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Full text of "The Maitland quarto manuscript : containing poems by Sir Richard Maitland, Arbuthnot, and others"

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QJottiell HtttoetHitg ffiibrarg 

Jt^aca, Sietn f nrtt 






Cornell University Library 

PR 8633.S4 n.s., 9 
The Maitland quarto manuscript xontaini 

3 1924 013 434 166 

Cornell University 

The original of tiiis book is in 
tine Cornell University Library. 

There are no known copyright restrictions in 
the United States on the use of the text. 

tTbe Scottisb ^eyt Societi? 

Maitland Quarto Manuscript 


Maitland Quarto Manuscript 

Containing Poems by 


And Others 




Ptititelj far tije Societg ig 




The manuscript here printed is preserved, along with its 
elder companion the Maitland Folio, in the Pepysian 
Library at Cambridge. The description of it given by 
Pinkerton ^ is as follows : — 

The Quarto Maitland MS. consists of 138 leaves; the pages 
not being marked, but the folios. It is written by Miss Mary 
Maitland, third daughter of Sir Richard. This appears from her 
name being inscribed twice on the page where the title ought to 
have stood; once in Italian capitals MARIE MAITLAND, 
1586 ; and again in Roman letter Marie Maitland, 1586 ; as also 
from a poem by her (see No. 84 2), in which the length of her toil 
in transcribing this MS. is mentioned. It is exquisitely written 
in a great variety of the finest hands, and most of it as legible 
as the largest print; and were in perfect order, had not the 
foolish bookbinder damped it in binding, so that each page has 
given a faint impression on the other, which very much hurts 
the beauty of the MS. It is bound and ornamented like the 
Folio ; as, indeed, are all Mr Pepys's books and manuscripts. 

The grounds on which Pinkerton attributed the writing 
of the volume to Mary Maitland are plainly insufficient, 
and it is more probable that it was written for her by 

^ Ancient Scottish Poems (1786), vol. ii. p. 467. 
'^ No. 86 in this edition. 


some expert penman, whose work well deserves the praise 
given to it. Though Pinkerton speaks of " a great variety 
of the finest hands," the bulk of the manuscript is written 
in one or other of two styles — viz., a small but clear 
form of the old Scottish hand, and a large Italic lettering 
resembling print. Towards the end (from folio 129) there 
is greater variety, and more use of ornamental designs, 
but the whole appears to be by the same hand. The 
Scottish hand is commonly used for Sir Richard Maitland's 
own poems and for other pieces of a similar nature, 
while the Italian hand is employed for pieces of a 
lighter or more modern character. The size of the pages 
is small {7^ by 5^ inches), and the amount of text on 
each varies greatly according to the length of the lines 
and the style of writing employed. 

In this edition, in which the full contents of the manu- 
script are printed for the first time, the original has been 
followed page for page, and the different styles of hand- 
writing have been indicated by the use of different types. 
Those pieces which are written in the Scottish hand are 
printed in ordinary roman type, with the contractions 
expanded in italics ; those in the Italian hand are closely 
reproduced in italic lettering, with the few contractions 
retained. An endeavour has also been made to reproduce 
the more ornamental hands, the capital letters, and scribal 
flourishes, and in general to convey as distinct an idea 
of the appearance of the original as could readily be 
done in print. With a very few exceptions the occasional 
errors of the scribe have not been corrected in the text, 
but are pointed out in the notes at the end of the 


The contents of the Quarto MS., like those of the 
Folio, consist partly of a collection of Sir Richard Mait- 
land's poems, and partly of a number of pieces by other 
writers. Of the former only three are not found in the 
Folio ; of the latter all but ten are new. As in the Folio 
(in its original form), a number of Maitland's poems are 
placed foremost, and form an unbroken series up to No. 
XXXIV., while a second series extends from No. L. to 
LIX. It is possible that this separation is due to some 
accidental cause, as the catch-words show an irregularity 
in the quires at the end of the first and the beginning 
of the second series. The manuscript also closes with a 
series (Nos. XC. to XCV.) relating to the death of Sir 
Richard. The miscellaneous character of the other pieces, 
most of which are anonymous, may be seen from the table 
of contents. 

Those pieces which the Quarto has in common with the 
Folio were doubtless copied from the latter (in spite of 
occasional variations in the text), but the arrangement is 
altogether different. In the Folio there are three portions 
which consist mainly of Maitland's own poems — viz., Nos. 
XIV. to XXXI., XCIV. to CXIII., and CLXX. to 
CLXXXII. In the Quarto all these pieces are found, 
except CLXXI. and CLXXVI , but the scribe repeatedly 
passes from one portion to the other in a manner which 
seems to rest on no definite principle. It is noteworthy 
that outside of these sections nothing has been taken from 
the Folio except No. LXXXVIII. ( = XLIII. of the 
Quarto), all the remaining contents being new material. 

In respect of these common pieces, the interest of the 
Quarto text largely consists in the changes in form which 


the scribe has introduced. The orthography is much more 
regular, and altogether of a later type than that of the 
Folio; though still Scottish in character, it shows clear 
traces of the growing influence of English forms. On 
this account the two manuscripts present interesting 
material for the study of the old literary Scottish tongue 
in its later stages, while many of the special contents of 
the Quarto have a similar value for the history of Scottish 

To the Master and Fellows of Magdalene College the 
thanks of the Society are due for their kind permission 
to complete in this manner the printing of the full contents 
of these two famous manuscripts. The text of the Quarto 
has been partly transcribed, and partly printed direct, from 
rotographs made by Mr Dunn of the University Library, 
Cambridge, and in the reading of the proofs I have 
received valuable assistance from Mr George Watson, 


Oxford, April 1920. 


I. Anon. ' Ane Sonet to the Authour ' . . . i 

Zour predicefsouris prayfe & prowes hie. 

II. Maitland Satire on the Toun Ladyes . . . i 

Sum wyfes of the borrouftoun. 

III. Maitland Aganis the Theivis of Liddisdail . ■ 3 b 

Of Liddifdaill the commoun theiffis. 

IV. Maitland On the New Yeir . . . ■ 5 b 

O hie Eternall god of micht. 

V. Maitland Satire on the Age .... 8 

Quhair is the blyithnes that hes beine. 

VI. Maitland Of the Quenis Maryage . . . lo 
The greit blyithnes and loy Ineftimabill. 

VII. Maitland 'Ane Ballat maid at New 5eirismess 1559' 12 
Eternal god tak away thy fcurge. 

VIII. Maitland On the New Yeir . . . .13 b 

In this new Jeir I fie bot weir. 

IX. Maitland Of the Quenis arryvale in Scotland . 14 
Excellent Princes potent and preclair. 

X. Maitland ' Ane Ballat maid at the winning of Calice ' 1 5 b 
Reioyis Henrie maift Chriftiane king of france. 

XI. Maitland ' The Laird of Lethingtounis Counfale to 

his Sone beand in pe court ' . . . 1 6 b 

My Sone In Court gif thow plefis remaine. 


XII. Maitland On the Miseries of the Tyme . . i8 b 
O gratious god almichtie and eterne. 

XIII. Maitland The Folye of ane auld Man . . 20 

Amang foleis ane greit folie I find. 

XIV. Maitland The blind Baronis comfort . , 20 b 

Blind man be blyithe thocht yat thow be wrangit. 

XV. Maitland Moral Verses 21 

Luik that na thing to fine the tyice. 

XVI. Maitland On Gude Friday . . . ,21b 

The lord yat raife from lyif againe. 

XVII. Maitland On Patience 24 

Gif Trowbill cummis be eventour. 

XVIII. Maitland Aganis the Divisioun of the Lordis . 24 b 

O leving lord j/at maid baith hevin and hell. 

XIX. Maitland Aganis the Weiris . . . .25 b 

At morning in ane gardein grein. 

XX. Maitland Solace in Age . , . . 2 6*b 

Thocht that this warld be verie ftrainge. 

XXI. Maitland Aganis Oppressioun of the Commounis 27b 
It is greit pitie for to fe. 

XXII. Maitland Aganis Tressoun , . . ,29 

Treafone is the maift fchamfuU thing. 

XXIII. Maitland Na Kyndnes at Court without Siller . 30 

Sumtyme to court I did repair. 

XXIV. Maitland Pleasouris of Aige . . . .31 

Paftyme with godlie companie. 

XXV. Maitland Of Unione amangis the Lordis . .31b 

3e nobillis all that fould yis countrie guyde. 

XXVI. Maitland The Warld worth na Thocht . . 34 
3e that fumtyme hes bene weill ftaikit. 

XXVII. Maitland Miserie the Frute of Vyce . . 34 b 
How fould our commoun weill Induire. 


XXVIII. Maitland Advyce to Kyndnes . . -35 
It is ane mortall paine to heir and fie. 

XXIX. Maitland Aganis Covetyce . . . • 36 b 
Greit paiije It is to behauld and fie. 

XXX. Maitland Lament for the Disorderis of the 

Cuntrie ...... 38 

O Lord our fin hes done the tein. 

XXXI. Maitland Advyce to lesom Mirriness . • 39 b 
Quhen I haiie done confider. 

XXXII. Maitland Gude Counsals . . .41 

Loue verlew over all, and all vyces flie. 

XXXIII. Maitland Pious Rymes . . . . 41 b 

Sinneris repent that Je haue fpent. 

XXXIV. Maitland Of the troubillous Tymes . . 42 

Mair mifchevous and wicked warld. 

XXXV. Arbuthnot ' Ane Contrapoysoun to the Ballat 
falfhe intitulit the properteis of gud 
Wemen' ...... 43 

Quha dewlie wald decerne. 

XXXVI. Arbuthnot On Luve 48 

He that luifis lichtlieft. 

XXXVII. Arbuthnot Ceis, Hairt . . . . 48 b 

Ceif hairt and trowbill me no nioir. 

XXXVIII. Anon. Sang on Absence . . -5' 

Sen that Eine that workis my weilfair. 

XXXI-X. Anon. Address to a Lady . . . • 53 b 
Sen fortoun hes now randerit me fubiect. 

XL. Anon. ' Ane ballat to be songe with the tuine 

of Luifer come to luifeiris dore &c.' . 55 b 

O blifsed bird brichtest of all. 

XLI. Arbuthnot A general Lament . . .58 b 
O wratched waird, O fals feinjit fortoun. 


XLIL Arbuthnot The World changed . . .62 
Religioun now is reknit as ane fabill. 

XLIII. J. Maitland 'Aganis sclanderous Toungis' . 64 b 
Gif Bissie branit bodyis Jow bakbyit. 

XLIV. J. M. 'Ane Admonitioun to my Lord of Mar, 

Regent ' 66 b 

Maift loyall lord ay for thy lawtie lovit, 

XLV. Arbuthnot Reasons for not writing . . 68 b 

Gif it be trew that ftoreis doe rehers. 

XLVI. Anon. Ane Confolatore Ballad to Sir Richart 

Maitland of Lethingtoun, Knicht . . 69 

Tobie moft trew in monye troubillis tryit. 

XLVII. Anon. Fredome in Presoun . , . -73 

Vp hairt thow art the pairt. 

XLVI II. Anon. The Bankis of Helicon . . . .74 b 
Declair je bankis of helicon. 

XLIX, Anon. An Address of Friendship , . .78 b 

As phcebus in his fpheris hicht. 

L. Maitland The Evillis of new-found Lawis . 80 
Lord god how lang will this law left. 

LI. Maitland Complaint aganis the lang Law-sutes 81 

Sair is the recent murmoar and regrait. 

LIT. Maitland On the Warldis Ingratitude . . 82 b 

This warld fo fals is and vnftabill. 

LI 1 1. Maitland To be put in ony publict hous . .83 b 

Dreid god & luif him faythfuilie. 

LIV. Maitland Moral Advyce . . . . 84 b 

Ground the ay on gudnes. 

LV. Maitland Of the Malyce of Poyetis . . 85 

Sum of the poetis and makeris that ar now. 

LVI. Maitland The Ruyne of Realmes . . .86 
Of god the mifknawlege. 


LVII. Maitland How thy Hous may lest ... 86 
Gif thow desyire thy hous lang ftand. 

LVIII. Maitland Aganis Discord amang the Lordis . 86 b 
My lordis all fen ahftinence is taine. 

LIX. Maitland To King James VI. . . ,87 b 

Our fouuerane lord into thy tender aage. 

LX. Anon. 'Ana Exclamatioun maid in England 

vpon the delyuerance of the Erie of 

Northumberland ' . . . . . 89 b 
Quho lift to mark the Scottifch gyfe. 

LXI. Anon. 'The Anfweir to the Englifch Ballad' . 91 b 
3ow that doe wryte aganis the Scottis. 

LXII. Anon. 'Ane fchort Inveccyde maid aganis the 
delyuerance of the erle of Northum- 
berland' . . . . . • 93 b 
Quhat faithfull hairt dois not for forrow burfl. 

LXIII. Montgomerie On Lady Margaret Montgomerie 96 b 
3e hevinis abone with heavinlie ornamentis. 

LXIV. Montgomerie On the Same . . . .97 b 
Luiffaris leif of to loif fo hie. 

LXV. Anon. An Elegie 98 b 

With fiching fad and furging forrow foir. 

LXVI. G. H. 'Ane Elagie tranflatit out of frenche in 

EngHfh meter' .... .102 b 
Is thair in erthe or hes thair euer bene. 

LXVII. K. James. Silence and Patience . . . 105 b 
Sen thocht is frie, Think quhat thow will. 

LXVIII. Anon. In Prayse of Lethingtoun . . . 106 b 

Virgil his village Mantua. 

LXIX. Anon. The Visioun of Chaistetie . . .110 
Intill ane morning mirthfuUest of may. 

LXX. Anon. A Complaint anent Meiris . . .nib 
To my lordis of renoun. 


LXXI. Anon. A Luve-sang on Houp . • 1 1 5 

My ladyis pulchritud. 

LXXII. Anon. The faythful Luifar . . . .116 
Gif faithfulnes je find. 

LXXIII. Anon. 'Ane prayer' ... n? 

O lord in heavin above that rewlis all. 

LXXIV. Anon. ' In prais of ane Gentle woman ' . . 1 1 8 b 

To prais that perfyte is the labour wer but vain. 

LXXV. Anon. ' Of ane vnthankfuU freind ' . .119 

Vnto a freind I proferd once gud will.- 

LXXVI. Anon. ' To his freind ' 119 b 

O michtie love that rewlis all. 

LXXVII. Anon. ' In prais of ane gilt bybill ' . . .120b 

Who takis in hand by pen, to prais a wark with fame. 

LXXVIII. Anon. 'Ane freindlye letter to his freind' . 121 

The piteous plaint of heavie hairt. 

LXXIX. Anon. ' To ane angrie freinde ' . . .122 

The lyon for hir tender whelpis dois roir. 

LXXX. Anon. ' To his freind ' 122 

The beatin bark with bloiftrous blaftis. 

LXXXI. Anon. 'Ane prayer' 123 

With weippin eis and face defigurat. 

LXXXI I. Anon. A Doxology 123 b 

To michtie loue above that ringis. 

LXXXIII. Anon. ' To ane VnthankfuU freind ' . .124 

Ane new fairweill a ftrainge gudnicht. 

LXXXIV. Anon. ' In prais of ane bulk fend to his 

freind ' 1 2 5 b 

This bulk who taikis in hand to reid. 

LXXX V. Anon. 'To your self 126 

If sapho saige for saphic songe so sueit. 


LXXXVI. Anon. A Prayer for Aid . . . .126b 
Ze heauinlie goddis & goddefsis. 

LXXXVII. Anon. ' Maxims ' 127 

Quhen houp & hap & weill & health bene hiest. 

LXXXVIII. Anon. 'The reid in the loch sayis ' . .127 
Thocht raging stormes movis ws to fchaik. 

LXXXIX. Anon. Constance the Cure of Absence .127b 

As absence is the greatest fo. 

XC. T. Hudson 'Epitaph of sir R. Maitland, 

knight' . . . , . .129 

The slyding tyme so slylie slippes away. 

XCI. R. Hudson 'Ane other' . . . .130 
Thy surname Maitland shewes thyne antient race. 

XCH. Anon. ' Epitaphe vpon the death of Sir 

Richard Metland ' . . . .131 

This hallow grave within her bounds dois clofe. 

XCin. Anon. Two epitaphs 132 

Loe heir tuo wights inburied be. 

XCIV. Anon. ' In commendation of Syr lohne 

Maitland of Thirlftaine' . . .133 
Before my face this nyght to me appeird. 

XCV. Anon. Elegy on Sir R. Maitland . . .137 
O deith allace with dairt fo dolorous. 

Notes and Variants . . . . . .' .283 

Glossary 293 

Index of Proper Names . . . . . 3°^ 
Index of First Lines 3°5 

Maitland Quarto MS., 

fol. 8 a . 

Facing p. 15 


74 b . 



89 b . 

II 182 


105 b . 

11 214 

zAIoAlilE moAITLdAV^D. 

I 5 86. 

Marie Maitland . 1586. 


Sonet to the Authour In 
comendatioun of his buik. 

Z our predicefsouris pray fe & prowes hie 
Thair hardie hairtis hawtie heroicall 
Of dew defert de/eruis neuer to die 
Bot to be pennit & placit as principall 
&■ metest mirrour of manheid martiall 
Vnto thair lyne & linage to give licht 
Of Quhome ye come O.uhofe offpring xpw to call 
Ze merit weill refsem.bling thame so richt 
Thocht thay wer manfull men ofmekill micht 
Thair douchtie deidis in Zfiw hes not decayit 
5^ Wittie ivyse & vatyant warriour wicht 
Hes With the pen the Poetis pairt weill playit 

Quhairby ^our lordschip enlairgit hes thair fame 
& to Zfiur self maid ane Ivimortall name. «"S2Sl^ 



Oum wyfes of the horrquftoan 
sa wonder vaine ar and wantoun 
In warlde thay wait not quhat to weir 
On claythis thay wair monye a croun 
all for neMffawgilnes of geir. 

Thair bodyis hrayelie thay attyire 
of carnell luft to eik the fyire 
I fairlie quhy thay haue no feir 
to gar men deime quhat thay defyire 
And all for newfangilnes of geir. 

Thair gounis ar coiftlie and trimlie traillis 

barrit with Veluouft f leif nek and taillis 

and thair foirf kirt of f ilkis feir, 

off fynest camreche thair fuk faillis 

and all for newfangilnes of geir. 15 

And of fyne f ilk thair furrit cloikkis 
with hingand flevis lyik geill poikkis 
na preiching will gar thame foirbeir 
To weir all thing that finne provoikis 
And all for newfangilnes of geir. 


I b ["• 

Thair Wylie coittis man weill be hewit 

broudrit richt braid with pasmentis fewit 

I trow quha wald the maner fpeir 

that thair gudmen had caus to rewit 

that eQer thair wyfis wair sic geir. 25 

Thair Wovin hoift of filk ar fchawin 

Burrit aboiie with tafteis drawin 

With gartennis of ane new maneir 

To gar thair courtlines be knawin 

And all for newfangilnes of geir. 30 

Sumtyme thay will beir vp their goun 

to fchaw thair wylicot hingand doun, 

And fumtyme bayth thay will vp beir 

to fchaw thair hoift of blak or broiin 

And all for newfangilnes off geir — 35 

Thair Collarris carcattis and hals beiddis 

With veluot hattis heicht on thair heidis 

Coirdit with gold lyik ane jounkeir 

Broudrit about with goldin threiddis 

And all for newfangilnes of geir. t^S^lr 40 



Thair fchone of velwot and thair mflillis 

In kirk ar not content with ftflillis 

the fermon quhen thay sit to heir 

hot caryis cufchingis lyik vaine fuillis 

And all for newfangilnes of geir. 45 

I mein of thame thair honour dreidis 

quhy fould thay not haue honeist weidis 

to thair eftait doand effeir 

I mein of thame thair f tait exceidis 

And all for newfangilnes of geir. 50 

For fumtyme wyffis sa grave hes bein 

Lyik giglettis cled wald not be sein 

off burgeft wyffis thocht I speik heir 

Think weill of all women I mein 

On vaniteis that waistis geir. 55 

Thay fay wyffis ar fa delicat 

In feding feifting and bancat 

Can not content thame with fie cheir 

as weill may suffice thair eftait 

For newfangilnes of cheir and geir. 60 

And fum will fpend mair I heir fay 
In fpyice and droggis on ane day 


Nor wald thair motheris in ane 3eir 

quhilk will gar monye pak decay 

quhen thay fa vainlie waift thair geir — 65 

Thairfoir ^oung wyffis speciallie 

of all sic faultis hauld 30W frie 

and moderatlie to leif now leir 

In meit and clayth accordinglie 

and not fa vainli^ waift jour geir. 70 

Vse not ^o f kift atl^ort the gait 

nor na mumfchancis air nor lait 

be na dainfer for this daingeir 

Of 50W be taine ane ill confait 

that je ar habill to waift. geir. 75 

Hant ay in honeft companie 

and all fufpitious placis flie 

Lat neuer harlot ciim 50W neir 

that wald 30W leid to leicherie 

In houp to get thairfoir fum geir. 80 

My counfell I geve generallie 

to all wemen quhat euer thay be 

this leffoun for to qiiin perqueir 

Syne keipit weill cowtinuallie 

Better nor onye warldlie geir — 85 



Leif burgeft men or all be loift 

on 3our wyffis to mak fie coft 

Quhilk may gar all 3our bairnis bleir 

fcho that may not wante wyne and roift 

Is abill for to waift fum geir — 90 

Betwene thame and nobillis of bluid 

na difference bot ane veluouft huid 

Thair camreche courches ar als deir 

thair other claythis ar als gud 

and als coiftlie in other geir — 95 

Bot wald greit ladyis tak gud heid 

to thair honoar and find remeid 

and thoill na burgeft wyfe to weir 

Lyik lordis wyffis in ladyis weid 

as dames of hono«r other geir 100 

I fpeik for na difpyit trewlie 

my felf am not of faultis frie 

bot that 3e fould not perfeueir 

Into fie folifche vanitie 

For na newfangilnes of geir 105 

Off burgeft wyffis thoeht I speik plaine 
Sum landwart ladyis ar als vaine 

3 b ["I- 

as be thair clething may appeir 

werand gayer nor thame may gaine 

on our vaine clay this vaiftand geir. no 

Jim's ($ Richart Maitland of 
lethingtoun knyK <nS2Si^ 

Of Liddifdaill the cowzmoun theiffis 

fa pertlie fteillis now and reiffis 

that nane may keip 

hors nolt nor fcheip 

nor 3it dar f leip for thair mischeiffis 

Thay plainlie throw the countrie rydis 

I trow the mekill devil thame gydis 

quhair thay onfet 

ay in thair gait 

thair is na get nor dure thame bydis 

Thay leif richt nocht quhair euer thay ga 
thair can na thing be hid thame fra 
for gif men wald thair houfft hauld 
then waxe thay bald 
to burne and f la — 



Thay haue neir hand hereit haill 

Ettrik forreft and Lawderdaill 

now ar thay gaine 

In Lowthiane 

and fpairis nane that thay will waill. 

Thay landis ar with ftouth fa focht 

To extreme povertie ar brocht 

Thay wicked fchrowis 

hes laid the plowis 

That nane or few is that ar left ocht. 25 

Bot co»«moun taking of blak maill 

thay that had flefche & breid & aill 

now ar fa wraikit 

maid piiir and nakit 

Faine to be ftaikit with waiter caill 30 

Thay thefis that fteillis and turfis hame 

ilk ane of thame hes ane to name 

Will of the lawis 

Hab of the fchawis 

To mak bair wais thay think na fchame. 35 


4 b ["'• 

Thay fpuil3ie puire men of thair pakis 

thay leif thame nocht on bed nor bakis 

bayth hen and cok 

with reill and rok 

The lairdis lok / all with him takis. 40 

Thay leif not fpindill, fpone nor fpeit 

bed, bofter, blanket, fark nor fcheit 

Ihone of the park 

rypis kift and ark 

For all fie wark he is richt meit. 45 

He is Weill kend Ihone of the fyide 

a gretar theif did neuer ryide 

he neuer tyris 

for to brek byris 

our muire and myris our gud ane gyide. 50 

Thair is ane Callit Clemewtis hob 

Fra ilk pQire wyfe reiffis 'Qair wob 

and all the laif 

Quhat euer thay half 

The deuill reffaif / thairfoir his gob. 55 

To fie fa greit ftouth quha wald trowit 
bot gif fum greit man it allowit 



Richt fair I rew 
thocht it be trew 
thair is fa few that dar avowit. 60 

Of fum greit men thay haue sic gait 

that redye ar thame to debait 

and will vp weir 

thair ftollin geir 

that nane dar fteir, thame air nor lait. 65 

Quhat caufis theiffis ws our gang 

bot want of luftice ws amang 

nane takis cair 

thocht all forfair 

na man will fpair, now to doe wrang. 70 

Of ftouth thocht now thay cum gud fpeid 

that nather of men nor god hes dreid 

3it or I die 

fum fall thame fie 

hing on a trie, quhill thay be deid. «tS2SJ/" 75 

finis q, S. R. M. of 
lethingtoun knicht. 

S b [IV. 

O hie Eternall god of micht 

of thy greit grace grant ws thy licht 

With hairt and mynde finceir 

To leif efter thy lawis richt 

now in this new jeir — S 

God keip our Quene and grace hir fend 

this realme to gyde and defend 

In Justice perseueir 

and of thir weiris mak ane end 

now Into this new jeir, lo 

God fend grace to our Quene Regent . 

Be law to mak fie punifchment 

To gar limmeris forbeir 

for till oppres the Innocent 

now Into this new jeir — 15 

Lord fchent all faweris of feditioun 

remove all rancour and fufpitioun 

quhilk may this countrie deir 

Put all perturbers to punitioun 

now into this new 3eir — 20 



God fend pastowrw of veritie 

By quhome we may Instructit be 

our god to ferue and fair 

and to fet furth his worde trewlie 

now into this new 5eir. 25 

And tak away thir Ignorantis 

of kirk men that vycis hantis 

and leidis ws arreir 

That bayth gud lyfe and cuwning wantis 

riow Into this new jeir. 30 

God give o«r lordis temporall 

grace to geif ane trew counfell 

this realme to guyde and fteir 

To be obedient and loyall 

now Into this new 5eir. 35 

And tak away all greit oppressowrzj 

co»«moiin mantenaris of transgresso^rw 

moveris of ftryfe and weir 

For theiffis and reveris Intercesso«rw 

now Into this new 3eir, 40 

6 b fPfi 

Lordis of ge sait mak expeditiouri 

gar euerilk man mak restitutiotin 

of wrangous land and geir 

And we fall eik ^oar cowtributioun 

Now Into this new jeir. 45 

Men of Law I pray jovV mend 

Tak na eflill querrellis be the end 

For proffeit may appeir 

Invent na thing to gar ws sperid 

Our geir in this new 5eir. 50 

God graunt o«r ladyis chaftetie 

Wisdome nieiknes and grauitie 

And haue na will to weir 

Thair clething full of vanitie 

now Into this new 3eir. 55 

Bot for to weir habulgeme^t 
according to their ftait and rent 
and all thingis forbeir 
that may thair bairnis gar repent 
now into this new geir. fiSSSi/- 60 

And fend 



And fend our burgefft wit and fceill 

For to fet furth the cowzmodn weill 

with lawtie fell thair geir 

And to vse meit and rpefpwr leill 

now Into this new 3eir. 63 

And all vaine waiftoarw tak away 

Regrateris that takis dowbill pay 

and wyne felleris our deir 

dyuouris that drinkis all the day 

now Into this new 3eir. 70 

Grace be to the gud burgeft wyffis 

that be lefum labour thryvis 

and dois vertew leir 

Thriftie and of honeft lyvis 

Now into this new 5eir. 75 

For fum of thame wald be weill fed 

and lyik the Quenis ladyis cled 

Thocht all thair bairnis fould bleir 

I trow that fa fall mak ane red 

of all thair pakis this 3eir — 80 


7 b [IV 

God send the co»«mounis will to wirk 

The ground to labour and not to irk 

To win gud quheit and beir 

And to bring furth baith ftaig and ftirk 

now into this new 3eir — 85 

And tak away thir ydill lounis 

Crame craikeris with cloutit gounis 

and foirnaris that ar fweir 

and put thame in the gail3eoijnis 

Now into this new 5eir. 90 

I pray all ftaitis and degrie 
To pray to god co«tinuallie 
His grace to graunt ws heir 
And fend ws peace & vnitie 
Now Into this new 5eir. 95 

S. R. M. of lethingtoun. 


SVm Atttr OSyl ^^ i&T^/^'"^^ . 


; *^^ ir*-^*^ ^>^»t ^i^ 7^'" 

'■ -■ " ■■/••'.-■ "** 

Maitland Quarto MS., fol. 8a, t- r . 

-/ ojace p. 15. 

u - ' 



wuhair is the blyithnes that hes beine 

Baith in Burgh and landwart fene 

Amang lordis and ladyis fchene 

daiinsing, singing / game and play 

Bot now I wait not quhat thay meine s 

all merines is worne away. 

For now I heir na worde of Juile 

In kirk on calfay nor in fcuile 

Lordis lattis thair kitchingis cuill 

and drawis thame to the abbay lo 

and fcant hes ane to keip thair muile 

All houfhaulderis is worne away. 

I faw na gyfaris all this jeir 

Bot kirkmen cled lyik men of weir 

That neuer cuwmis in the queir 15 

Lyik ruffiaris is thair array 

To preiche and teiche that will not leir 

The kirk gudis thay waif t away. 

Kirkmen afoir wer gud of lyfe 

Preichit, teichit / and ftainchit ftryfe 20 

They feirit nather fworde nor knyfe 



»b [V. 

For love pf god the fuith to fay 

All honourit thame bayt^ barne ^nd wyff 

Deuotioun, wes not away. 

Our fatheris wyfe wes and difcreit 25 

Thay had bayth honour men and meit 

With liiiff thay did thair ten«entis treit 

and had aneuche In poise to lay 

Thay wantit nather malt nor quh^it 

And mirrines wes not away. 30 

And we had nather jiiill nor pace 

Bot feikis our meit from place to place 

and we haue nather luck nor grace 

We gar our landis doubill pay 

Our tenne«tis cryis alace alace 35 

That reuthe and pitie is away. 

Now we haue mair It is weill kend 

nor o«r foirbearis had to fpend 

bot far left at the 3eiris end 

and neuer hes ane mirrie day 40 

God will na ritches to us fend 

So lang as hono«r is away 




We waift far mair now lyik vaine fuillis 

We and our page to turfe o«r muillis 

Nor thay did than that had greit 3uillis 45 

Of meit and drink fayid neuer nay 

They had lang formis Gjihah we have ftuillis 

And mirrines wes not away. 

Of out wanthrift fum wytis playis 

And fum thair wantoun vaine arrayis 50 

Sum the wyte on thair wyffis layis 

That in the court wald gang fa gay 

and cairis not quha the m^;-chand payis 

quhill pairt of land be put away 

The kirkmen keipis na profeffioun 55 

the temporall men co»«mittis oppreffioun 

puttand the puire from ^air poffeffioun 

Na kynd of feir of god haue thay 

Thay cu»«mer bayth the kirk and feffioun 

And chafis Cheritie away. 60 

Quhen ane of thame fuftenis wrang 
We crye for Justice heid and hang 
Bot quhen oux nichtbo«r we our gang 
We labour Justice to delay 

VOL. I. 17 

9 b [V. 

Affectioun blindis ws fo lang 6s 

all equitie is put away 

To mak actis we haue fum feill 

god wait gif that we keip thame weill 

We ciim to bar with lak and fteill 

As we wald boift the ludge and fray 70 

Of fie Justice I haue na fceill 

Quhair reull and ordowr is away. 

Our lawis ar lichtleit for abufioun 

fumtyme is cloikit with collufioun 

Quhilk caufis of bluid the greit efifufioun 75 

for na man fpairis now to flay 

quhat bringis countreis to confufioun 

Bot quhair that luftice is away 

Quha is the wyite quha can fchaw ws 

quhat bot our nobillis that fould knaw ws 80 

and till hono;'«^/ll deidis draw ws 

Let neuer co»2moun weill decay 

Or ellis fum mischeif will fa ws 

and nobilnes we put away. 

Put oar awin lawis to executiodn 85 

vpon transgreffo«r/j mak pQnitioun 




To cruell folk feik na remiffioun 

for peace and luftice lat ws pray 

In dreid fum ftrainge new Institutioun 

Ciim and our cuftome put away. 90 

Amend 3our lyffis ane and all 
and be war of ane fuddaine fall 
And pray to god that maid ws all 
To fend ws loy that lestis ay 
And lat ws not to finne be thrall 
hot put all vyice and wrang away. 


S. R. M. 

1 he greit blyithnes and loy Ineftimabill 
for to fet furth we Scottis ar not abill 
Nor for to mak conding folemnitie 
for the gud newis and tydingis confortabill 
of the contract of manage honorabill 
Betuixt the Quenis maift nobill maieftitie 
And the greteft 3oung prince in Christintie 
And allya to ws maift profitabill 
Of france the dolphin firft fone of king henrie 


lob [VI. 

All luftie Wowaris & bardie Cheualeiris lo 

Go dreft '^our horft jo^r harneis and gour geiris 

To rin at liftis to luft and to tornay 

that it may cum vntD.5our luiffis eiris 

quha in ge feild maift valiantlie him beris 

And 3e fair ladyis put on '^our beft array 15 

Requeift joung men to ryide in 5o«r leueray 

that for 3our faik thay may brek twentie fperis 

for luif of 50W 5oung luftie ladyis gay. 

All borrowis tounis euerilk man 30W prayis 

To mak baine fyris fercis & clerk playis 20 

and throw jour rewis carrous daunce & fing 

and at '^our croce gar wyne rin findrie wayis 

as wes the cuftome in ouv elderis dayis 

Quhen that gai mad Triumphe for ony thing 

And all jour ftairis -with Tapeftrie gar hing 25 

Castellis fchut gu«nis fchippis & galeyis 

Blaw vp 3our truwzpettis and on jowr druw«mis ding, 

Preiftis and Clerkis and men of religioun 

With deuot mynd gang in profeffioun 

and in-3o«r-queiris fing with melodic 30 

To the greit god mak Interceffioun 

To fend our Princes gud fucceftioun. 



With hir joung fpous to our vtilitie 

that efter hir may gouerne this countrie 

And ws defend from all oppreffioun 35 

And it conft«:ue in law and libertie. 

3e lordis all and barrounis of renofln 

and all eftaitis of this natioun 

mak greit triu»«phe mak banket and gud cheir 

and euerilk man put on his nuptiall goiin 40 

Lat it be fene into this borrowftoun 

that in ^our cofferris hes lyne pis mony 5eir 

fen that '^our Quene hes chofin hir ane feir 

Ane potent prince for to ma;?tein ^our croun 

and Interteney 30W in peace and weir 45 

Lat all the warld ^our preceding fie 

that thair is fayth and treuth in '^our countrie 

Luif lawtie law and gud confcience 

Concord co«currand in peace and vnitie 

Obedience to the authoritie 50 

Foirsicht provifioun and experience 

Hono«r manheid luftice and prudence 

Quhilk gif 3e haue 36 fall eftimit be 

and be ilk man hauldin in reuerence — 

II b ■ [VI. 

O michtie prince and fpous to out Maiftres 55 

Reffaue this realme in loue & hairtlines 

Set furth o«r lawis mantein our libertie 

do equale luftice bayth to mair and les 

Reward vertew and punifche wickitnes 

Mak ws to leif In gud tranquilHtie 60 

defend our co»«mounis treit our nobilitie 

And be thy mein our co?%moun weill lucres 

That we tak pleso^r to mak policie. 

Scottis and frenche now leif in vnitie 

as 3e war brether borne in ane countrie 65 

without all maner of fufpitioun 

Ilk ane to other keip trew fraternitie 

defend ane other baytA be land and fie, 

and gif onye of euill conditioun 

betuixt 50W twa wald mak feditioun 70 

Scottis or frenche quhat ma« that euer he be 

With all rigour put him to punitioun. 

O noble princes and mother to o«r Quene 

With all thy hairt to god lift vp thy Eine 

And geve him thankis for grace he.hes the fend 75 

that he hes maid the Inftrume«t and mein 

with mariage to couple in ane chein 

Thir twa realmes ather to defend 



Think weill warit the tyme thow hes done fpend 

and the travell that thow hes done fuftein go 

Sen It is brocht now to fa gud ane end. 

S. R. M. 

Ane Ballat maid at them '^eirismefs 
In the '^eir of god 1559 '^eiris. 

llfternall god tak away thy fcurge 

from ws Scottis for thy greit mercie 

Send ws thy help this land to clenge and purge 

of discord and Inanimitie 

Betuixt the leigis and auctoritie s 

that we may leif in peax withouttin weir 

In lawtie, law, in luif and libertie 

With merines into this new 5eir. 

Almichtie god fend ws fupport and grace 

of ma«nis help we ar all dispairit 10 

To mak concord that had fie tyme and fpace 

And nana as 5it hes thair labour warit 

as na man war that for gis countrie carit 

bot and gis ftryf and troubill perfeueir 

he falbe fage gat fall efchape vnfarit 15 

and not thoill paine into this new 3eir. 



12 b [▼"• 

Think je not fchame that ar Scottis borne 

Lordis barounis of zwctoritie 

That throw 3o«r fleuth this realme ibuld be forlorne 

Boar ground diftroyit and 5o«r policie 20 

Sic wraik fall cum vpon 30W haiftallie 

That 36 fall fay alace we wer our fweir 

quhill we had tyme that maid na vnitie 

Amend it 3it,now Into this new 3eir. 

Trow 3e to ly lurk and doe na mair 25 

To fie quktlk fyid fall haue pe victorie 

The quhilk at laft fall not help 30W ane hair 

Ryife vp concur and thame certifie 

quhilk with reffoun will not rewlit be 

3e will with force withoutin fraud or feir 30 

mak weir on thame as co»2moun Enemie 

And thame correct now Into this new 3eir. 

God grant his grace to the Inferio^^rw 

of this puir realme thair querrell to conf idder 

and till obey to their {uperiourzs 35 

fo that our heid and leigis do confidder 

In peace and luif for to remaine togidder 

Syne we wer quyte of all thir men of weir 

That all trew folk from berwik to baquhidder 

May leif in reft vnreft in this new 3eir. 40 


VII.] 13 

The Quenis g/ gif scho hes offendit 

In hir office lat it reformit be 

and 3e leigis let joar faill be mendit 

and with trew hairt ftgrue ge a.uctori(ze 

And 5e kirkmen doe 5o«r dewtie 45 

and all eftaitis fyne & vyce forbeir 

The quhilk to doe I pray the trinitie 

To 30W fend grace now into gis new 3eir. 

God mak ws quyte of all herefie 

and put ws anis into the Richt way 50 

and In thy law we fa Inftructit be 

that we be not begylit euerie day 

Ane fayis this ane other fayis nay 

that we wait not quhow^to we fould adheir 

Chrift fend to ws ane reuU to keip for ay SS 

Without difcord now Into this new 3eir 

God fend luftice this land to reuU and giiyde 
and put away thift reif and oppreffioun 
That all trew folk may fuirlie gang & ryide 
Without difcord had parliament and feffioun 60 

To gar trew folk briiik ^atr luft poffeffioun 
And geve ws grace gud lord quhill we ar heir 
To ceift from fyn repentand our tranfgreffioun 
And leif in loy now Into this new 5eir. 

S. R. M. 

13 b [viii. 

In this new 5eir I fie bot weir 
na caus to fing 
In this new 3eir I fie bot weir 
na caus thair is to fing. 

I can not fing for ge Vexatioun 5 

of frencheme« and the congregatioun 
that hes maid trowbill in this natioun 
And monye bair biging 

In this new 3eir I fie bot weir na caus &c. 
In this new 3eir. &c. 

I haue na will to fing or danft 
for feir of England and of france 10 

God fend thame forrow and mifchance 
Is caus of thair cu;«ming 
In this new jeir. &c. 

We ar fa rewlit ritche and pflire 
that we wait not <\uhait to be fuire 
The bourdo«r as the borrowmuire 15 

quhair fum perchance will hing 
In pis new geir. &c. 

And 5it I think it best that we 

pluck vp our hairt and mirrie be 

for thocht we wald ly doun and die 

It will ws helpe na thing 20 




In this new jeir. &c. 

Lat ws pray god to ftainche this weir 

that we may leif withouttin fair 

In mirrienes quhill we ar heir 

and hevin at o«r ending. 24 

In this new geir I fie but weir 

na caus ^air is to fing. &c. 

iixcellent Princes potent and preclair 
prudent perles in bontie and bewtie 
Maist nobill Quene of bluid ynd^;- pe air 
With all my hairt and micht I welcum the 
Hame to thy native people & countrie 
Befeikand god to give ge grace to haue 
Of thy leigis thehairtis faytAfullie 
And thame in luif and fauo«r to reffaue. 

Now fen thow art arryvit in this land 

Our native Princes and Illufter Quene 

I traift to god pis Regioun fall ftand 

ane auld frie realme as it lang tyme hes bene 

Quhairin richt fone "gair falbe hard and fein 

greit loy, luftice / gud peace & policie 



14 b [IX. 

all cair and cu»/mer baneift quyte and clein 15 

and ilk man leif in gud tranquillitie. 

I am not meit nor abill to furthfet 

How thow fall vfe discreitlie all thing heir 

nor of ane Princes the dewtie & det 

Quhilk I beleif thy hienes hes parqueir 20 

Bot gif neid be thair is anew can leir 

Thy maieftitie of thy awin natioun 

and geve ge counfale how to reull and fteir 

With wifdome all belangand to thy croun. 

Bit I exhort pe to be circumfpect 25 

of thy counfell in the electioun 

Cheis faythfull men of prudence and effect 

quha will for wrang mak dew correctioun 

and doe luftice without exceptioun 

Men of knawledge gud lyfe and confcience 30 

That will not fail^ie for affectioun 

Bot of gud fame and Lang experience. 

Quhilk gif thow doe I houp g«t thow fall ring 

lang in gis land in greit felicitie 

Will thow pleis god he will the fend all thing 35 

Is neidfull to maintein thy royaltie 

Quha geif ge grace to guyde fa prudentlie 

that all thy doing be to his plesour. 

And of 




And of Scotland to the cowzmoditie 

quhilk vnder god thow hes now in thy cuire. 40 

And gif thy hienes plefit for to marie 

That thow haue hap I pray the trinitie 

To cheis and tak ane housband without tarie 

To thy hono«r and our vtilitie 

Quha will and may maintain our libertie 45 

Repleit of wifdome and of godlines 

Nobill and full of conftance and lawtie 

With gud fucceffioun to our quyetnes. 

Madame I wes trew IS^ruand to thy mother 

And In hir favo«r ftiiid ay thankfullie 50 

of my eftait afweill as onye other 

pray and thy grace I may reffauit be 

In ficlyik fauoar with thy maieftitie 

Inclynand ay to me thy gracious eiris 

And amang otheris fervandis think on me 55 

This laft requeift I leirnit at the frieris. 

And thocht that I to ferue be not fa habill 

as I wes wont Becaus I may not fie 

5it in my hairt I falbe firme and ftabill 

To thy hienes with all fidelitie. 60 


IS b [X. 

Ay prayand god for thy profperitie 
And that I heir thy peopill with hie voice 
And loyfull hairt cryand co«tinuaIlie 
Viue marie trenoble royne d' Efcoft — . 

S. R. M. 

Ane Ballat maid at the winning 
of Calice. 

Reioyis Henrie maift Chriftiane king of france 
Reioift all peopill of this Regioun 
That hes with manheid and be happie chance 
Be thy lieutenent trew of greit renoiin 
The Duik of Guife recouerit Calice toun 5 

The quhilk hes bene twa hundreth 5eiris bygaine 
Into the handis of Englis natioun 
quha neuer thocht be force It micht be tane. 

Bot we may fie that me«nis ludgment 

Is all bot vaine quhen god plefis to fchaw 10 

his michtie power is omnipotent 

for quhen he plefis he can gar princes knaw 

That he It is alane that rewlis all 

And ma«nis helpe is all bot vanitie 

Think gat it wes his hand that brak pe wall 15 

Thairfoir give gloir to him Eternallie. 

Sa hie ane purpofe for to tak in hand 
quha gef that prince fa greit audacitie 



X.] i6 

To feige that toun that fa ftranglie did ftand 

and quha gave him fie fubftance and fupplie 20 

And quha gave him the end and victorie 

Quha hot greit god the guyder of all thingzj 

that quhen he plefis can princes magnifie 

And for ^air fyne tra«flait realmes & kingis. 

That noble king wes greitlie to advance 25 

quhilk efter that his Capitaines of renotin 

had tint ane feild be hafard and mifchance 

jit tint na Courage for that miffortoun 

Bot lyik ane michtie vailjeant campioun 

Be his lieutenent and nobill men of weir 30 

Tuik vpon hand to feige that ftrongeft toun 

Into the deideft tyme of all the jeir. 

Thairfoir je all that ar of Scottis bluid 

Be blyith, Reioyift for ge recovering 

of that ftronge toun / and of ge fortoun gud 35 

of 3our maift tender frend that nobill king 

Quhilk ay wes kynde in help and fupporting 

of 30W be men and money copious 

And in his hand hes Inftantlie the thing 

To 30W Scottis that is maift precious. 40 

Sen 3e luif god in thingis outwardlie 
In fyris and proceffioun generall 
So in 3our hairtis luif him Inwardlie 
Amend 30ur lyiffis repent ^our finnis all 


i6 b [XI. 

Doe equall reffoun bayth to greit and fmall 45 

and euerie man doe his vocatioun 

Than god fall graunt 30W quhen 56 on him call 

of 3our fais ge dominatioun. 

Sen god in the bigi^^ning of this jeir 

Vnto that king fa gud fortoun hes fend 50 

We pray to him fie grace to graunt ws heir 

That we get Berwik our merchis for to mend 

Quhilk gif we get o«<r bordo^^rzV may defend 

Aganis England with his helpe and fupplie 

And then I wald the weiris had ane end 55 

And we to leif'In peace and vnitie. 

S. R. M. 

TAe laird of Lethingtounis Coun/ale 
to his Sone beand in g' court. 

iVly Sone In Court gif thow plefis remaine 
This my counfale into thy mynd Imprent 
In thy fpeiking luik that thow be not vaine 
Behauld and heir and to thy tounge tak tent 
Be no lear els. thow ar fchent 
found the on treuth gif thow wald weill betyide 
To gouerne all and reull be not o^r bent 
He reullis weill that weill in court can guyde. 

Be not ane fcorner nor feinjit flatterar 
nor 3it ane rounder of Inuentit taillis 






Of it thow heiris be not ane clatterar 
fall not in plie for thing that lytill vaillis 
Haue not to doe with oger mewnis faillis 
fra wicked men thow draw the far on fyide 
Thow art ane fuile gif thow with fuillis deillis 
he reuUis weill that weill in court can gyde. 

Be war quhomto thy counfale thow reveill 
Sum may feme trew and git diffemblit be 
Be of thy promeis and conditioun leill 
Waift not thy gud in prodigalitie 
Nor put thy hono2<r into leopardie 
With folk diffamit nagger gang nor ryide 
with wilful! men to argone is folic 
he rewllis weill that weill in court can gyde. 

Be no dyiffar nor player at the cairtes 25 

bot gif it be for paftyme and fmall thing 

be not blawin with windis of all airtis 

Conftant of gud of wofdome is ane f ing 

Be wyife and tenty in thy gouerning 

And trye thame weill in quhome thow will co^feid 30 

Sum fair wordis will gif wald fie pe hing 

He reullis weill that weill in court can gyde. 

Attoar all thing ay to thy prince be trew 

In thocht an deid in word in work and ficht 

fra treffonabill companie efchew 35 

VOL. I. 33 

17 b [xr. 

Thy princes hono^^r and proffeit at thy micht 

Set ay fordwart the puire bayth day and nicht 

and let na thing the co;^moun weill elyde 

And at all tyme maintein luftice and richt 

He reullis weill that weill in court can gyde 40 

Preis not to be exaltit abone other 

for gif thow doe thow falbe fair Invyit (50) 

greit perrell is to tak on hand pe ruder 

quhill firft that thy experience be tryit 

Think at the laft thy doing wilbe fpyit 45 

thocht thow with flicht wald cover it and hyide 

and all thy craft fall at the croce be cryit (55) 

He rewlis weill gat weill in court can gyde. 

Thocht thou in court be with ge hieft placit 

In hono«r office or in dignitie 50 

Think that fumtyme thow may be fra it chafit 

as fum hes bene befoir and 5it may be 

neidfuU it is thairfoir to gang warlie (45) 

That rakleflie thow snapper not nor flyide 

Ken ay thy felf beft in profperitie 55 

He rewlis weill that weill in court can gyde. 

Bewar in geving of ane hie counfale 
In materis greit and doutfum fpeciallie 
Quhilk be the working of ge warld may faill 
Thocht it feme neuer fa apperantlie 60 

Behauld ge warldis Inftabilitie 


XI.] i8 

That neuer ftill intill ane ftait dois byide 
bot changeand ay as dois the mone and fie 
He rewllis weill that weill in court can gyde. 

Gif with the people thow wald louit be 65 

Be gentill lawtie and meik in thy eftait 

For and thow be vncourtiiis proud and hie 

then all the warld fall the detaift and halt 

Flie feinging, flattering / falfat and diffait 

Inuent na thing that may the realme devyide 70 

ay nourifch peace flie troubill and debait 

he rewlis weill that weill in court ca« gyde. 

Ground all thy doing vpon futhfaftnes 

and hauld the ay gud co»«panie amang 

Gadder na geir with craft and wrachitnes 75 

Preis not to conqueis onye thing with wrang 

evill gottin guddis leftis neuer lang 

thocht all wer thyne within this warld fa wyde 

Thow fall fra It or it fra pe fall gang 

he rewllis weill that weill In court can gyde 80 

Aboue all thing I the exhort and pray 

To pleis thy god fet all thy biffie ciiire 

And fyne thy prince ferue / loue weill and obey 

and as thow may be helpand ay the puire 

Sen Erdlie thingw will not ay Indiiire 85 


i8 b [XH. 

Thairfoir in hevin ane place for the provyide 
qukaz'r thair is loy reft gloir and all plefour 
vnto the quhilk eternall god ws guyde. 

S.' R. M. 

O gratious god almichtie and eterne 

for lefus faik thy fone we afk at the 

ws to defend conferve ws and guberne 

And tak fra ws lord for thy greit mercie 

Thir plagis that apperis prefentlie S 

peft povertie and maift vnkyndlie weir 

Hunger and derthe that now is lyik to be 

throw deid of beiftis and fcant of corn pis geir. 

Bot lord pis commis of thy luft Iudgme;2t 

for punifchme«t of our Iniquitie lo 

that neuer of our f innis will repent 

bot perfeueir In Impietie 

We ar fa foppit in fenfualitie 

baith fpirituall and temporall eftait 

The peopill all mifguydit haillalie 15 

not regnis now bot troubill and debait. 

Silm tyme the preiftis thocht thay did weill 

quhen that thay maid p«2> berdis and fchuif ^atr croun 

Vfit round cappis and gounis to thair heill 

ai)d meft and mateinis faid of pa«V faffioun 20 



xii.] 19 

Thocht that all vycis rang in ^atr perfoun 
leicharie gluttonie vaine gloir and avarice 
with fworde and fyire for zeill of religioun 
of chriftiane peopill oft maid facrifice. 

For quhilk god hes thame puneift richt fchairplie 25 

bot had thay left thair auld abufioun 

and turnit thame fra vyice to god trewlie 

and fyne forthocht "gatr wrang Intriifioun 

Into the kirk be fals elufioun 

the worde of god fyne preichit faytAfullie 30 

Thay had not cummit to fie confufioun 

nor tholit had as 5it fie miferie. 

Now is Proteftanis riffin ws amang 

Sayand thay will mak reformatioun 

Bot 3it as now ma vycis neuer rang 35 

as pryide Iniiy fals diffimulatioun 

Diffait adulterie and fornicatioun 

Thift, reif, f lauchter, oppreffioun of the puire 

of policie plaine alteratioun 

of wrangous geir now na ma« takis cuir. 40 

Thay think it weill and thay ge pape doe call 
The Antechrift / and meft Idolatrie 
and fyne eit flefche vpon pe fraydayis all 
that thay fterue god richt then accordinglie 


19 b [xii. 

Thocht in all thing thay leif maift wickedlie 45 

Bot god co»«niandit ws his law to keip 
firft honour him and fyne haue cheritie 
With our nyf/^tbour and for our finnis weip. 

Think weill that god that puneift pe papiftis 
is 3it on lyfe and 30W to puneifche abill 50 

as he did thame that in 3our finnis Infiftis 
as goddis worde wer hauldin bot ane fabill 
Bot gif 5our hairt on god be firme and ftabill 
thocht that his worde into 5o«r mouth 36 haue 
except 3our lyfe be thairto conformabill 55 

In worde and.worke 36 bot ^our felf diffaue. 

I mein not heir of faythfull Chriftianis 

nor minifteris of goddis worde trewlie 

That at ge famyn fteidfafthe remanis 

In worde and work without hypocrefie 60 

Bot I doe mein of thame allanerlie 

that callit ar the flefchlie gofpellaris 

Quha in g«?> wordis apperis richt godlie 

Bot 3it g«?> workis ge plaine co;«trair declaris. 

Bot thocht of papiftis and proteftantis fum 65 

hes bayth gane wrang and goddes law tranfgreffit 

keip ws gud lord that neuer mair we cum 

To fie erro«<r bot grace to doe the beft 

that with all men thy trew fayth be confeft 

That Chriftiane folk may leif in vnitie 70 

Vertew fet vp and all vycis fuppreft 

That all the world gud lord may honour the. 

S. R. M. 





Amang foleis ane greit folie I find 

quhen that ane man paft fiftie 3eir of aage 

That in his vaine confait growis fo blind 

as for to loyne himfelf in mariage 

With ane 3oung laft quhais bluid is git in raige 5 

Thinkand that he may ferue hir appetit 

Quhilk and he faill then will fche him difpyite. 

Agit men fould loyis in morall taillis 

and not in tailis for folie is to marie 

fra tyme that bayt^ ^az'r ftrenth and nature faillis 10 

To tak ane wyf and bring him felf in tarie 

For frefche maij and cauld lanuarij 

Agreis not vpon ane fang in lune 

The trebill wantis that fould be fonge abone. 

Men fould tak voyage at ge larkis fang 15 

and not at evin quhan passed is the day 

Efter midage ge luiffar lyis full lang 

quhen that his hair is turn it lyart gray 

ane auld gray berd on ane quhyte mouth to lay 

Into ane bed it is ane piteous ficht 20 

The ane cryis help pe other hes no micht. 

To haue bene merchant bygaine monye ane geir 
In handwarpe burges and in the toun of berrie 
Syn Into deip for to tyine all his geir 
With vaine confait to puire him felf and herrie 25 

greit perrell is for to pas our the ferrie 



20 b [XIV. 

Into ane lekand bot not naillit fast 

To beir the faill not havand ane fteif maft. 

To tak ane melein that greit labour requyris 

Syn wantis graith for to manuire this land 30 

quhair feid wantis then men of teilling tyris 

Then cu»«mis ane findis it waift lyand 

Boikis his pleuche teillis at his awin hand 

Better had bene the firft had neuer kendit 

Nor thoill that fchame and fo my taill is endit. 35 

S. R. M. 

Ijlind man be blyithe thocht g«t thow be wrangit 

thocht blyithe be herreit tak na melawcolie 

Thow falbe blyithe quhen that thay falbe hangit 

that blythe hes fpuil3it fo malitiouflie 

be blyithe and glaid that nane per{a.ue in the 5 

that thy blyithnes confiftis into riches 

bot thow art blyith gat thow eternallie 

fall ring with god in eternall blyithnes. 

Thocht thay haue fpuil5it blyith of gud and geir 

3it haue thay left lyand ftill the land 10 

Quhilk to tranfport wes not in thair power 

Nor 5it wilbe thocht no man thame gaineftand 

Therfoir be blyith ge tyme may be at hand 

quhen blyithe falbe git with goddis grace 

als Weill pleneift as euer thay it fand 15 

quhen fum fall rew the rinning of gat race. 




Ay to be blyithe outwartlie appeir 
that be na man It may perfauit be 
That thow panfis for tinfell of thy geir 
that thy onfreindis that ar proud and hi^ 
be blyith and glaid of thy aduerfitie 
Thairfoir be ftout and lat thame vnde^tand 
for loife of geir thow takis na fuffie 
for 3it behind thow hes aneuch of land. 

Be blyith and glaid ay in thy Intent 25 

for lefum blyithnes is ane happie thing 

Be gou not blyithe quhat vaillit land or rent 

and thow be blyith is caus of lang leving 

Be thow not blyithe thocht thow wer ane king 

Thy lyif is not bot cair without blyithnes 30 

Thairfoir be blyith and pray to god ws bring 

Till his blyithnes and loy gat is endles. 

S. R. M. 

l^uik that na thing to fine the tyice 
Bot ground the ay vpon luftice 
ay follow vertew and flie vyce 

of toung be trew 
Ay hait all kyinde of covatice 
Waift not thy guddis at the dyice 
Flie fra all fuillis that ar nyice 

and thame efchew. 


21 b [^vi. 

Hauld the in honeft companie 

thy perfoun gyide ay honeftlie lo 

And haiint na kyinde of harlatrie 

• fra fyne abftein 

Deill with all folkis faythfullie 
and vfe the neuer for to lie 
Conqueis na guddis wrangouflie 15 

Be na fals mein 
To euerie p^^fone doe reffoun 
keip ge fra melling with treffoun 
and tak in thank and gude feffoun 

Quhat god will fend 20 

Put na man be oppreffioun 
furth of thair luft poffeffioun 
To god mak Interceffioun 

for ana gud end. 

finis q^, S. R. M. 

1 he lord pat raife from lyif againe 

that deid for ws on gud fryday 
Quhilk fufferit mekill woe and paine 
With lewis that wer hard of fay 
Wer he amawg ws now this day 
He wald far mair thoill and fuftein 
for now as I heir all men fay 
Is the worft warld that euer wes fein. 





Ane heroid rang into thay 5eiris 

ane murtherar of Innocentis lo 

Bot now he hes ane thowfand feiris 

far crueller in thair Intentis 

To rug and reif and tak vp rentis 

The poure peopill oppreffand clein 

for ge quhilk thing fum fair repentis 15 

In gis worft warld gat euer wes fein. 

That tyme "gat'r wes bot ane pilat 

now is thair ma nor fiftie fcoir 

With als fair wordis of diffait 

as had the oger of befoir 20 

fa fast into this warld thay foir 

to trew vaen dois mekill tein 

thair craft ay kyithis moir and moir 

as in this warld it is now fein. 

That tyme thair wes bot ane Caiphas 25 

that did accufe our lord lefus 

Bot now is mony ma alace 

the Innocentis for to p^H'ew 

Thair is bakbyteris now anew 

Bot of gud men thair is our quhein 30 

That will and can gif counfell trew 

as in gis warld it may be fein. 

The tormewtaris wer then fo fcant 
Chryist for to fcurge fcairis found wer fax 



22 b [XVI. 

Now of ane thoufand not ane dois want 35 

Thair wicked nu^zber fo dois wax 

To fpoil5ie pour men of ^azr pakis 

To reif can na man thame refraine 

Quhill that thay gar ane widdie rax 

In this worft warld gat euer wes feine. 40 

Thair wes ane ludas in that tyme 

for syluer did his maifter fell 

Bot now is fmittit with that cryme 

Ane thowfand ma nor I can tell 

That dois in this countrie dwell 45 

Wald fell gazV faullis as I wein 

for geir vnto the deuill of hell 

In this worft warld g«t euer wes fein. 

Peter to Annas hous him dreft 

quhair he his maifter did deny 50 

Monye with mouth hes now co«feft 

Thay ar of Chriftis companie 

Bot and ge will thair workis efpy 

3e fall fie thame befoir •^our ein 

Denyand Chrift alluterlie S5 

as be thair lyffis may be fein. 

Pilat let bot ane theif gang 
Quhen he put lefus Chrift to deid 
Bot now fyve hundreth theiffis ftrang 
at anis will thair remiffioun fpeid 60 

And trew 



And trew folk can get na renieid 
QuHat wrang that euer thay fuftein 
quhilk garris monye beg ^air breid 
In this worft warld pat euer wes fein. 

Fra Pilat fand of deid na caus 65 

In Chrift he wald haue lattin him ga 

I wald thay that leidis our lawis 

and our ludges wald now doe fa 

Compell no Innocent to pay 

nor thame convict be fubtell mein 70 

Nor in thair fyf ift put not "gair fa 

let na partialitie be fein. 

Thairfoir princes and Magiftratis 

and 5e in Court that office beir 

that for auctoritie debaittis 75 

To hurt the Innocent tak feir 

for feid fufpitioun or for geir 

fra wrang preceding ay abftein 

In dreid god ather hyne or heir 

His vengeance gar on 50W be fein. 80 

As lewis wer to Chrift vnkynd 

for all his werkis and gudnes 

His miraclis put forth of mynd 

quhen that to deid thay did him dreft 

Swa In this warld all thankfulnes 85 

and all auld kyndnes that hes bein 

and all gud turnis mair and left 

ar clein for5et and now o2^rfein. 


23 b [XVI. 

Apperantlie now all men fayis 
That all Staittis ar in difpair 90 

Thinkand can thay put of pazV dayis 
quhat fall cum efter thay tak no cair 
Thocht all this regioun fould forfair 
oi'Qair will will not want ane prein 
Quhilk will mak monye biggingis bair 95 

and ane waift countrie to be fein. 

Quhair is the zelous men and wyife 

of kirk and of ge temporall ftait 

That in pis realme hes bein oft fyf^ 

That wald tak travell air and lait 100 

To ftainche all trowbill and debait 

And ane greit perrell could prevein 

And now the lordis to gang ane gait 

The co»2moun weill to be foirfein. 

God mak ws quyte of all blafphemaris 105 

and of all men of euill conditioun 

god mak ws quyte of all mewtenaris 

amangis ws of feditioun 

And all raferis of fufpitioun 

Send ws gud men to gang betwein no 

The lordis to mak vnioun 

That peace may in this land be fein. 

God keip the kingis maieftitie 
and gif him graces monyfauld 
This land to keip In libertie nj 

In peace and luftice to ws hauld 



Sa that na perfoun 3oung nor auld 
fall ony caus haue to complein 
That luftice now is coft and fauld 
as oger tymes hes bein fein. 120 

S. R. M. 

(jif Trowbill cu»«mis be evento^^r 
and not throw thy mifgou^mance 
Then patientlie thow it Induire 
quhill god plefis fend bettir chance 

Trowble fumtymes is proiitable 5 

and gevis men Intelligence 

To ken ^air god makis thame able 

and of thame felfif experience. 

Behauld the Inftabilitie 

of pis fals warld and how it gais 10 

This day ane maK fet vp in hie 

To morne fet doun amang his fais. 

Thpw may fie greit vnfayt/^fulnes 

Intill all ftaitis regnand now 

amang thame is fie doubilnes 15 

That na ta3.n may ane other trew. 

For and thy bak be at ge wall 

or fum Infortoun happin the 

Then will thy quentance leif ge all 

How neir of bluid that euer thay be. 20 

And gif thow helping at thame crave 
Thay kinfmen will neuer knaw the 

24 b [xviii. 

Nor 5it mair pitie on the haue 
nor will the man gat neuer faw the. 

Quhairfoir my councell is trewlie 25 

how euer the warld ga vp or doun 
Be glaid in hairt ay lefumlie 
and lust in thy vocatioun 

For thocht now for this miferie 

and displefo^^r thy felf wald f la 30 

Quhat kynd of gud will that doe the 

Bot greif thy freind and glaid thy fa. 

Thairfoir thank god quhat euer he fend 

and to thy ny^/%tbo2<r doe na wrang 

And ay thy luft querrell defend 35 

and neuer by the richt way gang. 

Pray tho\y to god bayth evin and morrow 
To keip ay clein thy confcience 
quhat euer cummis feill or forrow 
To tak all thing In patience. 40 

S. R. M. 

O leving lord gat maid bayth hevin and hell 
fra ws expel! / this cruell ciuill weir 
That all this 5eir / hes done gis couwtrie quell 
that nane can tell / how thay fall keip g«?> geir 
nor without feir / quMn thay fall reft or duell. 

Alace gis is ane miferabill lyfe 

of fturt and ftryfe / that na ma;? can wit how 


will.] 35 

Keip ox or kow / the theiffis ar fo ryfe 

5e evin to fyfe / thay ryid the countrie throw 

rax thay I trow / thay fall wrak maK and wyfe. lo 

For thift nor reif nor mtn of euill conditioun 

Is na punitioun / nor for na wicked deid 

bot deidlie feid / gif je ask reftitutioun 

wrang Intromiffioun / now cumxms waill gud fpeid 

We had greit neid / of luftice the fruitioun. 15 

Quhat is the caus of all pis greit confufioun 

Bot ge diflifioun / of lordis maift potent 

In land and rent / mony wrangous Intrufioun 

and greit effufioun / now of bluid Innocent 

for pianifchment / thair is bot abufioun. 20 

Siim mci^nis land / and melling with kirk geir 

makis all this weir / difcord makis additioun 

Sum fayis ambitioun / that wald haue reiill & fteir 

Bot 3it I feir that men full of feditioun 

hes fawin fufpitioun / that credence is areir 25 

Inimitie is ane richt wicked feid 

quhat deidlie feid / It workis 3e may fie 

continuallie / gour lyffis ar In dreid 

Quhairfoir of neid / 30«r geir ma« waftit be 

Gud vnitie for that is beft remeid. 30 

God give his grace the lordis till agiie 
That we may fie / fum luftice in this land 

VOL. I, 49 D 

25 b [XIX. 

Quhilk can not ftand and thay diuydit be 

This to fupplie / gud men put to joar hand 

Mak ane fuir band / fyn keip it faythfullie. 35 

3e lordis all at god mercie Imploir 

difcord vaine gloir / is caus of this mifcheif 

all thift and reif / je ma.n anftifr ^air foir 

And it reftoir / or hang revar or theif 

god fend releif / that wrang Induire no moir. 40 

I fpeik this to the lordis of bayth pe fyidis 

And all that rydis / the countrie to oppres 

and to purches / pour me;«nis gud thame prydis 

and not confydis / that thay fall mak redreft 

or thay poffes / the loy that god pwvydis. 45 

S. R. M. 

J\.t morning in ane gardein grein 
I went alone to tak ge air 
Quhair mony plefand treis wes fein 
And findrie kynd of floiaris fair 

Quhen I did walk and gang 5 

thir fair flo^r^j amang 
Into my mynd thair come with cair 
ane thing that maid my hairt full fair 
that leftit hes our lang 

Quhen I think on ge greit mifcheiff 
that regnis now in this countrie 
Withouttin houp fyne of releif 
Wnles that god of his mercie 




XIX.] 36 

And his divyne power 

ftainche gis vnkyndlie weir 15 

"Without pe qukzlk apparandlie 

This haill land will deftroyit be 

Richt haiftalie I feir. 

It is ane pitie to heir tell 

how the puire co»imounis of this land 20 

fra wrang can not debait ^azr fell 

fra reif and fpoyljie of fum band 

Of fuddartis of fum fyde 
That nane dar gang nor ryde 

For Trowbling of fum wicked hand 25 

I wait not how this realme fall ftand 

And lymmaris wak fo wyde. 

O lord qu/iazr ar thais zelous men 

That in this land hes bene oft fyis 

That quhen they could p^Haue or ken 30 

Ane trowble in ge countrie ryis 

With wifdome and foirficht 
Thay wald fet all ^air micht 

Be greit travell and wordis wyfe 

And remedie wald fone devyife 35 

And fet all thingis aricht. 

Bot now thair is not ane alace 

That I ken in this regioun 

That ather hes hap wit or grace 

To mak concord and vnioun 4° 



Thairfoir god fend remeid 
and helpe ws in o«r neid 

Por mony hes Inue«tioun 

for to Incres diffentioun 

And fofter deidlie feid 45 

The greteft caus of this difcord 
is for o«r finnis punifchme«t 
With mouth we fay we loue the lord 
and far fra him in our Intent 

To fpeik of god delytis 50 

In doing him difpytis 
Reddie to reif ane man his rent 
Not dredand goddis ludgment 

as fein^it Ipocreitis 

I ken nane now for goddis love 55 

To doe ane wrang that will forbeir 

Nor 3it will ftope for to remove 

his nyc,^tbour baith fra land and geir 

And nothing by thay fet it 

How wrangouflie thay get it 60 

For of p««V god thay haue no feir 

To gar thair ny^^tbo2<r leif p^rqueir 

fra thay haue Intromettit. 

England is glaid quhen It is tauld 

Of Scottis the diuifioun 65 

And for our folifchnes thay hauld 

Our doingis In derifioun. 



XIX.] 26* 

Bot wald we weill confidder 
Thay hound ws ay togidder. 

Makand ^air awin provifioun 70 

for our greit fcayth and lefioun 

The grip of thame is f Hdder. 

3it the ane p«yt on thame dependis 

The othfer on france for thair fupphe 

Ilkane fra other thame defendis 75 

as fra ane cow^moun enemie 

I pray god I heir tell 
we grie amawg our fell 
And fyne that all pis haill countrie 
of france and England bayth wer frie 80 

With thame na mair to mell. 

Quhen that pe ane the other wraikis 

The quhilk will not be done lichtlie 

Without travell and monye ftraikis 

Bot quhat fall pis worke finallie 85 
Bot rais ane deidlie feid 
of q«A?lk we haue na neid. 

In the meintyme greit policie 

And gud tounis deftroyit be 

And monye ma« lye deid. 90 

Thairfoir my lordis hauld vp 3our handis 

Thocht of 3oMr will ge want fum thing 

Or be diftroyit men and landis 

Quhilk wilbe hurtful! to the king 

for his weill It is maift 95 

That 5e aggrie In haift 

For quhen he is of aage to ring 

quhair on to leif fall find na thing 


a6*b [XX. 

Bot all the contrie waift. 

God give the lordis grace till aggrie loo 

And baneifche all feditioun 

Syn ay to leif In vnitie 

and quyte of all fufpitioun 

And then to mak ane band 

ay In kyndnes to ftand 105 

Ilk man get reftitutioun 

And fullie Intromiffioun 

Of p«z> awin geir and land. 

I pray to god Omnipotent 

To fend ws peace quhill we ar heir no 

Ilk ane may leif vpon -Qair rent 

Or on thair craft withouttin feir 

And with Sanct pauU I pray 
To tak thame fone awaye 

That caus is of pis mortall weir 115 

And the firft tydingis that I heir 

That thay be laid in clay. 

a R. M. 

Thocht that gis warld be verie ftrainge 
And theiffis hes done my rowmes range 
And Teynd my fauld 
5it I wald leif and byide ane chainge 

Thocht I be auld. 5 

Now me to fpoil5ie fum va^n not fpairis 
To tak my geir na Capitane cairis 
Thay ar fa bauld. 



XX.] 27 

5it tyme may cum may mend my fairis 

Thocht I be auld. 10 

Sum now be force of men of weir 
My houfb my landis and my geir 

fra me thay hauld 
Bit as I may fall mak gud cheir 

Thocht I be auld. 15 

Sa Weill Is kend my Innocence 
That I will not for non offence 

flyte lyik ane fcauld 
Bot thank god and tak patience 

For I am auld. 20 

For eild and my Infirmitie 
Warme clayt^is ar better for me 

To keip fra cauld 
Nor In Dame veniis chalmer be 

for I am auld. 25 

Of venus play paft is the heit 
for I may not pe mifteris beit 

Of meg nor maid 
For ane 30ung laf^ I am not meit 

I am fa auld. 30 

The faireft wenche in all this toun 
Thocht I hir had in hir beft goun 

Richt bravelie braid 
With hir I micht not play the loun 

I am fo auld. r^SSt- 35 


27 b [XXI. 

My wyf fum tyme wald taillis trow 
and mony lefingis weill allow 

Wer of me tauld 
Scho will not eindill on me now 

I am fo auld. 40 

My hors my harneis and my fpeir 
And all other my hoifting geir 

now may be fauld ' 
I am not abill for pe weir 

I am fo auld. 45 

Quhen 3oung men cuMmis fra pe grein 
Playand at the futball had bein 

With brokin fpauld 

I thank my god I want my ein 

I am fo auld. 50 

Thocht I be fweir to ryide or gang 
Thair is fum thing I wantit lang 

Faine haue I wald 
And thame punifche that did me wrang 

Thocht I be auld. 55 

S. R. M. 

I I is greit pitie for to fe 

How pe cowmounis of pis countrie 
for thift and reif and plaine oppreffioun 
Can na thing keip in thair poffeffioun 
quhairoi that thay may mak ane lyfe 5 

5it nane will punifche that tranfgreffioun 
Thocht nocht be left to man nor wyfe. 



Sum with deir ferme ar herreit haill 

That wont to pay hot pewnie maill 

Sum be thair lordis ar oppreft lo 

put fra the land that thay poffeft 

Sair ft^rvice hes fum hereit fone 

for cariadge als fum hes no reft 

Thocht thair awin worke sould ly vndone. 

Sum co?«mounis that hes bene weill ftaikit 15 

vnder kirkme« ar now all wraikit 

Sen that the teynd and ge kirklandis 

come In greit temporalle me«nis handis 

Thay gar the te«nentis pay fie fowmes 

as thay will afk or quha gaineftandis 20 

thay wilbe put fone fra thair rowmes. 

The Teynd that tennentis had befoir 

of thair awin malingis come and ftoir 

Thair lairdis hes taine it our thair heid 

and garris game to his ^aird it leid 25 

Bot ■gaz'r awin ftok thay dar not fteir 

Thocht all ^air bairnis fould want breid 

Quhill thay haue led "gat teynd ilk geir. 

Sic extortioun and Taxatioun 
Wes neuer fene Into this natioun 3° 

Taine of ge cowzmounis of this land 
Of quhilk fum left waift lyand 
Becaus few may fie chairgis beir 
mony has quhippis now in thair hand 
That wont to haue bayth lak and fpeir. 35 


28 b [XXI, 

Quhairthrow the haill cowzmounitie 

Is brocht now to fie povertie 

for thay that had gud hors and geir 

hes fcantlie now ane cruikit meir 

And for thair faiddillis thay haue foddis 40 

Thay haue no wappinnis worth for weir 

Bot man deffend with ftanis and cloddis. 

Thairfoir my lordis I 30W pray 

for the puire co»2mounis find fum gud way 

3our land to thame for fie pryice geif 45 

as on thair maling thay may leif 

Suffieientlie to thair eftait 

Syne thame defend that nane thame greif 

That may ft^rue 50W bayth air & lait. 

Riche cowzmounis ar richt proffitabill 50 

quhen thay to ferve g«zV lord ar abill 

Thair native countrie to defend 

Fra thame that hurt it wald pretend 

for we wilbe our few ane nu»2mer 

Gif co»2mounis to pe weir not wend 55 

Nobillis may not heir all the cu^zmer. 

Help pe coT^mounis bayth lord and laird 
and god thairfoir fall 30W rewaird 
and gif 3e will not thame fupplie 
god will 30W plaige thairfoir luftlie 60 

and 3o«r fucceffioun efter 30W 
gif thay fall haue na mair pitie 
On the eo»«mounis nor 5e haue now. 

S. R. M. 





Ireafone is the maift fchamfull thing 
That may In onye countrie Ring 

And fould be hatit maift 
Bot now in this vnhappie tyme 
Sa monye ar fmittit with that cryme 5 

That few dar other traift. 

Thair is fa mony fubtill wyile 
Ilkane ane other to begyile 

Fra lawtie fo thay leip 
For gredines of geir and land 
Thair will na kyndnes bluid nor band 

gar fum thair credence keip. 

Greit number ar In dyuerft landis 
That prince and magiftrat gaineftandis 

Rebelland crewallie 15 

I will not fpeik in fpeciall 
Bot pray all In generall 

That wicked vyice to flie. 

The deith of Chrift wes confortabill 
To Chriftiane men maift profitabill 

3it foull wes ludas pairt 
Men fould haue thame abominabill 
Abone all other deteftabill 

That ftudeis in that art. 


29 b [XXII. 

Lyik as Subiectis with trew Intent 25 

Sould be leill and obedient 

To thair fuperio«rw 
Sua fould na prince nor magiftrat 
Be craftie meinis and diffait 

Hurt p«2> Inferio^^h'j. 30 

Quhilk gif thay doe thame felffgai fchame 
And thocht men dar not thame defame 

3it god that feis all 
May piinifche thame within fchort fpace 
And fra gazV heiche and princlie place 35 

gif thame ane fchamefull fall. 

Thairfoir all fubiectis I 50W pray 
Love 3our Princes and thame obey 

Aganis thame work na treffoun 
Siclyik princis and magiftratis 40 

Wraik not '^our awin with fals confaittis 

Bot doe thame richt and reffoun 

All 3e that fould be Chriftin men 
3our hono2<r and 3our dewtie ken 

Quhat 3e fould doe to other 45 

Por na proffeit 56 may haue 
3our freind or nycMhoux nocht defaue 

Bot luifr302<r Chriftiane Brother. 

Sua I exhort 30W all eftaitis 
Ceis fra diffimulance and diffaitis 50 

And of fals punkis 50W purge 

And ilkane 




And Ilkane be to other trew 
Or ellis 3e fall not efchew 

Of god the mortall fcurge. 
S. R. M. 

Sumtyme to court I did repair 
Thairin fum errandis for to dreft 
Thinkand I had fum freindis thair 
To help fordwart my bufines 

Bot nocht the les 5 

I fand na thing bot doubilnes 
auld kyndnes helpis not ane hair. 

To ane greit Court ma.n I did fpeir 

That I trowit my freind had bene 

Becaus we war of kin fo neir lo 

To him my mater I did mein 

Bot with difdaine 
He fled as I had done him tein 
And wald not byide my taill to heir. 

I wend that he in word and deid 15 

For me his kinfman fould haue wrocht 
Bot to my fpeiche he tuik na heid 
Neirnes of bluid he fet at nocht 

Then weill I thocht 
Quhen I for fibnes to him focht 20 

It wes the wrang way that I geid. 

My hand I put Into my fleif 
and furth of it ane purs I drew 


30 b [xxiii. 

And faid I brocht it him to geif 

Bayth gold and filuer I him fchew 25 

Then he did rew 
That he vnkyndlie me mifknew 
and hint pe purft faft in his neif 

Fra tyme he gat the purft in hand 

he kyndHe Coufing callit me 30 

and bad me gar him vnderftand 

my buf ines all haillalie 

And fwore that he 
My trew and faythfull freind fould be 
In court as I pleis him co»2mand. 35 

For qwAz'lk better It is I trow 
Into the court to get fupplie 
To haue ane purft of fyne gold fow 
Nor to the hieft of degrie 

of kin to be 40 

Sa alteris our nobilitie 
greit kynred helpis lytill now. 

Thairfoir my freindis gif 36 will mak 
all courtme;? 3ouris as 36 wald 
gud gold and fyluer with 30W tak 45 

Then to get help 3e may be bald 
for it is tald 
Kyndnes of court is coft and fauld 
Neirnes of kin nathing thay rak, 

S. R. M. 



XXIV.] 31 

X aftyme with godlie companie 

Now in this warld is left for me 

Sen that I am of fa greit aage 

all difplefour for to affuage 

Gud is to luik in Goddis buik 5 

Quhair may be found 
The perfectioun of religioun 

Of fayth the ground. 

All plefour vaine I will refuife 

for my paftyme the byble vfe 10 

Thocht I be auld and may not fie 

I fall It gar be red to me 

Quhair I fall leir for to forbeir 

All wickednes 
Vyce to refuife vertew to vfe 15 

with godlines. 

To reid or heir the holie writ 

trew knawledge fall I get in it 

How I fall haue me at all houris 

Bayth to my god and nichtbo«r«j 20 

Inftructand me to patientlie 

My troubill beir. 
Syne to repent with trew Intent 

quhill I am heir. 

Sen in this erd I find no reft 25 

Reioyis In god I think it beft 


31 b 


Quha in this lyfe geve me his grace 
Syne bring me to that refting place 
Quhair loy and gloir / is euer moir 

peace and concord 30 

To that ilk loy / doe me convoy 

lesus our lord. 

S. R. M. 

jf& nobillis all that fould pis coilntrie guyde 

It To preferue quhy doe 3e not p^ovyide 

as of ge co»zmoun weill ge had na cair 

for quhilk pis realme is liklie to forfair 

Throw ^our greit negligence 5 

That makis na defence 
fra scayt^ it for to keip 
Bot thoillis It to be fpilt 
throw '^out greit fleuth & gilt 
quktlk garris mony weip. 10 

It is pe caus of our calamitie 

amang 30W lordis the Inimitie 

That ar devydit now in parteis twa 

Perfewand other as 5our mortall fa 

With maift vnkyndlie weir 15 

for pe quhilk thing I feir 

Without thair be fum dreft 

That all this land fall rewit 

And Enemeis perfew it 

Thay fall it fone oppreft. zo 



XXV.] 3a 

Is thair na wyfe and gud men of renoun 
Liiifand the cowmoun weill of pis regioun 
That will vpon thame paine and travell tak 
Amang the lordis gud vnitie to mak 

And fie ana perfyte peace 25 

That nnay our forrow ceift 

Ilkane other affift 

Sic quyetnes to ftabill 

That we may be mair abill 

Our fais to refift. 30 

Better It wer pe lordis for till aggrie 
Nor with ftraingeris to cuwmer gis countrie 
Gif ony cum we fall foirthink it fair 
Ws to oppres for na man thay will fpair 

And nathing thay will want 35 

That is qukatr that thay hant 

and lytill for it pay 

Thay will not fpair to fpuil3ie 

Or ellis thay will tiiil3ie 

Gif ony thame gainefay. 40 

For gif that 36 that dependis on ge king 

for 3o«r fupport the Englifmen Inbring 

At lenth thairof 3e fall mak litill rufe 

Think on the wordis king Edward fpak to briife 

Haue we not ellis to doe 45 

Bot win ane roume 30 w to 
quhilk pat ge brufe to paine 
Gif thay cum heir I trow 

VOL. I. 6s ^ 

32 b [XXV. 

The fame fall fay to 30W 

and 36 ask ocht againe. 50 

And gif it chance the Quenis fyide to be 
With all ftraingeris cu^emand in hir fupplie 
With Englifmen vanqueift and put away 
Then will thay hauld 30W for ane facill pray 

And quhat thay get in hand 55 

Castell toun or land 

Thay will it not reftoir 

Bot keip it to thame fell 

And think ^airin to duell 

as thay haue thocht befoir. 60 

And gif that 3e that dependis on the Quein 
Frenchmen bring in hir quarrell to fuftein 
Remember how thay pleit 50W befoir 
5e war richt red thay fould 30W not reftoir 

To 3our auld libertie 65 

Bot thocht gat 3e fould be 

Subiect ay thame to 

Gif I fall trewlie wryte 

Or 3e war of thame quyt 

5e had aneuch to do, 70 

Thairfoir my lordis Into 3o«r hairtis Imprent 
To bring ftraing^ns the Inconvenient 
Thay help 30W not for loue thay haue to 30W 
Bot for ^azr awin greit profifeit and ^air prow 


XXV.] 33 

Ilkane other to love 75 

quMk greitlie fould 30W move 

and caus to aggrie 

And 30Mr awin weill confidder 

Thairfoir knit 30W togidder 

To keip our libertie. 80 

And 3e In hand quhilk hes the greteft ftrenth 
Quhat it will ft^rve I wait not at the lenth 
It may be wyne It may be teint be treffoun 
Thairfoir applye 50U ay to richt and reffoun 

And of peace be content 85 

Thocht fum of ^our Intent 

3e want for eiier mair 

3e ar not fwir I trow 

quha will cdm releif 50W 

and 3e be feigit fair. 90 

Sum ar diffemblit jit proud in thair confait 
Bot other fpyis weill aneuche ^atr gait 
Noger for kingis nor Quenis auctoritie 
3e ftryfe bot for particularitie 

That can not be content 95 

of ^azr awin land and rent 

as ^atr fatheris befoir 

Bot gif thay fill 'gazr handis 

With other mewnis landis 

geir vittall and ftoir. 100 


33 b i-^^^- 

Ane other caus thair is of this feditioun 
Amang the lordis the vehement fufpitioun 
The ane trowis gif that ge other be 
abone thame put Into auctoritie 

Thay fall haue caus to dreid 105 

forfaltis and auld feid 

That pai fall tak revenge 

of gis wicked confait 

That noureift hes debait 

god all this countrie clenge. no 

I pray to him that is of lordis lord 
Bring all our lordis to ane perfyte concord 
And with pi grace thair fprits all Infpyire 
Amang thame kendill of cheritie ge fyire 

All rancour and Invy 115 

' and faultis paffit by 
To be forjettin clein 
That luftice executioun 
for wickednes punitioun 
May in this land be fein. 120 

6". Richart Mait- 
land of Lething- 

toun. ctSSSI/- 


XXVI.] 34 

je that fumtyme hes bene weill ftaikit 
Thocht of Jour geir fum be Inlaikit 
And jowr felf Into trouble brocht 
Of gis fals warld tak neuer thocht. 

Of houfhald graith fum richt fcant war s 

With oper me«nis geir now plenifit ar (lo) 

Better nor euer thair fatheris bocht 
5it of this fals warld tak no thocht. 

To fum thair is bot lytill left (s) 

Bot with greit wrang ar plainlie reft lo 

With diuillis limmis that neuer docht 
5it of pis fals warld tak no thocht. 

To Reve ^air nyckthoux now few rakis 

for feir of god bot daylie takis 

fra thame that neuer ocht thame ocht is 

5it of this fals warld tak no thocht. 

Sum to thair freind wes fo faythles 

That vnder colour of kyndnes 

Thame to deftroy did all gay mocht 

5it of this fals warld tak no thocht. 20 

Sum that richt weill pleneift hes bein 
Thair landis now ar waiftit clein 
With cowzmoun theiffis that leififis nocht 
5it of this fals warld tak no thocht. 


34 b [XXVII. 

Diftroyit is the policie 25 

for ge maift pairt of this countrie 
To wraik the reft fair wayis ar focht 
3it of pis fals warld tak no thocht. 

I hodpe the tyme fall cum fchortlie 
fall gar all wicked companie 30 

Repent the wrang that thay haue wrocht 
for punifching thay fall tak thocht. 
S. R. M. 

Oow fould o«r cowznioun weill Induire 

God to offend we tak no cuir 

And nane preiffis thair lyfe to amend 

for na trowbill that god will fend 

as plaigis cum be eventiiire. 

Quhen derth cumvais or peftilence 
We fay It is be accidence 
And gif weir cuwmis ony way 
The moveris hes the wyte we fay 
And cu^«mis not be our offence. 

And gif we move pe weir our fell 
We fay we haue ane gud querrell 
And will nather perfaue nor kna 
That god for fyn will lat ws fa 



XXVIII.] ,j 

Into mifcheif and oft perrell. 15 

The greit men fayis that ^at'r diftres 

Cuwmis for ge peopillis wickednes 

The peopill fayis the tranfgreffioun 

of greit men and thair oppreffioun 

Bot nane will thair awin fyn co«fes. 20 

S. R. M. 

1 1 is ane mortall paine to heir and fie 

of pis fals warld ge mutabilitie 

fra Weill to wo, fra treuth to doubilnes 

fra pcrfyte lyfe to fraud and fikilnes 

fra godlie lyf to fenfualitie. ', 5 

And fra honour to warldlie wretchitnes 

and fra vertew to vyice and wickednes 

fra all gud ordoar to confufioun 

fra law and luftice to abufioun 

fra trew mening to colowred craftines. 10 

Fra policie to plaine deftructioun 

fra vnitie to greit diuifioun 

fra cheritie to malice and Inuy 

fra clein leiffing In carnell luft to ly 

All euill is vp and all gudnes is doun. 15 

For nac'ger honoz^r fayth nor confcience 
nor gratitude done of beneuolence 


35 b [xxviii. 

Neirnes of bluid nor 5it affinitie 

Can In this warld gar kindnes kepit be 

As may be fein be plaine experience 20 

For gredines now gydis all eftaitis 

Inftructand pame with covetous co^zfaittis 

Sayand to fflm quhy doe ge want pis land 

This tak / this fteid that lyis fo neir hand 

It for to get I can find twentie gaittis 25 

Quhen gredines had found fum wicked way 

Then come kyndnes that purpofe for to ftay 

And faid to him that gredines had dreft 

Be his counfell his ny£-^tbo«r«j to moleft 

Tent to my taill and heir quhat I will fay. 30 

Quhy will 56 now commit fo greit oiifence 

Againe all reffoun and gud confcience 

To tyne 3o«r nichtbowr •^our kinfmen & 3oar freindis 

for gredines of onye land or teyndis 

And to the puire to doe fie violence. 35 

Then cu;«mis in Szr gredines belyiff 

With thir wordis away kyndnes to dryiff 

Quhat is fcho this can paint fo fair a taill 

Sa far aganis ^our proffeit and 3o«r availl 

Get fcho credence fcho will ftope 30W to thryif 40 



XXVIII.] 36 

And 3e hir counfell other doe or heir 

5e will not conqueis mekill land or geir 

Put hir away and mell with hir na mair 

With that thay keft dame kyndnes over pe ftair 

And gredines held hir ay areir. 45 

Quhen dame kyndnes wes rebuikit fa 

Then Cheritie and dame pitie can ga 

And faid It is ane verie wicked deid 

To tak thy nycAthourzs maling over his heid 

And with greit rigoar baneifche him p««>fra. 50 

And als it is aganis goddis co;«mand 

For to defyre 5o«r nichtbo^rw geir or land 

With violence to put ane puir ma« out 

god will 30W plaig thairfoir wzt^outtin dout 

Except 5e mend 56 fall not chaipe his hand. 55 

Then gredines faid with ane fturtfum cheir 

Quha mekill deuill brocht gir twa harlottis heir 

Furth at the dur he fchot tliame quyte away 

And fyne he faid gif je wald cheir gir tway 

3e wald not, purches mekill land pis geir. 60 

Alace (\uhaix is the warld that fum hes fein 

Sic cheritie in all eftaittis hes bein 

That na man wald for fteding tak nor teyndis 

Difpleis gffiV nichtbo«r/j na pour ma« nor ^air frendis 

Dame kyndnes ay fa travelit thame betwene. 65 


36 b [xxix. 

Thairfor I pray to god that is above 

fra all our hairtis pis gredines remove 

That euerie man may with cheritie 

Of his awin rentis fo contentit be 

That we may leif into frat^niall love. 70 

S. R. M. 

vjrreit paine It is to behauld and fie 

Into this realme the greit cupiditie 

for pis fals warld the peopill hes fo blindit 

To thair Intent thay trow to euer bind it 

All haill thair hairtis to covetice ar growin 5 

Thay feik aneuch bot thay fall neuer find it 

Quhill that thay cum other to hell or hevin. 

^A/^ith gredines ar Infectit all ftaitis 

for to get land and geir thay feik all gaittis 

And cuiris not to get it wrangouf lie 10 

Be fraud or force or with fubtilitie 

To find proffeit thay leif na thing on focht 

Sumtyme not fpair to vse crudelitie 

To thair purpofe gif that may help game ocht. 

Sura to get land or geir will nourifche ftryfe ij 

Sum it to get will be of ane wratchit lyfe 

Sum will not fpair for favoar nor for feid 

To tak ga?> nyckthouris rowmes ouer thair held 

Quhilk thay and thairis hes bruikit pis lang tyme 

and fum wald haue pa^r nyc&thour put to deid 20 

To get thair land for ane Inventit cryme. 


XXIX.] 37 

Sum gadderis geir and hes na grace to fpend it 
Sum dois wrang and hes no will to mend it 
Sum leiffis all thair dayis wickedlie 
To reve the puire richt few hes now pitie 25 

And thair is monye ane that lytill cairis 
To put bayth faul and lyif In leopardie 
To mak ane mekill conqueis to gazV airis. 

Syne wait not weill quhat thair airis wilbe 

nor quhat will cum of thair pofteritie 30 

for fum may be greit fuillis naturall 

Sum may be westourt's and mak quyte of all 

Sum greit druncardis and fpend gazV thrift at wyne 

Sum may cow^mit fie deidis criminall 

That may thame gar bayth geir and landis tyne. 35 

Thairfoir I think it is ane greit folie 

for to mak onye conqueis wrangouflie 

Syne wait not gif thay bruikit lang game fell 

and quha fall bruikit efter can not tell 

To conqueis lairge fum hes greit wrangis wrocht 40 

and put thame fell In danger of ge hell 

and in fchort tyme gazV conqueis turne to nocht. 

I counfell all thairfoir to be content 

of luft conqueis with ane fufficient rent 

Quha hes maift land is not ge beft at eis 45 

Quha mekill hes the ma gai haue to pleis 

and with monye ^atr deidis falbe fpyit 

It is not beft ane heiche eftait to cheis 

The gretest ar with monyest Invyit. 


37 b [XXIX. 

Sum hes bene greit and fallin fra hie eftait 5° 

The gretest now may gang the famy« gait 

And thay crab god in thair governament 

Monye ar now that hes aneuch of rent 

3it to get land and geir thay neuer reft 

Thair gridie hairtis can neuer be content ss 

Lyike as pis warld and thay fould euer left. 

3it I doe not forbid alluterlie 

To mak conqueis fa It be done luftlie 

first for to mak thame felf ane honeft lyife 

To help "Qair bairnis freindis and wyfe 60 

And as thay may the puire to help hes neid 

Syne weill provyide g«t ^gair follow na ftryif 

for ga«V conqueis efter that thay be deid. 

All 3e that hes bene gevin to gredines 
of all 5our vniuft conqueis mak redres 65 

And It reftoir to thame it did belang 
and think thair is ane god to puneis wrang 
At quhome of our mifdeidis af k mercie 
for fumtyme je fra land and geir fall gang 
In all 3our workes remember 36 man die. 70 

S. R. M. 

This taill is trew & furer nor y bafs 
Malorum radix Cupiditas. 

O lord. 



XXX.] 38 

Lord our fin hes done the tein 
That plagit thus hes this countrie 

1 trow wes neuer harde nor fein 
In Scotland greter miferie 

Greit euill Into this land we fie 5 

As f lauchter heirfchip thift and reif 
Deftructioun of all policie 
and all maner of maift mifcheif 

Now warldlie wifdome is diffait 

and falfet hauldin policie 10 

Richt few from gyle can now debait 

Sa greit is the hypocrefie 

Sum will speik fair and freindfullie 

for proffeit wald diffaue ^air brother 

Sa ryfF is Infidelitie 15 

Ane kinfman fcant may trow ane other. 

Amang the lordis fyne the greit ftryif 

Mifreull in all this regioun 

Quhilk hes garrit monye loife "gair lyfe 

and troublit Burges and Barroun 20 

Craftifraen and cow^mounis ar put doun 

Be thift reif and co«tinuall weir 

Neir herreit is our principal! toun 

Our me^chandis daylie waiftand geir. 

All this is for our pflnifchment 25 

Becaus our god we will not knaw 


38 b [XXX. 

Ay brekand his co;«mandement 
Lyik as of him we ftiiid na aw 
Monye ar goddis word will fchaw 
That ar far co«trar in thair deidis 30 

and ciiiris not agane the law 
To tak that onye man poffeidis. 

Fra fum is taine bayth houft and land 

Wrangouslie as the maner fchawis 

Quhome doing wrang thay neuer fand 35 

Bot for all cryme will byide the lawis 

Bayth of thair deidis and thair fawis 

5it ar thay fpoil3it of thair rent 

Quha hes this done ge greit god knawis 

quha graunt thame grace for to repent. 40 

Sum hes thair place brint in ane gleid 

Thair guddis fpuil3it halallie 

Thair ft«aiandis flaine fum brint to deid 

Thair felfis taine vncourteouflie 

and hauldin in Captiuitie 45 

Quha wald haue for ane miff iue bill 

obeyit the auctoritie 

and cu»2mit at my lord Regentis will. 

Alace It is ane cairfull caice 

That o«r lordis can not aggrie 50 

Quhilk for to doe gif thay had grace 
Wald ftanche this greit Iniquitie 
Ane thing pazV is gat trowbillis me 
Thocht fum wald faine mak gud concord 


XXX.] 3g 

Bit ay for ane thair is twentie 55 

To hound mutine and faw difcord. 

Bot we fould rather all lament 

Thir plages perturbing ws fa fair 

and of our finnis ws repent 

With firme purpois to fyne no mair 60 

Syne pray to god bayt^ lait and air 

To tak fra ws this cruell fcurge 

and for his mercie stainche our cair 

and of all weir this countrie purge. 

My lordis all that are diuydit 65 

Could 5e aggrie It wer ge heft 

and gar this realme be godlie gydit 

all thing to be with wifdome dreft 

Then Better micht ^e put to reft 

This land that now is furth of ordowr 70 

and thame releif that ar oppreft 

The theiffis ftainche and reull ge bordo«r. 

Sen 3e ar of ane natioun all 

Ilkane of other haue pitie 

5e wait not 5it quhat may befall 75 

Sic chance hes bene richt haiftallie 

may gar 30W think that vnitie 

fall to 30W all be profitabill 

and neidfuU that 3e freindis be 

36 ken our court is neuer ftabill. 80 

Quha euer get the vpper hand 

of thair rewaird thay knaw na thing 


39 b [xxxi. 

Nor 5it how lang that thay fall ftand 

To haue the reull of Quein or king 

And fpeciallie quhen thay ar 3oung 85 

Thairfoir je fould tak richt gud gaird 

of leftand feid 50 on 50W bring 

vncertane fyne of gour rewaird. 

O lord fie grace fend to ws heir 
all Scottismen for to aggrie 90 

Ilkane to briiik thair land and geir 
That thame p^rtenis richteouslie 
Syne perfyte luftice we may fie 
In Courtis confiftorie and Seffioun 
Craftifmen and cowmounis may peceablie 95 

Thair leving win without oppreffioun. 
S. R. M. 

(Juhen I haue done confider 

this warldis Vanitie 
Sa brukill (§• sajlidder 
Jo full of miferie 
Then I remember me 
that heir thair is no rest 
thairfoir apperantlie 
to be mirrie is best. 

Let ws be blyithe & glaid 
My freindis all J pray 



XXXI.] 40 

To he penseif and sad 

na thing it helps ws may 

Thairfoir put quyite away 

all hevines of thocht 

thocht we murne ny* & day 15 

Jt will availl ws nocht — 

Jt will not be our f arrow 

that will slope goddis hand 

to stryihe bayth evin & morrow 

bayth on the fie & land 20 

Sen nane may it gainestand 

let ws all be content 

to vnderlye the wand 

of goddis punijhment. 

Quhat god plefis to doe 25 

accept it thankfullie 

quhat paine he put ws to 

Receave it patientlie 

and gif that we wald be 

relevit of our paine 30 

for fin ajk god mercie 

offend him not againe. 

Gif we will mak murning 
sould be for our offence 


40 b [xxxi, 

j!4nd not that god dots bring 35 

on ws for violence 

for ane dyuers pretence 

for sum he will puneis 

to prove thair patience 

& sum for thair greit mifs. 40 

Sen first the warld bigane 

thair hes bene troubill ay 

for punijhment of man 

& sail quhill domi/day 

and sen we may not stay 45 

quhat god pleis doe ws till 

quhat he will on ws lay 

receave it with gud will 

For god will ay sum /cur ge 

quhill that y^ warld tak end 50 

frafyne the warld to purge 

will ay fum plaigis send 

Bot quha will lyife amend 

& preis to fin no mair 

then god will him defend 55 

fra euerlasting cair. 





^it plainlie I conclude 

Jntill all wardlines 
na thing for man fa gude 
as le/um mirrines 60 

for thair is na ritches 
sa lang his lyife can lenth 
conferue him fra feiknes 
and keip him in his strenthe. 

Ihairfoir with trew Intent 65 

Let ws at god ajk grace 

Our sinnis to repent 

Quhill we haue tyme & /pace 

Syne bring ws to that place 

quhair ioy is euermoir 70 

and fie god face to face 

Jn his eternall gloir. e-^ssir 

S. Richart maitland 

of Lethingtoun, 

Loue vertew over all, and all vyces flie 
Wickednes hait / alwayift gudnes Imbrace 
Remove rancour / and ay keip cheritie 
Proudnes deteft / Invy fra ge far chaife 


41 b [xxxui. 

Gredines neuer let it in the tak place 5 

Be honorable and weill credence keip 
Befines not fleuth havand tyme and fpace 
Trewlie ferue god and als for f innis weip. 
Thir 8 lynes 50 may begin at 
ony nuik 36 will and raid 10 

bakwart or fordwart and 
ge fall find the lyike fente^ce 
and meter. 

S. R. M. 

Oinneris repent that 3e haue fpent 

3our tyme In wickednes 
Bot now be bent with trew Intent 
To leiff In godlines. 

3our lyiffis mend and not offend 5 

3our gratious god na mair 
Think on the end and how 5e ma^ wend 
Away naiked and bair. 

Thairfoir ask grace qukzll 30 haue fpace 

at god for 3our greit niift 10 

Sin fra 30W chaice / preift to ge place 

qu/iazr ay is loy and blift. 

'^our god ay feir, folie forbeir 

on vertew follow aye 

pryidfull noc^^t be / vse not lie 15 

advyift weill quhat 5e fay. 


XXXIV.] 42 

Keip ay kyndnes and faythfulnes 

To 3our freindis Ilkane 

hait gredines and doubilnes 

vnder truft diffaue nane 20 

Leif modeftlie / luif honeftie 
vfe not in fin to ly 
nane In 30W fie / crudelitie 
Ir malice nor Invy. 

Love god ay beft / all fin deteft 25 

and fals ypocrefie 

Louf pece and reft / and nane moleft 

hot leif in cheritie. ciSSSl/' 

S. R. M. 

IVlair mifchevous and wicked warld 
nor thair is now faw nane I trow 
the countrie throw is quyte oux harld 
Now in this trouboulous tyme. 

Lowthane c^haix fumtyme hes bene 
maift policie / tranquillitie 
greit fuirtie for king and Quene 
befoir pis troublous tyme. 

Be me« of weir is waiftit haill 
With thift and reif weir and mifcheif 
gretar releif in Liddifdaill 
Now in this troublous tyme. 


4a b [xxxiv. 

The toun qukairia to duell wes beft 
Withouttin feir Ritcheft of geir 
With men of weir richt fair oppreft 15 

now in this troublous tyme 

Thairfoir all men be now of gud will 

and faft 30W preift to mak gud peace 

Think tyme to ceili Scottis bluid to fpill 

now in this troublous tyme 20 

And fen fum abftinewce is taine 
na tyme ourde bot biffie be 
This haill countrie to mak at ane 
and ftainche pis troublous tyme. 

That It be fa, we hairtlie pray 25 

To god abiiif for Chriftis iGif 

and to remuif pis plaig away 

And pis mifchevous troublous tyme. 

S. R. M. 

Ane contrapoyfoun to the Ballat 
falflie intitulit the pro- 
perteis of gud Wemen. 





C^uha dewlie wald decerne 

the nature of gud wemen 

Or quha wald wis or zairne 

that cUmlie clan to ken 

he hes greit neid I fay indeid 5 

of toungis ma then ten 

that plefant fort ar all confort 

and mirrines to men. 

The Wysefi thing of wit 
that euer nature wrocht 10 

quha can fra purpofe flit 
hot fikilnes of thocht 
Wald 3e now wis ane erthlie hlis 
folace gif Zfi haue socht 
ane marchandice of gretest price 15 

that euer ony bocht. 

The brichtest thing but baill 
that euer creat bein 
the lustiest & leill 
the gayest & best gein 


43 b [XXXV. 

the thing fairest with langest lest 
from all canker maist clein 
the trimmest face with gudlie grace 
that lichlie may befein. 

The blythest thing in hour 25 

the bonyest in bed 

plesant at euerie hour 

& eithe for to be sted 

Ane Innocent plaine & patent 

with craf tines oncled 30 

ane/impill thing sueit & bening 

for deir nocht to be dred. 

To man obedient 

evin lyik ane willie wand 

bayth faythfull & feruent 35 

ay reddie at command 

thay luif maist leill thocht men doefeill 

and/chaikis oft of hand 

Quhair anis thay loue thay not remoue 

Bot steidfastlie they stand. 40 

And ryHie 



And nchtlie to compair 

fcho is ane turtill trew 

hirfedderis ar richtfair 

& of ane hevinlie hew 

Ane luifing wicht bay* fair & bricht 45 

gud properteis anew 

freind with, delyte fa but difpyit 

quha lovis hir sail not rew — 

Suppo/e fcho feme offendit 

quhen men dois hir constraine 50 

that fault is sane amendit 

hir mynde is so humaine 

Sho is content gif men repent 

thair fault & turne againe 

Sho hes no guyle nor subtill vyile 55 

hir pathis ar ayplaine. 

Ane lyife full of delyite 

gif ze zour dayis wald drie 

Jn pastyme maist perfyite 

Gif that ze list to be 60 

Jn gud estait bayth air & lait 


44 b [XXXV. 

gif Zfi wald leif or die 

with wemen deill it is trew I tell 

Zeis luik I sail not lie. 

Gif onye fault thair be 65 

alace men hes the wyit 

that gevis sa gouketlie 

sic rewleris onperfyite 

sould haue the blame & beir y' fchame 

thocht thay wemen bakbyit 70 

wer thay wittie wemen wald be 

ane happie hairtis delyit. 

The properteis perpend 

of euerie warldlie wicht 

sa comlie nane av hend 75 

as is a ladye bricht 

plesand in bed bow/um & red 

ane daintie day and nicht 

ane helsum thing ane hairtis lyking 

gif men could reull yame richt. 80 

Quhen god maid all of nocht 
he did yis weill declair 


XXXV.] 45 

the last thing that he wrocht 

it wes ane woman fair 

Jn workes we fie ye last to be 85 

maist plesand & preclair 

ane help to man god maid hir than 

quhat will ze I say mair. 

T'he papingo in hew exceidis birdis all 90 

the turtill is maist trew 

the pawne but peregall 

Zit neuertheles 55 may confes 

wemen is worthe thame all 

fair, sueit, plesand, trew, meik, constant, 95 

without all bitter gall. 

Considder & behauld, 

Jngrat, vnthankfull man 

Repeit the poetis auld 

& reid thame gif thow can 100 

thair thou sail find les thou be blind 

the Vertewis of wemen 

with heich Ingyne how mu/es nyne , 

all /cience first began. 



45 b [XXX V. 

Minevue ane Woman was loj 

quha wi/dome did Inuent 

ofgreikis namit pallas 

& from the hevin wes sent 

to leir men wit, that wantit it 

& in thair hairtis it prent no 

to wemen than say quhat xfi can 

sic giftis first wes lent. 

T'he wyi/e ceres al/o 

did first Inuent the corne 

&mony thou/and mo 115 

wer mortell wemen home 

'y,tfor thair meid & thair gud deid 

the poetis all hesfworne 

to thame to pray as goddis ay 

& w or/chip yame but /come. 120 

Jesahell wicked was 
sa was achab hir king 
curst wes herodias 
Dalila did maling 
will ze thairfoir withouttin moir 125 



XXXV.] 46 

all wemennis gloir doun thring 
Be that same way wemen may say 
that men ar worthe na thing. 

For suithlie of man kynd 

ma wicked may be called 130 

then of the wemen stryinde 

& worfs ane hundreth fauld 

quha will tak heid & dewlie reid 

the wryte & storeis auld 

thocht sum do faill to wyite thame all 135 

/ think Zfi he to bauld. 

Quhair ^e can ane me f chaw 

of wemen wicked bein 

J an/ueir I doe knaw 

of gild wemen fiftein 140 

Go serche yame out withouttin dout 

Ze sail thame find be dein 

gif I wald lie, '^our selfis may fie 

the-sampillis may be sein. 

Did not the virgine my tide hs 

that Bli/sed bird marie 


46 b [xxxv. 

Bring furth to ws am chylde 

quha did ws sanctifie 

& Debora rewlit luda 

with spreit ofprophecie 150 

Quhen men wes sueir & durst not steir 

hot lurkit lidderlie. 

The bli/sed Su/anna 

wes flour of womanheid 

the pr ophites anna 155 

knew christ first as we reid 

that bousteous bairne proud Oliphern 

gud ludith garrit him bleid 

ane woman than but force of man 

saifit the toun at neid. 160 

Hester that lustie Quene 

saifit the peopill all 

Ahigaal the/chene 

saifit hir man naball 

Mical his wyife keipt dauids lyife 165 

quhen saul did for him call 

& monye may as-^I heir say 

hes saifit men fra thrall. 



XXXV.] 47 

Quhen the canarianis 

in Strang prisoun wes set 170 

inclosit he Spartanis 

& could na succour get 

then thair sueit wyfis hasart thair lyfis 

&fred thamefra that net 

chaingit thair weid baid in thair steid 175 

for trewluif hes no let. 

honest lucretia 

wes flour of chastitie 

& prudent porcia 

lamp offidelitie 180 

of trew Constance but Variance 

perle wes Penelope 

of loue maist leill that neuer didfaill 

exempill wes Thisbe. 

The fair Cornelia 185 

wes I erne of eloquence 

Prudent a/pasia 

excellit in sapience 

Socrates wyife thocht na dispryis 


47 b [xxxv. 

to leirn at hir prudence 190 

Quha list to reid micht leir indeid 
at gri/sell patience. 

^nd thochtfor wemennis saik 

greit trouble hes bene/ein 

'yit that dois nawayis maik 195 

that wemen wicked bein 

we sie that kingis for pretious thingis 

dois gretest weir sustein 

& zit the geir for quhilk thay weir 

is not the worfe a prein. 200 

Realmis & greit Impyris 

then sould be worthe na thing 

for cruell bluide &fyris 

ar sein in conque/ing 

all pretious geir we sould forbeir 205 

refuis to be ane king 

3e christis word sould be abhord 

for all dois troubillis bring. 

Confes thairfoir for schame 

for so X.C must in deid 210 



XXXVI.] 48 

that it is na defame 

to pryfs of womanheid 

suppo/e that men for hue of thame 

in battellis oft did bleid 

that settis thame furth to be maist worthe 215 

& so thay ar indeid. 

^e wemen vitious 

gif onye sic be now 

grow not our glorious 

J spak nothing of ^ow 220 

thair is anew bayth traist &= trew 

quhome onlie I allow 

thocht sum be ruid monye ar gud 

ilk man cheis him ane daw. 

finis qpM. A. Arbuthnat. 

Jj e that luifis lichtliest 

sail not happin on the best 

He that luifis langest 

sail haue rest suirest 

He that lovis all his best 5 

sail chaunce vpon the gudliest. 


48 b [xxxvii. 

Quha sa in luif is irew &• plaine 
he salbe luifit weill againe 
Men may say quhat euer thay pleis 
in mutuall loue is mekill eis. 10 


C^eift hairt and trowbill me no moir 

and lat alaine all panfivnes 

And rander to thy maker gloir 

ather of plefour or distres 

Content thy felf with fobernes 5 

and put thy traift in god alone 

for3et this warldis wratchidnes 

and fie for it thou male no mone. 

Sen god thy Souuerane hes the fend 

Into this vaile of miferie 10 

Amang the reft thy tyme to fpend 

quhill it him pleis to call on the 

Receave his giftis quhat euer thay be 

ftand ftill quhair euer he dois the place 

Worke thy vocatioun fteidfaftlie 15 

and rander to thy maker grace. 

Grudge not aganis his godlie will 

Thocht thou get not thy hairtis defyire 

Accufe him not bot hauld pe ftill 

Left thow provoike his michtie yre 20 

Perchaunce the thing thow wald requyire 


xxxvii.] 49 

and frainis fast grauntit to be 
Wald rather caft the in the myire 
then from all dainger fet the frie. 

Thy blindit wit can not confidder 25 

his worke of wofdome & prudence 

Thy fpreit can not control! togidder 

His rigour with his pacience 

His yre with his beneuolence 

His mercie and his Iudgme«t richt 30 

Feir him ■^airfoir with reuer^»ce 

Sen thou can not co«ceave his micht. 

No wardlie thing fould pe effray 

gif thow till him have conscience clein 

Thocht it be loift or tint the day 35 

quhilk thow had haill and found jeiftrein 

In hairt Therfoir tak thou na tein 

Bot in thy mynd leif onmoleft 

for monye tymes it may be fain 

That fie thingis cuw^mis for pe beft, 40 

Thow nocht Invy thocht wicked men 

In warldlie welth doe the excell 

and thocht thay that ge lord mifken 

Into the erthe beir now the bell 

Remember. that thair is ane hell 45 

quAatr finneris all falbe forloir 

and how the loy na toung can tell 

Quhilk thow fall have in hevenis gloir. 



49 b [xxxvii. 

Think on quhome god dois heir torment 

and chaftifis quhome he luiffis beft 50 

That thay may not fet thair entent 

Vpon this warld nor patron reft 

Bot rather hait / flie / and deteft 

the roiit of pryide that 'gair'm ringis 

Efchewand plefour as ane peft 55 

quhilk drawis 50U from pe king of kingis. 

Remember als how fie chaiftning 

Dois ws alliiire our felfis to knaw 

The quhippis of the lord feling 

Becaus we daylie brak his law 60 

Sic piinifching hauldis ws in aw 

That we ftray not over far afclent 

nor with the wicked in 3oike draw 

Quhome in his wraith pe lord will fchent. 

Alfo fie tribulatioufi 65 

Sould the admonifche and mak plaine 

That thy chief confolatioun 

Into this warld is not certaine 

Bot that in heavin it dois remaine 

Vnto ge quhilk thow fall pretend 70 

without regaird to triffillis vaine 

Lovand pe lord quhat euer he fend. 

Stoiipe then vnder his michtie hand 

and the content of his gud will 

Thocht thow haue nother geir nor land 75 


XXXVII.] 50 

Think not therfoir he Idiffis the ill 

Bot rather think he dois fulfill 

His promeis quhen he dois the bring 

Be that fame trace pe heavenis vntill 

by quhilk firft enterit chrift our king. 80 

Thocht thow be heir in vncouthe land 

and dois the Indignatioun beir 

of countrie men quhilk in ane band 

confpyris ftill to doe the deir 

Tak thow thairfoir of thame na feir 85 

fen thay can not annoy thy faull 

for in the Scripto?cr thow may leir 

quhen fumtyme lyik fufferit Sanct paull. 

Gif god vpon thy pairtie ftand 

quhat mifteris the for to tak feir 90 

gif he defend the with his hand 

Thy enemeis can not doe deir 

This reill this raige this cruell weir 

Thocht it a quhyill doe the moleft 

5it as thow may in Scripture leir 95 

all thing fall turne ge to the beft. 

In god Thairfoir the confort ay 

and quyite gis warld for it is vaine 

Preis to ge place can neuer decay 

Seik to the fait gat is certaine 100 

for erthlie ioy can not remaine 

and qukazT that it is vnperfyte 

50 b [xxxvii. 

With fmall plefour is mekill paine 
and doubill duill with fmall delyite. 

Sen but all paine plefour perfyt 105 

Into this warld can not be found 

Sen doulfull dolo^^r and delyt 

Ilkane with other faft ar bound 

Sen our foirfatheris deidlie wound 

hes privat men of perfyit loy -no 

Quhow lang that thow left on this ground 

for warldlie geir tak neuer noy. 

Thocht god hes not appointit the 

to bruik honoarzj amang the laif 

5et hes ordainit that thow be 115 

ane quhome his fone lefus fall faif 

Quhat greater gift than can thow craif 

Than be at ane with fie ane lord 

And that eternall loy till half 

quhilk he hes promefit be his worde. 120 

finis cp Arbuthnatt. 



^en that Eine that workis my weilfair 

dots no moir on me glance 

A thousand sichtis with suelting sobbis sair 

dais throw my bowellis lance 

J die ^aiming 5 

/ leif pyning 

woe dois encres 

J wax witles 

sindring o wofull doleance. 

The day quhen as the fair pairtit me fray lo 

plesour me left also 

Quhen that front Mr I sinderit wes away 

mi/chance me hint but ho 

J waxit wan, the same hour than 

sorrow sensyne iS 

dois still me pyine 

that gudnicht hes causit mekill wo. 

Evin as men may the turtill trew persaif 

once having hist hir feir 

on the dry brainche ay fay*full to y" graif 20 

bewayling perfeueir 

So my desyire 

kindlit in fyiye 



51 b [XXXVIII. 

dots soir lament 

my luif absent 25 

god gif amour be ane paine to beir. S22 

JVeuer in somer the haitt canicular day 

so hote with beamis brent 

as dois thatfyire q"' me devoring ay 

hes saull 6^ bodie tint 3° 

df neuer a dairt 

so persit my hairt 

as dois the bolt 

quhilk luif me schot 

god cupid gif bitter be thy dint. 35 

^s he that suimmis the moir he ettill fast 

6^ to the schoire intend 

The moir his febill furie throw windis blast 

is bakwart maid to wend 

So wors be day 4° 

my greif growis ay 

the moir I am hurte 

the moir I sturte 

cruell love bot deid thow hes none end. 

The faithfull me/singer 5* is the nicht 45 

to luiffaris langorous 





^ugmentis my woe &= ah the day is licht 

makis me moir dolorous 

The day I dwyine 

the nicht I pyine 50 

evin eikis my sorrow 

wors then the morrow 

god in love gif I be malhourous. 

^nd gif that neid to slumber me constraine 
faint throuch melancolie 55 

Vnrest dois walkin me againe 
to mu/e my miferie 
quhat euer chanche 
dois me outtrance 

saiffals thinking, in sueit dreming 60 

dreame maist/ueit gif it war not a lie. 

Jn cairfull bed full oft in myne Intent 
to twitche I doe appeir 

now syide now breist now fweit mow redolent 
of that sueit bodye deir 65 

/ stretche my hand 
in vaine ernand 
my luifisfar 
6^ not found nar 
fcorne ofluifaris cupid blind archeir. '^SS 7° 


S2 b [xxxviii. 

Syne quhen the morning with hir mantill grein 

opinis the dayis face 

with phcehus licht the cairfull thochtis dein 

renewis thair wofull raice 

my fyrie raige 75 

dois then aggrage 

my soir torment 

dois moir augment 

gif absence be paine in luifis caice. 

So monye starris ar nocht in nichtis sein 80 

nor in drawing colouris 

nor scipping froggis amidy" medow grein 

as I thocht of dolouris 

noy vpon noy 

markis to destroy 85 

my wofull lyfe' 

fechting in stryife 

gif vnhap be found in paramouris. 

The day befoir the suddane nichtis chaice 

dois not so suiftlie go 90 

Nor hair befoir the ein and grewhoundis face 

with speid is careit so 

as I with paine 

for luif of ane 




without remeid 95 

rinnis to the deid 

god gif deid be end of mekill wo. 

goddis hiche gif in the hevin he found 

sum hand of amitie 

J '^ow heseik be movit with my wound 100 

dr haue sum lust pitie 

my proper lyif 

J hait with stryif 

J mefoirsaik 

for otheris saik 105 

gif luif causis strainge Inamitie. 

Ha now my mu/e my soucy 6^ my cair 

leif of thy lamenting 

Ceis to complaine of mijhap ony mair 

end now I ceis to sing no 

he that can plaine 

dois thoill leist paine 

soir ar the hairtis 

hut plaint yat smartis 

Silence to dolour is ane nowrifching. 115 



S3 b [xxxix. 

oen fortoiin hes now randerit me fubiect 

and luiffis 5oik fubdewit hes my neck 

I thank my god that to hir am thrall 

quha neuer wes of onye vyice fufpect 

Bot of all vertew choife is and elect 5 

And in all bewtie is but peregall 

Hir prefentlie I ferue and euer fall 

And gif fcho plefis my fteruice not reiect 

For my rewaird I crave no moir at all. 

Sumtyme I leifit at libertie at lift 10 

and thocht I could to luiffis force ref ift 

Be cu«ning craft convoyit with prudence 

Bot hir bewtie caift in my ein fie mift 

Hir greit bontie me trappit or I wift ' 

That I vnabill am to mak defence 15 

Then 3eild I me to hir obedience 

Thinking that 3it fie feruitude is blift 

To ferue ane flour of fie preeminence. 

Gif Bewtie had me bound in thrall 

and wer overciim with luftis fenfuall 20 

Then micht I thocht my wifdome faillit me 

Bot fen hir bontie fupernaturall 

To Bewtie couplit is coUaterall 

In heicheft ftaige of excellent degrie 

I traift that nane can me accufe trewlie 25 

gif bewtie bontye and the vertewis all 

My tender hairt keip in captiuitie. 


XXXIX.] 54 

For fcho to quhome I fervitour am bound 

is fie as in the erthe can not be found 

Ane perles perle and patroun maift perfyte 30 

The gle the grace the gloir of all the ground 

Maift fueit, maift meik, maift faige, maift fiSire, maift found 

Royall Ruble with all riches repleit 

Roife of renoun and dafie of delyte 

With fie a lance for to reffaue a wound 35 

albeit I wis I wait nane will me wyte. 

Ane thing thair is that I doe foir lament 

That for hir faik thocht I be daylie fehent 

To fchaw my paine I dar fcarft Interpryift 

Quhen I me anis befoir hir face prefent 40 

All wit and fpreit that euer wes to me lent 

Is me bereft and ehainged fo my guyft 

That quhowfoeuer to other I feme wyift 

To hir my mynd I can not mak patent 

Thocht lyif and deid bayt^ in hir pletout lyis. 45 

Sen Toiinge can not my troubillis then expres 

and countenance dois fail3ie me no les 

To get the graice of that fa gudlie wicht 

Wald god fen fcho fie other wofdome hes 

My Inward mynd fcho could perfaue and ges 50 

and all my hairt wer patent in hir ficht 

Then fould fcho ken that my luif wer not licht 

Bot of hir honeft courtes gentilnes 

as I defterue fcho wald me rander richt. 



54 b [xxxix. 

I knaw otheris hes mair experience 55 

In craft of loue and greater eloquence 

And fubtellie thair purpofe can perfew 

Bot for leill love, and conftant perma.nence 

Inward favour with honeft reuerence 

Ane hairt enteir qukzlk bayt>^ is traift and trew 60 

Moir nor in me thocht all the warld fcho vew 

fcho fall not find, I fpeik with hir licence 

few ar found leill thocht loveris be anew. 

Then fen I can na other way declair 

my troublit hairt to that princes preclair 65 

Bot be my wryte and fcheduU quMlk I fend 

Heir I befeik hir Bewtie fingulair 

Have fum refpect vnto my daylie cair 

Sen onlie fcho my meladie may mend 

And fen I doe bot honeftie pretend 70 

Let luif meit luif of hir I feik na mair 

and be fum f igne let gis be to me kend. 

Hairt and fueit luiff and onlie maiftres myne 

Craib not thocht I 30W papeir now propyne 

Ane gift ungenand for 3our excellence 75 

'gif I may knaw that 3our hairt dois Inclyne 

Sum better thing fall follow efter fyne 

Quhilk may be meit for 3our magnif[icjence 

As for my felf with dew obedience 

My ftrenth my wit my force and haill Ingyne 80 

Heir I doe raunder to Jour reuerence. 

XXXIX.] 55 

This poure propyne refuis not I 30W pray 

This f impill fute caft it not quyte away 

Tyme will trye furth quha maift trewlie dois mein 

Thir gay gallandis with thair dreft and deray 85 

Thair luif tareis hot for ane nicht or tway 

Be'that be paft thay will forjet it clein 

Thocht I wald lie ge fampillis may be fain 

Maift feruent luiff dois foneft ay decay 

Advyif^ 50W now the flour of feminine. 90 

3it howfoeuer heirin je counfell tak 

Quhidder 56 prayfe my purpofe or 56 lak 

My hairt alwayis to luif 50W man proceid 

Thocht 5e be daingerous and beir abak 

and of my miferie 3our mirth wald mak 95 

That I 30W luif I fall fchaw ay Indeid 

Sum hbupe is 3it that my fS^ruice fall fpeid 

Without ge quhilk I wait I am bot wraik 

With wifdome work now waill of woma«heid. 

With licence then my iQif I tak my leif 100 

fering with langer purpofe 30W to greif 
for new taking god will fend tyme and place 
Tryall of treuth my permanewce fall preif 
With reuthfull hairt gif 3e wald me releif 
Then wer my paine turnit in perfyte peace 105 

Bot howfoeuer with me chancis pe cafe 
A thowfand tymes quhidder I die or leif 
I me commend vnto jour nobiU grace, 
finis — 

SS b * [XL. 

JItie ballat to be songe 
u)itD m tuine of 

luifer come to luifeiris dore &c. 

D bli/sed bird brichtest of all 

flour of femenein 
perks perle but peregall 

lustie lady schein 
Crab not gif I to mynde doe call s 

the paine that I sustein 

Cast me not quyite away. 

Quho so '^our bewtie wald behauld 

must neidis in '^ow delyit 
Bot I regaird mair monifauld lo 

'^our properteis perfyit 
Zour bontie quhilk can not be tauld 

'^our Vertewis ar so gryit 

Have pitie I zow pray. 

J am ane prenteis bot in luif iS 

and lak experience 
bot gif 5e list my lawtie pruif 

XL.] 56 

and try my permanence 
my constant hairt sail neuer remuif 
from ^our obedience 20 

haue pitie I ^ow pray. 

J grant thair is na gift in me 

^our fauour to procuire 

J knaw '^our greit excellencie 

all hairtis dais alluire 35 

zit since I am be destanie 

becum ^our seruituire 

haue pitie I ^ow pray. 

For quhat in me can not be found 

throw lak &■' Indigence 30 

that same in '^ow dois moir abound 

With richlie opulence 

let ^ourfulnes my faultis refound 

&• faillis recompence 

haue pitie I '^ow pray. 35 

So nature hes ordanit wyijlie 
that in all kynde of thing 
perfyite the vnperfyte supplie 



56 b f'^^- 

and to perfectioun bring 

sua maistres may 32 doe with me 4° 

gif it be with ^our lyking 

have pitie I you pray. 

3our gud behaving to rehers 

J can not thocht I wald 

Zfiur graces greit to put in Vers 45 

/ dar not be so bauld 

for my Ingyine can no way pers 

so far a thousand fauld 

Haue pitie I ^ow pray. 

Jt semis to me quhen 3^ appeir 50 

amang y" madinnis all 
3e ar lyik phcebus in his spheir 
amid ye starnis small 
Quha with his glistering bemis cleir 
thair brichtnes causisfall SS 

haue pitie I '^ow pray, 

Jt semis to me quhen ^e refort 
amang thir ladyis schein 
3c haue the countenance 6^ port 





0/ diana the quein 60 

Quhen with the nymphes scho dois sport 
amang the leiffis grein 

haue pitie I '^ow pray. 

^t semis to me quhair 32 repair 
amang thir ladyis quhyte 65 

3e ar as in ane gairdeinfair 
ane lillie of delyte 
Ane roife maist plesand &= preclair 
ane lanetflour perfyite 

have pitie I ^ow pray. 70 

JRra 3e appeir anis in my sicht 
all other forme dois f aid 
J think '^ow lyik the golde so bricht 
&> all the rest bot leid 

thay ar bot darknes of the nicht 75 

6^ 3e the morning reid 

haue pitie &'c. 

JZowr goldin hair lyik phcebus schein 
quhair euer '^e go dois glance 
zour gudlie face '^our colour clein 80 

30Mr cumlie countenance 


S7 b [XL. 

Zour plesand twincling cristall ein 
dots cast me in ane trance 

Have pitie I "^ow pray. 

3our smyland seimlie mouth is stieit 85 

lyik ro/is redolent 
with vermeil lippis of balme repleit 
'^our tonge most eloquent 
'^our teith lyik yuore baine poleit 
or perle of orient 90 

Have pitie I '^ow pray. 

Quhat toUge can tell ^our bewteis all 

6r properteis preclair 

^our bodye brent "^bur middill small 

'^our fingeris quhyte dr' fair 95 

one thing I wait in erthe thair sail 

none be found '^our compair 

Have pitie d^c. 

Now sen zour giftis ar so greit 

that 3e can haue no peir 100 

Bewar Je steinzie thame not quyt 

with crueltie seueir 

do not into my duill delyt 

that comptis '^ow so deir. 

haue pitie dr'c. 105 





To knaw the bewteis in '^ow bein 

can not ane rude Ingyine 

Ane lurdane spreit can not attein 

to zour graces divyne 

bewar thairfoir ladye schein no 

cast not ^our perle to suyne 

haue pitie I '^ow pray. 

Seistow ^our giftis then I pray 

on sic as can thame/ie 

or at the list on sic as may 115 

esteme thame worthelie 

So sail I houpe that '^it sum day 

^our reuthe sail rew on me 

haue pitie I "^ow pray. 

JVot willing longer '}ow molest 120 

/ bid ^ow hairt A diew 
God gif'^ow grace to cheis the best 
sen monye ^ow persew 
one thing I wait amang the rest 
X.e sail me find most trew 125 

Quhill lyife doe in me byide. 


S« b [XLI. 

Sen 5« so far haue per/it my thocht 
quhidder 3^ me accept or nocht 

my myinde sail neuerjlyide. 

OWratched waird / fals fein5it fortoun 
O heiche vnhappie / O cruell deftanie 
O clein miftemperit conftellatioun 
O evill afpect In my nativitie 

waird fifteris quhat ellis 30W at me 5 
That all dois work this contrar my Intent 
Quhilk is the caus that I murne and lament. 

All thing dois qiiyte proceid aganis my will 
Bayth hevin and erthe ar contrair me coKiiirit 

1 luif the gud and cumment am with ill 10 
With wicked bait I daylie am allurit 

To cheis my lyif I can not be affurit 
Now till ane thing now till ane other bent 
Quhat mervell is thocht I murne and lame«t. 

My hairt dois love the trew religioun 15 

and pe trew god wald trewlie fterue but dout 

Bot atheifme and fuperftitioun 

hes fo me now enuironit about 

That fcantlie can I find <\uhaix to get out 

Betuixt gir twa I am fo daylie rent 20 

Quhat m^n^ell is thocht I murne & lament. 





Vnder my god I wald obey my prince 

Bot ciuill weir dois fo troubill that caife 

That fcairf lie wait I quhome to reuere«ce 

Quhat till eschew or quhat for till embrace 25 

Our nobillis now fa fikill ar alace 

This day thay fay ge morne thay will repent 

Quhat merveW is thocht I miirne & lament. 

Faine wald I leif in concord and in peace 

Without diuifioun rancour or debait 30 

Bot now alace In euerie land and place 

The fyire of haitred kindlit is fo hait 

That cheritie doeth ring in none eftait 

Thocht all concur to hurt ge Innocent 

Quhat mervell is thocht I miirne and lamewt. 35 

I hait thraldome 3it man I binge and bek 

and louk and nod fum patroun for to pleis 

I luif fridome 3it man I be fubiect 

I am compellit to flatter with my fais 

I me torment fum other for till eift 40 

Quha of my travell fcantlie is content 

Quhat mervell is thocht I murne and lament. 

I luif nathing bot poure fimplicitie 

and to diffembill man my tounge affyile 

The plaine hie path is maift plefand to me 45 

3it fumtyme man I arme me with a wyile 

Or doe I not men fall me fone begyile 



59 b [XLi. 

firft me defave fyne lauch quhen I am fchent 
Quhat mervell is thocht I murne and lament. 

I luif larges and Hberalitie 5° 

5it povertie to fpend dois mak me fpair 

I hait avarice and prodigalitie 

To git fum geir git man I haue fum cair 

In vanitie fyne man I it outwair 

Wone be ane wratch and into waiftrie fpent 55 

Quhat mervell is thocht I murne and lament. 

I luif the vertew honeft Chaftitie 

To Bawdifche bourdes git man I oft gif eir 

To fatiffie ane flefchlie companie 

Lyik ruffian I man me fumtyme beir 60 

In venus fcuill I man fum leffoun leir 

Gif I wald comptit be courtes and gent 

Quhat mervell is thocht I murne & lamewt. 

I Luif delyite and wrappit am in wo 

I luif plefoar and plungit am in paine 65 

I lift to reft git man I ryid and go 

and quhen I lift to flie I man remaine 

With warldlie cair a gentill hairt is f laine 

I feill the fmart and dar not mak my plent 

Quhat mervell is thocht I murne and lament. 70 

I hait flatterie and into wordes plaine 
and vwaffectit langage I delyit 

5it mon I 

xu.] 60 

5it man I leir to flatter gloife and faine 

Quhodder I lift to fpeik or 5it to wryte 

Or ellis men fall not count me worth a myite 75 

I falbe raknit rude or negligent 

Quhat mervell is thocht I murne and lament. 

Scorning I hait 5it man I fmyll and fmirke 

Quhen I the mokkis of other men behauld 

5ea oftymes man I lauche fuppose I yrke 80 

Quhen bitterlie thair tauntingis thay haue tauld 

And fumtyme als quhidder I nil or wald 

ane fcorne for fcorne to gif I man tak tent 

Quhat mervell is thocht I murne and lament. 

I luif modeft fober Ciuilitie 85 

mixt with gentill courtes haimlines 

Bot ather man I vfe fcurrilitie 

or ellis fie ftrainge and vncouth frewmidnes 

That I wait not how to mak mirrines 

Nor be quhat mein with men me to acquent 90 

Quhat mervell is thocht I murne and lament. 

With Temperance I wald vfe meit and drink 

and hes all furfet banket in difpyit 

And 3it at feift and banket man I wink 

And with thame hant qukair I haue no delyit 95 

I vfe ge euill and hes not all the wyit 

Thocht bodye bow 3it dois the hairt diffent 

Quhat merveW is thocht I murne and lame/zt. 


60 b [XLI. 

All Coiftlie claythis I compt not worth ane prein 

Quhilk dois bot fofter pryide and vanitie 100 

3it dar I hot in cow^moun place be fein 

les I be clothit fumquhat gorgeouflie 

And be I not then men fall talk of me 

And call me ather wratche or Indigent 

Quhat mervell is thocht I murne and lamewt. 105 

With hairt and mynd I liiif humilitie 

and pauchtie pryide richt fair I doe deteft 

Bot with pe heiche 3it man I heichlie be 

Or with that fort I fall not fit in reft 

This warld hes maid the proverb manifeft ;io 

Quha is ane fcheip ge wolf will fone him hent 

Quhat mervell is thocht I murne and lame«t. 

With patience I wald richt faine oarcum 

and other mewnis Infirmiteis Indiiire 

Bot then am I countit ane betie bum uS 

And all men thinkis a play me to Iniure 

My fufferance to vyice dois thame alluire 

The mair I thoill the mair I me torment 

Quhat m^nrell is thocht I murne and lament. 

I love Silence and Taciturnitie 120 

and in few woordes wald my purpois tell 

5it fumtyme man I wordes multiplie 

and mak my toung to ring as dois ane bell 

With wilfuU folk I man bayt^ cry and 3ell 

or 3eild to thame and quyte pe argument 125 

Quhat me^-vell is &c. 

XLi.] 6, 

And haittis all fchaimles gloriofitie 
and me delyt in modeft fchamfaftnes 
Bit fall I not be countit worthe ane flie 
Without I fpeik of all mater be ges 130 

gloir and brag out and tak ane face of breft 
na thing mifknaw vnder ge firmament 
Quhat m^rvell is thocht I murne & lament. 

To chairge to afk to put ane man to paine 

I wald be courtes gentill and difcreit 135 

Bot quhill I on ane ganand tyme remaine 

I am ay ft^ruit at the latter meit 

And fum other is placit in my fait 

That thocht nocht fchame for to be Impudent 

Quhat m^nrill is thocht I murne and lament. 140 

I luif the vertew callit gratitude 

and lyik for lyik I 3airne to jeild againe 

Bit can I not refaue bot ill for gud 

and thay in quhais dainger I remaine 

I can not quyte albeit I wald richt faine 145 

I want all micht na power is me lent 

Quhat tnervell is thocht I murne and lament. 

I luif luftice and wald that euerie man 

Had pat quMk richtlie dois to him pertene 

Bit all my kin / allya or my clan 150 

In richt and wrang alwayis I man manteine 

I man applaud quhen pai p«2> materis mein 

Thocht confcience doe not gazVto confent 

Quhat mervell is thocht I murne and lamewt. 


6i b [XLI. 

Sua thocht I luif pe richt and not the wrang 155 

Bit gif ane freindis caus fall cuiii in hand 

It to affift I man bayth ryide and gang 

and as ane fcoller leir to vnderftand 

That it is not repute vyice in this land 

for wrange to rander wrange equiualent 160 

Quhat m^rvell is thocht I murne and lament. 

Of trew freindis faine wald I haue fum ftoir 

With thame the leig of amitie to bind 

Bot thocht I feik amang ane hundreth fcoir 

ane faithfull freind now fcantlie fall I find 165 

That is not licht lyik weddercok in wind 

It is thocht vyice now to be permanent 

quhat mervell is thocht I murne and lament. 

In poetrie I pleis to pas the tyme 

Quhen cairfull thochtis with forrow fail5eis me 170 

Bot gif I mell with meter or with ryme 

With rafcall rymouris 1 fall reknit be 

Thay fall me als burding with monye lie 

In chairging me with pat qukzlk neuer I ment 

Quhat mervell is thocht I murne & lament. 175 

I wald travell and ydilnes I hait 

gif I could find fum gud vocatioun 

Bot all for nocht in vaine lang may I wait 

Or I get honeft occupatioun 

Letteris ar lichtleit in our natioun 180 



for lerning now is nather lyif nor rent 
Quhat tnervell is thocht I murne and lament. 

And fchortlie now at ane worde to conclude 

I think this warld fa wrappit in mifcheif 

That gud is ill and ill compted is gud 1S5 

All thing I fie dois hot augment my greif 

I feill the woe and can not fie releif 

The lordis plaige throwout pe warld is went 

Quhat m^rvell is thocht I murne and lament. 

finis qp Arbuthnet. 

IVeligioun now is reknit as ane fabill 
and feir of god is comptit foolifchnes 
Thair is no man to leif now ludgit abill 
Bot cairles cativis full of curfednes 
Ane wicked lyif is ludgit welthines 
So vyce vertew and vertew is thocht vyce 
O leving god this chainge is wonder nyce. 

Remorft for fyne is thocht bot foolifch feir 

And flefchlie loving ludgit libertie 

God is for3et for gredines of geir 

All houpe of hevin is hauldin vanitie 

And hellis paine is comptit poetrie 

Swa vyce vertew and vertew is thocht vyce 

O leving lord this chainge is wonder nyce. 



62 b [XLII, 

Vaine Voluptie is thocht welth and weilfair 15 

and fekill ritches thocht felicitie 

Gud exerceis is thocht torment and cair 

And honeft labour comptit miferie 

And beft eftait ay ydill for to be 

Sua vyice vertew and vertew is thocht vyice 20 

O leving god this chainge is wounder nyice. 

Self luif is thocht a vertew fouerane 

and privat proffeit prudent policie 

for cowmoun weill travell labour of paine 

is comptit bot ane folifch fantafie 25 

flatterie prevaillis treuth makis Inimitie 

Sua vyce vertew and vertew is thocht vyce 

O leving lord this chainge is wonder nyce, 

Treuth is ludgit bairnlie fimplicitie 

and doubilnes of wofdome hes ge name 30 

Meiknes is thocht Pufillanimitie 

And vtterance is to for3et all fchame 

And merines is all men to defame 

Sua vyice vertew and ve^'tew is thocht vyce 

O leving lord this chainge is wonder nyce. 35 

Craft and diffait is callit quick Ingyne 

And fals femblance is callit courtefie 

He that can beft his nyc^tbour vndermyne 

Is hauldin fchairpe weill workand & wittie 

And blak falfet is namit futteltie. 40 




Sua vyice vertew and vertevf is thocht vyice 
O leving lord this chainge is wounder nyce. 

Ferfnes and yre is callit kein courage 

and patience is countit cowardnes 

Vaine braggis and boift is reknit vaffalege 45 

and wode folic is hauldin hardines 

Bot modeftie is termit fimpilnes 

Swa vyce vertew and vertew is thocht vyce 

O leving lord this chainge is wonder nyce. 

Filthie lucre is countit honeft fchift 50 

and oppreffioun is thocht bot princes play 

Maiftreift and reif is gyding and gud thrift 

fraud In luftice is thocht craftie delay 

ane thing to think ane other ay to fay 

Is countit now for vertew and na vyce 55 

O leving lord gis chainge is wonder nyce. 

Knawledge of god is curiof itie 

and wofdome ftandis in prophanitie 

Grave countenance is gloriofitie 

Diffolute lyfe is thocht humanitie 60 

Gud fellowfchip ftandis in vanitie 

Sua vyce vertew / and vertew is thocht vyce 

O leving lord gis chainge is wonder nyce. 

Now filthie fpeich is thocht purpofe moft meit 
and hourdome hauldin is ane prettie fport 65 

pudicitie is countit lak of fpreit 



63 b [XLII. 

And ruffianis now gettis beft report 

All grave purpofe is trift and but confort 

Swa vyce vertew and vertew is thocht vyce 

O laving lord gis chainge is woundi??- nyce. 70 

W^aifting is coiintit liberalitie 

and gredines is thocht ane gudlie gaine 

Honeft fpending is prodigalitie 

ay greteft coift vpon thingis vaine 

And that is focht quhairoi ge flefche is faine 75 

Sua vyice vertew and vertew is thocht vyce 

O leving lord this chainge is wonder nyce. 

Pryde now is coiintit magnanimitie ^ 

and lawlines is comptit baft courage 

Trew moniffing dois mak Inimitie 80 

And fein5it favo2<r takkis vp ge wage 

Trew preiching makis pe wicked mair to raige 

The mair the[y] heir ge mair thay rin in vyce 

O leving lord this chainge is wonder nyce. 

Quhen I behauld ge warld thus rin areird 85 

and feis how vyce dois all vertew fuppreft 

Then I accufe my fortoun and my weird 

Throuch paffioun and flefchlie febilnes 

Bot quhen I luik ge deipis bothumles 

Of goddis fecreit then I clein recant 90 

And cry for mercy and my crymes grant. 



For I fould not my deftanie defpyte 

as ethnik authouris full of Ignorance 

Nor gif my weird and my wanhap the wyite 

nor of my birth warie the Influence 95 

I ken richt weill nothing cu;«mis be chance 

for fortoun is nocht bot ane fabill vaine 

Inuentit be philofophoarw prophaine. 

Bot euerie thing that in this warld dois fall 

Dois cum be goddis michtie providence 100 

And be that fpreit fuperceleftiall 

Be his divine and fupreme fapience 

Thocht it exceid our dull Intelligence 

of euerie thing ge reffoun till Invent 

5it of our part we aucht to ftand content. 105 

And thocht pe warld be holie fet on ill 

3it aucht we not to grudge nor to repyne 

Bot on the lord depend and on his will 

Repof ing ws on his power devyne 

Quha is his awin he will thame neuer tyne no 

Bot caus all thing to thame work for ge beft 

on this promeift we fould repofe and reft. 

For erdlie loy then fould we not attend 

Erd is no place of our felicitie 

Welth in this warld is not our finall end 115 

nor troubill heir is not our miferie 

Our trew rewaird nsL'ger ge ein can fie 

nor eiris heir nor to the hairt is knawin 

Quhilk our lord god prepairis for his awin. 



63 * b [XLIl. 

In warld the prince of darknes hes Impyire 120 

and gud men thoillis tribulatioun 

Bot fie tryall lyik ane chainging fyire 

Then to prepair to thair faluatioun 

To walkin thame in thair vocatioun 

and monifche thame thair miffis to amend 125 

and to remember on the latter end. 

For Trowbill heir dois teftifie our fin 

and dois convict ws of IniqQitie 

Trowbill dois fchaw the ftait p«t we ar in 

and dois declair our Imbecillitie 130 

of goddis wraithe it is ane teftimonie 

Aganis fin and crymes execrabill 

Sua to ws troubill is richt proffitabill. 

Our confcience it movis to remoird 

Quhen we thairof doe taift ge bitteriies 135 

It makis ws to cleiff vnto ge lord 

quhen we behauld our folifche febilnes 

Throuch it we halt the warldis wretchidneS 

quhen we fie nothing heir that ftandls ftabill 

Sua to ws troubill is richt proffitabill. V 140 

It garris ws luik vnto the latter end 

quhen we fie not in erd ws to alliiire 

It caufis ws on Providence depend 

with patience it drawis till Induire 

of hevinlie Toy o«r houp it makis fiiire 145 

It dois conforme ws vnto Chrift our heid 

And leirnis ws to mufe vpon the deid. 



XLII.] 6^ 

And monye other thoafand proffeittis mo 

dois ay proceid of perfecutioun 

for lak of tyme quhilk I now let ourgo 150 

Bot this I gadder in conclufioun 

Thocht all this warld rin in confufioun 

3it godlie men fould not be drawin bak 

Bot of pe prefent Paine ane Proffeit niak. 

Ceil^ then my Saull and trowbill me no moir 155 

And let allaine all paynfull penfeifnes 

and rander to thy hevinlie maker gloir 

of paine and plefoar comfort & diftres 

Content thy felf with fimpill fobernes 

and traift into the leving lord alaine 160 

And for this warldlie troubill mak na maine. 

For but all paine ane plef^our heir perfyit 

Into this warld be no wicht may be found 

Bot dulfull dolour and plefand delyit 

Ilkane with other be the top is bound 165 

And our foirfatheris Adamis deidlie wound 

In erd hes privat ws of perfyte loy 

Quhy fould we then at troubill ws annoy. 


Thocht god haue not in erthe appointit ge 

To bruik worfchip and hono«<r with the laif 170 

3it he will and hes ordanit that thow be 

ane quhome his fone the lord lefus fall faif 

Quhat gretar gift I pray ge can thow craif 



64 b [XLIII. 

With him he fall the na gud thing refuift 

Defift thairfoir thy fortoun till accuft. 175 

Defift and ceift thy felf for to torment 

for troubill or for paine terreftriall 

of thy eftait ftand quyet and content 

Sen erthlie plefo«r is bot beftiall 

Bot lippin for the lyife celeftiall 180 

Repofe thy fpreit vpon thys hevinlie loy 

Vnto the quhilk the lord mot ws co«voy. 

M. A. Arbuthnot. 

\ganis Sclanderous Toungis. 


Gif Biffie branit bodyis 30W bakbyit 
And of fum wicked wittis 3e ar Invyit 
Quha wald deprave yaux doingis for dispyit 
dispyis thair divelifche deming and defyit 
for fra that tyme and treuth thair tallies haue tryit 
The fuithe fall fchaw it felf out to ga«> fchame 
And be thair fpeiche thair fpyit falbe efpyit 
And haue na fayth nor force aganis 3o«r fame. 

XLin.] 65 

Misknaw thair craft and kyithe not as je kend it 

Thair doingis will thair deillingis fone detect 10 

for gif 3e freit find fault or be offendit 

Thair fawis to be fuithe fum will fufpect 

Bot gif thair leyis 5e lichtlie & neglect 

and lat thame lie and lak 30W as thay lift 

fra tyme thay find thair fabillis faill effect 15 

Thay will deny thair deilling and defift. 

As furious fluiddis with greter force ay flowis 

and ftarker ftewin, quhen ftoppit ar the ftreamis 

and gorgit wateris euer greater growis 

and forcet fyris with greater gleidis out glemis 20 

And ay mair bricht and birning is the bemis 

of phoebus face that fafteft ar reflexit 

Sa gud renoun quhilk railleris raige repremis 

Advancis moir the moir Invyaris vexit. 

The moir thay fpeik the foner ar thay fpyit 25 

The moir thay lie 30 ur lak wilbe the les 

The moir thay talk the treuth is foner tryit 

The moir plainlie thair poyfoun thay expres 

The les thay caus thair credit to Incres 

The moir thay wirk, the les ^air work avancis 30 

The moir thay preis '^our prayfes to oppres 

The greter of 3our glorie is the glancis. 



65 b [XLIII. 

Doe quhat 50 dow detractoan'j ay will deme 30W 

Quhais craft is to caliimpniat but caus 

Bakbyteris ay be brutis will blafpheme 50W 35 

Althocht ge contrar all the countrie knawis 

And wald je waird 30W vp betwene twa wais 

3it fo 3e fall not from thair fayingis faue 30W 

Bot gif thay fie 5e fuff ie of thair fais 

Blafone thay will how euer pe behaif 30W. 40 

Gif 3e be fecreit fad and foliter 

Pairtlie thay fpeik that privelie 3e play 

and gif in publict places 3e repair 

5e feik to fie / and to be fane thay fay 

War 3e a fanct, thay fould fufpect 30W ay 45 

Be 3e humaine our hiamble thay will hald 30W 

gif je be ftrainge thay efteme 30W ouv ftay 

And trowis it is 5e or ell is fum hes it tauld 30 w. 

Gif 3e be blyithe ^our lichtnes thay will lak 

Gif 3e be grave 3our gravitie is geked 50 

Gif 3e lyik miifick mirth or mirrie mak 

Thay fweir 50 feill ane ftring & bownis to brek it 

Gif 3e be feik fum flichtis ar fufpectit 

And all 3our fairris callit fecreit fun3eis 

Dayis thay difpyte and be 56 daylie dekit 55 

Perfaue thay fay the papingo that priiin3eis. 


XLiii.] 66 

Gif 56 be wyift and weill in vertew verfit 

Cu«ning thay call vncflmlie for 5o«r kynd 

And fayis It is bot flichtis je haue fcherfit 

To cloik the craft quAairto 30 are inclynd 60 

Gif 3e be meik jit thay miftak goar mynd 

And fweiris je ar far fchrewdar nor je feme 

Swa doe joar beft thus fall je be defynd 

and all jour deidis fall detracto«rw deme. 

3it thay will leif thair leing at the laft 65 

fra thay advert Invy will not availl 

Bakbyteris brutis bydis bot ane blaft 

Thay iiourts fone but farder fruit thay faill 

Rek not therfoir how rafcall raveris raill 

for neuer jit wes vertew without Invy 70 

Swa promptlie fall jour patience prevaill 

Quhen thay perhap fie deming fall deny. 

finis — - — 

^ne A dmonitioun to 

my lord of Mar 



66 b [XLiv. 

IVl aift loyall lord ay for thy lawtie lovit 

Now be not lakit for deloyaltie 

Thocht to the princes place thow be promovit 

Be not abuf it be auctoritie 

Bot fchaw thy treuth and thyne Integritie 5 

Sen we fo far our felfis hes fubmittit 

And king and countrie lawis and libertie 

vnto thy ciiire and credit haue cowmittit. 

Thy hous hes ay bene truftie and Inteir 

Defamed not with fraud or fikilnes 10 

Bot fchaw thy felf bayth faige fchairpe and finceir 

Indewed with vertew wit and worthines / 

Ingyne / ludgmewt / luftice / and gentilnes 

Craft / conduct / cair / and knawledge to cowzmand 

Heroik hairt / honour / and hardines 15 

Or in this ftprme thay ftait will neuer ftand. 

We have the chofin to the cheifeft chairge 

our toffit galay to gouerne and gdyde 

Bewar with bobbis fcho is ane brukill bairge 

and may not bitter blaftis weill abyide 20 

Thow may hir tyne in turning of ane tyde 

Caft weill thy cours thow hes ane kittill ciiire 

of perellis pance / and for fum port provyide 

and ancho«r fiker quhair thow may be fiiire. 

All boreas bitter blaftis ar not blawin 25 

I feir fum bold / and bobbis be behind 

Be tyide and 



XLIV.] 67 

Be tyide and tempeft thow may be overthrawin 
And monye fairlie fortounis thow may find 
As channellis craiggis / beddis and bankis blind 
Lekis / and wanlukis qukatrhy thow may be loift 30 
Bewar therfoir with wedder waw or wind 
With vncouth courfes and vnknawin coft. 

Thow may put all into apperand perrell 

gif Englifch forces in this realme repair 

Sic ar not meit for to decyide our querrell 35 

Thocht farland foullis feme to haue fedderis fair 

Cflm thay acquent thay will creip Inner mair 

And wilbe noyfum nichthouns and enorme 

and fchortlie will fit to our fyidis as fair 

as now the rebellis quhome thay fould reforme. 40 

That freindfchip is ay faithfuUeft a far 

and langeft will Induire with littill daill 

I feir be vfe and tyme it work to war 

fra thay aganis our partie anis prevaill 

Quha wait bot fen our felfis thay will affaill 45 

auld fais ar feindill faithfull freindis found 

firft help the half and fyne o2<rharle pe haill 

Wilbe ane wofuU weilfair to our wound. 

Be thair exempill learne experience 

ane forrane matche or maifter to admit 50 

Reid quhen the Saxonis gat preeminence 



67 b [XLIV. 

Howfone thay focht as foveranis for to fit 

Reid how thay forcit the britonis folkis to flit 

and 3it poffeidis that peopillis prop^/lie 

Be war we may be walterit or we wit 55 

And lyikwyift loift our land and libertie. 

Ane thowfand fie examples I could fchaw 

and monye nobill natioun I may name 

Quho loift at lenth thair libertie and law 

and fufiferit hes baith forrow fcayth and fchame 60 

that for to help thair hairmes and hurt at hame 

fetchit forraine forces into thair fupport 

Quha fiiil3eit thair fredome force and fame 

and thame fubdewit in the famyw fort. 

Fleand charibde be war in fcill to fall 65 

and fo efchew Cifiill diffentioun 

That our eftait to ftraingeris be not thrall 

The canker of out auld contentioun 

Will keip no covene nor conventioun 

And gif thow gif thame credit to correct ws 70 

Be craftie wayis will and Inventioun 

and fubteill flichtis thay will feik to fubiec ws 

Scotland come neuer 5it in fervitiide 

Sen fergus firft bot euer hes bene frie 

And hes bene alwayis briiiked be a bliiid . 75 

and king of kingis difcendit grie by grie 

Gif that it be in boundage brocht be the 


XLiv.] 68 

Then waried war thy weirdis & wanhap 

Thairfoir thir forraine fais fa foirfie 

That catched we be not with thy eiftclap. So 

Mark and mint at thy honour laud and pray ft 

The vertew worfchip word and vaffalledge 

of fie as hes done douchtellie in theis dayis 

To keip this realme from thraldome and boundage 

Mark als the vyilde vituper and the waige 85 

of vntreuth treffoun and of tyrawnie 

and how fone hono«r hes ane heritage 

and lyffis loft for thair deloyaltie 

So for thy factis thow be fuire to find 

The lyik rewaird of vertew or of vyce go 

Be not thairfoir fyild as ane bellie blind 

Nor let thy felf be led vpon the yce 

Nor to content thy marrowis covatice 

Put not thy felf in perrell for to peres 

Nor beir the blame (\uhaix otheris takis ge pryce 95 

nor beit the bus quhair og«ns eatis ge bereis. 

The trone of tryall and theatre trew 

is for to regne and reuU aboue ge reft 

Quho hes ge wogue him all the warld dois vew 

and magiftrat the man dois manifeft 100 

Sua fen thow hes the princes place poffeft 

luik to be prayfit as thow playis thy pairt 

And as thow luiffis fo luiffed be and left 

and alwayis delt with efter thy defert. 




68 b [XLV. 

vjif it be trew that ftoreis doe rehers 

that forrow fouppis finceritie of fens 

gif it be fuithe that poetis put in vers 

that langour makis dull Intelligens 

of the wryter gif fuire be the fentens 5 

that troublit hairt makis a rurell ryme 

thocht this my wryt be void of eloquens 

Accufe not me bot wyite pe wicked tyme. 

The fimpill wit and fchairpnes of Ingyne 

Quhilk quhylome wes now quyte is taine away lo 

The ftering fpreit quAilk poetis call devyne 

Into my febill breift I find decay 

I nather courage haue to fing or fay 

quhen I behauld this warldis wickednes 

and quhen I find I a.m fo far thame fray 15 

quha wes my onlie confort and glaidnes. 

My fais fall and freindis gud fucces 

fumtyme my pen wes beffie till endyite 

of nobill men the valiant prowes 

fumtyme my courage 3airnit for to wryte 20 

The laud hono«r and the prayfes greit 

of thame fumtyme I wiffed till advance 

quhom now of neid my hairt hes in difpyte 

and quhome I wyit of this vnhappie chance. 

Then maiftres luik na mair for onye friiitt 25 

Or onye worke to cum of my Ingyne 
for now I nather cair for fame nor bruit 



XLVI.] 69 

I haue fa tint that I na mair can tyne 

Gaine is my hdik and cuttit is my lyne 

Amang thir poetis I will fifche na mair 30 

No man regairdis renoun in rowyne 

In miferie I fuffie not for gloir. 

My hairt fainteth my fingerls failleth me 

To wryte or dyte of mirrines to mein 

finding me far fra that gud cumpanie 35 

fa willinglie qukair I fumtyme haue bein 

And knawing the forrow that I than fuftein 

be feinjeit falfet and vnthankfulnes 

The moir I think the moir my woundis grein 

My breift in baill boudnes with bitternes. 40 

HI. ARbUthnoi. 

Ane Confolatore Ballad to Sir 
Ruhart Maitland of 

Lethingtoun knicht. 

1 obie moft trew in monye troubillis tryit 

And lob moft luft in goddis ludmewtis reioyift 
Of prudence perle now in ^our paine applyit 
Doe quhat 3e dow all dolour to depoift 
Nane can efchew nor have thair chance as choift 
Thairfoir be glaid and gif all gloir to god 



69 b [XL VI. 

Quhais bontie neuer dois abandoun thofe 
that reftis on him reiofing in his rod. 

3our greif is greit I graunt in fa greit aage 

Thus to be maid a martyre but a mift 10 

With loft alace fo lairge of linage 

and childrein wyfe a«d verteous at 5o«r wis 

Befyide aboundance of all erdlie blis 

Bot Weill 3e wait all warldlie welthe is vaine 

Then thank 3our god and tak na thocht of this 15 

goddis giftis thay wer glaidlie gif thame againe. 

^our wit with vertew in 3our woe declair 

Let no mifhap nor miferie 50W move 

nor be not drawin be doloar to difpair 

bot patientlie prayft god that dois 50W prove 20 

Think It not baill bot blifting from above 

and finge maift fuir that 3e ar not forfakin 

for ay fie lote is linked with his love 

quhairoi tak this jour tryell for a takin. 

Por quha with Chrift cravis to cowmunicat 25 

the cairfuU croce man carie as thair heid 

be paine his paffioun and participat 

Suffer ennuy neceffitie and neid 

duill and difdaine / diftres dolour and dreid 

and patientlie pas our this pilgramage 30 

be paine to perfyte plefour to proceid 

In hevin our hairbour / hame and heritage. 



XLVI.] 70 

For as the maft mifforme of mudie mold 

be quelling dois fair qualiteis acquyire 

and grethed in gleid growis glorious gleting gold 35 

Sa in afflixioun as ane furneis fyire 

We ar prepared be prove to the Impyire 

quhair god fie fchreudis fall from his fanctis diffever 

that hevin hes heir and hence none other hyire 

In warldlie welth wrapit in woe for euer. 40 

Quhair as the chofin be correctioun 

as in the fyire are fraimed to his feir 

Bot euer with fo fatherlie affectioun 

That in thair paine his pitie dois appeir 

And blift ar thay dois fa thair burding heir 45 

That faintis not bot faithfull ftill ar found 

And patientlie in pruif dois perfeueir 

for ay the rod dois to thair reft redound. 

To mak his micht and mercie manifeft 

god his peculiar proper peopill previt 50 

Bot ay thair trowbillis turnit to the beft 

that conftantlie vntill his cunnand cleved 

Evin fo ar now the godlie greitlie greved 

and lothfum is the lot of the elect 

Bot thay at lenth with loy falbe relevit 55 

that patientlie his plefour dois expect. 

The croce of Chrift and elk his cair contempill 

our aduocat and moft affured ayd 

propone that perfyte patroun for exempill 

for to withftand all woe that can Invaid. 60 



70 b [XLVl, 

Gif him all gloir and in 5o«r greif be glaid 
Sen 3e haue lerned ge ar the lordis elect 
Sa fuir feilled vp fen him felf hes faid 
Quhome that I luif Be croce I doe correct. 

I neid no auld exempill to receit 65 

as tobie / lephe / lob / lacob or famfon 

3our felf may be a patroun mair perfyte 

of patience and perles paragon 

A thowfand tymes 3e thame excell ilkone 

In frowning fortoun nane I find fo fit 70 

as perfyte patroun to 30W to propone 

as 3e 3our felf gif 3e will vfe 3our wit. 

3e ar fo wittie verteous and wyift 

I dar not preis to preitche 30W patience 

With 3our awin wit bot wift 30W to advyift 75 

and to continew clein in confcience 

let prudence prattick and experience 

3our Weill and woe advyifedlie revolue 

So thocht 3e feme a feffoun in fufpence 

3our reffoun ryipe will richtlie 30W refolue. 80 

Wo workis to weill be vyice alternatiue 

and tein and troubill baith ar tranfitorie 

Quhen fyt and forrow femis fuperlatiue 

Sagis fould feme leift fuffious and forie 

The greter greif the greter is the glorie 85 

Quhen is maiftred with magnanimit mynd 

let vertew then and wit haue victorie 

according to the courage of 3o«r kynd. 



XLVI.] yi 

Quhilk wes ay wittie vail3eant and wyift 

Magnanime manfull and of mirrie mQid go 

Of prudence baith and prowes had the pryift 

of modeftie meiknes and manfuetud 

Greit is the gloir of 3our grandfatheris gud 

That ftoutlie ftuid in monye ftalwart ftour 

Bauld and but blot or blemifche is jour bluid 95 

and ay hes bene in hono«r to this hour. 

Sic deftanie and derf devoring deid 

oft hes 5our houft in hazaird put of auld 

Bot yyuY foirbearis fraward fortounis feid 

and bitter blaftis ay buir -whh breiftis bauld 100 

Luit wanwerdis work and waiter as thay wauld 

Thair hardie hairtis hawtie and heroic 

for fortounis feid or force wald neuer fauld 

Bot ftormis withftuid with ftomak ftout and ftoic. 

Renowned Richard of jour raice recoird 105 

Quhais prayift and prowes can not be expreft 

Mair luftie linage neuer had a lord 

for he begat the bauldeft bairnis and beft 

Maift manfull men, and madinis maift modeft 

That euer wes fen Priamis tyme of troy no 

Bot piteouflie thay peirles perils a peft 

Bereft him all bot burdalane a boy. 

Him felf wes aged, his hous hang be a hair 
Doull and diftres almoft to deid him drew 



71 b [XLVI. 

3it burdalaine his onlie fone and air 115 

as worthie wyfe and vail3eant as the lave 

His hous vpheld quhilk 36 with honour have 

So nature then the lyik enuy and name 

In kyndlie cair dois kyndlie courage crave 

To follow him in fortoun and in fame. 120 

Richard he was / Richard 50 ar alfo 
and Maitland als and Magnanime ar 3e 
In als greit age / als wrappit ar in Wo 
Sevin fonnis 3e had micht contravaill his thrie 
Bot Burdalane 36 haue behind as he 125 

, The lord his linnage fo enlairge and lyne 
as monye hundreth nepotis grie be grie 
Sen Richard wes as hundreth 3eiris ar hyne. 

3o«r cairfull caice to his is fo conforme 

Greit caus 3e haue lyik confort to confave 130 

eftemethis fturt as ane vnftabiU ftorme 

Will god quha him fie grace and glaidnea gave 

fie hap and honour efter harme to have 

Vphauld his hous fo mony hundreth 3eiris 

Let 3our gray hairis but greif go to the grave 135 

With better hairt mair bitternes that beiris. 

Na na confide his clemence will not quyte 

fie fobernes with fie feueritie 

Bot fend 30W fchortlie fecours in ^out fyte 

Peace perfyte plefour and profperitie. 140 



XI.VI.] 72 

and propagat fo 3our pofteritie 
from fone to fone as he did farais feid 
Seik him and ferue him with finceritie 
He will deny 50W nathing in 3o«r neid. 

3our hous is build on him as he hes biddin ijs 

for not availlis warldlie welthis or wit 

Gif fie had fh^rdit forfuith it had not fliddin 

god is the ground be him it man grow greit 

Not be 5our brain bot be his benefeit 

fo now I houp his help and halie hand 150 

fall found and fix it fafter on ane fit 

nor quhen It femed be ftranger ftouppis to ftand. 

lob wes deiected and ludgit lang vniuft 

Puire with reproche he did his paine deploir 

Be miferie almoft moved to miftruft 155 

Sa greitlie god him greifed to his gloir 

Syne reft renoun and ritches did reftoir 

and for his fonnis ^at fuddanlie wer flaine 

by doubling of all blis he had befoir 

encreffed his feid with fonis fevin againe. 160 

And quhen Tobias for his fone tuik thocht 
Baith blind and boun almoft to beg his breid 
He fend him f icht and faif his fone hame brocht 
and with aboundance blift him to the deid 
and luit him fie his fonis fonis feid 165 


72 b [xLvr. 

Sa to his awin his ayd is alwayis ane 
He will confort 30W conftantlie confeid 
Bring 30W from baill and blis ^our burdalane. 

3our hous of auld oft had no hair but ane 

3ea worne away oftymis the warld it wenit 170 

Quhen it was waik and without vther waine 

oftymis his micht and mercie did maintein it 

and laitlie onlie on the lord it lenit 

Was demed dodn and to the duft deiectit 

quha fend jour felf to faue it and fuftenit 175 

and in renoun and ritches to erectit. 

And gif 5e mark his merceis moniefauld 

forfuith fenfyne he hes not bene a fleip 

bot did 5our baill moft bonteouflie behauld 

3our onlie fone quha femed a flauchter fcheip 180 

With als greit cair he did conftarue and keip 

as Noe Lothe or fufan monye wayis 

and in fie ftormis as may gar ftraingms fteip 

Suftenis jour felf and gevis 30W monye dayis. 

Think not fie pitie is but providence 185 

or he hes wrocht fa wonderouflie in vaine 

Or that his micht and mercie maift Immens 

In thair diftres his darlingis will difdaine 

no pitie is a perfyte prefage plaine 

he will joar hous in honour jit vphauld 190 


XLVn.] 73 

A monument of mercie to remaine 

from hence furth ay as it hes bene of auld. 

Thairfoir reioyift in him and tak 3our reft 

as 3e wald wifche 3o«r wo away fall wend 

Be mirrie for his mercie manifeft 195 

Promptlie a p^rfyte plefoar dois portend 

And he 3our hous 3our felf and fone will fend 

mair folace fchortlie nor je can confave 

Helthe loy in hairt hono«r and in the end 

5our gray heid fall with glaidnes go to grave. 200 


TT'p hairt thow art the pairt 
' of man most Souuerane 
let seruile memberis /mart 
6r» bound alaine remaine 
for gif thow doe not staine 
thy treuth and honestie 
how can thow be in paine 
no suirlie thow art frie. 

The boundage of the hairt 
with schame is for to serue 
ia' from his honest pairt 


73 b [XLVII. 

Gr vertew for to suerue 

gif thow doe not de/erue 

that blot ofinfamie 

thocht captive fiefche do stenie 15 

'}it suirlie thow art frie. 

Thocht fortoun fraud or force 

detein the in sufpence 

gif thow haue no remorce 

in tnynd nor con/cience 20 

&' hes done none offence 

thocht in captiuitie 

thow suffer Violence 

lit suirlie thow art frie. 

Bot gif thow micht be taxit 25 

or falset with the found 

the corps micht be relaxit 

bot schame sould the confound 

dr' gif the suche a wound 

sould lest perpetuallie 30 

&• mak the/claue so bound 

that thow couldest neuer be frie. 

XLVII.] 74 

JBot sen it is not Jo 

reioyis fs' tak the rest 

thocht fortoun be thy fo 35 

hir frowning sail not lest 

bot cummis for the best 

thy treuth to testifie 

So thocht thow be opprest 

zit suirlie thow art frie, 40 

Then hairt heild not ane hair 

nor in thy prisoun ply 

thy Vertew now declair 

6f fortounis feid defy 

for tyme thy treuth sail try 45 

and gif the Victorie 

of fortoun (Sf* Invy 

•St* thow for euer be frie, 



74 b [xLViii. 

ly eclair 32 hankis of helicon 

perna/sus hillis &• daillis ilkon 
6^ fontaine Caballein 
Gif onye of Zfluv mufes all 
or nymphes may be peregall 5 

Vnto my ladye schein 
Or of the ladyis that did lave 
thair bodyis by '^our brim 
So seimlie war or sa suave 
so bewtifull or trim 10 


tak be Mr proper port 

gif onye 

so bonye 15 

amang '^ow did refort. 

IV no forsuith wes neuer none 
that with this perfyte paragon 
Jn beawtie micht compair 
The mufes wald haue gevin the grie 

to hir as 


'y-yptv my ladve scfjern 

tfrair foiG^ fy -^nir frim 
'So itMnftt 'Worthy smyuAyt 
fo ^cwhWCor tri'vi ■ v' 

Contemptir , ; ; , 

vxcmpift ': '-T- :"■•'■'■■■■ 
tali fc hnyn^trjort '" 

pfonyt '■ 

So Soyryt ' \ 

, ^ J Jn fcfl-Wht ntidf^c comtntr 

CT^ w^s ■wafeffmut^m tht rftt 

to hnr <^3 

Maitland Quarto MS., fol. 74b. To face p. 152- 

xLvm.] 75 

to Mr as to the Aper/e 

&• peirles perle preclair 

thinking with admiratioun 

hir persone so perfyite 

nature in hir creatioun 25 

to forme hir tuik delyite 

Confes then 

expres then 
^our nymphes 6^ all thair trace 

for bewtie 30 

of dewtie 
Sould zeild dr" give hir place. 

lelles quha did sa decoir 
Dame venus face &' breist befoir 
With colouris exquefeit 35 

that nane micht be compared thairtill 
nor zit na painter had yejkill 
the bodye to compleit 
War he this lyvelie goddes grace 
dr* bewtie to behauld 4° 

he wald confes his craft &' face 
Surpast a thou/and fauld 

not abill 

in tabill 


75 b [xLvni. 

With colouris competent 45 

so quiklie 

or liklie 
a forme to repre/ent. 

Or had my ladie bene alyve 
Quhen the thrie godde/sis did stryve s° 

&^ Paris wes maid ludge 
fals helene Menelaus maik 
• had neuer cau/ed kingpriamus wraik 
Jn troy nor had refudge 

for ather/cho the pryi/s had wane $5 

as Weill of womanheid 
or ellis with Paris Priams/one 
had gone in Helenis steid 


&" demed 6o 

of colour twyis so cleir 

far suetar 

df metar' 
to have bein Paris feir. 

As phcebus trefs hir hair &• breeis 6$ 

With angell hew &" cristall eeis 



XLVIII.] ^6 

&" toung most eloquent 

Hir teithe as perle in curall set 

hit lippis 6^ cheikis pumice fret 

as rofe maist redolent 70 

With yvoire nek 6f pomellis round 

<Sf* comlie Intervall 

hir lillie lyire so soft &" sound 

and proper memberis all 

bayth brichter 75 

<5^' tichter 
then marbre poleist clein 


&" quhyter 
then Venus luiffis quein. 80 

Hir angell Voice in melodie 

dois pas the hevinlie harmonic 

and Sirens songe most sueit 

for to behauld hir countenance 

hir gudlie grace 6f governance 85 

Jt is a loy compleit 

Sa Wittie Verteous &" wyis 

&" prudent but conipair 

Without all Wickednes 6f Vyce 



76 b [XLVIII. 

Maist douce &" debonair 90 

In Vesture 

&" gesture 
maist seimlie 6^ modest 

With wourdis 

&" bourdis 95 

to solace the opprest. 

JVa thing thair is in Mr at all 

that is not Supernaturall 

maist proper &• perfyte 

So fre/che so fragrant &- so fair 100 

as Dees &' Dame Bewteis air 

&" dochter of delyte 

With qualeteis &• forme devine 

be nature so decoird 

A s goddes of all feminine 105 

of men to be adoird 

Sa bli/sed 

that wifsed 
Scho is in all mennis thocht 

as rarest no 

that euer nature Wrocht. 


XLvin.] 77 

Hiv luikis as titan radiant 

wald pers ane hairt of adamant 

&" it to love alluire 115 

Mr birning heawtie dois einbrayis 

my breist dr' all my mynd amayis 

(5f bodye haill combuire 

J haue na/chift hot to resing 

all power in hir handis 120 

6^ willinglie my hairt to bring 

to bind it in hir bandis 

To langwi/s 

Jn angwifs 
soir woundit &" opprest 125 

forleit it 

or treit it 
as scho sail think it best. 

J houp sa peirles pulchritud 

Will not be Voyide of Man/uetud 130 

nor cruellie be bent 

Sa lady e for thy courtejie 

havepitie of my mi/erie 

cr lat me not be/chent 

Quhat prayis haue z.e to be/eueir 135 


77 b [XLVIII. 

or cruellie to kill 

'^our Wofull woundit prisoneir 

all zouldin in ^our will 

ay preifsing 

but cei/sing 140 

Maist humlie for to serue 

then pruif me 

6^ luif me 
as deidis sail deserue. 

And gif ze find di/sait in me 145 

or ony quent consait in me 

zour bontie till abu/e 

My dowbill deling be difdaine 

acquyt 6^ pay me hame againe 

&' fiatlie me refuife 150 

Bot sen I mein Sinceritie 

&> trew luif from my hairt 

to quyite me W* austeritie 

forsuith War not zour pairt 

Or trap me 155 

or Wrap me 


xLvin.] 78 

maist Wrangfullie in Wo 


&' wraiking 
Zour seruand as zour fo. 160 

lace let not trew amitie 

be quyite With so greit crueltie 

nor seruice be di/daine 

Bot rather hairt be reuthfull 

Gf Ze sail find me treuthfull 165 

constant secreit & plaine 

Jn sorrow lat me not consome 

nor langer dolour drie 

bot suddanlie pronuce the dome 

gif I sail leif or die 170 

that having 

my craving 
mirthfull I may remaine 

or speid sone 

the deid sone 175 

& put me out of paine. 



78 b [XLIX. 

s phcebus in his fpheris hicht 
precellis the kaip Crepufculein 
And phoebe all the ftarris licht 
5o«r fplendo«r fo madame I wein 
Dois onlie pas all feminine 
In fapience fuperlative 
Indewit with vertewis fa devine 
as leirned pallas rediviue. 

And as be hid vertew vnknawin 

The adamant drawis yron ^airtill 10 

3our courtes nature fo hes drawin 

My hairt '^ouns to continew ftill 

Sa greit loy dois my fpreit fulfill 

contempling 3our perfectioun 

3e weild me holie at ^our will 15 

and ravift my affectioun. 

■^our perles Vertew dois provoike 
and loving kyndnes fo dois move 
My Mynd to freindfchip reciproc 
That treuth fall try fa far above 
The auntient heroicis love 
as falbe thocht prodigious 
and plaine experience fall prove 
Mair holie and religious. 






In amitie perithous 

To thefeus wes not fo traift 

Nor Till Achilles patroclus 

nor pilades to trew oreft 

Nor Jit achates liiif fo left 

to gad JEnee nor fie freindfchip 30 

Dauid to Jonathan profeft 

nor Titus trew to kynd lofip. 

Nor 3it Penelope I wift 

fo luiffed vliffes in hir dayis 

Nor Ruth the kynd moabitift 35 

Nohemie as the fcripture fayis 

nor portia quhais worthie prayift 

In romaine hiftoreis we reid 

Quha did devoir the fyrie brayift 

To follow brutus to the deid. 40 

Wald michtie loue grant me the hap 

With 30W to haue joar brutus pairt 

and metamorphofing our fchap 

My fex in till his vaill convert 

No brutus then fould caus ws fmart 45 

as we doe now vnhappie wemen 

Then fould we bayt^ with loyfull hairt 

honour and blift pe band of hymen. 


79 b [XLix. 

3ea certainlie we fould efface 

Pollux and caftoris memorie 50 

and gif that thay defteruit place 

amang the ftarris for loyaltie 

Then our mair perfyte amitie 

mair worthie recompence fould merit 

In hevin eternall deitie 55 

ama«g the goddis till Inherit. 

And as we ar thocht till o«r wo 

nature and fortoun doe co«iure 

and hymen alfo be our fo 

3it luif of vertew dois procuire 60 

freindfchip and amitie fa fuire 

with fa greit feruewcie and force 

Sa conftantlie quMlk fall Induire 

That not bot deid fall ws divorce. 

And thocht aduerf itie ws vex 65 

5it be our freindfchip falbe fein 
Thair is mair conftancie in our fex 
Then euer ama^g men has bein 
no troubill / torment / greif / or tein 
nor erthlie thing fall ws diffeuer 70 

Sic conftancie fall ws mantein 
In perfyte amitie for euer. 



L.] 80 

Lord god how lang will this law left 
be quMik fum trew men ar oppreft 
of houfft and landis difpoffeft 

Without ane caus 

fum fair ar dreft 5 

Sum fair moleft 

be new found lawis. 

For lak of luftice fum gettis wrang 

and fum be tr&touns tyrannis ftrang 

fum in the feff ioun lyis our lang 10 

and hulie fpeidis 

Sair is the fang 

poure folkis amawg 

that luftice neidis. 

Be mein of court fum gettis land 15 

Thinking that conqueis ay fall ftand 
Thocht Courtis ay hes bene chaingeand 

as dois the mone 

That fum hafand 

ane work in hand 20 

and leif it fone. 

Think 36 that ar fa proud oppreffouris 
Thocht 3e in court haue Interceffouris 


Sob [L. 

That god will thoiU fa greit tranfgreffouris 

Vnpunifchit be 25 

fra goddis digreffourts 
and wrang poffeffo^rw 
Repent fall je. 

In haift I counfell 30W thairfoir 

all gottin wrangouflie reftoir 30 

or 5e fall not ciim to the gloir 

of hevinis Impyire 

Bot euer moir 

tormentit foir 

In hellis fyire. 35 

Lord punifche thame that ay pretend it 
for to doe wrang or it defendit 
In haift lat thame be apprehendit 

and thoill the law 

or gar thame mendit 40 

quhome thay offendit 

In deid or faw. 

And 5e that hes the law to leid 
Without favour freindfchip or feid 
ay forder luftice to proceid 45 


30«r proces 



3our proces fpeid 
help thame hes neid 
quhat euer thay be. 
S. R. M. 

^air is the recent milrmo^^r and regrait 

Amang the leigis riffin of the lait 

Throw all the countrie bayth of riche & puire 

Pienand vpon the lordis of the fait 

That thair lang proces may na man Induire. s 

The Baroiinis fayis that thay haue far mair fpendit 

Vpon the law or thair mater wes endit 

Nor It wes worth thairfoir richt fair thay rew 

To found ane plie that euer thay pretend it 

Bot left it to thair airis to perfew. lo 

The puire folk fayis that thay for fait of fpending 

man leif the law it is fa lang in ending 

Lang proces thame to povertie hes brocht 

for of thair fcayth be law can get na mending 

That thay ar faine to grie for thing of nocht. 15 

Sum gevis the Wyit that gazr is on the feffioun 

fum not fa cu??ning nor of fa gud difcretioun 

as thay befoir Into that rowme hes bein 

Quhilk doing luftice keipit thair profeffioun 

of quhome thair wes na caus for to complein. 20 


8i b [LI, 

Now 3e that ar not of this fait content 

Pas to the prince to him 3o«r caus lament 

And him exhort and pray effectiouflie 

That in that fait he wald na man prefent 

In tyme to cum bot thay that ar worthie. 25 

Gud cu«ning men that ar wyifi and difcreit 
Practiciens gud and for pat fenat meit 
Men of gud confcience honeftie and fame 
That can with wit and treuth all matms treit 
And hes be prudence purchaft ane gud name. 30 

And fyne gar call the coUedge of luftice 

all thair dependeris and vgeris that ar wyift 

and trye ge caus of law the langfu»«nes 

and gar thame fone fum gud ordo^r devyift 

To furder luftice and fchortin ge lang proces. 35 

Bot gif gis mater vnmewdit be oarfein 

The leigis can na greter fckayt^ fuftein 

for na man fall be fuir of land or geir 

The trew and poure falbe oppreffed clein 

and this coUedge fall not lang perfeueir. 40 

And gif this fait of tena.tourzs gang doun 

The fpflnk of luftice in this regioun 

I wait not how this real me fall rewlit be 

Better It wer gud reformatioun 

nor let it perifche fo Imprudentlie — 45 



"•] 82 

for gif this fait of luftice fall not ftand 

Then euerie wicked man at his awin hand 

fall him revenge as he fall think it beft 

Ilk bangeifter and limmer of this land 

with frie brydill fall doe quhat pleis thame beft. 50 

Our fouuerane lord to this mater haue ee 

for it p^rtenis to thy maieftie 

This colledge to vphauld or lat it doun 

bot will thow it vphauld as it fould be 

It will the helpe for to maintein thy croun. 55 

Caus ilk day fo faist dois multiplie 

That with this fait can not over takin be 

Bot wald thy hienes ^gairoi eik ge nummer 

of fenatoar/j men cuwning and godlie 

Wald monie matter end that makis cuwmer. 60 

Sir at thy gift is monye Abeceift 

Perfonagis Proveftreis and prebendareis 

now fen doun is the auld religioun 

To eik fum lordis gif fum benefeis 

and fum to help the auld fundatioun. 65 

Becaus the lordis hes our litill feis 

bot of vncertaine cafualiteis 

of quktlk thay neuer get payment compleit 

and now fie derth is riffin all men feyis 

That coift ane pound befoir now coiftis thrie. 70 


8z b Lii. 

Sir thow may gar vnhurt thy propertie 

the fait of luftice weill advancit be 

Quhilk being done thair fall daylie Incres 

Into this land gud peace and policie 

and thow be brocht to honour and riches. 75 

O leving lord fupport this cruell fait 
and give thame grace to gang the nareft gait 
luftice to doe with expeditioun 
And bring all thing againe in gud eftait 
following the firft gud inftitutioun 80 

S. R. M. 

1 his warld fo fals is and vnftabill 

of gredines vnfatiabill 
In all eftaitis fie doubilnes 
To find trew freindis few ar abill 
for keipit is na auld kyndnes 

Thocht 5e doe plefoar to greit men 
Thairfoir thay will 50W fcantlie ken 
gif 5e haue ocht with thame to dres 
3e ar not abill to get ben 
for kepit is na auld kyndnes 

Thocht 3e haue fervit monye ane ^eir 
ane lord on ^our awin coft and geir 


Lii.] 83 

and 3e be fallin in diftres 

3ow to releif he wilbe fueir 

and coflnt nathing ^out auld kyndnes. 15 

Thocht 3e have ladyis ft^ruit lang 
and previt ^our pith has thame amang 
and 3e of venus game decres 
out of g«2> court then man 36 gang 
not regairding 3o«r auld kyndnes. 


Sum to gazV nycAthoun's hes bene kynd 

that now gaiVof hes neuer mynd 

bot notit with newfangilnes 

of Ingraitnes it hes ane ftryind 

that can not keip na auld kyndnes. 25 

Sum to cowmuniteis hes done 

that Ingraitlie for3eit it fone 

fua full thay ar of fikilnes 

changing as oft as dois the mone 

and cuiris not for auld kyndnes. 30 

Sum did for thame in court and feffioun 

that now falflie without difcretioun 

In tyme of troubill and buf ines 

melled with thair land geir and poffeffioun 

That fchew to thame fa greit kyndnes. 35 

Thair is that fum men did refet 
w/tA meit and clay this hes him bet 


83 b [mi. 

That efter in court gat entres 

and wald not ken him quhen thay met 

of quhom he gat fa greit kyndnes. 40 

Thocht 5e with courteo2<m hes bein 

acquewtit lang be onye mein 

and 5e thame chairge with bufines 

ar abill to mifknaw 30W clein 

and will forget auld kyndnes. 45 

Sen in this warld in na degrie 
is kyndnes nor fidelitie 
Lat ws pray god of his gudnes 
To bring ws to pe hevinis fo hie 
Quhairin thair is perfyte kyndnes. 50 

S. R. M. 

Dreid god & luif him faythfullie 
have fayth in chryist ay constantlie 
& with thy ny*bour cheritie 
for grace on god ay call 
obey Sf Jerue "^our prince trewlie 
keip iustice peace &■ Vnitie 
fra all sort offeditioun flie 
&• doe refsoun to all riSSSJ/" 


LIII.] 84 

hait pryide Invy & lecherie 

all yre sueirnes & gluttonie lo 

avarice & Idolatrie 

all trea/oun & dehaittis 

love vertew richt & honestie 

Jn cheritabill deidis exerced be 

all lesume promeis help lustlie 15 

to all maner of staittis. 

ICeip 'iow fra pi'odigalttie 

opprefsioun wrung & crueltie 
& fra all Vyce &■ Vanitie 
&• ground ^ow vpon treuth 20 

hant gud &• honest cumpanie 
v/e wyse counsale &• gravitie 
do all "^our thingis difcreitlie 
and of the puire haue reuth. 

S. r. m. 



maitlaNd quarto MS. 

84 b [LIV. 

Ground the ay on gudnes 
Rewll the with richteou/nes 
Jn tyme doe thy bujines 
& cheis ay the best 

preis the not to oppres 5 

help ay thefatherles 
have na pryide nor proudnes 
this warld will not lest. 

Jn troubill tak patience 
keip clein thy con/cience 10 

to god doe reuerence 
be to thy prince trew 
keip ay weill thy credence 
tyne nocht throw negligence 
proceid ay with prudence 15 

ydilnes efchew. 

Exceid not thy degrie 

doe all thingis iustlie 

haue god befoir thy e 

quhair euer thow gang 20 

guyde thy self honestlie 

hant in gud companie 

of the puire haue pitie 

& doe nane wrang. 


LV.] 8s 

^t experience leir a; 

foUfch speking forbeir 
with me/our spend thy geir 
na gud turne delay 
Vse na ryatous cheir 

doe thy nichtbour na deir 30 

goddis worde glaidlie heir 
& syne it obey. 

S. R. M. 

Sum of the poetis and makeris that ar now 
of greit difpyite and malice ar fa fow 
Sa that all lefingis that can be Inventit 
Thay put in writ and garris thame be prentit 
To gar the peopill euill opinioun tak 5 

of thame quhome of that thay ^air balladis mak 
With fclanderous wordes thay doe all thing thay can 
for to defame monye gud honeft man 
In fetting furth "gair buikis and pazV rymis 
accufand fum of Improbabill crymis 10 

And thocht that fum ^azr libellis dois allow 
3it few that will thair awin workes avow 
And thocht that thay bakbyteris and blafphemeris 
now at this tyme hes monye "gair mantenaris 
The day will cum that thay fall forthink it 15 

that gai haue put fie lefingis into writ. 


85 1> [LV. 

To fteill ane mawnts fame Is greter fin 
nor onye geir that is this warld within 
Therfoir repent 5e railleris and reftoir 
- To thame ^gazr fame quhom 3e fclanderit befoir 20 
To that effect joar word apply and deidis 
euill brflite to tak out of the peopillis heidis 
Cry toung I leid throw all this natioun 
mak buikis and rymes of recantatioun 
Sic alteratioun may cum in this land 25 

may gar ane tak ane other be the hand 
And fay think on 3e maid of me ane ballat 
for 50Mr rewaird now I fall brek jowr pallat 
men fould be war quhat thing thay faid or did 
for it may cum to licht lang hes bene hid 30 

Therfoir na man mak ballatis nor Indyte 
of detractatioun ill/clander nor difpyte 
put not in writ that god or man may greif 
all vertew luif and all vycis repreif 
or mak fum mirrie toy to gud purpoift 35 

That may the herar or reader bayt^ reioyft 
or fum fruitfull or gud moralitie 
or plefand thingis may ftand with cheritie 
difpyitfuU poetis fould not tholit be 
In coMmoun weillis or gud companie 4° 

That fort ar ay to faw feditioun 
and put gud men Into fufpitioun. 

S. R. M. 



LVI., LVII.] 86 

Of god the mijknawlege 

of sin the greit Vsage 

na punijhment for Vyce 

the wanting of lustice 

Jnvy & gredines S 

debait &■ Vnkyndnes 

oppre/sioun of the puire 

of commoun Weill na cuire 

pryide & weir intestine 

Bringis realmis to mine. lo 

S. r. m. 

Gif thow desyire thy hous tang stand 
& thy succefsioun bruik thy land 
Above all thing love god andfeir 
Jntromet not with wrangous geir 
nor conqueis na thing Wrangouflie 
With thy nichtbour keip cheritie 
Obey dewlie thy magistrat 
exceid in na thing thyne estait 
Oppres not bat support the puire 
to helpe the commoun Weill tak cuire 
V/e na di/sait nor mell with treasoun 
&" to all men doe richt &• reasoun. 


86 b [Lvm. 

Baith into word & deid be trew 

all kynde of Wickednes e/chew 

flay na man nor thairto consent 15 

be not cruell hot patient 

ally a ay in sum gud place 

With noble honest godlie race 

hait hurdome & all Vycis flie 

be humbill hamt gud companie 20 

help thy freindis & doe na Wrang 

& god sail gar thy hous lest lang. 

R. M. 

My lordis all fen abftinence is taine 
In the meintyme that co,ncord may be dreft 
now tyne na tyme as ge haue done bygaine 
fince 5e may haue conferring as ge lift 
Doe 5our power this realme to put to reft 5 

Let neuer weir againe ama«g 50W ryis 
Then all the warld will '^oux proceding pryis. 

Thair will na bodye be aganis this peace 
bot gif it be of men of weir the bandis 
Quhilk fra all kynd of fcafrie can not ceift 10 

and thay that bruikis otheris me«nis landis 
fra wrangous geir that can not keip "gair handis. 



LVIU.] 87 

This fort of men wald haue na quyetnes 
for feir thay want fumthing that thay poffes. 

Bot at that fort 3e fould na counfaU tak 15 

that hes na feir of god nor confcience 

To vfe all thing Impediment may mak 

To 3our concord and 3e gif thame credence 

How thay proceid pa^V is experience 

for it is faid that fum man fair may rew 20 

That in this land fa monye capitaines grew. 

For onye plefoar of thir gredie men 

this co»«moun weill put not in leopardie 

at 3oar conventioun gar the countrie ken 

that 3e travell to mak tranquillitie 25 

And that 56 ar content for till aggrie 

all fail3eis paft to be for5et for euer 

I trow 3e ken bot few that faultit neuer. 

Greit is the fcayth that cummis of this weir 

of flauchter heirfchip oppreffioun and mifcheif 30 

It is pitie the co»«mounis for to]_heir 

How thay ar dreft with thift and opin reif 

Syne feis nane apperance of releif 

Thir cruell crymis thay feir vnpunifchit be 

fa lang as leftis this Inanimitie. 35 

5it of all weir peace is the finell end 
Thairfoir aggrie my lordis or it be|war 

VOL. I. 177 


87 b [lix, 

Thair is na thing bot peace that may this mend 

and that je wald this co;«moun weill, prefer 

To all caufis that ar particular 40 

and for na privat proffeit that may be 

ftop not to mak ane perfyte vnitie. 

The Quhilk to doe I pray the leving lord 
To gif 30W grace in fie aboundance now 
That neuer mair be diftance nor difcord 45 

and fie luftice be done this kinrik throw 
The quhilk may gar the rafche bus keip the kow 
and euerie man bruik his awin land and geir 
all trew leigis to leif withouttin weir. 
S. R. M. 

Our fouuerane lord into thy tender aage 

lerne to ft^rue god him luif aboue all thing 
Thy counfell cheis of gud men luft and fage 
That ar expert maift abill and conding 
To geve ane faithfull coilnfell to ane king 
how he fould rewll his realme in peace and reft 
Vertew to luif and all vycis doun thring 
Thame to releif that lang hes bene oppreft. 

Syne be thy counfell gar it be provydit 
how thow fall leif to thy royall eftait 
and how thy nobill perfoun falbe gydit 
In tyme to cum and quha fall on the wait 
To be thy gairde and ferue the air and lait 


LIX.] 88 

and quhat barrounis fall in thy court remaine 
Thair tyme about it to decoir all gait 15 

of thy affaires to tak fum thocht and paine. 

Thy propertie and cafualiteis 

That thay be put to thy vtilitie 

Will hauld thy hous and pay thy ficruandis feis 

and find all thing that neidfull is to the 20 

gif thow will vfe na prodigalitie 

and vainlie waift the rentis of thy croun 

now in thy 3outh experience haue we 

Thy leving haill brocht to confufioun. 

^A^es neuer king nor prince in this countrie 25 

To leif vpon that had fa greit ane rent 

To thy proffeit gif it weill guydit be 

and not in vaine confumit and mifpent 

Thairfoir be reffoun thow fould be content 

To leif on it that to thy croun pe^enis 30 

That on thy leigis taxatioun nor ftent 

be neuer raf it be vnlauchfuU menis. 

S/r at thy barrounis thrie thingis requyre 

quhilk be reffoun can not denyit be 

first to brek luftice that nane the defyire 35 

The fecound is that thow may vfe trewlie 

Thy awin leving that it may be frelie 

Put to fie proffeittis as gudlie it may be 

Thridlie that thay the help and fortifie 

luftice to doe at all tymes nicht and day. 40 


88 b [Lix. 

Sir give na eiris to vaine flatteraris 

Quha at the lenth will bot the plaine defave 

na credence give to coOTmoun clatteraris 

nor in thy court na bakbyteris refave 

That will of thame at quhome thay malice have 45 

To thy hienes monye loud lefing mak 

and gar thy grace ane hatred confave 

aganis trew men fra ge to hauld abak. 

Micht fclaunderit men of the get audience 

or wer prefent quhen evill taillis wer tauld 50 

Thay fould fa weill defend "gazr Innocence 

Thair honeftie fa luftifie thay wald 

gar thame think fchame to lie that wes fo bauld 

and caus thy grace fo ken ge veritie 

That thow fould for honeft men thame hauld 55 

and tratling toungis had our lang leif to lie. 

O Royall roy thy realme ay rewU be richt 
and be wyfe counfell guyde thy maieftitie 
about thy perfoun haue bayt^ day and nicht 
godlie gud men of fame and honeftie 60 

and doe na thing In thy minoritie 
Be perfuaf ioun of euill tallies not trew 
That quhen thow comis to maioritie 
Experience will geve the caus to rew. 

3oung nobill king and thy counfell I pray 65 

this cowmoun weill keip in tranquillitie 
Sua fet it furth it may Incres ilk day 
To thy leigis doe luftice equallie. 



VX.] 89 

Without refpect to perfone or pairtie 
In this land na tdil3ie be nor fturt 70 

And in fum caice thy grace to fchaw mercie 
and fpecialHe qukatr na pairtie is hurt 

I pray to god the gyder of all thing 

our fouuerane fave fra dolowr and decay 

and give him grace to be the nobleft king 75 

that in this regioQn rang this monye day 

That he may tak our lang dolo«r away 

In his nonage that we have done fuftein 

falfet and wrang be now baneift for ay 

That gud luftice ama«g ws may be fein. 80 

finis qp S. Richard Maitland 
of Lethingtoun knyt^t. 

<^ fs> 


89 b [LX. 

Ane Exclamatioun maid in England 

Vpon the delyuerance of the Erie of 

Northumberland furth of 

lochlevin quho Immediatlie 

thairefter wes execute 

In '^orke. c^ss^ 

Quho lift to mark the Scottifch gyfe 
orknaw the cuftomes of thair kyndis 
Sail Weill perfave thair craftie wyfe 
and fals diffaitfull doubill myndis 
for quhair as thay gud will profes 5 

The treuthe apperis thay mein no les. 

Gif travell be occaf ioun try 

of forraine landis the Inclinatioun 

Be prfiif richt weill I doe efpy 

The Scottifch tred and nauchtie faff ioun 

To be fo bad that from the reft 

Thair lyfis and gilydingis ar deteft. 

Thair faffioun I abhor in deid 

thair cowuerfatiounis is defylit 

fair fpeich prevailHs thame felfis to fpeid 15 

quho to thame truftis ar clein begylit 

for thay richt fimplie will declair 

of quhome the luft aucht to be war. 






■'■ '^'-'"Ar^zrii'rr- 


H ^'t^^ 


V'^ y-Cv^ ^' ^^/T^^ ^ ^^ y>,y.V ;' 




^^-'r"^ — TW — :-V ^ ' i-V" - 1 

''ST " ' • ly" ' !; ' 1 • ■ . 


To face p. 182. 



The fairer fpeich the falfer hairtis 
The faireft bandis the foneft brokin 20 

The greater lordis the falfer partis 
gif gis worde may againe be fpokin 
for lordis and lairdis ar nather luft 
nor 5it the cowmounis to be truft. 

In falfet thay excell in kynd 25 

In wordes thay maift of all exceid 

In treafoun none lyik doe I find 

In treuth thay neuer obferue ge creid 

for fay and promeis quhat thay can 

thair wordes and deidis will neuer pan. 30 

Gif ludas pairt wes treffonabill 

or pylatis Iudgme«tis comptit bad 

Quhy fould I think thame reffonabill 

for honeft truft thay neuer had 

experience be thame felfis appeiris 35 

of thair greit treffoun in few 3eiris. 

And now of lait the greteft wrang 

that euer nobill man poffeft 

ane baneift lord wes thame amang 

quho fled for fair to be oppreft 40 

Northumberland hecht pis Lord to name 

fumtyme of honour and greit fame. 

Quho for releif in tyme of wo 
Did helples wander in thair land 


90 b [LX. 

as baneift wichtis wer wont to go 45 

till efter grace thay better fand 
Murray Mortoun and Ruthvenis caice 
for f lauchter in thair princis place. 

With thowfandis mo of lordis and lodnis 

of that vngratious natioun bred 50 

quho fand releif in all o«r toiinis 

as cuftome and gud faffioun led 

Thocht vnder colour thay pretendit 

5it baneift wichtis wer ay defendit. 

Gif trefpas be fo greit ane fin 55 

as difobedience dois deferue 

gif no refudge ane man may win 

the penitent for helpe may fterue 

In Scotland had not bene fie tuiU 

gif gis had bene ge cowmoun reull. 60 

Fy on the Scotland and thy feid 

aboue all realmis woe the befall 

Thy lordis hes done fo fchamfuU a deid 

that trattouns ay men will 30W call 

5ow ar fo gredie on Englifch gold 65 

that all ^our credit now is fould. 

And gif that you had bene in mynd 

the adncient leig as trewis requyrit 

nocht heirtofoir 30W fall on find 

that to thair deith hes bene delyuerit 7° 



LX.] gl 

muche moir ane nobill baneift lord 
quhy fould 36 fell him to the cord. 

This cryme of 'court's is fo manifeft 

aboue all fubtill treafounis greit 

The gold 36 gat for fuche ane gaift 75 

will neuer by 3oMr childring meit 

It will decay and 3it 3our fame 

co«tinew fall with cruell blame. 

Gif france had bene of 3o«r accord 

or flaunderis gevin thame felfis to gaihe 80 

Thair is remaning 3it one lord 

That had poffeft this wofuU paine 

Bot 3it thefe lordis fall honowr haue 

quhen 36 with fchame fall go to graue. 

And thocht I wryte aganis 3oar act 85 

5it am I glaid we have the man 

God may be gude and 3it 3our fact 

3our childeris childrein may it ban 

God is gratious quhen we repent 

and our Qflene m^rcifull in Judgment. 90 


The An/weir to the Englifch 
Ballad. «nSSSi/" 



3ow that doe wryte aganis the Scottis 

thair actioun for to deprave 

Thame taxing with fo fchamfuli blottis 

fould haue alledgit reffounis gravp 

I 30W advyife call in 3our fcroll 5 

3ow wait not quho will it control!. 

Thocht fum have playit ludas pairt 

In felling gud northumberland 

Quhy fould the hoill for thair defert 

that faine wald haue that fact withftand 10 

or 5it the countrey beir the blame 

Let thame that fauld him haue the fchame. 

Mar and the divelifche douglaffis 

and namelie mortoun and lochlevin 

Mackgill and orknay fcottifch affis 15 

and cleifch quhomto ge gold wes gevin 

Dumfermling that the py prepaird 

and lowfe lindfay quho wes his gaird. 

Thefe onlie wer the ludaffis 

thefe onlie gave thairto advyife 20 

And onlie thefe twa douglaffis 

participatit of his pryce 

So lat his bluid be on thair heidis 

on thair pofteritie and feidis. 


txi.] 92 

3our Quene had prflif that mortounis race 25 

To covatice wes hoill Inclynde 

and fo to profecute this caice 

addreft hir onlie to that kynd 

and not to all hot mortoun rather 

be money that corrupt his father. 30 

Quho tuik king Hareis money fo 

our cardinall to keip in hauld 

and fyne for money liiit him go 

and for fyve hundreth croiinis him fauld 

of kynd fo mortoun hes it then 35 

To chope and chainge and to fell men. 

3ow fould not preis difeftimatioun 

To fuche as thairin no lak had 

Thocht thair be alfo of our natioun 

as of all otheris gud and bad 40 

jit blame not all for one or two 

that meinis no treuth to freind nor fo. 

Sen france producit ane ganjelon 

and England monye tratoarzj bred 

Quhat fairlie then thocht we haue on 45 

5it it is not ane Scottifche tred 

for Scotland ay of auld and new 

To baneift wichtis wes euer trew. 



92 b [LXI. 

Henrie the fext wes heir exylde 

for quhome we micht haue had greit gaine 50 

As for his Quene and onlye chyild 

Bit wer thay nather fauld nor flaine 

3our ftoreis fchawis wer thay pervfit 

greit ftoir hot nane that wes euill vfit. 

This Lordis wyfe focht to Lord home 55 

as leonard dakeris and monye mo 

Quhome all the gold in Chriftindome 

wald not have movit to fell thame fo 

5e knaw quhat hairme he hes fufteind 

for that he trewlie thame mainteind. 60 

The erle of fuff ix can recoird 

quhen he defyrit thame of his hand 

the generous anft^r of that lord 

that he maid -to his fchairpe demand 

faid he wald rather give his held 65 

or he fould doe fo vyild ane deid 

For deid wald left hot for ane feffoun 

and pas fone with celeritie 

the vyile and filthie blot of treffoun 

wald ftaine his haill pofteritie 70 

Wer it to doe he wald reffaue thame 

and he. nor nane fould neuer have thame 



So treffoun is no Scottifche gyfe 

To terme it fo 3e haue no ground 

Sen heir afflictit wichtis alwyfe 75 

has euer ayd and favour found 

Althocht fum trato«rw be ama«g ws 

In blaming all forfuith 30 wrang ws. 

3e fould not all the realme detract 

nor Impute falfet to our kynd 80 

fen monye with that filthie fact 

ar foir offendit in thair mynd 

and to avenge it wald be glaid 

Will 5e concur 36 fall have ayd. 

'^our Quene abhorris thame in hir hairt 85 

miflyking far thair filthie naturis 

and wald be glaid to fie thame fmart 

Lyking ge treafoun bot not ge tratouns 

fcho knawis thay did it not for love 

It was hir gold that did thame move. 90 

Wald 3e doe for 3o»r countrie man 

as for our hono^^r/j caus we wald 

We fall avenge it on that clan 

30ur fraind that to the fcambillis fauld 

So pruif and deid fall teftifie 95 

3our kyndnes and our honeftie. 



93 b [LXII. 

Ane Schort Inveccyde maid aganis the 

delyuerance of the erle of Northuberland. 

Quhat faithfull hairt dois not for forrow burft 
To heir thair realme blafonit and blafphemit 
And of all other countreis comptit as accurft 
difcreditit, difdainit, and difeftimit 
And men gazVof as doubill tratouris demit 5 

and taxit with fo monye fchamfull blot 
fo poyntit out and from all faithfull flemit 
faying avoyde the fals diffaitfull Scot. 

Avoide thay bid thay fals and filthie trato^rw 

fo generallie we ar of ftraingeris ftylit 10 

and repute of fa fals mifchevous naturis 

as na man may beleif ws vnbegylit 

God wait how we ar ralit on and revylit 

and blamit for monye treffounis moniefauld 

and quhat Inveccyde ballatis ar compylit 15 

Sen ge gud erle Northu^^berland wes fauld. 

Alace quhy fould not wit and worthines 

honeftie, honour, and humilitie 

affuagit fumquhat have fie gredines 

that paragon of trew nobilitie 20 

and perfyte patroun of civilitie 

£0 courtes ftout, trew, liberall and kynd 

fould have bene quyte \}iX.h moir fidelitie 

and have with mercye movit loux mynd. 


LXH.] 54 

That loving lord fa voyde of all difpyte 25 

Of Vertewis having fie pluralitie 

In honeft paftyme takand his delyte 

with monye rair and princlie qualitie 

fo nobill port and liberalitie 

fie hardines and hairt heroicall 30 

Deft^ruit rather Immortalitie 

then to haue had ane end fo tragicall. 

Alace that euer Seotland fould haue bred 

fie to thy awin difhono«r fchame and greif 

That quhen ane nobill man wes thairto fled 35 

at neid to feik fum fuecoar and releif 

fould have bene eoulpit twyife firft be ane theif 

Then be lochlevin quho did thrie jeir him keip 

That gat greit gaine to faue him from mifeheif 

Syne fauld him to the fkambillis lyik ane feheip. 40 

Our anteeeffoar^j and fatheris honorabill 

could not be movit be favour force nor feir 

To doe ane deid fo vyle and deteftabill 

and mekill les for gredines of geir 

as be our ftoreis plainlie dois appeir 45 

bot oft Ineurrit monye doutfull daingeris 

and oft tymes baid pe hafard of ge weir 

for ge reffet and fuccouring of ftraingeris, 

Greit lordis and erlis 3e dyuers dflikis and kingis 

for quhome gis realme hes fufferit mekill paine 50 

exylit from gflzV countreis and thair ringis 


94 b [lxiI. 

In Scotland faiflie lang tyme did remaine 

As Richard and henrie the fext makis plaine 

And monye ma exampillis may be gevin 

of quhome thay micht haue gottin gretar gaine 55 

Quhofe luk was gud thay come not in Lochlevin. 

Fy on the Mar that euer thow confentit 

ane nobill man fa faiflie to diffave 

Thow may weill leif quhill thow at lairge repewt it 

And pou trowit m^gill that drdnking knaif 60 

Or dflmfermling that the fie coiinfall gave 

or had to doe with Mortounis fellowfchip 

Lowfe lyndfay jit did better with pe laif 

That tfiik "gazr geir and liiit thame felfis flip. 

Fals mifcheant Mortoun febill and vnkynd 65 

thy wretchit hairt could neuer fchame efchew 

How could fo fmall ane fowme haue movit 3o»r"mynd 

be this vyild act auld treffounis to renew 

thow neuer wes vpricht truftie nor trew 

to freind, to fo, nor to na other man 70 

on fie vyild treafoun vengeance man enfew 

on the and all thy fals degenerat clan. 

Lochlevin that wes ay faithles to thy brother 

To quhome thow wes fo bound be benefeit 

How could thow keip thy credit to ane other 75 

that fchamefullie aganis his will and wit 



LXII.] gg 

The air of Buchane quhom he did commit 

to thy keping put in thy brotheris bed 

and fen his deith him to difhonoar 3it 

hes rafit ane fchamefull fuwemoundis to heir red. 80 

Thow left him falflie in aduerfitie 

and all his freindfchip vtterlie refufit 

and work biiir witnes of thy loyaltie 

Quhen that ge Quene wes in the Louche Inclufit 

Baith hir and him thow tratourouflie abufit 85 

and gave gud tryell of thy lytill treuth 

Quhen fcho efcapit how could thow be excuf it 

Bot thair wes flicht or ellis ane wilfull fleuth. 

3it tratoar this vnhoneft bludie blok 

furpaffis far thy treffounis all of auld 90 

Quhair euer thow gangis thow art ane gafing ftok 

for all the peopill cryis cum and behatild 

The trato«r that pe gud lord perfie fauld 

wiff ing his bluid to be vpon thy heid 

from age to age thy treafoun wilbe tauld 95 

and be ane fchame for euer to thy feid. 

ludas that fauld our faluiour to be flaine 

ane vyler draucht nor thow did neuer draw 

nor gan3elon aganis Charles the maine 

nor andro bell that wicked vyld outlaw 100 

VOL. I. 193 


95 b [lxii. 

Nor 5it the tratour Eckie of pe hairlaw 
that fayi's he fauld him to redeme his pledge 
3our deid is war as all the warld dois knaw 
3e can nothing hot covatice alledge. 

3it fen the act wes fo Inordinat 105 

and it behiiiffit be cheif tratouris to be 

I wait 5e wer thairto preordinat 

not be ane chance bot fatall deftanie 

that nane it could have execute bot 3e 

for quha joar nature cleirlie vnderftandis no 

will think ane act of fo greit villanie 

behovit of force to fall into ^our handis. 

As meteft merchand for ane Maifter fteik 

Baith fals of kynd and in the craft expert 

and ^airhy garris ^oar kitchingis daylie reik 115 

na other men could haue found in thair hairt 

To fell the faikles as ane flauchter mairt 

had Chrift him felf bene in the Perfeyis rowme 

I wait je wald haue play it ludas pairt 

gif Cayphas had offerit 50W ge fowme. 120 

3it for 3o«r mifcheawt and mifchevous deid 

the countreyaucht not for to beir the blame 

Bot onlie that fals and degenerat feid 

of douglaffis fals wratchit and infame 

And cheiflie mortoun and lochlevin be name 125 

and of his bluide refavit pe pygrall pryce 



LXII.] 96 

So with ge filuer fall je haue ge fchame 
and fie jour freindis as gave ^at'rto advyife. 

O cruell fals diffaitful bludie beiftis 

To faythfuU men how dar je haiild vp face 130 

How could fie treffoun breid into ^our breiftis 

Quhy leit je not pitie rather haue place 

Sen je '^our felfis wes in pe famyw caice 

and wait not quhen 'gairto je fall returne 

his bluide falbe on 30W and all ^our race 135 

and je and jouris fall for that murther milrne. 

Had 3e him gevin but pryee gratuitlie 

be benefeit 50W thinkand ^airto bound 

or to declair jo«r iQif and amitie 

fo that no proffeit fould to 30W redound 140 

jour crueltie had not bene fo euill found 

Bot je reffauit pe pryee and it procurit 

euill gottin gaine is ane vngratious ground 

qukairon to found ane welth and weill affurit. 

The lewis wald not put in "gair co^zmoun purft 145 
The pryice of Chrift quMlk ludas kaift againe 
The pryice of bluid bringis ay with it ane eurft 
quMlli on thy race for euer fall remaine 
Sum day be fuire thoeht thow fie dome difdaine 
Deir of his bluid ge bargane wilbe bocht 150 


96 ^ [Lxin. 

Vengeance will wirk and will not licht in vaine 
bot the thy hous, and name fall bring to nocht. 

Out of thy hand his bluid falbe requyrit 

Thow fall not chaip mifcheif doe quhat thow can 

nor thay that in that blok with pe confpyrit 155 

Cheiflie the bucheris of thy bludie clan 

Quha vantis be bluid thay all thair worfcbip wan 

and 5it be bluid mair proudlie dbis pretend 

Be bluide thay leifit, be bluide thay firft began 

and fo for bluide fall haue ane bludie end. 160 


3e hevinis abone with heavinlie orname«tis 

extend 3o«r courtingis of ge criftall air 
To afiiir colour turne 3our elementis 
and foft pis feafotin qukzlk hes bene fchairp and fair 
Co»«mand the cluddis that thay diffolue na mkir s 
nor ws moleft with miftie Vapoiiris weit 
for now fcho cuiwmis the faireft of all fair 
The mundane mirro^^r of maikles mfl^gareit. 

The myildeft may the mekeft and modeft 

the faireft flour ge frefcheft flourifching 10 

The lamp of licht of 5outh the luftieft 

The blytheft bird of bewtie maift bening 

groundit with grace and godlie governing 

As A per C / aboue all elevat. 

To quhome 



To quhome comparit is na erthlie thing 15 

nor with the goddis fo heichlie eftimat. 

The goddes diana in hir hevinlie throne 

evin at the full of all hir maieftie 

Quhen fcho belevit that dainger was pa«> none 

Bot in hir fphere ascending vp maift hie 20 

Vpon this nymph fra that fcho caift hir ei 

Blufching for fchame out of hir fchyire fcho f lippis 

Thinking fcho had bene phoebus verelie 

At quhofe depart fcho fell into the eclipft. 

The Afteres cleir and torchis of the nicht 25 

Quhilk in the fterrie firmamewt wer fixit 

fra thay perfavit dame phoebes loft hir licht 

Lyik diamontis with criftall perils mixit 

They did difcend to fchyne this nymph awnixit 

Vpon hir fchoulderis twinkling euerie on 30 

Quhilk to depaint it wald be ouer prolixit 

How thay in ordoar glifteris on hir goun. 

Gif fcho had bene into the dayis auld 

Quhen lupiter the fchap of bull did tak 

Befoir europe quhen he his feit did fauld 35 

Quhill fcho throw courage clam vpon his bak 

Sum greater magik I wait he had gart mak 

Hir to haue ftollin be his flichtis quent 

for to haue paft aboue the zodiak 

As quein and goddes of the firmament. 4° 


97 b [L3CIV. 

With goldin (chourz's as he did clemene 

He wald this virgine furteouflie defave 

Bot I houp in the goddes hemene 

Quhilk to hir brother fo happie fortoun gave 

That fcho falbe exaltit by the laif 45 

Baith for hir bewtie and hir nobill bluid 

and of my felf ane ftcruand fcho fall have 

Vnto I die and fo I doe conclud. 

finis g>. A, Montgomrie. 

Luiffaris leif of to loif fo hie 

3oMr ladyes and thame ftyill no mair 

But peir the erthlie E per fie 

and flour of feminine maift fair 

Sen thair is ane without compair - 5 

Sic tytillis in loux fanges deleit 

and prayft the pereles preclair 

Montgomrie maikles margareit. 

Quhofe port and pereles pulchritud 

fair forme and face angelicall 10 

Sua meik and full of manfuetud 

With vertew fupernaturall 

Makdome and proper mewberis all 

Sa perfyte and with loy repleit 

pruiffis hir but peir or peregall 15 

of maid/j the maikles margareit. 


hxiv.] 98 

Sa wyfe in jouth and verteous 

fie reffounis for to reull the reft 

As in greit age wer marvelous 

Sua manerlie myld and modeft 20 

Sa grave fa gratious and digeft 

and in all doingis fa difcreit 

The maift bening and bonieft 

Mirrowr of madinis margareit. 

Pigmalion that ane portrato«r 25 

be painting craft did fo decoir 

Him felf p««Vwith in paramour 

fell fuddanlie and fmert ^az'rfoir 

Wer he alyve he wald deploir 

His folie and his love forleit 30 

This fairer patrone to adoir 

of maidis the maikles margareit. 

Or had this nymphe bene in thefe dayis 

Quhen Paris ludgit in Helicon 

Vends had not obtenit fie prayis 35 

fcho and the goddefft ilkone 

Wald have preferrit this paragon 

as marrowit but matche moft meit 

The goldin ball to bruik alone 

merveling in this Margareit. 40 

Quhofe nobill birth and royall bluid 
Hir better nature doit exceid 



98 b [lxv. 

Hir native giftes and graces gud 

Sua bonteouf lie declairis Indeid 

As waill and wit of womanheid 45 

That fa with vertew dois ouerfleit 

Happie is hie that fall poffeid 

In mariage this margareit. 

Helpe and graunt hap gud hemene 
Lat not thy pairt in hir inlaik 50 

Nor lat not doulful deftanie 
Mifhap or fortoun worke hir wraik 
Graunt lyik vnto hir felf ane maik 
That will hir hono2<r luif and treit 
and I fall ferve him for hir faik 55 

fairweill my Maiftres Margareit. 
A. M. 

W ith f iching fad and furging forrow foir 

My cairfuU corps richt peteouflie oppreft 
and wrappit in wo desyring no thing moir 
Then dolent deith pe famy« fould haue in haift 
By cours of nature luiking for fum reft s 

Quhen fair Venus the bewtie of the nicht 
Had fet hir face direct into the weft 
I proftrat law and thus clofit my f icht. 

Into my fwuni^g flumring as I lay 

molt feirfull formes did foir affault my thoeht 10 

mAitland quarto MS. 

LXV.] gg 

The roring of ge raiging feyis gray 

Quhilk boreas blaft from bank to bray had brocht 

The thundring doun of cannounis warlie wrocht 

as did appeir maid hevin and erthe to fchaik 

for to expande my dreame all meinis I focht 15 

quhen I awouk with monye a cruell crak. 

Sumtyme the fcripturis in my hand I volue 

gif happelie I could find fuche a caice 

Sumtyme vaine wryteris red I to refolue 

me of my folifche fantafie allace 20 

Sumtyme I call the michtie god for grace 

That I micht have the fpreit for to perfaue 

Quhat mifterie apperit in that place 

Or gif my wittis walk did me diffave. 

Voluing this way into my maucles mynd 25 

Perhaps I hard ane cative full of cair 

To weping prone to murning foir inclynd 

from blyithnes baneift drawin to difpair 

Creufa kynd to hir wes na compair 

nor phaetufa nor murni«g phaeton 30 

quhofe tyrit vifage fumtyme wes preclair 

my feirfull dreame did perfytlie expone. 

Hir trimbling teiris did reprefent the lawis 
of neptiinis raige qukilk rafit bene by raine 
Hir fiching braith the budding blaft that blawis 35 

99 b [LXV. 

quhen boreas lift to prove his power plaine 

hir voice fo rauk with reuthfuU roir againe 

moft lyik the thundring thuddis of cannoun din 

affrayit me jit wald I not refraine 

Bot kepit me clofe my cabinat within. 40 

This piteous wicht werid and woe begon 

Teare all hir hair that forrow wes to fie 

And as the drope of water weris the ftone 

fo dentit wer hir cheikis cruellie 

By trimbling teiris diftilling Ithinglie 45 

out from hir eis lyik flowing ftremis of raine 

for to behauld hir dolour outwardlie 

wes to my hairt ane Inwart heavie paine. 

Hir bodye fmall wes widderit and berent 

as is the ftaik quhilk fomeris drouth oppreft . 50 

hir vifage pale declarit hir to be fchent 

In fichis and fobbis repof it wes hir reft 

hir febill handis togidder oft fcho preft 

with reuthfuU roir that echoit in the fky 

In doulfull duill this cairfuU cative weft 55 

3eit furth hir plaint with monye ane cruell cry. 

Thus hering hir bewailing all hir wo 

In ftudie ftill ane lytill quhyle I ftuid 

Bot quhen I faw hir deidlie duill wes fo 

and fcho of loy and confort wes denude 60 

To fpeik to hir a lytill thocht me gude 


Gif my word micht folace to hir mak 
or gif I micht hir cair fum part feclude 
With doulfull voice this way to hir I fpak. 

In wrape tha woes quhat wicht that euer je be 65 

and ftint in tyme To fpill thy felf but plaint 
Till quhat thow art from quhence for fuir I fie 
Thow may not duire with forrow thus attent 
And with that word hir face with teiris befprent 
fcho liftit vp and proftrat qu/iazr fcho lay 70 

with heavie hairt with monye a piteous plaint 
And wofull ftound fcho thus begane to fay. 

Alace I wretche quhom thus thow heiris bewaill 

am bot a mortall murning my mifchance 

quhome duill and doloar daylie dois affaill 75 

Intoxicat with forrowis poyfonit lance 

All tyme and houns I mak obedience 

Vnto that wofull maiftres of mifcheif 

Is no remeid faif onlie patience 

And houp the health and haift of my releif. 80 

And I am cum my drerie deftanie 

and lukles lot for to bemone with thofe 

Quhome fortoun in this neft of miferie 

To be pe mirro«r of mifhap hath chofe 

Vpon pe onlie god we aucht repofe 85 

for all thingis feidis that we doe think most fuir. 


100 b [lxv/ 

The bad abydis the beft ay foneft gois 
Then men may fie no erthlie thing can dflir. 

Then quhat ar we to truft into our ftrenth 

our wifdome wit or ftaittis variabill 90 

Quhilk tyme will chainge and als devoir at lenth 

Thocht by fortoun it wes not chaingabill 

This warld is bot ane vaill moft miferabill 

To dolent deith fubdew with bitter {chouris 

Quhilk makis me weip ane freind wztk murni«g v^ill 95 

amang the mufes nurifchit with thair Rouiis. 

Quhofe vertewis rair pallas may foir lament 

all thocht I pas thame ouer with fecreit thocht 

The wit the wifdome als that Involent 

fcho may deploir gif that avaleth ocht 100 

luftice thy fword befoir thy face is brocht 

quhilk he did clein ay keip with kyndlie cair 

and faith thow wantis ane piller fuirlie wrocht 

To beir thy throne triu»«phand euerie quhair. 

And thocht this heavinlie wichtis healthe caufe to weip 105 

the lofe of him that wes to thame fo deir 

Thair woundis q«^/ik ar bayth yoyd and deip 

In me alone maift plainlie may appeir 

for I haue loft his vertewis all finceir 

ane piller als ane freind I want alfo no 

Quho wes ane reddye fcheild & feirfuU fpeir 

The fword I want for to refift my fo. 



LXV.] lOI 

Quhat fall I murne my nauchtie frivoll ftait 

or fall I fpurne with fortounis quhirling quheill 

Sum I fuppofe ar borne Infortunat ns 

or ellis gud labo«rw could not profper ill 

Sum men hes wrocht baith werlie and with fkill 

and 5it thair labo«r all hes bene in vaine 

and vtheris hes the warld waild at will 

quho hes not taine fuch travell for fuche paine. 120 

Of the firft number I compt me not the laft 

To all mifhap I mein predeftinat 

for I in cruell bandis of cair am chaift 

In prifoun ftrang with forrow carcerat 

qu/iair ftill I duill of plefo«r deprivat 125 

ane mirro^r maid qukairin all me« may find 

Quha ftryvis with nature is in pe eftait 

of him that ftryvis againe the ftreme and wind. 

Thus to my lot is chanced the mifhap 

qz^Mk In my lyfe I neuer moir did ferve 130 

for I wes fuirlie trappit in the trap 

Befoir I could the bad or gud difcryve 

So may I not my felf from woe prefcryve 

Sen I wes borne evin from my motheris wombe 

In flitting dolo«r day and nicht to ftryve 13s 

qukatVm I knaw fortoun hes maid my tombe. 


loi b 



Hir wofull voice no foner had out bred 

Thais wofull wordes qukairviitk fcho forrowed fo 

Bot fcho alace foir f icht and neuer ftayed 

fyne fell doun flat vpon pe ground for wo 140 

Quhofe foir regret did fo my ftrenth over go 

That I not wift quhair that I did remaine 

brocht fra my wittis all wer reft me fro 

qukilk as I micht I gadderit fone againe. 

Then fiching fad I to that wofull wicht 145 

fen to thy lot by nature doeth pertene 

The feid of forrow fonkin day and nicht 

Into thy betfuU forreft ay to remaine 

I as ane man with furging forrow f laine 

Into difpair moft duilfuUie to die 150 

doe feik to confort the alace in paine 

quhomto I find no helpe nor remedie. 

With painfull paine thir wordes fkairlb birft out 

Quhen I wes forcit to turne my face away 

from hering of the wofull werye fchout 155 

that fcho all tyme and houns did bewray 

Bot as I paft gis fiching could I fay 

All men fall die that euer draweth braith 

Then fet thy thocht on god the onlie ftay 

Thy beft clething falbe the fcheild of deith, 160 

Sen deith is onlie the rewaird of fin 
and fyn convoyit all erthlie wit to grave 



To grave we go from grave we doe begin 

quhen we begin in forrow reft we crave 

It that we crave we moft of death refave 165 

refaving deith we find a perfyte reft 

And perfyte reft ane thing is beft to have 

ane bliffit thing then deith moft be confeft. 

Imbrafing deith we ar the lordis elect 

gif we elect ane lyf efter his will 170 

his will is trew and then will thame elect 

That doeth elect pazV hairt w«t^ treuth him till 

Him till obey and all his lawis fulfill 

he fall fulfill gfl/r hairtis haill defyre 

Lat thy defy ire than faid I cative ftill 175 

ay ftill obey that princelie princes Impyre. 

Quhofe hie Impyire and reftfull richt renowne 
mot plefoar bring vnto all painfull wicht 
All painfull wicht mot think on thy ranfoun 
quMlk ranfoun brocht from darknes all oar licht 180 
O Lat that licht deftroy that drerie nicht 
qukilk nicht fuche forrowis fuddanlie me fend 
And gif ws grace to fie that plefand f icht 
quhilk ficht fall bring our cairfull cairis to end. 


102 b 



Ane Elagie tranflatit out 

of frenche in Englifh 

meter, 'ooooo G. H. 

M.S thaj/r in erthe or hes thair euer bene 

that greater sorrow nor I doe sustene 

Is thair Woman so full of woe & mone 

as I am now I trow thair be not one 

or sail thair be in onye tyme or place 5 

that mity so richteoujlie lament thair cace 

Vnder ye sone quhilk all thing makis cleir 

the phoenix bird hes nather maik nor peir 

So lyke to me I trow can not be found 

Quhome dolent duill With dolour so dois wound 10 

I am phoenix ofladyis difsolat 

&• but all caus the most infortunat- 

that is or was or zit perchance salbe 

J am exampill of all mi/erie 

&• he that to me caufe of all this duill is 15 

quhat sail I call bot the phoenix offoullii 

Alace I'pleinzie not as Dido Quein 

schot in the hairt With cupids arrowis kein 

Nor ony sic mair painfull is my pairt 

quhome blind cupid hes persit w* his dairt 20 

55 sail not heir my lamentatioun 

of my luifar mak narratioun 


LXVI.] 103 

z.e sail not heir me for ane lemmand Wo 

as did Sapho & monye otheris mo 

Bot for ane husband quhilk is greater paine 25 

for luiffaris With thair luifis to Remane 

ar not compellit bot quhat soeuer betyide 

the hujband to the deathe man euer abyide 

Gud or bad or quhat sort euer he be 

this is the caus of my melancolie 30 

not that I doe him to the deid desyire 

bot rather pray that god wald him Inspyire 

Me to intreit as sould ane trew husband 

& as he aucht & I serve at his hand 

for him to serue & honour I am bent 35 

hecaus I knaw it is convenient 

Becaus I knaw it is ane/emelie tMng 

thocht he thairoffchaw him self inding 

& vnworthie of me & all that I can 

as I am Wyife wald god that he war man 40 

Quhat euer bewtie nature dois to me grant 

J pas it over & will not of it Vant 

one thing I Wait may weill be Vnderstand 

our gude it is to be at his comand 

to have sic plesour he is Vnworthie 45 

or to ly in that bed of chastetie 

of hir to him yat ay faythfull hes bene 

or haue the cheirfull blenking of hir Eine 


103 b [LXVI. 

or that am mouth so modest &" plesand 

sould smyll on him or call on him hujband 50 

hot sen the lord & his eternall law 

hes chairgit me in sic ane '^oike to draw 

J not refuis at bidding for to be 

Sua offrie Will he hes all this of me 

'iit notwithstanding his Ingratitude 55 

randeris for plesour paine & illforgude 

he randers calf for my gud solid graine 

for sueit meiknes nothing bat bitter paine 

for faithfull treuth & for ane honest pairt 

J get difsait & doubilnes of hairt 60 

for my chaist love & cheirfull coHtenance 

J S^i againe hot anger & greifance 

his stonie hart to fauld can not be brocht 

quhome I With all humilitie haue socht 

the ferce lyoun Will not his pat erect 65 

aganis the beist that will the self subiect 

Quhen Rome wes vanqueist w* ane attyla baild 

^eildit the self his cruell hairt did fauld 

The blak pluto thocht he war neiier so schairpe 

morpheus mouit W* sueitnes of his hairpe 70 

the hardest hairt be it oft 

W* sueit meiknes it may be makin soft 

&• namelie be the dulcour feminine 

quhilk at all tyme ye maist motive hes bene 




to gentill hairtis of onye thing alyfe 75 

to move yair myndis maist insensative 

Bot all this in his hairt can tak na place 

sua he dais /erne mair cruell in this caice 

then fers lyounis or tyran barbarous 

or pluto prince of the Inf email hous 80 

Quhen I think on With quhat paine I am pynd 

the fouleris m,alice cumis into my mynd 

Quha sueitlie tonis his instrument & sang 

thairefter then he beginnis to chaunge his not 

& ather cruellie dois cut thair throt 85 

or in ane cadge inventit be Ingyne 

the sillie bird full painfullie dois pyne 

Evin so it is become now of me 

taine in ye snair offals subtilitie 

S- thocht the sillie bird into hir caidge 90 

Wareis hir taker in hir awin langage 

y,t my nature sufferis me not to wis 

Vengeance to him yat is y' caus of this 

Quhat sail I doe then quhair sail J me addres 

to quhome sail I my painfull wo expres 95 

to him that is the caus of my mifcheif 

that Wald him glaid & wald augment my greif 

Quhat sail I than sail I ane lemmad tak 

ane/ervitour that will me/ervice mak 


104 b [L3t\ri. 

& in all pv/rpois preis me for to phis 100 

& be pertaker of my woe S- eis 

thocht sum may think I war not far to blii'me 

the contrair forbiddis my gud honour &fmte 

rather let ye erthe opin & swallow me 

then I forget my god & honestie 105 

Rather lat dolour dryve me to the deid 

or I offend my god S- womanheid 

thairfoir ail je thai into lyfe delyte 

go hence for me I haue '^ow in despyite 

of love balladis I bid not for to reid no 

go seik otheris gif that y think to speid 

J will nather haue /eruitour por luif 

Quhat I haue promesit sail na thing me remuif 

Quhair I ham,e promesit I sail faithfull be 

S- keip my treuth evin to myne enemie 115 

Quhair sail I then pour out my bitter plaint 

quhomto sail I my pruell paine lament 

to plein'yie to my parentis is bot Vaine 

that quhilk is done can not be brocht againe 

Quhen that ye mater wes not past remeid 120 

god give then thay had taine better heid 

Alace quhair then wes thair experience 

J prayis thair mynd bot curs thair negligence 

quhy wald thay not at leist seik my consent 


LXVI.] 105 

to freindis counsall quhy tuik thay nocht gvd tent 125 

Sua thair remeberance dots augment my wo 

to mak my plaint then quhomto sould I go 

J knaw not ane bot the eternall lord 

quha of my bitter paine can beir record 

to the only I doe my plaint out pour 130 

& ye I thank bayth of the sueit & sour 

thaw creat me &formit hes of nocht 

thow hes me als to that perfectioun brocht 

quhairin I am all lustice is With the 

thocht men be blind ^it thow dots cleirliefie 135 

the lust refsoun is patent in thy sicht 

quhy thow me thoillis to be a Wofull Wicht 

Quhen thou thinkis gud thow will redres my paine 

S- gif thow Will that I this still remaine 

Jn paine & wo arme me With patience 140 

& gif it pleis thy godlie providence 

to send remeid send it In sicker sort 

that efter paine I may resaue confort 

With honestie without my fyne or schame 

Grant this lord, in lesus christis name. 145 

G. H. 


los b [LXVH. 

The Subiect. 

Sen thocht is frie, think quhat thow lykis 
& play thy self with thy awin consait. 
let aboundance brek out bot '^it in temperace 
preferring Wi/dome to Will, mak Vertew 
of neid, Sen necefsitie hes no law, zit s 

not doubting bot patience in end 
salbe Victorious. 

Den thocht is frie, Think quhat thow will 

O troublit hairt to eift thy paine 
Thocht vnrevelit can doe na ill 
Bot wordes paft out cuwmis not againe 

Be cairfull ay for to Invent j 

the way to get thy awin Intent. 

To play thy felf with thy awin confait 
and lat nane knaw quhat thow dois mene 
Houp ay at laft thocht it be lait 
To thyne Intent for to attene lo 

Lat quhyllis it brek furth in effect 
Bot ay let wit thy will correct. 

Sen fuilhaift cuw^mis not greateft fpeid 

I wald thow fouldeft learne to knaw 

How to mak vertew of thy neid is 

Sen that neceffitie hes no law 


_i> €;/ fL'rr& /sjrie,^ tfirfikjti hat thviv^Rts- ^ 
.^- yih: tl?y ^jTk rm tf}y m<;'m mim it. 
fit amivffaincc htR owt hctyvc m icrnvtmcu 
y referring \>i\aomt to IviSC.rnafiytykw 
cfnciif' Sen jirccf^ttie f?fs vpfaw^ .'Ttt 
n ct dm P/t n^ l^^otj?a ti c ; -• - ^ •/ cmC ^ 
sai'k ''^Uhnoui-' . . . . , 

^J^Cfi filccijt f4>pric, tGrnk 0rv^f-^^y^v ■'^1^ 
2-^^r Wt'-^i'^ j^-'i-fT fill f tWmr^ -fie/- ac;-firnt 



c-r-Tf.^ '^r rt^ i»*/r -r'ljotfi tf fc' Icuj6 

t-o-f cvj: -i-~t- vi-i'f />-^" tft/TrtJT-T'c-^r/, 

MAiTLAND Quarto MS., fol. 105 b. ro./a«/.. 21^. 

LXVII.] io6 

with patience then thow attend 
and houp to Vanqueis in the end. 

lacobus Rex 


io6 b [Lxviii. 

y irgil his village Mantua 
did prayse aboue the rest 
And lucane thocht that corduba 
amang all wes the best 

Catullus Verone did commend 5 

as his native countrie 
& ouid to that samyn end 
did sulmon magnifie 
Sua euerie poet hes sum place 
to prayse & to commend lo 

for sum excellent gift & grace 
that god hes to it send 
Quhilk makis thair immortall fame 
out throuch the warld be knawin 
thair heich renoun honour S- name 15 

throw all countreis be blawin 
Quha dois mi/ken ye praysis greit 
of nobill gretia 

Quha dois not knaw quhat poetis Wryte 
of auld Sicilia 20 

ofpernafsus the doubill toppis 
ar nane hot hes harde tell 



LXVIII.] 107 

Quha dots not knaw the siluer droppis 

of hypocrene the well 

ofpermefsis the water cleir 25 

ar nam that can mijknaw 

nor of the birdis bruit & beir 

is maid in Tempe schaw 

& ^it thir places can not be 

saplesand & preclair 30 

that in our tyme nor zit countrie 

nane may be thair compair 

bot prudent poetis with thair pen 

hes so thair name extold 

that euerig Wicht thair Vertew ken 35 

& praysis monyefauld 

then quhy sould we the praysis greit 

with dark silence put doun 

quhilk micht he magnifeit be Writ 

of monye tour & toun 40 

quhilk micht perchance all thir exceid 

in all magnificence 

gif thay wer celebrat in deid 

with als greit eloquence 

as for my self without J wald 45 



107 b [Lxvni. 

Jngrat be & vnkynd 

J can na mair my silence hauld 

hot manputfurth my myni 

to speik of the. lethingtoun 

Quhilk standisfair on Tyne 50 

qukais worthie praysis & renoun 

tran/cendis my Ingyne 

Thow mentis Homer or Virgill 

thy wor/chip till advance 

& put thy name digne & nobill 55 

Jn dew rememberance 

Thy tour & fortres lairge & lang 

thy nychtbouris dais excell 

& for thy wallis thik & strung 

thow iustlie beiris the bell 60 

thy groundis deip & toppis hie 

Vprysing in the air 

thy voltis plesand ar to fie 

thay ar so greit & fair 

thy work to luik on is delyite 65 

so clein so sound so evin 

thy alryne is a mervall greit 

Vpreiching to the hevin 


LXVHI.] io8 

quhatplesour is to be thair 

as phcebus dots Vpryise 70 

to sie the wod & feildis fair 

quhilk round about the lyis 

O quhat plesour may thair be sene 

as the dayis lamp dois lout 

to sie thy medowis fair & grene 75 

quhilk lyis the about 

quhat plesour is to be thair 

quhen as the sone is doun 

to heir the buning of the air 

& plesand evenis soune 80 

O quhat plesour is thair & Icy 

quhen day hes lost, his licht 

to sie the tyme sa calme & coy 

& silence of the nicht 

lang tyme sould I thair remaine 85 

or that I wereit grew 

& sone sail I desyire againe 

quhen I bid the Adiev 

Greit was the work to houkey^ ground 

& thy fundatioun cast 90 

bot greater it Was the to found 


io8 b fLWm. 

S- end the at the last 

J mervell that he Mi notfeir 

quha rasit the on hicht 

that na fundatioun sould the hsir 95 

hot thow sould sink for Wecht 

or elHs the air sould not ham tholit 

so heich for to be persit 

nor 'yitye erdfor to be hoUt 

& so deip doun be serf it 100 

then michtie Wes that man in ieid 

that first the tuik in hand 

& in his worhe did so proc^id' 

that he the maid vpstand 

bot the to pleni/che & fulfill 105 

& mak thy worke compleit 

Quho so it richt considder will 

wes worke of no les spreit 

Thy beddis soft & tapeis/air 

thy treitting & gud cheir iro 

gif I the treuth wald now declair 

J wait thow hes no peir 

the deid it self will schaw it ay 

it misteris not my pen 

LXVIII.] 109 

& thay that travellis be the Way 115 

thay may full weill it hen 

hot sic & other profeitis mo 

I pas & leif behind 

& only I rehers the loy 

that I did in the find 120 

Thy arbour & thy orchard grene 

J can not pas it by 

a thing maist semelie to be sene 

Vnder thy wall dois ly 

maist plesand place to mak repair 125 

thairin to sit or gang 

thy knottis S- thy alleisfair 

quhilk ar bayth braid & lang 

thy buttis biggit neir thame by 

sa suire but sone or Wind 130 

maist plesand place of archerie 

that euer I ^it could find 

thow hes a thousand plesouris ma 

that my tounge can not tell 

happie war he that micht ay 135 

but troubill in the duell 

& happie art thow sic a place 


109 b fLXVIII. 

that few thy maik ar sene 

hot 'lit mair happie for that race 

to quhome thow dais pevtene 140 

Quha dois not knaw the Maitland hliud 

the best in all this land 

Jn quhilk sumtyme the honour stuid 

6- worship of Scotland 

of auld Sir Richard of that name 145 

we have hard sing & say 

of his triumphant nohill fame 

& of his auld haird gray 

& of his nobill sonnis thrie 

quhilk yat tyme had no maik 150 

Quhilk maid Scotland renoumit be 

S- all England to quaik 

quhais luifflng pray sis maid trewlie 

efter that simpill tyme 

ar soung in monye far countrie 155 

albeit in rurall ryme 

& gif I dar the treuth declair 

S- nane me fleitschour call 

J can to him find a compair 

& till his bairnis all. 160 


LXix.] no 

1 ntill ane morning mirthfulleft of may 

or phcebus bemis did gleit aganis the weft 

I rais and faw the feildis fair and gay 

Syne to ane rider fyde anone me dreft 

Quhair as the Merle & maveis mirrieft 5 

and lark thair nottis maift curiouf lie did fing 

Thay birdis blyithe with angell voice poffeft 

maid all the hevinis abone me for to ring. 

Depaintit wer the feildis with all kynd hewis 

by dame Nature that luftie ladye fchene lo 

The fyluer droppis of dew hang on the bewis 

Lyik orient perle in gold quhilk fet hathe bene 

The holfome air the firmament ferene 

And bliffuU blenkis of phcebus beamis bricht 

bad me go fleip on florals mantill grene 15 

Quhome to refift I no wayis could nor micht. 

Heirfoir I vewit the feildis baith daill & fchaw 

quhair I ane place maift plefand micht efpy 

and fo perhaps ane grene medow I faw 

quhair all wes blyith that fprang vp neir hand by 20 

furthward I went and thidder come in hy 

amang thay fmelling flouris me to repofe 

Quhair morpheus his mantill fuddanlie 

did on me fpred fyne did my eeis clofe. 



"o b [lxix. 

Into my dreame behauld qukatra.s I lay 25 

firft did appeir within ane lytill fpace 

Two luftie hairtis the lyik befoir that day 

I neuer faw Into no land nor place 

With hornis greit & plefand weill maid face 

Syne thame betuixt ane lyoun woundit fair 30 

Thay bfiire crying with voces rauk and hace 

Keip reull in haift and leif thir feildis fair. 

Thay me demandit gif I wald affent 

With thame to go thair laforis for to fie 

With aureit termis and ftyle moft eloquent 35 

Thay maid me fone to thair affent aggrie 

So vp I rayft and furth the wayis went we 

Thay me convoyit into ane gardene grein 

qukazr euerie plant and wod micht callit be 

that fpred vpon thay branchis micht be fein. 40 

Marie I thocht in this wod did appeir 
mait land and gold fcho gave abofindantlie 
Syne in hir hand ane flourifhit trie did beir 
qukazrin wes writtin with letteris properlie 
This is in fing of trew Virginitie 45 

Quhilk I haue focht and luiflSt beft of all 
Heirfoir I fall with cair moft diligentlie 
fuftein ge fame that it reffaue no fall. 




This plefant plant pereles but paragone 

ftuid on ane riiit of femelie f ickernes 50 

the bark paeVof wes fair proportion 

The bodye haill wes luiffum lawHnes 

The hairt but dreid wes maid of faythfulnes 

The blomes quhyte and reid wes bewtie bricht 

The braunche and leifis wer all of propernes 55 

Weill wrocht for till alluire all erdlie wicht. 

In quhofe crope ane plefand ficht thatr wes 

of ladyis fair as phoebus in mid day 

for pair wes Venus luno and pallas 

Minerua cleo and terfiphone 60 

proserpina and diana the may 

Dame Beawtie bricht and als dame chastitie 

for to Impyire abone the reft for ay 

and laulines lay law vnder the trie. 

Thir ladyis bricht on lenthe quhair as thay fat 65 

begouthe ane fang to glaiddin all the fpray 

out of my dreame qa^z'lk did me excitat 

Then did I luik about me qukair I lay 

Quhen I perfauit that thay wer all away 

and all wes fantafie that I had fene 70 

With wofuU hairt then did I feik pe bray 

abone the water brok c\uhait I had bene. 



I" b [LXX. 

1 o my lordis of renoun 
the haill peopill of rugling todn 
Burgeft merchandis and Indwellaris 
Craftifmen officeris and meit felleris 
Riche men pfiire anis and gud gemen 5 

Widowis madtnes and hyire wemen 
honeft matronis and gud wyflSs 
3oung men & ^ounkouns that findill ftryffis 
Magiftratis and men of Degrie 
l^^ruandis and fie as leiffis on fie 10 

fchortlie of ge tofln the haill meinjie 
maift hu/«blie to 30W dois pleinjie 
That our trafifique dois clein decay 
our fchift and gaine is quyte away 
We haue no chaflge within our burgh 15 

the grein gerft growis our ftreittis throuch 
our baxteris of breid hes no faill 
the browfteris hes no chainge for aill 
The flefchoarzj fkambillis ar gaine dry 
the heilland men bringis in na ky 20 

The merchaundis hes no chainge of wair 
the hoftleris g^ttis no repair 
The Craftifmen ar not regairdit 
The prenteif boyis ar not rewairdit 
The ftabilleris gettis na ftabill feis 25 

The hyire wemew gettis na babeis 
The hors boyis ar hurt of ^at'r wage 
thair is na proffeit for a page 




Schortlie ga«V is na thing within 

the court of ftraingeris is fa thin 30 

And all this forrow and mifcheif 

is nather cum of huire nor theif 

nor be the force of enemeis 

nor be privat confpiraceis 

Bot becaus men hes lattin doQn 35 

the fair and mercat of our toun 

I mein pe mercat of our hors 

quMlk nather cuwmis to port nor cors 

nor to the croft our toun befyde 

qukazr monye ane wes wount to ryde 40 

at gud Sanct Lukis noble fair 

quhair monye nobill did repair 

and for ge werie winter tyide 

for riddin hors did thame pr<jvyide 

for thame and all thair cuwpanie 45 

that it wes plefoar thame to fie 

Bot now ge nobillis takis na forf^ 

and cairis not for riddin horfb 

on horft thay will no money fpend 

bot fpairis it till ane other end 50 

Swa neuer is fein intill our toun 

Lord, laird, burgeft or BarroQn 

and quhair gat mony gay gelding 

befoir did in our mercat ling 


112 b [lxx. 

now fcantlie in it may be fene S5 

Twelf gait glydis deir of a prein 

This cuwmis not as we confidder 

that men to travell now ar flidder 

for monye now fo biffie ar 

quhidder je trauell neir or far 60 

go befoir or byid behind 

36 fall thame ay in 3our gait find 

Thocht na thing to thame 'gair 'pertent 

3it thay will ay be biffie feine 

nor 3it thay this cair and paine 65 

on fute traveland on the plaine 

bot rydis richt foftlie on a me?i^' •;: 

Weill mountit in gazV ryding geir 

The richt reffoun then till efpy 

quhy riddin hors men will not by 70 

Is that thay get ane meir onbocht 

and fua thay think thay ryide for nocht 

and thinkis it wer ane foolifh act 

on riddin hors to fpend ^air pak 

havand ane 3ad at ^air command 75 

to ryide on baith in burgh and land 

This wicked meir fa weill thame ftaikis 

and amblis with thame in ge glaikis 

that quha to hir dois anis him hant 

thairefter he can not hir want 80 

for fcho fo gloriouflie dois ryide 



LXX.] 113 

that fcho thame puffis vp with pryide 

be thay anis mountit on hir bak 

Thay think in thame thair ig no lak 

Thair meit doublet dois thame reioyift 85 

Thay fpred abrod thair buffit hoift 

Thay tak delyte in nedill wark 

Thay gloir into thair ruffit fark 

Thair lytill bonet or braid hat 

fumtyme heiche and fumtyme plat 90 

waittis not how on thair held to ftand 

Thair gluiffis perfumit in thair hand 

helpis mekill thair countenance 

Et toute eft a la mode de france 

Thair dry fcarpenis baith trim and meit 95 

thair muillis glitterand on "^air feit 

Thair gartenis knottit with a roift 

puttis all the laffis in thair choift 

Thay fnyte thoght thair na mifter be 

That 5e may thair trim naipkin fe 100 

and gif 3e richtlie it confidder 

the goldin knappis fall hing togidder 

Quhen as thay talk of onye thing 

all tendis to thair awin loving 

Wald 5e efteme thgime be thair crakis 105 

Thay wer Caefar in weirlie actis 



"3 1> [lxx. 

for lordlie liberalitie 

Thay gaine bot kingis for to be 

Thair riches as thame felfis dois codnt 

King Crefus threfour will furmount no 

Vnto thair taillis quha lift attend 

thay knaw all to the warldlis end 

Gif 5e will trow all that thay tell 

In euerie thing thay doe excell 

Thir ar the faffiodnis as I leir 115 

Of men that ryidis on the meir 

The wemen als that on hir ryidis 

Thay man be bufkit vp lyik bryidis 

Thair heidis heifit with filkin faillis 

With clairtie filk about ^air taillis 120 

Thair gounis fchent to fchaw thair fkin 

fuppois it be richt oft full dfln 

To mak thame fmall ^atr weift is bound 

a bdift to mak ^gair bellie round 

Thair buttokis boufterit vp behind 125 

a fartigard to gadder wind 

Thair hoift maid of fum wantoun hew 

and quhen thay gang as thay not knew 

Thay lift "gatr goun abone thair fchank 

fyne lyik ane bryidlit cat gaj brank 130 

Sum taunting wordes thay haue parqueir 

That feruis thame in all mateir 





114 b 



LXXI.] 115 

IVLy ladyis pulchritud 

hes me so plonged in paine 

that mard in mynd & muid 

mirthles I man remains 

Vnles that fluid S 

of graces gud 

be mansuetiid 

my rest restoir againe. 

Blind hoy thou dais so beir 

my fortoun in ballance 10 

J flow from houp tofeir 

fromfeir till efperance 

Now thair now heir 

now peace now Weir 

chainging my cheir 15 

as ckaingis ay my chance. 

^s in ye Wind I wie 

ay wauering With the wechtis 

feir w aid force fay th toflie 

& faith with fortoun fechtis 20 

S-yis Zfi se is my degrie 



"S b [lxxi. 

now low now hie 

as houp gud hap me hechtis. 

Zit houp hingis be ane hair 

houping aganis all houp 25 

albeit from cair to cair 

thou catche my hairt in coup 

zit mair & mair 

J lyik thy lair 

& for no sair 30 

nor sorrow can I soup. 

hap I apprehend 
Be houp I wait not how 
& pertlie I pretend 
& preis aganis the prow 35 

& ay intend 
that way to wend 
& in the end 
for to attein I trow. 




LXXII,] Il6 

Gif faithfulnes je find 

and that 'your mynd cowtent 

Ane band heirby I bind 

of firme fayth and ferue»t 

and to be p^fmanewt 5 

for ocht that may befall 

my hairt heir I prefent 

In pledge perpetuall. 

Quhilk fimplie I refing 

as hoftage in ^our hand lo 

and willinglie it bring 

to bind it in fie band 

as plef is ^ow command 

to left till I may leif 

quhilk is the gadge and pand 15 

maift fuir that I ca» geif. 

Refaue it then and treit it 
as treuth fall try my part 
gif I be fals forleit it 
and let me fuffer fmert 
deill efter my defert 
than dreid I no difdaine 
bot houpis to haue ane hairt 
In recompence againe. 


ii6 b [lxxii. 

Gif loyaltie may love 25 

ane recowpance procHire 

Or honeft mening move 

5our favour to Induire 

gif lawtie 30W alluire 

or conftance mak 50W kynd 30 

firme faith fall me affuire 

and treuth content ^our mynd. 










Ane prayer. 

yj lord in heavin above that rewlis all 

Quhofe merceis greit Indfliris for euermoir 

O god of hoftes to the I call therfoir 

Whofe bliflit name I prais and eiier fall 

Becaus thow fet me frie quhen I wes thrall 5 

To the lehoua great and lord moft hie 

to the my god for fuccoar I doe flie 

graunt me o lord grant me in mynd and fpreit 

to doe thy will 

and fo fulfill 10 

thy lawis my god with humble hairt co«treit. 

Befoir the glanfing day doeth fchaw his face 

my fauU doeth ftay and watche for pe o lord 

and all the nicht on the I doe record 

befoir the morning bricht I afk for grace 15 

deploring all my wofull finnes alace 

heir me my lord heir me my god and king 

Thow art of mercie great thow art bening 

Thair is no ftrenth nor help but only thow 

for firme and fuire 20 

thow dois Induire 
To finneris all that willinglie dois bow. 

Ciim finneris now the lord doeth on ws call 
cum all with me cum pray with one confent 


117 b [lxxiii. 

ciim ciim in tyme and doe our f innis repent 25 

cum now with humble hairtis 36 wretchis all 

befoir our god for mercie lat ws fall 

he is the god that heiris the penitent 

he is of nature flaw to piinif hment 

he will ws fave and in his merceis tak 30 

throuch chrift his fonne 

Who fittis abonne 

He will ws faue, 3ea for his onlie faik. 

With heavie hairt thairfoir to god alone 

To the 9 lord I mak my plaint and cry 35 

with humble hairt lo proftrat I doe ly 

To the I call to the I mak my mone 

with fobs and fighs with bitter tearis I grone 

heir me thairfoir heir me o lord I fay 

to the I flie to the I rin and pray 40 

graunt me at laft graQnt me a f inner puir 

that all the maft 

of my trefpaft 

Thow will for3et and maik me euer fiiir. 

What mortall man is he o lord that can 45 

thy merceis comprehend fo monyfauld 

What finfull wratche is he that dar be bauld 

thy fecreittis lord for to vnfauld and f kan 

o fimple faul o wretche o wicked man 

thy awin confait lat be thy fond pretence 50 



LXXIII,] |l8 

Submit thy felf with all dew reuerence 

and graunt the lord jea all that is his richt 

in mynd him beir 

fie thow him feir 

and vnto him maik haift with all thy micht. ss 

O that I could fet fourth thy prais aricht 

and thame in mynd to beir for euermoir 

o happie thryift that thame can keip in ftoir 

o happie moft if that with all our micht 

we meditat thairin boith day and nicht 60 

graunt lord therfoir graunt father deir to me 

quhen lyfe is paft thy endles gloir to fie 

for heir o lord thair is no thing can ftand 

Vnles thow plaice 

with ws thy graice 65 

and ws defend with force of thy richt hand. 

My god is onlie he quhbm on I ftay 

all warldlie thingis as vaine I will reiect 
Thay ar but licht and thingis of nana effect 
quhairfoir on the my hoill repois I lay 70 

Refuis me not thow art my god for ay 
and ay falbe whill braith and lyf dois left 
my mynd fall neuer fuerve I doe proteft 
Vnto the lord my god now will I fing 
for euer moir 75 

be prais and gloir 

to the o lord that fitts in heavin as king. 



ii8 b [lxxiv. 

In prais of ane Gentle woman. 

1 o prais that perfyte is the labour wer but vain 
to feik to pas the painters art, but lytili wer my gain 
jit if I could performe, that dewtie bindis as dew 
in fimple ftyle as beft I micht, this worthie work perfew 
then wald I taik In hand, that now dois pas my fkill 5 
to prais the pafsing bewtie brave, q"' now aganis my will 
perforce I man be dflm, and fo contentit be 
and onlye leif by liiiking on, till farther happin me 
but love dois fo me move, and houp fayis doe thy beft 
behauld jone faice that thow dois fie, in it falbe thy reft 10 
fay on thairfoir be bauld, and lytili as thow can 
fet furth hir prayfis worthelie & vow thy felf hir man 
5e heavinlie goddis above, je moft celeftiall 
Vnto my mufe jowr earis doe bend, & for 5o«r help I call 
give me pernafsus ftyll, and als mont edees fmell 15 

with water helicon to drink, or els pegafus well 
5e loveris then that boift to ferve with loyaltie 
Jour ladyis fair as je fuppon, now lift a whyll to me 
my ladie I dar vow, in bewtie all doeth pas 
and for hir cu»«lie courtlie graice may be 5o«r luiking glas 
Dame vertew in hir hairt, with pitie taikis g««r place 21 
and whofoeuer on hir luikis, dois prais hir noble grace 
remors and tew«perance dois hir accu»2panie 
and from hir ftaitlie prefence dois all filthie vycis flie 
no virtew fho dois want fho is both trew and kynd 25 

in conftancie no matche alyfe & fayt^fulnes of mynd. 


LXXV.] 119 

and now 
I am hir awin, quhat than it is the onlye thing I crave 
fcho will me not refuis I knaw, quhat farther wauld I have. 


Of ane Vnthankfull freind. 


nto a freind I proferd once gud will 
thinking thairby to play a freind him till 
but now to lait thairof I me repent 
fince he for doing fo hes maid me fchent 
quhairfoir the proverb auld I put in vre 5 

quhen ftead is ftoUin then fteik the ftable dure 
quhilk caufis me full oft to call and cry 
what fuill What beaft, what fimple faull wes I 
is not a truftie freind by tryell bocht 
and moir account then ten obteynd for nocht 10 
3it I am lyik pe blind that blamis the licht 
as thocht in him thair wer no want of ficht 
for I the famyw freind have tryid full oft 
and found his honeftie but euer nocht 
for fo wes love by blind effectioun caft 15 

that feing wauld not fie till at pe laft 
bewar of had I wift, I did record 
and then to lait my love I did remord 
for I wes lyik ge hen that fkrepis the knyfe 
3it Ignorant it fould bereve hir lyfe. 20 


119 b [lxxvi. 

but he dois weill thairin him felf declair 
and als the fayth and treuth to me, he bair 
and fchawis him lyik ge cQr pat bytis the man 
quhen he hes fed, and done him all he can 
Quhairfoir with wit now coft I doe proteft 25 

I vow I fweir in hairt that it fall reft. 


To his freind. 

O michtie love that rewlis all 
king that ringis in skyis above 
graunt me sum rest a wretch & thrall 
if the to pitie I may move 

quhat mortall wicht alyje abydis 
as I so monye turning tydis. 

O happie is that mortall wicht 
happie thryis acea him J call 
in love that all succeidis aricht 
& netier tea/tis offartounis thrall 
zea moir then hap it that he may 
my haples haps avoyd for ay. 

But I alace to tell you moir 
a double dolour I induir 




& nane but ane dots cair thairfoir 15 

now death is nixt J you afsuir 

zit ladye leif, ladye myne 

not thou but I de/eruis the pyne. 

Tdk on thairfoir thy doulfull weid 

cast of thy proud & staitlie hewis 20 

tak blak it best becumis thy heid 

but cullouris mo sie thou refuis 

for fortoun now hes chaingit hir face 

& thou abydis in wo alace. 

My awin mi/hap I nothing deime 25 

dear to me & dear againe 
Jt's the my hairt that Ijsteime^ 
as for my self I cair no paine 

O godis on me your yre than cast 

& leive my ladye at ye last. 30 

O ladye moir then lyfe to me 
thou art the onlye foode J taist 
tisbe trew for the I die 
onles that thow remaine at rest 

thou art the caus of all my fall 35 

& zit to the I am a thrall. 



120 b [lxxvii. 

Thow hes no blame my faythfull hairt 

it's my ill luk that troublis the , 
our great & wechtie is the pairt 
that thou alone sould die for me 40 

aganis my will I the afsuir 
for all of richt J sould induir. enSSSJ^ 


In prais of ane gilt bybill. 

Who takis in hand by pen, to prais a wark with fame 
advyfedlie fould luik then loup, for hazard of his name 
This bqik all prais deft^ruis, my prais it wer but vain 
3it gentle reader mark I fay, and thyne falbe the gain. 

A cot bedect with gold and fyluer ftreamis it weiris s 

as luft rtewairu je Maiftres gave, for love to it fcho beiris 

But opin vp the fame and liiik with fingle ei 

BaytA gliftering ge;«mis & pearlis of pryce, p««V fchyning 

fall pou fie. 


freindlye letter to 
his fremd. 000000 





The piteous plaint of heavie hairt 
complaning hut releif 
the cruell pain of wofull smairt 
deploring great mi/cheif 

declairis thair is no rest s 

but mynd full soir opprest. 

M^han most of all to rest I wijh 

& greatest eis I crave 

when most fecuritie I wiJh 

& greatest ioy wald have to 

then draweth on my paine 

& sighe it dais constraine. 

If^herfoir a god omnipotent 

my prayer graunt to me 

& of thy wraith J pray relent 15 

with favour thyne to fie 

that J ohtene I may 

the thing quhairon I stay. 

Por whill that braith & lyfe dois lest 

J promeis S- avow 

that nane in hairt with me sail rest 

nor thair to duell allow 
but onlye thow for ay 
sail thair remain & stay. 




Jt sail not be the cruell spyt 25 

of thame that workis vneis 
nor in thame that takis delyt 
to hinder with thair leis 

but fay th & promeis suir 

sail euer moir induir. 30 

Persuaid thy self my faythfull hairt 
J will for the abyd 
in perrells all to play mj pairt 
& dainger set asyd 

refusing not for the 35 

the pain how great it be. 

Fairweill thairfoir my hairt adew 

fairweill & haue gudnicht 

God graunt that we doe neuer rew 

bot to haue chosin richt. 40 


CO ane JIngrtc rreinde. 



LXXIX., LXXX.] 122 

The lyon for hir tender whelpis dols roir 

and quhy ? Becaus in thame fcho fet hir ftoir 

The turtill for the lofe of maik thay fay 

doeth neQer reft bot workis hir awin decay 

And euerie thing that nature furth hes brought s 

or 5it to licht with fchap and lyfe hes wroght 

dois feik to keip the thing it loves beft 

and fo with it to leif in loy and reft 

but fortoun cruell and malitious 

In reft doeth?fchaw hir moft pernitious lo 

and quhen with countenance fho fmylis maift 

then fould fcho have of all but credit leift 

For quhy the turtill trew bereft of loy 

doeth now to lait complaine for great a«noy 

fy on the fickill ftait of warldlie thingis 15 

fy on the plefo«r fchort that mOrning bringis 

fall fayth and treuth fall promeis firme and fuir 

be now caft of no langer to Indviir 

Na god forbid the faying meanis not fo 

thay never thocht in hairt me to forgo 20 

and now the hand that woQnded me fo foir 

fall end the lyfe or ellis againe reftoir. 

finis. rSssi^ 

To his freind. 

1 he beatin bark with bloiftrous blaftis 

and dunge with wavering wind 
Into the port hir felf fho caftis 

thair lyfe or death to find 
The pilgrim wereid with tormoill S 

and tranfing monye a land 
at lenth vnto his native foill 
he doeth mak haift in hand. 


122 b [LXXX. 

The painfull pangs of pafsing pain 

tormewting birthfull wombe lo 

3it loyfull mirrie glaid and fain 

the 5outh anis fene at home 
Thair doiltfull daingers all foirpaft 

and mirth for murning fet 
Now onlye to reioyft thay caft 15 

and forrowis all for5et. 

But I alace bewrapt with wo 

In laberinth I ly 
And I my felf remanis my fo 

houping that will not be 20 

5it who can tell the goddis remord 

and me in favoar talk 
And thay among them felfis accord 

on me thair yre to f laik. 

And I obtain my fayt^fuU hairt 25 

my onlye loy and grace 
Remaining conftant for my pairt 

with houp for to embrace 
Then I with humble hairt co«treit 

the goddes fall adoir 3° 

On bended kneis and hamdzs vpfet 

and prais them euer moir. 

Lo heir a toy and licht confet 

and loveris new devyce 
Both for the auld and fage vnfet 35 

and alfo for the wyfe 


LXXXI.] 123 

But onlye for ane treuth and prove 

to ladye maiftres myne 
for otheris all howbeit it move 

I cair it not a pryne. 40 



Ane prayer. 

ith weippin eis and face defigurat 

my hairt to the o god I elevat 
But mynd and bodye huwblie doe proftrat 
and als thy glorious name I Invocat. 

Acknawledging my finnes fo monyfauld 5 

that fcarce for grace to call I dar be bauld 

vnles that thow with merceis monyfauld 

a wretche and finner pour thow doe vphauld. 

O god Eternall and omnipotent 

my finnes forgeve and let me not be fchent 10 

thair is no cours of 3outhfulnes 3it fpent 

but with thy help in tyme I may relent. 

Thow fekeft not o Father dear I knaw 

To deill with ws by rigo«r of the law 

But rather mercie vnto ws to fchaw 15 

and fo thairby to keip ws in thy aw. 


123 b [lxxxii. 

Give me thairfoir ane pour and huwble fpreit 

give me my god ane mynd not counterfeit 

that wordes and thochtis and all in one may meit 

fo I to the may call with hairt contreit. 20 

My hairt and mynd to the fall euer bend 
and to thy lawis and ftatutis eik attend 
that I vnto thy feit divine may fend 
my fobs my fighis my lyfe for till ame^d. 

Thairfoir o god I cry behauld and lo 25 

thy holie bluid is not 3it waiftit fo 

but that it may help me with finners mo 

howbeit to the I am a wretch and fo. 

lehoua greit and lord maift hie 

to futeftule thyne for fucco«r I doe flie 30 

grant me o lord thy endles gloir to fie 

and fo with angellis bricht to c\ 


1 michtie loue above that ringis 

in heavenis so hie quhair angels singis 
To Christ his onlie sane our lord 
Who shed his bluid for euerie /inner 
To hoUe ghost the confort bringer 5 

We rander thankis with one accord. 



LXXXIII.] 12- 

To ane Vnthankfull freind. 

/\.ne new fairweill a ftrainge gudnicht 

of the periiird and ladye fals 

I now will tak quho wes thy Icnicht 

Thy fayt^full freind and lover als 

but now from the my hairt is rent s 

for fayth ne treuth wes by the ment. 

Thy pryde thy hicht thy arrogance 

Thy wylie woordes fall the deiect 

and not as thow dois trow advance 

but filthie lyfe and deidis detect lo 

Whairwith abone all woma«kynd 
I dar avow thow beiris in mynd. 

I loved the ance I doe confes 

my hairt wes thyne I did proteft 

Thow faid thow loved me nathing les 15 

but me preferd above ge reft 

But fo the end did weill declair 

the faith and treuth to me thow hair. 

Fy on the filthie faithles dame 

fy on thy cruell tygirs hairt 20 

for I am not the onlye man 

to quhoOT thow playis ane whoris pairt 
But hard it is to chainge thy mynd 
thow boght it not gou heft of kynd. 



124 t> [LXXXIII. 

Baith treuth and promeis did thow geif 25 

To me by fayth and aithe cowiurd 

And fuair that as the lord did leif 

with me to reft and die afsuird 

Quhat other fecreit thingis p««V was 

Thow knaweft thy felf I let thame pas. 30 

5it fum will fay I wes hot blunt 

Till wow a wedow in fie wyft 

And namelie ane wha had bene brunt 

and myndit not to hazard twyft 

gif farther wes not done in deid 35 

thow knawis ^airoi thow had na neid. 

But for my pairt into that game 

I of my felf will bauldlie fay 

With wyfe or maid to play the man 

In honeftie bayth nicht and day 40 

But for to fatefie ane whore 

Fiftene fies I can not Induire. 

Thow thinkis thow hes obteind a pray 

In that a pecok thow hes taine 

and me perhaps as thow will fay 45 

left as a fimple fauU alaine 

A pray thow gat a pryft of wourtli 
Fairweill ge deuill of hell go with. 

He is of noble bluid I knaw 

By the no honour he can get 5° 




But as a daftard did him fchaw 

and dewtie lyik a theif for3et 

he tuik pe onlye for thy gear 

and thow chuft him for lance and fpeir. 

And now fairweill as I begoude 55 

gudnicht as thow deft^ruis beft 

And fo I end and will conclud 

that luft and avarice takis no reft 

But when that all is gone he fought 

than think his lance wes deirlie bought. 60 

J- fendis 

This Ragme^t lytill wourth 

not caring for amendis 

my mynd but toTchaw fourth 

and wiffis everie man 65 

to ludge of me aright 

for thajr is nane that can 

efchew ane whoris flicht 

The fchame is hirs I fueir 

the loft not myne 3e knaw 70 

of nane fho ftandis na feir 

nor of reproche ne aw. 



125 b 


In prais of ane bulk send to 
his freind. 

1 his buik who taikis in hand to reid 

let thame the same perufe 
with diligence & taking heid 
or ellis the same refufe 

& efter reading twyis 

laith not to read it thryis. 

For thingis of great & high affairs 
in/imple style he schawis 
S- als the end of worldlie cairs 
injkape of beastis he drawis 

a/suir thy self thairfoir 

in it of tre/our stoir. 

For wysest worhts of all we fie 

in colours to be drawin 

& so setfurth by misterie 15 

& thairin to be/chawin 

the wordes I doe not mein 

but sentence to attein. 



Lxxxv.] 126 

To your self. 

If sapho saige for saphic songe so sueit 
did pleid for prais & place amangs the nyne 
if trustie talk with taillis so trew do meit 
amids the gods dois duell that dame devyne. 

A nd now of lait that lustie ladie rair 5 

Olimpia lampe of latine land 

so doeth thy workes vnto this day declair 

for lyfiie art Who list thy Vers tofcand. 

A thrid Maistres Marie maik J pray 

& put in vre zour Worthie vertewis all 10 

for famous is your fleingfame J say 

hyd not so haul a hairt in/lugifh thrall. 

This buik then bear & beat your branis therin 

a plesant poet perfyte sail ye be 

& lytill labour lost the laurell Win 15 

adorn'd with cumlie croun of poe/ie. 

& than 
for Sicophantfor simple saullfor/ott 
maik Weill, mar not, for momus cair ze not. 


VOL. I. 257 

136 b [lxxxvi. 

Zi heauinlie goddis & godde/sis 

Zfi most celestiall 
Vnto my mufe zour helpis doe bend 

& for zour aydis I call 
& thow diana ladye brickt 5 

with nymphes of chastetie 
Graunt me your favours I requeist 

to end this worthelie. e-^SSir 

Finis, t^f^ssssaa^ 




Quhen houp & hap & weill & health bene hiest 
then Wo & wrack difeis & neid bene niest. 

Be War to ryifs in ferving princelie lust 
Suirlie to stand is one meane rysing iust. 

The reid in the loch sayis. 

Thocht raging stormes movis ws to/chaik 
& wind makis Waters ws overflow 
We zeild thairto hot dois not brek 
& in the calme bent vp we grow. 

So baneist men thocht princes raige 
& prif oners be not di/parit 
Abyde the calme quhill that it/uaige 
for tyme/ic cau/sis hes reparit, 




127 t> [LXXXIX. 

absence is the greatest fo 
that cupids clientis dots su/pect 
lang out of sicht engendrts/o 
to prefence the contrair effect 
& as obliuioun dots detect 
the building of rememberance 
So lak ofmemorie neglect 
the deidis de/erving recompance. 

Of abfence langour dois proceid 

& langour breidis melancolie 10 

melancolie procuiris the deid 

be sindrie kyndis of meladie 

Thus may I gatther eafalie 

that absence is ane homiceid 

to martyre men maist cruellie 15 

except thair be found out remeid. 

Now thocht the caufer of thir thre 

langour melancolie & deid 

This present tyme dois threattin me 

to pour thir plages on my heid 

taking that grace my caus to pleid 

at bewteis bar to seik refuge 

zit in ^our Justice I confeid 

A b/ence my richt sail not preiudge. 



LXXXIX.] 128 

Thocht other loveris doe alledge 25 

for to defend thair Ubertie 

sum other cau/sis to repledge 

thame felfis from absence tyrannic 

zit into that fecuritie 

with thame J put na confidence 30 

suppo/e in love my constancie 

defervis als great recompance. 

To find ane trew Penelope 

quhair other sum hes Wrocht in vaine 

zit I beleif to find zow sa 35 

& constanter for to remaine 

Jn ea/ing thus zour loveris paine 

as/cho wes to be registrat 

& sua thocht absence me di/daine 

J sail Induire the last combat. «tS2S1- 40 

Thocht A bsence be 
the meladie 
tormenting me 

with daylie greif 

Zour constancie 45 

may remedie 
Gif not : I die 
without releif. 

ftnt'e. • r^el^^ 4s^ ^^°" 



128 b 


maitlaNd quarto MS. 

xc] 129 

Epitaph of sir R. Maitland knight 

The slyding tyme so slylie slippes away 
it reaves from vs remembrance of our state 
& whill we doe the cair of tyme delay 
We tyne the tyde & doe lament to late 
Then to efchew such daingerous debate s 

Prepone for pair en manly Maitland knight 
learne by his lyfe to live in semble rate 
With love to God religion law & right 
For as he wes of vertew lucent light 
of antient bloode, of noble spreit & name 10 

Beloued of God & euerye gratious Wight 
So deit he olde deseruing worthy fame 
A rare example set for ws to see 
What we haue bene, now ar, & ought to be. 

T. H. 



129 b 





Ane other. 

Thy surname Maitland shewes thyne antient race 
thy martiall acts the cronicles display 
& speake thou iustice whilst he had thy place 
yf iustlye he thy ballance did not sway 
He wes ay prest Gods treuth to plant alway 
who gave him long yeares & afaithfull wyfe 
his childrens children flourijhit day by day 
in Wealth he lived with honour left this lyfe 
then thou who hears his birthe his lyfe & end 
may say his soule to lasting lyfe is send. 


Thus may ze sie none may from deathe refraine 
but lives to die & deis to live againe. 

We that him wantis may waill his death alace 
wer not his worthye Imps suppleis his place. 

R. H. 



130 b 





Epitaphe vpon tpie death 

of the right honorable Sir Richard 

Metland Knight Lord of Leiding- 


1 his hallow grave within her hounds dais clofe 
An worthy Knight baith valiant grave and wyfe 
And in the fame his breathles banes repo/e 
Quha/e lyflye/preit did warldlye things de/pyfe 
Within this place the maift vnf potted lye/e 
And blamles ludge that lu/tice did maintene 
Zitfrom his tombe {thought he be deid) doith ry/e 
The glorious prai/e to verteuous dots pertene 
For in his breist quhilk wi/dome did contene 
Lay /teidfa/t treuth and vncorrupted fayth 
His honest hands from brybing did abftene 
His fautles feit did marthle in honours paifh 
His feit, hands, breist lye buried in this grave 
Bot this his Saule the heavens dois receave. 



131 b 





A luid of him /elf and his ladyie quho dyed on his burial day. 

£oe beir tuo wiflbts inburied be, off noble birtb and bloud 
Quba bp tbair deatb bes naturs courfe, bp naturs Ipne conclud 
In mariage^band tbep lined long, tbrie fcoir of 3eirs and foure 
In bonour malft contentedipe tbair Ipfe tbep did drpue oner 
Bot note bes deatb tbair aged dapes, defaced bp bis dairt 
JInd bes tbair bretbles VDerpit corps conuoped to tbis pairt 
Bot ^it qubat deatb bes preaft to doe tbair £oue fo to deopde 
£oue bes againe furmounting deatb, tbe force of deatb defpd. 

A luid to the pafser by. 

Looke to thy felf by vs 

fuche wer we ons as thow 

And thow by ty me fall be con/emud 
to du/t, as we ar now. 


132 b 



XCIV.] 133 

In comendation of the Right 
honorable Syr lohne Maitland 
of Thirlftaine Knight Secre- 
tair to the King his maiestie. 

The first visiovn. 


fefore my face this nyght to me appeird, 
My filent Mufe in/orrou all confound. 
And half difmayd, this queftioun at mefpeivd, 
Quhy doe we not his glorious prai/e re/ound ? 
Quha/e goodnes we beyond our hope hes found, 
Quhasefauour hes furmounted our defert : 
And afhe dois inpouer maist abbund : 
So to our ayd the fame he dois conuerf. 

Mufe (quod I) euen with a willing hairt 

1 fall fulfill this chairge with bent defyre 
So, that to me your fury e ze impart. 

And thir my verfe, with lernedfkill infpyre 

For fen I fuld {the maist renoumd) commend 
Ze lykwyse ought zour ayde and help extend. 



133 b 






Ihus as I J^ak, I /aw the Mu/es nyne, 
With Harpes in hand, about me /one repair. 
Sa that thair hymns, and voces maist devyne, 
By /ynipathie, re/onded in the air. 
Sing, lett vs/ing, and by our/angs declair 
His worthye Jiock baith valiant /iout and wy/e 
From quhilk hes/prung, of mu/es all the cair, 
Zea off the gods : from quhome all grace dois ryse 
His father deir, quha neir his buriall lye/s, 
Ane Homer auld, of euerlaisting fame, 
A ludge mai/t lu/t, and Lord, quha hes the pry/e 
For con/cience pure, of ane vn/potted name 
Offprences loued, in honour lang he liuis, 
Quha/e memorie, his learned /ones reuiuis. 



134 b 




3. Visioun. 


nd heir they stayd, till they had drawen thair breath. 
Than they began with /chiller toons of Joy. 
A uterpe/ang; his fame furuiueth death. 
And cMo fay d ; no force fal him deftroy. 
Th^Wa. fpak ; lat vs our fangs employ s 

To blaife his praife, and eternife his glare 
Volhymmz. fay de ; I will, and fall conuoy 
His confell, witt {quhilk he hefs in greate store) 
Through all the warld : and will him fa decor e ; 
That, as he now furpafsis with his prence 10 

In grace and loue all vthers ; fo before 
He fall thame pafs in creddit, but offence. 

Lang fal he Hue, in ioy, in blifs, and helth. 

And on his bah, fall leane this coumoun welth. 








4. Vifioun. 

71 s they did end : than Ouide from exyde 
Of Pontus cam, quhair he til death remaind 
Induiring cauld, and hounger all that quhyle 
Con/eumd with woe, that August him di/daind. 
Alas fay d he, in vaine have I complaind 
For to afsvuage Auguftus^re and wreath, 
And thought that thou, in prefoun was detaind 
Zie happy thou, quho fauourd is of death. 
Thy Monarch, and thy great Auguftus heth. 
Extend his grace att thy good lords requeist 
Quhofe honour thou, til waijied be thy breath 
Sail keip in mynde, within thy thankfull breist : 

Thou fall his glore, with his defairts, proclame, 
And celebrat, within the kirk of fame. 



if is fine tempore iempus. 


maitlaKd quarto MS. 

136 b 



xcv.] 137 

deiti) allace witb dairt To dolorous 

QuDp art tbow To iniuTt witbowt reTpect 

Co ?outl) and eild and mid age odious 

ObTcuir and noble qubp baldis tbow of ane Tect 

Qubat is tbe cauTe nane map sair ntk 5 

from tbp tyrannical and inamiabk 3ok 

Qubp art tbow To vnequal to neakct 

Cbair vertew gat diTcendis oT noble Ttok. 

Did tbow not knaw ge maiTt excellente graces 

Vnto our Knpt $ Ritcbard maitland seuin 10 

Qubom oT tbe Tame is planted in all places 

JJnd reacbes op onto tbe bicbeTt beoin 

ReiopTe now deid and bald tbp beid Tull eoin 

£uik Witb tbp piteous eine tbroucb all gis land 

Sen tbow pat perle bes cruellie Trom os reuin 15 

Vpon se Ipk sow Tall not lap tbp band. 

Ot noble bluid be bes be Ipne defended 

Wantand na giTt ane mortall VPpcbt could craiT 

Jlaainft all opce witb oertew weill deTended 

3ts JuTtice temperance, and pacience bp tbe laiT 20 

Of all maift conTtant pat did CbriTtis Word reTTaiT 

Witb equitie and Taptfulnes poTTeTt 

Jls be bis deuoit Seatb all map perfaiT 

jind aodlie liuins Ta lang as Ipfe did leTt. 



137 b 


xcv.] 138 



cruel deith thow wes nocht zit content 25 

To cutt yis noble Lord with thy fcharp huik 

Except his verteous Lady excellent 

Thow cleik also and in thy bo/ome bruik 

Quhom of he in his lyif/ik pie/our tuik 

So joyfullie y* nane could leif in eird 30 

Quhy wald thow no'' vpon their vertew luik 

Sine for to/traik thame wes no'' foir effeird. 

uhat hes thow win ? Thy triumph is bot/mall 

Vnto the nobles done is mai/t iniure 

Quha/poyled ar of fick ane/peciall 35 

That lyk a lanterne /chynit to thame fuir 

Nixt to yair bairnes, Kin/folk and the puir 

And to thair faithfull feruandis deu elk eane 

Thair/aules ar entred in att heuins duir 

And for thy vglie dairtis makis na mane. 40 

e gentil men excui/e my ruid indyit 

Quha with zour pre/ence ornis this ftmerall 

It if of zeil that I with deith doeflyit 

And mouit with ane dolour princip all 

For lak of cunning my verfe willfeim rurall 45 

Couer my ignorance and tak it in guid pairt 

My will is guid my lerning is bot/mall 

My Jirenth is nocht I haue ane willing hairt. 

er Ihone bocace callit again to lyif 

And/yne had no* forzet his former ftyle 50 

In painted termes and rethorik flo^^' ryif 

And quikned with/um mater for a guhyle 

Suffice he my* in meter to compyle 

The praifes ofyir blifsed faules tway 

Zit gentil men houbeid my ryme be vyle ss 



The catalogue number of the Quarto is 1408 ; older numberings are 
812-^ and 867. There are catch-words on the versos of folios 6, 14, 
22, 29, 57, 43, SI, 59, 66, 74, 80, 88, 96. By mistake two folios have 
been numbered 26, and two 63. Folios 114 (blank) and 116 are each 
followed by an unnumbered blank leaf; also the versos from 128 are 
blank. From fol. 131 to the end the ink is black ; in all the earlier 
portion of the manuscript it is brown. On fol. 133 the right-hand 
letters of the heading, and the end of the last line, have been cut 
away by the binder, as also the last line (56) of fol. 138. 

The following notes are mainly intended to indicate the correspon- 
dences between the Quarto and the Folio, and the extent to which 
pieces not in the Folio are included by Pinkerton in his Ancient 
Scotisk Poems. The collation with the Folio is limited to variants 
which are of some importance for the text, especially those which 
help to make the sense clearer or to improve the metre. When the 
sign ] is used, it is preceded by the reading of the Quarto, and 
followed by that of the Folio. 

I. Printed by Pinkerton (p. 349), who inserts 'Sir Richard Maitland' 

after ' Authour.' The sonnet suggests that Sir Richard may have 
contemplated the publication of his poems. 

II. In the Folio this piece (No. xciv. there) is defective, and be- 

gins with line 51. Pinkerton's text (pp. 326-330) is from the 
Quarto throughout. 24. rewit = rew it. 72. mumschancis] 
mumchances. 73. dainser] dansar. 83. quin] cun. 84. 
keipit=keip it. 92. veluoufi] velwet. 

HI. In the Folio (No. xcv.) each stanza of this piece is written in 
four lines. Pinkerton (pp. 331-334) prints from the Quarto. 
9. in thair gait] in gai gett. 1 3. houffi] houssis. 30. waiter] 
watir. 56- trowit=trow it. 60. avowit=avow it. 

IV. == Folio XV. 5. in] in to. 7. and] and to. 32. counsell] 

counsale (rhyming with ' temporale,' ' loyale'). 60. now into 

this new Jeir] heirefter mony Jeir. 61. And] God. sceill] 



skeill. 64. meit] met. 79. sa] sic. 87. Crame craikeris] 
Cryand crakkaris. 89. gailjeounis] galiounis. 

v.= Folio XXI. 8. calsay] cassay. 16. rufifiaris] ruffyanis. 31. 
had] hald. 45. had] held. 71- sceill] skeill. 79. Quha 
is] Quhair is. 83. fa] faw (= befall). 

VI. = Folio XVI., with title ' Off the Quenis Maryage with the Dolphin 

of France.' 3. conding] condigne. 6- maiestitie] maiestie. 
(The same error recurs in ix. 22, 53, xvi. 113, and Lix. 58). 
9. dolphin] dalphine. 20. fercis] fairseis. 21. carrous] 

carrellis. 46. Jour] be Jour. 68. defend ane] defendand. 

VII. = Fol. XVIII., with title 'Off the Assemblie of the Congregatioun.' 

In the Quarto title thew is an error for new or the new. 6. weir] 
deir(= hurt, harm). 41. g/] grace. 46. syne] syn. 60. had 

VIII. Not in the Folio. Printed by Pinkerton (pp. 293-94), and in the 
Maitland Club (ed. p. 14). 

IX. = Folio XIX., with title 'Off the Quenis Arryvale in Scotland.' 

22, 53. maiestitie (cf. vi. 6). 63. hairt cryand] hartis cry. 
x. = Folio XVII., with title 'Off the wynning of Calice.' i. Chris- 
tiane] cristinit. 9. Judgment] Jugement (with three syllables). 
II. is] quha is. 13, 15. all, wall] aw, waw. 18. gef] gaif. 
21. the end and victorie] at end the victorie. 24. syne] syn. 

48. dominatioun] dominioun. 

XI. = Folio XIV. (with first line of title cut away). 4. els] or ellis. 

15. deillis] dalis. 24. The first 'weill' is repeated in the MS. 
28. wosdome] wisdome. 30. confeid] confyde. 34. an deid] 
and deid. 37. the puire bayth] at powar. 41, 43. other, 
ruder] vther, ruther. 66. lawtie] lawlie. 69. falsat] falsheid. 
84. 'be' is repeated in the MS. 

XII. = Folio XXII. 12. perseueir] persaveris. 13. soppit] sowpit. 

17. thocht thay] thocht gat ijai. 43. fraydayis] frydayis. 

66. transgressit] transgresst. 

XIII. = Folio XXXI. 5. is jit in] is in ane. 8. taillis] telis (= tales). 
9. tailis] talis (=tails). 21. hes no] wantis. 27. bot] bott 
{=boat). 29. melein] maling. 34. kendit] kend it. 

XIV. =Folio XXIII., followed by an account in prose of the event to 
which the poem refers. In lines 2, 4, 9, 14, ' blyithe ' is the name 
of the barony of Blyth, belonging to Sir Richard. 27. vaillit] 
waillith. 29. thocht thow] thocht that thow. 

XV. = Folio XXIV. I. sine] syn ( = sin). 12. syne] syn. 

XVI. Not in the Folio, and not printed by Pinkerton, who merely 
records ' ij. On Good Friday, not worth notice.' It is included 
in the Maitland Club ed. (p. 56) from the Drummond MS. 
I. 'raise' is altered to 'raiset' (Dr. MS. 'raisit'), and 'from' 
deleted. 9. 'dayis' has been deleted before 'Jeiris.' 26. 
'Jesus' for 'Jesu.' 34. scairis (= scarce). 38. 'refraine' for 



'refreine.' 67. 'that' has probably been omitted after 'wald.' 
113. maiestitie (cf. vi. 6). 120. 'as' is written above 'and.' 

XVII. Not in the Folio, and not printed by Pinkerton, who entitles it 
'A pious poem on trouble and patience.' Given in the Maitland 
Club ed. (p. 63) from the Drummond MS. 22. Thay ( = thy) ; 
'kinnismen' would improve the metre. 29. For 'now' read 
'Bow.' 36. by ( = past). 

xvin. =Folio xcvi., with the rhymes similarly emphasised by punc- 
tuation. 20. bot] nocht bot. 

xix. = Folio xcvil. 12. houp] hoip. 14. power] poweir. 21. 
Bair sell] game sell. 27. wak] walk. 35. And] Ane. 36. 
aricht] at rycht. 44. Incres] nwreis ( = nourish). 53. 

ludgment] Judgement. 97. For . . . ring] Or . . . regnne. 

105. ay In kyndnes] In kyndnes ay. 

XX. = Folio cix. 3. Teynd] teymd ( = emptied). 6. sum men not] sum 

not. 24. chalmer] chamber. 25. for I am auld] now being aid. 
40. I am so] and I sa. 47. Playand at the futball] At^je futball 
playing. 50. I am] and am. 55. punische] pwneist. 

XXI. = Folio ex. 24. lairdis] laird. 32. sum left] sum is left. 
44. sum gud way] sum way. 49. That may] That gai may. 
bayth] OTnit. 

XXII. = Folio CXI. 2. ring] regnne. 5. ar] omit. 17. pray] 
I pray. 22. haue] hald. 35. heiche] heicht. 38. Love 
3our Princes] Jour princif) luif. 43. Christin, 48. Christiane] 
chrissin. 46. For] And for. 52. And Ilkane, &c.] Ilkane 
to vger syne be trew. 

XXIII. = Folio cxii. 12. disdaine] disdene. 

XXIV. =FoUo cxiii. 2. left] best. 3. aage] age. 20. 'my' 
before 'nichtbouris' would improve the metre. 23. Syne] Sin. 

XXV. = Folio xcviii. 12. the Inimitie] ge grit Inemete. 20. it 
sone opprefi] sone it posses. 21. 'men' has been deleted after 
'wyse,' and interlined after' gud.' 31. for] omit. 34,35- 
thay will] will gai. 36. is quhair that] salbe quhair. 41. gif 
that 3e] gif Je. 46. roume] rwme. 'to' is deleted before '30W.' 
58. thame sell] gair sell. 61. gif that Je] gif Je. 67. Subiect] 
Subiectit. 75-6 have been transposed j the order in the Folio 
is better. 77. caus] caus Jow. 83. teint ( = tint, lost)] tane. 
88. swir (originally 'sweir')] sure. 98. Bot gif] onles. 113. 
sprits] spreitis. 

XXVI. = Folio XXVI. Verses 2 and 3 are in the reverse order from 
the Folio. 6. The 'ni' in 'plenisit' is interlined. 9, 12. ^it 
of this fals warld] Off gis fals warld Jit. 15. ocht thame] aucht 
thame. 19. 'gay mocht' is altered from'gazV micht.' 27. 
sair] seir ( = various). 29. houpe] hoip. 

XXVII. = Folio XXVII. 3. amend] mend. 10. be] for. 13. will 
nather] nowder will. 13. kna (=knaw). 14. fa (= fall). 



XXVIII. = Folio C. 4. lyfe] luil'e. 39. and Jour avail] and availe. 
44. over] our. 45. held] gan held. 46, rebuikit] rebuilt. 
49. over] ouir. 55. Except] Bot gif. 59. cheir] heir. 63, 
teyndis] teynd. 64. nichtbouris] nychtbour. nor gair frendis] 
nor freind. 

XXIX. = Folio xcix. I. It is to] It is novtr to. 5. grawin] gewin 
(=given). 8. ar Infectit] infeckit ar. 12. on socht] onsocht 
( = unsought). 16. be of] tak. 32. westouris] waistouris. 
35. 'may' altered from 'thay.' 38. bruikit] brouke it. 39. 
bruikit] brouk it. 60. and wyfe] and gair wyff. 68. our] 
Jour, 72. Malorum radix] Radix malorum est. 

xxx. = Folio CI. ji. now] game. 18. MisreulJ in] Misreuland. 
56. mutine] mantene. 69. 'je' deleted before 'micht.' 76. 
bene] cum. 84. The Q of 'Quein' is written above 'king' 
deleted. .85. Joung] jing. 87. of] or (= before). 94. con- 
sistorie and] constrie and in. 

XXXI. = Folio cn. 36. for] sic. 55. Then . • him] Thair . . game. 

XXXII. = Folio XXVIII. I. over all] euer. S- let it in] lat in. 

XXXIII. = Folio XXV. 7. and how] how, 15. not lie] not to lie, 
20. ' nane ' deleted before ' dissaue-' 24. Ir] yre. 

XXXIV. = Folio CIV., with the internal rhymes more clearly indicated 
by punctuation. ,4. trouboulous] troublous. 5. Lowthane] 
Lowthiane. 7. greit] grittest. 17. be now] be. 28. troub- 
lous] omit. 

XXXV. Printed by Pinkerton (pp. 138-147), with the heading, 'The 
Praises of Wemen. Be Maister Alexander Arbuthnot' In his 
notes (p. 419) Pinkerton says : " Mr Arbuthnot is no mean poet ; 
but his love of this subject has made him rather prolix. . . . This 
poem has great naivetd ; and does not want spirit, tho' the;stanza 
be rather difificult." 19. P. inserts '[maist]' before 'leill.' 
20. gein (=given). yj. feill ( = fail): of, 1. 183. 64. Jeis 
(= ye shall). 102. Read ' woman.' 135. Read 'fall,' 142. 
Read 'bedein.' 157. bairne=berni(man). 

xxxvi. Printed, by Pinkerton (p. 148), with the heading, 'On Luve. 
Be the same.' 

XXXVII. =Folio CLXxix., and there attributed to Maitland. 16. Call- 
ing, &c.] and rander to thy maker grace. 2j, thow wald] 
qutilk gow. 41. Thow] Haif. 43. and thocht thay that] 
Thocht gai gat do. 50. .chastisis] chaistnes. 62. over] our, 
92, not doe deir] nocht ge deir. 100. sait] sett (='Seat). 

102. that it is] it is its. ,109, foirfatheris] first fagerls^ 112, 
neuer] Je na. 115. Jet hes] Jit he hes. 

xxxvjii. Printed by Pinkerton (p. 214), with the heading, ' Sang on 
absence.' In his notes (p. 425), Pinkerton says : "This I strongly 



suspect to be the cantilena by James I. upon his queen, beginning, 
Yas sen, mentioned by Major in his History." After giving 
reasons for this view, he adds, " As, however, all these arguments 
may not be regarded as absolute proof, the piece is put late in 
the series, that not the slightest attempt might be made to mis- 
lead the reader, who is left to judge for himself." i. P. inserts 
'[the]' before 'eine.' 9. 'sindring' ; read 'sindering.' 29. 

' brent ' ; read ' brint.' 33-4. ' bolt ' rhymes badly with 

' schot.' 38. ' furie ' should probably be ' force.' 56. P 

inserts '[quickly]' before 'walkin.' 58. ' chanche ' ; read 

'chance.' 67. ' ernand ' ; ?read 'errand.' 73. ' dein ' ; read 
? ' kein.' 91. ein and. Plainly so in MS., though Pinkerton 
prints ' ernand.' 

XXXIX. Not printed by Pinkerton, who describes it as "A long and 
very insipid amatory poem to a lady, without sense, spirit, or 
poetry. If it inclined the poet's mistress to pity, it must have 
been pity to his poetry." i. The rhyme with 'neck' shows 
that 'suspect,' &c., are to be pronounced without the final -t. 
3. ' that to ' ; read ' That I to.' 19. This line is two syllables 
short. 21. thocht = have thocht. 34. 'repleit' rhymes 

imperfectly. 36. wis ( = wish). 53. courtes ( = courteous). 

90. The rhyme requires ' feminein ' ; cf. xlix. 2. 98. Read 

' wrak ' for rhyme. 

XL. Not printed in full by Pinkerton, who describes it as "A. long 
piece, intituled (&c.)," and adds, "Some of the stanzas aj-e decent"; 
he then gives 11. 57-70, and 77-91. 41. 'with' appears to be 

superfluous. 72. For ' faid ' rhyming with ' leid,' ' reid,' com- 
pare the spelling 'feidis' in Lxv. 86. 92. touge ( = tongue). 
99. ' greit ' should be ' gryt.' 113. Beistow( = bestow). 115, 
list (=Jeast). 

XLi. = Folio XXIX. I, 5. waird] weird, 5. ellis] alis. 38. The 
MS. has Meif and 'Jot.' 43. poure] pure. 74. Quhoddir] 
Quhidder. 81. tauntingis] tauntis. 86. mixt];mixit. 115. 
betie bum] batie bum. 118. I me] thai me. 127. And 

haittis] I hait. 131. 'ane' is written above ' of 138. sait] 

seit. 173. als burding] burding als. 185. compted is] 

Is callit. 

xLii.=rolio XXX. 40. falset] falsheid. 45. braggis] brag. 74- 
coist vpon] coist is apone. 79. comptit] lugeit. 83. the] 
thai. 94. wanhap] vnhap. 106. holie] haly ( = wholly). 

122. lyik ane chainging] is lyk ane clengeing. 123. Then] 
Thame. 153. drawin] drewin ( = driven). 168. ' Quhy we 
sould we' in MS. 

XLUi. = Folio Lxxxviii., with the heading, 'Aganis sklandrous toungis 
in anno 1572,' and attributed at the end to 'J.ohnne maitland, 
commendatar of Coldinghame,' &c. 4. defyit = defy it. 18. 



stewin] stevin. 36. knawis] knais. 47- bej beir. 50. 

geked] chekit. 53. 'suspectit' is to be read as ' suspeckit.' 

SS. Dayis] Dais (= daws). 59. schersit] seirsit. 68. farder] 
forder. 69. rascall] raschelie. 72. deny] deir by. 

XLiv. = Folio CLXXVii., with the heading, 'Ane admonition to my 
Lord Regent, Maid be I. M. P. of C {i.e. John Maitland, Prior 
of Coldingham). 6. hes] hawe. 16. thay] thy. 18. and 
guyde] to gyde. 27. overthrawin] our thrawin. 28. fairlie] 
foirlie. 45. sen] syne. 63. fuil3eit thair] fuiljeit syne gair. 
69. covene] conand. 72. subiec] subiect. 80. eistclap] 

efte(r)clap. 81. thy] ge. 87. sone . . . ane] sone (for 

•some') . . . and. 88. deloyaltie] disloyaltie. 89. be 

suire] wilbe sene. 94. pares] pereis ( = perish). 96. quhair] 

XLV. Not printed by Pinkerton, who calls it "A piece of no value." 
21. ?read 'the honour'; 'greit' should be 'gryte' for the 
rhyme. 30. read ' moir.' 40. woundis=wound is. 

XLVi. = Folio CLXX., with similar title. 2. ludmentis] lugmentis. 
5. as choifi] at choyD. 11. of hnage] of Jour linnage. 12. 
wis ( = wish). 22. singe ( = sign). 28. ennuy] Inwy. 34. 
fair] seir ( = several). 40. wrapit in] wrapte wpe to. 63. sen 
him] sen he him. 65. receit] recyt. 73. wittie] worthie. 

77. prattick] practice. 86. Quhen is] Quhane it is. 88. 

read 'the victorie'.'' 89. wittie] worthy. 90. 'muid' 

altered from ' mynd.' 112. drew] drawe ( = drove). 134. 

Vphauld] Upheld. 148-9. Read 'grit' and 'benefit.' 152. 
stranger] stroingar. 175. sustenit = sustene it. 176. erectit 
= erect it. 200. 'go to' altered from 'to the.' 

xLVii. = Folio CLXxii., also without title or author's name. 

XLVili. Printed by Pinkerton (pp. 237-242), who, in a note on p. 427, 
describes it as " A celebrated old ballad ; and certainly very well 
written for the time." On the attribution of the poem to Mont- 
gomerie, see Dr Cianstoun's edition of that poet's works (S.T.S.), 
pp. xl.-xliv. ; the text itself is given on pp. 273-278, the tune on 
p. 389, and a number of notes and parallels on pp. 390-394. 

XLix. Not printed by Pinkerton, who describes it as "A song of 
friendship from one lady to another of sufficient insipidity." 
2, 4 do not rhyme properly with 5, 7 ; but cf. the note on 
xxxix. 90. 19. 'reciprocot' in MS. 26. For the rhyme 

cf. Lxv. 4. 44. ' vaill ' is perhaps an error for ' wald.' 49. 
' efF' is deleted before ' sould.' 67. The metre indicates 

' Constance.' 

L.= Folio CLXXiii. I. this law] sic law. 9. tratouris] tretit. 

16. conqueis] conquest. 20. ane work] aneuche. 21. leif] 
lost. 26. goddis] god. 29. In haist] In christ. 40. mendit] 
mend it. 



i LI. = Folio CLxxiv. 15. 'thay' is interlined. 18. tliay] gair. 

19. doing] to do. 25. 'ar' is interlined. 35. schortin] sliort. 
37- sckayth] skayth. 47. euerie] ilk ana. 50. quhat pleis 
thame best] quhilk thing thame lest. 56. Caus . . . faist] Cauffi 
(= causes) . . . fast. 69. get . . . compleit] gat . . . completlie. 
70. 'befoir' is interlined. 76. cruell] ciwell ( = civil). 
Lll. = Folio CLXXV. 23. notit] nottit ar. 29. changing] Thai 

chenge. 45. and will, &c.] bot Je be buddis by gair kyndnes. 
Llll. = Folio XX., with the heading, 'To be put in ony publict hous.' 

S- 3our prince] the quein. 
Liv. = Folio cm. 24. doe nane] do to nana. 
LV. = Folio cv. 21. 3our word apply] apply jour worda. 22. out] 

furthe. 36. or] and. 40. gud] godlie. 
LVi. = Folio cvi. Lvi I. = Folio cvii. 

Lvm. = Folio cviii. 49. weir] feir. 

Lix. = Folio CLXXX. ; the last piece in the Folio except the two epi- 
taphs on Sir Richard. 16. to tak . . . paine] for to tak sum 
paine. 18. That] And ( = if). 24. brocht] neir broght. 

35. nane the] nane sail ge. 36. trewlie] frilie. 37. frelie] 
trewlie. that] so gat. 38. proffeitis] proffeit. may be] may. 
47. ane hatred] in heitrent. (With either reading the metre is 
defective). 54. caus] gar. 55. sould] sould gare. 58. 
maiastitie: cf. vi. 6. 70. In this ... be] That in gis land 

be na tuiljie. 
LX. Printed by Pinkerton (pp. 219-222) with the remark (p. 426), "If 
this poem was made in England, it has been altered to Scotish 
orthography"; the note then cites Robertson's account of the 
occurrence, which took place in 1572. The text is also printed 
from this MS. in Satirical Poems of the Reformation (S.T.S.), 
pp. 240-243, and elucidated by historical and other notes on 
pp. 162-163 of vol. ii. 
LXI. Printed by Pinkerton (pp. 223-227), with the title, 'The Answer 
to the Englisch Ballad.' His note (p. 426) begins with, ''This is 
a sensible piece, their {sic) being nothing so unjust as to blame a 
nation for the faults of individuals.'' The text is also given in 
Satirical Poems, pp. 244-247, with notes in \o\. ii., pp. 164-166. 
In 1. 76 the MS. has ' tratro«rzj.' 
LXll. Printed by Pinkerton (pp. 228-234), and in the Satirical Poems, 
pp. 248-253, with notes in vol. ii., pp. 166-169. Line 24 lacks 

two syllables. In 1. 25 'of is interlined; also 'gou' in 1. 60. 
In 102 ' this ' has been deleted before ' sayis.' 1 26. ' and ' should 
apparently be 'gat.' 152. the ( = thee). 
LXiii. Printed by Pinkerton (pp. 168-170), with the title, 'A Poeme on 
the same Lady.' His note (p. 422) is : " This is given as a curious 
specimen of tinsel and nonsense. The stars glittering on her 
gown form a transcendent instance." The piece is also printed 
VOL. I. 289 T 


from this MS. in Dr Cranstoun's edition of Montgomerie's poems 
(pp. 216-217). 

Lxiv. Printed by Pinkerton (pp. 165-167) with the title, 'Sang on the 
Lady Margaret Montgomrie.' In the note (p. 422) he remarks : 
"This piece, and the following, are by Captain Montgomery (of 
that family?), author of a silly poem called The Cherry and 
Slaei" In Dr Cranstoun's edition (pp. 214-215) Pinkerton's in- 
verted order of the pieces and his titles are retained. In 1. 7 
' perle ' has no doubt been omitted after ' pereles.' 42. ' doit ' 
is a misprint for ' dois.' 

Lxv. Printed by Pinkerton (pp. 245-252), with the title, 'Elegie.' In 
his note (p. 428) he calls it "dull and long; but it seems from 
p. 249, 1. 5 [=1. loi], &c., to have been written upon the death 
of Sir Richard Maitland ; and it has also some poetical beauties." 
4. 'haist.' For the rhyme cf. XLIX. 26. 14. The rhyme 

requires 'schak.' 15. 'expande' apparently for ' expounde.' 

25. 'maucles,' so in MS.; probably a misreading of 'mau'les' 
=mauchtless. 49. 'berent' for 'brent'? 62. 'sum' has 

perhaps been omitted before 'solace'; Pinkerton inserts 'that' 
after ' Gif.' 65. ' In wrape tha' apparently for ' Vnwrape thy.' 
67. ' Till ■ apparently for ' tell ' (as Pinkerton prints). 82. ' be 
mone' in MS. 84. After this 1. 83 is repeated in the erroneous 
form, ' quhome fortoun in gis mafi of nesarie.' 86. feidis 

(=fades). 95. ' vaill ' does not rhyme ;? read ' sabill.' 105. 
' healthe ' app. for ' hath.' 107. Pinkerton inserts ' sair ' after 
' woundis,' and prints ' wyd ' for ' voyd.' 114. ' quheill ' rhymes 
imperfectly with ' ill,' &c. 123. ' chaist ' should be ' cast.' 

125. ' duill' for 'duell' (=dwel)). 130. Pinkerton amends the 
rhyme by printing ' Quhilke nevermore did I serve in my lyve.' 
137. bred=brayd (cast). 141. over=our — . 145. 'sad,' 

perhaps for 'said.' 146. pertene=pertaine. 148. betfuU 

forest] baleful breist, P. 159. 'the' is deleted after 'Then.' 

161-176. In these lines the repetition of the terminal words is a 
notable feature. 171. then] ay, P. 172. elect] erect, P. ; 

probably the same change should be made in 171. 176. 

' princes ' forms one syllable only. 

Lxvi. Printed by Pinkerton (pp. 171-174), with the title 'Ane Elegie 
translatit out of the Frenche, written by a ladye upon hir hus- 
band's infidelitie.' His note (p. 422) is : "This piece has great 
merit. Who was the French lady who wrote it ? Was it ever 
published in French ? G. H. \ have not discovered, but he may 
come to light in time." This hope does not appear to have been 
fulfilled as yet. 16. foullis=fuillis (fools). 19. 'mair' 

begins a new sentence. 67. baild = bauld (bold). 70. 

' morpheus ' for ' orpheus.' 83. After this Pinkerton inserts 

' Till the pure foulis in his net he fang.' 84. This line is too 



long, and 88 too short. 103. ' forbiddis ' should apparently be 
' biddis.' 134. ' all ' begins a new sentence. 144. The sense 
of ' my fyne ' is not obvious. 

Lxvii. Printed by Pinkerton (pp. 177-178), with the heading 'Sonet 
be King James VI.' Apparently the piece is not included in any 
collection of the King's verse. 

Lxviii. Printed by Pinkerton (pp. 253-259), in eight-lined stanzas, 
with the title 'In Prayse of Lethingtoun.' The note (p. 428) 
runs: "This is a very curious poem, independently of its real 
graces, as descriptive of a chateau of that period." 36. The 
rhyme requires ' monyefold.' 67. ' alryne ' is unintelligible. 

79. buning (=bumming). 141. bliiid. The MS. has ' bliiid ' 
altered from ' blind.' 

LXix, Printed by Pinkerton (pp. 260-262), with the title 'The Visioun 
of Chaistetie. To Miss Marie Maitland.' In his note (p. 428) 
he calls it "A singular piece of great descriptive merit," and 
adds, "Is the lyon, p. 261 (=1. 30), William Maitland, who 
killed himself? If so, the harts may be his brethren. . . . Marie 
Maitland is in 11. 17, 18 (=41, 42) thrown into a curious anagram : 
»«azV, I suppose, is meat." 60. 'tersiphone' for 'terpsichore.' 

Lxx. = Folio CLXxviii. The piece ends abruptly, and may be im- 
perfect; this would account for the two leaves which the scribe 
has left blank at the end of the text. i. To] To 30 w. 12. to 
Jow] to 30W now. 29. na thing] na change. 65. thay] tak 
gai. 95. scarpenis] scrippionis. 106. Thay were, &c.] Thay 
wald be cesaris in yair actis. lai. schent] schant. 123. 
weist] waist. 126. fartigard] fartigall. 

Lxxi. Printed by Pinkerton (pp. ,263-264), with the title ' Luve-sang 
on Houp.' Also included in the S.T.S. edition of Montgomerie's 
poems, pp. 278-279, with notes on p. 394. 32. For ' And ' read 
' Ane.' 

Lxxii. Printed by Pinkerton (pp. 265-66), with the title ' The faythful 
luifar. A sang.' 17. Altered from 'Resaue it and Intreit it.' 
22. ' Than I dreid I ' in MS. 

Lxxni. Not printed by Pinkerton, who simply records it as ''Ane 
prayer of no merit.' 

Lxxiv.-Lxxxiv. Not printed by Pinkerton, who contents himself with 
giving the first and last lines of all except Nos. lxxvii. and 
Lxxxi., and adding short comments, viz. : lxxiv. ' very poor ' ; 
Lxxv. 'very dull'; lxxvii. 'not worth transcription'; lxxxii. 
'dull.' ' It is, in fact, to a faithless mistress.' Probably Pinker- 
ton was by this time eager to be done with his task of transcrib- 
ing from the two manuscripts. 

lxxv. id. ' and ' should perhaps be ' of.' 

Lxxvi. II. 'hap it ' apparently for 'happie.' 27, 33. the (=thee). 

Lxxvin. 17. One ' I ' should probably be ' It.' 



Lxxx. 1 8, 20. The rhyme is imperfect, as also in 29, 31 ; 33, 35 ; and 
38, 40. . 

Lxxxi. 29. This line is defective. 

Lxxxii. 4. This line begins with 'To holie ghost,' deleted. 

Lxxxiii. 2, 5, 6, &c. the ( = thee). 19, 21 and 37, 39. The rhymes 

are imperfect, even if 'game' stands for 'gam.' 47, 48. The 
rhyme is imperfect and unusual. 62. The blank is probably 
intended for the author's name omitted. 72. ne = na. 

Lxxxv. Printed by Pinkerton (p. 267), with the heading 'To Miss 
Marie Maitland,' but with the omission of the closing lines 
('& than, etc.'). 

Lxxxvi. Not printed by Pinkerton, who describes it as * A prayer to 
Diana, that the writer may end this worthelie. By Miss Mait- 
land, no doubt that she might end this MS. well.' The inference 
is somewhat hazardous. 

Lxxxvii. Not printed by Pinkerton, but simply mentioned as 'A 
maxim or two in couplets.' 

Lxxxviil. Printed by Pinkerton (p. 270), with characteristic alterations 
of the text. 

Lxxxix. Printed by Pinkerton (pp. 268-269), with the title 'Constance 
the Cure of Absence. A Sang.' 

xc. = Folio CLXxxi., with much fuller heading, and at the end 'Quod 
Thomas hudsone.' 

xci. = Folio CLXxxii., with heading ' Ane Vther Epitaph of the said 
Sir Richard,' and at the end ' Quod Robert hudson.' 

xcii. Printed by Pinkerton (p. 352), but without the last two lines. 
12. 'marthle' is miswritten for ' march e,' which P. prints. 

xcin. Printed by Pinkerton. (p. 352), with the heading altered to 'A 
luid of the said Sir Richard,' &c., and with the second piece 
'omitted as of no value.' The word 'luid' appears to be 
otherwise unrecorded. n. 'consemud' is miswritten for 

' conseumd,' as in xciv. 4. 4. 

xciv. Printed by Pinkerton (pp. 354-357). I. 7. 'abbund' for 

'abound.' 13. The parenthesis marks are unnecessary and 

obscure the syntax. 2. 9. From this line P. infers that these 
Visions were composed in March 1586. 3. 3. 'A uterpe' for 
'Euterpe.' 3.7. 'Polhymina'; so in MS. 4. P. remarks: 
'The fourt vision is rather obscure. The author appears to 
have been in prison, but released by James VI., at Secretary 
John Maitland's request. Perhaps the motto may discover the 
author.' i. 'exyde' for 'exyle.' 

xcv. Not printed by Pinkerton, who describes it as 'A poem in 
octave stanzas, on the death of Sir Richard Maitland and his 
lady, not worth transcription.' 5. After 'may ' some such word 
as 'withdraw' is omitted. 17. 'defended' for 'descended.' 

56. Only the tops of the letters in this line remain. 



Abeceil', n. pi. abbacies, li. 6l 

Aggrage, v. increase, xxxviii. 76 

Air, adv. early, lix. 13 

Airtis, n. pi. directions, xi. 27 

Aithe, n. oaih, Ixxxiii. 26 

All gait, adv. in every way, lix. 15 

Alluterlie, adv. completely, xvi. 55 

Allya, V. make alliance, Ivii. 1 7 

Alryne, «. (?), Ixviii. 67 

Alwyse, adv. always, Ixi. 75 

Aneuch, n. enough, xiv. 24 

Anew, a. enough, ix. 21 

Aperse, n. paragon, xlviii. 2i 

Apperantlie, adv. apparently, xvi. 89 

Areir, adv. behind, xviii. 25 

Areird, adv. backward, xlii. 85 

Argone, v. argue, xi. 23 

Ark, n. chest, iii. 44 

Assyile (=aHile), v. polish, adapt, 

xli. 44 
Asteres, pi. stars, Ixiii. 25 
Asuir, a. azure, Ixiii. 3 
Attein, v. attain, xl. 108 ; Ixxi. 39 
Attent, //. assailed, Ixv. 68 
Aucht, V. ought to, Ixv. 85 

Babeis, n. pi. money, Ixx. 26 
Baild, a. bold, Ixvi, 67 
Baill, n. sorrow, xlv. 40 
Baine-iyris, «. pi. bonfire, vi. 20 
Bairne (=bern), ». man, xxxv. 157 
Baneist, pp. banished, Ix. 45, 54 
Bangeister, n. bully, braggart, li. 49 
Bal*, a. base, xlii. 79 
Bauld, a. bold, Ixxiii. 47 
Baxteris, n. pi. bakers, Ixx. 17 
Be-dein, adv. straightway, xxxv. 142 
Begoude, pt. began, Ixxxiii. 55 ; be- 

gouthe, Ixix. 66 
Bein, v. are, xxxv. 138 ; xl. 106 ; has 

been, xxxv. 18 
Beit, V. amend, supply, xx. 27 

Bek, V. beck, xli. 36 

Bellie-blind, n. a blindfolded person, 

xliv. 91 
Bening, a. benign, xxxv. 31 ; Ixxiii. 18 
Berent, ^. ? burned, Ixv. 49 
Bessie, a. busy, xlv. 18 
Bet, pp. helped, Iii. 37 
Betie bum, n. helpless fellow, xli, 115 
Bewis, boughs, Ixix. ii 
Biging, n. building, viii. 8 ; biggingis, 

pi. xvi. 95 
Binge, v. to bow, xli. 36 
Birst, pi. burst, Ixv. 153 
BirthfuU, a. fertile, Ixxx. 10 
Blaise, v. blazon, xciv'. 6 
Blak main, ». protection money, iii. 

Bleir, v. have bleared eyes (with 

weeping), ii. 89 ; iv. 78 
Blenking, «. glancing, Ixvi. 48 
Blenkis, n. pi. glances, Ixix. 14 
Bloistrous, a. blustering, Ixxx. i 
Blok, re. plot, scheme, Ixii. 89, 155 
Bobbis, «. pi. gusts, xliv. 19, 26 
Bold, re. ? threatening weather, xliv. 

Boist, V. threaten, v. 70 
Bontie, «. bounty, ix. 2 ; goodness, 

xxxix. 14, 22 ; bontye, xxxix. 26 
Bonye, a. beautiful, xlviii. 15 ; boniest, 

liRv. 23 
Bot, re. boat, xiii. 27 
Boudiies, V. swells, xlv. 40 
Bourdes, ». //. jests, xli. 58 ; xlviii. 

Bousteous, a. rough, rude, xxxv. 157 
Bousterit, //. bolstered, Ixx. 125 
Bowsum, a. obedient, xxxv. 77 
Braith, re. breath, Ixxiii. 72 ; Ixxviii. 

Braid, pp. decked, xx. 33 
Bray, re. bank, Ixv. 12 ; Ixix. 71 



Brayil*, ». live coal, xlix. 39 
Bred,//, cast, Ixv. 137 
Breeis, «. pi. eyebrows, xlviii. 65 
Brent, a. straight, erect, xl. 94 
Brent (=brint), pt, burned, xxxviii. 

BreD, n. brass, xli. 131 
Brok, n. brook, Ixix. 72 
Broudrit, //. embroidered, ii. 22, 39 
Browsteris, n. pi. brewers, Ixx. 18. 
Bruit, n. report, xlv. 27 
Brukill, a. brittle, xxxi. 3 ; xliv. 19 
Brutis, «. pi. rumours, xliii. 35, 67 
Budding, pp. ? gusty, Ixv. 35 
BufEt, pp. puffed, Ixx. 86 
Buist, n. box, Ixx. 124 
Bumming, «. humming, Ixviii. 79 
Burdalaine, -lane, a. and «. only 

(child), xlvi. 112, 115, 125, 168 
Burding, v. load, xli. 173 
Buriit,//. ? padded, ii. 27 
Bus, n. bush, xliv. 96 

Cadge, caidge, «. cage, Ixvi. 86, 90 
Cairtes, n. pi. cards, xi. 25 
Calf, n. chaff, Ixvi. 57 
Calsay, n. causeway, v. 7 
Campioun, n. champion, x. 29 
Carareche, n. cambric, ii. 14 ; cam- 

reche courchis, ii. 93 
Carcattis, «. //. carcanets, collars, ii. 

Carrous, n. pi. carols, vi. 21 
Catche, n. drive, Ixxi. 27 
Chaip, V. escape, Ixii. 154 
Chein, n. chain, vi. 77 
Cheis, V. choose, xl. 123 
Chope, V. chop, Ixi. 36 
Chust, pt. chose, Ixxxiii. 54 
Clairtie, a. dirty, Ixx. 120 
Clatterar, n. chatterer, xi. II; clat- 

teraris,//. lix. 43 
Cleik, V. clutch, xcv. 28 
Clenge, v. cleanse, xxv. no 
Coil, pp. bought, xvi. 119; Ixxv. 26 
Combuire, v. burn up, xlviii. 118 
Conclud, //. concluded, xciii. 2 
Condign, a. worthy, vi. 3 ; conding, 

lix. 4 
Confeid, v. confide, Ixxxix. 23 
Conqueis, v. acquire, xxix. 40 
Conqueis, «. acquisition, xxix. 42, 44 ; 

1. 16 
Conquesing, n. conquering, xxxv. 204 
Contempill, v. contemplate, xlvi. 57 ; 

xlviii. II ; contempling, xlix. 14 
Conset, «. conceit, Ixxx. 33 
Contreit, a. contrite, Ixxiii. 11 ; Ixxx. 


Cors, n. cross, Ixx. 38 

Cot, n. coat, Ixxvii. 5 

Coulpit, pp. ? bartered, sold, Ixii. 37 

Coup, n. ? overthrow, Ixxi. 27 

CourcheS, n. pi. kerchiefs, caps, ii. 93 

Couites, a. courteous, xxxix. 53 ; xli. 

86, 135 
Covene, n. agreement, xliv. 69 
Coy, a. quiet, Ixviii. 83 
Crab, V. offend, xxix. 52 ; be angiy, 

xl. 5 ; (craib) xxxix. 74 
Crakis, n. pi. boasts, Ixx. 105 
Crame-craikeris, «. pi. pedlars, iv. 87 
Crepusculein, a. evening, xlix. 2 
Crope, «. top, Ixix. 57 
Cuir, n. care, xii. 40 
Cuire, n. care, ix. 40 ; xi. 82 ; xliv, 8 
Cuire, n, charge, xliv. 22 
Cummer, n. encumbrance, Ii. 60 
Cunnand, n. covenant, xlvi. 52 
Curall, n. coral, xlviii. 68 
Curis, V. care(s), Hi. 30 
Cuschingis, ». pi. cushions, ii. 44 

Daill, «. dealing, xliv. 42 
Dainser, n. dancer, ii. 73 
Dayis, n, pi. daws, xliii. 55 
Debait, v. defend, xix. 21 ; make 

defence, xxx. 11 
Decoir, v. adorn, decorate, Ixiv. 26 ; 

decoird,//. xlviii. 104 
Decres, v. decrease, lii. 18 
Dees, n. goddess, xlviii. loi 
Deid, n. death, xii. 8 ; xxxviii. 96, 97 
Dein, ? error for 'kein,' xxxviii. 73 
Deir, n. hurt, harm, xxxv. 52 
Deir, v. injure, iv. 18 
Depart, n. departure, Ixiii. 24 
Deray, n. disturbance, xxxix. 85 
Derf, a. bold, xlvi. 97 
Ding, V. beat, vi. 27 
Docht, pt. were of use, xxvi. 1 1 
Doleance, n. sufferinji, xxxviii. 9 
Dolphin, n. dauphin, vi. 9 
Douce, a. sweet, xlviii. 90 
Douchtellie, adv. doughtily, xliv. 83 
DouU, n. grief, xlvi. 114 
Doulfull, a. doleful, mournful, Ixv. 

SS, 64 ; Ixxvi. 19 
Dow, ». dove, xxxv. 224 
Dow, V. may, can, xliii. 33 
Drie, v. endure, xxxv. 58 
Drouth, «. drought, Ixv. JO 
Duill, n. sorrow, grief, xl. 103 ; Ixv. 

%i, 59. 75 
Duill, V. dwell, Ixv. 125 
Dulcour, n. sweetness, Ixvi. 73 
Dunge, pp. beaten, Ij^xx. 2 
Dwyine, v. fade away, xxxviii. 49 



Dyissar, k. dicer, xi. 25 
Dyuouris, n. pi. debtors, iv. 69 

E, «. eye, liv. 19 

Eane, num. one, xcv. 38 

EfTeir, v. pertain; doand effeir= con- 
forming, ii. 48 

Eik, V. add, increase, li. 64; eikis, 
xxxviii. 51 

Elndill, y. be jealous, xx. 39 

Eistclap=efterclap, «. afterclap, xliv. 

Eithe, a. easy, xxxv. 28 

Ellis, V. ails, xli. S 

Elasion, n. deception, xii. 29 

Elyde, v. destroy, xi. 38 

Embrayis, v. inflame, xlviii. 116 

Ennuy, «. annoyance, xlvi. 28 

Enorme, a. outrageous, xliv. 38 

Entres, «. entry, lii. 38 

Enuy, n. (?), xlvi. 118 

E per sie (=Aperse), «. paragon, 
Ixiv. 3 

Ernand, ? = errand, xxxviii. 67 

Esperance, n. hope, Ixxi. 12 

Ettill, V. aim, xxxviii. 36 

Eventour, «. chance, xvii. i ; even- 
tuire, xxvii. 5 

Excitat, V. rouse, Ixix. 67 

Exerced, /^. exercised, liii. 14 

Faill, n. failing, fault, vii. 43 ; faillis, 

pi. xi. 13 ; xl. 34 
Failjie, v. fail, ix. 31 
Failjies, n. pi. faults, Iviii. 27 
Fairlie, v. wonder, ii. 8 
Fairlie, u. strange, xliv. 28 
Falset, ». falsehood, xi. 69 ; xlii. 40 
Farder, a. further, xliii. 68 
Farland, a. distant, xliv. 36 
Fartigard, ». farthingale, Ixx. 126 
Fauid, n. (sheep)fold, xx. 3 
Fauld, V. fold, bend, xlvi. 103 
Fauiles, a. faultless, xcii. 12 
Fay, n. faith, xvi. 4 
Feid, n. feud, xvi. 77 ; xviii. 13, 27 
Feidis, v. fades, Ixv. 86 
Feill, n. understanding, v. 67 
Feill, V, fail, xxxv. 37 
Feinjing, «. feigning, xi. 69 
Feinjit, pp. feigned, xli. i 
Feir, «. mate, companion, vi. 43 ; 

xxxviii. 19 ; xlviii. 64 ; feiris, pi. 

xvi. II 
Fekill, a. fickle, xlii. 16 
Feminein, feminine, n. the female 

sex, xxxix. 90, xl. 2 
Fercis, n. pi. farces, vi. 20 
Ferme, n. rent, xxi. 8 

Fit, n. foot, xlvi. 151 
Fleitschour, «. flatterer, Ixviii. 158 
Flemit, pp. banished, Ixii. 7 
Flyit, V. scold, xcv. 43 
Foirsein, j*^. overlooked, xvi. 104 
Foirskirt, «. foreskirt, ii. 15 
Forfair, v. perish, iii. 69 ; xxv. 4 
Forfaltis, «. //. forfeits, xxv. 106 
Forleit, v. abandon, xlviii. 126 ; Ixiv. 

30; neglect, Ixxii. 19 
Fow, a. full, xxiii. 38 ; Iv. 2 
Fiaward, a. forward, xlvi. 99 
Fray, prep, from, xxxviii. 10; xlv. 

Fray, v. frighten, v. 71 
Fred,//, freed, xxxv. 174 
Freit, v. fret, xliii. 1 1 
Fremmidnes, n. strangeness, xli. 88 
Fuiljeit, pt. trampled on, xliv. 63 
Fuk-saillis, ? fore-sails, ii. 14 
Furteouslie, adv. stealthily, Ixiii. 42 

Gadge, «. gage, Ixxii. 15 

Gailjeounis, n. pi. galleys, iv. 89 

Gaine, v. serve, Ixx. 98 

Gaist, «. guest, Ix. 7S 

Gait, //. galled, Ixx. 56 

Gaittis, n. pi. ways, xxviii. 25 ; xxix. 


Ganand, a. suitable, xli. 136 
Gartenis, n, pi. garters, Ixx. 97 ; 

gartennis, ii. 28 
Geill-poikkis, n. pi. jelly-bags, ii. 17 
Gein, //. given, xxxv. 20 
Geked,//. mocked, xliii. 50 
Giglettis, K. pi. wantons, ii. 52 
Glaid, V. gladden, xvii. 32 ; Ixvi. 97 
Glaikis, «. pi. ? empty show, Ixx. 78 
Gleid, n. ember, xlvi. 35 ; gleidis, pi. 

xliii. 20 
Gleit, V. shine, glitter, Ixix. 2 ; gleting, 
,pr. p. xlvi. 35 
Gloise, V. speak fair, xli. 73 
Gloriositie, n. ostentation, xli. 127 ; 

xlii. 59 
Glydis, n. pi old horses, Ixx. 56 
Gob, n. mouth, iii. 55 
Gouketlie, adv. foolishly, xxxv. 67 
Graith, «. implements, furniture, xiii. 

30 ; xxvi. S , , .. 

Gratuitlie, adv. gratuitously, Ixu. 137 
Grethed (=graithed), //. prepared, 

wrought, xlvi. 35 
Grie, n. degree, step, xliv. 76 ; supe- 
riority, xlviii. 20 
Grie, v. agree, xix. 78 ; Ii. 15 
Gryit, a. great, xl. 13 
Guberne, v. govern, xii. 3 
Gysaris, n. pi. mummers, v. 13 



Habill, a. able, ix. 57 
Habuljement, «. raiment, iv. 56 
Hace, a. hoarse, Ixix. 31 
Had, V. hold, v. 31 ; vii. 60 
Had I wist = had I but known, Ixxv. 

llaf and, Jir. p. having, 1. 19 
Haillalie, adv. wholly, xii. 15; xxiii. 

Hait, haitt, a. hot, xxxviii. 27 ; xli. 32 
Halallie,, oifo. wholly, xxx. 42 
Hallow, a, hollow, xcii. i 
Hals-beiddis, «.//. neck-beads, ii. 36 
Hasart, /A hazarded, xxxv. 173 
Haut, a. high, Ixxxv. 12 
Heichlie, a. haughty, xli. 108 
Heild, V. incline, xlvii. 41 
Heirschip, n. ravaging, xxx. 6 ; Iviii. 

Heisit, pp. raised, Ixx. 119 
Helsum, a. wholesome, xxxv. 79 
Hent, V. seize, xli. iii 
Hereit, pp. harried, ravaged, iii. 16 ; 

xxi. 12 
Heroicis, n. pi. heroes, xlix. 21 
Herrie, v. ravage, xiii. 25 ; herreit, 

pp. xiv. 2 ; xxi. 8 
Hest, V. hast it, Ixxxiii. 24 
Hiche, a. high, xxxviii. g8 
Hing, V. be hanged, viii. 16 
Hint, pt. caught, seized, xxiii. 28 ; 

xxxviii. 13 
Ho, sd. ceasing, xxxviii. 13 
Hoill, It. whole, Ixi. 9 
Hoill, adv. wholly, Ixi. 26 
Houbeid = howbeit, xcv. 55 
Houke, V. dig, Ixviii. 89 
Hound, V. instigate, xxx. 56 
Houp, «. hope, xix. 12 ; Ixxi. II, 24 
Houpe, V. hope, xxvi. 29 ; houping, 

pr. p. Ixxi. 25 
Huik, n, hook, xcv. 26 
Huire, n. whoie, Ixx. 32 
Hulie, adv. slowly, 1. 11 
Hyire-wemen, n. pi. women servants, 

Ixx. 6, 26 
Hyne, adv. hence, gone, past, xlvi. 

128 ; in the next world, xvi. 79 

lUuster, a. illustrious, ix. 10 
Imps, n. pi. scions, xci. 12 
Impyre, v. rule, Ixix. 63 
Inamitie, n. enmity, xxxviii. 106 
Inclusit, pp. shut up, Ixii. 84 
Inding, a. unworthy, Ixvi. 38 
Indyit, n. enditing, xcv. 41 
Infame, a. infamous, Ixii. 124 
Ingraitlie, adv. ungratefully, Iii. 27 
Ingraitnes, n. ungratefulness, Iii. 24 


Ingyine, n. disposition, xl. 107 ; in- 

gyne, xlii. 36 
Inimitie, ». emnity, xlii. 80 
Inlaik, v. be wanting, Ixiv. 50 
Inlaikit, pp. diminished, xxvi. 2 
Inner-mair, adv. further in, xliv. 37 
Insensative, a. insensible, Ixvi. 76 
Inteir, a. sound, xliv. 9 
Inteiteney, v. entertain, vi. 45 
Inveccyde, n. invective, Ixii. h. ; a. 

Ixii. 15 
Involent, a. ? unwilling, Ixv. 99 
Ir, n. ire, xxxiv. 24 
Ithinglie, adv. constantly, Ixv. 45 
I-wif, adv. certainly, xlix. 33 

Jak, n. defensive coat, v. 69 
Janetflour, n. a yellow flower, xl. 69 
Jawis, n. pi. dashing waves, Ixv. 33 
Jeme, n. gem, xxxv. 186 
Jouk, V. make bows, xli. 36 

Kaip, n. cope, xlix. 2 

Kaist, pt. cast, Ixii. 146; kest, 

xxviii. 44 
Kinrik, n. kingdom, Iviii. 46 
Kittill, a. ticklish, xliv. 22 
Kna, V. know, xxvii. 13 
Knappis, «. //. tassels, Ixx. 102 
Kyithe, v. appear, xliii. 9 ; kyithis, 

xvi. 23 

Laif, n. rest, Ixii. 63 

Lair, «. lore, Ixxi. 29 

Laith, V. be loath, Ixxxiv. 6 

Lak, V. blame, xliii. 49 

Langsummes, n. tediousness, li. 33 

Lasoris, n. pi. pastures, Ixix. 34 

Lattin,^/. let, xvi. 66 

Laulines, n. lowliness, humility, Ixix. 

64 ; lawlines, Ixix. 52 
Lawtie=lawlie, a. xi. 66 
Lawtie, n. loyalty, honesty, iv. 63 ; 

xliv. I 
Lear, «. lier, xi. 5 
Leif, a. dear, Ixxvi. 17 
Leig, n. league, Ix. 68 
Lekand, pr. p. leaking, xiii. 27 
Lekis, n. pi. leaks, xliv. 30 
Lemmand, n. lover, Ixvi. 23, 98 
Lenth, v. lengthen, xxxii. 62 
Lesing, n. falsehood, lix. 46 
Lesioun, n. hurt, xix. 71 
Lest, V. last, continue, xliv. 103 ; 

Ixxii. 14 
Lest, pt. lasted, xlix. 29 
Lest, n. lasting, permanence, xxxv. 21 
Lesum, a. allowable, permissible, iv. 

72 ; xiv. 26 ; lesume, liii. 15 


Lesumlie, adv. permissibly, xvii. 27 
Let, «. stay, stop, xxxv. 176 
Leueray, n. livery, vi. 16 
Lichlie, adv. lightly, easily, xxxv. 24 
Lidderlie, adv. cowardly, xxxv. 152 
Limmer, n. scoundrel, li. 49 ; lim- 

meris, pi. iv. 3 ; lymmaris, xix. 27 
Ling, V. stay, remain, Ixx. 54 
Lippin, V. trust, xlii. 180 
Loif, V. praise, Ixiv, i 
Lose, n. loss, Ixxix. 3 
Lote, ». lot, fate, xlvi. 23 
Louf, V. love, xxxiv. 27 
Lounis, n. pi. common fellows, Ix. 49 
Loup, V. leap, Ixxvii. 2 
Lout, V. descend, Ixviii. 74 
Luid, «. ? a verse, xciii. h. (bis) 
Luifsum, a. lovable, pleasing, Ixix. 52 
Luit, fit. let, xlvi. 165 ; Ixi. 33 ; 

Ixii. 64 
Lurdane, u. boorish, xl. 108 
Lyart gray, a. hoary, xiii. 18 
Lyese, v. lies, xcii. 5 
Lyire, «. skin, xlviii. 73 
Lymmaris. See Limmer. 
l,yTie,pp. lain, vi. 42 

Magnanime, a. magnanimous, xlvi. 

90, 122 
Maik, «. mate, xlviii. 52 ; Ixiv. 53 ; 

Ixvi. 8; Ixviii. 138, 1 50; Ixxix. 3 
Maikles, a. matchless, Ixiv. 8, 16, &c. 
Main, n. rent, xxi. 9 
Maister-steik, n. masterpiece, Ixii. 113 
Maistreift n. force, xlii. 52 
Mait, ». meat, Ixix. 42 
Makdome, n. form, Ixiv. 13 
Makin, pp. made, Ixvi. 72 
Maling, ». holding, xxi. 46 ; xxviii. 

49 ; malingis, pi. xxi. 23 
Maling, v. malign, xxxv. 124 
Malhourous, u. unfortunate, xxxviii. 

Man, V. must, Ixxi. 4 
Mane, n. moan, complaint, xcv. 40 
Mansuetud, n. gentleness, Ixxi. 7 
Mantein, v. maintain, xlix. 71 
Manuire, v. work, xiii. 30 
Mard, pp. marred, Ixxi. 3 
Marrow, n. mate, comrade, xliv. 93 
Marrowit, pp. made equal, Ixiv. 38 
Maudes, a. helpless, ixv. 25 
May, a. more, xxxv. 167 
Mein, n. means, 1. 15 
Meinjie, n. company, Ixx. II 
Meit, «. measure, iv. 64 
Meit, a. close-fitting, Ixx. 85 
Meladie, n. malady, xxxix. 69; 

Ixxxix. 12, 42 

Melein, n. mailing, farm, xiii. 29 
Mell, V. meddle, xix. 81 ; melled, //. 

lii. 34 
Melling, n. meddling, xv. 18 ; xviii. 

Merchis, n. pi. borders, a. 52 
Metest, a. meetest, i. 5 
Mint, V. aim, xliv. 81 
Mischeant, a. wicked, Ixii. 65, 121 
Misken, v. fail to know, Ixviii. 17 
Misknaw, v. fail to know, ignore, xli. 

132 ; xliii. 9 ; Ixvi. 26 
Missis, n. pi. misdeeds, xlii. 125 
Mister, n. need, Ixx. 99 ; misteris, ;*/. 

XX. 27 
Misteris, v. needs, Ixviii. 114 
Mocht, pt. might, xxvi. 19 
Monifauld, adv. manifold, xl. 10 
Mow, «. mouth, xxxviii. 64 
Mudie, a. muddy, xlvi. 33 
Muillis, slippers, ii. 41 ; Ixx. 96 
Mumschancis, n. pi. mummings, ii. 


Nar, adv. near, xxxviii. 69 
Nauchtie, a. worthless, Ixv. 113 
Neif, n. fist, xxiii. 28 
Nepotis, grandsons, xlvi. 127 
New Jeirismef, «. New Year's Day, 

vii. h. 
Nil, V. will not, xli. 82 

Ocht, pt. owed, xxvi. 15 

Oft syf, adv. often, xvi. 99 ; oft syis, 

xix. 29 
Oncled, //. unclad, xxxv. 30 
Onfreindis, enemies, xiv. 20 
Onperfyite, a. imperfect, xxxv. 68 
Ornis, v. adorn(s), xcv. 42 
Ouerfleit, v. overflow, Ixiv. 46 
Ourharle, v. overturn, xliv. 47 ; our- 

harld, pp. xxxiv. 3 
Outtrance, n. extremity (of hurt), 

xxxviii. 59 
Outwair, v. spend, xli. 54 

Pace, n. Easter, v. 31 

Pairtlie, adv. pertly, xliii. 42 

Pakis, «. //. packs, xvi. 37 

Pallat, «. head, Iv. 28 

Pan, V. accord, Ix. 30 

Pance, v. think, xliv. 23 

Pand, n. pawn, Ixxii. 15 

Pansis, v. thinkest, xiv. 19 

Pape, n. Pope, xii. 41 

Papingo, «. parrot, xxxv. 90 ; xliii. 

Parqueir, adv. by heart, ix. 20 ; Ixx. 




Pasmentis, n. pi. laces, ii. 22 

Pat, n. paw, Ixvi. 65 

Patrone, n. pattern, Ixiv. 31 ; patroun, 

xlvi. 59, 67, 71 
Pauchtie, a. haughty, xli. 107 
Pawne, n. peacock, xxxv. 92 
Peregall, n. equal, xxxv. 92 ; xxxix. 

6 ; xl. 3 ; Ixiv. 15 ; a. xlviii. 5 
Peres, v. perish, xliv. 94 
Perfyit, a. perfect, xl. 11 ; perfyite, 

xl. 38 
Perhaps, adv. by cliance, Ixv. 26 ; 

Ixix. 19 
Perpend, v. consider, xxxv. 73 
Plat, a. flat, Ixx. 90 
Pleinjie, v. complain, Ixvi. 17, 118 
Pleit, ^;. troubled, xxv. 63 
Plenandj^f-. /. complaining, Ii. 4 
Pleneist, //. stocked, xiv. 15 
Plie, n.iplea., contest, xi. 12; Ii. 9 
Ply, V. fold, bend, xlvii. 42 
Poise, «. hoard, v. 28 
Poleit, pp. polished, xl. 89 
Pomellis, breasts, xlviii. 71 
Posseid, i>. possess, Ixiv. 47 
Prayis, n. praise, xlviii. 135; prayif , 

xlix. 37 
Precellis, v. excels, xlix. 2 
Preclair, a. distinguished, xxxv. 86 ; 

xlviii. 22 
Prein, n. pin, xvi. 94 ; xxxv. 200 ; 

xli. 99 ; Ixx. 56 
Preis, 7/. press, Ixxi. 35 
Prepone, v. set before, xc. 6 
Prest, a. ready, xci. 5 
Prevein, v. prevent, xvi. 102 
Previt, pt. proved, xlvi. 50 
Propyne, v. present, xxxix. 74 
Propyne, n. a present, xxxix. 82 
Prostrat, p>i. lay down, Ixv. 8 
Prove, «. proof, xlvi. 37 ; Ixxx. 38 
Prow, n. advantage, xxv. 74 
Pruinjeis, v. preens itself, xliii. 56 
Pryne, n. pin, Ixxx. 40 
Pryss, K. praise, xxxv. 212 
Puire, V. impoverish, xiii. 25 
Pumice - fret, a. smoothed as with 

pumice, xlviii. 69 
Punkis, p/. (?), xxii. 51 
Pygrall, a. petty, Ixii. 126 
Pyne, v. torment, Ixvi. 87 ; pynd, 

pp. 81 

Queir, «. choir, v. 15 ; queiris, pi. 

vi. 30 
Quelling, n. smelting, xlvi. 34 
Quent, a. quaint, xlviii. 146 
Quentance, n. acquaintance, xvii. 19 
Quhein, a. few, xvi. 30 

Quhodder, conj. whether, xli. 74 
Quhylome, adv. formerly, xlv. 10 
Quin, V. con, know, ii. 83 
Quyite, v. repay, xlviii. 153 ; pp. 162 

Ragment, «. rigmarole, Ixxxiii. 62 
Raise, /^. rose, xvi. i 
Rakis, Ti. reck(s), xxvi. 13 
Rakleslie, adv. recklessly, xi. 54 
Raknit, pp. reckoned, xli. 76 
Rander, v. render, xxxix. 54 ; ran- 

derit, pp. 2 
Rasche bus, ». rush-clump, Iviii. 47 
Rauk, a. hoarse, Ixv. 37 ; Ixix. 31 
Ravif, V. ravish, xlix. 16 
Rax, V. stretch, xvi. 39 ; have sway, 

xviii. 10 
Reciproc, a. reciprocal, xlix. 19 
Record, v. remember, Ixx v. 17 
Red, n. clearance, iv. 79 
Red, a. prompt, active, xxxv. 77 
Red, a. afraid, xxv. 64 
Rediviue, a. restored to life, xlix. 2 
Refound, v. repair, redress, xl. 33 
Refrain, v. restrain, xvi. 38 
Regrait, n. complaint, Ii. I 
Regrateris, n. pi. retailers, iv. 67 
Reif, n. robbery, xviii. II, 38; xix. 

Reif, V. rob, xvi. 13, 38 
Remeid, «. remedy, xxxviii. 95 ; 

Ixxxix. 16 
Remoird, v. feel remorse or regret, 

xlii. 134; remord, Ixxv. 18; Ixxx. 

Renoumit, //. renowned, Ixviii. 151 
Repremis, v. represses, xliii. 23 
Resing, i/. resign, xlviii. 119 ; Ixxii. 9 
Resonded,//. resounded, xciv^. 4 
Reuin, /^. riven, torn, xcv. 15 
Revar, n. reaver, xviii. 39 
Rewis, streets, vi. 21 
Ring, V. reign, xix. 97 ; xxii. 2 ; 

ringis, Ixxvi. 2 
Ringis, n. pi. realms, Ixii. 5 1 
Rissin, pp. risen, Ii. 2 
Rok, n. distaff, iii. 39 
Roume, n. place, xxv. 46 
Rounder, n. whisperer, xi. 10 
Rowme, «. place, Ii. iS ; rowmes, pi. 

places, lands, xx. 2 ; xxi. 21 ; 

xxix. 18 
Rowyne, n. ruin, xlv. 31 
Roy, n. king, lix. 57 
Ruffiaris, «. //. swaggerers, v. 16 
Rug, V. take by force, xvi. 1 3 
Ruse, n. boast, xxv. 43 
Ryif, a. rife, plentiful, xcv. 5 1 
Rypis, V. searches, iii. 44 


Sair, «. sore, Ixxi. 30 ; sairris, //. 

xliii. 54 
Sais, «. //. saws, sayings, xliii. 39 
Sait, «. session, iv. 41 ; li. 4, 21 
Satefie, v. satisfy, Ixxxiii. 41 
Scafrie, ». sponging, Iviii. jo 
Scairis, adv. scarcely, xvi. 34 
Scambillis, n. pi. shambles, Ixi. 94 
Scand, V. scan, Ixxxv. 8 
Scant, ». scarcity, xii. 8 
Scarpenis, ». //. light shoes, Ixx. 95 
Scauld, n. scold, xx. 18 
Sceill, n. skill, iv. 61 ; v. 71 
Schaw, «. grove, Ixix. 17 
Schent, v. destroy, iv. 16 
Schent, fp. ruined, xi. 5 j xli. 48 ; 

Ixv. 51 ; Ixxv. 4; slashed, Ixx. 121 
Schersit, pp. sought out, xliii. 59 
Schreudis, «. shrews, evil ones, xlvi. 

Schuif, pt. shaved, xii. 18 
Schyire, ». chair, Ixiii. 22 
Scipping, pr. p. skipping, xxxviii. 82 
Sckayth, n. scathe, li. 37 
Seill, ». happiness, xvii. 39 
Seindill, ada. seldom, xliv. 46 
Semble, a. similar, xc. 7 
Sersit, pp. searched, Ixviii. 100 
Seruituire, n. servitor, xl. 27 
Sibness, n. kinship, xxiii. 20 
Siching, pr.p. sighing, Ixv. 145, 157 
Sicht, /^. sighed, Ixv. 139 
Sichtis, «. pi. sighs, xxxviii. 3 
Sickernes, «. sureness, Ixix. 50 
Sies, times, Ixxxiii. 42 
Sinderit, //. sundered, xxxviii. 12 
Sindill, adv. seldom, Ixx. 8 
Sindring, n. sundering, xxxviii. 9 
Sine, n. sin, xv. I 
Sing, n. sign, xi. 28 ; signe, xlvi. 22 
Skambillis, «. //. shambles, Ixii. 40 ; 

Ixx. 19 
Skift, V. skip, ii. 71 
Skrepis, v. scrapes, Ixxv. 19 
Slauchter-mairt, «. ox or cow fattened 

for killing, Ixii. 117 
Slidder, a. slippery, xix. 72 ; xxxi. 3 ; 

unwilling, Ixx. 58 
Smittit, //. infected, xvi. 43 
Snapper, v. stumble, xi. 54 
Snyte, v. wipe the nose, Ixx. 99 
Soddis, «. pi. turfs (used for saddles), 

xxi. 40 
Soir, V. soar, xvi. 21 
Soirnaris, n. pi. spongers, iv. 88 
Sone, n. sun, Ixviii. 130 
Sonkin, pp. sunk, Ixv. 147 
Soppit, ^/. steeped, xii. 13 
Soucy, «. concern, xxxviii. 107 

Souppis, V. overwhelms, xlv. 2 
Sowme, n. sum, Ixii. 120; sowmes, 

pi. xxi. 19 
Spauld, «. shoulder-blade, xx. 48 
Speid, V. obtain, xvi. 60 
Spelt, n. spit, iii. 41 
Spil, V. destroy, Ixv. 66 
Spoiljie, V. spoil, despoil, xvi. 37 ; 

XX. 6 ; spoiljit, pp. xxx. 38 
Spoyl^ie, n. spoliation, xix. 22 
Spray, «. greenwood, Ixix. 66 
Spreit, n. spirit, xl. 108; xlv. II; 

Ixviii. 108 
Spuil)ie, V. despoil, xxv. 38 ; spuil3it, 

pp. xiv. 4, 9; xxx. 42 
Spunk, n. spark, li. 42 
Slaig, n. young horse, iv. 84 
StaikiSj w. supplies, Ixx. 77 ; staikit, 

pp. supplied, provided, supported, 

iii. 30 ; xxi. 15 ; xxvi, i 
Stainche, a. stanch, stop, viii. 21 ; 

xvi. loi ; xxx. 63, 72 ; xxxiv. 24 
Starnis, stars, xl. 53 
Stay, a. strait, xliii. 47 
Sted, //. supplied, served, xxxv. 28 
Steding, n. steading, xxviii. 63 
Steif, fl. stiff, strong, xiii. 28 
Steinzie, v. stain, xl. loi 
Steip, V. sink, xlvi. 183 
Steir, V. slir, xxxv. 151 
Stent, n. assessment, lix. 31 
Stering,/r. /. stirring, xlv. II 
Sterue, v. to Hie, Ix. 58 
Stewin, ». voice, xliii. 18 
Stirk, n. young ox, iv. 84 
Stound, n. pang, Ixv. 72 
Stouppis, pillars, xlvi. 152 
Stouth, n. theft, iii. 21, 56 
Straik, v. strike, xcv. 32 
Streamis, ». streaks, Ixxvii. 5 
Stryind, ». strain, trace, Iii. 24 
Stryinde, «. race, kind, xxxv. 131 
Sturt, n. trouble, disturbance, xviii. 

7 ; xlvi. 131 ; lix. 70 
Sturte, V. feel disquiet, xxxviii. 43 
Sturtsum, a. disquieting, xxviii. 56 
Sah&sv/,pp. subject, Ixv. 94 
Suddartis, n. pi. soldiers, xix. 23 
Sueir, a. unwilling, xxxv. 151 
Sueirnes, n. laziness, liii. 10 
SweXiing, pr. p. swooning, xxxviii. 3 
Sunjeis, «. //. excuses, xliii. 54 
Suppon, V. suppose, Ixxiv. 18 
Sussie, K. care, xiv. 23 
Sussie, V. care, be concerned, xliii. 

39 ; xlv. 32 
Sussious, a. anxious, xlvi. 84 
Sweir, a. lazy, unwilling, iv. 88 ; xx. 



Swir, a. sure, xxv. 88 

Swuning, «. swooning, Ixv. 9 

Syild,/;>. blinded, xliv. 91 

Syis, syl*, n. pi. times, xvi. 99 ; xix. 

SysiP, n. pi. assizes, xvi. 71 
Syne, «. sin, xlii. 8 
Syne, v. sin, xxx. 60 
Syt, n. distress, grief, xlvi. 83 ; syte, 


Tafteis, n. pi. taffetas, ii. 27 
Tak, n. tack, farm, xxviii. 24, 63 
Tapeis, n. pi. tapestries, carpets, 

Ixviii. 109 
Tarie, n. difificulty, xiii. II 
Teare, pt. tore, Ixv. 42 
Teastis, v. tastes, Ixxvi. 10 
Teilling, n. tilling, xiii. 31 
Teillis, V. tills, xiii. 33 
Tein, n. annoyance, vexation, offence, 

xvi. 22; xxiii. 13; xxx. I; xlix. 

Teint ( = tint), //. lost, xxv. 83 
Tenty, a. careful, xi. 29 
Teynd ( = teymd), //. emptied, xx. 3 
Thoill, w. suffer, xvi. 6 
Thresour, n. treasure, Ixx. IIO 
Thring, v. to press, push, xxxv. 126 ; 

lix. 7 
Till, conj. while, Ixxii. 14 
Tinsell, n. loss, xiv. 19 
Tint, pp. lost, destroyed, x. 27, 28 ; 

xxxviii. 30; xlv. 28 
To-name, 11. nickname, iii. 32 
Toons, «. pi. tunes, xciv *. 2 
Traist, u. trust, xxii. 6 
Traist, a. trusty, faithful, xxxv. 221 ; 

xlix. 26 
Transing, pp. traversing, Ixxx. 6 
Tred, n. way, Ix. 10 ; Ixi. 46 
Tuill, n. strife, Ix. 59 
Tuiljie, n. strife, lix. 70 
Tuiljie, V. quarrel, xxv. 39 
Turse, v, carry, v. 44; tursis, iii. 31 
Twitche, v. touch, xxxviii. 63 
Tyice, 0. entice, xv. I 
Tyine, v. lose, xiii. 24 
Tyne, v. lose, xlv. 28, xc. 4 ; destroy, 

xxviii. 33 

Ungenand, a. unsuitable, xxxix. 75 

Vaill, «. ? wail, Ixv. 95 
Vaillis, V. avails, xi. 12 
Vanqueis, v. vanquish, Ixvii. 18 
Veluoufl, n. velvet, ii. 12, 92 
Veluot, n. velvet, ii. 37 ; velwot, 41 
Vituper, n. abuse, xliv. 85 

Vneis, n. unease, Ixxviii. 26 
Vnfauld, v. unfold, Ixxii. 48 
Vnfet, a. unfit, Ixxx. 35 
Vnperfyle, «. imperfect, xl. 38 
Vnsarit, pip. unhurt, vii. 15 
Voltis, n. pi. vaultis, Ixviii. 63 
Volue, V. turn over, revolve, Ixv. 17 ; 

voluing, pr. p. 2$ 
Vpset, pp. held up, Ixxx. 31 
Vp-weir, v. defend, iii. 63 
Vre, «. use, operation, Ixxv. 5 ; Ixxxv. 

Vyild, u. vile, Ixi. 66; Ixii. '68, 71, 

100 ; vyilde, xliv. 86 
Vyile, n. wile, xxxv. 55 

Waild, pp. weilded, ruled, Ixv. 119 

Waill, n. choice, xxxix. 99 ; Ixiv. 45 

Waill, a. very, xviii. 14 

Waill, V. choose, iii. 20 

Waine, n. hope, xlvi. 171 

Waird, «. weird, fate, xli. I 

Waird sisteris, n. pi. the Fates, xli. 5 

Wais, n. pi. walls, iii. 35 ; xliii. 37 

Waistrie, n. waste, xli. 55 

Wait, V. know, viii. 14 

Wak, V. walk, xix. 27 

Walkin, v. waken, xxxviii. 56 ; xlii. 

Walter, v. welter, xlvi. lOI 
Walter caill, ». broth made without 

meat, iii. 30 
Walterit, pp. overturned, xliv. 55 
Wanhap, n. misfortune, xliv. 78 
Wanlukis, ». //; mishaps, xliv. 30 
Wanthrift, «. lack of thriving, v. 49 
Wanwerdis, n. pi. evil fates, xlvi. 

War, ». worse, xliv. 43 
Warie, v. curse, xli. 95 ; wareis, Ixvi. 

91 ; waried, pt. xliv. 78 
Warit, pp. expended, vi. 79 
Warlie, adv. in warlike manner, Ixv. 

Waw, n. wave, xliv. 31 
Wechtie, a. weighty, Ixxvi. 39 
Wechtis, «. //. weights, Ixxi. 18 
Weill, n. choice, xlviii. 56 
Weippin, pr. p. weeping, Ixxxi. i 
Weir, n. war, viii. i, 3, &c. ; Ixxi. 

Weir, V. make war, xxxv. 199 
Waist, n. waist, Ixx. 123 
Westouris, «. pi. wasters, xxix. 32 
Widdie, «. hangman's rope, xvi. 39 
Wie, V. weigh, balance, Ixxi. 17 
Willie wand, «. willow-wand, xxxv. 

Win,//, won, xcv. 33 



Wis, K. wish, xlvi. 12 

Wis, V. wish, XXXV. 3, 13 ; xxxix. 36 ; 
Ixvi. 92 ; wissis, Ixxxiii. 65 ; wissed, 
pt. xlv. 22, xlviii. 108 ; wissing, 
pr.p. Ixii. 94 

Wo, V. lament, Ixvi. 23 

Wob, n. web, iii. 52 

Wode, a. mad, xlii. 46 

Wogue, n. vogue, xliv. 99 

Wosdome, n. wisdom, xi. 28 ; xxxix. 
49 ; xlii. 30, 58 

Wow, V. woo, Ixxxiii. 32 

Wowaris, «. fil. wooers, vi. 10 

Wrack, n. disaster, Ixxxvii. 2 

Wreath, «. wrath, xciv*. 6 

Wraik, «. wreck, xxxix. 98 ; over- 
throw, xlviii. 53 ; Ixiv. 52 

Wraik, v. wreck, destroy, xxvi. 27 ; 
wraikis, xix. 82 ; wraiking, pr. p. 
xlviii. 159 ; wraikit, pp. iii. 28, xxi. 

Wrak, V. wreck, xviii. 10 

Wryte, n. writ, xxxv. 134 

Wyit, n. blame, xxxv. 66 ; wyite, v. 79 
Wyit, V. blame, xlv. 24 ; wyite, xxxv. 

13s, xlv. 8 
Wylicot, n. petticoat, ii. 32 ; wylie 

cottis, 21 
Wyne, //. won, xxv. 83 
Wyte, V. blame, xxxix. 36 ; wytis, v. 


Yad, K. mare, Ixx. 75 
Yairnit, pt. yearned, xlv. 20 
Vrke, V. dislike, xli. 80 
Yuore baine, n. ivory, xl. 89 
Yvoire, u,. ivory, xlviii. 71 

3airne, v. desire, xxxv. 3 ; Jairning, 

pr. p. xxxviii. 5 
3eis=ye shall, xxxv. 64 
3eit, pt. poured, Ixv. 55 
3emen, n. pi. yeomen, Ixx. 5 
3ouldin, //. yielded, xlviii. 138 
3ounkeir, n. youth, ii. 38 ; Joun- 

kouris, //. Ixx. 8 



Abigaal, xxxv. 163 
Achab, xxxv. 122 
Achates, xlix. 29 
Achilles, xlix. 27 
^nee (=^neas), xlix. 30 
Andro Bell, Ixii. 100 
Anna, xxxv. 155 
Annas, xvi. 49 
Antechrist, xli. 42 
Apelles, xlviii. 33 
Aspasia, xxxv. 187 
Attyla, Ixvi. 67 
Augustus, xciv*. 4, 6, 9 

Baquhidder, ii. 39 
Berrie, xiii. 23 
Berwik, vii. 39 ; x. 52 
Blyith(e), Blythe, xiv. 2, 4, &c. 
Boreas, xliv. 25 ; Ixv. 11, 36 
Borrowmuire, viii. 15 
Bourdour(= Border), viii, 15 
Britouis, xliv. 53 
Bruse, xxv. 44, 47 
Brutus, xlix. 40, 42, 45 
Buchane, Ixii. 77 
' Burges ( = Bruges), xiii. 23 

Caballein fontane, xlvi. 3 

Caiphas, Cayphas, xvi. 25 ; Ixii. 120 

Calice (toun), x. h., 5 

Canarianis, xxxv. 169 

Castor, xlix. 5° 

Catullus, Ixviii. 5 

Ceres, xxxv. 113 

Charles the maine, biii. 99 

Christ, xvi. 52, 55, &c. ; xxii. 19, &c. 

Christiane, x. 1 ; xii. 70 ; xxii. 20, 48 

Christianis, xii. S7 

Christin, xxii. 43 

Christindome, Ixi. 57 

Christintie, vi. 7 

Chryist, xvi. 34 

Cleisch, Ixi. 15 

Clementis Hob, ii. 51 

Cleo, Clio, Ixix. 60 ; xciv'. 4 

Corduba, Ixviii. 3 

Cornelia, xxxv. 185 

Creusa, Ixv. 29 

Cupid, Ixvi. 18, 20 ; Ixxxix. ^ 

Dakeris, Leonard, Ixi. 56 

Dalila, xxxv. 123 

Dauid, xxxv. 165 ; xlix. 31 

Debora, xxxv. 149 

Deip (= Dieppe), xiii. 24 

Diana, xl. 60 ; Ixiii. 17 ; Ixix. 6r ; 

Ixxxvi. 5 
Dido, Quein, Ixvi. 17 
Douglassis, Ixi. 13, 21 ; Ixii. 124 
Dumfermling, Ixii. 17, 61 

Eckie of the Hairlaw, Ixii. loi 
Edee, Mont (=Ida), Ixxiv. 15 
Edward, King, xxv. 44 
England, viii. 10 ; x. 54 ; xix. 64, 80 ; 

Ixviii. 132 
Englis, Englisch, x. 7 ; xliv. 34 
Englismen, xxv. 42, 53 
Ettrik forrest, iii. 17 
Europe, Ixiii. 35 
Euterpe, xciv^. 3 

Fergus first, xliv. 73 

Flaunderis, Ix. 79 

Flora, Ixix. 13 

France, viii. 10 ; x. i ; xix. 74, 80 ; Ix, 

Frencheraen, viii. 6 
Fyfe, xviii. 10 

Ganjelon, Ixi. 43 ; Ixii. 99 
Greikis, xxxv. 107 
Gretia (=Greece), Ixviii. 18 
Grissell, xxxv. 192 
Guise, t)uik of, x. 3 

Hab of the Schavvis, iii. 34 

Hairlaw, Ixii. 101 

Handwarpe (=Antwerp), xiii. 23 

Hary, King, Ixi. 31 

Helene, xlviii. 52, 58 

Helicon, xlviii. 1 ; Ixiv. 34 ; Ixxiv. i5 



Hemene ( = Hymenseus), Ixiv, 49 
Henrie, King of France, x. i 
Henrie the sext, Ixi. 49 ; Ixii, 53 
Herodias, xxxv. 123 
Heroid, xvi. 9 
Hester, xxxv. 161 
Home, Lord, Ixi. 55 
Homer, Ixviii. 53 ; xciv^, 10 
Hymen, xlix. 48, 59 
Hypocrene, Ixviii. 24 

Jacob, xlvi. 66 

Jacobus Rex, Ixvii, (colophon) 

Jephe (=Jephthah), xlvi. 66 

Jesabell, xxxv. 121 

Jesus (Christ), xvi. a6, 58 

Jewis, xvi. 4, ai ; Ixii. 145 

Jhone of the Park, ii. 43 

Jhone of the Syide, ii. 46 

Job, xlvi. 2, 66, 153 

Jok, the Laiidis, ii. 40 

Jonathan, xlix. 31 

Josip (=Josephus), xlix. 32 

Joue, xlix. 41 ; Ixxvi. i ; Ixxxii. i 

Juda, xxxv. 149 

Judas, xvi. 41 ; x.xii. 21 ; Ix. 31 ; Ixi. 7 ; 

Ixii. 118, 146; Judassis, Ixi. 19 
Judith, xxxv. 158 
Juno, ixix. 59 
Jupiter, Ixiii. 34 

Laird of Lethingtoun, xi. h. 

Lawderdaill, ii. 17 

Lethingtoun, i. 112 ; ii. 77 ; xi. h, ; &c. 

Liddis-daill, ii. i ; xxxiv, 10 

Lindsay, Ixi. 18 

Lochlevin, Ix. 14 ; Ixii. 38, 56, 73, 125 

Lothe (=Lot), xlvi. 182 

Lowthiane, ii. 19 ; Lowthane, xxxiv. 5 

Lucane, xlviii. 3 

Lucretia, xxxv. 177 

Luke, Sanct, Ixx. 41 

Lyndsay, Ixii. 63 

Mackgill, Ixi. 15 ; McQill, Ixii. 60 
Maitland, xlvi. 122 ; Ixviii. 141 ; xc. 6 ; 

xci. I 
Maitland, Syr Johne, xciv. h. 
Maitland, Sir Richard, ii. col., &c. ; 

xlvi. h. ; xcv. 10 
Maid, XX. 28 
Mantua, Ixviii. i 
Mar, Ixi. 13 ; Ixii. 56 
Mar, Lord of, xliv. h. 
Margareit (Montgomery), Ixiii. 8 ; Ixiv, 

8, 16, &c. 
Marie, xxxv. 146 
Marie (Maitland), Ixxxv. 9 
Meg, XX. 28 
Menelaus, xlvi. 52 
Mical, xxxv. 165 
Minerue, xxxv. 105 ; Ixix. 60 
Moabitifi, xlix. 35 
Mont Edee (=Ida), Ixxiv. 15 
Montgomrie, Margareit, Ixiv. 8 

Morpheus, Ixix. 23 

Morpheus (= Orpheus), Ixvi. 70 

Mortoun, Ix. 47; Ixi. 14, 25, 29, 35; 

Ixii. 62, 65, 125 
Murray, Ix. 47 

Nabal, xxxv. 164 
Nature, Ixix. 10 
Neptune, ixv. 34 
Noe (=Noah), xlvi. 182 
Nohemie (= Naomi), xlix. 36 
Northumberland, Erie of, Ix. h., 41 ; 
Ixi. 7; Ixii. h., 16 

Olimpia, Ixxxv. 6 

Oliphern, xxxv. 157 

Crest, xlix. 28 

Orient, xl. 90 

Orknay, Ixi. 15 

Ouid, Ixviii. 7 ; Ouide, xciv^. i 

Pallas, xxxv. 107; xlix. 8 ; Ixv. 97 ; 

Ixix. 5-, 
Papistis, xi. 49, 65 
Paris, xlviii. 5r, 57, 64 ; I.kIv. 34 
Patroclus, xlix. 27 
Paul, Sanct, xix. 113 
Pegasus, Ixxiv. 16 
Penelope, xxxv. 182 ; xlix, 33 ; Ixxxi.x, 

Perithous, xlix. 25 
Permessis, Ixviii. 25 

Pernassus, xlviii. 2 ; Ixviii. 21 ; Ixxiv. 15 
Persie, Lord, Ixii. 93, 118 
Peter, xvi. 49 
Phoebe, xlix. 3 ; Ixiii. 27 
PhcEbus, xl. 52, 78 ; xlviii. 65 ; xlix, i ; 

Lxiii. 23 ; Ixix. 2, 14 
Phaeton, Ixv. 30 
Phaetusa, Ixv. 30 
Pigmalion, Ixiv. 25 
Pilades, xlix. 28 
Pilat, xvi. 17, 6s 
Pluto, Ixvi. 69 
Polhymina, xciv*. 7 
Pollux, xl X. 50 
Pontus, xciv*. 2 

Porcia, x.xxv. 179 ; Portia, xlix. 37 
Priam, xlvi. no; xlviii. 57; Priamus, 

xlviii. S3 
Proserpina, Ixix. 61 
Protestantis, xii. 33, 65 
Pylat, Ix. 32 

Richard (King), Ixii. 53 

Richard (Maitland), xlvi. 105, i2r, 128 

Richard, Sir, Ixviii. 145 

Romaine, xlix. 38 

Rome, Ixvi. 67 

Ruglingtoun, Ixx. -^ 

Ruth, xlix. 3S 

Ruthven, Ix. 47 

Samson, xlvi. 66 
Sapho, Ixvi. 24 ; Ixxxv. i 



Saul, XXXV. i66 

Saxonis, xliv. 51 

Scot, Ixii. 8 

Scotland, ix. 39 ; xxx. 4 ; xl. 73 ; Ixviii. 

144. 151 
Scottis, vi. 2 ; vii. 2 ; xix. 65 
Scottis, a. X. 33 ; xxx. 90 
Scottisch, Ix. I, 10 
Sicilia, Ixviii. 20 
Sirens, xlviii. 83 
Socrates, xxxv. 189 
Spartanis, xxxix. 171 
Salmon, Ixviii, 8 

Susan, xlvi. 182 ; Susanna, xxxv. 153 
Sussex, Erie of, Ixi. 61 

Tempe, Ixviii. 28 

Tersiphone (=Terpsichore), Ixix. 60 

Thalia, xciv'. 5 

Theseus, xlix. 26 

Thirlstaine, xciv. h. 

Thisbe, xxxv. 184 ; Tisbe, Ixxvi. 33 

Titan, xlviii. 113 

Titus, xlix. 32 

Tobias, xlvi. 161 ; Tobie, xlvi. i, 66 

Troy, xlvi. no ; xlviii. S4 

Tyne, bcviii. 50 

Ulisses, xlix. 34 

Venus, xxii. 24, 26; xlviii. 

Ixiv. 35 ; Ixv. 6 ; Ixix. 59 
Verone, Ixviii. 5 
Virgil, Ixviii. i, 53 

Will of the Lawis, ii. 34 

Yorke, Ix. h. 

34i 80; 



Amang foleis ane greit folie I 

Ane new fairweill a strainge 
gudnicht .... 

As absence is the greatest fo 

As phoebus in his spheris hicht . 

At morning in ane gardein grein 

Before my face this nyght to me 

Blind man be blyithe thocht \iat 
thow be wrangit . 

Ceif hairt and trowbill me no 

Declair Je bankis of helicon 
Dreid god and luif him fayth- 

Eternal god tak away thy 

Excellent Princes potent and 

Gif Bissie branit bodyis Jow 

Gif faithfulness Je find 

Gif it be trew that storeis doe 

Gif thow desyire thy hous lang 

Gif Trowbill cum mis be eventour 

Greit paine It is to behald and sie 

Ground the ay on gudnes . 

He that luifis lichtliest 
How sould our commoun Weill 

If sapho saige for saphic songe 
so sueit 

In this new Jeir I sie bot weir . 

Intill ane morning mirthfuUest 

of may 

VOL. I. 



127 b 
78 b 

25 b 


20 b 

48 b 

74 b 

83 b 



64 b 

68 b 


36 b 
84 b 


34 b 

13 b 



Is thair on erthe or hes thair 

euer bene 

102 b 

It is ane mortall paine to heir 

and sie . 


It is greit pitie for to se . 

27 b 

Loe heir tuo wights inburied be 


Lord god how lang will this 

law lest 


Loue vertew over all, and all 

vyces flie . . . . 


Luiffaris leif of to loif so hie 

97 b 

Luik that na thing to sine the 



Mair mischevous and wicked 

warld 42 

Maist loyall lord ay for thy 

lawtie lovit . . . . 66 b 
My ladyis pulchritud . . 115 
My lordis all sen abstinence is 

taine 86 b 

My Sone In Court gif thow plesis 

remaine 16 b 

O blissid bird brichtest of all . S5 b 
O deith allace with dairt so 

dolorous .... 137 
O gratious god almichtie and 

eterne 18 b 

O hie Eternall god of micht . 5 b 
O leving lord liat maid baith 

hevin and hell . . . 24 b 
O lord in heavin above that 

rewlis all ... . 117 
O Lord our sin hes done the 

tein 38 

O michtie love that rewlis all . 119 b 
O wratched waird, O fals feinjit 

fortoun S^b 

Of god the misknawlege . . 86 
Of Liddisdaill the commoun 

theiffis 3 b 

Our souuerane lord into thy 

tender aage . . . . 87 b 

30s U 



Pastyme with godlie companie . 31 

Quha dewlie wald decerne . 43 
Quhair is the blyithnes that hes 

beine 8 

Quhat faithful! hairt dois not 

for sorrow burst . . . 93 b 
Quhen houp & hap & weill & 

health bene heist . . .127 
Quhen I haue done consider . 39 b 
Quho list to mark the Scottisch 

gyse 89 b 

Reioyis Henrie maist christiane 
king of france . . . 15 b 

Religioun now is reknit as ane 
fabill 62 

Sair is the recent murmour and 

regrait 81 

Sen fortoun hes now randerit me 

subiect 53 b 

Sen that Eine that workis my 

weilfair 51 

Sen thocht is frie, Think quhat 

thow will .... 105 b 
Sinneris repent that Je haue 

spent 41 b 

Sum of the poetis and makeris 

that ar now .... 85 
Sumtyme to court I did repair . 30 
Sum wyfes of the borrousto;in . i 

The beatin bark with bloistrous 

blastis ..... 122 
The greit blyithnes and loy In- 

estimabill .... 10 
The lord ))at raise from lyif 

againe 21 b 

The lyon for hir tender whelpis 

dois roir 122 

The piteous plaint of heavie 

hairt 121 

Theslyding tymesoslylieslippes 

away ..... '129 


This buik who taikis in hand to 

reid 125 b 

This hallow grave within her 

bounds dois close . . . 137 
This warld so fals is and vn- 

stabill 82 b 

Thocht raging stormes movis ws 

to schaik .... 127 
Thocht that this warld be verie 

strainge 26 b 

Thy surname Maitland shewes 

thyne antient race . . . 130 
To michtie loue above that ringis 123 b 
To my lordis of renoun . . iiib 
To praise that perfyte is the 

labour wer but vain . . 118 b 
Tobie most trew in raonye 

troubillis tryit ... 69 
Treasone is the maist schamfuU 

thing 29 

Vnto a freind I proferd once 

gud will 

Vp hairt thow art the pairt 

Virgil his village Mantua . 

Who takis in hand by pen, to 
prais a wark with fame . 

With siching sad and surging 
sorrow soir .... 

With weippin eis and face de- 

Ze heauinlie goddis & goddessis 
Je hevinis abone with heavinlie 

ornamentis .... 
Je nobillis all that sould |)is 

countrie guyde 
Je that sumtyme hes bene weill 


Jour predicessouris prayse & 

prowes hie .... 
30W that doe wryte aganis the 




120 b 
98 b 


126 b 
96 b 

91 b 


Hbe Scottieb XTeyt Society. 

Founded In 1882 for the purpose of Printing and Editing Texts 
illustrative of Scottish Language and Literature. 


The Hon. Lord Guthrib, M.A,, LL.D. 

J. Maitland Thomson, LL.D. 
James MacLkhose, M.A., LL.D. 

Professor Robert Sangster Rait, C.B.E., M.A., Historiographer- 
J. T. T. Brown, LL.D. 
William Traquair Dickson, M.A. 


John A. Trail, M.A., LL.D. 

The Rev. Professor Lawson, M.A., D.D. 

Professor J. H. MILLAR, LL.D. 

David Baird Smith, C.B.E., LL.B. 

Professor John Rankine, K.C, M.A., LL.D. 

Professor Herbert J. C. Grierson, M.A., LL.D. 

George Wm. Blackwood. 

Sir John R. Findlay, K.B.E. 

George Neilson, LL.D. 

Professor W. A. Craigie, M.A., LL.D. 

Charles S. Romanes, C.A. 

John Edwards, LL.D. 

The Very Rev. Professor James Cooper, D. D. 

The Rev. John Morrison, D.D. 

Ritchie Girvan, M.A. 

David Baird Smith, C.B.E., LL.B., 6 Woodlands Terrace, 

Glasgow, General Editor. 
A. MacGregor Troiter, O.B.E., B.A., Advocate, i6 Royal 

Crescent, Edinburgh, Hon. Secretary. 
George T. Clunie, C.A., 25 St Andrevir Square, Edinburgh, Hon.