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Full text of "Catalogue of the Avery architectural library. A memorial library of architecture, archæology, and decorative art"

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JHiiata, Krw lock 


IresenUA hy Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Avery 
and the Trustees of Columbia College in 
the City of New York to 

Cornell University Library 
Z 5945.C72 

Catalogue of the Avery architectural lib 

3 1924 020 573 949 



Cornell University 

The original of this book is in 
the Cornell University Library. 

There are no known copyright restrictions in 
the United States on the use of the text. 


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^^^HE Avery Memorial Library was founded in i8go by Mr. 

JL Samuel P. Avery, of New York, and Mrs. Mary O. Avery, 
his wife, as a mem-orial to their son Henry Ogden Avery, who died 
April 30, i8go. No better statement of the object and conditions of 
this foundation can be made than the letter of Mr. and Mrs. Avery 
to President Low, which is as follows: 

4. East 38th Street, New York, June 2j, i8po. 

Mr. Seth Low, President Columbia College. 

Dear Sir : With your consent and that of the Trustees of Columbia College 
we propose to establish the Avery Architectural Library in memory of our son 
Henry Ogden Avery. 


We propose (i) to give to Columbia College, for the purpose mentioned, the 
library, comprising all volumes relating to architecture and the decorative arts, 
and other professional books, owned by the late Henry 0. Avery, including one 
or more folios of original architectural drawings by the late Henry 0. Avery ; 
and in addition thereto (2) to give to the Treasurer of the Corporation such 
sums as may be required to pay for books purchased, as provided below, on 
notice of their purchase, previous to the ist day of January, i8pi, not exceeding 
fifteen thousand dollars, and also (j) to give to the Treasurer of the Corpora- 
tion on the 1st day of July of this year the sum of fifteen thousand dollars,* to 
be invested and to form a permanent fund, the interest of which is to be em- 
ployed, first, in binding and making the necessary repairs of the books forming 
said Avery Architectural Library, and second, in the purchase of newly pub- 
lished books, or others, under the conditions stated below. 

It is our wish that the purchases made for the Avery Architectural Library 
be made exclusively by a Commission of three persons, namely, the Librarian of 
Columbia College, the Professor or acting Professor of the Architectural De- 
partment of the School of Mines, and Mr. Russell Sturgis of New York, 
whose successor, in case of his declination at any time, is to be selected by the 
other two members of the Commission as above, to be always an architect and 
not immediately connected with Columbia College. 

It is our wish also that the books so purchased, including those coming from 
the late Henry O. Avery, shall be kept together in one room, alcove, or the like, 
to be set apart and designated for the purpose and approved by the Commission 
of purchase, but without impairing in any way the constitutional control of the 
college property vested in the Trustees by the charter, and that they be kept as a 
library of reference only, and not allowed to leave the library building except on 
special occasions, as for binding, repairs, etc., or for the purpose of having pho- 
tographic or other copies made of plates and the like, but always on the express 
approval of the Commission of purchase, or a majority of it. 

It is also our wish that a tablet, or some other form, of record, which we will 
furnish, be put in a prominent position, and always retained, in the room or 
alcove devoted to the Avery Library, and that a book-plate be pasted inside 
the cover of each volume of the library, the said tablet and book-plate to 
state the foundation of this library by the parents of Henry Ogden Avery in 
his memory. 

* Since increased to twenty-five thousand dollars. 


// is also our wish that, at the discretion of the Trustees, a separate cata- 
logue of this library from, time to time be printed in pamphlet form, at the 
expense of the college, and that copies of it in sufficient number be furnished the 
Commission of purchase for free distribution to architects, students of art, and 
other persons or institutions to whom the Avery Architectural Library may be 


(Signed') Samuel P. Avery, 

Mary O. Avery. 

The conditions of this endowment were accepted by the Board of 
Trustees on the 6th day of October, i8go. 

Mr. Henry Ogden Avery, to whose memory this noble foundation 
was made, was born in the city of Brooklyn, N. Y., January ji, i8£2. 
The influences surrounding him in his hom,e life, the house and asso- 
ciations of his father, naturally turned his mind to matters of art. 
Mr. Samuel P. Avery has long been identified with art and its 
various interests, ^nd for many years has been widely known as a 
collector in different fields of art, whose treasures have always been 
freely available to the citizens of New York and the lovers of art 
objects generally. 

Commencing with the Cooper Union Schools, the young Henry 
went in i8yo into the office of Mr. Russell Sturgis as a student of 
architecture, and in 18^2 on his advice went to Paris and entered the 
Ecole des Beaux Arts under the late able and honored Prof Jules 
Andre. The young maris course of study and practice in Paris was 
long and delightful. From i8y2 to i8yg he devoted himself uninter- 
ruptedly to the study of architecture and art, and during these years 
formed the acquaintance and enjoyed the counsel of m,any celebrated 
artists and art critics in Paris. After his return to New York he 
was for a time in the office of Mr. Richard M. Hunt, and from i88j 
on, as an independent architect, devoted him-self to the quiet and in- 
dustrious prosecution of his profession. 

During his brief career as a practising architect he was active, and 
either built or made designs for a number of buildings and monu- 


ments. He was also earnestly engaged in the Architectural League 
of New York and in the Archceological Institute of America, and was 
a frequent writer on art topics. His untimely and lamented death at 
the beginning of the fullness of his career called forth numerous ex- 
pressions of regret from the persons and from the organizations to 
whom he was best known. 

In his memory, and in the interest of the arts he loved and of the 
work to which he had devoted himself , his parents determined to found 
in Columbia College a library of architecture and the allied arts. 
The letter of Mr. and Mrs. Avery, given above, states clearly the 
conditions of this foundation and the method of its administration and 
development. After the expenditure of the sum mentioned in this 
letter, Mr. Avery very greatly extended the credit in the hands of the 
Commission, and made possible the creation of a collection much broader 
and richer than the Commission had, at the outset, dared to hope for. 
The scope of the library was gradually extended until its conception 
was changed from, a selection of a limited number of standard and 
important works to a reasonably full representation of the literatures 
of the building and decorative arts. 

The collection as it now stands numbers about thirteen thousand 
volumes, the majority of which are richly illustrated, and in great 
proportion large and costly works. It was the purpose in gathering 
the A very Library to collect the material out of which, first, any his- 
torical question concerning the development of any form of architecture 
or the architecture of any land or period could be successfully studied, 
together with the architectural development of any im,portant building 
or locality; and in the second place, to establish a storehouse in which 
architects and art-workers might find almost infinite resources of 
suggestion and inspiration for their work. Hence, historical architec- 
ture, rather than an accumulation of treatises on mere construction, 
characterizes the library. From this position it was but a step to 
archceology, and the collection is very rich in all those departments of 
archeology which deal with architecture, sculpture, and the other 


decorative arts. Supplemented in some degree by the general library, 
it contains sets of nearly all the architectural periodicals and many 
of those devoted to art and archceology, as well as the transactions 
of societies in these fields. Most of the large and extensive works 
devoted to the description and study of the monuments of architecture 
in all lands and periods will be found here. The general treatises on 
architecture from Vitruvius, Alberti, and Serlio down to the present 
time are fully represented. Many of the older works are interesting 
and valuable for the engravings they contain, which are often from, 
famous hands and of artistic workmanship, or depict objects long 
since destroyed. 

Nor has less attention been paid to special works on the different 
classes of architecture. The oriental, classic, the modern European, 
Gothic, Romanesque, and Renaissance, in all their various subdivisions 
and classes, have been considered, and, in like manner, care has been 
taken to include all the various forms of architectural work as defined 
by the uses to which buildings are destined. Ecclesiastical architec- 
ture, domestic architecture, and the architecture of theaters, schools, 
public buildings of all kinds, and of monumental structures, together 
with military architecture, are largely represented. Persistent efforts 
have been m,ade to include all works which could throw light on the 
history of architecture, while the bibliography of the subject and the 
lives of architects have also been gathered. 

Despite the extent of the collections in the above-mentioned fields, it 
is probable that where this library compares most favorably with any 
other is in its richness in treatises on local architecture, by which is 
meant the monographs and descriptive works concerning the architec- 
ture of individual towns, districts, and regions, and important single 
buildings. These collections relating to local architecture m,ay vary 
from, a single monograph of a few pages about some ancient fragm-ents 
built into a later building, to the whole body of memoirs of a local 
society, and also to the scores of volumes, including many hundreds of 
plates, which describe the architecture of Paris or Rome. 


The practical and mechanical phases of architecture have naturally 
received much less attention. The newer standard works on con- 
struction in all its details, including ventilation, heating, and light- 
ing have been gathered, and, incidentally, the older works, which have 
largely historical value only. To go farther into the field of scientific 
construction would be to m,ake rather a library of engineering, than 
one of architectural fine art. In like m,anner it has been thought un- 
necessary to m.ake the collection at all complete in treatises on archi- 
tectural drawing, perspective, and the like, but some important works 
have been provided. 

Apart from historical architecture, the library is most rich in the 
large subject of decorative art not purely architectural. Sculpture 
of all kinds and of all epochs, it has been thought necessary to in- 
clude. Mosaic, mural painting, and stained and painted glass are 
of course closely connected with building, but in addition to these 
arts, those subsidiary arts which are applied to portable objects have 
received attention. There are hundreds of important works on tapes- 
try, textile fabrics, furniture, pottery, glass vessels, costume, arms and 
armor, and similar topics. A mong the general art works are numerous 
illustrated catalogues of art collections existing in museufns, or of 
famous collections made or dispersed during past generations down 
to recent times. The most of these have been the direct gift of Mr. 
Avery, whose intimate connection and wide acquaintance with the com- 
merce of art have made him conversant with this form of literature. 
Indeed Mr. Avery s personal purchases of wisely selected volumes have 
been constant from, the beginning. Not a few of these are 
interesting from their form^er ownership, or from their rarity, fine 
binding, or because they have been extra illustrated, or contain orig- 
inal drawings and manuscript annotations by their former owners. 

The printing of the catalogue, which Mr. Avery with character- 
istic generosity has made his own charge, has occupied nearly two 
years, during which time large additions have been made to the library. 
These additions have been incorporated in the catalogue in such por- 


tions of the alphabet as were not yet printed, so that the later letters in 
the alphabet represent more fully than the earlier the collection as it 
stands to-day. It is intended at a later time to include the omissions 
and future additions to the library in a supplementary volume. 

The printing has been done by the well-known press of Theodore 
L. DeVinne & Co., who have from, the beginning shown great interest 
in the undertaking, and whose excellent work speaks for itself From 
the fact that the printing has gone on simultaneously with the gather- 
ing of the books, a few titles may appear in the latter part of the 
alphabet without the proper author or other collateral entries, which 
belonged in the letters already printed. Much care has been taken in 
the titles of the numerous illustrated works here given, to state the 
number of plates and other bibliographical information not always 
found in similar catalogues. It is believed that these data, together 
with the fact that this catalogue is one of the most extensive in print 
on this subject, will render the work of great and lasting value to pro- 
fessional men, librarians, collectors, and the public at large. 

It should also be noted that the catalogue as here printed contains 
only the works in the Avery Library, and does not include books on 
similar topics contained in the general library of Columbia College. 
Books already in the general library have not, in most cases, been 
duplicated, and this fact may explain the absence of certain well- 
known and standard works which might naturally be looked for in a 
collection of this extent. 

A card catalogue in duplicate of the entire collection has been pre- 
pared both by authors and subjects, one copy of each entry being placed 
in the general catalogue of the library, while the other copy forms a 
special catalogue for the Avery Library. It was deemed wise to issue 
now only the author catalogue, both from the extent of the work and 
because it was desirable that the subject catalogue be complete before 
beginning to print. This catalogue contains, therefore, only author 
and title entries. It is hoped later to print a subject catalogue, either 
as a whole or in special sections by topic. 


The library has been catalogued almost entirely by Miss Harriet 
B. Frescott, a member of the library staff, assisted in the preparation 
of the cards principally by Miss Annie I. Mann and Miss Rae 
Foster. The work of cataloguing has been carried on under the 
special supervision of the librarian who, with the cooperation of the 
other members of the Commission and of Mr. Avery, has chiefly 
gathered the books. The work of immediate preparation for the press 
and of proof-reading in all its stages has been done by Mr. C. Alex. 
Nelson of the library staff, whose experience as the editor of the Astor 
Library Catalogue rendered him peculiarly well fitted for the task. 

The collection of books has been classified in a simple and readily 
intelligible manner by subjects, on the shelves, so far as this was 
possible with volumes varying so greatly in size. The classification 
is printed after this Introduction. 

That this rich collection of books m,ay be more widely known, and 
may more fully serve architects and investigators of every class, the 
donors have caused this catalogue to be printed. 

The Commission desires to express its thanks to Mr. and Mrs. 
Avery for their great generosity and kindness ; also to various 
friends at home and abroad who have presented books, and to Presi- 
dent Low and the Trustees of Columbia College for constant and 
hearty cooperation in the gathering and care of this collection. 


Librarian of Columbia College. 


Professor, Department of Architecture, Columbia College. 


Commission of purchase. 


Henby Ogden Avery 
and in recognition of the generovs 
provision made in his name here and 
elsewhere for the more thorovgh stvdf 
of toe art which he.loved and served 


The Architectvral Leaove of New York 

have setvp this tablet on the first 

anniversary of his death xxx april 

m dccc lxxxx 1 



M m^^^i^^i^ m m&i'iMM^mm mmsiMr' 



-<2:jfeS>-lN MEnORY OF 
-^Q/©/c>^H\S PARENTS 



Mii'itrns}iiHri?itnTi;i4TT\?ikn?iiffm'itmiiitniiSIi» vSiin ntitu vfiln rtiiii vilDi itfi'iffTrfitoniHitia'ihnfr ' 





General Architecture .... A 

Periodicals B 

Societies C 

Different Schools D 

Oriental Di 

Greek ) t~. 

„ V » . . . D2 

Roman ) 

Byzantine D3 

Arabian D4 

Romanesque D5 

Gothic D6 

Renaissance D7 

Norman D8 

Church E 

Domestic E2 

Factories, &c E3 

Theater E4 

Bridges E5 

Public Buildings E6 

Fortification E7 

Monumental E8 

History F 

Bibliography F5 

Local (arranged by countries) . . H 

Construction I 

Builders' Hardware & Ma- 
chinery Catalogues .... I2 
Mercantile Architecture . . I4 
Naval Architecture. ... I5 
Ventilation and Heating, 
Acoustics, Lighting and 

Plumbing J 

Public Health, &c Ji 

Tile and Brick Work . . . . J2 

Decoration and Ornament . K 

Design L 

Architectural Drawing and 

Perspective L2 

Numismatics Mi 

Wrought-Iron and Metal 

Work M2 

Bronze Work M3 

Goldsmiths' Work M4 

Wood-Carving Ms 

Fresco-Painting M6 

Glass, Painted M7 

Tapestry M8 

Textile Fabrics N 

Furniture Ni 

Ceramics N2 

Glass Vessels N3 

Costume N4 

Arms and Armor N5 

Industrial Arts N6 

Landscape Gardening .... N8 

Art O 

Art Collections O2 

Art Exhibitions O4 

Etching Os 

Painting 06 

Drawing O62 

Engraving O7 

Sculpture 08 

Archaeology P 

Archeology, Local (arranged 

by countries) R 

Biography W 

Heraldry Wi 

FfeTES W2 

Bibliography (general) . . . . Y 

Miscellaneous X 

Original Sketches and MSS . Z 

3[berB iHemorial ^.tbrarg. 

A. A. y P., F. de. Al 

Manual complete de carpinteria. Madrid, 1853-55. O- 3 v. in 2. Aai 

Aarau (Switzerland) — Mittel=schweizerische geo- 

graphisch=kommerzielle gesellschaft, editor. AB 

See Volkerschau. 1888-. V88 

Abbeville (France) — Societe royale d'emulation. 

Memoires. 1833-76 in 14 v. Abbeville, 1833-76. O. ill. AC 

1869-76 form 3* ser. v. 1-2. Abl 

Abbey Square sketch book. AA 

See Douglas, John. D74 

Abbott, Henry. 

Antiquities of Rome comprising . . . views of its principal ruins . . . AH45 

London, 1820. F.^ 47 p. 28 pi. R743 

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Asthetik der gartenkunst. Wien, 1877. Q. 7+62 p. ill. 6 pi. Ab3 

Garten-architektur ... [2. ausg.]. AN8 

Wien, 187.6. F.= 8+92 p. ill. Ab3i 

[Abelin, Johann Philipp. 1590 (?)-i646.] 

Inventarium Sueciae, das ist, grtindliche . . . beschreibung dess AH485 

konigreichs Schweden . . . verfasset durch Job. Ludwig Gottfried, Ai 
mit . . . kupfferstticken gezieret . . . durch F. Hulsium. 
FranckfurtamMayn, 1632. F. [6] +430+ [72] p. ill. 5 por. 10 pi. 

Job. Ludov. Gottfridi historische chronica, oder beschreibung der AX 

fiirnehmsten geschichten . . . vom anfang der welt biss . . . 1659 . . . Ab3 
mit kupfferstiicken gezieret durch M. Merianum. 

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Aberdeen, George [Gordon], 4th earl of. 1 784-1 860. 

Inquiry into principles of beauty in Grecian architecture, nop. A A 

(In Vitruvius Pollio, Marcus. Rudimentary architecture. 1880.) V841 


Abernathey, R. James. 

Practical hints on mill building. AI 

Moline, 1880. O. 8+298+[28] p. ill. 10 pL Abj 

Abhandlungen des Archaologisch-epigraphischen semi- 
nares der Universitat Wien, hrsg. von O. Benndorf, O. Hirschfeld AP 
und E. Bormann. Ab4 

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Contents: pt. i. Schneider, R. Die geburt der Athena, 
pt. 2. DOrr, J. Die reisen des kaisers Hadrian. 

pt. 3. KUBITSCHEK, J. W. De Romanarura trlbuum origine ac propagatione. 
pt. 4. L8wy, E. Untersuchungen zur griechischen kunstlergeschichte. 
pt. s. DOMASZEWSKI, A. VON. Die fahnen im romischen heere. 
pt. 6. Studniczka, F. Beitrage zur geschichte der altgriechischen tracht. 
pt. 7. WeisshXupl, R. Die grabgedichte der griechischen anthologie. 
pt. 8. Reisch, E. Griechische weihgeschenke. 

Abingdon, Thomas. 1560-1647. 

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Vols. 1-4 have title Bulletin et annales. Aci 
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Bound with v. 20. . 


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Edited by A. Koch. ^ ^^ ^" "' ^- '5- -f^CI 

Academy of the fine arts. 

See Philadelphia (Pa.) — Academy of the fine arts. 

Accademia Clementina. 

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p Examples of old English houses and furniture, with some modern AE2 
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Adams, Robert. 1728-92. 

See Adam, Robert. 1728-92. 

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Architektonik auf historischer und aesthetischer grundlage. AF 

Hannover, 1883-89. O. 2 v. in 3. ill. Adi 

Contents: v. i. Architektonik des alterthums. 

pt. I. Die architektur als kunst. 
pt. a. Architektonik des orientalischen alterthums. 
pt. 3. Architektonik der Hellenen. 
pt. 4. Architektonik der Romer. 
V. 2. Architektonik des mittelalters. 

pt. I. Architektonik der altchristlichen zeit. 

pt. >!. Architektonik des muhamedanischen und romanischen stils. 

pt. 3. Architektonik des gothischen stils. 

Einfiihrung in die antike kunstgeschichte. AF 

Hannover, 1884. O. 5 + 194 p. 123 ill. Adii 

Die Einhard-basilika zu Steinbach im Odenwald, im auftrage des AH43 
Historischen vereins fiir das gross-herzogthum Hesseii . . . be- St3 
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Read before the Society of antiquaries, gth June, 1825. 

Anales del Museo nacional de Mexico. AC 

See Mexico— Mus6o nacional. Anales. M57 

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cities of Caria, Phrygia, Lycia, and Pisidia. 1874. AR56 

See Davis, Rev. E. J. AS 

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Croydon church, past and present. See, below, Monuments and AH42 
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[London] 1878. Q. 113 p. ill. 13 pi. i tab. C886 


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Has half title Croydon church, past and present. 

Parish church of St. John the Baptist at Croydon, Surrey, as it AH42 
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[London] 1871. F.* [3]+2S + [2] p. ill. 28 pi. 

Bound with his Monuments and antiquities of the old parish church of St. John the Baptist 
at Croydon. 1871. 

Roman city of Uriconium at Wroxeter, Salop: illustrative of the AR44 
history and social life of our Romano-British forefathers. W94 

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Shropshire ; its early history and antiquities . . . 

' London, 1864. Nar. Q. pi. 

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Drummond, with introduction & descriptive notes. An2 

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No. 23s of 500 copies printed. 

Scotland in early Christian times . . . AR41 

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Rhind lectures in archaeology for 1879-80. 

Scotland in Pagan times; the iron age. AR41 

Edinburgh, 1883. O. 20+314 p. ill. i pL A4 

Rhind lectures in archaeology for i8Si. 

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France and Italy, from the I2tli to the 15* century. As7 

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Pictorial arts of Japan, with . . . remarks upon the pictorial arts of AO 
the Chinese and Koreans. An2 

London, 1886. F.« 19+ [i] +276 p. iU. 80 pi. 

Anderson, William, 1842-, compiler. 
See British Museum. Descriptive and historical catalogue of a A06 
collection of Japanese and Chinese paintings. 1886. B77 

Anderson, William J. 

Architectural studies in Italy. AH45 

Glasgow [pref 1890]. F.^ Unpaged. 41 pi. A31 

No. 76 of ISO copies printed. 


Andre, J[ules Louis]. 1819-. 

Nouvelle menagerie des reptiles au Jardin des plantes a Paris. AE6 

Paris, 1880. F.* 8 p. lo pL An2 

Photographic view of the menagerie and portrait of the author inserted. 

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Monumente des mittelalters und der renaissance aus dem sachsi- AH43 
schen erzgebirge, die klosterkirche Zschillen, jetzt Wechselburg, Sa95 
und die rochlitzer Kunigundenkirche . . . 

Dresden, 1875. F.'' [4] p. 50 pi. 

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See Elis, Carl. -1889. Handbuch der mosaik- und glasmalerei. AJ2 
1891. E14 

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Plans of the most capital cities ... in Europe and some remark- AX 
able cities in the other three parts of the world . . . An2 

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See Du Cerceau, Jacques Androuet. -1592. 

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See Du Cerceau, Jacques Androuet. -1592. 

Anecdotes of British topography. AR42 

See [Qough, Richard. 1735-1809]. A17 

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chitects. Papers. 1853-54, p. 107-117.) R81 

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(In Royal institute of British architects. Papers. i8';8-i;g. R81 
p. 103-110.) ^ '^' 


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Sculptured metopes discovered amongst the ruins of the temples AH45 
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Samuel Angell, in . . . 1823. 

London, 1826. F.^ [SJ+SS p. ill- 9 pl- 

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See Angeli, Paolo degli. i582(?)-i647. 

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1887, compiled by Joseph Jacobs and Lucien Wolf, illustrated by An4 
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Edition de luxe. 

Angus, W[illiam]. 1752-1821. 

Seats of the nobility and gentry in Great Britain and Wales . . . AH42 
[London] 1787. Ob. O. Unpaged. 63 pl. A97 

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Edited by A. N. Didron and continued after his death by E. A. Didron. 

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di Milano Ariberto da Intimiano . . . Milano, 1872. F. 238+[3] Ms8 
p. 8pL 

Illuminated in gold and colors. 

Annuaire historique du Departement de I'Yonne . . . 

Auxerre, 1837-93. O. ill. v. 1-34, 37-50, 52-57 in 27 v. AB 


Vols. 1-14 known as Annuaire statistique du Ddpartement de I'Yonne. 

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Antero Maria, Saint Bonaventura. 1620-86. 
See Bonaventura, Antero Maria, saint. 1620-86. 

Le antichita di Ercolano. AR4S 

See Piroli, Tommaso. 1750-1824. H414 

Antichita di Pozzuoli, Cumae Baja. AR45 

See [Paoli, P. A. i720-9o(?)]. P871 

Antiquarian itinerary. AH42 

See [Storer, J. S. I77i(?)-i854]. A48 


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Mittheilungen. Zurich, 1841-. Q. ill. v. 1-22 in 12. An8 

Antiquitates architectonicse: allerley alte wolbewarte 

architectur stuck zum verstand der V. seiilen nutzlich und dienst- AA 

lich. Ziirich, 1596. F. 14 pi. An8 

Antiquitates Belgicae. AH492 

See Royen, Jacob van, publisher. A13 

Antiquitates Sarisburienses. AR42 

See [Ledwich, Rev. Edward. 1 738-1 823]. Sa3 

Antiquites de la ville de Lyon. AR44 

See Colonia, Dominique de. 1 660-1 741. L992 

Antiquites mexicaines. AR72 

See Dupaix, Quillelmo. A I 

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Paris, 1826. F.^ 6+ [2] p. 12 pl. in 9. P324 

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[3] p. (In Coll. des anciennes descriptions de Paris. 1878-83. v. 2.) A52 
No. 64 of 330 copies printed. 

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4 pl- C812 

Bound with his II tempio di Ercole in Cori. 1828. 

Idee elementari di architettura civile per le scuole del disegno. AH45 

Edizione 2da. . . . Milano, 1829. F.^ 39+i7+[2] p. 24 pl. C812 

Bound with his II tempio di Ercole in Cori. 1828. 

Osservazioni ed aggiunte ai Principii di architettura civile di F. AA 

Milizia. . . . Milano, 1 817. O. 10+219 p. An8i 

Principi di architettura civile. 2da ed. Milano, 1847. 33 pl- AA 


Progetto sul foro che doveva eseguirsi in Milano. AH45 

Milano, 1811 (?). F.^ 24+[2] pl. MS99 

Le rovine de Veleia, misurate e disegnate. AR4S 

Milano, 1819-22. F.^ 2 pts. in i v. 19 pl. V54 

II tempio di Ercole in Cori. Edizione 2da. . . . AH45 

Milano, 1828. F.^ up. 5 pl. C812 

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ladio. Edizione 2da. .. . Milano, 1828. F.^ 16+ [3] p. 10 pl. AS71 


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II tempio di Minerva in Assisi confrontato colle tavole del Pal- AH45 
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Bound with his II tempio di Ercole in Cori. i8z8. 

Antonini, Carlo. 

Manuale di vari ornamenti componenti la serie de' vasi antichi si AN2 
di marmo che di broilzo esistenti in Roma e fuori . . . An8 

Roma, 1821. F. 3 v. in i. 193 pi. 

Antonini, Carlo, editor. AA 

See Vignola, Q. B. da. 1507-73. II Vignola illustrato. 1770. V68s 

Antwerp (Belgium) — Academie d'archeologie de 

See Academie d'arch6ologie de Belgique. 

Antwerp (Belgium) — Exposition. 1885. 

Antwerpen und die weltausstellung, 1885, von R. Corneli. Deut- AO4 
sche ausgabe von A. Liederwald und K. F. Pfau. An8 

Leipzig, 1887. F.* 322 p. ill. i por. 

Anzeiger flir schweizerische alterthumskunde. 1869-91; AB 

Zurich, 1869-. O. ill. v. 1-6. Angi 

Title-page in German and French. 

Continuation of Anzeiger iiir schweizerische geschichte und alterthumslcunde. 

Anzeiger fur schweizerische geschichte. 1870-89. AB 

Bern, 1873-89. O. ill. v. 1-5. An92 
Vols, a-4 published at Solothurn. 
Continuation of Anzeiger fiir schweizerische geschichte und alterthumskunde. 

Anzeiger fiir schweizerische geschichte und alterthums- AB 
kunde. 1855-68. Ztirich, 1860-68. O. ill. 3 v. Ang 

Continued by Anzeiger fiir schweizerische alterthumskunde ,1869-91, and Anzeiger fiir 

schweizerische geschichte, 1870-89. 
Title-page in German and French. 

Appell, J[ohann] W[ilhelm]. 1829-. 

Monuments of early Christian art; sculptures and catacomb AO 
paintings... London, 1872. O. [4]-!- 68 p. ill. Ap4 

Appell, J[ohann] W[ilhelni], 1829- editor. 

See [Colonna, Francesco. i449(?)-i527]. Dream of Poliphilus ; AX 
fac-similes of woodcuts in the " Hypnerotomachia Poliphili," C71 
Venice, 1499, with descriptions by J. W. Appell. 1889. 

Apprentices' library (New York city). 

See New York (city) — Apprentices' library. 

Apuzzo, Nicola d'. 

Investigazioni preliminari per la scienza dell' architettura civile. AA 

Napoli, 1844. O. 8-1-272 p. Ap9 



Aquino, Carlo d'. 1 654-1 737. 

Sacra exequialia in funere Jacobi II, Magnae Britanniae regis, ex- AW2 
hibita ... in templo . . . sancti Laurentii in Lucina. AqS 

Romae, 1702. F. 43 p. 19 pi. 

Arabesques antiques des bains de Livie et de la Villa AK 
Adriana. No place, 1785. F.8 14 pi. An 

Arbois de Jubainville, [Marie Henri] d'. 182 7-. 

Repertoire archeologique de Departement de I'Aube . . . AR44 

Paris, 1 861. Q. 146 p. Auis 

Published by Ministire de I'instniction publique. 

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tiquity. London, 1770-. Q. & Sq. F. ill. v. 1-53. Ar2 

Published by the Society of antiquaries of London. 

Index. V. 1-50. London, 1809-89. Q. & Sq. F. 3 v. 

Archaeologia Cantiana. 
See Kent archseological society. 

Archaeologia Scotica. 
See Society of antiquaries of Scotland. 

Archaeological institute of Great Britain and Ire= 

Catalogue of antiquities, works of art and historical Scottish relics, AR41 
exhibited in the museum during their annual meeting held in Ai 
Edinburgh, July, 1856 . . . [compiled by A. Way]. 

Edinburgh, 1859. O. 33+233 P- iH- 4 por. 31 pi. 

Memoirs illustrative of . . . Norfolk and the city of Norwich, com- AR42 
municated to the annual meeting held at Norwich, July, 1847, with N83 
a . . . report of the proceedings . . . 

London, 1851. O. [8] -1-56-1-224 p. ill. 34 pi. 

Old London; papers read at the London congress, July, 1866. AH42 

London, 1867. O. ii-l-376p. ill. i por. L894 

Archaologischer anzeiger. AB 

Berlin, 1849-67. O. 19 v. Nos. 1-228. Ar23 

Forms part of Archaologische zeitung, v. 7-25, the other part being Denkmaler, for- 
schungen und berichte. 

Archaologische zeitung. AB 

Berlin, 1843-85. Q. ill. 43 v. in 14. Ar23 

Edited by E. Gerhard. ^ J ^ to f j 

Vols. S-6 also known as New ser. v. 1-2, and v. 26-33 as New ser. v. 1-8 ; v. 7-25 are made 

up of two parts, (i) Denkmaler, forschungen und berichte, v. 1-19, and (2) Archaologischer 

anzeiger, v. 1-19. 

Register. Berlin, 1886. O. 6-|-[2] + 38o p. 


Archer, James Henry Lawrence. 

Orders of chivalry, from the original statutes of the various orders AX 
of knighthood, and other sources of information. Ar2 

London, 1887. F. 28+[i]+355 p. 66 pi. 

Archer, John Wykeham. i8o8(?)-64. 

Vestiges of old London . . . etchings from original drawings, illus- AH42 
trative of the monuments and architecture of London, in the first, L876 
fourth, twelfth, and six succeeding centuries, with descriptions . . . 
London, 1851. F.* Various paging. 37 pi. 

Architectura canonica. AE 

See Philecclesius Ignotus, pseudonym. PS3 

Architectura ecclesiastica Londini. AH42 

See Booth, John. L893 

Architectural association of London. 

Visit to the domed churches of Charente, France, in . . . 1875; AH42 
published as a memorial to Edmund Sharpe . . . C37 

[London, 1880 (?).] Sq. F. [3] + 19+48 p. 60 pi. 

Architectural association sketch book. AB 

London, 1867-78. Sq. F.^ & F.^ ill. v. i-ii in 7. Ar27 

Architectural institute of Scotland. AC 

Transactions. Edinburgh, 1851-52. O. v. 1-2. 25 pi. Ar24 

Architectural league of New York. 

See New York (city) — Architectural league. 

Architectural magazine and journal of improvement in 
architecture, building and furnishing. AB 

London, 1834-38. O. ill. S v. Ar22 

Edited by J. C. Loudon. 

Architectural notices of the churches of the archdeaconry 
of Northampton. AH42 

See Parker, John Henry. 1806-84. N812 

Architectural precedents, with notes and observations . . . 
edited by an architect . . . AI 

London, 1840. O. 76+32+118 p. 23 pi. Ar2 

Architectural publication society, compiler. 
• Dictionary of architecture. AA 

London, 1853-92. F.* 8 v. in 5. ill. 223 pi. Ar2i 

Contents, v. i, A-C ; v. 2-3, D-H ; v. 4-5, I-M ; v. 6, N-Q ; v. 7-8, R-Z. 

Architectural publication society, publisher. 

Detached essays and illustrations . . . AA 

London, 1853. F.* Various paging, ill. 28 pi. Ar2ii 


■^ Architectural record ; published quarterly, with illustra- AB 

tions. New York [1891-93]. O. 2 v. ArsS 

Architectural sketch book. AB 

Boston, 1874-76. Sq. F.* v. 1-4. Ar32 

Edited by Portfolio club (Boston). 

Architectural studies. AA 

New York, 1885-91. Q. 10 pts. in 2 v. 120 pi. Ar23 

' Architecture and building. AB 

New York, 1883-. Sq. F. & F. ill. v. 2-19. Ar2S 

Vols. l-ii have title " Building." 

L'architecture des nations dtrang^res . . . k I'Exposition. 
See Paris (France) — Exposition universelle. 1867. 

Architecture frangais; plans, coupes et profils de palais, 

chateaux, hotels et maisons particulieres de la ville de Paris et AH44 

de ses environs ... F.^ 86 pi. A 14 

Collection of 86 plates, with manuscript title-page. 

Architecture frangoise; ou, Recueil des plans . . . des 

maisons royales, de quelques eglises de Paris et de chateaux et AH44 

maisons de plaisance . . . de France . . . Paris, 1738. F.^ 82 pi. A28 

Published by P. J. Mariette. 

L'architecture frangoise. AH44 

See [Marot, Jean, i63o(?)-97(?), and Marot, Daniel, i66o(?)-]. A15 

L'architecture; journal hebdomadaire de la Socidte cen- AB 

trale des architectes fran9ais. Paris, 1 888-. Sq. F.* ill. v. 1-6. Ar26 

-L'architecture militaire. AE7 

See Fritach, Adam. F91 

Architecture moderne. AA 

See [Briseux, Cliarles iStienne. i68o(?)-i754]. B771 

Architecture, peinture et sculpture de la maison de ville AH492 

d'Amsterdam . . . Amsterdam, 1719. F." 22 p. 109 pL Am8 

Architekten= und ingenieur-verein fiir Niederrhein 

und Westfalen. AC 

Notizblatt. Coin, 1876-77. F. ill. v. 1-2 in i. Ar2S 

Edited by C. JUttner. 

Architekten= und ingenieur°verein fiir Niederrhein 
und Westfalen, editor. 

See [Knaus, L.] Kolner thorburgen und befestigungen 1180- AH43 

1882. [Pref. 1884]. C73 


Architektonische bilderbogen. 1886-92 in 2 v. ab 

Berlin, 1886-92. F.» ill Ar3i 

Edited by W. Wicke. 

Architektonische rundschau. AB 

Stuttgart, 1885-93. F.* iU. v. 1-9. Ar28 

Edited by L. Eisenlohr and C. Weigle. 

Architektonisches skizzen-buch ... AB 

Berlin, 1855-86. F.* 1206 pi. pt. 1-201. Ar24 

Parts i-ag, ad edition, 1855-57. 

Die architektur der Hannoverschen schule; moderne AB 
werke der baukunst und des kunstgewerbes in mittelalterlichem stil. Ar35 
Hannover- Linden, 1889-. F. ill. v. 1-4. 

Edited by G. SchSnermark. 

Die architektur und das kunstgewerbe des XVII. und 
XVin. jahrhunderts; hrsg. von R. Dohme and C. Gurlitt. 

Berlin, 1888-89. F-^ 2 v. pi. 

Gurlitt, C. 1850-. Das barock- und rococo-ornament DeutscUands. 1889. 
Gurlitt, C. 1850-, editor. Mobel deutscher fUrstensitze. 1888. 

Architektur=studien ; aufnahmen und entwiirfe hrsg. AB 
vom Akademischen architekten verein an der Technischen hoch- Ar36 
schule zu Munchen. Miinchen, 1887-. F. pt. 1-34. ill. 

Architektur=studien ; zur verstandigung. AA 

Homburg V. d. hohe, 1878. O. 26 p. Ar22 

Archiv fur die zeichnenden kiinste, mit besonderer be- 

ziehung auf kupferstecher- und holzschneide-kunst und ihre ge- AB 

schichte . . . Leipzig, 1855-70. O. ill. 16 v. in 7. Ar3 

Edited by R. Naumann. 

Archiv fur Frankfurts geschichte und kunst. [1839-89.] 
Frankfurt am Main, 1858-89. Q. ill. 2 v.; new ser. iiv. in5; AB 
3d ser. V. 1-2 in i. Ar29 

Edited by Verein fiir geschichte und alterthumskunde, Frankfort on the Main (Ger.). 

Archiv fur ornamental kunst . . . redig. von M. Gropius; AB 
mit . . . text von L. Lohde. Berlin, 1876-79. F. 12 pts. pi. Ar37 

Archives annuelles de la Normandie. AB 

Caen, 1824-26. O. ill. 2 v. in i. Ar34 

Edited by L. Du Bois. 

Archives de I'art fran9ais. Paris, 1851-60. O. 12 v. in 6. 

Vols. I, 3, 5, 7, 9, II. CHENNEVlfeRES-PoiNTEL, C. P., marquis de. 1820-. 

Archives de I'art fran^ais. 1851-60. 
». vt, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12. Mariette, p. J. 1694-1774. Abecedario. 1851-60. 

Les archives de la France pendant la revolution. AR44 

See [Laborde, L. E. S. J., marquis de. 1807-69]. A3 


Archives des missions scientifiques et litteraires; choix de AB 
rapports et instructions pub. sous les auspices du Ministere de Ar2i 
I'instruction publique et des cultes. 

Paris, 1850-. O. sen i, 8 v. ser. 2, 7 v. ser. 3, v. 1-14. 

From 1859-63 the publication was discontinued. 

Archives municipales de Bordeaux. AH44 

Bordeaux, 1874. Q. ill. pi. B641 

Extra V. Drouyn, F. J. L. 1816-. Bordeaux vers 14S0, 1874. 

Archivio storico dell'arte. Roma, 1889-93. F. ill. v. 1-6. AB 


Edited by D. Gnoli. 

Arclais de Montamy, Didier Francois d'. 1702-65. 

See Montamy, Didier Fran9ois d' Arclais de. 1702-65. 

Arco, Carlo d'. 1 799-1 872. 

Delle arti e degli artefici di Mantova . . . AO 

Mantova, 1857. ^- 2. v. in i. 59 pL 2 facsim. Ar2i 

Arco di Costantino. [Rome] 1807. Q. [3] p. 9 pi. AK 


Bound with Losi, C. Ornamenti d'architettura. 1773. 

Arendt, K. 

Das monumentale Trier von der Romerzeit bis auf unsere tage . . . AH43 
Luxemburg, 1892. F.^ [6]+43+[s] p. 13 pi. T722 

[Aretin, Karl Maria, freiherr von. 1 796-1868.] 

Alterthiimer und kunstdenkmale des bayerischen herrscher- AR43 
hauses . . . [Anon.]. As 

Mijnchen, 1854-71. F.« Unpaged, ill 54 pi. i tab. 

Argnani, Federigo. 

Le ceramiche e maioliche faentine della loro origine fino al principio AN2 
del secolo 16 . . . Faenza, 1889. Q. 12+83 p. 20 pi. Ars 

Armaille, comte d'. 

Catalogue des objets d'art et de . . . ameublement . . . marbres, AO2 
bronzes, orfevrerie, tableaux, dessins, tapisseries composant . . . Ar5 
[sa] collection . . . et dont la vente aura lieu ... 5 et 6 juin 
1890 .. . [Paris, 1890.] F. 55 p. 17 pi. 

Armellini, Mariano. 

II cimitero di S. Agnese sulla Via Nomentana descritto ed illus- AR45 
ti'ato. Roma, 1880. O. 8+424 p. ill i6 pi. R681 

Armengaud, Charles, 1813-, Armengaud, J. E., the 

elder, i8io-, and Amouroux, Jules. AL2 

Nouveau cours raisonne de dessin industriel. 1848. Ar5 


Armengaud, [Jacques Eugene], the elder, 1810-, Ar- 
mengaud, [Charles], 1813-, and Amouroux, [Jules]. 

Nouveau cours raisonne de dessin industrial applique ... a la AL2 
m^canique et a I'architecture . . . Paris, 1848. Q. 360 p. ArS 

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2 V. in I. 45 pi. 
ill. 39 pi. map. 


















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See Agustin, Antonio. 1516-86. 

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See Austria — Centralcommission zur erforschung und erhal= 
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See Filarete, Antonio Averlino, called. i4io(?)-i47o(?). 

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Mounted in scrap-book of 50 pages. 

Collection of 368 photographs of buildings, monuments and archi- AA 
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Mounted in a scrap-book. 



Avery, Henry Ogden. 1852-90, 

Collection of 29 photographs of public buildings in Paris. AH44 

Sq. F.* 29 pL P279 

Designs and plans for dwellings, churches, stores and miscellaneous 
subjects, with competitive drawings for various public monu- AA 
ments. F.^ AV33 

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La Loire. 1888. 
Le Rh6ne. 1891. 
La Seine. 1889. 

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See [Hertf elder, Bernard]. 

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Date on title-page reads MDDCV. 

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See Opderbecke, Adolph. 


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CoUection de toutes les especes de batimens de guerre et de bati- AX 
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Two ms. letters inserted. 

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V. 6-7. De bronzi. 
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See Societe academique d'archeologie, sciences et arts du De- 
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V. 2, Der briickenbau. 

V. 3. Der strassen- und eisenbahnbau. 

V. 4. Der wasserbau. 

V. 5- Ausgefiihrte constnictionen des ingenieurs. 

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See Qrimthorpe, Sir Edmund Beckett, ist baron. 1816-. 

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See Denison, Christopher Beckett. 1825-84. 

[Becquer, Q, (?)] 

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Original water-color and pencil sketches ; several dated 1864 ; some signed V. B. 

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Bedfordshire architectural and archaeological 


See Associated architectural societies. 

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No. 167 of 200 copies printed. 

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Victor zu Xanten ... 2. aufl. ... Xi 

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See Hannover (Ger.) — Architecten- und ingenieur-verein. H191 

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5. HoLTZiNGER, H. 1856-. Ober den ursprung und die bedeutung der 
Kahl, R. 1858-. Das venezianische skizzenbucli. 
Valentin, V. 1842-. Neues fiber die Venus von Milo. 
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Sculpture and sculptors' methods in relation to architecture. (In AC 
Royal institute of British architects. Transactions. 1891-92. R81 
n. s. V. 8, p. 49-64.) 

Contents: pt. 
















... ». pt. 





















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[Bell, Mrs. Nancy R. E. (Meugens), translator.] 
See Nadaillac, J. F. A. du P., marquis de. 1818-. Pre-historic AR73 
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prefixed a biographical memoir, by Thomas Dodd. B41 

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[Bellanger, , architect] 

Notes instructives pour MM. les architectes et entrepreneurs des AI 
grands travaux de I'ex-gouvernement, instruits par une . . . ex- B41 
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Napoleon . . . Paris, 1814. O. 84 p. 

Last page signed F. M. T. 

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No. 63 of 330 copies printed. 

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Paged continuously. 

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Paged continuously. 

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Text in Latin and Italian in parallel columns. 

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See Deutsches archaologisches institut. 

Berlin (Ger.) — Kaiserl. deutsches archaologisches 

See Deutsches archaologisches institut. 

Berlin (Ger.) — Konigliche kunstgewerbe=museum. 

See Berlin (Ger.) — Kunstgewerbe-museum. 

Berlin (Ger.) — Konigliche museen. 

See Berlin (Ger.) — Museen. 

Berlin (Ger.) — Konigliche technische Bau=deputa= 

See Berlin (Ger.) — Technische Bau=deputation. 



Berlin (Ger.) — Konigliche technische hochschule. 

See Berlin (Ger.) — Technische hochschule. 

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Contents: pt. i. Rahmen; italienische renaissance. 

pt. z. Rahmen ; Italien und Deutschland, i6. jahrhundert. 

pt. 3. Rahmen ; 17. jahrhundert. 

pt. 4. Rahmen ; anfang, 18. jahrhundert. 

pt. 5. Stuhle ; 16.-17. jahrhundert. 

pt. 6. Stuhle ; 17.-19. jahrhundert. 

pt. 7. Kandelaber; 16.-17. jahrhundert. 

pt. 8. Gothische mobel. 

pt. 9. Gitter aus schmiedeeisen ; 16. -18. jahrhundert. 

pt. 10. Oberlichtgitter aus schmiedeeisen und verwandtes ; 16. -18. jahrhundert. 

pt. II. Persisch-tiirkische fayencenteller. 

pt. 12. Italienische truhen ; 15. -16. jahrhundert. 

pt. 13. Orientalische teppiche. 

See Lessing, Julius. 1843-. Das speisezimmer und andere fest- AK 
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See Seler, Eduard. Peruanische alterthiimer. [Pref. 1893.] Ai 

Berlin (Ger.) — Technische Bau=deputation, editor. ab 

See Zeitschrift fur bauwesen. 1851- Z31 

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Contents: v. 1-2I. Kirchenbau. 
V. 32. Profanbau. 

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Vol. z. BoHN, R. 1849 -. Die Propylaeen der Akropolis zu Athen. 1882. 

Denkmaler der baukunst, zusammengestellt, autographisch ge- AA 
zeichnet und . . . hrsg. von studirenden. B454 

Berlin, 1877-92. F.® pt. 1-22. 264 pi. 

Contents: pt. 1-3. Antike baukunst. 

pt. 4-9. Altchristliche und romanische baukunst. 

pt. 10 -16. Gothische baukunst. 

pt. 17-19. Baukunst der renaissance. 

pt. 20-22, Renaissance in Frankreich. 

Berlin (Ger.) — ^Technische hochschule, publisher. AB 

See Baukunst des mittelalters. 1880-. B32 

Berlin (Ger.) — Technische hochschule — Louis Bois= 
sonnet-stiftung. 1883. 

See Meyer=Schwartau, Wilhelm. Der dom zu Speier und ver- AH43 
wandte bauten. 1893. Sp3 

Berlin iron bridge co. 

[Catalogues of] roofs, bridges, buildings, corrugated iron, beams, AI 
girders, columns, turntables . . . B46 

East Berlin, no date. Obi. O. 2 v. in i, ill. 

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See Cean Bermudez, Juan Ag^ustin. 1 749-1 829. 


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tine period to that of Louis seize . . . B45 1 

London, 1855. O. 357 p. S por. 30 pi 

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Der Naturforschenden gesellschaft von Basel zur feier ihres flinfzigjahrigen bestehens 

Berquin, Jaques. 

Architectura; of, Wiskunstige verhandeling om de voornaamste AA 
eigenschappen der burgerlyke bouwkonst betrekkelyk te maaken B4S 
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See Orozco y Berra, Manuel. 1816-81. 

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See Bertius, Petrus. 1 565-1629. 

Berthaud freres. 

See Paris (France) — Exposition universelie. 1889. Frise in- 
terieure du dome central du Palais des expositions diverses. 


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Sevres. (In Bulletin monumental v. 50, p. 89-112.) B87 

Eglise Notre-Dame la Grande; Eglise Saint- Nicholas; Eglise AR44 
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ments du Poitou. 1884-. v. 6. 26 p. ill. 8 pi.) P75 

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2. De Germania a Carlo Magno deinceps. 

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See Scamozzi, Ottavio Bertotti. 1726-. 

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Contents : v. 1-2. Region du Louvre et des Tuileries. 
V. 3. Region du bourg Saint-Germain. 
V. 4. Region du faubourg Saint-Gennain. 
V. 5. Region occidentale de I'universit^. 
Vols. 1-2 continued after the author's death by H. Legrand ; v. 3 by L. M. Tisserand and T. 
Vacquer ; v. 4-5 by L. M. Tisserand ; v. 4-5 have four unmounted plans of the city con- 
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See South Kensington (Eng.) museum— Bethnal Qreen branch. 

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V. 2. Afrique et Asia. 

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Only 250 copies printed. 

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Only so copies printed. 

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Contents: i. Die marmorstatue Johannes des Taufers von Michelangelo. 

2. Bildwerke des Andrea del Verrocchio. 

3. Bildwerke des Donatello und seiner schule. 

4. Versuche derbildung weiblicher typen in der plastik des quattrocento. 

5. Die florentiner thonbilder in den ersten jahrzehnten des quattrocento ; Luca 

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6. Die florentiner marmorbildner in der zweiten halfte des quattrocento. 

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No. 83 of 100 copies printed. 

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t)ber die gruppe von San Ildefonso. 

Wiesbaden, 1855. Q. 19 p. 2 pL 

Programm, Gymnasium, Wiesbaden. 

Bogue, James W. 

Domestic architecture; . . . designs for cottages and villas, with AE2 
. . . estimates . . . added. Handy hints on the internal arrangement, B631 
and the sanitary contrivances, by the author of "The grammar of 
house planning" [R. S. Burn]. 

Edinburgh, 1865. ObL O. 38 p. 20 pL 

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Album hervorragender gegenstande aus der waffensammlung des AN5 
allerhochsten kaiserhauses . . . B632 

Wien, 1894. F.* [6]+28+[i] p. 50 pL 

Augsburger waffenschmiede, ihre werke und ihre beziehungen zum AB 
kaiserlichen und zu anderen hofen. (In Jahrbuch der kunsthis- J 191 
torischen sammlungen des allerhochsten kaiserhauses. v. 12, pt. i, 
p. 165-227; v. 13, pt. I, p. 202-225; v. 14, pt. I, p. 329-345-) 

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Werke Mailander waffenschmiede in der kaiserlichen sammlungen. AB 
(In Jahrbuch der kunsthistorischen sammlungen des allerhochsten J 191 
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Die zingbiicher des Kaisers Maximilian I. (In Jahrbuch der AB 
kunsthistorischen sammlungen des allerhochsten kaiserhauses. J191 
V. 13, pt. I, p. 94-201.) 



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Quaestiones de re vestiaria Graecorum. AN4 

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Der einfiuss der architektur auf malerei und plastic . . . AA 

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Bericht fiber die ausgrabungen auf der Akropolis zu Athen im AR495 
fruhjahr 1880. (In Deutsches archaologisches institut. Mittheil- G81 
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Die Propylaeen der Akropolis zu Athen . . AH495 

Berlin, 1882. F.« S+40 p. 21 pi. At4 

(Berlin (Ger.) — Technische hochschule. Berichte der ausgefiihrten studienreisen. v. 2.) 

Die stoa Konig Attalos des zweiten zu Athen. (In Zeitschrift fur AB 
bauwesen. v. 32, p. 387—404. 2 pi.) Z31 

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Die entwurfe des Parlaments-gebaudes ftir den deutschen reichs- AH43 
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architektur. 1880-. 4. thl. i. hlbd., p. 191-255. ill. 6 pi.) H19 

[Boid, Edward.] 

Concise history and analysis of all the principal styles of archi- AA 
tecture . . . Egyptian, Grecian, Roman . . . [with] a sketch of the B63 1 
architecture of England . . . [Anon.] 

London, 1829. D. 20+212 p. 13 pi. 

Boileau, L[ouis] A[uguste]. 181 2-. 

Histoire critique de I'invention en architecture; classification AA 
methodique des ceuvres de I'art monumental . . . B63 

Paris, 1886. F.^ 2 v. in i. 20 pi. 3 tab. 

Les preludes de I'architecture du 20^ siecle; un demi-siecle AM2 
d'etudes architecturales dans le sens du progres. Nouv. ed. B63 

Paris, 1893. Q. 27+43 P- 3 pl- 

Boindin, Nicolas. 1 676-1 751. 

Ragionamento sopra la forma e la struttura del teatro antico . . . 

Venezia, 1746. Sq. O. 11 p. i pi. 


Boirot=Desserviers, P. 

Recherches historiques et observations medicales sur les eaux AR44 
thermales et minerales de Neris en Bourbonnais ... N3S 

Paris, 1822. O. 12+494 p. 20 pi. i table. 

Boissard, Jean Jacques. 1528-1602. 

Romanae vrbis topographia et antiquitates . . . figurae ... in AR4S 
aere incisae artifice T. de Bry . . . R682 

Francfordii, 1597-1602. F. 6 pts. in 2 v. ill. 496 pi. map. 

Topographia urbis Romae; . . . beschreibung der stadt Rom . . . AA 
in die teutsche sprache iibersetzt, und die figuren ... an den tag Z3 1 
gegeben durch Dieterich de Bry. Franckfurt, 1681. F. [43+74 p. 
99 pi. (Zeiller, Martin. Topographia. 1643-88. pt. 31.) 

Boisseree, [Johann] Sulpiz [Melchior Dominicus]. 

1 783-1854. 

Ansichten, risse und einzelne theile des doms von Koln. See below, AH43 
Vues, plans, coupes et details de la cathedrale de Cologne. 1821. C7121 

Denkmale der baukunst vom 7ten bis zum 1 3ten jahrhundert am AH43 
Nieder-Rhein. See, below, Monuments d'architecture du septieme 0,"] 1 1 
au treizieme siecle dans les contrees du Rhin inferieur. 1842. 

Geschichte und beschreibung des doms von Koln. 2. ausg. AH43 

Munchen, 1842. Sq. F. 8+ii9p. S pi. C712 

Monuments d'architecture du septieme au treizieme siecle dans AH43 
les contrees du Rhin inferieur. 0711 

Munich, 1842. F.^ 6+23 p. 72 pi. 

Vues, plans, coupes et details de la cathedrale de Cologne, avec AH43 
des restaurations d'apres le dessin original ... C7121 

Stuttgart, 1 82 1. F.12 18 pi. 

Forms an atlas to his Geschichte und beschreibung des doms von Koln. 

Boissier, [Marie Louis] Gaston. 1823-. 

Les derniers travaux d'archeologie grecque et romaine en France AP 
et a I'etranger. O. 39 p. Z2 

From Revue des deux mondes, May i^', 1864. 

Promenades archeologiques : Rome et Pompei. 4^ ed. AR45 

Paris, 1891. D. 7+407 p. 8 plans. R686 

Boissiere, Qustave. 1837-. 

Rapport sur une mission archeologique et epigraphique en Mol- AB 
davie et en Valachie. (In Archives des missions scientifiques. Ar2i 
1867. V. 12, p. 1 8 1-22 1.) 

Boissoudan, de. 

Methode pour dresser et faire voler les oyseaux. Niort, 1864. AX 
Q. 29 p. (In Fouilloux, Jacques du. La venerie, 1864.) F82 


Boitard, [Pierre]. 1 789-1859. 

L'art de composer et decorer les jardins. Nouvelle ed. Paris, AN8 
no date. Obi. S. 6+174 p. and Atlas. 131 pi. (Encyclopedic- B631 

Traite de la composition et de I'ornement des jardins ... 3^ ed. AN8 
Paris, 1825. Obi. S. 6+i56+[2] p. 9^ pi. B63 

Boito, Camillo. 1836- 

La chiesa di S. Abondio e la basilica dissotta. AH45 

No place, 1863. O. 11 pi. Sa2 

11 duomo di Milano e i disegni per la sua facciata. AH45 

Milano, 1889. Q. i2+3i8+[37] p. ill. 97 pl- MS93 

Bibliography by F. Salveraglio. 

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Questioni pratiche di belle arti: Restauri, concorsi, legislazione, AA 
professione, insegnamento. B634 

Milano, 1893. O. ii+4i9+[3]p. ill. 

Boito, Camillo, 1836-, editor. 
Arte italiana decorativa ed industriale, periodico mensile . . . Anno AG 
secondo. Roma, 1892. F.^ 104 p. ill. 60 pL 72 details. AR72 

See also title entry: Arte italiana . . . Anno prime. 1890-91. 

Boldetti, Marco Antonio. 1 663-1 749. 

Osservazioni sopra cimiterj de santi martiri ed antichi cristiani. AR45 

Roma, 1720. F. 2 v. pl. R69 

This work forms a supplement to the Roma sotteranea of Antonio Bosio. 

Boldoni, Sigismondo. 1 597-1 630. 

Descrizione del tempio [di Como]. (In Ceresola, Domenico. AH4S 
Storia della cattedrale di Como. 1821.) C73 

[Bologna, Qiacomo.] 

Notizie storiche della chiesa arcipretale collegiata di Schio. AH45 
[Anon.] Schio, 1879. Q. [3] + 22-t-59 p. 8 pl. Schs 

Bologna (Italy) — Accademia Clementina. 

See Qalli da Bibiena, Ferdinando. 1657-1743. Direzioni a' gio- AL2 
vani student! nel disegno dell' architettura civile. 1777. G13 

Bolton, Arthur [Thomas]. 

Examples of mosaic pavings from rubbings of floors at Pompeii AJ2 
and Venice, with additional patterns from Palermo and Rome. B63 

London [1891]. Sq. F.« 3 + [2] f. 12 pl. 


Bonanni, Filippo. 1638-1725. 

Catalogo degli ordini equestri e militari esposto in imagini, e con AN4 
breve racconto. 3^ ed. B643 

Roma, 1724. Sq. O. [37] + i4i p. 164 pi. 

Engraved title-page. Title-pages and text in Latin and Italian ; text in parallel columns 
printed on recto of folio only. 

Catalogo degli ordini religiosi della chiesa militante espressi con AN4 
imagini, e spiegati con una breve narrazione . . . pte. i*-2^, 3^ ed. B642 

Roma, 1722-23. Sq. O. 3 v. 324 pi. 

Title-pages and text in Latin and Italian ; text in parallel columns, printed on recto of 
folio only. 

La gerarchia ecclesiastica considerata nelle vesti sagre e civili usate AN4 
da quelli . . . espresse e spiegate con le imagini di ciascun grado. B644 

Roma, 1720. Sq. O. 2 v. 160 pL 

Ordinum equestrium et militarium catalogus. See, above, Catalogo AN4 
degli ordini equestri e militari. 1724. B643 

Ordinum religiosorum in ecclesia militanti catalogus. See, above, AN4 
Catalogo degli ordini religiosi. 1722-23. B642 

Bonaparte, Lucien, prince de Canino. 1 775-1840. 
Catalogue and account of certain vases and other Etruscan AB 
antiquities discovered in 1828-29, by the Prince of Canino; Ar2 
translated and communicated by Lord Dudley Stuart. (In 
Archaeologia. v. 23, p. 130-276.) 

Museum etrusque; fouilles de 1828 a 1829: Vases peints avec in- AR45 
scriptions. Viterbe, 1829. Q. 21 1 p. 42 pL Et76 

Bonayentura, Antero Maria, saint, originally Filippo 
Micone. 1620-86. 

Lazzeretti della citta e riviere di Genova del 1656 e 57 . . . aggiun- AH4S 
tovi . . . un Breve ristretto della vita e virtu dell' autore. G283 

Genova, 1744. O. 12+203+20 p. 

Bond, Thomas. 

History and description of Corfe castle, in the Isle of Purbeck, AH42 
Dorset. London, 1883. O- S + i44+[i] P- ill. 4 pi- 2 plans. C8111 

Bonelli, Ange, translator. AH4S 

See Fea, C. D. F. I. 1753-1834. Description de Rome. 1821. R698 

Bonfils, Adrian. 

Scenes and scenery of the Bible lands; 200 engravings . . . from AH 5 69 
original photographs ... a full description of each engraving; Ai 
Bible lands and Bible scenes as they appear to-day. 

New York, 1894. Obi Q. [210] p. 200 pi. 


Bongioannini, F. 

Gli edifizi per le scuole primarie. AE6 

Roma, 1879. Obi. O. [9]+S9+[3] P- 23 pi. B64 

Boni, Giacomo. 

The Ca'd'Oro and its polychromatic decorations. (In Royal insti- AC 
tute of British architects. Transactions. 1887. n. s. v. 3, R8i 
p. 27-36. 3 pi.) 

Bonn; beitrage zu seiner geschichte und seinen denk- AH43 
malern von Fr. Ritter, J. Freudenberg, K. Simrock, W. Harless, B645 
E. V. Schaumburg, C. Varrentrapp, E. aus'm Weerth, A. Wiirst. 
Bonn, 1868. Q. Various paging. 6 pi. map. 

Delivered before the members of the International congress filr alterthumskunde und 

[Bonnaffe, Edmond.] 1825-. 

Les amateurs de I'ancienne France: Le surintendant Foucquet. AW 
Paris, 1882. Sq. F. [3]+99+[3]. 6 ill., 3 facsim., as pl. (Biblio- F82 
theque Internationale de I'art.) 

Les coUectionneurs de I'ancienne Rome; notes d'un amateur. AO 
[Anon.] Paris, 1867. O. 7+i28+[i] p. B64 

No, 13 of 600 copies printed. 

Eugene Piot. (In Piot, Eugene. Catalogue des objets d'art com- AO 
posant sa collection. 1890. p. 7-30.) P65 

Le meuble en France au i6e siecle. ANi 

Paris, 1887. F. [7] +286+ [2] p. 120 ill. B64 

Bonnar, Thomas. 

Biographical sketch of George Meikle Kemp. AW 

Edinburgh, 1892. O. 8+[i]+227 p. ill. 3 por. 2 pl. K32 

Bonnard, Camille. 

Costumes des 136, 146 et isesiecles, extraits des monumens les AN4 
plus authentiques de peinture et de sculpture . . . [dessines et B64 
graves par P. Mercuri]. Paris, 1829-30. F. 2 v. 200 pl. 

Costumes historiques des 126-156 siecles tires des monuments les AN4 
plus authentiques de peinture et de sculpture, dessines et graves B641 
par P. Mercuri . . Nouv. edition avec une Introduction par C. 
Blanc. Paris, 1860-61. Sq. F. 3 v. 200 col. pl. 

Bonnardot, Hippolyte. 

L'Abbaye royale de Saint-Antoine-des-Champs, de I'Ordre de AH44 
Citeaux; etude topographique et historique. P33 

Paris, 1882. Sq. F. 4+9i + [i] p. iU. 5 pl. 

Bonney, Rev. H[enry] K[aye]. 1 780-1862. 

Historic notices in reference to Fotheringhay. . . AR42 

Oundle, 1821. O. 7+127 p. ill. 9 pl. F821 



Bonnin, Theodose. 1807-71. 

Antiquites gallo-romaines des Eburoviques . . . AR44 

Paris, i860. Sq. F.* 27 p. 95 pL 2 maps. Eu/ 

Antiquites gallo-romajnes du Vieil-Evreux . . . AR44 

Evreux, 1845. Sq. F.* [4] p. 49 pL map. Ev7 

Bonomi, Joseph. 1796-1878. 

Egypt, Nubia and Ethiopia . . . with . . . notes by S. Sharpe. AH62 

London, 1862. Sq. O. 12+239 P- i^- loi pl- A9 

Bonstetten, Albrecht von. 1445-1509. 

Descriptio Helvetiae. (In Antiquarische gesellschaft in Zurich. AC 
Mittheilungen. 1846-47. v. 3, p. 93-105. ill.) An8 

Bonstetten, Qustave, baron de. 1816-. 

Recueil d'antiquites Suisse, 1855; — Supplement, i860; — Second AR494 
supplement, 1867. Ai 

Berne, 1855. Lausanne, 1860-67. F-^ 3 v. &•] pl. 

Bontemps, Q[eorges]. 

Peinture sur verre au ige siecle; les secrets de cet art sont-ils re- AM7 
trouv^s? . . . Paris, 1845. O- 45 P- B64 

Bonvallet, A. 

Montierneuf. (In Robuchon, J. C. Paysages et monuments du AR44 
Poitou: Poitiers. 1 890. v. i, p. 98-102. ill. pl.) P75 

Book of costume. AN4 

See [Wilton, M. M. (S.) Egerton, countess of]. -1858. W71 

Booke of sundry draughtes. AN3 

See [Qidde, Walter]. 17th cent. G38 

Booth, John, publisher. 
Architectura ecclesiastica Londini; or. Graphical survey of the AH42 
cathedral, collegiate and parochial churches in London, Southwark L893 
and Westminster . . . [with] considerations on the rise and progress 
of early Christian architecture by C. Clarke. 

London, 1820. F.^ [6]+7+3S p. 123 pL 

[Booth, Lorenzo.] 

Original design book for cornices and draperies. [Anon.] AI 

London, no date. Sq. F. 24 pl. B641 

Boothroyd, Rev. B[enjamin]. 1 768-1836. 

History of the ancient borough of Pontefract, containing an . . . AR42 
account of its castle and the three . . . sieges it sustained during P771 
the civil war . . . Pontefract, 1807. O. 16+496+24 p. 5 pl. 


Bordeaux, Jean Hippolyte Raymond. 1821-77. 

Les anciennes maisons monumentales de Caen. (In Bulletin mon- AB 

umentales. v. 12, p. 106-129.) B87 

Les brocs a cidre en faience de Rouen; etude de ceramique nor- AN2 

mande. Caen, 1868. Sq. F.* 32 p. ill. 4 pL B64 

Des voutes en bois et de leur reparation. (In Revue de I'art AB 

Chretien, v. 6, p. 3S4-370-) ^324 

Etudes heraldiques sur les anciens monuments religieux et civils AB 

de la ville de Caen. (In Bulletin monumental v. 12, p. 461-482.) B87 

Eure. (In La Normandie illustree. 1852. pt. 2. 82 p. 27 pL) AH44 


Principes d'archeologie pratique appliques a I'entretien, la decora- AB 

tion et I'ameublement artistique des eglises. (In Bulletin monu- B87 
mental v. 17, p. 42S-467> S05-S61, 585-688; v. 18. p. 65-96.) 

Serrurerie du moyen-age; les ferrures de portes, avec dessins par AM2 

Henri Gerente et G. Bouet. B64 

Oxford, 1858. Q. i27-f-[2] p. ill 40 pi 

Traite de la reparation des eglises; principes d'archeologie pra- AE 

tique. 3eed. Paris, 1888. O. 358 p. ill B64 

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See Pettier, A. A. 1 799-1 867. Histoire de la faience de Rouen. AN2 

1870. P8S 

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Histoire des monuments anciens et modernes de la ville de Bor- AH44 ' 

deaux . . . Paris, 1845. Q. 2 v. 70 pi B64 

Bordier, Henri [Leonard]. 1817-88. 

Les inventaires des archives de I'empire; reponse a . . . Marquis AR44 

de Laborde . . . contenant un errata pour ses prefaces et ses in- A7 
ventaires . . . Paris, 1867. Q. 47 p. 

Borghesi, Bartolommeo, conte, 178 7-1 860. 

Nuovi frammenti dei Fasti consolari Capitolini . . . (In Rome, AC 

Italy. Accademia romana di archeologia. Dissertazioni. 1 821. R661 
V. I, pt. I, p. 179-296; pt. 2, p. 371-576. 3 pl) 

[Borghi, Carlo.] 

II duomo; ossia, Cenni storici e descrittivi della cattedrale di AH45 

Modena. [Anon.] Modena, 1845. O- i74+[i] P- 3 pl- ^7^ 

Borghini, Raffaello. i6th cent. 

II riposo [in cui della pittura e della scultura si favella]. AO 

Firenze, 1730. O. 24-|-558+[i] p. B642 

Edited with notes by G. G. Bottari. 



Borgnet, Jules. 1 8 1 7-72. 

Promenades dans Namur. 

Namur, 1851-59. O. v. i. [s]+4+646p. ill 6pl. 3 maps. 

No more published. From Annales de la Soci^t^ arch^ologique de Namur (Belgium). 

Borlase, William Copeland. 1848-. 

Typical specimens of Cornish barrows. (In Archaeologia. 
p. 181-198. 4 pi.) 

V. 49, 

Bormann, Eugen. 

De titulo Spoletino antiquissimo scripsit. (In Institute di cor- 
rispondenza archeologica. Centum feliciter peracta gratulantur 
juvenes Capitolini. 1879. p. i-io.) 

Bormann, Eugen, editor. 

See Abhandlungen des Archaologisch-epigraphischen seminares 
der Universitat Wien. 1886-. v. 6-. 

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La verrerie et la cristallerie de Voneche. (In Bulletin des com- 
missions royales d'art et d'archeologie. 1881. V. 20, p. 279-317.) 

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See Felix, Eugen. Die kunstsammlung. 1880. 

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Opera, cavata da suoi originali, cioe La Chiesa e fabrica della 
Sapienza di Roma . . . Roma, 1720. F. ^ [5] p. i por. 46 pi. 

Text engraved. Another copy is bound with his Opus architectonicum. 1725. 

. Opus architectonicum, ex ejusdem exemplaribus petitum; Orato- 
rium nempe, aedesque Romanas . . . Congregationis Oratorii S. 
Philippi Nerii . . . accedit . . . descriptio, ac ratio auctore . . 
edita . . . Seb. Gianninus edidit . . . 

Romae, 1725. F.^ 3i + [3] P- por. 67 pL 

Text in Italian and Latin. 



Borgnis, Q. A. 1 78 1 (?) -. 

Elementi di statica architettonica. AI 

Milano, 1842. O. 8+290+[2] p. 13 pi. B642 

Traite elementaire de construction appliquee a I'architecture AI 
civile... Paris, 1823. Q. i3+[2]+646 p. 30 pi. B64 

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Observations on the antiquities ... of the county of Cornwall, AR42 
consisting of . . . essays on the first inhabitants, Druid-superstition, C812 
customs and remains ... in Britain and the British Isles . . . 

Oxford, 1754. F.* 16-I-413 p. 23 pL map. 










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Les monuments anciens de la Tarentaise (Savoie) . . . AH44 

Paris, 1884. F. 2 v. 97 pL T17 

Borrmann, R[ichard]. 

Die bau- und kunstdenkmaler von Berlin . . . mit einer geschicht- AH43 
lichen einleitung von P. Clauswitz. B461 

Berlin, 1893. F. io+[2]+436 p. ill. 3° pi. map. 

Neue untersuchungen am Erechtheion zu Athen. (In Deutsches AR495 
archaologisches institut. Mittheilungen; athenische abtheilung. G81 
V. 6, p. 372-392. pl. 16.) 

Borrmann, Richard, Adler, Friedrich, 182 7-, and 


Die baudenkmaler von Olympia. 1892. (In Curtius, E., and AR495 

Adler, F. Olympia. 1892. v. i.) • OI91 

Borrmann, Richard, Dorpfeld, Wilhelm, 1853-, and 

Uber die verwendung von terrakotten am geison und dache A? 
griechischer bauwerke. 1881. W722 

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Borromini, Francesco. 1 599-1 667. 

See Boromino, Francesco. 1599—1667. 

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arti di Venezia . . . con Cenni storici dell' ornato decorative italiano B64 
di G. Vallardi. Milano, 1831. F.^ [8] +24 p. 61 pl. 

Borsen=verein der deutschen buchhandler — 6ster= 
mess=ausstellung. 1884. AN6 

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See Scamozzi, Vincenzo. 15 52-1616. Brief and plain description A A 
of the five orders of columns of architecture ... by S. Bosboom ScaS4 
according to Scamozzi. 1676. 

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Dictionnaire de I'art, de la curiosite et du bibelot. AO 

Paris, 1883. Q. 16+695 p. iH. 4pl. 6651 

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divers peuples. Paris, 188 1. D. 7+576 p. 451 ill. B65 

Dictionnaire raisonn^ d'architecture et des sciences et arts qui s'y AA 
rattachent. Paris, 1877-80. Q. 4 V. ill. por. pL B6s 


Bosc, Ernest. 183 7-. 

Traite complet, theorique et pratique du chauffage et de la venti- AJ 
lation des habitations particulieres et des edifices publics . . . Paris, B65 
1875. Q. 5+262 p. 250 ill. (Encyclopedic generale de I'archi- 

Boschen, H. 

Die renaissance-decke im schlosse zu Jever, mit text von F. von AH43 
Alten. Leipzig, 1883. F.« 2+[i] p. 25 pi. JS3 

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Gioielleria, oreficeria, oro, argento e platino . . . AM4 

Milano, 1889. S. 335 p. ill. B6s 
Bosigk, F. L. 

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sangerbundesfestes zu Dresden, 22-25 Juli. 1865 . . . B65 

Dresden, 1865. F. i8+[i] p. 

Bosio, Antonio. -1629. 

Roma sotterranea . . . nella quale si tratta de' sacri cimiterii di AR45 
Roma, del sito, forma etuso antico di essi . . . R691 

Roma, 1632. F.'' pi. 

Bosquet, Amelie, 18 20-. 

Aper9u general: Caractere, mceurs, usages et costumes [normands]. AH44 
(In La Normandie illustree. 1852. pt. 3. 28 p. 24 pi.) N783 

[Seine-Inferieure] : Rotien; Le Havre; Dieppe; Neufchatel 
Yvetot. (In La Normandie illustree. 1852. pt. i, p. 4-106, 
37 pi. map.) 



Bosse, A[braham]. i6ii(?)-78. 

Representations geometrales de plusieurs parties de bastiments AA 
faites par les reigles de I'architecture antique . . . B6s 

Paris, 1688. F.s [243 + 20 f. ill. i pi. 

Bound with his Traitd des manieres de dessiner les ordres de I'architecture. 1664 (?). 

Traite des manieres de dessiner les ordres de I'architecture an- AA 
tique en toutes leurs parties . . . B65 

Paris [1664 (?)]. F.s 44 f. ill. I pi. 

Bosseboeuf, L. A., abbe. 

Histoire et archeologie: Fontevrault, son histoire et ses mono- AR44 
ments . . . Tours [1890]. O. 104 p. F73 

Histoire et archeologie: Saint- Aignan, Tesee et Montrichard. AR44 

Tours, 1890. O. 31 p. F73 

Bound with his Histoire et archeologie : Fontevrault. [1890.] 

Bossuit, Francis van. 1635-92. 

Beeld-synders kunst-kabinet in yvoor gesneeden. See, below, AN6 
Cabinet de I'art de schulpture execute en yvoire. 1727. B65 


Bossuit, Francis van. 1635-92. 

Cabinet de I'art de schulpture execute en yvoire . . gravees AN6 
d'apres les desseins de B. Graat par M. Pool. B65 

Amsterdam, 1727. Q. 15 p. 2 por. 89 pL 

Title-page and text in French, Dutch and English. 

Boston (Mass.) Architectural club. 

Sketchbook. [Boston] 1890. Sq. F.* 30 pi. AA 

No. 306 of 500 copies printed. 13052 

See also, below. Society of Architects and Boston Architectural 

Boston (Mass.) — Music hall. 

Plan of orchestra [ist_2d balcony, original drawings of portion of AH73 
side wall, of ceiling and of details]. Boston, 1852. F.^ 6 pi. B6s 

Wood-engraving of the interior and account of opening exercises inserted. 

Boston (Mass.) — Portfolio club. 
See Portfolio club (Boston). 

Boston (Mass.) Society of architects and Boston 
Architectural club. 

Catalogue of the architectural exhibition held . . . Oct. 28-Nov. 4, AA 
in conjunction with the annual convention of the American insti- B653 
tute of architects. Boston, 1891. O. 39+72 p. 51 pL 

Boston illustrated. 

Boston [c. 1872]. O. i22+[2] p. ill. and Sup. 32 p. map. 

B[othmer], C[arl] von, graf. 

Betrachtungen und einfalle iiber die bauart der privatgebaude in AH43 
Teutschland; hrsg. von d. f C[arl] v. B[othmer]. A31 

Augsburg, 1779. F.* [4] +44 p. 60 pL 

Bottari, Giovanni Qaetano, 1689-1775, editor and 
annotator. AO 

See Borghini, Raffaello. 1 6th cent. II riposo. 1730. B642 

Bottazzi, Giuseppe Antonio. 

Le antichita di Tortona e suo agro . . . AR45 

Alessandria, 1808. O. 12+320+60 p. ill. map. T632 

Botticher, [Gustav] Adolf. 1842-. 

Die Akropolis von Athen, nach den berichten der alten und den AH495 
neuesten erforschungen. At4i 

Berlin, 1888. Q. 15+295 p. 132 ilL 36 pL 



Botticher, [Qustav] Adolf. 1842-. 

Die bau- und kunstdenkmaler der provinz Ostpreussen im auftrage 
des Ostpreussischen provinzial-landtages bearbeitet 

Konigsberg, 1891-. Q. v. i. ill 4 pL 

Contents: v. i. Das Samland. 

Botticher, Karl [Gottlieb Wilhelm]. 1806-&9. 

Andeutungen iiber das heilige und profane in der baukunst der 
Hellenen; eine gedachtnissschrift zur geburtsfeier Schinkels. 

Berlin, 1846. Q. 34 p. 

Bericht uber die untersuchungen auf der Akropolis von Athen in 
friihjahre, 1862 . . . Berlin, 1863. O. [63+232 p. 13 pi 

Dirke als quelle und heroine. Berlin, 1864. Q. 21 p. 1 pi. 

Winckelmannsfest, Berlin. Programm, no. 24. 

Das grab des Dionysos an der marmorbasis zu Dresden . . 

Berlin, 1858. Q. 12 p. i pi. 

Winckelmannsfest, Berlin. Programm, no. 18. 

Die holzarchitectur des mittelalters mit Anschluss der schonsten 
in dieser epoche entwickelten produkte der gewerbliche Industrie. 

Berlin, 1835-42. F.^ [3] p. 26 pi. 

Der hypathraltempel, auf grund des vitruvischen zeugnisses gegen 
L. Ross. Berlin, no date. Q. "]"] p. 

Reprint of first edition, 1847. 

Der omphalos des Zeus zu Delphi . 

Winckelmannsfest, Berlin. Programm, no. 19. 

Berlin, 1859. Q. 18 p. i pL 

Das princip der Hellenischen und Germanischen bauweise hin- 
sichtlicht der iibertragung in die bauweise unserer tage. 

Berlin, 1846. Q. 30 p. 

Schinkels Geburtstagsfeier, Berlin. 

Die tektonik der Hellenen ... 2. ausg. 

Berlin, 1874-81. Q. 2 v. 6+627+[i8] p. i pL Atlas, F."* 45 pL 

Paged continuously. 

Contents: v. i. Die lehre dertektonischenkunstformen, dorische, ionischeundkorinthische 
V. X. Der tempel in seiner raumlichen anordnung und ausstattung. 

Tektonische untersuchungen auf der Akropolis von Athen. (In 
Zeitschrift fiir bauwesen. v. 30, p. 71-88, 209-228. 3 pi.) 

Die thymele der Athena- Nike auf der Akropolis von Athen in 
ihrem heutigen zustande; nach der tektonischen untersuchung im 
friihlinge. 1878. Berlin, 1880. O. [3] + 56 p. 3 pi. 

From Zeitschrift fiir bauwesen. 1880. 



















Botticher, Karl [Gottlieb Wilhelm]. 1806-89. 

Uber den Parthenon zu Athen und den Zeus-tempel zu Olympia. AB 
(In Zeitschrift fiir bauwesen. v. 2, p. 194-210, 498-520; v. 3, Z31 
p. 35-44. 127-142, 269-292. I pi) 

tJber die lezte bauliche untersuchung der Erechtheion. (In Zeit- AB 
schrift fiir bauwesen. v. 9, p. 203-216, 317-333. 4 pi.) Z31 

Die untersuchungen auf der Akropolis von Athen . . . 1862. (In AB 
Zeitschrift fiir bauwesen. v. 13, p. 195-224, 405-470, 557-608. Z31 
13 pl) 

Der zophorus am Parthenon; hinsichtlich der streitfrage iiber AH495 
seinen inhalt und dessen beziehung auf dieses gebaude ... Z3 

Berlin, 1875. Q. 132 p. 

Bottiger, Karl August. 1 760-1 835. 

Andeutungen zu 24 vortragen iiber die archaologie im winter AP 
1806 gehalten. Dresden, 1806. D. pt. i. 18+219 p. ^652 

No more published. 

Griechische vasengemalde . . . AN2 

Weimar [3. hft. Magdeburg], 1 797-1 800. O. v. i in 3. 3 pL B6s 

No more published. 

Hercules in bivio e Prodici fabula et monumentis priscae artis illus- A08 
tratus; argumentum epistolae ad Christianum Danielen Beckium, B65 
datae . . . Lipsiae, 1829. O. [6] + 54+[i] p. i pl. 

Ideen zur archaologie der malerei . . . A06 

Dresden, 1811. O. pt. i. 30+377 p. 665 

No more published. 

Ideen zur kunst-mythologie . . 2. band . . . hrsg. von J. Sillig. AX 

Dresden, 1826-36. O. 2 v. in i. 7 pi. 6652 

Contents : Bd. i. Stambaum der religionen des altertbums. 

Einleitung zur vor-homerischen mythologie der Griechen. 
2. Jupiter, Juno und Neptunus, Amor und Psyche. 

Kleine schriften . . . gesammelt und hrsg. von J. Sillig. AR49S 

Dresden, 1837-38. O. 3 v. 17 pL A12 

Bottin, Seb[astien] . 1 764-1 853. 

Melanges d'archeologie, precedes d'une notice historique sur la AR44 
Societe royale des antiquaires de France . . A16 

Paris, 1 83 1. O. [43+92+306 p. 

Boucher, Francois. 1703-70. 

Amoretten und decorative figuren. AK 

Berlin [1890]. F.« sen i. 50 pL B661 

Wandmalereien im boudoir der Pompadour im Schlosse Crecy. AH44 
Berlin [l887(?)]. F. t.-p. 8 pl. (Alte meister, 16.) C86 


Boucher, Franfois, 1703-70, and Pillement, Jean, 

1 727-1808. AK 

. . . Panneaux. [1880.J P641 

Boucher de Villers, C. 

Tombes eparses dans la cathedrale de Paris, gravees par Denis. AH44 

Paris, 1746. F.6 53 pL P274 

Bouchet, Jules [Frederic]. 1 799-1860. 

Compositions antiques . . . 2e ed. AA 

Paris [1865]. Obi. Q. 14 p. 17 pL B661 

La Villa Pia des jardins du Vatican, architecture de Pirro Ligorio, AH45 

avec une notice . . . sur I'auteur de ce monument et . . . texte . . . R732 
par Raoul-Rochette. Paris, 1837. F-* 3^ P- 23 pL 

Bouchot, Henri [Franfois Xavier Marie]. 1849-. 

Les artistes celebres : les Clouet et Corneille de Lyon . . . AW 

Paris [1892]. Q. 62+ [4] p. ill. C621 

Cent modeles inedits de I'orfevrerie franyaise des 176 et i8e AM4 

siecles . . . Paris [1888]. F.^ [6] p. 60 pL B66 

De la reliure exemples a imiter ou a rejeter . . . Paris, 1891. D. AX 

92+ [2] p. 15 pi. (Bibliotheque des connaissances utiles aux B66 
amis des livres; E. Rouveyre, ed.) 

No. 70s of 7S0 copies printed. 

Boucoiran, L. 1813-. 

Guide aux monuments de Nimes. AH44 

Nimes, 1878. D. 119+32 p. 14 pL map. N611 

Boudin, Amedee. 1814-. 

Histoire de Marseille. AH44 

Paris, 1852. Q. [3] +8+608 p. 9 pi. map. M35 

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Analyse architecturale de I'abbaye de Saint-Etienne de Caen. (In AB 

Bulletin monumental v. 31, p. 417-479, 637-680; v. 33, p. 254- B87 
303, 546-592, 763-801.) 

Clochers du diocese de Bayeux. (In Bulletin monumental, v. 36, AB 

p. 524-540; V. 37, p. 81-100, 182-207,415-450; V. 38, p. 517-533) B87 

Coup-d'ceil architectonique sur les eglises de Fecamp, d'Etretat, AB 

de Jumieges et de Bocherville. (In Bulletin monumental v. 33, B87 
p. 5-26.) 

L'eglise de Germigny et celle de Beaulieu-sous-Loches. (In Bui- AB 

letin monumental v. 34, p. 566-588, 648-658.) B87 

Nouvelles observations sur les voutes de I'abbaye de Saint- AB 

Etienne de Caen. (In Bulletin monumental, v. 28, p. 57-70.) B87 


Bouillet, A., abbe. 
L'eglise Sainte-Foy de Conches, Eure, et ses vitraux . . . AH44 

Caen, 1889. O. 10+162 p. ill. 18 pi. C74 

L'eglise Sainte-Foy de Conches, Eure, et ses vitraux. (In Bulletin AB 
monumental, v. 54, p. 131-153, 253-312.) B8; 

Bouillet, J [ean] B[aptiste]. 1 799-1878. 

Description archeologique des monuments celtiques, romains et du AR44 
moyen-age du Departement du Puy-de-D6me . . . C59 

Clermont-Ferrand, 1874. O. 268 p. 

From M^moires de I'Acad^mie de Clermont-Ferrand (France). 

Rapport sur les monuments du Puy-de-D6me. (In Bulletin monu- AB 
mental, v. 4, p. 473-500.) B87 

Bouillevaux, R. A., abbe. 

Les moines du Der, avec . . . notes historiques et notices sur le AH44 
bourg et le canton de Montier-en-Der et la ville de Wassy. M766 

Montier-en-Der, 1845. O- 4^7 P- 3 pl- map. 

Bouillon, P[ierre]. i776(?)-i83i(?). 

Musee des antiques, avec des notices explicatives par J. B. de A08 
Saint-Victor. Paris [1821-27]. F.® 3 v. ill. 273 pi. B66 

Boulak (Egypt) museum. 

Guide du visiteur au Musee, par G. Maspero. AR62 

Boulaq, 1883. S. 438 p. 7 pi. A7 

Boulanger, [Nicolas Antoine]. 1722-59. 

L'antiquite devoilee par ses usages; ou, Examen critique des prin- A? 
cipales opinions, ceremonies & institutions . . . des differens peuples B66 
de la terre . . . [pub. par P. H. Thiry, baron d'Holbach]. 

Amsterdam, 1768. S. 3 -v. 

Boulenger, Jules Cesar. 1558-1628. 

De pictura, plastice, statuaria. — De ludis privatis, ac domesticis AO 
veterum. — De conviviis . . . Lugduni, 1627. D. 3 v. in i. B663 

Boulnois, W[illiam] Allen. 

On the drainage of buildings and streets in the metropolis. (In AC 
Royalinstitute of British architects. Papers. 1853-54, p. 87-106.) R81 

Boult, Joseph. 

Uniformity in building and sanitary regulation. (In Royal insti- AC 
tute of British architects. Transactions. 1881-82, p. 133-179.) R81 

Boulton, Samuel Bagster. 

Preservation of timber by the use of antiseptics. New York, 1885. AI 
T. 223 p. (Van Nostrand's science sen, v. 82.) B66 

From Van Nostrand's engineering magazine. 


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et monuments du Poitou. 1884-. v. 7. 6 p. ill. 2 pL) P75 

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Rouen aux principales epoques de son histoire jusqu' au ige AH44 
siecle . . . 2de ed; description des monuments par G. Dubosc. ^-75 8 

Rouen, 1886. F.* 8+143 p. iU. 30 pL 

Title-page calls for 32 pi. Dubosc's descriptions are unpaged. 

Bouquet, Francois, 1815-, editor. 

See Deville, J. A. 1 789-1 875. Tombeaux de la cathedrale de AH44 
Rouen. 1881. R7S4 

Bouraliere, A. de la. 

See La Bouraliere, A. de. 

Bourasse, J[ean Jacques], abbe. 1813-72. AH44 

Les cathedrales de France Tours, 1843. O. 684 p. ill. pi. Ai 

Esquisse archeologique des principales eglises du diocese de AH44 
Nevers. Nevers, 1844. O. i3 + i83 + [8] p. N411 

La Touraine, histoire et monuments. AH42 

Tours, 1855. F.6 6io+[i] p. 18 pL map. T64 

Bourasse, J[ean] J[acques], abbe, 1813-72, editor. 

See Neale, Rev. J. M., 1818-66, and Webb, Rev. Benjamin. Du AE 
symbolisme dans les eglises du moyen age. 1847. N25 

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ceau, — abbe. 

Verrieres du choeur de I'Eglise Metropolitaine de Tours, dessinees AH44 
et pub. par J. Marchand . . . Paris, 1849. F.^ 75 P- 18 pL T64 
(Vitraux peints du 136 siecle.) 

Bourdon, Charles. 

Excursion archeologique a la cathedrale de Bayeux. (In Bulletin AB 
monumentaL v. 17, p. 196-214.) B87 

Bourdon, Karl Eugen von Ujfalvy-. 1842-. 

See Ujfalvy-Bourdon, K. E. von. 1842-. 

Bourgeois, [Marie] Augustin [Antoine]. 1831-85. 

Chjiteau d'Anet: restauration du cryptoportique et du perron. AH44 

Paris, 1877. F.8 [3] p. 2 pi. An3i 

Bound with Pfnor, Rodolphe. 1824-. Monographie du Chateau d'Anet. 1867. 



Bourgerel, G[ustave Benjamin Alexandre Le Pro- 
vost]. 1813-82. 

Fragments d'architecture et de sculpture, dessines d'apres nature AA 
et autographies. Paris, 1863. F.^ [s] P- lOi pi. B66 

Bourges, Isaac de. iS'i^ cent. 

See Isaac de Bourges. i8th cent. 

Bourges (France) — Musee lapidaire. 

Catalogue. (In Societe des antiquaires du centre. Memoires. AC 
1873. V. 4, p. 1-40. I pi.) S03 

Supplement. (In Societe des antiquaires du centre. 

Memoires. 1884. v. 11, p. 1-3 1. i pi.) 

Deuxieme supplement. (In Societe des antiquaires du 

centre. Memoires. 1889. v. 16, p. 67-108.) 

Bourges (France) — ^Societe des antiquaires du centre. 

See Societe des antiquaires du centre. 

Bourget, Jean. 1 724-76. 

History of the royal abbey of Bee, near Rouen in Normandy; AH42 
translated from the French [by A. C. Ducarel]. G72 

London, 1779. D. 8+140 p. 

Bound with [Gough, R.]. 1735-1809. Some account of the alien priories. 1779. 

Bourgoin, Jules. 1838-. 

Les arts arabes; architecture . . . bronzes, plafonds . . pavement, AO 
vitraux . . . Paris, 1873. F.^ 4+ [16] + 28 p. ill 92 pi. B66 

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Mission archeologique franfaise. Memoires. 1884. v. i, pt I, C12 
p. 1-22. ill.) 

L'eglise copte du tombeau de Dega. (In Cairo, Egypt — Mis- AC 
sion archeologique fran^aise. Memoires. 1884. v. i, pt. i, p. C12 
33-50. 2pL) 

Les papyrus d'Akhmim; fragments de manuscrits en dialectes AC 
bachmourique et thebain. (In Cairo, Egypt — Mission archeolo- C12 
gique fran9aise. Memoires. 1885. v i, pt. 2, p. 243-304.) 

Rapport au Ministre de I'instruction publique sur une mission AC 
dans la Haute-Egypte, 1884-85. (In Cairo, Egypt — Mission C12 
archeologique franfaise. Memoires. 1887. v. i, pt. 3, p. 367- 
408. ill.) 

See Lefebure, Eugene. Les hypogees royaux de Thebes. AC 
1886-89. (In Cairo, Egypt — Mission archeologique franfaise. C12 
Memoires. 1886-89. v. 3, pt. I.) 


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et monuments du Poitou. 1884-. v. 10. 16 p. ill. 8 pi.) P75 

Bournand, Franfois. 1853-. 

See Bournand, Jean Francois. 1853-. 

Bournand, [Jean] Francois. 1853-. 

Histoire des arts decoratifs et industriels en France. AN6 

Paris [1890]. F. 242 p. ill. B66 

Bournon, Fernand [Auguste Marie]. 1857- 

Paris; histoire, monuments, administration, environs de Paris. AH44 , 

Paris, 1 888. O. 5 + [i]+384 p. ill. 2 pi. map. P2S4 

[Bourricaud, Antoine.J 

Association pour I'avancement des sciences; session de 1882. AR44 
Excursion archeologique h Saintes. [Anon.] Z 

Saintes [1882]. O. 24 p. 6 pi. 

Boussard, Jean. 1844-. 

L'art de batir sa maison; i^re partie: Construction antique. 2^nie AE2 
partie: Construction moderne. B66 

Paris [1887]. Nar. Q. 468 p. ill. 

Thirty-three full-page illustrations as plates. 

Choix de fontaines decoratives, dessinees et gravees. AE8 

Paris, 1883. F.6 [3] p. 40 pi. B66 

Concours de I'Ecole des beaux-arts; medailles et mentions . . . AG 

Paris, 1874-75. F.* 1.-2. serie in i. 2 v. 72 pi. B662 

Plates on India paper. 

Constructions et decorations pour jardins, kiosques, orangeries, AN8 
volieres, abris divers. Paris, 188 1. F. ^ 5° pi- B66 

Boussenot, Qustave. 

Chiffres et monogrammes et suite de compositions decoratives AK 
de textes et de fantaisies. Paris, no date. F. ^ 31 pi. B66 

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Histoire de la ville de Mons, ancienne et nouvelle . . . AR493 

Mons, 1725. O. [8] +43 5 + [3 6] p. 2 pi. M75 


Bruxelles, 1868. Q. 2 v. in i. map. i facsim. 

Boutan, . 

Memoire sur la Triphylie. (In Archives des missions scientifiques. AB 
1864. V. 9, p. 193-248. I pi.) Ar2i 

Rapport . . . sur la topographic et I'histoire de I'lle de Lesbos. AB 
(In Archives des missions scientifiques. 1856. v. 5, p. 273-364.) Ar2i 



Bouteiller, [Ernest] de. 1826-83. 

Dictionnaire topographique de I'ancien Departement de la Moselle AR44 

redige . . . sous les auspices de la Societe d'archeologie et M85 
d'histoire de la Moselle. Paris, 1874. Q- 55 + 3 16 p. 

Boutell, Rev. Charles. 1812-77. 

Arts and the artistic manufactures of Denmark . . . AO 

London, 1874. Q- IS + 156 p- iH- B661 

English heraldry . . London, 1867. D. 19+347 P- iH- ' pl- AWi 


Monumental brasses of London and Middlesex. (In London and AC 
Middlesex archaeological society. Transactions. i860, v. i, L84 
p. 67-112. ill. 5 pi.) 

Boutell, Rev. Charles, 1812-77, translator. 
See Lacombe, PauL 1834-. Arms and armour in antiquity and AN5 
the middle ages. 1874. Lli 

Boutin, Hippolyte, abbe. 
Palluau, Vendee. (In Robuchon, J. C. Paysages et monuments AR44 
du Poitou. 1 884-. V. 13. 31 p. ill 4pl- I plan.) P7S 

. Boutmy, Emile. 183 5-. 

Philosophic de I'architecture en Grece. AH495 

Paris, 1870. D. 194+C1] P- A13 

Boutovsky, Viktor Ivanovich. 181 5-. 

See Butovski, Viktor Ivanovich. 1815-. 

Boutry, Julien. 

Notice sur le Steen d'Anvers. (In Bulletin des commissions AB 
royales d'art et d'archeologie. 1880. v. 19, p. II-32. iipl.) B872 

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Les faiences patriotiques nivernaises. 1885. ^45 

Bouvenne, [Ernest] Aglaiis. 1829-. AX 

Legende de Sainte Wilgeforte. No place, 1866. O. 8 p. 3 pi. B66 

From Revue de I'art Chretien, v. lo. 

Notice sur I'eglise Saint- Hippolyte a Paris. AH44 

Toulouse, 1866. O. 14 p. ill. 2 pi. P235 

Bouwkundig tijdschrift. 

Amsterdam, 188 1-. F.^ ill v. i-io in 4, and Atlas to v. 6, F.« AB 


Edited by the Amsterdam Maatschappij tot bevordering der bouwkunst. Continuation of 
Bouwkundige bijdragen. Atlas bound with that of the Bouwkundige bijdragen. 


Bouwkundige bijdragen. 
Amsterdam, 1843-81. F. ill. v. 1-26 in 21, and Atlas to v. i, AB 
18-25, F.8 B66 

Edited by the Amsterdam Maatschappij tot bevordering der bouwkunst. Continued by 
Bouwkundig tijdschrift. 

Bowes, James Lord. 

Handbook to the Bowes museum of Japanese art work. Liver- AO2 
pool. 2d ed. Liverpool, 1893. O. 48 p. 2 pi. L7S1 

This book and 9 photographs of the museum enclosed in a portfolio. Sq. FA 

Japanese enamels, with illustrations from the examples in the Aj2 
Bowes collection. London, 1886. Q. io+[i]-Miip. ill. 20 p. B67 

Japanese marks and seals . . . AN2 

London [pref 1882]. Q. 9+[3]+379 p. ill. i pi. map. B671 

Contents ; pt. i. Pottery. 

pt. z. Illuminated manuscripts and printed books, 
pt. 3. Lacquer, enamels, metal, wood, ivory. 

Vindication of the decorated pottery of Japan. AN2 

[Liverpool] 189 1. Q. 63 p. ill. 3 pi. B67 

See Audsley, Q. A. 183 8-. Descriptive catalogue of art works AN6 
in Japanese lacquer . . . collection of James L. Bowes. 1875. Au2 

Bowes, James Lord, and Audsley, Q. A. 1838-. AN2 

Keramic art of Japan. 1875. Au2 

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Hermes Brittannicus ; a dissertation on the Celtic deity Teutates, AR42 
the Mercurius of Caesar, in . . . proof ... of the origin and desig- Av3 
nation of the great temple at Abury, in Wiltshire . . . 

London, 1828. O. 149 p. ill. 

Parochial history of Bremhill in the county of Wilts . . AR42 

London, 1828. O. 24+285 p. 4 pi. map. B75 

Bowles, Rev. W[illiam] L[isle], 1 762-1850, and 
Nichols, J. G., 1806-73. 

Annals and antiquities of Lacock abbey in the county of Wilts; AH42 
with memorials of the foundress Ela, countess of Salisbury, and of Li i 
the earls of Salisbury. 

London, 1835. O- 16+374+63 p. 14 pi. 5 tab. 

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Specimens of the ecclesiastical architecture of Great Britain from AH42 
the conquest to the reformation. A81 

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• Churches of the middle ages . . . select specimens of early and AE 
middle pointed structures, with a few . . . late pointed examples . . . B67 

London [1857]. F.^ 2 v. 122 pi. 

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Reliquae antiquae Eboracenses; or. Remains of antiquity relating to AR42 
the county of York. Leeds, 1855. Q. [6] +96 p. ill. 15 pi. Y81 

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Monumenta illustrium virorum et elogia . . . AE8 

Amstelodami, 1638. Q. [s]+i 76+ [4] P- iH- 38 pi. B69 

Boyer de Sainte=Suzanne, Charles Victor Emile, 

baron de. 1825-84. AB 

Les tapisseries d' Arras. (In Bulletin monumental, v. 45, p. B87 

Boyle, Rev. J[ohn] R[oberts]. 

Comprehensive guide to the county of Durham . . AH42 

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Two maps in cover pockets. 

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Lost towns of the Humber . . . AR42 

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From The artist and journal of home culture, September, 1880. 

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Sketches of the country, character and costume in Portugal and AN4 
Spain, made ... in 1808-9 • • ^7^ 

London [1809]. F.* [3] +24+75 P- 55 pl- 

Title-page and text in English and French. 

Bramantino, Bartolommeo Suardi, called il. i455(?)- 

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litografate da A. della Croce, con . . . note di G. Mongeri. 2^^ ed. A43 
Milano, 1880. F. [3] +28+ [160] p. 80 pL 

No. 40 of 8s copies printed. 

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Roma, 1 71 8. S. [io]+202+[ii] p. 26 full p. ill 2 pi. 

Brancaleoni, Francesco Ranghiasci=. 

See Ranghiasci-Brancaleoni, Francesco. 

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J. A., 1822-47. 

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amples of doorways, windows . . . with remarks on the . . . details B73 
of an ecclesiastical edifice. New ed. 

London, 1874. Sq. F. 2 v. ill. 158 pi. 
•Parish churches; being perspective views of English ecclesiastical AE 
structures . . . [with] plans . . . B73 

London, 1848. Q. [ii] + i26p. 158 pL 

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Berlin, 1876. O. 18+696 p. ill. 4 pi. 

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Collection; catalogue des monuments antiques, vases peints, terres AO2 
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Paris, 1892. F." Unpaged. 76 pi. 


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Paris [1893]. Q. 3 V. por. 

Braun, Ad[olphe] et C'^- 

Catalogue general des photographies inalterables au charbon, AG 
faites d'apres les originaux peintures, fresques, dessins et sculp- B73 
tures des principaux musees d'Europe et des collections particu- 
lieres . . . Paris, 1880. O. Various paging. 3 pL 

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mens of ornamental art, selected from the best models of the clas- G92 
sical epochs . London, 1850. Sq. F. 4+36 p. 8 pi. 

Ilgiudizio di Paride, rappresentato sopra tre inediti monument! . . . AGS 
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Die ruinen und museen Roms . . . AR45 

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See Qruner, W. H. L. 1801-82. Die basreliefs an der vorder AH4S 

seite des doms zu Orvieto; marmorbildwerke der schule der Org 
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Achilles auf Skyros; oder, Die antike bronzestatue von Liittingen. A08 

Bonn, 1858. O. 6+23 p. B732 

Erklarung eines antiken sarkophags zu Trier . . . [Anon.J AP 

Bonn, 1850. Q. 22 p. i pL W723 

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Die Externsteine . . . [Anon.] Bonn, 1858. Q. 6+23 p. i pi. AP 

Winckelmann's Geburtstag, Bonn. Fest-programm, 1858. W723 

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Jupiter Dolichenus .. . [Anon.] Bonn, 1852. Q. 16 p. i pi. AP 

Winckelmann's Geburtstag, Bonn. Fest-programm, 1852. W723 

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Winckelmann's Geburtstag, Bonn. Fest-programm, 1849. "723 

Kunstarchaologische betrachtungen iiber das portal zu Rema- AP 
gen. . . [Anon.] Bonn, 1859. Q. 15 p. 2 pi. W723 

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Das portal zu Remagen . . . [Anon.] AP 

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Der Wiistenroder leopard, ein romisches cohortenzeichen . . AP 
[Anon.] Bonn, 1857. Q- [4]+3S P- i p'- W723 

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Zur geschichte der thebaischen legion . . . [Anon.] AP 

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Winckelmann's Geburtstag, Bonn. Fest-programm, 1855. 

Braund, J[ohn]. 

Illustrations of furniture, candelabra, musical instruments . . . from ANi 
the great exhibitions of London and Paris, with examples . . . B73 
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Bray, Mrs. Anna Eliza (Kempe) Stothard. 1790- 

Memoirs . . . of . . . Charles Alfred Stothard . . and some account AW 
of a journey in the Netherlands . . . St7 

London, 1823. O. 8-I-497 p. ill. 2 por. 

[Braybrooke], R[ichard] C[ornwallis] Neville, lord. 

Saxon obsequies illustrated by ornaments and weapons discovered AR42 
in a cemetery near Little Wilbraham, Cambridgeshire, during . . A16 
1851. London, 1852. F.* 28 p. 40 pi. map. 


Brayda, R., and Rondolino, F. 

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History and antiquities of the abbey church of St. Peter, West- AH42 

minster, including . . memoirs of the abbots and deans . . illus- L859 
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Illustrations of Her Majesty's palace at Brighton, formerly the AH42 

paviHon, executed by . . J. Nash . . . [with] a history of the B761 
palace. London, 1838. F.^ [7] + i7P- 3i pl- 

Memoir of Robert Bloomfield. (In Storer, James, and Greig, J. AH42 

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Topographical history of Surrey . . . the geological section by G. AH42 

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See Ferrey, Benjamin. 1810-80. Antiquities of the priory of AH42 

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W. Brayley. 1841. 

Brayley, Edward Wedlake, 1 773-1854, and Britton, 

John, 1771-1857. 

Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Che- AH42 

shire, Cornwall, Cumberland, Isle of Man, Derbyshire, Devonshire, Ai 17 
Dorsetshire, Durham, Essex, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Isle of 
Wight, Herefordshire. (In Beauties of England and Wales. 
1801-15. V. 1-6.) 

Devonshire and Cornwall illustrated from . . drawings by T. AH42 

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History of the ancient palace and late houses of Parliament at AH42 

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[Brayley, Edward Wedlake, 1 773-1854, and Herbert, 

William, 1771-1851.] 

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of views. [Anon.] London [1806]. F.* 67 p. 2 por. 2 pl. L17 


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Moderne kunstschmiedearbeiten. AM2 

Berlin [1890-93]. F." 2 ser. in i v. [3] p. 40 pi. B74 

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Illustrated glossary of practical architecture and civil engineer- AI 
ing: comprising the theory and modern practice . . B74 

London, 1852. O. 490 p. ill. i pL 

Br^holles, Jean Louis Alphonse Huillard=. 181 7-71. 

See Huillard-Breholles, Jean Louis Alphonse. 18 17—71. 

Bremen (Ger.) — Kunstler=verein — Abtheilung fur 
bremische geschichte und aiterthiimer. 

Denkmale der geschichte und kunst der freien hansestadt Bremen. AH43 

Bremen, 1870-76. F. v. 2-3. 37 pL B751 

Contents : v. 2'. Episoden aus der cultur- und kunstgescbichte Bremens von J. G. Kohl. 
V. 22. Die pfair- und ordens-kirchen von W. von Bippen. 
V. 3*. Der dom zu Bremen von A. Fitger. 

Brenci, Q[usmano]. 

Majolika-fliesen aus Siena 1 500-1550, text von J. Lessing. AJ2 

Berlin, 1884. F." [4] p. 30 pL B75 

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Raccolta di ornamenti. 1873. R74 

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Canterbury in the olden time. 2d ed. enlarged. AR42 

London, 1879. O. 8+312 p. ill. 33 pi. C16 

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Zur losung der troianischen frage; nebst einem nachtrag: Einige AR392 
bemerkungen iiber Schliemanns Ilios. T75 

Heilbronn, 1881. O. 6+138 p. i pi. map. 

Brentano, Giuseppe. 

Concorso internazionale di 2do grado: Per la nuova facciata del AH4S 
duomo di Milano. Milano, 1888. F.* 62 p. ill. iiill. aspL Ms8i8 

Progetto per la nuova facciata del duomo di Milano scelto per la AH45 
esecuzione. Milano, 1889. 4 pL MS819 

Brentano, Joseph Augustin. i754(?)-i82i. 

Catalogue de . . . [son] collection de tableaux des ecoles hollan- A06 
daise, ilamande et italienne . . . dont la vente se fera a Amsterdam B75 
... 13 Mai, 1822, et jours suivans . . . 

Amsterdam, 1822. D. 4+124 p. i por. 


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St. Mary's parish church, Beverly. (In Associated architectural AC 
societies. Reports and papers, v. 8, p. 91-110. iipL) As7 

Bres, Jean Pierre. 1 782-1832. 

See Musee des raonumens franjais. Souvenirs . . . representant AE8 
les . . . aspects sous lesquels on a pu considerer tout les monu- M97 
mens . . . dans ce Musee, dessines par J. E. Biet . . . avec un 
texte . . par J. P. Bres. 1821. 

See Percier, Charles, 1764-1838, and Fontaine, P. F. L., 1762- AH44 
1853. Arc de Triomphe des Tuileries erige en 1806 . . . pub. P272 
par Normand, avec un texte . . . par M. Bres. 

Bres, Onorato. 

Malta antica illustrata co' monumenti e coll' istoria. AH458 

Roma, 1 8 16. Nar. Q. 14+ [i] +480 p. 3 pi. map. M29 

Brescia (Italy) — Museo. AO2 

Museo Bresciano illjistrato. Brescia, 1838. F. * 2 v. 75 pi. B752 

Breslau (Ger.) — Museum schlesischer altertiimer. 

Beschreibender katalog der glasersammlung. (In Czihak, E. von. AN3 
Schlesische glaser. 1891. p. 225-273.) C99 

Breslau (Ger.) — Universitat. 

See Rossbach, otto. 1858-. Griechische antiken des Archaolo- AR495 
gischen museums in Breslau. 1889. " AI6 

Breslau (Ger.) — Verein fiir das Museum schlesischer 
altertiimer, editor. 

Die Martinikirche in Breslau und Das von Rechenbergsche altar- AH43 
werk in Klitschdorf (kr. Bunzlau). Breslau [1883]. Q. 35 p. 4pl. 6752 

Breslau (Ger.) — Verein fiir geschichte der bildenen 
kunste. AW 

[Publications]. Breslau, 1886. Q. D712 

SCHMARSOW, A. 1833-. Donatello. 1886. 

Breton, Ernest. 1812-75. 

See Breton, Francois Pierre Hippolyte Ernest. 1812-75. 

Breton, Francois Pierre Hippolyte Ernest. 1812-75. 

Athenes decrite et dessinee, suivie d'un voyage dans le Pelopo- AR495 
nese . . . Paris, 1862. Q. 378+[i] p. ill. 8 pi. At4i 

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"3-133-) R324 


Breton, Franfois Pierre Hippolyte Ernest. 1812-75. 

Monuments de tous les peuples . . . AP 

Bruxelles, 1843. Q. 2 v. 131 pi. B75 
Pompeia . . . suivie d'une notice sur Herculanum ... 2e ed. AR45 

Paris, 1855. Q- 372 p. ill. 10 pL map. P78 
Quatre jours dans le Peloponese. (In Revue de I'art chretien. v. 5.) AB 


Breton [de la Martiniere, Jean Baptiste Joseph]. 

China; its costume, arts, manufactures, etc., edited . . . from the AN4 
originals in the cabinet of M. Bertin; tr. from the French. 4th ed. B75 

London, 18 13. D. 4 V. 80 pi. 

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Berlin, 1892. Obi. Q. [10] p. 46 pi. 675 

Facsimile reproduction of the Leipzig edition of 1619. 

Brett, John Watkins. 1805-63. 

Illustrated catalogue of . . . [his] collection of pictures and other AO2 
works of art . . . also a . . . collection of coins and medals . . . B75 
sold . . . April 5, 1864, and nine following days . . . 

London [1864]. O. 146+ [i] p. 44 phot. 

Brettell, Thomas. 

Hand book to the Isle of Wight, comprehending its history, AH42 
topography and antiquities . . . 4th ed. IS47 

London, 1848. D. 12+180 p. 3 pi. 2 maps. 4 p. music. 

Breuil, [Guislain Joseph] A[uguste], 181 1-65, editor. 
See Bock, Franz. 1823-. Le tresor de la cathedrale de Gran en AB 
Hongrie. (In Revue de I'art chretien. v. 3, 4.) R324 

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Descriptive and historical account of various palaces and public AH42 
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Middlesex, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire. (In Beauties of England AH42 
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Picture of England; or. Historical delineations of . . . works of AH42 
nature and art in each county . . . London, 1820. D. 2v. 84 pi. A44 



Brewster, James B., and Baldwin, . 

Illustrated catalogue of carriages. AX 

New York [pref. 1868]. F. Unpaged, ill. 4 pi. B75 

Breymann, G. A. 

Allgemeine bau-constructionslehre, mit besonderer beziehung AI 
auf das hochbauwesen . . . *eu bearbeitet von H. Lang. 5. aufl. 875 
Bd. 4, 2. aufl. Leipzig, 1881-90. Q. 4 v. ill. 389 pl- 

Contents; v. i. Constnictionen in stein. 

V. K. Konstrulctionen in holz. 

V. 3. Konstruktionen in eisen. 

V. 4. Verschiedene construktionen. 
Volume 3 edited by O. Koniger ; volume 4 by A. Scholtz. 

Bridgeman, Rev. G[eorge] T[homas] 0[rIando]. 

1 823-. 

Some account of the parish of Church Eaton in the county of AH42 
Stafford. London, 1884. O. 124+17 p. C47 

Bridgens, R[ichard]. 

Designs and specimens of furniture, candelabra and interior deco- ANi 
ration, in the Grecian, Elizabethan and gothic styles, completed B76 
and edited by Henry Shaw. London, 1838. F.* [4] P- 60 pi. 

Illustrations of the manners and costumes of France, Switzerland AN4 
and Italy. London, 1835. Sq. F. 6+ [79] p. 50 pi. B76 

Sefton church furniture, with candelabra and interior decoration. AH42 

London, 1838. Q. 60 pi. Se3i 

Sefton church, with part of the interior decorations . . . AH42 

London, 1822. F.^ [3] p. 31 pi. Se3 

Text engraved. 

Bridges, Rev. Brook Edward. 1814-69. 

On some of the distinctive features of Christian as contrasted with AC 
classical art. (In Associated architectural societies. Reports and As7 
papers, v. 3, p. 289-310.) 

Bridgman, John. 

Historical and topographical sketch of Knole, in Kent; with a AH42 
genealogy of the Sackville family . . . K75 

London, 1 81 7. O. 8+164 p. 8 pi. 

Brief account of the Guildhall of the city of London. AH42 

See [Nichols, J. B. i78o(?)-i863]. L939 

Brief description of his thirty-two ancient Greek painted 
vases. AN2 

See Campanarl, Secondiano, marchese, 1808-55. ^'5 


Briggs, Robert. 

Steam heating: an exposition of the American practice of warm- A J 
ing buildings by steam, with an addendum ... by A. R. Wolff. B76 
New York, 1888. T. 122 p. ill. (Van Nostrand's science series. 
V. 68.) 

From Proceedings of institution of civil engineers. 

Brimont, Thierry, baron de. 1854-. 

L'eglise de Sainte Solange et sa paroisse. (In Soci^te des anti- AC 
quaires du centre. Memoires. 1884. v. 11, p. 289-243. 2 pi.) S03 

Brin, [Pierre Marie], abbe, 1843-, and Balleyguier, Q. 

Monuments [de Tiffauges, Vendee]. (In Robuchon, J. C. Pay- AR44 
sages et monuments du Poitou. 1884-. v. 12. 8 p. ill. S pi.) P/S 

Brinckmann, Justus. AO 

Kunst und handwerk in Japan. Berlin, 1889. Nar. Q. v. i. ill. B77 

Brindley, William. 

Ancient quarries of Egypt, with an account of a recent journey AC 
across the eastern desert. (In Royal institute of British architects. R81 
Transactions. 1887-88. n. s. v. 4, p. 5-26. 6 pi. i map.) 

Marble: its uses as suggested by the past. (In Royal institute of AC 
British architects. Transactions. 1887. n. s. v. 3, p. 45-56. 7 pi.) R81 

Brindley, William, and Weatherley, W. S. 

Ancient sepulchral monuments . . . AE8 

London, 1887. F.* [50] p. 212 pL B77 

Brink, Jan ten, 1834- editor. AB 

See Nederlandsche kunstbode. 1879-. N28 

Brinkley, Capt. [Francis], translator. 

See Chicago (111.) — World's Columbian Exposition. — Japan. AH52 
History of the empire of Japan. 1893. A2 

[Briseux, Charles Etienne.J i68o(?)-i754. 

Architecture moderne; ou, L'art de bien batir pour toutes sortes A A 
de personnes . . . [Anon.] Paris, 1728. Q. 2v. ini. 112 pi. B771 

L'art de batir des maisons de campagne, ou Ton traite de leur AE2 
distribution . . . construction & . . . decoration . . . B77 

Paris, 1 76 1. Q. 2 v. 260 pi. 

Briseville, Hugues. 17* cent. 

Diverses pieces de serruriers . . . gravez par Jean Beraiji, Paris, AK 
vers 1670. London, 1888. F. [3] p. 17 pi. (Quaritch's reprints Q2 
of rare books, v. 9.) 


Bristol and Gloucestershire archaeological society. AC 

Transactions. 1876-85. Bristol [1876-85]. O. 9 v. ill. pi. B771 

Bristol guide ... a complete . . . history of the city of AH42 
Bristol, the Hotwells and Clifton ... 4th ed. revised . . . enlarged B771 
by Bristoliensis. Bristol, 1815. D. [3]+3+235 p. i pL map. 

Britannica curiosa; or, A description of . . . curiosities . . . AH42 
of the island of Great Britain . . . 2d edition. ASS 

London, 1777. O. 6 v. 59 pL 

British archaeological association. 

Collectanea archseologica; communications made to the associa- AC 
tion. London, 1862-71. Sq. F. v. 1-2. ill. pi. B77 

Edited by T. J. Pettigrew. 

British archsological society of Rome. 

See Rome (Italy) — British archaeological society. 

British architect ... AB 

Manchester, 1874-77. London, 1878-93. F.* v. 1-39. ill. pi. B77 

British architects. Royal institute of. 

See Royal institute of British architects. 

British galleries of art. AO 

See [Patmore, P. Q.]. 1786-1855. P27 

British museum. 

Catalogue of engraved gems, department of Greek and Roman AX 
antiquities [compiled by A. H. Smith and edited by A. S. Murray]. B77 
London, 1888. D. 9+244 p. I por. 9 pi. 

Catalogue of sculpture in the department of Greek and Roman A08 
antiquities; by A. H. Smith. B771 

London, 1892. O. v. 1. 9+375 p. ill. 12 pL 

Catalogue of the duplicate coins and medals . . . Greek, Roman AMi 
and modern . . . sold . . . May 22, 1801 . . . B77 

London, 1801. Q. 15 p. 

Interleaved copy. 

Catalogue of the Greek and Etruscan vases . . . AN2 

London, 1851-70. O. 2 v. 13 pi. B77 

Vol. 1 compiled by E. Hawkins ; v. a compiled by C. T. Newton. 

Description of the collection of ancient marbles in the museum AOS 
[compiled by T. Combe, E. Hawkins, C. R. Cockerell and S. Birch]. B77 
London, 1812-6 1. Sq. F.* 11 v. ill 378 pL 


Description of the collection of ancient terracottas . . . [by T. AO2 
Combe]. London, 18 10. Sq. F. 7+39 p. 40 pi. B772 


British museum. 

Descriptive and historical catalogue of a collection of Japanese A06 
and Chinese paintings, by W. Anderson . . . B77 

London, 1 886. O. 16+554+28 p. 31 pi. 

Descriptive catalogue of playing and other cards . . . [with] a . . . AK 
history of the subject and remarks on cards of divination ... by B77 
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Supplement with illustrations. 

[London] '1877. Nar. Q. 8+ [3] +87 p. 23 pi. 

Bound with the preceding. 

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Auto-biography . . . AW 

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Contents : pt. i. Personal and literary memoir of the author. 

pt. 2. Descriptive account of his literary works by T. E. Jones. 

pt. 3. Appendix : Biographical, critical and miscellaneous essays. 
Autograph letter of the author inserted. 



Britton, John. 1771-1857. 

Bath and Bristol, with the counties of Somerset and Gloucester, AH42 
displayed in . . . views . . . from . . . drawings by Thos. H. Shep- B32 
herd . . . London, 1829. Q. 55 p. 24 pi. on India paper. 

Engraved title-page, 3 pages and 2 plates from Jones's views of the seats, mansions, castles, 
etc., bound in at end of volume. 

Brief memoir of . . . [his] life and writings . . . AW 

London, 1825. Nar. Q. 49 p. B771 

From the preface to v. 3 of his Beauties of Wiltshire. 

. Cathedral antiquities ; historical and descriptive accounts with 3 1 1 AH42 
illustrations of . . . English cathedrals ... Ai 

London, 1836. Q. 5 v. ill. 299 pi. 

Contents : v. i. Canterbury and York. 

V. 2. Salisbury, Norwich and Oxford. 
V. 3. Winchester, Lichfield and Hereford. 
V. 4. Wells, Exeter and Worcester. 
V. 5. Peterborough, Gloucester and Bristol. 

• Chronological history and graphic illustrations of Christian archi- AH42 
tecture in England . . . with . . . accounts of each edifice ... A3 
[and a] list of architects of the middle ages . . . 

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ages . . . with . . . biographical notices of ancient architects, ill. B77 
by ... J. Le Keux . . . 

London, 1838. O. 16+18+498 p. ill 39 pL tab. 

Essay on topographical literature . . . with accounts of the sources AR42 
. . . and uses of national and local records ... A 14 

[London, 1843.] Q. 66 p. 

Published by Wiltshire topographical society. 

From J. E. Jackson's History of the parish of Grittleton. 1843. 

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graved specimens of the architectural antiquities of Normandy . . . N781 

London, 1828. Nar. Q. 8+20+40 p. 

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graphical anecdotes of the most distinguished persons interred in B321 
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cal and descriptive accounts of each subject. 

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Union of architecture, sculpture and painting . . . with descriptive AO4 
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Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Che- AH42 

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Dorsetshire, Durham, Essex, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Isle 

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Augsbourg, 1733. Obi. F.^ 47 pi. A19 

Title-page in French and German. 

Broc de Segange, Georges Francois Louis du, 1808-. 

See Du Broc de Segange, Georges Franjois Louis, 1808-. 

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L'art de decouper le bois comprenant egalement la marqueterie et AMs 
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Osservazioni sopra alcune monete consolari. AMi 

Bologna, 1762. Sq. O. 123 p. i pL B78 

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See Recueil de broderies anciennes des epoques Louis XVL et AN 
premier empire. R24 

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L'edificio del teatro alia Scala in Milano. Milano, 1878. Q. MS820 

Progetto di un nuovo quartiere per caseggiati e villini e della sua AH45 
congiunzione col centro della citta, contrapposto a quello dell' Ing. Ms820 
Maraini. Milano, 1880. Nar. Q. 8 p. map. 

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See Campanari, Secondiano, marchese. 1808—55. Brief descrip- AN2 
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Die technik des kolorirens und dekorirens von . . . porzellan, stein- Aj2 
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[Bronze Roman lamps]: .^nea lucerna mira arte fabre- AJ 
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engravings of antique lamps]. Nar. Q. 79 pi. 

No text. No title-page. 

Bronzes and furniture in the style empire. 
See Vienna (Austria) — Museum fur kunst und Industrie. 

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Elements of style in furniture and woodwork . . . ANi 

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Liverpool as it was during the last quarter of the eighteenth AH42 
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Designs for cottage and villa architecture . . . AE2 

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Modern architecture . . . designs for street elevations, shop fronts, AL2 
buildings adapted for towns . . . etc. . . . B79 

London [1852]. F.^ 8+48 p. 36 pL 

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See Barker, Lady Mary Anne (Stewart). 

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See Brosse, Salomon de. 1560 (?)-i626. 

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2e ed. Paris, 16 1 9. F." 57 p. ill. B79 

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I'Armenie, execute en 1847-48. Ai 

St. Petersbourg, 1849-51. O. 3 pts. in i v. and Atlas, F.^ 
[3] P- 4S Pl- 

Also known as Voyage archeologique en Transcaucasia. 

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See Croston, James. 1830-. Old Manchester, 1875. M3111 

See Croston, James. 1830-. Manchester as it is; a series of AH42 
views of public buildings in Manchester and vicinity photographed M3 1 1 
... by A. Brothers. 1878. 

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Kabinet van Nederlandsche en Kleefsche outheden ... in 300 . . . AH492 
printtafereelen vertoont door Abraham Rademaker . . . AS 

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Volumes 2- 6 by Isaac Le Long. 

De populorum veterum ac recentiorum adorationibus dissertatio . . . AX 
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Zederyke zinnebeelden der tonge. AX 

Amsterdam, 1716. S. [28]+326+[io] p. ill. B791 

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From Sanitary engineer, 1884. 

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Description and use of an ordinary joynt-rule . . . London, 1675. AA 
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principles of designing public edifices, private dwelling-houses ... B81 1 
and suburban villas. 

London, 1841. Q. 12+342 p. ill. i por. 63 pi. 

Sacred architecture, its rise, progress and present state; embracing AE 
the Babylonian, Indian, Egyptian, Greek and Roman temples, the B81 
Byzantine, Saxon, Lombard, Norman and Italian churches . . . 

London [pref 1845]. Q- 36+304 p. ilL 63 pi. 

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Architecture of the renaissance in England. 1891-93. A15 

Brown, William, of Glasgow, illustrator. 
See Jamieson, John, D. D. 1759-1838. Select views of the royal AH41 
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History of the metropolitan church of St. Peter, York . . . AH42 

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History of the parish church of All Saints', Maidstone . . . AH42 

Maidstone, no date. Sq. F. i3 + [i]+272 p. 10 pi. M28 


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Greenwich union poorhouse. (In Quarterly papers on architecture. AA 
1844-45. V. I. 7 p. 5 pi.) Q2 

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Garden of Cyrus; or, the quincunciall, lozenge or net- work planta- AX 
tions of the ancients, artificially, naturally, mystically considered. B8i 
(In his Hydriotaphia urne-buriall. 1658. p. 87-202.) 

Hydriotaphia urne-buriall; or, A discourse of the sepulchrall urnes AX 
lately found in Norfolk . . . with the Garden of Cyrus . . . B81 

London, 1658. S. [i3]+202 p. ill i pi. 

Browning, Henry B[ailey]. 

Proposed system for the . . . valuation of carpenters' and joiners' AI 
works... London, 1847. O. [3]+8-|-i04 p. ill. B82 

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Life of Bartolomeo Colleoni, of Anjou and Burgundy. [London] AW 
1891. F.'^ 7+[3]+93 P- 3 por. S pi. i fac-sim. i tab. (Arundel C68 
society. Publications.) 

Brown's illustrated guide to Hull. AH42 

See Wrigglesworth, Edmund. H871 

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Contents: i. Der Typhongiebel. 

2. Der grossere Tritongiebel. 

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logisches institut. Mittheilungen; athenische abtheilung. v. 13, p. G81 
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Briickwald, . 

See Langhans, K. F. 1 781-1869. AH73 

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Contents : pt. 1-2. Planches 1-107. 

pt. 3-6. DuMiCHEN, J. 1833-. Monuments g&graphiques. 390 pi. 
Parts 3-6 have also the German title : Geographische inschriften altagyptischer denkmaler. 

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Speelreis langs de Vechtsroom, op de uitgegeevene gezichten van AH492 
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Geschichte der griechischen kiinstler. 2. aufl. AO 

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Contents : v. i. Die bildhauer. 

V. z. Die maler, die architekten, die vasenmaler. 

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Contents : v. i. Die anfange und die alteste decorative Icunst. 

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Roma, 1870. F. v. i in 2 pts. 7+132 p. 99 pl. 

Contents : v. i. Ciclo troico. 
No more publislied. 

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Briinn (Austria) — Mahrisches gewerbemuseum. 

Kunstgewerbliche objecte der Ausstellung kirchlicher kleinkunst, ANi 
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Cottages; or, Hints on economical building, containing 24 plates AE2 
of medium and low cost houses . . . with ... a chapter on . . . B83 
water supply . . . and other sanitary questions ... by W. P. Ger- 
hard. New York, 1884. O. 77 p. ilL 24 pl. 

Pages S7-77 are illustrations. 

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Katalog der bibliothek. AF5 

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voriser les arts en Belgique, publisher. 

See La renaissance; chronique des arts et de la litterature: AB 
1839-55. R29 

Brussels (Belgium) — Societe centrale d'architecture. 

See Societe centrale d'architecture de Belgique. 

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Anciennes et nouvelles peintures murales de I'eglise de Notre- AH493 
Dame au Sablon a Bruxelles . . . B838 

Gand, 1868. Q. [3] +86 p. i pi 

Archeologie religieuse appliquee a nos monuments nationaux. AP 

Bruxelles, 1869-70. O. 2 v. in i. ill B83 

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Bruxelles. (In Bulletin des commissions royales d'art et d'arche- B872 
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Histoire de I'eglise de Sainte-Gudule et du tres-saint sacrement AH493 
de miracle a Bruxelles. Bruxelles, 1870. O. 451 p. B837 

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Bulletin des commissions royales d'art et d'archeologie. 1872. B872 
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(In Bulletin des commissions royales d'art et d'archeologie. 1 87 1. B872 
V. 10, p. 81-166.) 

Tresor artistique des eglises de Bruxelles. AH493 

Louvain, 1882. O. 8+359 p. H pl- ^^42 

No. 42 of 250 copies printed. 

Bry, Dietrich de. 1528-98. 

See Bry, Tlieodore de. 1528-98. 

Bry, Theodore de. 1528-98. AK 

New artistic alphabet. 1595. Edinburgh, 1880. F.* 3 p. 24 pi B84 


Bry, Theodore de. 1528-98. 

See Boissard, J. J. 1528-1602. Romanae vrbis topographia & AR45 
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See Boissard, J. J. 1 528-1602. Topographia urbis Romae. AA 
1681. (Zeiller, Martin. Topographia. 1643-88. pt. 31.) Z3 

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Architectural proportion illustrated . . . showing the relation AA 
between an order of architecture and a building of any kind . . . B84 
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Saggio suUa architettura sociale. AA 

Firenze, 1879. O. 8+44+ [i] p. 2 pi. Zs 

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plumber, with supplementary chapters upon house drainage and B85 
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(Weale's rudimentary series.) 

Ventilation: a text-book to the practice of the ventilating of AJ 
buildings, with a supplementary chapter on air testing. London, B851 
1891. D. 8+226 p. 170 ill. (Weale's rudimentary series.) 

[Bucher, Adalbert Bruno]. 1826-. 

Das Kaiserlich-konigliche osterreichische museum und die Kunst- AH436 
gewerbeschule. [Anon.] V685 

Wien, 1873. Q. [9]+i40+[3] P- iH- 8 pi. 

Festschrift bei gelegenheit der Weltausstellung in Wien, Mai, 1873. 

Bucher, Adalbert Bruno, 1826-, compiler. 

See Vienna (Austria) — Museum fur kunst und industrie. Die AN3 

glassammlung des Museums. 1888. VSj 

Bucher, Adalbert Bruno, 1826-, editor. AB 

See Das kunsthandwerk. 1874-76. K961 

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Manuel des constructions metalliques et mecaniques . . . AI 

Paris, 1888. Q. [9]+36i p. ill. and Atlas. 32 pi. B8S2 

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History of the architecture of the abbey church of St. Alban, with AH42 
especial reference to the Norman structure. 1 847. Sa2 1 

Remarks upon wayside chapels. 1843. AH42 



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Twenty-two of the churches of Essex, architecturally described AH42 
and illustrated. London, 1856. Q. [3]-|-254 p. ill 2 pL £571 

Buckler, J[ohn] C[hessell]. 

Description and defence of the restorations of the exterior of Lin- AH42 
coin cathedral, with a comparative examination of the restorations L631 
of other cathedrals . . . Oxford, 1866. O. 8+286 p. 

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Historical and descriptive account of the royal palace at Eltham. AH42 

London, 1828. O. [3]+ 108 p. ill i pi. EI81 

Observations on the original architecture of Saint Mary Magdalen AH42 
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Sixty views of endowed grammar schools from original draw- AE6 
ings . . . London, 1827. Q. Unpaged. 60 pi. B85 

Views of the cathedral churches of England and Wales, with de- AH42 
scriptions. London, 1822. F.* Unpaged. 32 pL A86 

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Remarks upon wayside chapels, with observations on the architec- AH42 
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Oxford, 1843. O. [3] +63 p. 5 pl- 

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Bucknall, Benjamin, translator. 
See Qodon, Julien. Painted tapestry and its application to interior AM8 
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Budapest (Hungary)— Exposition. 1888. 
Chefs-d'oeuvre d'orfevrerie avant figure h I'Exposition, decrits par AM4 
C. Pulsky, E. Radisics et E. Molinier et reproduits ... B8s 

Paris, no date. F.^ 2 v. 150 pL 

Budapest (Hungary)— Museum nationale hungari- 

cum, editor. 

Ornamente der hausindustrie Ungarn's; text von C. v. Pulszky, AN 
gezeichnet von F. Fischbach. 685 

Budapest, 1878. F.* 8 +[67] p. 40 pi. 


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The mummy; chapters on Egyptian funereal archaeology. AR62 

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On some Egyptian bronze weapons in the collections of John AB 
Evans, and the British Museum. (In Archaeologia. v. 53, p. 83- Ar2 
94. 4 pi.) 

Buel, J[ames] W, 

America's wonderlands; a pictorial and descriptive history of our AH73 
country's scenic marvels, as delineated by pen and camera ... A15 

New York [c. 1893]. ObL O. 503 p. ill. 8 pi. 

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See Leybold, Ludwig. Das rathhaus der stadt Augsburg, erbaut AH43 
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A. Buff. 1886-88. 

Buhl, Sons & Co. 

Illustrated catalogue of hardware. AI2 

Detroit, 1889. Q. 31 + 1206 p. ill. B86 

[Buhlers, .] 

Die entwickelung des Hildesheimer profanbaues bis zur mitte des 
17. jahrhunderts, unter besonderer beriicksichtigung der holzarchi- 
tektur. [Anon.] Hildesheim, 1882. O. 40 p. 

Btihlmann, J[osef]. 

* Die architektur des classischen alterthums und der renaissance. AA 

Stuttgart, 1872-77. F.5 3 pts. in 1 v. 75 pL B861 

Contents: pt. i. Die saulenordnungen. 
pt. 2. Die bogenstellungen. 
pt. 3. Die architektonische entwicklung und decoration der raume. 

•• Die gestaltung der ausseren und der inneren architektur. (In AA 
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ill. 7pl.) 

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Essai sur I'architecture religieuse en Berry. (In Societe des anti- AC 
quaires du centre. Memoires. 1870. v. 3, p. 91-157. 13 pi. S03 


HETtmw TO 

Prof'r CEA3. BABCOCK, 



Buhot de Kersers, Alphonse. 1835-. 

Histoire et statistique monumentale du Departement du Cher; AH44 

texte et dessins. C425 

Paris, 1875, Bourges, 1883-92. v. 1-6. 400 pL 24 maps. 

Contents : v. i. Aix-d'Angillon, Argent, Aubigny, Baugy. 
V. z. Bourges. 
V. 3. La Chapelle-d'Angillon, Charenton, Charost, Chateaumeillant, Cha- 

V. 4. La Chatelet, Dun-le-Roi, Grafay, La Guerche, Henrichemont. 
V. 5. Ldr^, Levet, Liniferes, Lury, Mehun. 
V. 6. N&ondes, Saint-Amand, Saint- Martin, Sancergiies. 

Inscriptions murales de I'eglise de Plaimpied, Cher. (In Societe AC 
des antiquaires du centre. Memoires. 1887. v. 14, p .35-51. 4 pi.) S03 

Statistique monumentale du Departement du Cher. See above, 
Histoire et statistique monumentale du Departement du Cher. 

Les tumuli et les forteresses en terre dans le Departement du AC 
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Buhot de Kersers, Alphonse, 1835-, and others. 

Bulletin numismatique. No. 1-17. (In Societe des antiquaires du AC 
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< Builder, an illustrated weekly magazine ... AB 

London, 1843-93. F- iH- v. 1-65. B86 

Builder and workman's new director. 1824. AI 

See Nicholson, Peter. 1 765-1 844. N522 

Builder's and contractor's price-book for i860 ... 5* ed. AI 

London, i860. D. 20+296 p. B86 

Builder's magazine; or, Monthly companion to architects, AA 
carpenters, masons, bricklayers ... by a society of architects . . . B862 
London, 1774. Q. [4]+345+ioo p. ill. 185 pi. 

Building. New York, 1883-89. Sq F. and F. v. 2-11. ill. pi. AB 


Vols. 1-3 published monthly ; v. S-ii, weekly. 
Continued from v. 12 as Architecture and building. 

• Building news and engineering journal. AB 

London, 1857-90. F. v. 3-29, 31-50, 52-58. ill. pi. B861 

Vols. 3-s have title Building news ; v. 6-9, Building news and architectural review. 

[Volume of plates from the years 1884 and 1885.] AA 

London, 1884-85. F. B86 

No title-page. 

Buillart, Jacques. 1669-1726. 

Histoire de I'abbaye royale de Saint Germain des Prez . . . AH44 

Paris, 1724. F.* i8+328+[2i8] p. 23 pL map. P286 


Biilau, Th[eodor]. 

Das haus der Patriotischen gesellschaft in Hamburg; oder, Einiges AH43 
uber einen neubau . . . Hamburg, 1849. Q- M+47 P- 3^ pi. H176 

Btilau, Theodor, and Popp, Justus. 

Die architectur des mittelalters in Regensburg dargestellt durch AA 
den Dom, die Jakobskirche und einige andere iiberreste alt- P811 
deutscher baukunst. 1839. 

Les trois ages de I'architecture gothique, son origine, sa theorie, AD6 
demontres et representes par des examples choisis h Ratisbonne ... P8 1 
tr. de I'allemand. 1841. 

Bulifon, Antonio. 1640-. 

Ragionamento intorno ad un antico marmo discoverto I'anno 1693 'AR4S 
nella citta di Pozzuoli. 4a ed. Napoli, 1701. T. 116 p. i pL P872 

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Die Silene in der archaischen kunst der Griechen . . . A08 

Miinchen, 1893. O. 6-|-[i]-t-77 p. Z4 

Doctor's dissertation, Munich University. 

Bullet, Pierre. 1 63 9 (?) - 1 7 1 6. 

L'architecture pratique, qui comprend le detail . . . des ouvrages AA 
de massonnerie, charpenterie, menuiserie . . . B871 

Paris, 1722. D. [i4]-|-392-|-[i8] p. ill. 12 pi. 

Bulletin archeologique du Comite des travaux historiques AC 
et scientifiques. 1883-86. Paris, 1883-86. O. 4 v. ill. pi. P237 

Published by Ministfere de I'instruction publique et des beaux-arts. 

Bulletin archeologique, publie par le Comite historique AC 
des arts et monumens. [1837-48.] Paris, 1843-48. O. 4 v. P23 

Continued as Bulletin du Comity historique des arts et monuments; Arch^ologie, beaux- 
arts, 1849-52, and Bulletin du Comite historique des monuments Merits de I'histoire de 
France; Histoire, sciences, lettres, 1849-52. 

Table generale. (In Teissier, M. C. A. O. 1825-. Table AC 

generale des Bulletins . . . 1873.) P235 

Bulletin d'histoire ecclesiastique et d'archeologie reli- 
gieuse des dioceses de Valence, Digne, Gap, Grenoble & Vierbes. AB 
Romans, 1880-90. Q. v. I-IO in 5. ill. pi. B873 

Bulletin de la Societe d'art et d'histoire du diocese de 

See Soci6t6 d'art et d'histoire du diocese de Liege. Bulletin. AC 
1881-92. S032 

Bulletin de la Societe d'encouragement pour I'industrie 
nationale. AC 

See Society d'encouragement pour I'industrie nationale. S023 


Bulletin des commissions royales d'art et d'archeologie. AB 

Bruxelles, 1862-85. O- v. 1-24. ill. pi. B872 

Published by Commission royale des monuments, Belgium. 

Bulletin des musees; revue mensuelle publiee . . . par E. AB 
Gamier et L. Benedite. Paris, 1890-93. O. v. 1-4. ill pi. B876 

Bulletin des socidtes savantes, missions scientifiques et 
litteraires, Comite de la langue, de I'histoire et des arts de la AC 
France. Paris, 1854-55. O. 2 v. P234 

Continuation of Bulletin du Comity historique des arts et monuments, 1849-53 '• continued 
as Revue des socidt^s savantes de la France et de I'dtranger. 

Table generale. (In Teissier, M. C. A. O. 1825-. Table AC 

generale des Bulletins . . . 1873.) P235 

Bulletin du Comite de la langue, de I'histoire et des arts AC 
de la France. 1852-57. Paris, 1854-60. O. 4 v. ill. pi. P233 

Continuation of Bulletin du Comity historique des arts et monuments, 1849-52, and of 
Bulletin du Comity historique des monuments Merits de I'histoire de France, 1849-52 ; con- 
tinued as Revue des socidtds savantes, 1856-58. 

■Table generale. (In Teissier, M. C. A. O. 1825-. Table AC 

generale des Bulletins ...1873.) P235 

Bulletin du Comite historique des arts et monuments; 
Archeologie, beaux-arts. 1849—52. AC 

Paris, 1849-53. O. ilL 4 v. in 3. P231 

Continuation of Bulletin arch^ologique, 1837-48; continued as Bulletin du Comite de la 
langue, de I'histoire et des arts de la France, 1852-57. 

-Table generale. (In Teissier, M. C. A. O. 1825-. Table AC 

generale des Bulletins . . . 1873.) P235 

Bulletin du Comite historique des monuments ecrits de 
I'histoire de France; Histoire, sciences, lettres. 1849-52. AC 

Paris, 1849-53. O. 4 v. in 3. P232 

Continuation of Bulletin arch^ologique, 1837-48; continued as Bulletin du Comity de la 
langue, de rhistoire et des arts de la France, 1852-57. 

■Table generale. (In Teissier, M. C. A. O. 1825-. Table AC 

generale des Bulletins . . . 1873.) P235 

Bulletin historique et archeologique de Vaucluse. AB 

Avignon, 1879-83. Q. v. 1-5. ill. B87S 

Bulletin monumental public sous les auspices de la Societe 

franyaise d'archeologie pour la conservation des monuments AB 

historiques. Paris, 1834-93. O. v. 1-58. ill. pi. B87 

Table generale analytique et raisonnee . . . tome 1-39. AB 

Paris, 1846-73. O. 4 v. B87 

To vols. 1-20, by Abb6 Auber ; 21-38 inclusive, by M. Renault. 


BuUettino dell' Imperiale istituto archeologico germanico; 
sezione romana. 

See Deutsches archaologisches institut. Mittheilungen; romische AR45 
abtheilung. R66 

Bullettino della Commissione archeologica comunale. 
See Rome (Italy) — Commissione archeologica comunale. Bui- AB 
lettino. R66 

BuUettino di archeologia cristiana. 
Roma, 1863-89. F. and Q. 7 v. in 5 ; 2d ser., 6 v. in 3 ; 3d ser., AB 
6 V. in 3; 4th ser., 6 V. in 3. ill. pi. B871 

Edited by G. B. de Rossi. 

Indici generali. 1863-89. Roma, 1870. F. and Q. 2 v. 

BuUettino di arti, Industrie e curiosity veneziane. AB 

Venezia, 1877-80. O. 3 v. ill. pL B874 

Edited by G. M. Urbani de Gheltof. 

BuUiot, J. Q[abriel], and Fontenay, Henry de. 

L'art de I'emaillerie chez les fiduens avant I'ere chretienne. AJ2 

Paris, 1875. O. 44+[i] p. 9 pL B87 

BuUocl<, John. 

Rudiments of architecture and building . . . AA 

Philadelphia, 1866 [c. 1854]. O. 468 p. ill 1 1 pL B87 

Bullock, John, editor. 
History and rudiments of architecture. AF 

New York, 1853. D. 264+13 p. ill B87 

Contents: Orders of architecture; — Architectural styles of various countries; — Nature and 
principles of design in architecture ; — Glossary of architectural terms. 

Bulteau, [M. T.], abbe. -1882. 

Description de la cathedrale de Chartres, suivie d'une . . . notice AH44 
sur les eglises de Saint-Pierre, de Saint-Andre et de Saint- C383 
Aignan . . . Chartres, 1850. O. 320 p. 6 pL 

Monographic de la cathedrale de Chartres. 2e ed. AH44 

Chartres, 1887-88. O. 2 v. ill. 2 pL C382 

Published by Soci^t€ archdologique d'Eure-et-Loir. 

Bunsen, Christian Karl Josias, freiherr von. 1791- 
■ i860. 

Die basiliken des christlichen Roms, nach ihrem zusammenhange AH45 
mit idee und geschichte der kirchenbaukunst ... A 16 

Munchen[pref 1842]. Sq. F. 8+84 p. i pL Atlas, F.« 6p. 50pL 

Buonanni, Pilippo. 1638-1725. 

See Bonanni, Pilippo. 1638-1725. 


[Buonarroti, Filippo.] 1661-1733. 

Osservazioni sopra alcuni frammenti di vasi antichi di vetro ornati AN3 
di figure, trovati ne' cimiteri di Roma . . . [Anon.] B88 

Firenze, 1716. Q. [6] + 27+324 p. ill. 35 pL 

Osservazioni sopra tre dittici antichi d'avorio. (In his Osser- AN3 
vazioni sopra alcuni frammenti di vasi antichi. 17 16. p. 229-283.) B88 

Buonarroti, Michel Angelo. 1475-1564. 

Nuova et ultima aggiunta delle porte d'architettura. AA 

Roma, 1610. F.* 10 pi. V6821 

Buonarroti, Michel Angelo, 1475-1564, editor. 

See Vignola, Qiacomo Barozzio da. 1507-73. Regies des cinq AA 
ordres d'architecture, avec plusieurs augmentations. 1712. V687 

Burckhardt, Achilles. 

tJber die Aeginetischen giebelgruppen; einladungsschrift zurpro- ADS 
motionsfeier des Padagogiums in BaseL Basel, 1879. Q. 14 p. Z2 

Burckhardt, Albert. 

Das schloss Vufflens. Ziirich, 1882. (In Antiquarische gesellschaft AC 
in Ziirich. Mittheilungen. 1881-85. v. 21, p. 59-84. 4 pi.) An8 

Burckhardt, Albert, and Wackernagel, Rudolf. 


Geschichte und beschreibung des rathauses zu Basel. AH494 

Basel, 1886. Sq. F. [3]+62+[4] p. 22 pi. B292 

Burckhardt, C, and Riggenbach, C[hristoph]. 


Die klosterkirche Klingenthal in Basel. Basel, i860. F. [33+40 p. AH494 
ill. 4 pi. (Basel, Switzerland — Gesellschaft ftir vaterlandische B29 
alterthiimer. Mittheilungen. v. 8.) 

Burckhardt, Jakob. 1818-. 

Der cicerone; eine anleitung zum genuss der kunstwerke Italiens. A06 
6. aufl. . . . bearbeitet von Wilh. Bode. Leipzig, 1893. O. 4 v. B891 

Cicerone; or. Art guide to painting in Italy . . . edited by A. A06 , ^ 
von Zahn, translated from the German by Mrs. A. H. Clough. B89 'J^', 

London, 1873. D. 8+291 p. ° 

Civilisation of the period of the renaissance in Italy . . . transla- AD7 
tion by S. G. C. Middlemore. London, 1878. O. 2 v. B89 

Geschichte der renaissance in Italien. 3. aufl. . . . bearbeitet von AF 
H. Holtzinger. Stuttgart, 1891. O. 16+404 p. ill. (Burck- B89 
hardt, Jakob, 1818-, and Liibke, Wilhelm, 1826-. Geschichte der 
neueren baukunst. v. 1.) 



and Liibke, Wilhelm, 

Burckhardt, Jakob, 1818-, 
1 826-. 

Geschichte der neueren baukunst. AF 

Stuttgart, 1882-91. [v. I, 91.] O. v. 1-3 and 5, in 7. ill. i pi. B89 

•Contents: v. i. BURCKHARDT, J. Geschichte der renaissance in Italien. 
V, 2. LfJBKE, W. Geschichte der renaissance in Deutschland. 
V. 3. LUBKE, W. Geschichte der renaissance in Franlireich. 
V. 5. GUELITT, C. Geschichte des barockstiles in Italien. 
V. 5*5, pt. I. GURLITT, C. Geschichte des barockstiles, des rococo und des 

klassicismus in Belgien, Holland, Frankreich, England. 
V. 52, pt. 2. GuRLiTT, C. Geschichte des barockstiles und des rococo in 
From V. 5, written also by C. Gurlitt. v. 1, $^ ed. v. 2-3, 2^ ed. 

Burckhardt, L[udwig] A[ugust], 1808-63, and Rig= 
genbach, Ch[ristoph], 1810-63. 

Die Dominikaner klosterkirche in Basel. Basel, 1855. F. i6p. 8 pi. AH494 
(Basel, Switzerland — Gesellschaft fiir vaterlandische alterthiimer. B291 
Mittheilungen. v. 6.) 

Burckhardt= Biedermann , Th [eodor] . 

Das romische theater zu Augusta Raurica. Basel, 1882. F. 31 p. 
5 pi. (In Basel, Switzerland — Hist. u. antiqar. gesellschaft. Mit- 
theilungen. Neue folge. Bd. 2.) 

Burdett, Henry C[harles]. 1846-. 

• Hospitals and asylums of the world . . . AE6 

London, 1891-93. Q. 4V. ill. i9pL map. Atlas,F.^ 8 p. ii2pl. B89 

Contents; v. i. Asylums, history and administration. 

V. •^. Asylum construction, with plans and bibliography. 

V. 3. Hospitals, history and administration. 

V. 4. Hospital construction, with plans and bibliography. 

Burford, Robert. 1791-1861. 

Description of a view of the city of Damascus, and the surround- AA 
ing country .. . London, 1 841. O. 12 p. ill. pi. Z4 

Burgen und schlosser in Osterreich; heliogravuren nach AH436 
naturaufnahmen. 1892. A6 

See Schmidt, Otto. 

Der burgerliche baumeister. 1790-99. AA 

See Schmidt, F. C. 1755-1830. Schs 

" Burgermeister Kellinghusen's stiftung," editor. 

See Qadechens, C. F., Qensler, Martin, and Koppmann, Karl. AH43 
Das St. Johannis kloster in Hamburg. 1884. H171 

See Stoter, Ferdinand. 181 1- Die ehemalige St. Marien kirche. AH43 
1879. Hi 72 

Burges, W[illiam]. 1827-81. 

Architectural designs; details of stonework, ed. by R. P. PuUan. A A 

London, 1887. F. 8 p. 39 pi. B91 


Surges, W[illiam]. 1827-81. 

Architectural drawing in the middle ages. (In Royal institute of AC 
British architects. Transactions. 1887. n. s. v. 3, p. 235-242. 2 pi.) R8i 

- Architectural drawings. AA 

London, 1870. F.^ [3]+29+[2] p. 75 pi. B911 

Iconographie du palais ducal de Venise. (In Annales archeolo- AB 
giques. v. 17, p. 69-88, 193-216.) An7 

La "Ragione" de Padoue. (In Annales archeologiques. v. 18, AB 
P- 331-343; V. 19, P- 241-252; V. 26, p. 189-203, 250-271.) An7 

Burges, William, 1827-81, and Didron, [A. N.], 

Venise; iconographie des chapiteaux du palais ducal. AH45 

Paris, 1857. Q. 58 p. ill. 3 pl- V567 

Burgess, James, 183 2- editor. 

See Fiihrer, A. Sharqi architecture of Jaunpur. 1889. (In India- AR54 
Archaeological survey. Reports. 1889. new ser. v. i.) Ai 

Burgess, James, 1832-, and Fergusson, James, 

1808-86. AHS4 

Cave temples of India. 1880. A3 

Burgess, Rev. Richard. 1 796-1881. 

Description of the circus on the Via Appia near Rome, with some AR45 
account of the Circensian games. R684 

London, 1828. D. 7-|-[i]+iii p. ill. 3 pl. i tab. 

On the Egyptian obelisks in Rome, and monoliths as ornaments of AC 
great cities. (In Royal institute of British architects. Papers. R81 
1857-58, p. 167-175, 183-191.) 

On the Egyptian obelisks in Rome and monoliths as ornaments of AR62 
great cities . . . [with] remarks On the application of the entasis Z 
to the obehsk, by John Bell ... O. 42 p. i pl. 

From Royal institute of British architects. Transactions. May 31st, 1858. 

On the topography and antiquities of Constantinople. (In Royal AC 
institute of British architects. Papers. 1853-54, p. 161-172. map.) R81 

Topography and antiquities of Rome, including the recent dis- AR45 
coveries made about the Forum and Via sacra. R685 

London, 1831. O. 2 v. ill. 12 pl. map. I tab. 

Burgmair, Hans. i473-i53i(?). 

Triumph of the Emperor MaximiHan I. with woodcuts designed AW2 
by B.; edited by A. Aspland. [London] 1873-75. Sq. 0. B91Z 
7+i77+[i] p. and Obi. F. 2 v. 137 pl. (Holbein Society. Fac- 
simile reprints.) 



Burkhardt, Johann. 185 2-. 

De origine basilicarum christianarum commentatio. AE 

Halis Saxonum [1875]. O. 48+[i] p. Z8 

Doctor's dissertation, Halle University. 

Burlington fine arts club (London). AO2 

Catalogues. London, 1868-83. [v. i, '69.J Q. 3 v. B92 

Contents: V. I. DtjREE, Albert, and Leyden, Lucas VAN. Works. 1869. 

Hollar, Wenceslaus. Work. 1875. 

M^RYON, Charles. Work. 1879. 

Raimondi, Marc Antonio. Work. 1868. 

Rembrandt. Etched work. 1877. 

Rembrandt. Notes on etched work. 1877. 

Turner's Liber studiorum. 1872. 

Zeeman, Renier, and JARDIN, Karel Du. Etched work. 1883. 

Collection of woodcuts of the German school. 1882. 
V. 2. Japanese and Chinese works of art. 1878. 

English and continental porcelain, 1873. 

Painted glass. 1876. 

Bronzes and ivories. 1879. 

Illuminated mss. 1874. 

Blake, William. Works. 1876. 

Rossetti, Dante G. Pictures, drawings, designs and studies. 1883. 
V. 3. Works of old masters. 1871. 

Drawings in water colours by artists after 1800. 1880. 

Drawings by the Dutch masters. 1878. 

Cox, David, and De Wint, Peter. Drawings and sketches. 1873. 

GiETiN, Thomas. Works. 1875. 

Mason, George. Works, 

Raphael Sanzio, and Buonarroti, Michel Angelo. Works. 1870. 

Raven, John Samuel. Works. 1878. 

Exhibition of bookbindings. AX 

London, 1 89 1. Sq. F.^ 6i + [i] + i32 p. 114 pL B92 

Exhibition of drawings in water colours by artists born anterior A06 
to 1800. London, 1871. O. 82 p. B92 

Exhibition of portrait miniatures. [Introduction by John Lums- AN2 
den Propert] London, 1889. Q. 67+160 p. B923 

Illustrated catalogue of specimens of Persian and Arab art, ex- AN2 

hibited in 1885. [Introductory remarks by Henry Wallis.] B922 

[London] 1885. Sq. F".* 1. p. 23+7o+[2] p. ill 32 pi. 

Short description of the English and continental porcelain ex- AN2 
hibited June, 1873. London, 1873. Sq. F. 24 p. 18 pL B92 

Burn, Robert. 

Rome and the Campagna; an historical and topographical descrip- AH45 
tion of the site, buildings and neighbourhood of ancient Rome. R675 

Cambridge, 1 87 1. Q. 83+483 p. ill 20 pi. 6 maps. 

Burn, Robert Scott. 

Grammar of house planning: hints on arranging and modifying AE2 
plans of cottages, street-houses, farm-houses, villas, mansions . . . B93 
[Anon.] Edinburgh, 1866. D. 10+190 p. ill. 31 pi. 


Burn, Robert Scott. 

Handy hints on the internal arrangement, and the sanitary con- AE2 
trivances of cottages and villas . . . [Anon.] (In Bogue, J. W. B63 
Domestic architecture. 1865.) 

Illustrations of joinery . . . with an essay on staircasing and hand- AM5 
railing. London, 1859. Nar. Q. 8 p. 14 pL B93 

Burn, Robert Scott, Eyland, E. S., and Lightbody, 

Working drawings and designs in architecture and building, with AA 
essays on various subjects. No date. Ey4 

Burn, Robert Scott, and Stephens, Henry, 1795-. AE2 

Book of farm-buildings. 1861. St42 

[Burnby, John.] 

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Bury, , architect, and Hoyau, . 

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pt. ^. Die baukunst des mittelalters. 
pt. 3. Die renaissance und die bauweise der neuzeit. 

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C, J, 

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C, N. 
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V. 2. Bois creche. 

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See Cacheux, Francois Joseph ^mile. 1 844-. 

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Paris, 1 89 1. O. 184 p. 17 pi. Cii 

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Firenze, 1823. F.^ 2 pts. in i v. 69 pi. 

Title-page and text in Italian and French. Pt. 2 has title Opera architettonica la quale con- 
tiene i disegni dei nuovi omamenti aggiunti e da aggiungersi all' I. e R. Palazzo Pitti. 

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Paris, 1828. Q. [i 6] +260+ [4] p. ill. 5 pl- Cii 




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See Casar, Karl Julius. 1816-. 

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Contents: v. i. Curiosit^s myst^rieuses. 

V. 2, Ivoires, miniatures, ^maux. 

V. 3. Decoration d'^glises. 

V. 4. Bibliothiques. 

Suite aux Melanges d'archeologie . . . AP 

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From Van Nostrand's engineering magazine. 

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From Van Nostrand's engineering magazine. 

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F.e [8] p. 100 pL VS79 


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un essai historique sur I'eglise et la paroisse Saint Eustache par P226 
Le Roux de Lincy. Paris, 1850. F.^ [S]+43 p- upl. 

• H6tel-de-Ville de Paris, avec une histoire de ce monument et des AH44 
recherches sur le gouvernement municipal de Paris par Leroux de P219 
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[Camberlyn d'Amougies, Jean Baptiste Quillaume], 

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Eyckii immortali genio . . . [Anon.] AO 

Gandse, 1824. O. 29 p. i pi. Z5 

Cambrian archseological association. 

Archaeologia Cambrensis ; a record of the antiquities of Wales AC 

and its marches and the journal of the Cambrian archseological C142 


London, 1846-. O. 4v. ; new sen, 5 v.; 3dser., 15 v.; 4thser.,v. i-. 

ill. pi. 

Cambrian institute, publisher, AC 

See Cambrian journal. 1854-64. C143 

Cambrian journal ... AC 

London, 1854-64. O. 4 v. ; new ser., v. 1-7. ill. pL C143 

Published by the Cambrian institute. No more published. 

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Instrumenta ecclesiastica . . . ANi 

London [1844-47]. Nar. Q. Unpaged. 72 pi. C14 

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ings in 1839-45 • ■ • Cambridge, 1841-45. Sq. F. 2 v. in i. pi. C14 


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New York, 1883. S. 68 p. ill i pL C14 

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Der altaraufsatz im regul. chorherrnstifte zu Klosterneuburg ; ein AH436 
emailwerk des 12. jahrhunderts angefertigt von Nikolaus aus Ver- K69 
dun; beschrieben und erlautert von G. Heider. 

Wien, i860. Q. [s]+79 P- 32 pi. 
Die altesten glasgemalde des chorherren-stiftes Klosterneuburg AC 
und die bildnisse der Babenberger in der Cistercienser-abtei Hei- Au7i 
ligenkreuz. (In Austria — Central commission . . . der baudenk- 
male. Jahrbuch. 1857. ^- 2, P- 167-200. 27 pi.) 

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St. Marco in Venedig. (In Austria — Central commission . . . der Au7i 
baudenkmale. Jahrbuch. i860, v. 4, p. 225-234. 18 pi.) 

Glasgemalde aus dem 12. jahrhunderte im kreuzgange des Cister- AC 
cienser-stiftes Heiligenkreuz im Wiener Walde. (In Austria — AU71 
Central-commission ... der baudenkmale. Jahrbuch. 1859. v. 3, 
p. 277-284. 32 pi.) 

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Berlin [1875]. F.^ 11 pi. P138 

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Di due sepolcri romani del secolo di Augusto, scoperti tra la Via AE8 
Latina e I'Appia presso la Tomba degli Scipioni ... CiS 

Roma, 1840. Sq. F.^ 76+[i4] p. 14 pi. 

V V 


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Brief description of [his] thirty-two ancient Greek painted vases . . . AN2 
found ... at Vulci, in the Roman territory . . . [by P. O. Brond- CiS 
sted]. London, 1832. O. 104 p. 

Delle antiche chiese di S. Pietro e di S. Maria Maggiore nella AH45 
citta di Toscanella ; dissertazione . . . T63 

Montefiascone [1852]. O. 96+[2] p. 5 pi. 
Descrizione dei vasi rinvenuti nelle escavazioni fatte nell' Isola AN2 
Farnese, antica Veio, negli anni 1838 e 1839. CiSi 

Roma, 1839. F. 26+ [i] p. 7 pi. 
Intorno i vasi fittili dipinti rinvenuti ne' sepolcri dell' Etruria com- AC 
presa nella dizione pontificia; dissertazione . . . letta . . . 28 . . . R661 
gennaio, 1836. (In Rome, Italy — Accademia romana di arche- 
ologia. Dissertazioni. 1836. v. 7, p. 1-92. 2 pi.) 

Sopra uno specchio metallico ed un sarcofago etrusco ; disserta- AC 
zione letta . . . 13 . . . giugno, 1839. (In Rome, Italy — Accade- R661 
mia romana di archeologia. Dissertazioni. 1842. v. 11, p. 169- 
185. 2 pi.) 

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See Peoli, Agostino. Antichi vasi dipinti. 1837. ^3^ 

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Vitruvius Britannicus; or. The British architect, containing the AH42 
plans ... of the regular buildings both publick and private in A17 
Great Britain . . . London, 1717-25. F.^ 3 v. in 2. 300 pi. 

Title-pages in English and French. 

Campbell, Henry R., Strickland, William, 1787- 
1854, and Qill, E. H., editors. AH73 

Public works of the United States of America. 1841. A17 

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Materials and construction ... a treatise on the strains, designing, 
and erection of works of construction. 3d ed. London, 189 1. D. 
8-I-249 p. ill. (Weale's rudimentary series.) 

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cal society. Collections, v. 16, p. 1-19. 7 pi.) SuS 

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Notizie storiche e artistiche della maiolica e della porcellana di AN2 
Ferrara nei secoli 15 e 16. (In Vanzolini, Giuliano. Istorie delle V39 
fabbriche di majoliche metaurensi. 1879. v. 2, p. 103-243.) 

Camps, , and Cheminon, . Al 

Fabrique de parquets. Geneve, no date. F. 39 pi. Ci$ 


Camuzzoni, Giulio. 

Discorso inaugurale. (In Discorso per I'inaugurazione del monu- 
mento a Michele Sanmichele. 1874. pref., p. S-23.) 

Canale, X[averius], editor. AR4S 

See Bellori, Q. P. 1615-96. Ichnogfaphia veteris Romae. 1764. R67 

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Memorias sobre la purpura de los antiguos restaurada en Es- AO 
paiia . . . Madrid, 1779. O. [34]+86+[i] p. 2 pi. C16 

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See Witte, Pieter de. 1548-1628. 

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See Witte, Pieter de. 1 548-1628. 

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tien. V. 17, p. 281-312. I pi.) R324 

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Paris, 1857. F.® i58+[i] p. 59 pi. map. Au2 

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L'antica citta di Veii descritta e dimostrata con i monumenti . . . AR45 

Roma, 1847. F-^ 108 p. 44 pi. VS3 

L'architettura antica, descritta e dimostrata coi monumenti . . . AW 

Roma, 1843. O. 50 p. Zi 

Contains only Discorso preliminare. 

Cenni storici e ricerche icnografiche sul teatro di Pompeo e fab- AC 

briche adiacenti, letti ... 2 . . gennajo, 1833. (In Rome, Italy — R661 
Accademia romana di archeologia. Dissertazioni. 1835. v. 6, p. 
1-37- 3 pl) 

Descrizione dell' antico castello di Piroi. AW 

Roma [1840]. O. 14 p. i pl. Zi 

From Instituto di corrispohdenza archeologioa (Rome). Annali. v. 12. 

Descrizione dell' antico Tusculo. AR45 

Roma, 1 841. F.^ 183 p. 50 pl 3 maps. F86 

Descrizione di Cere antica, ed in particolare del monumento AR4S 
sepolcrale scoperto nell' anno 1836 . . . C33 

Roma, 1838. F.* 95 p. 9 pi. map. 

Descrizione storica del Foro romano e sue adjacenze. AH45 

Roma, 1834. Q. i82-|-[i] p. 14 pl. map. i tab. R772 

Esposizione storica della Campagna romana antica contenuta nelle AH4S 
due prime epoche anteromana e reale. Vol. i. R758 

Roma, 1839. O. 350+ [i] p. 2 maps. 

No more published. 


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Esposizione topografica di Roma antica, distinta nelle tre prime AH45 
epoche, anteromana, reale e consolare. R759 

Roma, 1855. O. 843 p. 3 maps. 

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oni. 3taed. Roma, 1844. O. [6]+327+[i] p. 40 pL R757 

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chese Luigi Marini. [Roma, 1836.] O. 19 p. Zi 

From Instituto di corrispondenza archeologica (Rome). Annali. v. 8. 

Particolare genere di architettura proprio degli usi domestici, de- AK 
corato con ornamenti di svelte forme, ed impiegato con poca va- Ci6 
rieta dai piu' rinomati popoli antichi . . . 

Roma, 1852. F.^ 23-i-[i] p. 40 pL 

Ragionamento sul clivo, sulla posizione e sull' architettura del AC 
tempio di Giove Capitolino; letto . . . 13 . . . febbrajo, 1834. (In R661 
Rome, Italy — Accademia romana di archeologia. Dissertazioni. 
1835. V. 6, p. 151-178. 3 pi.) 

• Ricerche sul genere di architettura proprio degli antichi Giudei AH569 
ed in particolare sul Tempio di Gerusalemme. J493 

Roma, 1845. F-^ 48 P- 14 pi- 

• Ricerche sull' architettura piu propria dei tempi cristiani e appli- AH45 
cazione della medesima ad una idea di sostituzione della chiesa Ai 
cattedrale di S. Giovanni in Torino. 

' Roma, 1843. F-® '47 P- S8 pi- 

Ricerche sull' architettura piu propria dei tempj cristiani basate AE 
sulle primitive istituzioni ecclesiastiche . . . ed. 2da ... Ci6 

Roma, 1846. F.^ 192 p. 145 pi. 

Sul circo edificato da Adriano vicino al suo mausoleo, per cele- AC 
brare il natale di Roma, neir anno 874; dissertazione. (In Rome, R661 
Italy — Accademia romana di archeologia. Dissertazioni. 1842. 
V. 10, p. 431-470. 2 pL) 

Sul porto Neroniano di Anzio e sui rostri del foro romano ; dis- AC 
sertazione . . . (In Rome, Italy — Accademia romana di arche- R661 
ologia. Dissertazioni. 1838. v. 8, p. 93-118. 4 pi.) 

Sulla stazione delle navi di Ostia, sul porto di Claudio con le fosse AC 
indicate nella iscrizione scoperta I'anno, 1836 . . . dissertazione R661 
letta ... 30 ... marzo, 1837. (In Rome, Italy — Accademia 
romana di archeologia. Dissertazioni. 1838. v. 8, p. 257-310. 

Canino, Lucien Bonaparte, prince de. 1 775-1840. 

See Bonaparte, Lucien, prince de Canino. 1 775-1 840. 


Canonici, Perdinando. 

L'antica Certosa di Ferrara. See, below, Storia e descrizione dell' AH 
antica Certosa di Ferrara. 185 1. F411 

Storia e descrizione dell' antica Certosa di Ferrara accomodata a AH45 
pubblico Campo Santo. Rovigo, 1851. F.'' 10+78 p. 18 pL F411 

Sulla cattedrale di Ferrara .. . Venezia, 1845. F.'' 29 p. 3 pL AH45 


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See Birkenstock, J. M., edler von. 1738-1809. Monumentum AE8 
aeternae memoriae Mariae Christinae, archiducis Austriae erec- B53 
tum opera A. Canovae. 1813. 

See Missirini, Melchior. Del tempio eretto in Possagno da Anto- AH45 
nio Canova. 1833. P84 

Cantabrigia illustrata. AH42 

See [Loggan, David]. 1635 (?) -i 693 (?) Ci44 

Cantillon, [Richard] de(?). -1734. 

Vermakelykheden van Brabant en deszelfs onderhoorige landen . . . AH493 

Amsteldam, 1770. D. 4 v. in 2. 190 pi. B721 

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La nuova facciata del duomo [di Milano]; relazione fatta al R. AH4S 
instituto lombardo il 20 dicembre, 1888. [Milano] 1888. D. 14 p. M5823 

Bound with Carotti, Giulio. II duomo di Milano. 1888. 

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See Annali della fabbrica del duomo di Milano. 1877-85. M5811 

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See Prancia, F. Raibolini, i45o(?)-iS33, and Francia, Qiacomo, AH4S 
-1557. Pitture antiche esistenti nella sopressa chiesa di S. Cecilia. B631 

Cap, Paul Antoine Gratacap, called, 1 788-1877, editor. AN2 
See Palissy, Bernard. i5io(?)-90. GEuvres completes. 1844. P17 

Capes, Alfred. 

Old and new churches of London . . . illustrations of the . . . re- AH42 
mains of church architecture . . . from the Norman period to that L842 
of the great fire . . . with an . . . essay on . . . principles of archi- 
tectural beauty by J. M. Capes. 

London, 1880. F. 6-|-24+[24] p. 36 pL 

Capes, Rev. John Moore. 1813-89. 

Principles of architectural beauty. (In Capes, Alfred. Old and AH42 
new churches of London. 1880. 24 p.) L842 



Capmany y de Montpalau, Antonio de. 

Historia de la villa de Madrid. 

See Rios, Jose Amador de los, 1818-78, and Rada y Delgado, Juan 

de Dios de la, 1827—. Historia de la villa y corte de Madrid. 


Capon, William. 1757-1827. 

Notes and remarks to accompany his plan of the ancient palace of 
Westminster. (In Society of antiquaries of London. Vetusta 
monumenta. v. 5. 7 p. i pi.) 

Read before the Society of antiquaries, 23^ Dec, 1824. 

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i56o(?), translator. 

See Vitruvius Pollio, Marcus. Architettvra con il svo comento 
et figvre. [1536.] 

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La nuova architettura civile e militate . . . 

Cremona, 171 7. O. 2 v. in i. ill. 7 pL 
La nuova architettura famigliare, divisa in cinque libri corrispon- 
denti a' cinque ordini . . . 

Bologna, 1678. O. 8+366 p. ill. 2 pi. 

Capronnier, J[ean] B[aptiste], illustrator. 

See Descamps, H. P. V., and Le Maistre d'Anstaing, J. -1867. 
Les vitraux de la cathedrale de Tournai. 1 848. 

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ologico della Regia universita di Cagliari. 

Cagliari, 1875. O. 403 p. ill. i por. 17 pi. 

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Architectura civil, recta y obliqua considerada y dibuxada en el 
Templo de Jerusalen . . . 

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Dodone et ses ruines. Paris, 1878. Sq. F. 2 v. 62 pL map. 

[Carcano, Qiuseppina.] 

Origine della greca architettura della signoraPetralba N. N. [pseud.]. 

Milano, 1818. O. 109 p. 3 pL 

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demas monumentos ineditos . . . desde el siglo 1 1 hasta el 1 7 . . . 

Madrid, 1855-64. F.^ 2 v. 84 pi. 













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L'abbaye de Mont-Saint-EIoi, 1068 a 1792. AH44 

Arras, 1859. Q. [3]+4+244 p. 15 pi. M763 

Notice sur le prieure de Notre-Dame du Perroy, pres Bethune, AH44 
dependant de l'abbaye du Mont-Saint-Eloi. M763 

Arras, 1859. Q. 12 p. i pL 

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Auguste, 181 1-. 

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et litteraire de ce monastere. 8332 

Arras, 1865-68. Q. 3 v. in i. 18 pL 

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Memorie de' pontefici massimi di Roma antica . . . lette ... 16 AC 
dicembre, 1841. (In Rome, Italy — Accademia romana di arche- R661 
ologia. Dissertazioni. 1852. v. 12, pt. i, p. 159-254. 8 pL) 

Cardinal!, Luigi. 

Di un' antico sigillo capitolare ; osservazioni lette ...18 dicem- AC 
bre, 1823 ... (In Rome, Italy — Accademia romana di archeolo- R661 
gia. Dissertazioni. 1825. v. 2, p. 293—367.) 

Le testimonianze scritte e figurate dell' antichita intorno a una AC 
violenza fatta da Ercole Tebano al santuario di Delfo . . . (In R661 
Rome, Italy — Accademia romana di archeologia. Dissertazioni. 
1838. V. 8, p. 435-560.) 

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Sul grande musaico recentemente scoperto in Pesaro e suU' antico AJ2 
edifizio al quale servi di pavimento. C17 

Pesaro, i866. F.* 55 p. 2 pi. 

[Carelli, Francesco.] 1 758-1 832. 

Dissertazione esegetica intorno all' origine ed al sistema della sacra AR45 
architettura presso i Greci. [Anon.] Napoli, 1831. F.^ 7+224+ H412 
[2] p. 12 pi. (Bayardi, O. A. Delle antichita di Ercolano. 1755- 
1831. V. 10.) 

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Saint-Petersbourg]. Paris, 1821-26. F.^ 6v.ini. 36 pi. P222 

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Monuments antiques a Orange, Arc de Triomphe et theatre. AH44 

Paris, 1856. F.T 6+89+[3] p. ill. S3 pl- Oris 

Notice sur I'etat actuel de I'arc d' Orange et des theatres antiques AR44 
d'Orange et d' Aries .. . [Paris, 1839.] Q. 28 p. 9 pl. Orl 

Plan . . . d'une partie du Forum romain et des monuments sur la AH45 
Voie sacree . . . Paris, 1821. F.'' [s] p. 7 pl- R69S 


Carletti, Giuseppe. 

Le antiche camere delle Tertne di Tito e le loro pitture restituite AH45 
al pubblico da Ludovico Mirri . . . Roma, 1776. F. 96+ [4] p. R754 

[CarIi=Rubbi, Giovanni Rinaldo, conte.J 1720-95. 

Degli anfiteatri e particolarmente del Flavio di Roma, di quelle AE4 
d'ltalica nella Spagna e di quelle di Pola nell' Istria. [Anon.] C19 

Milano, 1788. Q. [3] +88 p. ilL 10 pi. 

From his Delle antichitJi Italicbe. pt. 2, book 3. 

Delle antichita Italiche. [Anon.] AR4S 

Milano, 1780-90. Q. 4 V. in 2. A13 

Appendici di documenti. 

Milano, 1 79 1. Q. 282+[i] p. 26 pi. 2 tab. 

Carlisle, Nicholas, 1 771-1847, compiler. 

See Society of antiquaries of London. Catalogue of the printed AY 
books in the library. 18 16. Soi 

Carlsruhe (Ger.) — Badische kunstgewerbeschule, 

publisher. AK 

See Meyer, F. S. 1849-. Ornamentale formenlehre. 1886. M572 

Carlsruhe (Ger.) — Badische kunst= und kunstge= 
werbe=ausstellung. 1881. 

Alte kunstgewerbliche arbeiten . . . ausgewahlt und beschrieben AO4 
von M. Rosenberg. K14 

Frankfurt am Main. 1882. F.^ Unpaged. 50 pL 

Carlsruhe (Ger.) — Grossherzogliche vereinigte samm- 
See Carlsruhe (Ger.) — Vereinigte sammlungen. 

Carlsruhe (Ger.) — Landesgewerbehalle, publisher. ab 

See Badische gewerbezeitung fiir haus und familie. 1867-. B14 

Carlsruhe (Ger.) — Vereinigte sammlungen. 

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Beschreibung der vasensammlung von H. Winnefeld. AN2 

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Fiihrer durch die sammlungen. Karlsruhe, 188 1. D. 4+99 p. 

See Schumacher, Karl. i860-. Eine pranestinische ciste im AM3 
museum zu Karlsruhe. 1891. Sch8 

Caret, J. 

Cours complet d'ornements d'architecture. AK 

Paris, no date. F. ^ 60 pi. C22 


Carotti, Qiulio. 

II duomo di Milano e la sua facciata. AH45 

Milano, 1888. D. i82+[2] p. ilL 3 pi. MS823 

Contents : pt. i. Le vicende del duomo e della sua facciata, 
pt. 2. Lo stile dell duomo. 
pt. 3. I voti per la facciata del duomo. 

Carpenter, Richard Herbert. 

The mosque-cathedrals of Cordova and Seville, and some contem- AC 
porary Arabic buildings. (In Royal institute of British architects. R81 
Transactions. 1882-83, p. lOi-i 16. 4 pi.) 

On the Benedictine abbey of St. Mary, Sherborne, with notes on AC 
the restoration of its church. (In Royal institute of British archi- R81 
tects. Papers. 1876-77, p. 137-151. 5 pL) 

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eties. Reports and papers, v. 13, p. 237-248. 4 pi.) As7 

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tions. 1891-92. n. s. v. 8, p. 185-220.) R81 

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Abbey church of St. Alban's . . . AH42 

London, 1877. Sq. F. [3J+4S p. ill. S pi. Sa2 

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L'Enea vagante, intagliate . . . da G. M. Mitelli . . . AM6 

Roma, 1663. ObL F.5 16 pL C23 

Carrara, Francesco. 1805-. 

De' scavi di Salona nel 1848 memoria. AH436 

Vienna, 1850. P.* i6+[i] p. 6 pL Sa3 

Estratta dal secondo volume delle Memorie delle Classe filosofico-storica dell' Impeilale 
accademia delle scienze. 

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Die anfange der cultur und das orientalische alterthum in reh- AO 
gion, dichtung und kunst. 2. aufl. Leipzig, 1871. O. 18+615 C23 
p. (In his Die kunst im zusammenhang der culturentwickelung. 
1871-74. V. I.) 

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Die kunst im zusammenhang der culturentwickelung. 1872. v. 
3, pt. I.) 

Das europaische mittelalter in dichtung, kunst und wissenschaft AO 
. . . 2. aufl. Leipzig, 1872. O. 13 + 544 p. (In his Die kunst im C23 
zusammenhang der culturentwickelung. 1872. v. 3, pt. 2.) 

Hellas und Rom in religion und weisheit, dichtung und kunst . . . AO 
Leipzig, 1872. O. 16+636 p. (In his Die kunst im zusammen- C23 
hang der culturentwickelung. 1872. v. 2.) 


Carriere, Moriz. 181 7-. 

Die kunst im zusammenhang der culturentwickelung und die AO 
ideale der menschheit. Leipzig, 1871-74. O. 5 v. C23 

Contents : v. i. Die anfange der cultur und das orientalische alterthum. 

V. 2. Hellas und Rom. 

V. 3. Das mittelalter. 

V. 4. Renaissance und reformation. 

V. 5. Das weltalter des geistes im aufgange. 
Vols. 1-2, 2* edition enlarged; v. 3 and 5, 2^ edition. 

Renaissance und reformation in bildung, kunst und literatur . . . -AO 
Leipzig, 1871. O. 13+696 p. (In his Die kunst im zusammen- C23 
hang der culturentwickelung. 1871. v. 4.) 

Das weltalter des geistes im aufgange; literatur und kunst im 18. AO 
und 19. jahrhundert. 2. aufl. Leipzig, 1874. O. 14+672 p. (In C23 
his Die kunst im zusammenhang der culturentwickelung. 1871- 
1874. V. 5.) 

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Qildemeister, Charles. 

New York Crystal Palace; illustrated description of the build- AH73 
ing . . . New York, 1854. Nar. Q. 76 p. 7 pi. N48 

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Le France prehistorique d'apres les sepultures et les monuments. AR44 
Paris, 1889. O. 4+336 p. ill. (Bibliotheque scientifique interna- A23 
tionale ; pubhee . . . E. Alglave. v. 68.) 

Monuments primitifs des lies Baleares. AH467 

Toulouse, 1892. F. 2 v. in I. ill. 51 pL B19 

Mission scientifique du Ministere de I'instruction publique de France. 

Cartari, Vincenzo, i52o(?)-i57o(?). 

Imagines deorum, qui ab antiquis colebantur, una cum earum de- AX 
claratione et historia . . . C24 

Francofurti, 1687. O. 6+228+[i6] p. 88 pL 

Translated from the Italian by A. Duverdier. 

Cartault, A[ugustin Georges Charles]. 1847-. 

CoUection Camille Lecuyer: Terres cuites antiques trouvees en A08 
Grece et en Asie-Mineure. C243 

Paris, 1882-85. F. 2 v. ill. 117 pi. 

Vases grecs en forme de personnages groupes. AN2 

Paris, 1889. Sq. F. 16 p. 2 pi. C24 

Carter, Mrs. Jane Q[reenough] (Avery), 1838-, and 
Holmes, S. P., 1856-92, compilers. 

Genealogical record of the Dedham branch of the Avery family AW 
in America, published by W. W. Avery. Av3 1 

Plymouth, 1893. 366 p. ill. 5 por. 2 pi. 


Carter, John. 1748-1817. 

Ancient architecture of England. AA42 

London, 1 795-1 807. F.^ 2 v. in i. 107 pi. As 

Contents : v. i. Orders of architecture during the British, Roman, Saxon and Norman 

V. 2. Ordersof architecture during the reigns of Henry III., Edwardlll., Richard 

II., Henry VI., Henry VII. and Henry VIII. 
Vol. 2 never completed. 

Ancient architecture of England, including the orders during the AH42 
British, Roman, Saxon and Norman eras, and under the reigns of A6 
Henry IIL . . . [to] Henry VIII. New ed. enlarged with notes by 
John Britton. London, 1845. F.^ 2 v. in i. 8+744-[5]p. I07pl. 

Paged continuously. Vol. 2 never completed. 

Plan, elevations . . . and specimens of the architecture and orna- AH42 
ments of the cathedral church at Exeter . . . [pubhshed by the EX31 
Society of antiquaries of London]. 

[London] 1797. F.'' [4] +22 p. 11 pi. 

Plan, elevations . . . and specimens of the architecture of the ab- AH42 
bey church of Bath . . . published by the Society of antiquaries of EX31 
London. London, 1798. F.'' 8 p. 10 pi. 

Progress of architecture, illustrated in a series of drawings, taken ■ AH429 
from existing remains in South Wales ; with examples of arches . . . A6 

London, 1830. Q. 28 p. 7 pi. 

Specimens of Gothic architecture and ancient buildings in Eng- AH42 
land . . . London, 1824. Sq. Tt. 4 V. 119 pi. A53 

Specimens of the ancient sculpture and painting now remaining in A08 
England from the earliest period to the reign of Henry VIII. . . . C24 
New ed. enl. . . . with . . . notes by Dawson Turner [and others]. 
London, 1887. F.^ 2 v. in i. [s] + i48+[s] p. 116 pi. 

Paged continuously. 

Specimens of the ancient sculpture and painting now remaining A08 
in this kingdom from the earliest period to the reign of Henry ye C241 
VIII.... London, 1780-87. F.^ 2 v. 114 pi. 

Carter, Matthew. 

Honor redivivus ; or, An analysis of honor and armory. AWi 

London, 1655. S. [9]+88+i7i p. ill 8 pi. C24 

Carter, Owen B[rowne]. 1 806-1 859. 

Series of the ancient painted glass of Winchester cathedral. AH42 

London, 1845. Nar. Q. 8 p. 29 pi. W727 

Some account of Beaulieu abbey in the county of Hants. (In AA 
Quarterly papers on architecture. 1844-45. v. 2. 5 p. 10 pi.) Q2 

Some account of Bishopstone church in the county of Wilts. (In AA 
Quarterly papers on architecture. 1844-45. v. 4. 7 p. 17 pi.) Q2 


Carter, Thomas. -1867. 

Medals of the British army and how they were won . . . AM i 

London, 1861. O. 3 v. ill. 18 pi. C24 

Contents: v. i. Crimean campaign. 

V. 2. Egypt, Peninsula, Waterloo and South Africa. 
V. 3. India, China, etc. 

Cartier, Etienne. 1813-. AO 

fitude sur I'art Chretien. Paris, 1879. D. 4+180 p. C24 

Cartier de Saint=Rene, [L.]- 

Archeologie industrielle; histoire des forges de Mareuil. (In Soci- AC 
ete des antiquaires du centre. Memoires. 1878. v. 7, p. 283- S03 
317. I pi.) 

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De urbis ac romani olim imperii splendore . . . AH45 

Roma, 1650. F. [6]+437+[i4] p. ill. 6 pi. R69 

Casar, KarlJulius, 1816-, editor. AB 

See Zeitschrift fijr die alterthums-wissenschaft. 1843-57. Z313 

Casati, Dr. Carlo. 

Leone Leoni d'Arezzo, scultore, e Giov. Paolo Lomazzo, pittore AW 
Milanese. Milano, 1884. D. i02+[i] p. 2 por. L5S 

Vicende edilizie del castello di Milano. AH4S 

Milano, 1876. F. 6+1 16 p. i pi. Msgi 

Casati, [Claude Marie] Charles. 1833-. 

Notice sur le musee du chateau de Rosenborg en Danemark . . . AH489 
avec notes . . . sur le Musee Griine Gewolbe de Dresde et sur des C792 
faiences danoises inedites. Paris, 1879. O. 62 p. 12 pi. 

Read before the Paris (France) — Institute — Acaddmie des inscriptions et belles-lettres, on the 
29th Mar., 26th April and 4th Oct., 1878. 

Caspar, Ludwig. 

Deutsche kunst- und pracht-mobel neuester zeit ANi 

Frankfurt a. M., 1884. F.^ [5] p. 36 pi. C271 

Innere architectur und decoration der neuzeit, nach ausgeftihrten AK 
arbeiten hrsg. Frankfurt a. M., 1888. F. 41 pi. C27 

Miistergiiltige mobel des 15.— 17. jahrhunderts aus kunstsamm- ANi 
lungen, schlossern und privathausern . . . C27 

Frankfurt a. M., 1888. F.e 25 pi. 

Caspar, M., and Fortsch, R. AI 

Elsass-Lothringisches baurecht. [Pref, 1878.] F77 

Cass, Rev. Frederick Charles. AH42 

South Mimms .. . Westminster, 1877. Q. 121 p. ill. 4 pi. 3 tab. S083 


Cassas, Louis Franfois. 1 756-1 827. 

Voyage pittoresque de la Syrie, de la Phenicie, de la Palestine et AH56 
de la Basse Egypte, accompagnee d'un texte par Laporte-Du- Sy82 
theil et Langl^s. Paris, 1799. F.^ 2 v. 177 pi. 2 maps. 

Never completed and none of the text published. 

See Lavallee, J. A. F. 1801-78. Voyage pittoresque et historique AH436 
de ristrie et de la Dalmatie, redige d'apres I'itineraire de L. F. A9 
Cassas. 1 802. 

Cassel (Ger.) — Verein fiir hessische geschichte und 
landeskunde, editor. 

Mittelalterliche baudenkmaler in Kurhessen. AA43 

Cassel, 1866. F.s v. i. [4] + 10+ [49] p. iU. 24 pi. H46 

Contents: v. i. Dehn-Rotfelsee, H. von. Die St. Michaelskirche zu Fulda. — Die stifts- 
kirche St. Petri zu Fritzlar. — Die schlosskapelle und der rittersaal des schlosses 
zu Marburg. 

No more published. 

Cassell's technical manuals. 

London, 1868-74. D. 3 v. ill. pi. 
Davidson, E. A. Linear drawing. 1868. 
Davidson, E. A. Elements of building construction. 1869. 
Davidson, E. A. Gothic stonework. 1874. 

Cassien, V[ictor Desire]. 1808-. 

Ichnographie de la fontaine monumentale erigee par la ville de AW 
Chambery a la memoire du General de Boigne, sculptee par Sap- B63 
pey de Grenoble . . Grenoble, 1838. F.^ HP- i por. 10 pi. 

Cassina, Perdinando. 

Le fabbriche piu cospicue di Milano. AH45 

Milano, 1840. F.® 2 v. 213 pi. MsB 
Cassini, Qiovanni. 

Nuova raccolta delle megliori vedute antiche e moderne di AH4S 

Roma... Roma, 1775. F.^ [s] P- 80 pi. A49 

Castaldi, Giuseppe. 

Delia Regale accademia Ercolanese dalla sua fondazione sinora, AH45 
con un cenno biografico de' suoi soci ordinari. N161 

Napoli, 1 840. O. 270 p. 

Castan, Auguste. 1833-. 

See Castan, Ferr^ol Fran9ois Joseph Auguste. 183 3-. 

Castan, Ferreol Francois Joseph Auguste, 1833-, 

See Quicherat, J. E. J. 1814-82. Melanges d'archeologie et d'his- A? 
toire. 1885. Q4 

Casteele, Desire van de. 

Gres-cerames de Namur. (In Bulletin des commissions royales AB 
d'art et d'archeologie. 1885. v. 24, p. 1 19-172.) B872 


Castel, . 

Compte rendu de I'excursion faite a Tournai par le Congres AO 
arch^ologique de Lille, le 5 juin, 1845. [Lille, 1845.] O. 16 p. Zs 

Castel, Horace Viel-, comte de. i8o2(?)-64. 

See Viel-Castel, Horace, comte de. i8o2(?)-64. 

Castell, Robert. 

Villas of the ancients illustrated . . . AE2 

London, 1728. F.^ [4]+35 P- 13 pl- C27 

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Castellani, Alessandro. -1884. 

Catalogue des faiences italiennes: Siculo-Arabes, de Luca della AN2 
Robia, Cafifagiolo . . . et de deux pieces de la celebre porcelaine C27 
des Medicis . . . dont la vente aura lieu . . . 27—29 mai, 1878. 

[Paris] 1878. Nar. Q. 91 p. ill. 
Catalogue des objets d'art antiques du moyen-age et de la renais- AO2 
sance . . . dont la vente aura lieu a Rome ... 17 mars au . . . C27 

10 avril, 1884 . . . [Paris, 1884.] F. i4+[i].+ 324 p. ill. 5° pl- 

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11 palazzo detto di Or San Michele i suoi tempi ed il progetto del AH4S 
suo restauro. Firenze, 1883. Nar. Q. 82 +[i] p. 2 pl. ¥666 

[Castellini, T.] 

II palazzo municipale di Brescia illustrate. [Anon.J AH45 

Brescia, 1862. F.* [s] p. 51 pl. 675 

Castellionseus, Johannes Antonius. 

See Castiglione, Giovanni Antonio. 

Castello, Qabriele Lancillotto, principe de Torre= 
muzza. 1727-91. 

Dissertazione sopra una statua di marmo scoverta nelle rovine A08 
deir antica citta d'AIesa in Sicilia, recitata nell' Accademia del C27 
Buon Gusto. Palermo, 1749. O. [6]+48+[i] p. i pL 

Castelnau=d'Essenault, marquis de. 

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monumental, v. 36, p. 109-128.) B87 


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Belgique construites depuis 1830 jusqu' a nos jours . . . B833 

Liege, 1852. F.« [8] p. 119 pL 

Castiglione, Giovanni Antonio. 

Mediolanenses antiquitates ex urbis Paroeciis coUectae, ichno- AR45 

graphicis ipsarum tabulis . . . illustratae . . . M583 

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e moderne d'ltalia . . . 2da ed. Milano, 1870. F.^ 2 v. 373 pi. A2 

Contents : v. i. Monument! romani. 

V. 2. Monumenti di Milano. 
Edited by A. Ripamonti and R. Gravagni. 

Castrucci, Qiacomo. 

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Ercolanesi. 2da ed. Napoli, 1855. Q. 6+38 p. 18 p. 2 maps. H421 

Catalogo delle sante imagini d'un altare del duomo di AH45 
Modena detto I'altare delle statuine. 1855. M721 

See [Cavedoni, Pietroj. 

Catalogue d'une belle collection de tableaux . . . aquarelles AO2 
et dessins, objets d'art et d'ameublement . . . vente . . . 1—3 fevrier, C282 
1893... Paris, 1893. F.* 75 p. 34 pi. 

Catalogue de beaux meubles bronzes ; d'ameublement du AO2 
18^ siecle. Oai 

See O. * * *, , and B * * *, , vicomte de. 

Catalogue de lithographies. 
See [Burty, Philippe, 1830-90], compiler. 

Catalogue de . . . tapisseries . . . bronzes d'art et d'ameu- AO2 
blement . . . porcelaines . . . marbres . . . dont la vente aura lieu . . . C281 
23 mai, 1887 .. . [Paris] 1887. F. 27 p. 9 pi. 

Catalogue des objets d'art composant la . . . collection de AO2 
L. de M. M76 

See Montgermont, Lebeuf de. 

Catalogue des objets d'art . . . du 18^ siecle . . . AO2 
bronzes . . . orfevrerie, faiences, porcelaines, meubles . . . appar- C28 
tenant a M. le baron de • * * et dont la vente aura lieu a Paris . . . 
30 Jan. 1884. • • [Paris] 1884. F.* 30+[i] p. 11 pi. 

Catalogue des sculptures en marbre, statues, groupes et AH44 
vases decorant le pare et le chateau de Menars . . . vente ... 10 M52 
juin, 1881 . . . Paris, 1881. F.^ 8 p. 9 pL 


Catalogue of a . . . cabinet of Roman coins, the property AMi 
of a gentleman . . . which will be sold . . . Feb. 21, 1837. St4 

See [Stevenson, Henry(?)], of Norwich. 

Catalogue of the . . . cabinet of ancient coins and medals AMi 
of a late distinguished foreign diplomatist . . . sold . . . 4th of July, St4 
1838 . . [London] 1838. O. 28 p. 

Catalogue of . . . the . . . collection of coins and medals, AM i 
comprising the Greek and Roman [Saxon and English] series . . . C28 
sold . . . Mar. 1 8*, 1 844 . . . London, 1 844. O. 2 v. in i . 

Cataneo, Qirolamo. 16* cent. 

Opera nvova di fortificare, offendere et difendere ; et far gli allog- AE7 
giamenti campali, secondo I'uso di guerra . . . C28 

Brescia, 1564. O. 6+93 f ill. 3 pi. 

Cataneo, Pietro. i5oo(?)-72(?). 

I qvattro primi libri di architettvra . . . AA 

Vinegia, Aldo, 1554. F. [2] + S4+[2] f. ill C28 

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Catherall's guide to Chester. 
See Hughes, Thomas, F. S. A. Stranger's handbook to Chester. AH42 
[1856.] C423 

Catherall's new guide to Chester, Eaton and Hawarden. AH42 
See Audsley, Q. A. 1838-. Stranger's handbook to Chester, C423 
Eaton Hall and Hawarden castles. 1891. 

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Pictorial history of Manchester. AH42 

[London] no date. Nar. Q. [5] +40 p. ill. i pi. M312 

From Pictorial times. A number of views of Manchester inserted. 

[Cattaneo, Qaetano]. i^jiQ)-. 

Osservazioni sopra un frammento antico di bronzo di greco la- A08 
voro rappresentante Venere . . . [Anon.] C29 

Milano, 1 8 19. F. [6]-|-48 p. 

^ Cattaneo, Raffaele. 

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storico-critiche. Venezia, 1888. Q. 306 p. ill A18 


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Heins; 1835-85. Bruxelles, 1886. Obi. Q. 4+82 p. ill. 36 pi. C29 

Fiftieth anniversary of introduction of railroads in Belgium. 

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Aymar, 1819-80. AA 

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Caulo, A[ntonin], and others. 
Ornemens des 176, i8eand ipesiecles. Paris [i855(?)]. F. 80 pi. AK 
(In Ornemens tires des quatre ecoles. Ser. 3.) Or6 

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tine dans les provinces de France. (In Bulletin monumental, v. 5, B87 
p. 474-486.) 

Cours d'antiquites monumentales professe a Caen ; histoire de AR44 
I'art dans I'ouest de la France, depuis les temps les plus recules Ai 
jusqu' au 18^ siecle. 

Paris, 1830-41. O. 6 v. iU. and Atlas. 118 pi. 

Contents : v. i. fere celtique. 

V. 2-3. fere gallo-romaine. 
V. 4. Moyen 4ge ; architecture religieuse. 
V. 5. Moyen Hge ; architectures mllitaire et civile. 

V. 6. Moyen ^ge ; fonts baptismaux, autels, tombeaux, peinture sur verre, 
fresques, ^maux, boiseries. 

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(In Bulletin monumental, v. 16, p. 377-395-) B87 

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letin monumental, v. 12, p. 33-45; v. 14, p. 409-425.) B87 

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Rapport . . . sur une excursion archeologique aux environs d'Or- AB 

leans et en Bourgogne. (In Bulletin monumental, v. 18, p. 225— B87 

Rapport . . . sur une excursion archeologique en Lorraine, en AB 

Alsace . . . et dans quelques localites de la Champagne. (In Bui- B87 
letin monumental, v. 17, p. 241-326.) 

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siecles dans les provinces Rhenanes. (In Bulletin monumental. B87 
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Un mot sur les discussions relatives a I'origine de la tapisserie de AB 

Bayeux. (In Bulletin monumental, v. 8, p. 73-81.) B87 

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See Bulletin monumental. 1834-72. v. 1-38. B87 

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1849. (In Bulletin monumental, v. 16, p. 425-476.) B87 

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See La Chausse, Michel Ange de. 1 660 (?)- 1746. 

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Roma, 1768-72. F.'' 3 v. in i. i por. 181 pi. C312 

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Antiqvarvm statvarvm vrbis Romse primvs et secvndvs liber. A08 

[Roma, 1585.] Nar. Q. 103 pi. C31 


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Sopra un antica greca pittura, esistente nel museo dell' Accade- AO 
mia etrusca di Cortona, riconosciuta per la Musa Polinnia. Z3 

Cortona, 1852. O. 25 p. i pi. 

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[C. L. M.] E, 1 85 7-. 

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48 fiill-page illustrations. 

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(Bibliotheque populaire des ecoles de dessin. Troisieme serie; C31 
enseignement general.) 

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See Browne, Rev. John Cave-. 181 8-. 

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Stuttgart, 1858. O. 10+294 p. ill. 

[Cavedoni, Celestino, abate. 1795-1865.J 

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Modena al tempo dei Romani. [Anon.] M72 

Modena, 1828. D. Ii + 3i6p. ill. 2 pi. 

[Cavedoni, Pietro.] 

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detto I'altare delle statuine. [Anon.] Modena, 1855. S. 11 p. M721 

D'un altare dedicate nel duomo di Modena alia risurrezione del AH45 
Salvatore. [Anon.] Modena, 1856. S. 19 p. M721 

Deir altare di San Giuseppe nel duomo di Modena. [Anon.] AH45 

Modena, 1857. S. 16 p. M721 

Deir altare di San Sebastiano nel duomo di Modena. [Anon.] AH45 

Modena, 1858. S. 24 p. M721 

Deir altare di Sant' Antonio di Padova nel duomo di Modena. AH45 

[Anon.] Modena, 1857. S. 28 p. M721 

Deir ancona di serafino de' serafini nel duomo di Modena all' AH45 
altare di Santa Lucia. [Anon.] Modena, 1856. S. 22 p. M721 

Descrizione del pulpito del duomo di Modena. [Anon.] AH4S 

Modena, 1855. S. 19 p. M721 
Appendice. Modena, 1858. S. 48 p. 

Sventure del duomo di Modena. [Anon.] AH45 

Modena, 1859. S. 18 p. M721 


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shire, consisting of elevations, sections and details. W23 

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approved examples in England, from the earliest to the latest A51 
date... 2d ed. London, 1839. Sq. F. [104] p. 80 pi. 

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tJber die architectonische einrichtung von theater- gebauden . . . AE4 
nach der franzosischen urschift in's deutsche iibertragen. C3 1 

Leipzig, 1849. F.* 28 p. 21 pL 

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Revue de I'art chretien. v. 23, p. 5-19, 328-351; v. 24, p. 183- R324 
210. 4 pL) 

Cavvadias, P. 

See Kavvadias, P. 

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ard de Pestels de Levis], comte de. 1 692-1 765. 

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tianissimi delineata . . . [Paris, no date.] F. 68 pi. C31 

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[Anon.] Paris, 1752-67. Nar. Q. 7 v. 832 pi. A2 

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G. B. de'. Discorsi di architettura. 1753. apx., p. 75-103.) N32 



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Celtibere, pseudonym. 
See Monographie de Notre-Dame de Paris et de la nouvelle sacris- AH44 
tie de Mm. Lassus et VioUet-le-Duc . . . precedee d'une notice P27 
historique . . . par Celtibere. 

Cenni storico-artistici per servire di guida ed illustrazione AH45 
alia insigne basilica di S. Miniato al Monte. 1850. Sa5 

See [Berti, Giovanni Felice]. 

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Torino. Torino, 1 890. S. 80 p. A42 

[Ceresola, Domenico.] 1 683-1 746. 

Storia della cattedrale di Como . . . col volgarizzamento della AH45 
descrizione del tempio fatta in lingua latina da Sigismondo Bol- C73 
doni. [Anon.] Como, 1821. O. 73 p. i pi. 

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Histoire et description de Notre-Dame de Reims, avec la coUabo- AA44 
ration de Pperre] C[harles] Hannesse . . . R277 

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Contents : v. i. Histoire. 

V. 2. Description. 

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liotheque instructive.) A61 

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naissance, age moderne, etc., avec notices descriptives. C34 

Paris, 1868. F.» Unpaged, 60 pi. 

Les tombeaux modernes, chapelles, croix, mausolees . . . sarco- AE8 

phages... Paris, 1890. F." 16 p. ill. 50 pi. C34 

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de. 1 773-1843. 

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partie de la province de Mondovi formant I'ancien Departement A54 
de Montenotte. Paris, 1824. Q. 2 v. 43 pi. 2 maps. 19 tab. 

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See Encyclopedic d'architecture. 1888-. Em 

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Description du catafalque et du cenotaphe eriges dans I'eglise de AE8 

Paris, le 7 Sept., 1774, pour . . . Louis XV. . . la sculpture est C35 
faite par . . . Bocciardi. [Paris], 1774. Nar. Q. 27 p. 6 pi. 

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Designs of Chinese buildings, furniture, dresses, machines and AH51 

utensils . . . [with] a description of their temples, houses, gar- Ai 
dens... London, 1757. F.® 10+19 p. 21 pi. 

Plans . . . and . . . views of the gardens and buildings at Kew in AH42 

Surrey... London, 1763. F.^ [3]+ 8 p. 43 pL K515 

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tions, notes and an examination of Grecian architecture by J. C36 
Gwilt . . . edited by W. H. Leeds. 

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-1676, and Errard, Charles, 1606-89. 

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cueil des dix principaux auteurs qui ont ecrit des cinq ordres . . . C351 
[Anon.] Paris, 1702. F.^ [6] + ii7+[i] p. ill 10 pi. 

Parallel of the antient architecture with the modern, in a coUec- AA 
tion of ten principal authors which have written upon the five C35 
orders . . . made English ... by John Evelyn ... 3d ed. enlarged 
[by] the Elements of architecture collected by Sir H. Wotton . . . 

London, 1723. F. [22]-|-38+u5 p. ill 

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See Ribart de Chamouzt. 

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Contents : v. i. Antiquity, moyen-^ge et renaissance. 
V. 2. I7«, 18= et 19= siecles. 

Portefeuille des arts decoratifs, pubHe sous le patronage de I'Un- AK 
ion centrale des arts decoratifs ... C351 

Paris, 1888-93. F-" v. 1-5 in 3. 480 pi. 

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ceramiques depuis le 16^ siecle jusqu' a nos jours. 

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ecoles. (In Revue des arts decoratifs. v. 9, p. 1 12-122.) R32 



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une Preface de M. Eugene Guillaume. 

Paris, 1890-91. F. 2 v. iU. pL 

See Louvre (Paris) musee. Modeles d'art decoratif d'apres les des- 
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mental ceilings. (In Royal institute of British architects. Trans- 
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Champollion, le jeune. 

See Champollion, Jean Francois. 


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Contents; i. Monuments historiques. 

2. Suite des monuments historiques. 

Lettres ecrites d'Egypte et de Nubie en 1828 et 1829 . . . 

Paris, 1833. O. 15-1-472 p. 6 pL 

Monuments de I'Egypte et de la Nubie, notices descriptives con- 
formes aux manuscrits autographes . . . 

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Vol, I edited by Vicomte O. C. C. E. de Roug6 ; v. 2 by G. C. C. Maspero. 

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Ancient sepulchral monuments of Essex ; a record of interesting 
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Dilettanti. Antiquities of Ionia. 1769-1881. v. i.) 














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mens . . . avec un discours sur I'histoire de I'art en Italic par A46 
Didron. Paris [1845]. F-^ 44 pl- 

Text wanting. 

Moyen-age pittoresque: Monumens d'architecture, meubles et AA 
decors du lo^ au 18^ siecle . . . avec un texte . . . par Moret. C36 

Paris, 1837-40. F.5 5 v. 180 pl. 

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Vues pittoresques de la cathedrale d' Aries et details . . . de ce AH44 
monument, avec un texte . . . par A. Du Mege. Or5i 

Paris, 1829. F.* 19 p. 5 pl. 

Vues pittoresques de la cathedrale d'Auxerre et details . . . de ce AH44 
monument, avec un texte . . . par F. T. de Jolimont. Or5i 

Paris, 1828. F.* 11 p. 13 pl. 

Vues pittoresques de la cathedrale d'Orleans et details . . . de ce AH44 
monument, avec un texte . . . par F. T. de Jolimont. Or5 1 

Paris, 1825. F.* 16 p. 10 pl. 

Vues pittoresques de la cathedrale de Chartres et details . . . de AH44 
ce monument, avec un texte . . . par F. T. de Jolimont. OrSi 

Paris, 1828. F.* 30 p. 15 pl. 

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Paris, 1826. F.* 20+ 16 p. 15 pl. 


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• Vues pittoresques de la cathedrale de Sens et details . . . de ce AH44 
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Paris, 1828. R* 16 p. 5 pL 

Vues pittoresques de la cathedrale de Strasbourg et details . . . AH44 
de ce monument, avec un texte . . . par J. G. Schweighauser. Or5 1 

Strasbourg, 1827. F.* 54+ [1] p. iS pl- 

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From Nouvelle iconographie de la Salp^tri^re. v. i. 

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Cabinet makers' sketch book. AM5 

London, 1866. F.* 60 pl. C381 

Charles, R[ichard], editor. 

See Adam, Robert. 1728-92. First issue of decorative designs, AK 
1783. 1883. Adi3 

Charles, Robert, abbe. 1847-. 

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Essai archeologique et historique sur Saint Georges-de-Lacoue et AB 
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Guide illustre du touriste au Mans et dans la Sarthe . . . AH44 

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Orkney runes. [Gatehead] no date. O. 1 1 p. Z 

No dtle-page. From " The Gatehead observer." 

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History of Whitby and Whitby abbey . . . AH42 

York, 1779. Q. 17+379 P- ill- 4 pl- WsS 
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See Cartari, Vincenzo. i6th cent. 

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See Bibllotheque des merveilles. 

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dee. (In Robuchon, J. C. Paysages et monuments du Poitou. P7S 
1884-. V. II.) 

Charvet, A. 

Decorazioni interne; raccolta di soffitti del 16°, 17°, 18°, e 19° se- AM6 
colo. See, below, Reiche plafonds aus italienischen schlossern. C38 

Reiche plafonds aus italienischen schlossern und palasten des 16., AM6 
17., 18. jahrhunderts und der neuzeit. Berlin [1889]. F.^ 40 pl. C38 

Charvet, A., illustrator. 

See Turin (Italy) — Esposizione italiana d'architettura. 1890. AH4S 
Ricordo. A48 

Charvet, Ernest. 

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demique d'archeologie . . . du Departement de I'Oise. Memoires. So 19 
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de la collection Charvet. 1879. F92 

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Technologie du batiment; ou. Etude complete des materiaux de AI 

toute espece employes dans les constructions, depuis leur fonda- C39 
tion jusques et y compris leur decoration. 2^ ed. 

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archeologique. AC 

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Text in Gennan and English. 

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1545-1607. Paris, 1859. F.8 pi. H361 

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Chateaux de la renaissance: Renaissance frangaise, i6e AH44 
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Pfnor, R. 1824-. Monographie du chateau d'Anet. 1867. 

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Les epoques prehistoriques et gauloises dans le Finistere ; inven- AR44 
taire des monuments de (^ departement des temps prehistoriques F49 
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El teatro de Moratin construido en Madrid . . . pianos y detalles. AH46 

Paris, no date. F.® [4] p. 23 pi. M261 

Title-page and text in Spanish and French. 

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Tableau chronologique des monuments historiques du Departement AB 
de Tarn-et-Garonne. (In Bulletin monumental, v. 4, p. 1-36.) B87 

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due de. 1741-93. 

Memoire sur la veritable entree du monument egyptien qui se AR62 
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Historical antiquities of Hertfordshire . . . AR42 

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1726, and Le Moine, Jean, 1638-1713. AK 

Ornemens de peinture et de sculpture. 17 10. B452 

Chavannes, Edouard. 

La sculpture sur pierre en Chine au temps des deux dynasties A08 
Han . . . public sous les auspices du Ministere de I'instruction C39 
publique et des beaux arts . . . 

Paris, 1893. Q. [4i]+88+[i] p. ill 65 pi. 

Chavannes, Pierre Cecile Puvis de. 1824-. 

See Puvis de Chavannes, Pierre C6cile. 1824-. 

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shire. (In Archaeologia. v. 48, p. 270-280; v. 50, p. 281-286. 4 pi.) Ar2 


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Italy — Accademia etrusca. Saggi di dissertazioni accademiche. C81 
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Checozi, Giovanni. 1 691- 1756. 

See Checcozzi, Giovanni. 1691-1756. , 

Cliefs=d'ceuvre de I'art antique ... AO 

Paris, 1867-68. Q. 7 v. ill 806 pi. C41 

Contents; Ser. i. RoBiou DE LA Tr^honnais, F. M. L. J. Monuments de la vie des 
anciens. 1867. 3 v. 
Ser. .i. Lenormant, F. Monuments delapeintureetde la sculpture. 1867-68. 4V. 

Clieminon, , and Camps, . Ai 

Fabrique de parquets. C15 

Clienavard, A[inie]. 1798-1838. 

Album de rornemaniste; recueil d'ornements dans tous les genres AK 
et dans tous les styles . . . Paris [1835]. F.^ [8] p. 72 pi. C421 

Recueil des dessins de tapis, tapisseries et autres objets d'ameuble- AK 
ment . . . Paris, 1833-35. F-* 43 pl- C42 

Chenavard, A[ntoine] M[arie]. 1 787-1883. AE8 

Fontaines; esquisses. Lyon, 1864-65. Obi. Q. 2 v. in i. 40 pi. C42 

Recueil des compositions executees ou projetees sur . . . [ses] AL2 
dessins. Lyon, i860. F.® 2 v. in i. 54 pi. and sup. 7 pi. .C42 

Vol. 2 has title Tombeaux executes sur les dessins de C. 

Supplement aux Compositions historiques: Les poetes; esquisses. AX 

Lyon, 1863. Obi. Q. 52 p. 21 pi. C42 

Voyage en Grece et dans le Levant fait en 1843 et 1844. AH49S 

Lyon, 1858. F.« 25 + [i67] p. 79 pL map. A17 

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Life of Christian Daniel Rauch, drawn from German authorities. AW 
Boston, 1893. O. 8+[3]+33i p. i por. 4 pi. R191 

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1 8 20-. 

Notes d'un compilateur sur les sculpteurs et les sculptures en AN6 
ivoire. Amiens, no date. Nar. Q. 91 p. C42 

From La Picardie, revue litt^raire et scientifique. 

Chennevieres-[Pointel, Charles] Ph[ilippe], marquis 
de, 1 8 20- compiler. 

Archives de I'art franjais ; recueil de documents inedits relatifs AW 
a I'histoire des arts en France. Paris, 1851-60. O. 6 v. in 3. M34 
(Archives de I'art franfais. v. i, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11.) 

Vols. 4-6 (7, 9 and ii of the series) compiled by A. DE C. DE MoNTAiGLON. 


Chennevieres=Pointel, Charles Philippe, marquis de, 
1820-, editor. AW 

See Mariette, P. J. 1694-1774. Abecedario. 1851-60. M341 

Chennevieres [=Pointel], Henry de, comte. 1859-. 

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176, 403-406, 429-435.) 

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Societe des antiquaires du centre. Memoires. 1879-88. v. 8, 9, S03 
10, II and 15. pL) 

Notice historique sur Chateaumeillant. (In Societe des antiquaires AC 
du centre. Memoires. 1878. v. 7, p. 1-234. 3 pi.) S03 

Cheret, [Qustave] Joseph. 

Sculpture moderne ; la terre cuite fran9aise. A08 

Paris, 1885. F.^ ser. i. 25 pi. C42 

Contents : Ser. i. Reproduction de son oeuvre. 

Cherge, Charles Louis Gilbert de. 1814-. 

Notice sur I'inclinaison de I'axe des eglises. (In Bulletin monu- AB 
mental v. 9, p. 541-554.) B87 

• Rapport d'ensemble sur les monuments historiques du Departe- AB 
ment de la Vienne. (In Bulletin monumental, v. 9, p. 386-435.) B87 

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Delacroix. Paris, 1862. D. 2+35+424 p. 

See Guichard, Edouard. 181 5-. Dessins de decoration des princi- AK 
paux mattres . . . avec une etude sur I'art decoratif par E. Ches- G94 
neau. 1881. 

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Le chateau de Chenonceau; notice historique . . . AH44 

Tours, 1869. Nar. Q. 88 + [i] p. i pi. C42 

Les fouilles de Saint-Martin de Tours ; recherches sur les six basi- AH44 
liques successives elevees autour du tombeau de Saint Martin. T643 

Tours, 1888. O. 7+134 p. ill 7 pi. 


Chevalier, H[enri] E[mile], 1828-79, and Renard, 
Leon, 1831-. 

Le Champ-de-Mars; son passe, son present, son avenir. AH44 

Paris, 1879. D. 33 + [i]p- 6 pi. P24 

Chevalier, Pierre Michel Franfois, called Pitre=Che= 
valier. 1812-64. 

See Pitre-Chevalier, Pierre Michel Fran9ois, called. 1812-64. 

Chevalier, Pietro. 

Di alcuni principal! edifici e situazioni delle provincie Venete . . . AH45 
Padova, 1828. Obi. O. Unpaged. 40 pi. A47 

Memorie architettoniche sui principali edifici della citta di Padova. AH4S 

Padova, 1 83 1. D. 191 p. 40 pi. P139 

Chevignard, Edmond Lechevallier=. 1825-. 

See Lechevallier=Chevignard, Edmond. 1825-. 

Chevrieri Jules. 

Chalon-sur-Saone, pittoresque et demoli . . . AH44 

Paris, 1883. Sq. F. [3i]-|-2i4-l-[i] p. ill. C35 

Chicago (111.) — World's Columbian exposition — 

History of the empire of Japan . . . translated [by Capt. Francis AH52 
Brinkley]. Tokyo [1893]. O. [9] +64-428 p. 42 pi. map. A2 

Chicago architectural iron works. 

Catalogue of cast and wrought iron, brass, bronze and aluminum, AI2 
electro-plating, bower-barfifing and galvano-plastic work. C43 

Chicago [1894]. Sq. F.* [5] p. 40 pi. 

Chiesa di San Secondo in Torino. Sq. F. 3 p. ill. 3 pi. AH4S 

No title-page. From L'Ingegneria civile e le arti industriali. 1883. v. 9. -l 842 

Chifke ou entre toutes les lettres de I'alphabet. AX 

See Cyffer daar al de letteren van het alphabeth in zyn. L13 

Chilcott, J. 

Descriptive history of Bristol, ancient and modern; or, A guide to AH42 
Bristol, Clifton and the Hotwells ... 7th ed. enlarged. B77 

Bristol [pref. 1846]. D. 6-|-[2]-l-396 p. ill. 3 pi. 2 maps. 

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L'architecture et I'etude de la generation des styles. (In Revue AB 
des arts decoratifs. v. 2, p. 277-280, 309-315.)' R32 

Exposition des dessins de Viollet-le-Duc au Musee de Cluny. (In AB 
Revue des arts decoratifs. v. i, p. 6-9, 33-40.) R32 

Histoire critique des origines et de la formation des ordres grecs. AA 
Paris, 1876. Q. 6-1-384+ [i] p. ill. 32 pi. C44 



Chippendale, Thomas, fl. 1 760. 

Gentleman and cabinet-maker's directory; being a . . . collection ANi 
of . . . designs of household furniture . . . [with] a short explana- C441 
tion of the five orders of architecture ... 3d ed. 

London, 1762. F.^ [6]+2op. 200 pi. 

Ornaments and interior decorations in the old French style, con- ANi 
sisting of hall, glass and picture frames, chimney pieces . . . C44 
brackets . . . ornamental furniture. London, no date. F.* 32 pi. 

Chisholm, R[obert] Fellowes. 

New college for the Gaekwar of Baroda, with notes on style and AC 
domical construction in India. (In Royal institute of British R81 
architects. Transactions. 1882-83. p. 141-146. 4 pi.) 

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architects. Papers. 1875-76. p. 159-178. 2 pL) R81 

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der kunsthistorischen sammlungen des allerhochsten kaiserhauses. J191 
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Die ehrenpforte des Kaisers Maximilian I. (In Jahrbuch der AB 
kunsthistorischen sammlungen des allerhochsten kaiserhauses. J191 
V. 4, pt. I, p. 289-319.) 

Eine franzosische bilderhandschrift von Boccaccio's Theseide. AB 
(In Jahrbuch der kunsthistorischen sammlungen des allerhochsten J191 
kaiserhauses. v. 14, pt. I, p. 318-328.) 

Konig Rene der Gute und die handschrift seines romanes "Cuer AB 
d'amours espris" in der. . . Hofbibliothek. (In Jahrbuch der J191 
kunsthistorischen sammlungen des allerhochsten kaiserhauses. 
V. II, pt. I, p. 116-139.) 

Chmelarz, Eduard, editor. 

See Das diurnale oder gebetbuch des Kaisers Maximilian I. (In AB 
Jahrbuch der kunsthistorischen sammlungen des allerhochsten J 191 
kaiserhauses. v. 3, pt. I, p. 88-102.) 

See Jean du Prier. fl. 15th cent. Le songe du pastoureL (In AB 
Jahrbuch der kunsthistorischen sammlungen des allerhochsten J191 
kaiserhauses. v. 13, pt. i, p. 226-266.) 

[Choiseul=Qouffier, Marie Gabriel Auguste Florent, 

comte de. J 1 75 2-1 8 1 7. 

Voyage pittoresque de la Grece. [Anon.] AR495 

Paris, 1782-1 822. F.8 2 v. in 3. i por. 154 pi. 17 maps. AS 

Choisy, [Francois] Auguste. 1841-. 

L'arsenal du Piree d'apres le devis original des travaux. Paris, AH495 
1883. 42 p. ill. 2 pi. (In his fitudes sur I'architecture grecque.) A21 


Choisy, [Francois] Auguste. 1841-. 

. L'art de batir chez les Byzantins. AD3 

Paris, 1883. F.5 187+ [6] p. 25 pi. €45 

. L'art de bitir chez les Romains. AH45 

Paris, 1873. F.^ 2v.ini. ill 24 pL R684 

L'Erechtheion d'apres les pieces originales de la comptabilite des AH495 
travaux. Paris, 1 884. (In his Etudes sur I'architecture grecque. A2 1 
1884. p. 85-171. ill 2 pi.) 

Etudes epigraphiques sur I'architecture grecque. AH49S 

Paris, 1884. F. 7+232+[i9] p. ill. 6 pi. A21 

Contents: L'arsenal du Pir^e. — L'firechtheion. — Les murs d'Athfenes. — Un devis du tra- 
vaux publics k Livadie. — ^Appendice. 

Les murs d'Athenes d'apres le devis de leur restauration. Paris, AH495 
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I pi.) 

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No. 224 of 330 copies printed. 

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etes et des defauts des fortifications existantes ... 2^ edition . . . C45 
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See [Lear, Mrs. H. L. (F.)]. F61 

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so copies printed. 

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Title-page and text in French and German. 

[Christyn, Jean Baptiste.] 1622-90. 

Histoire generate des Pais-Bas contenant la description des dis-sept AH492 

provinces. Ed. nouvelle . . . Brusselle, 1720. S. 4 v. 143 pi. map. A6 

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See S., Q. C16 

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Text in Greek and Latin. 

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Church, W. A. 

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Bound with his Vetera monimenta, v. 2. 

Vetera monimenta, in quibus praecipue musiva opera sacrarum, Aj2 
profanarumque aedium structura, ac nonnuUi antiqui ritus, dis- C48 
sertationibus, iconibusque illustrantur. 

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Catalogo ragionato dei [suoi] libri d'arte e d'antichita. AY 

• Pisa, 1 82 1. O. 2 V. C48 

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Cima, Giuseppe. 

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Cincinnati (Ohio) — National exhibition of archi- 
tectural drawings and sketches. 1889. 

Selections from [the] exhibition. AO4 

[Cincinnati, 1889. J Sq. F. [3] p. 48 pi. C49 

Cinque Ports brotherhoods and guestlings . , . 1828. AR42 

See Mantell, Sir Thomas. 1751-1831. Z 

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Roma, 18 17. Obi. S. 2 v. 241 pi. R798 

Monumenti di fabbriche antiche estratti dai disegni dei piu celebri AH45 
autori. Roma, 1796-1803. Nar. Q. 3 v. 301 pi. i tab. R774 

Each of the following parts has an independent title-page, and the whole work is engraved. 
Contents: V. I. Tempi del Sole e della Luna. 1794. 5 pi. 

Arco di Trajano in Ancona. 1794. 7 pi. 

Tempio di Saturno. 1795. 4 pi. 

Pantheon. 1795. 16 pi. 

Tempio di Marte Ultore. 1795. 9 pi. 

Tempio di Giove Statore. 1796. 9 pi. 

Tempio della Fortuna Virile. 1796. S pl' 

Tempio di Sibilla. 1796. 5 pi. 

Tempio della Pieta. 1796. 6 pi. 

Tempio di Vesta. 1797. 10 pi. 
V. u. Portico di Ottavia. 1797. 6 pi. 

Tempio di Bacco. 1797. 6 pi. 

Tempi della Pace, di Antonio e Faustina e della Concordia. 1798. 8 pi. 

Vedute della Grecia. 25 pi. 

Tempi di Teseo e di Minerva in Atene. 7 pi. 

Tempi di Minerva Poliade. 9 pi. 

Lantema di Demostene. 9 pi. 

Edificio a Bazar. 4 pi. 
y. 3. Anfiteatro Flavio-Colosseo. 1801. 17 pi. 

Foro di Nerva. 1807. 14 pi. 

Arco di Settimio Severo. 1807. 12 pi. 

Arco di Costantino. 1807. 11 pi. 

Arco degli O'refici. 1807. 7 pi. 

Anfiteatro di Verona. 1807. 5 pi. 

Tempio di Serapide. 1807. 6 pi. 

Bagni di Paolo Emilio. 1807. s pl- 

Pinacoteca. 1807. 9 pl. 

Frontispizio di Nerone. 1807. 5 pl. 

Arco di Tito. 15 pl. 

Basilica di Antonino. 8 pl. 

Tempio di Giove Tonante. 10 pi. 

Teatro di Marcello. 12 pl. \rr 

Scelta di ornati, antichi e moderni. Roma, 1801. O. 61 pl. C49 

Su i dodici obelischi egizj che adornano la cittk di Roma. AE8 

Roma, 1823. Nar. Q. 25 p. 14 pl. C49 


Cipriani, Giovanni Battista, 1727-85, illustrator. 

See [Milizia, Francesco]. 1725-98. Principi di architettura civile. AA 
1781-1800. MS9 

Cirot de la Ville, , abbe. 1 8 1 1-. 

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Teglise de St. Seurin. Bordeaux, 1867. F. 11 +441 p. ill. B642 

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Memorie storiche-monumentali-artistiche del tempio di San Fran- AH45 
cesco in Ferrara. Ferrara, i860. O. [7] +83 p. Z 

Claesen, Charles. 1829-. 

Motifs de decoration exterieure et interieure, appliques aux edi- AK 
fices publics comme aux habitations de particuliers; sculpture, C^i 
marbrerie, peinture, menuiserie . . . 

Liege, no date. F.^ [s] P- 120 pL 

Recueil d'ornements et de sujets pour etre appliques a rornemen- AN5 
tation des armes d'apres les dessins des principaux artistes. Cs i 

Liege [1870]. Sq. F.* 40 pi. 

Claesen, Joseph. 

See Demarteau, Qilles. 1722-76. Extraits de . . . [son] ceuvre, AK 
reproduits par J. Claesen. D392 

Clarac, Charles Othon Frederic Jean Baptiste, 

comte de. 1 777-1 847. 

Description historique et graphique du Louvre et des Tuileries, AH44 
publiee dans son Musee de sculpture de 1826-28, precedee d'une P2111 
Notice biographique sur I'auteur par Alfred Maury. 

Paris, 1853. O. 16 p.+p. 237-692. 24 pL 

Manuel de I'histoire de I'art chez les anciens. AO 

Paris, 1847-49. D. 3 v. CS4 

Contents : v. i. Description des musdes de sculpture antique et moderne du Louvre. 
V. 2. Tableau chronologique des artistes de I'antiquit^. 
V. 3. Catalogues des artistes de I'antiquit^. 

Musee de sculpture, antique et moderne ; ou. Description, histo- AH44 
rique et graphique, du Louvre et de toutes ses parties ... P2 1 1 

Paris, 1826-53. Q. 6 v. ill. pL & Atlas, obL Q. 6 v. 1000 pi. 

Continued after the mss. of the author by L. F. A. Maury, v. 3-6. 

Sur la statue antique de Venus Victrix, decouverte dans I'lle de A08 
Milo en 1820 . . . et sur la statue antique, connue sous le nom de Z2 
rOrateur, du Germanicus et d'un personage remain en Mercure. 

Paris, 1 82 1. Nar. Q. 67 p. i pi. 

Clarac, Charles Othon Frederic Jean Baptiste, 

comte de, 1 777-1847, editor. AO2 

See Louvre (Paris) musee. Description du musee. 1 830. L93 


Claretta, Qaudenzio, barone. 1833-. 
I marmi scritti di Torino e suburbio dai bassi tempi alia meta del AC 
secolo 18. (In Societa di archeologia e belle arti per la provincia So 17 
di Torino. Atti. v. 2, p. 87-109, 349-378; v. 4, p. 61-80, 

Clark, C. 

Historical and descriptive account of the town of Lancaster [Eng- AR42 
land] ; collected from the best authorities. L22 

Lancaster, 1807. O. 7+ 118+ [2] p. ill. 3 pi. 

Clark, George T[homas] . 1 809 -. 

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and of Castell Coch. London, 1852. O. 32+68+13 p. 9 pi. Cli 

Lincoln castle. (In Associated architectural societies. Reports AC 
and papers, v. 13, p. 176-189. i pi.) As7 

• Mediaeval military architecture in England . . . AE7 

London, 1884. O. 2 v. ill. 63 pi. C54 

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See Redfarn, W. B. Ancient wood and iron work in Cambridge ; AH42 
the letterpress by J. W. Clark. [1886.] C146 

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versity of Cambridge and of the colleges of Cambridge and Eton. C142 

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and others interested in building operations as carried on at the C54 
present day. lo'h ed. Boston, 1 891 [c. '83]. O. [3]+336p. ill. 

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132. 4 pi.) 

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Persian architecture and construction. (In Royal institute of Brit- AC 
ish architects. Transactions. 1880-81. p. 1 61-174.) R81 

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Observations on episcopal chairs and stone seats, piscinas [etc.] AB 
. . . with a description of Chalk church, in . . . Rochester. (In Ar- Ar2 
chaeologia. v. 11, p. 317-374. 3 pi.) 

Some account of the rise and progress of early English architec- AH42 
ture, with . . . remarks on the churches of the metropoHs. (In L893 
Booth, John. Architectura ecclesiastica. Londini. 1820. p. I-3S-) 


Clarke, Edward Daniel. 1 769-1822. 

Tomb of Alexander; a dissertation on the sarcophagus brought AE8 
from Alexandria and now in the British museum. Cs 5 

Cambridge, 1805. Q. 3 + 160 p. i por. 4 pi. 

Clarke, Henry James, translator. 

See Fromberg, E. O. Introductory essay on the art of painting on AA 
glass. (In Quarterly papers on architecture. 1844-45. v. 4. 119 p. Q2 

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The hypaethral question ; an attempt to determine the mode in AJ 
whichtheinterior of a Greek temple was lighted. Cambridge, 1879. CjS 
O. 38 p. (Harvard art club. Papers. No. i.) 

Clarke, Joseph Thacher, translator. 

See Munich (Ger.) -Pinakothek. Catalogue of the paintings in the 
old Pinakothek. 1890. 

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Royal institute of British architects. Transactions. 1890-91. n. s. R81 
V. 7, p. 169-194.) 

[Clarke, Thomas.] 

History of the church, parish, and manor of Howden . . . [Anon.] AH42 

Howden, 1851. O. 88+[i] p. S pi. H83 

Clarke, T[homas] H[utchmgs]. 

Domestic architecture of the reigns of Queen Elizabeth and James AH42 
the first .. . London, 1833. Nar. Q. i3+24+[i] p. ill. 20 pi. A61 

Clarke, William, architect. 

Pompeii; its past and present state . . . compiled in part from the AR45 
great work of M. Mazois, the Museo Borbonico [and] the publi- P776 
cations of Sir W. Gell and T. L. Donaldson . . . 

London, 1846-47. S. 2 v. ill. 23 pi. map. 

Clarkson, D[ouglas] A. 

New designs containing fonts, mural-tablets, chimney-pieces and ANi 
balustrades . . . London [i860]. F.* 48 pi. Cs6 

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logical society. Collections, v. 17, p. 185-239. 3 pi.) Su8 

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kunstdenkmaler von Berlin. 1893. p. 1-98.) B461 


Clavieres, Octavien de Quasco, comte de. 171 2-81. 

See Guasco, Octavien de, comte de Clavieres. 171 2-81. 

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Collection of the ancient timber edifices of England. AH42 

London, 1846. F.® [12] p. 26 pi. A29 

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American landmarks ; a collection of pictures of our country's AH73 
historic shrines, with descriptive text. A18 

Boston, 1893. Sq. F. i2+[l]+97 P- iU- 

Clemen, Paul, 1866-, editor. 

Die kunstdenkmaler der Rheinprovinz . . . AH43 

Dusseldorf, 1891-93. Q. v. 1-2, pt. 3. ill. 38 pi. R341 

Contents: v. i. pt. i. Die kunstdenkmaler des kreises Kempen. 
pt. 2. Die kunstdenkmaler des kreises Geldem. 
pt. 3. Die kunstdenkmaler des kreises Moers. 
pt. 4. Die kunstdenkmaler des kreises Kleve. 
V. 2. pt. I. Die kunstdenkmaler des kreises Rees. 

pt, 3. Die kunstdenkmaler der stadt Duisburg und der kreise Miilheim a. d. 

Ruhr und Ruhfort. 
pt. 3. Die kunstdenkmaler der stadt und des kreises Essen. 

Clemens, [J. F.], Mellin, F. A. I., 1 796-1 859, and 
Rosenthal, C. A. 

Der dom zu Magdeburg . . . AH43 

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De I'ideal chretien. (In Revue de I'art Chretien, v. 26, p. 257- AB 
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1820-82. AO2 

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See Dubois-Maisonneuve, Peintures de vases antiques. AN2 

1808-10. D8s 

Clercq, Louis [Charles Henri Francois Xavier] de, 
1 8450- and Menant, J[oachim], 18 20-. 

Collection de Clercq ; catalogue methodique et raisonne, antiqui- AR56 
tes assyriennes: cylindres orientaux, cachets, briques, bronzes, bas- As7 
reliefs, etc. 

Paris, 1888-90. F.6 v. 1-2, livr. 2, fasc. i. ill. 62 pi. map. 



Clerget, C[harles] E[rnest] . 1 8 1 2-. 

Nouveaux ornements ... a I'usage des manufactures et pour 
rornementation en general Paris, 1 840. F. ^ 18 pi. 

Ornements teintes 

Paris, 1840. F.^ 18 pi. 

Ornemens tires des quatre ecoles. Paris [i88s(?)]. F. 100 pi. 
(Ornemens tires des quatre ecoles. Ser. 2.) 

Clericus, L[udwig]. 1827-92. 

Roccoco; entwurfe fiir die graphischen kiinste und das kleinge- 
werbe . . . Frankfurt a. M., 1886. F. [6] p. 15 pi. 

Clermont=Qanneau, Ch[afles Simon]. 1846-. 

Les fraudes archeologiques en Palestine, suivies de quelques monu- 
ments pheniciens apocryphes. Paris, 1885. S. 357 p. ill. 5 pi. 
(Bibliotheque orientale elzevirienne. v. 40.) 

Recueil d'archeologie orientale. 

Paris, 1888. Nar. Q. v. i. ill. 19 pL map. 

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Catalogue . . . [de ses] marbres, bronzes et terres cuites . . . vente 
... 6 avril, 1870 . . . [Paris] 1870. Nar. Q. i39+[i] p. 36 pi. 

Cleuziou, Henri Raison du. 1833-. 

See Du Cleuziou, Henri Raison. 1833-. 

Cliff e, Charles Frederick. 1809-51. 

Book of North Wales, scenery, antiquities . . . 

London, 1850. S. 302 p. ill. 2 pi. 

Cliffe, Charles Frederick. 1809-51. 

Book of South Wales, the Bristol channel, Monmouthshire and the 
Wye ... 2d ed. enlarged. 

London, 1848. S. 400 p. ill. 7 pi. 2 maps. 

Clinch, George. 

Bloomsbury and St. Giles's, past and present, with historical and 
antiquarian notices of the vicinity. 

London, 1890. Nar. Q. 124-220 p. 3 por. 21 pi. 

Marylebone and St. Pancras, their history, celebrities, buildings 
and institutions. London, 1890. Nar. Q. 12+235 p. ill. 38 pi. 

Mayfair and Belgravia ... an historical account of the parish of 
St. George, Hanover Square. 

London, 1892. Nar. Q. 12+183 p. 'H- 2 por. 34 pi. 

Clochar, P[ierre]. 17 74-. 

Palais, maisons et vues d'ltalie, mesures et dessines. 

Paris, 1809. F.^ 8+19 p. 102 pi. 















Clough, Mrs. Arthur Hugh. 

See Clough, Mrs. Blanche (Smith). 

Clough, Mrs. Blanche (Smith), translator. 
See Burckhardt, Jakob. 1818-. Cicerone. 1873. 

Cluny, Hotel de (Paris). 

See Musee des Thermes et de I'Hotel de Cluny (Paris). 

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Examples of ecclesiastical perpendicular roofs. (In Quarterly AA 
papers on architecture. 1844-45. v. 4. 3 p. 7 pi.) Q2 

Illustrations of mediaeval architecture in France, from the acces- AH44 
sion of Charles VI. to the demise of Louis XII., with historical ... A2 
remarks. London, 1856. F.^ 6+[i]+8o p. ill 16 pi. 

Cluysenaar, J[ean] P[ierre]. 1800-80. 

Chemin de fer de Dendre-et-Waes, d'Ath a Lokeren et de Brux- AE6 
elles vers Gand par Alost ; batiments des stations et maisons de C62 
Garde. Bruxelles, 1855. Sq. F.* 28+[i] p. 32 pi. map. 

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Examples of American domestic architecture. 1889. St4i 

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sepultures anciennes a I'aide de la ceramique. C64 

Paris, i860. Q. 19 p. ill. 10 pi. 

Memoire sur la coutume de placer des vases dans la sepulture de AB 
I'homme . . . depuis le 11^ jusqu' au 17^ siecle. (In Bulletin mon- B87 
umental. v. 22, p. 329-363, 425-446.) 

Sepultures chretiennes de la periode anglo-normande, trouvees a AB 
Bouteilles ... en 1857. (In Bulletin monumental, v. 25, p. 103- B87 
131, 273-311.) 

Le tombeau de Childeric i^^", roi des Francs, restitue a I'aide de AR44 
I'archeologie et des decouvertes recentes faites en France ... en A13 
Allemagne et en Angleterre . . . Paris, 1859. Q. 31+474 p. ill. 


Cochin, Augustin. 1823-72. 

See Cochin, Pierre Suzanne Augustin. 1823-72. 

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See Qranet, J. J. 1685-1759. Histoire de 1' Hotel Royal des AH44 
Invalides. 1736. P3171 

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[J. C], 1726-86. 

Observations sur les antiquites d'Herculanum, avec quelques AR45 
reflexions sur la peinture et la sculpture des anciens . . . 2e ed. H419 

Paris, 1755. S. 38+[6] + i04p. 40 pi. 

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See Donaldson, T. L. 1 795-1 885. Pompeii, 1827. P798 

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Iconography of the west front of Wells cathedral, with an appen- AH42 
dix on the sculptures of other medieval churches in England. W461 

Oxford, 185 1. Q. [4] + i26+ii5 p. 20 pi. i tab. 

Temples of Jupiter Panhellenius at .(Egina and of Apollo Epicu- AH495 
rius at Bassse near Phigaleia in Arcadia . . . [with] a memoir of Ae2 
the systems of proportion employed in . . . these structures by W. 
W.Lloyd. London, i860. F.'^ 10+94 p. ill- 37 pl- 

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cipal; G. E. baron Haussmann, ed.) 

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See Colomies, PauL 1638-92. 

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See France — Comite historique des arts et monuments. 

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See Prance — Comite des travaux historiques et scientifiques. 

Comite historique des arts et monuments. 

See Prance — Comite historique des arts et monuments. 

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See Prance — Comite historique des arts et monuments. 

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The illustrative descriptions were never published with this edition. 

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See [Cristiani, G. F.]. C86 

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The Stances of the first nine years are bound with the Bulletin monumental for those years. 

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Heroen- und gotter-gestalten der griechischen kunst . . . AR49S 

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V. 2. Sculpturen in Pettau und St. Martin am Pacher. 

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What shall we do with our walls? AK 

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See Guillaumot, A. E. G94 

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Contents : v. i. Norfolk. 
V. 2. Suffolk. 

Etchings [with descriptions by T. Rickman]. AH42 

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Contents : ser. i. Architectural antiquities of Norfolk. 

ser. 3. Specimens of Norman and Gothic remains in the county of Norfolk. 
ser. 3. Specimens of castellated and ecclesiastical remains in the county of 

ser. 4. Specimens of architectural remains in the counties of York, Cambridge, 

Suffolk, Lincoln, Essex and North Wales, 
ser. 5. Liber studiorum. 

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Working drawings for gothic ornaments selected and composed AK 
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for a gothic mansion. 

[London, 1822.] Sq. F.'' Engraved t.-p. 36 pi. 

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Contents : v. i. Itin&aire d'Athfenes h Eleusis. 
No more published. 

Cougny, A., editor. 
See Bibliotheque populaire des ecoles de dessin. 

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(Bibliotheque populaire des ecoles de dessin. Trofsieme serie: P339 
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Contents: v. x. Lapeinture. 

V. 2. Les dessins. La sculpture. 

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Courcelle, . AJ 

Lustres et autres bronzes. Paris, no date. F. * 1 74 pi. C83 

Lustres, lampes, antiques, bras, etc. F.'' 52 pi. AJ 

Original designs, many in color, mounted in two scrap-books. '—03 I 

[Courtois, .] 

Lettre adressee a Madame la Comtesse de * * # a I'occasion d'un AN6 
crucifix en ivoire, sculpte par Michel Ange que possede cette C42 
dame. [Anon.] Paris, 1845. Nar. Q. 16 p. 

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Trait^ de la perspective pratique, avec des remarques sur I'archi- AL2 
tecture . . . Paris, 1725. F.* [i4] + ii6+[2] p. 33 pi. C83 

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Historical guide to the abbey and palace of Holyrood, including AH41 
annals of the chapel-royal ... 2d edition enlarged. Ed45 

Edinburgh, 1838. S. [12] +3 04 p. ill. pi. map. 

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L. Lalanne. Paris, 1883. Sq. F. 39+[i] p. 200pL (Bibliotheque C83 
internationale de I'art publiee d' E. Mtintz.) 



Cousinery, Esprit Marie. 1 747-1833. 

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acheenne, accompagne de recherches sur les monnaies de Corinthe, C83 
de Sicyone et de Carthage. 

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Couvez, Alexandre [Henri Joseph] . 1813-75. 

. . . Inventaires des objets d'art qui ornent les eglises et les etab- ANi 
lissements publics de la Flandre occidentale . . . C83 

Bruges, 1852. Nar. Q. 661+8+2 p. 

Cowley, John Lodge. 

Theory of perspective demonstrated in a method entirely new, by AL2 
which the . . . planes, lines and points . . . are shewn by moveable C832 
schemes in the true positions . . . 

London, 1766. Q. 6+ii + ii7p. 11 pl. 

Cowper illustrated by a series of views in, or near, the AH42 
park of Weston- Underwood, Bucks. A 134 

See [Storer, James, 1781-1853, and Qreig, J.]. 

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On the historical progress and character of symbolism in ecclesias- AC 
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1853. V. 4, p. 141-155) 


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Exeter diocesan architectural society. Transactions. 1856. v. 5, Ex3 
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Notes on the churches of Derbyshire . . . AH42 

Chesterfield, 1875-79. Nar. Q. 4 v. 89 pi. D441 

Contents : v. i. Hundred of Scarsdale. 

V. 2. Hundreds of the High Peak and Wirksworth. 
V. 3. Hundreds of Appletree, Repton and Gresley. 
V. 4. Hundred of Morleston and Litchurch and general supplement. 

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Contents: ser. i. OssowsKi, G. Pnisse royale. 
Title-page and text in Polish and French. 

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Paged continuously. 

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Der stadt Dantzig historische beschreibung . . . verfasset . . . im AH43 
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No. 215 of 230 copies. 
Large paper copy. 

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Contents: v. i. Adler, F. 1827-, Boermann, R., Dorpfeld, W., 1853- GrXber, F., 
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V. 4. FurtwXngler, a. 1853-. Die bronzen von Olympia. 
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Heraldry of York minster, a key to the history of its builders and AH42 
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No. 194 of 300 copies printed. 


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London, 1854. O. [7] + i43 P- iH- 10 pL C98 

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on the decorations for Easter ... 2d ed. C98 

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Kunstschmiedearbeiten im style des rococo. AM2 

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Cyffer daar al de letteren van het alphabeth in zyn. AX 

See La Feuille, Daniel de. [Livre de chiffres, 2e partie. 1691], L13 

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Schlesische glaser; eine studie iiber die schlesische glasindustrie AN3 

friiherer zeit, nebst einem beschreibenden katalog der glasersamm- C99 
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Breslau, 1891. O. 6+1+288 p. ill. 6 pi. 

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Wiener garten imjahre 1890. Wien, 1891. F.^ [7] P- 24 pi. C99 


D * * *, pseudonym. 
See Holbach, Paul Henri Thiry, baron d*. 


D., I. I. 

See Duym, Jonkheer Jacob. 1574-. 


See Dapper, Olfert. -1690. Historische beschryving der stadt AH492 
Amsterdam . . . 1663. Am83 

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Albert memorial, Hyde Park; its history and description. AW 

London [1878]. F. [s]+70 p. 16 pi. All 

[Dagley, Richard. i76-(?)-i84i.] 

Gems, selected from the antique . . . [Anon.J AX 

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Suecia antiqua et hodierna. [Anon.] 

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2 maps. 

Paged continuously. 

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See Le Brun-Dalbanne, . 

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See Nadaillac, J. F. A. du P., marquis de. 1818-. Pre-historic AR73 
America. 1884. Ai 





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Russkiya vyshtchivki . . . [Russian embroideries designed on the AN 
satin and colored silk furniture coverings and on the linen window D16 
and door hangings of the Russian Terem, in the Royal Danish 
park at Fredensborg - . .] St. Petersburg, 1889. Obi. F. 16 pi. 

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History of Ireland from the earliest period to . . . 1 245, when the AR41 5 
Annales of Boyle . . . terminate . . . [with] statistical and histor- Ai 
ical notices of the barony of Boyle. 

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V. -J. Cabinets de travail, bibliotheque, acc6s, salles de concert, magasins. 



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No more published. 

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no. 2. Parochial buildings ; plans of Saint Olave's girls'-school. 

no. 3. Prisons ; drawings of Spilsby gaol and sessions-bouse. 

no. 4. Railway works; drawings of the Bromsgrove dep6t and engine factory. 

no. S- Drawings of the Chamberlain hospital at Bedworth. 

no. 6. Plans and specifications for repairs, alterations, etc. 

no. 7. Specifications of the steam kitchen apparatus at the Reform club-house, 

no. 8. Churches; elevation of the New national church erected in Regent Square, 

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See Examples of art workmanship of various ages and countries: ANi 

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See La Croix, Camille de. Sanxay, Vienne ; decouvertes gallo- AR44 

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Dedaux, . 

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See Qul'yanov, Ivan Aleksandrovich. -i8S4(?). 

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See La Feuille, Daniel de. 

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Text in French and Dutch. 

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Reproduction of a selection of ii plates from this work. 

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above, Algemeen kunstenaars handboek [1787]. L131 

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See Regnault-Delalande, Franfois Leandre. 1762-1824. 

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See Cayot=Delandre, Frangois Marie. 1 796-1848. 

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See Passeri, Q. B. 1610-79. Histoire des peintures sur majoliques AN2 
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No. 95 of 150 copies printed. 


Delange, Henri, 1804-, and Sauzay, Alexandre, 


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to different branches of commerce . . . D37 

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"Supplement a L'art de la menuiserie" . . . D37 

Paris, no date. F.^ [4] + 16 p. 30 pi. 

Der treppenbau in holz; ansichten . . . and details von treppen AI 
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German edition of the Traits et modules. 

Delbrel, E., Pfnor, R[odolphe], 1824-, and Verchere, 

J., editors. 

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Berlin, 1 89 1. F.^ 2 v. in i, 84 col. [42 p.] lOO pi. D37 

Paged continuously. Supplement to Roubo, A. J. L'art de la menuiserie. 

Del Corno, Vittorio. 

See Corno, Vittorio del. 


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jusqu'au commentement du i/e siecle . . . B8341 
Bruges, 1835. O. 26+i94+[i] p. 44 pi. 

See Haghe, Louis. 1806-85. Monuments anciens recueillis en AH43 

Allemagne . . . accompagnes de notices historiques par O. Dele- A 18 
pierre. 1845. 

Delgado, Juan de Dios de la Rada y. 1827-. 

See Rada y Delgado, Juan de Dios de la. 1827-. 

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See [Rogissart, , sieur de]. A63 

Les delices des Pais-Bas. 1720. AH492 

See [Cliristyn, J. B.]. 1622-90. Histoire generale des Pais-Bas. A6 

Delignieres Eni[ile Desire]. 1836-. 

Catalogue raisonne de I'oeuvre grave de Jean Daulle, precede AY 

d'une notice sur sa vie . . . Abbeville, 1872. O. 27-1-138 p. D37 

From Abbeville (France) — Socidt^ royale d'^mulation. M^moires. 

Delis le, Leopold Victor, 18 26- editor. 

See Haillet de Couronne, J. B. Q., 1728-18 10, compiler. Docu- AN2 

ments sur les fabriques de faience de Rouen. 1865. H12 

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See Rassam, Hormuzd. 1826-. Babylonian cities. [1883.] Bii 

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See [Cavedoni, Pietro]. M721 

Deir altare di San Sebastiano nel duomo di Modena. 1858. AH45 

See [Cavedoni, Pietro]. M721 

Dell' altare di Sant' Antonio di Padova nel duomo di 

Modena. 1857. AH45 

See [Cavedoni, Pietro]. M721 

Deir ancona de serafino de' serafini nel duomo di Modena. AH4S 

1856. M721 
See [Cavedoni, Pietro]. 

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See [Belgrade, Jacopo. 1704-89]. A12 

Deir arte dei giardini inglesi. 1801. AN8 

See [Silva, Ercole, conte]. Si3 

Delia Bella, Stefanino. 1610-64. 

See Bella, Stefano della. 1610-64. 



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notizie storiche e di documenti inediti. P881 

Prato, 1846. O. 307+[i] p. iU. 9 pi. 

Delia sacrosanta basilica di S. Pietro in Vaticano. 1 750. AH4S 

See [Sidone, Raffaele, and Martinetti, Antonio]. R792 

Delle antiche statue greche e romane che nell' antisala 
della libreria di San Marco, e in altri luoghi pubblici di Venezia si 
trovano. 1740-43. 

See [ZanettI, A. M. E., conte, 1680-1767, Zanetti.Q. F., 1713-82, A08 

and Zanetti, Alessandro]. Zi 

Delle antichita italiche. 1788-90. AR45 

See [Carli-Rubbi, Q. R., conte. 1720-95]. A13 

Delle antichita longobardico-milanesi. 

See [Pumagalli, Angela, 1 728-1 804, and Torre e Valvasine, AR4S 

Michele della]. M582 

Del Moro, Luigi. 

La facciata di S. Maria del Fiore, illustrazione storica e artistica. AH45 

Firenze, 1888. Sq. F." [5]-|-S6+[i] p. ill. 25 pi. F67 

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L'architectvre. AA 

Paris, Morel, 1567. F.* [9]+283 + [2] f. ill. 4 pi. D381 

Architecture . . . avec une belle invention pour bien bastir et a A A 

petits frais . . . Rouen, 1648. F.* 348 f. ill. D38 

Delsaux, J. C. 

L'eglise St. Jacques a Liege ; plans, coupes, ensembles, details . . . AH493 

graves par J. Coune. Liege, 1845. F.® [4] +20 p. 15 pi. L623 

Les monuments de Liege reconstruits, agrandis ou restaures; AH493 

graves et publies par J. Coune. Liege, 1858. F.^ [10] p. 20 pi. L622 

Demarteau, Gilles. 1722-76. 

Extraits de . . . [son] ceuvre, d'apres Boucher, Huet, Bouchardon, AK 

etc., reproduits par J. Claesen. Paris, no date. F.^ pt. i. 25 pi. D392 

Demay, [Jean] Q[ermain]. 1819-86. 

Le costume au moyen-age d'apres les sceaux. AN4 

Paris, 1880. Nar. Q. 496 p. ill. 2 pi. D39 

Inventaire des sceaux de I'Artois et de la Picardie recueillis dans AWi 

les depots d'archives, musees et collections particulieres . . . D39 
Paris, 1875-77 [v. i, '77']. Sq. F. 2 v. in i. 24 pi. 

Contents: v. i. Sceaux de I'Artois. 

V. M. Sceaux de la Picardie. 


Demengeot, C[harles]. 

Dictionnaire du chiffre-monogramme et des couronnes nobili- AK 
aires universelles. Paris [1883]. F.^ 34 pi. D39 

Recueil complet de chiflfres modernes a deux lettres, composes et AK 
graves en taille-douce. Berlin [i864(?)]. F. 37 pL D393 

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Catalogue par ordre chronologique, ethnologique et generique . . . AN2 
du Musee des arts plastiques et des industries qui s'y rattachent. . . D391 
Nouv. ed. Paris, 1870. O. [3]+3 + i32 p. ill. 

Encyclopedic . . . des beaux-arts plastiques, architecture et mosa- AO 
ique, ceramique, sculpture, peinture et gravure. D39 

Paris, 1873. O. 3 v. in 5. ill. 

Histoire de la ceramique en planches phototypiques inalterables AN2 
. . . I'Asie, I'Amerique, I'Afrique et I'Europe par ordre chronolo- D39 
gique... Paris, 1875. F.^ 2 v. 250 pL 

Keramik-studien. Leipzig, 1881-83. O. 6 v. in i. ill. AN2 


Contents : v. i. Die fayence. Die aretinischen tiipferwaaren. 

V. ^. Das porcellan. 

V. 3. Das steingut. 

y. 4. Das glas. 

V. S- Unglasirte thongebilde (terracotten), Stuccatur- und cement-bildnereien. 

V. 6. Schmelze auf metall. 

Die kriegswaffen in ihren geschichtlichen entwickelungen von den AN5 
altesten zeiten bis auf die gegenwart ; eine encyklopadie der waf- D39 
fenkunde. 3. aufl. Gera-Untermhaus, 1891. O. 4+1110 p. ill. 

Souvenirs de voyage et causeries d'un coUectionneur ; ou, Guide AO 
artistique pour I'Allemagne . . . Paris, 1864. D. 6+507 p. D391 

Studien iiber die stofflich-bildenden kiinste und kunsthand-werke. AN6 

Leipzig, 1887-88. O. v. 1-5 in i. ill. D39 

Contents: v. i. Die bildnerei. 

V. z. Die kunsttischlerei. 

Die tonwerkzeuge und die anfange der musik. 
V. 3. Die uhrmacherkunst. 

Die gartenkunst. 
V. .1. Die edel- oder gold- und silber-schmiedekimst. 
V. 5. Das eisen. 

Demontiosius, Ludovicus. 16* cent. 

See Montjosieu, Louis de. i6th cent. 

Dempsey, Q[eorge] Drysdale. 

Builders' guide; a practical manual for . . . builders . . . comprising AI 
a . . . description of materials . . . with rules and data for calculating D39 
strengths . . . also tables of weights . . . 

London, 185 1. O. 4+196 p. ill 


Dempster, Thomas. 1579-1625. 

De Etruria regali libri vii, nunc primum editi curante T. Coke . . . AR4S 
Florentiae, 1723-24. F.* 2 v. 2 por. 93 pL map. Et/S 

Dempster, Thomas, 1579-1625, annotator. 

See Rosinus, Johannes. 1^51-1626. Antiquitatum Romanarum AR45 
corpus absolutissimum. 1663. R692 

Denfer, J[ules]. 1839-. 

Architecture et constructions civiles; couverture des edifices, AI 
ardoises, tuiles, metaux, matieres diverses, cheneaux et descentes. D41 
Paris, 1893. O. 469 p. iU. (Encyclopedie des travaux publics, 
publiee sous la direction de C. Lechalas.) 

Denfer, J[ules], 1839-, and MuUer, Emile, 1823-. 

Album de serrurerie . . . contenant Temploi du fer dans la mafon- AI 
nerie et dans la charpente en bois . . D41 1 

Paris, 1872. Sq. F. [4] p. 85 pi. 15 tab. 

Denison, Albert. 1805-60. 

See Londesborough, Albert Denison, ist baron. 1805-60. 

Denison, Christopher Becltett. 1825-84. 

Catalogue of . . . [his] collection of pictures, works of art and AO2 
decorative objects . . . sold . . . June 6, 1885, and following days . . . D41 
London, 1885. Q. 3 v. in i, 283 p. 32 pi. 

Paged continuously. 

Denison, Edmund Beckett. 1816-. 

See Qrimthorpe, Sir Edmund Beckett, ist baron. 1816-. 

He bore the name Edmund Beckett Denison until 1874, when he dropped the surname of 
Denison and succeeded his father as s"" baronet Beckett ; created Baron Grimthorpe in 1886. 

Denkmahler der kunst und des alterthums in der kirche AH436 
zum Heiligen Kreuz zu Innsbruck. 181 2. An6 

See [Primisser, Gottfried. 1785-1812]. 

Denkmaler aus Nassau. 1852-66. 

See Verein fur nassauische altertliumsl<unde und geschiclits- 
forscliung, editor. 

Denkmaler der baukunst. 1877-92. AA 

See Berlin (Ger.) — Technische hochschule. B454 

Denkmaler, forschungen und berichte. AB 

Berlin, 1849-67. O. 19 v. nos. 1-228, tafel 1-228. Ar23 

Forms a part of Archaologische zeitung, v. 7-25, the other part being Archaologischer 
anzeiger. ■ 



Denkschrift Uber das projekt eines neubaues des Bayeri- AH43 
schen gewerbemuseums zu Niirnberg. 1889. N94 

See [Kramer, Theodor von]. 

Denkschriften=serie betreffend die kathedrale zu Metz. AH43 
1882-91. M56 

See [Tornow, Paul]. 

Denne, Rev, Samuel. 1730-99. 

Brief survey of a part of Canterbury cathedral, as described by AB 
Eadmer and Gervase; and a review of Mr. Clarke's opinion of the Ar2 
original use of stone seats in chancels. (In Archseologia. v. 11, 
P- 375-396.) 

Evidence of a lavatory appertaining to the Benedictine priory of AB 
Canterbury cathedral; and observations on fonts. (In Archasologia. Ar2 
V. II, p. 108-153. 2 pL) 

History and antiquities of Rochester and its environs . . . [Anon.J AR42 

Rochester, 1772. D. 14+343 P- 6 pi. Rs8 

Observations on Canterbury cathedral. (In Archseologia. v. 10, AB 
P- 37-49-) Ar2 

Dennis, George. 

Cities and cemeteries of Etruria . . . Revised ed. . . . AR45 

London, 1878. O. 2 v. ill. pL maps. Et7 

Denon, [Dominique] Vivant, baron. 1 747-1825. 
Monuments des arts du dessin chez les peuples tant anciens que AG 
modernes . . . decrits et expliques par Amaury Duval. D43 

Paris, 1829. F.® 4 v. 314 pi. 

Contents : v. i. Origine, progrfe, decadence des arts du dessin. Leur renaissance en Europe. 

V. z. ficoles de peinture depuis la renaissance des arts : Ecoles italiques. 

V. 3. Suite des Ecoles italiques. 

V. 4. £coles germaniques. — £cole fran9aise. 
Plates numbered 1-310 and 37 bis, 128 bis, 155 bis, 192 bis, 243 bis, 232 bis. PI. 186 and 192 
bis cancelled. 

Denton, John Bailey, compiler. 

Farm homesteads of England ; a collection of plans of English AE2 
homesteads ... to illustrate the accommodation required under D43 
various modes of husbandry . . . 

London, 1864. g,.* 15 + 186 p. ill. 68 pi. map. 

Denver (Colorado) — Real estate and stock exchange. AH73 

Annual report. 1890-91. Denver, 1891. F. 38+[i] p. ill- D43 

Depree, F. T[empler]. 

Church plate in the deanery of Christianity. (In Exeter diocesan AC 
architectural society. Transactions. 1892. v. 11, p. 193-207. pi.) Ex3 


Derand, Francois. 1588-1644. 

L'architecture des voutes; ou, L'art des traits et coupe des AI 
voutes... Paris. 1643. F.^ [28]+4S3 + [i] p. iU. D44 

Dergny, Dieudonne. 

Les cloches du pays de Bray, avec leurs dates, leurs noms, leurs AH44 
inscriptions . . . Paris, 1863-65. O. 2 v. 8 pL B73 

De Ros, [William Lennox Lascelles Fitzgerald =de= 

Ros], 23d baron. 1797-1874. 

Memorials of the tower of London. AH42 

London, 1866. D. 21+298 p. ilL 10 pL L923 

Deroy, [Isidore Laurent], 1 797-1 886, and Fichot, 
[Micliel Charles]. 

Album de I'eglise de Brou, erigee a Bourg-en-Bresse de 1506 a AH44 
1536 . . . Bourg, 1857. F. 8+8 p. 6 pL B794 

Derrand, Francois. 1 588-1 644. 

See Derand, Francois. 1588-1644. 

De St. Croix, Rev. W[illiam]. 

Parochial history of Glynde. (In Sussex archaeological society. AC 
Collections, v. 20, p. 47-90. 7 pi.) Su8 

Desaivre, Leo. 

Champdeniers, Deux-Sevres. (In Robuchon, J. C. Paysages et AR44 
monuments du Poitou. 1884-. v. 6. 28 p. ill. 8 pi.) P7S 

Desar, F. L. L. 

De I'administration des constructions en general . . . ou, Exposi- AI 
tion des principes qui constituent le systeme administratif . . . de D45 
toutes constructions . . . Paris, 1832. O. 19+366 p. i tab. 

Desbassayns de Richemont, [Alexandre], comte. 

Die neuesten studien iiber die romischen katakomben, mit einem AR45 
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-, Vaudoyer, 

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Deutscher techniker=verband. 


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Contents : pt. i. Histoire et geographic. 

pt. 2. Fortification. 

pt. 3. Faiences et terres cuites. 

pt. 4. L'apad^a et I'^yadana. 
Paged continuously. 

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Contents: v. i. Monuments de la valine de Polvar-Roud. 

V. n. Monuments de Persdpolis. 

V. 3. La sculpture pers^politaine. 

V. 4. Les moniunents voutds de I'^poque ach^m^nide. 

V. 5. Monuments parthes et sassanides. 

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See Society of Dilettanti. 

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See Hess=Diller, Friedrich, freiherr von. 


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Contents : pt. i. Objets d'art de I'^poque du moyen-age et des temps modernes. 

pt. 2. Collection d'antiquit^s romeiines et gauloises trouvdes dans les provinces 

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pt. 3. Spanien, Frankreich und England, 
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Plate 17 of V. I never published. 

Vol. 2 has title Romische alterthiimer in und um Neuwied am Rhein. 

1 8* 


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• See Stockbauer, J. 

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See [Colonna, Francesco]. I449(?)— 1527. C71 

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Modern ornamentik. [1891.] Z6 


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Mertens-Schaaffhausen. W723 

See [Urlichs, K. L. von. 18 13-]. 

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Dresde, ses tresors, ses environs et la Suisse- Saxonne, 
traduit de I'allemand. 

Dresde, no date. D. 4+89 p. ilL 4 paged pL map. 

Dresden (Ger.) — Ausstellung alter kunstgewerb= 
licher arbeiten. 1875. 

Photographische aufnahmen aus der Ausstellung ... in schnell- AO4 
pressen-lichtdruck ausgefuhrt von Rommler und Jonas. D81 

Dresden, no date. F. ^ [s] P- Ii7pl- 

Dresden (Ger.) — Qrunes gewolbe. 

Green vaults, Dresden ; illustrations of the choicest works in that AN7 

museum of art . . . edited by L. Gruner. D81 

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Dresden (Ger.) — Sachsische gemalde=gallerie. 

Beschreibung und erlauterung sammtlicher gemalde, nach der A06 

ordnung der raume begleitet von [W. Schafer]. D81 

Dresden, i860. O. 3 v. in 2. 2 pi. 

Catalogue de la galerie royale de Dresde, avec une introduction A06 

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par A. Maillard. 2e ed. . . . Dresde, 1862. S. 10+462 p. i pL 

Dresden (Ger.) — Sachsischer verein fiir erforschung 
und erhaitung der vaterlandischen alterthiimer. 

See Sachsischer verein fiir erforschung und erhaitung u. s. w. 


Dresdener architekten=verein, editor. 

See Die bauten technischen und industriellen aniagen von Dres- AH43 
den. 1878. D819 

Dresdener architektur-album ; bauten und entwtirfe. AH43 

Dresden [1874-78]. F.« [6] P- 150 pL D814 
Dresel, . 

Gotthilf Heinrich Ludwig Hagen. (In Zeitschrift fur bauwesen. AB 
V. 34. 10 p. I por.) Z31 

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Japan ; its architecture, art and art manufactures. AO 

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Principles of decorative design. AK 

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ments du Poitou. 1884-. v. 3. 16 p. ill. 8 pi.) P75 

Dromard, L. 

Catalogue de . . . meubles d'art . . . et . . . bronzes, par L. Dro- 
mard . . . dont la vente aura lieu . . . Hotel Drouot . . . 1889 . . . 

[Paris] 1889. Nar. Q. 42 p. 11 pi. 

Drouault, Roger. 

Le Loudunais [Arondissement de Loudun, Vienne; la partie his- AR44 
toriquej. (In Robuchon, J. C. Paysages et monuments du Poitou. P75 
1 884- v. 4. 99 p. ill 24 pL I plan.) 

Drouet, Louis. 

Recherches historiques sur les vingt communes du canton de Saint- AH44 
Pierre-Eglise ; antiquites, eglises, chateaux . . . Sa34 

Cherbourg, 1893. Nar. Q. [6]-|-488-|-[ii] p. 35 pl- 

Drouyn, [Franfois Joseph] Leo. 1816-. 

Bordeauxvers 1450; description topographique. Bordeaux, 1874. AH44 
Q. 8+624 p. ill. 4 pi. map. (Archives municipales de Bor- B641 
deaux. Extra vol.) 

Monographic de I'eglise de Saint- Martin de Sescas, Gironde. (In AB 
Revue de Part chretien. v. i, p. 162-169, 207-216. ill.) R324 


Drouyn, [Fran9ois Joseph] Leo. 1816-. 

Notes annexes au choix des types les plus remarquables de I'archi- AH44 
tecture religieuse au moyen-age dans le Departement de la G44 
Gironde. Bordeaux, 1845. F-^ 24 p. 25 pi. 

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Bulletin monumental, v. 24, p. 457-523. ill.) B87 

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P- 537-565. 733-771- ill) B87 

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Londres, 1849. S. [4] +47 p. ill. i pi. Z 

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Historical and topographical notice of Great Yarmouth in Nor- AR42 
folk . . . including the parishes and hamlets of the half hundred of Y2 
Lothingland, in Suffolk . . . 

London, 1826. D. 18+ 382+ [4] p. 9 pi. 2 tab. 

Drummond, James. 1816-77, 

Archaeologia Scotica; sculptured monuments in lona and the West AR41 
Highlands. Edinburgh, 1881. F.* i9+[i97] p. 99 pi. A3 

Published by the Society of antiquaries of Scotland. 

Mediaeval triumphs and processions. AW2 

Edinburgh, 1874. Q. [3]+i6p. 5 pi. D84 

Read before the Antiquarian society of Scotland, Mar., 1873. 
No. 24 of So copies on large paper. 

Drummond, James, 1816-77, illustrator. ANs 

See Anderson, Joseph. Ancient Scottish weapons. 1881. An2 

Drumont, Edouard Adolphe. 1844-. 

Notre-Dame, I'Hotel-Dieu et les environs. (In Hoffbauer, J. H. I. AH44 
1839-. Paris a travers les ages. 1885. v. i. 64 p.) P217 

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Geschiedenis der glasschildering voor het volk geschetst. AM7 

Antwerpen, 1874. O. 78 p. D84 

From De vlaamsche kunstbode. 

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ciated architectural societies. Reports and papers, v. 18, As7 
p. 53-61. 8 pi.) 

On church music and the fitting of churches for music. (In Associ- AC 
ated architectural societies. Reports and papers, v. 2, p. 197-264.) As7 

On repairing and refitting old churches. (In Associated architec- AC 
tural societies. Reports and papers, v. 3, p. 11-32.) As7 

Records of restorations of churches. (In Associated architectural AC 
societies. Reports and papers, v. 14, p. 244-259. 5 pi.) As7 

Du Barry de Merval, , comte. 

Etudes sur I'architecture egyptienne. AH62 

Paris, 1873. O. 335 p. 8 pi. A3 

Dubi, H. 

Studien zur geschichte der romischen altertiimer in der Schweiz. AR495 

Bern, 1891. Nar. Q. 42 p. Zi 

Beilage zum Program des stadtiscben Gjonnasiums in Bern. 1891. 

Dublin (Ireland) — Exhibition of art and art=industry. 

Exhibition of art-industry in Dublin. AO 

[London, 1853.] Sq. F. 8+64 p. ill. 16 pi. Ar/i 

Published in connection with the Art journal. 

Dublin (Ireland) university. 

Catalogue of Roman silver coins in the library, [compiled by AMi 
J. A. Malet]. Dublin, 1839. O. 4+96 p. D8S 

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See Brault, Elie. Les architectes par leurs ceuvres; ouvrage AW 
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See Saltykov, Petr, prince. Collection archeologique. 1858. S04 

Dubois=Maisonneuve, . 

Peintures de vases antiques, vulgairement appeles etrusques, tirees AN2 
de differentes collections et gravees par A. Clener, accompagnees D85 
d'explications par A. L. Millin [de Grandmaison]. 

Paris, 1808-10. F.^ 2 v. in i. 149 pi. 

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Chateaux, manoirs et monasteres des environs de Geneve . . . AH494 

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Saint-Brieuc, 1891. Q. 8+286 p. ill. 2 maps. 8336 


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principales epoques de son histoire. 1886.) R758 

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ponts et viaducs en ma9onnerie . . . 46 ed. . . . augm. D8s 

Paris [1887]. Nar. Q. 3+227 p. iU. 12 pL 

Dubourg, M. 

Views of the remains of ancient buildings in Rome and its vicin- AH4S 
ity, with a descriptive and historical account of each subject . . . R799 

London, 1844. Sq. F.^ [36] p. 26 pi. 

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V. 42, p. 141-160, 211-246.) B87 

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formes et de tous genres . . . Paris, 1837. F.^ [4] p. 89 pi. D8s 

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Le temple de Vesta par J. A. Coussin. Paris, 1879. F.'' 6 p. R686 
8 pL (In Restaurations des monuments antiques, v. 4.) 

Ducarel, [Andrew Coltee]. 1713-85. 

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Ducarel, Andrew Coltee, 1713-85, translator. 

See Bourget, Jean. 1724-76. History of the royal abbey of Bee, AH42 
near Rouen in Normandy. 1779. G72 

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Androuet du Cerceau. Ornemens d'orfevrerie propres pour flan- AK 
quer et emailler; nouveau livre d'ornemens d'orfevrerie. Paris . . . Q2 
s. d. London, 1888. F. [3] p. 12 pL (Quaritch's reprints of 
rare books, v. 7.) 

Quaritch attributes this to Jacques Du Cerceau, and after 1688. 

Du Cerceau, Jacques Androuet. i5i5(?)-85(?). 

De architectvra opvs alterum. AA 

Parisiis, Wechelus, 1564. P.* [4] p. 66 pi. D851 

Lefons de perspective positive. AL2 

Paris, Patisson, 1576. F. 11 f. 60 pi D85 

. . . Liber de eo picturae genere quod grottesche vocant Itali. AK 

Aureliae, 1550. F. 62 pi. D85 

Facsimile reproduction with French title CEuvre ; 62 petites arabesques. 


Du Cerceau, Jacques Androuet. i5i5(?)-85(?). 

Livre d'architectvre, contenant les plans et dessaings de cinquante AA 
bastimens tous differens . . . Paris [1559]. F.* [32] p. 50 pi. V682 

Livre d'architecture, contenant les plans et dessaings de cinquante AA 
bastimens tous differens .. . Paris, 161 1. F.** [32] p. 69 pi. D8s 

Livre des edifices antiques remains . . . AH45 

No place, 1584. F.* [4] p. 50 pi. R6;9 

CEuvre; meubles, heliogravure par E. Baldus . . . ANi 

Paris, no date. F.^ [3] P- Si pl. DSs 

Oeuvre; 62 petites arabesques. See, above, Liber de eo picturae AK 
genere quod grottesche vocant Itali. Aureliae, 1550. DSs 

Ornemens d'orfevrerie. See Du Cerceau, Jacques, the goldsmith. 
17th cent. 

• Les plus excellents bastiments de France, graves en fac-simile. AH44 
Nouv. ed. augm. Paris, 1868-70. F.^ 2 v. 136 pl. A21 

. . . Quinqve et viginti exempla arcvvm, partim a me inventa, AA 
partim ex vetervm svmpta monvmentis . . . V682 

Aureliae, 1549. F.* 25 pl. 

Du Chesne, Andre. 1 584-1640. 

Les antiquitez et recherches des villes, chasteaux, & places plus AR44 
remarquables de toute la France . . . Derniere edition. [Anon.] A26 

Paris, 1637. S. [16] + 1040+ [24] p. 

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Essai sur les nielles, gravures des orfevres florentins du 156 siecle. AO 

Paris, 1826. O. 12+381 p. i por. 7 pl. D85 

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d'archeologie et d'histoire. 1886, p. 25-37; 1887, p. 217-243, M48 
387-413; 1889, p. 346-362; 1890, p. 126-149,225-250.) 

Contents : i. Templum Romae, Templtmi Romuli. 

2. Les titres presbyt^raux et les diaconies. 

3. Sainte-Anastasie. 

4. Le forum de Nerva et ses environs. 

5. Le nom d'Anaclet II au palais de Latran. 

6. Les regions de Rome au moyen-^ge. 

7. Les Idgendes chr^tiennes de I'Aventin. 

Duchesne, Louis [Marie Olivier], abbe, 1843-, and 
Bayet, Charles, 1849-. 

Mission au Mont Athos. (In Archives des missions scientifiques. AB 
1876. V. 18, p. 201-528. 5 phot.) Ar2i 

Du Cleuziou, Henri [Raison]. 1833-. 

De la poterie gauloise ; etude sur la collection Charvet . . . AN2 

Paris, 1872. Q. 309 p. ill. C59 


Du Cleuziou, Henri [Raison], 1833- 

See Peignk, C. Monuments historiques de France ; collection de AH44 
prototypies, avec un texte explicatif et des notices par H. du A5 
Cleuziou. [1886-87.] 

Du Coster, L. B[enjamin], translator. AR4S 

See Fumagalli, Paolo. Pompeia. [1833.] P796 

Due arche che si conservano nella cattedrale di Gratz, 
1858. AH43 

See [Steinbiichel, von]. G77 

Dufios, Marie Charles Edouard Ledicte=. 1 786-1854. 

See Ledicte°DufIos, Marie Charles Edouard. 1786-1854. 

Du Pouilloux, Jacques. 1521-80. 
See Pouilloux, Jacques du. 1521-80. 

Dufour, [Auguste Henri], 

See Allier, Achille. 1807-36. L'ancien Bourbonnais, d'apres les AR44 
dessins et documens de Dufour. 1833—38. B66 

Dufour, Gen. G[uillaume] H[enri]. 1 787-1875. 

De la fortification permanente . . . AE7 

Geneve, 1822. Q. 29+355 P- D87 

Atlas wanting. 

Dufour, Valentin [Charles], abbe. 1826-. 
Recherches sur La dance macabre peinte en 1425 au Cimetiere des AX 
innocents . . . Paris, 1873. Q. 52 p. i pi. D87 

Dufour, Valentin Charles, abbe, 1826-, editor. AH44 

See Collection des anciennes descriptions de Paris. 1878-83. A52 

Dugdale, James. 

New British traveller; or. Modern panorama of England and AH42 
Wales . . . account, historical, topographical and statistical ... of A3 8 
the British Empire .. . London [1819]. Q. 4 v. 51 pi. 46 maps. 

Dugdale, Thomas. 

Curiosities of Great Britain : England and Wales delineated ; his- AH42 

torical, entertaining and commercial, alphabetically arranged ; A 1 24 
assisted by W. Burnett [and edited by E. L. Blanchard]. 
London [1854-60]. O. 2 v. in 10. 1588 p. 250 pi. 47 maps. 

Paged consecutively ; engraved title-pages ; maps no. i and 41-50 wanting. 

Dugdale, Sir William. 1605-86. 

Brief historical account of the cathedrals of York, Durham, and AH42 
Carlisle ; as also of the principal collegiate churches in the prov- L844 
ince of York . . London, 1715. F.* 88+[2o] p. 


Dugdale, Sir William. 1605-86. 

History of St. Paul's cathedral in London from its foundation, AH42 
extracted out of original charters, records, leiger-books, and other L844 
mss. . . . [with] a continuation . . . to . . . 1685 .. . [and] an his- 
torical account of the northern cathedrals and chief collegiate 
churches in the province of York. 2d ed. . . . enlarged by the 
author . . . with his life . . . published by E. Maynard. 

London, 17 16. F.* [34] +2 10+75 p. ill i por. 12 pL 

History of St. Paul's cathedral in London, from its foundation AH42 
untill these times, extracted out of originall charters, records, leiger L8441 
books and other manuscripts . . . with sundry prospects of the 
church, figures of tombes and monuments . . . 

London, 1658. F. [S]+299+[s] p. ill. i por. 

Page 59 bears title, View of the monuments, situate in and about the quire, side-iles and 

chapels adjacent . . . Sep. 1641, with their epitaphs. London, 1658. 

Contains also Appendix in Historiam ecclesiae cathedralis S. Pauli, Londini. 1658. 

History of Saint Paul's cathedral in London . . . with a continuation AH42 
and additions including . . . Dugdale's life from his own ms. by L843 
H. Ellis. 

London, 18 1 8. F.* i v. in 2. 31+500 p. ill. i por. 67 pi. 

Paged continuously. 

Monasticon Anglicanum ; a history of the abbies and other mon- AH42 
asteries, hospitals . . . and . . . churches ... in England and Wales A122 
. . . New ed. enlarged ... by J. Caley, H. Ellis and . . . Rev. B. 
Bandinel. London, 1817-30. F.^ 6 v. in 8. ilL 242 pi. 

Duhamel, Leopold [Jean Pierre Emile]. 1842-. 

L'eglise de Saint-Maurice d'Epinal. (In Bulletin monumental. AB 
V. 33, P- 97-129. ill.) B87 

Les oeuvres d'art du monastere des Celestins d' Avignon. (In AB 
Bulletin monumentaL 1888. v. 54, p. 109-130, 217-244.) B87 

Le tombeau de Benoit XII. a la metropole d'Avignon. (In Bulle- AB 
tin monumental, v. 54, p. 381—412. 1 pi.) B87 

Duhamel de Monceau, [Henri Louis]. 1700-82. 

Anfangsgriinde der schiff baukunst ; oder, Practische abhandlung A15 
iiber den schifFbau, aus dem franzosischen, nach der zweyten D88 
ausgabe des originals tibersetzt von C. G. D. Miiller. 

Berlin, 1 79 1. Q. [78]+Si7+[6i] p. 19 pi. 7 tab. 

Duhn, Friedrich Karl von. 1851-. 

Ein bericht iiber Athen aus dem jahre 1687. (In Archaologische AB 
zeitung. v. 36, p. 55-65.) Ar23 

Eine ansicht der Akropolis aus dem jahre 1670. (In Deutsches AR495 
archaologisches institut. Mittheilungen ; athenische abtheilung. G81 
v. 2, p. 38-47, pi. 2.) 



Duhn, Friedrich Karl von. 1851-. 

Griechische reliefs gefunden in den ausgrabungen der Archaolo- AB 
gischen gesellschaft am siidfuss der Acropolis, 1876-77. (In Ar23 
Archaologische zeitung. v. 35, p. 139-175, pi. 15.) 

Uber einige basreliefs und ein romisches bauwerk der ersten Kai- AR495 
serzeit. (In Institute di corrispondenza archeologica. Centum Zi 
semestria feliciter peracta gratulantur juvenes Capitolini. 1879. 
p. 11-16.) 

Duhn, Friedrich Karl von, 185 1- continuer. 

See Matz, Friedrich. 1843-74. Antike bildwerke in Rom. A08 
1881-82. M43 

Duhn, F[riedrich Karl] von, 185 1, and Jacobi, L. 

Der griechische tempel in Pompeji, nebst einem anhang, Uber AH45 
schornsteinanlagen und eine badeeinrichtung im frauenbad der P772 
Stabianer thermen in Pompeji . . . 

Heidelberg, 1890. F.* [3] + 36+[i] p. ill. 9 pi. 

Du Jon, Franfois. 1589-1677. 

Painting of the ancients in three bookes, declaring . . . the begin- A06 
ning, progresse and consummation of that . . art . . . written D88 
first in Latine and now . . . Englished . . . 

London, 1638. Sq. D. [6]-l-3SS p. 

Dulac, H. 

Quatre contes arabes en dialecte Cairote. (In Cairo, Egypt — AC 
Mission archeologique fran9aise. Memoires. 1884. v. i, pt. i, C12 
P- SS-112.) 

Duller, Eduard. 1809-53. 

Die Donaulander, nebst wanderungen in das baierische hochland AH436 
und das salzburgische hochgebirge. 3. aufl. D23 

Leipzig, 1849. D. 4+270 p. 60 pi. 

Dumaine, L[ucien] V[ictor], abbe. 1842-. 

La cathedrale de Sees, coup d'oeil sur son histoire et ses beautes . . AH44 

Sees, 1892. O. 4+7S + [i] p. 3 pl- Se3 

Dumas, A. Lombard=. 

See Lombard°Dumas, A. 

Dumas, Emilien. 1804-70. 

See Lombard'Dumas, A. Memoire sur la ceramique antique AN2 
dans la vallee du Rhone d'apres les notes et la collection d'E. L83 
Dumas. 1879. 

Dumas, F[ran9ois] Q[uillaume]. 1847-. 

Paris; ses vues, places, monuments, theatres . . . Introduction par AH44 
L. de Fourcaud. Paris, 1889. O. 238 p. ill. P214 




i'?i:aca, -n'. y. 


Dumas, Francois Guillaume, 1847- editor. 

See Amsterdam (Holland) — Exposition. 1883. Catalogue illustre AO4 
officiel de la section des beaux-arts de I'Exposition. 1883. AmSi 

Du Mege, Alexandre Louis Charles Andre. 1790- 

See Cliapuy, N. M. J. 1790-185 8. Vues pittoresques de la cathe- AH44 
drale d' Aries et details . . . de ce monument, avec un texte . . . Or5i 
par A. Du Mege. 1829. 

Dumersan, Theophile Marion. 1780- 1849. 

See Landon, C. P. 1 760-1 826. Numismatique du voyage du AMi 
jeune Anacharsis; accompagne de descriptions et d'un essai sur L23 
la science des medailles par T. M. Dumersan. 1 846. 

Dumichen, Johannes. 1833-. 

Baugeschichte des Denderatempels und beschreibung der einzelnen AH62 
theile des bauwerkes nach den an seinen mauern befindlichen in- D41 
schriften. Strassburg, 1877. F.* 9+41 p. 59 pL 

Der grabpalast der Patuamenap in der thebanischen nekropolis: AR62 
In . . . copie seiner inschriften und bildlichen darstellungen, und T34 
mit iibersetzung und erlauterungen derselben hrsg. 

Leipzig, 1884-85. F.* pt. 1-2. 56 pL 

iJber die Tempel und graber im alten Agypten und ihre bildwerke AR62 
und inschriften . . . Strassburg, 1872. O. 32 p. Z 

Diimichen, Johannes, 1833-, editor. 

Geographische inschriften altagyptischer denkmaler an ort und AR62 
stelle gesammelt und mit iibersetzung und erlauterungen hrsg. A21 
Leipzig, 1865-85. F. 4 pts. 390 pi. (In Brugsch, H. K., and 
Diimichen, Johannes. Recueil de monuments egpytiens. 1862-85. 
pts. 3-6.) 

Monuments geographiques. See, above, Geographische inschriften AR62 
altagyptischer denkmaler. 1865-85. A21 

Diimichen, Johannes, 1833-, and Brugsch, H. K., 

1 827- editors. ' AR62 

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Contents: i. Reste vorgriechischerbevolkening auf den Cykladen. 

2. Inschriften von Amorgos und Melos. 

3. Archaische gemmen von Melos. 

4. Aelteste nekropolen auf Cypern. 

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Contents: v. x. Histoire de la peinture des vases grecs. 

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Forms part of his Recueil de plusieurs parties de 1' architecture sacre'e et profane. 1767. 

D'un altare dedicato nel duomo di Modena alia risurrezi- AH45 
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See [Cavedoni, Pietro]. 


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earL 181 2-71. 

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11 duomo di Milano descritto. 

See [Morigia, Paolo. 1525-1604]. Distinto ragguaglio dell' AH45 

ottava maraviglia del mondo . . . detta il duomo di Milano. 1739. M5825 

II duomo di Milano: Descrizione. 1831. AH45 

See [Artaria, Ferdinando]. M598 

II duomo di Milano rappresentato in 64 tavole. [1871.] AH45 

See Vallardi, Pietro, and Vallardi, Giuseppe. MS821 

II duomo ; ossia, Cenni storici e descrittivi della cattedrale AH45 

di Modena. 1845. ^7^ 
See [Borghi, Carlo]. 


Dupaix, [Quillelmo]. 

Antiquites mexicaines ; relation des trois expeditions ... en 1805- AR72 
1807 . . . suivie d'un Parallele de ces monuments avec ceux de Ai 
I'Egypte et de I'Inde par A. Lenoir, d'une Dissertation sur I'ori- 
gine et sur la linguistique des populations primitives des deux 
Ameriques . . . par Warden . . . 

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Reprint of the edition of 1632. 

Dupont=Auberville, . 

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moderne . . . avec plusieurs morceaux des plus beaux ediffices D921 
tant execute que projeste . . . Paris, 1766. F.* i por. 50 pi. 

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See Qermer=Durand, Eugene. 1812-80. 

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Rationale divinorum officiorum. AX 

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Symbolism of churches and church ornaments; a translation of AX 
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introductory essay and notes by the Rev. John Mason Neale . . . 
and the Rev. Benjamin Webb . . . 

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technique depuis sa reorganisation . . . Paris, 183 1. F. 35 p. D932 
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Precis des le9ons d'architecture donnees a I'Ecole polytechnique. AA 
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Vol. 3 has title Partie graphique des coiu-s d'architecture. 

Precis des le9ons d'architecture donnees a I'Ecole royale poly- AA 
technique. Paris, 1840. Q. 2 v. 64 pi. D933 

• Recueil et parallele des edifices de tout genre, anciens et mo- AA 
dernes . . . Paris, 1800. F.^ 91 pi. D93 

• Recueil et parallele des edifices en tout genre, anciens et mo- AA 
dernes . . . augmente de 20 pi. supplementaires . . . D931 

Bruxelles [1839]. F.^ in pi. 


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See Heinrich, herzog von Sachsen-Romhild. 1650-1710 . .. 
Furstliche bau-lust. 1698. 

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aliquot, praesenti bellorum necessitati accommodatissimae, nunc D93 
-recens e lingua Germanica in Latinam traductae [a J. Camerio]. 
Parisiis, Wechel, 1535. F. [72] p. ill 3 pL 9 paged pi. 

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dustrie in ihrer geschichtlichen entwickelung. 1877-78. v. i, Wsi 
Pl- 43-54-) 

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+ [i]p. ill. 3 pi. (Handbuch der architektur. 1892. 2. thl. i. bd.) H19 

• Die baukunst der Romer. (In Handbuch der architektur. 1885. AA 
2. thl. 2. bd., p. 94-368. ill. 2 pi.) H19 

Constructive und polychrome details der griechischen baukunst. AB 

(In Zeitschrift fur bauwesen. v. 29, p. 111-116, 281, 411. 12 pi.) Z31 

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I tab. (In Abhandlungen des Archaologische-epigraphischen Ab4 
seminares der Universitat Wien. 1881. pt. 2.) 

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Du Ry de Champdore, Samuel, translator. 

See Scamozzi, Vincenzo. 1552-1616. CEuvres d'architecture. AA 

1713- ScaS 


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la porcelaine de Chine en Europe, classement chronologique, imi- D94 
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and Karabacek, J[osef], 1845-. 

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und fernen Oriente . . . hrsg. . . vom Orientalischen museum. Sa/ 

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Les arts du moyen-age, en ce qui concerne . . . le Palais romain AO 
de Paris, I'Hotel de Cluny issu de ses mines et les objets d'art . . D94 
dans cet hotel . . . 

Paris, 1838-43. O. 5 v. and Atlas, F.^ 3 v. i por. 509 pL 

Du Sommerard, E[dmond], 181 7- compiler. 

See Musee des Thermes et de I'Hotel de Cluny. Catalogue et AO4 
description des objets d'art de I'antiquite, du moyen-age et de la M97 
renaissance, exposes au Musee. 1872. 

Dussieux, L[ouis Etienne]. 1815-. 

• Le chateau de Versailles ; histoire et description. AH44 

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V. 3, p. 206-216, 257-268.) An7 

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anciens et modernes et specialement en France . . . D94 

Paris, 1841. O. 171 p. 

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Le Forum romain et les forums de Jules Cesar, d'Auguste, de AH45 
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etude restauree. Paris, 1876. F. ^ 44+ [i] p. ill. 14 pL 

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Antike bildwerke in Ober-italien. Leipzig, 1874-82. O. 5 v. in 2. D95 

Contents: v. i. Campo Santo zu Pisa. 

V. 2. Florenz. 

V. 3. UfBzien in Florenz. 

V. 4. Turin, Brescia, Verona und Mantua. 

V. 5. Vicenza, Venedig, Catajo, Modena, Parma und Mailand. 


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ante-six planches dessinees et gravees . . . par Moisy . . . P264 

Paris, 18 13. F.5 [3]+i2-|-i44 P- 65 pl. 

Les fontaines de Paris, anciennes et nouvelles . . . ouvrage grave AH44 
au trait [par A. Moisy] ; precede d'une dissertation sur les eaux P2641 
de Paris . . . Nouv. ed. [Anon.] 

Paris, 1828. F.5 [4]-fi2-|-i52 p. 74 pl. 

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d'habitation choisies aux environs de Paris . . . 3^ ed. P229 

Paris, 1857. F-® '5 P- 60 pl. 
Duval, [T.], canon of Amiens, and Jourdain, [Louis], 

abbe. AH44 

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mental v. 11, p. 145-176, 279-307, 430-469; v. 12, p. 96-105, B87 
269-292. ill.) 

Les sibylles. 1846. AH44 

Duvau, A. 

Les origines curieuses du Champ de Mars et du Trocadero ; sou- AH44 
venirs historiques and topographiques . . . P24 

Paris, 1878. D. 32 p. ill. 

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See Cartari, Vincenzo. 16* cent. Imagines deorum. 1687. C24 

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See Ipolyi, Arnold. Geschichte und restauration der kirchlichen AH43 
kunstdenkmale in NeusohL 1878. N39 

D[uym] , J [onkheer] J [acob] . 1 5 74-. 

Corte historische beschryvinghe de nederlandscher oorlogen . . . AR492 
d. I. 1. D. Arnhem, 161 2. S. 213 p. iU. A2 

[Duyse, Prudens van. 1804-59. J 

Kunstplaet over de overwinningen van den Aertshertog Leopold, AO 
vooral in West-Vlaenderen. [Anon.] Z5 

No title-page. O. 34 p. i pi. 
Dyde, W[illiam]. 

History and antiquities of Tewkesbury . . . 2d ed. enlarged. AR42 

Tewkesbury, 1798. O. 243 + [4] p. 5 pi. T312 

History and antiquities of Tewkesbury, from the earliest periods AR42 
to the present time . . . [Anon.] T311 

Tewkesbury, 1790. D. 6+[8]+i3i p. 4 pi. 

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History of the university and colleges of Cambridge, including AH42 
notices relating to the founders and eminent men ... C14S 

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See Habert-Dys, J. 


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China collecting in America. AN2 

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Macclesfield in the county Palatine of Chester ... M13 

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Life of John Gibson, sculptor. AW 

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gas and water goods, plumbers' supplies . . . EaS 

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arten. Berlin, 1883. Nar. Q. 12 pl. pt. i. 

No more published. 

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von der mitte des 16. bis zum ende des 18. jahrhunderts. Ebz 

Berlin, 1886. Nar. Q. 2 v. 18+10+993 p. ill. 26 pl. 

Paged continuously. 

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Berlin, 1856. F.^ [3] +7 p. 6 pl. G71 


Eberhard, H[einrich] W[ilhelm]. 

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besonders aus der deutschen flora, in versuchen ihrer anwendung Eb3 
fiir kunst und gewerbe. 2. aufl. Gera, 1872. F. [8] p. 48 pL 

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The Hellenic portraits from the Fayoum ... in the collection of AO 
Herr Graf, with some remarks on other works of this class at Z2 
Berlin and elsewhere . . . New York, 1893. D. no p. ill. 3 pi. 

Sinnbildliches; die koptische kunst, ein neues gebiet der altchrist- AO 
lichen sculptur und ihre symbole. Eb3 

Leipzig, 1892. Nar. Q. 4+6 1 p. ill. i pi. 

Ecclesiological society. 

See Cambridge Camden society. 

Ecclesiologist. Cambridge, 1842-68. O. ill. 29 v. in 28. AC 


Published by the Cambridge Camden society, v. 5-29 published at London. 

Echerac, Arthur Auguste d', 1832-, editor. ab 

See L'art ornementaL 1883-86. Ar7i 

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Die lage des homerischen Troja. AP 

Diisseldorf, 1875. O. [6] +63 p. i pi. 2 maps. Z2 


Ecole des beaux=arts. 

See Paris (France) — Ecole des beaux=arts. 
Ecole fran^aise d'Athenes et de Rome, editor. AB 

Melanges d'archeologie et d'histoire. 1881. M48 

Ecole fran^aise d'Athenes et de Rome, publisher. AR4S 

See Qsell, Stephane. Fouilles dans la necropole de Vulci. 1891. V97 

See Pettier, Edmond, 1855-, and Reinacli, Salomon, 1858-. La AR56 
necropole de Myrina. 1887. M99 

Ecole fran^aise de Rome. 

See Ecole fran9aise d'Athenes et de Rome. 

Edelberg, Rudolf von Eitelberger von. 181 7- 

See Eitelberger von Edelberg, Rudolf von. 1817-. 

Edinburgh, [Alfred Ernest Albert], duke of. 1844-. 

Guide to the works of art and science collected during his five- AO2 
years' cruise round the world in H. M. S. 'Galatea,' 1867-71 . . . Ed4 
3ded. London, no date. O. 74+ [2] p. 9 pi. map. 


Edinburgh (Scotland) — Architectural association. 

Sketch book. 1875-86 . . . AH41 

Edinburgh, 1875-86. F.^ 3 v.; new ser. v. i. 4 V. in i. 188 pi. A2 

Transactions. Edinburgh, 1891. O. v. i. ill. pi. AC 


Edinburgh (Scotland) — International exhibition. 

Memorial catalogue of the French and Dutch loan collection. A06 

Edinburgh, 1888. F. [39] + 132+ [2] p. ill. 15 pi. Ed4 

No. 351 of 520 copies printed. 

Edinburgh past and present. 1877. AH41 

See Ballingall, William, compiler. Ed4i 

. Edis, Robert W[illiamJ. 1839-. 

Decoration and furniture of town houses; a series of Cantor lectures AK 
delivered before the Society of arts, 1880. Ed4 

London, 1 88 1. O. 16+292 p. ill. 29 pi. 

Edlibach, Qerold. 1454-1530. 

Chronik . . . vermehrt und erganzt von J. M. Usteri. Q. 16+ AC 
279 p. 4 pi. (Antiquarische gesellschaft in Ziirich. Mitthei- AnS 
lungen. 1846. v. 4.) 

[Edwards, Edward. 1812-86.] 

Great seals of England, from the time of Edward the Confessor to AWi 
the reign of William the Fourth, containing . . . fac-similes of the Ed9 
seals in their present condition engraved by the process of Achilles 
Collas . . . [Anon.] London, 1837. F-^ '7 P- 3^ pl- 

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Heiligenkreuz und Pfalzel; beitrage zur baugeschichte Triers. AH43 

Friburgi Helvetiorum, 1890. Nar. Q. 159 p. ill. T723 

List of lectures at Freiburg (Baden, Ger.) University during 1890-91. 

Die St. Quirinus-kirche zu Neuss . . . AH43 

Diisseldorf, 1890. Nar. Q. [3] +46+ [2] p. ill. N393 

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Modelbuch aller art nehewercks und stickens . . . neu aufgelegt AN 
von G. Gilbers. Dresden, 1880. Sq. O. [4] p. 71 pi. Eg2 

Reproduced from the edition of 1527. 

Egerton, Francis. 1800-57. 

See Ellesmere, Francis Egerton, ist earl of. 1800-57. 

Egerton, Mary Margaret (Stanley). 1821-58. 

See Wilton, Mary Margaret (Stanley) Egerton, countess of 


Egger, S. 

Catalogue of . . . [his] collection of bronze arms and implements AO2 
and ornaments in gold, silver and bronze . . . sold by auction . . . Eg3 
the 25 th of June and following day . . . 

London [1891]. O. 6+32 p. 26 pi. 

Eggers, [Hartwig Karl] Friedrich. 1819-72. 

Christian Daniel Rauch . . . AW 

Berlin, 1873-87. O. 4 v. in 2. i por. i facsim. R19 

Edited and continued by K. F. P. Eggers. 

See Briiggemann, Hans. 1480 (?)-i 540 (?). Der altarschrein der AH43 
domkirche zu Schleswig . . . text von F. Eggers. 1866. SI2 

Eggers, Hartwig Karl Friedrich, 1819-72, editor. AB 

See Deutsches kunstblatt. 1850-58. D48 

Eggers, Karl Friedrich Peter, 1826-, editor and con- 

See Eggers, H. K. F. 1819-72. Christian Daniel Rauch. AW 
1873-87- R19 

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Sammlung gothischer verzierungen. AK 

Munchen [1865]. F.^ 42 pi. Eg3 

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6. hlbd. hft 2, p. 4-52. ill. i pi. 7 paged pi.) H19 

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hauptbahnhofs-anlagen in Frankfurt a. M. 1892. p. 67-74. 4 pi.) F85r 

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wesen. v. 34, p. 259-266, 431-440. 9 pi.) Z31 

Kaiser Wilhelms-universitat Strassburg; der garten des Botani- AB 
schen instituts und die Gewachshauser. (In Zeitschrift fiir bau- Z31 
wesen. v. 38, p. 199-212. 4 pi.) 

Egizio, Matteo, conte. 1674-1745. 

Senatusconsulti de bacchanalibus; sive, .iEneae vetustae tabulae AR45 
Musei Caesarei Vindobonensis explicatio. R687 

Neapoli, 1729. F. [3] 4-4+221 p. 2 pi. 

Egle, J[oseph] von. 1818-. 

Mittelalterliche baudenkmale aus Schwaben: Der miinster in Ulm AH43 
... 3 1 tafeln in stahlstich nebst erlauterung; supplement zu dem UI5 
werke, Ulm's kunstgeschichte im mittelalter beschrieben von K. D. 
Hassler. Stuttgart, 1872. F." [9] p. 31 pi. 

Contains 15 additional plates on the Cistercian abbey, Bebenhausen, and the Frauenkirche 


Egle, J[oseph] von. 1818-. 

Photographische ansichten von offentlichen gebauden, wohn- AH43 
hausern und villen in Stuttgart und umgebung. Stg 

Stuttgart, no date. F.^ 25 pL 

Eglise de Jerusalem [a Bruges], avec ses vitraux gothiques AH493 
tels que les firent construire les seigneurs Adormes. B84 

Ann° Brugensium, 1841. F.® 10 pL 

Splendidly illuminated title-page and ten plates exquisitely done in water-colors, showing 
six stained-glass windows, the exterior and interior of the church, the crypt, the tomb of the 
Adomes, and the coats-of-arms of the Adomes, Baenst, Braderijck, De Broucx, Honyn, 
Hoste, Van de Walle and Van der Banck families. Notes in ms. on two pages. Probably 
a unique copy. 

Les eglises de Paris, i860. AH44 

See [Gourdon, ^douard. 1820-69]. P321 

Ehemann, F[ranz]. 

Kunstschmiedearbeiten im style des barock und rococo. AM2 

Berlin, no date. F.® 20 pi. Eh2 

Eidlitz, Leopold. 

Nature and function of art, more especially of architecture. AA 

London, 1881. O. 22+493 p. Ei2 

Eigl, J. 

Osterreichische holzarchitektur ; das Salzburger gebirgshaus AH436 
(Pinzgauer typus). Wien, 1894. F. ^ [4] + 3 8+ [2] p. ill. 37 pi. AS 

Einleitung und fragment aus einem noch ungedruckten A08 
werke iiber den Apollo von Belvedere. Zs 

See Feuerbach, J. A. ritter von. 1798-185 1. 

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Vita di Giovanni Winckelmann. (In Winckelmann, J. J. Opere. AP 
1830-34. V. I, pref, p. 13-166.) W721 

Eisenlohr, Ludwig, editor. AB 

See Architektonische rundschau. 1885-93. ^""^^ 

Eitelberger von Edelberg, Rudolf von. 181 7-. 

Bericht iiber einen archaologischen ausflug nach Ungarn in den AC 
jahren 1854 und 1855. (In Austria — Centralcommission ... der AU71 
baudenkmale. Jahrbuch. 1856. v. i, p. 91-140. 6 pL) 

Cividale in Friaul und seine monumente. (In Austria — Central- AC 
commission. . . der baudenkmale. Jahrbuch. 1857. v. 2, p. 233- AU71 

Gesammelte kunsthistorische schriften. AO 

Wien, 1879-84. O. 4 v. ill. 26 pi. Eig 

Contents; v. i. Kunst imd kiinstler Wiens. 

V. z. Osterreichische kunst-institute. 

V. 3. Die aufgaben zeichenunterrichtes. 

V. 4. Die mittelalterlichen kunstdenkmale Dalmatiens. 



Eitelberger von Edelberg, Rudolf von. 181 7- 

Die mittelalterlichen kunstdenkmale Dalmatiens in Arbe, Zara, AC 
Trau, Spalato und Ragusa . . . (In Austria — Centralcommission . . . Au/i 
der baudenkmale. Jahrbuch. 1861. v. 5, p. 129-312. 20 pi.) 

Eitelberger von Edelberg, Rudolf von, 181 7- 
Heider, Q. A., frieherr von, 1819- and Hieser, 
Joseph, compilers. 

Mittelalterliche kunstdenkmale des osterreichischen kaiser- AH436 
staates. 1858-60. A2 

Elementary history of art, architecture, sculpture, AO 
painting. 1882. B41 

See [Bell, Mrs. N. R. E. (M.)]. 

Eletta dei monumenti piii illustrie e classici sepolcrali ed AE8 
onorarii di Bologna. 1838-44. V82 

See [Visibelli, Benedetto], compiler. 

[Eliot, William Havard. 1 796-1831. J 

Description ofTremont House, with architectural illustrations. . . AH73 
[Anon.] Boston, 1830. Sq. F. [3] + 36 p. 31 pL B651 

Elis, Carl. -1889. 

Handbuch der mosaik- und glasmalerei . . nach dem tode des AJ2 
verfassers hrsg. von J. Andree. Leipzig, 1891. O. [6] + 131 p- EI4 
ill. 3 pi. (Seeman's kunsthandbticher. v. 8.) 

Elischer Qyula, translator. AH439 

See Hauszmann Alajos. 1847-. Das Elisabeth -spital. 1884. B8s 

Elkan, David Levy, 1808-86, illustrator. AH43 

See Emans, Qerhard. Erinnerung an den dom in Coin. i846(?). C723 

EUacombe, Rev. H[enry] T[homas]. 1 790-1 885. 

Church bells in the towers and turrets of all the parish churches AC 
of Gloucestershire. (In Exeter diocesan architectural society. Ex3 
Transactions. 1878. v. 10, p. 121-215. pi.) 

Church bells in the towers and turrets of all the parish churches AC 
of Somersetshire. (In Exeter diocesan architectural society. Ex3 
Transactions. 1878. v. 9, p. 85-188. pi.) 

Church bells in the towers of all the parish churches of Devon- AC 
shire. (In Exeter diocesan architectural society. Transactions. Ex3 
1867-78. V. 7, p. 221-410; V. 8, p. 1-6, 257-265; V. 9, p. 1-12. pi.) 

Parish of Clyst S. George, Devon. (In Exeter diocesan architec- AC 
tural society. Transactions. 1867. v. 7, p. 89-158, pi. 12-24.) Ex3 

Prebendal church of S. Mary Bitton, Gloucestershire. (In Exeter AC 
diocesan architectural society. Transactions. 1878. v. 10, p. Ex3 
1-76. pi.) 


Ellesmere, [Francis Egerton, ist] earl of. 1800-57. 

Catalogue of the Bridgewater collection of pictures belonging to A06 
the Earl of Ellesmere at Bridgewater House ... St. James's 3d Z 
edition. [London] 1851. D. 46 p. 

Elliott, Charles Wyllys. 1817-83. 

Book of American interiors, prepared from existing houses, AK 
with . . . essays and . . descriptions, illustrated, in heliotype. EI5 

Boston, 1876. Sq. F.* 135 p. ill. 22 pi. 

Elliott, John, and Delassaux, Victor. AI4 

Street architecture. 1855. D37 

Elliott, Thomas. 

Remarks on the probable site of the British city and Roman AC 
station of Anderida. (In Sussex archaeological collections, v. 27, Su8 
p. 152-165.) 

Ellis, Sir Henry, 1 779-1869, compiler. AO2 

See British museum. Townley gallery of classic sculpture. 1846. B771 

Ellis, Sir Henry, 1779- 1869, editor. 
See Dugdale, Sir William. 1605-86. History of Saint Paul's AH42 
Cathedral in London. 18 18. L843 

See Dugdale, Sir William. 1605-86. Monasticon Anglicanum. AH42 
1817-30. A122 

Elmes, James. 1 782-1862. 

Arts and artists; or, Anecdotes and relics of the schools of paint- AW 
ing, sculpture and architecture. E16 

London, 1825. S. 3 v. 14 por. i facsim. i tab. 

Essay on foundations, part 2, read to the Society . . . 29th April, AC 
1808. (In London, Eng., architectural pubHcation society. L842 
Essays, v. 2, p. [169] -189.) 

Lectures on architecture, comprising the history of the art from AF 
the earliest times to the present day. 2d ed. E16 

London, 1823. O. 8+432 p. ill. 

Delivered at the Surrey and Russell institutions, London, and at the Philosophical instituyon 
at Birmingham. 

Metropolitan improvements; or, London in the nineteenth cen- AH42 
tury; displayed in a series of engravings . . . from original L94 
drawings ... by ... T. H. Shepherd . . . 

London, 1827. Q. 1. p. 6+i72+[i] p. 80 pi. 

Practical treatise on architectural jurisprudence, in which the con- AI 
stitutions, canons, laws and customs relating to the art of build- E16 
ing are collected from the best authorities . . . 

London, 1827. O. IS +279 P- 


Elmes, James. 1782-1862. 

Practical treatise on ecclesiastical and civil dilapidations ... 3d AI 
ed. . . enlarged. London, 1829. Nar. Q. 24+288+[i52] p. EI61 

Sir Christopher Wren and his times, with . . . sketches and anec- AW 
dotes of . . . distinguished personages in the seventeenth century. Wg2 

London, 1852. O. 19+436 p. i per. 


Eloffe, Madame , marchande de modes de la Reine. 

Livre-journaL 1787-93. Paris, 1885. Nar. Q. 2 v. ill. no pi. AN4 
(Reiset, G. A. H., comte de. 1821-. Modes et usages au temps R27 
de Marie- Antoinette: Livre-journal de Madame Eloffe. 1885.) 

Elphinstone, H[oward] W[arburton]. 1830-. 

Patterns for turning, comprising elliptical and other figures cut on AN6 
the lathe without the use of any ornamental chuck. E16 

London, 1872. O. 12 + 216 p. 70 pi. 9 tab. 

Elwes, Dudley George Gary. 

Bedford castle. (In Associated architectural societies. Reports AC 
and papers, v. 12, p. 243-260. 2 pi.) As7 

Elwes, Dudley George Gary, and Robinson, Rev. G. J. 

History of the castles, mansions and manors of western Sussex . . . AH42 
London, 1876. Nar. Q. 6+285+43 p. iU. 26 pi. 20 tab. Su8 

Ely, Talfourd. 

Manual of archaeology . . . AP 

New York, 1890. O. 12+272 p. ill i pi. EI9 

Emans, Gerhard. 

Erinnerung an den dom in Coin; eine sammlung seiner merk- AH43 
wiirdigsten denkmale . . . gezeichnet und lithographirt von Ger- C723 
hardt, Levy-Elkan und Hallersch, gesammelt von G. Emans'. 

Koln, i846(?). Q. 10 pi. 

Title-page in German, French and English. 

Emden, Alfred [Gharles Richard]. 1850-. 

Law relating to building, building leases and building contracts ... AI 
2d ed. enlarged. [London] 1885. O. 74+947 p. Em2 

Emden, Hermann. 

Der dom zu Mainz und seine bedeutendsten denkmaler in 36 AH43 
original-photographien, mit historischem und erlaiiterndem texte. M52 

Mainz, 1858. F. 23 p. 36 pi. 

Title-page and text in German and French. 

Emden (Ger.) — Gesellschaft fiir bildende kunst und 
vaterlandische alterthiimer, editor. 

See [Suur, Hemmo]. Die alte kirche zu Marienhafe in Ostfries- AH43 
land. 1845. M337 


Emeric=David, T[oussamt] B[ernard]. 1 755-1 839. 

Jupiter; recherches sur ce dieu, sur son culte et sur les monu- A08 
mens qui le representent . . . precede d'un essai sur I'esprit de la Em3i 
religion grecque. Paris, 1833. O. 2 v. i pi. 

Memoire sur la denomination et les regales de I'architecture dite AB 
gothique. (In Bulletin monumental, v. 5, p. 382-403.) B87 

Neptune ; recherches sur ce dieu, sur son culte, et sur les . . . A08 
monuments qui le representent; faisant suite au "Jupiter" et au Em32 
"Vulcain" . . . Paris, 1839. O. 45 p. i pL 

Recherches sur I'art statuaire considere chez les anciens et chez A08 
les modernes ; ou, Memoire sur cette question proposee par EM3 
rinstitut national de France: Quelles ont ete les causes de la 
perfection de la sculpture antique, et quels seroient les moyens 
d'y atteindre? [Anon.] Paris, an xiii, 1805. O. i4+[2]4-S44 P- 

Vulcain ; recherches sur ce dieu, sur son culte, et sur les monu- A08 
ments qui le representent; faisant suite au "Jupiter" . . . £0132 

Paris, 1838. O. 104 p. i pi. 

Emerson, William. 

Description of some buildings recently erected in India, with AC 
some remarks on domes and the mingling of styles of architecture. R81 
(In Royal institute of British architects. Transactions. 1883-84, 
p. 149-162.) 

Emmanuel college chapel. [Descriptions of the windows, AH42 
and inscriptions on the panels of the walls.] Q. 4 p. C143 

L'emulation ; publication mensuelle de la Societe centrale AC 
d'architecture de Belgique ; nouvelle serie 1891-93, i6e-i8e de S028 
la collection. Bruxelles, 1891-93. F.^ New ser. v. 1-3. ill. pi. 

Enciclopedia per pettinarsi. 1769. AN4 

See [Bartelemi, Conciateste]. B28 

Encyclopedie d'architecture et des arts qui s'y rattachent. AB 
Paris [1888]-. Sq. F.* 2d ser, 10 v; 3d ser, 6v; 4th ser, v. Em 
1-3. ill. 

Edited by A. de Baudot, H. Chaine, and P. Gout. 2'i and 3d ser. have title Encyclopedic 
d'architecture ; revue mensuelle des travaux publics et particuliers. Continuation of Ency- 
clopedie d'architecture, joiurnal mensuel. 

Encyclopedie d'architecture; journal mensuel. AB 

Paris, 1851-62. F. and Sq. F. v. 1-12 in 11 v. ill. pi. EniS 

Text and plates bound separately. Edited by V. CalHat and E. A. Lance. Continued as 
Encyclopedic d'architecture et des arts qui s'y rattachent. From 1863-71 the Gazette des 
architectes et du batiment took the place of this periodical, but in 1872 the Gazette was 
continued as a distinct work and the original publication was resumed. 








Encyclopedic des arts decoratifs de I'Orient. 

Paris, 1880-83. F- 6 v. 

COLLINOT, E., and Beaumont, A de. Ornements turcs. 1883. 

COLLINOT, E., and BEAUMONT, A DE. Omements v^nitiens, hindous. 

COLLINOT, E., and BEAUMONT, A DE. Omements arabes. 1883. 

COLLINOT, E., and BEAUMONT, A DE. Omements de la Chine. 1883. 

COLLINOT, E., and Beaumont, A DE. Ornements du Japon. 1883. 

COLLINOT, E., and Beaumont, A DE. Ornements de la Perse. 1880. 

Encyclopedic des travaux publics ; C. Lechalas, editor. AI 

Paris, 1893. O. ill. D41 

Denfer, J. Architecture et constructions civiles. 1893. 

Encyclopedic methodique par ordre des matieres. AO 
Dictionnaire des beaux-arts; recueil de planches. Em 

Paris, an xiii, 1805. Q- 7+[2] p- uS pL 

Encyclopedic methodique par ordre des matieres. AN8 
Dictionnaire encyclopedique de I'art aratoire et du jardinage; Eni 
recueil des planches. Paris, 1802. Q. 54 pi. 

Encyclopedic theologique. 
See Migne, J. P., abbe, 1800-75, editor. 

Ende, H[ermann]. 1830-. 

Architektonische studienblatter ; photographische original-auf- AH43 
nahmen nach der natur und lichtdruck von H. Ruckwardt. A44 

Berlin [1884-93]. F-^ 4 ser. 600 pi. 

Ende, Hermann, 1830-, editor. AA 

See Handbuch der architektur. 1880-92. H19 

Ende, Hermann, 1830-, and Bockmann, Wilhelm, 

1 83 2-. 

Der zoologische garten in Berlin. (In Zeitschrift fiir bauwesen. AB 
V. 25, p. 3-12, 127-132, 451; V. 26, p. 149-152. 10 pi.) Z31 

Endell, F. 

Das konigliche regierungsgebaude zu Konigsberg. (In Zeitschrift AB 
fiir bauwesen. v. 31, p. 11-16, 273-278, 385. 9 pi.) Z31 

Enfield , William . 1741-97. 

Essay towards the history of Leverpool . . AH42 

Warrington, 1773. F. 6+[6]-t-i 16 p. 10 pi. 2 maps. L75 

Engel, Carl, 1818-82, compiler. 

See South Kensins:ton (Eng.) museum. Descriptive catalogue of AX 
the musical instruments in the museum. 1874. S08 

Engelbcrgcr, Qeorg. 

Beschreibung der erzbischofliche dom- und miinsterkirche zu AH43 
Freiburg in Breslau. Freiburg in Breslau, 1847. O- 80 p. 2 pi. F884 



Engelhard, J. D. W. E. 

Die theorie der architectonischen verzierungskunst. AK 

Cassel, 1857. O- 6+146 p. £03 

Engert, Erasmus von, 1796-1871, compiler. 

See Vienna (Austria) — Belvedere. Catalogue de la galerie de AO2 
tableaux imperiale-royale au Belvedere. 1865. V672 

England illustrated ; or, A compendium of the natural AH42 
history, geography, topography and antiquities ... of England A 137 
and Wales . . . London, 1764. Sq. F. 2 v. 

Englefield, Sir Henry [Charles], bart. 1 752-1822. 

Ancient vases from . . . [his] collection, drawn and engraved by AN2 
H. Moses. London, 1848. Nar. Q. 12 p. 51 pi. En3 

Walk through Southampton. 2<i ed. enlarged . . . [with] some AR42 
account of the Roman station, Clausentum. S08 

Southampton, 1805. O. 4+[5]+i46p. ill. 12 pi. 

English topographer. 1720. AR42 

See [Rawlinson, Richard. i69o(?)-i75S]. A25 

Enlart, Camille. 

Les premiers monuments gothiques d'ltalie. A propos des articles AB 
de Frothingham, jr. (In Bulletin monumental. 1891—92. v. 57, B87 
p. 160-190. 4 pi.) 

Ennen, [Friedrich Hubert] L[eonhard]. 1820-80. 

Baugeschichte des alten und neuen domes zu Koln . . . AH43 

Koln, 1863. O. 46 p. C716 

Die entwickelung des Hildesheimer profanbaues bis zur 
mitte des 17. jahrhunderts. 1882. 
See [Buhlers, ]. 

Entwurfe im wettbewerb fiir die kunstlerische ausgestal- AH43 
tung der dreigiebel-fafade des Romergebaudes nach dem Romer- F8S7 
berg in Frankfurt am Main . . . 

Frankfurt a. Main, 1890. F.^ [4] P- 12 pi. 

Enzenberg, , translator. 

See Birkenstock, J. M., edler von. 1 738-1 809. Monumentum AE8 
aeternae memoriae Mariae Christinae archiducis Austriae. 1813. B53 

Ephrussi, Charles. 

Etude sur le triptyque d'Albert Diirer, dit Le tableau d'autel de AW 
Heller. Paris, 1876. Sq. F. 49+ [i] p. 21 pi. D93 

Quelques remarques a propos de I'influence italienne dans une AW 
ceuvre d'Albert Diirer. Paris, 1878. Q. 15 p. ill. D931 

Le tableau d'autel de Heller, Jacopo de Barbarj at le Prof. AW 
Thausing. Paris, no date. Q. 19 p. i pi. D932 


Epigrammata antiqvae vrbis. AR45 

See [Mazzochi, Jacopo, 17th cent, collector]. R695 

[Erasmus, Georg Caspar.] 

Seulen-buch; oder, Griindlicher bericht von den fiinfif ordnungen A A 
derarchitectur-kunst. .. [Anon.] Niirnberg, 1688. F. 52 p. 44 pi. En 

Erentreitz, Marx Treitzsauerwein von. -1527. 

See Treitzsauerwein von Erentreitz, Marx. -1527. 

Erinnerung an den dom in Coin. i846(?). AH43 

See Emans, Gerhard. C723 

Erizzo, Sebastiano. 1525-85. 

Discorso sopra le medaglie degli antichi, con la particolar dichia- AMi 
ratione di esse medaglie . . . Nuouamente ristampato . . . Er4 

[Vinegia, Giovanni Varisco, 1568.] Sq. D. [i6]4-78o+[3] p. ill. 

Erkertz, Q [ottf ried] . 1 8 1 7-. 

Zur erklarung des historischen fest-zuges veranstaltet zur feier AW2 
der vollendung des Kolner domes am 16. Oktober, 1880. Er4 

Koln [1880]. ObL F. [3]+i6+[i] p. 21 pL 

Text in folio bound with the plates. 

Erklarung eines antiken sarkophags zu Trier. AP 

See Braun, J. W. J. 1801-63. W723 

Winckelmann's geburtstag, Bonn. Fest-programm, 1850. 

Ermenonville, Vicomte d', pseudonym. 

See Qirardin, Louis Stanislas Cecile Xavier, comte de. 
1 762-1 827. 

Ernouf de Verclives, Alfred Auguste, baron, 1817-89, 
and Alphand, [J. C] A., 181 7-. 

L'art des jardins; pares, jardins promenades . . . decoration pitto- AN8 
resque et artistique des pares et jardins publics . . . 32 ed . . . Er6 

Paris [1887]. Q. 12+364?. 508 iU. 

[Ernst, Leopold, 1808-62, and Oscher, Leopold.] 

Hei[lige] drei konig capelle in Tuln. [Anon.] AH43 

[Wien, pref. 1847.] F-^ [4] P- 7 pl- Ob2 

Errard, Charles, 1606-89, and Chambray, Roland 
Freard de Chantelou, sieur de, -1676. AA 

Parallel of the antient architecture with the modern. 1723. C3S 

Die erste secularfeier der erbauung der evangelischen 
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Contents : v. i. Monuments d' Angers. 

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See Castelnau=d'Essenault, marquis de. 

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Contents : pt. i. Die kriegsbankunst. 
pt. 2. Der wohnbau. 

Uber die herausgabe eines umfassenden quellenwerkes fiir die 
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See Nuremberg (Ger.) — Qermanisches national museum. Kata- AO2 
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See Nuremberg (Ger.) — Qermanisches national museum. Kata- AO2 
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See Selvatico, Pietro Estense, marchese. 1803-80. 

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Etudes archeologiques sur le moyen-age et la renaissance: AP 
Marine — Architecture militaire — Cartes a jouer — Croyances pop- Et8 
ulaires — Manuscrits — Peinture murale — Peinture — Art heral- 
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Paris, 1884. Q. 2i + i8+[i] p. 60 pi. 

No. 71 of 400 copies printed. 

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Evangelisches jahrbuch ... AB 

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Vol. 1, 2<i edition, 1853. Edited by K. W. F. Piper. No more published. 

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See Evangelisches jahrbuch. 1851-70. Evi 

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Excursions in the county of Kent; comprising brief his- AH42 

torical and topographical delineations . . . with descriptions of the K414 
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Excursions in the county of Norfolk; comprising a brief AH42 

historical and topographical dehneation of every town an|" vil- N76S 
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Excursions in the county of Suffolk; comprising a brief AH42 

historical and topographical delineation of every town and SU25 
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Excursions in the county of Surrey; comprising brief AH42 

historical arid topographical dehneations . . . with descriptions of Su72 
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Excursions in the county of Sussex; comprising brief AH42 

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painted windows in the . . . church at Gouda . . . G72 

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F., P. 

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Fabliau of the cort mantel. (In Wright, Thomas. 1810-77. On 
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In Old French with English translation. 

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No title-page. 

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sches institut. Mittheilungen; athenische abtheilung. v. 9, p. 338- 
353, pl- 17-19-) 
















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[Anon.] Firenze, 1779. F.^ 24 p. 19 pi. Fii 

Fa5aden=entwurfe neuer gebaude aller art. 1874-. AB 
See Scholtze, Carl. Sch6 

Fa^adenbuch. 1870. AA 

See Schuffenhauer, W. Sch73 

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art as applied to the interior and exterior decoration of dwelling- Fii 
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See Qiraldl, Q. Q. 1479-1552. Opera omnia. 1696. G44 

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Diplomatische beitrage zur geschichte der baumeister des Kolner AH43 
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Koln, 1843. O. 88 p. ill. 3 pi. i map. 

Diplomatische beitrage zur geschichte der baumeister des Kolner AH43 
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Cuyp . . . Michael Angelo and Raffaelle ... F16 

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Edited by J[ames] D[afforne], 

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Engraved throughout. 

Falbe, C[hristian] T[uxen]. 1 791-1849. 

Recherches sur I'emplacement de Carthage, suivies de renseigne- AR3973 
ments sur plusieurs inscriptions puniques inedites . . . C245 

Paris, 1833. O. [6]+i324-[2] p. and Atlas, F.'^ 4 pi. 2 maps. 

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Ephesus. (In Archasologia. v. 11, p. 1-2 1. i pi.) Ar2 




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et de la sculpture, on y a joint la traduction de ces memes livres ... Fi8 

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CEuvres, contenant plusieurs ecrits relatifs aux beaux-arts . . . A08 

Lausanne, 1 78 1. O. 6 v. F18 

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Le chiese di Roma . . . date in luce con direttione e cura di G. G. AH45 
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Vols. 3-4 designed by G. F. Venturini. 

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See Vienna (Austria) — Museum fiir kunst und industrie. AN2 

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See Qsell=Fels, Theodor Johann. 1819-. 

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Monvmenta sepvlcrorvm cvm epigraphis ingenio et doctrina excel- AE8 
lentivm virorvm, aborvmq. tam prisci qvam nostri secvli memora- F35 
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No more published. 

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Table of contents and title-page wanting. Text, Spanish and French, in parallel columns. 

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Spa, on water in general and cold bathing . . 

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6 tab. 

Contents: v. i-8. Asia. 

V. 9- 12. Africa. 

V. 13-16. America. 

V. 17-31. Europe. 

V. 32-34. Aggiunte. 
2 pages of music. 

Monumenti sacri e profani dell' imperiale e reale basilica di Sant' AH45 
Ambrogio in Milano ... M583 

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Storia e descrizione de' principal! teatri antichi e moderni . . . col AE4 
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Osservazioni del . . . architetto . . P. Landriani. 

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Element of terror in primitive art. 

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Contents: pt. i. Sociological influences. 

pt. is. Climatic influences. 
Part I reprinted from the American naturalist, Jan., 1889, and part 2 from the American 
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Architectural education for America. 

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Wilhelms-universitat Strassburg. St8i7 

[Strassburg] 1884. Nar. Q. [7] + 150+ [4] p. 16 pi. 

Fete publique donnee par la ville de Paris a I'occasion AW2 
du mariage de . . . le Dauphin, le 13. fevrier, 1747. ^43' 

[Paris, 1747.] F.'' [12] p. 8 pi. 



Fetes publiques donnees par la ville de Paris k I'occasion 
du mariage de . . . le Dauphin, les 23. et 26. fevrier, 1745. 

[Paris] 1745. F.'' 17 p. 19 pL 

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Contents: v. i. Arondissement de Troyes. 
No more published. 
















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No more published. 

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Contents : L'lliade de Homere. L'Odyss^e d'Homfere. Tragedies d'Eschyle. La divine 
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Original photographs from flowers. 


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See Forest-Fleury, comte de Lemps. 

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See Rohault de Fleury, Georges. 1835-. 

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de La Rochefoucauld. 1728. 

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No. 60 of 100 copies printed. 

Flint implements in the drift; was man amongst the AP 
mammoths? [i860.] Z 

See [Wyatt, James]. 

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See [Hammond, T. W.j. 

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Orfevrerie renaissance . . . Paris, no date. F.* 33 pi. F67 



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Hiigelgraber auf der schwabischen Alb, untersucht und beschrie- AR43 
ben von Julius v. Fohr, bearbeitet von . . . Ludwig Mayer . . . W96 
hrsg. im auftrag des K. ministeriums des kirchen- und schulwesens 
von der Wiirttembergischen kommission fiir landesgeschichte. 

Stuttgart, 1892. Nar. Q. 56 p. ill s ?!• 

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See La Fargue, P. C. -1782. Convoi-funebre de Anne, princesse AW2 
royale de la Grande-Bretagne. 1761. Sw2 

See Swart, de. Description de la chambre at lit de parade sur AW2 

lequel le corps de Anne, princesse royale de la Grande-Bretagne . . . Sw2 
a ete exposee. 1759. 

Folchi, Clemente. 1 781-1868. 

Discorso archeologico-artistico in encomio del defonto . . . Luigi AW 
Canina; letto nell' adunanza dell' Accademia di archeologia in Zi 
Roma, li 8 gennaio, 1857. Roma, 1857. O- 22 p. 

From "Giornale arcadico," v. 145. 

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Grafen Folliot de Crenneville. 1878. 

See Leitner, Quirin, ritter von. Monographie des kaiserlichen AH436 
lustschlosses Schonbrunn . . . unter leitung des . . . oberstkam- Sch6 
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Folliot de Crenneville, Franz, graf, 1815-88, editor. 

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Paris en 1889. P281 


Fontaine, Ch[arles]. 

Recueil de differents monuments du diocese de Saint-Die, Vos- AR44 

ges . . . Saint-Die, 1875. F.* pt. i. i7+[i] p. 60 pi. Sa2 

No more published. 

[Fontaine, Pierre Francois Leonard. 1 762-1 853. J AH44 

[Chateau d'Amboise. Anon. Paris, 1836.] Sq. F. 6 double pi. A49 

Chateau d'Eu; [domaine prive du roi. Anon.]. AH44 

[Paris, 1836.] Sq. F. 20 p. 41 pi. A49 

[Chateau de Bizy; domaine prive du roi. Anon.] AH44 

[Paris, 1845.] Sq. F. 13 pi. A49 

[Domaine du Mouceaux; — Le Raincy; domaine prive du roi. AH44 

Anon.] [Paris, 1838.] Sq. F. 27 pi. A49 

Histoire du Palais royal; [domaine de la courome. Anon. J. AH44 

[Paris] 1834. Sq. F. 38 p. 61 pi. A49 

The text is p. 281-328 from Percier and Fontaine's Residences des souverains, 1833. 

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See [Duval, C. A. A. P. 1760-1838]. P2641 

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Papa Sisto V.; libro primo. F73 

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La prospettiva dimostrata con regole pratiche. AL2 

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Reproduction of the edition of 1723. 

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No. 79 of 200 copies ; printed on India paper. 

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Paged continuously. 

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Title-page and text in Italian and French. No more published. 

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. . . Engravings of the principal mosaic pavements which have AJ2 
been discovered . . . in . . . Great Britain, also engravings of . . . F82 
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France — Instruction publique, Ministere de I', 


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France — Instruction publique, Ministere de 1', 


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1893- C39 

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1881-. R31 

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Francia, Qiacomo, 1485-1557. 

Pitture antiche esistenti nella sopressa chiesa di S. Cecilia, rappre- AH45 

sentanti dieci storie della vita di detta santa . . . date in luce da B63 1 
G. Canuti . . . Bologna, 1829. F.^ 10 pL 

Francis, Frederick J[ohn]. 

Series of original designs for churches and chapels . . . rectory AE 

houses and schools. London, 1841. F.* ii + i4p. 50 pi. F84 

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Pompe funebre du tres-pieux . . . Prince Albert, archiduc d' AW 

Autriche . . . Bruxelles, 1729. F.* 36+[4] p. ilL i por. 66 pi. AL2 



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'See Deutsches archaologisches institut. Jahrbuch. 1887. D48 

Frankfort on the Main (Ger.). 

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vom jahre 1525; zum ersten male hrsg. von Georg Eduard F85 
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fort on the Main, Ger. — Verein fur geschichte und altertbums- 
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Mittheilungen aus dem frankfurter stadt-archive; urkunden und AC 
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F. 1 1 1 p. (Frankfurt on the Main, Ger. — Verein fur geschichte 
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(Frankfort on the Main, Ger. — Verein fUr geschichte und alter- 
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Frankfort on the Main (Ger.) — Qesellschaft fiir 
Frankfurts geschichte und kunst. 

See Frankfort on the Main (Ger.) — Verein fur geschichte und 

Frankfort on the Main (Ger.) — Historische ausstel= 
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100 tafeln mit erklarendem text . . . photographirt von Alexander AO4 
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1877 Frankfort on the Main. (Ger.) Mittheilungen aus dem frankfurter stadt- 

archive. 1877. 

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Frankfurt am Main von 882. 1884. 
1885-86 Donner von Richter, O., and Riese, F. A. 1840-. Heddemheimer 
ausgrabungen. 1885. s pl- 

Frankfort on the Main (Ger.) — Verein fiir geschichte 
und alterthumskunde, editor. AB 

See Archivfiir Frankfurts geschichte und kunst. 1858-89. Ar29 

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See South Kensin^on (Eng.) tnuseumj — Bethnal Green branch. AN2 

Catalogue of a collection of oriental porcelain and pottery lent for S082 
exhibition, by A. W. Franks. 2d ed. 1878. 


Franks, Augustus W[ollaston], 1826- editor. 

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See Hartmann, Ernst, edler von Franzenshuld. 1840-84. 

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See Chambray, Roland Freard de Chantelou, sieur de. -1676. 

Frederick William I., emperor of Germany. 1831-88. 
See Lessing, Julius. 1843-. Das speisezimmer und andere fest- AK 
gaben dargebracht dem Kronprinzen und der Kronprinzessin des L56 
deutschen reiches, bei der feier der silberhochzeit am 25. Jan. 
1883, angefertigt unter mitwirkung des Konigl. kunstgewerbe- 
museums zu Beriin. 1886. 

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Architectural rendering in sepia. AL2 

New York, 1892. Sq. F. 40 p. 13 pi. F87 

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English towns and districts; a series of addresses and sketches . . . AH42 
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Historical and architectural sketches; chiefly Italian. AH45 

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History of architecture .. . London, 1849. O- 28+456 p. i pl. AF 


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[Oxford, 1845.] O. 14 p. Z 

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Edited by H. Gerlach. 

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Metz (Ger.) lyceum. Jahresbericht. 

Freitag, Adam. fl. 1630. 

Architectura militaris, nova et aucta; oder, Newe vermehrte for- AE7 
tification . . . auff die neweste niederlandische praxin gerichtet . . . F88 
Letzte ed. verbessert. 

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L'architecture militaire; ou. La fortification nouvelle . . . AE7 

Paris, 1639-40 [v. I, '40]. Nar. Q. 3v. ini. 8-|-i79p. 35 pi. 8tab. F91 

Paged continuously. 

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On the progress and prospects of architecture. (In Associated AR42 
architectural societies. Proceedings. 1848, p. 9—20.) Z 

French, George Russell, 1803-81, compiler. 

See London (Eng.) — Ironmongers' Hall. Catalogue of the AO4 
antiquities and works of art exhibited . . . May, 1861. L841 

Fresco decorations and stuccoes ... in Italy. 1844. AM6 

See Qruner, W. H. L. 1801-82. G92 

Fresco gemalde aus der geschichte der Bayern. AH43 

See [Kaulbach, Wilhelm von, 1805-74, and others]. M932 

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arrangements owing to the necessities of the Greek ritual. (In Ar2 
Archaeologia. v. 44, p. 383-392. 2 pi.) 


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Das denkmal des Hercules Saxanus, im Brohlthal, erlautert . . . AP 

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Freytag, Adam. fl. 1630. 

See Freitag, Adam. fl. 1630. 

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1 83 1-7 1. 

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[8] + i75p. 3 pL (Beitrage zur kunstgeschichte. Newser. pt. 13.) B39 


Friedrich, Carl. 

Augustin Hirsvogel als topfer; seine gefassentwiirfe, ofen und AW 
glasgemalde . . . Nurnberg, 1885. F. [s]+74p. i por. 37 pi. H61 

Die elfenbeinreliefs an der kanzel des doms zu Aachen; eine nach- AH43 
bildung der Theoderichsstatue in Ravenna und Aachen. Z 

Nurnberg, 1883. O. [3]+47P- 

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Die holz-tektonik vorder-Asiens im alterthum und der Hekal mat AA 
Hatti. Innsbruck, 1891. Nar. Q. [3] + SS p. ill. F91 

Friedrichs, Carl. 1 831-71. 

See Friederichs, Karl Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm. 1 831-71. 

Friesch genootschap van geschied=, oudheid= en 
taalkunde te Leeuwarden. 

See Leeuwarden (Holland) — Provinciaal friesch genootschap ter AR492 
beoefening der friesche geschied=, oudheid- en taalkunde. F91 

Friesen, Hermann, freiherr von. 1802-82. 

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sischer verein fiir erforschung und erhaltung der vaterlandischen Sai 
alterthiimer. Mittheilungen. v. 16, p. 39—55; v. 17, p. 30-50.) 

Frik, Elias. 

Ausfiihrliche beschreibung von dem anfang, fortgang, der vollen- AA43 
dung und beschaffenheit des herrlichen und prachtigen miinster- UI54 
ge-baudes zu Ulm . . . hrsg. von G. Haffner. 

Ulm, no date. Sq. O. [i4] + i32+[4] p. 5 pi. 

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kaiserhauses. (In Jahrbuch der Kunsthistorischen sammlungen J191 
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Die ceremonienringe in den kunstsammlungen des allerhochsten AB 
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Frimmel, Theodor von, 1853- editor. 

See Golden Fleece, Order of the. Ein statutenbuch. (In Jahrbuch AB 
der Kunsthistorischen sammlungen des allerhochsten kaiserhauses. J191 
V. 5, pt. I, p. 263-338.) 

Frisch, . 

See Darmstadt (Ger.) museum. Kunstschatze, hrsg. in licht- AO2 
druck von Nohring und Frisch. D25 

Frisi, Anton [io] Francesco. 

Memorie storiche di Monza e sua corte . . . AR45 

Milano, 1794. Nar. Q. 3 v. 19 pi. M76 


Prison, Jean Vredeman. 152 7-. 

See Vries, Jan Vredeman de. 1527- 

Frissard, P[ierre] F[ran9ois]. 1 787-1 854. AH44 

Theatre de Dieppe .. . Paris [1827]. F.^ 32 p. 20 pi. Ds6 

Frith, Francis. 

Egypt and Palestine, photographed and described . . . AH62 

London [1857]. F-^ 2 v. ill 76 pi. A4 

Frith, Henry, 1840- translator. AH42 

See Villars, Paul. 1849-. England, Scotland and Ireland. 1887. A13S 

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Denkmaler deutscher renaissance. -A.H43 

Berlin, 1891. F.^ 4 v. ill. 300 pi. A26 

See Schmidt, Albert. 1841-. Die neue synagoge in MUnchen, AH43 
erlautert von K. E. O. Fritsch. 1889. M931 

Fritsch, K. E. O., editor. 

Auswahl aus den entwiirfen zum deutschen reichstagsgebaude. AH43 
1882. Berlin, 1883. F." [s] p- 100 pi. (Sammel-mappe her- A39 
vorragender concurrenz-entwtirfe. pt. 6.) 

Fritze, [E.]. 

Frankisch-thuringische (althennebergische) holzbauten aus alter AH43 
und neuer zeit. Meiningen, 1892. F. [3] + 2i p. 45 pi. A34 

Frizzi, Antonio. 1736-1800. AH45 

Album de la maison d'Este. See, below. Album estense. 1850. F412 

Album estense, con disegni originali dei rinomati artisti G. Coen, AH45 
C. Grand Didier e M. Doyen a corredo della storia di Ferrara, F412 
tradotto in francese da A. Luyrard. 

Ferrara, 1850. F.^ i75 + [3] P- 10 por. 21 pL 

Title-page and text in Italian and French. 

Frizzoni, Gustavo. 

Saggio critico intorno alle opere di pittura dell' epoca del rinasci- AB 
mento esistenti nella Reale galleria di Berlino. (In Jahrbticher J 19 
fiir kunstwissenschaft. 1870. v. 3, p. 81-1 12.) 

Frcehlich, Jules, 1850-, and Qanier, Henry, 1845-. 

Voyage aux chateaux historiques des Vosges septentrionales. AH44 
1889. A39 

Frohlich, W. 

Orientalische teppiche; ein vorlagenwerk zum studium von farbe AN 
und ornament . . . Berlin, no date. F.^ 14 pi. F92 


Frohner, [Christian Eduard Ludwig] W[illielm]. 

1 834- AN2 

Anatomic des vases antiques. Paris, 1876. O. [3]+36+[i] p. Z4 

Importante collection d'antiquites grecques, romaines et egyp- AO2 
tiennes; objets d'art et de curiosite, vente Hotel Drouot. . . 23-26 F92 
mars, 1868 . . . [Anon. Paris, 1868.] O. 8 + 218 + 27 p. 

Les musees de France; recueil de monuments antiques. AO4 

Paris, 1873. Sq. F.* j6 p. 40 pi. F92 

La verrerie antique; description de la collection Charvet. AN3 

Le Pecq, 1879. F.^ 7+139 P- iH- 35 pl- F92 

Froliner, Christian Eduard Ludwig Wilhelm, 1834- 
compiler. AO2 

See Hoffmann, H. Catalogue des objets d'art. 1888. H67 

Frohner, Christian Eduard Ludwig Wilhelm, 1834- 

See Greau, Julien. Terres cuites d'Asie de . . . [sa] collection. A08 
1886. G79 

Frolich, Erasmus. 1 700-58. 

Quatuor tentamina in re numaria vetere. 2da editio . . . AMi 

Viennae, 1752. O. [8] +462+ [9] p. ill. i pl. F92 

Contents: x. Dissertatio compendiaria de utilitate rei numarise veteris. 

2. Appendicula ad numos coloniarum Romanarum a cl. Vaillantio editos. 

3. Appendicula ad numos urbium Graece loquentiiun sub Augustis percusses et 

a laudato Vaillantio vulgatos. 

4. Dissertatio de numis, monetariorum veterum culpa, vitiosis. 

Froling, , ober-stabsarzt. 

Katalog . . . kunstsachen und antiquitaten . . . aus . . . privatbesitz AO2 
und aus dem nachlasse des . . . ober-stabsarzt Dr. Froling . . . F922 
versteigerung zu Koln . . . 1890 . . . durch J. M. Heberle . . . 

Koln [1890]. Q. [4] + 1 12 p. 17 pl. 

Fromberg, Emmanuel Otto. 

Introductory essay on the art of painting on glass, translated AA 
from the German by H. J. Clarke. (In Quarterly papers on archi- Q2 
tecture. 1844-45. v. 4. 119 p.) 

Frommel, [Karl]. 1 789-1 863. 

Baden und seine umgebungen in malerischen ansichten, mit einer AH42 
historisch-topographischen beschreibung von [A. W.] Schreiber. B143 

Carlsruhe,'i827. F.* [70] p. 24 pl. 

Vues de la ville et du chateau de Heidelberg . . . d'apres . . . AH43 
[ses] dessins, par K. Lindemann and F. Wiirthle. H369 

Heidelberg [1843]. Obi. Tt. 19 p. 13 pl. map. 

Frommel, Karl August Lindemann=. 1819-. 

See Lindemann^Prommel, Karl August. 1819-. 


Frontinus, Sextus Julius. 4i(?)-io6(?). 

De aquaeductibus urbis Romae. (In Vitruvius Pollio, Marcus. AA 
De architectvra libri decern. 1543. 34 p.) V839 

Frost, Charles. i78i(?)-i862. 

Notices relative to the early history of the town and port of AH42 
Hull . . . H872 

London, 1827. Q. 16+ 150+ [60] p. ill. 5 pi. 2 facsim. 2 tab. 

Frothingham, Arthur L., jr., and Muntz, Eugene, 

1 845-. 

II tesoro della basilica di S. Pietro in Vaticano, dal 13 al 15 secolo, AH45 
con una scelta d'inventarii inediti. 1883. R668 

Fiiesslin, J[ulius August]. 1815-66. 

Das neue mannerzuchthaus Bruchsal, nach dem system der ein- AH43 
zelhaft in seinen baulichen einrichtungen. B838 

Carlsruhe, 1854. F.^ 33 + [i7] P- i3 pl- 

Fugere, Alexandre Conrad, and Qoguet, A. Y., 


Arts et metiers. (In Peigne-Delacourt, Achille, comp. Techno- AX 
logie archeologique. 1873. p. I-152.) P35 

Fiihrer, A. 

Sharqi architecture of Jaunpur, with notes on Zafarabad, Sahet- AR54 

Mahet and other places . . . with . . . descriptions by E. W. Ai 
Smith; ed. by J. Burgess. Calcutta, 1889. Sq. F.* 8+76 p. 

74 pi. (In India — Archaeological survey. Reports. 1889. new AR54 

ser. V. I.) A I 

Ful, tru un pertikler okeaw^nt o bwoth wat aw seed un wat AO4 
aw yerd we gooin too th' greyt eggshibishun e Lundun . . . kon- M3 1 
taining loikewoise o dikshunayre ... be o felley from Rachde . . . 
3d edition. Rachde [pref. 1856]. D. 87 p. ill. i pi. 

Fulford, Rev. J[ohn] L[oveland]. 

Open roofs. (In Exeter diocesan architectural society. Trans- AC 
actions. 1844. v. 2, p. 41-51, pi. 3 and 4.) , Ex3 

Fuller, Albert W., and Wheeler, W. A. 

Artistic homes in city and in country, with other examples of AE2 
domestic architecture. 5 th ed. F95 

Boston [1882-91]. Obi. Q. [7] p. 70 pi. 

Fuller, Qeorge A., co. 

Prominent buildings erected by the . . . company. AH73 

Chicago, i893(?). Sq. F.* 26 pi. C43 

No title-page. 


Fullerton, William. 

Architectural examples in brick, stone, wood and iron . . . AA 

London, 1890. Nar. Q. 22+34 p. 220 pi. F95 

Fulvio, Andrea, fl. i6th cent. 

L'antichita di Roma; di nuouo . . . corretta et ampliata . . . con le AH45 
aggivntioni et annotationi di Girolamo Ferrucci . . . R796 

Venetia, per Girolamo Francini, 1588. S. [4] + 264+ [4] f. ill. 

[Fumagalli, Angelo, 1 728-1804, Torre e Valvasine, 
Michele della.] 

Delle antichita longobardico-milanesi, illustrate con dissertazioni AR45 
dai monaci della Congregazione Cisterciese di Lombardia. [Anon.] M582 
Milano, 1792-93. Q. 4 v. in 2. 6 pi. i tab. 

Fumagalli, Carlo, and Beltrami, Luca, 1854-. 

La cappella detta della Regina Teodolinda nella basilica di San AH45 
Giovanni in Monza e le sue pitture murali. M763 

Milano, 1 89 1. F.^ 17+ [2] p. ill. 42 pi. 

No. 196 of 200 copies printed. 

F[umagalli], P[aolo]. 

Pompeia, trattato pittorico, storico e geometrico; opera disegnata AR45 
negli . . . 1824-30, incisa e pubblicata da P. F. P796 

Firenze [1833]. F.^ 60 p. 66 pi. map. 

Title-page and text in Italian and French. Translated into French by L. B. Du Coster. 

Fumi, Luigi. 

II duomo di Orvieto e i suoi restauri . . . AH45 

Roma, 1891. F. [i9]+528+[i] p. ill. 25 pi. Or94 

Fumiere, Theophile. 

L'exposition d'Amsterdam et la Belgique aux Pays Bas . . . AO4 

Bruxelles, 1883. F. 195 p. ill. 38 pi. Am82 

Fumiere, Theophile, editor. 
See Belgium — Exposition nationale. 1880. Les arts decoratifs AO4 
a I'Exposition du cinquantenaire beige. 1880. B411 

Funk, Adolf. 

Irren-anstalten: Entbindungs-anstalten. (In Handbuch der archi- A A 
tektur. 1891. 4. thl. 5. hlbd. hft. 2, p. 1-73. ill. 5 pi. 2 paged pi.) H19 


Furchheim, Federigo, compiler. 

Bibliografia di Pompei, Ercolano e Stabia. 2a ed. . . . AY 

Napoli, 1891. D. 30+118 p. F97 

The ist edition published in 1879 has title Bibliotheca Pompejana. 

Furietti, Giuseppe Alessandro. 1685-1761. AJ2 

De musivis. Romas, 1752. Nar. Q. i6+i30+[i] p. 2 pi. F97 



Furniture gazette ; an illustrated monthly journal. AB 

London, 1873-. F. New. ser. v. 1-25. iU. pi. F98 

New ser. v . i-aa published weekly. 

Furniture trade catalogue, containing designs for every ANi 

description of modern furniture . . . with . . . index and price list. F98 
3d edition. London, 1882. F. 27+8+[9] p. 165 pL 

Fiirstliche bau-lust. 1698. AA 

See Heinrich, herzog von Sachsen=[R6nihild]. 1650-1710. H362 

Furtenbach , Joseph . 1 5 9 1 - 1 66 7. 

Architectura civilis; das ist, Eigentlich beschreibung vAe ma nach AA 

. . . gerechter regul . . . pallast . . . kirchen . . . altar . . . spitaler . . . F98 
auffiihren und erbauen soil . . . 

Ulm, 1628. F. [22] +78 p. 40 pi. 

Architectura recreationis, das ist von allerhand nijtzlich und er- AA^ 

frewlichen civilischen gebawen . . . F982 

Augspurg, 1640. F. 26+120 p. 36 pi. 

Architectura universalis, das ist, von kriegs, statt- und wasser- AA 

gebawen . . . Ulm, Medern, 1735. F. 26+159 p. 61 pi. F981 

Furtwangler, Adolf. 1853- 

Altlakonisches relief (In Deutsches archaologisches institut. AR495 

Mittheilungen; athenische abtheilung. v. 7, p. 160-173, pi. 7.) G81 

Die bronzen und die ubrigen kleineren funde von Olympia. Berlin, AR495 

1890. F.* i2+22op. ill. and Atlas, F.^ [3] P- /i pl- (Curtius, O191 
E., and Adier, F. Olympia. 1890. v. 4.) 

Die Chariten der Akropolis. (In Deutsches archaologisches AR49S 

institut. Mittheilungen; athenische abtheilung. v. 3, p. 181-202.) G81 

Eine argivische bronze. [Berhn, 1890. J Q. 29 p. ill. i pi. AP 


Winckelmannsfest, Berlin. Programm, no. 50, p. 125-153. 

Eros in der vasenmalerei. Miinchen, 1874. O. 90 p. AN2 


Der goldfund von Vettersfelde. AP 

Berlin, 1883. Q. S2+[2] p. ill. 3 pi. W722 

Winckelmannsfest, Berlin. Programm, no. 43. 

Marmore von der Akropolis. (In Deutsches archaologisches AR495 

institut. Mittheilungen; athenische abtheilung. v. 6, p. 174-190, G81 
pi. 6-7.) 

Meisterwerke der griechischen plastik; kunstgeschichtliche unter- A08 

suchungen. F98 
Leipzig, 1893. Nar. Q. i2+[3]+767 p. ill. i pi. and Atlas, 
F.^ 32 pi. 


Furtwangler, Adolf. 1853-. 

Orpheus, attische vase aus Gela. AP 

[Berlin, 1 890. J Q. up. ill. i pi. W722 

Winckelmannsfest, Berlin. Programm, no. so^ P- 154-164- 

Der satyr aus Pergamon. Berlin, 1880. Q. 32+[i] p. 3 pi. AP 


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V. 2-3. Moyen-4ge. 
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No more published. 

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Contents: i. Partie architecturale. 2 pts. in i v. 100 pl. 

2. Texte. 2 V. 

31. Sculpture omementale. 45 pl. 

3*. Statues d&oratives. 35 pl. 

33. Peintures d^coratives. 20 pl. 

3*. Bronzes. 15 pl. 
The plates of the Partie architecturale are engravings and chromolithographs ; those of the 
other parts are photographs. 

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Contents : v. i. Sieges, fauteuils, canapes. 

V. 2. Meubles sculpt^s et d'dbenlsterie. 

V. 3. Bronzes, cartels, vases. 

V. 4. Tapisseries, ^toffes. 


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Contents: v. ±. Teorica. 

V. n, Pitturecimiteriali. 

V. 3. Pitture non cimiteriali. 

V. 4. Musaici cimiteriali e non cimiteriali. 

V. 5. Sarcofagi ossia sculture cimiteriali. 

V. 6. Sculture non cimiteriali. 

Vetri ornati di figure in oro, trovati nei cimiteri cristiani di Roma, AN3 
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Gatinais (France) — Societe historique et archeolo= 

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Read before the Socidtd centrale des architectes, 24 Mai, i88z. 

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ognomia, de perspectiua . . . G23 
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Contents: v. i. A— Guy. 
No more published. 

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See Lacour=Oayet, Qeorges. 1856-. 

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Paris, 1875-88. Sq. F. v. 1-13. ill. pi. 

Fond^ par J. de Witte et Fr. Lenormant. 

With V. 12 title changed to Gazette archeologique ; revue des musses nationaux. 

Gazette des architectes et du batiment. AB 

Paris, 1863-86. Sq. F. 7 v.; 2d ser. v. 1-15. ill. pL 6251 

Edited by E. VioUet-le-Duc and E. Corroyer. 

Formed by the union of the Encyclop^die d'architecture and the Gazette du batiment, v. 1-2 
being known as the 2<i ser. of the Encyclop^die d'architecture. The latter afterward reap- 
peared as a separate publication. 

Gebhardt, W. 

De tabularum a Polygnoto in Lesche Delphica pictarum composi- AO 
tione . . . Gottingae, 1873. O. pt. i. ill. Z2 

Doctor's dissertation at Gottingen University. 


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Essai sur la peinture de genre dans I'antiquite. (In Archives des AB 
missions scientifiques. 1868. v. 13, p. 1-62.) Ar2i 

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Geschichte der domkirche zu Konigsberg . . . Konigsberg, 1835. AH43 
0. 20+400+ [i] p. (Gebser, A. R., and Hagen, E. A. Der K83 
dom zu Konigsberg in Preussen. 1833-35. v. i.) 

Qebser, A[ugust] R[udolph], 1801-74, and Hagen, E. 

A., 1 797-1880. 

Der dom zu Konigsberg in Preussen . . . A.H43 

Konigsberg, 1833-35 [y. i, '35]. O. 2 v. in i. K83 

Contents; v. i. Gebser, A. R. Geschichte der domkirche zu Konigsberg. 

V. 2. Hagen, E. A. Beschreibung der domkirche zu Konigsberg. 
Plates wanting. 

Qedon, Lorenz. 1843-83. 

Catalog . . . [seiner] nachgelassenen kunst-sammlungen . . . ver- AO 
steigerung zu Miinchen den 17-21 Juni, 1884 . . . G26 

Miinchen, 1884. Nar. Q. i5 + i26+[i] p. ill. 17 pi. 

Qeer van Oudegein, J. J. 

Het oude Trecht als de oorsprong der stad Utrecht . . . AR492 

Utrecht, 1875. O. 6+185 p. 5 pi. map. Ut7 

Qeffroy, Mathieu Auguste. 1820-. 

CEnomaus, Pelops et Hippodamie, vase peint inedit. (In Melan- AB 
ges d'archeologie et d'histoire. 1881, p. 349-368, pi. 13.) M48 

Qehrlng, Rudolf. 

Ornamentale malereien vom k. schloss Trausnitz bei Landshut in AH43 
Bayern. Landshut, 1884. F. [3] p. F.^ 49 pi. L23 

Qeier, Fr[anz] Xav[er]. 

Statistische iibersicht bemerkenswerther holzverbindungen AH43 
Deutschlands gesammelt und herausgegeben. A52 

Mainz, 1 84 1. Obi. F.s [18] p. ill. 35 pl- 

Qeier, F[ranz Xaver], and Qorz, R. 

Denkmale romanischer baukunst am Rhein. AH43 

Frankfurt am Main. 1846-47. F." 4 pts. in i v. 24 pl. A21 

No more published. 

Qeisenberg, E., and Cordes, A. W. 

Das chorgestiihl der kirche San Severino in Neapel. 1875. (In AH45 
Italienische renaissance. 1875-82. v. i.) A28 

Qeiss, [Philipp KonradJ Moritz. 1805-75. 

Zinkguss-ornamente nach zeichnungen von Schinkel, Stiller . . . AM2 
und anderen, so wie statuen und sculpturen nach antiken und G27 
modernen modellen. 2. aufl. Berlin, 1863. Sq. F. [4]p. I26pl. 


Qeissel, Johannes von. 1 796-1 864. 

Details historiques et architectoniques sur la cathedrale de Spire. AB 
(In Bulletin monumental, v. 3, p. 443-462. i pi.) B87 

Qeitner, H., editor. AN8 

See Neide, E. Ausgefiihrte gartenanlagen. 1 884. N3 1 

Qelis=Didot, P., and Laffillee, H. L. 

La peinture decorative en France du 11^ au 16^ siecle. AM6 

Paris, no date. F.^ i3 + [i96] p. ill. 60 pi. G28 

Qelis=Didot, P., and Lambert, Theodore. 

La construction privee a la fin du 19^ siecle; hotels et maisons de AH44 
Paris, fafades et details releves et dessines. P328 

Paris, 1893. F.5 8 p. 100 pi. 

Gems, selected from the antique. 1804. AX 

See [Dagley, Richard. -1841]. D13 

Qenard, P[ierre]. 1830-. 

Anvers a travers les ages . . . AH493 

Bruxelles [pref. 1888-92]. F.* 2 v. ill. 3 por. 18 pi. map. An8i 

Notice historique sur une verriere a I'eglise de Notre-Dame a AO 
Anvers. Gand, 1851. O. 15 p. i pi. Z5 

From Messager des sciences historiques de Belgique. 

Notice sur les architectes Herman, le vieux, et Dominique de AB 
Waghemakere. (In Bulletin des commissions royales d'art et B872 
d'archeologie. 1 870. v. 9, p. 429-494.) 

Genealogica curiosa. London, 1885. Nar. Q. AH42 


Vol. I. Fisher, Maj. P. 1616-93. Tombs, monuments, etc., visible in S. 
Paul's cathedral . . . previous to . . . 1666. 1885. 

Genesteix, . 

L'Ordre de Malte et I'Hotel du Grand-Prieur d'Aquitaine. (In AR44 
Robuchon, J. C. Paysages et monuments du Poitou: Poitiers. P75 
1890. v. I, p. 155-161. ill.) 

Genevay, A[ntoine] . 1 8 1 1- 

Le style Louis XIV.; Charles Le Brun, ses ceuvres, son influence, AW 
ses collaborateurs et son temps. Paris, 1886. F. [3]+258 p. ill. L49 
I por. (Bibliotheque internationale de I'art, publiee . . . E. Muntz.) 

Genick, A. 

Griechische keramik, mit einleitung und beschreibung von A. AN2 
Furtwangler. 2. aufl. G28 

Berlin, 1883. F. 24 p. and Atlas, F.'' 40 pi. 


Qennarelli, Achille. 

La moneta primitiva e i monumenti dell' Italia antica messi in AC 
rapporto cronologico e ravvicinati alle opere d'arte delle altre R661 
nazioni civili dell' antichita . . . (In Rome, Italy — Accademia 
romana di archeologia. Dissertazioni. 1852. v. 11, p. 33-169. 
Genolini, Angelo. 

Maioliche italiane, marche e monogrammi. AN2 

Milano, 1881. F. 3+i70+[3] p. 35 pi. G281 

Qensler, Martin, Qadechens, C. F., and Koppmann, 
Karl. AH43 

Das St. Johannis kloster in Hamburg. 1884. Hi 71 

Qenteel household furniture in the present taste, with . . . ANi 
several articles never before executed, by A society of upholster- G28 
ers, cabinet-makers ... 2d ed. London, no date. O. 1 20 pi. 

Gentile, Iginio. 1843-. -^O 

Arte etrusca e romana; see, below, Storia dell' arte romana. 1892. G28 

Storia dell' arte romana premessovi un cenno suU' arte italica AG 
primitiva. 2da ed. Milano, 1892. S. 4+227 p. and Atlas, 79 pi. G28 
(Manuali Hoepli. v. 18-19.) 

Gentleman's magazine library; being a classified collec- AB 
tion of the chief contents of the Gentleman's magazine from 1731 G28 
to 1868; ed. by G. L. Gomme . . . London, 1886. O. 2 v. 

Contents: Archaeology. 

Qenuys, Ch[arles]. 

Construction mafonnerie. Paris, 1885. S. 2 v. ill. 21 paged pi. AI 
(Bibliotheque populaire des ecoles de dessin. Premiere serie: G28 
Enseignement technique.) 

Contents: v. i. Mat^riaux, fondations. 

V. 2. Ex&ution des maQonneries, murs. 

Geoffrey of Alatri, cardinal. -1287. 

Inventaire des meubles du cardinal Geoffroi d' Alatri, 1287, par AB 
Maurice Prou. (In Melanges d'archeologie et d'histoire. 1885, M48 
p. 382-411.) 

Geoffroy Saint=Hilaire, Isidore. 1805-61. 

Mammiferes. (In Jacquemont, Victor. Voyage dans 1' Indie. AH62 
1841-44. V. 4. 90 p. 8 pi.) A7 

Georg, W., and Wanderley, Q. 

Der metallbau; ein hand- und hiilfsbuch ftir architecten, bau-, AI 
maurer-, zimmermeister und ingenieure . . . Halle, 1873. O. G29 
8-1-324 p. ill, (Die gesammte hochbaukunst in lehr- und hand- 
buchern. v. 4.) 


George, Qaspard. 1823-. 

De la sculpture de figures dans la decoration des monuments an- A08 
tiques. Lyon, 1861. Nar. Q. 72 p. G29 

Etude et memoire sur les caracteres architectoniques. (In Lyons, AC 
France — Societe academique d'architecture. Annales. 1887. L99 
V. 8, p. 51-150.) 

Sur les monuments de I'epoque ante-historique. (In Lyons, AC 

France — Societe academique d'architecture. Annales. 1873. v. 3, L99 

p. 141-175. ill-) 

Une visite a Pompei en decembre, 1869. (In Lyons, France — AC 

Societe academique d'architecture. Annales. 1871. v. 2, p. L99 


Qeorgens, J[an] D[aniel], editor. 

See Sibmacher, Johann. i55o(?)-i6ii. Neues stick- und spitzen- AN 
musterbuch. 1881. Sii 

Gerard, Col. A[lexandre]. 

Description de I'Hotel imperial des Invalides et du tombeau de AH44 
Napoleon ler; publication faite avec I'autorisation speciale du P343 
Ministre de la guerre . . 2e ed. Paris, 1856. S. 108 p. 4 pi. 

Gerard, Charles. 1813-77. 

Les artistes de 1' Alsace pendant le moyen-age. AW 

Colmar, 1872-73. O. 2 v. G31 

Gerard, [Louis] Gaston. 

Le lavis et I'aquarelle appliques aux arts industriels et decoratifs. A06 
Paris, 1890. S. 63 p. and Atlas, 9 pi. (Bibliotheque populaire G31 
des ecoles de dessin. Premiere serie : Enseignement technique.) 

Gerhard, [Friedrich Wilhelm] Eduard. 1 795-1 867. 

Auserlesene griechische vasenbilder, hauptsachlich etruskischen AN2 
fundorts. Berlin, 1840-58. Sq. F. 4 v. 330 pi. G31 

Contents: v. i. Gotterbilder. 

V. 2-3. Heroenbilder. 

V. 4. Griechisches alltagsleben. 

Danae, ein griechisches vasenbild. Berlin, 1854. Q. 15 p. i pi. AP 


Winckelmannsfest, Berlin. Programm, no. 14. 

Festgedanken an Winckelmann . . . Kunstgeschichtliche vasen- AP 
bilder. Berlin, 184 1. Q. 8 p. 2 pi. W722 

Winckelmannsfest, Berlin. Programm, no. 1. 

Gesammelte akademische abhandlungen und kleine schriften . . . AR45 
Berlin, 1866-68. O. 2 v. in i. i por. and Atlas, Q. [4] p. 82 pi. A7 

Grundziige der archaologie. (In his Hyperboreisch-romische stu- AP 
dien fiir archaologie. 1833-52. v. i, p. I-84.) G31 


Gerhard, [Friedrich Wilhelm] Eduard. 1 795-1867. 

Die heilung des Telephos. Berlin, 1843. Q. 12 p. i pL AP 


Winckelmannsfest, Berlin. Programm, no. 3. 

Mykenische alterthiimer. Berlin, 1850. Q. 16 p. i pL AP 


Winckelmannsfest, Berlin. Programm, no. lo. 

Das orakel der Themis. Berlin, 1846. Q. 14 p. i pL AP 


Winckelmannsfest, Berlin. Programm, no. 6. 

Phrixos der herold. Berlin, 1842. Q. 10 p. i pi. AP 


Winckelmannsfest, Berlin. Programm, no. n. 

Die schmijckung der Helena. Berlin, 1844. Q. 16 p. i pi. AP 


Winckelmannsfest, Berlin. Programm, no. 4. 

Thetis und Priumne; etruskischer spiegel der Kais. russischen AP 
sammlung, auch uber graberidole des Koniglichen antiquariums. W722 

Berlin, 1862. Q. 10 p. i pi. 

Winckelmannsfest, Berlin. Programm, no. 22. 

Trinkschalen und gefasse des koniglichen museums zu Berlin und AN2 
anderer sammlungen. G3 1 1 

Berlin, 1848-50. F.^ 2 pts. in i v. 6o+[3] p. 40 pL 

Contents : pt. i. Trinkschalen. 

pt. .£.. Gefasse. 
Paged continuously. Title in German and French. 

Uber den gott Faunus und dessen genossenschaft (In his Hyper- AP 
boreisch-romische studien fiir archaologie. 1833-52. v. 2, p. G31 

Uber die gottheiten der Etrusker; eine in der . . . Akademie der AO 
wissenschaften zu Berlin vorgelesene abhandlung. Z4 

Berlin, 1847. Q- 64 p. 7 pi. 

Uber die kunst der Phonicier; eine in der . . . Akademie der AO 
wissenschaften zu Berlin vorgelesene abhandlung. Z4 

Berlin, 1848. Q. 42 p. 7 pi. 

Uber ursprung, bedeutung und anwendung der Hermen. (In his AP 
Hyperboreisch-romische studien fiir archaologie. 1833-52. v. 2, G31 
p. 197-283.) 

Vases et coupes du musee royal de Berlin et d'autres collections. AN2 
See, above, Trinkschalen und gefasse des koniglichen museums zu G31 1 
Berlin und anderer sammlungen. 1 848-1 850. 

Title in German and French. 

Venus-Proserpina. (In his Hyperboreisch-romische studien fiir AP 
archaologie. 1833-52. v. 2, p. 119-195.) G31 


Gerhard, [Friedrich Wilhelm] Eduard. 1 795-1 867. 

Winckelmann und die gegenwart; nebst einem etruskischen AP 
Spiegel. Berlin, 1856. Q. 14 p. i pi. W722 

Winckelmannsfest, Berlin. Programm, no. i6. 

Zwei Minerven. Berlin, 1848. Q. 12 p. i pi. AP 


Winckelmannsfest, Berlin. Programm, no. 8. 

Gerhard, Friedrich Wilhelm Eduard, 1 795-1867, 

Hyperboreisch-romische studien fiir archaologie, mit beitragen AP 
von K. O. Miiller, Th. Panofka, Otto B. von Stackelberg, F. G. G31 
Welcker, Emil Braun. Berlin, 1833-52. O. 2 v. i tab. 

Vol. n. has also the title Archaologischer nachlass aus Rom. 

Gerhard, Friedrich Wilhelm Eduard, 1 795-1867, 
editor. AG 

Etruskische Spiegel. Berlin, 1843-67. Sq. F. 4 V. 430 pi. G31 

See Archaologische zeitung. 1843-67. v. 1-25. AB 


See Berlin (Ger.) — Museen. Apulische vasenbilder des museums. AN2 
1845. B453 

See Berlin (Ger.) — Museen. Etruskische und kampanische AN2 
vasenbilder des museums. 1843. ^45 

Gerhard, Friedrich Wilhelm Eduard, 1 795-1 867, and 
Panofka, T. [S.], 1800-58. 

Ausgrabungs-berichte. (In Gerhard, F. W. E., compiler. Hyper- AP 
boreisch-romische studien fiir archaologie. 1833-52. v. i, p. 85- G31 

Contents : pt. i. Romische ausgrabungen. 

pt. :^. Grossgriechische ausgrabungen. 
pt. 3. Etruskische ausgrabungen. 

Gerhard, William Paul. 1854-. 

Guide to sanitary house-inspection ; or, Hints and helps regard- AJ 
ing the choice of a healthful home in city or country. G3 1 2 

New York, 1885. Sq. S. 145 p. 

House-drainage and sanitary plumbing. 4th ed. revised. New AJ 
York, 1890 [c. '82]. T. 231 p. 6 pi. (Van Nostrand's science G31 
series, v. 63.) 

Notes embodying recent practice in the sanitary drainage of build- AJ 
ings, with memoranda on the cost of plumbing work. New York, G3 1 1 
1887. T. 140 p. (Van Nostrand's science series, v. 93.) 

Sanitary questions. (In Brunner, A. W. Cottages ; or. Hints on AE2 
economical building. 1844. p. 33-54.) B83 


Qerke, P. 

Das metallgerath ; kunst- und luxusgegenstande in bronze, silber, AM2 
zink, etc., ausgefiihrt in hervorragenden ateliers. G31 

Berlin, 1886. F.^ Ser. i, 20 pi. 

No more published. 

Gerlach, Fr[anz] Dor[otheus]. 1793-1876. 

Griechischer einfluss in Rom im 5. jahrhundert der stadt. AR45 

Basel, 1872. O. 61 p. A4 

Gerlach, Q. Th. 

Der alten griechen gotterlehre, mythen und heldensagen, fiir AX 
freunde des classischen alterthums iibersichtlich zusammengestellt. G3 1 

Leipzig, 1882. F. i2+ii9p. ill. 

Qerlach, Heinrich. 

Kleine chronik von Freiberg als fiihrer durch Sachsens berg- AC 
hauptstadt und beitrag zur heimathkunde. Freiberg, no date. F88 
0. 12+116 p. ill. (In Freiberger alterthumsverein. Mitthei- 
lungen. 1875. v. 12.) 

Gerlach, Heinrich, editor. AC 

See Freiberger alterthumsverein. Mittheilungen. 1862-86. F88 

Gerlach, Martin, editor. 

Allegorien und embleme; originalentwiirfe von den hervorra- AK 
gendsten modernen kunstlern, sowie nachbildungen alter zunft- G3 1 1 
zeichen und moderne entwiirfe von zunftwappen im charakter der 
renaissance ; erlauternder text von A. Ilg. 

Wien, 1882. F.s 2 v. 3S3 pi. 

Contents: v. i. Allegorien. 

V. 2. Embleme und zunftwappen. 

Das gewerbe-monogramm. 2. aufl. AK 

Wien [pref. 1881]. F.^ 10 p. no pi. G31 

Title-page and text in German, French and English. 

Gerli, Agostino. 

Elementi di nuova modificazione dell' ordine dorico. AA 

Milano, 1820. F.^ 14 p. 12 pi. G31 

Germain, Michel. 1645-94. 
Le monasticon gallicanum ; collection . . . de vues topographiques AH44 
des monasteres benedictins de la congregation de Saint-Maur ... A 16 
reproduit par . . . Peigne-Delacourt et precede d'une preface par 
Delisle. Paris, 1882. Sq. F. 5o+[i] + i6 p. 169 pi. 

Germain, Pierre. 1716-83. 

Elements d'orfevrerie. AM4 

Francfort sur Mein, no date. Q. 2 v. 100 pi. G31 

Reproduction of the Paris edition of 1748. 

German artistical handicraft in Chicago. 1893. 
See Bayerische kunstgewerbe-verein, publisher. Das Deutsche AN6 
kunstgewerbe. 1893. B342 


Qermer=Durand, Eug[ene]. i8i 2-1880. 

Decouvertes archeologiques faites a Nimes et dans le Gard pen- AR44 

dant . . . 1872 . . . Nimes, 1876. O. 139 p. ill. 2 pi. N613 

Autograph letter of the author inserted. 

Qermond de Lavigne, [Leopold] A[lfred Gabriel], 


Itineraire descriptif, historique et artistique de I'Espagne et du AH46 

Portugal . . . Paris [1861]. D. 28+819 P- 8 maps. (Collection A17 
des guides ; A. L. Joanne, ed.) 

Map in pocket at end of book. 

Qerson, Jehan [Charlier]. 1363-1429. ah 

La dance macabre composee 1425. Paris, 1875. Q. 23 p. ill. D87 

Qerspach, [Edouard]. 1833-. 

L'art de la verrerie . . . Nouv. ed. Paris [1885]. O. 320 p. ill. AN3 

(Bibliotheque de I'enseignement des beaux-arts, publiee ... J. G32 

Etudes sur la manufacture nationale des Gobelins. (In Revue AB 

des arts decoratifs. v. 8 and 9. ill. 3 pi.) R32 

La manufacture nationale de Beauvais. (In Revue des arts deco- AB 

ratifs. V. i, p. 513-521; v. 2, p. 37-47. ill i pi.) R32 

La manufacture nationale des Gobelins. AM8 

Paris, 1892. O. 271 p. ill. G32 

La mosaique. (In Revue des arts decoratifs. v. 2, p. 245-261. ill.) AB 


La mosaique . . . Nouv. ed. Paris, no date. O. 271 p. ill. AJ2 

(Bibliotheque de I'enseignement des beaux-arts; publiee ... J. G32 

Notes sur le musee et les collections de la manufacture nationale AB 

des Gobelins. (In Revue des arts decoratifs. v. 9, p. 269-278. R32 
2 pi.) 

Les tapisseries coptes. Paris, 1890. Q. 8 p. 98 pi. AN 


Die gesammte hochbaukunst in lehr- und handbiichern. AI 

Halle, 1873. O. ill. G29 

Vol. 4. Georg, W., and Wanderley, G. Der metallbau. 1873. 

Qeschichte der deutschenkunst. AH43 

Berlin, 1887. Q. ill. pi- AI 

Vol. I. Dohme, Robert. 1845-93. Geschichte der deutschen baukunst. 1887. 

Qeschichte der Rathhauskapelle zu St. Salvator in Wien. AH436 

1 86 1. V692 
See [Weiss, KarL 1826-]. 


Geschichte des Deutschen archaologischen instituts, AC 
1829-79. D481 

See [Michalis, A. T. F. 1835-]. 

Oeschichtskalender des hochstiftes und des miinsters AH43 
von Strassburg. 1891. St8i2 

See [Straub, A.]. 

Gesellschaft fur bildende kunst und vaterlandische 

See Emden (Ger.) — Gesellschaft fiir bildende kunst und vater- 
landische alterthiimer. 

Gesellschaft fiir Frankfurts geschichte und kunst. 

See Frankfort on the Main (Ger.) — Verein fiir geschichte und 

Gesellschaft fiir geschichte und alterthumskunde 
der Russischen Ostseeprovinzen, editor. AH47 

See Neumann, Wilhelm. Das mittelalterliche Riga. 1892. R44 

Gessert, M. A. 

Art of painting on glass; or, Glass staining . . . with descriptions AA 
of the furnaces and apparatus required for the various operations, Q2 
translated from the German by W. Pole. (In Quarterly papers on 
architecture. 1844-45. v. i. 34 p.) 

Geschichte der glasmalerei in Deutschland und den Niederlanden, AM7 
Frankreich, England, der Schweiz, Italien und Spanien, von ihrem G33 
ursprung bis auf die neueste zeit. 

Stuttgart, 1839. O. 6+[i]+3i2p. 

Gestoso y Perez, Jose. 

Sevilla monumental y artistica; historia y descripcion de todes los AH46 
edificios notables . . . que existen ... en esta ciudad . . . Se8 

Sevilla, 1889. Nar. Q. 2 v. 22 pi. 

Getty, Edmund. 

Notices of Chinese seals found in Ireland. AWi 

Dublin, 1850. Sq. O. 40 p. 19 pi. G33 

Read before the Belfast (Ireland) Literary society, 6* May, 1850. 

Geudens, Ed. 

L'hopital St.-Julien et les asiles de nuit a Anvers depuis le 142 AH493 
siecle jusqu'a nos jours. Anvers, 1887. Nar. Q. 221 p. $ pi. An82 

Geul, Albert. 

Das aussere der wohngebaude mit besonderer riicksicht auf das AE2 
stadtische wohn- und miethhaus ; zugleich 2. band der "Anlage G33 
der wohngebaude" . . . 

Stuttgart, 1874. Q. 4+[i]+40p. 100 pi. 


Gewerbehalle ; organ fur den forschritt in alien zweigen 
der kunstindustrie. AB 

Stuttgart, 1863-90. ill. F. and F.* v. 1-28 in 14. G33 

Ed. by W. Baumer and J. Schnorr. 

Beilagen. 1863-76. F.'' 2 v. pi. AB 


Qeymuller, Heinrich von, baron. 1839-. 

Documents inedits sur les thermes d'Agrippa, le Pantheon et les AO4 
thermes de Diocletien. B451 

Lausanne, 1883. Sq. F.* 4i + [i] p. ill. 4 pi. 

Les Du Cerceau, leur vie et leur ceuvre, d'apres de nouvelles AW 
recherches. Paris^ 1887. F. 10+348 p. ill. 4 pi. (Bibliotheque D8s 
Internationale de I'art ; publiee . . . d' E. Miintz. 

500 copies printed. 

Notizen iiber die entwiirfe zu St. Peter in Rom, aus bis jetzt un- AH45 
bekannten quellen. Carlsruhe, 1868. Nar. Q. 34 p. R815 

Raffaello Sanzio studiato come architetto, con I'aiuto di nuovi AW 
documenti . . . Milano, 1884. F.^ 7+iii + [i]p. ill. 9 pl. R18 

No. 246 of 300 copies printed. 

The school of Bramante. (In Royal institute of British architects. AC 
Transactions. 1890-91. n. s. v. 7, p. 93-142.) R81 

Trois albums de dessins de fra Giocondo. (In Melanges d'archeo- AB 
logic et d'histoire. 1 891, p. 133-158.) M48 

Die urspriinglichen entwiirfe fiir Sanct Peter in Rom von Bra- AH45 

mante, Raphael Santi, Fra Giocondo, den Sangallo's . . . nebst R664 

zahlreichen erganzungen und einem texte . . . 

Wien, 1875. F.* [3]+7+38op. ill. 6 pl. and Atlas, F.^ [8] p. 

55 pl- 

Text in German and French. 

Qeymiiller, Heinrich von, baron, 1839-, editor. 
See Qiocondo, QiovannL I435(?)-I5i5(?) Cento disegni di archi- AL2 
tettura. 1882. G43 

Geyser, Q. W. 

See Puttrich, Ludwig. Denkmale der baukunst des mittelalters AH43 
in Sachsen, unter mitwirkung von G. W. Geyser dem jiingern. SaQ 

Qheltof, Giuseppe Marino Urbani de. 

See Urbani de Qheltof, Giuseppe Marino. 

Ghiberti, Lorenzo. 1378-1455. 

Gates of the baptistery of St. John in Florence, engraved by AH4S 
Ferdinand Gregory and Thomas Patch. F663 

Florence, 1774. Sq. F." [2] p. 33 pl- 


The Qhiberti gates. 1879. AH45 

See Shedd, Mrs. J. A. (C). 1834-. F668 

Qiacomelli, Hector, 1822-, illustrator. AK 

See Coppee, F. t. J., called Franjois. 1842-. Las mois. [1877. J C79 

Qiacomo, Maria, 1667-1717, illustrator. 

See Carracci, Lodovico. 1555-1619. II claustro di S. Michele in AH4S 

Bosco di Bologna. 1694. B65 

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Contents: v. i. Haut-Rhin. 

V. 2. Bas-Rhin par J. G. Schweighauser. 


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Gozzini e incisi da Giovan Paolo Lasinio ... Gs8 

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1400 copies printed ; no. 871, printed on vellum paper. 



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Paris, 1883. O. 495 p. ilL G582 

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See Paris (France) — Exposition universelle. 1889. Les beaux- AO4 
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... in the Grecian, Italian and old English styles of architec- G63 
ture ... 2d ed. London, 1843. Sq. F.* 2 v. ill. 83 pi. 

Rural architecture ; first series of designs for rustic, peasants' and AE2 
ornamental cottages, lodges and villas. 1835. See, above, G63 
Domestic architecture. 1843. v. i. 

The Rural architecture was reissued in 1843 with the title Domestic architecture, v. i. 

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Description of ancient coins from . . . [his] cabinet. AMi 

[London, 1835 (?).] Nar. Q. [i6] p. 14 pl- G6S 


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See Pourtales-Gorgier, [James Alexandre], comte de. 1778-1855. 

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Contents ; v. x. Gemmanim ectypa et enarraliones complectens. 
V. 2. Historian! glyptographicam exhibens. 

Monumentum sive columbarium libertorum et servorum Liviae AE8 
Augustae et Caesarum Romae detectum in Via Appia . . . 1726 G67 
. . . adjectis notis ... A. M. Salvinii. 

Florentiae, 1727. F. 36-|-2S4+[2] p. ill. 26 pi. 

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Statuae antiquae deorum et virorum illustrium . . . quae exstant in A08 
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3S-f-iiip. loopl. (Gori, A. F. Museum Florentinum. 1734. v. 3.) 

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See Cortona (Italy) — Accademia Etrusca — Museo. Museum Cor- AO2 
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Qori, Fabio, 1833-, and Parker, J. H., 1806-84. 
The antient streets of Rome and roads in the suburbs ; a lecture. AR45 

[Rome] 1869. O. 30 p. 7 pi. inserted. R691 

Newspaper clippings inserted. 

The Lupercal of Augustus, the cave of Picus and Faunus, and the AR45 
Mamertine prison ; a lecture .. . [Oxford] 1869. O. 16 p. R691 


Qorz, R. 

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Vereins fiir nassauische alterthumskunde und geschichtsforschung. N18 
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alterthumskunde und geschichtsforschung, ed. Denkmaler aus 
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Published by the Society for prom'oting Christian knowledge. 

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Essai sommaire sur I'architecture religieuse. AE 

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Read at Reims (France) Academic nationale. 4ti> Ap. 1884. 

Traite de la construction des theatres . . . AE4 

Paris, 1886. F.* 140 p. ill 62 pi. G69 

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Walk in and about the city of Canterbury ... 2d ed. AR42 

Canterbury, 1777. O. [373+402+ [16] p. ill. i por. 22 pi. map. C16 

Qostling, William. 1705-77. 

Walk in and about the city of Canterbury . . . New ed. enlarged. AR42 
Canterbury, 1825. O. 24+366+[i6] p. ill i por. 31 pL map. C160 

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Complete account ... of the buildings erected in Northampton- AH42 
shire by Sir Thomas Tresham . . . 1575-1605 ... N813 

Northampton, 1883. F.* 17+44+ [13] p. 34 pi. 

Qotch, J[ohn] Alfred, and Brown, W[alter] Talbot. 

Architecture of the renaissance in England; illustrated . . . from AH42 
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London, 1894. F." 2 v. ill. 145 pi. 


Gottfried, Johann Ludwig, pseudonym. 

See Abelin, Johann Philipp. i59o(?)-i646. 

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Uber die antiken marmorarten, ihr vorkommen und ihre verwen- AB 
dung im alterthum. (In Zeitschrift fiir bauwesen. v. 33, p. Z31 

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Gottingen (Ger.) universitat — Archaologisch=nu= 
mismatischer institut. 

Originalwerke in der archaologischen abteilung . . . verfasst von AP 
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Die ritterburgen und bergschlosser Deutschlands. AH43 

Halle, 1815-35. D. 9 v. in 5. 9 pi. A25 

Vols. 1-4, 2ii edition enlarged. 

Goubaud, Madame [Adolphe]. 
Pillow lace patterns, and instructions in Honiton lace making . . . AN6 

London [1871]. Sq. O. 52 p. ill. 2 pi. G72 

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On the horizontal water mills of Shetland. (In Society of anti- AC 
quaries of Scotland. Proceedings, v. 20, p. 257-297.) S012 

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See Bachelier, J. J. 1724-1806. Memoire historique sur la AN2 
manufacture nationale de porcelaine de France. 1878. B12 

See Pettier, A. A. 1 799-1 867. Histoire de la faience de Rouen. AN2 
1870. P85 

Gouffier, Marie Gabriel Auguste Florent, comte de 
Choiseul=. 1752-1817. 

See Choiseul-Qouffier, Marie Gabriel Auguste Florent, comte de. 


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Anecdotes of British topography; or, An historical account of AR42 
what has been done for illustrating the topographical antiquities A17 
of Great Britain and Ireland. [Anon.] 

London, 1768. Q. 35 +74°+ [34] P- 

Description of the Beauchamp chapel adjoining . . . the church AH42 
of St. Mary at Warwick, and the monuments of the earls of War- W261 
wick . . . New ed. London, 1 809. Q. 36 p. 4 pi. 

Description of the Beauchamp chapel adjoining . . . the church AH42 
of St. Mary at Warwick, and the monuments of the earls of War- W262 
wick . . . New ed. London, 1809. F.^ 36 p. 7 pi. 

History of Crowland abbey . . . including an abstract of the ob- AH42 
servations of Mr. Essex respecting the ancient and present state C88 
of the abbey and the origin and use of the triangular bridge . . . 
[with] an appendix concerning the rise and progress of the 
pointed architecture . . . [ed. by Benjamin Holdich]. 

Stamford, 1 8 16. O. 16+182 p. 2 pi. 

Some account of the alien priories and of such lands as they are AH42 
known to have possessed in England and Wales. [Anon.] G72 

London, 1779. D. 2 v. in i. 9 pi. 2 maps. 

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See Martin, Thomas. History of the town of Thetford. 1779. AR42 

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CEuvre . . . accompagne d'un texte explicatif . . . AO2 

Paris, 1 86 1. Nar. Q. 3 p. 91 pi. G72 

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Rev. Henry, and Hailstone, Edward, jr. 

Ancient sculptures in the roof of Norwich cathedral which exhibit AH42 
the course of scripture history from the creation to Solomon and N831 
from the birth of Christ to the final judgment . . . [with] a history 
of the see of Norwich from its foundation to the dissolution of the 
monasteries. London, 1876. F.* 33 + 59i + [i] P- Si pl- 

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American stair-builder. 3d ed. revised. AI 

Newark, 1887. O. [37] p. 40 pl- G731 

Carpenter's and builder's assistant and wood worker's guide ... AI 
7th ed. revised. New York, 1890 [c. '88]. O. 78 p. 36 pl. G73 

Gould, R. D. 

A paper on the towers of the north and north-west of Devon. AC 
(In Exeter diocesan architectural society. Transactions. 1844. Ex3 
V. 2, p. 77-91. ill. pl. 13-18.) 


Gould, Sabine Baring=. 1834-. 

Strange survivals ; some chapters in the history of man. AP 

London, 1892. D. [3] + 287 p. ill i pi. G73 

Qoulianof, I. A. de. -i854(?). 

See Qul'yanov, Ivan Aleksandrovich. -i8S4(?). 

Qoulon, von. 

Bericht von belagerung und vertheidigung einer vestung . . . AE7 
aus dem franzosischen iibersezet. H36 

Niirnberg, 1737. Sq. D. 60 p. 4 pi. 
Qoupil & CO. 
Catalogue of an exhibition of water-colour drawings, executed by A06 
members of La societe des aquarellistes fran9ais and others. G74 

London, 1881. O. Unpaged. 10 pi. 

Qoupil, Albert. 

Catalogue des objects d'art de I'Orient et de I'Occident, tableaux, AO2 
dessins, composant . . . [sa] collection. G74 

[Paris, 1888.] F. loi p. ill. 16 pi. 

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A travers Venise. Paris [1882]. F.* 62+ [2] p. ill. 13 pi. V551 

[Gourdon, Edouard. 1820-69.J 

Les egHses de Paris . . . precedees d'une introduction par I'Abbe AH44 
Pascal. [Anon.] Paris, i860. Nan Q. 14+320 p. 20 pi. P321 

Gourlier, [Charles Pierre], 1 786-1857, and others. 
Choix d' edifices publics, projetes et construits en France depuis le AH44 
commencement du ige siecle . . . A22 

Paris, 1825-50. F.5 3 v. 385 pi. 3 tab. 

Qoury, Q. 

Recherches historico-monumentales concernant les sciences, les AP 
arts de I'antiquite et leur emigration d'Orient en Occident . . . G74 

Paris, 1833. O. 15+601 p. 2 pi. 
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Le Bon Pasteur et les scenes pastorales dans la sculpture funeraire AB 
des Chretiens. (In Melanges d'archeologie et d'histoire. 1885, M48 
p. 161-180.) 

Gout, Paul, editor. AB 

See Encyclopedic d'architecture. 1888-. Em 

Gowen, E. L., marble co. 

Book of choice designs for monuments, headstones, tablets, etc. AE8 

Chicago, 1 87 1. Obi. T. [5] p. 83 pi. G74 
Goy, Pierre de. 

L'industrie du bronze en Berry. La cachette de fondeur du Petit- AC 
Villalte. (In Societe des antiquaires du centre. Memoires. 1885. S03 
V. 13, p. 1-73. 15 pi.) 



Qoze, A. 

Nouvelle description de la cathedrale d'Amiens, suivie des AH44 
descriptions du Beffroi et de I'Hotel-de-ville par H. Dusevel. Am54 
Amiens [1847]. Nar. Q. 44+ 5 2+ [70] p. 12 pi. 

Qozzini, Vincenzo. 

See Qonnelli, Giuseppe. Monumenti sepolcrali della Toscana, AE8 
disegnati da Vincenzo Gozzini. 1819. GjS 

See Gonnelli, Giuseppe. Monuments sepulcraux de la Toscane, AE8 
dessines par V. Gozzini. 1821. G581 

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See Bossuit, Francis van. 1635-92. Cabinet de I'art de schulp- AN6 
ture execute en yvoire. 1727. B65 

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and others. 

Uber die verwendung von terrakotten am geison und dache AP 
griechischer bauwerke. 1881. W722 

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Ornements pour le batiment; travaux artistiques, plomb, zinc, AK 
cuivre, tole ; album. Paris, 187 1. Sq. F. 59 pi. G75 

Plates 3-9, II, 13-26, 41, 42, 44 missing. 

Qrados, L., and Perin, F. 

Ornements estampes pour marquises, imitation de fonte de fer. AI 

Paris, no date. Q. 88 pi. G75 

Plates numbered 1-32, 37-41, 49-99. 

Qraf, Botho. 

Die gruppe der tyrannenmorder und stilistisch verwandte werke AR495 
in Athen. (In Deutsches archaologisches institut. Mittheilungen; G81 
athenische abtheilung. v. ij, p. I-39-) 

Qraf, Botho, Judeich, Walther, and others. 

Das Kabirenheiligtum bei Theben. (In Deutsches archaologisches AR495 
institut. Mittheilungen; athenische abtheilung. v. 13, p. 81-99, G81 
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Opus Francigenum; studien zur frage nach dem ursprunge der AD6 
Gothik. Stuttgart, 1878. O. 6+[i] + i22 p. 9 pi. G75 



Graf, Paul, Adler, Friedrich, 1827- and others. 

Die baudenkmaler von Olympia. 1892. (Curtius, E., and Adler, 
F. Olympia. 1892. v. i.) 

Graf, Theodor. 

Catalogue of the Theodor Graf collection of . . . ancient Greek 
portraits 2000 years old ... on view ... at the World's Colum- 
bian exposition, Chicago. [Chicago, i893(?).] O. 49 p. 

Stimmen der auslandischen presse iiber Theodor Graf's antike 
portrat gallerie. [Leipzig, i889(?).] O. 16 p. 

Qraffenried, , and Stiirler, [Moritz von]. 

Architecture Suisse; ou, Choix de maisons rustiques des Alpes 
du canton de Berne. Berne, 1844. F." 20 p. 32 pi. 

Title-page and text in French and German. 

Graffigny, Henri de, pseudonym. 

See Marquis, Raoul. 1863-. 

Graham, Alexander. 

Remains of the Roman occupation of North Africa, with special 
reference to Algeria. (In Royal institute of British architects. 
Transactions. 1885. n. s. v. i, p. 125-154. 14 pi.) 

Remains of the Roman occupation of North Africa, with special 
reference to Tunisia. (In Royal institute of British architects. 
Transactions. 1885. n. s. v. 2, p. 153-184. 18 pL) 

Graham, Alex[ander], [and others]. 

Castings in metal. (In Royal institute of British architects. Trans- 
actions. 1891-92. n. s. V. 8, p. 325-348.) 

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Alexander, 1807-60. 

Chapel of St. Anthony the Eremite at Murthly, Perthshire, the 
seat of Sir William Drummond Stewart . . . 

Edinburgh, 1850. F." [5] p. 16 pi. 

Graimberg, Karl, graf von. 

Antiquites du chateau de Heidelberg, dessinees d'apres nature, 
mises en perspective par T. A. Leger . . . 

Heidelberg [pref. 1830]. Obl.F.^ [4] P- 35 pl- 

Title-page and text in French and German. 

Gramm, J[ohann] Christian. 

Der architekt, fiir freunde der schonen baukunst . . . Neue folge. 
Frankfurt am Main, 1858. F." [8] p. 29 pL 

Grammar of house planning. 1 866. 
See Burn, R. S. 
















Qran monumento dell' altar maggiore nella chiesa parro- AH45 
chiale di S. Paolo in Bologna. Z 

See [Muzzi, Salvatore. 1808-]. 

II gran teatro di Venezia; ovvero, Raccolta delle principal! AH4S 
vedute e pitture che in essa si contengono. V58 

[Venetia, 1720.] Obi. F.^ 2 v. 122 pi. 

Never completed. Plate II nome di Dio wanting. 

La Grande Chartreuse, par Un Chartreux. 46 edition. AH44 

Lyon [1891]. D. 442+ [i] p. 7 pi. G76 

Qrandidier, Ernest. 

La ceramique chinoise; porcelaine orientale, data de sa decou- AN2 
verte, explication des sujets de decor, las usages divers, classifica- G76 
tion; heliogravures par Dujardin. 

Paris, 1894. F. 2+232 p. ill. 40 pi. 

Grandidier, [Philippe Andre]. 1752-87. 

Essais historiques et topographiques sur I'eglise cathedrale de AH43 
Strasbourg... Strasbourg, 1782. D. 19+436 p. StSiS 

Grandjean de Montigny, A[uguste Henri Victor]. 

1 776-1 850. 

Recueil des plus beaux tombeaux executes en Italic dans les i^e AE8 
et i6e siecles . . . Paris, 1813. F.^ 7 p. 25 pi. G76 

Grandjean de Montigny, Auguste Henri Victor, 
1 776-1850, and Famin, A. 

Architecture toscane ; ou, Palais, maisons et autres edifices de la AH45 
Toscane . . . Paris, 181 5. F.^ 7+50+4 p. 109 pi. T871 

Grandmaison, [Pierre] Ch[arles Armand] L[oiseau] 

de. 1 824-. 

La grille d'argent de Saint- Martin de Tours . . . AH44 

Tours, 1863. Nar. Q. 38 p. T642 

Tours archeologique ; histoire et monuments. (In Bulletin monu- AB 
mental, v. 39, 40, 41, 42, 44. ill. pi.) B87 

Vouneuil-sur-Vienne ; [Les chateaux de Chistre et Du Fou]. AR44 
(In Robuchon, J. C. Paysages et monuments du Poitou. 1884-. P7S 
v. 4. 16 p. ill. 6 pi.) 

Grands prix d'architecture. 1804-31. AL2 

See Paris (France) — Institut — Academie des beaux arts. G761 

Granet, Jean Joseph. 1685-1759. 

Description historique de 1' Hotel royal des Invalides par I' Abbe AH44 
Perau . . . [Anon.] Paris, 1756. F.^ 12+104 p. 108 pL PS'Z 

Edited and enlarged by Abbd Pdrau. 


Granet, Jean Joseph. 1685-1759. 

Histoire de I'Hotel royal des Invalides . . . enrichie d'estampes AH44 
representant les plans . . . de ce . . . edifice avec les . . . peintures P3171 
et sculptures de I'eglise, dessinees et gravees . . . par le Sieur 
Cochin. Paris, 1736. F.^ [6] + 112 p. 103 pi. 

Qrangier, J., translator. 
See Dresden (Ger.) — Siichsische gemalde-gallerie. Catalogue de A06 
la galerie royale de Dresde. 1862. D811 

Grant, James. 1822-87. 

Tartans of the clans of Scotland . . . with historical notes of each AN4 
clan... Edinburgh, 1886. F.* [17] p. 74 pi- i map. G762 

Grassalkowits von Qyavak, Marie Leopoldine, fUr- 
stin. 1 776-1864. 

Catalog ausgewahlter kunstsachen, einrichtungs- und ausstattungs- AO2 
gegenstande aus . . . [seiner] sammlung . . . versteigerung . . Z 
24 Oct., 1887 . . . Koln, 1887. Sq. F. [5]+48 p. 14 pi. 

Grasse, J[ohann] Q[eorg] Theodor. 1814-85. 

Guide de I'amateur de porcelaines et de poteries ; ou, Collection AN2 
complete des marques de fabriques de porcelaines et de poteries Z6 
de I'Europe et de I'Asie. 36 ed . . . augm. 

Dresde, 1872. O. 8+67 p. ill. 

See Dresden (Ger.) — Griines gewolbe. Das Griine gewolbe zu AM4 
Dresden . . . mit erlauterungen von J. G. Grasse. [1876-77.] D81 

Grasset de Saint=Sauveur, Jacques. 1 757-1810. 

L' Antique Rome; ou. Description historique et pittoresque de AN4 
tout ce qui concerne le peuple romain, dans ses costumes . . G761 
dans ses moeurs . . . depuis Romulus jusqu'a Augustule. 

Paris, an iv, 1796. O. 4+221 + [2] p. 50 pL 

Costumes des representans du peuple, membres des deux conseils, AN4 
du directoire executif, des ministres . . . G76 

Paris, an iv, 1795. Nar. Q. 30+ [i] p. 15 pi. 
Grassi, Ranieri. 

Ragioni dell' artificiale pendenza della Torre Pisana aggiunte a 
quelle gia' esposte nella sua "Descrizione storica e artistica di Pisa 
ec" . . . Pisa, 1838. D. 36 p. i pi. 

Gratacap, Paul Antoine, called Cap. 1 788-1877. AN2 

See Cap, Paul Antoine Qratacap, called. 1788-1877. P17 

Gratet=Duplessis, Georges Victor Antoine. 1834-. 
See Duplessis, Georges Victor Antoine Gratet=. 1834-. 

Gratioli, Pietro. 

De praeclaris Mediolani aedificiis . . dissertatio . . . AH45 

Mediolani, 1735. Q. [22] + 204+24 p. 21 pi. M589 



Qratz (Austria) — Culturhistorische ausstellung. 1883. 

Kunstgewerbliche arbeiten, auswahl und text von C. Lacher. AO4 

Frankfurt a. M., no date. Sq. F.^ [3]+ 10+ [2] p. 100 pi. G77 

Qrau, Olaf. 

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Socknar. Wasteras, 1754. D. [2o]+663 + [36] p. ill. 32 pi. A2 

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Beitrage zur geschichte der dekorativen skulptur in den Nieder- AO 
landen wahrend der ersten halfte des 16. jahrhunderts. Leipzig, B39 
1889. O. [3] + 5S p- (Beitrage zur kunstgeschichte. New ser. 
pt. 10.) 

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See Castro, Vincenzo de. L'ltalia monumentale. 1870. A2 

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See Levesque de Qravelle, Michel Philippe. —1752. 

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Designs for the sculptured compartments of a font for the parish AH42 
church of Binstead, in the Isle of Wight. 2d ed. IS471 

[London (?)] 1844. O. [3] p. 11 pi. 

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Canice, Kilkenny. Dublin, 1857. Nar. Q. 12+360 p. ill. 9 pi. KS5 

Graves, Robert. 

Illustrated catalogue of [his] . . . paintings, sculpture [and] AO2 
bronzes ... to be sold at auction . . . February 9th, loth ... i ith . . . G78 
14th and 15th . . . New York, 1887. O. 119 p. 30 pi. 

Gravina, Domenico Benedetto. 

II duomo di Monreale, illustrato e riportato in tavole cromo-lito- AH45 
grafiche. Palermo, 1859. F.^ 2 v. 90 pi. M75 

[Gray, Edward Whitaker. 1 748-1 807. J 

History and antiquities of Newbury and its environs . . . also a AR42 
catalogue of plants found in the neighbourhood. [Anon.] N42 

Speenhamland, 1839. O. 12+340 p. ill. 18 pi. map. 

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and papers, v. S, p. 228-246. i pi.) As7 

Grayet, Lambert Blandot=. 1833-. 

See Blandot-Qrayet, Lambert. 1833-. 


[Great Britain] — National gallery. 

. . . Catalogue of the pictures in the National gallery. 1851. A06 

London [185 1]. D. 45 p. Z 

Great Britain — Parliament — Commons. 

Report from the select committee of the House of Commons on A08 
the Earl of Elgin's collection of sculptured marbles . . . G792 

London, 1816. O. 4+iS4+[59] p. 

Report of the committee on ventilation, warming and transmission AJ 
of sound, abbreviated with notes, by W. S. Inman. G79 

London, 1836. O. i4+[2]+76 p. 3 pi. 

Great Britain and Ireland associated architectural 

See Associated architectural societies. 

Great seals of England. 1837. AWi 

See Edwards, Edward. 1812-86. EdQ 

Greau, J[ulien]. 

Collection; catalogue des bronzes antiques et des objets d'art du AO2 
moyen-age et de la renaissance, dont la vente aura lieu . . . juin G79 
1885... Paris, 1885. F. 6+[i]+28i p. ill. 47pl. 

Terres cuites d'Asie de . . . [sa] collection, publiees par W. Frohner. A08 

Paris, 1886. F.* 2 v. 120 pi. G79 

The Grecian bend; what it is; a profusely illustrated scrap AN4 
book containing numerous caricatures. Obi. Q. 28 p. G79 

Green, Burton. 

New Shoreham. (In Sussex archaeological society. Collections. AC 
V. 27, p. 69-109. 4 pi.) Su8 

Green , Valentine. 1 73 9 - 1 8 1 3 . 

History and antiquities of the city and suburbs of Worcester. AH42 

London, 1796. Sq. F. 2 v. i por. 24 pi. W892 

Green vaults (Dresden). AN7 

See Dresden (Ger.) — Qrune gewolbe. D81 

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Recent researches in barrows in Yorkshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire, AB 
etc. (In Archseologia. v. 52, p. 1-72. 2 pi.) Ar2 

[Gregoire, Joseph Aimable.J 

Itineraire de I'artiste et de I'etranger dans les eglises de Paris; AH44 
ou, Etat des objets d'art commandes depuis 1816 jusqu'en 1830 P234 
par I'administration de cette ville. [Anon.] 

Paris, 1833. O. 73 + [2] p. 


Qregson, Matthew. 1 749-1824. 

Portfolio of fragments relative to the history and antiquities, AH42 
topography and genealogies of the county palatine and duchy of L222 
Lancaster. 3d ed. enlarged . . . edited by J. Harland. 
London, 1869. F.* 12+426 p. ill. 10 por. 11 pi. map. 3 tab. 

[Qreig, John, and Storer, J. S. 1781-1853.] AH42 

Cowper. 1803. A134 

Views in North Britain, illustrative of the works of Robert Burns. AA42 
1805. A134 

Bound with their Cowper. 1803. 

Views in Suffolk, Norfolk and Northamptonshire, illustrative of AA42 
the works of Robert Bloomfield. 1806. A 134 

Bound with their Cowper. 1803. 

Qrempler, Dr. . 

Der [i.] 2. und 3. fund von Sackrau; namens des Vereins fiir AR43 
das Museum schlesischer altertiimer in Breslau unter subvention Sai 
der provinzial-verwaltung bearbeitet und hrsg. 

Berlin, 1887-88. F.* 2 v. in i. 12 pi. map. 

Qrenser, Alfred. 1838-. 

Zunft-wappen und handwerker-insignien ; eine heraldik der AWi 
kiinste und gewerbe, nach urkundlichem materiale zusammen- G86 
gestellt. Frankfurt a. M., 1889. D. 7+120 p. ill 29 pi. 

Greswell, Rev. Richard. 1800-81. 

On education in the principles of art . . . AX 

Oxford, 1844. O. 4+32 p. Z 
Grey, Rev. William. 

Remarks on some church towers in mid-Devon. (In Exeter dio- AC 

cesan architectural society. Transactions. 1872. v. 8, p. 102-140.) Ex3 

Remarks on some towers of churches in the south of Devon. (In AC 
Exeter diocesan architectural society. Transactions. 1843. v. i. Ex3 
p. 127-135.) 

Qrienberger, Julius von. 

Architektonische studien aus Trient und Oberitalien; bericht AA 
iiber die im auftrage . . . des K. k. ministeriums fiir cultus und Ar22 
unterricht in sommer 1888 ausgefiihrte studienreise. 

Salzburg, 1888. O. 4+76 p. 

Qriffinhoofe, Arthur, pseudonym. 
See Colman, George. 1762-1836. 

Griffith, S[amuel] Y[oung]. 

New historical description of Cheltenham and its vicinity ... 2d ed. AH42 

Cheltenham, 1826. O. 2 v. 25 pi. map. C416 

Pages i-io of V. 2 missing. 


Griffith, William Pettit. 1815-84. 

Ancient Gothic cliurches, their proportions and chromatics . . . AD6 
London, 1847. Sq. F. Various paging. 16 pi. G87 

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Records of York castle. 1880. Y89 

Griffiths, J., translator. 
See Lenoir, M. A. 1 761-1839. Museum of French monuments. AR44 
1803. A14 

Grifi, Luigi, cavaliere. 
Intorno ad un sepolcro disotterrato nella vigna del Conte Lozano AC 
Argoli; dissertazione letta . . . 5 . . . aprile, 1839. (I" Rome, R661 
Italy — Accademia romana di archeologia. Dissertazioni. 1842. 
V. 10, p. 221-330. 3 pi.) 

Monumenti di Cere antica spiegati colle osservanze del culto di A08 
Mitra. Roma, 184 1. F.* 16+180 p. 12 pi. G87 

Sopra la iscrizione antica dell' auriga Scirto; dissertazione . . . AC 
(In Rome, Italy — Accademia romana di archeologia. Disserta- R661 
zioni. 18SS-60. V. 13, p. 385-497; V. 14, P- 81-113. 3 pi.) 

SuUe iscrizioni intorno a' teatri antichi e a'giuochi in essi rappre- AC 
sentati . . . (In Rome, Italy — Accademia romana di archeologia. R661 
Dissertazioni. 1852. v. 12, pt. i, p. 35-72.) 

Griggs, William, compiler. 

See South Kensington (Eng.) museum. Portfolio of Italian and AN 
Sicilian art. 1885-90. S081 

Grignon, Louis. 1829-. 

Notre-Dame en Vaux a Chalons-sur-Marne. (In Bulletin monu- AB 
mental, v. 53, p. 439-448.) B87 

Grignon, Pierre Clement. 1723-84. 

Bultin des fouilles . . . d'une ville romaine, sur la petite montagne AH44 
du Chatelet, entre St. Dizier et Joinville en Champagne, decou- A46 
verte en 1772. Bar-le-Duc, 1774-75. D. 2 v. in i. 244p. i pi. 

Paged continuously. 

Qrillon, Edme Jean Louis, 1 786-1854, Qourlier, C. 

P., 1786-1857, and others. AH44 

Choix d'edifices publics. 1825-50. A22 

Das Grillparzerdenkmal in Wien ausgetUhrt von Karl AH43 
Kundmann, Rudolf Weyr, Carl freiherrn Hasenauer ... B838i 

Wien, 1889. F.6 8 pi. 


Grimaud, Emile. 183 1-. 

Les Vendeens; poemes. 36 edition avec 35 eaux-fortes par O. AX 

de Rochebrune. Nantes, 1876. Q. ii+246+[i]p. 36 pi. G88 

No. I of 325 copies printed. Contains 35 etchings, architectural and other views in the 

Grimm, Dominikus. 

Die bildlichen darstellungen der zwei chorfenster in der pfarr- AH93 

kirche zu Gonsenheim . . . Mainz, 1881. O. 32 p. Z 

Grimm, Hermann Friedrich. 1828-. 

Michelangelo's mutter und seine stiefmutter. (In Jahrbuch der AB 

Koniglich preussischen kunstsammlungen. v. 6, p. 185-201.) J192 

Die sarkophage der sacristei von S. Lorenzo. (In Jahrbuch der AB 

Koniglich preussischen kunstsammlungen. v. i, p. 17-29.) J192 

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archeologiques. v. 23, p. 26-44, 1 38-149, 264-277; v. 24, p. 93- An7 
102, 161-172, 238-247, 265-271; V. 25, p. 24-32, p. 202-221. 
ill. 10 pi.) 

Art Chretien primitif; le Christ triomphant etla don de Dieu. (In AB 

Revue de I'art chretien. v. i, 2, 3. ill.) R324 

Du nimbe. (In Revue de I'art chretien. v. 12, p. 73-137- 2 pi.) AB 


Du nu dans i'art chretien. (In Revue de I'art chretien. v. 3. ill.) AB 


Du realisme et des symboles dans I'art chretien. (In Revue de AB 

I'art chretien. v. 6, p. 33-44, 63-76.) R324 

Du type du Christ dans I'art chretien. (In Revue de I'art chretien. AB 

V. 13, 14. ill. 2 pi.) R324 

Etude sur une croix pectorale de Musee du Vatican. (In Revue AB 

de I'art chretien. v. 10, p. 5-29. i pi.) R324 

Etude sur une serie d'anciens sarcophages. (In Revue de I'art AB 

chretien. v. 21, p. 145-161, 435-457. 4 pi.) R324 

Iconographie de la croix et du crucifix. (In Annales archeolo- AB 

giques. v. 26, p. 5-25, 137-iSi, 213-231. 357-379; v. 27, p. 5-17, An7 
176-187, 209-218, 339-352. 13 pl.) 

De I'iconographie de Saint Jean-Baptiste. (In Revue de I'art AB 

chretien. v. il, p. 5-37, 103-124. 2 pl.) R324 

Iconographie des tombeaux. (In Revue de I'art chretien. v. 9, AB 

p. 82-101, 1 51-158, 197-223. ill.) R324 


Qrimouard de Saint= Laurent, Henri Julien, comte. 

Les images du Sacre-Cceur au point de vue de I'histoire et de AB 
I'art. (In Revue de I'art Chretien, v. 27-29. 12 pi.) R324 

Manuel de I'art chretien. AO 

Poitiers, 1878. Nar. Q. 626+[i] p. ill. 31 pi. G88 

Nouveaux eclaircissements sur I'orante de I'antiquite chretienne. AB 
(In Revue de I'art chretien. v. 26, p. 213-223; v. 27, p. 120- R324 
170. 5 pl.) 

Des vetements dans I'art chretien. (In Revue de I'art chretien. AB 
V. 10, p. 308-325, 353-376-) R324 

Qrimthorpe, Sir Edmund Beckett, i^t baron. 1816. 

Lectures on church-building, with some . . . remarks on bells and AE 
clocks. 2ded. . . enl London, 1856. D. 16+309 p. ill. 8 pL D41 

Grindlay, Capt. Robert Melville. 

Scenery, costumes and architecture chiefly on the western side of AH54 
India. London, 1830. Sq. F.^ 7+105 p. 36 pl. A8 

Grindon, Leo[pold] H[artley]. 1818-. 

Country rambles and Manchester walks and wild flowers: being AR42 
rural wanderings in Cheshire, Lancashire, Derbyshire and York- A26 
shire. . . Manchester, 1882. D. 16+318 p. 6 pl. 

Qrisard, J. J. 

Notice sur les plans et vues de la ville de Lyon de la fin du 156 au AH44 
commencement du 1 8e siecle. L996 

Lyon, 1 89 1. Nar. Q. 216 p. ill. 5 pl. 

Qrisey, , and Loremy, . 

Du style dans la decoration interieure des habitations, encadre- AK 
ments, glaces, tentures, consoles. 1864. Z8 

Qrivaud [de la Vincelle], C[laude] M[adeleine]. 


Antiquities gauloises et romaines, recueillies dans les jardins du AR44 
palais du Senat . . . Paris, 1807. F.* [4] p. 26 pl. P211 

Volume of text wanting. 

Arts et metiers des anciens, representes par les monuments; ou, AR44 
Recherches archaeologiques servant ... a I'explication d'un grand A 19 
nombre d'antiquites recueillies dans les mines d'une ville gauloise 
et romaine, decouvertes entre Saint-Dizier et Joinville . . . 

Paris, 1 8 19. F.*' 4+34 p. 136 pl. map. 

Recueil de monumens antiques, la plupart inedits et decouverts AR44 
dans I'ancienne Gaule ... A18 

Paris, 1 817. Nar. Q. 3 v. 40 pL 3 maps. 


Qrobert, J[acques] F[ran5ois] L[ouis]. 1757-. 

Description des travaux executes pour le deplacement . . . et ele- AH44 
vation des groupes de Coustou . . . P268 

[Paris, 1796.] ObL F. 15 p. 9 pL 

Qrohmann, J[ohann] Q[ottfried]. 1 763-1805. 

Recueil de dessins . . . contenans des plans de . . . maisons . . . AL2 
temples . . . monumens . . . portes . . . ponts, etc. G89 

Venise, 1805. Sq. F. 36 pi. 

Grohmann, Johann Gottfried, 1 763-1 805, editor. 

Recueil d'idees nouvelles pour la decoration des jardins. AB 

See Ideenmagazin fur liebhaber von garten. 1 797-1 806. v. 1-4. Id2 

Grolier club. AN6 

Publications. New York, 1886. Q. pi. H67 

Hoe, R. 1839-. Lecture on book-binding as a fine art. 1886. 

Gropius, Martin Karl Philipp. 1824-80. 

Die Provinzial-irren-anstalt zu Neustadt-Eberswalde. (In Zeit- AB 
schrift fiir bauwesen. v. 19, p. 147-194. 13 pi.) Z31 

Gropius, Martin Karl Philipp, 1824-80, and Schmie= 

den, , architect. 

Das neue universitatsgebaude in Kiel. (In Zeitschrift fiir bau- AB 
wesen. v. 34, p. 25-30. 5 pi.) Z31 

Das stadtische allgemeine krankenhaus im Friedrichshain zu Ber- AH43 
lin; text bearbeitet von V. von Weltzien. B451 

Berlin, 1876. F.^ 45 p. ill. 27 pL 

Das zweite Garnison-Lazareth fiir Berlin bei tempelhof . . . bear- AH43 
beitet und hrsg. . . . von V. von Weltzien. B464 

Berlin, 1879. F.^ 19 p. ill. 7 pL 

Gropius, Martin Karl Philipp, 1824-80, editor. AB 

See Archiv fiir ornamental kunst. 1876-79. Ar37 

Gropp, Ignaz. 1695-1758. 

Monumenta sepulchralia ecclesias Ebracensis . . . figuris aeneis 
illustrata, accedunt alia quaedam monumenta historica. AE8 

Wirceburgi, 1730. Sq. O. [8] + 1 12+ [4] p. G91 

Groschel, Julius. 

Nikolaus Gromann und der ausbau der Veste Heldburg, 1560-64; AW 
mit den bau-urkunden des burgarchivs von 1558-66. Z 

Meiningen, 1892. O. 24+39 p. 4 P'- 

Grose, Francis. 1731-91. 

Antiquities of England and Wales. New ed. AH42 

London [1783]. Q. 8 v. ill. i por. 632 pi. map. A7 

Antiquities of Ireland. London, 179 1. Nar. Q. 2 v. 261 pi. AH415 



Grose, Francis. 1 731-91. 

Military antiquities respecting a history of the English army, from AN5 

the conquest to the present time. New ed . . . [enlarged]. G91 

[London] 181 2. Q. 2 v. 79 pi. 

Treatise on ancient armour and weapons . . . [with supplement]. ANs 

(In his Military antiquities. 1812. v. 2, p. 239-367. 62 pi.) G91 

Grose, Francis, 1 731-91, Warton, Rev. Thomas, 
1728-90, and others. AD6 

Essays on Gothic architecture. 1800. W26 

Essays on Gothic architecture. 3d edition. 1808. AD6 


Grosson, [Jean] B[aptiste] B[ernard]. 1 733-1800. 

Recueil des antiquites et monumens marseillois . . . AR44 

Marseille, 1773. Nar. Q. [4]+2g6 p. 47 pi. M35 

Grosvenor, Edwin A. 

The hippodrome of Constantinople and its still existing monu- AH45 
ments. London, 1889. O. 62 p. i pi. Ri9i 

Grosvenor gallery. 

See London (Eng.) — Grosvenor gallery. 

Grotefend, H[ermann]. 1845-. 

Die bestatigungsurkunde des domstiftes zu Frankfurt am Main AC 
von 882 und ihre bedeutung fiir das stift . . . Frankfurt am Main, F8s 
1884. F. 16 p. I facsim. (In Frankfort on the Main, Ger. — 
Verein fur geschichte und alterthumskunde. Neujahrs-blatt. 1884.) 

Christian Egenolff der erste standige buchdrucker zu Frankfurt AC 
a. M. und seine vorlaufer; gedenkblatt an die 350. jahrige jubel- F85 
feier der einfiihrung der buchdruckerei in Frankfurt. Frankfurt 
a. M., 1881. F. 6+[i]+28 p. 2 pi. (In Frankfort on the Main, 
Ger. — Verein fiir geschichte und alterthumskunde. Neujahrs- 
blatt. 1 88 1.) 

Grotefend, H[ermann], 1845-, and Ritsert, Fr. 

Die familie von Eschborn und ihr zusammenhang mit der familie AC 
von Cronberg. 1884. (In Frankfort on the Main, Ger. — Verein F85 
fiir geschichte und alterthumskunde. Neujahrs-blatt. 1882.) 

Grove, Sir Q[eorge]. 18 20-. 

On the exploration of Jerusalem, and the Holy Land. (In Royal AC 
institute of British architects. Papers. 1867-68, p. 129-140.) R81 

Grove, Sir George, 1820-, translator. A06 

See Quizot, F. P. Q. 1787-1874. Fine arts. 1855. G94 

Gruber, Bernhard. 1806-82. 

Die elemente der kunstthatigkeit erlautert. AO 

Leipzig, 1875. O. 9-l-290-|-[i] p. ill. G922 


Qrueber, Herbert A[ppold]. 

Use and nature of Roman medallions; paper read before the AMi 
American numismatic and archaeological society by G. L. F43 
Feuardent. New York, 1878. Nar. Q. 8 p. 

Qrueber, Herbert Appold, compiler. 

See British museum. Roman medallions in the British museum. AX 
1874. B771 

Grummet, Christoph. 17th cent. 

Sol non sine veste; ou, L'invincibilite de Tor. (In Neri, Antonio. AN3 
1 6th cent. Art de la verrerie. 1752. p. 543-556.) N35 

Qrund, Johann Jakob [Norbert]. 1755-1815. 

Die malerey der Griechen; oder, Entstehung, fortschrift, vollen- A06 
dung und verfall der malerey . . . G92 

Dresden, 1810-1 1. O. 2 v. i8+784+[4] p. 

Grundy, John. 

Stranger's guide to Hampton Court palace and gardens . . . A06 

London, 1 85 1. D. 76 p. 3 por. 9 pi. Z 

Griineisen, Karl von, 1802-78, and Mauch, F. E., 

1 800-74. 

Ulm's kunstleben im mittelalter; ein beitrag zur culturgeschichte AO 
von Schwaben. Ulm, 1840. O. 4+78+[i] p. 7 pi. G92 

Gruner, [Wilhelm Heinrich] Ludwig. 1801-82. 

Die basreliefs an der vorder seite des doms zu Orvieto; marmor- AH45 
bildwerke der schule der Pisaner, mit erlauterndem texte von E. Org 
Braun. Leipzig, 1858. Obi. F.* 16 p. 80 pi. 

Title-page also in Italian and French ; text in French. 

Decorations of the garden-pavilion in the grounds of Buckingham AH42 
palace, with an introduction by Mrs. Jameson. L897 

London, 1846. Sq. F.^ 11 pi. 15 pi. 

Die decorative kunst; beitrage zur ornamentik fiir architektur und AK 
kunstgewerbe aus den schatzen der Konigl. sammlung fur hand- G921 
zeichnungen und kupferstiche . . . 

Dresden [pref 1881]. F.^ [4] p. 100 pi. 

Fresco decorations and stuccoes of churches and palaces in Italy AM6 
during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, with descriptions, and G92 
a comparison between the ancient arabesques and those of the 
sixteenth century by A. HittorfF. 

London, 1844. Sq. F.« [7] p. 46 pi. 

Article by Hittorff wanting. 

I mosaici della cupola nella Cappella Chigiana di S. Maria del AJ2 
Popolo in Roma, inventati da Raffaelle Sanzio d'Urbino, illustrati C17 
da Antonio Grifi. Roma, 1839. F-* [6] + i8 p. 10 pi. 


Qruner, [Wilhelm Heinrich] Ludwig. 1801-82. 

Mosaics of the cupola in the "Cappella Chigiana" of Sta Maria del AH45 
Popolo in Rome, designed by Raffaelle Sanzio d'Urbino. R681 

London, 1850. Sq. F.^ 3 p. ill. 11 pi. 

"Lo scaffale"; or, Presses in the sacristy of the church of Sta AH45 
Maria delle Grazie at Milan; illustrations of the painted decora- M587 
tions by B. Luini . . . London, 1859-60. F.^ [7] p. 31 pi. 

. . . Specimens of ornamental art, selected from the best models AK 
of the classical epochs, with descriptive text by E. Braun. G92 

London, 1850. F.'' [3] p. 80 pi. and text, Sq. F. 4+36 p. 8 pi. 

Vorbilder ornamentaler kunst der italienischen schulen des fiinf- AH43 
zehnten bis anfang des siebenzehnten jahrhunderts ... • Ob2 

Leipzig [1876-77]. F.'' 2 pts. in i v. 14 pi. 

Contents : pt. i. Dieintarsiaturen im sanctuario di San Martino zu Alzano maggiore. 

pt. 2. Die cantoria der Sixtinischen capelleira Vatican. 
Text in German and English. 

Qruner, Wilhelm Heinrich Ludwig, 1801-82, editor. AN7 

See Dresden (Ger.) — Qrunes gewolbe. Green vaults, Dresden. D81 

See RaphaeL 1483-1520. Scripture prints from the frescoes of AH45 
Raphael in the Vatican. 1 866. R789 

Qruning, Edward A[ugustus]. 

Memoir of the late Professor Donaldson. (In Royal institute of AC 
British architects. Transactions. 1885. n. s. v. 2, p. 89-95.) I^^i 

Gruyer, F[ran9ois] A[natole]. 1825-. 

Essai sur les fresques de Raphael au Vatican. AM6 

Paris, 1859. O. 2 v. in i. i pL G922 

Contents : v. i. Chambres. 
V. 2. Loges. 

Les oeuvres d'art de la renaissance italienne au temple de Saint- AH45 
Jean, baptistere de Florence. Paris, 1875. O. i2-f289 p. 3 pi. F673 

Gsell, Stephane. 

Fouilles dans la necropole de Vulci . . . AR45 

Paris, 1 89 1. F. 576 p. ill. 23 pi. map. V97 

Published by L'ficole fran;aise d'Athenes et de Rome. 

Gsell-Fels, Th[eodor Johann]. 1819-. 

Italien in sechzig tagen. 3. aufl. Leipzig, 1885. T. 2 v. ill. AH45 
17 pi. 6 maps. (Meyers reisebiicher.) A56 

3 maps in pockets at end of volumes. 

Rom und die Campagna. 3. aufl. . . . Leipzig, 1887. D. 12 p. AH45 
+ 1288 col.-|-[644 p.]. ill- 18 pi. 3 maps. (Meyers reisebiicher.) R781 

2 maps in pocket at end of book. 


Qsen=Fels, Th[eodor Johann]. 1819-. 

Rom und Mittel-Italien. Hildburghausen, 1871. D. v. 2. ill. AH45 
18 pL (Meyers reisebucher.) R777 

Contents : v. 2. Rom. 
Map in pocket. 

Romische ausgrabungen im letzten decennium . . . AR45 

Hildburghausen, 1870. Nar. Q. iiip. ill. 2 pi. R677 

Qualandi, Michel Angelo. 1793- 

Nuova raccolta di lettere suUa pittura, scultura ed architettura, AO 
scritte da' piu celebri personaggi dei secoli 15. a 19. . . . con note G932 
ed illustrazioni, in aggiunta a quella data in luce da Mons. Bottari 

e dal Ticozzi. Bologna, 1844-56. O. 3 v. i facsim. 


Quarini, [Camillo] Quarino. 1624-83. aa 

Architettura civile . . . Torino, 1737. F.* 8+307 p. i por. 79 pi. G93 

Dissegni d'architettura civile et ecclesiastica. AL2 

Torino, 1686. F. [4] p. ill. 46 pi. G93 

Quarnacci, Mario. 1701-85. 

See Qori, A. F. 1691-1757. Musei Guarnaccii antiqua monu- AO 
menta Etrusca. 1744. G67 

Quasco, Francesco Eugenio, marchese. iy2o(?)-. 

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Plans et desseins des batimens, cascades et fontaines dont Charles, AH43 , 
Landgrave de Hesse, a decore la Montagne, vulgairement nom- W64 
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Title-page in French and Latin ; text in German and French. 

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Contents: x. Burgos. 
■J.. Toledo. 

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Inferievre, ov Basse Allemagne . . . reveue et augmentee ... A 17 
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Text in French, German and English. 


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d'apres les documents conserves aux archives nationales. Sa2 1 

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125 copies printed. 

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Guild and school of handicraft. 

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Transactions, touched up by the artists. G94 

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65 etchings, executed by Guillaumot fils, colored by hand. 

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Guizzardi e sopra i di lui disegni incise da F. Spagnuoli illustrate 
con una memoria e documenti inediti dal Marchese V. Davia . . . 

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No more published. 

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See Die architektur und das kunstgewerbe des 17. und 18. jahr- 

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Das alter der bildwerke und die bauzeit des sogenannten Theseion AH49S 
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Wien, 1875. O. [3] +95 P- 

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Denkmale der christlichen religion; oder, Sammlung der altesten 
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This book appeared later as atlas to Bunsen, C. K. J. freiherr von. Das basiliken des christ- 
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Quthe, Hermann, editor. 
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London and Westminster improved, illustrated by plans, to which AH42 
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furstin. 1 776-1864. 

See Qrassalkowits von Qyavak, Marie Leopoldine, fiirstin. 

I 776- I 864. 

Qyffofd, E. 

Designs for elegant cottages and small villas . . . [with an] esti- AE2 
mate of the . . . expense . . . G99 

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See Gilles, Pierre. 1490-15 5 5. 


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H * * *, A. E. d'. 

Historische beschreibung der beruhmten hohen erz-dom-kirche zu AH43 

Coin am Rhein, nebst ihren denkmalern und merkwiirdigkeiten. C722 

Coin, 1821. D. i7+37o+[i] p. 5 pi. 
H * * *, H. 
See Herluison, Henri. 1835-. 

H., M. C. AB 

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Der vaticanische Apollo; archaologischer vortrag am 9. Dec. 1857 AGS 
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[Hackett, Maria.] 

Popular account of St. Paul's cathedral, including a brief history AH42 
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en illuminatien ter geleegenheid der allerheughelykste verkiezinge 
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sau . . . voorgevallen den 3. en 15. May 1747 . . . 

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See Thiiringisch-sachsischer verein fiir erforschung u. s. w. 

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25. September 1877 . . . zum 25. September 1882. H17 

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Vinci, I ; Bartolommeo, i ; Del Sarto, i ; Raphael, 4 ; G. Romano, i ; Polidoro da Caravag- 
gio, 2; Parmegiano, 2; Correggio, 2; Barocchi, i; Giorgione, i; Titian, 2; P.Veronese, i; 
Tintoretto, I ; J. Bassano, i; Palma, i ; L. Carracci, 2 ; An. Carracci, 2 ; Ag. Carracci, i ; 
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M. Hamilton. See, below, Collection of Etruscan, Greek and H182 
Roman antiquities. 1766. 

Collection of engravings from ancient vases ... of Greek work- AN2 

manship discovered in sepulchres in the . . . two Sicilies . . . [and] H 1 8 
Naples . . . 1789-90 . . . with remarks on each vase . . . 

Naples, 1791-95. F.^ 3 v. 258 pL 

Title-page and text in English and French. 

Collection of Etruscan, Greek and Roman antiquities from . . . AN2 
[his] cabinet [by P. F. Hugues, dit d' Hancarville]. Hi 82 

Naples, 1766. Sq. F.^ 2 v. 106 pi 

Title-page and text in English and French. 

Outlines from the figures and compositions upon the Greek, AN2 

Roman and Etruscan vases of . . . Sir William Hamilton, with ... H 1 8 1 
borders drawn and engraved by . . . [Thomas] Kirk. 

London, 1804. Q. 17+47 p. 62 pi. 

Hamilton, William Alexander Louis Stephen 
Douglas=Hamilton, duke. 1845-. 

Catalogue of . . . [his] collection of pictures, works of art and AO2 
decorative objects . . . sold by auction . . . June . . . [and July] H18 
1882 . . . [London, 1882.] O. 234 p. 

Hamilton palace collection; illustrated priced catalogue. AO2 

Paris, 1882. Q. 243 p. ill. 3 pL H181 

Hamilton, William Richard, 1 777-1859, translator 
and adapter. 

See Kugler, F. T. 1808-58. On the polychromy of Greek archi- AC 
tecture. (In Royal institute of British architects. Transactions. R81 
1835-36. V. t, pt. I, p. 73-99. I pi.) 

Hammon, Henry J[ohn]. 

Architectural antiquities and present state of Crosby Place, AH42 
London, as lately restored by John Davies . . . L929 

London, 1844. F. 16 p. 15 pL 


[Hammond, Thomas William.] 

Flowers and plants . . . sketched from nature by Emile Favart. AK 

Nottingham, 1880. F.^ 60 pi. H18 

Hampel, Carl. 

Gartenbeete und gruppen; 333 entwtirfe fur einfache und reiche AN8 

ausfiihrung mit mehrfachen und erprobten bepflanzungen in Hi 8 
verschiedenen jahreszeiten. Berlin, 1893. F. 6+[i]+366 p. ill. 

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Archasologia. v. 23, p. 105-116.) Ar2 

Observations on certain ancient pillars of memorial called Hoar- AB 

stones. (In Archasologia. v. 25, p. 24-60.) Ar2 

Hampton & sons. 

. . . Illustrated designs of cabinet furniture, engraved from photo- ANi 

graphs of stock* at their new preniises and manufactory ... H18 
London . . . [London, 1880.] Q. [6] p. 715 ill. i pi. 

Hanau, Moritz, prince. 

Katalog ausgewahlter . . . kunstsachen, einrichtungs-gegenstande AO2 

und gemalde aus . . . [seinem] allod-nachlasse . . . versteigerung H19 
zu Koln den 27-30 Nov. 1889 durch J. M. Heberle . . . 

Koln, 1889. F. [s]+82 p. 23 pi. 

Hancarville, Pierre Francois Hugues, called d'. 

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Greek and Roman antiquities. 1766. Hi 82 

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See Parker, J. H. 1806-84. 0x26 

Handbook of English ecclesiology. 1847. ^P 

See Cambridge Camden society. C14 

Handbook to the British portrait gallery in the Art AO4 

treasures exhibition. 1857. ^3' 
See [Cunningham, Peter. 1816—69]. 

Handbook to the cathedral church of Ely, with some AH42 

account of the conventual buildings ... 3d edition. E194 
Ely [pref 1855]. D. [7] +80 p. ilL 6 pi. 

Handbook to the cathedrals of England. 1869-81. AH42 

See [King, R. J.]. 1818-79. A3X 


Handbook to the cathedrals of England: St. Paul's. 1879. AH42 
See [Milman, H. H., dean of St. Paul's]. 1791-1868. L8S7 

Handbook to the cathedrals of Wales. 1873. AH429 

See [King, R. J.]. 1818-79. Ai 

Handbuch der architektur; unter mitwirkung von fach- AA 
genossen; hrsg. von J. Durm, H. Ende, E. Schmitt und H.Wagner. H19 
Darmstadt, 1880-93. Nar. Q. 24 V. ill. pi. 

Contents : Div. i. Allgemeine hochbaukunde. 

V. I, pt. I. ESSENWEIN, A. O. Einleitvmg. 

EXNER, W. F., Hauenschild, H., and Laueock, G. Die tech- 
nik der wichtigeren baustofife. ■ w 

■>»■ V. I, pt. 2. Landsberg, T. Die statik der hochbau-constructionen. 2. aufl. <7- 
Div. 2. Die baustile. 

_ V. i. DURM, J. W. Die baulmnst der Griechen. 2. aufl. 
— V. -i. DuRM, J. W. Die baukunst der Etrusker und der Romer. 
- V. 3, pt. I. Essenwein, a. O. Die ausgange der classischen baukunst; — 
Die fortsetzung der classischen baukunst im ostromischen reiche. 
- V. 3, pt. 2. Franz, J., pasha. Die baukunst des Islam. 
- V. 4, pt. f-2. Essenwein, A. O. Die romanische und die gothische baukunst. 
Div. 3. Hochbau-constructionen. 

, V.I. Marx.E.', HeinzerlincJ. G. E.F.,andBARKHAUSEN, G. Con- 
structions-elemente in stein, holz und eisen. 2, aufl. 
Schmitt, E. Fundamente. 
V. ^, pt. I. Marx, E. Wande und wandoffnungen. 

V. :s, pt. 2. Ewerbeck, F., and Schmitt, E. Einfriedigungen, briistungen 
und gelander ; balcons, altane und erker. 
G5LLER, A. Gesimse. 
V. 2, pt. 3. Barkhausen, G. Balkendecken. 

K6RNER, . Gewolbte decken. 

ScHACHT, , and Schmitt, E. Verglaste decken und decken- 

Barkhausen, G. Sonstige decken-constructionen. 
V. 3, pt. 2. Schmidt, O., Schmitt, E., Mayer, P., and Kramer, J. An- 
lagen zur vermittelung des verkehres in den gebauden. 
V. 4. Schmitt, E. Versorgung der gebaude mit sonnenlicht und 
sonnenwarme. 2. aufl. 
Fischer, H., and Kohlrausch, W. Kunstliche beleuchtung 

der raume. 
Fischer, H. Heizung und luftung der raume. 
LUGER, O. Wasserversorgnng der gebaude. 
V. 5. Marx, E., and Schmitt, E. Koch-, spUl-, wasch- und bade- 
einrichtungen. 2. aufl. 
Knauff, M., and Schmitt, E. Entwasserung und reinigung 
der gebaude, etc. 
V. 6. Marx, E. Sicherungen gegen einbruch. 2. aufl. 

Orth, a. Anlagen zur erzielung einer guten akustik. 

KOpcke, F. Glockenstiihle. 

Spillner, E. Sicherungen gegen feuer, blitzschlag, boden- 

senkungen und erderschutterungen. 
Ewerbeck, F. Terrassen, freitreppen und rampen-anlagen. 
, Spillner, E. Befestigungderbiirgersteigeundhofilachen. 
Schmitt, E. Vordacher. 

Osthoff, G., and Spillner, E. Eisbehalter und sonstige kiihl 
Div. 4. Entwerfen, anlage und einrichtung der gebaude. 
,— V. I. Die architektonische composition. 

Wagner, H. Allgemeine grundzuge. 
Thiersch, A. Die proportionen in der architektur. 
Wagner, H. Die anlage des gebaudes. 



Handbuch der architektur. 

Contents : Div. 4. Entwerfen, anlage und einrichtung der gebaude. 

V. I. BtfHLMANN, J. Die gestaltung der ausseren und der inneren 
BoHNSTEDT, L., and Wagner, H. Vorraume, treppen-, hof- 
und saal-anlagen. 
V. 3. Gebaude fiir landwirthschaftliche und approvisionirungszwecke. 
V. 3, pt. 1-2. OSTHOFF, G., and SCHMITT, E. Schlachthofe und viehmarkte. 
Markte fiir lebensmittel, getreide, pferde und hornvieh. 
V. 4. Gebaude furerholungs-.beherbergungs-undvereinszwecke. 
Wagner, H. Schank- und speise-locale. 
SCHMiTT, E. Volkskfichen und speiseanstalten fur arbeiter. 
DuRM, J. W., and Wagner, H. Offentliche vergnugungs-locale 

und festhallen. 
HuDE, P. W. H. VON DER, and Schmitt, E. Hotels, gasthofe 

niederen ranges, schlaf- und herbergshauser. 
Mylius, J., and Wagner, H. Baulichkeitenfiircur-undbadeorte. 
Schmitt, E., and Wagner, H. Gebaude fiir gesellschaften 

und vereine. 
DuRM, J. W., Lieblein, J., Reinhardt, R., and Wagner, H. 
Baulichkeiten fiir den sport. 
V. s. Gebaude fiir heil- und sonstige wohlfahrts-anstalten. 
V. s, pt. 2. Funk, A. Irren-anstalten ; Entbindimgs-anstalten. 
Behnke, G. Heimstatten fiir genesende. 
Henrici, K. Blinden-anstalten ; Taubstummen-anstalten. 
Behnke, G. Anstalten fiir schwachsinnige. 
V. 6. Gebaude fiir erziehung, wissenschaft und kunst. 
^ V. 6, pt. 1. Behnke, G. Volksschulen und andere niedere schulen. 

Schmitt, E. Niedere technische lehranstalten und gewerbliche 

Lang, H. Gymnasien und real-lehranstalten. 
Schmitt, E. Mittlere technische lehranstalten. 
Wagner, H. Pensionate und alumnate. 

Lang, H,, and Schmitt, E. Lehrer-und lehrerinnenseminare. 
Lindheimer, O. Tumanstalten. 
V. 6, pt. n. Eggert, G. p. H. Universitaten. 

Korner, C. Technische hochschulen. 

Junk, C., and Schmitt, E. Physikalische und chemische insti- 
tute. Mineralogische und geologische, botanische und zoolo- 
gische institute. 
Tiedemann, L. von. Medicinische lehranstalten der univer- 
Schmitt, E. Elektro-technische institute. 
Spieker, p. Stemwarten und andere observatorien. 
V. 7. Gebaude fiir verwaltung, rechtspflege und gesetzgebung ; Militar- 
Bluntschli, a. F. Stadt- und rathhauser. 
Kortum, a. Gebaude fiir ministerien, botschaften und gesandt- 

Schwechten, F., and Wagner, H. Geschiiftshauser fiir staat- 

liche provinz-, kreis- und ortsbehbrden. 
OsTHOFF, G., and Meyer, H. Geschaftshauser fiir sonstige offent- 

lichen und privaten verwaltungen. 
Schmitt, E. Leichenschauhauser. 
Landaueh, T. von, Schmitt, E., and Wagner, H. Gerichts- 

hauser, straf- und besseruugs-anstalten. 
Wagner, H., and Wallot, P. Parlamentshauser und stande- 

Richter, F. Gebaude fiir militarische zwecke. 
v. 9. Stubben, J. Der stadtebau. 

Handcke, Berthold. i Sea- 
Hans Fries. (In Jahrbuch der Koniglich preussischen kunst- AB 
sammlungen. v. ii, p. 168-182.) J192 


Handcke, Berthold, 1862- and Muller, August, 


Das miinster in Bern. AH494 

Bern, 1894. Sq. F.* 10+179 p. ill. 20 pi. 3 paged pi. B451 

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Beitrage zur forderung der kunst in den gewerken. AC 

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No more published. 

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V. i-io, 12-13, 15-18.) 

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Vols, i-io, 12-13, 15-18 contain Obersicht dermittelalterlichenbaudenkmaler Niedersachsens. 

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Hannover (city, Ger.) polytechnische hochschule, 


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[Harding, Edward.] 

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Die grafen von Bonn und die vogtei des Cassiusstifts ; der frohn- AH43 
hofMiilheim; schofifen und siegel von Bonn. (In Bonn; beitrage B645 
zu seiner geschichte. 1868. 34 p.) 


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Stables, outbuildings and fences . . . AE2 

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in central India .. . London, i860. F.^ [4]+20p. 6 pi. M31 

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Observations on the Julia strata, and on the Roman stations . . . AB 
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Plantagenet= . 181 7-90. 

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The descriptions of the plates are unpaged. 

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New and universal history, description and survey of the cities of AH42 
London and Westminster, the borough of Southwark and their L882 
adjacent parts .. . London, 1776. F.* 720+ [2] p. ill. 98 pi. 



10 pi. 

3d ed. 
II pi. 

60 pi. 

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Contents: i. Von den tafeldecken. 

a. Von zerschneidung und vorlegung der speisen. 

3. Von rechter zeitigung aller mundkoste. 

4. Von den schaugerichten. 

5. 25 gast- Oder tischfragen. 

Harster, Wilhelm. 

Die bauten der romischen soldaten zum offentlichen nutzen . . . 

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Practical treatise on the construction of oblique arches. 

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Architektonische details des mittelalters. 

Berlin [1889]. F.^ [3] p. 

Architektonische details und ornamente der kirchlichen baukunst 
in den stylarten des mittelalters . . . ser. 1.-2. 1.-2. aufl. 

Berlin [1891]. F.^ 2 v. in i. no pi. 

Katalog der . . . sammlung von antiken mobeln [und] kunstsachen 
. . . aus dem nachlasse des . . . dombaumeister A. Hartel . . . ver- 
steigerung zu Koln . . . 1 890, durch J. M. Heberle . . . 

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Hartford religious herald. 

Picturesque Chicago and guide to the World's fair . . . 

Hartford, 1893. O. 13 + 318 p. ill. i pi. 

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bis auf die gegenwart. 

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From Archasological journal. 1848. v. 5. 














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institute of British architects. Transactions. 1884-85. n. s. v. i, R81 
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book for home or foreign service . . . H272 

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Antiquities of Smarden, Kent. AH42 

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Autograph letter of the author inserted. 

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Beauties of antiquity; or. Remnants of feudal splendor and AH42 
monastic times . . . A87 

London, 1807. O. v. i.^'^ [5]+i04+[2r] p. 52 pi. 

No more published. 

Camera; or. Art of drawing in water colours, with instructions for A06 
sketching from nature . . . London, 1823. O. 32 p. 2 pi. H27 



Hassell, J[ohn]. -1825. 

Views of noblemen and gentlemen's seats ... in the counties ad- AH42 
joining London . . . [Anon.] A7S 

London, 1804-5. F- Unpaged. 28 pi. 

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Aus . . . [seinen] kunst-schmiede-eisen-sammlung. AM2 

Munchen, 1881. F.^ 60 pi. H27 

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Ulms kunstgeschichte im mittelalter, zugleich text zu den drei AH43 
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p. 81-121. ill. 6 pi.) 

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Contents: v. i. Hundred of Blackheath. 

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las pertaining to mechanics, mathematics and physics ... 56* ed. H27 
New York, 1891 [c. '84-91]. S. [s]+977 p. ill. 

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manuel's des Gliicklichen bis zu dem sclusse der spanischen herr- Ai 
schaft. Frankfurt a. M., 1890. Q. v. i. ill. 3 pi. 

Contents : v. i. Lissabon und rangegend. 

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Abriss einer baugeschichte der stadt Budingen. AA 

Biidingen, 1875. O. 16 p. Z5 

Die Vizelinskirchen; baugeschichtliche untersuchungen an denk- AD5 
malern Wagriens, als ein beitrag zur anfangsgeschichte des Olden- H29 
burg- Liibecker bistums . . . Ploen, 1888. O. 8+190 p. ill. map. 

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Moderne ornamentale werke im stile der italienischen renaissance. AK 
3. aufl. Dresden, 1876. F.^ [3] P- 138 pi. H292 

[Hauregard, Lambert Francois Joseph de.] 

Notice sur la cathedrale de Namur par Un membre du clerge . . . AH493 
[Anon.] Namur, 1851. O. 4-|-263 + [i4] p. 4 pi. NiS 

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. . . Die stilarten des ornaments in den verschiedenen kunst- AK 
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Studien und ideen iiber ursprung, wesen und stil des ornaments AK 
fiir zeichenlehrer, kunsthandwerker, kunstfreunde und ktinstler. H294 
2. verb . . . aufl. Ziirich [pref. 1889]. O. 3 + 123 p. ill. 

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Spalato und die romischen monumente Dalmatiens; Die restauri- AH45 
rung des domes zu Spalato; zwei vortrage . . . M5812 

Wien, 1883. O. 52 p. ill. i pi. 

^ Styl-lehre der architektonischen und kunstgewerblichen formen. AA 

Wien, 1883-91. O. 3 pts. in 2 v. ill. H29 

Contents : pt. i. Styl-lehre der architektonischen formen des alterthums. 
pt. ■^, Styl-lehre der architektonischen formen des mittelalters. 
pt. 3. Styl-lehre der architektonischen formen der renaissance. 3. aufl. 

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Contents : v. i. Avant 1' Hotel de Ville. 2^ id. 
V. 2. Prdfeeture de la Seine. 
V. 3. Grands travaux de Paris. 

Haussmann, Georges Eugene, baron, 1809-91, editor. 

See Histoire generale de Paris, publiee sous les auspices du Conseil 
municipal. 1866-87. 

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Das Elisabeth-spital errichtet durch den Verein vom rothen kreuze AH439 
in den landern der heil. krone Ungarns, aus dem ungarischen B85 
iibersetzt durch J. Elischer. 

Budapest, 1884. Q. 27+30 p. 21 pi. 

Title-page and text in Hungarian and German. 

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P. [A.], and others. AR44 

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L'art dans la maison ; grammaire de I'ameublement . . . AK 

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Contains duplicate impressions of the plates before all letters. No. 51 of 125 copies printed. 

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(Les artistes celebres; P. Leroi, ed.) B66 

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de I'ameublement.) H291 

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Histoire de la faience de Delft . . . AN2 

Paris, 1878. Nar. Q. 2 v. ill 54 pi. 3 facsim. H29 


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arts de I'ameublement.) H29 

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de curiosite tires des. . . collections hoUandaises; orfevrerie, ivo[i]res, Am8 
faiences, emaux. 1873. 

See Loudon, J. F. Catalogue chronologique et raisonne des AN2 

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Medailles de grand et moyen bronze du cabinet de la Reine AMi 

Christine. See, below, NummophylaciumReginaeChristinae. 1742. H29 

Nummophylacium Reginae Christinae, quod comprehendit numis- AMi 

mata aerea imperatorum Romanorum, Latina, Graeca atque in H29 
coloniis Cusa, quondam a P. S. Bartolo . . . incisa tabulis aeneis63. 
Hagae Comitum, 1742. F. ^ 10+464 p. 63 pi. 

Title-page and text in Latin and French. 

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Beautiful houses; being a description of certain well-known AE2 

artistic houses . . . London, 1882. D. 10+115 p. i pL H31 

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See British museum. Description of the collection of ancient A08 

marbles in the museum. 1812-61. v. 5, 7-10. B77 



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Natural principles and analogy of the harmony of form . . . 

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Orthographic beauty of the Parthenon referred to a law of 
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plumbing materials . . . New York, 1865. Nar. Q. 19S p- ill- 

Hayes brothers. 

. . . Ventilating skylights . . . illuminated, crimped and corru- 
gated iron-work . . . New York [c. 1874J. O. 924-16 p. ill. 

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British treasury . . . Greek and Roman antiquities of all sorts . . . 

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Del tesoro britannico, parte prima, overo il museo nummario 
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No more published. 


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The Supplement has title " Die zum ersten [-9""] theil der Fiirstl. bau-lust gehorige emble- 
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Die zum ersten [-9ten] theil der Furstl. bau-lust gehorige em- A A 
blemata, welche der . . . hertzogin . . . lebens-lauff furstellig H362 
machen, und auf dero . . . geburths-tag den 11. Martii 1692 
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Contents: v. i. Die vatikanische skulpturen-sammlung ; Die kapitolinischen und das 
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V. n. Die villen, das Museo Boncompagni, der Palazzo Spada, die antiken der 
vatikanischen bibliothek, das Museo delle Terme. 
Das etruskisclie museum im Vatikan, das Kircher'sche und praliistorische 
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Title-page in Danish and French. 

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See Trotter, W. E. Select illustrated topography of thirty miles AH42 
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Henshall, W., illustrator. 

See Trotter, W. E. Select illustrated topography of thirty miles AH42 
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Festival at the celebration of the 2S"i anniversary of Frank Leopold freiherr von Leonrod, 
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Die altesten glasgemalde im dome zu Augsburg, mit der ge- AH43 
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Augsburg, i860. F. 4-1-38-f [i] p. 6 pl. 


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London illustrated ; a complete guide to the leading hotels, places AH42 
of amusement . . . etc., also a directory . . . of . . . reliable houses L946 
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London, 1873. Q. v. 2. 22+206 p. ill. 

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Illustrations of the site and neighbourhood of the new post office AH42 
[with] . . . notices of St. Martin's-le-grand . . . [and] an appendix L873 
containing an account of the Mourning Bush tavern . . . [Anon.] 

London, 1830. O. 75 p. ill. 3 pi. 

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See [Hayter, Rev. John. 1756-1818]. H33 

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Pictorial relics of ancient Liverpool . . . with descriptions of the AH42 
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Contents : pts. 1-2. Fliese, mil dem schlussel zur construction der muster auf 4 blattem. 
pts. 3-4. Stoffe. 

Herdtle, H. 

Mobelformen der franzosischen renaissance, nach den im Ost. ANi 
museum und in anderen sammlungen befindhchen originalen . . . H41 

Wien [1881]. F.6 12 pL 

Published by Vienna (Austria)— Museum fUr Icunst und industrie. 

Vorbilder fur die kleinkunst in bronce, abbildungen verschiedener AM3 
objecte . . . Wien, 1884. F.^ [3] p. 20 pL H41 

Published by Vienna (Austria)— Museum fur kunst und industrie. 

Vorlagen fiir das polychrome flachornament; eine sammlung AJ2 
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See Vienna (Austria) — Museum fiir kunst und industrie. Ost- AM3 
asiatische bronce-gefasse und -gerathe in umrissen; unter lietung V671 
von H. Herdtle. 1883. 



Hering, , and Heideloff, K. A. von. 1 788-1 865. 

Sammlung von technischen original-zeichnungen in acht altdeut- 
schem styl. 

Herisson, Maurice, comte d'Irrison d'. 1840-. 

See Irrison d'Herisson, Maurice, comte d'. 1840-. 

H[erluison], H[enri]. 1835-. 

Artistes orleanais . . . liste sous forme alphabetique des person- 
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No. 9S of 115 copies printed. 

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Large paper copy. 

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Contents : v. i. Iron period to the end of the 13* cent. 
V. 2. Fourteenth century. 
Sup. IS"" , i6'>> and it*!" centuries. 

The tower; its history, armories and antiquities . . . with an essay AH42 
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Plate in pocket at the end of book. 

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Plate and map in pocket at end of book. 

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Heywood bros. & co. 

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Catalogues nos. 108-115. 

Catalogues nos. 116-141 are also on file, unbound. 

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House painter, or decorator's companion ; being a . . . treatise on AI 
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Contents : Monograph of Cormac's chapel, Cashel. 1874. 

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[3]+2 f. 13 pL 2 phot. (Hill, Arthur. Ancient Irish architecture.) C26 

Hill, Arthur George. 

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Ecclesiology and architecture of some towns in Mecklenburg and AB 
Pomerania. (In Archseologia. v. 49, p. 301-317. 5 pi.) Ar2 

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comprehensive essay on the art archaeology of the organ . . . Ser. Hs5 
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History of English dress from the Saxon period to the present AN4 
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History of Market Harborough with ... [a] portion of the hun- AH42 
dred of Gartree, Leicestershire . . . M34 

Leicester, 1875. F.* [28]-l-339+[s] P- 27 pi. i tab. 

Hills, Chester. 

Builder's guide ; a . . . treatise on Grecian and Roman architec- AA 
ture . . . with . . . Villa and school-house architecture by H. Austin H55 
and Henry Barnard. Hartford, 1846. F.* 96 p. ill. 51 pi. 

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Earthenware pots (built into churches) . . . called acoustic vases. AC 
(In Royal institute of British architects. Transactions. 1881-82, R81 
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Hills, Gordon M[acdonald]. 

The measurements of Ptolemy and of the Antonine "Itinerary," AC 
applied to the southern counties of England. (In Sussex archaeo- Su8 
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Review of the architecture and history of the round towers of AC 
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History and antiquities of Scarborough ; with a brief memoir of AR42 
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Prize model cottage ; detailed working drawings ... of a design AE2 
for labourer's cottages . . . London [pref 1848]. O. 12 p. 8 pi. H58 

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Der bau und die innere einrichtung von schulgebauden . . . mit AE6 
besonderer beriicksichtigung der verhaltnisse in Osterreich. H59 

Wien, 1887. Q. 8+87 p. iU. 

Hints on the formation of gardens and pleasure grounds. 
1813. AN8 

See Loudon, John Claudius. H59 

Hints to some churchwardens with . . . illustrations rela- AE 
tive to the repair and improvement of parish churches. H59 

London, 1825. O. 30 p. 12 pi. 

Hipkins, A[lfred] J[ames]. 

Musical instruments, historic, rare and unique . . . illustrated by AX 
... 50 plates . . . drawn by W. Gibb. H61 

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Chretien, v. 5.) R324 

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Beitrage zur geschichte westpreussischer kunstbauten. AH43 

Danzig, 1850. Sq. O. pt. i. 42 p. i pl. OI4 

Contents: pt. i. Das kloster Oliva. 
Danzig (Ger.)— Gymnasium. Programm. 


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and others. AR495 

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See Abhandlungen des Archaologisch-epigraphischen seminares AP 

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Die baukunst nach den grundsatzen der alten . . . AA 

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Vol. 3. has also title Die lehre der gebaude bei den Griechen und Romem. 

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Aufgaben der kunstphysiologie. AO 

Miinchen, 1 89 1. O. 2 v. 8+61 1 p. ill. 6 pi. H61 

Paged continuously. 

Das deutsche zimmer der gothik und renaissance, das barock-, ANi 

rococo- und zopfstils ... 3. aufl. . . . H611 

Munchen, 1886. Q. 12+448 p. ill 

Das deutsche zimmer der renaissance . . . ANi 

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Les grands illustrateurs ; trois siecles de vie sociale, 1 500-1 800. AO7 

Munich [pref. 1882-89]. F.* v. 1-5. ill. pi. H61 

Made up of reproductions of early prints in paged plates. 

Kulturgeschichtliches bilderbuch. See, above, Les grands illustra- AO7 

teurs. [Pref. 1882-89.] H61 

Hirth, Qeorg, 1841-, editor. AB 

See Der forinenschatz. 1877. F76 

His, Eduard. 

Die Basler archive iiber Hans Holbein . . . seine familie und AB 

einige zu ihm in beziehung stehende zeitgenossen. (In Jahr- J 19 
biicher fur kunstwissenschaft. 1870. v. 3, p. 1 13-152.) 


Hislop, Rev. Alexander. 

Two Babylons; or, The papal worship proved to be the worship AR56 
of Nimrod and his wife ... 3d ed. A 12 

Edinburgh, 1862. O. 284-470+[i] p. ill. 

Histoire du Palais royal. AH44 

See Fontaine, P. F. L. 1762-1853. A49 

Histoire et fabrication de la porcelaine chinoise ; ouvrage AN2 
tr. du chinois par . . . Stanislas Julien . . . accompagne de notes H62 
et d'additions par . . . Alphonse Salvetat . . . et augmente d'un 
Memoire sur la porcelaine du Japon, tr. du japonais par ... J. 
Hoffmann... Paris, 1856. O. 8+123 + 320 p. ill 14 pi. i map. 

First title-page is in Chinese. 

Histoire et origine de Manneken-pis, suivie de I'Histo- AH493 
rique de la Place des Martyrs et de I'eglise de Ste.-Gudule. B839 

Bruxelles, no date. S. 72 p. i pi. 

Histoire generale de Paris : Collection de documents 
fondee . . . par M. le baron Haussmann . . . et publiee sous les 
auspices du Conseil municipal. Paris, 1866-87. 8 v. F. ill." pi. 

Berty, a. 1818-67. Topographic historique du vieux Paris. 1866-87. 6 v. 
COETLOGON, A., comte DE. i82o(?)-69. Les armoires de la ville de Paris. 
1874-75- 2V. 

Histoire generale des Pais-Bas. 1720. AH492 

See [Christyn, J. B.]. 1622-90. A6 

Historic churches of America, their romance and their AH73 
history . . . illustrated by etchings, photogravures and other re- A19 
productions from original drawings . . . with . . . text . . . 

Philadelphia [c. 1890]. F. 3+160 p. 60 pi. 

Historic society of Lancashire and Cheshire. 

See Lancashire and Cheshire historic society. 

Historical and archaeological association of Ireland. AR415 

Annuary. Dublin, 1888. Q. ill. pi. A2 

Martin, Lt.-col. W. G. Wood-. 1847-. Rude stone monumentsof Ireland. 1888. 

Historical and architectural description of Corfe castle, by AR42 
A near resident. Poole, 1829. O. 2+75 p. 5 pi. Z 

Historical and descriptive account of the town of Lan- AR42 
caster. 1807. L22 

See Clark, C. 

Historical art furniture: Specimens of English, French, ANi 
German and Italian workmanship from the middle ages, renais- H62 
sance period and epochs of Louis XIIL, Louis XIV., Louis XV. 
and Louis XVI. ; drawn from originals in European museums and 
private collections. New York, no date. F.* 60 pi. 


Historical description of the metropolitan church of AH43 
Christ, Canterbury. 1783. C166 

See [Burnby, John]. 

Historical description of the monastery and chapel-royal AH41 
of Holyroodhouse. 1 8 1 9. Ed46 

See History of the abbey, palace and chapel-royal of Holyrood- 
house. 1825. 

Historical description of the tower of London and its AH42 
curiosities . . . London, 1759. D. 71 p. L94S 

Historical description of Westminster abbey, its monu- AH42 
ments and curiosities . . . London, 1822. D. I94-|-[S] p. L862 

Historical notices of Fonthill abbey, Wiltshire. 1836. AH42 

See [Nichols, J. B.]. i78o(?)-i863. F731 

Historical society of science. AP 

[Publications.] London, 1841. O. Z 

Halliwell-Phillipps, J. O,, 1820-89, compiler. Collection of letters. 1841. 

Historische beschryving der stadt Amsterdam. 1663. AH492 

See Dapper, Olfert. -1690. Am83 

Historische chronica. 1 674-1 745. AX 

See Abelin, J. P. iS9o(?)-i646. Ab3 

Historischer verein fiiir das grossherzogthum Hes= 
sen, editor. 

See Adamy, Rudolf. 1850-. Die Einhard-basilika zu Steinbach AH43 
imOdenwald. 1885. St3 

Historischer verein fur den Untermainkreis. 

See Historischer verein von Unterfranken und Aschaffenburg. 

Historischer verein von Schwaben und Neuburg, 

editor. AH43 

See Herberger, Theodor. 181 1-70. Die altesten glasgemalde im AU43 
dome ZU Augsbug. i860. 

Historischer verein von Unterfranken und Aschaf= 

Archiv. Wiirzburg, 1833-. O. pi. v. 1-33 in 31. AC 

Vols. 1-42 known as Archiv des Historischen vereins fiir den Untermainkreis. rl02 

Register, v. 1-16. Wiirzburg, 1864. O. (In its Archiv. AC 

1864. V. 17, pt I.) H62 


Historischer verein von Unterfranken und Aschaf= 

Jahres-bericht. 1830-80. Wurzburg, 1833-81. O. AC 


1830-33 known as Rechenschafts-bericht. Bound with its Archiv. 1833-81. 

History and antiquities of Carlisle. 1838. AR42 

See Jefferson, Samuel. C19 

History and antiquities of Lambeth palace. [1806.] 

See [Brayley, E. W„ 1773-1854, and Herbert, William, 1771- AH42 

1851]. L17 

History and antiquities of Newbury and its environs. 1 839. AR42 

See [Gray, E. W. 1748-1807]. N42 

History and antiquities of Rochester, 1772. AR42 

See [Denne, Rev. Samuel. 1730-99]. RSS 

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bury. 1 7 19. Sa3i 
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See Baily, T. P. C49 

History and description of the restored parish church of AH42 

Saint Mary, Wymeswold, Leicestershire. [1846.] W98 
See [Alford, Henry. 1 801-71]. 

History and topography of Ashbourn, the valley of the AH42 

Dove and the adjacent villages, with biographical sketches. As3 
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count of the imprisonment of king Charles I . . . with plates by Z 
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See [Hall, Rev. George]. C422 

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picturesque, with engravings from original drawings by W. Mul- K63 
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History of the abbey church of St. Peter's, Westminster. 

181 2. AH42 

See [Combe, William]. 1741-1823. L841 



History of the abbey, palace, and chapel-royal of Holy- 
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History of the abbey, palace, and chapel-royal of Holy- 
roodhouse, including a description of the buildings as they now 
exist ... 3d ed. Edinburgh, 1825. O. 118 p. 7 pi. map. 

Both editions have also an engraved title-page reading: Historical description of the mon- 
astery and chapel-royal of Holyroodhouse . . . 1819. 

History of the church, parish, and manor of Howden. 185 1. 
See [Clarke, Thomas]. 

History of the city of Chester. 1 8 1 5. 
See P[igott], J. M. B. 

History of the empire of Japan. 1 893. 
See Chicago (IlL) — World's Columbian exposition — Japan. 

History of Thirsk. 1 82 1 . 
See [Jefferson, J. B.]. 

History of Wimborne minster, i860. 
See [Mayo, Charles. 1837-77]. 

Hitchings & co. 

[Catalogue of] hot water boilers and heaters and standard heat- 
ing pipes and pipe fittings for greenhouses, conservatories and 
graperies... New York [c. 1889]. O. 64 p. ill 

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-Institut — L'acaddmie des inscriptions et belles-lettres. M^moires. 


From Paris (France)- 
1866. V. 25, 2* pt. 

Restitution du temple d'Empedocle a Selinonte; ou, L' archi- 
tecture polychrome chez les Grecs . . . 

Paris, 1851. F. 26-I-843 p. and Atlas, F.'' [4] p. 24 pi. 

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Ausgefiihrte bauwerke. 

Berlin [1855-62]. F.^ 2 v. and Sup. in i v. 68 pL 
















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Contents: pt. i. St. Michaels kapelle zii Kiederich. 

Continuation of a work with the same title by Jakob Friedrich Eisenlohr. 

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Bibliotheca Heilsbronnensis ; sive, Catalogus librorum omnium . . . AR43 
qui in celeberrimi monasterii Heilsbronnensis bibliotheca publica H36 
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In his Hailsbronnischer antiquitaten-schatz. 1731. v. ^. 

Hailsbronnischer antiquitaten schatz . . . AR43 

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Vol. 2 has title BibUotheca Heilsbronnensis. 

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Abbey of St. Andrew, Hexham; a monograph. AH42 

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The English in the middle ages . . . their mode of life, dress, arms, AR42 
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Older England illustrated by the Anglo-Saxon antiquities in the AR42 
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Examples of early English pottery, named, dated and inscribed. AN2 
London, 1891. Sq. F. 19+187 p. iU. i pl. H66 

No. 415 of 500 small paper copies printed. 

Hodgson, Fred[erick] T. 

Builder's guide and estimator's price book ... AI 

New York, 1890. D. 331 p. H66 


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Northumberland, Westmorland. (In Beauties of England and AH42 
Wales. 1801-15. V. 12^, 15^.) A117 

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Lecture on bookbinding as a fine art delivered before the Grolier AN6 
club, Feb. 26, 1885. New York, 1886. Q. 36 p. 63 pi. (Grolier H67 
club. Publications.) 

No. I of 200 copies printed. 

Hoey, Mrs. Cashel. 1830-. 
See Hoey, Mrs. Frances Sarah (Johnston) Stewart. 1830-. 

Hoey, Mrs. Frances Sarah (Johnston) Stewart, 

1 830- translator. AN4 

See Robida, Albert. 1848-. "Yester-year." 1891. R55 

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Paris a travers les ages; aspects successifs des monuments et quar- AH44 
tiers historiques de Paris depuis le 13^ siecle jusqu'a nos jours, P217 
fidelement restitues d'apres les documents authentiques; texte par 
A. Bonnardot, J. Cousin, E. Drumont . . . [and others]. 2^ edition. 

Paris, 1885. F.^ 3 v. ill. 92 pi. 

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See Hoffmann, Otto Adalbert. 1858-. 

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Hoffmann, C, and Muus, H. AM6 

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Contents : Ser. i. Decker- und wandmuster, friese, fiillungen. 

Hoffmann, Ouillaume, and Kellerhoven, F. 

.Les arts et I'industrie. 1853. See, below, Recueil de dessins AK 
relatifs a I'art de la decoration. 1858. H67 

The edition of 1853 known also under the above title. 

Recueil de dessins relatifs a Fart de la decoration chez tons les AK 
peuples et aux plus belles epoques de leur civilisation . . . H67 

Paris, 1858. F.^ Ser. i in 2 v. 78 pi. 

No more published. 

Hoffmann, H. 

. . . Catalogue des objets d'art; antiquites, vases peints, marbres, AO2 
bronzes . . . dont la vente aura lieu a I'Hotel Drouot . . . 28 et . . . H67 
29 mai 1888 . . . [par W. Frohner]. 

Paris, 1888. F. 6 p.+p. 87-162. ill 24 pL 


Hoffmann, Johann Joseph, 1805-78, translator. 

See [Kimoura K6-ky6]. Memoire sur les principales fabriques de ANz 
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1856. p. [27S]-296.) 

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Agis Oder bogen? beitrag zur erklarung des Apollo von Belve- A08 
dere . . . Metz, 1887. Q. 24 p. i pi. Zs 

Metz (Ger.) lyceum. Programm. 

Hoffmann, Paul. 

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Doctor's dissertation at Leipzig (Ger.) university. 

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Gothisches A. B. C. buch; das ist, Grundregeln des gothischen AK 
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Frankfurt a. M., 1840. F.^ 2 v. 42 pi. 

Hoffweiler, Q. F. von, pseudonym. 

See Hertling, Qeorg Friedrich, freiherr von. 1843-. 

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Descriptive account of the mansion and gardens of White-Knights, AH42 
a seat of . . . the Duke of Marlborough, illustrated . . . by T. C. R221 
Hofland . . . London [1819]. Sq. F.^ S + 151 P- 23 pL 

Privately printed. Large paper copy. Plates on India paper with 8 plates duplicated in 

Hofland, Thomas Christopher, 1 777-1 843, illustrator. 

See Hofland, Mrs. [B. (W.) H.]. 1 770-1 844. Descriptive account AH42 
of the mansion and gardens of White-Knights. [1819.] R221 

Hohenreuther, Johannes. 

Kunstgeschichtliche darstellung des domes zu Worms; zugleich AH43 
ein fiihrer ftir den besucher des domes. Z 

Worms, 1857. O- [3] +40 p. 

Holbach, Paul Henri Thiry, baron d', 1723-89, 

See Boulang:er, N. A. 1722-59. L'antiquite devoilee par ses AP 
usages. 1768. B66 

Holbach, Paul Henri Thiry, baron d', 1723-89, 
translator. AN3 

See Neri, Antonio. i6th cent. Art de la verrerie. 1752. N3S 

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L'alphabet de la mort . . . publie d'apres les mss. par A. de AX 
Montaiglon. Paris, 1856. O. Unpaged, ill. H69 


Holbein, Hans. i497-i543(?). 
Designs. (In Wessely, J. E. Das ornament und die kunstindus- AK 
trie in ihrer geschichtlichen entwickelung. 1877-78. v. i, pi. 69- W51 
78. 80.) 

Holbein society. 

Fac-simile reprints. [London] 1873-75. O. and F. 2 v. 

BuRGMAiR, H. I473-I53i(?). Triumph of the Emperor Maximilian I. 1873-75- 

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Die romischen thongefasse der altertumssammlung in Rottweil . . . AN2 

Stuttgart, 1889. Q. 26 p. 22 pi H71 

Holdich, Benjamin, editor. 

See Gough, Richard. 1735-1809. History of Crowland abbey. AH42 
1816. CSS 

Hole, James. 

Homes of the working classes with suggestions for their improve- AE2 
ment. London, 1866. O. [is]-|-2i4-t-[i] p. 22 pi. H71 

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Die selbstbiographie des Elias Holl, baumeisters der stadt Augs- AW 
burg, 1 573-1646; hrsg. von Dr. Christian Meyer ... Z 

Augsburg, 1873. Q. 6+62 p. 

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Poynings. (In Sussex archaeological society. Collections, v. 15, AC 
p. 1-56. 6 pi.) Su8 

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De anaglyphis sepulcralibus Graecis quae coenam repraesentare AP 
dicuntur . . . Berolini [1865]. D. 48 p. i pi. Zi 

Doctor's dissertation at BerUn (Ger.) university. 

HoUandsche arkadia in zeshonderd en meer afbeel- AH492 
dingen. 1807. A9 

See Rademaker, Abraham. 1675-1735. 

Hollebeke, Leopold van. 

Lisseweghe, son eglise et son abbaye. Bruges, 1863. F. [13]+ AH493 
28o-|-[2]p. ill. 1 1 pi. (Bruges, Belgium — Societe d'emulation. L69 
Recueil de chroniques, chartes et autres documents concernant 
I'histoire et les antiquites de la Flandre: Premiere serie, Chroniques 
des monasteres de Flandre. v. 15.) 

Holly, Henry Hudson. 

Holly's country seats, containing lithographic designs for cottages, AE2 
villas, mansions . . . New York, 1863. Q. i3-|-i7i-l-[i] p. 36 pL H721 


Holly, Henry Hudson. 

Modern dwellings in town and country adapted to American AE2 
wants and climate, with a treatise on furniture and decoration. H72 

New York, 1878. O. 219 p. ill. i pi. 
Holm, C. F., and others. 
Danske mindesmaerker udgivne af C. F. Holm, H. Hansen, C. F. AH489 
Herbst, N. H0yen, J. Kornerup, C. A. Strunk, og J. J. A. A4 
Worsaae. Kj$>benhavn, 1869. Sq. F.^ [s]+82 p. ill 44 pi. 

Holmes, Susan Perry, 1856-92, and Carter, Mrs. J. Q. 
(A.), 1 838-, compilers. 

Genealogical record of the Dedham branch of the Avery family AW 
in America. 1893. AV31 

Holt, J[ames] Lovegrove. 

Modern furniture, original and select. ANi 

London [1869]. F.* 8+4" P- iH- H74 

Holtzinger, Heinrich. 1856-. 

Die altchristliche architektur in systematischer darstellung . . . AE 

Stuttgart, 1889. Q. 16+288 p. ill. H47 

Kunsthistorische studien. Tubingen, 1886. O. [3]+7S P- ill- AE 


Contents: no. i. Uber den ursprung des kirchenbaues. 

no. 2. Zur erklarung einer stelle des Liber pontificalis Ravennaticus. 
no. 3. Christliche altertiimer in Griechenland. 

Uber den ursprung und die bedeutung der doppelchore; eine AO 
studie aus der baugeschichte des mittelalters. Leipzig, 1882. O. B39 
30 p. (In Beitrage zur kunstgeschichte. pt. $•) 

Holtzinger, Heinrich, 1856-, editor. 

See Burckhardt, Jakob. 181 8- Geschichte der renaissance in AF 
Itahen. 1891. B89 

Holz, F[erdinand] W[ilhelm]. 

Details griechischer hauptgesimse zusammengestellt fur die man- AI 
nigfachsten anwendungen. Berlin, 1854. F. 40 pi. H74 

Sammlung architektonischer entwiirfe von stadtischen gebaudean- AL2 
sichten, mit details der architektur . . . H74 

Berlin [pref 1843]. F.^ [44] p. 20 pi. 

Holzer, Heinrich. 

Der Hildesheimer antike silberfund, seine archaologische und AM4 
artistische bedeutung. Hildesheim, 1870. O. [8] + 107 p. 13 pi- H74 

Holzermann, L[udwig]. 1830-70. 

Lokaluntersuchungen die kriege der Romer und Franken, sowie AE7 
die befestigungsmanieren der Germanen, Sachsen und des spat- H74 
eren mittelalters betreffend; nach dessen tode hrsg. von dem 
Vereine fiir geschichte und alterthumskunde Westfalens. 

Munster, 1878. Q. 8+123 p. 53 pi. 


HomoUe, Th[eophile] . 1 848-. 

Rapport sur une mission archeologique dans I'lle de Delos. (In AB 
Archives des missions scientifiques. 1887. v. 28, p. 389— 435. i pi.) Ar2i 

Hond, Hendrik. 1573-. 

Les cinq rangs de I'architecture a scavoir, tuscane, dorique, ion- AL2 
ique, corinthiaque et composee, avec I'instruction fondamentale, V96 
avec encores quelques belles ordonnances d'architecture, mises 
en perspective, inventees par J. Vredeman Prison et son fils et 
taillees par le dit H. Hondius . . . 

Amstredam, 1620. Obi. F. [17] p. 29 pi. 

Grondige onderrichtinge in de optica; of, Te perspective konste. AL2 

Amsterdam, no date. F. [28] p. 36 pi. H75 

Hond, Hendrik, 1573- engraver. AL2 

See Vries, Jan Vredeman de. 1527- Perspective. 1604-5. V96 

Honecort, Wilars de. 

See Villard de Honnecourt. 

Honnecourt, Villard de. 

See Villard de Honnecourt. 

Hooper, Francis. 

Notes on building control and administration, and on the main- AC 
tenance of public buildings in France. (In Royal institute of R81 
British architects. Transactions. 1889. n. s. v. 5, p. 13-32.) 

Hope, Alexander James Beresford Beresford=. 


The English cathedral of the nineteenth century. AH42 

London, 1 86 1. O. ioH-282 p. ill. 3 pL AiiS 

Hope, Sir Theodore C[racraft]. 

Architecture at Ahmedabad, the capital of Goozerat, photo- AH54 
graphed by Col. Biggs . . . [with] architectural notes by J. AhS 
Fergusson. . . London, 1866. Q. 15-l-ioop. ill. 121 pi. 2 maps. 

Hope, Thomas. 1 7 7o(?)- 1 83 1 . 

25 plates illustrative of ancient costume. (In Martin, Charles. AN4 
Civil costume of England. 1842. 25 pi.) M36 

Extracted from his Costume of the ancients. 

Hope, W[i»iam] H[enry] St. John. 

On the early stall-plates of the Knights of the garter [in St. AB 
George's chapel at Windsor]. (In Archaeologia. v. J i, p. 399-418.) Ar2 

On the English medieval drinking bowls called mazers. (In AB 
Archaeologia. v. S, p. 129-193. i pi.) Ar2 

On the sculptured alabaster tablets called Saint John's heads. (In AB 
Archaeologia. v. 52, p. 669-708. 6 pi.) Ar2 


Hope,W[illiam] H[enry] St. John, and Qibb,WHliam. 

Royal house of Stuart, illustrated by . . . plates . . . drawn from AW 
relics of the Stuarts, with an introduction by J. Skelton and . . . Stg 
notes by W. H. St. John Hope. 1890. 

Hope, W[illiam] H[enry] St. John, and Cox, Rev. J. C. 

1 843-. 

Chronicles of the collegiate church, or free chapel of All Saints, AH42 
Derby. 1881. D442 

Hope, W[illiam] H[enry] St. John, and Fox, Q. E. 

Excavations on the site of the Roman city at Silchester, Hants. AB 
(In Archasologia. v. 52, p. 733-758. 8 pi.) Ar2 

Hope=Scott, James Robert, 1812-73, editor. 

See RaphaeL 1483-1520. Scripture prints from the frescoes of AH45 
Raphael in the Vatican. 1866. R789 

Hopkins, J[ohn] D[ougIas]. 

Ornaments of the sixteenth century, etched by W. A. Hopkins. AK 

[London, 1 84o(?).] Q. 24 pi. H77 

Hopkins, W. A., illustrator. AK 

See Hopkins, J. D. Ornaments of the sixteenth century. [i84o(?).] H77 

Hopkins, W[illiani] Jeffrey. 

Wixford church, Warwickshire. (In Associated architectural AC 
societies. Reports and papers, v. 14, p. 299-304. 2 pL) As7 

Hoppe, . 

Uber die stadtkirche in Meiningen; ein archaologische studie. AH43 

Meiningen, 1883. O. 28 p. 22 pi. M471 

Photographic view of the church inserted. 

Hoppin, Rev. James M[ason]. 1820-. 

Early renaissance and other essays on art subjects. AG 

Boston, 1892. O. 4+1+306 p. H77 

Hoppus, E. 

Gentleman's and builder's repository; or, Architecture display 'd, AA 
containing the most useful and requisite problems in geometry . . . H77 
[and] methods for attaining the knowledge of the five orders of 
architecture . . . 4tli ed. . . enlarged . . . 

London, 1760. Q. 4+101 p. ill. 92 pi. 

HorapoUo. 5th cent. 
Hieroglyphics, by A. T. Cory. AR62 

London, 1840. D. 12+174 p. ill 4 pi. A27 

Text in Greek and English. 


Horatius Flaccus, Quintus. 65-8 B. C. 

Works, illustrated . . . from the remains of ancient art, with a life AX 
by H. H. Milman. London, 1849. O- [20S]+490+i4p. ill. H78 

Latin text, 

Horst, Tieleman van der. i8th cent. 

Neue bau-kunst, worinn auf eine accurate ... art gezeiget wird, AI 
wie man vielerley arten der treppen mit ihren grundrissen und H781 
aufsatzen verfertigen und dieselbige auslegen solle . . . aus dem 
hoUandischen iibersetzt. Niirnberg, 1763. F. [4] +40 p. 30 pL 

Theatrum machinarum universale; of, Nieuwe algemeene bouw- AI 
kunde . . . Amsterdam, 1739. F.^ [4] P- 3° pi. H78 

Hortleder, Friedrich, 1 579-1640, annotator. 

See Reyher, Samuel. 1635-1714. Monumenta landgraviorum AR43 
Thuringiae et marchionum Misniae. (In Otto, H. F., and Scha- T42 
mel, J. M. Thuringia sacra. 1737. p. 921-956.) 

Horus, ApoUo. 5th cent. 

See Horapollo. 5 th cent. 

Hosaus, Wilh[elm]. 

Die glasgemalde des gothischen hauses zu Worlitz. (In Jahr- AB 
biicher fiir kunstwissenschaft. 1869. v. 2, p. 219-233.) J19 

Hosking, William. 1800-61. 
Guide to the proper regulation of buildings in towns, as a means AI 
of promoting and securing the health, comfort and safety of the H79 
inhabitants. London, 1848. O. 295 p. 

Treatise on architecture, [construction and building]. (In Ash- AA 
pitel, Arthur, comp. Treatise on architecture. 1867. p. 1-166.) As3 

Hoskins, George Gordon. 

The clerk of works, a vade mecum for all engaged in the super- AI 
intendence of building operations. 4th ed. London, 1888. S. 53 p. H791 

Hotels of Europe, with railway and steamship routes, pub- AA 
lished annually. 1873, 1880, 1885. London, 1873-85. Q. 3 v. H79 

Hottenroth, Friedrich. 1840-. 

Le costume, les armes, ustensiles, outils des peuples anciens et AN4 
modernes. Paris, 1886-90. F. 2 v. in i. 240 pi. H79 

Hottinger, Joh[ann] Heinrich. 1620-67. 

Archaiologia orientalis, exhibens, i. Compendium theatri orientalis AP 
... 2. Topographiam ecclesiasticam orientalem . . . H79 

Heidelberga;, 1662. D. [13]-!- 148+ [15 2] p. 


Hottinger, Joh[ann] Heinrich. 1620-67. 

Cippi Hebraici; sive, Hebraeorum, tarn veterum prophetarum, AP 
patriarcharum, quam recentiorum Tannaeorum, Amoraeorum, H79 
Rabbinorum monumenta Hebraice . . . conscripta ... ed. 2da 
auction Heidelbergae, 1662. D. [26] + i88+[8] p. 7 pi. 

Text in Latin and Hebrew. 

Hottinger, J[ohann] J[akob], 1 783-1860, and Escher, 
Q. von. 

Das alte und das neue Zurich, historisch-topographisch beschrie- AH494 
ben . . . Zurich, 1859. S. [ioi] + i58 p. iU. i pL YS 

An earlier edition was published with the title, Die stadt Zurich in historisch-topograph- 
ischer darstellung. 1855. 

Hotzen, Adelbert. 

Das kaiserhaus zu Goslar; vortrag gehalten in der 4. hauptver- AH43 
sammlung des Harz-vereins fiirgeschichte und alterthumskunde . . . G69 
1 87 1 zu Goslar . . . Halle, 1872. O. 28 p. ilL 2 pi. 

Houbigant, Af mand Qustave. 1 790-1863. 

Description des objets d'antiquites locales, celtiques, gallo-ro- AC 
maines et merovingiennes conserves dans le cabinet de M. Houbi- S019 
gant. (In Societe academique d'archeologie . . . du Departement 
de rOise. Memoires. v. 4, p. 409-533, pi. 27-38.) 

Notice sur le chateau de Sarcus tel qu'il devait etre en 1550. (In AC 
Societe academique d'archeologie . . . du Departement de I'Oise. S019 
Memoires. v. 4, p. 158-220, pi. 13-19.) 

Notice sur le portique dit de Sarcus existant a Nogent-les-Vierges. AC 
(In Societe academique d'archeologie . . . du Departement de S019 
rOise. Memoires. v. 3, p. 369-398, pi. 13-25.) 

Houdoy, J[ules]. 1818-. 

Histoire de la ceramique lilloise, precedee de . . . la fabrication de AN2 
carreaux peints et emailles en Flandre et en Artois au 14^ siecle. H81 

Paris, 1869. Q. ii + i67p. 4 pi. 

Houssaye, Arsene, 181 5-, Qautier, Theophile, 181 1- 
1872, and Coligny, Charles. 

Le palais Pompeien; etudes sur la maison greco-romaine, ancienne AH44 
residence du Prince Napoleon. [1866.] P333 

Houtsma, E. O. 

Grieksche beeldhouwkunst; eene studie over haren bloei en de A08 
oorzaken daarvan. Groningen, 1875. O. 52 p. Z3 

Groningen (Holland) stedelijk g3rmnasium. Programma. 

Hoveler, Johann Joseph. 

Mitteilungen iiber den in den Pfingstferien 1890 in Bonn und Trier AR495 
stattgehabten archaolog. kursus . . . Koln, 1891. Q. 24 p. i pi. Z2 

Cologne (Ger.) — Kaiser Wilhelm-gymnasium. Programm. 



How, Samuel. 


A work on interior decoration. 

New York, 1894. F. 38 p. ill. 27 pi. 

How to build, furnish and decorate . . . 

New York, 1883. Sq. F. Unpaged, ill. 

Published by the Co-operative building plan association. 

Howard, Frank. 1805-66.