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Full text of "Standard catalog: sociology section; one thousand titles of the most representative and useful books on social, economic and educational questions"

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Standard catalog:sociology section; one 

3 1924 014 553 691 

Cornell University 

The original of tiiis book is in 
tine Cornell University Library. 

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This section of the Standard Catalog contains about one thousand titles 
of the most representative and useful books on social, economic and educational 
questions, arranged under the class numbers of the Dewey decimal classifica- 
tion, with descriptive and evaluative notes. Author and subject indexes are 
appended. This Catalog, covering the Sociology (300) division of the Dewey 
classification, will later form part of a dictionary catalog of 5,000 of the best 
books for adults on all subjects that should be represented in a public library 
of that size. As now printed, it includes more volumes than will be listed in 
the final Catalog. This section is issued in advance of the full Catalog in 
response to requests frotn public libraries and library commissions, because 
of the need of an up-to-date list of books on sociology and economics, because 
it seemed wise to print a test section in the hope of getting valuable criticism 
before issuing the full Catalog, and because the publishers wish to find out 
whether there is a demand for a classed catalog, printed in sections, in addition to 
the full dictionary catalog. 

The Standard Catalog is the third in the Standard Catalog Series, already 
including the Children's Catalog, issued in three sizes, with its 1918 Supple- 
ment, and the Fiction Catalog. It is the intention of the publishers to issue com- 
plete Standard Catalogs in dictionary form in sizes varying from 1,000 to 10,000 
titles, including adult fiction, and to revise them every year or two. 

Method of compilation. Questionnaires were sent out to a number of libra- 
rians, before beginning the work, dealing with its scope, form, and the data 
to be included. With these suggestions to guide her, in addition to her own 
experience in public libraries, large and small, and in one state library, the 
compiler formed her plan of work. No attempt was made to go over in de- 
tail the ground so carefully covered by the American Library Association up to 
1912, altho some books published prior to 1912 and not included in the A. L. A. 
Catalog and Supplement have been listed at the suggestion of collaborators. The 
chief sources used for the older books were the A. L. A. Catalog of 1904 and 
its Supplement (1904-1911) and the Classified Catalog of the Carnegie Library 
of Pittsburgh. Beginning with 1912, the compiler checked such titles as might 
be included in a librarj' of 10,000 volumes, in the bulletins of the Carnegie 
Library of Pittsburgh, the Cleveland Public Library, the Pratt Institute 
Library, the St. Louis Public Library, and the New York Branch Library 
News. These were clipped and mounted on cards, together with material 
from a number of other sources, including lists in bulletins of library commis- 
sions, notably that of Wisconsin, the New York Best Books, the Booklist, the 
Russell Sage Foundation Bulletin, etc. The file of book reviews accumulated 
by the Book Review Digest was constantly used. In this way a tentative list 
of some 1,300 titles was made and the galley proofs were sent to a few libra- 
rians and to a few specialists along economic, educational and sociological 
lines, for criticism and suggestion. 

Acknowledgments. Among the many librarians who gave helpful advice 
special thanks are due to Mr. John Boynton Kaiser and Miss Mary E. Lytle of the 
Tacoma (Wash.) Public Library, Miss Louise Hinsdale of the East Orange (N. 
J.) Public Library, Miss Mary L. Jones of the Los Angeles County Free Library, 
Miss Lucy E. Fay of the Library of the University of Tennessee, and Mr. John 
Cotton Dana of the Newark (N. J.) Free Public Library. The compiler also 
acknowledges her indebtedness to Miss Phelps of the Education section of the 
New. York State Library, who checked up the books on Education from the 
standpoint of their practical use, and to the library of the Russell Sage Founda- 
tion, which offered suggestions of much value. Generous help was also given by 
the following men and women, in order to perfect the selection along the lines of 

their special subjects: in Education, Professor Paul :\Ionroe, of Columbia Uni- 
versity ; in Insurance, Mr. Herbert B. Dow of the New England Mutual Life In- 
surance Company ; in Socialism, Mr. Harry W. Laidler of the Intercollegiate So- 
cialist Society, and Mr. Leon M. Solis-Cohen; on the Negro, Miss Mary White- 
Ovington, of the National Association for the Improvement of Colored People ; 
in various branches of economic, political and social science, Professor H. P. 
Fairchild, recently of Yale Universit^', Professor J. A. Fairlie, of the University 
of Illinois, Dr. C. C. Williamson, of the Committee on Study of Methods of Ameri- 
canization, and Dr. Charles A. Beard, Director of the Bureau of Municipal Re- 
search, New York City. 

The final decision as to the inclusion or exclusion of any title has necessarily 
been made by the editor in accordance with the weight of evidence. Inasmuch 
as the selection has been made in this manner, the cooperators should not be held 
individually responsible for the result. 

Data given. The attempt has been made to enter authors under the more 
familiar forms of their names. For instance, Norman Angell is listed as Angell, 
the surname used on the title pages of his books, instead of under Lane. Pretty 
full titles have been given, followed by number of volumes when more than one, 
edition, illustrations (when important), maps, date (latest copyright date being 
given when easily ascertainable), publisher and price. The prices have been taken 
in the main from the Publisher's Trade List Annual of 1917, tho a few prices are ■ 
of more recent date. Series notes have been given when important. Only two 
or three out-of-print books have knowingly been listed and these are plainly 
marked. Almost every title is annotated. A large number of these notes have 
been taken from library bulletins, the Booklist, the Book Review Digest, and other 
of the sources used in selection. ]\Ir. G. B. Utley has kindly permitted the use 
of a number of notes from the A. L. A. Catalog and Supplement. Class numbers 
have been given after each entry, because the same linotype slugs will be used 
later in the dictionary catalog. A few books not classifying in the 300s have been 
included because of their close connection with the subjects covered. Inter- 
national relations, 341.6, is followed by 172.4, the ethical side of war and peace. 
Education includes 650, Commercial education, and 174, A^ocational guidance. 

Selection. The selection has been made more especiall)' for the smaller 
libraries, but with both the small and laVge library in mind, some titles being 
listed here that will probabl}' be dropped from the 5,000 volume dictionary 
catalog. Scholarly and expensive books have sometimes been included in a 
note at the head of a section. Biographies which are of interest in connection 
with a given section have been occasionally so noted as well. Some valuable 
books have been omitted because they are not ordinarily called for in a 
library of from 5,000 to 10,000 volumes. ]Many books of value two years ago 
have been omitted because the great changes due to the world war have either 
greatly lessened or destroyed their value. A few critical librarians will 
perhaps note the omission of some "books that no gentleman's library should 
be without." Others will note the inclusion of titles in their opinion too ex- 
pensive or too "highbrow" for the smaller libraries. The compiler has tried 
to list not the ideally best books without regard to expense, availability or 
limitation of interest to a few scholars, but the best books that the average 
intelligent frequenter of our public libraries will actually read or study. In 
so doing she has assumed that the general level of intelligence is rising and 
that a greater number of people than before the war, including our new women 
voters, are interested in serious subjects. Few pamphlets, bibliographies, gov- 
ernment documents or expensive reference books have been included in these 
advance sheets. Practically no juveniles except a few books of fairy tales'and 
folklore, equally interesting to adults, have been included. 

Uses. It is hoped that this Standard Catalog will be of use to libra 
nans as a buying list, in reference work, and as a recommended list of the 
best reading for users of our public libraries ; also that it will meet the demand 
of the reader for a printed catalog that he may take home. 

CoRiNNE Bacon 

300 Sociology 

310] [Statistics 

320 Political Science 

330 Economics 

340 Law. Constitutional history 

350 Administration 

360 Associations and institutions 

370 Education 

380 Commerce. Communication 

390 Customs. Costumes. Folklore 

300 Sociology 

30 1 Philosophy. Theories 

Bagehot, Walter 

Physics and politics; or, Thoughts on the 
application of the principles of natural 
selection and inheritance to political 
society. (International science ser.) '02 
Appleton $1.60 301 

Blackmar, Frank Wilson, and Gillin, John 

Outlines of sociology. (Social science 
textbooks) il maps '15 Macmillan 
$2.25 301 

'*A thorough revision of 'Elements o£ so- 
ciology,' published in 1905 (Macmillan, $1.25), 
a book comprehensive in scope and written in 
a simple, direct manner. 'The chief merit of 
the book from the theoretical side is that it 
gives an intelligent statement of the viewpoints 
of all the leading sociological writers. The 
chief merit from the practical side is that it 
touches upon a variety of vital and interesting 
problems in such a way as to tempt the student 
to go forward and specialize.' *' Am. j. sec, 
1 1 :422. New material has been added through 
out specially on the family and its disorganiza- 
tion, social control, and poverty." A. L. A 

Chapin, Francis Stuart 

Introduction to the study of social evo- 
lution, il maps '13 Century $2 301 

"Readable, elementary summary of the most 
generally accepted "evidence and theory of so- 
cial evolution. Lists of supplementary read- 
ings are given at the end of each chapter." 

"No other single elementary work covers the 
same field. The material has been carefully 
collected." A. L. A. bkl. 

Conway, Sir William Martin 

The crowd in peace and war. '15 Long- 
mans $1.75 301 
"From a more or less individualistic stand- 
point, the author discusses the nature of crowds, 
crowd leaders, the conflict between individual 
freedom and political or crowd liberty, the re- 
lation of the crowd to education, morals and 
religion and the value of crowd organization in 
social progress. The chapters on 'War, its cause 
and cure, ; 'The contest of ideals* ; The crowd 
at war' and 'The just mean,' are of especial 
timeliness. A valuable work written in crisp, 
epigrammatic style and full of vivid illustra- 
tions," Cleveland 

Cooley, Charles Horton 

Social organization; a study of the larger 
mind. '09 Scribner $1.50 301 

"Systematic exposition of the development and 
influence of the intercourse of man and its 
effect on his conduct and activties, moral and 
material. A work of admirable ideals and tem- 
per." A. L. A. sup. 

Davis, George Reginald 

Social environment. (National social sci- 
ence ser.) il maps '17 McClurg 60c 


"Author takes the . . . view that char- 
acter, in its social aspects at_ least, is mainly 
the result of environmental influences." Dial 

"Pointing out that the biological point of 
view, with its concept of struggle and natural 
selection, has led to extreme individualism, con- 
flict and war, he champions the new sociology 
which will give dominance to the spiritual forces 

that make for cooperation and world peace," 
Ann. Am. acad. 73 :245 

EUwood, Charles Abram 

Introduction to social psychology. '17 
Appleton $2 301 

Select references at the end of each chapter. 

"In general, it is a simplification and sys- 
tematization of the theories presented in . . . 
'Sociology in its psychological aspects,* but state- 
ments have been brought down to date, a new 
phrasing has been adopted and new points of 
view have been developed. The general point 
of view . . . however, remains the same . . . 
namely, that the explanation of social pheno- 
mena is to be sought in the underlying traits 
and dispositions of the individual, in the in- 
fluences of the environment which act on his 
plastic nature, and in the resultant aims and 
standards which he develops." (Preface) Pitts- 

"Well fitted for the needs of the student in 
the social sciences who wishes a broad outlook 
upon this field." W : B. Bailey in Am. pol. 
sci. r N *i7 p II 

The social problem; a constructive anal- 
ysis. (Citizen's lib. of economics, 
politics and sociology — new ser.) '15 
Macmillan $1.25 301 

"Clear, stimulating discussion for thinking 
readers, of what the author defines as 'the 
problem of human living together.' Considers 
its historical, physical, biological, economic, and 
ideal elements, offering suggestions for solution 
by educational rather than revolutionary meth- 
ods." N. Y. state lib. 

Sociology and modern social problems, 
rev ed '13 Am. bk. $1 301 

First issued in igio. Author has" incor- 
porated the 19 10 census figures and has added 
two chapters, the bearing of modern psychology 
on social problems and theoretical summary. 
The last is a brief sketch of the origin and 
nature of society, theories of progress, etc. 
The original volume has been widely used as a 
text book for study classes and the revision 
will make it more valuable for that purpose." 
Ann. Am. acad. 53:310 

Fairchild, Henry Pratt 

Outline of applied sociology. '16 Mac- 
millan $1.75 301 
Contents: Introduction; Economic life; 
Growth of population; Esthetic life; Intellectual 
and spiritual life; Conclusion. 
References, P333-7; Supplementary readings, 

"A fresh and independent treatment devel- 
oped in a scholarly yet popular way. and sug- 
gestive to students in connection with other 
books on the subject, though the theoretical 
background, to some critics, seems quite in- 
adequate." A. L. A. bkl. 

Giddings, Franklin Henry 

Elements of sociology; a textbook for 

colleges and schools. '98 Macmillan 

$1.25 301 

"Good introduction to his more comprehen- 
sive works." (Wisconsin) A. L, A. 

Principles of sociology; an analysis of 
the phenomena of association and of 
social organization. 3d ed '96 Macmil- 
lan $3 301 

Contents: Elements of social theory; Ele- 
ments and structure of society; Historical 
evolution of society; Social process, law and 

Bibliography, P423-42 


Hayes, Edward Cary 

Introduction to the study of sociology. 
'15 Appleton $2.50 301 

'*A comprehensive, elementary treatment 
planned for the use of general readers who do 
not intend to make a thorough study of the 
field and as an outline of the entire subject 
for those who do, . . . Treats the subject a 
little more theoretically than Blackmar." 
A. L. A bkl. 

Keller, Albert Galloway 

Societal evolution; a study of the evolu- 
tionary basis of the science of society. 
'15 Macmillan $1.50 301 

"Professor Keller's thesis is that societal evo- 
lution is a continuation of organic evolution 
and may be accounted for by the same four 
biological causes: variation, selection, transmis- 
sion and adaptation. His theories are an out- 
growth of those of William Graham Sumner as 
expounded in his Folk-ways." Cleveland 

Kidd, Benjamin 

Science of power. '18 Putnam $1.50 301 

" 'His altruism is really a higher Prussianism. 
While he deplores in modern militarism the 
conscription of the body, he himself is pro- 
posing the conscription of the soul. He has 
ignored personality, as social reformers so often 
do-' " (The Times [London]) Bk. rev. digest 
"The world has been ruled by the fighting 
male, following the principles of force; this is 
wrong. It will and must in future be ruled 
by the emotion of the ideal, which is right. 
Since women possess this emotion in a higher 
degree than men, and are predomiijantly moved 
by the long-range emotions, it is to women that 
Power will belong in the new age just opening 
out. The whole trend of civilization can be 
changed in a single generation, by a dominant 
ideal; hence education of the young is all-im- 
portant. This is perhaps not an unfair sum- 
mary of a rather striking book." Athenaeum, 
May 1918 

Social evolution. New rev ed '15 Mac- 
millan $1.50 301 

"Believes laws determining progress primarily 
religious rather than intellectual. Discusses 
probable development during zoth century." 
(N. Y. state lib.) A. L. A. 

"First appeared in 1894, and has played an 
important part in the thought of the past 20 
years. It is still a book to be reckoned with, 
though time has altered considerably its value 
as a work of political science, and has caused 
its author to adopt a modified view with re- 
spect to the ethical development of the race, 
which he has incorporated in a later work, 
'Principles of Western civilization.' " Springfield 
republican, 19 15 

Kirkpatrick, Edwin Asbury 

Fundamentals of sociology. '16 Houghton 
$1.35 301 

Bibliography, P277-88 

"A very simple survey of the field of so- 
ciology for the use of teachers and normal 
students. Discusses the fundamental and pres- 
ent day needs and activities of the social 
group, economic, protective, recreative, cultural 
and specially educational." Cleveland 

Kropotkin, Petr Aleksieevich 

Mutual aid a factor of evolution '17 
Knopf $1.25 301 

Articles first published in Nineteenth cen- 

"Maintains that mutual aid rather than con- 
test is the important factor in progressive evolu- 
tion of man and animals. Sociologic rather than 
biologic." N. Y. state lib. 

Le Bon, Gustave 

The crowd; a study of the popular mind. 
7th ed '03 Macmillan $1.75 301 

"Translation of 'Psychologic des foules,' 
1895. An analysis of psychologic phenomena 
di.vplayed by men acting in the mass." (N.Y. 
state lib.) A. L. A. 

Maciver, R. L. , ,,n 

Community; a sociological study. 17 

Macmillan $3.75 301 

"The greater portion of the work is con- 
cerned with what seem to the author to be 
the fundamental laws of social development." 

"Written with a thorough knowledge of the 
best work in modern psychology and philos- 
ophy." Athenaeum My '17 P235 

"One of the most important [books] in the 
field of sociology published during the present 
decade." Am. econ. rev. Sept. '17 psgS 

Nasmyth, George WUIiam 

Social progress and the Darwinian- 
theory; a study of force as a factor in 
human relations, with an introduction 
by Norman Angell. '16 Putnam $1.50 

"A work in three parts, discussing. The phi- 
losophy of force. Mutual aid as a factor in so- 
cial progress; Justice as a prime social need. 
The prime object of the book was to interpret 
Novikov's theories on the application of Dar- 
winism to social problems, but since the out- 
break of the war, its character has altered so 
that its present special purpose is to disprove 
that _ force, in eliminating the socially unfit, is 
an aid to human progress, and that a philosophy 
of force is an implication of the Darwinian 
theory." Cleveland 

Nearing, Scott 

Social sanity, a preface to the book of 
social progress. '13 Moffat $1.25 301 
"Social sanity is conceived as involving 
equality of opportunity, social justice, the con- 
servation of life and health. The treatment is 
forceful and suggestive rather than original or 
profound, is unsensational, popular, even col- 
loquial at times." A. L. A. bkl. 

Ross, Edward Alsworth 

Foundations of sociology. (Citizen's lib. 
of economics, politics and sociology) 
'OS Macmillan $1.25 301 

"Clear and comprehensive. 'One of the 
most effective path-breakers in sociological in- 
quiry.' " (Amer. jour, soc.) A. L. A. sup. 

Social control; a survey of the founda- 
tions of order. (Citizen's lib. of eco- 
nomics, politics and sociology) '01 
Macmillan $1.25 301 

"Partial list of authorities, p 443-8." 
"Pt. I, Grounds of control: , sympathy, so- 
ciability, justice; pt. 2, Means of control: pub- 
lic opinion, law, belief, social suggestion (in- 
cluding education and custom), social religion, 
personal ideals, ceremony, art, etc. pt. 3, Sys- 
tem of control." 

Social psychology; an outline and source 
book. '08 Macmillan $1.50 301 

" 'An able marshaling of the knowledge thus 
far brought to light on the subject of social 
psychology, and a clear, untechnical, while at 
the same time often eloquent, discussion of the 
laws, principles and leading truths of that rather 
subtle and recondite branch of sociology.' " 
(Science '08.) Pittsburgh 

Shaler, Nathaniel Southgate 

The neighbor; the natural history of hu- 
man contacts. '04 Houghton $1.40 

• ''P°'"ts out the causes of race antipathy, spe- 
cially in cases of the Jfw and Negro, and 
suggests ways of overcoming it." ALA. 

Spencer, Herbert 

Principles of sociology. 3v 1877-97 Ap- 
pleton $6.75 301 

Contents: v i, Data of sociology. Inductions 
of sociology; Domestic relations; v 2, Ceremo- 
nial institutions, Political institutions; v l Ec- 
clesiastical institutions. Professional institutions. 
Industrial institutions. uculuhuu.. 


Spencer, Herbert — Continued 

Study of sociology. 6th ed '08 Appleton 
$1.75 301 

"Explains scope of the science, its utility and 
method, and gives some of its more important 
general principles." A. L. A. 

Sumner, William Graham 

Folkways ; a study of the sociological 
importance of usages, manners, cus- 
toms, mores and morals. '07 Ginn $3.60 
school ed $3 301 

"List of books cited," P655-70. 

"Folkways the author defines as 'ways of 
doing things' which are gradually recognized 
as expedient and develop into established cus- 
toms. Their origins are lost in mystery, but 
they are always and everywhere a controlling 
social force, regulating in every detail the life 
of uncivilized races and hardly less potent in 
the life of civilized peoples. With great labor 
Professor Sumner has assembled a mass of 
materials, gathered from almost all accessible 
sources, and with rare insight and scientific cau- 
tion has sought to elicit their meaning. The 
result is an important contribution to the sci- 
entific study of society. (Condensed from Na- 
tion, 1908.) Pittsburgh 

Tarde, Gabriel 

Social laws; an outline of sociology; tr. 
by H. C. Warren. '99 Macmillan $1.25 


"Author's own r^sum^ and unification of his 
three principal works on general sociology: 'Les 
lois de rimitation,' 'L'opposition universelle,' 
and 'La logique sociale.' Excellent translation." 
N. Y. state lib. 

A translation of his "Laws of imitation" by 
Elsie Clews Parsons is published by Holt at 

Todd, Arthur James 

Theories of social progress; a critical 

study of the attempts to formulate the 

conditions of human advance. '18 

Macmillan $2.25 301 

Bibliography and supplemental readings, 


"An interesting discussion of economic, mil- 
itarist, eugenic, institutional, and ideal ogical 
theories of social progress, with conclusions of 
the author who is professor of sociology. Uni- 
versity of Minnesota." Cleveland 

Trotter, W. 

Instincts of the herd in peace and war. 
'16 Macmillan $1.25 301 

" 'Mr. Trotter argues that gregariousness is 
an instinct as powerful and primitive as the 
sexual, the nutritive and the self-preserving, and 
that there are times in the life of a _ people, 
especially if war exists, when gregariousness 
masters or at least distorts every other impulse. 
In 1908 and 1909 Mr. Trotter published his 
articles in the Sociological review. There are 
now reprinted and immensely enriched bv con- 
tract with those later developments of abnormal 
psychology which are due to Professor Freud. 
What Freud calls the censor. Trotter calls gre- 
gariousness or herd instinct.' (Adapted from 
the New republic") Cleveland 

Veblen, Thorstein 

Theory of the leisure class; an economic 
study in the evolution of institutions. 
'99 Macmillan $2 301 

'*An academic, subtle and acute phrasing of 
what the working men are saying in every shop 
and Sunday trades council." (Dial 28:438) 
A. L. A. 

Wallace, Alfred Russell 

Social environment and moral progress. 
'13 Cassell $1.25 301 

"The main contention of the first half of the 
book is that there has been no perceptible ad- 
vance in morality through the ages and that 
the present social structure is radically wrong. 

The second part deals almost wholly with the 
workings of the evolutionary law in particular 
reference to social progress, and maintains that 
progress may be achieved in the future through 
natural selection." Pittsburgh. 

Wallas, Graham 

The great society; a psychological analy- 
sis. '14 Macmillan $2 301 
"A brief review of the subject matter and 
terminology of social psychology, together with 
chapters on the applications of this compara- 
tively new science to the problems of present 
day civilization." Cleveland 

Ward, Lester Frank 

Applied sociology: a treatise on the con- 
scious improvement of society by so- 
ciety, maps *06 Ginn $3 school ed $2.50 

"A scholarly, scientific theory of progress. 
Companion volume to the author's 'Pure so- 
ciology,' Macmillan $4." A. L. A. sup. 

Pure sociology; a treatise on the origin 
and spontaneous development of so- 
ciety. '0'3 Macmillan $4 301 
" Tt will be a long time before a more im- 
portant contribution to social self-knowledge ap- 
pears between the covers of a single book.' " 
(Am. jour- soc, 191 3) Pittsburgh 

303 Cyclopedias 

Bliss, William Dwight Porter, and Binder, 
R. M. 

New encyclopedia of social reform, new 
ed '08 Funk $7.50 303 

"A useful popular work, intended for the 
general reader, not for the special student. 
Principal articles are by specialists and are 
signed, short articles are unsigned. Bibliogra- 
phies are brief and refer principally to works 
in English. Contains many biographical sket::hes, 
including some of living men." Mudge 

304 Essays. Addresses 

Addams, Jane 

Democracy and social ethics. (Citizens 
lib. of economics, politics and sociol- 
ogy) '02 Macmillan $1.25 304 
Contents: Charitable effort; Filial relations; 
Household adjustment; Industrial amelioration; 
Educational methods; Political reform 

Newer ideals of peace. (Citizens lib. of 
economics, politics and sociology) '07 
Macmillan $1.25 304 

Contents: Introduction; Survivals of mili- 
tarism in city government; Failure to utilize 
immigrants in city government; Militarism and 
industrial legislation; Group morality in the la- 
bor movement; Protection of children for in- 
dustrial efficiency; Utilization of women in city 
government; Passing of the war virtues 

"Contends that the spirit of aggressiveness 
today should be utilized in social amelioration, 
not in war. Practical and stimulating." A. L. A. 

Carver, Thomas Nixon 

Essays in social justice. 'IS Harvard univ. 
press $2 304 

"Original both in its manner of treatment 
and in the emphasis which it places on eco- 
nomic factors. The writer believes that the 
'sentimental morality' motive has been over- 
worked, and dwells on the need of a strong 
state in adjusting the various conflicting social 
interests." A. L. A. bkl. 


Clark, John Bates 

Social justice without socialism. (Barbara 
Weinstock lectures on the morals of 
trade) '14 Houghton 50c 304 

"A suggestive essay discussing social and eco- 
nomic reform that can be brought about by 
nonsocialistic methods." Book rev. digest 

Devine, Edward Thomas 

The normal life. '15 Survey associates 
$1 304 

Contains the substance of a course of lec- 
tures delivered in Baltimore in February and 
March, 1915, under the auspices of the Social 
service corporation. 

"A study of social problems which 'takes as 
a background the normal individual life, and. 
following it through from beginning to end 
tries to determine what are the social con- 
ditions and social provision which are essential 
at each stage to securing it.' " Pratt quar- 

"Its value to social workers is beyond ques- 
tion.'* Dial 58:469 

Dickinson, Goldsworthy Lowes 

A modern symposium. '05 Doubleday 
$1.25 304 

'^Members of a fictitious group present their 
individual philosophies, representing the liberal, 
socialist, anarchist, business man, Quaker, etc. 
A book of unusual interest to a few." N. Y. 
state lib. 

Ellis, Havelock 

Task of social hygiene. '12 Houghton 
$2.50 304 

Contents : The changing status of women ; 
The new aspect of the woman's movement; The 
emancipation of woman in relation to romantic 
love; The significance of a falling birthrate; Eu- 
genics and love; Reli^on and the child; The 
problem of sexual hygiene; Immorality and the 
law; The war against war; The problem of ar 
international language; Individualism and so- 

"The introduction traces the course of so- 
cial reform during the last century and sum- 
marizes the' factors that enter into the problem 
of social hygiene." A. L. A. bkl. 

Fite, Warner 

Individualism. '11 Longmans $1.80 304 
"A lucid and powerful analysis of the social 
compact. The moral issues raised are freely 
illustrated from modern industry and politics. 
Will attract even those who differ most widely 
from his conclusions." (Nation) A. L. A. 

Henderson, Charles Richmond 

Social duties from the Christian point of 
view. (Constructive Bible studies) '09 
Univ. of Chicago $1.25 304 

"Discusses concisely and from a broad hu- 
man aspect, problems of the family, neglected 
children, workingmen, public health, corpora- 
tions, charities, business, etc. . . . Topics for 
discussion and brief bibliography conclude each 
chapter. Primarily intended for use in adult 
Sunday school and Y. M. C. A. classes." (Am. 
jour. soc. 15:119) N. Y. state lib 

Howerth, Ira Woods 

Work and life. '13 Sturgis $1.50 304 
"Social legislation backed by enlightened public 
opinion must so control our economic institu- 
tions that the benefits may be more justly shared 
by all the members of society." Am. econ rev. 

Kelsey, Carl 

Physical basis of society. '16 Appleton 
$2 304 

"Sketches briefly *the physical background of 
life, the relation of the organism to its en- 
vironment, the question of heredity, and the 
general idea of evolution as applied to human 
beings and the development of social theory.* 
The book is the outgrowth of the author's work 
with his sociology classes at the University of 
Pennsylvania and is a useful survey of recent 

thought on the subject, based on first-hand au- 
thorities, who are freely quoted." A. L. A. 

Key, Ellen Karolina Sofia 

Younger generation; tr. from the Swedish 
by A. G. Chater. '14 Putnam $1.50 

Contents: What the age offers and expects 
of youth; Associated activity and self-culture; 
The peace problem ; Youth, woman and anti- 
militarism ; * (^lass-badges' ; The children's char- 
ter; Recreative culture; The few and the many 
"The author's ideas on sex matters are not 
obtruded in any of [these essays], and are 
often wholly absent. The last and longest es- 
say on 'The few and the many' elaborates her 
faith in a social democracy." St. Louis 

Lee, Gerald Stanley 

Crowds; a moving-picture of democracy. 
'13 Doubleday $1.50 304 

"Crisp, epigrammatic, often abrupt, but 
earnest and idealistic chapters on what people 
are thinking about politics, society, industry, re- 
ligion, other people and life in general." 
(Dial 55:116) N. Y. state lib. 

"Crowds, jr." arranged for "men in a hurry" 
is published by Doubleday at 50c. 

Lippmann, Walter 

Preface to politics. '13 Holt $1.50 304 

Contents: Routineer and inventor; The ta- 
boo; The changing focus; The golden rule and 
after; Well meaning but unmeaning; The Chi- 
cago vice report; Some necessary iconoclasm; 
The making of creeds; The red herring; Revo- 
lution and culture 

"A young socialist-politician's penetrating 
analysis of current political ideas. Especially 
notable for its fresh, original viewpoint, graphic 
characterizations of public men and concise, 
vigorous style." (Nation) N. Y. state Kb. 

Peabody, Francis Greenwood 

Approach to the social question. '09 

Macmillan $1.25 304 

"The significance of the book lies in its 

definite leading from social service to bocial 

religion," (Survey) A. L. A. sup. 

Roosevelt, Theodore 

American ideals, and other essays, social 
and political. '97 Putnam stand lib ed 
$2.50 pop ed $1.50 304 

Other essays: True Americanism; The manW 
virtues and practical politics; The college grad- 
uate and public life; Phases of state legislation; 
Machine politics in New York City; Six years 
of civil service reform; Administering the New 
York police force; The vice-presidency and the 
campaign of 1896; How not to help our poorer 
brother; The Monroe doctrine; Washington's 
forgotten maxim ; National life and character; 
Social evolution; The law of civilization and 

The Strenuous life; essays and addresses. 
'02 Century $1.50 304 

Other essays: Expansion and peace; Lati- 
tude and longitude among reformers; Fellow- 
feeling as a political factor; Civic helpfulness; 
Character and success; The eighth and ninth 
commandments in politics; The best and the 
good; Promise and performance; The American 
boy; Military preparedness and unpreparedness; 
Admiral Dewey; Grant; Manhood and state- 
hood; Brotherhood and the heroic virtues; Na- 
tional duties; The labor question; Christian 

Royce, Josiah 

Race questions, provincialism and other 
American problems. '08 Macmillan 
$1.50 304 

Contents : Race questions and prejudices; 
Provincialism; On certain limitations of the 
thoughtful public in America; The Pacific coast, 
a psychological study of the relations of climate 
and civilization; Some relations of physical 
training to the present problems of moral edu- 
cation in America 


Russell, Bertrand 

W/hy men fight; a method of abolish- 
ing the international duel. '17 Cen- 
tury $1.50 304 

Contents : The principle of growth ; The 
state; War as an institution; Property; Educa- 
tion ; Marriage and the population question ; 
Religion and the churches; What we can do. 

"Published in England under the title 'Prin- 
ciples of social reconstruction. 

"Opposed to the impulses which make for 
war are the forces of love, the instinct of con- 
structiveness, and the joy of life. As the au- 
thor sees it, all three are checked and enfeebled 
at present by institutions which rest upon in- 
justice and authority. Under better social con- 
ditions 'the impulse life of men would become 
wholly different, and the human race might 
travel towards a new happiness and a new 
vigor." Pittsburgh 

Strong, Josiah 

Our world. '13 Doubleday $1 pa 50c 

"Discusses with acuteness and vision the de- 
velopment of the new world-life and analyzes 
the problems which have grown out of it — the 
problem of industry, of wealth, of the individual 
and society, of lawlessness and legislation, the 
new race problem and the problem of the city. 
Broader in scope than 'Our country.' " A. L. A. 

Siunner, William Graham 

War and other essays; ed. with introd. 
by Albert Galloway Keller. 'U Yale 
univ. press $2.50 304 

"Seventeen essays originally printed in pe- 
riodicals, 1881-1909, intrinsically interesting, and 
valuable as showing the progress of social and 
political thought while the author was professor 
of political and social science in Yale college 
(1872-1909). . . The editor writes an appre- 

ciative sketch of Professor Sumner (26 p.) and 
a bibliography of his published works (64 titles) 
is appended." A. L. A, bkl. 

"The title essay is a clear, incisive, level- 
headed examination into the role which war 
has played in the development of civilization 
and the advancement of the human race." (Na- 
tion) Book rev. digest 

Other volumes of Sumner's papers edited by 
Keller are: "Challenge of facts and other es- 
says," "Earth-hunger and other essays." 

Taft, William Howard 

Present day problems. 'OS Dodd $1.50 

Contents : Inaugural address as civil gov- 
ernor of the Philippines; Inauguration of the 
Philippine assembly; China and her relations 
with the United States; Japan and her rela- 
tions with the United States; An appreciation 
of General Grant; Army of the United States; 
Panama canal; A Republican congress and ad- 
ministration, and their work from 1904 to 1906"; 
Legislative policies of the present administra- 
tion; Panic of 1907; Southern democracy and 
republican principles; Labor and capital; 
Achievements of the Republican party; Recent 
criticism of the federal judiciary; Administra- 
tion of criminal law 

Towne, Ezra Thayer 

Social problems; a study of present-day 
social conditions. (Social science text- 
books) il maps '16 Macmillan $1 304 

"Give^ in simple, direct, concrete form much 
material that is found at present only in more 
advanced books. . ■. . Questions and references 
at chapter-ends.'* A. L. A. bkl. 

Supplements Ellwood's "Sociology." Wis. 

"The best introduction to the study of pres- 
ent day social conditions which has yet ap- 
peared for the use of high school and under- 
graduate college students. It will be equally 
valuable as the basis for instruction and dis- 
cussion in classes conducted by men's and 
women's clubs and by church classes for adults." 
Survey 36:S44 

Tucker, William Jewett 

New reservation of time, and other art- 
icles. '16 Houghton $1.50 304 

Other articles: Undergraduate scholarship; 
The goal of equality; Notes on the progress of 
the social conscience; Ethical challenge of the 
war; Crux of the peace problem; On the con- 
trol of modern civilization; Appendix: The new 
movement in humanity, from liberty to unity 

Many of these articles appeared in Atlantic 
monthly, v. 106-116, Ag 'lo-S '15. Pittsburgh 

Vedder, Henry Clay 

Gospel of Jesus and the problems of de- 
mocracy. '14 Macmillan $1.50 304 

"One of the best of the many recent at- 
tempts to reconcile Christianity with the revolu- 
tionary idealism of socialism. (G. L. Arner.) 
Am. econ. rev. 5:134 

"The fresh manner of treatment and the ar- 
ray of facts presented, as well as the practi- 
cal suggestions, will commend the book to so- 
cial workers. Classed bibliography (iiVz p.)'* 
A. L. A. bkl. 

Weeks, Arland Deyett 

Psychology of citizenship. (National so- 
cial service ser.) '17 McClurg SOc 


"Pithy chapters for voters, would-be-voters, 
and i)oliticians, on the reasons why citizens do 
not give continued and serious attention to pub- 
lic affairs, why they hate to pay taxes, why 
they are stingy with salaries for officials, why 
they ^o to war^ and why lawyers should not 
be legislators. There is one excellent and prac- 
tical chapter on civic publicity." Cleveland 

Wells, Herbert George 

Social forces in England and America. 
'14 Harper $2 304 

"Contents: The coming of Bl^riot; My first 
flight; Off the chain; Of the new reign; Will 
the empire live ? ; The labour unrest ; Social 
panaceas ; Syndicalism or citizenship ? ; The 
great state; The common sense of warfare; The 
contemporary novel; The philosopher's public 
library; About Chesterton and Belloc; About 
Sir Thomas More; Traffic and rebuilding; The 
so-called science of sociology; Divorce; The 
schoolmaster and the empire; The endowment 
of motherhood; Doctors; An age of specialisa- 
tion; Is there a people?; The disease of parlia- 
ments ; The American population ; The possible 
collapse of civilization; The ideal citizen; Some 
possible discoveries; The human adventure. 

Published in England under the title "An 
Englishman looks at the world" 

Wolfe, Albert Benedict 

(ed.) Readings in social problems. '16 
Ginn $2.80 304 

"A well chosen selection of readings, which 
grew^ out of the editor's course in sociology 
and is intended for use in college and university 
classes. The problems covered are population, 
immigration, the woman problem, marriage and 
divorce, the Negro problem in the United States. 
References follow each topic." A. L. A. bkl. 

305 Year books 

The New international yearbook, listed be- 
low, bears the class number of the encyclopedia 
to which it is a supplement, but is listed in this 
section for convenience. Year books dealing 
mainly with one country will be found under 
the country numbers, 314-317 

American year book; a record of events 
and progress, 1910-date. Appleton 1911- 
date latest vol $3 305 

"An excellent yearbook, made up of long 
signed articles by specialists. The articles give 
good narrative accounts, including bibliographies 
and statistics, of the events of the year grouped 
by large subj ects. Each volume has also a 
chronology and a necrology and a general in- 
dex to all the classes except the chronology and 


American year book — Continued 

necrology.^ Each article covers its subjects in 
all countries, but aims especially to record prog- 
ress in the United States." Mudge 

New international year book; a compen- 
dium of the world's progress, 1907- 
date. pi por maps Dodd 1908-date latest 
vol $5 031 

"An excellent annual encyclopedia, compiled 
and arranged on the same plan as the New 
international encyclopaedia, and useful both as a 
supplement to that work and as an annual 
record of the progress and events in any sub- 
ject. Especially useful for biography." Mudge 

Statesman's year-book, 1864-date. Macmil- 
lan 1864-date latest vol $3.50 305 

"A concise and reliable manual of descriptive 
and statistical information about the govern- 
ments of the world. Arranged (i) Great 
Britain (a) the United Kingdom (b) Dominions, 
colonies, and dependencies; (2) United States; 

(3) Other countries, arranged alphabetically; 

(4) Hague tribunal. . . A valuable feature 
is the selected bibliography of statistical and 
other books of reference given for each coun- 
try." Mudge 

306 Societies : transactions, reports 

Southern sociological congress, Atlanta, 
Georgia, 1913 
The South mobilizing for social service; 
ed. by James E. McCulloch. '13 Nash- 
ville, Tenn., Southern sociological con- 
gress $2 306 

"Contains the addresses of 68 specialists on 
sociological topics of particular significance to 
the South as well as those vital to the whole 
nation." Cleveland 

The proceedings of the Congress of 1912, 
dealing with many of the same problems, were 
published under the title: "The call of the 
new South" 

308 Collected works. Extracts 

Many collections of orations and debates are 
classified by libraries under Literature instead 
of under Sociology. Some of the best of these 

Curtis, G. W. Orations and addresses. 3V 
*04 Harper $3.50 ea 

Foerster, N., and Pierson, W. W., jr., eds. 
American ideals- '17 Houghton $1.25 

Johnston, A., ed. American orations. 4V '04 
Putnam $1.40 ea 

Miller, M. M., ed. Great debates in Amer- 
ican history. 14V '13 Current literature publish- 
ing company 

Webster, D. Speeches and orations. '02 Lit- 
tle $2.50 

Bryan, William Jennings 

Speeches, revised and arranged by him- 
self. 2v il '09 Funk $1 ea 308 

"Forty-one dignified and well knit addresses 
covering author's public life." A. L. A. sup. 

Burke, Edmund 

Selections; ed. with notes and in trod, by 
Bliss Perry. '96 Holt 8Sc 308 

"An Irish orator of supreme rhetorical ability 
and range of imagination. His speeches on 
the American and French situation at the time 
of the revolutions in the two countries are 
characteristic of their author and are of chief 
interest to the American reader. This volume 
contains five utterances giving full interpreta- 
tions of Burke's attitude towards America." 
Pratt alcove 

Harding, Samuel Bannister 

(ed.) Select orations illustrating Amer- 
ican" political history. '09 Macmillan 
$1.25 308 

"Selections from the public utterances of in- 
fluential men which at the time when they were 
delivered exerted an influence on public opinion 
or action and which are designed to illustrate 
the political history and development of the 
United States. The extracts are arranged 
chronologically under five divisions and histori- 
cal introductions are prefixed to the different 
sections and separate orations- An introduc- 
tion and notes on 'Oratorical style and struc- 
ture' are the work of Prof. J. M. Clapp of Lake 
Forest university. This is the only adequate 
one-volume collection of American political ora- 
tions and as such will be useful to schools, 
clubs and institutes." A. L. A. bkl. 

Lincoln, Abraham 

Complete works: speeches, letters, state 
papers, miscellaneous; ed by J: G. Ni- 
colay and John Hay. 2v '02 Century 
$10 308 

"Arrangement chronologic; the mechanical 
presentation, perfection itself. Indispensable to 
all students of our later political history." 
A. L. A. 

Selections from Lincoln are published by the 
American book company, Ginn, Heath, Long- 
mans and Merrill, at prices ranging from 28c 
to 35c. 

Speeches and letters, 1832-1865; ed by 
Merwin Roe. (Everyman's lib. Dut- 
tion cl soc; library binding 60c 308 

"A collection of Lincoln's greatest speeches 
and most noteworthy letters. On page 40 is 
given Lincoln's 'lost speech,' so called because 
all the reporters present were so absorbed in 
it as to forget to take notes." Pratt alcove 

Hughes, Charles Evans 

Addresses, 1906-1916. il '16 Putnam $1 

"To this second edition of Mr. Hughes' ad- 
dresses the following important additions have 
been made: Telegram to the Republican con- 
vention in Chicago accepting the nomination, 
June 10, 1916; Formal address of acceptance 
delivered in Carnegie Hall, New York City, 
July 31, igi6; 'Key-note' speech delivered at 
Youngstown. Ohio, September 5, igoB; Address 
before the New York bar association, January 
14, 19 16, on 'Some aspects of the development 
of American law.' " Book rev. digest 

Sinclair, Upton 

(ed.) Cry for justice; an anthology of the 
literature of social protest. il '15 
Winston $2 308 

"The writings of philosophers, poets, novel- 
ists, social reformers and others who have voiced 
the struggle against social injustice; selected 
from twenty-five languages and covering a pe- 
riod of five thousand years; illustrated with 
reproductions of social protest in art. Selec- 
tions are classified under subject heads such as 
toil, revolt, humor, socialism, etc. There is an 
index of authors and one of titles." Cleveland 

Wilson, Woodrow 

In our first year of war; messages and 
addresses to the Congress and the peo- 
ple, March 5, 1917 to January 8, 1918. 
'18 Harper $1 308 

President Wilson's state papers and ad- 
dresses; with an introd. by Albert 
Shaw. '18 Doran $2 308 

Contains over seventy addresses and state 
papers, dating from March 4, 1913 to April 6, 
1918, and including all the historic war utter- 
ances; also a brief sketch of Woodrow Wilson's 
public career, and a list of the notable phrases 
coined by him 

War addresses; with an introd. and notes 
by Arthur Roy Leonard. '18 Ginn 32c 


Edited for use in secondary schools but of 
value for some adults. The thirty-two page 
introduction deals with Woodrow Wilson, How 
the Great war began. Progress of the war, etc. 

SOCIOLOGY— Statistics 


Wilson, Woodrow —Continued 

"Messages to the Congress, January to April, 
1917. with the President's Proclamation of war, 
April 6, 19 17, and his Message to the American 
people, April 15, 1917." Title page 
Why we are at war. '17 Harper SOc 


309.] Social surveys 

Aronovici, Carol 

The social survey, il '16 Harper press 
$1.25 309.1 

Bihliography, p2 1 7-5 2 

An enlarged edition of his "Knowing one's 
own community." 

Based on the author's wide experience as 
director of the Bureau for social research, 

"Contains chapters on training surveying 
forces, on methods of investigation, and on 
preparation of the report, and closes with an 
excellent bibliography." Cleveland 

Elmer, Manual Conrad 

Technique of social surveys. '17 World 
CO., Lawrence, Kan. $1 309.1 

"The book devotes itself to two main ques- 
tions: the kind of facts to be gathered in social 
surveys and the use to be made of them, the 
greater and more valuable part of the publica- 
tion being devoted to the former-" Survey 

"The author has made his book thoroly prac- 
tical and it will be of distinct usefulness to 
those for whom it was written." Am. pol. sci. 
rev. 11:792 

3 1 1 Statistics 

Bailey, William B., and Cummings, John 

Statistics. '17 McClurg 60c 311 

Bibliography, p. 149 

William B. Bailey is professor of practical 
philanthropy in Yale university, and John Cum- 
mings is expert special agent of the Bureau 
of the census. 

Brinton, Willard Cope 

Graphic methods for presenting facts. 
(Works management lib.) '14 Eng. 
mag". $5 311 

"Shows how to prepare and interpret simple 
charts and curves so that facts may thereby be 
presented more vividly than by the old statis- 
tical methods. Useful to the business man, 
the social worker and the legislator." Pitts- 

King, Willford Isbell 

Elements of statistical method. '12 Mac- 
millan $1.50 ^ 311 

" 'Aims to 'furnish a simple text' in the more 
elementary processes of the statistical method 
for the benefit of that large class of students 
and workers who are not expert mathematicians, 
but who must make practical use of statistics.' " 
(Survey) Pratt quarterly 

314-317 Statistics of special countries 

United States. Census, Bureau of 

Abstract of the census of manufactures. 
1914. '17 Supt. of doc. 65c 317 

"Published in advance of the detailed re- 
ports and contains in condensed form all of the 
essential statistics. ... It is designed to 
meet the requirements of those who desire the 
statistics for the census as a whole, for the 
separate industries, and for the states and prin- 
cipal cities." Pittsburgh 
Century of population growth from the 
1st census of the United States to the 

12th, 1790-1900. il maps '09 Supt. of 
doc. $1.10 317 

Statistical atlas of the United States. 1914 
Supt. of doc $2.50 317 

Thirteenth census, taken . . . 1910; ab- 
stract of . . statistics of population, 
agriculture, manufactures, and mining. 
'12 Supt. of doc. $1 317 

"A new departure in the form of the census 
abstract, which is to take the place of the for- 
mer brief 'Abstract' and the larger 'Compen- 
dium.' It contains in addition to the usual 
statistical tables much explanatory text, some 
comparative statistics and many maps and dia- 
grams, and is full enough to suffice the average 
library in place of the large final volumes. A 
special edition is issued for each state and ter- 
ritory and the District of Columbia, containing 
a supplement of state statistics, which may also 
be obtained in separate pamphlet form." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

U. S. Foreign and domestic commerce. 
Bureau of 

Statistical abstract of the United States 
1879-date Supt of doc latest vol 50c 

Whitaker, Joseph 

Almanack, 1869-date. J. Whitaker 1869- 
date latest vol 2/6 314 

"Most valuable on British empire: tables of 
sovereigns, the royal household, orders of 
knighthood, members of Parliament, govern- 
ment officers, army and navy lists, religious, 
educational, social, commercial and financial sta- 
tistics, etc." N. Y. state lib. 

World almanac and encyclopedia, 1868- 
date. N.Y. The World 1868-date latest 
vol pa 25c cl 50c 317.3 

320 Political science 

Valuable books for students are: 

Coker, F. W. Readings in political philosophy. 
19 15 Macmillan ^2.25 

Montesquieu, C- L. Spirit of laws with 
D'Alembert's analysis; tr. by Thomas Nugent. 
2v 1902 Macmillan $1.75 ea 

Morley, J. Notes on politics and history. 1914 
Macmillan $1 

Rousseau, J. J. Social contract; tr. by R. M. 
Harrington. 2d ed 1912 Putnam $1.25 

Seeley, J: R. Introduction to political sci- 
ence. 190 1 Macmillan $1.50 

Sidgwick, Henry. Elements of politics. 2d ed 
revised 1897 Macmillan $4 

Aristotle, 384-322 B. C. 

Politics of Aristotle; tr. with an analy- 
sis and critical notes, by J. E. C. Well- 
don. '12 Macmillan $3.25 . 320 

Discussion of public affairs by the most 
eminent of the Greek philosophers in terms ap- 
plicable to many of the problems of modern 
political science." Pratt alcove 

Published also in the Everyman's library 
edition by Dutton at 50c; library binding 6oc 

Burns, Cecil pelisle 

Morality of nations. '16 Putnam $1.50 

"Because the author, an Englishman, believes 
that new ideas are needed to control the new 
political situation both in domestic and in for- 
eign issues, he furnishes a criticism of inherited 
conceptions of the State, a review of the pres- 
ent moral relationship between States, and an 
indication of the tendencies which are transform- 
ing the whole of international politics.' " 
A. L. A. bkl. 

"The verdict of the English Outlook is that 
constructively the book is far ahead of the 
times, 'as an analysis of existing international 
morality it deserves the consideration of all 
students of foreign politics.' " Cleveland 


Davis, Henry William Carless 

Political thought of Heinrich von Treit- 
schke. 'IS Scribner $2 320 

"An able survey of the political writings and 
opinions of the German philosopher, by ^ a fel- 
low at Oxford. Largely a compilation of 
translated sections from all of Treitschke's chief 
writings, interpreted against the events oi his 
life and in relation to the changes of his own 
political thought." A. L. A. bkl. 

Dealey, James Quayle 

Development of the state, its govern- 
mental organization and its activities. 
'09 Silver $1.50 _ 320 

"A good elementary outline of political de- 
Telopment from savagery, elaborating the prin- 
ciples underlying the modern state and its ac- 
tivities." A. L. A. sup. 

Gamer, James Wilford 

Introduction to political science. '10 Am. 
bk. $2.50 320 

"Excellent and clear, though not exhaustive 
discussion of the more important theories con- 
cerning the origin, nature, functions and organ- 
ization of the state, with analyses and criti- 
cisms. Special emphasis is given to American 
phases and developments." A. L. A. sup, 

Gettell, Raymond Garfield 

Introduction to political science. '10 
Ginn $2 320 

"A good basis for a wider study of political 
science, and, best of all, it written in a clear, 
forceful style." K: F. Geiser in School rev. 

An excellent book to use in connection with 
the above is the author's "Readings in political 
science," 1911, Ginn, $2.25 

Hill, David Ja3me 

People's government. '15 Appleton $1.35 


"Useful as a summary of the whole field, 
to supplement standard works like Garner's and 
Wilson's." Wis. bul. 

"Traces the development of the State from 
its beginning as an embodiment of force 
through the period when it was dominated by 
law regarded as a sovereign decree, till the 
time when in some parts of the world at least 
the idea has been superseded by law as mutual 
obligation. Simple and as direct in treatment 
as the nature of the subject will permit." North 
Am. rev. 292:599 

Holt, Lucius Hudson 

Introduction to the study of government. 
'15 Macmillan $2 320 

"A combination text and source book, writ- 
ten by a professor at the United States mili- 
tary academy for his classes, stating the na- 
ture, organization, and operation of govern- 
ment as it exists in the foremost states of the 
world. The source material follows each chapter 
under the heading 'Statistics and illustrative ci- 
tations.' Better written than most elementary 
texts, it differs also in its strict _ adherence to 
the comparative method, contrasting American 
conditions with those elsewhere. Appendix con- 
tains the constitutional laws of France, the con- 
stitutions of Germany and the United States." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

Lecky, William Edward Hartpole 

Democracy and liberty, new ed 2v '99 
Longmans $5 320 

"Special chapter devoted to adverse criti- 
cism of socialism, and criticisms of socialistic 
tendencies throughout the work." A. L. A. 

Oppenheimer, Franz 

The state; tr. by J. M. Gitterman. '14 
Bobbs $1.50 ^ ^ 320 

"A study of the origin and development of 
the state from the sociological and economic 
viewpoint. . . . The economic interpretation 
of history is emphasized thruout- . . While 
decidedly one-sided in its neglect of all factors 
save force in state origin and of all influences 

save the economic in state development, the 
book is a brilliant study of certain important 
phases of political evolution. . . . The 
translation is unusually well done. Ann. Am. 
acad. 54:340 
Tagore, Rabindranath 

Nationalism. '17 Macmillan $1.25 320 

"Three lectures: Nationalism in the West; Na- 
tionalism in Japan; Nationalism in India; and 
a poem, 'The sunset of_ the century.* The book 
is an ingenuous denunciation of nationalism, par- 
ticularly British nationalism as seen in British 
domination of India. The author's definition of 
a nation is an organized power which keeps up 
its insistence that the population become strong 
and efficient. But this strenuous effort after 
strength diverts man's power of sacrifice from 
his ultimate object, which is moral, to the 
maintenance of the nation, which is mechani- 
cal." Pittsburgh 

Willoughby, Westel Woodbury 

Examination of the nature of the state; 
a study in political philosophy, new ed 

'03 Macmillan $3 320 
Young, Jeremiah Simeon 

State and government. (National social 

science ser.) '17 McClur^ 60c 320 

Author is professor of political science in 
the University of Minnesota. 

"Tracing the histoiy of government from 
the earliest times and comparing theories in 
different periods and various countries, the au- 
thor has packed a lot of information into a 
small volume, which is clear and interesting 
to read." Cleveland 

Zangwill, Israel 

Principle of nationalities. '17 Macmil- 
lan 50c * ^ 320 
"An analysis of nationality that is sane and 
penetrating. He looks to *a world-series of 
united republics [where] we may some day, per- 
haps, when humanity grows up, verify Hebrew 
prophecy, Italian idealism, and German phi- 
losophy, and reach the great vision of a League 
of the Peoples and a 'Perpetual Peace.* The 
Conway memorial lecture before the South 
Place ethical society, England." A. L. A. 

320. 3 Encyclopedias 

McLaughlin, Andrew C, and Hart, Al- 
bert Bushnell 
(eds.) Cyclopedia of American govern- 
ment. 3v il maps *14 Appleton $22.50 


"Useful reference work by some 250 con- 
tributors, designed, not for the specialist, but for 
the student and the general reader. Aims to 
supply the need for a usable, succinct and 
comprehensive presentation of practical, actual 
and theoretical government in all American 
countries, the term 'government' being used in 
a broad sense. Treats of national, state and 
local organs of government." (Preface) 

"Scope is wider than title indicates as many 
articles are included on general and foreign 

Many biographies, including those of living 
men. Arrangement is alphabetical by small 
subjects and there is an analytical index. Signed 
articles by specialists, bibliographies. Has "been 
criticised for hasty work and minor inaccura- 
cies." Mudge 

"Does not supplant Lalor's work wholly, but 
should be chosen in preference to it if the 
library has neither and can afford but one." 

320.4 Essays on political science 

Bums, Cecil Delisle 

Political ideals; their nature and devel- 
opment; an essay. '15 Oxford $1 


SOCIOLOGY— Political Science 

Bums, Cecil Delisle — Continued 

Contents: The history of ideals; Athenian lib- 
erty; Roman order; Cosmopolitan equality; 
Mediaeval unity; Renaissance sovereignty; 
Revolutionary rights; Modern nationalism; 
Modern imperialism; Individualism; Socialism; 
Conclusion; Appendices: Limits of the subject; 
Reasoning in political development. 

"The thesis I propose to maintain is that 
modern politics is governed by the conceptions 
men have of a state of things which would 
be better than the present." (Preface) 

Croly, Herbert David 

Progressive democracy. '14 Macmillan 
$2 320.4 

"Points out that the chief obstacles to a 
juster economic and social life are found in the 
legalism with which our whole government is 
affected and the extreme difficulty of amending 
the constitution." Cleveland 

"Subjects to a thorough, detailed analy=iis the 
evolution and principles of American demo- 
cracy." A. L. A. bkl. 

Promise of American life. '09 jMacmil- 
lan $2 ... 320.4 

"Argues that unrestricted individual freedom 
has resulted in a morally and socially undesir- 
able distribution of wealth and that increased 
social legislation will be necessary to secure 
equality of opportunity — 'the promise of Amer- 
ican life.' " A. L. A. sup. 

Hadley, Arthur Twining 

Undercurrents in American politics. 'IS 
Yale univ. $1.50 320.4 

"Brings together the author's lectures on 
'Prosperity and democracy* given at Oxford uni- 
versity, i9i4> and those on 'Political methods 
old and new* given in 19 14 at the University 
of Virginia. They constitute a brief but in- 
structive survey of the growth of American de- 
mocracy, economic legislation, and party gov- 
ernment." A. L. A. bkl. 

Hughes, Charles Evans 

Conditions of progress in democratic 
government. (Yale lectures on the re- 
sponsibilities of citizenship.) '10 Yale 
univ. press. $1.25 320.4 

"Four earnest addresses on the responsibility 
of individuals, especially educated men, in the 
stiuggle for just and effective administration of 
national government.'* N. Y. state lib. 

Roosevelt, Theodore 

New nationalism. '11 Outlook co. $1.50 


Contents: The new nationalism; Nation and 
the states; Conservation; Natural resources; 
Commission principle; Labor and capital; World 
feats; The old moralities; The crook; Public 
press; Good citizen; The word and the deed; 
Corruption ; Law, order and j ustice ; The new 
nationalism and the old moralities; Criticism of 
the courts 

Contains also "Historical summary," an Out- 
look editorial by Lyman Abbott 

Russell, Bertrand 

Political ideals. '17 Century $1 320.4 
Contents: Political ideals; Capitalism and the 
wage system ; Pitfalls in socialism ; Individual 
liberty and public control; National independ- 
ence and internationalism 

"A safe and succinct statement of the phil- 
osopher's well known views for individuals and 
community ideals. This is not a book on 
pacificism and will be stimulating to thoughtful 
readers in any community." A. L. A- bkl. 

Spencer, Herbert 

Man versus the state; a collection of es- 
says; ed. by Truxton Beale, with criti- 
cal and interpretative comments by 
W. H. Taft and others. '16 Kennerley 
$2 320.4 

Contents: The new toryism; The coming 
slavery ; Over-legislation ; From freedom to 

bondage ; The great political superstition ; The 
man vs. the state; The sins of legislators; 
Specialized administration; The duty of the 

"The essays of Herbert Spencer directed 
against over-legislation and the growth of of- 
ficialism, are edited to show the application of 
the principles to contemporary conditions in 
the United States. The introductory com- 
ments were written by EHhu Root, Henry Cabot 
Lodge, E. H. Gary, A. P. Gardner, Nicholas 
Murray Butler. David Jayne Hill, Harlan F. 
Stone, Charles W. Eliot, and William Howard 
Taft." Cleveland 

Taft, William Howard 

Popular government. '13 Yale univ. 
$1.25 320.4 

"Mr. Taft discusses the sources of political 
power and the proposed changes to be' effected 
by the initiative, referendum and recall. . . ; 
the historical issue between the broad construc- 
tionist and the states' rights advocate; the re- 
cal of judges and of judicial decisions; and the 
question of war and peace." A. L, A. bkl. 

Wilson, Woodrow 

The new freedom. '13 Doubleday $1 

"The most significant portions of President 
Wilson's 19 12 campaign speeches arranged to 
make a clear, vigorous and coherent statement 
of his political faith, the central idea of which 
is that politics must be freed from business 
domination and put directly into the hands 
of the people." N. Y. state lib. 

320.9 History of political science 

Barker, Ernest 

Political thought in England from Her- 
bert Spencer to the present day. 
(Home univ. lib. of modern knowl- 
edge) '15 Holt 60c 320.9 
"Critical summaries, most of them very brief, 
of the writings of leading political thinkers from 
Spencer to Norman Angell. The extended 
criticism of Spencer, and those of T. M. Green 
and Norman Angell are specially noteworthy. 
Written by an Oxford teacher, the book is able 
and competent, and is fairly representative of 
the modern Oxford outlook on political prob- 
lems." A. L. A. bkl. 

Brown, Everit, and Strauss, Albert 

Dictionary of American politics, por '07 
Burt $1 320.9 

"Accounts of political parties, measures and 
men, and explanations of the Constitution, di- 
visions and practical workings of the govern- 
ment, together with political phrases, familiar 
nr.mes of persons and places, noteworthy say- 
ings, party platforms, etc." Title 

Davidson, William Leslie 

Political thought in England, the utili- 
tarians. (Home univ. lib. of modern 
knowledge) '16 Holt 60c 320.9 

Bibliography P252-3 

"Logically precedes Barker in the same seriea 
and is largely devoted to Bentham and Mill. 
Supplies the need of a summary account of 
their writings, personality and influence that 
is both readable and informing, an account that 
has been described as 'perhaps of more narra- 
tive value than of critical importance.' " A. L. A. 

Dunning, William Archibald 

History of political theories, ancient and 
mediaeval. '02 Macmillan $2.50 320.9 
Bibliography, P327-45 
"An admirably clear summary." Pittsburgh 

History of political theories, from Luther 
to Montesquieu. '05 Macmillan $2.50 

Select references at the end of each chapter. 
Bibliography, P435-48 



Hobhouse, Leonard Trelawney 

Liberalism. (Home univ. lib. of modern 
knowledge) '11 Holt 60c 320.9 

"The best review of the social program of 
the English Liberals that has yet (1911) ap- 
peared." A. L. A. sup. 

Jenks, Edward 

History of politics. (Temple primers) 
1900 button 45c 320.9 

Useful authorities, P157-58 

Pollock, Sir Frederick 

Introduction to the history of the sci- 
ence of politics. 1900 Macmillan 80c 

From Plato and Aristotle to J. S. Mill and 
Herbert Spencer 

321 Form of state 

Machiavelli, Niccolo 

The prince; tr. by N. H. Thomson. 3d 
ed rev and cor '13 Oxford $1.50 321 

"Till the code by which states regulate their 
mutual relations shall be at least as just as that 
which civilized individuals respect, Machiavelli's 
'Prince* can not lose its interest or significance." 
(\V. R. Thayer in Internal, jour, ethics 2:486) 
A. L. A. 

Also published by Dutton in the Everyman's 
library edition, at 50c: library binding 6oc 

Muir, Ramsay 

Nationalism and internationalism, the 
culmination of modern history. '17 
Houghton $1.25 321 

"Extremely able argument on the evolution 
and the inter-relation of the principles of na- 
tionalism and internationalism." Pittsburgh 

The author is professor of modern history 
in the University of Manchester. 

32 1 .8 RepubKc. Democracy 

Books on the practical workings of American 
democracy are placed in this section 

Cleveland, Frederick Albert 

Organized democracy; an introduction to 
the study of American politics. (Amer- 
ican citizen ser.) 13 Longmans S2.50 

Select bibliography of organized democracy, 
p. 23-36; references at the beginning of many 
of the chapters. 

"Good working handbook or college text, de- 
picting with much detail the evolution of pop- 
ular sovereignty i;i the United States. The 
author believes that the demand for efficiency 
in government will be met only by administer- 
ing the government as a corporation in which 
accounts are kept according to modern ideas. 
Rewritten and enlarged from 'Growth of de- 
mocracy in the United States.' " A. L. A. 

Godkin, Edwin Lawrence 

Unforeseen tendencies of democracy. 
98 Houghton S2 321.8 

Contents: Former democracies; Equality; 
The nominating system; Decline of legislatures; 
Peculiarities of American municipal govern- 
ment; Growth and expression of public opinion; 
The Australian democracy 

Hill, David Jayne 

Americanism, what it is. '16 Appleton 
S1.35 . 321.8 

Contents; The American conception of the 
state; The crisis in American constitutional- 
ism; Taking soundings; The tests of American 
democracy; Americanism and world politics; 
The duty of national defence; New perils for 

"Will appeal specially to readers of con- 
servative views." A. L. A. bkl. 

Lane, Franklin Knight 

American spirit; addresses in war time. 
'18 Stokes 7Sc ^ 321.8 

"A collection of addresses delivered on vari- 
ous occasions by the Secretary of the interior. 
Most of the addresses have been prepared during 
the war and have a bearing on it, altho one or 
two of them date back to 1914- Contents: The 
American spirit; The unconquerable soul; 
American pioneer; Rights of neighbors; Fruits 
of faith; American tradition; Why do we fight 
Germany? Foresight and cooperation; Three 
flags in the same colors; Greater than making 
money; Message of the West; New and greater 
America; Makers of the flag." Bk. rev. digest 

Mill, John Stuart 

Considerations on representative govern- 
ment, n.d. Dutton Everyman's lib. SOc 
library binding 60c; Longmans 75c 

Tufts, James H. 

Our democracy, its origin and its tasks. 
'17 Holt $1.50 321.8 

"Will be used especially in libraries where 
there are many citizens of foreign birth," 
A. L. A. bkl. 

" 'It has little to say about the machinery of 
our government; its main concern is with the 
principles and ideas which the machinery is 
meant to serve.' " (Preface) Pittsburg^ 

"Professor Tufts is head of the F^ilosopby 
department of the University of Chicago, but 
his book is 'not for the scholar. It is intended 
for fhe citizen and the prospective citizen.' In 
simple, entertaining style it traces the begin- 
nings of cooperation, order and liberty from 
the primitive times to the present day, and sets 
forth clearly the principles of and the obstacles 
to real democracy." Cleveland 

Professor Tufts' Real business of living, 
1918, Holt, $1-50, includes part i and part 4 
(condensed) of Our democracy. Part 2 is en- 
titled Problems of cooperation and right in 
business, and part 3, City and country 

Weyl, Walter Edward 

The new democracv. '12 Macmillan $2 


"An optimistic forecast of a real democracy 
which is to be brought about through universal 
education, the gradual control of public busi- 
ness and the appropriation of the enormous sur- 
plus social product." (Adapted from DiaL 
Pratt quarterly 

32 1 .8 Referendum. Initiative. Recall 

American academy of political and social 
. science 

The initiative, referendum and recall. 
(Annals of the Amer. acad.) '12 Am. 
acad. cl SI. 50 pa SI 321.8 

"Eighteen papers by senators, lawyers, col- 
" lege professors, editors, etc., arranged under the 
beadings: (i) Merits and limitations of the- 
initiative, referendum and recall; (2) Provisione 
for and results obtained by the initiative, etc., 
(3) The judicial recall. They give the reasons 
for and against the introduction of these meas- 
ures, follow the history of their introduction 
into various states (also Switzerland) and trace 
the result." A. L. A. bkl. 

Mimro, William Bennett 

(ed.) The initiative, referendum and re- 
call. ( National municipal league ser.) 
'12 Appleton S2 321.8 

"These fifteen papers ably present both sides 
of each subject, are up to date and rich in 
concrete information. They constitute, perhaps, 
the best single work for the general reader. 
(1912.) Among the writers are Theodore Roose- 

SOCIOLOGY — Political Science 


Munro, William Bennett— Continued 

velt, Woodrow Wilson, Robert Treat Paine, and 
A. Lawrence Lowell." A. L. A. bkl. 

'Initiative, referendum and recall,' pub- 
lished as the September 19 12 number of the 
Annals of the American Academy (pa. $1) has 
a precisely similar scope, being a collection of 
18 papers, duplicating Munro in two cases only. 

" 'Documents on the state-wide initiative, ref- 
erendum and recall' compiled by C. A. Beard 
and B. E. Schultz (Macmillan $2) includes all 
the state constitutional amendments on the sub- 
ject in force August 1911, those now (1912) 
pending adoption, several of the most signifi- 
cant statutes elaborating constitutional provi- 
sions, some illustrative papers showing system 
in ordinary municipalities and commission-gov- 
erned cities and 6 important judicial decisons. 
Contains also a valuable historical and descript- 
ive introduction." N. Y. state lib. 

Oberholtzer's "Referendum in America" ap- 
peared in a new ed. in 191 1, Scribner, $2.25 

Phelps, Edith M. 

■ (comp.) Selected articles on the initiative 

and referendum. (Debaters' handbook 

ser.) 3d ed rev and enl '14 Wilson 

$1.25 321.8 

Bibliography, pref. pi 7-42 

Root, Elihu 

Experiments in government and the es- 
sentials of the Constitution. '13 Prince- 
ton univ. $1 321.8 
"The Stafford Little lectures delivered at 
Princeton, 1913. Concise, forceful arguments 
against the initiative, the compulsory ref- 
erendum, the recall of officers and popular re- 
view of judicial decisions, on the ground that 
they subvert the essential principles of the Con- 
stitution. Also published as a U. S. govern- 
ment document (U. S. 63d Cong, ist sess. 
Senate doc. 168.) A. L. A. bkl. 

Wilcox, Delos Franklin 

Government by all the people; or, The 
initiative, the referendum and the re- 
call as instruments of democracy. '12 
Macmillan $1.50 321.8 

*'A defence of direct legislation that is fair 
in tone, progressive in thought and very in- 
terestingly written. . . . Supplements Oberholt- 
zer and Munro." A. L. A. bkl. 

323 State and the individual 

Allen, William Harvey 

Universal training for citizenship and 
public service. '17 Macmillan $1.50 * 

"By the director (1917), Institute for public 
service. New York city. Indicates ways in 
which the country can secure public-spirited ser- 
vice from all its citizens in peace as well as_ in 
war. Formulates aims in training for civic 
work, for the professions, for parenthood, and 
for the use of special gifts for the general 
good." Pittsburgh 

Mill, John Stuart 

On liberty (and) The subjection of wo- 
men. '98 Holt $2 323 

"The simple principle on which 'Liberty* ex- 
pends so deep a passion and so much logic 
is that self-protection is the sole end for which 
society is warranted in interfering with individ- 
ual liberty of action. (Frederic Harrison) 
A. L. A. 

324 Suffrage 

Childs, Richard S. 

Short-ballot principles. '11 Houghton $1 

"Vigorous criticism of the limitations of de- 
mocracy in practice. Urges a ballot so short 
that the number of choices will not be so great 

as to conceal the individual candidates from a 
thorough public scrutiny." A. L. A. sup. 

Commons, John Rogers 

Proportional representation. (Lib. of 
economics and politics) '96 Macmil- 
lan $1.50 324 
"Historical significance of the movement. 
Gives detailed application of the reform to 
American politics, specially to city government. 
(Pittsburgh) A. L. A. 

Cothren, Marion Benedict 

A B C of voting. '18 Century 60c 324 
"In the short space of a little over 100 small 
pages she manages to condense a surprising 
amount of practical information on the mechan- 
ics of voting, elections and political parties, to- 
gether with a clear and concise account of na- 
tional, state and city government. There is a 
valuable summary of existing labor laws in New 
York state affecting women and children, and 
a number of useful appendices." Survey 40: 

Fanning, Clara Elizabeth 

(comp.) Selected articles on direct pri- 
maries. (Debaters' handbook ser.) 3d 
ed rev '11 Wilson $1.25 324 

Bibliography, pref. p 11-20 

Macauley, Ward 

Reclaiming the ballot. '16 Duffield 7Sc 

"The author shows the simpUcity with which 
election returns can be falsified He points the 
futility of the short ballot, direct primary and 
other reforms while interested Politicians are al- 
lowed to manipulate the vote t-» suit their own 
purposes. Methods of campaigning also come 
in for condemnation. . . . But the little book 
is constructive as well, indicating the funda- 
mental reforms needed. There is a final chapter 
on 'The precinct civic center.* " Book rev- 

324.3 Woman suffrage 

Catt, Mrs. Carrie (Lane) Chapman 

(comp.) Woman suffrage by federal con- 
stitutional amendment. (Natural suf- 
frage lib.) '17 N.Y. National woman 
suffrage pub co $1.30 324.3 

"A collection of facts and arguments designed 
to show that the federal amendment is a more 
effective way of dealing with the suffrage prob- 
lem than the state-by-state method, and to an- 
swer objections to the method.*' A. L. A. 
bkl. ; 

Crothers, Samuel McChord 

Meditations on votes for women. '14 
Houghton $1 324.3 

"A thoughtful and humorous consideration of 
various aspects of the question." A. L. A. 

Reprinted from the Atlantic monthly 

Goodwin, Mrs. Grace Duffield 

Anti-suffrage: ten good reasons. '12 
Duffield 7Sc 324.3 

"A brief but authoritative statement of the 
position taken by anti-suffragists and the chief 
arguments with which they fortify it. The best 
single-volume summary available at the present, 
£1912), Author is president of the District of 
Columbia Association opposed to woman suf- 
frage." A. L. A. bkl. 

Jacobi, Mrs. Mary (Putnam) 

"Common sense" applied to woman suf- 
frage. (Questions of the day) 2d ed 
'15 Putnam $1 324.3 

"An expansion of the lecture delivered before 
the Committee on Woman Suffrage of the New 
York Constitutional Convention in 1894. . . . 
Presented in a new edition with an excellent 
biographical introduction by Frances Maule 
Bjorkman." Review of reviews 52:373 



Jacobi, Mrs. Mary (Putnam) — Continued 

"After John Stuart MilFs classic work, it 
is, doubtless, the most comprehensive, clearly 
reasoned and lucidly stated argument in the 
favor of political equality for women that has 
yet been made.'* Bookman 42:225 

Phelps, Edith M. 

(comp.) Selected articles on woman suf- 
frage. 3d ed rev and enl '16 Wilson 
$1.25 324.3 

Most of the articles are new, having been 
written since the publication of the first edi- 

Bibliography, pref. p 17-46 

S chain, Josephine 

Women and the franchise. '18 McClurg 
60c 324.3 

"A review of the arguments against women's 
voting and a re-statement of the reasons why 
the franchise should be extended to them. ' 
Editor's preface 

"A useful addition to debater's material on 
woman's suffrage." Cleveland 

Shaw, Anna Howard 

Story of a pioneer. '15 Harper $2 324.3 
"In collaboration with Miss Elizabeth Jor- 
dan, the [former] President of the National 
American woman suffrage association here tells 
the inspiring story of her life from her strenu- 
ous youth in the Michigan 'back woods' of fifty 
years ago, through her career as a Methodist 
preacher, ordained minister, teacher, doctor, 
lecturer and sufErage worker and leader. Dr. 
Shaw writes as she speaks, straightforwardly 
and with keen observation, humor and a rich 
fund of anecdote." Cleveland 

Sumner, Helen Laura 

Equal suffrage. '09 Harper $2 324.3 

"Study of the political, social and economic 
effects of equal suffrage in Colorado. ^ An im- 
partial presentation . . . with conclusions fav- 
orable to women's voting." A. L. A. sup. 

Woman suffrage year book, 1917. map '17 
pa National woman suffrage pub. $1.05 

"The first part of the book deals with the 
progress, extent and results of womaii suffrage; 
the second with the action which various states 
have taken upon certain questions affecting 
women and children; the third with miscellane- 
ous information for the general use of suffrage 
workers and others." (Preface) Cleveland 

325.1 Naturalization and citizenship 

Much of the most valuable literature is in 
pamphlet form. Good material is issued by the 
National Americanization Committee, 29 West 
39th St., New York city; the Immigration Pub- 
lication Society, John Foster Carr, Director, 
241 Fifth Ave., New York city; the Bureau of 
Study of Methods of Americanization, Dr. C. C. 
\\'iIliamson, Director, 576 Fifth Ave., New 
York City, and the United States Bureau of 
Naturalization, Washington. D.C. 

Citizenship convention (1st), Washington, 
D. C. 

Proceedings of the convention held July 
10-15, 1916, under the auspices of the 
Bureau of naturalization, United States 
department of labor. 1917 Supt. of 
doc. pa 10c 325.1 

Fowler, Nathaniel Clark 

How to obtain citizenship. '13 Sully 
$1.50 325.1 

"Brief and simply worded directions for nat- 
uralization. Questions (with answers) likely to 
be asked by examiner, are given in English, 
Italian, Yiddish, German and French; the con- 
stitution. Declaration of independence, informa- 
tion as to legal and political customs, and the 

duty of the foreigner to his adopted country 
in English only. Avoids technicalities and 
will be helpful to the alien who can read fairly 
well." A. L. A. bkl. . 

Separate volumes of "How to obtain citizen- 
ship" are also published by Sully at the fol- 
lowing prices; 

English and German, $1 

English and French, $1 

English and Italian, $1 

English and Yiddish, $1 

English only, $1, paper 3Sc 

Hill, Mabel, and Davis, Philip 

Civics for new Americans. 'IS Houghton 
80c 325.1 

"A book intended for fairly advanced readers 
and specially designed to follow 'English for 
foreigners,' books one and two, by Sara R. 
O'Brien. Its aim is to teach the new Amer- 
ican what is being done in many American 
cities to better the social and political condi- 
tions, and to show him how he may cooperate 
with organizations to promote better citizen- 
ship." Cleveland 

Roberts, Peter 

Civics for coming Americans. '17 Assn. 
press 50c 325.1 

"Presents the material necessary to pass the 
naturalization test in an easy-to-learn method, 
born of long experience with immigrants- Use- 
ful to give to the man himself or for the use 
of teachers of immigrant classes. Not so 
durable a volume as Hill and Davis' 'Civics for 
new Americans.' " Wis. bul. 

United States. Immigration, Bureau of 

Information for immigrants concerning 
the United States, its opportunities, 
government and institutions. '00 (re- 
print 1913 with slight changes) U.S. 
immigration bu. 325.1 

Printed in English and twenty-three other 

United States. Naturalization, Bureau of 
Outline course in citizenship; prepared 
by Raymond F. Crist. '16 U.S. natur- 
alization bureau 325.1 

"To be used in the public schools for the 
instruction of the foreign and native bom can- 
didate for adult-citizenship responsibilities." 

Syllabus of the naturalization law. '16 
U.S. naturalization bureau 325.1 

"An aid to public school teachers in the in- 
struction of aliens in the requirements of the 
naturalization law." Subtitle 

325.3 C^olonizalion. Imperialism 

Some books of interest to students are: 

Beer, G. L. British colonial policy, 1754-1765. 
1907 Macmillan $2 

Beer, G. L. Old colonial system, 1660-1754- 

2v 1912 Macmillan $4 

Beer, G. L. Origins of the British colonial 

system, 1578-1660. 1908 Macmillan $3 

Curtis, Lionel 

Problem of the commonwealth, maps '16 
Macmillan $1.50 325.3 

"In 19 10 groups known as 'Round Table 
groups' were formed in Canada, Australia, and 
other parts of the British Empire to study 
the nature of citizenship in the Empire and 
the mutual relations of the several dominions. 
Using as a basis material collected by these 
groups, the author has prepared a preliminary 
report, outlining clearly and persuasively a fed- 
eral sjjstem for the British Empire. The ma- 
terial is to be given in fuller form in an ex- 
tended report, of which the first volume, 'The 
commonwealth of nations,' (Macmillan, 1916, 
$250) has just been published." A. L. A. 

SOCIOLOGY — Political Science 


Curtis, Lionel — Continued 

Two other recent books on the same siihi*»r*- 
are A. B. Keith's "Imperial unity and the do- 
minions," 1916. Oxford univ. press, $5, and 
Basil Worsf old's "Empire on the anvil, 1916, 
E. Smith, 6s. ' 

Egerton, Hugh Edward 

Origin and growth of the English colo- 
nies and of their system of govern- 
ment; an introd. to C. P. Lucas's His- 
torical geography of the British colo- 
nies. 2d ed rev '14 Oxford $1.15 
cheaper binding 85c 325.3 

"Outlines history, dealing with influences of 
religious dissent, the mercantile system, labor 
and other colonial problems. Bibliographic ref- 
erences." (N. Y. state lib.) A. L. A. 

Harris, Norman Dwight 

Intervention and colonization in Africa, 
maps '15 Houghton $2 325.3 

"A history chiefly from official sources, which 
traces the origin and development of the colo- 
nial expansion movement in Africa during the 
past forty years, omitting some of the smaller 
colonial developments, concentrating on those 
which illustrate the policy of the nations and 
the chief political and administrative methods 
used by each. . . . Topical bibliography (8p.)" 
A. L. A. bkl. 

" 'The most serious defect of the book is to 
be found in the lack of scientific accuracy. 
The author has gathered together a vast mass 
of valuable data, but he has failed to check 
up and assimilate all of his material. These 
limitations and defects undoubtedly detract ffom 
the scientific value of the work, but they by no 
means destroy its inherent worth. The book 
was evidently prepared for the general public 
and it is admirably adapted to serve this general 
purpose. It furnishes us by all odds the most 
readable and illuminating account that we today 
possess of the opening of the African conti- 
nent.' " (C. S. AlUn in Am. poL sci. rev. 
9:389) Book rev. digest 

The author is professor of European diplo- 
matic history in Northwestern university 

Keller, Albert Galloway 

Colonization; a study of the founding of 
new societies. '08 Ginn $3 325.3 

l^ucas. Sir Charles Prestwood 

British empire. '15 Macmillan 80c 325.3 
Contents: England in the making; The sev- 
enteenth century; The eighteenth century; The 
age of Queen Victoria ; The empire at the 
present day; The meaning and use of the em- 

" 'In its way it deserves to rank with Seeley s 
memorable 'Expansion of England,' especially 
when its author betakes himself to historical 
exposition, a task which he executes with much 
lucidity.' " (Athenaeum i :35o) Book rev. di- 

Morris, Henry C. 

History of colonization to the present 
day. 2v 1900 Macmillan $4 325.3 

Bibliography, v 2. p. 325-55- 
"Comprehensive survey based on secondary 
authorities. (Nation, 72:237) A. L. A. 

Muir, Ramsay 

Expansion of Europe, maps '17 Hough- 
ton $2 325.3 
"Survey of the imperial activities of Euro- 
pean nations during the last four centuries, 
whereby most of the 'backward people' of the 
world have passed under the dominion of wes- 
tern civilization. By the terms 'empire and im- 
perialism' the author implies not the extension 
of mere brute power, but the enlargement and 
diffusion, under the shelter of power, of ra- 
tional law and liberty." Pittsburgh _ 

A sequel to his "Nationalism and interna- 
tionalism," Houghton, 19171 $1-25- 

J^einsch, Paul S. 

Colonial government. (Citizen's lib. of 

economics, politics and sociology.) '02 
Macmillan $1.25 325.3 

References at the end of each chapter. 

"Covers colonial government in general, 
though British colonies receive principal ;itten- 
tion. Considers motives and methods of co- 
lonial expansion and general forms of colonial 
government, and outlines administrative organ- 
ization and legislative methods." (Nation, 1902) 
A. L. A. 

325, 7 Immigration. Americanization 

Interesting biographies to read in connection 
with this subject are: 

Antin, Mary. Promised land. '12 Houghton, 

Patri, Angelo. A schoolmaster ot the great 

city. '17 Macmillan, $1.25 
Ravage, M. E. An American in the making. 

'17 Harper, $1.40 
Rihbany, A. M. A far journey. '14 Hough- 
ton, $1.75 
Riis, J. A. Making of an American. '01 

Macmillan, $2,25 
Steiner, E. A. Against the current. Revell, 

Steiner, E. A. From alien to citizen. '14 

Revell, $1.75 
Stern, Mrs. E. G. (L.) My mother and I. 

*i7 Macmillan, $1 

Abbott, Grace 

The immigrant and the community. '17 
Century $1.50 325.7 

"The author of this sympathetic and au- 
thoritative study has been for the past eight 
years Director of the Immigrants' protective 
league of Chicago and adds to her experience 
seven years of residence at Hull House and 
service as investigator with the Massachusetts 
Commission of immigration. There is more 
consideration of the woman immigrants than in 
most books on the subject." Cleveland 

"As a work of reference, particularly in 
statistics, needs to be used with caution. Based 
on lectures delivered at the Chicago School of 
civics and philanthropy." A. L. A. bkl. 

Antin, Mary 

They who knock at our gates, il '14 
Houghton $1 325.7 

"Appeared in the 'American magazine,' V77. 
March-May, 19 14. 

"Defends with fervor the immigrant's right 
to the enj oyment of American freedom and 
shows the worth of his contribution to our civic 
and social life." Pittsburgh 

Balch, Emily Greene 

Our Slavic fellow citizens. '10 325.7 

"Bibliography, p. 481-512 

"Appeared in 'Charities and the comnjons,' 
V. 15-19, Jan. 1906-N0V. 1907 

"Comprehensive study of^ the Slavic emigra- 
tion at its source and of Slavic immigrants 
in the United States, Author spent the greater 
part of the year 1905 in Austria-Hungary and 
over a year in visiting Slavic colonies in the 
United States, ranging from New York to Colo- 
rado and from Michigan to Galveston. One 
autumn was spent as a boarder in the family 
of a Bohemian workingman in New York city. 
Appendixes contain valuable statistical tables." 

Out of print, July 19 18 

Barnes, Mrs. Mary Emilia, and Barnes, 
Lemuel Call 

New America; a study in immigration. 
'13 Revell SOc; pa 30c 325.7 

"Issued under the direction of the Council 
of women for home missions. A short historic 
review. Written from a broadly religious 
viewpoint.'* St. Louis 

Commons, John Rogers 

Races and immigrants in America. il 
maps '07 Macmillan $2 Stand lib SOc 




Commons, John Rogers — Continued 

"Discusses the assimilation of the various 
elements contributing to our population in con- 
nection with problems of industry, labor unions, 
city life, crime, health, politics. Advocates in- 
creased restriction of immigration." A. L. A. 

Fairchild, Henry Pratt 

Immigration, a world movement and its 
American significance. '13 Macmillan 
$175 325.7 

"Clear, comprehensive, dispassionate review 
of the subject, including history in the United 
States and discussion of causes, volume, stand- 
ard of living, social, industrial and political ef- 
fect upon country, etc. Author 'favors restric- 
tion. Bibliography and index." N. Y. best 

"Superior to Jenks and Lauck's Immigration 
problem." A. L. A. bkl. 

Gulick, Sidney Lewis 

American democracy and Asiatic citizen- 
ship. '18 Scribner $1.75 325.7 

Contents: Political: New Asia and its sig- 
nificance for America; Japan, her problems and 
claims ; China, our treaties and our treatment ; 
Historical sketch of legislation dealing with im- 
migration; Historical sketch dealing with nat- 
uralization ; Democracy and citizenship ; Rights 
and duties of nations; A policy and a program 
for constructive immigration legislation; Criti- 
cisms criticised- Statistical: Chinese in the 
United States; Japanese in the United States; 
Situation on the Pacific coast; Situation in the 
Hawaiian islands; Conclusion 

"A review of our past relations with Japan 
and China, and a plan of legislation which shall 
give these people more liberal treatment in 
America, based upon two principles : ( i ) That 
all immigration be regulated so as to admit 
only as many people from any country as can 
really be Americanized; and, (2) That the priv- 
ilege of citizenship be withheld from none who 
qualify, regardless of race," A. L. A, bkl. 

American Japanese problem. il '14 
Scribner $1.75 325.7 

"Dr Gulick reviews clearly and comprehen- 
sively the Japanese situation iri California 
(19 14) and the problems of immigration and 
assimilation of eastern races. He believes there 
is a reasonable and honorable solution to the 
difficulty in a new American oriental policy, 
which he outlines." Pittsburgh 

"Pro-Japanese in sympathy." N. Y. state 

Haskin^ Frederic J, 

The immigrant, il '13 Revell $1.25 

"A popular and, in the main, reliable account 
based largely on the 44 volume report of the 
U. S. Immigration Commission and presenting 
salient facts in a very readable style. _ A val- 
uable feature is the chapter on the immigration 
laws of Canada and Australia." Cleveland 

Hourwich, Isaac Aaronovich 

Immigration and labor; the economic 
aspect of Eui-opean immigration to the 
United States, il '12 Putnam $2.50 

"The object of the book is to refute the find- 
ing of the Immigration committee in 1910, that 
European immigration should be restricted in 
the interest of the American laboring class." 

"Scholarly, comprehensive treatment of the 
problem." Pratt quarte^rly 

Jenks, Jeremiah Whipple, and Lauck, W. 
Immigration problem. 4th ed rev map 
'17 Funk $1.75 325.7 

"Discusses, employment of immigrants in 
American industries and the effect on existing 
wages and standards of living. Virtually a di- 
gest of the data gathered by the U. S. Im- 
migration Commission of which authors were 

members. Favors restriction of immigration." 
Cleveland , 

"Enlarged about fifty pages from the third 
edition. Text and statistical data are brought 
up-to-date. Chapter i8 has been added, dis- 
cussing the immigration law of 1917, together 
with a map illustrating Asiatic zones of new 
immigration act, Feb. 5, I9i7- Appendixes have 
been changed, giving the complete text of the 
Immigration bill of 1917 and bringing statis- 
tics to date. Bibliography (4P) has been added." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

McClure, Archibald 

Leadership of the new America, racial 
and religious. '16 Doran $1.25 32S.7 

"Study based on an investigation into the 
position and influence of foreign-born leaders 
in several large cities and other important in- 
dustrial communities throughout the United 
States. Sixteen of the nationalities of Southern 
Europe from which our recent immi^rration has 
come were the subjects of the investigation and 
the types_ of leaders studied were priests, edi- 
tors, socialists, saloon keepers, business men, 
and others. Book rev digest 

Reely, Mary Katharine 

(comp.) Selected articles on immigration. 
(Debaters' handbook ser.) 2d ed rev 
'17 Wilson $1.25 325.7 

Bibliography, p. 19-33 and 253-8 
"The changes from the first edition consist 
of a revision of the two bibliographies, a re- 
vision of the section on European war and im- 
migration, with the addition of new reprints: 
the addition of a group of references on Amer- 
icanization." A. L. A. bkl. 

Roberts, Peters 

New immigration, il map '12 Macmillan 
$1.60 325.7 

"A vivid, readable and appreciative portrayal 
of the immigrant from southeastern Europe, his 
quality, industrial efficiency, social life, and re- 
lation to the native born American. Based on 
authoritative reports, wide personal observa- 
tions, and experiences of other social workers, 
and presented largely by means of anecdote and 
incident." N. Y. state lib. 

Ross, Edward Alsworth 

Old world in the New; the significance 
of past and present immigration to the 
American people, il '14 Century $2.50 

"Revised and expanded from articles that 
appeared in the Century. Professor Ross anal- 
yses the various races and elements that make 
up our foreign population and finds in the 
new immigration a source of grave economic 
and social and political danger, thus taking di- 
rect issue with Hourwich. While he advances 
no constructive policy and his generalizations on 
racial psychology are inclined to be over-hasty 
and biased, the book is an interesting presenta- 
tion of one point of view." A. L. A. bkl. 

Steiner, Edward Alfred 

The immigrant tide, its ebb and flow, il 
'09 Revell $1.75 325.7 

"Discusses popularly and optimistically the 
reflex influences exerted upon the social, eco- 
nomic and national life of America and Europe 
by Italian, Jewish and Slavic immigrants; il- 
lustrated by entertaining anecdotes obtained 
from personal observation." N. Y. state lib. 

Nationalizing America. '16 Revell $1.15 


"Six of the chapters were written as Chau- 
tauqua addresses to be delivered during a week 
devoted to Americanization; others on the same 
general subject have been added to complete 
the volume; all plead for unity, solidarity and 
\ ?f"^^^^ movement for nationalization which 
shall proceed from the individual to the central 
government rather than from the center out- 
ward. Cleveland 

Other books by Mr. Steiner are Against the 
current, 1910, Revell, $1.50; Confessions of a 

SOCIOLOGY— Political Science 


Steiner, Edward Alfred — Continued 

hyphenated American, 1916, Revell, 50c; From 
alien to citizen, 1914, Revell, $1.75; Introduc- 
ing the American spirit, 1915, Revell, $1.15; On 
the trail of the immigrant, igo6, Revell, $1.50 

Steiner, Jesse Frederick 

The Japanese invasion; a study in the 
psychology of inter-racial contacts. '17 
McClurg $1.25 325.7 

"Written by a former teacher in a mission 
college of Japan, the work is well documented 
and has a fairly complete bibliography ( i4p) ." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

"An attempt to study the phenomena of race 
prejudice and national egoism, so far as it re- 
veals itself in the relations of the Japanese 
and the Americans in this country and to esti- 
mate the role it is likely to play in the future 
relations of. the two countries." (Introduction) 

Talbot, Winthrop 

(comp.) Americanization. (Handbook 
sen) '17 Wilson $1.50 325.7 

Contents: Pt. i, Principles of Americanism; 
pt. 2, Essentials of Americanization; pt. 3, 
Technic of race-assimilation. 

Bibliography, pref. p 11-53 

United States. Education, Bureau of 

Public facilities for educating the alien; 
prepared by Frederic E. Farrington. 
(Bui. 1916, no. 18) '16 U.S. Bureau of 
educ. 325.7 

Wame, Frank Julian 

The immigrant invasion, il maps '13 Dodd 
$2.50 325.7 

''Inquiry into the causes and effects of im- 
migration and the distribution and standards of 
living among immigrants. The author advocates 
restrictive legislation." Pittsburgh 

"The especial interest and value of Dr. 
Warne's book lies in the detailed exposition 
he has given of the economic history of im- 
migration ... in its relation to the general 
economic development of the country." (K, H. 
Claghorn in Am. econ. rev. 3:686) Book rev. 

"A more popular work than FairchlM's both 
in matter and style." A. L. A. bkl. 

Tide of immigration, il maps '16 Ap- 

pleton $2.50 325.7 

"A supplement to 'The immigrant invasion* 

and like that popular both in matter and style." 

A, L. A. bkl. 

"The author was formerly Secretary of the 
New York State Immigration Commission, igoS- 
09, and was special expert on foreign-born 
population for the 19 10 census. He advocates 
restricted immigration." Cleveland 

326 Negroes 

Some interesting biographies of Negroes are: 

Corrothers, J. D. In spite of the handicap. 
1916 Doran $1.25 

Holtzclaw, W- H. Black man's burden. 1915 
Neale $1.60 

Scott, E. J., and Stowe, L. B. Booker T. 
Washington, builder of a civilization. 191 6 
Doubleday $2 ^ 

Washington, B. T. Frederick Douglass. 1907 
Jacobs $1.50 

Washington, B. T. Up from slavery. 1901 
Doubleday $1-50 

"Race relationships in the south," (7v), a 
series including some books listed below, is 
offered by the Association press at $4.50. Con- 

VI Weatherford — Negro life in the South. 

V2 Washington — Up from slavery. 

V3-4 Washington — Story of the Negro. 

V5 Murphy — Basis of ascendancy- 

v6 Stephenson — Race distinctions in Amer- 
ican law. 

V7 Hart — The southern south. 

American academy of political and social 

The Negro's progress in fifty years. (An- 
nals of the Amer. Acad.) '13 Am. Acad, 
cl $1.50 pa $1 326 

Contents: Pt. 1, Statistical; pt. 2, Business 
activities and labor conditions; pt. 3, Social con- 
ditions and problems; pt. 4, Educational progress 
and need. 

"Booker T. Washington, W. E. B. Du Bois, 
Ray Stannard Baker, W. D. Weatherford and 
many other well known students of Negro prob- 
lems and educators have contributed these 
twenty-four papers which touch on almost all 
phases of the subject." A. L. A. bkl 

Brawley, Benjamin Griffith 

Short history of the American Negro. 
'13 Macmillan $1.25 326 

''A popular general survey of the history and 
position of the Negro in American life, con- 
sidered topically under slavery, emancipation, 
the Negro church, disenfranchisement, cultural 
achievements, etc., with special attention to ed- 
ucation since the Civil war. An impartial and 
informing work for the general reader. Bib- 
liography (s^/^p)." A. L. A. bkl. 

Your Negro neighbor. '18 Macmillan 60c 

Contents: Your negro neighbor; Negro in 
America: historical review; Negro as an indus- 
trial factor; Lynching; Aspects of Negro educa- 
tion ; A great missionary ; Joanna P. Moore ; 
Some critics and their fallacies; Promise of the 
negro; Plea for a moralist 

Du Bois, William Edward Burghardt 

The Negro. (Home univ. lib. of modern 
knowledge) il maps '15 Holt 60c 326 
"Simply written, brief, sympathetic history of 
the Negro race, unusual because mainly devoted 
to life and civilization in Africa, but consid- 
ering also the Negro in the West Indies and 
Latin America, the slave trade, and history and 
problems in the United States. Maps, bibli- 
ography, index." N. Y. state lib. 

Souls of black folk; essays and sketches. 
10th ed McClurg $1.25 326 

" 'Profoundly interesting and affecting; re- 
markable as a piece of literature apart from 
its inner significance.' " (Nation, 76:481) 
A. L. A. 

Hammond, Mrs. Lily (Hardy) 

In black and white, il '14 Revell $1.25 

"A book by a southerner which deals with 
the race problem in a spirit of broad humanity 
and with intimate knowledge of working-class 
conditions. She asserts that the Negro problem 
is primarily a poverty problem and deals there- 
fore with poverty among the Negroes and its 
amelioration — with health, housing, delinquency, 
civil rights." (Condensed from the Survey) 

Hart, Albert Bushnell 

The southern South, map '10 Appleton 
$1.60 326 

"Impartial consideration of southern condi- 
tions and problems, indorsing separation of the 
black and white races." A. L. A. sup. 

Miller, Kelly 

An appeal to conscience; America's code 
of caste a disgrace to democracy. '18 
Macmillan 60c 326 

"An eloquent appeal for justice to the negro 
by one of his own race. There are five brief 
chapters: Race contact; Lawlessness; Segrega- 
tion ; Negro patriotism and devotion; and 
Righteousness. The appeal of the author is for 
national redress. The crime against the Negro 
is shown to be national in scope. Slowly and 
insidiously the miasma of race prejudice is 
spreading. Lynching is no longer an exclu- 
sively southern institution, nor is the Negro its 
only helpless victim. *The nation must destroy 



Miller, Kelly —Continued 

lawlessness or lawlessness will destroy the na- 
tion.' In the chapter on Negro patriotism and 
devotion the author pleads for the recognition 
of those qualities of loyalty and altruism which 
are the Negro's supreme gifts. The final chap- 
ter is an appeal to moral principle in the in- 
terest of both races." Book rev. digest 

Out of the house of bondage. *14 Neale 
$1.65 326 

"Twelve clearly written, informing and tem- 
perate essays on the progess, the present stand- 
ing and the future of the colored race, by 
the Dean of Howard University, himself a 
Negro. 'Miller stands between the radicalism 
of Du Bois and the opportunism of Booker 
Washington.' " Cleveland 

"Professor Miller's works place him in the 
small group of foremost colored writers of which 
the other two are Booker Washingrton and Du 
Bois. . . It would be difficult to find else- 

where so compact and judicial a story of the 
Negro's rise from slavery as is contained in the 
essay which gives this volume its title." (O. G. 
Villard, in Nation 99:738) Book rev. digest 

Negro year book; an annual encyclopedia 
of the Negro, 1916-17; ed. by Monroe 
N. Work. '17 Negro year bk. pub. co., 
Tuskegee, Ala, pa 35c 326 

"This is the fourth annual issue of this year 
book. . . . All the old matter has been re- 
written and about 100 pages of new material 
has been included; 75 pages are devoted to a 
review of the events of 1914-191S as they af- 
fect the interests and indicate the progress^ of 
the race.* A valuable feature of the work is a 
bibliography of 38 pages." Book rev digest 

Ovington, Mary White 

Half a man; the status of the Negro in 
New York. '11 Longmans $1 326 

"Describes condition of the Negro in Man- 
hattan, where he is only 'half a man.* A 
frank, discriminating, yet warmly sympathetic 
study." A. L. A. sup. 

A study of the Negro in Boston, "In free- 
dom's birthplace," by John Daniels, was pub- 
lished by Houghton m 1914 at $1.50. 

See also DuBois' "The Philadelphia Negro," 
published by the University of Pennsylvania, 
at $2.50, paper $2; and Haynes* "The Negro at 
work in New York," published by Longmans at 
$1.75, paper $1.25 

Stephenson, Gilbert Thomas 

Race distinctions in American law. '10 
Appleton $1.75 326 

"The most complete analysis yet published of 
the laws, both state and federal, discriminating 
against the Negro and the Asiatic." A, L. A. 

327 Foreign relations 

Naumann's "Central Europe," 1917. Knopf, 
$3, classified in History, will be found of value 
in connection with some of the books in this 
section. The line between the Dewey class 
number for Foreign relations and that for His- 
tory is a hard one to draw. Many books here 
classified in 327 will doubtless be classified in 
History by some libraries 

A book of reminiscences which covers an 
important period of recent diplomatic history, 
(1876-1906), is Sir Thomas Barclay's "Thirty 
years, Anglo-French reminiscences," 19 14. 
Houghton, $3-50. 

Bemhardi, Friedrich Adam Julius von 
Germany and the next war; tr. by A. H. 
Powles. authorized ed *14 Longmans 
50c 327 

" *Candid expression of the German purpose 
to predominate. . . , General Bernhardi does 
not merely produce a book in praise of war; 
he deliberately advocates not only preparation 
for war. but also war itself. He writes from 
the standpoint of one who thinks that aspira- 
tions for peace threaten to poison the soil 

upon which the German people live.' " (Re- 
view of reviews, 19 14-) Pittsburgh 

A work by a much read German writer on 
economics, which strikes a different note from 
Bernhardi' and Treitschke, is Rohrbach's Ger- 
man world policies, 191S, Macmillan, $i.3S- 

Cheradame, Andre 

Pangerman plot unmasked, il maps '17 
Scribner $1.25 327 

"M. Chfiradame had studied German policy 
for 22 years before writing this book and 
had frequently warned Europe of the German 
danger. He writes to demonstrate that 'the 
Pangerman plot is the only cause of the war' 
and to show that the acceptance of a peace 
offered by Germany on the principle of th« 
'drawn game' would merely be an aid to her in 
renewing her plans for Pangermanism in the 
near future." Pittsburgh 

The author's "United States and Panger- 
mania," 1918, Scribner, $1, contains much of 
the same material. 

Cramb, John Adam 

Germany and England. '14 Button $1 

A series of lectures delivered by the late 
Prof. Cramb at Queen's college, London, in 
which he interprets the militaristic and im- 
perialistic philosophy of Treitschke and Bern- 
hardi as embodying the true idea of Germany's 
'Weltpolitik' and makes an impassioned plea 
to England for preparedness for inevitable 
war." Cleveland 

'^Contains one lecture on the influence of 
the doctrines of Treitschke on the modem 
German spirit." Pittsburgh 

Dillingham published in 1915, at 50c, Bern- 
hardi's "Germany and England," which is in 
part an answer to Cramb. 

Dickinson, Goldsworthy Lowes 

The European anarchy. '16 Macmillan 

$1 327 

" 'Maintains . . that the present war can- 
not be laid at the door of any one state, but 
to 'a condition of interna! disorder that all 
great modern states, caring for power and 
wealth have permitted to exist.' . . . The 
conclusions emphasize the need of an adequate 
body of international law, supported by armed 
force.' " (A. L. A. bkl.) Pratt quarterly 

Hill, David Jayne 

Rebuilding of Europe; a survey of forces 
and conditions. '17 Century $1.50 327 
"An illuminating and forceful presentation 
of the war, regarded as a revolution against 
economic imperialism. The author served the 
United States as Minister to Switzerland, 1903- 
05, and to the Netherlands, 1905-07, and as 
Ambassador to Germany, 1908-11. Five of the 
eight chapters were printed in the Century 
May to October, 1917." Cleveland 

Jastrow, Morris, jr. 

The War and the Bagdad railway. '17 
Lippincott $1.50 327 

"Discusses briefly the part played by the 
East in the war, giving a survey of Asia Minor 
from earliest times to the present and show- 
ing how important its control has been and 
IS to the various nations. Relates the various 
concessions and diplomatic operations which ac- 
companied the building of the Bagdad railway 
and tells what changes we may expect in the 
East as a result of the war. Bibliographical 
notes (8p)" A. L. A. bkl. 

Kawakami, Karl Kiyoshi 

Japan in world politics. '17 Macmillan 
$1.50 327 

"The author's sympathies are with Japan 
in American-Japanese questions, though his 
presentation of his views is reasonable and 
sane. He feels that the Monroe doctrine is 
unjust to small overcrowded nations and that 
unhindered immigration is necessary for a per- 
manent peace He attempts to justify Japan in 
China and Korea and to allay suspicion of 
Oerman-Japanese relations. Most of the chap- 

SOCIOLOGY — Political Science 

Kawakami, Karl Kiyoshi~C ontinued 

, ters have already appeared in various Amer- 
ican magazines." A. L. A. bkl. 

The author's "American-Japanese relations," 
was published in 19 12 by Revell at $2. 

Lippmann, Walter 

Stakes of diplomacy. '15 Holt $1.35 


"From the point of view of an anti-impe* 
rialist, the author, analysing patriotism and 
pointing out the relation between patriotism, 
business and diplomacy, proposes an interna- 
tional protectorate formed to protect backward 
countries from exploitation and to organize 
them for commerce." Cleveland 

Powers, Harry Huntington 

Things men fight for. maps '16 Macmil- 
lan $1.50 327 

"The European situation viewed from the 
standpoint of national patriotism which the au- 
thor states is at the root of the whole mat- 
ter. Two introductory chapters show what men 
of today are like and discuss the tangible and 
intangible interests that they fight for: on the 
one hand independence, territory and com- 
merce; on the other, race unity, nationality, 
civilization and peace. The rest of the dis- 
cussion turns from abstract principles to con- 
crete problems and observes how these prin- 
ciples work out in the case of problems facing 
European peoples to-day. A chapter on 'Pro- 
posed remedies for war,* and 'The future of 
war* conclude the discussions." Book rev. di- 

Schmitt, Bemadotte Everly 

England and Germany, 1740-1914. maps 
'16 Princeton univ. $2 327 

"An historical review of the development of 
the German Empire and the conflict of com- 
mercial, naval, and imperialistic aims and poli- 
cies which strained Anglo-German diplomatic re- 
lations, notably since 1870, and prepared the 
ground for the present war. As Rhodes scholar 
at Oxford, Dr. Schmitt became interested in 
diplomatic history of this period, and the ma- 
terial for the study was largely gathered and 
the book partly written before the outbreak of 
the war; the various 'books' of diplomatic dis- 
patches of the belligerent governments, and a 
limited account of other war material have also 
been considered. . . The candor and excel- 
lent temper of the work and its vivid concrete 
style, constitute it a permanent contribution to 
the literature of the war rather than a propa- 
gandist document. Dr. Schmit is assistant pro- 
fessor of history at Western reserve university. 

Usher, Roland Greene 

Pan-Germanism, from its inception to the 
outbreaks of the war. '13 Houghton 
$1.75 327 

"Bibliography, p. 3ii-i4' 

"The author is of those who believe it is 
Germany's intention to dominate Europe and 
the world. His book is an attempt to describe 
the progress already made [up to the date of 
writing] toward the realization of that ambi- 
tion." Pittsburgh 

Followed by the author's "Pan-Americanism; 
a forecast of the inevitable clash between the 
United States and Europe's victor," 1915, Cen- 
tury, $2, and his "Challenge of the future, a 
study in American foreign policy." igi6, Hough- 
ton, $1.75. These books abound in assumptions 
and conflicting hypotheses, together with no 
very firm grasp of underlying facts. They are 
included only because of the interest they have 

327.73 Foreign relations of the United 

Academy of political science 

Foreign relations of the United States; 
ed. by H. R. Mussey and S. P. Duggan. 
2v '17 Acad, of political science pa 
$1.50 327.73 

"A series of addresses and papers presented 
at the national Conference on foreign relations 
of the United States at Long Beach, N.Y., May 
28 — June I, 1917- Consists of two parts bound 
separately: (i) The democratic ideal in world 
organization, and Future Pan-American rela- 
tions; (2) Future relations with the far east, 
and Investments and concessions as causes of 
international conflict." A. L. A. bkl. 

American academy of political and social 

Preparedness and America's international 
program. (Annals of the Amer. acad.) 
'16 Am. acad. cl $1.50 pa $1 327.73 
"Thirty-five articles by S. N. Patten, W. I. 
Hull, Walter Lippmann, Sidney GuUck, Nor- 
man Angell, Walter Weyl, and others. Pt. i 
discusses 'The basis of durable peace and the 
safeguards against future international conflicts; 
pt. 2, What program shall the United States 
stand for in international relations?; pt. 3, TEe 
efEect of a lar^e military and naval establishment 
on our domestic institutions and policy." A. L. A. 

Beer, George Louis 

English-speaking peoples. '17 Macmil- 
lan $1.50 327.73 

"An earnest appeal for solidarity during the 
war and for a permanent and closely knit demo- 
cratic ^ alliance of all English-speaking peoples 
after its close, to the end of realizing Anglo- 
American ideals. The writer points out the eco- 
nomic possibilities in cooperation and the com- 
munity of interests in the Far East and Latin 
America." Cleveland 

Cheradame, Andre 

United States and Pangermania. '18 
Scribner $1 327.73 

"Mr. Cheradame continues the work begun 
in 'The Pangerman plot unmasked' bringing up 
to date the evidence of the German plans, and 
their fulfillment. He writes clearly in detail 
for the average American, and illustrates with 
many maps and enough statistics to prove his 
points. Extremely interesting and necessary to 
any well informed American's understanding of 
what we have to combat in Germany's aims, 
with a suggested plan to frustrate them. 

The articles which Mr. Cheradame has been 
writing in the Atlantic monthly are reprinted 
under the title, *Pan-Germany, the disease and 
cure (Atlantic monthly press, Eost., 60c). They 
give much the same information not quite so 
simply, more compactly stated, with only one 
map." A. L, A. bkl. 

Dunning, William Archibald 

British empire and the United States; 
with an introduction by the Rt. Hon. 
Viscount Bryce. '14 Scribner $2 

"An impartial and authoritative account of 
international episodes and disputes between 1814 
and 1914- Pronounced by the Independent to 
be much more satisfactory from the standpoint 
of fullness than 'One hundred years of peace,' 
Senator Lodge's 'masterly outline of the sub- 
ject.' " Cleveland 

Fish, Carl Russell 

American diplomacy. (American his- 
torical ser.) maps '15 Holt $2.50 

" 'The first survey of the whole field of 
American diplomacy, from 1 789 to April, 1915. 
For either the student or the general reader 
it is a valuable companion to the regular his- 
tories, . . . The majority of the sixteen maps 
are original and based on extensive research.* " 
(Wis. bul.) A. L. A. bkl. 

Another account "for the average laj^ reader" 
is W. F. Johnson's "America's foreign rela- 
tions," 1916, 2v, Century, $6 

Lanux, Pierre de 

Young France and new America. '17 

Macmillan $1.25 327.73 

"Full of spirit, this serves as a guide to 


Lanux, Pierre de — Continued 

the domain of young French thought, life and 
aspiration, in which the author also shows what 
the reaction of young France to American 
literature will be and how the present genera- 
tion of each nation is to supplement the other. 
He writes of a j^ounger generation of French 
poets than those in Miss Lowell's 'Six French 
poets.' " A. L. A. bkl. 

MacDonald, James Alexander 

Democracy and the nations. 'IS Doran 
$1.50 327.73 

"Addresses in which the editor of the Toronto 
Globe traces the history of the Anglo-Saxon 
ideal, outlines Canada's relations with the 
mother country and with ours during the hun- 
dred years of peace that have just passed, and 
pleads for a closer union between the United 
States and Canada, showing the important role 
which the two countries, living at peace yet un- 
protected, must play in the cause of interna- 
tionalism."- A. L. A. bkl, 

Mahan, Alfred Thayer 

Interest of America in sea power, present 
and future. '98 Little $2 327.73 

" 'Eight essays reprinted from magazines. 
Strong plea for naval defenses in the interests 
of peace.' " (N. V. state lib.) A. L. A. 

Millard,Thomas Franklin Fairfax 

Our Eastern question; America's contact 
with the Orient and the trend of rela- 
tions with China and Japan, il maps 
'16 Century $3 327.73 

"An exhaustive survey of the tremendous and 
complex movement of present-day political, eco- 
nomic and sociological forces in the Orient, and 
their bearing on the future of America. The 
author was for years editor of the China Press. 
The book is especially valuable for the ap- 
pendices which contain texts of all the treaties, 
notes, agreements and proclamations issued in 
connection with the events narrated." Cleve- 

Moore, John Bassett 

Principles of American diplomacy; its 
spirit and achievements. (Harper's cit- 
izen's ser.) '18 Harper $2 327.73 

"An extension of a previous volume by the 
same author, entitled 'American diplomacy: its 
spirit and achievement- ' ... The author, 
who is at present professor of international law 
and diplomacy at Columbia, served formerly as 
counselor for the Department of state and as- 
sistant secretary of state." Book rev. digest 

"It follows the story of our diplomacy from 
the revolution to the present in untechnical 
language. . . . The result is extremely in- 
teresting and valuable." L. E. Robinson in 
Bookman 46 :26g 

Page, Ralph W. 

Dramatic moments in American diplo- 
macy. '18 Doubleday $1.25 327.73 

"A popular presentation of some of the in- 
cidents of diplomatic history from the revolu- 
tion down to modern -times. The book opens 
with an account of negotiations with France in 
the early days of the revolution. Other chap- 
ters relate incidents connected with the French 
revolution, the Louisiana purchase, the estab- 
lishment of the Monroe doctrine, the 'Trent* 
aff .ir, 'the open door' policy in China, the war 
with Spain, and the Panama canal. The final 
chapter is a survey of our relations with Ger- 
many before the war." Book rev. digest 

Powers, Harry Huntington 

America among the nations. '17 Mac- 
millan $1.50 327.73 

"A modest attempt at a historic interpreta- 
tion of our national character and our relation 
to the other nations." Introduction, p. 8 

Robinson, Edgar E., and West, Victor J. 

Foreign policy of Woodrow Wilson, 
l'.Li-1917. '17 Macmillan $1.75 327.73 

"The collaborating authors are professors m 
Leland Stanford junior university. bt. Louis 

Sunderland, Jabez Thomas 

Rising Japan. Is she a menace or a com- 
rade to be welcomed in the fraternity 
of nations? '18 Putnam $1.25 327.73 

"An interesting and, to the writer, effective 
presentation of the latter alternative of the title. 
The author surveys in four chapters the civiliza- 
tion of Asia and Japan and then in nine chap- 
ters discusses the assertion that she is a men- 
ace." Survey 40:69 

"Resembles Gulick's 'American democracy 
and Asiatic citizenship' in purpose, but is a more 
general appeal for friendly relations." A. L. A. 

Weyl, Walter Edward 

American world policies. '17 Macmillan 
$2.25 327.73 

Contents: Our idealistic past; The root of 
imperialism; Towards economic internationalism. 

"A clear and interesting discussion of what 
America's relation to the rest of the world 
shall be after the war. 

"The strength of the book lies in the over 
whelmingly convincing manner with which the 
author demonstrates the absolute need of an 
'economic internationalism* as ' the basis of 
world-peace." (Annals Amer. acad.) Pratt 

An interesting book to read in connection 
with this is the author's "End of the war," 
Macmillan, 19 iS, $2 

Monroe doctrine 

Hart, Albert Bushnell 

The Monroe doctrine; an interpretation, 
map '16 Little $2 327.73 

"The three parts contain a condensed his- 
tory of the Monroe doctrine, parts four and 
five are interpretative based on the historical 
section, and part six points out how far the 
doctrine in its present meaning is likely to be 
applied in the future." Pratt quarterly 

" 'The fullest, most critical, and most readable 
account of the Monroe doctrine in all its im- 
portant phases that has so far been written 
by an American.' " (J • H. Latan6 in Am. pol. 
sci. rev. 10:370) Book rev. digest 

Hull, William Isaac 

The Monroe doctrine: national or inter- 
national? '15 Putnam 75c 327.73 
"In three addresses delivered before the war, 
the writer outlines the changes which have 
transformed the doctrine into its present formid- 
able proportions; and after examining and dis- 
missing seven often proposed solutions, states 
his own — that the Hague conferences take 
over the task of enforcing international rights 
and duties in the western world. Brief, with 
some repetition, but suggestive as presenting 
the views of those who favor universal arbi- 
tration.'* A. L. A. bkl. 

Phelps, Edith M. 

(comp.) Selected articles on the ^lonroe 
doctrine. (Debaters handbook ser.) 
2d ed rev and enl '16 Wilson $1.25 


**The bibliography has been enlarged and 

over eighty pages of articles added to those 

in the 1^15 edition. Many of these are on 

Pan-Americanism." Wis. bul. 

Bibliography, pref. p 17-33 

328 Legislative bodies and annals 

Ilbert, Sir Courtney Peregrine 

Parliament, its hii-cory, constitution and 
practice. (Home univ. lib. of modern 
knowledge) '11 Holt 60c 328 

"Excellent, informing account, by the clerk 
of the House of Commons, making comparison 
with Congress and other legislative bodies." 
A. L. A. sup. 

SOCIOLOGY— Political Science 


McCall, Samuel Walker 

Business of Congress. (Columbia uni- 
versity lectures) '11 Columbia univ. 
press $1.50 328 

"Describes the way in which Congress actu- 
ally transacts business and gives a history of the 
evolution of parliamentary methods, with con- 
crete examples and occasional amusing and il- 
luminating anecdotes." A. L. A. sup. 

Reece, Ernest James 

State documents for libraries. '15 Univ. 
of 111. press pa 75c 328 

" 'A convenient and useful handbook not 
only for libraries but also for anyone who has 
occasion to make use of the material to be 
found scattered through the official publications, 
reports and documents of the various state of- 
ficers, bureaus, boards and commissions." (Am. 
pol. sci rev.) Book rev. digest 

Reinsch, Paul Samuel 

American legislatures and legislative 
methods. (American state ser.) '07 
Century $1.25 _ 328 

"Study of the organization and operation of 
lawmaking bodies in the United States, both 
state and federal." A. L. A. sup. 

Wilson, Woodrow 

Congressional government: a study in 
American politics. 12th ed '96 Hough- 
ton $1.25 328 
"Directed particularly to system of govern- 
ment by committe, describing workings of that 
system in detail. Careful and thoro." A. L. A. 

Public documents 

Clarke, Edith Emily 

Guide to the use of United States govern- 
ment publications. (Useful reference 
sen, no. 20) '18 Boston bk. $2.50 328 

Three valuable pamphlets on documents are : 

Wroth, L. C. Description of federal public 
documents. 1916 Wilson 20c 

Wyer, J. I-, jr. Government documents (state 
and city). 19 15 A. L. A. 15c 

Wyer, J. I., jr., U.S. government documents 
in small libraries. 4th ed rev 19 14 A. L. A. 15c 

328. 1 Parliamentary law 

Gushing, Luther S., and BoUes, Albert S. 

Cushing's manual of parliamentary prac- 
tice, new ed c'14 Winston 50c 328.1 
"Part 2, 'Parliamentary practice in business 
corporation meetings' is new; otherwise the 

^ present edition corresponds exactly to that is- 
sued in 1907." Cleveland 

Robert, Henry Martyn 

Robert's rules of order revised for de- 
liberate assemblies, rev ed '15 Scott 
$1 328.1 

"A thorough revision of 'Robert's rules of 
order, containing nearly as much material as the 
previous edition, with the old re- written and 
brought to date." A. L. A. bkl. 

Robert, Joseph Theodore 

Robert's primer of parliamentary law. 
1900 Doubleday 7Sc 328.1 

"Excellent manual for schools, clubs, fra- 
ternities, etc. Simple, clear; in form of les- 
sons with question reviews." (Pittsburgh) 
A. L. A. 

Shattuck, Mrs. Harriette Lucy (Robinson) 

Shattuck's parliamentary answers. '15 
Lothrop 60c 328.1 

"A r^sum^ of all matters likely to arise in- 
women's organizations, arranged alphabetically 
in the form of concise questions and answers, 
with good index. Less formal than the au- 
thor's 'Woman's manual of parliamentary law,' 

(Lothrop, 7sc) or 'Robert's rules of order,' and 
on this account, perhaps, better adapted to the 
novice." A. L. A. bkl. 

329 Political parties 

An interesting volume of reminiscences in 
connection with the last half century of Amer- 
ican politics is Everett P. Wheeler's "Sixty 
years of American life, Taylor to Roosevelt," 
1917, Dutton, $2.50. 

Two other interesting books on American 
politics are Ostrogorki's "Democracy and the 
party system in the United States," 1910, Mac- 
millan, $i.7St and Sloane's "Party government 
in the United States," Harper, 19 14, $2 

A good source book for party platforms, etc. 
is Stan wood's "History of the presidency from 
1897-1916," 2v, Houghton, $2 

Brooks, Robert Clarkson 

Corruption in American politics and life. 
'10 Dodd $1.50 329 

"Study of the nature of corruption and the 
forms it assumes in the professions, j ournalism 
and higher education, and in business and poli- 
tics. Suggests reform effort along the lines of 
publicity, education, state supervision, munici- 
pal research, tax reform, the short ballot, and 
especially campaign fund reform." A. L. A. 

Emery, Henry Crosby 

Politician, party and people. '13 Yale 
univ. press $1.50 329 

"A fair minded, comprehensive discussion of 
party government, analyzing for the young 
voter the existing political machinery and show- 
ing the ethical difficulties involved at every 
stage. The author, professor of political econ- 
omy at Yale, concludes that better results can 
be obtained by working through a party than 
by independent voting." Cleveland 

Johnston, Alexander 

History of American politics; rev. by 
W. M. Sloane, continued by W. M. 
Daniels. (Handbooks for students) '02 
Holt $1 329 

"Of high value either as textbook, reference 
manual or guide for private study." A. L. A. 

Macy, Jesse 

Party organization and machinery. 
(American state ser.) rev ed '12 Cen- 
tury $1.25 ^ 329 

"Study of American political organization:, 
national and state, with chapters on typical 
systems in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, In- 
diana, Missouri and the South." N. Y. state 

"The original chapters of this excellent sur- 
vey of American politics are unchanged except 
for the addition of short biographies. . . 
There are two new chapters: 'Legalized party 
organization — California' and *Party reorganiza- 
tion,' which describe briefly the change from 
the convention system to the direct primary.* 
A. L. A. bkl. 

Ray, Perley Orman 

Introduction to political parties and prac- 
tical politics. '17 Scribner $1.60 329 
Bibliography at the end of chapters 
"Designed as a college text, this work covers 
the field with directness and clarity. Includes 
such subjects as the spoils system, the recall, 
direct primaries, political machines and bosses, 
voters* leagues and the organization of women 
voters." Pittsburgh 

Woodburn, James Albert 

American politics: political parties and 
party problems in the United States. 
2d ed rev il '14 Putnam $2.50 329 

"A concise, orderly, interesting presentation 
of the general field of party history, party or- 
ganization and party problems, and of the re- 
lation that the usages and methods of political 



Woodbum, James Albert — Continued 

parties bear to our social, national and economic 
welfare." (Annals Amer. acad. 58:239.) 

"Thoroughly revised and brought to date by 
the addition of material on present-day party 
development and issues, the initiative, ref- 
erendum, and recall, the Oregon experiment, 
and on campaign funds. The lists of references 
at chapter ends have also been enlarged." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

3^»G Economics 

Valuable books for the occasional student are: 
Ricardo, David. _ First six chapters of prin- 
ciples of political economy and taxation. 
1905 MacmiUan 75c 
Smith, Adam. An inquiry into the nature 
and causes of the wealth of nations. 2v 
(Bohn's standard lib.) *oi MacmiUan $1.25 

Bullock, Charles J. 

Introduction to the study of economics. 
4th ed rev and enl '13 Silver $1.50 

Ely, Richard Theodore 

Outlines of economics. 3d ed rev '16 
MacmiUan $2.25 330 

"A revised and reset edition of this standard 
text. . . . The bibliographies have been re- 
vised." A. L. A. bkl. 

" 'It diifers from the older editions in that 
its scope is much wider, and it includes, in ad- 
dition to the theoretical considerations, a great 
deal of what goes under the name of applied 
economics. In this it resembles Professor Taus- 
sig's work on the same subject a few years 
ago.' " (A. L. Trachtenberg in N. Y. Call) 
Book rev. digest 

George, Henry 

Law of human progress. '17 Joseph 
Fels international commission, 122 E. 
37th St., N.Y. 50c 330 

McPherson, Logan Grant 

How the world makes its living. '16 
Century $2 330 

"With admirable clearness and simplicity the 
book works out a conception of economics as 
a natural evolution. It begins with man's pos- 
session of fingers and his acquirement of tools, 
and progresses to the division of labor and 
the organization of the means of production and 
distribution. Mr. McPherson carries us through 
the development of property rights, bu-"ing and 
selling, insurance, speculation, strikes, and the 
effects of wars, to a consideration of govern- 
ment regulation of industry and commerce." 
(Condensed from the N. Y. Sun, 1916) Pitts- 

Marshall, Alfred 

Principles of economics. 5th ed vl '07 
MacmiUan $3.75 330 

" 'General survey, followed by treatment of 
questions of demand and supply, land, labor and 
capital, distribution and exchange. Of high 
value.' " (N. Y. state lib.) A. L. A. 

No more published. 

Appendix i. Brief bibliography of U. S. 
tariffs; of bimetallism: of American shipping. 
Appendix 2, Examination Questions. 

Mill, John Stuart 

Principles of political economy; abr. with 
notes, and a sketch of the history of 
political economy, by J. L. Laughlin. 
'98 Appleton $4 330 

"No writer before Mill had ever surveyed 
political economy as a whole with anything like 
equal ability; no one had shown with the same 
fulness the relation which different parts of 
the science bore to each other; still less had 
any one so well explained the relation of this 
science to other sciences and to knowledge in 
general.* " ,(^agehot) A. L. A. 

Appleton publishes an unabridged edition of 
Mill at $4.50 

Seager, Henry Rogers ,1 ^ x^ 1 

Principles of economics. 11 map 10 tiolx 
$2.25 330 

"A revision of 'Introduction to economics.' 
The chapter, 'Plans of economic reform,' of 
the former edition has been replaced by four 
new chapters: 'Reform of the tax system of 
the United States'; 'Profit sharing and labor 
copartnership'; 'Social insurance'; and 'Soci- 
alism.' Several of the theoretical chapters have 
been rewritten, the explanations of the laws of 
value and distribution recast, and the whole 
revised to date." A. L. A. bkl. 

'*Prof. Seager is, we believe, typical of the 
new economist. His book is intensely practical; 
he regards economic theory as the connecting 
link between the history of industry and the 
tasks confronting the social reformer. Mathe- 
matical conceptions scarcely enter into his 
work." Athenaeum 2:140. 

Seligman, Edwin R. A. 

Principles of economics. 7th ed '16 Long- 
mans ^ $2.50 _ 330 

"This popular work which was rewritten in 
the sixth edition only two years ago is again 
revised. Figures and authorities have been 
brought up to date and the text is changed in 
a few places because of events since 19 14. 
. . . From the standpoint either of the college 
class-room or the non-academic reader, there are 
in [the reviewer's] opinion, not more than one 
or two works comparable with Professor Selig- 
man's Principles." Amer. educ. rev. 7:604. 

Taussig, Frank William 

Principles of economics. 2d ed rev 2v 
'15 MacmiUan $4 330 

References at the end of each group of 

'^Developments in practical problems since 
the first edition .have caused the revision and 
rewriting of the chapters on banking in the 
United States, trusts and_ combinations, work- 
men's insurance, and taxation, specially that on 
income taxes." A. L. A. bkl. 

"An important, comprehensive work, based 
on 30 years experience. The best book since 
Mill for the reader with no prior knowledge, 
and also indispensable to the student." A. L. A. 

Withers, Hartley 

Poverty and waste. '14 Button $1.25 

"Attempts to bring home to the consumer 
his responsibility in the great problem of pov- 
erty, by showing how money spent on luxury is 
so much capital wasted, and how, if spent on 
necessary articles, it increases their produc- 
tion and decreases their price. The work of a 
practical business man, it combines moral earn- 
estness with sound economic sense. Arguments 
are popularly and convincingly stated.'* A. L, A. 

Bullock, Charles Jesse 

(comp.) Selected readings in economics. 
(Selections and documents in econom- 
ics) il map '07 Ginn $2.25 330 
"Though compiled for collateral reading for 
a course in economics, has value also to readers 
seeking self-instruction. Excellent selection of 
subjects and authorities." A. L. A, sup. 

Marshall, Leon Carroll, and others 

(ed.) Materials for the study of elemen- 
tary economics, maps *13 Univ. of Chi- 
cago press $3 330 
"Selection of articles from books, magazines, 
newspapers, commission reports, court deci- 
sionsj etc., illustrating the working of economic 
principles in actual life, for the use of students 
of economics." Pratt quarterly 

"The selections have been made with dis- 
crimination. They are varied, fresh, and often 
alluring. While laureled authorities among the 
elders, Adam Smith, Ricardo, J. S. Mill, and 

SOCIOLOGY— Economics 


Marshall, L. C., and others —Continued 

others are alloted brief space, one senses that 
the editors are moderns in their live interests." 
Jour. pol. econ. 22 1227 

"It may be said without much fear of con- 
tradiction that the present volume is larger in 
amount, more extensive in range, and more 
useful in character, than anything yet (1913) 
printed in English and probably in any lan- 
guage." Am. econ. rev. 4:111 

330.4 Essays on economics 

Biicher, Karl 

Industrial evolution; tr. by S. M. Wickett. 
'01 Holt $2.50 330.4 

"Bibliography, pref. p6 

"Stimulating volume for beginner in indus- 
trial history." (Nation 73:266) A. L. A. 

Ruskin, John 

Unto this last; four essays on the first 
principles of political economy. (Astor 
lib. of prose) '01 Crowell 75c 330.4 
"The substance of his theory of political 
economy: the most powerful popular present- 
ment of his critical as distinct from his con- 
structive theory." A. L. A. 

330.9 History of economics 

Gide, Charles, and Rist, Charles 

History of economic doctrines from the 
time of the physiocrats to the present 
day. '15 Heath $3 330.9 

"The first English _ translation of a standard 
French work which aims to give not a full ac- 
count of all doctrines falling in this period but 
the history of those economic doctrines which 
are recognized at the present day." (Adapted 
from A. L. A. bkl.) Pratt quarterly 

"Distinctly the ablest and most interesting 
history of economics in existence." Pol. spi. 
quar. 31:645 


Ogg, Frederic Austin 

Economic development of modern Eu- 
rope. '17 Macmillan $2.50 330.9 

Contents; Pt. i. Antecedents of nineteenth 
century growth; pt. 2, Agriculture, industry and 
trade since 181 5 ; pt. 3, Population and labor; 
pt. 4, Socialism and social insurance 

"A summary of modern economic processes 
in Great Britain and Ireland, France and Ger- 
many, up to the beginning of the war. It gives 
small space to sixteenth, seventeenth and eight- 
eenth centuries, and omits specially technical 
phases such as public finance. Three or four 
chapters reproduce, greatly modified, chapters 
of 'Social progress in contemporary Europe.* 
Bibliographies at chapter-ends. . . . 'The book 
might almost serve as a complete history of 
Europe from the early eighteenth century to 
the outbreak of the great war.' (Independent 
90:437)" A. L. A, bkl. 

Social progress in contemporary Europe. 
'12 Macmillan $1.50 330.9 

"A succinct statement of the main facts of 
the advance in democracy, agriculture, industry, 
and social legislation which Europe has made 
since the French Revolution." (Nation) Pratt 

"Less valuable to the student than to the 
reader wanting a survey based on well selected 
facts. Good bibliography by chapters. (2op)." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

Veblen, Thorstein 

Imperial Germany and the industrial rev- 
olution. U5 Macmillan $1.50 330.9 

Supplementary notes, P273-324 

" 'In no sense a 'war book.' The economic 
policy of the imperial state since 1871 is de- 
scribed fully and cleverly. The inner character 

and significance of state regulation has never 
been described more effectively. ... In a 
pregnant chapter entitled 'The net gain' the 
author makes an interesting appraisal of Ger- 
man 'Kultur.' " (Dial. 1915) Pittsburgh 

"Author deals almost as fully with England 
as with Germany, making elaborate comparison 
between the economic and political situation in 
the two countries, based on a study of their 
history." A. L. A. bkl. 


Valuable books for students are: 

Ashley J W. G. Introduction to English eco- 
nomic history and theory. 2d ed zv 1892- 
3 Putnam $4.50 

Cunningham, William. Growth of English 
industry and commerce. 3v 1896-1903 Put- 
nam $8 

Hammond, J. L., and Hammond, B. Town 
labourer, 1760-1832. 1917 Longmans $3.50 

Hammond, J. L., and Hammond, B. Village 
labourer, 1760-1832. 1912 Longmans $3 

Lipson, E. Introduction to the economic his- 
tory of England. 1915 v. i MacmilTan 

Ashley, William James 

Economic organization of England; an 
outline history. '14 Longmans $1 330.9 
" 'Admirable philosophical survey 01 English 
economic history from the self-sufficing manor 
of the thirteenth and the narrow gild of the 
fourteenth centuries down to the gigantic 
.... monopolistic combinations of the twen- 
tieth century.' (Nation 09:326) Originally de- 
livered as lectures to students, but equally use- 
ful as a concise introduction for the general 
reader. Annotated bibliography (i3p)." A. L. A. 

Cheyney, Edward Potts 

Introduction to the industrial and social 
history of England. '01 Macmillan $1.60 

Cressy, Edward 

Outline of industrial history, with special 
reference to problems of the present 
day. '15 Macmillan $1.20 330.9 

" 'An excellent summary of English economic 
history, distinguished from others by the sub- 
ordination of earlier periods, and by a more 
comprehensive and more detailed treatment of 
the past two centuries.' " (Am. econ. rev. 
6:359) Book rev. digest 

MacGregor, David Hutchison 

Evolution of industry. (Home univ. lib. 
of modern knowledge) '12 Holt 60c 


Contents: The meaning of industrial evolu- 
tion; The recent industrial changes; The stages 
of recent progress; Root problems and the 
modern attitude ; The question of the system ; 
The people and the land ; Competition and as- 
sociation ; Types of industrial government ; 
Democracy and leadership; Notes on books 

"An excellent survey of the changes in 
economic organization that came with the in- 
dustrial revolution, and of the complex prob- 
lems of industrial and social organization that 
have followed in its train. One is grateful to 
the author for devoting his attention to modern 
questions rather than to the remote historical 
problems that might be suggested by the title." 
H. R. Mussey, Pol, sci. quar 30:149 

United States 

Bogart, Ernest Ludlow 

Economic history of the United States. 

(Longmans' commercial textbooks) 2d 

ed il maps '13 Longmans $1.75 330.9 

"Chief events of the economic development 

of the United States, grouped so as to form a 



Bogart, Ernest Ludlow — Continued 

continuous story. . . . Extensive bibliogra- 
phy." A. L. A. sup. 

"A most satisfactory book for the individual 
student of history or economics. In the sec- 
ond edition the information . . . has been 
brought down to date, and the volume has been 
appreciably increased in size. Chapters have 
been added upon currency and labor." Ann. 
Am. acad. 46; i8g 

Callender, Guy Stevens 

(ed.) Selections from the economic his- 
tory of the United States, 1765-1860. 
'09 Ginn $3.30 school ed $275 330.9 

"The documents reprinted by Callender are 
chosen to emphasize the causes and effects of 
economic conditions as well as to show simply 
the facts themselves. In this particular aspect 
Bogart and Thompson's Readings suffer by 
comparison." Amer. hist. rev. 22 1380 

Coman, Katharine 

Industrial history of the United States, 
new ed il maps '10 Macmillan $1.75 

"Revision of an excellent text (1905), tracing 
our economic evolution in an interesting man- 
ner and adding new matter on conservation and 
contemporary problems." A. L. A. sup. 

File, Emerson David 

Social and industrial conditions in the 
North during the Civil war. '10 Mac- 
millan $2 330.9 

"Valuable contribution to history of period, 
based on examination of newspapers, public 
documents and many other sources. Discusses 
agriculture, mining, lumbering, transportation, 
manufacturing, commercial life, capital, labor, 
education, luxuries, amusements and charity, 
discovering extraordinary industrial activity and 
material advancement during period." N.Y. state 
Steinmetz, Charles Proteus 

America and the new epoch. '16 Harper 
$1 330.9 

"Sets forth \he thesis that whatever its mil- 
itary and political results the war will bring 
about a general industrial reorganization in 
which the individualism of the past will be re- 
placed by cooperation and that the type of or- 
ganization which should be perfected on a na- 
tional scale is furnished by the great industrial 
corporation." Pratt quarterly 

The author is one of the country's leading en- 
gineers and a constructive socialist 

33 1 Capital and labor 

Carver, Thomas Nixon 

Distribution of wealth. '04 Macmillan 
$1.50 331 

" 'Compact, clear, able statement of modern 
doctrines; with an introductory chapter on the 
principles of value.' " (Harvard guide) A. L. A. 
Gantt, Henry Laurence 

Works, wages and profits. 2d ed rev 
(Works management lib.) il '13 Engi- 
neering magazine $2 331 
"Practical directions for the intelligent, eco- 
nomical management of labor that will result in 
the workman's increased efficiency, cooperation 
between employer and employee and other mu- 
tual beneiits." X.Y. state lib. 

"The author's experience as consulting en- 
gineer to numerous large manufacturing or- 
ganizations lends this little treatise a particular 
interest. The book is full of intelligent com- 
ments, emphasing the tendency to waste and im- 
providence, and its value lies to no small extent 
in an appreciation of economic conditions and 
facts u-hich a theoretical author could never 
have possessed." Elec. world 63:1355 

Hobson, John Atkinson 

Evolution of modern capitalism. (Con- 
temporary science sen) new ed '17 
Scribner $1.75 331 

"Greatly changed from the original edition. 
Many additions have been made to the earlier 
historical chapters; an introductory chapter, 
'Origin of modern capitalism,' and a supple- 
mentary chapter, 'Industry in the twentieth 
century,' have been added. The later chapters 
are extensively revised." A. L. A. bkl. 

Work and wealth; a human valuation. *14 
Macmillan $2 _ 331 

"The purpose of this work 'is to present a 
full and formal exposure of the inhumanity and 
vital waste of modern industry by the close 
application of the best-approved formulas of 
individual and social welfare, and to indicate 
the most helpful measures of remedy for a so- 
ciety sufficiently intelligent, courageous and 
self-governing to apply them.' " (Preface) N.Y. 
branch lib. news 

King, Willfred Isbell 

Wealth and income of the people of the 
United States. (Citizen's lib. of econom- 
ics, politics and sociology — new ser.) il i 
'15 Macmillan $1.50 331 \ 

"A careful statistical study of wealth and in- 
come distribution, extending from 1850 to 1910, 
made by an instructor in statistics at the Uni- 
versity of Wisconsin. He has selected his 
material discriminatingly and presented it clearly 
and systematically with a wealth of diagrams 
and tables. 'Clearly the best and most compre- 
hensive attempt yet made to state wealth and 
income conditions in the United States.* " (Sur- 
vey 35:116) A. L. A. bkl. 

A statistical analysis of the growth of the 
wealth of England may be found in W. H. Mal- 
lock's "Social reform as related to realities and 
delusions," 1915, Button, $2.25 

Lansbury, George 

Your part in poverty. '17 Huebsch $1 

"Mr Lansbury believes that land values 
should be taxed, that the wages and profit sys- 
tem should be abolished, that we must sub- 
stitute cooperation for competition, and that the 
workers must 'join together in great industrial 
unions or guilds, representative of particular 
industries.' " Book rev. digest 

" 'No one who wishes to understand the 
labor movement in England can afford to miss 
this book; ... It is not a program; it is not 
a treatise. It is simply the expression of an 
attitude to life which is growing rapidly in im- 
portance in every section of the English work- 
ing classes.'" (H. J. L. in New republic m'2^) 
Book rev. digest 

Lincoln, Jonathan Thayer 

The factory. '12 Houghton $1 331 

"Bibliographical note, p 9-10 

"The author, a Fall River mill-owner, makes 
a compact and instructive study of the develop- 
ment of the factory system, beginning with its 
rise out of the old feudalistic conditions of 
labor, through the industrial revolution, down 
to the present time." Pittsburgh 

Hearing, Scott 

Income; an examination of the returns for 
services rendered and from property 
owned in the United States. *15 Mac- 
millan $1.25 331 

"A useful statistical study for the student of 
economics or general reader, simply and clearly 
presented. The author analyzes the salaries 
and wages of different kinds of workers and 
the distribution of income. He distinguishes 
clearly the issue between income based on ser- 
vice and income based on property ownership. 
What some will consider the radical note is his 
contention that property income, though par- 
asitic, receives the lion's share." A. L. A. bkl. 

SOCIOLOGY— Economics 


I^edfield, William Cox 

The new industrial day; a book for men 
who employ men. '12 Century $1.25 

"Author believes in the economic value as well 
as in the equity of high wages for good work, that 
the workman should be treated not as an ex- 
pense but as an asset and that he should share 
fairly and permanently in the profit resulting 
from his labor." Pittsburgh 

Ryan, John Augustine 

Distributive justice. '16 Macmillan $1.50 


Contents: The morality of private landowner- 
ship and rent; The morality of private capital 
and interest; The moral aspect of profits; The 
moral aspect of wages 

General references, prcf. pi 7-18; references 
at the end of each section 

Author is associate professor of political sci- 
ence at the Catholic university of America. 

"Generally conservative in attitude though 
maintaining that the ethical aspect of the prob- 
lem of distribution must be increasingly prom- 
inent." Pratt quarterly 

"One of the most important books that have 
appeared within the past decade." Am. pol. sci. 
rev. 11:766 

331.1 Industrial arbitration and conciliation 

Academy of political science 

Labor disputes and public service cor- 
porations; ed by H. R. Mussey. (Pro- 
ceedings, v7, no.l) '17 Acad, of political 
science pa $1.50 331.1 

" 'A valuable survey of American, Canadian, 
and Australian experience in governmental 
mediation and arbitration, with statements of 
the attitude of the labor unions toward com- 
pulsory arbitration, mediation, and conciliation.' " 
(Review of reviews) Book rev. digest 

American academy of political and social 

Present labor situation; compulsory in- 
vestigation and arbitration. (Annals of 
Amer. acad.) '17 Am. acad. cl $1.50 pa 
$1 ^ 331.1 

Contents : Certain aspects of the labor situa- 
tion; Wages, working conditions and hours of 
labor; Public employment ■ bureaus; Some as- 
pects of collective bargaining; Compulsory ar- 
bitration or investigation before strikes or lock- 
outs; Voluntary arbitration and conciliation in 
private businesses; Fixing hours and wages in 
the railroads and other public utilities. 

V69, Jan. 1917, of the "Annals of the Amer- 
ican academy of political and social science." 

Barnett, George Ernest, and McCabe, David 

Mediation, investigation and arbitration in 
industrial disputes. '16 Appleton $1.25 


**An authoritative study of the powers and 
possibilities of industrial commissions based on 
a report submitted by the authors to the Com- 
mission on .industrial relations. Surveys the 
agencies in Massachusetts, New York and Ohio." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

"The best available discussion of the subject 
in English." Review of reviews 55:220 

Beman, Lamar T. 

(comp.) Selected articles on the compul- 
sory arbitration of industrial disputes. 
(Debaters' handbook ser.) 2d ed '15 
Wilson $1.25 331.1 

"On the affirmative side are such sociologists 
as, John Graham Brooks, Henry Demarest 
Lloyd, Frank Parsons, and also reports of State 
industrial commissions; on the negative. Carroll 
D. Wright, John Mitchell, Samuel Gompers, 
and some editorials from leading newspapers. 

"The jp^encral discussion consists mainly of 
extracts from the reports of the U.S. Commis- 
sioner of labor. A good bibliography is in- 
cluded." (A. D.) St. Louis 

Bibliography, pref. P23-51 

— Supplement to 2d ed '17 Wilson pa 50c 

Bibliography, pref. 629-71 

Mote, Carl Henry 

Industrial arbitration; a world-wide sur- 
vey of natural and political agencies for 
social justice and industrial peace. '16 
Bobbs $1.50 ^ 331.1 

"Intended as an impartial discussion of legis- 
lation for industrial conciliation and arbitra- 
tion and of those social and industrial condi- 
tions, which, in the author's opinion, have a 
direct bearing on the results of legislative 
methods. There are chapters on the devices 
which have been used to prevent strikes in 
England, Germany, France, Australia, New 
Zealand and the United States, and an impartial 
discussion of the Colorado coal strike." Cleve- 

331.2 Wages. Profit sharing 

For a good historical treatment of wages in 
England, see Thorold Rogers' "Six centuries of 

work and wages," nth ed., Putnam, 1913, $1.50, 
and supplement this by Earl Brassey's "Work 
and wages," 1916, Longmans, $1.25 

Burritt, Arthur Winfield, and others 

Profit sharing:, its principles and prac- 
tice. '18 Harper $2.50 331.2 
"It is rare that a book is written by men 
who are able to speak with such authority as are 
the authors of 'Profit sharing.' . . . There is 
combined the practical experience of some of 
the most constructively progressive employers in 
this country with the sound judgment of two 
of the leading students of problems of business 
administration." Survey 40:318 

Emmet, Boris 

Profit sharing in the United States. (U.S. 
Bureau of labor statistics, Bui. whole 
no. 208, Dec. '16; misc. ser. no. 13) '17 
Supt. of doc. 20c 331.2 

"Mr. Emmet's report covers somewhat the 
same ground as the report of the Civic federa- 
tion, but is more broadly managed. It claims 
to have 'carefully examined and analyzed . . . 
all of the profit sharing plans known to be in 
operation in the United States at the present 
time' and in addition, to have studied sundry 
other plans not accurately described as profit 
sharing." Robert F. Foerster in Am. econ. rev. 

National civic federation. Welfare depart- 
Profit sharing by American employers. 
'16 National civic lederation $2.50 pa $2 

For an earlier book on this subject, see N. P. 
Gilman's "Profit-sharing between employer and 
employee," 1896, Houghton, $1.75 

Reely, Mary Katharine 

(comp.) Selected articles on minimum 
wage. (Debaters' handbook ser.) '17 
Wilson $1.25 331.2' 

"An attempt has been made to choose wisely 
such articles as would present the question from 
many points of view, that of the employer, the 
trade unionist, the lawyer, the economist, and 
the social worker. . ._ . The discussion has 
not been limited to minimum wage for women." 

Ryan, John Augustine 

Living wage: its ethical and economic as- 
pects. '12 Macmillan $1.25 standard lib, 
50c 331,2 



331.2 Social insurance (including health 
and industrial insurance) 

Blanchard, Ralph Harrub 

Liability and compensation insurance, il 
'17 Appleton $2 331.2 

"Presents the results of the workmen's com- 
pensation movement in the United States in 
terms of legislative and insurance practice, and 
explains the industrial accident problem and 
the development of liabilitv and compensation 
principles as a background for the compre- 
hension of present problems. The book is di- 
vided into three parts: Industrial accidents and 
their prevention; Employers' liability and work- 
men's compensation; Employers' liability and 
workmen's compensation insurance." Book rev 

Bullock, Edna Dean 

(comp.) Selected articles on compulsory 
insurance- (Debaters' handbook ser.) 
'12 Wilson $1.25 331.2 

" 'The compiler explains that the work is in- 
tended to cover at least some of the points of 
the whole question of 'social insurance,' and not 
merely compulsory insurance. Many of the 
articles are from the Survey." St. Louis 

Bibliography, p 17-35 

"No one question for debate has been con- 
sidered in the compiling of this volume which 
aims to cover the whole field of social insurance. 
The term 'social insurance' as here used is de- 
fined as 'the formal provision by or for work- 
ing people against the vicissitudes of life — in- 
cluding sickness, industrial accident, invalidity, 
unemployment, old age and dependency.* " Book 
rev. digest 

Eastman, Crystal 

Work accidents and the law. 2d ed '16 
Russell Sage foundation $1.50. 331.2 

"An important contribution to exact knowl- 
edge on a subject which demands serious at- 
tention in this country." Engin. news 64 sup. 11 
Ag. 18, '10 

Rubinow, Isaac Max 

Social insurance, with special reference to 
.\merican conditions. '13 Holt $3.50 


"The most comprehensive treatment of the 
subject in English, by an authority. It deals 
with insurance against industrial accidents, sick- 
ness, old age, invalidity, death, unemployment." 
\ L A bkl. 

"Selections relating to European countries 
based on voluminous twenty-fourth annual re- 
port of the United States Commissioner of labor, 
on Workmen's insurance and compensation sys- 
tems in Europe, in the preparation of which 
Dr. Rubinow had an important part." X.\ . 
branch lib. news 

Bibliographical note, p 503-6 

Standards of health insurance. '16 Holt 
SI. 50 331.2 

"Prepared primarily for persons engaged in 
rousing public interest in health insurance, this 
book discusses principles, scope, benefits, cost, 
constitutionality, administration, and organiza- 
tion of medical aid. - , c 

"The author is executive secretary of the So- 
cial insurance committee of the American medical 
association. For an introduction to the sub- 
ject see the chapter entitled 'Insurance against 
sickness' in his 'Social Insurance.' " Cleveland 

Seager, Henry Rogers 

Social insurance, a program of social re- 
form. (American social progress ser.) 
•10 Macmillan $1 , 331.2 

"Simple statement of the principles of social 
insurance, adapted to American conditions. 
A. L. A. sup. 

United States. Labor, Bureau of 

Workrnen's insurance and benefit funds 
in the United States. (Twenty-third 

annual report of the Commissioner of 
labor, '08) '09 Supt. of doc. 70c. 331.2 
Woodbury, Robert Morse 

Social insurance; an economic analysis. 
(Cornell studies in history and political 
science). '17 Holt $1.25 331.2 

" 'Professor Woodbury's study may safely be 
recommended as the first serious effort to analyze 
the problem of cost.' " (I. M. Rubinow m Sur- 
vey 8:533) Book rev. digest 

331.3 Child labor 

Bullock, Edna Dean 

(comp.) Selected articles on child labor. 
(Debaters' handbook ser.) 2d ed rev 
'15 Wilson $1.25 331.3 

Bibliography, pref. pi 1-26 

Clopper, Edward Nicholas 

Child labor in city streets. '12 Macmil- 
lan $1.25 _ 331.3 

"Full presentation of a comparatively little 
studied phase of child labor — the street em- 
ployment of children, as newsboys, bootblacks, 
peddlers and messengers. The . demoralizing 
agencies of street life, its relation to delin- 
quency and the development of_ regulation in 
this country and Europe are discussed, with 
frequent citation of books, reports and arti- 
cles." A. L. A. bkl. 

Bibliography, p 245-54 

National child labor committee 

Child labor bulletin, vl, nol. '12 National 
child labor committee 331.3 

"Proceedings of the eighth annual conference 
on child labor. Beginning with this number, 
the documents of the Child labor committee will 
appear as a quarterly bulletin published by the 
Committee instead of an annual publication of 
the American academy of political and social sci- 
ence." Cleveland 

Later volumes of the Proceedings of the an- 
nual conferences on child labor may be _ ob- 
tained from the National child labor committee 

Nearing, Scott 

Solution of the child labor problem. '11 
Moffat SI . 331.3 

".\dvocates the elimination of child labor 
through eliminating its two causes — an ineffi- 
cient, unattractive school system and the in- 
ability of a large group of workingmen to pr<^ 
vide for their families. Clear, forceful and 
logical." \. L. A. sup. 

Sumner, Helen Laura, and Merritt, Ella A. 
Child labor legislation in the United 
States. (U.S. Children's bureau. Indus- 
trial ser. 1. Bureau publication no. 10) 
'15 Supt. of doc. pa 5c 331.3 

"Contains text of the child labor laws in 
force on October 1, 1915. in the various states 
and a comparative tabular analysis covering the 
most important points of the laws. The fidl in- 
dex furnishes a key to the material." A. L. -A. 

Thompson, L. A. 

(comp.) List of references on child labor 
(U. S. Children's bureau. Industrial ser. 
no. 3. Bureau publication no. 18) '16 
Supt. of doc. 20c 331.3 

United States. Labor statistics. Bureau of 
Summary of the report on condition of 
woman and child wage-earners in the 
United States. See 331.4 

33 1 .4 Women in industry 

Five special studies of women in industry hy 
the Russell Sage Foundation are: E. B'. But- 
ler's "Women and the trades," 2d ed, 1911, $i.50» 

SOCIOLOGY— Economics 


Women in industry — Continued 

and "Saleswomen in mercantile stores. Balti- 
more," 1909, $1; Mary Van Kleeck's "Women in 
the bookbinding trade," 1913, and "Working- 
^irls in evening schools," ipi4, and "A seasonal 
industry, a study of the millinery trade in New 
York city," 1917, each $1.50. The U.S. Bureau 
of labor began to publish in 19 13 the Women in 
industry series of pamphlets, the eighth of 
which was issued in 1916. 

Abbott, Edith 

Women in industry. '09 Appleton $2.50 

" 'Thorough, readable study of women as a 
factor in American economic history, based on 
an examination of the five industries employing 
them in greatest numbers (cotton, boot and 
shoe, cigar, clothing and printing.)' " (N.Y. 
state lib.) A. L. A. sup. 

Bullock, Edna Dean 

(comp.) Selected articles on the employ- 
ment of women. (Debaters' handbook 
sen) '11 Wilson $1.25 331.4 

Bibliography, p 9-1 8 

Henry, Alice 

Trade union woman, il 'IS Appleton $1.75 


Bibliography, p 297-303 

"Brief, popular account of the history of wo- 
men in trade unionism, discussing the leaders, 
ideals and policies of the organization, the big 
strikes, problems of the immigrant, the mar- 
ried woman, suffrage, vocational training and 
other related social and economic questions." 
N.Y. state lib. 

By the former editor of Life and labor, the 
official organ of the Woman's trade union league 

MacLean, Annie Marion 

Women workers and society. (National 
social science ser.) '16 McClurg 60c 


References p 131 

"Its simple, popular presentation, . . . rec- 
ommends it to those with a beginning interest 
in the subject. Discussion is limited to the 
industrial, clerical, and mercantile groups." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

In 19 10, the author published the results of 
an investigation in 400 manufactures, under the 
title "Wage-earning women," (Macmillan, $1.25) 

United States. Labor statistics, Bureau of 

Summary of the Report on condition of 
woman and child wage earners in the 
United States, December, 1915. (Bui. 
175; Women in industry ser. no. 5) '16 
Supt. of doc. pa 45c 331.4 

"The full report, of which this is a sum- 
mary, was published in 19 volumes in 19 10-13, 
and relates for the most part to conditions east 
of the Mississippi as they were found in 1908. 
. . . The bulletin begins with a study of the cot- 
ton, men's ready made clothing, glass and silk 
industries as employers of women; there are 
three related chapters on miscellaneous indus- 
tries, three on child labor problems, three on 
historical matters, four which deal with ques- 
tions of health and one each on family budgets, 
the relation between occupation and criminality 
of women, and labor laws and factory condi- 
tions. There is a digest of significant points 
and an index." Book rev digest 

Women's educational and industrial union, 

Public schools and women in office ser- 
vice. (Studies in economic relations of 
women, v8) '14 Women's educational 
and industrial union 80c 331.4 

"This report, the result of an extended in- 
vestigation, is a complete study of the relation 
between the schooling of girls and their subse- 
quent wages and promotion in business. Aims to 
present the business, economic and social con- 
ditions confronting commercial high schools 
rather than to analyze existing curricula or 

suggest new courses. Should be useful to com- 
mercial teachers, vocational and social work- 
ers." A. L, A. bkl. 

Other volumes are: 

V. I, pt. I. Vocations for the trained woman. 
Opportunities other than teaching, o.p. 

V. I, pt. 2. Vocations for the trained woman: 
Agriculture, social service, secretarial service, 
business of real estate. $1.50 

V. 2, Labor laws and their enforcement, with 
special reference to Massachusetts. $1.50 

V. 3, Living wage of women workers; in- 
comes and expenditures of 450 women in the 
city of Boston. $1 

V. 4, Dressmaking as a trade for women. 8oc 

V. 5, Millinery as a trade for women. $1.50 

V. 6, Boot and shoe industry as a trade for 
women. 80c 

V. 7, Industrial home work in Massachusetts. 

V. 1-3 & 5 published by Longmans; v. 4 & 
6-8 by the Women's educational and industrial 
union, v. 4 & 6 may also be obtained from the 
Superintendent of documents at less cost. 

Woods, Robert Archey, and Kennedy, Al- 
bert J. 

(eds.)^ Young working girl; ed. for the 
National federation of settlements; with 
an introduction by Jane Addams. '13 
Houghton $1 ^ . 331.4 

"A summary in a readable form of evidence 
from 2000 social workers, submitted in response 
to a questionnaire on the problems of the 
adolescent working girl in the tenement house 
family. Not only outlines the conditions affect- 
ing the physical and moral welfare of the girls, 
but gives helpful hints for constructive work 
with them." Cleveland 

331.8 Labor and laboring classes 

For a good account of English labor condi- 
tions in the early part of the 20th century, see 
S. J. Chapman's "Social betterment," (1914, 
Longmans, $3) being v. 3 of his continuation of 
Earl Brassey's "Work and wages." For a sur- 
vey of American conditions in a great indus- 
trial community, see the Pittsburgh survey; 
edited by Paul U. Kellogg, Russell Sage founda- 
tion, 1909-14, 6v. $10 

American labor year book, 1917-'18. '18 
Rand school of social science $1.25 pa 
60c 331.8 

"A 384 page volume recording the progress 
of the socialist and labor movements in the 
United States and abroad during 1916 and 1917, 
supplemented by a series of articles by prom- 
inent specialists on important social and eco- 
nomic questions." Publisher 

For British statistics, see the Labor year book, 
igi6, Cooperative printing society, Ltd., Lon- 
don, Cl. 2S 6d. 

Carlton, Frank Tracy 

The industrial situation. '14 Revell 75c 


"Succinct, up-to-date survey of social and in- 
dustrial problems by an authority, prepared un- 
der the auspices of the Federal Council of 
churches in America. Designed to give the un- 
trained reader a broad view of the whole in- 
dustrial situation. Summaries and suggestive 
questions specially adapt the book for study 
clubs." A. L. A. bkl. 

Carleton, William, pseud. 

One way out; a middle-class New Eng- 
lander emigrates to America. *11 Small 
$1.25 331.8 

"Experiences of a Boston clerk who is dis- 
charged at 38, and having no other resources, 
turns day laborer." A. L. A. sup. 

Chase, Mrs Margaret Hatfield, and Chase, 

Honeymoon experiment. '16 Houghton 

$1 331.8 

"Records the industrial struggles and the 

living arrangements of a young couple who 



Chase, Mrs M. H., and Chase, S. —Cont 

speni eight weeks as working-people in Roches- 
ter, N.Y., in an endeavor to learn how the other 
half lives." Pittsburgh 

Commons, John Rogers 

Labor and administration. '13 Macmillan 
$1.60 331.8 

Lectures and essays reprinted from various 
periodicals, in which the author discusses sat- 
isfactorily the practical problems of trade union- 
ism and social work, and, not so well, the ab- 
stract and philosophical aspects of the questions. 
Wisconsin is the field from which he draws 
many illustrations of 'utilitarian idealism' in 
action. Of interest to those alive to vital cur- 
rent questions." A. L. A. bkl. 

Commons, John Rogers, and others 

History of labor in the United States. 
'18 Macmillan $6 331.8 

Contents: vi Part i; Colonial and federal 
beginnings (to 1827), by D. J. Saposs. Part 2: 
Citizenship (1827-1833), by H. L. Sumner. Part 
3: Trade unionism (1833-1839), by E. B. Mit- 
telman. Part 4: Humanitarianism (1840-1860), 
by H. E. Hoagland. 

V2 Part 5: Nationalisation (1860-1877), by 
J. _B. Andrews. Part 6: Upheaval and reor- 
ganization (since 1876), by Selig Perlman. 

Gibbs, Winifred Stuart 

Minimum cost of living. '17 Macmillan $1 


"An analysis of budgets of seventy-five fam- 
ilies assisted by the New York Association for 
improving the condition of the poor. While 
primarily a book for charity visitors and dis- 
trict nurses, it should interest all social work- 
ers for it records with modesty a fine piece of 
constructive work to help families left without 
an adult male wage-earner, to spend their in- 
comes wisely." Cleveland 

Henderson, Charles Richmond 

Citizens in industry. (Social betterment 
ser.) '15 Appleton $1.75 331.8 

Bibliography, p 329-38 

"A study from many points of view of pres- 
ent methods of industrial 'welfare work.' The 
author is not engaged in this particular line of 
social activity, but has studied the subject care- 
fully and presents the material in a way that will 
be especially helpful to new comers in this field. 
The list of firms all over the world doing this 
work is especially valuable." Cleveland 

Another book on this subject is Tolman's "So- 
cial engineering," 1909, McGraw, $2 

Kelley, Mrs Florence 

Modern industry in relation to the family, 
health, education, and morality. '14 
Longmans $1 331.8 

"Discusses briefly but eloquently the disin- 
tegrating effects of modern industry on society 
and the importance of bettering conditions 
through moral education and legislation. Some- 
what fragmentary, but written from firsthand 
knowledge. Based on lectures at Teachers col- 
lege Columbia university, 1913-" N. Y. state 

Lauck, William Jett, and Sydenstricker, 

Conditions of labor in American indus- 
tries; a summarization of the results of 
recent investigations. '17 Funk $1.75 

List of the most important works cited P401-3 
" 'A compact collection of investigations and 
studies of conditions under which the_ American 
wage-earner and his family work and live. . . . 
Not intended to be a critical discussion of these 
facts, or to be an argument in favor of or 
against any partizan conclusion, or any remedial 
program. Based on a report prepared by the 
authors for the Federal commission on indus- 
trial relations. . . Confined to the conditions 
of wage-earners in manufacturing and mining 
industries [and to the period between 1900 and 
I9I5-]*" (Preface) Pittsburgh 

Riis, Jacob August 

How the other half lives; studies among 
the tenements of New York . '03 Scrib- 
ner $1.50 331.8 

Neighbors; life stories of the other half, 
il '14 Macmillan $1.35 331.8 

Contents : The answer of Ludlow Street; 
Kin; The wars of the Rileys; Life's best gift; 
Driven from home; The problem of the widow 
Salvini ; Peter ; Kate's choice ; The mother's 
heaven; Where he found his neighbor; What 
the snowflake told; The city's heart; Chips from 
the maelstrom; Heartease; His Christmas gift; 
Our roof garden among the tenements; The 
snow babies' Christmas ; As told by the rabbi; 
The strand from above. 

Stories founded on the author's knowledge of 
life in the New York slums. 

Partly reprinted from the Outlook 

Tarbell, Ida Minerva 

New ideals in business; an account of 
their practice and their eflfects upon 
men and profits. '16 Macmillan $1.75 

Enlarged from "The Golden rule in business" 
in the American magazine 

Ward^ Harry Frederick 

Labor movement from the standpoint of 
religious values. '17 Sturgis & Walton 
$1.25 331.8 

Contents: Trade unions; Socialism; Syndical- 
ism; The demand for leisure; The demand for 
income; Violence and its causes; Labor and the 
law; Democracy and industry. 

"Verbatim stenographic report of a series of 
noon day lectures delivered at Ford Hall, Bos- 
ton, 1915, together with the questions and an- 
swers of the forum period following each lec- 
ture." Subtitle 
West Side studies, carried on under the di- 
rection of Pauline Goldmark. 2v il '14 
Russell Sage foundation $2 ea 331.8 

"The results of investigations in the middle 
West Side of New York City. "The middle 
West Side* by O. G. Cartwright is a brief ac- 
count of the chief historical elements which 
have gone into the making of this district; 
'Mothers who must earn' by K. Anthony is a 
study of the social and economic causes which 
compel the mother to become a wage-earner and 
the consequences to her home and family. 
'Boyhood and lawlessness' and 'The neglected 
girl' by R. S. True composing the second vol- 
ume, show the various influences which mold 
the life of youth and the means used to counter- 
act these influences." A. L. A. bkl. 

Housing conditions 

American academy of political and social 

Housing and town planning. (Annals of 
Amer. acad.) '14 Am. acad. $1.50 pa $1 

"Thirty-six papers dealing with housing and 
housing reform, the problem of the old house, 
fire waste, rural housing, etc., and city planning 
in their social and economic phases. Among 
the writers are Robert W. De Forest, Robert 
Unwin, Delos F. Wilcox, Lawrence Veiller, 
Carol Aronovici, Charles Mulford Robinson, 
John Nolan." A. L. A. bkl. 

Bacon, Mrs Albion (Fellozc^s) 

Beauty for ashes, il '14 Dodd $1.50 331.8 

"The author has the distinction of being 
called 'the mother of the state tenement law of 
Indiana'. She has gathered here, in a per- 
sonal, readable form the incidents and experiences 
of her struggle, her defeat in 19 11, and her ' 
final recent victory in the state legislature which 
gave Indiana the first housing reform law. The 
book has many illustrations showing the neces- 
sity of such reform." St. Louis 

Appeared, with the exception of one chapter, 
in the "Survey," v. 31, Nov. i, 1913 v. 31-2 
Sept. 5, 1914 

SOCIOLOGY— Economics 


Bashore, Harvey Brown 

Overcrowding- and defective housing in 
the rural districts, il *15 Wiley $1 

"Slight but suggestive, showing from inves- 
tigation in a typical American farming com- 
munity that such evils as land, house and school 
overcrowding and defective building of homes 
and schools exist in country districts. . . . 
Illustrated from photographs." N.Y. state lib. 

National conference on housing 

Housing problems in America; proceed- 
ings of the fifth national conference. 
'17 National housing assn. $2.50 331.8 
Taylor, Graham Romeyn 

Satellite cities. (National municipal 
league ser.) il '15 Appleton $2 331.8 
"Satellite cities are those which grow up 
about certain industries which have been obliged 
to move out of crowded cities and have located 
in . . . nearby villages or the open country. 
The present volume investigates the housing 
and other problems of such 'mushroom' cities 
as Gary, Norwood and Oakley, near Cincinnati, 
Granite City outside St. Louis, and Fairfield, a 
suburb of Birmingham, Alabama ; it also sug- 
gests means of improvement and puts in a plea 
for the adoption of the European method of 
planning such places in advance of their develop- 
ment. . . . Most of the material appeared in 
the Survey." Cleveland 

Veiller, Lawrence 

Housing reform, a handbook for practical 
use in American cities. '10 Russell Sage 
foundation $1.50 331.8 

"Popular treatise and practical handbook by 
the highest authority on the subject in the 
United States." A. L. A. sup. 

See also his "Model housing law,*' 1914. 
Russell Sage foundation, $2 

Labor unions 

See ul>iO Laidler's "Boycotts and the labor 
struggle," 1914, Lane, $2, and Janes' "Control 
of strikes in American trade unions," 19 16, 
Johns Hopkins, $r, pa 75c. For English trade 
unionism, see Webb's "History of trade union- 
ism," new edition, igii, Longmans, $2.60 

Bullock, Edna Dean 

(comp.). Selected articles on trade 
unions. (Debaters' handbook ser.) 2d 
ed rev and enl '16 Wilson $1.25 331.8 
Bibliography, pref. pi 1-30 

"Selects material to serve as a general ex- 
position of the subject and as a foundation for 
arguments on the benefits of trade unions to 
their members and to society. No blindly par- 
tisan literature has been used." A. L. A. bkl. 

Carlton, Frank Tracy 

History and problem of organized labor. 
'11 Heath $2.20 331.8 

"References for further reading at the end 
of each chapter. 

"Useful summary in compact and readable 
form of a large amount of literature dealing 
with many important labor questions. Four 
chapters undertake to present the history of labor 
organizations, but in the United States only. A 
separate chapter is devoted to each of the fol- 
lowing subjects: immigration, the sweated in- 
dustries, child labor, woman labor, protective 
legislation for employees, industrial remunera- 
tion and trade education. While these may be 
called labor problems they arc not probleins 
peculiar to organized labor, hence the title is 
somewhat misleading." (Condensed from Na- 
tion, 19 ri) Pittsburgh 

Cohen, Julius Henry 

Law and order in industry. '16 Macmil- 
lan $1.50 331.8 

"A discussion of the Protocol of peace, an 
industrial agreement between the Employer's as- 
sociation and the union of the cloak and suit 

industry in New York city. The author was 
council for the employers in the negotiations 
which followed the great strike of the garment 
workers in 1910, and was instrumental with 
Louis Brandeis and Meyer London, in bringing 
about the adoption of the Protocol. The book 
analyzes its contents, reviews its history and 
practical working and offers a plan for the en- 
largement of its scope." Cleveland 

'I know of no other equally valuable con- 
tribution on the subject of collective bargain- 
ing." John R. Commons in Journ. of pol. econ., 
June, 1916 

Commons, John Rogers 

(ed.) Trade unionism and labor prob- 
lems. (Selections and docs, in econ.) 
'OS Ginn $2.40 school ed $2 331.8 

" 'Collection of the most authoritative ar- 
ticles by specialists on every phase of the mat- 
ter. Liberal and progressive in point of view.' " 
(Harvard guide) A. L. A. sup. 

Eliot, Charles William 

Future of trades-unionism and capitalism 
in a democracy. '10 Putnam $1 331.8 
"Clear and dispassionate discussion of the 
effect which_ democratic government has had on 
trades-unionism and capitalism, and the effect 
these two industrial combinations have had on 
democratic government." A. L. A. sup. 

Groat, George Gorham 

Introduction to the study of organized 
labor in America. '16 Macmillan $1.75 


"Suggestions for further readings, pref. p 14- 

"A textbook undoubtedly of scientific rank. 
Its strength lies in its impartial attitude, in 
the excellent description of the structure of the 
American federation of labor, and in the ex- 
tensive discussion of the legal aspect of union- 
ism. Its weakness lies in its lack of emphasis 
on the psychology of the subject, in its failure 
to give the reader an acquaintance with the 
trade unionists as people, or with the spirit of 
organized labor, its ideals, aims and policies." 
(Condensed from Am. journ. of soc.) Pittsburgh 

"Carlton is wider in scope, devoting much 
space to special labor problems, but is not so full 
on strictly trade-union history, present condi- 
tions and tendencies. Marot presents the sub- 
ject from the trade-union viewpoint." A. L. A. 

Hoxie, Robert Franklin 

Trade unionism in the United States. *17 
Appleton $2.50 331.8 

"A book on trade unions that 'fills a gap long 
since recognized in the treatment of labor prob- 
lems. It does for America what Webb's 'In- 
dustrial democracy' does for England, and more, 
for it excels all treatises in the masterly an- 
alysis of the psychology of wage-earners, as seen 
in the policies and methods of unions. Hoxie's 
classification of unions for the first time brings 
out scientifically the great difference in unions, 
permits one to see the very complex character 
of the labor problems and warns against those 
sweeping generalizations that pretend to offer 
simple solutions. This leads the author to 
build up a truly constructive method of dealing 
with all labor problems according to the actual 
conditions.' " (J: R. Commons) Book rev. di- 

Marot, Helen 

American trade unions. '14 Holt $1.35 

Reference notes of citations, p 266-<^ 
"A study of labor unions from the labor 
point of view, interpreting impartially the posi- 
tions, principles and policies of the chief labor 
organizations, full of information for the unin- 
itiated and showing as few books on the sub- 
ject do, to what extent revolutionary ideas have 
seized upon organized labor's consciousness." 

Miss Marot has been a member of the Amer- 
ican federation of labor for years, and was ex- 
ecutive secretary of the Woman's trade union 
league of New York from 1905 to 1913 



Portenar, Abraham Jacob 

Organized labor; its programs and how 
to meet them. '12 Macmillan $1 331.8 
"Written by a labor man — an ardent upholder of 
union principles. . . . While openly oppos- 
ing the I. W. W. the author accepts what is 
best in their doctrine and agrees with them 
that the old craft-unionism must give way to 
industrial-unionism. He differs from them in 
advocating arbitration and the trade agreement, 
the strike to be reserved always as a last re- 
sort." Book rev. digest 

Kobbins, Edwin Clyde 

(comp.) Selected articles on the open 
versus closed shop. (Debaters' hand- 
book ser.) 2d ed '12 Wilson $1.25 


Bibliography, pref. pi 3-21 


Johnsen, Julia E. 

(comp.) Selected articles on unemploy- 
ment. (Debaters' handbook ser.) '15 
Wilson $1.25 331.8 

Bibliography, pigi^o 

"Considers two important aspects of the 
problem, the establishment of public labor ex- 
changes and the supplying of municipal, state or 
national work when normal channels are in- 
adquate to absorb surplus labor. About three- 
fourths of the space is given to the former." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

Keller, Frances Alice 

Out of work, rev ed '15 Putnam $1.50 


"An interesting, searching study of unem- 

?loyment, alive to the latest facts, told directly 
rom the author's personal and practical experi- 
ences, suggesting a specific program for the 
solution of the problem. Almost twice as long 
as the first edition (190.^) and completely re- 
written, the volume describes the extraordinary 
unemployment situation, prevailing in 1914-15 
and Uie remedial measures undertaken or pro- 
jected." A. L. A. bkl. 

Mills, Frederick Cecil 

Contemporary theories of unemployment 
and of unemployment relief. (Columbia 
univ. studies in history, economics and 
public law) '17 Longmans $1.50 331.8 

Pigou, Arthur Cecil 

Unemployment. (Home univ. lib. of mod- 
ern knowledge) '14 Holt 60c 331.8 

Bibliography, p2S3 

"A comprehensive semi-popular study of un- 
employment as an economic problem, analyzing 
its causes and explaining both proposed rem- 
edies and such palliative devices as unemploy- 
ment insurance and meeting periods of depres- 
sion by organized short time work. 'Prof. Pigou 
makes a thorough investigation of the secondary 
causes of unemployment, but never reaches the 
primary one imbedded in our social system.' " 
(Athenaeum) Cleveland 

Ross, John Elliot 

Right to work. '17 Devin-Adair $1 331.8 
"On the duty of the state to the unemployed 
and the unemployable." Cleveland 

"A practical social guide-book 'vhich stands 
four-square with Catholic ethics." Cath. world 

"To be recommended both for its careful 
diagnosis of the evil and for its thoughtful con- 
tributions to the formation of a national policy." 
Survey 39:171 
Rowntree, B. Seebohm, and Lasker, Bruno 
Unemployment: a social study. '12 Mac- 
millan $2 331.8 

"Sixty investigators chosen by the authors 
visited every working-class house in York and 
collected the data on which this exhaustive 

study is based. Though, like the author's 'Pov- 
erty' which it supplements, it records conditions 
in a single -English city, its deductions and sug- 
gestions will be almost as valuable to Amer- 
ican as to English sociologists, for whom it 
throws more light on the nature of unemploy- 
ment than anything yet that h^ yet been 
written.'" (Nation (English) 10:318) A. L. A. 
• bkl. 


A "Handbook of settlements" by R. A. Woods 
and A. J. Kennedy, was published 19 11 by the 
Eussell Sage foundation at $1.50 

Addams, Jane 

Twenty years at Hull House, new ed il 
'12 Macmillan $1.75 331.8 

"Interesting survey of development of social, 
civic and other activities of Chicago's famous 
neighborhood house, with autobiographic notes 
and personal experiences at home and abroad. 
Portraits and many charming drawings by 
Norah Hamilton." N.Y. state lib. 

Picht, Werner Robert Valentin 

Toynbee Hall and the English settlement 
movement. '14 Macmillan $1.50 331.8 
Traces the source of the movement to the 
social idealism of Carlyle and Ruskin. Does 
not alone record the facts of the movement, 
with the work of its leaders, but interprets and 
criticises it as well, sympathetically yet pene- 
tratingly. Contains a list of settlements in 
* Great Britain with brief information concern- 

ing them and a bibliography (3p). Included in 
the volume are discussions of the University 
extension movement in England and the Work- 
ers' educational association." A. L. A. bkl. 

Wald, Lillian D . 

House on Henry Street, il 'IS Holt $2.50 


"Appeared in a condensed form in Atlantic 
monthly, VI15-116, March-Aug. 1915 

" 'History of ... [the Henry Street Set- 
tlement by its founder] . . . also ... a study 
of the east side itself — of its teeming immigrant 
population, of its development, of its most cry- 
ing needs, and of its national promise . . Full 
of poignant human sketches, stories of mothers 
and their children, of neighbors, of funny and 
interesting and pathetic boys and girls.' " (New 
York times. 1915) Pittsburgh 

331.87 Syndicalism 

Those who wish to make a further study of 
the subject may consult in addition to the books 
listed below: 

Brissenden, P. F. Launching of the Indus- 
trial workers of the world. 1913, University 
of California, 75c 
Lewis, Arthur D. Syndicalism and the gen- 
eral strike. 1912 Small $2.50 
Sorel, Georges. Reflections on violence. 19 12 

Huebsch $2.25 
Sorel is to the French syndicalist about what 
Marx's "Capital" is to the socialist. 

Brooks/ John Graham 

American syndicalism; the I. W. W. '13 
Macmillan $1.25 331.87 

A highly interesting, sound and sane, yet 
sympathetic exposition of syndicalism in the 
United States, with a survey of the general 
socialistic movement and of the European ori- 
gins of syndicalism." A. L. A. bkl. 

"Dr. Brooks 'has been a direct observer of 
the I. \V. W. from its very beginnings and has 
handled it with a gratifying accuracy and_ sym- 
pathy — though he does not deny his hostility to 
most of its principles and methods. He has 
taken all pains to be accurate as to his- facts, 
and has weighed every feature of the move- 
ment with the most conscientious deliberation. 
The result is a highly valuable contribution to 
the subject.'" (W. E. Walling in Am. journ. 
soc.) Pratt quarterly 

SOCIOLOGY— Economics 

Levine, Lottis 

Syndicalism in France. 2d ed rev (Stud- 
ies in history, economics and public 
law) '14 Longmans $2 pa $1.50 331.87 

A new edition of "Tlie labor movement in 

"Tlie first edition of this work, publisiied in 
1912, has already become recognized as the 
most accurate and scientific English statement 
of the syndicalist movement in France. The 
modifications in this revised edition are not of 
fundamental importance. . . . Its value lies 
in its fairness and accuracy of historical de- 
scription and its clarity of doctrinal analysis; 
its defect, ... is its loose and inaccurate 
method of causal interpretation." Am. jour, 
soc. 20:416 

Tridon, Andre 

The new unionism. '13 Huebsch $1 pa 
25c 331.87 

"A clear, forceful statement of the history, 
underlying principles and present status of the 
syndicalist movement in Europe and America. 
Defining syndicalism as labor's endeavor to free 
itself from existing forms of organization and 
improve upon them,' the author distinguishes 
between the general world-unionism and the old 
form of organization by crafts, and defends 
sabotage and other forms of 'direct action.' " 

332 Money and banking 

Babson, Roger Ward 

Bonds and stocks; the elements of suc- 
cessful investing. '13 Babson's statis- 
tical organization $2 332 
Barker, Dalgairns Arundel 

Theory of money. (Cambridge manuals 
of science and literature) il '13 Putnam 
50c 332 

"A clear, brief, elementary text. Confessedly 
in large part a digest for the general reader of 
recent American literature on the subject. The 
author is a close disciple of Professors Fisher 
and Kemmerer." A. L. A. bkl. 

Brandeis, Louis Dembitz 

Other people's money, and how the 
bankers use it. '14 Stokes $1 332 

"Appeared in 'Harper's weekly,' v58, Aug. i6, 
igi3-I)ec. 17, 1914 

"An able diagnosis of the so-called money 
trust by the well-known lawyer and student of 
economics. Shows the evils of financial con- 
centration in the United States, the means that 
have brought it about, and the remedies that 
may be applied. He comments especially upon 
the failure of the banker-management of the 
New Haven railroad, whose methods he was in- 
strumental in exposing." Pittsburgh 

Dunbar, Charles Franklin 

Chapters on the theory and history of 
banking; enlarged by O. M. W. Sprague 
3d ed '17 Putnam $1.50 332 

"'Succinct account of fundamental character 
of banking operations, nature of credit and its 
practical manifestation in the chief forms, 
checks and banknotes.' " (Pol. sci. quar. 6:571) 
A. L. A. 

"This edition contains three new chapters, 
those on Foreign exchange. Central banks, and 
on the Federal reserve banking system. . . . 
Two chapters have been ommitted, those on 
Combined reserves and on the Bank of Amster- 
dam. . . . Emphasis on the interdependence 
of all banks of a country in the regular conduct 
of the business of banking is the most funda- 
mental difference between this and the earlier 
editions." Preface 

:Escher, Franklin 

Foreign exchange explained. '17 Mac- 
millan $1.25 332 

"A practical treatment of the subject for the 
banker, the business man and the student." Sub- 

Fisher, Irving 

Purchasing power of money; its deter- 
mination and relation to credit, interest 
and crises [written with the assistance 
of] H. G. Brown. 2d ed '13 Macmillan 
$2.25 332 

"Aims to set forth the principles that deter- 
mine the purchasing power of money, and to 
defend the thesis that the purchasing power is 
directly proportional to the quantity." Pitts- 

Hepburn, Alonzo Barton 

History of currency in the United States. 
'15 Macmillan $2.50 332 

Bibliography, p 3 

"Based on an earlier work 'The contest for 
sound money,' published in 1903. It is an en- 
tirely new work, however, rewritten and brought 
down to date, 'My aim,' says the author, 'is to 
place before the public all the essential facts as 
to currency, coinage, and banking, from the 
wampumpeage currency of the colonies to the 
notes of the federal reserve banks, together with 
the indispensable political history connected 
therewith. A closing chapter describes briefly 
the currency systems of all the principal com- 
mercial nations and explains the emergency 
measures adopted in 1914. . , . The text of 
the federal reserve act is given in an appendix." 
Book rev. digest 

Hirst, Francis Wrigley 

Stock exchange; a short study of invest- 
ment and speculation. (Home univ. lib. 
of modern knowledge) '11 Holt 60c 


"Brief, untechnical account of the principles 
of banking and stock jobbing, creation of debt 
and capital, differences between investment and 
speculation, etc. Chapter on Wall Street, glos- 
sary and bibliography." A. L. A. sup. 

Holdsworth, John Thom 

Money and banking, rev ed il map '17 
Appleton $2.25 332 

"A college textbook and a book of general 
information for business men. The section on 
money covers the functions and principles of 
money, the momentary system of the United 
States, and the relation of money and credit to 
prices and the cost of living. The banking sec- 
tion includes the history, functions and prac- 
tices of banking, a comparison of our banking 
systems with those of other countries and a 
review of changes effected in credit and banking 
by the federal reserve system. Contains an ac- 
count of the organization of the system and the 
complete text of the Federal reserve act." Cleve- 

Kemmerer, Edwin Walter 

Postal savings; an historical and critical 
study of the postal savings bank sys- 
tem of the United States. '17 Princton 
univ. $1.25 332 

"An historical and critical study , . . Ap- 
pendices give the text of the act and amend- 
ments together with the Philippine savings act. 
*A distinct contribution to the literature of a 
new and little known phase of banking.* " (Bos- 
ton transcript) Cleveland 

Kniffin, William Henry 

Practical work of a bank. 2d ed rev il '16 
Bankers pub. co. $5 332 

" 'The best work so far published on the 
subject of practical banking.* (American eco- 
nomic review 6:157) Thorough and compre- 
hensive, it covers both the fundamental princi- 
ples of banking and the details of administration 
and accounting, devoting considerable space to 
credit analysis and cost accounting. Author 



Phillips, Chester Anhvii —Continued 

was secretary of the savings bank section of the 
American bankers' association. The present edi- 
tion is 23 pages larger than the first (1915) 
owing to the addition of new matter, the most 
important being the section on 'Keeping the 
bank's books by machinery.' " A. L. A. bkl. 

Phillips, Chester Arthur 

Readings in money and banking, selected 
and adapted. '16 Macmillan $2.10 332 

" 'Selections skilfully woven together into a 
fairly complete and unified discussion of the 
subjects to which they appertain.' " (Adapted 
from Pol. sci. quar.) Pratt quarterly 

" 'The chapters on the foreign banking sys- 
tems are very opportune, " T: Conway, jr., in 
Ann. Am. acad. 71:227 

Robinson, Edward Levi 

1816-1916; one hundred years of savings 
banking; including comprehensive bib- 
liography on thrift, co-operation and 
good management as it relates to thrift. 
'17 Am. bankers assn. 50c 332 

"Elements of banking principles for the in- 
formation of depositors." A. L. A. sup. 

Scott, William Amasa 

Banking. (National social science ser.) 
'14 McClurg 60c 332 

"A brief and simple statement of the princi- 
ples and problems of banking for the general 
reader, similar in purpose to the author's book 
on 'Money.' Discusses the nature, function, and 
classification of banking institutions, the nature 
and operation of commercial banking, its prob- 
lems, its features in the United States and 
abroad, and investment banking. References 
(2p)." A. L. A. bkl. 

Money. '13 McClurg 60c 332 

"A very brief treatment of the functions of 
money, with a discussion of some of the ques- 
tions arising from its uses. Author is professor 
of political economy in the University of Wis- 
consin." A. L. A. bkl. 

Money and banking. 5th ed '16 Holt $2.25 

"A clear statement for the general reader." 
Am. econ. rev. 4:412 

" 'Intended for college use and as handbook 
for average citizen. On points at issue all im- 
portant views are set forth clearly. Bibliographic 
references.' " (H. A. Mills in Ann. Am. acad. 
22:126) A. L. A. 

White, Horace 

Money and banking. 5th ed rev *14 Ginn 
$1.50 332 

"Treats evolution of money, the gold stand- 
ard, fiat money as developed in colonial, con- 
tinental and federal currency, and banks." K.Y, 
state lib. , , . 

"Mr. White has supplemented his treatment 
in the earlier editions of this standard work by 
inserting a chapter on the federal reserve sys- 
tem and adding appendices in which are given 
the federal reserve act and the communication 
sent to the federal reserve board by the New 
York clearing house association, dealing with 
the sort of commercial paper that should be 
eligible for rediscount. The new chapter on 
the federal reserve system summarizes the law 
and discusses briefly the steps that have thus 
far [1915] been taken in the establishment of 
the system." Ann. Am. acad. 58:239 

Withers, Hartley 

International finance. '16 Dutton $1.25 


"A description of the methods and machinery 
of international money dealing, told in an easy, 
semi-popular style." Jour. pol. econ. 25:519 

"Particular attention is given to the political 
aspects of loans to small countries." N. Y. 
branch lib. news 

"Author is recognized authority on financial 
matters in the London money-market." Pub- 
lishers weekly 

Meaning of money, new ed (Lombard 
street lib.) '16 Dutton $1.25 332 

" 'A simple account, in non-technical lan- 
guage, of the mechanism of exchange . . . con- 
siders chiefly the English money market, but 
pays due attention to the various elements af- 
fecting the world's exchanges.* " (Nation) Pratt 

" 'The book has established itself as a stand- 
ard of its class, and in this latest edition will 
prove more valuable than ever.' " (Boston 
transcript) Book rev. digest. 

332.6 Investments 

Meade, Edward Sherwood 

The careful investor. '14 Lippincott $1.50 

"A book of sound advice on what constitutes 
a safe investment, by the professor of finance in 
the Wharton school of finance and commerce. 
University of Pennsylvania. Based on articles 
which appeared in Lippincott's, 1911-14." Cleve- 

332.7 Agricultural credit 

Bullock, Edna Dean 

(comp.) Agricultural credit. (Handbook 
ser.) 'IS Wilson $1.25 332.7 

Bibliography, P9-14 

"A collection of extracts from books, docu- 
ments, pamphlets and magazines on cooperative 
credit, preceded by selected references. . . . 
Specially useful because the material obtainable 
is largely contained in documents." Wis. bul. 

Morman, James Bale 

Principles of rural credits as applied in 
Europe and as suggested for America. 
(Rural science ser.) '15 Macmillan 
$1.50 332.7 

"Discusses European systems of rural credit 
and aims to present a practical adaptation for 
farmers in the United States. The book is 
practically a presentation in popular form of the 
report of the investigation commission (1913) 
whose findings were published as Senate docu- 
ment no. 214, 63d Congress, first session." 

Another book dealing with European systems 
of credit is Herrick & Ingalls' "Rural credits, 
land and cooperative," 19 14, Appleton, $2.25 

Myrick, Herbert 

Federal farm loan system. '16 Judd $1 


"Explains clearly and simply for the farmer 
or investor the new farm loan system inaugurated 
by the recently passed federal farm loan act. 
Answers objections and shows in some detail 
the principles on which it is based, the way it 
works out and the advantages of the system to 
borrowers and investors. The appendix con- 
tains the full text of the federal farm loan act." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

Wolff, Henry W. 

Co-operative credit for the United States- 
'17 Sturgis $1.50 332.7 

"A presentation of the system of cooperative 
credit successfully used in Europe as it may be 
applied to conditions in America. Author was 
president of the International cooperative al- 
liance. A. L. A. bkl. 

334 Cooperation 

Fay, Charles Ryle 

Copartnership in industry. (Cambridge 
manuals of science and literature) '13 
Putnam 50c 334 

"Describes typical instances of copartnership, 
past and present, whether between employer 
and employed or a body of workmen carrying 
on their industry cooperatively without an em- 
ployer." A. L. A. bkl. 

"Outlines the history of copartnership, de- 

SOCIOLOGY— Economics 


Fay, Charles Ryle —Continued 

scribes and illustrates the various types of co- 
partnership and profit-sharing and makes clear 
the real nature and spirit of successful experi- 
ments in this field." (Ann. Am. acad.) 

Ford, James 

Cooperation in New England, urban and 
rural. '13 Russell Sage foundation $1.50 


Bibliography, p 217-10 

Investigation into the nature and scope of 
industrial cooperation in New England. The 
inquiry is confined to cooperative associations 
of workingmen and of farmers. Appendixes 
give the laws relative to cooperative associa- 
tions in Connecticut and Massachusetts, and 
the bylaws of the three cooperative associations." 

Harris, Emerson Pitt, and others 

Cooperation; the hope of the consumer. 
as Macmillan $2 334 

"The most comprehensive study of modern 
commercialism and the Rochdale cooperative 
movement that has been written in our country. 
It points out clearly the fundamental evils 
underlying our present commercial system." 
Survey 40:317 

"In part i of the book he makes an indict- 
ment of the present system. ... In part 2 
cause and cure are discussed. In part 3 the 
Rochdale cooperative buying plan is described, 
and in part 4 this plan is considered in opera- 
tion in Europe and, so far as it has been tried, 
in America. The appendix gives reports from 
various cooperative societies, and the text of the 
Wisconsin cooperative law. Book rev. digest 

Powell, George Harold 

Cooperation in agriculture. (Rural sci- 
ence ser.) il. '13 Macmillan $1.50 334 
Bibliography, p 317-24 

"Admirably clear, thorough and readable 
presentation of principles underlying organiza- 
tion and management of agricultural cooperative 
organizations and their value in improving crops 
and breeds of livestock, handling and selling of 
farm products, purchasing supplies, establishing 
rural credit, etc. (Nation 97:106)" N.Y, state 

Williams, Aneurin 

Copartnership and profit-sharing. (Home 
univ. lib. of modern knowledge) '13 
Holt 60c 334 

Bibliography, p 253-54 

"Very complete for its size, readable, up to 
date. Gives a clear exposition of principles 
and a description of carefully selected types in 
England and France and the United States. The 
author has devoted twenty years to the direc- 
tion of copartnership in Great Britain, and has 
high hopes for the movement. He writes from 
the employer's standpoint." A. L, A. bkl. 

335 Anarchism 

Hunter, Robert 

Violence and the labor movement. '14 
Macmillan $1.50 335 

Authorities, p 357-73 

"An excellent discussion of one phase of the 
International." H. W. Laidler. 

"A historical review and criticism of terror- 
ism from the days of Bakounin, and its rela- 
tions to socialism. Mr. Hunter demonstrates 
the steadfast opposition of socialism to all 
forms of violence and shows that the results of 
terrorism have been mainly reactionary. _ This 
leads to a discussion of syndicalism which is 
taken to be a direct descendent of the early an- 
archism and the antithesis of socialism. A 
painstaking first-hand study, as impartial as the 
author's sympathies will permit." A. L. A. bkl. 

Kropotkin, Petr Aleksieevich 

Conquest of bread. '06 Putnam $1 335 
"An extremely interesting exposition of the 
gospel of anarchy." Lond. Times 6:71 

335 Socialism 

Karl Marx's "Capital," called "the Bible of 
socialism," is published in 3v. by Kerr at $6. 
Schaffie's "Quintessence of socialism, Scribner, 
$i.25j is said to be a fair analysis of Marx's 
"Capital" by an opponent. E. R. Pease's "His- 
tory of the Fabian society, 1916, Dutton, $1.75, 
gives the history of the modern social reform 
movement in England, W. E. Walling's "Larger 
aspects of socialism," Macmillan. 1913, $1.50, 
deals with the underlying philosophy of the 
movement and its "resultant spiritual, intel- 
lectual and cultural development." Charles H. 
Kerr & Co., Chicago, publish a number of books 
by socialists in cheap editions. 

Benson, Allan Louis 

Truth about socialism. '13 Huebsch $1 
pa. 25c 335 

"A terse simple statement of the principles 
on which socialist leaders chiefly rely in their 
campaign to win converts." (Review of re- 
views). Pratt quarterly 

"Written by a socialist for non-socialists. It 
is addressed not so much to the active opponents 
of socialism as to the workers who are indif- 
ferent or who do not see in it a remedy for 
their wrongs." Book rev. digest 

Bernstein, Edward 

Evolutionary socialism. '09. Huebsch $1 


"Best interpretation of the revisionists' view 
of socialism that has so far ( 19 1 7) been writ- 
ten." H. W. Laidler. 

Boudin, Louis B. 

Theoretical system of Karl Marx. *07 
Kerr $1 335 

"Probably the best defense of Marxian theories 
written by an American." H. W. Laidler. 

Cross, Ira Brown 

Essentials of socialism. '12 Macmillan $1 


References at the end of each chapter; Bib- 
liography, p i2g-4g 

"Neither a historical sketch nor a bit of so- 
cialistic propaganda literature but a commend- 
able attempt to tell, clearly, concisely and with- 
out bias, precisely what socialism is and to set 
down with equal fairness the arguments for 
and against its several doctrines. The excel- 
lent bibliography after each of the nine chap- 
ters is a valuable feature." A. L. A. bkl. 

Engels, Friedrich 

Socialism; tr. by Edward Aveling. (Arm 
and hammer ser.) '01 Kerr SOc 335 

Contents: Utopian socialism; Materialist con- 
ception of history ; Scientific socialism ; Apx., 
The mark. 

Hillquit, Morris 

Socialism in theory and practice. *09 
Macmillan $1.50 335 

"Favorable discussion of the theory under- 
lying socialism, its relation to individualism, 
ethics, law, the state and politics, and of the 
temporary measures advocated by socialists, to 
alleviate present conditions. Shows clearly both 
the strength and weakness of American social- 
ism." A. L. A. sup. 

Socialism summed up. il '13 Fly $1 335 
"An exceptionally good beginners' book on 
socialism." Alexander Fleisher in Ann. Am. 
acad. 48:269 

Appeared in the "Metropolitan magazine." 
"Discusses 'the forces that have made social- 
ists; their aims; the program of practical reform 
through legislation favored by the party; some- 
thing of the accomplishments of international 
socialism and a short ri^sume of its history in 
America. Socialismj as presented by Mr. Hill- 
quit, is a purely political movement.' " (Survey) 
Book rev. digest 

Hillquit, Morris, and Ryan, J. A. 

Socialism; promise or menace? '14 Mac- 
millan $1.50 335 



Hillquit, Morris, and Ryan, J. K~Cont. 

'Appeared in 'Everybody's magazine ' v. 29- 
30, Oct. 1913 — ^April 1914 

Arguments for and against socialism pre- 
sented in the form of a debate. Dr. Ryan, a 
priest and student of economics argues from 
the religious standpoint, while Mr. Hillguit's 
position is that of the political socialist." Pitts- 

Hughan, Jessie, Wallace 

American socialism of the present day, 

with an introd. by John Sparge. '11 

Lane $1.50 335 

"Scholarly, clear and dispassionate presenta- 
tion of the history of socialism in the United 
States since 1850, party organization, tactics, 
theories and ideals, immediate and ultimate pro- 
grams and present status. The best single 
volume (1911) on contemporary aspects." 
A. L. A. sup. 

Facts of socialism. '13 Lane 75c pa 25c 


" 'Suggested reading* and 'Topics for reports 
and discussions* at end of each chapter. 

Traces the history of the movement and aims 
to explain its significance, especially in America. 
Not controversial in spirit but fair and logical 
in its attempt to remove popular misconcep- 
tions and place the real facts before the reader." 

Hutchinson, Robert H. 

"Socialism** of New Zealand. *16 New 
review pub. assoc. $1 335 

" 'After discussing the 'historical evolution' 
of New Zealand, the author takes up the dif- 
ferent governmental industries [and] . . . 
points out that it is not *state socialism* but 
'state capitalism* which New Zealand enjoys . . . 
The book is not a technical treatise, but a brief 
simple work for the general reader, and is both 
readable and instructive." (Am. jour. soc. '16) 

Kautsky, Karl 

Social revolution. *03 Kerr 50c 335 

"This book is in two parts. The first of these 
'Reform and revolution' explains why it is that 
socialists call themselves revolutionists and have 
no use for reforms. The second part, 'The day 
after the revolution,' answers many of the ques- 
tions constantly being asked as to how the so- 
cialists would carry on industry and regulate 
social activities if they came into power." Kerr. 

Kirkup, Thomas 

History of socialism. Sth ed rev by E. R. 
Pease. *13 Macmillan $1.50 335 

"A standard history of the socialist move- 
ment in the 19th century, revised and brought 
to date. A remarkably clear and unbiased sur- 
vey with the emphasis on socialism in England. 
Contains a selected subject bibliography." Cleve- 

Marx, Karl, and Engels, Friedrich 

Communist manifesto. *12 Kerr 50c 335 
Contains also Wilhelm Liebknecht's *'No 
compromise, no political trading" 

Robbins, Edwin Clyde 

(comp.) Socialism. (Handbook ser.) 'IS 
Wilson $1.25 335 

Bibliography^ p 9-17 

Selected articles and bibliography under the 
general head and the following^ subdivisions: 
Utopian socialism; Christian socialism; Marxian 
socialism; Progressive socialism (the Revision- 
ists, followers of Bernstein, etc.); Socialism 
versus other forms of radicalism; Definitions of 
contemporary socialism 

Russell, Charles Edward 

Why I am a socialist. New ed. rev. '15 
Doran 60c 335 

"Not a discussion of socialism but an account 
of experiences of the author which changed 
him from an individualist to a socialist. Severe 
indictment of present capitalistic basis of so- 
ciety. ** Pittsburgh 

Sellars, Roy Wood 

Next step in democracy, '16 Macmillan 
$1.50 335 

" *A moderate and even-tempered reply to 
current objections to socialism.' (Springfield re- 
publican). Dr. Sellars, who is assistant pro- 
fessor of philosophy at the University of Mich' 
igan, differs from the Marxian socialists in 
stressing the evolutionary and ethical, rather 
than the revolutionary and economic character 
of socialism, and applies these socialistic ideals 
to present-day society and industry." A. L. A. 

Simkhovitch, Vladimir Grigorievitch 

Marxism versus socialism. '13 Holt $1.60 


"Admirable summary of the arguments against 
Marxism. Presents lucidly, and at times bril- 
liantly, conclusions reached by Bohm-Bawerk, 
Sombart, Stammler, Bernstein, and other critics 
of Marx's system. Argument is well sustained 
and the book is enriched by the fruits of wide 
reading. (Condensed from Survey, 1913) "Pitts- 

Appeared in the Political science quarterly, 

Skelton, Oscar Dotiglas 

Socialism; a critical analysis. (Hart, 
Schaffner and Marx prize essays in eco- 
nomics) '11 Houghton $1.50 335 

"One of the clearest and most logical presen- 
tations of the case against socialism that has 
yet been made (1911). Author's wide reading, 
keen power of analysis and criticism, brilliant 
epigrammatic style, and sense of humor have 
combined to produce a work of great value and 
interest. The bibliography is the best that has 

Jet been published. (J. L. LeRossignol in 
our. of pol. econ. 19:798.)" N.Y. state lib. 

Sombart, Werner 

Socialism and the social movement; tr, 

with introd. and notes by M. Epstein. 
'09 Button $1.50 335 

"Account of past and ' present socialism in 
various countries, describing common features 
and national peculiarities. Author is an ortho- 
dox Marxist with revisionist tendencies,'* 
A. L. A. sup. 

Sparge, John 

Social democracy explained; theories and 
tactics of modern socialism. *18 Har- 
per $1.50 335 

"Expounds the main tenets of the cult in un- 
technical language, giving particular attention 
to correcting the misrepresentation of escag- 
gerated and too literal interpretation both with- 
in and without the 'movement-' " Springfield 

The author says: " *The war has modified 
my views upon some matters, so that there is 
not a little in the following pages which 1 
would now change. I have preferred to leave 
the volume in its original form rather than to 
rewrite it, because it does represent the average 
Marxian socialist's position." Book rev. digest 

Socialism, a summary and interpretation 
of socialist principles. New and rev ed 
'12 Macmillan $1.50 , . 335 

"The best popular exposition of socialism by 
two of its advocates that has thus far (191?) 
been published. . . . Thoroughly revisionist 
in its attitude toward socialist theories and 
tactics. ... A necessarily brief but gener- 
ally satisfactory description is given of the so- 
cialist movement in various countries. Many of 
the customary objections urged against social- 
ism are answered. A short summary, a list of 
questions, and a bibliography follow each chap- , 
ter." ^ Bial 53:191 

"Simple, clear exposition of socialism by an 
able propagandist, enlarged and revised to date." 
A. L. A. sup. 

Spargo, John and Amer, G. B. L, 

Elements of socialism; a textbook. *12 
Macmillan $1.50 335 

SOCIOLOGY— Economics 


Spargo, John, and Arner, G. B. L Cont 

"Mr. Spargo's book shows the emotional side 
of socialism as clearly as Mr. Cross's does its 
logical side." Ann. Am. acad. 42:344 

Swift, Lindsay 

Brook Farm; its members, scholars, and 
visitors. 1900 Macmillan $1.50 335 

List of books and magazines, P283-93 
"If no humorous aspect of the Farm escapes 
him, he is quick to find out and praise what- 
ever was noble and generous in its inspiration.' " 
.(Nation 70:152) A. L. A. 

Walling, William English 

Socialism as it is; a survey of the world- 
wide revolutionary movement. '12 Mac- 
millan $2 335 

"Notes, p 437-45 

"The author who is one of the 'intellectuals' of 
the socialist party, presents a now picture of 
things as they are and a new prophecy of tilings 
as they are to be — both different from the pic- 
ture and prophecy of Marx. He shows how 
socialism is changing front to adjust itself to 
new conditions. (Condensed from Nation, 1912)" 

Walling, William English, and Laidler, 
H. W. 

(eds.) State socialism pro and con. '17 
Holt $2 . 335 

" 'Official documents and other authoritative 
selections — showing the world-wide replacement 
of private by governmental industry before and 
during the war.' (Subtitle) It is not an argu- 
ment for and against socialism, but a source- 
book. The introduction summarizes some of the 
important phases of state socialism and the docu- 
ments are presented with a few explanatory 
paragraphs." A. L. A. bkl. 

Walling, William English, and others 

(eds.) Socialism of today, a source-book 
of the present position and recent de- 
velopment of the socialist and labor 
parties in all countries. '16 Holt $1.75 

"A source-book, consisting mainly of original 
documents, edited by a committee of the Inter- 
collegiate socialist society. Part i shows the 
present position and recent development of the 
socialist and labor parties in all countries; part 
2 gives the utterances of socialists on the many 
social questions of the day. A companion vol- 
ume to another source-book edited by Walling, 
'Socialists and the present war,' 19 15 Holt 
$1.50." A. L. A. bkl. 

Wells, Herbert George 

New worlds for old. '08 Macmillan $1.50 

"A most persuasive plea for socialism, dis- 
cussing it from many points of view, its ad- 
vantages and disadvantages. Fair, temperate, 
open-minded." A. L. A. sup. 

336 Finance 

American academy of political and social 

Financing the war. (Annals of the Amer. 
acad.) '18 Am. acad. pa $1 336 

"The leading addresses of the Conference of 
the academy held in Philadelphia, November 2- 
3, 1917. Discusses the cost of the war, reach- 
ing the individual investor, ways of borrowing 
by the government, and their results, war loans 
and taxes in France, Russia and Italy, the War 
revenue act of 1917-" A. L. A. bkl. 

Bullock, Charles Jesse 

(ed.) Selected readings in public finance. 
(Selections and docs, in econ.) '06 Ginn 
$2.70 school ed $2.25 ^ 336 

"Useful reference volume, including selec- 
tions from many sources and arguments on 
controverted questions." A. L. A. sup. 

Dewey, Davis Rich 

Financial history of the United States. 

(American citizen ser.) 4th ed '12 

Longmans $2 335 

References at beginning of chapters 
"The present edition has been brought to date 
by a new chapter, 'Financiering under expan- 
sion, containing material as recent as 1911, and 
by additional references in the bibliographies. 
Ihe section on national banks has been omitted. 
Otherwise it does not differ from the first edi- 
tion." A. L. A. bkl. 

"One of the most valuable features of the 
volume is 'Suggestions for students, teachers and 
readers.'" Ann. Amer. acad. 45:267 

Noyes, Alexander Dana 

Forty years of American finance; a short 
financial history of the government of 
the people of the United States, 1865- 
1907. '09 Putnam $1.50 336 

By the financial editor of the "New York 
Evening Post." 

A revision and extension of his "Thirty years 
of American finance." 

"Shows grasp of principles, thorough mastery 
of facts and skill in unraveling and interpreting 
complex phenomena. Fair-minded treatment of 
political parties and constant reference to orig- 
inal sources. W. A. Scott in Pol. sci. guar, n: 
558." A. L. A. 

Plehn, Carl Copping 

Government finance in the United States. 
(National social science ser.) 'IS Mc- 
Clurg 60c 336 

"A brief description for the general public, 
telling what the various governments in the 
United States are doing that requires money, 
how they spend the money, where it comes from, 
and what the people get for it." A. L. A. bkl. 

The author is professor of finance in the Uni- 
versity of California. 

Introduction to public finance. 3d rev ed 
'15 Macmillan $1.75 336 

Another good general treatise is C. F. Bas- 
table's Public finance," 3d ed rev. '03 Macmil- 
lan $3.50 

336.2 Taxation 

Fillebrown, Charles Bowdoin 

Taxation (National social science ser.) '14 
McClurg 60c 336.2 

"A good brief compendium, giving a simple 
and clear account for the general reader. De- 
scribes the nature, incidence, and justice of tax- 
ation and the construction of a tax system; 
treats national, state, local, general property, 
income, inheritance, corporation and land taxes, 
with a chapter on reform tendencies. Short list 
of references and index." A. L. A. bkl. 

Phelps, Edith M. 

(comp.) Selected articles on the income 
tax, with special reference to gradua- 
tion and exemption. (Debaters' hand- 
book ser.) 3d and enl ed '17 Wilson 
$1.25 336.2 

Bibliography, p 9-33 

"Some articles have been enclosed on the re- 
cent state income tax laws, notably those of 
Massachusetts and Wisconsin." Explanatory 

Seligman, Edwin Robert Anderson 

Essays in taxation. 8th ed rev and enl 
'13 Macmillan $4 336.2 

" 'The book is now (1913) thoroughly re- 
vised and brought down to date and again de- 
serves its place as probably the most valuable 
single American book on taxation.' F. R. Fair- 
child in Amer. econ. rev. 3:949" 

Income tax. 2d ed rev. '14 Macmillan $3 




Seligman, Edwin Robert Anderson— Co«/ 

"Thorough and scholarly study, historical and 
economic, of the establishment and results of 
the income tax in England and European coun- 
tries and of the efforts to achieve similar ends 
in this country. Full bibliography." N.Y. state 

Wells, David Ames 

Theory and practice of taxation. 1900 
Appleton $2.25 33&.2 

"No citizen is qualified for proper discharge 
of his political duties without mastering the 
principles here expounded. (Nation, 71:57)" 
A. L. A. 

336.2 Taxation of land values. Single tax 

A scholarly work, probably needed only in 
large and special libraries, is Yetta Scheftel's 
"Taxation of land value" (Hart, Schaftner and 
Marx prize essays), 1916, Houghton, $2 

Bullock, Edna Dean 

(comp.) Selected articles on the single 
tax. (Debaters' handbook ser.) 2d ed 
rev and enl by J. E. Johnsen '17 Wilson 
$1.25 336.2 

Bibliography, p 21-33 

Fillebrown, Charles Bowdoin 

Principles of natural taxation, showing 
the origin and progress of the plans for 
the payment of all public expenses from 
economic rent. '17 McClurg $1.50 


"A clear statement of the latest stage in the 
changing single tax thought. Part i shows the 
metamorphosis of thought through chronological 
quotations from great economists ; part 2 is 
*side-lights' on the question by the author. Re- 
vised and enlarged from 'A single tax handbook 
of 1913.' " A, L. A. bkl. 

The author published in 1909 his "A B C of 
taxation," Doubleday $1.20 

George, Henry 

Progress and poverty. New ed *99 
Doubleday $1.25 336.2 

Basis of single tax theory 

"Endeavors to show that principal cause of 
poverty and wretchedness in midst of wealth 
and abundance is private ownership of land. 
Style engaging and often eloquent. (Nation, 31: 
6s)" A. L. A. 

Post, Louis Freeland 

Taxation of land values; an explanation 
with illustrative charts, notes and an- 
swers to typical questions of the land- 
labor-and-fiscal reform advocated by 
Henry George. 'IS Bobbs $1.25 336.2 

"Appeared first in 1894 as 'Outlines of Post's 
lectures.' The present title was used for the 
revised edition which api>eared in 1912 and of 
which the fifth edition is a reprint with but 
slight changes." Book rev. digest 

" 'Easily and deservedly belongs in the front 
rank of books dealing with the interesting and 
vital subject of the single tax." (Special li- 
braries 7:109)" Book. rev. digest 

"One of the strongest statements of the single 
tax case." (A. N. Young in Am. econ. rev. 6: 

Single tax year book. '17 Single tax review 
$2.50 336.2 

Young, Arthur Nichols 

Single tax movement in the United States. 
'16 Princeton univ. press $1.50 336.2 

Bibliography of select references, p 325-28 
"A complete historical account of the single 
tax movement in the United States, together 
with a discussion of the tactics of the single 
taxers, their program, the present status of the 
movement, and its influence upon economic 
thought and upon fiscal and social reform. The 

first comprehensive scholarly historical account 
of the movement." A. L. A. bkl. 

337 Tariff 

A political and historical account from the 
protectionist standpoint is Stanwood's "Amer- 
ican tariff controversies in the nineteenth cen- 
tury", 1903, Houghton, 2V, $5 

Ashley, Percy Walter Llewellyn 

Modern tariff history: Germany, United 
States, France, new and rev ed '12 But- 
ton $3 337 
Hobson, John Atkinson 

New protectionism. '16 Putnam $1 337 
"A severe criticism of the proposed policy of 

curtailing Germany's trade after the war in 

the hope of holding he»- in subjection." Pratt 


Expanded from articles published recently in 

the Manchester guardian 

Morgan, Joy E. 

(comp.) Selected articles on free trade 
versus protection. (Debaters' handboolc 
ser.) '12 Wilson $1.25 337 

Bibliography, p 19-29 

Robbins, Edwin Clyde 

(comp.) Selected articles on reciprocity. 
(Debaters' handbook ser.) '13 Wilson 
$1.25 337 

Bibliography, p 15-22 

"The larger issues of the reciprocity policy 
are presented satisfactorily, and the relations of 
the most-favored-nation clause to that policy 
are brought out. The book may be recom- 
mended to those who want a handy compe'ndium 
on the subject. (H. R. M.)" Am. econ. rec. 3: 

Tarbell, Ida Minerva 

Tariff in our times. '11 Macmillan $1.50 


"Believing that public opinion has never been 
fairly embodied in the tariff bills adopted, Miss 
Tarbell tells in entertaining and lively narra- 
tive form the story of what she terms the 'de- 
feat of the popular will." She sketches the 
history of every tariff from the Morrill bill ^of 
i860 to the Paine-Aldrich bill of 1900, analysing 
the popular and political points of view,_ the 
campaigning, the lobbying and the congressional 
debates." Pittsburgh 

Taussig, Frank William 

Tariff history of the United States. 6th 
ed rev '14 Putnam $1.75 337 

A new chapter on the tariff act of 19 13 has 
been added to the fifth edition, the chapter on 
the tariff of 1909 has been revised, and other 
slight changes made 

"Not the least remarkable feature of jProfes- 
sor Taussig's work is that it is good reading for 
anyone, for it is written in clear, non-techmcal 
language^ so far as possible, and it is obviously 
non-partisan and authentic."' Boston Transcript, 
July 15, 191^, p 20 

Taussig's Some aspects of the tariff ques- 
tion" (Harvard economic studies), 1915, ?^>.'' 
a scholarly discussion useful in connection with 
the above. 

338. Production. Manufacture. Prices 
Agricultural products 

Three valuable books on agricultural eco- 
nomics are: 

Carver, T. N., comp. Selected readings in 
rural economics. 1916, Ginn, $3.40; school edi- 
tion $2.80 

Crookes, W. Wheat problem. 1917 Longmans 

Nourse, E. G., ed. Agricultural economics. 
1916 University of Chicago press $2.75 

SOCIOLOGY— Economics 


American academy of political and social 

World's food. (Annals of Amer. acad.) 
'17 Am acad $1.50 pa $1 338 

"Considered by experts the most useful pub- 
lication to date on the subject, containing 35 
articles by authorities which survey the whole 
field — food supply, the food situation with the 
neutrals, food for the Allies, food utilization 
and conservation, production and marketing 
plans for next year, price control. Kellogg & 
Taylor's 'Food problem,' 1917, MacmlUan, $1.25, 
points out the problem; this volume gives def- 
mite information." Wis. bul. 

Bengston, Nels August, and Griffith, Donee 

Wheat industry. (Industrial ser.) '15 
Macmillan 65c 338 

"Study of the wheat plant and the production 
and uses of wheat. The more important wheat 
growing regions are considered separately." 

Carver, Thomas Nixon 

Principles of rural economics. '11 Ginn 
$1.60 school ed $1.30 338 

"An exceptionally clear treatment — the best 
yet published ( 1 9 1 1 ) of agriculture and the 
rural problem in their relation to national econ- 
omy. After a brief history of agriculture in 
America, the author takes up the factors of ag- 
ricultural production and management, the dis- 
tribution of the agricultural income and _ the 
problems of rural social life, emphasizing 
throughout public and social aspects more, and 
the business aspect less, than has been done in 
earlier works. Practical farmers as well as 
agricultural teachers and students will find 
the treatise as valuable as it is readable. Classed 
bibliography iyVzp-) Supplants Taylor's 'Agri- 
cultural economics' (1905)" A. L. A. bkl. 

Kellogg, Vernon Lyman, and Taylor, Al- 
onzo £. 

Food problem; with a preface by Herbert 
Hoover. '17 Macmillan $1.25 338 

"Valuable for its concentrated facts and sta- 
tics concerning the food situation in the United 
States, in France, England, Italy and Germany, 
together with the methods of control used in each 
country. Also considers the physiology and 
sociology of nutrition and the use of grain to 
make alcohol. Both authors are members of 
the Food Administration. More detailed flian 
O'Brien's *Food preparedness for the United 
States,' 1917, Little, 60c." A. L. A. bkl. 

Kropotkin, Petr Aleksieevich 

Fields, factories and workshops; or, In- 
dustry combined with agriculture and 
brain work with manual work, rev ed 
'13 Putnam 75c 338 

"Points out: (i) The increasing harmonious 
union between agriculture and industrial pur- 
suits, as also between brain work and manual 
work — synthetic production; (2) The new im- 
petus that has come to the small industries and 
petty trades by the new methods of transmis- 
sion of motive power; (3) The truth of the 
author's 'no-head' philosophy as demonstrated in 
the decentralization of industries, resulting from 
(i) and (2)." St. Louis 

National conference on marketing and 
farm credit 

Marketing and farm credits. '16 Madison 
Wis. Author pa $1 338 

'*A collection of papers read at the third an- 
nual session of the Conference, in joint program 
with the National council of farmer's coopera- 
tive associations, Chicago, 1915- Papers by au- 
thorities, grouped under such topics as Organiz- 
ing agricultural cooperation; Marketing the 
farm product ; Rural credit aids to land pur- 
chase; Financing farm business." A. L. A. bkl. 

Scherer, James Augustin Brown 

Cotton as a world power; a study in the 

economic interpretation of history. '16 
Stokes $2.50 338 

"Authorities, p 426-36 

" 'Covers . . . the history of cotton from its 
very earliest mention to the crop of 1915 . . 
Among other influences exerted by cotton, at- 
tention is called to the way it fastened upon the 
South Negro slavery and the plantation system, 
free trade ideals, and conservatism, both social 
and political; to the sectional divergence caused 
by the rapid development of its power; to its 
oart, both American and international, in the 
history of the Civil war; and to its effect in 
drawing women and children into factories. 
... It is a notable study in history and eco- 
nomics and at times rises to the grade of liter- 
ature. . . . The general reader will find 
pleasure in reading it.' " (Dial, 1917) Pitts- 

Weld, Louis Dwight Harwell 

Marketing of farm products. '16 Mac- 
millan $1.60 338 

Bibliography, p 467-76 

"Author is (igi6) professor of business ad- 
ministration in Sheffield scientific school, Yale 
University, and was formerly chief of Division 
of agricultural economics. University of Min- 
nesota. He explains the general organization 
and methods of marketing, beginning with mar- 
keting at country points, and describes the 
methods and functions of wholesale dealers. He 
considers the factors affecting the cost of mara- 
keting, also a number of special problems, such 
as price quotations, transportation, future trading, 
inspection and grading, public markets and co- 
operative markets," Pittsburgh 

Conservation of natural resources 

Ely, Richard T., and others 

Foundations of national prosperity; stud- 
ies in the conservation of permanent na- 
tional resources. '17 Macmillan $2 338 

Based on papers prepared by the four au- 
thors for the Second Pan-American scientific 

Pt. I, Conservation and economic theory, by 
R- T. Ely ; pt. 2, Conservation and economic 
evolution, by R. H. Hess; pt. 3, Conservation 
of certain mineral resources, by C. K. Leith; 
pt. 4, Conservation of human resources, by 
T: N. Carver 

Fanning, Clara Elizabeth 

(comp.) Selected articles on the conser- 
vation of national resources. (Debaters' 
handbook ser.) '13 Wilson $1.25 338 
Bibliography, p 11-15 , rr., 

"The question for debate is 'Resolved, That 
the power of the federal government should be 
paramount to that of the states in the conserva- 
tion of natural resources, limited to forests, 
water power and minerals.' " St. Louis 

National conservation commission, Wash- 
ington, D.C, 

Report of the commission, February 1909, 
with accompanying papers; ed. by 
Henry Gannett. 3v (U. S. 60th Cong., 
2d sess. Senate doc. 676) il map '09 
Supt of doc. pa $1.95 338 

"The most comprehensive body of material on 
this important subject, containing addresses and 
papers by prominent public men, statesmen and 
specialists. The papers on the conservation of 
the water resources (g6p) and of mineral re- 
sources (254P) are published separately, the first 
as Water-supply paper 234 of the Geological 
survey, the second as Bulletin 394'" A. L. A. 

Van Hise, Charles Richard 

Conservation and regulation in the 
United States during the world war; an 
outline for a course of lectures to be 
given in higher educational institu- 



Van Hise, Charles 'Richard—Continued 

tions; parts 1 and 2. '17-'18 U.S. food 
administration pa gratis 338 

Prepared for the United States food admin- 

" 'Purpose of this outline ... is to put the 
present special conservation movements, illus- 
trated by food conservation and fuel conserva- 
tion and the movement for governmental regula- 
tion, into logical relation with the general con- 
servation movement and with the principles of 
economics.' " (Preface) Pittsburgh 

Conservation of natural resources in the 
United States, il maps '10 Macmillan 
$2__ 338 

"A clear and comprehensive exposition of the 
extent of our national resources and the means 
which should be taken to prevent waste. Treats 
of minerals, water, forests, soils and the rela- 
tion of all to humanity." N.Y. state lib. 

"Next in value to the 'Report' of the National 
conservation commission (1909) as a source, and 
the most scholarly and inclusive work yet pub- 
lished ( igio) for general reading and refer- 
ence." A. L. A. sup. 

Prices. Cost of living 

Clark, Walter Ernest 

Cost of living. (National social science 
ser.) '15 McClurg 60c 338 

"Simple, brief explanation of rising prices, 
their effects and remedies. Traces their cause 
not to the trusts but to the question of supply 
and demand and the depleted gold standard. 
Popular, yet deserving respect of the profes- 
sional economist. Less technical than Fisher's 
'Why is the dollar shrinking? ' Tables of food 
prices, references, index." N.Y. state lib. 

Franklin, Fabian 

Cost of living. (American books) '15 
Doubleday $1 338 

"Biographical note, p s 

"Mr. Franklin's book is above reproach as a 
bit of scientific reasoning. His shrewd' sense 
checks the tendency of the theorist to dog- 
matize, and insists on a view of the subject 
from the social and political standpoint. He 
doubts the efficacy of legislative remedies for 
changes in the price level, and sees in the Euro- 
pean war still another inBuence making for a 
rise in prices. (Condensed from Nation, 19 16) " 

"Similar in scope to Clark's 'Cost of living* 
though somewhat different in its method of ap- 
proach and fuller in treatment." A. L. A. bkl, 

Hobson, John Atkinson 

Gold, prices and wages. '13 Doran $1.25 


"Seeks to explain the current rise in prices 
through the counterplay of two sets of forces, 
the expansion of credit and the retardation of 
the supply of goods, the output of gold being 
merely a minor cause." Pratt quarterly 

Fisher, Irving 

Why is the dollar shrinking? a study in 
the high cost of living. '14 Macmillan 
$1.25 338 

"An authoritative study of the reasons for 
the shrinkage in the purchasing power of the 
dollar. The explanation, the effect of the over- 
production of gold on the money-markets and 
thus on the general level of prices, is dilated 
upon at length. A discussion of a solution 
through methods of standardizing the dollar is 
reserved for another volume." Cleveland 

"A condensation of 'The purchasing power of 
money* with very little new material." Jour, 
pol. econ. 23:304 

Howe, Frederic Clemson 

High cost of living. '17 Scribner $1.50 


"Goes to the very root causes of the food 

crisis in this country and tries to show that 

when people, rather than privilege, rule, the 
food problem, the agricultural problem and the 
social problem will be open to solution. One 
does not need to be a student of economics 
to understand Mr. Howe's book." Pittsburgi 

King, Clyde Lyndon 

Lower living costs in cities; a construc- 
tive programme for urban efficiency, 
(National municipal league ser.) '15 Ap- 
pleton $2 338 

"A clear, comprehensive and constructive 
work, written in the interests of improved man- 
agement of the city's methods of living. The 
section on food costs is specially valuable, dis- 
cussing cost of food distribution, fixing of 
wholesale and retail prices, the middleman, a 
shorter route from producer to consumer, agen- 
cies of local distribution, the markets — municipal, 
terminal, retail, curbstone — slaughter-houses, and 
producers' and consumers' cooperation. Other 
chapters take up health conservation, recreation, 
housing, education, taxation, etc. Wis, bul. 

Nearing, Scott 

Reducing the cost of living. '14 Jacobs 
$1.50 338 

"A useful and suggestive discussion of facts 
and statistics summing up the causes of the 'ever 
augmenting encroachment of prices upon in- 
come,'_ and indicating various offsetting rem- 
edies, including proposals for more or less radical 
governmental action along the line of the taxa- 
tion of unearned values, government ownership 
and management of public utilities and in- 
creased government aid; also recommendations 
for 'common sense' measures, such as social ed- 
ucation in wise buying and. use of materials, 
facilitating distribution by getting in touch witii 
the producers, simplification of standards and 
■ return to the land and self-service." Cleveland 

338.8 Trusts. Corporations. Federal 

For additional information on corporation 
law, see J. J. Sullivan's "American corpora- 
tions," 1910, Appleton, $2.25; on business 
finance, see W. H. Lough's "Business finance," 
1917, Ronald press co. $3; on state regulation 
of public utilities, see Annals of_ the American 
academy of political and social science for May, 
1914, pa $1, and Harvey & Bradford's "Manual 
of the federal trade commission," 1916, Byrne, 
$5; on the valuation of public utilities, see 
Henry Floy's "Valuation of public utility prop- 
erties," 19 12, McGraw, $5, and his "Value for 
rate-making," 1916. McGraw, $4, H. A. Foster's 
"Engineering valuation of public utilities and 
factories," 19 12, Van Nostrand. $3, H. V. 
Hayes' "Public utilities: their cost new and 
depreciation, 1913, Van Nostrand, $2^ and !{l. H. 
Whitten's ''Valuation of public service corpora- 
tions," 19 12, Banks, $5.50 

Crowell, John Franklin 

Trusts and competition. (National social 
science ser.) '15 McClurg 60c 338.8 

"A brief review of the trust situation of to- 
day — 'especially as it stands in the light^ of in- 
herited ideals of competition.' While it con- 
tains nothing new it is a compact, concrete dis- 
cussion of trust problems in their many ramiBca- 
tions. Bibliography (sp)." A. L. A, bkl. 

Durand, Edward Dana 

Trust problem. 'IS Harvard univ press $1 


"Easily the most far-reacing as well as the 
most philosophic discussion of the questions con- 
nected with government regulation of trusts 
that has appeared in recent years." M. H. 
Robinson in Am. econ. rev. 6:141 

The author is Professor of statistics in the 
University of Minnesota, and was recently direc- 
tor of the U.S. Census. 

Appendix: Federal laws relating to trusts 
and allied matters 

SOCIOLOGY— Economics 


Green, Thomas Lyman 

Corporation finance; a study of the prin- 
ciples and methods of the management 
of the finances of corporations in the 
United States. 3d ed '04 Putnam $1.50 

Haney, Lewis Henry 

Business organization and combination, 
rev ed (Social science textbooks) il '14 
Macmillan $2 338.8 

A comprehensive discussion, beginning with 
the simplest form and ending witli the trust, is 
followed by a description of the structure and 
life history _ of a typical business corporation. 
Concludes with a brief statement of public policy 
and a tentative plan for a scientific solution of 
the trust and corporation problems. An ap- 
pendix contains simple copartnership articles and 
corporation by-laws. Though designed as a col- 
lege textbook, it offers much to the intelligent 
business man. Selected list of references (zp.)" 
A. L. A. bkl. 

"Two chapters have been added to the old 
edition, the iirst on the 'Development and or- 
ganization of the International liarvester com- 
pany,' the second on *The Sherman act and its 
interpretation." A. L. A. bkl. 

Jenks, Jeremiah Whipple 

Trust problem; fourth edition enlarged 
and completely revised with the col- 
laboration of Walter E. Clark, maps 
'17 Doubleday $2 338.8 

"Printed in a larger type on a larger page 
than the 1903 edition. Four new chapters have 
been added bringing_ material up to date on : 
The evolution of business, State trust legislation 
in the United States, Federal trust legislation in 
the United States, Trusts and the federal court. 
The appendixes giving legislation on trusts have 
been greatly revised and the bibliography (3p) 
has been lengthened." A. L. A. bkl. 

Lyon, Walter Hastings 

Capitalization; a book on corporation fi- 
nance. '12 Houghton $2 338.8 

This is Part i of the author's "Corporation 
finance." Part 2, "Distributing securities, reor- 
ganization," was published by Houghton in. 19 16 
at $2 

"An excellent little book for students of pri- 
vate finance and economics, bankers and business 
men, written by a lawyer who is also professor 
of finance in the Amos Tuck school of admin- 
istration and finance at Dartmouth college. In 
parts it is quite elementary in order to meet the 
needs of beginners, and gives the fundamental 
principles of corporate financing. The chap- 
ters on 'Watered stock' and 'Capitalization and 
the state' are specially good." A. L. A. bkl. 

Meade, Edward Sherwood 

Corporation finance, rev ed '15 Appleton 
$2.25 338.8 

"Logical and able portrayal of the financial 
operation of modern corporations." A. L. A. 

Montague, Gilbert Holland 

Business competition and the law; every- 
day trade conditions affected by the 
anti-trust laws. '17 Putnam $1.75 338.8 
"Even small firms may find themselves violat- 
ing the anti-trust laws. This book is written by 
a lawyer to explain to business men some of the 
intricacies of the Sherman, Clayton, and Fed- 
eral trade commission acts. A list of cases is 
given with a brief history of each." N.Y. 
branch lib. news 

Rise and progress of the Standard oil 
company. '03 Harper $1 338.8 

Bibliography (sSP-) . , . , ^ 

First published as two articles in the Quar- 
terly Journal of Economics, Feb. 1902 and Feb. 

■''Remarkably free from bias.' " (Ann. Am. 
acad. 22:513) A. L. A. 

Phelps, Edith M. 

(comp.) Selected articles on federal con- 
trol of interstate corporations. 2d ed 
rev and enl (Debaters' handbook ser.) 
'15 Wilson $1.25 338.8 

Bibliography, prcf. p 15-30 

"One of the most important volumes of this 
series, and valuable to the general reader as 
well as to the debater. The latest federal legis- 
lation considered is the Federal trade commission 
bill, 1914." A. L. A. bkl. 

Reed, Homer Blosser 

Morals of monopoly and competition. '17 
Banta pub $1.25 338.8 

'_' 'The author is primarily concerned in de- 
scribing the evolution now taking place in the 
business world, 'one of the outstanding features 
of which is the change from private and com- 
petitive morality to public and cooperative 
morality.* " (Jour pol. econ.) Book rev. digest 

Ripley, William Zebina 

(ed.) Trusts, pools and corporations, rev 
ed (Selections and documents in eco- 
nomics) '16 Ginn $3 school ed $2.75 


The revised edition includes the text of the 
Sherman act; the Trade commission law and the 
Clayton act; the reports of the United States 
Commissioner of corporations for 1909 and 1913, 
respectively, concerning the tobacco trust and 
the International harvester company; Professor 
Francis Walker's reports on "The German steel 
syndicate" and "The law concerning monopolis- 
tic combinations in continental Europe"; the 
National cash register case; the Steel corporation 
case of June, 19 15, and other recent cases of 

Stevens, William Spring 

(ed.) Industrial combinations and trusts. 
'13 Macmillan $2 338.8 

"A well selected compilation of original docu- 
ments and source material relating to trusts, 
including agreements, ■ court decisions, views of 
eminent business and professional men, etc. 
They are well grouped for practical use, and 
furnished with a full table of contents but no 
index." A. L. A. bkl. 

Taft, William Howard 

Anti-trust act and the Supreme court. '14 
Harper $1.25 338.8 

"Discusses clearly and concisely the relation 
of constitutions and courts to the protection and 
limitation of individual rights, citing important 
details in the sugar trust, standard oil, tobacco 
trust, and other cases. Summarizes the effects 
of the Sherman anti-trust law on big business 
and the danger of adding severer amendments. A 
strong defence of the Supreme court." A. L. A. 

Van Hise, Charles Richard 

Concentration and control, rev ed '14 
Macmillan $2 _ 338.8 

"Essentially an apologetic _ for combination, 
organizing considerable material regarding con- 
centration and cooperation with many important 
illustrations and suggested remedies." N.Y. state 

338.9 Industrial legislation 

Commons, John Rogers, and Andrews, John 

Principles of labor legislation. (Harper's 
citizen's lib.) '18 Harper $2 338.9 

"Select critical bibliography," p 465-88 
"The subjects treated are individual and col- 
lective bargaining, unemployment, safety and 
health, social insurance and administration. The 
author's method is to sketch the historical back- 
ground of the various labor problems, indicate 
the nature and extent of each, and describe the 
legislative remedies which have been applied. 



Commons, J. R., and Andrews, J. B. — Cont 

Intended for the general reader and fo,r class- 
room use in colleges and universities. The book 
is the first of a series to be known as the Har- 
per's citizen series, dealing with the fundamental 
principles of social science. 

" 'An up-to-date and interesting volume which 
will enable the reader to form an understand- 
ing of the principles which have governed cases 
without bewildering him by a mass of details.* 
(Condensed from the Boston transcript) " 

"Viewed as a summary of labor law the book 
is comprehensive and adequate." D. A. McCabe 
in Am. pel. sci. rev. 10:411 

Frankfurter, Felix, and Goldmark, Jose- 
Case for the shorter work day. 2v il '16 
National consumers' league pa 25c 338.9 
"A brief prepared under the direction of 
Louis Brandeis, which represents the defence in 
the case recently argued before the United 
States Supreme court, limiting the hours of 
labor to ten in one day. It presents a great 
amount of expert opinion on the subject of 
fatigue, and the physical, social, and economic 
aspects of regulation. The case is the first in 
which the statute under review has included the 
work of men. Bibliography (35P-)" A. L. A. 

United States. Labor statistics. Bureau of 
Bulletin. Latest. Supt. of doc. 338.9 

Labor laws of the United States, with de- 
cisions of courts relating thereto. 2 
pts '14 Supt. of doc. pa ea $1.50 338.9 

The Bureau of labor statistics also publishes 
a Monthly review which is the medium thru 
which the Bureau publishes the results of orig- 
inal investigations too brief for bulletin pur- 
poses, notices of labor legislation by the states 
or by Congress, and federal court decisions af- 
fecting labor. 

339 Poverty 

Devine, Edward Thomas 

Misery and its causes. (American social 

progress ser.) '13 Macmillan $1.25 339 

"Sociological study based on a twelve years' 

survey of misery among the New York poor." 

A. L. A. sup. 

Dole, Charles Fletcher 

Burden of poverty, what to do. (Art of 
life ser.) '12 Huebsch 50c 339 

"This book calls attention to the nature and 
immensity of the problem of poverty and to its 
relation to new standards of living; it analyzes 
the causes of poverty and attempts some con- 
structive suggestions for solution. Interest on 
capital earned by the owners is sanctioned, but 
income from inheritance is denounced. Com- 
petitive profit is upheld, but profit due to the 
tariff, monopoly, and special privilege is in- 
dicted. Rent of land and unearned increment 
receive a special arraignment. A social program 
for the solution of the poverty problem must 
therefore include the abolition of these evils of 
distribution, as well as other generally recog- 
nized social reforms. Socialism as an indict- 
ment is valid, though it has failed in construc- 
tive suggestions," Jour. pol. econ. 21 1179 

Hollander, Jacob Harry 

Abolition of poverty. '14 Houghton 75c 


"There are, the writer holds, three main 
causes of poverty: (i) underpayment. (2) un- 
employment, and (3) disability. He proposes to 
cure them respectively by (1) collective labor- 
bargaining and possible state-interference for the 
unskilled, (2) by labor-exchanges, unemploy- 
ment-insurance and residential decentralization, 
(3) by social insurance. 

"Probably the clearest reform-scheme within 
the pale of capitalism." St. Louis 

Hunter, Robert 

Poverty. W Macmillan $1.50 339 

Contents: Poverty; The pauper; The vagrant; 
The sick; The child; The immigrant 

Authorities, P361-72 

"Statement, by a New York settlement 
worker, of the causes and extent of poverty in 
large cities." Pittsburgh 

Parmelee, Maurice Farr 

Poverty and social progress. '16 Macmil- 
lan $1.90 339 
"A well-documented, serious study of biologi- 
cal, pathological, economic and sociological 
causes of poverty and of remedial and preven- 
tive measures. *The author believes in indus- 
trial democracy, socalled, a compromise between 
out-and-out socialism and the present economic 
organization; he is of the school represented by 
the New republic. The bibliography is excel- 
lent, the index faulty.' " Cleveland 

340 Law 

Other valuable books on law are: Efnesl 
Freund's "Standards of American legislation," 
1917, University of Chicago press, $1.50; T. E. 
Holland's "Elements of jurisprudence," 12th ed,, 
1917^ Oxford university press, $2.50; and Sir 
William Markby's "Elements of law considered 
with reference to principles of general juris- 
prudence," 6th ed revised, 1905, Oxford uni- 
versity press, $5 ; Gray, J. C. Nature and 
sources of the law. 1909, Lemcke $1.50; Pound, 
R. Readings in the history and system of the 
common law. 2d edition, 19 13, Boston Book 
Co., $6 

See also 347, Treatises on law 

American academy of political and social 

Justice thru simplified legal procedure. 
(Annals of the Amcr. acad.) '17 Am. 
acad. pa $1 340 

"Discusses a plan whereby the present ma- 
chinery of justice may be simplified with a 
view to its greater efficiency." A. L. A. bkl- 

Reform in administration of justice. (An- 
nals of Amer. acad.) '14 Am acad $1.50 
pa $1 340 

"Pt. I, Civil; pt. 2, Criminal; pt. 3, Foreign 
practice. Twenty-five papers by Moorfield 
Storey, George Haven Putnam, Frances A. Kel- 
ler, prominent members of the bar, university 
professors, justices of municipal courts, and 
others. Probation, juvenile and women's courts 
and justice for the immigrant are among the 
topics touched on." A. L. A. bkl. 

Maine, Sir Henry James Simmer 

Ancient law, its connection with the early 
history of society and its relation to 
modern ideas, 4th Amer ed Holt $2 


Also published in Everyman's library. But- 
ton, 50c. library binding, 60c 

" 'He has taken the best historians of Ro- 
man law, united and vivified, extended and il- 
lustrated their conclusions in his own compre- 
hensive way, and made obscure things lumin- 
ous.' " (Woodrow Wilson in Atlantic monthly 
82:367) A. L, A. 

The reader who desires to study Maine in 
the light of modern criticism is recommended 
to read Sir F. Pollock's "Notes on Maine's An- 
cient law" (published by John Murray at 2S 
66, or, with the text, at ss) 

Stimson, Frederic Jesup 

Popular law-making. '10 Scribner $2.50 

Stone, Harlan Fiske 

Law and its administration. 'IS Columbia 
univ press $1.50 340 

"A simple, readable and instructive exposi- 
tion of the fundamental notions underlying our 


Stone, Harlan Fiske— Continued 

legal system by the Dean of the School of law, 
Columbia university. (Adapted from Nation)" 
Pratt quarterly 

Storey, Moorfield 

Reform of legal procedure. '11 Yale univ 
press $1.50 340 

"Lectures to law students, reviewing the 
problem and pointing out specific abuses and 
urging their reform. Based on wide experience 
and sufficiently popular for the educated reader." 
A. L. A. sup. 

Vinogradoff, Pavel Gavrilovich 

Commonsense in law. (Home univ. lib. 
of modern knowledge) '14 Holt bOc 


Bibliograpiiical note, p 249 

"By dii eminent English jurist. He analyzes 
the theories of the nature of law which have 
been held in various ages and applies them par- 
ticularly to the practical workings of English 
jurisprudence. The best chapters are those on 
legislation, custom, judicial precedents and 
equity as sources of English law." Pittsburgh 

"Scientific, accurate and readable." Am. jour, 
soc. 20:834 

341 International law 

The recognized authority on international law 
is the "Digest of the international law as em- 
bodied in diplomatic discussions, treaties and 
other international agreements," edited by G. B. 
Moore, in 8 volumes, 1906, Superintendent of 
documents, $10 

Davis, George Breckenridge 

Elements of international law with an ac- 
count of its origin, sources, and histor- 
ical development. 4th ed '16 Harper $3 


"The fourth edition of this work has been 
prepared for publication by Gordon E. Sherman, 
formerly assistant professor of comparative and 
international law at Yale." Book rev. digest 

"The principal additions are new appendixes 
containing the text of the Declaration of Lon- 
don with notes, and the tables, signatures, rat- 
ifications, adhesions and reservations to the con- 
ventions and declarations of the first and second 
Hague peace conferences. A list of cases cited 
and a bibliography of recent works (3V2P) are 
added." A. L. A. bkl. 

Another excellent treatise on international law 
is A. S. Hershey's "Essentials of international 
public law," 1913, Macmillan, $3 

Hall, Arnold Bennett 

Outline of international law. '15 LaSalle 
extension univ. $1.75 341 

"A popular, non-technical survey of the 
whole field, accurate as to facts, intended as a 
bird's-eye view for busy readers. Differs from 
most other works on the subject in its brevity 
and cheapness. Appendixes contain a useful 
classified, bibliography (i5p), those articles of 
the Hague conferences of most interest, and 
other documentary material. For a work re- 
viewing the development of international law 
from early times to the present see Stockton, 
Outlines of internationl law,' iQiS* Scribner, 
$2.50." A. L. A. bkl. 

iawrence, Thomas Joseph 

Principles of international law. 5th ed rev 
1912 Heath $3 341 

" 'As an expository textbook of the field of 
international law in all its branches there is 
none which can be read with more profit or 
pleasure.' " (Sat. rev., 1911) A. L. A. sup. 
He has also compiled a useful book of "Docu- 
ments illustrative of international law." 19 14, 
Heath, $2 
Woolsey, Theodore Dwight 

Introduction to the study of international 
law; 6th ed rev by T. S. Woolsey. '01 
Scribner $2.50 341 

Selection of works and documents on interna- 
tional law, p 405-22 

341.1 International congresses 

Choate, Joseph Hodges 

The two Hague conferences. '13 Prince- 
ton univ. press $1 341.1 

"Optimistic and interesting summary of the 
actual achievements of the two conferences. The 
Stafford Little lectures delivered at Princeton 
University in 1912." A. L. A. bkl 

See also W. I. Hull's "Two Hague confer- 
ences and their contribution to international 
law," 1908, Ginn, $1; Scott's "Hague peace con- 
ferences of 1899 and 1907." Johns Hopkins uni- 
versity, 1909, 2v $5; and G. G. Wilson's "Hague 
arbitration cases," 19 15, Ginn, $3.50 
Three peace congresses of the 19th century, 
by C. D. Hazen, W. R. Thayer, R. H. 
Lord, and, Claimants to Constantinople, 
by A. C. Coolidge. '17 Harvard univ 
press 75c 341.1 


United States. Foreign relations commit- 
tee, Senate 

Treaties, conventions, international acts, 
protocols and agreements between the 
United States and other powers, 1776- 
1909, by W. M. Malloy. (U.S. 61st 
Cong., 2d sess. Senate doc. 357) 2v '10 
Supt of doc. $1.25 ea 341.2 

341.6 International arbitration. League 

of nations and other guarantees of 

future peace 

Angell, Norman 

Great illusion; a study of the relation of 
military power in nations to their eco- 
nomic and social advantage. 4th ed 
rev and enl '11 Putnam $1.50 341.6 

"Dispels the illusion that commercial and in- 
dustrial well-being depend on armament and 
urpes the necessity for realizing interdependence. 
Brilliant, thought-provoking argument against 
war." A. L. A. sup. 

Babson, Roger Ward 

Future of world peace; a book of charts 
showing facts whicli must be recognized 
in future plans for peace. '15 Babson's 
statistical organization $1 341.6 

"A discussion of the economic causes of the 
war and a presentation of a plan by means of 
which a permanent peace may be affected through 
the removal of those causes. Follows lines of 
argument similar to Lane in 'Arms and indus- 
try' and the 'Great illusion'. Contains a number 
of illuminating charts." A. L. A. bkl. 

Bigelow, John 

World peace; how war cannot be abol- 
ished, how it may be abolished. '16 
Kennerley $1.50 341.6 

"Discusses the federated world-state as the 
only condition under which war will cease to 
exist." Pratt quarterly 

Bourne, Randolph Silliman 

(comp.) Towards an enduring peace; a 
symposium of peace proposals and pro- 
grams, 1914-16, with an introduction by 
F. H. Giddings. '16 Amer. assn for in- 
ternat. conciliation pa free 341.6 

."A series of 28 articles and excerpts from 
the writings of leading constructive pacifists of 
Europe and America, among them J. A. Hobson, 



Bourne, Randolph Silliman — Continued 

H. N. Brailsford, A. J. Toynbee, Walter Lipp- 
mann, Jane Addams, and Norman Angell." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

"Books quoted, pref. p 15 

Appendix contains the peace proposals and 
resolutions passed by various conventions in 
America, Great Britain, Germany, France, 
Switzerland, and Holland, as well as by seven 
international organizations." Pittsburgh 

Brailsford, Henry Noel 

League of nations. '17 Headley $1.75 


Contents: From force to conference; America 
and the league of nations; On peace and change; 
Problems of nationality; The roads of the east; 
The future of alliances; On sea-power; Empire, 
sea-power and trade ; The economics of peace ; 
The constitution of the league 

"His review of world-politics is masterly. . . . 
It is more readable than a treatise and less 
ephemeral than a 'war book'. (C. D. Burns in 
Int. jour, ethics.) " St. Louis 

Bryce, James Bryce, viscount 

Some historical reflections on war, past 
and present. '16 Oxford Is 341.6 

** 'Lord Bryce's two presidential addresses are 
deliberately written in the spirit of detachment. 
. . . The second address contains some acute 
criticisms upon plans for a federation, or league 
of nations.' (Int. jour, ethics 27:538)" Book 
rev. digest 

Buxton, Charles Roden 

(ed.) Towards a lasting settlement. '16 
Macmillan $1 341,6 

Contents : The basis of permanent peace, by 
G. L. Dickinson; Nationality, by G. R. Buxton; 
The freedom of the seas, by H. Sidebotham; 
The open door, by J. A. Hobson; The parallel 
of the great French war, by Irene Cooper Wil- 
lis; War and the woman's movement, by A. 
Maud Royden ; The organization of peace, by 
H. N. Brailsford; Democracy and publicity in 
forei^ affairs, by P. Snowden; The democratic 
principle and international relations, by V. Lee 

Dickinson, Goldsworthy Lowes 

Choice before us. '17 Dodd $2 341.6 

" 'A series of powerful arguments, written by 
a most accomplished disputant, in favor of a 
combined endeavor by the civilized world to put 
an end to war.' (Saturday review)" Cleveland. 
"Seeks to analyze and discuss the presup- 
positions which underlie militarism, and arguing 
both that international war as it will be con- 
ducted in the future implies the ruin of civiliza- 
tion, and that it is not 'inevitable,' he sketches 
the kind of organization that is both possible 
and essential if war is not to destroy mankind." 
Athenaeum July, 19 17 

Goldsmith, Robert 

League to enforce peace, with a special 
introd. by A. Lawrence Lowell. '17 
Macmillan $1.50 341.6 

Bibliography, p 309-18 

"Authorized statement of the program of the 
League to enforce peace, which was organized 
in 1915, with ex-president Taft as president and 
the author as one of its committee members. In 
part I , he takes up 'one by one the existing 
forces which have been relied on to prevent 
war and shows why each has failed. In the last 
part, 'The creed of militarism,' he reviews^ and 
refutes the arguments of leading militarists." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

Hobson, John Atkinson 

Towards international government. '15 
Macmillan $1 341.6 

"Maintains that one essential for the pre- 
vention of war is that the relations between 
states shall no longer be left in the hands of 
a small diplomatic caste, but shall be controlled 
by an international council composed of per- 
sons chosen to represent the people of the 
state. (Adapted from Hibbert journal)" Pratt 

Houston, Herbert Sherman 

Blocking new wars. '18 Doubleday $1 


"Mr. Houston is a firm believer in the 
League to enforce peace, and gives a cogent 
argument for the use of economic pressure as 
an instrumentality for the prevention of war." 
Review of reviews 57:662 

Jordan, David Starr 

Ways to lasting peace. '16 Bobbs $1 341.6 

"An effort to summarize the most important 
of the various propositions which have been 
made during the great war to secure lasting 
peace at the end of the conflict." Pratt quar- 

Key, Ellen Karolina Sofia 

War, peace, and the future; a considera- 
tion of nationalism and international- 
ism, and of the relation of women to 
war; tr. by Hildegard Norberg. '16 
Putnam $1.50 341.6 

"Discussions of the specific means that must 
be employed if war is ever to be eliminated." 
Pratt quarterly 

La Fontaine, Henri 

Great solution, mag^nissima charta. '16 
World peace foundation $1.25 341.6 

"The writer, who is a senator of Belgium, 
professor of international law and a recipient of 
the Nobel prize, has termed his volume of 175 
pages an essay on evolutionary and constructive 
pacifism. He contends that institutions already 
realized or contemplated have in potency the 
ability to bring about substitution of a state of 
right for that state of war which men generally 
consider as natural and necessary in the relation 
between peoples. . . . For the conference of 
states the author presents the new idea of com- 
bining diplomatic and parliamentary characteris- 
tics. He devotes a special chapter to an Inter- 
national council of conciliation." Boston tran- 

League to enforce peace 

Enforced peace; proceedings of the first 
annual national assemblage of the 
League to enforce peace, Washington, 
May 26-27, 1916. '16 341.6 

Marburg, Theodore 

League of nations; a chapter in the his- 
tory of the movement. '17 ?\Iacmillan 
50c 341.6 

"Mr. Marburg, United States minister to 
Belgium under President Taft, and one of the 
originators of the League to enforce peace, dis- 
cusses the movement in America from a his- 
torical point of view. His book differs from 
'World peace' which gives detailed arguments on 
the platform of the league. He states that the 
purpose of the league is not to enforce peace 
but to encourage peace by deliberation." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

Morris, Robert Clark 

International arbitration and procedure. 
'11 Yale univ. press $1.50 341.6 

"A historical survey with special reference to 
arbitrations to which the United States has been 
a party, a discussion of the ground of con- 
troversies, and an account of the Hague con- 
ferences. The rules of the permanent court of 
arbitration (The Hague, 1907) and other val- 
uable and pertinent papers are appended. An 
admirably condensed, authoritative and clearly 
written summary suited to all classes of readers. 
Author was counsel for the L'nited States and 
Venezuelan arbitration (1003).*' A. L. A. bkl. 

Royce, Josiah 

Hope of the great community. '16 Mac- 
millan $1 341.6 

"Essays and addresses written during the last 
year of Professor Royce's life. The topics 
treated are: The duties of Americans in the 
present war; The destruction of the Lusitania; 



Royce, Josiah — Continued 

The hope of the great community; The possibil- 
ity of international insurance; The first anni- 
versary of the sinking of the Lusitania. The 
book closes with an autobiographical sketch." 

Taft, William Howard 

United States and peace. '14 Scribner $1 


Contents: The Monroe doctrine, its limita- 
tions and implications; Shall the fecieral govern- 
ment protect aliens in their treaty rights?; 
Arbitration treaties that mean something; Ex- 
periments in federation for judicial settlement 
of international disputes 

Four lectures given under the auspices of the 
New York peace society 

Appeared in the "Independent" v. 76-8, Dec. 
18, 1913-April 13, 1914 

Veblen, Thorstein 

Inquiry into the nature of peace and the 
terms of its perpetuation. '17 Macmil- 
lan $2 341.6 

"Analyzes the current state of affairs and of 
opinion with a view to the conditions that will 
have to be met in the terms of settlement for 
concluding a lasting peace. Believes autocracy 
as well as our present ownership and price sys- 
tem should be abolished." A. L. A. bkl. 

Woolf, Leonard S. 

International government. '16 Brentano 
$2 341.6 

"Two reports prepared for the Fabian research 
department, together with a project by a Fabian 
committee for a supernational authority that 
will prevent war." Subtitle 

" 'Contains the practicable and con- 
structive suggestions for the organization yet 
offered.' (New republic)" Pratt quarterly 

I 72.4 International ethics. Peace and war 

Included here as having a close connection 
with 341.6, but classed usually in 172.4 

Adier, Felix 

World crisis and its meaning. 'IS Apple- 
ton $1.50 172.4 

Contents: The world crisis and its meaning; 
Militarism and its eulogists; American ideals 
contrasted with , German and English ; The il- 
lusion and the ideal of international peace; Civ- 
ilization and progress in the light of the present 
war; The moral awakening of the wealthy and 
an ethical program of social reform 

"Addresses, by the president of the Ethical 
culture society, intended not as a book on the 
war but one on social ethics." A. L, A. bkl. 

Bailey, Liberty Hyde 

Universal service, the hope of humanity. 
'18 Sturgis & Walton $1.25 172.4 

"Universal service here refers not only to 
military service but to universal cooperation in 
the affairs of peace — farming,^ commerce, com- 
munity projects — as well as in war. _ He de- 
plores our over-developed sense of individual 
rights as against that of individual obligation. 
Though believing in universal military training, 
he objects to its introduction into the schools at 
an impressionable age when it might develop 
an ideal of militarism." A. L. A. bkl. 

"I look on military preparedness as the be- 
ginning in a process. Gradually shall we pass 
over from the gunpowder stage into the fellow- 
ship stage." Book, page 102 

Carnegie endowment for international 

Year book. Latest vol. Carnegie endow- 
ment for international peace gratis 


Freud, Sigmund 

Reflections on war and death; auth. Eng- 
lish tr. by A. A. Brill and Alfred B. 
Kuttner. '18 Moffat 7Sc 172.4 

"Freud has stated afresh with great vigor, 
and with the powerful reenforcement of his well 
known technique of psychological analysis, the 
barrenness of modern civilization — a barrenness 
which arose from its refusal to calculate upon 
death." Dial 64:482 

Gladden, Washing;ton 

Forks of the road. '16 Macmillan SOc 


Ihe essay that won the thousand-dollar prize 
offered by the Church peace union for the best 
essay on peace and war 

Gulliver, Lucile 

Friendship of nations; a story of the peace 
movement; with a foreword by D. S. 
Jordan, il '12 Ginn 7Sc school ed 60c 

Holmes, John Haynes 

New wars for old. '16 Dodd $1.50 172.4 

"A statement of the doctrine of non-resistance, 
arguing from biology and from the examples 
and precepts of many noble historical charac- 
ters that evil is to be resisted only by the force 
of good will. Probably the most able brief 
statement of the pacifist's doctrine yet set forth; 
the author is pastor of the Church of the 
Messiah, New York City." Cleveland 

Howe, Frederic Clemson 

Why war. '16 Scribner $1.50 172.4 

"The thesis which I)r. Howe defends is that 
'present-day wars are primarily the result of 
the conflict of powerful economic interests ra- 
diating out from the capitals of Europe, which, 
with the foreign offices behind them have laid 
the whole world with explosives wliich needed 
only a spark to set all Europe aflame." Cleve- 

Krehbiel, Edward Benjamin 

Nationalism, war and society; a study of 
nationalism and its concomitant war, in 
their relation to civilization; with an 
introd. by Norman Angell. '16 Macmil- 
lan $1.50 172.4 
"In the form of a syllabus. Professor Kreh- 
biel of Leland Stanford studies the relation of 
these three and the forces making for peace. 
*It is not a mere outline of headings and sub- 
headings. On the contrary, the analysis is so 
thoroughly logical and so full where expansion 
is needed that a readable and lucid text has been 
produced. . . The work is the best aid for 
understanding the complex problems of war and 
peace, militarism and pacifism, which has yet 
appeared.' (American hist. rev. 22:365) Ex- 
cellent classed bibliographies at chapter-ends." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

Parsons, Mary Prescott 

(comp.) Selected articles on non-resist- 
ance. (Abridged debaters' handbook 
ser.) '16 Wilson pa 35c 172.4 

Bibliography, p 13-19 

Plater, Charles 

(ed.) A primer of peace and war. 'IS 
Kennedy SOc 172.4 

Bibliography of peace and war, p 266-74 
"The work of several English Jesuit writers, 
arranged as text for the Catholic social guild, 
this little book studies international law in the 
light of its growth, with less attention to actual 
usages and agreements between nations than to 
the moral principles on which these are based." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

**By far the ablest textbook on war from 
the Christian standpoint which has appeared in 
recent times in English." R. P. Farley, Hib- 
bert iour. 14:195 

Reely, Mary Katharine 

(comp.) Selected articles on world peace, 
including international arbitration and 
disarmament. (Debaters' handbook ser.) 
2d ed rev and enl '16 Wilson $1.25 




Reely^ Mary Katharine — Continued 

Bibliography, p 15-34 

"To the academic discussion of the first edi- 
tion a new section of articles, written since the 
outbreak of the war, has been appended, which 
'add certain practical considerations based on 
the world's actual experience with modern war.* 
In the articles chosen for reprint preference has 
been given to those presenting plans for some 
form of league of peace, with negative criti- 
cisms." A. L. A. bkl. 

Taft, William Howard, and Bryan, William 
World peace, a written debate. '17 Doran 
$1.25 172.4 

"The propositions to be discussed by the 
debaters were three in number: "Is the plat- 
form of the League to enforce peace feasible?", 
"Does the platform of the League to enforce 
peace furnish the most practical plan for secur- 
ing permanent peace after the end of the pres- 
ent war?", "Should the United States become 
a signatory to the League to enforce peace?" 

342 Constitutional law and history 

A scholarly work of great value is W. F. 
Dodd's "Modern constitutions," 1909, Univers- 
ity* of Chicago press, zv., $5 

Burgess, John William 

Reconciliation of government with liberty. 
'15 Scribner $2.50 342 

"A scholarly study, . . the fullest discus- 
sion of the subject in English. . . . Traces 
the historical development of the state and shows 
how an attempt has been made to reconcile 
government and liberty in the political systems 
of Asia and Africa, Europe, past and present, 
and America. 

An elaboration of the section on Individual 
liberty in volume I of 'Political science and 
comparative constitutional law.' " A. L. A. bkl. 

Fowler, William Warde 

City-state of the Greeks and Romans. '95 
Macmillan $1.50 342 

Fustel de Coulanges, Numa Denis 

Ancient city: a study of the religion, laws 
and institutions of Greece and Rome; 
tr. by Willard Small. 10th ed '01 Lo- 
throp $2 342 

"Its value depends not so much on account 
of ascertained truth as on the new angle at 
which it presents every fact and institution of 
the ancient world." A. L. A. 

Goodnow, Frank Johnson 

Principles of constitutional government 
(Harper's citizens ser.) '16 Harper $2 


"Based on a series of lectures delivered at 
Peking university. As legal adviser to the 
Chinese government, the author was called on to 
answer the question, 'What are the essentials of 
constitutional government?' He has prepared 
this book in the belief that his attempt to answer 
this question in a way to be dear to a people 
having no experience with constitutional govern- 
ment would be of value to students taking up 
the subject for the first time. (Adapted from 
Book review digest) " Pratt quarterly 

Appended are the constitutions of the United 
States, France, Germany, Belgium, Japan 

Kriiger, Fritz Konrad 

Government and politics of the German 
empire. (Government handbooks) il 
'15 World book co $1.20 342 

"Excellent critical bibliography (33p.) 
A. L. A. bkl. 

"An accurate, discriminating sketch of German 
political conditions, giving the essential facts, of 
the development of the Constitution, the Reich- 
stag, the Bundesrat, the law-making process, the 
administration of the interior, the judicial sys- 

tem of the Empire, and the parliamentary history 
of Germany. (Adapted from Nation) " Pratt 

Lowell, Abbott Lawrence 

Governments and parties in continental 
Europe. 2v 1900 Harvard univ. press $5 


"Studies relations between development of 
parties and mechanism of government, sketching 
recent history of France. Italy, Germany, Aus- 
tro-Hungary and Switzerland. Appendix con- 
tains constitutions in original languages." (N.Y, 
state lib.) A. L. A, 

Governments of France, Italy, and Ger- 
many. '14 Harvard univ. press $1.25 


"An abridgment and revision of the au- 
thor's well known 'Governments and parties in 
continental Europe.' Altho prepared in order 
that certain portions of the larger work might 
be made available for use in college classes, it 
is in no other sense a textbook. No more 
notable survey exists, at once so concise and so 
authoritative, of government machinery in these 
three dissimilar countries." Wis. bul- 

Macy, Jesse, and Gannaway, John W. 

Comparative free government. (Social 
science textbooks) '15 Macmillan $2.25 


"Contents : The United States of America; 
England, France, Germany, Switzerland; Dem- 
ocracy in other states 

" 'Booklist', p 701-15; 'Cases in American 
constitutional law,* p 719-24 

"Purpose is not primarily a comparative study 
of existing governments, but a study of the vari- 
ous processes and institutions by which the 
government is being attained. . . . Special 
attention is given to the federal system as an 
agency of free government; to the develop- 
ment and position of the executive authority; 
to political ' parties . . . and to the judiciary." 

Ogg, Frederic Austin 

Governments of Europe. '13 Macmillan 
$3 342 

"Contents: Great Britain; Germany; France; 
Italy; Switzerland; Austria-Hungary; The Low 
countries (Holland and Belgium); Scandinavia; 
The Iberian states (Spain and Portugal) 

"The constitutional history and the admin- 
istrative machinery of the countries of western 
and central Europe are described, with minute- 
ness and accuracy." Pittsburgh 

342.4 England 

Some books of value to students are; Stubbs' 
"Constitutional history of England," [to 1485], 
1903-06, Oxford university press, 3V., $4.20 
each; Hallam's "Constitutional history of Eng- 
land, from Henry VII to George II," [1485- 
1760.]. 3v., 1897, Scribner, $6.50: May's "Con- 
stttutional history of England since the acces- 
sion of George the Third," [to 1911], 1912, 
Longmans. 3V., $12.50; Courtney's "Work- 
ing constitution of the United Kingdom," 1901, 
Macmillan, $2.25; Dicey, A. V. Introduction to 
the study of the law of the constitution. 8th 
edition, 1915, Macmillan, $3; Moran, T. F. 
Theory and practise of English government. 
1908, _ Longmans, $1.20; and Ridges, E. W. 
Constitutional law of England. 2d edition, 1905, 
Little, $4 

Adams, George Burton 

An outline sketch of English constitu- 
tional history. '18 Yale univ. $1.75 


"Considers in a broad and impartial way the 
growth of the English constitution from tie be- 
ginning, showing how the precedents estab- 
lished in it have become the foundation of our 
own government and drawing interesting com- 
parisons between the later developments in the 
two countries. Indexed. For college or ref- 
erence use." A. L. A. bkl. 



Hodge, Harold 

In the wake of the war, parliament or im- 
perial government? '17 Lane $1.50 

"Proposal for the organization by the British 
crown of an imperial council which will have 
charge, independent of parliament, of the gen- 
eral policies of the Empire and consult the 
people by means of a yearly referendum. Pre- 
sents an 'outsider's' criticism of the present 
parliamentary system." A. L. A. bkl. 

Low, Sidney James Mark 

Governance of England, rev ed '14 Put- 
nam $2 342.4 

"An unprejudiced, straightforward description 
of the 'working constitution', more interesting to 
the layman than the more academic treatises of 
Dicey and Amson. An introductory chapter of 
about forty pages and slight additions through- 
out the text, describe the changes which have 
occurred since the publication of the first edi- 
tion." A. L. A. bkl. 

Lowell, Abbott Lawrence 

Government of England, rev ed 2v '12 
Macmillan $4 342.4 

"Study of the British government comparable 
in thoroughness and insight with Bryce's 'Amer- 
ican commonwealth.* Accurate and full as to 
facts and evidence, and impartial and dispas- 
sionate in treatment." A. L. A. sup. 

"A chapter on the House of lords and the 
Act of 19 1 1 has been added, and a new preface 
mentions the changes in government which have 
taken place since the first edition was pub- 
lished." A. L. A. bkl. 

Macy, Jesse 

English constitution. '03 Macmillan $2 

" 'Purpose to show ever changing character of 
American constitution by comparing and con- 
trasting it with history and latest development 
of English constitution. One of the best' ac- 
counts of organization and operation of British 
parliamentary government.* " (L. A. H.) 
A. L. A. 

Masterman, John Howard Bertram 

History of the British constitution. '12 
Macmillan 80c 342.4 

"A sketch of the development of British 
political institutions from their beginning to the 
present. 'Among other things, he presents a 
compendious account of the notable and com- 
plicated constitutional changes of recent years, 
both in the United Kingdom and in the colonies; 
of some, indeed, that are still in the parturition 
stage.* (Am. hist, rev.) A serviceable bibliog- 
raphy is included.** Book rev. digest 

"Development of British political institutions 
is traced briefly, and a clear view of present 
(1912) local and colonial government given. 
. . Especially interesting chapter on .Cana- 

dian self-government. Bibliography (59 titles)* 
A. L. A. bkl. 

Wallace, David Duncan 

Government of England, national, local 
and imperial. '17 Putnam $2.50 342.4 

Brief reading list, P37I-72 . 

"A study of the government of England in its 
present working not in its historic aspects. 
Pratt quarterly 

342.7 Canada 

Bourinot, Sir John George 

How Canada is governed. 
Copp, Clark co $1 

11th ed '09 

342.7 United States 

Some great authorities are: , ,.. , ,,„ 

Bancroft, G. History, of the formation of the 

constitution of the United States. 2v 1882, Ap- 
pleton, $5 

Story, J. Familiar exposition of the con- 
stitution of the United States. 1909, American 
book CO., 90c. 

Von Hoist, H. E. Constitutional and political 
history of the United States, [to 1861]. 8v 1900, 
Callaghan, $12 

Ashley, Roscoe Lewis 

American federal state; its historical de- 
velopment, government and policies, 
rev ed '11 Macmillan $2 342.7 

Beard, Charles Austin 

Economic interpretation of the Constitu- 
tion of the United States, map '13 Mac- 
millan $2.25 342.7 

" 'Leaving at one side^ . . . the time-honored 
political view of the origin and nature of the 
Constitution, Professor Beard has sought to in- 
dicate, largely from a study of the records of 
the conventions of 1787-1788, and of unpublished 
documents in the Treasury department, the ex- 
tent and character of economic influence in the 
formulation and acceptance of the instrument.* " 
(Nation) Pratt quarterly 

"The volume is most important and sig- 
nificant, marking as we believe, a new era in the 
interpretation of United States history.'* Bib. 
world 43:279 Ap. 1914 

Other valuable books by this author are his 
scholarly essay entitled "The Supreme court and 
the constitution," 1912, Macmillan, $1, and his 
"Economic origins of Jeffersonian democracy,** 
1915, Macmillan, $2.50 

Bryce, James Bryce, viscount 

American commonwealth; new ed com- 
pletely revised throughout, with addi- 
tional chapters. 2v '14 Macmillan $4 
abridged new ed $1.75 342.7 

"The most penetrating yet sympathetic analy- 
sis of the problems of the United States as a na- 
tion ever written. The author is an English 
statesman who was from 1907 to 1912 the British 
ambassador to this country.** Pratt alcove 

Dealey, James Quayle 

Growth of American state constitutions 
from 1776 to the end of the year 1914. 
'IS Ginn $1.40 342.7 

"Part I is historical; part 2 examines con- 
temporary constitutions to determine their pro- 
visions regarding suffrage, and other vital sub- 
jects; part 3 outlines the trend of growth in the 
past and forecasts future developments. _ A much 
amplified and largely rewritten edition of a 
monograph published March 1907 as a supple- 
ment to the Annals of the American academy." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

"A valuable addition to our means of study- 
ing the comparatively neglected organic laws of 
the various states.** Am. pol. sci. rev. 9:585 

Farrand, Max 

Framing of the Constitution of the United 
States. '13 Yale univ press $2.50 342.7 

By a professor of history in Yale university 

"Founded upon 'Records of the Federal con- 
vention* edited by the author 

Full index and appendix containing text of 
Constitution and other documents 

" 'Summary of the impressions of the Federal 
convention. . . . While the narrative is made 
simple and references are omitted, the book is 
the result of a scholarly investigation, and in 
every page meets the tests of criticism,' *' (Dial, 
1913) Pittsburgh , , , , , . 

"For the general reader the best book on the 
subject.'* A. L. A. bkl. 


Federalist, a commentary on the Consti- 
tution of the United States; reprinted 
from the original text of Alexander 
Hamilton, John Jay and James Madi- 
son; ed by H. C. Lodge. '02 Putnam 
$1.50 342.7 



Federalist — Continued 
—Same; ed. by P. L. Ford. '98 Holt 
$1.50 342.7 

Ford, Henry Jones 

Rise and growth of American politics; a 
sketch of constitutional development. 
'98 MacmiUan $1.50 342.7 

"Aims to explain cause's rather than narrate 
events, so that a reader may understand our 
actual system of government." Preface 

Goodnow, Frank Johnson 

Social reform and the constitution. 
(American social progress ser.) '11 
MacmiUan $1.50 342.7 

Contents: The demands of social reform; The 
constitutionality of uniform commercial regula- 
tion; The power of Congress to charter inter- 
state commerce corporations; The power of Con- 
fress over the private law in force in the United 
tates; The constitutionality of political reform; 
The constitutionality of government regulation; 
The constitutionality of government aid; The at- 
titude of the courts towards measures of social 

Table of cases, p 0-21 

" 'The most thoughtful and penetrating dis- 
cussion of constitutional tendencies in this 
country that has appeared in many a day.* " 
(Nation) A. L. A. sup. 

Haines, Charles Grove 

American doctrine of judicial supremacy. 
'14 MacmiUan $2 342.7 

"Traces the development of the doctrine in 
the law of the United Stales, and indicates its 
importance in the political history of the coun- 
try. (Adapted from Nation)" Pratt quarterly 

Johnson, Allen 

(ed.) Readings in American constitu- 
tional history, 1776-1876. '12 Houghton 
$2.75 342.7 

"A selection of 192 original documents chosen 
to illustrate the development of federal and 
state constitutions and the history of govern- 
mental processes. It is more varied than Mc- 
Donald's 'Documentary source book,' which it 
supplements. A scholarly, useful work for stu- 
dents. Author is professor of American history 
in Yale university." A. L. A. bkl. 

MacDonald, William 

(ed.) Documentary source book of Amer- 
ican history, 1606-1913. new ed '16 Mac- 
miUan $1.75 ^ 342.7 

"Convenient collection of the most important 
documents from the author's Select charters, 
Select documents and Select statutes, with notes, 
covering the colonial and constitutional periods 
of American history." A. L. A. sup. 

"A new edition of the 'Documentary source 
book of American history,' i6o6-i8q8. . . . The 
Chinese exclusion act of 1902, the Panama canal 
treaty of 1903. and the two new amendments to 
the Constitution, are some of the additions." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

Smith, James Allen 

Spirit of American government. (Citi. 
zen's lib. of economics, politics and so- 
ciology) '07 MacmiUan $1.25 342.7 

Thorpe, Francis Newton 

Essentials of American constitutional law. 
'17 Putnam $1.75 342.7 

(comp.) Federal and state constitutions, 
colonial charters and other organic laws 
of states, territories and colonies. (U.S. 
59th Cong., 2d sess. House doc. 357) 7v 
'09 Supt of doc $5.25 342.7 

Tocqueville, Alexis 

Democracy in America; tr. by Henry 
Reeve, as rev. and annotated from the 

author's last edition, by Francis Bowen. 
2v '98 Century $5 . 342.7 

"A study of American political conditions 
made sixty years before Mr James Bryce wrote 
his 'American commonwealth.' 

" 'It remains the best philosophical discussion 
of democracy illustrated bj^ the experience of the 
United States, up to the time when it was writ- 
ten, which can be found in any language.' " 
Pratt alcove 

" 'One of the few treatises on the philosophy 
of politics which has risen to the rank of a clas- 
sic' " (James Bryce) A. L. A. 

Wilson, Woodrow 

Constitutional government in the United 
States. '11 Columbia university press 
$1.50 342.7 

"A suggestive but not very profound examina- 
tion of certain aspects of the American system." 
(Nation) A. L. A. sup. 

Woodbum, James Albert 

American republic and its government. 2d 
ed rev '16 Putnam $2.50 342.7 

"An analysis of the government of the U.S., 
with a consideration of its fundamental prin- 
ciples and of its relations to the states and ter- 
ritories." Subtitle 

343 Capital punishment 

Fanning, Clara Elizabeth 

(comp.) Selected articles on capital pun- 
ishment. (Debaters' handbook ser.) 3d 
ed rev map '17 Wilson $1.25 343 

Bibliography, pref. p 13-26 

345 United States. Laws, 
statutes, etc. 

Lapp, John Augustus 

(comp.) Important federal laws. '17 
Bdwen $6 345 

Contents: Agriculture and horticulture; Voca- 
tional education act; Banking acts; Immigra- 
tion and naturalization; Regulation of business; 
Food and drugs; Labor; Taxation and revenue; 
Interstate commerce ; Federal elections ; Na- 
tional defense; Trademarks and copyrights; 
Moral reform laws; Bankruptcy act; The crim- 
inal code; Parole of prisoners act; Federal 
judicial code; Proof of handwriting act; Public 
health; Good roads 

347 Treatises on law 

Burdick, Francis Marion 

Essentials of business law. (Twentieth 
century textbooks) '02 Appleton $1.25 


"Shows how rules of law governing ordinary 
business transactions have been developed, de- 
fines common legal terms, teaches proper forms 
and uses of negotiable paper, gives useful in- 
formation concerning conveyance of land, etc." 
(Educ. rev. 23:322) A. L. A. 

Green, John Bernard 

Law for the American farmer. (Rural 

science ser.) '11 MacmiUan $1.50 347 

"Discussions are clear and comprehensive, 

tho popular, and citations are made to reports 

of cases." A. L. A. sup. 

Holmes, Oliver Wendell, jr. 

Common law *18 Little $3.25 347 

"Ingenious; temperate; rich in thought, argu- 
ment and brilliant intuitions." (Amer. law rev. 
15:331) A. L. A. 

SOCIOLOGY — Administration 


Huffcut, Ernest Wilson 

Elements of business law, with illustrative 
examples and problems; rev. by George 
Gleason Bogart. c '17 Ginn $1.12 347 
Parsons, Theophilus 

Laws of business for all the states and 
territories of the Union and the Domin- 
ion of Canada. Industrial ed rev '15 
Scranton $3.20 347 

Paul, Nanette Baker 

Heart of Blackstone; or, Principles of the 
common law. 'IS Abingdon press $1 


"An abridgment of Blackstone for the use 
of the general reader." Pratt quarterly 

Pollock, Sir Frederick 

First book of jurisprudence for students 
of the common law. '96 Macmillan $2 

Sullivan, John James 

American business law, with legal forms. 
'09 Appleton $1.75 347 

"Comprehensive, compact manual designed as 
a text for students in business law and as a 
reference work for the business man. A much 
fuller work is Parsons' Laws of business." 
A, L. A. sup. 

Wells, Frederic De Witt 

Man in court. '17 Putnam $1.50 347 

"Written by a justice of the municipal court 
of New York city to explain court proceedings 
to the uninitiated. The course of a trial is re- 
viewed from the arrangement of the room to 
the verdict at the end of the case. The parts 
played by the judge, jury, attorneys, witnesses 
and clients, or accused, are explained in the 
simplest manner." N.Y. branch lib. news 

350 Administration 

Coodnow, Frank Johnson 

Comparative administrative law; an analy- 
sis of the administrative systems, na- 
tional and local, of the United States, 
England, France and Germany. '02 stu- 
dent's ed Putnam $3.50 350 

"Seeks to give concise comparative view _ of 
administrative as distinguished from constitu- 
tional law. Based on first hand study but writ- 
ten for students rather than mature scholars. 
Point of view not seldom European." (L. A. H.) 
A. L. A. 

Politics and administration; a study in 
government. '14 Macmillan $1.50 350 
"Lays much stress on extra-legal institutions 
and gives interestingly the history and phi- 
losophy of such spontaneous political growths 
as the party, the spoils system and the boss." 
(Dial 30:48) A. L. A. 

James, Herman Gerlach 

Principles of Prussian administration. 
'13 Macmillan $1.50 350 

"An excellent descriptive treatise on state 
and local administration in Prussia, which 
makes no attempt to criticise the system or to 
compare it with other countries." A. L. A. bkl. 

Wilson, Woodrow 

The state; elements of historical and prac- 
tical politics. '99 Heath $2.40 350 

"Reviews in extended summary form, the 
leading features of all the more important 
ancient and modern systems of government. 
(Dial, 10:309)" A. L. A. 

351 Federal and state government 

-American academy of political and social 

Public administration and partisan poli- 
tics. (Annals Amer. acad.) '16 Am 
acad $1.50 pa $1 351 

"Twenty-four papers by George Haven Put- 
nam, Chester Lloyd Jones, Helen Varick Bos- 
well, Charles A. Beard, and other authorities. 
Part I, The cost of partisan politics in the work 
of government; part 2, Movement to free pub- 
lic administration from partisan politics; p*art 3, 
Public policies in responsible government." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

Public budgets. (Annals Amer. acad.) il 
'15 Am acad $1.50 pa $1 351 

"Twenty-five papers by Henry Jones Ford, 
Frederick A. Cleveland, Charles A. Beard and 
other authorities, with an extended list of se- 
lected referenc€;s (lop.) Part i discusses The 
budget idea and the national budget; part 2, 
State budgets; part 3, Public budgets and effi- 
ciency in the public budgets: part 4, Develop- 
ment of budgets and budgetary procedure in 
typical cities." A. L. A. bkl. 

Collins, Charles Wallace 

National budget system and American 
finance. '17 Macmillan $1.25 351 

"An attempt to show in as brief a compas9 
as possible what the budget system is, why 
it is said to be needed for the United States, 
and what adjustments could possibly be made 
short of a constitutional amendment to secure 
its adoption. . . . The writer has attempted, 
even at the risk of the loss of scientific tech- 
nique, to make this exposition readable." 

A short list of authorities is appended 

Lindsey, Benjamin Barr, and O'Higgins, 
H. J. 

The beast il '10 Doubleday $1.50 351 

"Striking autobiographical record of Judge 

Lindsey's unflinching struggle against the evils 

of the political machine in Denver. (N.Y. State 

lib.)" A. L. A. sup. 

United States. Civil service commission 

Manual of examinations. Latest ed. Civil 
service comm. free 351 

Willoughby, William Franklin 

Problem of a national budget. (Institute 
for government research. Publications) 
'18 Appleton in press 351 

An extended account of the budget system of 
the British government, by W. F. Willoughby 
and others, was published by Appleton in 1917, 
under the title, "The system of financial admin- 
istration of Great Britain," at $:3.75 

352 Municipal government. County 

An excellent bibliography is W. B. Munro's 
"Bibliography of municipal government in the 
United States," 1915, Harvard university press, 

American academy of political and social 

Public policies as to municipal utilities. 
(Annals Amer. acad.) 'IS Am. acad. 
$1.50 pa $1 _ 352 

"Twenty-live papers comprising the proceed- 
ings of the 'Conference of American mayors on 
public policies as to municipal utilities.' Will 
be most useful to town authorities, civic clubs, 
and debating societies." New Jersey lib. bull. 

"They take up practical utility problems, the 
general subj'ect of regulation, local and state 
regulation, municipal ownership and operation, 
holding companies and the public welfare." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

Anderson, Wilbert Lee 

Country town; a study of rural evolution, 
with an introd. by Josiah Strong. '06 
Doubleday $1 352 



Anderson, Wilbert Lee — Continued 

."An optimistic social and economic study of 
rural degeneration in the United States, its 
causes and its remedies. (N.Y. state lib.)" 
A. L. A. sup. 

Amdt, Walter Tallmadge 

Emancipation of the American city. '17 
Duffield $1.50 352 

"Concentration of business and political re- 
sponsibility through commission government (or 
its equivalent), the short ballot, separation of 
local from national political issues, the sub- 
stitution of independent for partisan tickets, an 
adequate and irreproachable civil service', the 
regulation and curtailment of public utility 
franchises, the rationalization and standardiza- 
tion of the finance methods of the city within 
the limits at least of solvency — these are some 
of the most important reforms explained and 
urged.' (Dial) There are seven appendices deal- 
ing with city charters, preferential voting, etc., 
and a two page bibliography." Book rev. diges,t 

Beard, Charles Austin 

American city government, il *12 Century 
$2 352 

Bibliography, p 409-13 

"Review by an associate professor of Colum- 
bia, of the newer experiments in municipal 
democracy. More than two-thirds of the book 
is occupied by a discussion of the social and 
economic functions of city government. (Adapted 
from A. L. A. bkl.)" Pratt quarterly 

Fairlie, John Archibald 

Local government in counties, towns and 
villages. (Amer. state ser.) '14 Cen- 
tury $1.25 352 

"Careful, comprehensive presentation of con- 
temporary institutions — county of&cers, justices 
and police, town and village government, public 
education, charities, local finance, etc." A. L. A. 

Municipal administration. '01 Macmil- 
lan $3 , . 352 

"Part I is an historical survey of cities and 
municipal government, treating briefly of an- 
cient and mediaeval cities and more at length 
of the development during the nineteenth cen- 
tury. Part 2 discusses the active functions of 
municipal administration; part 3 deals with ^e 
problems of municipal finance; and part 4_with 
the various methods and problems of municipal 
organization, with special reference to recent 
(1901) tendencies and proposed reforms in 
American cities." Pittsburgh 

Gilbertson, Henry Stimson 

County, the 'Mark continent" of American 
politics. '17 Nat short ballot organiza- 
tion $2 352 
"A survey of the past and possible future, 
showing how the county has been exploited by 
machine politicians, the abuses and graft possi- 
ble under a loose system of government with 
examples taken from county history all over 
the country. The author details plans for re- 
construction emphasizing the importance of the 
short ballot. . . . Appendixes containing sam- 
ple county chapters and a bibliography (gp.)" 
A. L. A. bkl. 

Goodnovsr, Frank Johnson 

Municipal government. '09 Century $3 

"Best and most comprehensive work covering 
the United States and European countries. Not 
so detailed as Fairlie's 'Municipal administra- 
tion' ipoi. Macmillan, $3, but more popular." 
A. L. A. sup. 

Municipal home rule; a study in admin- 
istration. '95 Columbia univ. press 
$1.50 352 

"Study of relations of city and state from 
legal point of view, with special reference to 
question of home rule for American cities." 
A. L. A. 

Howe, Frederic Clemson 

Modern city and its problems. '15 Scrib- 
ner $1.50 3S2 

Bibliography, p 377-83 

"While this book combines some of the ma- 
terial of 'The city: the hope of democracy,' 1914, 
Scribner, $1, and 'European cities at work,' 
1913, Scribner, $1.75, it is essentially a new, 
comprehensive and interesting outline of city 
problems in America and actual accomplish- 
ments at home and abroad, in convenient form 
for study or reference. . . . The emphasis is 
on physical and social features." A. L. A. bkl. 

James, Herman Gerlach 

Applied. city government; the principles 
and practice of city charter making, il 
'14 Harper 75c 352 

"Puts into concise form, for use of students 
or legislators, the advanced ideas of the present 
on such matters as commission government^ city 
managers, recall, and direct legislation in cities. 
Includes chapters on finance and franchises. The 
provisions of a model charter are appended to 
each chapter. Classed bibliography (sHp.)" 
A. L. A. bkl. 

Municipal functions. (National municipal 
league ser.) '\7 Appleton $2 352 

"Author approaches the discussion from the 
standpoint of the smaller community rather than 
the metropolis." Review of reviews, 56:327 

"Aims to give a simple but comprehensive 
survey of the whole field of municipal endeavor, 
so that every member of a community may know 
what a city should do and how it should do it. 
Author is (19 17) associate professor of govern- 
ment and director of the Bureau of municipal 
research at the University of Texas." Pitts- 

King, Clyde Lyndon 

(ed.) Regulation of municipal utilities. 
( National municipal league ser.) '12 
Appleton $2 352 

Selected bibliography, p 387-91 
"Treats concisely and clearly the commis- 
sions of different states, and the work done by 
city commissions. The chapters on franchise 
essentials and on the elements of a constructive 
franchise policy discuss matters with which 
nearly every small city has to deal, and are of 
immediate interest and value. Suggestions for 
model franchises are given. Though showing no 
lack of unity, the chapters are by different au- 
thorities and embody the more important papers 
presented to the National municipal league since 
its first meeting in 1894." A. L. A. bkl. 

Mabie, Edward Charles 

(comp.) Selected articles on the city 
manager plan of government. (De- 
bater's handbook ser.) '18 Wilson 
$1.25 352 

"The introduction sets forth the history of 
the city manager idea following its inception in 
1908 in Sumter, S.C., and its introduction there 
in 1913. Various maps, charts and tables ac- 
company the text, and a digest of city man- 
ager statutes is provided. The explanatory 
note says, 'The bulk of the material was selected 
in 1917 but publication was unavoidably de- 
layed, and the volume has been brought down 
to date by the addition of references to recent 
articles to the bibliography, and the inclusion of 
additional reprints which will be found in the 
appendix." Book rev. digest 

McBain, Howard Lee 

American city progress and the law. '18 
Columbia univ. press $1.50 ^52^ 

"A book that no one interested in the affairs 
of cities can afford to be without." Survey 40: 

"Covers the principles of law on such gen- 
eral matters as home rule, smoke, nuisance, bill- 
boards, zoning, excess condemnation, municipal 
ownership, municipal markets, parks and play- 
grounds, and the promotion of commerce and 
industry." Ann. Am. acad. 78:217 

SOCIOLOGY— Administration 


Law and the practice of municipal home 
rule. '16 Columbia univ. press $5 352 
"There are now (1916) twelve states in which 
certain or all _ cities enjoy the power to frame 
and adopt their own charters. Court decisions 
on cases growing out of the home rule pro- 
visions of constitutions already constitute a 
distinct _ and important branch of law. This 
study aims to present the legal principles of the 
cases, and the practices of cities in the making 
of charters and of legislatures in the enact- 
ment of laws. (Condensed from preface)" 

Morgan, Joy E. and Bullock, E. D. 

(comp.) Selected articles on municipal 
ownership. (Debaters' handbook ser.) 
2d ed rev and enl '14 Wilson $1.25 352 

Bibliography, P15-26 

Munro, William Bennett 

Government of American cities, rev ed 
'16 Macmillan $2 352 

"This companion to the author's 'Government 
of European cities' Macmillian, $2, treats of the 
frame work of government in American cities, 
the power and duties of the municipal corpora- 
tion, the different organs of municipal government 
and their relation to each other. Only one 
chapter is given to the historical side, and the 
problems of administration are hardly touched on. 
In a large measure it replaces the older books 
in the same field because it is up to date (1912). 
There are excellent references with notes at the 
ends of the chapters, 'A treatise of the highest 
competence and value.' (Amer. hist. rev. 18: 
435.)" A. L. A. bkl. 

"A number of slight revisions have been 
made to take account of developments since the 
first edition, and a new chapter has been added 
on the city-manager plan." A. L. A. bkl. 

Government of European cities. '09 Mac- 
millan $2 352 
"Comprehensive description and comparison of 
the city governments of France, Prussia and 
England. One of the best studies on municipal 
government; more scientific than Shaw.'* 
A. L. A. sup. 

Principles and methods of municipal ad- 
ministration, il '16 Macmillan $2.25 352 
"An authoritative work which, in dealing with 
the functions of city government, supplements 
the author's earlier work, 'Government of Amer- 
ican cities,' which is concerned with its organ- 
ization of frame-work. Newer tendencies are 
outlined in the first chapter; others consider city 
planning, streets, water supply, sewerage, light- 
ing, police and fire departments, school admin- 
istration and municipal finance. The work is 
more scholarly than C. A. Beard's 'American 
city government,' but on the whole steers a suc- 
cessful course between an elementary and a 
highly technical treatise." Cleveland 

National municipal league. Committee on 
municipal program 

Model city charter and municipal home 
rule. '16 National municipal league pa 
50c 352 

" 'Prepared by a committee of distinguished 
experts in American city government. This 
document is a thorough revision of, or a sub- 
stitute for, the league's original 'Municipal pro- 
gram,' and it represents the mature judgment 
of that association which has done such notable 
service in promoting thinking about city govern- 
ment in the United States. . . . The scheme 
of government set forth in the document before 
us is in simple form. It is the commission man- 
ager type supplemented by the initiative, refer- 
endum and recall.' (Am. pol. sci. rev.) Book 
rev. digest 

Sparks, Frank Melville 

Business of government: municipal. 16 
Rand $1.25 . 352 

"Outlines the organization, functions, and ad- 
ministration of municipal government and dis- 
cusses briefly such topics as finance, purchasing. 

bond issues, and elections. The closing chapters 
deal with county, slate, and national govern- 
ment. The book will be especially useful to 
students and general readers and also sugges- 
tive for young city employees." Cleveland 

Thompson, Carl Dean 

Municipal ownership. '17 Huebsch $1 352 
" 'A brief survey of the extent, rapid growth 
and success of municipal ownership throughout 
the world, presenting the arguments against 
private ownership, the failure of regulation and 
the advantages of municipal ownership.' (Sub- 
title) It gives references to authorities and 
will be useful for debates." A. L. A. bkl. 

Wright, Henry Collier 

American city; an outline of its develop- 
ment and functions. (National social 
science ser.) '16 McClurg 60c 352 

"A bird's-eye view for the general reader who 
has not the time for larger works such as 
Zueblin's 'American municipal progress.' Dis- 
cusses the location of cities, government finance, 
protection, education, municipal undertakings, 
housing, the effect of the city on its citizens. 
Bibliography, (ip.)" A. L. A. bkl. 

Zueblin, Charles 

American municipal progress. (Social sci- 
ence textbooks) rev ed '16 Macmil- 
lan $2 352 

"A revised edition of the work published in 
ipo2. . . . 'designed primarily to indicate to 
civic and social workers, public officials, and in- 
telligent citizens the vast scope of municipal 
activity today. It can be made useful by com- 
paring local conditions with typical instances of 
excellence gathered from all the cities.' 
(Preface)" Book rev. digest 

" 'It does for American cities what Frederic 
C. Howe's books have done for German cities." 
S. E. W. Bedford, Am jour. soc. 21:704 

"Zueblin has given to American students of 
municipal government the most practical work 
yet (1916) published." D. H. Ramsey, Am. 
econ. rev. 6:425 

Commission government and city man- 
ager plans 

American academy of political and social 

Commission government and the city- 
manager plan. (Annals of Amer. acad.) 
'14 Am acad $1.50 pa $1 352 

Bradford, Ernest Smith 

Commission government in American 
cities. (Citizen's lib. of economics, pol- 
itics and sociology) '11 Macmillan $1.25 


List of references, p 339-53 

"Best single-volume presentation of the sub- 
ject yet (1911) published. The spread of com- 
mission government since its inception at Gal- 
veston, I go I, is described, and a comparison 
of different forms of the commission plan made. 
Clear summaries of checks to popular control, 
the referendum, initiative, recall and other pro- 
visions are given.'* A. L. A. bkl. 

Bruere, Henry 

New city government, il '12 Appleton $2 


Author, director of the New York Bureau of 
municipal research (19 12) 

"Here are virtually two books woven into 
one, an exposition of what constitutes efficient 
municipal government and a report^ on a 'sur- 
vey' of ten commission governed cities. 

"The book is strongest on its accounting and 
budget-making sidC; and in its dealing with some 
of the general problems of municipal efficiency.'^ 
Engin. news-rec. 6g:335 



James, Herman Gerlach 

What is the city manager plan? (Texas 

university. Bulletin; municipal research 

ser. no. 6) Univ. of Texas 352 

Bibliography on the city manager plan of 

municipal government, p 24-5 

Robbins, Edwin Clyde 

(comp.) Selected articles on the commis- 
sion plan of municipal government. 3d 
ed rev and enl '12 Wilson $1.25 352 

Bibliography, pref. p 15-29 

Ryan, Oswald 

Municipal freedom; a study of the com- 
mission government. (American books) 
'IS Doubleday $1 352 

Selected references on commission govern- 
ment, p 221-33 

*'A study of the principles and working of 
the commission form of municipal government 
now in operation in 350 American cities. An 
appendix gives the provisions of the Des 
Moines plan, the commission-manager plan, and 
the plan for preferential voting." Cleveland 

Toulmin, Harry Aubrey 

City manager; a new profession. (Na- 
tional municipal league ser.) '15 Ap- 
pleton $2 352 

"Sets forth the details of the city manager 
plan and its actual working in a number of 
cities, specially in Dayton where the author 
has observed first hand. Shows advantages and 
disadvantages, but the preponderance of evidence 
is in favor of its adoption. Bibliography (gp.) 
and list of cities governed by a commission and 
by a city manager, June, 1914." A. L. A. bkl. 

353 United States and state govern- 

Three valuable books are: 

Hinsdale, M. L. History of the president's 
cabinet, 1912. Univ. of Michigan, $2 

Hunt, Gaillard. Department of state of the 
United States. 1914, Yale univ. press, $2.50 

Learned, H. B. President's cabinet: studies 
in the origin, formation and structure of an 
American institution. 19 12, Yale university 
press, $3 

American political science association 

Teaching of government. '16 Macmillan 
$1.10 353 

"Report of a committee of seven, appointed 
in 19 II, *to consider the methods of teaching and 
studying government now pursued in American 
schools, colleges and universities, and to sug- 
gest means of enlarging and improving such in- 
struction.' The report covers recent progress in 
the teaching of government; the teaching of 
civics in elementary schools; the teaching of 
political economy in colleges and in universi- 
ties; and a constructive section of suggested 
courses for teachers with bibliography (22p.)" 
A. L. A. bkl. 

Ashley, Roscoe Lewis 

New civics; a textbook for secondary 
schools, il '17 Macmillan $1.20 353 

"A high-school textbook in civics which em- 
phasizes the need of intelligent citizenship and 
teaches government as a living, changing organ- 
ism, not a fixed institution. Free from partisan- 
ship and equipped with excellent notes and 
teaching aids, . . . The author is a teacher 
in the public schools of Pasadena, Cal. The 
book has been recommended to teachers of cit- 
izenship for adults in the extension department 
of the Cleveland schools." Cleveland schools." 

Beard, Charles Austin 

American government and politics, new 
rev ed '14 Macmillan $2.25 353 

"Excellent manual designed as a college text, 

bringing together all the best contributions and 
discussions. Covers the practise and theory of 
government and points out recent political ten- 
dencies." A. L. A. sup. 

(ed.) Readings in American government 
and politics, new rev ed '14 Macmillan 
$2 353 

"Collection of illustrative material^ to ac- 
company the manual (above), covering history 
and federal, state and city government." 
A. L. A. sup. 

Beard, Charles Austin, and Beard, Mary R. 

American citizenship, il '14 Macmillan 
$1.12 353 

"Starts with the individual and his position 
in industry and his rights under the law, shows 
how personal needs demand governmental ac- 
tion, how the government is organized to meet 
those needs and what work it undertakes in 
recognition of those needs, emphasizing always 
the active part demanded of every citizen, man 
or woman. Thoroughly modern treatment, well 
balanced and judicial, though the authors oc- 
casionally betray their sympathies. Chapter 
analyses, bibliographies and lists of questions." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

Brown, Gertrude (Foster) (Mrs Raymond 

Your vote and how to use it. '18 Har- 
per 75c 353 

Officially endorsed by the New York state 
Woman suffrage party 

"An introductory chapter on politics and 
woman's interests is followed by five chapters 
devoted to the departments of government, local, 
state and national. The four chapters next fol- 
lowing deal with the actual process of voting, 
describes the organization of political parties 
and the management of elections. The re- 
mainder of the book is then given up to 'those 
departments of political affairs in which women 
are undoubtedly most deeply concerned.' '* Book 
rev. digest 

Cleveland, Grover 

Independence of the executive. (Stafford 
Little lectures) '13 Princeton univ press 
$1 _ 353 

Finley & Sanderson's "American executive 
and executive methods" was published by the 
Century Company in 1908 at $1.25. 

Corwin, Edward Samuel 

President's control of foreign relations. 
'17 Princeton univ. press $1.50 353 

"Brings together the principal historical in- 
cidents illustrating the powers of the president 
in the diplomatic field." Pittsburgh 

Du Puy, WOliam Atherton 

Uncle Sam, wonder worker, il '13 Stokes 
$1.35 353 

"Short 'write-ups' of the more spectacular or 
unusual work carried on by the various govern- 
ment departments, such as modifying the growth 
of fruitage of plants, training cavalry men in 
riding feats, growing pearls, attacking insect 
pests, sowing forests, teaching the Eskimos, 
raising seals, reclaiming land and planning 
towns." Wis. bul. 

Uncle Sam's modern miracles; his gigan- 
tic tasks that benefit humanity, '14 il 
map Stokes $1.35 353 

"Readable information of not so curious a 
nature as that in "Uncle Sam, wonder worker" 
describing the humanitarian work of the federal 
government in conquering contagion, revealing 
weather secrets, transforming the deserts, recom- 
pensing the Indians, smoothing the country's 
roads, and performing other duties which are 
vital to ordinary citizens." A. L. A. bkl. 

Fairlie, John Archibald 

National administration of the United 
States of America. '05 Macmillan $2 


SOCIOLOGY — Administration 


Fairlie, John ATchihuld— Continued 

" 'Describes fully each department and the vari- 
ous detached offices and commissions, showing 
methods of organization and the work done by 
each.' " (N.Y. state lib.) A. L. A. sup. 

Fiske, John 

Civil government in the United States, 
considered with some reference to its 
origins, new ed map '04 Houghton $1 

"Attractively written elementary account, 
descriptive and historical." A. L. A. 

Forman, Samuel Eagle, and Shuler, 

Woman voter's manual; with an introd. 
by Carrie Chapman Csttt. '18 Century 
$1 353 

" 'Discusses popular government, the rights 
and responsibilities of citizenship, and then goes 
on to define the organization and duties of Con- 
gress, of the cabinet, of the federal depart- 
ments, and of the courts, federal and state. 
After these chapters upon national government 
come explanations of state matters.* " (N.Y. 
times) Book rev. digest 

Franc, Alissa 

Use your government; what your govern- 
ment does for you. '18 Button $2 353 
"On the practical aid which bureaus of the 
federal government give to farmers, prospective 
settlers, business men, laborers, immigrants, 
negroes, women and children. An up-to-date 
supplementary reader for civics classes." Cleve- 

"A first effort in a field worth cultivating. 
The student of civics should be warned, how- 
ever, that it omits to mention many of the 
most elementary aids of the government to the 
citizen. Nothing is said of the national de- 
fense and maintenance of order, of the treas- 
ury, the mint, and the post office." Survey 40: 

Haskin, Frederic J. 

American government, il '12 Lippincott 
$1 school ed 80c 353 

"Account in everyday language of the actual 
working of the United States government, pre- 
senting many interesting items of information 
not easily gathered elsewhere. Each chapter 
has been read and approved by the head official 
of the department or bureau whose work is de- 
scribed therein." N.Y. state lib. 

Hill, Mabel 

Teaching of civics. (Riverside educational 
monographs) '14 Houghton 70c 353 
"Consists for the most part of twenty-four 
suggestive lessons in applied civics, the out- 
growth of the author's experience as teacher of 
history and civics in the Massachusetts State 
Normal School, Lowell." Cleveland 

"Throughout the effort is made to emphasize 
ethical aspects, to relate the subject practically 
to the daily life of the pupils, to stimulate in- 
vestigation to arouse the spirit of cooperation 
and service.' " (A. L. A. bkl.) Cleveland 

"Despite the large number of books for the 
civics teacher, there is a place for this." Wis. 
Holcombe, Arthur Norman 

State government in the United States. 
'16 Macmillan $2.25 ^ 353 

"An excellent survey of the whole held of 
state government, its history, tendencies and 
needs. There is less detail on the administra- 
tive side than in Mathews' 'Principles of Amer- 
ican state administration,' but the discussion of 
political reforms is much fuller. The author is 
assistant professor of government at Marvara. 
Lapp, John A. ^, „„ „,„ 

Our America, il '16 Bobbs $1.50 353 

"A textbook for high schools and grammar 
schools, on federal, state and local government. 
Organized government is shown to be the out- 

growth of well defined needs or the necessity of 
centralizing the performance of certain services. 
Each chapter ends with questions for debate, bib- 
liographies, and instructions about securing 
further information. The author is director of 
the Indiana Bureau of legislative and administra- 
tive information." Cleveland 

Mathews, John Mabry 

Principles of American state administra- 
tion. '17 Appleton $2.50 353 

"More analytical than Holcombe's 'State 
government in the United States.' Professor 
Mathews confines himself to a study of state 
administrative organizations and functions, the 
powers and duties of the governor, the heads 
of departments, etc., taxation and finance, ed- 
ucation, charities, and similar subjects. Lists of 
references at chapter-ends." A. L. A. bkl. 

Author is (i<pi8) associate professor of politi- 
cal science. University of Illinois. 

Mosher, Robert Brent 

(comp.) Executive register of the United 
States, 1789-1902. (U.S. S8th Cong., 3d 
sess. Senate doc. 196) 2d ed '05 Supt of 
doc 40c 353 

"List of the presidents and their cabinets, 
with the electoral and popular vote at each elec- 
tion and the laws governing their election, ap- 
pointment, qualification and term of office." 
A. L. A. sup. 

Reed, Thomas Harrison 

Form and functions of American govern- 
ment, il maps '16 World book co $1.50 


"A readable high school text, good for refer- 
ence. Like Guitteau it allots rather more s*pace 
than usual to the functions of government, dif- 
fering from the earjier book in its fuller discus- 
sion of governmental policies and problems. *An 
admirable book, scholarly, well-proportioned, well 
printed, and generally complete. . . . Sub- 
jects are presented from a full knowledge of 
recent progress in government and experience 
of nine years in teaching it.' (History teachers' 
magazine, 8:ioi)" A. L. A. bkl. 

"Differs from most texts on civics in sketch- 
ing the historical developments of each phase of 
our government and in its definite suggestions 
for personal activities and a progressive attitude 
on the part of citizens." Cleveland 

Taft, William Howard 

Our chief magistrate and his powers. (Co- 
lumbia university lectures) '16 Colum- 
bia univ press $1.50 _ 353 
Lectures delivered at Columbia university 
during the winter 1915-1916. Enlarges upon 
the matter in lectures of similar title (The presi- 
dency, Scribner, $1) given at the University of 
Virginia in 1914-1915. and includes illustrations 
from personal experience." Cleveland 

Wilson, Woodrow 

President of the United States. '16 Har- 
per SOc _ , 353 

"An analysis of the historical evolution of the 
presidential office, first printed in 1908 as a 
chapter in the author's Constitutional govern- 
ment in the United States." Cleveland 

Young, James Thomas 

New American government and its work. 
(Social science textbooks) 'IS Macmil- 
lan $2.25 353 
References at the end of each chapter 
Includes a comprehensive treatment of state 

"Though intended as a college text, popular 
enough for a wide reading outside of class work. 
An important piece of work as a supplement to 
Beard's 'American government* and Bryce's 
'American commonwealth;* but independently of 
these justified by the fresh character of the 
treatment, the abundant material from recent 
times, the excellent organization of subject mat- 
ter, and its emphasis on the importance of ex- 
ecutive leadership." A. L. A. bkl. 



354 Foreign governments 

Poincare, Raymond 

How France is governed; tr. by Bernard 
Miall. '14 McBride $1.50 354 

*'An authoritative and adequate presentation 
of French government by the president of the 
Republic. Written for the school children of 
France, it is marked by simplicity, by perfect 
clarity of style and arrangement, and will in- 
terest any general reader. Historical aspects 
are fully considered." A. L. A. bkl. 

355 Military science 

For the current literature of military science, 
see the international military digest annual. 
Cumulative digest corporation, 24 1 West 3 7th 
St., N.Y., $2 a year; for addresses on the mili- 
tary policy of the United States, see EHhu Root's 
"Military and colonial policsr of the United 
States," 19 16, Harvard university, $2.50 

Blanchon, G. 

New warfare; tr. by Fred Rothwell. '18 
Crowell $1.50 355 

"By a French expert on naval warfare and 
the development of the submarine, who has 
also devoted much attention to all the other 
developments of modern warfare. One very 
interesting chapter studies the moral forces that 
inspire and control fighting men of the present 
day, and another debates the question of 
whether or not wars will ever cease." Adapted 
from New York Times 23:49 

Bunkley, Joel William 

Military and naval recognition book, il *18 
Van Nostrand $1 ^ 355 

"A handbook on the organization, insignia 
of rank, and customs of the service of the 
world's important armies and navies." Sub- 

Illustrated with fifty-one full-page plates, 
eighteen in color 

Falls, De Witt Clinton 

Army and navy information, il '17 Dut- 
ton $1 _ 355 

*'A convenient book of reference which gives 
details of the uniforms, insignia, organization, 
arms, equipment, and pay of the American 
army and navy and brief descriptions of the 
equipment of the other warring .powers. Ser- 
viceable to both civilians and soldiers." A, L. A. 

Gibson, Charles R. 

War inventions and how they were in- 
vented. '16 Lippincott $1 355 
"An atractive book which answers a good 
many of the questions about guns and shells 
and range finding, for instance, which the lay- 
man is always asking himself or others equally 
ignorant.' " (Spectator) New Jersey bul. 

Hopkins, Albert Allis 

(ed.) Our army and how to know it, and 
Our navy and how to know it. (Scien- 
tific American ser.) '17 Munn pa 25c; 
flex khaki $1 355 

"With this is bound his 'Our navy and how 
to know it.' Devoted mainly to insignia of 
rank. Contains also facts about the organiza- 
tion of the service, pay, fighting tools and 
equipment, location of cantonments, and many 
other topics." Pittsburgh 

Military training 

For a descriptive account of American military 
institutions, see I. L. Reeves* "Military educa- 
tion in the United States," 19 14, Free press 
20., Burlington, Vt., $3. The author is pro- 
fessor of military science and tactics in the 
University of Vermont 

Academy of political science 

Military training, compulsory or volun- 
teer; edited by William L. Ransom. '16 
Acad of political science $2 pa $1.50 35S 

Contents: Problems of common defense, Al- 
bert Shaw; . . . Compulsory training and indus- 
trial preparedness. C. E, Knoeppel; Cure-all of 
universal military service, Oswald Garrison Vil- 
lard; . . . Business man and universal military 
training, Irving T. Bush; Individual and the na- 
tion in preparation for war, Newton D. Baker; 
Swiss system of universal training, Frederick A. 
Kuenzli; Australian system of universal training, 
E. N. Johnston; Trades-unionism and military 
training, Mathew Woll; Universal training and 
the democratic ideal, George Creel; . . . French 
and English systems of military training, C. De 
Witt Willcox; . . . Organized labor and mili- 
tary service, John P. White; European systems 
of military training, Eric Fisher Wood; Com- 
pulsory ^stem in the German empire, EwaM 
Hecker; Colleges as training centers, Edmund J. 
James; Plattsburg contribution to military train- 
ing, Halstead Dorey; Compulsory training and 
the state militia, Louis W. Stotesbury, etc. 

Howe, Lucien 

Universal military education and service; 
the Swiss system for the United States. 
2d ed il '17 Putnam $1.25 355 

Some sources of information, p 136-38 
"Argues for universal military training and 
service for the United States, telling of its ad- 
vantages to the nation and the individual. Cites 
the Swiss and Australian systems and shows 
how they might be applied in this country. Has 
a chapter on ^Military education — not traming — 
of advantage to girls.' " A. L. A. bkl. 

The Swiss system is also described in F. A. 
Kuenzli's "Right and duty; or. Citizen and 
soldier," 1916, Stechert or National defence in- 
stitute, N.Y., $1, and in Grande's "A citizen's 
army," 1916, McBride, $1.25 

Perry, Ralph Barton 

Free man and the soldier; essays on the 
reconciliation of liberty and discipline. 
'16 Scribner $1.40 355 

"Essays by a Harvard professor, which have 
appeared in the New Republic, Atlantic Monthly, 
and other magazines. He argues strongly yet 
moderately for universal military service, on the 
ground that 'the right to vote implies the duty 
to serve,' that the present war has borne witness 
to its necessity and on the score of social and 
educational advantages.'* A. L. A. bkl. 

Richardson, Robert Charlwood 

West Point; an intimate picture of the 
national military academy and of the 
life of the cadet; foreword by Major- 
General Hugh L. Scott, il '17 Putnam 
$2 355 

Two older books on West Point are: Han- 
cock's "Life at West Point," 1902, Putnam, 
$1.50, and Morris SchafiE's "Spirit of old West 
Point," 1907, Houghton, $3 

Van Valkenburgh, Agnes 

(comp.) Selected articles on military 
training in schools and colleges, includ- 
ing military camps. (Debaters' hand- 
book ser.) '17 Wilson $1.25 355 

Bibliography, p 19-50 

Another book on military training in schools 
and colleges is Gignilliat's "Arms and the boy," 
igi6, Bobbs, $1.75 

(comp.) Selected articles on national de- 
fence, including compulsory military 
service. (Debaters' handbook ser.) v2^ 
'17 Wilson $1.25 355 

Contains a list of organizations working for or 
against national defense 

"Contains a selection of the best materia is- 
sued since the publication of the first volume 
compiled by Miss Bacon in 1915, (Wilson, $i.25)> 
including a few of the articles published in the 
advance sheets last year. It is divided into two 

SOCIOLOGY — Administration 


Van Valkenburgh, Agnes, comp.-Continued 

sections, National defense and Compulsory mil- 
itary service, and has a very complete and partly 
annotated bibliography (34P.)" A. L. A. bkl. 

Wise, Jennings, Cropper 

Call oi the Republic. '17 Button $1 355 

"A plea for universal military service by a 
professional soldier. Gives a brief history of 
various military systems in use in earlier days 
and in our own. Practically nothing on Swiss 
or Australian systems. Bibliography (i^p.)" 
A. L. A. bkl. 


Andrews, Lincoln Clarke 

Fundamentals of military service; pre- 
pared under the supervision of Major- 
General Leonard Wood. '16 Lippincott 
$1.50 355 

*'A manual, designed for citizen soldiers in 
command of volunteer units, for military super- 
intendents in schools and colleges, and for others 
in charge of military training. Very complete 
for its size, revealing the author's broad grasp 
not only of the details of the various branches 
of the service, but of the meaning and psychology 
of the service. The author has had the help of 
five military experts, who have contributed special 
chapters." A. L. A. bkl. 

Ellis, Olin O. and Garey, E. B. 

Plattsburg manual, il '17 Century $2 


"A well illustrated elementary manual written 
by army officers for the use of men who expect 
to go as privates to training camps. The second 
part of the book for officers is more technical." 

Garey, Enoch Barton and Ellis, O. O. 

Junior Plattsburg manual, il '17 Century 
$1.50 355 

"Intended by the authors as a textbook on 
physical and military training for preparatory, 
public and high schools, this does for boys what 
the 'Plattsburg manual' does for men. Describes 
gun practice of different sorts, signaling, scout- 
ing, marching, camping, setting up exercises and 
first aid. Well illustrated." A. L. A. bkl. 

Moss, James Alfred 

Manual of military training-. 2d ed rev 
il '14 Banta pub. $2.25 355 

"The author is a captain in the U.S. Army. 
Intended primarily for use in connection with 
the instruction and training of subordinate offi- 
cers of the Organized Militia, and also as a 
guitle to all soldiers.' " St. Louis 
Private's manual. 2d ed rev and enl il '16 
Banta pub. $1 355 

"Detailed information for the man just enter- 
ing service as to equipment, duties, first aid, 
field expedients, camp sanitation, shooting, etc. 
Includes extracts from army regulations effecting 
privates. Good index. For elementary informa- 
tion concerning tactics see Marshall's 'Military 
primer.' " A. L. A. bkl. 

Moss has also compiled an "Officer's manual, 
6th edition revised, 1917, Banta publishing com- 
pany, $2.50 

Moss, James Alfred, and Stewart, Merch 

Self-helps for the citizen-soldier; being a 
popular explanation of things military. 
il '15 Banta pub. $1.25 355 

" 'Does not pretend to be a manual of military 
training but is intended to serve as a guide by 
means of which the civilian may inform himself 
concerning military matters sufficiently to en- 
able him to understand . . . what will be re- 
quired of him when he is called upon to learn 
the soldier's trade for the defense of his coun- 
try The authors are both captains in the 
regular army.' (Review of reviews 1916) 

Paxson, Frederic Logan, and others 

(eds.) War cyclopedia; a handbook for 

ready reference on the great war. 
(Red, white and blue book ser.) '18 
Commission on public information pa 
25c 355 

355-7 Preparedness 

Huidekoper's "Military unpreparedness of the 
United States.", 1915, Macmillan, $4, treats of 
our military history and policy from revolu- 
tionary times to the present day 

Dickson, Harris 

Unpopular history of the United States by 
Uncle Sam himself, as recorded in 
Uncle Sam's own words, il '17 Stokes 
75c 355.7 

"Upsets ideas fostered by 'popular' history 
and shows how we were embarrassed in all our 
former wars by volunteer service. These sur- 
prising facts are taken from General Upton's 
military policy of the United States.' " 
A. L. A. bkl. 

A new reprint of the latter was issued in 19 16 
(U.S. 64th Congress ist session, Senate doc. 379) 
at 50c; also an "Epitome of Upton's military 
policy of the United States," (War department, 
doc. 505) pa 50 

Maxwell, George Hebard 

Our national defense, the patriotism of 
peace, the fourth book of Homecrofters. 
'15 Rural settlements assoc. $1.25 355.7 
"Advocates the 'Homecroft reserve system' in 
which national conservation and national de- 
fense are combined. Mr Maxwell's suggestion 
is that the people provide a reserve of enlisted 
men doing reclamation work in time of peace, 
and war work if need should arise to meet a 
foreign foe." Pittsburgh 

Wood, Leonard 

Our military history; its facts and falla- 
cies. '16 ReiUy & B. $1 355.7 
"Briefly reviews the shortcomings and the 
cost of our military policy, and advocates a 
strong navy, a highly trained mobile expedi- 
tionary force, and universal military training 
on the Swiss or Australian model." Pittsburgh 

359 Naval science 

Some interesting naval biographies are: 
Clark, Charles E. "My fifty years in the 

navy," 1917, Little $2.50 
Dewejr, George. "Autobiography," 1913* 

Scribner, $1.50 
Buell, A. C. "Paul Jones," 1906, 2v Scrib- 
ner, $3 
Griffis, W. E. "Matthew Calbraith Perry," 

1887, Houghton, $2 
Mahan, A. T. "Life of Nelson," 2d rev., 1907, 

Little, $8 
Callender, G. A. R. "Life of Nelson," 1912, 

Longmans, 90c 
Southey, Robert, "Life of Nelson," 1916, 

Houghton, $2 

Chadwick, French Ensor 

American navy. (American books) '15 
Doubleday $1 359 

A short bibliography, p 280-84 

"Succinct, popular history of the navy from 
the Revolution through the Spanish War. The 
material, largely condensed or quoted from 
other sources is correlated in the light of the 
author's own experience which covers from 1861 
to his retirement as rear-admiral in igo6." 

Earle, Ralph 

Life at the U. S. Naval academy, il map 
'17 Putnam $2 359 

"A full accurate account of life at Annapolis 
from the time the candidate enters to the time 
he takes postgraduate work. Contains historical 
sketch of the academy and descriptions of the 


Earle, Ralph — Continued 

grounds and buildings. Appendixes give course 
of study witli textbooks used, and regulations 
governing admission. Author is head of the 
department of ordnance and gunnery at An- 
napolis." A. L. A. bkl. 

Fiske, Bradley Allen 

Navy as a fighting machine, map '16 
Scribner $2 " 359 

"Discussion by an authority of the purposes 
of the navy, of the parts of which it is com- 
posed, and of the principles of design, equip- 
ment, and operation which will produce the 
maximum of power." Pratt quarterly 

Author is rear admiral of the United States 
navy. Part of the chapters appeared in the 
United States naval institute and the North 
American review 

Hurd, Archibald S. 

Our navy; with a preface by the Earl of 
Selbourne. (Imperial lib.) '14 Warne 
50c 359 

"A history of the royal navy from its crea- 
tion in 872 A. D. to the present time, showing 
the important part it has played in the defense 
and expansion of the empire. Detailed treat- 
ment is given to its development in the last 
twenty years and the imperial policy governing 
its increase. An appendix contains a glossary 
of naval terms and the shipbuilding programs 
of Great Britain and Germany for the years 
1897-1917." A. L. A. bkl. 

Jackson, Orton P., and Evans, Frank E. 

Marvel book of American ships. '17 Stokes 
$2.50 359 

"A reliable informational book about the 
different kinds of ships that have been built 
and used by the United States from the early 
days of the Republic. Each type is described 
in detail. . . . There are over 400 illustrations 
from photographs and twelve full-page color 
plates. Two charts show the flags used in 
the United States signal code and the com- 
pany flags and types of funnels used by the 
various steamship lines for identification." Re- 
views of reviews 57:215 

Neeser, Robert Wilden 

Our many-sided navy, il '14 Yale univ. 
press $2.50 359 

"Appeared in a condensed form in the Navy, 
under the title 'An American fleet in being.* 

"Inside view of the daily life and duties of 
the American naval recruit, written in familiar 
but engaging style by an acknowledged author- 
ity on naval affairs. (Condensed from Nation, 
19 14.)" Pittsburgh 

Stevens, William Oliver 

Story of our navy, il maps '14 Harper 
$1.50 • 359 

"Spirited history of the United States navy 
from beginings to present time (1914) Treats 
of services in time of peace and historical sig- 
niflcance of naval battles as well as of the bat- 
tles themselves. Will interest older children as 
well as adults." N.Y. state lib. 

Stirling, Yates 

Fundamentals of naval service, il '17 Lip- 
pincott $2 359 

"Includes principles of naval strategy, the 
function and history of every type of ship, the 
fundamentals of seamanship and navigation, and 
discusses the navy as a career. Short bibliogra- 
phies at the head of the five parts into which 
the book is divided." A. L. A. bkl. 

Read by and published with the approval of 
the United States Navy Department, in which 
tbe author is an ofl&cer 

Thursfield, James Richcird 

Naval warfare. (Cambridge manuals of 
science and literature) '13 Putnam 50c 

"A simple, condensed treatment of the princi- 
ples of naval warfare by an authority." Cleve- 

360-361 Social work 

Bogen, Boris D. 

Jewish philanthropy. '17 Macmillan $2 


" 'An exposition of principles and methods of 
Jewish social service in the United States/ — 
(Subtitle). Discusses the extent and scope of 
Jewish philanthropy, methods of fund raising, 
immigration, dependents, women and children, 
the back to the soil movement, settlements, vol- 
unteer service and many other things. ... A 
revision of lectures given at the Hebrew Union 
College, Cincinnati. Has questions at chapter- 
ends and a bibliography (8p.)." A. L. A. bkl. 

Conyngton, Mary 

How to help, new ed '09 Macmillan $1.50 
'13 Standard lib 50c 361 

"Practical survey of the field of philanthropic 
effort and suggestions for methods of aid. Re- 
vision of 'Manual of practical charity.' " A. L. A. 

Davis, Philip 

(ed.) Field of social service. (Welfare 
ser.) il nS Small $1.50 361 

Contents : Background in social work; Com- 
munity problems; Community and the child; 
Social agencies; Supplement; Salaried positions 
in social work; Opportunities for training in so- 
cial work 

Suggested reading at the end of each chapter 

Deacon, Janney Byron 

Disasters and the American Red cross in 
disaster work. (Social work ser.) *18 
Russell Sage foundation 75c 361 

"A study of the principles upon which relief 
should be based, and the Red cross organization 
for disaster relief based upon disasters at sea, 
in coal mines, floods, fires and tornadoes which 
have occurred within the borders of the United 
States." A. L. A. bkl. 

Devine, Edward Thomas 

Family and social work. *12 Association 
press 60c 361 

References, p 159-63 

"A suggestive little book designed for use by 
the college department of the International Y. M. 
C. A., aiming to make clear the essentially re- 
ligious character of social work — that it is 
fundamentally applied religion. It shows that 
while social workers may receive much valuable 
aid from a study of economics and biology their 
scale of values may be different from tiiat of 
the economist's or biologist's. Their measure 
of efficiency is their ability to conserve life and 
improve all conditions affecting the family, which 
is the center of all charitable work." A. L. A. 

By director of the New York school of phil- 
anthropy and professor of social economy, Col- 
umbia university 

Practice of charity; individual, associated 
and organized. (Handbooks for prac- 
tical workers in church and philan- 
thropy) '01 Survey associates 60c 361 

Spirit of social work. *11 Survey asso- 
ciates $1 361 

"Nine addresses on conservation of human 
life, the tenement house, the value of women's 
votes, the attitude of society toward the crim- 
inal, correction and prevention of crime, the 
police, philanthropy and religious treatment of 
poverty. A final address is a forecast of social 
developments for the next twenty-five years. 
The treatment is wholly popular, and general 
rather than specific." A. L. A. bkl. 

Henderson, Charles Richmond 

Introduction to the study of the depend- 
ent, defective, and delinquent classes, 
and of their social treatment. 2d ed '01 
Heath $1.60 361 

SOCIOLOGY — ^Associations and Institutions 


Henderson, Charles Richmond— Contuiucd 

Appendix containing suggestions references, 
etc., p 349-94 

Compendious, suggestive and enlightening. 
Altogether the best booli of its kind either for 
general reading or for classroom work." (Hart- 
ford sem. rec. 12:150) A. L. A. 

National conference of social work (form- 
erly Conference on charities and cor- 
Proceedings, latest volume. National con- 
ference of social work 360 
Nesbitt, Florence 
Household management. (Social work 
ser.) '18 Russell Sage foundation 7Sc 

Contents: Introduction; Problems of the vis- 
itor to the home; Aids to health and household 
management; Dietary standards; Choice of 
foods; Purchase, preparation and serving; 
Housing and homemaking; Appendix: Sugges- 
tions for a talk on milk; Special diet lists; 
Average weights and heights of normal children 
"Discusses . . . problems of household man- 
agement ... on the basis of considerable scien- 
tific training supplemented by a large amount 
of experience in family visiting and in training 
and supervising family visitors." Survey 40:199 

Richmond, Mary Ellen 

Good neighbor in the modern city. '08 
Lippincott 80c 361 

"bane stirring talks on social science and 
practical charity." A. L. A. sup. 

Social diagnosis. '17 Russell Sage foun- 
dation $2 361 

Bibliography, p 483-85. 

An exhaustive study of the methods and aims 
of social case work by the director of the 
Charity organization department of the Russell 
Sage foundation." Pittsburgh 

"It will do much to make a profession of so- 
cial work, it should form the basis for intelligent 
study eve'n in small communities and will be in- 
valuable to the individual engaged in case work." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

Warner, Amos Griswold 

American charities; revised by M. R. 
Coolidge. (Lib. of economics and poli- 
tics) '08 Crowell $2 361 

Bibliography, P467-93 

361 Red cross 

Barton, Clara 

Story of the Red cross. '04 Appleton 
$1.25 361 

"Early history and account of relief work 
accomplished in war and disaster during past 
twenty-five years." (N.Y. state lib.) A. L. A. 
Boardman, Mabel Thorp 

Under the Red cross flag at home and 
abroad, il '15 Lippincott $1.75 361 

"Most of the space is given to the history of 
the American Red cross in the work of alleviating 
and repairing the effects of disasters, in organ- 
izing campaigns against diseases, and in the im- 
provement of general sanitation and the training 
of nurses. The volume is completed by a briet 
survey of the work of the European Red cross 
in international conflicts. (Adapted from Na- 
tion)" Pratt quarterly . 

Appendix: the revised treaty of Geneva signed 
July 6, 1906 

Epler, Percy Harold .,,.„,, 

Life of Clara Barton. 2d ed il '17 Macmil- 
!an $1 75 ^ 

"Comprehensive biography, published with the 
assistance of Miss Barton's literary executors. 
To serve as the official biography during the ten 
years or more required for the preparation of 
the larger 'Life and letters' from papers and 

documents left by Miss Barton for this pur- 
pose. Unpublished war diaries and letters to- 
gether with her conversations; observations by 
eye-witnesses, and the records by the Red crpss 
society are the author's original sources." Pitts- 

Same bindingj illustrations, and plates as the 
first edition, printed on cheaper paper making 
the edition seventy-five cents cheaper 

362 Hospitals. Asylums 

Barton, George Edward 

Re-education; an analysis of the institu- 
tional system in the United States. '17 
Houghton $1 362 

"A fearless analysis of the institutional sys- 
tem of the United States by a business man and 
for business men. The writer believes that there 
are some fundamental weaknesses or fallacies in 
our present system of dealing with education, 
sin, insanity, and disease. He bases objections 
to the existing institutional system on the failure 
to do more than prevent, during the period of 
incarceration, the act of which the prisoner or 
patient has been guilty. He would build up a 
system of re-education which would make pro- 
ducers of inmates of institutions with an in- 
crease of efficiency. The thought underlying 
the inquiry and arraignment emanates from the 
best social theory of the day." Book rev. digest 

Cannon, Ida Maud 

Social work in hospitals; a contribution 
to progressive medicine, il '13 Russell 
Sage foundation $1.50 362 

"An account of a new movement which, 
through cooperation between doctors and nurses 
in hospitals and trained social workers, seeks to 
understand and treat the complications of _ disease 
arising from unfavorable home and social con- 
ditions. Based on the author's experience as 
head worker in the Social service department of 
the Massachusetts general hospital." Cleveland 

Appendix contains forms and facsimiles 

362.7 Social work for children 

. Two books somewhat out of date, but con- 
taining much valuable material, are, Homer 
Folks' "Care of destitute, neglected and delin- 
quent children," J902, Macniillan $1; and W. D. 
Morrison's "Juvenile offenders," 1897, Appleton, 


Two other valuable books arc, W. H. Slinger- 
land's "Child welfare in California," 1915, 
$1.50, and "Child welfare in Pennsylvania," 
191S, $2, both published by the Eussell Sage 

Addams, Jane 

Spirit of youth and the city streets. 09 
Macmillan $1.25 362.7 

"Interprets sympathetically the instinct of 
youth for play and adventure and points out the 
responsibility resting upon cities to provide 
proper places of amusement." N.Y. state lib. 

Bowen, Louise Hadduck (De Koven) 

Safeguards for city vouth at work and at 
play. '14 Macmillan $1.50 362.7 

"Written from an intimate knowledge of con- 
ditions acquired by long and devoted social ser- 
vice. Describes graphically the sordid and im- 
moral influences which lie in the path of city 
youths in their search for amusement and occupa- 
tion, and the efforts of the Juvenile protective 
association of Chicago to lemove such influences 
by legal and civic safeguards." Pittsburgh 

Coulter, Ernest Kent 

Children in the shadow; with an mtrod 
bv Jacob A. Riis. il '13 McBride $1.50 


" 'As clerk of the Children's Court in Man- 
hattan for ten years he had the unique oppor- 
tunity of looking into the faces of a procession 



Coulter, Ernest Kent — Continued 

of 100,000 dependent, neglected and delinquent 
children as they filed by the judge and told 
their stories. . . . He shows how crowded 
streets, lack of play space, poverty, sickness, in- 
sanitary houses, criminal companions and paren- 
tal neglect provide a fruitful soil in which^ to 
breed neglected and delinquent boys and girls. 
... As a means of helping individual boys, 
who need the personal touch of a friend right 
now, Mr. Coulter started the Big brother move- 
ment, which is spreading all over the country.' " 
(Survey) Pittsburgh 

"Less comprehensive and useful but more 
readable and more stirring in its appeal than 
Mangold's 'Child problems.' " A. L. A. bkl. 

Mangold, George Benjamin 

Problems of child welfare. (Social sci- 
ence textbooks) '14 Macmillan $2 


Contents: Pt i. Conservation of life; pt 2, 
Health and physique; pt 3, Training and educa- 
tion; pt 4, Child labor; pt 5, Juvenile delin- 
quency; pt 6, Problems of dependent children 

Selected bibliography, p4g3-5ii 

"A thoro revision of 'Child problems.' In 
rewriting the book the author has added much 
new material. . . . Statistics have been 
brought to date and the latest findings in science 
used." A. L. A. bkl. 

"Better discussions of special topics are avail- 
able in print, but I know of no book which 
covers so well the whole field of community care 
of children." Henry W. Thurston in Survey 

364 Criminology. Reformatories 

The volumes in the Modern criminal science 
series, by Aschaffenburg, Lombroso, Saleilles, 
Tarde, and others, published by Little at from 
$4 to $5 per volume are valuable for students 
who wish to investigate theories of criminology, 
* etc. 

Devon, James 

Criminal and the community. '11 Lane 
$1.75 364 

"A valuable addition to the literature of pen- 
ology by^ a man whose knowledge of the class 
from which most criminals come was gained by 
personal experience as a wage-earning boy of 
eleven, as an unskilled workman, as an artisan 
and as medical officer of the prison at Glasgow 
for more than half a generation. He agrees 
with 'Convict 1776' that the prison as a reforma- 
tory is a failure, and is more radical, as well as 
much more practical, in his suggestions for re- 
form. 'This book is not the last work in pen- 
ology. It is probably about the best word so 
far published.'" (Sociological rev. 5:65) 
A. L. A. bkl. 

Dugdale, Richard L. 

The Jukes: a study in crime, pauperism, 

disease and heredity. 4th ed '10 Putnam 

$1.50 364 

** 'A wonderful book. Shows by personal in- 
vestigation of a single pauper tribe, traced back 
150 years, the relations of heredity and crime.* " 
(J. R. Commons) A. L. A. 

Ellis, Havelock 

The criminal. 3d ed rev and enl (Con- 
temporary science ser.) il '10 Scribner 
$1.75 364 

*' 'Review of results reached by students of 
criminal anthropology in Italy, France, Ger- 
many, England and the United States with 
criticism." " (B. & I.) A. L, A. 

Henderson, Charles Richmond 

Cause and cure of crime. (National social 
science ser.) '14 McClurg 60c 364 

"A concise discussion by an authority who 
does not admit the view that crime is a disease." 
Pratt quarterly 

Parmelee, Maurice Farr 

Criminology. '18 Macmillan $2 364 

"An up-to-date and comprehensive treatment, 
somewhat condensed but preserving a fair bal- 
ance between historical, practical and theoretical 
aspects of criminology. 

Written by an American familiar with Euro- 
pean literature of the subject." Cleveland 

Juvenile courts and criminals 

A valuable book for reference is "Juvenile 
court laws in the United States," edited by 
H. H. Hart, 1910, Russell Sage foundation, 

Eliot, Thomas Dawes 

Juvenile court and the community. 
(American social progress ser.) '14 
Macmillan $1.25 354 

"Careful study of the juvenile court *in its 
relation to other social institutions as a problem 
in social economy.' Author believes it an un- 
necessary institution whose functions should be 
assumed by other agencies.' (Jour, pol econ., 
23:95)" N.Y. state lib. 

Flexner, Bernard and Baldwin, R. N. 

Juvenile courts and probation, il '14 Cen- 
tury $1.25 364 

" 'The first comprehensive presentation of the 
problems and methods of the juvenile court.' " 
(Nation) Pratt quarterly 

"Printed as the report of the special com- 
mittee on juvenile courts of the National proba- 
tion association." Wis. bul. 

George, William Reuben and Stowe, L. B. 

Citizens made and remade, il '12 Hough- 
ton $1.25 364 

" 'Readable and illuminating survey of the 
value of self-government in the development of 
character, as seen in George Junior republics, 
and school states; illustrated with many inter- 
esting and significant anecdotes. Concludes by 
advocating adoption of theory in penal institu- 
tions for adults.'" (N.Y. times, 17:634) N.Y. 
state lib. 

See also W. R. George's "The Junior repub- 
lic; its history and ideals," 1909, Appleton, $1.75 

Healy, William 

Honesty; a study of the causes and treat- 
ment of dishonesty among children. 
(Childhood and youth ser.) '15 Bobbs 
$1.25 364 

"A non-technical discussion for teachers and 
parents, by the director of the Juvenile psy- 
chopathic institute of the juvenile court, Chi- 
cago. Studies the causes of dishonesty among 
children by searching into their inner mental 
life or outward experience, and suggests treat- 
ment. The author illustrates fully with cases 
which have come under his personal attention." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

Other books by Mr. Healy are "Pathological 
lying, accusation and swindling," 1915, Little, 
$2; "The individual delinquent," 19 is. Little, 
$5; "Mental conflicts and misconduct," 1917* 
Little, $2.50 

365 Prisons 

Ernest Stagg Whitin's "Penal servitude," 
published in 1912, by the National committee on 
prison labor, at $1.50 is an "authoritative presen- 
tation of the economic evils connected with en- 
forced prison labor." The Annals of the Amer- 
ican academy for March, 1913, $1, was a prison 
labor number, containing thirty-three articles. 
Z, R. Brockway's "Fifty years of prison service," 
1912, Survey associates, $2, is the autobiography 
of a man long identified with the prison reform 
movement in the United States. Other prison 
experiences than those listed below are: Alex- 
ander Berkman's "Prison memoirs of an anar- 
chist," 1913* Mother Earth publishing company, 
$1.50; "An open letter to society from convict 
1776," 1911, Revell, 7sc; Donald Lowrie's "My 
life in prison," 1912, Kennerley, $1.50; and 

SOCIOLOGY— Insurance 


Prisons —Continued 

Wellington Scott's "Seventeen years in the un- 
"^Jl^*^/^*^/' 19 16, Abingdon press, 50c. Jennings 
and irwm s "Beating back," 1915, Appleton, 
uu^' ^® *^^ autobiography of a former train 
robber and convict who made good 

American prison association 

Proceedings, latest vol. Am. prison assn. 
$1.50 365 

Bacon, Corinne 

(comp.) Prison reform. (Handbook ser.) 
'17 Wilson $1.25 365 

Contents: History of prison reform; Condi- 
tions and methods in prisons and reformatories; 
Sing Sing and Warden Osborne; Psychopathic 
clinics and classification of prisoners; Convict 
labor; Indeterminate sentence; Probation and 
parole; Jails; Centralized control of penal in- 

Bibliography, pref. p 13-36 

Contains also a discussion of the prison of the 
future, by T. M. Osborne 

"A compilation of over ninety articles by stu- 
dents and experts covering almost the entire 
field of penology. . . . There is a valuable 
bibliography of twenty-four pages." Jour, of 
prison discipline and philanthropy, March 1917 

Doty, Madeleine Zabriskie 

Society's misfits, il '16 Century $1.25 

"In two parts. Most of part i, In a woman's 
prison, was originally published in the Century; 
part 2, Behind reformatory walls, appeared in 
part in Good housekeeping. The author, a mem- 
ber of the New York commission on prison re- 
form, following Thomas Mott Osborne's method 
of investigation, spent a week as an inmate of 
the New York state prison for women at Auburn, 
where she posed as an unknown first offender, 
up for forgery. She also visited many reforma- 
tories for boys, and talked with inmates of states 
prisons who were 'graduates' from reformatories. 
From these experiences, and letters and other 
first-hand documents, she draws her conclusion 
that the present penal methods are stupid, and 
useless for reform. A final chapter describes 
an English 'reformatory that reforms.* " Cleve- 

Pield, Anne Porter Lynes 

Story of Canada Blackie. '15 Button $1 

"An account of the life of a convict which 
proves effectively that 'more enlightened penal 
methods than those in vogue in the past can 
change a powerful destructive agent into a loyal 
worker for the good of society.' " (New York 
times) Pratt quarterly 

Henderson, Charles Richmond 

(ed.) Correction and prevention. 4v '10 
Survey associates $10 each $2.50 _ 365 

Contents: vi, Prison reform and criminal 
law, ed. by C. R. Henderson; v2, Penal and re- 
formatory institutions, ed. by C. R. Henderson; 
V3, Preventive agencies and methods, ed. by 
C. R. Henderson; V4, Preventive treatment of 
neglected children, by H. H. Hart. 

"Papers by authorities prepared for the exghth 
International prison congress. Extremely val- 
uable to practical workers, giving ^detailed in- 
formation, plans, illustrations, etc." A. L. A. 

Jaffray, Julia K. 

(ed.) Prison and the prisoner, a sym- 
posium, by K. W. Kirchwey, T. M. Os- 
borne, E. Stagg Whitin, [and others]. 
'17 Little $2.50 365 

X,ewis, Burdette Gibson 

Offender and his relations to law and so- 
ciety. (Harper's modern science ser.) 
il '17 Harper $2 365 

Works, etc., quoted and referred to, P373-75; 
authors etc., quoted and referred to, P375-76. 

"A clear review of past and present theories 
of crime, court procedure, probation, prison ad- 

ministration and duties of police. The author. 
Commissioner of correction of New York City, 
holds no brief for present day theories, but 
points out the good points of the successive sys- 
tems showing how each was an advance on its 
predecessor altho itself eventually superseded." 

Osborne, Thomas Mott 

Society and prisons. (Yale lectures on the 
responsibilities of citizenship) '16 Yale 
university press $1.50 365 

"In 'Crime and criminals,' the preliminary lec- 
ture, the author analyzes prison conditions and 
shows how they are responsible for the creation 
of a 'criminal type.* The other lectures take 
up, Courts and punishment; Older prison sys- 
tems; Mutual welfare league ; New penology." 

Within prison walls. '14 Appleton $1.75 

"Personal experiences of the chairman of the 
New York state prison reform commission (1913- 
1914), during a week's voluntary confinement 
in Auburn. In view of the interest aroused by 
the experiment, the detailed, personal nature of 
the account, and its wholesome, sincere tone, 
the book, tho not striking in any way, deserves 
wide reading." A. L, A. bkl. 

Taylor, Winifred Louise 

Man behind the bars. '14 Scribner $1.5U 

"Recounts many instances of friendship be- 
tween the convicts in JoHet prison and the 
writer, who has spent her life in trying to help 
them. Almost all, she found, responded to real 
friendliness; and her stories of their lives, told 
largely in their own words, are of a kind to 
bring about a more sympathetic understanding of 
the prisoners as men." A. L. A. bkl. 

Wines, Frederick Howard 

Punishment and reformation; an histor- 
ical sketch of the rise of the peniten- 
tiary system, new enl ed (Lib of eco- 
nomics and politics) '10 Crowell $1.75 


Authorities, p8 

"Deserves the attention of students and pro- 
fessional men. In no other book can one find 
the essential questions as well treated for the 
American public." (Am. jour. soc. i :50i) 
A. L. A. 

368 Insurance 

American academy of political and social 

Modern insurance problems. (Annals 
Amer. acad.) '17 Am. acad $1.50 pa $1 

Twenty-two papers by authorities. P i covers 
Life insurance; pt 2, Fire insurance; pt 3, Ac- 
cident and health, and workman's compensation 

Gephart, William Franklin 

insurance and the state. '13 Macmillan 
$1.35 368 

"A clever and unbiased discussion. Arrives 
at no conclusion but presents the arguments for 
and against the state monopoly of all kinds of 
insurance — life, fire, and various form of social 
insurance, industrial accident, old-age and in- 
validity, and unemployment. Makes a _ strong 
plea for federal insurance laws. Will interest 
legislators, insurance men, policy holders and 
the general public." A. L. A. bkl. 

Principles of insurance. 2v '17 Macmillan 
$1.50 ea. 368 

"Emphasis is placed more upon the practical 
applications of insurance — the social and eco- 
nomic aspects — than upon the strictly theoretical 
and technical bearings. Though adapted to the 
purpose of the general reader, the business man 
and the student, the volumes (one on life and 



Gephart, William Franklin — Continued 

one on fire insurance) will, in all probability, 
find their chief use as textbooks." (Nation) 

Graham, William Joseph 

Romance of life insurance. '09 Spectator 
$1 50 368 

Huebner, Solomon S. 

Life insurance, a textbook. *15 Appleton 
$2.25 . 368 

"At the suggestion of the National association 
of life underwriters the author has brought to- 
gether the essential facts, principles and prac- 
tices of life-insurance business for beginning 
students in hi^h schools and colleges, for lay- 
men and life insurance solicitors. Appendixes 
contain sample policies and bibliographies are 
given throughout the text. Supplements the au- 
thor's "property insurance." Much more com- 
prehensive than either of the Dawson books." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

Property insurance. *11 Appleton $2.25 

"Student's text which will be helpful also to 
the practical insurance man. Covers fire, 
marine, title and credit insurance and corporate 
surety bonding. Fully illustrated with forms, 
sample clauses and tables." A. L. A. sup. 

Ketcham, Edward Augustus 

Essentials of fire insurance business. *16 
E: A. Ketcham, Madison, Wis. $2.50 368 

"Gives in popular form a very readable ac-, 
count of the development of fire insurance and 
of the principles which govern its practice." 
D. M. Handy 

Moir, Henry 

Life assurance primer. 3d ed rev and enl 
'12 Spectator co. $2 368 

WiUard, Charles E. 

A B C of life insurance. 5th ed '17 Spec- 
tator $1 368 

369 Patriotic and other societies 

369.4 Boy scouts 

Carey, Arthur Astor 

Scout law in practice. '15 Little 60c 

"Interprets each point of the scout oath and 
law in its application to the development of 
character. Based on talks to sea scouts on 
board the boy scout ship, Pioneer. A sensible, 
stimulating book for scouts and scoutmasters." 
N.Y. state lib. 

Richardson, Norman Egbert, and Loomis, 
Ormond E. 

Boy scout movement applied by the 
church, il '15 Scribner $1.50 369.4 

"Designed for scoutmasters and others inter- 
ested in boys, emphasizing the value of the boy 
scout movement for adolescent boys in connec- 
tion with church work. Gives details of organ- 
ization, requirements, aims and methods of 
dealing with many problems of boy life. Excel- 
lent photographs, bibliographies, index. 

The psychology of boy nature and the theory 
of leadership are concisely and accurately 
treated. As a textbook for training scoutmas- 
ters it is sure to prove invaluable." (James E. 
West, Chief Scout executive, in Preface.) N.Y. 
state lib. 

370 Education 

An excellent series of educational surveys, 
edited by Leonard P. Ayres, entitled "The 
Cleveland survey monographs" is published by 
the Russell Sage foundation at $7. The series 
consists of twenty-five monographs, the result 
of investigations of the schools of Cleveland, 
Ohio, made during the years 1915 and 1916 by 

the Survey committee of the Cleveland founda- 
tion. While Cleveland, Ohio, was the special 
field in which the work was done, the results of 
the findings could be applied in half the 
schools of the United States 

Contents : 

Child accounting in the public schools, by 
Leonard P. Ayres 

Cleveland school survey, by Leonard P. 

Educational extension, by Clarence A. Perry 

Education through recreation, by George E. 

Financing the public schools, by Earle Clark 

Health work in the public schools, by Leon- 
ard P. Ayres and May Ayres 

Household arts and school lunches, by Alice 
C. Boughton 

Measuring the work of the public schools, by 
Charles Tl. Judd 

Overcrowded schools and the platoon plan, 
by Shattuck O. Hartwell 

Public library and the public schools, by 
Leonard P. Ayres and Adele McKinnie 

School and the immigrant, by Herbert A. 

School buildings and equipment, by Leonard 
P. Ayres and May Ayres 

School organization and administration, by 
Leonard P. Ayres 

Schools and classes for exceptional children, 
by David Mitchell 

Teaching staff, by -Walter A. Jessup 

What the schools teach and might teach, by 
Franklin Bobbitt 

Separate volumes may be obtained at 25c 

United States. Education, Bureau of 

Bulletins. '06-date Supt. of doc. various 
prices 370 

Index to the reports of the commissioner 

of education, 1867-1907. (Bulletin 1909. 

' no. 7) '09 Education bureau free 370 

Monthly list of current educational pub- 
lications. '12-'16 U. S. Educ. 370 

370.1 Theory of education 

Bagley, William Chandler 

Educative process. '05 Macmillan $1.25 

"Applies the biological and psychological prin- 
ciples that underlie the theory and practice of 
teaching to the topics and problems commonly 
included under the terms general method, 
method ot the recitation, etc. One of the best 
contributions of its kind to the literature of 
educational theory. (Condensed from Educa- 
tional rev 1905.)" Pittsburgh 

De Garmo, Charles 

Interest and education; the doctrine of 
interest and its concrete application. '02 
:Macmillan $1 370.1 

"Based on belief that education consists, not 
alone in developing the intellect, but in forming, 
guiding or repressing the feelings and impulses, 
and that doctrine of interest applied to educa- 
tion will lead to this larger and deeper culture." 
(Educ. rev. 26:54) -^- L. A. 

Dewey, John 

Democracy and education; an introduc- 
tion to the philosophy of education. 
(Textbook ser. in education) *16 Mac- 
millan $1.50 370.1 

"More than an educational treatise. The 
student . . . will find in it a much-needed 
statement of the writer's general philosophy 
bringing together his views in education, psy- 
chology, theory of knowledge, ethics, and social 
theory." (Nation) Pratt quarterly 

Interest and effort in education. (River- 
side educational mongraphs) '13 Hough- 
ton 70c 370.1 

SOCIOLOGY— Education 


Dewey, John —Continued 

"An elaboration and application of the au- 
tor s well-known theory of interest which first 
appeared in the second Herbart society year- 
book. The present discussion, besides being 
somewhat more systematic and clearer than the 
earlier account, is of additional value in that it 
shows how the principle of interest applies in 
various forms of school activity." School rev. 

Freeman, Frank Nugent 

How children learn. (Riverside textbooks 
in education) il '17 Houghton $1.60 

**A valuable study in applied psychology. It 
concerns itself primarily with a study of the 
native and acquired responses of children, and 
the significance of these for educational de- 
velopment and for social control. . . . The 
book has been prepared for use as a textbook 
in colleges and normal schools, and for use 
as a reading-circle book with teachers." El 
school jour. 18:390 

Henderson, Charles Hanford 

What is it to be educated? '14 Houghton 
$1.50 370.1 

Bibliography, p 459-62 

Stimulating, highly individualistic essays ad- 
dressed to parents and teachers, on education as 
self-realization. Deals with bodily and spiritual 
aspects of training outside the province of the 
public school. Supplements but is independent 
of the author's 'Education and the larger life.' " 
N.Y. state lib. 

King, Irving 

Education for social efficiency. 2d ed 'IS 
Appleton $1.50 370.1 

"A commentary addressed to parents and 
teachers on the source material in the' au- 
thor's 'Social aspects of education,' a study 
whose object is to show that the trend of modern 
education is toward making the school the cen- 
ter of social life and the chief means of pro- 
moting social ideals and securing social progress." 

"A chapter on the 'Consolidated school and 
socially efficient education for the country,' has 
been added to the first edition." A. L. A. bkl. 

Social aspects of education. '12 Macmil- 
lan $1.60 370.1 

Annotated bibliographies at the end of each 

"Designed as a teachers' source-book and aim- 
ing 'to secure to the student a broad and sug- 
gestive view of education in its more evident 
social relationships and more specifically with 
reference to its relations to social progress.' In 
part I, 'External social relations of education,' 
the rural situation, relations of home and school, 
the school as a social center, playgrounds, 
school gardens and industrial and vocational ed- 
ucation have separate chapters. The second 
part deals with the internal relations of the 
school as a social group. A needed work and 
unique in the field covered." A. L. A. bkl. 

Miller, Irving Elgar 

Education for the needs of life. (Home 
and school ser.) '17 Macmillan $1.25 


" 'No one can carefully study this book with- 
out having a broad vision of the mission and 
message .of the teacher.' " (Jour, of educ.) 

"A textbook in the principles of education, 
for use in elementary classes, in normal schools 
and colleges and in institutes and . reading cir- 
cles." Subtitle 

Moore, Ernest Carroll 

What is education? 'IS Ginn $1.25 370.1 

Contents: What is education?; What is 
knowledge?; Doctrine of general discipline; Ed- 
ucation as world building; Kinds of education; 
Learning by and for doing; Place of method in 
education; Learning by problem getting; Or- 
ganization by selection , . , 

"Eleven essays following the educational 
method of Prof. Dewey." Pittsburgh 

Partridge, George Everett 

Genetic philosophy of education. '12 Stur- 
gis & Walton $1.50 370.1 

Bibliography, p 383-94 

"This book is a restatement of the views of 
President G. Stanley Hall, whose writings are 
in too scattered a form to be available to the 
general reader. It is a valuable addition to 
the literature of social psychology and educa- 
tion, written so clearly and simply that anyone 
can understand it." Ann. Am. acad. 45 :27o 

Scott, Colin Alexander 

Social education. '08 Ginn $1.50 school ed 
$1.25 370.1 

"Aims to show how children's activities can 
be made more productive, more ethical, more 
spontaneous and more effective for scholarship 
and discipline." A. L. A. sup. 

Smith, Walter Robinson 

Introduction to educational sociology. '17 
Houghton $1.75 370.1 

"No book has appeared to the present time 
which organizes the principles of sociology and 
applies them specifically to the particular prob- 
lems of education. Professor Smith's new book 
will be credited therefore as the first to enter 
this specific field. ... It seems to us the 
best single book now available as a textbook in 
social education or educational sociology." El. 
school jour. 18:74 

Spencer, Herbert 

Education: intellectual, moral and physi- 
cal. 1900 Appleton $1.35 370.1 
"Not only one of the most readable but also 
one of the most important books in the English 
language." (R. H. Quick) A. L. A. 

Stoner^ Mrs Winifred Sackville 

Natural education. (Childhood and youth 
ser.) '14 Bobbs $1.25 370.1 

Mrs. S toner describes her method of ed- 
ucating her daughter, up to the tenth year. She 
advocates beginning a child's education in in- 
fancy and arousing interest by means of games 
and play." St. Louis 

Swift, Edgar James 

Learning and doing. (Childhood and 
youth ser.) il '14 Bobbs $1.25 370.1 
References for further reading, p 229-38 
"A popular exposition of the idea that the 
principle of 'learning by doing' is applicable to 
all the studies of the school. The result of sci- 
entific study, which is not intruded but is used 
as a basis for concrete examples and suggestions, 
which are written with an encouraging enthu- 
siasm." A. L, A. bkl. 

370.15 Educational psychology 

Claparede, fidouard 

Experimental pedagogy and the psychol- 
ogy of the child; tr. by Mary Louch and 
Henry Holman. '11 Longmans $1.40 


"A fair translation of the fourth edition of a 
standard French work which adds very greatly 
to the literature of the subject in English, The 
simplicity of the original, its wit and good- 
natured ridicule of over-serious psychologists 
and teachers have been retained. Chapters four 
and five, on intellectual development and mental 
fatigue, are of special interest." A. L. A. bkl. 

Colvin, Stephen Sheldon, and Bagley, Wil- 
liam Chandler 

Human behavior; a first book in psychol- 
ogy for teachers. '13 Macmillan $1 

Suggested collateral readings, p 327-30 
"A presentation of the elementary facts of 
educational psychology in short, clear chapters 
easily within the comprehension of the ordinary 
young teacher, for whom they are designed." 
A. L. A. bkl. 



Freeman, Frank Nugent 

Psychology of the common branches. 
(Riverside textbooks in education) il 
'16 Houghton $1.35 . 370.15 

"At once a treatise on general educational 
psychology, on the special educational psychology 
of school subjects and on special methods. When 
a teacher asks why her pupils do badly and what 
she is to do about it she will find much that is 
suggestive in this book." (School rev.) Cleve- 
Meredith, Christabel M. 

Educational bearings of modern psychol- 
ogy- (Riverside educational mono- 
graphs) '16 Houghton 70c 370.15 

"Summarizes briefly current theories about 
the facts of child psychology which bear on 
teaching practice and discusses the value of ex- 
periments in education. (Adapted from A. L. A. 
bkl.)" Pratt quarterly 

"For teachers and parents, especially those 
dealing with little children." Cleveland 

Sandiford, Peter 

Mental and physical life of school cnil- 
dren. il '14 Longmans $1.35 370.15 

"References at the end of each chapter. 

The first part discusses the physical growth of 
the child and contains a detailed study of the 
nervous system. Following this is a survey of 
general psychology, including the psychology of 
babyhood and adolescence. The final section is 
a brief summary of the psychology of reading, 
writing and spelling. Intended as a textbook for 
normal schools." Pittsburgh 

" 'On the whole ... the best elementary re- 
view of this material now on hand.' " (El. 
school jour. 15:12) A. L. A. bkl. 

Swift, Edgar James 

Youth and the race; a study in the psy- 
chology of adolescence. '12 Scribner 
$1.50 370.15 

"A plea for adolescent youth, boys particularly, 
and a criticism of the school system as it ex- 
ists. Certain racial instincts are recognized to- 
day as forming an important part of the equip- 
ment of adolescent youth and yet the present 
school system gives but little heed to these ten- 
dencies." Educ. rev. 46:84 

Thorndike, Edward Lee 

Educational psychology. 3v '13-'14 Teach- 
ers college, Columbia univ. $2.50 ea 


"VI, The original nature of man; v2, The 
psychology of learning; v3, Mental work and 
fatigue and Individual differences and _ their 
causes. The author, professor of education in 
Teachers college, Columbia, presents a large 
body of accurate, up-to-date scientific material, 
which will be useful to all students of education. 
Volume 3. part 2, is a revision of his 'Educa- 
tional psychology' (1903) Bibliography at the 
end of each volume." A. L. A. bkl. 

Educational psychology; briefer course, 
il '14 Teachers college, Columbia univ. 
$2 370.15 

"The essentials of the author's three volume 
work are brought together in simplified and con- 
densed form, thus making them available to be- 
ginners in college and normal school, to all 
teachers, and to libraries which cannot afford the 
larger work. Bibliography (8p.)" A. L. A. "bkl. 

370.3 Encyclopedias 

Monroe, Paul 

(ed.) Cyclopedia of education. Sv il 
maps '11-'13 Macmillan $5 ea 370.3 

"The best encyclopedia of education in Eng- 
lish, with signed articles, good bibliographies 
and excellent illustrations. The scope of the 
work is general, including education in all coun- 
tries and all periods, but American subjects re- 
ceive somewhat fuller treatment than foreign 

topics. Analytical index in volume five groups 
articles by larger subjects than those used in 
main alphabet. Editor is professor of history 
of education at Teachers' college, Columbia uni- 
versity." Mudge 

370.4 Essays on education 

American academy of political and social 

New possibilities in education. (Annals 

of Amer. acad.) '16 Am. acad. $1.50 pa 

$1 370.4 

"Discusses some of the newer social aims and 
practices in education, covering moral, voca- 
tional and physical education, and recreation; 
describes the activities of several social agencies 
closely related to the school, among them the 
National congress for mothers and parent- 
teacher associations; and surveys some of the 
opportunities for adult education, including con- 
tinuation schools and library extension." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

Bourne, Randolph Silliman 

Education and living. '17 Century $1.25 


" 'Constructive studies reprinted from New 
republic on the 'self-conscious' tendency of the 
modern school. . . . Deprecates the older 
ideas about knowledge as discipline and contrasts 
their effects with the work done in Gary, and in 
the Flexner movement at Teachers' college.' " 
(Publishers' weekly, 1917) Pittsburgh 

Butler, Nicholas Murray 

Meaning of education, rev and enl ed '15 
Scribner $1.50 370.4 

Contents: Meaning of education; What knowl- 
edge is of most worth?; Is there a new educa- 
tion?; Five evidences of an education; Train- 
ing for vocation and for avocation; Standards; 
Waste in education; Conduct of the kinder- 
garten; Religious instruction and its relation to 
education; Scope and function of secondary ed- 
ucation; Secondary' school programme; The 
American college and the American university; 
Place of Comenius in the history of education; 
Status of education at the close of the nine- 
teenth century; Some fundamental principles of 
American education; Education in the United 
States; Discipline and the social aim of educa- 

Dewey, John 

School and society, rev ed il '15 Univ. 
of Chicago press $1 370.4 

Contents: School and social progress; The 
School and the life of the child; Waste in ed- 
ucation; Psychology of elementary education; 
Frcebel's educational principles; Psychology of 
occupations ; Development of attention ; Aim of 
history in elementary education 

Findlay, Joseph John 

The school; an introduction to the study 
of education. (Home university lib. of 
modern Jcnowledge) '12 Holt 60c 

Bibliography, p 249-252 

"An exceptionally good, thoroughly sound ex- 
position of the problems of educational policy 
and administration in England, with a discus- 
sion of current topics, which shows familarity 
with conditions on the continent and in the 
United States as well." A. L. A. bkl. 

Henderson, Charles Hanford 

Education and the larger life. '02 Hough- 
ton $1.35 370.4 

"Contents: Point of view; The social pur- 
pose; Source of power; Organic education; 
Cause and effect; Childhood; Youth; Holidays; 
At the university; The experimental life; The 
agents of the social purpose. 

" 'Its main value lies in its sincere and inspir- 
ing idealism.' " (Joseph Jastrow) A. L. A. 

SOCIOLOGY— Education 


Huxley, Thomas Henry 

Science and education. '01 Appleton $1.35 

Contents: Joseph Priestley; On the educational 
value of the natural history sciences; Emancipa- 
tion, black and white; Liberal education, and 
where to find it ; Scientific education ; Science 
and culture; Science and art in relation to ed- 
ucation; Universities, actual and ideal; Address 
on university education; On the study of biology; 
On elementary instruction in physiology; On 
medical education; The state and medical pro- 
fession; Connection of the biological sciences 
with medicine; School boards, what they can do 
and what they may do; Technical education; 
Address on behalf of the National association 
for the promotion of technical education 

James, William 

Talks to teachers on psychology; and to 
students on some of life's ideals. '09 
Holt $1.50 370.4 

"Illuminating and inspiring essays on _ the 
psychology of teaching by an eminent American 
philosopher, the brother of Henry James the 
novelist. The latter part of the book contains 
inspirational 'Talks to students.' " Pratt alcove 

Jennings, Herbert S., and others 

Suggestions of modern science concern- 
ing education. '17 Macmillan $1 370.4 

Four essays which discuss education from the 
psycho-biological point of view 

**No special system of pedagogy or of educa- 
tional change is proposed, but many underlying 
facts, some of them only recently acquired 
through research, are offered for the upbuilding 
of a better proportioned pedagogic superstruc- 
ture." Survey 39:444 

Smith, William Hawley 

All the children of all the people. '12 
Macmillan $1.50 Teacher's ed $1.10 


*'A plea for the readjustment of public school 
instruction so as to meet the needs of children 
necessarily differing widely in capacity." Pratt 

Spalding, John Lancaster, bishop 

Means and ends of education. '95 Mc- 
Clurg $1.10 370.4 

"Marked by clear thinking, deep sympathy, 
reverent faith in God and human nature, high 
ideals and practical ideas as to working them 
out." (B. A. Hinsdale) A. L. A. 

Thwing, Charles Franklin 

Education according to some modern 
masters. '16 Piatt & Nourse $2 370.4 

"The author has chosen passages from the 
writings of Emerson, Carlyle, Euskin, Mill, 
Gladstone, Arnold, Newman, and Goethe, which 
deal with problems of education, and has ce- 
mented them with his own interpretive com- 
ment." A. L. A. bkl. 

370.6 Associations 

National education association 

Addresses and proceedings. Latest vol. 
National educ. 370.6 

370.9 History of education 

Cloyd, David Excelmons 

Modern education in Europe and the 
Orient. (Home and school ser.) '17 
Macmillan $1.25 370 9 

"Surveys the practical workings of the 
school systems of England, Scotland, France, 
Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Denmark, Nor- 
way, Sweden, Japan and China." Pittsburgh 
Special bibliography at the end of each chapter 

Compayre, Gabriel 

History of pedagogy; tr. by W. H. Payne. 
(Heath's pedagogical lib.) '99 Heath 
$1.75 370.9 

"Condensed statement of aims and systems of 
education. Largely devoted to education in 
France." (Nation) A. L. A. 

Davidson, Thomas 

Education of the Greek people and its in- 
fluence on civilization. (International 
education ser.) '94 Appleton $1.60 

"Prominence given to different stages in 
growth of Greek political, ethical and religious 
consciousness." (Preface) A. L. A. 

History of education. 1900 Scribner $1 


Rousseau and education according to na- 
ture. (Great educators) '98 Scribner 
$1.25 370.9 

De Garmo, Charles 

Herbart and the Herbertians. (Great edu- 
cators. '95 Scribner $1.25 370.9 

Bibliography of Herbartian literature, P257- 

" 'Herbart founded an influential school in 
pedagogy and psychology. Many of the most 
eminent German psychologists owe very much 
to impulses received from Herbart, neglected 
tho his principles are.' " (G. Stanley Hall) 

Dexter, Edwin Grant 

History of education in the United States. 
'04 Macmillan $2 370.9 

Contents : Growth of the people's schools ; 
Higher and special education; Educational ex- 

Bibliography at the end of each chapter 
"Very comprehensive. A survey in less 
than 600 pages, of education in this country to 
the opening of the 20th century. Includes an 
historical sketch of education in every state of 
the Union and of every stage of education from 
the kindergarten to popular lecture courses for 
adults." Pittsburgh 

Emerson, Mabel Irene 

Evolution of the educational ideal. (Riv- 
erside textbooks in education) '14 
Houghton $1.10 370.9 

"A brief, suggestive outline of the great ed- 
ucational movements as developed in response 
to the needs of different stages of civilization, 
from the educational ideals of the Chinese, 
Greeks and Romans, to the 'culture, efficiency 
and character' standards of present day educa- 
tion." Cleveland 

"Intended as an elementary textbook for 
young people in training classes or for teachers 
with no knowledge of the subject." A. L. A. 

Graves, Frank Pierrepont 

Great educators of three centuries; their 
work and its influence on modern edu- 
cation. '12 Macmillan $1.10 370.9 
"In general the book is of the same type as 
Quick's 'Educational reformers' and Hoyt's 
'Studies in the history of education.' The for- 
mer treats most of the same educators with 
others added, the latter, some of the same, but 
fewer in all." R. M. Tryon in School rev. 21: 

Student's history of education, il '15 Mac- 
millan $1.25 370.9 

"Not condensed from the author's 'History 
of education' in three volumes but rewritten 
from a new angle, with stress placed on institu- 
tions and practices, rather than on theories, the 
whole designed to help the teacher understand 
the origin and significance of current practices. 
Devotes about a half of the book to the educa- 



Graves, Frank Pierrepont — Continued 

tion of modern times and emphasizes American 
conditions. Helpful features are the outline at 
the beginning of each chapter and the list of 
books for supplementary reading at the end." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

The author is professor of the history of ed- 
ucation at the University of Pennsylvania. 

Monroe, Paul 

Textbook in the history of education. 'OS 
Macmillan $2 370.9 

" 'Has hit a happy mean between a narrow 
ideal of a 'history of pedagogy' and such a 
general and subjective view as that of Thomas 
Davidson in his little 'History of education.' " 

Author's 'Brief course in the history of educa- 
tion' (1907, Macmillan, $1.40). a condensation 
of this work, is the best brief history." A, L. A. 

Moore, Ernest Carroll 

Fifty years of American education; a 

sketch of the progress of education in 

the United States from 1867 to 1917. '17 

Ginn 80c 370.9 

Richmond, Kenneth 

Permanent values in education. '17 But- 
ton $1.25 370.9 

"Mr. Richmond's thesis is the recognition of 
permanent values in past educational experi- 
ence, their re-interpretation in terms of the 
modern world, and their integration as the 
basis of our educational philosophy." Survey 

Quick, Robert Herbert 

Essays on educational reformers. (Inter- 
national education ser.) '90 Appleton 
$1.60 370.9 

"Traces development of educational ideals 
and methods by a series of keen illuminating 
essays on fourteen great leaders from renais- 
sance to present day." (N.Y. state lib.) 

"Most valuable history of education in our 
mother tongue (1897)" (W: T. Harris) A. L. A. 

Thwing, Charles Franklin 

History of education in the United States 
since the Civil war. '10 Houghton $1.35 


''Excellent survey of educational progress 
during the last half-century. A chapter is given 
to famous teachers of the period." A. L. A. 

371 Teaching. Methods. Discipline 

Betts, George Herbert 

Recitation. (Riverside educational mono- 
graphs) '11 Houghton 70c 371 

"Brief and very practical discussion of the 
purposes and methods of the recitation." 
A. L. A. sup. 

Charters, Werrett Wallace 

Teaching the common branches. '1.3 
Houghton $1.35 371 

"Written primarily for rural schools, the 
book has a sound foundation in proper theory, 
and works out reasons in a clear, sensible, and 
practical way. Each subject is taken up sep- 
arately, with reasons for teaching and some 
workable suggestions as to how. The last four 
chapters discuss general methods. References 
and questions at the ends of chapters and a 
general list of books for collateral reading. Good 
for reference and for teachers in both rural 
and graded schools." A. L. A. bkl. 

Dewey, John, and Dewey, Evelyn 

Schools of to-morrow, il '16 Button $1.S0 


"Presents concretely the ideas and methods 
in elementary education for which Dr. Dewey 
has stood for many years. It is based on his 
own work and that of his daughter, and on the 
work done in schools in different sections of 
the country, the most noted being the Gary 
system. 'Undoubtedly the most significant ed- 
ucational record of the day.' It will probably 
have a marked influence on school curricula 
everywhere." Wis. bul. 

Dinsmore, John Wirt 

Teaching a district school: a book for 
young teachers. '08 Am. bk. $1 371 

"Detailed advice assuming very crude condi- 
tions but earnest in spirit and full of practical 
and helpful suggestions." (N.Y. state lib.) 
A. L. A. sup, 

Earhart, Lida Belle 

Types of teaching. 'IS Houghton $1.35 


**An elementary study for inexperienced 
teachers, taking up briefly types of recitations, 
methods of preparation and presentation, and 
laying particular emphasis on using the social 
activities of the school as a direct means of 
education and on putting the pupils in touch 
with all social agencies in the community. 'The 
best single text in which direct help for the 
teacher is given in well stated relation to the 
larger movement of education.' " (F. A. Manny 
in the Survey) Cleveland 

Finlay-Johnson, Harriet 

Dramatic method of teaching; ed. by 
Ellen M. Cyr. il '12 Ginn $1 371 

'*A practical account of the methods by which 
the head teacher in an English school broke 
away from the traditional manner of teaching 
and utilized the natural activities of the chil- 
dren in adapting or composing and acting plays 
and through them teaching history, literature, 
geography and other subjects of the primary and 
grammar grades. An interesting book which 
contains suggestions worthy and capable of de- 
velopment in our schools.'* A. L. A. bkl. 

Hollister, Horace Adelbert 

Administration of education in a democ- 
racy. *14 Scribner $1.25 371 
"Treats the field of educational administra- 
tion as an organic whole, viewed from the 
standpoint of our democratic ideals. Part one 
considers the origin and early development of 
our school system; part two, society's share in 
the administration, the legal aspects of school 
organization, preparation and selection of teach- 
ers, and school equipment ; part three, the ad- 
ministration of instruction. For a fuller dis- 
cussion see Button and Snedden and for a book 
making comparisons with foreign conditions see 
Perry. Classed bibliography (6p) " A. L. A. 

Horne, Herman Harrell 

The teacher as artist. (Riverside educa- 
tional monographs) '17 Houghton 70c 


"Two short essays one of which aims to show 
that under certain conditions teaching may be- 
come a fine art. and the other to point out what 
these conditions are." Pratt quarterly 

Hyde, William De Witt 

Teacher'8 philosophy in and out of 
school. (Riverside educational mono- 
graphs) '10 Houghton 40c 371 
Kendall, Calvin Noyes, and Mirick, George 

How to teach the fundamental subjects. 
(Riverside textbooks in education) 'IS 
Houghton $1.25 371 

"A book which will be especially useful to 
youn§: teachers, as it not only discusses the 
teaching of elementary subjects but sets forth 
the principles underlying teaching method and 
selection of subject matter, and gives sugges- 
tions for courses of study." Cleveland 

"Devotes half of the space to English, which 

SOCIOLOGY— Education 


Kendall, Calvin Noyes, and Mirick, George 
Alonzo — Continued 

is made to include reading, speaking, composi- 
tion, grammar, spelling, penmanship: considers 
also mathematics, geography, civics and hygiene. 
Frequent reading lists." A. L. A. bkl. 

La Rue, David Wolford 

Science and the art of teaching. '17 Am. 
bk. $1.20 371 

McMurry, Charles Alexander 

Conflicting principles in teaching and how 
to adjust them. '14 Houghton $1.35 


"A suggestive book for teachers. Purposes 'to 
point out the lines of reconciliation by which 
many of the now opposing forces can be brought 
into cooperation, the controversies set aside, 
and, perhaps, the knotty problems solved,'^ il- 
lustrating freely with specific schoolroom situa- 
tions." A. L, A. bkl. 
Elements of general method, rev ed '03 
Macmillan 90c 371 

" 'Simple presentation of aim of education, 
relative value of studies, doctrine of interest, 
culture epochs, theory of arranging studies and 
apperception from Herbartian point of view.' " 
Cti. R. '^haw") A. U A. 

Neill, A. S. 

Dominie's log. '16 McBride $1.25 371 

"Personal narrative of a teacher in a Scottish 
primary school, in which he sets forth his ideas 
on education, tells how he did away with all 
formalities and discipline in the schoolroom, and 
made the 'bairns' think for themselves." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

Patri, Angelo 

Schoolmaster of the great city. '17 Mac- 
millan $1.25 371 

" 'The author, born of immigrant parents in 
a poor district of New York City, passes thru a 
sickly childhood, teaches, goes to college, where 
he falls under the influence of McMurry and 
Dewey, goes back to teaching in the public 
schools, struggles in the grasp of an ironclad 
'system,' and finally rises to be principal of a 
large district school with a polyglot clientele. 
. . . The story of the author's life, his own strug- 
gles, and his dealings with children, teachers, 
and parents is told so beautifully and so dramat- 
ically that it exerts a strange fascination.' " (Na- 
tion, 1917) Pittsburgh 

Phelps, William Lyon 

Teaching in school and college. '12 Mac- 
millan $1 ^ 371 

"In formal essays of marked charm and per- 
sonal flavor discussing the art of teaching, es- 
pecially the teaching of English. Based on 
many years' personal experience and specific and 
practical thruout." N.Y. state lib. 

Strayer, George Drayton 

Brief course in the teaching process. 
(Brief course ser. in education) '11 
Macmillan $1.25 371 

Appendix: Teaching of English in elemen- 
tary schools, by F. T. Baker. 

Collateral reading at the end of each chapter. 

"Author is (1914) professor of educational ad- 
ministration at Teachers college, Columbia uni- 
versity. His book treats of the problems which 
the teacher faces daily in the classroom. It does 
not discuss the theories of education, but rather 
those processes thru which fundamental princi- 
ples are expressed in actual teaching. 

'The strongest phase of Professor btrayer s 
book is to be found in the excellent questions, 
problems and exercises given at the end of each 
chapter.' " (Dial) Pittsburgh 

Strayer, George Drayton, and Norsworthy, 

How to teach. '17 Macmillan $1.30 


"The report of the survey of the Butte public 

school system with details of methods, results, 

and conclusions. 'Thoroly suitable for the 

teacher of some experience. ... It is prob- 
ably a more helpful general statement of present- 
day thinking than any of the several books that 
have appeared on educational theory during the 
past four years.'" (El. school jour. 17:531.) 
A. L. A. bkl. 

Woodley, Oscar Israel, and Woodley, M. 

Profession of teaching. '17 Houghton 

$1.35 ^ 371 

"For teachers and others interested in the 
profession of teaching, non-technical and ad- 
dressed to the average or general reader. The 
first chapter discusses professions in general 
and attempts to establish the position of teach- 
ing as a profession. . . . Important topics 
discussed are : school ethics, aims, social func- 
tion of school, learning process, teaching proc- 
ess, recitation, subject matter, vocational edu- 
cation and guidance. Well chosen lists of se- 
lected readings are given." School rev. 18:238 

How to study 
Adams, John 

Making the most of one's mind. '15 
Doran $1 371 

" *A guide for all students,' analyzing the va- 
rious types of mind and memory and prescribing 
methods of _ study and specific exercises calcu- 
lated to bring each type to higher efficiency. 
Includes chapters on manipulation of the 
memory; the value and various methods of note- 
taking ; the use of text and reference books ; 
how to approach examinations." Cleveland 

Kitson, Harry Dexter 

How to use your mind: a psychology of 
study, il '16 Lippincott $1 371 

"A very practical, sensible and interestingly 
written book on the psychology of study, de- 
signed primarily as a textbook in high schools 
and colleges having courses in methods of study 
and as an aid to grade teachers in their su- 
pervising activities. 

Discusses note-taking, brain action during 
study, formation of study habits, first aid in 
memory, concentration of attention, how we 
reason, expression as an aid in learning, mental 
second wind, etc." Cleveland 

McMurry, Frank Morton 

How to study and teaching how to study. 
'09 Houghton $1.25 371 

"A clear and logical analysis of the nature 
of study, resolving it into eight principal factors 
and examining each in turn in relation to chil- 
dren. Fuller and of more general application 
than L. B. Earhart's 'Teaching children to 
study' (Riverside educational monographs, 
Houghton, 70c) which covers much the same 
ground but is supplementary rather than iden- 
tical, applying especially to elementary schools 
and giving in some cases concrete examples." 
N.Y. state lib 

Whipple, Guy Montrose 

How to study effectively. '16 Public- 
school 50c 37i 

"A series of thirty-eight rules and maxims 
intended for high school or college students. 
The rules are stated so specifically and illus- 
trated so concretely that they can be easily 
followed by pupils in the upper grades, and 
they will be suggestive to elementary teachers 
as well." A. L. A. bkl. 

"The best single statement of the psychology 
of study that has ever been formulated." El 
school jour. 17:141 

School discipline 

Bagley, William Chandler 

School discipline. '14 Macmillan $1.25 371 
"A discussion of discipline emphasizing posi- 
tive and non-coercive rather than restrictive and 
repressive methods. Has chapters on the un- 
ruly school, rewards and penalties, corporal pun- 
ishment, and the relation of the psychology of 
interest and attention to discipline." Cleve- 



Morehouse, Frances Milton 

Discipline of the school. '14 Heath $1.40 


Classed bibliography, P305-11 , . 

"Similar to Bagley in its purpose and its at- 
titude towards the problems, but different .in its 
approach and more general in its discussion. 
ALA bkl. 

"Written in the scientific spirit, which means 
that it is founded upon the best present day 
thought regarding human nature and especially 
child nature, and temperate and moderate 
thruout. Shows a fine balance between what 
might be called the intellectual and emotional 
attitudes in questions of discipline." (M. V. 
O'Shea in School rev.) Cleveland 

Montessori method 

Other books on the Montessori method are: 
Montessori, Maria. Montessori elementary ma 

terial, 19 17, Stokes, $2 
Montessori, Maria, Spontaneous activity in 

education, 1907, Stokes, $2 
Smith, T. L. Montessori system in theory 

and practice, 19 12, Harper, 6oc 

Boyd, William 

From Locke to Montessori. '14 Holt 371 
"The book has unusual value for social workers 
in that it relates the field of the normal to 
that of the defective. Taken together. Dr. Mon- 
tessori's own handbook' and the two works of 
criticism by Kilpatrick and Boyd offer not only 
the best introduction to this much discussed new 
system, but also indicate valuable social consid- 
erations for workers in various divisions of the 
field." Frank A. Manny in Survey 33:339 

Fisher, Mrs Dorothea Frances (Canfield) 

Montessori mother, il '12 Holt $1.35 371 

"Interesting presentation of the Montessori 
system from the viewpoint of a keen, well edu- 
cated American mother who studied it in the 
Casa dei Bambini of the Franciscan nunnery in 
Rome and who returned to apply it as far as 
possible in her own home. She describes with 
some detail the teacher's attitude toward the 
children and the apparatus used . . and in- 
cludes a review of Dr. Montessori's career." 
A. L. A. bkl 

Kilpatrick, William Heard 

Montessori system examined. (River- 
side educational monographs) '14 
Houghton 40c 371 

Author is (1Q14) assistant professor of edu- 
cation at Teachers College, Columbia univer- 

"He is fully acquainted with the history of 
pedagogical development and thoroly conversant 
with the psychlogical basis of educational theory. 
He has made a careful study of Dr. Montes- 
sori's theory, and of her practice at first hand; 
and attempts to show wherein these differ from 
those of the kindergarten, as well as from the 
pedagogical principles upheld by Professor John 
Dewey. He presents clearly and concisely the 
weakness and the strong points of both the new 
system and the old system of Froeiael as it has 
been developed by his disciples. He gives Dr. 
Montessori full credit for her scientific aims 
and for some of her practice, but he does not 
spare critical judgment -when it appears war- 
ranted. (Condensed from Nation, 1914)" Pitts- 

Montessori, Maria 

Montessori method; tr. from the Italian 
by Anne E. George, il '12 Stokes $2 


"Makes available in_ English this remarkable 
educational system which has been so success- 
fully applied by Dr. Montessori in Rome and 
is (19 12) being used experimentally in some 
American schools. The method here set forth 
is intended for children from three to six years 
of age. Its most striking and significant as- 
pects are that it adapts to the education of 
normal children methods and apparatus origi- 

nally used for deficients; that it is based on a 
radical conception of liberty for the pupil; that 
it entails a thoro training of separate sensory, 
motor and mental capacities; and that it leads 
to rapid and easy mastery of the elements of 
reading, writing and arithmetic." Pittsburgh 

371.4 Systems of education 

Pestalozzi, Johann Heinrich 

Educational writings; ed. by J. A. Green 
and Frances A. Collie. (Educational 
classics) '12 Longmans $1.25 371.4 

"Selections which show the essentials of Pes- 
talozzi's doctrine but do not include works 
dealing with his actual educational practice. 
(Abridged from A. L. A. bkl.)" Pratt quar- 

"Supplements J. A. Green's 'Life and work 
of Pestalozzi' (Lond. Clive, 1913)" A. L. A. 

371.42 Vocational 2md industrial 

Cole, Percival Richard 

Industrial education in the elementary 
school. (Riverside educational mono- 
graphs) '14 Houghton 40c 371.42 

"A clear distinction is drawn between indus- 
trial and vocational education and a plea is 
made for including the former in the regular 
curriculum of the elementary schools." Pratt 

Cooley, Edwin Gilbert 

Vocational education in Europe; report 
to Commercial club of Chicago. '15 
Commercial club of Chicago; for sale 
by McClurg $1 371.42 

"A full study of vocational education in 
Germany, and brief surveys of industrial edu- 
cation in Austria and Switzerland." Pratt 

Dean, Arthur Davis 

Our schools in war time — arid after. '18 
Ginn $1.25 371.42 

Contents: Bringing the war into the schools; 
War and community uses of our schools; The 
field for industrial and trade schools; Our col- 
leges and technical institutes; Opportunity for 
manual and household arts; Work impulses of 
youth ; Organized boy power vs. military drill ; 
Red cross and other community work; Reeduca- 
tion of the disabled; Farm cadets; Organization 
of a cadet camp; Summarized program of ac- 

"Kspecial attention is given to the enrich- 
ment of industrial arts courses and to the neces- 
sity for immediate extension along numerous 
vocational lines. ... A plea is made for 
real community and national service as a part 
of training or in addition to the usual school 
training, with the thought that such service 
will enrich rather than restrict the educational 
experience of the boy and girl-" El, school 
jour. 18:814 

Dooley, William Henry 

Education of the ne'er-do-well. (River- 
side educational monographs) '16 
Houghton 70c 371.42 

"Concerned with the needs of the child who 
has no aptitude for literary studies. The au- 
thor, principal of a technical high school in 
Fall River, Mass., makes an earnest plea for 
pre-vocational courses in the grammar school 
and for continuation schools which shall show 
a way out for boys and girls who find them- 
selves in 'blind-alley' jobs. Programs suggested 
are concrete and definite to a very high de- 
gree. (Condensed from Nation, 1916)'* Pitts- 

SOCIOLOGY— Education 


Gillette, John Morris 

Vocational education. '10 Am. bk. $1 

"Interesting presentation of the value, from 
an economic and sociological point of view, of 
vocational education in the elementary schools. 
Valuable for the perspective and breadth of 
vision it affords the teacher." A. L. A. sup. 

Hanus, Paul Henry 

Beginnings in industrial education, and 
other educational discussions, '08 
Houghton $1 371.42 

"Eight short, practical papers, five advocating 
the establishment of continuation schools of me- 
chanical industries, adapted to local needs and 
planned to give boys and girls the mastery of 
a trade." (N. Y. state lib.) A. L. A. sup 

Lapp, John A. and Mote, Carl H. 

Learning to earn; a plea and a plan for 
vocational education, with an introd. by 
William C. Redfield. '15 Bobbs $1.50 

"A vigorous and sound statement of the 
needs for reorganizing the traditional public 
school system of the country. Stress falls not 
upon the primary rewards but upon the neces- 
sity in a democracy of a genuinely universal 
education, which will make equality of oppor- 
tunity a reality for all. The book is alto- 
gether the most complete survey of the many 
phases of the question of industry in educa- 
tion which exists. It even comprises a chapter 
on the use of libraries for vocational pur- 
poses." (John Dewey in the New republic) 

Mr. Lapp is a member of the National com- 
mittee on vocational guidance; Mr Carl Mote is 
the auth.or of "Industrial arbitration." 

Leake, Albert H. 

Industrial education; its problems, meth- 
ods and dangers. (Hart, SchafEner and 
Marx prize essay) '13 Houghton $1.35 


List of authorities consulted, p 196-98 
"A thoro, practical and clear cliscussion of 
the whole problem as it exists today in the 
United States and Canada — history, inadequacy 
of present systems of education, types and meth- 
ods, and dangers. It warns Americans spe- 
cially against accepting German methods in their 
entirety. An excellent book for both teacher 
and general reader. The author is inspector 
of technical education in Ontario, Canada." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

Vocational education of girls and women. 
'18 Macmillan $1.50 371.42 

Author is inspector of manual training and 
household arts, Ontario, Canada 

"The primary purpose of this work . . . has 
been to present condensed and clear-cut state- 
ments of problems, examples of various at- 
tempts at their solution, and critical estimates 
both lay and professional, in as impartial a 
manner as is possible, of their respective weak- 
nesses and advantages. Little discussion of 
theory has been attempted." Preface 

Leavitt, Frank Mitchell, and Brown, Edith 

Prevocational education in the public 
schools. '15 Houghton $1.25 371.42 

"Discusses the need of prevocational work 
as an essential part of the American public 
school system, the present status of the move- 
ment, and presents in detail some of the pre- 
vocational subjects with the teaching methods 
which have proved successful. Of value not 
only to teachers of prevocational classes but to 
teachers in those elementary schools where no 
special provision is made for the retarded pu- 
pil." Cleveland 

McKeever, William Arch 

Industrial training of the boy. il '13 Mac- 
millan 60c 371.42 
Bibliography at end of each chapter 
"A reprint of part one of 'Training the boy,* 

setting forth the author's theory^ that all able- 
bodied boys should be trained In one of the 
trunkline industries as a part of their ordinary 
schooling." Cleveland 

National education association 

Vocational secondary education. (Bui. 
1916, no. 21) '16 pa U.S. educ; Supt. 
of doc. 15c 371.42 

Robison, Emily 

(comp.) Vocational education. (Hand- 
book ser.) '18 Wilson $1.25 371.42 
Bibliography, pref. pii-so 

Roman, Frederick William 

Industrial and commercial schools of the 
United States and Germany. 'IS Put- 
nam $1.50 371.42 

"A thorogoing survey of the growth of in- 
dustrial and commercial education in Germany 
and the United States, made with a view of 
comparing the character, quantity and quality 
of this kind of instruction offered in the ele- 
mentary schools of the two countries." (Book 
rev. digest) Pratt quarterly 

"For those libraries desiring something on 
the subject and unable to afford this book, a 
document by Beckwith, 'German industrial edu- 
cation and its lessons for the United States,* 
(Education bureau bulletin, 1913, no. 19) will 
be of use." A. L. A. bkl. 

Smith, Harry Bradley 

Establishing industrial schools. (River- 
side educational monographs) '16 
Houghton 70c 371.42 

"Purpose is 'to suggest to a state, a city, of 
to any community some concrete and practical 
methods of determining what sort of industrial 
and trade schools it needs, what should be taught 
in them, and how to select and prepare the in- 
structors.* Author is (1916) director of in- 
dustrial education in the New York state col' 
lege for teachers, Albany." A. L. A. bkl, 

Snedden, David Samuel 

Problem of vocational education. (River- 
side educational monographs) '10 
Houghton 40c 371.42 

"Concise, popular summary of the arguments 
for vocational education, its relation to manual 
training and to cultural education, and the 
many problems to be dealt with." A. L. A. 

Taylor, Joseph Schimmel 

Handbook of vocational education, il '14 
Macmillan $1 371.42 

Bibliography, p 180-82 

Contains a list of topics for discussion and 
investigation, and, in appendixes, extracts of 
legislative acts 

"Goes over the ground thoroly and well. 
[The author] knows the literature of the subject 
and has had practical experience in observing 
and administering vocational schools." (Educ. 
rev., 19 14) Pittsburgh 

United States. Labor statistics. Bureau of 

Bulletin; vocational education, Dec. 1916- 
date. 371.42 

Vocational education; its theory, adminis- 
tration and practice. 3v in 1 '12 Hough- 
ton $1.35 371.42 
Contents: Problem of vocational education, 
by David Snedden ; People's school ; a study 
in vocational training, by R. M. Weeks ; Im- 
provement of rural schools, by E. P. Cubberly. 
Originally published as separate volumes of the 
Riverside educational monographs. 

I 74 Vocational guidance 

Many libraries class these books in 174, but 
as they belong in Education, and should have a 
class number there, they are listed here in 
connection with Vocational education 



Bloomfield, Meyer 

(ed.) Readings in vocational guidance. 
'15 Ginn $2.25 174 

"A collection of speeches and addresses ar- 
ranged in four parts with a view to develop- 
ing the subject in a logical and comprehensive 
manner; i, View point; 2, Foundations; 3, Ex- 
amples; 4, Some practical aspects. The au- 
thor is a vocational expert formerly director of 
the Vocation bureau of Boston." Cleveland 
Vocational guidance of youth. (Riverside 
educational monographs) '11 Hough- 
ton 70c . 174 

"Sketches movement for vocational education 
in all countries and development of the pro- 
fession of vocational counselor. Most space is 
given to the Vocation bureau of Boston, of 
which the author was director, being successor 
to the late Frank Parsons, whose detailed ac 
account of the bureau's methods in 'Choosing a 
vocation' (1900) this supplements. Bibliog- 
raphy." N. Y. state lib. 

Youth, school, and vocation; with an in- 
troduction by Henry Suzzallo. '15 
Houghton $1.35 174 

Bibliography, P262-67 

**A practical book on vocational guidance, pre- 
senting the author's philosophy on the sub- 
ject and giving definite helps on administration 
based on experience here and abroad. (Adapted 
from A. L. A. bkl.)" Pratt quarterly 

A book to use with this is the "Readings in 
vocational guidance." 

Brewer, John Marks, and Kelly, Roy Will- 
Selected critical bibliography of voca- 
tional guidance. (Harvard bulletins 
in education, no. 4) '17 Harvard univ. 
press pa 50c 174 

Davis, Jesse Buttrick 

Vocational and moral guidance. '14 Ginn 
$1.50 174 

Contains bibliographies 

"In the first place, it outlines methods by 
which the individual boy or girl may be led 
to determine his bent. In the second place, 
Mr. Davis has, we think, made ethics as ef- 
fective a subject of study as it can be under 
modern conditions, by combining it with vo- 
cational and what he terms 'prevocational' in- 
struction. Finally, he has imparted a new and 
live interest to the study of English composi- 
tion; for he has woven his vocational and moral 
training around the work in English." School 
rev. 23:353 

The second part consists of ten contributions 
by other practical workers. 

Gowin, Enoch Burton, and Wheatley, Wil- 
liam Alonzo 
Occupations; a textbook in vocational 
guidance, il '16 Ginn $1.50 174 

Occupations included are: Agriculture; Com- 
mercial occupations; Transportation; Civil ser- 
vice; Manufacturing; Building trades; Machine 
and related trades; Engineering professions; 
Learned professions and allied occupations. 

Readings and references at the end of each 
chapter; Vocational libraries, P349-50 

* An excellent text. The authors wisely dis. 
cuss groups and classes of occupations, rather 
than detailed trades, and discuss them in a 
thoro and scholarly manner." School rev. 24: 

Hall, Mary E. 
Vocational guidance through the library; 
with a select bibliography by J: G. 
Moulton. '14 A. L. A. pa 10c 174 

Harris, Franklin Stewart 

Young man and his vocation. (Present 
day problems ser.) '16 Badger $1.25 

■■. . 174 

"A brief survey of occupations open to 

young men and the opportunities they offer to- 

gether with several chapters on vocation 
choosing." Pratt quarterly 

Hollingworth, Harry Levi 

Vocational psychology. (Conduct of mind 
ser.) il '16 Appleton $2.50 174 

"The first textbook on the subject, based on 
material presented in a course on psychological 
tests in vocational guidance and selection given 
at Columbia university, where the author is 
associate professor of psychology. 'Professor 
HoUingworth's book is in substance the first to 
set forth the scientific basis of vocational fit- 
ness; if it fails to go as far as one could wish, 
it lays the foundations solidly and shows how 
cautiously one must proceed.* (Dial 71:216) 
Classed bibliography (7p) and appended, tests, 
blanks, and forms." A. L. A. bkl. 

LaSalle, Mary Augusta, and Wiley, Kather- 
ine E. 

Vocations for girls. '13 Houghton $1 


"Describes in a brief, practical manner con- 
ditions of work, necessary qualifications and op- 
portunities for advancement in a dozen or more 
of the commoner occupations open to girls of a 
limited education. Of use to teachers, parents, 
social workers and girls themselves." N. Y. 
state lib. 

Moore, Harry Hascall 

Youth and the nation; a guide to service. 
'17 Macmillan $1.25 174 

"A plea to the young men and boys of the 
nation to help fight disease, crime and poverty, 
and an attempt to inspire them to choose voca- 
tions for public service. Many examples are 
cited of men who have sacrificed personal am- 
bitions for the public welfare." A. L. A. bkl. 

"Tells the stories of many men who are giv- 
ing their lives to the betterment of social condi- 
tions and calls the youth of the nation to combat 
the social and industrial evils existing in our 
midst by educating themselves for social ser- 
vice." Cleveland 

"Good material for teachers of ethics and 
citizenship in the chapters 'Defenders of the na- 
tion', citing men who have forgotten self in fine 
service in all professions and lines of business." 
Wis. bul. 

National vocational guidance association 
Proceedings, latest vol. U.S. Educ. 174 

Weaver, Eli Witwer 

(ed.) Vocations for girls, il '13 Barnes 
80c 174 

" 'A brief summary of conditions governing 
admission to gainful occupations.' Arranged as 
a study course with general chapters on the 
field of women's work, choice, preparation and 
finding an opening, and chapters on special vo- 
cations, supplemented by bibliographies, a list 
of schools offering special training and of the 
free public libraries of New York city." Cleve- 

Weaver, Eli Witwer, and Byler, Jacob 
Profitable vocations for boys. (Voca- 
tional ser.) *15 Barnes $1 174 

"A companion volume to 'Profitable vocations 
for girls.' Presented in form suitable for the 
boy himself or the teacher in the role of voca- 
tional counselor. Contains references for fur- 
ther reading and lists of Boston and Philadel- 
phia schools offering vocational courses." Cleve- 

"The general problem of vocational analysis 
is discussed in a sane and practical manner in 
the first _ few chapters under such headings^^ as 
The preliminary survey. Brief self-examination. 
Choosing an employer, Getting ahead. Scientific 
management and labor laws and labor contracts. 
There follow thirty-two chapters on the principal 
trades and professions, giving briefly but in most 
interesting and readalale form general informa- 
tion on conditions, wages, training necessary for 
entrance, and future opportunities in each." 

SOCIOLOGY— Education 


650.7 Commercial education 

Eaton, Jeannette, and Stevens, Bertha M. 

Commercial work and training for girls, il 
'15 Macmillan $1.50- 650.7 

"Tho a local study prepared under the aus- 
pices of the Girls' bureau, Cleveland. Ohio, and 
devoted to a rather detailed survey of condi- 
ditions in the private, parochial, and philan- 
thropic schools offering commercial work and in 
the offices of 133 establishments, the book, with 
its generalizations and recommendations, should 
prove useful to all those working on the prob- 
lems of vocational guidance and the preparation 
of the grade school child for work. Annotated 
bibliography (4P)." A. L. A. bkl. 

Kahn, Joseph, and Klein, Joseph J. 

Principles and methods in commercial 
education. '14 Macmillan $1.40 650.7 

"The best book on the subject, (1914) cover- 
ing essentials, values and special methods of 
commercial education.'* Cleveland 

371.6 Schools as social centers 

Perry, Clarence Arthur 

Community center activities. '16 Russell 
Sage foundation 35c 371.6 

"Includes a list of practicable school-center 
activities, grouped according to the parts of 
the schoolhouse where they can be carried on; 
descriptions ^ of these activities and directions 
for conducting them, with recommended books ; 
and a few model programs. A suggestive hand- 
book for parent-teacher associations.'* A. L. A. 

Educational extension. (Cleveland edu- 
cation survey) il '16 Cleveland founda- 
tion, Survey committee 25c 371.6 
"Reviews the movement for the use of school 
buildings for social and recreational activities 
in Cleveland, as compared with the similar 
school extension work in other cities, and gives 
an account of the formal organization of the 
Division of school extension, whose function it 
is to administer the evening use of sixteen spe- 
cified school buildings for all purposes other 
than night schools. The author of this par- 
ticularly interesting section is Director of the 
department of recreation, Russell Sage founda- 
tion." Cleveland 

Extension of public education; a study in 
the wider use of school buildings. (U.S. 
Bureau of education. Bui. no. 28) '15 

"In his earlier book he called attention to 
the possibilities of social clubs, evening enter- 
tainments, recreation centers, etc. The present 
bulletin traces the growth of this movement 
as it actually appears in a number of different 
centers. The pamphlet contains photographs il- 
lustrating the different kinds of social organi- 
zations which are now using school plants. The 
tables contain statements of the various centers 
where these different types of activity are under- 
taken. The summaries argue in favor of an ex- 
tension of such w^ork as is represented in these 
different centers." El. school jour. 16:276 

Ward, Edward Joshua 

(ed.) Social center. (National municipal 
league ser.) '13 Appleton $2 371.6 

"Urges with enthusiasm the use of the 
schoolhouse as a center of civic life, as polling 
place, public library, health office, art gallery, 
motion picture theater, etc. Editor is adviser 
[1913] in civic and social center development. 
University of Wisconsin. Bibliography." N. Y. 
state lib. 

School buildings and decoration 

Dillaway, Theodore Milton 

Decoration of the school and home, il '14 
Bradley, M. $2 371.6 

"Gathers together some of the best results 
of recent experiments in beautifying the school 
rooms and grounds and in relating the art 
work of the school to the decoration of the 
home. Includes suggestive list of pictures and 
casts. Text brief and to the point, allowing 
the illustrations to tell much of the story. *No 
other single book treats the whole subject in 
detail so helpfully as this.' " (School arts 14: 
67) A. L. A. bkl. 

Dresslar, Fletcher Bascom 

American schoolhouses. (Bui., 1910, no. 

S) '11 pa U.S. Bu. of educ; Supt. of 

doc. 75c 371.6 

3 7 17 School hygiene, feeding, etc. 

Other valuable books in addition to those 
listed below are: 

Burgenstein, *'School hygiene," 19 15, Stokes 

Gulick and Ayres, "Medical inspection of 

schools," 1913. Survey associates $1.50 
Newmayer, "Medical and sanitary inspection 

of schools," 19 14, Lea $2.50 
Strothers, "School nurse," 1917, Putnam $1.75 

Allen, William Harvey 

Civics and health, il '09 Ginn $1.50 school 
ed $1.25 371.7 

"Popular handbook of practical hygiene in 
relation to school, community and home, urg- 
ing recognition of public responsibility to se- 
cure health of citizens. Based on study of 
New York school children. Illustrated," N. Y. 
state lib. 

Andress, James Mace 

Teaching of hygiene in the grades. 
(Riverside educational monographs) 
as Houghton 75c 371.7 

"Stress is laid not on the pupil gathering 
information on this subject, but on his acting 
in accordance with hygienic principles. . . . 
The author is at present head of the depart- 
ment of psychology, Boston normal school." 
Book rev. digest 

Bancroft, Jessie Hubbell 

Posture of school children, il '13 Mac- 
millan $1.50 371.7 

"Describes physiologic and hygienic causes 
of poor posture and gives exercises for cor- 
rection. Diagrams and well-chosen photographic 
illustrations supplement text which both parents 
and teachers will find simple, practical an^ 
helpful. . . . Bibliography." N. Y. state lib. 

"By the assistant director of physical train- 
ing, public schools. New York city, ex-secretary 
American physical education association, mem- 
ber American association for the advancement 
of science." St. Louis 

Bryant, Louise Stevens 

School feeding; its history and practice at 
home and abroad, il '13 Lippincott 
$1.50 371.7 

"A comprehensive survey of the origin, meth- 
ods of administration and practical results of 
school meals in England, Germany, France, and 
other European countries, as well as in the 
United States." (Survey) Pratt quarterly 

Burks, Francis Williston, and Burks, Jesse 

Health and the school: a round table; 
with an introduction by Frank M. Mc- 
Murry. il '13 Appleton $1.50 371.7 

Popular round-table talks on the relation of 
schools to child-health in which parents, teach- 
ers, the physician, the trained social worker, 
and a business man take part. Intended for 
parents." Wis. bul. 

Burrage, Severance, and Bailey, Henry 

School sanitation and decoration, '99 

Heath $1.60 371.7 



Burrage, Severance, & Bailey, H. T.—Cont. 

"Treats of location, construction, ventilation, 
heating, lighting, sanitary care, furniture, and 
of details of form, finish and decoration. Sug- 
gestive chapter on beauty in school work. List 
of suitable pictures and casts." (N.Y. state 
lib.) A. L. A. 

Dresslar, Fletcher Bascom 

School hygiene. (Brief course ser. in edu- 
cation)- il '13 Macmillan $1.25 371.7 

"A simple, untechnical discussion of almost 
every topic bearing on the health of school chil- 
dren in so far as it comes under the control 
of the teacher, for whom this work is specially 
designed. Chapters are included on open-air 
schools, stuttering, care of exceptional children 
and duties of janitors. Selected references at 
the ends of chapters. Members of school boards 
and others will find many useful suggestions." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

Author is specialist in school hygiene and 
school sanitation, U. S. Bureau of education 

Hoag, Ernest Bryant, and Terman, Lewis 
Health work in the schools. (Riverside 
textbooks in education) il '14 Hough- 
ton $1.60 371.7 

"Covers the field thoroly and yet concisely, 
discussing the general matters of plan of or- 
ganization, the school nurse, grading of pupils, 
medical clinic, school dentistry, the transmissible 
diseases, open-air schools, the teaching of hy- 
giene, etc. References with chapters and sug- 
gestions for a teacher's library." Wis. bul. 

Putnam, Helen Cordelia 

School janitors, mothers and health. '13 
Am. acad. of medicine $1 371.7 

"A popular treatment of the prevention of 
school fatigue by personal cleanliness, exer- 
cise and rest, of the sanitation of the school 
house, and of the work of the janitor in re- 
lation to health. The construction and form 
are more or' less defective because of its origi- 
nal publication in serial articles in the Child- 
Welfare magazine. Not so technical as Cor- 
nell's 'Health and medical inspection of school 
children' but will be useful to parent-teachers' 
associations and to women's clubs." A. L. A. 

Rapeer, Louis Win 

(ed.) Educational hygiene, from the pre- 
school period to the university, il '15 
Scribner $2.25 371.7 

"Twenty-three papers contributed by twenty 
specialists giving information and advice on 
different aspects of the health problem from 
heredity and health in pre-school years to uni- 
versity hygiene and physical education. Vari- 
ous experiments like school feeding and open- 
air schools are discussed, play and recreation in 
general are fully treated and particular em- 
phasis is laid on physical training. The espe- 
cial usefulness of the work lies in its compre- 
hensiveness and suggestiveness on broad lines 
for all classes of readers." Cleveland 

"Those wanting a connected treatment of 
special phases are referred to Dresslar, Hbag, 
and Terman. Tables, chart, and bibliography 
(5P)" A. L. A. bkl. 

Ryan, William Carson, jr. 

School hygiene; a report of the fourth In- 
ternational congress on school hygiene 
held at Buffalo. N.Y., August 25-30, 
1913. (U.S. Education bureau. Bul.. 
113, no. 48) '13 U.S. Educ. 371.7 

''Abstracts of nearly fifty papers covering 
medical inspection, hygiene of building, open- 
air school, oral hygiene, conservation of vision, 
school feeding, sex hygiene, mental hygiene, ath- 
letics and health, and teaching of hygiene." 
Wis. bul. 

Swift, Walter Babcock 

Speech defects in school children and how 

to treat them. (Riverside educational 
monographs) '18 Houghton 75c 371.7 
Taylor, Charles Keen 

Physical examination and training of chil- 
dren, il *14 Winston $1 371.7 

"A practical little book for teachers, physi- 
cal directors, and parents, written in plain, non- 
technical English, but scientifically sound. It 
covers the physical examination and measure- 
ment of children, gives special exercises of a 
corrective nature, and discusses the value and 
use of games and sports. " A. L. A. bkl. 

Terman, Lewis Madison 

Hygiene of the school child. (Riverside 
textbooks in education) il '14 Hough- 
ton $1.65 , 371.7 

"Deals with the hygiene of physical and men- 
tal growth as distinguished from the hygiene 
of the school building or the child's environ- 
ment. A reliable, up-to-date guide for teach- 
ers, and serviceable also for parents. Less 
technical and detailed than Cornell and much 
fuller on the side of personal hygiene and dis- 
eases than Dresslar tho its scope is more lim- 
ited." A. L. A. bkl. 

Teacher's health. (Riverside educational 
monographs) '13 Houghton 70c 371.7 

"The teacher's health is considered as a fac- 
tor in school efficiency. The book maintains 
thE^t medical inspection of schools is incom- 
plete while the teachers are ignored." Pratt 



Clark, Lydia 

Physical training for the elementary 
schools. '17 Sanborn $1.60 371.7 

"Directions for story plays, games, rhythmic 
plays and gymnastics. The material is pre- 
sented by grades, with illustrations and music. 
The author is the director of physical edu- 
cation at the Illinois state normal university." 

Dudley, Gertrude, and Keller, F. A, 

Athletic games in the education of women. 
'09 Holt $1.50 371.7 

"Presents fully and satisfactorily the value of 
athletic ^a_mes in woman's social education and 
as a training for, citizenship." A. L. A. sup. 

Reilly, Frederick Joseph 

New rational athletics for boys and girls. 
'17 Heath teachers' ed 64c; pupils' ed 
2Sc 371.7 


Bancroft, Jessie Hubbell 

Games for the playground, home, school 
and gymnasium. '09 Macmillan $1.50 


"A compilation involving much original re- 
search, by the assistant director of physical 
training in the New York city schools. Con- 
tains over 400 games, of all countries, with 
music, diagrams and pictures where necessary, 
classified and alphabetic indexes and introduc- 
tory history and explanation. Tho primarily for 
the teacher will be a treasury of entertainment 
for children." N. Y. state lib. 

Chubb, Percival E., and others 

Festivals and plays in schools and else- 
where, il '12 Harper $2 371.7 
"Bibliographies, P35S-92 

"Experiments made at the Ethical culture 
school, New York, in its endeavor to incorporate 
the school festival as an integral part of the 
school life and work. Gives excellent sugges- 
tions for the presentation of such festivals thru 
its chapters on festival music, costumes, dances 
and other accessories to this dramatic activity.* 

SOCIOLOGY— Education 


Chubb, Percival E., and ot\i^r^ —Contimied 

*'N. M. Needham's 'Folk festivals; their 
growth and how to give them' (Huebsch, $1.25) 
duplicates little of the above, except in point- 
ing out the value of these celebrations. . . . 
C. D'A. Mackay's 'Patriotic plays and pageants 
for young people' (Holt, $1.35) includes two 
original pageants with full directions for stag- 
ing and costuming and indoor or outdoor pro- 
duction." N, Y. state lib. 

Curtis, Henry S. 

Education through play, il '15 Macmillan 
$1.25 371.7 

"Bibliography at the end of many of the 

His thesis is that play is essentially an edu- 
cational problem and that playgrounds should 
be under the control of the educational au- 
thorities. Considers play in various relations 
and shows its efficacy as a preventive of crime 
and disease. Compares the play systems of 
German, English and . American schools. De- 
scribes in detail playground design and ap- 
paratus." Pittsburgh 

Curtis, Henry Stoddard 

Play movement and its significance. 
(Home and school ser.) '17 Macmillan 
$1:50 371.7 

Contents : Sources of the play movement ; 
Play movement in the United States ; Play at 
the school; Municipal playgrounds; Public rec- 
reation; Other places to play; Play for institu- 
tions; Play in the country; Equipment and sup- 
plies; Boy scouts; Camp fire girls; Recreation 
survey; What is the cost? 

"A history and discussion of the movement 
for organized recreation for all the people in 
our cities, by the author of 'Education thru 
plays/ and 'Practical conduct of play.' " Cleve- 

Johnson, George Ellsworth 

Education by plays and" games, il '07 
Ginn $1.10 school ed 90c 371.7 

"A brief discussion of the meaning of play 
and of the history and place of play in educa- 
tion, and a suggestive course of plays and 
games, graded by age and analyzed to show 
the chief mental activities involved in and de- 
veloped by them." A. L. A. sup. 

"Divides child-life into five successive pe- 
riods of development, discussing the instincts, 
growth and play-needs peculiar to each. The 
material, though not new, is presented in usable 
form and will be of use to parents, teachers and 
municipal authorities asking. What is to be ex- 
pected of the child at various ages and what 
should be done for him? The author was 
president of the Playground association of 
America, 19 10- 13." Cleveland 

Lee, Joseph 

Play in education. '15 Macmillan $1.50 


"The theories are not new, but are presented 
■ here with new emphasis and with many sug- 
gestions, which will show the value of play to 
those who are as yet ignorant and will furnish 
practical helps to those desiring suitable recrea- 
tion for children of different ages. For a book 
which urges that the school solve the play prob- 
lem and tells what has already been done here 
and abroad see 'Education through play,' by 
Curtis." A. L. A. bkl. 

371.9 Education of special classes 

Other valuable books are : 

Binet's "Mentally defective children,' 19 14. 
Longmans $1 , ^ , r ■ 1-1 

Goddard's "School training of defective chil- 
dren," 1914, World book company $1.20 

Groszmann, M. P. E. The exceptional cliild, 
19 1 7, Scribner, $2 . , , 

Huey's "Backward and feebleminded chil- 
dren" 1912, Warwick & York $1.40 

Pintner's "Scale of performance tests," 1917. 
Appleton $2 

See also 362.4 

BacJ^ward children 

Ayres, Leonard Porter 

Laggards in our schools. 4th ed '14 Rus- 
sell Sage foundation $1.50 371.9 
"Presents valuable data as to the part na- 
tionality, physical defects, irregular attend- 
ance, sex and age play in the causes of back- 
wardness, and tabulates results of carefully col- 
lected statistics." A. L. A. sup. 

Bronner, Augusta Fox 

Psychology of special abilities and dis- 
abilities. '17 Little $175 371.9 

"A study of numerous cases of special abil- 
ities in mentally sub-normal children and of 
other children, who, while normal in general 
mental ability, are deficient in some one par- 
ticular ; e.g., number sense, language ability, or 
emotional control. The author is assistant 
director of the Juvenile psychopathic institute 
in Chicago." Cleveland 

Holmes, Arthur 

Conservation of the child; a manual ot 
clinical psychology presenting the ex- 
amination and treatment of backward 
children. (Lippincott's educational ser.) 
il '12 Lippincott $1.25 371.9 

"Brief chionological bibliography on men- 
tally defective children, P343-45 

Practical description by the assistant director 
of the Psychological clinic of the University of 
Pensylvania, of the operation of a clinic for 
the examination and classification of subnormal 

Morgan, Mrs Barbara Spofford 

Backward child. '14 Putnam $1.25 371.9 
"A discussion of the psychology of back- 
wardness in children based on two years' work 
with New York experimental clinic where chil- 
dren are tested and given training suited to 
their individual deficiencies." Cleveland 

"Semi-popular, suggestive to student and 
teacher." A. L. A. bkl. 

Wallin, John Edward Wallace 

Mental health of the school child; the 
psycho-educational clinic in relation to 
child welfare. '14 Yale $2.50 371.9 

"A series of careful studies dealing with spe- 
cial aspects of the educational and psychologi- 
cal questions that arise in the care and study 
of the mentally defective." (Dial) Pratt quar- 

The deaf 
Best, Harry 

The deaf; their position in society and the 
provision for their education in the 
United States. (Library of economics 
and politics) '14 Crowell $2 371.9 

"The fullest compendium of information 
about deaf mutes yet published. The material 
has been gathered from United States and state 
documents, reports of schools for the deaf, and 
other authoritative sources. Takes the socio- 
logical viewpoint. Most space given to educa- 
tion." A. L. A. bkl. 

Nitchie, Edward Bartlett 

Lip reading: principles and practice. '12 
Stokes $1.50 371.9 

"A practical manual of instruction and exer- 
cises by the principal of the New York School 
for the hard-of-hearing." Pratt quarterly 

Negro education 

United States. Education, Bureau of 

Negro education; a study of the private 
and higher schools for colored people 
in the United States; prepared under 
the direction of T. J. Jones. (Bui. 1916, 
no. 38-9) 2v '17 U.S. educ. v 1 $1; v 2 
Supt. of doc. $1.2S 371.9 



Open air schools 

Ayres, Leonard Porter 

Open-air schools, il '10 Doubleday $1.20 

"Follows development in Germany, England 
and United States, presenting facts of admin- 
istration, cost, equipment and results. Bas.ed 
on practical experience. Author is (igio) as- 
sistant director department of child hygiene, 
Russell Sage foundation. Fifty-five half-tones, 
charts, diagrams and bibliography." N. Y. 

state lib. 

Standards, tests and measurements 

Melville, Norbert John 

Standard method of testing juvenile men- 
tality, by the Binet-Simon scale. '17 
Lippincott $2 371.9 

"This 'is the outcome of more detailed re- 
search and gives more adequate attention to de- 
tails of mental testing than does any such 
manual which we have yet seen.* '* El. school 
jour.) Cleveland 

Monroe, Walter Scott; De Voss, James 
Clarence; and Kelly, Frederick James 

Educational tests and measurements. 
(Riverside textbooks in education) '17 
Houghton $1.50 371.9 

"Aims to place in the hands of school teach- 
ers and administrative officers a summary of 
tests and scales which have been published up 
to the present time in each of the elementary 
and high school subjects of study - . . provides 
the reader with very complete bibliographies and 
on the whole will fill a need which has been 
experienced by school men recently for a fairly 
complete compilation of tests which are now 
available." School rev. 25:691 

Rugg, Harold Ordway 

Statistical methods applied to education. 
(Riverside textbooks in education) '17 
Houghton $2 371.9 

Terman, Levels Madison 

Measurement of intelligence. (Riverside 
textbooks in education) il '16 Houghton 
$1.60 371.9 

"A study of the tests for general intelligence 
in school work, designed to detect subnormal 
and precocious children. The author describes 
the original Binet-Simon tests and the assump- 
tions underlying them, takes up the modifica- 
tions worked out at Leland Stanford University, 
gives in detail the tests and revisions for each 
separate year, and has chapters on tests for 
average and superior adults." Cleveland 

372 Education of young children 

Gesell, Arnold Lucius, and Gesell, Beatrice 

Normal child and primary education, il 
'12 Ginn $1.25 372 

"A practical and suggestive discussion of pri- 
mary school pedagogy, based on a biological 
and psychological study of the normal child. 
. . . An attempt [is] made to show that the 
'normal child' is capable of much greater de- 
velopment than the average child of today. Par- 
ticularly adapted for teachers of lower elemen- 
tray grades, normal school classes and college 
students, but useful also to the educated mother. 
An appendix describes the Montessori kinder- 
garten. Annotated bibliography." A. L. A. 
Harrison, Elizabeth 

Study of child nature. '91 Nat. kinder- 

garten college, 2944 Michigan boule- 
vard, Chicago $1 372 
"Talks by an experienced kindergartener; 
suggestive and helpful to mothers and teachers." 
N.Y. state lib.) A. L. A. 

Lynch, Ella Frances 

Educating the child at home; personal 
training and the work habit, il '14 Har- 
per $1 372 

"Maintains that for the first ten years of 
the child's life, the mother with the old-fash- 
ioned methods but with an understanding of the 
individual child, is to be preferred to any 
formal system of instruction. Made up of 
simple directions for teaching elementary sub- 
jects at home, which the^ untrained mother, spe- 
cially in rural communities, may find suggestive 
and helpful. Partly reprinted from the Ladies' 
home journal." A. L. A. bkl. 

"Based upon actual practical expei rence and 
study." Pittsburgh 

Plcdsted, Laura L. 

Handwork and its place in early educa- 
tion, il '13 Oxford $1.60 372 

"Treats in a practical way every kind of 
simple work which might be used in the school- 
room. For the young teacher or the one who 
has little material or who is shut o(£ from the 
inspiration and suggestions of others. Many 
illustrations and a list of references for each 
chapter." A. L. A. bkl. 

Sage, Elizabeth, and Cooley, Anna Maria 
Occupations for little fingers; a manual 
for grade teachers, mothers and settle- 
ment workers, il '05 Scribner $1 372 
"Raffia, coarse sewing, paper cutting, clay 
modeling, weaving, beadwork, etc. Illustrations 
show the stages of the work." A. L. A. sup. 

Tyler, John Mason 

Growth and education. '07 Houghton 
$1.50 372 

"Sensible and interesting introduction to child 
study, presenting the important facts of evolu- 
tion, embryology and physiology which bear on 
the child's growth and development." A. L. A- 

372.2 Kindergarten 

Two useful books in addition to those listed 
below are : 

S. E. Blow's "Educational issues in the kin- 
dergarten," 1908, Appleton $1.60 

N. C. Vandewater's "Kindergarten in Amer- 
ican education," 190S, Macmillan $1.25 

Blow, Susan Elizabeth 

Letters to a mother on the philosophy of 
Froebel. (International educational 
ser.) '99 Appleton $1.60 372.2 

"To those who have sat bewildered by words 
intended to explain the 'Mother-play' these sim- 
ple, direct teachings will be a revelation." (Out- 
look 61:836) A. L. A. 

Froebel, Friedrich WUhelm August 

Education of man; tr. and annot. by W. N. 
Hailmann. (International educational 
ser.) '03 Appleton $1.60 372.2 

"Standard work, published in 1826, contain- 
ing a full exposition of Froebel's philosophy. 
(L&I). .... 

"It measures every intellectual activity by its 
influence on character." (W: T. Harris) 
A. L. A. 

Froebel's chief writings on education, 
rendered into English by S. S. F. 
Fletcher and J. Welton. (Educational 
classics) '12 Longmans $1.25 372.2 

"A useful work for educators, consisting of a 
translation, condensation and rearrangement of 
Froebel's 'Education of man,' with the aim to 

SOCIOLOGY— Education 


Firoebel, Frederic, W. A.~Continued 

t>ring together all his writings on the subject 
of education, and a translation of extracts from 
nis writings on the kindergarten, chosen to 
show their spirit and general method. An intro- 
duction (30P) attempts to show the relation of 
Froebel to the general stream of educational 
thought." A. L. A. bkl. 

Fulmer, Grace 

Use of the kindergarten gifts. '18 
Houghton $1.30_ 372.2 

"A book of inspiration and practical sugges- 
tions for kindergartners. The author has 
taught kindergarten education at Columbia and 
has been assistant superintendent of schools at 
Los Angeles." Cleveland 

Poiilsson, Emilie 
In the child's world. '93 Bradley 372.2 

"Series of morning talks and stories for a 
full year. A pure child's story book with sci- 
entific truth and deep purpose." (Kindergarten 
mag. 6:244) A. L. A. 

Quigley, Margery Closey, and others 

(comps.) Index to kindergarten songs, 
including singing games and folk songs. 
'14 A. L. A. $1.50 372.2 

List of collections indexed with publishers 
and prices. P7-9 

Smith, Nora Archibald 

Home-made kindergarten. '12 Houghton 
75c 372.2 

"For the most part an understanding of how 
to construct the tools and to play the games is 
taken for granted." A. L, A. bkl. 

"A concise little handbook of instructions to 
mothers for directing the work and play of 
children according to methods evolved by a 
successful kindergartner of long experience." 
Pratt quarterly. 

Wiggin, Mrs Kate Douglas (Smith), and 
Smith, Nora Archibald 

Republic of childhood. 3v '95-'96 Hough- 
ton $1 ea 372.2 

"Contents: vi, Froebel's gifts; V2, Froebel's 
occupations; V3, Kindergarten principles and 

An untechnical setting forth of the modern 
American adaptation of Froebel's philosophy. 
Displays much wit, wisdom and philosophy" 
(Buffalo) A. L. A. 

372.6 Story telling 

Bailey, Carolyn Sherwin 

Firelight stories; folk tales retold for kin- 
dergarten, schools and home. '07 Brad- 
ley, M. $1 372.6 
Valuable reference books for the story teller, 

For the story teller. '13 Bradley, M. $1.50 


"Suggestive specially to the inexperienced 
story teller, kindergarten and grade teachers, 
or mother. Discusses various types and shows 
the special appeal of the beginning, the sus- 
pense element, the climax, the instinct story, 
dramatic stories, stories with a sense appeal, 
stories as an aid in developing imagination, 
emotions, verbal expression, etc; with chapter 
on adapting and on planning story groups. 
Many examples better written than some of her 
earlier work." A. L. A. bkl. 
Stories for Sunday telling. '16 Pilgrim 
press $1 372.6 

"The stories are grouped as Sunday fairy 
stories; Stories of play; Holiday stories; Stories 
of everyday." Book rev. digest 

Tell me another story. '18 Bradley, M. 
$1.50 372.6 

"A book of children's stories arranged in 
programs of three each — the stories in each 
program coming under a single definite theme 
more or less familiar to the child's life. Each 

program is arranged on a psychological basis. 
. . ■ Some of the story themes are: The home; 
Clothing;' Trade life; Fall; Christmas; Birds; 
Fairies; Myths. The stories are all such as 
appeal to a little child. . . . They are col- 
lected or adapted from various sources both 
classic and modern." Book rev. digest 

Bailey, Carolyn Sherwin, and Lewis, Clara 

For the children's hour. '06 Bradley, M, 

$1.50 372.6 
Bryant, Sara Cone 

Best stories to tell to children, il '12 

Houghton $1.50 372.6 

"Discussion of purpose, advantage and art of 
story-telling, followed by a selection of graded 
stories and a list of books containing valuable 
material." (N. Y. state lib.) A. L. A. sup. 

How to tell stories to children. '05 
Houghton $1 372.6 

Stories to tell the littlest ones, il '16 
Houghton $1.50 372.6 

"A collection of unusually good home stories 
that have been told by the author to her own 
children. ... A few Swabian and Scotch 
rhymes are included." Wis. bul. 

Coe, Fanny E. 

First book of stories for the story-teller. 
'10 Houghton 80c 372.6 

"Thirty-five stories, suitable for the, second 
grade, adapted from the less known folk tales 
of many nations. There is one division of 
stories from real life. Very simple in treat- 
ment." Pratt quarterly 

Second book of stories for the story-teller. 
'13 Houghton 80c 372.6 

Houghton, Mrs Louise (Seymour) 

Telling Bible stories, new ed with appen- 
dix and bibliography. '12 Scribner $1.50 

Lyman, Edna 

Story telling; what to tell and how to tell 
it. 4th ed '13 McClurg 75c 372.6 

"Illuminating advice to parents and teachers 
on selection and telling of stories by an experi- 
enced story-teller who appreciates their ethical 
and educational value. Offers suggestions for 
programs, definite directions for the use of the 
epic tales and suggestive lists of stories and 
reference books. Designed for beginners." 
N.Y. state lib. 

Marzials, Ada M. 

Stories for the story hour from January 
to December, il '16 Dodd $1.25 372.6 
"Short stories . . to be told to children. 
There are two or more stories fitted to the 
months of the year to illustrate things which 
happen in the month." (A, L. A. bkl.) Pratt 

Olcott, Frances Jenkins 

(ed.) Good stories for great holidays, il 
'14 Houghton $2 ^ 372.6 

"One hundred and twenty stories for seven- 
teen holidays, from many sources. The book 
is specially valuable for story-telling, with use- 
ful subject and title indexes, and reference lists 
of stories not included here." Wis. bul. 

(comp.) Story-telling poems. '13 Hough- 
ton $1.25 372.6 
"Well selected collection of narrative poems 
arranged by subject and graded as far as pos- 
sible for use in the first eight grades. Good 
index." N. J. lib. bul. 

Power, Effie Louise 

(ed.) Lists of stories and programs for 
story hours. '15 Wilson pa 20c 372.6 
"Story hour material which was first printed 
in the monthly bulletin of the St. Louis pub- 
lic library for August, 1914. Lists of stories 
and suggestions for story hours are arranged 



Power, Effie Louxse— Con/jiiit^d 

for the little children and for the older ones, 
with information as to sources and versions. 
Contains also a list of stories for special holi- 
days Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Ar- 
bor day, selections of modern narrative poems 
and prose selections to be read aloud, an an- 
notated list of books about story telling and 
indexes of stories used and books cited. 
A. L. A. bkl. 
Shedlock, Marie L. 
Art of the story-teller. '15 Appleton $1.75 


"One of the best books on story-telling, writ- 
ten from the author's own wide experience, 
richly illustrated wih anecdotes and quotations 
from literature. Part one tells what to seek 
and what to avoid and suggestively answers 
many practical questions, asked by teachers and 
story tellers; part two contains eighteen stories 
used frequently by the author; part three has 
a specialized list of stories chosen from private 
research and experience.'* A. L. A. bkl. 

Whiteman, Edna 

Stories to tell to children. '16 Carnegie 
library 25c 372.6 

374 Self education 

Avebury, John Lubbock, 1st baron 

Use'of life, new ed 'IS Alacmillan $1 


Contents: Great question; Tact; Money mat- 
ters; Recreation: Health; National education; 
Self-education; Libraries; Reading; Patriotism; 
Citizenship: Social life; Industry; Faith; Hope; 
Charity; Character; Peace and happiness; Re- 

"It suggests thoughts; it answers questions 
without troubling us to ask them; it reasons 
and does not dogmatize; it is cheerful, humor- 
ous, charitable and conscientious." (Ann. Am. 
acad. 46:445) A. L. A. 

Hale, Edward Everett 

How to do it: (added) How to live, new 
ed '04 Little $1.25 374 

"Familiar chapters on how to talk, write, 
go in society, and various other things some- 
times dreaded by young people because they 
are not just sure 'how.' " (N. Y. state lib.) 
A. L. A. 

Hamerton, Philip Gilbert 

Intellectual life. '02 Little $1 374 

"Practical and suggestive talks on education, 
power of time, influence o£ money, women and 
marriage, society and solitude, surroundings, 
etc., from the point of view of an accomplished 
art critic and author.' " (N. Y. state lib.) 
A. L. A. 

Munger, Theodore Thornton 

On the threshold, rev ed '92 Houghton 

$1 374 

Contents: Purpose; Friends and companions; 

Manners: Thrift; Self-reliance and courage; 

Health; Reading; Amusements; Purity; Faith 

Smiles, Samuel 

Self-help; with illustrations of character, 
conduct and perseverance, new ed '04 
Harper $1 374 

"Inspiriting, practical suggestions for making 
the most of life. ■ Full of pithy extracts and 
anecdotes." (Scribner) A. L. A. 

374.3 Women's clubs 

Burrell, Mrs. Caroline Frances (Benedict) 
Complete club book for women. '15 Page 
$1.25 374.3 

"Certainly not a complete club book. De- 
signed as a companion to the author's 'Wo- 
man's club work and programs,* this volume 

provides a number of topics for miscellaneous 
programs, more up to date than those in the 
earlier book, suggests broadly lines of develop- 
ment and useful reference books, but does not 
furnish definite programs. It offers the type 
of material for which small-town clubs are ask- 
ing and may be suggestive to those seeking 
variety in their programs, but there are better 
books, notably Roberts," A. L. A. bkl. 

Woman's club work and programs; or, 
First aid to club women. '13 Page $1.25 


"Twenty suggestive programs on special Sub- 
jects in history, literature, travel, art, civics, 
home economics, etc., each offering material 
for a year's study and citing a few books to 
be used. Appeared in Woman's home com- 
panion." N. Y. state lib. 

Another suggestive book is A. H, Cass's 
"Practical program for women's clubs," 1915, 
McClurg 75c. 

Official register and directory of the wo- 
men's clubs in America; containing also 
a directory of club lecturers and enter- 
tainers, latest vol. il H. M. Winslow 
Shirley, Alass. pa $2 374.3 

Roberts, Kate Louise 

(comp.) Club woman's handybook of 
programs and club management. '14 
Funk 75c 374^ 

"Besides suggestions for subjects and outjines 
for club study, has an alphabetical list of parlia- 
mentary rules, information on how to form a 
club, how and where to get help, and a full 
index. Contains less material than Burrell but 
more on topics of current interest. Programs 
are not so closely analyzed but have more origi- 
nal suggestions; bibliographies are fuller but 
not so closely related to topics. A. L. A. bkl. 

375 Curriculum 

Eaton, Theodore Hildreth 

Study of organization and method of 
the course of study in agriculture in 
secondary schools. '18 Teachers college 
$2 375 

"Author has organized the material around 
the following general topics: classification, selec- 
tion of schools, surroundings, description of 
schools, aims, equipment, teachers, salaries, enrol- 
ment, age of pupils, entrance requirements, units 
of agriculture offered in high schools, course of 
study, arrangement of time, method, extension 
work, correlation, and adj ustment. . . . The 
book is the result of much care, labor, and ex- 
pense, ... It deserves a wide circulation 
since it contains an accurate and first hand re- 
port of what many of the best agricultural 
schools of the country are doing today." 
School rev. 26 : 145 

Snedden, David Samuel 

Problems of secondary education. (River- 
side textbooks in education) '17 Hough- 
ton $1.50 375 

"Author believes there is need of reform- 
ulating the aims of secondary education ^ mi 
terms of the new social, industrial and civic 
demands. He considers in detail the purposes 
actually served by the high school curriculum, 
and raises scores of questions which college au- 
thorities, supervisory of&cers, and high school 
principals and teachers must face and attempt 
to solve." Pittsburgh 

376 Education of women 

See also under 378, Colleges and universities 

Brown, Helen Dawes 

Talks to freshman girls. '14 Houghton 
75c 376 

SOCIOLOGY— Education 


Brown, Helen Dawes — Continued 

"Four brief essays containing advice on 
studies, reading, writng, and living." Pratt 

Talbot, Marion 

Education of women. '10 Univ. of Chi- 
cago $1,25 376 

"Considers women's education from stand- 
point of present social and economic needs, 
studies the curriculums of typical schools and 
colleges and pleads for practical and scientific 
courses which will will equip women for the 
obligations of life." N. Y. state lib. 

377 Religious and ethical education 

Adler, Felix 

Moral instruction of children. (Interna- 
tional educational ser.) '92 Appleton 
$1.60 377 

"Holds that public schools should train moral 
perceptions and teach filial, fraternal and civic 
duties. Discusses practicable, non-sectarian 
methods." (N. Y. state lib.) A. L. A. 

Coe, George Albert 

Social theory of religious education. '17 
Scribner $1.50 377 

"The first attempt to work out in a syste- 
matic way the consequences that will follow 
for religious education when it is controlled 
by a fully social interpretation of the Christian 
message." Cleveland 

Cope, Henry Frederick 

Religious education in the family. (Pub- 
lications in religious education) '15 
Univ. of Chicago $1.25 377 

By the general secretary o£ the Religious edu- 
cation association. 

Davidson, John 

Means and methods in the religious edu- 
cation of the young; with special ref- 
erence to the Sunday school. '17 Long- 
mans $1 377 
Dawson, George E. 

Child and his religion. '09 Univ. of Chi- 
cago 75c 377 

"Shows the wisdom of following the natural 
instincts and interests of the child in religious 
as well as in secular education. For parents 
and Sunday-school teachers." A. L. A. sup. 

Dewey, John 

Moral principles in education. (River- 
side educational monographs) '09 
Houghton 40c 377 

"Constructive study of the school as an 
ethical institution; the best brief presentation 
of the view that education must be fundamen- 
tally a social process if it is to be morally 
effective." (Harvard guide) A. L. A. sup. 

Hodges, George 

Training of children in religion. '11 Ap- 
pleton $1.75 377 

"Practical chapters on the education of chil- 
dren under fifteen in religion as distinct from 
ethics, from the viewpoint of modern liberal 
orthodoxy." A. L. A. sup. 
Moral training in the public schools: the 
California prize essays by C. E. Rugh 
and others. '07 Ginn $1.50 school ed 
$1.25 377 

" A notable contribution to the discussion 

of moral education and allied problems and 

simplicity of treatment makes it easy reading. 
(W. S. Monroe) A. L. A. sup. 

National education association 

Essentials of character. '10 Macmillan $1 

'16 National educ. pa 30c 377 

"Five prize essays, which won m a contest 

conducted by the National education association, 

with a synopsis of other essays submitted. The 
American journal of theology says, 'Taken to- 
gether, this collection is perhaps the best pres- 
entation of the various aspects of the prob- 
lem of religious education in public schools 
that has been made. . . . Bibliography (6p)' " 
A. L. A. bkl. 

Palmer, George Herbert 

Ethical and moral instruction in schools. 
(Riverside educational monographs) '09 
Houghton 40c 377 

"Opposes direct teaching of ethical theory 
and argues in favor of indirect moral training 
secured by maintaining a high moral tone in 
all the activities of school life." A. L. A. 

Peabody, Francis Greenwood 

Religious education of an American citi- 
zen. '17 Macmillan $1.25 377 

Contents: Religious education of an Amer- 
ican child ; American boy and his home ; Re- 
ligion of a college student; Universities and the 
social conscience; Religious education of an 
American citizen ; American character ; Dis- 
cipline; Power; Perspective; Expansion of re- 
ligion; Conversion of militarism; Place of Jesus 
Christ in a religious experience 

"A frank consideration of the direction of 
the religious life of the American from child- 
hood to maturity. . . It should interest 
parents and educators in general." A. L. A. 

Rankin, Mary Everett 

Course for beginners in religious edjica- 
tion. '17 Scribner $1.25 377 

"Lessons for children of five years of age, 
prepared by the instructor in kindergarten ed- 
ucation in Teachers college, Columbia uni- 
versity. The prefatory material on story-telUng, 
handwork and the teaching of prayers and 
hymns is valuable." Cleveland 

Sharp, Frank Chapman 

Success: a manual of moral instruction 
for the high school. 2d ed '13 Univ of 
Wisconsin 377 

"For a number of years Professor Sharp 
has been trying a certain method of leading 
pupils to reflect upon the moral problems of 
their daily lives, and to solve these problems 
in view of certain principles of right and 
wrong behavior. He has had extraordinary suc- 
cess in arousing interest on the part of high 
school and university students in problems of 
conduct ; and with his method he has also de- 
veloped in his pupils an unusual keenness in 
thinking straight thru a moral situation, and 
reaching a sane conclusion regarding right con- 
duct in reference to it. 

In the present volume he presents his method 
for the use of high school pupils and teach- 
ers." M. V. O'Shea in School review 21 1260 

Sneath, Elias Hershey, and Hodges, George 

Moral training in the school and home; a 
manual for teachers and parents. '13 
Macmillan 80c _ 377 

"Contains bibliographies. 

" 'Eschews ethics as a subject for direct teach- 
ing and lays the emphasis upon such indirect 
instruction as may be given in connection with 
the ordinary every-day life ... in the school 
and the home. ... A worthy and inspiring 
guide.' " (Educ. rev. 1914) Pittsburgh 

Wilbur, Mary Aronetta 

Child's religion. '17 Houghton $1 377 

"A discussion of the various ways one may 
best present religion to the comprehension of a 
child. It is based on the author's own ex- 
perience." (Review of reviews) Cleveland 

378 Colleges and universities 

Other useful books in addition to those listed 
below are: 

Converse, Florence. "Story of Wellesley," 
1915, Little $2 



Colleges and universities — Continued 

Dexter, "Documentary history of Yale uni- 
versity," 1916, Yale university press $5 

Haight and Taylor, "Vassar," 1916, Oxford 
university press $2 

Mathews, L. K., "Dean of women, ' 1915. 
Houghton $2 

Newman, "Idea of a university," 1902, Long- 
mans $1.25 T- T 

Norris, "Story of Princeton," 1917* Little ?2 
Oviatt, "Beginnings of Yale," 1914* Yale 

university press $3-5° 
Pier, "Story of Harvard," 1913, Little $2 
Quint,, "Story of Dartmouth," i9i4» Little 

Spring, "History of Williams college, i9i7» 

Houghton $3 
Thwing, "History of higher education m 

America," 1906, Appleton $3.50 

Canby, Henry Seidel 

College sons and college fathers. '15 Har- 
per $1.50 378 

"Ten crisp essays; seven considering college 
education from the angles of the undergraduate, 
the professor, the parent, and results achieved, 
three devoted to current literature and English 
teaching. Readable, thoughtful, and interest- 
ing, specially so from the author's position as 
assistant professor of English at Yale. Revised 
from articles which appeared in Harper's maga- 
zine and the Yale review." A. L. A. bkl. 

Fitch, Albert Parker 

College course and the preparation for 
life. ^14 Houghton $1.25 378 

"These chapters based on talks to men un- 
dergraduates, written by the president of An- 
dover theological seminary, show a high ap- 
preciation of the idealism of youth, and of the 
severe tests and great opportunities of college life. 
The social and religious problems to be met 
are presented with the greatest sympathy." Wis. 

Foster, William Trufant 

Should students study? '17 Harper 50c 


"An informal discussion of the value of a 
college education, by the president (1917) of 
Reed college. He questions the time-old asser- 
tion that it is the 'college life' that counts, 
and brings forward statistics to show the re- 
lation between a high grade of scholarship in 
college and success in after life." Pittsburgh 

Gauss, Christian Frederick 

Through college on nothing a year. '15 
Scribner $1 378 

"Informal account by a Princeton student 
of how he went to college, a lad from the 
slums, with three dollars in his pocket, aiid 
managed with exceptional grit coupled with busi- 
ness ability to work his way thru, and com- 
plete his studies creditably." N.Y. state lib. 

Hawthorne, Hildegarde 

Rambles in old college towns, il '17 Dodd 
$2.50 378 

"Jefferson, William and Mary, Annapolis, 
Princeton, Yale, Brown, Harvard, Williams, 
Bowdoin, Dartmouth, Amherst, West Point and 
Cornell, for the men's, and Wellesley, Smith 
and Vassar for the women's colleges, are de- 
scribed in these short rambles in the east and 
south. Illustrated by sketches." A. L. A. 

Hyde, William De Witt 

College man and the college woman. '06 
Houghton $1.50 378 

"Readable addresses and essays on the func- 
tion and value of college life, and the spirit, 
ideals, problems and possibilities of college 
youth, by the president (1906) of Bowdoin col- 
lege." (N.Y. state lib.) A. L. A. sup. 

Keppel, Frederick Paul 

Undergraduate and his college. '17 
Houghton $1.60 378 

"Discusses the problems of college life and 

administration from the standpoint of a dean 
who has had a large and sympathetic experience 
of undergraduates, their questions and their 
difficulties. It is fair-minded and frank in tone, 
easy and understandable — like the talk of an 
experienced college man to younger men inter- 
ested in college life. Of special interest to col- 
lege graduates or anyone thinking of going to 
college." A. L. A. bkl. 

Lockwood, Francis Cummins 

(comp.) Freshman and his college. '13 
Heath 80c 378 

Bibliography, pi5S-56 

"A book for boys entering college, giving 
frank, sensible advice on college ideals and 
temptations. Includes some of the best re- 
cent utterances on the organization of physi- 
cal, mental and moral strength for personal and 
social ends, notably William James' chapter 
on habit." Cleveland 

Smith, Goldwin 

Oxford and her colleges. '94 Macmillan 
$1 378 

"Local guide book, university history and 
educational essay all in one." (N. M. Butler 
in Educ. rev. 7:500) A. L. A. 

Thwing, Charles Franklin 

American college; what it is, and what it 
may become. '14 Piatt & Nourse $2 

"Author is (1914) president of Western Re- 
serve university. He discusses the purpose of 
a college education, the duties of president, 
faculty and trustees, the work of the student, 
coeducation, college life and the financial rela- 
tions of the college.'* Pittsburgh 

Training of men for the world's future. 

'16 Piatt & Nourse $1.25 _ 378 

"Sketches some of the contributions which 
the university and college can make toward 
the reconstruction of the world, which is bound 
to follow upon the close of the Great war." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

Wilson, Calvin Dill 

Working one's way through college and 
university. '12 McClurg $1 378 

"Describes methods by which students can 
support themselves while in college, giving lists 
of occupations and citing many actual cases of 
men and women thus successful. Includes con- 
siderable information as to comparative expenses 
and entrance requirements of various colleges." 
N.Y. state lib. 

3 79 Public schools 

Bennett, Henry Eastman 

School efficiency; a manual of modern 
school management. '17 Ginn $1.25 


"The author has covered in one volume the 
whole field of education from school ventila- 
tion to community cooperation. A useful, up- 
to-date book for the teacher with limited re- 
sources and supervision." Cleveland 

Readings at the end of many of the chapters 

Cabot, Mrs Ella Lyman 

Volunteer help to the schools. (Riverside 
educational monographs) '14 Hough- 
ton 70c 379 

"Examines and classifies the sources of out- 
side help and the field in which it can be of 
most use, with many examples of what has 
been done for the recreation, training, and 
health of school children. Most space is given 
to vocational training. Covers much the same 
ground as Denison's 'Helping school children,' 
but more concisely and theoretically." A. L. A. 

Cubberley, EUwood Patterson 

Public school administration. (Riverside 

SOCIOLOGY— Education 


Cubberley, Ellwood Patterson— Continued 
textbooks in education) il '16 Hough- 
ton $1.75 379 
"A conservative, serviceable work for school 
superintendents and school boards in smaller, 
as well as larger cities, covering every phase 
of school administration." Wis. bul. 

Denison, Elsa 

Helping school children, il '12 Harper 
$1.40 379 

"Stimulating report of an investigation made 
for the Bureau of municipal research, sum- 
marizing the work in 400 cities of women's 
clubs, doctors, business men and others in un- 
official cooperation with the public school. Shows 
what has been done for amusements, hygiene, 
vocational education, etc., and points out fur- 
ther ways of rendering service." N. Y. state 

Dutton, Samuel Train, and Snedden, David 

Administration of public education in the 
United States, new ed '12 Macmillan $2 


"Scholarly and comprehensive, dealing with 
development, present condition, problems and 
tendencies of public school organization and 
management." (N.Y. state lib.) A. L. A. sup. 

"Presents a fund of valuable information not 
elsewhere available in a single volume." Ann. 
Am. acad. 52:228 

Garij schools 

Bourne, Randolph Silliman 

Gary schools, il '16 Houghton $1.15 379 

Bibliography. pS-g 

"Gives the community setting; then describes 
the school plant, its functions in directing the 
work, study, play of the child, the organiza- 
tion, curriculum, and discipline; points out the 
merits of the plan and discusses various criti- 
cisms and evaluations which have been made. 
An appendix gives Superintendent Wirt's re- 
ports on the reorganization of the New York 
schools. Valuable where special study is being 
made of the system ; many libraries will find 
sufficient material in Dewey's 'Schools of to- 
morrow' or the government document by Bur- 
ris." A. L. A. bkl. 

379.17 High schools 

Brown, John Franklin 

American high school. '09 Macmillan 
$1.40 379.17 

References at the end of each chapter 
"Discusses from the educator's standpoint^ its 
function, organization and management, curricu- 
lum, teaching force, material equipment, and so- 
cial life." A. L. A. sup. 

Colvin, Stephen Sheldon 

Introduction to high school teaching. 
'17 Macmillan $1.60 379.17 

Selected bibliography, P383-94 

"Written primarily for the college student 
who is about to begin teaching. Treats of the 
present-day high school and its aims, the charac- 
teristics of adolescence, problems of class man- 
agement and instruction, and the professional 
ideals and ambitions which a prospective teacher 
should possess. Numerous examples, taken 
from actual practice, give point to the facts and 
principles discussed." Pittsburgh 

De Garmo, Charles 

Principles of secondary education, new 
and enl ed il '13 Macmillan $1.25 

A new and enlarged edition of the author's 
"Studies." Two other volumes are "Processes 
of instruction" and "Ethical training," $1 each 
"The thing of most value in this book is the 
broad view presented in the impartial treat- 
ment of the function and worth of the studies 
and study groups." D. W. Horton in School 
rev. 22:349 

Hinchman, Walter Swain 

American school. (American books) '16 
Doubleday $1 379.17 

"A handbook on the problems in American 
schools, written especially to interest parents. 
Junior and senior high schools are endorsed, and 
model curricula are suggested for a junior 
school giving three years of general scientific 
or vocational training. Has excellent chapters 
on methods, athletics, and morality and relig- 
ion." Cleveland 

HoUister, Horace Adelbert 

High school and class management. *15 
Heath $1.40 379.17 

"Very much unlike many efforts of the kind, 
it contains matter of real interest for the teacher, 
principal, superintendent, school-board member, 
and even for the teachers' agency. The style 
is simple and interesting, the subject-matter vi- 
tal, and the presentation clear and concise." 
B. F. McCormack in School rev. 24:480 

Inglis, Alexander James 

Principles of secondary education. (Riv- 
erside textbooks in education) '18 
Houghton $2.75 379.17 

"The author has had experience in second- 
ary-school teaching and administration, and is 
at present assistant professor of education at 
Harvard. The book is divided into three parts. 
Part I is devoted to the 'raw materials of edu- 
cation,' viz., the pupils, and its discussion has 
as its topics: mental traits, physical traits, in- 
dividual differences, and the character and classi- 
fication of secondary-school population. Part 
2 deals with the school as a social institution, 
its character, place, and function. Part 3 takes 
up the means and materials of secondary edu- 
cation, beginning with a dissertation on the pro- 
gram of studies — criteria of subject values." 
Book rev. digest 

"In the writer's judgment it is the most sci- 
entific work on secondary education that has 
appeared in recent years." School rev. 26:225 

Judd, Charles Hubbard 

Psychology of high school subjects, il '15 
Ginn $1.50 379.17 

"A comprehensive and informative discussion 
of the issues involved in high school pedagogy." 

"A helpful and informing book for high 
school teachers, superintendents, and progressive 
parents." A. L. A. bkl. 

King, Irving 

High school age. (Childhood and youth 
ser.) il '14 Bobbs $1.25 379.17 

"A useful summary of the more important 
results of modern investigation regarding the 
physical changes and parallel intellectual and 
emotional developments occurring in the early 
teens, in their relation to high school problems, 
such as efficiency in work, recreation, etc. Sta- 
tistical tables afford interesting comparison be- 
tween observations in the large and small high 
school." Cleveland 

Lewis, William Dodge 

Democracy's high school. (Riverside edu- 
cational monographs) '14 Houghton 
70c 379.17 

"Eloquent and suggestive discussion for 
parents and teachers, of the need to reorganize 
the average high school, which now overem- 
phasizes college preparatory subjects, and fails 
to meet the needs of ninety per cent of students 
who never go to college. Reprinted from the 
Outlook and Saturday Evening Post." N.Y. 
state lib. 

Monroe, Paul 

(ed.) Principles of secondarj'- education. 
(Textbook ser. in education) '14 Mac- 
millan $2 ^ 379.17 
"Signed articles by specialists, covering his- 
tory, present day systems, value, place in the 
curriculum and methods of teaching the various 
high school studies. The material is well or- 



Monroe, Paul, (ed.) — Continued 

ganized and the book will accomplish its pur- 
pose of 'furnishing the student with a body 
of fact and opinion covering the whole field of 
secondary education.* " Cleveland 

References at the end of many of the chap- 

Parker, Samuel Chester 

Methods of teaching in high schools, il 
•IS Ginn $1.50 379.17 

"A helpful manual for the classroom teacher, 
well arranged and full of illustrative material, 
based on the author's experience in teaching 
educational methods at the University of Chi- 
cago. Aims to bring about a better type of 
instruction 'by adapting all instruction to con- 
temporary social needs, by basing methods of 
instruction on sound psychological principles 
which have been determined, as far as possible, 
experimentally, and by applying principles of 
scientific management to the conduct of all 
teaching.' Bibliographies at chapter ends." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

Sachs, Julius 

American secondary school and some of 
its problems. (Teachers 'professional 
lib.) '12 Macmillan $1.10 379.17 

"A forcible plea for more efficient work in 
the classroom, as well as for enlarged oppor- 
tunities for the teacher. Methods here and 
abroad are eiTectively contrasted. (Adapted 
from Nation)" Pratt quarterly 

By the professor of secondary education in 
Teachers college 

Rural schools 

Other books are: 

Foght's "American rural school, 1910. Mac- 
millan $1.25 

Kennedy's "Rural life and the rural school, 
1915, American book company 8oc 

Betts, George Herbert, and Hall, Otis Earle 

Better rural schools, il '14 Bobbs $1.25 


"Excellent systematic treatment, primarily 
for teachers and administrators, discussing cur- 
riculum, teacher, consolidation of district schools, 
administration, outlook, etc. Illustrations, 

plans, charts, questions for discussion and bib- 
liography." N. Y. state lib. 

See also his "New ideas in rural schools," 
IQ13, Houghton 70C 

Carney, Mabel 

Country life and the country school; a 
study of the agencies of rural progress 
and of the social relationship of the 
school to the country community. '12 
Row $1.25 379.17 

"Contains bibliographies. 

"Considers count r}' life as influenced by the 
home, the country church, the grange, farm- 
er's institutes, and, particularly by the schools. 
Advocates consolidation of schools and cen- 
tralization of community life at the school." 

Cubberley, Ellwood Patterson 

Improvement of rural schools. (River- 
side educational monographs) maps '12 
Houghton 40c 379.17 

"A concise statement of the changed eco- 
nomic conditions of farming communities which 
have resulted in a decrease in the efficiency 
of the rural schools, together with suggestions 
as to the steps necessary to their betterment, 
centralization of authority, consolidation of 
schools, a changed attitude towards methods 
both financial and supervisory. (Adapted from 
School rev.)" Pratt quarterly 

Eggleston, Joseph Dupuy, and Bruere, Rob- 
ert Walter 

Work of the rural school, il '13 Harper 
$1 379.17 

"Interesting, thoro survey of country schools, 
especially considering their agency in the bet- 
terment of rural conditions. Definite and prac- 
tical in treatment, giving concrete examples of 
what the rural schools are doing in various 
parts of the United States. Will appeal to 
general readers as well as teachers." N. Y. 
state lib. 

"Mr. Eggleston was formerly chief of field 
service in rural education of the U. S. Educa- 
tion bureau." A. L. A. bkl. 

Foght, Harold Waldstein 

Rural teacher and his work; in commu- 
nity leadership, in school administra- 
tion and in mastery of the school sub- 
jects. '17 Macmillan $1.40 379.17 

"A companion volume to his 'American rural 
school' by the U. S. Bureau of education spe- 
cialist in rural school practice." Cleveland 

Bibliography, p345-54 

Rural life and education; a study of the 
rural school problem as a phase of the 
rural life problem. (Riverside text- 
books in education) il maps '14 Hough- 
ton $1.50 379.17 

"Bibliography, P349-62 

"A historical and practical discussion of the 
rural school problem as a factor in the devel- 
opment of rural life. laying emphasis also on 
the rural library and school library as impor- 
tant educational agencies. The author is pro- 
fessor of education at Leland Stanford uni- 
versity. The work with its valuable charts, 
maps and annotated bibliography *is especially 
well adapted as a textbook for high, normal, 
agricultural and other schools having training 
classes for rural teachers.' " (Survey) Cleve- 

Kilpatrick, Marion G. 

Rural school from within. '17 Lippincott 
$1.28 379.17 

"The author's experience twenty-five years 
ago in a Kansas rural school followed by later 
and wider educational work, is the basis lor this 
sympathetic and constructive presentation, _ in 
informal autobiographical and loosely organized 
chapters, of the rural school problem. The book 
is unique and already popular with rural teach- 
ers in Wisconsin." Wis. bul. 

Lincoln, Lillian Isabel 

Everyday pedagogy; with special applica- 
tion to the rural school. '15 Ginn $1 


"A book of well-considered practical sugges- 
tions written in clear and dignified English, with 
no pretension to educational philosophy and an 
entire freedom from cant." Nation 101:330 

379.43 Public schools. Germany 

Alexander, Thomas 

Prussian elementary schools. (Textbook 
sen in education) '18 Macmillan $2.50 

"The first comprehensive description in Eng- 
lish of the German Volksschule. It throws a 
flood of light on the social and political situa- 
tion in Germany- . . . Especially interesting 
are the chapters on religious instruction and in- 
struction in history. Thru these two subjects, 
on which great emphasis is laid, the Volksschule 
teaches a narrow type of nationalism which 
goes far to explain why the common people of 
Germany are lacking in initiative and inde- 
pendence. . . . The book is especially sig- 
nificant to American readers, because it shows 
that universal education may exist without pro- 
moting democracy." Survey 40:166 

380 Commerce. Communication 

Bartholomew, John George 

Atlas of economic geography. *14 Oxford 
$2 380 

SOCIOLOGY — Commerce. Communication 

Chisholm, George Goudie 

Handbook of commercial geography. 8th 
ed rev '11 Longmans $4.80 380 

"Best general treatise in English; covers an- 
cient, medieval, modern and recent commerce. 
The commerce of the United States separately 
considered." A. L. A. sup. 
Smaller commercial geography. '09 Long- 
mans $1 380 
Day, Clive 

History of commerce. (Longmans' com- 
mercial textbooks) 2d ed maps '14 
Longmans $2 380 

Freeman, William George, and Chandler, 
Stafford Edwin 
World's commercial products; a descrip- 
tive account of the economic plants of 
the world and of their commercial uses. 
'07 Ginn $3 380 

Herrick, Cheesman Abiah 

History of commerce and industry. 
(Macmillan's commercial ser.) '17 Mac- 
millan $1.60 380 

"Textbook for the study of commercial and 
industrial history of all countries and all pe- 
riods from the ancient Egyptians to the pres- 
ent." Pratt quarterly 

Books for consultation at the end of each 

Johnson, Emory Richard 

Elements of transportation, il maps '09 
Appleton $1.75 380 

"Aims to describe each transportation agent, 
study its services and relation to the public and 
the extent to which government regulation is 
desirable. In textbook style but of general in- 
terest. Largely condensed from his 'American 
railway transportation' and *Ocean and inland 
water transportation,' but containing supple- 
mentary chapters on the Panama canal, electric 
transportation, etc." N. Y. state lib. 

Smith, Joseph Russell 

Commerce and industry, il '16 Holt $1.40 

"A commercial and economic geography, half 
of which is devoted to the United States. Of 
foreign countries, Latin America and the Orient 
receive special attention in anticipation of trade 
expansion between the United States and those 
countries. Part three deals with world trade 
routes and the laws of trade." Pittsburgh 

Industrial and commercial geogrraphy. il 
maps '13 Holt $3.50 380 

"Part one, 'Industrial geography,' studies the 
economic activities of man, grouped by indus- 
tries and not by region; part two, 'Commercial 
geography,' based partly on the author's earlier 
work, 'The ocean carrier' describes the principal 
trade routes and the commerce that traverses 
them. Valuable for reference because of its 
comprehensiveness and full index." A. L. A. 

Bibliography, P9-ii, and at the end of each 

Toothaker, Charles Robinson, and others 

Commercial raw materials : their origin, 
preparation and uses, il maps '05 Ginn 
$1.25 380 

"Less extensive but broader in scope than 
Freeman and Chandler, giving much attention 
to animal and mineral products." A. L. A. 

381 Domestic commerce 

Sullivan, James William 

Markets for the people; the consumer's 

part. '13 Macmillan $1.25 381 

"Convincing demonstration of the advantages 

of municipal markets. Based on systematic 

investigation of markets in America and Europe, 
especially of the great systems of London, Paris 
and Berlin, which are fully described. Ad- 
vocates, as an escape from the high prices of 
the middleman, the establishment of various 
kinds of public markets and the formation of 
cooperative associations on the English models. 
The recommendations are applied particularly to 
New York city." Pittsburgh 

United States. Foreign and domestic com- 
merce. Bureau of 

Commercial organizations of the U. S. 
latest vol. Govt. ptg. 15c 381 

382 Foreign commerce 

Whelpley, James Davenport 

Trade of the world, il '13 Century $2 

Contents: Trade strategy; Commercial strength 
of Great Britain ; Germany's foreign 
trade; Trade of France; Belgium, the balance 
wheel of trade; Austria-Hungary, the European 
enigma; Italy's economic outlook; Trade of 
northern Africa ; Japan's commercial crisis ; 
Trade of China; Trade of Russia; Progressive 
Argentina; If Canada were to annex the United 
States; Foreign trade of the United States. 

"A first-hand, readable study showing keen 
insight into the commercial policies and possi- 
bilities of the great nations considered sep- 
arately, but specially in their relation to the 
United States. Concerned not so much with 
statistics as with the psychology of trade re- 
lations and trade strategy. Partly reprinted 
from the Century magazine." A. L. A. bkl. 

383 Post office 

Phelps, Edith M. 

(comp.) Selected articles on the parcels 
post. 2d ed rev (Debaters' handbook 
ser.) '13 Wilson $1.25 383 

Bibliography, pref. pi 3-25 

Roper, Daniel Calhoun 

United States post office, il '17 Funk $1.50 

"A popular study of the general development 
of the post office system in this country. De- 
scribes its organization, changes in methods of 
distribution, the _ methods of collection, parcel 
post, postal banking, and discusses its economic 
utility." A. L. A. bkl. 

United States. Post office dept. 

United States official postal guide. Post 
office dept.. Wash, annual vol. 40c, with 
11 monthly supplements 75c 383 

384-85 Government ownership of rail- 
ways, telegraph and telephone 

Dunn, Samuel Grace 

Government ownership of railways. '13 
Appleton $1.75 385 

"Compares the actual results of public and 
private ownership and management in various 
leading and typical countries, and considers the 
probable results of government ownership and 
management in the United States, concluding 
in favor of public regulation rather than public 
ownership." Cleveland 

Judson, Katharine Berry 

(comp.) Selected articles on government 
ownership of telegraph and telephone. 
(Debaters' handbook ser.) '14 Wilson 
$1.25 384 

Bibliography, pref. P25-40 

"Statistics and arguments prior to 1907 have 
for the most part been excluded." A. L. A. 



Ph'elps, Edith M. 

(comp.) Selected articles on government 
ownership of railroads. 3d ed rev (De- 
baters' handbook sen) *16 Wilson $1.25 

Bibliography, pref. P19-37 

*'A thoroly revised and rearranged edition, 
containing nine general, twenty-two affirmative, 
and fifteen ne^jative references, part of which 
have been retained from the second edition but 
many of which are new. The brief and intro- 
duction have been largely made over and 
brought to date and the bibliography enlarged." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

385 Railroads 

For railroad statistics, see Poor's "Manual 
of the railroads of the U. S." (annual, $10 pef 
vol.) ; for an excellent treatise on railrpad 
finance, see Cleveland and Powell's "Railroad 
finance," 19 12, Appieton, $2.75; for additional 
works on rate regulation, see Colson's "Rail- 
way rates and traffic," translated in 1915, Mac- 
millan, $1.50, and McFall's "Railway monopoly 
and rate regulation," 19 16, Longmans, $2, and 
Hammond's "Railway rate theories of the In- 
terstate commerce commission," 191 1, Harvard 
university press, $1; for a socialist view of the 
financial history of our railroads, see Russell's 
"Stories of the great railroads, 1914, Kerr, 
$ I ; for the building of railroads, see Talbot's 
"Railway conquest of the world," igii, Lip- 
pincott, $1.50; for a review of the development 
and organization of railways as influencing mil- 
itary tactics, see Pratt's "Rise of rail-power in 
war and conquest, 1833-3914," 1916, Lippincott, 

Dunn, Samuel O. 

American transportation question. '12 Ap- 
pieton $175 385 

By the editor of the Railway age gazette 
"The opening chapters of the book discuss 
the principles of railway rate making, compar- 
ing^ 'the 'cost of service' and Value of service' 
principles. Then come two chapters on railway 
discrimination, two more on railway valuation 
and two on railway efficiency. Two chapters 
of especial interest to engineers discuss the 
economics of rail and water transportation. The 
concluding chapters discuss government regula- 
tion." Engin. news-record 

Hungerford, Edward 

Railroad problem, il maps '17 McClurg 
$1.50 385 

"In the author's opinion great opportunities 
for development lie before the railroad system 
of the United States, and his purpose, after 
-discussing the present situation and its causes, 
is to point out the course that it must follow 
if, it is to continue as a privately owned in- 
stitution. The problems of labor are given five 
chapters. Other chapters discuss: Railroad and 
national defence; Necessity of the railroad; 
Regulation. In part the material of the book 
has appeared in Collier's, Every week and the 
Saturday evening post." Book rev. digest 

"Presents from the viewpoint ot a sym- 
pathizer the present plight of the railroads, 
discussing labor, organized and unorganized, the 
railroad in relation to national defense the 
competition of the motor car, etc." (Wis. bul.) 
A. L. A. bkl. 

Johnson, Emory Richard, and Van Metre, 

Thurman William 

Principles of railroad tran.sportation. (Ap- 

pleton's railway ser.) il '16 Appieton 

$2.50 "^"^ 385 

"A work based upon 'American railway 
transportation.' It is not a revision of that 
work however, having been entirely rewritten 
with much new material added. . . . The four 
parts of the book are devoted to: American rail- 
road system; Railroad service; Railroads and 
the public; Railroads and the state." Book rev. 

Ripley, Willizun Zebina 

Railroads; finance and organization, il 
maps 'IS Longmans $3 385 

"Complement of his 'Railroads; rates and 

Covers construction, capitalization, securities 
and their rejerulation, speculation and stock 
watering, receivership, pooling and inter-cor- 
porate relations. 

'Together they present a comprehensive treat- 
ment of the railway question in the United States 
— its history, the theoretical principles applicable 
to its price-making functions, the legislation af- 
fecting railways, particularly the Interstate com- 
merce act, and the diverse problems of finance 
and corporate relationship." (Nation 1915) Pitts- 

Railroads; rates and regulation, il maps 
'12 Longmans $3 385 

"A noteworthy, scholarly and very complete 
discussion, based mainly on concrete data gath- 
ered thru many years from original sources. In 
his treatment of all phases of the controversy. 
Dr. Ripley has striven for 'scientific rigor and 
fairness to all three of the great parties con- 
cerned, the owners, the shippers and th? people,' 
but states that if there is any bias it is in favor 
of the latter." A. L. A. bkl. 

Vanderblue, Homer News 

Railroad valuation. (Hart, Schaffner and 
Marx prize essays) '17 Houghton $1.50 


Bibliography, P207-15 

"Study from the viewpoint of economics, of 
railroad valuation and regulation with special 
reference to physical valuation." Cleveland 

386 Canals 

Hepburn, Alonzo Barton 

Artificial waterways of the world, rev ed 
il map '14 Macmillan $L25 386 

"A brief statement of the facts about water- 
ways and their relation to commercial develop- 
ment and a concise history of the canal systems 
of the world, including their present condition." 
Pratt quarterly 

387 Merchant marine 

Clark, Arthur Hamilton 

Clipper ship era. il '11 Putnam $2.50 

"Detailed history of American clipper ships 
engaged in the California and oriental trade, 
their captains, their record runs, and their ad- 
ventures." A. L. A. sup. 

Hough, Benjamin Olney 

Ocean traffic and trade, il '14 LaSalle ex- 
tension univ. $3 387 

"Suggestions for further study, P429-30 

'A mass of useful and interesting information. 
. . . Includes such topics as kinds of ocean car- 
riers, ships' papers, seaports and terminal facil- 
ities, ocean routes and services, charters and 
freight rates, agreements, marine insurance, and 
methods of handling and developing export and 
import trade. . . . Well supplied with illus- 
trative documents.' (Nation 1914) 

Large map of the world's trade routes." Pitts- 

"More comprehensive than Johnson's 'Ocean 
and inland water transportation.' " A. L. A. 

Johnson, Emory Richard 

Ocean and inland water transportation. 
(Appletons' business ser.) il map '06 
Appieton $1.75 387 

"Reliable treatise, largely devoted to the eco- 
nomics of ocean transportation." A. L. A. sup. 

SOCIOLOGY— Customs. Folklore 


Johnson, Emory Richard, and Huebner, 
Grover Gerhard 

Principles of ocean transportation. (Ap- 
pleton's railway ser.) '18 Appleton 
$2.S0 387 

"An up-to-date, systematic and comprehensive 
work describing ocean carriers and their ser- 
vices, explaining ocean rates and fares and dis- 
cussing principles and practice of government 
aid and regulation of shipping." Cleveland 

Marvin, Winthrop Lippitt 

American merchant marine ; its history 
and romance, 1620-1902. '02 Scribner $2 

"Specially full on the earlier history. Author 
at his best in treating of privateering, whale fish- 
ing and deep sea fisheries." (Wells) A. L. A. 

Meloney, William Brown 

Heritage of Tyre. (Our national prob- 
lems) '16 Macmillan 50c 387 

"Brief, popular review of the development, 
history, and decline of the American merchant 
marine and a strenuous plea for its restoration." 

"For the general reader who wishes to famil- 
iarize himself with the necessary data as the 
basis of an intelligent judgment regarding . . . 
the merchant marine, it would be difficult to find 
a better brief presentation of the facts." (Nation 
103:134) A. L. A. bkl. 

Mills, James Cooke 

Our inland seas, il map '10 McClurg $1.75 

"Story of the development of commerce on 
the Great Lakes from 1679, reciting the history, 
adventure and romance of the lakes and discuss- 
ing the economic relation of lake traffic to gen- 
eral prosperity." A. L. A. sup. 

Phelps, Edith M. 

(comp.) Selected articles on the Ameri- 
can merchant marine. (Debaters' hand- 
book ser.) '16 Wilson ?1.25 387 

Bibliography, pref. pi 7-28 

"Its history and its present status with regard 
to the shipping of other nations. The arguments 
for and against government ownership and con- 
trol are also presented." St. Louis 

Spears, John Randolph 

Story of the American merchant marine, 
il 'IS Macmillan $1.50 387 

"Follows our picturesque seafaring trade in 
the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, de- 
scribes the decline of the carrying industry when 
steam displaced sail and argues for_ efficient 
nautical education and against subsidies as a 
means of reviving the American merchant ma- 
rine." A. L. A. sup. 

"The second edition . . . differs from the 
first edition of 19 10 in that it contains a lengthy 
introduction which gives a statement of recent 
events in the shipping industry. Brief mention 
is made of the effects of the European war on 
ocean rates, tonnage and shipbuilding, of the 
ship purchase bill, the free shipping clause of 
the Panama canal act of 1912, the Registry act 
of 1914. and the La Follette seaman's act of 
1915." Ann. Am. acad. 67:304 

389 Weights and measures 

MacFarlane, John James 

Conversion tables of foreign weights, 
measures and moneys with comparisons 
of prices per pound, yard, gallon or 
bushel in United States money, with 
prices per kilo, meter, liter, hectoliter, 
etc., in foreign money. 3d ed incl U.S. 
weights and measures 'IS Phila. com- 
mercial museum SOc 389 
United States. Standards, Bureau of 

Units of weight and measure; definitions 

and tables of equivalents. (Circular of 
the Bureau of standards, no. 41) '14 
Supt. of doc. ISc 389 

390 Customs. Folklore 
39 1 Costume 

Burbank, Emily 

Woman as decoration. '17 Dodd $2.S0 

"A book on costume, illustrated with thirty- 
three plates. The foreword says that the book 
is intended as a sequel to 'The art of interior 
decoration,' by Grace Wood and Emily Bur- 
bank. . . . 'Contemporary woman's costume_ is 
considered, not as fashion, but as decorative line 
and colour." (Foreword) The book has been 
planned also to meet the demand for a hand- 
book on costuming for fancy dress balls, etc. 
The scope of the illustrations ranges from 
studi&s of Greek vases to portraits of Mrs. Ver- 
non Castle." Book rev. digest 

Farnsworth, Eva Olney 

Art and ethics of dress, as related to effi- 
ciency and economy, il 'IS Elder $1 


"A little book of sane advice upon the fitness 
and beauty of clothes." Pratt quarterly 

Holt, Ardern 

Fancy dresses described. 6th ed '15 Long- 
mans $2.25 391 
Hughes, Talbot 

Dress design. Artistic crafts ser. of 
technical handbooks) il '13 Macmillan 
$3 391 

"Account of the salient features in English 
costume, from prehistoric times to the nine- 
teenth century, for use by designers and makers 
of modern costume as well as for students and 
those desiring fancy dresses." Cleveland 

"Fully illustrated by author's drawings from 
old examples and thirty five collotype plates. 
Patterns at end drawn to scale are a practical 
addition for costumers and pageant makers." 
N.Y. state lib. 

Mackay, Constance D'Arcy 

Costumes and scenery for amateurs, il 
'15 Holt $1.75 391 

"Descriptions of costumes not frequently used, 
references to places where pictures may be 
found, and general suggestions for scenery." 
(Adapted from A. L. A. bkl.) Pratt quarterly 

Stone, Melicent 

Bankside costume book for children, il 
'15 Saalfield $1 391 

"Useful and practical book on the making of 
accurate historical costumes for children's plays. 
The examples for the different dresses are taken 
from Shakespeare . . . Armour and jewelry are 
treated in special chapters, and there are various 
directions , on making-up materials, etc. 
Well illustrated by drawings and diagrams of 
the dresses of each period." (Athenaeum, 1913) 

392 The Family 

Bosanquet, Mrs. Helen (Dendy) 

The family, new ed '15 Macmillan $2.75 


"Sympathetic study of the evolution of the 

family and its present function as an economic 

and ethical institution." (Harvard guide) 

A. L. A. sup. 

*'This very valuable treatise is simply a re- 
print of the edition of igo6 without revision. It 
is fortunate for students of society that the pub- 
lishers have not allowed it to be out of print." 
Ann. Am. acad. 60:235 



Dealey, James Quayle 

The family in its sociological aspects. '12 
Houghton 7Sc 392 

Bibliography, P135-37 

"Brief, popular and admirably clear survey of 
the history of the family from the sociological 
viewpoint and the position of woman from_ earli- 
est civilization to the present time. Special^ at- 
tention is given to conditions in the United 
States and methods of reform are suggested." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

Goodsell, Willystine 

History of the family as a social and edu- 
cational institution. (Textbook ser.) 'IS 
Macmillan $2 392 

"Describes the family as a social and educa- 
tional institution from primitive times to the 
present, devoting the last two chapters to the 
'Present situation' and 'Current theories of re- 
form*. As a textbook intended to provide 'can- 
ned information' the book is increasingly valuable 
in proportion to the paucity in library facilities 
where it is used. . . . Bridging as it does the 
gap between Westermarck and Howard, and other 
technical writers on the one hand, and younger 
minds confused by their infinite detail, it will be 
useful for undergraduate work in the study of 
the family.' (Am, jour. soc. 21:702) Bibliogra- 
phies at chapter-ends." A. L. A. bkl. 

Thwing, Charles Franklin, and Thwing, Mrs 
Carrie Frances (Butler) 

The family: an historical and social study, 
rev and enl ed '13 Lothrop $1.60 392 

"General bibliography, P239-45; special bib- 
liography, P246-53 

Since its first publication in 1886 this has 
been one of the best books on the subject for 
the general reader. It is scholarly but untech- 
nical, and it takes for granted no special ac- 
quaintance with the literature and history of the 
subject." Pittsburgh 

394 Public and social customs. 


Brand, John 

Observations on the popular antiquities 
Great Britain; rev. and enl. by Sir 
Henry Ellis. 3v 1900-02 Macmillan $1.75 
ea 394 

"In many respects the most valuable work on 
English customs, and a mine to all students of 
folklore." A. L. A. 

Cornish, Francis Warre 

Chivalry, new ed '08 Macmillan $1.25 


"The field (chivalry in general) has been con- 
scientiously covered. Chapters on the education 
of the knight, the tournaments, the crusades, and 
heraldry. Literature of chivalry analysed." (Am. 
hist, rev.) A. L. A. 

McSpadden, Joseph Walker 

Book of holidays, il '17 Crowell $1.25 


"Not a collection of prose and poetry for holi- 
day use but a series of articles explaining the 
'what and why' of the twenty or more holidays 
which are on our calendar. Gives many inter- 
esting and novel facts." N.J. lib. bul. 

Pringle, Mary P. and Urann, Clara A. 

Yule-tide in many lands, il '16 Lothrop 
$1.25 394 

Chapters on Christmas customs in England 
Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Scandinavia," 
Spain and America 

SchaufHer, Robert Haven 

(ed.) Independence day. (Our American 

holidays) '12 Moffat $1.10 394 

"Prose and verse selections, both familiar 

and httle known, on the origin, spirit, significance 

and celebration of Independence day. A special 

section urges a 'safe and sane Fourth.' 

The companion volume 'Flag day' (same com- 
piler, publisher and price) provides in the same 
way facts and sentiment concerning the stars 
and stripes. Includes E. E. Hale's 'Man without 
a country.' " N.Y. state lib. 

C)ther volumes in this series are: Arbor day; 
Christmas; Lincoln's birthday; Memorial day; 
Thanksgiving and Washington's birthday, edited 
by R. H. Schauffler, and Columbus day; Easter 
and Mother's day; edited by S. T. Rice, all pub- 
lished by Moffat at $1.10 each 

395 Etiquet 

Hall, Mrs Florence Marion (Howe) 

Good form for all occasions. '14 Harper 
$1 395 

" 'A manual of manners, dress and entertain- 
ment for both men and women.' " (Subtitle) At 
once small, comprehensive and reliable." N.Y. 
state lib. 

Roberts, Helen LefFerts 

Cyclopedia of social usage. '13 Putnam 
pop ed $1.50 395 

" 'Manners and customs of the twentieth 
century.' (Subtitle) Clear, comprehensive and 
formal, but free from fads and whims." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

Terhune, Mary Virginia (Hawes) 

Complete etiquet: a young people's guide 
to every social occasion, rev and enl '14 
Bobbs $1 395 

396 Position of women 

Allen, William Harvey 

Woman's part in government, whether 
she votes or not. il '11 Dodd $1.5(t 


"Suggests various 'next steps* that women can 
effectively influence, whether they have or have 
not the right to vote. This book may inci- 
dentally serve as a fairljr complete descriptive 
index of the numerous civic undertakings of the 
day." St. Louis 

Anthony, Katharine Susan 

Feminism in Germany and Scandinavia. 
'15 Holt $1.35 396 

"Writing with breadth of vision and an excel- 
lent sense of perspective, the author shows the 
distinctive trend of feminism in Scandinavia and 
Germany, notably the movements for mother- 
protection and for the rights of illegitimate chil- 
dren, and concludes with a summary of the 
philosophy of feminism." Cleveland 

"Includes such up-to-date material as the con- 
cessions which the German government was com- 
pelled to grant because of the conditions brought 
about by the present war." A. L. A. bkl. 

"Gives a full and interesting account of the 
Cartberg bill 'concerning children whose parents 
have not married each other,' which was adopted 
as law in the spring of 19 15, and is 'the most 
rational and thoro-going attack on the double 
standard of morals known in modern legisla- 
tion.' " Int. jour, ethics 27:125 

Beard, Mary Ritter 

Woman's work in municipalities. (Na- 
tional municipal league ser.) '15 Ap- 
pleton $2 396 

"Sketches and selected readings showing wo- 
man's contribution to the theory and workings of 
the modern municipality in the fields of educa- 
tion, public health, recreation, corrections, hous- 
ing, public safety, civic improvement and ad- 
ministration. The field covered includes not 
only the large cities, but typical smaller com- 
munities of the various sections of the United 
States." Cleveland 

SOCIOLOGY — Customs. Folklore 


Bennett, Helen Christine 

American women in civic worlc. il 'IS 
Dodd $1.25 396 

"Brief stirring sketches of the personality and 
work of Jane Addams, Anna Howard Shaw, 
Caroline Bartlett Crane, Sophie Wright Kate 
Barnard, Ella Flagg Young Albion Fellows Ba- 
con, Hannah L. Kent Schoff, Lucretia L. Blank- 
enburg, Frances A. Kellor, Julia Tutwiler. Sev- 
eral have appeared in the Pictorial review and 
the American magazine.'* Cleveland 

Bruce, Henry Addington Bayley 

Woman in the making of America, il '12 
Little $1.50 396 

Contents: In the time of the founding; Later 
colonial belles and housewives; Women of the 
Revolution; Heroines of the westward movement; 
Struggle over slavery; Woman's work in the 
Civil war; Women of today 

"Many of the stories are the familiar ones 
found in school histories, but others are taken 
from little known local histories, biographies, etc., 
and are not easily accessible." A. L. A. bkl. 

Chesser, Elizabeth Sloan 

Woman, marriage and motherhood; with 
an introduction by Mrs. Frederic 
Schoff. '13 Funk $1.50 396 

"The theme is motherhood and its protection. 
From her experience as a physician Dr. Chesser 
discusses ably marriage laws and customs, the 
legal position of woman, social and industrial 
wrongs, and the means of bettering woman's 
position and training her for motherhood." Pitts- 

Clarke, Ida Clyde 

American women and the world war. 
'18 Appleton $2 396 

"Tells how the Woman's committee of the 
Council of national defense directed the or- 
ganization of women thruout the country for 
food conservation, Red cross work, selling 
Liberty bonds, training camp activities and 
numerous other branches of war service. De- 
scribes in detail the various state organizations, 
their object and accomplishments. Includes a 
section on war relief organizations," Pitts- 

Coolidge, Mrs Mary Elizabeth Burroughs 

Why women are so. '12 Holt $1.50 396 
"Analytical and critical study of the reasons 
why women are what they are. It sets itself to 
answer the question 'Is the characteristic be- 
havior which is called feminine an inalienable 
quality or merely an attitude of mind produced 
by the coercive social habits of past times?' " 

Crow, Mrs Martha (Foote) 

American country girl. il '15 Stokes 
$1.75 396 

"Bibliography, P363-67 

'Author has studied rural conditions in all 
parts of the country and writes of those phases 
of farm life that particularly affect the girl. She 
sees both sides of the picture and shows the op- 
portunities and privileges which the country girl 
enjoys, also the disadvantages and drawbacks, 
pointing out the influences that impel the girl, 
like the boy, from farm to city.' " Book rev. 
digest 19 1 5 

Eraser, Helen 

Women and war work. '18 G. A Shaw 
$1.50 396 

"Full of sugprestion and inspiration for Amer- 
ican women, showing in a general way what 
English women are doing not only in their own 
fields but in replacing men, and also the fine 
spirit of their service." Wis. bul. 
Gallichan, Mrs Catherine Gasquoine (Hart- 
Truth about woman. '13 Dodd $2.S0 


"An able, suggestive and often original 
presentation of the viewpoint of the advanced 
woman in which the author draws on the facts 
of biology, anthropology and history, . . . for 
the main substance and foundation of her argu- 
ment. She advocates greater freedom for women 
on the ground that it will subserve the interests 
of the race, not as a step toward a higher in- 
dividual culture as does Mayreder, regarding an 
independent and enlightened motherhood as the 
end of freedom. Bibliography (gp)" A. L, A. 

Motherhood and the relationships of the 
sexes. '17 Dodd $2.50 396 

"The author is an Englishwoman. She pleads 
for honesty in teaching reproduction to chil- 
dren, for special education of the adolescent 
girl, and for a saner and freer education of 
women in sex matters, feeling that the basis of 
society rests on educated motherhood. Bibliog- 
raphy (i4p)" A. L. A. bkl. 

Oilman, Mrs Charlotte (Perkins) Stetson 

Women and economics; a study of the 
economic relation between men and 
women as a factor in social evolution, 
new ed '07 Small $1.50 396 

"Will be widely read and discussed as the 
cleverest, fairest, most forcible presentation of 
the views of the rapidly increasing group who 
look with favor on extension of industrial em- 
ployment of women." (Pol. sci. quar, 14:712) 
A. L. A. 

Hale, Mrs Beatrice Forbes-Robertson 

What women want. '14 Stokes $1.35 

"A keen, dignified and moderate summing up 
of feminism, understood as 'that part of the 
progress of democratic freedom which applies to 
women.' Part one is a historical summary; part 
two, 'Signs and symbols,' has interesting chapters 
on feminism as reflected in modern fiction and 
drama ; part three, 'Present problems,' discusses 
suffrage, anti-suffrage and militancy and wo- 
men's status in labor, government and domestic 
relations; part four interprets the author's vision 
of what their future development is likely to be 
in love, motherhood and the work of the world." 

Hecker, Eugene Arthur 

Short history of women's rights from the 
days of Augustus to the present time. 
2d ed rev '14 Putnam $1.50 396 

"Clear, brief account, written by a zealous ad- 
vocate of woman's rights. Describes modern 
English conditions and the suffrage movement in 
the United States, and cites the laws governing 
women in each state." A. L. A. sup. 

"A new chapter, 'Further consideration,' dis- 
cussing the progress of equal rights for v/omen 
during the last four years, brings to date the 
old edition." A. L. A. bkl. 

Key, Ellen Karolina Sofia 

Renaissance of motherhood; tr. from the 
Swedish by A. E. B. Fries. '14 Put- 
nam $1.50 396 

Contents: Women and morals; Motlierliness; 
Education for motherhood 

"A review of woman's contribution to the 
growth of morals leads to the real message of 
the book, the exaltation of motherhood and of 
home life. For this renaissance of motherhood 
a definite education is advocated, which includes 
training in womanly occupations and social ser- 
vice." Pittsburgh 

Richardson, Bertha June 

Woman who spends, rev ed '13 Whit- 
comb & B. $1 396 
"Aims to make women realize their influence 
in the economic world and urges them to a sense 
of responsibility in the use of money." (N.Y. 
state lib.) A. L. A. sup. 



Schreiner, Mrs Olive 

Woman and labor. '11 Stokes $1.25 


"Eloquent plea for the opening of all Belds 
of activity to women, that their deplorable state 
of economic parasitism upon men may be coun- 
teracted and humanity in general benefited. 
Fragment, the complete in itself, of a more am- 
bitious work destroyed during the Boer war." 
N.Y. state lib. 

Tarbell, Ida Minerva 

Business of being a woman. '12 Mac- 
millan $1.25 396 

Contents: Uneasy woman; On the imitation of 
man; Business of being a woman; Socialization of 
the home; Woman and her raiment; Woman and 
democracy; Homeless daughter; Childless wo- 
man; Childless woman and the friendless child; 
Ennobling of the woman's business 

Many of these chapters appeared in the 
American magazine, V73-.4. Jan. -Aug. 19 12 

"Invigorating essays on the social and eco- 
nomic opportunity furnished woman by the home, 
and on the need that home activities be met in 
a professional spirit." N.Y. state lib. 

398 Folklore. Proverbs 

Andersen, Hans Christian 

Fairy tales; tr. by H. L. Braekstad; il. 
by Hans Tegner. Century $5 398 

Forty-two stories. 

" 'Included for the unusually sympathetic in- 
terpretation of the work of this Danish artist." 
Wis. free lib, com. 

Fairy tales; tr. by Mrs. E. Lucas and il. 
by Thomas, Charles and William Rob- 
inson. Dutton $2.50 398 

Thirty eight tales 

"Attractive in paper, type and binding, is 
well translated." Hewins 

A reprint of this with reduced illustrations 
and library binding is in Everyman's library, 
Dutton, 50C 

Fairy tales; il. by Dugald Stewart 
Walker. Doubleday $2 398 

"Interesting because of the fantastic illustra- 
tions. Partly because of the choice of the 
stories, a book which is more for the adult col- 
lection and for the very occasional child." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

Stories and tales; il. by V. Pedersen and 

M. L. Stone. Houghton $1 398 
Baldwin, James 

Story of Roland. (Heroes of olden 

time) '88 Scribner $1.50 398 

"Continuous narrative made up of legends 
from all sources." (Buifalo) A. L. A. 

Story of Siegfried. (Heroes of olden 
time) '04 Scribner $1.50 398 

"Moderii version sometimes following the Ed- 
das, sometimes the Nibelungen lay, and some- 
times differing from both." (Buffalo) A. L. A. 

Baring-Gould, Sabine 

Curious myths of the middle ages. '01 
Longmans $1.25 398 

Contents: Wandering Jew; Prester John; Di- 
vining rod; Seven sleepers of Ephesus; William 
Tell; Dog Gellert; Tailed men; Antichrist and 
Pope Joan; Man in the moon; Mountain of 
Venus; St. George; Legend of the cross; 
Schamir; Melusina; The Fortunate Isles; Knight 
of the swan 

Bulfinch, Thomas 

Age of chivalry; or, King Arthur and his 
knights, new rev ed McKay $1.25 

Contains King Arthur; Mabinogion; Legendary 
poets and poetry 

Legends of Charlemagne. Lothrop $1.25 

Dutton (Everyman's lib.) 50c; lib. bind- 
ing 60c 398 
Crowell publishes the author's "Age of fable," 
"Age of chivalry," and "Legends of Charle- 
magne" in one volume at $2 

Cole, Mrs Mabel (Cook) 

(comp.) Philippine folk tales; compiled 
and annotated by M. C. Cole, il '16 
McClurg $1.25 398 

"In company with her husband, an ethnologist 
in the service of the Field museum of natural 
history, Chicago, the author spent four years 
among the wild tribes of the Philippines. . . . 
She has endeavored to select typical tales from 
tribes widely separated and varying in culture 
from savagery to a rather high degree of develop- 
ment. The stories are divided into five groups, 
as follows; Tiguian, Igorot, the wild tribes of 
Mindanao, Moro, and Christian." Book rev. di- 

Colum, Padraic 

King of Ireland's son. il '16 Holt $2 
'08 Scribner $1.75 398 

"A folk-romance with all the fascination of 
the old tales, and based upon the traditions of 
Gaelic literature. Many tales are woven into 
the main story, but it never looses its beauty or 
continuity." Wis. bul. 

Curtin, Jeremiah 

Hero-tales of Ireland. '94 Little $2 398 

"Tales from the mouths of a deeply imagina- 
tive, intelligent and ignorant peasantry, the ma- 
jority distinguished by good faith, a charming 
fancy and vivid realism." (Athenaeum 1:435) 
A. L. A. 

Dasent, Sir George Webbe 

Popular tales from the Norse; new ed. 
with a memoir bv A. I. Dasent. '12 
Putnam $2.50 ' 398 

Ebbutt, M. I. 

Hero-myths and legends of the British 
race, il '10 Stokes $2.50 398 

"Successful retelling of the legends of medi- 
eval heroes which illustrate the British concep- 
tion of honor, loyalty, devotion and duty. Use- 
ful source for story-tellers." A. L. A. sup. 

Gregory, Isabella Augusta (Persse) lady 

Book of saints and wonders put down 
here according to the old writings and 
the memory of the people of Ireland. 
'08 Scribner $1.75 398 

"Lady Gregory has gleaned from medieval 
Irish texts, and colored in places from her own 
knowledge of oral tradition, a series of charming 
old-world stories." (Sat. rev.) A. L. A. sup. 

Grimm, Jacob Ludwig Karl, and Grimm, 
Wilhelm Karl 

Fairy tales; tr. by Mrs. Edgar Lucas; il. 
by Arthur Rackman. '09 Doubleday 
$2.50 398 

Household stories; tr. by Lucy Crane; il. 
by Walter Crane. '04 Macmillan $1.50: 
Crowell 7Sc; 50c 398 

Household tales; ed. and partly tr. anew 
by Marion Edwardes; il. by R. A. Bell. 
Dutton $2.50 398 

Grinnell, George Bird 

Blackfoot lodge tales; the story of a 
prairie people. '92 Scribner $2 398 

Thirty stories of love and war, ancient cus- 
toms and natural phenomena. Also an account 
of ancient Blackfoot history, their daily life and 
customs and a brief statement of their condi- 
tion today." (L. A. H.) A. L. A. 

SOCIOLOGY — Customs. Folklore 


Guerber, Helene Adeline 

Legends of the middle ages. '96 Am. 
bk $1.50 398 

"Relates legends in easy narrative, bringing 
out influence on literature and art by quotations 
and pictures." (N.Y. state lib.) A. L. A. 

Harris, Joel Chandler 

Uncle Remus and his friends; old plan- 
tation stories, songs and ballads, with 
sketches of Negro character. '92 
Houghton $1.50 visitors' ed $1.25 


"Negro folklore gathered firsthand. The 
'creetur' tales and the manner of their telling are 
uniquely funny." A. L. A. 

Uncle Remus, his songs and his sayings; 
new ed. with illus. by A. B. Frost. '03 
Appleton $2.25 398 

Contents: Legends of the old plantation; 
Plantation proverbs; His songs; A story of the 
war; His sayings 

Higginson, Thomas Wentworth 

Tales of the enchanted islands of the 

Atlantic. '98 Macmillan $1.50 393 

"Legends of Atlantis, the island of perpetual 

youth, Lancelot's isle, the isle of demons, etc." 

(N.Y. state lib.) A. L. A. 

Jacobs, Joseph 

(comp.) Celtic fairy tales. '92 Putnam 
pop ed $1.25 398 

Notes and references. P237-67 
(ed.) English fairy tales. 3d ed rev '02 
Putnam pop ed $1.25 398 

Three sillies; Mr. Vinegar; Teeny-tiny; Three 
bears; Jack the giant-killer; Childe Rowland; 
Johnnycake; Henny-penny, etc. 

(ed.) Indian fairy tales. '92 Putnam pop 
ed $1.25 398 

"Drawn from the Jatak^s or birth stories of 
Buddha, the fables of Bidpai and other Sanskrit 
folk-tales." (Pittsburgh) A. L. A. 

A scholarly edition of the Jatakas is that 
selected and edited by H. T. and E. J. Thomas, 
and published in 1916 by the Cambridge press at 
(ed.) More English fairy tales. '94 Put- 
nam pop ed $1.25 398 

Notes and references, P235-68 

Janvier, Thomas Allibone 

Legends of the City of Mexico, il '10 
Harper $L30 , 398 

"Folk-tales almost without exception gruesome 
but entertainingly told, largely in the words of 
the superstitious Mexicans who related them to 
the author." A. L. A. sup. 

Judson, Katharine Berry 

(ed.) Myths and legends of British North 

America, il '17 McClurg $1.50 398 

"About 100 quaint and beautiful tales, giving 

the ideas of the Indians about animals and the 

forces of nature." Pittsburgh 

(comp.) Myths and legends of California 
and the old southwest, il '12 McClurg 
$1.50 398 

"More than sixty myths and folk-tales gath- 
ered from Smithsonian reports, government 
ethnologic records and other sources, retold for 
popular reading. Many of them are genuinely 
poetic and the collection exceeds in interest 
the companion volume 'Myths and legends of 
the Pacific northwest. Exceptionally beautiful 
photographic illustrations." A. L. A. bkl. 

(ed.) Myths and legends of the great 
plains, il '13 McClurg $1.50 398 

Authorities, p8 

"Over sixty myths and legends, some in verse, 
compiled from the annual reports of the Bureau 
of American ethnology, the publications of the 
United States Geographical survey, and from the 
works of other ethnologists. They are told in 

the abrupt style of the Indian, interestingly il- 
lustrated by many Indian drawings." A. L. A. 

Myths and legends of the Mississippi 
Valley and the Great Lakes, il '14 
McClurg $1.50 398 

"A collection, compiled from the works of 
Schoolcraft, A. E. Jenks, James Mooney, and 
George Catlin, similar to other volumes of this 
series. _ Some of the stories are specially inter- 
esting in connection with the stories of Hiawatha 
and 'Brer Rabbit.' Illustrations are from re- 
ports of Bureau of American ethnology." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

(ed.) Myths and legends of the Pacific 
northwest, il '10 McClurg $1.50 398 
"Collection from authoritative sources of such 
legends and myths as show no trace of the white 
man's influence nor of the Indian's lower nature. 
The name of the tribe in which each originated 
is given." A. L. A. sup. 

Keightley, Thomas 

Fairy mythology, illustrative of the ro- 
mance and superstitions of various 
countries. 1900 Macmillan $1.75 398 
Kready, Laura Fry 

Study of fairy tales. '16 Houghton $1.40 

"Discussion of the value of the fairy tale in 
education, the principles to be observed in selec- 
tion, methods of telling and dramatizing, their 
history, classes into which they fall, the uses of 
each, and sources of material with a classified 
list of books. Has no popular appeal; of use 
only to the trained story-teller teacher, and ed- 
ucated mother. Has many references and bib- 
liography." A. L. A. bkl. 


Lanier, S., ed. Knightly legends of 
Wales; or. The boy's Mabinogion. '01 
Scribner $1.80 398 

Mabinogion; tr. by Lady Charlotte 

Guest; ed. by Prof. R. Williams. 

(Everyman's lib.) '10' Dutton SOc; lib 

binding 60c 398 

Malory, Sir Thomas 

Romance of King Arthur and his knights 
of the Round Table; abridged from 
[his] "Morte d'Arthur" by A, W. Pol- 
lard, illustrated by Arthur Rackham. 
'17 Macmillan .1;2.50 398 

Morte d'Arthur; text of Caxton; ed. with 
an introduction by Sir Edward 
Strachey. '01 Macmillan $1.75 398 

"The Arthurian cycle is the best embodiment 
of chivalry, of romance, of gallantry. We have 
it in its best form, for the compilation of Sir 
Thomas Malory is wrought into a mold of pure 
English, hardly second to the English of the 
Bible." (Frederic Harrison) A. L. A. 

Morte d'Arthur. 2v (Lib. of English 
classics) '08 Macmillan ea $1.75 398 
"A very attractive edition of the King Arthur 
tales, edited and pleasingly prefaced by Al- 
fred W. Pollard, of the British museum staff, 
and illustrated by Rackham in characteristic 
style. Fifteen of the illustrations are in color, 
seven in black and white." Wis. bul. 

Petrovic, Vojislav M. 

Hero tales and legends of the Serbians, 
il map '15 Stokes $3 398 

"A historical retrospect, a discussion of beliefs 
and customs and of the Serbian national epic 
poetry are followed by tales of heroes, who flour- 
ished before the coming of the Turk, ballads, 
folklore, and popular Serbian anecdotes. Elabor- 
ately edited, on heavy paper, with wide margins, 
and thirty-two illustrations in color by William 
Sewell and Gilbert James." A. L. A. bkl. 



Schoolcraft, Henry Rowe 

Indian fairy book, from the original 
legends, il '16 Stokes $1.50 398 

*'A new edition of Mr. Schoolcraft's collection 
published in 1856. Many are long stories, some 
unfamiliar. AH are interesting because they are 
written as the editor heard them from Indian 
story-tellers." Wis. bul. 

Schiiltz, James Willard 

Blackfeet tales of Glacier national park, 
il '16 Houghton $2 398 

"Author, an adopted member of the Black- 
feet tribe, returned to the Indians for a two 
monts visit in 19 15, and records the legends 
told to him in the evening around the lodge 
fires." Pittsburgh 

"Good sepia illustrations. 'My life as an In- 
dian' besides telling the author's story, describes 
the domestic life and customs of the Blackfeet." 
A. L. A. bkl. 

Skinner, Charles Montgomery 

Myths and legends beyond our borders. 
*99 Lippincott $1,50 398 

Contents: Canada; Mexico 

Myths and legends of our own land. 2v 
'96 Lippincott $3 398 

"Collection of nearly 300 myths, traditions and 
curious stories very briefly told. Grouped geogra- 
phically." (Nation 63:412) A. L. A. 

Spence, Lewis 

Hero tales and legends of the Rhine, il 
'15 Stokes $3 398 

"So arranged that they 'illustrate a. Rhine 
journey from the sea to the source.' " Pratt 

"The illustrations are of two kinds, color 
prints picturing scenes from the stories and 
collotypes after drawings of Rhine scenes by 
Lewis Weirter." Book rev. digest 

Thrum, Thomas G. 

(comp.) Hawaiian folk tales: a collection 
of native legends. '07 McClurg SI. 75 

"Legends contributed by authorities in which 

the native poetic element of Hawaiian mythology, 
religion and tradition is preserved." A. L. A. 

Westervelt, William Drake 

(comp. and tr.) Legends of gods and 
ghosts, il '16 Author $1; $1.50 398 

"Mr. Westervelt has lived for many years 
in the Hawaiian Islands, and this interpretation 
of Hawaiian mythology shows a depth of sym- 
pathy commensurable with that of Lafacadio 
Hearn for the Japanese." (Dial 60:343) Book 
rev. digest 

The author writes from Honolulu, April 19 18, 
that there are about 300 copies of the book 
available, in two sizes, at $1 and $1.50 each. 
Author's address Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands 

Wheeler, Post 

Russian wonder tales. il '12 Century 
$2.50 398 

"Twelve Russian skazki, or folk-tales collected 
and translated by Mr. Wheeler during his service 
as secretary of the American embassy at St. 
Petersburg. He contributes a valuable preface 
on the nature of the Russian tale, pointing out 
the qualities that distinguish it from the folk- 
tales of other countries, and tracing its descent 
from the primitive nature myths of the old 
Slavonians. The illustrations in color are by 
the Russian artist Bilibin." Book rev. digest 

Yeats, William Butler 

(ed.) Irish fairy and folk tales. '93 
Scribner $1.75 , 398 

"Equally delightful to the bibliophile, the an- 
thropologist (if given to banshees) and the child." 
(Sat. rev. 73:550 A. L. A. 


Marvin, Dwight Edwards 

(comp.) Curiosities in proverbs. '16 Put- 
nam $1.75 398 
*'Proverbs about proverbs, singular proverbs, 
obscure proverbs, Bible proverbs. Christmas and 
Easter proverbs, weather proverbs, wit and hum- 
our in proverbs and rhyming proverbs are some 
of the classes into which the compiler groups 
the interesting material of his book." Book rev. 

Subject Index 

A few books are listed in this Catalog that do not classify in the 300s. In such cases, the proper 
library class number is given after the subject, followed by the number of the subject which it follows, as 
172.4 (341.6). The class numbers are not always given in numerical order. An attempt has been made to 
put the most important number first. 

Accident insurance 331.2 
Africa, colonization 325.3 
Agricultural credit 332.7 

education 375 
Agriculture 338 
Almanacs 314, 317.3 
Americanization -325.7, 325.1 
Anarchism 335 

Arbitration, international 341.6 
Arbitration and conciliation, industrial 

Athletics 371.7 
Banks and banking 332 
Boy scouts 369.4 
Brook Farm 335 
Budget systems 351 
Business law 347 

Canada, politics and government 342.7 
Canals 386 
Capital 331 

Capital punishment 343 
Child labor 331.3 

welfare 362.7 

abnormal and backward 371.9 

care and hygiene 362.7, 371.9 

charities, protection, etc. 362.7, 364 
Chinese immigration 325.7 
Chivalry 394 
Christmas 394 
Civics 353, 342.'7, . 325- 1 
Civil service examinations 351 
Citizenship 323, 325.1, 325.7, 353 
Colleges 378 

Colonial government 325.3 
Colonization 325.3 
Commerce 380, 381, 382 
Commercial education 650.7 (371.42) 

geography 380 
Compulsory military service 355 
Conservation of resources 338 
Constitutional law 342.7 
Constitutions 342, 342.4, 342.7 
Cooperation 334, 332.7 
Compulsory arbitration 331. i 
Corporations 338.8 
Cost of living 338 
Costume 391 
Cotton 338 

County government 352 
Criminology 364 
Cyclopedias 303, 320.3, 370-3 
Deaf, The 371.9 
Delinquency 361, 362.7, 364 
Democracy 304, 320.4, 321.8 
Direct primaries 324 
District schools 371 
Dress 391 

Eastern question (Far East) 327, 327.73 
Economics 330 (and subdivisions), 396 
Education 370 (and subdivisions) 

associations 370.6 

commercial 650.7 (371.42) 

encyclopedias 370.3 

essays 370.4 

history 370.9 

industrial 371.42 

Negro 371.9 

of children 372, 372.2 

of women 376, 378 

prevocational 371.42 

psychology of 370.15 

religious and ethical 377 

secondary 375, 379.17 

standards, tests and measurements 


theory of 370,1 

vocational 371.42 
Elections 324, 353 
Encyclopedias 303, 320.3 370.3 
Ethical education 377 
Etiquet 3PS . . 
Europe, constitutional history 342 

economic history 330.9 

history 325-3, 327 
European war 327, 336, 34I-6 
Factory system 331, 33I-8 
Fairy tales 398 
Family 392 
Fancy dress 391 
Federal reserve system 332 
Feminism 396, 323 
Finance 336 

corporation 338.8 
Folklore 398 
Foreign exchange 332 
Fourth of July 394 
France, politics and government 354 
Free trade 337 
Games 371.7 
Gary schools 379 
Geography, commercial 380 
George Junior republic 364 
Germany, constitutional history 342 

economic history 330.9 

education 379.43 

foreign relations 327, 327.73 
Government 320, 321.8, 342, 350, 351, 
352, 353 

documents 328 

ownership 384, 385 

regulation of industry 338.8 
Great Britain, colonies 325.3 

constitutional history 342.4 

foreign relations 327, 327.73 

imperial federation 325.3 

Parliament 328 

politics 320.9 

statistics 305, 314 
Greece, politics and government 342 
Health insurance 331-2 
High schools 379-17 
Holidays 394 

Home rule (municipal) 352 
Hospitals 362 
Housing conditions 331.8 



How to study 371 
Immigration 325.7, 325.1 
Imperialism 325.3 
Income 331 

tax 336.2 
Industrial arbitration and conciliation 331. i 

education 371.42 

insurance 331. 2 

legislation 338.9 
Initiative 321.8 
Institutions 362 
Insurance 368 

accident 331.2 

fire 368 

health 331.2 

industrial 331.2 

life 368 

social 331.2 
International arbitration 341.6 

congresses 341. i 

law 341 

relations 327, 341, 341.6 
Investments 332.6, 332 
Japan, foreign relations 327.73, 325.7 
Japanese immigration 325.7 
Judicial supremacy 342.7 
Juvenile court 364 
Kindergarten 372.2 
Labor and capital 331 

and laboring classes 331.8, 331.3, 331.4 

laws 338.9, 331.3 

unions 331-8, 331.4 
Law 328.1, 341, 342.7, 345, 347 
League of nations 341.6 
Legislative bodies 328 
jNIanners and customs 301, 394 
Marketing of farm products 338 
Merchant marine 387 
Military training 355, 172.4 (341.6) 

science 355 
Minimum wage 331.2 
Money 332 

Monroe doctrine Z'^^-TZ 
Montessori method 371 
Municipal government 352 
Municipal ownership 352 

city manager plan 352 

commission plan 352 
Nationalism 320, 320.4, 321, 172.4 (341.6) 
Naturalization 325.1 
Naval science 359 
Negroes 326 

education 371.9 
New Zealand, social conditions 335 
Non-resistance 172.4 (341.6) 
Open air schools 371.9 
Organized charity 360, 361, 362 
Pangermanism 327, 327.73 
Parliamentary law 328.1 
Peace 341-6, 172.4 (341-6) 
Play 371.7 

Political parties 329, 324, 342, 350, 351 
Political science 320, 320.3, 320.4, 320.9, 

321, 350 
Post office 383 

Posture of school children 371.7 
Poverty 339, 330 
Preparedness (military) 355 
President, powers of 353 
Prevocational education 371.42 
Prices 338 

Primaries 324 

Prisons 365 

Probation 364, 365 

Profit sharing 331.2, 334 

Proportional representation 324 

Protection 337 

Proverbs 398 

Prussia, politics and government 350 

Public documents 328 

schools 379, 371 

utilities 352 
Railroads 385 
Recall 321.8 
Reciprocity 337 
Red cross 361 
Referendum 321.8 
Religious education zil 
Republics 321.8 

Rome, politics and government 342 
Rural schools 379.17 
Savings banks 332 

School administration and organization 
371, 379 

buildings 371.6 

curriculum 375 

decoration 371.6, 371.7 

discipline 371 

feeding 371.7 

hygiene 371.7 
Self education 374 
Ships 387 
Short ballot 324 
Shorter work day 338.9 
Single tax 336.2 
Social centers 371.6 

insurance 331.2 

settlements 331.8 

surveys 309.1 

work 360, 361, 362, 362.7, 364, 365, 
Socialism 335 
Societies 306, 369.4 
Sociology 301, 303, 304, 306, 309.1 
State, The 320, 320.4, 320.9, 321, 323, 

State constitutions 342.7 

documents 328 

governments 353 
Statesmen, collected works 308 
Statistics 311, 314, 317.3 
Stock exchange 332 
Story telling 372.6 
Study, How to 371 
Suffrage 324, 324.3 
Surveys, social 309.1 
Syndicalism 331.87 
Tariff 337 
Taxation 336.2 
Teachers 371.7 

Teaching 371, 370.1, 370.15, 370.4 
Telegraph, government ownership 384 
Telephone, government ownership 384 
Town government 352 
Transportation 380, 385, 386, 387 
Treaties 341.2 
Trusts 338.8, 331.8 
Unemployment 331.8 
United States army 355 

Congress 328 

Constitution and constitutional history 

SOCIOLOGY— Subject Index 


economic history 330.9 

finance 336, 336.2, 351 

foreign population 325.7 

foreign relations 327.73, 341.2 

government 342.7, 353, 321.8, 320.4 

immigration 325.7, 325.1 

industries and resources 330.9, 331.8, 

laws, statutes, etc. 345 

navy 3SS, 359 

politics 304, 308, 320.4, 321.8, 328, 
329, 342.7, 351, 353 

population 317.3 

post office 383 

race question 326 

social conditions 304, 321.8, 339 

statistics 305, 317.3 
United States naval academy 359 
Universities 378 

Vocational education 371.42 

Vocational guidance 174 (371.42) 

Voting 324, 353 

Wages 331-2, 331 

War 341.6, 172.4 (341.6), 355 

Wealth 331 

Weights and measures 389 

Wheat 338 

Woman suffrage 324.3, 396 

Women 396 

education 376, 378 

employment 331.4, 331.8, 396 

occupations 396 

social and moral questions 396, 323, 

social conditions 396 
Women's clubs 374.3 
World peace 341.6, 172.4 (341.6) 
Year books 305 

Author Index 

Abbott, E. Women in industry 331.4 

Abbott, G. Immigrant and the community 

325. 7 
Academy of political science. Foreign rela- 
tions of the United States 327.73 
Labor disputes and public service cor- 
porations 331.1 
Military training 355 
Adams, G. B. Outline sketch of English 
constitutional history 342.4 
Adams, J. Making the most of one's mind 

Addanis, J. Democracy and social ethics 

Newer ideals of peace 304 

Spirit of youth and the city streets 362.7 
Twenty years at Hull House 331.8 

Adler, F. Moral instruction of children 377 
World crisis and its meaning 341.6 (172.4) 
Alexander, T. Prussian elementary schools 


Allen, W. H. Civics and health _ 371.7 

Universal training for citizenship and 

public service 323 

Woman's part in government, whether 

she votes or not 396 

American academy of political and social 

science. Commission government and 

the city manager plan 352 

Financing the war 336 

Housing and town planning 331.8 

Initiative, referendum and recall 321.8 

Justice thru simplified legal procedure 

JModern insurance problems 368 

Negro's progress in fifty years 326 

New possibilities in education 370.4 

Preparedness and America's international 
program 327.73 

Present labor situation 331.1 

Public administration and partisan poli- 
tics 351 
Public budgets 351 
Public policies as to municipal utilities 


Reform in administration of justice 340 

World's food 338 

American labor year book 331.8 

American political science association. 

Teaching of government 353 

American prison association. Proceedings 


American year book 305 

Andersen, H. C. Fairy tales; il. by D. S. 

AValker 398 

Fairy tales; tr. by H. L. Breakstad 398 

Fairy tales; tr. by Mrs. E. Lucas 398 

Stories and tales 398 

Anderson, W. L. Country town 352 

Andress, J. M. Teaching of hygiene in the 

grades 371.7 

Andrews, L. C. Fundamentals of military 

service ooD 

Angell, N. Great illusion 341.6 

Anthony, K. S. Feminism in Germany and 

Scandinavia 396 

Antin, M. They who knock at our gates 

Arndt, W. T. Emancipation of the Amer- 
ican city 352 
Aronovici, C. Social survey 309.1 
Aristotle. Politics of Aristotle 320 
Ashley, P. W. L. Modern tarifif history 337 
Ashley, R. L. American federal state 342.7 
New civics 353 
Ashley, W. J. Economic organization of 
England 330.9 
Avebury, J. L. Use of life 374 
Ayres, L. P. Laggards in our schools 371.9 
Open-air schools 371.9 
Babson, R. W. Bonds and stocks 332 
Future of world peace 341.6 
Bacon, A. F. Beauty for ashes 331.8 
Bacon, C, comp. Prison reform 365 
Bagehot, W. Physics and politics 30'1 
Bagley, W. C. Educative process 370.1 
School discipline 371 
Bailey, C. S. Firelight stories 372.6 
For the story teller 372,6 
Stories for Sunday telling 372.6 
Tell me another story 372.6 
— and Lewis, C. M. For the children's 
hour 372.6 
Bailey, L. H. Universal service 

341.6 (172.4) 
Bailey, W. B., and Cummings, J. Statistics 

Balch, E. G. Our Slavic fellow citizens 


Baldwin, J. Story of Roland 398 

Story of Siegfried 398 

Bancroft, J. H. Games for the playground, 

home, school and gymnasium 371.7 

Posture of school children 371.7 

Baring-Gould, S. Curious myths of the 

middle ages 398 

Barker, D. A. Theory of money 332 

Barker, E. Political thought in England 

Barnes, M. E., and Barnes, L. C. New 
America 325.7 

Barnett, G. E., and McCabe, D. A. Media- 
tion, investigation and arbitration in 
industrial disputes 331.1 

Bartholomew, J. G. Atlas of economic 
geography 380 

Barton, C. Story of the Red cross 361 

Barton, G. E. Re-education 362 

Bashore, H. B. Overcrowding and defective 
housing in the rural districts 331.8 

Beard, C. A. American city government 

American government and politics 353 
Economic interpretation of the Constitu- 
tion of the United States 342.7 
— and Beard, M. R. American citizenship 

Beard. M. R. Woman's work in municipal- 
ities 396 
Beer, G. L. English-speaking peoples 




Beman, L. T., comp. Selected articles on 
the compulsory arbitration of indus- 
trial disputes 331.1 
Supplement to 2d ed 331.1 

Bengston, N. A., and Griffith, D. Wheat 
industry 338 

Bennett, H. C. American women in civic 
work 396 

Bennett, H. E. School efficiency 379 

Benson, A. L. Truth about socialism 335 

Bernhardi, F. A. J. Germany and the next 
war 32/ 

Bernstein, E. Evolutionary socialism 335 

Best, H. The deaf 371.9 

Betts, G. H. Recitation 371 

— and Hall, O. E. Better rural schools 


Bigelow, J. World peace 341.6 

Blackmar, F. W., and Gillin, J. L. Out- 
lines of sociology 301 

Blanchard, R. H. Liability and compensa- 
tion insurance 331.2 

Blanchon, G. New warfare 355 

Bliss, W. D. P., and Binder, R. M. New en- 
cyclopedia of social reform 303 

Bloomfield, M. Vocational guidance of 
youth 371.42 (174) 

Youth, school and vocation 371.42 (174) 
ed. Readings in vocational guidance 

371.42 (174) 

Blow, S. E. Letters to a mother on the 
philosophy of Froebel 372.2 

Boardman, M. T. Under the Red cross flag 
at home and abroad 361 

Bogart, E. L. Economic history of the 
United States 330.9 

Bogen, B, D. Jewish philanthropy 361 

Bosanquet, H. D. The family 392 

Boudin, L. B. Theoretical system of Karl 
Marx 335 

Bourinot, J. G. How Canada is eoverned 


Bourne, R. S. Education and living 370.4 
Gary schools 379 

comp. Towards an enduring peace 341.6 

Bowen, L. H. D. Safeguards for city youth 
at work and at play 362.7 

Boyd, W. From Locke to Montessori 371 

Bradford, E. S. Commission government 
in American cities 352 

Brailsford, H. N. League of nations 341.6 

Brand, J. Observations on the popular an- 
tiquities of Great Britain 394 

Brandeis, L. D. Other people's money, and 
how the bankers use it 332 

Brawley, B. G. Short history of the Amer- 
ican negro 326 
Your negro neighbor 326 

Brewer, J. ]\I., and Kelly, R. W. Selected 

critical bibliography of vocational guid- 

. ance 371.42 (174) 

Brinton, W. C. Graphic methods for pre- 
senting facts 311 

Bronner, A, F, Psychology of special abili- 
ties and disabilities 371.9 

Brooks, J. G. American syndicalism 331.87 

Brooks, R. C. Corruption in American pol- 
itics and life 329 

Brown, E., and Strauss, A. Dictionary of 
American politics 320.9 

Brown, G. (F.) Your vote and how to use 
it 353 

Brown, H. D. Talks to freshman girls 376 
Brown, J. F. American high school 379.17 
Bruce, H. A. B. Woman in the making of 
America 396 

Bruere, H. New city government 352 

Bryan, W. J. Speeches 308 

Brvant, L. S. School feedinc 371.7 

Bryant, S. C. Best stories to tell children 


How to tell stories to children 372.6 

Stories to tell the littlest ones 372.6 

Bryce, J. B. American commonwealth 342.7 

Some historical reflections on the war 


Biicher, K. Industrial evolution 330.4 

Bulfinch, T. Age of chivalry 398 

Legends of Charlemagne 398 

Bullock, C. J. Introduction to the study of 

economics 330 

comp. Selected readings in economics 330 

ed. Selected readings in public finance 

Bullock, E. D., comp. Agricultural credit 

Selected articles on child labor 331.3 

Selected articles on compulsory insur- 
ance 331.2 
Selected articles on the single tax 336.2 
Selected articles on trade unions 331.8 
Selected articles on the employment of 
women 331.4 
Bunkley, J. W. Military and naval recogni- 
tion book 355 
Burbank, E. Woman as decoration 391 
Burdick, F. M. Essentials of business law 

Burgess, J. W. Reconciliation of govern- 
ment with liberty 342 
Burke, E. Selections 308 
Burks, F. W., and Burks, J. D. Heath and 
the school 371.7 
Burns, C. D. Morality of nations 320 
Political ideals 320.4 
Burrage, S., and Bailey, H. T. School san- 
itation and decoration 371.7 
Burrell, C. F. B. Complete club book for 
women 374.3 
Woman's club work and programs 374.3 
Burritt, A. W., and others. Profit sharing 

Butler, N. M. Meaning of education 370.4 
Buxton, C. R., ed. Towards a lasting set- 
tlement 341.6 
Cabot, E. L. Volunteer help to the schools 

Callender, G. S., ed. Selections from the 
economic history of the United States 

Canby, H. S. College sons and college 
fathers 378 

Cannon. I. M. Social work in hospitals 362 
Carey, A. A. Scout law in practice 369.4 
Carleton, W. One way out 331.8 

Carlton, F. T. History and problem of or- 
ganized labor 331.8 
Industrial situation 331.8 
Carnegie endowment for international 
peace. Year book 341.6 (172.4) 

SOCIOLOGY— Author Index 


Carney, M. Country life and the country 
school 379.17 

Carver, T. N. Distribution of wealth 331 
Essays in social justice 304 

Principles of rural economics 338 

Catt, C. L. C, comp. Woman suffrage by 
federal constitutional amendment 324.3 

Chadwick, F. E. American navy 359 

Chapin, F. S. Introduction to the study of 
social evolution 301 

Charters, W. W. Teaching the common 
branches 371 

Chase, M. H., and Chase, S. Honeymoon 
experiment ■ 331.8 

Cheradame, A. Pangerman plot unmasked 

United States and Pangermania 327.73 

Chesser, E. S. Woman, marriage anc 
motherhood 306 

Cheyney, E. P. Introduction to the indus- 
trial and social history of England 


Childs, R. S. Short-ballot principles 324 

Chisholm, G. G. Handbook of commercial 
geography 380 

Choate, J. H. Tvvro Hague conferences 341.1 

Chubb, P. E., and others. Festivals and 
plays in schools and elsewhere 371.7 

Citizenship convention. Proceedings of the 
convention held July 10-15, 1916 325.1 

Claparede, £. Experimental pedagogy and 
the psychology of the child 370.15 

Clark, A. H. Clipper ship era 387 

Clark, J. B. Social justice without social- 
ism 304 

Clark, L. Physical training for the elemen- 
tary schools 371.7 

Clark, W. E. Cost of living 338 

Clarke, E. E. Guide to the use of United 
States government publications 328 

Clarke, I. C. American women and the 
world war 396 

Cleveland, F. A. Organized democracy 


Cleveland, G. Independence of the execu- 
tive 353 

Clopper, E. N. Child labor in city streets 


Cloyd, D. E. Modern education in Europe 
and the orient 370.9 

Coe, F. E. First book of stories for the 
story-teller 372.6 

Second book of stories for the story-tel- 
ler 372.6 

Coe, G. A. Social theory of religious educa- 
tion _ 377 

Cohen, J. H. Law and order in industry 


Cole, M. C, comp. Philippine folk tales 398 

Cole, P. R. Industrial education in the ele- 
mentary school 371.42 

Collins, C. W. National budget system and 
American finance 351 

Colum, P. King of Ireland's son 398 

Colvin, S. S. Introduction to high school 
teaching 379.17 

— and Bagley, W. C. Human behavior 


Coman, K. Industrial history of the United 
States 330.9 

Commons, J. R. Labor and administration 

Proportional representation 324 

Races and immigrants in America 325.7 
ed. Trade unionism and labor problems 

— and Andrews, J. B. Principles of labor 
legislation 338.9 

— and others. History of labor in the 
United States 331.8 

Compayre, G. History of pedagogy 370.9 
Conway, W. M. Crowd in peace and war 

Conyngton, M. How to help 361 

Cooley, C. H. Social organization 301 

Cooley, E. G. Vocational education in 
Europe 371,42 

Coolidge, M. E. B. Whv women are so 396 
Cope, H. F. Religious education in the fam- 
ily 377 
Cornish, F. W. Chivalry 394 
Corwin, E. S. President's control of for- 
eign relations 353 
Cothren, M. B. ABC of voting 324 
Coulter, E. K. Children in the shadow 

Cramb, J. A. Germany and England 327 
Cressy, E. Outline of industrial history 


Croly, H. D. Progressive democracy 320.4 

Promise of American life 320.4 

Cross, I. B. Essentials of socialism 335 

Crothers, S. M, Meditations on votes for 

women 324.3 

Crow, M. F. American country girl 396 

Crowell, J. F. Trusts and competition 338.8 

Cubberley, E. P. Improvement of rural 

schools 379.17 

Public school administration 379 

Curtin, J. Hero-tales of Ireland 398 

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Play movement and its significance 371.7 

Curtis, L. Problem of the commonwealth 


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manual of parliamentary practice 328.1 

Dasent, G. W. Popular tales from the Norse 

Davidson, J. Means and methods in the re- 
ligious education of the young 377 
Davidson, T. Education of the Greek peo- 
ple 370.9 
History of education 370.9 
Rousseau and education according to 
nature 370.9 
Davidson, W. L. Political thought in Eng- 
land, the utilitarians 320.9 
Davis, G. B. Elements of international law 


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Davis, H. W. C. Political thought of Hein- 

rich von Treitschke 320.1 

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371,42 (174) 
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Dawson, G. E. Child and his religion 377 
Day, C. Historv of commerce 380 

Deacon, J. B. Disasters and the American 
Red cross in disaster work 361 

Dealey, J. O. Development of the state 




Family in its sociological aspects 392 
Growth of American state constitutions 


Dean, A. D. Our schools in war time — and 

after 371.42 

De Garmo, C. Herbart and the Herbar- 

tians 370.9 

Interest and education 370.1 

Principles of secondary education 379.17 

Denison, E. Helping school children 379 

Devine, E. T. Family and social work 361 

Misery and its causes 339 

Normal life 304 

Practice of charity 361 

Spirit of social work 361 

Devon, J. Criminal and the community 364 

Dewey, D. R. Financial history of the 

United States 336 

Dewey, J. Democracy and education 370.1 

Interest and effort in education 370.1 

Moral principles in education 377 

School and society 370.4 

— and Dewey, E. Schools of to-morrow 371 

Dexter, E. G. History of education in the 

United States 370.9 

Dickinson, G. L. Choice before us 341.6 

European anarchy 327 

Modern symposium 304 

Dickson, H. Unpopular history of the 

United States 355.7 

Dillaway. T. M. Decoration of the school 

and home 371.6 

Dinsmore, J. W. Teaching a district school 

Dole, C. F. . Burden of poverty 339 

Dooley, W. H. Education of the ne'er-do- 
well 371.42 
Doty, M. Z. Society's misfits 365 
Dresslar, F. B. American schoolhouses 

School hygiene 371.7 

Du Bois, W. E. B. The Negro 326 

Souls of black folk 326 

Dudley, G., and Kellor, F. A. Athletic 
games in the education of women 371.7 
Dugdale, R. L. The Jukes 364 

Dunbar, C. F. Chapters on the theory and 
history of banking 332 

Dunn, S. O. American transportation ques- 
tion 385 
Government ownership of railways 385 
Dunning, W. A. British empire and the 
United States 327.73 
Historv of political theories from Luther 
to Montesquieu 320.9 
History of political theories, mediaeval 
and modern 320.9 
Du Puy, W. A. Uncle Sam's modern mir- 
acles 353 
Uncle Sam, wonder worker 353 
Durand, E. D. Trust problem 338.8 
Dutton, S. T., and Snedden, D. Administra- 
tion of public education in the United 
States 379 
Earhart, L. B. Tyoes of teaching 371 
Earle, R. Life at the U.S. Naval academy 

Eastman, C. Work accidents and the law 


Eaton, J., and Stevens, B. M. Commercial 
work and training for girls 

371.42 (650.7) 
Eaton, T. H. Study of organization and 
method of the course of study in agri- 
culture in secondary schools 375 
Ebbutt, M. I. Hero-myths and legends of 
the British race 398 
Egerton, H. E. Origin and growth of the 
English colonies 325.3 
Eggleston, J. D., and Bruere, R. W. Work 
of the rural school 379.17 
Eliot, C. W. Future of trades-unionism and 
capitalism in a democracy 331.8 
Eliot, T. D. Juvenile court and the com- 
munity 364 
Ellis, H. Criminal 364 
Task of social hygiene 304 
Ellis, O. O., and Garey, E. B. Plattsburg 
manual 355 
Ellwood, C. A. Introduction to social psy- 
chology 301 
Social problem 301 
Sociology and modern social problems 

Elmer, M. C. Technique of social surveys 

Ely, R. T. Outlines of economics 330 

— and others. Foundations of national 
prosperity 338 

Emerson, M. I. Evolution of the educa- 
tional ideal 370.9 
Emery, H. C. Politician, party and people 

Emmet, B. Profit sharing in the United 
States 331.2 

Engels, F. Socialism 335 

Epler, P. 'H. Life of Clara Barton 361 

Escher, F. Foreign exchange explained 332 
Fairchild, H. P. Immigration 325.7 

Outline of applied sociology 301 

Fairlie, J. A. Local government in coun- 
ties, towns and villages 352 
Municipal administration 352 
National administration of the United 
states of America 353 
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capital punishment 343 
Selected articles on direct primaries 324 
Selected articles on the conservation of 
national resources 338 
Farnsworth, E. O. Art and ethics of dress 


Farrand, M. Framinp- of the constitution of 

the United States 342.7 

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Federalist. Federalist, a commentary on 

the constitution of the United States 

Same; ed. by P. L. Ford 342.7 

Field, A. P. L. Story of Canada Blackie 365 
Fillebrown, C. B. Principles of natural tax- 
ation 336.2 
Taxation 336.2 
Finlay-Johnson, H. Dramatic method 
of teaching 371 
Fish, C. R. American diplomacy 327.73 
Fisher, D. F. C. Montessori mother 371 
Fisher, I. Purchasing power of money 332 
^^"hy is the dollar shrinking? 338 

SOCIOLOGY— Author Index 


Fiske, B. A. Navy as a fighting machine 

Fiske, J. Civil government in the United 
States 353 

Fitch, A. P. College course and the prepar- 
ation for life 378 
Fite, E. D. Social and industrial conditions 
in the North during the Civil war 330.9 
Fite, W. Individualism 304 
Flexner, B., and Baldwin, R. N. Juvenile 
courts and probation 364 
Foght, H. W. Rural life and education 


Rural teacher and his work 379.17 

Ford, H. J. Rise and growth of American 

politics 342,7 

Ford, J. Cooperation- in New England 334 

Forman, S. E., and Shuler, M. Woman 

voter's manual 353 

Foster, W. T. Should students study 378 

Fowler, N. C. How to obtain citizenship 


Fowler, W. W. City-state of the Greeks 

and Romans 342 

Franc, A. Use your government 353 

Frankfurter, F., and Goldmark, J. Case for 

the shorter work day 338.9 

Franklin, F. Cost of living 338 

Eraser, H. Women and war work 396 

Freeman, F. N. How children learn 370.1 

Psychology of the common branches 

Freeman, W. G., and Chandler, S. E. 
World's commercial products 380 

Freud, S. Reflections on war and death 

Froebel, F. W. A. Education of man 372.2 
Froebel's chief writings on education 

Fulmer, G. Use of the kindergarten gifts 

Fustel de Coulanges, N. D. Ancient city 

Gallichan, C. G. H. Motherhood and the 
relationships of the sexes 396 

Truth about woman 396 

Gantt, H. L. Work, wages and profits 331 
Garey, E. B., and Ellis, O. O. Junior 
Plattsburg manual 355 

Garner, J. W. Introduction to political 
science 320 

Gauss, C. F. Through college on nothing 
a year 378 

George, H. Law of human progress 330 
Progress and poverty 336.2 

George, W. R., and Stowe, L, B. Citizens 
made and remade 364 

Gephart, W. F. Insurance and the state 368 
Principles of insurance 368 

Gesell, A. L., and Gesell, B_. C. Normal 
child and primary education 372 

Gettell, R. G. Introduction to political sci- 
ence 320 
Gibbs, W .S. Minimum cost of living 331.8 
Gibson, C. R. War inventions and how 
they were invented 355 
Giddings, F. H. Elements of sociology 301 
Principles of sociology 301 
Gide, C, and Rist, C. History of economic 
doctrines 330.9 

Gilbertson, H. S. County, the "dark con- 
tinent" of American politics 352 
Gillette, J. M. Vocational education 371.42 
Gilman, C. P. S. Women and economics 

Gladden, W. Forks of the road 

341.6 (172.4) 
Godkin, E. L. Unforeseen tendencies of 
democracy 321.8 

Goldsmith, R. League to enforce peace 

Goodnow, F. J. Comparative administra- 
tive law 350 
Municipal government 352 
Municipal home rule 352 
Politics and administration 350 
Principles -of constitutional government 

Social reform and the constitution 342.7 
Goodsell, W. History of the family as a 
social and educational institution 392 
Goodwin, G. D. Anti-suffrage 324.3 

Gowin, E. B., and Wheatley, W. A. Occu- 
pations 371.42 (174) 
Graham, W. J. Romance of life insurance 

Graves, F. P. Great educators of three cen- 
turies 370.9 
Student's history of education 370.9 
Green, J. B. Law for the American farmer 

Green, T. L. Corporation finance 338.8 

Gregory, I. A. P. Book of saints and won- 
ders 398 
Grimm, J. L. K., and Grimm, W. K. Fairy 
tales; tr. by E. Lucas 398 
Household stories: tr. by L. Crane 398 
Household tales 398 
Grinnell, G. B. Blackfoot lodge tales 398 
Groat, G. G. Introduction to the study of 
organized labor in America 331.8 
Guerber, H. A. Legends of the middle ages 


Gulick, S. L. American democracy and 

Asiatic citizenship 325.7 

American Japanese problem 325.7 

Gulliver, L. Friendship of nations 

341.6 (172.4) 
Hadley, A. T. Undercurrents in American 
politics 320.4 

Haines, C. G. American doctrine of judicial 
supremacy 342.7 

Hale, B. F. What women want 396 

Hale, E. E. How to do it 374 

Hall, A. B. Outline of international law 

Hall, F. M. H. Good form for all occasions 

Hall, M. E. Vocational guidance thru the 
library 371.42 (174) 

Hamerton, P. G. Intellectual life 374 

Hammond, L. H. In black and white 326 
Haney, L. H. Business organization and 
combination ' 338.8 

Hanus, P. H. Beginnings in industrial edu- 
cation 371.42 
Harding, S. B., ed. Select orations illustrat- 
ing American political history 308 
Harris, E. P., and others, Cooperation 334 
Harris, F. S. Young man and his vocation 

371.42 (174) 



Harris T. C. Uncle Remus and his friends 

' ■' 398 

Uncle Remus, his songs and his sayings 

Harris, N. D. Intervention and coloniza- 
tion in Africa 3253 
Harrison, E. Study of child nature ^„^l% 
Hart, A. B. Monroe doctrine 32773 
Southern South 326 
Haskin, F. J. American government 353 



Hawthorne, H. Rambles in old college 
towns 378 

Hayes, E. C. Introduction to the study of 
sociology 301 

Healy, W. Honesty ^ 364 

Hecker, E. A. Short history of women s 



Henderson, C. H. Education and the largei 

life 370.4 

What is it to be educated? 370.1 

Henderson, C. R. Cause and cure of crime 


Citizens in industry 331.8 

Introduction to the study of dependent, 

defective and delinquent classes 360 

Social duties from the Christian point of 

view . 304 

ed. Correction and prevention 365 

Henry, A. Trade union woman 331.4 

Hepburn, A. B. Artificial waterways of the 

world 386 

History of currency in the United States 

Herrick, C. A. History of commerce and 

industry 380 

Higginson, T. W. Tales of the enchanted 

islands of the Atlantic 398 

Hill, D. J. Americanism 321.8 

People's government 320 

Rebuilding of Europe 327 

Hill, M. Teaching of civics 353 

— and Davis, P. Civics for new Americans 

Hillquit, M. Socialism in theory and prac- 
tice 335 
Socialism summed up 335 
— and Ryan, J. A. Socialism 335 
Hinchman, W. S. American school 379.17 
Hirst, F. W. Stock exchange 332 
Hoag, E. B., and Terman, L. M. Health 
work in the schools 371.7 
Hobhouse, L. T. Liberalism 320.9 
Hobson, J. A. Evolution of modern capi- 
talism 331 
Gold, prices and wages 338 
New protectionism 337 
Towards international government 341.6 
Work and wealth 331 
Hodge, H. In the wake of the war 342.4 
Hodges, G. Training of children in religion 

Holcombe, A. N. State government in the 
United States 353 

Holdsworth, J. T. Money and banking 332 
Hollander, J. H. Abolition of poverty 339 
Hollingworth, H. L. Vocational psychol- 
ogy _ 371.42 (174) 
Hollister, H. A. Administration of educa- 
tion in a democracy 371 
High school and class management 379.17 

Holmes, A. Conservation of the child 371.9 
Holmes, J. H. New wars for old 

341.6 (172.4) 

Holmes, O. W. Common law 347 

Holt, A. Fancy dresses designed 391 

Holt, L. H. Introduction to the study of 

government 320 

Hopkins, A. A., ed. Our army and how to 

know it, and Our navy and how to 

know it 355 

Home, H. H. Teacher as artist 371 

Hough, B. O. Ocean traffic and trade 387 

Houghton, L. S. Telling Bible stories 

Hourwich, I. A. Immigration and labor 


Houston, H. S. Blocking new wars 341.6 

Howe, F. C. High cost of living 338 

JNIodern city and its problems 352 

Why war 341.6 (172.4) 

Howe, L. Universal military education and 

service 355 

Howerth, I. W. Work and life 304 

Hoxie, R. F. Trade unionism in the United 

States 331.8 

Huebner, S. S. Life insurance 368 

Property insurance 368 

Hufifcut, E. W. Elements of business law 

Hughan, J. W. American socialism of the 
present day 335 

Facts of socialism 335 

Hughes, C. E. Addresses, 1906-1916 308 
Conditions of progress in democratic 
government 320.4 

Hughes, T. Dress design 391 

Hull, W. I. Monroe doctrine 327.73 

Hungerford, E. Railroad problem 385 

Hunter, R. Poverty 339 

Violence and the labor movement 335 
Hurd, A. S. Our navy 359 

Hutchinson, R. H. "Socialism" of New 
Zealand 335 

Huxley. T. H. Science and education 370.4 
Hyde, W. D. College man and the college 
woman 378 

Teacher's philosophy in and out of 
school 371 

Ilbert, C. P. Parliament, its history, con- 
stitution and practice 328 
Inglis, A. J. Principles of secondary educa- 
tion 379.17 
Jackson, O. P., and Evans, F. E. Marvel 
book of American ships 359 
Jacobi. M. P. "Common sense" applied to 
woman suffrage 324.3 
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ed. English fairy tales 398 
Indian fairy tales 398 
More English fairy tales 398 
Jaffray, J. K., ed. Prison and the prisoner 

James, H. G. Applied city government 352 
Municipal functions 352 

Principles of Prussian administration 350 
What is the city manager plan? 352 

James, W. Talks to teachers on psychol- 
ogy 370.4 

Janvier, T. A. Legends of the city of Mex- 
ico 398 

SOCIOLOGY— Author Index 


Jastrow, M. War and the Bagdad railway 

Jenks, E. History of politics 320.9 

Jenks, J. W. Trust problem 338.8 

— and Lauck, W. J. Immigration problem 

Jennings, H. S., and others. Suggestions of 
modern science concerning education 

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unemployment 331,8 

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stitutional history, 1776-1876 342.7 
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Ocean and inland water transportation 

— and Huebner, G. G. Principles of ocean 
transportation 387 

— and Van Metre, T. W. Principles of rail- 
road transportation 385 
Johnson, G. E. Education by plays and 
games 371.7 
Jordan, D. S. Ways to lasting peace 341.6 
Johnston, A. History of American politics 


Judd, C. H. Psychology of high school 

subjects 379.17 

Judson, K. B. Myths and legends of the 

Mississippi Valley and the Great Lakes 

comp. Myths and legends of California 
and the old southwest 398 

Selected articles on government owner- 
ship of telegraph and telephone 384 
ed. Myths and legehds of British North 
America 398 

Myths and legends of the great plains 

Myths and legends of the Pacific north- 
west 398 
Kahn, J., and Klein, J. J. Principles and 
methods in commercial education 

371.42 (650.7) 
Kautsky, K. Social revolution 335 

Kawakami, K. K. Japan in world politics 

Keightley, T. Fairy mytholoe-v 398 

Keller, A. G. Colonization 325.3 

Societal evolution 301 

Kelley, F. Modern industry in relation to 
the family, health, education, and mor- 
ality 331.8 
Kellogg, V. L., and Taylor, A. E. Food 
problem 338 
Kellor, F. A. Out of work 331.8 
Kelsey, C. Physical basis of society 304 
Kemmerer, J. W. Postal savings 332 
Kendall, C. N., and Mirick, G. A. How to 
teach the fundamental subjects 371 
Keppel, F. P. Undergraduate and his col- 
lege 378 
Ketcham, E. A. Essentials of fire insurance 
business 368 
Key, E. K. S. Renaissance of motherhood 

War, peace and the future 341.6 

Younger generation 304 

Kidd, B. Sqience of power 301 

Social evolution 301 

Kilpatrick, M. G. Rural school from with- 
in 379.17 

Kilpatrick, W. H. Montessori system ex- 
amined 371 
King, C. L. Lower living costs in cities 338 
ed. Regulation of municipal utilities 352 
King, I. Education for social efficiency 

High school age 379.17 

Social aspects of education 370.1 

King, W. I. Elements of statistical 
methods 311 

Wealth and income of the people of the 
United States 331 

Kirkpatrick, E. A. P"undamentals of sociol- 
ogy 301 
Kirkup, T. History of socialism 335 
Kitson, H. D. How to use your mind 371 
Kniffin, W. H. Practical work of a bank 

Kready, L. F. Study of fairy tales 398 

Krehbiel, E. B. Nationalism, war and so- 
ciety 341.6 (172.4) 
Kropotkin, P. A. Conquest of bread 335 
Fields, factories and workshops 338 
Mutual aid a factor of evolution 301 
Kriiger, F. K. Government and politics of 
the German empire 342 
La Fontaine, H. Great solution 341.6 
Lane, F. K. American spirit 321.8 
Lansbury, G. Your part in poverty 331 
Lanux, P. Young France and new America 

Lapp, J. A., comp. Important federal laws 


Our America 353 

— and Mote, C. H. Learning to earn 371.42 

La Rue, D. W. Science and art of teaching 

LaSalle, M. A., and Wiley, K. E. Voca- 
tions for girls 371.42 (174) 
Lauck, W. J., and Sydenstricker, E. Con- 
ditions of labor in American industries 

Lawrence, T. J. Principles of international 
law 341 

League to enforce peace. Enforced peace 

Leake, A. H, Industrial education 371.42 


Leavitt, F. M., and Brown, E. Prevoca- 
tional education in the public schools 

Le Bon, G. The crowd 301 

Lecky, W. E. H. Democracy and liberty 

Lee, G. S. Crowds 304' 

Lee, J. Play in education 371.7 

Lewis, B. G. Offender and his relations to 
law and society 365 

Lewis, W. D. Democracy's high school 


Levine, L. Syndicalism in France 331.87 

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Speeches and letters 308 

Lincoln, J. T. The factory 331 

Lincoln, L. I. Everyday pedagogv 379.17 

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beast 351 

Lippmann, W. Preface to politics 304 

Stakes of diplomacy 327 

Lockwood, F. C, comp. Freshman and his 

college 378 



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Lowell, A. L. Government of England 

Governments and parties in continental 
Europe 342 

Governments of France, Italy, and Ger- 
many 342 
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Lynch, E. F. Educating the child at home 

Lyman. E. Story telling 372.6 

Lyon, W. H. Capitalization 338.8 

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city manager plan of government 352 
Mabinogian; tr. by Lady C. Guest 398 

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the law 352 

Law and the practice of municipal home 
rule 352 

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McClure, A. Leadership of the new Amer- 
ica 325.7 
MacDonald, J. A. Democracy and the na- 
tions 327.73 
MacDonald, W., ed. Documentary source 
book of American history 342.7 
]MacFarlane, J. J. Conversion tables of for- 
eign weights 389 
MacGregor, D. H. Evolution of industry 


]\lachiavelli, N. The prince 321 

Maciver, R. L. Community 301 

Mackay, C. D. Costumes and scenery for 

amateurs 391 

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boy 371.42 

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Cyclopedia of American government 

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ciety 331.4 
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• teaching and how io adjust them 371 
Elements of general method 371 
McMurry, F. M. How to study and teach- 
ing how to study 371 
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its living 330 
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Party organization and machinery 329 
— and Gannaway, J. W. Comparative free 
government 342 
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power, present and future 327.73 
Maine, H. J. S. Ancient law 340 
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by Lanier 398 
Morte d'Arthur 398 
:Morte D'Arthur; ed. by Sir E. Strachey 


Romance of King Arthur and his knights 

of the round table 398 

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Marburg, T. League of nations 341.6 

Marot, H. American trade unions 331.8 
Marshall, A. Principles of economics 330 

Marshall, L. C, and others, eds. Materials 
for the study of elementary economics 

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verbs 398 
Marvin, W. L. American merchant marine 

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ifesto 335 
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from January to December 372.6 
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constitution 342.4 
Mathews, J. M. Principles of American 
state administration 353 
Maxwell, G. H. Our national defense 355.7 
Meade, E. S. Careful investor 332.6 
Corporation finance 338.8 
Meloney, W. B. Heritage of Tyre 387 
Melville, N. J. Standard method of testing 
juvenile mentality 371.9 
Meredith, C. M. Educational bearings of 
modern psychology 370.15 
Mill, J. S. Considerations on representative 
government 321.8 
On liberty (and) The subjection of wo- 
men 323 
Principles of political economy 330 
Millard, T. F. F. Our Eastern question 

Miller, I, E. Education for the needs of 
life 370.1 

Miller, K. An "appeal to conscience 326 

Out of the house of bondage 326 

Mills, F. C. Contemporary theories of un- 
employment relief 331.8 
Mills, J. C. Our inland seas 387 
Moir, H. Life assurance primer 368 
Monroe, P. Textbook in the history of ed- 
ucation 370.9 
ed. Cyclopedia of education 370.3 
Principles of secondary education 379.17 
Monroe, W. S., and others. Educational 
tests and measurements 371.9 
Montague, G. H. Business competition and 
the law 338.8 
Rise and progress of the Standard oil 
company 338.8 
M.ontessori, M. Montessori method 371 
Moore, E. C. Fifty years of American edu- 
cation 370.9 
What is education 370.1 
Moore, H. H. Youth and the nation 

371.42 (174) 
Moore, J. B. Principles of American di- 
plomacy 327.73 
Moral training in the public schools 377 
Morgan, B. S. Backward child 371.9 
Morgan, J. E., comp. Selected articles on 
free trade versus protection 337 
— and Bullock, E. D., comps. Selected ar- 
ticles on municipal ownership 352 
Morehouse, F. M. Discipline of the school 

Morman, J. B. Principles of rural credits 


Morris, H. C. History of colonization to 

the present day 32S.3 

Alorris, R. C. International arbitration and 

procedure 341.6 

SOCIOLOGY— Author Index 


Mosher, R. B., comp. Executive register of 
the United States 353 

Moss, J. A. Manual of military training 355 
Private's manual 355 

— and Stewart, M. B. Self-helps for the 
citizen soldier 355 

Mote, C. H. Industrial arbitration 331.1 
Muir, _R. Expansion of Europe 325.3 

Nationalism and internationalism 321 

Munger, T. T. On the threshold 374 

Munro, W. B. Government of American 
cities 352 

Government of European cities 352 

Principles and methods of municipal ad- 
ministration 352 
ed. Initiative, referendum and recall 321.8 
Myrick, H. Federal farm loan system 332.7 
Nasmyth, G. W. Social progress and the 
Darwinian theory 301 
National child labor committee. Child labor 
bulletin 331.3 
National civic federation. Profit sharing by 
American employers 331.2 
National conference of social work. Pro- 
ceedings 360 
National conference on housing. Housing 
problems in America 331.8 
National conference on marketing and farm 
credit. Marketing and farm credits 338 
National conservation commission. Report 
of the commission 338 
National education association. Addresses 
and proceedings 370.6 
Essentials of character 377 
Vocational secondary education 371.42 
National municipal league. Model city 
charter and municipal home rule 352 
National vocational guidance association. 
Proceedings 371.42 (174) 
Nearing, S. Income 331 
Reducing the cost of living 338 
Social sanity ' 301 
Solution of the child labor problem 331.3 
Neeser, R. W. Our many-sided navy 359 
Negro yfear book 326 
Neill, A. S. Dominie's log 371 
Nesbitt, F. Household management 361 
New international year book 305 
Nitchie, E. B. Lip reading Si'l.P 
Noyes, A. D. Forty years of American 
finance 336 
OiBcial register and dire&tory pf the wo- 
men's clubs in America 374.3 
Ogg, F. A. Economic development of mod- 
ern Europe 330.9 
Governments of Europe 342 
Social progress in contemporary Europe 

Oppenheimer, F. The state 320 

Osborne, T. M. Society and prisons 365 
Within prison walls 365 

Ovington, M. W. Half a man 326 

Page, R. W. Dramatic moments in Amer- 
ican diplomacy 327.73 
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tion in schools 377 
Parker, S. C. Methods of teaching in high 
schools 379.17 
Parmelee, M. F. Criminology 364 
Poverty and social progress 339 

Parsons, M. P., comp. Selected articles on 

non-resistance 341.6 (172.4) 

Parsons, T. Laws of business for ail the 

states and territories of the Union and 

the Dominion of Canada 347 

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cyclopedia 355 
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question 304 
Religious education of an American citi- 
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Educational extension 371.6 

Extension of public education 371.6 

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Pestalozzi, J. H. Educational writings 

Petrovic, V. M. Hero tales and legends of 
the Serbians • 398 

Phelps, E. M., comp. Selected articles on 
federal control of interstate corpora- 
tions 338.8 
Selected articles on government owner- 
ship of railroads 385 
Selected articles on the American mer- 
chant marine 387 
Selected articles on the incoirte tax 336.2 
Selected articles on the initiative and 
referendum 321.8 
Selected articles on the Monroe doctrine 

Selected articles on the parcels post 383 
Selected articles on woman suffrage 324.3 
Phelps, W. L. Teaching in school and col- 
lege 371 
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banking 332 
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English settlement 331.8 
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early education 372 
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341.6 (172.4) 

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United States 336 

Introduction to public finance 336 

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students of the common law 347 

Introduction to the history of science 

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Poulsson, E. In the child's world 372.2 
Powell, G. H. Cooperation in agriculture 


Powers, H. H. America among the nations 


Things men fight for 327 

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in many lands 394 

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and health 371.7 



Quick, R. H. Essays on educational re- 
formers 370.9 
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to kindergarten songs 372.2 
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ligious education 377 
Rapeer, L. W., ed. Educational hygiene 


Ray, P. O. Introduction to political parties 

and party problems in the United 

States 329 

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Reed, H. B. Morals of monopoly and com- 
petition 338.8 
Reed, T. H. Form and functions of Amer- 
ican government 353 
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immigration 325.7 
Selected articles on minimum wage 331.2 
Selected articles on world peace 

341.6 (172.4) 

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boys and girls 371.7 

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legislative methods 328 

Colonial government 325.3 

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Richardson, N. E., and Loomis, O. E. Boy 

scout movement applied by the church 

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tion 370.9 
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modern city 361 
Social diagnosis 361 
Riis, J. A. How the other half lives 331.8 
Neighbors 331.8 
Ripley, W. Z. Railroads; finance and or- 
ganization 385 
Railroads; rates and regulation 385 
ed. Trusts, pools and corporations 338.8 
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reciprocity 337 
Selected articles on the commission plan 
of municipal government 352 
Selected articles on the open versus closed 
shop 331.8 
Socialism 335 
Robert, H. M. Robert's rules of order re- 
vised for deliberate assemblies 328.1 
Robert, J. T. Robert's primer of parlia- 
mentary law 328.1 
Roberts, H. L. Cyclopedia of social usage 

Roberts, K. L., comp. Club woman's handy- 
book of programs and club manage- 
ment 374.3 

Roberts, P. Civics for coming Americans 

New immigration 325.7 

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policy of Woodrow Wilson 327.73 

Robinson, E. L. 1816-1916; one hundred 

years of savings banking 332 

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schools of the United States and Ger- 
many 371.42 
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New nationalism 320.4 
Strenuous life 304 
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the essentials of the Constitution 321.8 
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Old world in the New 32S.7 
Social control 301 
Social psychology 301 
Ross, J. E. Right to work 331.8 
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ployment 331.8 
Royce, J. Hope of the great community 


Race questions 304 

Rubinow, I. M. Social insurance 331.2 

Standards of health insurance 331.2 

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education 371.9 

Ruskin, J. Unto this last 330.4 

Russell, B. Political ideals 320.4 

Why men fight 304 

Russell, C. E. Why I am a socialist 335 

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Living wage 331.2 

Ryan, O. Municipal freedom 352 

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some of its problems 379.17 

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1740-1914 327 

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national park 398 

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Scott, W. A. Banking 332 

Money 332 

Money and banking 332 

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Social insurance 331.2 

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Income tax 336.2 

Principles of economics 330 

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Sharp, F. C. Success 377 

Shattuck, H. L. R. Shattuck's parliamen- 
tary answers 328.1 
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Shedlock, M. L. Art of the story-teller 

Simkhovitch, V. G. Marxism versus social- 
ism 335 
Sinclair, U., ed. Cry for justice 308 
Single tax year book 336.2 
Skelton, O. D. Socialism 335 

SOCIOLOGY— Author Index 


Skinner, C. M. Myths and legends beyond 
our borders 398 

Myths and legends of our own land 398 
Smiles, S. Self-help 374 

Smith, G. Oxford and her colleges 378 
Smith, H. B. Establishing industrial 
schools 371.42 

Smith, J. A. Spirit of American govern- 
ment 342.7 
Smith, J, R. Commerce and industry 380 
Industrial and commercial geography 380 
Smith, N. A. Home-made kindergarten 

Smith, W. H. All the children of all the 
people 370.4 

Smith, W. R. Introduction to educational 
sociology 370.1 

Sneath E. H., and Hodges, G. Moral train- 
ing in the school and home 377 
Snedden, D. S. Problem of vocational ed- 
ucation 371.42 
Problems of secondary education 375 
Sombart, W. Socialism and the social 
movement 335 
Southern sociological congress. South mo- 
bilizing for social service 306 
Spalding, J. L. Means and ends of educa- 
tion 370.4 
Spargo, J. Social democracy explained 335 
Socialism 335 
— and Arner, G. B, L. Elements of social- 
ism 335 
Sparks, F. M. Business of government 352 
Spears, J. R. Story of the American mer- 
chant marine 387 
Spence, L. Hero tales and legends of the 
Rhine 398 
Spencer, H. Education 370.1 
Man versus the state 320.4 
Principles of sociology 301 
Study of sociology 301 
Statesman's year book 3Q5 
Steiner, E. A. Immigrant tide 325.7 
Nationalizing America 325,7 
Steiner, J. F. Japanese invasion 325.7 
Steinmetz, C. P. America and the new 
epoch 330.9 
Stephenson, G. T. Race distinctions in 
American law 326 
Stevens, W. O. Story of our navy 359 
Stevens, W. S., ed. Industrial combinations 
and trusts 338.8 
Stimson, F. J. Popular law-making 340 
Stirling, Y. Fundamentals of naval science 

Stone, H. F. Law and its administration 

Stone, M. Bankside costume book for chil- 
dren 391 
Stoner, W. S. Natural education 370.1 
Storey, M. Reform of legal procedure 340 
Strayer, G. D. Brief course in the teaching 
process 371 
— and Norsworthy, N. How to teach 371 
Strong, J. Our world 304 
Sullivan, J. J. American business law 347 
Sullivan, J. W. Markets for the people 381 
Sumner, H. L. Equal suffrage 324.3 
— and Merritt, E. A. Child labor legislation 
in the United States 331.3 

Sumner, W. G. Folkways 301 

War and other essays 304 

Sunderland, J. T. Rising Japan 327.73 

Swift, E. J. Learning and doing 370.1 

Youth and the race 370.15 

Swift, L. Brook farm 335 

Swift, W. B. Speech defects in school chil- 
dren and how to treat them 371.7 
Taft, W. H. Anti-trust act and the Supreme 
court 338.8 
Our chief magistrate and his powers 353 
Popular government 320.4 
Present day problems 304 
United States and peace 341.6 
— and Bryan, W. J. World peace 

341.6 (172.4) 
Tagore, R. Nationalism 320 

Talbot, M. Education of women 376 

Talbot, W., comp. Americanization 325.7 
Taussig, F. W. Principles of economics 330 
Tariff history of the United States 337 
Tarbell, I. M. Business of being a woman 

New ideals in business 331.8 

Tariff in our times 337 

Tarde, G. Social laws 301 

Taylor, C. K. Physical examination and 
training of children 371.7 

Taylor, G. R. Satellite cities 331.8 

Taylor, J. S. Handbook of vocational ed- 
ucation 371.42 
Taylor, W. L. Man behind the bars 365 
Terhune, M. V. H. Complete etiquet 395 
Terman, L. M. Hygiene of the school child 


Measurement of intelligence 371.9 

Teacher's health 371.7 

Thompson, C. D. Municipal ownership 352 

Thompson, L. A., comp. List of references 

On child labor 331.3 

Thorndike, E. L. Educational psychology 

Educational psychology; briefer course 

Thorpe, F. N. Essentials of American con- 
stitutional law 342.7 
comp. Federal and state constitutions 

Three peace conferences of the 19th cen- 
tury 341.1 
Thrum, T. G., comp. Hawaiian folk tales 


Thursfield, J. R. Naval warfare 359 

Thwing, C. F. American college 378 

Education according to some modern 

masters 370.4 

History of education in the United States 

since the Civil war 370.9 

Training of men for the world's future 378 

—and Thwing, C. F. B. The family 392 

Tocqueville, A. Democracy in America 342.7 

Todd, A. J. Theories of social progress 301 

Toothaker, C. R., and others. Commercial 

raw materials 380 

Toulmin, H. A. City manager 352 

Towne, E. T. Social problems 304 

Tridon, A. New unionism 331.87 

Trotter, W. Instincts of the herd in peace 

and war 301 

Tucker, W. J. New reservation of time 304 

Tufts, J. H. Our democracy 321.8 



Tyler, J. M. Growth and education 372 
U.S. Census, Bureau of. Abstract of census 
manufacturers 317 

Century of population growth 317 

Statistical atlas of the United States 317 
Thirteenth census 317 

U.S. Civil service commission. Manual 
.of examinations 351 

U.S. Education, Bureau of. Bulletins. 370 
Index to the reports of the commissioner 
of education 370 

Monthly list of current educational pub- 
lications _ 370 
Negro education 371.9 
Public facilities for educating the alien 


U.S. Foreign and domestic cornmerce. 

Bureau of. Commercial organizations 

of the United States 381 

Statistical abstract of the United States 

U.S. Foreign relations committee. Treaties, 
conventions, international acts, pro- 
tocols and agreements between the 
United States and other powers 341.2 
U.S. Immigration, Bureau of. Information 
for immigrants concerning the United 
States 325.1 

U.S. Labor statistics. Bureau of. Bulletin 

Bulletin: vocational education 371.42 

Labor laws of the United States 338.9 
Summary of the report on condition of 
woman and child wage-earners in the 
United States 331.4 

Workmen's insurance and benefit funds 
in the United States 331.2 

U.S. Naturalization, Bureau of. Outline 
course in citizenship 325.1 

Syllabus of the naturalization law 325.1 
U.S. Post office department. United States 
official postal guide 383 

U.S. Standards, Bureau of. Units of 
weights and measures 389 

Usher, R. G. Pan-Germanism 327 

Vanderblue, H. N. Railroad valuation 385 
Van Hise, C. R. Concentration and con- 
trol 338.8 
Conservation and regulation in the 
United States during the world war 338 
Conservation of natural resources in the 
United States 338 
Van Valkenburgh, A., comp. Selected ar- 
ticles on military training in schools 
and colleges 355 
Selected articles on national defence 355 
Veblen, T. Imperial Germany and the in- 
dustrial revolution 330.9 
Inquiry into the nature of peace 341.6 
Theory of the leisure class 301 
Vedder. H. C. Gospel of Jesus and the 
problems of democracy 304 
Veiller, L. Housing reform 331.8 
Vinogradoff, P. G. Commonsense in law 

Vocational education 371.42 

Wald, L. D. House on Henry Street 331.8 
Wallace, A. R. Social environment and 
moral progress 301 

Wallace, D. D. Government of England, 
national, local and imperial 342.4 

Wallas, G. Great society 301 

Wallin, J. E. W. Mental health of the 

school child 371.9 

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— and Laidler, H. W., eds. State socialism 

pro and con 335 

— and others, eds. Socialism of today 335 

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Ward, H. F. Labor movement from the 

standpoint of religious values 331.8 

Ward, L. F. Applied sociology 301 

Pure sociology 301 

Warne, F. J. Immigrant invasion 325.7 

Tide of immigration 325.7 

Warner, A. G. American charities 361 

Weaver, E. W., and Byler, J. F. Profitable 

vocations for boys 371.42 (174) 

Weaver, E. W., ed. Vocations for girls 

371.42 (174) 
Weeks, A. D. Psychology of citizenship 304 
Weld, L. D. H. Marketing of farm prod- 
ucts 338 
Wells, D. A. Theory and practice of taxa- 
tion 336.2 
Wells, F. D. Man in court 347 
Wells, H. G. New worlds for old 335 
Social forces in England and America 304 
West side studies 331.8 
Westervelt, W. D., comp. Legends of gods 
and ghosts _ 398 
Weyl, W. E. American world policies 

New democracy 321.8 

Wheeler, P. Russian wonder tales 398 

Whelpley, J. D. Trade of the world 382 
Whitaker, J. Almanack 314 

White, H. Money and banking 332 

Whiteman, E. Stories to tell children 372.6 
Whipple, G. M. How to study effectively 

Wiggin, K. D. S., and Smith, N. A. Re- 
public of childhood 372.2 
Wilbur, M. A. Child's religion 377 
Wilcox, D. F. Government by all the peo- 
ple 321.8 
Willard, C. E. ABC of life insurance 368 
Williams, A. Copart«ership and profitshar- 
ing 334 
Willoughby, W. F. Problem of a national 
budget 351 
Willoughby, W. W. Examination of the 
nature of the state 320 
Wilson, C. D. Working one's way through' 
college and university 378 
Wilson, W. Congressional government 328 
Constitutional government in the United 
States 342.7 
In our first year of war 308 
New freedom 320.4 
President of the United States 353 
President Wilson's state papers and ad- 
dresses 308 
The state 350 
War addresses 308 
Why we are at war 308 
Wines, F. H. Punishment and reformation 


Wise, J. C. Call of the Republic 355 

Withers, H. International finance 332 

Meaning of money 332 

Poverty and waste 330 

SOCIOLOGY— Author Index 


Wolfe, A. B., ed. Readings in social prob- 
lems 304 
Wolff, H. W. Co-operative credit for the 
United States 332.7 
Woman suffrage year book 324.3 
Woman's educational and industrial union. 
Public schools and women in office ser- 
vice 331.4 
Wood, L. Our military history 355.7 
Woodburn, J. A. American politics 329 
American republic and its government 

Woodbury, R. M. Social insurance 331.2 
Woodley, O. I., and Woodley, M. V. Pro- 
fession of teaching 371 
Woods, R. A., and Kennedy, A. J., eds. 
Young working girl 331.4 

Woolf, L. S. International government 

Woolsey, T. D. Introduction to the study 

of international law 341 

World almanac and encyclopedia 317.3 

Wright, H. C. American city 352 

Yeats, W. B., ed. Irish fairy and folk tales 

Young, A. N. Single tax movement in the 

United States 336.2 

Young, J. S. State and government 320 
Young, J. T. New American government 

and its work 353 

Zangwill, I. Principle of nationalities 320 
Zueblin, C. American municipal progress