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Benrg W, Sage 







Cornell University Library 
PR3190.W4A7 1578a 

Promos and Cassandra, 

3 1924 013 167 113 

XTbe Zubov jfacsimtle Ueyts 


Ipramos mis Cassanka 

5jv George Whetstone 

Date of first publication 1578 

[British Museum, C. 34, e. 42] 

Reproduced in Facsimile igio 

Under the Supervision and Editorship of 

Jromos anb €nmnkn 

By George Whetstone 


Issued for Subscribers by the Editor of 





promos anb Cassanbra 

By George Whetstone 

Besides the British Museum copy (the original of this facsimile 
reprint), there are examples lu the Bodleian Library at Oxford and at 
Trinity College, Cambridge. No other edition is known. 

Tlie author's preface and the note of " The Printer to the Reader " 
disclose certain bibliograpJiical facts which it is unnecessary to reiterate 
here. It ivill also be seen on reference to G ii that the second part 
commences with a fresh title. 

The author's record ts to be foimd in its proper place in the 
" Dictionary of National Biography." George Whetstone was a 
voluminous writer of no little repute in his day. 

Mr. ]. A. Herbert, of the Manuscript Department of the British 
Museum, after comparing this facsimile with the original copy, says 
^^ a first-rate facsimile . . . as good as any in the wliole series." 




"^1 ' lent and famous Hiftorye , of 
v^ll Tromos and Qaffanc/ra: 

Dcuidcd into two Coinmicall 


j?>l In the fyrfte parte is fhowne , the |^ 

"^1 Cljebeituous br^aulouteofs cijafte^ta^jwe; i'^ 

■^i €umm, iir 

^1 3nQ rtje tmbefftue^ eftimationof a mnitv |.^ 



^^iln the fccond parte is difcourfed, 

'"^ t^tpnltct magnaniitittpE of anoWe fefngr , i;^$'> 
<n ciiecWng 5a(ce anD fauouringe tiaettut; |^ 

Wherein is fhowne , the Riiyne and oner- S^*^^ 
usunccmsnt of tpjigbt oraling, 

T'he yvorl^e of Ge orge 


Formi€ nulla fides. 





frienJe, and Kinfcman, U'^ill'tam 
Fleetexpoode SJciuier Recorder 

""5 ofLopdon. 

Yr , (defirous , to acquite 

your trycd f rcndfli ips , w i th fomc token 
of good willOof late I perufed diuers of 
my vnpcrfeil workcs , fully minded to 
beftowe on you , the trauell of fomc of 
my forepafTed cime.But(refolued to ac- 
company e , the aduenturous Captaine, 
Syr tiumfrty Gylhtrt , in his honorable 
voiadgc,) I found my leyfurc too littel , to corred the errors 
in my uyd workes. So that (inforced) I lefte them difparfed,!- 
monge my learned frcendei,at theyr leafure^to polifli , if I faild 
to returner fpoyling (by this meanes)my ftuddy of his ncceffa- 
ryefiirnyture» Amonge other vnregarded papers , Ifowndc 
this Difcource of Promos and Csfandra: whicb^or the rarenefle, 
(&c the ncedeful knowledge) oi the necefTary matter contained 
"thcrein(to make the actions appcare more liucly , ) I dcuided 
the whole hiflory into two Comedies: for tha.Zt'D "or um vfed, 
it would not be comiaydc in onc.Tbe effects of both, are good 
and bad-.vcrtueintermyxt with vice, vnlawfuUdefyres (yfit 
were pofiblc)queancht with chaftedenyals:alneedefijl actions 
(I thinke) for publike vcwc . For by the rcwarde of the good, 
the good arc cncowragcd in weldoingctandwiththefcowrge 
of the lewde,the lewde arc feared from euill attempts •. maine- 
tayning this my oppinion with PUtoej auftority . Navighti- 
mjjc , comma of the corruption of nature , and not by riadinge or 
hcaringe tht titles of th good or Uvde ( forfuch pihlication is nccejjarye,) 
but goodmjft {f*yth he ) u beavtttfyed by either acticti . And to 

A.ii. ' thefe 

...l i.-.L- A.'It. , ,,. '^<..Jti ^ i. 

The Epiftic Dedicatorie . 

thcfc cndcs : L^^Mder,fUMtiu, and Tertuce, them fducs 
many yearcs fincc intombcd,(by thcirCommcdics) in honour, 
liueat thisdayc . Thcauncicnt^fl«<«»" ,hcaldthefefhowes 
ot fuclic prilc, that they not oncly alio wdc the publike exercifc 
o*^them,but the grauc Senators thcmfelucs countenaunced the 
Actors with their prcfcncc: who frora thefe trifles wonne mor- 
allytye , as the Bee fuckes honny from wccdes.But the aduifed 
deuifes of auncicnt Poets ,difceditcd, with the tryfels of yongc, 
vnaduifed,and rafhc witted wry tcrs , hath brought this com- 
mendable cxcrcife in miflike. For at this daye, the Italian is Co 
lafciuious in his comedies ,thac honeft hearers are greeucdat 
his anions : the fr«wA>»M* and ^f«*<rJrfoiowcs the /'"/'<«»' 
humor : the ^ww^/wis too holy e : forhcprcfentcsoneiicrye 
common Stagc,whai Preachers (hould pronounce in Pulpets. 
The EniUfhrnAM in thisquaIlitic,is.moftvainc,indifcrccte,and 
out of order: hefyrftgroundeshis workc,onimpoffibilitics: 
then in three howcrs ronncs he throwc the worldc : marryes, 
gets Children, makes Children men, men to conquer king- 
domes, murder Monftcrs, and bring«th Gods from Heauen, 
and fctcheth Diucls from Hel. And (that which is worft )their 
ground is not fo vnperfect,a$ their workingc indifcrcete ; not 
way mgifo the people laugh,though they laugh them(for theyr 
follyes)to fcornc : Manyc tymes(to make mirthc)they make a 
Clowne companion with a Kinge : in theyr graueCounfels, 
they allow the aduife of foolesryea they vfc one order of fpeach 
for a Upcrfons: a grofe tndiarum^ for a Crowe , wyll yll coun- 
terfet the Nightingales Iweete voice : euen fo, afFeftcd fpccche 
doth milDccome a Clowne. For to worke a Comcdic kindly , 
graue olde men, fhould inltrua: yongc men, (hould fliowe the 
imperfcaions ofyouth: Strumpets (hould be lafciuious: Boyes 
Irng all tWe aaions,in fuch forte, as the graue matter, may in- 
ftrua:and theplcafant,delight ; tor without this chaungc , the 



The Epiftic Dedicatorye. 

atcentloDjWOuld be (nialhand the likinge,lcfre. 

B ut Icauc I this rehearfall, of the vfc , and abufc of Comme- 

dics:lcafl:that,Icheckcthatmothcr$,whichI cannot amend 

in my felfe. But this I am a^Tured , what a(%ions fo euer pafTcth 

in this Hiftory.eithcr merry jormornefiil.-grauc, orlafciuioas: 

the conclufion ftiowes,the confiiflon ofV ice, and the chcrifing 

ofVertue. And fythe the end tends to this good, although the 

wocke(becAure of euelhandiinge) be vn worthy your learned 

Cenfure, allowe (I bcfeeche you) of mv good wyll,vntyl 

leafitre femes me , to perfed , fome labour of more 

worthe. NomoreJbutthat^lmightyeGod 

beyourprote£tor , andpreferueme 

from aainger,in this voiadge,the 


Your Kinfinanto vfe, 


cThe Printer to the Reader. 

Entle Reader,this labour of Mat- 
art W hetftons , camc tnto mp tjftpDes , in Ijis^. 
fp?ft toppp,l»i)orelfafurelx)a8 folpttle (being 
tt)fntcaDie to Depart We countrp)t^ati)ebao 
no time to too:fee it a ne\», no? to gf ue apt in^ 
ftructions,to p?^ntelb Difficult a t»o?kc , bepngfuU of tja^ 
tietr.l)othmattet,fpfart)e,anDi)fi;fe :fo2t!jat ruetgfun. 

tiv 3lcto2, t)atlj in aa t|)f fr afunD?? grace;fo tljat,if 3 tm^ 

mitanfrto2,toitl)out blaming tljpatucto? , amrnDnipa^ 

mi(tc:anDif bv cljauncr,tl)ouUg^t of fomel)3eacliett)at (m 

mcth Darfe,confiDf t of it tjoit^ iuDgr mt ntMo?e ttjou con# 

Df mne tbe too?bf :f o? in manp places Ijc is D?iuf n , botb to 

piaifc, anD blame ,l»itl) one b?eatlj.U)^irt) m teaDmge i»il 

re erne batD,^ in acti6,appeai;e platne.efing tbis couttt fp> 

H hoiUD mv papnee txje lfatiffpeD,anD fi^aiftec yvhct- 

lion bniniuteD anD fo?m?otonepact,3Ii»!l 

not f aile to p?ocnrc fucb l)00he6,as 

map profit t!)fe toit^i Deitgl)t. 

; (•••> - • 

rhy friend. iR^L 

i^The Argument of the whole 

^Ntlie Cyctie of /Wfo(fometiii)es vnderthc dominion of 
|C«rwiff«/KingeofHii»j4ri«,and 'Botmu) there wasalaw, 
Jchac what man fo euer comniited Adaltery,should lofe his 
l.^^^K!^fi"d,& the womin ofFcndcr,should wejre feme dif^uifcd 
9pparrcl,during her life, to make her infimouilyc notcd.This feuerc 
Iawc,by the iauour offome merciful! magiflrate .became little regar* 
ded , vntill the time of Lord vronut auctority $ who cootiicting,a y ong 
Gentleman named t/tnirtigio orincontinency,condemncd,both him, 
and hit minion to the execution of this ftatute,ft/^0<^«|Mlud a very 
vertuous.and beawtifui Gentlewoman to his SiRer^named Cajftndrat 
CdJfaHdm to enlarge he^brothers life, fubmitted an humble petition 
to the Lord prom^x: prtma/regardiiig her good behauiours, and fan« 
tafyng her great beawtie,was much delighted with the fwcete order of 
hertallce:and doyng good , that euill might come thereof : for a time, 
he repry u'd her brothcr:but wicked man,tournif)g his liking vnto va- 
lawBill luft,he fet duwne the fpoile of her honour , raunfome for her 
Brothers life.*Chafte C^tj/WrM^abhorringboth him and his fute,by no 
perfwjfion would yeald to this raunfome . But in fine, wonne with 
the importunitye of hirbrother^pleadiogfbr life.-) vpon thefe Condi. 
tions,she3greedeto vromot, Firft that he should pardon her brothers 
and after marry her . Promos asfeareks in promiiTe, ascarcleflcin 
performance, with folIemnevowe,rygned herconditions :butworfc 
then any InFydeI,his will fatiffyed.hc performed neither the one 
nor the otlier: for to keepehis aucthoritye « .vnfpotted with fauourj 
and to preoent C4jJi»«/r4M; clamors , he commaundedtheGaylerfe« 
cretly,toprefent c<«J/IlwrJr<i with her brothers head. TheGaylcr,wit6 
thcoutcryes of^»rfr«^»»,(abhorryng Prowwlewdcnes , by the pro- 
uidence of God.prouided thus for his fafety. He prefented cuffandra 
with a Felons head newlie executed, who(bcingmangled,knew it not 
from her brothers,by the Gayler,iiho was fct at libcitic) was fo agree* 


The Argument of the n>hole Hljlorie, 

ued at this trecherye,tliat at the pointe to kyl her felfe.shc fpared thnt 

ftrokctobeaucngedof/'rffw;,?;, Anddcuifynga way, she concluded 

to make het fortunes knownc vntothc kingc, Shefcxecutino'e this re- 

folution)was fo highly fauoutcd ofthe King, that forthwith he haflcd 

to do luftice on Promos : whofe iudgeroent was, to manye Cajfandra, 

to rcpairc her crafed Honour j which donne , for his hainous offence 

he sliould lofe his head. This maryage folempnifed,C4/i«<ir< tyed in 

the greateftbondesof affeftion to her bufband, became anearoeft 

futer for his life : the Kinge ( tendringe the general! benefit of the 

comon weaIc,before her fpccial eafc, although he fauourcd her much) 

would not graunt her fute. 4ff<ir»^flCdifguifed amongethe company) 

^ /orr owing the griefc of hisfifler ,bcwraydehisfafetye,andcraued 

pardon. The renowoe tlic vmwiofCajjaudra, 

paidoncd both hin-.,^d Promo:, The circutnllan- 

CCS of this rare Hiflor ye , in aftion 

lyuelyc fHoweth. 


irPrdnioi, Mayct , Shirife , Swordc bearer : One wi?h a 
bunchc of ke) cs;Pliallax,Pro>»w m4n» . 

,®u ^Dfifitcns tofticft note in /«/'« ffare» 
tenoUi ^00 our Icauge, ttiefcinc of Hung4ru: 
d&cnt mc Pr«w<»;, to iopne tnitft i?ou in f tod^: 
! Ctjae ttpll toe map f o luttice tiaae an cpe. 
^ano noto to (&oto,m? rnlei potoer at larogr, 
^attcnttoelte.bifl JLctter« pattcntjj bcare : 

PhaltdXyteanz out U1S &oueraine« cliarDge. 

Phal, as ?ou commaunoc,3i topU: giuc b^Defull earc. 

f Phallax rcadeth the Kinges Letters patents , vhich mftBhe 
fayre mritttnin f4rchment,\nii) fime great counterfeat zealt. 

pRo. lLoe,l)crc row f« tobat is our feoucraignes totl» 
toe.bcare bis toifl&,tbat rigbt.not migbt.bcare (toagcJ 
JLoe,f)eare bis care, to toeeoe from gcoo tbe pil. 
SDo (ccD^getbe toigbts.gcDD Hatoes tbat Difobat* 
j^ncb jeaU be beares,t)nto tbe Common toeale* 
(t^otp To be4}pOj8,tt)e igno;aunt to Xaue) 
9s be commauntes, tb« Ictooe Darrtgo^ fale. 
^ucb is-bis toifbi facb is mp \anH to bane: 
Sinn fucb a 3lnbge, berc Promos ijotocs to be. 
^0 toplfuU tojcng,(ftarpe p«ni(bni«nt ftall m^flfe, 
SDbe Qmple tb}all,(l^albe iuDgoe tnitb rasrcie, 
€ncb (ball be Da)mbDe>euen aa lAs mcrite is: 
iLooe ftatl not (tape, no; bate rcue ngc pjocurf,. 
pe \»et fljall Copnc , corrupt o; fetter to^ong: 
3 0(D p)oteff» tob^lttc tbat mpcbarjc tnoure, 
if oj fricnue noj foe, to fingc a partialt fong. 

SCbus baue poubearo,botoc mp Commillion goes, 
l^c abfent, J pjcfcnt.our feoueraigne If i^l.- 
5t aunftDcrcs tben,eacb one bis Outie ttjotocs, 
SCO m«, as bim,tobaf n commaunoe ann topll , 

" ' T'^fW 

Lane. hate 
and game, 

tbe cahfes 
of Iniu- 



^ XRetfiHone — ^ ^ 

^uemt t't)c ftoojD of lufiiceto Dcttrop, 
SCije totcheo imp0S, an9 f oefcno tbc reff. 

Shr». aDurCittBfecrw.fafectntOjtJLiffcnaatifljewe, 
Mc ooe commifte our fafcfie to tft^ bead; 
Cbp topfe fo^eJiBfet.teiii feape tjs tJot?&eof fearc, 
l^ct U5i?U U)c be nffiffant Oill at n&s?. 
Pfo. 3l5otb &tDojDe anu Beies, bnto mp ^?m«« We, 
31 tioj recc^uc anD glaalie tabemBC&arDjje. 
3f rcff ctb notoc,fo^ to ref oitat abufe, 
«I23 e popnt a tsmcof Councell mo;e at lartge, 
2Do treate of iDbic&,a vnljprc toe topll Depart. 
Aifpeaki, EotoojbeEOMrto^lljtoe^alocatopUmgearf, Exeim, 



Tht Song, jjh a flaunt now vaunt it^braue wenche call away care. 

With Layes of Loue chaunt it/orno coft fee thou {pare^ 

'r^ S i th Nature hath made thccjwith be wty moft braue, 
Sith Fortune doth lade thee, with what thou wouldfl haue . 
Ere Pleafurc doth vade thee,thy felfe fet to fale: 
All wantons wyll trade thee, and flowpe to thyflale. 
All a flaunt, Vt Supra, 

^-«»>YongRuflers maintaines thee.defends thee and thine, 
Olde Dottiels retaines thce,chy Beutiesfo fhine: 
Though many difdaynes thee,yet none maye thee tuck 
Til us Enuierefraynes thee,fhy countenaunce is fuch# 

A 1.' a flaunt, VtSH^ra'. 



of Promos and Qaffandra. 

<7"!J(ompi&c fap;c Lamja MotD.tbp toanf on flag aoaannre) shee fp 
&cf fa)?tbtbi?fclfetobjauertn)Clu,boff ttou ofbapppcbatmcc- i,,^ '^ 
©p;Ie,accompttboo tbp fdfctbcrtjccfc.of iLaoi^picarorcstrajnc, ^ ' 
(Eaen as f bou tooulott,tb\! boufc Dotb rtanoctb? furniture is gajs 
SCb? toaocs arc b;aac,tbp face is fine, t lubo fo; tbis both pare' 
2Cbou tbr felf^ no, tbe rnCbtng Poatbf s.^ batbe in toanton bliSe. 
^ca,oIbe anb oottng foles foinetimes,Da) bcipe to pape fo2 ttjis. 
if ree coQ bettoeene tbem botb Bi baucall this fo; m^ beboue, 
3 am tbe ff crne,]^ gibcft f beir tljougbf Silmbc iobat § lihc.ttjcp louc 
i?cU) of tbem fturrctbat 3 bpD ttaicif j bit) go,tbcr flpc: 
3f 3 on foe porfue rcuenge, ^larme a bunD;eb crt?e. 
ffibc bjaueft 3 fbcir bartfi.tbcir banDc5,tbeir purfcfi bsloe af tovl, 
3o^nbe luitb tbe crebifc of tbe botuIQcr mee in r!I. 
ll^ntfce Vbberasi m^ truSie man,boft) run,U)t)at nclucs brings ia 


Rojl^9(Lztahs man) Lamia, 

I^Of. dUfflb peoplCjbib none of miff rclTc Lamta [tti 

La. :^«^9,tobat netoesjtljat in fuib baQc rou tome blotoing; 
Rof, spiffrelTe.poo muff tftuf bp pour (Ijops, ? Icaaci>our occupy. 
La. aaabaf fo t beg bcfmlil^ Itnaucf cll nia true? (ing. 

Rof, jDj) pll, fojtbirtief bcfpoes pou. 
La, iFo;mccgooDfeUotDc,3pjar£fbccU!bpfo; 
Rof. m paf ient spiffreffcano rou Q^all Isnoluc, 
La. (IDofoo,fapeon: 
Rof, Jparrie, rigbf notoc at f be ^ctTions 3 teas, 

anb f birtie muff to Trufum corde go. 

among tbe tobicb f 3 toecpe f f^oto c) alas: 
L?, m\i^, tobaffl tbe matter man? 

Rof. ^ Andrugioy 

Sioi loutng too Isinblie, maft Soofc Iiis fceabe, 

flnb bis f iDcetc bart.mna toearc tbe ftamefoU luecbess 

a)iOainOc fo; ©amcsittjat faUtb;ougb flefl)!? occbca. 

3iS5 La. l& 


La. 3£( t\)is onenctiitt qucff ion come againw 

SCell,telI,nomoie,'t^s t^me fbis tale Uicrctione: 

fee?,f8E,l;o\tic fcDne,m^ trinmpbcfurncsto paine. 

Rof j^iftrcffcroupiomifcDtobeqatet, 

if o; ©oOfl fahc,foj i?onr dtone fabe, be fo 

La. aiaBpm;c^<'/i^o,onrtiapnttcd^ct, 

£)ur b;anerte ano all toe mull fo;go. 

RoC gamrojie. 

La. ^ca,butontala«,fo>rotDetDsllnofreroe.* 

iJffjic , tftoa muff neeDce ^jonioc tba cite tBtjcre, 

S&v garnea are paft,^ra, a m? felfc migbt ftarae; 

^aue tbat. 3 Dto pjontbe fo} a oeare ^eare« 

Rof. 2:beBretoarDefauie(fbctrbaracffiiitbe0ac!te,; 

muben tstnter corns * tbat bigD tbetr feruannts pacbe. 

ain0 spiffreffe, if rod tarnt tnfc off hoiD, 

5i5etf er tbcn a Rosc,none tDjUme allotse. 

La. SLbonftaltljaneapafpojte, 

Rof. ^ea.bnt after tobatfojte* 

La. ®ittb^,t|jattboaloartm?maiT. 

Rof. m\ie3iVXistM^t(li9\Deit\)zfamu.r, 

SCO let one tlj«fe»ba?lc anotl)ers 

SCuC^ 3 bnoto,cre long i?on fo tD?U flrp atoa^^ 
fls Vou,foj ?oar felfe, iHtiff f abc fomc tettimonp 

L £Df soar goo lijfe, 

f - La. /peucrfeare:bonettlB 

z,4mM notoe mcanc* to l?ae, enen f?U ftc D^e. 

Rof. as iumpc afl apc«,tn tictoc of i^nttes to bannce, 


McU,botoe fo ton flanbe tpon tbw botp poynf, 

jf oj the tbing ^oa bnotoe,?oa tDBlI ieobaroe a tosnt. 

La. aomitteBltooalocmpbaiarbetoereinttainc. 

Rof. perbapp^fi3lfenoiD,foturnetbefanictogaine. 

La * EDboa comfo^ta m*,ga)D 'RoskpM^l ma botoe? 

Rof. ^ontDBlbeboneIl,'ttoeref?ntobtnDcr?ou. 

La* 9i)^butieatl,gfflDftoatefernannttellm*. 

Rof j&iDatcfcraaiuitnoui,ani)latc,pacbfr?>gobbius?f' - - ^ 

^^ of Tromo'sSiadCafandra. """'^ 

fa ^ tbougbt rtt f alhc toas to ftuatc to be true. | 

Rof ©ca.but meant poa.tobtDbonetttc abac* . 

La ' iso, 3 D?D fo long fincc, but tnfojttc bv n^ebe, i 

CobvtibimtDClcomel)cniea5ame,31toa0bccrAbe. ^ 

Rof. Wte 30)0. #iareffe,3 bnoto ?oar minbe, 
JBirins ab;oaDc, fo; plap fellotoes ant) fu(1>, 
a maneftecmoe.of Treww bene mucb- 
£)f iDbofc ipatare, J ti)a« fo boloeto are, 
ano 3 fmealf ,bc lou'D lafe mutt on toclU 
La. anbtobatoftbw* ^ 
Rof 2parrroftbt0,if?oun)CtDa^ecanfen 
jCoitotolebimtjome, be of ?ou iMsUbefapne-. 
Mbofe tonnfcnannce.tuiill fo eiccufc roar famteg. 
20 none fo2 ltfe,Darc of roor Ipfc t omplaine. 
La agfl)DBeutee,<15obgramttlwgo3tjrueceffet 
JBut 3 pja^e tb&>tobat f rabc bot& 6e pjofeffc^ 
Rof. teete«paltriepeti?f085er. 
La. ail tbe better, fufpttionto^H be tteleffe, 
iaiiell,so tb^ tBai2e£i,anD if f bou bim cf pre. 
SCell him from ma ,tbat 3 a ranfeo; tfeo, 
Caaooloe put to l)tm,at lci?fare totllfnglie. 

Rof. |^ircaretBfocommon,tbatfmalptea6m0feielfcruc, rbtrcurgt 

3 ffo (nas ronnejpour commannocment to obferuc. ., ^ I 

it aremcala0,lcflfe;PW/4*bclpe,poo;ctBencbt3nDone3am; 1*7' 
m foes notoe in ttje toinbctotH Ise to toojhc m? open ftaine: I, ? w' 
iaotoenuion0epe8U)iUp?ieabjoaoe,ofiftn^crstoinfrap, :J'iT' 

Sffojcenotnl'»«»^'«.wnttbert)aae,toftoHaraojemiftap. f:"2^' 
anD toanton girlcboto toitt tbou a5ift,fo> garmentg fine anb ga?? ^^ 
iFojbaintt! fare, ran £r«ft0cotentftotoftait6?bonfersiit par? "'''• 
anb tbaf Delij^t0 tbee moft of aU,t|)on rauft tbE baliaoncc Icaue? 
anb can tben tbe fl)?ce of latoe,o J beatt. tBt» minbe of louc bereaus; 
L, 3[flgooefaifb,no:tbetoigbttbatonce,ljatbtafttbefruit0oflone, 

Sintill bir oping oa?e toill long, &ir Chancers ittte to p;oae. 

''' JB i^ vi^«/. 



Lair.ias maydc, Lamia, 

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May. Cfje gcnttltnan.tbat came tfec latt Dap iuitl) Captain 7>r«r: 
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May. ©uftibr. 
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anobapc ftje failing xxoic tlofe tpU j come: 
ano tdlm\> tbMttIc bt? fo^tone tDi?ll not ftage. 
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l^e is botb poung ant» tocltbr \>et.tiat better fporlc foj mdf, 
2^tf^« #r balTarD fo; bis fabe J trcUie.fl^all mabe bim p;ap ano pap: 
1^c:tie:(bal p;antl{ meinmpptumes,anDbeckmixb;auean0 5a^, 
^f CurtiCe.J p;ai?e pou vctjif PW/rfAT come fijic toapc, 
Kepo;t to put a cafe Uittb bim,bcare Lamia long 0^0 fta^. 



Cajfandra , a Maydc, 

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Eo fee tykndrugio t^mtXti 6yc,mi? bjotbcr ano mi? tta\?. 
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Mb3 in tbcbope of bisgaiobap.muSDt? tb?oagb iDantoncljance: 
£D blpnbe afifecfes in louc, tobofe tojmcntcfl none tan tell, 
—> , ^etU)anton8iijpUfapocfpie,anofroft,veabaffafi)Deatb,napbell: 
Thfpree ^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^^ .fitgcettcD tt pH toitb fare, 

v ''""> ifotole fall tbee lone, tbv ligbining iopes.batb bianco me toclfare 
SDbou fserft aO'ectton fs;(tjtDttbtn m£ b;otber5 b;eff. 


___ ,_ ,^^ — —— I III II II H MMfc. 

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SDboa msD'ft ^t'm cram and batt0,s pjofe of f'fm*; meeire, 

^oi totijcl) foulc act be is aornDgO, care long f o Jofebis beatw* 

Ebe ialoe t's To ieaen,in rcoargtng fleQjlp Onne, 

as marriage to \ao}Ut after mrnOs oof b fclDomc fauo; tojti. 


faults ftoiao be mcafureo bpDefarf.btif al! is one in fbisf, ^ ^«»<ri 

SCbc Iccbcr fpcrD Untb luffiiflpunil^eD no cno^c, la\rej,a, 

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^0 tbat pOJje 3 Oifpawc, of mp <i^adrupos Ipfe, ([o;c: 

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Anirugio in prifon,Crfj/Sflrfi'*. 

Caff. «5!tbflCalIetbC4/j4»«/r4/ 
Ad. SrbPtoofunbjofbcr^»</r»gi<». 
or *^*"*'«iM,^iiifmaHDap,tobat0r4fe».bocmaair8Plef 
Conoempneo U);ctf b fo fa t\iit here, fatt fcftcreDnoto in JaW, 

An. £D gon p/W«Jcaac to cbetlt,anOcbii)c me fbjaule f berfoic 

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Jnles lLo;o i'r.w./ graont me 0race:in tjarne is baoptoiff, 
mberfoje ftoecf e aaer,tobPia in oapnco l7f?S fem^ 
affaulte bisbart,in ms bebalfe.toifb bat fering f weof tt^^^^ 
3f tbou bp fnfc Doctt fane mi? lpfe,tt botb our ioyea toil! be 




• 'TEffHtftorie ' I 

i^oto toncae aMjeffe m felfe.m? minBe Jo toja?. . 

aiiD ?et Icatt batte too jfee toatte, 3 l)oto rt WK, 

3in couert,fo> fomc aDaanntagcto aaui 

^Pr<»«w with th€ S^w/« and their officers. 

^ ?E!I itbtn tbts totone, b? rapme fpoi? e ano tljcft. 
Eb^Ttoere it not.tbat luftKc ofte tbem cm" ' 
ICbe tutt mans 8000fl,b^ «uflers ftoulo be reft, 
at tbis oi.r &T!fe.arc tbfrtj? wjsoe to oje 

caabofc faUes J fee, tbeir fellotoes fmallB fcare. 
feotbattbetoa^,i«b?fcuerit^^ .^,.^^^, 
S,ntb toitfeeo toaDea,c«en b^ tbe roof e« f o teare. 

" ^"'>'^'^' S Ifnoto 3 mufl, tbt0 Dome feefec to reuobc. 

Promos. ^yo„, tboucb tbat latoc atoarocrt atb^^^^^^^^^ « . 

i^ie batb oeflloe no napnaI6eo.nw ft^^^^^ 

£D? none but loflraii If*^,^™';" . ' -. j^ ^^ ^p pretence, 

fj ^ eiTromos ^xiiC^ipandra, 


©ffltbcref 036 &cretrt,«hoteneaEoi&e,3uff ice totebpWe papfe: 
Mli)icf) ituo in cqaal ballancc tpatDe,f o bcaur ?our fame iutll ratfe. 
Pro. CitjptndrajXtmt Of tlj^ boof ieCle fafe,t)p latD tc ftat{j bene friop, 
HatDC faumt btiS fat!lte,lLatDe tuogoe tim oeatt): 
CaC ^ct tbis ma^c be rcplioc, 
SLftaf laU) atmfcbJcfeoftpermifSjfofecBpc Duefojmcoflatoe, 
SCbat laUic rmall faultes,U)ttb gr^ateit tKDmc0,f o beepc men Q^I m 
^ct !&tnss ,o; fncb as orecate, regall autbo;ttie: (atse: 

3f menos be maDe.mai? oner rule,tbc fo^ce of Jatoc tDtffj mercte. 
^cre 10 no to^lfol rnurtier te;ougbt,toft(cl) arcttj Mob againc, 
nAndrugios tm\tt ma? balacD be.^artage ttitpes out biie fta^ne. 
Pro. ^atre SDame,} fa § natnralt ;eale , fbou beared to Andrugit, 
<anb foa tbp fabe (not btsberartjtbts fauoar furll 31 Q^otoe: 
39 toFlI rep^tue btm ?et a txib^le,anb on tbe matter patofe, 
So mo;roU)e (oa QtalUt^tence baue>a fre(^ to*pieaDe W tmit- 
-y^rK/tcictcate m? cftarDge,bntfta8c*/^»<ir»gw, 
tianttlltbat?ouintt)t8bebalfe,mo;eofm? pleafors &notue. 
Shri, itopilperfo^me^otirfDsU: \ 
Caf. £DmofftD02tb?^agtarate,mrreIfetbrtb2«(l3ii(tf;|> > 
€aen fo; tbts Irtle Itsbtnins ^ope,b)i)tc|) a$ tb? banbes 3 fin^e. 

i^oto to?1 31 go ano comfoif bun, tobieb bang? ttoijrt bcat^ < Ufe, ^^it 
Vto, !!^appietetbeman,tbatmtoB8«tbcloueoffacbiain<fe, 
31 Do pi»oteli,bir mooeS tDo^bes^ batb iD;jaugbt in me a ma^e. 
SCbougb ^/t be ratre,1be i& mt beae^t^tintii gari(b (betoes f o;t ga je, 
^ir betDt(etnreg>btr{i)o&e0eutoff,fono(nte0 tDtt()cfiaabtroam> 
£» ©Ob 31 falc a robatnc cbange.fbat botb m^ frabome cbapne. 
TObat otoff tbott fap?8e Promos Se:of bir aaotbe fbe tbougbt, 
anb fo a tDtIl,ms otiter tnxt& tD^li cure tPliat lone W^ tn^ougl^e. 
Comealiiaje, Sxemt. 

Jctus,i,Scena.^, , 

PWi4*,Promos offyccr,^rii^4*,and X4/>rf* PromoteisS. 

pHal. 3^s traff B f rienoes abont poor bnfincffc aratgf)(» 
., Wtt5fBmplc{botoe8,8b«r fubtttefjieamnffsbagfc: 

The Hiftorie 




p2omofca!If3ulf8, tjpwfompoffiicsv 
SSt'Cij ^urKC me !ore,tl!e &fi^nli«rs to fiecrei 
Gil. llut^.tffgnfee latoe breakers let me atones, 
3 !)auc c:gc0,lot{l loskc into a a.^Ulon^ 
Phal. (©otj a mcrcj? ^>«pAv. 

Ra. atwjamfofubtTjtIficbtcDJfr&tDe, 

ad 31 tbebcr? tt)oug|)t«(of meneobnota): 

Gri. 3|fa^tf)/?rf/'4Ar,tot)att6oHgbttbptoifctDbajtb«> 

ffi^o t?e to itb tbc i>j«eft,b^ mgW il«lc from tftoi 

Ra. S^arr? fKie hnelUi^ou ano 3 tuere 8trquarr» 

;atiott-aIl1»efeH tobIo^0,(l^et»Dp;epar0> 

SEo arme m? beaM» niaf tb tbi? bojneli k;olt)i. 

Gri. (SoeoaH»«i&naaeUittbtl)i^» 

Ra. jttap foj i?oui 

Fhar. ^0 barinei0t)»ne,^rei$1)utbroU) fo; blofo* 

3i5F;06 of a fetter, beft 6retosctber» 

SCben (ike partners, about roar marbef Qoe> 

i^arrotDetf 8DeU>><^o& fetttfoo f»w« tuetber; 

Gri. iFarrrotitDeilsfb^tatAenpeare, 

laBttb td tbiti b}iade fi^cbe filOome b^oetb fquarr. £««mn. 

Pli»l. s^rrp (^;,toelfarean offke.tubat fomeeoer it be, 

2Cbe t)erp countenatime.M great^tbongb Qenoer be tbe fa, 

3 tbanlse mp goD AibjO Promo$ not»,Bl am an ofl^tsr maoe,. 

9n fbotb mo;e bi? bai^tben Defact jtt reer-etbeftfa^Be: « 

j^o fo;ce f02 tbat,eacb1^?ft f«2 ene, fb; Phdlax totll Borfo^ 

WeKTare s'beao ran falte b»<i?me,nai? loatcb fo; time 31 troto; 

31 fmpie to tb^^e of m? felloteeff, boto feme b;aiie tt,romeJLpaisbt». 

SnBtbin&eretDarOjtbere ferutcc ta0,tDitboSceo drifts to^tbac^bt 

sasben tbe^poje foolesjtn trotb 00 falle a m^le tpon aocotmt, 

^Qi flatter? ano reraefltple(ing,are mz^nts to mafje men monnts 

Jl rpeabe on p^ofe, iioiO Prom^^f , 3 baue pteaieo mans a ba?» 

^etam 3 nettber leameD,trne,no2 boneS anp toai?^ 

daBbatib^Is fo; tbatjb? toit 0; foi?le,3l bane an office got* 

^1? fo;ce tubsrof euer? Ip(ence,tuarrant,pattent, parpo;f« 

l,eace,fsnc,fe?i«r <:«r(r«,pa0 anD repa0«4b;joogb Phsllsx banM^ 

B>iro;D;eo perfons b;^ tits UkMp (fcape from /»/<>/ baitbfl^ 




0nd tDdfbrcburieo fo) to p;omot«,3 ntrta baae (etainotht, 

Sbatli bansti ^00,00 fone toili rinell,tD()erc ffatntc b;caftf rs Ittrl^f 

0nt) if tben come.tvitbin our (Dr^pe.Ute means to ff ripe tbcm (0, 4. 

98 (if tbe? feape from open tliame)tbeir bagger toitb to Q^all goe. 

Sno traS me tbisitoe offlicer«tOf tbis mplbe monio are tD;i>ngbt«. 

agree tDttb b0iano fure ?oar (bameb)? to fl^al not beronsbt' 

X5at (oft a W)fle,ji fee m« iLo^ lobat makes bim lotoje Tai , 1 

3 U)eU intrntit into Itia Cgbtyptrbap0 bi0 grate to bnoto. | 


Ph^Ux, Promttt 

PRo. QlScn mette7M/'(x>3 long bane t0?l(tfofl(|OfDf* 

a caafe to tbee tobicb none but ] i;et knoto. 
Piial. f^s^ on m? Lojb,a bappf m^n toeare |: 
Jfanp toaf.f oar totO) 31 conlo raptrfpf 
Pro. ifainc tnoalo | Tpea^e, bat ob* « cbrU^ng feare* V ' 
(2Dbe caie is racb)aiahe0 met from fpcKb f0;beare. 
Phal. SDbefe too;bes m^ Hojb^^iDttome eoer bane bene toff) 
i^oto mabc0,me tbintte.tbat ?oa mp trctb miCraS, 
S5at ceafe farpect.mi^ topU toitb ?onrf (ball gr«, 
mibat ro (0; againS tDbome)i^r beating be: 
Pro. agatnff a U)tgl)t of rmaUaccoont It is» 
SMi set J feare.Hl (ball m? pnrpofe m?s: 
Phal ^eare not rag iLo;De,tbe oloe )9;oaerbe b(tfb fa^ei 
^aenf barts botbfteaIeras}el,abpes felbatoa;. 
Pro. ^at^eiLao^esiaDfno&abruimelonef 
0nb set a^e (are,as co^e a»tbev tD?l p)oae. , 

Phai. 3tbougbtasmacb>(oaeb]?bto;mentsottC9. 
S5ut tobat is (be f bat bare fai^ protmtma 
Pro. g>i)e tobat one tmS^n topll b;eabe ^tb I r«> 
#p toioiss t)ntoares,batb (botoen tubat gr^netb ma;: 
^ tilssnnb is racb>as lone matt be ms Uacb^ . . 

Plial. ^^jonrg^wSe./^worOTwwijt/wa*-; "■ ■■''■• ';•■?." 

2nttfo>^p;aac,1out!0touuefNresftjctDife, ■ 
&ct SadaHfon ait^ i^^te>»,beft jrtottrt^B: ' •: .^p' ■• . 

anDbotblra'Bbptftt'latDtBloac&itJOcHifc, ' v' 

Mlbicb p;aue£ in l(nie,acertatne sootjeo It>e3. 

flnD ©oDDeo rule Bcarelp,b? IniftomE from t6c f fe^ca: 

Wfjofetusls (ttjtnbeBf) aret»iOUgl)tbeabt%VDifc. 

3n DffiDc Dithnc, 3 tbinftc Iohcb toojfemg iff, : 

irrom rcafons bfe,tn tljat m? rentes fSwarac^ ^ 

Sn pleafurc pa<ne,in paipnc 3 f^nuc a bl^ITc, 

£Dn tDoe 3 fttb0,in flgbt of fflBbe 3 ftcaroc: 

ffil)efcarangccfifttta,bi?4oiiearctoBisD4n'm*j " 

spp t&ougbts arc bo«nO',^el 5«»? frffe am free, : 

Phal« mell m|»,©(qi) ILo jS, taipj (toftb JparOftK fongft^ " ; :.'. Vi 

mibo D&c mat^6*f,t^d«Sa*!)'p»iir l^^'atJloomfe tojioagbte :.x . >' ' 

Pro. 2CbecFa»»ij>ictffwb{aBS'fpsbt«^toe: • ■^^v-^": 

&rffn" tftc ts,f Bampireo -^'/'"*g«»- 

Plial. ail tl)ebctteihj;^outfte game bofbgtfc. 

SCbe p;ouerbc farfb,«?)W liri? tB^Ubnto femBr, s • • 
3fitbctruetbtB(omtejfItt)m3''p*i»<?t Hi*\,.(i ... Bic^CiUi. 

CaJfandrasntOi is asmVUtfittSythyiky ■'' ' " '' f- .:- ••-• - 

Si:bcntoBnflJ*ffoape,(tnc!)fefe)tobmiLoiD58Bra?lc. *- 

Pro, fl:teMntrarp(fb?ongbfeare)bofbtDo;fecmsp8?rt«i 

ifo; in ber facejfneb wDDetfr bofi) raignc, 

Sfl cuffea of loaing fatc5,toiftb«baacotftia^ne. 

Phal. «?!lljaflouclDrllnot,nt«effit^ftaUga^e^ 


Pro. tMii&tisitbt(i,^»dru^'^fmtb'<ett 

ere 3 am futt,bi3 f^ttiew lOHCto gcffTf 

Phal. flppiotitttglLojb.T^rflfrtjftmitnwanwndfW; 

JButif !?outoiMfe»Obrre'trifcict«*fgoe: •> 'v >i. u.c, • 




Pro. ssaffbr^gWgofto^lWwfacbmuficfeitcfifg, 

Jans.iScena,^. -^-^-^ - 

;1fficW"4«^tt^,'«ntfcagreate many ropes abouglit / 

'■'■■•' • , .hisneckc,' ; 

Tl^etotnD is ^U^lo^ts no mans g«ine» fo; ctAtt ^ nkie not care, 
^erc <5 n?ne anoftD«nt^ ftitw of apparrcll foj m^ (l&are: 
ano fomc bcrI«t)^uerpg(?o>^?fPttani>cf6 fijecafc, 
a« Hi^rttier gfofc'*»^n,nQ3f6<6icr lbi«,'Pr9W»wfi^etDef!) (©race. 
jBflf 3 marartlTnnct) poo^aaJBWjfbattbc? arc ^ahgeD fo foonc, 
SCbcp tnerc toontjto ftarra oa? oj fiDO,nbto fcarcc an after noonc- 
2U tbc bttter foj tfte tan^man,^ parDona MaftcD foie, 
MoulD cntters rane.totjofe tlotbes are goo,] nen«r fearb t{ie po;?;^ 
^eare are ne^ jrBpe0,b»tB ai-e mi? feiiota,3h faitb f^;^ fliipperr, 
attatt w JOofe,biti) mg (j/^m«,3 mtane to ^oes caflfe 
C^nne tftone 3l reao tlisf o;tune b; tte ^a rvmas faff, 
SfTg. a tpsp^tDliatat^ ts^t0>to ik men goe !o bartgt'ng^ 

Sixe pnibners l>oii»<l<^ with conJes,Two /3r<ir^/?;r;,one 
}VorMn,one lylce a ^i^tm»t the wft poore^(»g«,a Pr**. 
•'''*"'-' ;ffor, with otheirOdyccrj. 

'^^^Ithharteandyoycetothec O I-ordfr, 

At latter gafpe/or grace we crie: 
Vnto our fittcSjgoodGod accordcj 
"V Vhich thus appcak,to thy mcrcie. 







Forfakc vs nar, In this diftrcfTc, 
^ V hich vnto thcc,our finncs confeffc: 
Forfakc vs not, in this diftreltc, 
Which vnto t hcc,our finncs confeffc-. 

^Ac. ai fo;t8 of men beloare bs tis,iDbom p;e(lt beatb lUTauIff , 
Lishe tn ?oar cmifctence labat rou Snb.e ro;oU) fo; ronr fauU«: 
dBifample tabe b)? oar frcfl^ barmes,fs bere tbc fruites of p^toe* 
31 fo; mi? part Dgferuco beatbtlong ere m; tbe£l toasTptoe. 
^ carcles peatbi (eat, leaD4iU)}te,Uutb enerte pleafing toi»t 
/^ote U)ell ms ta)o;O0,tbec are of loojtb-, j^xaafe tboagl) me amios« 
&bun to be p;antkt,tn peacotbs p(ume«tfoj gaje ivbtcb onl? are* 
^atc,bat«,tbe Di?ce,euen as tte btnell. of toantoa Barnes belnare; 
SDbere,tbcre,iDer f ber^ facht ms tDeltb>tDbat foloibeb tbf in naOf 
31 was tnttttb? latulctf men,on tbemtlb fpo^Ies tofetBe. 
^no nufleo once in toicHeo D(ese$«| fearo not to oSenbe, 
if I om bao, to b)o;re,aflO tDo;ft 31 feil.^i tuoulo at leisure menDe. 
3i5ut Ob ptefuming oner mucb^tl^Uto efcape in bo;'^* 
^r fnultee tsere founb,ano | aoinbgDt,to Cotter in « rope: 
SCO iDbicb 3 go f»itb tbefe mi? mate«,li6eU)ire fo; b:eacb of latsef* 
if 01 murber fome,fo; tbeenerte rome,anD fome fo; litle caufe. 
Cll5etDnre Dtxre firenbs of qnarelling.tbirS fpotU of no mas b;eaf bi 
■R^cl^iier. jgjjjjj^ gpgj^ jjiojj^ ) (ftgeoing blmo.bntimclie cattb ftr? beatb* 
A woman, y Vo. Sj^atbes I tuomen,fl)anpiioc,« Ootb. tbt notes of eucrp feicc, 
' JT ^eoeatberelo5,toilfl(»etotbeirenD3,(DobgraatitmahcpoHtoife. 
ui jcop»g Q^^^^ „(,^3j GtpMHiWX a mort koaae,fo? toant of companp.' 
satcbpoic, ji5c crnttie man,t H't^gmsn aralgbt,Ujil reatie if ojf unw toitb fb*. 
Prca. Witb tbi» tb? ftoffing fpeacbigooD friemxffeno bim not, 
^ts tault« arc rco?geb,tbtne fcapc(pcrbap6)tljat 09 oeferue bi« lot* 
Rog BjcfoB fane me,3 am catr.foj a purfc foitb tbiteebalfepente. 
Of. JEXfpatcb pjatinjj knauMnb be baiiflb'^ ^^ towe toggii^ftra. 


The prta 
yl chur- 
liiih oficer. 

f They Icyfurablje depart fynging.Tbe frefi^)>tr. wluC' . 

p cring fome one or other ©f tlie Pnfonaj flyJI in the 




t,»^Ourrecrctcthoughts>chouChrift(Jofl:knowci TUy^i' 

V Vhomc the worlde, doth hate ia thraiU 

Yet hope wc that, thoa wilt not foe, 

Oa wliorue alone, we thus do call. 

Forlake vwiot, in this diftccflfe^ 

VVhickvnto theciour fioncs confefle* 


Actus, i^Scena^u 

pRok S)o tol^atl can,RoreaPoncooIes t>eBt$t 

* K\)t ino;e 3 ftrtne,ms fottoeaffetfesfa tAine: 
SL^ botter (ob } 3 fffile, « burntns 8rs 

WLit^in tnp bieaflUaainttbougiiite to fo;ge«nO friime> 

# Grarms effcaes.of bltnbe aff^tfeb lLone» 

if rom tDtlDomes patbes»tDbub PotbAltra^e our loiffeflt '^ 
Mbiti) ntahes t)0 baant,t%at tDbtcb piir liof mef Dot tj inone», 
fliidmetre l]?be,tl)e Jf enecCtticiu 8tte0t 

fiiabitb C^abc0 tiitt!^.<oior*tDbai1nc bo bticnr likeftt* 
<E^nf n fo in tone.tDe treere.tb2oag&xbiUing feare> 
ttZXbcn 08 oar barte0,ootb fr?e tDitbWtbeiire: 
isibat fatbe K^lijbetod&trtciie fitte«,notbin£^are: 
3n roli);ell iiooe,(onie ftoeete M eaer Ttubt. 
SLbe letter finoetb peate, in fDjangling (trife* 
j^a ebat if patnt.tDece fVombts {>Ua(nre pbtcMt 
Sl^bere t0erenol^eaiten.ttbetolbe%^oaer4»Ure» 
IBnt inbe ttanbe Bto pledbe,tb(tr.ioise (u tDOic 
anO r«ll tinfait.or bir 3 tptO) to baae» 
S knob« not tf C/Ajl^m^M looe^; no« 
JBnt vetabm^te,^ graimt not tobAt 3(«raw^ 
3^ 31 bensce. to tiir bjotifsr Icf^to fiiiK: 



ij!^lqht ^ifbjofbcrfi life, fee mtitlitDT'lIinabcljtryccloe, 
ff>al}ers 3p?onii(ctben,tolctl)irbjotberl?t!e: 
mbt ^atJjfojcctnoagb.tomafecbiratettjefietoe. 
^ ' Eb&uatbougbfiite fa?le,nC£efftl:cCballto^n, 

£Df iLo^sUc rulcjtbc conquering potocr i« facbs 

3l3ut (ob ftocctc Cgbt) fee Vubere D^e enfere in, 

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Cajftmirs, Prtmos* 

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herfelfe. S5atIcattDcfract,Dotbra5feanetoannoTe, 

3 noUie toiU feebe to tarne,to bappe bis bope« 

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iliotue in m^ rute,(3?oD graanf 3I mavtflniit grace. 
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l^is latDlcs Ioue,to mabe bis latofnU toife. 

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o^Tromos and CaJ/andra, 

SCftc'tuojJu to« tbink, Ijoto ^ ?oa! graut bint grace on caufc, 
anD tobcrc caofc (e,tbcrc mere? IfeouJO abate tbe fojte of latocB. 
Pro. Cafaudra in tbv bjotijcra mtt, tbou ball fajoe toftat ma^ be 
atiD fej tb? faftie,it tB.if 3 ooe fet ^ndrngio frees 
&ljo^£ tale te mafee.tbu bcautp bafb.farpjrftS 8"^ c to'fb 'o"^' 
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and quite fnbOuDc bp Cupidj miffbt, naoc mafecs ma fac foj grace 
SEo tbtt (f/'j^^i WM.tobicb bocft boloe, mp freeDeme in a lac?. 
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Cb^ b^otbere Ufc.anD all tbat elfe,nia? toitb rb? liising gr ee. 
Caf. flito map it bc,a laDgciimfelf.tbc felfc fame fault OjouSD i)fc: Caffadra 
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lienoteneD &o;De.pou tfe tbts rpeacb( j \)opt)vow fb^ail to trpe, 
3f otbctiDtre, mp b;otber0 Deare 3 tDtll not bpe. 
Pro, i?aire SDame mp outtoarb inlvato tbougbfs beli);a)?, 
3f poa mtftruft,to fearcb mp barte.tooalD <BoD pon bao a ftape. 
Caf, Sttbat pou Iotie(a8 To pou Tape) tbc fojceof loue pou Itnoto, 
Wbicb fcalt, in confctence poa fli)OulD,mp bjotber fanonr (^otD. 
Pro. 3nDoabtfaUiD8rre,onep;i(onerftill,ootbfctanotberfra. 
Caf. Mtibat fo toarre (eebesiioue tinto tDarre,contrarp is^pou fer. 
t^ate foftretb toarre.Ioae cannot bateitben mape it couet fo;ce; 
Pro. %be llouer ofte foes to bt0 foe. ano finoetb no remojfe: 
fiCben if be bap to bane a belpe,to iopn bu f roioarbe foe, 
%a bime a faile,3 toill btm bolDe.tbat (etji fucb bantage goe. 
Caf. caReU,tobe(bo}t4mpfelfetDp£Ii)pe,ere3mpbono;ftaine, 
^oti bnoto mp mintie, leaae off to tempt, pour offer0 are in^baine. 
Pro. HBetbtnb pour p;tce inongb 3 porcbafe flveet poor loue, 
tAndrugiot life fufftrDalone.ponr ffrannscnes to remone: 
fCbeWbicb 3 0raunt,tDitb anp isealtb tbat elfe poR lopll require, 
^bo bnpetb loue at fucb a rate,pape0 toell fo; b>0 befire. 
Caf. ^oPrwno/jnOibono^neuerafbalneiiifipebefoloe, 
l^ono; farre Dearer is tben lif ctobicb paiTetb pjice pt golDe: 
Pro. SCO buie tbis 3oell at tbe rall,mp ioik 3 map tb» maite: 
Caf. ifo;t}nfurebope,tbatpareIcjipearIe,3neuertoillfo;fa&e; 
Pro. SDbefe f ntes feemes ftrange at firll 3 f«,fDber wooeftp beares 
a f berfo^c toil fef boton mp topll,i foj bir anftow ttapc. (toap, Te hmfiif, 

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Fay re C<i//<iu»^r4,tbe iucU of my ioyc, 
Howe lb in tak^fecines flraunge to t!iee t 
Tiie fame well waide,thou need'ft not be fo coye. 
Yet for to giue thee relpite to agree, 
1 wyll two daics hope ftyll of thy eonfent. 
V Vhicb if thou graunt (to ckare sny e[owd«s of care) 
, Qoth'd like a Pagc(fufpect for to preuenc.} 
Vbco my Court,fome night,fwcet wendie repaire, 

2C^l t\izn aoa^itdon tWt m. tuo;t)?>tn U)0;&js per fojm'9 Q^alf ffnD. 

Of.if aretoel my> ]lc;d,l)at tn t^i fate>^ou botles toaH poBS !Dtn9 ; A 
C<i^»</rrf,^moaftn^pprifobu£ttaeBerietoog, (Q?otB^ ' 

tI2I bat t6gae ean tcI,U)bat tboogtr^ c6cetQe,lDi)at pen f ^? ^r tefe ran 
iMIbom to rcargetil^atare, beauc « tartb,oobeaped of tb;al o.:Dam, 
Wbofc tDo;D8 in ioalte.tDbofc tDo;hiS are lott, is^ofe li^iOjes arc tn 
SDbattobtcb to otfecrs tofe^t palDs,isofb eanfemg bcn^cbeer, (bain. 
31 meane mz beatstte b.:eE;t)€s tn? baI«,tDbub mane ^olo fo Dare. 
3 iDoal&e to C&oo tbat btnDc elfe lubere.bcSotDed bao rbts btefe, 
Sp? trertnes tben bao tojotigbt r?n;arO, mp I&apc noto giaes ^ gafcs 
S!:bt3fo;mero prowo/fierdtottb iLone, asUitfiwmcannotquencb*. 
^is liote QcGrejtijll be InSt tn Vintu (eas batb B;eticbt. 

A t thefe wotdcs ^4«ia mud be rcadie to fpeake, 

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^Caf. pcDje Gania bia ocatb ala0,ficrre if ojtonc hatb DctraDt 
G9* l^w Dcatb:<Bob fo?b¥0,aH bw bopc ftoolB turnc to furb ftirceffr^ 
^oj (ffob0 fakcrto an« cotnfozf btoMl foiratee bis o jttr^c, 
Ca£ 3 neebw mott go,altbo«gb taitb beauu cbare. 
Gi. J&tr,ie«»rftflcrC«/WMi«bcre» ^«//; 


ofTromos and CajJanJra, 

Anitn^ioeutcfprifiH, Ci(C3aixacntheft4£l, 

AN, ^Cafandr4is>Wnct3es,QaiUfi6tOioiat{ 

Csf. aU tt)ingcs toncIuDe tbr Deatb A>tdrHii$i 
|9;5Pparc rtr fclfcjto {)ope it toarc in tainc. 
An. sp^DcatbjalaglDljatra^fcDtbisnetDfiifoaBKW 
Gaf. i5o£3utticc jcalf , in iuicfecD pr*«»« r«rct 
An. ^tDffif cfl&otD tfcc caufcS! mutt t!}is Drome inDarc' 
Caf. gf f bou ooll Ituc 3i mud m? bono; iofe, 
antl? raunfnmc jg.toprow;/ fl;!^lp to^ll 
SDtat 3 00 relDc:tticn to^ict) J rattitr tfcofe, 
Mitt) io^mcntfi (^arpe/Oi^ fclfc Ijc grff iI)onlO J^^Us 
S;^ns am J brnf,tIjoa faS tt^ ccatt) at t)an6) 
^ tvonto mp f tfchioulo f^tifgr Ot? !>;(» 
c<«j74«<ir4tbcn,tc^a[ocancell foinc tbr bane. 
An. ant) mav it be a BioOge sf bt^ account. 
Can rpot \)is minDe,lQDitb ImsHi^ !oue o; luQ; 
3l5at mo;e, map %z fioomc an? fsalt tnitt; Qratd^ 
IKRlitn in fucb faatc,&c finO(s itimfcife tntali. 
^rfier, tNt fnife men lone toe oftsn Te?, 
0nti tDbere (one rule?, gainS tbo;nes Dott) rsafon fparne« 
S5tit tnbo fo loueo, if 6c rciccteD be» 
^i» paSing IoQe,to peeuiQ) bate toill tarne. 
S>8are fitter tben, note boto m^ fo^tnne ffanH*, 
SCftat pr«»w/ !oHe,tbc IiUet« oft in We: 
ana ctb be craae.tbis fetnDnc(fe,at poar baniw, 
SLbtnbc t\ii» , if joo fei5 pleafurc Do rifufe. 
S in bid ragc(po;c iDjcfebjlfeaU Cng pwmw. 
^er e are f too eutUt,tbe bjff barCe to Digctt, 
JBut tubcre 80 tbings are Djiucn bnfo ncceffifp, 
Ebere are toe bsD,of botb cttBte cbof« tic teatt: 

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Caf. an9 of fl^cfe eutla.fbc Icaff,3i bdB is ucafi), 
s:o fliun tDbofc Dart.tae can no meane oeuire, 
Pet bono; Iraes.toben oeatb tatb Done bis tDojff, 
Ebus fame tbcn l??fe is of farrc mo;;e emp^jfc: 
An. j]5ap C*ffar,dra,it tt)ou tftp fclfe fubm^t, 
2Co fauc mp prff»2o/ flcaSblg topll, 
jHJltce ui^u fa\|,tbou 00ft no crgme commit: 
^c; in fo;a fanltcs it no intent of pll. 
Cad. l^olD fo tb' conftruco in cfff nee, 
Xbe P;ouerberaies>tbattenne goDturncs Ipe DeaD, 
ano one tiH oabc.tcnne tpmcs bcponDe pretence, 
Bp enuions tongues, repo;fab;oDe Dotb rp;eaO 
Andrngio fo, mp fam'e,(^all baUetueo b*, 
I>ifpite \a'^\\ blafe mt? crime,batnot tbc caufe: 
ano Vows altfjougb 5 fai'iie toouto fct tba free, 
poo;c toencb J feare,tbc grppcof flaanberspatDcs. 
An. ^ar rtueete OQer mo;e Qauntier tooalD infante, 
i^otir rpotles !pfe,to reaue^oar b;otbcr0b;eatb: 
casbcn pou baue polti^e, fo; to enlarge tbe fame, 
^nce in pour banOes.Dotb I?e mi? Ipfe.anOfieatl;, 
WSHa^ tbat B! am.tbe felfe fame fled) i^ou arei 
SHbinhe Bl onr e gone,onr boafe toil! goe to tojack: 
l&notoe fo;cei); flaunDer neroenot care: 
iLcDbe roa fo; blameaf | qnailr tb;oas^tourlactt. great ertremtiie, 
Bf otber iDifctbis foome 3 could reaofae: 
3 tnoato not rpare,fo2 an? icberOrc: 
SCo free tbcc toencb.from tbifl fame beaai? ^obe. 
^ut ab 3 rce,eire,no toai? (aues mplife. 
ano f ct bis furtber tbp confenf , 
l^e fa?oe,be mape percafcmabetbee bis totfe* 
and t'is libelie,be can not be content 
tzaiitb one nigbt0 io^etif lotre \^ after feehe^, 
anD 3 tiiftbargt>,if tbonalofetbenbe. 
]l5efo;e be lofe tb? felfe.tbat fo be leebes, 
^0 bougbt bat be^tomarrfaseitDcM asref. 


Caf, m 

ofTromoi and Qajptndra. 

Caf, anu (ball's fficbe (0 ffoape, fo prcOTo/ tojH, 
R j&inccmBbJotftctiniopctblpfctbercbv? 
1: ^^calibougb if wtft mp crcDif feyli, 
' Cre iW be C^ould^nt]? fdfe iDonlD tWt f o D]?e. 

spp e//m^rMg>#,tabe comfo;t in diff refltc, 
; cv<j(^r4i0b)onnc,tbcraunrome great to paye, 
M j|(Dci)(are(^batt),t()i?tb;alDometorcIcace: 


jfaretoell,3! mafi,mr tirgtns tneeDes fo;rakc: 

ano Ipfcca page,to vromot UioOs repawc f *»'. 

An. jpegcDDfiftertodDoOjtbeebctabe, 

S£o tDbome 31 p^apttbat (omfo;te rbangc tbr care. 

y pW/4x alone. 

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Cnen notD be reemes(tb;oagb bope)to taff e oettgbt, 

anDSraigbt(tb;ougbfeare)isberebeclatoc0itootbnofsfcb< i 

l^eina(ietbaoU),fira^gbtUiap0tbemanootbGng. • ] 

(a6gbtiiirootb>fmreetnel?fo;buage:) '^ 1 

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^utf na^, bis rnle,tbts Mtt^morphos maDe* J 

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38,nottocbecfce , but p;as(e great mens aQip0) 
3 finbeittrue.foi feotbing pr«m«4 ^aine/ 

TheHiftorie 1 

MhiU fatsonr lutttilnn S0D,3I SO) fo; gaine: i 

(ifo; CDrace tD];ll noe b^it alioa^es at m? bac^^} 

SnD as 31 banDe,6oD if o;tune,ra: 

l^cre corns p^^//4jf,an& <7ri^4x, bat lobat'atbiff 

as far^e banofcIliCoO graunt it W, 

S^lie !{tiaue0 b;ing a C8ftoinan,C0r<im no^i>« 

ABu5,7^, Scena,6. 

9fPhall4x,gr$pMx,Ra6Mc,i BtMl^md one with a browneBy!!, 
bring in £(iM»M,ana Resh? hir man. 

L A . SCeat e not nvi clotbes mt> f Hentis, tber (off ntoje tti^asrea 
Bc.SCu0),rontoofl)albaaeablelD; tbrretaberoa no care 
Eo. 3f die tabe tbi? oflfer po;e fanane^tb? totfe luonlo Sarue l6 colo: 
Gri. QEaaciir^ttDbipping Oball beepc von tuartne. 
Phal. Mbat meanee tbrfe hnattes to rcoloc. 
Ra. ^aiSer eh*llMCf\oe finoe ]?ou <n goo ttmef 
a P/om&tt bere^toe bane b;ongbt aro;e rou: 
£Dne tfi be cbargOe fottb man^ a ivanton crime. 
VSabicb trtad tiHQitiutb p}*fe inoagb finDe troes 
fl bnane of Hrf ,tM; bane ffia?ed Ubetutfe, 
IBotb to be ;)f'O,a0 )?on OiKtU ts abaiTe. 
PhaL mabat call sou btrname^ 

Ra. LsmiM, 

Phal. iFaire2)anu,6eretolDb6f9c?onf8^^f 

La. «no;lI)tprnH&tr,mi?retfe3bappsreat{e, 

m^ttb patience tbat m? aunftoer f on Utill beare: 

%i)ete naugbtte men.tberc toojoes on maliice fpeabf) 

anft fo; tbt0 caufe.rl! to?U to me tbet bcare. 

3 (coinne to ltftpe,tbeir minotf tottb mone^ plaitt, 

Bjnieane to bcpe.mi* iif e from open Qame, 

l^ea, tf 3II?n'o,a0 lefobite af tbeijfare: 

]0nt J tbat fclfc tmfoo;tb?. blame: 

&b}unb not,to come imto m? tdallnotoe. 

ffl9{|tale(stoloe,conceBW«lBbetb«oa. „, , 


o(Tromoimd Qaffanira: 

^pcafeconfarcgrotmD.ltatttbatpoareapetljcf&aroe: \ 

SLtifc U);cng is grcat,an»crauf« great recorapciue. - \ 

B;otoatt!bcrt)oncftnanic,\»itl)outoCfiEn£C. | 

Gri. au /«/«<' fe^Jfotbrvng of berletoDlrffj ] 

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Phal. 2DofUicarcagainai)crtstbercan?lDiget# I 

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Phal. 3|fisfl^ets«jcncnfufptttonaai?Dc: ! 

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if rom c&amc of fter 3 tbcrfojc toill r?f feu fr«, .1 

sp? fclfc t»iH feartb ftcr fanltcs if ans b«> 

a CDoDs name ?ow mat; Depart 

ao?,3.fpeakc. C?oDbU)?feW. i 

G*i. 3n fucb ftarcs as tbis,l)cn«fojfb 3 totll ocgm, 

if 02 aU 18 bi«.in bis clatocc.tbat commctb in. Sxtmt, \ 

Phal. ifaF;cZ,4«»M,ancctbattoearc alone, ^ 

3 plainel? U)?U oifcoorfc to ?ou m^ minoe. 

3 tfjtnftc ?oa not to be fo cbalJ a one, 

08 tftat tow Igfe^tbis faao; ongbt to fgnoct 1 

^e fo;K,foj f bat, 0ncc tbat ^ou ftot fr4 goe, 1 

1!anpunil^B,tubofe life is ioSgtO ^U: 

|Nt «)inbe(tb,JouBb loaj jtbitf grac? f tie JaOge Dot!) ^etOj 

lano lone tuitb !otte oagbf to be anftsereb a^ll. : 

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Si:bcirlcU)i»eCcmp!2W(f«,U)it&gffl5ne(reofmvlpfc) i 

^our curtefr.'four better botb me pjone, \ 

3n tbat ^a f ooi!c(mr bonefl fame in ttr^fl?,) 

^g aunfiuerc fc; sacfjargj of tbctr report? ; 

ifo;itobitbg«bturne,3ati?ot}rplcafurcreff^ l 

%otuo^fecainenB3»tuani?bonettfojt: ^ 

Phal. atoa?iDttbbonctt?.?onranftoearrtftntinfwf|», | 

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La. 2!:;n;4),?ituarranttbee,3ianinotfotDl)Of, 

J^oorl-.jj': jarettr: ^.rtie^lr.foimetoconftcr. 

Phal. sr^'ntobeOi ',i'otir rare bctoticmp barf bafbtooonueBfo, 

as (f.T pour louc,bi,comc mc leacb) 3 furc QiallDw tnitb too?. 

La. J icc no flgnc of t!catb,mT?oar face to appeare, 

f3t? oat roinc Qfuall qualinc pou baue,p(tifHllE>itne8 fo feare. 

Plui. jf aire Lamia.truCc mc J fame not,bettmes beltota fom grace. 

La, Ciiacl!, ]|aDrait'!tfo,onelt0taarn[uetnpaarca(e. 

3 snxmatic^, fo t'lAt to fet pour loue on me loere batne: 

Phal. jt fuffifctb mcthat jj map pour fccrete fricno rcmaine. 

Rof- a holic l^o)De,niat(es nota jfrier benoute, 

l^e tuttl playe at fmall gante,o; be Otteoat. 

La. SEbougb fo; pleafure.o; to p;ouenie,tbere pjofers poa Do moue, 

^ou are to toifcto baOTaroe life,bpon mp peetDing loae: 

£Cbe man is patnbe Uittb pjefent ociitb.tbat bfetb toanton pleafore. 

Phal. Co fcape facb patne,tDtre men.tbefe lopegitD^boat fafpea ca 

if artbermo;e,3 baae ben(mp ®ir(e}a Latoter to to 15g: (meafare. 

3f at a ptncbe,? cannot tojeff tbe iiaio from rtgbt to lD;ong. 

La. nr latoe pou Do p;ofe(re,3 gtaOlte craue, 

3In a caufc 02 ttDo.ponr aDuife to baue. 

Phal. 2Dorerolnepou,toua)aUcommaunDemf Thsll. 

^iaiberfojc Ube frtenoep.lets common in gcoD topK. 

La. i^onareamerieman.batleaaetouaS, 

SCO mo^rotne ntgbt,tf ?ou iDtU be mp (C'eatt: 

Sitmv pcaie bonfe,i>on (^U mp canfes bnotoet 

iFo; gcDD caare,tubtcb 31 meane not bereto (boioe. 

Phal. caatUtnGlte,anDfo}tbat,baffecallesmebence, 

^? fotetpll tben,(i)aU remaine in fufpence: 

if aretDCll €lptnt,to mo;roU) Icobe fo; me: Exit. 

La. ^ourgoDtDcIcomeS^irjpoarbeftcberretDillbe. 

Bof. jtolDepoaearttjtbenatprcof pW/rfAf, 

^onev.o; faire iliaaomcn,too;ke8 bim as toape: 

0nD pet 31 mail commenD poor fober cbeere, 

$>ou tolDe poar tale^as ifa ^aint son toere. 

La« m^tH 

o^Tromos and CaJ^andra, 

La. «Rnell(mfc<:rafc,beUfa?De)botofo3(fflemaoiame, 
31 feareti once,a bleto golDne, inoulo baue bene mp (bjtne. 
SBut notuc tbat patne is fleaD,anli plearure bspes bts boloef 
3 bnotoetbat pW/4xiuill,ms ifame bencefojtb t>pbolDe: 

ai^o entertame ta)bic())!Dea(l,3i tDill fome bapntie cbeere prepare) 
^et ere I go,tn pleafant &ongi3l means to pargc m^ cart. 

<-^Aducpoorccarc,aduc, TbtSong. 

Gojcloyc foms hclples wrctche; 
My lifc,to make mc rue. 
Thy forces do not ftretchc. 

Thy harbor, is the harcc. 
Whom wrong,hath wrapt,in woci 
But wrong,doth take my parte. 
With clokcof right in ihoc. 

My faulteSiin-^uiriercapc, 

At them the Judges winkc: 

Thofe ior my fall that gape. 

To (ho wc my lewdneUc Ihrinkc. . ri, tn - ' ; ; , 

Then filly care go packc, , 

Thou art no Geafl for mcc: 
I hauej and haue, no lackc, 
Aad lacke,is flirowde for thee. 



C4ff*Hir4, appard!edlikeaPag«, 

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. The Hiftorie ^ "^ 

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flnb tbas I?be one mo;e glabto BEe>tben tgae. 

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2)<i/m* ZiiwMrMaiJcgoingtoinatJcct* 

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'"^ jbbe (irarbeoriate,of tDbippingtb^rc to fknetb 
flnb noine againe,botb gaUant,rre(I) ano ga)^, 
VBbo itUMlio flannte* it onMcbe L^miAt 
S laebie fHenoe( tbat bearetb (tpaTe) 
3l0 notne become.a p^oppe^of focb a ffa; « | 
STo bir (fob natnet a« lob^ <s bt bare.(li^: 
SCbat l<4mM boetb ofllmbe>nofDe ant> loaijr/ 
Sbiii^ir gob fdenbe,tDf 11 beb<r Ceatt tbto n^f> 
anb tbat be ma^ <n bis toelcomebelegbt. 
So marbet baffe, am fent to bn?e, 

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ofTromos and Captndra, 
JaHS,^,Scena,\, 2. . 

Prttms alone* 

pRo. 115? p;ta)re 3 8nt>e,no reafon coUit BeSre* 

"^ C4jf4miratt rute.raffirct) to remone 

^ UtDOe reqarSjbut contrar te,tbc Rr^ 

^ir ttites in8am'D,or luff, eno Bietn? i^iim» 

0nD baning tbu0,tbe conqaeS in me banDcd? 

^0 pja^'sr (ern'oe to fsojite refiratot in ma.* 

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yse ttet froitibeatb. all iubicb I boonoe toitb oatfitt 

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3 beepe m? bomi; : anO (ball Andrmtw lentt 

^Qtb grace taionlBe imr,tDitb bnfooiflfi;rend(>tatfr, 

SCO paroon bun , tbat opb eommte a SSape* 

SCO fst bim free ,3 to C«/f<«»</r« (inare; 

SlSat no man elft,t0 p;iate to sbe fam^y 

anorageof]Loae,ro;tboofanbeoatbf0n7n(jp8ri» ~ . 

^o;e tben are bept.toben gotten ia tbc game. 

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j^aive reafon raT>e0,tnto tb? crebite lobe: 

flno bairing tDeil,n)e ttrcomSaancw toa^be, 

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Si^bat fecrctelte Andrngio be bebeao, 

t»libf f« beab be fl^ali^tottti ti^efe fame t9o;be0 cotmmtib. 

^4 lEli 




To CaJfmdrayK Promoj p|oraift tf)ee, 
from prifob roe,bc ka^i thy Brotiier free, 


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3 monttcr mapoe no;i tbtfr.baue ttoupte to rw«.<./ laft, '• 
SCbc caafe toa« netftcr fute no; t'jareBjCouIo qaentb bie tofito tbnritt 
Mlbat clobe topi fcu(c mi? crimwmp confdcnec ootb attatt 
ano (ball Caf^dra nolubc tcrmco.m common fpeetbe,a ffrtxjesf 
»ball Qjctobofc bertacs bare tbe calio a biciouB barae? 

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alas fcto fapll gtue fai;tb3 fpnb,to fane mp b)otb«r«lpre: 

flnb fapntip 3 tbjougb prtf/Bo/- otbeB,o» bope to be b<« toife. 
ifo; loners teare not bote tppn a HaDpfapje* 
flnb baning toonne tobat tbep ott»; otbee no; iLADp core* , 
SBut be be inlt o; nOi | ioi^t/indrugio pet (ball Ipue. 
JiBnt aj>, J ftt a Ogbf ,t|jat ootb m? bart alonber rpw.. 

Giylax fmith a dtad mtmi head in 4 chMrgtr, Caflandr a, 

r]lAy. snbisp}efenttoilbe(!ralteHbnotD,tofa?;eC4//Sw</f4< 
^et if (be bnetoe as mttcb as 3.moa ftoete 3 bare tnell fap, 
Hn 00)0 fpme,ra tobere (be ootb iobome mp arranD tst 
Caf. flias bis baftp pace to me,(botoe« fome tobat it amps. 
Gay; if ap;e Cajfandra mp lLo;b ptcmm/, cpmmrnOs b^ Unto (b^, 
SCo bape bt0 tDo;D,tDbo Tapes from p;ifon be fenos tbp b;otber firsr. 
Caf. 3|s mp Andrufft oone to Oeatt^fpe. fpe o: faptbJcf tmff. 
Gay. yse qnietLaDSitato fbnno ^it (liatt,tti^ luas bis inogemft <al( 

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r oiTromos^niCaJlandra, 

Caf. tOTel mi? goD frtcnfl.fl&oU) Pr«ww tbtB.Once lato feaf b Don f fets 
i tbanb Mm "ittM looalo boacbraf on mc mp b;otbers beao, (Dao 
iLoe ttiis is all nolo geae me icaue to relo t)t0 lod^ alone. 
Gay. 3 lopll performs i^our tDilI,anD toifli) ron ceafe ?9nr monf . 
Od. ipate iuell. 

Gay. ) Tare bao (^otoen tobat 3 bad Dcne,ber teares 31 pttf teD fa, 
SSuttbat 31 U)a^De,tbat tnomen ff lD,oo Dpe Uittb grafe atiD iDoe, 
^nb It beboaes me to be Tecret 0; eirc mp neck berfe cun» 
Well nobi to pack mt* Deati man is bpe tpme Bl ran. 
CaC HI0 be pa(tGgbt>tbcn bane j time to tDaplemjPlDoes alone* 
t^ndrugio^ let ms ttiff tbp lippcs,prt ere 3 fall to mone. 
^ fDoalo tbat 3 couUt toaft to iDaO) tbtsbloDD^ face, 
Wi bicb fortune farre beronD Defart batb foUotaieO lottb Difgrate^ 
£p prom«/ falcc.anD moOt t)nfamDe,botb fpopla of loueanD rotb* 
^ frcmat tbou DoH tDouno mp bart,to tbtnhe en tb? tjntrntb, 
tPbofc plpgbtcD toarno tofralob,i tpojDB to tooijks fHtiaft 
©Ibr Boc i Ipoe bnbappp toencb.fptb treafon qaitearo^ trntt, 

£iDcatbDeuo2remeUi;etcbatonfe,rromtbi«fame1i)02liils ViU, 
IBut tDbp 00 } notfla? mp feircfoi to appeafe tbps Hrpfe; 
perbapB tDttnin tbie toombe of m^ne,an otber tr»m»i iai 

§1 To bs Deatb fl)albe auengfi of bim in martb;ing b<«> 

0nO ere 3 am affureo tbat,3 baue reaengo tbts fieeDei 

&ball 3 Difpatcb m; lotbeD life^tbat ba(t,tDeare moje f ben (p&t)e> 

^0 fremot tDoulo triumpbc tbat none bi« SDtrannp (boalbbnoio, 

i^o.notbitf iotcbeD fact of bu fo atgbtl? (ball not goe: 

Cbe king 10 iaC ano mercpAill,be ootb botb beaceanO fa ; 

&ffi mens Defarts.beare tbeir complarnt0,to JuDg^mitb equity. 

#5 toofuU cafe toitb fpai>e,3 topU tjnto bi« grace ai>D;cffe, 
ano from t\it firff.tmto tfec laft.tbe trutb 3 topU confeffe. i 

jbo frtmot tbon.bp fbat fame latce (bait loCe tbp bateO b;etb, 'i 

j:b;oagb b;cacb toberof.tboo tioa conoemnc ^ndrtitto tnto Deaifb 
i^ Doing ^et,tbe 1do;Io toitl fap 3 bjobe X>t^/«f latoes, (raufe.* 
JlBpt tobat of tbat^no (^ame is mrne , toben trntb batb (ftotone mg 
3amrerolacD,tbebtng(baIlbiiotoeof/'nw»winiarp, i J 

|?etm3soe,mgb/ot|ier«6eaD,3topIlingraa«)fcc. f*i/. 



Actus, ^Scena,^, 

QAy. Andriigtt,tayit\x\Qnt onrIiuM,fo;fblnitSpdtt?ooatDaf, 

if o; <lPoO0 rake to no Im ing frtriio,pour fafetp retbctojape: 
SCbe p;oaerbe ractbtttoo ma? b«cpe counrdl tf tbat one be gone. 
An. aOaretb?relfr»moff rattbfoirrteno,3tDplbeknotDnetonoti9i 
Co none alas, j fs mp (C4pe palbcs mee but fuiall relafe, 
CMf4Mdra.ann P«li»* tpijll oeftro^e tbetn(elne0,tuitb grafe: 
fiC();ougb tboagbt ^ J am oeao: tbep bmo ,to liue tobat bdpefb me; 
Gay.iicaue of tbcfe plaints offmalaaaile.tbanb <Doo ]t ^oa arefrie» 
5f 0} Coo it tt)a0, toitbin mp minD, tbat Dio ?oar Wit^ moue, 
SnD tbat fame <]Doo, no Doubt to? I u>02tte fo; iponr ann tbrir bebooet 
An.^olf faitbful frienli.i bope tbat <]6od,Idi?I tpo zbe ag poa Do fasi 
2nD tOerfo^e, to rome place bnbnoUine,3 tnrl m? felfe conuai^e. 
^'^'fr, fare toeltro; tbp 000 0atc>3 muff rema^ne ti)? bcbtcr, 
3ln meane tobt?te ?et recciae tbis g?rt , t?ll rojtone fcnos a better.* 
Gay. CDoD btD? ff },bat faepe ?omr manvj^onr neeb pou do not ttnoto; 
An. I pas not nolo fo2 fo;tun< tb;e«t0,pea t^ioogb bir fo;ce G^c Q|ol» 
anD tberefo;c ttfcb not to rec^ae t\A» fmale retoarO in part» 
Gay. 31 to^ll not (areJucb p;offrr0 Ieau;,t?s time ^n Doe Depart. 
An. bince (b tbon toiU.jl to^ibe gone aoae r^i fojtune fmiie. Exit, 
Gay. &p^rareTOBtoel,]tDi?f notfa?letop;asro; gontOetDDUe, 
^eU,3 am gt8D,tbat 3 bane rent bim gone, 
iFo2 bi; mpfaiiCb*) I?o'o in prrtoos frare: 
anD t!et <CoD toot, to fK bi0 b^r mone, 
taHben be OioalD D?e, tponlo ro2ce a man fo;be«re» 
ifrom harming bim,if pttts migbt beare fiM?: 
3iBat fa bob) <lDoD batb tp;ougbt fo) bi0 fafet?; 
a DeaD mans beaD.tbat ftiffinreo tb'otberoai'v '^' '^'^■ 

liNifce0btmtboii'btbeaD4btoBgbDattbt(itir* 'l'!'"^ 

^acb a iaff,g0O an» rigbttod»'<]Dofrif bs: 
aitboagb aUibfle be tettbeloitfccb ra^gne* 


I" o^TromosmdCaJ^anclral 

p 0n6 in %ii i?ymM ffejotoeB Vst fwaont Dotoite; 
I' 3 W. tbefc iDo;Dcs,tJpon fftw onclp tftongljf, 
» ibbaf pf-^mo/ long lits roa can not cfcapi^: 

tKQtbo !)att) in tboagbt , a to^lfull mnroer tDjouglbf, 
Wt)0 batb in act perCojotti a tDtcfteo rape, 

<!&ODd >V^II be Oone,lDbo tpcll tAndrMfie rpe((0, 

jaDnce toell 31 bope,to btarr of bis goD tcicfe;» 
I j^o; Cod fhoa tino&fcStnv conrctfnce Osotf^w o&oe* 
^ iano no ocOrt Qtmt lDo;lo(e mock* £>9^ 

^ JUus,^,Scena.6o 

i r)A. Brnso&rtoeefeftttbtBlfoarcBK&albefl^, 

I *^^tie(olonsitince3tomwtiet\s)eat, 
3Bat trdft me,i3}]plDfotoIe are fncb coftli; SfWtp 
j&pecial(?, tDoiiicolt«> out of reafon dcare, 
%bat t\)i» l)0Dre,3 ()ane t6e market bett, 
%o Diiac a bargai^e to m? mott pjofpt: 
Snb in tbe ntD 3 cbaund to (igbt on onea 
f$Tgt me as pat,u a pnooing p«pe /mm; 
^b^rmarbet maf aes.pap botone fo; tbeir Jimfti 

I 3l5ut tbat 31 bane boagbt,on mi? rroje i» fee. 

j QSIell fare crebtt toben mon^ cannetb (oto, 
iparri; ?et,1l3atcber0,tbe tobicb 00 crebit fo; 
(as mi:cb <Poo8 mcate, as tbcp fe^Iljroar percbaniitt* 
S5e gtab anb fapne at ber^g cobs f baance. 
laaibat fojcc 3 tbat; cocrr man CBrrfe lb; one, 

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Grimhall, D4ti4, cyther of thcmaBajket. 

qRi. fi5offeD4/i4,airia)jt)etDtffc^ou,3p2apc. 

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Gri. J&apttH)oumefo.t!)cnbpiremcfo;acqaamtaante, 
l^a. Jf 3 l?ac ^oar manbajoe, 3 map 00 fo pcrcbauncc. 

She fd/ncs to laokc ii Ins biskct. 

Gri, ^ate me an are, quotli 'B»ufton ^ILufb, four min&e J| fanotDt 

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Da> 3 Uiarrant tba 6>(/n^4//. bhcukcsoutaTvlntepuddingt 

Gri. LapcoffbanOc6l>*/«/«. 

^ou potutc me,if tbat pou got ,mr Iduooing atnape: 

t)a. jj2arQCDoru}eete,bonitp GrtmbAll,t[,iB}^awm^^iwmit, 

Gri. jcbetorreas gob gate btr.fojdicUiTll bate.} («. 

Ca3cU,mr nolon goo barte rote. J frrelie giae tbee tbu» 

HXpon conDition.tbat tboo gtue me a bps. 

Da j^ar, but firtt toad) ?onr lippt«,to»tb ftoeetctoater vonHalU 

Gri. miiv rcb toa* rptc no\n,fo j mv ^BuOttmg.bonr (toeel grimMx 

tSSlcll 'D4/M,poa totll donte To long, tpli (tbougb 31 fa^) 

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maberfoje fffltc Connp, euen a If ttU fpurte: 

Da. tape off banOeBfeir* ..;..'i r 

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Co me off 19pggefnte,pKfarrc mc not a iote. 

Da. tiasabattDOuKietbegflDbfolebaaef '-i 

Gri. aoabp.poutDojttobote. • -/ 

f^earbcinFooreare: ' ^'>•.'Vhi'|^,>'.ot^l■^f^ 

Da, ?ou tball tommaanuc, fo pioperaman tc are» : . ' '■: '•- ' 

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lUarp foi mp fabe, J UjooIdc be bcrie lotbe: 

feoii(DtilieabanD(oracman,aioalDlofe|jwbW. ^. ^_ 

vjri, #8i?i 



ofTromos and Cajfjandra. 

Gri. 0av-,foi m? beati.carciipt a flCinbWB f ojBe, 

fo; fo CoD tuDgcme,anD at oneba/c tuojDe: 
te lofe mp D0at^,^ea,ano ms great o^otone Cofoe, 
3 loue vou fo filtbtlte: lain ^e nouie. 
Oa. SCboa rmft tiaUanttte.notoe Oti^.anvclt tm: 
flnD tdou fl^alt qntcttlie bnotuctotjdt j tncane to 00. 
G(i.- ^t» b^ dlJoge fotCfto ptedfare tbee.pcb lball» 
mtb rT7ns.fp;tng,fisl)t anb plape,t()e oetol aw all. 
Pa. ^luOtliet 

CW. Csme finack tne, come fmack mej long fort fmouch} 
1)4. Go pack tlice,go pack thcc, thou filthie fine flouch. 

GRi. UrnrBbotoeJIoopfbeet 
Da, %bi8 can not ntoue mee: 
Gri. t0!it)rp}ette^Fgrnep,mi?barte,anDin?bonnsf 
Da. HBecaufe gohman l^ogefatt,cott toot toittfOttt monj, 
Gri. 3fae&emonF,cbpgraunt, 
Da. Vi\itnGrimk4ll aaamt 

Gri. C^'eniefoilont, 
Da. Crobe^an6e,i?bar jotDle m to great, fn^ Isbing to mooe. 
Gri< WUiatmtane^oubv^igi 
Da. SColeanet6eeb?g)?8. 

(7ri. Firft fmack nie,firft fmack> I dye for a fmoucli, 

D4, Go pack thee,go pack thee,thoufihhy fine flouch, fA9>, 

I r>K\, 'Srf/M.artetboa gone? tDbattDolffcrDctne foe* 
^i^ <DoD,(tiam reaote to rape m^ fclfe fo; tooe: 
S5e tialtaant GrimballMtU tb? felfe man; 
jpap.bum l,aDte,BI iutit not b; &atnt Jme. 
3cb baue bearoe m^ great dDranDfier fa^et 

1 ^atOeiDiiira?enare,anDtakett:anOfo(l^etnaSf» 
I antitberro;ecb?li>to{^tareaiBl.<(m»4, 
^ mith tbefeputioings,anb Cocb $^arofow,bc anbbst 
ani)intbeDari{e,againe,ccbtocUbtrfrce« Exisi 

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TheHiftoric "H 


I P^'*' 3 maruell tnucb fobaf too^kcftj fo mi?Eojt)jpr««w ftnrelli 

ii)er<ire5cistfntt)our(inoS)cutl0,tDcrcgnaU>tn8inbi£l)a,e9:i ',; 

j S:^f7rrci9 furc romcVuo;me of grtc'CttlifltDotbfjuiconrctcntentpii/;; 

I ifoi Once ^«fl!r«^i»-lottl)C0fteao,bcbat&lbangi)otunetbclippr.. .v.^- 

i^notrutbtotar.titsfaultisrucb asUiellmapgreueJiiftnEitilf i 
i:bG SDcaill btinrc If e coulD not haue troe.ei p;nttire mo;e bnbtni). 
SLbts is once,^ loaea; m^ Itfcas icell as be, (in&. 
I5tit(faT>K oaincs)U>itt) ber that loaes mee , 3 Deale tocU t£)ttb«tratt 
Witil, Uaue 3! noU) mp IL02D Promot,f)is otuneOeeDCfi to annftpere^' 
Z4M/4 1 bnolo IcDbee, aho Double IcDiiCfiitDben 3^com0 to Tupp^r: 
9tbousbta0mQcb:re«,torcelicma»bearetom£ibcr){lpUrqtatcr- , -^ 

Actus. ^Scena.z, 


... ■ ■ r ■' .-J" 

Rof. £) tbaf 3 coulD flnb S0aaev Phallax.tfjttutaf hume&ntfsm^ 
jaiiD bip roar le»at-, j4ndrugm (icatb> botb make mr mtffritf n»eate«' 

Plial. I^OUjnOto^wi^o? '''■'-' 

Ruf. 3ttpour?;fmpSpiffrwbofbfntrcaffr 
SLbat iDttball rpaoe,?ilar l»o;(^ip tiitU come atoai? to foppert .r< 
Srbemrafeanoallisreaortoretbpontbebo^oerp;. .".; <i 

Phal. C!^ramcrcpfo;tbppaT>ne0,3Viia{ieaencomtntn(iEtober. . 
BoC |9puaretbeb)dconiftmanalpaetober|bnotD, 
ano truft mee at ^our commaunoeimnt remarnctb pen;? £«;i«r 
Phal. 3|tt6boncai|? rapb.but nolo tdhnett .. 

HBBbatqualitpbatt.tbatJmaBljfetbai ;.io'"-f; 

Rof. jamallBarboar.anDtobentohpleafcO?^ ij-Eh' 

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Phal. iButbeareme.cantttbottbtaleagreenetDonnbiiielff 
Rof. pea.grsneanooulo. 
Phal, Eti^ti)t belt toere to 0lDel> 


Jn feme tfuall place oi ffr&fe, iBficrtsf dionglj frapw, 

SCboti mai?flbe Tet a tuo;he tottt) tooonOs altoapc 8. 

Rof. jtbanbemr^piartflSbauempbanDsfuU, 

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9nD ] truft &i?;,tf t()at roar uo^t^tp cbauncc, 

jSDo bape necDe of nt]? bclpe> 31 f^all carne cour mons* 


Plial. GLbat tbou Oialt f ruir: 

ffint frjra, tDberc Dtoclfl Z-<«wM? 

Rof. <£ucnbcarcrt!;,cntcr3ip3a?, 

Phal. scbat J tDpl furctf tbat mp inap be c!f are, 

Rof, |Pc5ar,bcrDai;wbcopcnaUtbcrMi"e. f^f^ww/, 

Polina, (/i&« maydty thai Antftugio 

pO. i>o/m<< curff * iDbat aame a Ii;ue batb caure of griefe Ifbe (t A^ 

MboCttionne b? loue)batt fsio tte fporle of tb? birginttc; 
0nD be fo; to repa^;e tb7fame,to marrv tbSi tbat boUiOe, 
3s Done to btatb fo; firff oeFrnce, tbe feconD tnenbs not lotoDe. 
dDrcat (bainc rcoounbs te tbtCi ^ ^oM^in Irani ng t)s in tb;aU: 
t^ndtHgto ano p</>>"( botbi<n bono2vn9 tbs btb falle* 
SCbou To Dt?Da tuttcb our toits, as Vue from rcafon ttra^cD qQ{0btf 
^;oiioc!'.t bp tb£e,U)c D^b bauntagc ofbcltgbt: 
S)eItsbr>VDbat bio Bl ra?;?na^ Dcatbibp ra(b anO fotole abure, 
Slas 31 Ciame to fell tbns mucbitboagb loue Doe t£o;be crcarr. 
j^o tbat(far;c Mtncs)from fucb acrrornts of barme« 
If o;clDarnerb rott,to beepe aiofc tbougb loue ^our barts do arme* 
^at ab "^oUntty lubctbcr runnes tbp tDo;Ds into abuUe. 
Mlt)cn otbers barmcs, tnfo;(i bp lone, coutb neuer mabe tbe lotfe. 
SCbe caufe is platne,f02 tbat in loiic,noreafon QanDs m fiabe, 
anD reafon xz tbe onsIi?mrane> tbat others baimcs loe D;eabe. 
Xl)En,tl)at tbe toojlo ticrcaftcr louc inferre nis r'U 
^indrHgios Jtombc Ipii!) DajlB \itKtSjVoUna U)0;a)ip lU^ll. 

if g ano 


0nti farther mo}e % \}0%)De,tDl)?lffi life in mk bofb foUtt \i}t% 
i^o one Ml Daunt of conquereD loue,bi?ni? t^ndrttgiosnent^t 
SLbefe ibameful totmtBADlfUli fo;S 3 iuere t()at men m^ faalt ma? 
Wbtlft tbat 3 Uae,(l^all (^ott) 31 mo;ne fo ; m? AndrHgw, (bnoto: 
31 tD^ll not b^Dc tbe f^arpeadiialfes.from fagreu ioojos 3I fenf. r.^ 
3 tDt!UnottrnStocareIesotl)e£i.U)btctiof(cniu?nconrent$ v . , \;? 
§11)^11 cut offocca6on0aII>U)t)tcf)bope of m^jtijmai^moDe, „. 
Qanttb ccafele0 teares i^Ie qnencb eaci) canfe.^ ktni>lett coles of loae: 
SnD tbn0 ttl beatb 7>0/m4 \3a2Vi effraanf^e ber felfe from to;, 
AndrugioX^ retoarb tbi? (oue lobicb oeo f t)V life oellros. £»>. 



Ror a&?;,infai?f6,fbecarei0aIfreQqut8bf> 
^ mtttris late tbat UneD in to^etcbeo plijjbt: 
15pti0 care aoue ano eaeri? caufe of fvoe , 
Sbe feare i0 fleO.lDbic&ntaoe ber fojrotD fo, 
^tter Phidlax ro Dnber p)op0 ber fame, 
00 none fo; Isfe Hare notp ber Ietoi>ne0 blame. 
3 fearc(nat bope)(be bat b betoicbt bim fo» 
30 baulfe bi0 b?^e0,tnto ber (bare intll goet 
^0 f o;ce fo; tbat , tobo otbcr0 ootb occc^ae> 
23ererne0 bimfelfe.lpbe mcafure to recei?ae. 
MIell>leaae 3 LAmia^toi ber felfe to p;ai?» 
SBetter tben 3 can fl|)oli)e,t»bo knotoes tbe tva?: 
3t If anQ0 me on,fo) m? po;e felfe to (b^fte, 
inD 3 bane founbe a beipe at a Deao l^fte: 
^ oulD frienoe^nWd// pnrce,tDttb pence i0 fuir, 
anb if 3 emptu it not,D4/M toall. 

(l^e lone0 b^r (^o)^on ^^ ff^^'i^^l^'^F"^' 
Sat bre f otir teane,i>le barreber ef tbi0 niatctr, 

sps netrniD aU teftt»t|jetole t9 cattft, ' ;:. m-^. u 

\ ^^ i'^ 



oiTromoi^ni Qajpindra. 

#o;f0fb before t)ti8amo;ou0fufe{)cmou0, -i 

|^emuftbetr<mDtotnabeberino;et4(o»;. { 

anD tn gffiD fotb, f be tDo;lo 0)al barDlE fall, 
%vA tw be C^albe tnaQit, poulb, ftmt'd anp all: 
.anofefbeluck.tftcfffileififaffjbn^to, ,j 
aatbaftJDrtt)2^<»w^fftcDotbfpCaplBgpe. -■''!; 

QRym. ©oD bojeB,aB fa^ff, toben fometobat banbfomccb'am, 

3 fapf b fl&e \d^\\ tame off fo; *crp fl^am^: 
Row. l^ea tottboot Doubt fo; Jftneare bp fapnf ^««f: 
^E fclfc Ioue« pow.poa are fo cleanc a poongman. 
Grim. i^ai?,tbou tDoalt fap fo.toben mp fatt is fap;e toaftf, 
Fof. ©ojDlocfeaCDoDgnamctbeiDoiicocheismall&f. 
Row. ano tnbo IBarbca jc GrimbM, 
Grim, a Dapper bnaue, one ^0/;^. 
Rof. Sa3cinetberfacc.tDefl)an&aoepouaffcere?!(Wgoe 
Row. 3IbHotobJmnot,f8beaoeaftbarber/ 
Grim. £D,pea, tnbp be is ^iffriB irfwwVpotoler, 
atiD lookc fr?ra,i?cn 10 f be l?tf elihnaoe, 


Rof, TOfjopcmpepeCgbfdJotifane, 

Mijaf oulD (7ri2»W/, toctomcOt you DoUmc tiear». 

jl5opef * . 

Bot £STt " "^''^""^'^^'"''^^^ ^"^" 

R«w. asfboofap3'a(77«^^//,ff,teigafeatel5naueiitt»ecDe. 
Kof^ |otofaBfw^orntinent0fo?afcab,Dopoancebef 
Row. &cab,rcarop3acfe,tlempouaa.o;lte&Pi. 
^rynj. Jlap gogs forte, goD ii& mo;c of f bts ff ar 

Gryno, j^ag,gog«foofe, 

if t$ Kof, ^ol9 

^ TheHiftorie 

Rof. ^otoccomcKufftn. ' 

Grim. iLeauc.ifpoubJrtictti 

l^carc pc me noiDMbe fricnoe«.atttbij m^froffte, 

CbtU fpcnoc a tuftole qaartc ofaic on ^oobotfte. 

|^ouUjoiiloeabjoaci6tabnattt,totifeoi«Btl)n«. ^ ^Ji^f^'f , 

Grim. m\itMo\i>ta\iimnoti\D\ititi»lottieRtvf{e4 

Rof. 9ttrongt(jflefe,3tijatttfHtbimbsbi5lo»be. 

Row. dUo to Barbcr,nomo;c,Uatt Copper ^oocatcft. 

Grim. TObaW\»iltfl4uetln?nofoa\i«T>ert0toareHatmaW. 

iFojcbv fa no Copper ,%nlettbot6earc. « •. 

B./^nV^f Bov. «!9after.berti«Wficatetoater,icleaneBC8re. Ew. 

w-«Kr. Rot OTeIl,toqiiflrfiiipboafe,anbfo>G"«f^^ra8C, 

3f it pteafctb too-M fricnt)t0,U)C ban»es \wn J^bc 

Grim. 3,J,Dofo: 

Rrf (IeS (T»ubere'0 toater a« fto«te ai» aKofe. 

Grim. SttjM? 
Rof. l^atocrijet: 

' ''' '^ RoC mttnfecbarbe.Criw^-//. . ^ i; : 

Glim. I^C^'T?"'^?*"'..' „Ball " ^^i*. 


oiTromoimiQajJanJra. ^ 


Grim . £> lLo:&e.go08 ffflte-toa picbe mc to tbe quicbe t 
Kof. aiotet pour fcIfc^onrteBtb areforreBtKicbc. , ,,, , .( „^ ^^ 
Grim. 2),ol)nomo;p,j©<!Po»,3rpatter{WDJD, >., .;f,;vKn 

Eof. |baaeBone,rpctouMbt0'»'tt)i?pQmncb0Q)O-* ;i> .uu 

Boy. anon. :-jr! • . '. ..n- i^'J'^"'" 

Rof. iBjmgfbeDifnfeeteflielBojHngcr, ; -uiji.'; u :jj. : . /"• 

SCogar0a1t£ibt0tatb. ; i.i v.: ;.«-,«;! -j.i 

Bey. Jtisberefr;. .<■ ' :■■ . «*«>, 4 '^,]i 

Rof. CKiaa(bponrtat6b)itbtbt0*0oiOtnatfter<7rff»W^ 

Grim. 3 am po^roneb,abittte better gatU 

Rof. 5CatcfbcfeComfpts,tofU)cctcnpourmoutbt»)itbaU. , , 

Grim. l^caitiarrfri.tbcfcnrcgavfugrcDgearc. 

Rof. STbeir ftpatncffc fira»ebt,\upHma6c voh Otnbc 3 fcarej 

Grim. zuoaeUnotoctobatmoajpave.tbatcbSttxregonc^ 

Rof- ca^iabat^outDFU. 

Grim. &at!eamero; ^tbambnOonc. 

Rof, \^o\De notoc Crimh*B4 

Gtim: i£) HcsrD.mrpurfeUcatfe. 

Rof, ^anabcitfVDbcrcf; 

Grim; /potDf.berc. • 

Rof! ^cj'f, let tbe Office be Qmtfe* 

gr It be bere.toe iupll ara<gbt Utarcfl tit, 

tmbm '8 be. tbat (dine tuitb con; 

Grim, lean not fdli ' ■ i.f..s/..aj:c 

Rof, OTbatiBbcw • >. o>:' ' 

Grim, jbnotocnofo i:-^'-^^-'" 

Rof. QSabcreDotbbentDell^ 

Grim. iI>]lcarD,3ifernnot|k 

Rof. fPoa bane Done toelL 

%b 18 knaiicpour pmce»in bi0 potbet batb purS: 

ILet's fcekc btm oat. 

Grim. /^a]?barbe,3|moffneai>irB6ra: 

^ lLearoe,liearoe, (bam Ocbr,mp belli? attes. f0» to; 

RoC acdon loba ];U:)»cU,{lc tell tbes tt>tiat to do. 


.—^•W-^' i_,^ 

r ^~ ThcHiftoric 

^W \^ 

!Mnceff)attartfoacKe,flh'ai9bttDape9,getf&&iome» * 

%a Snoe tbts lacbeiin? felfe abjoaoe toi^l rome* t ! .: 

SCtje ratber,fo2 ttiat be plai^De tbe bnane tottb mer. < ; ;e i . . . 

Gri. Cbam fic^e in oeeDe,anD tberfo;e ^ct) tbanbe tbde: 

Eof. 3 fcs (omettmc.tue blinDe man bits a CroU)C« 

l^e nti^pe tbanfte nic,tbat be ts plagacD Toei 

Gri iiSQcU.tDeU,Z?4/i<i,tbc Hoae i?(b bare to (t^, 

^jtbinaDeme0cke,anopicktm?purrerromni6« :£x*>. 

Rof. 0,t0 be gone; a folic company btm, 

3ln QoO fotbe {l»tr,tbts mafib faogeo f rimt , 

meil.31 lotll truDgetto finbe m felletne £0wV» 

SLo (bare tbe p;tceitbat mc oeuife batb tott^ -E^. 


' ^ JEius.^,Scerja.6, 


I r^Af. ffibebeaoi?tbarDge,fb"ati^aforebinDe««Kf«, , 

; 3 bane perfo;m'o,ingrau'0 m? iBjotber te: , . 

£) tDonltteto^oorto eare,mi?cearete0 too) - - .. .• 
jpetD^etcbeDbones.tntombeDtDeretPJtbbif^^ i) - v; 
I ]5at2>ml}atne,tbMboteleiretDta)»3lbre, 

3, pate 3 muft Ipue info;rotDe,io5noetoitb J6aw« ff 3 
' Sinn (ball be l|?nenbat o^d (is botb abate; < 

; flnD quencb tbjongb rule.tbe coles of inff reaengcf 

^: no,3 iDSll notoe bi^e me to tbe fting: 
. SCO tobomcitoBlli recount msto;etcbeBttafe, 

^ ]LetvDePr<"»0/rape,ni);ll5;otber8Oeatbantialk 

ano (tbongb toitb (bame, 3 m8?e tbia tale, relate) 
SCO pjoae tbat fo;ce,enfo}ceo me to fall: 
Qaaben 3 bane (botone.doiOc Profw** fotDlemin)ce6e«« -r ?j 
SCbts bntfe ro2tb(uttb>(ball enoe mt tooe anD (bame* 
^? eo;eo b^rte, fDbtcb at b(0 feete tben bteenes, 
9^9 (cQ;ge bis fanltea^tbe fting t»tU mo;e inQame. 

-.: i.i ■ 





|n ikies to Da,f 6at 3 in inoitteB pitteMt, 

^et ere j go . 90 &U)an« fing at tbeir enOe. >^ 

St; folemne iS^ong>3i mesne ms bnell to r^ns. 

(^afsandraer Son^, 

^Ith fortune thwart^doth crolTcmy ioycs with care, 

Sith that my blilTcis chaungde to bale by fate: 
Sith frowarde chauncCjmy dayes in woe doth wcare, 
Sith I alas jtniift monc without a mate, 
I wretch haue vowde,to fing both daye and night, 
O forro we flayc^U motions of de light. 

l|[Come grieflie gricfcjtorment thi'; hartc of mine. 
Come deepe difpairCiand ftoppe my loathed breath; 
Come wretched woc,my thought of hope to pine: 
Come crusll carc,prcferrc my fute to death. 
Dcath,cndcmy wo.which Hngboth dayeand nighi^ 
O forro we flaye^aii motions of delight. 

FI^S. G. W. 







J^The fecofide parte of the Hiftorfc 

■ . '• > • ■ ' "'t ■''.'/', ^' .■■ "" 

JBusA^Scena.u' ,. ti, 

4|p ^o/««4 in a blew e GoTme.sIiadowcd with ablaclce Sarcenctf ^ 
going to the Temple to praye,vpon ^ndrH^unTotab^,- - jj 

' ■ . . ' ■ . ■::■■;■■ ■•■■■"■ ■■ ■ ,. Utiif 

KomtfcteDebf,an6 3m5t)otDCtaoepaff, ^ 
^«<ir*(|w/SEombc,totoaQ)tuitbDavilicteaK0; ' 
TObitl) featfifice(aUboa6b ©ot toot in toaftc) ' 
3 tD^ll perfoiine.niB alter tfi of tarw. 

iDf fuming Cgbe«.mp oflfrlnff tncenfe ist 

£^pp«ffioaitplapnfM,tnttao?ofpjasersare:. ,: i^/d ^ 

^ea,t»oaloe to <©0D tn penannce of m? mpsi, 

Blto^tbtbercttimrloatbcolsfeniigbtftare. , 

liBat a) in bainCjBI tttfl) tbi9 toclcomti cnw, . 

H>eatb 10 to Qape tbe tp;et£b«fe toigbf; , , , ^ ; . , 

ano all rt>.fajne,bibotb, bis fo;cefibenb.e, , i- ^ - jf" 'u . '/ 

SCO tDoifnU6^tb«r'bar.te0,tt)l&icb toaitotoe iii biUglt, '", ,' . ' ,', . . i • 

^^tjani'ScarCjflEpUgoMimjijairingllBfU, , ' . • ; .'.'.; 

^'otttt as %ty!tndrug^iosp^tathiimmihiiz: v- - 

jbo oftc a0 men,U)if b po\?nteD fingers fell, 

SDbeir f ftialtcs,tobtcb b^ m^ ivems f bep fiitoe. 

]15nt ^ tbe caufe.lottb SDeatb. tPbt^ f beat^ i)te moaj 
- 3iupQ|foope,3|tipetb;o"ogbtDietcbcbti)oe, 

^p Oping barte , DeOrcs to raltietbegboft, 
|7 spp traunces ffraange, a p^efent oeatb fojeil^otDS. 
r 5!5utafifberccOeDotbbotDatcaerpbIatt. ., 
i JDo bjeafee tbe famc,tDbcrt rot^ijgfictt ttoihWis lafb(!5 Itjisbf,- ,, , : j 
' &o tDjetcbeo 3, toitb euerB:UJo<j;^'oc t^^ffcj !; ;;/ f ■';' ' ' ,'' . 

^etcaretoantBfo;te,tob0l *n^*arto.iitr:^i[bf,-' '-''^'^'^ ■;/; 

j2DgratioaB<:&t)DaiiO!»m?gt1trogrtafr' ,:'■' ',; * ': 

\. aspoufbcfame,tottbtboorat^opeatbf9muatD;taJ5Ci ':'■'.- 

|0onluillitrd,clfec3rejcotill)intrc6tef ■ ' »w^.u^. 

«R3tti)balfetbefeUioc8.mjtbBbcMEfej to b;c4hc. ■ .'" ' 

(>( v.- 


31Bat toljaf mcanffi tftotf J'fl/'«Mj Wolf arttrrtf, 
SCo mufe, tDl)¥ <!?oo,ft!8 pennauncG tonnes tbeeto:? 
TO^orc to2rcctton,altbousb Uie tabcattDOjS, 
SEo onr great geD be Dotb t^e fame lofiotn. 
^0 ttjat, f^tb jsreefe can not rel^ae m? friend, 
&^tt) rco;t$)tns ft?8bc0 mr fojrotctes cannot tti^ts -, 

^^tb ttsU 3 iFue tba? ?aeri» botojc ooe Ope: 
&rtl) tntgt>tp (!DoB appopntes mp pennannce fo> 
3n mo^neftiU^^onB 3 tofU mtl pattatceil^o^, 

Fsliruu Song^ ';!*•- 

*' ' V lU ','1 

A Myd my balc,tli<? iigfitning ioy, that pyning care doth brings 
V Yith patience cheares my heauy hart,a$ in my vvo« I fine, 
! know my (jilt,I feelc my fcurpermy eafc is death I feet 
And care (I fynde) by peeccmcalc vveares,my hart to fct mee^ee, 
Ocarcjmy comfort and refuge,fearenottoworlce thy yvyll, ' 
With patience I^hy corCucsbydcjfeede on my^IiAtJiyfyir, ' "J' 
Thy appctvtc with fyghes and teares;! dayfy vVyl pro^re. ' .! 

Aod wretched J, «il vaile to deathf throw when thou wUt tfa/ LtWfT 

Exit, rtttiiOf 

i Actus. i,ocena.2, i 

f ■ • ■• ■'■•■' 

Entera MeffengerfiomtheKuigt . ;,^ 

Tlj^tie at length (tbott8&ti}ttr?coniiefntrof&) .. 
^j3)bta^naafl3titbf7«/Miliatel)2ttnUe0i . .' , 
flUtngsmefCaseyCanndttieoone&ittltlo^. ,^^};. 

li93bomebebtO£go)^,ttralKtuanet^;oa2(ime^8nOi^fi |;^; .^ 
anD 3 am fenf,fo fLotn frtms in po^* . ^ ► 

SDo tcl bim tbat tbe bins to^U ^ 6tin fjhrasgdt, , ,; ^ , 
SButmacbJfearetftat pr««»/nABfJ!notbfllj: . . ,^ . 5 
©fansgaBJwbijJijdftiwVajgneirwEt^ ^« 



o(Tromos3in^Cafdnc/ra, i 

SDtjeg mofl tbeir U)o;ir9, ano not ttetr mrnoee octlarc, 
;anto tobtci) tourfe }tDi?U m? tongne appip, 

iLo;DP>vw9/O)«IImvp2tnce0Comnitn0bnotDt j 

9gp;in»))imfelfMbecanr(tt)rr«oribflUl^oto. ^.^nr. , 

ActusA,Scena,'^i ' ' | 

pOf srSpoffibletbatnii^^iSriBlxMM'^, i 

i©acr ttje (booes Iftoulo b'tn Ipac tuitb phMUxf 
liSlbi? bp 3era»(a0 O^c ber (eire ootb fa^Ct) 

Mitb pare goo to^lUberbarteDotb melt Ij?I(el»aret i 

:anbtbtff3amfare,eaen!boU);»tbett^enifelncii> ,i i 

15? tbeir rtDste (elocBio; bp tbeirbttf rs greet! » : 
]But tbe fpojte <0 to (« tbc loning elac0, 
]5Fli together U)bentbep in feccct mate. 

fsH lomee, be lauffes.t^e rpgbe« tbiotne pare loae; ' liieprum 

i^apittap, fates be(g»i>paBfe«)n<Mn8)eoftbw: petja>id 

Mlcll,(atesfl)ff>anOtDffpe0,mFgrrefepout>onotp;oiie» CrocodtUs -\ 

2DbenffraFgbttf)f^ll0;Rteu(Cbeareobitl:afifs,- teartta- >. 

0nb tben abotb fioea^tbjee tDo;Dc« anb a fmoucb; iyK^, 

tsattbm btr eare,tbcn tDbifpcretbtbis flbacbi 
0no bp tbe lua? be ff untblett on ber Ipppes . 
SCbas crtber 0rrur9 mo0 loaing Ognrs to fl(rolD, 
#otb gcDD©© (t fl|jem,f?tb ttcp are botb rontent, 
jlJncc 3 am furciboto fotbefamr bot6 goe, 

abancnocaufctbcir.Iratngtorepentt ' 

3jfptoomeiioebettoiBmctbem'mfrtogelJcare;, ■■•"'•* ^ > 

3But tbat 3 bauf an jtcm in fbt t-anbc, - • - 

«aatB,3mafttruOgetoDoeatertamcffrare, ' 
®%ifb, take 5 fEnw,co^t« fb; mr flasne bot|j ffano;' 

•^*'- .V. i.:. I .r V-.'"J''.;ii 


ThcUifloric ' 

■■■' ■■!>. <;v '-C'.v-f;:,*;V.. 
PhAUax ^DtrmfoH a Carpenter. 

i'-.' ' ^ 

pHal. JI>ifpatc&'Z>fir/«i^t)pfpjt(itbe frame qaidlil, 

iso fpacc ?our rainie'0 ,8s tbe lipiie too;tb^« in8;> 
)IBe fo inftaulDi as beS map plcate tbe esc. 
Dow. Qaer;s<DBt3AaU: i v ' 
Phal. |la«fottDtfwyi»,ttapt 
Let i?oar man at (apnt *^n>tet trolft , out of banbe« 
<l^retbt a ffage, tbat me m&f(glfi» m ffs^t mag Sanot. 
Dow. W^lljpoaouebtelfc; 
Phal, tooftaUDbrie.Utmtffdr, 
£in Jefof efate.tbrrbt&}ttir{>tuef 3 trdto* 
Dow. 31 StJ,fll«fiK-f fffo ^ ' 
Fha!. met, tben oboae v^t tSitirqt,^ fotU fo^e tdi '^ 
SCbe Con(ls;t or ^Ock,tociS s^att <« M. 
Dow. a WW SMie fWe > ' ^ = ' '" ^**ri 

■<• *. 

ecbe Warsetu of tbs ^arcbanfaclerf ar^ r ■: ,^ , ,(f^ 

fii!Bbere(tottbtbemrala«i)ittjei;Q)a<Itbetr)^ageaant places v 
Phal. tKSrm iu!)af ttraitgc (ftotDe0,bo tbee Oftit ISageaunf grac«r 

Be. JO)c?baneH#rf*&/,ofipoar^«Mnq«eiT«W? ; i/^ ^i 

i^bgc great CMffz/.m attittttii^Uns^i ^. ■ ii: • .r jc i ?ofii H 

Phal. iDtoonOjouafraj^i] ,.; , .v a';r , .? wtc ih'iiifi^ I \V- '.*^ 
^arn?fpi.fincctb?i?«rt|»>oi«(prttiio«!* u (n.?-??/ i^J.U0 

®vA of tbe^r Jiiace0,(l&o6it(epe ^a^r tsSetam, 

Be. fan 



' oJ[Tromoi&^ Cajfandra, 

Be mtx are plcfaantm,bat toitl) fp&Bc 3 pja?, 
*oa aunftocrc m*, J tD8B cbargcO not to tfaij. 
Phal iBctaafeSfenotojWobaaeaUtMngscarrant, 
SLbep (ball flant) tobere tbw «»al no ftfetoera ttwnt: 
»otD fas ?oti to tbe enoe of SDutbe aUn^f 
Be SCDcre all tbe beggere in tbe f otone toilbf , 
Pbal, ^,moflatt0neann»to,tobmbe0!j»r««re» 

iFaretoctt»atoap. , 

Be. atotUrowrtouUbwIare. txa, 


thAlUx, Two men, apparrefled, lyke gr««o« men at the 
Mayoti fcaft.witli dobbes of fyre worke, 

DHaU ffibte gearc faugctb noto.tbat tbefe ftllotoe* pcire, 

^rienocB tobcre toaigWroa? 

Firtt. 3in jcfoB ftreef e to b^ a pafliifigc tieare, 

5Cbat tbe tting ano ^Ui trai^e, ma? palfc toitb eafe. 

Pbal. £[>,t)citgfl>b. 

Second. fl)ogbtel(cj&pj,bo^oupUaftf 

Phal. j^o,no:abont?onrcbarge. 

Both. Affile are gone: Exeunt, 

Phal. a f?;,bcare ta Ibojt bnotDlc6gc,to entcrtapne a Rtng* 

5J5ut £D,^, ^«y »w/>fc»»M?^«, at a Da^ea teaming^ 

ffibe bing in pioaifton ttjat ttjoogbt to take ti» taroie, 

28 if toebao a ?earc bene toamo, (ball bB bia toelcome ler: 

a baue pet one cbarc to Do : but foft» beare ia *w^«, 

^ mntt netbcs oelruer bim a mcilaDse before % go^ 


ROf. Sifaptb, 3 bane noble neUie0fojL<««»'<, 
^Phal. iSapfoftjfrieno^w^o.tafeemfineinijoticiDap. 

^ - H^x iJof. Spamcr 

TheHiftorie ~ ~^~~^ 

Phai. K0iib>ttiitt)rpaDeteUtb?^iffri0fromms, 
2Lbe)^tng0raigl)ttpai;e0iDpUcometotbeCstte: J 

3[titDbofegreattrai?netberei0aeoitipanS) | 

TOUbmberboufetuted met (ball merpbe< ^ ^ 

SDberefo;c,fo;tn?fab0.Ui?Iibertofo3crer. . 
SDotoeUometl)ent ,tbatttttbiiig toanfingiw, 
2Cbi8 is all J tDi?U,ro;toant of (epfure. £xi», 

Rof. )iii?llnatraciIele;,toQ)oU)rourplrarure: 
jpar^.in faptb. tbcfe nctocs falle* tnmpe tottb tbe »St 
Sbc? (l^albe iDelcome anb racex>r tbe bcff.* 
^ut altbongb tbef iuell f fU tAetr boitpes tbnSf 
SLijeirvmfetlaiillbetivntntaanmplin: ',, 

^0 fo;ce a tDb?t , eacb pleafure featb bt< papiVf 
IBetterfbe puree then bob)? Itarne of etoainie. -j 

fSBell, 3 1D?U trnagcmv loelcome nctDts to teU| 
dnDtben«b;oaoeygooDcoiiipanctQOniU» £y/jw 


And f^i/Z<w, a yoon| nuble man. 

i^Tng. CafimlrMtliottittiyntanWtDtlitKotantf 
^^&o tbat B tofU tbat i;oa ft-om tt« Depart: 
SC^II f artb«r q( oar pteafu re ton ooe beare. 
^et reft aflbrHytbat fpfAeb /'rMw/, 
^ball abioe facb pnnttboitnt, a«lbeiD0}lB» 
^bal boulD met iii0>aiiD deare tbet flf off^me. 

CaC j£>;eaDroneraigiie,89cioatD?UC«^>r</r4goff|ibeme. ^^ftk. 
King. 3 pla?nel;fff, it tenoesto great befeoM, 
SCbat )p27nce0 oft do tiaple t(ittir earcs to beare, 
SCbe ^iferf pla^t: fo} tboagb tbcf boe appocnt, 
^ncb a0 tbe7 tbvnbefniU jaltice ei«cnte» 
flnctto;it]Si0(iBctiac0niiiMitiioer* .- 



0f jtDbere u men b? ofiFKce bearetb (toai?. 
3f tbes tbcir rnic bi? confctcnce meafare not, 
%'^tp>izxMM rpsbt u ouercome b^migbt* 
fi^den moner fare mas oacrrale tbe cafe . 
^tfxi one abafe t0 caofe of mans moet 
0nD tberefo^e none in JuDges ongbt to be, 
^oto Uulers ivjong « feiue tales are toniD t^tvm^* 
SLije reafon is, f betr potorr beepes in aloe 
^ucb men ta baae great taofe fo; to r omplasne. 
3r CA^sndrd bcr gooee, na?, I^fe p;ererb> 
jIBcfojc rrocngeofPrww/tredjerij: 
3 bat) not bnairne,bi90eteffable rape, 
JCbe tDbicb be fo:ft to faue ber b;otberf I^f^. 
0no rurri)ermo}a,./^»<^*i|<M raonfome pa?oe» 
3 bad not baotonc be pot bim bnto beatb: 
ifo; tol)en (gai^foulc) (be bab tbta treafon tonib, 
Ibfuougb bcrr Ibame ber bononr fo toas fpof lo: 
f^be o;eUie ber bttpfe to toounD ber felfe to oeatb. 
tlia bofe ppi toos plsgbt» mc tart p;ono At to tD;o,tb» 

Sit Promoi \JOV\tSi 

^0 tbot to bfe inDtflerene? to botb, 

€aen in tbe place tebere all tbefe tojongef fom bonet 

jps fclfe am coa>e,to f^t bpon tberanf^ 

SButfeelDbere promo/ anO tbe J^ayoKtoa^t, 

SCO iDcUome mec fottb great folemntts: 

VHttb cbarefui (botoe i Ibaboloe tDsU tbe 1)0(0, 

3 beare to btm foj bts infolencp: 

perbaps ji mar (^arne mo;e of bis abafe, 

tsaberebs tbemo^e bis pnnifl^mcnt map be. 

Come we aoits ,to tbe STotune baffe tDe apace; 

All fpeakc. mt all art p)eft>to b^arsbt bpon sonr CMce; 





g'ProTtKs, Afaior, three Aldermtn^va red Gowiies,vvith a Sverdt 
6rtrfr,a«ayghte$ the /Tw^MCommingi. 

prowtf/, Iiis briefe Oration. 

p Ro. iScnotDtuD King,\o\ittt ?oar fatf bful fubtects pjeaff to (IbotD 
Ctjc lo^all Duette ,U)bi(b (m r rebO tbe? to four bigltneffe otee. 
I^our p}e(tn(e,cbearc0 all fo;t0orto:Eet ten times mo;c toe tore, 
^Du t^inbe ts doaroeiOtir iuarmng n)o;t,ro; to f ece^ue a tto^e. 
i£>ur 10^11.(0 fucbiai (ball fupplie,] trutt in ts all toant, 
anD Ulcere got) tuvil tbc i^dcome geucs, p;ootQon r^Io id frant. 
iLoc,tbi0 is all: ^; ts ali,tbat Jin too^Drs beffotoe, 
^our ^ieffie.our furtter }eale,in reaopDeeoes JQball bnofoe. 
0nD firff,D:eaDe )liing,3l rcnoer ?ou,tbe rU)(i>;iie of ||al|ite beare, 
t:3St)tcb as i?our Liuetenant 3 tra9,1)p;igbtlie 3| b^obraire. 

The K/«g delyuers the Siiordc,to one of his Counfcll. 

p^Ing. vrcmos, tbe goD report , Of tonr gati goaernmrnt 3 beare^ 

£); at tbe Uaff,tbe gob concet?te,tbat totuarbs ^ ou 3 bcar^- 
SCo incourage ?oa tbe fnojc, in 3l[o(tice to perfeaoeri ^ • 

3s tbe cbff fe caufe.j D)?d aD&^eOrejmi; ^jogrctTe Dcatber. 
Pro. atbaitberot»r^gbn^e«' ,' ' 

The /Wii»rpr«feot«thc ATiffg.with a fayre Purfe, 

"MA. KenotoneDtting,onrrfaD?t«FlJfBfoCclrfr ,j' . -, 
Jn ^our bcbalfe,pMr g«)bcB(na? li?flr»)to fpci)lici • .,• ■ y, ' s , 
5n allournamcs,3 fr4lie|»e5?beaotoe , ;, , ., - iii j 
£Dnrpur,^bn«0,tbi4¥)Nr(f:bntotbisinbe,. ' ' '^ 

SCo poffeffc ?bur moflf Kovall fipaieme; 
3n all oar tuealtbjtbcrto bounbe bi? Duetie. 
. Kin; i^our great ^ioo Av^ls, enb gvfts ivtib tbanbs ] tabe: 
)15ut bdcpe pa Opll, tonr goobeff,to bo i?oa gooo. 







o( Tromos and Qajfandra^ 

Kf 10 iMODgft,anO all ftiaf f 80 tratif, n . ; r r 


SCbat too in part soor pjoffero large perfo^mct 

anD fo; tdid time e0 oDtluarD (liolDes mabe pjofe, 

3It t0 inoagb(anD all tbat 3 DeGre) 

SDbatronr l)art0anD tongueo (alette) b^o me toeUomc. 

All. ]Lo;0p;ereraecoHr9aiear. 


^Fiuc or fixcythe one halfe iBen,tIie other women, neare vn- 
to the Munctc,(inging on fome Aage.ere£^ed from the ground; 
During the firft parU of the fong , the King faineth to talk^ 
fadlie with Ibme of his Counfell. 

The Kings Gentleman Vsher. iFo;eb}8rO0mEllo;De0. 

They all go out leyfutablie while the reft of the Song 
ismadeantnde. ';•'.,, ,, >.. ." 

..iv:;.- ;■:•!;■ I 

Jctu5\i.Scerja.i, • , 

ZiMMMthcCurtizan, , ^ 

J[^A. SteeiatcbsoefbarDCtfoUctiratrctbnomansgame, 

SCbe tertne rare,ttiat none to t<ce ma? e U);patts 
atto rure,tbe lLaioe,tbat maoc me late complainc: 
aUarctb me,man? a ioanton geaft: 
2Damc« of mg Craoe.nwffe tp tbcir ff)cppc0 fo; feare, 
2Cbctrttaflfep;oa*0Ctf«r4/<>r»w4TOJV4f/»/i, . . v 

2i:ben3,V9bfcblpcenffam;fo fed fine toarej ' '• v.. 
2m Ipbe to be toelUuSomeo perDv: 
ano notoe E^meferbefi.Ieaftcaaomc after fa^le, 
at b^ell ratcmp JTo^ea 3 tjallue muff.' 
iLetmcalonejtofefmijSCoteBtofale: •, . , 

l»oiiBKufler0 31iinfaitb,tDBUferueoftruflf. "' ' ' '^ 

1^ ttj 9^(70 


^bo t»a?w mc nof ,bitn tD?Il 3 fa?ne f lotte, 

Mlt^o loucB me onccfs IpmeD to ms t)ea0: 

spp collcrB fomc.antt fome Qiait toearc mp gloue, . 

SinD be mr bartc.iDfjofe payment iBftes me bett* 

Snobcre at baiioe arc ruffomerit 31 trotoe. 

SCbtfc are tbc f ricnDcs.of pfe4//<Mf , mp ftuatc frienoej 

|5oU)C tupll J go,anO fcf mp toarcs to D&ovue, 

)i3ut let t^cm Uugl)>tt)at topnnctb in t^t enoe. ^xtf, 


c^jpwand 5r««»,Two Gentlemen ftraungerj,\»it!i ^o/i^#, 

^Pio. Comeoti5Q3Dfruni)e:U)tercBtDcl6iLaOBi:.«»M# 

Ros, (Eucn bp &?;. 
Apifo. Officii tbcn.gotft^toare, 
dbotoe tobo rent ts ,anO tDbat onr meanhts t0; 
Head ttit not hnokDtng 1]£i,dcd tatte ami<0. 
SEbat tbu0 botDl^e tue come to tuQte bit* 
Rof, _^o boloer tbcn toclcomcj toarrant run Jfctr. 
Bruno. Wellytbr^ciTagetKB: 
RoH 3 go. fATiV. 

'' FowreTf'emrnbraaelie apparelled, nttingHnging in £4m«4fi' 
windowc,with wrouglic Smockc$>aad Cawkt^in their lundt, 
as if they were a working* 

_,, rtP ple^fure yie trtAfurtt 

'"' /Apio. J^arbe. 
^-*^^^' Tht golden VI orlde is here tthegtldentiorlieii here, 
Refiife yoH^orehufe you: 
"Bur vtlcome stho drakes ntare^iut vtUtmt vl» drones ne4rt. 


Bruno. Eber be the '^ttfts fare, 


of Tromos axidTQaJ/andra, 

fir/f /»gj Here lyaes delyghc, 

jS««»«i_//«. Here dyes dcfpighf- • 

Theibeth, Defyrc herc,nai;h his wyll. 

fourth Ji»,^C&tOYCth%tick: . . , „ - 

Lffi tvio, VVhichcarcmllhartcsdothkyll. 

Bruno. fltfcntJetbcmffvU. 

/•iV/?/»»g/. Here wyfti in wyIl,doth care deftroye. 
Second jirt. Playe here your fylljwc are not coyc: 
Thtrd fm. W hich breedes much y ll,we purge annoy, 
lounhCm. .•Ourlyueshere,%U,yvciea<J.ciiiioyc. 

The If vltafkre^ l>e treMfurtt 
Quyrit. 7 beholden vorlde irhert,the£oUefiyforUeu htrt: 
' Ji,ifnft yoft tOr chufi you^ 

"Bm velcomf, vho comJtt«/t , hnt fuHeomtf'fd^dliim WMli, 

TirHt yVamonsdrawcncare. 
Stani, Xifteofourchcare: 

Sttht Our Cves arc fine and fvvccte.^ 

Thirdt. Cpmdbcnot coycj 
Fourth. Toworkeyourioyc: 
Thelafl WctallwyUatyoBfffcete. 

( **"• Bruno. a,ga)D feinDtUKftmcs: 
Apio, i^artc 

^^''■^» " Loc,%crcwebe,goodwyllwhichmoue, " ' 

Sctondt, Wclyueyoufee,foryourbchoue: 

Thirde, Come wc let you nrouc. 

Fm.«*! VVithoutafce,thcfruitesofLo«c. 

2« ^«'>« yfli4fyre,he trtAfHrt,tht loldtn ^otlit uhtr4t^t, 

' t. Breno, %etf 

~" TheHiftorie ^ 

Bruno, dupontbia large tD«irrant,toBnta]?et)cnf?rj : 
SE Uc DcDjc opc0 alonccome, let ba enter. 
Apio. agraoc. 

ijEnter a Sirgeauutheiun^i Mace, another Ofj/ctr, witli 
l^.iper,Iy ke a Proclamatija:and with them the Crytr^ , 

OFficer. Cr>fr,gp.iHeanopre, 
^■'^Cry. £E)pC0. Mdfithrife. 
Off. All manner of per fonnwjljerepjefent, 
Cry, jail manner of perfonncfl,l)ercp:efent. 
Oft. iiBcfslent,pnpasne,ofimp)ifonment, 
Crv. 3l5cfi?l(nt^npaEJie,oftmpiifonmcnt, 




The b^«r readcs the Proclamation. 

Oruinus,tl)e l)pp,anli migbtie feing,of Huogi-; 

rie,anUBopmia:5anto ainjis lOtting S>ul)icct8 

bflulio.frnDPtljgtfftmg. ' 
SnD tl)ettoitt>ail,g!uctl) feno^lc Hge , of |)i0 

^&?incdte fauour,toU)acbs f ucrj to/t olt\)tm, 
fitftM m pecfon,€>ffiC5C,o; otl)Pt:Uatl) tojiongf D an^ 
o{ ^is true fubiects^bp tbe cojcuption of bipbra, atterting 
02 not fauoiing,o^tl)p pecfon : tlr^iouglj ©ftittf , rjcto;U<oir, 
to?ong impjif onm?nt : o; taJltt) anp ottjf tlmtull p?8ttcff : 
l^tsi'^atfftietoplleetbe pattleiogrtrueDi to cepapjcto 
^p;i Vlrico,onc on)i8^igbnfffep.iiuieCounfHl!tol)0(ffti? 
Ding ifi3,o; t\)tit inturies) is c6maunDeO,to<ectiftetljem, 
aniS Wiit pwofe,tJntotijeJiing0 maiedie; )»l)prf tnc^wtiij 
nmilJcfje Wh ojUrr tlie controuetfie.totlje releafeof tl)C 
^mit ffri?urD,anD tlje punif^ment of tlje offmDecs, 

f uttljf c,i? ang of I'is faitljlull fubsectf 6, can c^tge an? 
pi i;ron,©aftc^i;,o? otf)cr,t»itt) anp nQtable ojt^apnoue ot* 

oiTromos md La/Sandra. " 

ffttce:aa€tearon,^urDcr,S)actiieDge,ftDi'cton : oi toft^ 
an? fuc^ noto;tiou0 ctpme: fo? tfje fafptie oif)is laopal perc: 
fon,lJfnefpteanDqm«ofl)^0jaealme,anDftibfectes. €)ti 
ftmve neict.Wff moft cjccellent ^atf ftle Ooaitif t^e aDuife 
of^t9^ono?ableCoiinfeil)t»^l in opm Court rpt^toOeare 
an^Drtecmme^aU fuc^ offences. Cbecfo^e lie (ltapgl)tire 
c^argetl; all anD euetie of tiie fubinus , tt}at isnoluf anp 
fuc^ (avnous offendrcs : one tt)t fo^rnamcD Dapp,t^at ^e 
P2^rent,botl)t^eoSfnDe!;,anDI)tefaulte « Saatcoatlljt? 

Jjiopall Courtjtn Iulio,t|)r. 6«of Februaiie, 

God fane the K ing. £v<jimr, 


J? OC j&& liotue toe are croffi toe t^w^t f be af itg ft; plcafare. 

Came to Wxtt bst toben to bis paine, 
iSlnD one plagues,! feare be bcSo toes bis leKore. 
2to bearc tbe tojonses, offucb as tosllcotttplaine ^ 
IIDf an? man: Bnt tbe rpo:t is to Tee 
;es £>sri(ere> one lathe ofanotber: 
•V at ILojDe pr0>»i//>]Lo;(}e promo/ at md^» 

Ebe^4W»Vr/,atfbei'*rie/eanD y!^4»or. -j.- 

SD!)c?gafeafmutb on tbe ruling Z,«w«r« ■ " 

i?o; to be platne.tbe cbareft ot aU, 
PW4W fpng , to bcare tbe grieaous calt, 
agatntt (iararie,b.:pb;tc,ano barrating, 
& aborning, ettojcton.anD boulttring, 

gome faultcs are bear£ie,fomc bp p^otlamaf ton ffaw, 
IBefoje tbe be bcdrtJc en if riOape^ 
31 T»ct baae ftaptcanb bopeto-jjo ft otfra: 
JiBaf (0,0; «o,tot)B»ft tepfare ferues ma. 

> 1 



£Df merre mate0rBl Ibdue a meetttis Oaalo, 

SCo UJbomo ms tencte,to nfttOi 31 U)enD> 

^ 1)0 0ct0 fl pace iui men;!; mas fp^c. £«#. 


. Sir f7r>(9,witl) diuers papers in his I)iuid,two poor« 

"yL. asf^on complains, agavnS all eqafti?* 
, Firft. ^eafure,anot)el)atbbounDinerorabfi?U;r 


2ii leiTe vou belpe.latDe feeloesnue no rrmiD;. 

Vl< Mell>lubat(;a?i?ouWtiFW/<(xtnoniEpacO^ 

Se. j^aacfsuepoano^s;: 

VI. iFo;tDt)Ubvourbonbi9a8Q&e. 

Se. ^ai?mar?,tberame3lliioai6glabIspa?>. 

SBut iMf bonoe fo; tbe fo;fest be Dotb ffar. 

&0 tbeC^ tu jongefl muft be raloeb fome otber tnacv 
FirR. |?ea, mo;e tben tbi0» mott men (as: 

VI. WSiWi 

Firft. fiCobep!asne,bcfe6pM^iffrte^<«wj*» - .,_; 

Vl. ;aom^tbe&oe.D)batbelpebaacsotibstbtsf 

.Se. ^esmars><tp3(Due8,fiOouble&nauei)et0: 

i^couetoud cburMnoa lecberto. 

VI. MdUtuell, boneff men, fo> soar tottnelR eo* 

anb as on pj(Df0,a fsnbe sour <niurictf. 

e>o 31 lusi moiie.t()e bfng fo^remeDse0. 

Both. Me tbanhe sour bonopr. Exeunt, 

VI. ffl:s«moictt)enaraun6e,fotet)Dit&6onettajotu, 

tsidat fo tele Dccecte0,lel»Qe officers ran bsbe: 

3n cners cafe, tbcir crafte,ft«s foUonr fo, 

asftsllttes6a«c^n!«*<l«*«^wtft«<raDe, ^^ _ 


ofTromof^LnA Cafandra. 

SCbcft ctinofng JCtian w.toff b iat»e,ean iiojfiftipf ffcale, 
rm^ta (0) a a)eepe,t()e isnojaunC are f r nS: 
9ea,tol)0 mo;c rougf),Uiitti fntaU oeFenoerisOeale. 
%\iexi tbefe falfc men , to mabc f bemfelues fecme iiiff* 
r scj|ctiratitPW/4r«,iuaspjapfeD<ntbfe» 
oaitien Pm//«/ tbe b;arcn tojment maoct 
l^e founoe m tujef cb.ffrargtit toa^es in fome am?«i 
ano otaoetjtm 8rft,t&e ftourge tjicreof fafle: 
(uff retoaro fo; focb aa Doe p;erent 
an otbers fault, bimfelfe, tbe guilfseS man. 
melt, to oar tDcalc,oar srattoas bing Is bent* 
SCO taSc tbcfe tbeeue0,to bfe tobat meanes be can. 
S9nt as at (Cbeattes, tbongb rbplfttU plarerf plai?. 
^bsKeffe fee, iubat f bei; om^: 
j^o tbongb our fearcbtng Bjnogement mar* 
<Deireat tbeir faalte0,ti)btcb fecret io^ongescommtt} 
^et fo; to inoge^b? tr netb,anD not b? ame, 
^s (elf e in cbafeibf btgbnefEe Dotb aacto;{re» 
^n p;iDfe fo; to retarne b>bo inerctg blame, % 
SInD a0 3 r^noe, fo be bimfelfe t»f 11 ponffld: 
l&o tbat to t)(e,mis cbarge inb^fEerentl;, 
i|^?Clsents tu^ongefiS UicUtDttb tDi^tnetfefitr* 

As he is going out^, fimos , a young gcntclman fpeikes to him, 


PI. <l»irnm(i,3iiinmbli? crane to bnofPf 

fSlbat goD foccefb : mi? boneS fate enfaesf 
VI. JpafterPM»»/,inb;ftfe,t(iefameto(^oipe» 
3 feare, i^on botb>m?a;Der focll refitre; 

I Xj'm, tbat tbiitf(e0 lie genes mo;etbentielboaIi), 
I Stno toa,ro) tbat, ^n bane not,U)baf sou tDoatt>> 
Pi« 3ltO[iaUgoebarD,ietbati;onratDarbmiatti0mA. 
VI. tSSel,goe toitb m&,anb ton tde fame UtaXi fett 
vii 3|toaist)totti2on. exe«nt. 



r TheHiftory 

(lABuf ^.Scena,i. 

I PHal. 5^^froobUBl)arttoitb8ttiIt?neflleag«m», 

Ipke frje Dotb mafee m? earta ano ct>ccbe« to slolm 
' dDoD d&raunt 3i fcape tbts blacbe sa? t)nrep;eaD« 
3 care not boto tbe game goe to mo}rolo. 
failcU,3 lo?U ret a face of b^affe on it. 
ano fnttb tbe reff^tpon tbe liitngattenB: 
imbo enen anon iDvIl beare in BlaOgement r?t» 
STo beauen o; bel fome officera to feno* 
JBat Coft, a p;p je, Grip** anD *4p*x I r4, 
Q^re of tbetr tentnre belonges to mer» 




;iOhnt--iSap,ffaiBl)cnctt vromotAi let mee go , 
yCti, Cu^/tfi!>»-4^»-w««,tDCinnftnotl0aacsoafot 
QQbat i an ouID bobclancti s toanton bnaaei 

lohn. ^axx^ lohn Air«ynei<Sllli^Wtt 

SCbe bingf tob)? be tBl?l( not lobe of poje men. 
Ra. ?cfl,tca,ann turn fp^c a bnaaein ?oor facr,^ 
lohn. caa^ll be roftbcn, gob con be gone apace. 

Gri. anotDbf^ 

lobn. iLcaainmi»face,befpipefoatoo, 

Phal. I^ane f on fime a oatoe, bebob tlno cratoefl fof 

Ra. ii[iiBclI,come«aMsers.jpatcb. 

lohB. 3Leane,o;»t<IBobrl«ftratc&. 

[^ ' ' ■ ■ of Promos and CaJ^mdra, 

Theyfawleafightyng. " • 
Gri. Wbattoiitnioitro; 
Iobn« |0ea,anC!b)?tetoo. 

Gri. ^^t\lftRttfax,'^U'2i^tmm^ 

lohn. i^8?>0obotbtpt)at?oacan. 

Phal. 3imat inbobfl , tbe?; barga^e b^ 

an fa?tb tUcp C&arc alone fo j m*. 

Ra. OTt)atb^efftbon(obcIanct), 

lohn. ^ea, t^at cbQll, ano pnnctr. 

Gri. jDiLo^titCDoOymubait. 

lohn. iiinaue0,ile matte i^onfarf. 

Ba. l^ouIDttii)|)an08ltob, 

lohn. ifi>;ff,(alietbisbdb. 

Phaf. SCO parte tbts fra^e, it i» b?e tim^, %uai fell, 

^y prtfmormeircof tberoaetDBlirmelL 

Ra. ]^,msnecfctbonlDfItb;tabr. 

lohn^ ^ca,<!DoO0ame0.tri?Stboncrea{(e« 

Phal. ^ot»notDmsfrienO0ilol)i;lD(iataffnrt0t{)Ui« 

Gn. ^arrp. 

Phal. Mbaff 

lohn, (^arenie?part,)?Ie male (bem pea. 

Phd, I^onloe»noino;eblo1ne0. 

lohn. Stnaae0.tbi0 bones man ttn^y 


Phal. j^denDbenottocranle, 

31 am on t^bnolDi. 

SCbe caure.lDbr 1?<>ii i>^aaK> tbnftjbefojef^aet 

^ur bobs l^oto.tbattbe fame,toatfffcafiteH; 

Ra. I tooulocow1i}0;rflllip,rf it tbe faiiR a0l0etr, 

Jfbenam(are,tbf0bIocbbcUieOflaue, ' 

ifo; botb bi0 faalte0,DonbIepnniQ)mentflboa(li (aae, 

Phal. siQlbat fanltcft:; 

Ra. S^arrp, 

lohn. l3ct»T!ll!tet?lteatH)Bgei 

PhaK ^m noto ton cttnrle^f oar tonsae^tDonlo isae a clo?) 


a iir Ra, SDa 




S^i0 i?atbcr0 tnatoe,anO de are naag^t. 

lohn. mm Si 
Ra. 3, 

lohn. ilB^mpdDranaffrwfouIctoaltt. 

Phal. peace- ■n 

jB'ricn&cfo; tbts fauUf , t&on malt Dpe. ' | 

lohn. 2E>p,iLcarDefau0bs:?oafqatDOcbnaac,Blcbttmie(iej 

ifoj rcfo;mmg a IpCjtIjas agatnft mee. 

Phal, Xaajfttttiitittielpttlinotiitt^e^tmpzwttbie, 

Gtl $Qi feme pjofe^Bi fatoe bim anD tbe spaioe bttf. 

lohn. Can noe fobe I{?0 : but tbes are naugbt bs ano bi?^ 

Phal. £i:t}t0p;erampttonfrteni)e,ftirHtettcbtb61b;otDDHet 

3irtt}0 1 rrape tDttbltre,be ttiou fure or tbt0» 

SCbon a)alt \it terribUetDbrppeD,fo;tbi0b)?|t. 

lolui. tu^ b^pt) mar^ CDoD (bteloe , cb? bab ratber be banffbei 

Ra. (lDrcilutenoiaDle,cometotbtU(tns. 

lohn. arte not toellbaiigDe. 

Phal. Q!iaell,s(DDfeUoU)e0,Iet« take bptbis matter. 

Gri. jpar.arS lohn Mroines.^AWiz ttvSk in a baiter. 

Phal. mfy^i belpes it «ou,to fee tbe po)e man Uibrpt' 

3 p^are ^ou rrtentie0,fo; tbts t^me let bim go. ,^ | 

lohn. ^tanDettslI>anocbnIl,tobetbertbe«lq?Uo»not 4 

Ra. j^a?,bnt Uie cbargc bim,in tbe l&insf name,aase tb^* 

Phal. i^arbe boneS man,3 tnarrant tbA fet fr^^ 

tiDreafe tbem fuel UtntbetrbanDe0>anti fpealte tbem fac)«: 

lohn. £D]LearD®oD,oartaUotDepotteuinotbere. 

Phal. &:n(b.clatDctbemtDitbmonei;: 

lohn, tlBHbBfo.m^na5lc«arcfl&arpc. 

Plial . 3} Clotoneg, vam p^jpe.w matter,tbe AfflUs Iparpe.- 

SCbe? can f b^U of no ^tificbo,bat plaine ^ong. 

Gri, 3ipjai?elctfigoe,toetrBtletrmetolong» 

Phal. $>trargbf. 

Coc&cs fonic Imane.ff oppc bt0 moutb trntb monepe 
lohn. £D,3lbenvottnotoerwiCbt««?onmerc(e, ^ 
Ra. Come on aoaclj, toslt plcaf e ?ou be iossing bcnce# 
loha tecreiS5aU,tenne(b«Umse^anbtbwfenepena. 

Phal, igartsB 



Gri. Q9Se matt not let bimcoe* 
Phal. f^arbeoncemo;e« 
lohn. mmmmtbemomv, 
Phal. ftOiaUbefo. 

^01 four ra6e,ro; tbis tcme iDcare content: 

John Adreinet faretDell , ijencefojtb be boneff , 

ano fo) tbis faalte,tD?n paOlB it o;e in ieaS. £x«/Mr. 

lohn. %\itnQi\xt»oMxaanvi* 

Plul, IHBbr* 

lohD. «aibr>tbesbi!bbutieaa: 

Phal. |»ea,battbc? ta)b€tbT?tMoncr<nearne0. ExU. 

lohn. Art aone,noiuef be S>etDle cboabe ijou all bDttb it: - 

l^otoe cb? ttuCe agante, tbe tnaaes W tauQbt me tos^. 

SBut bf baint ^wr, cbi; bo fa barlao?: 

S^en maf e 00 iDbat tbem UiolMbat bane mone^. 

3|icb fnrclB bab bene tobipt,buf fo; mr colffe, 

S5ut cbuil nomojc.iDitb fmoncbcB be To boloc. 

pea, anb pcb tovO) all Honers to be lu)?re» 

SCbere be lear hts bnaues ab^oaoc, baae Catte^tsef: 

Mb)?>bB (Cob0 bo}e0,tbec canbotbe fttanbrnarbe, 

3f a manllealeibat a fmoucb in tbe barhe. 

anb notoe tbe 1do;Ioc is sr olvne > to focb iollie fp^e: 

as if fobe bcD b^lTe.tbe'are naacibt b? anb bi\ 

QSiell.rtb tDi;llbome,ano tell m? iFatbcr I>r0;f w: 

j^otoe tbat,tU)0 tbftties robb md of iwi Co^ne. Exk, 

f Entei; the King^vromos,Plricot MMer^genfagtffhallaXfii'nh two 
other attendances. 
jnng. 9iK GonfagDfittW tat bcncefojf b beare* 

Witb f»ilI.o; toealtb.i^oa Doe our rubiectstto^ong: 
l,o>be not agacne.tbis fauouF fo; to fpnbe^ 
Me bfe tbis grace»to U>?n ?oti to amenoe: 
3ir not,our tujatb (ball feare c«uto offenbe* 

G0»/<i^«, doth rcuncnce ancl departetb; 

King, a 



{(^ Yng. 31 fee br piooteXW ttat tU pioattbt ^ 
^Fg()t maifterfl rtg(>t,tDeaItb is fnOt a canber* , 
S[0lDonnDcstbeconrciciire,of()t9J^atSer» '^1 

iSnooeuourMtbebartortjtspao^eneijBbboar, ' q 

2Co cure tDbtcbfo}e,3|utticet)i0p;EOe mull p^it;, i 

mbtcb Suffice ougbt in )9;tncc0inoii to (^ne;-;,. j 

0ntirptbfabtecf0tFuebstbeir princes iati), • ' 
MbofeIaU)e0incbeere,tber¥tcti.(]|Otiloheepeidal0et | 

SCbepai;einlD;onges,butfiiDoaiei)otbOeIpgbt» ' 

S:besbaaeinuffe,fo;toDerenDetbetrrigbti ^ 

Stmncbbebouestbe matter of tberelaioea, ,1 

(2Cbismon?finGc8iatbem,romansriaiee0). 1 

SCoreebi0laU)e0,ot>rer'p.aiitbesarement; . j 

£D} elfe smb latues, fotll turneto eojSU intenf.. 
caEcli , ere 31 Ieane,mv poojeff fubiccts Q^allt 
313otb I^ue.nnb lrbc:anD b? tbc rtcbcff ftatnU. 
Pro. kegarOeDaiiDmoffmtgbtie|^;ince,7oar dementi? bereiiT* 
SL^otebartSj^onr rule, cfimanbstbjonsbfearetofaitbfnlloaetbal \ 
VJ. l^cnotomeb feing,} am fo; to complaine* . ^ itaia^ ^ 

^fpfc4//4Ar,lLo;Oprew«feconoarp, ii 

Wbofe I)atnou0 iD2ongc0 mans poo:e men bof b painCf 
15^ me,Uibo p;a7,?oar bi8t>nc0 remco^. 
King. £^ iL0}D promos, it fame0 roil rale atlars^: 


tHKbcn 80 rour darbe0 are offtccro tiniuff. 

Pro. E>KaDking«3tbtnbe,betantbcre^2ons,Dirtbarse* 

Kyng- SDoe ^on bat tbinbe r?;:a fare fpcare to truff; 

bum beatb. anD bl^nbe jutge, can bo as mucb: 

WclUtDclljC^aD graunt.rour otone I^fe,b]sbe tbetnfcb* 

fs^i Flrico, ^our cotnptaFnt conttncto: 

VI. (!i?ratiou5f£itng,btsU);ongesbetbefeinreU>: 

|pt};a FW/<tx,ts a common IBarriter, 

3n offtce,a IctobCFtojtioner: 

SCbc craftp man.oft puts tbcfc tbiongcs in t)je, 

3f poojc men batie,tbat Ipbeo bis fcarcbmg e^je, 

1^8fi)otDetbooulb,tbenceDsfonleBtolore: ^ 

Wbtcb if tbes tabe,ro faff be sotb tijemtcet 


F^^^~"^ oPPromos and Cafandra, 

%tev are tnfoifl (farre bcneaft tfte talfeto) 
SCO let bim baue tDbat t)i0 ere coaei^teD: 
atiD fo; f p;oae. ebat tbi0 repo;t t0 trne, 
I (^otoe no mo}e,tben toitneffe p;ou'o b? otb* 
Mbofe names ano banoe0>t)ef?nO0 it beare m frotbi 

f7r»w deliuers tlie King a writing with names at it. 

King. \$Q\B notD Promtsi botD tUtibt TOO Of toar raanf 

tnfe botb «our iui?tte0tto deare bitn tf iran can. 

Pro. S>;eaD Sitngi m? bart to betre bis faultes Dotb blecDe. 

King. <^btoe far'oe it tben,to fnfbr it ino&oe^ 

3tDpDe,3 troliie,o; noto ?oa (peabe in ieS: 

SCbs ^affer?0 mute pM/<«f»3l bonla it bed 

S^bat tbon; tbc rclfe. 

Phal. 3lbnmbli;cranei 

S>f conr grace.foi annflDereirdtift fo ftuae* 

King^ QOib^toDeaireacIobetobtoeafcnaaef 

^tiwXirVeritMt fion q»mt MtgrnhSf 

sanD if i?8iinr -fetfetson on war trntfi repoCr, 

^on ma? bebdnlbitbefefairitei foi to Den;, 

^ome>lstteI cace,t)pon tbeir otbes to Ise: 

free if ani; in ipoar bebalfe fDtU nware. 

Phal. i£>]io20(l^D, i0tberenobn^tte«ortlie poffetiearee 

Mellitben of fo;ce,3l mnff fiiijs p<«<''<M. 

ano j^r^eitrt )n?|tit,td tbe binqTo} mere?. 

- QKing,! atii,iitiattlte j mml cbnfcfl*^ 

The which I wyll with repentaunre redrciH!. 
King. SDbpconfeOlion.biitbnieittfQmeraaotir* 
X5ut repentannce pa^e? not tb? po^e ni^stiliOQn 
Wberefoje* jbr}^»n>»6i000tifea^eTOQ> . 

0nt> iu2ongl>,relh>;e fddjto tbdrQne. 
VI. lLa)beiiibatbec^tte0tmot(tbtnb^,li^b^lEe0arai0btfoace, 
tOpon a leatobe bi^rl^tjiiameD Zamm: 

feotbat ti0 Ba»D0^lp5HtaB'e pav enerp toigbt. 
King, tmbere naught 10 left>tbe bins muff lore bis xi^t, 
■■^* i&i l^aie 

fe- -^ ' . . - ' 

■% ■ ' ■ ■■ . 

r ■ ■ ■ ' - J _ . 

; "."^ >- 


aSat t^ tbe tDaT?,«o« rule tbcf t^s topU^. ?,.;/- ^ j > (j ni i hi c"? 
SC!)affuflier,b?Boarnofe,(MCbifaiwiit9i>U)iIU ^u ,; .acua 

anttnoU) pW/-«Af,t|)s furft)i;|r^c»n«on« w» - > j, c ^ ^^ ^nftj: 
;!^/riVoif t)t8 acconhtlchcUtuei Tee. 

Kin?, pW/(«Af,tm£:tbccftieatxin^; ,c ... ;,f 

}l5ecaaretbotii}{^ir>t6?faoRe4atdra{onfeire, , 

ifrotnpttnir(ntie»itt|)^j?crfflii3Irckafe{ r: , i 

Pha!, 3m<J(H)untbls,DotljaflfeBto«rtt)8iettB,i . j ...j^ 
Pro, ab)0utala£i,^«^^arc|fff; Vii;-' aJ' y- i?i,^tJriH 

C4(f4»dra in a bleirt^ *b^*ai,sMo*ecfTwJtK fclacE ■\f " '"'^ 

£D^ etre> ^sairomos letsjones fijotumi toonld &«atb iiuoalo enptny^ 
Vxo, me\temtmtt\siktcCafin4rjt.\^ : .j;. .(tWatti 

Caf, flpora;onfl*arref, atoa?. . ; . . , .: ;,., v.- .s.:i.r^ 
KenotDtneD Hing J paroon,crati(^fb} f &i« mi) bopl&sA^e^^, j .^ 
3n pm^ng. ^m to neate^eiur graccitt? fb;roU)tfi vittpxfx ' , }. , c' 
atiDlca(lm?fee,falfcpr<wwbcarc,lJoemterrHptnit?taUf ' .; " 
<&tamt grnttoastftmg.tbat bnc()ntcoaIo,3nta]g repo;)tttig M?f . 
King, ^&to)n0toPrtf»»a/.'bOt»lBb«,MU,0ffbi8fonj5f . /^ ,;;| 

S&at>on fat??el3ame,3llong^pbcareib8^}pn5. ,■ . , . .),:i ■j:.'i5 
CaC fiCbcn bnotoc Djeao ftu«rapi^,tbatbctbiit.ccBrwb»B gf B^. jri 
S:;bat mi? 31B;otbcr>f o; iuiTntonhelii;ef(^ixiiKi lofe bte bead; i < /. f • .^ 
Siio tbat tOc mape, tobicb finD,.(|)OulD cqcr after lytic , ; . ' • i 
3nfo»icreliG!W«j8bourc,tofo;ratt«bcrmJR)al>e: ■-; .tiu)l 

SDo fauc m^ b;otber iag'afa t)B«, tottb f^atcfl 3 foligbf to moue ( r ; 
l,o;D promo/ bart, to (bp.^ei&iin Jffaf^:bqt^'l»<U):I^U>iC£!lp*l8i<t:v 
mint f ?;cD bB ano burana bhiciii^i^jjJi^^ftjig^- - - > . ; i . ; jr^ cni: 

v^ttkn'oim tmmt,tohi\^^ mUmmtiv, .j^ .; - ; j • j 
^oteare0toatDlo4>jb0iiearacn^bi9U>icbe9luftii>a0XB^bt: i>i^ 




of^roms^CdfmJra. ■ ' -■ ■ -1 

jEo tie m b;onier ptitird Mir. 03 Qtradnf ftfs letooe re^n^ff: 

3n fvne,fobOnDe ta)it() naturail lotir,3 Dib agree* 

®pon tberetfuo po?ntcs:ti)at marrs mee be (l^oulB* 

lanD tdat from pitfon (^oalo m? bjotber free. 

SK tbts tottb mcnQrous 0tbc0,te pjomtrco be tooDlo. 

SButiD t[]t0 perturt) pr^mo/, toben be baD ipjongbt bi« tDt'l) 

jFs;& cad ma or:anD after caaro f be CTaUer fo^ to hill 

9pt b;otl]er,raunromDe,ttittb tbe fpoplc of mi? go>D name t 

^0 tbat fo; compaiUng.tDitb fucb a belHQ) fee nDe, 

3 baoe conOemnoe mi? felfe to fneare tbcfe toeeoea of diamei 

nbofecognirante ootbCE)ob)e,tbat 31 baoe(ae(blr)flnD. 

1,00 tbos,bJc anD rcnotoneo h<ng,c<»/«Wr4 enbec btr tale* 

flnotbtsistuidteo proatf/ tbat batbtotongbtberrnOleg bale. 

King, jf tbts be rofDle aoeeoe,(baU not tiifianiait goe* 

^otD fa^ ft tbon vromotAn ber pla^jntef arte giltp; sea, 0} note 

tnabF fpeabff tbonnotj a faolt; barte, tbr faience fore ootb Qiofoe» 

Pro. s^^ gilt? bart commaonof mv tongue. 1^ blng. to tell a trotlTa 

31 ooe (onfcffe tbt0 tale i» trae.anb j hefierae tb j? Ui^atb* 

King, ano is iitoi tbia tD<cbeo«eeoMbod Ibalt ere lonff bnc &e<ire» 

C4ji;Simir«, tabe comfoit In care, be of gsb (beeret 

SCb? foKeo fenlt.iBas ft-ee firom enilt intent^ 

jbo Qame,can blot tbce anf toav. 

at0 tboagb at fol, I barblf can cmtent ^iee* 

yet af 31 map,ainire tbpfelfe ] tDpl. 

SCboa lorcfteb man.m<gbt <t not tbre OlfKce, 

15? toojfe tben fb)ce,to fposle ber cbattitte, 


l^afte craell7.ber bjotber Doneto beatb. 

Srbuoaerp;oofe,necanbatmalw.metbMw* : . <. .. ^ 

SLbat mane toafcs tbon baS m foWectea-twoiij^ . ' Ci,;» ri ,v . u oui 

iFo2botocanlttbOttU>ttb3tifticeti(lBtb9tUMiief ^ jJ!- - 1 m;.«5^.t 

«ailbentbQatbT?felffeooamnlwtb?tDttlalatti» L'c ?J .fijii.'V 

ffib^t^jrannpmabtmeeibteiwogrelfc maker • Ji n,'i s :< 

^otofo,fojfpo;t tfilnouiejicollotireolt ■ p viiifn?.* .i a 

mntotbiaenDe.tuumigbtlcatne at large, T 

«9b^otjKrl»;ongc0bF potoer»t|)onbaft io;oogbf, 



' < . / 

1^ tbat it~f eemestf be Jj^il ano^t^u art frlenoe^: 

3 plaQ e tbee not, to be a partial! 3uD0e* 

^t}^ ^ff'Si^vs are eoattoua 3 finoe, / . . 

SCt)?n tD&o tbat geaeMii Stem in tbe t^an^e, 

3n rt?8bt,ano Uijptig, i« fare of goBB futteffc. 

ia!l£ll,tiaarlet,taellt to> aotne 31 betber came, 

SDo fcourgc, tb¥ fatilte0>anQ blue tbe ro;e0 tbou mab'tt: 

£Dn i(!b& t)£lc to}etiebe,tbts fenfeace 31 pronounce. 

SLbatf(D;tbtDttb}tb0ttQ)alt4narrteC<iy54m/r<t, J 

if o;i ?o repamhir bowpur.tbou &¥J»ftiDatt« 

SLbe neKt D4l?e tbpH i^ait idf« t^ tatep Ipfs. 

Bin penaance^ jbat tl}pM:tMaP'ft l)ti:.ll^;otber 6t^> 

Pro. ^? fauUes fnere grf at,^ it|iRs,¥et granttt me mercies 

®bat notve toitb biffiop Ogbes.lamcntw^ finnes to Iatc» 

Kinge Hecfacias^heriftjHcdttln vis fieri: ^^ ; 

pittic toafi np plft &pi,\i*en ^ob iii io^a^cnt fafe, ; r. • '; j ;r 
pjfparcrOHrfelfcto55e,tnfeaiiw^poubc»iwfo;lBfe. ' : .-..a 
^? ilo;oe0$b;ingb«!niatt|jtniieiC4j^WMcqtife^ti tn j&etafk o 
SPS reUe tupll f«,tbs bononr faItt'D,in maMng tba bifl QSlife, 
l^bcffljncr to fl)o;teitbi« eases, ,;* 

Allthecompany. M^dtoaitf 1)99(1 EfltMir^<IC^» 

^AsiJieKingisgotngout^aPooremanshaUicheele '^•t^;.^ 

inhsswaye, •• ' •- 

Yng. &?;f^/r><^53ltu?tiitCommi'Srton(|)otttt)temabe> 

)15etteieiie Sl^aiSer pn>ilfv»8nD tb^pffijeimsmiei it^filte^ 
Vlricoo i&enol»neDl!iine(,it«iare8&it 
King. li«papjetF&i?jt;/r/MrfojtJbj<|pttimiritoH: 
All. ®9Sp^«aroet»ourapaieft^. 

They all depart J £ttK the C&ww. 

• '■ ■ . -i' ■ Ctewiie, mnef' 


r"' . oiTromossm 

Clow. ffioMM Of mcamS tDCrebrtfer fpcafe fo great lLo;tbfl cli)p fee, 
%bm to our pioate>3nttlete of jpea^ctbat bi^w in ttft cmtcfi 
1$ttm id rgtrt,afl m^tKk^km^^m^^^ toith m tare. 
fCtito ttDO s«re,tbes baue barD mi? matter,! cet (bam neu § n&re. 
anti at tea na|l& , a ^aft fpfte iU!40e^(Po9.<n bcaaen faue bis Hfe. 
iFastbiro^ itotWng.tiflb tec llifrffl[^#a« pf*J?^«, anD m? JErife. 
® i.earD,?£i) tbougbt tbt ftin'g'Ibtitertert brteyon iJioi'rmtn to !©&? , 
3lBut#oD fane bt0 (!&race,at f?jS Da(b;m? &nppli?cation be tofte: 
^o; my? pafpo^f ,3 benne not to^*t« 8fl»Mw ?^»«. 
QiiaeU,rbnlIsoefo}t,anobopetobe toitb^Ser frolhettobimz- 
)0ut«re;ccb go«^nt tnp )IBttllatt«f(8)Dbiluns Cm^ png. 

>. The Clow nesSongr-rr 

YOtiBarronsboldejandluftieLads," " vyria?,.,:, , 

PrcparcrawclcbiricjbiitgoodKft?^- ''''''''■. ' 

V Vhofe commingfo^jhis Sabie^csglai., Z^' "^^ 
As they for ipycjthe Belles dooryng. * ^^^- 

They fryske,aadi"kippeiin cucficpUpCji . i ^ i , . . • 
And happyiicjdaifce' his f;iW.-ri ; . , ^- !o' , .. i-j,.; : ; 
VVho checks the ryrchjthat wrong bj^mighti. ; . i 
And helpes the poore,virtfe his right. ' 

f The lottc thai ryTOmrgcttcs through fearcj, . . ' . 

VV^th grace aQdoMijfw,H^a^bwya; \ ;^.,;- JlV . 
tOT which we prayc«w*,eiieric«v*hcrqi. ,;:,.,;, , ..f, ,' ., ! 
GoodLOTdcprcfesii^dti»KiflgeoTu(taI-*;'?!r>r»!) V ; 

His fauour raigaej5,i»ctieric placfc - 
And happy hc,cattfccKis face'; ■ 'i'i' "'■' fAif< 

*^.xij Jctus, 

Qrefco. 'Confe lorfrfrts lh^aaiM,ttJ6Beali0ttt¥OturbnSncOi^ 
#ctcbcmam,all^lcVaw8oto*ii*. ; .( ■ 

Grcf. &e«rc6i^D»ac{t0(ili^;,CDriteUHe,ai|D<!»cnlMf (0)ner» 

aboot ponr cbarse.letg ree.botoe ?oa can ftarre. 

Sec. ^egyS bane tDinsc0 in m? bales to fla. 

Fira. Mbo giues t\DO p(iur,a Sraunse sponSer to fA. 

Sec. ®Hbnt^onfter>" ■ 

FirH. 9bo2neD]l5eAii,U)itbi»tnseft)ponbi<(6le0» 

Sec. £i)utD.:onbcno;ealfir ' f: :, i 

Grcf. Mlbat^nnnes sqor NalUD a tPb*U<f; . 

S5e pacbing botbcanrttjaf bctginw )?onare*e». ,^_ ^^ . , - . 

f irft. m9 are gone Jb»,toe ftjo but ()iea|» tQ tealL V . ' 

■•-•■■'■ Exin$M: BhMlUt ' 
Gref. ffibettfa«,JWr«»*bafbmw«IalMilii, v ■ ( 
SLo fearcbe oQoe boles. toberepDle batHttarinrlBn i 'fri f c 
l^c fo n?opeO. O^or /Mni'rliM iNI wte ^ J y ^ v ;b ^> , in 3 or 1 V ' 
as cucr ance.bebatb bene lBl»|ol|>b*I«« 0-1 1; die [3:! f ; A 
ano in a ragctoe man i$ itotoe fo tobotte. 
fls Utoo«perfonnCT,tajj«e,wi6raMeijoMtopott^ , , . i r ^ 

jBotin cbicfc,beaojmw,ati%«rw>^-**t ' '•';; ^^ ;:/ '• 

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^ atiD ebatn fure tbe bo^ecbup.ts peaking in tbts toaD. 
CbS tui^I reebe eacri? co2ncr>bat cbe tesll finD ber. 

He whifllyng lookes vp and downe the (tige, ^ 

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^ane in? moni; tabe mi; life. 

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ano to^tb l?fe arui motiBtite ftt Aee free. 

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ft J lolm, ^ince 

The Hiftory 

lokn. ^{ncreannoffii«jem^fl|?are,onfa)te(bonsMt 

An. fetraunge arc tbe nctocg.tbe Clotone batft (lEiolpne to ttm 

4^ot llrauage a tobsf ,tf tbc? toeU fcanncD be. 

jf o; dDoo'toe f^,ftsl( tb^otoes tbe E^^ant Dotone: 
€uen in tftc bcpBbt.anD p;iDe of bia rcnptoiic. 


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ano none fo mucbt a« btbwfftwitiw by* We. 

l^c (ellons bang'0,?ct bp cirtoition,ttoalet 

$e toanton* plas'o, bimfelfe 9 ooating foilr. 

I^c otberB tbertt, fo> faing fo> tbcir riabt: 

ano be binifelfe , ma^ntaincD U)}otig8 bi;mtebt. 

aent fa tbe rule of iniftbi«fr,iwbi«p>to?t ^ _: 

H^ bcaDlong ft»lle«,tobtri«i4ft»*t<b0B|t«f« Woe. 

MeIl,bi?bisfaH,3«iai!«|i««*«F"*^** . 

^«Jr»gi* set.<n ttrmtng be«Joa ipiefe. 

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So tDja?cfbtfc netoe04io MoWitirfo WjfiOPO. ; 

l?ct ere 3 go,3l iPfS?^'^!' W^* .. . ". 
338 in tbe ffielBileiiniWt«'« fr-***^'*^*** -^ -^^ 
3 tnpll bnhnotoise.learne bfltoc tbr gamtDotp B<% 
3iBatcr0 3go,IWfarebwo^t0oe: 
j^ tban&<I^*3 Srtt in fong fDrlld^e 

, : Andrugm Song. ;;,;; 

crO thcc '6 l.orac,with hartc,and voycc I fyng, ' 

VVhofe mcrcie grcat,from monc to fwcetc delight: 
From gricfe to ioyc,mv troubled foule docft bring, 
Ye^,piorcchy>yrach,bathfoyldemyfoemfyghu ^^ 


VVhofought my lyfe (which thou O God didft faue)" 
Thyfcorgchathbr«Ught,vndm6hccohisgrauc. - 

V Vhofc gricfc wy 11 gawlc^i thoufandc ludgcs moc. 
And wvll them fcc,thcm felues,and fcntcncc iuft: 
"When blackc rcprochc,chis thundring flume ftull fhoel 
A ludgc CO nderadc for murder ,thcfte, and luftc . 

This fcorgc,0 God,thc lewdc iu fearc wyll bring,^ 

The iuft tor ioyc,thy pray£ft> lowdc wyll fyng. 

£xtt. , 

I . ff K/r*,with^hree other,with byllcsjhringjng io Lmid prifooer* 

QRef. Comconra{reSDain9,ancerairetDo:O0,fDb2t(8no|)ttOe» 

^oto fotole meanee (ball •■ in poo repentaance b2a0e» 

La. ^atSer Grefcat\o\iett ?oa mai^e belpe.diirt not. 

Grcf. anD notbmg but cbaantmt,lP?lI bctpepoo to amenlie^ 

llilllet(.1 \ov\i not burt pon. rour leU>onef to Defcnbe. 

La. ipi»tett>onc«&p;:fDbatistb<QtA!trrence« 

15ettDt]ct toantons.ano booibecfl afpencief 

Grcf. CboabaatDiniteattn?H>battn.tbj;rpc«n&lDafm 

SDtio'arte foil of <l^acc, to toe 1^ blaOirtb at tbe matter. 

Li. ^att)efampleit?oarto?fean&Daasbter&pi; 

Grdf. arent.t,uibenlaDbpppingbatt>cbanng'bttn;i^attir^ 

La. liiabatU)b?ppme^lDb?^am5aOo;reo2a,t^ref 

Grcf. ^o,butabeaft«tbatnieetelte\DeU1i)i?Ub«re. i 

La. 3[n oaDeiajB)nQtDe?perfb;ce,i beare tbw tMoU 

Sntbre me tDelUUe I factbi sette 3 onta 


Byl. Il5faoc|)irtotftel0cacefe?j» ". 

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Grcf. IB^tngbtraiDave^BlfcnotpeboiD^tqrf^btirt 

La. peri»ps«Bsi,no:ttebo2ffto.botlliamft){r<. 

Byl Cometebaab. SitodtUm. 

La. lpotDenotDeftab;ban&e^orms<l^tDne. 

^jtV Care not fojtftiijtnfeWtt^ifiWetooneToottit.'' £«««». nird-BH 


IheHmbry ''"^ v" 

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Cie furl!«r off. j tt);cttl)iO fihocboto (cntfojt anb nlicfc, ' 
S^V t rotbcr 8fft,fc; iDantch fau{tc0,roiiDfnipnrD luas to Dve: 
STo faat; UJliofe life,\n^ futc,tt>;cu0t)t bopcof Crate.but fcaf lc0 J, 
iil3v ftKb r?qucft, niij 1)01^6; fpo,r!9.njiO g^piitB not ^,i9 bjrafb; 
if oj Uiftif (J pf«v tc,3 baacpiirfiiOf ,iL02i)'e ?romoi bnto Oi atb. 
Cfflibo Jaftii) Igufba'iiDerioipebfamf^itpIedroour feoncrat » r fo, 
i?o: to I traftb jfame-Mt tijatnctuc Uioiftcs mp ino, 
2Cbigbap,ljemi»a(ohjlefrebt6bca!) nip iBjothfiPOcaHjfo quite, 
iano t&erifl :fcoi?qt)c batj? alao.lbtUJftc mc ^ir grratett fppte. 
^ ^;ofber loue.noli^ ma, 
SCop;cferrcb(jfoi?h2n,p>fE.i?n,wnpi;,uffcent!0(afffie. - 

JBut ®, a?e ditttbp jIFbjf wi«l;5',Ss1ii mabf tii» cbif fcO foe: 
SC toaB 3 alstenen onelp l.tbat \ii;oa0btbi« oaei tb;or. 
Wbat Qjali ) Do, to tno^ft^ ameAOtft fo2 tbis mpbarncQc t^orf 
Wje trine id f^o}t,m?^potper ftefTlt.btff tmtoit arctb fpeU^r. 
anoOiaU 31 rauebisbI(i)0,f^a'tl4re(VTb(i(ibrbtMpf^> 
)i>,pea 31 tben tuas ffiioiit^ bi0 fttei^nt hdtbe as rattbr<i(t (UBtfe/, 
3muttano.U>!:tl.p2rrcrte%ybeaitbr<^ct)rcnbcme£flJ)orufcc#: . 

ifo; noise tmto ttteSiini^i tticu,mr cbannftcb mtnoe to cjrpjdTe'. 
;■;:';■■■■ i-w/, - 

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IBnt bab tte inng, tet ttie; free frctti flattrte, 
fi^bepertDtaretcare,3^riiigl)tfi1i6'i^ikaru'o,perbie. ' 
3Bat1Lo;De/'ro>^»,batbaforrri||pjrf|-errd7aunt(r: . 
-jj^i « r,,^"», ^efrcefromiLanoe«,o(pfiea,,aitD,iMf!CfOotb,Daancet . 
/ ' flno iiiaibe tmJtm Iifevtte Iditfc ^tb a'taune. . , ; : 

ffibe^Dfficerf'JMrffVtr^^^^ ,V 

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oiTromos and CdJIanc/ra. 

mi vtUpmt f h*rc,tl)c? bauc : marrp fo j beat c, 

SEbep iDhvp tiem DntvU.D^f « bloii) tljc^ ftocatc. 

S3ut fa, tbctr tott brftottiOc of frnc ^4/wm, 

Stasau^^tr rate, from tjaroe ftoncfi , ano colDe toapc, 

3lato a Cartr jfep o^o the qaeane ronuai^r- 

flppardleo, tti rolloure berle ga^c: 

13o(b ^(DDe>a<io (iDotone.of grccne.anD pellotue fra^e, 

l^tr i^arDcUircire SDrpff4ue0,ali tit bleloearrase . 

JBcfoK bir a noyfc of XBafOM D^O plape, 

311 1 )i8 r. mmpfte.dje rvo tetllnre a cage. 

iftcfi:. thf Citie is fo parccD noiur: 


$Jo that fare j>cH mp parfc, of rb;!tuing tftere; 

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J&C'fOti^e oil hope, Domthttffre*rtt.' 

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Pr«,^es p'w/av.i'netBetblubetljertoaO! 
iJSctue, CPoo btu\» veall iionctt men ofiulio 
Sie tt-c^vaiVeslvtice,tbe lompanv of firiettt 
^c flattrcrs loucs as I^fe^o totne iiDti() l^crf. 


«^W>-«^, <firguifcd in fbinc kng bijclce Clo^ke, 

j/\N. i:i}creftDot)are0,il)aaebeneinCot>rft)ifgt>j('Bit 

Where 31 boue (earno,tbe Ko^getbat is Denil^i 
$01 pyftwwfaul^e. be m? ^ffter fpotofeDbatb. 
Eo falue bir i^ame^cracbt b^ bis bjracbe offavtt), 
dno (boztliebe, ninfilorebtfi rubtt>III)eaD: 
iPo; oturDjingine.lubome no man tbinbcs bat DeaO, 

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3f (moo'o toitb rutbe) 5 fcehe,to fct bim free. 
*5at foftlie,tijitb fomc netoesjtbefc fellotoes come; 
3 tDEllffanoe i;tofe,ano bear« botb all ano fome. 





\7L. Mdrshalljiie&rt i?oa toarrant i«:toitb tpkbt, 
^ SCbc btng commaoni>M,tl)«t promt ?ott bcbeao. 
Mar. Jbir4)w btB6nefleU)?U,njalte 'w'^^^JI^JJJJm 

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Ms bcaa^ to?fc.fa«b ttojmw of ttartt m l||oto;e, 
sas mrgbt.\Ditl) rnetb Aaiw mo^a a ttont? bart. 
jBnt proww/ guBtt,o?ofootietb<« Br«« oeuoare. 
siDur gratioaa femg.bcfo je bbr lD}ftcb«D ftnart, 
aajcfert,tbe beltb.of tbia oar common toealet 
ISutfaagaincto faelojbimJecomM. 
ISer ratbfoU lobcB.ber graJc.Ootb fojce mft ntw. 
^ttb bopcj nmtt^tir fojrotDf • n«w« beter- 
SCbU frvaw be Oifpatbt oat of tb« toa«. 





SSf tbc b<ng,toitb me,ret oner mo; j?^^^^^ 


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Of (jjfflB> f tnie,Doc not tn? fttfe/ojcflotoe. 

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»S fitters iDoe, fortfoetfe in «ne Bfltfe crftofs 
00 ragne 3 toouto(tf oogW fane wafli a caagW; 
JBetojau ms feSfe.lLojD pwwfl* lift to fane. 
IBat Igfe i« ftoeef cano naogW *nt oeatb a e?t, 
3f ttat I a»oplo,mp fafef B note oiftlofe; 

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anBOiaUittitui acquire C«Jipi»<ir4*loa«, I 

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a3libi?ia,t|)at control ma? rcmottt I 

Care from ber6arte,iff bat Wrftnfl»anOO?ef * 

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SCo mine bir greefe.fincein mi coreif reff0. \ 

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3!Befo;c,ifaple,ber,plunge&iol»t(ht0. , 

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Sbue(beingt)eaD}rasfame,(baUUaealtDat: i 

.IR!Iltl!,tofbe6ing,-^»</r«|2onoa)tDpIIb)?e, I 

^apIcfe,bapDeatb;bi£trafetp,tobetD;ae. €xit^ 

The^4rjW/,tKree or fowre with halbardtf 
Leading pr«MOf to execution, 

gYl. Kroaic rricnt»B,tobat mcane ^oa fhm to gafe on ttf , ^ "BjimX^ 1 

i%C6me0betinoe,make0aUtbcrpo;t3|)»Q;9, ! 

Pxo. jFarcfocI, i 

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I Pro. jfaretBen.m^frtcn&egjfakctoarmngbgm^fattt 

i, SDifoainc m? lifc.but Igaen f o m? enoe, 

ifrsR) barmcs .eijc^ fa^.tbetittocrs fo apall, 

as oft tljcp tutn.tbe totcbeo to amcno. 

3 naD? not t)carc,m]?faultcff at large refute. 

5llntimel? oeatb,t)otb toltneffe tot)at 3 tuao: 

;a VuicbcD man,toi)teb maOe eacbe lu;ons r^>nerig^> 

Cucn as J tDoult),U)as lujelteQ euer? care. 

anD tftu0 long tijme,3l liuDano rule bp to?l, 

^S^ljcrc 30 3 loQ'o, tbetr fatiltefitH toouio not Ta: 

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3Dii> pcrfuc,tt!le iBjetcb.tuttb crueltT?, 

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^at fee tbefalLof mtrcbeene,inbisp}tDe, 

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SCbe beaofctnan ara^gbt^ms fDjonges tottbDeatttof Uqntfet tDOjtb 3 tabe, achnoUiIeDging» 

2Cbe x^wa&joaeA seuen,on caafe.anD not on Tp^te, 

Wtfbtng mi? enDe,mtsbt feme fo; a foaming. 

If 0} fucb as rnIe,anD maUe tbeir toill a latoe* 

3f to fucb goD) inf fasting taie migbt tenD, 

W;etcbeD promostt\)c fame fnonlo lenger Djato: 

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if rom m? bnge fanlf e0,tben tenne times moje foi^H iuame* 

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SDberetoitb tbat t?on,tn jealous p;ater. fn^n 

IBefscbe of €oD, tbat 3 tbe grace ma^ bane: 

at latter gafpe.tbe fearc of Deatbto h^Il. 

Mar. ^o;b)arD0 m^ )Lo; tbinfaeo von fatnfl? got. 

Pro. g) fs;,in me cafe^^our Telfe InoalD be as aofoe. 




~~'^~ of TromosAnd lajjandra, 


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Sefo^e tbt tto»,Ui?teatb tDbict baSeneo bane: 

Sue (iC ftoetebnlbant) ms fanlt toisfw mtt. 

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anD four moie grder^.it iibeft van feNure gone: 



mavMt mjkt9 vnw fa^rottief ,aiiD our blamea, 

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Poll, a 6oe,anb pja? tbe iLo;b, f relane p*. 

^ S^ . *'^* ^'P**** ^W 'wf''«nb let Da bfe, 





^ — ~ TheHiflorie 

They ill (iepittt{3Xiepolm4tC4jj[a»dr4 find her wonaat 

31 bope ere ■'oule futtb t\)int fl^all Dfoell. 
Po. i^oiu, Q(DD^aoamr,1eaitieortt)Uib(Dteleire0rierr. 
Caf. i^D p«/(«4,fojroU)c 18 ms relWe. 
Wberfoje, rtoate tDencl}0,belpe me to rae wg tooe* 
tmttb nie l)t>le tD;etcbe,tt)s b^tfer plaintet bdtotue: 
SCO tjaffcn l^ngring DeafbitDbo loantetb migbt: • 
SI ree,alone,to aep,tbe tojetcbet tuigbt. 
Po. /|}aF,firtt potD;e ro;tb four plai?itf£,ffl (bepotomiSDfaJm, 
Wten bate, Dotb clotooe, all tiio;l&lp grate, tobofe mercies ttrti oo 
Caf. £}iio,tb? motion ooetbloelf, . ((^fne. 

$&Uian Ipbeytn ronsito tolDle mc paflRng iBell. 


f Peare Dames diuorfe.youe minds fro ioy^hc^ to &ewayk my wo. 
Condole with me,whofe heauy fights.thepan^ of death do shoe) 
Rend heairs.shed tetres,poore w£ch diftreft, to hafl the means Codye, 

This Tragidy they haue begun,conclude I wretched mod, ' ■' '^• 
O vvelcomecarcconrame the threadfthcreto my life doth tmft^' ^ 
Sound bellimy knell,a way delaie,andgcue mee leaue to dye, 
Lcs hope,haae ft${p« voto my harty a ncsh lot ayde to flyei; >^ ';* 


My brother flaine,myhun>andah»atpoynt to Io(e his head, , S 

Why lyue I then fuckers being dead; . •• 

Otimc,0cryme,0caufc,01awes,thatludgdthemthi]stodye: > 

Iblame,youall,myshame,mytIua]l,youhatethathatmcUfletrye, | 

tl^iik .% 


■ ; ■: ) ■ ■. 

Ga. v^ndrugio V^tXtt i SHD vromtii rtpjiaDj I 

or, ;i!ia{netBt|)e()ppe,3irafDe^<'r«|i0D^D; ^ ! 

Ga. SS!lelI,tbenft'oinDe«tb>4)fi0«gainireasa1». j 

Qtaen notiie, 3 raiDe ()<m,in tbe market fteao, 

Po. l^istDo;De0areSrannge« ' 

Caf. Cv riDate.C&oO toot, fo; (rue* 

Ga. Jim'SttmM9wtt\Hf^tnin^9wWM 

CaC. SLbetttog. 1 

Ga. Wli\iom(iiti i 

Po. J©.Jftt/4/»<<n»g/p. i 

Caf. )an03imi;lLo;ticpr<»iM/,alKiero;rotDe. I 

"Enter thtKhg,tyfiidrtiiiffPrtin»ijVlrk»,tbctJI£4rtbMU, 

pp. #Se00D^</ri^f»f 
", An. ]^e (tottte ^«/m4: 

Cac iLruMt^»^r*gw,toelcowefto4teb;ot(ier« 

An. C/t^Mdmi 

Caf. a. 

An. l^0ioerare,m?Beare&t?<Ew 

King. /^ff^r«|«,i?oaftalH)auemo;«Itprure, 

Po gr&tc one another: it 10 our pleafnre, 


antt bB tobat jncaiie0, gou tbufl pjcftraeD toeare. 

An. sppfaull,fb;oogblooc,anotoBgementfo;mBfatiIfe. 


% Deatb fappon»e,DjMDc Jttiiiff.tom baine foM. 





llie Hiltorie 

OT l]cn 31 16 aulD b^Ctfjc dDa^ler tnou'D to ratlj, 
E>cclarD to ina.Awbat Vfitnit^ltattitt toa«; 
amajDctohcrat.jtolDcbtmalltbetruefb, : 
til baf» bettucne c-i/<W»Wrii,art»t>irtil»^b paffe. 

lftcmacbagricu^,Lo;ti6 Prows/ gu?U to beare, 

fiiaas terie (otbcms (tDofuU matt) to barmc: 
i iatlen6tb,tua©oD,tttfcttnc(trijmb^b)ileare, 

Wttb tbi0 trefence , bfi9 lu^IHns mInVe i)fD arme. 
I 2Cteooa?esafo;e,toOeatb,txiereOta«f<fbone, 

if 0? ff uerall fanlfeg. bs tbcm commUtcb: 

^0 tbat of tb£m,bc ffflkc tbe bcao from one) 
j 2nDtcC7^y?-««^r<i,t[jefamep}cf8nteu: 

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?K3benn 3 lsaT>,pour©ra«a being here: , • 

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3 tenturcB to fee bw tojBtfbc'o fail: 

SCO free lufpctf.TCt araanser Irbeara^oe, 

3 bctber camc:but loe, tbc intuaroc tb;an 

i)f C«/Wr4,tbe fojc ttifoiarOc. 
OT^icb3lfontcrueOagapnftnirb;otb8r prwww, ; 

SLbat loe,3 cbttDf'D, totttic m^fcUcfoocatb, 
1 2Eafetbimfra:fo>otbfrDDrfe3ftncto, 

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J&ocb aOucntureMS iDJCttbeD 3 banc pafl : 

aSf ffftbing roo toitb gracetotbiithe Ijpon, 

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King. attrangetifcourfe,a0ftraungcl?comcfoltgbt; , 
I C?ob0pkararei0ittiattbou0)tiaiD'ftparDonet)be; nI 

i 5CofaInetbefa«lf,tboulDitbPo/<>MmaO'tt, ' 

JBut i«arrsbcr,an» fteare I fettbetfr*. 

i • n ' ■ . ■ 

■ ifc-^- •■ — — . '-■t . 'T .i '^ahf 

. , ...1.1 . , I I ! .■» .■. J ii mj i n. i i^ W T»1K;-^-"-Tf^--'- 

An. S|5offgratiou0|5iteiie,fW«i^eo1ljiiai«^gV&t 

Poll. re/w-tjtbebappiettnctoeBofaUTo^^^tft*. 

Caf. fl0oagratio«»fefns,tottblbefem\!teiwjtonultc|), 

taoncbfafe^to geue m^t; Dampneo bufbdnbe Itfe. 

King. 3fiDiBro4etbimtftanbefbab<i»MlifpJ 

c<»/Wr4,3Hjaoe notco tftpOiffrcBfe, 

jBCbS tertues ehe,f rom firff ibnf tbe laS: 

ano QlaD 31 am,ti)tt()ont offence it l]?e0. 

jnmc to eafc.tb? grtefcano beaame«. 

c!4«<ir«|w fau'o, tbe iadi of tb? iote, 

ano fo; tb? rafec, J parDon proww faultc . ' \ 

^ea let tbcmbofb,tb»tertoEfl rare (ommcnbe: , Vsi 

3ntbattbetrttioe0,toitbtbl«OeI?sbft)otbtnO3. -4 

Company. (Sb'&p.!eferne\'ourS^8telIi(!. 

Pro, C4]/3m<r^^bota)e(batl3btrfbargetb?burf 

Caf. 3|bpD,buti0bataWtfe,Q;oulliei)ofOjtou. 

King. Miell.Once all partes are pleareD,a0tbes toouloe, 

liBefoje ? partc^et Proww, tbi« to tb«: 

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ano meafure QDrace,t0(tb Bltitttce eaernio;e. 

Zlnto tbe pooje.b^QC eucrmo je an e^e* 

ano letnot mtsbt, out countenaunce tbeir rfsbt: 

SEb^ ^ff'tera.truft not in euert tale. ' 

3n tbieff,tobcn tijcgatc meanefl.inff rifc0 ano futcB, 

SCbougb tbou be tu(t,t?etco^ne mane tbcm corrupt. 

0no if b? tbem,tbou DOS tnfuffice (botoe, 

SEt3tbou(baltbeare>tbebarbenof(bcirfanlf(0. ^ 

^elouwstosooB c<«/?4»<ir4, tb? QSaifc: 

anofricnoliefo t!)pb;otbcr ^Wr»^r», 

oaabome3lcontinaunb,a8fai!tbfullfojtobe ^ 
srotb^,as befeemes tbeDueti? of abjotber. . 
ano noU)aga^ne,tbt? couernmfut rercrMf, 
3nto?e4t fo,as tboa in Bjuaice iore. 

af tbOH be to^rr,tbrtaU masemafec tbccfBfe. 

Sfc Aa':,j.jL^-Aii;.v. . 

—' TheHHlbne "^ " 

^s3bflacfaBO0,begi»Dtjntott)cpcD;e, ' ^ 

^no lutttce iopne.luitb mercie enermo;e. 
Pro. spott 5ratiou8iti<B8» 3 toP'l noefajIcmB belli ' 
In ttiefe p;ecepte£t,to.roIloU)e sour bebcaff. 


fflmprintedat London by Richardc 


Sepulchres Church,withouc Newgate. 

Auguft.zo. 157 8*