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Full text of "Bibliography of eighteenth century art and illustrated books; being a guide to collectors of illustrated works in English and French of the period;"

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Henrg W. Bage 



Cornell University Library 
Z 1023.L67 

Bibliography of eighteenth century art a 

3 1924 020 572 149 

The original of tiiis book is in 
tine Cornell University Library. 

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ffieina a (Buibe to CoUectore of JUustrateb Mdvks 
in lenQlisb anb ifrencb of tbe iperiob 







Pbttbb Lane, Fleet Stbeet, E. C. 








1000 COPIES EOYAL 8vo. 






Being a (Buibe to Collectors of 3llU0trateb Morlis 
in lenGlisb anb ifrencb of tbe periob 






Ski- W\xv.<iia.xCi f^ou^e 

Fetter Lane, Fleet Street, E.G. 




Deae Sir, 

I have much pleasure in dedicating this book to you, 
in grateful acknowledgment of the sympathy with which 
you have encouraged me throughout this arduous work, of 
the effectual help you have given me in partially revising 
it, and of many acts of disinterested kindness which will 
never vanish from my memory. 

Ever gratefully yours, 



My object in compiling this book is twofold : Bibliography, 
by reason of its existing development, may now be almost 
regarded as having entered within the domain of science. 
Its branches admit of a variety of treatment, and may be 
classed under the following headings : — 

1. General Literature, which has been exhaustively 
dealt with ; 

2. Early English and Elizabethan Literature, both of which 
have found exponents of a high order ; 

3. Editiones Principes, every item relating to which has 
been minutely described ; 

4. " Americana," which has received its full share of 
notice at competent hands. 

5. But of books with embellishments, now so much in 
vogue, and so deservedly coveted by the intelligent amateur, 
the record is almost barren. At any rate the small amount 
of bibliographic attention now and then, in a scattered form, 
bestowed upon them is utterly inadequate. Individual artists 
and authors have, indeed, been specifically treated, but the 
absence of any proper manual for this beautiful and often 
costly combination of literature and art is most conspicuous. 

To supply this long-outstanding want has been my 

primary motive in collecting the material now offered in 

book form, which will, I hope, furnish a key to the treasures 

so eagerly looked for by the connoisseur, though hitherto, 

for want of adequate guidance, not always looked for with 

prudence or with knowledge. 

A 3 


My secondary reason— and one, I submit, hardly less 
worthy of consideration— has been to bring into harmony the 
productions of English and French literature of a parallel 
period, and to demonstrate that they are not only not 
imitative, but that each in its own sphere is creative. 

The love of pictures has from time immemorial been a 
passion more or less easily awakened in the human breast, but 
just as the early rude delineations of art have undergone a 
radical transformation, so the standard of appreciation has varied 
with each succeeding age. In the manuscripts of mediaeval 
times the dulness and monotony of the caligraphy were 
relieved by the interspersed decorations ; and ornamental 
capitals, arabesque borders, and illuminated miniatures formed 
a redeeming feature of the text. The xylographic art, pre- 
cursor of the invention of printing, was a maiden attempt 
to promulgate and popularize the miniature, which gradually 
developed into its present state of perfection. In woodcut 
illustrations Italy (the cradle of this art) and Germany took 
the lead ; and the creations of Botticelli, Beham, Albert Durer, 
and their respective schools were the means of spreading 
widely the culture of taste during the early stages of what 
may be called our art civilization. 

This genre of outline engravings mainly contributed to 
develop that more cultivated taste of beauty and form in 
which the eighteenth century particularly excelled. The 
period was pre-eminently profuse in such artistic productions. 
Both the English and French schools were fruitful in dis- 
tinguished artists, who by their exquisite embellishments 
enhanced the intrinsic merit of good books, and often invested 
with a permanent value even ephemeral works. These stars 
and their satellites will ever shine with lustre in the firma- 
ment of art. 

In the phalanx of famous names we must assign the palm 
to Hogarth and Watteau : for, wide apart as were their 
respective careers, each running in a different groove, they 
had in common the aim of all high art — the one holding 
up a mirror reflecting the life and manners of his time ; the 
other enrapturing us by his types of beauty and form, and 


excelling in every delineation which we now call sesthetic. 
Watteau was in word and deed master of the French art 
which he created, and his style, when rightly viewed, is 
neither borrowed nor imitative— a reproach levelled more or 
less justly at his predecessors, Le Brun, Poussin, Mignard, 
and Claude. Every trait in his art bears the stamp of 
originality and breathes the true French spirit. How aptly 
De la Fosse remarked to him that he was not conscious how 
great was the dormant capacity of his creative genius ! Yet 
the multitude and variety of his subjects were produced in 
a short and suffering life of thirty-seven years. Hogarth is 
the Anak of his branch of art : he revelled in the anatomy 
of the human heart, dissecting, with sometimes hideous 
minuteness, the follies and vices of bygone generations ; and 
in his power of composition he is not to be rivalled, still 
less surpassed. Truly Charles Lamb said of him that " his 
graphic representations are indeed books," and, invested as 
they are by him with human interest, they are imperishable. 
These two gigantic geniuses, however, achieved little if any- 
thing in the way of book decoration. Hogarth's individuality 
appears not to lend itself to interpret other people's thoughts, 
and his illustrations to Butler's "Hudibras," which, according 
to his own judgment, are the best of their kind, cannot 
be regarded as worthy of so great and powerful a master. 
Watteau, again, never occupied himself in book illustration. 
But by both artists this delightful branch of art must have 
been suggested to their pupils and followers. Gillray and 
Rowlandson evidently derived their inspirations from Hogarth ; 
and Boucher, who was trained under Watteau, established his 
reputation as pioneer and master of his school by his epoch- 
making illustrations to the Molifere of 1734, which faithfully 
render the costume, the decorative style and the architecture 
of the Louis XV. period. Chippendale and Ince and Mayhew, 
and Lalonde and Boucher fils, vied with each other in the 
display of artistic designs for household furniture. Blake, 
deservedly styled the English Eembrandt, and Bewick, the 
parent of the English woodcut-, were each in his own line 
actively engaged in elevating the public taste. In an age 


of enervated poetic style Blake's poetry may take rank with 
the best of the period. It is, however, a notable feature, that 
while at the outset of his career these double faculties were' 
kept by the artist-poet in perfect balance and harmony, his 
poetical genius in later years waned in proportion as his 
artistic development gained the ascendency, for in " Job " 
the sublimity of Blake's art reached its climax. Bewick's 
greatness was due to his reproduction of true nature ; his 
observation was correct, and in drawing scenes and figures 
from life he always remained faithful to nature. In Bartolozzi 
and Eisen, the one Italian and the other Flemish by birth, art 
asserted her cosmopolitan character. Exotic plants thriving 
on foreign soil, both enriched the English and French 
literature by their compositions, which serve as models of 
quaintness and of grace, though lacking force of expression. 
Moreau surpassed them in vigour, flexibility, and variety of 
treatment. His versatile genius, too, was coupled with a 
rare energy and industry, and he was thus able to make 
himself famous in every branch of art, leaving his mark in 
the whole field of illustrated literature. In tragic and comic 
scenes alike he exhibits his masterly skill, and at his best 
he is nothing if not penetrating and thorough. How pitiable, 
then, that this inimitable artist outlived himself, and that in 
the productions executed by him in his declining age he 
becomes a mere shadow of his former self, traces of decay 
being conspicuous in every trait, so as almost to baffle recog- 
nition ! Gravelot, who practised his art partly in England and 
partly in France, rose to distinction by his lucid manner of 
treatment, and almost all his compositions breathe the spirit 
of good humour and joviality. He is taunted with levity, 
and with sometimes overstepping the borders of decorum ; 
but we must have regard to the manners of his time, and 
for himself, his unsullied art atones for isolated blemishes 
of indelicacy. Eowlandson, by his brilliancy of colouring and 
marvellous process of grouping, is full of entertainment ; and 
pathos, so important an ingredient in humour, is seldom lack- 
ing in his compositions. His amusing, delightful, inexhaustible 
drollery compensates for somewhat vicious outpourings. 


With his wealth of observation and propensity to merri- 
ment, he could not resist the impulse of drawing realistic 
scenes from life, and sometimes portraying from nature rather 
coarsely. Marillier, of " Dorat Fables " fame, and Choffard, 
the great exponent of art applied to small things, brought 
the vignette to a high degree of excellence not to be surpassed 
at any future period. C. N. Cochin, one of the old stock of 
artists in his double capacity as draughtsman and engraver, 
was remarkable alike for correctness of design as well as 
beauty of execution. Fragonard, weak in point of quantity, 
was strong and brilliant in quality when judged by a higher 
standard of art. His leaning towards the licentious he 
inherited from his great teacher Boucher, who, perhaps to 
court favour with his patroness Madame de Pompadour, 
indulged in that degenerate style as well as in the mannerism 
which marks the works of both master and pupil. But their 
verve, their exquisite style of arrangement and of shaping 
and forming figures, added untold charm to the beauty of 
their illustrations. Meissonnier excelled in more than one 
faculty, having been painter, sculptor, architect, and decorative 
artist in turn, and in the goldsmith's art (orfevrerie) he was 
no unworthy rival of Germain ; for if he could not achieve 
the latter's tasteful perfection {finesse), he was his equal in 
the powers of invention and execution. Cauvet, in his orna- 
ments, displays an art which is simply admirable. In brief, 
the array of English and foreign artists figuring in this 
century of evolution and revolution is not only formidable 
as to number, but what is more important, their works will 
stand out as monuments of art for all time. 

In much the same degree as art and artists of the eighteenth 
century in their own time and in subsequent years suffered 
neglect and even disdain, so they have, with the dawn of better 
taste, gained high estimation both in England and France. 
This transition, however, like most other rapid revolutions in 
the public taste, brought evil as well as good in its train. The 
stimulus given to the market value of these works by patrons 
of the revival, led up to fancy prices paid in famous record 
sales. In some instances such prices may have been justified, 


partly owing to distinguished previous ownership ("proven- 
ance "), and partly by the exceptional binding and preservation 
of the books; but none of these causes can be taken as con- 
stituting a standard, of value. Such a basis of purchase 
applied generally would spell ruin to sober-minded amateur 
and professional alike. 

The divergency of prices in the London and Paris markets 
has always struck me as an astounding anomaly. Having had 
the advantage of attending sales all the year round in England 
and on the Continent for the last two decades or so, I have 
come to the conclusion that either lack of knowledge or want 
of appreciation are at the bottom of this divergency. G-enuine 
copies of out-of-the-way English books are rarce aves in the 
H6tel Drouot, but when they dp occur, the fierce competition 
for them is- a spectacle both amusing and exciting. When 
biddings are made at random, prices of course become fictitious. 
In the same way foreign books of every description come into 
the English market, and though at times they cannot escape 
being sacrificed, they generally attain high figures, and in- 
stances could be multiplied in which buyers have overpaid. 
The root of the evil lies in a growing tendency to consult 
catalogues for prices, in making injudicious acquisitions, and 
forming collections with little taste and less discrimination. I 
have, therefore, set myself the not light task of endeavouring 
to warn the book-lover and. collector against these costly mis- 
takes, and have embodied in my work the result of a prolonged 
and multifarious experience. The majority of the books I 
have described de visu, and I may make bold to state that 
there is hardly an item of significance which I have not 
supplied with notes conveying some information of a novel 
character. In point of collation I exerted myself to verify, 
rectify, and improve upon all previous sources of reference. 
This was an arduous and irksome labour. In short, I have 
strained every effort to make the book authoritative, and 
being practically conversant with recent records of market 
values, it willbe found, I hope and believe, that as far as 
possible I have succeeded in assigning to the books, in their 
various editions, their fair and proper level of prices. 


If at the first glance some of my valuations appear to be at 
variance with irrefutable records of figures, on closer examina- 
tion my estimates will be found not alone to bear out these 
figures, but to bring them into broad relief. A practical 
illustration will suffice to elucidate this point. The Basker- 
ville edition of Ariosto's " Orlando Furioso " is valued at from 
thirty to forty shillings, and double in morocco. Now, 
many copies at the time of publication were sent over to 
Paris for binding by Derome, and if one such genuine and 
artistically designed specimen by this famous art-binder in 
immaculate preservation were to come under the hammer in 
an auction-room of good class, it would be hotly contested, 
and might reach the round sum of £100 and upwards. This 
exceptional price, however, does not afiect the general rule 
laid down as to value. My admiration for everything -really 
attractive and artistic has never undergone any diminution ; 
but to countenance fictitious values for books of no exceptional 
interest would be the height of folly. 

Fluctuation in prices is another matter of serious import, a 
powerful factor to be reckoned with. It may be accounted for 
in more than one way. A book not easily obtainable falls in 
the category of a rare volume, but as it is not of intrinsic 
merit, it forms merely the whim of a few collectors, who in- 
dulge a mania d outrance. A reaction is sure to set in, for 
what was pursued was a shadow. Again, an enthusiastic 
amateur hits upon the idea of collecting a certain class of books 
of some special interest to him, but of quite imaginary value. 
He finds a host of imitators, but as soon as they have satisfied 
their cravings, or have passed away, the rage subsides and the 
volcano of competition becomes extinct. A work to be of 
perennial merit and value must be endowed with recognised 
qualities either literary or artistic, and in their absence there 
must be substituted a fair outward appearance of a bibliope- 
gistic nature. The three points combined in one are the ideal 
and the desideratum of every aspiring connoisseur, but any 
book in the garb of a renowned binder of the period, or bearing 
the arms of a distinguished owner, forms a relic of commanding 


It is a healthy sign of the times that books of unwieldy 
dimensions are on the decline. Those, however, that are 
endowed with the beauty and magnificence of artistic designs 
will ever retain their original appreciative value. The principle 
is sound that art will always enjoy immunity from death. 

In the course of this work I have not scrupled to reveal 
many points hitherto confined to the knowledge of a few book 
experts. There seems to be no reason why collectors and book 
lovers should not be made acquainted with what have hitherto 
been trade secrets. These, accessible now only to the privi- 
leged few, will henceforth be. common property. 

County histories form an essential item in this work, as 
they give the topography and illustrate many places of interest, 
including castles, abbeys, and other edifices often famous in 
history. They therefore deservedly find a place in the great 
libraries, and in spite of the downfall in prices of books of 
topography, these will ever retain a certain value on account 
of their interesting associations. 

On the other hand, I have excluded some books which are 
either devoid of any feature of interest from the literary or 
artistic point of view, or are not germane to the object of my 

In selecting the specimens of illustrations I have been 
guided by the principle of reproducing either those endowed 
with the charm of beauty or possessing some intrinsic merit. 
The series of Freemasonry plates, reprinted from the original 
issue, is of the utmost rarity, if not unobtainable, and these 
reprints will serve the collector as a safeguard against the 
re-issues of much inferior value published in quick succession, 
which may easily be detected by comparing the positions of 
the figures. The plate from the series of plates of the Marquise 
de Pompadour, amateur artist though she was, marks her 
influence in the field of art and literature. For good or for 
evil, it was productive of striking results. In the region of 
politics and of State affairs her misdeeds excited the hatred of 
the populace, and her evil genius, not less than the writings 
of Voltaire and Rousseau, helped to precipitate the French Revo- 
lution. She founded the Factory of Sevres, painted vases with 


her own hands, and set the example of collecting decorative 
furniture, arfcistically designed fans, and other articles of vertu. 
She encouraged budding artists, extended her patronage to 
the encyclopedists in the persons of Diderot, d'Alembert, and 
Helvetius, sheltered Crebillon, protected Montesquieu against 
the attempts of the Jesuits to prosecute him for his publication 
of "L'Esprit des Loix," and watched over the fortunes of 
Boucher, Even the independent Voltaire she managed to keep 
in bondage. Her pride, however, was seriously wounded by 
Rousseau's phrase in his "Emile" saying, "La femme d'un 
charbonnier est plus estimable que la maitresse d'un roi." 

In fine, it will be gratifying to me to feel that my labours 
have been the means of putting the collector on his guard 
against acquiring spurious copies of valuable editions, and 
of causing people to know the value they should attach to 
books of this period which they may wish to acquire or to 
dispose of. 


Almon's PoLiTiOAL Kesister (Vol. 5). The Machine to go without Asses 
Bebquik. Idylles 
„ Romances 

SOHGS OF luifOCENCE, 1789 

BoiLEAU, 1798. Le Lutrin .. 

Cabinet op Gbnids. Nature's, Gifts to Shakespeare 

Cadvet (Illustkation No. 1) 

„ ( „ No. 2) .. 

Chippendale (No. 1) 

(No. 2) ; 

Fenelon's Telbmaohus, 1792 

Freemasonry (1). Assemblee de Franos-Magons 








Houghton Gallery (No. 1) 
(No. 2) 
Hogarth's Graphic Illustrations 


(No. 2) 
La Fontaine. Contes et Nobvelles, 1792. Le inari Oonfesseur 
BibliothIique du TheItre FbaNcois. Le Triomphe du GoAt 
LoNGus, 1718. Nopoes de Daphnia et de Cbloe 
Xavieb de Maistre. Frontispiece 
Mabmontel. Contes Mobaux. Annete et Lurin 
MoLiiiBE, 1734. Les Amans magnifiques 
MoLiliEE, 1773. Le Sioilien 
MoEEAB. Toutes lea Gi§.cessont Soeurs .. 
Pompadour Suite d'Estampes 
Tom Jones 
Smollett's Miscellaneous Works. Frontispiece to vol. 1 








































ABA, ou le Triomphe de rinnocence, suivi de la 
Vallee de Temp^, roman imit^ du grec (par le 
Camus de Mesyeres). Eleutheropolis (Paris), 
Gueffier, an X. 16mo., frontispiece and 4 plates 
by Hulk after Brion (5s. or 6s.). 

Abbat (L') Art of Fencing ; or, the Use of the Small Sword, 
translated by A. Mahon, 1735, 8vo., plates (50s. to 

Abbndung und Beschreibung aller hohen Eitter-Orden in 
Europa. Augspurg, Jacob Andreas Fridrich, 1756, 12mo., 
45 copper plates representing the different orders of chivalry 
in Europe (12s. to 15 s.). 

Abr^g^ chronologique de I'Histoire eccMsiastique. Paris, 
1751, 2 vols., 8vo., 2 fleurons alike and 17 vignettes by 
Baquoy, Aveline and Sornique, after De S^ve (10s. to 12s.). 
Barbier attributes the authorship to Philippe Macquer. 

Abr^g^ de I'Histoire universelle en figures, ou Eecueil d'Estampes 
representant les sujets les plus frappants de I'histoire, 
tant sacrde que profane, ancienne et moderne, avec les Ex- 
plications historiques, qui s'y rapportent et les portraits 
en mddaille des h.6vos qui ont joud les plus grands r61es 



dans riiistoire, orn^es de leurs attribute caracteristiques, 
dessindes par M. Marillier et gravees par le Sr. Dutios le 
jeune. A Paris, .chez Duflos le jeune 1785, 4 vols., roy. 
8vo., 4 engraved titles and 167 plates after Marillier, 
Monnet, and Duflos, engraved by Duflos, de Gbendt, 
Duponchel, Delvaux, etc. (£4 to £5). 

Abrdge de I'Histoire romaine, orn^ de 49 estampes gravies 
en taille-douce avec le plus grand soin, qui en repr6sentent 
les principaux sujets. Paris, Nyon, 1789, 4to. 

Frontispiece by Tardieu, after Piauger, and 48 plates after Bolomey 
(4), Eisen (3), Gravelot (9) and Gabriel de Saint Aubia (28), and others 
not signed, lay Aveline, Chenu, Courtois, Gaucher, Legrand, Levesque, 
de Lorraine, Mesnil, Pelletier, Ransonnette, Augustia de Saint-Aubin 
and Tardieu (£3 to £4, and dearer in old morocco) ; 17 of the plates are 
dated 1760-1765. The unlettered proofs bear numbers 1 to 48. 

Abrege de I'Histoire universelle en figures, dessinees et 

gravdes par les meilleurs artistes de la capitale, ou Eecueil 

d'estampes representant les sujets les plus frappauts de 

I'histoire tant sacree que profane. PariSj Didot, 1790, 

5 vols., roy. 8vo., 108 plates for Histoire Sacree, 3 vols., and 

88 plates for Histoire profane, 2 vols. 

They are after Monnet (153), Marillier (38), Le Jeune (3), Sergent 
(1), Gois (1), by Pierre Duflos (152), Madame Duflos (7), Patas (7), 
IBaquoy (4), Dambrun (5), Delignon (3), Giraud (2), Delvaux (3), Hulk 
(2), De Gand (2), Deguents or Deguenth (2), Gros (1), Duponchel (1), 
S. S. Hubert (1), Maillet (1), Godefroy (1), Choffard (1), and one with- 
out engraver's name. The historical descriptions are by VauvUliers 
(30s. to 40s.). 

Acaddmi^ (L') galante, contenant diverses petites histoires 
trfes-curienses. Amsterdam, 1710, 2 parts in 1 vol., 12mo., 
2 frontispieces, not signed (5s.). 

Acaddmi6 galante, contenant diverses histoires tr^s-curieuses. 
Nouvelle edition, Amsterdam, 1732, 2 parts in 1 vol., 
12mo., 1 plate signed Scotin (4s. to 5s.). 

Acte de Contrition de Messieurs les Gardes-du-corps de 
Sa Majeste Louis XVI., ou les cartes rebattues, orne 
d'une gravure en taille-douce. A Londres, 1789, 8vo., 
rare pamphlet with a curious plate, unsigned (4s.). 

Actes des Ap6tres (Les), commences le jour des Morts et 
finis le jour de la Purification. Paris, Tan de la libertd 
[Pans, Gattey], 11 vols. 8vo., maps arid plates (£3 to £4). 

>,.+tir'S^'l7Qf''"!^ '"'^"■'^'"^ i":"™^^' P^felished by Gab. Peltier 
between 1789-1791, and suppressed by order of the King Louis XVI. 


Vols. 1 to 10, containing 300 numbers, are of frequent occurrence, and 
valued at 20s. to 25«. ; the last volume, consisting of 11 numbers and 
6 parts, entitled "Petits Paquets," of 4 pages each (part 4 has 8 pages), 
is very rare. 

Adam (Eobert). Euins of the Palace of the Emperor 
Diocletian at Spalatro in Dalmatia, 61 plates after R. Adam 
and C. L. Clerisseau, by F. Bartolozzi, P. Santini, etc. 
London, 1763 or 64, Atlas fol. (30s, to 40s.). 

Adam (Robert and James). Works in Architecture, contain- 
ing plans, elevations, sections and details of the buildings, 
public and private, erected in Great Britain in the reign of 
George III. With designs of every kind, both for interior 
and exterior decoration, 1777-86-1822, 3 vols.. Atlas fol., 
frontispiece and 105 plates by Bartolozzi, Piranesi, Zucchi, 
Pastorini, Cunego, etc. (£8 to £10). The first 2 vols, 
containing frontispiece and 80 plates (£6 to £8). 

Addison (J.). Works, edited by Tickell. London, 1721, 
4 vols. 4to., portrait and plates (10s., and more on large 

Addison. Works. Birmingham, Baskerville, 1761, 4 vols. 4to.,. 
portrait and plates by Grignion after Hay man (20s. to 30s.,, 
and more than double in morocco). 

Adele de S^nange (par Madame de Souza). Geneve et Paris,. 
1798, 2 vols., 12mo., 2 plates after Chaillou by Bovinet 
(3s. to 4s.). 

Admirables (Les), Secrets d'Albert le Grand, contenant 
plusieurs traites sur la conception des femmes. Lyon,. 
1752, 16mo., frontispiece, not signed (3s.). 

Adolphus (John). The British Cabinet, containing portraits 
of illustrious personages, engraved from original pictures,, 
with biographical memoirs by J. A. London, 1799-1800, 
2 vols., 4to., 50 portraits by Harding (£2, and double and 
more on large paper fol. size). 

-(EscHYLUs. Theatre d'.^schyle, traduit en frangais avec 
des notes philologiques et deux discours critiques par F.J.G. 
de la Porte du Theil. Paris, imprimerie de la Republique, 
an 111 (1795), 2 vols., 8vo., text Greek with French 
opposite, 8 plates, 2 of which^ signed Anglette and 
Gautier, engraved by Cundgo and Jourdan (8s. to 10s.). 
Copies on vellum paper are worth double, and dearer in 
old morocco. 

4 ^SOP 

^Esop. Esope en belle humeur, on la derni^re traduction 
et augmentation de ses fables, en prose et en vers (par 
J. Brusld de Montpleinchamp, Chanoine de Bruxelles) 
Nouvelle edition en 2 tomes. A Brusselle (sic), chez 
Frangois Foppens, 1700, 2 parts, 12mo. (15s., and double 
in morocco). First edition with the copper vignettes after 

There are two issues of vol. 1, in the second of which the illustrations 
after page 55 are of larger dimensions and better executed, besides 
that they bear the artist's name. According to Nodier, Brusle de 
Montpleinchamp is not the author of the book, as he could never 
master the art of metre ; and the origin of the error into which both 
Brunet and Barbier fell on this point was the publication by Brusle 
de Montpleinchamp in that year of "Le Fesfcin Nuptial, dresse dans 
1' Arable Heureuse, ou Mariage d'Esope, de Phedre et de Pilpai avec 
trois fees divise en trois tables par M. de Palaidor. A Piron, en 
basse Normandie, chez Florent A. Fable, a I'enseigne de la Verite 
devoilee, 1700, 12mo." as a counterpart to the above work. "We 
cannot, however, believe that these two distinguished bibliographers 
have without weighty reason determined the authorship, as the one 
work appeared anonymously, and the other under a pseudonym. 
Brunet, while attributing the first work to Brusle on the strength of 
Barbier's authority, says that Brusle only edited the latter book. He 
even adds that the few fables of Brusle's own composition are the worst 
in the book, and having exposed him as an incapable prose writer as 
well as an inapt versifier, M. Nodier's argument is thus clearly 
weakened, if not untenable. 

^sop. Les Fables d'Esope Phrygien avec celles de 
Philelph, etc. Traduction nouvelle, Paris, 1703, 2 vols., 
12mo., plates (5 s.). 

^sop. Les Fables d'Esope . . . trad, par I'abbd de Belle- 
garde. Amst. 1708, 2 vols., post 8vo., plates (Ss.). 

^sop. Les Fables d'Esope et de plusieurs autres excellens 
mythologistes accompagnds du sens moral et des reflexions 
de M. le Chevalier de Lestrange, traduction de I'anglais 
avec les figures dessindes et gravies par F. Barlouw, d'une 
mamiere savante et pittoresque. Amsterdam, Et. Roger, 
1714, 4to., frontispiece signed C. T. 0. engraved by Dudley, 
and 68 plates (15s. to 20s.). 

^sop. Fables choisies d'Esope, mises en chansons, avec 
figures dessindes et gravies par M. Chevalier. A Samos, 
et se trouve k Paris, chez M^quignon jeune, 1780, 24mo., 
frontispiece and 60 half-page size vignettes (10s.). 

^sop. Esope en belle humeur, ou Fables d'Esope mises 
on vaudevilles sur des airs nouveaux et tres connus (par 


Blancliart), avee gravures par J. B. Huet. Paris, Batilliot, 
s.d., 16mo., plates, 4s., and more than double with the 
plates printed in red. 

^sopus van Europa (or Eusopus in Europa). . . . Haag 
(or La Haye), 1701, 4to., 40 caricatures by Eomain de 
Hooghe, interspersed with as many satirical dialogues 
(with separate pagination to each), reflecting on the 
manners and governments of Europe, but chiefly directed 
against Louis XIV. and his Court, Madame de Main tenon 
(plate 20) being a conspicuous target for attack (25s. to 30s.). 
Reprinted 1737-38. 

^sop's Fables, with his Life, in English, French, and 
Latin. . . . London, 1703, fol., 112 plates to the Fables, 
and 31 to the Life (plate 17 is free, and frequently 
missing), all by Francis Barlow. The English verses are 
by Mrs. Aphra Behn, the Latin and French are derived 
from other books (£2). 

Originally published in 1666 with the 112 plates, and reprinted in 
1687 with the additional 31 plates to the Life. A copy was sold in 1889 
for £3 7s. M. 

-^sop's Fables in English and Latin interlineary (by John 
Locke), with sculptures. London, 1703, 8vo., first edition. 

Lowndes only mentions the second edition of 1723, and adds : This 
book, by the. celebrated Locke, is little known, and is not included in 
the editions of his works. He values it at £1 Is. What, then, is the 
first edition worth ? (30s. to 40s.) 

-lEsop's Fables, ... a new translation by James Jackson, 
with cuts. London, 1708, 8vo. (5s.). 

Unknown to Lowndes. 

^sop. Fables of ^sop and others, newly done into 
English. With an application to each Fable (edited by 
Samuel Croxall). London, 1722^ 8vo., frontispiece and 
196 woodcuts (5s.). 
Reprinted 1770. 

-lEsop. Select Fables of ^sop and other Fabulists, by 

Dodsley, Birmingham. Baskerville, 1761, 8vo, First 

Baskerville edition (30s, to 40s.). 

Reprinted 1764. J. T. Gibson Craig's copy of the latter edition, 
bound in red morocco super extra, leather joints, was sold in June, 1887, 
for £7 2s. Gd. 

^sop. Franc. Josephi Desbillons Fabulse -^sopise, curis 
posterieribus omnes fere emendate ; accesserunt plus quam 


clxx. novae; turn etiam observationes, grammaticse 
prgesertim, complures, et index copiosus ; nee desunt 
expressse ex sere inciso hominum ac pecudum figurse 
elegantes. Manntemii, 1768, 2 vols., 8vo., plates by Egid 
Verhelst (10s.). 
iEsop. The Fables of ^sop, with Life. London, Stockdale, 

1793, 2 vols., roy. Bvo., 112 plates after W. Blake, Stothard 
and others. In the first issue the " s " is always long, in 
the second it is modernized (£2 for first issue, and more in 

Agatha . . . (traduit de I'anglais). A Paris, chez Maradan, 
an vii. (1799), 4 parts in 2 vols., 16mo., 4 pretty and 
curious plates after Chaillou, not signed (5s.). 

Agenda de Bonnes gens (L') et de I'Homme .de Bien, Londres, 

1794, 16mo., frontispiece and engraved title (3s.). 

Agrain (Charles d') Captivite de Lafayette, heroide, avec 
figures, et des notes historiques, non encore connues du 
public, sur les illustres prisonnicrs d'Olmutz-en-Moravie. 
A Paris, chez M. Cocheris, an v. 4to., 1 plate and tail- 
piece by Home, after d' Agrain (8s. to 10s.). 

Agr^ables (les) divertissemens de la table, ou les r^glemens 
de I'illustre Soci^t^ des Freres et Soeurs de I'Ordre de 
Mdduse. A Lyon, chez Andrd Laurens, 1712, 12mo., 
frontispiece (8s. to 10s.). 

The "Ordre de Meduse" was a sort of pleasure club, founded at 
Toulon by M. de Vibray, tbe members (male and female) of which are 
portrayed in verse at end. 

Agrements du Spectacle (I^es), ou Eecueil d'ariettes les plus 
nouvelles. Paris, chez Janet, s.d. (1800), 32mo., engraved 
title and 6 pretty plates, not signed (8s. to 10s.). 

Alcoran des Cordeliers (L') tant en latin qu'en francais 
. . . nouvelle edition, orn^e de figures dessin^es par B. 
Picart. Amsterdam, 1734, 2 vols., 12mo., engraved title 
dated 1733, and 21 plates (8s. or 10s., and dearer in old 
morocco). Comte de LigneroUes' copy in old red morocco, 
50 frs. (1894). 

Alcoran de Mohamet (L'), traduit de I'arabe par du Eyer. 
Amsterdam, 1734, 2 vols. 8vo., frontispiece (repeated in 
vol. 2), by A. V. D. Laan (8s. to 10s.). 

Aleaume (Abb^) Les Quatre Parties du Jour, poeme en 
vers libres, imitds de M. Zacharie. Paris, Leprieur, 1753, 


8vo., frontispiece, 4 plates and 4 vignettes after Eisen, 
by Baquoy, ' and 4 small woodcuts, not signed (all these 
illustrations are copied from Zacharie Les Quatre Parties 
du Jour, 1769 edition), 8s., and more on large paper, 

Aleman (Mateo) The Life of Guzman d'Alfarache, or the 
Spanish Rogue, to which is added the celebrated tragi- 
comedy Celestina. Done into English from the new 
French Version, and compared with the original (Spanish). 
By several hands. Lond., 1708, 2 vols., 8vo., plates by 
Gaspar Bouttat (5s.). 

Algaroti. II Congresso di Citera, del conte Algaroti . . ; 
Parigi, 1756, 16mo., title designed and engraved by Cochin, 
frontispiece by Legrand, after Eisen, and 2 vignettes 
(8s. to 10s.). 

The edition of 1768 has the plates reversed and the title designed and 
engraved by Moreau. 

Algaroti. Le Congrfes de Cythere, traduit . . . (par Maciet). 
Cythere et Paris, Onfroy, 1783, 16mo., frontispiece (very 
pretty) by Qu^verdo (5s. to 6s.). 

Allix. Les Quatre ages de I'homme. Paris, Moutard, 
imprimerie de Monsieur (Didot), 1784, 16mo., engraved 
title, plate and vignette by Rillet, after Gois (3s.). 

Almanach nouveau (Le Veritable) pour Tannic 1733. . . . 
A Tr^voux, pour la plus grande gloire de la Society, 24mo. , 
12 plates for each month; very rare (12s. or 15s.). 

The brothers Quesnel, of Dieppe, are presumed to be the authors. 

Almanach du mariage pour I'annde 1735 . . . nouvelle 
edition augment^e de la carte de I'isle du mariage avec la 
description litt^rale du pays, par un philosophe gargon. 
Paris, Guillaume, 1734, 24mo. (10s.). B^hague's copy, 
morocco, 76 francs. 

Almanach (Verbessert Haupt) auf das Schalt-Jahr Christi 
1736 and 1740, Nurnberg, Johann Andrea, 2 vols., 16mo., 
engravings, symbols of the month (8s. to 10s. each). 

Almanach de Dien pour I'ann^e 1738 . . . S. 1. (Au Ciel) 
16mo., pretty frontispiece and 12 plates not signed 
(6s. to 7s.). 

A satire against the Jansenists. 

Almanach du Diable, pour I'annde, 1738, 16mo., very curious 
engraved title (3s.). 


Almanacli (L') du Diable, contenant des predictions tres- 
curieuses et absolument infaillibles pour Tannee 1737, aux 
Enfers, et la clef de 1' Almanacli du Diable pour I'annde 
1738. Aux Enfors (35.). 

These two go together, the latter being key to the former. 

Almanach. des Cocus, ou amusements pour le beau sexe, 
pour Tannic 1741, par un philosophe gargon. Constan- 
tinople (Paris), 1741, 16mo., frontispiece; very rare (12s. 
to 15s.). 

The Almanach was continued for 1742 and 1743. 

Almanach. Etrennes mignonnes, pour I'ann^e 1741, 32mo., 
frontispiece and vignette designed and engraved by Cochin 
(8s. to 10s.). 

Almanach pour la pr^sente annde. La Galerie des femmes 
illustres, ou Eloge de celles qui se sont faites un nom, avec 
des chansons a la louange du bean sexe, faisant suite aux 
figures dessin^es et gravies par Label, qui se vendent 
s^parement. Paris, Desnos, 32mo. (20-s.). 

Almanach royal, commengant avec la guerre de 1701 ; . . . 
ou est exactement observe le cours du soleil d'injustice, 
avec ses Eclipses ; ou la juste punition du ciel d^montrde 
dans xviii. emblemes gravds en taille-douce. A Paris, 
imprimerie royale du petit Louis, s.d. 4to.' Violent 
pamphlet, printed in HoUande against Louis XIV. and 
Philippe of Spain; etched frontispiece and 17 plates, very 
rare (30s. to 40s.). 

Almanach Dauphin, ou, Histoire abrdgde des princes qui ont 
portd le nom de Dauphin, par le sieur C*** G*** (Charles 
Guillaume). A Paris, chez Charles Guillaume, 1751, Svo., 
24 portraits after Desrochers, including those of Louis 
XIII., Louis XIV., Anne d'Autriche, Marie Stuart, Marie 
Leczinska, Jeanne D'Arc, etc. (£2 to £3). 

Almanac (sic) de poche pour I'annde . . . 1758. Avec la 
naissance des Eois, Keines . . . de I'Europe et suivi de 
pieces agreables . . . et ornd d'emblemes et d'autres figures 
en taille-douce, par les hdritiers de G. WoliFgang a Berlin, 
1757, 32mo., engraved title, 2 portraits and 12 plates 
(15s. to 20s.). 

Almanach utile et agrdable de la loterie de I'Ecole royale 
militaire pour I'annde 1759 et 1760, ou Ton voit son origine, 


son porgres, son ^tablissement en France et la fa9on de 

placer le plus avantageusement sa mise, enrichi de 90 

figures en taille-douce qui pourront servir de devises. 

Amsterdam et Paris, Prault et Laurent, Fr. le Clerc, 1759, 

12mo., frontispiece signed by Le Mire, and 90 plates by 

Gravelot, not signed (£4 to £6). 

The plates, representing for the most part some graceful juvenile 
scenes, are in the genre of the tailpieces of the Boccaccio of 1757. 
This quaint Almanack appeared also under the following title : " Les Jeux 
de la petite Thalie . . . Paris, Desnos, s.d.," only the frontispiece is 
different. The verses beneath are by Gravelot. 

Almanach.. Etrennes gdographiques. Paris, cbcz Ballard, 
1760, 16mo., frontispiece, engraved title, and 26 coloured 
maps {6s. to 7s.). 

It was continued (by Ducaille) in 1761 with frontispiece by Tardieu 
after Poussin, engraved title by Choffard, and 31 coloured maps 
(6s. or 7«.). 

Almanach. Etrennes aux dames, avec le calendrier de I'annde 
1763. Paris, Musier, 1763, 2 parts, 12mo., vignette on 
b otb titles alike, and another by Sornique after De Sfeve 
(8s. to 12s.). 

Almanac de Gotha, 1764, first year without plates ; very 


1765 and 1766 has frontispiece by De Launay after Marillier, and 
engraved title each; 1767 has an additional tailpiece; 1768 has 12 
plates (designed and engraved by J. H. Meil) added; 1769 includes 
12 allegorical plates by Meil ; 1770 contains 5 plates after Gravelot, 
copied from the Almanach iconologique ; 1771 has the 5 plates from 
the " Dieux de I'Olympe ; " 1772 comprises 12 plates from the " Dieux 
d'apres I'antique;" 1773 is embellished with 12 plates from " Vues de 
Monuments du Jardin de Stowe;" 1774 has 12 plates by Meil, from 
" La Chasse, opera comique de W. ; '' 1775, 12 plates by Meil for Emilia 
Galotti; 1776, frontispiece, engraved title, and 12 plates, from the 
"Monument du Costume," by Preudenberg; 1777, frontispiece, en- 
graved title, and 12 plates after Boucher (not signed); 1778, frontis- 
piece and 12 plates by Chodbwieoki; 1779, frontispiece and 12 headgear 
plates by Liebe; 1780, frontispiece and 12 plates by Chodowiecki ; 
1781, frontispiece and 12 plates, representing nuptial ceremonies; 1782, 
frontispiece and 12 plates, "Histoire des Croisades;" 1783, frontis- 
piece, 4 plates of headgear and dress of Dresden, and 12 plates by 
Chodowiecki for "Huon de Bordeaux;" 1784, frontispiece, 4 plates of 
headgear and dress of Leipsic, and 12 plates by Chodowiecki for "Gil 
Bias;" 1785, frontispiece, 4 plates of headgear and costume, and 12 
plates by Chodowiecki, "Histoire de I'homme;" 1786, frontispiece, 4 
plates of headgear and dress of Paris, and 12 plates by Chodowiecki, " La 
Polle Journee ; " 1787, frontispiece, 4 plates of headgear and costume of 
Paris, and 12 plates for Boccaccio, engraved by Geyser and Endner 
after Freudenberg ; 1788, frontispiece, 4 plates of headgear and English 


and French costume, and 12 plates by Chodowiecki for "Caroline of 
Liechtfield ;" 1789, frontispiece, 4 plates of headgear, and 12 plates by 
Geyser after Chodowiecki for the " Life of Frederic II. ; " 1790, frontis- 
piece engraved by Endner, " Vue de la Bataille," 4 plates of Paris 
headgear, and 12 plates, historical contemporary subjects, by Endner 
after Chodowiecki ; 1791, frontispiece by Endner, 4 plates of Paris and 
Berlin headgear, and 12 plates, historical subjects by Geyser after 
Chodowiecki; 1792, frontispiece by Endner and 12 plates, historical 
subjects by Geyser after Chodowiecki ; 1793, frontispiece by Endner, 
2 headgear, plates by Verhelst, portrait of Francis II. by Riepenh after 
Bosch, and 12 plates, historical subjects, by Henne after Chodowiecki ; 
1794, frontispiece by Riepenh, 2 headgear plates, portrait of the Prince 
of Saxe-Cobourg (signed S.), and 12 plates, historical subjects, engraved 
by Geyser after Chodowiecki ; 1795, frontispiece by Riepenh, portraits 
of Louise- Auguste Wilhelmine of Prussia, and of Frederic of Prussia, 
and J. Henri de Moellendorff, 12 plates, historical subjects, by Grunler 
after Chodowiecki ; 1796, frontispiece, 4 headgear plates, and 12 plates, 
historical subjects, by Grunler after Chodowiecki; 1797, frontispiece, 
2 headgear plates, and 12 plates, historical subjects, by Geyser after 
Chodowiecki ; 1798, frontispiece, 12 plates, fancy subjects, by Henne 
after Chodowiecki; 1799, frontispiece and 12 plates by Griinler after 
Chodowiecki for "Anecdotes of Frederic II. ;" 1800, frontispiece and 

12 plates of different characters of men by R ; 1801, frontispiece 

and 12 plates of views by Boettger after Schmidt. Those of 1776 and 
1786 are rare, and valued at between £2 and £3 each, while all the 
others sell for 10s. or 15g. a-piece, 

Almanach dansant, ou Positions et Attitudes de rAUemande, 
avec un discours pr^liminaire sur I'origine et I'utilite de 
la danse, pour Tannde 1770, a Paris, chez Valade, post 
8vo., frontispiece by Berthault, and 12 very pretty coloured 
plates (20s. to 25s.). 

Comte de la Berandiere copy (sewed) 88 francs. Sometimes it is 
bound up with " Recueil de Contredanses et Menuets nouveaux, de 
Guillaume," containing 12 engraved plates of music. 

Almanach geographique ou Petit Atlas ^l^mentaire. Paris, 
Desnos, 1771, 32mo., title frontispiece, portrait of Christian 
VII. engraved by Savart, and geographical plans (8 s. 
to 12s.). 

Almanach. Le Secretaire des dames, ou Portefenille d'un 
homme amoureux, Amsterdam et Paris, Desnos, 1772, 
32mo, 2 plates (4s. to 5s.). 

Almanach du Chasseur (par Goury de Changrand) Paris, 
Pissot, 1772 and 1773, 12mo., frontispiece by Choffard 
(12s. to 15s.). 

Almanach des Heroides, contes, fables, theatres, etc., pour 
I'ann^e 1773. Amsterdam, chez Magerus, 32mo., 6 vignettes 


after Eisen, copied from those in Dorat's " Les Baisers " and 
Tourterelles de Zelmis, etc. (8s. to 12s.). 

Almanach.. Etrennes d'Esope, anx Frangois, pour la presente 
ann^e 1774. A Athfenes et se trouve a Paris, chez Bleuet, 
32ino., double frontispiece and 61 very fine plates designed 
and engraved by F. A. Chevalier, dated 1774 (30s, to 40s.). 

Almanach. Etrennes des Saisons, on Extraits des plus beaux 
endroits de tons les poemes connus sur les saisons ; dedi^es k 
Madame la Daiiphine. Paris, Desnos, s.d. (1775), 16mo.,' 
portrait- of the Dauphine Marie Antoinette by Victoire 
Neviance, engraved title and 8 unsigned plates (15s. to 20s.). 

Almanach. Les D^lices de Cer^s, de Pomone et de Flore ou la 
Campagne utile et agr^able. Paris, Desnos, s.d. (1775) 
32mo., frontispiece and 12 very fine plates (40s. to 50s.). 

Some of the plates are thus entitled : La Foire de Saint Germain, 
L'Assemblee a Longchamps, le Rendezvous du Colysee, le Salon aux 
Tableaux du Louvre, etc. 

Almanach pour la prdsente annde 1776, ou Petit Recueil 
d'Estampes reprdsentant les quatre saisons et les quatre 
heures du jour avec des vers analogues a chaque sujet, 
suivi de tablettes a double usage sur lesquelles on 
peut ecrirela nuit sans lumiere comme le jour avec le stylet, 
ses pensees, souvenirs, rendezvous, billets, propos galants, 
etc. Paris, Desnos, 1776, 16mo., frontispiece by Patas 
after Desrais and 8 plates (I5s. to 20s.). 

Almanach pour la presente ann^e. La Galerie des femmes 
illustres, on Eloge de celles qui se sont faites un nom, avec 
des chansons h. la lonange du bean sexe. Paris, Desnos, s.d. 
(about 1778), 24mo., portrait of Marie Antoinette and 
52 plates designed and etched by Stefano della Bella 
(20s. to 25s.). 

Almanach. Etrennes galantes ou I'lnstant heureux de Cy- 
there, dddid aux deux sexes. A Paris, chez Desnos, calendrier 
pour I'ann^e 1777, 32mo., frontispiece and 11 plates (40s. 
to 50s.). 

Almanach de la Toilette et de la Coiffure des Dames 
frangaises, suivi d'une dissertation sur celles des Dames 
romaines, etc. Paris, Desnos, 1777, 16mo., 2 frontispieces 
and 24 plates of headgear (£5 to £6). B^hague's copy, 
280 frs. 


Almanach. Etrennes patriotiques ou Eecueil anniversaire 
d'alMgories sur les ^poques du regne de Louis XVI., 
compos^es et dddi^es au roy par le Chevalier de BerainviUe. 
Paris, Desnos, 1778, 16mo., title, frontispiece and 15 plates 
engraved by Voysard (30s. to 40s.). 

Almanach. Parfait Modele (Le) orn^ d'Estampes _ qui 
repr^sentent plusieurs beaux traits tir^s de la Partie de 
Chasse de Henri IV. Paris, Desnos, s.d., 16mo., engraved 
title, frontispiece with portrait of Henri IV., 12 plates by 
Gravelot (not signed), and 12 pp. of text engraved (25s. 
to 30s.). 

Almanach. Etrennes galantes des Promenades et Amusements 
de Paris pour 1780, 16mo., 12 plates by Dambrun after 
Qu^verdo (25s. to 30s.). 

Almanach du comestible, necessaire aux personnes de bon gout 
et de bon appetit ... A Paris, chez Desnos, 1778, 2 parts 
in 1 vol., 16mo., vignettes (10s.). A. H. Josse's copy in 
old red morocco, 54 frs. (1894). 

Almanach du Comestible [Paris, Desnos], 1779, 16mo., 
plates (10s.). 

Almanach. Cupidon logicien ou Les Pedagogues a Cythere 
... A Paris, chez Jubert, 1789, 24mo., engraved title and 
6 vignettes (25s.). A. H. Josse's copy in morocco with 
dentelle, 111 frs. (1894). 

Almanach. Le Tableau de Paris, Etrennes aux beautes 
parisiennes, 1790, 16mo., frontispiece and 12 coloured 
plates (30s.). L. Leblanc's copy in red morocco, 100 frs. 

Almanach. Itin^raire descriptif de Paris avec indications 
quotidiennes. Debit a Paris des comestibles les plus 
abondants et les plus recherchds de chaque saison, 1780, 
16mo., 12 plates designed by Qu^verdo, and engraved by 
Dambrun (£2 to £3). 

Almanach. Eecueil g^n^ral de Costumes et de Modes contenant 
les diff^rents habillements et les coiffures les plus ^Idgantes 
des hommes et des femmes, almanach pour la pr^sente 
ann^e, 1781. Paris, Desnos, 16mo., engraved title and 
25 plates, designed by Desrais (£3 to £4). B^hague's 
copy, morocco, 70 frcs. 


Almanacli. La Muse triomphante, ou Choix agr^able de vers 
les plus ing^nieux faits par des Dames celebres. Paris, 
Desnos, s.d. (1781), 24mo., frontispiece representing 
Apollo crowning a female bust, engraved title and seven 
charming plates, unsigned (20a". to 25s.). 

Almanacli. Les Sens, petit bijou pour la pr^sente annde, avec 
tablettes ^conomiques, perte et gain. A Paris, chez 
Desnos, 1781, 16mo., 12 quaint plates finely engraved by 
Dorgez {8s. to 10s.). 

Almanacli du bon Fran§ais, ou Anecdotes, Pensees, Maximes 
et Reflexions de feu Monseigneur le Dauphin, pfere du Roi, 
avec un Recueil anniversaire d'AUegOries des principales 
Epoques de I'avfenement de Louis XVI. au trone. Paris, 
Desnos, s.d, (1781), 2 parts, 24mo., engraved text and- 
titles, 2 frontispieces (the first by Lachaussde after 
Brian), and 15 plates after P. de Berainville by Voysard 
(25s. to 30s.). 

Almanach des Marches de Paris, etrennes curieuses et 
comiques avec des chansons int^ressantes, dedid h, Marie 
Barbe, fruitifere, orangfere. A Paris, chez Boulanger, 
1782, 24mo., 12 charming plates designed and engraved 
by Qu^verdo (£4 to £5). B^hague's copy, morocco, 
400 frs. 

Almanach galant des Costumes frangais les plus a la mode, 
dessinds d'aprfes nature, d^di^ au beau sexe a.p.d.r. 
Paris, Boulanger, rue du Petit Pont, 1782 ; 18 charming, 
finely engraved plates, not signed (£4 to £5). 

Almanach. Etrennes aux Belles, donn^es par Voltaire 15 
jours avant sa mort. Paris, Ve Guillaume, 1783, 12mo., 
frontispiece by Ransonnette (15.?.). 

Almanach de la petite poste de Paris, r^unie a la grande 
poste le premier juillet, 1781, pour les ann^es 1786-1788. 
Paris, 1786-88, 2 vols., 16mo., plates (8s. to 10s., and treble 
in old morocco). 

Almanach de Nilsonn. S.Ln.d. (1785), 7 vols., 16mo., plates 
(50s. to 60s.). 

Almanach pour I'annde, 1771, oblong, 16mo. Each leaf em- 
bellished either with a vignette or a portrait, comprising 
among others the portraits of Louis XV., Louis Dauphin, 
Marie Antoinette, etc. (30s. to 40s.). 


Almanach. Petit Manuel mythologique, ou Almanach moral 
et podtique de la fable. Paris, Desnos (the Calendar is 
dated 1783), 32mo., engraved title, frontispiece and 8 
plates by Lachaussde after Brion (12s. to 15s.). 

Almanach. Varidtds amusantes. Etrennes aux gens de bon 
gout. A Paris, s.d. (1783), 16mo., engraved title and 4 
plates (30s. to 40s.). 

Almanach. La Fleur des Plaisirs, etrennes chantantes a la 
mode et suivies du gazetier chantant. Paris, Desnos, 1783, 
12 pretty plates, not signed (£2 to £3). Behague's copy, 
morocco, 175 frs. 

Almanach. Le Bijou du jour de I'an, ou les Etrennes a la 
mode, la corbeille de Glycere, chansons choisies. A Paris, 
chez le sieur Desnos, 1784, 12 plates, not signed (30s. to 

Almanach. Corbeille de Glycere, bouquetiere h, la porte du 
Temple de V^nus ^ Athenes, Chansons choisies sur les airs 
les plus agreables. Paris, Desnos, 1784, 24mo., frontispiece 
and 12 pretty plates in the style of Marillier (15s. to 20s.). 

Almanach. Les Plus courtes Folies sont les meilleures ou 
le Passe-temps des Dames. Paris, Desnps, 1783, 16mo., 
12 plates, not signed (40s. to 50s.). 

Almanach. Les Aventures parisiennes, almanach nouveau, 
galant, et chantant (Calendar for 1784). Paris, Jubert, 
32mo., 12 charming plates, not signed (30s. to 40s.). 

Almanach. Etrennes du Sentiments dddie'es aux ames 
bienfaisantes, a. p. d. r. Dessind et grave par Qu^verdo. 
A Paris, chez Boulanger, 1784, 24mo., 12 beautiful engrav- 
ings by Qu^verdo (£2 to £3). 

Almanach. Les Belles Marchandes, almanach historique, pro- 
verbial et chantant. A Paris, chez Jubert, 1784, 24mo., 
frontispiece and 12 plates (£3 to £4). 

There is another part with the same number of plates, not signed, of 
equal value. The Behague copy of the latter, morocco, 400 frs. 

Almanach de Versailles, 1784, 24mo., 2 pretty small portraits 
of Louis XVI. and Marie Antoinette (12s. to 15s.). 

Almanach d'ltalie, ou la Bigarrure galante, etrennes 
chantantes meldes d' Anecdotes et enrichies de nouvelles 


coiffures. Paris, Jubert 1784, 24mo., 12 plates, not signed, 
and 12 fictitious portraits of women with fashionable 
headgears (£4 to £5). 

Almanach anacr^ontique ou les Euses de I'amour. Paris, 
Boulanger, s.d., 1784, 16mo., frontispiece and plates by 
Qu^verdo (10s. to 12s.). 

Almanach des Graces, ^trennes ^rotiques chantantes. Paris, 
Cailleau, anndes 1784 and 1785, 16mo., 2 frontispieces by 
David after Monnet and Lejeune (5s. each). 

Almanach galant des Costumes fran^ais les plus a la mode, 
dessin^s d'apres nature, dddi^ au beau sexe. Paris, Bou- 
langer, 1785, 16mo., frontispiece, and 18 plates of fashion 
(30s. to 40s.). Bdhague's copy in white silk binding, 
46 frs. 

Almanach. Anacrdon en belle humeur, ou les Matinees de 
Paphos, chansonnier fran9ais. Elite de chansons, romances, 
vaudevilles, etc., par Voltaire, J. B. Eousseau, Fenelon, 
Eegnard, CoU^, etc. . . . Paris, Desnos, s.d. (1785), 24mo., 
12 plates, including frontispiece, in the manner of Gravelot 
(15s. to 20s.). 

Almanach. Etrennes lyriques anacr^ontiques pour I'annde 
1785. Paris, chez I'auteur 1785, 16mo., frontispiece by 
Gaucher after Cochin (8 s. to 10s., and more with the 
unlettered proof and the etching). 

Almanach galant, moral et critique en vaudevilles. Paris, 
Boulanger (Calendar for 1785), 32mo., engraved text, title 
engraved by Qu^verdo after Berthaut, and 12 plates, not 
signed (30s. to 40s.). 

Almanach galant, moral et critique, en vaudevilles, ornd 
de gravures. Paris, 1786, 16mo., very pretty frontispiece 
after Berthaut by Qu6verdo, and 12 charming plates after 
Qudverdo (15s.). 

Almanach galant du XVIIF'- siecle. Paris, s.d., 16mo., 
12 plates after Qu^verdo, representing 6 marriage scenes 
of Figaro and G scenes of Blaise and Babet. It is dedicated 
to Mile. Contat and to Mile. Dugazon (15s.). 

Almanach perpdtuel des pauvres diables. Paris, Caillot, an XI. 
16mo., 1 plate, not signed (3s.). 

Almanach. Les Accidens heureux ou I'Amour en gait^, 


almanach lyrico r^crdatif. Chez la veuve Despoillez et 
chez Jubert, & Paris (Calendar for 1785). 32mo., plates 
(12s. to 15s.). 

Almanach. Etrennes du Sentiment de I'Amour et de I'Amiti^, 
reunissant I'honn^tete et le bon gout dans le choix des 
chansons qui les composent et des estampes qui les accom- 
pagnent. Paris, Desnos, s.d. (1786), 16mo., engraved title 
and 12 plates (30s. to 40s.). 

Almanach. Les Etrennes de mon cousin, ou I'Almanach 
pour rire, par CD. (Carriere Doisin) Falaise (Paris), 1787, 
12mo., 2 large satirical etchings, not signed (8s. to lOs.). 
Continued 1788 and 1789. 

Almanach. Les Ddlices du Palais-Royal. A Paris, chez 
Boulanger, 1786, 24mo., 12 very quaint plates designed, 
and engraved by Dambrun (25s. to 30s.). 

Almanach pour la pr^sente ann^e (1786), ou petit Recueil 
d' estampes reprdsentant la mythologie, avec chansons 
analogues, etc., Paris, Desnos. The frontispiece by 
Patas after Desrais bears as the second title, Les Metamor- 
phoses d'Ovide en chansons, 16mo., 52 etchings, not 
signed (15s. to 20s.). Th. Testard de St. Quentin's copy 
in mor. (1894) 50 frs. 

Almanach de la Samaritaine (du Pont Neuf) avec ses predic- 
tions pour I'annde 1787, 16mo., frontispiece, not signed 
(6s. to 7s.). Continued for 1788. 

Almanach. Les Loisirs de Paphos . . , Paris, Nyon, s d. 
(1787), 16mo., frontispiece and 12 plates, and 32 pp. of 
text and music (30s. to 40s.). 

Almanach. Les Euses et les Jeux de I'amour. Paris, Ardouin. 
Le Necessaire des dames et des messieurs. Paris, Jubert, 
1786, 2- parts in 1 vol., 16mo., 12 pretty plates in the 
manner of Desrais (30s. to 40s.). 

Almanach. L' Amour ^ I'Olympe, ou le Triomphe de Cupidon 
sur lesdieux et les dresses, almanach drotique. Paris, chez 
Jubert, doreur (1787), 24mo., text engraved, with 12 
pretty plates (30s. to 40s.). 

Almanach. Les Bords rians de la Seine, ou les Environ 
(sic) de Paris. Paris, Jubert, 1788, 24mo., engraved 


throughout aud embellished with 12 pretty plates repre- 
senting the costume and the headgear of the ladies of the 
period (attributed to Binet) ; rare {£3 to £4). 

Almanach. Le Microscope des visionnaires ou le Hochet des 
incr^dules, almanach orn^ de jolies gravures, a Paris, chez 
Jubert, 1789, 12mo., frontispiece and 12 plates, not signed, 
probably after Qu^verdo, engraved in the manner of Binet 
(255. to 30s., and double in morocco). 

Almanach. Etrennes nationales, curieuses et instructives, 
enrichies de figures, d'anecdotes historiques et d'une 
infinite de traits remarquables pour I'ann^e 1789. Paris, 
Cailleau, 16mo., woodcuts (4*. to 5s.). 

Almanach. Les Etrennes de Piron a I'Assemblde nationale, 
s.l.n.d. (1780), 18mo., 2 plates (12.s. to 15s.). 

Almanach. La Journde d'une jolie femme, suivie du Petit- 
Chansonnier frangais . . . Paris, Desnos, s.d. (1788), 24mo., 
mezzotint frontispiece and 12 unsigned plates (25s. to- 

Almanach. La Fete des Bonnes gens, ou les mceurs cham- 
petres. A Paris, chez Boulanger, rue du Petit-Pont, 
1789, 32mo., 12 plates, not signed (20s. to 25s.). 

Almanach. Le Jardin des Ames sensible (sic) . . . Paris,,. 
Janet, s.d. (1789), 24mo., engraved throughout and 
decorated with 12 pretty plates ; important as regards, 
the costume of the revolutionary period (£2 to £3). 

Almanach. Les Colifichets lyrico-galants, ou la Folic : 
amoureuse d'un peintre, almanach orn^ de jolies gravures. 
' A Paris, chez Jubert, doreur, 1790, 16mo., 12 very pretty 
plates engraved by Dorgez (30s. to 40s.). 

Almanach. Amusemens heroiques et galans . . . Paris,. 
Jubert, s.d. (1790), 16mo., engraved throughout with, 
music, and adorned with 12 fine plates (30s. to 40s.). 

Almanach. Cupidon logician ou les Pedagogues a Cythfere. 
A Paris, chez Jubert, 1789, 24mo., engraved titjle and 
6 vignettes (20s.). A copy mor., dentelle. 111 frs. (1894). 

Almanach. Le Tableau de Paris, Etrennes aux beautds 
parisiennes, 1790, 16mo., frontispiece and 12 coloured 
plates (40s.). A copy mor. (1894) 100 frs. 


Almanacli. Etrennes aux f . . . ddmocrates, aristocrates, 
impartiaux, ou le Calendrier des trois sexes, almanach 
lyrique, orn^ de figures analogues au sujet. Sodome et 
Cythfere, et se trouvant plus qu'ailleurs dans la poche de 
ceux qui le condamnent. (Paris) 1790, 16mo., 9 plates, not 
signed (£2). 

Almanacli. Etrennes du sentiment, de 1' amour et de I'amiti^, 
rdunissant I'lionnetete et le bon goAt dans le clioix des 
chansons qui les composent et des estampes qui les 
accompagnent Almanach pour la pr^sente ann^e (1790), 
avec tablettes economiques, perte et gain. Paris, Desnos, 
32mo., engraved title and 12 charming plates, not signed 
(30s. to 405.). 

Almanach. Etrennes du jour de I'an, ou, le Cadeau sans 
pretention. Paris, chez Le Vacher, 1790, 16mo., frontis- 
piece and 12 coloured plates (30s. to 40s.). Comte de la 
B^randifere's copy, in a white-embroidered silk binding, 
122 frs. 

Almanach. Intrigues de la Capitale (Les) accompagn^es de 
plusieurs autres. A Paris, chez Jubert (Calendar for 1790), 
16mo., 12 coloured plates of costumes and musical notes 
(30s. to 40s.). Comte de la B^randifere's copy 110 frs. 

Almanach. Galath^e pastorale. A vous que j'aime 
(Calendar for 1790), Paris, Boulanger, 32mo., engraved 
text, frontispiece designed and engraved by Queverdo, 
and 12 plates, not signed (probably by the same artist) 
{30s. to 40s.). 

The series of plates is to be found again in the edition with the 
Calendar for 1791. 

Almanach. La Cocarde citoyenne, dtrenne d^dide a la Nation. 
Paris, chez Jubert, doreur (1790), 32mo., frontispiece and 7 
plates, not signed (20s. to 25s.). 

Jubert was the reKeur-doreur of Marie Antoinette. 

Almanach. Les Epoques plus interessantes des Eevolutions de 
Paris, ou le Triomphe de la liberte, dddides aux bons citoyens. 
Paris, Boulanger (Calendar for 1790), 16mo., frontispiece 
and 14 pretty plates, not signed (probably by Dambrun), 
with engraved text and musical notes (30s. to 40s.). 

Almanach des douze ministres, pour I'annde 1790. A Paris, 
rue Sain t-Andrd-des- Arts, hotel Chateauvieux, 1790, 12mo., 


frontispiece, not signed, representing a genealogical tree 
with the portraits of the 12 ministers (10s.). 

Almanach des Frangaises c^l^bres par leurs yertus, leurs 
talents ou leur beaute, dddie aux dames citoyennes qui 
ont les premieres offert leurs dons patriotiques ft 
I'Assembl^e nationale. Paris, Lejay fils, 1790, 16mo. (15s.). 

Pretty frontispiece and a curious plate representing the •wives of the 
artists, Mesdames Vien, Fragonard, Suvee, Vestier, etc., placing their 
jewellery at the disposal of the Assembly. 

Almanach. Etrennes a la verity, ou Almanach des aristocrates, 
orne de 2 gravures en taille-douce et alMgoriques pour la 
pr^sente annee, seconde de la liberty ; 1790. A Spa, chez 
Clairvoyant, impr. libr. de L. A. R. et N. S. les princes 
fugitifs, a I'enseigne de la Lanterne, 8vo., 2 plates, not 
signed (8s. to 10s.). 

Almanach. Le Triomphe du Sentiments . . . Paris, Janet, 
s.d. (1790), 32mo., engraved title, music and 12 plates. 
The same almanach for 1792 could only be recognized by 
the last plate with the legend " Le Tableau touchant," 
instead of " Le Hazard du coin du feu," being in the 12th 
plate for 1790 (30s. to 40s. each). 

Almanach. Etrennes aux amateurs de Vdnus, Paphos. Paris, 
1790, 16mo., engraved title, frontispiece, and 12 plates, 
not signed (£2) ; rare. 

Almanach litt^raire, ou Etrennes d'ApoUon ... A Athenes et 
a Paris, veuve Duchesne, 1777, 16mo., frontispiece by 
Ling^e after Eisen. 1787, frontispiece by De Ghendt after 
Marillier. 1789, frontispiece after Marillier. 1791, frontis- 
piece, not signed, probably by the same artist. 1792, 
frontispiece by De Ghendt after Marillier (3s. to 4s. each). 

In the Almanack for 1789 there are at page 76 some pretty verses 
addressed by Dorat to Marillier. 

Almanach. The Polite Eepository, or Pocket Companion. 
London, Peacock, n.d. (l78l), 16mo., engraved throughout 
with borders and vignettes representing the symbols of the 
months (lOs. to 12s.). 

Copies in old red morocco tooled command prices varying from £2 to 
£4, according to state. 

Almanach. Les Espi^gleries de I'Amour, ou le Triomphe des 
Sens, chansonnier fran9ais. Paris, Desnos (Calendar for 
"1791), 16mo., frontispiece and 12 coloured plates, and 8 
pp. of musical notes (30s. to 40s.). 


Almanach. Le Triomplie des Dames, ou les Metamorphoses, 
Almanach orne de jolies gravures. A Paris, chez Janet, 
1791, 12mo., frontispiece and 12 pretty vignettes, not 
signed (8s. to 10s.). 

Almanacli. L'Amour parmi les jeux ou le Souvenir du bon 
temps, d6dii aux belles. A Paris, chez Boulanger, relieur 
et doreur (Calendar for 1791), 32mo., engraved title and 
12 plates, designed and engraved by Queverdo (35s. to 

Exists in proofs before letters. 

Almanach des Emigrans, Coblentz, de I'imprimerie des 
Princes, 1792, 16mo., pretty frontispiece (this almanack, 
edited by the principal heads of the Emigration, is very 
rare) (lOs.). 

Almanach. Les Aventures de Don Quichotte, orn^es de 
jolies gravures. Paris, Marcilly, s.d., 32mo., 12 vignettes 
relating to the Don Quixote's adventures (8s. to 10s.). 

Almanach. Les Bucoliques de Cythere, ou les travaux de 
Bergers amoureux. Paris, Janet, 1795, 64mo., frontispiece 
and 12 pretty plates, not signed (lOs. to 12s.). 

Almanach des Gourmands (redigd par Grimod de la Eeyniere). 
Paris, 1805-1812, 8 vols., 12mo., 8 frontispieces by 
Mariage (12s.). 

Almanach des Prisons, ou Anecdotes sur le regime 
intdrieur de la Conciergerie, du Luxembourg, etc., et sur 
differents prisonniers qui ont habits ces maisons sous 
la tyrannic de Robespierre, avec les Chansons, couplets 
qui y ont ^td faits. 3me. Edition. Paris, an IIL, 16mo., 
very curious allegorical frontispiece representing heaps 
of cut-off heads and the executioner beheading him- 
self (3s.). 

Almanach des Honnetes gens, contenant des propheties 
pour chaque mois, des anecdotes pen connues sur les 
journees des 10 aout, 2 et 3 septembre 1792, et la liste 
des personnes egorg^es dans les diflKrentes prisons. Paris, 
1793, 12mo., engraved frontispiece and plates (6s. to 8s.). 

Almanach de la Federation de la France . . . Paris 
- Blanmayeur, s.d. (1791), 24mo., engraved title and 12 
plates (25s. to 30s.). 


Almanach. Etrennes au beau Sexe ou la Constitution 
frangaise mise en chanson, suivies de notes en vaudevilles 
constitutionnels. Paris, imprimerie royale, 1792, 16mo., 
2 plates, not signed, of which one represents the interior of 
the Club des Jacobins (8s. to 10s.). 

Almanach. Tr^sor des Devinations . . , Paris, Janet, 1792, 
24mo., engraved title and 10 plates by DoTgez (10s. to 

Almanach de Coblentz, ou Le plus joli des Recueils 
catholiques, apostoliques et frangois, a I'usage de la belle 
jeunesse emigree, emigrante et a ^migrer; Paris, Lallemand, 
1792, 12mo., frontispiece representing the royal family, con- 
sisting of Louis XVI., Marie Antoinette, and the Dauphin 
(15s. to 20s.). 

Almanach de la mere Gdrard pour I'ann^e bissextile, 1792, 
etc., Paris, chez les marchands de nouveaut^s, I'an III. de la 
Libert^, 32mo., pretty vignette, not signed (5s. to 6s.). 

Almanach. Galat^e pastorale . . . Paris, Boulanger, s.d. 
(1791), 24mo., engraved throughout, and ornamented with 
12 plates by Qu^verdo (30s. to 40s.). 

Almanach des Graces, etrennes erotiques chantantes, dediees 
a Mme. d'Artois, pour I'annee 1792. Paris, Cailleux 
fils, 12mo., 1 plate by De Ghendt after Marillier (5"s. 
to 6s.). 

Almanach. Narcotique des Sages (Les), ou le Vehicule de la 
folic . . . Paris, Janet, s.d. (1791), 24mo., engraved title and 
12 plates in the manner of Binet (30s. to 40s., and more 
than double in the original embroidered cover representing 
allegorical subjects). 

Almanach des Aristocrates, ou. Chronologic epigrammatique 
des ap6tres de I'Assemblee nationale. A Eome (Paris) 
I'an 111. do la Barnavocratie, 12mo., pretty frontispiece and 
charming plate, not signed {7s. to 8s.). 

Almanach. Les Mystferes devoiles. Tant mieux, tant pis, ou 
le Pronostiqueur veridique, almanach orne de jolies gravures. 
A Paris, chez Janet, s.d. (1793), 16mo., engraved title and 
12 pretty plates, signed Dorgez (20s. to 25s.). 

Almanach. Les Contre-tems, ou les Disgraces de Cythfere . . . 


Paris, Janet, s.d. (1793), 16mo., text within borders, frontis- 
piece and 12 plates {l5s. to 20s.). 

Almanach des Honngtes gens. Paris, chez tons les marchands 
de nouveautds, 1793, 16mo., pretty frontispiece, not signed 
(6s. to 8s.). 

Divers almanacks with plates have appeared under that title, or 
entitled " Almanach des gens de bien," in 1797 and 1799, with an 
unsigned plate representing the "Louvre" containing the legend: 
"C'est de cette fenetre que I'infame Charles IX. tira sur le peuple." 

Almanach. Les Vrais Amans ou la Constance rdcompensee, 
etrennes aux cceurs sensibles. Paris, Janet, s.d., 16mo., 
engraved text, frontispiece and 12 plates, not signed 
(20s. to 25s.). 

Almanach. Etrennes en vaudevilles legislatifs. Paris, chez les 
marchands de nouveautes. Paris, 1793, 16mo., frontispiece, 
not signed (6s. to 7s.). 

Almanach. Les Goguettes parisiennes, ou 1' Almanach jovial 
dansant, chantant et mime buvant, orne de jolies gravures 
par un citoyen de bonne compagnie. Paris, Janet, s.d. 
(1793), 24mo., engraved title, music and 10 plates in the 
style of Queverdo (20s. to 25s.). 

Almanach. L'Ami du roi, almanach des honnltes gens. Paris, 
chez I'apothicaire de la ddmocratie au Palais-Royal (circa 
1790), 16mo., pretty frontispiece engraved by Dorgez 
(3s. to 4s.). 

Almanach. Les Perfidies supposees, ou les Medisances pardon- 
ables . . . Paris, Janet, s.d. (1793), 16mo., text engraved with 
music, title and 12 plates by Dorgez (20s. to 25s.). 

Almanach. Apologie de la Tendresse ou le Pouvoir de I'Amitie, 
almanach orn^ de jolies figures. Paris, Janet, an IIL (1795), 
32mo., title and 12 plates, not signed (40s. to 50s.). 

Almanach. Cupidon vainqueur des Heros et des Demi-Dieux, 
almanach 6rotique avec figures. Paris, Janet (Calendar for- 
1795), a2mo., engraved title and 12 plates, not signed 
(25s. to 30s.). 

Almanach. Les Pastes republicains, ou les Heureux presages 
des Triomphes eiviques . . . Paris, Janet, s.d. (1796), 24mo., 
engraved title with music and 12 plates, in the manner of 
Dorgez (20s. to 25s.). 


Almanach. Etrennes ecclesiastiques, liistoriques et topo- 
graphiques de Tarchevech^ de Paris, et des beaut^s que 
Ton y admire. Paris, Delalain et Desnos, s.d., 12mo., 
fine folding frontispiece by Berthaut, after Marillier (5s.). 

Almanach. Le Quart d'heure des jolies Prangaises, etrennes aux 
dames, melees de couplets sur les airs les plus agr^ables. 
Paris, Desnos, 12mo., engraved title and 12 charming plates, 
not signed, 12 pp. engraved out of the text of 54 pp. 
(30s. to 40s.). 

Almanach. Les Imaginations asiatiques, ou les Prodiges indiens, 
arabes et chinois . . . Paris, Janet, s.d. (1796), 24mo., 
engraved throughout and embellished with 12 unsigned 
plates (15s. to 20s.). 

Almanach. Les Accidents heureux ou I'Amour en gaiete. Paris^, 
s.d., 32mo., frontispiece and 12 plates (30s. to 40s.). 

Almanach. L'Union de I'Amour et des Arts . . . Paris, Janet,,. 
s.d. (1798), 24mo., engraved title and 10 plates, not 
signed (12s. to 15s.). 

Almanach. La Soiree de Paphos ou les Plaisirs de la Table, 
chansonnier frangais par Dorat, Vade, Moncrif, etc. Paris, 
Desnos, s.d., frontispiece and 12 charming plates (30s. to- 
40s.). De Timan copy, morocco, 66 frs. 

Almanach. Le Petit Cousin de La Pontaine, ou le Fablier des 
Graces. Almanach moral et amusant. Paris, Janet, s.d. 
' (1800), 24mo., engraved title and 12 plates (10s. to 12s.). 

Almanach. Les Noeuds de I'hymen serres par la tendresse, oui 
les Epreuves du sentiment. A Paris, chez Janet, 1801,. 
32mo. (Calendar for 1799), 12 pretty plates engraved by 
Dorgez (8s. to 10s.). 

Almanach. L'Empire de la Beaute par les Elemens, les Ages 
et les Saisons. Etrenne au beau sex. Paris, Janet, s.d., 
24mo., engraved title and 12 plates, unsigned (15s. to 20s.). 

Almanach. Ann^e galante ou Etrennes a Tamour, contes 
enrichis de figures et d'ariettes, S.l.n.d., roy. 8vo., engraved 
text, frontispiece, and 12 free headpieces in colours, not 
signed, very rare (£10 to £12). 

Almanach. Les D^lices de Ceres, de Pomone et de Flore ou la 
Campagne utile et agreable. Paris, Desnos, s.d., 32mo., 12 
plates, not signed (30s. to 40s.). 


Almon's Political Register and Impartial Eeview. London, 
1767-72, 11 vols., 8vo., numerous caricature plates- 
(£3 to £4). 

Alsace frangaise (L'), ou Nouveau Eecueil de ce qu'il y a de 
plus curieux dans la ville de Strasbourg. Strasbourg, chez 
G. Boucher, 1706, sm. folio, 4 plates relating to the 
Cathedral, general view of the town, and 10 plates repre- 
senting the fashions of Strasburg, not signed (20s. 
to 25s.) 

Am^lie, ou les Ecarts de ma Jeunesse, ornd de gravures. Paris, 
Dentu, an VI. (1798), 2 vols., 12mo., 2 plates signed Villerey 

Amelot de La Houssaye. Histoire du gouvernement de Venise. 
Amsterdam, David Mortier, 1714, post 8vo., frontispiece 
and numerous plates (5s.). 

Ami (L') des fiUes. Paris, Dufour, 1761, 12mo., pretty frontis- 
piece, not signed (4s. to 5s.). 

Amitie (L') Scythe, ou, Histoire secrete de la conjuration de 
Thebes. Paris, chez Vente, 1767, 12mo., engraved title, 
not signed (3s. to 4s.). 

Amcenitates poeticse, sive Th. Bezge, Mureti, Secundi, etc.. 
Juvenilia. Paris, Barbon, 1779, 12mo., portraits of Beza 
and of Muret by Ficquet (4s.) ; rare. 

-Amorous Sketches by Master, Cupid. With 6 capital engravings 
from Nature . . . London, G. Forbs, n.d. (circa 1780") 
(12s. to 15s.). 

.Amour en fureur (L') ou les Excez de la jalousie italienne, 
nouvelle curieuse enrichie de figures. Cologne, chez Pierre 
Marteau, 1710 or 1715, 16mo., engraved title and 5 plates, 
not signed (4s. to 5s.). 

Amour (L') parmi les jeux, almanach galant pour 1788, 
16mo., 12 very pretty plates after Queverdo by Dambrun 

Amours de Chariot et Toinette (Les), piece derob^e a V. 
(Versailles), 1779, 8vo., 8 pp. of poor verses with 2 free 
plates, which, though not signed, are incontestably by 

By Chariot is meant the Comte d'Artois, and by Toinette the ill- 

M : 



g 'i 


fated .Marie Antoinette, to both of whom the plates in this ignoble 
pamphlet bear a striking resemblance. 

The only copy in existence with the 2 plates finely coloured like 
drawings formed part of the collection of M. H. . ., the whole edition 
having been bought up by the Queen through Caron de Beaumarchais 
(£2 to £3). 

Amours de Lysandre et de Caliste, nouvelle galante et veritable. 
A Brusselles, 1707, 12mo., frontispiece signed : Phi Bouttats 
fe. and fleuron on title (3s.). 

Amours d'Horace (Les) par P. J. de La Pimpie de Salignac. 
Cologne, chez P." Marteau, 1728, 12mo., frontispiece de- 
signed by Debrie, engraved by V. Gunst, and a fleuron on 
the title by B. Picart (3s. to 4s.). 

Amours de Mirtil (Les). Constantinople (Paris), 1761, 8vo., 
title designed and engraved by Legrand, with fleuron and 
6 very pretty plates by Legrand after Gravelot (15s. 
to 20s.). 

Some copies have the titles and plates in red (30s. to 40s.). The 
authorship is attributed to Fontenelle. 

Amours (Les) et les Ayentures de Lord Fox, traduites de 
I'anglais. Geneve, 1785, 12mo., 2 plates designed and 
engraved by Ransonnette (3s.). 

Amours et les aventures de Lord Fox (Les), traduit de I'anglais 
par M. . . . Genfeve, 1786, 2 parts in 16mo., 2 plates by De 
La Eue (8s. to 12s.). 

Amours (Les) de Henri et de Madeleine, poeme en 11 
chants. Nouvelle edition, an III (1795), 16mo., a 
curious plate. The work is attributed to Mercier de Com- 
pifegne (4s.). 

Amours et aventures galantes d'Alexandre avec la Sultane 
Amazille, premier e femme du pacha de Tunis. A Paris, 
chez Pigoreau, an V. (1797), 12mo., 2 portraits and 2 
plates, not signed (lOs. to 12s.). 

Amours (Les) de Cartouche, ou Aventures singuliferes et 
galantes de cet homme fameux, d'aprfes un manuscrit trouve 
dans un des cabonons de Bicetre, aprfes la mort du nomm^ 
Duchatelet, son complice et son delateur. Paris, an VL , 
(1798), 12mo., 1 plate after Defraine by Delvaux (3s.). 

Amusements des Eaux de Spa, ouvrage utile a ceux qui yont 
boire ces eaux minerales sur les lieux, enrichi de tallies 


douces. Amsterdam, Pierre Mortier, 1734, 2 vols., 12mo., 
12 plates not signed (12s. to 15s.). 

Amusements des Eaux d'Aix-la-Chapelle. Enrichi de tailles 
douces par I'auteur des Amusements des Eaux de Spa (de 
Poellnitz). Amsterdam, chez P. Mortier, 1736, 3 vols., 
12mo., frontispiece and numerous figures and folding plates 

Amusements de la Campagne, de la Cour et de la Ville, ou 
Kecreations historiques, Anecdotes secrettes et galantes. 
Amsterdam, Tr. I'Honor^, 1737-1740, 10 vols., 12mo., 
frontispieces and vignettes on titles (20s.). 

Amusements d'un convalescent, dedies a ses amis. Paris, 1761, 
roy. 8vo., very pretty title, with, a charming fleuron by 
Choffard after Gravelot; very rare (20s. to 25s.). 

Amusements (Les nouveaux) des Eaux de Spa. Orne de figures 
en taille-douce par de Limbourg. Paris, Desser, 1763, post 
8vo., engraved title, map (Droppe fee.) and 10 folding 
plates, signed Antoine Le Loup, 1762 (3s.). 

Amusements geographiques et historiques ou les memoires de 
M . . . contenant ses voyages et ses aventures dans les 4 
parties du monde, ornes de cartes geographiques et de 
figures. Paris, 1788, 2 vols., 8vo. (4s.). 

Amusements bdroiques et galants. Almanach orne de jolies 
gravures. A Paris, chez Jubert Doreur, 1790, 12mo., en- 
graved title and 12 pretty plates (15s.). 

Amusettes des grasses et des maigres a I'usage de ceux qui 
aiment encore a rire. A.K.K.O. a I'image du faisant, s.d., a 
curious plate (12s. to 15s.). 

Amusette des grasses et des maigres, contenant douze douzaines 
de calembourgs avec les fariboles de M. Plaisantin et les 
remarques de I'abbd Vue. Au cap de Bome-Espdrance et 
Paris, chez le libraire qui donne trois livres pour 45 sols, 
s.d. Engraved title and a very original frontispiece, not 
signed (12s. to 15s.). 

Anacreon, Sapho, Bion et Moschus, traduction nouvfeUe en 
prose, suivie de la Veillde des fetes de V^nus et d'un choix 
de pieces le difFdrents auteurs, par M. M. . . . C. . . . 
(Moutonnet de Clairfond). Paphos, et se trouve a Paris, 
Bastien, 1773, roy. 8vo., frontispiece, 12 vignettes and 

ANACK:60N 27 

13 tailpieces by Massard after Eisen {£5 to £6, and treble 
on larger paper 4to., particularly in old morocco). 

The illustrations may be counted as among ilie choicest of this 
artist ; but, having regard to the bulky text, it is to be regretted they 
are so few and far between. Copies with the supplement of Hero et 
Leandre (1774) et Les Idylles de Th6ocrite, with another frontispiece 
by Duclos, after Gravelot, are preferable. The vignettes and tailpieces 
exist in " tirage a part " Baron R. P. . .'s copy, in that state (complete 
series minus one), 1650 frs. Reprinted 1775, 1779, and 1780. The 
original drawings by Eisen have a resting-place in the Due d'Aumale's 
Library at Chantilly, now the property of the nation. 

Anacr^on. Les Odes d'Anacrdon et de Sapho, traduites en 
vers fran9ais par le poete sans fard (Gacon). Eotterdam, 
Fritsch et Bohm, 1722, 8vo., fleuron on the title and 
frontispiece by B, Picart (I2s. to 15 s.). 

Anacr^on. Odes, inscriptions, dpitaphes, epitbalames et frag- 
ments d'Anacrdon, traduits en frangais, etc., par le C™" Gail, 
etc., ouvrage ornd de gravures. Paris, Didot I'aind, I'an 
IP de la Rdpublique frangaise, 1794, 16mo., 4 plates, two 
of which are designed and engraved by Qudverdo, the 
third is finished by Gaucher, and the last is by Gaucher 
after Qudverdo (10s., and more on vellum paper with 
unlettered proofs). 

Some copies have also the etchings, with one of them decouverte. 
T. de St. Quentin's copy, with the proofs before lebters and the etchings 
in morocco, 150 frs. (1894). 

Anacreon. Odes, traduites en frangais avec le texte grec, la 
version latine, des notes critiques et deux dissertations, 
par le citoyen Gail, avec estampes et odes grecques mises 
en musique par Gossec, Mehul, Le Sueur et Chdrubini. 
Paris, Didot I'aine, an VIL (1799), 4to. Anacreon's portrait 
by Gaucher after Le Barbier, 1 plate by Petit, and 17 
plates of music engraved by Eousseau (20s. to 25s.). 

Copies with the plates, in proofs before letters and etchings are to be 
met with. The unique copy on vellum was sold for 250 frs. 

Anacreon. Odes mises en vers par la citoyenne Defrance sur 
la traduction du citoyen Gail. Paris, imprimerie Delance, 
I'an VL, 16mo., 3 plates after Queverdo by Gaucher (5s.). 

Anacreon. Odes traduites en frangais par J. B. Gail. Nouvelle 
edition orni^e d' estampes et d'odes grecques mises en 
musique par Mehul et Cherubini. A Paris, Didot, s.d., 
16mo., 3 plates after Queverdo by Gaucher and Queverdo, 
portrait of Gail after Lebarbier by Gaucher (5s.). 


Ancien et le nouveau Paris (L'), ou Anecdotes galantes et 
secretes propres a peindre nos moeurs passe'es et pr^sentes 
avec figures. A Paris, chez I'auteur, I'an VII. de la 
E(5publique, 2 parts in 1 vol., 16nio., 2 plates not 
signed (6s.). 

AxDELEZ DE MoNGAUBET. AWmelhec, tragedie, 1776, 8vo., 
1 plate by Helman after Monnet (3s. to 4s.). 

Anderson (J.). A Genealogical History of the House of Yvery, 
in its different Branches of Yvery, Luvel, Perceval and 
Gourney. London, 1742, .2 vols., roy. 8vo. Privately 
printed by the first Earl of Egmont, by whom it was 
principally written; 19 portraits by Faber (18) and Toms 
(1), and plates. Some copies contain 4 portraits of the 
Kawdons, but they form no part of the work (£5 to £6, 
and in old morocco, £9 to £10). Earl of Egmont's two 
copies in old morocco, £10 10s. and £9 respectively (1898). 

Anderson (J.). Constitutions of the Antient Fraternity of 
free and accepted Masons ... 1784, 4 to, frontispiece 
(30s. to 40s.). 

Andre. Memoires de Paul Jones, traduits de I'anglais par 
Andre. A Paris, chez Louis, an VI. (1798), 12mo,, portrait 
and vignette, not signed {6s. to 8s.). 

Andre. Anecdotes interessantes et historiques de I'illustre 
voyageur (Joseph 11.) pendant son s6jour a Paris ; dediees 
a la Reine. Paris, 1771, 12mo., pretty frontispiece with 
portrait of the Comte de Falkenstein (Joseph II.) (10s. 
to 12s.). 

An account of the Austrian Emperor Joseph's (brother of Marie 
Antoinette) journey to Paris. 

Anecdote du jour, ou Histoirede ma d^bation a la prison de . . . 
Paris, an VII., 16mo., 1 pretty plate after Talomand by 
Pierron (3s.). 

Angelo. The ' School of Fencing. L'Ecole des Armes avec 
I'explication generale des principales attitudes et positions 
concernant I'escrime. A Londres, Hooper, 1763 or 1765, 
oblong fol., 47 plates after Gwyn, engraved by Chamber, 
Elliot, Grignion, Hall, and Ryland. Text English and 
French (£3 to £4). 

Those copies with the coloured plates of Fencing by Rowlandson, etc., 
are rare and to be sought for. Reprinted 1787, 4to. and 12mo., oblong 
with the same plates reduced. 


Angus (W.). The Principal Seats of the Nobility and Gentry in 
Great Britain and Wales, in a Collection of Select Views 
engraved by W. Angus, from Pictures and Drawings by 
the most eminent Masters, with Descriptions of each View. 
London, 1787-1810, 4to. oblong, 63 plates (£1 10s., and 
double for proofs). 

Lowndes remarks that only recently the copper plates were in 
existence, and many copies have been struck oflF under the old date. 
It is therefore imperative that the impressions should be good, as a test 
of their originality. Countess of Harborough's copy with proofs and 
etchings in purple morocco, £S 15s. (1887). 

Anseaume. Les deux Chasseurs et la Laiti^re, com^die en un 
acte. Paris, Duchesne, 1769, 8vo., 6 plates designed by 
Duclos, and engraved by Auvray, Duclos, Duhamel, Ling^e, 
and Patas (20*. to 25s.). 

Anseaume. Le Mardchal-Ferrant, opdra-comique en un acte, 
musique de Philidor, 1767, 8vo., 6 plates after Qudverdo 
by Th^rese Martinet and Duhamel (20s. to 25s.). 

Anstis (J.). The Eegister of the most Noble Order of the 
Garter, usually called the Black Book, with Notes and an 
Introduction. London, 1724, 2 vols., fol., frontispieces and 
illustrations (18s. to 20s.). 

Anthing. Collection de Cent Silhouettes des Personnes illustres 
et celfebres, dessinees d'aprfes les originaux par Anthing. 
Gotha, 1791, 8vo. (£2). 

A fleuron after Liebe on the title, and 100 portraits in brown within 
historiated black borders. 

Anti-financier (L'), ou Relev^ de quelques unes des malversa- 
tions dont se rendent coupables les fermiers g^n^raux . . . 
Amsterdam, 1764, allegorical frontispiece, not signed 
(6s. to 8s.). 

Antiquarian Repertory (The), a miscellany intended to preserve 
and illustrate several valuable remains of Old Times. 
London, 1775-84, 4to., plates. Compiled by or under the 
direction of Francis Grose, Thomas Astle, and other eminent 
antiquaries (£2 to £3). Reprinted 1807-9 (30s. to 40s., 
and on large paper, £3). 

Antoine Bernard et Rosalie, ou le Petit Candide. Paris, 
Ancelle, 1796, 16mo., one plate, not signed (3s. to 4s.). 

Antonin (L'Empereur Marc). Reflexions morales, 1740, 2 vols., 
12mo., portrait-frontispiece after Punt (3s.). 


Antonin (L'Empereur Marc). Pensees de I'empereur Marc, 
Aurele Antonin, traduites du grec par de Joly. Paris, 
Eenouard, 1796, 2 vols. 16mo., portrait engraved by Saint- 
Aubin, and a portrait of Joly (8s. to 10s.). Copies on large 
Dutch paper are worth double. 

Antonin (Marc). Eeflexions morales de I'empereur Marc- 
Antonin. Paris, Didot jeune, 1800, royal 4to., papier 
vdlin, 2 plates after Moreau, engraved by Simonet and 
Dambrun (l2s. to 15s.). 

Copies with proofs before letters and the etchings are of rare occur- 
rence. In Morgan's Catalogue a copy in that state with the 2 original 
drawings by Moreau, 1500 frs. 

Antonini (Carlo). Manuale di varii ornamenti tratti dalle 
fabriche e frammenti antichi per uso, e commodo de Pittori, 
Scultori, Architetti . . . Opera raccolta, disegnata ed 
incisa da Carlo Antonini, Jn. Eoma, 1777-1781, 2 vols, 
in 1, 4to., frontispiece and 100 plates (£3 to £4). 

The subsequent edition of 1781-1790 contains 2 other parts of 65 
and 30 plates respectively. 

Antrepe (d', Syndic des Experts Jures Ecrivains). Traite sur 
les Principes de I'Art d'dcrire et ceux de I'ecriture, etc. 
Paris, 1759, folio, plates of caligraphy (15s. to 20s.). 

Apotheose du beau sexe. Londres, 1741, post 8vo., title in 
red and black, frontispiece signed P. Qver sc. with the 
letterpress : " la Bolte de Pandora " (3s.. to 4s.). 

Apulee. L'Ane d'or avec le Demon familier de Socrate, 
traduit en frangais par Compain de Saint-Martin. Paris, 
Brunet, 1736, 2 vols., 12mo., frontispiece and 12 plates 
after Desmaretz, engraved by Thomassin (4s. to 5s.). 

Apulee. Les Metamorphoses ou I'Ane d'or d' Apulee, philosophe 
platonicien, nouvelle edition (par I'abb^ Compain de Saint- 
Martin) orne de figures (Latin text opposite). Paris, Bastien, 
1787, 2 vols., 8vo., portrait and 16 plates, reprinted from 
the edition of 1623, by Crispin de Pas (15s. to 20s.). 

Apulee. Psyches et Cupidinis amores ex Apuleii Metamor- 
phoseon libris excerpti. Paris, Eenouard, 1796, 12mo., one 
plate after Prudhon by Eoger (5s. to 6s.), and double with 
unlettered proofs. 

Apuleius. The new Metamorphosis . . . London 1724 2 


vols., 12mo., frontispiece by Hogarth, and plates (25s. 
to 30s.). 

Aquin de Chateau-Lyon (P. L. D'). La Pleiade frangaise, ou 
I'Esprit des sept plus grands poetes. Berlin and Paris, 
Duchesne, 1754, 2 vols., 16mo., frontispiece by Sornique 
after Cochin, and 2 fleurons on the titles (4s. to 5s.). 

Aquin de Chatbau-Lyon (P. L. D'). Contes mis en vers par 
un petit cousin de Eabelais. Londres et Paris, Ruault, 
1775, 8vo., engraved title with a pretty fleuron, and a 
beautiful plate by Launay after Eisen (£2). De Tinan 
copy, relie sur brochure, 145 frs. 

Arabesques (Nouvelle Collection d') propres a la decoration 
des appartements. S.l.n.d. (Paris, imprimerie Crapelet), 
4to. This Collection consists of 10 parts of 4 plates each; 
1st part has 6 subjects after J. M. Moreau (1) and La valine 
Poussin (5) ; part 2 has 5 subjects after Lavallee Poussin ; 
part 3 contains 6 subjects after Lavallee Poussin ; part 4, 4 
subjects ; part 5, 5 subjects after the same ; part 6, 4 
subjects after Voisin ; part 7, 4 subjects after Le Clerc ; 
part 8, 8 subjects after Berthelot ; part 9, 5 subjects after 
Berthelot (2) and Le Clerc (3) ; 10th part, 4 subjects after 
Jeanneret. These 52 subjects on 40 leaves are all engraved 
.by Guyot (£3). 

Arcfere. Histoire de la Ville de La Rochelle et du " pays 
d'Aulins, composde d'apres les auteurs et les titres originaux 
et enrichie de divers plans. La Rochelle, chez Ren^-Jacob 
Desbordes, et Paris, chez Durand, 1756-57, 2 vols., 4to., 
plans and plate by Le Mire (15s.). 

Archdall (M.). Monasticon Hibernicum, or, an History of the 
Abbies, Priories and other Religious Houses in Ireland. 
Dublin, 1786, 4to., map and 18 plates of costume (20s. 
to 25s.), 

Architecture. The Grecian Orders of Architecture, delineated 
and explained from the Antiquities of Athens, also Parallels 
of the Orders of Palladio, Scanimozzi, and Vignola, to 
which are added Remarks concerning public and private 
Edifices, with Designs. London, 1768, folio (25s.). 

Architecture. Rudiments of ancient Architecture, with a 
Dictionary of Termes. London, 1789, roy. 8vo., portrait of 
James Stuart on title, and 10 plates (5s.). 
Second edition, much enlarged, 1794. 


Architecture. Essays on Gothic Architecture, by the Eev. T. 
Warton, Kev. J. Bentham, Captain Grose, and the Rev. J. 
Milner. London, 1798, 8vo., 12 plates (5s.). 

Second edition, to which is added a List of the Cathedrals of England, 
with their Dimensions, 1802, 8vo. 

Arconville (Mme. d'). Des Passions, par I'auteur du Traits de 
TAmitid. Londres (Paris), 1764, 8vo"., one fleuron and- 
1 tailpiece by Tardieu after Tarsis, and 2 plates, not signed 
(8s. to 10s.). 

Arconville (Mme. d'). De I'Amiti^. Amsterdam et Paris, 
Dessaint et Saillant, 1761, 8vo., 1 plate by Lempereur 
(6s. to 7s.). 
Reprinted 1764. 

Arconville (Mme. d'). Avis d'un pfere a sa fiUe, par le Marquis 
d'Halifax,. traduit de I'anglais (par la presidente d'Arcon-. 
ville). Londres (Paris, 1756), 12mo., 1 pretty plate by 
Tardieu after Gravelot, and 2 tailpieces after Tarsis by 
Tardieu (3s.). 

Arcq (D'). Le Palais du silence, contes philosophiques, 
Amsterdam, 1711, 16mo., frontispiece signed Fritzch (8s. to 

Reprinted 1755. 

Ard^ne (Le Pere D.). Traite des Renoncules, etc. Paris, 
1766, 8vo., frontispiece by Audran, after Lesueur, 1 vignette 
and 6 large plates (8s. to 10s.). 

Arend (H. K.). Das Gedechnisz des . . . Albert Durers . . . 
Goszlar, 1728, 12mo., fine portrait of Albert Durer by 
Wolffenbitte after Kenauer (5s.). 

Aretin de la Revolution (L'). Paris, 1790, sm. folio, printed title 
and 50 numbered plates without signature (£12 to £16). 

The ill-fated royal family and the clergy were aimed at in these plates, 
in which depravity has reached its climax. Happily the collection is 
of the utmost rarity, if not unobtainable. The colouring is by hand. 

Aretin d'Auguste Carrache (L') ou, Recueil de postures erotiques, 
d'apres les gravures a I'eau-forte de cet artiste celfebre, avec 
un texte explicatif des sujets (par Croze-Magnan). A la 
Nouvelle Cythfere (Paris, P. Didot), 1798, roy. 4to. 20 
plates, by Coiny. 

From the artistic point of view, it is the best illustrated book of its 
kind ; rare, particularly with the plates, in proofs before letters (£16 to 
£20). Pixerecourt's copy, morocco, by Bozerian, sold for 220 frs., and 


another copy, morocco, by Cuzin, 999 frs. The series of plates are badly 
reprinted in " Les Amours des dieux paiens," Lampsaque, 1802, 2 vols. 
12mo. (£3 to M). 

Argenville (Dezallier d'). La Theorie et la Pratique du 

Jardinage, ou Ton traite a fond des beaux jardins , . . 

Paris, Mariette, 1709, 4to., 38 folding copper-plates by 

Cbaufourier and Lucas after A. Le Blond and others (20s.). 

The edition of 1747 contains 48 plates, and is worth more. 

Argenville (Dezallier d'). Abrege de la vie des plus fameux 
Peintres, avec leurs portraits graves en taille-douce, les 
indications de leurs principaux ouvrages, quelques re- 
flexions sur leur caractfere et la manniere de connoltre les 
desseins des grands Maltres par M. . . . de I'Academie Eoyale 
des sciences de Montpellier. Paris, De Bure, 1745, 2 vols., 
4to. Supplement a I'abr^g^, etc. Paris, De Bure, 1752, 
4to., together 3 vols., fleuron on first title, frontispiece by 
Et. Fessard after Latouche, 3 vignettes by Fessard and 
Aubert after Pierre and Sfeve, a tailpiece after Chofiard, 
254 portraits or borders of portraits, nearly all not signed, 
save those of the supplement which are engraved by Aubert 
(20s. to 25s.). 

Argenville (Dezallier d'). Abrege de la vie des plus fameux 
Peintres, avec leurs portraits graves en taille-douce, etc., par- 
M. . . . Paris, De Bure, 1762, 4 vols., 8vo., fine frontispiece 
by Flipart after Boucher, 4 vignettes and 254 portraits or- 
borders (12s. to 15s., and more on stout paper). • 

A few bear the signature of Aubert or Fessard. D'Esserteme's copy 
on large paper with the portraits " tires a part," aind bound in morocco - 
by Trautz, 1450 frs. ; resold in the Delbergue sale for 800 frs. The 
frontispiece exists in different states as well as the vignettes before 

Argenville (Dezallier d'). Voyage pittoresque de Paris, ou 
indication de tout ce qu'il y a de plus beau dans cettc: 
ville en peinture, sculpture et architecture. Paris, De Bure, , 
1757, post 8vo., coloured frontispiece by Eobert, and 5 plates. 
(•lOs. to 12s.). 

Some copies contain 7 plates ; the plate representing the place- 
Louis XV. is after Moreau. The author has also published " Voyage, 
pittoresque des environs de Paris, etc. Paris . . . 1779," which is. 
generally found bound up with the above. 

Argenville (Dezallier d'). Description sommaire des Ouvrages. 

de peinture, sculpture, et gravure, exposes dans les salles 

de I'Acaddmie royale a Paris. Paris, 1781, 12mo., frontis- 
piece (3s.). 



Argenville (Dezallier d'). Vies des plus fameux Architectes 
depuis la renaissances des Arts, avec la description de leurs 
ouvrages. Paris, 1787, 2 vols., 8vo., 2 frontispieces (6s.). 

Argus (d'). La Philosophie du bon sens, ou Keflexions philoso- 
phiques sur I'incertitude des connaissances humaines a 
1' usage des Cavaliers et du Beau-Sexe. La Haye, 1746, 
2 vols., 12mo., 1 plate and 1 portrait, both unsigned (3s.). 

Ariosto. Orlando Furioso de Lodovico Ariosto. Birmingham, 
Baskerville, 1773, 4 vols., roy. Bvo., portrait by Ficquet 
after Eisen, and 46 plates by Bartolozzi, Choffard, Duclos 
de Ghendt, Helman, Henriquez, de Launay, de Longueil 
Martini, Massard, Moreau, Ponce, Prevost, and Simonet, 
;after Cipriani, Cochin, Eisen, Greuze, Monnet, and Moreau 
•(30s. to 40s.). 

Copies with proofs before letters are rare (the Bartolozzi plates have 
iew, if any, proofs). 100 copies have been printed on large paper, but, the 
impressions being weak and pale, they are not appreciated. Copies in 
Derome bindings command high prices, ranging between £20 and £120, 
according to the beauty and preservation of the binding. The original 
•drawings have been dispersed, and every now and then we meet with 
a couple or so. M. Paillet's copy had 45 unlettered proofs and 20 
etchings, besides 2 original sketches and 2 extra portraits added. 

Ariosto. Eoland Furieux, poeme heroique de I'Arioste, traduc- 
tion nouvelle par M. d'Ussieux. Paris, Brunet, 1775-1783, 
4' vols., published both in 8vo. and 4to., portrait and 
44 plates of the Italian edition with modified borders, with 
additional 46 plates after Cochin, and 2 after Moreau, 
' substituted for 2 indifferent plates of the VI. and XII. 
chants, engraved by de Launay, Lingee, and Ponce, together 
92 plates (30s. to 40s.). 

Copies with unlettered proofs are of frequent occurrence. In the 
4to. edition each of the new plates is within a border. The De Bure 
copy, morocco, with the plates in unlettered proofs, the etchings and 
also the 46 original drawings "au crayon rouge" by Cochin, originally 
sold in 1853 for 230 frs., was resold for 7000 frs. to M. L. Roederer, 
in whose collection it has found a resting-place. 

Ariosto. Eoland Furieux, poeme heroique de I'Arioste par 
Tressan. A Paris, chez Fr. Dufart, an. IV., ou 1796, 6 vols., 
12mo., 11 unlettered plates, not signed (lOs.). 

Aristote. La Rhetorique d'Aristote, traduite en franjois par 
M. Cassandre. Seconde edition. Amsterdam, Covens et 
Mortier, 1733, post 8vo., frontispiece by B. Picart, and an 
etched fleuron on title, not signed (4s.). 

Aeistote. La Po^tique d'Aristote, traduite en frangois, avec 


des remarques critiques, par M. Dacier. Amsterdam, 
Covens et Mortier, 1733, 12mo., frontispiece by Punt (3s.). 

Armstrong. L'Economie de TAmour, poSme en quatre chants 
imite de I'anglais, s.l.n.d. Paris et Londres, 1776, 12mo., 
4 plates by Marchand after Gibelin (5s.). 
The same poem came out in " Les Jeux de Calliope." 

Arnaud (Baculard d'). Les Amans malheureux, ou le Comte 
de Comminges; drame en trois actes et en vers. La Haye 
et Paris, L'Esclapart, 1764, 8vo., 1 plate by Saint- Aubin 
after Restout (3s.). 

Arnaud (Baculard d'). Euph^paie, ou le Triomphe de la 
Religion, drame par M. dArnaud, 3° Edition. Paris, Le 
Jay, 1768, 8vo., 1 plate by Saint-Aubin after Restout (3s.). 

Arnaud (Baculard d'). Fayel, tragedie par M. d' Arnaud. Paris, 
Le Jay, 1770, 8vo., 1 plate not signed (3s.). 

Arnaud (Baculard d'). M^rinval, drame par M. dArnaud. 
Paris, Le Jay, 1774, 8vo., 1 plate by de Longueil after 
Eisen (3s.). 

Arnaud (Baculard d'). Henriette et Chariot. Paris, Delalain, 
1779, roy. 8vo., 1 plate by Marillier (3s.). 

Arnaud (Baculard d'). Coligny, ou la Saint-Barthelemy, 
tragedie par d'Arnaud. Paris, Delalain, 1782, 8vo., 1 plate 
by Le Boulanger after Charron. 

Arnaud (Baculard d'). Lamentations de Jeremie, ode par 
M. d'Arnaud, nouvelle edition. Paris, Le Jay, 1769, 8vo., 
1 plate by Massard after Eisen (4s.). 

Arnaud (Baculard d'). Les Epreuves du Sentiment. Paris, 
Delalain, 1775, 3 vols., 8vo., 16 plates, 16 vignettes, and 
16 tailpieces after Eisen and Marillier by Binet, de Ghendt, 
Halbou, de Launay, Lingvo, de Longueil, Macret, N^e, and 
Ponce (15s. to 20s.). 

As the merit of these volumes consists in the beauty of the illustra- 
tions, collectors should endeavour to procure the original editions, which 
are as follows: Fanny, 1767; Lucie et Melanie, 1767; Clary, 1767; 
Julie, 1767; Nancy, 1767 ; Batilde, 1768; Anne Bell, 1769 ; S61icourt, 
1769; Sidney et Yolsan, 1770; Adelson et Salvini, 1772; Sargines, 
1772 ; Zenothemis, 1773 ; Bazile, 1773 ; Lorezzo, 1775 ; Liebman, 1775 ; 
Rosalicf, 1775. 

Arnaud (Baculard d'). Suite des Epreuves du Sentiment. 
Paris, Delalain, 1775-76, 3 vols., 8vo., 11 plates, U 


vignettes, and 11 tailpieces by Delaunay jun., Fessard, de 
Ghendt, Godefroy, Halbou, Legrand, Maillard, and Texier, 
after Marillier and le Barbier (20s.)- 

Here, too, the original editions are preferable ; they appeared separately 
as follows : Ermance, 1775 ; D'Almanzi, 1776 ; Pauline et Suzette, 
1777 ; Makin, 1777; Germeule, 1777 ; DaminviUe, 1778; Henriette et 
Chariot, 1779 ; Valmiers, 1779 ; Amelie, 1780; Livermond? Le Gomte 
de Gleisheim? The whole series of head and tail pieces exist in 
"tirages a part." Most of the original drawings by Marillier are now 
in the library of M. Gustave de Villeneuve. 

Arnaud (Baculard d'). Nouvelles historiques, 1774-81, 2 vols., 
8vo., containing 6 pieces, viz. : 

Tome i. : Salisbury, Paris, Delalain, 1774, frontispiece, plate, vignette 
and tailpiece after Eisen by Longuei], Nee and Helman; Varbeck, 
1774, plate, vignette and tailpiece by Nee after Eisen; Le Sire de 
Crequi, 1776, plate, vignette and tailpiece by Delaunay jun., and Nee 
after Eisen. Tome ii. : Le Prince de Bretagne, 1777, plate, vignette 
and tailpiece by Lingee after Marillier ; La Duchesse de Chatillon, 
1780, plate by Ponce after Le Barbier, vignette and tailpiece by 
Fessard and Halbou after Marillier; Le Comte de Strafford, 1781, plate 
by Halbou after Le Barbier, vignette and tailpiece, not signed, but 
probably by the same artists (20«.). 

Arnaud (Baculard d'). Les Epoux malheureux, ou, Histoire 
de monsieur et madame de . . . (Labedoyfere). Paris, 
1783, 2 vols., 8vo. (20s.). 

1 9 plates by Guttenberg and Macret after Eisen (most of the plates 
have neither the designer's nor the engraver's signature). 

Arnaud (Baculard d'). Eudoxie. Nouvelle, 1 plate, 1 vignette 
and 1 tailpiece (forms part of the series of the " Nouvelles 
historiques") (3s.). 

Arnaud (Baculard d'). (Euvres. A Paris, chez Laporte, 1795, 
12 vols., 8vo., 33 plates after Marillier, Eisen, and Le 
Barbier by de Ghendt, de Longueil, de Launay, Halbou, 
Lingee, Fessard, Godefroy, Nee, Ponce, Guttenburg, and 
Macret ; 42 vignettes and tailpieces after Eisen, Marillier, 
and Le Barbier by Duflos, Legrand, Helman, Maillet, 
Texier, and the artists mentioned above (15s.). 

Arnaud (Baculard d'). Lorimon, ou I'Homme tel qu'il est, 
par . . . , et publie par B. . . . (Baculard d'Arnaud). 
Paris, Patris et Gilbert, s.d. (1802), 3 vols., 12mo., frontis- 
piece and 6 plates by Euotte and Bovinet (plates in vol. 1 
not signed, but attributed to Prudhon) (8s. to 10s.) 

Art de faire I'Amour (L') ou la Pendule de I'amant. Paris, 
Guillot, 1789, 12mo., frontispiece (6s.). 


Art de plumer la poule sans crier (L'). A Cologne, chez Eobert 
le Turc, au Coq-Hardi, 1710, 16mo., frontispiece not signed 

Art de se reproduire (L') poeme en un chant, en vers, imit^ du 
premier de I'Art poetique. Paris, de Lorraine, imprimeur 
en taille-douce, 1761, 4to., engraved text, vignette and 
tailpiece (10s.). 

•.• Barbier attributes the authorship to Chevalier du Ooudray. 

Art (L') de convertir le fer forge en acier, etc, Paris, Brunet, 
1722, 4to., 17 folding copper-plates (£2). 

The late M. Lortic's large-paper copy in old red morocco with the 
arms of d'Aguesseau, 153 frs. {1894). 

Art (L') de nager ou invention a I'aide de laquelle on pent 
toujours se sauver du naufrage, par Jean Frederic Bochstrom, 
Grand-Chancelier de Lithuanie. Amsterdam, Chatelain, 
1741, 12mo., frontispiece signed D. B. (Dubourg) by Tanj^, 
and several plates, unsigned (3s.). 

Art (L') de voyager dans les airs, ou les Ballons. Paris, 1784, 
8vo., frontispiece and 2 plates, unsigned (3s.). 

Art (L') de tirer les cartes, ou le moyen de lire dans I'avenir. 
Traduction d'un manuscrit arabe. Paris, 1798, 16mo., 
1 plate (3s.), 

Artist's Repository and Drawing Magazine, about 250 plates, 
mostly in red, by Bartolozzi and his pupils, comprising 
Portraits, Perspective, Composition, Figure Drawing, etc. 
1784-87, 5 vols., 8vo. (£2). 

Ascanius moderne, ou I'lUustre Aventurier. Edinbourg, 1763, 
12mo., 2 parts, with plates (5s.). 

A romantic account of the adventures of the Pretender. 

Ashmole (E.). Antiquities of Berkshire, with a large Appendix, 
etc. London, 1719 or 1723, 3 vols., 8vo., portrait and 
map, containing a view of Windsor Castle, by Hollar (£5 
to £6). 

Ashmole (E.). History and Antiquities of Berkshire. Reading, 
1736, small fol. map by H. Moll (£4 to £5). 

Atchievements. The Naval Atchievements of Great Britain 
and her Allies, from' 1793 to 1817. London, elephant 4to., 
coloured plates (£4 to £5, and more on large paper). 

Atchievements. The Martial Atchievements of Great Britain 


and her Allies, from 1799 to 1815. LoBdon, elephant 4to., 
51 coloured plates (£5 to £6, and more on large paper). 

Athen^e. Le Banquet des Savants, traduit du grec d'Athenee, 
par Le Febvre de Villebrune. Paris, Lamy (de I'imprimerie 
de Didot jeune), 1789-91, 5 vols., 4to., frontispiece and 
27 vignettes after B. Picart, Cipriani, De Bouteux, Le 
Barbier, Moreau, Saint-Quentin (25s. to 30s.). 

These plates have been used for illustrating other works. 

Atkinson (John Augustus) and James Walker. A picturesque 
Eepresentation of the Manners, Customs, and Amusements 
of the Russians, illustrated by 100 coloured plates, with 
explanation of each in English and French, 3 vols., roy. 
folio. London, 1803-5 or 1812, portrait of Alexander 
I., to whom the work is dedicated, by Scriven after 
Kugelgen, and 100 coloured plates (£2 to £3). 

Atkjms (Sir E.). The Ancient and Present State of Gloucester- 
shire. London, 1712, fol. First and best edition. Portrait of 
the author, map, and 73 plates, all except first 10 engraved 
by T. Kip (£15 to £20), The subsequent edition, 1768, 
without the portrait, £5 to £6, and on large paper, £8 
to £9. 

Atlas moderne ou Collection de cartes sur toutes les parties du 
globe terrestre par plusieurs auteurs. Paris, Herissant, 
1762, folio, beautiful frontispiece after Monnet by Prevost ; 
the legend of each map is within a cartouche embellished 
by Marillier, ChaufFard, etc. (5s.). 

Attic Miscellany (The), or Characteristic Mirror of Men and 
Things . . . London, 1789-91, 5 vols., 8vo., theatrical 
and legal characters, portraits and folding plates by Barlow 
after CoUings (SOs. to 40s.). 

AuBERT. Fables et ceuvres diverses de M. I'abbe Aubert, 
lecteur et professeur royal en litt^rature frangoise, nouvelle 
edition. Paris, Moutard, 1774, 2 vols., 8vo., 2 frontis- 
pieces after Cochin, the first engraved by Tilliard, the 
second etched by Saint-Aubin and finished bv Leveau 

A copy on Dutch paper in red morocco with Marie Antoinette's arms 
is the property of M. Parran. 

Aubert. Cahier (Premier) de meubles de diff"^rentes. formes a 
I'usage des Appartements dans le gout le plus nouveaux (sic) 


composes et dessines par Aubert en 1788. A Paris, chez 
Mondhare, fol., 6 plates containing different furniture 
designs ; CaMer de meubles . . . composes et dessinfe par 
Aubert en 1789, 6 plates, designs of bedsteads ; Collection de 
meubles pour le decor des appartements par Aubert ; Cahier 
(Premier) de differens ornemens . . . pendule, par Aubert, 
Paris, J. Chereau, 1788, altogether 24 plates (£5 to £6). 
Auberteuil (Hilliard d'). Essais historiques et politiques sur 
les Anglo-Am^ricains. Bruxelles, 1781-2, 2 vols., 8vo., 
8 maps, portraits of Hancock, Francklin, Pitt, and 
Washington, and 6 plates by Le Barbier (12s. to 155.). 

AuBiN. Histoire des diables de Loudun, ou de la Possession des- 
religieuses ursulines, et de la condamnation et du suplice- 
(sic) d'Urbain Grandier, cure de la meme ville, etc. 
Amsterdam, 1716, 12mo., frontispiece and fleuron on the- 
title, not signed (5s.). 

Aubin. Histoire des Diables de Loudun. Amsterdam, 1740„. 
8vo., reproduction of plates from the 1716 edition (3s.). 

Aubourg de la Bove (Comtesse de Miremont, Anne d'). Traitd 
de I'education des femmes . . . Paris, Pierres, 1779, 
5 vols., Svo., frontispiece (10s.). Comte de LigneroUes' 
copy of vols. 1 to 4 in red morocco with arms of Marie 
Antoinette realized 356 frs. (1894). 

Aubrey (J.). Natural History and Antiquities of the County of 
Surrey. London, 1719, 5 vols., 8vo., portrait, map, and 
plates (£8 to £10). 

Audiger. La Maison reglee, et 1' Art de diriger la maison d'un 
grand seigneur . . . Paris, M. Brunet, 1700, 12mo., plates 

AuDiNOT. Le Tonnelier, opera comique en un acte, musique de 
Quetant. Paris, Duchesne, 1765, 8vo. (3s.). 

There exists a series of six plates after Queverdo, engraved by 
Martinet, Therese Martinet, and Marie Queverdo to illustrate this 
play (128. to 15s.). 

Augustin (Saint). Les Confessions de Saint Augustin, traduites 
en frangois par Du Bois. Paris, 1737, 8vo., 13 vignettes; 
the first alone, as headpiece of the dedication, bears the 
signature of Mariette and 13 ornamental head letters, not 
signed (5 s.). 

Aulnay (La Comtesse d'). Histoire d'Hypolite, comte de 
Douglas. La Haye, Jean Smart, 1726, 2 vols., 8vo., frontis- 
piece and 21 plates (4s.). 


Aulnaye (de L'). De la Saltation theatrale, ou Eeclierclies sur 
I'origine, les progrfes et les effets de la Pantomime chez leg 
anciens, avec neuf planches. Paris, Barrois, 1790, 8vo., 9 
curious-coloured plates (l2s.). 

AuLNOY (Mme. la comtesse d'). Les Chevaliers errans et le 
G^nie familier, par Mme la comtesse D. . . . Amsterdam, 
Pierre Mortier, 1709, 16mo., frontispiece and 10 vignettes 

AuLNOY. Les Contes de f^es, par I'auteur des Memoires et 
voyages d'Espagne. Amsterdam, chez M. Key. 8 vols. 
16mo., 33 plates signed: S. F. inv. et sc. (25*. to 30s.). 

Aunillen (Abbe). La Force de I'education. Londres, 1750, 2 
parts in 1 vol., 12mo., 2 engraved titles and 1 vignette after 
Pasquier by Flipart (3s.). 

Aveline (Antoine). Vues de Paris et des Maisons royales, 
dessindes et gravees par Ant. A. ... A Paris, chez A. 
Aveline, rue Saint- Jacques a la reine de France, s.d. (circa 
1725), folio, 24 plates of views of Paris and environs 
(£5 to £6). 

Aveline (Pierre). Theorie de la Figure humaine, avec xliv. 
plates par Aveline d'aprfes Kubens. Paris, Jombert, 1773, 
4to. (10s.). 

.Aventures merveilleuses du mandarin Tum-Hoam (Les) Contes 
Chinois (par GueuUette). Paris, D. Monghet, 1723, 2 vols., 
12mo., vignettes (3s.). 

. Aventures galantes de Rosalie, suivies du portrait de quelques 
jolies femmes de Paris, traduit de I'anglais. Londres, 1796, 
16mo., 3 plates, not signed (6s.). 

Aventures (Les) divertissantes du Due de Eoquelaure ou le 
Momus frangais, par le S. L. R. (Le Roy). Cologne, chez 
Pierre Marteau, 1781, 12mo., portrait and 11 plates, not 
signed. The same illustrations are in the Versailles edition 
of 1786 (5s.). 

Aventures (Les) comiques et plaisantes d'Antoine Vernisch, 
traduites de I'anglais, avec figures. Bruxelles, 1788, 4 
parts in 2 vols., 12mo., plates, not signed (4s.). 

Aventures (Les) du Chevalier d'Alvincourt, ou Retour du vice 
a la vertu. Seconde Edition. Paris, an. X., 2 vols., 12mo., 
2 plates (10s.). 

Aventurier (L') hollandois (par Nicolas Heinsius) ou les 
Aventures divertissantes et extraordinaires d'un Hollandois. 


Amsterdam, Van Harrevelt, 1767, 2 vols., 12mo., 12 
etchings, not signed {6s.). 

Aviceptologie frangaise, ou Traite general de toutes les ruses 
dent ou pent se servir pour prendre les oiseaux qui se 
trouvent en France, par M. B. (BuUiard). Paris, Didot, 
1778, Original edition, frontispiece and 34 etchings 

AviLER (C. A. d'). Cours d'Architecture qui comprend les 
Ordres de Vignole avec des commentaires, les figures et 
descriptions de ses plus beaux batimens et de ceux de 
Michel Ange, edition augment^e par J. P. Mariette. Paris. 
Jombert, 1738, or 1750, or 1756, or 1760, 2 vols, in 1, roy. 
4to., frontispiece and numerous plates, models of decorations 
of the Louis XIV. and Louis XV. periods (20s.). 
First edition appeared in 1691. 

, . . National sous les auspices de la Keine, a 
I'usage des conf^ddr^s provinciaux dedie ... a 
Mile. Th^orique ... A Cythfere, 1790, 2 parts 
in 1 vol., 60 pages and 2 plates. The second 
part in dramatic form was directed against Marie 
Antoinette (50s. to 60s.). 

B . . . Patriotique, institu^ par la reine des fran9ois, pour les 
plaisirs des d^putds. . . . Aux Tuilleries, 1791, 16mo., 72 
pages, frontispiece and 2 plates (25s. to 30s.). 

Babel (P.) Ornements divers, cartouches par P. Babel. Paris, 
Frangois, s.d. (circa 1760) 4to, 69 pieces (25s. to 30s.). 

Bacchus and Venus, or a select Collection of Songs ... in the 
Cantic Dialect, with a Dictionary explaining all the burlesque 
and canting terms used by the several tribes of Gypsies, 
Beggars, etc. London, 1737, 12mo., woodcut frontispiece 

Bachaumont. Essai sur la peinture, la sculpture et I'archi- 
tecture, S. L. (Paris) 1751 and 1752, 8vo., allegorical 
frontispiece by Pasquier (3s.). 

Baillie (W. Captain). Engraved works, after Paintings and 
Drawings by the greatest masters (Rembrandt, Ostade, 
Teniers, Gerard Dow, Poussin), 1771, etc., 2 vols, in 1, Atlas 
fol., 113 plates (portraits, fancy subjects, landscapes, pub- 
lished at £30 lis.) (£5 to £6). 

Bailly (Nicolas). Livres de diverses vues des environs de Paris 
et d'autres endroits. Pr^sente a S. A. S. . . . le due 
d'Anguien par N. B. . . . A Versailles, chez I'auteur, a 
Paris, chez S. Thomassin, graveur, s.d. (circa 1700) oblong 
4to, engraved title and 17 plates of views (25s. to 30s.). 

Baladins (Les), ou Melpomene veng^e. Amsterdam, 177-4, 
8vo., frontispiece, not signed (5s. to 6s.). 
A violent satire. 


Balance (La) chinoise. . , . Londres et Bruxelles, s.d., 12mo., 
frontispiece and 1 plate, not signed (3s.). 

Balecliou (J. J.). Livre d'Ornemens, de flenrons, cadres, tables, 
portes . . . grav6 par J. J. Balechou. Paris, Niquet, s.d. 
(circa 1740), sm. fol., 30 plates after Laind (£20 to £25), 

Ballads. A Collection of Old Ballads corrected from the best 
and most ancient copies extant, with introductions his- 
torical, critical, or humorous. London, 1723-5, 3 vols., 
12mo., 47 plates (including the scarce one of the Swimming 
■ Lady) (£2). 

Ballard (Chr.). Brunettes bachiques, ou duos et trios melez 
de petits airs tendres et a boire, avec une capilotade de 
chansons a deux parties, recueillies par Chr. Ballard. Paris, 
1712, 3 vols., 12mo., 3 frontispieces by Audran after Seb. 
Leclerc (12s. to 15s.). 

Baluze. Histoire g^n^alogique de la maison d'Auvergne, 
justifi^e par Chartes, Titres, Histoires anciennes et autres 
preuves authentiques. Paris, Ant. Dezallier, 1708, 2 vols., 
folio, plates and coats of arms (20s. to 30s.). 

Banier. Explication des Fables, ou Ton d^couvre leur origine 
historique. Paris, 1715, 3 vols., 12mo., frontispiece after 
Scotin by Delamonce (5s.). Comte d'Hoym's copy in calf, 
with his arms, 80 frs. 

Baour-Lormian. Ossian, poesies galliques en vers frangais. 
4"° edition avec figures. Paris, Janet, s.d., 12mo., 5 plates, 
not signed (3s.). 

Baour-Lormian. Veillees po^tiques et morales. Paris, Janet, 
s.d., 16mo., fleuron on title and 6 plates, not signed (4s.). 

Bar (Jacques-Charles). Eecueil de tous les Costumes des 
Ordres rdligieux et militaires, enrichi de notes ct de 
planches colorizes par M. Bar. A Paris, chez I'auteur, rue 
du Roi-Dor4 au marais, ou Paris, Lamy (1778-1798). 6 
vols., folio ; originally published in 56 parts of 12 coloured 
plates each. 

During the Revolution the author, as a measure of precaution, altered 
the title into " Masoarades Monastique," and his name into Rabelli. A 
copy containing the original drawings has been sold for 895 frs. Copies 
with the plates only would now possibly bring double the amount. 


Barbault (J.). Les plus beaux Monuments de Eome ancienne, 
en 128 planches avec leur explication. Eome, Bouchard, 
1761, roy. fol. Le plus beaux Edifices de Eome moderne. 
Rome, 1763, fol. Eecueil de divers Monuments anciens 
r^pandus en plusieurs endroits de I'ltalie, dessin^s par feu 
M. Barbault et graves en 166 planches avec leur explication 
historique. Rome, Bouchard et Gravier, 1770, roy. fol. 
Monumens antiques, ou collection choisie d'anciens bas- 
reliefs, etc. Eome, 1783, fol., 91 plates. Vues des plus 
beaux restes des antiquitfe romains, etc. . . . Eome, 1787, 
roy. fol. (20s. to 25s.). 

Barbazan. Fabliaux et Contes des poetes frangais des XP, 
XIP, XIIP, XIV^ et XV' sifecles. Paris, chez War^e, 
1808 (imprimerie Crapelet), 4 vols., 8vo., 4 plates by 
Delvaux and de Villiers after Langlois (12s.., and more 
than double on large paper, where the plates are un- 
lettered or coloured). As a supplement are the following 
2 vols., 8vo., viz. Nouveau Eecueil de Fabliaux public par 
M^on. Paris, Chassdriaux, 1823, 2 plates (5s.). 

Perreau's copy, 6 vols., on. large Dutch paper, with the plates in 3 
states — on India paper, on white paper, and the etchings — brought 
370 frs. 

Baret (Paul). L'Homme ou le Tableau de la vie, histoire des 
passions, des vertus et des evdnements de tons les Eiges, 
trouvde dans les papiers de feu M. I'abbe P. . . . Amster- 
dam et Paris, 1773, 2 vols., 12mo., 2 frontispieces and 4 
plates (6s.). 

Barozzio. Le Nouveau Vignole, ou Efegles des cinq Ordres 
d'Architectures. Paris, s.d., roy. 8vo., fine engraved title 
and 53 plates (20s. to 30s.). 

Barraud. New Book of Single Cyphers (1782), 8vo., 5 prel. 
engravings and 100 plates, comprising 600 cyphers (30s. 
to 40s.). 

Barre (le Pfere). Histoire g^ndrale d'Alleniagne. A Paris ch^s 
Charles J. B. Delespine et Jean Thomas Herissaut, 1748, 
10 vols, in 11, 4to., fine frontispiece after Caze by Le Bas 
(containing medallion portrait of Barre), portrait of 
Frederick August III. by Daulld after Silvestre, vignette 
heading the dedication, not signed, 11 fleurons on titles 
after Eisen by Le Bas, 51 headpieces (several duplicates) 
after Le Bas (42), Gravelot (1), Frontier (4), and Canot (4), 


all by Le Bas, and 8 tailpieces, one only signed by Le Bas 

(20s. to 30s., and more on large paper). 

The work exists in a German translation in 8 vols., 4to., Leipzig, 

Barr§me. Compte fait de Barreme . . . Paris, 1708, 12mo., 
frontispiece (6s. to 8s.). 

Barthe. Les Amans malheureux, ou le Comte de Comminges, 
drame, par M. Barthe. Amsterdam et Paris, L'Esclapart, 
1765, 8vo., 1 plate by Massard after Marillier (5s.). 

Barthe. Lettre de I'abbe de E.anee , a un ami, dcrite de son 
college de la Trappe, par M. Barthe. Genfeve et Paris, 
Duchesne et Panckouke, 1765, 8vo., plate, vignette and 
tailpiece by de Longueil after Eisen (4s., and more on 
Dutch paper). 

Bartsch (Adam de). Eecueil d'Estampes d'aprfes les dessins 
originaux de differents maitres qui se trouvent a la Biblio- 
theque Imperiale et Koyale de Vienne, gravees par Adam 
Bartsch. Vienne, 1782-94, 6 sheets imp. folio, 45 aquatint 
plates (£2). 

Bartsch. Le Peintre Graveur. Vienne, Degen et Mechetti, 
1803-21, 21 vols., 8vo., 80 plates (£5, and more on large 
vellum paper). 

Weigel's Supplement, 1 vol., 12mo., 1843, is of no consequence. 

Bartsch. Anleitung zur Kupferstichkunde. Vienne, Wallis- 
hauser, 1821, 2 parts in 8vo., 11 plates (15s.). 

Bartsch. Suite d'Estampes d'apres les dessins de Fr. Barbieri 
dit Guereino, qui n'ont pas et6 gravies, par A. Bartsch. 
Mannheim, 1803-7, 2 parts folio, 40 plates (30s.). 

Basan (Fr.). (Euvre, ou Recueil d'estampes, Sujets agreables, 
sacr^s et profanes, paysages, etc., graves d'apres les meilleurs 
maitres des diverses ecoles par Fr. Basan, ou sous sa 
direction. Paris, 1762-1779, 6 vols., large folio, 650 
plates (£40 to £50, and more with unlettered proofs). 

Basan (Fr.), Cabinet Choiseul ou Eecueil d'estampes gravees 
d'aprfes les tableaux du cabinet de monseigneur le due de 
Choiseul, par les soins du sieur Basan, 1771, 4to., title by 
ChofFard, engraved dedication, portrait of the due de 
Choiseul, not signed, 12 engraved pages of description of 
the prints, and 128 plates by Baquoy, Binet, Daudet, 
Delvaux, Dunker, Germain, Guttenberg, Halbou, Ingouf, 


de Launay, Lebas, Levesque, Li^nard, Lingde, Maillet 
Maleuvre, Martini, Masquelier, Massard, Parizeau, Patas, 
Ponce, Pruneau, Romanet, Eousseau, Saint-Aubin, V^ny, 
Weisbrod, and Wielh, etc., after the famous masters. The 
plates 68, 69, 76, 78, and 101 being duplicate marked with 
stars, the numbering reaches only 123 (£2 to £3). 

Copies with unlettered proofs are rare and valued at £16. The 
reprints could easily be detected by the impressions, and copies are often 
uncut. Le Bibliophile parisien quotes a copy with the 2 plates " F^te 
de ■\'illage " and " Hachis d'oignon " in two states, the first duplicate as 
etching and the second in reduced size. 

Basan (Fr.). Cabinet PouUain ou Collection de cent vingt 
estampes gravies d'aprfes les tableaux et dessins qui 
composoient le cabinet de M. PouUain, receveur general 
des domaines du Roi, decede en 1780, etc., executdes sous 
la direction du sieur Fr. Basan, graveur, etc. Le sieur 
Moitte, peintre, en avait fait les dessins d'apres les tableaux 
avant la mort de ce celfebre amateur. Paris, Basan et 
Poignant, 1781, 4to. The first title is by ChofFard, the 
second by Dambrun after Lebrun. The 118 plates are 
engraved by Alix, Barns, Bertaux, Blot, Borgnet, Bretin, 
Brichet, Chateau, Chatelain, Colibert, Couch?, Dambrun, 
Delaunay jun., Delignon, Desmoulins, Dequevauviller, 
Garreau, Godefroy, Goumas, Guttenberg, Guyot, Halbou, 
Hemery, Hubert, Legrand, Leveau, Mme. Lingee, de 
Longueil, Macret, Maleuvre, Martini, Mathieu, Michel, 
Moitte, Patas, Picquenot, Ponce, Mme. Ponce, Mile. RioUet, 
Schulze, Stagnon, Le Tellier, Voyez, Weisbrod, and Zentner 
after Houbraken, Le Lorraine, Paul Veronese, Rembrandt, 
Rubens, Teniers, etc. Choffard's title and several of the 
plates exist in unfinished state (etching) (£3 to £4, and 
with unlettered proofs £16). 

In the reprint the impressions are pale. 
Basan. Catalogue d'une belle Collection de dessins italiens, 
flamands, hoUandais et franjois . . . le tout rassembld 
avec soins et depenses par M. Neyman, amateur a Amster- 
dam . . . par Fr. Basan. Frontispiece by Choflfard (from 
the "Cabinet PouUain"), and 19 etchings by Weisbrodt, 
Duplessis Bertaux et Le Veau after A. van Velde, Ruysdael 
Potter, Ostade, Dusart, Karel, du Jardin, etc. Paris, Basan 
et Prault, 1776, 8vo. (15s.). 

Basan. Catalogue raisonn^ des differens objets de curiosite 
dans les sciences et dans les arts qui composoient le cabinet 
de feu M. Mariette . . . par F. Basan, graveur. A Paris, 


1775, 8vo,, title after Moreau (the same used for "Les 

GrS,ces"), frontispiece by P. P. Choffard after Cochin, and 

4 etchings by Mariette pfere after Gruerchin, Perino del 

Vaga and L. Carrache (15^. to 20s.). 

The frontispiece exists as proof before letters, in which Mariette's bust 
is allegorically treated. 

Basan. Dictionnaire des Graveurs anciens et modernes, depuis 
I'origine de la gravure, par F. Basan, graveur ; seconde 
edition mise par ordre alphabetique, considerablement 
augmentee et ornee de cinquante estampes par diiferents 
artistes c^lfebres, ou sans aucune au gr^ de I'amateur. Paris, 
1789, 2 vols., 8vo., 2 frontispieces, one by Langlois after 
Cochin, the other designed and engraved by Pierre, 3 
headpieces after Choffard, the arms of the Comte Durazzo, 
2 " Amors " engraving a plate and the portrait of Basan, 
and 50 figures on 43 plates. The plate " le Eosignol," page 
89, vol. 2, by B. Picart, is the only original one (and should 
not be missing), all the other illustrations by Cochin, Eisen, 
Marillier, Moreau, etc., are copied from other works. The 
Book teems with errors and is utterly inadequate (25s. to 

The first edition came out in 1767, 3 vols., 12mo., the third volume 
containing " Catalogue des estampes gravees d'apres Rubens," which is 
not in this edition. The edition of 1809, 2 vols., 8vo., has only a new 
title and 18 new subjects, among which we may mention "Le Dejeuner 
de Perney," after Denon, portrait of the Due de la Rochefoucauld and 
a new frontispiece after Choffard to the memory of Basan. The plate 
of "Le Rossignol" was suppressed, and the text is increased by 
Choffard's " Notice sur I'Art de la Gravure." 

Basedow (Jean-Bernard). Recueii d'Estampes relatives au 
Manuel elementaire d'dducation . . . Berlin et Dresde, 
1774, oblong 4to., 100 plates by Chodowiecki and others 
(20s. to 25s.). 

Bassigny d'Auneuil (Louise de). La Tyrannie des f^es detruite, 
nouvelle edition par Mme. la comtesse D, — Amsterdam, 
Marc-Michel Key, 1752, 16mo., 4 plates signed L. F. D. B. 
(Louis-Fabrice du' Bourg) inv. T. F. sc. (4s.). 

Bastide. Le Tombeau philosophique, ou Histoire du marquis 
de . . . par le chevalier de la B * * * Amsterdam, 1751, 
2 parts, 12mo., 2 engraved titles (similar) nqt signed (4s.). 

Bastide. Le Depit et le Voyage, po^me avec des notes, suivi 
des Lettres v^nitiennes. Londres et Paris, Costard, 1771, 


roy. 8vo., 6 plates (unlettered) by Chatelain and Saillard 
after Desrais (8s. to 10s., and double on large paper). 
Batteux (Abb^). Les Beaux-Arts rdduits a un mSme principe. 
Paris, Durand, 1747, post 8vo., frontispiece, fleuron on the 
title, an escutcheon and 3 vignettes by Delafosse and 
Sornique after Eisen (5s., and treble large paper 4to.). 
First appeared in 1746 with frontispiece and 1 vignette 
(3s., and double on large Dutch paper). 

Batteux (Abbe). Cours de Belles-Lettres, ou Prineipes de la 
litterature. Paris, chez Saillant, 1753, 4 vols., 12mo., 4 
fleurons, frontispiece, and 5 vignettes by Delafosse and 
Baquoy after Eisen and de Sfeve (5s.). 

Batteux (Abb^). La Morale d'Epicure. Paris, Desaint ' et 
Saillant, 1758, 12mo., frontispiece by.Fessard after Lef^vre 
and 1 fleuron, not signed (3s.). 

Batteux (Abbe). Les Quatre Podtiques : d'Aristote, d'Horace, 
de Vida, de Despreaux, avec des traductions et des remarques. 
Paris, Saillant, Nyon et Desaint, 1771, 2 vols., 8vo., superb 
frontispiece by Saint- Aubin after Cochin (10s., and double 
with unlettered proof). 

Baudouin (Simon Ren^, Comte de). L'Exercice de I'lnfanterie 
frangoise, ordonnd par le Eoi le 6 Mai, 1755, dessin^ d'apres 
nature dans toutes ses positions et grav^ par Baudouin, s.l. 
(Paris), 1757, fol., engraved title after Bouchardon, "Aver- 
tissement " with tailpiece after Saint- Aubin, engraved table, 
and 16 leaves of text for explanations, allegorical frontis- 
piece after Pierre, and 62 etchings by de Baudouin (£3 
to £4). 

Baumgartner (J. J.). Gantz Neue Infensiones von unterschied- 
lichen Kleinigkeiten von allerhandt Kiinstler ... in 
KupfFer gebracht ... In Augspurg (1727), 4to., 6 plates 
representing models of snuff-boxes, handles of knives, etc. 
(255. to 30s.). 

Baurenfeind. Michael Baurenfeind's voUkommene Wieder- 
Herstellung . . . und zierlichen Schreib-Kunst . . 
(Niirnberg, 1716), oblong fol., frontispiece, 23 pages of text 
and 59 copper-plate specimens of penmanship (15s. to 20s.) 

Baurenfeind. Der Zierlichen Schreib-Kunst voUkommener 
Herstellung anderer Theil . . . durch Michael B . , 
Niirnberg, 1736, oblong fol., frontispiece, 4 prel. 11., 88 
pages of text, and 64 plates (15s. to 20s.). 


Beauchamps (Godard de). Amours d'Ismfene et d'Ismenias. 
, Amsterdam, chez I'Honord, 1729, 12mo., fleuron on the 

title by B. Picart, frontispiece and 4 plates, not signed {5s.). 
Beaucliamps (Godard de). Les Amours d'Ismene et d'Ismenias. 

A La Haye, 1743, 12mo., title in red and black with 

fleuron, frontispiece, and 3 fine plates in the style of Eisen, 

not signed (10s. to 12s.). 

Some copies have the plates in bistre or ia red; reprinted in 1756 
■with a new fleuron and one more plate. 

Beauchamps (Godard de). Amours d'Ismene et d'Ismenias, 
suivis de ceux d'Abrocome et d'Anthia,. Genfeve (Cazin), 
1782 (or, Londres, 1783), 16mo., frontispiece by Delaun-ay, 
or by Delvaux after Marillier (8s.). 

Beaucharnais (Comtesse de). Melanges de poesies fugitives en 
prose sans consequence, par Mme. la comtesse de . . . 
Amsterdam et Paris, Delalain, 1776, 2 vols., 8vo., 2 
frontispieces by N^e after Marillier, and 4 plates by de 
Ghendt, Ponce, Lebeau, and Godefroy after Marillier (10s. 
to 12s. ; and more on large paper, particularly with the 
etchings of the frontispieces, which are very rare). 

Beaumarchais (Caron de). Eugenie, drame en cinq actes, en 
prose, enrichi de figures en taille-douce, avec un Essai sur 
le Drame sdrieux, par M. de Beaumarchais. Paris, Merlin, 
1767, 8vo., 5 plates by Duclos, Levasseur, Leveau, Mas- 
queiier and N^e after Gravelot. Original Edition (8s. 
to lOs.). 

Beaumarchais (Caron de). La FoUe Journde, ou le Mariage de 
Figaro, comddie en cinq actes, en prose, par M. de 
Beaumarchais . . . De I'imprimerie de la Society littdraire 
typographique (Kehl), et se trouve a Paris, chez Ruault, au 
Palais-Royal (1785), roy. Bvo., 5 plates by Halbou, Li^nard, 
and Lingde after Saint-Quentin (£2 to £3). 

The unlettered proofs are within borders (removed immediately 
afterwards), and extremely rare, and much more so the etchings, of 
which only one complete series (M. de Villeneuve's) is extant ; the other 
(M. de Paillet), erroneously reported in the last Edition of Cohen, 1886, 
as perfect, is offered by Morgand in his special Catalogue de la Bibliotheque 
de M. E.PaiUet, 1887, as wanting the etching in the first act. The 
Bibliothfeque de la Comedie fran9aise possesses the unique copy on 
vellum, as well as the Original Drawings a la plume laves de bistre 
(washed in brown) by Saint-Quentin, bequeathed by M. Philippe de 
Saint-Aubin. The Errata leaf, which is frequently missing, has been 
recently reprinted. The plates are engraved in a superior manner, but 
the fact of having Rosina's bosom covered in the last act disproves the 
assertion that they were engraved prior to the Malapeau series. 



Beaumarchais (Caron de). La FoUe Journ^e, ou le Mariage de 
Figaro, comddie en cinq actes, en prose, par M. de Beau- 
marchais, representee pour la premifere fois, par les 
com^diens frangais, le mardi 27 avril, 1784. Au Palais- 
Eoyal, chez Euault, libraire, prfes du theatre No. 216, 1785, 
Bvo., 5 plates by C. N. Malapeau (the last by Roi), after 
Saint-Quentin (25s. to 30s.). Original edition. 

The breast of Rosina in the last plate is uncovered, which is not the 
case in the Lienard series. Copies exist on "papier fort" marked with 
a star. There is another rare series of 5 outline plates (lightly touched), 
by Naudet, 8vo., and which is also to be met with in a counterfeit with 
the inscription, " a Seville de I'imprimerie du comte Almaviva," as well 
as in a Lyon edition " d'apres la copie envoyee par I'auteur," 1785, Bvo. 
Amateurs who wish to enhance the value and interest of the book should 
collect the portraits of the performers, viz., Mile. Contat by Dupin fils 
after Desrais, 8vo. ; Mile. Contat by Janinet after Dutertre in colours, 
roy. 8vo. ; another portrait in colours, smaller size ; Mile. Olivier (role 
of Cherubin), designed and engraved in colours by Contellier, 4to. ; 
Mole (Almaviva), 8vo., tinted in colours, not signed; Des Essarts (role 
of Bridoison); Dozincourt by Robert de Launay. The series of 12 
plates, 1 6mo. by Chodowiecki, and the rare series of 5 plates in oval by 
Beginot, Quyots, Moucler, after Dnavelle and Garnerey (which exists in 
black, in red, and in colours), as well as portraits of the author, should 
likewise be added. A German version appeared at Kehl, 1875, 8vo., 
with Saint-Quentin's plates engraved under the direction of Chretien 
de Mechel. 

Beaumarchais (Caron de). Mdmoires de M. Caron de Beau- 
marchais, 2 -vols., 8vo. (without place or date), portrait of 
Beaumarchais, and frontispiece by Marillier in each volume 
(10s.). The author's portrait after Cochin by Leroy, or 
the one signed by Saint-Aubin, or by Del^tre form an 
interesting addition. The original edition of the Memoirs 
appeared in 1774, 4to. (lOs.). 

Beaumont, coeffeur. L'Enciclopedie perruquifere ... a I'usage 
de toutes sortes de tetes, enrichi de figures en taille douce 
par M.B. . . . coeffeur dans les quinze vingts. Paris, 
Hochereau, 1762, post 8vo., portrait on title, 40 pages and 
plates (10s. to 15s.). 

Beaumont (F.) and J. Fletcher. Dramatick Works (edited by 
G. Col man), with notes critical and explanatory, by various 
Commentators. London, 1778, 10 vols., 8vo., frontispiece 
containing both authors' portraits, and 54 plates (24 of 
them by Grignion) and fleuron in last volume (40s. to 50s.). 

Beaurain. Histoire de la campagne de M. le Prince de Cond^ 
en Flandre en 1674,,precddee d'un tableau historique de la 


guerre de HoUande jusqu a cette ^poque. Paris, 1774, fol., 
frontispiece, and portrait by Patas after Desrais and de 
Tavane, vignettes by Moetfe after Desrais and Nebelin, and 
41 plans and maps (125. to 15s.). The author was the 
Marquis d'Aguesseau, who assumed the name of Beaurain. 

Beaurain. Histoire militaire de Flandre . . . Paris, 1755, 
2 vols., folio, frontispiece and vignette by Lerapereur after 
Eisen, and maps* and plans (12s.). The real author's name 
was Comte de Boisgeliu. 

Beckford (P.). Thoughts on Hunting. Sarum, 1781, 4to., 
frontispiece by Bartolozzi, and plans of Kennels (£3 to £4). 
Second edition, 1782 (30s.). 

Beeverell (J.). Les Delicts de la Grande Bretagne et de 
rirelande. Leyole, 1707, 8 vols., 12mo., numerous plates 
25s. to 30s.). Second edition, 1727 (half-price). 

Begbie (P.). Vases after the manner of the Antique by P. B.. 
[London], 1779, 4to, 6 plates (10s. to 12s.). 

B^guillet. See Martinet. 

Beguillet. Belle Libertine (La), ou les Aventures galantes de^ 
Mile. A . . . Paris, 1784, 16mo., 2 frontispieces and 5 
erotic plates, not signed (12s. to 15s.). 

This is a reproduction of La Venus en rut ou La Vie d'une celebre- 
libertine, 1770. 

Behmen (J.). Works, to which is prefixed the Life of the 
Author, with figures illustrating his principles. Left by 
the Eev. W. Law, M.A. London, 1764-1781, 4 vols., 4to., 
portrait and plates (40s. to 50s.). 

Behn (Mrs.). Plays. London, 1724, 4 vols., post 8vo., por- 
trait by R. White, after T. Riley (25s. to 30s.)._ 

Bekker. Fabelen uit gegeven door E. Bekker, A. Wolfien, A.. 
Deken. In s'graven Hage, by Isaac van Cleef, 1784, 8vo., 
plate containing the portraits of the authors by Cardon after 
Neering, title with fleuron, designed and engraved by 
Buys, and 40 vignettes, not signed (15s. to 20s.). 

Belin (or Bellin). Essai geographique sur les Isles Britanniques, 
contenant une description de I'Angleterre, I'Ecosse et 
rirelande, tant pour la navigation des costes que pour la 
connoissance de 1' int^rieur du pais, etc., s.l. (Paris), 1757, 
4to., engraved title, maps, vignettes, and tailpieces by 


Choffard, La Cruce, and Haussard {10s. to 12s.). Madame 
de Pompadour's copy, 1100 frs. 
Belin de la Libordiere. Voyage, dans le boudoir de Pauline, 
par L.F.M.B.L. Paris, Maradan, an IX., 12mo., plate by 
Tardieu after Latteur (8s. to 10s.). 

Bell (J.). New Pantheon, or Historical Dictionary of the 
Gods, Demi-gods, Heroes and Fabulous Persons of Anti- 
quity, etc. London, 1790, 2 vols. 4to., plates (8s. to 10s.). 

Bellamy (G. A.). Apology for her Life ; written by herself. 
To which is annexed her original Letter to John Calcraft, 
Esq., advertised to be published in October, 1767, but 
which was then violently suppressed. London, 1785, 6 
vols., 12mo., portrait by Bartolozzi and frontispieces (20s. 
to 30s.). 

Vol. 6 was published subsequently, and is frequently wanting, 

Belle sans Chemise (La). Londres, 1797, 16mo., plate by 
Bovinet after Chaillou (12s. to 155.). 

Belloy (De). Le Sifege de Calais, tragedie. Au Roi. Paris, 
chez Duchesne, 1765, 8vo., 2 frontispieces, one a medallion 
portrait of Louis XV., designed and engraved by Saint- 
Aubin, the other the portrait of the author with emblems 
designed and engraved by Littret (lOs.). 

Belloy (De). CEuvres completes de M. de Belloy, de 
I'Academie frangoise, citoyen de Calais, edition avec 
gxavures. Paris, Cussac, 1779, 6 vols., 8vo., portrait not 
signed, and 6 plates by Giraud jun., de Longueil, -Maillet, 
Patas, Petit, and Viguet, after Borel (15s., and more on 
large paper with unlettered proofs). 

'Bells and Bell-Ringing. Montani (J.). Nachricht von denen 
Glocken. Chemnitz, 1726, 12mo., 60 plates (5s.). 
Chapter 5 treats on the Abuse of Bells. 

Bell's British Poets. Edinburgh, 1777-8, 109 vols., 16mo., 
portraits and vignette titles (40s. to 50s.). 

Bell's British Theatre. London, 1791-97, 34 vols., 12mo., 
theatrical portraits and scenic plates (one of each to each 
play) by Bartolozzi and others (30s. to 40s. and treble on 
large paper, 8vo., and more with proofs). 

B6nard. Eloge de I'Enfer, ouvrage, critique, historique et 
moral. La .Haye, Pierre Gosse, 1759, 2 vols., 12mo., 
frontispiece, 2 fleurons, vignette and tailpiece, and 15 
plates by Sibelius (6s., and double on large paper). 


Benoist (Mme.). SopLronie, ou Le9on pretendue d'une femme a 
sa fille. Londres et Paris, Ve. Duchesne, 1767, 8vo., 1 plate 
by Moreau after Greuze (6s.). 

Berain (Jean). Ornemens invented par J. B . . . ; Panneaux, 
Plafonds, Chemin^es, Chapiteaux. Paris, Thuret, s.d. (circa 
1709), large fol., portrait and 109 plates engraved by 
Benard, Daigremont, etc. (£8 to £10, and double before 
numbers or letters). 

Berchoux .(J.). La Gastronomic, poeme suivi de Poesies 
fugitives, 4tli edition. Paris, chez Giguet et Michaud, 
1803, 16mo., frontispiece by Delignon after Myris, 3 plates 
by Baquoy, Deleraux and Bovinet after Myris and Monsiau 
(3s., and on papier velin double). 

Berenger. Podsies. Londres (Paris), Cazin, 1785, 2 vols., 
16mo., 2 frontispieces by Ch^telain after Ch^telain and 
Pignon (4s.). 

Berenger. Les Soirees provengales . . . Paris, Nyon, 1786^ 
3 vols., 12mo., 3 pretty frontispieces by Fessard (4s.). 

Berenger (E.). History of the Art of Horsemanship. London, 
1771, 2 vols., 4to., 2 frontispieces (the second mezzotint),, 
and plates (£l). 

Berghem (Nicolas). (Euvre de Nicolas Berghem, celebre 
peintre hoUandais. Paris, Basan et Poignant, 1789, fol., 
2 parts of 124, and 73 plates respectively engraved by- 
Basan, Le Bas, Hill, etc. (£3 to £4). ' 

Bernard. Phrosine et Melidore, poeme en quatre chants. 
Messine et Paris, Lejay, 1772, 8vo., 4 vignettes by Baquoy 
and Ponce after Eisen (10s., and double on large paper). 

Bernard. L'Art d'aimer, poeme en trois chants. Paphos^ 
1775, 8vo., frontispiece and 3 plates by Baquoy, Gaucher, 
and Patas after Martini (10s.). 

Bernard. L'Art d'aimer et Podsies diverses. Paris, chez 
Didot, an HL (1795), 8vo., papier de HoUande, engraved 
title and 7 plates by Letellier, Patas, Dupreel, Duval, and 
Helman after Eisen and Martini (12s. to 15s., and with the 
etchings, £3 to £4). 

Bernard. (Euvres completes. Londres (Paris, Cazin), 1777, 
16mo., charming plate by Delaunay after Marillier (4s.). 

In some copies the plate illustrates the first song (in which case it is 
not signed), and in some the second. 


Bernard. CEuvres de P. J. Bernard, orn^es de gravures d'aprfes 
les desseins (sic) de Prudhon ; la derniere estampe gravee 
par lui-meme. Paris, Didot I'aine, an V. (1797), 4to., 4 
plates by Prudhon (the last plate), Beisson, and Copia after 
Prudhon (£2, and copies on vellum paper with unlettered 
proofs, and with the Opera of Castor et Pollux, of which 
only 150 copies were printed, are worth more than double). 
•.' The proof etching of "Phrosine et Melidore," the only plate 
engraved by Prudhon himself, is of utmost rarity. 

Bernier (F.). Voyage de . . . contenant la description des 
Etats du Grand Mdgol. A. Amsterdam, 1724, 2 vols., 
12mo., map and plates (5s.). 

Bernis. OEuvres completes de M. le C. de B . . . de I'Acad^mie 
frangoise. Dernifere edition. Londres (Paris, Cazin), 1777, 
2 vols., 16mo., charming frontispiece by Delaunay after 
Marillier (6s.). 

Bernis. OEuvres. Paris, Didot, an V., roy. 8vo., 5 mezzotint 
plates not signed ; author's portrait on title by Lemire 
after Callet (20s., and more than double on large vellum 
paper with unlettered proofs). 

JB^roalde de Verville. Le Moyen de parvenir, nouvelle edition. 
A . . . 100070057, 2 vols., 12mo., fleurons on titles alike, 
and frontispiece containing medal portrait of the author by 
Martinet (30s. to 40s., and treble and more on large paper ; 
very rare. 

B^roalde de Verville. Le Moyen de parvenir, nouvelle Edition, 
s.l. 100070073, 2 vols., 12mo., frontispiece containing the 
medal portrait of the author, not signed, both titles 
within borders with fleurons (l2s. to 15s., and more in 
mor. ). 

Berquin. Idylles. Paris, Euault, 1775, 2 vols., 12mo., frontis- 
piece designed and engraved by Marillier, and 24 graceful 
plates by Gaucher, de Ghendt, Le Gouaz, Delaunay, 
Lebeau, Masquelier, Nde, and Ponce after Marillier (20s. to 
30s., and copies on vellum or Dutch paper with the plates 
before the numbers are worth treble and more, according 
to the state of the binding). 

Barbier de Tinan's copy with " Les Romances " before numbers in 
old red mor., 1120 frs. ; Behague's copy on large paper before numbers 
in old mor., 2000 frs. The Paillet (originally Renouard) copy of the 
Idylles and Romances, 3 vols., Dutch paper with the original drawings 
in sepia by Marillier, plates "avant les numeros," 19 etchings, a 
quantity of vignettes by Moreau, Borel, Le Barbier, etc., "before 

Bekqois. Roha-NCes [P'lgi^ 55 


Beeouin. Idylles IPage 55 



letters," an original drawing (unpublished) by Marillier for Idylle IV. 
with the engraving of the same, autograph letter, etc., 6000 frs. 
(Morgand's Catalogue de la Bibliotheque de M. Paillet). 

Berquin.. Idylle, s.d., roy. 8vo., 8 pp. engraved text, vignette 
and tailpiece by Gaucher after Marillier (lOs. to 12s.). 

This is Idylle III. of Vol. 2 of the Kecueil entitled I'Esperance, and 
which is generally found added to the "Pygmalion," illustrated by 

Berquin. Idylles. Paris, 1/^87, 16mo., 19 plates by Delignon, 
Demonchy, Dup'reel, Guttenberg, Halbou, de Longueil, 
Petit, Ponce, and Roy after Borel. The first proofs are 
before the numbers (30s. to 40s.). 

Berquin. Idylles, orndes des nouvelles gravures. Paris, J. E. 
Gabriel Dufour et Amsterdam, an X. (1801), 16mo. The 
same 19 plates after Borel (12s. to 15s.). 

Berquin. Pygmalion, scene lyrique de M. J. J. Rousseau, mise 
en vers par M. Berquin, le text grave par Drouet. Paris, 
1775, 8vo., 20pp. including preface, engraved title after 
Marillier, and 6 charming vignettes by Delaunay and Ponce 
after Moreau (£3 to £4, and on large paper £8 to £10). 

Particularly when found with the above-mentioned Idylle, at end, 
the title of which, by the way, is regularly shorter. M. E. Paillet's 
large Du€ch paper copy with the vignettes as artist's proofs without 
text within borders, and title without letterpress except signature of 
Marillier, in a sumptuous morocco binding double by Cuzin, 6000 frs. 
(Morgand's Catalogue) ; R. Lion's copy, mottled calf by Derome, 320 
frs. Eisen also has made for Pygmalion a series of 6 pretty plates, 
roy. 8vo., engraved by de Ghendt, which are sought for by amateurs for 
the purpose of enhancing the charm of the book (30«.). 

Berquin. Romances, par M. Berquin. Paris, Ruault, 1776, 
12mo., frontispiece and 6 charming plates by Delaunay 
jun., and Ponce, after Marillier, and 6 11. of engraved music 
(some copies have only 3) (20s. to 30s., and double with the 
plates before the numbers). 

Some copies have only 4 plates, and are without music. The impres- 
sions in the copies, 16mo. with the same date, are not so good, and lose 
half their value. 

Berquin. Romances. De I'imprimerie de Monsieur, 1788, 
16mo., 10 plates by Dambrun, Delignon, Guttenberg, 
Hubert, de Longueil, and Petit, after Borel, and 36 plates 
of music (10s. to 15s., and more with the plates before the 

Berquin. Romances. Paris, Moutardier, 1796, 16mo., engraved 


title, 13 plates, not signed, and 44 pp. of engraved music 
(8s. to 105.). 
Berquin. CEuvres completes. . . . Paris, Eepouard, an XI. 
(1803), 20 vols., 12mo., 204 plates after Borel, Le Barbier, 
Marillier, Monsiau, and Moreau by Borgnet, Choifard, 
Dambrun, Delaunay jnn., Delignon, Duparc, Duprdel, de 
Grhendt, Guttenberg, Halbou, Hubert, Huot, de Longueil, 
Maillet, Nde, Pauquet, Petit, Ponce, Sallier, Triere, and 
Villerey (£2, and double on vellum paper). 

Three copies have been printed on "papier rose." The plates in the 
17 vols, are divided thus : L'Ami des Bnfants, 7 vols., 7 frontispieces 
and 91 plates ; Le Livre de Famille, frontispiece and 6 plates ; La 
Bibliothcque de Villages, 2 vols., frontispiece and 6 plates; Introduc- 
tion a la Connaissance de la Nature, frontispiece and 19 etchings, not 
signed ; Choix de Lectures pour les Bnfants, 2 vols., 2 frontispieces 
and 11 plates ; Idylles, Romances et autres Poesies, 2 frontispieces and 
38 plates ; Sandford et Merton, 2 vols., 14 plates ; Le Petit Grandisson, 
6 plates. Renouard possessed a copy on vellum paper bound in 19 vols., 
russia, which contained almost all the original drawings of Borel, 
Marillier, Le Barbier, etc., over 300 in all. This copy sold in his sale 
in 1854 for 310 francs (a trifling and nominal sum) ; resold in the 
Lebceuf de Montgermont for 6999 francs ; and is now in the Roederer 
Collection at Reims. Series of the 204 plates on " papier velin," loose 
in sheets, are now frequently occurring for sale, and realize from £3 to 
£4 ; it is the remainder bought up from the publishers. 

Berquin. The Children's Friend, translated by Lucas Williams. 
London, 1793, 6 vols., post 8vo., 44 copper-plates by Cook; 
scarce (305. to 40s.). 

Berruyer (Le Pfere). Histoire du Peuple de Dieu. Paris, 1738, 
9 vols. 4to., 4 vignettes by Cochin fils, Chedel and 
Antoine, after Boucher (lOs. to 12s.). 

Berthault (P. G.). Premiere (Deuxifene et troisifeme) suite de 
culs de lampe et fleurons a I'usage des artistes ; inventes et 
dessines par P. G. Berthault. A. Paris, chez Chereau, rue 
des Mathurins, aux 2 Piliers d'or A.P.D.R. s.d. 4to. This 
collection consists of 3 series of 6 leaves each, signed 
A. B.C. and numbered 1 to 6 ; altogether 29 charming 
fleurons and tailpieces (£2 to £3). 

Berthoud (F.). L'Art de conduire et de regler les pendules . . . 
Paris, 1759, 16mo., 4 plates (8s. to 10s.). 

Berthoud (F.). Traits des horloges marines. Paris, Musier, 
1773, 4to., 38 plates by Choffard (12s. to 15s.). 

Berthoud (F.) Essai sur I'horlogerie. Paris, 1763 or 1786, 2 
vols. 4to., 38 plates (30s. to 40s.). 


Bertin. (Euvres . . . Londres et Paris, Hardguin, 1785, 
16mo., 2 vols., first frontispiece by Anselin after Monnet, 
second frontispiece not signed (45.). 

Bebtin. (Euvres nouvelle edition . . . corrig^e et augmentee. 
Paris, 1791, 2 vols., 16mo., 2 plates by Anselin after Monnet 
(papier verge, 8s. to 10s. ; papier velin, double). 

Bertren (Theodore). Medaillons et Trophees [Paris, 1766-71J, 
4to., 59 plates (£5 to £6). 

Beverley (R). History and present state of Virginia. London, 
E. Parker, 1705, 8yo., frontispiece and 14 plates by Gribe- 
lin, copied from De Bry (£3 to £4); reprinted 1722 (£2 
to £3). 

Bevy (C. J. de). Histoire des Inaugurations des rois empereurs 
. . . Paris, Moutard,' 1776, Bvo., 14 plates containing 80 
costumes by Ingouf and Triere after Michel Eieg (20s. 
to 25s., and more on large paper). 

Bewick. The whole of Aristotle's complete Masterpiece . . . 
Printed (by T. Saint in Newcastle) in 1780, post Bvo., 
woodcuts by Bewick (lOs.). 

Bewick. The New Robinson Crusoe for the Use of Children of 
Both Sexes, translated from the Prench. 1789, 4 vols., 
post 8vo., 32 woodcuts by John Bewick (younger brother 
of Thomas) (12s. to 15s.). 

Bewick. Emblems of Mortality, representing in upwards of 
50 cuts Death seizing all ranks and degrees of People, 
from designs of Holbein. Hodgson, 1789, post 8vo., 
engravings on wood by Bewick (12s. to 15s.). 

These blocks were destroyed by fire. 

Bewick. History of Quadrupeds. The figures .engraved 
on wood by T. Bewick. Newcastle, 1790, 8vo. First 
edition, £2 to £3 (Buckley's copy in original boards, 
uncut, was sold in 1894 for £5 5s.),\and on large (Royal) 
paper, £10. The second edition, 1791, is worth 10s. and 
25s. respectively. The first imperial size edition came out 
in 1800 (£3 to £4). 

Copies in original boards, uncut, realize fancy prices according to 
state, and that remark applies to all Bewick's works. 

Bewick. Figures of Quadrupeds and Tailpieces taken off 
without the Letter Press. Newcastle, 1818, 4to. Twenty- 
four or five copies printed and 12 copies on India paper 
(£3 and £6 respectively). A second edition, without the 
tailpieces, appeared 1824 (20s.). Mr. Thomas' copy of the 


1824 edition, printed on demy 4to. paper, uncut, £2 19s. 

Bewick. History of British Birds. The figures engraved on' 
wood by T. Bewick. Newcastle, 1797-1804, 2 vols., 8vo. 
First edition (£2, and double on large paper, and on largest 
(Imperial) paper, of which only 24 copies were printed, 

In the first issue the last leaf in vol. 1 is blank, without the Quadruped 
Advertisement, the woodcut at page 285 immaculate (to please the Duke 
of Newcastle, Bewick's patron, it was afterwards inked over), the Sea- 
Eagle at page 11 before the inscription of " Wycliffe, 1791," and plate 
of the " Magpye " at page 75, with the stump with two branches. The 
two supplements not printed before 1821 are valued at 21«., and double 
and treble respectively. A few copies exist on thick royal paper. 

Bewick. Figures of British Land Birds (with the vignettes) 
engraved on wood by T. Bewick. To which are added a 
few foreign birds, with their vulgar and scientific names. 
Newcastle, 1800, roy. 8vo. The last leaf, with the vignette, 
should not be missing, and should be in first state before 
the Bar (vol. 1 on title, all published) (40s. to 50s., and 
double on large paper). Only 50 copies printed. 

The late S. Simon's copy of " Figures of British Birds, Quadrupeds, 
Vignettes, and additional woodcuts to the Birds never before published, 
1824-9, 4 vols., 4to." (largest paper, with portrait and 938 woodcuts), 
was sold in December, 1893, for £9. It would now hardly bring half 
the price. 

Bewick. Looking-Glass for the Mind . . . 1794, post 8vo., 74 
cuts designed and engraved on wood by Bewick (5s. to 6s.). 

Bewick. Poems by Goldsmith and Parnell. London, 1795, 
4to. Pp. XX. — 76, and full-page woodcuts and vignettes 
by T. Bewick (20s. to 25s., and more on large paper, of 
which only 25 copies were printed). One copy was taken 
on white satin, and three copies on vellum. 

It is said that King George III. ordered his bookseller to procure the 
blocks of the engravings, that he might convince himself they were 
wood, and not copper. The biographical sketches are from the pen of 
Isaac Reed. 

Bewick. Short Treatise on the " Sportsman's Friend." New- 
castle, 1800, 8vo., 3 large woodcuts by T. Bewick (30s. 
to 40s.). 

Bewick. Burns (E.). Poetical "Works, with Life. Alnwick, 
Catnach and Davidson, 1808, 2 vols., post 8vo., woodcuts 
by T. Bewick, from Thurston's designs (15s. to 20s.). 


Bewick. Complete Natural History . . . 1813, 8vo., 400 
woodcuts (10s., and double on large and thick paper). 

Bewick. Figures of British Land and "Water Birds, together 
with a few Figures of Foreign Birds. Newcastle, 1817, 
demy 4to. Twenty-five copies printed without letterpress- 
(£3 to £4, and double on India paper, of which a few sets 
were struck off). 

In the late Mr. "William Wells' sale (May, 1890), a set of the figures 
and tailpieces to the birds and quadrupeds, containing 855 woodcuts, 
proofs on India paper, and mounted in a volume 4to. (said to be pur- 
chased by Mr. Wells from Bewick a few years before his death), 
realized £30. 

Bewick. Fables of iEsop and others, with designs on wood, 
by T. Bewick, with thumb-mark receipt. Newcastle, 1818 
(30s., and double on large paper, and treble on imperial 

Bewick. Select Fables, in three parts . . . Newcastle, 1784, 
first edition, with woodcuts, by T. Bewick (25s. to 30s.). 

Bewick. Select Fables, with Cuts designed and engraved by 
Thomas and John Bewick, and others, previous to the year 
1784, together with a Memoir and a descriptive Catalogue 
of the Works of Messrs. Bewick. Newcastle, 1820, 8vo., 
portrait of T. Bewick on India paper, and woodcuts (30s., 
and double on large paper, and treble on imperial paper). 

Bewick. Vignettes to Bewick's Various Works. Newcastle, 
1827,. 8vo. and 4to. (15s. to 25s. respectively). 

This 4to. volume, consisting of 241 vignettes on India paper, was 
published as a companion to the Figures of Quadrupeds and Birds, 
which together are sometimes bound in 2 vols. T. Perkins' copy on 
large paper, printed on one side, realized in July, 1889, £3 10s. ; John . 
Percy's L.P. copy, proofs on India paper, was sold in May, 1890, for 
£4 16s. 

BiBiENA (De). La Poupde. Londres, 1788, 16mo., frontis- 
piece, not signed (3s.). 

Bible. The "Thumb Bible." E. Newberry, 1780, 64mo., 
plates (10s., and more than double in morocco). 

Bible (La Sainte) contenant I'Ancienne et le Nouveau Testament, 
traduite . . • par M. Le Maistre de Saci. Nouvelle 
edition, ornde de 300 figures, gravees d'aprfes les dessins de 
Marillier. Paris, Defer de Maisonneuve, Imprimerie de 
Monsieur, 1789-1804, 12 Vols., roy. 8vo., 204 plates for the 
Old and 96 plates for the New Testament, after Marillier 


and Monsiau by Dambrun, Delaunay jeune, Delignon, 
etc. (50s. to 60s., and double on large paper, roy. 4to, and 
large vellum paper with the unlettered proofs, £8 to ^610, 
and more in contemporary morocco). 

Bibliotheque bleue (La), entierement refondue et considerable- 
ment augmentee. Paris, Costard et Fournier, 1775-1783, 
7 parts in 2 vols., Bvo., 6 pretty plates by Patas, Chatelain, 
Marchand, Le Grand, and Delvaux after Desrais ( 12s. to 15s.). 

The collection comprises : Histoire de Pierre de Provence et de la 
Belle Maguelonne, Histoire de Robert le Diable, Histoire de Richard 
sans Peur, Histoire de Fortunatus, Histoire des enfants de Fortunatus, 
Histoire de Jean de Calais, Les quatre fils Aymon. 

Bibliothfeqiie de Campagne. Amsterdam, Rey, 1765, 12 vols., 
12mo., 12 frontispieces and 12 plates by Bolomey 
(20s. to 25s.). 

The original drawings with the plates in "tirages a part " were sold 
some years ago in the Hague for about 1500 frs. 

Bibliotheque Choisie de Contes, de Faceties, et de bons mots 
. . . par une Soci^te de Gens de Lettres. A Paris, Eoyez, 
1786, 4 vols., 16mo., 4 unlettered frontispieces, unsigned 

Bibliothfeque des Boudoirs, choix d'ouvrages rares et recherches. 
Avignon, Thomas, 1798, 2 vols., 16mo., frontispiece (5s.). 

Bickham (G.). First Principles of Heraldry. London (1742), 
8vo., engraved throughout (5s.). 

Bickham. Universal Penman. London, R. Sayer (1743), foL, 
portrait and 212 plates (20s. to 30s.). 

Bickham. British Monarchy, a chorographical Description, 
comprehending the American Colonies. London, 1748, fol., 
100 maps and plates (25s. to 30s.). 

Bickham. Delicise Britannicse, or the Curiosities of Kensington, 
Hampton Court, and Windsor Castle delineated. London, 
1742, 12mo., pp. viii.-184 (B.-N 4), with 9 plates (10s.). 

Bickham. Musical Entertainer . . . London, n.d., 2 vols., folio, 
200 songs with music, engraved throughout, having 
illustrations heading each piece (£4 to £5). 

Bickham. Collection of Bird's-Eye Views of the Several 
Counties in England and Wales, exhibiting a pleasing land- 
scape of each county. London, 1796, 4to., frontispiece and 
46 plates (£2 to £3). 


BiDPAi ET LoKMAN. Les Contes et Fables indiennes, traduits 
par Galland. A Paris, chez Cavelier -phre, 1724, 2 vols., 
12mo., 8 plates, not signed (12s. to 15s.). 

Bienfaits de I'Assembl^e nationale, entretiens de la mfere 
Saumon, doyenne des halles, suivis de vaudevilles. Paris, 
1792, 32mo., pretty little plate, not signed (4s.). 

Bifevre (de). Histoire des deux Aspasies, femmes illustres de la 
Grece, avec des remarques historiques et critiques. 
Amsterdam, 1757, 12mo., frontispiece (3s.). 

BiiiVEB (de). Lettres ecrites a Madame la comtesse Tation 
par le sieur de Bois-Flotte, etudiant en droit-fil, ouvrage 
traduit de I'anglois. Quatrieme Edition, augmentec de 
plusieurs notes d'infamie. Amsterdam (Paris) aux ddpens 
de la compagnie des perdreaux, 1770, 8vo., 1 plate by Clonk 
after Dienkerpegh, and vignette, not signed (8s. to 10s.). 

Bi:fevRE. Vercing^toxix, tragedie, ceuvre posthume du sieur de 
Bois-Flotte, Etudiant en droit-fil, suivie de notes historiques 
de I'auteur. S. L. (Paris), 1770, 8vo., plate, not signed (4s.). 

Bijou de Soci^te (Le), ou TAmusement des Graces. A Paphos 
S. D. (Paris, 1784), 2 vols., 12mo., engraved title and 
100 vignettes, not signed, attributed to Leclerc or Desrais 

The book is identical with " Le Cabinet de Lampsaque." 

Bijou (le) des Dames, nouveau Costume frangais, et de la 
Connaissance des diamans, des perles et des parfums les 
plus precieux, avec Tablettes ^conomiques, perte et gain. 
A Paris, chez Denos, ing^nieur-geograph et libraire de sa 
Majeste Danoise (1780), 16mo., title within border and 
frontispiece representing head-gears of the ladies from 
Henri IV. to Louis XIV. period (15s.). 

Bijoux des neuf sceurs (Les). Paris, Defer de Maisonneuve, 
1790. Imprimerie de Clousier, 1789, 2 vols., 16mo., 
2 frontispieces and 4 unlettered proof plates by Gaucher 
after le Barbier (25s. to 30s.). 

The plates were first printed in the Chasons de Piis. The original 
drawings of the frontispieces by Le Barbier are in the Roederer 
Collection, at Reims. 

Bijoux du petit-neveu de I'Ar^tin (Les), ou Etrennes libertines, 
d^diees aux femmes ci-devant de qualite et sensibles, s'il 
s'en trouve, aux honn§tes representants de la nation, dont 


le nombre est limite, aux chastes ecclesiastiques dont I'age 
cfede aux plaisirs, enfin aux sectateurs voluptueux des 
plaisirs de Tamour, et partout il s'en trouve, pour le courant 
de rannee 1793, avec 16 figures en taille-douce. Paris, de 
rimprimerie de la Delaunay 1793, 8vo., 16 plates, not signed 

BiLDERBECKE (Baron de). Cyane, ou lea jeux de destin, roman 
grec. Neuwied et Strasbourg, 1790, 8vo., frontispiece and 
3 pretty tailpieces, not signed (6s.). 

Billardon de Sauvigny. Histoire amoureuse de Pierre le Long 
et de sa trfes honor^e dame Blanche Bazu, ecritte (sic) par 
iceluy. A Londres (Paris), 1765, 12mo., engraved title 
with fleuron, representing the two joint busts of Pierre 
and Blanche, frontispiece before letters and 3 etched 
vignettes, and music (I2s. to 15s.). 

Reprinted under the title, " L'lnnocence du premier age en France." 
Paris, Delalain, 1768, 8vo., with the same illustrations. 

Billardon de Sauvigny. La Rose ou la Fete de Salency. Paris, 
1768, 8vo., frontispiece by Moreau le jeune after Greuze 

Billardon de Sauvigny. L'Isle d'Ouessant, Bvo., vignette by 
Moreau and 14 plates of music (4s.). 

Billardon de Sauvigny. Le Parnasse des Dames. Paris, 
Euault, 1773, 9 vols., 8vo., 9 engraved titles (6 different), 
frontispiece and 15 vignettes, 9 of which are with the 
portraits of Sapho, Marguerite de Navarre, Louise Lab^, 
Mme. Desroches, la comtesse de la Suze, Mile, de Scuderi, 
Mme. and Mile. Deshouli^res, Mme. de Louvencourt and 
Mile. Cheron ; 2 with subjects and 4 with simple names, 
by Ponce after Marillier (20s.). 

Charming illustrations and elegant titles. The last 4 vols, are 
entitled, "Theatre des femmes angloises" (2), "Theatre des femmes 
fran9oises " (1), and " Theatre des femmes danoises et des femmes alle- 
mandes." A voL 2 to the " Femmes franfoises " was announced, but it 
is doubtful whether it was ever published. 

Billardon de Sauvigny. Les Aprfes-soupers de la Societe, petit 
theatre lyrique et moral. A Sybaris et a Paris, et chez 
I'auteur, 1782-3, 23 parts in 6 vols., 16mo., 28 plates by 
Aliamet, Berthet, Giraud le jeune, de Launay, de Longueil, 
Martinet, and Massard, after Eisen, Binet, and Martinet. 


Vol. i. has 5 plates and 18 pp. of engraved music ; vol. ii., 5 plates 
and 15 pp. of music ; vol. iii., 6 plates and 8 pp. of music ; vol. iv., 4 plates 
and 10 pp. of music; vol. v., 5 plates and 10 pp. of music; vol. vi., 
3 plates and no music. The book is appreciated because of the fine 
execution of the plates. The work originally came out in parts, some 
of which, having at an early stage been sold out, were afterwards 
reprinted. The originals, which are with difficulty found together, 
can be distinguished by the printed title to each piece, starting with 
letter A, while the reprint starts with A 2. The paper of the reprint is 
bluish. Originals £6 to £8, reprints less than half. 

Billardon de Sauvigny. Les Amours de Pierre le Long et 
de Blanclie Bazu. Paris, 1796, 12mo., engraved title by 
Blanchard, after Villemin (4s.). 

Billardon de Sauvigny. La Mort de Socrate, tragedie en trois 
aetes. et en vers. Paris, Prault, 1763, 8vo., 1 plate by 
Levesque (3s.). 

Billardon de Sauvigny. Poesies de Sapho, suivies de differentes 
poesies dans le m6me genre. Amsterdam, 1777, pretty 
medal portrait by Delaunay, after Marillier (3s.). 

Billardon de Sauvigny. Voyage de Madame Adelaide et de 
Madame Victoire en Lorraine, a Lundville, 1761, post 8vo., 
25 pp., and etching by Mme. de Pompadour (20s. to 25s.) ; 
very rare, as it was probably " tire a petit nombre," 

Billington (Mrs.), memoirs of, from her birth, containing a 
variety of matter, ludicrous, theatrical, musical, etc. 
London, 1792, 8vo., portrait (20s. to 25s.). 

An infamous attack on this celebrated vocalist with a view, it is 
supposed, of extorting money. An answer, with the Life and Adventures 
of Richard Daly, Esq., and an account of the Irish Theatre, appeared 
in the same year, and is of equal value. 

Bimont. Principes de I'Art du Tapissier, ouvrage utile aux 
gens de la profession et a ceux qui les employent, dedie a 
Mgr. le Dauphin, par M. Bimont, mattre et marchant 
tapissier. Paris, Lottin I'ain^, 1774, 12mo., 29 folding 
plates of furniture, rare (£3 to £4). 

Binos (L'Abbe de). Voyage par I'ltalie en Egypte, au mont 
Liban et en Palestine ou Terre sainte, avec figures. Paris, 
Boudet, 1787, 2 vols., 12mo., 12 plates of costumes 

Bion. Traits de la Construction et des principaux Usages des 
Instruments de mathematiques, 4°°. edition. Paris, chez 
Jombert, 1752, 4to., fine portrait of Bion by de Lafmessin, 


frontispiece, and vignette heading the dedication both after 
Scotin, and one ornamented initial letter (3s.). 

Bion et Moschus. Idylles de, traduites en frangais par J. B. 
Gail, etc. Ouvrage orne de figures dessindes par Le Barbier. 
A Paris, chez Gail, I'an troisifeme (1795), 1 6mo., vellum paper, 
portrait, and 4 plates by Dambrun, Delignon, and Gaucher 
after Le Barbier (3s., and on vellum paper with the 
unlettered proofs, 40s., and with the etchings, very scarce, 
particularly that of the portrait, a fancy price). 

Birch (W.). Delices de la Grande Bretagne. London, 1791, 
4to., oblong, 36 plates of views by various artists, including 
2 by Kowlandson, with Descriptions (30s. to 40s.). 

Bitaubd. Guillaume de Nassau, ou la Fondation des Provinces 
Unies. Amsterdam, Magerus, 1773, 8vo., fleuron on the 
title, and 10 plates by Van der Meer, after Chodowiecki 
(10s. to 12s.). 

Bitaube. Guillaume de Nassau . . . nouvelle edition. Paris', 
Prault, 1775, 12mo., fleuron on the title, and 1 plate 
designed and engraved by Moreau (4s., and more with 
unlettered proof). 

Bitaube. Joseph, poeme en neuf Chants. Berlin, Samuel Pitra, 
1767, 2 vols., 12mo., frontispiece, and 9 pretty plates by 
Meil (10s.). 

Bitaube. Joseph, poeme en neuf Chants. Geneve, 1777, 2 vols., 
12mo., 9 plates by Nee after Marillier (10s.). 

Bitaube. Joseph, poeme . . . Quatrifeme edition. Paris, Didot 
I'ame, 1786, 2 parts, 8vo., portrait by Saint- Aubin after 
Cochin, and 9 plates by Nde after Marillier (12s., and on 
large vellum paper with unlettered proofs, £2 to £3). 

Renouard's copy printed on vellum with the 9 original drawings by 
Marillier, plus the unlettered proofs and the etchiugs originally sold in 
his sale, in 1854, for 130 frs., was resold in the Double sale in 1863 for 
700 frs., and again in the Benzon sale it brought 3000 frs. ; now it is in 
the Rattier Collection. Several copies were struck off on vellum, one of 
these with the plates on vellum paiated like miniatures, 316 frs. The 
book was also published in the same year in 2 vols., 16mo., "papier 
ordinaire," and "papier velin." 

Bitaube. Joseph . . . sixifeme edition revue et corrigee. Paris, 
Didot I'ain*^, an V. (1797), 2 vols. 16mo., 9 plates by Nde 
after Marillier {6s., and double on vellum paper). 

It is a reproduction of the preceding small edition in a reduced form. 

[Page 65 

TkcAutboT acEdtttefWBIake 


Blackguardiana, or Dictionary of Eogues, Bawds, Shoplifters, 
Murderers, Pirates, Mountebanks, Whores, Pickpockets, 
Coiners, Housebreakers, Gipsies (by Jas. Caulfield), 20 
curious portraits. London, n.d. (1795), 8vo. (30s, to 40s.). 

[Blackwell (Henry)]. The English. Fencing Master, or the' 
Compleat Tuterour of the Small Sword, in a Dialogue 
between Master and Scholar. London, printed by J. 
Downing in Bartholomew Close for the author, 1702, sm. 
4to., 5 woodcuts ; rare (£3 to £4). The Ashburnham copy 
in old English blue morocco with gilt ornamental panels, 
£9 15s. (June, 1897). 

Blake (W.). Silver Drops, or Serious Things, with Letters 
concerning the Lady's Charity School, at Highgate. 
London, n.d., 12mb., 293 pages (A.T. 3), with 4 plates 
(£2 to £3). 

Blake (W.). Wit's Magazine, 1784-5, 2 vols., Bvo., folding 
plates by Blake, and others (20s. to 30s.). 

Blake (W.). Lavater (J. C), Aphorisms on Man, translated 
from the original MS. (by Henry Fuseli), 1788, post 8vo., 
frontispiece by Blake (4s. to 5s.). 

Blake (W.). Book of Thel, 1789, 4to., 8 engraved leaves 
(one more than mentioned by Gilchrist), with 6 coloured 
designs, including title (4 illustrated by vignettes, and 
2 by ornamental head and tail pieces) (£25). The Gaisford 
copy in morocco, £29 (1890). 

A mystical allegory full of tender beauty and enigmatic meaning. 

Blake (W.). Songs of Innocence, the Author and Printer W. 
Blake. 1789, 8vo., engraved throughout in colours by the 
artist on 27 pages. Original Edition (£40). 

Mrs. Blake assisted her husband in the printing, delighting in a task 
so congenial to her artistic feeling and taste. The poet having, in fact, 
with the aid of his wife, performed the writing, designing, printing, and 
engraving, he was literally the author of his own book. 

Blake (W.). Songs of Innocence and of Experience, showing 
the Two Contrary States of the Human Soul ; the author 
and printer, W. Blake. 1789-94, 8vo. and 4to., title and 
53 unnumbered pages, with designs engraved and coloured 
by the author-artist (£60 to £80). The Gaisford copy, 
8vo., £87, and the copy in 4to., containing only 31 un- 
numbered pages, £41 (1890) ; Lawrence's copy, 4to., with 
only 21 designs, in colours, £52 (1892). 

Some copies bear the water-mark of 1825, Blake having done them 
shortly before his death. The widow, on receipt of a cheque for £20 



from the Bisiiop of Limerick, seut him her husband's own copy so dated. 
If in the Songs of Innocence Blake's even temper is in keeping with 
its name, in those of Experience it is of a gloomier cast ; the poetic 
excellence is in both fully maintained. 

Blake (W.). Marriage of Heaven and Hell. 1790, 8vo. and 
4to., 'li illuminated pages, with 14 coloured designs (being 
3 more than mentioned by Gilchrist) (£30 to £40). 

In some copies the letters are red, in others a golden brown. An 
attempt to fathom the depths of the mystery of Evil. The designs are 
highly finished. 

Blake (W.). Campe's Elementary Dialogues for Youth. 1791, 
12mo., 16 plates (10s.). 

Blake (W.). WoUstoneeraft (Mary). Original Stories from 
Real Life. London, 1791, 12mo., first edition, (5 plates 
engraved by W. Blake (12s. to 15s.). 

Blake (W.). Salzmann. Elements of Morality. 1792, 3 
vols., 12mo., 50 plates (30s. to 40s.). 

Blake (W.). The Visions of the Daughters of Albion . . . 
1793, foL, 6 leaves, including frontispiece and title, with 8 
illuminated designs by Blake (£20 to £25). The Gaisford 
copy, £26 10s. (1890). 

Blake (W.). America, a Prophecy. Lambeth, 1793, fol., 20 
pages, with 18 designs, printed in white or blue ink, plain 
or coloured (£30 to £40). The Gaisford copy, presented 
by the author, with his autograph inscription, and bound 
in morocco extra, ornamented with gold tooling and 
variegated leather by Bedford, £61 (1890). 

The theme is the American "War of Independence. Literary merit is 
wanting, but the designs display great power and beauty. 

Blake (W.). Gates of Paradise. Lambeth, 1793, 12mo., 17 
leaves, containing 16 engravings of emblems, accompanied 
by verses with a motto to each. Some copies have also 
the " Keys of the Gates " (£20 to £30). 

Blake (W.). Europe, a Prophecy. Lambeth, 1794, fol., title, 
frontispiece and 15 plates, plain or coloured, by the artist 
(£20 to £30, and £50 to £60 respectively). Blake's 
favourite composition. 

Blake (W.). First Book of Urizen. Lambeth, 1794, 4to., 26 
leaves, with designs coloured by the artist (£20 to £25). 
The Gaisford copy, containing an original coloured drawing 
of the Preludium, inserted and bound in morocco by Bed- 
ford, £66 (1890). 

The design, like the text, is characterized by a monotony of horror. 


Blake (W.). The Song of Los. . . . 1795, 4to. It is divided 
in two portions, one headed Africa, the other Asia, text 
illuminated, and 2 full-page illustrations (£10 to £12), 

Blake (W.). The Book of Ahania. 1795, 4to., text engraved 
with 3 designs (one more than mentioned by Grilchrist) (£10 
to £12). 

Blake (W.). Biirger (G. A.). Leonora, a Tale, translated by 
J. T. Stanley and others. London, 1796, 4to. (20s.). 
Frontispiece and two vignettes by W. Blake, and 2 en- 
gravings by Chodowiecki, the German Hogarth. 

Blake (W.). Young (E.),_ Night Thoughts. 1797, sm. foL, 
42 illustrations (the List should not be wanting) (£6 to 
£8, and treble and more coloured). 

Blake (W.). Enfield (W.). The Speaker. 1799, 12mo., 4 
plates, two of them by Blake (4s. to 5s.). 

Blake (W.). Salzmann. Gymnastics for Youth. 1800, 8vo.,. 
frontispiece and 9 plates by Blake (6s. to 8s.). 

Blake (W.). Designs to a Series of Ballads written by W.. 
Hayley, founded on Anecdotes relating to Animals, drawn,, 
engraved, and published by Wm. Blake. Chichester, J. 
Seagrave, 1802, 4to., 11 full-page engravings and vignettes. 
(£6 to £7). 

The subsequent" edition of Hayley's Ballads on Animals, 1805, con- 
tains two of the plates, " The Eagle " and " The Lion," repetitions from 
the quarto , edition, and three new plates, viz.: "The Dog," " The- 
Hermit's Dog," and " The Horse " (the last being the Unest in the^ 
series). It proved a failure from the beginning, and even now 
commands a very low figure, say a few shillings. 

Blake (W.). Hayley (W.). Triumphs of Temper, a poem.. 

1803, 8vo., 6 plates from Maria Flaxman's designs by W. 
Blake (15s., and double on large paper). 

Blake (W.). Milton, a Poem in Two Books. 1804, 4to., 50- 
pages, engraved and coloured by the author-artist (£25 
to £30). 

Blake (W.). Jerusalem, the Emanation of the Giant Albion. 

1804, fol., 100 engraved pages, mostly plain, but there are 
copies in blue, in red, in tints and in colours heightened 
with gold by the artist (£10, £20, £30, and £50 respec- 
tively, and double on large paper). 

"Abstract qualities" is the characteristic of this work. 


Blake (W.). Baldwin (E.). Fables, ancient and modern. 1805, 
2 vols., 12mo., 72 engravings in the text (lOs.). 

Blake (W.). Lamb (C). Tales from Shakespeare. 1807, 2 
vols., 12mo. First edition, 20 plates (£10). 

Blake (AV.). Blair (R.). The Grave, a Poem. 1808, roy. 4to., 
12 plates by Schiavonetti after Blake (15s. to 20s., and 
double on large paper). 

Blake (W.). Hayley(W.). Life of George Eomney. Chichester, 
1809, 4to., 12 portraits and plates after Eomney (except 
one), by Blake (Sketch of a Shipwreck), Caroline Watson, 
Raimbach, and W. Hains (£3 to £4, and more on large 

Blake (W.). Chaucer's Prologue and Characters from the 
Canterbury Tales, 1812, 12mo., frontispiece by Blake (3s.). 

Blake (W.). Allen (C). Roman History, n.d., 12mo., 4 plates 
by Blake (3s. to 4s.). 

Blake (W.). Trimmer (Mrs.). Scripture Lessons, 1816-17, 2 
vols., 24mo., 64 illustrations (5s. to 6s.). , 

Blake (W.). Virgil's Pastorals (Latin with English explana- 
tions, imitations, etc.), by R. J. Thornton, 1821, 2 vols., 
12mo., 230 engravings by Blake, Cruikshank, and Bewick 
(5s. to 6s.). 

JBlake (W.). Illustrations to Dante, 1822, imp. foL, 7 India 
proof plates (£5 to £6). Lord Brabourne's copy, £10 

Blake executed 100 drawings, but lived to engrave only seven, and 
even these are only half finished. 

Blake (W.). Illustrations of the Book of Job, 1825 (the cover 
is dated 1826), foL, title and 21 plates (£8, and double for 
proofs and treble on large paper with India proofs). 

Here Blake attained a high degree of sublimity, and deserves to be 
called the English Rembrandt. There exists a duplicate set which Blake 
specially executed- for his friend Mr. Linell, and which is even finer in 

Blake (W.). See Malkin's Life of a Child, Msop's and Gay's 

Blanchard. Simplice, ou les Voluptes de I'Amour. Paris, 
1797, 16mo., frontispiece, not signed (4s.). 

Blin de Sainmore. Joachim, ou le.Triomphe de la pitid filiale, 
drame en trois actes et en vers, suivi d'un choix de poesies 


fugitives . . . Amsterdam et Paris, Delalain, etc., 1775, 
8vo., 1 plate by Duflos, jun., after Marillier (3s.). 

Blin de Sainmore. Lettre de Biblis a Caunus son frfere, 
prec^dde d'une lettre a I'aiiteur . . . Paris, Sebastien Jorry, 
1765, 8vo., plate by Aliamet after Gravelot, vignette and 
tailpiece by de Longueil after Eisen (3s.). 
The vignette and tailpiece are superior to the plate. 

Blin de Sainmore. Lettre de Gabrielle d'Estrees a Henri IV., 
prec^d^e d'une epitre a M. de Voltaire et de sa reponse . . . 
Paris, Sebastien Jorry, 1766, 8vo., plate by Rousseau, 
vignette by Massard, tailpiece by Aliamet, all after Eisen 

Blin de Sainmore. Lettre de Jean Galas a sa femme et a ses 
enfants, prdc^dee d'une dpitre a Madame de . . . sur le 
sentiment, 3"° Mition. Paris, Sebastien Jorry, 1765, Svo., 
plate and tailpiece by de Ghendt, vignette by Massard, all 
after Eisen (3s.). 

Blin de Sainmore. Lettre de Sapho a Phaon, prdcddee d'une- 
Epitre a Rosine, d'une vie de Sapho, etc. Paris, Sebastien 

' Jorry, 1767, 8vo., plate by Aliamet after Gravelot, vignette 
by Ghendt after Eisen, and tailpiece by Choifard (3s.). 

These four pieces have reappeared under the general title of 
" Heroides," or, Lettres en vers, Paris, S. Jorry, 1767-8, with the same 
illustrations. Copies exist on large Dutch paper, worth double. 

Blin de Sainmore. Lettre de la Duchesse de la Vallifere a 
Louis XIV., pr^cedee d'un Abregd de sa vie . . . Londres- 
et Paris, Lejay, 1773, Bvo., plate by Dupin fils, under the 
direction of Saint-Aubin after the picture of Lebrun, and a. 
tailpiece, not signed (3s.). 

Bloemaart (A. and E.). (Eorspronkelyk en Vermaard Konstryk 
Tekenboek. Amsterdam, 1740, folio, portrait and 166 
plates engraved by Picart (30s, to 40s.). 

Blome (R.). The Gentleman's Recreation, consisting of 
Horsemanship, Hawking, Hunting, Fowling, Fishing, and 
Agriculture, second edition corrected, with near one-half of 
Additions, and with a third part A Compleat Body of all our 
Forest, Chace and Game Laws, 1710, folio, 82 plates (£6, 
and more on large paper and particularly in morocco). 

The first edition, 1686, has only 76 plates, but has in addition 10 plates 
of Arms of " Benefactors of this work " not included in the second (£5). 

Blomefield (F.). Essay towards a Topographical History of 
the County, of Norfolk, continued by the Rev. Charles 


Parkin. Fersfield and Lynn, 1739-75, 5 vols., fol., 
pedigrees and plates (the pedigree of Blomefield, and the 
Dedication to Nuthall, and Monument of Bishop Hall are 
missing in some copies) (£15 to £20). 

Blondel (Jacques-Frangois). De la Distribution des maisons de 
plaisance et de la Decoration des edifices. Paris, 1737, 2 
vols., 4to., frontispiece by Soubeyran, and vignettes, tail- 
pieces after Cochin, and 160 plates (£6 to £8). 

M. Hip. Destailleur's copy in morocco with arms and cipher of Louis 
XV., 311 frs. (1895). 

Blondel (Jacques-Frangois). Architecture franjoise, ou Kecueil 
des plans, Elevations, coupes et profils des dglises, maisons 
royales, palais, h6tels et edifices les plus considerables de 
Paris. Paris, Jombert, 1752-56, 4 vols., folio. Fleuron 
l)y Flipart after Cochin, the same on each title, pretty 
vignette comprising the arms of the Marquis de Marigny, 
by Gallimard after Cochin fils, 2 vignettes designed and 
•engraved by Bellicard, and a large number of plates of 
•architecture. Eecherche on account of the views and plans 
■of monuments which have long ceased to exist. 

The book was destined to come out in 8 vols., with 1200 plates, but 
only vols. 1 to 4 appeared thus : 1. Le Faubourg Saiat-Germain, 152 
plates; 2. Le Luxembourg, la Cite, le Marais, etc., 148 plates; 3. Les 
Rues SaLat-Denis, Montmartre, Saint-Honore, Le Palais Royal, 140 
plates ; 4. Le Louvre, les Tuileries et le Chateau de Versailles (£30 to 
£40), Pichon copy (originally Randon de Boissel's) on large paper in 
morocco, 2010 frs. ; Behague copy, 3450 frs. ; M. Hip. Destailleur's copy 
extended to 10 vols, by the insertion of 1572 additional plates, 10,020 
frs. (1895). 

Blondel. Cours d' Architecture, ou Traite de la Decoration, 
distribution et construction des B^timents, contenant les 
legons donn^es en 1750 et les anndes suivantes par J. F. 
Blondel, architecte, dans son ecole des Arts (continuee par 
M. Patte). A Paris, chez Desaint, 1771-77, 6 vols. 8vo. of 
text, and 3 vols, containing 375 plates (£3 to £4). M. Hip. 
Destailleur's copy, 112 frs. 

Blower (Mme. Elisa). Maria, ou Lettres d'un gentilhomme 
anglois a une religieuse, traduites de I'anglois. A Rome, et 
se trouve a Paris, chez Le Tellier, 1787, 12mo., 1 plate in 
bistre, not signed (3s.). 

Boccaccio. II Decamerone. Londra (Parigi), 1757, 5 vols., 8vo., 
portrait, 5 frontispieces, 110 plates^ and 97 tailpieces by 
Aliamet, Baquoy, Flipart, Legrand, Lemire, Lempereur, 


F. Lempereur, Leveau, Moitte, Ouvrier, Pasquier, Pitre-Mar- 
tenaise, Saint- Aubin, Sornique and Tardieu, after Gravelot, 
Bouclier, Cochin and Eisen (£6, and treble and considerably 
more in old morocco, particularly so with the series of the 
" Estampes galantes ") (consisting of frontispiece without 
the letterpress and 20 plates on fine paper, and without 
floreate or any border, being characteristic of the rare first 

Several issues exist of this edition, and the prevailing notion is that 
the very first may be recognized by the " paraphe " impressed on the 
back of some of the plates. In my opinion, after examiniag numberless 
copies with a view to ascertain the fact, this theory is fallacious, as the 
French plates, which are generally acknowledged to be later impressions, 
almost invariably bear that stamp. All the editions are on Dutch 
paper, and the test is the beauty of the impression. E. Martin's copy 
in old red morocco, 600 frs. The unique collection, in 6 vols., of 
405 plates, consisting of artists' proofs, etchings, and head and tailpieces 
in " tirage a part " designed by Eisen, Gravelot, Cochin and Boucher, 
was acquired in the Beckford sale (1882) for £130. It was afterwards 
offered by M. Morgand in his catalogue de la Bibliotheque de M. 
Eugene Paillet (1887) for 6000 frs. 

Boccaccio. Le Decameron de Jean Boccace, traduit par Le 
Magon. Londres (Paris), 1757, 5 vols., 8vo. The illustra- 
tions are the same as in the above-described Italian edition 
(£6, and in morocco according to state). 

This French version is more valued in France than the original Italian 
edition. Some French connoisseurs allege that the illustrations were 
simultaneously executed for both editions, and it has even been 
suggested that the French proofs were anterior to the Italian ones. 
This suggestion, though made by a highly competent artist and critic, 
fails, we think, to carry conviction to a close observer ; suffice it to 
mention that in the early copies of the Italian edition all the volumes 
bear the date 1757, while the French edition is invariably dated 
1757-61. The plate in the first " Nouvelle" of the 8th Day differs in 
the French from the Italian edition. Large-paper copies should be 
avoided, as the impressions they contain are inferior and worn. They 
may be classed with the reissues which bear the original date, but are 
easily to be detected by the weak and pale state of the plates. The 
Behague copy in old red morocco with the "Estampes galantes," 1620 
frs. ; Delbergne-Cormont's copy in a similar state, 1520 frs. ; Quentin- 
Bauchart's copy in red morocco by Derome, 5200 frs. ; resold in the 
R. Lion sale for 5000 frs. ; Comte de LigneroUes' copy in red morocco, 
with dentelle double, and with arms on sides by Derome, 6960 frs. 
(1894), In the same year St. Quentin's copy in old red morocco with 
dentelle, 1200 frs.; M. DelzoUies' copy in red morocco double with 
dentelle (Padeloup), 915 frs.; Gravelot's original drawings have partly 
figured in the Villot sale. They are nearly all now in the Roederer 
Collection at Reims ; the original drawing of the frontispiece containing 
Boccaccio's portrait belongs to M. G. de Villeneuve. In the first issue 
the frontispiece of the 21 extra plates is without the inscription of 
" Estampes galantes des Contes du Boccace." 


Boccace (Le petit), ou les dangers de 1' Amour, ses peines, ses 
tourments, etrennes aux amants malheureux. A Paris, 
Desnos, s.d., 16mo., 10 charming plates after Binet (15s.). 

Boffrand (Germain). Livre d'Architeeture contenant les 

principes g^neraux de cet art, les plans, elevations et profils 

de quelques-uns des b&,timents b^tis en France et dans les 

pays etrangers par le sieur Boffrand, architecte. Paris, 

Cavelier, 1743-45, folio, pretty vignette by Tardieu after 

Boucher, and 68 plates of architecture, numbered 1 to 70 ; 

plates 21 and 11 were never published (£5 to £6). 

Ten of these plates represent the interior decoration of the Hdtel de 
Soubise engraved by Babel and Lunas. 

Boffrand. Description de ce qui a ete pratique pour fondre en 
bronze, d'un seul jet, la figure equestre de Louis XIY. en 
1699. Paris, 1743, fol., 20 plates (£3). 
" The plate representing " le four " is rare, and should not be missing. 

Boileau. (Euvres diverses du S' Boileau Desprdaux ... A 
Paris, Denys Thierry, 1701, 2 vols., 12mo., frontispiece and 
plates (12s.). The last edition published during the 
author's lifetime. 

Boileau. (Euvres de Nicolas Boileau Despreaux, nouvelle 
edition, revue et augmentee. Paris, chez Esprit Billiot, 
1713, 2 parts in 1 vol., 4to., nice portrait by Drevet after 
de Troy, vignette heading the Discours au Roi, signed, 
Gillot inv., Scotin sc.y and 6 plates for " le Lutrin" by 
Scotin and Dufios after Gillot (12s.). 

This edition, commenced by Valincourt and Renandot during the 
author's life, was finished two years after his death. 

Boileau. (Euvres de . . . Amsterdam, 1715, 2 vols., 12mo., 
2 engraved titles, not signed, portrait by A. de Blois after 
F. de Troy, and 6 plates for "le Lutrin" by Van Gouwen (5s.). 

Boileau. (Euvres de Boileau Despreaux, avec des eclaircisse- 
mens historiques donnez par lui-m^me. Genfeve, 1716, 
2 vols., 4to., fine portrait of Boileau by F. Chereau after 
Eigaud, portrait of the Regent Philippe d'Orleans by Fr. 
Chereau after Santerre, and 6 plates for " le Lutrin " by 
Chereau (12s. to 15s.). 

Pirst edition with the satire on " L'Equivoque." 

Boileau. (Euvres de Nicolas Boileau Despreaux, avec des 
eclaircissemens historiques donnez par lui-mlme, nouvelle 
edition revue, corrigee et augmentee de diverses remarques 
(par Brossette), enrichie de figures gravees par Bernard 


Picart le Eomain. Amsterdam, David Mortier, 1718, 
2 vols., fol. and 4to., superb frontispiece, same fleuron on- 
each title, portrait of the Princess of Wales, 6 plates, with 
a frontispiece for " le Lutrin," 2 vignettes, 27 tailpieces 
(several of which are repeated) (40 engravings in all), and 
2 ornamented letters, all by B. Picart, save the portrait 
by V. Gunst after Kneller (20s. and considerably more in 

Few copies printed on large paper are very rare, and last century they 
were much coveted by amateurs. Gosford copy on ordinary paper, red 
morocco double with citron morocco, and large dentelle inside and out, 
by Padeloup, 3500 frs. Reprinted 1729, with frontispiece and plates 
for " le Lutrin," within grotesque borders, re-engraved, some of the tail- 
pieces either suppressed or modified (those on pages 19, 199, 216, 228, 
289, 372 and 445 are new). 

Boileau. Gluvres de Nicolas Boileau Despreaux, avec des eclair- 
cissement historiques donnez parlui-mfime, nouvelle edition, 
revue, corrigee et augmentee, enrichie de figures gravees 
par Bernard Picart le Eomain. La Haye, Vaillant, Gosse et 
de Hondt, 1722, 4 vols., 12mo., fine frontispiece and 6 plates 
for "le Lutrin" (reduced from those of the 1718 edition) (5s.). 

Fleuron on the title of first volume, a large folding plate containing 
tailpiece with coat of arms, and 29 distinct tailpieces, all designed and 
engraved by B. Picart. Eehague copy in red morocco with arms of 
Mme. Adelaide, 400 frs. ; Leboeuf de Montgermont's large-paper copy 
in 8vo., with 34 tailpieces in red morocco, by Padeloup, 1020 frs. 

Boileau. Gluvres de M. Boileau Despreaux, avec des eclaircis- 
semens historiques. Paris, veuve Alix, 1740, 2 vols., 
roy. 4to., portrait by Eavenet, after Eigaud, fleuron alike 
for both titles, 7 vignettes by Eavenet, after Tremolieres, 
38 tailpieces, and 6 ornamented letters, not signed, together 
with an escutcheon fleuron heading the preface (12s. and 
much more large-paper copies in sm. fol.). 

This edition is invested with a special interest, inasmuch as the 
original orthography of Boileau is therein preserved intact, while in the 
other editions it has been modernized. Sometimes this edition contains 
the series of Cochin's 6 plates for " le Lutrin " within historiated borders, 
the same proofs which without borders have been utilized in the 1747 

Boileau. CEuvres de Boileau Despreaux. Dresde, 1746, 4 vols., 
8vo., frontispiece by Bernigeroth, fleuron - vignette by 
Bernigeroth, after Lippert on each title, and 6 plates for 
" le Lutrin," designed and engraved by Bernigeroth (6s.). 

Boileau. OEuvres de M. Boileau Despreaux, nouvelle edition, 
avec des eclaircissements historiques donnes par lui-m^me 


et rediges par M. Brossette, etc. . . . avec des remarques 
et des dissertations critiques par M. de Saint-Marc. Paris, 
David et Durand (Impr. de J. B. Coignard), 1747, 5 vols., 
8vo., portrait by Daull^ after Eigaud, 5 fleurons on the 
titles by Boucher after Eisen, 39 vignettes by Aveline, 
de la Fosse (and some not signed), after Eisen, 25 tailpieces 
not signed (only two bearing the name of Mathey sc), and 
6 plates for " le Lutrin," designed and engraved by Cochin 
fils (not signed) (15s. and considerably more in old morocco, 
particularly by one of the special binders of the period). 

Copies on fine Dutch paper, and signatures marked with stars, or on 
stout paper, are much in request. Such a copy in old morocco in the 
Silvestre de Sacy sale brought 750 frs. ; the Leboeuf de Montgermont 
copy 1400 frs. The edition is of a handy size, and deserves appreciation. 
M. Ch. Mehl points out that the vignette representing animals heading 
the 9th satire should by virtue of the subject have been placed at the 
head of the satire 8, and vice versa. 

Boileau. CEuvres de Boileau Desprdaux. Paris, David, 1757, 
3 vols., 16mo., 3 fleurons on the titles, not signed, and 
3 vignettes, the first signed Eisen inv. Sornique, sc. (5s.). 

Boileau. CEuvres de Boileau Desprdaux. Amsterdam, Chan- 
guion, 1772, 5 vols., in 8vo. and in 12mo., plates by Picard, 
from the 1722 edition, with 5 frontispieces by Vinkeles, 
after Picart and Van der Meer, and 5 fleurons on the titles 
by de Bakker and Van der Meer. In this edition Boileau's 
pamphlet, " Aux prises avec les Jdsuites," formerly sup- 
pressed by the influence of the Jesuits, has been re-inserted 
(5s.). There are some copies on stout Dutch paper (15s.). 
Gosford copy in old red morocco 255 frs, 

Boileau. CEuvres choisies de Boileau. Amsterdam (Cazin), 
1777, 2 vols., 16mo., medal portrait by de Launay, after 
Eigaud (4s.). 

Boileau. Le Lutrin, series of 8 plates, 4to., by Chenu, after 
Lemesle (20s.), 

Boileau. Le Lutrin, po^me h^roi-comique de Boileau Despr^aux, 
traduit en vers latins avec figures. Paris, Nyon, 1780, 8vo., 
portrait by DauUd after Eigaud, and 6 plates by Cochin, 
not signed (10s.). 

Boileau. CEuvres de Boileau, avec un discours pr^liminaire de 
Palissot et 8 Figures. Paris, Crapelet, 1798, 4to,, portrait 
after J. J. Forty, by Voysard, and 8 plates by Voysard, 
Simonet, Thomas, Patas, and Trifere, after Monsiau (10s,, and 
on vellum paper with unlettered proofs treble). 

BolLEAU, 1708 

[Page 74 



Boileau. CEuvres de Boileau (series of 6 plates for the), 8vo., 
by Delvaux, de G-hendt, and Simonet, after Moreau le Jeune, 
and portrait of Boileau by Saint-Aubin (10s.). 

This series was ordered by Renouard for the editions which appeared 
during the Empire. The original drawings were sold in the Renouard 
sale for 233 frs., and resold in the Maherault sale for 8100 frs. There 
exists likewise a series of the etchings. 

Boisard. Fables. Paris, cbez Lacombe, 1773, 8vo., frontispiece, 
fleuron, and tailpiece, by Saint-Aubin after Monnet {5s. 
and double on large paper). 

Boisard. Fables . . , Seconde edition (Paris), 1777, 2 vols., 
8vo., fleurons on the titles by Saint-Aubin after Monnet, 
frontispiece (frequently missing) by Saint-Aubin after 
Monnet, 8 plates by Schmitz after Monnet, and 2 tail- 
pieces after Monnet by Saint-Aubin and Schmitz (10s.,. 
and on large Dutch paper £2 10s., and more according to 
state). LebcBuf de Montgermont's copy in this state in a 
Derome morocco binding, 490 frs. ; E. Lion's copy, 950 frs. 

8ome copies have a frontispiece by Prevost after Cochin, 

Boissieu (J. J. de). GEuvre de J. J. de B. . . . graveur 
lyonnais, 1760-1809, fol., 140 plates of landscapes (£10 to 
£12, and more th3,n double with proofs and etchings). 

Boissy (De). Le je ne sgai quoi, comedie. Paris, Prault, 1731, 
8vo., pretty vignette representing demoiselle Silvia and 
Arlequin (Thomassin), by Cars after Lancret (8s.). 

Boiste. L'Univers, po§me en prose en douze Chants, suivi de 
notes et d'observations sur le systfeme de Newton ; ornd de 
figures d'aprfes Eaphael, Poussin, Le Barbier, Fusely,_ avec 
vignettes d'aprfes Monnet et Le-Jeune. Paris, chez Boiste, 
an IX., 8vo., frontispiece and 5 plates (8s.). 

Bombelles (Lieutenant-General de). Nouveaux M^moires 
sur le Service journalier de I'lnfanterie . . . Paris, Veuve 
Delatour, 1746, 2 vols., post 8vo., folding plate containing 
military drill by Flipart after de Palmeus (10s. to 12s.). 

Bonaparte (Lucien). La Tribu indienne ou Edouard et Stellina, 
par le citoyen L, B. Paris, Honnert, an VIL, 2 vols., 12mo., 
10 plates by Roger and Godefroy after Prudhon (£3 to £4). 

Prudhon, the great artist, has kept the author's memory green, else 
he would have long since fallen into oblivion. The graceful plates, 
pai-ticularly " La Soif de I'Or," are very rare : still more so to find them all 
in one text. There should be 10 plates, viz. : L'Hospitalite, le Sacrifice, 
rOracle, la Discorde, la Grotte, le Meurtre, la Fuite, I'lngratitude, la 
Vengeance, la Conqulte. Only 5 are known, viz. : L'Hospitalite, 


ou la Chasseresse, by Eoger; Le Sacrifice, ou Eiamir delivranfc les 
prisonniers anglais, by Jean Godefroy ; L'Oracle, ou Stellina aux pieds 
de ridole, by Roger; La Grotte, by Roger (one of this artist's master- 
pieces) ; L'Ingratitude, ou la Soif de I'Or, by Roger, rare vignette sold 
for 400 frs. in 1881. Proofs before letters within tablets exist, but of 
" La Soif de I'Or " only 1 copy is extant. 

Bonarelli. La Philis de Sciro, traduite en frangais par Monsieur 
. . . (Dubois de Saint-Gelais), texte latin en regard. 
Bruxelles, Ant. Claudinot, 1707, 2 vols, in 1, 12mo., 6 
plates after Harrewijn (5s.). 

Bengal (De). L'Orphelin Anglais, drame en trois actes en 
prose. Paris, Le Jay, 1769, 8vo., pretty plate by de 
Longueil after Moreau jeune (3s.). 

Bonne. Petit Tableau de la France, ou Cartes Geographiques 
sur toutes les parties de ce royaume avee une Description 
abregde. A Paris, cbez Lattr^, 1764, 16mo., beautifully 
engraved title in colours, and 28 coloured maps (10s. to 12s.) 

Bonnemain (Ant. J. Th.). Les Chemises rouges, ou M^moire 
pour servir a I'liistoire du rfegne des anarcbistes. Paris, 
Defroy, an VIL, 2 vols., 12mo., with red titles, 1 curious 
plate, not signed (4s.). 

Bonneval (P. C de). Le Voyage de Mantes, ou les Vacances 
de 17 . . . orn^ de figures en taille-douce. Amsterdam 
(Paris), 1753, 12mo., title designed and engraved by Moreau 
(I'aine), and 4 etchings, not signed (5s.). 

Moreau le jeune's brother was a distinguished painter of landscapes a 
la gouache. 

Bonneville (Frangois). Portraits des personnages celebres de 
la Revolution, avec tableau historique et notice par P. 
Quenard, I'un des repr^sentants de la Commune de Paris 
en 1789, and 1790. A Paris, chez I'auteur, 1796-1802, 4 
vols., 4to., containing 200 oval portraits, and 16 plates of 
costumes. Bonneville asserts that he drew the portraits of 
Fouquier-Tinville, Carrier, Charlotte Corday,and many others 
in the revolutionary tribunal. Almost all the generals of the 
Republic, including Bonaparte, Kleber, Marceau, etc., as 
well as the most remarkable figures of the French Revolu- 
tion (the only existing portraits of many of them) are 
conspicuous in this collection (£4). 

A copy having 264 portraits was announced in a catalogue. 

Bonneville (Nic. de). Les Reveries ou Memoires sur I'Art de 
la Guerre ... La Haye, 1758, fob, fleuron on title, vignette 
and tailpiece, plates of costumes and plans (15s.). 


Bon Ton Magazine, or Microscope of Fashion and Folly, 5 vols., 
1791-95, 8vo., humorous plates (£8 to £10). 

Bordelon. Les Tours de Mattre Gonin. Paris, Ch. Leclerc, 
1713, 2 vols., 12mo., 12 plates by Crepy (8s. to 10s.). 

Bordes. Pafapilla, poeme en cinq chants, traduit de I'italien. 
Londres (Paris, Cazin), 1782, 12mo., frontispiece and 5 
plates, not signed, attributed to Marillier or Borel, and 
engraved by EUuin (10s, to 12s.). 
Reprinted 1784 and 1790. 

Bordes. Parapilla et autres CEuvres libres, galantes et philo- 
sophiques de.M. B. A Florence, chez Alexandre Paperini, 
1783, 8vo., the same plates as above (10s.). 

Borel. Instructions militaires pour le maniement des armes, 
suivant I'ordonnance du Eoy de juin 1776. Adopte par la 
garde nationale, par Borel ... Paris, chez I'auteur, 1781, 
8vo., plates (30s.). 

Borlase (W.). Observations on the Antiquities and Natural 
History of the County of Cornwall. Oxford, 1754-58, 
2 vols., foL, maps and plates (£2 to £3). Second edition, 
1769 (20s. to 25s.). 

Bosse. De la manifere de graver a I'fiau-forte et au burin, et 
de la gravure en manifere noire, etc., par Abraham Bosser, 
graveur du Roy, nouvelle edition, revue, corrigee et 
augment^e du double, et enrichie de 19 planches en taille- 
douce. Paris, Jombert, 1745, 8 vo., frontispiece, not signed, 
19 technical plates, 3 pretty vignettes by Fessard and 
Soubeyran after Cochin, and 1 large plate by Soubeyran 
after Bosse (15s.). Eeproduction by Cochin and Jombert 
from the original edition of 1645 ; they reissued it in 1758 
■ with 2 plates and with explanations " sur la gravure a la 
manifere du crayon, au lavis et en couleur." Jombert had 
already brought out in 1737 "Eecueil de figures pour 
apprendre a dessiner sans maltre le portrait, la figure, 
I'histoire et le paysage," 4to., 122 plates (40s.). 

Bossi. Ma,scarade a la grecque. Parme, 1771, fol., engraved 
title and 9 plates engraved by Bossi after Petitot ; rare (20s.). 

Bossu. Nouveaux Voyages dans I'Am^rique septentrionale, 
contenant une Collection de lettres dcrites sur les lieux par 
I'auteur a son ami Douin. Amsterdam, Changuion, 1777, 
8vo., 4 plates by Saint- Aubin (15s.). 

Boswell (J.). Life of Samuel Johnson. London, 1791, 2 vols.. 


4to., portrait after Eeynolds, and facsimile. First edition 
(20s. to 25s.). 
Bouchardon. Etudes prises dans le bas peuple, ou les Oris de 
Paris, 1737-46, 4to. Premifere suite, 1737, Et se vendent 
a Paris, chez Fessard. Seeonde suite, 1737, chez Fessard. 
Troisifeme suite, 1738. Quatrieme suite, 1742. Cinquifeme 
suite, 1746, a Paris, chez JouUain, 4to. Very rare collec- 
tion" of 5 series composed of 60 plates in red by the Comte 
de Caylus after Bouchardon (£10 to £12). 

Caylus's signature is still visible on some of the plates, but has 
generally been erased by Fessai-d, when the plates were etched by G. S. 
and retouched by him. 

Boucher (Frangois). Premier [cinquieme] livre de groupes 
d'enfants ... A Paris, Huquier, s.d., sm. folio, 5 parts of 
6 plates each (£5 to £6). 

Boucher (Franjois). Oris de Paris, 12 plates, 4to., by Le Bas 
and Eavenet after Boucher (£3 to £4). 

Boucher (Juste-Frangois). Livre de Meubles, gaines, tahles, 
commodes, chiffonnieres, secretaires, consoles, cheminees, 
portes avec panneaux, lambris, armoires, bibliothfeques, 
portes avec pilastres, croisees, niches, corniches, plafonds, 
consoles, dessus de portes, fagades, portes et grilles de 
pares, portes d'hotel, feux, bras, gueridons, chandeliers, 
grilles pour chapelles, balcons, pommes de canne, etuits de 
poche, manches de couteaux, bougeoirs, cassolettes, flacons, 
etc. Paris, Le Pere et Avaulez, s.d. (circa 1780), 2 vols, 
sm. folio., 390 plates in 65 parts by Pelletier, Pinchart, 
Juillet, Dupin, etc., after J. F. Boucher, architecte (son of 
the famous painter who illustrated the Molifere edition of 
1734) (£50 to £60). 

A very rare and most interesting work relating to the History of 
Furniture of last century. The Behague copy, with 389 plates (plate 
355 missing), realized 1950 frs. ; resold in the Hip. Destailleur sale for 
4050 frs. (1895). 

Boucher (Juste-Frangois). Quarante-huit Arabesques, compos^es 
et gravees par Frangois Boucher. A Paris chez Chereau, 
4 to. This collection consists of 8 parts of 6 plates each 
(£2 to £3). 

Boufflers. La Eeine de Golconde, Conte, s.l., 1761, 8vo., 

engraved title (4s.). 
Boufflers. CEuvres . . . Londres ou Geneve (Paris, Cazin), 

1782, 16mo., frontispiece by Duponchel after Cheveau, 

or, by De Launay after Marillier (3s.). 

There is another edition of 1792, 16mo., with frontispiece by Blanchard. 


Boufflers. (Euvres . . . , nouvelle Edition, augmentde do 
plusieurs morceaux qui n'ont pas encore paru dans les 
prdcddentes, avec figures. Paris, Dufart, an III. (1795), 
8vo., 4 plates, not signed (10s.). 

Boufflers. (Euvres de Jean-Stanislas de Boufflers. Paris, 
Didot le Jeune, 1813, 2 vols., 8vo., portrait by Mme. 
Benoist after Ricard, and 16 plates by Delignon, Dupreel, 
and Macret, after Marillier, Monnet, Pornot, and Vallin 
(10s., and double on vellum paper with unlettered proofs), 
8 of the original India ink drawings by Marillier for 
Boufflers, 780 frs. (Sale Sieurin). 

Bouillart. Histoire de I'Abbay royale de Saint- Germain des 
Prez. Paris, Dupuis, 1724, fol. fleuron, not signed, on title 
2 pretty vignettes by Tardieu after Gaze, 4 plans and 20 
plates after Chaufourier by Lucas, etc. (8s. to 10s., and 
double on large paper). 

Boulanger de Eivery. Fables et Contes. Paris, Duchesne, 
1754, 12mo., fine fleuron on title, and 3 charming vignettes 
by Aliamet, Pitre-Martenaise, and Sornique after Eisen (5s.). 

It is a translation from the German of Gellert. 

[Boulton (Eich.)]. Compleat History of Magick, Sorcery, and 
Witchcraft (Account of the Witches in New England). 
London, E. Curll, 1715-16, 2 vols., 12mo., frontispiece 
(20s. to 30s.). 

[Bourdon (L. G.)]. Le Pare au Cerf, ou I'Origine de I'tiffreux 
Deficit par un Z^l^ Patriote. A Paris, sur les Debri^, de la 
Bastille, 1790, 8vo., frontispiece, portraits of the duchesse 
de Chateau-Roux and of Mme. de Pompadour, and 1 plate 
representing the banker Peixotte sitting in voluptuous 
ease (the latter frequently missing) (20s. to 30s.). 

The second edition appeared in the same year with the same 

Bourdon (Pierre). Essais de Gravure par Pierre B. . . . 
maltre graveur k Paris, ou Ton voit de beaux contours 
d'ornements . . . propres aux Horlogeurs, Orffevres . . . 
Se vendeut a Paris, chez I'auteur, 1703, oblong 4to., 25 
plates (£5 to £6). 

Bourgeois, peintre. Recueil de Vues et fabriques pittoresques 
d'ltalie, dessindes d'aprfes nature, et publiees par Bourgeois, 
peintre. A Paris, chez I'auteur et Bosset, s.d., 96 plates, 
with mostly two subjects on each, by Lomeau after 
Bourgeois (15s.). 


Bourhuet (J.). Livre de Taille d'Epargne pour les Orfevres 
par J. B. . . . (Paris), 1702-23, 8vo., first series, 12 plates 
(£3 to ^4). 

Bourhuet (J.). Livre de Taille d'Epargne propre pour les 
Apprentis Orffevres par J. B. . . . Paris, 1702-23, 8vo., 
second series, 24 plates (£4 to £5). 

Bourrit. Description des Alpes pennines et rh^tiennes . . . 
Geneve, 1781, 2 vols., 8vo., map, and 8 pretty views after 
Bourrit by Angel Moitte (6s.). 

Bourrit. Nouvelle Description des glaciferes, valines de glace et 
glaciers, qui formeht la grande chalne des Alpes de Savoie, 
de Suisse et d'ltalie . . . Geneve, chez Barde et Manger, 
et Paris, chez Buisson, 1787, 3 vols., 8vo., 13 plates after 
Bourrit by Sberg and Geissler, and a map (10s.). 

Boussanelle (De). Le Bon Militaire. Paris, Lacombe, 1770, 
8vo., pretty frontispiece designed and engraved by Moreau 
le Jeune (5s.). 

Boutique du Peintre (La) ou les Portraits. Paris, cbez Mme. 
Boivin, s.d. (1740), 8vo., frontispiece by Roy (6s.). 

Rare collection of songs. 

Boyardo (Matheo Maria). Eoland I'Amoureux (Nouvelle 
Traduction de). A Paris, Pierre Eibou, 1717, 2 vols., post 
8vo., 20 unlettered plates (10 in each volume). Original 
edition of this version by Le Sage ; rare (£2 to £3). 

Boydell (J.). Collection of Prints, engraved after the most 
capital Paintings in England by Bartolozzi, Earlom, Hall, 
Woollett, Byrne, etc., with a description of each picture in 
English and French. London, 1769, etc., 9 vols.. Atlas 
folio. Vol. i. contains 50 plates; vol. ii., 64 plates; vol. 
iii., 78 plates; vol. iv., 87 plates; vol. v., 60 plates ; 
vol. vi., 60 plates ; vol. vii., 52 plates ; vol. viii., 60 
plates; vol. ix., 50 plates; altogether 561 plates (£50 to 
£60, and double for proofs). 

The first 2 vols, have impressions much superior to the others. 
The whole series is of rare occurrence. In the sale of the Wimpole 
Library (late Lord Chancellor Hardwicke) 2 vols., containing 110 
engravings, and dated 17G9-72, brought £15 15s. (1888). Mr. John 
Lee's copy of 2 vols, with the same number of plates, £12 12a. (1890). 
In the sale of the late Honble. George "Wood in 1891, 2 vols., containing 
114 engravings, 1769, reahzed £10 10s. Everything depends absolutely 
on the beauty of the impressions. 


Boy dell (J.). Collection of One Hundred Views iji England 
and Wales. Boydell, 1770, fol. (£6 to £7). 

Boydell (J.). Views of Seats, Castles, and Romantic Places in 
North Wales. 1792, fol. (£4 to £5). 

Boydell (J.). History of the River Thames (by William 
Coombe). London, 1794-6, 2 vols., roy. 4to., maps and 
numerous plates in bistre, after J. Parington, by J. E. 
Stadler (30.s. to 40s., and double coloured). 

BoYER d'Aguilles, M'^" d'Aegens (Jean Baptiste). Recueil 
d'Estampes d'apres les tableaux des peintres les plus 
celebres d'ltalie, des Pays Bas et de France, qui sont a Aix 
dans le cabinet de M. Boyer d'Aguilles, procureur du Roy 
au Parlement de Provence, gravees par Jacques Coelemans 
d'Anvers, a Paris, chez Pierre Jean Mariette, 1 744, roy. fol. 
fleuron, not signed on title, and 103 plates containing 126 
subjects, of which several are portraits of the Family of 
Boyer d'Aguilles and the possessor of the gallery, by 
Coelemans, after Rigaud, Bronthorst, S. Bourdon, A.. 
Carrache, Castelli, Castiglioni, Cigoli, Caravage, Corrfege,. 
Cangiagi, David T^niers, Duval, Francisque Millet,, 
Finsonius, Guide, Guerchin, Le Josepin, Guaspre, La Fage,, 
E. Le Sueur, Loir, C. Maratta, Mario de Fiori, Mola, Miel, 
Netscher, M. Poussin, 'Pcelembourg, Puget, Parmesan,, 
Raphael, Rubens, Ruel, Ribera, A. del St^rto, Spierre, Sten- 
wyck Tintoret, Titien, Vanni, 0. Vaenius, Valentin, 
Veronese, Van Dyck, Van der Cabel, etc. (£3 to £4, and 
more on large paper with the plates before the numbers). 

They were previously issued in 1709 with 7 extra plates by Boyer- 
himself, and 27 mezzotints by Seb. Barras, 25 of which have been 
replaced by Coelemans. This first isgue, which has besides an extra 
frontispiece, is very rare. The descriptions are by J. P. Mariette. 

Boyer de Nlmes. Histoire des Caricatures de la RevoTte des 
Frangais, par B . . . de Nlmes, auteur du " Journal du 
Peuple." Paris, de I'lmprimerie du Journal du Peuple,' 
1792, 2 vols., 8vo., 38 plates in bistre ; rare (£14 to £16). 

Unfortunately the work remained unfinished. 

Boyer (A.). The great Theater of Honour and Nobility . . . 
1729, 4to., Text English and French ; heraldic plates (12s. 
to 15s.). 

Boys (W.). Collections for a History of Sandwich, in Kent, 
with notices of the other Cinque Ports and Members, and 


of KichborougL Canterbury, 1892 (for 1792), 4to., plates 
(15s. to 20s., and double on large paper). 

Boze (Gros de). Histoire de rAcademie des inscriptions et 
belles lettres. Paris, 1739, 3 vols., 12mo., frontispiece 
etcbed by Cocbin and finished by Daulle, after Coypel, and 

4 vignettes or fleuroas by Cocbin, after Coypel (6s.). 

Brand (J.). History and Antiquities of the Town and County 
of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. London, 1789, 2 vols., 4to., plan 
and plates (25s. to 30s.). 

Brantome. CEuvres du seigneur de Brantome, nouvelle edition, 
considerablement augmentee et accompagn^e de remarques 
bistoriques et critiques (par Le Duchat, Lacelot, et Prosp. 
Marcband). La Haye, 1740,. 15 vols., 12mo., fleuron on 
eacb title alike, 14 frontispieces, (only 7 are diflferent), 
designed and engraved by J. V. Schley and a fine portrait 
of Brant6me in the last volume (30s. to 40s., and double in 

BfifiMOND (De). Transactions philosophiques de la societe 
royale de Londres, traduites par M. de Bremond. Paris, 
Piget, 1740, 4to., 3 vignettes designed and engraved by 
Cochin fils (8s.). 

These pretty vignettes represent experiments in electricity. 

Bremont (Gabriel). L'Heureux Esclave, nouvelle ornee de 
figures en taille-douce, chez Damonneville, 1744, 3 parts in 
1 vol., 12mo., frontispiece signed " Scotin I'ain^ sculp.," and 

5 plates, not signed (3s.). 

Breslau (Jean). Livre de Serrurerie compose et dessine par 
Jean Breslau. Paris, chez I'auteur, s.d., 4 parts of 6 plates 
each (the last contains only 4 plates) (£lO to £12). 

Bret. Theatre de M. Bret . . . Paris, Le Clerc et Esprit, 
1778, 2 vols., 8vo., engraved title with a very original 
vignette (not signed) for the first volume (3s.). 

Bret. Le * * * (bidet) histoire bavarde. A Londres (Paris), 
1749, 12mo., engraved title representing the subject of the 
book, signed Prudhommes (5s.). 

Bretin (Abbe Claude). Contes en vers et quelques pieces 
fugitives, avec figure. Paris, Gueffier, 1797 (an V. de la 
Eepublique), 12mo., frontispiece by Coiny (8s.). It 
appeared in the same year, Paris, Guefiier et Knapen, 


post 8vo., with 5 pretty plates designed and engraved by 
Legrand (one not signed) (15s.). ' 

Breviaire du diocese d'Evreux. Paris, 1747, 4 vols., 12mo., 
4 allegorical frontispieces with very fine views of the 
Cath^drale d'Evreux, by C. N. Cochin le pfere after C. N. 
Cochin fils (8s.). 

Breviaire des jolies femmes (Le), ou Nouvelles et Poesies 
galantes trouvees manuscrites dans le portefeuille de Mme. 
la princesse de Lamballe, massacree a I'hdtel de la Force, 
etc. Paris, au Temple du Gout, 1793, 16mo., 1 plate in the 
style of Queverdo, not signed (3s.). 

Breviaire des enfants de la joie (Le), a I'usage des personnes 
qui aiment a rire. Chez Ouvrier, libraire, an IX., 16mo., 
frontispiece by Malapeau (3 s.). 

Breviarium Aurelianense, 1771, 8vo., frontispiece representing 
the Cathedrale d'Orleans, designed and engraved by Moreau 
le jeune, and portrait of Mgr. de Jarente, Bishop of Orleans, 
heading the page, designed by Moreau and finished by 
Voyez (5s.). 

Breviarium Parisiense, illustris, et reverendis Patr. D. de 
Vintimille auctoritate editum. Parisiis, 1736, 4 vols., 4to., 
4 engraved frontispieces representing views of Paris, and 
8 plates by Lebas after Boucher (20s.). 

Brice (Germain). Description , nouvelle de ce qu'il y a de plus 

remarkable dans la ville de Paris, par M. B. . . ., cinquifeme 

edition augmentee. Avec un nouveau plan et des figures 

. . . Paris, Mc. Legras, 1706, 2 vols., 12mo., 18 plates by 

Giflard. First illustrated edition (12s. to 15s.). 

Brice. Description de la ville de Paris ... A Paris . . . 
1717, 3 vols., 12mo., plan and 29 plates after Perelle, 
Marot, etc. (15s. to 20s.). 

Brice. Nouvelle description de la ville de Paris . . . Paris . . . 
1725, 4 vols., 12mo., plan and 40 plates (20s. to 25s.). 

Brice. Description de la ville de Paris . . . Paris . . . 1752, 
4 vols., 12mo., 41 plates (25s. to 30s.). 

Brice. Description de la ville de Paris. Paris, chez les 
libraires associes, 1752, 4 vols., 12mo., numerous plates 
(30s. to 40s.). 


Briceau. Livre d'Orfevrerie par Briceau maistre orfevre. A 
Paris, 1709, oblong 4to., 8 plates (£2 and double on stout 

Bridel. Poesies helvetiennes, par M. B. . . Lausanne, Mourer, 
1782, 8vo., frontispiece by de Longueil after Brandoin, 
fleuron on title and 2 vignettes by Tardy after Dunker 
and Brandoin (ds.). 

Bridel. Bridgatina, ou les pbilosophes modernes, traduit de 
I'anglais de Mme Hamilton. Paris, Le Normant, 1802, 
4 vols., 12mo., 4 plates by Manage after Binet (5*.). 

Bridges (J.). History and Antiquities of Northamptonsbire, 
compiled from his manuscript collections by Eev. P. Whalley. 
Oxford, 1791, 2 vols. foL, portrait, plates, coats of arms, etc. 
(£6 to £7). 

Brizard (I'abbe Gabriel) jurisconsulte. Les Imitateurs de 
Charles neuf . . . Drame en cinq actes . . . cinq gravures. 
Par le redacteur des Vepres Siciliennes . . . Paris 1790, 
8vo., 128 pages and 5 plates. A pamphlet against Marie 
Antoinette (10s. to 15s.). 

Brizeux. Traite du Beau essentiel dans les Arts, applique 
particuliferement a I'architecture, etc., par le sieur C. E. 
Brizeux, architecte. Paris, chez I'auteur ou chez Chereau, 
1752, 2 vols., 4to., engraved throughout with numerous 
frontispieces, head and tail pieces, by Choffard, Huet, 
Marvye, etc. (£8 to £10). Original edition. . 

Brizeux. L'Art de batir des Maisons de Campagne, ou Ton 
traite de leur distribution, de leur construction et de leur 
decoration, par le sieur C. E. de Briseux. A Paris, chez 
Prault pere 1743, 2 vols., 4to., 260 plates by P. E. Babel 
(£6 to £8). 

It is in the manner of Blondel's De la Decoration des Maisons de 

Brooke (Mme. Fr.). Histoire d'Emilie Montague, par I'auteur 
de Julie Mandeville, traduit de I'anglais. Amsterdam, 
1770, 2 vols., 12mo. Titles with engraved fleurons alike 
for 4 parts, not signed (3s.). 

Brookes (R.). Art of Angling. 1740, 12mo., 133 woodcuts 
(15s. to 20s.). 

Broussonnet. Essai sur I'histoire naturelle de quelques especes 


de moines, decrits a la manifere de Linne, ouvrage traduit 
du latin et orne de figures, par M. Jean d'Antimoine, 
naturaliste du grand Lama, etc. A Monachopojis, 1784, 
8vo., 2 plates by Delignon after Seb. Le Eoy and 3 others 
of costumes of monks, not signed (12s.). 

Baron de Born, under the pseudonytne of Giovanni Fisiofilo (in the 
Latin edition), is the supposed author of the work. 

Brown (T.). Works, serious and comical. London, 1715, 
4 vols., post 8vo., plates (20s. to 25s.). 

Subsequent edition 1730 about the same value. 

Browne (P.). The civil and natural History of Jamaica, in 
three parts, with fifty copper-plates. London, 1756, fol. 
(£1 10s., and double with the plates coloured). 

Bruhl (Le Comte de). Eeeueil d'Estampes gravees d'apres les 
tableaux de la galerie et du cabinet de S. E. M. le Comte de 
Bruhl. 1" partie con tenant 50 pieces. A Dresde, chez G. 
C Walther, 1754, atlas fol., fine portrait of the Comte de 
Bruhl by Balechou after Louis de Silvestre, and 50 plates 
by Basan, Boece, C. C. (Caylus), Chenu, Filloeul, Keyl, 
Kilian, JouUain, Martini, P. E. Moitte, Tardieu, Tischler, 
Teucher, Wust, after Angeli, Bega, Boys, Caravage, A. 
Carrache, Corrfege, Corneille I'aine, De la Fosse, G. Don, 
Jordaens, Lancret, C. Lotti, P. de Mattel, Lespagnolet, 
Mieris, Paris Bordone, Pcelembourg, Eembrandt, Rubens, 
Ruysdael, Eibera, Teniers, Trevisani, Valentin, Van der Neer, 
Van der Werf, Watteau, Wouvermans (50s. to 60s.). 

Of this first part (all published), only 200 copies are said to have 
been issued ; of the second part, there are 18 plates engraved (not 
published). Earl of Ashburnham's copy of the first part in old French 
red morocco, ■with broad borders of elaborate gilt ornaments and Comte 
de Bruhl's arms (1897), £23. 

Bruix (Chevalier de). Cecile, drame en trois actes et en prose. 
Londres, 1766, 8vo., 1 plate after Desrais by Mme. Ponce 

Brument. Henriette de Wolmar, ou la M^re jalouse, nouvelle 
edition. Paris, Eochette et le Prieur, 1797, 8vo., frontis- 
piece by Bovinet (3s.). 

Brumoy (Le E. P.). Le Thea,tre des Grecs. Paris, 1730, 3 
vols., roy. 4to., frontispiece by Tardieu after Gazes, pretty 
vignette on each title alike, and 12 vignettes, all by Bac- 
quoy aftpr Humblot, a map and plate of medals (15s., and 
double on large paper). 


Brumoy (Le K. P.). Theatre des Grecs, traduit en frangais 
Paris, 1749, 6 vols., 12mo., frontispiece representing the 
origin of the tragedy by Cochin pere after Cochin fils, and 
12 vignettes and fleurons by Aveline, E. Fessard, and 
Sornique after C. N. Cochin fils (12s.). Keprinted in 
1763, Paris, libraires associ^s, 6 vols., 12mo., with the same 
illustrations (6s.). Richard Lion's copy of the reprint in red 
morocco, with arms of the Comtesse du Barry, 720 frs. 

Brumoy (Le E. P.). Le Thei,tre des Grecs, par le pfere Brumoy, 
nouvelle edition, enrichie de trfes-belles gravures . . . et de 
comparaisons, d'observations et de remarques nouvelles, par 
MM. de Eochefort et du Theil, de I'Academie des inscrip- 
tions et belles-lettres, et par M. . . . Paris, Cussac, 1775- 
1789, 13 vols., 8vo., 23 plates by Delignon, Guttenburg, 
Halbou, Langlois, Masquelier, Patas, Petit, and Texier 
after Borel, Defraine, Le Barbier, Marechal, Marchand, 
Marillier, and Monnet (20s. to 30s., and copies on fine 
paper, or vellum paper, and particularly on large vellum 
paper in 4to. , with unlettered proofs, are worth double, and 
more according to state). The Labedoy copy, 4to., in 
morocco, 250 frs. 

Brunetti (Gaetano). Sixty difierent Sorts of Ornaments, 
invented by Gaetano Brunetti, Italian Painter. Very 
useful to Painters, Sculptors, etc. [London] 1736, 4to., 62 
plates (including title) ; very scarce (£6 to £7). 

Bruno (Giordano). Le Ciel reform^, essai de traduction d'une 
partie du livre italien ; Spaccio della Bestia trionfante. 
S. L., 1750, post 8vo., fleuron and vignette heading page 
57 by Aveline (4s.). 

It is an allegory against the manners of the XVI. century. 

Brute de Loirelle. Les Ennemis reconcilies, piece dramatique 
en trois actes, en prose. La Haye, 1766, 8vo., 1 plate by 
Aliamet after Eisen (3 s.). 

Bruan Neergaard. Sur la Situation des Beaux-Arts en France, 
ou Lettres d'un Danois a son ami. Paris, Dupont, an IX. 
(1801), 8vo., frontispiece (le Triomphe de Napoleon) by 
Eoger after Prudhon (35.). 

Bryan (Ph.). Collection of Arms, Crests, etc., alphabetically 
displayed, with the Blazoning annexed to each coat, etc. 
London, 1790, fol. (£2 to £3). 
Published in numbers. 


Buck (S. and N.). Antiquities, or Venerable Remains of above 
400 Castles, etc., in England and "Wales, with nearly 100 
Views of Cities and Chief Towns. London, 1774, 6 vols, 
in 3, fol. Vols. 1 and 2 contain 428 plates, with descriptive 
letterpress ; vol. 3, Perspective Views of Cities and Chief 
Towns in England and Wales, is of a larger size in oblong 
folio, and contains emblematical frontispiece, portraits of 
the two brother authors, and 83 plates, index, map, and 
letterpress (£25 to £30), 

They were first published 1721-48 : Views of Ruins of Castles and". 
Abbeys in England and Wales, 2 vols., 416 plates of views ; Perspective - 
Views of Cities and Chief Towns, 83 large double plates ; Bastide and 
Lempriere, Views of Jersey, Guernsey, etc., 8 plates, together 4 vols. 
(£12 to £15). The vol. of Perspective Views of Cities and Chief Towns 
in England and Wales is the rarest of the lot ; a copy in the Stansfeld 
sale brought £19 (1898). 

BuflFon (Leclerc, Comte de), Daubenton, Gueneau de Montbel- 
liard et de Lac^pfede. Histoire naturelle g^nerale et 
particulifere. Paris, Imprimerie Royale, 1749-1804, 44 
vols., 4to,, plates by de Seve (305. to 40s.). 

It is divided thus: Histoire naturelle generale et particuliere, 1749 — 
1767, 15 vols., 4to. ; Histoire naturelle (supplement), 1774-89, 7 vols., 
4to. ; Oiseaux, 1770-83, 9 vols., 4to. ; Mineraux, 1783-88, 5 vols., 
4to. ; Ovipares et Serpents, 1788-89, 2 vols., 4to. ; Poissons, 1798- 
1803, 5 vols., 4to. ; Cetaces, 1804, 4to. The copies bound for presents 
with the royal arms or in old French morocco are much sought after, 
as they contain throughout the original brilliant impressions. 

BufFon. Histoire naturelle des Oiseaux (par BuflFon, Gueneau 
de Montbelliard et I'abb^ Bexon). Paris, Imprimerie Eoyale, 
1771-86, 10 vols., roy. 4to, or folio. Text within borders 
and 1008 plates by Martinet (20s., and £2 to £3 respec- 
tively. Large-paper copies in old French morocco command 
high prices, varying between £10 and £20 according to 
state and preservation). 

BuUionde (de). La P^trissee ou le Voyage de St. Pierre en 
Dunois, badinage en vers, ou se trouve entre autre, la con- 
clusion de Julie ou de la Nouvelle H^loise. La Haye et 
Paris, Cailleau, 1763, 8vo., very pretty illustration, not 
signed {8s.). 

The Bibliotheque de 1' Arsenal possesses the copy in green morocco 
with the arms of Madame de Pompadour. 

Bunyan (J.). The Pilgrim's Progress from this World to that 
which is to come. London, 1728, 8vo., portrait and plates 
by J. Sturt (20s. to 25s.). 
Reprinted 1760. 


Bunyan (J.). The Pilgrim's Progress . . . (including Life and 
' Death of John Bunyan). London, 178G-1780-1793, 3 
parts, 12mo., portrait and woodcuts {8s. to 10s.). 

Bunyan (J.). The Pilgrim's Progress . . . 1796, 8 vo., portrait 
and plates by Stothard (lOs. to 15s.). 

Burger (G. A. ). Leonora (with the text) translated from the 
German by W. E. Spencer, plates from designs by Lady 
Diana Beauclerc, London, 1796, folio (10s., and treble on 
large paper with proofs). The copy printed on vellum with 
the plates on white satin realized at Christie's in 1804 
£25 4s. 

Burgmaier . (H. ). Images des Saints et Saintes, issus de la 
famille de I'Empereur, Maximilien I. Vienne, F. X. Stockl, 
1799, roy. fol., 119 large woodcuts by Hans Frank, 
Liefrink, J. de Negkher from Hans Burgmaier's designs 
(engraved in 1517-18 and preserved in the Imperial 
Library at Vienna), £3 to £4. 

Burgmaier (H.). Arc Triomphal de I'Empereur Maximilien I. 
grave en bois d'apres les Dessins d' Albert Durer. Vienne, 
T. Molle,.l799, 29 large woodcuts (£10 to £12). 

Burney (C). General History of Music, from the earliest Ages 
to the present Period. To which is prefixed a Dissertation 
■on the Musick of the Ancients. London, 1776-89, 4 vols., 
-4 to., portrait, 12 plates by Bartolozzi after Cipriani, and 
numerous leaves of music (£3 to £4). 

Vol. 1 was reprinted in 1789. 

Burney (C). Account of the Musical Performances in 
Commemoration of Handel. London; 1785, 4to., plates 
(5s., and more with proof impressions of the plates in 
different states). 

Burns (R. ). Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. Edinburgh, 
1787, 8vo., portrait by J. Bengo (40s. to 50s.). This, the 
second edition of Burns' Poems, is known as the First 
Edinburgh Edition. The genuine first edition, Kilmarnock, 
1786, 8 vo., is of the utmost rarity, and commands a price 
varying ' from £60 to £120 according to state and 

Burt (Capt. E.). Letters from a Gentleman in the North of 
Scotland to his Friend in London. 1754, 2 vols., 8vo., plans 
and curious plates (30s. to 40s.). 


Bussy-Rabutin. Amours des Dames illustres de France sous 
le regne de Louis XIV. A Cologne, cliez Pierre Marteau, 
s.d. (about 1730), 2 vols., 12mo., frontispiece by La Case 
after L. F. D. B. (Dubourg), and 16 plates, not signed, 
probably by the same artists (10s.). 

Bussy-Rabutin. Histoire amoureuse des Gaules, S. L. (Paris), 
1754, 5 vols., 12mo., engraved titles with divers fleurons 
on each after Choffard by L. L. C. (15s., and treble on 
Dutch paper, of which only a few copies were printed). 

•.• Vol. 1 alone is by Bussy-Rabutin proper; the remaining vols., com- 
prising some pamphlets and satirical pieces relating to the ladies of the 
Louis XIV. court, were reprinted from works published previously. 

Bussy-Eabutin. Histoire de Louis XIV., roy. de France et de 
Navarre . . . adressde a ses enfants Amsterdam, G-. .Gallet 
1700, 12mo., frontispiece, not signed (3s.). 

Bussy-Rabutin. Amours des Dames illustres de notre Siecle. 
A Cologne, chez Jean Le Blanc, 1708, 12mo., frontispiece, 
not ^igned (3s.). 

Butler (Sam.). Hudibras . . . 1726, 12mo., first edition with 
Hogarth's plates (5s,). 

Butler. Hudibras in three Parts with large Annotations and a 
Preface by Zachary Grey, LL.D. Cambridge and London, 
1744, 2 vols., 8vo., portrait by Vertue and plates by 
Hogarth. Best edition (15s., and more than double on 
large paper). 

Butler. Hudibras, a Poem in three Cantos with Notes (by 
Dr. T. Nash). London, 1793, 3 vols., 4 to., portraits and 
plates by Hogarth, and vignettes in red, brown, and black 
(only 200 copies printed) (£2 to £3). 

(J.). The Antiquities of St. Peter's, or the Abbey 
Church of Westminster. London, 1711, 8vo., 
plates (5s.). 

The 1742 edition, having some additional plates, is worth 

Cabinet de Pierres antiques gravees, ou Collection choisie de 
216 bagues et de 682 pierres egyptiennes ^trusques, grecques 
et romaines, gauloises, etc., tirees de c^lebres cabinets de 
I'Europe. Paris, Lamy, 1778, 2 vols., 4to., 2 frontispieces, 
not signed, portrait and 282 plates (not signed) of antique 
gems, finger-rings, etc. (255.). 

Cabinet de Lampsaque (Le), ou Choix d'epigrammes erotiques 
des plus c^lebres poetes franjois. Paphos, 1784, 2 vols., 
16mo., 101 plates apparently by Desrais or Leclerc (50s. 
to 60s.). 

This book appeared also under the title : Le Bijou de la Societe ou 
I'Amusement des Graces, Paphos, 2 vols., 16mo. (VuUiet sale, 110 frs.). 
Strictly speaking, it is the reprint of Le Gay's Legende joyeuse, of 
which part i. appeared in 1749, and part ii. in 1750 (see under these 

Cabinet of Genius. London, 1787, 3 vols., sm. 4to., charming 
plates printed in red in the style of Bartolozzi after Shelley, 
by C. Taylor and J. Ogborne, and views (£4 to £5). 

Cabinet et Magasin des Modes ou les Modes nouvelles frangaises 
et anglaises decrites d'une maniere claire et precise et 
representees par des planches en taille-douce enluminees, 
de novembre 1785 a de'cembre 1789. Paris, Buisson, 
1785-89, 4 vols., 8vo., 362 coloured plates, by Duhamel 
after Desrais, Defraine, and Pugin. The Bdhague copy 570 
francs, and is now worth double and more. 

Cabinet des Fdes, contenant tous leurs ouvrages par Mme. 
. . . Amsterdam, chez Marc Michel Rey, 8 vols., 12mo., 
16 plates by Fokke (10s.). 

Cauixet of Gknius 

IPaije 90 




Cabinet des F^es, ou Collection choisie deS contes de f^es et 
autres contes merveilleux, orn^s de figures. Geneve et 
Paris, 1785-89, 41 vols., 8vo., 120 plates after Marillier 
by Bertbet, Biosse, Borgnet, Choflfard, Croutelle, Dambrun, 
Delignon, Delvaux, Duponchel, Fessard, Gaucher, de 
Ghendt, Godefroy, Goumaz, Halbou, Jonxis, Langlois, 
Langlois jeune, Lebeau, Legrand, Leroy, Leveau, Le Villain, 
de Longueil, Malapeau, Mme. Demoncby, Patas, Mile. Eetor, 
Texier, Thomas, and de Valnet (£2 10s. to £3 10s.). 

Almost all copies lack the two plates, viz. " Dans ce moment on heurta 
si fort a la porte," and " Le Petit Poucet s'etant approche de I'Ogre," 
both after Marillier by de Longueil and Delaunay. They were substi- 
tuted by two others to make up the number of plates. The 12mo. edition 
is inferior as regards the impressions, and is worth 10s. Marillier's 
original drawings passed from Renouard into the collection left by the 
late Baron James de Rothschild. / 

Caesar. C. Julii Csesaris quse extant, etc., access, annot. Sam. 
Clarke. Londini, sumpt. et typis J. Tonson, 1712, roy. 
folio, 87 plates and numerous vignettes (25s., and more 
on large paper, of which only 25 copies were printed). 

The 42nd plate, representing a Bull, is sometimes wanting or damaged. 

Cahusac. Z^neide, comedie en un acte, en vers, avec divertisse- 
ment. Paris, Prault, 1744, fleuron on title and frontispiece, 
both by Cochin fils after Pierre (3s.). 

Cailleau. Le Vauxhall populaire, ou les Fetes de la guinguette, 
poeme grivois et poissardi-lyro-comique en cinq chants, 
dedi^ a M. de Voltaire. A la Gaite, chez le compere la Joie, 
s.l.n.d., 8vo., engraved title, signed P. L. Charpentier (3s.). 

Callimaque. Les Hymnes, edition avec une version fran9aise, 
etc., et des notes de La Porte du Theil. Paris, Gail, I'an IIL, 
2 vols., 12mo., 1 plate designed and engraved by Gaucher 

Calmet (Dom. Aug.). Histoire genealogique de la maison du 
Chatelet, branche puinde de la maison de Lorraine-Nancy, 
1741, numerous plates by Aveline (20s.). 

Calmet. Suite de portraits des Dues et Duchesses de la 
maison Eoyale de Lorraine dessin^s et graves d'aprfes les 
medailles de Saint-Urban, par les plus habiles maltres de 
Florence ; avec la dissertation historique et chronologique 
de Dom. Aug". Calmet, abb^ de Senones. A Florence, chez 
F. Moiicke, 1762-63, 2 vols., fol., 2 fine frontispieces, 4 
vignettes, 13 plates of emblems, coats of arms, and 56 male 
and female medallion portraits within borders (£3). 


Camden (W.). Britannia, translated from the edition pub- 
lished by the author in mdovii. Enlarged by the latest 
Discoveries by Richard Gough. London, 1789, 3 vols., fol. 
Best Edition maps and plates (30s. to 40s.). 

Cameron (C). The Baths of the Eomans explained and illus- 
trated with the Restorations of Palladio corrected and 
improved ; to which is prefixed an introductory Preface 
pointing out the Nature of the Work, and a Dissertation 
upon the State of the Arts during the different periods of 
the Roman Empire. London, 1771 or 1772, Atlas fol., 11 
plates (30s., and more than double with the plates of the 
ceilings and pictures coloured). 

Campbell (Colen), John Woolfe and James Gandon. Vitru- 
vius Britannicus, or, the British Architect, containing the 
Plans, Elevations, and Sections of the regular buildings, 
both publick and private, in Great Britain, with a variety 
of new designs. London, 1715,-17,-25,-67,-71, 5 vols., fol., 
500 plates (40s. to 50s., and more on large paper). 

Campe. Le Nouveau Robinson, traduit de I'allemand par 
A. Simon d'Arnay. Berne, 1794, 8vo., frontispiece and 
3 plates, not signed (3s.). 

Campistron. ffiuvres . . . nouvelle edition, etc. Amsterdam, 
Etienne Valet, 1722, 2 vols., 12mo., frontispiece in both 
volumes alike, and 9 plates by G. S. (Scotin) (4s.). 

Campistron. (Euvres . . . nouvelle edition. Paris, 1750, 
3 vols., 12mo., 3 pretty fleurons on titles by Le Grand (5s.). 

Camoens. La Lusiade, polme heroique sur la decouverte des 
Indes-Orientales, traduit du portugais par M. Duperron de 
Castera. Paris, Clousier (ou, David), 1735, 3 vols., 12mo., 
frontispiece by Scotin after Bonnart, and 10 plates' by 
Bonart, not signed (8s. to 10s.). Amsterdam edition with 
the same date (5s.). 

Comte de Lignerolles' copy of an edition : A Paris, chez Huart, 
1735, -3 vols., 12mo., with frontispiece only, but bound in old red morocco 
g.e., 95 frs. (1894). 

Camoens. La Lusiade, poeme heroique en dix chants, nouvelle- 
ment traduit du portugais, avec des notes et la vie de 
I'auteur, enrichi de figure a chaque chant. Paris, Nyon, 
1776, 2 vols., 8vo., 10 plates, not signed (10s. to 12s.). 

Canevas de la Paris (Les) ou Memoires pour servir a I'histoire 
de r Hotel du Roule. A la Porte Chaillot, s.l.n.d. (Paris, 


1750, 2 parts in 1 vol., 12mo., engraved title, frontispiece 

and plate, not signed (15s. to 20s.). 

Barbier attributes the authorship to Mouffle d'Argenville or Rochon 
de Chabannes. 

Canini (Jean-Ange). Images des heros et des grands hommes de 
I'antiquit^, dessinees sur des medailles, des pierres antiques 
et autres anciens monuments par Jean-Ange Canini, gravees 
par Picart le Eomain, etc. Avec les observations de Jean- 
Ange et Marc-Antoine Canini, donnees en italien sur ces 
images, diverses remarques du traducteur (de Chevriferes) et 
le texte original a cote de la traduction. Amsterdam chez 
B. Picard et S. F. Bernard, 1731, 4to., portrait and 115 
plates (the last 10 plates published without text are often 
missing) (20s.). 

CanoUe. Delices de la Solitude puisees dans 1' etude et la 
contemplation de la nature, 2"° edition. Paris, an VII., 
2 vols., 12mo., 2 plates after Monnet by Bonnefoy (3s.). 

Cantatrice (La) par Infortune, ou Aventures de madame de 
N . . . N . . . ecrites par elle-mlme. Paris, chez 
Maradan, an VII., 8 vols., 12mo., 3 plates, not signed (3s.). 

Cantiqiies Nouveaux de saint Charles Borrome^e et de sainte 
Catherine d'Alexandrie. A I'lsle Sonnante, chez Michel 
Couplet, libraire, 1779, post 8vo., portrait and 5 plates, 
signed M. C. del. and sc. (15s. to 20s.). 

A facetious tract, undoubtedly written about the end of 1778, on the 
occasion of the interesting circumstances in which Marie Antoinette 
was at the time. 

Cantiques et Pots-pourris. Londres (Paris, Cazin) 1789, 6 
parts in 1 vol., 16mo., curious frontispiece and 6 very pretty 
plates by EUuin after Borel, not signed (25s. to 30s.). 

The following are the titles, viz. : La Chaste Suzanne, David et 
Bethzabee, la Chastete de Joseph, Judith, Agnes Sorel, la Pucelle 
d'Orleans. In the counterfeit bearing the same date the plates are 
reversed. Notice should be taken that in David et Bethzabee, Beth- 
zabee must be to the left, and in la Chastete de Joseph, Mme. Putiphar 
must be to the right, which is only the case in the original edition. 

Caquire, parodie de Zaire, par M. de Vessaire, seconde edition, 
considerablement emmerdee. A Chio de I'imprimerie 
d'Avalons, 8vo., frontispiece, not signed {6s.). 

Caraecioli. La Vie du Pope Clement XIV. (Ganganelli). Paris, 
Prault, 1776, 12mo., portrait-frontispiece by Delaunay, 


vignette by Baquoy after Prevost and a tailpiece designed 
and engraved by Prevost (35.). 

Another edition bearing the same date has a frontispiece instead of 
the portrait. 

Cardonnel (Adam de). Numismata Scotise, or, a series of the 
Scottish Coinage from the Reign of William the Lion to 
the Union. Edinburgh, 1786, 4to., 20 plates (15s. to 20s.). 

Caricatures politiques. An VI. (1798), 12mo., 18 pages and 
5 plates. A royalist pamphlet (15s. to 20s.). 

Caroline et Saint-Hilaire, ou les . . . du Palais-Royal. A 
Paris, dans un b . . . An VIII. , 2 vols., 16mo., 5 plates 
(12s. to 15s.). 

Caron du Chanset. La Dame de Charite, drame en trois aetes 
et en prose. La Haye et Paris, 1775, pretty plate by 
Patas after Desrais (3s.). 

Carracci (Annibale). Le Arti di Bologne di A. Carracci 
intagliate da Simone Guilini. Roma, 1740, folio, frontis- 
piece containing portrait of Carraccio and 80 plates (15s.). 
Cries of Boulogne. 

Carre (J. B. L.), de Clermont-la-Meuse. Panoplie, ou Reunion 
de tout ce qui a trait a la Guerre depuis I'origine de la 
nation . . . par J. B. L. C. . . . A Chalons-sur-Marne 
[Depintevillg-Bouchard], 1795, 2 vols., 4to., 41 plates 
(£7 to £8). 

Carter (John). Specimens of the ancient Sculpture and Paint- 
ing now remaining in this Kingdom from the earliest Period 
to the Reign of Henry VIIL, London, 1780-87, 2 vols., 
fol., original edition, plates (40s. to 50s., and more on large 

Carter (John). Collection of 120 views of ancient Buildings in 
England. 1786-93, 6 vols., 12mo. (lOs.). 

Carter (John). The ancient Architecture of England. London, 
1795-1816, 2 vols., fol., frontispiece, engraved title, and 
plates (25s.). 

Cassandra, a Romance, translated from the French by Sir 
Charles Cotterell, 1725, 5 vols., 8vo., 5 frontispieces by 
Hogarth (4s. to 5s.). 

Cassas. Voyage pittoresque, de la Syrie, de la Ph^nicie, de la 
Palestine et de la basse Egypt. Paris, an VII (1799), 


4 vols., roy. fol. (including 1 vol. of text), containing 180 
plates by Berthault, Dequevauviller, Racine, etc., after 
Cassas (25s. to 30s.). 

Only 30 parts appeared, and the work was discontinued. The text 
is for the first 7 parts alone. Some copies have unlettered proofs. 
The Firm Didot had acquired from Cassas' heirs the original drawings 
as well as some unpublished plates, including the one beautifully 
engraved by Girardet, with the object of completing the work. They 
even had already announced the forthcoming publication, but the whole 
work was destroyed by a fire that broke out on their premises (1836). 

Cassas. Voyage pittoresque et historique de I'lstrie et de la 
Dalmatie (par J. de la Valine). Paris, Imprimerie de P. 
Didot I'ain^, an X. (1802), fol. plates by N^e or under his 
direction after Cassas (15s., and more on vellum paper, 
particularly with the unlettered proofs). 

Castel. Ces Plantes, poeme, troisifeme edition, revue avec soin. 
Paris, Deterville (imp. Crapelet), 1802, 12mo., frontispiece, 
and 4 plates by Pierron after J. E. de Seve (4s., and more 
on vellum paper). 

Castera (de). La Pierre .philosophale des Dames ou les Caprices 
de I'amour et du destin, s.l., 1733, 2 parts in 1 vol., 12mo., 
frontispiece and 4 plates, not signed (4s. to 5s.). 

Catalogue raisonne d'une Collection de diverses Curiosites en 
tons genres du Cabinet de feu M. Bonnier de la Mosson, 
per Gersaint. Paris, Barrois, 1754, 12mo., frontispiece by 
Duflos after Boucher (5s.). 

Catalogue raisonn^ des tableaux, sculptures, etc., qui composent 

le cabinet de feu M. le due de Tallard, par les Srs. E^my et 

Glomy. . Paris, Didot, 1756, 12mo., frontispiece by Huquier 

after Baudouin, and plate (8s.). 

The same frontispiece was inserted in a Catalogue de tableaux, de 
dessins et d'estampes par les sieurs Helle et Glomy, 1757. 

Catalogue des Chevaliers, Commandeurs, et Officiers de I'Ordre 
du Saint-Esprit, avec leurs noms et qualitds depuis I'institu- 
tion jusqu'a present. Paris, de I'imprimerie de J. F. 
Ballard, 1760, fol., frontispiece by Laurent Cars after 
Boucher, and vignettes by Gravelot (30s.). 

Comte Roger's copy, which belonged formerly to Louis -Philippe, 
155 frs. 

Catalogue raisonn^ des tableaux du cabinet de M. Peilhon par 
P. Remy. Paris, Didot, 1763, 12mo., frontispiece designed 
and engraved by A. de Saint- Aubin (3s.). 


Catalogue de tableaux et dessins des maltres eelfebres des Trois 
Ecoles, figures de marbre, de bronze, estampes, etc., du 
cabinet de feu M. Randon de Boisset, par Pierre Remy. A 
Paris, chez Musier, chez Remy, etc., 1777; 12mo., frontis- 
piece after de Seve by Baquoy (5s.). 

Catalogue des Tableaux, Dessins, Terres-cuites, marbres et 
autres objets prdcieux, aprfes le decfes de S. A.~ S. Mgr. le 
prince de Conty, par Remy. Paris, Musier, 1777, 8vo., 
engraved title by Martini after Moreau (5s.). 

Catalogue de tableaux, sculptures, dessins, estampes, provenant 
de la succession de feu M.. Le Bas. Paris, chez Cleusier 
et Joullain, 1783, 16mo., very fine frontispiece and charming 
tailpiece by Gaucher (10s.). 

Catalogue raisonn^ d'un Choix pr^cieux de dessins et d'une 
nombreuse et riche Collection d'Estampes anciennes et 
modernes en feuilles, en recueils et en ceuvres, livres a 
figures^ sciences et arts, tableaux et autres objets curieux 
qui composaient le cabinet de feu Pierre-Frangois Basan 
pere. Par S. F. Regnault. Paris, chez I'auteur, an VI. 
(1798), allegorical frontispiece and headpiece, containing 
Basan's portrait, designed and engraved by Chofi"ard 

Catalogue de TCEuvre de Ch. Nic. Cochin fils, etc. Paris, 

Prault, 1770, 8vo., fleuron on title, and vignette containing 

Cochin's portrait, designed and engraved by Prevost (10s.). 

The work, compiled by an intimate friend of the artiste, contains 
some useful information respecting Cochin and his industrious career. 

Catalogue des vases, colonnes. Tables de marbres Tares, figures 
de bronze, porcelaine de choix, laques, meubles precieux, 
pendules, etc., qui composent le cabinet de feu M. le due 
d'Aumont, par P. F. Julliot fils, et A. J. Paillet. Paris, 
JuUiot et Paillet, 1782, 8vo., 30 plates (20s. to 25s.). 

Catalogue raisonne des diverses Curiosit^s du Cabinet de feu 
M. Quentin de Lorangfere. Composd de tableaux, desseins, 
estampes, etc., par E. F. Gersaint. Paris, Barois, 1744, 
12mo., frontispiece after Cochin (6s. to 8s.). 

This catalogue comprises the works of Callot, Le Clerc, Picart, de la. 
Belle, etc. 

Catalogue raisonnd de toutes les Estampes qui forment I'CEuvre 
de Rembrandt et ceux de ses principaux imitateurs, com- 
pose par les sieurs Gersaint, Helle, Glomy et P. Yver, 


nouvelle Edition, entiferement refondue, corrigee et consider- 
ablement augmentee par Adam Bartsch. . . . Vienne, A. 
Blumauer,' 1797, 2 parts in 1 vol., 8vo., portraits of 
Eembrandt and of Livens, and 4 folding-plates (portraits 
and first plate signed A. Bartsch f.) (105.). 

Catalogue raisonne des Tableaux, Desseins et Estampes, et 
autres efFets curieux, aprfes le decfes de M. de Jullienne, 
Ecuyer, Chevalier de Saint-Michel . . . par Pierre Eemy. 
A Paris, Vente 1767, unlettered frontispiece (65.). 

Catesby (M.). The Natural History of Carolina, Florida and 
the Bahama Islands (in English and French), with Ap- 
pendix and Index. London, 1731,-43,-48, 2 vols., imp. 
fol., map, and 220 coloured plates (£4 to £5). 

The Appendix, containing 20 plates, is often deficient. The sub- 
sequent editions of 1754 and 1771, in which the plates are of a superior 
colouring, are worth £6 to £7. 

Catesby. Hortus Europse Americanus, or a Collection of 85 
Trees and Shrubs, the Produce of North America, adapted 
to the Climate and Soil of Great Britain. London, 1767, 
4to., 17 colouring engravings (15s. to 20s.). 

Catherine II. (Imperatrice de Eussie). Les Plans et les 
Statuts des differents Etablissements ordonnds par S. M. 
Imperiale pour I'education de la jeunesse et I'utilite de son 
empire. Traduit du russe de M. (Betzky) par M. Clerc. 
Amsterdam, Marc Mickel Eey, 1775, 2 parts in 1 vol., 4to., 
2 frontispieces, after Kolpakoff and Strebnitsky, and 2 
plates after Strebnitsky and 1 not signed, 40 headpieces 
after Kolpakoff (2), Panine (16), Strebnitsky (5), 
Honnemann (2),^ Gherassimoff (13), and 2 not signed, 19 
tailpieces after Panine (2), Kolpakoff (2), Strebnitsky (2) 
B. Picart (11), Dubourg (2), by Tanje, fleuron on titles 
(alike), and medallion, the chancery seal and 3 plans (10s.). 

Catherine II. (Imperatrice de Eussie). Instruction donnee par 
Sa Majesti I'lmperatrice de toutes les Eusses a la commis- 
sion ^tablie pour travailler a 1' execution du projet d'un 
nouveau code de loix. Lausanne, 1769, 12mo., portrait 
after Boily, and fleuron on title (3s.). 

Caton (Denys*). Disticha de moribus ad filium, etc. Amstel, 
Houttuyn, 1759, 8vo., 5 plates designed and engraved by 
Fokke (5s.). 

CatuUe, TibuUe et Gallus. Traduction en prose de Catulle, 



Tibuile et Gall us, par I'auteur des Soirees helvetiennes et 
des Tableaux (Le M'"- de Pezay). Amsterdam et Paris, 
Delalain, 1771, 2 vols., roy. 8vo., frontispiece by de 
Longueil, after Eisen, for both vols, alike, and tailpiece by 
the same artists (3s.). 

Cauvet (G. P.). Eecueil d'Ornemens a I'usage des jeunes 
artistes qui se destinent a la decoration des b§,timens, dedie a 
Monsieur par G. P. Cauvet, sculpteur de S. A. E. A Paris, 
chez I'auteur, 1777, fol., engraved title in red and black, 
frontispiece, with portrait of Monsieur Comte de Provence, 
engraved dedication, and 72 plates in red and black, con- 
taining 117 subjects by Cauvet, Hemery, Leroy, Mile. 
Liettier, Martini, and Miger, besides 1 leaf of privilege 
(£25 to £30). 

The Behague copy, 1000 frs., and a copy with 53 plates only 500 frs. 
(Paris sale, 1894). M. Hip. Destailleur's copy with the number of 
plates as described above, besides an additional etching and 1 1 original 
drawings by Cauvet (7 a la sanguine, and 4 a la plume) inserted, 
1120 frs. (189.5). 

Cauvin. Arrest de la Cour du Parnasse pour les Jesuites, 
po^me avec notes et figures. A Delphes, chez Pagliarini, 
libraire, 1762, avec permission et privilege dApollon, 12mo., 
engraved title with vignette and 1 plate by de Montalais 

The amateur artist de Montalais has engraved several series of 
satirical plates on the Jesuits. 

Caux de Capeval. Apologie du Gout fran9ais relativement a 
rOpera. S. L. (Paris), 1754, 8vo., engraved title, having 
a very pretty fleuron, not signed (3s.). 

Cayet(P. V. P.). Histoire prodigieuse et lamentable de Jean 
Fauste, grand Magicien. Avec son Testament et sa vie 
epouvantable. A Cologne . . . 1712, frontispiece (5s. 
to 6s.). 

Originally written in German, and falsely attributed to G. Widman. 

Caylus (Comte de). Eecueil de testes, de caractfere et de 
charges dessinees par Leonard de Vinci, florentin, et gravees 
par M. le C. de C. (Comte de Caylus). A Paris, Mariette, 
1730, 4to., title engraved after Aug. Carache, and 60 
subjects on 32 leaves after L. de Vinci by Caylus, preceded 
by a letter (22 pages) by J. P. Mariette to Caylus (lOs. 
to 12s.). 

Caylus (Comte de). La Somnabule, comedie. Paris, 1739, 
8vo., pretty vignette on title, after Fessard (3s.). 

Cauvet (Illustration No. 1) 

[Page 98 

Cacvet (No. 2) 

[_Page 98 




Caylus et Majault. , M^moire sur la- Peinture a I'encaustique et 
sur la Peinture a la cire. Genfeve et Paris, 1735, 8vo., 
frontispiece, not signed (3s.). 

Caylus (Comte de). Recueil des Pierres gravees du Cabinet 
du Roi, sm. 4to., 306 etchings by the Comte de Caylus. 
The first impressions, as they were published by Caylus 
without title or explanations and before the numbers, are 
valued at 30s. to 40s.,, while Basan's publication of the 
same under the title of Recueil de Trois cents T^tes, 
numbered and explained, is hardly worth 10s. M. Hip. 
Destailleur's copy of the first impressions, and bound in old 
red morocco, realized in 1895 only 5Q frs. 

Caylus. Les Etrennes de la Saint-Jean (par le Comte de Caylus, 
Maurepas, Montesquieu, Moncrif, Crebillon fils, etc.), 2° 
edition. Troyes, veuve Oudot (Paris, 1742), 12mo., frontis- 
piece and caricature woodcut portraits of M. and Mme. 
Oudot (3s., and more on large paper). 

Two copies exist on vellum, one of them sold first in the Baron 
Pichon sale for 250 frs., re-sold for 470 frs. in the Quentin-Bauchart sale. 

Caylus. Contes orientaux tires de mss. de la Bibliothfeque du. 
Roi (par de Caylus). La Haye, 1743, 2 vols., 12mo., 8. 
plates, not signed (5 s.). 

Caylus. Les Manteaux. La Haye, 1746, 8vo., frontispiece by 
Fessard after Cochin fils, not signed (3s.). 

Caylus. Le Pot-pourri, ouvrage nouveau de ces dames et de- 
ces messieurs. Amsterdam, 1748, 12mo., frontispiece un- 
lettered and unsigned (3s.). 

Caylus. Norcion, conte allobroge, S.l. (Paris, Robustel), 1747, 
12mo., title-frontispiece engraved by Fessard after Cochin 
fils ; rare (10s.). The authorship is also attributed to 
Queulette and to the Abbe J. P. de Bernis. 

Caylus. Memoires de 1' Academic des colporteurs, de I'imprimerie 
ordinaire de I'Academie, 1748, 12mo., fleuron on title, 
frontispiece by C. N. Cochin, and 8 pretty plates, not 
signed, in the style of Gravelot or of Pasquier (5s.). 

Caylus. Recueil d'Antiquites egyptiennes, etrusques, grecques 
et romaines. Paris, chez Tilliard, 1752-57, 7 vols., 4to., 
7 allegorical frontispieces, fleurons on titles and tailpieces, 
not signed, and about 826 plates of antiquity, besides 
two portraits by Saint- Aubin and Littret. A very limited 


number having been issued of the first volume, the publishers 
were compelled to re-issue it in 1761 ; hence so few copies 
occur bearing the original date 1752. The book is likewise 
incorrect as regards the reproduction of the plates of the 
monuments, which detracts not a little from its value (£2, 
and much more in morocco). 

Caylus. Histoire de Joseph, aecompagnee de 10 figures 
gravees d'aprfes Eembrandt, par le comte de Caylus. 
Amsterdam, 1757, fol. (lOs.). 

Caylus. Nouveaux Contes orientaux, ornes de figures en taille- 
douce. Amsterdam, veuve Merkus et Paris, Merigot, 1780, 
2 vols., 8vo., 8 plates, not signed (10^.). 

Caylus. (Euvres badines completes du comte de Caylus, avec 
figures. Amsterdam et Paris, 1787, 12 vols., Bvo., portrait 
by Delaunay jeune after Cochin, and 24 plates by Baquoy, 
Borgnet, Dambrun, Fessard, de Ghendt, Giraud I'ain^, 
Hubert, Le Villain, Maillet, Patas, and Thomas after 
Marillier (20s. to 25s.). 

daylus. La Chauve-souris du sentiment, comedie en un acte 
(du comte de Caylus?), s.l.n.d. (Paris, circa 1763), 8vo., a 
pretty plate supposed to be by Boucher (10s.). 

•.• Crebillon fils is also named as the author of this play. 

Cazotte. Le Diable amoureux, nouvelle espagnole. Naples 
(Paris, Lejay), 1772, 8-vo., 6 plates, not signed, probably by 
Moreau after Marillier (15s. to 20s.). 

A satire upon the prevailing mania of the time to illustrate every 
book, however trivial or serious its contents may be. 

'Cazotte. CEuvres badines et morales de M. . . . Amsterdam 
et Paris, chez Esprit, 1776, 2 vols., 8vo., 2 plates by 
Choffard and Prevost after Cochin (6s.). 

Cazotte. (Euvres badines et morales, nouvelle edition, Londres 
(Cazin), 1788, 7 vols., IGmo., 7 frontispieces, all signed 
Diinker (except the first two) (lOs., and double in morocco). 

Cazotte. OUivier, pofeme (en prose). Paris, Didot I'ain^, 
1798, 2 vols., Bvo., 12 charming plates by Godefroy after 
Lefevre (20s., and double on vellum paper, and between £3 
and £4 with the unlettered proofs, and more on large 
vellum paper with unlettered proofs). 

Comte de LigneroUes' copy in this state in mor. by Trautz, 142 frs. 
(1894). Copies on large vellum paper with the etchings, unlettered 


proofs and counter proofs, are of rare occurrence, and valued at fancy 
prices according to condition. The publication price was the modest 
6 frs., 12 frs., and 24 frs. respectively. 

Cazotte. QEuvres choisies et badines, nouvelle edition. Paris, 
an VI., 6 vols., 12mo., 6 plates after Chaillou by Courbe 
and Bovinet (6s.). 

Cecils, fiUe d'Achmet II., empereur des Turcs, nee en 1710. 
A Constantinople et Paris, Buisson, 1788, 2 parts in 1 vol., 
16mo., 2 plates after Chaillou by Lorieux (3s.). 

C^lastine, ou les Epoux sans I'Stre, par B(elin) de la L(eborliere), 
auteur de la Nuit anglaise, etc. Nouvelle edition. Paris, 
cbez Lemarchand, an VIII. (1800), 4 vols., 12mo., 4 plates 
after Chaillou and Fortier by Bovinet (5s.). 

C^liane ou les Amants reduits paa* leur vertus (par Mme. 
Benoist). Paris, 1768, 8vo., 1 plate, not signed (3s.). 

Ce qui plait aux dames, oule plus joli des Almanachs, chansons, 
ariettes, vaudevilles, airs d'opdras, etc., enrichis de sujets 
graves par les meilleurs artistes de ce genre. Paris, Desnos, 
1791, 12mo., 12 charming plates (15s.). 

C^r^monies du manage de Louis dauphin de France, avec Marie- 
Th^rfese infante d'Espagne, dans la chapelle du chateau de^ 
Versailles, le 23 f^vrier 1745, Atlas folio, 4 large plates : 
"la C^remonie du mariage" designed and engraved by C. 
N. Cochin fils ; le Bal masque donne par le roi dans lat 
grande galerie de Versailles ; le Bal pard et la Decoration 
de la salle de spectacle construite dans le Manage, by C. N. 
Cochin pfere after Cochin fils (£8, and more in morocco). 
Cochin's water-colour drawings are exhibited in the Louvre. 

Cervantes. Histoire de I'admirable Don Quixote de la Manche. 
Revue, eorrigee et augmentee de quantite de figures. 
Bruxelles, Guillaume Fricx, 1706, 2 vols., 12mo. (all pub- 
lished), plates after Harrevyn (10s.). 

Cervantes. Les Principales Aventures de I'admirable Don 
Quichotte, representees en figures par Coypel, Picart le 
Eomain, et autres habiles maltres (Boucher, Cochin, Lebas,. 
et TremoUiferes), avec les explications des 31 planches, 
etc., in folio (1723-24),^ engraved by L. Surugue, Cochin, 
M. Aubert, Eavenet, Lepici^, Joullain, Haussard, Silvestre, 
Beauvais, Poilly, Aveline, and Tardieu. The first 24 plates 
engraved under the direction of Coypel, and dated 1723 or 
1724, appeared under the following title : "Les principales 


Aventures de I'incomparable chevalier errant Don Quicliotte 
de la Manclie peintes par Charles Coypel peintre du roi et 
gravees sous sa direction par les plus habiles artistes en ce 
genre. A Paris, chez Jacques Frangois Chereau, rue St. 
Jacques aux deux Piliers d'or" (£12, and in unlettered 
proofs which are of extreme rarity, worth a fancy price). 
Coypel's original paintings are in the Castle of Compiegne. 

Cervantes. Aventures de Don Quichotte, gravees par F. Joullain 
d'apres les compositions de Ch. Coypel, oblong, folio, 24 
plates, the same compositions as in the preceding series. 
One plate is signed F. Joullain (£6 to £8). This series was 
simultaneously issued with English letterpress beneath the 
plates, but it is seldom to be met with. 

•Cervantes. Vida y hechos del invenioso hidalgo Don Quixote 
de la Mancha, compuesta por Miguel de Cervantes, SaaVedra, 
en quatro tomas, en Londres, for J. J. E. Tonson, 1738, 
4 vols., 4to., portrait and 68 fine plates by Vertue and 
Van der Gucht after Vanderbank (two are by Hogarth). 
This edition was published by Lord Carteret (£2, and more 
in morocco). 

'Cervantes. Don Quixote (traduit par Filleau de St. Martinet et 
Challe). David, 1741, 6 vols., 12mo., 39 plates, not signed 

Cervantes. Life and Exploits of the ingenious Gentleman Don 
Quixote de la Mancha, translated by Charles Jarvis. 
London, 1742, 2 vols., 4to., portrait and plates after Vander- 
, bank by Vander Gucht (20s. to 30s.). 

Cervantes. Les Principales Aventures de I'admirable Don 
Quichotte, representees en figures par Coypel, Picart le 
Eomain, et autres habiles maltres, avec les explications des 
3 1 planches de cette magnifique collection, tiroes de I'original 
espagnol de Miguel de Cervantes. La Haye, chez Pierre de 
Hondt, 1746, roy. 4to., fleuron on title and vignette heading 
the Dedication by J. v. Schley, and 31 plates by Fokke (1), 
Picart (12), V. Schley (13), and Tanj^ (5), after Boucher (1), 
Cochin (2), Coypel (25), Lebas (1), and Tremoliferes (2) 
(10s., and more than double before the numbers, anid £4 to 
£6 on large paper, sm. folio. Martin's copy, morocco, by 
Derome, 450 frs.). 

The Dutch edition contains the earliest impressions, issued without 
dedication and vignette. Plates 9 and 16 bear date 1742, plate 1, 1744, 
and plates 3, 4, 7, and 12, 1745. 


Cervantes. Don Quixote, translated from the Spanish, to 
which is prefixed some account of the Author's Life, by 
T. Smollett, M.D. London, 1755, 2 vols., 4to., 28 plates 
by Hayman (35s. to 40s.). 

Cervantes. Don Quixote . . . Madrid, 1765, 4 vols., post 8 vo., 
woodcuts (10s.). 

Cervantes. Histoire de 1' admirable Don Quichotte de la Manche, 
traduite de I'espagnol de Michel de Cervantes, enrichie de 
belles figures dessin^es de Coypel et gravees par Folkdma et 
Fokke. Amsterdam et Leipzig, chez Arkst^e et Merkus, 
1768, 6 vols., 12mo. (8 vols, avec les Nouvelles), engraved 
title, portrait of Cervantes, 6 fleurons on the titles (one 
duplicate), and 31 plates (and 13 plates by Folk^ma for 
Les Nouvelles) (I2s., and more with the plates before letters 
or numbers in the " Nouvelles "). 

Cervantes. El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha, 
compuesto por Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. Madrid, 
Jbairra, 1780, 4 vols., roy. 4t9., 4 frontispieces (2 difierent) 
by Selma and Juan de la Cruz after Carnicero and 
Arquitecto, portrait of Cervantes by Salvator y Carmona 
after Joseph del Castillo, 14 ornamented letters, 22 vignettes, 
and 20 tailpieces by Brandi, Fabregat, Minguet, and 
Palomino, after Ballester, Brieva, Carnicero, La Cuesta, and 
Zimeno, 31 plates, by Ballester, Barcelon, Fabregat, Gil, 
Moles, Muntaner, Salvador y Carmona, and Selma, after 
Barranco, Brunette, Del Castillo, Ferro, and Gil, and a map. 
Superb edition from the typographical as well as artistic point 
of view. It is a fact worth recording that the impressions in 
the unlettered proof are somewhat pale, which strengthens 
the belief that those with the letterpress were taken first. 
They are also of rarer occurrence, and should decidedly be 
preferred. There are some plates before the numbers. 
Copies with a paper of mixed quality should be avoided 
(£2 to £B, and treble and more in old morocco). 

Cervantes. Les Aventures de Don Quichotte, 1780, portrait 
of Cervantes, 6 fleurons, 5 frontispieces, and 24 plates by 
Berger after Chodowiecki ; rare (30s. to 40s.). 

In the Gosford sale a copy printed on vellum (one of 6 copies) of the 
Spanish edition of 1797, 3 vols., 8vo., bound in 7, with plates in red 
morocco, realized 1510 frs. 

Cervantes. Don Quichotte de la Manche, traduit de I'espagnol 
par Florian, ouvrage posthume. De I'lmprimerie de Didot 


I'aine. Paris, Deterville, an VII. (1799), 3 vols., 8vo., and 
6 vols., 16mo., portrait of Cervantes by Gaucher after 
Queverdo, and 24 plates by Coiny, Dambrun, Gaucher, 
Godefroy, and Masquelier, after Leffevre and Le Barbier 
(20s., and treble and more on vellum paper with unlettered 
proofs and the etchings). 

Cervantes. Don Quixote, embellished with (74) engravings 
from pictures painted by Robert Smirke, E.A. London, 
1818, 4 vols., roy. 8vo., 30s., and treble with India proofs 
before letters. A few sets of the 74 plates were taken off 
separately in folio on India paper before all letters (£8 
to £10, and more with the etchings). 

Cervantes. Nouvelles de Michel de Cervantes Saavedi-a, 
nouvelle Edition, augmentee de trois nouvelles qui n'avoient 
point ^t^ traduites en frangois et de la vie de I'auteur, en- 
richies de figures en taille-douce. Amsterdam et Leipzig, chez 
Arkstee et Merkus, 1768, 2 vols., 12mo., 2 fleurons on the 
titles and 13 plates designed and engraved by Folkema 

Cervantes. Nouvelles espagnoles de Michel de Cervantes, 
traduction nouvelle (par Lefebvre de Villebrune) avec des 
notes, ornee de figures en taille-douce. Paris, veuve 
Duchesne, 1778, 2 vols., 8vo., 12 plates after -Desrais by 
Berthet (1), Bradel (1), Delaunay (1), Lebeau (2), lie 
Roy (1), Maillet (1), and 5 not signed (30s.). 

The following are the titles ofthe " Nouvelles," viz. : La Bohemiemie, 
plate by Delaunay jeune; L'Amant liberal; Theodosie et Leocadie; Le 
Jaloux d'Estremadure ; L'Espagnole Angloise ; Le Sot curieux"; Le 
Licentie de verre ; L'lUustre Fregone ; La Force du sang ; Cornelia ; 
Le Mariage trompeur ; Les Filoux. They are dated 1776, 1777, and 
1778 respectively, and have separate pagination, and the last 5 have 
only half-titles. In 1788 M. Defer de Maisonneuve had new general 
titles printed to each volume. 

Cervantes. Novelas exemplares de Miguel de Cervantes 
Saavedra, en esta nueva imprecion adornadas y illustradas 
de muy bellas estampas. Anvers, Bousquet, 1743, 2 vols., 
8vo., portrait by Jacquemin after Kent, and 13 plates by 
Adeline (1 by Daudet) after Folkema (12, and 1 without 
name) (10s.). 

Chabuy (Fr. Nic). Abrege de I'histoire chronologique des 
Juifs jusqu'a la prise de Jerusalem. Paris, chez Chaubert, 
1759, 8vo., 5 vignettes by Saint-Aubin under the direction 
of Fessard after Gravelot (4s.). 


Chales. Les illustres Frangoises, histoires veritables. Utrecht, 
chez Etienne Neaulme, 1737, 4 vols., 8vo., frontispieces, 
fleurons, and 9 plates (4s.). 

Challiot, Gauthier. Eeglement sur les Uniformes des Gene- 
raux, des Officiers, des Etats-Majors . . . Paris, an XIL, 
4to., 15 military plates by Challiot, Gauthier, etc. {25s. 
to 30s.). 

Chambron. Le Commerce de I'Amerique par Marseille. Avig- 
non, 1764, 2 vols., 4to., frontispiece to each vol, (alike) 
(25s. to 30s.). 

Champlain. L'Ami de la Concorde, ou Essai sur les motifs 
d'eviter des procfes et sur les rnoyens d'en tarir la source, 
par un avocat an Parlement. Londres, 1765, 8vo., folding 
plate, not signed, representing justice swallowing the oyster 

Chansonnier (Le) patriote, ou Eecueil de Chansons, Vaudevilles 
et Pot-pourris patriotiques, par differents auteurs. Paris, 
Garnery, I'an premier de la Republique francaise, 16mo., 1 
allegorical plate (3s.). 

Chansonnier de la Montague (Le) ou Eecueil de Chansons, 
Vaudevilles, pots-pourris et hymnes patriotiques. Paris, 
chez Favre, maison Egalit^, galerie de bois, 220, an III., 
pretty frontispiece containing 7 medal portraits, not signed, 
of Barras, Marat, etc. (3s.). 

Chansonnier des Graces (Le) avec la musique gravee des airs 
nouveaux. Paris, chez Louis, an IX., 16mo., 1 plate by 
Dambrun after Bonnet (3s.). 

It began in " an VIII." with plate after Ruotte. 

Chansons choisies, avec les airs not^s. Genfeve (Cazin), 1782, 
4 vols., 16mo., frontispiece, not signed, and 115 plates of 
music. This edition contains the " Chansons Erotiques " 
(10s. to 15s.). 

Chansons choisies, avec les airs notes. Genfeve, 1785, 4 vols., 
12mo., pretty frontispiece designed and engraved by Baily, 
and 202 pages of engraved music {6s.). 

Chansons des bons Cousins et bons compagnons fendeujs, d^diees 
a toutes les bonnes cousines du chantier de la Paix, gravies 
par le cousin Fauchau, 1773, 8vo., engraved text and music, 
frontispiece and 4 tailpieces, not signed (10s. to 12s.). 


Chapelle. Voyage de Chapelle et Bachaumont, suivi de quelques 
autres voyages dans le meme genre. Genfeve (Cazin), 1777, 
8 vo. , a charming frontispiece by Delaunay after Marillier ( 3s. ). 

Chapelle. Voyage de Chapelle et Bachaumont. Londres 
(Cazin), 1782, frontispiece, not signed (3s.). 

Chappe d'Auteroche (L'abbe). Voyage en Siberie, fait par 
ordre du Eoi en 1761, contenant les moeurs, les usages 
des Russes, et I'etat actuel de cette puissance, etc. Paris, 
De Bure pfere, 1768, 2 vols, in 3, fol. and Atlas roy. fol., 
frontispiece by Tilliard after Le Prince, fleuron on title by 
Duclos after Le Prince, vignette designed and engraved by 
Moreau, and 50 plates by Duclos, Le Bas, Baquoy, de 
Launay, Martinet, A. de Saint-Aubin, F. and B. Tilliard, 
and C. de Fecamp, after Le Prince (28), Moreau le jeune 
(8), Caresme de Fecamp (12), and Martinet (2), plus frontis- 
piece for the Atlas by Tilliard after Le Prince. It is 
essential that the Atlas should have the " Cartes des 
Vosges," which is frequently missing ; the Atlas alone is 
scarce (£3). 

The edition of Amsterdam, 6 vols., 12mo., 1769-70, folding frontis- 
piece, and 5 plates after de Bokker, is only an abridged one. The 
original drawings of Le Prince and Moreau a la sepia and a I'encre de 
Chine are in the collection of Louis Eoederer at Reims. 

Charlevoix (R. P. F. Xavier de). Histoire et Description 
gendrale de la Nouvelle France . . . Paris, P. F. GifFart, 
1744, 3 vols., 4to., numerous plates (30s. to 40s.). 

Charlevoix (de). Histoire du Paraguay . . . Paris, Desaint 
et Saillant, 1756, 3 vols., 4to., maps and 3 charming 
vignettes, not signed (15s.). 

Chamois (J. Ch. Le Vacher de). Nouvelles. Paris, veuve 
Duchesne, 1782, 12mo., frontispiece and plate by Duclos 

Chamois. Nouvelles. Bruxelles, chez Emmanuel Flon, 1782, 
12mo., frontispiece and plate after J. B. Q. D. by de La 
Rue (3s.). 

Chamois (J. Ch. Le Vacher de). Costumes et Annales des 
grands Th^d,tres de Paris, avec figures au lavis et colori^eSj 
ouvrage destin^ a representer le costume exact de nos 
com^diens les plus eclair^s, a relever les erreurs des faux 
costumes, a offirir des modfeles de ceux qui sont inconnus 
ou alteres, accompagnes de notices interessantes et 
curieuses. A Paris, chez Janinet, de 1786 a 1789, 7 


parts in 4 vols., 8vo., 176 plates tinted and coloured after 
D. Bertaux, Dutertre, Le Barbier, Desrais, Janinet, etc., or 
not signed and engraved by Janinet. A periodical publica- 
tion of which appeared yearly 48 numbers with 24 coloured 
plates, 24 plates after the antique, and 36 plates of music. 
In the first 3 years there were 48 numbers each, in the fourth 
year 33 numbers only. The work has a twofold interest— 
the costumes of the period, and the information given in 
relation to the theatres as well as the pretty portraits of 
famous actresses, among which may be noticed those of 
Mile. Contat (r61e of Suzanne in La FoUe Journde), Madame 
Dugazon (r61e of Nina), Mile. Guimard, Mile Colombe, 
Mme. Vestris, Mme. Favart, Sophie Arnould, Adrieme 
Lecouvreur, Eaucourt, etc. (£25 to £30, and more than 
double on large paper 4to., particularly on superfine paper). 

Chamois (J. Ch. Le Vacher de). Eecherches sur les Costumes 
et sur les Th^^tres de toutes les nations tant anciennes que 
modernes, etc.; avec estampes en couleur et au la vis, 
dessindes par M. Chery et gravees par P. M. Alix. Paris, 
Drouhin, 1790, 2 vols., 4to., portrait of Chamois by Alix 
after Violet in colours (done after his assassination in 1792), 
frontispiece coloured, and 53 plates, mostly in colours by 
Alix, Ride, and Sergent after Chery (£2). 

Reprinted 1802, withi 56 coloured plates. 

Charpentier (R. ). Premier Livre de difFerents Trophees, inventez 
par R. Charpentier, Sculpteur du Roy, et grave par Huquier. 
A Paris, chez Huquier, s.d., oblong 4to., engraved title and 
10 plates (15s. to 20s.). 

Charrifere (Madame de). Les Trois femmes, par Mme. de 
Charrifere, auteur des Lettres ecrites de Lausanne, etc. 
Paris, Nepveu, libraire, passage des Panoramas, 26, 1809, 
post 8vo., frontispiece and 6 plates by Choffard, Couche, 
and Duplessis-Bertaux after Legrand (10s.). 

Charron (Pierre). De la Sagesse, trois livres . . . Genfeve, 
1777, 3 vols., 16mo., fine portrait by de Launay (3s.). 

Charron. De la Sagesse. Paris, Bastien, 1783, 8vo., portrait 
by and after Pruneau, and a charming plate copied from 
the frontispiece of the famous undated Elzevir edition (4s., 
and double on large paper 4to. ). 

Charte constitutionelle des Frangais, ornee de gravures, dedide 
au Roi, par M. Ponce, graveur de S. A. R. Monsieur. Paris, 


ehez Ponce et Didot, 1814, 4to., 6 plates by Ponce and 
Helman after Monnet (12s., and more than double on 
vellum paper with unlettered proofs). 

Chassaignon (J. M.). Cataractes de I'lmagination, ddluge 
de la scribomanie, vomissement litt^raire, hemorrbagie 
encyclopedique, monstres des monstres, par Epim^nide 
I'inspir^. Dans I'antre de Tropbonius, au pays des visions, 
1779, 4 vols., 12mo., 2 fantastic plates, not signed (in first 
and last volume) (10s.). 

Some information of an astounding literary and artistic nature is 
treasured in this work. 

Chaucer (G.). The Works, compared with the former Editions 
and many valuable MSS. out of which three Tales added 
which were never before printed by John Urry, together 
with a Glossary (by Dr. J. Thomas). With the Author's 
Life, newly written, and a Preface giving an Account of 
this edition. London, 1721, fob, pp. 760, with portraits 
of Chaucer by Vertue, and of Urry by Pigne, and engrav- 
ings of the Pilgrims (10s., and more on large paper, of 
which only 250 copies were printed). 

Chaulieu. (Euvres. La Hay, chez Gosse junior (Cazin), 
2 vols., 16mo., pretty portrait, not signed (3s.). 

Chaulieu, Elite des Poesies de Chaulieu. Paris, chez Desessarts, 
an VIL, 12mo., frontispiece by Thomas after Le Barbier 

Chauncy (Sir H.). The Historical Antiquities of Hertfordshire. 
London, 1700, fob, portrait, map, and 46 plates (£8 to £10). 

Three plates at pages 99, 220, and 262, as well as the "Printed 
Directions for placing the Cuts " subsequently issued, are frequently 
missing, but they should be there. 

Chaussard. Le Nouveau Diable boiteux, tableau philosophique 
et moral de Paris : Memoires mis en lumifere et enrichis de 
notes par le Dr. Didasculus, de Louvain. Paris, Buisson, 
an VII. (1799), 2 vols., 8vo., 2 frontispieces by Baquoyand 
Delignon after Garnerey (10s.). 

Chaussard. Fetes et Courtisanes de la Grece, comprenant la 
chronique religieuse des anciens Grecs, la chronique scanda- 
leuse, tableau de leurs mceurs privies, etc. Paris, chez 
Buisson, an IX. (1801), 4 vols., 8vo., 4 plates by Michel 
after Garnerey, 2 leaves of engraved music, an Athenian 

Chippendale (No. 1) 

[Page 109 


almanack and the planisphere of the labours of Hercules, 
engraved by Sellier (10s.). 

Cha^ssard. Histoire de la Galanterie chez les differentes 
peuples. Paris, Maradan, 1793 and 1797, 2 vols., 16mo., 

2 pretty frontispieces, not signed (6s.), 

Chenier (M. J.). Charles IX., ou I'Ecole des Eois, trag^die en 
cinq actes et en vers. De I'imprimerie de Didot jeune. A 
Paris, chez Bossange, et a Nantes, chez Louis, 1790, 8vo., 

3 plates by Berthet and Delignon after Borel (12s., and on 

vellum paper with unlettered proofs more than double). 

Another edition with the same date, in 8vo., with one plate by Le 
Barbier (3s.). 

Chenier. Poesies lyriques. Paris, Didot, an Y., 12mo., frontis- 
piece by Tardieu after Fragonard (4s.). 

Chertablon (De). La Manifere de se bien preparer a la mort, 
par des considerations sur la Cfene, la Passion et la Mort de 
J^sus-Christ, avec de trfes-belles estampes emblematiques, 
expliqudes par M. de Chertablon. Anvers, 1700, 4to., 
42 plates by Eomain de Hooge, not signed, including 
3 frontispieces (25s. to 30s.). 

The first impressions are ia the Dutch text, which was published 1699. 

Chevalier. La Confederation de Nature, ou I'Art de se repro- 
duire (en vers). Londres (Paris, Cazin), 1790, 16mo., 
frontispiece and 3 pretty plates, not signed, by EUuin after 
Borel (10s.). - 

Chevrier. Le Quart d'heure d'unie jolie femme ou les Amuse- 
ments de la toilette, ouvrage presque moral dedie a 
Messieurs les habitants des coins de la Peine, par Mile, de 
* * *. Geneve, 1753, frontispiece by Scotin I'aine after 
Bonnard (5s.). 

Chippendale (Th.). Gentleman's and Cabinet Maker's Director, 
a Collection of Designs in the Gothic, Chinese, and Modern 
Taste. London, 1762, folio, 200 plates (£18). The third 
and best edition, as the 1st and 2nd editions published in 
1754 and 1755 contain only 161 plates (£12). 

Choderlos de Laclos. Les Liaisons dangereuses, lettres 
recueillies dans une soci^te et publiees pour I'instruction 
de plusieurs autres, par M. C. de L. Genfeve, 1792, 4 vols., 
16mo., 8 pretty plates by Dambrun, Delignon, Halbou, 
Simonet, and Thomas, after Le Barbier (30s., and on 


vellum paper with unlettered proofs and the etchings, 
£15 to £20). 

Reprinted 1794. 

Choderlos de Laclos. Les Liaisons dangereuses . . . Londres 
(Paris), 1796, 2 vols., 8vo., 2 frontispieces, by Patas and 
Langlois, after Monnet, and 13 plates by Baquoy (1), 
Duplessis-Bertaux, and Dupreel (2), Godefroy (1), Lemire 
(2), Lingee (2), Masquelier (l), Pauquet (1), Simonet (1), 
and Trifere (2), after Monnet (6), Mile. Gerard (6), and 
Fragonard fils (l) (£4 to £6, and on vellum paper with 
the unlettered proofs and the tissue papers containing the 
number of volume, pagination, and legend, a fancy price). 

Such a copy in old morocco brought 1600 frs. (Paris sale, 1896). M. 
E. Paillet's copy with the original drawings and the plates in two states, 
unlettered proofs and the etchings (the latter rarissime), 10,000 frs. 
(Morgand's Catalogue de la Bibliotheque de M. Eugene Paillet 1887). 
A counterfeit (printed about 1812), bearing the date 1796, may easily 
be detected by the paper being thin and bluish ; it also has the numbers 
indicating the pages to which the plate belongs, scraped, and the tissue 
papers, too, are without legends or letterpress. 

Chodowiecki (Daniel). Almanachs de Berlin, de G6ettingue de 
Gotha, de Launenbourg, de 1769 a 1794 (circa) : Les 
Saisons, 12 unlettered proof plates ; Les Propositions de 
mariage, 12 unlettered proof plates ; Les Aventures de Don 
Quichotte, 12 plates ; Les Idylles de Gessner, 12 unlettered 
proof plates ; Roland Furieux, 12 unlettered proof plates 
(extremely fine) ; Tables de Gellert, 12 unlettered proof 
plates ; La Henriade de Voltaire, 12 plates ; Les Metiers 
(Le Tailleur, le maltre a danser, le maltre d'armes, etc.)., 12 
plates; La Nouvelle Heloise, 12 plates ; Huon de Bordeau, 
12 plates; Histoire de Gil Bias de Santillane, 12 plates; 
Macbeth, 12 plates ; Henri VIII. , 12 plates ; Les Croisades, 
12 plates ; Tristram Shandy, 12 plates, etc., 32mo. (8s. to 
10s. each). 

Chodowiecki. Lehre vom richtigen Verhaeltnisse zu den 
Schoepfungswerken . . . 1792, post Svo., plates by Chodo- 
wiecki (10s.). 

Chodowiecki. Ueber die Ehe . . . Berlin, 1792, 12mo., 
unlettered frontispiece and fleuron on title by Chodowiecki 

ChofTard. Notice historique sur I'art de la gravure en France, 
par P. P. Ch . . ., dessinateur et graveur, ci-devant de 


plusieurs Academies royales. Paris, Eichard, an XII. 
(1804), 8vo., pretty vignette designed and engraved by the 
author (3s.). 

Clioiseul-Gouffier (Comte de). Voyage pittoresque de la Grece. 
Paris, 1782-1809 (or 1824), 2 vols., roy. fol., vol. i., 
portrait by Dien after Bailly, large fleuron on title by 
Varin, after Moreau le jeune, 12 large and fine fleurons and 
tailpieces by Choffard, Huet, Hilair, Monnet, Moreau, and 
A. de Saint- Aubin, 89 plates by Berthaut, Choffard, 
Delignon, Dequevauviller, Dambrun, Duclos, H. Gutten- 
biirg, Ingouf, Li^nard, Moseder, Mathieu, Martini, Le Mire, 
De Longueil, Letellier, Salliet, Tilliard, Varin, Weisbrodt, 
etc., after Choiseul-Gouffier, Hillar, and Moreau ; vol. ii., 
5 fleurons, 11 plates by and after the same artists, and 10 
maps. As there are 3 issues of the first volume, the first 
has the preference as regards the impressions, and should 
be recognized by the Discours pr^liminaire, finishing at the 
fourth line of page 16 by the words " exoriare aliquis " (£2, 
and more if vol. i. is on Dutch paper). 

The original drawings are in the Collection of Vicomte de Janze. 

Choiseul-Meuse (Comtesse Fdlicit^ de). Alberti, ou I'Erreur de la 
nature. Paris, Marchand, an VII., 2 vols., 12mo., 2 plates 
by Manage after Binet (4s.). 

Cholet de Jetphort. Etrennes lyriques, anacreontiques, pour 
I'ann^e 1781, presentees a Madame la comtesse de Provence, 
16mo., frontispiece by Gaucher after Cochin. 

These "Etrennes" were continued till 1794, with frontispieces by 
Gaucher, Ponce, etc., after Cochin or Monnet. 

Choregraphie, ou I'art de decrire la dance par- caracteres, figures 
et signes demonstratifs, par M. Feuillet, maltre de dance. 
Paris, Michel Brunet, 1701, 4to. Eecueil de dances com- 
pos^es par M. Feuillet, maltre de dance. Paris, Michel 
Brunet, 1700, 4to. Eecueil de dances composdes par 
M. Pecour et mises sur le papier par M. Feuillet. Paris, 
Michel Brunet, 1700, 4to., 3 vols, in 1, upwards of 200 
plates, excessively rare (£6 to £8). 

Chorier (Nicolas). Joannis Meursii Elegantise latini sermonis, 
sen Aloisia Sigsea Toletana de Arcanis Amoris et Veneris, 
adjunctis Fragmentis quibusdam Eroticis. Lugd. Bata- 
vorum, ex typis Elzevirianis (Paris, Barbou ?), J. Basker- 
vUle (?), 1757, 2 parts in 1 vol., post 8vo., 2 fleurons (alike) 


on titles, and a frontispiece, not signed, apparently by 
G-ravelot (30s. to 40^.). The Cazin edition, 2 vols., 18mo., 
Londini, 1781, has an engraved title dated 1774, a pretty 
frontispiece by Duponchel after Chevaux (20s., and treble 
in old morocco, particularly on fine paper). 

Chorier (Nicolas). Le Meursius fran9ois, ou Entretiens galants 
d'Aloisia Cythfere (Paris, Cazin), 1782, 2 vols. 16mo., 
frontispiece and 12 plates, not signed, by Elluin after 
Borel. Three editions were published the same year ; the 
first is preferable, and may be recognized by the words 
" Sixifeme entretion" heading page 44, and at page 191, 
line 9, " Ah ! ma chere soeur." The first edition is likewise 
a little larger in size and on bluish paper (£3, and treble 
on large vellum paper in 8vo., which is very rare). 

There is also a counterfeit edition, where the plates are reversed, and 
on the frontispiece the woman is to the right, which is wrong (15s.). 

Chorier (Nicolas). L'Academie des Dames, ou Nouvelle 
traduction du Meursius frangais connu sous le nom 
d'Aloisia, edition corrigfe et augmentee, etc., enrichie de 
jolies figures en taille-douce. A Cythfere, de I'imprimerie 
de la Volupte, 1793, 3 vols., 16mo., frontispiece and 12 
plates, not signed (£4). 

Christ. Dictionnaire de Monogrammes, Chiffres, Lettres 
initiales, Logogryphes, R^bus, etc., sous lesquels les plus 
c^lfebres Peintres, Graveurs and Dessinateurs ont dessind 
leurs Noms ... A Paris, 1750, folding plates of mono- 
grams and ciphers (10s. to 15s.). 

Christoph Colomb ou I'Amerique decouverte, poeme en 24 
chants. Paris, Moutard, 1773, 2 vols., 8vo., 2 frontispieces, 
one by J. B. Tilliard after Noel Challe, the other not 
signed (6s.). 

Attributed to Bourgeois de La Rochelle. 

Claude (Isaac). Le Comte de Soissons, nouvelle galante. 
Cologne, chez Pierre le jeune (Hollande), 1705, ]6mo., 
frontispiece by J. Harrewyn (3s.). 

Clavigero (F.S.). History of Mexico, collected from Spanish 
and Mexican Historians, from manuscripts and ancient 
Paintings of the Indians. Translated from the Italian by 
Charles Cullen. London, 1787, 2 vols., 4to., charts and 
plates (20s. to 25s.). 


Clio and Euterpe, or, British. Harmony. 1758, -59, -62, 4 vols., 
8vo., engraved throughout with the music, and a vignette 
heading each page (£5 to £6). 

Cochin (Charles-Nicolas). Les Misotechnites aux Enfers, ou 
Examen des observations sur les arts, par une societe 
d'amateurs. Amsterdam (Paris), 1763, 12mo., 10 vignettes 
designed and engraved by Cochin, unsigned (15s., and a 
fancy price in the state of tirage a part, etching or finished). 

Cochin. Collection de vignettes, fleurons et culs-de-lampe, ou 
Suite chronologique de faits relatifs a I'histoire de France, 
composes par M. Cochin et graves en partie par lui-meme 
en 40 planches. Paris, chezPrevost, 1767; 4to., 42 vignettes 
and 31 plates {25s., and double on Dutch paper). 

This series was done for Henault's Abrege chronologique de I'Histoire 
de France, 1749. They are also to be found in "tirage a part," as also 
the etchings. 

Cochin. (Euvre dessine et gravee de Ch. Nic. Cochin fils. 
Paris, 1727-90, fol. This collection of about 1100 pieces, 
consisting of portraits (including the etching of Saint- 
Aubin's portrait of Cochin), vignettes, etc., realized in M. 
Hip. Destailleur's sale in 1895, 805 frs. 

Cochin. Eecueil des Festes, Feux d'artifices et Pompes fune- 
bres ordonnes pour le Eoy par messieurs les premiers 
gentilshommes de sa chambre. Paris, de I'imprimerie de 
Ballard, 1756 fol., 13 plates designed and engraved by 
Cochin pere et fils (£3 to £4, and more in old morocco). 

Cochin et Bellicard. Observations sur les antiquites d'Hercu- 
lanum, avec quelques reflexions sur la peinture et la sculp- 
ture des anciens. Paris, Jombert, 1754, 12mo., pretty- 
vignette having the arms of Marquis de Marigny to whom 
the book is dedicated, designed and engraved by Cochin, "Le 
V^suve" by Gallimard after' Cochin, and 40 plates by 
Bellicard (several not signed) (10s.). 

Reprinted 1755, with Le Vesuve as folding-plate. 

Cock Fighting. Directions for Breeding and Fighting Game 
Cocks, 1780, 8vo., 1 plate ; scarce (50s. to 60s.). 

Code de la nature (Le), pofeme de Confucius, traduit et com- 
ment^ par le pere Parentin. Londres et Paris, Le Eoy, 
Svo., fine frontispiece by Le Barbier (3s.). 

Attributed to La Vicomterie. 



Coeffures (sic). Eecueil de 12 planches coloriees de coiffures 
de Dames. A Paris, Esnauts et Rapilly, s.d. (1784), 32mo. 
(30s. to 40s.). 

Coiffures a la mode de 1781, 4to., 88 figures on 5 plates (£3 to 
£4) ; rare. 

Coker (N.). A Survey of Dorsetshire. London, 1732, fol. 
map and plates of arms (20s., and more than double on 
large or thick paper with the heraldic plates coloured). 

Colardeau. Lettre amoureuse d'Heloi'se a Abeilard, traduction 
libre de M. Pope par M. Colardeau, nouvelle Edition, revue 
et corri'gee par I'auteur. Paris, Veuve Duchesne, 1766, 
8vo., frontispiece and vignette by Massard after Eisen (3s.) 
Quentin-Bauchart's copy in red morocco by Derome, 130 
frs., an exorbitant price. 

Colardeau. Le Temple de Guide, mis en vers par M. Colardeau. 
Paris, Le Jay, s.d. (1773), 8vo., engraved title having medal 
^portrait of Corneille (exists before text with differences), and 
7 fine plates by Baquoy, Delaunay, Helman, Masquelier, 
Nee, and Ponce after Monnet (10s., and more than treble 
with unlettered proofs). 

'Colardeau. CEuvres de Colardeau, de TAcademie frangoise. 
Paris, Ballard et Le Jay, 1779, 2 vols., 8vo., portrait 
of Colardeau by C. V. D. after Voiriot, et 11 plates by 
Legrand, Mathieu, Baquoy, De Launay, Masquelier, Massard, 
N^e, and Ponce after Monnet (10s., and more than double 
on large Dutch paper ; rare, but should not be confounded 
with " papier fort dAuvergne "). 

Colle. La Partie de Chasse de Henri IV., comedie en trois 
actes et en prose, avec quatre estampes en taUle-douce 
d'apres les desseins de M. Gravelot. Paris, veuve Duchesne, 
1766, 8vo. (8s.). 

The 4 plates are engraved by Duclos, Rousseau, and Simonet. The 
original pen-and-ink and sepia drawings were bequeathed by Philippe 
de Saint-Albin to M. Eugene Paillet. There is another set of 6 plates 
oval in 4to., each having the explanation beneath by Duclos, De Ghendt, 
de Longueil, Le Veau, and Simonet (one not signed) after Gravelot. 
The original drawings and the etchings are in the Collection Roederer 
at Reims. 

Colle. Theatre et ffiuvres de Colle. Paris, Cailleau, 1784, 
8vo., 3 plates by Mathieu and Legrand after Monnet (10s.). 

Collection and Selection of English Prologues and Epilogues 


from Shakespeare to Garrick, 1779, 4 vols., 8yo., frontis- 
pieces (155. to 20s.). 

Collection de Vues de Nuremberg 1715, oblong fol., engraved 
title and 12 fine views, witb letterpress beneath, in French 
and German, designed and engraved by Jean Adam Dessen- 
bach (15s. to 20.9.). 

Collection de Cinquante vues du Ehin les plus intdressantes, et 
les plus pittoresques depuis Spire jusqu'a Diisseldorf, 
dessindes sur les lieux d'apres nature, par Janscha et gravees 
par Ziegler. Wien, Artaria et Compagnie, 1798, oblong fol., 
50 magnificent water-colour views (30s. to 40s.). 

Collet. L'Isle deserte, tragi-comddie en un acte et en vers, par 
M. C. . . . Paris, Duchesne, 1758, 8vo., frontispiece re- 
presenting MUe. Gaussin by Lemire after Cochin ; rare 

Collier. Contes et Poesies du C. Collier, Commandant-general 
des Croisades du bas Ehin (par Jacquemont). A Saverne, 
1792, 2 vols., 12mo., 2 frontispieces, not signed (25s., and 
more on vellum paper). The author in assuming the 
pseudonyme of Collier intended to turn into ridicule the 
Cardinal de Eohan, who after the notorious " Collier " 
scandal, in which he figured as one of the heroes, was 
nicknamed Cardinal Collier, In Saverne, the presumed 
printing place, the cardinal had his castle. 

Collins (A.). Historical Collections of the noble Families of 
Cavendish, Holies, Vere, Harley, and Ogle. Collected from 
Eecords, Manuscripts, our most authentic Historians and 
other undoubted Authorities. London, 1752, fol., portraits 
by Vertue (50s. to 60s., and more on large paper). 

Collins (David). An Account of the English Colony in New 
South Wales from 1788 to 1801, with some particulars of New 
Zealand. London, Cadell, 1798-1802, 2 vols., 4to., maps 
and plates, those of Natural History coloured (£2 to £3). 

CoUinson (Eev. J.). The History and Axitiquities of the 
County of Somerset, collected from authentick Eecords, and 
an actual Survey made by the late Edmund Eack. Bath, 

1791, 3 vols., 4to., map and plates (£6 to £7, and on large 
paper, of which only 12 copies were printed, £14 to £15). 

CoUot d'Herbois. Almanach du pere Gerard pour I'annee, 

1792, la troisieme de I'fere de la Libert^, orne de 12 figures 


en taille-douce, ouvrage qui a remporte le prix propose par la 
Societe des amis de la Constitution, seante aux Jacobins, a 
Paris, par M. J. M. Collot d'Herbois, membra de la Societe. 
Paris, Maillet, 1792, 12mo., 12 pretty plates by Bovinet, 
Duval, Leroy, and Michon, after Charpentier (20s. to 25s.). 
Another edition came out chez Buisson, 1792, with one plate only (5s.). 

Commines (Phil, de, sieur d'Argenton)., Memoires . . . ou 
Ton trouve I'Histoire des Rois de France Louis XL . . . 
Nouvelle edition . . . Revue . . . par Messieurs Godefroy. 
Augmentde par M. I'Abbe Lenglet du Fresnoy. A Londres, 
et se trouve a Paris, cKez Rollin, 1747, 4 vols., 4to., frontis- 
piece and tbe Odieuvre series of portraits (£2 to £3, and 
double on large paper, particularly with the suppressed dedi- 
cation to Mar^chal Maurice, comte de Saxe, and his portrait). 

Comte de LigneroUes' copy in such a state in red morocco, by Derome, 
4530 frs. (1894). Another copy in the same sale, in the same condition, 
but in modern blue morocco, with dentelle, arms, and cipher of the 
Marquis de Coislin, by Duru, 275 frs. 

Common Prayer-Book . . , London, I7l7, 8vo., Bust of King 
Ge'orge I., and facing it are the portraits of the Prince and 
Princess of Wales ; 22 engraved pages of text, comprising 
dedication, table, etc., a dial with 2 pointers (the latter 
frequently missing), and 166 plates (engraved on silver 
plates) by John Sturt (30s., and more than treble on large 
paper, 4to. ; very scarce). 

Condamine (De la). Relation d'un Voyage fait dans I'intdrieur 
de I'Amerique meridionale, depuis la c6te de la mer du Sud 
jusqu'aux c6tes du Bresil et de la Guiane en descendant la 
riviere des Amazon es. A Paris, chez la veuve Pissot, 1745, 
8vo., map and plates (5s.). 

Conder (J.). Arrangement of Provincial Coins, Tokens, and 
Medalets, issued in Great Britain, Ireland, and the Colonies, 
within the last twenty years, from the Farthing to the Penny 
Size. London and Ipswich, 1798, 8vo., engravings of coins 
(10s., and in quarto printed on one side only, £2). 

Confession naive de Victorine tendant a la reforme du sexe, par 
I'auteur des Caracteres de I'amitid. Paris, Vve. Girouard, 
de I'imprimerie de Fantelin, s.d., 16mo., 1 plate after Ch^ry 
by Blanchard (4s.). 

Confessions d'un Solitaire (Les). Geneve, 1796, 2 parts, 12mo., 
2 plates, not signed (6s.). 


Congres politique, ou Entretiens libres des puissances de 
I'Europe sur le bal general prochain. Avec figures. 
Londres (Paris), Delorme, 1772, 8vo., 2 large satirical 
folding-plates, not signed (8s.). 

Congreve (W.). Works consisting of Plays and Poems. Bir- 
mingham, Baskerville, 1761, 3 vols., roy. 8vo., portrait 
after Kneller, and 4 plates by Grignion after Hay man (30s. 
to 40s., and more if unusually free from spots ; copies in 
old morocco command higher prices). 

Conjuration de Philippe (La) ou Details circonstanci^s de 
I'assemblde qu'il tint en personne au Eaincy, le 7 de ee 
mois et jours suivants, 1790, 8vo., pretty plate in bistre, 
not signed (4s.). 

Connaissance parfaite des chevaux (La), contenant la maniere 
de les gouverner et de les conserver en sante . . . avec une 
instruction, sur les haras. L'Art de monter a cheval et de 
dresser les chevaux de manfege, etc., le tout enrichi de 
figures en taille-douce. A Paris, par la Cie. des libraires, 
1741, post 8vo., frontispiece and 7 plates, not signed (25s.). 

Conseil de Momus (Le) et ]a Eevue de son regiment, poeme 
calotin (Paris, 1730), 8vo., 2 plates and portrait, "Aimon 
premier," the latter signed B.A. (5s.). 
Attributed to Bosc du Bouchet. 

Considerations philosophiques sur les mceurs, les plaisirs, et les 
prejuges de la capitale. Londres et Paris, chez le Koi, 
1787, 8vo., frontispiece by Hemery after Queverdo (3s.). 

Constant. Laure ou Lettres de quelques personnes de Suisse. 
Londres (Cazin), 1787, 5 plates by Frussotte after Diincker 

Constant d'Orville. Histoire des diffdrents peuples du monde, 
contenant les ceremonies religieuses et civiles, etc. Paris, 
chez Edme, 1772, 6 vols., 8vo., numerous fine half-page 
vignettes (10s.). 

Constant de Eebecque. Camille, ou Lettres de deux. fiUes 
de ce siecle . . . Paris, an V., 2 vols., 12mo., 4 plates signed 
" Bovinet sculp." (3s.). 

Constantin. La Oille, melange ou assemblage de divers mets 
pour tons les goAts, par un vieux cuisinier gaulois. A 
Constantinople (Paris), I'au de I'ere chrdtienne 1775, 16mo., 
pretty frontispiece, not signed (10s.). 


Constitution frangaise, prdsentde au Eoi par I'assemblde 
nationale le 3 septembre 1791 . . . acceptee par Sa Ma- 
jeste le 14 du meme mois a Paris. De rimprimerie de 
Prud'homme, 1791, 16mo., text within borders, 1 plate, 
not signed (4s.). 

Constitution de la Kdpublique francaise, representee par 
figures (7) gravies par E. A. David. Paris, David, an VIII. , 
16mo. (12s.). 

Contes nouveaux (Dans un cpnte parfois, la v^rit^ se trouve). 
Londres, Paris, 1781, post 8vo., text engraved and printed 
in red. Vignette, 6 plates, and 3 tailpieces, not signed 
(10s., and some copies with the illustrations in red, 20s.). 

Contes pour ceux qui peuvent encore rire. Plaisance, 1789, 
24mo., pretty portrait of the author (unknown) by Le 
Beau (5s.), 

Cook (J.). Directions for Navigating in part of the South 
Coast of Newfoundland. . . . London, 1766, 4 to., chart 
which includes the Islands of St. Peter's and Miquelon 
(£3 to £4). 

Cook (J.). First Voyage round the World, 1773, 3 vols., 
4to. ; Second Voyage, 1777, 2 vols., 4to. ; Third Voyage, 
1784, 3 vols., 4to. ; together 8 vols., 4to., and folio Atlas, 
numerous maps and plates (£5 to £7). 

Cooper. La Vie de Socrate, traduit de I'anglais (par de Combes). 
Amsterdam, 1751, 12mo., engraved title and portrait by 
Duflos (3s.). 

Copper-plate Magazine (The\ or Cabinet of picturesque engrav- 
ings, comprising all the most interesting Views in Eng- 
land, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. London, J. Harrison, 
1792, 5 vols., oblong 4to., numerous plates by Walker, etc, 
(£4 to £5). 

Coqueley de Chausse-Pierre. Le Eoue vertueux, pofeme en 
prose, en quatre chants, propre a faire, en cas de besoin, 
un drame a jt5uer deux fois par semaine, orn^ de gravures, 
seconde edition, a laquelle ou a joint la Lettre du jeune 
metaphysicien. Lausanne (Paris), 1770, 8vo., 2 fleurons 
and 4 plates in black or bistre, not signed, by Le Prince, 
(10s.). The first edition has frontispiece and 5 plates (20s.). 

Corbeille de G-lycke (La), bouquetiere a la porte du Temple de 
Venus, a Athfenes, chansons choisies sur les airs les plus 


agreables. Paris, chez le sieur Desnos, 1783, 16mo., en- 
graved title and 12 charming plates (20s.). 

Corbie. The&,tre des Boulevards, ou, Eecueil de parades. 
A Mahon (Paris), de rimprimerie de Gilles Langlois, a 
I'enseigne de I'Etrille, 1756, 3 vols., 12mo., etched frontis- 
piece in each volume alike (10s.). 

Corbinelli. Histoire gdn^alogique de la maison de Gondi. 
Paris, Coignard, 1705, 2 vols., 4to., numerous coats of arms, 
genealogical tables, plates of old monuments (chiefly- 
destroyed by the tide of time), 28 male and female portraits 
(remarkable for the costumes) by Duflos, Mariette, and 
others (30s.). 

Gordonnel (Adam de). Picturesque Antiquities of Scotland. 
. . . London, 1788-93, 4 parts, 8vo., 100 plates (20s. to 30s., 
and more on stout paper). 

Corneille. Theatre de Pierrre Corneille, nouvelle ^dition.. 
Amsterdam, chez H. Desbordes, 1701, 5 vols., 16mo., 
portrait, engraved frontispiece and 32 plates, not signed, 
15s.; Theatre de Thomas Corneille, 5 vols., 1701, 16mo., 
portrait and 32 plates, not signed, 10s. In old morocco 
they both are worth £S and more. 

Corneille. Theatre de Pierre Corneille, avec des commentaires. 
(par Voltaire), etc. (Genfeve) 1764, 12 vols., 8vo., frontis- 
piece by Watelet after Pierre, representing Genius crowning 
the bust of Corneille, and 34 plates by Baquoy (2), 
Flipart (5), Lemire (19), Lempereur (2), de Longueil (3),. 
Prevost (1), and Radigues (2) after Gravelot (20s., and in 
old French morocco, £10 to £15, and more according to 

Vcltaire had this edition printed by subscription by the Bros. Cramer 
at Geneva for the benefit of the great-granddaughter of Corneille. 
Few copies are free from discoloured leaves. Among Gravelot's plates, 
which, by the way, are not of his best, the most meritorious ones are 
those of the Comedies, especially the Menteur, Suite du Menteur and 
the Illusion Comique. The original drawings a la plume and au bistre 
are in the Collections of Paignon-Dijonval, Morel de Vinde and of the 
Comte de Chabot. M. Burillon of Geneva is the happy possessor of the 
quasi-complete and excessively rare set of the unlettered artist's proofs 
and the etchings. M. Edouard Bocher's copy, i:^ red morocco with arms 
of La Borde de Mereville, 750 frs. (1879) ; Gosford's copy, in old 
red morocco, 800 frs. (1882). 

Corneille. Th^^tre de P. Corneille, 'avec- les commentaries de 
Voltaire, ll vols. — CEuvres de Thomas Corneille. Paris, 


Ant. -Aug. Renouard, 1817, 1 vol. together, 12 vols., 8vo., 
2 portraits, 23 plates by Bosq, Berthet, Petit, Ribault, 
Roger and Simon et after Moreau (and one after Prudhon), 
15s., and on large paper with unlettered proofs (of which 
100 copies were printed), £4, and more than double in old 
French morocco, and with the etchings (of which 25 copies 
exist) considerably more. 

Moreau's original drawings were sold in the Renouard sale, 1854, for 
580 frs. Prudhon's fine plate for the "Imitation de Jesus-Christ," 
entitled " le portement de Croix," is very fine and frequently missing. 

Corneille. L'Imitation de Jesus-Christ, traduite et paraphrasee 
en vers frangois par P. Corneille, conseiller au Roi, edition 
nouvelle. A Paris, chez David, 1751, 12mo., 5 plates by 
Pocquet, copied after those of Chauveau from the edition 
of 1656. 

-Corneille. Rodogune, princess des Parthes, tragedie de Pierre 
Corneille. Au Nord (Versailles), 1760, 4to., frontispiece 
after Boucher, etched by Mme. de Pompadour, retouched 
^nd finished by Cochin fils (£3, and more in morocco). 

This rare tragedy was printed in Mme. de Pompadour's salon situated 
au Nord (North wing), in the Castle of Versailles. Comte d'Ourches' copy 
had the following note in the hand of the marquis de Marigny, the 
previous owner of the Book : " En 1760, ma scBur eut la curiosite de voir 
imprimer. Le Roi fit venir un petit detachement de I'imprimerie 
Toyale et Ton imprima dans sa chambre et sous ses yeux, la presente 
"tragedie de Rodogune. II a ete tire tres-peu d'exemplaires." The 
assertion that only 20 copies were printed is probably correct, as the 
book was privately and exclusively printed for presents. Mme. de 
Pompadour's own copy in a magnificent mosaic binding double, with 
her crest by Monnier, was bought in the Beckford-Hamilton sale (1882) 
for £325, and subsequently acquired by the Comte de Sauvage for 
18,000 frs. 

Cornichon et Toupette, histoire-fee. La Haye, chez Pierre de 
Hondt, 1752, 12mo., 1 plate, not signed (Bs.). 

Cornille (F.). Livre de Menuiserie. Dess. par F. C. . . . A 
Paris, chez Fran9ois Chereau, s.d. (circa 1760), fol., 50 
plates, engraved by Monchelet. Originally published in 12 
parts of 4 11. each (part 7 contains 6 11.) (£18 to £20). 

Coronelli (P.). Oxonise atque Cantabrigise Universitates cele- 
berrimsB Imaginibus illustratae, s.l., aut a (1703), oblong 
4to, 2 separate titles, about 80 plates, including portrait of 
Queen Anne, representing views of all the Colleges and 
costumes of the students (£2 to £3). 

Coryat (T.). Coryat's Crudities, reprinted from the edition of 


1611, to which, are now added his Letters from India, 
and Extracts relating to him, from various Authors, being 
a more particular Account of his Travels (mostly on Foot) 
in different Parts of the Globe, than any hitherto published. 
Together with his Orations, Characters, Death, etc. London, 
1776, 3 vols., 8vo., copper-plates (405. to 50s.). 

Costard. Lettre de Cain aprfes son crime, a Mahala son epouse. 
Paris, Sebastien Jorry, s.d., 8vo., plate by Lemire after 
Eisen (6s.). 

Couche. Galerie du Palais-Eoyal, gravee d'apres les Tableaux 
des differentes dcoles qui la composent, avec un abrege de 
la Vie des Peintres et une description historique de chaque 
tableau, par M. I'abb^ de Fontenay, etc. Paris, J. Couche 
et Bouilliard, 1786-1808, 3 vols., atlas folio, title by 
Aubert, Dedication by Niquet with fleuron by Guttenberg 
after Choffard, and 355 engravings executed after the 
designs of Wicar and others, engraved by Aliamet, Alix, 
Baquoy, Beljambe, Benoit, Bersenef, Besson, Blot, Bosq, 
Bouilliard, Bovinet, Cathelin, Colinet, Copia, Couche, 
Croutelle, Danzel, Debuigne, Delaunay, Delaunay jeune, 
Delignon, Delvaux, Dennel, Dequevauviller, Desaulx, 
Duclos, Du Pare, Duplessi-Bertaux, Fosseilleux, Gareau, 
Gaucher, Giraud jeune, Glairon-Mondet, Godefroy, 
Godefroy jeune, Goumaz, -^hierin, Guilbert, C. Guttenberg, 
H. Guttenberg, Halbou, Henriquez, Huber, Ingouf, Jourdan, 
Ketterlin, Klauber, Lafitte, Lambert, Langlois jeune, Le 
Cerf, Le Mire, Lerouge, Levasseur, Levillain, Leybold, 
Lienard, de Longueil, Lorieux, Macret, Malbeste, Maleuvre, 
Marais, Marchand, Massard (Urbain), Mathieu, Maviez, 
Methier, Michaut, Michel, Michon, Moitte, Morace, Morel, 
Nicolet, Palas, Pauquet, Pierron, Pillement, Ponce, Prevost, 
Racine, Romanet, Saint-Aubin (A. de), Schlotterbeck, 
Simonet, Sudaroff, Tardieu, Texier, Tilliard, Trifere, Varin, 
Viel, Voysard et Voyez, £6 to £8, and more on papier 
colombier (20 copies printed with the plates before letters 
and the descriptions on tissue paper). Comte de la 
Bedoy fere's papier colombier copy sold in his sale for 884 frs. 
was resold in M. Hip. Destailleur's sale in 1895 for 1300 frs. 

12 copies have been taken on papier velin jesus with unlettered 
proofs. There is a modern reprint of very indiiferent merit. The Palais 
Royal Gallery was dispersecl during the French Revolution and the 
paintings sold in England. 

Coulange (De). Poesies varices, divisees en 4 livres. Paris, 


veuve Cailleau, 1753, 12mo., charming frontispiece bj^ 
Aliamet after Eisen (6^<t.). 

Coulange (De). L'Apotheose de Gr^goire, poeme heroi-tragi- 
comique, en deux chants, nouvelle Edition. Paris, Cailleau, 
1758, 12mo., frontispiece as in the "Poe'sies varices," 
differently engraved (5s.). 

Cour de Louis seize devoilee (La), ou M^moires pour servir a 
I'histoire des intrigues secrfetes, actions et debordements 
de Marie-Antoinette, reine des Frangais, dispensatrice et 
usurpatrice du pouvoir executif sur le royaume de France, 
ornee de 26 gravures en taille-douce. A Paris, se vend 
aux Tuileries et ailleurs, 3 parts in 2 vols., 16mo., portrait 
of Marie- Antoinette, not signed, and 24 plates not signed ; 
rare (£6 to £8). 

It has likewise been published with the title, "Vie scandaleuse et 
libertine de Marie- Antoinette." 

Coureur de Nuit (Le) ou les Neuf Aventures du chevalier Don 
Diego. Paris, Guillaume, 1731 (6s.). 

Court de Gdbelin. Histoire naturelle de la parole. Paris, 
Boucher, 1776, 8vo., pretty plate by Eomanet after Marillier 

Courtisan desabus^, ou les Pensees d'un Gentilhomme. Paris, 
1713, 8vo., unlettered frontispiece (4s.). 

Cousin (Le) du Compere Mathieu. Paris, an VI. (1798), 16mo., 
1 pretty plate. The book came out under another title : 
Songe systema-physicomicomoral de M. Ger6me, mis au 
jour par sa tante Catherine, Barbe, Charlotte Amidon, des 
confrairies du Sacre-Coeur de Je'sus et du Saint-Kosaire. A 
rH6tel de la Tolerance et de la Liberte', 30 novembre 1790 
et ampliphie' le 25 mai 1792 (6s.). 

Cousin de Fanblas (Le) ou les plus courtes Folies sont les 
meilleures. Paris, Lemarchand, an IX. (1801), 2 vols., 
12mo., 2 pretty plates, not signed (5s.). 

Coutans (Dom G.). Description historique et topographique 
de la graiide route de Paris a Keims. Paris, chez Vente, 
1775, 4to., engraved title, Dedication engraved with an 
allegorical vignette representing the King leaving for 
Reims, 22 folding-plates for the topography of the line, 
vignette representing the_ King's entry into Eeims, and a 
plan of the town containing the portrait of Louis XVI. (25s.). 

Covent-Garden Magazine, or Amorous Repository, 1772-5, 
4 vols., 8vo. (all published), plates; very scarce (£12 to £15). 

cox— CKEBILLON 123 

Cox (Nicholas). The Gentleman's Recreation, in four Parts, viz.. 
Hunting, Hawking, Fowling, Fishing, whereunto is added 
a perfect Abstract of all the Forest Laws, etc. To which 
is prefixed a large Sculpture, giving easy Directions for 
blowing the Horn, and four other Sculptures proper to each 
Recreation . . . London, 1721, 8vo., plates (25s. to 30s.). 
The folding-sheet with the musical notes for the horn is often wanting. 

Coyer (L'Abbe). La Noblesse conimergante. Paris, Duchesne, 
1756, 12mo., frontispiece by D. Sornique after Eisen (3s.). 

Coypel (Antoine). L'Eneide de Virgile, peiilte dans la galerie 
du Palais-Royal, par Antoine Coypel. A Paris, chez L. 
Surugue, 1753, Atlas folio, 15 plates by Beauvais, Desplaces, 
Duchange, Surugue, Tardieu, and Thomassin (25s.). 

Cramer (Pierre). Papillons exotiques des trois parties du 
monde, I'Asie, lAfrique, et TAmerique, rassembles et 
decrits par Pierre Cramer, dessines sur les originaux, graves 
et enlumines sous sa direction. Amsterdam, 1779-82, 4 
vols. Supplement, par StoU, Amsterdam, 1787, together 
5 vols., roy. 4to., 400 and 42 coloured plates respectively 
(£6 to £8). 

Crebillon. CEuvres , . . Paris, de I'imprimerie royale, I750j 

2 vols., 4to., very fine frontispiece, fleuron on each title 
alike, vignette and ornamented letter by Lebas after Boucher 
(10s., and more in morocco). 

Sometimes CrebUlon's portrait by Balechou after Aved is added. First 
collected edition published under the immediate supervision of the 

Crebillon. OEuvres . . . nouvelle e'dition. Paris, Prault, 1754, 

3 vols., 12mo., portrait of Crebillon by Cathelin after 
Latour, and 3 fleurons by Fessard after Clavareau on the 
titles (6s.). 

Crebillon. CEuvres completes de Crebillon, nouvelle edition, 
augmentde et ornee de belles gravures. Paris, chez les 
libraires, associes, 1785, 3 vols., Bvo., portrait by Ingouf 
jeune after Marillierj and 9 plates by Dambrun, Dupon- 
chel, Ingouf jeune, Macret, and Trifere after Marillier (10s., 
and treble and more on large paper, with unlettered proofs, 
without any letterpress above or beneath). 

The original 9 drawings and portrait were sold in the sale of La 
Bedoyere, 1862. R. Lyon's large-paper copy, with the plates in 2 
states before and with letters in green morocco, by Derome, 820 frs. 

Crebillon. Gliivres de Crebillon. Londres, 1785, 3 vols., 
16mo., portrait by Delvaux after Lemoine (5s.). 


Crebillon. CEuvres de Crebillon, nouvelle edition, ornee de 
figures dessinees par Peyron et gravees sous sa direction. 
Paris, imprimerie de Didot jeune, chez Desray, ,an VII., 
2 vols., 8vo., frontispiece-portrait by Petit after Peyron, and 
9 plates by Baquoy, Huber, Lemire, Patas, Thomas, and 
Trifere after Peyron. The etchings were done by Baquo)', 
Lemire, Pelicier, and Petit (12s., and treble on vellum 
paper, and considerably more on large paper with unlettered 
proofs, but particularly with the plates in two states, in 
artist's proofs and in colours). Two copies exist on vellum. 
Reprinted 1812, 3 vols., Svo., with one copy on vellum and 
another on yellow paper. 

Crebillon. CEuvres de Crebillon. Paris, Eenouard, 1818, 
2 vols., 8vo., portrait by Saint- Aubin, and 9 plates by 
Bosq, Delvaux, Ribault, and Simonet after Moreau (10s., 
and on large vellum paper with unlettered proofs, £3). 

The plates have been, taken on white paper, on India paper, and on 
coloured paper. They bear traces of the decay of Moreau's genius in his 
old age. 

Crebillon fils. Les Amours de Zeokinizul, roi des Kofirans, 
ouvrage traduit de I'arabe du voyageur Krinelbol. Amster- 
dam, aux depens de Michel, 1748, post 8vo., title in red 
and black, with pretty fleuron, not signed (8s.). 

Zeokinizul is meant for Louis XV. and the Kofirans for the French. 

Crebillon fils. L'Ecumoire, histoire japonoise. A Londres 
(Paris), aux depens de la Compagnie, 1735, 2 vols. 16mo., 
titles in red and black, with fleuron on each, and 2 frontis- 
pieces (alike) signed L. F. D. B. inv. A- P- D- L- fee. 
Original edition (subsequently published under the title 
of " Tanzai et Neadarne," described further) (10s. to 12s.). 

Crebillon fils. Tanzai et Neadarne, histoire japonoise, avec 
figures. Pekin (Paris), 1740, 2 vols., 16mo., engraved 
fleuron on both titles alike, and 5 plates, not signed (12s., 
and more than treble on large paper). It is a satire directed 
against the Duchesse du Maine and Cardinal de Eohan. 
Comte de LigneroUes' copy in red morocco, with arms of the 
Due de Lauraguais and of Diane-Adelaide de Marlly, 282 
frs. (1894). 

Reprinted 1743 and 1749. A copy of 1749 in red morocco, with 
arms of Montmorency, Luxembourg, 500 frs. 

Crebillon fils. Le Sopha, conte moral, A Pekin, chez I'imp. de 
I'Empereur, 1749, 2 vols., 12mo., frontispiece, 4 plates and 


2 vignettes by Pelletier after Clavareau, and 2 fleurons by 
Fessard after Cocbin (12s.). 

Reprinted 1770. 

Crebillon fils. La Nuit et le moment, ou les Matines de 

Cytbfere, dialogue. Londres (Paris), 1755, 16mo., 6 plates, 

not signed (15s.). 

Mme. du Barry's copy in morocco with her arms, 350 frs. (Baron J. 
Pichon's sale). 

Crignon. Les Grangers, les Vers sole et les Abeilles, pofemes 
par M. Crignon. Paris Lagrange et Cazin, 1786, 8vo., 
frontispiece, not signed (3s.) 

Crillon (I'abb^ Berthon de). Memoires philosopbiques du 

Baron de * * * Vienne en Autriche et Paris, Berton, 

1777-78, 2 vols., 8vo., frontispiece, and 7 aquatint plates, 

not signed, by Binet (all in the first volume) (40s. to 50s.). 

A copy with the original drawings k I'encre de chine (minus 
frontispiece) in red morocco, 600 frs. (Baron R. P.'s sale). 

Crimes de Eobespierre et de ses principaux complices, etc., 
1797, 2 vols, in 1, 16mo., portraits of Robespierre, Couton, 
Charlotte Corday, and Marat (5s.). 

Crisse (Comte T. de). Essai sur I'Art de la Guerre. Paris, 
Prault and Jombert, 1754, 2 vols, roy. 4to., fleurons on 
titles (alike) by De la Seve after Boucher, 6 head and tail 
pieces after Chedel, and folding plans (12s. to 15s.). 

Crozat. Recueil d'Estampes d'apres les plus beaux tableaux et 
d'apres les plus beaux dessins qui sont en France dans le 
cabinet du Roy, dans celui de M. le due d'Orl^ans et dans 
d'autres cabinets, divis5 suivant les difFi^rentes ^coles. 
Paris, de I'imprimeric royale, 1729-42, 2 vols., Atlas folio, 
headpiece by F. Hortemels after J. B." Van Loo, and 178 
or 182 plates after Baccicio, Caravage, Bagnacavallo, Conca, 
Gaudenzio, Ferrari, Genga, Garofalo, Feti, C. Maratte, 
Manfredi, Mutian, Perino del Vaga, Pinturicchio, Mola, 
Raphael, Jules Romaiii, Romanelli, Giorgione, Bassan, A. 
Carrache, Dominiquin, A. Sacchi, Passari, Schiavone, Testa, 
Titien, Tintoret, P. V^.ronese, Zuccaro, etc., by P. Aveline, 
M. Aubert, B. Audran, J. Audran, B. Baron, Beauvais, J. 
Chereau, Chateau, C. Cochin, L. Desplaces, CI. Duflos, le 
comte de Caylus, G. Duchange, Dupuis, N. Edelinck, Frey, 
Flipart, Haussart, Fr^d^ric Hortemels, Jacob, JouUain, Ed. 
Jeaurat, Toinette Larcher, N. de Larmessin, Nicolas and 
Vincent Lesueur, Lebas, Moyreau, F. and J. B. de Poilly, 


Petit, Eavenet, Kaymond,, Robert, B. Lepicie, Th. Simon- 
neau, Louis Surugue, Scotin, Thomassin, VaMe, Vermeulen, 
etc. (£6 to £8, and double on large paper). 
Reprinted Paris, Basan, 1763, half price. 

Cubiferes (De). Las Hochets de ma Jeunesse. Amsterdam et 
Paris, chez Valeyre, 1780, 8vo., vignette and tailpiece 
designed and engraved by David, and 1 plate (4s.). 

Culant (De). Les Chiens, conte en vers distribue en trois 
chants enrichi de figure^. Paris, EoUin, 1729, 8vo., 
frontispiece and 3 plates, not signed (3s.). 

Cumberland. Traits pbilosophique des Loix naturelles, traduit 
du latin (de Eichard Cumberland) par Monsieur Barbeyrac. 
A Amsterdam, chez Pierre Mortier, 1744, 4to., frontispiece 
signed L. F. D. B. (Louis-Fabrice Dubourg), engraved by 
Tanj^ (4s.). 

Cupidon vainqueur des b^ros et des demi-dieux . . . Paris, 
chez Janet, an III. (1795), 64mo., engraved title and 12 
plates, not signed, text engraved throughout (30s.). 

Curiosites de Paris, de Versailles, de Marly, de Vincennes, de 
Saint-Cloud et des environs, avec les antiquites justes et 
precises sur chaque sujet. Ouvrage enrichi d'un grand 
nombre de figures en taille-douce par L. M. E. (Louis le 
Eouge). Nouvelle edition revue, corrigee et augmente'e 
(par Jean Piganiol de la Force et Claude Saugrain). Paris, 
Saugrain pfere, 1742, 2 vols., 12mo., frontispiece and 29 
plates after Perelle, Israel, Sylvestre, and others (15s.). The 
first edition, 1716, 1 vol., post 8vo., contains 60 woodcut 
views (8 s. to 10s.). 

Cuvelier (J. C. A.). La Fille hussard. . . . Paris, Barba, 1796, 
12mo., 1 plate and musical notes (4s.). 

Cuvilies (Franjois de), pfere et fils. QEuvres dArchitecture, 
contenant des Edifices publics, des palais, jardins, tombeaux, 
cariatides, plafonds, lambris, panneaux, fontaines, th^Mres, 
etc., avec un livre de dessins et d'ornemens (Munich et 
Paris), 1769-72, folio (£15 to £20), frontispiece by Maag 
after Le Moine, and 318 plates after Cuvilies by Blondel 
fils, Cuvilie's fils, Dantle, Funck, Hartwagner, Kaltner, 
Mittermayer, Maag, Patte, Eosch, etc. 

M. Hip. Destailleur's copy of the earliest edition, 1745-71, 2 vols. 
folio, containing 711 plates, 400 of them on stout paper, and chiefly by 
and after the two artists Cuvilies, realized 1400 frs. (1895). 

Cyrano de Bergerac. CEuvres. Amsterdam, 1741, 3 vols., 
12mo., engraved title and portrait, both unsigned (3s.). 

('AUBENTON) (Mme.). Zelie dans le Ddsert. 
Paris, an III., 4 vols., 12mo., 4 plates after 
Moreau le jeune {6s,.). 

Daillant de la Touche. Contes en vers par M. 
D * * * Amsterdam et Paris, 1783, post 8vo., 
1 plate by Eansonnette (5s.). 

Dambrun, Suites de douze Figures pour Almanaclis, Etrennes 
galantes, etc., 32mo., designed and engraved by himself, or 
after Queverdo. These charming and quaint plates have 
been done for the Etrennes galantes des Promenades de 
Paris et de ses environs (1780). L'Almanach des Marches de 
Paris (1782). Les Belles Marchandes de Paris (1784). Les 
Delices du Palais-Royal (1786). Le Mariage de Figaro, 
les A ventures parisiennes, etc. The copy of " L'CEuvre de 
Dambrun " at the Bibliothfeque nationale contains 1 1 sets, 
which are to be found in the Almanachs, and are valued 
at from 10s. to 15s. each. 

Dampier (Capt. W.). Collection of Voyages. London, 1729, 
4 vols., 8vo. Best edition, maps and plates (£4 to £5). 

Dancing. Feuillet. Choregraphie, ou I'Art de decrire la Danse 
par Caractferes, Figures et Signes demonstratifs. Paris, 1 701 , 
4to., plates (20s.). 

Dancing. Martinet (J. J.). Essai ou Principes Elementaires 
de I'Art de la Danse . . . 1797, 16mo., 8 plates (12s. 
to 15s.). 

Dancing. Pecour. Recueil des Danses. Paris, 1700, 4to., 
plates (15s.). 

Dancing. Rameau. The Dancing-Master, done from the 
French by J. Essex, 1728, 4to., 60 plates (£3 to-£4). 

Dancing. Tomlinson. (K.). Six Dances. N.d., 4to., plates 
(20s. to 30s.). 


Dancing. Tomlinson (K.). Art of Dancing, with Dances and 
their Musick, composed by himself. 1735, 4to., plates 
(£3 to £4). 

Dancing-Master, or Directions for Dancing Country Dances, 
with the Tunes to each Dance, for the Treble Violin. 1706, 
8vo., engraving on title (50s. to 60s.). 

Dancing-Master, or Directions for Dancing Country Dances, 
with the Tunes to each Dance, for the Treble Violin. 1738, 
2 vols., Svo., curious woodcuts on the titles (50s. to 

Dandre-Bardon. Costumes des anciens Peuples al'usage des 
artistes. Paris, Jombert, 1772, 3 vols., 4to., frontispiece 
and 360 plates (£2 to £3). 

The execution of the plates must be pronounced middling ; still a nice 
copy bound in 2 vols., red morocco, by Derome, sold for 400 in the 
Baron R. P. sale. Reprinted, under the direction of Cochin, in 4 
vols. Paris, 1784-86 (30s.). 

Danet. L'Art des Armes ou la Maniere la plus certains de so 
servir utilement de I'epee. Paris, 1766, 8vo., portrait or 
engraved frontispiece, fleuron with arms of Prince de Conti, 
and 33 folding-plates of fencing by Taraval after Vaxcillere 
(30s. to 40s.). 

Reprinted 1798, with 47 plates. 

Danican (Auguste). Le Fleau des Tyrans et des Septembriseurs, 
ou Eeflexions sur la Eevolution frangaise, par un vrai 
patriote de 1789. Lausanne et Paris, 1797, 8vo., 1 plate, not 
signed (5s.). 

Danican. Les Brigands demasques, ou Memoire pour servir 
a I'histoire du temps present. A Londres, 1796, 8vo., 
portrait of Barras (3s.). 

Daniel (John). Narrative of the Life and astonishing Adventures 
of John Daniel, a Smith at Eoyston in Hertfordshire, for a 
course of Seventy years, taken from his own mouth by 
Ralph Morris. London, M. Cooper, 1751, 12mo., plates by 
Boitard ; rare (20s. to 30s.). 

Danse (La) des morts comme elle est depeinte dans la louable et 
celebre ville de Basle pour, servir d'un miroir a la nature 
humaine, dessinee et gravde sur I'original de feu M. Mathieu 
Merian. On ya ajoute une description de la ville de Basle et 
des vers a chaque figure. Basle, J. Imhof, 1744, 4to., text 


Frencli and German, frontispiece, and 43 copper-plates by 
Chovin (15s. to 205.). 

Dart (J.). "Westmonasterium, or, the History and Antiquities 
of the Abbey Church of St. Peter's, Westminster. London,' 
1723, 2 vols., fol.j plates (15s. to 20s., and double on large 

DauU^ (Jean), ffiuvre de Jean D. . . . graveur du Eoi . . . 
A Paris, chez la Veuve Daulle, s.d., fol., 84 plates 
(£15 to £20). 

Dauphin. La Derniere Helo'ise, ou Lettres de Junie Salisbury, 
recueillies et publiees par M. Dauphin, citoyen de Verdun. 
Paris, 1784, 8vo., frontispiece, 2 engraved titles and 2 
plates by Dambrun, Delignon, and de Longueil after 
Queverdo (6s.). 

Reprinted 1790, 16mo., with frontispiece by Queverdo only. 

Dauphin. La derniere Heloise, Nouvelle edition. A Paris, 
de I'imprimerie de Monsieur, 1795, 2 parts in 1 vol., 16mo., 
frontispiece after Qudverdo by Delignon and vignette on 
title (3s.). 

Dauphin. La derniere Heloise, ou Lettres de Jenny de Salisbury, 
recueillies et publiees par. M. Dauphin, citoyen de Verdun. 
Paris, 1798, 2 parts in 1 vol., 8vo., frontispiece, 2 plates 
and 2 charming vignettes on titles after Queverdo by 
Dambrun (2), de Longueil (2), and Delignon (1) (10s.). 

Davesne. Les Jardiniers, com^die en deux actes et en prose, 
mSlee d'ariettes, par M. Davesne, representee pour la 
premifere fois le lundi 11 juillet 1771 (the music is by 
Prudent). Paris, veuve Duchesne, 1771, 8vo. Six plates 
have been engraved for this opera-comique by Frussote and 
Patas after Queverdo (8s.). 

David. Histoire d'Angleterre representee par figures accom- 
pagn^es d'un precis historique, gravies par F. A. David, 
d'aprfeslesdessins des plus c^lfebres artistes, dddi^e et presentee 
a Monsieur, frfere du roi. Paris, 1784, 2 vols., 4to., 2 
engraved titles (besides the printed titles) and 96 plates 
(48 per volume) by David after Binet, Gois, Lejeune, 
Monnet, Mortimer, and Van Dyck (10s., and double on 
vellum paper with plates in bistre). 

A vol. 3 was published in 1800, containing engraved title and 15 
plates. The text of all the 3 vols, is by Letourneur and Guyot. Large- 
paper copies haye the plates before the numbers. 



David. Histoire de France representee par figures accom- 
pagn^es d'un discours par le citoyen Guyot a Paris, chez 
David, 1786-96, 5 vols., 4to., 110 plates by David (15s.). 

Copies exist with unlettered proofs and with the plates in bistre. 

David. Les Antiquites d'Herculanum, avec les explications 
par Sylvain Marechal. Paris, 1780-1803, 12 vols., 4to., 
plates (£2, and less in 8vo.). 

David. Museum de Florence avec une explication par Mulot. 
Paris, 1787-1803, 8 vols,, 4to., plates (25s., and more with 
the plates in bistre). 

David. Histoire de Eussie representee par figures par David, 
accompagndes d'un precis historique, par Blin de Sainmore. 
Paris, 1799-1805, 3 vols., 4to., plates (12s., and double 
with the plates in bistre, and more with unlettered proofs). 

Decker (Paul, Fiirstlicher Baumeister). Architectura civilis, 
wie grosser Fiirsten und Herren Palaste . . . inventirt 
und gezeichnet durch Paulus Decker, architect. Verlagt 
von Jeremias Wolfl^, Kunst handler, Augspurg, Gedruct P. 
Detlefisen, 1711, 1713, 1716, 3 parts in 1 vol., foL, frontis- 
piece and 131 plates of ornaments, interior decorations, 
fountains, etc. (£8 to £10). 

He is deservedly styled the German Le Pautre. 

D^crets des sens sanctionnes par la Volupte, ouvrage nou'veau, 
ehrichi de gravures anglaises. A Rome, de Timprimerie 
du Saint-Pfere, 1793, 8vo., frontispiece and 6 vignettes, 
not signed, heading the verses of the engraved text (20s.). 

Deering (C). Historical Account of Nottingham. 1715, 4to., 
copper-plates (25s. to 30s.). 

Defoe (D.). The Life and strange surprising Adventures of 
Robinson Crusoe of York, Mariner . . . London, Printed 
by W. Taylor at the Ship in Pater-Noster-Row, 1719, 8vo.,, 
frontispiece, First Edition (£50). 

There is a Dublin counterfeit bearing the same date, but somewhat 
smaller in size (30s. to 40«.) : " The farther Adventures of Robinson 
Crusoe, being the second and last part of his Life. London, 1719," 8vo., 
folding map (first edition of vol. 2 worth 20s. to 30s.) ; "Serious Reflections 
during the Life, etc." (forming a supplementary vol. not by Defoe), 1720, 
8vo., folding plate (10s.). G. Dennis' copy of the 3 vols., first edition in 
morocco, by Riviere, £65 (1892). Gibson Craig's copy in morocco, £50 


Defoe (D.). La Vie et les Aventures surprenahtes de Robinson 
Cruso^, traduit de I'anglais (par Sainte-Hyacinthe et Van 
Effen). Amsterdam, I'Honor^ et Ch^telain, 1720-21, 3 
vols., 12mo. First edition of French version, fleuron on 
each title alike, frontispiece, map to each volume, and 21 
plates by B. Picart, one only signed (15s.). 

The counterfeit is to be distinguished by the fleurons on title being 
engraved on wood instead of copper. The Cazin edition, in 4 vols., 
16mo., with a frontispiece and 12 plates. by Ohatelain after Picart, is 
worth 5s. The edition in 4 vols., 1806, 16mo., on vellum paper, with 
12 plates by Godin, is rare (10s.). There exists a set of 6 plates in 
colours, 4to., designed and engraved by Chapuy (20s.). A copy of an 
edition in 3 vols., Leyde, 1754, 12mo., with map and plates in old red 
French morocco, 68 frs. (Paris sale, 1894). 

Defoe (D.). Robinson Crusoe. Stockdale, 1790, 2 vols., 
8vo., plates by Stothard (8s. to 10s., and treble on large 

Defoe (D.). A New Voyage round the World, by a Course 
never sailed before. London, A. Bettesworth, 1725, Bvo. 
First edition, plates (lOs. to 15s.). 

Defoe (D.). A System of Magick, or a History of the Black 
Art. London, J. Roberts, 1727, Bvo., frontispiece. First 
edition (10s.). 

Defoe (D.). Essay on the History and Reality of Apparitions. 
London, J. Roberts, 1727, 8vo., frontispiece. First edition. 

Defoe (D.). Political History of the Devil. London, 1726, 
8vo., frontispiece. First edition (15s. to 20s.). 

Deharme, Plan de la Ville et Faubourgs de Paris. Paris, 
1763, 4to., engraved throughout, and 35 plates (30s. to 40s.).. 

Deidier (L'abbd). Mecanique g^n^rale. Paris, Jombert, 1741,. 
4to. Fleuron heading the Dedication to the Comte d'Eu 
by Soubeyran after Cochin, and vignette designed and 
engraved by Cochin (5s.). 

Deidier (L'abb^). Le Parfait Ing^nieur. Paris, Jombert, 1741, 
4to., frontispiece and vignette with arms of M. de Valli^re 
by Gallimard after Cochin (5s.). 

Deidier (L'abb^). Elemens gen^raux des Mathematiques. 
Paris, Jombert, 1741, 2 vols., 4to., 2 vignettes designed 
and engraved by Chedel (5s,). 


Deidier (L'abbe). Le Calcul difFerentiel et le calcul integral. 
Paris, Jombert, 1740, 4to., 2 vignettes designed and en- 
graved by Cochiia (5s.). 

Deidier (L'abbe). La Science du Geometre. Paris, Jombert, 
1739, 4to., 2 vignettes designed and engraved by: Cochin 

All these engravings by Cochin exist in " tirages a part." 

Dejabin. Collection complete des Portraits de MM. les 
Deputes de I'Assemblee nationale de 1789. A Paris, chez 
le sieur Dejabin, Marcband d'estampes et editeur, place du 
Carouzel, No. 4. Portraits in 8vo. by Beljambe, Courbe, 
Letellier, Malbeste, Massard, Masquelier jeune, Voyez 
jeune, after Labadye, Isabey, Moreau le jeune, and Perrin 
(£2 to £3). 

The original drawings are in the BibliothSque nationale. 

Delacour-Damonville (Michel). Discours prononc^ par Mile. 
Perette de la Babille, presidente de I'Academie des fenames 
sgavantes, en presence de Sa Hautesse Mme. Henroux, 
princesse du Marche, douairifere du Moulin, marquise du 
Four, comtesse de la Fontaine et autres lieux, dans le 
grand'salle du palais de Tourne a tons Vents. Lyon, A. J. 
Dussien, 1736, 8 vo., portrait of Michel Delacour-Damonville 
by Ficquet after Lemire, and a curious plate (15s.). 

Delamare. Traite de la Police, ou Ton trouvera I'histoire de 
son dtablissement, les fonctions et les prerogatives de ses 
magistrats. . . . On y a joint une description historique et 
typographique de Paris . . . Amsterdam, 1729, 4 vols., 
fol., fleuron on title and 8 folding plans of Paris (25s. to 

Delandine. Tableaux des Prisons de Lyon, pour servir a 
I'histoire de " la tyranie de 1792. Lyon, Da;val, 1792, 
frontispiece designed and engraved by Mermond (4s.). 

Delassements du boudoir (Les), recueil de podsies galantes . . . 
avec un frontispiece en taille-douce, 1790, 16mo., frontis- 
piece, not signed, in the manner of Chaillou (6s.). 

Delices (Les) de Paris et de ses environs, en 210 planches 
dessinees et gravees par les Perelle. Paris, 1753, roy. fol. 
(£3 to £4). 

Delices (Les) de Versailles et des Maisons Eoyales en 218 
planches gravees par les Perelle (avec de courtes descriptions 
par Ch. Jombert). Paris, 1766, roy. fol. (£3 to £4). 
The two volumes were published at 50 francs each. 


Delille (L'abbe). L'Homme des champs ou les Georgiques' 
fran9aises. A Basle, chez J. Necker, de rimprimerie de 
Levrault (a Strasbourg), 1800, 12mo., 4 pretty plates by 
C. Gu^rin (5s., and much more on vellum paper with 
unlettered proofs protected by tissue paper, each bearing 
the description of the plate). 

Delille. L'Homme des champs ou les Georgiques frangaises 
Strasbourg, Levrault, an X. (1802), roy. 4to., vellum paper, 
4 plates designed and engraved by Guerin {10s., and on 
large vellum paper with plates before letters, 20s.). 

Delille. L'Homme des champs ou les Georgiques frangaises, 

nouvelle edition augmentde, avec figures. Paris, 1805, 

8vo., frontispiece, 4 plates and 8 vignettes by Buchorn, 

Guttenberg, Halderwang, and Mayer after Catel (5s.). 

Two copies exist on vellum, and several copies have the plates 
printed in colours. 

Delille. L'Imagination, pofeme. Paris, Giguet et Michaud, 1806, 
2 vols., 8vo., vellum paper, 6 plates by Baquoy, Courbe, 
Triere, and Delvaux after Lebarbier, Myris, and Monsiau 
(6s., and more on large paper, 4to.). 

One copy on vellum is extant (sold in 1817 for £10 158. ; resold 1841 
for 100 frs.). 

Delille. Les Jardins ou I'Art d'embellir les paysages, pofeme, 
2" edition. Paris, Valade et Cazin, libraire a Eeims, 1782,. 
roy. 8vo., Dutch paper, engraved title with vignette by 
Laurent, and 1 plate by Laurent after Cochin {6s., and less 
than half in 16mo., with the vignette not signed). 

First illustrated edition. 

Delille. The Gardens, a poem. London, 1798, 4to., two 
titles and head and tail pieces (5 s.). 

One copy was printed on vellum. 

Delille. Les Jardins, Pofeme, nouvelle edition, considerablement 
augment^e. Paris, an IX. (1801), 12mo., 4 plates by 
Provost, Choffard, and Saint-Aubin after Monsiau (3s., 
and treble and more on vellum paper with unlettered 

Two copies exist on vellum. 

Delille. La Pitie, pofeme, avec quatre figures. Paris, Giguet 
et Michaud, an XL (1803), roy. 8vo., vellum paper, 4 plates 
by Berthaud, Courbe, and Duparc, under the direction of 
Anselin (3s.). 


Delille. Les Trois Rfegnes de la Nature, avec des notes par M. 
Cuvier, de I'lnstitut, et autres savants. Paris, NicoUe, 
1808, 2 vols., roy. 8vo., 6 plates after Mirys and Moreau, by 
Saint-Aubin, Ponce, and Baquoy (5s., and more than treble 
on large paper with unlettered proofs). 
CopieS'^exist on vellum. 

Delille. Dithyrambe sur I'immortalite de I'Ame, suivi du 
Passage du Saint-Gothard, pofeme, traduit de I'anglais, avec 
figures. Paris, chez Giguet et Michaud, 1802, 12mo., plate 
by Baquoy after Monsiau (3s.). 

Some copies have aa India proof plate after Boizot by Anselin, and 
others are illustrated with a frontispiece after Angelica Kaufmann by 

Delille. Poesies fugitives . . . Paris, 1807; 4to., 2 plates (5s.). 

One copy on vellum was sold in 1824 for 200 frs. 

Delille. La Conversation, poeme en iii. chants. Paris, 1812, 
roy. 4to., roy. 8vo., and 12mo., plates (8s., 5s., and 3s. 

The 1 copy on vellum was sold in 1824 for 230 frs. 

Delille. Les (Euvres completes ' de Delille (publiees en 1824), 
16 vols., 8vo., plates after Desenne, Devdria, Gerard, 
Girodet, Moreau, Westall, etc. (20s., and double on vellum 
paper, and treble on large papier jesus velin). 

Two copies exist on vellum. 

Delisle de Sales. De la Philosophic de la Nature, ou Traits de 
Morale pour I'espece humaine, tire de la philosophic et 
fonde sur la nature, troisifeme Edition et la seule conforme 
au manuscrit original. Londres (Paris), 111*1, 6 vols., 8vo., 
6 engraved titles with fleurons (all different), portrait by 
Duflos after Borel, frontispiece, and 12 plates by Nde, etc. 

The original drawings are still in possession of a descendant of the 

Delisle de Sales. Eponine ou de la E^publique, ouvrage de 
Platon decouvert et publie par I'auteur de la Philosophic de 
la Nature. Paris, 1793, 6 vols., 8vo., 24 plates after 
Eisen, Monnet, etc. (12s.). 

Delisle de Sales. De la Philosophic du bonheur . . . Paris 
1796, 2 vols.j 8vo., portrait, engraved title and 5 charming 
plates after Eisen (4) and Wille fils (1), by de Longueil in 
vol. 1, and 3 portraits (Macret sc), and 4 plates after Eisen 


(1), Wille fils (2), and 1 not signed. This edition was 
privately printed (15s.). 

Delisle de Sales. PMlosopMe du Bonheur, manuscrit du Platon 
public par I'auteur de la Philosophie de la Nature, nouvelle 
e'dition. Paris, Moutardier, an VIII. (1800), 2 vols., 8vo., 
2 frontispieces, 4 portraits, and 5 plates by Ponce after 
Mongin (8s.). 

The author was banished, and his works were confiscated. 

Delolme (J. L.). The History of the Flagellants, or the 
Advantages of Discipline, being a Paraphrase and Commen- 
tary on the Historia Flagellantium of the Abb^ Boileau, 
Doctor of the Sorbonne, etc. By Somebody who is not 
Doctor of the Sorbonne. London, 1777, 4to., 4 plates and 
4 vignettes (30s. to 40s.). 

Second edition, 1778, 8vo. Re-issued with a new title : Memorials of 
Human Superstition . . . 1784, 8vo. 

Demarne. Histoire sacree de la Providence, etc., tiree de 
I'Ancien et du Nouveau Testament, representee en 500 
tableux. Paris, 1728, 3 vols., roy. 4to. (12s.). 

The book appeared also under the title : L'Ancien et le Nouveau 
Testament representes en 500 tableaux, graves d'apres Raphael, etc. 
Paris, 1757, fol. 

Demarteau I'aine (Gilles) et G. A. Demarteau, neveu. CEuvre. 
A Paris, chez Demarteau, graveur (1755-90), 4 vols., fol., 
comprising 729 plates, plain, red, and coloured (579 by the 
elder and the remainder by the younger artist). The 
collection consists of plates of ornaments, and above all 
numerous reproductions in crayon, chiefly after Boucher. 
There are also series of " Academies " after Carl Van Loo, 
landscapes after Hanel, female studies, children groups, 
rural subjects, after Boucher, young ladies' heads after 
Watteau, sheepfold after Huet, Bacchanals after Caresme, 
and numerous pieces after Eisen, Bouchardon, Le Prince, 
Parrocel, Cochin, Monnet, etc. A few of the head titles 
are : Premier Livre de Trophies, dessine par Peyrotte, 
8 oval pieces ; Premier et deuxifeme Livres de Differents 
Trophees, d'aprfes 'Huet ; Premier, deuxifeme, troisifeme, 
quatrifeme et cinquifeme Livres de Principes de Dessins au 
crayon, dessines par Pierre ; Livre de fleur, d'aprfes Tessier, 
etc. (£150 to £200). 

Demarteau I'aine (Gilles). Nouveaux Ornements d'Arquebuserie. 
Dess. et grave par De M. . . . I'aine. Se vend chez Tauteut 
a Paris (circa 1740), Svo., title and 24 plates (£8 to £10). 


Demarteau Taine (Gilles). Livre de Desseins au crayon, dedie 
a Mgr. le due Chaulnes par Demarteau Tain^. Paris, 
Demarteau et Frangois, s.d. (circa 1770), oblong 4to., 
contains 4 parts of 6 plates each, engraved from designs by 
Girard, sculpteur (£5 to £6). 

Demeuse (N. ). Nouveau Traite de I'Art des Armes. Liege, F. J. 

Desor, 1778, 8vo., 14 folding plates of fencing positions 

Demoustier. Lettres a Emile sur la Mytbologie. Paris, 1790, 

4 vols, in 2, 16mo., 4 frontispieces, and 14 plates designed 

and engraved by Queverdo (15s.). 

Demoustier. L' Amour filial, opera en 1 acte. Paris, an II., 
Bvo., 1 coloured plate representing the actor Juliet, after 
Eousseau (IDs.). 

Demoustier. Lettres a Emile sur la Mytbologie. Paris, 
Renouard, an IX. (1801), 6 parts in 3 vols., 8vo., portrait 
by Gaucher, and 36 plates by Audouin and Goucher, after 
,Monnet (10s., and double on vellum paper). 
There are copies on papier rose. 

Demoustier. Lettres a Emile sur la Mythologie. Paris, Ant.- 
Aug. Renouard, 1804, 6 parts in 2 vols., 16mo., reduced 
plates after Moreau (6s., and with unlettered proofs 30s., 
and double on India paper, and considerably more with the 

Eenouard says in his "Catalogue de la Bibliotheque d'un amateur" 
that he had 20 copies taken on vellum paper (of the posthumous works 
only 3), 2 copies on papier rose, and 1 on vellum. The last sold in his 
sale for 100 frs. 

"Demoustier. Lettres a Emile sur la Mythologie. Paris, 
Eenouard, 1809, 6 parts in 3 vols., 8vo., 36 plates by 
Delvaux, de Ghendt, Roger, Simonet, Thomas, and Trifere 
after Moreau, and 1 portrait by Tardieu after Pajou fils. 
(20s., and on vellum paper with unlettered proofs. £6, and 
considerably more with the etchings ; rarissime). The 
12mo. and 16mo. edition of _ the same date are of very 
little value, save the few copies on' papier velin jonquille, 
or the one copy on papier rose (£2' to £3). 

There are various portraits of Demoustier. The unique copy on 
vellum, 8vo., 1809, in blue morocco with Moreau's 36 original 
di-awings, and 24 other smaller drawings by this artist, as well as 14 
drawings by Le Barbier, the drawing of Demoustier's porta-ait by 
Gaucher, plus the series of plates with and before letters and the 
etchings, 4 drawings by Le Barbier (nob published), a drawing by 


Fokke, a pencil drawing portrait of the author by Gaucher, many India 
proof portraits and plates, all in that copy, was sold in the Kenouard 
sale for the meagre sum of 520 frs. A. Fontaine re-offered and sold it 
from his catalogue in 1872 for 4000 frs. Renouard's vellum paper copy 
with the unlettered proofs, the etchings, and with many additional 
plates inserted, brought in the Delbergue-Cormont sale the respectable 
sum of 2800 frs. Renouard's attempt by a novel process to have Huber's 
and some of Moreau's drawings engraved in relief proved utterly a failure. 

Denis. Guide royal ou Dictionnaire topographique des grandes 
routes de Paris aux villes, bourgs et abbayes du royaume, 
etc. Paris, 1774, 2 vols., 12mo., coloured maps and 
vignettes by Patas, after Fossier (5s.). 

Denis. Memoires, Anecdotes de la Cour et du Clerg^ de 
France, par J. B. Denis, ci-devant secretaire de I'EvSque 
de Meaux. Londres (HoUande), 1712, post 8vo., en- 
gravings (20s. to 25s.). 

Bossuet's supposed marriage with Madame Desvieux de Mauleon is 
therein mentioned for the first time. 

Denon (Baron Vivant). (Euvre priapique. Paris, 1793, 23 
plates designed and etched by Denon, folio, no text (£3 
to £4). 

A rather frivolous production of a clever amateur artist ; rare. 
There is a poor reproduction by Scheible of Stuttgart. 

Denon. Voyage dans la Basse et la Haute Egypte, pendant 
les campagnes du gdn^ral Bonaparte. Paris, imprimerie de 
P. Didot I'aine (an X.), 1802, 2 vols., atlas folio, 141 plates 
by Baltard, Bertbault, Coiny, Croutelle, Denon, Duparc, 
Duplessis-Bertaux, Fosseyeux, Galien, Garreau, Malbeste, 
Pillement fils, etc., after Denon (£5, and more on vellum 
paper). Didot had the same year issued the text in 4to., 
with the plates in fol. 

The original drawings are in the Bibliotheque nationale. 

Denon. Point de lendemain, conte. Paris, Didot, 1812, 
16mo., 1 plate after Laffite (20s. to 30s.). The unique copy 
on vellum with the original water-coloured drawing, and the 
engraving of the same by Normand, in proof etching in 
white vellum by Boz^rian in a morocco case, 600 frs. (Mor- 
gand's Catalogue de la Bibliothfeque de M. Eugfene Paillet). 

This " conte " has already appeared in the Melanges de Dorat, but 
the above is the first separate edition. 

Ddnonciation des crimes et attentats des soi-disant jesuites 
dans toutes les parties du monde, adressees aux empereurs, 
rois, princes, . , . ou Abreg4 chronologique des stratagfemes 


friponneries, meurtres de rois, etc., commis par les Ignaciens 
depuis 1540 jusqu'a 1750, 12mo., 1762, 1 allegorical plate, 
not signed ; rare pamphlet (10s.). 

Denys (Mile.). Armorial de la Chambre des comptes depuis 
. . . 1506, contenant les noms, armes et blasons de MM. 
les Premiers Presidents, Presidents et Conseillers ... A 
Paris, chez I'auteur, 1780, 2 vols., sm. 4to., coloured coats- 
of-arms (£5 to £6). Comte de LigneroUes' copy in old red 
morocco, with arms of the Marquis de Nicolay, 600 frs. 

Depain. CoefFures de Dames. Se trouve a Paris, chez 
Depain, coeffeur de Dames et auteur de ces coeffures, rue de 
Conde, aux armes d'Artois, vis-a-vis la rue des Cordeliers. 
A. P. D. E., 8vo., 14 plates, designed and engraved by 
Chapuy (£6 to £8). 

De Sallengre. Histoire de Pierre de Montmaur. A La Haye, 
1715, 2 vols., post 8vo., frontispieces and plates (5s.). 

De Vera et de Cuninga (Don Antonio). Le parfait Ambassa- 
deur, divis^ en trois parties, compose en espagnol, nouvelle- 
ment traduit en frangois. A Leide, Theodore Haak, 1709, 
2 vols., 12mp., 2 frontispieces, alike (5s.). 

Desbillons (P. J.). Fabulse jEsopiae. Manhemii typis aca- 
demices, 1768, 2 vols., 8vo., 15 charming plates after E. 
Verhelst (5 s.). 

Desbillons (F. J.). Fabulse .^sopise, etc. Paris, Barbou, 
1778, 12mo., frontispiece representing "Amors" trying 
on a plumed hat on Marie Antoinette before a looking- 
glass, by Baquoy (5s.). 

Descamps. La Vie des peintres flamands, allemands et hoUan- 
dois, avftc des portraits graves en taille-douce, une indi- 
cation de leurs principaux ouvrages et des reflexions sur 
leurs differentes maniferes. Paris, Jombert, 1753-64, 4 vols., 
8vo., frontispiece by Lebas after Descamps, 2 vignettes by 
Lemire after Decamps, and 171 portraits by Picket, Gaillard, 
Legrand, M. Aubert, Benoist, Basan, Teucher, Pinssio, 
Sornique, and others, not signed, after Decamps, Eisen, and 
Campion (40 in vol. 1, 56 in vol. 2, 43 in vol. 3, and 
32 in vol. 4)., Supplement : Le Voyage pittoresque 
de la Flandre et du Brabant, avec des reflexions rela- 
tives aux arts et quelques gravures. Paris, Desaint, etc., 
1769, 8vo., vignette by Lemire after Descamps, 5 plates. 


not signed, and folding map, together 5 vols., 8vo. (205., 
and treble and more in old French morocco). 

Picket's portraits, some of which are little marvels of beauty and 
quaintness, form the prominent feature of the book. The earliest 
impressions are those where the artist's signature "a la pointe" is 
distinct and conspicuous. The artist's proofs without the text are of 
the utmost rarity. Vols. 1 and 2 have been reprinted, but they are 
easily recognised by the absence of the ornamented letters heading the 

Descamps. Voyage de Louis XV. au H&.vre en 1749, 6 plates, 
folio, by Le Bas after Descamps (30s.). 

Deschamps de Saucourt. Zemire et Zilas, pofeme en trois 
chants par- M. D. de S. Maestrich, Dufour, 1775, 8vo., 
frontispiece by Porta after Brichet (3s.). 

Deschamps de Saucourt. Les Premiferes Amours, ou Z^.mire et 
Zilas, pofeme en trois chants. Guide (Paris), 1784, 8vo., 
frontispiece by F. A. M. after D. L., fleuron on title and 
tailpiece, not signed (3s.). 

Deschamps de Saucourt. Description g^nerale et particuliere 
de la France, ou Voyage pittoresque de la France, avec la 
description de toutes les provinces, ouvrage national, dedie 
au Roi ; orne d'un grand nombre de gravures executes avec 
le plus grand soin d'aprfes les dessins des meilleurs artistes, 
par une Societe de gens de lettres (B. de la Borde, Beguillet, 
Guettard, etc.). A Paris, de I'imprimerie de Monsieur, et 
chez Lami, 1781-96, 12 vols., imp. folio (£8 to £10). 

The plates (including maps and portraits), 462 (sometimes 464) in 
number, are after Le Barbier, Cochin, Moreau, Monnet, etc., by Malapeau, 
Le Bas, Pessard, and others. De La Beraudiere's copy 1100 frs. Copies 
with unlettered proofs are rare ; a few copies exist with the plates 
coloured. UnhappOy the work remained unfinished. 

Descriptions des F^tes donnees par la ville de Paris a I'occasion 
du mariage de Mme. Louise-Elisabeth de France et de Don 
Philippe, infant et grand amiral d'Espagne, les 29 et 30 
aotit 1739. Paris, P.-G. Lemercier, 1740, atlas folio. On 
title a fine fleuron by Soubeyran after Bouchardon, 13 
plates or plans (8 folding) by Blondel after Blondel, Gabriel, 
Salley, and Servandoni, and 22 plates of text with a large 
vignette (la Jotite de la Seine) designed and engraved by 
Rigaud. Head letters ornamented and engraved (£2 to £3, 
and more than treble in old morocco, with the arms of Paris 
on one side and with the royal arms on the other). 

The plates representing "le Peu d'artifice donne sur la Seine," and 
" Les Vues des Decorations et Illuminations des Salons de I'Hotel- 
de- Ville," are exceptionally fine. 


Description du feu d' artifice et de la fete donn^e par S. Exc. 
Mgr. de Lamina, ambassadeur d'Espagne, a cause du 
mariage de Madame L^°* de France avec I'lnfant Philippe, 
grand amiral d'Espagne. Paris, Lottin, 1739, 4to., 1 plate 
by J. Gaul tier after Fr. Saracfene (10s.). 

Description du Catafalque ex^cut^ a Paris dans I'eglise de 
Notre-Dame, a I'occasion du service qui se fera dans la 
mSme ^glise le jeudi 9 juillet 1761, pour la princesse 
Marie-Amelie de Saxe, reine d'Espagne et des Indes, 
Paris, 1761, 4to., vignette by Prevost after Cocliin 

Description du Mausolde drige a Paris dans I'eglise de Notre- 
Dame, etc. . . . le 13 mars 1766, pour Dom Philippe de 
Bourbon, infant d'Espagne. Paris, 1766, 4to., vignette by 
Prdvost after Cochin, and 2 plates by Taraval after Challe 

Description du Catafalque et Pompe funfebre pour Elisabeth 
Farnfese, reine d'Espagne et des Indes, faite a Paris en 
I'eglise Notre-Dame, le 27 novembre 1766. Paris, 1766, 
4 to., vignette after Cochin, and 3 plates by Martinet after 
Challe (15s.). 

Description du Catafalque erige' en I'e'glise de Notre-Dame de 
Paris, pour la service de Stanislas, 1^' roy. de Pologne, etc. 
. . . 1766, 4to., vignette by Prevost after Cochin (5s.). 

Description du Mausolee de Madame la Dauphine, 1767, 4to., 
vignette by Prevost after Cochin (5s.). 

Description du Catafalque de la Eeine a Notre-Dame, 4to., 
headpiece by Miger after Cochin. Description du Mausolee 
de la Eeine a Saint Denys, 1768, 4to., headpiece by Miger 
after Cochin. 

All these vignettes exist as artists' proofs without text, when they are 
worth fancy prices. 

Description de la Feste et Feu d' Artifice qui doit ^tre tire a 
Paris sur la rivifere, au sujet de la naissance de Monseigneur 
le Dauphin, par ordre de S. M. C. Philippe V., le XXI. 
Janvier, 1730. Paris, P. Gandouin, 1730, fol., 3 large 
plates by Dumont and Demarne after Servandoni, BauBsire, 
and Pitourit (30s.). 

Description du Mausolee erige dans I'eglise de I'abbaye royale 
de Saint-Denys, le 27 juillet 1774, pour les obseques de 
Louis XV. le Bien-Aim^. Paris, 1774, 4to., vignette 


representing medal portrait of Louis XV. after Moreau, and 
4 folding plates after Challe, both engraved by Lempereur 

Moreau's vignette exists ia artist's proof without text. 

Description du Catafalque et du Cenotaphe Mg^s dans I'^glise 
de Notre-Dame de Paris, le 7 septembre, 17^74, pour trfes 
grand et trfes baut prince Louis XV. Paris, Ballard, 1774, 
4to., frontispiece after Moreau, and 6 large folding plates 
(155. to 20s.). 

Description du Catafalque de Marie-Therfese, 4to., headpiece and 
2 plates by Moreau le jeune* after Paris (10s.). 

Descrizione delle feste celebrate in Parma I'anno 1769, per le 
auguste nozze di sua altezza reale I'infante Don Ferdi- 
nando coUa archiduchessa Maria-Amelia. Parma, stamperia 
reale, folio, frontispiece and 67 head and tail pieces, and 
plates by Bossi, Ravenet, Volpato, etc., after Petitot 
(15s. to 20s.). 

Desfontaines. Les Baines de Diane, on le Triomphe de I'Amour, 
pofeme. Paris, Costard, 1770, 8vo., very fine title by de 
Ghendt after Marillier, and 3 plates by Massard, Ponce, and 
Voyez I'aine after Marillier (10s., and treble on large 

Desforges-Maillart. (Euvres en vers et en prose. Amsterdam, 
1759, 2 vols., 12mo., portrait after Tanj4 fleuron on titles 
and 9 vignettes (several duplicates) (4s.). 

Desforges. Le Pofete, ou Mdmoires d'un homme de lettres 
ecrits par lui-meme. Hambourg, chez les principaux 
libraires, 1798, 4 vols., 12mo., 4 plates signed ChaUlou 
engraved by Dambrun, or not signed ; rare (£2 to £3). 
The book, though entertaining, borders on the licentious. 

Desforges. Le Poete . . . Hambourg (Paris), 1799, 8 vols., 
8vo., 8 plates, not signed, in the manner of those of 
Chaillou.(30s., and double on vellum paper with unlettered 

Desforges. Adolphine de Rostanges, ou la Mfere qui ne fut, 
point epouse. Paris, an VIL (1799), 2 vols., 12mo., 2 
plates (8s.). 

Desforges. Eugfene et Eugenie, ou la Mdprise conj.ugale, 
histoire de deux enfants, d'une nuit d'erreur et de leurs 
parents. Paris, Chaigneau ain^, an VII., 4 parts in 2 vols., 
12mo., 4 plates after Monnet by Duval (10s.). 


Desforges. Edouard et Arahelle, ou I'Elfeve de I'infortune et de 
1 'amour, ouvrage tird des mdmoires secrets de deux families 
anglaises. Paris, imprimerie Chaigneau aine, an VII. 
(1799), 2 parts in 1 vol., 12mo., 2 plates after Monnet by 
Duval {6s.). 

Desforges. Les Mille et un Souvenirs, ou les Veillees conju- 
gales. Eecueil d'Anecdotes veritables, galantes, serieuses, 
bouffonnes, comiques, nationales, etrangferes, merveilleuses, 
mysterieuses, etc. Hambourg, 1799, 5 vols., 12mo., 5 plates, 
not signed. 

TMs book is the sequel to " Le' Poete." 

Desbouliferes (Mme.). (Euvres de Mme. et Mile. Deshouliferes, 
nouvelle edition. Paris, Prault fils, 1747, 2 vols., 16mo., 
portrait, not signed, title with fleuron by Fessard after 
Cocbin, and 4 vignettes by A. C. Boucher, Delafosse, and 
Tardieu after Eisen and de Seve (5s., and considerably more 
in old French morocco). , 

Deshouliferes. (Euvres choisies de Mme. Deshouliferes, ornees de 
figures gravees par les soins des citoyens Ponce et Eegnault. 
Paris, Didot I'aine, I'an III. de la Eepublique (1795), 
16mo., portrait after Eochard, and 3 plates after Marillier, 
by Ponce, Dambrun, and Eegnault (8s., and on large 
vellum paper with unlettered proofs (only 100 copies 
printed), £3 to £4). The Delbergue-Cormont copy in 
morocco by Trautz, 620 frs. Leb. de Montgermont's 
(formerly La Bedoyfere's) large-paper copy with unlettered 
proofs, containing also Marillier's 3 original drawings, 
a drawing by Monsiau (never engraved), a drawing by 
Chasselat with the engraving, besides additional portraits 
and engravings inserted, 1100 frs. 

Desmarais. Jeremie, pofeme en quatre chants, avec sa prifere et sa 
lettre aux captifs prets a partir pour Babylone, etc. Paris, 
Desprez, 1771, 8vo., frontispiece, 6 plates by Delvaux, 
Macret, Miger, Pepin, and Saillard after Leclerc (10s. 
to 15s.). 

Each song bears the title of "Lamentations de Jeremie." Le Barbier 
de Tinan's copy, superbly bound in red morocco with dentelle borders of 
gold, sold for 150 frs. 

Desmaretz. L'Ariane. Paris, 1724, 3 vols., 12mo., engraved 
title and 16 plates after Scotin, not signed (10s.). 

These are the reduced plates done by Abraham Bosse for the 4to. 
edition of 1647. 


Desmoulins (Camille). Diseours de la Lanterne aux Parisiens, 
2° edition, corrigee et augmentee. En France, Fan 1" de la 
liberte, 8vo., pretty plate, not signed (55.). 

Desnos. Le Depot ou Bob^clie voleur et commissionnaire, 
suivi de I'Amant femme de chambre et de Tirlipliton, 
faisant suite au Nouveau Theatre du Boulevard par C. 
O(dolant) D(esnos). Paris, Tiger, s.d., 12mo., a curious 
frontispiece (5 s.). 

Desnoyers (Abbe). Tableaux de la Nature, par M * * * , 
membre de plusieurs academies. Amsterdam et Paris, veuve 
Duchesne, 1775, 8vo., 2 plates by La Chauss^e after Desrais 

Desorgues (Theodore), Rousseau, ou I'Enfance, pofeme suivi 
des Transteverins et de poesies lyriques, par le citoyen 
Theodore Desorgues. Paris, Jansen, post 8vo., frontispiece, 
not signed (3s.). 

Desormeaux. Histoire de la Maison de Bourbon. Paris, 
imprimerie royale, 1772-88, 5 vols., 4to., frontispiece by 
A. de Saint- Aubin after Boucher, headpiece for dedication 
and 5 fleurons on titles by Choffard, 14 portraits by 
Gaucher and Miger after Fragonard, Le Monnier, and 
Vincent, 21 vignettes by Bradel, Moreau, and Prevost after 
Moreau, and 21 tailpieces by Choffard (30s. to 40s.). 

Choffard's superb fleurons and Moreau's headpieces exist in artists' 
proofs without text. M. Eugene Paillet's copy with all these artists' 
proofs on stout paper, plus the portraits and frontispiece in two states 
(one of which in a superior state by Miger), and a varied proof for the 
headpiece bound in blue morocco by Cuzin, is priced by M. Morgand 
3500 frs. Comte de Behague's copy, bound, vol. 1, with arms of 
Mme. "Victoire, and the other 4 vols, with arms of Marie Leczinska, 
realized 500 frs. Baron J. E. de Rothschild's copy comprises a few 
of Choffard's original drawings. The series of Honore Fragonard's 
portraits of the princes executed after ancient pictures is in the castle 
of Ohantilly, now the property of the French nation. 

Desperiers (Bonaventure). Cymbalum mundi, ou Dialogues 
satiriques sur diffdrents sujets, avec une lettre critique,. . . 
par Prosper Marchand. Amsterdam et Leipzig, 1732, 12mo., 
tieuron, not signed, frontispiece by Bakker after Piearfc, and 
4 plates signed B. P. (Bernard Picart) without engraver's 
name (5s.). 

Despr^aux. Mes Passe-temps, Chansons suivies de I'Art de 
la danse, pofeme en quatre chants, caique sur I'Art podtique 
de Boileau ; orn^es de gravures d'aprfes les dessins de Moreau 


le jeune, avec les airs not^s. Paris, chez I'auteur, 1806- 
1809, 2 vols., 8vo., frontispiece (silhouette portrait) by 
Trifere after Desprdaux, 2 plates by Simonet and Trifere after 
Moreau, 3 vignettes, tbe first after Despr^aux, tbe second 
etched by La Cour after M. J. Etienne Marais, and the last 
by Simonet after Moreau (lOs.). 

Despreaux, manager of the Opera, though a namesake, was in no way 
related to Boileau. He was the husband' of the famous dancer La 

Desrochers (Etienne Jehandier). Eecueil des Portraits des Per- 
sonnes qui se sont distingudes, tant dans les armes que dans 
les belles-lettre (sic) et les arts. Comme aussi la famille 
royale de France et autres Cours etrangferes. Gravez par 
E. D. . . . Paris, chez I'auteur, s.d. (1700-1730), 4 vols., 
4to., 910 portraits, male and female, French and foreign (600 
of them engraved by Desrochers) (£12 to £15). 

Desrochers. Portraits des Personnages les plus illustres 
d'Europe. A Paris, chez Desrochers, Svo., 247 portraits 
(£3 to £4). 

Destouches. CEuvres de Monsieur Destouches, de I'Academie 
frangaise, nouvelle Edition, revue, corrigee, considerablement 
augmentee et ornee de belles figures en taille-douce. 
Amsterdam et Leipzig; Arkstee etMerkus, 1755-59, 5 vols., 
12mo., portrait by Fokke, fleuron for vols. 1 to 4 alike 
(vol. 5 has none) after Punt, frontispiece, not signed, and 
23 plates by Fritsch and J. Kornbein after Aartman (10s., 
and more on stout paper). 

Some copies have only 18 plates. The Soleine copy, morocco, by 
Bauzonnet, 102 frs. There is another edition illustrated by Lafitte. The 
Bancal copy containing the original drawings brought 1300 frs. M. Piet 
possesses another copy with the outline drawings a la plume by Lafitte, 
and M. Portalis is the owner of 6 pretty drawings (unpublished) for the 
author's Comedies by Borel. 

Deuchar (A.). Collection of Etchings, after the most eminent 
Masters of the Dutch and Flemish Schools, particularly 
Eembrandt, Ostade, Cornelius Bega, and Van Vliet. Edin- 
burgh, 1803, 3 vols.,sm. fol., 378 engravings on 308 leaves 
(£3 to £4, and double in morocco). 

Deux (Les) Meutors, ou Mdmoires pour servir a I'histoire des 
moeurs anglaises au XVIII'°= sifecle, traduction libre de 
I'anglais de M. (Miss Clara Eeeve) par M. de la P (de la 
Place). Amsterdam, 1784, 2 vols., 12mo., 2 pretty plates 
(5s.). if J ^ 


Devises pour les tapisseries du roi, s.d. sm. foL, engraved 
throughout by Kraus d'Augsbourg, 3 frontispieces, 8 folding 
plates, and 32 subjects engraved on 16 leaves (10s.). 

Diable (Le) bossu, le diable femme, le diable circoncis, le diable 
pendu et ddpendu, le diable tendu, etc. Nancy, 1708, 
12mo., 1 plate (8 s. to 10s.). 

Diable (Le), histoire satyrique traduite de I'anglais. Paris, Le 
Normand, an XI. (1802),-3 vols., 12mo., 3 plates by Mariage 
after Huot (5s.). 

Dialogue entre le docteur Quickley et M. Amen, patriote im- 
partial de la garde nationale parisienne, touchant M. Motier 
de Lafayette, etc. Londres, 1793, 8vo., pretty frontispiece, 
not signed (3s.). 

Dialogue interessant et vrai entre le Moire, le Procureur-syndic 
d'une province, le Curd, un bourgeois, un riche fermier, un 
grenadier, et deux federds. En France, de- I'imprimerie des 
amis de la verite. En province, aux enseignes du Peuple 
abusd, des lois renversees, du Roi detrone et de la monarchic 
detruite I'an IL du desordre et de I'anarchie, 8vo., curious 
frontispiece, not signed, inscribed thus : Retour- des Con- 
federes dans leurs families (4s.). 

Royalist pamphlet. 

Dictionnaire de 1' Academic frangaise, troisifeme edition. Paris, 
Coignard, 1740, 2 vols., folio, superb frontispiece by Mariette. 
after Corneille, large escutcheon on title of each vol. alike,^ 
a very fine medal portrait of Louis XV. by DauUe and 
Audran after Coypel, vignette by Mariette after Corneille 
oh the first page of each volume, and 3 ornamental letters.. 
(15s. to 20s., and considerably more in old French morocco). 

Diderot (Denis). Les Bijoux indiscrets. Au Monomotapa,. 
s.d. (Paris, 1748), 2 vols., 12mo., frontispiece, 6 plates and 
fleuron on each title (10s., and considerably more in 
morocco). The counterfeit may be detected by the poor 
text ; the fleurons on the titles are, only ornamental instead 
of figures, the plates reversed, and the trees and " 1' Amour " 
in the frontispiece are to the left, while they should be to 
the right (4s.). 

M. DelzoUies' genuine copy in old Erench red morocco, 137 frs. 
(Paris sale, 1894). Reprinted 1772. 

Diderot (Denis). OEuvres philosophiques. Amsterdam, chez 
Roy, 1772, 6 vols., 8vo., 2 frontispieces, not signed, fleuron 
on title, 22 plates (6 outline), all not signed (12s. to 15s.). 


Vol. 5 contains : " Les Bijoux indiscrete " with the plates 
which have been copied and reduced in the undated Cazm 
edition (1771 and 1785). 

Diderot (Denis). Contes Moraux et Nouvelles Idylles de D. 
. . . et Sal. Gesner. Zurich, chez I'auteur, 1773, 4to., 3 
vignettes, 11 tailpieces, and 10 plates by Gessner (12s.). 
Baron Pichon's copy with the arms of Madame du Barry 
(Meister, the translator of Gessner's Idylles, dedicated it 
to her), with 3 additional portraits inserted, 620 frs. 

Diderot (Denis). Jacques le Fataliste et son maitre, par 
Diderot, precede d'un hommage aux m^nes de I'auteur, par 
M. Meister. Paris, Gueffier, 1797, 3 vols., 16mo., 3 plates, 
not signed (5s.). 

Diderot (Denis). Jacques le Fataliste et son mattre, par 
Diderot, Paris, Leprieur, an V. (1797), 4 vols., 16mo., 4 
plates, not signed (8s.). Of subsequent editions may be 
mentioned that printed at Paris, Bertin, an V. (1797), 
4 vols., 16mo., plates by Bovinet after Chaillou (10s., 
and double on vellum paper with unlettered proofs). 

Diderot (Denis). La Religieuse. Paris, Dufart, an V. (1797), 
2 vols., 16mo., 2 pretty plates, not signed (5s., and treble 
on vellum paper). Another edition in 8 vols., 16mo., with 
8 plates by Bovinet after Chaillou (5s.). 

"Diderot (Denis). La Religieuse, nouvelle edition avec figure. 
Paris, Maradan, an VI., 12mo. (1798), pretty frontispiece by 
Baquoy after Chaillou (4s.). 

Diderot (Denis). La Religieuse, par Diderot, nouvelle Edition, 
ornee de figures, ou Ton trouve une conclusion. Paris, an 
VII. (1799), 2 vols., 8vo., portrait by Dupre'el after Aubry, 
and 4 plates by Dupre'el (3) and Giraud (l) after Le Barbier 
(15s., and treble on vellum paper with unlettered proofs). 

The same plates in the Renouard edition of 1804 (10«.). La 
Bedoyere's copy of CEuvres de Diderot (Paris, Briere), containing Le 
Barbier's 4 original drawings, with the etchings and unlettered proofs, 
and in bistre, sold for 555 frs. 

Diderot (Denis). Le Chartreux, ou le Fils naturel. A Paris, 
1797, 3 vols., 16mo., 3 plates not signed {6s.). 

Diderot (Denis). Pense'es philosophiques (Piscis hie non est 
omnium). La Haye, 1746, 16mo., pretty plate, not signed, 
in the manner of Eisen ( 1 Os. ). 

This book was by Act of Parliament ordered to be burned. 


Diderot (Denis). Principes de Philosophie morale, ou Essai de 
M. S. (Shaftesbury) sur le merite de la vertu, avec des 
reflexions. Amsterdam, Z. CMtelain, 1745, 2 vols., 12mo., 

2 frontispieces, fleuron, and 2 vignettes by Fessard after 
Durand. The Epistle is signed D. D.' * * * (5s.). 

Diderot (Denis). Diners de M. G-uillaume (L^s), suivis de 
I'Aventure de son enterrement par I'abbe Th. Duvernet, 
s.l. 1788, 12mo., 1 plate after Eansonnette (4s.). 

Diesel (Mathias). Erlustierende Augenweide in Vorstellung 
herrlicher Garten und Landtgebaude s.l. aut a (circa 1705), 

3 parts oblong, 4to., 145 plates of views of German Castles, 
etc. (£2 to £3). 

Dietrich (C. G. E.). (Euvre de C. G. E. D. . . . A Dresde, 
chez la Veuve Dietrich, s.d. (1775), sm. foL, engraved title, 
and 87 etchings on 58 leaves representing Scenery, etc. 
(30s. to 40s.). 

Dillon (.J. T.). Historical and critical Memoirs of the General 
Eevolution in France in the year 1789. London, 1790, 
4to., frontispiece (5s.). 

Dinge (L. A.). Discours sur I'Histoire de France. ... A 
Paris, de I'impr. de Monsieur, 1790, 4to., engraved 
throughout, and 164 plates after Moreau (405. to 50s.). 

Diogfene Laerce. Les vies des plus illustres philosophes de 
TAntiquite. Amsterdam, chez S. H. Schneider, 1758, 3 
vols., 12mo., frontispiece after Frisch, fleuron on titles and 
portraits (10s., and more than double on large paper). 

Dionis du Sejour (Mile.). L'Origine des Graces. Paris, 1777, 
8vo., 6 charming plates after Cochin by J. Aliamet, N. de 
Launay, L. J. Masquelier, D. Nde, A. de Saint-Aubin, and 
J. B. Simonet (30s. to 40s.). 

Copies with unlettered proofs are very rare. R. P. * * * 's copy having 
the plates in proofs before letters, and 4 etchings, was bought for 680 frs. 
by M. Van Loo of Gand. M. E. Paillet's copy with the plates in two 
states before, and with letters in a sumptuous binding double by Cuzin, is 
priced by Morgand 2000 frs. 

Dix-huit fructidor (Le), ou Anniversaire des fetes directoriales. 
A Hambourg, 1798, Svo., frontispiece, not signed (3s.). 

Dons (Les), de I'Amour et de I'Amiti^. Almanach nouveau sur 
le plus jolis airs. Paris, Janet, 1799, 16mo., engraved title, 
and 12 pretty plates, not signed (15s.). 


Doppet. Le Medecin de I'Amour, par M. Doppet, Dr. en 
mdddcine, de la Faculte de Turin. A Paphos et se trouye a 
Paris chez Le Roy, 1787, 8vo., pretty aquatint frontispiece 
by J. B. Chapuy (4 s.). 

Doppet. Aphrodisiaque externe, ou Traits du fouet et de ses 
effets sur le physique de I'amour par D . . . (Doppet) S.I. 
(Paris), 1786, 16mo., 1 plate, not signed, undoubtedly after 
Borel with the words, " Gravee par un flagelle " (10s.). 

Dorat. QEuvres completes (conaprising Les Baisers, Les Fables, 
la Declamation theatrale, les Melanges, and all the other 
works or opuscula, of which further on a detailed account is 
given). Paris, 1764-77, 20 vols., 8vo., plates after Eisen, 
Marillier and QueverdobyAliamet, Baquoy, Binet,Dambrun, 
Duclos, Duflos, Halbou, de Ghendt, de Launay, de Longueil, 
Le Roy, Legrand, Legouaz, Lebeau, Leveau, Lingee, 
Massard, Masquelier, Parizeau, Ponce, Mme. Ponce, Nee, 
Simonet, etc. (£8 to £10, and on large Dutch paper, each 
piece having a separate pagination, and clearly showing 
them to be the first impressions, they deservedly command 
a fancy price). M. Grevy's copy (grand papier de HoUande), 
morocco, by Lortic, 2000 frs. 

Dorat. Amilca, ou Pierre le Grand, tragedie, precedee d'un • 
discours, etc. Paris, Sebastien Jorry, 1767, 8vo., 1 plate by 
de Longueil after Eisen (3s., and double on large paper, aa 
is the case with all the single books of Dorat). 

Dorat. Bagatelles anonymes, recueillies par un amateur. 
Geneve, 1766, 8vo., vignette, not signed, and tailpiece by 
Nee after Eisen (3s.). 

Dorat. Les Baisers ... A la Haye, et se trouve a Paris chez 
S. Jorry et Delalain, 1770, 8vo., Dutch paper, frontispiece 
by Ponce after Eisen, vignette and tailpiece after Eisen by 
de Longueil, and Binet (15s.). 

First edition, of the 15 Baisers and the first impressions of the 
frontispiece, the vignette of the " Hymne au Baiser," ■which in the 
subsequent edition forms the headpiece of the first " Baiser," and of 
the tailpiece of the 15 " Baiser," which afterwards is that of the 

Dorat. Les Baisers, pre'ce'de's du Mois de mai, po§me. La Haye 
et Paris, Lambert et Delalain, 1 770, 8vo., Dutch paper, title in 
red, frontispiece by Ponce after Eisen, 1 plate by de Longueil 
after Eisen, fleuron on title, 22 head and 22 tail pieces all 

DOEAT 149 

after Eisen (except 2 tailpieces after Marillier), by 
Aliamet (5), Baquoy (5), Binet (2), Delaunay (8), Linge'e 
(2), de Longueil (6), Masquelier (4), Massard (5), Ne'e (4), 
and Ponce (4) (£10 to £12). 

Baron R. Portalis pronounces it the masterpiece of the eighteenth 
century, and deservedly so, for in gracefulness the illustrations stand 
unrivalled. The copies with the faulty pagination in the first leaves of 
the " Pofime du Mois de Mai," and without the " Imitations de plusieurs 
poetes latins," are decidedly of the very first issue, the impressions of 
those with the rectified pagination and supplement being inferior. The 
value of this book has increased by leaps and bounds. Pixerecourt's 
copy, Grand papier de HoUande, brought 10 frs. ; the Sieurin copy 
realized 4500 frs. We must turn the phrase and say, " Du ridicule au 
sublime il n'y a qu'Un pas." A well-known French amateur (M. Leopold 
D.) is the happy possessor of the large Dutch Paper copy bound in 
ornamental morocco by Derome, with the arms of the ill-fated Queen 
Marie- Antoinette. If this copy were to come into the market, it would 
probably fetch a fabulous price. Comte de Lignerolles' copy in old 
French morocco with dentelle, 2560 frs. ; E. Gonse's copy in calf 
with arms on back, 400 frs. ; a third copy in morocco with dentelle 
by Trautz-Bauzonnet, 990 frs. (Paris sales, 1894). M. E. Paillet's 
copy, containing all the illustrations in artist's proofs without text 
in a splendid mosaic binding double by ChamboUe and Marius 
Michel, 12,000 frs. (Morgand's Catalogue de la Bibliothfeque de M. 
Eugene PaUlet, 1887). Some of the illustrations or etchings exist 
*' decouvertes." The original drawings of " Les Baisers " are in the 
collection formed by the late Baron James de RothschUd. Grimm, in 
his " correspondence," devotes a few pages to this book, of which he 
speaks in high terms of praise, adding that it is rather the work of the 
artist Eisen than of the versifier Dorat. An old epigram on the 
subject is worth reproducing : " Un louis les Baisers." " Oui, Monsieur, 
c'est le prix." " Mon cher, le 'prix est fou ; tu peux garder ton Livre." 
" Je ne le garde pas et le vends un louis." " De cette Muse-la le Public 
est done y vre. Au moins ses vers sont chers." " Eh ! regardez done 
bien ; Examinez, Monsieur, le papier, les images, les grouppes (sic), les 
festons qui decorent les pages, Et vous verrez. Monsieur, qu'on a les 
vers pour rien." The smaller size copies, bearing the same date, but 
with the title plain, are of a later issue (15«. to 20«.). 

Dorat. Les Baisers . . . Genfeve (Cazin), 1777, 16mo., pretty 
frontispiece, not signed (4s.). 

Dorat. Le Celibataire, comedie en cinq actes et en vers. 
Paris, Delalain, 1776, 8vo., frontispiece by de Launay 
after Marillier {3s. ). 

Dorat. Les Cerises et la Double Meprise, contes en vers. La 
Haye (Paris), 1769, 8vo., 1 plate by de Longueil after 
Eisen (10s.). 

Dorat. La Declamation th^^trale, poeme didactique, precede 
d'un discours, etc. Paris, Sebastien Jorry, 1766, 8vo., 
frontispiece and 4 plates by de Ghendt after Eisen (10s.). 

150 DOEAT 

Dorat. La Danse, chant quatrifeme du po^me de la Declama- 
tion, precedes de notions historiques, etc. Paris, Sebastian 
Jorry, 1767, 8vo., 1 plate by de Gbendt after Eisen (4s.). 
There are some counterfeits, which are very indifferent. 

Dorat. Les Deux Reines, drame heroique en cinq actes et en 
prose, suivie de Sylvie et MoleshofF. Paris, Sebastien 
Jorry, 1770, 8vo., 1 plate designed and engraved by 
Parizeau (5s.). 

A reprint appeared about the same time. 

Dorat. Les Devirgineurs et Combabus, contes en vers, suivis 
de Floricourt, histoire fran9oise. Amsterdam (Paris), 1765, 
8vo., 2 very fine plates by de Longueil after Eisen (5s.). 

This piece simultaneously came out entitled "Les Trois freres et 

Dorat. Epltre a Catherine IL, imp^ratrice de toutes les Busses. 
Paris, Sebastien Jorry, 1765, 8vo., vignette and tailpiece 
by de Longueil after Eisen (3s.). 

Dorat. Epltre a I'ombre d'un ami. Paris, Delalain, 1777, 
8vo., 1 plate by de Ghendt after Marillier (3s.). 

This booklet is also in the " Melanges.'' 

Dorat. Epltre de Pierre Bagnolet, citoyen de Gonesse, aux 
grands hommes du jour (no whole but half title), 1 plate by 
Delaunay after Marillier, the same which is placed in 
" Merlin bel esprit " (4s.). 

This piece, too, is in the " Melanges.'' 

Dorat. Fables ou Allegories philosophiques. A la Haye et se 
trouve a Paris, chez Delalain, 1772, 8 vo., frontispiece by 
de Ghendt after Marillier, a fine allegorical plate after 
Marillier by N. de Launay, fleuron on. title, containing 
La Fontaine's portrait, head and tailpiece by Ponce, Lingde, 
and Masquelier after Marillier (Dutch paper, 15s.). 

First edition of the Fables, and first impressions of the illustra- 
tions, which, with the additional ones, have been used for the famous 
edition of 1773. 

Dorat. Fables Nouvelles. A la Haye et Paris, Delalain (or 
Monory), 1773, 2 vols., 8vo. (with running pagination), 2 
frontispieces bearing : " Fables, par M. Dorat," and second 
one has added "vol. ii., s.d." by de Ghendt after Marillier, 
1 plate after Marillier by Delaunay, repeated in second 
volume, fleuron on first title containing La Fontaine's 
portrait, 99 vignettes and 99 tailpieces after Marillier by 
Arrivet, Baquoy, Delaunay, Duflos, de Ghendt," Le Gouaz, 
Lebeau, Leveau, Ling^e, de Longueil, Louis Legrand, Le 

DOEAT 151 

Roy, Masquelier, Nee, Ponce, Mme. Ponce, and Simonet. 
Several vignettes of the fourth book bear the date of 1775 
(£3, and double and treble on large French or Dutch 

In delicacy of execution, as well as in the beauty of the embellish- 
ments, the book rivals " Les Baisers," and must be regarded as 
MarUlier's masterpiece. The -work was issued on ordinary paper, on 
large French bluish paper, and on' large Dutch white paper, the last 
being the most desirable of the three. The first volume has" been 
reprinted with the same date, but the impressions are inferior, and the 
type of the text coarse and of a modern aspect. In the first issue of 
vol. 1 the words " Beflexions preliminaires," in 2 lines (page 111) are 
under an interlaced ornament, while in the re-issue they are under S 
lines, the middle one being rather lumpy; the paper is also azure, and' 
not so fine. Comte de LigneroUes' copy, grand papier de Hollande, in 
old red French morocco, 3050 frs. ; B. Maglione's copy in morocco with, 
dentelle, by Derome, reliure dite "a I'oiseau," 2355 frs. ; St.'Quentin's. 
copy, in modern morocco, 170 frs. (Paris sales, 1894) ; L. de Tinan's. 
copy, with almost all the vignettes in " tirage a part," in green 
morocco, by Cuzin, 6100 frs. M. E. Paillet's copy, with all the head 
and tail pieces, as well as the frontispieces and fleuron on first title, 
in artist's proofs, without text, and with the following additional illus- 
■ trations, viz. title of the 1772 edition, head and tail piece of the same 
edition in " tirage a part " (the latter in two states, etching and finished) ; 
3 etchings of the 1773 edition, and a headpiece by de Longueil for 
" Le chemin perdu and retrouve " when this artist was prisoner in the 
" Ghatelet," and diiFerent from the ordinary one, in a sumptuous 
morocco binding double by Cuzin, 15,000 frs. (Morgand's Catalogue of 
Paillet's Library). La Bedoyere's copy, with the illustrations " hors 
text," was sold in 1852 for 600 frs. The origiual drawings were 
bought in the Renouard sale in 1853 by Baron de Rothschild for 
1400 frs. 

Dorat. Le Faux Ibrahim, conte arabe, etc. Paris, Delalain^ 
8vo., frontispiece by Lebeau after Marillier (3s.). 
This piece is in the " Melanges." 

Dorat. Idylles de Saint-Cyr, ou I'Hommage du coeur. Amster- 
dam et Paris, Delalain, 1771, 8vo., frontispiece and vignette 
by de Ghendt after Marillier, and tailpiece after the same 
by Duclos (3s.). 

This piece is in the "Melanges." 

Dorat. Irza et Marsis, ou I'lsle merveilleuse, po^me en trois 
chants, traduit du grec, suivi d'Alphonse ou I'Alcide 
espagnol, conte tres-moral. Genfeve, 1768, roy. 8vo., plate 
by Legrand after Eisen (4s.). The second edition, 1769, 
has the plate of the first edition as frontispiece, and in 
addition 3 plates, 2 vignettes, and 2 tailpieces after Eisen 
by de Ghendt, de Longueil, and Massard, all very fine (10s.) 

152 DOEAT 

Dorat. Lettre de Barnevelt, dans sa prison, a Truman son 
ami. Paris, S^bastien Jorry, 1763, 8vo., plate, vignette, 
and tailpiece by de Longueil after Eisen (3s.). 

Dorat. Lettre du comte de Comminges a sa mfere, suivie d'une 
lettre de Philomele a Progne. Paris, Sebastien Jorry, 1764, 
8vo., 2 plates, 2 vignettes, and 2 tailpieces by Aliamet and 
de Longueil after Eisen (4s.). 

Dorat. Lettre de lord Velfort a milord Dirton, son oncle, 
pr^cedee d'une lettre de I'auteur. Paris, L'Esclapart, 1765, 
8vo., 2 plates, vignette, and tailpiece after Eisen by de 
Longueil and Aliamet (4s.). 

Dorat. Lettre d'Ovide a Julie, 1767, plate, vignette, and 
tailpiece by Nee after Eisen (3s.). 

Dorat. Lettre de Valcour a son pere. Paris, Jorry, 1767, Svc, 
plate, vignette and tailpiece by Simonet after Eisen (3s.). 

Dorat. Lettre de Zeila, jeune sauvage, esclave a Constantinople, 

a Valcour, officier fran9ois. Paris, Sebastien Jorry, 1764, 

Svo., plate, vignette and tailpiece by de Longueil after 

Eisen (3s.). 

Exists also with the " Reponse de Julie a Ovide " with the date 1766, 
and vignette and tailpiece by Massard after Eisen. 

Dorat. Lettre d'une cbanoinesse de Lisbonne a Melcour. La 
Hay et Paris, Lambert, Jorry et DelaJain, 1770, 8vo., plate, 
vignette and tailpiece by Massard after Eisen (3s.). 

It is in the "Melanges." 

Dorat. Lettres en vers, ou Epitres heroiques et amoureuses. 
Paris, Sebastien Jorry, 1766, 8vo., frontispiece, 4 vignettes 
and 4 tailpieces after. Eisen by Aliamet, de Longueil and 
Massard (4s.). 

This volume contains " les Lettres d'Octavie a Antouie, de Hero a 
Leandre, d'Abeilard a Heloise, de Julie, fille d'Auguste a Ovide." The 
first two of these " Lettres " have also appeared by themselves with the 
same date. Sometimes Dorat's portrait by Saint-Aubin after Denon is 
added to the above volume. 

Dorat. Ma Philosophie. La Haye et Paris, Delalain, 1771, 
8vo., plate, vignette and tailpiece by de Ghendt after 
Marillier (4s.). 

Page 38 has sometimes 13 lines and sometimes only 7. Presumably 
the printer made the alteration when he perceived that the beautiful 
tailpiece at end was placed too low down. If so, copies with 13 lines 
to page 38 are preferable, as they contain the original impression of the 
tailpiece. This book forms also part of the " Melanges." 

DOEAT 153 

Dorat. Les Malheurs de I'lnconstance, ou Lettres de la 
marquise de Syrce et du comte de Mirbelle. Amsterdam et 
Paris, 1772, 2 vols., 8vo., 2 plates by de Longueil after 
Queverdo (6s.). 

Dorat. Melanges, . . . frontispiece by de Ghendt after 
Marillier (106-.). 

The following books are included in this volume, forming part of the 
(Euvres completes, viz. Lettre d'une chanoinesse ; Epitre a I'ombre d'uu 
ami ; Le Faux Ibrahim ; Idylles de Saint-Oyr ; Ma Philosophie j Epitre 
de Pierre Bagnolet. 

Dorat. Merlin bel esprit, comedie en cinq actes et en vers par 
M. Dorat. Londres et Paris, Monory, 1780, 1 plate by 
Delaunay after Marillier (Bs.). 

Dorat. Mes Fantaisies. Amsterdam et Paris, S^bastien Jorry, 
1768, 8vo., frontispiece, vignette, fleuron and tailpiece by 
de Ghendt after Eisen {3s.). 

The elegant engraved title exists in artist's proof before letter. 

Dorat. Mes Nouveaux Torts, ou Nouveau Melange de Poesies 
pour servir de suite aux Fantaisies. Amsterdam et Paris, 
Delalain, 1775, 8vo., very fine frontispiece by de Ghendt 
after Marillier and 1 plate after the same by Gaucher. — Pierre 
le Grand, tragedie, plate by de Longueil after Eisen (6s.). 

There is a running pagination for Pierre le Grand. 

Dorat. , Pierre le Grand, tragedie en cinq actes, par M. Dorat. 
Paris, Monory, 1779, 8vo., frontispiece by Dambrun after 
Queverdo (3s.). 

Dorat. Les Pr6neurs, ou le TartufFe litteraire, comedie en trois 
actes et en vers par M. Dorat. En HoUande et Paris, 
Delalain, 1777, frontispiece by Duflos after Marillier, and 
3 plates by Halbou and Lebeau after Marillier (55.). 

Dorat. Eegulus, tragedie en trois actes et en vers. Paris, 
S^bastien Jorry, 1765, 8vo., plate, vignette and tailpiece 
by de Longueil after Eisen (8s.). 
Reprinted in 1766. 

Dorat. Eegulus, tragedie, et la Feinte par amour, comedie. 
Paris, Delalain, 1773, 8vo., frontispiece designed and 
engraved by Marillier (3s.). 

Dorat. Ee'ponse de Valcour a Zeila, pre'ce'dee d'une lettre de 
I'auteur a une femme qu'il ne connait pas. Paris, S^bastien 

154 DOEAT 

Jorry, 1766, 8vo., plate, vignette and tailpiece by de 
Longueil and Aliamet after Eisen (3s.). 

Dorat. Mes Ke'veries, contenant Erato et 1' Amour, po^me 
suivi des Eiens. A Londres, 1771, 8vo., 2 plates by 
Cbatelain and Saillier after Desrais (3s.). 

Dorat. Roseide, ou I'lntrigant, comedie en cinq actes et en 
vers. . . . Paris, Monory,, 1780, 8 vo., very fine frontispiece 
by Dambrun after Marillier (3s.). 

Dorat. Les Sacrifices de 1' Amour, ou Lettres de la vicomtesse 
de Senanges et du chevalier de Versenay. Amsterdam et 
Paris, Delalain, 1771, 2 vols., 8vo., 2 plates by Duclos and 
de Ghendt after Marillier (10s.). 

Dorat. Les Sacrifices de I'Amour, etc. Paris, Le Prieur, 1793, 
2 vols., 16mo., 2 plates by Blancbard (3s.). 

This editton is quite distinct from the previous one, which forms part 
of the CEuvres de Dorat. 

Dorat. , Selim et Selima, poeme imite de I'allemand, suivi du 
Eeve d'un musulman, traduit d'un pofete arabe. Leipzick 
et Paris, Sebastien Jorry, 1769, 8vo.-, 1 plate by de Ghendt 
aften Eisen (3s.). 

Dorat. Suite des Bagatelles anonymes, recueillies par un 
amateur. Geneve, 1767, 8vo., vignette and tailpiece by 
Nee after Eisen (3s.). 

Dorat. Theagfene, trag^die en cinq actes. Paris, Sebastian 
Jorry, 1766, 8vo., 1 plate by de Ghendt after Eisen (3s.). 

Dorat. Les Tourterelles de Zelmis, poeme en trois chants, par 
r^uteur de Barnevelt (Paris, 1766), roy. 8vo., engraved title, 
plate, vignette and tailpiece by de Longueil after Eisen (5s.). 

Dorat. Les Trois, Freres et Combabus, contes en vers, prdc^dds 
par des reflexions, etc. Amsterdam, 1765, 8vo., 2 plates 
after Eisen by de Longueil (3s.). 

Dorat. Adelaide de Hongrie. Paris, Delalain, 1778, 8vo., 
engraved title by Duflos after Marillier (3s.). 

Dorat. Zoramis, roi de Crete, ou le Ministre vertueux, trag^die 
uouvelle en cinq actes et en vers . . . Londres et Paris, 
Monory, 1780, 8vo., frontispiece by Duflos after Marillier 

Dorat. Poesies. Geneve, 1777 (Cazin), 4 vols., 16mo., very 


fine portrait with vignette beneath by de Launay after 
Denon, with a stanza of four verses (quatrain) by the 
comtesse de B. (Beauharnais) (5s.). 

Dorat. Melanges litt^raires, ou Journal des dames, dedi^ a la 

Eeine. Paris, veuve Thiboust, 1777, 12mo., tome 1, fleuron 

(portrait of Marie-Antoinette) and woodcut vignette by 

Beugnet after Marillier (5s.). 

Dorat, it appears, was editor for a year of this journal, which ceased 
in 1778. 

Dorat. Les cinq Aventures, ou Contes nouveaux en prose par 
D6rat, pr^cddees d'une epitre du m^me auteur a J. Fr. 
Laharpe. A Paris, chez Delalain, an X. (1802), 16mo., 
frontispiece by L. Jehotte (4s.). 

Dortous de Mairan. Eloges des Acad^miciens de I'Acad^mie 
Koyale des Sciences, morts dans les ann^es 1741-43. Paris, 
chez Durand, 1747, 12mo., frontispiece after Durand by 
Fessard (3s.). 

Dorvigny. Ma tante Genevieve, ou Je I'ai echappe belle. 
Paris, Barba, an IX., 4 vols., 16mo., 4 plates, not signed, 
in the style of Chaillou (15s.), 

Doucet. Monsieur Cassandre, ou les Effets de 1' amour et du 
vert-de-gris, drame en vers, en deux actes. Paris, 1773, 
or, Londres, societe typographique, 1775, 8vo,, 2 etchings, 
not signed (5s.). 

Douglas (Sir Robert). The Peerage of Scotland. Edinburgh, 
1764, fol. plates (20s., and double on large paper). Subse- 
quent edition with continuation by John Philip Wood, 
1813, 2 vols., fol. (double price). 

Douglas (Sir Robert). The Baronage of Scotland. Edinburgh, 
1798, vol. 1, folio (all published), coats-of-arms (£3 to £4, 
and double on large paper). 

Douglas (J.). Nenia Britannica, or,- a Sepulchral History of 
Great Britain from the earliest period to its general con- 
version to Christianity. London, 1793, fol., 36 plates of 
antiquities, views, etc. (18s. to 20s., and more than double 
on large paper with the plates coloured). 

Douin. Le More de Venise, tragedie angloise du thetoe de 
Shakespeare, precedee d'un discours preliminaire, par M. 
Douin, capitaine d'infanterie. Paris, Louis Cellot, 1773, 
8vo., 1 plate by Lingee, after Chevalier (3s.). 


Doux Loisirs de la ville et de la campagne (Les). Paris, Janet 
(s.d., circa 1790), 24mo., engraved title, 12 plates, not 
signed, and 24 pages of engraved text, the remaining 24 
pages being printed (10s.). 

Drake (F.). Eboracum, or, tlie History and Antiquities of tlie 
City of York, from its original to the present times. 
London, 1736, fol., maps, coats-of-arms and plates (£4 to 
£5, and on large paper with the plates of the windows and 
armorial bearings generally coloured, £7 to £8). 

Dreux du Eadier. L'Europe illustre, contenant I'Histoire 
abregee des souverains, des princes, des prelats, des ministres, 
des grands capitaines, des magistrats, des savants, des 
artistes et des dames celfebres en Europe, depuis le XV' 
siecle jusqu'a present, par M. Dreux du Eadier, avocat. 
Ouvrage enrichi de portraits graves par les soins du sieur 
Odieuvre. Paris, Odieuvre et Le Breton, 1755-1765, 
6 vols., imp. 8vo., frontispiece by Sornique, after Eisen, 
and 592 (sometimes 600) portraits by Ficquet, Thomassin, 
Eoy, Basan, Wille, Schmidt, Aveline, Fessard, Picart, 
Audran, Tardieu, Lepicie, etc., chiefly reproductions of 
portraits of the 17th, after painters or. artist draughtsmen 
of the 16th century (£10 to £12). 

Of the entire collection, only about 100 are remarkable and interest- 
ing, as tbey represent the historical and literary personages of Louis XIV. 
and Louis XV. period, the remainder are mostly imaginary, amongst 
them being those of the early English and French kings. In the large- 
paper copies (50 only printed) the portraits are within borders, after 
and by Babel, 30 copies were taken in folio size, these are particularly 
valuable. M. Montbrison's copy in morocco, by Derome, was "acquired 
fof Baron James de Rothschild for 7000 frs. Reprinted in 1775 and 
in 1777, with a new frontispiece. These portraits were originally 
printed without text, and were adapted to be inserted in the " Memoires 
de Commines, de Sully, de la Ligue," and in the "Histoire universelle 
de De Thou." 

Drumond de Melfort (Le comte). Traite sur la Cavalerie. 
Paris, Gr. Desprez, 1776, 2 vols., fol., and Atlas folio, 
frqntispiece by Ingouf I'aine, and 11 plates and vignettes 
in vol. 1, and 32 plates in vol. 2 (£3). Behague's copy in 
red morocco, with arms of the comtesse d'Artois, 185 frs. 

Dryden (J.). , Fables ornamented with engravings from the 
pencil of Lady Diana Beauclerc. London, Bensley, 1797, 
fol. pp. xviii. — 241, with 9 plates engraved by Bartolozzi, 
and several vignettes (155. to 20s., and with proofs, £3). 

Dryden (J.). Dramatick works. London, 1762, 6 vols., 12mo., 


portrait and 28 plates after Gravelot, by Van der Guclifc 
(8s. to 10s.). 

Dubocage (Mme.). Le Paradis terrestre, po^me imite' de 
Milton . . . Londres (Paris), 1748, 8vo., fleuron on title, 
frontispiece and 6 vignettes, by de Meuse (4s.). Another 
edition with the same date, roy. 8vo., with frontispiece and 
tailpieces after Pierre, fleuron after Durand, and 6 vignettes 
after Gravelot, the whole fairly well engraved by Mme. 
Louise Le Daulceur (5s.). 

Dubocage (Mme,). La Colombiade, ou la Foi portee au Nouveau 
Monde, pogme. Paris, Desaint et Saillant, 1756, 8vo., 
portrait by Tardieu, after Mile. Loir, fleuron on title, not 
signed, vignette heading the dedication to Pope Benoit XIV., 
10 plates designed and engraved by Chedel, and 10 
tailpieces, not signed (8s.). 

Dubocage (Mme.). La Colombiade, ou la Foi portee au Nouveau- 
Monde, nouvelle edition. Paris, 1758, et se vend a Franc- 
fort, 8vo., portrait of the author, not signed, fleuron on 
title, 10 plates after Chedel, and 10 tailpieces after Tarsis, 
all engraved by Bernigeroth (4s.). 

Dubocage (Mme.). Eecueil des (Euvres de Mme. Du Bocage, 
des academies de Padoue, etc. Lyon, chez les frferes Perisse, 
1762, 2 vols., post 8vo., engraved title with fleuron, after 
Cochin, portrait after Mile. Loir, frontispiece and vignette 
after Briard, the whole engraved by Tardieu {6s.). 

Du Bois. Histoire des amours et infortunes d'Abelard et 
d'Eloise, avec la traduction des lettres. La Haye, 1711, 
12mo., curious frontispiece representing the execution of 
FuUert's sentence, by Sluyter (3s.). 

Dubois. Principes d'allemandes par M. Dubois de I'Opera. 
Graves par Mme. Annereau. A Paris, s.d. (circa 1770), 
8vo., title, dedication, 12 leaves of text, engraved through- 
out on copper, and 12 plates, each representing 2 dancers 
in different positions ; very rare {£2 to £3). 

Dubos (L'Abbe). Keflexions critiques sur la Poesie et sur la 
Peinture. Sixieme edition. Paris, Pissot, 1755, 3 vols., 
sm. 4to., frontispiece, fleuron repeated on each title, and 
vignette on each volume by Lebas, after Eisen (10s.). 

Dubreuil. La Pucelle de Paris, po^me en douze chants et en 


vers. Londres, 1776, 8vo., pretty plate by Deny after 
Desrais (8s.). 

Dubuisson (Pierre-Paul). Armorial alphabetique des princi- 
pales maisons et families du Eoiaume et particuliferement 
de celles de I'lsle de France. Paris, Guerin et Delatour, 
1757, 2 vols., 12mo., frontispiece designed and engraved by 
Le Mire, 6 engraved armorial plates, and 378 copper-plates 
containing about 4000 escutcheons (£2 to £.S). 

An unrivalled book of its kind. The author practised the profession 
of artistic binder, and tad a certain number of copies bound and 
elaborately gilt with his tools. The Gosford's copy in red morocco with 
the arms of Marie Leczinska painted on the sides, sold for 2000 frs. 
and resold in M. R. Lion's sale for 1600 frs. Comte de LigneroUes' 
copy in morocco, with arms of Jean de BouUongue, 955 frs. (1894) 
According to Barbier, Gastelier de Latour was co-editor of the book. 

Du Buisson. Tableau de la Volupte, ou les Quatre Parties du 
Jour, poeme en vers libres par M. D. B. A. Cythfere, au 
temple du Plaisir, 1771, post 8vo., frontispiece, 4 plates, 4 
vignettes, and 4 tailpieces by de Longueil, after Eisen 
(£3 to £4). 

An exquisite piece of artistic workmanship due to the combined 
efforts of Eisen and de Longueil. The head and tail pieces in artists' 
proofs without text are of the utmost rarity. Reprinted 1781. 

Ducarel (A. C). Anglo-Norman Antiquities considered in a 
Tour througb Part of Normandy . . . London, 1767, fol., 
27 plates (20s.). 

Ducarel (Dr.). History and Antiquities of the Archiepiscopal 
Palace of Lambeth . . . London, 1785, 4to., portraits and 
plates (10s.). 

Ducarel. Series of above 200 Anglo-Gallic, or Norman and 
aquitain coins of the ancient Kings of England. London, 
1757, 4to., map, portrait, and 16 plates (15s.). 

Du Castre d'Auvigny. Aventures d'Ariste'e et de Telasies 
histoire galante et he'roique. Amsterdam, 1732, 2 vols., 
12mo., 2 frontispieces (3s.). 

Du Cerceau (Le P.). Conjurations de Nicolas Gabrini dit 
Kienzi, tyran de Eome en 1347. Paris, imprimerie 
Chaignieau, 1797, 3 vols., 16mo., portrait and 2 plates 
by Monnet (8s., and more than double on vellum paper 
with unlettered proofs). 


Du Cerceau. Eecueil de Poesies frangoises, 3"' Edition. 
Paris, 1715, 8vo., frontispiece designed and engraved by 
B. Picart (3s.). 

Duclos. Acajou et ZirpHle, conte. A Minutie (Paris), 1744, 4to., 
frontispiece and 9 plates by Cbedel, after Boucher, fleuron 
on title, designed and engraved by Cochin fils, a fine 
vignette heading the conte by the same, and a tailpiece at 
end of preface by Duflos (15s. to 20s., and more than 
double on large paper). 

M. Baret's copy on large paper, in old morocco, with royal arms, 211 frs. 
(1895). It is a well-known fact that this tale was composed simply to 
utilize the drawings which Boucher, at the instance of the Oomte de 
Tessin, had made for " Faunillane ou I'lnfante Jaune " (vide Tessin). 
There is a 12mo. edition, with the same date, and with the plates 
reduced (10s.). Copies of Faunillane and of Acajon are occasionally 
met with bound together in 1 vol., in old morocco, with the plates in 

Duclos. Considerations sur les Moeurs de ce Siecle. S.l. (Paris), 
1751, 12mo., frontispiece by de La Fosse, after Gravelot 
(4s., and more on Dutch paper). 

Reprinted Paris, Prault, 1751, with the same frontispiece, Dedication 
to the King, with vignette containing royal arms, and fleuron on 
title, after Beaumont. 

Duclos. Considerations sur les Moeurs de ce Sifecle, par M. 
Duclos historiograph de France. Londres (Paris, Cazin), 
, 1784, 16mo., a very fine portrait designed by Cochin in 
1763, and engraved by Delvaux (3s.). 

Duclos. Les Confessions du comte de * * *, par M. Duclos, de 
I'Academie fraugoise, huitifeme Edition, ornee de belles 
gravures par les meilleurs maltres, et augmentee de la vie 
de I'auteur. Londres et Paris, Costard, 1 776, 2 parts in 1 
vol., roy. 8vo., 7 plates after Desrais, by Delaunay, Trifere, 
Voysard, and Mme. Jeanne Deny, Lingee, and Ponce (30s. 
to 40s.). 

The plates are original and particularly fine. This book was re- 
printed 7 years later, with the following title: "Les Confessions du 
comte de * * *, 6crites par lui-mlme a un ami ; sixieme edition ! ! ! 
Amsterdam et Paris, Nyon, 1783," roy. 8vo., with the paging to each 
plate. M. Qu6rard quotes a note from the Gazette litteraire de 
I'Europe of 1772, according to which M. de Rosieu, Comte de Caylus, 
Marquis de Surgeres, and Mme. de Surgeres were the real authors of 
different parts, the manuscript having been transmitted to Duclos. 
The text of the 1783 edition is preceded by the " Eloge par I'Abbe de 

Ducos, Maria, ou le Malheur d'etre femme, roman imite de 


I'anglais de Grodwin. Paris, chez Maradan, an VI. (1798), 
12mo., portrait signed : Opie pinx., Maradan sculp. (3s.). 

Du Coudray (A. J. Louis, dit Chevalier). Almanach conteur, ou 
Mes trente-six contes et tes trente-six contes, avec un essai 
sur le conte, frontispiece and 4 plates, signed by Scotin 

Du Coudray. Le Malheureux imaginaire, proverbe dramatique 
en un acte et en vers libres. Paris, Cailleau, 1776, 8vo., 
1 plate by Bonvallet after Desrais (3s.). 

Ducray-Duminil. Principaux Evfenements de la Revolution, et 
notamment de la semaine memorable, representes par 12 
figures en taille-douce, avec des pieces historiques. A Paris, 
I'an II. de la libsrte, Bvo., 12 pretty plates by Berthet after 

Ducray-Duminil. Lolotte et Fanfan, ou les Aventures de deux 
enfants abandounes dans une isle deserte, redigees et 
publiees sur un manuscrit anglais, par M. D * * * du M * * * 
Paris, Maradan, 1788, 4 vols., 12mo., 2 plates by Binet, not 
signed (6s.). 

Ducray-Duminil. Les Soirees de la Chaumifere. Paris, an III.,. 

4 vols., 16mo., 4 plates, not signed (3s.). 

Ducray-Duminil. Paul, ou la Ferme abandonnee. Paris, chez 
Le Prieur, 1802, 4 vols., 12mo., 4 plates by Bovinet after 
Binet (3s.). 

Duflos (A.). Recueil de Desseins de Joaillerie, fait par Aug. 
D . . . marchand joaillier a Paris, et grave par Claude 
Duflos. Se vend a Paris, cbez Claude Duflos et chez' 
I'auteur s.d. (circa 1760), oblong fol., 4 11. containing title, 
dedication and prel. discours, and 29 plates (numbered 

5 to 33), £50 to £60. M. Hip. Destailleur's copy in old red 
morocco, 2500 frs. (1895). 

Duflos (Ch.). DessuS de Boites et Tabatiferes. Les Cinq Sens, les 
Saisons, les Quatre Parties du Jour, etc., grav. par Ch. D . . . 
A Paris, chez Duflos, s.d., 4 to., 42 pieces in oval form, 
several designed by B. Picart (40s. to 50s.). 

Duflos (Claude) et Mme. Duflos. Recueil d'Estampes re- 
presentant les grades, les rangs et les dignites suivant le 
costume de toutes les nations existantes. Paris, Duflos, 
1779-80, 2 vols., fol. Title, dedication, advertisement,, 
and 34 pp. of text by MM. de Vauvilliers and De La Reynie, 


264 (sometimes only 252), copper plates of costumes and 
portrait of Marie Antoinette in court costume engraved by 
M. and Mme. Duflos and others after Touze, etc. (£5 to 
£6, and double coloured). 

M. Morgand had a copy in his catalogue with 252 coloured plates 
marked 1000 frs. ; in the Behague sale the plate representing Marie 
Antoinette in court costume (coloured) brought 265 frs. 

Duflos (L'abbe). L'Education de Henri IV. par M. D * * *, 
Bearnais. Paris, Duflos le jeune, 1790, 2 vols., post 8vo., 
engraved titles signed "Herault scrip." and 6 plates by 
Duflos jeune after Marillier (10s., and considerably more 
with the etchings). 

Du Fresny (Rivifere). Amusements serieux et comiques. Paris, 
1751, 16mo., frontispiece after Binet by Mariage (Bs.). 

Dugat (P. D.). La Mort d'Azael, ou le Rapt de Dina. Paris, 
an VII., 8vo., 6 plates by Blanchard (3s.). 

Dugdale (Sir W.). The History of St. Paul's Cathedral, second 
edition published by E. Maynard. London, 1716, fol., 
plates (50s. to 60s.). The first edition, 1658, £2. 

Dugdale (Sir W.). Monasticon Auglicanum, abridged in 
English with two additional volumes by Capt. John Stevens. 
London, 1718-22-23, 3 vols., fol., plates by Hollar, King, 
etc. (50s. to 60s.). 

Dugdale (Sir W.). The Antiquities of Warwickshire, illustrated. 
Second edition, revised, augmented, and continued b.y 
William Thomas, D.D. London, 1730, 2 vols., fol., portrait, 
maps, and plates by Hollar (£10 to £12, and treble on large 
paper). The subsequent edition, 1765 (50s. to 60s.). The 
original edition appeared in 1656, fol. (£5 to £6). 

Dugdale (Sir W.). The History of Imbanking and Drayning 
of divers Fenns and Marshes both in foreign Parts, and in 
this Kingdom, and of the Improvements thereby. Extracted 
from Records, Manuscripts, and other authentick Testi- 
monies. Second edition, revised and corrected by Charles 
Nalson Cole. London, 1772, fol., 11 maps (30s.). 
The first edition, 1662, is worth double. 

Dugour. Histoire d'Olivier Cromwell. Paris, an III., 2 vols., 
8vo., engraved title with fleuron by Berthet (4s.). 



Du Guay-Trouin. Memoires . . . Paris, 1740, 4to. Portrait 
by Larmessin, fleuron on title, vignette by Fessard, and 
3 plates by Le Bas and plan of Eio Janeiro by Coquart 
(5s., and more on large paper). 

Reprinted Amsterdam, 1748, 12mo. (3«.). 

Duhamel du Monceau. Traite des arbres fruitiers contenant 
leur figure, leur description, leur culture, etc. Paris, 
Saillant, 1708, 2 vols., 4to., very fine frontispiece after de 
Sfeve by de Launay and plates (15s.). 

Dulacq. Mecanisme de I'Artillerie. Paris, Jombert, 1741, 
4to., frontispiece by Soubeyran after Cochin, and 3 charming 
vignettes designed and engraved by Cochin (10s., and more 
than treble with the etching and the vignettes in " tirage a 
part ")• 

Du Laurens. Le Balai, po^me heroi-comique en XVIII. chants. 
A Constantinople, de I'imprimerie du Mouphti, 1761, 12mo., 
19 plates by Tassaert after Caresme or Desrais (15s.). 

Nodier's copy contained the 19 water-colour drawings attributed 
to Chasselat or Desrais. 

Du Laurens. Le Compere Mathieu, ou les Bigarrures de I'esprit 
humain. Malte, 1786, 4 vols., 16mo., 12 plates, of which 
2 are signed : Canu fecit (6s.). 

Some copies have several of the plates in two states, 

Du Laurens. Le Compfere Mathieu, ou les Bigarrures de I'esprit 
humain. (Paris), imprimerie de Patris, 1796, 3 vols., in 
12mo. and in 8vo., 9 plates after Chasselat, the first only 
being signed D. 1795, 10s. the 12mo., and 20s. the Bvo., 
and more than double on vellum paper with unlettered 

Du Laurens. La Chandelle d' Arras, pogme en 18 chants, 
nouvelle edition, precedee d'une notice sur la vie et les 
ouvrages de I'auteur, et ornee de 19 planches. Paris, 
Egasse, 1807, 12mo. and 8vo., frontispiece and 18 plates 
by Tassaert after Desrais (after the 8 th song they are not 
signed), 8s. and double on vellum paper. 

Dumaniant. L'Enfant de mon pfere, ou les Torts du caractke 
et de I'education. Paris, Marchand, an VIIL, 3 vols., 
12mo., 2 plates by Bovinet after Chaillou (4s.). 

Dumont (G. M.). Details des plus interessantes parties 
d' Architecture de la basilique de S. Pierre de Eome, leves 


et dessines sur les lieux par G. M. D. . . . Paris, 1773, 
fol. ; Recueil de plusieurs pa;rties d' Architecture de differents 
maitres tant d'ltalie que de France ; Mis au jour par M. 
D. . . . professeur d'architecture. S.l.n.d. (Paris, 1765), 
2 vols., fol., portrait of Dumont by Moreau and Baron in 
each vol., and 250 plates (£5 to £6). 

Dumont et Rousset. Histoire militaire du prince Eugene de 
Savoie, du prince et due de Marlborough, et du- prince de 
Nassau — Frise, ou Ton trouve un detail des principales 
actions de la dernifere guerre, et des batailles et sieges 
commandez par ces trois gdneraux ; enrichie des Plans 
necessaires. A la Haye, chez Isaac von der Kloot et Jean 
Neaulme, 1729-47, 3 vols., folio, frontispiece in vol. 3, 
fleuron repeated on titles of first and second volume, 9 
headpieces, portrait, and 102 large plates or plans. 

Dumortous. Histoire des conqu^tes de Louis XV. tant en. 
Flandre que sur le Rhin, en AUemagne et en Italie, depuia. 
1744, jusques a la paix conclue en 1748. Paris, deLormel,., 
1759, fol., portrait of Louis XV., frontispiece by Lempereur 
after Boucher, fleurons, vignettes, tailpieces and plates 
representing battles, sieges, etc., by Eisen, Boquet, etc.. 
(20s.). B^hague's copy in red morocco 115 frs. 

Dunker. Schriften von B. A. — Bern, bei Walthard, 1782. — 
Schriften B. A. D. 1785. Ein Intermezzo mit einigen 
vignetten von B. A. D. 1785, 3 parts in 1 vol., 12mo., 33 
titles, fleurons, vignettes, tailpieces and portraits by Dunker- 
and Hedlinger (8s.). 

Duo interrompu (Le) Conte suivi d'ariettes nouvelles. Amster- 
dam, et Paris, 1766, 8vo., 1 plate, not signed. Attributed 
to Moline (3s.). 

Dupair de Montesson. La Science de I'Arpenteur dans toute- 
son etendue, 3°"® edition augmente'e du Spectacle de la 
campagne. Paris, an IX., 8vo., engraved title, 3 plates,. 
3 vignettes (one signed S. A. Chevalier). Part II. has a 
vignette on title (5s.). 

Dupaty de Clam. La Science et I'Art de I'Equitation, 
demontres d'aprfes la nature, etc , par M. Dupaty de Clam, 
ancien mousquetaire. Paris, A. F. Didot, 1776, 4to., 
plates (20s. to 30s.). 

Exists on large paper. Counterfeit Tver don, 1777, 8vo. plates. 


Duplessi-Bertaux. Recueil de Cent sujets de divers genres, 
dessines et graves a I'eau-forte par J. Duplessi-Bertaux, 
ouvrage dedie aux amateurs des beaux arts et aux artistes 
de tontes les nations. Paris, 1814, oblong, 4to., text EnglisK 
and French (40s., and double witb unlettered proofs). 
Published originally in parts of 12 plates, at 9 frs. each. 

Duplessi-Bertaux. Histoire de I'Enfant prodigue, en douze 
tableaux, tiree du Nouveau Testament, dessine'e et grave'e 
par Jean Duplessi-Bertaux, en 1815. Paris, Didot aine' et 
Aubert, 1816, sm. 4to., text by Miger. 12 pretty plates, 

M. Delbergue-Cormont's copy having the original drawings dated 
1814, and 8 of the plates in artist's proofs without text, 1080 frs. 

Du Plessi. Avis et Pratiques pour profiter de la Mission et en 
conserver le fruit, a I'usage des Missions, du Pere Du Plessi 
de la Compagnie de Jesus. A Paris, H. L. Guerin, 1712, 
2 vols, in 1, 12mo., frontispiece (3s.). 

Dupuy des Islets. Examen critique du Poeme de la Pitie' de 
J. Delille, precede d'une notice sur les faits et les gestes de 
I'auteur et de son Antigone. Paris, an XL, 8vo., pretty 
satirical plate, not signed ; rare (6s.). 

^Durfey (Th.). "Wit and Mirth, or Pills to purge Melancholy, 
being a large Collection of Ballads, Sonnets, etc., with their 
tunes. London, 1719-20, 6 vols., 12mo., portrait by 
Vertue after E. Gouge, and music (£4 to £5). 

The first 5 vols, appeared under the following title: "Songs: 
Compleat, Plesant, and Divertive, set to music by Blow, Purcell, and 

Du Eosoi. Les Sens, poeme en six chants. Londres (Paris), 
1766, 8vo., 7 plates after Eisen (4) and Wille (3), 6 
vignettes after Eisen (3) and Wille (3), and 2 tailpieces 
after Eisen by de Longueil (30s. to 40s.). 

This was the maiden attempt of the son of the famous engraver Wille. 
His age accounts and atones for defects in the compositions ; he has 
been unable to throw off the dulness which characterizes all his future 
works. Reprinted 1767, with a new title engraved by de Longueil 
after Eisen (10s.). 

Du Kosoi. Henri IV. drame lyrique en trois actes et en prose. 
Paris, Vente, 1774, 8vo., fine frontispiece by Patas after 
Gazard, 3 pretty plates by Patas after Larrieu and Gazard, 
plus 20 engraved pages of pretty music by Martini, the 
author of the celebrated romance " Plaisir d'amour " (10s.). 


Du Rosoi. Henri IV., ou la Reduction de Paris, drame lyrique 
en trois actes . . . Paris, veuve Ducliesne, 1775, iine 
frontispiece having the portrait of Henri IV. by Patas after 
Desrais (3s.). 

Dussaussy (M. M.). Le Citoyen desinteressd, ou divcrses idees 
patriotiques contenant quelques etablissements et em- 
bell issements utiles a la ville de Paris. Paris, Gueffier, 
1767-68, 2 vols., 8vo., vol. 1, frontispiece after Gravelot by 
Le Roy, various plans and 1 plate ; vol. 2, frontispiece 
signed : Pariseau inv. 1767, Ponce sculp, and 1 plan (10s.). 

Du Tillot. Memoires pour servir a I'Histoire de la Fete des 
Fous qui se faisait autrefois dans plusieurs eglises. . . . 
Lausanne et Genfeve, 1741, 4to., and post 8vo., fleuron on 
title and 12 plates, not signed (in the small edition some of 
the plates ftre signed de Poily), (12.s.). 
Reprinted 1751, 12mo., with the plates reduced. 

Duval (Alex.). A I'ombre de Prascovia, comtesse de Schereme- 
toff", elegie. Paris, Didot I'ain^, 1804, roy. 8vo., vellum, 
paper, pretty plate after Isabey (35.). 

Limited number printed. 

Duval (Valentin Jamerai). Les (Euvres, precedees des Memoires 
sur sa vie, avec figures. St. Petersbourg et se vend a- 
Strasbourg chez S. G. Treuttel, 1784, 2 vols., Bvo., vol. 1, 
portrait of Duval by Boch (engraved in 1783), fleuron- 
medallion after Sirroit by C. Guerin, vignette for the 
Dedication by Guerin, 2 vignettes not signed and 1 tail- 
piece signed Guerin ; vol. 2, frontispiece representing the 
reverse of a medal which the abbe Maray had struck im 
honour of Duval, 1 vignette, not signed, and 1 tailpiece^' 

Duvernet (I'Abb^). Les Devotions de Madame de Betzamooth 
et les pieuses facdties de M. de Saint-Ognon. (Paris) 1789, 
8vo., 1 plate, not signed, in the manner of Desrais (4s.). 

Duvernet (I'Abb^), La Retraite, les Tentations et les Con- 
fessions de Madame la marquise de Montcornillon, etc. 
Ouvrage posthume de feu M. de Saint-Leu, colonel au 
service de Pologne, 1790, 8vo., pretty plate, not signed, in 
the style of Desrais (6s.). 

Dyche (T.). Guide to the English tongue, 1788, 2 parts, 
12mo., woodcut portrait and 15 curiOTjs woodcuts (5s.). 

CKEL. Sylloge, numorum veterum anecdotoruni 
thesauri Csesarei. Viennae, 1786, 4to., part 1 
(all published), plates (5s.). 

Eckel. Doctrina numorum veterum. Vindobonse, 
1792-8, 8 vols., 4to., plates (£2 to £3). 

An "Addenda" with the author's portrait was published by his pupil 
M. Steinbiichel in 1806. 

Eckel. Choix de Pierres gravies du Cabinet impe'rial des 
Antiques, representees en XL. planches et de'crites par M. 
I'abbe Eckel. A Vienne en Autriche, de Timprimerie de 
Joseph noble de Kurzbeck, 1787, sm. folio, 40 plates by 
Durmer, Kohl, Mansfield, Mark, and Ponheimer, after 
Kibler (10s., and more on large paper). 

Jjcole du Soldat. Instruction ou Ecole du Soldat. Paris, 1769, 
4to., 44 plates (30s. to 405.). 

Ecole (L') du Jardinier fleuriste (par Fre'ard du Castel). A 
Paris, 1764, 12mo., frontispiece after Gravelot by Le Veau 

Ecole de la Nature (L'), ou les Amours du village. Paris, 
(about 1780), 16mo., title and 12 plates by P^ris after 
Desrais, and 24 pages of music (10s.). 

Edmondson (J.) and Segar (Sir W.). Baronagium Genealo- 
gicum, or the Pedigrees of the English Peers deduced from 
the earliest times, 1764-84, 6 vols., fol., engraved through- 
out with coats-of-arms and pedigrees (30s., and double on 
large paper, and treble coloured). 

Edmondson (J.). Historical and Genealogical Account of the 
noble Family of Greville . . . London, 1766, 8vo., privately 
printed, plates of coats-of-arms and views (5s., and treble 
on large paper with the coats-of-arms in the text em- 


Edmondson (J.). A complete Body of Heraldry. London, 
1780, 2 vols., fol., portrait and plates of Orders of Knight- 
hood (305. to 40s., and more on large paper). 

Edward, ou le Spectre du Cha,teau, traduit de I'anglais. Paris, 
an VIII., 3 vols., 12mo., 3 plates by Mariage after Binet 

Eichler (G.). Theltre de plus celfebres Ordres de Chevalerie. . . . 
1756, 8 vo., engraved title, and 46 plates of male and female 
costumes (15.s. to 20s.). 

Eisen (Charles). Premier, second, troisifeme et quatrifeme 
livres d'une ceuvre suivie contenant differents sujets de 
decorations et d'ornements, comme vases, tombeaux, 
niches, fontaines, groupes de figures, statues, a I'usage des 
architectes, sculpteurs, ciseleurs, etc., par Charles Eisen, 
peintre et dessinateur associe de I'ecole des beaux arts de 
Eouen, etc., rue de Bifeure, au petit h6tel de Brague, place 
Maubert, 1753 (another proof of the title indicates the 
address of the artist as of Quay de la Tournelle), 4to., 4 
frontispieces by de Longueil (or not signed) after Eisen, 
the statue of Louis XV. in costume of Eoman emperor by 
de la Fosse after Eisen, and 20 plates by Charles Eisen, or 
not signed (£40 to £60). 

The many-sided talent of this great artist is here shown at its best ; 
his fertile imagination gives charm to every feature of his art, which in 
this genre can hardly be rivalled, still less surpassed. If a copy were 
to occur for sale it might reach a fancy price. The above description is 
taken from the copy in the Bibliotheque nationale. 

Eisen (Charles). Nouveau Recueil de Troupes qui forment la 
garde et maison du Eoy, dedie au Eoy par la veuve 
Chereau, 1756, folio, title etched by Le Bas and finished 
by de Fehrt after Eisen, a leaf of dedication within en- 
graved border, not signed, and 13 plates by de Fehrt, Pitre, 
and Eavenet (1 finished by Littret) after C. Eisen (£10. to 

Reprinted 1757 (half-price). 

Eisen, Cochin, and Gravelot. Eecueil de plusieurs sujets 

agreables ... A Paris, ch^s les Associes, s.d., 4to., 

engraved title and 52 plates by Eisen, Cochin, and 
Gravelot (50s. to 60s.). 

Eisenberg (Le baron d'). Description du Manage moderne 
dans sa perfection, explique par des legons necessaires et 


represente par des figures exactes, etc., ecrit et dessine 
par le baron d'Eisenberg, et aprfes par B. Picart ; D. 
Herrliberger, sculp, direx. et excudit. S.l. 1727; oblong 
4to., 60 plates by B. Picart, or under his direction (20s. to 

Reprinted 1733, 1737, and 1740, with title of "L'Art de monter a 
Cheval"(12s. tol58.). 

Eisenberg. Description du Manege moderne . , . Nouvelle 
edition, augmente d'un Dictionnaire des termes. Amster- 
dam et Leipzig, 1747, oblong 4to., 60 plates by Picart 

Eisenberg. L'Art de monter a Cheval, ou Description du 
Manege moderne dans sa perfection par d'Eisenberg, suivi 
d'un Dictionnaire des termes du Manfege moderne. Amster- 
dam, 1759, oblong, 4to., 60 plates by B. Picart or .under 
his direction (20s. to 25s.). Some copies have at end 
" L'Anti-maquignonnage pour eviter la surprise dans 
I'emplette des chevaux, par le baron d'Eisenberg. Amster- 
dam, 1764," oblong 4to., 9 plates. There is another 
edition, " La Haye," 1763, sm. folio. 

The Italian version appeared in Florence in 1753, entitled "La, 
Perfezione e i diffetti del Cavallo." 

Eleonore, ou I'Heureuse Personne. Paris,^ an VIL ( 1 79 9 ), 1 6mo. , 
3 plates, not signed (10s.). 

Ellis (H.). History and Antiquities of the Parish of Saint 
Leonard, Shoreditch, and Liberty of Norton Folgate in 
the Suburbs of London. London, 1798, 4to., 8 plates 
(30s. to 40s.). 

Eloge de I'Asne, par un docteur de Montmartre. A Londres, 
et se treuve a Paris chez Delaguette, 1769, 12mo., curious 
frontispiece (4s.). 

Embry (Sieur d'). Description de I'lsle des hermaphrodites, 
nouvellement decouverte, eontenant les moeurs, coutumes 
et les ordonnances des habitants de cette isle, etc. Cologne 
. . . 1724, Svo., curious frontispiece representing Henri 
in. in male attire, with a woman's plait and female 
headgear (10s.). 

Emilie ou les Amants malheureux, par M. de B * * * . Paris, 
Salle neuve du palais de justice, an VIH., 12mo., 1 plate 
after Chaillou by Bovinet (3s.). 


Encyclopedie de la Nature (L').' Chez Lefort, 1797, 12mo., 
3 plates" (4s. to 5?.). 

This is identical with the work entitled "Le Lutteur." This romance 
is in the style of Miss Radcliffe's novels. 

Enfant du B. . . . (L') ou les Aventures de Chdrubin. Paris, 
1800, 2 vols., 12mo. or 16mo., 6 unsigned plates (15s.). 
Attributed to Pigault-Lebrun. 

Engel (J. J.). Idees sur le Geste et f' Action theltrale, par M. 
Engel, de I'Acade'mie royale de Berlin, suivies d'une lettre 
sur la peinture musicale, par le meme auteur, le tout traduit 
de Tallemand (par Henri Janson). Paris, Barrois et La 
Haye, Van Cleef, 1788-89, 2 vols., 8vo., 34 fine etchings 
by Copia, representing 60 small figures or theatrical scenes 
(10s.). The original German edition appeared in Berlin, 
1785, entitled : Ideen von J. J. Engel zu einer Mimick, 
2 vols., 8vo., with the copper-plates by Meil (12s.). 

English Poets (Works of the), with Prefaces, biographical and 
critical, by S. Johnson, 1779-81, 68 vols., post 8vo., portraits 
(50s. to 60s.). 

Entick (Rev. John). A new and accurate History and Survey 
of London, Westminster, Southwark and parts adjacent. 
London, 1766, 4 vols., 8vo., portraits and plates; scarce 
(£2 to £3). 

Gibson Graig's copy was sold in 1887 for £5 7s. Gd. 

Entretiens de la grille (Les) ou le Moine au parloir, historiettes 
,familiferes. Cologne, a la Sphfere, 1721, 12mo., frontispiece 
signed Schonebeck; rare (5s. to 8s.). 

Epices de Venus (Les). See : Nogaret. 

Epicure. La Morale d'Epicure, tiree de ses propres ecrits, par 
M. I'abbe Batteux. Paris, 1758, 8vo., 1 plate after Le 
Ffevre by Fessard (3s.). 

Epinay (Mme. de La Live d'). Les Conversations d'Emilie. 
Leipzig, Crusius, 1774, 8vo., pretty frontispiece by Crusius 
after Machau and fleuron on title, not signed (4s.). 

The authoress intended the book for the education of her children 
(she speaks about it in her Memoires). Reprinted at Paris, 1781, 2 vols., 
12mo., with 2 charming frontispieces, dated 1799, by Le Mire after 
Moreau (58.). 

Erasmus. Les Colloques d'Erasme, ouvrage trfes int^ressant 
par la diversite des sujets, par lenjoument et par I'utilit^ 


morale ; nouvelle traduction par M. Gueudeville, avec 
des notes et des figures trfes ingenieuses ; divises en six 
tomes. Leyde, Pierre Van der Aa, 1720, 6 vols., 12mo., 
frontispiece by Schynove, escutcheon and 60 vignettes, 
not signed, in the style of Romain de Hooge or of Harrewyn 
(15s.). ' , 

Erasmus. Stultiti^ laudatio Desiderii Erasmi declamatio. 
Londini et Parisiis, Barbou, 1765, 12mo., pretty frontispiece 
by de Longueil after Gravelot (3s.). 

Erasmus. L'Eloge de la Folie, trad, par Gueudeville, avec les 
notes de G. de Listre et les belles figures de Holbein. 
Amsterdam, chez F. L'Honore, 1728 and 1731, post 8vo., 
frontispiece, not signed, title in red and black with fleuron 
by B. Picart, 76 copper vignettes engraved in the text 
after the designs of Holbein, and 6 folding plates, not 
signed (10s. to 15s.). 

In the Basle Museum there is exhibited the copy the margins of 
which contain Holbein's 83 original designs executed a la plume. 
Comte de Lignerolles' copy of 1728 in old fed French morocco with the 
arms of Chatemesle and of Bussy, 387 frs. (Paris sale, 1894). The 
counterfeit with the same date in 12mo., contains 340 pages instead of 
234, and the vignettes are woodcuts. 

Erasmus. L'Eloge de la Folie, traduit du latin d'Erasme par 
M. Gueudeville ; nouvelle edition, revue et corrigee sur 
le texte de 1' edition de Basle, ornee de nouvelles figures, 
avec des notes (par Meunier de Querlon). S.l. (Paris), 1751, 
12mo., frontispiece, fleuron on title, 13 plates, vignette 
and tailpiece after Eisen by Aliamet, De la Fosse, Flipart, 
Legrand, Le Mire, Martinasie, Pinssio, and Tardieu_(4s., and 
on large paper in 4to., with the frontispiece within a fine 
border after Eisen by Martinasie under the direction of Le 
Bas, 25s. to 30s., and double and treble in morocco). 

There are some copies with the illustrations printed in red or blue ; 
copies with the illustrations in triple state — black, red, and blue— con- 
temporaneously bound in morocco, with fancy ornaments on back and 
sides, are of rare occurrence and command high prices. The Blondel 
d'Azincourt copy, with Eisen's original drawings, in red morocco with 
dentelle and his arms, sold in his sale in 1808 for 200 frs., and is now in 
the fine Collection of M. Gustave de Villeneuve. Reprinted several times, 
but the edition of 1753 ha& the following interesting " Avis " : " Ceux qui 
croiront se reconnaitre dans quelques-uns de ces differens portraits, en 
se representant aux Libraires, et en justifiant de la resemblance, auront 
sur le prix de chaque exemplaire, une remise honnete et proportionnee 
a la conformite qui se trouvera entre la copie et I'original." 

Erasmus. Das Lob der. Narrheit . . . 1781, 8yo., frontispiece, 


vignette on title, and plates by Chodowiecki ; original 
edition with these illustrations (15.?. to 20.s.). 
Reprinted 1798. 

Erasmus. L'Eloge de la Folie, traduction nouvelle du latin 
par M. Barrett, orne de douze figures. A Paris, chez Defer 
de Maisonneuve, 1789, 12mo., frontispiece and 11 plates, 
not signed (reproduced from the 1751 edition) (4s.). 

Erasmus. The Praise of Folly, translated by Bp. Kennet. 
To which is prefixed Erasmus's Epistle to Sir Thomas More, 
and an account of Hans Holbein's Pictures, etc., and where 
to be seen. London, 1709, 8vo., portrait and 46 plates after 
Holbein (30s. to 40s.). 

Erlach (Rodolph d'). Code du Bonheur . . . Paris et Geneve, 
1788, 6 vols., 8vo., fine frontispiece by ChofFard (5s.). 

The book is dedicated to Catherine II. 

Erman and Reel am. Memoires pour servir a I'Histoire des 
Refugies frangois dans les Etats du Roi de Prusse. A Berlin 
chez Jean Hasperd et Frederic Barbiez, 1782-99, 9 vols., 
8vo., 9 fine frontispieces after Chodowiecki (vol. 9, of which 
Erman alone is the author, is entitled : " Tableau des 
Militaires et des nobles appartenant aux Colonies frangoises 
des Etats du roi depuis I'epoque du Refuge"); very rare, 
as the book was bought up in France and destroyed (£5 
to £6, and vol. 9 alone £2 to £3). 

Erotopsegnion, sive Priapeia veterum et recentiorum, etc. 
Lutet. Parisiorum, anno Reipubl. VI. (1798), 12mo., 2 
plates (frequently missing), 15s., and more on vellum paper. 

M. Noel, inspector of the University, edited this book. 

Esmenard. La Navigation, poeme , . . Paris, Giguet et 
Michaud, 1805, 2 vols., 8vo., 2 frontispieces by Couche and 
Thomas after Mirys and Monsiau (5s.). 

There are some copies containing besides the frontispieces 4 plates 
after Mirys and Monsiau by Thomas and Couche. 

Espion (L') des Coulisses, ou nouvelle critique sur les acteurs 
des prineipaux Theatres de Paris. De I'imprimerie d'Eyron, 
Paris, an VHL (1800), 16mo., 1 coloured plate, not 
signed {6s.). 

Essai sur I'amour Paris, Ta vernier, an VIL, 1 plate, not 
signed (3s.). 


Essais historiques sur la vie de Marie Antoinette d'Autriche, 
reine de France, pour servir a I'liistoire de cette princesse. 
Londres (Paris), 1789, 2 parts in 1 vol., 16mo. The title 
of part ii. bears : " redige sur plusieurs manuscrits de sa 
main. De I'an de la liberte frangoise 1789. A Versailles, 
chez la Montensier, Hotel des Courtisans." Portrait of the 
queen heading each part and 6 plates after Ransonnette 
(£2 to £3, and treble with the etchings). 

An unique copy on large paper, roy. dto., with a frontispiece bearing 
the title of : " Vie privee de Marie Antoinette," surmounted by an 
allegorical escutcheon, is in the Collection Hankey. An abusive and 
atrocious libel against the ill-fated queen, which unfortunately survived 
several editions. The Solar copy in blue morocco, 76 frs. Another 
copy with 2 plates and coloured portrait of the queen bound up with 
four other booklets, 51 frs. (Paris sale, 1894). 

Essais sur les Passions et sur leurs caracteres. A la Haye, 
chez Neaulme, 1748, 2 vols., 12mo., frontispiece and 
vignette for both volumes alike by Le Mire after Eisen (3s.). 
Attributed by Barbier to Montenault. 

Essex (John). A Treatise of Chorography, or ye Art of Dancing 
Country Dances, after a new character. London, 1710, 
12mo., engraved throughout with musical notes; scarce 
(30s. to 405.). 

Esteve. L'Esprit des Beaux-Arts. A Paris, chez Bauche, 
1753, 2 vols., 12mo., engraved titles (3s.). 

Estienne (Henri). Apologie pour Herodote ... A la Haye, 
chez Henri Scheurleer, 1735, 2 vols, in 3, 12mo., 3 frontis- 
pieces, not signed, and fleuron on titles (alike) (10s.). 

Etat actuel de la Musique du Eoi et des trois Spectacles de 
Paris. Paris, Vente, 1769 and following years, 16nio., 
engraved title by Moreau, frontispiece and 3 plates by 
Baron after Marillier and one headpiece, not signed (4s. 

It was a sort of Almanack which started in 1759 and ceased in 1777. 
We describe 1769, containing, as it does, the first illustrations of Marillier, 
which go on till the end (1777), the previous years having hardly any 
engravings. Thus 1760 has only an engraved title by Martinet ; 1768 
a title in red by Moreau, and dated 1766 ; 1770 has a frontispiece by 
Baron after Eisen, 2 plates after Morillier, and a third after Eisen, all 
engraved by Baron; 1773 has a portrait of Mme. Favart, engraved 
title by Moreau, frontispiece and 2 plates by Eisen and Marillier ; and 
1775 has a frontispiece by Baron after Gravelot. However, the series 
in old French morocco with arms would represent a considerable sum. 


Etienne. Causes amusantes et connues. Berlin (Paris), 1769- 

1770, 2 vols., 12mo., 9 plates, not signed (10s.). 

There .is a previous edition in one volume dated 1749 -with 5 pretty- 
plates, not signed, which are frequently missing. 

Etrennes du sentiment, ou portefeuille d'un liomme armoureux, 
recueil de poesies agreables et galantes, dediees aux dames. 
Paris, Desnos, 1772, 16mo., 3 pretty plates and a plan of 
Paris (5s.). 

Etrennes de Flore aux dames et aux messieurs, contenant tout 
ce qui a rapport a la sante, aux aliments, a la toilette, ou 
collection de secrets et de recettes. Paris, Desnos, s.d., 
16mo., frontispiece and 2 pretty little coloured plans of 
Paris and environs (6s.). 

Etrennes financiferes. Paris, 1789, 8vo., portrait of Necker 
after Daplessi by Aug. de Saint-Aubin (3 s.). 

Etrennes aux grisettes pourl'annee 1790, ou Requete presentee 
a M. Sylvain Bailly, m^itre de Paris, par Florentine de 
Launay, centre les marchandes de modes, couturiferes, 
lingferes, etc. S. L. 1790, 8vo., 1 plate (4s.). 

Etrennes Nationales d^.diees a la Liberte frangaise, ornees de 
huit portraits de MM. les Deputes a I'AssembMe nationale 
et de 7 gravures representant les principaux ^venements 
arrives depuis I'ouverture des Etats generaux, avec leurs 
explications, contenant les noms, qualites et demeures de 
MM. les Deputes. A Paris, 1790, 12mo., 7 plates designed 
and engraved by Duplessi-Bertaux, and 8 mezzotint por- 
traits, not signed (15s.). 

Etrennes sans pareilles, ou les Amusements du coeur et de 
I'esprit. Paris, Marcilly, 64mo., 12 plates (10s.). 
Microscopic ballad-maker of the period of the " Directoire." 

Etruria pittrice, ovvero Storia della Pittura toscana, dedotta 
dai suoi monumenti, etc, (par Lastri). Firenze, 1791-95, 
2 vols in 1, fol., 120 plates. Text Italian and French 

Eutropius. Breviarium historiae romanse. Parisiis, Merigot, 
1746, 12mo., frontispiece after Eisen, and 16 vignettes or 
tailpieces by De La Fosse (4s.). 


Evelyn (John). Sculp tura, or, the History and Art of Chalco- 
graphy and Engraving in Copper, with an ample Enumera- 
tion of the most renowned Masters and their Works, to which 
is annexed a New Manner of Engraving, or Mezzotinto, 
communicated by his Highness Prince Eupert, 1755, 8vo., 
etched portrait of the author by Worlidge, mezzotint by 
Prince Rupert and plate (40s. to 50s.). The first edition 
appeared in 1662 (£4 to £5). 

Evenements memorables, De'clarations du Roi, Arrets du Par- 
lement contre le schisme, les sacrements administres au 
Legislateur Pacifique, 1755, 4to., engraved title, 22 alle- 
gorical plates and table, not signed (20s.). 

Evolutions (Les) de la Cavalerie frangoise suivant I'ordonnance 
du I" juin, 1766, 8vo., engravings (20s. to 25s.). 

Explication des Ceremonies de la Fete-Dieu d'Aix-en-Provence. 
Aix, Esprit David, 1777, 12mo., portrait of the King Rene' 
and 13 plates designed and engraved by brothers Gregoire 
(10s., and double on large paper in 4to.). 

Extrait des dilFerens ouvrages publics sur la vie des Peintres 
par M. P. D. L. F. (Papillon de La Ferte). A Paris,^"chez 
Ruault, 1776, 2 vols., 8vo., 2 pretty frontispieces by L, 
Lempereur after Moreau (5 s.). 

ABEE (John, sen.). Portraits of the Founders of 
Colleges in Oxford and Cambridge. London, 
1712-14, sm. foL, 43 mezzotint portraits (£9 
to £12). 

Fabre d'Olivet. Azalais et le gentil petit Aimar, histoire pro- 
vengale. Paris, Maradan, an VII., 3 vols., 16mo., 5 plates, 
not signed {5s.). 

Fabricy (Gabriel). Eecherches sur I'epoque de I'Equitation et de 
I'usage des Chars equestres chez les anciens ; oil Ton montre 
I'incertitude des premiers temps historiques des peuples, , 
relativement a cette date. Marseille, Jean Morsy, 1764, 
2 vols., 8vo., frontispiece signed : Spiritus G-ibelin inv. et 
fee, 3 vignettes and 2 etched tailpieces (5s.). 

Facius (S. G. and J. G.). West Window of New College 
Chapel, Oxford. 1785, Atlas fol., plates after Sir J, 
Keynolds (30s. to 40s., and double for proofs). 

Fsernus (Gabr.). Fables in English and French verse. 
London, 1741, 4to., 100 plates (15s. to 20s.). 

Faemus (Gabr.). Cent Fables choisies des anciens auteurs, mises 
en vers latins par Gabr. FaBrne, et traduites en vers frangois 
par M. Perrault, avec de nouvelles figures en taille-douce. 
Londres, chez Guill. Darres et Claude du Bosc, 1743, 4to., 
100 vignettes, not signed (12s., and double on large 

Fagan. Theatre de M. Fagan et autres oeuvres du m^me auteur. 
Paris, Duchesne, 1760, 4 vols., 12mo., very fine frontispiece 
by Baquoy after Durand, and 4 fleurons by Fessard after 
Eisen and Halle (5s.). 

Fagan. La Servante justifiee, opera-comique, par MM. Favart 
et Fagan, etc., nouvelle edition. Paris, Duchesne, 1760, 
8vo., fine portrait of Mme. Favart by Chenu after Garand 


Pallet. Le Phaeton, po^me heroi-comique en 6 chants, 
imite de lallemand de M. Zacharie. Utrecht et Paris, 
Costard, 1775, 8vo., 1 plate by Chatelain after Desrais 

Pallet. Aventures de Chereas et de Callirhoe, traduites du 
grec de Chariton. Paris, 1775, 8vo., both parts engraved, 
8 fine plates by Coron, Hemery, Le Grand, Le Roy, 
Marchand and Thomas, after Desrais (lOs.). 

Desrais' original drawings form part of the collection of M. 

Pallet. Mes Bagatelles, ou les Torts de ma Jeunesse, recueil 
sans consequence, etc. . . . Londreset Paris, Costard, 1776, 
roy. 8vo., 2 plates by Chatelain and Marchand after Desrais 

The title well befits the silly text. 

Fardeau. Le Mariage a la mode, Comedie en un acte et en 
vers. Paris, veuve Duchesne, 1782, 1 plate by Bonvallet 
after Desrais (3s.). 

Farington (J. ). Views of the Lakes in Cumberland and West- 
moreland. Engraved from Drawings by Wm. Byrne. 
London, 1789, oblong fol., 20 plates with 20 pages of de- 
scriptive letterpress in English and French (20s.). 

Fastes (Les) de la Eepublique frangoise, ouvrage ome de 
gravures d'aprfes les dessins de Monnet. Paris, Louis, 1793, 
2 vols., 12mo., 3 pretty mezzotint plates (10s.). 

Faujas de Saint-Fond. Description des experiences de la 
machine serostatique de MM. de Montgolfier . . . Paris, 
1783, 8vo., frontispiece by de Launay after Lorimier, and 
8 plates, one of them by Bertault, the others not signed. — 
Premifere suite de la description, etc. Paris, 1784, 5 plates, 
of which the three first are by De Launay after Lorimier, 
the others : Sellier sculp. (255.). 

Faux Eavisseur (Le), ou les Caravanes galantes du chevalier 
d' Abbeville, par M. H. le M. Paris, Le Prieur, an 11, 
2 vols., 16mo., 2 plates, not signed (3s.). 

Favart. L'Amitie a I'epreuve, comedie en deux actes, melee 
d'ariettes, tirde des Contes moraux de M. Marmontel, etc. 
Paris, veuve Duchesne, 1771, 8vo., 1 plate by Simonet after 
Gravelot, and music after Gr^try (4s.). 


Favart. La Bohemienne, comedie en deux actes, traduite de 
la Zingara. Paris, Prault, 1755, 8vo., 1 pretty plate by 
Lebas after Boucher (5s.). 

Favart. Le Caprice amoureux, ou Ninette a la Cour, Comedie 
en deux actes. Paris, 1755, 8vo., 1 pretty plate by Lebas 
after Boucher (4s.). 
Reprinted 1769. 

Favart. Cythfere assieg^e, op^ra-comique en un acte, represente 
a Bruxelles pour la premifere fois, le 7 juillet 1748, par les 
■ comediens de S. A. S. M. le comte de Saxe. S. 1. (Paris) 
1748, 8vo., fleuron by Chedel after Boucher, frontispiece by 
Cochin and Ingram after Boucher, and vignette, not 

The frontispiece representing Renaud and Armide are allegorical 
figures of Mme. Favart and of marechal de Saxe. 

Favart. Isabelle et Gertrude, ou les Sylphes supposes, comedie 
en un acte melee d'ariettes, musique de Blaise. Paris, 
veuve Duchesne, 1765, 8vo., 6 plates designed and 
engraved by Queverdo, Marie Queverdo and Therese 
Martinet (8s.). 

Favart. Les Nymphes de Diane, opera-comique du Sr.. 
Favart, represente pour la premifere fois le premier de 
juin 1747, sur le grand th^^tre de Bruxelles, par les, 
comediens de S. A. S. M. le comte de Saxe. S. 1. (Paris)- 
1748, 8vo., fleuron by Chedel after Boucher, 2 vignettes, 
one by Cochin fils after Boucher, the other by Chedel after- 
Cochin, and a frontispiece by Chedel after Cochin (12s.). 

Favart. Les Moissonneurs, comedie en trois actes et en vers,., 
meslee d'ariettes par M. Favart. La musique est de M. 
Duni. Paris, veuve Duchesne, 1768, 8vo., 3 plates, one 
after Borel and 2 after Eisen by Legrand and de Ghendt 
(6s.). There is another series of 6 plates designed and 
engraved by Martinet (10s.). 

Favart. Soliman second, ou les Sultanes, comedie en trois 
actes et en vers. Paris, Duchesne, 1762, 8vo., 1 plate by 
Le Mire after Gravelot (3s.). 

Some copies have the dedication to marechal de Saxe headed by a 
viffiiette by Ingram after Cochin, for which were afterwards substituted 
the arms of the marechal de Richelieu. 

Favart. Theatre de M. Favart, du Recueil de comedies, 
parodies et operas-comiques, qu'il a donnes jusqu a ce jour, 



avec les airs, rondes et vaudevilles notes dans chaque piece. 
Paris, Duchesne, 1763-1772, 10 vols., 8vo., portrait of 
Favart by Littret after the pastel of Liotard in the first 
vol. ; that of Mme. Favart by Flipart after Cochin in vol. 
5 ; 8 fleurons on titles by Aliamet, Ched.el, Fessard, Lemire, 
de Longueil and Sornique after Eisen and Cochin, and 6 
very fine plates after Boucher, Cochin, Eisen, and Gravelot 
by Aliamet, Chedel, Cochin, Legrand, Lemire, and Simonet 
(20s. to 30s.). 

The two portraits of Favart and Mme. Favart, called " la fee 
gentilesse " of the marechal de Saxe, are interesting and finely engraved. 
Vol. 5 bears Madame Fa vart's name on title, as she assisted in selecting 
the subjects and the musical airs, contributed some couplets, and com- 
posed the music for them. The paper of the last 2 vols, is of inferior 
quality, aud vol. ix. has no plates. 

Favart, comtesse de Turpin, Boufflers, Guillard et Voisenon. 
Journee de I'Amour (La), ou les Heures de Cythfere. A 
Gnide (Paris), 1776, 8vo., 4 plates and 8 tailpieces after 
Taunay by Macret, Michel and Pruneau (25s. to 30s,). 

The single book illustrated by the painter Taunay ; the plates are 
charming. It is the publication of a literary society of the so-called 
" Table ronde." 

Favart (Madame). Annette et Lubin, comedie en un acte, en 
vers, melee d'Ariettes et de Vaudevilles par Mme. Favart 
et M * * *. Paris, Duchesne, 1762, 8vo., 6 plates, 3 after 
Queverdo by Duhamel, Therfese Martinet and Patas, 1 
after Martinet by Therfese Martinet, and 2 not signed. 
Beneath the first is the dedication of Martinet to M. de la 
Ferte and his arms ; rare (10s. to l-5s.). 

Faverolles (De). Le Chevalier de Blamont, ou Quelques Folies 
de ma Jeunesse. Paris, chez Durosier, an XL, 3 vols., 
12mo., portrait and 2 engraved frontispieces, not signed 

Authoress's real name is Baronne de Mere. 

Faverolles. Les Forces mysterieuses ou lAmour alchimiste. A 
Paris, chez I'auteur, an IX., 4 parts in 1 vol., 12mo., 4 
pretty plates after Binet (5s.). 

Faveurs (Les) et les Disgraces de I'Amours ou les Amans heureux 
trompes et malheureux, 8"° edition avec des figures en 
taille-douce. La Haye, chez S. Heaulme, 1721, 3 vols., 
12mo., 3 frontispieces (alike) after B. Picart, and 34'"plates, 
not signed (10s.). 


Faveurs (Les) et les Disgraces de 1' Amour, ou les Amans 
trompes et malheureux. Bruxelles, Dujardin et Paris, 
Defer de Maisonneuve, 1788, 3 vols., 12ino., 6 plates, not 
signed (6s.). 

Faveurs (Les) et les Disgraces de I'Amour, ou les Amans 
heureux, trompez et malheureux avec Deux Contes 
nouveaux en Vers . . . Suivant la Copie imprimee a Paris, 
chez Claude Barbin, 1711, 12mo., frontispiece and 25 
unlettered plates (12s. to 15s.). 

The two "Contes" are by La Fontaine, and appeared now for the 
first time. 

Favre (De). Les Quatre Heures de la Toilette des Dames, poeme 
erotique d^die a son Altesse Serenissime Madame la 
princesse de Lamballe, etc. . . .' Paris, Bastien, 1779, roy. 
8vo., Dutch paper, frontispiece, vignette, 4 plates and 4 
tailpieces after Leclerc by Arrivet (2), Halbou (1), Legrand 
(2), Leroy (2), and Patas (3) (£2 to £2 10s., and more on 
large vellum or stout Dutch paper). 

The plates, though fine, are lacking in grace ; on the other hand the 
tailpiece.^ are superb, particularly the one said to represent the head 
dressed with plumes of the ill-fated princess de Lamballe. The Original 
Drawings of the frontispiece and of the heraldic vignette form part of 
the collection of M. Portalis. King Louis-Philippe's copy, on vellum 
paper with arms of the duchesse d'Orleans, 120 frs. — a moderate price 
indeed, for the condition of the copy would command nowadays a fancy 
price. Reprinted 1780, roy. 8vo. (15s. to 20s.). 

Felibien des Avaux. Description de I'Eglise royale des 
Invalides. Paris, 1706, fol., frontispiece representing the 
" palais des Invalides," fleuron on title, 11 head and 14 
tailpieces, 14 ornamented letters, not signed, and text 
within ornamental borders (30s. to 40s., and double in 

Felibien (D. Michel). Histoire de I'Abbaye de St. -Denis en 
France. Paris, 1706, fol., frontispiece after BouUongne 
jeune, fleiiron, not signed, 11 pretty vignettes after Halle 
by Simoneau, and some large architectural plates (15s., and 
double on large paper). The Solar copy in morocco, with 
arms of Louis XIV., 191 frs. M. Hip. Destailleur's copy 
on large paper, with the arms of marquise de Pompadour, 
1120 frs. 

Felibien (D. Michel). Histoire de la ville de Paris, revue et 
mise au jour par D. Lobineau. Paris, 1725, 5 vols., fol.. 

180 F^LIX— r^NELON 

frontispiece by Simoneau after Halld, 3 vignettes after 
Halld by Cochin and Simoneau, 5 large views from nature 
after Chaufourier by Sanry, Duperons, and Chaufourier, 32 
plates of monuments and 1 plan of Paris after Coquart 
(205. to 30s., and more on large paper). 

Felix, ou les Aventures d'un jeune Officier, orne de figures. A 
Vire, cbez I'auteur, an VII., 2 vols., 12mo., 2 pretty plates, 
not signed (4s.). 

Femmes militaires (Les), relation historique par le C. D. 
(Eostaing de St.-Jory). Paris, Didot, 1750, 12mo., Opiates 
by Fessard after Riquard (4s.). 

Fdnelon. Les Aventures de Tel^maque, fils d'Ulysse, par feu 
messire Frangois de Selignac de la Motte Fenelon, etc. 
Paris, Flaurentin Delaulne, 1717, 2 vols., 12mo., title in 
red and black, frontispiece - portrait by Duflos after 
BaiUeul, vignette heading dedication unsigned, frontispiece 
(for vol. 2), and 24 plates after Bonnart by GifFard, or, not 
signed, and a folding map (205. to 30s., and double in 

This is the first edition. " conforme au manuscrit original," published 
by the marquis de Fenelon, the author's grand-nephew. Copies in old 
French morocco are rare ; M. Gresy's copy sold in 1869 for 400 frs. ; and 
that of M. L. de M. . . . in 1876, 475 frs. There is a counterfeit with 
the same date, but the type is smaller, with a single half-title only, and 
not worth half the price. 

Fenelon. Les Aventures de Telemaque, fils d'LHysse, etc. 
Nouvelle Edition, enrichie de figures en taille-douce. Paris, 
Jacques Estienne, 1730, 2 vols., 4to., frontispiece by 
Tardieu after Coypel, vignette after Coypel by Scotin, 24 
plates after Gazes, Goypel, de Favanne, Humblot, and 
Souville, by Bacquoy, Beauvais, Gochin, -Dupuis, and 
Mathey, and a map (10s.). The edition "suiv. la copie de 
Paris, i>. Barthelemy, 1730," 12mo., with frontispiece, 
portrait, and 24 plates by J. A. Fridrich, is worth 3s. to 4s. 

Fenelon. Les Aventures de Telemaque . . . Amsterdam, 
Wetstein, G. Smith et Zacharie Chatelain,' 1734, fol. and 
4to., frontispiece by Folkema after Picart, fleuron on title 
by Tanje after L. F. D. B. (Dubourg), portrait of Fenelon 
by Drevet after Vivien, 24 plates after Debrie, Dubourg, 
and Picart by Bernaerts, Folkema, V. Gunst, and Surugue, 
24 vignettes after Dubourg by Duflos, Folkema, and 
Tanje, and 19 tailpieces by Duflos and Schenk after Debrie 


and Dubourg (12s., and more than treble in fol., of which 
only 150 copies were printed; rare). 

There should be at end the " Ode en vers," 6 pages, which was sup- 
pressed by order of the Court. E. Martin's copy, in old red morocco, 
415 frs. ; Comte de la Beraudi^re's splendid copy, in green morocco, 
with rich dentelle and arms of Bernard de Rieux, 1000 frs. (1885). 
Eeprinted Leyde, 1761, with 34 additional illustrations. 

Fenelon. Les Aventures de Telemaque . . . Paris, Drouet, 
1781, 4to., engraved text, frontispiece by Le Mire after 
Cochin, fleuron on title by Ponce after Eisen, 6 plates after 
Cochin by de Launay, Prevost, Saint- Aubin, and Simonet, 
6 vignettes and 5 tailpieces by Gaucher and Ponce after 
Eisen, Moreau, and Le Barbier (lOs., and considerably more 
in artists' proofs without text). 

It was meant to appear in 4 vols., with 25 plates by Cochin and a 
vignette and tailpiece to each chapter by Le Barbier, but only vol. i. 
was published. Renouard's copy contained Cochin's unlettered proofs 
and almost the whole series of the etchings. 

Fenelon. Les Aventures de Telemaque . . . Par ordre de 
Mgr. le Comte d'Artois. A Paris, 1781, 4 vols., 16mo., 
plates by Lefevre (£2, and treble with unlettered proofs). 

Fenelon. Les Aventures de Telemaque, fi'ls d'Ulysse, par M. 
de Fenelon. Imprime par ordre du rois pour I'education 
de Monseigneur le Dauphin. Paris, Didot I'ain^, 1783, 2 
vols., 4to., vellum paper (with a frontispiece sometimes 
added bearing the following inscription : "les Aventures 
de T^l^maque, fils d'Ulysse, gravees d'aprfes les desseins 
(sic) de Charles Monnet, peintre du roy, par Jean-Baptiste 
Tilliard. Paris, chez I'auteur, 1773 "), 96 plates by Tilliard 
after Monnet, including the 24 containing the summaries 
of the chapters engraved with tailpieces, these being 
superior to the plates (£2 to £3). 

200 copies printed. There exists a second title having a medal portrait 
of Fenelon for vol. 2. Monnet's 72 original drawings in sepia of the 
large plates, as well as those of the 24 culs-de-lampe, brought in the 
Renouard sale 241 frs., and are now in the collection of the late Baron 
J. E. de Rothschild. 

Fenelon. Les Aventures de Telemaque, etc. (Paris), de I'impri- 
merie de Monsieur, 1785, 2 vols., roy. 4to., vellum paper, 
title-frontispiece by Montulay, 72 plates after Monnet by 
Tilliard, and 24 ornamented with tailpieces containing the 
summary (£2 to £3, and more with the unlettered proofs, 
but those of the first 2 chapters do not exist in the first 


E. Martin's copy, in green morocco, by Bradel,'and having 24 unpub- 
lished drawings in sepia by Le Barbier, and the series of unlettered 
proofs and different pieces, sold for 8100 frs. ; was re-sold in the 
Delbergue-Cormont sale for 4900 frs. ; and re-offered by M. Porquet in 
his catalogue for 6500 frs. Another copy, with the series of plates 
after Moitte, engraved '' au lavis " by Parisot, and coloured (by order of 
the publishers) in red morocco by Derome, realized in the E. Martin 
sale 615 frs. 

Fenelon. Aventures de Telemaque, fine series of 18 large 
plates after Monnet (14), Cochin (2), and Boucher (2), by 
de Monchy and Patas, witli the arms and the dedication 
(mostly dedicated to thie marquise de Villette). The etchings 
are after Martini, Duclos, and Qu^verdo. Borel's composi- 
tions on the same subjects are sometimes added (£2 to £3). 

Fenelon. Les Aventures de Telemaque . . . avec figures en 
taille-douce, dessinees par MM. Cochin and Moreau le 
jeune. Paris, 1790, 2 vols., roy. 8 vo., roy. vellum paper, 
frontispiece and 6 plates from the 1781 edition (15s.). 

This series of plates having remained incomplete, we frequently find 
inserted in this edition either one or both series of 24 plates after 
Marillier and 25 plates after Moreau, with a portrait by Delvaux 
which Renouard had executed some time afterwards (£2). The plates 
of both these series exist in unlettered proofs and etchings (£4). 
Delbergue-Cormont's fine copy bound by Bozerian, with both series 
in artist's proofs and etchings, and MarUlier's 24 original drawings a 
I'encre de Chine, sold for 4100 frs. Moreau's 25 original drawings, 
with the unlettered proof plates on India paper, realized 500 frs. 
(Renouard sale). These drawings, like many others by famous artists, 
were sold in this sale at low figures ; they would now bring fancy 
prices. The pubhshers have, from the reason mentioned above, issued 
another title containing Eenelon's portrait after Gaucher by Yivien, 
without mention of " Avec figures, etc." 

Fenelon. Les Aventures de Telemaque . . . Paris, Deterville 
(imprimerie de Crapelet), an IV. (1796), 2 vols., 8vo., vellum 
paper (15s., more than double on large paper with unlettered 
proofs, and considerably dearer with the etchings), 24 plates 
after Marillier by Baquoy, Dambrun, Dupreel, Delvaux, de 
Ghendt, Langlois jeune, Masquelier, Patas, Pauquet and 
Ponce, and a portrait by Hubert after Vivien. 

M. B. Maghone's copy on vellum paper, with plates in proofs before 
letters, 27 frs. (Paris sale, 1894). The original drawings are in the 
library of the Due de Leuchtenberg. 

Fe'nelon. The Adventures of Telemachus, son of Ulysses, in 
twenty-four books. A new Translation revised by Fr, 
Fitzgerald. London, printed for C. Taylor, 1792, 4to., 
engraved title containing the portraits of Mentor and of 

Fenelon's Telemaciius, 1792 [-Pa^e 182 


Telemaclius and 24 circular plates in bistre by Taylor, 

Nutter, and Corbould (25^. to 30s.). 

The 1795 edition, 2 vols., 4to., with 12 engravings after Stothard, has 
a nominal value. 

Fe'nelon. Critique du premier et second tome des Aventures 
de Telemaque . . . Cologne, 1700, 2 vols., post 8vo., 
frontispiece (3s.). 

Fenelon. Les Aventures de Telemaque, edition ornee de 
gravures. Paris, Bleuet (imprime par Didot I'aine'), 1796, 
4 vols., 16mo., portrait of Fenelon by Gaucher after Vivien, 
and 24 delightful plates after Queverdo by Dambrun, 
Delignon, de Launay, Gaucher, and Villerey (10s., double 
on vellum paper, considerably dearer with unlettered proofs, 
still more so on large raisin paper, and particularly valuable 
with the etchings and artists' proofs combined). The publi- 
cation price was 10 frs. for ordinary paper, 24 frs. for 
vellum paper, and 48 frs. for large raisin paper, 12mo. 

■ M. B. Maglione's copy on large raisin paper with proofs before letters, 
68 frs. (Paris sale, 1894). 

Fenelon. Les Aventures de Telemaque . . . Paris, Didot 
I'aine, 1796, 4 vols., 16mo., portrait by Delvaux, and 24 
fine plates after Lefebvre by Delvaux, Godefroy, Simonet, 
Thomas, and Triere (15s., and double on vellum paper, 
considerably dearer with unlettered proofs, particularly so 
on large vellum paper, and enlarged copies with artists, 
proofs and etchings combined are of great value). The 
publication price was 24 frs. and 48 frs. respectively. 

E. Martin's copy on large vellum paper brought 405 frs. Lefebvre's 
beautiful original drawings inserted in a copy of Telemaque, printed on 
vellum in 1802, were sold in the Delbergue-Cbrmont sale for 4000 frs. 
The drawings now form part of the Van Loo Collection at Ghent. 

Fenelon. Les Aventures de Telemaque, Paris, 1797, 4 vols., 
16mo., 4 plates by Blanchard after Binet (3s.). 

Fenelon. Les Aventures de Telemaque . . . avec des notes et 
25 figures en taille-douce; Paris, Ancelle, 1798, 2 vols., 
4to. (8s.). 

The plates, of indifferent merit, are engraved after Monnet. 

Fenelon. Les Aventures de Telemaque, suivies d'Aristonous. 
Paris, Renouard, 1802, 2 vols., 12mo. (3s.), and considerably 
more on fine paper. 

Two copies exist on vellum, one of which, ornamented with Lefebvre's 
original drawings, realized in the Delbergue-Cormont sale 4000 frs. In 
this edition Renouard inserted his series of Moreau's plates. These 


drawings ordered to be executed by Moreau in 1809, accompanied with 
the unlettered proofs and the etchings, were sold in the Delbergue- 
Cormont sale for 6900 frs. 

Fenelon. Nouveaux Dialogues des Morts, avec des contes et 
Fables composes pour I'education d'un prince, edition 
nouvelle, Amsterdam, Wetstein, 1719, 2 'vols., 12mo., 2 
frontispieces designed and engraved by G. de Broen (3s.). 

Fenn (John). Original Letters, written during the Reigns of 
Henry VI., Edward IV., and Richard III., by various 
Persons of Rank or Consequence, and by members of the 
Paston Family. Digested in a chronological Order. With 
Notes, historical and explanatory. London, 1787-89, vols. 
1 to 4 ; 1823, vol. 5, together 5 vols., 4to., portraits, some 
coloured, and facsimiles (£3 to £4). 

Fenouillot de Falbaire. L'Honnete Criminel, drame en cinq 
actes et en vers. Amsterdam et Paris, Merlin, 1767, 8vo., 
5 charming plates after Gravelot by Binet, Delaunay, 
Levasseur, and Simonet (6s.). 

Gravelot's original pen-and-ink, and sepia drawings, together with 
those for "Le Fabricant de Londres," are in the public library at 

Fenouillot de Falbaire. Les Deux Avares, comedie en deux actes, 
en prose, melee d'ariettes. La musique est de M. Gretry. 
Paris, Delalain, 1770, 8vo., 1 charming plate after Gravelot 
by de Longueil (3s.). There exists for this comedy a series 
of 6 plates after Duclos and Queverdo by Th^rese Martinet 
and Frussotte, etc. (10s.). 

Fenouillot de Falbaire. Le Fabricant de Londres, drame en cinq 
actes et en prose. Paris, Delalain, 1771, 8vo., 5 fine plates 
after Gravelot by Levasseur, de Longueil and Simonet (6s.). 

Fenouillot de Falbaire. (Euvres. Paris, veuve Duchesne, 
1787, 2 vols., 8vo., portrait after Cochin by Saint-Aubin, 
and 12 plates after Gravelot (5s., and double on vellum 

Ferrand. Pieces libres . . . et Poesies de quelques auteurs 
sur divers sujets. A Londres, 1760, 12mo., vignette on 
title (6s.). 

Ferriol (De). Recueil de cent estampes representant differentes 
nations du Levant, tirees sur les tableaux peints d'apres 
nature en 1707 et 1709, par les ordres de M. de Ferriol, 
ambassadeur du roi aupres de la Porte, et graves en 1712 


et 1713, par les soins de M. Le Hay. Paris, Cars 1714 ou 
Jacques CoUombat, 1715, folio (15s.). 

The plates were engraved by Scotin, Haussard, Simoneau, etc. 

Feste d' Apollo (Le) celebrate sul teatro di Corte nell' agosto del 
1769, per le auguste seguite nozze tra il reale infante Don 
Ferdinando e la Reale archiduchessa infante Maria-Amelia. 
Parma, 4to., frontispiece designed and engraved by Martini, 
4 fine plates after the same, one engraved by himself, the 
others by Baquoy and Helman, 4 vignettes and 4 tail- 
pieces not signed (8s.). 

Martini, one of the best pupils of Le Bas, came from Parma. 

Feste (La) et le Feu d'artifice qui doit 6tre tire a Paris sur la 
riviere an sujet de la naissance de Mons"' le Dauphin, par 
ordre de S. M. C. Philippe V. le 21 Janvier 1730. Paris, 
Gandouin, 1730, 4to., 3 folding copper-plates by Servandoni 

F^te de la Eose (La). Poeme. Paris, Merlin, 1768, 8vo., 
1 plate by L. Masquelier after Touze (3s.). 

Fete publique donnee par la ville de Paris a I'occasion du 
mariage de Mgr. le Dauphin avec la princesse Marie-Joseph 
de Saxe le 15 fevrier 1747. Atlas folio, engraved title 
after Blondel, having on reverse the explanation of the 
frontispiece . engraved by Lattre, allegorical . frontispiece 
after Slotz by Flippart, 12 pages of engraved text giving 
the description of the festival by Lattr6 within embellished 
borders, the first of them signed : L. Le Lorrain inv. ; P. F. 
Tardieu sculp., Lattre scrip., and beneath the last a tailpiece 
signed : Babel inv. et sculp., 7 folding plates, one signed 
Marvye del., another containing a large prospective view 
of the Place Louis le Grand, now Place Vend6me, signed 
A. Benoist inv. del. et sculp (£2, and more than double in 
moroccp, and in a Padeloup binding with den telle £12 to 
£20 according to state). The Behague copy in red 
morocco, with dentelle and arms of Marie Leczinska, 
660 frs. 

F^te des bonnes gens (La) ou les Moeurs champStres. Paris, 
Boulanger, 1788, 8vo., frontispiece by Queverdo (4s.). 

A collection of songs. 

F6tes publiques donnees par la ville de Paris a I'occasion du 
mariage de Mgr. le Dauphin avec Marie-Thdrfese, infante 
d'Espagne, le 23 et 26 fevrier, 1745, atlas folio. Text 


(including explanation of frontispiece by Mile. Marie 
Verard femme Latre) engraved within historiated borders 
after Tardieu, fine frontispiece after Eisen by De La Fosse, 
a large plate after Ch. Hutin by Le Bas, and 16 large 
plates after Cochin fils by Cochin pfere and Cochin fils (1 
is signed Oubvrier), and 2 folding-plans ornamented with 
cartouches and a large tailpiece. The etchings were 
executed by Cochin fils and the finishing was done by the 
father (£2, and treble in morocco, and in a Padeloup 
binding with dentelle, £12 to £25, according to state). 

Fielding. Histoire de Tom Jones, ou I'Enfant trouve, traduc- 
tion de I'anglois (par de La Place). Amsterdam, aux 
depens de la compagnie, 1750, 4 vols., 12mo., first French 
version, frontispiece and 15 plates after Gravelot by 
Aveline (2), Chedel (2), Fessard (4), De Lafosse (2), and 
Pasquier (6) (40s. to 50s.). 

The plates were executed by Gravelot at a time when this artist was 
at his best. Some of the original drawings were dispersed in the 
Maherault sale, and some are in the CoUette de Baudicour Collection. 
The Prench version contains only an abridged text. Comte de 
Lignerolles' copy in old morocco, 225 frs. (Paris sale, 1894) ; M. Ch. 
Cousin's copy in oM citron morocco, 32 frs. (1895). Everything depends 
on the state of the binding. 

Fielding. Tom Jones. Paris, Imbert, 1801, 4 vols, in 2, 16mo., 
7 plates by Delignon after Borel (copied from a set 
previously executed by the same artist in 8vo.) (5s.). 

Fielding. Tom Jones . . . traduction nouvelle et complete 
(par le comte de la Bedoyfere), ornee de 12 gravures en 
taille-douce. Paris, Firmin Didot, 1833, 4 vols., 8vo., 12 
plates after Moreau by de Villiers frferes, Mariage, and 
Simonet (6s., and from 30s. to 40s. on large vellum 
paper with unlettered proofs, and more with the etchings). 

The translator's copy. having also Gravelot's plates and in morocco, 
by Bauzonnet, was sold in 1862 for 121 frs. At the same sale the copy 
with Moreau's original drawings, the India proof plates before letters, 
and several other sets of plates inserted, fetched 560 frs. 

Fielding. Aventures de Joseph Andrews et de son ami 
Abraham Adams et traduites par une dame anglaise 
(Desfontaines). Amsterdam, 1764 (or 1775), 2 vols., 12mo. 
or 8vo., 12 indiff"erent plates, not signed (4s.). 

Fielding (H.). Works, with Life. London, 1784, 10 vols., 
8vo., portrait and plates (80s. to 40s.). 

Fievee. La Dot de Suzette, ou Histoire de Mme. de Senneterre, 


racontee par elle-meme. Paris, chez Maradan, an VI., 
16mo., pretty plate, not signed, by Bovinet after Chaillou ; 
rare (5s.). 

There is a counterfeit, to be detected by the type being smaller. 

Fils Naturel (Le). Geneve et Paris, chez Buisson, 1789, 2 
vols., 16mo., 2 plates, not signed. This romance appeared 
later on under the title " Jules et Sophie," and is incorrectly 
attributed to Diderot (3s.). 

Flach (Th.). A Book of Jewellers' Work . . . London, 1736, 
4to., title and 4 plates (20s. to 25s.). 

Flavigny (Vicomte de). Correspondance de Fernand Cortez 
avec I'empereur Charles-Quint, sur la conqu^te du Mexique, 
traduite ... En Suisse, chez les libraires associes, 1779, 
8vo., frontispiece, not signed (3s.). 

Fleurettes (Les). Paris, chez Boismortier, Boivin et Leclerc, 
s.d. (circa 1760), 3 parts, roy. Bvo., engraved throughout, 
3 engraved titles, not signed, the first having a vignette also 
not signed (10s.). 

Fleurimont. Medailles du rfegne de Louis XV. Paris, s.d., 
fol., engraved throughout, frontispiece by Lemoine, engraved 
title, not signed, and 78 plates of medals {6s.). 

Fleury (Maria de). Poems occasioned by the Confinement and 
Acquittal of Lord George Gordon, president of the Pro- 
testant Association. London, 1781, 12mo., plates (5s.). 

Florentine (Angelo Kosis). A new Book of Ornaments, con- 
sisting of Compartment Decorations of Theatres, Ceilings, 
Chimney-pieces, Doors, etc., invented by Angelo Eosis 
Florentine, engraved by Ant. Visentini Venitian. London, 
1753, title and 23 plates (£3 to £4). 

Florian (Claris de). CEuvres . . . Paris, Guilleminet, 1784- 
1799, 13 vols., 8vo., plates (30s. to 40s., and double on 
vellum paper). 

The works contained in this edition are as follows : Galathee, Paris, 
Didot, 1784, frontispiece after Dupreel, with portrait of Cervantes, and 
9 plates after Le Barbier and Plouest ; Numa Pompilius, Paris, Didot, 
1787, 12 plates after Queverdo; Estelle, imprimerie de Monsieur, 1788, 
frontispiece and 6 plates ; The&tre, Paris, Didot, 1790, 2 vols., 13 plates 
after Queverdo; Gonzalve de Cordoue, Paris, Didot, 1791, 2 vols., 14 
plates after Monsiau and Queverdo; Pables, Paris, Didot, 1792, plates 
after Queverdo; Nouvelles, Paris, Didot, 1792, 13 plates after 
Quiverdo; Don Quichotte, Paris, Didot, 1799, 3 vols., portrait by 


Gaucher after Queverdo, and 24 plates after Lefevre and Le Barbier by 
Coiny, Dambrun, Gaucher, Godefroy, and Masquelier ; Guillaume Tell, 
Paris, an X., portrait and 7 plates after Queverdo. Renouard's copy 
on vellum in red morocco, 211 frs. 

Florian (Claris de). Eliezer et Nephtaly, poeme traduit de 
I'hdbreu; suivi d'un dialogue entre deux chiens, nouvelle 
imitee de Cervantes. Paris, Guilleminet, an XL, 16mo., 
6 plates by de Launay after Vignaud (55., and double on 
vellum paper). 

Florian. Estelle, roman pastoral. . . . Seconde Edition. Paris, 
de rimprimerie de Monsieur, 1788, 16mo., 6 plates after 
Queverdo by Dambrun, Delignon, and de Longueil (6s., 
and double on vellum paper). 

Comte de LigneroUes' copy on vellum paper in red morocco by 
Derome 345 frs. (Paris sale, 1894), an exorbitant price. Some copies 
have an additional frontispiece by Patas after Monsiau, and which is 
also sometimes found in the subsequent edition of 1793. M. Morgand 
quotes an edition in 8vo. 

Florian. Fables. . . . Paris, de I'imprimerie de P. Didot 
I'aine, 1792, 16mo., portrait after Villiers and 5 plates 
after Flouest, by Delignon, Gaucber, and de Longueil 
(remarkably fine) (10s., and double on vellum paper). 

Florian. Galatee, 2' edition. Paris, Didot I'aine, 1784, 16mo., 
frontispiece, portrait and 8 plates after Flouest by Guyard 
(4) and 4 not signed (5s., and double on vellum paper). 

These illustrations are to be found again in the 1788 edition. 

Florian. Galatee, roman pastoral. Geneve (Cazin), 1784, 
16mo., medal portrait of Cervantes by Boily after Flouest 
(3s., and more than double on vellum paper). 

Florian. Galatee . . . edition ornee de figures en couleur, 
d'aprfes les dessins de Monsiau. Paris, Defer de Maisonneuve, 
1793, roy. 4to., 4 plates printed in colours by Cazenave (2) 
and Colibert (2) after Monsiau (20s.). 

Florian. Gonzalve de Cordoue. Paris, Didot I'aine, 1791, 
3 vols., 16mo., frontispiece and 14 plates after Queverdo by 
Delignon (7), Gaucher (2), Dambrun (2), Hubert (2), and 
Ingouf (1). The same plates are in the 1792 edition (15s., 
and more on vellum paper). 

Florian. Melanges de Poesies et de Litterature. . . . Paris, 
Didot I'aine, 1787, 16mo., frontispiece by Dupreel, and 


G ciiarming plates after Queverdo by Dambrun, Delignon, 
and de Longueil (4s., and double on vellum papfer). 

Florian. Les Six Nouvelles. . . . Paris, Didot I'aine, 1784, 
16mo., frontispiece by Gruyard after Pernotin (3s., and more 
on vellum paper). 

Florian. Numa Pompilius. . . . Seconde edition. Paris, 
Didot I'aine, 1786, 2 vols., 16mo., frontispiece and 12 
beautiful plates after Queverdo by Dambrun (5s., and 
treble on vellum paper). 

Queverdo's original water-colour drawings in the Renouard sale fetched 
56 frs., a very modest figure indeed. 

Florian. Nouvelles nouvelles. . . . Paris, Didot I'ain^, 1792, 
16mo., 6 plates after Queverdo by Dambrun, Gaucher, and 
de Longueil (3s., and treble on vellum paper). 

Florian. TlieS.tre . . . Seconde edition. Paris, Didot I'aine, 
1786, 3 vols., 16mo., frontispiece and 9 plates after 
Queverdo by Dambrun, Patas, and de Longueil (20s., and 
double on vellum paper). 

Florian. Thesitre. Paris,. Didot, 1790, 3 vols., 16mo., 12 
plates after Queverdo by Delignon and Dambrun (5s.) 

Florian. Thd^tre. . . . Paris, Didot, 1791, 3 vols., 16mo., 
12 plates after Queverdo by Dambrun, de Longueil, and 
Patas (5s.). 

Florian. Nouveaux Melanges de Poesies et de Litterature 
(Gluvres posthumes), Paris, Gratiot, 1806, 16mo., 3 plates 
by David (3s.). 

Florian. (Euvres posthumes, contenant Rosalba, Fables 
inedites, Guillaume Tell, etc. Paris, Gratiot, s.d. 16mo., 
portrait of Florian by Clement, and 5 plates by Gaucher 
after Monnet (4s., and treble on vellum paper, and con- 
siderably more with unlettered proofs). 

Florian. Les Six Nouvelles. Paris, Didot I'aine, 1784, 16mo., 
6 plates after Queverdo by Delignon, Dambrun, and 
Longueil (5 s.). 
Reprinted 1790. 

Florian. La Jeunesse de Florian, ou, Memoirfes d'un jetine 
Espagnol, ouvrage posthume. Paris, NicoUe, 1807, 16mo.„ 
portrait and plate (3s.). 

Florian. Collection complete de Eomanees d'Estelle. Paris, 
Desnos. 16mo., 12 fine plates, not signed (I5s.). 


Florian. (Euvres. . . . Paris, Dufart, 1805, 8 vols., 8vo., 
plates (10s., and more than double on vellum paper). 

Florian. Guillaume Tell ou la Suisse libre, ouvrage posthume, 
precede du discours de reception a I'acaddmie, de la vie de 
I'auteur par Jauffret, de quelques pifeces fugitives in^dites 
et orne de 5 jolies gravures dessinees par Monnet et Laplace 
et gravees par Gaucher. De I'imprimerie Guilleminet, A 
Paris, a la librairie economique, an IX., 16mo. (10s.). Be- 
sides the 5 plates (including frontispiece by Laplace after 
Clement) there is one plate, "dessin^e et gravee par son 
ami Queverdo," representing the allegorical tomb of Florian 
at Sceaux. Three of Monnet's plates are signed : Gaucher 
an VII. inv. At the end of this book there is a Catalogue 
of the (Euvre de Florian showing that copies on ordinary 
paper contain only 1 plate per volume (4s.). 

Florian. Vie de M. de Florian par M. Eosny. Paris, imprimerie 
Didot jeune, chez Lepetit, 1799, 12mo., 4 pretty plates 
after Queverdo by Villerey (3s.). 

Flotte (De). L'H6pital des Fous . . . Paris, Sebastien Jorry, 
1765, Svo., plate, vignette, tailpiece by Lafosse after 
Eisen (3s.). 

Flotte. Sophie, ou le Triomphe des graces sur la beaute . . . 
Paris, veuve Duchesne, 1770, 3 vols., 12mo., 2 plates by 
Benoit after Marillier (5s.). 

Flournois (Gedeon). Les Entretiens des Voyageurs sur la mer. 
Nouvelle edition revue et corrigee avec des figures en taille- 
douce. A la Haye, chez Isaac van der Kloot, 1740, 4 vols., 
12mo., 4 frontispieces, and 31 plates (one signed J. Belvet 
fee), 4 fleurons on titles (one signed G. T. J. Debrie del. 
et fee, 1726) (10s.). 

Fontaine (Jacques-Valentin). Nouveau Livre d'Etudes et 
Principes de Serrureries . . . par Jacques-Valentin F. . . . 
serrurier du Koy en la Manufacture des Gobelins. Paris, F. 
Ch^reau, s.d. (circa 1750), 4to., title and 11 plates (£10 
to £12). 

Fontaine. Livre de difiierens couronnemens de Serrurerie, par 
J.-V. Fontaine.' Paris, Vve. Chereau, s.d., 6 plates in fol. 
(£5 to £6). 

Fontaine. Argillan, ou le Fanatisme des croisades, tragedie en 
cinq actes. Amsterdam et Paris, Lejay, 1769, Svo., 1 plate 
by Binet (3s.). 


Fontanieu (de). Collection de Vases inventes et dessines par 
M. de F, . . . intendant et contr61eur general des Meubles 
de la Couronne. Cette collection a et^ faite pour servir 
aux tourneurs et a ceux qui ornent les vases, comme 
fondeurs et ciseleurs, en 1770 (s.l.), fol., title, and 47 plates 
engraved by Nodiot (£6 to £8). 

Fontenelle. (Euvres diverses . . . Nouvelle Edition, aug- 
mentee et enrichie de figures gravees par Bernard Picart, 
le Eomain, La Haye, Grosse et Neaulme, 1728-9, 3 vols., 
fol., text within borders, 6 frontispieces and plates after 
Picart, one with Fontenelle's portrait after Rigaud, fleurons 
on titles, one of which serves for vols. 1 and 2 alike, 
and 174 vignettes and tailpieces by Picart (20s., and treble 
and considerably more on large paper). 

The illustrations are beautiful, but they are not in proportion as 
to size, and the enlarged copies are undesirable acquisitions. The 
Behague copy in red morocco with rich dentelle, 1905 frs. ; Silvestre de 
Sacy's copy bound by Padeloup with dentelle, 1700 frs. The binding in 
both cases accounts for the prices, which, however, are unreasonable. 

Fontenelle. (Euvres . . . Geneve, 1777, 2 vols., 16mo., or, 
Londres (Cazin), 1785, 4 vols., 16mo., portrait after Eigaud 
by Delaunay or Delvaux (3s.). 

Fontenelle. Poesies pastorales ... A Londres, 1707, 12mo., 
proof frontispiece, unsigned (3s.). 

Fordrin (Louis). Nouveau Livre de Serrurerie, contenant 
toutes sortes de grilles d'un gout nouveau, propres pour les 
coeurs (sic), d'Eglises, portes de vestibules . . . invente et 
compose par Louis F. . . . serrurier ordinaire des batlments 
du Roy et de ses monnaies. A Paris, chez I'auteur, et chez 
Duchange, graveur, s.d. (1723), 30 plates including title, 
dedication and leaf of Privilege (£15 to £20). 

There is also an English edition containing 50 plates, including 
title, engraved from designs by J. Tijou by P. Bouche, Van der Bank, 
and Van der Gucht ; very scarce. 

Formey. L'Emile chretien consacre a I'utilit^ publique, redige 
par Mr. Formey. Berlin, chez Jean Neaulme, 1784, 4 vols., 
Svo., fleuron on title designed and engraved by Schley, 
frontispiece ,after Schley, 9 plates after Eisen (4), Schley (1), 
and 4 not signed, engraved by Schley (4) and Fokke (1) 

Formey. Histoire abregee de la Philosophic. Amsterdam, 
chez Schneider, 1760, 16mo,, frontispiece after Fritsch, and 
1 fleuron on title (3s.). 


Forteguerri (Nicolo). Ricciardetto, poema. Londra, 1780, 
Livorno presso Gio. Tomaso Mosi et Compagni, 3 vols., 
12mo., portrait signed G. L. D., engraved by Pomp' and 
Lapi, titles engraved by the same artists, and 30 pretty 
plates, signed Joan Lapi inc. et sculp. (10s.). 

Fortiguerra. Ricbardet, po§me. Londres (Paris, Cazin), 1781, 
2 vols., 16mo., 2 engraved titles by Duponcbel after 
Chevaux (3s.). 

Forty (Jean Frangois). CEuvres de Sculpture en bronze, 
contenant girandoles, feux, pendules, bras, cartels, barometres 
et lustres, inventees et dessinees par J. F. Forty, et gravies 
par Calinet et Foin. Paris, Chereau, s.d. (circa 1780), 4to., 
rare (£30 to £40). 

The Behague copy, coataining 8 parts of 6 plates each, sold for 
700 frs. ; M. Hip. Destailleur's copy, fol., consisting of engraved title, 
and 48 plates in 8 parts, and bound in brown morocco by Gruel, 
1500 frs. (1895). 

Forty. OEuvres d'Orffevrerie a I'usage des Eglises, inventees 
par J.-F. F. . . . Se vendent a Paris, chez I'auteur, s.d. 
(circa 1780), fol., 3 parts consisting of 18 plates; very 
rare (£35 to £40). 

Forty. CEuvres de Serrurerie inventees par J.-F. F. . . . A 
Paris, cbez I'auteur, s.d. (circa 1780), fol., 6 parts containing 
24 plates (£12 to £15). 

Fossati. Recueil de diverses Fables dessinees et gravees par 
George Fossati, arcbitecte. Venise, Ch. Pecora, 1744, 6 
vols., imp. 8vo., or sm. fol., having each 36 fables and 36 
plates printed in various colours, and engraved titles, 
altogether 216 plates, 2 frontispieces, and 16 headpieces 
(£2 to £3). 

Text French and Italian. The illustrations are in red, in blue, in 
green, in bistre, etc. 

Fouilloux (Jacques du). La Venerie . . . plusieurs receptes et 
remfedes pour guerir les chiens de diverses 'maladies . . . 
Beyreuth, F. E. Dietzel, 1754, 4to., illustrations in the text 
(£3 to £4). 

Fouquet. Livre de diverses pensees allegoriques pour les sujets 
meslez de figures et d'ornemens. Inventee et dessinee par 
le sieur Fouquet. Paris, Duchange, s.d. (circa 1700), folio, 
8 plates engraved by Mile. Renard du Bos (£8 to £10). 

Fournier. Manuel typographique, utile aux gens de lettres 
. . . par Fournier le jeune. Paris, Barbou, 1763 or 1764, 


2 vols., 8vo., 2 frontispieces by Fessard after Gravelot and 
de Sfeve, and 16 technical plates in each volume (10s. 
to 15s.). 

Sometimes the author's portrait by Gaucher is added. The author 
died before he could bring out two other volumes as intended to complete 
the work. 

Fournier. Epreuve de deux petits caracteres nouvellement 
graves et executes dans toutes les parties typographiques, par 
Fournier le jeune, graveur et fondeur de caractferes. Paris, 
1767, 32mo., frontispiece by Fessard after de Sfeve (3s.). 

Fowler (W.). Coloured Engravings of Mosaic Pavements, 
stained Glass Windows, Norman Tiles, and Specimens of 
Gothic Architecture, in Great Britain, particularly York, 
Lincoln, and other Cathedrals, a series from Castle Howard, 
and a splendid series of Seven Norman Earls of Chester, and 
Two Saxon Earls of Mercia, from the windows of Aston 
Hall, Winterton, Yorkshire. 1799-1809, 2 vols., atlas fol., 
54 coloured plates (£8 to £10). 

Publication price £31 10s., and only between 30 and 40 copies are 
known complete. 

Fracastor. Syphilis, ou le Mai venerien, poeme latin en 3 
chants, avec la traduction en prose et les notes. Paris, chez 
Lucet, libraire, 1796, 12mo., medal portrait of Fracastor 
and engraved title (3s.). 

Francis et Elisa. . . . Paris, Maradan, an VI., 2 vols., 16mo., 
2 pretty plates after Binet by Fortier (3s.). 

Franklin (B.). Experiments and Observations on Electricity 
made at Philadelphia, in America. E. Cave, 1751, 4to., 
1 plate (20s. to 30s.). 

Fredaines lubriques de J.-F. Maury, pritre indigne, aumSnier 
des Gourgandines des rues Saint-Honore et des Petits- 
Champs. Paris, aux d^pens des eminentes capucines de la 
place Vend6me, s.l. (Paris), 1798, 16mo,, 1 plate, not signed 

Frederic H. Me'moires pour servir a I'Histoire de la Maison de 
Brandenbourg (par Frederic II., roi de Prusse). Berlin et 
La Haye, J. Neaulme, 1751, 2 parts in 1 vol., 4to., fine 
frontispiece designed and engraved by Schley, fleuron on 
titles (alike), engraved text of privilege within a charming 
border surmounted by the arms of Brandenbourg with 
Frederick's signature in facsimile, 18 vignettes (15 of them 
representing ieither historical facts or portraits of the 


sovereigns of the house of Brandenbourg, executed in the 
manner of Cochin's tailpieces for the "Abreg6 " of President 
Henault) after Schley (13), B. Picart (2), andFokke (3), by 
Schley (15) and Fokke (3), 13 tailpieces by and after 
Schley (10) and Fokke (3) chiefly allegorical, 2 maps, 2 
genealogical tables and several engraved capital letters (lO.s. 
to 15.S., and more on large paper). 

Frederick's Letter to the Prince royal, printed on thin paper, is only 
found in a few choice copies. The Behague copy in red morocco brought 
the absurd price of 640 frs. The 1767 edition, 3 vols., 4to., contains 
frontispiece by Schmidt, 3 fleurons, 14 vignettes, 16 tailpieces, 2 maps, 
2 genealogical tables, and 9 ornamental letters by Schmidt and Schleuen 
(5s.). M. Morgand offers in his Catalogue, 1882, a copy of an unknown 
edition, 12mo., bearing the same date, but without place of publication, 
having a fleuron on title by Eessard, and a portrait of the king added, 
and bound in calf with the arms of the marochal, due de Richelieu 
(presentation copy from Richelieu to M. de Cailhava), for 8 frs. 

Frederic 11. Poesies diverses. Berlin, chez Ch. Fred. Voss, 
1760, roy. 4to., frontispiece designed and engraved byMeil, 
fleuron on title, 8 vignettes, 25 tail-pieces by Schmidt and 
39 ornamented letters (several duplicates) ; rare, but not 
recherche (6 s.). 

Frederic 11. Gluyres du Philosophe de Sans-Souci, au Donjon 
du Ch&,teau (Berlin), 1750, 3 vols., roy. 4to., 2 maps, 2 
engraved genealogical tables, frontispiece, fleuron on title, 
1 head and 15 charming tailpieces (the latter may be said 
to rival Cochin), 13 ornamented letters (several duplicates) 
and 13 vignettes heading the pages, and containing fine 
portraits, all by G. F. Schmidt (30av). 

The proofs without text are very rare, and sold for 100 frs. Edition 
de Luxe, of which only a few copies were printed at his pajace in Berlin 
for distribution among the king's friends. 

Frederic II. Le Palladion, po^me en 6 chants. Au Donjon 
du Ch&,teau, 1750, 6 plates, 6 head and 6 tailpieces after 
Gr. J. Schmidt. This heroi-comic poem, written in imitation 
of " La Puelle," forms vol. 1 of the " CEuvres du Philosophe 
de Sans Souci." Most of the copies having been suppressed, 
it has become very rare ; it was reprinted in 1752, with 
the omission on the title of the words, "Au Donjon du 
Chateau." Proofs before letters are almost unobtainable. 

Freemasonry. Assemblee de Francs-Magons pour la Eeception 
des Maltres, Assemblee de Francs-Magons pour la Eeception 
des Apprentifs. Assemblee de Nouveaux Francs-Magons 
pour la Reception des Apprentifs. Dedie au trfes-Galant 


r' * 


f Trj/nrrr ^i 

« \yfli 

V I 

* "^ 




'4 ,rv. ^^ -dia 

>. 'N 

i ! 



tres Sincere et tvhs Veridique Frere Leonard Gabanon, 
Auteur du Catechisme des Francs-Ma9ons. Dessin^ par 
Madame la Marquise . . . et Grave par Mademoiselle . . . 
oblong folio. The series consist of 8 plates with descrip- 
tive letterpress of the persons figuring at the ceremony, 
and were privately printed at the beginning of last 
century ; very rare, particularly the last plate, which is 
more of a caricature (£8 to £10). 

The first 7 plates were soon afterwards reprinted, but with the 
position of the figures reversed, besides that the paper is bluish and 
the impressions are weak. 

Freemasonry. Plan de la Loge des Maps pour la Reception des 
Femmes, Eeception des Maltres, Reception des Compagnos, 
Reception des Apprentifs, Repas des Francs-Magons . . . 
oblong folio, 5 plates with letterpress containing the names 
of those figuring at the ceremonies ; privately printed 17 — 
(£3 to £4). 

Freemasonry. Les Free-Massons . . . fol. portrait of Sir R. 
Steele and 129 emblems (12s. to 15s.). 

Freemasonry. L'Ordre des Francs-Magons trahi, et le secret 
des Mopses revele. Amsterdam, 1745, 8vo., plates (5s.- 
to 6s.). 

Freemasonry. Chansons de la tres- venerable Confrerie des 
Francs-Magons prdcedees de quelques pieces de Poesies. 
S.l. aut a., 8vo., with music (5s. to 6s.). 

Freemasonry. Free-Masson's Magazine. . . . London, 1793- 
1803, 11 vols., 8vo., portraits and plates (50s. to 60s.). 

Freemasonry. The Constitution of the Freemasons, containing 
the History, Charges, Regulations, etc., of that most 
Ancient and Right Worshipful Fraternity, for the Use of 
the Lodges. London, in the year of Masonry 5723 (1723)„ 
4to., frontispiece and music plates (£4 to £5). 

Freemasonry. Constitution of the Ancient Fraternity of free- 
and accepted Masons, by Jas. Anderson. . . . London, 
1784, 4to., frontispiece (40s. to 50s.). 

Freemasonry. Apologie pour I'Ordre des Francs-Magons par 
Mr. N * * *, membre de I'Ordre, avec deux Chansons . . . 
A, la Haye, 1785, post 8vo., frontispiece unsigned and 
music (8 s. to 10s.). 

Freemasonry. La Magonnerie Ecossoise comparde avec les 
trois professions et le secret des Templiers du 14' Sifecle. 


Orient de Londres, 1788, 2 parts in 1 vol., 8 vo., frontispiece 
(lOs. to 12s.). 

Part 2 has the following title : " Memete des Quatre Voeux de la 

Compagnie de S. Ignace et des Quatre Grades de la Ma^onnerie de 

S. Jean." 

Frere Bonaventure et la belle Angelique, marchande de 
poissons, poeme tragi-comique en 8 chants. Paris, 1793, 
8vo., 1 pretty plate by Blanchard(5s.). 

Freron et Colbert, due d'Estouteville. Adonis, po^me en prose. 
Londres et Paris, chez Musier, 1775, 8vo., frontispiece, 1 
plate, 1 vignette and 1 tailpiece by Ponce after Eisen. 
(25s., and considerably more than treble with the unlettered 
title and the pretty headpiece of " Adonis au bain " in 
artist's proof without text, which is extremely rare). 

Freudeberg et Moreau. Suite d'Estampes pour servir a 
I'Histoire des Moeurs et du Costume des Fraingois dans le 
XVIIP siecle. Annee 1775 (fleuron). A Paris, de 
I'imprimerie de Prault, imprimeur du Roy, 1775, fol. 

There, are copies bearing another very rare title, which was disused 
owing to the business, changing hands; it runs as follows : "Estampes 
(Suite d') pour s6rvir a I'Histoire des Moeurs et du Costume des 
Eran^ois dans le XVIIP siecle, annee 1774. A Paris, de rimprimerie 
de J. Barbou, 1774." Consists of 12 plates after Freudeberg, title, 
2 leaves for the preliminary Discours and 1 2 leaves for the explanation 
of the subjects, viz. : (1) Le Lever, A. Romanet, sculp., 1774; (2) Le 
Bain, A. Romanet, sculp., 1774; (3) La Toilette, Voyez L'Aine, sculp., 
1774; (4) L'Occupation, Lingee, sculp.; (5) La Visite inattendue, 
Voyez L'Aine, sculp., 1774; (6) La Promenade du Matin, Lingee, 
sculp., 1774 ; (7) La Promenade du Soir, Ingouf, junior, sculp., 1774 ; 
(8) Le Boudoir, P. Maleuvre, sculp., 1774 ; (9) Les Confidences, Lingee, 
sculp., 1774; (10) La Soiree d'Hyver, Ingouf, junior, sculp., 1774; 
(11) L'Evenement au bal, grave a I'eau-forte par Duclos, termine au 
burin par Ingouf, junior; (12) Le Coucher, gravee a I'eau-forte par 
Duclos, termine au laurin par Bosse. 

The last leaf of text concludes with the following lines : " Lu et approuve 
ce 15 decembre 1774, Crebillon." " Vu I'approbation, permis d'imprimer 
ce 17 decembre 1774, Lenoir." The plates bear on the left side the 
following inscription : "J. H. E. inv. Freudeberg delineavit," which 
initials clearly designate Jean Henri Eberts, the Swiss banker, who was 
the friend and patron of Freudeberg, and who is alluded to in the 
preliminary Discours as " amateur des arts qui a preside au choix des 
styles et des compositions." Why Moreau le jeune was entrusted with 
the execution of the second and third series remains a mysteiy, the 
more so as Freudeberg has acquitted himself admirably, and Le Lever, 
La Visite, Le Boudoir, La Promenade du Matin, Le Coucher may be 
regarded as the most charming of his productions. 

[Freudeberg et] Moreau. Seconde Suite d'Estampes pour servir 
a I'histoire des modes et du Costume en France, , dans le 


XVIIP siecle. Anne'e 1776 (fleuron). A Paris, de I'impri- 
merie de Prault, imprimeur du Eoy, 1777. Avec approbation 
et privilege du Roy, fol. 

Consists of 1 2 plates after Moreau le jeune, title, 2 leaves for preliminary 
Discours, the approbation signed Cochin, the privilege dated April 23, 
1777, and 12 leaves for the explanation of the subjects, as follows : 
(1) Declaration de la grossesse, P. A. Martini, sculp., 1776 ; (2) Les 
Precautions, P. A. Martini, sculp., 1777; (3) J'en accept I'heureux 
presage. Ph. Triere, sculp., 1778 ; (4) N'ayez pas peur, ma bonne amie, 
Helman, sculp., 1776 ; (5) C'est un fils, monsieur ! C. Baquoy, sculp., 
1776 ; (6) Les petits Parrains, 0. Baquoy inc. aqua f. Patas terminavit, 
1777 ; (7) Les Delices de la Maternite Helman, sculp , 1777 ; (8) 
L' Accord parfait, Helman, sculp., 1777; (9) Les Rendez-vous pour 
Marly, Carl Guttenburg, sc. ; (10) Les Adieux, grave par Delaunay le 
jeune, en 1777 ; (11) Le Rencontre au bois de Boulogue, Henri Gutten- 
berg, sc. ; (12) La Dame du Palais de la Reine, P. A. Martini, sculp., 

[Freudeberg et] Moreau. Troisifeme Suite d'Estampes'pour servir 
a I'histoire des Modes et du Costume en France, dans le 
XVIIP siMe. Anne'e 1783 (fleuron). A Paris, de I'impri- 
merie de Prault, imprimeur du Roy, quai des Augustins, 
1783, fol. , Avec approbation ^et privilege du Roy. (Le 
privilege valable pour six anndes, se trouve dans la suite 
precedente parue en 1777.) 

Consists of 12 plates after Moreau le jeune, title and 2 leaves for the 
explanation of the subjects of the compositions (rarissime, as the text 
being in existence was for a length of time hotly disputed), which 
are as follows: (1) Le Lever, L. Halbou, sculp.; (2) La , Petite- 
Toilette, P. A. Martini, sculp. ; (3) La Grande Toilette, A. Romanet, 
sculp. ; (4) La Course de Chevaux, H. Guttenberg, sculp. ; (5) Le 
Pari gagne, Camligue fee; ; (6) La Parti de Wisch, J. Dambrun, 
sculp. ; (7) Oui ou Non, N. Thomas, sculp., 1781 ; (8) La Petite loge,. 
Patas, sculp. ; (9) La Sortie de L'Opora Malebeste, sculp. ; (10) Le- 
Souper fin, grave par Helman, 1781 ; (11) Le Seigneur chez sonfermier, 
J. L. Delignon, sculp. ; (12) Le Vrai Bonheur, J. B. Simonet, sculp., 
1782. The text, while describing the figures and surroundings, also- 
explains the object the artist had in view. Mareau le jeune, not less 
than his predecessor, accomplished the task before him with signal ability. 
All these compositions are replete with grace and elegance, so that after 
"le Vrai Bonheur" he might well rest on his laurels and exclaim, 
" Artem cestumque repono." Of the first series, even isolated etchings 
or unlettered proofs, with or without borders, are very rare, and the 
plates with letters and tablets in white, which in reality constitute the 
first finished state, are with difiiculty procurable. In the second state, 
the tablet is darkened ; in the third and last state each plate has the 
number, and the impressions begin to exhibit traces of wear. "We may 
add that all the engravings bear the inscription, " A Paris, chez Buldet, 
rue de Gesvres." As regards Moreau's 24 plates of the second and 
third series (all without borders), they have most assuredly gone through 
the process of etching and other preliminary stages, but appear to 
have gone astray. Lucky would be the amateur who could lay hands 


on them. Connoisseurs have to be contented with the proofs bearing 
the title and the letters A. P. D. R. (avec privilege du roi). Afterwards 
this latest indication was suppressed, and the plates in the last stage were 
employed for the " Monument du Costume Physique et Moral " emanating 
from the indefatigable pen of Retif de la Bretonne. The work complete 
in text and plates has not as yet been tested as to value at auction, but 
3 or 4 copies were " a I'amiable " (privately) disposed of by MM. Clement 
and Morgand. The price of the book is fixed at from 8000 to 10,000 frs., 
though everything depends on the beauty and preservation of the copy. 
Whenever the three series occur separately they reach very high figures. 
M. Behague's copy of the first series with the tablets in white sold for 
6520 frs., and the 2nd and 3rd series before letters (minus the title of 
1783, as well as without the page of text for, and the unlettered proof 
of the plate "le Vrai Bonheur") were run up to 17,100 frs., in spite of 
the fact that the volume had a very short margin, and was very much 
' cut into, M. Eugene Paillet's large copy of the three series with the 
plates in two states, viz. Preudeberg's series with the tablets in white 
-and in black, and both Moreau's series before letters and with letters 
A. P. D. R., is priced by M. Morgand in his catalogue of this gentleman's 
library, 40,000 frs. In point of artistic execution it is indisputably the 
most significant book of the 18th century. The text is attributed to 
^etif de la Bretonne. Gosford copy of the first and second series in 
1 vol., old russia (second title mounted), 2100 frs. (1882) ; M. Delessert's 
■copy of the third series was sold in 1895 for 4000 frs. The text of the 
first and second series is bordered ; the numbering on the plates of 
the latter is 13 to 24 inclusive. 

Frezier. Eelation du Voyage de la mer du Sud, aux eStes du 
CHly et du Perou, fait pendant les annees 1712, 1713 et 
1714. Paris, chez Nyon, 1732, 4to., plates and maps (10s.). 

Frezier. Traite de's Feux d'artifice pour le Spectacle. 1707, 
engraved title by and after Frezier, 3 vignettes, and 8 
numbered plates (8s.). 

Frezier. Traite des Feux d'artifice pour le Spectacle (par 
Perrinet d'CEval), nouvelle edition augmentee par Frezier. 
Paris, Nyon, 1747, 4to., frontispiece, 3 pretty headpieces 
after Cochin by Chedel and Soubeyran, 4 plates by Marvye 
after Cochin, and 13 technical plates (15s. to 20s., and 
more on large paper). 

Frickinger (J. M.). Weber-Bild-Buch. Neustadt, 1783, 
oblong foL, upwards of 200 designs for Weavers (30s. to 

Fromaget. Le Cousin de Mahomet. Constantinople. (Paris), 
s.d. (1750), 2 vols., 16mo., 6 plates after Clavareau by 
Fessard, engraved title (the same for each vol.) and 2 small 
headpieces (5s.). 

Fromageot (L'Abbe). Annals du rfegne de Marie-Therese, 
imperatrice douairiere, reine de Hongrie et de Boheme, 


Archiduchesse d'Autriche, etc. Paris, Prault, 1775, 8vo., 
portrait of Marie-Therfese by Cathelin after Ducreux, 
2 medallion portraits heading the dedication after Moreau 
by Gaucher, and 4 plates after Moreau by Duclos, de 
Launay, Provost, and Simonet (105., and on large paper, 
4to., £3 to £4). 

The illustrations are counted among the masterpieces of the artist, 
particularly the two medallion portraits representing Joseph II. and 
Marie-Antoinette, both of which exist in artists' proofs without text. 
The exquisite portrait of Marie- Antoinette in that state sold singly for 
500 frs. The plates without the page-numbering are seldom to be met 
with, and command a fancy price. L. de Tinan's copy in 4to. size, in 
red morocco, with the arms of the Comtesse d'Artois, reached the high 
figure of 1600 frs. The Paillet copy, on large paper, having Moreau's 
plates in two states with and before the numbers, and the two portraits 
of Joseph II. and Marie-Antoinette in artists' proof, without text (the 
latter in an exceptional state, with the artists' signatures " a la pointe "), 
together with the etching of the plate,- "la Uienfaisance de Marie- 
Antoinette," and bound in a sumptuous binding double by Cuzin, is 
marked by Moregand 4000 frs. Reprinted 1777 (with a new title, 
"Anecdotes de la Bienfaisance," chez Nyon and Laporte), and in 1781 
and 1782. 

Frossard. La Cause des Esclaves nfegres et des habitants de la 
Guinee, portee au tribunal de la Justice, de la Politique, de 
la Religion, ou Histoire de la traite et de I'esclavage des 
Negres, etc. Lyon, 1789, 2 vols., Bvo., frontispiece by 
Boily after Eouvier (10s.). 

Fumelh ou le Triomphe des moeurs et des vertus. Bruxelles, 
H. Dujardin et Paris, Defer, de Maisonneuve, 1788, 12mo., 

1 plate after Marillier (5 s.). 

The copy having Marillier's original drawing " a I'encre de chine " was 
sold by M. Rouquette of Paris for 300 frs. 

Fureurs uterines de Marie-Antoinette, femme de Louis XVI. 
Au Manfege et dans tons les b. . . de Paris, 1791, 16mo., 

2 coloured plates, not signed (40s. to 50s.). 

An infamous libel. 

Fuzelier. Momus fabuliste, ou les Noces de Vulcain, comedie 
en un acte, en prose et en vers libres (avec collaboration de 
Legrand). Paris, P. Simon, 1719, et La Haye, 1720, 8vo., 
a pretty frontispiece signed : J. B. Bonnart, sc. (4s.). 

A.CON. Anti-Eousseau, par le pofete sans fard. 
Rotterdam, 1712, 12mo., fine frontispiece, and 
fleuron on title by Van Gouwen after B. Picart, 
and a large folding plate (4s.). 

Gacon. Homere venge, ou Reponse a M. de la Motte sur 
riliade. Paris, 17J.5, 12mo., allegorical frontispiece by 
Desrochers (3s.). 

Gacon. Le Poete sans fard . . . Cologne, chez Corneille 
Egmont, 1717, 12mo., pretty frontispiece, not signed (3s.). 

Gage toucbe (Le), histoires galantes et comiques, ornees de 
figures en taille-douce. Paris, 1718, 2 parts, 12mo., 8 
plates (7 in first part and 1 in the second), not signed (3s.). 
Attributed to Le Noble. 

Galanterie frangaise (La) (vers, chansons, etc.). Paris, Royer, 
s.d., Bvo., pretty frontispiece, designed and engraved by 
Mme. Cro. . . . (3s.). 

Galanteries de la Cour de France (Les) depuis le commence- 
ment de la monarchie. Paris, Moette, 1738, 2 vols., 12mo., 
2 frontispieces signed B. Picart, and 5 plates after B. 
Picart not signed {7s.). 
Attributed to Vanel. 

Galanteries de la Cour de France (Les) depuis le commence- 
ment de la monarchie. Cologne, chez Pierre Marteau, 
s.d. (circa 1750), 3 pretty titles, frontispiece and 5 
plates after B. Picart, from the previous edition, not signed 

Galerie du Luxembourg. See Rubens. 

Galerie -foyale de Dresde (Recueil d'Estampes d'apres les plus 
celfebres tableaux de la), 100 planches avec une description 
de chaque tableau en frangais et en italien. Imprime a 


Dresde, 1753-57, 3 vols., imp. atlas folio, containing 2 
vignettes on titles by Le Mire after Eisen, 2 vignettes un- 
signed, heading the " avertissement," plan and view of the 
Dresden gallery, the portraits of Auguste III., King of 
Poland, Elector of Saxony, by Balechou after H. Eigaud, 
and of Marie- Joseph of Poland, Electress of Saxony, by 
DauU^ after Louis de Sylvestre (very rare before letters), 
and 100 plates after Andrea del Sarto, Albane, Jean Bellin, 
Biscaino, Berghem, Basan, Caravage, Castiglione, Cantarini, 
Canale, Calabrese, Cignani, Corrfege, A. Carrache, C. Dolci, 
Dosso, Dom, Feti, Francia, L. Giordano, Guerchin, Guido 
Reni, Holbein, Langetti, Lanfranc, Leonard de Vinci, C. 
Maratte, Nicolo dell' Abbate, Parmesan, Pagani, Proccacini, 
Rembrand±, Eibera, Eicci, J. Eomain, Rubens, Salviati, 
Scarcellino, Solimfene, Tiarini, Tintoret, Titien, Turco, 
Vaccaro, Van Dyck, Vanni, Veronese, by Aubert, Aliamet, 
Aveline, Basan, Beauvais, Beauvarlet, Boece, Camerata, 
Campana, Canale, Chenu, Daulle, C. Duflos, Dupuis, 
Fessard, Flipart, Folkdma, Fokke, Honbraken, Jacob 
Jardinier, Keil, Kilian, Le Mire, L. Lempereur, P. E. 
Moitte, Pitteri, Punt, Preisler, Pol, Radigues, Ridinger, 
Surugues, Surugues fils, Tanje, J. Tardieu, Teucher, Wagner, 
Wust, Zucchi (£6 to £8). 

We owe this fine collection to Ch. H. de Heinecken, who is the author 
of the text, and was aided by his sovereign and the Comte de Bruhl. 
The very first impression of the Elector's portrait, without the date 
1750 placed above the engraver's name, and before the title of " cheva- 
lier de I'ordre de Saint-Michael " appeared beneath the painter's name, 
is very rare ; it exists likewise in proof before letters, but is almost un- 
obtainable. The plates were chiefly executed from designs by P. Hutin ; 
a few unlettered proofs exist, but are of the utmost rarity. 

Galerie des Peintres flamands, hoUandais et allemands. . . , 
Avec un Texte explicatif par M. Lebrun, Peintre. Paris, 
chez I'auteur et chez Poignant ; Amsterdam, Fouquet, 
1792-96, 3 vols., sm. fob, 201 plates (vol. 1, frontispiece 
and 86 plates; vol. 2, frontispiece and 96 plates; and 
vol. 3, frontispiece and 16 plates), after the pictures of 
Asselyn, Van Asch, Bega, Both, Berghem, Breughel, 
Brackenburg, Van Bergen, Breckelenkamp, Bloemart, Bril, 
S. de Bray, Berkeyden, Breughel de Velours, Breemberg, 
Buys, Cuyp, Backuysen, Crayer, Decker, Dietrich, G. Dow, 
Dusart, P. de Champagne, Elzheimer, Van den Eckout, 
Eglon Van der Neer, Gerard de Lairesse, Flinck, Hakkert, 
Huysmans, Hoogstraten, De La Haye, Jordaens, Kaeff, 


Karel du Jardin, Koning, Hals, Franck, Holbein, Van 
Goyen, Le Due, Limborch, Van Laer, Gr. Van Loo, Lingel- 
bach, Metzu, Van der Meulen, Mieris, Hobbema, Louther- 
bourg, K. de Nior, F. Milet, P. Neefs, Maes, Van Mol, 
Netscher, Pcelemburg, Porbus, Van der Meer, Potter, Van 
der Poel, Maucheron, Morelse, Eubens, Rottenhamer, Roos, 
Rembrandt, Steen, Ruydael, Pynacker, Ostade, Saftleven, 
Slingelandt, Snyders, Schalken, Sorgli, Storck, Steinwyck, 
Teniers, Van Tol, Terburg, Steen, Van der "Werf, Wouver- 
mans, Wynants, Vernet, Van Dyck, Wenix, Van der Ulft, 
E. de Witt, Verschuring, Segbers, etc., by Blot, Bretin, 
Bruneseau, Coucbe, Ch^itelain, ~ Colinet, David, Duncker, 
Duflos, Dambrun, Dequevauvillier, Degendt, Garreau, 
Godefroy, Guerin, Gaucber, H. Guttenberg, Hemery, 
Hubert, Levillain, Lebas, Legrand, Letellier, De Longueil, 
Linge, Macret, Masquelier, Martini, Maillet, Pierron, Moitte, 
Queverdo, Romanet, Retor, Spline, Simonet, Stagnon, 
Sallieth, Schultze, Thomas, Trifere, Texier, Viel, Vinkeles, 
Zentner, etc. (£8 to £10, and much more with unlettered 

It is in the style of the " Galerie du due de Choiseul." The fine 
copies have the arms but not the titles of the pictures. Le Brun, 
husband of Mile. Vigee, was more important as a picture-dealer than 
a painter, and the canvases which passed through his hands and 
ornamented his gallery, he had engraved. A copy in the TJrria sale 
(1885) brought 755 frs. ; another copy was sold in a Paris sale in 1894 
for 212 frs. 

Galerie des Modes et des Costumes frangois, ouvrage commence 
en 1778, dessines d'aprfes nature par Desrais, Leclerc, 
Martin, Simonet, Saint-Aubin et Watteau de Lille, et 
graves par Bacquoy, Dupin, Leroy, Lebeau, Patas, Pelicier, 
Voysard. A Paris, chez les sieurs Esnauts et Rapilly 
(1778), 3 vols., foL, 324 plates, very rare and important for 
the costumes of the period of Louis XVI. The plates are 
dated 1781-6. 

M. Behague's copy, having engraved frontispiece and plates numbered 

1 to 408 (8 plates missing), with additional drawings, etchings, portraits, 
and other plates, fetched 6900 frs. The Delbergue-Cgrmont copy in 

2 vols., fol., containing frontispiece and a 'rignette, the introduction, 
the advertisement, the text of explanations, 192 plates coloured by Mme. 
Lebeau, representing 144 headgears and 156 costumes, realized 5800 
frs. ; M. Ed. Guillaume's copy, containing 90 pieces, 35 of them repre- 
senting headgears (4 on a leaf) and 55 costumes of Louis XVI. period, 
400 frs. (1895). 

Galerie electorale de Dusseldorff, ou Catalogue raisonne et 
figure de ses tableaux, etc., par une suite de 30 planches, 


contenant 365 petites estampes, gravies d'apres ces m^mes 
tableaux par Chretien de Mechel (text par M. de Pigage). 
Basle, CL de Mechel, 1778, 2 vols., 4to. oblong (25.s. to 

Frontispiece after N. Guiba] by B. Htibner, 8 fleurons on titles, 1 
signed : Lamine, and 6 after Guibal, 2 plans and 365 figures on 27 plates, 
all engraved by or under the direction oi Chretien de Mechel. First 
issue, and the collection is the more interesting as the gallery has 
been destroyed by fire. 

Galerie des tableaux (La) ou Contes nouveaux par un descen- 
dant de Jean Boccace, pour servir a I'education du beau 
sexe. A Tempe (Paris), 1780, 8vo., engraved title and 
9 pretty plates after Martinet (title and 2 plates are not 
signed) (lO.s.). 

Galerie Dramatique, ou acteurs et actrices celfebres qui se sont 
illustres sur les trois grands Theatres de Paris, orn^e de 
60 portraits. Paris, veuve Hocquard, 1809, 2 vols., 12mo., 
60 coloured portraits (£2 to £3). 

Galerie de Florence, Tableaux, Statues, Bas-Reliefs et Camees 
de la galerie de Florence et du palais Pitti, dessines par 
Wicar, peintre, et graves sous la direction de C. L. Masque- 
lier, aveq les explications par Mongez. A Paris, chez 
Lacombe, 1789-1821, 4 vols., roy. fol. Originally pub- 
lished in 50 parts of 4 plates each (published at 18 frs. and 
double large paper), together 200 plates (£3 to £4). 

A few copies exist on superfine paper (papier superfin d'Annonay) 
with the plates in unlettered proofs. M. Em. Martin's copy in such a 
state, having besides 500 plates added, was sold for 1400 frs. 

Galerie lyrique des spectacles. Paris, chez Janet, s.d., 16mo., 
engraved title and 6 plates, not signed (10s.). 

Galimard fils (P. J.). Architecture de Jardins, dediee a 
Monsieur Joly de Fleury, par G. . . . fils. A Paris, chez 
Mondhare, s.d. (circa 1765), fol., engraved title by Binet 
after Marillier, and 68 plates after Galimard by Berthault, 
Thenard, and Moreau le jeune (£8 to £10). 

Galland. Les Mille et une Nuits, contes arabes, traduit en 
frangais par M. Galland, 6" edition revue et corrig^e. La. 
Haye, P. Hurson, 1729, 12 vols., 16mo., 6 frontispieces 
(twice repeated) (15s.). 

The Leide edition of 1768 is of little value. 

Gallery of Fashion (edited by N. Heideloff). London, pub- 
lished for Subscribers, 1794-1803, 10 vols., 4to., 240 
coloured plates of costumes ; very scarce (£25 to £30). 


This periodical came out in monthly parts containing 2 coloured 
plates each, and the publication price was £3 3s. per volume. 

Gallery. Houghton Gallery. A Set of Prints engraved after 
the most capital Paintings in the Collection of her 
Imperial Majesty the Empress of Eussia, lately in the 
possession of the Earl of Orford, at Houghton in Norfolk, 
with Plans, Elevations, Sections, Chimney-Pieces, and 
Ceilings. London, John and Josiah Boydell, 1788, 2 vols., 
Atlas fol., mezzotint portraits of Catherine H. by Caroline 
Watson after Eosslin, and of Sir Robert Walpole by James 
Watson after Wanlo, vignette on titles by Bartolozzi after 
Cipriani, vignette heading the Dedication : P. P. Choifard 
inv' and sculp', 5 pages of text in each volume, comprising 
List of Prints in English and French, 28 Plans, Elevations, 
Perspective Views, Chimney-Pieces, Ceilings, etc., by 
Fourdrinier after Ripley, Kent, and Ware (on 19 leaves), 
and 129 mezzotint portraits and plates (on 107 leaves, viz., 
vol. 1 with 60 plates on 51 11., and vol. 2 with 69 plates on 
56 11.) after Rembrandt, Van Dyck, Leonardo da Vinci, 
Rubens, Velasco, Titian, Huysom, A. v. Welf, Poussin, 
Temiers, Kneller, P. Lilly, Wotton, Claude le Lorrain, and 
others, by Aliamet, Bartolozzi, Earlom, Boydell, Gunst, C. 
West, Spilsbury, etc. (£18 to £20, and considerably more 
with proofs and etchings). 

Gamache (De). Systeme du philosophe chretien par M. de 
G . . . chanoine regulier. Paris, Jombert, 1746, 8vo., a 
pretty vignette by Cochin (35.). 

Gambado (G.). Academy for Grown Horsemen, . . . London, 
1787, 4to., portrait-frontispiece and 11 tinted plates after 
Bunbury (15*. to 20.^.). 

Gambado. Annals of Horsemanship. . . . London, 1791, 4to., 
frontispiece, " Apothesis of Geoffrey Gambado," and 16 
plates in tints after Bunbury (20s.). 

V The authorship of both works is attributed to Captain Grose. 

Garcilasso de la Vega. Histoire des Yncas, roi du Perou, 
traduite de I'espagnol (par Baudoin). Histoire de la 
conquete de la Floride (traduite par P. Richelet). Amsterdam, 
J.-F. Bernard, 1737, 2 vols;, 4to., frontispiece and plates 
after B. Picart (15s., and more on large paper). 

Gargon et fille hermaphrodites, vus et dessines d'apres nature 
par un des plus celfebras artistes et graves avec tout le soin 

Houghton frALLEKY (No. 2) 

[Page 204 



possible pour I'utilite des studieux. A Paris, s.d. (about 
1773), 8vo., title signed Beauble script, engraved text and 
2 plates, not signed, but recall the style of Moreau Ic 
jeune, after whom they have probably been engraved by Le 
Mire or de Gendt or Saint- Aubin (20s., and considerably 
more in the state of artist's proofs before the anatomical 
indications, and before the altered pagination). 

The name of the male hermaphrodite was Louis Hainault, and that of 
the female Marie Ange. 

Garnier (Althanase). Zephirine, ou I'Epoux libertin, anecdote 
volee par I'auteur d' Adelaide. Amsterdam ou Paris, 1771, 
post 8vo., 3 plates by Fessard after Huet (10s.). The 
Bdhague copy in red morocco with dentelle, 100 frs. 

Garnier (lAbbe). Figures de I'Histoire de France, 1778, roy. 
4to., frontispiece and 143 plates after Lepici^, Monnet and 
Moreau le jeune, engraved under the direction of Le Bas. 
First attempt at illustrating the History of France. After 
Le Bas' death, Moreau bought back the plates and substi- 
tuted his own plates for those of Lepicie and Monnet 
(12s. to 155.). 

The 50 drawings of the latter two artists brought in the Renouard 
sale, 61 frs. E. Martin's copy in old red morocco was sold under the 
hammer for 125 frs. (See Moreau le jeune.) 

Garsault (F. A. de). Le nouveau parfait Marechal, enrichi de 
50 figures en taille-douce et un portrait par Tardieu, 3™^ 
edition, Paris, 1755, 4to. (10s.). 

Garsault. Traite des Voitures pour servir de supplement au 
nouveau parfait marechal, avec la construction d'une berline 
nouvellement nommee I'lnversable. Paris, 1756, 4to., 
18 plates (20s. to 25s.). 

Garsault. Le Guide du Cavalier; augments du Nouveau 
parfait Marechal. Paris, 1770, 12mo., 7 pretty plates 
designed and engraved by Eansonnette (10s.). 

Gautier-Dagoty. Galerie Universelle contenant les portraits 
des personnes celfebres de tous pays, actuellement vivantes, 
graves en couleur par MM. Gautier-Dagoty pfere et fils aine 
avec des notices historiques, etc. Paris, 1772, sm. foL, 
8 portraits. This is one of the first attempts to print in 
colours, but unhappily the series was discontinued ; rare 
(30s.). ' 


The figures represent Frederic II., Louis XV., Voltaire, Charles- 
Emmanuel de Savoie, Marie-Therese d'Autriche, le Due de la Vrilli&re 
d'Alembert, de Maupeou. 

Gautier de Sibert. Histoire des Ordres royaux, hospitallers et 
militaires de Notre-Dame de Mont-Carmel et de Saint-Lazare 
de Jerusalem. Paris, Imprimerie royale, 1772, 4to., fine 
frontispiece by de Ghendt after Eisen, fleuron on title by 
Patas after de Seve, portrait of the comte de Provence by 
Voysard after Michel Vanloo, 4 pretty vignettes after Eisen 
by Delauuay, Massard and de Longueil, 2 plates and 4 tail- 
pieces by Baquoy after Eisen (105., and more in morocco). 

The dauphin's portrait is in one of the vignettes. 

Gautier de Sibert. Catalogue des Chevaliers, Commandeurs et 
Officiers de I'Ordre du Saint-Esprit, avec leurs noms et 
qualit^s, depuis, I'institution jusqu'a present. Paris, de 
I'imprimerie de Ballard, 1760, foL, fine frontispiece after 
Boucher by L. Cars, fleuron by the same after Gravelot, 

15 vignettes and about 50 tailpieces by L. Cars after 
Gravelot (£2, and more in morocco). 

Gay (J.). Fables by the late Mr. Gay. London, Tonson, 
1727-38, 2 vols., 4to., vol. 1, fleuron on title and 51 
vignettes in the text heading each fable, by Van Gucht after 
Kent and Wootton ; vol. 2, frontispiece, fleuron on title and 

16 plates by Scotin after Gravelot (£15 to £18). First 
edition containing one of the earliest works executed by 
Gravelot during his sojourn in England. The 8vo. edition 
with the same date (lOs.). 

Gay (J.). Fables . . . Newcastle, 1779, post 8vo., woodcuts 
by T. Bewick (including the one for which he received the 
Society's Medal) (12s. to 15s.). 

Gay (J.). Fables . . . 1792, post 8vo., woodcuts by John 
Bewick (5*. to 7s.). 

Gay (J.). Fables, with Life of the Author, " Stockdale edition " 
1793, 2 vols., roy. 8vo., 70 plates by Blake and others. 
The first issue has the "s" long, in the second it was 
modernized (25s. to 30s. and 10s. to 15s. respectively). 

Gebelin (Ant. Court de) (Le Monde primitif). Allegories 
Orientales, ou Le Fragment de SanchOniaton qui contient 
I'Histoire de Saturne, suivie de celles de Mercure et d'Hercule 
et de douze travaux avec leur explication, pour servir a 
I'intelligence du Genie symbolique de I'Antiquit^. A Paris, 


1773-82, 9 vols., 4to., 4 frontispieces by Romanet (3) 
after Marillier (2) and Bornett (l), and 1 not signed, 
8 vignettes by Simonet (4), Romanet (1), and Marie RioUet 
(1), after Marillier (5), Bovinet (l), and 2 not signed, and 
numerous plates (30s. to 40s.) ; vol. 9 is rare. 

Genlis (Mme. la marquise de). Tlie&,tre de Soci^te. Paris, 
Lambert, 1785, 2 vols., 12mo., 8 plates, not signed (3s.). 

The fine portrait of the authoress writing at her desk by Copia after 
Myris is generally added. 

Gent(T.). History of the Loyal Town of Rippon. York, 1733, 
8vo., plan and woodcuts (20s. to 25s.). 

Gent (T.). Annales Regioduni Hullini, or, the History of the 
Town of Kingston-upon-HuU. York, 1735, 8vo., plates 
(20s. to 25s.). 

Gent (T.). History of the great Eastern Window in St. Peter's 
Cathedral, York. York, 1762, 8vo., plates (20.9.). 

George (J. Gottl.). Description de toutes les nations de 
I'empire de Russie, ou Ton expose leurs mceurs, religions, 
usages, habitations et habillements et autres particularites 
remarkables, traduite de I'allemand. St. Petersbourg, aux 
dep6ns de Charles Guillaume Mulicr, 1776-77, 3 vols., 4to., 
95 plates, not signed, 3 head and 3 tailpieces signed C. M. 
Roth. Copies with the plates coloured are preferable ; they 
faithfully render the costumes of the land {£3 to £4). 
The Qgrman edition was published the same year, 4 parts, 4to. 

Gerard (Abbe). Le Comte de Valmont, ou les Egarements 
de la Raison, lettres recueillies et publiees par M . . . Paris, 
Moutard, 1774, 3 vols., l2mo., 10 plates (including frontis- 
piece) by Le Villain after Liot, and an escutcheon by the 
same artists heading the dedication {6s.). 

Gerard (Abbe). Le Comte de Valmont . . . Paris, Moutard, 
1779, 5 vols., 8vo., 14 plates dated 1775 after Monnet by 
Fessard, Maillet, Triere and Le Grand (8s.). 

Gerard (Abbe). Le Comte de Valmont. Paris, Bossange, 
1807, 6 vols., 8vo., 4 vols., 12mo., 12 plates by Legrand 
after Monnet (5s.). 

Gerard (Abbe). Le Comte de Valmont . . . Paris, Bossange, 1807, 
6 vols., 8vo., 6 plates after Moreau by Delvaux, de Ghendt, 
Hulk and Trifere (6s., treble with unlettered proofs, and 
half the reduced edition in 12mo.). 


Moreau's original drawings in sepia, sold for 170 frs., in the sale 
of the Comte de La Bedoyere, now form part of the Collection of 
L. Eoederer. 

Gerard de Lairesse. Le Grand Livre des Paintres ou I'Art de 
la Peinture, considere dans toutes ses parties et demontre 
par principes, traduit du hollandais par Jansen. Paris, 
a I'hStel de Thou, 1787, 2 vols., 4to., 35 plates signed : 
Benard direxit (25s., and more on large paper). 

Germain (Pierre, dit le Remain). Elements d'Orfevrerie divises 
en deux parties de chacune cinquante feuilles, composes 
par Pierre Germain, marchand orfevre joaillier a Paris, 
Prix, 24 livres. A Paris chez I'auteur, place du Carrousel, 
1748, 2 parts in 1 vol., 4to., title, 4 prel. 11. title for part 2, 
and 100 plates after Germain (save 7 signed J. Eoettiers) 
by J. J. Pasquier (except 2 signed by Baquoy) (£18 to £20). 

This precious collection comprises the finest patterns of Parisian silver 
plate of the Louis XV. period. The first issue has the autograph signature 
of Germain on titles. M. R. Lion's copy in red morocco double by Cuzin, 
1190 frs. ; Comte de la Beraudiere's copy in calf, 675 frs. M. DelzoUies' 
copy in morocco by Chambolle with Germain's signature on titles, 450 
frs. (Paris sale, 1894). M. F. Chereau bought up the plates and published 
an edition with his name and address (rue St. Jacques aux 2 Piliers d'or) 
added on the title, and the first part consisting of 8 sheets numbered 
and classified A-H, containing 6, 7, 6, 6, 7, 6, 6, and 6 plates respectively. 
The first plate of each sheet bears the address, " A Paris chez V. Fr. 
Chereau, rue St. Jacques." M. Hip. Destailleur's copy of the first issue 
with an extra allegorical piece engraved by G. Germain, 1766, and an 
original drawing by P. Germain inserted, 650 frs. (1895). 

Germain (Pierre). Livre d'Ornemens, composes par Pre. 
Germain, m''' orfevre-joaillier, a Paris, 1751. A Paris, 
chfes I'auteur, place du Carrousel, a I'orffevrerie du Eoy. 
oblong fol. 10 plates, including title, by Pasquier after 
P. Germain (£7 to £8). 

Gersaint. Catalogue raisonne des curiosites du cabinet de M. 

Quentin de Lorangere. Paris, 1744, 8vo., frontispiece by 

Cochin pfere after Cochin fils (4s.). 

This frontispiece has since been used for the " Catalogue des Estampes 
de M. de Fonspertius," and after Gersaint's death for his own Catalogue, 

Gervaise de la Touche. Histoire de dom B . . . . portier des 
Chartreux, ecrite par lui-meme. A Francfort, chez J. J. 
Trotener, imprimeur-libraire, aux Cigognes, 1748, 2 parts 
in 1 vol., Bvo., frontispiece and 19 plates falsely attributed 
to Caylus (£5). 

A previous edition appeared : a Rome, chez Philotanus, 1745, 12mo.) 
with 28 plates. Comte de Lignerolles' copy of the 1748 edition in a 
binding by Derome, 410 frs. (Paris sale, 1894). 


Gervaise de la Touche. Histoire de Gouberdom, portier des 
Chartreux, edition revue, corrigee et augmentee sous les 
yeux du Saint-Pfere, 2. parts in 1 vol., 8vo. (with consecutive 
paging), title with figure, frontispiece, and 19 plates (the 
same as in the preceding edition) (£2). 

Gervaise de la Touche. Memoires de Saturnin, ecrits par lui- 
meme, nouvelle edition, corrigee et augmentee, avec figures. 
A Londres (Paris, Cazin), 1787, 2 vols., 16mo., 21 pretty- 
plates after Borel by EUuin, not signed (£5, and more than 
treble on large paper, 8vo.). 

It was also published with tte title of " Portier des Chartreux." 

Gessner. Idylles et Poemes champetres, traduits de I'allemand 
par M. Huber. Lyon, J. M. Bruyset, 1762, post 8vo., 
frontispiece by Watelet after Lavallee-Poussin, and 12 head 
and tail pieces by the same (one by Marguerite Lecomte) 
after Lavallee-Poussin and Pierre (6s.). Leboeuf de Mont- 
germont's copy on Dutch paper in morocco, 640 frs. (over- 
rated and hugely dear). 

Gessner. Gessner Schriften. Zurich, Orell, Gessner, Fuseli. 
1770-72, 5 vols., post 8vo., 5 engraved titles, 16 vignettes 
and 19 tailpieces designed and engraved by Gessner 

Gessner. Contes moraux et Nouvelles Idylles de D. 
(Diderot) et Salomon Gessner. A Zuric, chez I'auteur, 1773. 
Gluvres de Salomon Gessner, traduites de I'allemand, tome= 
11. A Zuric, chez I'auteur, 1777, 2 vols., 4to., 2 engraved, 
titles, 20 plates, 6 vignettes, and 33 tailpieces designed and 
etched by Gessner (15a'., and much more in morocco). 

The illustrations lack grace ; it is curious that the poet was his own. 
artist. The German edition appeared in 1773-1778. 

Gessner. Gluvres completes . . . S.l.n.d. (Paris, Cazin, 1778), 
3 vols., 16mo., 3 titles, portrait, and 14 plates after 
Marillier by de Ghendt (1), Delignon (1), Duflos jeune (2), 
De Launay (5), and De Launay jeune (5) (10s. first issue 
and half second issue, 1782). 

Gessner. QSuvres . . . traduites de I'allemand par M. Huber, 
nouvelle edition, ornee de figures. Lyon, Amable Leroy, 
1783, 3 vols., 16mo., 11 plates, not signed (4s.). 

Gessner, CEuvres . . . (traduction en frangais par Huber, 
Meister et Brutte de Loirelle), 3 vols., roy. 4to. The 
first engraved title bears : Paris, ches I'auteur des estampes, 



veuve Herissant et Barrois I'aine, s.d. (1786-93), 3 
engraved titles by Baquoy, 3 frontispieces (1 with, por- 
trait), after Le Barbier by Ingouf, Dambrun, and Ponce, 2 
fleurons, 2 vignettes, 66 tailpieces, and 71 plates after Le 
Barbier by Baquoy (5), Delignon (4), Gaucher (2), Gode- 
froy (10), Halbou (14), Le Beau (2), Le Vilain (2), de 
Longueil (12), Pauquet (2), Petit (l), Ponce (9), Texier (l), 
Thomas (4), and Trifere (3) (£3 to £4, and treble on large 
paper, folio, with the plates before the numbers, as tliey do 
not exist before the letters). 

E. Martin's copy, on. large vellum paper ia folio, with unnumbered 
plates and several etchings and other plates added, 700 frs. M. 
DelzoUies' ordinary paper copy, in the old marbled calf binding, 173 frs. 
(Paris sale, 1894). Most of Le Barbier's original drawings are now the 
property of M. Rattier. A certain number of others form part of the 
collection of A. Piet. There are some copies printed on bluish paper of 
less value. 

'Gessner. CEuvres . . . Paris, Dufart, s.d. (circa 1800), 2 
vols., roy. 8vo., 2 engraved titles after Marillier by Ponce, 
portrait by Delvaux, and 24 pretty plates after Monnet by 
Duprdel, Giraud jeune, Letellier, and Macret (10s., and 
more on large Dutch paper with unlettered proofs). 

'Gessner. CEuvres completes. Paris, imprimerie Patris, s.d., 2 
vols., 8vo., portrait after Berth and 16 plates (5s.). 

Gessner. CEuvres completes. Paris, Eenouard, 1795, 4 vols., 
post 8vo., 3 portraits of Gessner (after Denon by St. 
Aubin), Diderot (after Vanloo by St. Aubin), and Huber 
(after Graff by Tardieu) (5s.). 

•.• M. Auguste Fontaine, in his catalogue for 1877, offers a copy of 
Gessner's Qjluvres ... A Paris, Renouard, 1798, 4 vols., 8vo., with 
portrait and plates after Moreau. 

Gessner. CEuvres . . . Paris, Eenouard, an VIL (1799), 4 
vols., 8vo., vellum paper, 3 portraits of Gessner (after 
Denon by St. Aubin), of Huber (after Graff by Tardieu), 
and of Diderot (after Vanloo by Aug. de St. Aubin), and 
48 plates after Moreau by Baquoy, Dambrun, Delvaux, 
Dupreel, de Ghendt, Girardet, Lemire, Petit, Simonet, and 
Trifere (25s., and on large vellum paper or thin Dutch paper, 
with unlettered proofs (only 20 copies printed), £6, and 
more before the numbers). 

E. Martin's copy on large vellum paper, with unlettered proofs, 
345 frs. ; the Delbergue-Cormont copy, 410 frs. Two copies exist on 
vellum, one of which, containing Moreau's original drawings, was sold in 
the Renouard sale for the meagre sum of 495 frs. It has since passed 
into the Due d'Aumale's library at Chantilly. Renouard had previously 


published an edition Dijon, chez Causse, 1795, 4 vols., 8vo., vellum 
paper and large paper, and 2 copies on vellum (one in the Renouard sale 
fetched 125 frs.). 

Gessner. OEuvres . . . nouvelle edition ornee de figures. 
Paris, Dufart, an V. (1797), 4 vols., 12mo., portrait and 
24 plates, not sighed, but in the style of Monnet {6s., and 
20s. on large paper witli unlettered proofs). 

Gessner. (Euvres completes . . . nouvelle edition, avec figures, 
Paris, Patris et Giber t, 1801, 3 vols., 8vo. and 12mo., vellum 
paper, portrait signed Berthet, and 14 plates after Binet by 
Blancbard or not signed (10s.). 

Gessner. (Euvre grave de Salomon Gessner. Zuric, s.d., 2 
vols., fol., 166 plates containing 336 subjects designed and 
engraved by Gessner (30s. to 405.). 

Of this edition, executed at the expense of the family after the 
originals, which had before appeared in different parts, only 25 copies 
are said to have been printed. The " 52 Paysages " and " 32 Paysages," 
forming part of the work, are sometimes to be met with separately. 

Gessner. La Mort d'Abel, traduite par Huber. Ldndres, 1785, 
16mo., frontispiece by Benoit after Van der WerfF, and 4 
plates by Delvaux after Marillier (3s.). 

Gessner. La Mort d'Abel, poeme traduit par Huber. Paris, 
Defer de Maisonneuve, 1793, roy. 4to., frontispiece and 5 
plates printed in colours after Monsiau by Colibert, Case- 
nave,' and Clement (20.s., and more with the plates before 
the numbers). 

E. Martin's copy on large vellum paper, 66 frs. 

Gessner. La Mort d'Abel, poeme en cinq chants, . . . nouvelle 
Mition, avec figures. A Paris, Patris, 1801,2 vols., 16mo., 
portrait, not signed, and 6 plates by Blanchard after Binet 
(3s., and on vellum paper with unlettered proofs, 15s.). 

Gherardi. Le Theatre italien de Gherhardi, ou le Recueil 
General de toutes les comedies et scenes frangoises jouees 
par les comediens italiens du roi pendant tout le temps 
qu'ils ont ete au service. Enrichi d'estampes en taille- 
douce a la t^te de chaque com^die. Paris, Pierre Witte, 1717, 
6 vols., 12mo., frontispiece, plates and engraved musical 
notes. The collection contains 1 1 pieces by Regnard, the 
only compositions of that genre preserved from that author 
(12s.). The 1741 edition, 8s. to 10s. 

Gillet de Moyvre. La Vie et les Amours de Tibulle, chevalier 
romain, et de Sulpice, dame romaine. Paris, 1743, 12mo., 
12 plates after Dubercelle (4s.). 


Gillier (J. C). Eecueil d'Airs frangois, serieux et a boire a 
une, deux et trois parties. Londres, 1723, fol., fleuron with 
the Prince of Wales crown in centre on title, and music 
(12s. to I5s.). 

Gilliers. Le Cannameliste frangais, ou Nouvelle Instruction 
pour ceux qui desirent d'apprendre I'office redige en forme 
de dictionnaire par le sieur G. . . . Nancy, impr. Cusson, 
1751, 4to., frontispiece and 13 plates by Lotha from designs 
by Dupuis (designer of the pleasure menus of the King 
Stanislas) (£2 to £3, and double in old morocco). 
The 1768 edition is worth less than half. 

Gillot. La Vie de N.-S. Jesus-Christ, inventee et dessinee par 
Gillot, peintre de I'Academie Royale. ~ A Paris, chez 
Huquier et chez la veuve de F. Chereau, 4to., engraved 
title and 99 etchings by G. Huquier after Gillot (405.). 

Gillot. Nouveaux Desseins d'habillements a I'usage de Balets, 
Operas et Comedies, inventus par M. Gillot de I'Academie 
Eoyale de peinture et graves par JouUain. Se vend a 
Paris, chez Joullain, cTiez M. Dolibeau cordonnier, rue 
Froid-manteau et chez le Sr. Duchange, etc. (circa 1725), 
8vo., frontispiece and 84 plates of costumes (£6 to £8 
and more with the plates before the numbers). 

Gillot was "Watteau's tutor, and his drawings are replete with spirit 
and grace. 

Gillot. Theatre Italien, Livre de Scfenes comiques inventees 
par Gillot. A Paris, chez Huquier et chez la veuve 
Chereau, 4to., frontispiece containing the above title and 
41 plates of harlequins, swaggerers, scaramouches, etc., 
besides 15 oblong plates, by Huquier and Joullain (the last 
plate after Watteau by Tardieu) (£2). 

We may here register a few more series of this author, viz. Livre de 
Portieres pour Tapisseries, 6 plates designed and etched by Gillot; 
Nouveaux Dessins d'Arquebuserie, 6 plates designed and engraved by 
Gillot ; Livre d'Ornemens de Trophees, Culs-de-lampe et Devises, 12 
plates after Gillot by Huquier, 1732 ; Deux pieces, Dessus de 
Clavecin, engraved by Crepy and Caylus, and several others engraved 
by Caylus. All these series are worth from 40s. to 50s. each. (See 
also Fables de La Motte.) 

Gillot. Nouveau Livre de Principes d'Ornements . . . d'apres 
les desseins de C. G. . . . (Paris, Huquier) s.d., 4to., 12 
plates engraved by Huquier (40s. to 50s.). 

Girard (J.-F.). Nouveau Traitd de la perfection sur le fait des 
arms . . . par le Sr. P. J.-F. Girard, anc. offic. de marine; 
Enseigner la maniere de combattre de I'epee de pointe seule 


. . . Paris (Moette), 1736, oblong 4to., portrait, engraved 
title, and 116 plates (505. to 60s.). 

The subsequent edition, La Haye, 1740, is worth less than half. 

Girard (J.-F.). L'Academie de I'llomme d'Epee, ou la Science 
parfaite des exercices defensifs et ofFensifs, en 116 planches 
en taille-douce, accompagn^es d'explications detaillees avec 
soin. La Haye, 1755, 4to., oblong (30s.). 

Gir9,rd (J.-F.). Traits des Armes, dddie au Eoy . . . orne 
de figures en taille-douce. Paris, Moette, 1787, oblong 
4to., title engraved by Herblot, portrait designed and 
engraved by Jacques de Favanne, and 115 plates (25s. 
to 30s.). 

Girardet (Samuel). Histoire du Vieux et du Nouveau Testa- 
ment, representee en 466 figures en taille douce avec deux 
cartes. Chez Samuel Girardet libraire au Locle, 1781, roy. . 
8vo. (10s.). 

Curious engravings by the old Swiss publisher, ancestor of the whole 
dynasty of artists of the Girardet family. 

Girardet. Nouvelle Methode d'enseigner les Enfants. A 
Locle, chez Samuel Girardet, 1789, post 8vo., frontispiece 
and 84 allegorical plates (lOs.). 
Badly printed, but rare. 

Girardet. La Danse des Morts, pour servir de miroir a la 
nature humaine avec le costume dessine a la moderne et des 
vers a chaque figure. Au Locle, chez S. Girardet libraire, 
s.d., 8vo., frontispiece, engraved title, headpiece and 21 
plates containing 42 subjects (15s.). 

Another work of Girardet is : Art de bien vivre et de bien mourir, 
Au Locle 1788, 8vo. 

Girardin. Promenade ou Itineraire des jardins d'Ermenouville. 
Paris, Merigot pfere 1788, 16mo., 25 plates (aquatint), 
designed and engraved by Merigot fils (25s.). 

Girardin. Promenade ou Itineraire des jardins de Chantilly. 
Paris, Desenne, 1791, 8vo., 20 aquatint plates, designed and 
engraved by Merigot, and a plan (25s.). 

This volume was brought out by Merigot, and erroneously attributed 
to Comte 0. Stanislas X. de Girardin. 

Girouard. La Eose sans epines . . . Paris, an VIIL 16mo., a 
pretty plate, not signed (5s.). 

Gobet et I'Abbe Pichon. Sacre et couronnement de Louis XVI. 
See : Patas. 


Godard d'Aucourt. La Paris^ide, ou Paris dans les Gaules. 
Paris, Pissot, 1773, 2 vols., 8vo., 2 plates by Lempereur 
after Pierre (3s.). 

Godard d'Aucourt. L'Acaddmie militaire ou les Heros subal- 
ternes. Nouvelle edition. A Amsterdam, 1777, 2 vols., 
12mo., 2 engraved titles, and 21 plates after S. P. 0. N., 
by F. A. (10s.). 

Goddard. Memoires Turcs, par un auteur turc de toutes les 
academies mabometanes, etc. . . . nouvelle edition, avec 
figures. Amsterdam (Paris), par la S6ciete, 1776, 2 vols., 
12mo., fine frontispiece and 4 plates after JoUain, by 
Henriquez (6s., and more on Dutch paper). 

Goddard. Themidore, ou, Mes Fredaines. Paris, Dentu, 1797, 
2 vols., 16mo., 2 plates, not signed (10s.). 

Goddard. L' Academic Militaire, ou les Heros subalternes, par 
P. . . . auteur suivant Tarmee. Amsterdam, 1777, 4 
parts in 2 vols., 12mo., engraved title (different for each 
volume) and 4 plates, all by F. N. . . . after F. P. . . . 
(10s., and double on stout Dutch paper.) 

Godonnesche. Medailles du rfegne de Louis XV. S.Ln.d. 
(Paris), sm. foL, frontispiece by Cars after F. Le Moyne, 
a cartouch for the title, not signed, and 52 leaves 
surrounded with historiated borders containing the repro- 
ductions of medals, not signed (6s.). 

Goethes Schriften. Zweite Auflage mit Kupfern. Berlin, 
1777, 3 vols., 16mo., 3 fleurons on titles after Meil, and 
7 plates after Kriiger (3) and Chodowiecki (4) (15s.). 

Goethe. Werther, traduit de I'allemand (par Seckendorf). 
Maestricht, 1776, 2 parts in 1 vol., 12mo., 2 vignettes on 
titles by Chodowiecki (5s.). 

Goethe. Die Leiden des jungen Werther. Berne, 1775, 12mo., 
engraved title, vignette and tailpiece by Dunker (3s.). 

Goethe. Passions du jeune "Werther. Bheims, Cazin, 1784, 
1786 or 1792, 16mo., frontispiece by Chapuy (3s.). 

Goethe. Passions du jeune Werther, enrichies de gravures avec 
tablettes economiques, etc. Paris, Desnos (circa 1790), 16mo., 
frontispiece by Chapuy and 12 plates, not signed, probably 
by the same artist (10s.). 


Goethe. Werther, traduit de I'allemand de Goethe par 
Aubry. Paris, Didot, 1797, 2 vols., 16mo., 4 plates after 
Berthon hy Duplessi-Bertaux (10s., and more on vellum- 
paper with unlettered proofs). 
Reprinted an XII. (1804). 

Goethe. Les Souffrances du jeune Werther, traduction nouvelle 
(par La BMoyfere). Paris, Didot, 1809, 8vo., 3 plates after 
Moreau, by de Ghendt and Simonet (6s., and more than 
treble on vellum paper with unlettered proofs). 

The etchings are excessively rare, and fetched as much as 1500 frs. 
However, M. Morgand had in his Catalogue, 1879-81, a copy on vellum 
paper with the plates in two states, before and with letters, and with 
the etchings, hf. bd. uncut, marked 800 frs. 

Goethe. Alfred, ou les Annees d'apprentissage de Wilhelm 
Meister, traduit de I'allemand par de Sevelinges, avec figures 
et romances gravees.- Paris, 1802, 3 vols., 12mo., 3 plates- 
by Bovinet after Bonnet (Ss.). 

Goethe. Herman et Dorothee, pofime en IX. chants, traduit- 
par Bitaube. Paris et Strasbourg, Didot le jeune, 1800,., 
pretty plate by Huot after Catel (36'., and more than treble- 
on vellum paper with unlettered proof). 

Goethe. Lettres de Charlotte. pendant sa liaison avec Werther,.. 
traduites de I'anglais (sic) par M. D. D. S. G. (David de Saint- 
Georges) avec un extrait d'.El^onore. Paris, Royez, 1787, 
2 parts in 1 vol., 16mo., 2 vignettes by Chodowiecki (55., 
and considerably more on large paper in 8vo.). 

Goez (J. F. de). Exercises d'imagination de differentes caractferes 
et formes humaines, inventes, peints et dessines par J. F. de 
Goez. Se vend a Augsbourg (1783), 4to., 100 curious plates 
by Brichet, representing various types in the higher and 
lower orders, as well as in the middle class and the army. 
The legends are in French, except the last 15. The 12 
pages of explanations are in German (£2, and more with 
the plates in red). 

Goldoni. Opere. Venezia, 1761, 16 vols., 8vo., plates by 
Baratti after Novelli (10s.). 

Goldsmith (0.). Vicar of Wakefield. London, 1792, 2 vols., 
8vo., 6 plates by Parker after Stothard (30s, to 40s.). 

Goldsmith (0.). Vicar of Wakefield. Hereford, 1778, Bvo., 
woodcuts by T. Bewick (15s. to 20s.). 


Goldsmitli (0.). The Vicar of WakeBeld . . . Paris, Renouard, 
an VIII. (1800), 12nio., vellum paper, 6 pretty plates, not 
signed {6s., and more with, the etchings). Renouard's copy 
(one of two on vellum) with the 6 original drawings sold 
in his sale only for 36 frs. Etienne Aignan's French trans- 
lation entitled Le Ministre de Wakefield, 2 vols., 12mo., 
with 2 vignettes designed and etched by G. Texier (3s.); 
Imbert fils' translation under the same title,. Paris, an XI. 
(1802), 2 vols., 12mo., with 2 plates by Adam after Huot 

Goldsmith. Le Retour du Philosophe, ou le Village abandonne, 
poSme imite de I'anglois du docteur Goldsmith par le 
chevalier R. * * * (Rutlige) Bruxelles, Boubers, 1772, 
8vo., 1 plate, 1 fleuron on title, 2 vignettes, and 2 tail- 
pieces designed and engraved by Antoine Cardon (4.s.). 

Oomez (M. A. Poisson, dame de). Crementine, reine de Sanga, 
histoire indienne. Paris, Charles Le Clerc, 1727, 2 vols., 
12mo., 8 plates by Scotin after Bonnart (5s.). 

Gomez. Les Journees amusantes. Amsterdam, l731, 8 vols., 
16mo., frontispiece and 19 plates, not signed (10s.). 
Reprinted 1737. 

iGomez. Histoire d'Eustache de Saint-Pierre, au sifege de la 
ville de Calais, sous le rfegne de Philippe de Valois, roi de 
France, en 1346 et 1347. A Calais et a Paris, chez Vente, 
1765, 12mo., engraved title and frontispiece containing 
portrait of Eustache, not signed (3s.). 

'Gooch (T.). Life and Death of a Race Horse, 1792, fol., 6 
plates in aquatint (£4 to £5). 

Gorgy. Lidorie, ancienne chronique allusive. Paris, Guillot, 
1790, 2 vols., 16mo., 2 curious plates after Gorgy (3s.). 

Gorgy. Saint-Alme. Paris, Guillot, 1790, 2 vols., 16mo., 
2 plates after Gorgy (3s.). 

Gorjy. JSTouveau Voyage sentimental, 6" edition. Paris, chez 
Louis, an IIL de la Republique, 2 vols., 16mo., 2 plates, 
not signed (4s.). 

Gorjy. Blangay . . . seconde edition. Paris, Guillot, libraire 
de Monsieur, 1789, 2 vols., 16mo., 3 plates in vol. 1, and 1 
in vol. 2, not signed (6s.). 
Reprinted 1793. 


Gorjy. Ann' quia Bredouille, ou le Petit Cousin de Tristram 
iShandy . . , Paris, 17'91-92, 6 vols., 16mo., 9 plates, not 
signed (8 s.). 

Gorsas. L'Ane promeneur, ou Critfes promene par son kne, 
chef-d'oeuvre pour servir d'apologie au gout, etc. . . . 3rd 
edition. Pampelune (Paris), chez Demointe, 1786, 8vo., 
curious plate, not signed (5 s.). 

Gosse (C). Garin ou le heros provencal, roman erotico comique 
par C. Gosse, auteur des Amants Vendeens. Paris, Andre, 
an huitifeme (1800), 12mo., 2 plates after Chaillou by 
Mariage (3s.). 

Gough (Richard). Sepulchral Monuments of Great Britain, 
applied to illustrate the History of Families, Manners, 

• Habits, and Arts from the Norman Conquest to the seven- 
teenth Century. London, 1786-96, 3 vols, in 5, imp. foL, 
numerous plates (£12, and more if free from stains). Mr. 
R. W. Wilbraham's copy in russia was sold in June, 1898, 
for £16 10s. 

Many copies having been destroyed by fire, very few are to be found 
' complete. 

Gough. Some Account of the Alien Priories and of such Lands 
as they are known to have possessed in England and Wales. 
London, 1779, 2 vols., 8vo., map and plates (15s. to 20s.). 

Gough. An Account of a rich illuminated Missel executed for 
John Duke of Bedford, Regent of France under Henry VI. 
London, 1794, 4to., 4 outline plates (lOs.). 

A copy containing the set of plates on vellum, illuminated in gold, 
silver, and colours, was sold in the Lawrence sale in 1892 for £12 10s. 
The original Missel is in the British Museum. 

Goury de Champgrand. Traite de Venerie et de Chasse. Paris, 
1769, 2 parts in 1 vol., 4to., 39 plates by L. Halbou (255.). 

St-Quentin's copy sold in Paris sale, 1894, for 34 frs. 

Goya. Caprichos inventa dos y Grabados al Agua forte par 
Francesco Goya y Lucientes pintor (Madrid, circa 1799), 
roy. 4to., 80 satirical plates designed and etched by Goya. 
He is the Hogarth of Spain ; his scenes disclose a dry 
humour and scathing satire. (The first issue, which may 
be known by the reddish tone of the ink, is very rare, and 
valued at £6 ; the reimpressions executed by the Madrid 
process of chalcography, 305.). 

Grabner (J.). Brieven over de Vereenigde Nederlanden. Te 
Haarlem, 1792, 8vo., 4 coloured plates of female costumes 



Graffigny (Mme. de). Cenie, pifece en cinq actes, representee 
pour la premifere fois par les comediens frangois ordinaires 
du Eoi, le 25 juin, 1750. Paris, Cailleau, 1751, 12mo., 
engraved title with fleuron and 1 plate by Fessard after Le 
Lorrain (5s.). 

Graffigny (Mme. de). Lettres d'une Peruvienne, nouvelle 
edition, etc. . . . Paris, Duchesne, 1753, 2 vols., 12mo., 
2 engraved titles, not signed, 2 plates, and 2 vignettes by 
Delafosse after Eisen (6s.). 
Reprinted 1754, 1760, and 1761. 

Graffigny (Mme. de). Lettres d'une Peruvienne . . . traduites 
du frangais en italien par M. Deodati avec le text en regard. 
Paris, impr. de Migheret, 1797, 8vo., author's portrait 
after La Tour by Gaucher, and 6 fine plates after Le 
Barbier by Choffard, Halbou, Patas, Gaucher, Ingouf, and 
Lingee (15s., and with the unlettered proofs, £4, and double 
on large paper, with the etchings added). 

Comte de La Bedoyere's copy having Gaucher's drawing of the 
portrait and Le Barbier's original drawings in sepia, sold in his sale 
(1862) for the meagre sum of 225 frs., and was resold in the Leboeuf 
de Montgermont sale for 2500 frs. St.-Quentin's copy in 8vo with 
unlettered proofs in morocco, 141 frs. (Paris sale, 1894). 

Graffigny (Mme. de). Lettres d'une Peruvienne . . . nouvelle 
edition, etc. Paris, Didot I'aine, an V. (1797), 2 vols., 
16mo., portrait signed J. B. Garand del De Launay, sculp., 
and 8 charming plates after Leffevre by Coiny (7), and 
Ingouf- (1) (15s., and double on vellum paper, and with 
unlettered proofs (one of 100 copies), 70s. ; on large vellum 
paper with unlettered proofs, £5 ; with the etchings added, 
£12 ; and with the additional counter proofs, £20). 

The publication price was, ordinary paper 6 frs., vellum paper 12 frs., 
and large vellum paper with unlettered proofs 24 frs. (only 100 copies 
were printed of the large paper). Delbergue-Cormont's copy on large 
vellum paper with plates in 4 states, 700 frs. St.-Quentin's copy 
(large vellum paper), with unlettered proofs and the etchings in citron 
morocco, 695 frs. Paris sale, 1894 ; Bordier's copy, vellum paper with 
unlettered proofs (no etchings) in old morocco, 159 frs. ; and Delzollies' 
on large vellum paper with unlettered proofs in calf, 120 frs. (Pans 
sale, 1894). 

Grand Castriotto d'Albanie (Le), histoire (par Zannowich). 
Francfort, ehez J. -J. Kessler, 1779, 8vo,, frontispiece with 
portrait not signed (is). See Histoire de la duchesse de 

Grandeur de Dieu dans ses moindres ouvrages (La), ode. Paris, 


chez Desprez, sm. 4to,, consists of 12 pages with pretty 
frontispiece by Y. Le Gouaz after B.-L. Provost (3s.). 

G-randidier (L'abbe). Vues pittoresques de I'Alsace. Stras- 
bourg, IT" 8 5, 4to., 17 pretty plates designed and engraved 
in bistre by Walter (10s.). 

Grandval (pfere). Le Vice puni, ou Cartouche, poSme, nouvelle 
edition, etc. . . . avec des figures convenables a chaque 
chant, dont les dessins ont ete faits sur les lieux ou 
Cartouche s'est le plus signale. Paris, Pierre Prault, 
1726, 8vo., frontispiece and 16 plates by Scotin after 
Bonnard (8s.). Van der Helle's copy containing the original 
drawings, 100 frs. 

Grandval. Agate, ou la Chaste princesse, tragedie en trois 
actes, par M. G * * * . Paris, 1756, Bvo., engraved title 
and 3 vignettes, not signed (8s.). 

Comte de Lignerolles' copy in old morocco with dentelle, containing 
also L'Eunuque and Les Deux Biscuits, all the 3 pieces together 
105 frs. (Paris sale, 1894). 

Grandval (fils). L'Eunuque, ou la Fidelle Infidelite, parade 
en vaudeville, melee de prose et de vers, par M . . . a 
Montmartre, 1750 ou 1755, 8vo., engraved title containing 
5 scenes of the piece, vignette not signed, and 20 pages 
of music (6s.). 

Grandval. Les Deux Biscuits, tragedie traduite de la langue 
que Ton parloit jadis au royaume d'Astracan et mise depuis 
peu en vers frangois. Se vend a Astracan, chez un libraire, 
1752, 8vo., 1 plate and 1 headpiece (6s.). 

Grandval. Sirop-au-cul, ou I'Heureuse D^livrance, tragedie 
h^roique - medifique, par Grandval fils, comedien italien. 
Au Temple du Gotit, s.d. frontispiece, not signed (8s.). 

Grasset de Saint-Sauveur. La Belle Captive, ou Histoire du 
naufrage et de la captivity de Mademoiselle Adeline comtesse 
de Saint-Fargel, ag^e de 16 ans, dans une des parties du 
royaume d'Alger, en 1782. Paris, Remy et Musier, 1785, 
12mo, frontispiece by Defraisne after Desrais (3s.). 

Grasset de Saint-Sauveur. Costumes des reprdsentants du 
peuple, membres des deux Conseils du Directoire, etc. 
Paris, 1795, 8vo., frontispiece and 15 coloured costume 
plates after Grasset de St.-Sauveur by Labrnusse (25s.). 


Grasset de Saint-Sauveur. Les trois Manuels. Paris, chez 
Derot, 1796, 16mo., frontispiece and 3 plates in bistre, 
not signed (3s.). 

Grasset de Saint-Sauveur. Les Fastes du Peuple frangais, ou 
Tableaux raisonnes de toutes les actions heroiques et 
civiques du soldat et du citoyen frangais. Edition orn^e 
de gravures d'aprfes les dessins du citoyen Labrousse. Paris, 
cbez Deroy (1796), an IV. de la E^publique frangaise,' 4to., 
frontispiece and 6 plates (15s.). 

Grasset de Saint-Sauveur. Les Amours du fameux cbmte de 
Bonnevai, pacha a deux queux, connu sous le nom d'Osman, 
r^,digees d'aprfes de Memoires particuliferes. Edition ornde 
de 4 gravures a I'acqua-tinte. Paris, chez Deroy, an IV. 
(1796), 16mo. (15s.), 4 plates, not signed. 

Grasset de Saint-Sauveur. Le Serail, ou Histoire des intrigues 
secrettes et amoureuses des femmes du Grand Seigneur. 
Paris, Deroy, an IV. (1796), 2 vols., 16mo., 8 pretty 
aequatint plates, not signed (20s.). 

Grasset de Saint-Sauveur. EncyclopMie des Voyages. Paris, 
1795-96, 5 vols., 4to., 432 coloured plates (£4 to £5). 

Grasset de Saint-Sauveur. L'Antique Rome ou Description 
historique et pittoresque de tout ce qui concerne le peuple 
romain dans ses costumes civils, militaires et religieux. 
Paris, 1796, 4to, frontispiece and aequatint plates (15s., 
and double on large vellum paper with the plates plain 
and coloured). 

•.• Saint-Sauveur published also : "Costumes civils actuels de tous les 
peuples connus, 1784," and " Costumes des peuples etrangers," both with 
coloured plates, but of indifferent execution {iOs. and 25s. respectively). 

Grateloup (J. B. de). (Euvre Grave (1771), 9 portraits of 
small size, viz. : 2 portraits of Bossuet, 1 in 8vo. and 
a bust in 12mo., both after Rigaud ; Descart after Hals, 
12mo. ; Dryderi after Kneller, in Bvo. ; Pension after 
Vivien, in 12mo. ; Adrienne Lecouvreur after Coypel, 
8vo. ; Montesquieu after Dassier, 12mo. ; Cardinal de 
Polignac after Eigaud, 12mo. ; J.-B. Rousseau after Aved. 
Grateloup, an amateur artist, only took a limited number of 
proofs, which are very rare (£20, and more than double 
before letters, and fancy price for India proofs ; single 
portraits sell according to state and rarity of impression, 
varying between £3 and £6 each). 


They are deservedly famous for their exquisite execution, by a special 
process invented by the artist. A fine complete set sold in 1869 for 
5200 francs. Bossuet's portrait, the last (executed) of the series, is 
Grateloup's masterpiece. Some tentative pieces and portraits engraved 
by Dr. J. P. S. de Grateloup, who inherited the secret of the -process 
from his uncle, are sometimes added. 

Gravelle (Levesque de). Eecueil de Pierres gravees antiques. 
Paris, Marietta, 1732-37- 2 vols., 4to., 101 and 104 plates 

There is a supplementary volume. 

Gravelot (H. P. Bourguignon, called). Almanack Iconologique 
ou des Arts pour I'annee 1674, orne de figures avec leurs 
explications par M. Gravelot. Avec privilege du Eoy. A 
Paris, chez Lattre, graveur, rue Saint-Jacques, a la ville de 
Bordeau, 24mo., engraved throughout, engraved title by 
Legrand, frontispiece by Lemire, and 12 engraved plates 
after Gravelot by Choflfard, Bacquoy, Prevost, de Longueil, 
and Lemire. The privilege is dated Novembre 1763, and 
most of the plates bear the same date. 

Gravelot et Cochin. Almanach Iconologique pour I'Annee 
1765, et les Anndes suivantes jusqu'a 1781, par H. 
Gravelot et Cochin. Paris, chez Lattre, Graveur rue Saint 
Jacques, 17 vols., 16mo., engraved throughout with calendar 
for each year, containing general frontispiece and portrait of 
Gravelot by Gaucher, engraved title and 12 plates per 
volume, altogether 12 titles and 204 plates after Gravelot 
and Cochin by Aliamet, Baquoy, Choffard, Dequevauvillier, 
Duclos, Duflos, Gaucher, de Ghendt, Godefroy, Halbou, 
Ingouf, de Launay, Legrand, Lemire, Le Roy, Leveau, 
Lingee, de Longueil, Masquelier, Massard, N46, Nicollet, 
Ponce, Mme. Ponce, Prevost, Eousseau, A. de Saint-Aubin, 
Vauville, and Simonet (£25, and double in morocco, and a 
fancy price in a genuine Derome binding). 

The titles of the first 10 volumes are all different, those of the 
remaining 7 are all alike. They are respectively as follows : — Les Arts, 
1 ; les Sciences, 2 parts, 1766 and 1774 ; les Vertus, 1 ; les Etres Meta- 
physiques, 1 ; les Muses, 1 ; les Saisons, 1 ; les XII. Mois, 1 ; I'Homme, 1 ; 
les Etres Moraux, 1 ; les Vertus et les Vices, 7. Nine volumes have been 
engraved after Gravelot, and 8 after Cochin, the latter being superior. 
Complete sets are of rare occurrence. Behague's copy, 4600 frs. De 
Tinan's copy (2 years missing) 1000 frs. I have collated two sets in. 
old morocco and in calf, and in both the Almanacks for 1766 and 1769 
contained only 7 and 11 plates respectively. The Gosford copy of the 
Almanach 1769 had only 11 plates. M. Grand-Carteret counts only 
8 plates for Almanach 1766 (part 2 of "Les Sciences"), and how is that 
to be reconciled with his summing up of 204 plates ? According to my 


counting only 198 plates, and according to him 200 plates, make the 
total. In some copies of the sets only the last 7 vols, comprise 
calendars ; the Behague copy had none at all. 

The drawings are dispersed. Baron R. P.'s copy of the Lattre 
edition, containing 20 drawings of Cochin in red and black (a la san- 
guine et au crayon noir), 1200 frs. In the Maherault sale 24 of 
Gravelot's drawings a la plume (pen and pencil) et au bistre (in 
brown) (as all his drawings are), 4600 frs. 

Gravelot et Cochin. Iconologie par figures ou Traite complet 
de la Science des Allegories en 350 figures gravees d'apres 
les dessins de MM. Gravelot et Cochin, avec les explications 
relatives a chaque sujet (ouvrage utile aux artistes, aux 
amateurs et peuvent (sic) servir a I'education des jeunes 
personnes). Paris, Lattre, graveur, s.d. (1789 or 1791), 
4 vols., 12mo. and 8vo., 2 frontispieces containing portraits 
of Cochin and Gravelot by Gaucher after Monnet and 
Delatour, 4 engraved titles (3 by ChofFard, de Ghendt and 
Legrand, and one unsigned) and 202 plates (within added 
borders) (£3 to £4). 

The second issue has the correction " pouvant " instead of " peuvent." 
The mention of " 350 figures " on the first frontispiece of vol. 1, does not 
mean that there are 350 plates, but that this number of figures is repre- 
sented on the plates. It follows, therefore, that not only the text differs 
from that of the Almanachs Iconologiques, but the additional different 
subjects were specially composed and engraved for this edition. ( Vide 
Preface.) In the 12mo. edition we meet sometimes the plates before 
letters, and many even with the artist's name a la pointe, in which case 
they are real artist's proofs taken prior to the first publication of the 
Almanachs Iconologiques (worth quasi a fancy price). 

Gravelot. Suite de petits Sujets. . . . dessines par Gravelot, 
graves par J. Bacheley. A Paris, chez F. Chereau s.d., 
Svo., 80 subjects published in parts of 4 and 6 plates each 
on 50 leaves and engraved within ornamental cartouches 
(£5 to £6). 

Gravelot. Planches gravees d'apres plusieurs Positions dans 
lesquelles doivent se trouver les soldats, conformes a 
I'ordonnance du Roy du 1" Janvier 1766, 4to., fine frontis- 
piece after Gravelot by G. de La Haye, and 10 folding 
plates containing 31 subjects or military figures by de La 
Haye after Gravelot, besides tailpiece with the arms of 
France and a certain number of technical plates (£2 to £3)- 

Interesting collection. Gravelot was drawing-master in the military 

Gravures historiques des principaux Evenements depuis I'ouver- 
ture desEtats generaux de 1789. Paris, Janinet, 1789, 2 parts 

GE:&C0UET 223 

in 1 vol., 8vo., 35 mezzotint plates after and by Janinet 
(the last representing the 14 July, 1790) (40s. to 505.). 

M. Hip. Destailleur's copy loose in sheets consisting of title and 51 
mezzotint plates, 73 frs. (1895). 

Grecourt (Abbe de). Philotanus, poeme par M. I'abbe * * * 
Paris, chez Louis- Antoine Le Gond, rue de Bissy vis-a-vis 
de I'hStel de Mailly, au cardinal de Eohan, 1720, 12mo., 
original fleuron on title, not signed (5s.). 

Grecourt (Abbe de). Contes nouveaux par M. de G * * *, 
Premiere partie. Amsterdam, Pierre Mortier, libraire sur 
la Bourse, a I'Envie, 1745, 12mo., pretty frontispiece and 
fleuron on title. Suite des CEuvres de M. de G * * *, 
Amsterdam, 1745, 12mo., fleuron, not signed (3s.). 

Grecourt (Abb4 de). (Euvres de Poesies de I'abbe de * * * 
Paris, 1747, 2 vols., post 8vo., frontispiece and 2 fleurons 
by Fessard after Cochin fils (4s.). 

Grecourt (Abb6 de). (Euvres diverses de Grecourt, nouvelle 
edition, soigneusement corrigee et augmentee d'un grand 
nombre de pifeces qui n'avoient jamais 6te imprimdes. 
Luxembourg, 1761, 4 vols., 12mo., portrait after Garand, 3 
frontispieces and 4 fleurons on titles after Eisen by Baquoy 
(10s., and more in morocco). 

Grecourt. Gluvres diverses. Paris, 1763, 2 vols., 12mo., 
fleuron on each title after Eisen, portrait after J. B. Garand 
and 3 frontispieces after Eisen, the whole engraved by 
Bernigeroth (5 s.). 

Grecourt. CEuvres diverses, nouvelle edition, augmentees du 
Philotanus, de la Bibliotheque des damnes, etc. Londres, 
1780 (Cazin), 4 vols., 16mo., 4 plates, not signed (lOs.). 

Grecourt. (Euvres choisies de Grecourt. Geneve (Cazin), 
1777, 3 vols., 16mo., 3 frontispieces, after Eisen (2) and 
Marillier, one signed N. D. L. (Nicolas de Launay) (5s.). 

Grecourt. (Euvres completes de Grecourt, nouvelle edition, 
soigneusement corrigee et augmentee d'un grand nombre de 
pifeces qui n'avoient jamais ete imprimees. A Luxembourg, 
1764, 4 vols., 12mo., 4 titles and 4 pretty plates after Eisen 
by Baquoy (15s., and double in morocco). 

The Turner copy in a genuine Derome binding (red morocco), 680 frs^ 

Grecourt. (Euvres completes de Grecourt, enrichies de gravures. 
Nouvelle Edition,, corrigee et augmentee d'un grand nombre 


de pieces qui n'avaient jamais ete imprimees. Paris, Andre, 
1795, or Chaigneau aine, an IV. (1796), 4 vols., 8vo., portrait 
after Dupreel, and 8 plates after Fragonard fils by Dambrun, 
Duparc, Giraud le jeune, Pauquet, Lingee, and Dupreel. 
(105., and double on vellum paper with unlettered proofs, 
and on large vellum paper and with the etchings, £4). 

Em. Martin's copy in morocco, with artist's proofs and the etchings and 
additional plates, 520 frs. M. Delzollies' copy on vellum with unlettered 
proofs and the etchings, with a series of plates in two states (etchings 
and proofs), after Eisen, autograph of Grecourt and about 58 vignettes, 
mostly in the state of etching, or proof added in calf, uncut, 227 frs.. 
(Paris sale, 1894). 

Grecourts Auserlesene Werke. Paris, bei Delaunay, 1796, 
2 vols., 12mo., 6 plates of the Chodowiecki School ; rare 

Greenhill (Th.). The Art of Embalming after the Egyptian 
Method. London, 1705, 4to., plates ( 15s.). 

Grdgoire. Explication des Ceremonies de la F^te Dieu d'Aix en 
Provence. A Aix, chez Esprit David, 1777, 12mb., portrait 
of Eene d'Anjoux and 12 folding plates, signed Paul et 
Gaspard Gr^goire, and 1 plate of engraved music (5s.). 

Gresset. Poe'sies de M. G * * *. A Blois, chez Ph. Masson, 
1734, frontispiece by Scotin (3s.). 

Gresset. (Euvres poetiques. Genfeve, 1742, 2 parts, 12mo., 
frontispiece by Scotin (3s.). 

Gresset. Les CEuvres . . . enrichies de la critique de Vairvert. 
Amsterdam, aux depens dc la Compagnie, 1747, 4 parts in 
1 vol., 12mo., frontispiece by Scotin (3s.). 

Gresset. (Euvres. Londres, Edouard Kelmaneck (Cazin), 
1779, 2 vols., 16mo., 1 vignette by De Launay after Marillier. 
(4s., and treble in morocco). 

Gresset. QSuvres de M. Gresset, de I'Academie frangaise, 
nouvelle edition revue, corrigee et considerablement 
augmentee, avec figures. Londres (Paris, Cazin), 1780, 2 
vols., 12mo., portrait by Delvaux and 7 plates, not signed 

Gresset. CEuvres choisies de Gresset, orndcs de figures en 
taille-douce, dessinees par Moreau le jeune. Paris, Saugrain, 
Imprimerie de Didot jeune, an IL (1794), 16mo., 5 vignettes, 
4 for " Vert- Vert " and 1 for " le Lutrin vivant," by Dupreel, 
Duhamel, and Simonet after- Moreau (the vignette for "le 


Mechant " sometimes found added does not belong to this 
edition) (12s., and treble on vellum paper, and on large 
vellum paper with unlettered proofs, very rare, £6 to £8). 

G6iiard's -copy in that state and with the etchings, 3000 frs. T. De 
St.-Quentin's copy in ornamental morocco with the plates in two states 
before and with letters, 470 frs. (Paris sale, 1894). 

Gresset. ffiuvres de Gresset, Paris, VoUand, 1793 or 1794, 
2 vols., 8vo., medallion portrait of Gresset and 6 plates 
after Monnet (6s.). 

Gresset. (Euvres de Gresset. Paris, Eenouard, 1811, 2 vols., 
Bvo., portrait by and after St.-Aubin, 8 plates after Moreau 
by Simonet (7) and de Ghendt (1). Le Parrain magnifique 
at the end of vol. 2 bears the date 1810 (20s., and more 
than treble on vellum paper with unlettered proofs, and 
considerably more on large vellum paper and with the 

Renouard's unique copy on vellum with the 9 original drawings, 905 
frs., and one of two copies on large vellum paper, 300 frs. Delbergue- 
Cormont's copy on vellum paper in blue morocco with the plates in three 
states, 1580 frs. A copy on ordinary paper in mottled calf with 
dentelle by Simier, 24 frs. (Paris sale, 1894). 

Greuze (J.-B.). Divers Habillements suivant le costume 
d'ltalie, dessind d'aprfes nature par Greuze, ornds de fonds 
par Lallemand et graves d'aprfes les dessins du cabinet de 
I'abbe Gougenot, par F. A. Moitte. Title and 24 leaves in 
8vo. (£4). 

A copy of "CEuvre*" in folio with 90 plates of Italian costumes, 233 
frs. (Paris sale, 1894). 

Gribelin (Simon). Six of Her Majesty's Pictures, drawn and 
engraved from the Originals of Paulo Veronese, Jac. 
Tintoreto, old Palma, Julio Eomano, and A. Schivone in 
the Eoyal Galleries of Windsor and Kensington ... by 
Sim. Gr. . . . London, 1712, oblong foL, title and 6 plates 
by S. Gribelin (£2 to £3). 

Gribelin. A new Book of Ornaments usefuU to all artists by 
Gribelin. London, 1704, 4to., engraved title and 11 plates 
(£2 to £3). 

Grohmann (J.-G.). Eecueil d'Idees nouyelles pour la decoration 
des Jardins et des Pares dans le g6ut anglais, gothique, 
chinois; etc. Paris et Leipzig, 1796-99, 3 vols., roy. 4to., 
350 plates coloured and plain (£3 to £4). 

Grose (F.). The Antiquities of England and Wales (4 vols.), 



with a Supplement (2 vols.). London, 1773-87, 6 vols., 
roy. 4to. First edition, original impressions of the plates 
(355. to 40s.). 

The subsequent edition in 8 vols., imp. 8vo., is of about the same value, 
and a higher price for large-paper copies. 

Grose. The Antiquities of Scotland. London, 1789-91, 2 
vols., imp. 8vo., plates (205. to 255., and more on large 

Grose. The Antiquities of Ireland. London, 1791-95, 2 vols., 
imp. 8vo., plates (20s., and more on large paper). 

The editions in 4;to. and folio of the above works, published by Stock- 
dale many years later, have inferior impressions of the plates, and these 
reprints (even with the plates coloured) should be avoided. 

Grose. Military Antiquities respecting a History of the 
English Army from the Conquest to the present Time. 
London, 1786-88, 2 vols., 4to., plates (£2 to £3). 

The 1801 edition, including the Ancient Armour, is of about the same 
value, and more on large paper. 

Grose. A Treatise on Ancient Armour and Weapons, illus- 
trated by plates taken from the original Armour in the 
Tower of London and other Arsenals, Museums, and 
Cabinets. London, 1786, 4to., plates (10s.). 

This work is annexed to the second edition of the Military Antiquities. 

Grose. Principes de Caricatures, suivis d'un Essai sur la 
peinbure comique, par Frangois Grose, traduits en franpais 
avec des augmentations. Paris, Renouard, an X. (1802), 
roy. 8vo., vellum paper, portrait and 28 folding and other 
plates after Berggold, Grose, Newton, and Woodward, by 
Grohmann (10s.). 

Only 200 copies printed, and 1 on vellum. The original edition 
appeared in 1788, 8vo., without plates. 

Grouner. Histoire naturelle des glaciferes de la Suisse, traduc- 
tion de M. de Keralio. Paris, 1770, 4to., 2 maps and 18 
plates (10s.). 

Gruber und Geissler. Sitten, Gebrauche und Kleidung der 
Eussen in St. Petersburg dargestellt in 35 Gemalden mit 
Beschreibung. Leipsig, s.d., 4to., 35 illuminated plates 
designed and engraved by Geissler (30s.). 

Guarini (Battista). II Pastor fido. In Parigi, appresso 
Prault, 1750, 16mo., title engraved by Moreau (3s.) The 
1766 edition with 6 pretty headpieces after Cochin by 
Prevost (55.). 


Guarini (Battista). Opere. Verona, Timermani, 1737-38, 
4 vols., 4to., 4 frontispieces after B. Picart, 4 fleurons on 
titles after Balestra by Zucchi, and 70 plates, vignettes, and 
tailpieces after Picart and others by Zucchi (105.). 

Guasco (L'Abbe de). De I'Usage des Statues chez les Anciens, 
essai historique. Bruxelles, de Boubers, 1768, 4to., fleuron 
and heraldic vignette by Percheron, and 14 plates of antique 
statues by de Boubers (3s.). 

Guellette (M.). Les Aventures merveilleuses du Mandarin 
Fum-Hoam, Contes Chinois. Paris, 1723, 2 vols., 12mo.,^ 
plates {5s.). 

Guenard de Faverolles. Les Forces myst^rieuses, ou TAmour 
alchimiste. Paris, chez I'auteur, an IX., 4 parts in 12mo.>, 
4 plates after Binet (10s.). 

Guer. Moeurs et Usages des Turcs, leur religion, leur gouvern- 
ment civil, militaire et politique, avec un abr^ge de I'Histoire 
ottomane. Paris, Coustelier, 1746, 4 to., 28 plates and 20 
fleurons and vignettes after Boucher and Halle by Duflos 

Reprinted 1747, 2 vols., 4to., with 11 vignettes, 10 tailpieces, and 30 
plates after Boucher (19) and Halle (32) by Duflos. 

Guer. L'Infortune reconnaissant. Paris, Ballard, 1751, 8vo., 
pretty vignette on title, and vignette of dedication by 
Aveline after Hubert (6s.). 

[Guerard (F.)]. Les Misferes de la Guerre. A Paris, chez F. 
Guerard, s.d. (circa 1700), 4to., 16 plates, different from 
those done by Callot on the same subject (15s. to 20s.). 

Guerard (Nicolas). (Euvres de Nicolas G. . . . graveur. A 
Paris, chez N. Guerard, s.d. (circa 1720), sm. fol., 130 plates.. 
(Livre de blason, 1 6 pieces in 2 series ; Livre de cartouches, 
12 pieces in 2 series ; Div. Academies, 13 pieces ; Portes 
... 6 pieces ; Cheminees, 12 pieces in 2 series ; Ornements, 
8 pieces ; Dessins de lits, 6 pieces ; Morale chretienne, 16 
pieces ; Serrurerie, 20 pieces ; Singeries amour euses, 6 
pieces; Cartouches, 10 pieces; Pifeces diverses, 5 pieces) 
(£10 to £12). 

Guerard. Eecueil d'Estampes destinees a servir de modules 
aux dessinateurs, grav. par N. G. . . . A Paris, chez N. 
Guerard, s.d. (1720), oblong 4to., 103 plates, including 


titles (Livre a dessiner, title and 12 plates ; Livre de vues 
a dessiner, 45 plates ; Diverses petites figures des cris de 
Paris, 12 plates; L'Art . militaire, ou les Exercices de 
Mars, title and 31 plates) (£6 to £8). 

Guercino (Gr. F. Barbieri). Raccolta di alcuni disegni. . . . 
Eoma, 1764, Atlas folio, 23 plates (205.). 

Gruercino (G. F. Barbieri). Opere. London, 17'64, Atlas folio, 
82 prints engraved by F. Bartolozzi, etc., from the original 
drawings of Guercino, in the collection of his Majesty (50.?., 
and more than double for proofs). 

Guercino (G. F. Barbieri). Seventy-three Prints engraved by 
Bartolozzi, etc., from the original pictures and drawings of 
Michael Angelo, Domenichino, Annibal, Ludovico, and 
Agostino Caracci, Guercino, P. da Cortona, Carlo Maratti, 
etc., in the collection of his Majesty. Atlas folio. This 
forms the complement to the above or vol. 2, the work 
being afterwards published as a whole in 2 vols., folio, 
Boydell, n.d., 155 plates in tint (£5 to £6). 

Xjrueudeville. Sur la Noblesse et Excellence du sexe feminin, 
de sa preeminence sur I'autre sexe, et du sacrement du 
Mariage . . . Ouvrage joli . . . Leyde, 1726, 3 vols., 
12mo., frontispiece (lOs.). 

From the Latin of H. C. Agrippa. 

•Ij-ueullette. Les Mille et une Heures, contes peruviens. 
Amsterdam, Wetstein, 1734, 2 vols., 16mo., 2 plates by 
V. Gunst, and 2 fleurons on titles printed in red and black 

'Guiard de Servigne. Les Sonnettes, ou Memoires du marquis 
D * * *. Nouvelle edition, avec de jolies figures en taille- 
douce. A Berg-op-Zoom, chez F. de Richebourg, 1751, 2 
parts in vol. 1, 12mo., pretty frontispiece and 3 platen, not 
signed (6s.). 

^Guiard de Servigne. Les Rhinoceros, poeme en prose, divise 
en 6 chants par Mile, de * * *. S.l. (1750), 8vo., frontis- 
piece by Flipart after Aveline (4s.). 

Guibert (De). Observations sur la Constitution militaire et 
politique des armees de S. M. Prussienne, avec quelques 
anecdotes de la vie privee de ce monarque. Berlin, 1777, 
8vo., portrait-frontispiece by Larcy after Dunker (3s.). 

Guichard. Le Bucheron ou les Trois Souhaits, comedie en un 


acte mel^e d'ariettes (La musique est de Philidor). Paris, 
Chr. Ballard ou HMssant, 1763, 8vo. (3s.). There is a 
series of 6 plates for this comedy after Desrais, Leclerc, 
and Poisson by Duhamel, Dupin fils. Martinet, and PreVost 

Guien (Jean). Livre d'Ouvrages de Joaillerie invente et grave 
par Jean G. . . . Jouaill' a Londres. Published and sold 
by F. Vivarfes, 1762, oblong 4to., 6 plates, including title 
(12.S. to 15s.). 

Guillim (J.). A Display of Heraldry. The sixth Edition, 
improved with large Additions ... by Capt. John Logan ; 
an account of the customs, etc., of London and other cities^ 
with a dictionary explaining the several terms used by 
heralds in English, Latin, and French. London, 1724, folio.. 
Best edition ; several hundred coats-of-arms in the text,. 
and 65 plates and portraits (£3 to £4, and on large paper,, 
very scarce, £10 to £12). 

Toovey's large-paper copy, bound in morocco extra, realized in 1894 
£16 10s, 

Guillon. Entretiens sur le Suicide, ou le Courage philosophique 
.oppos^ au Courage religieux, et refutation des principes de 
J. J. Uousseau, de Montesquieu, de Mme. de Stael, etc., en 
faveur du suicide. Paris, veuve Nyon, an X. (1802),. 
16mo., frontispiece by Gaucher after Monnet (3s., and 
double on vellum paper with the unlettered proof). 

Guillon de Montleon. Etrennes aux amis ou Almanach pour 
I'an de griLce 1798. Paris, imprimerie des theophilantropes,, 
a I'enseigne de Polichinelle, an VII., satirical frontispiece, 
not signed (3s.). 

Gulliver ressuscite, ou les Voyages, Campagnes et Aventures 
extraordinaires du Baron de Munikhausen. A Londres, et 
se trouve a Paris, chez Eoyez, Libraire, Quai des Augustins, 
1787, 12mo., 2 parts with consecutive pagination, fleuron 
on titles (alike), and 3 plates, not signed (5s.). 

Gustave III. Collection des (Euvres politiques, litteraires, et 
dramatiques de Gustave III., roi de Sufede, suivies de sa 
correspondance. Stockholm, Charles Delen, 1804, 5 vols., 
8vo., vellum paper, portrait by Gaucher after Lafrensen, 
and 7 plates by Dambrun, Delaunay, Gaucher, Halbou, 
and Heland, after Hjelm and Limnell (10s.). 

Guthrie (Matthieu). Dissertation sur les antiquit^s de Eussie, 
contenant I'ancienne Mythologie, les rites paiens, les f§tes 


sacrees, les jeux, rhabillement, la musique, le mariage, les 
funerailles, etc., des Eusses compares avec les mimes objets 
chez les anciens. St. P^tersbourg, de Timprimerie du corps 
des cadets nobles, 1795, 8vo., 6 large folding plates (3 of 
music) (10s.). 

Guys. Voyage litteraire de la Grfece, ou Lettres sur les Grecs 
anciens et modernes, avec un parallfele de leurs mceurs, 
3"° edition. Paris, veuve Ducbesne, 1783, 4 vols., 8vo., 
frontispiece after Houel by Halbou, 8 plates after David, 
Favray, and Martel by Halbou and Laurent, or not signed, 
and 1 plan {5s.). 

Guzmanade (La), ou I'Etablissement de I'lnquisition, polme en 
XII. chants. Amsterdam, chez Eoy, 1778, 8vo., 1 plate, 
not signed (5 s.). 

Attributed to Mirabeau. 

(B..). The School of Recreation, a Guide to the 
most ingenious exercises of Hunting, Hawking, 
Eacing, Cock-fighting, Angling, Science of De- 
fence, etc. London, printed for H. Rhodes, 
1701, 12mo., frontispiece in 6 compartments; 
scarce (20s. to 25 s.). 

Hale (Th.). Social Harmony, consisting of a Collection of 
Songs and Catches ... to which are added several Choice 
Songs on Masonry. 1763, roy. 8vo., engraved title and 
music (15s. to 20s.). 

Haller (Albert de). Les Alpes (traduction de Tscharner). Berne, 
Societe typographique, 1795, 4to., 2 pretty vignette-frontis- 
pieces, signed D., 1786, 4 vignettes (1 by Lardy) and 4 
tailpieces (1 dated 1795), designed and engraved by 
Dunker (3s.). 

Two of the Adgnettes and two of the tailpieces have appeared before 
in the " Poesies de Haller " of 1775. 

Haller. Ode sur les Alpes, ornee d'une vignette pour chaque 
strophe par M. Herrliberguer. Berne, chez Brounner et 
Haller, 1773, sm. 4to., frontispiece representing the 
"Serment des Trois Suisses" surrounded with 10 small 
compositions, medallion portrait of Haller, and 49 vignettes 
without text (2 to a page) after Herrliberguer, probably 
by Dunker {6s.). 

Haller. Po(5sies de M. Haller, traduites de I'allemand (par 
Tscharner). Berne, Societe typographique, 1775, Bvo., 
frontispiece designed and etched by Dunker and finished by 
Lacroix, 2 fleurons after Dunker and 6 vignettes and 7 tail- 
pieces by him (3s.). 

Hamilton (Comte Antoine). OEuvres melees en prose et en 
vers. S.I., 1749, 12mo., fine fleuron on title, unsigned, 
and vignette by D. Sornique after De Sfeve (4s.). 


Hamilton. Memoires du Comte de Grammont, nouvelle 
edition par Horace Walpole, Strawberry Hill, 1772, 4to., 
portrait of Hamilton by Hall, and portraits of the comte 
and comtesse de Grammont, by Chambars and Pourle 
(205., and double in morocco). 

Only 100 copies printed. 

Hamilton. Memoires du Comte de Grammont, par le C. 
Antoine Hamilton ; edition orne'e de LXXH. portraits, graves 
d'apres les tableaux originaux. Londres, Edwards, s.d. 
(1793), 4to., vellum paper. The portraits are after Harding 
and Voet, by Bartolozzi, Birrell, Barker, Claessens, Clamp, 
Gardiner, Harding, jun. , Knight, Legoux, Nogent, Ogborne, 
Parker, Shineker, Schiavonetti, Silvester, Tomkins, Van den 
Berghe, and Vandenburg (£2, and more than double in 

The portraits include English and French eminent men and women. 
There are frequently 77 portraits, besides a view of SomerhUl. Text, 
313 pages; notes, 77 pages; titles and advertisement, 3 leaves; alpha- 
betical table and direction to binder, 2 leaves. An English translation 
with the same portraits appeared simultaneously. Copies exist on large 
paper, and 5 copies were taken on largest paper in folio, with the portraits- 
coloured on the outlines by Gardiner, to resemble drawings (£15), and 
one copy on vellum with the portraits coloured. 

Hamilton. Mdmoires du Comte de Grammont . . . Londres, 
J. Carpenter, 1811, 2 vols., 8vo., 64 portraits by E. Scriven 
(25s. to 30s.). 

The English version of the same date is worth double, and on large 
paper with proof plates, £5 to £6. 

Hamilton. CEuvres . . . Paris, Renouard, 1812, 3 vols., 8vo., 
4 plates after Moreau by de Gendt and Triere, and 8 por- 
traits by Saint-Aubin (12s., and treble on vellum paper 
with unlettered proofs, and with the etchings (rare), £5). 

Hamilton (Sir W.) Campi Plegrsei. Observations (in English 
and French) on the Volcanoes of the two Sicilies, with a 
Supplement. Naples, 1776-9, 3 vols, in 1, fol. map and 59 
plates coloured like drawings (20s. to 30s.). 

Hancarville (Hughes dit d'). Antiquit^s Etrusques, Grecques 
et Eomaines, tirees du cabinet de M. Hamilton, envoye' 
extraordinaire de Sa Majeste britannique en cour de Naples. 
Naples, Morelli, 1766-7, 4 vols., roy. fol., 520 plates 
coloured and plain, 24 large vignettes, 8 tailpieces, and 
35 magnificent letters ornamented after Beaulieu, Bracci, 


Cardon, NoUi, and Tierce by Lamberti and Pignatari, with 
text in English and French (£2 to £3). 

Hancarville. Antiquites etrusques, grecques et romaines, ou 
les Beaux Vases grecs et remains, et les peintures rendues 
avec les couleurs qui leur sont propres, grave'es par F. A. 
David, avec leurs explications par d'Hancarville. Paris, 
David, 1787, 5 vols,, 4to. and 8vo., frontispiece dated 
1785 repeated in each volume, and 361 plates, of which 
183 coloured (£2 and £1 respectively). 

Hancarville. Monumens de la Vie privee des Douze C^sars, 
d'aprfes une suite de pierres gravees sous leur regne. A 
Caprees, chez Sabellus (Nancy, Leclerc), 1780, 4to., frontis- 
piece and 50 plates. The first issue has the "s" long, and 
the title occupies 11 lines, while in the second the " s" is 
short (modern), and the title has only 10 lines (£2 to £3). 

Hancarville. Monumens du Culte secret des Dames romaines 
pour servir de suite a la Vie privee des douze Cesars. A 
Caprees, chez Sabellus (Nancy, Leclerc) 1784, 4to., frontis- 
piece and 50 plates (£2 to £3). 

The above remark applies to this book as regards the two editions, but 
sometimes the reissue is predated 1780. Behague's copy of the 2 vols, 
in morocco, 380 frs. They would hardly bring half now. Several times 
reprinted in 4to. and in 8vo., with the plates reduced. No archaeological 
value could be attached to these medals, as they are mostly imaginary. 
For the authentic medals, consult Lachaud. 

Hancarville. Le Cabinet de Lampsaque, d'aprfes une suite de 
pierres gravees. A Milet, chez Elephantis, s.d., frontispiece 
and 50 plates in bistre. Les Delices des Cesars, d'aprfes 
une suite de pierres gravees sous leur regne, frontispiece 
and 50 plates in bistre, 2 vols., roy. 8vo. (£2). 

The same as the preceding works, only under new titles. 

Hancarville. Priapi uti observantur in gemnis antiquis. 
Ludg. Batovarum, s.l.n.d. Title and text engraved and 
printed in red (circa 1771), frontispiece and 35 plates of 
gems, not signed. Veneres uti observantur in gemnis 
antiquis, engraved throughout, frontispiece and 35 plates 
of gems, not signed, both parts in 1 vol., 8vo. and 12mo., 
on stout Dutch paper (30s., and more in morocco). 

Some copies count only the two titles and 66 plates. A copy with 
a double set of plates (plain and coloured) and double titles in 2 vols., 
old morocco, realized £13. The text consists of 10 pages of preface 
printed in red within black border, and there should be a page of text 
to each subject, printed in red within 3 red-lined borders. 


Hancarville. Eecherches sur I'origine, I'esprit et les progres 
des arts dans la Grfece. Londres, Appleyard, 1785, 3 vols., 
4to., plates. The work remained unfinished (£2). 

Hanway (Jonas). Journal of a Journey from Portsmouth to 
Kingston-on-Thames, with an Essay on Tea, with political 
Reflections. 1757, 2 vols., 8vo., frontispiece {5s.). 

Hanway. Account of the Marine Society. London, 1759, 
8vo., 2 plates by Cipriani (5s.). 

Hanway. The Seaman's Christian Friend. London, 1779, 
8vo., frontispiece (3.s.). 

Hanway. A Sentimental History of Chimney-Sweepers in 
London and Westminster, showing the necessity of putting 
them under regulations to prevent the grossest inhumanity 
to the Climbing Boys. 1785, 12mo., 2 plates (15s. to 20s.). 

Hanway. An Historical Account of the British Trader over 
the Caspian Sea. . . . London, 1753, 2 vols., 4to., vignettes 
by Scotin, and plates and portraits after Amiconi, etc., by 
Walker, Major, and others (10s.). 

Harding (S. and E.). The Biographical Mirrour, comprising a 
series of ancient and modern English Portraits, with some 
Account of their Lives and Works (by F. G. Waldron). 
London, 1795-98, 3 vols., 4to., 150 portraits (£5 to ^6). 

Harley, ou I'Homme sensible (traduit de I'anglais par Plane). 
Paris, Charpentier et Bailly, 1797, 8vo., 1 plate by 
Clavareau (3s.). 

Harris (B.). List of Covent Garden Ladies, or New Atalantis, 
with the Man of Pleasure's Calendar. London, 1760-93, 
34 vols., 12mo., frontispieces ; excessively scarce (£30 to 

Harris (J.). History of Kent. London, 1710, roy. fol., 5 parts 
all published ; portrait and folding plates by Badeslade and 
Kip (30s. to 40s.). 

Harris (J.). New Book of Ornaments, designed for Decorating 
Fancy Furniture. London, 1788, oblong 4to., 6 coloured 
plates of Ornamental Designs (£5 to £6). 

Harrison (John). The Principles of Mr. Harrison's Time- 
keeper. London, 1767, 4to., plates (15s. to 20s.). 


Harrod (W.). The Antiquities of Stamford and St. Martin's. 
Stamford, 1785, 2 vols., 12mo., plates (15s. to 20s.). 

Hasted (E.). The History and Topographical Survey of the 
County of Kent. Canterbury, 1778-99, 4 vols., fol., map 
and plates (£15 to £20, and double on large paper, of 
which only 8 copies were printed). The second edition, 
1797-1801, 12 vols., 8vo. (£5 to £6). 

Hawes (R.). The History of Framlingham, including brief 
Notices of the Masters and Fellows of Pembroke Hall, in 
Cambridge. With considerable Additions and Notes by 
Robert Loder. Woodbridge, 1798, 4to., 10 plates, 250 
copies only printed (25s. to 30s.). 

Hawkins (Sir John). General History of the Science and 
Practice of Music. London, 1776, 5 vols., 4to., 51 portraits 
and engravings of musical instruments (£3 to £4). 

Hearne (Thos.). The Antiquities of Great Britain, engraved 
by Wm. Byrne from drawings made by Thomas Hearne, 
with a descriptive Account of each Subject in English and 
French. London, 1786-1807, 2 vols., oblong fol., 84 plates 
(£2, and double with proofs and etchings). 

Hearne (T.). The History and Antiquities of Glastonbury . . . 
Oxford, 1722, 8vo., plates, 150 copies printed and 50 on 
large paper (15s. and 30s. respectively). 

Hector Martin roman par DeK***D***. Paris, chez 
Maradan, an IX., 2 vols., 12mo., 2 plates, not signed (3s.). 

Hedlinger. (Euvres du chevalier Hedlinger ou Recueil des 
Medailles de ce celfebre artiste avec I'explication (par Ch. de 
Mechel). Bale, 1776-78, 2 parts in 1 vol., sm. fol., engraved 
title containing Hedlinger's portrait, vignette heading the 
dedication containing the portrait of Gustave HI., vignette 
heading S. S. Preisler's "Eloge de Hedlinger," 1 tailpiece, 
and 40 plates of medals finely engraved by Christian de 
Michel (10s.). Gosford copy in red morocco by Kalthoeber, 
36 frs. 

[Heineken (C. H. de).] Idee generale d'une Collection complete 
d'Estampes, avec une Dissertation sur I'origine de la gravure 
et sur les premiers livres d'images. Leipsic et Vienne, 
Kraus, 1771, roy. 8vo., 32 plates containing facsimiles of 
ancient Block-Books, etc. (30s. to 40s.). 
The work remained unfinished. 


Heliodore. Amours de Theagfene et de CharicMe, histoire 
^thiopienne (traduite par de Montlyard). Paris, Coustelier, 
1743, 2 vols., 12ino., frontispiece, 2 fleurons, 10 vignettes 
(only 5 of them different), and 11 plates (5s., and more on 
Dutch paper). The 1782 edition, 2 vols., 16mo., with 
frontispiece by Delignon after Marillier (4s.), and the 8vo. 
edition under the same date, with frontispiece by Delaunay 
after Marillier (5 s.). 

Helman. Faits Memorables des Empereurs de la Chine, tir^s 
des Annales chinoises d'aprfes les dessins originaux tires du 
Cabinet de M. Bertin a Paris. Dedies a Madame, orn^s de 
24 estampes, gravees par Helman. Paris, chez I'auteur, 
1788, 4to., engraved title, pretty vignette after Monnet 
heading the dedication, and 24 plates. 

Reduction of the large plates engraved after the designs of the Father 
Jesuit Attiret by order of the Emperor of China, and through the agency 
of the East-India Company, by Aliamet, Choffard, Le Bas, Nee, Pr6vost, 
and A. de Saint- Aubin under the direction of Cochin (who was entrusted 
with the commission by M. de Marigny). 

Helman. Abrege historique des principaux Traits de la Vie de 
Confucius, celfebre philosophe chinois, orn^ de 24 estampes, 
in 4to., gravies par Helman d'aprfes les dessins originaux 
de la Chine envoyes a Paris par M. Amiot, ministre a 
Pekin, et tires du Cabinet de M. Bertin. Paris (1788), chez 
I'auteur et chez M. Ponce, graveur, 4to., 24 plates (10s.). 

M. Quaritch, in his catalogue of 1883, offered a copy of the original 
edition of the Faits Memorables ; Abrege Historique and Ceremonies des 
Empereurs de la Chine, together 3 vols, in 1 royal folio, Grand Papier, 
Paris, 1784, each illustrated with 24 coloured plates, for £6 6s. (See 
also Monnet, Principales Journees de la Revolution.) 

Helyot (Le E. P.). Histoire des Ordres monastiques religieux 
et militaires et des congregations seculiferes de I'un et de 
I'autre sexe qui ont este etablis jusqu'a present ; avec des 
figures qui represcntent tons les diff^rens habUlemens de ces 
ordres et congregations. Paris, J. B. Coignard, ou Gosselin, 
1714-19, 8 vols., 4to., 806 plates of religious costumes by 
CI. Duflos, G-iffart, de Poilly, Thomassin, or, not signed 
(original edition ; reprinted 1721) (£2 to £3, and more on 
large paper). Eadziwill's copy on large paper, 150 frs. 

Helyot. Histoire du Clerge seculier et regulier, des congrega- 
tions de chanoines et de clercs, et des ordres religieux de Tun 
et I'autre sexes qui ont et^ Etablis jusques a present ; avec 
des figures qui represcntent les differens habillemens des 


ordres et congregations. Nouvelle Edition, tiree du E. P. 
Bonnani, de Herman, de Schoojiebeck et du R. P. Helyot. 
Amsterdam, Pierre Brunei, 1716, 4 vols., 8vo. and 12mo., 
180 plates after B. Picart, Schoonebeck (15s. and 30s.). 
Radziwill's copy on large paper, 130 frs. 

Helyot. Histoire des Ordres militaires, ou des chevaliers, des 
milices seculiferes et r^guliferes de I'un et I'autre sexes qui 
ont ete ^tablies jusques a present, avec des figures qui 
representent les differens habillemens de ces ordres. Nouvelle 
Mition, tiree de I'abbd Giustiniani, du R. P. Bonnani, de 
Herman, et avec un traite historique de M. Basnage sur les 
duels. A Amsterdam, chez Pierre Brunei, 1721, 4 vols., 
8vo., frontispiece and numerous plates after Schoonebeck 
(£2 to £B, and more on large paper). 

Vol. 1 contains a treatise on Duels. The Gosford copy on large paper 
of this and the preceding work, bound in red morocco by Derome le 
jeune, brought 6020 frs. 

Hemsterhuis. Aristee, ou De la Divinite. Paris (Hserlem), 
1779, 12mo., 4 vignettes, not signed (3s.). 

Hemsterhuis. CEuvres philosopbiques. Paris, 1792, 2 vols., 
8vo., 2 fleurons on titles, 11 vignettes and 13 tailpieces by 
Hulk (4s.). 

Henault (Le President). Nouvel Abrege chronologique de 
I'Histoire de France. Paris, 1744, 12mo., fleuron on title 
and three headpieces designed and engraved by Cochin (5 s.). 

This edition deserves notice, as it contains the first of Cochia's illus- 
trations for this work. 

He'nault. Nouvel Abrege chronologique de I'Histoire de 
France, 2^ edition. Paris, 1746, 12mo., 16 vignettes and 
tailpieces by Chedel, Cochin, Sornique, and Soubeyran 
after Cochin (3s.). 

Henault. Nouvel Abrege chronologique de I'Histoire de France, 
etc., 3"° edition. Paris, Prault pere et fils, 1749, roy. 4to., 
fleuron on title after Cochin, frontispiece by Lepicie' after 
Boizot, 3 vignettes, and 36 fine tailpieces after Cochin, 
3 ornamental letters (2 difierent) after Chedel, and 71 
portraits (known as the " Odieuvre series' •") after Boizot, 
de Leu, Robert, Thomassin, and Van Loo by Aveline, 
Dupuis, Duchange, Edelinck, Fessard, Ficquet, Filloeul, 
■Gaillard, Pinssio, Ravenet, Roy, Schmidt, and Thomassin 


(25s., and without the portraits and frontispiece, as they do 
not form an integral part of this edition, 10s.). 

Cochin's tailpieces exist in artists' proofs without text (very rare). 
Delbergue's copy in blue morocco by Derome, 550 frs. The Gosford copy 
of the 1752 edition with supplement, dated 1756, both vols, in 1, con- 
taining 240 portraits of illustrious persons engraved by Desrochers, and 
the two plates of the massacre of Saint-Barthelemy and of the assassina- 
tion of Henri IV. inserted, and bound in red morocco with dentelle and 
arms of Louis XV., was sold for 4350 frs. Mme. G. D.'s (Gab. Deles- 
sert) copy of 1752, with 33 head and tail pieces, and 215 portraits by 
Desrochers, 750 frs. (1895). 

He'nault. Nouvel Abrege' chronologique de I'Histoire de 
France, etc. Paris, Prault, 1768, 2 parts, roy.. 4to., frontis- 
piece, and fleuron on each title alike by Cochin, charming 
portrait of Marie Leczinska by Gaucher after Nattier in 
the vignette heading the engraved dedication, 3 vignettes 
by Moreau after Cochin, 3 ornamented letters by Chedel, 
30 tailpieces by Moreau, dated 1766 (some historiated 
with portraits or scenes), a tailpiece at the end of Louis 
XIV. reign, occupying the entire page, by Cochin (and 
sometimes with additional 35 allegorical engravings after 
Cochin by Aliamet, Patas, Tillard, Delignon, Delaunay, 
Martini, and Rousseau, preceded by an engraved title), 
without Cochin's 35 engravings (10s., and treble with them). 

Renouard's copy on Dutch paper (very rare) in blue morocco by 
Derome was sold for 190 frs. Cochin's engravings are only found inserted 
in some copies ; they did not form part of the book when published. They 
exist before letters and with letters before numbers, and in any case 
enhance the price accordingly. The vignettes and tailpieces exist in 
artist's proofs before letters, but are very rare. The author once 
possessed a copy entitled : " Estampes AUegoriques des Evenemens les 
plus connus de I'Histoire de France gravees d'apres les dessins de M. 
Cochin, etc. Paris, 1768," 4to., containing 38 engravings by Cochin, 8 
of them proofs before numbers, and 4 proofs before numbers and letters, 
as well as the complete series of vignettes and culs-de-lampe by Cochin 
in artist's proofs without text on Dutch paper, besides Henault's portrait 
and the portrait of Queen Marie Leczinska before letters and an addi- 
tional title on India paper. This title proves conclusively that Cochin's 
series of allegorical plates was published separately, subsequently to and 
not simultaneously with the above work. The fleurons on titles, the 
ornamented letters, and the large tailpiece at the end of the reign of 
Louis XIV. after Cochin, are reproductions, from the 1749 edition. M. 
Portalis possesses Cochin's first 25 original drawings. Considering the 
bulky contents, the book is sparsely illustrated. 

He'nault. Frangois II., trage'die en prose. Paris, 1747, 8vo., 
allegorical vignette by Soubeyran after Cochin fils (3s.). 

He'nault. Pifeces de The'^tre, en vers et en prose (par le 
pre'sident He'nault), 1770, 8vo., fleuron on title by de 


Longueil after Eisen, and 6 vignettes after Cochin, Eisen, 
de Sfeve, by de Longueil, Legrand, and Duflos. The follow- 
ing are the titles of the 6 theatrical pieces : Cornelie, 
vestale, 1769 ; Franyois II., roi de France, 1768 ; La 
Petite Maison, 1769 ; Le Jaloux de lui-mgme, 1769 ; Le 
Reveil d'Epimenide, 1769 ; et, Le Temple des Chimferes, 
1770, with separate paging. The vignettes are superb 

Comte de LigneroUes' copy in old red morocco, with arms of the 
Duchesse de Grammont, nee de Choiseul, 395 frs. (1894). 

Henri et Sophie, ou I'Actrice comme il y en a peu. Paris, 
Cottin, 1801, 2 vols, in 1, 16mo., 2 plates, not signed 
(3s. to 4s.). 

Hepplewhite (A.). The Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer's Guide, 

or Eepository of designs for every article of Household 

Furniture, in the newest and most improved taste, exhibiting 

300 designs or 126 plates from drawings by A. Hepplewhite. 

1788, fol. (£8 to £10), plates number 1 to 125 and 78*. 

The edition of ' 1789 has one more plate (plate 9 duplicate), and the 
1794 edition 130 plates. 

Hermant. Histoire des Eeligions ou Ordres Militaires de 
I'Eglise et des Ordres de Chevalerie de tout I'Univers, depuis 
leur creation jusqu'a present. Eouen, 1704, 8vo., wood- 
cuts (4s.). 

Hermilly (D') et Hurtaut. Iconologie historique des Souverains 
de France, etc., par M. . . . A Paris, chez le sieur Desnos, 
s.d., 32mo., 30 leaves engraved on one side only, containing 
a frontispiece and 28 historical subjects after Fossier by 
Patas, and 1 leaf of the " Avis de I'editeur " (all published) 

Hervey (J.). Meditations and Contemplations . . . London, 
l796, 2 vols., 8vo., frontispieces and plates (3s., and double 
on large paper, and with the plates coloured, 20s. to 25s.). 

Het Groote Tafereel der dwaasheid, etc. (South Sea Bubbles). 
S.l. (Amsterdam, 1720) fol.. Caricatures and historical pieces 
on the system of Law, 75 plates (including the rare satirical 
plate of the game of cards in 52 subjects on one leaf, frontis- 
piece, 4 portraits, 2 maps, and 1 plan). The number of 
plates is not always equal ; some containing even more 
than the Index mentions (15s. to 20s.). 


Heures de Paphos (Les), contes moraux par un sacrificateur de 
Venus, 1787, 8vo., engraved text, frontispiece, 4 tailpieces, 
and 12 pretty free plates, not signed, in the manner of 
Desrais (30s. to 40s.). 

Heureux (Les) evenements, ou les genereux aventuriers. His- 
toire nouvelle et galante. Amsterdam, 1752, 2 vols., 8vo., 
frontispiece (3s.). 

Hieroglyphica, oder Werkbeelden der oude Volkeren. Amster- 
dam, 1735, 4to., portrait of E. de Hooghe by Houbraken 
after H. Bos, 63 plates after K. de Hooghe by "Westerhovius 
(20s. to 30s.). 

Hipparchia, histoire galante, traduite du grec, avec une preface 
tr^s-interessante. Lampsaque, I'an de ce monde (1748), 
post 8vo., 4 plates (10s.). 

Published also under the title of Aiborappih. Attributed to 
Godard de Beauchamps. 

Histoire prodigieuse et lamentable de Jean Fauste, grand 
magicien, avec son testament et sa vie ^pouventable (traduit 
de I'allemand par Vict. Palma Cayet). A Cologne, chez les 
heritiers de Pierre Marteau [Bruxelles, G. de Backer], 1712, 
16mo., frontispiece by Harrewyn (15s. to 20s.). 

Histoire des Amours deGregoire VH., du Cardinal deEichelieu, 
de la Princesse de Conde, et de la Marquise d'Urfe. Par 
Mademoiselle D * * * (Catherine Bedacier, n^e Durand). 
Cologne, Pierre le jeune, 1700, 12mo., frontispiece (8s. 
to 10s.). 

Histoire du Vieux et du Nouveau Testament (par David Martin) 
. . . Anvers (French text) Amsterdam (Dutch text), 
Pierre Mortier, 1700, 2 vols., folio, 2 frontispieces, similar 
fleuron on each title, 2 vignettes alike, 1 ornamented letter, 
214 plates with 2 figures on each (except one), 1 head and 
29 tail pieces (all in vol. 2), and 5 maps, after Elgers, 
Goer^e, Picarfc, Tideman, Van der Plaes, etc., by Baptist, 
de Blois, Later, Mulder, V. Gouwen,'etc. (20.s., and more on 
large paper). 

More particularly so "avant les clous;" plate at page 145, vol. 2, 
having by accident been broken, it was repaired with nails, the imprint 
of which is visible on the border. Early impressions without this mark 
are therefore the best. De La Bedoyere's copy bound by Padeloup, 
645 frs., which in the Leboeuf de Montgermont sale brought 1980 frs. 
In the Brunet sale Longepierre's copy, in old red morocco, 1500 frs. 
There is not the remotest chance of these prices being again realized. 
A copy in Prench, in old French red morocco, sold at the Hotel Drouot 


in 1895 for only 152 frs. There are copies containing both the Prench 
and Dutch text (20«. in calf and more " avant les clous," but in morocco 
in the first state, £10 to £12). The fleurons and tailpieces exist in 
" tirage a part " (rarissime). 

Histoire de la Sultane de Perse et des Visirs, contes turcs com- 
poses en langue turque par Choc Zadd et traduits en frangais. 
Amsterdam, aux depens d'Etienne Roger, 1707, 12mo., 
frontispiece (55.). 

Histoire de la-Princesse de Montferrat. Londres, 1749, 12mo., 
1 etching, not signed (3s.). 

Barbier attributes this novel to Pr. Deslandes. 

Histoire de Bertholde, contenant ses aventures, sentences, bons 
mots, etc., traduite de litalien de Giulio Cesare Croci et 
MM. les academiciens de la Crusca. La Haye, chez P. G-osse, 
1750, roy. 8vo., grotesque portrait of Bertholde, not signed 

Reprinted 1752. 

Histoire de Comouflet, souverain potentat de I'empire d'Equito- 
polis. A, Equitopolis, 1751, post 8vo., fleuron by Moitte,, 
and vignette not signed (3s.). 

Histoire de Louis XV. par Medailles. Unhappily the work 
remained unfinished ; 9 of the fleurons and 5 of the alle- 
gorical plates referring to the events in the reign of Louis. 
XV., and dated 1753-7, were designed and engraved by 
Cochin fils, 8 other pieces after him were engraved hy 
Aliamet, L. Cars, Dupuis, Flipart, Gallimard, and Prevost 

Histoire de Don Ranucio dAletes, par lui-m6me~. Venise,. 
chez Francisco Pasquinetti, aux depens de la Compagnie, 
1736, or 1738, or 1752, or 1758, 2 vols., 12mo., 2 pretty 
plates, not signed (3s.). 

Histoire de la derniere Guerre, commenc^e I'an 1756 et fini& 
par la paix d'Hubertsbourg, le 15 fevrier 1763. Cologne, 
1769, 12mo., pretty plate by Bosse after Eisen (3s.). 

Histoire de I'Ancien et du Nouveau Testament, avec un dis- 
cours abrege (par Rondet). Paris, Herissant, 1771, 8vo., 
585 wood engravings in the text by Nicholas Le Sueur 

Histoire universelle des Theatres de toutes les nations depuis 
Thespis jusqu'a nos jours (jusqua Robert Garnier) (par 


Desfontaines, Coup6 et autres). Paris, Duchesne, 1779-81, 
25 parts in 7 vols., 8vo., 45 plates after Dugoux by Trifere, 
Ingouf, Taraval, etc. (£2 to £3). 

Histoire de la Guerre des Bataves et des Remains, redige par 
le marquis de St. Simon. 1770, fol., privately printed, plates 
by Tempesta after Otto Vaenius (6s.). 

Histoire sacree du Nouveau Testament, contenant la Vie de 
Jesus-Christ, ornee de 72 figures par J. D. B, (Duplessi- 
Bertaux. Paris, 1802, Bvo. (10s.). 

Histoires lubriques derobees aux Archives de Cythfere, ornees 
de 6 gravures. A Guide, aux depens de Venus, s.l.n.d. 
(Paris, 1789), 16mo., 6 plates, not signed (10s.). 

Histoires les plus remarquables de I'Ancien et du Nouveau 
Testament, gravees en cuivre par le celfebre Jean Luyken. 
Amsterdam, Mortier, 1732, roy. fol., 67 plates and 29 
vignettes (lOs.). 

RadziwiU's copy in green morocco by Padeloup, 105 frs. 

Hodges (W.). Select Views in India, drawn on the Spot in 
the years 1780-3, and executed in Aqua-tinta. London, 
1786, imp. fol., 50 plates (with descriptions in English and 
French) (20s. to 30s., and with plates coloured or proofs, 

Hoet (Gerard). Les Principaux Fondements du Dessin pour 
I'usage des curieux, mis en lumiere par G. Hoet, etc. 
Leide, Langerak, 1723, folio, about 90 plates by Bodart 

Jlofman (T.). Portraits Historiques des Hommes Illustres de 
Dannemark . . . (Copenhague), 1746, 4to., 7 parts contain- 
ing 50 portraits and vignettes by Folkema, Fokke, Will, 
etc. (30s. to 40s., and more on large paper). 

Hogarth (W.). The Analysis of Beauty. London, 1753, 4to., 
2 folding plates (5s.). 

Hogarth (W.). Five Days' Peregrination in the Isle of Sheppey. 
1782, folio, 9 plates by Hogarth (25s. to 30s.). 

Hogarth. "Works moralized by J. Trusler. London, 1768, 8vo., 
portrait and plates (20s. to 25s.). 

Hogarth (W.). Original and Genuine Works. London, J. and 
J. Boy dell, 1790, Atlas folio, portrait of Hogarth by Smith, 

HOGAKTIl'S GliAllUC Illustkatioxs 

IP age 243 


and 103 plates, including "Before" and " After," and another 
portrait and a table (£8 to £10). 

Hogarth illustrated by John Ireland. Loudon, 1791-98, 3 vols., 
roy. 8vo., 133 plates (30.s. to 40s.). 

Hogarth (W.). Graphic Illustrations of Hogarth from Pictures 
and Drawings in the possession of Samuel Ireland. London, 
1794-99, 2 vols., 4to., 108 portraits (including those of 
Hogarth and his wife) and plates, some tinted and some 
in red, and Lovat's Ghost on Pilgrimage in mezzotint (30s. 
to 40s., and more on large paper, sm. folio). 

Holbein. (Euvre de Jean Holbein, ou Recueil de gravures 
d'aprfes ses plus beaux ouvrages, accompagne d'explications 
historiques et critiques, par Chretien de Mechel. Basle, 
. chez I'auteur, 1780, sm. folio (£3). 

PjTrt ], Le Triomphe de la Mort, has 12 plates comprising 47 
subjects, 2 large plates, and 2 tailpieces by Eisen; Part 2 has La 
Passion de Notre-Signeur, consisting of title and 12 plates; Part 3 has 
engraved title and 1 2 Swiss costume plates in bistre or coloured, 
published 1790 ; Part 4 has portraits of illustrious people of the 16th 
century, viz. Holbein, his wife and children; Meier and his wife (all 
four engraved by B. Hubner) ; Amerbach, Erasmus and the family of 
Thomas Morus (in bistre), 1794. The plates of the " Triomphe de la 
Mort " have appeared separately in a volume. They are engraved after 
Holbein's original drawings, which are at Basle. , Holbein's Life, 
although mentioned on the title of Part 2, was never published. 

Holbein. Le Triomphe de la Mort grave d'apres les desseins 
de Holbein par W. Hollar (London, 1790), post 8vo., 
portraits of Hans Holbein and of Wenceslaus Hollar, and 
31 plates (the last one folding) (5s. to 6s., and more on 
large paper in 4to.). 

Three copies exist on vellum. Hollar's plates were originally published 
in oblong 4to., on 15 leaves (2 plates on a leaf), the impressions being 
superior and scarce. 

Holbein. Imitations of Original Drawings by Hans Holbein 
in the Collection of his Majesty, for the Portraits of 
illustrious Persons of the Court of Henry VIII., with 
biographical Tracts (by E. Lodge). Published by John 
Chamberlaine. London, 1792, Atlas folio. Portraits of 
Holbein and his wife, 12 anonymous portraits, 68 portraits 
according to List, and 2 miniature portraits of the young 
Dukes, children of the Duke of Suffolk (both on one plate), 
together 84 portraits tinted in colours, all engraved by 
Bartolozzi (except those of Lady Eliot, Melanchthon, and 


Jolin Poins, by C. Metz, Bartolozzi's pupil, and that of 
John Eeskimer by C. Knight) after Holbein's designs. The 
first impressions are printed on tinted (Holbein) paper, 
mostly the size of the page, the second of smaller size 
mounted on drawing paper, and the third on a kind of 
white stained paper, the size of the paper {£9 to £12, and 
more with proofs) ; 6 copies were carefully mounted on card 
paper, ruled in gold and black. Originally published in 14 
numbers, they are more in imitation of Italian masters than 
in the manner of Holbein. 

Hollandia regenerata. Londres, 1794, roy. 4 to., 20 caricatures 
printed in red with text in English, French, and Dutch ; 
rare (25s.). 

Homer. L'lliade, po^me avec un discours sur Homere, par 
M. de La Motte. Paris, G. Dupuis, 1714, 8vo., frontispiece, 
vignette for the Dedication to the King, and 12 plates after 
Delamonce, A. Dieu, Nattier, Fr. Roettiers by Chaufournier 
and Nic. Edelinck (4s.). 

Homer. The Iliad and Odyssey of Homer, translated by Mr. 
Pope. London, 1715-25, 11 vols., sm. folio, original 
edition, map and plates (25s. to 30s.). 

Homer. Les (Euvres d'Homfere, traduites du grec par Mme. 
Dacier, avec I'introduction, en 7 vols., 12mo., Amsterdam, 
J. Wetstein, 1731, 3 frontispieces, 1 fleuron repeated on 
each title, 24 plates for the Iliad after B. Picart, 24 for the 
Odyssee after Farret, by Jonghe and V. Buysen, and 5 
plates of monuments (25s., and in morocco according to 
state and preservation). 

De Bute's copy in blue morocco by Padeloup, 750 frs. ; M. Double's 
copy in red morocco by Derome, 1000 frs. Comte de LigneroUes' copy 
in old red morocco, 277 frs. (1894). The Gosford copy of the edition of 
Paris, Rigaud, 1711-16, 6 vols., 12mo., with Picart's plates for the 
Iliad inserted in old red morocco, 245 frs. 

Homer. L'lliade d'Homfere, nouvelle traduction. Paris, 1773, 
3 vols., roy. 8vo., 3 plates after Cochin by Gaucher, Romanet, 
and de Launay (5s., and more on large paper). 

Reprinted by Barbou, 1776. Copies on large paper bound by Derome 
are sometimes to be met with, and valued at £3. The copy with Cochin's 
3 original drawings, 600 frs. 

Homer. L'lliade et I'Odyssee, traduction nouvelle, precedee 
de Reflexions sur Homere et suivie de Remarques, par 


M. Bitaube, de' TAcademie Eoyale des sciences et belles- 
lettres de Berlin. A Paris, chez Prault et Lamy, 1780-85, 
6 vols., 8vo., frontispiece by Ponce after Marillier, fleuron 
after Moreau on title, bust of Homer, not signed ; 24 plates 
for the lUiad after Marillier by Dambrun, Delignon, De 
Gendt, De Launay, Lingee, Patas, Ponce, and Trifere, and 
25 plates (one folding), not signed ; for the Odyssee :' portrait 
of Bitaub^ after Cochin by A. de Saint- Aubin, and 24 plates, 
not signed (15s., and more on Dutch paper). 

Reprinted 1786-8, 12 vols., with portraits of Homer and of Bitaube 
by Saint-Aubin and plates (5s., and more on vellum paper). 

Homer. L'lliade d'Homere, traduite en vers frangois par M. de 
Eochefort, de I'Academie royale des inscriptions et belles- 
lettres, nouvelle edition. Paris, de Tlmprimerie royale, 
1781, 4to., fieuron on title and 24 vignettes by Blosse (3s.). 

Homer. Gluvres completes d'Homfere, traduction nouvelle, 
dediee au Roi, avec des notes litt^raires, historiques et 
geographiques, par M. Grin. Paris, Imprimerie de Didot 
I'aine, 1786, 4 vols., roy. 4to. or 8vo., frontispiece with 
Homer's portrait, and 24 plates after Marillier by Dambrun, 
Delignon, de Ghendt, de Launay, Lingee, Patas, Ponce, and 
Trifere, and a map (15s. and 10s.). 

The plates in the 4to. edition are lettered and unlettered and within 
borders, and in the 8vo. lettered and without borders. Comte de La 
Bedoyere's copy in 4to. uncut, with the etchings and Marillier's (25) 
original drawings a.l'encre de Chine, 112 frs. The Iliad is not in this 

Honorine, ou Mes 22 ans, histoire veritable de Mile, de * * *, 
publiee sur ses Memoires par un homme de lettres. PariSj 
Marchant, 1803, 3 vols., 12mo., 3 plates, not signed, in the 
style of Chaillou (3s.). 

Hoogfliet. Arnold Abraham de aartsvader, an XIL boeken. 
Rotterdam, Daniel Beman, 1736, sm. 4to., frontispiece 
by Wandelaar, 2 vignettes by Bleyswyck, and 12 plates by 
Punt, and portrait after Beman by Houbraken (10s.). 

Hope (Sir W.). The compleat Fencing-Master. London, 1710, 
12mo., plates (£2), 

The first edition, 1691, is worth a little more. 

Horatius. Opera. Londini, ex officina J. Tonson et J. Watts, 
1715, 8vo., frontispiece by L. Duguernier (5s., and more 
on large paper). 

Baron Pichon's large-paper copy in blue morocco, with arms of Comte 
d'Hoym, 370 frs. 


Horatius. Opera. Londini, a3neis tabulis incidit Johannes 
Pine, 1733-37, 2 vols., 8vo., engraved throughout, 2 
fleurons on titles, 2 frontispieces, 164 ornamented initial 
letters, and 324 illustrations, consisting of figures, vignettes, 
head and tail pieces, etc. (£4 first issue, to he distinguished 
by "Caesar tribun post est" instead of "potest" on the 
medal at page 108, vol. 2 ; and £2 105. for the second, and 
double in morocco). 

The book is well illustrated, but the execution, though elegant, lacks 
charm, and the medal designs are based on erroneous information 
derived from the wrong sources. They are for the greater part 
imaginary. The Brunet copy, in a superb mosaic binding, by Derome, 
2180 frs. ; absurd even for the binding. Another copy in blue morocco 
in the same sale brought 335 frs. 

Horatius. Carmina, nitori suo restitua, accurante Steph. And. 
Philippe. Lutetise Paris. Coustelier, 1746, 12mo., frontis- 
piece after B. Picart by Duflos, 10 vignettes (6 different) 
and 4 tailpieces, not signed (3s., and on stout Dutch paper, 

Horatius. Poemata . . . Aurelianis, Couret de Villeneuve, 
1767, 12mo., frontispiece and engravings (4s.). 

Horatius. Opera. Birminghamise, J. Baskerville, 1762, 12mo., 
frontispiece, fleuron on title by Grignion after Wale, and 
1 escutcheon (5s.). 

Reprinted 1770, 4to., and this edition has generally the advantage of 
containing series of frontispiece and 4 plates after Gravelot. Such a 
copy in old red morocco, £3 3s. 

Horatius. Opera. Parisiis, excudebat Petrus Didot natu major. 
1799, roy. fol., 12 vignettes after Percier (5s., and treble on 
large vellum paper, of which 250 copies were printed). 
Two copies were taken on vellum ; in one of them the 
original drawings were inserted, and the other (M. 
DelzoUi^s') was sold in 1894 for 205 frs. 

Horsley (John). Britannia Eomana, or the Eoman Antiquities 
of Britain : I. History of all the Eoman Transactions in 
Britain, an Account of their Forces, Station, and a Descrip- 
tion of the Eoman Walls ; H. A Collection of the Eoman 
Inscriptions and Sculptures ; HI. Eoman Geography of 
Britain. London, 1732, fol., upwards of 100 maps and 
plates (£5 to £6). 

Houbraken (Jacques). De groote Schonburgh der nederlants che 
Konstschilders en Schilderessen. Amsterdam, 1718-21, 8 


vols., 8vo., 103 portraits on 41 plates, fleuron on 1st and 
3rd titles, frontispiece, engraved dedication, and 5 plates by 
Houbraken (15s.). 

Reprinted 1753, with 103 portraits. The same illustrations are to be 
found in the Biographie des Peintres ilamands de Wegerman. La Hay, 
1729-69, 4 vols., sm. 4to. (large paper, 20s., and on ordinary paper, 

Houbraken. Collection de 95 portraits de personnes illustres 
dans les Provinces-Unies des Pays-Bas. Amsterdam, 1761, 
roy. 4to. (15s.). 

Houbraken and Vertue. Heads of illustrious Persons of Great 
Britain, engraven by Houbraken and Vertue, with their 
Lives and Characters, by Thomas Birch. London, 1743-51, 
2 vols., fol., 108 portraits (80 and 28 respectively) (£4 to 
£5, and double on large paper with unlettered proofs, of 
which only 200 copies were printed). 

Houel (Jean). Voyage pittoresque des lies de Sicile, de Malte,, 
et de Lipari. Paris, 1782-89, 4 vols., roy. fol., containing: 
264 plates (including 7 maps), designed and engraved in.. 
tint by Houel (15s.). 

The Radziwill copy in red morocco, 70 frs. 

Hourcastr^me. Aventures de Messire Anselme, 2° edition... 
Paris, chez Lemierre, 1796, 4 vols., 8vo., portrait of the^ 
author by Miger, and 14 plates designed and engraved hy 
Hourcastr^me (6s.). 

Huber. Choix de Poesies allemandes. Paris, Humblot, 1766, 
4 vols., 12mo. and 8vo., 1 plate by De Longueil after Eisen, 
and 4 vignettes after Watelet (3s.). 

Huet (J. B.), Premier [deuxieme livre] de differents trophees. 
Paris, Demarteau, 1772, 8vo., 8 plates in red after J. B. 
Huet by Demarteau (12s. to 15s.). 

Huet (J. B.). Cahiers des Arabesques dess. par J. B. H. . . . 
peintre ... A Paris, chez Bonnet (1776-80), 4to., 14 parts 
of 4 plates each (£5 to £6, and more in bistre and dearer 
in red). 

Huet (J. B.). CEuvre de differens Genres, dessinee par J. B. 
H. . . . peintre du Eoi, et gravee par Demarteau. A Paris, 
chez I'auteur, s.d. (circa 1780), 4to., 12 parts of 4 plates in 
red each (in the first part the portrait of Huet) ; very rare 
(£20 to £25). 


Huet (J. B.). Premier [dix-tuitieme] cahier de fragmens et de 
principes de Desseins de tous les genres, dessines . . . pour 
les elfeves, par J. B. Huet, peintre de TAcademie royale de 
peinture. A Paris, chez Bonnet, s.d. (circa 1785), roy. 4to., 
72 plates in red, each of several subjects (£7 to £8). 

Huet (J. B.) et Mixelle. Vues diverses des Environs de Paris, 
dessinees par Huet, gravees par Mixelle. Paris, Bonnet, 
s.d., 4to., plates of views (some coloured) (£3 to £4). 

Huet (J. B.). (Euvres. ... A Paris, chez Huet fils, s.d. (circa 
1800), 2 vols., fol., vol. 1 engraved title and 6 parts of 
6 plates each, vol. 2 contains 82 plates of ornaments, etc., 
en-graved by J. B. Huet, Huet fils, Legrand, and Demarteau 
(50s. to 60s.). 

Huquier (Jacques-Gabriel). Iconologie ou sont representees les 
Vertus, les Vices, les Sciences, les Arts et les Divinites de 
la Fable, en deux cent seize estampes in v. et grav. par 
Huquier. A Paris, chez le dit Huquier, rue des Mathurins, 
folio (£12 to £15), very rare and recherche collection of 
-ornaments in the genre of the Louis XV. period. 

The 216 original drawings form part of the Berard Collection. The 
other works of this artist are as follows : Recueil de plus de 600 Vases, 
■composes et graves en partie par Huquier ; Nouveau livre de Serrurerie 
en 60 planches ; Livre de differentes especes d'oiseaux, plantes et fleurs 
de la Chine, 60 pieces divisees en 4 parties, et des Recueils de Vases, 
de Caprices, de Trophies, de Frises, de Bordures, d'Ecrans, de Dessus de 
Portes et d'Arabesques; Nouveau Caprices d'Ornements mesles de fleurs ; 
Difierentes Pensees d'Ornements Arabesques a divers usages. A Paris, 
s.d., oblong 4to., 2 parts, 10 plates each (including titles), by Huquier 
after Bellay. M. Hip. Destailleur's copy of Huquier 's CEuvre (1750-70), 
2 vols., 4to., containing 338 pieces, realized 480 frs. (1895). 

Hurtado de Mendoza. La Vie et les Aventures de Lazarille de 
Tormes, ecrites par lui-meme ; traduction nouvelle sur le 
veritable original espagnol, embellie de plusieurs figures. 
Brusselles, George de Backer, 1701, 2 vols., 12mo., 1 por- 
trait and 19 plates by Harrewyn (6s.). 

Reprinted 1711. The best impressions are in the 1698 edition. 

Hurtado de Mendoza. Aventures et Espifegleries de Lazarille 
de Tormes, ecrites par lui-meme, nouvelle edition, etc. Paris, 
Didot le jeune, an IX. (1801), 2 vols., 8vo., 40 'plates 
designed and engraved by Eansonnette (10s., and more with 
unlettered proofs. 

The plate in chapter 17, vol. ii., should be looked for ; it is sometimes 


Hurtaut. L'Art de P§ter, essai tlieori-physique et methodique 
a Tusage des personnes constipees, des personnage's graves 
et austferes, des dames melancoliques et de tous ceux, qui 
sont eselaves du prejuge, suivi de I'histoire du prince Pet-en- 
I'air et de la reine des Amazones, etc. En Westphalie, 
chez Florent Q., rue Pet-en-Gueule, au Soufflet (Paris), 
1751, 12mo., curious frontispiece representing the god 
Crepitus, and 1 plate referring to the History of Pet-en-l'air, 
both, not signed (10s.). Original edition. 
Reprinted 1776. 

Hutchins (J.). History and Antiquities of Dorset. ' London, 
1774, 2 vols., foL, map, pedigrees, plans and plates (SOs. to 
40s.). The second edition, 1796-1815, 4 vols., fol., £5 to 
£6, and double on large paper with proof plates. 

Hutchinson (W.). A View of Northumberland, with an Excur- 
sion to the Abbey of Mailross in Scotland. Newcastle, 
1778-80, 2 vols., 4to., plates (30s. to 40s.). 

Hutchinson (W.). History and Antiquities of the County 
Palatine of Durham. Newcastle, 1785-87, and Carlisle, 
1794, 3 vols., 4to., portraits, plates and pedigrees (50s. to 
60s., and double on large paper, of which only 8 copies are 
mentioned in the list of subscribers to have been printed). 

Hutchinson (W.). History of the County of Cumberland and 
some Places adjacent . . . Carlisle, 1794-98, 2 vols., 
4to,, map and plates (£2 to £3, and on fine paper 
£4 to £5). 

Hutin (Ch.). Recueil de differents Sujets ... A Dresde, 
1763, 4to., 36 etchings (18s. to 20s.). 

D^E generale des Vices principaux de I'lnstitut des 
J^suites, tiree de leurs constitutions et des autres 
litres de leur socidtd. S.I., 1762, 12mo., frontis- 
piece, not signed {3s.). 

Idyllen . . . Leipzig, Loewen, 1760, 12mo., title 
within engraved border, with fieuron, vignette arid 15 tail- 
pieces, unsigned (55.). 

Idylles et Pieces fugitives, trouvees dans un ermitage au pied 
du Mont Saint-Odille. Paris et Strasbourg, 1781, post 8vo, 
etched frontispiece, not signed (Ss.). 

Idylles polonaises. Varsovie, 1778, 8vo., frontispiece by de 
Gendt, and 7 plates by de Longueil after Eisen (105.). 

Imbert. Le Jugement de Paris, poeme en iv. chants . . . 
Amsterdam (Paris), 1772, 8vo., title engraved by Moreau, 
4 plates after Moreau by Nee, Duclos, Masquelier, and 
Delaunay, and 4 headpieces by Choffard (20s., and double 
and more in morocco according to state). 

Choffard's vignettes in artist's proofs without text exist as well as 
the etchings. M. Paillet's copy in that state, and Moreau's 4 plates in 
two states, bound in morocco double by Bauzonnet, is marked by 
Morgand 4000 frs. Reprinted 1774 (half-price). 

Imbert. Fables Nouvelles, d^di^es h, Madame la Dauphine. 
Amsterdam et Paris, Delalain, 1773, 8vo., frontispiece by 
N^e after Moreau {5s., and double on Dutch paper). 

Imbert. Historiettes et Nouvelles en vers . . . Amsterdam, 
1774 (Paris, Delalain), 8vo., title designed and engraved 
by Moreau, 1 plate and 4 charming vignettes by Mas- 
quelier and N'^e after Moreau (10s., and more on Dutch 

The vignettes exist in artist's proofs without text. A second edition 
appeared in the same year. 

Imbert. Les Egarements de 1' Amour ou Lettres de Feneli et 
de Miefort. Amsterdam (Paris, Delalain), 1776, 2 vols., 


8vo., 4 plates after Moreau and Marillier by Duclos, cle 
Ghendt, and Martini (10s.). 

The London 1793 edition, 3 vols., 16mo., with 3 plates, not signed, 
is of little value. 

Jmbert. Choix de Fabliaux mis en vers. Paris, 1795, 2 vols., 
16mo., 2 plates, not signed (3s.). 

Imbert. Les Bienfaits du Sommeil, ou les Quatre reves 
accomplis. Paris, Brunet, 1776, post 8vo., engraved title 
and 4 pretty plates by Delaunay, after Moreau (£3 to £A, 
and considerably more in old morocco). 

In the first issue the plates are without borders, and " Maurepas " is 
in the legend of the first vignette ; in the second the name has been 
replaced by that of " Miremenil." Copies are extant on Dutch paper 
containing unlettered proofs. In both cases the book is an encomium in 
verse on Louis XVI., Comte de Maurepas, and M. de Miromesnil, and is 
rarely to be met with, and of commanding interest and value. 

Imbert. Le Jugement de Pdris, poeme en iv. chants. Paris, 
Chaigneau aine, 1797, 16mo., title and 4 plates after 
Moreau, reduced form of the 1772 edition minus the 
Choflfard vignettes (3s.). 

It is always to be found as supplement to " Narcisse dans I'lle de 
Yenus." (See Malfilatre.) 

Imitateurs de Charles IX. (Les), ou les Conspirateurs foudroy^s, 
drame en cinq actes et en prose, orne de 5 figures, par le 
rddacteur des Vepres siciliennes et du Massacre de la Saint- 
Barthelemy. S.l. (Paris), de I'imprimerie du Clergd et de 
la Noblesse, 8vo., 5 plates, not signed (10s.). 

Attributed to Gabriel Brizard. A pamphlet against Marie- Antoinette. 

Imitation de Jesus-Christ, traduction nouvelle, par Nic. 
Beauz^e. Paris, Barbou, 1788, 12mo., frontispiece and 
4 plates after Cipriani, Cochin, and Lesueur by Prevost 
(3s., and more on Dutch paper). 

Imitatione Christi (De) lihri quatuor, recensuit J. Valart. 
Paris, Barbou, 1764, 12mo., frontispiece and 4 plates after 
Marillier by de Longueil (3s., and more in old morocco). 

The French version, published in 1773, with the same plates, is of 
little value. 

Imitatione Christi (De) libri quatuor. Parisiis, 1782, 16mo., 
frontispiece by Delaunay after Marillier (3s.). 

Imitations de Jesus-Christ (De 1'), traduction nouvelle (par 
I'abb^ Nic. Le Due). A Paris, chez Savoye, 1741, 8vo., 


frontispiece and plates after Humblot by Duflos and 
Gu^tard (5 s.). 

Behague's copy in an old rich binding, 243 frs. 

Ince and Mayhew. The Universal System of Household 
Furniture, consisting of about 300 Designs in the most 
elegant Taste, both useful and ornamental. Finely 
engraved, in which the Nature of Ornament and Per- 
spective is accurately exemplified. The Whole made con- 
venient to the Nobility and Gentry in their choice, and 
comprehensive to the Workman by directions for executing 
the several Designs, with Specimens of Ornament for young 
Practitioners in Drawing, by Ince and Mayhew, Cabinet- 
makers and Upholders. London, n.d. (about 1760), roy. 
folio, engraved titles in English and French (the latter in 
red), 1 leaf each for dedication (engraved) and preface, 6 
leaves of explanation (in English and French), and 95 plates 
containing 300 designs by Darly (plates L to 3 and 66 are 
in red) ; very scarce (£25 to £30). 

The book is dedicated to the Duke of Marlborough, and may be said 
to rival Chippendale. Mr. E. Hall's copy, sold in 1887, is described 
as having 101 plates, but the one in the South Kensington Museum 
corresponds with the number given above. 

Inchbald (Mistress). Simple Histoire, troisifeme edition. Paris, 
Louis, 1793, 4 vols., 16mo., 4 plates, not signed (35.). 

Intrigues du Cabinet des Rats (Les), apologue national destine 
a I'instruction de la jeunesse et a I'amusement des vieil- 
lards ; ouvrage traduit de I'allemand en frangais . . . Paris, 
Le Roi, 1788, 8vo., 22 vignettes (4s.). 

Isle de France (L') ou la Nouvelle Colonie de Venus, pr^cedee 
d'un epitre a M * * * servant de preface. Amsterdam, 
chez Arkstee et Merkus, 1753, post 8vo., frontispiece, not 
signed, and an allegorical folding plate signed : Cochin fils 
inv. et so. (3s.). 

A prose poem attributed to Thomas. 

Italic (L') illustree en 135 figures en taille-douce, dess. et grav. 
par les plus fameux graveurs des Pays-Bas. Leyde, 1757, 
fol. (20s. to 25s.). 

Ince and Mayhew (No. 1) 

[Page 252 

' .f -ff> '-^. 

ACKSON (J. B.). An Essay on the Art of En- 
graving and Printing in Chiaro-oscuro, as prac- 
tised by Albert Diirer, Hugo di Carpi, and others. 
London, 1754, 4to., 8 coloured plates (20s.). 

Jackson. Imitations of pictures by Titian, Paul 
Veronese, Cagliari, Eobusti, and de Ponte. Venetiis, 1745, 
fol., 24 large wood engravings on 18 plates in Chiaroscuro, 
being one of the earliest attempts at printing in colours with 
wooden blocks (50*. to 60s.). 

Jacobi. Traductions de diverges ceuvres composees en allemand, 
en vers et en prose, par Jacobi, chanoine I'Halberstadt. 
Paris, 1771, 8vo., fleuron on title and 4 pretty tailpieces by 
A. V. S. and Fritsch (3s.). 

Jacobinfeide (La), poeme heroi-comi-civique. Paris, au bureau 
des Sabbats Jacobites. 1792, 8vo., 12 plates, not signed, 
very rare (10s. to 15 s.). 

Jacobs (Gr.). Poetical Kegister, or Lives and Characters of the 
English Dramatic Poets. 1719-20, 2 vols., 8vo., portraits 
(15s. to 20s., and double on large paper). 

Jamain de Beaupre (Jean). Methode tres facile pour former 
la noblesse dans I'Art de I'Bp^e, etc. (en frangais et en 
allemand). Ingoldstadt, 1721, 4to., 25 plates, not signed 

James (J.). Gardening, done from the French Original. 1712, 
4to., plates by Van der Gucht (15s. to 20s.). 

Janel. Eecueil de Diligences, Berlines et Carosses, inventes et 
dessines par Janel. A Paris, chez Chereau, s.d., oblong 
fol., 6 parts of 6 plates each, engraved under the direction 
of Choffard (£8 to £10). 

Janinet. Cahiers de Trophies, gravees par J. F. Janinet. 
Paris, Le Pfere et Avaulez, s.d. fol., 3 parts of 4 plates each 
(£2 to £3). 


Janinet. Vues pittoresques des principaux Edifices de Paris. 
A Paris, chez Lami, libraire, quai des Augustins, chez 
I'auteur, place Maubert, et chez Esnault et Eapilly, 1/92, 
8vo. or sm. 4to., 96 oval views of the public buildings and 
of special mansions of Paris by Janinet after de Durand, 
printed in colours (£6 to £8). 

De La Beraudiere's copy, with 109 or 110 plates, 370 frs. 

Janinet. Vues des plus beaux Edifices publics et particuliers 
de la Ville de Paris et des Chateaux royaux. Oblong 4to,, 
88 plates by Janinet and Chapuy after de Durand, Gar- 
bizza, Toussaint, and Mopille, representing views of the 
Louvre, of the Sorbonne, of the Palais-Eoyal, of the Val- 
de-Gr^ce, of the H6tel des Invalides, the Boulevards, the 
Bridges, Versailles, Compifegne, Fontainebleau, etc. (£6 to 
■ £8). 

The first edition came out with only 42 plates, and some copies have 
only 82 plates. 

Jardin (Le) des ^mes sensibles, almanach orne de jolies 
gravures. Paris, Janet (1794), 16mo., frontispiece and 12 
plates (155.). 

Jardins de Monceau pres de Paris, appartenant a S. A. S. Mgr. 
le due de Chartres. Paris, chez Delafosse, Nee et Masquelier, 
1779, roy. fol., plan by Bertaud after L. C. de Carmontelle, 
and 17 views of gardens with people, after the same by 
Colibert, Couch^, Deni, Croutelle, Legrand, Lesueur, Lupine, 
Michel, Michaud, Leroi (£2 to £3). 

Jauffret. Les Charmes de I'Enfauce et les plaisirs de I'Amour 
maternel, ornes d'une gravure en taille-douce. A Paris, 
chez Moutard, 1791, 12mo., frontispiece signed F. M, 
Queverdo inv. 1791 et Delignon sculp. (3s.). 

Jauffret. Les Charmes de I'Enfance et les Plaisirs de I'Amour 
maternel, par L. F. Jauffret ; ornes de plusieurs gravures en 
taille-douce, etc. Troisifeme edition. Paris, Perret, 1793, 
16mo., frontispiece by Dambrun after Queverdo, portrait 
by Gaucher after Notte, and 3 plates after Queverdo by 
Delignon and Gaucher (10s.). 
Graceful illustrations. 

Jauffret. Les Charmes de I'Enfance, 5° e'dition. Paris, de 
rimprimerie de Didot jeune, 1796, 2 vols., 12mo., frontis- 
piece, and 5 plates after Monnet by Delaunay, Gaucher, 


and Ingouf (10s., and considerably more -than treble on 
vellum paper witb unlettered proofs). 

Gaucher's pretty portrait of Jauffret may be added. 

JauflFret. Javotte, ou la Jolie vielleuse parvenue, manuscrit 
trouve au ,Bois de Boulogne. Paris, cbez Lagrange, an 
VIII. , 12mo., 1 plate by Bovinet after Chaillou (5s.). 

Jeaurat. Traits de Perspective a I'usage des artistes, ou Ton 
demontre geometriquement toutes les pratiques de cette 
science, etc., par M. Edme-Sebastien Jeaurat, ing^nieur- 
geograpK du Eoi. Paris, Jombert, 1750, 4to., 100 tecbnieal 
plates, a vignette by Soubeyran, and 55 tailpieces (several 
repeated) by Babel, Cochin, and Marvye (10*.). 

The tailpieces (one bearing date 1730) are worn, having been used 
up in earlier publications. 

Jefferys (Th.). A Collection of the Dresses of different Nations, 
ancient and modern, particularly old English Dresses 
... to which are added the habits of the principal characters 
on the English stage. London, 1757-72, 4 vols., 4to., text 
English and French, fleurons on titles alike. by Grignion 
after Walker, and 480 plates of costumes after Holbein, Van 
Dyck, Hollar, etc. (£2 to £3, and double coloured, and more 
on large paper). See Eecueil des Habillements, etc., the 
identical work. 

Jefferys (T.). Journal of the Siege of Quebec London, 1759, 
4to., plan of the environs (15.?. to 20s.). 

Jeffries (D.). A Treatise on Diamonds and Pearls. Lond'on, 
1751, 8vo., 30 plates (20s.). 

Jeffries (D.). Traite des Diamants et des Perles, ou Ton 
considere leur importance ... la just valeur ... la vrai 
methode de les tailler (par Chappotin S. Laurent). Paris, 
Debure, 1753, Svo., headpiece by Baquoy after Cochin, and 
10 plates (10s. to, 12s.). 

Jesuites (Les) de la maison professe de Paris, en belle humeur. 
Cologne, Pierre Marteau, 1725, 2 parts in 1 vol., 12mo., 
2 frontispieces (alike) (4s.). 

Jesuitiques (Les), enrichies de notes curieuses pour servir a 
Tin tell igence de cet ouvrage. A Eome, aux depens du 
general, 1761, 12mo., 2 folding plates, the first not signed, 
the second by Bonnard (5s.). 


Jeu de Mail (Le), nouvelles regies tant sur la manifere d'y bien 
jouer que pour decider les divers evdnemens qui peuvent 
arriver a ce jeu. Paris, Huguier et Cailleau, 1717, 12mo., 
4 plates by de Mortain (4s.). 

Jeu (Le), le Vin et les Femmes oii le danger des passions. 
Paris, Tiger, s.d., 16mo., 1 plate, not signed (3s.). 

Jeux (Academie des) . . . Amsterdam et Leipsig, cbez Arkst^e 
et Merkus, 1752, 3 vols., 12mo., frontispiece and plates 

Jeux de la petite Thalie (Les), Thetltre de la vie bumaine 
representee par les jeux de I'enfance ou les amusements de 
la jeunesse, etc., en cinq parties, avec tablettes feonomiques, 
perte et gain et stylet. A Paris, cbez Desnos, s.d., l6mo., 
frontispiece and 90 plates, not signed, in the manner of 
Gravelot (£3 to £4). 

The same book as the " Almanach de la Lotefie de TEcole militaire." 

Jeux de Calliope (Les) ou Collection de Poemes anglois, ita- 
liens, allemands et espagnols, en 2, 3 et 4 cbants. Londres 
et Paris, Ruault, 1776, 16mo., 4 plates after Gibelin 
by Marcband (3s,, and more than treble on large paper 
in 4to.). 

Jeux (Les) de Quadrille, de Quintille, de I'Hombre a trois et a 
deux, de la maniere dont ou les joue presentement, avec les 
Regies etablies par I'usage, et un Recueil de Decisions 
nouvelles sur les difBcultez et incidens qui peuvent survenir. 
A Paris, au Palais, 1732, post 8vo. (6s.). 

Johnson (C). General History of the Robberies and Murders 
of the most notorious Pyrates. London, 1724, 2 vols., 
8vo., map of America, and plates (20s. to 30s.). 

Johnson (C). History of the Lives and Actions of the most 

famous Highwaymen, Murderers, Street Robbers, etc., with 

the Voyages and Plunders of the most noted Pirates. 

London, 1734, folio, 26 plates. Best edition (£6 to £8). 

This singular ■work appeared originally in 73 weekly numbers at 
twopence each, or 20 monthly parts at eightpence each. The plates 
are frequently misplaced. 

Johnson (J.). Scot's Musical Museum. Edinburgh, 1787-1803, 
6 vols., 8vo., engraved throughout with music ; many of the 
songs were written by Burns (30s. to 40«.). 


Jolinson (T.). One hundred and fifty Designs, consisting of 
Glass Oval Slab and Picture Frames, Stands for China, 
Candelabras, Brackets, Stove Grates, etc. 1758, 4to., 58 
plates (35s. to 40s.). 

Joinville. Histoire de saint Louis, par Jehan sire de Joinville ; 
les annales de son regne, par Guillaume de Nangis ; sa vie 
et ses miracles, par le confesseur de la reine Marguerite, etc. 
Paris, de I'lmprimerie royale, 1761, fol., fleuron on title by 
Lemire, 3 vignettes after Eisen and Gravelot, 3 tailpieces 
after Gravelot by Lemire and Sornique, and 3 engraved 
letters (15s.). 

Jolie femme (La), ou la Femme du Jour. Amsterdam, chez 
Changuion, 1769, 2 parts, 12mo., engraved titles, not 
signed (3s.). 

Jombert (Ch. A.). Nouvelle Methode pour apprendre a dessiner 
sans mattre. Paris, Jombert, 1740, 4to., 120 plates (10s. 
to 12s.). 

Jombert (Ch. A.). Catalogue raisonne de Tceuvre de Sebastien 
Leclerc dessinateur et graveur du Cabinet du Roi, avec la 
vie de cet artiste. Paris, 1744, 2 vols., 8vo., fine frontis- 
piece after Jombert by Prevost (5s.). 

Jombert (Ch. A.). Methode pour apprendre le dessin, ou Ton 
donne les regies generales. Paris, I'auteur, 1755, 4to., 100 
plates (8s. to 10s.). 

Jombert (Ch. A.). Architecture Moderne oul'Art debien B^tir 
pour toutes sortes de personnes, divisee en dix livres. Paris, 
1764, 2 vols., 4to., headpieces by Marvye, Cochin, and 
Choffard, and 131 plates (40s. to 50s.). 

Jombert (Ch. A.). Repertoire des Artistes ou Eecueil des Com- 
positions d' Architecture etd'Ornemens antiques et modernes 
de toute espece, par Marot, Loir, Ducerceau, Le Pautre, 
Cottart, Pierretz, Cotelle, Leroux, Berain, etc., avec un 
abrege historique de la vie et des ouvrages de chacun de ces 
artistes, ouvrage pour faire suite aux oeuvres de J. Le 
Pautre. Paris, chez I'auteur, 1765, 2 vols., folio, 251 plates 
for vol. 1 and 444 plates for vol. 2, the greater part of the 
illustrations being in the style of Louis XIV. period (£40 
to £50). 

M. Hip. Destailleur's copy, 1500 frs. (1895). The table of vol. 2 
erroneously indicates 6 and 18 instead of 7 and 24 plates, in parts 35 
and 50, and that accounts for Cohen counting only 437 while the second 
volume contains 444 plates. 

-«— S 


Jombert (Ch. A.) et Perelle pere et fils. Les Delices de 
Versailles et des maisons royales, ou Eecueil de Vues . . . 
de Versailles, La Menagerie, etc. En deux cents planches 
dessinees et gravees pour la plupart par les Perelle pere et 
fils. Le tout enrichi de . . . description par Ch. Ant. J. 
. . . Paris, 1766, foL, 218 plates (£5 to £6). 

Jombert (Cli.. A.). Essai d'un Catalogue de I'oeuvre d'Etienne 
de La Belle, peintre et graveur florentin. Dispose par ordre 
historique suivant I'annee ou chaque piece a ^te gravee, 
avec la vie de cet artiste . . . Paris, chez I'auteur, 1772, 
8vo., 2 vignettes after Cochin by Prevost (5s.). 

Jones (Inigo). Designs, consisting of Plans and Elevations for 
public and private Buildings, published by William Kent. 
London, 1770, 2 vols., foL, 73 and 64 plates respectively 
(40s. to 50s.). 

Jonson, (Ben). Works . . . with Notes critical and explana- 
tory, by Peter AVhalley. London, 1756, 7 vols., Svo., 
portrait by Vertue, and 10 plates designed and engraved 
by Duguernier (15s. to 20s., and considerably more on fine 
or large paper, the latter being very scarce). 

The 1716 edition, 6 vols., 8vo., with portrait and plates, 10»., and 
double on large paper. 

Joseph (Flavins). Histoire des Juifs, traduite sur I'original 
grec, revue sur divers manuscrits par Monsieur Arnaud 
d'Andilly. Nouvelle edition, enrichie d'un grand nombre 
de figures en taille-douce, etc. Bruxelles, Fricx, 1701-2, 3 
vols., post 8vo., frontispiece by Berterham after Van Orley ; 
headpiece in vol. 1 and 204 vignettes, not signed. The 
following is always added : Histoire de la Guerre des Juifs 
contre les Romains, . . . traduite par M. Arnauld dAndiJly. 
Nouvelle edition, enrichie d'un grand nombre de trfes-belles 
figures en taille-douce. Bruxelles, Fricx, 1703, 2 vols., 
post 8vo., headpiece in vol. 1 and 26 vignettes, together 5 
vols, and 232 vignettes (25s., and more on stout paper). 
Delbergue's copy in red morocco by Trautz, 450 frs. ; Comte 
de LigneroUes' copy in old citron morocco, 122 frs. (1894). 
Reprinted the same year in 12mo., of little value. 

Jouffreau de Lazei'ie (Abbe). Don Quichotte, poeme heroi- 
comique. Montauban, 1782, 8vo., one plate by Mme. Ponce 
after Marillier (3s.). 


Joujou des Demoiselles (Le), nouvelle edition, avee de nouvelles 
gravures. S. 1. (Paris), 1752, sm. 4to!, engraved throughout, 
title engraved, frontispiece by Lemire after Eisen, 50 half- 
page vignettes for the " Joujou," not signed (in the manner 
of Cochin and Chedel), and 5 vignettes for the Epigrams 
(15s., and more on Dutch paper). 

Journal de ce qui s'est fait pour la reception du Roy, dans sa 
ville de Metz, avec un recueil de plusieurs pieces sur le 
meme sujet. Metz, 1744, fol., 8 folding plates by Mangin 
(10s. to 15s.). 

Journal des Muses par une Societe de gens de lettres, No. 1.. 
Paris, 1797, 16mo., frontispiece by Villerey after Qudverdo 

Journee Amoureuse (La), ou les Derniers Plaisirs de M . . . 
Ant . . ., comedie en trois actes, en prose, representee, pour 
la premiere fois au Temple, le 22 aout, 1792. Au Temple, 
chez Louis Capet, I'an premier de la Eepublique, 12mo., 
frontispiece and 3 very pretty plates, not signed (£6 to 
£8), rare. M. A. Ducoin's copy in morocco uncut, 335 frs. 

A booklet against Marie- Antoinette. 

Joutel (Mr.). Journal of his Voyage to Mexico, his Travels 
eight hundred Leagues through forty Nations of Indians - 
in Louisiana to Canada, his account of the great Eiver 
Mississippi. London, 1719, 8vo., folding map (£4 to £5). 

Junius [Letters]. Stat Nominis Umbra. London, T. Bensley,. 
1797, 2 vols., 8vo., two printed titles to each volume, one^ 
with vignette by W. Ridley, the other with woodcut by 
Bewick (the latter unsigned), both repeated in second 
volume, 69 (37 and 32 respectively) head and tailpieces by 
Bewick (not signed), and 21 portraits (12 and 9 respectively)' 
by W. Eidley (125. to 15s., and double on large paper). 

This most interesting and clever book is supposed to have been written 
by Sir Philip Francis. The evidence adduced, however, is not conclusive, 
and the authorship remains enshrouded in mystery. 

Junquieres. Caquet Bon-Bee, la Poule a ma Tante, po^me 
badin, seconde edition, revue, corrig^e et augmentee d'un 
chant. Paris, 1763, post 8vo., frontispiece by Baquoy after 
Gravelot (10s.). Comte de LigneroUes' copy in red morocco 
by Derome le jeune, 210 frs. (1894). 

Junquieres. Caquet Bon-Bee, la Poule a ma Tante, po^me 
badin, nouvelle edition (imprimerie royale), 1785, 16mo., 


fleuron on title, frontispiece, not signed, 8 vignettes and 6 
tailpieces after Marillier by de Ghendt, Legouaz, Legrand, 
de Longueil, Masquelier, Nee, Ponce and Mme. Ponce. 
These illustrations, witli the exception of the frontispiece, 
are copied from Dorat's Fables (10s.). 

Juristische Ergotzlichkeiten vom Jung-Gesellen Rechte, beste- 
hend in Nutz- und Lehr-reichen Gesetzen, Bxempeln und 
Begebnuszen wie solche ehemals von Herrn D. Schopffern 
und Herrn Schiitzen auf dem Juristischen Catheder zu 
Franckfurth an der Oder defendiret. . . . Frankfurth und 
Leipzig, 1715, 12mo., curious frontispiece in three compart- 
ments (8 s. to 10 s.). 

Jtistin. Justini Historiarum ex Trogo Pompeio libri XIV. 
Paris, Barbou, 1772, 12mo., a fine frontispiece by de 
Longueil after Gravelot and 1 vignette, not signed. 

Juvenel de Carlencas. Essais snr I'Histoire des Belles-lettres, 
des Sciences et des Arts, nouvelle edition. Lyon, 1749, 
4 vols., post 8vo., 4 frontispieces, 4 fleurons on the titles, 4 
vignettes by Joubert after Delamonce (12s.). 

Juvenal. Juvenalis Satyrarum libri v., ex recognitione Steph. 
Andr. Philippi. Lutetiee Parisiorum, Grange 1747, 2 parts, 
12mo., 2 frontispieces by Duclos, and head and tail pieces 

Juvenal. Junevalis Satyrarum libri v. Paris, Barbou, 1754, 
12mo., 2 frontispieces by Duflos and 5 tailpieces (3s.). 

Comte Roger's copy on Dutch, paper in red morocco, 190 frs. 
Exceptional finie copy, hence an exceptional price. 

■Juvenal. Satires de Juvenal, traduites par J. Diisaulx (with 
the Latin text), 3^ edition, ornee de figures dessinees par 
Moreau le jeune. Paris, Didot jeune, 1796, 2 vols., roy. 
4to., vellum paper, 2 frontispieces after Moreau, etched by 
Giraud, the one finished by Dambrun and the other by 
Dupr^el (10s., and on large paper in folio double). 

Juville. Traite des Bandages herniaires . . . Paris, Belin, 
1786, 8vo., 14 coloured plates (10s.). 

AHN (A. F.). Anfangs griinde der Fechtkunst. 
Groettingen, 1739, 4to., plates of fencing (40s. to 

Kailaz, ou les Jeunes Sauvages, drama. Londres, 
Paris, Bleuet, 1770, 8vo., fleuron on title, vignette 
by de Longueil after Queverdo, and 1 tailpiece by the 
same (3s.). 

Kaulkol (G-. C). Christliclier Seelenschatz auserlesener Gebette 
. . . Bonn, 1729, 8vo., engraved title, vignettes, ornamental 
head letters and copper engravings by Kaulkol, secretary to- 
the Elector Clement August of Cologne (10s.). 

Kay (John, the Scottish artist). Collection of 260 portraits of 
eminent Scotch Persons, drawn and etched from Life. 
Edinburgh, 1780, etc., 4to. (£3 to £4, and double and more 
for proofs). 

Keating (J.). General History of Ireland, with Appendix. 
London, 1732, portrait and 40 plates of pedigrees and coats- 
of-arms (20s. to 25s.). 

Keralio (Louise-Fdlicite Guinement de). Les Crimes des Reines 
de France, depuis le commencement de la monarchic jusqu'a 
Marie-Antoinette, publies par L. Prudhomme, avec cinq 
gravures. Paris, au bureau des Revolutions de Paris et 
Lyon, 1791, 8vo., 5 indifferent plates, not signed (5s.). 

Keralio (Louise-Felicity Guinement de). Dictionnaire des 
Individus envoyes a la mort judiciairement, revolutionnaire- 
ment et contre revolutionnairement pendant la Revolution, 
particulierement sous le regne de la Convention nationale, 
avec des gravures et des tableaux. Paris, an V de la 
R^publique (1796), 2 vols., 8vo., 2 vignettes on titles and 
2 folding plates (6s.). 

Keratry (Aug. H. de). Contes et Idylles. Paris, de I'impri- 
merie de P. Fr. Didot le jeune, 1791, 16mo., engraved title 
and 1 plate (5s.), 


Kidder (E.). Eeceipts of Pastry and Cookery for the Use of 
Hs Scholars. London, n.d. (1730), engraved throughout, 
with portrait by Sheppard (20s.). 

Kidgell (J.). Original Fables, in French and English. London, 
1763, 2 vols., 12mo., outline plates (never published) 
{20s. to 30s.). 

King (E.). Munimenta Antiqua, or. Observations on Ancient 
Castles, including Eemarks on the whole, progress of 
Architecture, ecclesiastical as well as military, in Great 
Britain, and on the corresponding changes in manners. 
Laws, and Customs. London, 1799-1805, 4 vols., foL, 
plates (£2 to £3). 

King (J. G.). The Eites and Ceremonies of the Greek Church 
in Eussia, containing an Account of its Doctrine, Wor- 
ship, and Discipline. London, 1772, 4to., plates (30s. to 

Kip (J.). Britannia lUustrata, or Views of several of the 
Queens' Palaces as also of the principal Seats of the Nobility 
^nd Gentry of Great Britain. London, sold by David 
Mortier, 1,707, imp. folio, 80 large plates (£4 to £5, and 
more on large paper). 

Kip (J.). Nouveau Theatre de la Grande Bretagne, ou 

Description exacte des Maisons les plus considerables de la 

Grande Bretagne, avec le Supplement. Londres, chez 

Joseph Smith, 1724-8, 5 vols.. Atlas folio. Vol. 1 contains 

title, 80 plates of views of the Country Seats of the English 

Nobility and Gentry, preface, description, and alphabetical 

list of plates and 6 11. ; vol. 2 has title, 76 plates (ditto), 

description and 4 11. ; vol. 3 consists of engraved title-page : 

" Ecclesiarum Anglise et "Wallise Prospectus, London, 1719," 

65 plates of views of all Cathedrals in England and Wales, 

and genealogical tables, printed title, description, table, 

historical account of Cathedrals and 18 11. ; vol. 4 contains 

85 plates of views of Cities, Ebyal Palaces, Sea Ports, etc., 

including those in Scotland, and English and Scottish views, 

title, description, table and 8 11. ; vol. 5, Supplement, has 

85 plates of views of Seats and views in Scotland (plates 

33 to 53 comprise Winstanley's series of views of Audley 

End in Essex, and among the others should be " Vues en 

Ecosse " with Gordon Castle, which is missing in some 

copies, Eddystone Lighthouse, long views of London and 


Westminster, St. James's Park (2 plates), Montague House), 
title, description, table and 8 11. (£25 to £30). 

First edition appeared in 1709, 4 vols., fol. Earl of Clanoartliy's 
copy of the 1716 edition, 4 vols., folio, £23 10s. (August, 1894). 

Kit-Cat Club (Portraits of the members of the), done from the 
Original Paintings of Sir Godfrey Kneller by John Faber. 
London, Tonson, 1735, folio, title and 48 mezzotint portraits 
(£20 to £30, and more for large-paper copies). 

Kleiner (Salomon). Vera et accurata delineatio templorum, 
ccenobiorum, etc., quae in Vienna quam in circumjacentibus 
suburbiis ejus repriuntur. August. Vindel. 1724, 4 parts 
in 1 vol., oblong fol., containing 2 frontispieces and 33 
plates each (£5 to £6). 

Kleiner (Salomon). Residences memorables de I'incomparable 
heros de notre siecle ou Representation exacte des Edifices 
et Jardins de S. A. S. Monseigr. le prince Eugfene-Frangois, 
due de Savoye, etc. Le tout leve et designe sur le lieu par 
le sieur Salomon Kleiner. Augsbourg, 1731-40, 10 parts 
in 1 vol., oblong fol., frontispiece, engraved dedication, and 
90 plates (£8 to £10). 

The following are frequently found bound up with the book, and 
may be regarded as supplementary : (1) "Representation des Ajiimaux 
de la menagerie de S. A. S. Mgr. le Prince Eugene-FranQois de Savoye 
. . . Augsbourg, 1734," title and 12 plates; (2) "Representation 
naturelle et exacte de la favorite de son Altesse electorale de Mayence, 
en 14 differentes vues sur les desseins du S'- Salomon Kleiner. Augs- 
bourg, 1736," title, frontispiece, dedication, preface, and 14 plates. 

Kleiner (Salomon). L'Hotel superbe de la Ville d' Augsbourg 
. . . Augsbourg, 1738, oblong fol., 16 plates of views 
(20s. to 25s,.). 

Klinger (Fr. Max. de). Les Aventures du docteur Faust et sa 
Descente aux Enfers, traduction de I'allemand, avec figures. 
Amsterdam, chez les libraires associ^s, 1798, post 8vo., 
engraved title with Faust's medal portrait, and 5 plates by 
G. B. after Sch. (4s.). 

In the same year appeared an edition : Paris, Langlois, an VI. 

Klopstock. La Mort d'Adam, tragedie, traduite de I'allemand, 
etc. (par I'abbe Roman, d'Avignon). Paris, Prault, 1762, 
12mo., frontispiece by Berthault after Marillier, title after 
the same by Laurent, and 3 pretty etchings, signed Poisson 
fee. (5s.). 


Knight (R. P.). An account of the Remains of the Worship 
of Priapus, lately existing at Isernia in the Kingdom of 
Naples ; also two Letters, one from Sir Wm. Hamilton, K.B., 
and the other from a Person residing at Isernia, to which 
is added a Discourse of the Worship of Priapus, and its 
Connexion with the mystic Theology of the Ancients. 
London, 1786, 4to., 18 plates. Privately printed (£4 
to £5). 

Kolbe (P.). Description du Cap de Bonne Esperance, tir^e des 

Memoires de P. Kelbe (par Jean Bertrand). Amsterdam, 

1741, 3 vols., post 8vo., maps and plates (8s. to 10s.). 

The original Dutch text was published, Amsterdam, 1727, 2 vols., 
fol., with plates. 

Kraft (J. Ch.). Plans, Coupe et Elevations des plus belles 
maisons, et des H6tels construits a Paris, et dans les 
environs, par J. Ch. K. . . et N. R. . . . Paris, 1801-2, 
20 parts in 2 vols., fol.,. containing frontispiece and 120 
outline plates by Ransonnette (£5 to £6). 

Krafft (G. W.). Description et representation exacte de la 
Maison de glace construite a St. Petersbourg en 1740, et 
de tons les meubles qui s'y trouvaient. St. Petersbourg, 
academie des sciences, 1741, 4to., 6 plates; very rare 
(it is a translation from the German by Pierre Louis le 
Roy) (30s.). 

Kraflft (J. L. ). Histoire generale de I'auguste Maison d' Autriche. 
Bruxelles, 1744, 3 vols., fol., 3 frontispieces and 11 portraits 
(£2 to £3). 

AAN. Verschyden Modernse Kleedinge Geteekendt 
en in het Kooper debrugt door A. Vander L. 
(Paris, 1720), 8vo., 16 etchings (5s.). 

La Barre de Beaumarchais (Ant.). Aventures de 
Don Antonio de BuflPalis, histoire italienne en- 
ricliie de figures en taille-douce. La Haye, chez J. Neaulme, 
1722 or 1724, 12nio., 6 indifferent plates, not signed 

La Barre de Beaumarchais (Ant.). Le Temple des Muses, orne 
de LX. Tableaux ou sont representes les Ev^nements les 
plus remarquables de I'Antiquite fabuleuse, dessinds et 
graves par B. Picart le Eomain et autres habiles maitres, 
et accompagnds d'explications et de remarques (par de La 
Barre de Beaumarchais), etc. Amsterdam, Zacharie Ch^te- 
laia, 1733, folio, 60 plates, fleuron on title and an escutcheon 
vignette containing the arms of the Elector of Mayence by 
B. Picart (15s., and double in morocco). 

Picart's plates are, with slight alterations, copied from those executed 
by Diepenbecke for the "Temple des Muses" of 1655, with text by 
Michel de Marolles. The Dutch edition of 1731 contains the lirst 
impressions. Reprinted 1742 and 1749. Morel de Vinde's copy of the 
1731 edition, with the 25 rejected plates by Diepenbecke before the 
numbers, including the rare plate of " Salmacis et Hermaphrodite " 
by Bloemaert, and the portraits of Diepenbecke and Picart, inserted, 
realized 810 francs. ; Behague's copy in red morocco, 610 frs. ; R. Lion's 
copy in citron morocco, 230 frs. ; a copy of the 1742 edition, in green 
morocco with the aims of Montmorency-Luxembourg, brought in the 
same sale 445 frs. All these prices are the more misleading, as the 
book is very little in request now. Of course stress should be laid on 
the bibliopegistic beauty, which formed the main attraction of the 
several copies in question. 

Labat (Le Pfere). Voyage du Chevalier Des Marchais en Guinee, 
isles voisines et Cayenne, fait- en 1725, 1726, et 1727, par 
le P. Labat. Paris, Osmont, 1730, 4 vols., 12mo., copper- 
plates (10s.). Labat was only the .editor of this book, but 
he has also published his own travels : " Relation de 
I'Afrique occidentale, 1728, 1732, et 1758," 5 vols.. 


12mo., with plates, and: "Voyage aux Isles d'Amerique. 
Paris, 1722," or. La Haye, 1724, 6 vols., 12mo., or 1738, 
2 vols., 4to., with maps and plates (15s.). 

La Baume Desdossat (L'abbe de). La Christiade, ou le Paradis 
reconquis, pour servir de suite au Paradis Perdu de Milton. 
Bruxelles (Paris), 1753, 6 vols., 12mo., frontispiece, 12 
plates and 12 vignettes after Eisen, by Chenu, Delafdsse, 
Lemire, and Sornique (15s.). 

These, among the first of Eisen's illustrations, are pretty and 

Labe (Louise Charly, dite, surnomme'e la belle Cordiere). 
(Euvres ... A Lyon, chez les frferes Duplain, 1762, 8vo., 
frontispiece, head and tail pieces after Nonnotte by DauUe 
(the last work done by that artist, as he died soon after- 
wards). Only 500 copies printed, besides 25 on large fine 
Dutch, paper, 12 of them with the illustrations coloured (en 
camaieu) (12s., £2, and £5 to £6 respectively). 

La Bedoyfere (Comte Henri de). Journal d'un Voyage en 
Savoie et dans le Midi de la France en 1804 et 1805. 
Paris, Crapelet, 1849, 1 plate by Devilliers, after Moreau 
(4s., and treble on large Dutch paper, of which only 10 
copies were printed). 

Privately printed. This plate was designed by Moreau in 1813, the 
year in which he died. 

La Borde (De). Choix de Chansons mises en musique par 
M. de La Borde, premier valet de chambre ordinaire du 
Eoi, Gouverneur du Louvre, ornees d'estampes par J. M. 
Moreau, dediees a Madame la Dauphine (Marie-Antoinette). 
A Paris, chez de Lormel, imprimeur de 1' Academic royale 
de musique, rue du Foin-Saint- Jacques, 1773, 4 vols, 
roy. 8vo. 

Vol. 1 engraved title after Moria and Mile. Vendome, with fleuron 
designed and engraved , by Moreau in 1774, dedication engraved by 
Masquelier after Moreau, and 25 plates designed and engraved by 
Moreau le jeune ; vol. 2, title containing the portrait of the Dauphine, 
engraved by Nee and Masquelier after Le Bouteux, and 25 plates after 
Le Bouteux by Nee (13) and Masquelier (12); vol. 3, title engraved 
by Nee and Masquelier after Le Barbier, and 25 plates after Le Barbier 
by Nee (12) and Masquelier (13); vol. 4, title engraved by Nee and 
Masquelier after Le Barbier, and 25 plates after Le Barbier (18) and 
St. Quentin (7), by Nee (12) and Masquelier (13). The authors of 
the " Chansons " set to music by La Borde are the following : Bernard, 
le comte de Bissy, Chabanon de Maugry, Colardeau, le chevalier de 
Chastellux, Dorat, de la Motte, de la Sabliere, Le Prieur, Marmontel, 


Clement Marot, la Comtesse de Murat, Moncrif, le chevalier de Menil- 
glaise, de Non, Fran9ois de Neufchateau, le chevalier d'Orleans, Pannard, 
de Plumeteau, J. B. Rousseau, Segui, de Saint Alphonse, Saint-Lambert, 
Voltaire and La Borde himself who furnished the greater number of all. 
The music for the "chanson" called " Le Concert" (11, 129) was com- 
posed by Lady Hamilton. The text and the music of the whole work 
were engraved by Moria and Mile. Vendome. — The portrait " a la lyre" 
of La Borde, by Masquelier after Denon, though not executed before 
1774 (simultaneously with Moreau's fleuron on title), forms an integral 
part of the book. This cannot be said of the interesting portrait of 
Madame La Borde, designed and engraved by the same artists, as it is 
very rare, very few copies containing it, and it represents an item of 
significance in itself. The 26 plates of the first volume exist in un- 
lettered proofs, and in an unfinished state (etchings), but are of the 
utmost rarity, particularly the latter. The second plate in this volume 
has been engraved twice, the first state as a specimen for the prospectus 
without tablet. It is a matter of regret that the work was taken out 
of Moreau's hands, owing to some disagreement, and that the master 
was not given a free hand to accomplish what he had so brilliantly 
begun. Le Bouteux, Le Barbier, and Saint-Quentin, who were entrusted 
with the illustrations of the remaining 3 vols., were second-rate draughts- 
men, and so were the engravers Nee and Masquelier. Moreau's work 
is a masterpiece of composition, replete with spirit and delicacy of 
execution, while his successors could not rival him even at a distance.— 
There are extant the etchings of the vols. 2, 3, and 4, but only a very few 
unlettered proofs of the 78 plates exist. The frontispiece to vol. 2 
should contain the portrait of La Borde which was afterwards replaced 
by the profile of the Dauphine (Marie Antoinette). Although some 
copies are larger than others, especially those of square size (small 
quarto) it is, after such a lapse of time, and the book having become so 
rare, very difficult to decide whether these were intended for large paper, 
or if such were ever published. There are some copies on bluish paper, 
and this might have been intended as ordinary paper, marking a 
difference from white Dutch paper copies. Copies with the plates before 
the numbers are known to exist. One copy was taken on vellum, and 
this containing the original drawings by Moreau, Le Bouteux, Le Barbier, 
and Saint-Quentin, and in morocco with dentelle by Derome, and said to 
have belonged to Marie Antoinette, was acquired in the Radziwill sale 
(1865) by the due d'Aumale for the small sum of 7050 frs. — La Borde's 
music is not disagreeable, but lacks originality, and teems with errors, 
not only as regards harmony, but also in other respects. 

The progress by leaps and bounds which La Borde has made in public 
estimation for the last 30 years or so is worth recording. Pixereoourt's 
copy in morocco with many etchings sold in 1838 for 30 frs. ; Renouard's 
copy uncut, with Moreau's plates in unlettered proofs, portraits of La 
Borde and of Mme. La Borde (the latter rarissime), unfinished proof of 
the Dedication to Marie Antoinette, heading the first volume with the 
arms on white ground, and numerous etchings in 1854, 235 frs. (since 
acquired by M. E, Paillet, who completed the series of etchings, except 
two, and had it covered by Cuzin in a rich mosaic binding double, and 
is marked by Morgand 25,000 frs.). Yemeniz' copy in red morocco 
(1867), 805 frs. ; Benzon's copy in red morocco by Derome (1875), 
1555 frs. ; Leboeuf de Montgermont's copy (1876), 4250 frs. ; Em. Martin's 
copy in old red morocco, 6400 frs. (Moreau's 25 unlettered proofs by 
themselves in the same sale, 3200 frs.) ; Baron R. P.'s copy in red morocco^ 


by Trautz, 3100 frs. (1882) ; Delbergue-Cormont's copy in red morocco, 
by Trautz, 3000 frs. (1883) ; R. Lion's" copy in red morocco " a I'oiseau," 
by Derome, 5600 frs. (1885) ; Comte de LigneroUes' copy in old red 
morocco, 4620 frs. (1894). Of course prices vary between £20 and £200, 
according to state of plates' and binding. It is incontestably one of 
the prettiest, if not the prettiest book of the 18th century, and takes 
rank with the Permiers-Generaux edition of Lafontaine's Contes et 

La Borde. Essai sur la musique ancienne et moderne (par de 
La Borde et I'abbe Eoussier). Paris, Pierre et Onfroy, 
1780, 4 vols., 4to., 6 vignettes after and by Malapeau (2) 
and Masquelier (4), 59 plates after Bouland, Myris, and Paris 
by Bouland, Chenu, Piquenot, and Mme. Ponce, and 132 
plates of music (20s. to 305., and fancy price for a large- 
paper copy with the vignettes containing portraits of 
musicians or poets in artists' proofs without text). 

The RadziwUl large-paper copy in red morocco by Derome, 250 frs. 
(1865). It would now bring double and more. 

La Borde. Memoires historiques sur Eaoul de Coiicy. Paris, 
Pierre, 1781, 2 vols., 16mo., 3 portraits and 1 plate, not 
signed, and 12 pages of engraved music (10s., and treble on 
large paper in 8vo.). 

The WoodhuU copy, printed on vellum and bound in red morocco " a 
I'oiseau," with the arms of Paris de Mezieu by Derome le jeune, brought 
the exorbitant price of £97 ; re-sold in the Comte de LigneroUes' sale 
for 1455 frs. (1894). Price of the binding. M. Morgand offered M. 
E. PaUlet's copy on vellum, with the portraits and plate on stout 
Dutch paper, and bound in morocco by Simier, for 400 frs. 

La Borde. Lettre de Marion de Lorme aux auteurs du 
Journal de Paris. Londres (Paris), 1780, 12mo., 6 pretty 
portraits (Marion de Lorme, Buckingham, Cinq-Mars, Marie 
de Gonzague, Comte de Grammont and Ninon de Lenclos) 
after Dugoure by Lebert and Masquelier (30s.). 

La Briffardifere (A. G. sieur de). Nouveau Traite de Venerie, 
contenant la chasse du cerf, celle du chevreuil, du sanglier 
. . . Paris, 1742, 8vo., 14 plates (20s. to 25s.). 
The work was published by Pierre Clement de Chappeville. 

La Bruyfere. Les Caractferes de M. de La Bruyere, edition 
Coste. Amsterdam, 1720, 3 vols., 12mo., frontispiece (4.s.). 

Gosford copy in red morocco by Derome, 160 frs. (1882). 

La Bruyfere. Les Caractferes de M. de La Bruyere, edition 
Coste. Amsterdam, 1740, 2 vols., 12mo., frontispiece and 
2 fleurons by Scotin (3s.). 


La Bruyfere. Les Caractferes de M. de La Bruyfere, edition 
Coste. Amsterdam, Changuion, 1731, or 1743, or 1759, 
2 vols., 12mo., portraits of La Bruyfere and Imhof by 
Houbraken and Changuion, fleuron on title, vignette 
beading the dedication, and frontispiece by Folkema after 
B. Picart {5s.). 

Comte de LigneroUes' copy of the 1743 edition, in a Padeloup 
binding, 142 frs. (1894). 

La Bruyfere. Les Caractferes de M. de La Bruyfere. Paris, 
David pfere, 1750, 2 vols., 12mo., 2 engraved titles and 2 
frontispieces by Fessard after de Sfeve (4s.). 

De Suva's original drawings, a la mine de pldmbe on vellum, were 
acquired by M. E. Paillet. Reprinted 1756 and 1772. The Gosford 
copy of the 1756 edition, in red morocco with the arms of the Comtesse 
d'Artois, 300 frs. 

La Bruyfere. Les Caractferes de Theopbraste et de La Bruyfere, 
avec des Notes par Coste. Paris, 1769, 2 vols., 12mo., fine 
portrait of La Bruyfere by Savart after Saint-Jean, 2 
fleurons and 2 charming vignettes by Fessard after 
Gravel ot (6s.). 

La Bruyfere. Les Caraetferes de Theophraste et de La Bruyfere, 
avec des Notes par Coste. Paris, Hochereau et Panckouke, 
1765, roy. 4to., fine portrait after Saint- Jean by Cathelin, 
fleuron on title, 3 vignettes, and 1 tailpiece after Gravelot 
by Duclos and Le Bas (8s., and in morocco according to 

De Tinan's copy in old green morocco, 200 frs. The Ashburnham 
copy in old red morocco, £5 10s. (1897). Gravelot's original drawing of 
the pretty vignette of the " Joueurs de Des " was sold for 1000 frs. 

La Bruyfere. Les Caractferes de M. de La Bruyfere, nouvelle 
Edition. A Londres (Paris, Cazin), 1784, 8 vols., 16mo., 
portrait by Delvaux (3s.) 

Comte de Lignerolles' copy in old red morocco, 37 frs. (1894). 

La Bruyere^ Maximes et Reflexions morales extraites de La 
Bruyfere. Genfeve, 1782, 64mo., portrait by Delvaux after 
Saint-Jean (3s.). 

Labruyerre (L.). Les Buses du Braconage, misesa decouvert, 
ou Memoires et Instruction sur la Chasse et le Braconage. 
A Paris, Lottin aine, 1771, 12mo., woodcuts, original edition 

Lacassague (L'abb^ Joseph). Alphabet musical ou Gemme de 


la musique mis en dialogues . . . Paris, De La Harpe et 
Duchesne, 1765, 8vo., engraved throughout by Mme. 
Oger (£2 to £3). 

The dedication copy in old red morocco, witli the arms of the Duo de 
Berry (subsequently Louis XVI.), to whom the book was dedicated, 500 
frs. (1895). 

Lachau (L'abbe de). Dissertation sur les Attributs de V^nus. 
Paris, Prault, 1776, or Lamy, 1780, 4to., frontispiece 
representing Venus Anadyomene after Titian by Saint- 
Aubin, fleuron on title by A. d. S. A., headpiece, 13 vignettes 
in the text, a plate containing 8 medals and a tailpiece by 
A. d. S. A., altogether 25 illustrations (8s., and with the 
Venus before the border and the shell cover, more than 
double, and £2 with the words " Ve'nus Anadyomene " in 
small type (as it does not exist without letters) and before 
the words " Grave' en 1776, etc."). 

Renouard's copy had this frontispiece in three states. 

Lachau (L'abbe de) et l'abbe Gasp. Michel, dit Le Blond. 
Description des principales Piferres gravees du cabinet de S. 
A. S. Mgr. le due d'Orleans, premier prince du sang. Paris, 
chez l'abbe Lachau, chez l'abbe Le Blond et chez Pissot, 
libraire, 1780-84, 2 vols., fol., fine frontispiece containing 
the portrait of the due d'Orleans by Saint-Aubin after 
Cochin, a fleuron on both titles alike by Saint-Aubin, 2 
headpieces, one after Cochin, and the other designed and 
engraved by Saint-Aubin, 179 gems by Saint-Aubin (not 
signed), and 56 tailpieces (46 in vol. 1, and 10 in vol. 2, 
the last containing 12 medallion portraits of the princes and 
princesses of the house of Orleans) designed and engraved by 
Saint-Aubin (the last in vol. 1 was engraved by Comtesse 
E. de Sabran). Most copies have another frontispiece, and 
7 plates of medals containing 37 subjects, designed and 
engraved by Saint-Aubin (without these illustrations 25s., 
and with them £3, and more on Dutch paper). 

The engraved gems have Nos. 1 to 97 for vol. 1 (Nos. 35 and 48 have 
2 plates, and No. 39 has 3 plates), and Nos. 1 to 76 for vol. 2 (No. 2 
has a duplicate). The charming vignettes and tailpieces exist in artist's 
proof without text. M. Morgand acquired in the Beckford sale Le 
Blond's own and unique copy on fine paper, with characteristic 
variations in some of the engravings (as indicated by Le Blond's 
autograph note inside the book, dated 14th April, 1793), and con- 
taining the artist's proofs of the head and tail pieces, besides 3 plates 
" decouvertes," etc., and bound in red morocco by Bradel-Derome for 
£71. He sold it from his catalogue to M. Hip. DestaUleur for 2000 frs., 
and at this gentleman's sale in 1895 he bought it back for that very sum. 


LacoUombe (de). Nouveaux Dessins cV Arabesque, par M. de 
L. . . . Paris, chez de Marteau, eleve de feu M. de Lacol- 
lombe, 1730, oblong 4to ,' title and' 11 plates (50*'. to 

Lacombe de Prezel. Dictionnaire Iconologique, ou Introduction 
a la connaissance des peintures, medailles, estampes. Paris, 
1755, 12mo., frontispiece by Baquoy after de SSve (4s.). 

Lacombe de Prezel. Dictionnaire porta tif des Beaux-Arts, etc., 
par L * * *, avocat. Paris, veuve Estienne et lils, 1752, 
8vo., vignette by Le Bas after de Sfeve {3s.}. 

Lacrettelle. See : Eabaut. 

Lacroix-Nire. L'Hymen, ou le Cboix d'une Epouse, po§me 
en 6 chants suivi du Bois de Thamyris. Paris, NicoUe, 
1820, 16mo., vellum paper, 1 plate by Baquoy after 
Monsiau (5 s.). 

La Croze (V.). Histoire du Christianisme des Indes. A La 
Haye, Frferes Vaillant et N. Prevost, 1724, post Svo., 
fleuron on title after B. Picart, folding map, frontispiece, 
unsigned, and 3 plates of the Biruma or Brama, Isuren 
and Wischtnu after Aug. Voelckner ; scarce (20s.). 

At end : " Remarques de Monsieur de la Croze sur son Histoire du 
Christianisme des Indes. Amsterdam, Pierre Humbert, 1737," consisting 
of 42 pages. 

Lacurne de Sainte-Palaye. Les Amours du Bon vieux Temps, 
etc. Vaucluse et Paris, chez Duchesne, 1766, 12mo., fleuron 
on title, signed P. inv. Du R. sc. (3s.). 

La Dixmerie. La Sybille Gauloise, ou la France telle qu'elle 
fut, telle qu'elle est et telle peut-§tre qu'elle pourra Stre. 
Londres et Paris, 1775, 8vo., frontispiece by Patas after 
Desrais (3s.). 

La Dixmerie. Le Geant Isoire, histoire gauloise, traduite du 
celle par La Diximerie. Geneve et Paris, 1788, 2 vols., 
12mo., 1 plate by Marie- Anne Croisier. 

Lady's Monthly Museum' . . . London, 1798-1805, 13 vols., 
post 8vO;, 152 portraits and coloured plates of costumes 
(£4 to £5). 

La Fare (De). Poesies de M. le marquis de la Farre (sic). 
Genfeve (Paris, Cazin), 1777, or, Londres, 1781, 24mo., 
pretty frontispiece by de Launay after Marillier (3s.). 


La Fargue (De). (Euvres melees . . . Paris, Duchesne, 1765, 
2 vols., 12mo., fleuron on titles, 3 very pretty plates and 2 
vignettes by Lemire after Gravelot {5s.). 

Reprinted 1786, 2 vols., 8vo., with 6 plates after Gravelot, and 6 
vignettes (3«.). 

La Fargue (De). Nouvelles CEuvres . . . Londres et Paris, 
1774, 8vo., plates after Bidault (3s.). 

La Fargue (De). Les Epanchements du coeur et de 1' esprit 
. . . Paris, chez les marchands de Nouveautes, 1787, 2 
vols., 8vo., 6 plates (3 signed Lemire, 1764, and Gravelot, 
and. 1 Bidault del.), 2 vignettes, not signed (on one is 
found, " Dorgez aqua forti") (4s.). 

La Fayette (Mme. la Comtesse de). Mdmoires de la Cour de 
France pour le Annes 1688 a 1689. Amsterdam, chez 
Jean-Frederic Bernard, 1731, 12mo., pretty frontispiece by 
Buisen after B. Picart. Original edition (10s.). Comte de 
LigneroUes' copy in morocco by Trautz, 35 frs. 

The book abounds in eventful records of the period. Louis XIV., 
forsaken by his allies, who combine against him ; the Prince of Orange 
disembarks in England, and deposes James II. in 1689 ; Louis XIV. 's 
son marching at the head of great armies, invading the Palatinate to 
make secure his frontiers, and furnishes a fleet to James II., etc. She 
relates all these events with great verve and spirit. The work contains 
also a mine of anecdotes, and her description of Louis XIV.'s court 
shows her to be one of the shrewdest and sprightliest observers of the 

La Fayette (Mme. de). Histoire de Madame Henrietta 
d'Angleterre, premiere femme de Philippe de France, due 
d' Orleans, par Dame Marie de la Vergne, comtesse de 
Lafayette. A Amsterdam, chez Michel Charles le Gene, 
1720, 12mo., portrait (frequently missing). Original edition 
(15s. to 20s.). 

Laffichard. L' Amour chez les Philosophes, ou Me'moires du 
marquis de * * *. La Haye, 1748, 2 vols., 16mo., frontis- 
piece and 11 plates, not signed (5s.). 

Originally appeared in 1746 under the title, "Le Phrlosophe 

Lafitau (J. F.). Histoire des Decouvertes et Con quotes des 
Portugais dans le Nouveau-Moude. Paris, 1733, 2 vols., 
4to., plates (25s. to 30s.). 

Lafitau (J. F.). Mceurs des sauvages aniericains comparees aux 
moeurs des premiers temps. Paris, 1724, 2 vols., 4to,, 
pla;tes (30s. to 40s., and more on large paper). 


Lafite (Mme.). Entretiens, Drames et Contes moraux destines 
a I'education de la jeunesse de Fun et de I'autre sex, etc, 
Paris, Poncelin, 1801, 2 vols., 8 vo., 2 plates by Delvaux 
after Bornet and Delvaux (3s.). 

La Folie (De). Le Philosophe sans pretention, ou THomme 
rare, dedie aux savants par M. D. L. F. Paris, 1775, 8vo., 
fleuron on title, plate and headpiece signed L. S., engraved 
by Boisset (3s.). 

Lafont de Saint- Yenne. L'Ombre du Grand Colbert, le Louvre 
et la Ville de Paris, dialogue et reflexions sur quelques 
causes de I'^tat present de la Peinture en France, etc. 
Nouvelle edition, corrig^e et augmentee. (Paris) 1752, 
12mo., very fine frontispiece by Lebas after Eisen (3 s.). 

The author's initials are visible beneath the plate together with those 
of the two artists. 

La Fontaine. Fables Choisies ... La Haye, 1700, 2 vols., 
12mo., etched vignettes copied from the 1668 edition (5s.). 

La Fontaine. Fables Choisies, mises en vers par M. de La 
Fontaine. Amsterdam, chez P. Mortier, 1705, post 8vo.,/ 
frontispiece after Van Vianen (3s.). 

La Fontaine. Fables Choisies, mises en vers par M. de La. 
Fontaine, etc. Amsterdam, Zacharie Chatelain, 1 72 7-2 8 ^ 
2 vols., 8vo., author's portrait by B. Picart after H. Rigaud, 
fleuron after Picart, and etched vignettes after Cause,, 
copied from the*1668 edition (lOs.). 

La Fontaine. Fables Choisies, mises en vers par M. de La. 
Fontaine, avec un commentaire par M. Coste. Paris, 1743, 
2 vols., 12mo., frontispiece by Fessard after Picart, and 
woodcut headpiece to each vol., not signed (10s.). 

The first edition with Coste's notes. Nodier's copy in morocco by 
Padeloup sold in Baron Pichon's sale for 235 frs. 

La Fontaine. Fables Choisies, mises en vers par M. de La. 
Fontaine, s.l. (Paris), 1746, 2 vols., 12mo., frontispiece by 
Fessard after Cochin, 2 fleurons on titles and 2 pretty 
vignettes after de Sfeve and Cochin by Fessard (4s.). 

La Fontaine. Fables Choisies, mises en vers par M. de La 
Fontaine, avec un nouveau commentaire par M. Coste, 
nouvelle edition ornee de figures en taille-douce. Paris, 
1746, 2 vols., 12mo., frontispiece by Fessard after Cochin, 
2 fleurons on titles after de Sfeve, 1 escutcheon and 245 half- 


page vignettes after F. C. and de Sfeve by Fessard (lOs., 
and considerably more in morocco). 

La Fontaine. Fables Choisies, avec un nouveau commentaire 
de M. Coste. Paris, Cavelier, 1752, 2 parts in 1 vol., 
16mo., pretty frontispiece by Legrand after Picart (3s.). 

La Fontaine. Fables Choisies, mises en vers par J. de La 
Fontaine. Paris, cbez Desaint, Saillant et Durand, 1755- 
1/59, 4 vols., folio, frontispiece with bust of La Fontaine 
after Oudry, finished by Dupuis and engraved by Cochin, 
portrait of Oudry after Largillifere by Tardieu (to judge 
from so many subscription copies in National Libraries 
being without this portrait, it must be inferred that it does 
not form an integral part of the work, but was added after- 
wards ; M. Morgand, in his catalogue for 1889, says : portrait 
d'Oudry ajoute), and 275 plates after Oudry by Aubert, Ave- 
line, Baquoy, Beauvais, Beauvarlet, Cars, Chedel, Chenu, 
■Chevillet, Cochin, Cousinet (Elisabeth), Dupuis, Duret, de 
Fehrt, Fessard, Flipart, Floding, Gaillard, Gallimard, Lebas, 
Legrand, Lemire, Lempereur, Marvie, Menil, Moitte, 
Ouvrier, Pasquier, Pelletier, Pitre-Martenasie, Poletnieh, 
Prevost, Radigues, Riland, Eode, Salvador, Sornique, 
Surugue, Tardieu, and Teucher (£4 on ordinary or bluish 
paper, £6 to £8 on Dutch paper, £10 to £12 on large 
imperial paper, £20 to £30 on large Dutch paper. Atlas 
folio, and more in old morocco according to state and 

The impressions are first and best in those copies, having the ensign 
in the first plate of 171st fable before the inscription of " Le Singe et le 
Leopard." Stress should be laid on that fact, but copies with only the 
word " Leopard " on the ensign contain early impressions and are worth 
acquiring. Montenault, who edited the book, entrusted Cochin with 
the supervision of Oudry's designs, and if much could be advanced in 
favour of the delineation of the figures, the compositions as regards 
the drawings of the animals leave much to be desired. Quentin- 
Bauchart's large Dutch paper copy, in red morocco with dentelle by 
. Derome pere, 2400 frs. ; Delbergue's copy in equal condition, 2550 frs. ; 
Benzon's copy, in green morocco with dentelle, and the ai'ms of the 
marechal de Montmorency-Luxembourg, 6 100 frs. ; Comte de Lignerolles' 
copy, in red morocco, with the arms of the due d'Aumont, 6000 frs. 
(1894) ; Ch. Testard de St. Quentin's copy, large paper only, in old 
red morocco, 800 fi-s. (1894)— Oudry's 276 original drawings, executed 
between 1729 and 1734, and bound in 2 vols, in green morocco, were 
sold in the de Bure sale for 1800 frs., and resold in the Solar sale for 
6100 frs. The purchaser, M. E. Pereire, disposed of them to M. L. 
Roederer of Reims for 30,000 frs. Cochin's retouched drawings of the 
figures were dispersed, and a certain number of them are now in M. 


Rodrigues' collection. Copies with the plates " gouach^es " (coloured ' 
by hand in imitation of drawings) are not appreciated. 

La Fontaine. Fables Choisies ... A Paris, de Timprimerie 
de Valade . . . 1782, 2 vols., fol., 276 plates copied from 
the previous Oudry edition ; rare (£3 to £4). 

La Fontaine. Fables Choisies . . . avec un commentaire par 
M. Coste. Paris, Barbou, 1757, 2 parts, 12mo., engravings 

La Fontaine. Fables Choisies mises en vers, nouvelle edition 
imprimee et orne'e de figures en taille-douce, d'aprfes 1' edition 
de Paris. Dresde, Walther, 1757-66, 4 vols., 8vo., frontis- 
piece and 244 plates (60, 63, 64, and 57 respectively), 
designed and engraved by J. H. Meil (20s.). 

La Fontaine. Fables Choisies . . . Paris, 1769, 2 vols., Svo., 
frontispiece and vignette heading each fable (Cause's 
illustrations reversed and redone) (10s.). 

La Fontaine. Fables Choisies, mises en vers par J. de La 
Fontaine. A Leide, 1784-86, 6 vols., 8vo., frontispiece 
signed: B. Picart fecit 1724, and 275 plates after Oudry, 
designed and engraved (in reduced form) by J. Punt, A. 
Delfos, and Vinkelfes (£2, and more on Dutch paper). 

Copies bearing the name of Van Gulik, and dated 1802, have only a 
new title, and the frontispiece after Vinkeles instead of Picart. 

La Fontaine. Fables Choisies, mises en vers par J. de La 
Fontaine, nouvelle edition, gravee en taille-douce, les 
figures par le S'" Fessard, le texte par le S""' Montulay, 
d^diee aux enfants de France. Paris, chez I'auteur, 1765- 
75, 6 vols., 8vo., engraved throughout by Montulay and 
Drouet, 6 embellished titles, frontispiece, one escutcheon 
heading Fessard's Epistle, the other La Fontaine's Poem, 
" A Monseigneur le Dauphin," 1 plate each to " La vie 
d'Esope " and "Eloge historique," 1 plate facing each fable, 
and 471 head and tail pieces, after Bardin, Bidault, Caresme, 
Desrais, Houel, Huet, Kobell, Leclfere, Leprince, Louther- 
bourg, Meyer, and Monnet by Fessard (£2, and double 
and more in morocco, according to state and preserva- 

The first issue has always "chez I'auteur " on title, while in the second 
it is replaced by "chez Durand "or " Delauriers, papetier," in which case 
it is of very little value, the paper and impressions being indifferent. 
Leboeuf de Montgermont's copy in green morocco, by Derome, 720 frs. ; 
E. Quentin-Bauchart's copy in blue morocco, " a I'oiseau," by Derome, 


530 frs., and resold in the Delbergue sale for 2200 frs. A dedication 
copy to the Dauphine (Marie Antoinette), with her arms on first 3 vols. ; 
those of " Mesdames " on vols. 4 and 5, and the Dauphine's arms 
"reversed" on last vol. (all in red morocco), £30 (1895). 

La Fontaine. Fabulse selectae Fontani, e gallico in latinum 
. . . authore J. B. Giraud. Eothomagi, 1775, 2 vols., 8vo., 
text Latin and French ; head and tail pieces and woodcuts 
(5s.). The Duchesse d'Angoul^me's copy in red morocco 
with her arms, 80 frs. (1895). 

La Fontaine. Fables Choisies, mises en vers par M. de La 
Fontaine. Bouillon, 1776, 4 vols., 8vo., frontispiece after 
that of Oudry, and 248 plates copied or imitated from' 
Oudry by Alard, Bertin, Crescent, and Savart, or not 
signed (lOs.). Radziwill's copy in red morocco, 97 frs. 

La Fontaine. Fables Choisies, mises en vers par M. de La 
Fontaine. Genfeve (Cazin), 1777, 2 vols., 16mo., frontis- 
piece by Delaunay after Marillier (3s.). 

The Cazin edition, Londres, 1780, with the frontispiece by Delvaux 
after Marillier, is of similar value. 

La Fontaine. Fables de La Fontaine, avec figures. . . . Paris, 
Didot I'aine, 1787, 6 vols., 16mo., vellum paper, frontis- 
piece and 275 plates after Vivier by Simon and Coiny (£3, 
and more than double before the numbers). 

The plates without text appeared in parts limited to 500 copies. The 
text was also intended to be engraved, but after the first Fables it was 
discontinued. Renouard's copy having the rarissime etchings complete 
but one, which was not drawn, bound in blue morocco by Bradel, was 
sold for the trifling sum of 100 frs. Reprinted with the same plates in 
6 vols., 16mo., and 4 vols., 8vo., 1796 (25s.). 

La Fontaine. Fables . . . Paris, chez Renouard, 1795, 2 
vols., 8vo., medal portrait on first title, and 12 plates after 
Moreau by Delvaux, Bosq, Ghendt, Trifere, and Villerey 

La Fontaine. Fables de La Fontaine. Paris, de I'imprimerie 
de P. Didot I'aine, au palais national des sciences et des 
arts, an X. (1802), 2 vols., roy. fol., vellum paper, 12 pretty 
vignettes after Percier by Duplessi-Bertaux (20s. to 30s., 
and more with the unlettered proofs), 250 copies printed, 
100 of them before letters. 

Two copies exist on vellum ; one of them, with the original drawings 
inserted, was sold in 1816 for £170, and resold for £70 10«. This edition 
is called " Edition du Louvre." 


La Fontaine. Fables, ornees de 216 figures en taille-douce, 
d^di^es a la jeunesse. Leipsig, 1802, 3 vols., 8vo. (6*-.). 

La Fontaine. La Fontaine's Fables, now first translated from 
the French, by Robert Thomson, with elegant engraved 
figures. Paris, Chenu, 1806, 2 vols., 8vo., plates after 
Perdoux (6s.). 

La Fontaine. Fables causides de La Fontaine en bers 
gascouns. A Bayonne, de I'lmprimerie de Paul Fauvet- 
Duhard, 1776, Bvo., engraved title and frontispiece, having 
La Fontaine's portrait, by Lemire after Moreau (10s., and 
much more with the etching of the frontispiece and before 
the date beneath the plate). At end there is the " Diction- 
naire gascon et frangais." 

La Fontaine. Contes et Nouvelles. Amsterdam, Pierre 
Brunei, 1709 and 1718, 2 vols., 12mo., reproduction of R. 
de Hooghe's illustrations for the 1685 edition (56-.). 

Another edition, 1732, of similar value. 

La Fontaine. Contes et Nouvelles. Amsterdam, Pierre 
Brunei, 1726, 2 vols., 12mo., frontispiece bearing an 
escutcheon : chez Henri Desbordes, and 11 plates, not 
signed (5 s.). 

La Fontaine. Contes et Nouvelles. A series of 38 plates (with 
stanzas of verses beneath each by the poet Roi), known 
under the name of " Suite de De Larmessin" (circa 1736), 
oblong folio. The plates are divided in the following 
order of artists, viz. : — After Boucher by De Larmessin : 
Le Magnifique, La Courtisane amoureuse, Le Calendrier 
des Vieillards, Le Fleuve Scammandre. After Eisen by 
Tardieu : La Gageure des trois Commeres, Le Cas de 
Conscience, Le Gascon. After Eisen by L. Le Grand : 
Promettre est un et tenir est un autre. After Lancret by 
De Larmessin : Les Remois, A Femme avare galant escroc, 
Le Gascon puni, Le petit Chien qui secoue de I'argent et 
des pierreries, Nicaise, Le Faucon, On ne s'avise jamais 
de tout, Les Deux Amis, Les Oies de Frfere Philippe, Pate 
d'anguille, Les Troqueurs, La servante justifi^e. After 
Le Clerc by De Larmessin : Le Rossignol, Le Faiseur 
d'Oreilles et le Raccommodeur des monies. After Laurin 
by Aveline : L'Anneau de Hans Carvel. After Lorrain by 
D. Sornique : La Chose impossible. After Le Mesle by 
Filloeul : Le Cuvier, La Clochette. After Paterre by Fil- 
iceul : La - Courtisane amoureuse, La Matrone d'Ephfese, 


Le Cocu battu et content, Le Savetier, Le Baiser donn^, 
Le Baiser rendu, Le Glouton. After and by Paterre : Les 
Aveux indiscrets. After Vleughels by De Larmessin : 
Frfere Luce, La Jument du compere Pierre, Le Bast, Le 
Villageois qui cherclie son veau. 

In the execution of " A Femme avare galant escroc, Le Faucon, Le 
Gascon puni, Le petit Chien, Les Remois, On ne s'avise jamaise de tout, 
Les Oies de Frere Philippe, La Servante justifiee, Le Rossignol," and 
" Frere Luce," De Larmessin was assisted by Schmidt, and " Nicaise " 
was engraved by the latter (£40 to £50). The series complete is of the 
utmost rarity. 

La Fontaine. Contes de La Fontaine. S. 1. , 1 7 4 3 , 2 vols. , 1 2mo. , 
pretty frontispiece, not signed, 2 fleurons on titles, and 2 
arabesque vignetteg (55.). 

La Fontaine. Contes et Nouvelles en vers . . . Amsterdam 
(Paris, David jeune), 1743 or 1745, 2 vols., post 8vo., 
titles in red and black, frontispiece signed Lebas, sometimes 
repeated in vol. 2, one headpiece La Fontaine writing 
after Cocliin by Fessard, 2 fleurons on titles and 69 
vignettes after Cocliin by Chedel, Fessard, and Eavenet 
(not signed) (12s.). 

Of all the illustrations of La Fontaine's Contes, these are the least 
suggestive, . though original and spirited in composition. Some of the 
vignettes are to be met with in artist's proofs without text. Three of 
the vignettes, viz. A Femme avare galant escroc. On ne s'avise jamais 
de tout, and' Le Remois, originally designed by Cochin, were substituted 
by Lancret's compositions engraved by de Larmessin (in reduced form). 
E. Quentin-Bauchart's copy in old red morocco, 1350 frs. (absurd) ; 
Delbergue's large-paper copy, 720 frs. (overpaid). M. Morgand marks 
M, E. Paillet's copy in red morocco, by Derome, 500 frs. 

La Fontaine. Contes et Nouvelles en vers. Amsterdam, 1747, 
2 vols., post 8vo., fleuron on titles, frontispiece and 7 un- 
lettered and unsigned plates (3 in first and 4 in second 
volume) (15s. to 20s.). 

La Fontaine. Contes et Nouvelles en vers. Amsterdam (Paris, 
Barbou), 1762, 2 vols., post 8vo., portraits of La Fontaine 
after Eigault, of Eisen after Vespre', both by Ficquet, 
2 fleurons on titles, 2 large vignettes on blank pages, on 
the reverse of one " Joconde," and on the other " Les Oies 
de Frere Philippe," 2 pieces heading first tale in each 
volume, 52 tailpieces (23 and 29 respectively, the last but 
one comprising Chofiard's portrait), all signed by Chofiard, 
except 2 tailpieces beneath " La Clochette" (p. 221, vol. 1) 


and " La Cruclie " (p. 292, vol. 2), and 80 plates (39 and 
41) after Eisen by Aliamet, Baquoy, ChofFard, Delafosse, 
Flipart, Lemire, Leveau, de Longueil, and Ouvrier (£8 to 
£10, and double in morocco, and more according to state 
and preservation). 

The famous Permiers-Generaux edition, called so because they 
defrayed the cost of publication. It must be pronounced Eisen and. 
Choffard's masterpiece, as in the illustrations of both the beautiful and 
the elegant are combined. Some copies on stout paper, bound at the- 
time either in red or blue morocco with dentelle, the back having a 
special design "a la grecque" by Gravelot, were intended as gifts,, 
and therefore called " de present" (for obvious reasons they generally 
contain none of the decouvertes plates). The 6 uncovered plates 
originally published were : (1) Le Gas de Conscience, (2) Le Diable de 
Papefiguiere, (3) Les Lunettes, (4) Le Bat, (5) Le Rossignol, (6) Richard 
Minutolo. The first two are of frequent occurrence, while the remaining 
four, particularly the fourth, are extremely rare. The plate L'Imitation 
d'Anacreon is sometimes decouverte ; the plate of the " Roi Caudaule " has 
equally undergone a modification. The plate " Le Remede " has some- 
times the curtains ornamented and other parts of it in a finished state. 
The Sociefce d'Amateurs rejected some plates on account of their free 
nature, as " le Tableau " and " la Servante Justifiee," and others by 
reason of their indifferent execution. The titles of the refused plates 
are : (1) Le Cocu battu et content; (2) Le Savetier; (3) La Servante 
Justifiee ; (4) La Gageure des trois Commeres (second plate) ; (5) Le 
Calendrier des Vieillards ; (6) A Pemme avare galant escroc ; (7) On 
ne s'avise Jamais de tout ; (8) La Coupe enchantee ; (9) Le Petit 
Chien ; (10) La Clochette ; (11) Le Juge de Mesle ; (12) Sceur Jeanne ;. 
(13) Les Oies du frere Philippe; (14) L'Oraison de saint Julien • (15) 
Les Remois; (16) Comment Tesprit vient aux filles;'(17) Le Tableau; 
(18) Le Contrat; (19) Le Rossignol (unlike that quoted above); (20) 
Le Gascon puni ; (21) Le Pdte d'Anguilles ; (22) Le Baiser rendu ; (23) 
La Mandragore ; (24) Le Berceau et Mazet. Generally they are of 
smaller size. Choffard's charming pieces exist in artist's proofs without 
text. The generally adopted view that in copies with the earliest 
impressions Choffard's medallion portrait is within a white tablet (the 
lines not -yet filled in), does not hold good, as we meet Choffard's 
portrait in the 1764 edition without the lines and without the name. La 
B6doyere's copy (1862) had La Fontaine's portrait in 8 different states, 
but the portrait having beneath the fable " du Loup et de I'Agneau," 
was never executed for this edition. Eisen's portrait having been 
engraved on thin copper, is seldom in a fine state. — The copy having 
Eisen's original drawings was presented by Comte de Gervilliers to 
Madame Doche. It was afterwards sold in the first double sale (1863) 
for 3520 frs., and is now included in the Due d'Aumale's library at 
Chantilly. Madame de Pompadour's copy in red morocco, with her 
arms, in the Nodier sale (1844) fetched 240 frs. Now it is the property 
of Baron de La Roche-Lacarelle. 

Comtesse du Barry's copy with her device, " Boutez en Avant," was 
marked in Fontaine's Catalogue 3000 frs. The superb copy in a rich 
Mosaic binding by Derome pere, which belonged, in turn, to the due de 
la Valliere, to Naigeon, to F. Didot, to Comte de la Bedoyere, to Brunet 
(in whose sale it was sold for 7000 frs.), and to Benzon, from whom it 


changed hands to M. Roederer of Reims for 13,000 frs. Renouard's 
copy, bound in 4 vols, with double plates, Choffard's vignettes in artist's 
proof without text, divers proofs of the portraits and Eisen's 16 original 
drawings on vellum of the rejected plates, which was sold in 1854 for 
1100 frs., is now in the library of the late Baron James-Edouard de 
Rothschild. Marquis de Ganay's copy in red morocco with rich dentelle 
was sold for 4700 frs., and resold in the R. Lion sale for 4645 frs. 
Behague's copy in green morocco 4600 frs. The Delbergue copy 
"broche" 2900 frs., and a collection of etchings, of rejected plates, 
portraits, etc., 7250 frs. 

The edition of a smaller size with Eisen's plates, but without Choffard's 
vignettes, and bearing the date 1762 (executed as an experiment only of 
a tentative nature), is valued at from £3 to £L The reprint of 1792 
and the 2 counterfeits of 1764 and 1777 have the plates reversed. An 
undated edition, 2 vols., post 8vo., Londres, contains the original plates 
copied by Martinet. Copies of the reprint of 1792, with the date 1762 
on title, are firstly of a larger size, then the tailpiece placed after I;a 
Fontaine's life, representing his tomb, is not in the original, and lastly, 
the date 1792 is distinctly visible beneath the tailpiece on the last page. 

La Fontaine. Contes et Nouvelles en vers. Amsterdam, 1/64, 

2 vols., post 8vo., portrait of La Fontaine, fleuron on titles 

(first signed C. Boily), large vignette and headpiece to eacLi 

volume, and 60 tailpieces, not signed (copied from Choffard, 

some reduced and some enlarged, with the position of the 

figures reversed, as is the case with the plates, and the others 

added), and 80 plates after Eisen, several of which bear 

the signature of Boily in the engraving (£2, and double in 


La Fontaine's portrait is sometimes engraved by Savart, sometimes by 

-La Fontaine. Contes et Nouvelles en vers, Amsterdam, 1767, 
2 vols., 8vo., text within borders, portrait, frontispiece 
in vol. 2, 6 vignettes and 80 plates, not signed (£2). 
Counterfeit of the 1762 edition. 

Xa Fontaine. Contes et Nouvelles. Londres, s.d. (circa 1770), 
2 vols., 12mo., portrait, 2 fleurons on titles, and 79 plates 
copied by Martinet from the 1762 edition (25s.). 
Another counterfeit. 

La Fontaine. Contes et Nouvelles en vers ... A Paris, 
,PIassan et Chevalier, 1772, 2 vols., 8 vo. , portrait, fleurons 
and plates after Choffard and Eisen (20s.). 
Another counterfeit. 

La Fontaine. Contes et Nouvelles en vers. Amsterdam, 1776, 
2 vols., 12mo., engravings (5s.). 

La Fontaine. Contes et Nouvelles. S.l. (Paris), 1777, 2 vols., 

La Fontaine. Oontes et Nobvelles, 1792 

IFage 281 



8vo., 2 frontispieces, signed Vidal direxit, 2 fleurons, not 
signed, on titles, portrait of La Fontaine after that of Ficket 
by Macret, 43 tailpieces, and 80 plates after those of Eisen, 
one signed Borgnet (£2). 
Another counterfeit. 

La Fontaine. Contes et Nouvelles en vers ... A Londres, 
s.d., 4 vols., post 8vo., 81 plates from the Fermiers- 
Generaux edition (15s.). 

La Fontaine. Contes et Nouvelles en vers. La Haye, Gosse 
junior (Cazin), 1778, pretty portrait of La Fontaine, not 
signed (4*.). Reprinted Londres (Cazin), 1780, 2 vols., 
12mo., with frontispiece by Delvaux after Marillier, and 
1781 with portrait by Delvaux (4s. each); again Londres, 
s.d., frontispiece and fleurons on titles, not signed (3s.). 

La Fontaine. ' Conte et Nouvelles en vers. Londres (Paris, 
Cazin), 1780, 2 vols., 16mo., portrait of La Fontaine, not 
signed, and 24 charming plates after Desrais by Aveline, 
Delvaux, Deny, Groux, Mme. Lingee, Mailett, H . . . y and 
R. D * * * (30s. to 40s.). 

The compositions are original and spirited. 

La Fontaine. Contes et Nouvelles en vers . . . Paris, Les 
Libraires asspcies, 1791, 2 vols., plates from the 1762 
edition (10s.). 

La Fontaine. Contes et Nouvelles en vers. Paris, Plassan ou 
Chevalier, 1792, 2 vols., 8vo., 2 portraits, 83 plates after 
Eisen, 53 tailpieces and 6 fleurons (<£2). 

The prospectus of this edition states that although Cho£fard's vignettes 
are reprinted, the plates are original, forming the 1200 copies of the 
1762 edition which remained in stock unsold. The 4 plates above 
the original number are 1 in " Le Faucon," 1 in " La Coupe enchantee," 
1 in "La Mandragore," and 1 tailpiece representing La Fontaine's 
tomb, and placed after his Life. 

La Fontaine. Contes et Nouvelles en vers. Paris, de I'impri- 
merie de P. Didot, I'an IIL de la Eepublique, 1795, 2 vols., 
roy. 4to., vellum paper, plates. 

Vol. 1 contains vii. pages devoted to a Life of La Fontaine, 20 plates, 
and 282 pages of text ; vol. 2 counts 334 pages. This limited edition 
was intended to be ornamented with 80 plates, including portrait, after 
Fragonard, and executed by the first artists of the period ; the fates 
willed that it should appear in 1795, the Morrow of the Terror. Most 
book-lovers were, through force of circumstances, scattered, reduced to 
poverty, and amidst this political storm had to care for their lives, and 
could give little thought to the possession of fine editions of artistic 


works. The consequence was that the first two parts (out of 8 intended 
to publish) containing 20 engravings failed to obtain a sufiicient number 
of subscribers. Fragonard, disheartened by this failure, seems to have 
thrown up the work. An appeal to Lebarbier, Monnet, Touze, and 
Mallet to come to the rescue proved without avail, and so the publication 
was discontinued. Two copies are known with the plates on Dutch 
paper, but with the text on the same paper no copy is known to exist. 
In the ordinary copies which were the only ones offered for sale, only 20 
plates in vol. 1 are to be found, but the earlier impressions are before 
the numbers and without the artists' signatures, or only " a la pointe 
seche." Altogether 37 compositions were in course of publication, but 
the last 17 (they are counted 18, "Le Cocu battu et content" having 
been done again with larger figures) were, through the events mentioned 
above, left unfinished and unpublished. A few artists' proofs were taken 
from these half-finished plates, and these are of the utmost rarity. A 
complete collection of the plates and etchings has up to the present 
remained undetected. Em. Martin's copy, containing 33 of the etchings, 
besides Deveria's 60 original drawings and additional plates, 4800 frs. 
The copy of M. E. Paillet, one of 3 copies (the other 2 are that of 
M. Beraldi, and the one acquired by M. Roederer in the Sieurin sale 
for 20,000 frs.), known to have the largest number of plates, coiitaining 
the series of the 20 plates in two states (etchings and finished state on 
Dutch paper before the numbers) ; 14 out of the 17 etchings ; 1 1 finished , 
proofs (of these etchings, 6 tirage ancien and 5 tirage moderne all before 
letters) ; 2 plates for "le Cocu battu et content " (etching and finished 
unlettered proof) ; Choffard's fleuron on the title in artist's proof with- 
out text ; the original cover for both parts as originally issued, is marked 
by Margand 18,000 frs. M. de la Bedoyere's copy had the text printed 
on vellum. The Bibliotheque du Roi acquired Prince Galitzin's copy in 
his sale, also on vellum. 

La Fontaine. Contes et Nouvelles en vers. Nouvelle 
edition. Paris, chez les libraires associes, 1791-96, portrait 
after Rigault by Mossa, and 83 plates, not signed, after 
those of Eisen for the Fermiers-Generaux edition (20s.). 

La Fontaine. Contes et Nouvelles . . . Paris, Tourneisen fils, 
1808, 2 vols., 8vo., medal portrait on title and 84 plates 
after Eisen, coloured by hand (£3 to £4, and more on large 

La Fontaine. Les Amours de Psyche et de Cupidon, edition 
nouvelle. La Haye, chez Moetjens, 1707, 12mo., 1 plate, 
not signed (3s.). 

La Fontaine. Les Amours de Psyche et de Cupidon, precedees 
du poeme d'Adonis. A Paris, chez J. J. Coiny, graveur; 
de I'imprimerie de H. J. Jansen et C'^', s.d., 2 vols., 16mo., 
7 plates by Coiny, privately printed ; very rare (25s., and 
more on vellum paper with unlettered proofs). 

La Fontaine. Les Amours de Psyche et de Cupidon . . . Londres 


(Paris, Cazin), 1782, 16mo., frontispiece by Duponchel after 
Marillier (3s.). 

La Fontaine. Les Amours de Psyche et de Cupidon, Edition 
ornee de figures imprimees en couleur d'aprfes les tableaux 
de M. Shall. Paris, Defer de Maisonneuve, 1791, roy. 4to., 
4 plates (printed in colours) after Schall by Bonnefoy (1), 
Mme. Demonchy (2), and Colibert (1) (£2). 

La Fontaine. Les Amours de Psyche et de Cupidon. . . . 
Paris, Dufart, 1793, 12mo., frontispiece and 3 plates, not 
signed (5s.). 

La Fontaine. Les Amours de Psyche et de Cupidon, avec le 
po^me d' Adonis. Paris, Didot le jeune, I'an troisifeme 
(1795), 4to., vellum paper, portrait by Audouin after 
Eigault, and 8 plates after Moreau by Dambrun, Duhamel, 
Dupreel, De Gendt, Halbou, Petit, and Simonet (£2 to £3, 
and considerably more on large paper, with unlettered 
proofs of portrait and plates, and particularly with the 
etchings, which are excessively rare). 

La Fontaine. Les Amours de Psyche et de Cupidon. Paris, 
imprimerie de Patris, 1796, 16mo., 6 plates by Blanchard 
after Binet (3s., and more than double on vellum paper 
with unlettered proofs). 

La Fontaine. Les Amours de Psyche et de Cupidon, suivies 
d' Adonis. A Paris, imprimd au Louvre par P. Didot I'aine, 
1797, 4to., vellum paper, 5 plates after Gerard by Blot, 
Marais, Mathieu, Nicollet, and Alex. Tardieu (10s., and 
double with unlettered proofs). 

The Behague copy in such a state 150 frs. 

La Fontaine. Les Amours de Psyche et de Cupidon avec le 
pogme d' Adonis. Paris, Saugrain, 1797, 2 vols., 12mo., 
portrait by Audouin after Eigaud, and 8 plates, after Moreau 
by Dambrun, Duhamel, Dupreel, De Gendt, Halbou, Petit, 
and Simonet (20s. to 25s., and a fancy price on stout vellum 
paper with the unlettered proofs, and particularly so with 
the very rare etchings). 

Comte de Lignerolles' copy in. such a state, and with additional 6 
unlettered proofs after Desenne in red morocco, uncut, 2380 frs. (1894). 
There are only 2 other copies known to exist with the etchings, yiz. the 
one belonging to M. Tandeau de Marsac, and M. E. Paillet's copy marked 
by M. Morgand, 4000 frs. 

La Fontaine. (Euvres diverses. Anvers, chez les frferes Jacob 
et H. Sauvage (Paris), 1726, 3 vols., 4to., text within 


borders, portrait and 3 fleurons by Duflos, 5 pretty vignettes, 
and 3 ornamented letters by Tardieu (55.). 

La Fontaine. CEuvres diverses. Paris, David, 1744, 4 vols., 
16mo., portrait by Pinssio after Eigaud, 4 fleurons on titles 
and 4 pretty vignettes, not signed (5s.). 

La Fontaine. CEuvres Choisies. Londres (Cazin), 1782, 16mo., 
a pretty portrait-frontispiece by Delvaux (Ss.). 

La Fontaine. CEuvres completes, precedees d'une nouvelle 
notice sur sa vie (par Auger). Paris, Leffevre, 1814, 6 vols., 
8vo., portrait by Ribault after Eigaud, and 25 plates (12 
for the Tables, 9 for the Contes, 2 for the Theatre, and 2 
for Psyche) after Moreau by Bosq, Delignon, Delvaux, de 
Ghendt, Marriage, Pigeot, Trifere, de Villiers frferes and 
Villerey (205. to 25s., and on vellum paper with unlettered 
proofs £4 to £5, and treble with the etchings). 

The plates have been re-engraved for the 1822 edition, Renouard had 
a few collections of both series drawn on India paper and on rose paper. 
They are both rare, particularly the latter. 

La Fontaine (Mme. de). Zulmator prince de la Chine ou le 
petit Barbet blanc des bains d'Apollon. Paris, Locard, an 
XIII. J 12mo., frontispiece, signed Berth et sculp. (3s.). 

Laforest. L'Art de soigner les pieds . . . par M. Laforest, 
Chirurgien-Pedicure de sa Majeste. A Paris, chez I'auteur, 
1782, post 8vo., engravings (5s.). 

La Fosse (J. de). Theatre ... nouvelle edition'; corrigee et aug- 
mentee de la vie de I'auteur, etc. Amsterdam, L'Honore, 
1745, 12mo., frontispiece after L. F.-D. B. by Tanje', fleuron 
on title by B. Picart, and 5 poor plates, not signed (3s.). 

Regnard's piece " Le Distrait " is among the plays contained in the 

La Fosse (Charles de). Nouvelle Iconologie historique ou 
Attributs hieroglyphiques qui ont pour objet les quatre 
elements, les quatre saisons, les quatre parties du monde 
ef les differentes complexions de I'homme, par Ch. de La 
Fosse architecte. Paris, 1768, roy. fol., 108 plates repre- 
senting Fountains, Cartouches, Doorposts, Frames, Panes, 
Trophies, Vases, Friezes, Tombs, Clocks, etc. (£12 to £15). 

La Fosse (Charles de). Nouvelle Iconologie historique ou 
Attributs hieroglyphiques qjii ont pour objets les quatre 
Elements, les quatre Saisons, les quatre Parties du monde, 
etc. . . . par Jean-Charles Delafosse, architecte, decorateur 


et professeur en desseins. Paris, Fr. Chereau, 1771, 2 vols., 
sm. fol. ; vol. 2 forms a supplementary volume. The work 
in to to contains 260 plates of Designs of Chimney-Pieces, 
Borders, Gates, Trophies, Vases, Cartouches, Medallions, 
Pedestals, Consoles, Tables, Monuments, Fountains, Tombs, 
etc. (£18 to £20). 

M. Hip. Destailleur's copy containing 259 plates, but had in addition 
(1) Livre de Trophes. Paris, Le Perest Avaulez, 4 parts of 6 plates 
each ; (2) Cahiers de Trophees, graves par J.-F. Janinet. Paris, Le Pere 
et Avaulez, 3 parts of 4 plates each ; (3) Projet de Prisons, 3 plates, 
altogether 298 plates, was sold for 850 frs. (1895). In the same sale 
a collection of "128 plates of Furniture (decorative), 80 of them by 
Delafosse, A Paris, chez Daumont, s.d. (circa 1775), sm. fol., and 
bound in morocco, realized 2500 frs. 

La Fosse (Charles de). Nouvelle Iconologie historique, etc., 
dediee aux artistes par J. C. De La Fosse, architecte, 
decorateur et professeur de dessin a Paris (text French and 
Dutch). Amsterdam, Roos et Fokke, s.d. (1771), roy. fol., 
2 frontispieces, and 103 plates of Trophies, Emblems, etc. 
(30s. to 40s.). 

La Fosse (Charles de). Recueil de Meubles de differents genres 
inventes par J. C. de L. . . A Paris, chez Daumont, s.d. 
(circa 1775), sm. fol., 116 plates by Delafosse (80), Le Canu, 
Martinet, PauUeau, Duval, and de Puisieux (£60 to £80). 

La Fosse (Charles de). Recueil des Fontaines, Frontispieces, 
Pyramides, Cartouches, etc. . . . Amsterdam, Jean Willem 
Smit, s.d., 2 vols, in 1 fol., title and 103 plates engraved 
by J. de Witt (25s. to 30s.). 

La Fosse. Cours d'Hippiatfique, ou Tr^ite complet de la 
medecine des chevaux, par M. La Fosse, hippiatre. Paris, 
Edme, 1772, fol., portrait of the author and 65 plates, 
coloured or plain (40s. or 20s. respectively, and more with 
unlettered proofs). 

The Eadziwill copy coloured in red morocco, 100 frs. 

La Fosse. Guide du Marechal, ouvrage contenant une con- 
noissance exacte du cheval . . . Ensemble un traits de la 
ferrure qui lui est convenable ... A Avignon, Chambeau, 
1798, 8vo., copper plates (12s.). 

Lage (De). Funerailles de G. Oh. Henri, prince d'Orange. La 
Haye, 1755, fol., 41 plates by Punt (25s.). 

Lage (De). Description de la Chambre et du Lit de parade sur 
lequel le corps d'Anne, princesse douairifere d'Orange, 


a ete expose en fe'vrier 1759 ... La Haye, 1759, roy. 
ibl., 8 plates by Fokke after de Swart (155.). 

La Grange (De). Theatre, seconde edition. Amsterdam, 
Jacques Desbordes, 1709, 12mo., 5 plates, one to each, piece, 
not signed (5s.). 

Lagrange-Chancel is tie author of the Philippiques. 

La Grange. (Euvres meslees. La Haye, chez Le Vier, 1721, 
post 8vo., 8 fine vignettes designed and engraved by F. 
Bleyswyk (5 s.). 

Reprinted 1724. 

La Guepifere (Ph. de). Eecueil d'Esquises d' Architecture repre- 
sentant plusieurs monumens de composition ... A Stutt- 
gardt, chez I'auteur, s.d. (1750), fol., portrait of the author 
and 51 etchings by Philippe de Guepifere and Lucas {£3 
to £4). 

La Guerinifere (Fr. Eobichon De). L'Eeole de Cavalerie, con- 
tenant la connoissance, I'instruction et la conservation du 
cheval, par M. de La Gu^rinifere, dcuyer du.Eoy. Paris, 
Jacques CoUombat, 1733, roy. fol., frontispiece, 23 plates 
(6 of which are equestrian portraits), 3 headpieces and a 
tailpiece after Parrocel by Audran, Aveline, Beauvais, Cars, 
Coquart, Dupuis, Lebas, etc. (£5 to £6). 

Baron Pichon's copy in blue morocco by Hardy, 196 frs. Reprinted 
1751, less than half price. RadziwUl's copy in old red morocco, 150 frs. 
M. Morgand offers another reprint of 1773 hitherto unknown. 

La Guerinifere. L'Eeole de Cavalerie . . . Paris, Gu^rin, 1734, 
or 1754, or 1756, or 1769, 2 vols., 8vo., frontispiece and 
33 plates (several folding), by Tardieu, Audran, Desplaces, 
after Parrocel (10s. to 15s.). 

The 1756 edition has the author's portrait by S. H. Thomassin after 
Tocque, and several technical plates by Heulart, 

Laguerrie (De). Les Amours de Lucile et de Doligny, ou 
Lettres dedeux amants. Paris, Le Jay, 1769, 2 vols, in 1, 
]2mo., title-frontispiece the same in each volume by Therfese 
Martinet after Queverdo (3s.). 

Laguille (Le pfere Louis). Histoire de la province d' Alsace 
depuis Cesar jusqu'au mariage de Louis XV. Strasbourg, 
chez Doulsecker, 1727; 3 parts in fol., frontispiece, designed 
and engraved by J. -A. Friedrich, fleuron on title and 
vignette by the same, 2 plates by Seupel and Friedrich, 
map of Alsace and 2 plans of Strasbourg and of mount 
Sainte-Odile (10s.). 


La Harpe. Eloge de Henri IV. Amsterdam et Paris, chez 
Lacombe, 1769, 8vo., allegorical frontispiece designed and 
engraved by Prevost (3.s.). 

La Harpe. Tangu et Felime, pofeme en 4 chants . . . Paris, 
Pissot, 1780, post 8vo., title engraved by Marillier, and 
4 pretty plates after Marillier by Dambrun, de Gbendt, 
Halbou, and Ponce {10s., and more on large paper). 

R. Lion's copy in green morocco, containing the pencil-sketches of 
Marillier's drawings, 620 frs. ; Lebarbier de Tinan's copy bound by 
Trautz, 200 frs. 

Labontan (Le Baron). Nouveau Voyage . . . dans I'Amerique 
septentrionale. La Haye, 1703-4, 3 vols., 8vo., maps and 
plates (12s. to 15s.). 

Lais philosopbe (La), ou Memoires de Mme. D * * * et Discours 
a M. de Voltaire sur son impiete, sa mauvaise conduite et 
sa foli^. Nouvelle edition consid. augment^e selon I'original 
imprime a Bouillon, chez Pierre Limier, 1761. 2 parts in 
1 vol., post Svo., frontispiece designed and engraved by 
Broen. In the original edition of 1760 the frontispiece is 
not signed (5s.). 

La Joue (De). Livre nouveau de Douze Morceaux de Fantaisie. 
Paris, chez I'auteur et chez Huquier, graves par Aveline, 
Cochin fils, Desplaces, Duflos, Gudlard, Lucas, and Eavenet 
(large size). Premier livre de divers Morceaux d'Archi- 
tecture, inventus par f. de La Joue et graves par Huquier, 
12 pieces. Livre d' Architecture, paysages et perspectives, 
deux suites de 12 pieces chaque. Paris, Huquier. Eecueil 
nouveau de differens Cartouche (sic), Paris, Huquier, 12 
pieces. Second livre de Cartouches, 12 pieces. Troisifeme 
livre de Cartouches, 12 pieces. Livre de Cartouches de 
guerre, 7 pieces. Livre de Buffets, 7 pieces. Livre de 
Vases, 6 pieces. Tableaux d'Ornemens et de rocailles, 24 
pieces en 2 suites. Ecrans a main, 6 pieces. Livre de 
divers Esquisses et griffonnements, 10 pieces. Dessins de 
portes, 12 pieces. G-rands Trophies, 4 pieces. All these 
sets have been edited by Huquier (and engraved by him 
and JouUain), except the last, which is by Basan. M. 
Bayaert's copy of the Livre d Architecture, etc., 24 pieces 
(one missing), realized in 1895 70 frs. ; M. Hip. Destail- 
leur's copy of " Cahiers d'Ornements," containing 66 pieces 
by Huquier, 4to., 305 frs. (1895). 

The Biblioth&que nationale possesses a Collection of Drawings of 
Decorations by La Joue. 


La Live de JuUy (Ange-Laurent de). Catalogue historique du 
Cabinet de peinture et sculpture Fraugaise de M. A. de La 
Live, introducteur des ambassadeurs. Paris, chez Le Prieur, 
1764, 8vo., portrait after Cochin, and one plate after 
Lefevre by de La Live (15s.). 

The magnificent collection formed by M. de La Live de JuUy, con- 
sisting chiefly of works of the French school, was sold in 1770. The 
catalogue, the notices of which have been supplied by Mariette, contains 
also his portrait after Cochin, engraved by himself. Comte de Ligne- 
rolles' copy, sm. 4to. , containing also the etching of the portrait in old 
red morocco, 147 frs. (1894). 

La Live de JuUy. Collection de Portraits pour faire suite aux 
Hommes illustres, 50 portraits in folio (£5 to £6). 

This work of the amateur artist is rarely to be met with, as only a 
few copies were printed for presents. The author intended it as 
a supplement to Perrault's " Hommes illustres." The portraits are 
numbered 65 to 114, designed after the best-known originals, and 
engraved, says the author, in the manner of Yan Dyck. Augustin de 
Saint-Aubin, whose pupil La Live was, has apparently touched them 
up, and M. E. Bocher has even included them in his fine catalogue of 
the " CEuvre de Saint-Aubin." The following is the list of the persons 
figuring in the collection : Cardinal de Retz, Cardinal de Polignac, 
Bossuet, Fenelon, Mechier, Mascaron, Nicole, Quesnel, Malebranche, 
Bayle, Abbe de Eance, Marechal de Crequy, Comte de Bussy-Rabutin, 
Vauban, Catinat, Bourdaloue, Massillon, Moreri, B. de Montfaucon, 
P. Poree, Due de Villars, Duguay-Trouin, Mathieu Mole, Omer Talon, 
Comte d'Avaux, Boucherat, Lamoignon, D'Argenson, Rene Pucelle, 
M6zerai, Saint-Evremont, Felibien, Cassini, La Bruyere, Dacier, RoUin, 
Rapin-ToyraSf Segrais, Thomas Corneille, Boileau-Despreaux, Chaulieu, 
J. B. Rousseau, Dufresnoy, Jouvenet, H. Rigaud, Pran9ois Lemoyne, 
Puget, Girardon, Andre le Nostre, and La Lande. 

Lalmant. Le Pot-pourri de Loth. See : Sedaine. 

Lalonde (E. de). (Eiivres diverses de Lalonde, decorateur et 
dessinateur contenant un grand nombre de dessins pour la 
decoration int^rieure des appartements, a I'usage de la 
Peinture, des meubles du plus nouveau gout, des pifeces 
d'orffeverie et de serrurerie, etc. . . ., recueil utile aux 
artistes et aux personnes qui veulent decorer avec gout. 
A Paris, cbez Chdreau, s.d. (circa 1780), 2 vols., sm. folio. 

Vol. 1 consists of 26 parts of 6 plates each; vol. 2 of 13 parts of 
6 plates each, engraved by Eoin de Saint-Morien and de La Gardette. 
One of the rarest collections of the interesting series of books of 
decorations. Tt contains models of "frames, furniture pieces, cornices, 
chandeliers, lustres, trophies, mantel - pieces, door-posts, fire-places, 
jewellery, locks, knockers, bolts, keys, etc. Behague's copy, with 
18 plates of the "Serrurerie de Caillouet," and 12 plates of friezes and 
some arabesques composed and engraved' by Salembier added, forming 
a total of 252 plates, 4550 frs. ; M. Hip. Destailleur's copy, containing 


327 pieces, and bound in red morocco, by Beltz-Niedpee, 2500 frs. (1895). 
In the same sale a collection of 64 furniture plates (Paris, 1780), 120 frs. ; 
and another collection of 191 plates of decorative furniture (Paris, 
1790), 175 frs. 

Lalouette. Nouvelle methode de traiter les maladies vene- 
riennes, par la fumigation. ... A Paris, Merigot, 1776, 
8vo., plates (15s.). 

Lamballe (Marie-Th^rfese-Louise de Carignan, princesse de). 
Memoires historiques publics par Mme. Gurnard. Paris, 
Lerouge, 1801, 4 vols., 16mo., portrait and 3 plates (6.?.). 

Contains curious information of the secret relations of the Due de 
Penthievre with Manuel. 

La Mettrie. La Faculte vengee, comedie en trois actes par 
M * * *, de la Faculte de Paris. Paris, Quillau, 1747, 
Svo., pretty fleuron and headpiece, not signed (3s.). 
Reprinted 1762. 

La Monnoye (Bernard de). Poesies, avec son Eloge, par M. de 
S * * * (Sallengre). La Haye, Le Vier, 1716, Svo., fleuron 
on title by B. Picart, and 5 vignettes designed and 
engraved by Bleyswick (3s.). Comte de Lignerolles' copy 
in red morocco by Padeloup, 20 frs. (1894). 

La Motbe (De\ La Recreation des Honn^tes gens, ou Opuscules 
en vers par M. de la M * * *. Amsterdam et a Paris, chez 
Petit, 1770, 8vo., frontispiece by Fessard (3s.). 

He is also the author of L'Ami d'Erato. 

La Motraye (A. de). Voyages en Europe, Asie et Afrique, ou 
Ton trouve une grande variete de recherches geographiques, 
historiques et politiques sur I'ltalie, la Grfece, la Turquie, la 
Tatarie, la Crime'e, la Circassie, la Sufede, la Laponie, etc., 
avec des remarques instructives sur les moeurs, coutumes, 
opinions, etc. La Haye chez Johnson et J. Van Duren, 
1727, 2 vols., sm. fob, frontispiece repeated on each title, 
4 maps, and 45 curious plates by Hogarth (30) and B. 
Picart (15) (20s.). 

La Motte (Houdard de). Fables Nouvelles, de'diees au Roy 
. . . Paris, Greg. Dupuis, 1719, 4to., fleuron on title by 
Simonet after Vleughels, frontispiece by Tardieu after 
Coypel, 2 pieces heading the dedication and the Discours, 
and 100 vignettes after Coypel, Gillot, Vleughels, B. Picart, 
and Ranc, after Cochin, Masse, Gillot, Edelinck, B. Picart, 
Simoneau, and Tardieu (10s., and double and more on 
large paper). 



La Motte's portrait by Edelinck after Ranc does not belong to this 
edition. The Radziwill copy in old green morocco was sold for 200 frs., 
and resold in the Lebceuf de Montgermont sale for 300 frs. M. 
E(mile) G(onse) copy, Dutch paper, in old red morocco, brought 425 frs. 
(1894j; M. Delzolie's copy, large paper in red morocco, by ChamboUe 
Duru, 120 frs. (1894) ; the late M. Lortie's copy, large paper in red 
morocco, by Petit-Simier, 51 frs. Another copy in morocco, 78 frs. 
(1895). The vignettes in artist's proofs without text are very rare, and 
would command a high figure, particularly those executed by GUlot. 
M. Lacroix had another series of vignettes for Lamotte's Eables ; they 
were of diminutive size, and all engraved by Gillot. 

La Motte. Fables Nouvelles, dediees au Roy . . . quatrieme 
edition. Amsterdam, Wetstein et Smith, 1727, 2 vols., 
12mo., frontispiece by Edelinck after Coypel, and 99 
vignettes, not signed (reproduced in reduced form from the 
previous edition, minus the fleuron on title, and the two 
vignettes of the Fable dedicated to the King, and of the 
Discours on the Fable). They have the advantage of 
being within various borders, not signed save the first 
(" Jongman fecit." ) {6s.). 

They exist separately under the title : Nouveau Recueil d'Estampes 
faites pour I'edition in 12mo. des Eables de M. de La Motte. Paris, 
Huquier, s.d. (100 engravings, including frontispiece). M. Em. Martin's 
copy containing 112 plates in two states, etchings and plates, 345 frs. 

La Motte. L'lliade, po6me, avec- un Discours sur Homere. 
Paris, Gregoire Dupuis, 1714, 8vo., frontispiece by H. 
Edelinck after Roettiers, headpiece of the dedication, not 
signed, and 12 plates after Roettiers (7), Nattier (2), 
Dieu (l), and Delamonce (2), by Edelinck and Chauffour- 
nier (4s.). 

La Motte. (Euvres. Paris, Prault, 1753-4, 10 vols, in 11, 
12mo., 4 frontispieces by Harrewyn and Coypel, and 21 
plates after Broen for Homere (10s., and double on large 

M. Brunet's copy in morocco by Padeloup, 330 frs. ; the d'Hangard 
copy, large paper in old morocco, 100 frs. (Radziwill sale) ; Leb. de 
Montgermont's copy in green morocco by Bozerian, 260 frs. ; Labitte's 
. copy, large paper, 120 frs. 

Lamour (Jean). Recueil des Ouvrages en Serrurerie, que 
Stanislas roy de Pologne, due de Lorraine et de Bar, a fait 
poser sur la place Royale de Nancy, a la gloire de Louis le 
Bien-Aime, compose et execute par Jean Lamour, son 
serrurier ordinaire, etc. ... Se vend a Nancy chez 
I'auteur, et a Paris,. chez Frangois. S.d. (1768), roy, fol., 


title engraved within a fine border, an ornamented dedica- 
tion to Stanislas, an allegorical vignette, representing the 
king visiting the artist's workshop, by Collin after Girardet 
or Picard, 5 leaves of text, and 20 plates containing 50 
compositions after Lamour by Collin and Nicole. The 
privilege is dated 1767 (£5 to £6). 

Landon. Annales du Musee et de I'Ecole moderne des Beaux- 
Arts, recueil des gravures au trait, d'aprfes les principaux 
ouvrages de peinture, sculpture, ou projets d'architecture 
qui, chaque annee, ont remporte le prix, etc., par C. P. 
Landon. Paris, 1800-9, 17 vols., 8vo., numerous outline 
plates (15s, to 20s.). 

This is the part which touches the 18th century. There are the 
Paysages and Tableaux, and the second series of the Annales du Musee, 
partie ancienne, etc., altogether 41 vols. They are of little value now, 
except in old morocco in good preservation. 

Langeac (De). Colomb dans les fers a Ferdinand et Isabelle, 
aprfes la decouverte de I'Amerique, epitre qui a remporte le 
priz de I'Academie de Marseille, precedee d'un precis, 
historique sur Colomb, par M. le chevalier de Xangeac. 
Londres et Paris, Jombert, 1782, 8vo., frontispiece, a 
vignette and tailpiece after Marillier by de Launay jeune 

Langeac (De). Eloge de Corneille, piece qui a concouru au 
prix de I'Academie de Kouen en 1768. Paris, Le Jay, 1768,. 
8vo., portrait of Corneille by Gaucher after Lebrun (3s.). 

Langlfes. Voyage de I'lnde a la Mekke par Abdoul-Kerym,, 
traduit avec notes par Langlfes. Paris, Crapelet, 1797,. 
3 vols., 12mo., plates after Hilair by Copia and Duplessi- 
Bertaux (5 s.). 

Langley (B.). Gardening . . . London, 1728, 2 vols., 4to., 
plates (30s. to 40s.). 

Langley (B.). Pomona, or, the Fruit Garden illustrated. 
London, 1729, fol., plates (25s. to 30s.). 

Langley (B.). Ancient Masonry. London, 1736, 2 vols., foL, 
494 plates (£2 to £3). 

Langley (B.). The City and Country Builder's and Work- 
man's Treasury of Designs, or the Art of drawing and 
working the ornamental parts of Architecture. London, 
1740, 4to., 186 plates of designs for gates, windows, 


pavements, altar-pieces, monuments, bookcases, ceilings, 
ironwork, furniture, etc. (50s. to 60s.). A copy of the 
1750 edition, having at end 14 additional plates of joinery 
and of timber-work, realized £4 (1895). 

Langley (B.). Builder's and Workman's Treasury of Designs 
on the Art of drawing and working the ornamental parts 
of Architecture. London, 1741, 4to., about 200 plates of 
designs for gates, wind.ows, pavements, altar-pieces, monu- 
ments, bookcases, ceilings, ironwork, furniture, etc. (£3 
to £4). 

Langley (B.). Gothic Architecture improved. London, 1742, 
4to., 62 plates (15s.). 

Langley (T.). History and Antiquities of the Hundred of 
Desborough and Deanery of Wycombe, in Buckinghamshire, 
including the Borough Towns of Wycombe and Marlow, 
and sixteen Parishes. London, 1797; 4to., map and plate 
(20s., and treble on large paper, of which only 12 copies 
were printed). 

Langnet de la Villeneuve de Gregy. La Vie de la venerable 
mere Marguerite Marie, Eeligieuse de la Visitation, par 
Monseigneur J.-J. L. . . A Paris, 1729, 4to., frontispiece 

La None. (Euvres de Theatre. . . A Paris, Duchesne, 1765, 2 
parts, 12mo., portrait by Littret after Monnet (4s.). 

Comte de LigneroUes' copy in old red morocco, 60 frs. (1894). 

Lanterne magique (La), ou Fl^aux des aristocrates, etrennes 
d'un patriote, dddiees aux Frangais libres, etc. . . . orn^es 
de 12 estampes non sign^es, et de couplets analogues. A 
Berne, 1790, 16mo. (15s.). 

La Place (De). L'Orpheline Angloise, ou Histoire de Charlotte 
Summers, imitee de I'anglois de M. N * * * par M. de la 
Place. Londres et Paris, Eollin fils, 1752, 4 vols., 12mo., 
4 engraved titles and 4 pretty plates designed and engraved 
by Aveline (5s.). Eeprinted 1800, 4 vols., 16m.o., 4 plates 
by de Launay after Borel (3s.). 

La Place. Adfele, comtesse de Ponthieu, tragedie. Paris, 1758, 
12mo., 1 vignette by Kyland after Gravelot (3s.). 

La Place. Oronoko, ou le Prince Nfegre, imitation de I'anglois, 
nouvelle edition, revue et corrig^e par M. de la Place. 


Londres ef Paris, Vente, 1769, 12mo., 1 vignette after 
Eisen, and 5 plates after Marillier by Baron (5s.). Duridz 
de Verninac's copy, with the arms of the due de Choiseul- 
Stainville, 60 frs. 

La Place. Lydia, ou M^moires de Mylord D * * *, imit^s de 
I'anglais par M. de la Place. A Londres, et se trouve h, 
Bruxelles, de Boubers, 1772, 4 parts in 2 vols., 12mo., 

4 pretty plates after Cardon (5s.). 

La Place. (Collection de Romans et Contes imit^s de I'anglois, 
. corriges et revus de nouveau par M. de la Place. Paris, 
Cussac, 1780 or 1788, 8 vols., 8vo., 20 plates (viz. Oronoko 
2, C^cile 2, rOrph^line anglaise 3, les deux Mentors 2, 
Lydia 3, Tom Jones 6, le Vieux Baron anglais 1, and 
I'anecdote singuli^re concernant Henri IV. 1) after Borel 
by Biosse, Borgnet, Dambrun, Delignon, Giraud sen., 
Giraud jun., Hubert, Le Eoy, Marchand, Petit, and Viguet, 
(15s. to 20s.). 

La Place. Memoires de Cecile (demoiselle Eleonore Guichard) 
escrits par elle-meme, revus par De La Place. A Paris, 
EoUin, 1752, 4 vols., 12mo., portrait (5s.). 

La Place. Tom Jones ou I'Enfant trouvd, imite de Fielding. 
Londres, 1801, 4 vols., 16mo., 8 plates after Borel by 
Delignon and de Launay (Gs.). 

La Porte (Abb^). Voyage en I'autre monde, ou Nouvelles; 
litt^raires de celui-cy. Londres et Paris, 1752, 12mo.,. 
engraved title and frontispiece after Eisen by Sornique 

La Porte (Abbe). Histoire litteraire des Femmes Fran9oises, ou 
Lettres historiques et critiques, contenant un precis de la 
vie et une analyse raisonn^e des ouvrages des femmes qui 
se sont distingu^es dans la litt^rature fran9oise, par une 
soci^te de gens de lettres. A Paris, chez Lacombe, 1769, 

5 vols., 8vo., frontispiece after de Seve by B. L. Prt^vost 

La Rochefoucauld (Due de). Reflexions, Sentences et Maximes 
morales, avec les Maximes de la Marquise de Sable' . . . 
avec des notes politiques et historiques, par Amelot de la 
Houssaye, et une nouvelle preface, par R. Pichet. Paris, 
Ganeau, 1714, i2mo, frontispiece (5s.). 

Gosford copy in red morocco, with arms of the Comte d'Hoym, realized 
iu May, 1882, 1400 frs. 


La Rochefoucauld (Due de). Reflexions ou Sentences et 
Maximes morales, nouvelle edition qui renferne de plus 
les maximes de Mme. de Sabld. Amsterdam, 1748, 12mo., 
frontispiece after Delamonce by Gentot (3s.). 

La Rochefoucauld (Due de). Maximes et Reflexions morales. 
A Paris, de I'lmprimerie royale, 1778, 8vo., author's portrait 
by Choffard after Petitot (10s., and more than double with 
the unlettered portrait, and on large vellum or Dutch paper 
with the portrait in artist's proof and etching, £4). 

Anisson-Duperron's copy in blue morocco, with the arms of Prance, 
and containing the original drawing of Choffard and the portrait in 
various states, 2010 frs. (R. Lion sale) ; Comte de LigneroUes' copy on 
Dutch paper in old red morocco with broad dentelle, 1050 frs. Re- 
printed 1798, 16mo., with portrait by Gaucher (3s.). 

Xa Roque. Voyage de I'Arabie heureuse . . . un Memoire 
concernant I'arbre et le fruit du Cafd, dressd sur les Obser- 
vations de ceux qui ont fait ce dernier Voyage. Et un 
'Traite historique de I'origine et du progrfes du Cafe, tant 
-dans I'Asie que dans I'Europe, de son introduction en 
-France, et de I'etablissement de son usage h Paris. A Paris, 
Andre Cailleau, 1716, post 8vo., 3 folding plates of cofi"ee 
tree, coffee leaves, and a branch of a coffee tree loaded 
■with flowers and fruit, signed : " S. Thomassin sculp." 
(12s. to 15s.). 

Larrey (De). Histoire d'Eleonore de Guyenne, duchesse 
d'Aquitaine, contenant ce qui s'est passe de plus memorable 
sous les regnes de Louis VII. dit le Jeune, roi de France ; 
d'Henri II. et de Richard son fils, surnomme Coeur de 
Lion, roi d'Angleterre, etc., par M * * *. Londres et Paris, 
Cussac, 1768, 8vo., 3 fine plates after Borel by Borgnet, 
Delignon, and Halbou (5s.). 

Larrey (De). Histoire d'Angleterre, d'Ecosse et d'Irlande. 
Rotterdam, 1707-13, 4 vols., fol., portraits and plates (20s. 
to 25s.). 

Larrey (De). Larmes de saint Ignace (Les), ou Dialogue entre 

•«aint Thomas et saint Ignace, etc. Sur la copie a Arevalo 

en Castille, chez Dom Juan Velasco (Paris, 1761), post 

8vo., pretty folding plate designed and engraved by de 

Montalais (3s.). 

La Rue (De). Traite de la Coupe des Pierres, ou Methode 

facile et abregee pour se perfectionner en cette science. 

. Paris, impr. royale, 1728, folio, frontispiece after Belin by 


Thomassin, large fleuron on title by Aveline after Cochin, 
2 ornamented letters and 6 vignettes, not signed (4s.). 
Eeprinted : Paris, Jombert, 1764. 

La Rue. Suite de Gravures a I'eau-forte, Bacchanales, Jeux 
d'Enfants, Tombeaux, Vases, etc. (1770-71), 100 leaves 
in 10 parts by Parizeau after La Hue, sculpteur du Roi 
{20s. to 30s.). 

Lasalle (M"- de). Histoire de Sopbie Francourt, par M * * *. 
Paris, Merlin, 1768, 2 vols., 12mo., 4 pretty plates after 
Gravelot by Masquelier, Leveau, de Lorraine, and Duclos 

Lasalle (M"" de). Le Mieux, conte moral, par le general 
Lasalle. Paris, de I'imprimerie de la citoyenne Ealleu, an 
VL, 12mo., 1 plate, not signed (3s.). 

La Serrie (Joseph de). Epanchements de I'Ame, ou Essai de 
Philosophic morale. Paris, Didot jeune, 1797, 8vo., 
vellum paper, frontispiece with author's medal portrait, 
and 4 plates after Queverdo and Moreau (J. de la S. del. et 
exc. ex amico Queverdo). The third plate is inscribed : 
"ex Junior M. Moreau" (5s.). 

La Serrie (Joseph de). Essai de Litterature, avec des planches 
dessinees et gravies de la main de I'auteur. Paris, s.d., 
Svo., the same portrait as above, and 3 plates (3s.). 

The author was an amateur artist,, and of his books only a limited 
•number was printed for presents to be distributed among his friends. 

Lattre. Les Evolutions de la Cavalerie francoise suivant 
rOrdonnance du 1"'' Juin, 1766. A Paris, 1767, Svo., 
29 plates (15s. to 20s.). 

Laugier (le P.). Essai sur I'Architecture, nouvelle edition avec 
un dictionnaire des termes et des planches qui en facilitent 
I'explication. Paris, Duchesne, 1755, 8vo., pretty frontis- 
piece after Eisen by Aliamet, and 8 technical plates (8s.). 

M. Hip. Destailleur's copy in red morocco, with arms of Stanislas, 
Zing of Poland, 225 frs. (1895). 

Laujon (De). Les A-propos de la Societe, ou Chansons de M. 
L. . . . (Paris) 1776, 2 vols., 8vo., with music, frontispiece 
after and by Moreau to each volume alike, 2 plates after 
Moreau by De Launay and Simonet, 2 vignettes and 2 
. tailpieces after Moreau by Duclos, and Martini (vignettes) 
and De Launay (tailpieces). — Les A-propos de la Folic, ou 


Chansons grotesques, grivoises et annonces de parade^ 
(Paris) 1776, 8vo., with music, frontispiece after and by 
Moreau, 1 plate and 1 vignette after Moreau by Martini, 
and 1 tailpiece after and by Moreau (25s., and in morocco 
according to state of preservation). 

These illustrations count among Moreau's best. The plates exist 
before the numbers and the vignettes in artist's proofs without text. 
Baron Pichon's copy in citroii morocco, 30 -frs., and Behague's copy in 
green morocco, 140 frs. 

Laujon (De). L'Amoureux de quinze ans, ou la Double-Fete, 
comedie en trois actes et en prose, melee d'ariettes, dedie 
a S. A. S. Monsgr., le due de Bourbon, par M. Laujon, 
musique de M. Martini, representee pour la premiere fois 
par les Comediens italiens le 17 avril 1771. Paris, V'- 
Duchesne, 1771, 8vo., engraved dedication, 1 fleuron, 3 
headpieces signed Beugnot, 2 tailpieces, not signed (all 
woodcuts), and 1 plate by Duclos after Gravelot {3s.). There 
is a series of 6 plates in 8vo. after Desrais and Martinet 
by Therfese Martinet and Jeanne Prevost (1772) for this 
comedy (10s.). 

L'Aulnaye (F. H. S. De). De la Saltation theatrale, ou 
Recherches sur I'origine, les progres et les effets de la 
pantomime chez les anciens. Paris, Barrois, 1790, Svo., 
9 coloured plates (20s. to 30s.). 

Launay (De). La Verite fabuliste, comedie, avec un recueil 
de fables. Paris, Le Breton, 1733, post Svo., pretty 
frontispiece after Coypel by Cars (3s.). 

Laureau. Histoire de France avant Clovis, con tenant I'Origine 
et les Moeurs des Gaules avant les Eomains, etc. Paris, 
1786, 8vo., frontispiece and portraits (3s, to 4s.). 

Lauron. The Cryes of the City of London, drawn after the 
life (with explanations in English, French, and Italian) . . . 
London, n.d. (1710), sm, fol., 2 frontispieces and 72 plates 
after Lauron by Tempesta and Savage (£3 to £4). 

In the second edition, and in a later issue dated 1733, the numbers 
are added to the plates, and the titles bear the publisher's name as 
follows : " Printed and sold by Henry Overton . . . London." Lowndes 
mentions that the copper-plates are still in existence, but the modern 
impressions are very inferior. 

La Vallee (J. de). Les Dangers de I'intrigue. Paris, an VL 
(1798), 4 vols., 12mo. or 8vo., 4 plates, not signed (5s.). 

La Vallee et Brion. Voyage dans les 102 Departments de la 

BibliothJ:qt]e du Theatre Francois [Page 297 

C. N. Cochin 

N. De Launay 


France. Paris, an IV. — X., 13 vols., 8vo., maps, aquatint 
plates of costumes and views (£2 to £3). 

La Vallee-Poussin. Nouvelle Collection d' Arabesques propres 
a la De'coration des Appartements, dessin^es a Rome . . . 
Paris, s.d., 4to., 10 parts of 4 plates, each after La Vallee- 
Poussin, Moreau, Voisin, Le Clere, Berthelot, and Jeanneret 
after Guyot (805. to 40s.). 

La Valliere (Mile. de). Reflexions sur la misericorde de Dieu. 
Paris, Savoye, 1744, 12mo., portrait and 2 plates by Duflos 
after C. N. Cochin (3s.). 

La Valliere (Due de). Bibliotheque du The^tre-frangais depuis 
son origine, contenant un Extrait de tous les Ouvrages 
composes pour ce Th^itre depuis les Mysteres jusqu'aux 
Pieces de Pierre Corneille, etc. . . . Dresde, chez Michel 
Groell (Paris, Bauche), 1768, 3 vols., post Bvo., 3 frontis- 
pieces after Cochin by Massard (2) and De Launoy, 6 vig- 
nettes after Eisen (3) and Carpentier (3) by Massard (3) and 
Bosse (3), and 3 tail-pieces by Fe'ssard after de Sfeve (2), 
and 1 designed and engraved by Martini (56'., and treble 
on large paper). 

Abbe Mercier Saint-Leger, Marin, CaperonDier, and Abbe Baudot were 
associated in this work. Cochin's frontispiece etchings exist in artist's 

Lavater (Jean-Gaspard). Essai sur la Physiognomie, destine 
a faire connoitre rhomine_ et a le faire aimer (trad, en 
frangais par Madame de La Fite, MM. Caillard et Henri 
Renfer). La Haye, 1781-86, 4 vols., roy. 4to., portrait, 4 
fleurons on titles by Holzhalb after Chodowiecki, about 390 
large plates and portraits by Lips, Eckhardt, Fiesinger, 
Haid, Rieter, Schwarz, Schellenberg, or, not signed, after 
Chodowiecki, Rubens, Duplessis, West, etc., arid numerous 
vignettes in the text after Chodowiecki, Berger, Lips, 
Schellenberg, Stunjpf, etc. (£2 to £3). 

The original edition in German under the title, " Physiognomische 
Fragmente," appeared in Leipsic, 1775-78, 4 vols., 4to. (£2). Another 
French translation. Paris, Prudhomme, 1805-9, in 10 vols., 4to., or 
roy. 8vo., with 500 engravings (15«., and more on vellum paper). 
Reprinted 1820-1. 

Lavater (J. G). Essays on Physiognomy, designed to promote 
the Knowledge and Love of Mankind. Translated from the 
French by Henry Hunter. London, 1789-98, 3 vols., in 
5 impl. 4to., upwards of 800 portraits, plates and vignettes 


by HoUoway, Bartolozzi, Blake, Hall, Gregnier, Chodowiecki, 
and others, executed under the superintendence of the 
eminent artist H. Fuseli, E.A., from an entire new set of 
drawings supplied by Lavater (£3 to £4). 

Copies bearing the name of Stockdale as publisher were subsequently 
issued, and contain impressions inferior to those originally published in 
41 numbers. 

[Laveaux (J. C. Th. de).] Histoire secrfete des amours et des 
principaux amans de Catherine II. . . A Paris, an VII., 
8vo., headpiece designed and engraved by Huot, and other 
engravings (155.). 

Lavenham. Specimens of Gothic Ornaments selected from the 
Parish Church of Lavenham, in Suffolk. London, 1796, 
4to., 40 plates (15s. to 20s.), and more on large paper. 

La Vicomterie. Les Crimes des Eois de France depuis Clovis 
jusqu'a Louis XVI. Paris, 1791, 8vo., frontispiece, not 
signed. Les Crimes des Empereurs d'AIlemagne, depuis 
Lothaire l"" jusqu'a Leopold II. Paris, 1793, 8vo., 
frontispiece and 4 plates, three of which were designed 
and engraved by Ransonnete, the other not signed. Les 
Crimes des Empereurs turcs, depuis Osman 1*" jusqu'a 
Selim IV. Paris, an III., 8vo., frontispiece and 3 indifferent 
plates (3s. per vol.). 

Lawson (John). History of Carolina, and a Journey a 
Thousand miles travelled through several Nations of Indians. 
London, 1714, 4to., map and plates (30s, to 40s.). 

Laya et Legouve. Essais de Deux Amis. 1786, 8vo., pretty 
frontispiece by de Longueil after Moreau (3s.). 

Le Bas (J. Ph.). Recueil de divers morceaux gravez d'apres 
plusieurs tableaux de David Teniers, de Salvator Eosa 
et de M. Parocel, dont ou a fait choix dans les fameux 
Cabinets de Mgr. le due de Valentinois, de Mme. la Comtesse 
de Verrue, de M. Hickman, de M. de Vaux, etc., auxquels 
morceaux le graveur en a ajoute quelques uns de sa com- 
position. Le tout execute et mis au jour par S. P. Le Bas, 
graveur du Eoy, etc. S.l.n.d. folio, 74 plates by Wou- 
wermans, Euysdael, Boucher, Chantreau, etc. ; Eecueil 
d'animaux de chasse, tir^s du Cabinet de Mr. le comte de 
Thim, 12 plates etched by J. E. Een and Vennines, and 
finished by Le Bas after Oudry ; Livre de dessins qui 
representent les parties du corps humain et des figures 
entiferes gravees d'aprfes les plus grands peintres, 20 plates ; 


Etudes de differentes figures militaires, 8 plates, designed 
and engraved by J. P. Le Bas, altogether 114 plates and 
engraved title (£3). 

Le Bas. Catalogue de tableaux, sculptures, dessins, estampes 
encadrees, en feuilles et en recueils ; d'un precieux fonds de 
planches gravees, avec leurs epreuves ; de divers ustensiles 
de graveur, et autres objets de curiosity ; le tout provenant 
de la succession de feu M. L. Bas. A Paris, chez Clousier 
et JouUain, 1783, 8vo., frontispiece and tailpiece by Ch'. Et. 
Gaucher, after C. N. Cochin (5s.). 

Le Bas. (Euvre de Jacques-Philippe Le B . . .,. premier 
graveur du cabinet du Boi. (A Paris, chez J. Le Bas, 
1730-80), 4 vols., fol., 438 plates by Le Bas or under his 
direction (£18 to £20). 

Le Bas. Fleurons de Titres et vignettes en-t§te . . . pour 
I'Histoire d'AUemagne du E. P. Barre. 1748, obi. 4to., 56 
fleurons and vignettes without text, designed and engraved 
by Le Bas (20s. to 25s.). 

Le Bas. Eecueil de divers griftbnnemens et epreuves d'eaux- 
fortes. . . Paris, s.d., obi. 4to., title and 9 plates containing 
15 subjects, composed and engraved by Le Bas (15s.). 

Le Bas (J.). Festin joyeux. . . Paris, 1738, post 8vo., plates 
and 49 musical airs (20s.). 

Lebeuf (Abbe). Eecueil de divers Ecrits pour servir d'eclair- 
cissements a I'Histoire de France et de Supplement a la 
Notice des Gaules . . . Paris, Barrois fils, 1738, 2 vols., 
12mo., plates (5s.). 

Le Blanc (Abbe). Aben-Said, empereur des Mongols, tragedie, 
2° edition. Paris, Prault fils, 1743, 8vo., frontispiece by 
Le Bas and fleuron by Scotin (3s.). 

Le Blanc (Abbe). Letters de M. I'abbe Le Blanc, historiograph 
des B^timents du Eoi. Lyon, 1758, 2 vols., 12mo., frontis- 
piece and fleuron on both titles after Le Lorrain by 
Gallimard (3s.). 

Le Bret. La Nouvelle Lune, ou Histoire de Pequillon. A Paris, 
, chez Andre, an VIL, 2 vols., 12mo., 2 plates by Bovinet (4s.). 

Le Brun (J. B. P.). Catalogue raisonne de tableaux, dessins, 
estampes, figures de bronze et de marbre . . . qui com- 
posaient le cabinet de PouUain, etc. Paris, 1789, 8vo. 
allegorical frontispiece after Le Brun by Dambrun (3s.). 

300 LE BEUN 

Le Brun (Charles). La Grande Galerie de Versailles et les 
deux salons qui raceompagnent, peints par Charles Le 
Brun premier peintre de Louis XIY., dessines par Jean- 
Baptiste Masse, peintre, et graves sous ses yeux par les 
meilleurs metres du temps. Paris, Imprimerie royale, 
1752, Atlas fol., a fine portrait of Masse by Wille after 
the painting of Tocqu6, portrait of Le Brun by Edelinck 
after de Largiilifere, title and 10 leaves of text, and 52 
plates by - Aubert, Audran, Aveline, Beauvais, Cars, Des- 
places, Duflos, Dupuis aine, Dupuis jeune, Cochin fils, 
Laurent, Michel Liotard, Lepieie, Preisler, Soubeiran, Sor- 
nique, Ravenet, Surugue pSre, Simonneau, Tardieu pfere, 
Tardieu fils, Thomassin and Wille after Le Brun (£3 to £A, 
and on large paper, with unlettered proofs of 51 plates, the 
one " La Franche-Comte reunie a la France " not existing in 
proof (as it was printed before in another book entitled 
" Cabinet du Eoi "), of which only a few copies have been 
printed, and which are now rare, a fancy price according 
to state and binding). 

Behague's copy in brown calf, 150 frs. It occurs frequently ia red 
morocco, with the arms of France, by Padeloup. J. de Lauriere's copy in 
blue morocco, with arms of Mme. Victoire, daughter of Louis XV., by 
Padeloup, 1850 frs. (1895). The number of plates in the large paper 
does not tally .with that of the ordinary paper, the former having 3 
medals, while the latter contains only 2 medals on a leaf ; and the 2 
plates of the ceilings not being folded in the large-paper copies, are thus 
better preserved. 

IjC Brun (Charles). La Galerie de Monsr. le President Lambert 
representant I'Apqtheose d'Hercule. Ce sujet est peint par 
le fameux Charles Le Brun, et grave par les soins et sous la 
conduite de B. Picart sur les dessins qu'il en a fait. Paris 
chez Du Change, s.d. (1719), fol., engraved title and plates, 
used in the following work, hence first impressions (£3 
to £4). 

Le Brun et Le Sueur. Les Peintures de Charles Lebrun- et 
d'Eustache Le Sueur qui sont dans I'hdtel du Chastelet, 
ci-devant la maison du President Lambert, dessin^es par 
Bernard Picart et gravdes tant par lui que par diflferents 
graveurs. L'on y a joint les plans et les elevations de 
cette belle maison avec sa description et celle de tous les 
sujets qui sont representes dans les tableaux. Paris, chez 
Du Change, graveur du Eoi, 1740, roy. fol., 4 11. of text 
and 36 plates (including 14 plates for above work usually 
found at end of this) by Sornique, Duflos, Dupuis, Duchange, 


Desplaces, Beauvais, Mathys, Pool, and B. Picart, after 
B. Picart (£2 to £3, and double with unlettered proofs). 
A portion of the pictures is now in the Paris Louvre. 

Le Brun. Conferences sur 1' expression des passions. Amster- 
dam, 1713, 12mo., engravings by B. Picart (5s.). 

Le Brun. Grand Escalier du Chateau de Versailles, dit 
escalier des Ambassadeurs. Ordonne et peint par Charles 
Le Brun. Consacre a la memoire de Louis-le- Grand. Paris, 
Louis Surugue, s.d. (1725), Atlas fol., engraved title, 
5 leaves of engraved text, with headpieces after Parocel 
and 24 plates after Chevotet, by Surugue and Simonneau 
(£2 to £3). 

The work is the more interesting as it represents the incomparable 
staircase unhappily destroyed in 1752. The following is the title of the 
supplement : Plafond du grand escalier de Versailles, s.l.n.d. folio, 7 
plates after Le Brun by Baudet. 

Le Brun, Tapisseries de S. A. S. Mgr. le due d'Orleans, 
representant I'Histoire de Meleagre exec, sur les tableaux 
de C. Lebrun. Amsterdam, B. Picart, 1714, obi. fol., 
bordered title and 7 plates (15«.). 

Le Brun (Corneille). Voyage au Levant, enrichi de plus de 
deux cents tailles-douces. Delft, 1700, or Paris, Cavelier, 
1174, fol. (10s.). 

Le Brun (Corneille). Voyage par la Moscovie en Perse et aux 
Indes orientales, enrichi de plus de trois cent vingt tailles- 
douces. Amsterdam, Wetstein, 1718, 2 vols., fol. (15s. to 
20s.). Eadziwill's copy of both works on large "paper, 
130 frs. 

Le Camus. Abdeker, ou I'Art de conserver la Beaute. L'an 
del'H^gyre, 1168-70 (Paris, 1748), 4 vols., 12mo., titles 
designed and engraved by Pasquier, with different fleurons 
and frontispieces after Humblot and Pasquier, by Pasquier 

Le Cat. Traits de la Couleur de la peau humaine en gdn^ral 
et de celle des nfegres en particulier, et de la metamorphose 
d'une de ces couleurs en I'autre, soit de naissance so it 
accidentellement. Amsterdam, 1765, 8vo., fine frontispiece, 
vignette and tailpiece by Bacheley after Gravelot (3s.). 

Le Clerc (Sebastien). Traite de Geometric th^orique et pratique 
a I'usage des artistes. Paris,. Jombert, 1744, 8vo., fleuron 
,on title, vignette, tailpiece after Cochin fils, not signed, and 
44 plates of Geometry with a vignette beneath each by 
and after Cochin fils (10) or Chedel (34) (5s.). 


Eeprinted 1764, with the same illustrations, and in addition a vignette 
heading the author's life, after Cochin. M. Hip. Destailleur's copy in 
old red morocco, 72 frs. (1895). 

Le Clerc (S^bastien). Traite d'Architecture . . . Paris, 1714, 
2 vols., 4to., 184 plates (20s.). 

Le Clerc (Sebastien). Recueil de figures, chevaux, paysages, 
vues de Foubourgs de Paris, etc. A Paris, Audran, s.d., 
8vo., 72 plates (30s. to 40s.). 

Le Clerc (Sebastien). Calendrier des Saints . . . Amsterdam, 
1730, 2 -parts, 4to., 365 plates, including frontispiece (no 
text) (20s. to 25s.). 

Le Clerc (Sebastien). Les Vrais Principes du Dessein suivis des 
Caracteres des Passions (de I'illustre M.Le Brun), par S. Le 
Clerc. A Paris, chez Lami, s.d., oblong 8vo., 92 plates, 
containing more than 200 different subjects (10s.). 

Le Clerc (Sebastien). (Euvres Choisies de Sebastien Leclerc, 
chevalier romain, dessinateur et graveur du cabinet du Eoi, 
etc. Paris, Lamy, 1784, 4to., 239 plates outline or filled 
up (all numbered) (20s. to 30s.). 

Le Clerc (J.-B.). Portrait de Henri IV. Paris, imprimerie de 
Ph. I). Pierres, 1783, post 8vo., allegorical portrait of 
Henri IV. by Nee after Chevalier (5s.) ; only 100 copies 
printed on vellum paper. 

Le Clerc (J.-B.). Idylles et Contes champetres. Paris, Jansen, 
an VI., 2 vols., 8vo., 5 plates by Copia after Monnet (5s.). 

Le Clerc (J.-B.). Mes Promenades champStres. Paris, 1786, 
8vo., plate by de Longueil after Marchand (3s.). 

Le Clerc (D.). Histoire de la Me'de'cine. 1723 or 1729, 4to., 
frontispiece (different in each edition) (5s.). 

Le Clerc (N. G.). Histoire physique, morale, civile et politique 
de la Eussie ancienne, Paris, 1783; Histoire de la Eussie 
moderne, Paris, FrouUd, 1794, 6 vols., 4to. Part I. 
contains 59 portraits and plates after Chevalier and 
Desmaisons by Auvray, Chenu, Le Bas, and Pauquet, and 
6 plates of medals; Part II. has 7 portraits, 5 plates of" 
costumes, 15 views, and 11 maps and plans by Pauquet and 
others, after Desmaisons, Marillier, etc. (20s. to 25s.). 

Le Comte (Florent). Cabinet des Singularitez d'Architecture, 
Peinture, Sculpture et Gravure ... A Bruxelles, Lambert, 
1702, 2 vols., ■12mo., frontispieces : " Harrewijn fecit," and 
plates of monograms (lOs.). 


Le Demon et la Demone maries, ou le malheur des hommes qui 

epousent de mauvaises femmes, tires des annales de Florence. 

Eotterdam, 1705, 12mo., engravings (10s.). 
Lee (Miss Sophie). Le Souterrain ou Mathilde . , . Hambourg 

et Paris, chez Lepetit, 1793, 2 vols., 16mo., 4 plates, not 

signed (5s.). 

Lee (Miss Sophie). Mathilde ou le Souterrain . . . Paris, an II., 
4 vols., IGmo., 3 coloured plates (6s., and more on large 
vellum paper, of which only 10 copies were printed). 

Leeds Pattern Book ; the original engraved Pattern Book of 
the Leeds Pottery of Hartley. Green and Co., 1783, roy. 4to., 
45 plates (£3 to £4). 

Lefranc de Pompignan. (Euvres diverses de M. L * F * * *, 
troisifeme edition, orn^e de figures en taille-douce. Paris, 
Chaubert, 1753, 2 vols., 16mo ; Pofeies sacrees de M. L * 
F * * *, 1754, together 3 vols., frontispiece dated 1747, by 
Le Bas after Humblot, and 4 plates, 3 after Clavereau, 
and 1 not signed by Le Bas (5s.). 

Lefranc de Pompignan. Poesies sacrees de M. L. F. divisees 
en quatre livres et orn^es de figures en taille-douce. Paris, 
Chaubert, 1751, 8vo., fleuron on title, fleuron to the dedica- 
tion, 4 headpieces after Gravelot, and 4 fleurons signed 
L. S. (3s.). 

Lefranc de Pompignan. Poesies sacrees et philosophiques, 
tirdes des Livres saints . . . Paris, Prault, 1763, roy. 4to., 
fleuron on title by Lemire after Eisen, and 6 vignettes by 
Prevost after Cochin (3s.). 

Lefranc de Pompignan. Eloge historique de M. le due de 
Bourgogne. Paris, 1761, Bvo., a fine portrait of the due 
de Bourgogne after Fredou by Beauvarlet, fleuron, 2 
tailpieces and 2 vignettes by J. J. Flipart and Provost after 
Cochin (3s., and on stout paper, of which only 12 copies 
were printed, 20s.). 

Lefranc de Pompignau, Piron, Gaucher, etc. Voyages en 
France . . . avec des notes par la Mesangere. A Paris 
, . . I'an IV.-l'an VI., 4 voli, 12mo., portraits by Gaucher, 
including one of himself, and plates by Baquoy, Villerey, 
Le Mire, etc. (15s., and treble on vellum paper with 
unlettered proofs and the plate of Priapus). 

Le Gay. Mes Souvenirs, et autres opuscules poetiques . . . Au 
Pays de Vaud et a Paris, 1788, 2 vols., 16mo., engraved 
title and 4 plates, not signed (3 in vol. 2) (3s.). 


Legende joyeuse ou les Cent une legons de Lampsaque (La). 
Londres, chez Pynne (1750), 32mo., an allegorical etcMng 
and a pretty vignette, not signed, text engraved (10s.). 

There is a volume anterior to this, published 1749, engraved text 
and 101 plates. 

Le Gendre. Description de la Place Louis XV. que Ton 
construit a Eeims, des ouvrages a continue! aux environs 
de cette place et de ceux a faire dans la suite pour I'utilite 
et rembellissement de cette ville par le sieur Le Gendre. 
Paris, Prault, 1765, foL, a superb headpiece by Choffard, 
5 plates after Cochin by Choflfard, and 3 plates by Moitte 
after Cochin (£4 to £6, and mote in morocco, and particularly 
so in a Derome binding). 

Le Gendre (L.). Vie du Cardinal d'Ambroise ... A Eouen, 
1726, roy. 4to., portrait by Scotin and plates (5s.). 

Comte de LigneroUes' large paper copy in morocco, with arms of 
Louis XV., 51 frs- (1894). 

Legouve. La mort d'Abel, tragedie en trois actes, en vers. 
Paris, Merigot jeune, s.d. (1792), 8vo., 3 plates after Boizot, 
by Baquoy, Le Eoy, and Patas (3s., and treble with un- 
lettered proofs). 

Legouve. Le Merite des Femmes, po^me . . . Paris, Louis, 
1800, 12mo., frontispiece by Duplessi-Bertaux after Isabey 
(3s.). Original edition. 

Legouve. Le Merite des Femmes, po^,me . . . De I'imprimerie 
de P. Didot I'aine. Paris, chez Louis, an IX., 12mo., vellum 
paper, frontispiece and a very fine plate by Duplessi-Bertaux 
after Isabey (4s.). 

Legouve. Le Merite des Femmes. Paris, Eenouard, 1800, 
12mo., frontispiece (woodcut) and 3 plates, 2 by de 
Ghendt and Simonet after Moreau, and 1 after Guerin 
by de Ghendt (3s., and more on vellum paper, and treble 
with unlettered proofs). 

Renouard's only copy printed on vellum, 80 frs. 

Legouve. Le Merite des Femmes et autres poesies. Paris, 
Eenouard, 1809 and 1813, 12mo., plates after Desenne, 
Guerin, and Moreau by de Ghendt, Simonet, and de Villiers 
(4s., and treble on vellum paper with unlettered proofs). 

Three copies of the 1813 and one of the 1809 edition were printed on 
vellum. Renouard's copy on vellum in blue morocco by Bozerian, 100 
frs. M. E. Paillet had a copy of an edition : Paris, Janet, s.d. (1813), 
■with Deveria and Moreau 's plates before letters. Renouard brought 
out in 1818 a small edition in 32mo., with 1 plate after Moreau, 
which has become rare. 


Le Grand. Les Nouveaux Debarques, comddie. Paris, 1726, 
12mo., etclied frontispiece after Coypel (3s.). 

Le Grand. Fabliaux, or Tales abridged from French Manu- 
scripts of the XII. and XIII. Centuries, selected and 
translated into English verse (by G. L. Way), with a 
Preface, Notes, and Appendix by G. Ellis. London, W. 
Bulmer, 1796-1800, 2 vols., imp. 8vo., first edition, 
woodcuts by Bewick (15s. to 20s.). 

Legrand D'Aussy. Fabliaux, ou, Contes, fables et Romans du 
XIP et du XIII' sifecles, traduits ou extraits par Legrand 
d'Aussy, troisifeme edition, considerablement augmentee. 
Paris, Renouard, 1829, 5 vols., roy. 8vo., vellum paper, 
18 plates, 15 of which after Moreau by Bosq, Croutelle, 
Devilliers, Ribault, and Roger, and 3 after Desenne, and 1 
plate of music after Moreau (30s. to 40s. on papier cavalier 
velin, and more than double on large papier raisin 
d'Annonay with unlettered India proofs). The plates exist 
on India paper (as artists' proofs), and on satin as well 
in an unfinished state (etchings). Four copies were printed 
on vellum. The plates reflect only the shadow of Moreau's 
talent. A copy on large Jesus velin paper with unlettered 
proofs and the etchings, is valued at £10, but the Gautier 
copy on India paper with proofs before, and with letters 
and the etchings all on India paper, which was sold for 
500 frs., is worth now treble and more. 

Le Gros. Livre d'Estampes de I'Art de la Coeffure des dames 
frangoises, gravees sur les dessins originaux, d'aprfes mes 
accommodages, avec le traite en abrege d'entretenir et con- 
server les cheveux naturels, par le Sr. Legros, coefFeur des 
dames. A Paris, aux Quinze-Vingts, 1765, sm. 4to., 6 
plates and 28 headgears, not signed (£6 to £8, and double 

Comte de la Beraudiere's copy, dated 1767, contained 38 coloured 

Le Hay. See Ferriol. 

Lehre vom richtigen Verhaeltnisse zu den Schoepfungswerken 
. . . l792,~8vo., plates by Chodowiecki {8s. to 10s.). 

Leland (J.). The Itinerary of John Leland, the Antiquary. 
Published from the original MS. in the Bodleian Library, 
by Thomas Hearne. Oxford, 1710-12, 9 vols., 8vo., 3 plates, 
108 copies printed (30s. to 40s., and treble on thick paper, 
of which only 12 copies were taken). 



The subsequent editions of 1744-5 (350 copies and 50 copies on large 
paper) and of 1768-70 are of the same value. 

Le Maire. Les Traits de I'Histoire universelle sacree et profane 
d'apres les plus grands peintres et les meilleurs ^crivains, 
dedies a Mgr. le due de Bourgogne. Paris, 1761-62, 4 
vols., post 8vo., engraved throughout, text after Martoni, 
and about 500 plates by Le Mire, Masquellier, Graucher, 
Coypel, after Rubens, Lebrun, le Poussin, B. Picart, Diepen- 
beck, etc. The abbe Aubert was entrusted with the 
publication (15s.). 

Le Maire. La pauvre Rentiere, roman. Paris, 1800, 16mo,, 
1 plate by Baquoy after Monsiau (3s.). 

Lemierre. La Peinture, poeme en trois chants. Paris, Le 
Jay, s.d. (1769), 4to., engraved title with medal portrait of 
Corneille by A. de Saint-Aubin, and 3 fine-bordered plates 
a.fter Cochin by Prevost, Ponce, and Saint-Aubin (5s., and 
•double on Dutch paper). There are 2 issues in Bvo. size, 
"the first having an additional frontispiece after Cochin by 
P. Baudoin, and in the second Corneille's medal portrait 
is replaced by a fleuron. Corneille's portrait exists in 
artist's proof without text. A new edition, Amsterdam, 
1770, 2 vols., 8vo., has a fleuron on title and 3 plates, not 
signed (3s.). 

Lemierre (A. J.). Cent Pensees d'une jeune Anglaise, publiees 
en anglais et en frangais, 1 plate designed and engraved 
by G-iraud and an allegorical map (3s.). 

Le Monnier. Fables, Contes et Epitres, par M. I'abbe Le 
Monnier. Paris, Jombert et Cellot, 1773, 8vo., fine plate 
after Cochin by Prevost (4s.). 

Le Monnier. F§te des Bonnes gens de Canon (La) et les 
Eosieres de Briquebec. A Avignon et a Paris, chez Prault, 
1777, 8vo., frontispiece, designed and engraved by Moreau 

Lemoyne. Nouvelle Methode raisonnee du Blason ou de I'Art 
heraldique du P. Menestrier, mise dans un meilleur ordre 
et augmentee. Lyon, chez P. Bruys et Ponthus, 1770, 
8vo., frontispiece and numerous plates (10s.). Best edition. 

Lenfant (Jacques). Histoire de la Guerre des Hussites et du 
Concile de Basle. Utrecht, chez Corneille Guillaume Le 
Febvre, 1731, 2 vols., 4to., numerous portraits {6s.). 


Le Noble. Zulima ou 1' Amour pur. Amsterdam, 1718, 12mo., 
1 plate, not signed (3s.). 

Lenoir (Alex.). La Franclie-magonnerie rendue a sa veritable 
origine, ou I'antiquite de la Franche-magonnerie prouvee 
par I'explication des mystferes anciens et modernes. Paris, 
1814, 2 vols., 4to., 17 plates (of which one is the " Procession 
d'Isis," by Giraud after Moreau le jeune) and 2 tables. 
Proofs exist in brown and coloured before letters and as 
etchings (5s., and unlettered proofs coloured, 15s.). 

Lens (A.). Le Costume, ou Essai sur les habillemens et les 
usages de plusieurs peuples de I'antiquite, prouve par les 
monumens. Lie'ge; 1776, roy. 4to., 57 plates (25s. to 30s.). 

Leonard. (Euvres diverses. Liege, Desoer, 1777, 8vo., engraved 
title, not signed, large plate, one folding plate signed 
d'Olivart, and 1 plate engraved by the comte C. D. de W^'' 

Leonard. (Euvres. Paris, Prault, 1787, 2 vols., 12mo., 7 
vignettes by and after Coiny and Vivier, and 1 designed 
by Moreau and engraved by Simon (5s., and treble on 
vellum paper). Another edition, 3 vols., 12mo., 1788, with 
frontispiece and 8 plates, not signed (3s.). 

Leonard. Le Temple de Guide, poeme, imite de Montesquieu. 
Nouvelle edition ornde de tailles-douces et augmentee de 
I'Amour venge. Paris, Dufour, 1773, 8vo., frontispiece, 
and 11 plates after Desrais by Demonchy, Levillain, and 
Patas (5 s.). 

Some copies are dated 1776. 

Leonard. Poesies pastorales. Geneve et Paris, Lejay, 1771, 
8vo., frontispiece after Marillier by de Ghendt, 2 vignette, 
and 2 tailpieces after Eisen by Aliamet and de Ghendt 

Leonard. Idylles et Poemes champ^tres. A Guide, s.d. (Cazin), 
16mo., pretty frontispiece, not signed (3s.). 

Leonard. Idylles et Poemes champgtres. A La Haye, et se 
trouve a Paris chez Desenne, 1782, 8vo., frontispiece 
designed and engraved by Masquelier (3s.). 

Leonardo da Vinci. Imitations of Original Designs by 
Leonardo da Vinci, consisting of various Drawings of single 
Figures, Heads, Compositions, Horses, and other Animals, 


optics, perspective, gunnery, hydraulics, mechanics, and in 
particular of very accurate delineations with a most spirited 
pen, of a variety of anatomical subjects in his Majesty's 
Collection, published by John Chamberlaine. London, W. 
Bulmer, 1796, foL, portrait in red of Leonardo da Vinci, 
and 7 portraits and plates in red and brown all engraved 
by Bartolozzi (20s. to 25s.). 

Leonardo da Vinci. Traite de la Peinture . . . Paris, chez 
Giffard, 1716, 12mo., fine portrait and 33 plates, not 
signed (5 s.). 

Leonardo da Vinci. Recueil de Tetes de caracteres et de 
charges, gravees par le comte de Caylus d'apres Leonard de 
Vinci (avec notice par Mariette). Paris, Mariette, 1730, 
4to., title frontispiece designed by Augustin Carrache, and 
32 plates containing 60 subjects (20s. to 30s.). The 1767 
edition, sm. fol., contains 20 plates with 67 subjects (10s.). 

Lepaute (J. A.). Traite d'Horlogerie, contenant tout ce qui 
est necessaire pour bien connaltre et pour rfegler les pendules 
et les montres, la description des Pifeces d'Horlogerie les 
plus utiles. Par Lepaute, horloger du Roi. Paris, 1755, 
or 1767, 4to., 17 copper-plates (10s.). 

De Lalande edited the book. 

Le Pautre. CEuvres d' Architecture de Jean Lepautre, des- 
sinateur des batiments du Roy. A Paris, rue Dauphine, 
chez Charles Antoine Jombert, libraire du roy pour 
I'artillerie et le genie, a I'lmage de Notre-Dame, 1731, 3 
vols., fol, of 260 plates each (£20 to £30). The 1751 
edition is valued at from £12 to £15. 

Lepicie. Catalogue raisonne des Tableaux du Roy. Paris, 
Imprimerie.royale, 1752-54, 2 vols., 4to., 2 fleurons and 
2 vignettes after Cochin by Gallimard and Cochin (lOs.). 

Le Pippre de Nceufville. Abrege chronologique et historique 
du progres et de I'etat actuel de la Maison du Roi, de toutes 
les troupes de France, etc. ... A Liege, chez Everard 
Kints, 1734-35, 3 vols., 4to., vignettes and armorial plates 
(£3 to £4). Comte de La Beraudifere's large-paper copy in 
red morocco, with the arms of the Dauphin, Louis XV. 's son, 
360 frs. 

Leprieur. Description d'une partie de la vallee de Montmorency 
et de ses plus agr cables jardins, ornee de 19 figures; 
nouvelle edition. Tempe et Paris, Le Jay, 1788, 8vo. 

: LE PEINCE 309 

Landscapes etched after comtesse d'Albon, Marie de Lussy, 
Mile. Recquet by Lepagelet, and a large folding plate by 
Benoit (15s.). Hip. Destailleur's copy 60 frs. (1895). 

Le Prince (Jean-Baptiste). Divers Habillements de PrStres de 
Russie, etc. . . . dMies a M. le comte de Caylus, dessin^s 
«n Bussie d'aprfes nature et graves a I'eau-forte par J.-B. Le 
Prince, frontispiece and 9 large etchings dated 1764 (20s.). 

Le Prince. Les Strelits, ancienne et seule milice de Russie, 
jusqu'au temps de Pierre le Grand, dessines et graves a 
I'eau-forte par J.-B. Le Prince, frontispiece and 7 etchings 
dated 1764 (10s.). 

Le Prince. Divers Ajustements et Usages de Russie, dedies a 
M. Boucher, dessines en Russie d'aprfes nature et graves a 
I'eau-forte par J.-B. Le Prince et Suite des divers habille- 
ments des Peuples du Nord, par le meme, frontispiece and 
13 plates in 4to. dated 1764-65 (10s.). 

Le Prince. Premiere Suite de Oris et divers Marchands de 
Petersbourg et de Moscou, dessines d'aprfes nature, dediee a 
M. Chardin et gravee a I'eau-forte par J.-B. Le Prince, 6 
etchings in 4to. dated 1765 (5s.). 

Le Prince. Deuxifeme Suite de divers Oris de Marchands de 
Russie, dediee a M. Boucher, dessiee et gravee a I'eau-forte 
par J.-B. Le Prince, 8 etchings in 4to. dated 1764-65 

Le Prince. Habillements de divers (sic) Nations (1" et 2^ 
suites), 12 etchings in 12mo., designed and etched also in 
mezzotint by J.-B. Le Prince, 1765-68 (10s.). 

Le Prince. Divers Habillements des femmes de Moscovie (1" 
et 2® suites), dedies a M. de Lagrenee. 12 plates 12mo. 
dated 1768 (10s.). 

Le Prince. 3* Suite de divers Oris de Marchands de Russie, 
6 plates in 12mo., 1767-78 (3s.). 

Le Prince. 1" Suite de Coeffures dessinee d'aprfes nature et 
gravee a I'aqua-tinte, 6 plates in 12mo., 1768 (10s.). 

Le. Prince. Diverses Vues de Livonie, dediees a M. Vernet, 
dessin^es et gravees a I'eau-forte, 6 etchings in 12mo. (5s.). 

The whole collection exists under the title of CEuvre de Le Prince, in 
folio. The Behague copy, with title and 124 plates on 52 leaves, 
195 frs. Two copies containing 68 etchings each (one with engraved 
title) were sold for 25 frs. and 43 frs. respectively (Paris sale, 1894) 


Le Rouge (G. L.). Les Curiositez de Paris, de Versailles, de 
Marly, de Vincennes, de Saint-Claud . . . avec les 
Antiquitez . . . etc., par M. L. E. A Paris, chez Saugrain 
pere, 1733, 2 vols., 12mo., frontispiece and plates (15s. to 

Lenglet-Dufresnoy attributes the authorship to Claude-Martin 
Saugrain, libraire. 

Le Eoy (Julien). Ruines des plus beaux Monuments de la 
Grece (Les) . . . Paris, Guerin et de La Tour, 1758, roy. 
fol., Dutch paper, 24 plates of mines peopled after Le Roy 
by Le Bas, and 36 maps and plans (15s.). 

Reprinted 1770, 2 vols, in 1, with 1 additional plate (10s.). 

Le Roy (Pierre). Etrennes chronometriques, ou Calendrier 
pour I'annee bissextile, 1760. Paris, chez I'auteur et cliez 
Prault, 1760, 16mo., frontispiece after Gravelot by Lemire, 
dated 1578 (3s.). 

This Almanack of the famous watchmaker is rare. 

Leroy. Le Momus fran9ais ou les Aventures divertissantes du 
due de Roquelaure, etc., par le S. L. R. A Cologne, chez 
Pierre Marteau, 1781, 12mo., portrait and 11 plates, not 
signed (5s.). 

Leroy de Lozembrune. Emire et Agathee, Mirson et Zelide, 
Cleoplus et Zirka. Paris, chez la Veuve Barbin, 1707, 
12mo., engraved title, not signed (3s.). 

Le Sage (David, de Montpellier). Les Folies du sieur Le Sage. 
. . . Amsterdam, 1700, post 8vo., plates (3s.). 

Le Sage. Nouvelles Aventures de I'admirable Don Quichotte 
de la Manche, composees par le licencie Alonzo Fernandez 
de Avellaneda, et traduites de I'Espagnol en frangois. 
Paris, veuve Barbin, 1704, 2 vols., 12rao., frontispiece and 
16 poor plates by Clouzier (10s.). 

Original edition of the first of Le Sage's translation. Reprinted 
1716 (OS.). 

Le Sage. Le Diable Boiteux par M. Le Sage, enrichi de 
figures, nouvelle edition, corrigee, refondue, ornee de figures 
et augmentee d'un volume. Paris, veuve Pierre Ribou, 
1726, 2 vols., 12mo., frontispiece (copied from the 1707 
edition), and 12 plates designed and engraved by Dubercelle 

Le Sage. Le Diable Boiteux. A Paris, chez la Veuve Barbin, 

LE SAGE 311 

au Palais sur le Perron de le sainte Chapelle, 1707, 
12mo., frontispiece signed " Magdeleine Horthemeles fee." 
Original edition (£3 to £4). 

Comte de Lignerolles' copy in morocco, by Trautz-Bauzonnefc, 351 frs. 
(1894). Another copy in the same sale, 191 frs. A copy in calf, 110 frs. 
(1894). The frontispiece alone before the inscription, "El Diablo 
coinelo," was sold for 500 frs., only 2 copies with the frontispiece in 
artist's proof being extant (M. E. Paillet's copy marked by M. Morgand 
1000 frs., and the other belonging to M. George Masson). . The edition 
Amsterdam, 1729, 2 vols., ]2mo., with frontispiece to both vols, alike, 
and 12 plates (5s,). 

Le Sage. Le Diable Boiteux, nouvelle edition, augmentee 
d'Une Journee des Parques, etc. Amsterdam, Pierre 
Mortier, 1752, 10 plates, not signed (45.). 
Reprinted 1776 and 1785. 

Le Sage. Le Diable Boiteux, nouvelle edition, corrigee et- 
augmentee d'Une Journee des Parques, du meme auteur,. 
avec les Entretiens s^rieux et comiques des cheminees de 
Madrid et des Bequilles du Diable Boiteux par M * * * (abbe 
Bordelon), enriehie de figures en taille-douce. Paris, 
Damoneville, 1756, 3 vols., 12mo., 10 pretty plates, not 
signed (10s., and treble and more on Dutch or large 

Baron Pichon's copy, with the arms of the Comtesse d'Artois, 660 frs , 
resold in the Leboeuf de Montgermont sale, 400 frs. ; Marquise de 
Pompadour's copy, in blue morocco, brought in the Radziwill sale 
1800 frs., and in the Behague sale was resold for the respectable sum 
of 4800 frs. ; the Beckford-Hamilton copy in old Prench red morocco, 
originally sold for £36, was resold in the R. Lion sale for 350 frs. ; 
Comte de Lignorelles' copy, on Dutch paper in old red morocco, 490 frs. 

Le Sage. Le Diable Boiteux. Paris, Damonneville, 1736, 
3 vols., 16mo., frontispiece and plates (5s.). M. Gresy's 
• copy in morocco, 35 frs. 

Le Sage. Le Diable Boiteux . . . avec les entretiens serieux 
et comiques des cbeminees de Madrid, et les bequilles du 
dit diable par Monsieur * * * (I'abbe Bordelon). A Paris, 
chez Prault pere, 1737, 2 vols., 12mo., frontispiece and 12 
plates by Dubercelle. It is tbe " Edition definitive " in 
" gros caractferes " (15s.). 

Voisin's copy in morocco by Hardy, 105 frs. (1876). The reprints of 
1766 and 1768 are of little value. 

Le Sage. Le Diable Boiteux. Amsterdam, P. Moitier, 1747, 
2 vols., 12mo., plates (5s.). 

Luzarche's copy, 17 frs. The edition of 1759, 5 vols., 30 plates (5s.), 
and that of 1789, 2 vols., 2 frontispieces and 10 plates (4«.). 

312 LE SAGE 

Le Sage. Le Diable Boiteux. Paris, Musier, 1765, 3 vols., 
16mo., frontispiece and 12 plates, not signed (5s.). 

Leboeuf de Montgermont's copy, with the arms of the comtesse du 
Barry, 700 frs. Eleven pen-and-ink drawings on India paper by Huot 
for Le Diable Boiteux, brought in the Sieurin sale 720 frs. 

Le Sage. Le Diable Boiteux ... A Londres, cbez Pierre Van 
Cleef, 1768, 2 vols., 12mo., plates (3s.). The 1785 edition, 
2 vols., 12 plates (4s.). 

Le Sage. Histoire de Gil Bias de Santillane . . . Paris, P. 
Ribou, 1715, 2 vols., 12mo., 17 plates and 2 notes of errata. 
Original edition of these vols. 1 and 2 (£5 to £6). 

Le Sage. Histoire de Gil Bias. Paris, Vve. Eibou, 1724, 9 
plates and 1 note of errata. Original edition of vol. 3 

There is an extra unnumbered plate to be found only in a very few 

Le Sage. Histoire de Gil Bias. Paris, Jacq. Ribou, 1735, 8 
plates. Original edition of vol. 4, (20s.). The 4 vols, are 
valued at £10 to £12. 

A copy in morocco by Vve. Brany with the plates before letters and 
aiot filled up (etchings), in vol. 4, is marked by a well-known Paris 
rfcookseller 325 frs., although P. Guy Pellion's copy sold for 2400 frs. 
MM. Cohen and Portalis count only 32 plates, and M. Morgand 33 and 
34 plates in different copies. Corate de LigneroUes' copy (vols. 1 and 
2, 17 plates; vol. 3, 9 plates; and vol. 4, 8 plates), red morocco by 
Thibaron-Joly, 1000 frs. (1894) ; Bordier's copy in morocco, by 
ChamboUe, with the 8 etchings, 561 frs. (1894). 

Le Sage. Gil Bias de Santillane, nouvelle edition. Amsterdam 
chez Hermann Uytwerf, 1739, 4 vols., 16mo., 32 plates (8 
per vol.), in the style of Romain de Hooghe or of Harrewyn 

Le Sage. Gil Bias de Santillane, 5° edition, avec figures. 
Amsterdam aux d^pens de la Compagnie, 1740, 4 vols., 
12mo., curious plates, not signed (the same as in the 
previous edition) (5s.). 

Le Sage. Gil Bias de Santillane, derniere edition, revue 

et corrigee. Paris, par les Libraires associes, 1747, 4 vols., 

12mo., 32 plates, not signed (30s., and double in morocco). 

First complete edition. 

There exists a counterfeit bearing the same date, but it can easily be 
distinguished. (1) The author's declaration has 15 lines, while there 
are 17 lines in the counterfeit ; (2) in the first plate of the first a'oI. 
the canon is to the left, while in the counterfeit he is to the right ; 

LE SAGE 313 

and so is the position reversed of the figures in all the plates ; 
(3) the vignette heading the first page represents a temple in the 
original edition, and in the counterfeit it is only an ornament. Lebceuf 
de Montgermont's copy brought 1120 frs. ; Baron R. P. . . .'s, 685 frs. ; 
and Comte Roger's, 360 frs., all three bound by Trautz ; M. E. PaUlet's 
copy, in red morocco double, with red morocco uncut by Cuzin, is marked 
by M. Morgand 2000 frs. (described as unique in that state) ; Comte de 
LigneroUes' copy in morocco by Trautz, with an extra portrait by J. B. 
Guetard, 450 frs. (1894). The 1767 edition, 4 vols., 12mo., with fleuron 
on first title and 32 plates by Frankendaal (10s.). Comte de LigneroUes' 
copy in old morocco, 150 frs. (1894). The Cazin edition, 4 vols., 16ino., 
Londres, 1783, with the 29 plates copied from those by Dubercelle (5s.) ; 
the edition in 6 vols., 16mo., Lille, 1794, with 6 plates, not signed (3s.). 

Le Sage. Gil Bias de Santillane, edition ornee de figures en 
taille-doiice, gravees par les meilleurs artistes de Paris. 
Paris, Didot jeune, ati III. (1795), 4 vols., 8vo., 100 charm- 
ing plates after, Bornet, Charpeiitier, and Duplessi-Bertaux, 
by and under the direction of Hubert (20?., on large vellum 
paper with unlettered proofs, £S to £4). 
It exists also in 12mo. with the same plates. 

Le Sage. Gil Bias de Santillane . . . edition ornee de figures 
en taille-douce, gravees, par les meilleurs artistes de Paris. 
Paris, Chaigneau aine, an IV. (1796), 4 vols., 8vo., portrait 
by.Lingee, and 28 plates after Monnet by Bovinet, Dam- 
brun, Duparc, Godefroy, Lingee, Malapeau, and Masqiielier 
(15s., and more on vellum paper, and particularly so with 
unlettered proofs). 

It exists in 8 vols., 16mo., with the same plates and the same date. 

Le Sage. Gil Bias de Santillane . . . nouvelle edition, ornee 
de 12 -gravures. Paris, Bertin, an V. (1797), 4 vols., 8vo., 
plates after Marillier by Villerey (6s:). 

Huot's 24 original drawings on India paper for Gil Bias, 1400 frs. 
(Sieurin sale). 

Le Sage. Gil Bias de Santillane. Paris, Bertin, 1798, 6 vols., 
16mo. or 12mo., 7 plates after Chaillou and A. KaufFmann 
by Bovinet and Copia (6s.). 

Le Sage. Gil Bias de Santillane . . . Londres, Longman, 
1809, 4 vols., 8vo., 24 plates after Smirke by Armstrong, 
Fittler, Golding, Neagle, Parker, and Eaimbach (30s., and 
with the India paper proofs, £S to £4). 

Le Sage. Gil Bias de Santillana robadas a Espana . . . 
Madrid, 1797, 6 vols., sm. 4to., frontispiece and 32 plates 
after Manuel, Navarro, Camarron by Rodriguez, Gamborino, 
Pas, Perez, and F. Ugena. The plates are interesting from 
the point of view of costume (20s. to 30s.). 

314 LE SAGE 

Le Sage. Gil Bias von Santillane. Berlin, 1798, 6 vols., 
12mo. 14 plates designed and engraved by Chodowiecki 

Le Sage. Histoire de Guzman d'Alfarache . . . Paris, Etienne 
Garreau, 1732, 2 vols., 1 2mo. , frontispiece and 16 plates by 
Scotin (20s.), original edition. The edition of 1733 or 
1734 in 3 vols., 12mo., with frontispiece and 12 plates after 
Harrewyn (5 s.). 

The 1777 editions of La Haye and Amsterdam, as well as those of 
1783 and 1787, are of nominal value. 

Le Sage. Les Aventures de M. Robert Chevalier, dit de 

Beauchene, capitaine de filibustiers dans la nouvelle France 

. . . Paris, Garreau, 1732, 2 vols., 12mo., 6 plates after 

Bonnard by Scotin (20s.). Original edition. 

The Maestricht edition of 1780, with 6 curious plates (3«.). Eeprinted 
1783 {3s.). F V ; i- 

Le Sage. Une Journee des Parques, divisee en deux seances. 
Paris, Ribou, 1735, or La Haye, chez Jean Neaulme, 12mo., 
2 plates after Crepy (10s.). 

Le Sage. Le Bachelier de Salamanque . . . Paris, Valleyre 

filset Gissey, 1736; Le Bachelier de Salamanque . . . tome 

second. La Haye, P. Gesse [Paris, Valleyre et Gissey], 

1738, together, 2 vols., 12mo., 3 plates and 2 plates 

respectively, not signed. Original edition. Vol. 1 was 

published with " Fin du troisifeme et dernier livre," without 

indicating that there would be another volume (£2 to £3). 

Bordier's copy, in morocco by Chambolle, 125 frs. (1894); vol. 2 is 
very rare. 

Le Sage. Le Bachelier de Salamanque . . . Paris, chez de 
Poilly, 1741, 2 vols., 12mo., plates (5s., and treble and 
more in morocco). 

Le Sage. La Valise trouvee . . . Maestricht, Jean-Edme 
Dufour et Phil. Roux, 1779, 12mo., 4 plates by Tardieu 

Le Sage. (Euvres Choisies de Le Sage, avec une notice sur 
I'auteur (par Mayer). Amsterdam (Paris), 1783, 15 vols., 
8vo., portrait after Guelard, and 32 plates after Marillier 
by Borgnet, Dambrun, De Launay, Delignon, Delvaux, 
Duclos, Halbou, Langlois, Lebeau, de Longueil, Macret, 
Patas, Pauquet, and Mme. Ponce (15s. to 20s.). 

The 32 original drawings were sold in the Renouard sale for 403 frs., 
and in La Bedoyere sale in 1862 for 500 frs., and they are now in the 
collection formed by the late Baron J. E. de Rothschild. 


Le Sage. Le Theatre de la Foire, ou I'Opera comique, concern- 
ant les meilleures pifeces qui ont ete representees aux foires 
de S. Germain et de S. Laurent, enrichi d'estampes en taille- 
douce, avec une table de tbus les vaudevilles et autres airs 
gravez, notes a la fin de chaque volume, recueillies, revues 
et corrigees par M"- Le Sage et d'Orneval. Paris, Etienne 
Ganeau, 1721-37, 10 vols., 12mo., frontispiece, 83 plates, 
and 637 pages of engraved music (10s., and treble in 

Les Entretiens des Cafes de Paris et les difFerens qui y survie- 
ment, par M. le C. de M * * * (de Mailly). A Trevaux, 
chez Etienne Ganeau, 1702, 12mo., frontispiece (85. to 10s.). 

Les Folies sentimentales ou I'Egarement de I'esprit par le coeur, 
recueil d'anecdotes nouvelles. Paris, Eoyez, 1786, 8vo., 
fine plate, not signed (3s.). 

Les Jesuites de la maison professe de Paris en belle humeur. 
A Cologne, 1725, 12mo., frontispiece (5s.) 

Les Moines en belle humeur. A Cologne, 1725, 12mo., frontis- 
piece (5s.). 

Lessing. Du Laocoon, ou des Limites respectives de la Po^sie 
et de la Peinture, traduit de I'allemand de G. L. Lessing, 
par Cbarles Vanderbourg. Paris, Eenouard, an X. (1802), 
8vo., frontispiece after Salvage by Saint- Aulain (3s.). 

Renouard's copy, bound by Bozerian, on large vellum paper (1 of 4 
copies), with the original drawing and tbe etching of the frontispiece, 
36 frs. 

Lessing. Wie die Alten den Tod gebildet. Berlin, 1769, 8vo., 
frontispiece, fleuron and plate, not signed (3s.). 

L'Estoile (Pierre de). Memoires pour servir a I'liistoire de 
France, contenant ce qui s^est passe de plus remarquable 
dans ce roiaume depuis 1515 jusqu'en 1611, avec les 
portraits des'Rois, Eeines, Princes et Princesses et autres 
personnes illustres doiit il y est fait mention. A Cologne 
(Bruxelles) chez les heri tiers de Herman Demen, 1719, 2 
vols., 8vo., frontispiece after Eichard Van Orbrey, and 32 
portraits by Harrewyn. The same work " accompagnd de 
remarques historiques et critiques par Lenglet du Fresnoy 
et le chevalier C. B. A. (Le Pere C. Bouge Augustin) " came 
out in 2 parts under the title of : "Journal de Henri IIL " (La 
Haye et se trouve a Paris chez la veuve de Pierre Gondouin, 
1744), 5 vols., 8vo.; and : "Journal de rfegne de Henri IV." 


(La Haye chez les Frferes Vaillant, 1741), 4 vols., post 8vo., 

together 9 vols., 8vo., with portraits and plates (20s.). 

Comte de LigneroUes' copy of the "Memoires " in old morocco, 247 frs., 
and a copy of the "Journal," 9 vols., in red morocco, "a Toiseau" by 
Derome, 5500 frs., and another copy in old red morocco in the same sale, 
315 frs. (1894). 

Le Tourneur. Le Sylphe, traduit de I'anglois. Genfeve et 
Paris, Mdrigot, 1784, 2 vols., 12mo., 1 plate designed and 
engraved by Eansonnette (3s.). 

Le Tourneur. Voyage au cap de Bonne-Esperance et autour 
du monde avec le capitaine Cook, et principalement dans le 
pays des Hottentots et des Cafres, par Andr^ Sparrmann, 
traduit par le Tourneur. Paris, Buisson, 1787, 2 vols., 
4to., maps and plates (25s.). 

The Behague copy, in red morocco by Derome, 200 frs. 

Lettres amoureuses de la Dame Lescombat et du sieur 
Mongeot, ou I'histoire de leurs criminels amours. A la 
Haye, et se trouve a Paris chez Cailleau, 1755, 12mo., a 
large folding plate, not signedv(10s.). 

Lettres critic[ues sur divers ecrits de nos jours contraires a la 
religion et aux mcBurs, par M. C. (Charpentier). Londres 
(Paris), 1751, 2 vols., post 8vo., 2 fleurons on titles by 
Eisen (3s.). 

Lettres de Charlotte pendant sa liaison avec Werther. Traduit 
de I'anglais par M. D. D. S. G. (J. J. A. David de Saint 
George). Avec un extrait d'Eleonore ... A Londres et 
se trouve a Paris, chez Eoyez, 1787, 2 vols., 16mo., portraits 
of Charlotte and of Werther, and 2 vignettes after Chodo- 
wiecki by Copia (10s.). 

Lettres d'Heloise et dAbeilard, en latin et en frangais (de la 
traduction de Gervaise), precedee de la Vie d'Abeilard par 
M. de lAulnaye). Edition ornee de huit figures gravees 
par les meilleurs artistes de Paris, d'apres les dessins et 
sous la direction de Moreau le jeune. Paris, Fournier, de 
I'imprimerie de Didot le jeune, I'an quatrieme (1796), 3 
vols., 4to., vellum paper, 8 plates after Moreau by Dambrun, 
Delvaux, Halbou, Langlois jeune, Lemire, Pauquet, 
Romanet, and Simonet (all in the first volume) (10s., and 
treble in unlettered proofs). 

Renouard's copy, containing Moreau's original drawings in sepia, 
artists' proofs and the etchings, besides 4 plates by Watson after Catel, 
was sold in the Van der Helle sale for 1405 frs., and is now in the 


collection of M. Roederer of Reims. M. Delbergue-Cormont's copy, 
with the plates in 3 states, etchings, unlettered proofs and counter 
proofs, "gouachees," 1000 frs. ; W. . . S. . . de L. . .'s copy, on la,rge 
vellum paper, with the plates before and with letters uncut, 115 frs. 
(1825). In the same year M. G. Renouard's large-paper copy, with the 
8 plates before letters, 21 frs. ; and another copy in red morocco, with 
dentelle, with unlettered proofs and the tissue paper containing the 
legends preserved, 64 frs. 

Lettres de Julie a Ovide. Rome et a Paris, chez Gattey, 1789, 
12mo., frontispiece, not signed {3s.). 

Lettres de Ninon de Lenclos au marquis de Sevign^. Amster- 
dam, Joly, 1750, 2 parts in 1 vol., 12mo., 2 fleurous on 
titles alike by Fessard after Clavareau, and a portrait of 
Ninon by Pinsio (Voltaire attributes the authorship of 
these letters to Crebillon fils) (3s.). 

Lettres de Notre Saint Pfere le Pape et de S. M. I'Empereur 
(Joseph IL). A Rome, 1782, roy. 8vo., fine frontispiece 
containing Pope Pius VL's portrait by Haguenauer (3s.). 

Lettres et Epltres amoureuses d'Heloise et d'Abeilard, nouvelle 
edition. Genfeve (Cazin), 1777, 2 vols., 16mo., 2 portraits 
after Boily (3s.). 

Lettres et Epltres amoureuses de Heloise et d'Abeilard, pre- 
cMees de la vie, des amours et infortunes de ces celfebres et 
malheureux epoux. Nouvelle edition. Paris, Dido t, 1796, 
3 vols., 16mo., 2 portraits and 4 plates after Queverdo by 
Villerey (10s., and on vellum paper with the unlettered 
proofs, £2). 

A copy bound by Bozerian, with 3 of Queverdo's original drawings, 
400 frs. 

Lettres et Epltres amoureuses d'Heloise et d'Abeilard, nouvelle 
edition. Vieune, chez R. Sammer, libraire, 1797, 2 vols., 
16mo., 2 frontispieces after Angelica Kauffmann by Wein- 
ranck (5s.). 

Lettres galantes et. philosophiques de deux nones, publiees par 
un apotre du libertinage, avec des notes. Paris, I'an IP de 
la R^publique fran9aise, 16mo., 4 plates (15s., and double 
on vellum paper). 

Lettres historiques et galantes par Mad. de C * * * (Mad. Du 
Noyer). Avec figures. Cologne, P. Marteau, 1709-18 (3s.). 

Lettres portugaises. Paris, Delance, 1796, 2 vols., 16mo., 
only 250 copies printed on vellum paper, 1 plate after 
Monnet by Delaunay (5s.). 
Two copies were taken on vellum. 


Lettres sur le Danemarc. A Geneve chez les freres Philibert, 
1757-64, 2 vols., 8vo., allegorical vignette on first title and 
4 tailpieces signed Haas (3s.). 

Le Vassor. Histoire du Regne de Louis XIIL . . . 1701-9, 
10 vols., post 8vo., frontispiece and portraits (8s. to 10s.). 

Levayer de Boutigny. Tarsis et Zelie. Nouvelle edition. 
Paris, Musier fils, 1774, 3 vols., roy. 8vo., 3 frontispieces 
after Cochin, Moreau, and Eisen by Gaucher, Ponce, and 
Nee, 3 fleurons on titles by Nee, and 20 vignettes after 
Eisen by Helman, de Longueil, Masquelier, Massard, Nee, 
and Ponce (15s. to 20s.). 

The plates and the vignettes both exist in artists' proofs without text. 
Em. Martin's copy in that state in contemporary morocco, 250 frs. 

LevSque (Mme. ). Le Prince des Aigues-marines et la Princesse 
invisible, contes. Paris, Coustelier, 1744, 12mo., fleuron 
on title, 2 vignettes, and 5 plates after Cochin by Duflos 

Le Verrier de la Conterie. L'Ecole de la Chasse aux chiens 
courants. Eouen, 1763, 2 vols, in 1, Bvo. plates (curious 
book, recherche) (£2). 

Levy (De). Journal historique, ou Pastes du rfegne de Louis 
XV., surnomme le Bien-aime. Paris, Prault, 1766, 2 vols., 
post Bvo., fine portrait of the King by Prevost after Cochin 

Lewis (J.). History and Antiquities ... of the Isle of Thanet 
in Kent. London, 1736, 4to, second and best edition ; the 
first having appeared in 1723, and is of little value, portrait 
and plates (£2 to £3, and more on large paper). 

Lewis. Le Moine, traduit de I'anglais, par Deschamps, Depres, 
Benoist et Delamare. Paris, Maradan, an IV., 4 vols., 
16mo., 4 plates, not signed (3s.). 

Libro del Perche (II), la Pastorella del Marino, la Novella dell' 
Angelo Gabriele, et la Puttana errante di Pietro Aretino. 
A Peking, Kegnante Kien-Long nel XVIII. secolo (Londres, 
1784, pour le compte de Molini, libraire a Paris), post 8vo., 
limited to 200 copies on vellum paper, title within borders 
of priapeses, not signed (5s.). 
Ten copies were taken on vellum. 

Ligne (Prince de). Prejuges militaires, par un ofEcier autrichien. 
A Kralovilhota, 1780, 2 vols., 8vo., a vignette heading the 


dedication, "A mon msbitre," a tailpiece dated 1778, head- 
pieces with the arms of France and 1 5 small views of battles, 
dated 1778-80, the whole designed and engraved by 
Choffard (105. .to 15s.). 

The original drawings and the etchings are in the " Cabinet des 
Estampes" in the " CEuvre de Choffard." The whole exists also in 
artist's proofs. 

Ligny (le Pfere de). Histoire de la Vie de Notre Seigneur 
Jesus Christ. Edition ornee de gravures d'apres les 
tableaux des plus grands maltres, sous la direction de L. 
Petit. A Paris, de I'imprimerie de Crapelet, s.d., 2 vols., 
8vo., 75 plates finely engraved (20s., and double and more on 
large paper in 4to., and particularly with unlettered proofs 
on India paper). 
A copy on large vellum paper with India proofs brought 500 frs. 

Limairac (De). Le Koyalisme, ou Memoires de Du Barri Saint - 
Aunez et de Constance de Cezelli, sa femme, anecdotes 
heroiques sous Henri IV. par M. de L * * *. Paris, chez 
Valade, 1770, 8vo., frontispiece containing the author's 
portrait, the arms of the Comtesse Du Barry heading the 
"Epitre d^dicatoire," 1 vignette and 1 tailpiece by Le 
Grand (3s.). 

Linguet. Memoires sur la Bastille et sur la detention de M. 
Linguet, Merits par lui-m§me. Londres, de I'imprimerie 
Spilsbury, 1783, 8vo., frontispiece engraved and designed 
by Spilsbury (3s.). 

Linguetiana ou Eecueil des Principes, Maximes, Pensees, 
Pensees diverses. Paradoxes et Aventures de Linguet, 
suivi de I'eloge de I'art d'un coiffeur de femmes, par le 
m^me auteur (par C. d'Aval, Cousin d'Avallon). Paris, an 
IX. (1801), 16mo., portrait of Linguet by Mariage (3s.). 

Lion (J. N. de Brazey, comte de). Memoires politiques, 
amusants et satiriques de Messire J. N. D. B._ C. de L., 
colonel du regiment de dragons de Corsanski, etc. A 
V^ritopolis, chez Jean disant vrai (Amsterdam, chez Eoger), 
1735, 3 vols., post 8vo., frontispiece, portrait of the due de 
Villars, 18 plates and 2 folding plans of battles, not signed 

Lippi (Lorenzo). II Malmantile racquistato di Lorenzo Lippi. 
Parigi, Prault, 1768, 16mo., portrait by Demautort, and 
title designed and engraved by Moreau (3s.). 


Listes generales des noms, ^ges, qualites et demeures de tous 
les Conspirateurs qui ont e'te condamnes a mort par le 
Tribunal revolutionnaire, etabli a Paris, par la loi du 17 
aout 1792, pour juger tous les ennemis de la Patrie. Paris, 
1794, 8vo., 1 plate, not signed, representing the guillotine 

Consisting of 11 numbers. 

Lit de Noce (Le), ou les Nuits du docteur Pyrico-Proto- 
Patouphlet, livre comique et cependant medico-philo- 
sophique, traduit tout nouvellement de la langue gasconne, 
par un berger d'Arcadie. S. 1. (Paris), 1791, 8vo., 1 plate 
after Le Barbier by Masquelier (5s.). 

Lits babillards (Les). Paris, imprimerie Dautel, 1797, 8vo., 
2 indifferent plates, not signed (3s.). 

Lives (The) of those eminent Antiquaries John Leland, Thomas 
Hearne, and Anthony a Wood, with an authentick Account 
of their respective Writings and Publications ... in 
which are occasionally inserted Memoirs relating to many 
eminent Persons . . . also several Engravings of Antiquity 
never before published. Oxford, 1772, 2 vols., 8vo., 3 
portraits and 7 plates (5s., and double on large paper). 

Livre de Trophees. Paris, Le Pere et Avaulez, s.d., fol., 4 parts 
of 6 plates each (£2 to £3). 

Livre des Eeves, ou I'Oneiroscopee, application des songes aux 
numeros de la loterie royale de France, etc. . . . ornee de 
plusieurs figures analogues aux sujets. A Lugano, chez 
Jouve, 1787, 12mo., frontispiece, not signed, and 6 plates 
representing 91 subjects, not signed {5s.). 

Loaisel de Treogate. Valmon, anecdote frangaise. Paris, 
Moutard, 1776, 8vo., 1 plate after Queverdo by Legrand 

Loaisel de Treogate. Dolbreuse, ou I'Homme du siecle. Paris,. 
Belin, 1777, 8vo., frontispiece, not signed (3s.). 

Loaisel de Treogate. Dolbreuse, ou I'Homme du sifecle . . . 
Amsterdam et Paris, chez Belin, 1783, 2 parts in 8vo., ^ 
frontispieces after De Lorge by Berthet (3s.). 
Reprinted Paris an II., 2 vols., 16mo. 

Loaisel de Treogate. Valrose, ou les Orages de I'amour. Paris, 
Leprieur, 1799, 2 vols., 12mo., 2 plates, not signed (3s.). 


Loaisel de Tr^ogate. Heloise et Abeilard ou les victimes de 
Tamour, Eoman historique, galant et moral. Paris, Barba, 
an XL (1803), 3 vols., 12mo., 1 plate after Huot by Noel 

Lobineau. Histoire de la ville de Paris. See : Felibien. 

Lock (M.). Six Scones . . . Printed for Eobert Sayer, 1768, 
4to., 6 plates (20s. to 25s.). 

Lock (M.). A new Drawing Book of Ornaments . . . Printed 
for R. Sayer, London, n.d., title and 5 plates (20s. to 25s.). 

Lock and H. Copland. A new Book of Ornaments consisting 
of Chimneys, Scones, Tables . . . etc. London, 1752, fol., 
12 plates (£2 to £3). 

Locke. Essai pbilosopHque concernant I'entendement humain, 
trad, par Mr. Coste, 5^ Edition. Amsterdam et Leipsig, 
Sckreuder et P. Mertier jeune, 1755, 4to., frontispiece, fine 
portrait of tbe author after Kneller (1697) by Fokke, an 
heraldic vignette, not signed, heading the dedication (M'^" 
de M.) (3s.). 

Lofrasso ■ (Antonio de). Los dies libros de fortuna de Amor,, 
. . . Londres, 1740, 2 vols., 8vo., portrait of the author 
designed and engraved by Mosley, and 10 plates after 
Gravelot and Mosley by Mosley (4s.). 

Lo-Looz (De). Les Militaires au dela du Gauge. Paris, chez, 
Bailly, 1770, 2 vols., 8vo., 2 plates after Eisen by de 
Longueil, and 4 plans of battles (10s.). 

Lomonosofi". Idea picturarum artificisso igne collucentium quas 
Acad, scient. Petrop. exhibicit nov. 26 a 1749. Petropoli, 
s.d., 4to. Superb frontispiece by Sokoloff (3s.). 

Londres et ses Environs . . . Ouvrage fait a Londres par M. 
D. S. D. L. Paris, Buisson, 1788, 2 vols., post.Svo., map 
and 9 folding plates representing views of Westminster 
Abbey, St. Paul's Cathedral, Mansion House, Exchange, 
Co vent Garden, Chelsea Hospital, Greenwich Hospital, 
Hampton Court, and Windsor Castle (12s. to 15s.). 

Longus. Les Amours pastorales de Daphnis et Chloe (traduites 
du grec par Amyot), avec figures. S.l. (Paris, Quillau), 
1718, post 8vo., frontispiece after Coypel, 28 plates after 
Philippe d'Orleans (the Eegent) by B. Audran ; 1 plate by 
comte de Caylus, known under the name of the " Petits 



pieds," 1 vignette by Scotin, and capital letters ornamented 
(£8 to £10, and double in morocco, and more according to 

The plate of the " Petits pieds " does not form an integral part of the 
book, as it was not engraved before 1728. Some copies exist on fine 
paper. Brunet's copy, in a rich mosaic binding by Padeloup, was 
acquired by Baron de La Roche Lacarelle for 6000 frs. The Regent's 
own copy, in a rich mosaic binding by Padeloup, with his arms in centre, 
acquired by M. Quentin-Bau chart for 13,000 frs., changed hands in his 
sale to M. Delbergue-Cormont for 18,500 frs., from whom it passed to 
the Comte de Mosbourg for only 10,750 frs. Chastre de Change's (the 
Regent's chamber valet as well as friend and secretary, who was also 
entrusted with the supervision of the publication) copy, containing an 
original drawing a la plume of the "Petits pieds" attributed to the 
Regent, another drawing of the same by Masse, further Comte de 
Caylus's etching, and some unfinished engravings, together with the 
scheme of the engravings in the Regent's autograph, the copy having 
also the margins covered with autograph critical notes by the savant 
Lancelot, has passed through several hands, and is now in the library 
of the Due d'Atimale at Chantilly. A copy in red morocco by Derome, 
1200 frs. ; Marquis de Ganay's copy in red morocco, with broad dentelle 
by Padeloup, 2900 frs., resold in the Rich. Lion sale for 1455 frs. The 
Turner copy in green morocco, with dentelle and arms of the Due de 
Montmorency -Luxembourg, 2160 frs. M. Daguin is the fortunate 
possessor of the charming copy covered with a splendid binding which 
may be considered a masterpiece by Monnier. Comte de LigneroUes' 
copy in blue morocco, with dentelle by Bradel aine, 1200 frs. (1894) ; 
L. Lcblanc's copy in calf, 200 frs. ; Bordier's copy, morocco by 
'Thouvenin, 147 frs. In the reprint of 1745 the date of 1718 was left 
unaltered on the frontispiece, and frequently we meet with copies with- 
out the printed title, having apparently been removed so as to make 
believe that it was the original edition. The diiference could, however, 
be easUy detected, as the initial letter in the preface of the reprint is not 
engraved, the vignette on the first page is different, and the paging 
differs from the original, for while the latter counts 164 pages, the 
reprint has only 156 pages. The latter has 3 additional vignettes, 
besides 4 charmiag tailpieces by Cochin, and 20 pages of "N'otes sur 
les Amours de Daphnis et Chloe " by A. Lancelot. 

Longus. Les Amours pastorales de Daphnis et Chloe. S.l. 
(Paris, Coustelier), 1731, 12mo., title red and black, frontis- 
piece, not signed, 8 plates after Scotin, and 5 fleurons, not 
signed (8s. to 10-s., and more on large paper in 4to.). _ A 
copy has been taken on vellum. Keprinted 1745 (5s.). 

Longus. Les Amours pastorales de Daphnis et Chloe. S.l. 
(Paris), 1745, 12mo., frontispiece after Coypel, 29 plates 
after Ph. d'Orleans by Audran, and 4 tailpieces after Cochin 
(20s., and double on large paper 4to.). 

Reprint of the 1718 edition, but the date of 1718 was not removed 
from the frontispiece. The printed title, however, bears 1745, and the 
capital letter in the preface is not engraved, and the edition has only 

LONaUS 323 

156 pages, while that of 1718 counts 164 pages. The first vignette is 
also different, but it has in addition 3 other vignettes heading each part, 
and 4 tailpieces by Cochin. 

Longus. Pastoralium de Daphnide et Chloe libri quator, gr. 
et lat. editio nova cum emendationibus (cura J. S. Bernard) 
Lutetise Pariaiorum (Amstelodami) in gratiam curiosorum, 
1754, sm. 4to., plates by Audran, and vignettes and tail- 
pieces after Eisen and Cochin by Fokke(20s.). 

Edition limited to 125 copies. The plates are within borders. 

Longus. Les Amours pastorales de Dapbnis et Chloe, par 
Longus ; double traduction du grec en frangois de M. Amiot 
et d'un anonyme, mis en parallfele, et ornees des estampes 
originales du fameux B. Audran, gravees aux depens du feu 
due d'Orleans, Regent de France, sur les tableaux inventes 
et peints de la main de ce grand Prince, avec un frontispiece 
de Coypel, et autres vignettes et culs-de-lampe graves par 
Fokke sur les dessins de Cochin et d'Eisen. A Paris, imprime 
pour les curieux, 1/57, 4to., text bordered (30s., and more 
in morocco). 

Besides the plates copied from those of the 1718 edition, and sur- 
rounded with borders by Fokke, this edition contains fleuron on title, 
8 vignettes after Eisen and 8 tailpieces (4 repeated) after Cochin by 
Fokke (from the previous Greek and Latin edition of 1 754). The plate 
of the " Petits pieds " differs from that usually found added to the 1718 
edition. M. de Lacarelle's copy in red morocco by Uerome, with the 
arms of Madame de Pompadour, 3500 frs. ; M. Testart de St. Quentin's 
large Dutch paper copy, with the plates within double borders in old 
red morocco, 72 frs. (1894). 

Longus. Les Amours pastorales de Daphnis et Chloe, avec 
figures. A la Haye, chez Jean Neaulme, 1764, or 1773, 
12mo., text bordered, engraved title, frontispiece, 4 vignettes 
and 8 plates, not signed (the last being that of the " Petits 
pieds") (5s.). 

The 1764 edition has also a fleuron on title, and four ornamented 
head-letters similar to those of the 1718 edition. 

Longus. Les Amours pastorales de Daphnis et Chlo^. Bouillon, 
1776, frontispiece after Coypel, 28 plates after Philippe 
d'Orleans, and the plate of the " Petits pieds" all engraved 
by Vidal(10s.). 

Longus. Les Amours pastorales de Daphnis et Chloe, 1777 
Cazin), 24mo., frontispiece, not signed, representing a pretty 
imitation of the plate of the " Petits pieds " (3s.). 

The Cazin edition of 1780, 32mo , has the frontispiece, not signed, 
but copied from that of Coypel. 


Longus. Les Amours pastorales de Daphnis et Chloe, trans- 
latees du grec en frangais par Jacques Amyot. Londres, 
1779, sm. 4to., text witHn engraved borders, frontispiece 
and 28 plates, including that of the " Petits pieds " (15.s., 
and more in morocco). 

Reproduction of the 1718 plates. Exists also in 12mo , without 

Longus. Les Amours pastorales de Daphnis et Chloe, traduction 
de 1782. A Mitylfene, 1783 (Eeims, Oazin, and Paris, 
Moutard), in 8vo., and in 16mo., medal portrait of the 
translator Mullot, 1 plate by David, and 14 pretty vignettes, 
not signed (5s., more on large paper in 8vo.). 

Longus. Les Amours pastorales de Daphnis et Chloe, escrites 
en grec par Longus et translatees en frangois par J. Amyot. 
Versailles, chez Sevfere Dacier, 1784, 16mo., frontispiece 
and 5 plates, not signed (46'.). 

Longus. Les Amours pastorales de Daphnis et Chloe, traduc- 
tion nouvelle (par de Bure Saint-Fauxbin), avec figures 
nouvellement dessinees sur les peintures de M. le due 
d'Orleans, Regent. A Paris, chez Lami, de I'imprimerie de 
Monsieur, 1787, 2 parts in 1 vol., roy. 4to., 29 copies of 
the Regent's plates engraved in outline, and in bistre by 
Martini (30s., and more with unlettered proofs). 

Lami, the editor, had several of these seTies of outline engravings drawn 
and coloured like drawings (gouaches) on vellum, and inserted them in 
special copies. Renouard's copy containing Martini's 29 original draw- 
ings a la plume, and 29 miniature " gouachees " after the Regent's original 
paintings, was sold in his sale for the meagre sum of 230 frs., and since 
resold for 7000 frs. Prince Galitzin's copy was printed on vellum. 
Reprinted 1796 (5a.). 

Longus. Daphnis et Chlo^. . . . Lille, 1792, 16mo., indifferent 
plates copied from those of the Regent by Vidal (3s.). 

Longus. Daphnis et Chloe. . . . Paris, Patris, 1795, 16mo., 
frontispiece and 4 plates after Binet by Blanchard (5s. on 
vellum paper, and 30s. with unlettered proofs). 
Reprinted by Renouard ia 1803 with the 5 plates in 16mo. 

Longus. Les Amours pastorales de Daphnis et Chloe, traduc- 
tion nouvelle par Pierre B * * *. Paris, Maradan, an VL 
(1798), 16mo., frontispiece signed by Dupreel and 4 plates 
after Monsiau by Pauquet and Dupreel (4s., and on vellum 
paper in post 8vo., with the unlettered proofs, and the 
etchings, 25s. to 30s.). 


Longus. Les Amours pastorales de Daphnis et Chlo^, traduites 
de Grec de Longus par Amyot. Paris. Didot I'Aine an 
VIII. (1800) 4to., vellum paper, 9 plates after Prudhon and 
Gerard, by Godefroy, Marais, Massard, and Eoger (25s., and 
double in morocco). 

The copies witt Greek texts (133 pages) have the plates before letters 
without tablets. Behague's copy bound by Cape, 260 f rs. ; E(mile) 
G(oiise)'s copy, vellum paper in blue morocco by Alio, 60 frs. (1894). 
Two copies in ito. and in folio were taken on vellum. M. Morgand paid 
for the latter in the Beckford-HamUton sale £900, and marked it in his 
Catalogue 35,000 frs. Twenty-seven copies were printed in folio with 
the unlettered proofs with tablets. 

Longus. Gli Amori pastorali di Daphni e Cloe. Parigi, 
Renouard, 1800, 12mo., 1 plate after Prudhon by Roger 
(3s.). Two copies were printed on vellum. 

Prudhon's fine original drawing in black pencil (605 frs.) is now in 
M. Alexandre Dumas' collection. 

Longus. Les Amours pastorales de Daphnis et Chloe. Paris, 
Renouard, 1803, 12mo., portrait of Amyot by Saint-Aubin 
(3s., and on vellum paper 5s.). 

Renouard's unique copy on vellum, having Saint- Aubin's original 
drawing of Amyot's portrait and Prudhon's plate in various states, 110 
frs. Five copies were taken on rose paper. 

Longus. Pastoralia lesbiaca, sive de Amoribus Daphnidis et 
Chloes. Poema erotico-poimenicon et textu grjeco in 
latinum numeris heroicis deductum. Parisiis apud H. 
Agasse, 1809, roy. 8vo. This edition given by Petit-Radel 
has a fine folding plate by Halbou after Le Barbier (1795), 

Lorraine (Claude). Liber Veritatis, or, a Collection of Prints 
after the original Designs of Claude le Lorrain, executed 
by R. Earlom in the manner and taste of the Drawings, 
with Descriptions, 1777-1804 or 1819, 3 vols., folio, 300 
plates with portraits of Claude, Earlom, and Boydell. The 
vols. 1 and 2 were published in 1777, and the title pages 
and text are printed on a bluish paper, which is the test of 
the original impressions (£6 to £8, and proofs £20 to £30). 

Lorris (Guil.) et Johan de Meung. Le Roman de la Rose, 
nouvelle edition par Meon. Paris, Didot I'aine, 1814, 4 
vols., 8vo., portrait of J. de Meung, not signed, and 5 plates 
after Monnet by Patas and Demouchy (lOs., and more on 
vellum paper). 

The late M. Lortic's copy on vellum paper in red morocco by Cape, 82 
frs. (1894) ; Delzollies' copy in red morocco by Motet, 56 frs. (1894). 


Louis XT. Les Cent Nouvelles nouvelles, snivent les Cent 
Nouvelles contenant les cent Histoires nouveaux qui sont 
moult plaisans a raconter en toutes bonnes compagnies par 
maniere de joyeuset^ avec figures en taille-douce, gravies 
sur leg dessins de Romain de Hooghe. Cologne, chez 
Pierre Gaillard, 1701, 2 vols., post 8vo., frontispiece after 
Remain de Hooghe by G. Van der Gouwen, 100 half -page 
vignettes, and head and tail piece after Romain de Hooghe, 
not signed (£2, and more in old morocco). 

The other edition, with the vignettes in " tirage a part," is the second 
issue, as the impressions are pale and exhibit a worn appearance. 
Reprinted 1732 and 1736. 

Louis XV. Cours des principaux Fleuves et rivieres de I'Europe, 
compose et imprime par Sa Majesty Louis XV. Paris, dans 
I'imprimerie du Cabinet de Sa Majeste, dirigee par J. 
CoUombat, 1718, sm. 4to., very fine portrait of the infant 
King by J. Audran (5 s.). Behague's copy in morocco by 
Cape, 55 frs., and Brunet's copy in old red morocco with the 
arms of France, 165 frs. 

Louvet de Couvray. Vie du Chevalier de Faublas, divise en : 
Une annee de la vie du chevalier de Faublas, par le citoyen 
J.-B. Louvet, nouvelle edition, corrigee et augmentee. 
Paris, 1796, an IV. de la Repub. fr., 5 vols., 16mo. ; Six 
Semaines de la vie du Chevalier de Faublas, 2 vols., 16mo. ; 
Vie et fin des Amours du Chevalier de Faublas, 6 vols., 
16mo., together 13 vols.j with 13 frontispieces after 
Chaillou by Lorieux (10s., and double on vellum paper). 

The first edition without plates appeared in 1786. 

Louvet de Couvray. Les Amours du chevalier de Faublas, par 
J.-B. Louvet, 3° edition, revue par I'auteur. Se vend a 
Paris, chez I'auteur, rue de Grenelle-Saint-Germain, vis-a-vis 
la rue de Bourgogne, ci-devant hOtel de Sens, No. 1495, et 
chez les marchands de Nouveaute's. An VL de la Re'publique 
(1798), 4 vols., 8vo., 27 plates after Demarne, Dutertre, 
Mile. G-erard, Marillier, Monsiau, and Monnet, by Baquoy, 
ChofFard, Courbe, Dambrun, de Launay, Delvaux, Dupreel, 
de Ghendt, Giraud, Halbou, Lemire, Patas, Saint-Aubin, 
Tilliard, Triere, and Viguet (£2 to £3, and on vellum paper 
with unlettered proofs, £6 to £8). 

A copy on vellum paper with artist's proofs, with the additional series 
of Collin's plates, and etchings from the Tardieu edition (1821) in 
morocco by Simier, 390 frs. (1894). Pixerecourt's copy had also the 
scries of very rare etchings. Three plates are known to have remained 


unused, and several drawings left unpublished. Marillier, Monsiau, 
and Monnet's original drawings, inserted in a copy covered with a 
superb double binding by Trautz, was sold by M. Morgand for 10,000 frs. 

Louvet de Couvray. Emelie de Varmont, ou le Divorce 
n^cessaire et les Amours du cure de Sevin, par I'auteur de 
Faublas. Paris, 1791, 3 vols., 16mo , 3 frontispieces, not 
signed (8s.). 

Loveson ou les Folies de TAmour. Paris, an IX. (1801), de 
I'imprimerie de Vatar-Jouannet, 1 plate after Charpentier 
by Maria ge ; rare (lOs.). 

Lubersac (Abbe de). Discours sur les Monuments publics de 
tons les ages et de tons les Peuples connus, suivi d'une 
description du monument projete a la gloire de Louis XVI. 
et de la France, termini par quelques observations sur les 
principaux monuments modernes de la ville de Paris. 
Paris, Imprimerie Roj'ale, 175^5, fol., fine frontispiece .after 
Monnet by Masquelier, representing tbe King in grand 
costuni^/2 folding plates (project of the monument) after 
Touze etched by Masquelier (5s.). 

Lucanus. Marci Annsei Lucani Pharsalia, cum supplemento; 
Thomse Maii. Paris, Barbou, 1767, 12mo., a pretty frontis- 
piece after Gravelot by de Longueil, and a headpiece, not- 
signed (3s.). 

Lucanus. La Pharsale de Lucian, traduite en frangois par M. 
Marmontel, de I'Academie frangoise. Paris, Merlin, 1766,. 
2 vols., 8vo., frontispiece and 10 plates after Gravelot by 
Duclos, de Ghendt, Le Mire, Nee, Rousseau, and Simonet 
(65., and in morocco according to state). 

Lucanus. La Pharsale de Lucain, traduite eu vers frangois par 
Brebeuf ; avec la Vie des deux poetes et des Reflexions 
critiques sur leurs oeuvrages, par L.7J. Billecocq, citoyen 
frangais. Paris, imprimerie de Crapelet, an IV. (1796), 2 
vols., roy. Bvo., 10 plates after Perrin by Dupreel, de 
Ghendt, Halbou,, Pauquet, Eomanet, and Triere {6s., and 
treble on blue large paper with the unlettered proofs). 
Renouard's copy with the etchings and Perrin's original 
drawings, 110 frs. 

Luce (L.). Essai d'une nouvelle Typographie, orne de vignettes 
fleurons, trophees, filets, cadres et cartels, inventes, dessin^s 


et executes par L. Luce graveur du roi, pour son imprimerie 
royale. Paris, Barbou, 1771, 4to., .82 plates (20s.). 

Luchet (M'^- de). Le Vicomte de Barjac, ou Memoires pour servir 
a rhistoire de ce Sifecle, par M. C. de L. . . . Dublin et Paris 
(Versailles), 1784, 2 vols., 16mo., 4 etchings lightly coloured, 
not signed (10s.), rare with the key and plates. 

Another edition, 1796, 2 vols., 12mo., -with 2 different plates (5s.). 

Lucian. De la traduction de N. Perrot, S""- d'Albancourt avec 
des remarques sur la traduction, nouvelle edition, revue 
et corrigee. Amsterdam, Pierre Mortier, 1709, 2 vols., 
16mo., frontispiece in each volume, portrait and 12 plates 
mostly threefolded, not signed, in the manner of Romain 
de Hooge or Harrewyn (5s.). Behague's copy in old 
morocco, 125 frs. 

De Bure's copy in morocco double by Boyet, 199 frs., resold for 800 
frs. in Baron Pichon's sale. The 1712 edition has only a new title. 
Comte de LigneroUes' copy in red morocco by Derome, 145 frs. (1894). 

Lucian. Mythologie dramatique, traduite du grec par J. B. 
Gail, avec le Dialogue des Dieux. De I'imprimerie de 
Delange, a Paris, chez Gail, I'an IIL, 3 vols., 12mo., portrait 
and 4 plates after Le Bar bier and Berchot by Delignon (5s., 
and double on large paper). 

Lucretii (Titi Cari). De Rerum Natura libri vi. . . . Londini, 
Tonson, 1712, 4to., frontispiece, 6 plates and 12 copper 
vignettes (5s., and on large paper, folio, of which only 25 
copies were printed, 25s.). 

Lucretii (Titi Cari). De Eerum Natura libri vi. Patavi, 1751, 
8vo., frontispiece after Eisen by Lemire, 6 plates after 
Cochin (5) and Le Lorrain (l) by Aliamat (2), Lemire (2), 
Sornique, and Tardieu (3s.). 

The 1725 edition in 2 vols., 4to., with frontispiece, and plates, is of 
little value. 

Lucretii (Titi Car-i). De Rerum Natura libri sex, accedunt 
selectse lectiones dilucidando poemati appositse. Lutetise 
Parisiorum, sumptibus Ant. Coustelier, 1744, or, Barbou, 
1754, 12mo., 1 frontispiece, 6 very pretty plates and 6 
vignettes after Van Mieris, hy Duflos (4s., and double on 
Dutch paper). Behague's copy in morocco, 78 frs. 

Several copies exist on vellum. Baron Pichon's copy, on vellum in 
green morocco by Derome, 300 frs. 


Lucretius. De la Nature des Choses, traduction nouvelle, 
avec des notes, par L * G * (Lagrange). Paris, Bleuet, 
1768, 2 vols., 8vo., Dutch paper frontispiece and 6 
plates after Gravelot by Binet (10s., and more on large 

It has also beea issued in 12mo. and 16mo. 

Lucretius. De la Nature des Choses, traduction de Lagrange. 
Paris, Bleuet, an IIL (1795), 2 vols., Bvo.,, frontispiece 
and 6 plates, not signed (5s., and more than treble on 
large vellum paper with unlettered proofs). 

Lucretius. De la Nature des Choses, traduction de La Grange. 
De I'imprimerie de Didot le jeune. Paris, chez Bleuet, Fan 
deuxifeme de la Rdpublique, 2 vols., 4to., vellum paper, fine 
frontispiece placed in each volume, and 6 plates after 
Monnet by Chofiard (1), Dambrun (l), Delignon (2), de 
Ghendt (l), Lingee (1) (10s.). 50 copies exist on vellum 
paper, dated 1789, 3 vols., sm. folio, with the plates before 
letters, but only one frontispiece (30s.). 

Lucretius. Delia Natura delle Cose, libri sei, tradotti dal 
latino in italiano da Alessandro Marchetti, etc. Amster- 
dam (Paris), 1754, 2 vols., roy. 8vo., Dutch paper, 2 
frontispieces and 2 titles after Eisen by Lemire, 6 plates 
after Cochin (5) and Le Lorrain (l) by Aliamet (1), 
Lemire (2), Sornique (2), and Tardieu (l), 7 vignettes after 
Cochin (6) and Eisen (l) by Baquoy (1), Chenu (l), Flipart 
(l), Gallimard (1), Lemire (2), and Sornique (l), and 5 
tailpieces after Cochin (2), Eisen (2), and Vasse (1) by 
Aliam et (2), Baquoy (l), Gallimard (1), and Louise L. D. (Le 
Daulceur) (l) (10s., and in morocco according to state). 

Brunei's copy in red morocco by Bradel-Derome, 175 frs. ; Turner's 
copy in green morocco by Padeloup, 680 frs. ; E(mile) G(onse)'s copy in 
old red morocco with large dentelle, 122 frs. (1894) ; B. Maglio'ne's copy in 
old red morocco with dentelle, 270 frs. 

Lusse (De). Eecueil de Eomances historiques, tendres et bur- 
lesques, tant anciennes que modernes, avec les airs notes, 
par M. de L. Paris, 1767, 8vo., frontispiece after Eisen by 
de Longueil, and fleuron on title after Eisen by Aliamet, 
and music (5s., and double on Dutch paper). 

Lustiges Post und Reise-Bademecuiii muntern Eeisenden 
gewidmet von monsieur Heemkengrypern, gewesenen 
Kammerdiener des Herrn von Miinchhausen, und herausge- 
geben von scinem lachenden Erben. Polkwitz, 1795, 
12mo., 5 copper-plates ; curious and rare (10s.). 


Lutteur (Le), ou le Petir-fils d'Hereule, 1787, 16mo., frontis- 
piece and 8 plates (15s.). 

Luxe (Le), poSme en six chants, orne de graviires, avec des 
notes iistoriques et critiques. Paris, Monory, 1774, 8vo., 
6 plates, not signed (3s.). 

This poem is attributed to the Chevalier du Coudray. 

Luyken (Jean). Theatre des Martyres, represente en taille- 
douee par le celebre Jean Luyken. (La Haye) Schagen, 1738, 
oblong 4to., 100 etchings. This work appeared with a 
Dutch text at Amsterdam, 1740, with fleuron on title, and 
92 plates, and at Leide with 116 plates (155.). 

Lysons (Eev. D.). The Environs of London, being an historical 
Account of the Towns, Villages and Hamlets, within twelve 
Miles of that Capital, interpersed with biographical Anecdotes. 
London, 1792-6, 4 vols., 4to. First edition, maps and 
numerous plates, a list 'of which will be found at the com- 
mencement of each volume (20s. to 30s., and more on large 

Lysons (S.). An Account of the Eoman Antiquities discovered 
at Woodchester, near Minchin Hampton, in the County of 
Gloucester. London, 1797, imp. fol., 40 plates of pavements 
and views (15s., and with the plates coloured, of which only 
12 copies were executed in a superior manner to resemble 
drawings, 40s. to 50s.). 

ABILLON (J.). De Ee Diplomatica libri VI. 
Parisiis, 1709, foL, plates (10s.). 

The 1789 edition, 2 vols., fol., about the same value. 

Mably (L'Abbe de). Entretiens de Phocion sur le 
rapport de la morale avec la politique, traduites 
du grec de Nicoclfes par Mably. Paris, de rimprimerie 
de Didot le jeune, I'an troisifeme.' Eoy. 4to., vellum paper, 
2 plates after Moreau, etched by Giraud and finished by 
Dambrun and Dupreel (6s., and double with the unlettered 
proofs and the etchings, and more on large paper, sm. fol. 
Gautier's copy containing the two original drawings in 
sepia, 165 frs.). 

McArthur (J.). Complete Treatise on the Theory and Practice 
of Fencing, 1760, 4to., frontispiece and folding plates 
(40s. to 50s.). 

Reprinted 1784, half price. 

M'Bane (D.). Expert Swordman's Companion, or the true 
Art of Self-defence, with an Account of the Author's Life, 
and his Transactions during the Wars in France, to which is 
added the Art of Gunnery. Glasgow, 1728, 12mo., wood- 
cuts (20s. to 30s.). 

Mackenzie (Anne Maria). Le Fratricide, ou les Mystferes du 
Diisseldorf, traduit de I'anglais par, Delbare ; orne de jolies 
gravures. Paris, Ancelle, an VIL, 3 vols., 12mo., 3 plates 
after Binet by Bovinet and Mariage (5s.). 

Maclaurin. Expositions des Doctrines philosophiques de M. le 
chevalier Newton. Traduit de I'anglais par M. Laviotte. 
Paris, 1749, 4to., a charming vignette on title containing 
Newton's portrait after de Sfeve by Sornique, and a vignette 
heading the first book after de Sfeve by Moitte (3s.). 

Mac-Sviny. Tombeaux des princes, des grands capitaines et 
autres hommes illustres qui ont fleuri dans la Grande 


Bretagne vers la fin du XVII. sifecle. Paris, Basan, s.d., 
Atlas folio, 20 plates by Bailleul, Dorigny, Tardieu, Cars, 
Beauvais, Boucher, Duilos, etc., with pretty ornaments ; 
very rare. 

A copy sold for £7 10s., and it would realize more now under the 

Mademoiselle Favotte, ouvrage moral. La Haye, 1758, -12mo., 
engraved title, not signed. The author is Paul Baret 

Magic and Conjuring Magazine and Wonderful Chronicle. 
London, 1795, 8vo., plates and woodcuts (12s. to 15s.). 

Mailhol. L'Avare, comedie de Molifere, en cinq actes, mise en 
vers, avec des changements. Bouillon, de I'imprimerie de 
la Societe typographique, 1775, 8vo., vignette on title, 
designed and engraved by Bertin (3s.). 

Mailhol. Lettre en vers de Gabrielle de Vergy a la com- 
tesse de Kaoul, soeur de Eaoul de Coucy, par M. Mailhol, 
suivie de la romance, etc. Paris, veuve Duchesne, 1766, 
8vo., 1 plate and 1 vignette after Eisen by de Longueil 

Maimieux (J. de). Le Comte de Saint-Meran, ou les Nouveaux 
Egarements du coeur et de I'esprit. Paris, Le Eoy, 1788, 
4 vols., 12mo. Suite du Comte de Saint-Meran. Paris, 
1789, 5 vols., 12mo., 4 plates, not signed (5s.). 

The plates are attributed to Binet. 

Mainvilliers. La P^treade, ou Pierre le Cr^ateur (poeme). 
Amsterdam, 1763, 8vo., frontispiece containing portrait of 
Peter the Great after Folkema, vignette on title after 
Philipps, and 1 tailpiece, not signed (sometimes there is 
another portrait of Peter III., but it does not belong to this 
edition) (3s.). 

Mairobert (Pidansat de). Les CEufs rouges, 1''^ partie, 1772 
(Paris), 12mo., frontispiece and 2 large folding plates, not 
signed (5s.). 

Maistre (Comte Xavier de). Voyage autour de ma chambre 
par M. le C. X * * * * *, 0. A. S. D. S. M. S. (Officier 
au service de Sa Majeste sarde). Paris, Dufart, an IV. 
(1796), 16mo.,a pretty frontispiece, not signed (5s.). 

Xavier de Maistkb 

[Page 332 


Another edition in 16mo., Paris, Dufart, an V. (1797), 1 plate by 
Blanchard. The original edition without plate was published at Turin 
in 1794, 12mo. 

Maitland (W.). The History of London from its Foundation to 
the present Times, continued to the year 1772, by the Eev. 
John Entick, M.A. London, 1772 or 1775, 2 vols., fol., 
131 plates (25s. to 30s.) 

The 1756 edition is worth a little less. 

Maittaire (Mich.). Annales typographici, ab artis inventse 
origine ad ann. 1557. Hagse Comitum apud Is. Vaillant, 
1719-25, 3 vols, in 5, frontispiece containing 5 portraits by 
Houbraken, and fleuron on title by B. Picart (15s.). 

Malchair (J.). XIL Views of the Environs of Oxford, 1763, 
oblong 4to., title and 12 etchings (25s. to 30s.). 

Malefactor's Eegister, or Newgate and Tyburn Calendar. Lon- 
don, 1778, 5 vols., 8vo., plates (30s. to 40s.), 

Malengon (F. P. A.). Zoe, ou les Moeurs de Paris. A Paris, 
chez Leroux, an VI., 2 vols, in 1, 12mo., 2 plates, not 

This book appeared under the title of "Lucille," 1768, in the CEuvre 
de Retif de la Bretonne. 

Malfilatre. Narcisse dans I'lle de Venus, poeme en quatre 
chants. Paris, Lejay (1769), Bvo., title after Eisen by de 
Ghendt, and 4 plates after Gabriel de Saint-Aubin by 
Massard (the 3rd plate is not signed) (10s., and in morocco 
according to state). 

There is a previous edition : Paris, chez Maradon, imprimee par 
Crapelet, s.d., 8vo. It was published for the benefit of the descendants 
of Malfilatre. In this instance Saint-Aubin, spirited draughtsman as he 
proved himself to be, does not appear to advantage. The etchings are 
rare. The original drawings are in the collection left by the late Baron 
James-Edouard de Rothschild. Comte de Lignerolles' copy of Lejay's 
edition on Dutch paper, in red morocco, with dentelle by Derome, 845 
frs. (1894). 

Malfilatre. Narcisse dans I'lle de Venus, poeme en quatre 
chants. A Paris, chez Chaigneau aine, imprimeur libraire, 
1797, 8vo., engraved title after Eisen, and 4 plates after 
SaintrAubin by Duval (title and plates reversed and copied 
from the 1769 edition) (3s.). 

Malherbe. Poesies de, rangees par ordre chronologique, avec 
un discours sur les obligations que la langue et la poesie 


frangaises ont a Malherbe, et quelques remarques (par Le 
Fevre de Saint-Marc). Paris, Barbou, 1757, 8vo., a fine 
portrait by Fessard after Du Moustier, and 1 fleuron by 
Duflos (5s., and double on Dutch paper). 

Behague's copy on stout paper and in old red morocco, 100 frs. ; 
Gosford copy with arms of the Comtesse d'Artois, 830 frs. (1882). 

Malherbe. Poesies de, Malherbe, avec la vie de I'auteur et des 
notes par A. G. M. Q. (Meusnier de Querlon). Paris, 
Barbou, 1764, 8vo., portrait, not signed, or signed 
Fessard (3s., and more on stout paper). 

Benzon's copy, with autograph notes by A. Chenier, 1500 frs. The 
Cazin edition, 1777, 16mo., with portrait by de Launay after Dumous- 
tier, 3s. 

Malton (J.). Picturesque and descriptive Views of the City 
of Dublin, taken in 1791. London, 1792, oblong fol., 
frontispiece, engraved title, 2 plans, and 26 mezzotint 
views (25s. to 30s., and more than double with the plates 

Malton (Th.). A Picturesque Tour through the Cities of 
London and Westminster. London, 1792-1800, 2 vols., 
fol., engraved titles, and 99 aquatint plates (£3 to £4). 

Malvina par Mad. * * auteur de Claire dAlbe (Mme. Cottin). 
Paris, Maradan, an IX. (1801), 4 vols., 12mo., 4 plates 
after Binet by Berthet (5 s.). 

Mancini Nivernois (Due de). Fables, publiees par I'auteur. 
Didot jeune, 1797, 2 vols., 12mo., a pretty portrait designed 
and engraved by Aug. Sainte-Aubin (3s.). 

Manesson-Mallet (Alain). La Geometrie pratique, divisee en 
quatre livres. Paris, Anisson, 1702, 4 vols., 8vo., 500 
plates (30s. to 40s.). 

The work is interesting on account of the 335 views of Paris 
monuments (long since disappeared), and of historical castles chiefly in 
the surroundings of Paris, such as Versailles, Saint-Cloud, Fontainebleau, 
Chautilly, etc. 

Mangeart (D. T.). Introduction a la science des medailles. 
Paris, 1763, fol., plates (10s., and more on large paper). 

Maniement des armes (Le) ou I'Exercice du fusil . . . 1722, 
Atlas fol., 97 illuminated plates (£8 to £10). 


Manner (The) of Eaising, Ordering and Improving Forest- 
trees, etc., by Moses Cook, Gardener to the Earl of Essex. 
London, 1724, 8vo., frontispiece and 4 technical plates (5s.). 

Manuel de la Friandise, ou les talents de ma cuisinifere Isabeau 
. . . Paris, I'an V., 16mo.; frontispiece (10s.). 

Manuel des Autorites constituees de la Republique fran9aise, 
orne d'une carte de la France, de figures, de costumes 
colories des legislateurs, etc. Paris, an V., 12mo., frontis- 
piece and 18 coloured plates (with 2 subjects on each) after 
Queverdo by Blanchard (15s., and double on vellum paper). 

Manuel des Tqilettes, dedie aux dames. A Paris, chez Valade, 
1778, 16mo., title engraved by Lud. Drepe, and 39 plates 
of Ladies' headgear (both text and plates are within borders) 
(£4 to £5, and double and more contemporaneously 

Comte de Lignerolles' copy (plain) in morocco by Trautz, 278 frs. 
(1894). Another copy of his in the 4th portion of his sale, containing 
title and 52 plates in 3 parts (plates 40 to 52 coloured), realized 316 frs. 

Manuel republicain. 22 coloured plates by Chapuy, personi- 
fying the articles of the Declaration of the Rights of Man 
(Declaration de Droits de I'Homme) (30s.). 

Man waring (R., Cabinet-maker). Whole System of Chair- 
making, 1765, 8vo., 40 plates (30s. to 40s.). 

Manwaring (R., Cabinet-maker). Chair-Maker's Guide, 1766, 
8vo., 75 copper-plates (35s. to 40s.). 

Marana. L'Espion dans les cours des princes chretiens ou 
lettres et memoires d'un envoye secret de la Porte par 
* * *. Cologne, 1710, 6 vols., 12mo., plates and plans 
of Paris, Dunkerque, Perpignan, Constantinople, etc. (6s.). 

Marant. Tout Paris en vaudeville. A Paris, chez Barba, an 
IX. (1801), 12mo., a very pretty frontispiece, not signed, 
in the style of Binet (3s.). 

Marcenay de Ghuy. Idee de la Gravure. Paris, de I'impri- 
merie de D'Houry, 1744, roy. fol. The text consists of 
a Catalogue raisonne of about 50 pieces engraved by 
Marcenay, followed by 18 plates containing 49 of this 
artist's engravings, some impressed on the leaves and others 
taken from individual impressions and mounted. Among 


others there are unlettered proof-portraits of the Marquis 
de Mirabeau and of the Marquis de Puys^gur, and several 
fine engravings after Rembrandt (£4 to £5). 

Marcenay de Ghuy (Ant.).' CEuvredu graveur Antoine M. . . . 
de G. . . . S.l.n.d. (1745-1778), foL, 293 engravings 
(£10 to £12). 

Marchand. L'Eucyclopedie perruquifere . . . Paris, 1757, 12mo., 
11 folding plates (15s. to 20s.). 

Marchand. L'Encyclope'die carassiere . . . Paris, 1763, post 
8vo., vignette on title and 4 folding plates (10s.). 

Marchand. La Jacobineide, poeme heroi-comi-civique. . . A 
Paris, au bureau des Sabats Jacobites, 1792, Bvo., 12 
plates (8 s. to 10s.). 

Marchand. Tableaux d'un Poete, poesies d'un peintre. Pittores- 
copolis, s.d. (circa 1750), 8vo., frontispiece containing La 
Fontaine's bust, 1 vignette, signed Cauzanc and 1 plate 

Marchand. Histoire de I'Origine et des premiers progrfes de 
rimprimerie. La Haye, chez la Veuve Le Yier et Pierre 
Paupie, 1740, 4to., frontispiece, fleuron on title and 
vignettes, signed : J. V. Schley del. et sc. (5s.). 

The Supplement by Abbe Mercier de Saint-Leger (1773) is superior 
to the above work (6s.). 

Marchant. Les Sabats Jacobites. Paris, 1791-92, 3 vols., 
8 vo., plates, 75 numbers (12s. to 155.). ' 

Marchant. La Constitution en Vaudevilles, suivie des Droits 
de I'homme, de la femme, et de plusieurg autres vaudevilles 
constitutionnels. Paris, chez les libraires royalistes, 1792, 
32mo., frontispiece in bistre, not signed (3s., and more 
with frontispiece coloured). 
Attributed to de Bucourt. 

Marchant. La Constitution en Vaudevilles, ceuvre posthume 
d'un homme qui n'est pas mort, publiee par lui-m^me et 
dediee a Mme. Buonaparte, nee Beaucharnais. Paris, de 
rimprimerie de la Constitution, an VIIL, 32mo., 1 plate, 
not signed (3s.). 

Mar(5chal (Sylvain). Costumes civils actuels de tous les peuples 
connus, par Grasset de Saint- Sauveur, avec des notices. 


Mstoriques (par Sylvain Mar^chal). Paris, Knapen et 
Lesclapard, 1784-87, 4 vols., sm. 4to., 305 coloured plates 
{77 in vol. 1 ; 76 in vol. 2 ; 71 in vol. 3 ; and 81 in vol. 4), 
including the frontispieces (the latter are. engraved by 
Desrais, and several plates bear the signature of the artist 
Mixelle) (£3). Second edition is in 8vo. 

Marechal (Sylvain). Le Pantheon, ou les Figures de la Fable, 
dessinees par M. Gois, sculpteur du roi, professeur de son 
academic, et gravies par Simon ; avec leurs historiques par 
M. Sylvain Marechal. Paris, 1787, 8vo. or 4to., vellum 
paper, 24 plates after Le Barbier by Copia, de Ghendt, and 
Simon. It came out in 6 parts (lOs. and 20s. respectively). 

Marechal (Sylvain). Tableaux de la Fable, ou Nouvelle 
Histoire poetique des Dieux, Demi-Dieux, etc., dessines et 
graves par les meilleurs artistes, avec le texte explicatif de 
M. Sylvain M ... 1. S. 1., 1787-88, 9 vols., 16mo., frontis- 
pieces and 85 pretty plates printed in colours, engraved by 
Carrd, Alix, and Mixelle jeune (10s. to 15s.). 

Marechal (Sylvain). Dictionnaire d'Amour par le berger 
Sylvain. Guide et Paris, 1788, 2 parts in 1 vol., 12mo., 
frontispiece by Oder (3s.). 

Marechal (Sylvain). Histoire de la Grece, representee par 
figures. Paris, 1787-89, plates by Mixelle (10s.). 

Marechal (Sylvain). Almanach des honnetes femmes pour 
I'annee 1790. S.l.n.d. De I'imprimerie de la Societe 
joyeuse, 8vo., a satirical plate, not signed (10s.). 

Marechal (Sylvain). Bibliothfeque des Am'ans. A Guide et a 
Paris, chez la V° Duchesne. S.d., 16mo., 1 plate, not 
signed (3s.). 

Marechal (Sylvain). Catechisme du cure Meslier, mis aa jour 
par lediteur de I'Almanach des honnetes gens, I'an 1"' du 
regne de la Eaison et de la Liberte, de I'fere vulgaire 1789. 
Imprimden 1790, 8vo., frontispiece, not signed (3s.:). 

Marechal (Sylvain). Voyages de Pythagore en Egypte, dans 
la Chaldee, • dans I'lnde, en Cr^te, a Sparte, en Sicile, a 
Rome, a Carthage; a Marseille et dans les Gaules, suivis de 
ses lois politiques et morales. Paris, Deterville, an VII., 6 
vols., 8vo., plates after Monnet and Marechal by Dambrun, 
Halbou, and Lebeau, and map (10s., and double on vellum 


Marechal (Sylvain). Les Actions celfebres des grands Hommes 
de toutes les nations, dessinees par les meilleurs maitres et 
gravees en couleur, accompagnees d'une notice biographique. 
A Paris, chez Mixelle et chez Cailleau. S.d., 4to., 88 plates 
after Mongin, Sergent, Moitliey, etc., engraved in colours 
by Mixelle or not signed (£2 to £3). 
It appeared in parts from 1785 to 1788. 

Marechal (Sylvain). La Femme Abb^. Paris, chez Eoux, 
1801, 16mo., a very pretty plate, not signed ; rare (5s.). 

Marechal (Sylvain). Le Livre de tous les ages ou le Pibrac 
moderne. Lie'ge, Desoer, 1781, 12mo., title engraved by 
Godin (3s.). 

Marguerite de Navarre. Contes et Nouvelles de Marguerite de 
Valois, reine de Navarre, mis en beau langage, accommodes 
au gout de ce temps, et enrichis de figures en taille-douce. 
Amsterdam, George Gallet, 1708, 2 vols., 12mo., frontis- 
piece by Harrewyn for botb vols, alike, and 72 half-page 
vignettes by Harrewyn, who has signed several (£1). 

The illustrations are different from those of 1698, which are attributed 
to Remain de Hooghe. Behague's copy, 100 frs. ; Earl of Ashburnham's 
copy, 2 vols, in 1, in old French yellow morocco, full gilt back with 
devices, line sides with arms of the Comtesse de Verrue, £27 (1897). 

Marguerite de Navarre. Les Nouvelles. Edition ornee de tres- 
belles planches dessinees par M. Freudeberg et executees 
par les plus celebres graveurs de Paris. Les vignettes et 
culs-de-lampe sont dessinees et gravees (sic) par M. Dunker. 
A Berne, chez Beat Louis Walthard et la societe typo- 
graphique et se trouve a Paris, Londres, Amsterdam et 
Leipzig, 1778, 2 parts (all published), 8 plates after Freude- 
berg by C. Guttenberg, de Launay, Longueil, and 8 
vignettes and 8 tailpieces after and by Dunker (20s. to 

The work was intended to be completed in 18 parts, at 4 frs. per 
part, but on the reverse of the covers the publishers announce the 
reasons by which they were prompted to cease at this early stage. They 
contemplated that single parts, being insignificanit as to size and 
contents, might easily get lost or mislaid with subscribers, and therefore 
resolved to issue parts 3 to 6 in one to complete vol. 1, and the 
remaining 12 parts in the form of vols. 2 and 3. 

Marguerite de Navarre. Heptameron frangais ou les Nouvelles 
de Marguerite, reine de Navarre. Berne, chez la Nouvelle 
Societe typographiques, 1780-81, -3 vols., 8 vo., frontispiece 


after Dunker by Eichler to each volume, 73 plates after 
Freudeberg by Guttenberg (2), Halbou (24), Henri quez (1), 
de Launay jeune (1), de Longueil (22), Le Koy (16), Mmes. 
Duflos and Thiebault (6), and one without signature ; 72 
vignettes and 72 tailpieces after Dunker by Dunker, 
Eichler, Pillet, and Richter (£4 to £5, and in morocco 
according to state). 

Comte de LigneroUes' copy, ia red morocco, large dentelle by Derome, 
8320 frs. (1894); B. Maglione's copy, in morocco, with dentelle a la 
Derome by Cuzin, 662 frs. ; E(mile) G(onse)'s copy, in morocco by 
Hardy, 157 frs. An incorrect edition from the point of view of text, 
inaptly revised by J. Rodolph de Sinner, which is. unfaithful to the 
original, but the illustrations, in spite of their stiffness, possess a Certain 
charm. Vol. 3 alone has all the numbers beneath the engravings, 
but as they are placed on the lower margin, they are frequently cut 
away by the binder. The paper of the last volume is also of inferior 
quality, and sometimes very thin. In vol. 1, after page 166, the pagina- 
tion starts again at 161, and counts on to the end. The vignettes and 
tailpieces exist in artists' proofs, but are extremely rare. The 1792 
edition, with new titles in caligraphic characters and only one frontis- 
piece, is worth £3. Some of the engravings exist in 4to. without, 

Marguerite de Navarre. Heptameron (German translation of 
the Contes de la reine de Navarre). Berne, 1791-96, 2 
vols., 8vo., plates after Freudeberg and vignettes after 
Dunker (305. and 40s.). 

The interest of this edition is enhanced, as a certain number of 
Freudeberg's plates are drawn in bistre, red, and blue. After the 26th 
" nouvelle," the German text is only a summary of the Contes, which 
enabled the translator to reduce the work to 2 vols. 

Marguerite de Navarre. Contes et Nouvelles de Marguerite de 
Valois, faisant suite aux Contes de J. Boccace. Londres, 
1784, 8 vols., 12mo., 72 numbered plates after Freudeberg 
by Jourdan. Page 22 of the last volume being the con- 
clusion of the Contes, is followed by 2 Nouvelles by Grazzini. 
with a plate engraved to each (not signed) (10s., and more 
on large paper, 8vo.). 

Reprinted 1787. 

Mariage de Sophie (Le), avec les galanteries du jour de ses 
noees, precede des portraits de la belle societe. Paris, 
Tiger, an XL, 16mo., frontispiece, not signed (3s.). 

Marie-Antoinette dans I'embarras. S.l.n.d., 8vo., plates (£3). 

Marie-Antoinette archiduchesse d'Autriche, reine de France, ou 
Causes et Tableau de la Revolution, par M. C. Chev. de 


-y- * * * gi_^ 1794, 8vo., a fine frontispiece and 6 
charming plates, not signed (40s. to 50s.). 

Mariette (Jean). Architecture frangaise, ou Eecueil des plans, 
elevations, coupes et profiles des Eglises, Palais et Maisons 
particuliferes de Paris et des Chateaux et Maisons de 
campagne, etc., batis nouvellement par les plus habiles 
architectes, et leves et mesures exactement sur les lieux. 
A Paris, chez Jean Mariette, rue Saint-Jacques, aux 
colonnes d'Hercule, 1727-38, 3 vols., foL, 550 plates (170, 
190, and 190 respectively) after Marot pere and fils by 
Lepautre, Leroux, Loire, Cotelle, Boule, Gilles Legare, 
Herisset, etc. Interesting on account. of the views of the 
monuments of Paris, as well as of the fine mansions and 
famous castles (£12 to £15). 

The Behague copy, containing 585 plates, 700 frs. M. Hip. Destail- 
leur's copy, enlarged into 7 vols., and containing 1255 plates, including 
some after Blondel and other artists, 1655 frs. (1895). 

Marietta Traite des Pierres gravees. Paris, 1750, 2 vols., 
sm. fob, 2 titles after Bouchardon, dedication to Louis XV. 
by Soubeyran after Bouchardon, vignette heading the 
" Traite des Pierres gravees" by the same artists, 4 pretty 
ornaments, not signed, heading the chapters, 130 engrav- 
ings in the text, and 68 plates containing 130 subjects 
(20s., and more on Dutch paper). 

.Mariette. Description des Travaux qui ont accompagne, 
precede et suivi la fonte en bronze d'un seul jet de la statue 
equestre de Louis XV., dressee sur les memoires de M. 
Lempereur. Paris, Lemercier, 1768, Atlas fob, 57 plates 
and 1 vignette after Gravelot by Saint-Aubin (5s.). 

M. Hip. Destailleur's copy, containing 58 plates in an old morocco 
binding, with arms of Le Peletier de Saint-Pargeau, 51 frs. (1895). 

Mariette. Catalogue raisonne des ditferens objets de curiosite 

dans les Sciences et Arts qui composaient le cabinet de feu 

M. P. -J. M . . . par F. Bason. Paris, 1775, 8vo., title 

engraved by Moreau, and frontispiece by Chofiiard after 

Cochin, and plates {6s. to 8s.). 

M. Hip. Destailleur's (formerly Renouard's) copy on Dutch paper with 
the frontispiece in 3 states (proofs before and with letters and etching), 
36 frs. (1895). In the same year M. le Comte de E.'s copy on Dutch 
paper in red morocco, with arms of the Marquis de Nicolay, realized 
298 frs. 

MariUier (Pierre-Clement). Nouveaux Trophies, ou Cartouches 


representant les arts et les sciences, etc., inventes et dedies 
a M. Morlot, peintre, par son ^Ifeve et son ami Marillier. 
A Paris, chez Mondhare, s.d. fol., frontispiece designed and 
engraved by Marillier, text of which title engraved by 
Petit, and 12 allegorical compositions by Berthault (1), 
Arrivet (2), Bosc (1), Chalmandier (2), Coupeau (l), Jacob (1), 
and Le Roy (2), and 2 unsigned after Marillier (20s. to 

Marillier (Pierre-Clement). Figures de I'Histoire sacree, 4to., 
114 plates after Marillier by Duflos (10s.). 

Marillier (Pierre-Clement). Premier, second et troisieme 
Livres de Chiffres et de Fleurs, series of 18 plates in folio 
by Marillier after Ch. Germain de Saint-Aubin (£2 to £3). 
Marillier has also engraved after the same artist a book 
of " Vingt-quatre Bouquets champ§tres" (20s.). 

Marillier (Pierre-Clement). Les lUustres Frangais. See : Ponce- 

Marivaux. La Vie de Marionne, ou les Aventures de Mme. la 
Comtesse de * * *, par M. de Marivaux. A la Have, chez. 
Neaulme, 1735-47, 12 parts in 3 vols., 12mo., 12 plates- 
after Schley (9) and Fokke, and 1 fleuron repeated on each 
title after Schley (10s.). 

The original edition appeared without plates in 1728. 

Marivaux. La Vie de Marianne, ou les Aventures de Mme. 
la Comtesse de * * *. A Francfort et " a Mayence chez 
Frangois Warrentrapp, 1750, 12 parts in 2 vols., 8vo., 
12 plates (10s.). B^hague's copy in red morocco by Duru^ 
>0 frs. 

Marivaux. La Vie de Marianne, ou les Aventures de Mme. la 
Comtesse * * *, par M. de Marivaux. Amsterdam, Van 
Harrevelt, ou Changuion, 1778, 2 vols., 12mo., the same 
plates as above, and 2 fleurons on titles after Schley and 
Sibelius (5s.) Em. Martin's copy in blue morocco by Cape, 
150 frs. 

Marivaux. La Vie de Marianne, ou les Aventures de Mme. 
la Comtesse * * *, par M. de Marivaux. Londres (Paris, 
Cazin), 1782, 4 vols., 16mo., 4 pretty frontispieces after 
Chevaux by Duponchel (5s.). 

Marivaux. Marianne, ou la Nouvelle Pamela, histoire veritable, 
traduit de I'anglois, enrichie de figures en taille-douce. 


Eotterdam, 1765, 2 vols., 12mo., 4 pretty plates after 
V. Schley (5s.). 

Abbe de la Porte says that the translator was not Marivaux, but 
a lady of the elite. Marianne has also appeared under the title of : 
Marie ou les veritables Memoires d'une Dame illustre par son merite, 
son rang et sa fortune, traduits de I'anglais. 

Marivaux. Le Paysan parvenu, ou les Memoires de M * * *, 
par de Marivaux. Francfort-sur-le-Meyn, F. Warrentrapp, 
1758, 2 vols., 12mo., 6 plates (probably by V. Schley) (6s.). 
Behague's copy in red morocco by Hardy, 40 frs. 

Marmontel. Contes Moraux. Paris, Merlin, 1765, 3 vols,, 
Dutch paper, 8vo., portrait of Marmontel after Cochin by 
JSaint-Aubin, title engraved by Duclos after Gravelot, 
repeated in each volume, and 23 plates after Gravelot 
by Baquoy (1), Legrand (l), Lemire (2), Le Veau (4), de 
Longueil (9), Pasquier (2), Eousseau (2), and Voyez (1), 
and 1 unsigned (25s. to 30s., and in morocco according to 
, state). 

The edition in 12mo. with the same date is almost valueless. There 
^re two issues, and the first is to be recognized by the note of Errata 
which is not in the second. Radzi will's copy, 107 frs., was resold in the 
JBehague sale for 900 frs. The Gosford copy 335 frs. Gravelot's plates 
are among the prettiest this master has produced. M. Germain Bapst 
had the good fortune to discover the original pen-and-ink drawings and 
those in brown. Reprinted 1773 and 1776. The first edition of the 
Contes Moraux appeared without plates in 2 vols., 12mo., in 1761. 
All the other editions are of nominal value. Comte de Lignerolles' copy 
in old red morocco, with large dentelle and arms of Gabriel de Sartine, 
1700 frs. (1894) ; St. Quentin's copy in old morocco, with arms, 89 frs. 
(1894). The Ashburnham copy in old red morocco, £19 (1897). 

Marmontel. La Bergfere des Alpes, pastorale en trois actes et 
en vers, mMee de chant . . . musique de Koheult. Paris, 
Merlin, 1766, Svo,, 1 plate after Gravelot by Le Veau 

Marmontel. Belisaire . . . Paris, Merlin, 1767, 8vo., frontis- 
piece and 3 plates after Gravelot by Massard, Le Veau, 
Levasseur, and Masquelier (3s.). 

The Turner copy in old red morocco, 700 frs.; the Gosford copy, 
36 frs. Reprinted 1777. The Oazin edition, 1780, 16mo., with 
frontispiece and 3 plates, not signed (3s.) 

Marmontel. L'Amitie a I'Epreuve, comedie en deux actes, 
melee d'arietfces, dediee a Mme. la Dauphine. Paris, 
Duchesne, 1771, 8vo., 1 plate after Gravelot by Simonet 

Mahmontel. Coktes Mokaux [Page 342 

H. Gravelot 

De Longueil 


Marmontel. Le Huron, Com^die en deux actes et en vers 
libres, m^lee d'ariettes. Paris, Merlin, or, Ballard, 1769, 
8vo. To this comedy might be joined the series of 6 plates 
after Duclos by Auvray, Duclos, Duhamel, Lingee, Patas^ 
and J. Prevost (1772) (10s.). 

Marmontel. Lucile, com^die en un acte et en vers libres, melee 
d'ariettes. Paris, Merlin, or, Ballard, 1769, 8vo. For this 
play, too, exists a series of 6 plates after Duclos by Auvray, 
Duclos, Duhamel, Th^rfese Martinet, and Patas (lOs.). 

Marmontel. Zemire et Azor, comedie-ballet en vers et en 
quatre actes, melee de chants et de danses. (Paris), 
Ballard, or, Vente, 1771, 8vo. A series of 6 plates exists 
for this opera after Desrais, by Auvray, Dupin fils, and 
Patas (10s.). 

The music of these 3 operas is by Gretry. There are probably some 
plates for Silvain and la Fausse Magie, both also by Marmontel and 

Marmontel. Chefs-d'CEuvre, dramatique, ou Kecueil des 
meilleures pieces du theatre frangois tragique, comique et 
lyrique, avec des discours preliminaires sur les trois genres 
et des remarques sur la langue et le gout, par Marmontel, , 
dedie a Mme. la Dauphine. Paris, Grange, 1773, 4to., 3 
plates, 5 vignettes, and 10 tailpieces after Eisen by N. de 
Launay, de Launay jun., Helman, Masquelier, N^e, and 
Ponce (20s.). 

This book, the intended continuation of which never appeared, con- 
tains : Sophonisbe, with 1 plate, 5 vignettes, and 3 tailpieces ; Scevole, 
1 plate, 5 vignettes, 3 tailpieces ; Yenceslas, 1 plate, 5 vignettes, and 
4 tailpieces. The Gosford copy in old red morocco, 55 frs. ; that of 
M. Eetorvine, uncut, 66 frs. (1894). M. Eodrigues owns most of 
Eisen's original pencil drawings, as well as those a la sanguine (in red), 
both on vellum. Reprinted, but without Eisen's 3 large plates, 
in 1775. 

Marmontel. Les Incas . . . Paris, Lacombe, 1777, 2 vols., 
8vo., frontispiece and 10 plates after Moreau by de Launay, 
Duclos, de Ghendt, Helman, Leveau, N^e, and Simonet 
(5s., and with the unlettered proofs =£2 to £3, and con- 
siderably more with the etchings). 

The Gosford copy in red morocco, with arms of the comtesse d'Artois, 
450 frs. ; resold in R. Lion's sale for 200 frs. The Dugoujon copy with 
9 artist's proofs and etchings in red morocco by Cuzin, 250 frs. There 
exists a counterfeit edition, containing the plates before letters, but 
without the artists' names k la pointe (8s.). Nine of Moreau's original 
drawings in the Maherault sale brought about 6000 frs. Subsequent 
editions are worthless. 


Marmontel. Poetique fran9aise. Paris, Lesclapart, 1763, 2 
vols., 8vo., vignette on eacH title after Cochin by Prevost 
(4s., and more coloured). 

Comte de Lignerolles' copy in red morocco, with dentelle and arms of 
the Due d'Orleans, 245 frs. ; M. Delzollies' copy in red morocco, with 
dentelle and arms of the Due de Craslin, 300 frs. (1894). 

Marmotte (La), vaudeville nouveau de M. . . . 8vo., text and 
music engraved. The title represents a charming figure of 
a young female with a marmot ; rare (6s.). 

Marot (Clement). (Euvres. ... A La Haye, chez P. Gosse 
et J. Neaulme, 1731, 4 vols., ^to., portrait by de Brie, 
similar fleuron on each title after A. Van der Laan, 5 
vignettes, the first heading the dedication, after Filloeul 
(15.S., and more in morocco). 

Marot (Clement). (Euvres . . . Geneve (Cazin), 1781, 2 vols., 
16mo., medal portrait after Holbein by de Launay (35.). 

Marot (Daniel [fils de Jean Marot]). OEuvres du sieur D. Marot, 
architecte de Guillaume IIL, roy de la Grande Bretagne, 
con tenant plusieurs pens^e sutilles aux architectes, peintres, 
sculpteurs, orf^vres, jardiniers, et autres ; le tout en faveur 
de ceux qui s'appliquent aux beaux arts. A Amsterdam. 
Se vend chez I'auteur, avec privilege de nos seigneurs les 
Etats Generaux des Provinces-Unies de HoUande et de 
Westfrisse, 1712, fol., 260 plates, mostly engraved by Marot, 
original edition (£50 to £60). 

Marot (Daniel). Q^uvres du Sr. D. M. . . ., architecte de 
Guillaume IIT., Eoy de la Grande Bretagne, contenant 
plusieurs pensees utilles aux architectes, peintres, sculpteurs, 
orfevres, et jardiniers, et autres; le toutes en faveure de 
ceux qui s'appliqudrent aux beaux-arts. A la Haye, chez 
Pierre Husson marchand libraire sur le coin du Speny, 
prait le Capelbrugh, avec privilege des Etats Gendraux des 
Provinces-tJnies et d'Hollande and de Westfrisse, s.d. (circa 
1712), oblong 4to., 260 plates. This is the second edition 
(£40 to £50). M. Hip. Destailleur's copy, with portrait of 
Marot by J. Gole and 246 plates (6 duplicates " Vues de 
Palais")" 1500 frs. (1895). 

Marot (Daniel). Werken van D. Marot opperboumeester van 
Syne maiesteit Willem den Derden van Groot-Britaine. 
. . . S. 1. aut a sm. fol., 260 plates (£25 to £30). 

This is the edition with a Dutch and Latin title on 1 page. There 
exist copies with a Latia and a German title. M. Ed. Guillaume's. 


copy containing 252 plates, including 6 duplicates, and 9 by another 
artist, 755 frs. (1895); M. Morgand offered a copy with 364 subjects 
on 120 leaves for 400 frs. There is another work entitled: Nouveau 
■ Livre de boites, de pendules, etc., par D. Marot (£5 to £6). 

Marot (Daniel). Vues de la ville de La Haye . . . (La Haye) 
chez Anna Beck, s.d., 4to., 19 plates by A. van der Laan 
after Marot (15s. to 20s.). 

Marot (Jean). Recueil des plans, profils et elevations des (sic) 
plusieurs Palais, Chasteaux, Eglises, Sepultures, Grotes et 
Hostels, b4tis dans Paris et aux environs, avec beaucoup 
de magnificence, par les meilleurs architectes du royaume, 
desseignez, mesur^s et gravez par Jean Marot, architecte 
parisien. S.l.n.d. (circa 1700), oblong 4to., engraved title 
and 106 (sometimes 111) plates; the collection is known 
under the title of Petit-Marot (25s. to 30s.). 

Marot (Jean). Petite (Euvre d'Architecture. A. Paris, chez 
Jombert, 1764, 4to., 169 plates (25s.). 

Marot (Jean). Nouveau Livre d'Orf^vrerie ; Nouveau Livre 
de Tableaux, de Portes et de Cheminees. 12 plates (25s. 
to 30s.). 

Marteiie (dom Edmond) et dom Ursin Durand. Voyage 
litt^raire de deux religieux benedictins de la congregation^ 
de Saint-Maur. Paris, Montaland, 1717-24, 2 vols., 4to., 
engravings (25s. to 30s.). 

Martial. M. Valerii Martialis Epigrammatum libri, ad optimos 
codices recensiti et castigati. Paris, Barbou, 1754, 2 vols., 
12mo., frontispiece aftet Eisen by Lemire, and 2 vignettes 
after Eisen by Legrand (3s.). 

Martial. Epigrammatum libri. Paris, Robustel et Leloup, s.d., 
frontispiece and 2 vignettes after Eisen by Lemire and de 
Longueil (3s.). 

Martialis Epigrammi fedelmente trad, in italiano da G. Graglia, 
. . . Londra, 1782-91, 2 vols., roy. 8vo., frontispiece by 
Bartolozzi (os.). 

Martin. Le maistre d'Armes, ou, Abrege de I'exercice de I'epe, 
Strasbourg, chez I'auteur, 1737, 12mo., engravings (20s.). 

Martin (Thomas, of Palgrave). The History of the Town of 
Thetford, in the Counties of Norfolk and Suffolk, from the 
earliest Account to the present Time. London, 1779, 4to., 
portrait and plates (15s. to 20s.). 


Martinet. Description liistorique de Paris et de ses plus beaux 
Monumens, graves en taille-douce par F. N. Martinet, 
Ingr., et graveur du cabinet du Eoy, pour servir d' intro- 
duction a I'Histoire de Paris et de la France, par M. 
Beguillet. Paris, 1779-81, 3 vols., 4to., and in 8vo., 3 
engraved titles, 3 frontispieces, 10 allegorical plates; and 
39 plates of views of Paris, and a vignette all designed 
and engraved by Martinet (20s. to 25s. in Bvo., and more 
in 4to.). 

The book is interesting, but it was not completed. Vulliet's copy, 
uncut, 112 frs. ; that of Behague in morocco by Cape, 205 frs. ; M. IJip. 
Destailleur's copy in old calf, with the Due de Rohan-Chabot's device 
in corners, 170 frs. (1895). 

Martinet. Masque de Fer (Le), ou les Aventures admirables 
du pere et du fils, nouvelle edition ornee de figures. Paris, 
Louis, an II., 3 parts in 2 vols., 12mo., 3 plates finely 
engraved (5 s.). 

Martini (F. G.). Storia della musica. In Bologna, 1757-8, 
3 vols., 4to., plates and music (£2 to £3). 

Martiniere (Bruzen de La). JFables heroiques renfermant les 
plus saines maximes de la morale et de la politique. 
Amsterdam et Berlin, Neaulme, 1754, 2 parts in 1 vol., 
8vo., portrait by B. Picart after Viali, 2 frontispieces, not 
signed, and 60 half-page vignettes (5s.). 

Martinville. Grivoisiana ou Eecueil facetieux. Paris, de 
I'imprimerie de Brasseur, an IX. (1801), 16mo., a coloured 
plate, not signed (5s.). 

Martyn (E.). Eeasons for Establishing the Colony of Georgia 
with regard to the Trade of Great Britain. London, 1733, 
4to., frontispiece and map (50s. to 60s.). 

Massillon (le Pfere). Oraison funebre de tres-haut, tres-puissant 
et tres- excellent prince Frangois-Louis de Bourbon, prince 
de Conti. Paris, Eaymond Maziferes, 1709, post 8yo., 
frontispiece representing the de Conty arms, and a folding 
plate containing the prince's portrait (5s., and rare in old 

Masson de Morvilliers. Adelaide, ou I'Amour et le Eepentir, 
anecdote volee par M. D. M. Amsterdam et Paris, 1769, 
8vo., engraved title, plate, vignette and tailpiece after 
Meyer by Fessard (3s.). 


Masson. Le Jardin anglais, poeme en quatre chants, traduit 
de I'anglais, orne de 5 planches repr^sentant le jardin 
anglais du chateau de Prunay, prfes Marly. Paris, Leroy, 
1788, roy. 8vo., 5 mezzotint plates of landscapes (10s.). 

Maton (Alexis). Les Innocents, poeme hdroi-comique en 4 
chants. A Lisbonne (Paris), 1762, 8vo., 1 plate, not 
signed (3s.). 

A satire against the Jesuits. 

Maton (Alexis). Valdeuil, ou les Malheurs d'un habitant de 
Saint-Domingue. Paris, an III. (1795), 2 vols., 16mo., 
2 plates after Maton (3s.). 

Matrimonial Preceptor (The) . . . engraved title and frontis- 
piece by Corbould and Jeffreys (3 s.). 

Maucomble. Les Amans desesperes, ou la Comtesse d'Olinval, 
tragedie bourgeoise en cinq actes, nouvelle edition, enrichie 
d'une figure en tailJe-douce. Amsterdam et Paris, Delalain, 
1769, 8vo., 1 plate after Beugnet by Duhamel (3s.). 

Maupertius. Essai de Philosophic morale. Berlin, 1746, 12mo., 
fleuron on title after Eisen by Fessard (3s.). 

Maurepas (Comte de). Memoires. Paris, 1792, 4 vols., 8vo., 
plates (15s. to 20s.). 

Mauvillon. Histoire de Pierre 1", surnomme le Grand, 
Empereur de toutes les Pussies, enrichie de plans de batailles 
et de medailles. Amsterdam et Leipzig, chez Arkstee et 
Merkus, 1742, 4to., pretty frontispiece, vignette on title 
and 2 large tailpieces after Punt ; plans and medals en- 
graved in the text (4s.). 

Mauvillon. Le Soldat parvenu, ou Memoires et Aventures de 
M. de Verval, dit Bellerose, par M. de M * * *, enrichi de 
figures en taille-douce. Dresde, George Conrad Walther, 
1753, 2 vols., post 8vo., frontispiece and 7 fine plates after 
Osterreich by Bernigeroth (5s.). 

Mauvillon. Ma Vie de gargon, ou Aventures galantes d'un 
ofiieier de dragons. Paris, Crette, an VII. de la Eepublique, 
12mo., pretty plate, not signed. Eare novel, attributed to 
the Comtesse Fanny de Beauharnais (10s.). 

Mayer (De). Aventures et plaisante Education du courtois 
chevalier Charles le Bon, sire d'Armagnac ; contenant pro- 
fitables legons a jeunes Chevaliers et a Dames de haut parage. 


par M. de Mayer. Amsterdam, et se trouve a Paris, 1785, 
3 vols., 12mo., 3 plates after Marillier by Delvaux and 
Lebeau (5s.). Reprinted in 8 vols., 12mo. (3s.). 

Mayer (De). Genevieve de Cornouailles et la Damoiselle sans 
nom, roman de chevalerie. Londres (Cazin), 1784, frontis- 
piece by Duponchel (3s.). 

Mayeur de Saint-Paul (Franc. -Marie). Tableau du Nouveau 
Palais Eoyal. Londres, Paris, 1788, 2 vols., 12mo., en- 
gravings (10s. to 12s.). 

Mayeur. L'Odalisque,. ouvrage traduit du turc par Voltaire. 
A Constantinople (Paris), chez Ibrahim Bectas, imprimeur 
du grand-vizir, etc., 1796, 32mo., stout paper, 4 plates, not 
signed (10s.). 

Mechel (Chretien de). Catalogue des Tableaux de la Galerie 
imperiale et royale de Vienne, d'aprfes I'arrangement qu'il a 
fait de cette galerie en 1781. Basle, chez I'auteur, 1874, 
8vo., 5 vignettes, 1 tailpiece, and 4 large plates by de 

Medailles sur les principaux Evenements du regne de Louis le 
Grand, avec des explications historiques (par Charpentier, 
Tallemant, Racine, Boileau, etc.). Paris, Imprimerie royale, 
1702, roy. fol., fine frontispiece containing superb medal 
portrait of Louis XIV. after Coypel by Simonneau (the 
portrait by N. Pitan) and 289 plates (the vignettes after 
Leclerc, the borders after Simonneau, and the medals after 
Cochin p§re) (10s.). 

There appeared the same year an edition in roy. 4to., with fleuron on 
title after Leclerc by P. Ertinger, 286 medals on 286 leaves printed on 
one side (5«.). Reprinted 1723, with 242 medals on 242 leaves (the 
reverses of which are different from those in the first edition). The 
preface was suppressed a few days after publication, and is frequently 

Meermann (G.). Origines Typographicse. Haguse Comitum, 
1765, 4to., 2 vols., fine portrait of Meermann by Daulle, 
and portrait of Coster by Houbraken (5 s.). 

Meibomius. De I'Utilite de la Flagellation en medecine et 
dans les plaisirs du mariage et les fonctions des lombes et 
des reins, ouvrage curieux, traduit du latin de Meibomius, 
orn"^ de gravures en taille-douce et enrichi de notes 
historiques et critiques auxquelles on a joint le text latin. 
Paris, 1792, 2 parts in 1 vol., 16mo., very fine frontispiece 


signed G-. Tex. (Texier), inv. et sc, and 1 plate after and 

by the same (10s., and double on vellum paper). 

The Paris edition of 1795 has only the frontispiece. The translation 
is attributed to Claude Mercier de Compiegne. 

Meissner. Alcibiade enfant, jeune homme, homme fait et 
vieillard, erne de planches en taille-douce. A Athenes, et 
se trouve a Paris, chfez Buisson, 1789, 4 vols., 8vo., 4 
plates, not signed (by Chaillou, as in the second edition, 
1792, 4 vols., 16mo., the reduced plates bear this signature). 

Querard attributes this book to Louis Sebastian Mercier, and is not, 
as was hitherto supposed, a translation from the German. 

Meissner. Histoire de la Vie et de la Mort de Bianca Capello, 
noble v^nitienne et grande-duchessc de Toscane. Paris, 
Maradan, 1791, 3 vols., 12mo., 3' plates, not signed (8s.). 

This French version (from the German) was written by the Marquis 
de Luchet. 

Meissonnier (J. A.). OEuvres de Just-Aurfele Meissonnier, 
peintre, sculpteur, architecte et dessinateur de la chambre 
et du cabinet du roy. Premiere partie executee sous la con- 
duite de I'auteur. A Paris, chez Huquier, rue Saint- Jacques, 
au coin des Mathurins, s.d., large foL, portrait of the author 
ad vivum by Beauvais, beautifully ornamented title and 72 
plates containing 118 pieces by Aveline, Balechou, Baquoy, 
Chedel, Chenu, Desplaces, P. Audran, Herrisset, Huquier, 
Riolet, etc. (we may mention among others : Livre d'Orne- 
ments en 30 pieces ; Livre d'Orfevrerie d'Eglise en 6 
pifeces ; Livre d'Ornements pour decoration de Salles a 
Manger en 15 pifeces ; Livre de Legumes, etc.). The 
collection appears to have been published in 1740, though 
some of the pieces are dated 1723, 1727, 1728, 1733, 1734 
(£50 to £60). 

Superb work, one of the prettiest books on ornamentation of the 
Louis XY. style and period ; very rare. The Behague copy, 1700 frs. ; 
M. Hip. Destailleur's copy, containing in addition the ornamented title 
in proof before letters, 8 original designs (Aquarell, pen and pencil 
drawings) by Meissonnier ; 42 pen and pencil drawings on two leaves, 
designed by the same artist, and engraved on two leaves by Huquier, 
and bound in red morocco by Chambolle Duru, 2100 frs. (1895). Some 
of' these series were later re-engraved by Laureolli, Obelli, Dubreulie, 
etc., and issued in oblong 4to. 

Melford (Comte Drummond de). Traite sur la Cavalerie, 1776, 
atlas fob, frontispiece by Ingouf, 32 plates and vignettes 
after Van Blarenberghe (30s. to 40s.). 

" Marches et Evolutions de Cavalerie," s.d., atlas fol., 36 plates, is a 
work identical with the above, but with another title. 



Memoire pour le comte de Cagliostro contre le procureur-gen^ral, 
accusateur, en presence de M. le cardinal de Eohan, de la 
comtesse de la Mothe et autres co-accuses. Paris, imprimerie 
de Lottin, 1786, 4to., very fine portrait of Cagliostro, 
designed and. engraved by J. Guerin, 1781, and 5 pretty 
plates, not signed (10s. to 15 s.). 

Vulliet's copy, in old red morocco, 101 frs. 

Memoires sur la Vie de Mademoiselle de Lenclos, par M. B. . . 
qui doivent preceder et servir d'avant premifere Partie a 
celles de ses Lettres a M. le Marquis de Sevigne, qui 
suivent. Amsterdam, 1751, 12mo., portrait of Ninon de 
Lenclos, unsigned (4s. to 5s.). 

Memoires de Gaudence de Lucques, prisonnier de I'lnquisition, 
augment^s de plusieurs cahiers qui avaient ete perdus a la 
douane de Marseille, etc. Amsterdam, 1754, 2 vols., post 
8vo., 4 charming plates and 4 vignettes after Le Lorrainby 
Fessard (3s.). 

This novel is attributed to the Englishman Berkeley. 

Memoires de I'Academie des Sciences, Inscriptions, Belles- 
lettres, Beaux-arts, etc., nouvellement etablie a Troyes en 
Champagne. A Troyes, chez le libraire de I'Academie, et 
a Paris, chez Duchesne, 1756, 2 vols., post 8vo., frontispiece 
and plate, not signed (5s.). 

Memoires de Literature, par M. de S. . . (Salengre). La Haye, 
1715-17, 2 vols., post 8vo., frontispiece and portrait (5s.). 

Memoires du comte de Maurepas. Paris, Buisson, 1792, 4 
vols., 8vo., 11 plates, 3 of which are signed Peree and 
Perr^, the others not. signed (5s.). 

The memoirs were edited by Salle, secretary of the comte, and 
published by Soulavie. 

Memoires anecdotes pour servir a I'histoire de M. Duliz, fameux 
juif portugais a La Haye, et la suite de ses aventures apres 
la catastroph de Mile. Pelissier, actrice de I'Opera de Paris. 
Londres, chez Samuel Harding, 1739, 12mo., frontispiece 
and vignette on title ; rare (5s.). 

Me'moires anecdotiques pour servir a I'Histoire de la Eevolution 
frangaise, publies par le traducteur d'Oberon (Daniel 
Fornay). Paris, chez J. J. Fuchs, an IX. (1801), 12mo., 
1 plate, not signed, with the following legend : " J'ai faim 
et personne n'a pitie de moi" (3s.). 


M^moires de Conde servant d'^claircissement et de preuves a 
I'Mstoire de de Thou (par D. F. Secousse). Londres et 
Paris, 1743-5, 6 vols., 4to., frontispiece by Duflos, and 
numerous portraits and plans of battles (vol. 6 of the 
second edition, 1745, contains the " Dissertation sur I'Aiiti- 
Coton" by Prosper Marchand (10s.). 

Memoires ,de la R^gence de S. A. R. Mgr. le Due d'Orleans 
durant le minority de Louis XV. La Haye, 1729, 5 vols., 
8vo., pretty fleuron after Picart and numerous portraits and 
historical figures (10s.). 
Eeprinted 1749. 

Memoires de George Anne Bellamy, actrice du Th^S,tre de 
Covent-garden, traduits de I'anglais par A. V. Benoist. 
Paris, Nieolle, an VII., 2 vols., 8vo., 2 curious plates after 
Mme. B.enoist by Maradan (3 s.). 

Memoires justificatifs de la comtesse de Valois de la Motte, 
ecrits par elle-m^me. S.I., 1789, 8 vols., post 8vo., portrait, 
plate of the grove of Versailles, and a plate for the second 
memoire with the legend : " Sois satisfaite il va rejoin dre 
Maurepas" (4s.). 

Memoires justificatifs de la comtesse de Valois de la Motte. 
Londres, 1789 ; Second Memoire justificatif, Londres, 1790, 
2 parts in 1 vol., 8vo., fine plate designed and engraved by 
Eansonnette (3s.). 

Memorial pittoresque de la France, ou Recueil de toutes les 
belles actions, traits de courage, de bienfaisance, de 
patriotisme et d'humanite, arrives depuis le regne de Henri 
IV., jusqu'a nos jours, par M. L. B. . . ., avec des planches 
gravees par M. de Machy, d'apres les dessins de plusieurs 
celebres artistes ; dedie a M. le vicomte de Vaudreuil, grand 
fauconnier de France. A Paris, de I'imprimerie de Monsieur, 
1786, 4to., 10 plates printed in colours after Sergent, 
Duvivier, Janinet, by de Machy, Janinet, etc. (30.s. to 40s.). 
The work, of which a few parts appeared, was never completed. 

Memorial d'un mondain. Londres, 1776, 2 vols., roy. 8vo., 
portrait frontispiece of the author (comte Lamberg), signed : 
Franciscus Apostoli inv. et del. et J. N. Maag. sculp. (3s.). 

Menage (G.). Menagiana, ou Bons Mots . . . Amsterdam, 
1713-16, 4 vols., post 8vo., 4 frontispieces (5s.). 

Menard (Mme.). Les Malheurs de la Jalousie, ou Lettres de 


Murville et d'Eleonore Melcour. Paris, Lepetit, 1796, 
4 vols., 12mo., 4 plates, not signed (5.<f.). 

Menars (Marquis de). Catalogue des differents objets de curi- 
osit^s . . . de feu M. le Marquis de M. . . . par Fr. Basan 
et F. Ch. Joullain. Paris, 1781, 8vo., frontispiece after 
Cochin, and 2 vignettes engraved by Mme. de Pompadour 
(15s. to 20s.). 

Mencken (J.-B.). De la Charlatanerie des savants, traduit du 
latin de Mencken avec des remarques critiques (par Durand). 
La Haye, 1721, post 8vo., frontispiece and fleuron on title 
by B. Picart (3s.). 

Mendelsohn (Moses). Phedon, ou Entreti'ens sur la spiritualite 
et Timmortalite de I'Ame, traduit par Juncker. Paris, Le 
Boucher, 1773, 8vo., 1 plate after Monnet by Me'nil (5s.). 

Mendelsohn (Moses). Philosophische Schriften, Berlin, Chris- 
tian Friedrich Voss, 1761, 2 parts in 1 vol., 12mo., frontis- 
piece and vignettes on titles. Original edition (10s. to 12s.). 

Menestrier. Nouvelle methode raisonnee, du Blason . . . 
A Lyon, 1770 (or 1780), 8vo., frontispiece and plates, best 
edition (15s.). 

Mercier (L.-Seb.). Lettre de Dulis a sou ami. Londres et 
Paris, 1767, 8vo., pretty plate, vignette and _ tailpiece after 
A. de Saint-Aubin by C. A. Mer (3s., and double on large 
paper, and more with the illustrations in red). 

The new edition, 1768, has plate and vignette after Moreau by de 
Longueil, and tailpiece after Ther&se Martinet (3».). 

Mercier. Jenneval, ou le Barnevelt frangois, drame en cinq 
actes, en prose. Paris, Lejay, 1769, 8vo., 1 plate after 
Marillier by de Ghendt (3s., and double on large paper). 

Mercier. Le Deserteur, drame en cinq actes et en prose. Paris, 
Lejay, 1770, 8vo., 1 plate after Marillier by de Ghendt (3s., 
and double on large paper). 

Mercier. Olinde et Sophronie, drame heroique en cinq actes et 
en prose. Paris, Lejay, 1771, 1 plate after Marillier by 
Duclos (3s.). 

Mercier. Le Faux ami, drame en trois actes, en prose. Paris, 
Lejay, 1772, Bvo., 1 pretty plate after Marillier by de 
Ghendt (3s., and double on large paper). 


Mercier. Jean Hennuyer, ^v§que de Lizieux, drame en cinq 
actes. Londres (Paris, Lejay), 1772, 8vo., 1 plate (3«., and 
double on large paper). 

Mercier. L' Indigent, drame en quatre actes, en prose. Paris, 
Lejay, 1772, 1 plate after Marillier by Voyez I'aine (3s., 
and double on large paper). 

Mercier. Epitre d'H^loise a Abeilard imitee de Pope. Amster- 
dam et Paris, veuve Duchesne, 1774, superb frontispiece, 
vignette and beautiful tailpiece after Marillier by Lebeau 
and Nee (4s.,- and double on large paper). 

Mercier. L'An deux mille quatre cent quarante, reve s'il en 
fut jamais; suivi de I'Homme de fer, songe, 1786, 3 vols., 
8vo., 3 plates after Marillier by de Ghendt (5s., and double 
on large paper). 

Mercier. Th^^tre complet, nouvelle edition. Amsterdam et 
Leide, 1778-84, 4 vols., 8vo., 14 plates (cbiefly copied after 
Marillier) by Fritzius, Zoe, Hulk, and Godin, or, not signed 
(5s., and double on large paper). 

Mercier. Contes moraux. Amsterdam et se trouve a Paris, 
cbez Merlin, 1769, 2 vols., 12mo., 4 plates after Marillier 
by de Launay and de Ghendt (4s., and double on large 

Mercier. Tableau de Paris, ou Explication de differentes 
figures gravees a I'eau-forte pour servir aux differentes 
editions du " Tableau de Paris " de M. Mercier. Yverdon, 
1785, or, Berne, 1787, 8vo., frontispiece and 95 very 
spirited etchings designed and engraved by Dunker (mostly 
without his signature) (40s. to 50s., and more than double 
on large paper in 4to.). 

This humorous series, throwing ridicule on the Parisians of the period, 
was intended by Dunker to serve as a supplement to Mercier's Tableau 
de Paris, 1781, 2 vols., 8vo., or, 1782-89, 12 vols., 8vo. ; Behague's copy 
of the series in an uncut state, 440 frs. The book appeared also under 
the following title : " Esquisses pour les artistes et amateurs des arts 
sur Paris, par Dunker, graveur, nonante et six figures gravees a I'eau- 
forte, dont I'explication se trouve dans le Tableau de Paris de Mercier." 
M. Morgand had in his catalogue a copy of the series of plates printed : 
Lyon, 1791, entitled : " Costumes des Moeurs et de I'esprit frangais avant 
la grande Resolution a la fin du XVIII" siecle, en XOVI planches 
gravdes en caricatures, par un habile maitre," etc., sm. 4to. A copy of 
this edition sold in 1895 by public auction for 50 frs. The original 
drawings form part of the rich collection of the Due de Rivoli. 

Mercier (de Compiegne). Choix lyrique et sentimental, T 

2 A 


edition. Paris, an III., 16mo., frontispiece (la liberte guide 
nos pas), and 2 plates by Qn^verdo (4s.). 

Mercier (de Compiegne). C'est un Ange . . . Come'die . . . 
A Paris, an VII., 16mo., 1 plate (36'.). 

Mercier (de Compiegne). Les Heures de Tivoli et de I'Elysee 
. . . A Paris, 1797, 2 vols., 16mo., frontispiece and plate 

Mercier (de Compiegne). Ismael et Christine, nouvelle histo- 
rique. A Paris, 1795, 16mo., 1 plate (3s.). 

Mercier (de Compifegne). Le Furet litteraire ou les Fleurs du 
Parnasse, recueil des plus rares ouvrages en vers et en prose. 
Paris, an VIII., 12mo., 1 plate (apparently after Binet). , 
Another edition with a different plate appeared the same 
year (3s.). 

Mercier (de Compiegne). Gerard de Velsen, nouvelle historique 
en vii. livres. Paris, chez Louis, I'an III., 16mo., 1 plate, 
not signed (3 s.). 

Mercier (de Compifegne). Les Nuits d'hiver, varietes philo- 
sophiques et sentimentales. Paris, chez Mercier, an III., 
16mo., pretty frontispiece (3s.). 

Mercier (de Compifegne). Rosalie et Grerbois. Paris, Louis, 
1796, 12mo., frontispiece designed and ' engraved by P. 
Chery (45.). 

Mercier (de Compiegne). Les Soirees d'automne et les epanche- 
ments de I'amitie'. Paris, Girouard, 1796, 12mo., 1 plate 
after Blanchard (3s.). 

Mercier (de Compifegne). Histoire de Marie Stuart, reine de 
France et d'Ecosse, d^capitee a Londres le 18 fevrier 1587. 
Nouvelle e'dition redig^e sur des pife(3es originales par C. M. 
D. G, Paris, de I'imprimerie de Mercier, rue du Coq- 
Honor^, n°- 20, 1795, 2 vols., 16mo., 2 frontispieces after 
Desrais (10s.). 

Mercier (de Compifegne). Manuel des Boudoirs, ou Essais 
erotiques sur les demoiselles dAthfenes, ouvrage plus moral 
qu'on ne pense, etc., recueillis par Mercier (de Compifegne). 
Cythfere, avec licence des Amours, I'an du Plaisir et de la 
Liberte, 1240 (Paris, 1787), 4 vols., 16mo.-, 4 plates after 
Bornet by Croutelle, or, not signed (15s. to 20s.). 

Mercier (de Compiegne). Les Trois Nouvelles, Paris, 1793 
or 1795, 16mo., frontispiece after Desrais (3s.). 


Mercier (de Compiegne). Nouvelles galantes et tragiques, 
fragments pour servir a I'histoire du siecle qui a precede la 
Eevolution. Paris, 1793, 16mo., 1 plate, not signed (3s.). 

Mercier (de Compiegne), Les Veillees du Convent, ou le 
Noviciat d'amour, poeme eroti-satyrique en prose et en cinq 
chants par C. F. X. M. D. C. Lutipolis (Paris), 1793, 16mo., 
2 plates, not signed (3s.). 

Another edition, 8vo., with 2 plates after Jloreau. 

Mercier (de Compifegne). Momus Redivivus, ou les Saturnales 
frangaises . . . Lutipolis (Paris), 2496 (1796), 2 vols., 
16mo., fine portrait of tlie author (10s.). 

Mercier (de Compifegne). Les matinees du printemps. A 
Paris, 1797, 2 vols., 16mo., portrait (5s.). 

Mercier (de Compiegne). Eloge du Pet, dissertation historique, 
anatomique et philosophique sur son origine, son antiquite, 
ses vertus, sa figure, les honneurs qu'on lui.a rendus chez 
les peuples anciens et les fac^ties auxquelles il a donne lieu. 
Paris, chez Mercier, an VII. de la Liberte, 16mo., frontispiece, 
not signed (5 s.). 

The plate is appropriate to the subject of the book. 

Mercier (de Compifegne). Elogie du Sein des Femmes, etc. 

Paris, 1800, 16mo., frontispiece (5s.). 

This book was inspired by the book, entitled : Les Yeux, Le Nez et 
les Tetons, Amsterdam, 1716, or, 1735 with frontispiece, 

Mercier (de Compifegne). Breviaire des jolies Femmes, choix 
de Contes, de Nouvelles et de Poesies galantes, recueillies. 
par Mercier (de Compifegne), dans le portefeuille de la 
princesse de Lambelle, 2° edition. Paris, an VII., 16mo.,, 
1 plate, not signed (4s.). 

Mercier (de Compiegne). Les Concerts republicains, ou Choix. 
lyrique et sentimental. Paris, Louis, an III. (1795), 16mo.„ 
frontispiece, engraved title and 2 plates designed and 
engraved by Queverdo (4s.). 

Mercier (de Compiegne). Le Vendangeur, ou le Jardin d' Amour,, 
poeme traduit litteralement de I'italien de Louis Tansillo, 
avec text en regard. Paris, chez I'auteur, 1798, 12mo., 
1 plate, not signed. 
Eeprinted 1800.- 

Mercier (de Compiegne). Eloge du Pou, de la Boue et de la 
Paille, dddi^ a bien des gens, et autres pifeces traduites du 


latin. Paris, Faure, an VII., 12mo., 1 plate, not signed 

Merigot (J.). Select Collection of Views and Euins in Rome 
and its Vicinity . . . London, 1797-9, 2- parts, 4to., 61 (30 
and 31) aquatint plates, text English and French (5s., and 
treble on large paper, sm. fol. with the plates coloured). 

Merken (J.). Liber artificiosus Alphabet! Maioris^ oder ueu 
inventirtes Kunsfc-Schreib und Zeichenbuch, bestehend in 56 
Kunstlich gravirten Kupferstichen . . . von Johann Merken 
... in Elberfeld. Miilheim, Eyrich, 1782-3, 2 parts in 1 
vol., oblong, 56 plates engraved by H. Contgen (12s. to 

Mertghen. GEuvres pastorales traduites de Tallemand par le 
baron de Nausell, suivies des Aulnayes des Vaux, idylles 
fran9aises par Le Boux de la Bapaumerie. Paris (Cazin), 
1783, 2 vols., 12mo., frontispiece and 3 plates after Le 
Barbier by Ponce and Godefroy (3s.). 

Another edition without date with 2 plates by Blanchard. 

Mes Loisirs, a mes amis, petit recueil pour exciter la ferveur 
des fidfeles aux matines de Cythfere, par un amateur de 
I'office, s.l.n.d., sm. 4to. (£2). 
Attributed to Madame de Pompadour. 

Messaline francoise (La), ou les Nuits de la D . . . de P . . . et 
les Aventures mysterieuses de la P(rincesse) d'H . . . et de 
la E(eine), ouvrage fort utile a tous les jeunes gens, etc. 
A Tribaldis, de I'imprimerie de Priape, 1789, 16mo., 1 plate, 
not signed (50s. to 60s.). 

The plate represents the Park of Versailles. A pamphlet against 
Mme. de Polignac. The 1790 edition contains only 97 pp. instead of 
101 in the first edition, and the plate is also different (40s. to 50s.). 

Metamorphoses de Melpomfene et de Thalie, ou Caracteres 
dramatiques, ou portraits divers du the'^tre anglais. 
Londres, 1770 ; — Caracteres dramatiques des Comedies 
frangoise et italienne. Londres, 1772, together 2 vols., 
8vo., 60 coloured plates of theatrical costumes (£6 to £8). 
Copies exist on vellum. 

Metastasio (Pietro). Opere. Paris, veuve Herissant, 1780-82; 
12 vols., Bvo., portrait after Steiner by Gaucher, and 35 
plates after Cipriani, Cochin, Martini, and Moreau, by 
Bartolozzi, Carmona, Delvaux, Duclos, Leveau, Martini, 
Massard. Porporati, Provost,/ Saint-Aubin, Simonet, and 


Trifere,^ and 2 extra plates representing characters in the 
comedies of Terence (15s., and double on large paper in 

Renouard's copy, containing the 38 original drawings, 395 frs. ; resold 
in the Gautier sale for 1200 frs. It now forms part of Mr. Roederer's 
Collection, Reims. The plate, page 273, vol. 2, representing Marie- 
Antoinette after Moreau by Leveau, is often missing. 

Metz. Studies from Drawings. Lond., 1785, imp. fol., 30 
plates (15s.). 

Metz. Imitations of Drawings by Caravaggio. Lond., 1790, 
imp. fol., 64 plates (20s.). 

Metz. Imitation of Drawings by Parmegiano. Lond., 1790, 
oblong fol., 34 plates (15s.). 

Metz (C. M.). Imitations of Ancient and Modern Drawings 
from the Restoration of the Arts in Italy to the present 
Time, with a Chronological Account of the Artists and 
Strictures on their Works in English and French. London, 
1798, fol., 115 aquatint plates (30s. to 40s.). 

Michel. Recueil des Fondations et Etablissements faits par 
le Roi de Pologne a Nancy. Compte general de la depense 
des edifices et b^timents que le Eoi de Pologne a fait 
construire pour I'embellissement de la ville de Nancy. 
Luneville, 1761-2, 2 parts, folio, vignettes by Collin, and 
3 folding plates by Lamour (lOs.). 

Michel. La Peinture, poeme couronne aux Jeux floraux le 3 
mai, 1767; par Michel- d'Avignon, ecolier de rhetorique et 
de I'academie du coUfege de I'Oratoire a Lyon. Lyon,, 
Laroche, 1767; 8vo., fleuron on title, vignette and tailpiece 
designed and engraved by Delamonce and Joubert (3s.). 

Middiman (S.). Select Views in Great Britain, engraved from 
Pictures and Drawings by the most eminent Artists, with 
Descriptions. London, 1784, oblong 4to., 53 plates (15s. to 
20s., and double for unlettered proofs). 

[Midgley (S.) j. Halifax and its Gibbet-Law placed in a True 
Light, 1708, 12mo., frontispiece (25s. to 30s.). 

Midwife (The), or Old Woman's Magazine. London, n.d., 3 
vols., 12mo., frontispieces (30s. to 40s.). ■ 

Millin. Annuaire du Republicain, ou L^gende physico-econo- 
mique avec I'explication des 372 noms imposes aux mois et 


aux jours . . . Paris, an II. de^ la Eepublique Frangaise, 
12mo., frontispiece after Monnet by Levasseur (3s.). 

Millin. La Mytliologie mise a la portee de tout le monde. 
Paris, Deterville, 1793, 12 vols., 12nio., 108 coloured plates 
after Mixelle and Carree (105.). 

These plates have served to illustrate the following work ; Galerie 
mythologique, Recueil de monuments pour servir a I'etude de la mytho- 
logie de I'histoire, de I'art, de I'antiquite figuree et du language allego- 
rique des anciens, par Millin. Paris, Didot I'aine, 3 vols., 8vo. (published 
in 1811). 

Millin (Aubin Louis), Antiquites nationales ou recueil de 
Monuments pour servir a I'histoire de I'Empire frangais, tels 
que tombeaux, inscriptions, statues, vitraux, fresques, etc., 
tires des abbayes, monastereg, chateaux" et autres lieux 
■devenus domaines nationaux. Paris, 1790-99, 5 vols., 4to., 
numerous plates of monuments, many of whicb disappeared 
at the time of the Revolution (25s. to 30s., and double on 
large paper). 

The work remained unfinished. 

Millot (Abbe). Histoire philosophique de I'Homme. Londres, 
Nourse, 1766, fleuron on title, signed Duflos, and frontis- 
piece after Boucher by Moreau le jeune (3s.). 

Millot. L'Arf d'ameliorer et perfectionner les hommes. Paris, 
de I'imprimerie de Migneret, an X. (1801), 2 vols., 8vo., 
4 plates, not signed (3s.). 

Milon. L'Eventail ou Zamis et Delphine, poeme en 4 
chants. Londres et Paris, chez la Vve. Duchesne, 1780, 
8vo., title engraved by BouUand (3s.). 

Milton. Le Paradis perdu, poeme heroique, avec les remarques 
de M. Addison. Paris, 1729, 3 vols., 12mo., frontispiece 
signed D. T. in v., engraved by Chedel (4s.). 

Milton. Le Paradis perdu, poeme heroique, traduit de I'anglais, 
avec les remarques de M. Addison. Genfeve, 1777, 3 vols., 
16mo., frontispiece with portrait engraved by Blanchard 

Milton. Le Paradis perdu, poeme, edition en anglais et en 
franyais (Traduction de Dupre de Saint-Maur), ornee de douze 
estampes imprimees en couleur, d'aprfes les tableaux de M. 
Schall. Paris, Defer de Maisonneuve, 1792, 2 vols., roy. 
4to., 12 plates by Clement, Colibert, Demonchy, and 
Gauthier after Schall (20s., and more than treble on vellum 
paper with unlettered proofs). 


Milton. The Hymn of Adam and Eve out of the 5 th Book 
of Milton's Paradise Lost, Set to Musick by Mr. Galliard. 
1728, oblong 8vo., engraved title by Pine (30s. to 40s.). 

Milton. Poetical Works, with life by W. Hayley. London, 
1794-95-97, 3 vols., imp. fol., Boydell's edition, plates by 
Westall, Eomney, etc. (40s. to 50s.). 

Milton (T.). Views of Seats in Ireland . . . Dublin, 1783-93, 
5 parts, oblong 4to., 24 plates (25s., and more for proofs). 

Minault. Le Nouveau Faublas ou les Aventures de Florebelle, 
avec figures et musique. Paris, Lepetit, an VII., 12mo. (5s.). 

Mirabeau et Quesnay. L'Ami des^Hommes ... A Avignon 
(Paris), 1756-8, 4 parts in 2 vols., 4to., portrait of Mira- 
beau headed by the device : " L'Ami des Hommes," after 
Vanloo by Fessard (15s.). 

Mirabeau. Doutes sur la liberte de I'Escaut, reclamee par 
I'Empereur. A Londres (1785), Bvo., vignette on title, not 
signed (4s.). 

Mirabeau. Bulletin de couches de Mme. Target, Pfere et Mfere 
de la Constitution des ci-devant Frangais, congue aux 
Menus, presentee au Jeu de paume et nee au Manage. S.l. 
(Paris, 1790), 7 pages in 8vo., satirical plate designed and 
engraved by Duplessi-Berteaux (4s.). 

Mirabeau. Le Degre des ^ges du Plaisir, etc. . . . aux 
difi'erentes epoques de la vie. A Paphos, de I'imprimerie de 
la Mfere des Amours, 1793, 8vo., frontispiece, 6 bust-plates 
composed of academical erotic groupes, quite original in 
design (30s.). 

Mirabeau. Le Rideau leve, ou I'Education de Laure. Cythere 
(Alengon), 1786, 1788, and 1790, 2 parts in 12mo., 6 
plates, not signed (the last edition the best) (30s. to 405.). 

Mirabeau. Le Libertin de qualite, ou Confidences dun prison- 
nier au chateau de Vincennes, ecrites par lui-m§me. A 
Stamboul, de I'imprimerie des odalisques, 1784, post 8vo., 
pages within borders, with an " avis au relieur " for the 
placing of the plates, frontispiece, and 7 plates, not signed 
(50s. to 60s.). 

Reprinted in 2 parts, 16mo., Paris, an IV., with 6 plates. The above 
may be counted among the number of other books of the same kind 
which are attributed to Mirabeau. It had also appeared under the title 
of " Ma Confession." 

Mirabeau. (Euvres posthumes et fac^ties de Mirabeau le jeune, 


deuxieme edition. Paris, Vincent, an VIII. (1800), 16mo., 
pretty frontispiece, not signed (5s.). 

This, a collection of " Nouvelles en vers," was published by a bookseller 
under the "Directoire," and to ensure the sale he invented the name 
" Mirabeau le jeune." 

Mirys (S. de). Figures de I'Histoire de la Eepublique Eomaine, 
accompagnees d'un precis historique, ouvrage execute par 
ordre du Gouvernement pour servir a I'instruction publique 
d'aprfes le dessin de S. de Myris. Premiere partie, imprimee 
sur papier velin. A Paris, chez le citoyen Myris, an VIIL, 
4to., frontispiece and 108 plates by Auvray, Baquoy, Dam- 
brun, Giraud, Ling^e, de Launay, Leveau, de Longueil, 
Patas, Petit, Pierron, Simonet, Triere, etc. (15s. to 20s.). 

Mirys (3. de). Histoire des Empereurs gravees par les memes, 
45 plates (10s.). 

Miseres de la Guerre (Les). A Paris, F. Guerard, s.d. (1700), 
oblong 4to., 16 plates, probably by Guerard (not to be 
confused with the series of 18 plates by Callot) (15s.). 

Modeles pour la Bijouterie et I'cBrfevrerie. S.l.n.d. (Paris, circa 
1775), 4to., 538 models of watchcases, sweetmeat-boxes, 
etc., in the style of Louis XVI., some heightened with gold 
and colours ; very rare (£15 to £20). 

Modern Manhood, or, The Art and Practice of English Boxing. 
1788, 8vo., folding frontispiece (205. to 25s.). 

Mogul Tales, or the Dreams of Men awake . . . London, 
1743, 2 vols., 12mo., copper-plates (5s.). 

Moissy (De). Les Jeux de la petite Thalie, ou Nouveaux petits 
drames dialogues sur des proverbes propres a former les 
moeurs des enfants et des jeunes personnes, depuis I'age de 
cinq ans jusqua vingt. Paris, 1769, 8vo., frontispiece 
after Eisen by de Ghendt (4s.). 

Reprinted Brussels, 1770 j again Amsterdam, 1771 {3s.}. 

Moissy (De). Les Jeux de la petite Thalie, theatre de la vie 
humaine . . . representes par les Jeux de I'Enfance. Paris, 
Desnos, s.d., 16mo., frontispiece and 90 plates after Grave- 
lot, not signed (£3 to £4). 

It is the same book as the "Almanach de la Loterie royale militaire," 
with a different frontispiece. 

Moissy (De). Verites philosophiques, tirees des Nuits d'Young 
et mises en vers libres, etc.,. par M. de M * * *. Paris, 
Pillot, 1770, 8vo., frontispiece, and fleuron on title after 
Surugue by Massard (3s.). 

MOLIEKE, 1731 

[Page HGl 

F. BorcHER 

MOLlfeON— MOLliCEB 301 

Moleon (J. Bapt. Le Brun des Maretes ou Desmarets). Voyages 
liturgiques de France, ou Recherclies faites en diverges villes 
du royaume. . . . Paris, Fl. Delaulne, 1718, 8vo., plates 
(30.S. to 40s.). 

Molifere. CEuvres. Amsterdam, D. Mortier, 1713, 4 vols., 
12mo., portrait, frontispiece, and 32 plates after Harrewyn, 
etc. (5s.). 

Reprinted from the Bruxelles edition of 1694. The editions of 
Amsterdam 1725, Paris 1730, Amsterdam 1735, and Basle 1760, have 
the same plates and are of very little value. The Amsterdam 1725 
edition, with the vignettes after Schouten, 4 vols., 16mo. (5s.). 

Moliere. Suite d'Estampes des principaux Sujets des Comedies 
de Moliere, gravees sur les esquisses de Charles Coypel 
(par T. Joullain), dediee au public en 1726. Se vend a 
Paris, chez Surugue, s.d., frontispiece and 5 plates, oblong 
folio (£12 to £15). 

Interesting series, but unfortunately interrupted after the fifth scene 
of comedy. The figure on the frontispiece should represent Charles 
Coypel, and in the " George Daudin " could be recognized the portrait of 
Moliere. The 5 plates are for "George Daudin," " M. de Pourceau- 
gnac," " L'Ecole des Femmes," " Les Femmes Savantes," and " Psyche." 
The last is a masterpiece. From the archseological point of view they 
faithfully render the costume and scenery of the period ; very rare. 
Mme. Lefilleul had them re-engraved in reduced form by de Mare. 

Moliere. Gluvres . . . Nouvelle edition. Paris, 1734, 6 vols., 
roy. 4to., portrait after Coypel by Lepicie, fleuron on title 
of each volume alike, 33 plates after Boucher, by Laurent 
Cars, and 198 vignettes and tailpieces (several duplicates) 
after Boucher, Blondel, and Oppenord, by "Joullain and 
Laurent Cars (£8 to £10, and in morocco according to 

Boucher's masterpiece is one of the finest illustrated books of the first 
part of the last century. Some copies are said to exist on large Dutch 
paper, sm. folio. This assertion has been considerably weakened by the 
fact that Mme. de Pompadour's copy, announced as large paper, difiers 
very little, if at all, as regards size, from the ordinary copies. Baron 
Roger Portalis, its present owner, pronounces this point to be very 
doubtful. In the first issue, line 12, page 360, vol. 6, reads "comteese" 
instead of " comtesse." In vol. 4 there should be for " Le Sicilien " 
a "carton" (extra illustrated leaves) consisting of pages 131, 132, 133, 
and 134, in duplicate with the head- vignette similar to those of "Le 
Mariage force," " Sganarelle," and " Les Facheux," and a different 
ornamental head letter, but only very few copies possess it. Again, in 
vol. 1 in " L'Etourdi," page 8 contains 29 lines of text, while in the 
second issue the last 2 verses have been transferred to page 9. The 
copy of the " CEuvre de Boucher," as well as the collections Rothschild 
and Roederer, contain the plates engraved by Laurent Cars in state of 


unfinished proof etchings. The 32 original pencil drawings in the sale 
of the library of Baron Jerome Pichou, in 1869, reached the respectable 
sum of 22,900 frs. They were acquired from the cabinets of Paignon- 
Dijouval, Morel de Vinde, and of Soleinne. To them Baron Pichou 
added the plates in original proofs, and the complete series of etchings, 
the whole forming a vol. in 4to. This fine collection is now in the 
library left by the late Baron James-Edouard de Rothschild. M. E. 
PaUlet possessed Mirabeau's copy in old red morocco, with cypher on 
back and on sides the arms of Prince Oaraman-Chimey, marked by 
Morgand 5000 frs. Behague's copy, in old calf, 880 frs. ; Gosford's 
copy, in old blue morocco by Anguerraud, 2050 frs; ; another copy, 
UQCut, in the same sale, 3000 frs. ; a series of plates in folio with all the 
etchings (minus one) was sold in the same sale for 1650 frs. ; M. G. 
Delessert's copy in old red morocco, 210 frs. (1895). Mme. Lefilleul had 
Boucher's plates re-engraved in 8vo. by de Mare. 

Moliere. Select comedies in French and English. London, 
Watt-s, 1732, 8 vols., 12mo., portrait by Gucht after Mig- 
nard, and 16 plates by V. der Gucht, Foudrinier, and 
others after Coypel and Hogarth (10s. to 15s.). 

Moliere. Works of, French and English. London, Watts, 1739, 
10 vols., 12mo. The translation is attributed to Mr. H. 
Baker and the Rev. Mr. Miller, portrait and plates (re- 
printed from the previous edition) (20s. to 25s.). 

Moli^,re. (Euvres . . . nouvelle edition, revue, corrigee et 
augmentee d'une nouvelle vie de I'auteur et de la 
"Princesse d'Elide," toute en vers, telle quelle se joue a 
present, imprimee pour la premifere fois ; ornee de tr^s- 
belles figures gravees d'aprfes celles de 1' edition de Paris. 
Amsterdam, Wetstein et Smith, ou Arkstee, 1741, 4 vols., 
16mo., portrait after Mignard, frontispiece, fleuron repeated 
on titles and 32 plates designed and engraved by Punt, 
after Boucher. First impressions executed by Punt 
between 1738 and 1740 (25s. to SOs.). 

Reprinted 1744, 1749, and 1750 (lOs.). Sometimes Punt's plates are 
inserted in the Paris editions of 1738 or 1739, 8 vols., 12mo. The 
Paris edition of 1749, 8 vols., 16mo., with portrait after Mignard and 
33 plates by Fessard after Boucher, is not appreciated. 

Molifere. (Euvres . . . edition augmentee de la vie de I'auteur, et 
des remarques historiques et critiques par Voltaire, avec de 
trfes- belles figures en taille-douce de J. Punt. Amsterdam 
et Leipzig, Arkstee etMerkus, 1765, 6 vols., 16mo., portrait- 
frontispiece and 33 plates after Boucher, reduced by Punt 
(15s. to 20s.). 

Moliere. (Euvres . . . Paris (imprimerie de Lebreton), Prault, 
1760, 8 vols., 16mo., 33 plates by Legrand after Boucher, 
and portrait by Legrand after Coypel (5s.). 

Moi.iERE. 1773 

[Prt^e 363 


MOLlfeRE 363 

Molifere. (Euvres de Moliere, avec des remarques grammaticales, 
des .avertissements et des observations sur chaque piece, 
par M. Bret. Paris, par la Compagnie des libraires associes, 
1773, 6 vols., 8vo., portrait of Molifere after Mignard by 
Cathelin, 6 fleurons on titles by and after Moreau, wood- 
cut head and tail pieces after Papillon, etc., and 33 plates 
after Moreau by Baquoy (3), de Launay (2), Duclos (4), 
de Ghendt (2), Helman (1), Lebas (l), Legrand (1), Leveau 
(4), Moreau (1), Masquelier (.1), Nee (6), and Simonet (7) 
(£4 to £5, and in morocco according to state). 

An edition remarkable alike for the type and for the beauty of the 
illustrations. M. E. Paillet's copy, in old red morocco by Mouillie with his 
ticket, and containing extra all the plates in artist's proofs (rarissime) 
as well as the portrait and the 6 fleurons in proofs without text, is 
marked by M. Morgand 15,000 frs. The 2 plates for "L'Avare" and 
"Misanthrope" have not come out well, and good impressions are very 
seldom seen ; the plate for the " Sicilien," designed and engraved by 
Moreau, who himself is represented there as the painter at his easpl, 
should have his signature clear and distinct. The good copies contain, star 
(double) leaves of pages Ixvi., Ixvii., and Ixxxi., in vol. 1. No copy in old 
morocco of the period exists with plates before letters. Bozerian was 
the first who sought after and bound these so much now coveted copies. 
The etchings are extremely rare. Some few copies of the complete or 
almost complete series are, however, known to exist, as one is in the 
Due d'Aumale's library, the other in the Roederer collection. Comte ' 
de La Bedoyere's copy, with the plates in pi^oofs before letters, was sold 
in the Behague sale for 4700 frs. Comte de La Beraudiere's copy, uncut, 
was sold for 675 frs., and the series of unlettered proofs for 3600 frs. ; 
Behague's copy, in green morocco by Cape, containing the plates before 
letters, 4700 frs. ; the Gosford copy-, with the unlettered proofs inserted 
(2 mounted, but the plates for " Misanthrope " and " Don Juan " before 
artist's name), and bound in green morocco by Derome, 7800 frs. ; a copy 
in old red morocco, 800 frs. (1878); Eich. Lion's copy, bound by 
Der6me, 1400 frs. ; Comte de LigneroUes' copy, half morocco, uncut, 
containing as extras : (1) Ficquet's portrait of Moliere before artists' 
names ; (2) 6 fleurons on titles in artists' proofs, without text ; (3) 
portrait and the series of 33 plates in proofs before letters ; (4) 22 
original etchings; (5) 2 plates in unfinished state before artists' 
names ; (6) Renouard's published portrait and plates of Moreau in double 
state, etc. ; and lastly, 2 unpublished pieces of Moliere, was sold for 
22,100 frs. (1894). Moreau's original drawing in sepia, which figured 
in the Soleinne copy, are now the property of M. le Yicomte Frederic de 
Janze. Reprinted 1788, 1805, and 1808. 

Moliere. (Euvres. Paris, Didot aine, 1792, 6 vols., 4to., fine 
portrait by Saint Aubin (205.). Only 250 copies printed, 
besides one on vellum. This is the "Edition du Dauphin." 

Molifere. Le Tartufe. 20 leaves, 8vo., with 2 vignettes heading 
the first and second scene, designed and engraved by 


A tentative piece, which formed the subject of negotiations between 
Jombert and Didot, booksellers, for the publication of Moliere's 
" Comedies." Cochin fils associated himself with them for executing 
the artistic embellishments consisting of a head and tail piece for every 
scene ; but the death of Didot (1757) and of Aubin, the spirited engraver, 
combined with the pressure of Cochin's engagements, caused the collapse 
of this magnificent enterprise. 

Moliere. Suite d'Estampes pour les Comedies de Molifere, 8vo., 
portrait by A. de Saint-Aubin, and 30 plates after Moreau 
le jeune by Bosq, Croutelle, de Gendt, Girardet, Delvaux, 
Eibault, Roger, Simonet, de Villiers, and Villerey (20s., and 
treble and more for unlettered proofs, and considerably more 
than double for the etchings). 

This is the second series of Moreau's illustrations for Moliere, executed 
by the artist by order of Renouard. A certain number were taken on 
India paper. The plate for "Amphitryon" was engraved twice by 
Pigeot and by B.oger. Moreau's original drawings in sepia brought in 
the Renouard sale 1105 frs. 

Moline. Le Duo interrompu, conte suivi d'ariettes nouvelles. 
Amsterdam et Paris, Dufour, 1766, 8vo., 72 pages, 
frontispiece, not signed (3s.). 

MoUevaut (C. L.). Cent Fables de quatre vers chacune. Paris,. 
Arthur Bcrtrand, 12mo., engraved title and 3 plates after 
Chasselat by Courbe (3s.). 

Moncrif (F. A. Paradis de). Les Aventures de Zeloide et 
d'Amanzarifdine, contes indiens. Paris et Bruxelles, 1717, 
12mo., 1 plate, not signed (3s.). 

Moncrif. Les Chats. Paris, Quillau, 1727, 8vo., 9 original 
plates after Charles Coypel, etched by the comte de Caylus, 
and 1 vignette representing the god Pet (8s.). 

Original edition. The plate "La Femme couchee " dictating to a 
notary her last will, in which she bequeaths her whole fortune to her 
cat that was seated on her bed, is supposed to represent the portrait of 
Madame du Deffand, at whose request Coypel executed these engravings. 
The Behague copy bound with the " Histoire des Rats " by Hardy, 70 
frs. ; Radziwill's copy in calf, 39 frs. ; Van de Helle's copy in red 
morocco, 50 frs. ; Comte de LigneroUes' copy in red morocco, with the 
arms of Mile, du Maine (the Nodier copy), 600 frs. (1894). The last 
is a record price, which assuredly has no justification and deserves no 
imitation Reprinted, Rotterdam, 1728, the engraver being T. Otten 

Moncrif. Dissertation sur la preeminence des chats dans la 
soc.iete sur les autres animaux d'Egypte, sur les distinctions 
et privileges dont ils ont joui, etc. Rotterdam, chez 
Beman, 1741. This is another edition of the above book 
with the same plates. 


Moncrif. Essais sur la Necessite et les Moyens de Plaire. 
Paris, 1738, 12mo., frontispiece, and fleuron on title (4s., 
and double on large paper, 8vo. 

The Due de La Valliere's copy on vellum is now in the library at 
Chantilly. Comte de LigneroUes' unique copy on vellum in red morocco 
by Padeloup, 40 frs. (1894). The Amsterdam edition, bearing the same 
date in 12mo., is worth very little. 

Moncrif. Origine des Puces ... A Paris, chez les Mar- 
chands de nouveautes, 1795, 12mo., frontispiece (10s., and 
more than treble on vellum paper). Vide " Origine," etc. 

Moncrif. CEuvres de M. de Moncrif, lecteur de la reine, I'un 

des quarante de I'Academie fran9oise, etc. Paris, Brunet, 

1761, 3 vols., 16mo., engraved title to each volume alike, 

after de Seve by Baquoy, portrait by Duflos, and 4 plates 

after de Sfeve by Baquoy, Chenu, Sornique, and Tardieu, 

and 23 plates of music (lOs.). 

The copy of the Bibliotheque de I'Arsenal, bound in red morocco, with 
rich dentelle and arms of the Marquis de Paulmy, has the titles, portrait, 
and plates in black, blue, green, and in brown. 

Moncrif. CEuvres . . . nouvelle edition. Paris, veuve Eegnard, 
1768,4 vols., 12mo., titles engraved after de Sfeve by Baquoy, 
portrait of Moncrif after Duflos, and that of Stanislas, King 
of Poland, after Masse by Cathelin ; 4 pretty plates after de 
Sfeve by Baquoy, Chenu, Sornique, and Tardieu (from the 
1761 edition), and 40 plates of music (5s.). 

]Monde plein de Fols (Le), ou le Thetltre des nains, etc. (French 
and Dutch). Amsterdam, W. Koning, 1716, roy. 8vo., 58 
plates after G. Koning by Folkema, etc. (£3 to £4). A 
series of grotesque and satirical plates, with stanzas in 
French and Dutch beneath. Reprinted 1720, sm. 4to., with 
78 plates, including engraved titles. It is the same book as 
that entitled : II Callotto ressuscitato. There are undated 
copies with the plates in fol. (£4 to £5). 

Mondon. Premier Livre de Pierreries pour la parure des 
dames. Second Livre . . . ded. a Mrs. les gardes et Mds. 
orfevres jouailliers de Paris, par M. . . . A Paris, chez 
I'auteur, s.d. (circa 1725), oblong 4to., title and 5 pieces, 
and title and 6 pieces (£3 to £4). 

Mondon le^fils. Premier [sixifeme] Livre de formes rocailles et 
cartelles,. inventez par M. . . . le fils, et grave par A. 
Aveline. Paris, Mondon fils, 1736, 4to. ; consists of 7 parts 
of 7 plates each, the last being entitled : Les Arts repre- 
sent^s par leurs Genies. Paris, Ch^reau, s.d. (£5 to £6). 


Monet. Anthologie frangaise, ou Chansons choisies depuis le, 
XIIP Siecle jusqu'a present. S.l. (Paris) 1765, 3 vols., 8vo., 
portrait of Monet after Cochin by A. de Saint- Aubin, fleuron 
on titles, 2 frontispieces and 2 plates after Gravelot by 
Lemire, and numerous woodcuts signed Papillon and Grave- 
lot, and music. Chansons Joyeuses par un kue onyme, 
onyssime (by CoUe), 2 parts, with engraved title after Grave- 
lot by Nee for second part (255., and in morocco according 
to state). Em. Martin's copy, 4 vols., in red morocco, 
170 frs. 

Mongez. Vie privee du cardinal Dubois, archeveque de 
Cambray, premier ministre du regent, seconde edition, 
revue et augmentee. Londres (Paris, circa 1790), 3 vols., 
16mo., portrait and 2 plates after Binet by Bovinet 

Monicart (J. B. de). Versailles immortalise par les Merveilles 
parlantes des batimens, jardins, bosquets, pares, statues, 
groupes, termes et vases de marbre, de pierre et de metaux, 
pifeces d'eaux, tableaux et peintures qui sont dans les 
chateaux de Versailles, de Trianon, de la Menagerie et de 
Marly, compost en vers libres frangois, ornes de 500 
estampes gravees, etc. Paris, Ganeau, 1720-21, 2 vols., 
4to., frontispiece after Wleughels and Quillau by Thomassin, 
and portrait of the young King Louis XV. by Duflos, and 
100 plates of views, statues, and of pictures by Aveline, 
Duflos, Dupuis, Fonbonne, Flipart, Herisset, Marie and 
Magdaleine Hortemels, Eenard, Simonneau, Surugue, 
Thomassin, etc. This work should have had 9 vols., but it 
was discontinued (20s. to 305.). Van der Helle's copy 
40 frs. 

Monnet. Description abregee des quinze Journees de la 
Kevolution, gravees par Helman d'apres les dessins de 
Monnet. A Paris, chez Helman, rue Honore, No. 1,497, 
vis-a-vis la maison de Noailles, folio, title containing the 
explanation of each print (lithographed and issued after 
the plates appeared), and 15 plates (£3 to £4). 
It is the masterpiece of Monnet. 

Monstres (Les), ou les Ecarts de la Nature, planches eoloriees et 
gravees par M. et Mme. Regnault. Paris. 1775, folio 


Montampuis et Gouget (Les abbes). Supplement aux Memoires 
de Sully. Nouvelle edition considerablement augmentee. 


Amsterdam, Benj. Paff, 1762, 12mo., pretty frontispiece 
after Ph. Caresme by Schwab, and 1 fleuron after Norblin 

Moiitesc[uieu (Ch. Secondat de). Le Temple de Gnide, revu, 
corrige et augmente. Londres (Paris, Huart, 1742), post 
8vo., engraved title with fleuron, frontispiece and 7 
vignettes, not signed (undoubtedly by de Sfeve) (4s., and 
more than double on large paper). 

De Bure's large-paper copy in mottled caif, 85 frs. (Behague sale). 

Montesquieu. II Tempio di Gnido, tradotta dal francese. In 
Londra (Paris), post 8vo. The same illustrations as in 
the preceding edition (3s.). 

Montesquieu. Le Temple de Gnide, nouvelle edition. Londres 
(Dresde, Walter), 1758, 8vo., frontispiece engraved, signed 
Bark (3s.). 

Montesquieu. II Tempio di Gnido, nuovamente trasportato. 
Parigi, Prault, 1767, 12mo., title designed and engraved 
by Moreau le jeune, and 1 plate after Eisen by Legrand (3s.). 

Montesquieu. Le Temple de Gnide. Nouvelle edition, avec 
figures gravees par N. Le Mire, d'aprfes les dessins de Ch. 
Eisen, texte grave par Drouet. Paris, chez Le Mire, 
graveur, avec privilege du Eoi, 1772, 8vo. and 4to., 
engraved title, frontispiece containing the medal portrait 
of Montesquieu, vignette heading the dedication (the arms 
of England), and 9 fine plates after Eisen by Le Mire (2 
of them for " Cephise et 1' Amour") (£4 in 8vo. and £6 in 
4to., and in morocco according to state). 

In the plates artist and engraver both appear at their best. The 
unlettered proofs are worth a fancy price, still more so the etchings, 
which are excessively rare. The frontispiece exists " avant la rose," the 
first plate " avant I'abaissement de la draperie," and the fourth plate 
" avant le nuage." Some copies have the plates before the numbers. 
Derome has executed some fine mosaic bindings for this book. The finest 
copy covered with a sumptuous binding and containing the plates in 
artist's proofs, was acquired by the late Louis Eoederer of Eeims in the 
Tite sale. The Behague copy in old gr^en morocco with the plates coloured, 
550 frs. ; Le Barbier de Tinan's copy in old red morocco, 650 frs., 
resold in the Lion sale for 750 frs. ; Delbergue's copy containing the 
artist's proofs, the remarque proofs and the etchings, and bound by Cuzin 
in green morocco, double with red, 6100 frs. ; Em. Martin's copy in red 
morocco by Derome, 7900 frs. ; Comte de LigneroUes' copy, 4to., in red 
morocco, with the proofs before the numbers, and the arms of the 
Comtesse de Provence, 2700 frs. (1894). The second plate of Cephise, 
unnumbered, has the inscription " Embrassez-vous, elles croissent," and 
numbered " La chaleur va les faire renaitre." The copy containing the 
original drawings was sold "a I'amiable " for 10,000 frs. 


Montesquieu. Le Temple de Guide. Paris, Didot jeune (or, 
Egron) an III., roy. 8vo., vellum paper. The plates re- 
printed from the 1772 edition with two extra plates by 
Lemire and Thomas for " Arsace et Ismenie (105.). 

The plates are sometimes coloured. The Delbergue copy, with the 
plates " gouachees " (coloured like water-colours), 500 frs. ; Comte de 
Lignerolles' unique copy on vellum, containing (1) Eisen's original 
drawings a la mine de plomb ; (2) Barbier's sepia drawings for " Arsace et 
Ismenie ; " (3) the series of frontispiece and 9 plates by Le Mire in 
proofs before letters (except the first plate of Arsace lettered) ; (i) 
the 1st, 3rd, and 4tli plates in first state, and (5) the series of frontis- 
pieces and 10 plates painted a la gouache, bound in red morocco double, 
with large dentelle by Petit, 14,000 frs. (1894). 

Montesquieu. Le Temple de Gnide, 1794, roy. 8vo., portrait 
by Tardieu after Chaudet, and 8 vignettes after Peyron 
and Perrin by De Ghendt (1), Langlois (l). Ne'e (3), and 
Patas (2) (15s., and treble on large paper with unlettered 

Montesquieu. Le Temple de Gnide, suivi d'Arsace et Ismenie. 
Paris, Didot jeune, 1795 (or Didot I'aine, 1796), 16mo., 
title with Montesquieu's portrait after and by Saint- Aubin, 
and 12 vignettes, 8 of which after Regnault, etched by 
Bertaux and finished by Baquoy (2), de Ghendt (2), Halbou 
(1), Lingee (1), Patas (2), 2 for " Ce'phise et lAmour" 
after Regnault, etched by Bertaux and finished by de 
Ghendt and Ponce, and 2 for Arsace et Ismenie after 
Lebarbier by Courbe and Patas (10s., and double on vellum 
paper with unlettered proofs (100 copies printed), and on 
large vellum paper 12mo., with unlettered proofs, a fancy 
price, and particularly with the ektremely rare etchings). 

Copies exist on vellum. A copy of the 1794 edition, with Eegnault's 
original drawings in bistre, 4to. size, 1500 frs.; Behague's copy with 
unlettered proofs in green morocco by Hardy, 300 frs. ; Delbergue's copy 
with the etchings in red morocco by Cuzin, 800 frs., resold in the Lion 
sale for 705 frs. Many copies bound by Bozerian do not contain 
" Arsace et Ismenie." 

Montesquieu. Le Temple de Gnide. A Paris, Didot I'aine', 
I'an III. (1795) ; — Le Temple de Gnide, suivi d'Arsace et 
d'Isme'nie. A Paris, Didot I'aine, an IV. (1796), 16mo., 
running pagination (1 to 72 and 73 to 149), fleuron on 
first title, aud St. Aubin's portrait of Montesquieu on the 
second title, and 12 vignettes after Berthout (10) and 
Morillier (2) (10s., and on large vellum paper, of which 
only 100 copies were printed, £3). One copy exists on 


Montesquieu. Le Temple de Guide, suivi d'Arsace et Ismenie. 
Paris, P. Didot I'aine, I'an IV. de la E^publique, 1796, 
roy. 4to., vellum paper, frontispiece and 7 plates after 
Peyron, engraved in colours by Ohapuy and Lavall^e (25s. 
to 30s.). 

Although only 100 copies were printed, the artistic merit is almost 
nil. . Two copies exist on vellum. Dr. Cusco possesses the original 
water-colbur drawings. • 

Montesquieu. Le Temple de Gnide, suivi des romans de I'auteur. 
Paris, Bailly (impr. Charpentier), 1797, 8vo., 3 plates after 
Clavareau, 1 of which for " Cephise et 1' Amour " (3s.). 

Montesquieu. Le Temple de Guide. See : Colardeau and Leonard. 

Montesquieu. Considerations sur les causes de la Grandeur 
des Eomains et de leur Decadence, nouvelle edition, revue, 
corrigee et augment^e par I'auteur, etc. . . . Paris, Huart, 
1748, 12mo., frontispiece, after Eisen, fleuroli on title and 
vignette by de La Fosse (3s.). 

The Amsterdam and Lausanne editions are of similar value. • 

Montesquieu. Lettres persanes, suivies du Temple de Guide. 
GenSve, 1777, 2 vols., 16mo., frontispiece after Marillier by 
de Launay (3s.). 

Montesquieu. CEuvres. Londres, chez Nourse, 1767, 3 vols.,. 
4to., fine frontispiece after de Sfeve by Littret (4s.). 

Montesquieu. CEuvres completes, avec les nouveaux manu- 
scrits. Paris, Plassan, an IV. (1796), 5 vols., 4to., portrait 
after Chaudet by Tardieu, and 13 plates after Chaudet (l),. 
Moreau (1), Perrin (3), Peyron (7), and Vernet (1), by de 
Gendt (2), Girardet (1), Langlois jeune (1), Lemire (1), 
Malapeau (1), N4e (4), Patas (2), and Pauquet (1) (15s., and 
more than double on large vellum paper with unlettered 
proofs). SeA^en copies were taken in folio with the etchings 
(£2 to £3). 

A copy with the original drawings was sold in 1824 for 310 frs. ; 
Eadziwill's large-paper copy in citron morocco by Bradel, 130 frs. 

Montfaucon (Dr. Bernard de). L'Antiquite expliquee en 
frangais et en latin, et representee an figures, etc. . . . Paris, 
Delaulne, 1719, 5 vols, in 10, foL, plates; Supplement au 
Livre de I'Antiquite expliquee, a Paris, chez la veuve 
Delaulne, 1724, 5 vols., fol., plates (30s., and double on 
large paper). 

2 B 


Collation: vol. 1, frontispiece, portrait, and 229 plates; vol 2, 195 
plates; vol. 3, 199 plates; vol. 4, 150 plates; vol. 5, 204 plates. 
Supplement: vol. 1, 101 plates; vol. 2, 73 plates; vol. 3, 94 plates; 
vol. .4, 67 plates ; vol. 6, 77 plates. Reprinted 1722 (Supplement, 1754), 
half price. 

Montfaucon. Les Monuments de la Monarchie frangaise avec 
les figures de chaque rfegne que Tin jure du temps a dpargnees 
(en frangais et en latin). Paris, Gandouin, 1729-1733, 
5 vols., folio (£5, and double on large paper). 

Collation : vol. 1, frontispiece with portrait of Louis XV. and 55 plates ; 
vol. 2, 64 plates ; vol. 3, 69 plates ; vol. 4, 60 plates ; vol. 5, 58 plates. 
Radziwill's copy of both works in 20 vols., foL, morocco, with royal arms 
by Derome, 2250 frs. — a price evidently due, as in other cases, to the 
binding rather than to the book. 

Montgeron (L.-Basile Carre de). La Verite des Miracles operes 
a I'intercession de M. de Paris et autres appellans . . . 
centre I'arcliev. de Sens. S.l. [Paris] 1737, 2 vols., 4to., 
engravings (25s. to 30s.). 

Monthly Mirror- (The), reflecting Men and Manners, with stric- 
tures on their Epitome, the Stage. London, 1795-1800, 
10 vols., 8vo., frontispiece, plates and portraits of actors 
and actresses (£2 to £3). 

Montigni. Les Stratagfemes des echecs . . . Paris, an X., 2 
parts, 16mo., part 2 contains 120 engravings (5s.). 

Montigny (De). Therfese philosophe, ou Memoires pour servir 
a I'histoire de D. Dirrag et de Mile. Eradice (le pfere Girard 
et Mile. Cadiere), avec histoire de Mme. Bois-Laurier. La 
Haye (a la Sphere), s.d. (1748), 2 parts in 8vo., text 
bordered, frontispiece and 16 plates, not signed (mostly 
folding plates) (£3 to £4). 

Very rare, and the plates are very curious. Comte de Lignerolles' 
copy, in old red morocco double, and with dentelle outside, 1230 frs. 

Montigny. Therkse philosophe, 2 vols., 8vo., 182 and 87 pages 
respectively, text bordered, vignette on each title, 2 frontis- 
pieces, and 22 plates by Delcroche, a Dutch artiste 
(£2 to £3). 

The book is also attributed to the Marquis d'Argens, and the plates 
to the Comte de Caylus. 

Montigny. Therfese philosophe. Londres (La Haye), 1783, 
2 vols., 12mo., 2 frontispieces, 2 titles, and 36 plates (alto- 
gether 40 plates). Attributed to Binet ; very rare (£6). 

Montigny. Ther^se philosophe . . . Londres (Paris, Cazin), 


1785, 2 vols., 16mo., 20 plates after Borel by EUuin, not 
signed (£8). 

The prettiest edition, owing to the combined efforts of two of the 
greatest artists in this genre. The claim put forward on the title by 
Oazin, " ornee d'un plus grand nombre de figures que toutes les prece- 
dentes " (editions), is erroneous, as the previous- edition contains double 
the number of plates. All subsequent editions and counterfeits are of 
little value, as the impressions are worn and weak. 

Montigny. Uniformes militaires, ou se trouvent graves en 
taille-douce, les uniformes de la Maison du Roy, de tons les 
regiments de France, etc. . . ., dessin^s et graves par le 
sieur de Montigny. Se vend a Paris, chez I'auteur, 1772, 
12mo., engraved title and 170 plates (£12 to £15). 

There are copies with the plates coloured. Behague's copy, coloured, 
with the arms of Louis XV., was acquired by Yicomte de Savigny de 
Moncorps for 400 frs. It would now bring more than treble the price. 
Preceding the plates mentioned, there should be 4 coloured portraits of 
Louis XV., Louis Dauphin, Louis Stanislas Xavier de France Comte de 
Provence, and of Charles Philippe de Prance Comte d'Artois, all in 
military costumes on horseback. 

Montigny. Memoires historiques de Mesdames Adelaide et 
Victoire de France, fiUes de Louis XV., renfermant des 
particularites interessantes sur leur Voyage de Belle- Vue 
a Rome, par M. T. A Paris, 1802, 3 vols., 12mo., original 
edition, 3 plates by Bovinet after Naudet (10s.). 

Montjoye. Description historique des Curiosites de I'Eglise de 
Paris ... A Paris, G-ueffier, 1763, 12mo., plates (4s.). 

Montjoye. Histoire de Marie Antoinette, par I'auteur de I'eloge 
de Louis XVL (Montjoye). Paris, H. L. Perronneau, 1797, 
8vo., 1 portrait of the Queen, and folding plate representing 
the plan of the prison, and Marie Antoinette in her dungeon 
(this plate is frequently missing) (10s.). 

Montmort. Essai d'Analyse sur les Jeux de hasard. Paris, 
chez J. Quillau, 1708, 4to., fleuron on title and 4 charming 
vignettes by Leclerc (5s.). 

Reprinted 1714. 

Montolieu (Mme. de). Caroline de Litchfield. Londres et 
Paris, Cazin, 1787, 2 vols., l6mo., 2 pretty plates after 
Binet by Frussotte (5s.). 

Montpensier (Mile. de). Relation de I'lsle imaginaire. Paris, 
1805, 12mo., portrait by Saint-Aubin (3s.). 

Renouard's copy on vellum with the original drawing of the portrait, 
and the plate in different states, 47 frs. 


Monument eleve a la gloire de Pierre le Grand, ou Relation des 
travaux et moyens mechaniques qui ont ete employes pour 
transporter a Petersbourg un rocher de trois millions pesant, 
destine a servir de base a la statue equestre de cet empereur, 
avec un examen physique et chronique du meme rocher par 
le Comte Marin Carburi de Ceffaloni. Paris, Nyon et 
Stoupe, 1777, fol., 12 plates after Blarenbergh by Sellier 
and D'Elvaux (105.). 

Monvel. .Fredegonde et Brunehaut, roman historique. Londres 
et Paris, veuve Duchesne, 1775, 8vo., plate and vignette 
after J. Bertaux byTh^rfese Martinet {6s.). 

Monville (Abbe de). La Vie de Pierre Mignard, premier peintre 
du Roy avec le poeme de Molifere sur les peintures du Val- 
de-GrS,ce, et deux dialogues de Fenelon, archeveque de 
Cambray, sur la peinture. Paris, Boudot, 1730, 12mo., 
fine portrait of Mignard by R. Hecquet (3s.). 

Moore. Zelucco, ou le Vice trouve en lui-mSme son ch^timent, 
traduit de I'anglais du Dr. Moore par Cantwel. Paris, 
Lepetit, 1796, 4 vols, in 2, 16mo., 4 plates, not signed 

Morality. Blossoms of Morality. E. Newbery, 1796, 47 cuts 
designed and engraved by J. Bewick (6s.). 

Morand (Sauveur-Jerome). Histoire de la Sainte Chapelle 
roy ale du Palais . . . Paris, 1790, 4to., 19 plates by Ran- 
sonnette (5s.). 

Morant (P.). The History and Antiquities of the County of 
Essex. London, 1768, 2 vols., fol., maps, plans, and plates 
(£12 to £14, and more on large paper). 

It is essential that the plate of Audley House, commonly called 
Audley End, engraved by Austin, and facing page 550 in vol. 2, and 
which is not mentione'd in the list of plates, should not be wanting, as 
otherwise the book loses in value about £3. 

Moravie (Freres de). Prifere et fidele exposition de I'origine, 
de la doctrine, des constitutions, usages et ceremonies 
ecclesiastiques de I'Eglise de 1' Unite des Frferes de Moravie. 
S.I., 1762, 8vo., 26 very curious plates (5s.). 

Moreau le Jeune (Jean Michel). Figures de I'Histoire de 
France, dessinees par Moreau le jeune et gravees par Le 
Bas, avec des explications par I'abbe Garnier. 1785, roy. 
4to., engraved throughout, frontispiece and 166 half-page 
figures after Moreau by Couche, Dambrun, Delignon,- 


[Page 37E 



Delvaux, Duclos, Duflos, Hemery, Fosseyeux, Garreau, 
■Gaucher, Guttenberg, Gayot, Halbou, Helman, Hulk, Julien, 
Langlois, Leveau, Maillet, Malapeau, Malbeste, Martini, 
Masquelier, Patas, Pauquet, Pelicier, Racine, Eomanet, 
Simonet, Texier, and Thomas (£3 to £4, and much more 
than treble with unlettered proofs). 

This beautiful series appeared in 16 parts. Moreau did not finish, as 
the history does not go beyond 13-56. In some copies there are found 
the series of 36 plates after I^epicie and Monnet, which was started by 
lie Bas in 1778, and subsequently suppressed by Moreau, who sub- 
stituted his own compositions. The new series of 166 plates after 
Moreau count from 2 to 154, because Monnet's frontispiece of the first 
series is numbered 1 ; then plate 142 is double, and 12 are unlettered 
plates, which, following the order of the events, should be placed 
between the first and the second 143. The total is thus brought up to 
167 plates, including the frontispiece. Plates 39 and 59 represent maps 
of Prance, and 2 other plates contain medals. The real author of the 
text accompanying the plates is Dinge, and not abbe Garnier. De 
Bure's copy in red morocco by Bradel was sold in the Delbergue sale for 
1180 frs. ; Em. Martin's copy, also in an old binding, 125 frs. 119 of 
the original drawings were sold in the Lamy sale for 471 frs. ; they were 
originally the property of Le Bas. Moreau's 161 original drawings were 
sold in the Renouard sale for 995 frs. Reprinted in 1790 under the 
title : Discours sur I'histoire de France par L. A. Dinge. Paris, de 
I'imprimerie de Monsieur, 1790, 4to. The illustrations are weak and 
worn. About 1813 Renouard, who became proprietor of the drawings 
and copper-plates, caused a new issue of the plates, but the paper being 
very delicate, while that of the original impressions is fine, it is easily 

Moreau le Jeune. Elements de Dessin par Moreau jeune 
depuis les premiers principes jusqu'a I'academie, avec 
r^chelle des proportions du corps, 30 leaves folio, engraved 
by Mme. Lingee (30s. to 40s.). 

Moreau (J. N., historiograph ,de France). Bibliothfeque de 
Madame la Dauphine. No. 1, Histoire. Paris, Saillant 
et Nyon, 1770, 8vo., all published, very fine frontispiece, 
representing Marie Antoinette surrounded by the Graces, 
and receiving a book from the hand of the " Muse de 
I'Histoire," designed and engraved by Eisen (12s. to 155.), 
In the second state the plate bears the legend : " Toutes les 
Graces sont Soeurs." 

Moreau (Louis). Paysages inventes et dessines par Louis M . . . 
[A Paris, chez Naudet, s.d. (circa 1760)], 4to., 65 etched 
landscapes on 30 leaves (lOs.). 

Morel de Vinde. Primerose, par M . . el de V . . de. Paris, 
Didot I'aine, 1797, 16mo., frontispiece and 5 charming 
plates after Leffevre by Godefroy (5s., and treble on vellum 


paper, and with the unlettered proofs £3, and on large 
vellum paper with unlettered proofs (only 100 copies 
printed) £6 to £8, and with the etchings and the counter- 
proofs (rarissime) £20). 

Delbergue's copy on large vellum paper with unlettered proofs, and the 
etchings in morocco doubl6 by Cuzin, 500 frs. ; Comte de Lignerolles' 
copy on yellum with artist's proofs, and the etchings in morocco by 
Trautz-Bauzonnet, together with " Zelomir " by Morel de Vinde in the 
same state, 775 frs. (1894). 

Morel de Vinde. Zelomir, par Morel (de Vinde). Paris, 
Didot I'aine, 1801, 16mo., 6 plates after Lefevre by 
Godefroy. The same prices in the different states as for 
" Primer ose." 

The Delbergue copy in condition as above, 500 frs. 

Morel de Vinde. La Morale de I'Enfance, ou Collection de 
quatrains moraux, mis a la portee des enfants et ranges par 
ordre methodique, 5"^ edition. Paris, P. Didot, an VIII. 
(1800), 12mo., 1 plate designed and engraved bv Coiny 

Morlifere (de la). Angola, histoire indienne, ouvrage sans 
vraisemblance. A Agra, avec privilege du Grand-Mogol 
(Paris), 1748, 2 parts in 1 vol., 12mo., 2 engraved titles 
containing each a pretty vignette, 1 signed Tardieu de la 
Montague sc. (3^*.). 

Morlifere (de la). Angola, histoire indienne, ouvrage sans 
vraisemblance. Nouvelle edition revue et corrig^e. A. 
Agra, avec privilege du Grand-Mogol (Paris), 1751, 2 parts, 
12mo., fleuron on titles (both alike), 2 vignettes after 
Eisen by Maisonneuve, and 5 plates after Eisen by Tardieu, 
Aveline, and Maisonneuve {40s., and in morocco according 
to state). 

Characteristic for the boudoir language of the time the author 
introduces in his romance. The counterfeit of the same date is to be 
recognized by the vignettes containing a recumbent Venus instead of a 
coach with two lovers inside ; and, again, the fleuron is not repeated on 
the second title. Baron J. Pichon's copy bound by Padeloup, 500 frs. ; 
R. Lion's copy in blue morocco double with citron by Cuzin, 420 frs. 
Subsequent reprints are valueless. 

Morlifere (de la). Les Lauriers ecclesiastiques, ou Campagnes 
de I'abbe de T * * * (par La Morliere), troisifeme Edition, 
corrigee et enrichie de VI. planches du fameux F. B. (falsely 
attributed to Boucher, but in fact after Desrais). Luxuror 
polls, de I'imprimerie ordinaire du clergd, 1779, 12mo., 6 
plates, not signed (20s.) ; rare. 


Morus. L'Utopie de Thomas Morus, chancelier d'Angleterre, 
idee ingenieuse pour remedier au malheur des homines et 
pour leur procurer une felicity complete, traduite nouvelle- 
ment en frangois par M. de Gueudeville, et ornee de trfes- 
belles figures. A Leide, chez Pierre Van der Aa, 1715, 
post 8vo., portrait by Desrochers, engraved title, escutcheon,, 
and 16 pretty plates (20*.). 

The plate of the " Etalage viril," which is often missing, bears the 
signature of Bleyswick, but a comparison of the compositions suggests 
that all emanated from his hand. Comte de LigneroUes' copy in red 
morocco by Padeloup, 905 frs. (1894). Price of binding. Reprinted, 
Amsterdam, 1730. 

Morveau (L'abbd de). Le Triomphe de la Religion, ou le 
Sacrifice de Madame Louise de France, poeme dedie a 
Mme. Adelaide. Londres et Paris, Musier, 1774, 8vo., a 
fine portrait (5 s.). 

Moseley (W. M.). Essay on Archery, describing the Practice- 
of that Art in all Ages and Nations. London, 1792, 8vo., 
frontispiece {5s.). 

Mottin de la Balme. Essais sur I'Equitation, ou, Principes 
raisonnes sur I'Art de monter et de dresser les chevaux . . . 
Amsterdam et Paris (Jombert et Ruault), 1773, post 8vo., 
frontispiece designed from nature by Moreau junior, and 
engraved by Ingouf junior (lOs.). 

Mouffle d'Angerville. Vie privee de Louis XV., ou Principaux 
Evenements, particularites et anecdotes de son rfegne. A 
Londres, chez John Peter Lyton, 1781, 3 vols., 12mo.,, 
pretty medallion portrait of the King, supported by twO' 
Amors, not signed (5 s.). 

Some copies contain also the portraits of Mme. de Pompadour,, 
of Mme. du Barry, Louis XV., Philippe d'Orleans, Jean Law, Cardinal 
de Fleury, de Meaupou, and Abbe Terray. 

Mouhy (De). La Paysanne parvenue, ou les Mdmoires de Mme. 
la Marquise de L. V, par Mr. le chevalier de M. . , . Paris, 
Prault, 1736, 3 vols., 12mo., 12 plates by Fessard (5s.). 

Mouhy (De). ApoUon Mentor, ou le Telemaque moderne. 
Londres, 1758, 2 vols., 8vo., fleuron on titles, both alike, 
not signed, 2 frontispieces, and 2 plates after Humblot, by 
Maisonneuve, and 3 ornamented letters (4s.). 

Attributed to Pallissot. 

Mouhy (De). La Mouche, ou les Espifegleries et Aventures 
galantes de Bigand, nouvelle edition, revue et corrigee avec 


figures. Venise et Paris, Cailleau, 177.7, 4 vols., 12mo., 
4 plates by Blancliard, not signed (55.). 

Reprinted without date, with the plates signed Blanchard (3«.). 

Moutonnet (Clairfons). La Galeide, ou le Chat de la Nature. 
Galeopolis, chez GaleopMle, rue des Chats, an VI., 8vo., 
1 plate after Leclerc(35.). 

Moyria (Gabriel de). Contes et Nouvelles en vers, par G. de 
M * * * Paris, Didot I'aine, 1808, 12mo., vellum paper, 
plate after Moreau (35.), limited number printed. 

Munchhausen (Baron). Gulliver revived, containing Singular 
Travels, Campaigns, Voyages and Adventures . . . London, 
G. Kearsley, 1787, post 8vo., folding plates (105.). 

Munter (Balthazar). Conversion du comte Jean-Frederic 
Struensee, ci-devant ministre prive de S. M. le roi de 
Dannemarc, publiee par Balthazar Munter, docteur en 
theologia Nouvelle edition corrigee avec les remarques 
d'un ami de la verite. S. 1. (Copenhague), lY73, post 8vo., 
portrait of Struensee, fieuron on title, vignette and tail- 
piece (35.). 

Murville (De). Le Paysage du Poussin, ou, Mes Illusions, 
epitre a Bounieu, peintre du roi et de son academie. 
Seconde edition. Paris, chez I'auteur, 1790, 8vo., 1 plate 
after A. Moitte by J. B. THliard (3s.). 

Musseus. Hero et Leandre, poeme de Musee (avec la traduction 
de plusieurs Idylles de Theocrite), par M. M * * * 
C * * * (Moutonnet de Clairfons). A Sestos et a Paris, 
chez Le Boucher, 1774, roy. 8vo., superb frontispiece after 
Eisen by Duclos (55.). 

It is generally joined to the Anacreon of 1773. 

Musseus. Les Amours de Leandre et de Hero, poeme de Musee 
le grammairien, traduit du grec en frangais avec le text 
(par La Porte du Theil). Paris, Nyon le jeune, 1784, 
]2mo., pretty frontispiece after Cochin by de Launay jeune 
(35., and double on Dutch paper). 

Musseus. Les Amours de Hero et Leandre. Londres, 1790, 
8vo., 1 plate after Desrais by de Mouchy (3s.). 

Musseus. Les Amours de Leandre et de Hero, poeme traduit en 
frangais, avec le texte grec, la version latine, des notes et 
un Index, par J. B. GaU, an IV., 4to., portrait after Boichot, 

MUS^US 377 

9 plates after Boicliot (6), Le Barbier (1), Moitte (l), and 
Fragonard (1) (8.s.). 

Musseus. Hero et L^andre. See : Querelles. 

Musseus Frangais, recueil complet des tableaux, statues et bas- 
reliefs qui composent la collection nationale avec 1' explication 
des sujets, etc. . . . par Croze-Magnan, Visconti et E. 
David, public par Eobillard-Peronville et P. Laurent. Paris, 
Herhon, Mame, etc. ... An XL, 1803-9, 4 vols.. Atlas 
folio, 344 plates and portraits. Dedication to Bonaparte, 
first consul. 

Vol . 1 contains fleuron on title after Moreau by U. Massard, vignette 
and tailpiece after Moreau by Simonet, and 93 plates after Albane, S. 
Bourdon, An. Carrache, Ang. Carrache, Caravage, Cignani, Correge, P. 
de Cortone, Conninck, P. de Champagne, G. de Grayer, Dominiquin, 
Dorwen, Drouais, Fra Bartholomeo, G. Flinck, Guerchin, Guido, Jouvenet, 
Lauri, Leonard de Vinci, Le Brun, Le Sueur, Lanfranc, C. Maratte, 
Mignard, Murillo, Parmesan, Pesarese, Poussin, Procaccini, Rembrandt, 
Ribera, Rubens, Sacchi, Salvator Rosa, Schidone, Spada, Raphael, J. 
Romain, Solimene, Stella, Titien, Valentin, Veronese, Van der Werf, 
Zeustris, by Audouin, Avril, Baquoy, Bartholozzi, Bettclini, Beisson, 
Blot, Cantini, Galendi, Claessens, Croutelle, Delignon, Eichler, Fischer, 
Gandolfi, Henriquez, Godefroy, Guttenberg, Ingouf jeune, Girardet, 
Gueria, Fossoyeux, Kriiger, Laurent, Levasseur, Longhi, Massard pere, 
U. Massard, Masquelier jeune, Morace, Malbeste, Metzger, Morel, A. 
Merghen, Muller, Nicolet, Outkine, Feree, Pierron, Ribault, Romanet, 
Rosaspiua, Schmutzer, jStoelzel, Tardieu, Triere, and Vendramini. 

Vol. 2 has fleuron containing Napoleon's arms by Pierre Laurent, 
repeated on titles of vols. 3 and 4, a vignette after Moreau by Simonet, 
tailpiece after Moreau by Baquoy, and 84 plates after Albane, Bega, 
Bol, S. Bourdon, Cesari, Ph. de Champagne, Craesbeck, Crespi, Cuyp, 
David Teniers, Devon, Dujardin, G. Dow, Guide, Giorgione, Jordaens, 
Leduc, Lenain, Leonard de Vinci, Leprince, Metzu, Mola, Murillo, 
Netscher pfere, Ostade, Panini, Peter Neefs, Poussin, Raphael, Rembrandt, 
Romanelli, Rubens, Stein wyck, Terburg, Teniers le vieux. Van der Werf, 
Van Dyck, Vouet, Titien, De Witte, Wouwermans, by Abram, Audoin, 
AvrU pere, Baquoy, Bonnet, Daudet, Caquet, Courbe, Boutrais, 
Chataigner, Claessens, Delignon, Dupreel, Dequevauviller, Defrey, 
Esquivel, Fontana, Gandolphi, Guttenberg, Halbou, Henriquez, Hehnan, 
Garreau, Kesler, Klauber, Kruger, Laurent, Lavallee, De Launay, Le 
Villain, Longhi, Levasseur, Masquelier, Massard. pere, XJ. Massard, 
Miger, Morel, Mougeot, Peree, Petit, Ponce, Rosaspina, Schmutzer, 
Stoelzel, Schultzer, and ITlmer. 

Vol. 3 contains vignette and tailpiece after Moreau by Baquoy, and 
84 plates after Backuyson, Bamboche, Bolognese, Breemberg, Brill, 
. Berghem, A. Carrache, K. Dujardin, Dominiquin, Elzheimer, Feti, 
La Hire, CI. Lorrain, Locatelli, Michaud, Miel, Moucheron, Mola, 
Orizzonte, Ostade, Patel, P. Potter, Poussin, Pinacker, Rubens, Ruydael, 
Swaneveldt, Teniers, Van Goyen, Van der Heyden, Van der UKt, 
Van Huysum, Van Hayen, Van der Leuw, Wouvermans, Wynants, 
and Van der Meulen, by Baltar, Bovinet, Darnstedt, Daudet, Deque- 
vauviller, Desaulx, Duparc, Dupreel, Duttenofer, Eichler, Fortier, 


Garreau, Godefroy, Geissler, Guttenberg, Haldenwang, Hulk, P. 
Laurent, Lienard, Lorieux, Mathieu, A. Morghen, Niquet, Pillement 
fils, Massard, Schroeder, and Varin. 

Vol. 4 has vignette after Moreau by Simonet, tailpiece after Moreau 
by De Ghende, and 83 plates of antique sculpture by Aubert, Audouin, 
Avril fils, Baquoy, Bellefonds, Bervic, Bourgeois, Chatillon, Desnoyers, 
Delignon, Deque vauviller, Guerin, Guttenberg, Kessler, Fontana, H. 
Laurent, TJ. Massard, Morace, Morel, de Meulemeester, MuUer fils, 
F. Massard, Peree, Pierron, Reindel, Eichomme, Romanet, Schultze, 

This magnificent work was originally published in 80 parts of 4 
plates each, at 48 frs. each (and 96 frs. for unlettered proofs), and 
the style of execution of the engravings makes it germane to- the 
art of the 18th century. The production of the book is mainly due to 
the energy and devotion of the artist Pierre Laurent. Reprinted 
1829-30, with the plates classified as per each school. Henri Laurent 
supplemented his father's work by issuing the Musee Napoleon and 
the Musee Royal in 40 parts in 2 vols., 1812-18, containing fleuron on 
title of Musee Napoleon, having the portrait of Marie Louise and the 
crown of Bonaparte after Moreau, etched by Malbeste and finished by 
Niquet aine, vignette after Moreau by Baquoy, tailpiece after Debret 
by Godefroy fils, fleuron containing royal arms on vol. 2, and 161 plates. 
Leboeuf de Montgermont's copy of the 6 vols., 1650 frs. The book has 
now declined in value, owing in the main to uawieldy size. Copies, 
however, in nice bindings command high prices, from £15 to £20, and 
double with artists' proofs. 

Muses (Les). Collection d'Estampes gravees en couleur, avec 
I'explication des figures, suivie d'un coup d'oeil rapide sur 
les Beaux-Arts. Paris, de rimprimerie de Monsieur, cliez 
Le sieur Gamble, Anglois, inventeur de I'impression des 
Estampes en couleur, et marchand d'Estampes, maison de la 
Manufacture royale de Papiers peints, rue de Louis-le-Grand, 
au coin du Boulevard ; (et chez) Didot le jeune, imprimeur 
de Monsieur quai des Augustins, No. 22, 1789, folio, frontis- 
piece after Boizot by Kide, and 12 plates after Fortin (2), 
Boizot (7), Coqueret (1), and Eide (2), by Boizot (3) and 
Ride (9). £3 to £4 in bistre, and in colours (rarissime) a 
fancy price. 

The author had some years ago a chance of acquiring a coloured copy, 
but the colouring being indifferent, he declined the offer ; he ascertained 
at the time that the Bibliotheque Nationale at Paris possessed no copy, 
and the copy in the South Kensington Museum is plain. 

Mus^e Napoleon (Galerie- du), publiee par Filhol, graveur, et 
redigee par Lavallee (pfere et fils, et Caraffe, peintre). Paris, 
an XIL, 1804-15, 10 vols., roy. 8vo. ; — Muse'e Royal de 
France, ou, Collection gravee des Chef-d'CEuvre de Peinture 
et de Sculpture, dont il s'est enrichi depuis la restauration, 
public' par Mad. veuve Filhol (le text par M. Jal). Paris, 


1827-8, roy. 8vo., together 11 vols., roy, 8vo., 792 plates 
(720 for the 10 vols, originally published in 120 parts of 6 
plates each, and 72 for supplement) after Moreau, Le Eoy, 
and others by Langlois, Massard, etc. (£6 to £8, and more 
on vellum paper, and more than double on large paper, 4to., 
with unlettered proofs, and with the etchings, a fancy 

The supplement has no etchings, but 25 copies were printed on large 
paper with lettered India proofs. Of vol. 1 only 2 copies are known to 
exist on large paper, and that accounts for this volume (consisting of 
text and 60 plates) always being found mounted in the large-paper 
copies, so as to adapt it to the size of the subsequent volumes. Gosford 
large-paper copy in old English red morocco, 1220 frs. (1882). Copies 
with the title : " Musee frangais," dated 1814-15, contain inferior 

Museo (El) pictorico, y eseala optica. Theorica . . . ' Madrid, 
Bedmar, 1715-24, 3 vols., sm. fol., frontispiece and plates 
(25s. to 305.). 

Musical Miscellany (The), being a Collection of Choice Songs 
set to the Violin and Flute. 1729-31, 6 vols., 8vo., frontis- 
piece, and musical notes (30*. to 40s.). 

Musical and Poetical Kelics of the "Welsh Bards. 1794, fol., 
frontispiece after Loutherbourg (15s. to 20s.). 

Musick for Allan Ramsay's Collection of 71 Scots' Songs in the 
Tea Table Miscellany. Edinburgh, 1763, 4 parts, 8vo., with 
a frontispiece (15s. to 20s.). 

Musique du Diable (La), ou le Mercure galant d^valise. A 
Paris, chez Robert Le Turc, rue d'Enfer, 1711, pretty frontis- 
piece by B. Picart (3s.). 

Mystferes du Christianisme (Les) approfondis radicalement et 
reconnus physiquement vrais (par Bebescourt). Londres, 
1771, 2 vols., 8vo., 2 frontispieces, 2 vignettes, and 2 tail- 
pieces after Gravel ot by Picot and Delattre (4s., and more 
on large paper). 

A.CHRICHT von den frankischen Craistroupen . . . 

Anhang von den Schwabischen Creisregimentern. 

Niirnberg, ben Gabriel Nicolaus Raspe, 1782, 

12mo., 34 coloured plates of costumes (405. to 


Nanette, ou la jolie ecosseuse, ecrite par elle-m§me. Paris, 
Vincent, an VIIL, 16mo., a pretty plate, not signed ; rare 
(10s. to 155.). 

Nanine, soeur de lait de la reine de Golconde, parodiee par 
imitation sur les plus jolis airs connus, en trois actes et 
quelques vaudevilles. Genfeve et Paris, veuve Duchesne, 
1T68, 8vo., 1 plate after Martinet by Patas, fleuron on title 
by Cbedel, and 8 pages of music (55.).- 
Ba.rbier attributes this parody to Desfontaines. 

Narp (Mme. de). Edouard et Clementine ou les Erreurs de la 
jeunesse. Paris, cbez Ducauray, an X., 3 vols., 12mo., 3 
plates after Bornet (2) and Devilliers (l) by Delvaux, 
Demouchy, and Devilliers (3s.). 

Narrazione delle solemn! reali feste fatte celebrare in Napoli, 
da Sua Maesta II. Re delle Due Sicilie Carlo Infanto di 
Spagna, Duca Di Parma, etc., per la nascita del suo primo- 
genito FiKppo, real Principe delle Due Sicilie. In Napoli, 
1749, roy. foL, fleuron on title, not signed, frontispiece 
signed Carlo Gregori inc., 1 headpiece, not signed, an 
ornamented letter, 15 beautiful large plates after Vincenzo 
Re by Guiseppe Vasi, Felice Polenzani, H. Jardin, Luigi 
Le Lorrain (305. to 40s., and more in morocco). 

Nash (Richard, commonly called Beau). His Life, extracted 
from his own papers. Edited by Dr. Goldsmith. London, 
1762, 8vo. First edition. Portrait (155. to 20s.). 

Nash (T.). Collection for the History of Worcestershire, 
London, 1781-2. With a Supplement. London, 1799, 


2 vols., fol., map, pedigrees, and plates (£8 to £9, and nearly 
double on large paper). 

To some copies a new title page was affixed, bearing the date of 1799. 
To these an oval portrait of Nash is prefixed. 

Nativelle (P.). Nouveau Traite d' Architecture . . . Paris, 
1729, 2 vols., fol., 125 plates by Herisset and Nativelle 
(£3 to £4). 

M. Hip. Destailleur's copy in red morocco, with dentelle (Padeloup or 
Dubuisson), 805 frs. (1895). 

Natoire (Charles). Tableaux de la chapelle des Enfants-Trouves 
a Paris, points par Charles Natoire et graves par Etienne 
Fessard (Paris, 1752-57), roy. fol., 15 plates (one a large 
perspective view of the chapel) (lOs.). 

Natoire (Charles). Livre d'Academies grave a I'eau-foite par 
J. J. Pasquier d'apres les dessins de Natoire. Paris, Huquier, 
1745, fol., title and 22 etchings by Pasquier after Natoire 
(10s. to 15.S.). 

Natter (Laurent). Traite de la M^thode antique de graver en 

•pierres fines, comparee avec la moderne et expliquee en 

diverses planches, traduite de I'anglois. Londres, Haberkorn, 

1754, fol., frontispiece and 37 plates by Hemmerich (10s.). 

The original English edition appeared in the same year with the 
same plates (20s.). 

Naudot. Chansons notees de la tres venerable confrerie des 
Erancs-Magpns . . . Le tout recueiili et mis en ordre pas 
frfere Naudot. 1744, 8vo., engraved throughout, with music 

Neel. Voyage de Paris a Saint-Cloud par mer et retour de 
Saint-Cloud a Paris par terre. A Paris, an VI., 2 parts in 
1 vol., 16mo., 2 pretty plates, not signed (4s.). 

Another edition exists with the same date, published chez Lemarchand, 
and with only 1 plate. 

Nemeitz (J. C. Baron). Le Gentilhomme etfanger voyageant 
en France observant ... les melieures (sic) routes . . . 
Faisant aussi la description des, des Eglises . . . 
par le baron G. D. N. A Loyde, chez Baudoin Van der Aa, 
1699, 12mo., engraved frontispiece (20s. to 25s.). 

Nemeitz (J. C. Baron). Sejour de Paris, c'est-a-dire instructions 
fidfeles pour les voyageurs de condition, comment ils se 


doivent conduire . . . comme aussi une description suffisante 
de la cour de France, du parlement, de I'universit^, des 
bibliothfeques, avec une liste des plus cdlebres savants, 
artisans et clioses remarkables qu'on trouve dans cette grande 
ville. Leide, J. Van Abcoude, 1727, 2 vols., post 8vo., 
map, engravings, and plans (30s. to 405.). 

Nerciat (Andrea de). Felicia, ou Mes Fredaines. Londres, s.d. 
(Paris, Cazin, 1782), 4 vols., 16mo., 24 plates after Borel by 
Elluin, not signed (30s., and much more in old morocco). 

Reprinted 1784 with the plates reversed (except frontispiece). The 
series of plates are sometimes met with in 8vo., together with the series 
of plates for Saturnin, Le Mersius fran9ais, L'Aretin francais, etc., the 
whole consisting of 110 plates, and valued at from £8 to £10. 

Nerciat. Felicia, ou Mes Fredaines . . . Paris, 1795, 4 vols., 
12mo., 12 unsigned plates (20s.). 

Nerciat. Monrose, ou le Libertin par fatalite, suite de Felicia, 
par le m^me auteur. Paris, 1797, 2 vols., 16mo., 24 plates, 
not signed, attributed to Queverdo (30s.). 

Nerciat. Le Doctorat impromptu. S.l. (Cazin), 1788, 16mo., 
2 plates, not signed ; rare (20s.). 

Nerciat. Mon Noviciat . . . (Berlin), 1792, 2- vols., 16mo., 2 
plates, not signed (5s.). 

Nerciat. La" Matinee libertine, ou les Momens bien employes. 
A Cy there, 1787, 16mo., frontispiece and 4 plates (lOs., 
and double with the plates coloured). 

Nerciat. Les Aphrodites, ou Fragmens thali-priapiques pour 
servir a I'histoire du Plaisir. Lampsaque, 1793, 8 numbers 
in 8vo., bound in 1 or 2 vols., 8 plates finely drawn and 
well engraved ; extremely rare, 1 complete copy only known 
to exist (£4). 

The plates are attributed to Preudeberg. 

Nerciat. Le Liable au Corps, ceuvre posthume du tres recom- 
mandable docteur Cazzone, membre extraordinaire de la 
joyeuse faculte phallo-coiro-pygoglotto-nomique. S.l. 
(Paris), 1803, 3 vols., 8vo., or 6 vols., 12mo., 20 plates, not 
signed, in the manner of Bornet (30s., and more than 
double on vellum paper). 

In the 8vo. size copies exist with unlettered proofs within borders ; 
the latter were removed when the letterpress was put in. 

Neufi"orge (De). Recueil Elementaire d' Architecture, contenant 
plusieurs Etudes des ordres d'architecture d'apres le senti- 


ment des modernes. Paris, 1757-68, 8 parts in 4 vols., fol., 
witli 600 numbered plates. Supplement, Paris, 1772-80, 
2 vols., fol., 306 plates. It is difficult to obtain the work 
complete (£12). 

Neuville (Le Pere de La). Oraison funfebre d'e M. le cardinal 
de Fleury, prononcee en Janvier 1743, par le Pfere de La 
Neuville, j^suite. Paris, 1743, 4to., fleuron on title and 
headpiece, both designed and engraved by Cochin fils (45.). 

Jombert mentions that Cochin had to compose and engrave these 
vignettes within four days. 

Nevers (le due de). Le Parfait Cocher, ou I'art d'entretenir- et 
de conduire un equipage a Paris et en campagne (par le 
due de Nevers et publie par de La Chesnaye des Bois). 
Paris, Merigot, 1744, 12mo., engraved frontispiece (4s.). 

New English Theatre. 117^-7, 12 vols., 8vo., character por- 
traits (15s. to 20s.). 

New Robinson Crusoe (The), translated from the French. J. 
Stockdale, 1788, 2 vols., post 8vo., 32 full-page woodcuts 
by John Bewick (12s. to 15s.). 

Newcastle (William Cavendish, Duke of). Nouvelle Methode 
pour dresser les chevaux . . . traduction nouvelle sur 
1' original anglois, avec des annotations . . . par de SoUey- 
sel . . . mis en allemand par Jean-Phil. Fred. Pernauer, 
baron de Pernay. Nuremberg, 1700, fol., 82 plates (mostly 
copied from the edition : Anvers, 1657). Text French and 

This translation was made from the following English book : "A New 
Method and Extraordinary Invention to dress Horses and work them 
according to Nature ; as also to perfect Nature by the Subtlety of Art. 
London, 1667, fol.," which appeared without plates, and which must not 
be confounded with the original French book which the author published 
when an exile at Antwerp (1657), and containing 42 plates. Reprinted 

Newcastle (William Cavendish, Duke of). Methode et Invention 
nouvelle de dresser les Chevaux, seconde edition, 1737, fol., 
engraved title and 42 plates after Diepenbecke by Lucas 
Vostermans (40s. to 50s., and double on large paper). 
First edition, "Anvers, 1657," is very rare, particularly 
with the very frequently missing title (£25 to £30). 

Newcastle. A General System of Horsemanship in all its 
Branches. London, 1743 or 1748, 2 vols!, roy. fol., 63 
plates, some coloured (40s., and double on large paper). 


Nichols (J.). Bibliotheca Topographica Britannica. London, 
1780-90, 8 vols., 4to. Supplement called " Miscellaneous 
Antiquities, in continuation of the Bibliotheca Topographica 
Britannica." London, 1791-1800, 2 vols, (containing 9 
Nos.), 4to., together 10 vols., 4to., plates (£20 to £25, and 
half-price without Supplement). 

Nichols (J.). The Progresses and Public Processions of Queen 
Elizabeth. London, 1788-1807, 3 vols , 4fco., plates {30s. 
to 40s.). 

Nichols (J.). History and Antiquities of the County of 
Leicester. London, 1795-1815, 4 vols, in 8, fol., views, 
plates of arms and seals, pedigrees, etc. (£50 to £60, and 
on large paper, £100 to £150). 

Lord Brabourne's copy, on large paper, in 8 vols., morocco extra, by- 
Tout, £185 (1891). 

Nicolson (J.) and R. Burn. History and Antiquities of the 
Counties of Westmorland and Cumberland. London, 1777, 
2 vols., 4to., maps (50s. to 60s.). 

Niebuhr. Description de I'Arabie sur des observations propres 
et des avis recueillis dans les lieux m6mes. Amsterdam, 
1774 ; Voyage, en Arabic et en d'autres pays circonvoisins. 
Amsterdam, chez Baalde, 1776-80, 3 vols., 4to., fleuron on 
each title alike, and 77 plated maps (15s.). 

The Paris edition, 1779, 2 vols., 4to., plates and maps {5s.). 

Niemeyer (A. H.). Gedichte. ' Leipzig, 1778, sm. 4to., portrait 
of Klopstock, a large fleuron-vignette on title, and 3 
beautiful illustrations signed Chodowiecki and Geyser (5s.). 

Nisbet (A.). A System of Heraldry, Speculative and Practical, 
with the true Art of Blazon. Edinburgh, 1722-42, 2 vols., 
foL, heraldic plates (50s. to 60s.). 

Nivelon (F.). Rudiments of Genteel Behaviour. 1737, 4to., 
engravings by Boitard from designs by Dandrige (10s.). 

Nixon (J., Secretary to the Beefsteak Club). Sketches from 
Nature. London, 1795, 4to., engravings of characters 
(20s. to 30s.). 

Noel. Dictionnaire de la Fable, ou Mythologie grecque, latine, 
egyptienne, celtique, persane, etc. Nouvelle edition. Paris, 
Lenormant, an XIL (1803), 2 vols., 8vo., frontispiece after 
Girddet by B. Roger (3s.). 


Nogaret (Felix). Le Fond clu Sac, ou Restant des Babbles de 
M. X. . ., msmbre eveille de I'acad^mie des Dormans. 
Venise (Paris, Cazin), chez Pantalon-Ph^bus, 1780, 2 vols., 
16nio., frontispiece and 9 pretty vignettes signed D. . . 
(Durand, collaborator of Duplessi-Bertaux) (5 in the first, 
and 4 in the second vol.) (15s. to 20s.). 

Delbergue's copy, in citroa morocco by Cuzin, 110 frs. 

Nogaret. Conversation d'une courtisane philosophe, ou la 
Terre est un animal, opuscule philosophiques Versailles, an 
III., 16mo., very pretty vignettes, not signed (4s.). 
The Paris edition of an XIII. has plates after Brion. 

Nogaret. Le Danger des Extremes, essai critique a I'ordre du 
jour sur quelques ecrivains. Paris, chez la Marchande de 
Nouveautes, an VIII. , 12mo., 2 plates in bistre, not signed 

Nogaret. L'Aretin frangois, par un membre de I'Academie des 
dames. Londres (Paris), 1787, 16mo., frontispiece and 17 
plates by EUuin after Borel, not signed (£3 to £4, and 
double on large Dutch paper, particularly with the plates 
coloured and with the Supplement, " Les Epices de Venus 
. . . Londres (Paris), 1781," containing 1 plate by EUuin 
after Borel). 

M. Ch. Cousin's large-paper copy, with the plate in the supplement 
coloured, in red morocco, 455 frs. (1895). The reprint, which, by the 
way, is equally rare, has the plates reversed within borders, the title 
being within a different border. 

Nogaret. L'Arist^nete frangais, recueil des jolies amoureuses. 
Versailles, 1797, 2 vols., 16mo., S plates, not signed (45.). 

M. E. Paillet owned Durand's 50 original drawingsof vignettes which 
have never been published. 

Nogaret. Podalire et Dirphe, ou la Couronne tient a la 
Jarretifere. Paris, Louis, 1801, 2 vols., 12mo., 2 plates 
after Bornet by Bovinet, not signed (3s.). 

Nogaret. Contes derobes. Venise, chez Pantalon-Phebus, an 
v., 12mo., frontispiece, not signed (3s.). 

Nogaret. La Gorge de Mirza, sujet propos6 au concours et 
dont un baiser a ete le prix, avec notes et commentaires. 
Paris, an IX., 12mo., pretty frontispiece, not signed (3s.). 

NoUet (L'Abbe). Essai sur I'Electricite des corps. Paris, 1746, 

2 c 


12mo., frontispiece by Brunet after Lesueur, and 4 plates 
(folding) (3s.). 
Reprinted 1750. 

Nones fugitives (Les), ou le Pucelage a I'Eucan, opera-comique. 
S. 1. n. d. (1790), 16mo., 9 mezzotint plates, not signed (10s.). 

It is followed with a running pagination by " Contes Moraux, Anec- 
dotes voluptueuses a I'usage des citoyennes, 1790," with 1 mezzotint 
plate, not signed. 

Norblin (J.-P.). GEuvre . . . S.Ln.d. (1774-89), 94 plates 
(30s. to 40s.). 

Norden (J.). Description of Cornwall. 1728, 4to., maps and 
plates (15s., and double on large paper). 

Norden (Frederic Louis). Voyage d'Egypte et de Nubie, 
nouvelle edition, avec des notes et des additions par L. 
Langles. Ouvrage enrichi de cartes et de figures dessinees 
par I'auteur. Paris, Didot I'ain^, 1795-98, 3 vols. fol. of 
text and atlas folio with frontispiece, portrait, and 168 plates, 
4to. (10s., and treble on large paper). 

Nougaret. Les Mceurs du temps ou Memoires de Eosalie 
Terval, en forme de lettres. Paris, chez Ouvrier, an X., 4 
vols., 12mo., 4 pretty plates, not signed (3s.). 

Nougaret. La FoUe de Paris, ou les Extravagances de 
r Amour et de la Credulite, ouvrage redig^ et mis au jour 
par M. Nougaret. Londres et Paris, Bastien, 1787, 2 
vols., 12mo., 2 frontispieces by Binet, not signed (4s.). 

Nougaret. L'Ancien et le Nouveau Paris, anecdotes alantes et 
secretes. Paris, chez I'auteur, an VIL, 2 vols, in 1, 16mo., 
frontispiece signed L. C. (3s.). 

Nougaret. Paris metamorphose, ou Histoire de Gilles-Claude 
Kagot pendant son sejour dans cette ville centrale, de la 
Eepublique frangaise, etc., par P. J. B. Nougaret. Paris, 
chez I'auteur, an VII., 3 vols., 16mo., 3 plates, not signed 

Nougaret. Les Astuces et les tromperies de Paris, ou I'His- 
toire d'un nouveau debarque, dcrite par lui-m§me, etc., 
ouvrage redige et mis au jour par P. J. B. Nougaret, 
avec figures. Paris, chez I'auteur, an VIL, 3 vols., 16mo., 
3 plates after Brion (5s.). 


Nougaret. Les Jolis Peches d'une Marchande de Modes. 
Paris, 1801, 16mo., pretty frontispiece by Bovinet 
(probably after Qu^verdo), not signed (3s.). 

Nougaret. Histoire des Prisons de Paris et des departemens, 
pour servir a I'liistoire de la Eevolution frangaise, 
notamment de la tyrannie de Kobespierre et de ses agents, 
et complices, avec 8 figures. Paris, 1797, 4 vols., 8vo., 8 
plates after Blanchard (10s.). 

Nougaret. Le Plaisir et I'lllusion, au Memoires et Aventures 
de M. de Volsange, par Nougaret. Paris, Duchesne, an 
X., 2 vols., 12mo., 2 plates, not signed, after Brion, or after 
Chaillou (3s.). 

Nouveau Cbansonnier, dtrennes les plus agreables aux 
dames de bonne humeur. Tablettes economiques, perte et 
gain. A Paris, chez le sieur Desnos, 1787, 16mo., frontis- 
piece and 12 pretty plates of headgears (£4). 

Nouveau (Le) Momus frangais . . . Paris, Moutardier, an 
IX., 12mo., 1 plate, not signed (3s.). 

Nouveau (Le) Patelain, s.l. (Paris), 1748, post 8vo., pretty 
frontispiece. This piece, published by GueuUette, is 
attributed to Villon (4s.). 

Nouveau (Le) Eoman comique ou Voyage et Aventures d'un 
Souffleur, d'un Perruquier et d'un Costumier de spectacle. 
Londres, chez John Bell dans le Strand, 1799, 2 vols., post 
8vo., 2 plates after Charpentier by Mariage (3s.). 

Nouveau Eecueil des Epigrammatistes frangais anciens et 
modernes, par M. B. L. M. (Bruzen de La Martiniere). 
Amsterdam, chez les frferes Wetstein, 1720, 2 vols., 12mo., 
frontispiece and portrait by B. Picart (5s.). 

Nouveau Theatre italien, nouvelle edition. Paris, Briasson, 
1733-36, 9 vols., 8vo., frontispiece after Coypel by Scotin 
(Mis. de M.) (3s.). 

Nouveau Testament en latin et en frangais, traduit par Sacy. 
Edition ornee de figures gravees sur les dessins de Moreau 
le jeune. Paris, Didot jeune, 1793-1801, 5 vols., 8vo., 
4 frontispieces and 108 charming plates after Moreau by 
Baquoy, Dambrun, Delaunay, Delignon, Delvaux, Duhamel, 
Dupreel, Giraud, Godefroy, Halbou, Hubert, Langlois, de 
Longueil, Petit, Simonet, Thomas, Tilliard, and Trifere (20s., 


more than double on large paper in 4to. with the unlettered 
proofs, and particularly so with the rare etchings). 

Vol. 5, published in 1801, is not so frequently met with as the others. 

Nouveau Traite de Venerie, contenant la Chasse du cerf, celle 
du chevreuil, du sanglier, du loup, du lievre et du renard, 
avec la connaissanee des chevaux propres a la chasse . . . 
Paris, 1742, 8vo., 15 woodcuts (15s. to 20s.). 

Reprinted 1750. The real author is Ant. Gaffet, sieur de la Brifar- 
diere, P. C. de Chappeville being only the editor (vide his preface). 

Nouveaux Contes a rire et Aventures plaisantes de ce temps, 
ou Eecreations frangoises. Troisieme e'dition enrichie de 
figures en taille-douce. A Cologne, chez Eoger Bontemps 
(HoU), 1702, post 8vo., frontispiece by and after Schoute, 
and numerous half-page vignettes (only front signed) (30s., 
' and in morocco according to state). 

Nouveaux Contes a rire, et Aventures plaisantes, ou Recreations 
frangoises, vingtieme edition, enrichie de figures en taille- 
douce. Cologne, chez Eoger Bontemps (HoU), 1722, 2 vols., 
12mo., frontispieces (both alike) designed and engraved by 
G. Schoute, and 63 half -page vignettes, not signed, in the 
style of Eomain de Hooge or Harrewyn (20s.). 

The vignette, page 273, vol. 1, is the only original one, all the others 
having been copied from the 1699 edition. The same style of illus- 
trations as in the Boccaccio, Heptameron, Cent Kouvelles, etc. The 
Behague copy in red morocco, by Hardy, 98 frs. The second issue with 
the same date has fewer engravings. 

Nouvel Enfant trouve (Le), ou le Fortune Hollandois, Me- 
moires ecrites par lui-m^me. Londres, Scheurleer, 1766, 
12mo., 4 pretty plates (5 s.). 

Nouvel Ofiice pour les chevaliers de I'Ordre du Saint-Esprit. 
Imprimerie Eoyale, 1768, 12mo., engraved frontispiece and 
vignettes (3s.). 

Nouvelle Academic des Dames (La), ou Histoire de Mile. 
B * * *, D. C. D. L. A Cythere (Paris), 1774, post Svo., 
4 plates, not signed (15s.). 

Nouvelle Assemblee des notables Cocus du royaume en presence 
des favoris de leurs epouses. Paris, s.d. (I'an 1" de la 
Liberte ), de Timprimerie de Sylphe, imprimeur de la Demo- 
cratic, Svo., frontispiece, not signed; rare (5s.). 

Nouvelle Sapho (La), ou Histoire de la Secte anandryne publi^e 
par la C. E. (citoyenne Eaucourt), orn^e de 6 figures. Paris, 


de rimprimerie de P. F. Didot, 1793, 8vo,, 162 pages, 
frontispiece and 6 plates, not signed (5 s.). 

Nouvelles Folies sentimentales, ou Folies par Amours. Paris, 
Eoyer, 1786, 12mo., frontispiece signed Eoyer in v. (3s.). 

Nouvelles Ecclesiastiques, ou Memoirep pour servir a I'histoire 
de la Constitution Unigenitus. A Paris, s.d., 4to., curious 
satirical plates after de Montalais and Caresme (10s.). 

These plates have also appeared under the title, " Recueil de Figures 
historiques, symboliques et tragiques pour servir a I'historie du XVIII' 
siecle." Amsterdam, 1762, roy. 8vo. (5s.). 

Novelist's Magazine . . . London, Harrison, 1780-9, 23 vols., 
8vo., numerous plates after Stothard and others by Blake 
(8), etc. (£4 to £5). 


Novum Jesu-Christi Testamentum. Parisis, Barbou, 1767, 
12mo., 1 plate after Gravelot by de Longueil, and a plan of 
Jerusalem (3s.). 

Nozze del sig'" marchese Guglielmo de Fulcis . . . con la s™" 
contessa Francesca de Migazzi de Vaal et Sonnenthurn. 
Nella Stamperia Albrizzi (1776), fol., allegorical frontispiece 
printed within historiated borders, and 2 tailpieces signed 
Piazzetta (12s. to 15s.). 

Nugae Venales, petit tresor latin et frangois des ris et de la joye, 
dedie aux reverends pferes de la Melancholic, dernier e edition 
augmentee, corrige et enrichie de figures. Londres, 1741, 
16mo., frontispiece, not signed, and 3 plates (4s.). 

DALISQUE (L') ouvrage traduit du turc par 
Voltaire. A Constantinople (Paris) chez Ibra- 
him Beetas, imprimeur du grand visir, aupres 
de la mosquee Sainte-SopMe, avec privilege 
de sa Hautesse et du Muphti, 1796, 32mo., stout 
paper, 4 plates, not signed (20s.). 

On the title there are the initials J. F. M. (Jean I'ran9ois Mayeur), 
the author of "L'Espion des Boulevards." This book is also attributed 
to Pigeon de Sainte-Paterne. The 1st and 2nd edition, without plates, 
appeared in 1779 and 1786, 8vo. and 12mo. Reprinted 1797, Svo., 
with 2 plates poorly executed. 

Oexmelin (A. 0.). Histoire des Aventuriers Flibustiers qui" 
se sont signales dans les Indes, etc. . . . le tout enrichi de 
cartes geographiques et de figures en taille-douce. Tr^voux, 
1775, 3 vols. — Histoire des Pirates anglois, par le Cap. 
Johnson, 1775, together 4 vols., 12mo., frontispiece by 
La Eue, and 7 plates and maps, not signed (lOs.). 

Office de la Semaine Sainte ... en latin et en frangois . . . 
Paris, 1703, 8vo., frontispiece and plates (5s.). 

Office de la Semaine Sainte, en latin et en frangois. Paris, 
1728, 8vo., plates (4s.). 

Office de la Semaine sainte a I'usage de la maison du Roy, en 
latin et en frangais, avec I'explication des ceremonies de 
I'English, etc., par M. de Bellegarde. Paris, de I'imprimerie 
de J. CoUombat, 1741, 8vo., frontispiece, not signed, repre- 
senting the king and queen praying, 5 engraved titles 
within borders composed of scenes of the Old and New- 
Testament, signed Humblot in v., 2 headpieces and numerous 
ornamented capitals (5s., and in morocco according to 

Ohsson (Mouradja d'). Tableau general de I'Empire Ottoman, 
etc., dedie au roi de Suede. Paris, de I'imprimerie de 
Monsieur, 1787-1790-1820, 3 vols., fol., arms of the dedi- 
cation by Qudverdo, and 232 plates (several folding) after 


Cochin, Hilair, Le Barbier, de Lespinasse, Moreau le jeune, 
Queverdo, Touze, by Benoist, Baquoy, Berthault, Croutelle, 
Delatre, Delvaux, Duprdel, Guiget, Henriquez, Ingouf, 
Mile. Hulot, De Launay, Lepine, Lerouge, Louvet, de 
Longueil, I.inge, Mansfeld, Mathieu, N^e, Paradis, Patas, 
Simonet, Tilliard, Thiebaut, Varin, V^ran, etc. (30s.). 
La Bedoyere's copy with unlettered proofs, uncut, 192 frs. 

Oiseau perdu et retrouv^ (L'), ou la Doupe des foins, opera- 
comique en 1 acte. Paris (1796), 64mo., 1 small plate, not 

Oisin (Carrifere d'). Les Fables mises en action, suivies de- 
pifeces fugitives et de quelques comedies de M. Croisier. 
Paris, De Senne, 1787, 2 vols., 8vo., 2 frontispieces, one 
after Cochin by Marie- Anne Croisier (5 s.). 

The second frontispiece represents the medallion portraits, finely 
engraved, of Louis XVL, Marie- Antoinette, and the Duo d'Orleans. 

[Oldmixon (J.)]. British Empire in America . . . London, 
1708, 2 vols., 8vo., maps (50s. .to 60s.). 

Olearius. Voyages tres-curieux et trfes-renommes faits en 
Moscovie, Tartarie et Perse par le Sieur Adam Olearius,,. 
bibliothdcaire du due de Holstein, traduit de Foriginal et 
augmente par le Sieur de Wiquefort ; divisez en deux 
parties. Nouvelle edition a quoi on a joint des cartes- 
geographiques, des representations de villes et autres 
taille-douce tres-belles et trfes-exactes. Amsterdam, chez 
Michel Charles Le Cene, 1727, 2 vols., foL, maps, plans, 
vignettes, portraits, folding plates, ornamented letters, etc. 

(Some of the maps bear, " La Haye, chez Pierre Van der Aa," 
undoubtedly belonging to the magnificent collection published by this 
bookseller under the title, " Galerie agreable du monde.") The first 
impressions are to be found in the German edition of Hamburg, 1696 
(25«.). This French version, interesting as it is, was originally pub- 
lished without plates in 4to. Paris, s.d. (circa 1704). 

Olivier. L'Art des Armes simplifid, ou Nouveau Traite sur la 
manifere de se servir de I'Epee (text English and French). 
Londres, Bell (1771), 8vo., frontispiece and 8 folding plates 
by Ovenden (10s. to 12s.). 

The large plate of the " Salle d'armes ' is sometimes missing. 

Olivier. Fencing familiarized. (Text English and French.) 
London, 1780, 8vo., plates (15s. to 20s.). 


OUivier (L'Abbe). L'Infortune Napolitain ou les Aventures 
du seigneur Kozelli, nouvelle edition, revue, corrigee et 
augmentee d'un grand nombre de figures en taille-douce. 
Amsterdam, Desbordes, 1784, 4 vols., 12mo., 12 plates, not 
signed (5 s.). 

OUivier. Collection des Dessins des Poeles de formes antiques 
et modernes de I'invention et de la manufacture du sieur 
. . . rue de la Roquette, faubourg Saint-Antoine. 
S.l.n.d. (Paris, circa 1790), sm. fob, 4 pages of text and 18 
plates by Taraval after A. Bosse (£3 to £4, and with the 
plates plain and coloured, £25 to £30). M. Hip. Destail- 
leur's copy with the plates in this double state, 815 frs. 

Oneiroscopee. Le Livre des reves ou TOneiroscope'e, application 
des songes aux numeros de la Loterie royale de France, 
tiree de la Cabale italienne et de la sympathie des nomLres. 
A Paris, chez Desnos, 1787, 16mo., 4 costume plates and 
8 plates representing 90 subjects, not signed (10s.). 

Oppenord, or Oppenort (Gilles-Marie). CEuvres de, ecuier, 
directeur general des bitiments et jardins de son Altesse 
Eoyale Monseigneur le due d'Orleans regent du royaume, 
contenant difi"erents fragments d'architecture et d'ornements 
a I'usage des batiments sacres publics, et particuliers, 
graves, mis au jour et dedies h. Messire Le Normant de 
Tournehem, etc., par son tr^s-humble et tres obeissant 
serviteur Gabriel Huquier. A Paris, ches Huquier, rue 
•des Mathurins au coin de celle de Sorbonne. S.d. (circa 
1725-50), 3 parts in 1 vol., roy. folio, known under the 
title of Grand, Moyen, et Petit Oppenord (£80 to £100). 

Engraved title followed by "Avis aux Amateurs de dessin," portrait 
of Oppenord, and 291 pieces on 158 plates, composed of trophies, doors, 
chandeliers, reading-desks, girandoles, tombs, fountains, house decora- 
tion, etc., etc. All these pieces are signed by G. Huquier, except a 
few pieces in the latter part of the "Dix Livres k I'usage de ceux qui 
s'appliquent aux Beaux Arts," which are by C N. Cochin. This is one 
of the finest books on decorations of the 18th century. The Behague 
copy, containing title, dedication, portrait, and 117 plates on 79 leaves, 
1800 frs. ; R. Lion's copy, consisting of 80 leaves, 1660 frs. M. Morgand 
marks a copy containing title, Avis, portrait, 3 plates designed by 
Oppenord, and 117 pieces of decorations on 80 plates., 2200 frs. M. Hip. 
Destailleur's copy, containing 360 pieces, partly engraved by Huquier, 
on 160 leaves (the plates of the second and third parts being smaller 
than those in part 1, and forming '2 and 4 pieces per leaf), with the 
title before letters, and so the border of the "Avis" and two proofs 
of the border of the portrait of Oppenord inserted, realized 3950 frs. 


Opuscules sacres et lyriques, ou Cantiques sur differents sujets 
de pi^t^, avec les airs notes, a I'usage de la jeunesse de la 
paroisse de Saint-Sulpice. Paris, Nicolas Crapart, 1772, 
4 vols., 8vo., 4 fine frontispieces, not signed, and a head- 
piece in the first volume by Beugnet {5s/}. 

Oraison fuhebre de Louis le Grand, Eoy de France et de 
Navarre, prononcee' le 19 Decembre 1715, dans la chapelle 
du Louvre, par Messire Edme Mongin, abbe de Saint 
Martin d'Autun. Paris, Coignard, 1716, 4to., fleuron on 
title, and pretty vignette with the medallion portrait of 
Louis XIV. (3s.). 

Oraison funebre de Monseigneur Louis Dauphin de France, 
prononcee le 18 aoust 1711 par le P. Poisson. 1712, 4to., 
vignettes by Thomassin after Nattier (3s.). 

Oraison funebre du due de Bourgogne, par Moreau, eveque de 
' Vence. Paris, 1761, 4to., headpieces after C. N. Cochin 
by Prevost (3s.). 

Oraison funfebre prononcee pour I'lnfant Don Philippe due de 
Parme et de Plaisance, dans I'eglise N6tre-Dame de Paris. 
Paris, 1765, 4to., vignette after Cochin by Prevost (3s.). 

Oraison funebre de Monseigneur Louis, Dauphin, prononcee 
dans I'eglise N6tre-Dame de Paris, par C. de Lomenie de 
Brienne, archeveque de Toulouse, le l"mars, 1766. Paris, 
1766, 4to., 2 vignettes after Cochin by Prevost and 
Baquoy (3 s.). 

Oraison funfebre de Stanislas 1", Eoy de Pologne, due de 
Lorraine, prononcee dans I'eglise N6tre-Dame de Paris. 
Paris, 1766, 4to., vignette after Cochin by Prevost (3s.). 

Oraison funebre de monseigneur le Cardinal de Fleury, par le 
P. de La Neuville, 1743,' 4to., fleuron on title designed 
and engraved by Cochin (35.). 

Oraison funfebre de Philippe V., Eoy d'Espagne, 1759, 4to., 
headpiece designed and engraved by Cochin (3s.). 

Oraison funfebre de Madame, duchesse de Parme, 1760, 4to., 
headpiece designed and engraved by Cochin (3s.). 

Origine des Puces. Londres (Paris), 1749, 16mo., pretty 
fleuron and headpiece, not signed, and 36 pages of engraved 
text (10s.). 

Attributed to Piron or Moiicrif. For the "Recueil des Meilleurs 
Contes," Oazin edition, 1778, 4 vols., 16mo, this piece is included in 


vol. i, " Contes de Grecaurt." Vide " Moncrif." In tte Radziwill sale 
a copy in red morocco, with the arms of the Marquise de Pompadour, 
190 frs. ] resold in the Leboeuf de Montgermont sale for 1150 frs., 
and again in the Quentin-Bauchart sale, 1410 frs, 

Ormoy (Mile, d', Mme. Menard de Saint- Juste). Bergeries et 
Opuscules. En Arcadie et se trouve a Paris, 1784, 12mo., 
engraved title ; only a limited number printed (5 s.). 

Orphelines (Les) de Flower-Garden . . . Paris, Lepetit, an 
VII. de la republique, 4 vols., post 8vo., 4 frontispieces by 
Mariage (6 s.). 

Ossian. Po^mes d'Ossian et de quelques autres bardes. Paris, 
Gueffier, an III, 3 vols., 16mo., 3 plates, not signed (4s.). 

Ossian. Poesies galliques, par Ossian, fils de Fingal, barde du 
IIP siecle, traduites sur I'Anglais de Macpherson par Le 
Tourneur, nouvelle edition, revue, etc., ornee de belles 
gravures. Paris, Dentu, an VII., 2 vols., Bvo., 5 plates by 
Tardieu I'aine (5 s.). 

Oudry (Jean-Baptiste). Livre d' Animaux-termine au burin 
par Le Bas, 12 plates, 4to. oblong (15s.). 

Oudry. Eoman Comique, series for the (see Scarron). 

Ovid. Les Metamorphoses d'Ovide en latin, traduites en fran- 
9ois, avec des remarques et des explications historiques, par 
M. L'Abbe Banier, de I'Academie des inscriptions et belles- 
lettres ; ouvrage enrichi de figures en taille-douce, gravees 
par B. Picart et autres habiles maltres. Amsterdam, J. 
Wetstein et C. Smitb, 1732, 2 vols., roy. fol., frontispiece 
after Picart, 2 fleurons (alike) on titles after V. Overbeke 
by Malder and V. D. Gouwen, vignette heading the dedica- 
tion to the king after L. F. D. B. (Louis-Fabrice du Bourg) 
by Bernaerts, 1 ornamented letter, 124 engravings in the 
text after Lebrun, Leclerc, Maas, Picart, Punt, J. Romain, 
Tosta, de Wit, and Wandelaar, by Martin Bouche, Pierre 
Paul Bouche, Bouttats, Folkema, V. Gunst, Jungmann, 
Schenk, and Wandelaar, and 3 large plates at page 264, 
vol. 2, each containing 2 fine subjects after Lebrun by 
Folkema (40s., and more on large paper). 

The edition was published with English text, Prench text, and with 
Dutch text. The latter is considered to contain the first impressions, 
but of course in Pi-ance the copies with the French text are preferred. 
The Radziwill copy in old red morocco, 500 frs., resold in the Behague 
sale for 900 frs. ; Em. Martin's copy in old red morocco, 205 frs. Oomte 
de Lignerolles' copy in old red morocco, 151 frs. (1894). 

OVID 395 

Ovid. Les Metamorphoses d'Ovide, traduction de I'abbe 
Banier (without the text). Amsterdam, chez Wetstein and 
Smith, 1732, 3 vols., 8vo., 16 plates after Picard (5s.). 

^ Another edition bearing the same date in 12mo., with 15 plates, not 
■ signed, and frontispiece signed Philipps iav. et sculp. Comte de 
LigneroUes' copy in old red morocco, 151 frs. (1894). 

Ovid. Les Metamorphoses, traduction par I'abb^ de Belle- 
garde . . . 1735, 2 vols., post 8vo., plates (3s.). 

Ovid. Les Metamorphoses d'Ovide traduites en frangais par 
M. du Ryer, avec des notes et explications a la fin de 
chaque phrase. A La Haye chez Jean Neaulme, 1744, 4 
vols., 12mo., 224 plates, mostly signed Brunet and Scotin. 

Ovid. Les Metamorphoses d'Ovide, traduites en frangais . . . 
par M. I'abbe Banier. Amsterdam et Leipzig, 1764, 3 vols., 
12mo., frontispiece and 15 plates, unsigned (6s.). 

Ovid. Les Metamorphoses d'Ovide, en latin en frangois, de la 
traduction de M. I'abbe Banier, de I'Academie royale des 
inscriptions et belles-lettres, avec des explications his- 
toriques. Paris, Hochereau (or Despilly, or Barrois, or 
Delalain, or Guillyn, or Le Clercy, or Delomel, or Basan 
et Lemire, all having associated to defray the expenses of 
this magnificent publication), 1767-71, 4 vols., 4 to., 3 
engraved leaves of dedication, 4 fleurons on title, 30 head- 
pieces and 1 tailpiece (at end of vol. 4) by Choffard (after 
himself, except last fleurons, and 4 vignettes after Monnet), 
frontispiece containing Ovid's portrait and 140 plates, 
after Boucher (10), Chofi"ard (1), Eisen (58), Gravelot (6), 
Leprince (1), Monnet (36), Moreau (26), Parizeau (1), and 
Saint-Gois (1), by Baquoy, Basan, Binet, Duclos, de 
Ghendt, Helman, de Launay, Legrand, Lemire, Leroy, 
Leveau, de Longueil, Masquelier, Massard, Miger, Nee, 
Ponce, Eousseau, and Saint-Aubin (£10 to £12, and in 
morocco according to state). 

One of the most elegantly illustrated books of last century. A large- 
paper copy (said to be of a later issue, but very rare) was sold to the 
Baron J.-E. de Rothschild for 5000 frs. 12 copies exist with text on 
Dutch paper. M. B. Paillet's unique copy, containing the complete 
series of the artist's proofs and the etchings (both rarissime), as well as 5 
duplicate plates " decouvertes," an India ink drawing by Choffard, etc., 
in old green morocco by Derome, signed (executed for Blondel d'Azin- 
court, with his crescent and 3 thistles in the corners), is marked by 
Morgand 30,000 frs. ; Baron R. P. . . .'s copy, with unlettered plates, 
etchings, and vignettes without text, in blue morocco by Cuzia, 3650 
frs. (1882) ; Quentin-Bauchart's copy in old red morocco, 3300 frs. ; 


Gosford copy in old green morocco, 2870 frs. ; Em. Martin's copy, uncut, 
with a few drawings inserted, 1170 frs. ; Behague's copy in red morocco 
by Derome, 2855 frs. ; Collin's copy in old red morocco, 2150 frs. ; Rich. 
Lion's copy, by Derome a I'oiseau, 2030 frs. ; Leboeuf de Montgermont's 
copy, 2900 frs.; Dougoujon's copy, with unlettered proofs in old red 
morocco, 6100 frs. Some plates (very rare and recherchees) are known as 
" decouvertes," viz. " Jupiter et Jo ; " Diane surprise par Acteon, 
Calisto, Persee delivrant Andromede, Cephale et I'Aurore, Pan et 
Syrinx (the last is the commonest of all). The headpieces etched by 
Choffard, and the title ileurons and the dedication plates, exist without 
text in 4:to. Behague's copy of the plates in old binding, 695 frs. ; 
Marquis's copy of the book, in 4 vols., with the unlettered proofs 
in old morocco, with arms, 13,000 frs. Mme. G. Delessert's copy 
with unlettered proofs in red morocco, by Derome, 6450 frs. (1895). 
Plate 13 in the very first impression is signed by Eisen, while it was 
really designed by Gravelot. The second edition is to be recognized by 
vol. 4 being dated 1770, and page 215 in vol. 3 is erroneously paged 209. 
The original drawings (except Pygmalion after Boucher, and that 
after St. Gois) were sold in the Renouard sale for 1730 frs. ; resold in 
the Thibaudean sale without the 9 out of the 10 of the Boucher 
drawings (these being of a larger size) for 800 frs., and finally they were 
acquired by M. Roederer of Reims for 35,000 frs. They consisted of 
57 by Eisen, 26 by Moreau, 36 by Monnet, 6 by Gravelot, 1 by Le 
Prince, and 1 by Parizeau, together 127 drawings. 

Ovid. Les Metamorphoses d'Ovide, nouvelle traduction par 
Fontanelle. Paris, chez Panckoucke, 1767, 2 vols., 8vo., 2 
portraits, 2 engraved titles, and 15 plates after ZoccM by 
Gregori (4s.). 

Reprinted 1772 and 1776. 

Ovid. Les Metamorphoses d'Ovide, traduites en frangois par 
I'abbe Banier, avec figures gravees par Coiny, d'aprfes les 
dessins do M. Eenaud, de Academie royale de peinture. 
Paris, de I'imprimerie de Didot I'aine, 1787, 2 vols., 16mo., 
in 4 parts, 52 plates by Coiny and Couche after Eenaud 

Ovid. Les Metamorphoses d'Ovide, traduction nouvelle avec 
le texte latin, suivie d'une analyse de I'explication des fables, 
de notes geographiques, historiques, mythologiques et 
critiques par M. G.-T. Villenave, ornee de gravures d'aprfes 
les dessins de MM. Le Barbier, Monsiau, et Moreau. Paris, 
Gay et Guestard (imprimerie de Didot I'aine), 1806, 4 vols., 
roy. 4to. or 8vo., vellum paper, 144- plates after Lebarbier, 
Monsiau, and Moreau, . by Baquoy, Courbe, Dambrun, 
Delvaux, de Ghendt, Halbou, Hulk, Langlois, E. de Launay, 
Malbeste, Mariage, Queverdo, Thomas, and Trifere (30s., and 
in 4to., with the unlettered plates, 50's., and on large vellum 
paper, £4 to £5). 

OVID 397 

Two copies exist on vellum. The Behague copy, on large vellum 
paper, 450 frs. ; Delbergue-Cormont's copy, on vellum (1 of 2 copies), 
with the plates on India paper mounted on vellum, in red morocco by 
Bozerian, 1500 frs. ; a copy on vellum paper, with the plates before, and 
with letters and the etchings (etchings 103 and 106 are often missing, 
and appear not to exist) in red morocco by Cuzin, was sold in the same 
sale for 1700 frs. ; 116 original sepia drawings (29 by Moreau, 43 by 
Le Barbier, 41 by Monsiau, and 3 by Duvivier) are said to have been sold 
to the late M. Louis Boederer of Beims for 20,000 frs. 

Ovid. Epistole eroiche di P. Ovidio Nasone, trad, da Remigio 
Fiorentino Parigi, appresso Durand, 1762, 8vo., portrait of 
Ovid, title, 22 vignettes and 8 tailpieces by Gregori after 
ZoecM {5s., and more with the illustrations in red; rare). 

Ovid. P. Ovidii Nasonis Opera quae supersunt. Parisiis, 
Barbou, 1762, 3 vols., 12mo., 3 frontispieces and 3 vignettes 
by Eisen (46'.). 

Ovid. Nouvelle Traduction des Heroides d'Ovide. Paris, 
chez Durand, 1763, Bvo. and 4to., title and 21 vignettes 
after Zocchi by Gregori (8 repeated and several not signed) 
(5s. and 10s. respectively). 

Jourdan has copied these vignettes for his edition, Paris, 1797, 8vo. (3« ). 

Ovid. Le premier Livre des Fastes d'Ovide. Traduction 
nouvelle. Avec des notes critiques et Historiques (par 
Lezeau). A Paris, Barbou, 1714, 12mo., frontispiece (5s.). 

Ovid. Traduction des Fastes d'Ovide, avec des notes et des 
reclierclies de critique, d'histoire, etc., avec figures, par M. 
Bayeux, avocat au parlement de Normandie. Eouen, 
Boucher et Paris, V Ballard et Barrois, 1783-88, 4 vols., 
8vo., very fine frontispiece after Cochin by Gaucher, 6 plates 
after Lebarbier by Henriquez, Leveau, Maleuvre, and Nee, 
' 36 vignettes and tailpieces by Lebarbier and Gaucher, or, 
not signed (10s., and double on large paper, 4to.). 

The medals represented in the tailpieces, being for the greater part 
imaginary and inventions of Goltzius, the so-called antiquarian, possess 
hardly any merit. Gautier's large-paper copy containing Cochin's and 
Lebarbier's original drawings, and bound in red morocco, was sold for 
1500 frs., and is now in the collection of L. Boederer of Beims. 

Ovid. L'Art d' Aimer et le Remede d' Amour, traduction (en 
vers), d'Ovide, ornde de figures. Amsterdam, 1751, 12mo., 
frontispiece after Vanloo, fleuron on title, not signed, 2 
plates for " L'Art d' Aimer " after Eisen, the whole engraved 
by Le Mire and Tardieu, and one plate for the "Remede 
d'Amour,"not signed (4s.). 
Eeprinted 1767. 


Ovid. L'Art d'Aimer, nouveau po^me en six chants par 
M * * * (Gouge de Cessiferes), Edition fidfele et complete, 
enrichie de figures. Londres, 1750, post 8vo., fleuron on 
title, and 7 plates, not signed (4s.). Another edition, 
Londres (Paris), 1760, with frontispiece after Eisen by 
Martinet, and 6 plates after Martinet (4s.). 

Ovid. Les Amours d'Ovide, traduction libre en vers frangais, 
suivis du Eemede d' Amour, poeme en deux chants, imite, 
d'Ovide, orn^s de 4 gravures par J. Bouillard. Paris, 
Egron, an VII., 12mo., 4 plates after Bouillard (4s.). 

Ovid. Traduction nouvelle de I'Art d'Aimer d'Ovide. Paris, 
de I'imprimerie de Valade, et se trouve a Eeims, chez Cazin,' 
libraire, 1783, 16mo., frontispiece after Pitz by Duponchel 

This mutilated version was done for a young ladies' school. 

Ovid. CEuvres galantes et amoureuses d'Ovide. Londres, 
1786 (Cazin), 2 vols., 16mo., medallion portrait after 
Marillier by Delvaux (3s.). 

Ovid. CEuvres completes d'Ovide, traduites en frangais, 
aux quelles on a ajoute la vie de ce pofete, les Hymnes de 
Callimaque, le Pervigilium Veneris, etc. . . . edition 
imprimde sous les yeux et par les soins de J. Ch. Poncelin. 
Paris, Debarle, an VII., 7 vols., 8vo. or 4 to., 7 frontispieces 
after Queverdo, by Simonet, Thomas, and Trifere {7s.); 25 
copies in 4 and 25 copies in 8vo. exist with unlettered proofs 
(20s. to 30s.). 

Ovid. (Euvres. Paris, Barbou, 1793, 3 vols., 12mo., 3 
vignettes and 3 frontispieces after Eisen (4s.). 

Oxford Magazine, or University Museum, by a Society of 
Gentlemen, 1768-71, 7 vols. 8vo, satirical and other 
plates ; rare (40s. to 50s.). 

Ozanne (Jeanne-F.). Diff^rents Sujets de marine graves par 
Jeanne-F. Ozanne, a Paris, rue Saint-Jean de Beauvais, 
8vo., frontispiece and 115 plates of principal types of boats 
of the middle of the 18th century (205., and more in 

Ozanne. Vues de Paris, gravees par J. Fr. et M. J. Ozanne. A 
Paris, chez la veuve Chereau. S.d. (circa 1765), oblong 4to., 
title and 5 plates after Ozanne, the painter (30s.). 

Ozanne I'aine. Premier [Septifeme] Cahier d'Elemens de Pay- 
sages pour apprendre a dessiner a la plume par . . . 


Paris, veuve Che'reau. S.d., sm. fol., 6 parts of 12 plates 
each, and last part containing 24 plates (25s.). 

Ozanne I'aine. Premier [Quatrifeme] Livre de paisages et de 
Marines. Paris, veuve Che'reau. S.d., sm. fol., 4 parts of 
6 plates each (10s.). 

Ozanne (Yves-Marie). Nouvelles Vues perspectives des Ports 
de France, dessin^es pour le Eoi par M. Ozanne. A Paris, 
chez Le Gouaz . , . S.d. {1776), oblong fol., title, map, and 
70 plates by Y. Le Gouaz (20s. to 25s.). Some copies 
contain 80 plates (25s. to 30s.). 

This is Ozanne, the Marine artist's chief work. Ozanne's 47 drawings 
of harbour views of France were sold in December, 1813, for 1200 frs. 
The following are some further collections of plates by Ozanne, viz. : 
Di6Ferents Ports et Rades de France et des Antilles, 18 plates by L. 
Gouaz and J. F. Ozanne (lOa.) ; Yues des Lieux celfebres de diverses 
parties du Monde, gravees par Coiny, Garreau, Filhol, Masquelier, Le 
Gouaz, PUlement, and Racine (10«.) ; Marine militaire, ou Recueil des 
differents vaisseaux qui servent a la guerre, etc., par Ozanne I'aine, 
frontispiece and 50 engravings (12s, to 15s.) ; Ornements de Proues de 
divers batiments, 24 plates by Le Gouaz and Coiny (10«.) ; Recueil des 
Combats de Jean-Bart, 19 plates (10s.) ; Recueil des Combats de 
Duguay-Trouin, 29 plates by J. R. Ozanne and Le Gouaz (10s.). 

ACOME (Le Fr.). Description du Plan en Relief 
de I'Abbaye de la Trappe. A Paris, 1708, roj. 
4to., plan and plates (5s.). 

Pacot. Figures de la Passion de Notre Seigneur 
Je'sus Christ, accompagne'es de reflexions propres 
a donner 1' intelligence de ce mystfere. Se vend a Paris, 
chez Che'reau. S.d. (circa 1720), 8vo., engraved through- 
out with 35 vignettes heading each leaf by Chereau (lOs., 
and double on large paper). 

Pages (Frangois). Les Erreurs de la Vie, ou Memoires de 
Felicie. Paris, Dentu, an VII., 2 vols, in 1, 12mo., 2 plates 
after Binet by Mariage (3 s.). 

Pahin de la Blancherie. Extrait du Journal de mes Voyages, 
ou Histoire d'un jeune homme, pour servir d'ecole aux pferes 
et meres. A Paris, chez les frferes de Bure, 1775, 2 vols., 
8vo., a charming plate after Marillier by Eomanet (4s.). 

Pajou. Histoire du roi Splendide et de la Princesse Hetero- 
clite. S.I., 1748, 2 parts in 1 vol., 12mo., 2 engraved 
titles (4s.). 

Pajou. Contes Nouveaux et Nouvelles Nouvelles en vers. A 
Anvers, s.d. (circa 1753), post 8vo., engravings (5s.). 

Palissot (de Montenoy). Les Philosophes, comedie en trois 
actes et eh vers. Paris, Duchesne, 1760, 12mo., fleuron on 
title, and 3 plates designed -and engraved by Bisen 

Palissot (de Montenoy). Lettre de I'auteur de la comedie des 
Philosophes au public, pour servir de preface a la pifece. 
S.l. (Paris), 1760, 12mo., 3 pretty plates, not signed 

The Comedie des Philosophes, a satire on the encyclopedists, has given 
rise to several parodies with satirical plates, viz. : Les Philosophes de bois, 
1760, 12mo., 1 plate, not signed ; Le petit Philosophe de Poinsinet, 1760, 


1 plate; Les Originaux, Nancy, 1760, 12mo., frontispiece signed Bon 
sens inv. Juste sc. ; Les Philosophes masques (by Cailleau), 1760, 12mo. 
frontispiece, not signed, and 2 plates of medals, one signed Le Sourd 
verberavit ; Epitre du Diable a M. de V * * *- Geneve, 1760, vignette 
on title not signed. Sometimes a large folding plate, " Le Repas des 
Philosophes," is added (58.). 

Palissot (de Montenoy). Tli^fi,tre et (Euvres diverses. Londres 
et Paris, 1V63, 3 vols., 12mo., very fine portrait after Saint- 
Aubin by Poletnich, and a fine plate signed Gravelot and 
A. S. in vol. 2 (4s.). 

Marie Antoinette's copy in red morocco is in the Bibliotheque 

Palissot (de Montenoy). La Dunciade, poeme en dix chants. 
Londres, 1781 (Cazin), 16mo., medallion portrait after 
Monnet by Voysard (3s.). Another edition, Paris, an VIII., 
12mo., with a plate, not signed (3s.). 

Palissot (de Montenoy). CEuvres completes. Lifege et Paris, 
Bastien, 1778-9, 7 vols., 8vo., portrait after Monnet by 
ChofFard, and 18 plates (8 after Meon by Therese Martinet, 
and 10 after Monnet without engraver's name) (10s. to 

Palissot (de Montenoy). (Euvres completes, nouvelle edition, 
revue et corrigee. Paris, de I'imprimerie de Monsieur, 1788, 
4 vols., 8vo., portrait and 18 plates after Moreau and 
Monnet (lOs., and double on vellum paper). 

Marie Antoinette's vellum paper copy in red morocco, with her arms 
in centre and fleurs-de-lis in the corners, is marked by M. Morgand 3000 
frs. (Catalogue de la Bibliotheque de M. E. Paillet.) JBaron Roger 
Portalis in the 5th edition of Cohen erroneously announces Marie 
Antoinette's copy as of the 1778-9 edition. 

Palladio (A.). Architecture in English, Italian, and French, 
with Notes and Observations by Inigo Jones, revised, 
designed, and published by J. Leohi. London, 1715, 5 
parts in 2 vols., portrait by Picart and 232 plates (40s. to 

Palladio. Les B^timens et les Dessins d' Andre Palladio, 
recueillis et illustres par Octave Bertotti Scamozzi, en 
italien et en frangois. Vicence, 1776-83, 4 vols , roy. fol. 
Best edition, numerous plates (£4 to £5). 

Pallas. Voyages de Pallas en differentes provinces de I'Empire 
de Russie et dans I'Asie septentrionale, trad, de I'allemand 
par Grauthier de la Peyronie. Paris, 1788-93, 5 vols. 4to. 

2 D 


of text and 1 vol. 4to. of plates (125., and more on large 

The "Voyages entrepris dans les gouvernements meridionaux de 
I'Empire de Russie dans les annees 1793 et 1794, par Pallas, traduction 
de rallemand par de La Boulaye et Tonnelier, 1805," 2 vols., ito., and 
atlas oblong (6«.), are joined to tlie above work. The original German 
edition appeared at St. Petersburg in 1771-3 ; 3 vols., 4to., with 100 
plates (20s., and coloured 50«.). 

[Paltock (R.).] Life and Adventures of Peter Wilkins, a 
Cornish Man, by R. S. London, 1738, 8vo., plates (6s.). 

Panard. Le Nouvelliste dupe, opera-comique en un acte. 
Paris, Duchesne, 1757, 8vo., portrait of Panard by Chenu 

Panard. Theatre et (Eavres diverses. Paris, Duchesne, 176,3, 
4 vols., 12mo., author's portrait by Chenu (3s.). 

Panckouke (Henri). Lettre de don Carlos a Elizabeth, suivie 
d'un passage de I'Aminte du Tasse traduit en vers, et du 
poeme de la Nuit, imite de Gessner. Paris, Panckouke et 
V° Duchesne ; Lille, Carre de la Rue, 1768, 8vo., 1 plate 
after Gravelot by Levasseur (3s.). 

Panseron (P.). Elemens [et Nouveaux Elemens] d' Architecture 
. . . Paris, 1773-6, 2 vols., 4to., plates by Bienvenu and 
Thierry (£5 to £6). 

Pantin et Pantine, conte. A Paris, chez tout le monde, a la 
folic, I'an du Bilboquet 35, 12mo., title and frontispiece, 
not signed (3s.). 

Pantins des Boulevards (Les), ou les B . . . de Thalie, etc. 
. . . recueillis par le compere Mathieu. Paris, de I'impri- 
merie de NicodSme dans la lune, 1791 ; second part, 16mo., 
comprises : " Amusemens libertins du spectacle lirique, 
orgies gaillardes de I'Ambigu-comique, travaux priapiques 
des Delassemens comiques, obscenites triviales des danseurs 
de corde, tretaux gaillards et crapuleux des associes, passe- 
teurs orduriers des comediens de BaujoUois." Each piece 
has a frontispiece and a plate, both not signed (30s. to 

According to Cohen, there should be 5 plates instead of 4 as indicated 

Papillon (J. M.). Ces Estampes sont inventees et grave'es en 
bois par J. M. Papillon. A Paris, s.d. (1727), 12mo., 42 
engravings on 27 leaves (20s.). 


Papillon (J. M.). Petit Almanacli de Paris, augmente pour 
I'annee 1729. A Paris, s.d., 12mo., 50 woodcuts of head- 
pieces, fleurons, etc., on 37 leaves (15s.). 

Papillon (J. M.). Petit Almanacli de Paris, augmente pour 
I'anne'e 1733. A Paris, s.d., 12mo., woodcuts of the symbols 
of the months, head and tail pieces, fleurons, etc., having 
also another title : " Ces Estampes sont invente'es et 
gravees en bois par J. M. Papillon " (15s.). 

Papillon (J. M.). Traite historique et pratique de la gravure. 
Ouvrage enrichi des plus jolis morceaux de sa composition 
et de sa gravure. Paris, P. G. Simon, 1766, 3 vols., 8vo., 
woodcut portrait of the author, pretty vignettes on titles, 
both sides, at top of dedication and in the text, 6 plates and 
numerous tailpieces (10s. to 15 s.). 

Thirty years prior to this publication the author privately printed 
a small treatise entitled, "Histoire de la gravure en bois et des. 
graveurs fameux, tant anciens quemodernes qui I'ont pratiquee" (Paris,, 
1736), 12mo. 

Papillon. Petit Almanach de Paris pour I'annee 1787, et 
annees suivantes. A Paris, chez J. M. Papillon graveur 
en bois, 12mo., 12 plates for each month, and numerous, 
head and tail pieces, escutcheons, fleurons, etc., all engraiVed. 
on wood by Papillon (5s.). 

Papillon was the term formerly used to call the Almanach, by reason 
of its generally having a butterfly as ornament engraved on title. The- 
author was considered one of the rarest artist-engravers on wood of the 
last century. A copy of his works, formed in 4 vols., fol., and containing 
5000 pieces, was presented by the artist to the " Cabinet des Estampes." 
M. Hip. Destailleur's copy, said to be Papillon's own copy of his. 
" CEuvre," containing 3595 woodcuts, besides an original drawing and 
other engravings, was sold for 500 frs. (1895). 

Papillon de la Ferte. Extraits de difi"erents ouvrages publics 
sur la Vie des peintres, par P. D. L. F. Paris, Euault, 
1776, 2 vols., 8vo., 2 allegorical frontispieces after J. M. 
Moreau by L. Lempereur (4s.). 

Parfait Cocher (Le) ou I'Art d'entretenir et conduire un equi- 
page en ville et en campagne. Liege, 1777; 8vo., frontis- 
piece signed Vernansal by H. Godin (3s.). 

Attributed to La Chesnaie des Bois and to the Due de Nevers. 

Parfait (Le) Module, orn^ d'Estampes qui reprdsentent plusieurs 
beaux traits tires de la Partie de Chasse de Henri IV. 
Paris, Desnos, s.d., 16mo., with an Almanack for 1778, 
engraved title, frontispiece containing portrait of Henri 


IV., 12 plates, not signed, after Gravelot or in his manner, 
and 12 pages (out of 104) of engraved text (20s.). 

Parkyns (Sir T.). Inn-Play, or, Cornisli-Hugg Wrestler. 
Nottingham, 1714, 4to., woodcuts (12s. to 155.). 

Parmentier (Abbe). Lettre de Caton d'Utique a Cesar. Paris, 
de I'imprimerie de Lambert, 1766, 8vo., 1 pretty plate after 
Gravelot by Fessard (3s.). 

Parny. Opuscules poetiques. Amsterdam, 1779, 8vo., 5 
plates after Monnet by Anselin (5 s.). 

Parny. Opuscules, troisiferue edition, corrigee et augment^e. 
A Londres (Paris, Cazin), 1781, 24mo., frontispiece and 4 
charming plates, not signed (4s.). 

Parny. Opuscules, 4^ edition. S.I., 1784, 2 vols., 16mo., both 
titles engraved alike, and 5 plates after Monnet by Anselin 
(4s.). Reprinted 1796, 2 vols., post 8vo. (3s.). 

Parny. Opuscules ... Quatrieme edition. Londres et Caen, 
chez Mansury, 1787, 2 vols., 16mo., frontispiece and 4 
plates by Coulet (3s.). 
Counterfeit of Cazin. 

Parny. ffiuvres d'Evariste Parny. Paris, chez Debray, 
imprimerie de P. Didot I'aine, 1808, 5 vols., 12mo., pretty 
frontispiece after Moreau by Baquoy (10s., and £2 on 
vellum paper). 

" La Guerre des Dieux " forms vol. 5. Collin's vellum paper copy in 
blue morocco and vol. 5 double with citron morocco, 950 frs. (an absurd 

Parodies (Les) du nouveau Th^Eltre italien. Paris, Briasson, 
1738, 4 vols., 12mo., 4 frontispieces designed and engraved 
by Mathey and Scotin (5s.). 

Partisans demasquez (Les), nouvelle plus que galante, divis^e 
en quatre parties. A Cologne, chez Adr. L'Enclume, gendre 
de P. Marteau, 1710, 16mo., frontispiece in the style of 
Harrewyn (5 s.). 

A satire directed against the Permiers-generaux and the Financiers. 

Pascal (B.). GEuvres ... A la Haye, 1779, 5 vols., 8vo., 
portrait by Bradel after Quesnel (10s. to 12s.). 

Pascal. Les Pensees, avec les notes de M. de Voltaire. 
Geneve (Cazin), 1778, 2 vols., 16mo., portrait by de 
Launay (3s.). 

Reprinted 1785 (3s.). 


Pasquier. Plan topographique et raisonne de Paris, dedie a 
Mgr. le due de Chevreuse, par les Srs. Pasquier et Denis, 
graveurs, 1758, post 8vo. Engraved througliout, and 
containing 12 small, head and tail pieces representing views 
of Paris, designed and engraved by Pasquier (£2 to £3). 

Passe-temps (Le) royal de Versailles ou les Amours secrettes de 
Mad. de Maintenon, . sur de nouveaux memoires, etc. 
Cologne, P. Marteau, 1/06, 12mo., frontispiece ; rare (5s.). 

Passion et Mort de Louis XVI. (La), roi des juifs et des 
Chretiens. A Jerusalem (Paris), 1790, 8vo., a satirical 
plate, not signed {3s.). 

A violent pamphlet. The plate represents the king crucified between 
a prince and a bishop. 

Patas. Sacre et Couronnement de Louis XVI., roi de France 
et de Navarre, a Eheims, le 11 juin 1775 (par I'abbe 
Pichon), precedes de recherches sur le sacre des rois de 
France (par Gobet), enrichis d'un tres grand nombre de- 
figures en taille-douce, gravees par le sieur Patas, avec leurs. 
explications. Paris, chez Vente et chez Patas, 1775, 8vo., 
engraved title, frontispiece, 12 headpieces, 10 large plates 
for the ceremonies, plan of Reims after Arrivet, and 39 
plates within ornamental borders representing figures in the 
costume of the Sacre by Patas after Boquet (10s., and £2 
to £3 on large Dutch paper, 4to.). 

Often the portrait of Louis XVI. by Lemire after Duplessis, and 
sometimes another after Saint-Aubin, is inserted. The Radziwill copy in 
citron morocco with royal arms, 135 frs. ; Ruggieri's copy with Marie 
Antoinette's arms, 1600 frs. ; the Double copy, 7000 frs. 

Paterson (Lieut. W.). Four Journeys into the Country of the- 
Hottentots and CaiFraria, 1777-9. London, J. Johnson ^. - 
1789, 4to., map and coloured plates (30s. to 40s.). 

Patouart fils. La Muse lyrique,.dediee a la Reine. Recueil 
d'avis avec accompagnement de guitare. (Paris, 1775-76), 
8vo., pretty frontispiece by L. Legrand 'after A. Huet (3s.). 

Patte. Monuments erig^s en France a la Gloire de Louis XV. 
precedes d'un tableau du progrfes des arts et des sciences sous 
ce regoe, etc. A Paris, chez I'auteur et chez Desaint et 
Saillant, 1765, fol., fleuron on title, 2 vignettes after Patte, 
and 57 plates (several folding) after Patte, Marvie, 
Constant, Guelin, le Carpentier, Boffrand, Slodtz, and 
Rousset, by Aubri, Baquoy, Gabriel, Loyer, Noel, Lemire, 
and Marvie (10s.). 


Behague's copy in red morocco with royal arms, 140 frs. ; M. Hip. 
Detailleur's copy ui old red morocco, 30 frs. (1895). lu the same year 
another copy in old red morocco, ■with arms of Louis X V., only 35 frs. 

Paulin, ou les Aventures du Comte Walter. A Philadelphie, 
1792, 2 vols., 16mo., 2 pretty plates, not signed (3s.). 
Attributed to Grandin. 

Paulmy (Le Marquis de). Choix de petits Romans de differens 
genres par M. L. M. D. P. Londres et Paris, 1789, 2 vols., 
16mo., 2 plates, not signed (3s.). 

Pausanias, ou Voyage historique de la Grrfece, trad, en francais 
avec des remarques par I'abbe GMoyn. Paris, 1731, 2 
vols., 4to., frontispiece after Humblot by Scotin, and 4 
folding plates after Rigaud and 3 maps (5s.). 
Reprinted 1733, 4 vols., 12mo. (3s.). 

Peck (F.). Academia Tertia Anglicana, or the Antiquarian 
Annals of Stanford in Lincoln, Rutland, and Northampton 
Shires. London, 1727, fol., plates of views (l5s., to 20s., 
and more on large paper). 

Peck (F.). Desiderata Curiosa. London, 1732-35, 2 vols., 
4to., portrait and plates (20s. to 25s., and more on large 

The subsequent edition of 1779 is of about the same value. 

Peignot (Gabriel). Opuscules philosophiques et poetiques de 
Frfere Jer6me, mis au jour par sou cousin Gabriel P. . . . 
Paris, Mercier, an IV., 16mo., frontispiece, not signed (3s.). 

Pelleport (G. Lafitte, marquis de). Le Diable dans un b^nitier 
et la Metamorphose du Gazetier cuirasse en mouche, etc. 
. . . par Pierre Le Roux, ingdnieur des Grands Chemins. 
Paris, de I'imprimerie Royale, s.d., 8vo., 1 plate, not signed 

Pamphlet against Thevenot de Morande. 

Pemberton (E.). Essay for the further Improvement of 
Dancing, being a collection of Figure Dances. J. Walsh, 
1711, 4to., engraved throughout (50s. to 60s.). 

Pembroke (Henry, Earl of). Method of Breaking Horses, and 
teaching Soldiers to Ride. London, 1761, 12mo., 3 plates 
(20s. to 30s., and double in contemporary morocco). 
Subsequent editions 1778 and 1793, both sm. 4to. 

Pensees sur les Femmes et le Mariage, dediees aux hommes par 


un vieux militaire. A Kehl, 1782, 3 vols., 12mo., curious 
frontispiece, not signed (3s.). 

Perau (Ahhe). Description historique de I'hotel royal des 
Invalides, avec les plans, coupes, etc. Paris, Desprez, 1756, 
foL, frontispiece after Cazes by Cochin, fleuron after Cochin, 
2 vignettes after Ulin by Cochin, 2 ornamented capitals, 
one by Cochin, the other by Pasquier, 108 large plates by 
Cochin (20s., and more in morocco). 

Percier (C.) et P. L. F. Fontaine. Palais, Maisons et autres 
edifices modernes, dessines a Rome. A Paris, chez les 
auteurs, an VI., fol., 100 plates (20s.). 

Reprinted about 1802 (10s., and coloured, M to £5). 

Percy (Th.). Eeliques of Ancient English Poetry, consisting of 
old Heroic Ballads, Songs, and other pieces of our earlier 
Poets (chiefly of the lyric kind), together with some few of 
later date. London, 1765, 3 vols., post 8vo., first edition, 
portrait and vignettes (12s. to 15s.). 

Pfere avare (Le). Paris, 1770, 3 vols., 12mo., frontispiece after 
Eisen by Le Mire (3s.). 

Perelle (Adam). Vues des plus beaux bastimens de France. A 
Paris, chez J. Mariette, s.d. (circa 1700), oblong 4to., 7 
titles and 324 plates (£8 to £10). 

Perelle (Adam). Les Delices de Paris et de ses environs, ou 
Recueil de Vues perspectives . . . de Paris et des maisons 
de plaisance . . . aux environs . . . Paris, Jombert, 1753. 
fol., 210 plates (Jombert, as proprietor of the copper-plates, 
had them retouched) by Marot, Perelle, Silvestre, etc. (£7 
to £8). 

Pernetti (Abbe). Lettres philosophiques sur les physionomies, 
2° edition. La Haye, Jean Heaulme, 1746, 12mo., 1 plate, 
signed Schley (3s.). 

Reprinted 1762 and 1768, 2 parts, 12mo., with 2 frontispieces (both 
. alike) and engraved titles (38.). 

Perrault (Charles). Histoire ou Contes du Temps passe. Avec 
des Moralites. A Paris, chez la veuve Barbin, 1707, 12mo., 
frontispiece and half-page vignette heading each Tale by 
Clouzier (reproduced from the original edition of 1697 (15s. 
to 20s.). 

Comte de Lignerolles' copy in red morocco by Trautz, 200 frs. (1894). 
This edition came out under the segis of the author's son. 


Peirault (Charles). Histoires ou Contes du Temps passe, avec 
des Moralit^s. Nouvelle edition, augment^e d'une, nouvelle 
a la fin (L'Adroite Princesse, par Mile. L'Heritier de 
Villandon). La Haye et Paris, Coustelier, 1742, 16mo., 
frontispiece and 8 pretty vignettes after de Sfeve by Fokke 

These pretty headpieces are here first impressions. The Radziwill 
copy, 100 frs. ; Leboeuf de Montgermont's copy ia red morocco by Cape, 
380 frs. ; Behague's copy in green morocco by Trautz, 240 frs. ; Comte 
de Lignerolles' copy with large margins, containing frontispiece and 9 
vignettes bound in red morocco double with citron morocco by Trautz- 
Bauzonnet, 381 frs. (1894); another copy in the same sale in citron 
morocco by Trautz-Bauzonnet, 77 frs. 

Perrault. Contes de ma Mhve I'Oye (Mother Goose's Tales). La 
Haye, Jean Neaulme, 1745, post 8vo., frontispiece and 8 
vignettes (the same as above) (105.). 

Text English and French. 

Perrault. Histoire ou Contes du Temps passe, avec des 
moralites. Nouvelle edition, augmentee d'une nouvelle et 
d'une fable. La Haye et Lifege, chez Bassompierre, 1777,, 
8vo., title within border, and 7 half-page vignettes (15s.). 
Excepting the last vignette, they are all reproductions of Fokke. 

Perrault. Contes des Fees. Paris, Lamy, 1781. Griselidis, 
Peau d'Ane et les Souhaits ridicules (en vers, et Peau d'Ane 
en prose). Paris, Lamy, 1781, 2 parts in 1 vol., 12mo., 
frontispiece and 12 vignettes by De Sfeve (8) and Mar- 
tinet (4). " Edition definitive " (£3, and on Dutch or large 
paper a fancy price). 

Rare, but large vellum paper copies are rarissime. The title sometimes 
bears the address of Fournier. Lamy, the editor, had the copper-plates 
engraved by Fokke after de S^ve for the 1742 edition .retouched, and 
2 new vignettes executed by Martinet for "Griselidis" and "Peau 
d'Ane," which are repeated in the "Souhaits ridicules" and "Peau 
d'Ane " en vers. Some choice copies have the vignettes in blue, red, and 
black. The De Bure copy on Dutch paper was sold in the Solar sale for 
660 frs., resold in Comte de Lignerolles' sale for 4950 frs.(1894) ; another 
copy in the same sale in red morocco by Trautz, with an extra portrait 
inserted, 2-50 frs. One copy exists on vellum. A copy morocco double 
by Chambolle-Duru, 109 frs. (1895) ; Baron Pichon's copy in red morocco 
by Derome, 1120 frs.; Bninet's copy in red morocco by Derome, with 
the vignettes in red and black, 2600 frs. ; Lebceuf de Montgermont's 
copy (formerly La Bedoyere's) in morocco by Derome, 2700 frs. ; 
Behague's copy in red morocco, with large dentelle by Trautz, 4200 frs. ; 
Mme. G. Delessert's copy on Dutch paper without the frontispiece (from 
Nochier's library) in morocco by Derome, 1020 frs. (1895). 


I'errault. Histoire du Temps passe, ou les Contes de ma mere 
rOye avec des moralites . . . orn^ de figures en taille-do.uce. 
Londres, et se trouve a Bruxelles, Le Francq, 1785, 2 vols., 
16mo. (text English and French), frontispiece and 9 plates, 
not signed (10s.). 

Perrault. Contes des Fees, contenant le Chaperon rouge, les 
Fdes, Barbe-Bleue, la Belle au bois-dormant, le Chat botte, 
Cendrillon, Eiquet a la Houppe, le Petit Poucet, I'Adroite 
Princesse, Griselidis, Peau d'Ane, les Souhaits ridicules. 
De I'imprimerie de Didot jeune, a Paris, chez H. Tardieu, 
au IX., 12mo., 12 plates after Canu (5 s.). 

Perrault. Tales of Passed Times by Mother Goose, with 
Morals, written in French by M. Perrault, and Englished by 
E. S. Gent, to which is added the Discreet Princess, the 6th 
edition (French and English). London, J. Melvil, 1764, 
12mo., plates (£3, and double on large paper). 

Perreau. Scenes champStres et autres ouvrages du meme genre, 
par M. P * * * . A Londres et a Paris, chez Desanges, 
1785, 16mo., engraved title, not signed (3s.). 

Perret (J. J.). La Pagonotomie, ou I'Art d'ap prendre a se raser 
soi-m6me, avec la manifere de connaitre toutes sortes de 
pierres propres a affiler tous les ou tiles, et les moyens de 
preparer les cuirs pour repasser les rasoirs, etc., 1769, 
12mo., frontispiece, not signed (3s.). 

Perrin. Wertherie . . . troisieme edition, etc., de gravureb. 
Paris, Louis, an II., 2 vols., 16mo., 4 plates by Frussotte 

Persius. Satires de Perse, traduction nouvelle, avec le text latin 
a cote, et des notes, par M. I'abbe Lemonnier. Paris, 
Jombert et Cellot, 1771, 8vo., frontispiece after Cochin by 
Eousseau (3s., and on Dutch paper 12s.). 

Persius and Juvenal. Auli Flacci Persii D. Juvenalis et Sulpicii 
Satyrarum, nova editio diligenter recognita. Paris, Barbou, 
1776, 12mo., 2 fine frontispieces by Cl.-Duflos (3s.). 

Persius. Auli Persii Flacci Satyrse. Bernse, 1765, 8 vo., frontis- 
piece after Grimm by Holzhalb and vignettes, signed by 
the same (3s.). 

Pertuisier (Ch.). Mes premieres Etourderies, ou Quelques 
Chapitres de ma vie en attendant mieux. Paris, Marchand, 


an VIII. , 3 vols., 16mo., 3 plates after Binet by Bovinet 

Pesselier. Fables Nouvelles, par M. P * * * . Paris, Prault, 
1748, post 8vo., frontispiece, fleuron on title, and 1 vignette 
after Eisen by Lebas (3s.). 

Reprinted 1758, 12mo. 

Pestalozzi. Leonard et Gertrude, ou les Moeurs villageoises 
telles qu'on les retrouve a la Cour, traduit de I'allemand (par 
Pajon de Moneets). Berlin, Decker, 1783, 8vo., 12 pretty 
plates by Chodowiecki (10s.). 

Peter the Great. Verzameling van intgekorene Zin spreuken 
en Zinnebeeldige Printvercieringen, eertijds op bevel van 
Peter Alexis of de Groote, en nu op nieus verrykt door 
Hermannus Van der Burg. Te Haarlem, Johannes Mar- 
shoorn, 1743, 4to., frontispiece and 839 emblems (30s.). 

Great part of the first edition, now of the utmost rarity, was lost in a 
shipwreck. This, the second edition, is also rare, but less interesting, 
the legends not being in Russian. 

Petit Conteur (Le) amusant et chantant, etrennes d'un nouveau 
genre. Paris, chez Janet, an X., 16mo., frontispiece and 11 
pretty plates (8s.). 

Petitot (E. A.). Livres des Vases tire du Cabinet de M. Du 
Tillot . . . et grave a I'eau-forte d'aprfes les dessins originaux 
de M. En. Alex. Petitot . . . par Benigno Bossi. Parme, 
B. Bossi, s.d. (1764), sm. fol., engraved title, frontispiece 
and 31 etchings (25s. to 30s.). 

Petit-Eadel. Les Amours de Zoroas et de Pancharis, poeme 

critique et didactique ou veillees d'un homme de loisir sur 

le culte de Cytheree, ouvrage traduit du latin, etc., par un 

amateur de I'antiquite. Paris, Patris, an X. (1802), 3 vols., 

8vo., plates by Mariage (10s.). 

The original : De Amoribus Pancharitis et Zoroffi, poema eroticon 
idalio stylo exaratum, seu Umbratica Lucubratio de Cultu Veneris mileto 
ohm peracto ut amathuntei mysta sacelli subduxit et vulgavit Athenis. 
Parisiis, apud Molini, via dicta Mignon, anno Republicae Gallicse vi. 
(1798), with frontispiece, of which the author possesses a copy printed 
on vellum. 

Petits Riens lyriques (Les). A Paris, chez Mile. Monnet, a 
la Lyre-d'Or, grande place de I'hotel de Soissons, s.d., frontis- 
piece by Monnet (3s.). 

Petit Tableau de la France . . . Paris, 1764, 16mo., engraved 
title printed in colours and maps (5s.). 


Petit Tresor des Artistes ou des Amateurs des Arts (Le), ou le 
Guide sur et infaillible des peintres, sculpteurs, dessinateurs, 
et architectes . . . Paris, Huet, an VIIL, 3 vols., 8vo., about 
400 engravings (10s.). 

Petity (Abbe de). Bibliothfeque des Artistes et des Amateurs, 
ou Tablettes analytiques et m^thodiques sur les sciences et 
les beaux-arts, de'diee an Roi, etc., par I'abbe de Petity, 
predicateur de la Reine. Paris, Simon, 1766, 3 vols., 4to., 
frontispiece and 11 plates after Gravelot by Duclos and 
Rousseau, 7 technical plates after Laurent, 8 plates of 
architecture after PauUeau, 18 plates of type after Deshautea- 
rayes by Laurent, 13 plates of text, together 58 plates, and 
vignette with escutcheon to vol. 1 (10s.). 

The orthography is ridiculous, without any redeeming feature. 
Gravelot's plates exist before letters. 

Petity (Abbe de). Etrennes frangoises, dediees a la Ville de 
Paris pour I'annee jubilaire du rfegne de Louis le Bien-Aime 
. . . par I'abbe de P . . . Paris, Pierre-Guillaume Simon, 
1766, sm. 4to., engraved title, 5 plates after Saint-Aubin, 
and 1 allegorical plate after Gravelot by Chenu Duclos and 
Littre, besides the coat-of-arms of the Provost and Sheriff 
of Paris, to whom the book is dedicated, engraved on 2 
leaves, and a plan of Paris (50s. to 60s.). 

A second issue, "Paris, Desnos," has the almanack for 1768; a third 
issue contains the Petity plates designed by Lelu and engraved by Chenu. 
B^hague's copy in red morocco with royal arms, 400 f rs. ; M. Hip. 
Destailleur's copy in old morocco, with the arms of Prance and of Paris, 
121 frs. (1895). 

Petity (Abbe de). La Sagesse de Louis XVI. manifestee de 
jour en jour, enseignee a ses peuples, etc. A Paris, chez 
Gueffier, 1775, 2 vols., 8vo., frontispiece and 4 plates after 
Gravelot (10s.). 

Petronius. Satire de Petrone, trad, par Boisprdaux. La Haye, 
chez Jean Neaulme, 1742, 2 vols., 12mo., fine frontispiece, 
not signed, and pretty fleurons on titles (both alike) (3s.). 
The London edition, with 2 fleurons on titles, of the same value. 

Petronius. Petrone, latin et frangais, traduction entifere suivant 
le manuscrit trouve a Belgrade en, 1688, nouvelle Edition. 
Paris, chez Gide, an VII. (1799), 2 vols., 8vo., 4 plates after 
Bovalet by Goulet (5s.). 

Peyrotte. Divers Ornements dedi^.s a M. Tavenot, architecte 
du Roi, par son T. H. S. P. . . . Paris, Huquier, s.d. (circa 

412 FEZ AY 

1750), foL, 2 series of 6 pieces each engraved by Huquier 
(£5 to £6). 

Pezay (Le Marquis de). Zelis au bain, poeme en quatre chants. 
A Genfeve (Paris), 8vo., title after Eisen by Lemife, dated 
1763, 4 plates, 4 vignettes, and 4 tailpieces after Eisen by 
Aliamet, De Lafosse, Lemire, and de Longueil (15s., and 
more than double on large paper). 

The vignettes and tailpieces exist in artists' proofs without text. 
Behague's copy in green morocco by Hardy, 200 frs. 

Pezay (Le Marquis de). Le Pot-Pourri, epitre a qui on voudra, 
suivie d'une autre Epitre par I'auteur de Zelis au bain. 
Genfeve et Paris, Sebastien Jorry, 1764, 8vo., 2 plates, 2 
vignettes and 2 tailpieces after Eisen by Lemire, Aliamet, 
and de Longueil (6s., and more on large paper). 

The vignettes and tailpieces exist in artists' proofs without text. A 
second edition has only 36 pages, while there are 53 in the first. Dorat 
is said to be the author of the above, to which Pezay retorted by 
"L'Heureux Jour epitre h mon ami." Both have appeared in the 
" Melanges de Dorat " with running pagination, 1 to 34 for the first, 
and 35 to 53 for the other. 

Pezay (Le Marquis de). Lettre d'Alcibiade a Glicfere, bouque- 
tiere d'Athfenes, suivie d'une Lettre de Vdnus a Paris et 
d'une Epitre a la Maitresse que j'aurai. Genfeve et Paris, 
Sebastien Jorry, 1764, 8vo., 1 plate, 3 vignettes, and 2 tail- 
pieces after Eisen by Aliamet, de Longueil, and Lemire (3s., 
and more on large paper). 

This letter is also attributed to Dorat. 

Pezay (Le Marquis de). L'Heureux Jour, epitre a mon ami. 
Paris, y Duchesne, 1768, 8vo., title, vignette and tailpiece 
after Eisen by de Ghendt, and 1 plate by Massard (5s., and 
more on large paper). 

Pezay (Le Marquis de). La Nouvelle Zelis au bain, polme en 
six chants. Genfeve et Paris, Merlin, 1768, 8vo., engraved 
title, 6 plates, 6 vignettes, and 6 tailpieces (10s., and more 
than double on large paper). 

The first and last plates alone are new and signed by Eisen, the others 
having been copied from the first Zelis. 

Pezay (Le Marquis de). Les Tableaux, suivis de I'Histoire de 
Mile, de Syane et du Comte de Marcy. Amsterdam et 
Paris, Delalain, 1771, 8vo., engraved title and tailpiece 
after Eisen by de Ghendt (3s.). 


Philippe. Le Spectacle de I'Histoire romaine depuis la fonda- 
tion de Rome jusqu'a la prise de Constantinople. A Paris, 
chez la veuve Tilliard, 1776, 4to., map and 40 plates, of 
whicli 9 after Gravelot, 3 after Eisen, 3 after Bolomey, and 
25 after G. de St. Aubin, by Aveline, Chenu, Courtois, 
Legrand, Lorraine, Pelletier, A. de Saint-Aubin, and 
Tardieu (10s.). 

Philips (Theresa Constantia). An Apology for the Conduct of 
Mrs. T. C. Philips. London, 1748-9, 3 vols., 12mo., 
mezzotint portrait (12s., to 15s.). 

Vol. 1 came out in numbers, each bearing her signature, but the 
general title has neither date, nor place, nor printer's name. 

Philosophie d'une femme. S.I., 1787, post 8vo., female's head 
on title designed and engraved by Diinker (3s.). 

Phoedri Aug. Liberti Fabularum libri V., notis illustravit in 
usum serenissimi principis Nassavii, David Hoogstratanus. 
Amsterdam, Halma, 1701, 4to., frontispiece after Goerde by 
Bputats, fleuron on title, not signed, portrait of Jean- 
Guillaume, prince of Nassau, after Vaillant, by Van Gunst, 
6 vignettes, 31 tailpieces, 9 ornamental letters, and 18 
plates designed and engraved by Van Vianen (lOs., and 
more on large paper). 

The Radziwill large-paper copy in blue morocco, 115 frs. 

Phoedri. Fabulse et Publii Syri Sententise. Parisiis. ex typ. regia, 
1729, 64mo., pretty little frontispiece by Ph. Simonneau 

Phoedri Aug. Liberti Fabulse iEsopicse. Paris, Coustelier, 
1742, 12mo., charming vignette on both titles alike after 
Pierre by Fessard, and pretty frontispiece after Coypel by 
Fessard (3s.). 

Phoedri August! Liberti Fabulse, etc. Paris, Barbou, 1754, 
12mo., frontispiece, 7 vignettes, and 5 tailpieces after Durand 
by Fessard and Sornique (3s.). 
The 1783 edition has only a frontispiece. 

Phoedrus. Phfedre. Fables. Paris (or Rouen), 1758, frontis- 
piece after Descamps by Le Mire (3s.). 

Phoedrus. Fables de Phedre en vers frangais. Berne, 1792, 
12mo., frontispiece and vignette designed and engraved by 
Dunker (3s.). 


Phoedrus. Fables de Phfedre, afFranclii d'Auguste, traduites en 
Frangais, avec le texte a cote, et ornees de gravures. Paris, 
Didot I'aine, 1706 (1806), 2 vols., 16mo., vellum paper, 
portrait of Mme. Fanny de Beauharnais (to whom the 
edition is dedicated) after Leffevre by Moithey, engraved 
title, frontispiece, and 109 plates in the style of La 
Fontaine's Fables after Simon and Coiny by Moithey (10s., 
and more than treble with unlettered proofs and the 
etchings. Some copies have the text printed on vellum). 

Phcedri Fabularum libri V. Accesserunt parallelse Joannis de 
la Fontaine Fabulse. Parisiis, typis Barbou, 1788, 8vo., 
frontispiece, not signed (3s.). 

Physique sacre'e, ou, Histoire naturelle'de la Bible. Amsterdam, 
1732, 6 vols., fol. About 750 plates within borders (405. 
to 50s.). 

Physiocratie, ou Constitution naturelle du gouvernement le 
plus avantageux au genre humain, recueil public par 
Dupont. Leyde et Paris, Merlin, 1768, 8vo., 1 plate after 
Jeaurat by Ozanne, and a woodcut vignette signed Beugnet 
inven. on title. 

Picart (B.). Ceremonies et Coutumes religieuses de tous les 
peuples du monde, representees par des figures dessinees par 
Bernard Picart avec des explications historiques, etc. 
Amsterdam, 1723-43, 8 vols, in 9, fol. Superstitions 
anciennes et modernes et prejuges vulgaires qui ont induit 
les peuples a des usages contraires a la religion. Amster- 
dam, J. F. Bernard, 1733-36, 2 vols., fol, 266 plates. 
Copies in old morocco or on large paper command prices 
varying between £6 and £25 ; ordinary paper in calf being 
of nominal value and very little appreciated, about £3. 

The first volumes were reissued in 1735 and 1739, and the whole 
work was reprinted in 7 vols, in 1741. 

Picart (B.). The Eeligious Ceremonies and Customs of the 
several Nations of the known World. London, 1733-9, 7 
vols., fol., 223 plates (40s. to 50s., and more on large 

Picart (B.). (Euvre, 4 vols., fol., comprising plates engraved 
by or after Picard, among which we point out those with 
different titles and dates, viz. : Figures de la Bible, Amster- 
dam, chez B. Picart, marchand d'estampes, a I'Etoile, 1720, 
fol., 70 plates (including that of the " Commaudements de 


Dieu"), 31 large Hstoriated tailpieces, and 98 ornamented 
letters ; Bibliotheca marckiana frontispiece, 8vo. ; (Euvres 
de Jules Cfear, 1713, Svo. ; (Euvres d'Horace, 1708, 8vo. ; 
(Euvres d'Homfere, 1710, frontispiece and 24 plates, 12mo. ; 
Satyre Menippee, frontispiece, Svo. ; Portraits des principaux 
personnages qui ont assiste au concile tenu a Constance en 
1414, 4to., 1712, 20 plates ; Histoire de Meleagre (Tapis- 
series de S. A. R. le due d'Orl^ans repr^sentant 1') gravees 
d'aprfes Charles Lebrun par Picart, 1714, 7- plates in folio 
(tlie first proofs are before the " adresse " of Buldet) ; Atlas 
historique, 1721, folio, frontispiece; Systfeme de Law 
(plates on the) ; Dessus de tabatiferes, numerous ovals and 
squares ; Diverses modes dessin^es d'aprfes nature, Amster- 
dam, 1718, title and 65 plates, 12mo. ; Commies de 
Terence (Les), 46 outline plates 12mo. ; Epithalams, 1723, 
13 plates; Figures pour le Lutrin de Boileau Despr^aux, 
allegorical frontispiece with medal portrait dated 1727, 
engraved title and 6 plates within ornamental borders 
dated 1728, folio ; (EuVers diverses de B. de Fontenelle, 
frontispiece with medal portrait, 5 large folio plates dated 
1727, and numerous vignettes and tailpieces ; Biblia Sacra, 
etc. Utrecht, C. G. Lefebvre, 1732, fol., frontispiece and 
plates ; Mdmoires de Fr^d^ric-Henri,' prince d' Orange, 
Amsterdam, P. Humbert, 1733, 4to., engraved frontispiece, 
and 9 half-page engravings and plans, etc. 

This copy is in the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris. The " Diverses 
Modes," etc., was reprinted: " Paris, Chereau, s.d." (15«.). 

Picart (B.). Recueil de Lions dessin^s d'apr^s nature par 
divers maitres et graves par B. Picart, divise en six livres. 
Amsterdam, 1729, oblong fol., frontispiece and 42 plates, 
after Diirer, Eembrandt, Le Brun, and B. Picart (205. to 30s.). 

Picart (B.). Impostures Innocentes ou Recueil d'Estampes 
d'aprfes divers peintres illustres, etc., par Bernard Picart, 
dessinateur et graveur, avec son ^loge historique et le 
catalogue de ses ceuvres. Amsterdam, chez la veuve de B. 
Picart, 1734, fol., fleuron on the title, portrait of the artist 
by J. van der Schley after Des Angles, and 73 plates con- 
taining 80 subjects after Raphael, Rembrandt, Parmesan, 
etc. (30s. to 40s.). 

Picart (B.). Premier des Magnifiques Carosses de Monseigneur 
le due d'Ossuna Ambassadeur extraordinaire et premier 
plenipotentiaire de Sa Majesty Catholique Phillipe V. pour 


la Paix faits pour I'entree publique de son excellence a 
Utrecht, 1713. Se vendent chez B. Picart, sur le Cingel 
vis-a-vis le Marche aux pommes, a I'Etoile a Amsterdam, 
1714, folio, engraved title and 6 plates (£3 to £4). 

Picart (B.). A New Drawing Book of Six Academy Figures 
drawn after Nature by the Celebrated B*- Picart, engraved 
by F. Morellon La Cave. Sold by T. Major, engraver to 
his Majesty, and to his R.H. the Prince of Wales, in St. 
Martin's Lane, London. Livre de Desseins d'Academie, 
dessine d'apres Nature par le celfebre B*- Picart et grave 
par F. Morellon La Cave a Londres, 1757, 4to., engraved 
title and 6 plates (15s. to 20s.). 

Picturse Etruscorum in vasculis nunc primum in unum collectse, 
cum explicationibus, et dissertationibus illustratse a Joseph. 
Baptista Passerio Nob. Pisaur. Romse, Typographice 
Johannis Zempel, 1767, 3 vols., fo]., frontispiece to each 
volume after Carlone and H. Burns, 1 fleuron to each title, 
and 300 plates after the same (most of the copies are 
coloured) (£2 to £3). 

Pierre IIL (Le faux) ou la Vie et les Aventures du rebelle 

Jemeljan (Emiliane). Pugatschew, d'aprfes I'original russe 

, de Mr. F. S. G. W. D. B., avec le portrait de I'imposfceur et 

des notes historiques et politiques. Londres, chez Seyflfert, 

1775, 8vo., portrait, not signed ; rare (10s. to 12s.). 

Piganiol de la Force (Jean-Aymar). Nouvelle Description de 
la France dans laquelle on voit le gouvernement general de 
ce royaume et celui de chaque |)rovince . . . Avec des 
figures en taille-douce . . . Paris, Th. Legras, 1722, 7 vols., 
12mo., frontispiece, maps, and plates (25s. to 30s.). 

Piganiol de la Force (Jean-Aymar). Nouvelle Description des 
Chateaux et Pares de Versailles et de Marly, contenant une 
explication de toutes les peintures, tableaux, statues, vases, 
ornements, etc. Enrichie de plusieurs figures en taille- 
douce. Paris, Delaulne, 1730, 2 vols., post 8vo., numerous 
plates by Scotin (45.). 

Piganiol de la Force (Jean-Aymar). Description de Paris, de 
Versailles, Marly, Meudon, Saint-Cloud, Fontainbleau. 
Paris, 1742, 8 vols., 12mo., maps and plates (20s. to 25s.). 

Eeprinted 1765 and 1770, 10 vols., 12ino. (15s. to 20s.). 


Pigault-Lebrun. L'Enfant du Carnaval, histoire remarkable et 
surtout veritable, etc., S"'^ edition conforme a la premifere 
in 8. Paris, Andre, an VII. (1799), 4 vols., 12mo., 4 plates, 
not signed (4s.). 
First edition 1792. 

Piis (De). Contes Nouveaux en vers et Poesies fugitives par 
M . . . Londres, s.d., ou Eome (Paris), 1779, 2 vols., 
12mo., 2 charming frontispieces, not signed (8s. to 10s.). 

The real title of the book is " Les Augustins," which is to be found on 
the first page. Reprinted without date. 

Piis (De). Opuscules divers. Paris, Defer de Maisonneuve, 
1791, 12mo., very fine portrait by C. S. Gaucher after H. 
J. Francois (3s.). 

Piis (De). Contes Nouveaux en vers et Poesies fugitives . . . 
Genfeve (Cazin), 1781, 8vo., avec justification, 16mo., Dutch 
paper, frontispiece, and 1 plate, not signed (5s.). 
The ordinary issue is 16mo., without plates. 

Piis (De). Chansons Nouvelles . . . Paris, imprimerie de Ph. 
D. Pierres, 1785, Ifimo., frontispiece with dedication after 
Chofi'ard, 12 pretty vignettes after Le Barbier by Gaucher, 
and 21 pages of engraved music (£5, and double before the 

Em. Martin's copy in old red morocco, 250 frs. ; Behague's copy in 
such a binding, 985 frs. ;, Perreau's copy, uncut, 675 frs. M. Roederer 
possesses Le Barbier's original drawings of the frontispieces in ink and 
in sepia. Several of the engravings havfe served to illustrate the " Bijoux 
des Neuf-Soeurs." 

Piis (De). L'Harmonie imitative. Paris, Ph. Pierres, 1785 or 
1788,. 12mo., very fine portrait of the author by Gaucher 
after Frangois (3 s.). 

Piles (De). (Euvres diverses . . . Amsterdam et Paris, 
Jombert, 1767, 5 vols., 12mo., frontispiece by Simoneau 
, after Coypel (3 s.). 

Piles (De). Abrege de la Vie des Peintres avec des reflexions 
sur leurs Ouvrages. Amsterdam et Leipzig et se vend a , 
Paris, 1767, post 8vo., frontispiece after Coypel by 
Simoneau (3 s.). 

Pilkington (M.). Mirror for the Female Sex : Historical 
Beauties for Young Ladies. London, 1799, 12mo., cuts by 
Bewick (5s.). 

2 E 


Pillement (Jean, peintre clu Roy de Pologne et dessinateur 
celebre). (Euvre de . . . contenant Cent vingt Pieces qui 
representent divers Sujets champetres, etc., agreables, 
Paysages, Marines, Sujets, et Ornemens Chinois, Fleurs 
et Animaux, lesquelles ont ete gravees en Angle terre et 
en France par WooUett, Elliott, Canot, Mason et autres. 
Se vend a Paris, chez Basan et Paignant, marchands 
d'Estampes, Rue et Hotel Serpente, s.d. (1757-73), imp. 

This, the general title, printed within an ornamental border, is followed 
by 6 plates containing 2 flowers each. The divers series with separate 
"titles are as follows: (1) Livre contenant huit petits Bouquets de Fleurs 
■d'apres differens Maitres. A Paris, chez Leviez, Rue St. Andre des 
Arts vis-a^vis I'Hotel de Chateau- Vieux, 1770, 14 plates mounted on 4 
leaves ; (2) Cahier de Six Baraques Chinoises . . . Se vendent chez Le 
Pere et Avaulez a Paris, 6 plates on 2 leaves; (3) Fleurs Baraques, 
etc., 6 plates on 2 leaves ; (4) Recueil de differents Bouquets de Fleurs, 
title and 6 plates on 3 leaves ; (5) Fleurs Persannes, engraved title and 
5 plates on 3 leaves ; (6) Recueil de differentes Fleurs de Fantaisie dans 
le goiit chinois, propres aux Manufactures d'etoffes de sole et d'indienne. 
A Paris, chez Crepy, engraved title and 7 plates ; (7) Suite de Douze 
Pecheurs et Chasseurs. A Paris, chez Basan, engraved title and 11 
plates on 6 lea,ves ; (8) Cahier de Cartels Chinois . . . Paris, chez 
Dalmonrue Fromenteau en face du Louvre, 6 plates (including title) 
■on 3 leaves ; (9) Cahier de Parasols Chinois. A Paris, chez Dalmonrue 
Fromenteau, 6 plates on 3 leaves ; (10) Suite de Jeu Chinois, 6 plates 
•on 3 leaves ; (11) Cahier de Balan^oires Chinoises. A Paris, 6 plates on 
3 leaves; (12) Cahier de Fleurs singulieres, 6 plates, including title, on 
3 leaves; (13) Amusemens Chinois, 11 plates; (14) Recueil de Vues de 
Rochers de mer. London, 1758, 8 plates, including title, on 2 leaves ; 
(15) Recueil de differentes Conversations champetres. A Paris, chez 
J. F. Chereau, 50 views, including title (20 on 10 leaves, and some 
folding plates), £12 to £15. The Chinese subjects are most tastefully 
adapted to the style of Louis XVI. period. 

Pillement (Jean). (Euvre de Jean Pillement, peintre de Heurs 
et graveur. Paris et Londres, 1755-75, 2 vols., fol., 335 
plates published in series of from 6 to 24 pieces, engraved 
in plain and in colours by Pillement, Canot, Gautier-Dagoty, 
Avril, Demonchy, etc. (£20' to £25). 

Pillement (Jean). Cahier de six Noeuds de Rubans. Ornee 
de fleurs et gravee en manifere de deux crayons (par L. 
Dagoty) inventee et dessinee par Jean P.' ... A Paris, 
chez Le Pere et Avaulez, s.d., 4to. (lOs., and double in red). 

Pindar. Les Graces, ode traduite par I'abbe Massieu. Paris, 
1774, 8vo., 2 plates after Eisen by Essob (Bosse) (5s.). 

Pindar. Nouvelle traduction de quelques Odes de Pindare, 


etc., par M. Vauvilliers, 2^ edition. Paris, Laporte, 1776, 
8vo.', frontispiece after Eisen by Massard (3s.). 

Pine (J.). The Procession and Ceremonies observed at the 
Installation of the Knights of the Bath, June, 1725, with 
the arnas, etc. London, 1730, foL, 20 plates said to 
represent portraits ; some copies have an additional plate : 
" The arms of the four Knights Companions of the Bath," 
text English and French (105. to 15s., and more on large 

Pine (J.). The Tapestry Hangings of the House of Lords, 
representing the several engagements between the English 
and Spanish Fleets in 1588. . . . London, 1739, Atlas fol., 
engraved title and map, 10 plates of tapestry surrounded 
with medallic portraits in tints, and 10 charts on 5 plates 

Reprinted 1753, about the same value. Edited by Rev. P. Morant. 

Piossens (Ch. de). Memoires de la Regence de S. A. R. Mgr. le 
due d'Orleans durant la Minorite de Louis XV. ... A La 
Haye, 1729, 3 vols., 12mo., portrait and plates (5s.). 

Comte de LigneroUes' copy, in a genuine Derome binding, 1-56 frs. 

Piranesi. Opera, 1748-1791, 22 vols.. Atlas fol. (generally 
bound in 17), of which the following are the titles : Alcune 
Vedute di Archi Triomphali ed altri monumenti dei Romani. 
Roma, 1748, 32 plates ; Opere varie di Architettura, 
Prospettive, Groteschi, Antichita, inventate ed incise da 
G. B. Piranesi. Roma, 1750, 29 plates ; Trophei di 
Ottaviano Augusto con varii altri ornamenti antichi. Roma, 
1753, 10 plates; Antichita Romane, Roma, 1756, 4 vols., 
frontispieces, 220 plates, and portrait of G. B. Piranesi ; 
Rovine del castello dell' acqua Guilia. Roma, 1761, 19 
plates; Antichita di Cora. Roma, 1762, 11 plates ;' Lapides 
capitolini sive Fasti consulares triumpalesque Romanorum. 
Roma, 1762, 3 plates ; Romanorum Magnificentia et 
Architettura. Roma, 1761-65, 50 plates, including Pope 
Clement XIIL's portrait ; II Campo Mazzio dell' antica 
Roma. Roma, 1762, 48 or 51 plates; Antichita d'Albano 
e di Castel Gandolfo e dell' emissario del lago Albano. 
Roma, 1754, 51 plates; Diverse maniere d'adornare i camini 
ed ogni altra parte degli Edifizi, desunte dall' architettura 
Egizia, etrusca, greca e romana. Roma, 1769, 70 plates ; 
Vasi, Candelabri, Cippi, Sarcofagi, Tripodi, Lucerne, ed 

420 PIEON 

ornamenti antichi. Eoma, 1778-91, 2 vols., 106 plates 
(including tlie supplementary ones) ; Vedute di Eoma. 
Roma, circa 1779, 2 vols., 136 plates; Raccolta de Tempi 
antichi di Vesta, della Sibilla, dell' Onore e della Virtu. 
Roma, 1785, 23 plates; Colonna di Traiano, 21 plates; 
Colonna dell' Apoteosi di Antonino Pio, 5 plates ; Colonna 
Antonina, 5 plates; Carceri, 16 plates; Various Views 
of three large Edifices of Pestum, frontispiece and 20 
architectural plates (£25 to £30). 

Collections of 26 vols, are sometimes met with comprising the 
supplementary series to the Statues antiques des Musees de Prance et 
d'ltalie, 41 plates ; Statues antiques, Bustes, Yases, etc., 220 plates ; 
Theatre d'Herculanum, 9 plates ; Recueil de dessins graves d'apres 
Guerchin, Choix de tableaux de I'Ecole italienne, 64 plates ; Salle, 
Borgia au Vatican d'apres Raphael et Villa Lante d'apres J: Romain, 
28 plates ; Cabinet de Jules II., la Parnesine, etc., 21 plates ; Peinture 
de Michel Ange et de Vasari, 13 plates; Antiquites de Pompeia, 
Herculanum, Stabia, 13 plates; Vues di verses de Balbeck, d'Egypte, de 
la Grande Grece, de Palmyre, de Constantinople, etc., 200 plates. The 
Antichita Romane, with the name of milord Charlemont on the frontis- 
piece, to whom the work was originally dedicated, indicate the first 
issue ; it was for various reasons removed in the second issue. 

Piron. Les Deux Tonneaux, poeme allegorique. Paris, Cous- 
telier, 1744, 12mo., frontispiece after Boucher by Duflos 

Piron. Le Batiment de Saint-Sulpice, ode. Paris, Coustelier, 
1744, •12mo., frontispiece after Boucher by Duflos (3s.). 
Boucher's original drawing is in M. Rodrigues' collection. 

Piron. Le Temple de Memoire, ode. Paris, 1744, 8vo., 
frontispiece, after Cochin fils by Cochin pere (3s.). 

Piron. La Louisiade, poeme hero'ique sur la campagne du Roi 
en Flandres. Paris, Prault, 1745, 4to., 1 vignette designed 
and engraved by Cochin. fils, rare (lOs.). 

Piron. (Buvres d' Alexis Piron (Theatre), avec figures en taille- 
douce, d'aprfes les desseins {sic) de M. Cochin. Paris, 
Duchesne, 1758, 3 vols., 12mo., frontispiece and 6 plates 
after Cochin by Flipart (2) and Sornique (5) (5s., and 
treble and more with unlettered proofs). 

Reprinted 1765, in 2 vols., 12mo., with the same illustrations. Comte 
de LigneroUes' copy in morocco, with arms of Laborde de Mereville, 
60 frs. (1894). 

Piron. CEuvres Choisies. Genfeve (Cazin), 1777, 2 vols., 
12mo., portrait after Caffiery by de Launay (35.). 
Reprinted 1782, 3 vols., portrait by Delvaux (3«.). 


Piron. CEuvres badines. Paris, chez les marcliands de Nou- 
veaut^s, 1797, 16mo., 8 plates, not signed (155.). 

Pithoud. Id^e de I'Education du Coeur, ou Manuel de la 
Jeunessc par un pfere de famille. La Haye ef Paris, chez 
Cailleau, 1777, 2 vols., 12mo., fine frontispiece, not signed, 
in the style of Gravelot (3s.). 

Plaisirs de I'Amour (Les), ou Reeueil de Contes, Histbires et 
Poems galans. (Par La Fontaine, Dorat, etc.). Chez 
Apollon, au Mont Parnasse (Cazin), 1782, 3 vols., 16mo., 
and in 12mo., frontispiece and 17 vignettes, not signed 
(25.S. and 50s. respectively). 

The plates are in request, though they are copied from -vagnettes pub- 
lished anterior to this work. Van der Helle's copy in morocco by Derome, 
50 frs. ; Delbergue's copy in green morocco by Trautz, 370 frs. 

Plaisirs del'ancien Eegime (Les). Londres, 1785, 12nio., 
20 original plates, (25s. to 30s.). 

Plancher (dom Urbain, benedictin). Histoire gene'rale et par- 
tieulifere de Bourgogne. Dijon, de Fay; 1739, 4 vols., fol., 
plates (£8 to £9). 

Plancher de Valcourt. Le Petit-Neveu de Boccace, ou Contes 
nouveaux en vers. Amsterdam, Arkstee et Merkus, 1777, 
8vo., frontispiece, plate, and 4 vignettes after Desrais by 
Patas (4s.). 

Copies exist on " papier rose." Reprinted, with the vignettes differ- 
ently placed, "Avignon, 1781." 

Plans, profils et Elevations des Ville et Chateau de Versailles 
(Les), avec les bosquets et fontaines tels qu'ils sont a 
present, leves sur les lieux, dessines et graves en 1714 et 
1715. Paris, Demortain, 1716 ; — Plans, Coupes, etc. . . . 
de la Chapelle du Chasteau royal de Versailles, leves et 
graves par Pierre Lepautre, 2 parts in 1 vol., title, and 
64 plates designed and engraved by Maurice Baquoy, 
Blondel, de la Monce, Menant, and Scotin (£2 to £3). 

Platriere (Comte de la). Galerie universelle des Hommes qui 
se sont illustr^s dans lEmpire des lettres, depuis le sifecle 
jde Leon X. jusqua nos jours.. Paris, 1787-89, 5 vols., 
4to., mezzotint frontispiece after Desrais by Le Coeur, and 
60 portraits, some of them signed Durand, Allais, Desrais 
(25s. to 30s.). 

This work appeared in parts of about 50 pages each, with separate 
pagination. In vol. 1 of the 8vo. edition of the same date (apparently 
M published), the portraits are signed Benoist.' 


Plautus. Thea,tre, traduction de Gueudeville. Leyde, 1719, 
10 vols., 12mo., folding frontispiece, 10 engraved titles 
with different fleurons, and 19 plates, not signed (10s.). 

Plautus. Marci Accii Plauti Comcedise quae supersunt. Paris, 
Barbou, 1759, 3 vols., 12nio., 3 frontispieces, and 3 vig- 
nettes after Eisen by Lempereur and Aliamet (4s.). 

Playdoyer de M. Freydier contre I'introduction des cadenats 
ou centures de chastet^. Montpellier, 1750, 8vo., 1 plate, 
not signed (5s.). 

Leber's copy had two curious plates relating to the subject. 

Plinius. Historise naturalis libri XXXVII. , quos recensuit et 
notis illustravit Gabr. Brotier. Parisiis, Barbour, 1778-79, 
6 vols., 12mo., frontispiece after Marillier by Duflos (12s., 
and double on fine paper). 

Plinius. Histoire de la Peinture ancienne, extraite de I'Histoire 
naturelle de Pline, livre XXXV., traduite par Durand, etc. 
Londres, Bowyer, 1725, fol., frontispiece designed and 
engraved by Saint- Aubin, vignette heading the dedication 
after L. Cheron by G. Van der Gucht (10s.), 

My copy has a frontispiece by G. Van der Guchat after Cheron, and 
another plate, "Le Triomphe de la Peinture," signed " B. Picart 
invenit et fecit, 1725." 

Plot (R.). Natural History of Oxfordshire . . . The second 
edition, with large Additions and Corrections . . . Oxford, 
1705, fol., map and 16 plates (255., and double on large 

Pluche (Noel). Le Spectacle de la Nature . . . Paris, 1732-50, 
8 vols., 12mo., plates (10s.). 

Pluche (Noel). Histoire du Ciel, considere selon les idees des 

pofetes, des philosophes et de Moyse. Paris, Etienne, 1757, 

2 vols., 12nio., frontispiece and 24 plates designed and 

engraved by Lebas (3s.). 

The same plates appeared in an edition of La Haye, 1740, with frontis- 
piece after Folkema. 

Plus joli des Eecueils (Le), ou Amusements des Dames, suivi 
du Joujou des demoiselles. Londres, 1778, 8vo., frontis- 
piece, and 7 plates, not signed (8s.). 

Plutarchus. CEuvres completes de Plutarque, traduites du 
grec par Jacques Amyot, avec des notes et des observations 


de M. I'abbe Brotier (et Vauvilliers). Paris, Cussac; 1783- 
1805, 25 vols., 8vo., 22 vignettes after Borel, de Fraine, 
Le Barbier, MarchaDd, Marecbal, Marillier, Monnet, Moreau, 
and Myris, by Baquoy, Chateau, Halbou, Levillain, de 
Longueil, N^e, Patas, and Ponce (30s., and double on large 
fine or Dutch paper, with the unlettered proofs). 

12 copies were printed on vellum paper. The last 3 vols. liaving been 
published 22 years later, are not always joined to the set. RadziwUl's 
large-paper copy (4to.) of the first 22 vols, in red morocco, 340 frs. 

Plutarchus. Les Vies des Hommes illustres de Plutarque 
revues sur les manuscrits et. traduites en frangais par 
M. Dacier. Paris, Clbusier, Gosselin, Eobustel et Huart,. 
8 vols., 4to. — Les Vies des Hommes illustres omises par 
Plutarque, par Dacier, tome 9. Paris, Huart, 1734, 4to., 
superb vignette with the arms of France heading the dedi- 
cation, not signed, and very fine medallion portraits, also- 
not signed, heading each article (15s.). 

Poesies satiriquos du dix-huitifeme Siecle. Londres, 1782,. 
2 vols., 12mo., 2 frontispieces designed and engraved by 
Marillier (3s. to 5s.)- 

Pogge. Les Contes de Pogge florentin, avec des reflexions- 
Amsterdam, Fr. Bernard, 1712, 16mo., frontispiece signed : 
Lanswelt invenit (5s.). 

Poinsinet. Tom Jones, comedie lyrique en 3 actes, imitee du 
roman anglais de M. Fielding, par M. Poinsinet, musique 
de Philidor, representee a Versailles le 30 mars 1766. 
Paris, Duchesne, 1766, 8vo., 6 pretty plates after Desrais. 
by Martinet and Therfese Martinet (5s.). 

Poinsinet. Gabrielle d'Estrees a Henri IV. . . . Amsterdam,. 
Changuion, 1767, 8vo., 1 plate after GraVelot by Levasseur 

Poisson. Oris de Paris, dessines d'apres nature par M. Poisson, 
dddi^s a M. Bignon, biblioth^caire du Eoi. Paris, chez 
I'auteur, Cloitre Saint-Honore. S.d. (1775), sm. 4to., 
engraved title and 72 plates in 12 parts after Poisson by 
Godin ; rare (£5 to £6, and treble coloured). 

V. deUrria's copy, 660 frs. (1885); M. Hip. Destailleur's coloured 
copy in old red morocco, 810 frs. (1895). 

Polignac (Cardinal de). Anti-Lucretius, sive de Deo et Natura 
libri novem.. Paris, Coignard et Boudet, 1747, 2 vols., 


roy. 8vo., fine portrait after Eigaudby DauUe, 10 vignettes 
and 5 tailpieces, after Eisen by Delafosse and Tardieu (5s.). 

Polignac. L'Anti-Lucrfece, poeme sur la Religion naturelle, 
composee par M. le C . . . de P . . ., traduit par M. de 
Bougainville. A Paris, 1749, 2 vols., 8vo., portrait, 
vignettes, and tailpieces (15s., and more on Dutch paper). 

Reproduction of the plates from the 1747 Latin edition. Comte de 
LigneroUes' copy, Dutch paper and in old red morocco, 122 frs. (1894). 

Polwhele (Eev. E.). The History of Devonshire. Exeter, 
1793-1806, 3 vols., fol., map and plates. Pages 247-8 and 
381-2 were cancelled (£5 to £6, and double on large paper). 

Lord Brabourne's copy, with the additional privately printed leaves 
and cancelled pages, and bound in 1 vol., morocco extra, £18 10«. (1891). 

Pomey (Franciscus). Pantheum mythicum seu Fabulosa 
Deorum historia, editio sexta' et seneis figuris ornata. 
Ultrajecti, apud Guilielmum van de Water, 1701, 12mo., 
frontispiece and 24 plates (3 s.). 

Pompadour (La Marquise de). Suite d'Estampes, gravees par 
Mme. de Pompadour d'apres les pierres gravees de Guay 
graveur du Eoi (Paris, circa 1775), sm. fol., frontispiece 
and 62 plates (50s. to 60s.). 

These allegorical subjects were etched by the Marquise de Pompadour 
ior the amusement of Louis XV. ; her features are easily traced in the 
visages of the figures of the " Minerva " and of the goddess of Friendship, 
besides that the letters L. P. interlaced are impressed on the plate of 
"Le Temple de I'Amitie;" the models were furnished by Vien and 
Boucher. Copies of the very rare original proofs, consisting only of 
Boucher's frontispiece, and 52 plates chiefly before the numbers, the 
caligraphic table and remaining etchings having been added afterwards, 
were distributed by this lady artist among her friends. At the sale 
of the Marquis de Marigny (brother of the Marquise de Pompadour) in 
1782, Basan having acquired the original plates, he had it reprinted by 
Prault, 1782, 4to., with 14 pages of text and 4 additional plates after 
Boucher, dated 1751-52, and 2 other plates, together 69 plates. 
Some few copies contain each plate engraved on a separate leaf, and 
these are preferable. The pretty plate of Rodogune is sometimes also 
found inserted (see Corneille Rodogune). A copy of 1782, containing 
text and 69 plates, and with the Rodogune plate, 190 frs. (1894); 
M. Ch. Cousin's copy of the undated sm. fol. edition, consistiag of 
frontispiece and 62 plates, and bound in Russia uncut, 75 frs. (1895) ; 
M. Hip. Destailleur's copy of 1782, in old calf, containing engraved 
title, 14 II. of text, and 70 plates (stout paper), and three extra 
portraits of Pompadour, besides three other portraits, two of them in 
mezzo, by Boucher and Watson, and one in bistre by Anselm after 
Vanloo, and Widow Derome's ticket in the binding inserted, 315 frs. 

PoMPADOUK Slite d'Estampes [Page 421 


Pompe funfebre du Prince Albert, Archidiic d'Autricbe, Due de 
Bourgogne, de Brabant, etc., representee au naturel en 
tailles-douces, dessinees par Jacques, Francquart, et gravees 
par Corneille Galle. Bruxelles, Jean Leonard, 1729, fol., 
frontispiece and 64 plates, representing the costumes of 
those who figured in this ceremony, etc. (25.s.). 

Ponce. Description des Bains de Titus ou Collection de 
peintures trouvees dans les mines des thermes de cet 
empereur et graves sous la direction de M. Ponce (avec 
des explications par le, docteur Felice). Paris, 1786, roy. 
fol., 60 plates by Baquoy, Choffard, Croutelle, Godefroy, 
Hemery, Ling^e, Leroy, Lorieux, Marchand, Petit, an