fo^retn cofies^jnien rapDjtnad plentpe: 
SinD Go tbece tjijbut all of miretpe. 
31 Dempt tbere mud) to baue eetcen mp ftoje, 
!15ut Tucb eehing batb inane mpbattfo^e. 
3ln tbo countrpesijttbereaii 31 baue bene, 
Mo being fo;t tbofcji^at truelp inenej 
IBwth} iiicbjasi of gutlemahen gapne, 
Ji^o fucb countt;pe,afS tbete to rematne. 
^bep feiccn to fate tbetr (bops of (bame, 
9nD ma&en a S^art of tbep; gooD, name, 
^be (b^pbeariKi tbete robben one anotber, 
9no lapen baptess to begtnle bee b^otber. 
SD) tbep kutll btip bis fljeepe out of tbe cote, 
i>i tbep mill cacuen tbe (bepbeams tb^ote. 
CbefbtpbeflrDsftuapnepou cannot luelben, 
"Bw it be bp btiei p7piie,from otber men: 
'Stjep loosen btgge na iSuUjSjttiat bene bate. 

September. foL]6 

flnti beaten tbe cragge To ftifife ano To itaitc, 
ka cocltc on W onn^ai, ccolotng crancft. 


Dtggon,3I am fo ftt£fe,anD fo Qanch, 
'^jat \m^ ma!>3l ffanO anp itio;ie: 
OLxxatim^HiZ (UEteftecne tutno blotuetb fo;?] 
^^atnotue tiS in ^ts ditefe ronereignceej 
^Beating t^e luf t^ereo leafe from t^e tree« 
g)Ute Uie DoUine (i»e bnoec t(;e ^tTI: 
^^0 map tue taIke,anD tellen out flU, 
^no make a moclie at the biuftrins blall. 
jlSoD) Tap on Dtsgon,tul)at etiec ttiou baflt. 


Ool)btn,aHobbtn,3I cucfe t^e (loumie, 
^^at etier 31 caQ to tjaue lope t^ts groutiDe. 
8BeI-aiuap t^e luijile 31 tea? To fonbe, 
^0 leaue tbe gooD, t^at 31 ban in banoc, 
3In Ijope of betcer^tM tuae bncoutb: 
S)o loQ t()e Pogge ti^e fleCb in Ns mouc^. 
^p ((elp (beetle (a^ feelp (beepe) 
^Ntbece bp tbere 3ItubtIome b(b to keepc, 
911 mere tbep Iufipe,as ty ou niDS fee, 
TSmt all KemeD tui^ ppneanb penuree. 
i{)arDlp mp Gslfe etcapeii tbtlftepapne, 
D?iuen fo; neene to come Ijome agapne. 


di) &n,note bp tbpIolTe art taught, 
^batfeelbome cbaunge tbe better b^ougljt. 
Content bibo lines toitt; trpeo ffate, 
JlSeebe fcare no cbaunge of frotomng fate: 
^ut mbo mill feelte fo; bnknottne gapne, 
fi)ft Itueu bp loire,anti leauej^tuttb papne. 


31 tuote ne it>obbtn bou) 31 tnas beinttcbt 
SiSitb bapne oefp;e,anD bope to be enrtcbt. 
T5\xt Gcker fo it t8,as tbe b;tgbtflarre 
&eemeti) ap greater, luben it 10 tatre: 



3 t^oug^t t^e feple luouto 6aue mane me r{c{»: 
But home 31 tuote,it ia nothing dO), 
SFo} eptber tlje Ibepe^jearoa bene pDle ami fliHj 
anD leDDe of tbep^ (fjeepe, tobat tuap t^ep ttpK: 
SD; tbep bene faIfe,anD full of coueciret 
Snb caCten to rompalTe manp to^ong empjife. 
3?ut tljemo^e bene fraigtfttoitb fraun ano fpfg^t, 
Be in gooD no^ gooDnes tafteRteltgdt: 
ISut kinole coales of comccit mif^e, 
m\)ete\oi^ tiiep fette all t^ u»;Io on 6re: 
jKabicb tuben t^ep tbinften agapne to qtientb 
dBtd) bolp taater.tbep poen bem allojencb* 
^bep fape tbep con to beauen tbe bigb map, 
T8M bp mp (bule 31 bare bnoecfape, 
^bep neuec fetce foote in tb at fame troane, 
But balk tbe rigbt uiap,anti Urapen ab^oao . 
^bep boait tbep ban tbe oeuin at commauto: 
But afke bem tberefo;e,u^at tbep ban paunir* 
S^atrtetbat great fan bougljt tuttb oeare bo;robi| 
€a quite it from tbe blacke bobije of fo^cotne. 
But tbep ban folb tbiik fame long agoe: 
SFo} tbpteouIoenD^atuebiiibbem manp moc« 
But let bemgange alone aOSoosiname: 
Ste; tbep ban b;eii)et>,ro let bem beare blame. 


Diggon,3l p^ape tbee fpeake not To Dirke. 
&ucbmp(ter rapingmefeemetbtomtrke. 

^en plapnelp to fpeake ofibepbearost iiioQ lubati 
BaoDe is tbe he1i{tbii englil^ i» flatt.) 
tDbeir tllbauiour garresmen mifTap, 
Botb oftbeir DoctriRe,anb of tbeir fape. 
^bep fapne tbe U)o;iIo is mucb mar tben ituiont, 
311 fo!t ber ibepbearos bene beaQIp anD blont. 
flDtber fapne,but bobi truelp 31 note, 
311 fo;i tbep bolDen (bame of ^ep) cote, 
l&ome ttitke not to rap,(i))bote cole on b<t tonsur) 


^at fike mifcbiefe grafec^ ^tm emons , 
911 fo;i tbep caQen too mncl) of tuo^los rare, 
tTonecb ^er DamcaitD enrtcb (jet^epje: 
jf 0) fucb encbeafon,3lf fou goe npe, 
^evac cbpmneisi reeMng pou (ball efppet 
tSDbe facte ^ce, tbat uront Itgge in tbe Sal, 
3I0 nome fait ftalleo tn ber cnimenalL 
9LW c^atten t^e people in tbep; ffcao^, 
^Itteas a fl^onffer of manpbeaDsi. 
^ut t^ep tbat Ibooten neeteft tlie p^iclte, 
&apne,ot^er tlje&t from tbetc bearbg DoenKc^ 
jTo; bisp BnHe0 o/Sd/Jn b;ace bemabont, 
Cbat ttitb tbep) bo^nett bnttm tbemo^e ttoute: 
2?at tbe leane fonles treaoen tmoet foote. 
9no to feette reti^effe mougbt Kttle boote: 
Sf>% iiftet bene tbep to plutft abiap moje, 
^enougbt of tbe gotten goon toteSoje. 
jTo; tbep bene hbe fbuletDagmoire« cuer^affi 
^at iftbp galage once tticbetb faft, 
^jemojetotbin&tt outtbonooeSlbifncfc, 
^oamottgbtap Deeper ano oeepetQnck. 
IDet bettet feane of luiib a little lofTe, 
^en bp inucb tuitellltng to leefe tbe grolTe. 


JI3ob)eDiggon,3ireetbourpeatell toplainet 
Setter it mere, alittle to Grpne, 
Sno cleanip couec,tbat cannot be cttretr* 
€»ncb 11,88 i0 fo^ceOjmongbtneties be enoureo 
ISw of Qfce paltouceti botne Done tbe Sockis creepe' 


&tfce as tb? Q)epbeacD0,nf(ebene ber (beepe, 
^0; tbep nlU liQen to tbelbepbcacDs bopce, 
But ff be can bcm at tbep; gooo cbopce, 
^ep loanDcr at toil, ano Srap at pleafure, 
9no to tbep; folors peelD at tbeic ottne leafure* 
3?u( tbepl)ab be better come at tbeir cal; 
JTo; nianf ban into mtfcbiefe (all, 



dfntibeneofcdiitiuitisi £Sl<Uic6itjeQr, 
911 fo; tiiep noniocbfc bustimeanD bent. 


iFi»e on t&ec t)tgffqn,a?Hwn t{i^ foulc {caCnff, 
SQcQtst knolupp ctr^t fit(jt0e ^asaq Utrg, 

i3o; in aH iSent,no7 u Cl>ji(^uDome: 

^e mo;e bene die jfoiceci tOat facce cetnatnr* 


^ei(,but i&ep png in mo;e Temte imTe, 
:9niilutt^ (^epeg dotI)tnq;^ocn kzm. Dtrpifc, 
^dep lualke nottQioelp as tljep Uigre luonc 
jFo; feacc of caungetiSjauQ ^c great ^iint: 
!Butp;iudp pjoUti^ ttiio ant) froe* 
€naanter tbeptiibnq;^! 6e ftd^kname. 


fl)? p?tutfl? p*tt pf anp bciie, 

asXe ^aft peat 75anoors^ tuill teare t^efc rfetnnc. 


annccDe t^p ball tsJ a Bolo W^e curr?, 
9nD coulD maKe a ioflp lidlcfnctjopi farre, 
tBut not £000 Dogses &em fiecectO to cljace, 
35Ht beeop ftrpljearois tasifrtcnc tl«<c, face. 
jFo? all t^eic ccaft (g in tb^ir countcnattncc, 
^t)c b tnti ft gMuc ana fuH of itiapmAfaunre* 
T5wt Rjall 31 tell tlje? iwljatJnp firlfe fenotug, 
Cbauncco to Kxif ^nn nbdeoTs p'^oc 


giap-tt out Dtss«%ls!)at tttet it Qi^fiC. 
iTo^ not b»t biell U10^s^ ^iin bttfslK. 
i^e iis fo mefehe>U)ife, ano nutciabk , 
9nti tuit^ l>iisi])Op ijijs imi^e iii ctmuenable. 
Colin clout 31 tucne be bi;^ fcirc bopc, 
(3b fb^ CoUn be lubiiome i:np topo 
&ftepbfatBis^,«$05njb«gbtbs manp fcno, 
^at boui fo (atefiillp tbep? flat&it tenb« 


September, fi^'l7 


^I)tTk fame (I)cpl;eai-D miMiQ[^t 3i toell marke: 
^z l}ds a Doggeto-bpteo^ ca iiacke, 
JSeuer-ban fljepljearo Co kt«e a kurcr , 
^bac U)^Hetb,anti if (mt a icafe iliirrc 

^Ijatiuitf) ittaiip a lambc^aD gluttco |;ie sulfe. 
flnoeuet at nig^t uiont tp repapiie 
iSiuo tlje flocttCjiBben clje aiUlktn (tione fatre, 
J)riaDDe in clot^ijvff of fwip fljeppe, 
tSLlOen t^e soot> olo man bfeo co tleepe. 
^1)0 at mttinigljt (je uaoulo baite aiiD balL* 
<jf o; be ban eftleacneo a ctitres call,} 
90 if a dHoc^rium cmong; tbe iterpc. 
Wi\i\i t^attbe ajep^earojvottfaij^eafeiedtis flerpe, 
SnorenD out loUJber (fo^fo discos;: l^ote) 
^0 rauQge tlje ficlD» tniti; luioe open td^ote. 
W^ Uiljen as loluoer luag farce atuape- 
^()t0 a]0oluirb ilJ^epe tooulo catc^en bid p^ap, 
9 Lambejo; a )i\tODe,«^ a iueanell^ail . 
Wii^ ^at to tbe b)ooo uouto be fpeeoe {jtin fall. 
jLon^ time be bfeo f^i^ tti^pecp p^ancft, 
^re ISofip coulD fo; (jifTIaboure ^im c^anck 
3c enD t&e ibep^eaco W p^actife rpjieo, 
(Jf o?IKoffp id toife, ano au ^rgua eperi) 
^no \o^tn at eu^n iie came to tbe ffoche, 
JTallinttiep^foIiisibeDiQ tl^emloclte, 
^nD toofte outt^e 233ooIfe in W conntctfect cote, 
9nD let out ttie (iie^peis blotto atijiis tij^ote. 


^artp DisSon>^at it)0ult> (jim afiVape, 
^0 take W otone lulje/e euet^it laju^ .' 
S^of. \m iji^eTano bene a little lutDDer , 
i^e U)ou(D (;aue Detiourco boti) ijiooec $ f^tDOer. 


^tfc^icfe lig^t on ()im,anB (Sooi^ n^reat cucfe, 
^00 gooD fo^lj^fm ^ao bene a great ucale biojln 


fv^ ftuiact a perilous bcaa abotie all, 
Snir efee ^ao be cono tde (bep^ems call. 
9iiD oft tn cbe m'fibt came to tibe (bepecoee, 
SInD canb l9>niiet>t»ttb a ^olldbt {^;ote, 
Ssi (fit t^e olD man Telfe ^m bene, 
^de Dos bis maiSerfl botce oiD it wtttit^ 
^et ^aire in tuxMj^t openeD t^e bo;e, 
^n&tanne oiit^0 be tvaa tuont ofpo;e. 
Ba ^oom uiasi 0Ht,6nt nutfcec tben tbouglir, 
JTaQ tip tbe bpse tbe Saiolfe lotouer caus^t': 
(Inn bao not Kpfip renne to tbe ffeuen , 
iottoec boo be Qaine tijilte fame euen. 


(Sod (bfefi) man,be HjouId fo ill Ijaae tliuue, 
dli fo; %z DiD bia Deuopr beliue. 
SIf C&e bene S^olues, as tl)Ou baS tolD, 
I^ottmougbt uie Dtspn,bembe-bolD. 


lt)obi,but'britb ^eeoe anD ttatcbftilneiTe, 
^o^ftanenbemoftbeinuiltneOe i 
fei^ tbp tuitb QiepbeaCD Gttes not plape, 
O; Qeepe,a0 fome DoeRiall tbe long Dap: 
^Ht ener Itggen in tuatcb ano maro, 
ITrom (oDDetn force tbep; flocks fo; to gacD. 


db 2I>isson,tbtT&e fame ruleluece too Qratgbt, 
911 tbe colD feafon to luacb ano tuaite. 
SLle bene of fle(be>men as otljer bee. 
SQbp (bonlD tott be bount to fucbmifecec.' 
82lbat euet tbinglacketb djaunseabk ceff, 
^ougbtneeped Decapstoben it is at beS. 


flb but it>obbinol, all tbis long tale, 

^ougbt.eafetb tbe care,tbat botb me Gi;baile. 

iSIXbat Q)a(( iDoe f ttbatttiap (b>U 31 ttenD, 

^ piteous pllgbt «ii| {ode to anteno / 

9b gooD OobbiitoUmougbt 3 tbcc p^ape, 

OfapDevjcoun&IKnnvDccape. ,, ,. 


JfSotubp mp ToHle Disgon,3I lament 
^tje |)aple(re nitrc^ief,t(;at ^m i\itt \it\\t, 
Bet^fUfTe tl;ou(eeQmpIouiIp(aae, 
^^acfrouiaro fortune Dji A euec atiaile. 
23ut iUfre^abbtnolI,a9 @dDmougt)t pleare, 
DtggonQ)OulDroone finD fiiuouc ano eaCe. 
^tit it to mp cotage t^ou tttlc rerojc, 
&o as 31 can :3I intl tt)cr comfb^c: 
Wiitxt mapft tljou ligi^C'in a bctrljp bf D, 
fCiU fapjtt iTojtune (beuie fo^tl) [jet ijeaD. 


fib l^obbinoI,(0cD motig^titt^ce rcquicf, 
Diggon on feme furl) fccenDsi did cuec lue. 

DiggOnj Eiwblewc. 

fnopem me copta fecit. 

1\it Dialcfle and phrafe of fpcaclie in this Dialogue , fcemeth (bmewliat to diffrt 

from tbe comen.The caufc whereof is (uppofcd to be,by occafion of the party 

herein meant, vvliobeii^ very (rcend to the Author hereof,had bene long in 

foirainc coimtryes,ai>d there feene many diforders, which he here recountetb 

to HobbinoU. 
Biddeher) Bidde good morrow.For cobiddc,istopraye,vvheteof^ommctbbeadesfor 

prayers^nd fo they Ciy,l o biddc his beadcs. t. to fayc his prayers. 
Wt^tly)quickiye,orfodeiilye. Chaired) folde. Deadatmirchiefe}anvnuruan 

fpeache , butmuchvTuTpcdofLidgate, and Ibmetime oi Chaucer. 
Lrcft)dearc. Ethe)eafie. The{ethreR>ooncs)nincmonetlies. Mcafiired}fortrauclcd • 
VVae) woe Notthetnly. Eekcd)enaea(ed . Caruen) cutte. Kcnne) know. 
Oa^) neck. State) ftoutely Scanck) weane or Bunte. 
And novve) He applictR it to the tyme of the ycare, which is in thrnd ofhaniefl,wtiich 

(faejr cal the fall of the leafi: : at which tyme the VVcftcme vvynde bearetii 
n'.ofl fvvaye. 

ik mocfee)Imitaring Horace, Dcbesludibriiujurenti 5. Lome) lefte Sootc) fvvets. 
Vncouthe) vnlmowen: Hereby there) here and there. Astbebhghte) Tranflstrd 

out ofMantuane. EmpriROfofwtffprife.PcrSyntopen, CootGk)firife. 
Trode) path. Nlar ne that) that is,thcu roules,vvluch by popiih Exorciimes & pcad- 

ufct diey daiiuQC to hclL 


Hacke) hell. Gange) goe. Mifter) manpr. MJrfe^ obraire. Wa-ie) irvorie. 

Ciumcnall) purfe. 'Brace compafle; Ehehelbn) diTcafiort. Ouefttaft) ouergtovvfi 
with grafle. Gal age) Ihoc, The giofle) the whpje. 

Buvomc and bent) mecl;e.and obedient. 

St\Qa king) K. Edgare^that reigned here in Brytanye in the yeare of our Lorde. 

which king catiled alt the VVolueSi y vhercof then was llor e in thy$ countrye, 
by a proper policic to bede Aroy cd-So as neuec fmce tfaattime, there ha ue ben 
VVolueshere'fouiide,vnleile they were brought from other countiyfs . And 
therefore HobbinoUx^bukethlumofvntruth, for faying there be Wolues in 

Nor in Clwillendome) This faymg fccmeth to be ftrange and vnrealbnable:but indcde 
it was wont to be an oidc proiictbc and comen phralV. The origjiail where- 
of wai , for that inoft part, of England in the reigne of king Eihelbcrt was 
chriftened^cm onely except, which remaynedlong after in myfbeliefe and 
vnchriftencd,So that KcQt was counted no pan of ChtiAendome>. 

Greathtint) Executing of lavyes and iuftice. Enaunter) leaft that. 

J nly) inwardly. afTorefaydc. Prcuely or pert) openly fayth Chaucer. 

Rofiy) The name of a fhepelicardc in Marot his /lEgloguc of Robin and the Kinge. 

whoine he here commcndeth for gi-eate care and wife gouemanceofhis fk)dc 

Colin doutc) Nowe I thinkejiomandoiib^eth but by Colin is euermcantethe Au- 
thpur felfe. whofe efpeciall good freend HobbinoU fayth he is,or more rightly 
as Rhetorike and other choyce learning , we hauc lately had a lufficient try- 
all in diucrfe his woikesjbut fpecially in his Mufarum Lachrynue,- and his lace 
Graculationu Valijinen fiuni which boke m the progrefle ar Audley in Eflexf 
he dedicatedin vvricing tolier Maieftie.afcerward prelenting the (atne'in print 
viito lier Highnefle at the vvorihipfiill Maifter CapelU in Hertfordfliire. Befide 
othet his fiindiye mod tare and very notable writings, partely vnder vuknown 
TytleSjandparttyvndercouriterfaytnamesyishysTyrannomaftix , faisOde 
Natalitia, his Raineidos, and e(Tpccially that parte of Philomoflis, his diuine 
Anticofmopo1ita,and diucrs other of lyfie iniportancc. As ^Ib by the names of 
other flicphcardesjhe coAercth the perlons.of diuers othet bis fatniliar frccndes 
and beil acquayntaunce. 

Tliis tale of Roffy fccmethio cofoure fome particular A<?Hon ofhis.B^twhatjIcertein 
lyeknownot. VVonned) blunted. VVelkin)fkie.a9ctfel3iJ. 

A VVeanclhmfte) a wcanid youngling. Hidder and^hiddcr)He'&(hei MaK 

and Female. Steuen) Noyfe. Bel iiie) quickly. VVhateuerl Oiudsvetft 
iranflated. Q^bd caret altetna reqiiie,durabiU non c(t. 

FordiMle)»lraweordifti:efle. Vetdiie) of Peafc ftrawe. 


This is the fayii^ ofN.irciflus in Ouid. For when tbe fooliflie boye by beholding hft 
face in the brooke, fellin louc witli his o wne likcnefle:and not hable to con- 
tent him fclfe with mudi lookng thereon,he cryed oui,that plentyemadc lum 
poore.(nean ing that mueh^azinghad bereft him of lence.Rut our Diggon v- 
Mn it [9 cthrr purpofe , as who chat by trpll of many Wayes had feunde the 





vvoi:ft,and Atougb greatc plenty ie was fellen iTito great penanc.Tliis poeGe T 
knovve^co baue Jjene mucb vied of the audior,an(i to fiich: like cf fe^c,3S fyiilc 


jEglogd dectmo-j 


2^ Cuddieisfet out the perfeSie paterae of 4 foite , t/hishe pnding mo 
maintenaunce of his itate and Studies , compUjneth of the contetnpte of 
Toetrie,and tht taufes thereof: Specially hauiog bene in ill'ages, and enen 
smogHthtmoU burbkroas alttajes ofjingular accounpt & htmri&being 
indedefo fforthji atfd coinmendable an arte : or rather no arte, but << diuine 
gift diid htautnly inSiinft not to beegotttn by laboure a nd learning,but a^ 
darned •Vtitb botk'.tnd pourtd into the fcjtte by a certaine Utnaaia.- and it' 
Itsiiallinffirdtion , as.tbe Jjithn bentftls tfhcre at large difcour/eih. 
inbisboo^ called the Englip}foete t ythich htoke bring latilj) come to 
my bands, I mynit tclfo by Gods grace vpou further aduijtment topublifh. 

netce. Cuddie. 

^2 Vidie, fo; fdanie ijolD Jip t^p bcaupc Ijean, 
9ni> let bis caOnutt^ tb^at DcUg^t to djdcc: 



dtiD torarp Ap^ Ions I(nsr<ns fbgiut Mee. 

31n rpme0,ra rtnles jam tn bpobins bare: 
fitxxa t()ep in tber,atni t^ (n Qeipe art «e«D/ 


Cbat all mine S>cni reettes tsenetrat i^nB toojet 
9nD mp poo^e fl^re latU fpem ber fpaceo So^e, 
pet little gooD bat{) sot,aBQ tijucb lefTe gamie. 
S>ucb pleafannce mdte« tbe (ScaQiopper (b poo^e , 
Snoligfcib IapD>ti4ienSlQintecoot()^(rttcainei 

Wat tapper oittiee,tt)at 31 t»om neof fe, 
^0 feete pont^ee fancte>aiih c^eflocltius ftp, 
Deligbten mud}: tn^at 31 t^e bett fe; tbp/ 
fCbep ban tlje plearnre,3l aftlennet t^ife. 
31 beate tbe btt(b,tbe bp;os to tbem Doc flpei 
combat soob tbeceof to CuQbie can arife^ 


unit, tbe p^apfeis betcet^^en tbe p}fce, 
^c SIo;tp eltemttch jceater^entbega^ 
£> ttbat an bono;l0tt} to ceOtaine 
Cbe luft of lauilelfi; pontb bii^ goiA abnf ce: 
£>) p^icWftem fo^tb taitb plearannce qf tbpbaine» 
SSlbento tbott US tbeir trapneo tninetientice. 

g>oone 9§ tboa spnS to fetie Hif notes in frame, 
fi) botD tbe ctnall routed to tbee ooe deaue: 
^eemetb tbouooH tbeir fotifc offence bereane, 
9U atftlie (bepbearDjtbat Dfihfetcb bitfo^me 
jFtom Tlutots bale&U botD^ettM^anteoleauer 
i&t0nntfidtj(misbttbebentll) bounm do tame. 


&0 p^apren babeetbe peaco&s fpatteb ttadie, 
9nb uionB^en at b;isbt Jrgus blading; epet 
^ut tDbo retoacDs biitt ere tbe mo;e fo^ tbp.' 
ID; fccbcs bim once tbe fnllec b; a spraine.' 


October, fil.i^i 

&ikz tto;D0 him lupnMnD maSen Toone in b&fM* 


^ibanoofit^en t^e bafeaiiD hUtt cloltme, 
jLpft tip t^p (elk out of tl^c loiDlp Dufl: 
ano Gng of blooDp $^at0,of teacUjOf siuQif, 
Cnrne &)tt to tbofe, tbat uelo t^e atti!!u( ccatunt. 
^ oonbteo iKntgbtiit,ti}&ore tuoonDleiTe armotn; raHfit 
SInD helmed bnb;nj;eD mrea bapip b^otcne. 

^eeemap £{ip S^nfesfrplap b» flutttpns tuin^, 
Slvxi Otetc^ bee Telfe at large ftom eSaS to a^a^eQi 
sa^bttbet i^ou M in fap^e £/i/4 reflF, 
ID; if t^ee plea(e in bigger notes to Gxis, 
Jlsuatince tbe tuo^tbp tubome Qjee lonetb be!!, 
^atfiirft tbe Ui()tte beare to tbe ftabe otfi b^ing, 

iSnotuben t^e Subbo^ne Qcoke of ffronget flonnb?, 
t^aisrometDbat Sa^t tbe teno; of tbp Ortngi 
SDf luue ano luQibJeaB t^o mapS tbou 0ng, 
Sim caiToUot>)tie,ano ieabe tbe ^pllern coiunDe, 
SU ttere Elift one of ^ilfu fame ring. 
S>o mougbt om Cuddies name to l|>eausn founot. 


amsecbeibe Bomitb riyrrw.a beare, 
^b;ougbbiiS Mecenas left bti3'f)aten reeoe, 
iKDlbermtbe ears |iai> tatigbt biff flocftg tof^ese, 
am labotn^eicilat^iSto ?itta (lit f imelp eate, 
Sim eftbitrgngof laarres an&beablpD^eire, 
^0 ai t^t i|)eauensibiti qualte bi0 berfe to ^ere. 

%ttt (dt Metends ii pclao in clape, 
Qm great Juguftus long pgoe xi mtstn 
tSm all tbe too^tbiee Uggm tujapt in If anr, 
^at mattermabe fo^ )^oet!$ on to plap: 
4ro^euer,ti}ba in owing boeluerebjeaiie, 
ViZ Vi&k bttie of (lem loiasi loueD ape. 



^^titaftrtbertuesan forage to Soupe, 
3nomisljtpman(joDeb)OHSt)C a bmoeoffafe: 
^Ije baunetnsipoets founn nought mo^tb a pea&, 
^a put in p^eace emong tbe leacnea tronpe. 
%\}Q gait (iie areame^ of fiobitng tuttteis to ceare, 
ano ronncbjtgtit I;onouc penn in CljameKin cotipt, 

9mi if t^at anp bttHDeis of ipoeCe, 
pet of tbe olD ffocfee gait to Iljoote agapne : 
S)\ it mentf follies mote be fojlt to fapne, 
flno roHe tnitb red in rpmeict of cpbaUD;pe« 
ID; as itlp^ong^t tuitttec muff agapne: 
%ma pipec mates; ^i better ntelooie. 


flD pierlefle 1poerpe,ii)ii(re 10 t^en t^e place.' 
3lfno} inl^;ince0 pallace tbou ooeOtt: 
(9nD pet iis ip^iitcest pallace t^e moft fitt) 
Jl3e b^eft ofbaferbtctb ootb t^ee embrace, 
^en make t()ce ttinge^ of ttiiiie afppjing luit, 
iStnDj ttbence t()Ott cama,flpe bacfce to (leanen apace. 


Q\i fercy it H allio toeaite ano toanne, 

&o liigb to fo^ej ano ma&e fo largea dtg^t: 

^ec peeceo ppneons bene not To in pitgbt, 

if 0; Colin tttzi aic^ fantouti fitg^ to fcanne: 

^e,teece be not tsitg louelb id beoig^t, 

Sltoulo mount ais btgMnb Cng as (bote as ^baonne. 


9b fon,fb; lone Does teacb bim dimbe fo bie, 
Sno-Ipfces bint bp out of ibe loatbfome inp^e: 
fbncb immo^tallmicrbo?, asbeootb aomice, 
itQoulD capfe ones mpno aboue tbe fiacrp ffcte. 
9nD caufe a capttue co]iage to afptccj 
jTo; lofcp lotie ootb loatb a lotuip epe. 

Sa otbertDife ^e Sate of l^oet Qanos* 
JFo; io^olp loue is fucb a ^p;anne fell: 
^|jatl))!;ere beruteSjall poioer be botb eicpelT. 

October, foL^i 

Vit baumet) betfe a bacant (leao DemaunDeiJ. 
jQe bionc b)tt|i ccabbeo care t^e S^ures ximM, 
Ontoifelp loeanej8,tI)a( tafcesi tbio ttebbeis in yano. 

ZiCtl^o zm ca(l0 to compalTe b)etsljtpe p)i(es 

9nD c^inHss to tb^obie out tI)ono;ins bra^bst of ti);eate: 

£et pobive in laut(b cuyjs ariti tb^iftie bitts of meate, 

jf 0? Baccbtts fruits ijii fretrn to '^hebus ujtfe. 

ann ttben biicb ^ine t^e b^uine begitiii to fbieate, 

%^z noinberis aoU)e ais faQ asi fp^ing bot^ tpfe. 

^^oukend not Pfrti; ^obie t^e tpnte tboulb rage- 
SD if mp temples biere Diftaino uiitb biine, 
9no girt in girlonins of biilo ^uie tbiine, 
^m 31 coulD reare tde S^ufe on ffatelp Sage, 
9nD teacije tier treao aloft in baf-bin fine, 
Wi\i\i queint ^Mona in ^er equipage* 

T&ut at) mp co^age cooler ere it be bsacnte) 
jro;t t^P)Content bs in tbPiS I)umble (Ibaoe: 
zasbere no fucb trotdilou;} tpoeis ban bu alTapoe, 
l^ere bie our flenber piped map fafelp c^acme. 


9nD biijen mp (Sates (liafi ban tbeirbenies lapb: 
Cuddit Q)aU baue a Eiose to ttoje btss facme* 

Cuddies Embleme, 

aJfgitante calefcimus illo (^c. 


This £gl ogue is made in imitation of Theocritus his svi. IdiIioD,wherein hee repro- 
ued the Tyianne Hicro of Sytacufe for his.nigiudifi: towarde Pocces,in whomc 
is the powc r to make men immortal for thejri good decles,or fliamefiil for their 
naugfity lyfe. And the iykc alio is in MantuanCyThe ilyle hereof as alio that in 
Theoaitus^ more loftyp then die refi^uid applyed to the heighte of Poeticall 
Cuddic] I donbte ?vh«bn by Cuddiebc l^edficd the aud>QnrfcIfe,ot fome oUicr.Fo; 

L.ij. in. 


in tlie eyght iEgjogue the fame perfon was broj^tin^^ng a Camion of Co 
lins making,as he fayth^o that fome doubi,that theperfons be diferejK, 

VVhilome)fomeBBie^ Oaten reedcs) Aucna. 

Ligge fo layde) lye fo faynr and vnluftye . Dapper) pTetye, 

r7e)isaboldMetaphore , forced riomthefpawningfiaiesJbr the multitude of young 
filh be called the frye. 

To re(Jraiiie.) This place fcemeth to confpyre with Plato.who m his firft bookc de Le- 
gibus (aythjthat the firfl inuention of Poetry was of very v'ermous intent . Tor 
at what tmic an infinite number of youth vfually carot to theyr great iblemne 
fcaftes called Panegyiica, which they vfcdeueryfiueyeere to hddjfome lear- 
ned man being more hable the the reft,for/peciall gyftes of wytte and Mufickc, 
would take vpon him to Gngfine verfcs to die people, iAprayfe eythetofver- 
tue or fcif viftory or of immortality or fuch Lke At whofe wonderflil gyft al mm 
being afionicd and as it were raui(hed,vvith delight,thinking(a$ it was mdeed) 
thai he was infpired from aboue,called him vatem:Which kinde of men after- 
wardc framing their verfcs to lighter mu/ick (as of mulick be many kinds,fome 
f.idder,fomc lighter,fome martiall,fome hcroical: and fo diuetfely eke afieft the 
myiids of me)lound out lighter matter of Poefie alfo,fome playing wyth lone, 
fomc fcorning at mens fafliions , fome powced out in pleafur^^ .and fi> were 
called Poctes or makers. 

Senct bcrcaue) what the (ccrete working ofMufick is in the myndes of men , afwell 
appcarcdi hereby ,that ibme of the auncient Pkilolbphets, and thofe the moile 
V vifc , as Plato and Pythagoras held for opiniOn,that the mynd was made of a 
ccrtaine hatmonie and mulicall nombers,for the great compaflfion & like nes of 
aflcfiioninthoneandintheotherasallb by that memorable hidoryof Alex- 
andet:to whom when as Tunotheus the great Mufitian playd the Phrygian 
melodie,it is faidjthat he was diflraught with fuch vnwonted fury,diat flrcighc 
way ryfing from the table in great rage,he caufed himfclfe to be armed,as rea- 
dy to goe to warrc (for that muGck is very war like: ) And immcdi^tly when- 
8S the Mufitian chaunged his (Iroke into dwLydian and lonique harmony, he 
was (o furr from war'ring.that he fat as flyl,a's if he had bene in mattes of coun- 
felLSuch might is in muuck. wherefore Plato and Ariftotle forbid the Aradian 
Mclodie from cliildten and )t>uth. for that being altogidier on the fyftand vij, 
tone, it is of great force to molifie and quench the kindly courage,vvhich vfeth 
to bume in yon° brefls.So that it is not incredible which the Poete here fayth, 
thatMulickcan ucreauc the foule offence. 

The flicpheard that) Orpheus:of whom is fayd , that bv his excellent fkil m Mufick and 

Poctiy,he rccoucred his wife Euiydice from hell. 
Argus eyes) of^Argus is before faid,that luno to him committed liirtiufband lupiterhis 
Paragon lojbicaufc he had an hundred eyes:butafterwarde Mercuty wythhys 
Mufick lulling Argus aflepc, flew him and brought 16 away, whofe tyes it is 
fayd that Inno for his eternal! memory placed inner bytd the Peacocks tayle. 
for tliofc coloured fpots indecde refemble eyes. 

VVoundlcflc airnour) vnwounded in warte,doe iv& thtoughlong peace. 

tJi^lay) A poeticall ir.«af4iore;vvhereof the meaning is,that if the Poet M flio we hit 


October. fo^'^% 

fkil! in matter of mote {Sgnitic,thcn is the homely ^glogue, cood bccafion is 
him offered of higher veyne and mote Heroicall afgumcntjin the 'pcrfbn of oui' 
moft gratious foueraign,vvh6(as bcfore)hecalleth Elifa.Or if mater of knight- 
hoode and cheualtie pleafeliim better , that there be many Noble & valiaunc 
men,th!tt are both vvordiy of his payne in theyr defetued pray fcs , and alio fa* 
uoureis of hys fkil and faculty. 

TOie worthy) he meanerii (aslguefie) the moft honorable and renowrilcd the Erie of 
' Leyeefter.vvho by his cog^ifance (although the fame be alfo proper to other) 
rather thcnby his name he bevvrayech,bemg not likely, that the names of no- 
ble princes be known to country dovvne. 

Slack) that is vvhenihouchaungeftthyvetfefroraifatelydifcourft, to matter of moro 
pleafaunce and delight. 

The Millers) a kind of daunce. Ring) company of dauncers. 

The Romifh Tityrus) vvel kiiowe to be Virgile,vvho by Mecxnas means was brought 
into the fauonr of the Emperor Auguflus,and by bim moued to write m lofaci 
kindCjthen he erft had dqcn. 

Whereon) in thefe three verfes are the three feuerall workes of Virgile intended. For in 
teaching his flocks to fcede,is meant his ^glogues.In labouring of lands,is hys 
B'ucoliques.In Hnging of wars and deadly cbeade^is lus diuine iEiiets figured. 


For cucr) He flievyeth the caufe,why Poctcs were wont be had m (ucb honor of noble 
men;that is,that by them their vvorthines 8f valor lliold through theyr famous 
PoGes be comended toal poftcrities. wherfore it is fiyd, that Achilles had nc- 
uer bene ^6 famous,ashc is,but for Homeres immortal verfes.which is the only 
aduantage,which he had of HeSor. And alio that Alexander the great coming 
to his tombe in Sigetis , with na.turall teares blefled him,that euer wSs his hap 
(o be honoured with ib excellent a Poets work:as fo renowniedjand ennobled 
onely by hys meanes which being declared in a moft elocjuent Oration of 
TuUieSjis of Petrarch no leflc worthely fcttefortl] in a fonct 
Giunto Alexandro a la iamola tomba 
Del fero AchiUe fofbirandodinfe 
Oforcunatochefichiaratromba. Trouafli&c. 
And that (iich account hath bene alwayes made of roctes,a(vvc!l ihewcth thiJ 
that die wortliy Scipio in all his wanes agaiiift Carthage and Numantia had 
cuermore m his company , and that in a moft femiliar fort the good olde Po« 
Ennius:as alfo that Alexander deftroying Thebes,whcn he was enfoimtd tliat 
the famous Lyricfc Poet Pindarus vvas borne in that ckie,not onely commaun- 
ded ftreightly.that no man fliould vpon payne of death do any violence to that 
houfc by fire or otherwifeibut alfo fpecially (pared moft,and fome highly rcwar 
dedjthjtweieof hys kinne.Sofauourcdhe the only name of a Poetc. whych 
prayfe othcrwife vvas in the fame man no lefl c famous, d)M when he came to 
ranfacking of king Darius <:oflers,vvhom he lately had ouerthrowen,hc founde 
in a little coffer of filuer the two bookes of Homers works,as layd vp there for 
fpeciall iewells and ridwfie,vvhichhe taking thence, put one of them dayly in 
bis boforae,and diother cucry night layde vnder his pillowc. 

L.J. Such 


Such honor haue Poms alwajKsfoundinthel^tofpruieaaflilnoble met). 

which this author here very wellflieweth^s eb where more notahlx. 
But after) he theweth the caufe of cootempt of Poetr/ to be idleneile and bafcflefle of 

mynd. Pent ) (but vp in flotith, as in a coope or cage. 

Tom piper) An Tronicitl Sacraiiiivs/poikca in derifion of thefe rude vvits,whych malte 

more account of a tyciing lybaud', then offkill grounded vpbn learning and 

Ne btcil)the mearier (brt of men. Her pecced pineons)rnperfe3 flcil-Spoken 

vvyth humble itKxleflie. 
AsfojteasSvvanne)The(iomparilbnfeemethtobeflrange:forthe (vvanne hatbeutt 

vvonpe fmall commendation for her fvvete finging:but it is (ayd of die learned 

that (he fvraa a little before hie deathj(ingeth moft pleafandy, as prophecying 

by a feacte inihnAIier neere deflinie As vvel fay cb the Boece divvhcre in one 

of his fonetts. 

The flluer frvanne doth Gng before her dying day 
As (hee diat feeks the deepe delight that isin death &c . 
Zmmortall mytihour) Beauty,vvhidi is an excellent obie^ ofPoeucall ^ititet,as appca 

tcdi by the worthy Petrachs faying. 

Fiorir faceua il mio debile rngegpo 
A la fua ombra,et crelcerne gli a^tmi. 
Acaytiuecorage) abafeandabicQminde. 
Foe lofty luiie) 1 think thi s playing with the tetter to be rather a fault then a fig|iic, afwel 

m our Englifli tongue^s it hath bene alwayes in the Latine, cdfed CacozeloiL 
A vacant) imitatcui Mai)tuanes fayii^. vacuum curiidiuina gerebrum Pofdt. 
Lauilh cups) Refbnbletfa that comen yetfe Fxcundi calices quein non fecere difenum. 
O if my) He feemeth here to be rauifhed with a P oetical rurie.For (if one rightly mark) 

the nfimbess rife l'oful,& the verfe groweth fo big,tha( it feemeth he hath fot- 

got themeanencfle of fliepheards Itate and fiile. 
Wildyuie) lor it is dedicated to Bacchus & therefore it is fayd that the Mxnades (that ii 

Bacchus franticke prieftes) vfed in (heyr facrifice to car^ Thyribs, which were 

pointed ftauesor lauelins, wrapped about with yuie. 
In bufkin) it was the mancrof Poetes & plaien m tragedies to were biifkins, as alPo in 

Comedies to v&flockcs&lightlhoes. So that the bufkin in Poetry is vfed for ' 

tragical matter jtf it &id in Virgilc.Sola fophodeo tua carmina digna cotliumo. 

And the likcinHorace, Magnum loqui,nitiquccothutna 
Queint) fttange Bellona^the goddeile of battaile,dtat is Pallas.which may therefore wcl 

be cafledcjueintfor iaat(as Lucian tiuth)vvhen lupiterjiir fadier was in traucile 

ofher,he caufed his fbnne Vulcane with his axe to hew his head.Out of which 

leapedfoctbludclyavaliantdamfellarmedatallpoyntes , vvhbm feeing Vul. 

^anc fo &IK & comely Jig^dy leaping to ber,pioC:iicd her fome cortefic,which 

the Lady difdeigeing, fhidcedherfpeveathiin , and thteatiKd his faucinefle. 

Theitferc fucb ArauugcnciTe is well applyed to her. 
.Equipage.) order. Tydes) feafbns. 

Chatme ) temper and order. farCharmeswacvyomtobcinadebyvetretatOiiid 

laytb. Aut G carminibus. 




Hotby IS meant^ alio in the whole courTe of this JEglogae, that Poetn is a diuine in 
fiinct and vnnatural ragepaflfii^ the reache ofcomen realbn.Whorn Piers an- 
fwaeth Epiphonematicos as admiring the excellency of thifkyll whereof 
in Cuddle hee hadde abreadye haddea taile. 


jEgloga ipndecima^ 

<t't^tbis xi. /Eclogue hehf^ayUch the dtath of fame msyieu 9f gretti 
J bloHd,'!vhom hualletbpiit. Tbt}trfmage isftcrcte, mi t» me aho" 
getber l/nyjioXiint, atbe of bimjtlfi I often required the fame. This JEglt- 
gue is made in imitatioa of M trot hisfong. \ithich he made vpon the death 
of Loys the frenthe QjteeneSutfirre pafiiH£ bis reache, atid in w/nc ofi~ 
nioH all other the-Eglogues of this books- 

Thenot. Colin. 

Q Olin mp Deare jtoftpn ftaTl it pleafe t^zt Cnj, 

9s tboa teere | luont Tonsct of fomc iouUaunce.' 
W)f i^ub to long Hotabieib in Toitrotutns, 
LuIIeo a aeepe tti^ougt) lone? mirgouernauncr> 

l4- JRolB 

CitiMg tbe fie|i^arD« (taiatnes matp sft remainfi 
3&!t(;ctber tfjee KS tbp ioaco (afli: atninince, 
ID) t;ono; tan )ii(tt) (jpntnes of bigtietbainct 


ThenotMflo ttti t^e tUttt of ittertinafte, 
j@0) fan to betpe,no; loitb lone to plape: 
j&tbemp;tl)Ui^apt«imeeteafo; tomafct;, 
Sb} runtmec (Ijaoe ttnon t^t coctteo bape. 
^at notoe faooe SUtntet ttelbeD batb tbe ush 
Qvm fhebus mearp of biis pereip t^F-ite: 
^Qableti batb W ttetaa in lotnipe lapc, 
3nD talten Dp bf^ pnne iaFiJhe$ ^Af-he. 
^tlke foUeiti fea&n faooer pligbt Dotb adte: 
9nD laatbecb Kbe edigbtesjati H)ott ooeli pjapfe: 
^{^emo^neftiltS^Qft mmfftli tutnliSne maf-k% 
^{t dree tvas tiuintln poungtb ano tsmma rapes. 
3Sut (f ttiou alsate laS Ifgbt nfcelaped, 
flno loofer rong;0 of lonrto inuiec&ns 
(Qlbo but tbp fdfif oeferaeit Gbe l^octeg p^apTe t 
JSUliew ttip SDaten pppe0,tbat fleepen loi^. 


^e JSiglttfngaie l» foueteipeof fong, 
IStioie btm Std tbe^ttmofe Olent bee: 
ano 31 onBtte to tb^uS inf-btifuU tbjonse, 
feboulD Colm make iuoge of mp GaoScee. 
^ap,bettet leaine of bem, tbat leameo bee, 
9nD ban be ttatereo at tbe ^ufeti tuell: 
^e fcttttiIpeoett)eD;op3 fcom iljebisbn tree, 
Slno tuets tbe little planets tbatloalp Dtaell. 
But tf bBbe tutnten; m^atbe anb feafoJi cbill, 
9cco)De nottottb tbp ^ufesi nimment: 
^0 faOBec ttmemlioainapa attune tbp quffl, 
9nD Gng of fo^totoe ano oeatbee bjieeriment* 
Jf o; oeaoe 10 DiDa,Deab ala«t ano b^ent, 
Dtbo tbe grcate (bepet)ear9ebt((»atqsbtec(lienie» 

IKde Xm^ #3V (^e \m ^t mx. tocnt, 
){>et ItM Occ &ai$ tiot left bej^inoe 31 toeene. 
flno if t^ou ttifltiKtdspfe mp utofuU tenc: 
SI fl^aBt^egtue ponnCoITet fo; tbp papne; 
flitD tf tbp rattles asi robmu ano tufull bene> 
Sd (dofe tbattto ^Tgi^ofalmd coinplapne, 
^ucf) greater spfts fo^ guetton tbou (|)alc gapnCj 
^6cn S(iDDe o^ CoGTet, tobtcl) 31 tl^ee bpnempt: 
<P^n bp 31 rap,tl;ou tollp (|)epeijearDfbapiie, 
letnot mp rmall pemaunti be d contempt. 


Tbenot tfi diat 31 d3oo(t^\m Doeff me tempt, 
ISm a^ to \ofXi 31 biote mp bnmble batne, 
^RD bomemp vpmes bene cnggeo ano bn&empt: 
geta^SI (Omie,mp cqmimg 31 mill ftcapnc. 

\7'13 tben ftfe/fewruf tbonmotirnefuia fl^ufe of npne, 

^cb cattfe of mourning neuer baott afoje: 
tUp gtfeHie gbodejs ana tp mp rufnll rpme, 
flatter of mp^tb nou tljou bane no mo?e. 
fai oeao (bee i0,tbat mp;tb tbeemaiie ofpo^e* 
s>ide mp Deare alasi ii neao, 
Deao anb Ipetb b);apt in leaD: 
:SD beanie berfe, 
LetOreamingteares; bepoureb out in So;e: 

&bepbearD!ci,tbat bp pout floddEi on SentfQ) oobineif abpur, 
SaXatie pe tbist luofnll n^ade of nacuresi toarfce: 
SOaile toe tbc ta]igbt,teborep;tefence mi our p^poe : 
aoaile b)e'tbe''b)tgbt,b}bore abfrnce is our carhe. 
tCbe Tonne of all tbetoo^li} is oimme ano oartte: 

Hihe eartb nob) iackiei ber bionteo ligbt, 

SLno all b)e blueli tn oeaol^ nigbt, 
X(;ed&eb)e our pppf0,toat (b^iln ais lobioe ajs JLar&e, 

tS&si Boeloe longer Itue, (a|i tn^^plftietnera tdttg) 

lUa(ioIe better iMipe»iiea^08t6 Qjuttip in tuoe.' 

fC^ie fap;eS flouce ant 0|);lonD aQ eii^ons, 

Slis fatieti quite ttiu f nto miS pgoe. 

l^g nolii pe Qyepdeatw Dan&^tetti, Cns no mac 
(Qie rongd t6at Co/{» mane in der pjapfe, 
Sot into lueepiag tncne poor biamon lajieif;, 
fl) beanie betTe, 

J^b) in time to Bpe- JI3ap time tuajt long ^0or, 

SQiience isiit»$at tlje flonret of tfie&fii ootli faDe, 
flno Ipet^ fiutpeD Ions in Wi,\mx9> bale: 
JDet Toone 9A Tp^ing biiS mantle Dotbisirplape, 
atfloute^ fre^,a3 \x (^oulo neuec fa^e.' 
3?Ht t^tng on eattb tbat t0«f molt abaiTe, 

as bettnegs b^amict) ano beautiet; butme. 

IKetiuen notfo? anp gooo. 
SD beanie ^itfe, 
^e b;aunc[j once DeaD,t^ bnbbe e6e neew muflf quatlei 

dbe b)l)ile Q)e biaiS^Ctbat toau^a bioful ttio^b ro Htpne) 
JTo; beautiect pjapfe anD plefatmcc baii no pete: 
fi)a toell Qie coutb tbe ibepi)etDis entertapne, 
taiitb ta&es anb ccat&neHs ano Tncb nunttp c^erc. 
}gkt taionio %t rco;ne tbe (tmple (beplieartig ftt ^ine, 
jTo} (be lubnlo cal bem ofteabetue 
9nD gioe bem cotOd auo clouten Creamr* 
$> beatneljerG?, 
jlljt Co/if» cioiitf {I)e b)oulD not mjce biToapne* 

Sut nofae fibe bappp ebeere {« tnrnb to beauie cbntnct, 
ftucb plearauttce nobi oif^lalt ^ bolojis oinr: 
Sn S^tilfi^ Qeepesabibece oeatb Dotb leaoeibe bannce, 
9nD (bepberbStDottteo rolace its ejcttnct« 
Cb(bfettinbIcclatb<((l^ttncittj;cApi0 tintfy 

C%e gtMt sitlonttfior A W graur, 
viit fai>cD flouireit i)cc co}fe etnb;«ue« 


{D t^oti steace (bej^beacii Lo2>(f »,^oU) great t<t t6p stiefe, 
dUbeiie bene t^e nofegapes t^at (b^Dtglit fo; t^ee^ 
Ci>e coIoutD cl^apletd tu^ouf^^t xai^ a ci[uete, 
^^e Itndtteii ruQ)rtng«,anD gtite Horemaiee.' 
jfo> fibfeDeemeo notljing toeoeere fb; tbee* 
9^ tt)ep bene all pclao tn dap, 
Sbne btctec lilaff bteloe all abiap. 

tr^ereofnong^c temapnesi but $e metno;ee. 

£) careful! betfe. 

9p mc ^at bjeerie oeat() (|)ouIo flirt&e fo mo^tall ^Ic, 
CbAt can bnooe ZDame natures ktniilp courle: 
^be faoeo \a^» liSk from tbe loftie tktt 
^be SduDd bti gafpe, fo; D^peo ii ibep; fiiurre, 
3nb QouDsxif (eared floiue tn tbep; (teao yerfojle* 

^e mantleD tmbob}^ mojune, 

^ep) ronii>p coloiffs! to}nne. 
die ^eauenst ^se melt fn teared Un'^ottt xmf^^* 

fCbe feeble fiockit in 6elti rcfiife $efr former fisobe, 
9nb bang tbep? beaDd,a8 tl^ep luoulo learne to uicej^e : 
^be beaffetf <it fb^ettvo^te ais tbep uere moobe, 
c^iccept $e aBdIue£i}rbat cljare tbe uiantiung (lieej^e: 
J3otu ({le isi gon tbat fafelp Din bent fceepel, 
^t'Snrtleon ^ bareo Ipnntb) 
jLaments tbe tuounQ^tbat beatf) bto launch* 
Snb Thilowtle brr Tong tu<t|( teareii; bot^ fUt}^' 


^c \»mt jl3]»mp^«,tl)ae tsont mic^ ^a toHns ant trmnce, 
SIno fo; brr strbit»^!tne bjiaMncljes bearc, 
i^oto balefull bougbeg of Cpp^ets Doen anuaunce; 
^be 9@uree,i^at tui^re luont sreenc bapes to luearea 
jlSoti) tpii^ti bitttt €it>}t})i&m(^e» (em, 

'^\)tfmMiiti (hetepenr, 

i^tt uitttll tb^ebe fa fooue M $ fpetit. 
Spofuc note mp apufcjnotomojne uiitb beaufe c^eare, 
O carerull bccfe. 

£) truQIelTe ffateof eartblFtbinsi{,aitD fltppecbope 
2)f mortal men, tbat foiincKe anti fmsau fo^ nougljt,, 
am fbootins}))tDe,Doe mttTe tl;e marfeeb fcope i 
Bm baue I leatno (aleflbn bcrelp bougbt) 
^ija t tipg on eartb alTutauncc to be fottgbt: 

jf 0^ Uibat nusbt be in enctblte moulD, 

^Ijat Dto I)tt butieobobp y oulo. 
^et fab) 31 on tbebeare isbtn ft U)a0 b?ottg^( 

I^nt niaugreDeatbja;tDD^eaDeb Glfer^ nmlv fptg^f, 
9nti gatCiS of bel, ant fprte furies fo^re; 
&[)t bat); tlje bonus biokc of ctecnall ntfSbt, 
!|)er foule bnbpDteo of tbe {niroenaua! co^pfe. 
(ia.1{ip tljrn bleeped Lobbtn To mitbout tttno^fc f 
€) Lobb,tljp loflje no ioitget lament, 
DiDo nts DcaDjbut into (jtraucn bent. 

Cfafe uotn mp ^ure,nolu'ceare t()p for^oloe!} fonrre, 

£D topfull berfe. 

lillbpluapleuietben/ tubpbJcarpbaettie^oD? tttt^ plapntifj 

as if fome.ftiill luere to Ijer bcttjbt •' 

&be ratgnes a goDHeiTe tiott emong tbe fainter, 

^bat Uibilomt Uiaa tbe fapnt of fbeuijcatba iisl}t: 

ano (9 endallco noise in Ijeaiicnd Ijigbt* 

Slfe^tbse ble(rei]trau{e,3iree, 
WisM tti ilifian 6elDe0 To Free. 
$pig^t31 once come to tW (jD t^at % m{glO 

dntuife antr U);tetc{)e{i meatt lueeteui^ats goon o; I'R, 
SOeoteme of Deat^ od ooome ofill oerert : 
'Burhneuie m fooUiSj Uit»c (tbs lijtngcit bntti, 
Dpe tnotilo toeoaplpjonceit to rjcyert. 
j9o tiaunger tbere t^e Obepj^earo csnMtti: 
jf ap;te SelDea aiiD plearaitnc iapeji c^ere bene« 
Clje fiftoeg ap ft;?(bstl)e graffe apgtccnc; 
^ahe ^afl pe q)eplieaio0,tljet^et to r^uett, 
£) topfull tierfe. 

£>'f{0 tg gone afo^c (trijofe tume ({)aQ be t^e ntftf) 
Wim liutfi (bee uiit^ (be biefTeii ®oti£{ in bliSCy 
■C^ere Djincks fte i^«<^tfr Mtii Jmhrofta mi]cc, 
!^nD iope0 eniopeSjt^at mo^tall men Doe miOc* 
^e bono? noU) of btg^efi gotte Qje is;, 

'SDbat m^dotne toaef poo;te (bepbearDc; p;por* 

£^l;fle bere on eant) (be D(D abpDe. 
© bappp berfe, 
^calTe no\u nip fongjttip ttorno'jo tea(!cti rjs. 
f) iopfuft bcrft. , 


3p,francke Qjepljearo, ^oiu benetbp wrfcis meinC 
£Ottij boolful plearannccjfb ais 31 ite luotte, 
WAiti\)tt retopce o; tuee pe ro;: great conftrainte/ 
'^bpne be tlje coSette^vueK ball tboiutt gotte. 
a3p Co/in bp,pt)ougb tbou mo^neo bait, 
^oU) gpnnejS to mt;|;Ie,bpe tat ^oineuiatb fait. 

Colins Einbleme. 

La mort ny morci^ 



louinmncc) myrth. Souenaince) remembraiince. Baic)Iiononb 

Wdkcd) (horcned orcmpayre(l.As the Moone being in die waineitraydeof I.tdgate 

to vvclk. 
lulovvly lay)accotding to the (eafon of the monethNoucniber,when die (bnne dcarV'* 

ed) low in the Soutb toward his Tcopick or rcturne. 
Infiihesh.'d^ke) the fbnne, reigned) diat is, inthejigne PifcesaIINonember,abafk<it 

a wicker pad^whereia they vfc tocary mu 
Vircbics) a light kind of fo^g. 
Bee watted) For it is a faying of Poetes,that dicy haue dronk of the Mn(es weB Capias, 

vvhereof wK before fufficicntly Ciyd. 
Drcrimem) dreeryandheauychecre. 
The great fliepheard) is (bmc man or high degree,and not as /bmeraijiely fiippoft Cod 

Pan. The pcrfon both of the (hephearde andof Dido is vnknowcn and dofil/ 

buried in the AutlK>rsconceipt.Bucout of doubt I am , that it isnotRo(alin4y 

as fome imagin:far he tpeakerh (bone after of her alfo. 
Shenc)fayreandrtuning. May)forniaydt. Tene) lbtt(Wf . 

Guerdon) reward. Bynempt) bequethcd. Co0et) i lambe brought 

vp without the dam.VnkeoiDtpTDCopEi Not corned, that isnide & vnhanlbme. 
Mclpiimenc) Tlie fadde and ivaylefull Mnfe v(cd of Poets in honor of Ttagediesias (aidi 

Virgile Melpomene Tragico proclamat mzftaboatu. 
Vp griefly gofts) The-maner of Tragica'l Poetes, to call for bclpe ofFuries and damned 

ghoftes:ib is Hecuba i}fEuripides,and Tantalus broi^t in of Seneca. And the 

t(A of the reft. Herd-) is die iblcmne obfequie in funcrallcs. 

Waft of) decay of lb beautiful) a pecct. Catkc) care. 

. Ah vrhy^ .in elegant Epaiiortho( aUb (bone after, nay time was long s^o. 
jloutetj a dimumnne for alitde floure.This is a notable and (enientions comparifon A 

Reliuen not)Lue not againe S. not in dieyr earthly bodiestfot in heauenihey enioy dieie 

due reward. 
The bnunch) He meanedi Dido,v^obeing,as it rverc the mayne braunch now tn» 

thered the' boddes that is beautie(a$'he fayd afore)can nomore flourSh. 
Withcakes) fit for (hepheaidi bankets. Heamc) for homc.after the northerns 

proDOU-nci^g. TuiA)deyedorf{ayncd. 

Thegaudie) the meaning is,that the tbings,which were rheomamentsof herlyfc,are 

made the honoi of net funerall,as is vfed in burialls. 
Lobbin) the name of a {hephcrd, which feemtth to haue bene the kwer & deere &ende 

of Dido. Ruflirings) agreeable for fuchbafc gyltes 

Fided lockcs) dryed leaues. As if Nature her fcife bewayled the deadi of the Mayde. 
Souile) fpring. Mantled medowes) for the fitndiy fiowtes arc like ft 

Mantle or couerlet wtooght widt many colours. 
Philomete ) the Nightingale . whomethe Poetes 'faine once to haue bene a Ladye 

of great beam/jtSl bcii^ raui(bcd by hir Wtxa hurbande,fl>G dcOied tobc lur. 


George Gafkin a wiuie gnitleinan,aiui the veiy ehefc of eur bte iymen,wlio 
pnd iffoine panes of learniug wanted not fJbee it is v veB knov ven Be altogy- 
ther wanted notkaming)no doubt yrould naue attaynej to th^ezcellencye of 
djofefamous Poets. For^ofvritandnaturallproinptacfieappcareinhirQi 

CffidS) vfedof the old Pajmiim in the fiimifliing of theJEfunetaU Pomp'e.andprop'«w 
ly the of all (brow and heauinefle. 

'nKiatalIiifien}QothoXache£sand Atropodas,uehtersof HdrebusandtheNighcc, 
whom the Poetes &yne to (pinnetne file bfoian^ it werea long thiede,which 
i)ie}F^aTveouinlength,tiUhis £itaIhoyvie& timely death be con)e}buti|by 
otbeWafualde liis day es be abndged,then one <if ibeiii,tfaat is Atropos^ (aydc 
to faaue cut the threde in twain.Hereof commedi a common vctfe. 
Ootho coliiin baiuUt,{a<heIis trahir,Atrhposoccfit. 

O cniffleflc) a gallant exd^unationmoralizedwith^reaf vyiiedom and pailionate wyth 
gteat-aiiedion. Beare) aframe v^ieron cbcy Weto taytKedeadcorTe. 

Furies) of Pxs'c te; be feyned to be three,Pcrfephone Aledo and Mcgera,which are feyd 
to^e dteAuthoUrs-ofall cuillandnuTchiefe. 

EternaH might) Ts death or darfcncfie ofbell. Bctight) happened, 

Ifefe) AliuelyTcoii, orreprefeititionasifhefawherinbcauenprefent. 

Eljc^ iieldes) be deuifed of Poetes to be a place of pleasure kke Patadi|e,w!iete the bap 
pye foules doe reft in peace and etemalhappyncfle. 

J^ye wtuil4) The vety ffteSe faying of Plato in Phxdone. 

Aftert] befellVjwvares. 

Nedar and Amhrofia) be feigned to be the drJhlc an4 £bode of the gods: Ambiofia thef 
hken to Manna in (hipture and Nefbr (o be white Lke Creme, whereof is s 
proper tale of Hebe^ that fpilt a cup of it, and ftSyned the heauenSySSyetappea 
Kth But IhauealreadydifcouriedtbatatiargeinmyCommentaiye vponthe 
dteamcsofcheCuneAuthoui. Meynt) Mingled. 


Whidi inasmuch to lay, as death bitethnot.For although by courJc of nature we be 
l)onieto dye,and being ripened with age, as vyith a timely hatucR,vve raufl be 
gatbeted iii timc,or els of our felucs we fall like totted ripe fruite fro the tre$: 
' yet deadi is not to be counted for euil, nor (as the Poete fayd a little before) a* 
doomeofilldcfert) For though the trespafTeof thetiiilman brought deathia 
to the world,as the gnetdoti of finne,yet being ouercome by the death of one, 
that dyed for al,it i s now made (& Chaucer (ayth) the gi^ne path way to lyfe. 
So diat It :^eth well with tbt was fiyd.that De^tli ly teth trot (that is)huc- 


jEghga Duodectm a. 


TWs Mglogue.^etuiitistbtfitUhtgaHne)is tnllei'Siith a compUynit 
of Colin to Gad fan.tfhetiin as ^eary of his former itityes, he pro- 
forttoneth hn life to tbefourefeafotu of the yeare» (om^Arlng by s youth* 
to the firing timc-athenhe tfasfrefh and free from huesfoUye. His mart' 
boodetothefammer^bich b'efaj>thj»ai confumed'Hitbgrtatt heatt and 
excejfiuedrMtbcitufed tbrougbea Camtt or bUJk^itarre^ byvhicbiee 
meaneth hueitihicb ^affiojt-is comenty compared to fiii^h flames and immo' 
derate heate , His rij/eryeares bee refemblethto an ynjeafonahle harueHt 
■^bertinthe fruites fall eretbty be rype. His latter age to "iiinters chyllo' 
ftoUie feafonjfio'» dra'^ingvettre f » bis titi eude. 

^epmk i^t^em tatte {rcHtie a rpffngr, 
^n in tye (Iiaootue ofa buQipe b}ttt , 
Wi&t chlin litg^tMicb lucl coulti pppe ann (tnge, 
jToj be of rjtym^is fong« did Im ♦ 
^{Kre asi be facte in tticsnti f&aDe afotie, 
^^U0 gan^ejna{(eoCI»te{)tj!i piteous mone. 

December, foL/^p 

W.W9 ot outtenoec lambhinn takeff Itcejpie: 
SnoiDljen out flocks! into mirctiaunce maug6t falfa 
Does faue front mifc^terc tbe Wtawi Q)ce{>e: 
3r«M)f tgeic maiSeriei Ima no lelTe regam, 
®&en of tlje flocl^,\uttc|) tliatt Doefi U)aitc;;.anQ Instii: 

3lt^ee6;re(%r<fo fie tgou&efpe tQlymt, 
Huoe oittfedtuntrto (gep&earBiS 2Daten ieeoir9 
^} tC H euet fonet foiis fo cleace, 
fS,i it utttlji^tearauiice mougbt ti;p fanci'e fie^e) 

Oeadteiri^bsljile from ttipgreme teftifnet, 

^ettit^n tons of canfuQColinet. 

ti3XgiIameinpoiub,tt){icttfIolu;Q m? to^nfp^ms^y 
jLtke ^toallob) fttifft 31 tuaniiieD ^ere ano ^ecet 
4ro; ^eate of IjccDleSTe luS me fooii^ ilfngs 
f[:^at 31 ofDoubees oanngcr fj^nofeare. 

31 uent tlie lua^efull tuoboed anufj^eS is^e. 

WxSitmn D;eaoe of <s:^olueg to bene erppeo. 

3! tsonc to tmw amptrBf tlie ma^te t^tckette, 
'9nD gatijer nutter to make me C^^fRraasi gamei 
Snii topeo oft^o^a^tige trembling ]^;ttket, 
Si\ dunt tl^ebardeSregare,til ibs^^ere tame. 
SSbat to^akeoH of ttjinti^e ages made, 
®()0Deeme&3Iitnp fpjtng tDoulQetterlade. 

f|iote often batie 31 fcaleo t(je craggte f)ke, 
9Uto siOoBge t^e Hanenof bet neSe: 
!|)oU)ebaue 31 tuean'eD mttb manp a Qroke, 
^be Satelp tSntnut ttee,tbe tubtle tbe relS 

d:ntier tbe tree &ll allfo; mitg at Ortfe: 

i^ffi pltke to me \xi&i Iibertce aiiD li^fe. 

Slnt; fo> 31 ioais in tbilke fameloofet peareif, 
(Sabctber ^ ^urf,fei»?o«abt aie fronim?5itt|, 
fi)) % temucb beletnesmp Ojcpbctdpcres) 
i^oweoele ^be»t to fonis wi muGrkg initt^* 


a gooti oToe {|)epbean;De,^rMocJ^ ym ^{s name,, 
^ane me iip anemone canning to t()e fmtte» 

jTro tticnce 31 t>ur({ ixi Mtttns to compare 
sa:i(tl) ajep(;eacD9inudpne,{Di}a( euecfeotie in 6d&: 
^nD if tijat Hobbintliig\itmgzwzMhaxty 
^0 P4» bi0 orune relic pppe ij^neeiie not ^itelo. 

iTo^iftt^eflackinsBpmpbeflOio foIouiiPtfn. 

^(le tuUet ^Ie0 aftec Colin ranne. 

!]5ttt al) Tucb pjpfte at Icngtb tnais in rjqpapDe> 
t2m)e (liepbeatiii^ 600 (pcmic (Soo tuas be none) 
spp buctleiTe plearaunce oio mc ill ))pI)>atDe, 
S^p freettomejo^nCsmp life be lefte to mone. 
lone tbep bint caileti,tbat gaue me cbeclmate, 
^utiiettef^mong^t tljep baue bebote^itnl^ate. 

Wan gan mp louelp ^pjin; bio me fareluel, 
9no &ommet feafon fpcDj^im to oifplap 
( jTo; loue tben in tde Lponsi boufe otts ottteU) 
^be raging fp;te,tbat htnslefi at^iss rap. 
9 comctt {tiro Dp tljat tm&iifblp beate, 
tijat reigneo (ais men rapn ) in/f»ft^ feate* 

JTo^tb ta:80 J IelH>e,notai3 31 tuontafo]^, 
CZLlbencboiCe 31 bao to cOoofe nip toantijingluape: 
TSixt tdb^tbec Inch anH lou'es bnoiittlhi lO^e 
SHoulD (cooc me fojitb on Jf ancieel bitte to plape. 
^le buib mp beiioe,tbi^ fi^anible tnais mp bobsce, 
Wijz Wwmti can UHtneiTe manp a uiofuO Vtm\z , 

What 31 b}a!2 \Dont tofethe tlje bonep "Bee, 
SSlo^Ktng bcir ropall rotomc^ in Wimn frame: 
tDbe gricQie ^obeaoote groume tbere mougbt 31 fe 
Sim (oatbeo ISaobocksi lobbing on tbe fame- 
3nD mbere tbe cbanntiug birbii tulb me a Qeepe, 
^e s^aiHie iS)bHe ficc grienonis pnne bo^ teepe. 


December. fiL'jO 

^en 9$0it tp?inse gtueti place to ciDcr ttme, 

ano bjitisett) &}t|i ttie&utte of fommersi p?poe: 

aifo mp, ass notu paOeD voungt|)Ip P7pnie , 

^0 tijmses ofxiipecrearon fdfe applpe^. 
3iit) learnt) of Ug^ter ttmbec tmi to frame, 
&>ucb a0 inisljt fat) Qieepe aiiD me fro l{)aiift* 

^0 make fine cage0 fo; t^e ji^fgljttngalr, 
dnD Baf-bets of bulrufi^etftoae mp toiont: 
(Kllbo to entiappe t^e fiQ; tn tuf nmng fale 
anas better reene,o}i)tn:tful beaScs to ^ont/ 
31 leacnea alga; tlje Ggneg of (jeauen to ben, 
i^oli>?6iE^efapIesi4lii|)erereoH5 Cttesano lu^eiu 

9no trpeo titne pet taug^tme greater tOingeti, 
^e fobain rpQngtif t^e raging feas: 
W^t footle of bp^ois bp beating of tyetr biings , 
®b^ pottfer of berbe^bot^ tobtcii can burt aifo eafe: 
^nDlu^tcljbeioonttatenragetbe ceQtefTe Qjeeye, 
9ne MAiiiii be toont to tuo^&e etemall fleepe. 

^UtabinttDireanb tuttlefre Colin cbutr, 
^(jat ftpDS t()e inooen itin&e of isanp a DHOe: 
^ec fcpoS hot ene to cure tbp foje bart coote^ 
OijoTe randdtng teounn au petDoeis rifrlpe'bleeoe. 
fSWsT? 'iiwS tlm atI,anopecbaiit&pDeat^est loouno/ 
{[ai^pDpea tliott ^1, anb pet aline art fouHbe.' 

WM a nip fommer tDo^ne atoap ann tuafteb} 
VL^w 10 mp ijarueS baiteneo all to ratbe : 
^be eaie tbat bmueb fatre,i!3 burnt 9 blaSeo, 
Sniia}Inip|)opeDgatnet3tarnb to fcatlje. 
2Dfjintbe(eebe,tbatinmp poutb vug fotanr, 
dBag-nottgiit but b^alies ano bjambtes to be mobine^ 

S^p bougbeei wttb bloofmes that croliineo tocre at Brfte, 
3no p^omifeti of time(pfcutte (ud) fto^, 
i^re left bot\i bare ano barrein none at ecS ; 
^t Slater tiig frutte i» fallen to groumo before. 


SfiiQ rotteD,ere tbep tuere ^at^ntenoto ripe: 
S^p ^acneS toail^p bope atuap opo tntpe* 

^e fragrant Bolu?sg,tba:(nmp sarDm gretoe, 
35ene tmtOnecas t^ep bao bene gat^ereo long. 
^pp? rooted bene n^peo bp fo; lacte of oetoe, 
jDet DemeQ vev^ txsxzi cbep batibreuet among . 
9b iiit)0 bast tt^ougbtnip %olalm4. tbis fpigbc 
^0 fpil tbeflou};c0,tbat Q)jnilii &et gfrlouo oig^t, 

9n!> 3I,t{)at tubiiome burnt to frame nip pppr, 
Onto tlje ({iffttng of tbe fbepbeatne foote: 
&tte folltcfl nome baue gatbereo &i too ripe, 
^nticaU betn out,a2 rotten ano tmroote. 

^be lofer JLalTe 31 cad to pieafe nouio??, 

IDneffSIpIcare^enougb ia mr tbetefo;e. 

2intbu0of aK mp baruedbope 3Ibauc 
Jt^ougbt teapeD but a Mt^t crop of care: 
iOClbicbjtoben 31 tbougbt baue ib^lbttn fiuetfing (^cauc, 
Cocfeel fo) co^ne, ano cbaffe fo; bar(ep bare. 

^oone as cbe cbaffe i^oulD in tbe fan be fj^no, 

SO. luas btottine atuap of cbe Uiauering lupm}. 

^0 notD vcrp peare ojatdeti to \i& fatter terme, 

spp fpjtng is fpenCjinp fommcr burnt bp quite: 

fi^p bamede bads to dtrre bp tointer derne, 

SnD bitis! W(n clapme luitb rigo^ouis rage bpiJ rigbt» 
^ nome be Qo^mee uitth manp a fturtip donre* 
^0 noU) bisi bluScing blad ccbe code ootb fcoure. 

W!iz carefull coJb batb npptmp roggen rpnoe, 

SIno in me face oeepe fucroU)jes elo bacb pigbc 

90p bean befpjent uiftb boarp frod 31 fpnii, 

3uo bp mpne eie tbe Crotti ^te clauie Dooib bi^tg^r* 
Dei(£bt is laps abeoDe,ano pieftfure pad, 
i^ofotme nott) (biiusjcioutiejs ban an ouecead. 

JISotuteauF pe (bepbearns bopes ponrmerrp^Ies, 
JI&p99U(itiSboar(eant>)vearpoftbP0(lounoe: Ibere 

T)ecemher. fol$l 

l^m totilSl bang mp pppe iTpon tiiH t)efi 
ZSXm ncuer yppe ofteeoe DiD biit?r TounDe. 

(illintec IB ronic, cbat bloms i^e hitter blatte, 

9no aflier ^tntec Dreerie ocacij uoris \3att, 

(Satfittpe together mp little floche, 

S^p little f!ocfc,tt)atrDas to me fo liefer 

Let me,a^ letteme in poor folDs peiock, 

Cre tbe bjeme Caiinter bjicebe pou greater griefe , 

Winter (2 come.cbac bloises tliebalefuU bjeac^j 

9no after flBinter commcttj timelp Deat^. 

3Dieu beligbtesjtljat lulleo me aQeepe, 
SiHieu mp Deare.tDtiofe lone 31 bought fo beare: 
Scieu mp htcle lambes ano toueo fijeepe, 
Sbteu pe ZBoocee t^at oft mp tuitnelTe were: 

Soteu gooD Hobbiaol. lijat luas fo true, 

^ell %o/alirui.\)er Coin biDs ber aoieu . 

Colms Etnbleme. 

GL05S e. 

Titynis) Cfaaucet as hath bene oft fayd. Lambkins) young lambcj, 

Als ofthen)Semahtoexprefle Virgils verfe Pan curat ouesouminqucmagillios. 

Deigne) youtchfafe. Eabinec) Colinet) djmi nutmes. 

Mazie) For diey be like to amazewhenceuishardcogecout agayne. 
Pcrej) felowes and conipani ons. 

Miilrdi)thac is Poetty as Terence fayth O iii artem traAanttnuticam,fpcldng of Poetes. 
Derring doe) aforcfayd. 
Lions noufe)He imagineth (imply that Cupid,rvhich is Iou?,had his abode in the whotc 

figne LeOjVvhichis in middeft of lomcrja pretie alltgory,vvhereof tbe meaning 

is;;that louc in him wrought an cVtraordinarie hcatc ofiuil. 
Hit ray) whidlis Cupides bc.tme orfbmes of Lotie. 

A Coinete)a blafingftarre,m£antorbcautic, whidi vvasthecaufcofhisvvh-teloue. 
Venus) the goddeOc of beauty or pleafurc. Alfo a(ignc in it is here taken . $o 

he mcaneth that be3Utie,which hath alwaycs afptct to Vcnus,vva$ the caufc o( 

all his viiquietnes in loue. 
Where I was) a fine diiaipcion of die cluungc of hys iyCt and likin^,(br gll ihii^s nowe 


fetmti tohym tohaue altered ^itlpnily cqurft.. 

Lording)Spoken after the mjacr of Paddocks afid Fro;^e$ Gum^ which is indeed Lotd> 
ly,no( rtmouing noi' looking once a fide, vnld& they beifaitred. 

Then a's) I he fecondpart.Tliat is his manlioode. 


Sale) ot Salow a kind of jwoodde Lkc Wyllow , fit to vvtcath and bynde in leapes to 
catch filhvviihall. 

Phzbe &yies) The Eclipfe of the Moone,which is alws^es in Cauda ot Ca[nte Draco- 
nis,figncs iii heauen. 

Venus) 'C. Venus ftarrepthervvire called Hefcerus aiwl Vefterand Lucifcr,both becauft 
he fecir.cch tohe oiie of the brigliteR ftarres,aitd allb fiiitiyfeth and fecteth laiL 
AH which M in florres being coniienienrfot iQitplieard^es to^owe as Theo- 
critus and the reft vfe . 

Raging fcacs) The caiilcof the fwelling and ebbing of the leacommethofth^ coutfe of 
theMoone/ometimeencteafingjfbnikime wayuing^decteafing. 

Sooth of byrdes^Akindof^otlifiiymgvledin elder tyntes,whichth^ gathered by the 

flying of byrds^HrllCas is fayd) niuentcd by the Tlis>rcanes«»ndfrd thcin deriued 

to the Romanes, vvho(a$ is layd ui Liuie) were iToiiipetfliuoufly rooted in tlie 

faine,that they agreed that eueiy Noble man (hoMtd piuc^h*^ fonne to the Thii£> 

' cancsjby them to be'btou^ vp inthartcnowledge. 

Cf hcrbcs ) That -vvonderous thingcs be wrought by herbeS,a{vveUappeareth by the 
common vvetkiiig of them tnour bodi£S,at alfo by the Vvonderful enchnmu 
ments andfbrceties thachaue bei^e wrought 1^ themjinfomuch that it is (iyde 
that Circe a famous (orcereOe turned me into fbndiy kinds of beaftes &Moqv 
(lers',»nd onely by herbes.*as theploetc fay th Dea Ixua pdtentibus herbis &c. 

Kid{l)knewe(l. Eare) of come. Scathe) loflehipderaiwice. 

Eucr among) Eueiaiidanone. 

This is my).Thethyrdc parte wherein isfet forth his ripe yeresas^anvntioicly harudC^ 
thatbringcthlittle fruite. 

The ftigraum B6v vres)rundty fiudies and ^a^dable paVtes ofleamirig, wherein ho w our 
Poete is feene,be tney vvitnefTc which are ptiuie to his ftady. 

So now my yeete) The iaftpart^vvherein is defcribedhis a^e by comparilbn of wyntrye 

Careful! cold)ror care is fiyd to coole the Mood, Glee mirth) 

Hoary frofl) A mctaphbre qf hoary faeares (cattiedlybe to a gray froft. 

brceme) (harpe andbitter. 

Adicw delights). isatondufion dfalUvvhere in.^fixe verfeshe comprehiendcth briefly aQ 
that vvas touched in this booke.In the fitft verle his delights of youth generally, 
in tlie fecondjthe loue ofRo(alind,iti the thyrd,the ke^t^ of iheepe,vvhich'is 
the argtt-nent of all .£gl(^es Jn the fourth hi^complaints. And in (he lafi two 
his ptofcfledftcndthipsiw goodwill to1u&goodfi:it;ndHobbinoll. 

The meaning wherof is.that sVthinges perifliand come to thcyt laft end , but wotlcet of 
learned wits andmoaumencs of Porny abide for eiier. Andthtrefore Horace 
ofbis Odes'a work thou^ fuluidcdc of great wit fie learning, yet of no fo gieai 




wu^tttidlmpottaunce boldly fayth. 

Exegimonimentum zre percnnius, 

Qood ncc imbcr nee aquilo vor» &c . 
Therefore let not be enuied,that this Poetc in his Epilogue fayth he hath 
tCiIead,ir,thxt{hall endureaslongastifflc&c.folowingtheenlaoiple 9fH« 
nee and Ouid m the like. 

Grande opus ezegi qux nee Touis iranec ignis, 
Necferumpotedcneccdas abolete vctulias && 

Lot I haue made i, Ctknderfor eueryjeare . 
Tbatiitelfittiir-:v£th,andtimeia durmceJkaU outtPtare: 
j(nd iff marked ttell the ffarres reuolution, 

Ipfhall continf^e till the tiotlds diffoluHon. 
Te teach the ruder Jhepheardhotp to feeds his {heepe, 
Jlnd from the fal/ers fraud his f aided flgckj to kf*pf' 

Cue Ijttle Calender, thou bait a free fafje^rte, 
Goe but a lotilj gate emon^He the meaner forte.- 
S>(tretuttoniatebthj[typeVfith.Titjirtts byf Style, 

Kor tfiththe filgrim that^ the 9loughmanpla^d>c atvhyle: 
Sut ftllt'fe fhem farre off,and their high Heppes adoreg 
Tbt htter pleafettbetforfedefpiftj ajkj. uomore. 

z^dercenon mercede^. 

fmprinted at London by Hugh 

^ingletonjDSnelltngtn Cteeoe lane 

at tbeftgne ofthegylitn 


'In .r^m" 






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