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Full text of "English-Yiddish encyclopedic dictionary : a complete lexicon and work of reference in all departments of knowledge"

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Cornell University Library 
PJ 5117.A14 

3 1924 026 881 759 *...i 


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The original of this book is in 
the Cornell University Library. 

There are no known copyright restrictions in 
the United States on the use of the text. 







■ \ :• 







Paul Abelson, Ph. D. 


Benzion Hoffman 
Louis Landau Morris Terman 


Conrad Bercovici Isaac Hillman Abraham S. Sachs 

Abraham J. Peldman Ephraim Ish-Kishur Kahnan Tepper 

David Hammond Benedict Meltzer - Bertha Wiernik 

Meyer Wolodarsky 

(JT>3X) |«ofi{jn pix-p 

Dp«T Mf Dmns lisjQjjn in 

nys^yn inn pijny^ii «nQ"ij;i 




With the publication of this English- Yiddish Encyclopedic Dictionary, the Jewish Press 
Publishing Company is continuing the policy inaugurated by its founder, the late Mr. Jacob 
Saphirstein, who, in a spirit of patriotic service to the country of his adoption and as a con- 
tribution to the welfare of the Jewish population of America, conceived a well-matured plan to 
meet their intellectual needs. ^ > 

Mr. Saphirstein realized the importance of acquainting the adult Jewish immigrant with 
American life, American customs and American thought. It was his conviction that the essen- 
tials of the American character — a spirit of tolerance, initiative, energy, optimism and love of 
freedom — were the very ideals animating the Jewish people. He felt, therefore, that the so- 
called Jewish problem in America was a comparatively simple one. He reasoned that if the 
adult immigrant Jew were only given the means to know and understand his new environment, 
the gain to America and to himself would be inestimable. 

It was with these ideas in mind that Mr. Saphirstein founded the Jewish Press Publishing 
Company some twenty-five years ago when the stream of Jewish immigration to America 
began. His various efforts — "The Hebrew American, " a Jewish weekly published in English 
with a Yiddish vocabulary, the text books for the study of English in the Yiddish language, a 
small English- Yiddish and Yiddish-English Dictionary, a "History of the United States" with 
a parallel Yiddish translation, a "History of the Jews in America" in English and Yiddish edi- 
tions, "The Jewish Morning Journal," "Der Amerikaner" — all these testify to the constancy 
and the success of his policy. 

In planning the English- Yiddish Encyclopedic Dictionary, Mr. Saphirstein had in mind 
the creation of an epoch-making work in the history of Jewish culture and in the history of the 
Jew in America. His aim was niorp than the mere publication of the largest compilation and 
translation of English words in any foreign language. Such an effort in itself would be a 
creditable achievement. But his spirit of enterprise soared much higher. He dreamed of a 
treasure-house of world culture. For the first time, an Encyclopedic Dictionary would put the 
Yiddish-speaking people into possession of the results of the world's modern scholarship, science 
and culture. 

To the realization of this dream Mr, Saphirstein gave the last four years of his life. Those 
competent to jxidge will fully appreciate the great difficulties involved in the carrying out of this 
project. Organizing and literary skill, scholarship and erudition were, of course, essential to 
the success of this enterprise. But these qualities alone would not suffice. The peculiar prob- 
lem of the Yiddish-speaking American required that in conception and structure the work 
should meet the needs of the least educated no less than those of the best. In short, the situation 
called for a staff of editors and collaborators who, in addition to the essential qualities of schol- 
arship, had to have a sympathetic understanding of not only American ideas and ideals, but also 
the ideals and needs of the Jews in general and of the Jews in America in particular. 

The result speaks for itself. The English- Yiddish Encyclopedic Dictionary, in its full 
vocabulary drawn from all departments of knowledge and labor; scientific, mechanical, indus- 
trial, artistic, professional and practical, surpasses any other similar work. In aU other re- 
spects we believe that it compares favorably with the best English and American works of this 
character. "We are confident of a favorable verdict from those who know, and of the fullest sup- 
port from the public which, in the last analysis, constitute the court of last judgment. 


IS ,DJVffiB'nj; : j?3«Jfl''i« yta^jjs^T « ta^jjtatyyj r"'!atyT'fl«D ipy in tayn ,nynyjDin« d^k 

pr pK IJJT'K oyT ijjs'jyn ,D33;t2i"'nx nj;jjj''Xita''ttDJ''K ytyitai'i'ys ynniK ta'^o 7i« ytaa-'tt'VJ nn-^s 

jjnnj;'7psii« px tyoin ix jjiijjibb' 
lis !a^''pa''Bj?nta njjn iks taijjoNiiifi d^k lynyny: tajy^^jpyns tyrn lynxjsiiK yryn tay 
B''''pj''taj;nt3 niT^x pa' taij;»KiJi£3 nyi ty3"''735>j jyrn •'n p« ".yp jjitri'jaijs ojjns tyxltyn" nyi- 
]K ,p''tat!'"iifiKD apy tayn tanyiiimns'' 'pytanya is .jNta ;jjjiQj''"'n fa inyi 25 tia cjii^^jja i^k 
.ipsja-iix j;tyi ta^^sanya T'^iyiaijjJ'iN ,".yp ;ij''ty>^ays oyns tyxityn" lyn pa j;s'»sb' nyi 
Bsnjjj ipsn p« tao^j ij?3'7yToj?T pa tasy^ya jyny: tyrn lyaxjoiis j?:yny''ts'-ij;a yj-'n y^« 

.pynx lyn'ryTDyT 
-lya ; )y:i'its'ta''''taiy3 ya^nix ta-iQ yaxjoiis yDi'i'tajyDyn yty^jjy ]« /'lypnyow nn\n ^^^" 
s" ; i-mymyn DytB''<'?jjy-B'"'T'« pK DyB'n^N-B''''73jy Dyj''''^p s ; "lyD-'a-iny^ yB'''^:jy i!:y-iy''^ 
yoDiB^y: n" ; jJisyTny3"'K iyt5'iT>« s ta-'Q ty^^jjy p« "lytasstaty ytaj'«j"'''«nya n pa ytaattryj 
"lyiKpnyos nyT' ti« "^wiib't lyjiJjo lyT' ; ty^T'S p« B'''^:!jy p« "Kpnyo« p« jyT'X n pa 
3rt!'''^3tja oy-ie s^^i^imr' nyn pis lyax^cw JJiyjy^P P« yiyoyu yjynyB'nya yryn y^s— 
-''K lya^yroyn ps p-ix lynyanypiya pK tao'*'': lyi^yroyi ps p"'« tia tJ?tapnyis lyiin ".yp 
.tyt^jyo yiayn,^''3yj isa lyaso ^n pw «pi-iyn« ta^a ^yTM n ]v:vpV^ :^«yT. 
-jy ^yB'''^jiy-B'''Tis d^T' fs witaan "lyryn t^« ^JicnyjiytaJis ytasy'? D'p''taB>TiaKD 2\:))}'> 
ps nny lya ytaxy'? n tayoTiny; ny tayn jjianynyta:iK "lyryn /'■lU'^yta^y^^ ytynysy^p-ix 
yB3''B'y: "lyT p« pnyn DyijysxD-yayay ]« pn taanxiyn D{<n' layn .^k^ss pn ta-"!^ . .^yay^ p.n 
BaiKiyi tajjn oy .xpnyoK p« lyTiK ""T ]ia ytaaityyj lyr p« ps iita^ip nytyiTix lyi pa 
,niaKiyta"''7 pK taojip ,p''JDyta ,taa«ty:yD''n pa ^^tay'^yj y'7« lyonyibnK' ^{jt Dsn ,pnyn « ]"t 
yDi'jDinayj y'7K tJJt^'i'xntajy 'jyt ps tasNB'jyDin pa q-inii ytasy'? d^st ^ynyaiypnya iv p« '7ST 
.]aiK ]yBDDi'7t3p::'S ps tytaoyuyj psiiis* tatj'ta''i!a-iys nsnaB' nytyi^jjy lyi ]ia "lytanyn 
,iKBnyT mi ta^j ]yny: oy j^k lyiw p« .jJiDnyriytajiw ynyntr ,y:''Tyn s ^ynyj fx oy 
-111 yosn K ps ta:«'7Kta nytynxnyia''^ ^ys ,ta''''pj\nya-DJ^is«rij«i-is taiynjjayj iv tayn oy ^•'•'n 
ytj'iTiK n IS .p'\v'i-\ D«T ]yD«sixis ts?ny^ fx ta'^^pjnyna'-tasiin n .ta''''pa«Tnny^ya p« jyo- 
WVP '^^T oy TK •'ITS ny;"'"'taB' ]ytt'n''« s jt^-iS nnsis-n'iD'i'ip n |yaKB>ny3''« p« yo^jaiyiya 
-rjyn nyi nsa •]i'7S''j tsis lytaosyn ptiiixpn p« ^ytayi^uyj-taDjyn oyi ly'jytats'jynynais 
nytyn i«a tya'jya pa %nKnD'«i« ny'7ysyeD « tViy^ ^''t^''^^ ly^nyi fw oy ,iytayi^''3yj 

.tyta''ip:i''nya y^ysysD ta''o ta-'-'niK 
oy ta'''>n in ,]y:ii''S-iy3''« .p'^^K T'T typ "ly^y r« iye«tyyj Ti^njy fN piyn yj-ity-i dsjt 

.ta'i'ytaB'ya in tyasjn nyiy:D''Ti« n ya^yn ,'[yaKja''is n ^ynisjTiyJ tanrr'syjonn w^'^'^t 
n pa ty3JiB'ta''''ianya ytaD3'''7pJi''fi p« ytaoyuyji n p« ,-iytanyn 'i'njjs nyoina nyn px * 
-^^p-i^jy yts'''T'«-ts>''^:jy pyr' ta:''''tati> lyijny'jpny ytmysij^pisiy n ps ps lytaiyn yty'j^iy 
-S1SB' yis'i'7jiy-ta''3 ,yiyi3s ps pa Dyi pa tyasjo-'is ynyijs y^s lys'ins ""iianytanyn ytrinys 
laiD -;yD''i^3iya lyj-'jyn nyijj nnya y^ oy ^yp .nia^ ]v^^)'?i ,7yta3''Trn ynyijs y^s ^-^s .]y3 

,ts"''7jjy ps p-iyn yD^^jny yD^-nj y^s 
"ly^nyn nytjis pa ntaiyn lyo'^nj oyi pyatyiys ayn Dipi'^ns d^i ts ."lyav ?yj''''t n^a 

•lysyts'isny v -"n lyo'-n ayn ps yns^D-'is 


The publishers in their note to the public have indicated the general p 
of the English- Yiddish Encyclopedic Dictionary. The work aims "to put 
Yiddish-speaking people into possession of the results of the world's niod( 
science, scholarship and culture." It is for others to judge how far tli 
aims have been realized. For his part, the editor deems it necessary to 
plain briefly how he met and solved some of the specific problems involv 
such as the selection of words, spelling, pronunciation, transliteration, defi 
tions of words, terms, phrases and idiomatic expressions and the use of 
lustrations and examples. 


In the selection of words, one result was aimed at, namely, the wid 
inclusion in strict alphabetical order of words, terms, phrases and idioma 
expressions which are used in all countries where English is spoken. Ob 
lete, archaic and provincial terms were excluded. Care was taken to make 1 
nimaber of American colloquial and slang expressions as complete as possil 

The problems of spelling which had to be faced were unique and distil 
tive. The difficulties of English spelling are well known to all. Lexicons 
standing in the academic world differ widely on the spelling of many wor 
For our purpose authoritative choice in the matter of disputed spelling v 
essential. The staff was therefore obliged to make an exhaustive study 
each disputed spelling and to decide in favor of one or the other. 

In general, it may be stated that American usage and simplicity of f o 
were the guiding criteria. The scope of the work did not permit any leani 
toward spelling reform. In some cases it was absolutely impossible to rej 
one form of spelling in favor of another. But even in these cases the edi 
indicated his. choice. The word in the less favored form was included, but 
definition and use referred by a cross-reference to the spelling chosen by 1 


In the matter of pronunciation two problems had to be solved, first, i 
usual difficulties of accepted variations of pronunciation, and second, i 
problem of transliterating the pronunciation. 


lysKts' IX lyny: T-iw pj?nx njji .piyn lyryT ps j?i«JB''iK n ti« tK^s nyn taj-iixyajy yiymys 
-^ys s i-in tai-is np^yt-iyi r« ^St oyn .tflswts'jjjDi'n pa isik j« jik pnyn-mta^ip k jyTiK n«a 
-lya yBD3"''7p5"'e pK ytsoyiayj n ts-iD lytaiyn yty^aij? yst^a^naya y^« pa J31^dkt yjniytats' 
-ann fK ynwaiis yryn ta'«in '•n ,]y^'«^t3mK is yiyijs iNa ,T'^T'ta«3 ,tai"'"'^2 oy .]y3jwt3'«''t3 
yj'>r"'« lysy: is yn J''Q''1J isa t^i^a taiyayn .ta'^n in-'S pa ,;«''xp«iyn n .lyiynya ta-i.Tiaya 
Dsn ,tya«"i3 n taiy^ya osn v ••n p« tai-'inK lyn pa tyt3"'''n^yxj''i« -iiss « lyayn lyainy^piy 
-«nBDi^''K p« nytanyn pa ^nxnovx nyi :'7tro^ in ,iyi3i3iya ]);^^yi taiianw -lyi ta^n lya^n 
-My tia 33nn"'a3''''K n .^yaany^pny ti« ly^iixynyn^x n ,i«is«''D''i« ""T .^auy^D^iK n .jyis""* 
.n .T .K lytanyn ytyi'i'ajy n iia lyajitainya yiyiyityiya n ty^y^p•ly ix lyrsna ytf-'^ 

-Dii-ay: y^K imytaiyn iytt'iiyfis^p''x:y oyn pK tyaya ix tynyj t^w j^nynBC nytJiK 
-Knyoi^ nyTp« taa^nsya ;y"iyn d^ii ,nyEnyn y^s ."isiats' lya^i^jay nyn ]ia nytaiyn yD^^ 
lynyn ya^yii ,nyta"iyn ytsnyta^yiya Tn^a lyiiir 7yiijny:i iyDy'7ts>yjD''i« .^ysy^ p« ps nits 
-yj lynyn ya^yn .ypmoiiK pN nytaiyn ,t3D"n d^t .lyDti^wisamyns ps .taainaya ta^j nnyo " 
lyajj lyjiit n«anyT .^yiayaya yomya p« janyp^yaya nyn pa ^•••'ts cyjii^p k pa rr^a taaina 
-yoK nyT pa nyonyn pK ypmonx-op^ya ytriiKpnyoN ytaoiio n pnK nmytanyn nyn p« 

•tyjinsB'T-Dp^sa lytyi^jiy iyts'''3«p''n 

■yi fK oy '>iT .ynyiw paxa s lyny: taetj t-^m lytanyn ytyi'i'wy n lyay^D^iK pa yjwia n 
,jyny3 a^taiw nyanyi- fs oy .tsay^yjons jita-iwjynytfiya nytaiyn ytri^jiy y^ya ]y-iyii ,ta:«p 
.mmtats' ty3i'7Tn''aD"'iK ^n i^i jiuy^DnK y^^Dxa ""T ^y'rytatrtsDya ly^yr p^^w -i^a t« 
-yoN PK ■tymsyaJij »•«« oyn ,Jiwy^D"«iN lyi ly ^yta^xnya sjt in i^d ^ynyn pnsya^K p« 
y^ya ya^i^K pN .lymssyi ytaDyiij ly^ n ;in3yTi"'aD''i« ,tyoiya yny3«a:i''K n ]^ ]ik spn 
TO tyayn .taiyn s ty^y^ovK pa lymjja ycnyj jyty'7ixD''is tyitapKnajw ^ynya fs oy i«n 
•yjiiw nytaiK tsDKaya td tV^yn y^ya ytyn pw ii-is lysN .tymya yjyiyts'iya y'jK lyiyjya 
■jiK ^^53 .fs Dtjn ,Dnsa nyn p« tanyn d^t taxyrynyaiK ^yayn td oyn laimyi ^nKnonK ay: 
.lyDnyn ynynaw it tap-'is'yaay n^o tyayn taiyn ^yryn is fi« ytsDaitsDn n .aaijiio nyt 

.Diytaty-iy : jyoy^iyns iinx nv n«a isKnya nio jynsjn n«nBt5'D''iK nyi pa yaxna nyn px 
-i« 111 ,Dy^ayne n .DayBiiiix ; lytaiyn yu'i^ajy yomyj pa iKistyc'iK yjitaiKayiyc'-iye n 

.ts'iTN p« nytsnyn yts'-'^jiy n pa iKiatyDMS n lyayjixnya 
-D^w pa y^Kie n ^n lyjiitsB' jyn^yToyT eiiin lynynya tDry^y: f« dyrayns ytatrny sn 
ya^yii n«"iBt!'B''iK n ts^yoB'yataDya iio tyntjn ,J:w^^aD'•l« '^ir'^iV^ « 183 .taD^in oyn ,tyjy^ 
lyo tali ti« .oy^nyns nyoimx nyn B:i:«^y3Jjj D«n .yoDjiDss n .jjijiid nywi« lyj .fx 
nyi8 nyn n«e Dayai^x y^ysyao iy"in"'eisj''>« nttnynD:yts'iin tynyj rs ay ta-ij pw taaypya tayn 
lynyaixiyitK vayj layoD ]yiiya T^^ayo ?••« oy ^iin ,aj«^p lyty^jjy t« pa n«-ist5»DnK lyayt 

.lynKBtrsn ytyiTs inn inisb'D'«i« ytyi^wy n 
,tyiy^pny ]yw«: pK ^yjyp ta^i i^t lyc ayn .lyiniariN laii ^ijr lyo ciysiix iKa oyn 
lyaiK^p n .^t^o'? m ,myny:D''n« lyiyn ]yj:s'7p-^yta"io pK ^yjJK^p yB^i'jjiy yD3«D -"n 
yiyn pa iKnsa'Diiw n lyiiy^oiiw ta^soyn fi^a in \yp lyiiy^ovK lyn .r k ikb u pk a, o 
■"iixDinx tar^jy: fw iyi3y'7D''i« nyi ni ""its '.myny:Din« ^y-iyn in in ,ianyn iy ?yn .lyaaH^p- 
yp ."nta" inn tyjiK'i'p yryn ^yiyaisnyaiK ananj n«a taayaynya nio ?ynyn ,"T' x m' th ;yn 


As in spelling, the necessities of the situation called for a definite ch 
by the editor after thorough investigation. As to the second, keys for ] 
nunciation and symbols were neither feasible nor de^sirable. The use of 
available Yiddish consonants and vowels and a few special combination! 
th^se was found to be a satisfactory way of transliterating. In almost 
cases the sounds and the middle sounds were thus given. In a very few 
stances it was not possible to do this, such as for example, the proper soi 
to the letters "o," "a" and "u" before ''r," The sound "th" presented 6 
cial difficulties. This sound, as has been well said, is imteachable thoi 
leamable. ■ Since the foreigner is more likely to err by pronouncing the " 
like a **d," we leaned in our transliteration towards "t". The comp! 
scheme of transliteration is explained in the Yiddish preface. The words 
transliterated are not syllabified but only separated for the purposes of j 
nunciation and accent, 


The Yiddish-speaking population of America consists chiefly of adult 
migrants and presents the widest variety of intellectual training and caj 
ity, from the university-trained student to the workman whose opportuni 
for mental development have opened up only with his arrival here, 
groups however find the acquisition of English and acquaintance y\ 
American life and thought absolute necessities. 

It is obvious that the English- Yiddish Encyclopedic Dictionary wiU 
of great value to the educated immigrant. He wiU find clear, accurate ; 
comprehensive definitions of those words, terms and phrases that are curi 
among educated classes in the English-speaking world. On the other ha 
no less care was given to meet the needs of the untaught. In defining e 
the most elementary words or terms, it was assumed that the person c 
suiting the dictionary had nothing to unlearn and everythiag to acqi 
about the meaning and use in question. By explanation, by illustration, 
examples in English or in Yiddish, by cross-reference to synonymous or 
aldgous words, the meaning given in the simplest Yiddish is made clear e 
to one who possesses only the bare rudiments of an education. 

Definition was confined exclusively to the present meaning and 
of words. The most common meaning and widest use of the words t\ 
given first, then shades of meaning. In most instances words which h 
a special meaning when used in connection with other words were given v 
these others as phrases. Where necessary for the sake of clearness of dei 

y T J? Ti y a xni 

jjijysynsB'Qjjj inn ij;jj«^p.j?b'''^;jj? n ]jjjdi''SV3 is ,tyDuy:j{j tyatjn Tin oyn ,ik^s lyxjsj 

-istanys n .ts'i^Jiy ri'S' tVP ^yn ,tyT'K dj?i n«s p« tyi^ajy lynj?^ is ly taty-ij? "jv taniin 
IV^ytatyjyiyiBix tyjyp ]j?'7{jt Dijn ,j;3^j?tK pn tanop nymyi lyayn ]yjjnj?^pnj> p« tyjjits'ta 
-yn Dy .T'^nn''SD'>iK p« T'^tapa-'S ,taiB'S ,iy'7p lyr^t iyjjict3''''mys n .?yT>K lyow^p y^« 
.iyjjita''ny3 yryn tis ty:iJn"'ta«B' y^K ]i« nyanyn yti'i^jjy n 71s ^yjiita-inyi y^K lyay^yj lyi 
layn ^K^st5' yty^jjy n ta'^j ly: lyp oy nyn pN nnyo i^jj ]yjiy^ tayii B^i^jjy pity ]yp oyn nyi 

•W'^V'^ i^f lysMna^ tyjyp nmytanyn oyT ps 
,ty:jit2inys "it tyay: is aayitaB'yj n^D lynyn nyiany n yty^jjy n pa jjwta"'''tanys lyi ps 
DiytsD^o tyrn jyjJita-'nyn yjiQ''''SiKa jik ymyta'i'ynya n .nytasis lynyn nytanyn ■'i ya^yn 
-^yToyT p» piK iia tyjJia''''iy3 yiynyty-iya n pa jjimij^ix nyi pk .^ynyiiyj ]yTy^y:D''iK 
tymp ya-'^anyiiya p« yai^o'inay: -\nyo -"T tn ,'7^3 nyn ]^ lyta^Nnyj tit tiq lyntjn lanyii tyi 
ta-iD jjnrmya pK jJiQ"'''iyi y'rysysD « tyiyn nyoiyn yty^'j'jjy yoinyj jyn .lytatyiy ms 
jjiiiny iy{s''>tDyn«3^H nyn^yrnyi pK isnyi p« yrxia ysiNj n tyayjiy: tanyn ,nyt3"iyn ynynjN 
-^ytoyT ti« p''K pa tyjjiiainyi yjyiytriya n lyasD is "lyny^p di« .nytanyn yj^ys^w in 
lymia yts'i'?jiy lyayjyj lytaiis lynyii oy iin ta-inynu tyj^it^inyi n tasy ^yiyn ,taiyn ^yn 
.taamayj taiyn tanyn d^t ■'H ^tyj^is is ,iynyoiJ yiiyayiats'iaiy lytajis 
n pa tyjiitainya yiynytynya n lynntaDi^^s is lyrsna ytyi^:ijy pa ^nsiiDiis oyi p« 
lyp lyo ya^yii ,iyjinyisje y^ysyao n is lyosais latioyj iit t«o ]ynyn lytaiyii yr^^jiy 
-yta"''? ytaiKpyn 'pa yjisD^iM tynya is Qwtae'js pw ,ny-iyTJi« ni imytaiyii kt« is iy'7ytaB' 
--yn ,ny3inyta-iyii ytynyas'i'pisjy w>'?iiv yD''nJ n p« lyouyaatj fx oy ■'H ,piyii ytynxn 

•tyTXiB yD''^:yta'7S ,y'taws iyiy:yj n^D lya 
-nyaiK ta^: T'T lyty^ ya'i'yiv ,yp."'mD''iK-i«"iSB' yjiitanwy^iiN n .tao^in oyi ,7ynyT's n 
' -lajy "inn DiytaDiio ,1^3 tasyryanyais tji« •'•'s tyrn n^ist'' iy"TJ« t« P« T'^iytatysn ^ysyr 

.lynyniN ytj^iTiK ytjyaynsty 

IS «iD«fiis y^ysysD n tapyiisyi inK t^ki jyntjn tyjy''ss-itaDi^''« pa ^hkiidiis oyT ta^D 
-nit3«j pa tayay: pqiis lytanyii i^x ontj inyr fs i«neB' ytyii^ ••i .]y;ji-iynya yB^nix n 
,,iy3«3 y^ya ta^D taa«trt3J«pyn n ta^nya iyTi« nyi .n .r .« laiii-iw-Tiy .^yiswiiNj ,ytaD''ry: 
,iytaiyn yij ]yD«o lyaKtr is tyiiyj rta^ii lu ta^j nyanyi fs oy .didx^d ps lyj^jiDyayna 
n^^p Di« ,iyi'7''3 p« tyjsj''SN"itaDi'7''« lytaiyn n iis tyaya is ]yiiyj ^ttan: tiik fK oy -lyj 
lyDiix ,tyijj''SK-itaDi^''« y'jysysD taoxiiyajinK ,yT^« ,\v^^>^ T'o JJitainya nyn' jyaso is 
.pra oyi pa piyii y^K p« ty3y:y:i ii^jnynyj ^ynyn o^ii ya^jy n 

IJ^ispKnyi n tayn iisiytaiyii pia 'r^ita lytynystj^pisjy nyi pa jJi^yiatyjyoNTis nyi pn 
.,nyiiy^Dii« lytayi^inyj ayi ta^n :p^sja lytyn^K pa t]?D«'?p ys^^jyo y^K ta^D tajyaynyj iit 
,nyonya oyn ta^o .pntaTin-fin nyi ta^D ,taiyiitaD oyn ta^o ,]V^iyo jy^yjyiDyaynfi byn ta^ta 
■3^ PK ly^pitans yri'jp ta^o ^la fK pnyii 0^1 .^)}'y^lyn oyn Qin pw nsK^o-^yi oyn ta^D 
jyjjny^pny ynayfita y^ya iNiKaiyjiv, oy, .yijytatyjyjyj ytaDiyryts'nya n nyaiK lyaji^usn 
. .ya^TS^ia ,taDJip ,y:^^{j3iDS .yj^^jjifa ,t3aKtt'jyD''ii-nita«a 11a tayiy:i ptins ]yroiyta ]ia 
-jiK ,'7yniMn ,yijy^ijis>?D ,yiQS3spy •iyty''ta'''?SB ,pita''^«s .yiaaiiyyj ,pitasDytaKD .lijiji^yi 

.11 .T .N yntaon 
-yi lyrn pK taiiaixy^DiiK ^^taamsa tyrn ,-ii^t3aKB'iyD''ii jjyntatt' tyrn tyjiny^piy n 

xiv pr]i:pace 

tion, tlie different meanings of a word were grouped numerically and app 
riate illustrative examples in English added. 

The conventional method of using phrases and quotations from lite 
masterpieces to illustrate the meaning and use of words was obviously 
suitable for our purpose, since such phrases and quotations can have sij 
icance only to those who are well acquainted with English literal 
Accordingly, phrases and quotations of ordinary conversational usage ^ 
given as a more serviceable aid to definition. Idioms were likewise tre 
in an original manner. Every idiomatic expression was translated freeh 
the equivalent Yiddish idiom. 


The selection of illustrations requires some explanation. In the fiel 
natural history, seafaring, handicraft and in many other domains there 
paucity of words in the Yiddish language. In parts this deficiency was i 
plied by suitably coined words, and in such instances the use of illustrat 
was indispensable. We have also included an abimdance of illustrations 
the simplest tools, machinery, agricultural implements and utensils in d 
use. The Yiddish population of America was largely reared in rural and si 
suburban communities in Europe. Illustrations of the character mentit 
will help these people adapt themselves to the enlarged material surround 
of American city and country life. 


In the selection of encyclopedic matter, the needs of all groups -^ 
considered, those of the educated foreigner, the professional man, the 
dent, the business man, the mother and housewife, the farmer, the artisan 
the tradesman. The work abounds in carefully prepared authoritative and 
to-date articles on the most important terms in the field of physical, nat 
and mental science, of technology and handicraft, of philosophy and arl 
religion and theology, of mathematics, of general and American historj 
politics, economics and sociology, of commerce, trade and industry, of Ai 
ican customs, manners and life. 

The treatment of expressions for ideas which of necessity are mattei 
controversy was studiously unbiased. The aim throughout has been to d( 
a term exactly in the way in which the group to whom the term bel< 
would define it. 

J? 1 y "11 b* s XV 

IT Tis nyjjymy n ps ^yjKDtynys T'^jnynya lyiyn •••'T "iii vt« tyrmyo yrn'^-i ]y'\v''P'^V 

-ty^^aiy" lyuiK r« TT ?y3''Byj nytanyn ytr-i^^jy ijyfita :ixiKns pt? tanyiJin nyi''K 
in-'K taajK^yajy oyn isnsty yaoa-'n n fs tf-i^jiy ."imyo-iyn jytynysy^p-'sjy lysyn-'M 
•is-isty y"iyii« fs taij ya^yn, ""n "lytaiyii nnyo ta^yonya iKisty yt^'^^ajy n .}'«B>-nyt3nyii 
4yj3ita''iiy3 y^ys tatjn taiijn oyiy p« nytaiyn yiyiyity-iys y^ya v tajjn s^nays lyiy i«a 
-Dp^sa « D^« .isnat? yajT" « d^« ,tyn''K nytii« fs -Knaty nys'-'^aiy nyn t3''n T'''^:nys pN 

.Qiny nnyt ]1K nnyt ,-na«-iyt3'''7 nytapayityya px lywii « nnyr ta-'o -jk-isb' n d^« ,i«is^ 
oyiy .aaiTonye p« :ii^p''ntaiy pa oysyna pK nytas''« T't tarayj iKisty ytytTK «n 
-ntja PK aai^p-intajy -[y^y'i ta-in iaa'7yn -lya-'nc' yts'iT'N ya-i^tai^ntaiKiya tia pnyn ytaony y^: 
■yn n lyowo ^t ly^yn t-d tyn .lyantaiya-'K pn ta*": tayn oy rs ,-iyay lyi-'T?: n-iD .mhid 
]ia ajn^mye px janya^nya lyT is ^ya ■•itx ;yjynQyj''''3 ta-'j lyj tayn pnyn pp tk ,;jitaBvn 
."imytanyn Dyts'nyas^p''s:y Dytt'''T>N-t5''«'7Jiy" "lytaix ••n n^isB^ nyts^n-'K nyn 
-nyNnyjJiK nyn pa nytanyn yiayfita y;i^njnys y^ya ,y^y3 a^ ps jjisytnyitx nyn is 
-lyn ytyn^x i^yfita ntje yta'rnysyji «n d-io lytatjitayais tio ^yaiit iKistJ' nyty-'^aiy nyain 
Q«nyj ta-ia lya^sn tid .lya-inaya ytapxitaoaK y^ya nsa nycnyn ta^nysy: tji« jyayn oy .nya 
T>« nyn ya^yn iy:yn ,iyta''"'n •'Itk p« tyiapyu-ix ,B'''a ,min ,iys3K^a ytanyii -n nxa lyoyj ]••■'? 
oy .^«^st!> iin p« lynya p''p ta-ii latjn -iy ys^yn iNa ps ta''i qn:ya i^-^p ptai^n^ ayn 
nKjyt lyayn oy .tyQiyD'niaD:''« ^yis'^'^sys is nyanyn ytaDDKajii« «n la^nyaya ui« jynyn 
-"11 ''iT« pK iny^^taD /nyoDity ,''''nyT^it5> •'•'n taainny: tynyn d^ii nyonyn y^'n-'K a^nyaya 
lytyiDn "lyn pa — lis^on p« ^youtaiy ty3''"'T tanyo ^yryn pa lyianyii ytao-'-'D n '7''''n ,iyD 
nyts^'i^jjy nyT pa — spnyoK p« p^? ■iyB'ta''''T nyi pa — tyjyon P« iys'«'7«3 px ,"i«natr 
-iy nyuiK ]'^» tyo tatjn nyaiyn yty^jjy ytaD-iio -"T m ,'[ympyjD''is oy fN lysnyi tiN 
n tyaKB* taeiwiys ivx a^n jya nya ,iysyTiy3''K aa-ixiya lu a'': imyaiyn ^ytrnysts^p-'S 
.]yD«tis yi^n nyny ^yoiya yiyn nyi^ JiisyT-iyn">« lyn nsa nyaiyn yj-'a-'ii 
-yn lyav i"i« anayj jiisynyn-iK nyi i;ia a^n ]ya .B-'VJ''iyii«s' P''« 1«i lyiiya fix isnyi 
-iy^ yiyiycnya pa ]yTii ]ysi:y2 tit ]y^yii iirnyaiyn ^ytynys^'^p-'Siy -lytJix a-'o r« ,|yi 
jynyj yayiy B'nya ^yayn tysxr yjyiyti^nya t« ,a3«iay3iK j-ix lyonyj aaixnyi aijn ^ya .lyn 

.Kpnyas tiK lis^on .lyiyon .lys-i^sa ^n* 
B-iD i^-iax lysuys ■'ns ajypy; nycs a-ij tt ayn ^yo t« ,d^ik ^bik «t« F|1ik aaip oy 
TK ,Knio- D-iiK ,p'7i5B ]ytB'n''K pa ly^'fia yD''iiya •'••a Tinny: p« pic jyr''t ys^yii ,nya-iyn yiy^ 

.IISTH ynyiJH n«B tyipiya ty;:"'^p ^y^yii ^n 
,D3yatyny .aiyiyayj ajriyajiK iv asjn nyaiyii y^i D^natr nyo'in: « ,iyanyn y-ij px 
IS Di« ,Diya''''iis ,pK lyaiyn- yty^Jiy ^nys yD''n:-iy''nyjJi« n lysynya-iK ^yiyp is di« 
-y: y^K sivx ^yiyii aa-inayj tyjyp ^^t ya'ryii ,i«""iB'5' "lyts^n-'N k n«a ' aiyoNniia oyn jyay^ 
.n''a n 7yiiy: nanyn t^« v lya^? ,yj''tyi"i k lyiiy: t^k a"'"'3i« n -lypiyT tyD-i^tyayo pa ;yay^3 
y'i's imyanyii iyB'nyBtj'7p''Sjy iyiii« p« a3«i3yjj"'n« tid ^ya^n ^yatyiy ay^K nis 
yaaymya'T'i tyaipyn tynyn ya'jyn ,yp''"nD''iN ps nyanyii ,|yiiDiya yD-'^aaKts'jyD^n yjy^ 
PK T31K "i Ti''ii'7''''a pits' aD-innyj tJ?o y^'^yn .iJ?P^ys yBT'Ti^''ii''S it tia lyDKisty y^K pK 
•IKistf nytiiK pa aai^p'niajy nyiya-'in nyT pK lyD-inay: lytia -inyn itji ayii lya ya^yn 
pa lyavTsya n ikb ^yaiK^p yaoia ]^^p |y3''i^3 a"«3 ^y^jjt lyaiyii ynyiw yryn nyny dik 
-yj ann"'Byjr''K tjik "a fK ,i''i"isy3 P« t'"iy^J"i« WV? IV^^t ■•n dik tiK iinyanyn nytiiK 
.lya-iyn yais-B pK ]yiyii any^piy ^uya 'jkt oya^yts anyn oyiy tk ,ty"iKn 
V? tyjisyj a"-: aKn lya ys'i'yii tkb ,-iyB^''ii ■'itk pK b'-'b ,]ys3K'7B ,nT'n ps ]yoy3 iks 



An important result of the publication of the English- Yiddish Encj 
pedic Dictionary will be its influence on the development of the Yid 
' language. As indicated above, Yiddish is a language of few words when c 
pared with English. It was therefore necessary to adopt and incorpo 
thousands of words that form a part of the world's languages into 
former tongue. In the accomplishment of this task, the standards of ortl 
raphy and word-formation which were adopted, will undoubtedly have an 
portant influence on the future growth of Yiddish. Students of this phas 
language development will be interested in the editor's special note on 
subject in the Yiddish preface. 


The editor desires to express his thanks to all his colleagues and 
laborators, Avhose cooperation made the success of this vast and unus 
undertaking possible. 

He is particularly indebted to Mr. Benzion Hoffman, Mr. Louis Lan 
, and Mr. Morris Terman, the associate editors. Their devotion, self-sacril 
genuine and constant interest in the work, their unfailing industry must 
ever stand out as a manifestation of the true spirit of scholarship. 

To Mr. S. Vaisberg the success of the mechanical details of the worj 
mainly due. Only those familiar with the printer's art can fidly appree: 
' the technical difficulties involved in the publication of a bilingual dictior 
, in the Semitic and Aryan languages. Mr. Vaisberg was ably assisted 
Mr. M. Milch, Mr. T. Glass and Mr. M. Davidow. 

But above all, the editor owes a debt of gratitude to the late lamer 
]\Ir. Jacob Saphirstein, the founder and manager of the Jewish Press P 
lishing Company. His vision it was which conceived the value and sigi 
cance of the work. The full measure of confidence, sympathy and supj 
which he gave to the editor has made its realization possible. 


New York, December 21, 1914. 

y T y m {J £5 xvii 

p^jjn lis .,iy3«"iets» "ns n ixjijyii titioj;^ T"? ij?a ayn ,i«isti' lytynis nyn r« lytaiyn 
■\''73j?Ttas'in .c'Dn ix ii« tyQ''''T ix — ii«n ny'i'ia nyi ta'^o riyt3t!'-ij;Dnj?ii tasya'yj tayn trniN 
^•"11 ,n«snj?T laics riti' -ij/anvii yts'ta-'n q-'d qsijj?3 ii3ivtaij?1i ijjtais ri< T*' IVo tayn iJ'^S 
lyT r« rnw ijjtsDp DN in ]j;d«s lyianyii ytrtain ii« B'n'•^? ix ]j?taDiajnj?J d« fs tyts^n 
lym nycnyii ytyon .iw^-yowo "lytJix pK tan-'mys -\)}^y^'? jyiyn ps iMnsiy nj?ti'n''« 
B2y^jjJiyn«Tis lyj-ijyii nyiy nnj?D pity iv lynyn ya^yn .ys^yts DjyBD''''D lynynya taD-inajja 
'.taiyii ytyon d^t "»« yB'ta''''T otji •<« lynynyj^taa-'nayj lya^r jyta^yt qij .tyT'K b''d 
tfiiD yai^tay lyaya ix ]y:iJiKnsyj lynya tasy ^yo fw nyianyn yty-iTiK y3"«^:nyny: ""T t«ik 
-rnyne •iy^'\yi lyjin lytaiyn n lyn ,^«a oyi ps lyiiyj anu '«it« in lyo tayn d^t .^«o« 
-:iy DjjT lyo tayn ,Djytats'ny : ^yis nyta^ysyi « tyisnyj lao'injiyi »•'« ta-ionyT .tyDf^N-'x 
PN ta3«n3yjj''''n« lyn tayn ,D3yta'''>nx jik lyTtx y^K nNS T«'7i3yt3tynys taDKoy: tanyii ye'''^ 
■yj3^* P''oy3^« nyiaysty T'^3''''iB'in«ii ly'jyii ys'i'yii ,-iytanyn yiajKpya-^-'jyn -iwiBty nyts'-'TK nyn 

.mtaKnyta''^ nyB>ni« nyi p« tyn:'n tyoi: 
-nyii y^K tyDi:ya lynyn T'D m .oi^ty -iyts>^«s nyi ^y-iyii lya-iixyj ta'^a lyay ^tjt paiyT 
lyayayj in lyayn T'd ;yii ,ja^''X -lyi p« .ni«n nyi is lyoipy; lu T3i« lya'^n oy ya'jyii' ,nyQ 
TiD lyiyn ,iy:''syj lojypy: ni3 •'n lynyn tiq ikii nytanyn y:"«ta''ij n w^'^^p is nis ytaoyna n 
D« lyrn D^n .ya'JyTK .tao-'-'n djjt .ytaoatDSB n tyi''"''7piXD>iK n^o inya lyj jyayjy: "lyny in 
nytrnKiyta"''? ■iyts'n'>« lyn is lytajnya yon^a -lyn p« lym nyny ,ia"'iisty-iya lytaonnyo 
jya^n ,iaTjj^y: nii t^ tayn -oy i«ii .taDi''5 •in''« is ii« lyonya ya'-'^xpitaKDKnj y-i.Tix is nw'ists' 

.yaiya yB'n''« « lyoipya nyiaiyii yts'ta''''T n 
Qsny: tyj^ p« iiik tid tyayn .nytanyn tis tyonya y'^j p« nytaiyn y^a :n3yj:''''n33'''''i« 
-D-'iK yiyta^KnyaDii« |« jis D'''7'73 yt!''''7Sp''taKDKn3 ytacya nyj^jyn nyiy -inyo lyta^-'aiKisD-'iK 

.lytaiyn pa jauy^ 
piyii oyDvia lytiix tayii trnis tis 33i'i'p"'iita3y "lyiyta^n nyn px tn ,ny5v i^jyt ito 
tsyii ty-iTK tis lytyiya nyny p« -lya^ity nya^n-ix •tyi's}'' ps lytapNa nyaitaa-in d'js tyjyn 

."iu-pynyay-i d^k tya-iniy: lyno - pK lyjyp -jmytaiyn nyui« 

]iK lyjy^sp yrn yrs is pj«T tyD'''7S-iyn pn jypmD''iN nyiapNiyn lyi ^t 'jtn disss' dis 
.lyrtyi nytyi pa a^yaiy nyi T''7:yD laDsnyj !21''3-ik nyn inn lynsjn ya'i'yii ,nytaii3iNta''o 

.j:ionynyiaii« nys-i^jnynyajiN 
.K) inaw^ D-iKi^ ,Ci''3S) iKOBsn p-'s-jn piyn n is tayt33'''7eiya ^ysyso T'T ta^.Tia ny 
lyT IS yny^ lynoK laio ])}m:}T2 v\'72 .yiytapNnyTia''» yj''^ ,]«cnyta omyo ps (lyi^'jnyn 
]i« taiNn^yny^nyits ntk ,Dyiyta:"'K tyeyta kts iya''''SDin« /n in ,tajypya lynyn taaKts'jyD^in 

.pnyn lyryi pa :i3ioyp^ya'iya lyi p« ta^^'ps-'^njin:! «t« 
pa ta^n nytyijsyta nyi pa j^yaiy oyi -lypjsnya is iio ^yayn jnyaDiiii ^yiioyo myn 
n lysKtray lyjyp ^y^yn ,i«a-pi"n pta^o tajKpya ])!y'^^ oyn ,yr:y> n "iia ."iimytanyn nyi 
-^yntain ya^nya D'3ny3D''''ii -nyn .yiynix in yn«:DiiK «t« jik lytaiipjinynty ytyi^Dyu yDnnj 
.lUjTiivn .0 -^-^yn ps d«^3 .to nyn ,i'7'o rO iiyn lyiiJ?^ IV^''''' JJi^iitaay nytyjayta nyn ps nya 
-DiiN tayiasi^aiya nytapKiyi lyi in taSiia :iiiiypny:{j tiK tsiipiMnpiST ytaosyta n "lyn^ 
, Dyis ts'isityn" nyi pa lya^sinya pK lyiin: oyi ,pitaty'T'e«D spy ty3"''7yT nyi ^ypmis 
T'?iyo tayn -ny ]i« jjionynytaais -lyryn tyayn pj«ny; oyn lyastryj layn ly ".yp ^rts^i^nya 
-Tiitai» pn ,tyisp«iy'i lyn is tyntais pn inn pjsiyj lyryiT pa jjiai^piiinya n taaxnyj 

.ytaxsraiD p« jjip 

.1914 ,iy3»ysyi iyta2i ,p-iyi r: 

-oynpw ay^iv .is j .o'^jia yB"?8p''D8D8-iJ n tsn^ d'j tya^'t pk o^'itswnj/njsjss tynyii nj/oiyn n 

.■nsiscro'is nj;"t ta'i? ,d"P3'' 
•D iwx Dj/T 'Tin B'n'N pK PK c'^jjj; pk ovD'nwJs tDiyii dish 8 PE3 Djysps nyi 
'11 .tWJsJip VB^TK njMnsB'tJJs? inn tnvii jyavawiya'K 'uw d'J tvivp iwjs^p ytf^jjy wjsc 
^myonyii dvi pk ivrn y^iys w^yts pk .pnyn tyryn is ynymss lyi pk dj"xwj« pik' vk dji 
-tsjy n IX iVDDUjyntjj ds ]vyi d»ii .tyjjs^p ycn'N j/jy oamDW 'isnstJ'D'iK ij;b"tk njn p» 
P3 ^Knstj'D'iK nyi p« wiD'nya nJW^SD iw»n tj/jJN^p vb^tn yuyj^ssj .yB"?3jy ynjwynsB' 

nyt3iyii_j?B"^jjy n 

.8 JJ8?P lyjJsJ' 8 Djwvya ns (« 

.8 jjsJip lyts'nn 8 djwisw ntj (3 

.8 JJ85>P IWJ8? 8 t3jy3"X»3 iy (j 

.y jjs^p lyajs? 8 tajya^sya ny (t 

.1 JJ8?P iyjJ8? 8 t3jy3"syi m (n 

jjs^p iyD"ii oyT nyi8 "yny?" dish jis 'ii .1 5J8^p iyjJ8^ 8 .DjytsB'iy : njyD^vyi V (1 

.yijy IX ■> 8 pa 28Jis s uvo "-lyjy" dish p8 m v ws^P lyaJiytayn tajya^syi ^S?^ 
,Djyt3"iix .;"tyTn" pn 'ii jj8^p tynJ-ytDyn nyns (..) ni'S 8 .DjyoB'iy : lyja^syn "''' (n 

•'"' '11 jjs^p tyn^ytoyT 
."p't" isisii P8 " tyasn oy 'ii jjs^p lya^ytoyT ojya^sya ^8 (0 
.•> jjN^p DyjyrixyjD'is is nyns ' tyjiJs^ip "iis na jjio'jjyostix n tyjD^sya n> pR ni ,'; ^, 
,n 8 tvayjyjix •nn-iyonyn tytyn p8 cnyn qu ti8 gu ,w tyjjs^P n pa ■qsnsB'D'iN lyB'n's ijn p« 
.B^^ajy I'N DiynyjD'ns lynyii iy3J8?P yryn nyaf-yii d'd ,cprD-i8jyr»N n jyja^sya is di8 

a. , .^ adjective 

adv. ■ • ■ ■ adverb 

c conjunction 

int... interjection 

« noun 

pr pronoun 

prev. '. . ■ .prenosition 

t). . . ; verb 

.lya^'^ijDjjn ps j .i .« 

.lyo'^ii {Jt P8 n.T.S 

.18'S81t3D1?'S ^m 

.t3D"n Djjn n .T 

•Wt T 




BIRDS OF THE UNITED STATES (between) 126—127 




NATIONAL FLAGS (between) 506—507 

CULTIVATEP FRUITS (between) 538—539 

NORTH AMERICAN GAME BIRDS (between) 548—549 

GEMS (between) 556—557 

GRASSES AND THEIR ALLIES (between) 586—587 




A, a ("K) ns asBtyin ii/bb'-ib ivt 

a-b-c iin 

a a. and prep, (y) ; pK ,ix ;i"n .s 

A i (isiin ",N) yoB'ny ;Bnsi yau'iy 

It was a flrst-class entertainment. It was Al. 

aal n. (?n8) ivmsa is Jysisii t'o ts 


aam n. (ons) l<K Dt$Q 8T8 ; ?"K ii$ 
B58] i"ii US ?MK lyBoya is iJsJtsn 
m?sj yi!"?;:y 4i km B?isn dso i"ii 

.[37— DSD'S' IN D?8 UN 

aard'vapk «. (pisii-'Tus) i'=iiy lyi 

■'. [SPnSS'Tt I'S] I'MIB" 

aback' adv. Cpya-y) 'P'^'i ; P'lis .1 

; lyoj'n iiB ; tyosioyjp'iis : OBiyn 

iyjypB:8 ij<ii dvt o'o .2 ; ijib>mi ns 

lyi r« jyjyt n b'd ;[5|'is' b tyayii] 

.535130 .3 : -\yf\ na JJioan 

1. ISlsht days aback. 2. The; lay the 
sails aback. 3, He was taben aback when- 
he heard the remark. 

abac'tlo n. (is-'sy-'pya-y) 'Tin 5'aD s 

.5yB'o y3'5BDj'? 

abac'tion n. (ist!'-'py-ay) »'pyil8 DST 

"t UN 5SD 8 B'o niona 5y'B lyjy'ajj 


In the cattle raising districts of the West, 
abaction is a crime severely punished. 

abac'tor n. (-i^i^-'jiv-:iV) .aufl'a 8 
ab'acus n. (DSP-y-'ay) =iy3yi 8 .1 
='18 lyi .2 ; Byn3=5y'Bt!' 8 : Byia 
.5"! 8 iiB 5"B lyoiynya 

aard'wolf «« (Si5i8iin-'ii8) »ny lyi 
=5yii n'n yB":sp'ia8=Tt 8t8] i5sii 
Bf'Bt!' UN yjyn 8 is T?ony t'x sa ■ 

.[lyBpytJ'N E3'!3 ^'t 

> Aardvolt 

Aaron'ic a. (p's-'jsi-y) r'K dsii 

.tnan \'\r\». is i"b' 

Aarbh'ical aJ (5yp^'K-'J81-y) D»ll 

lyoip yajyii] a'jna n is V& r'K 

.[man- nax no D'ns 

Aar'on's-pod n. (i8i-l:»-'iy) D'nn8 

onyBB'ya dsii ajyosJis 8t8] rypyBE' 

lyss-isB' Dy ty35yii na lypyosy 8 lis 

=yBB' 8 lyis' ,iyijy y-"3 jia lyaysa 

Biiynyjons t'x Dy iya?yii ons lyp 

.[j:85!S' 8 

Ab n. (ay) jr jjiim lyn 

A. B. ((3 hiK) na man 'tcNT 't 

Artium Baccalaureus lyoiyii 't 

DISH lyBjyilBD 183 >1D'B DJ:n5'3 8 

.ByB'tiyii'Jis ts lya'ijy 

JtaQhelor pf arts .t 

ab'aea n. (8P-y-'3y) dsii] 0P85b I'n 8 

.[ty'i8 I'K BDpsn 

ab acist n. (t)B'D-!;-'3y) ,ti3t!'n=5»a 8 

.lyasyn s 

1. Abacus 2. Abacus 

Abad'don ». (i»-'i^"a|i ;'?yii"B nyi 

^i.ihjn'j] 5yn 't 

abaft' adv. ('oaya-yy =nyBj'n oyi I'x 

.lyoj'n ?ib ; ti'Bf 8 tiB 5"nB 

aba'Iienate i>. (B"8-jy'5-'"N-ay) 

iyjsnonya'K .tSBynaas ; lyinyiBBjy 

IS Dyi"!< !iB ■DinBjy3"K tis Bayi dst 

.i-iv-iz» 18 

aba'lienated a. -"8-3y'5-'"K-ay) 

IS lyjsiBWnya'K ,ByioyiBB:y (lya 

Q?'iBis ;[DiBjyj"K tyjyii] iy"iyiJ8 is 

lyn t8 ,Bj'iyB'ya ptsbbi 'it8 lyis 

«'iyD lyT I's] tyT'Jts'pyiiB oy sn8i 

;[53l^' i's] DiyBBiyj ,bb"dis ;[i's 


abaliena'tion n. -'"«-:y'5-"K-ay) 

iJjioyiBas '1 ; j:iJS"iBiy3'K 't (ise' 

iiB Jji3y3ny3'8 't ; j:nDyiBQjy 'i 

=yiJ8 DIS Dyj"8 IIB B3yiD01Bjyj"N 


abalo'ne ». ('j-'i85-83-y> t!"B I's s 

.BSP lyin ; )'3y5S(!' iyBn8n 8 d'2 

abamu'rug n. (DSl-'l'O-V-ay) ="iyB 8 
=DyBiyB IS 'i:8ii yB"iis 8 jJU'BDya 


aban'don v. (isn-'jya-y) ;iyts5-iyB .1 

; lyayjB'iK ; ty3y3as3 .2 : tyan8iipyii8 

iyt85 ,inyj lyts? waw v« iyt85 

.anyj dv 'h inyj 

' The sailors may abandon a sinkine. ship. 

abandon' n. ('tsi-:83-y) =iyB dst, 

=85yjD'i8 : tyt85 i'bb' i's dst ; tyrs? 

."IB I't iyB58n DST ;B"njyD 

aban'doned o. (iJSl-'jya-y) =nyB .1 

.2 iiysisiiyapyiis. ;ty3y3y3B'iK :iyts5 

=:'! ;iJ'i IS iy3yj-iy3'8 ; iyD85yjD'i8 


1. The general abandoned his position. 

aban'doner ». (ny-osi-'3y3-y) I8 

.nyts5nyB s ; lyaiBiipyiis 

aban'doning ». and a. -jsn-'jys-y) 

: JJiBi8iipyii8 ; !yts5iyB dsi .1 (jj'8 

.3'ijyis5iyB .2 

1. The abandoning o( the friends of youth 
is contemptible. * 

2. Abandonltia all its supplies, the army re- 

aban'donment n. (Djyo-JS1-'3ya-y> 

OS dst ,iyay3B'iK dst ,ryt85nyB dst 

=yD85y3D'iK 18 lyin'B dst ; lyByio 

.ry3y5 oyj. 

abarticula'tion n. -r-piB-i8-3y) 

nyny'53 ya'53yiiya b3"? <isi!'-'"5 

•-"V .iyp3y5y3 

abase' v. ('D"a-y) ; lys'iyTJiy .1 

; naio iiB iyas5i!'3s"i8 ; iysyi3si8 

nya B'o ny3"8 «i'i8 iypipnyB3n8 .2 

.iyp'53 ynjyB38 

1. Her look abases me. 2. Will she abase 

abased' a. ('DD"a-y) =3S18 ,Biyi'JiyT 

.noiD na lyasSOTs 

abase'ment n. (D:yn-'D"3-y) =ioyT ' 

.n"n:yjs5B'iyT: ; 3ji3'-iyT3iy ; sju'b 

abash' v. ('jyya-y) I'x ; lyoyciya 

.iy33"i3 B"n3y3y5'iy/! 

abashed' a. ('t3B'y3-y) ; Bonyu'iya 

.B"n3y3y5iyB t'8 ,typsit!'y3j"N 

abash'ing a. (ji's-'tvys-y) oyoyB'-iys 

.B"n:y3y5iyB i'8 5'-T:y?yBK' un 

abash'ment ». (B3yD-'tS'y3-y) =y5"t»B 

.aJiDyts'iyB ; 33isTBt!'y3 : B'Tijya 

aba'table a. (53yB-'"3-y) lyo DSii 

,iy38D 3'B5'33is ,iyD"-nyB3n8 i»p 

.lyD'iQB'DiN ,iysyiasi8 ; lyiyots'is 

abate' v. ('Q"3-y) : nyij'myfl .1 

iy3S5B'asT8 ; lya'iyTJiy ; Iy5'B(^' .2 

;[t"nB na] tyts5iyB3n8 .3 :nBio na 

«pyii8 B3yi:i8 b'd ; ryaso 3'B5'3J1n 


1. The evils of bad government can bo 

3. He will abate from Iiis original demand. 

aba'ted a. (iyo-'"a-y) Bpsnysss 

sp'oai i'8 B3'n3y3 D3yBD"n Biyii] 


abate'ment n. (B3yo-'B"3-») =3'oiyB 

; t'i-iB IIB iyis53S"i8 ; B838"i ; a3nyn 

=3j'i3 nJBBtyDiK lyiiyiyBt!' ; B'S'ayi 

,181 8 IIB sjianyjs'tya n ;a3isyB' 

; B'3 Bayn i"p Bsn lyn y35yii fj'is 

8 na 33n'D8P ; J3ia8D3'B5'a3i« s't 

.?ya'K m iib a:i3'B"ty3 s'l .bbi^o 

aba'ter n. (■iyt3-'"a-y) =»i:'Knya 8 

=?'o 8 ;5yB'o D33iiyn3'myB s nyi 

.5yB'D D3:i-iyi 


ab'atis «.. (D'ts-y-'sv) vnspnsa s 

: 13"D twyj ivifBiy n b'o nyaMs no 

.o»-n vsnyavBB' md vispnsa s 

aba tor n. cinia-'iia-y) bbi, (jjjyo s 

0U11 ijns ,BDjn3ix ca iv Dysjf oanyj 

, .B3jnjiN B'a Bjy'B'T 

ab attls n. (D'B-y-'3») iia nispnsa 

» ,"iJ"B tJ(Ji/Mvv'BB» xn'B'a lyo'u 

.Bifm »jn»3VBB' iiB yi8p'n»3 

abattoir n. ("is-iB-ya-yj «B38?t!' k 


abb n. (ay) [tyisj] b'isb B-iut 8t8 

.eiKBty'ty?*!! Biut 8t8 ; tyayii D"a 

ab ba n. (y-'ay) .nyasB 8 

ab'bacy ji. ca-y-'ay) is na bb8 n 

lyntt lyBB'i?? 8 lya'K iynytB<i8 


abba'tial o. (?yij>-'"K-3y) t'8 D8I1 

^yBB'1?p 8 iiD lynytB'is t8 is i"b' 

.TBB8J8B nyis 

ab'b£ n. ("8-'ay) lyis nynyrB'iN !8 

=B8JSo lyns lyBB'iJp 8 iib BB'in 8 

ab'bess n. (ay-'ay) inynyts'iK ts 

.BypB'8:«B tiB nyBB'i?p 8 lya'K 

ab'bey n. (y-'ay) =8a 8 ,-iyBB'i?p s 


ab'bey-Iout n. (Bi85»y-'ay) lyan 8 


ab'bey-lub'ber ». (iy-'3S?-y-'ay) 8 

.18J8B iy?MB nyp'T 

ab'bot n. (B8-'ay)' =BMs»nyBD'i5p 8 

=m IV Bun BS11 iy3''?BD"3 8] nynyt 

.tTBD8J»a 8 nya'8 lyj 

ab'bot-gen'eral ». -'jyB'TTBS-'ay) 

n iiB lynytBMK'BS'in -wi OV\-v 

=80 8 PB iyTBD8J8a nyi8 Biyao'i?? 

.\v~i-its. lyas: 

ab'bot In conunen'dain pm B8-'ay) 

B8I1 ,!»tnyB B8iinB s (nyi-'jyo-sp 

=B'18 iyBBM?P 8 ns 51B'B Oyi B8n 


ab'botship n. _(B''B'-B8-'3y) Bas "lyi 

.nynytB'iK nyaB'Up 8 iib 

abbre'viate v. (B"8-''ii-'n3-y) 'as 

B'a lya'niy ,nysTp lyasn ; lyxTP 

.man ^\s»-\ 

abbre'vlatcd o. (iyB-"8-'ll-'na-y) 

.man ^wvr\ B'a lyanwa ,BXTpy;as 

abbre'vlately adv. _B"8<-iii-'i-ia-y) 

.lysiip i'8 ('? 

abbre'viation n. (tiit!;-"8-'ii-'na-y) 

.man 'B'ki ; jjisi'pas 

N. Y. Is an abbraviatlon of New York. 

abbre'viator n. (i8B-"8-Mi-'na-y) 

uvTpiye B811 iyo"8] lyxTpas is 
8 I [tyancyj lyasn yiyTJ8 d«ii 
=s'?yx38P D'BBBSB DyT i'8 lya'nt:' 


abbre'vlatory ». -8B-"8-'ll-'''ia-y) 

.jnjyxTPas (<i 

abbre'viature n. -"«-'ii-''i3-y) 

.I»3"X«D«1XTP3H ,«)5(TPa« (IIB'B 

abb'-wool M. (?iNiin-'ay) Bnst 8I8 

.«18Bt!'=iy>8ll ny:n 

a-b-C n. ('B-'3-"8) =18 ,yX-y3-N 081 

ab'dicable a. oayp-n-'ay) lyp D811 

;iypJ813W IIST D811 ,|yiyil BJ8iy338 

.lynyii Bvytyj38i8 typ d»ii 

ab'dicant n. (Bjyp-n-'sy) tyj^'K 

r:yp 8 ; bbb 18 iib 38 Tt bjsi dsii 

iy;"8 i insiB iib 38 I't bjkt b81i 

."lyij'P y3"t BD'iBB'iyD D811 

ab'dicate i. (B"p-n-'ay) ; iyJ8t38 

sCy'P'aBB iib] lyB'^tys'is ; iypj8i38 

.iyT«'tyT ; lyn'VP'nix I't 

Abdul-Hamid abdicated the throne of Tur- 
key to his brother. 

ab'dicated a. (iyu-"p-n-'3y) =yj38 

.insna ns vr aasiyaaw ,Bp:8n 

abdlca'tion n. (i8is'-'"P-n-ay) =Bjy 

,008 18 IIB 1't lyjsta* DKT ; J:iJ8t 

.inBio ns in tysKiaK dst 

The abdicalion of the king of Serrla pleased 
liis subjects. 

ab'dicative a. (ivB-"p-n^'3y) B811 

=38 ^yi8 Tt tyj»t38 B81 Basnisnys 

.008 m na iyp:8T 

ab'dicator n. ciKO-^p-n-'ay) iy3"N 

BPJ8T D811 iy3"8 ;a8 1't B38t B811 

.B08 18 PB 38 

abdo'men n, (lya-'isi-ay) =:18 D8t 

.ma ,a"?iyB 

abdom'inal a. (5y:-'8-'n8i-ay) B811 

Biynyj d«ii ; a"?iyB3i8 aiv onynyj 

.I'la DiY 

abdom'inal aor'ta -'8-'a8i-ay) 

=D?iB lyo'inj lyi (8b-'i8-"8 ?y: 

=iyB 118 I'la y■n^-\ anyj dsii lyis 

>D5iB yiy:y?p "lis ps I't arms 

.D'B n P8 pns lynyj y3?»ii ,iyiyis 

"Blooflvessels of the .^'s -t 

Human Body" 

Abdomlna'les n. (P5-'"b-'s-B8l-3y) 

.I'n I'B'iK lynyiyBDUB B'o B"B 

abdom'inally adv. -?yj-i8-'D81-3y) 

.i'i3 oyi ons "lyis I'ls" cs 

abdom'inal re'gions -'K-'B8l-3y) 

n (i:si!'n-''"i ^Vi 

n] iynjyjyj=i<i3 

iy5"B ViVtv^-iVS 

=yii "t Ml I'la na 

P8 05"Byj3"8 tyn 

.[y'osBs:8 lyi 

abdom'inal res- 

pira'tion -ay) 

-'B-syi 5y:-is-'08T 

Dyaya s (isis'-'"i . 

iy3?yii "3 ,iyDynB8 \ 

8 in BPiyoya By Abdominal 

.in3 na Huyiiys Reeions 

abdom'inal ring ?j;j-'K-'08i-3y) 

-ivt P8 jjuyey ya'?iyj'8 is tJ:n 

N'T 1811 ,[it] in lyayj usn in3 

.nn lynyj lyj^a ys'sasyjwj 

abdom'inous a. (D8J-'8-'D81-3y) 

DIS ,3"5="iyBJ18 BIS 1"^ 18 BSH 

.iyj'3"a=p»i 8 ; ma 

abdu'cent a. (B:yB-'m-ay) =jyn'S38 

.[pmans iyB"j'S'iyB s] yi 

Abducent muscles. 

abduct' V. CBPsi-ay) =38 ,iyn'S3s 

-yj B'o lyt'jya s iyin'Bpyii8 : iyi:yii 

.lys'jyo 8 lyampyiis :i?sii 

abdnc'tlon ii. (isiy-'PSl-ay) B«l 

P8 in3=i"3 8 : tyE':ya s lyampyiis 

='sa8 n na B"PJ'BynB n ,p:y5y3 

IS pa j;nyi8B n ; iy?ypDia yuyn 

.p<iiy3 iyi:s 

abdnc'tor »i. (iBB-'psi-ay) =3S iyi 

iyi .lynniBpyiiK lyn ; ?ypDiD=n<s 


abeam' adv. coya-y) pnyB8B ,iyilP 

.[lyB'sy "ai 

; iyjsiBiya'i8 




IS ,n'3=i58 IS ; Syws n''a--i?8 
abed' adv. ciya-v) .oya is ,0V3 

To be abed early, makes one rise betli 

abele'm. ('?'3-y) ktk] 9yBSBB"ii ■ 

="iiv P8 lyoyja yD"ii asn D811 

a'belmosk n. (po»B-?V3-'"8) =db 
?yan3 i"?p 8] Dnaaypa ,iyr 
inK .nyay?a p:'"ij jnjyoB'ya t 
'tvp yjnypyoE' ysjyiit lyapsii or 
»i8B P8 aamayj tyiyii D811 ,■ 


a'bel-trecM. ('■ia=?'3-'"K) JyfiSBB 
nyayja yD"ii osn 0811 ,Dna sti 

aber'devlne n. (psn-yn-'ina-y) i 
.[y?yjnB i"?p stb] P'B'pi 

aberr' v. ('in»-ay) ,inyiJ8ilDi 

aber'rance n. (D:ff-'"i»-aj) =TK 
DS1 .lyB'nJwJa D8i :myB s ,b 
.^vn m tie inyjsK 

aber'rancy «. ('D-jy-'lJf-3r) =TS 
m pa inyjssiK b«i ; niya s ,d 

.iyi!'nJ853 D8T ;1B 

aber'rant a. (BJ»-"i»-3y) jn:y3"iv 

D811 .Bycnj^Ja Bun ; yijsvmtt 

.58018: Bts"j ,ie"n m pa 3818 or 

aber'rate v. (B"«-'lp-3y) ,tyiyi3l 

.jyii tya"5j iib inyj3«i8 : lye'njs 

aberra'tion n. (t8t!'-'"8-iy-3y) 08" 

:iK"n m PB inyaasis B81 asvimu 

iyi iiB iyi8 nas pd 3:ia"ii38 

=yiiy3 yi833"E' n .2 ; b"P3'?tb 

=iypD?yo»n y3'?jyiiy33i« n iib .1 

=B3'? n PB j:ib"ibb'is n .3 : 1 

.ivapKBir 8 PK iy?nKit 

1. He suffered from an abarratloa of I 

abcrra'tlonal a. (?y-o8B'-'"i-jr-3 

in BT8 B8M .oyBinjjtsa 01 

aberra'tion of in'tellect -iy-a 

.PITS (Bpy?-.vo-':'s us iBir-'' 


aberun'cator n. -"p-'jg-inK-a 

lyBBiD'iK BIS iyt"8=a8ij Kt« n 

=38 ■iyi!'=iyB18J 818 ;B18 IS PB IN 

.lyona pa iyj"iis lyiyc 

abet' t'. coya-y) ,iys"iJ8 ; lyxyn 

.DB3y?e> DyBy isna is lyraio 

He was aided and abetted in the crime. 

abct'ment h. (a:yo-'oya-y) "is bi 

-fV ! lysyn bst : jju'xsjs 'i ; lys?: 

.j:ibd"? : jjis'oti'iyBJiK .jju'b 

abet'ting »i. and a. (jj'K-'Bja- 

=yn B81 ,53is<n3« n ,tyB>ynix d«i 

=38 ,3n3ss'n3« ,3'i3yB5ynix .2 ; i: 


1. Aldlni and abetting criminals is pv 
ished as a crime. 2. Corrupt officials I 
often abetting criminals. 

; 'pm 'IPO 8 ,io?B n'a"(i?s is (ly abet'tor n. (Mt-'ovi-S) : iys"T 

abear' v. cnnya-y) 




DKii ■)«"(« ;,i»sibi!'1j;bjii« : [Dsno 

.iS3»i3iyB 8 msjya vi Dj<Bimy 

abevacua'tion h. -'"s-rp-Bii-y-av) 

ab ex'tra («nB-'0P» ay) =D'>ik iib 

abey'ance »., (Djy-'"a-y) =B3'iyj n .1 

IBS 1'3 ntSJlT K I1D JJlB?8n3» ja'? 

n«w2» -.vfiy lyj'oan oyi Brays 

osT ,?yB"iiv ,B"no'iiyjj'iK .2 ujib 

•'isD'nx '11 lyean « ns ry?B"iis 

.?"BTi(« i"t lyayj 

2. The decision of the judge is still In 

abhor' i>. ciun-ay) iiyosn ytyEiatciyB 
.lyjNiBjy jjiB3NiyB D'a 

The modern age abhori war. 

abhor'rence n. (Dsy-'nsn-ay) 'axnya 
.jjiBaxnyB ; Bun jJKcti' 

We look nlth abhorrence at a murderer. 

abhor' rency n. CD-jy-'isn-ay) =iyB 

.niBaxiyB ,»ik"E'3k 

abhor'rent a. (oay-'-isn-ay) ^aNiys 

.ijyBsn nwef 

abhor'rently adv. (i5-B3y-'i8ii-ay) 

. .jnsypy ,T?"t!'as 

abhor'rer ». (-iy-'i(sn-ay) =a8iyB 8 

.lyoasiyB 8 .nyty 

abhor'rible a. (5a'N-'n8n-ay) '"iVB 


abhor'ring ». and a. (jj's-'nsn-ay) 

=iyB ; M1N"B'38iyB 'T ,3l1Da8iyB n 


abide' v. ('T83-y) =3« ; tyBl81l .1 

--•\va ;[-iyByBt!' simk iy3y538] tysyas!' 

;iyjn«ii : [r85s k i'ik] tya"5a 

=ynBt!'iya s tyB58n .2 ; lyBisiwiK 


1. Xet the lady abide witli us a few days. 
2. 1 shall abide by iny promise. 

abi'der n. (■iyn-''83-y) oy3"?3 1S1 

.iyn:yBi8iiD''iN lyi ,ivt 

abi'ding a. (3:n-''83-y) ,ijyinsii .1 

.n:yvytBi»B .2 ; n:y3"?3nya 

1. I am abiding in this place. 2. My in- 
terest In studies is abiding. 

abl'dinsly adv. ('?-j3n-''83-y) 

.jnjy:n8ii .jnjyiyn ,3niy3"53 

abi'ding-placc n. -3jn-''83-y) 

=B331B58nB'18 ; B18«D33i:n811 (B"?B 

ablet Ic a. (pift-'By-'s-ay) t'8 Don 

, .D'njyjsB 8 IS i"E' 

abiet'ic ac'ld -'oy p<8-'By-'8-3y) 

Avs ay- iiB B38ay3 ynyn s (tk 

.■iyO'13jy38B tlB B3»T D811 

ab'igaii n. (?"3-ii(-'ay) »iyiiB'iK is 

■ .lyaiyonynsp s ; rnya 

ability «. cu-'K-'jia-y) ; jyB'o .1 

; BBKi!'3y3"8 ; B"p3'nyB ; B"pa'?3y» 

=D'1K !"t IJBBB'O'N D»T ; b:8?80 .2 

.3Jwny3iyB3iK yens 8 lyin^aix 

1. His financial ability is good. 2. He is a 
man of ability. 

ab init'io (ik-'k-'k/'j-'k ay) -ih na 


abintes tate a. (B"B-'ByB-3'N-3y) 

.nxix 8 ins 3njy3'i8Bi!' 

ab in tra (kib-'j'k 3y) .3<3yii3'K na 

abiogen'esls n. -y-':yijfn-i8-'8-3y) 

lyiyii lyBBCTs .inyBU'Biy but (b'd 

=y? iiB inyBt!'B:y ottil i"58 vi na 

.[tiSBB' ysnysy? b'j iib tys 

aMolog'ical a. -'i^nsJ-K-'K-ay) 

'flitav IX i"B' t'K BS11 (?y-p'R 

^yaycya yjnyay? tia b': boip dsii 


ab'ject ». (Bpycn-'ay) ,3nyT3 ,t"oy3 

'ay-iBnyT: ,T>Baynya j'syanyBJis 

iyBn(jinyB3i8 .lya-Kfinya vJ'b 

- Benedict Arnold ended his days in abject 

abject'edness ». (Byj-iy-'Bpyis'tn-ay) 

'^Tiiy : B"P3'B3ynBiyT: ,o"nj"nys 

.B"p3'3yBnyB:i8 ,3:n 

abjec'tlon n. (mts'-'pyB'fi-ay) o"oy3 
jsnyTsiy ,B"P3'B3ynBiyT3 ,B"n 


ab'jectly adv. ('5-Bpyi!'tn-'ay) »nyT3 
nuinya ,i"Dy3 ,i''?BaynyB j'oayiB 


ab'jectness n. (Dyj^BpyBin-'ay) =y3 

»yTj-iy - ,B"P3'B3yiBiyT<3 ,B"n3"o 

.B"pj'3yBiyBJiK ,3jn 

abjtt'dicate ». (B"P-n-'it!'ti-3y) 

i'5B3ny3 ,— ty3y3 lyTniyDjy i»?B3'iy3 

.DiB3y3"K DST iyonyj3» 

The. United States Supreme Court abjudi- 
cated the controversy between the public and 
the gas companies. 

abjudlca'tion ». -'"p-n-1ti'n-3y) 
,— ty3y3 jjiT'E'Bjy y3'5B3ny3 ■'i (ibb' 
.DiBjysvK lie 3:iDnyj3» .y3'?D3'iy3 n 

abjnra'tion n. (iSB'-'"n-it!'n-3y) n 
.nyi3E' 8 nyB3iK BKiiay na 3:i38iB3y 

abjura'tion of the realm -ay) 

33i38tQ:y (Bjyn 'no us i8(!'-'"-i-it!'n 

.isina tyaiJi'syp na 

abju'ratory a. (n-uB-yi-'iE'n-ay) 

.»:1K IM |y31ST38 ByT IX T'B- t'8 Bitll 

VI iy3SJ3s bun Ml] nyi3B' 8 "Wo 

8 nyajis isnna na i''iVi> 8 na 


abjure' v. CiiB-n-ay) in ty38iB:y 

.nyisty 8 iyB3i8 BsiiBy na 

abju'rer n. (lyv'lB'tl-sy) B811 1V1 

Dsii ivt fnyiati' 8 lyojis 38 in B38t 

.[bd8 18 na] 38 Bp:8n 

ablac'tate v. (a"B-'py?-3y) =nyiiB3y 

.[iJ'P 8] lyj 

al>lacta tion «. (tsc-'^a-pys-sy) 

.i:'P 8 na 3Ji3nyiio:y n 

ablaquea'tion n. -'■ii(^_iiin-py?-3y) 

8 0118 ny n iy38i3Bn8 otsi (]tt& 


abla'tion n. (•i8t!'-'"5-3y) =a8-i8 bst 

8 na 138 18 tyT'Jcss d8i ,iyony: 


ablati'tious a. (BS-'l^"B-y?-3y) 

.3'ijyi":B'pyii8 ,3'i3yony3pyii8 

ablati'tious force B8-'E"B-y5-3y) 

Biyij'oiys y3?yii _bb81p n (bisb 

r8 iiy iyi na . a'asip'ossinisis n 

.n:35 iyi ix sisya 

Tlie abiatitious force of the moon. 

ab'lative a. and n. (il'B-y5-'3y) 
iyi ; j'ijyi":ES'pyii8 ,3'ijyDny:pyii8 
P'B8D8i; n8 j:ij3"sy3 »] inB8?38 
=Bjy BS11 B1811 8 na bisb iyi isa 
B'o ?B8ii B'D :yj8iB iyi rin8 Biya 
na i'8" : rst ayi n8 .a .x ? tyoyii 
n lyj'n "ij"is n'o b'o lyajsayj 
=8?38 !'« "ij"ia t"0 B'D"-iyBiyii 
, .[ma 

ablaze adv. and a. ('("53-y) =85B 

■-vs .Bjyiyjans pisBts" ; ijyjyi3 ,ijyo 

„ „ . ^oya tia aasp 

He was all ablaze with anger. 

a ble o. (5a'"8) =n'N ; uyjyniya .1 
.j'nya ; a<B3<B .2 ; BP'E'yj ; yusass' 

1. He is able to afford luxuries. 2. To 
succeed, one must be an able man. 

a'blc-bod'led ». . (T8-'l83-?a'"8) 
rx B811 ; lyBiyp lypisat!' 8 BSfi bbii 

.P18BB' CTB 
Soldiers must be able-bodied men. 

ab'legate n. (B"j-y?-'ay) lysyxysB 8 
!yK"am ria lyByioiya iyi8 n'Ss^ 


ablega'tlon n. (i»K'-'"j-y?-3y) =yi 8 


ablepha'ria n. (y-n-'^s-aysa-y) 

.lyoyia p'p iy3sn b'j d81 

a'ble to pay ("B IB >3'"8) t"« 

.rnya BJ3i?n8x 

abloca'tion n. (i8i!'-'"P-8?-3y) 081 

,yijyi8 «i'i8 iy3yj3« d8i .lyj^mya 

.iyoa8BiyB b81 

abloom' o. and adv. ('Bni?3-y) »'53 

.i38BB'is iyi:yn<?a k r'8 : loyn 

ab'luent n. and a. (B3y-l?-'ay) 8 

.uyr J"i ; aj'j' i b«ii vikbe' 

abluen'tia n. (y-iE>-':y '5-ay) =bi>3 

.?yD'n=Bjjiin'a3s iyijyr:"i 

ablush' a, and adv. ('B'853-y) »iyB 

.yiJ8K' na ruyiyii am ; aoytj' 

ablu'tion n. (i8i!>-'ii5-3y) : 3JiiS'8lia8 

B81 ; iyB.811 n5'3B ; iyB811=P3"11i!' 

.IVt 531B 

a'bly adv. ('53-'"8) ; BP'Ci'j ; jMye 

.lyinsBiy ,j'B3'b 

ab'negate v. (B"j-'j-'3y) ; iy:yp"?3« 

.ty:ypiyj8 b'j ,iyB"iBB'y3 

abnega'tion n. (i8E'-'"J-'J-3y) ="?3« 

=an8BB35yi ,;3i:ypiyj8 b'j : 3Ji:yp 


abnega'tor n. (i8B-'"J-''J-3y) =5yT8 

.38 Bjyp"? ,Bjyp"?iyB B8ii .lya 

abnoda'tlon n. (i8i!'-'"i-83-ay) B8i 

.D'la 8 na typis n iyp8n38 

abnor'mal a. (>yD-'i8J-3y) =yi B'3 

=183 B'j ,i'?3nyiiyjiyDnK tj'oyD^yj 

He has an abnormal mind. 

abnormal'ity n. (iB-'8-'5yo-i83-ay) 
.B'va'SJiiyiiyjiyBns ,B"P?8d18j:i8 

His conduct indicated abnormality. 

abnor'mally adv. ('8-5yo-'183-3V) 

.iai8 ty58Di8J:i8 t8 nns 

abnor'mity n. ('8-a'D-'i8J-3y) =:i8 

.a"P3'53nyiiyj3i8 : B"PJ'ByD?yjyi 

aboard' adv. and prep. ('ni83-y) 

. ,1183 i'3'i8 ,ei'i!> ne pyi I'ans .i 

8 .2 ; triBa'py i'8 iiiya t'ans 

='(<; na yasyBtyyajs n "3 bisubbii 

«8D8B n 18 .11 .t .8 iy:n83 n8 tya 

.iyj"Bti':"K iy?st lyi'U'r 

1. He was aboard tlie ship when it hap- 
pened. 2. All aboard for Chicago! 

abode' «. ('nS3-B) ; B18 033131811 

n'i8 33131811 8 n8 iy3"?aiyB bsi 
.B"x yo'iiyj 8 

The Wliite House is the abode ot the Presi- 
dent during his term of office. 

abol'ish v. (B"8-'58a-y) : lyoa'Siya 
.v^ ?aaD : tyB8tf3K 

Slavery was abolished in the United States 
in 1863. 

abol'ishablc a. (53y-B"8-'583-y) 

=38 lyp lyo B811 081 ; i83B3''3iyB 

,!yB3'3iyB ,iy380 3'B5'331K ,tyB8E' 

.nn 5a3o ,!yB8iBn8 

abol isher n. (iy-s!"8-'?8a-y) oya 8 

.lyascas ,iyB3'«3 

abol ishment n. (B3ya-K"8-'?8a-y) 

.331B3'3iyB J31B8tf38 

The abolishment of slavery cost many lives. 

aboli'tion «. (ts-'t!"5-8-3y ) =8t!'38 

na 331381^38 n ;33iB3'3iyB ,3316 



. ,,,, .BPnyoK tlB I»D 

aboU tlonal a. (JJi-J8-'is"?-jj-3j)) 

, . , .j:ib3'j 

aboU'tionary o. (n-p-j»-'i!"?-i)i-3j;) 

.iVBKB'ivas t'« DBii J ijyoa'jijB 

aboU'tionism ». (ni'K-j({-'ij"5-){-3V) 

'i»B nnu lysBB-as tia B'xjnB ivt 

."lyBBJPt!' t»B3'J 

Agoinionlim was at last trlumnhant In the 
UnlUd States. 

aboli'tionlst n. (BB'»<-:i{-'B"?-B-3y) 

OSB -lyiB IJ)B8B'W3B B31t D»11 -li;:"N 
.[WJB B inU fVIVJ B] tyB3'J 

Aball tionlsts «. -:i{-'K"5-B-3j/) 
"'jy n ,iyBD'3B'xi?B38 n (bbd'b 

IJ)B8tS'lV3B BTB'JB t»3Bn yifVft ,Vi 

'Huoef yBr3"Ki»B n p« "ij/bbjpb' 

The Abolltilinlitt nere those who vrlshed to 
free the slaves. 

aboma'sum n. (DgD-'"D-8-3V) =38? 

=8D BB'in -in] lyjBD ivdivb aviso 

.tni'n vrTma »?yD "3 rya 

aboma sus n. (DSD-'"a-8-3y) 

abomaaum .t 
aboAi'inable a. (?3yj-'K-'D83-y) 
.i'?Dyn ,BB8n5ypy i'>?"1!'3k' 

Hfs conduct towards his friends is abom- 

abom'inableness n. -ib-'obs-V) 

: B"p3'?pyit!' ; B"p3^?"i!'38 (Byj-53y: 


abom'inably adv. (■'5-3y:-'B-'083-y) 

.I'JByn ,BB8n5ypy ,'i'5"b'3k 

abom'inate v. (a^j-'K-'OBS-y) 'tVB 

.lyBBH ; iy3"11D<1K ; IV'B'SB 

I abominate the liypocrite. 

abomlna'tlon it. (i8B'-'"3-'B-D83-y) 

»'ii ,?ypy lypiBBtf Bpyiny osn ibi b 

.B"p3ni>iiJiN ,B"P3'?"B'3K ;ty?'inyT 

"Your incense is an abomination unto me." 

abom'inator n. (isB-"3-'s-'D«3-y) 

.tsyiiBiSKISB ,DB8myB BB11 ■iy3"8 

abord' n. ('Tiii{3-y) ;yiyi38 ;Ba3iP3B 

.3:BBBoy ; 3J1Bn3V3 ; D*3B n?3P 

aborlg'lnal n. (jyj-'K-'tfnn-lB-sy) 

--]tf)V ivt i iy3'?33nBB'iiK .nyBB'iy 

.njB? I'B ivo 

aborig'ine n. CJ-'B-'B'nn-lS-ay) 

0"K y3'B"XT8B 183 H I1B lyj^'K 

.138? ryB'iiy3 b hb lyjfisii 

aborig'lnes n. (t's-'B-'ts-nn-iB-sy) 

: 1385 B iiB iy3n8ii3"B yB?8«ii8 .1 

B IIB ni'n tiN iyx3B?B y?y3'3n8 n .2 

1. The Indians are tlie aborigines of Amer- 

abort' V. ('BiB3-y) =y3y3 ,i"t ?'b^3 

.i"i ?'Bo IV iy38n ; B"x ivi ibb \vf 

abor'ticlde n. (i<8B-'B-'l83-y) but 

?«I By] 3'3V113'K B3nB H lyiyBEJlX 
.[B113y3 8 IS IPDIP B'3 

abortlfa'cient n. and a. -'B-"i83-y) 

: I'M IV ?<B0 BPTII BB11 (B3yE'-'"B 
.I"t ?'B0 IV ?yB'8 B 

abor'tion n. (iBi!'-'iB3-y) y3'B"VjiN 

•yiB B'3 BBi ;i"t=?''BB BBi ,B-iny3 

.iy33'?y3 B'3 ,iyB 

abor'tlonal a. (?y-3Bl!'-'183-y) B811 

8 IV T?3ny »'B DBll ; ?BB3in 8 I'K 


abor'tionlst n. (OB''H-><iv-"iHi-V) 

=B'0 B'J D8I1] 38 B3"1B B811 ■iy3"B 

.[l"t IV ?'B0 ly? 

abor'tivc ». and n. (ivB-'-i83-y) 

; ?'Bo 8 ; B"v lyi ibb lyiBsys .1 

"'llBjy D8P?8B B'3 ; iy3J1?y3 B'J .2 

.D?yp ■ 

2. His plans came to an abortive end. 

abor'tives n. (iM'B-'"iS3-y) ="1B38 
.iy?B'B yi3»3 

abor'tus ». (D8B-'183-y) .13'P=?'BD b 

ab'on-han'nes n. (By-'3yn-i«-'3y) 

D811 ?y3'ia iy38P'iB8 iyB'n3 bib 

.P3'?B IlB Tin BI1'?B 

abound' v. ('I3l83-y) t"t ; l"l ?1B .1 

i"t ;?y'B lyv'tya ,iyB8o yB'ns I'k 

,?y'a iy38n .2 ;B?'Biy3'K i"t n"i 

.Bi?Biy3'« IB iV38n 

1. America abounds In wealth. 2. A faith- 
ful man shall abound with blessings. 

aboun'ding n. and a. (33'l-'3lB3-y) 
.B5'aiy3'N n"! ,?ib ; yaiy ,Bi?aiy3'K 

about' adv. and prep. ('Bl83-y) 

!Ti3y3 I'K .2 iiiys ; inyBy33iK .1 

.B'n ,Dn8 .4 : lysyii .3 ; [nyis] 

1. He returned about noon. 2. Be is about 
to undertalie a journey. 3. Tell me about 
your plans. 4. X have no money about mc. 

about' and about' -oy 'Bi83-y) 

.mlB IlB Bn8 ,B181 118 81 ('B183-y 

about' as high ('8n ty 'Bl83-y) 

.I'ln 'itB inyBy33iN 

about' face (d"B 'Bi83-y) ^ynoiK vi 

iyiyi38 lyi iv aa'tys oyi b'd lyn 

=?SD tyi'DBlD "3 PnlD'IK IB] B"t 


about' right (B'8l 'Bi83-y) =3'i ByD3 

.B3yiy3 Byn3 j'b 

You are about riflht in your statement. 

about' the house (bibi tib 'Bi83-y) 

.t'ln I'K 1811 ry3iy 

about' to do (n ib 'Bi83-y) i'k 

.IBHB IV BBiiBy iy38n lyj'i 

about' to go (183' IB 'Bi83-y) nyi3 


above' adv. andprep. ('ii83-y) ='1K ,1 

lyayn ...b?8 inyo .2 ;iy3'R ; lys 

. . . B?8 
1. They live above our apartment. 2. Liu- 
co^i rose above his surroundings. 

above' all (jns 'ii'83-y) 'iia lyn'iB 
.r?8 na iyDy3 ; r?B 

I prefer to live in America above ail. 
above'bbard adv. and a. -'ii83-y) 
.l'?iny tiK 3'viyn3yBs (ni83 

His conduct is aboveboard. 
above'-ground adv. and a. -'ii83-y) 

.3'iy3y? 183 ;iiy lyi ri'iB (I3i8i3 
above his bend (i3y3 en 'ii83-y) 

y3"t iy3'8 ; B"P3'?3VD I"t iy3'K 

»i L L. .. . .nini3 

It was above hli bend to become Ambas- 

above' men'tioned -';yt3 '11 

.yB3n8Biyi lys'iK bsi 
above' named (io'<3 'iiS3-y) 
.yB3nsoiyi i 
above' one (jBiifi 'iiBS-V) 

.?3B' DS 

above' par (ibb 'I183-y) '11 ■ 

,Dy'VP8 "3] HBiyii iyB3y3"sy; 

i"iB lyt tyii ,iyiy'BBBn 

t'K B811 ,nBiyii lyi '11 ,iy3yn b 

.[B3y3"vy3 "I 

The stocks sold two above par (for 1 
above' price (b'KIB 'il83-y) =vj 

above' stairs (tinyBB 'il83-y) 
.lya'iK /ti'iiB :' 
above' the stan'dard ',ib 'in 
IV ;yois3 lyi na iy3yii (iiyi- 

ab o'vo {1811-18 3y) .3'1i13B yoB 
abracadab'ra n. (Bl-'3yi-yp-B" 

»313 iy3"t D8I] B1811=iy3'1V I 

,'118 3'B3BP="n B?yBB'y3B'iK ty: 
;[tyB"i y?8 IlB 1't lyiy? "t 
»a'i8 BtB B'o y'DP b] Bisyiyp 
n?i3B B 18a iyB?8ny3 lya bbh b 
.B1811 iyt85J'« 8 •Xrm- 





A B R A C A D 

A- B R A C A 

A B R A C 

A B R A 

A B R 

.i B 


abra'dant a. and «. (B3yi-'"i 

=3yV81P38 ,3'13y381PE'38 a'13y3' 
B3"l lyO BB'.I B'O 138BE'3y3y3 8 

.38 BysBipe' ■ 
abrade' r. ('i"i-3y) =38 ,iy38l! 
.tyv8ip38 ,n 
Abranch ia n. (8-'K-'p3yi-3y) 
•8318 B331Dy,lB8 I"P B'J iy38ri 

abranch'lal a. (jy-'s-'pjyi-ay) 


abranch'iate a. (B"R-'K-'p3yi 
; iy38318'B3:iDynBK I"P B'J bbh 

B'3 iy38n B811 ni'n 'i ix iyny3 


abra'sion n. (i8l!'t-'"l-3y) ;3313« 

The silver spoons were guaranteed ai 

abra'slve o. (ii'B-'"i-3y) j'i3) 

=81 yiyi38 I»3"11V38 BBBB'jyi"! 
abreast' adv. and a. K'BOyis-y) 

8 I'K ,B"t "3 B"t ,iyi3B3"B 

.i\S\t> ly 

Tliey wallied two abreast in the parad 

abreast' of (118 'BByi3-y) lyi 
.811'J iya?yi lyi ti'iK .Tin ly: 

K man should always be abreast ol 

abreast' witli (nB'iin 'BDVl 

abreast of .1 

ab'ricot n. (BSp-'l-'3y) »t8P 

.[B'IJB t'K 

abridge' v. ('i!»n'i3-y) : lyvi'i 
.tyn'V3»08ns ; lysi 

The publisher issued an abrldiad editii 
bis large dictionary. 



abrldg'edly adv. C'?-i»-'B'n'ia-!') 

.tBiN iJ(B)n'pyj38 18 IMS 

atjrldg'er ». (iv-'B'nnn-y) «3» iin 

Dsn lya'N o'j dsii ij/t : nvvTP 

.113 8 IIS n'von 

abridg'ment n. (ajyo-'uinna-j;) 

1»n» 1U 8 IIB JIXDMK ;ii:l!(TP3» 

.lu 8 iiB n'san ; Bans' 
abridg'ments n. (DBjyo-'B'nna-y) 

abroach' adv. and a. CB'BIS'ia-y) 

'St niv D8B 8 i'8 IS? 8 jnjy38o 

Huysy 'T iin ryB'i? jnjyis? ; lys 

.3n3yB"-i3nyB : D8a 8 tiB 

abroad' adv. ('nns"i3-y) ; lycm 

=D'iK nayiB nyi pk nJ8?D'iK- r8 

JJ8SD1K PR : DBiyn 

Many Americans travel abroad every sum- 

ab'rogable o. oayj-isi-'ay) lyp DSii 

.lyiyii BB8t!'yj3i» iyi» lyanyjpniv 

ab'rogate v. (B"3-iit'i-'3y) =npnis 

'Vi 8] iy38D liB?<]J18 <tyBBI!'3l!l .lyB 


Congress can abrogate treaties. 
abroga'tion n. (ii(i!'-'"j-ii{i-3y) »3» 
UK yxyty:] ::iB3ij-iys ,9Jib8S!' 

Many advocate the abrogation of our treaties 
wltb Japan. 

ab'rogative a. (irB-"j-isi-'3y) DSll 

Ban ^y^8 j'BJ'jjis b38o ,38 BBBir 


ab'rogator #». (lUB-nj-isn-'sy) ="n 

1]nti ,38 BB8B' ,P'11S BBn DSll lyj 
.J'B5'3J18 B383 

abrood' adv. {'nnna-y) ,jnjynn3 

.[ny"«] lynna pk 

abrupt' o. ('BB8n-3y) ;B?"8iy3'K 

«nyj3« ;ty38i3yj38 :28n: n'5xy59 


No gentleman is abrupt in ills speecli. 
abrup'tedly adv. ('5-iyB-'S8l-3y) 
.iy3yi3iyB:i8 inn 
abrup tion n. (i8E'-'S8i-3y) «yi33S 

IHID'nB'lK ;3J13yn338 y3'5Sy59 ,JJ13 

Discya iy3'5sy5s 8 

abrupt'ly adv. ('5-'BB8l-3y) =iy3'K 

:iy3813yj38 : 38"1J ;1'5Sy5B ;b5"K 


abrnpt'ness ». (Dy3-'BB8i-3y) =y33S 

'SyjB ; B"pB5"8yjiy3'K :B"njy38n3 

.B"P38'13 ,B"P3<nnj1K ; B"P3'5 

ab'scess n. (DyB-'3y) =y3 ; Tiwyj 8 

,, .V385M1B' 

abscessed a. •(BByD-'3y) B8n B811 

.ysyviwys 8 -ww -fiwvi 8 

abscis'sa n. (y-'D'D-3y) yD'XD38 

=y3 8 18B ryD8J iy6!"B80yB8D 8] 

.[ypyiBts' -win vy? yen 
abscis'sion n. (i8-'i!'PB-3y) ="138 

rS I'k] 3:iB3inyB ;33n"Ji!'38 ,3J1B 

, .[y'X8iys8 

abscond v. ('iJ8pB-3y) : lyJnymyB 
,i»i3'iwiyB ;iyB58tiy3 I'l ; rypyiya 
_ .nB'?B iy38o ; ryB'i5B3y 

He absconded with money belonging to the 

abscon'der «. (iyn-':8pB-3y) nyj^s 
B38D B811 "lyi'^K ;1'I B58ny3 B811 

abscond Ing ». and a. -'i38PB-3y) 

''IJBiy ;331B?8ny3 ;331B''l>B3y (33'K 

.3n3yB?8nya ; anjya 

ab.scon'sion n. (iBC-'JSPB-ay) =Bjy 

.3:iB?8ny3 ,3:iB'i? 

ab'senee ». {BjyB-'3y) : B"n:ytyii38 

His absence was noticed. 
ab'senee of mind ns BjyB-'3y) 

.BVjjtJinBSS'lX (13'80 

ab'sent a. (B:yB-'3y) =iyT j'ljyi b': 
.B'liBB'iyx ,i3ytyii3s ,"a 

He was absent from school to-day. 

absent' v. ('B3yB-3y) =38 ,tyJiyBB3y 
.lyn'itpms in ,iy38n -imm 

You must not abient yourself from work. 

absenta'neous a. -i3-'"B-B3yD-3y) 

.ijyryinB bb8 (B8 

absentee' n. (''B-:yB-3y) =jyiyin8 

,B08 VI B'J B'n B811 iy3"8 ! "lyi 

iyj"K ,B"n p't PB pyii8 P8 b8ii 

.iy3'isy3pms vi Bsn iy3?yii 

absentee'lsm n. (BP8-'y'B-jyB-3y) 

r'8 i"t B'J B8T ,PM njytyii38 B8t 

.B^n tin 

ab'senter n. (iyB-jyB-'3y) =jyiyii38 

.r85B pM ei'i8 Bij ti8 B811 lyi ,nyT 

ab'sently orf-<). ('?-BjyB-'3y) =yii38 

.iy3<isy3pm!{ ; "inyi b'j ,ijyt 

ab'sentment n. (Bjyo-BjyB-'sy) B8T 

.i:ytyii38 P't b'j B8T ,iy3"533yBMx 

ab'sent-min'ded a. -'j'8a-BjyB-'3y) 

- .!y38"iBix ,B'nBt!'iyx (ijn 

The professor was so absent-minded that he 
did not hear me. 

ab'sent-min'dedness n. -B3yB-'3y) 
=8"iBis ,B"PB"nBB'ix (By3-nyn-':'8o 


ab'sentness n. (By:-B3yB-'3y) B8T 
=is n3ytyiijs i"i b<3 ,iy3"?3:yBMK 

.B"PJyj81B1X ; B'tpBiinBi!' 

ab'sent with leave riB'il BjyB-'sy) 

.3'i5Tis tyoipy3 (iiy? 

ab'sent without leave BjyB-'3y) 

,3M5niN in8 pyiiB (ny? 'Bis-riB'iin 


ab'sinthe n. (B3'B-'3y) ;B'npD"iyii 

=myii PB B38Dy3 lyp'? •iyiyB''3 8t8 


absin'thiate v. (B"K-'riB-'J'B-3y) 

818 P8 typi'ii ; BMipD'iyii B'o iyts"a 

PB B38oy3 PK D811 ->!>?•■> iyiyB'3 


absin'thium n. (D8-'ilB-'j'B-3y) 

.ysj8?B B'npoiyii n. 

ab'solute a. (DV?-i8B-'3y) ,Bl58B3S 

=58fl : 'ns ; 3'B3yaj"5K ,BPJyiE'y33i8 

.3'3jyn38JiK : lyosp 

Turlcey is no longer an absolute monarchy, 

ab'solute al'cohol -'5jr BT5-8B-'3y) 
.B'TBB ,58n8P?8 lyj'n r383 (?8fi-i8P 

ab'solute estate' -sy Bi'5-8B-'3y) 
!"P in ti'iK B8n B811 ,n?n3 s ('b"q 

ab solute fee (yia BP5-SB-'ay) s 

"IB vx BS11 r'iy3=Bi3 -iva:si'&-\>'vi 

■-VZ PK iy3Ji33ny3 I's b'j v:!>Vi\ na 


ab'solutely adv. 0>-Bi'?-i8B-'3y) 

: B:3ny33i8 ; ts-iyiis b'j ; B'lKBin 


Children must, absolutely, obey their parents. 
ab'soluteness ». (Byj-Bl'?-l8B-'3y) 

;B"n3yo8P58B ;B?Biiy3 yBpjy-iB'yajiK 

.B"p3'3jyn3B3i8 :' BopaniyBcSBB 

ab'solute tem'perature -8B-'3y) 

=DyB yBl?8B38 (■ll!S'B-"VyB-'OyB BP? 

tyBi?8B38 oyi PB B3y3yiy3] iiBsiys 

iyB:i8 18-13 273 Bay? B81i ,BPJia=>i: 

.[Bp:ia=?ij ty3'53nyiiy3 nyn 

ahsolitte zero .i 

ab'solute ze'ro (Ijsn-'M op?-8e-'3yy 

BB3'?3yn n] BPJiB^Ju iyBi?8B38 "lyn 
=yiiy3 'T 1811 ,iiB8iyBi3yB yBBjnyi'j 
B81 ,«ptK Biyn CI8BS!' ayi pb 3313 

.[?» lyBJIS 1813 273 I<K 
absolu'tion n. (|8ti'-'v7-18B-ay) 

.i3n PB 3jny3"iyB ; 3Ji3yiBii"nB 

Ou the Day of Atonement we pray for abso- 
lution from our sins. 

ab'solutism n. (DPB-l'>-l8B-'3y) 

=y<3yi 8 PB ByBB'o lyi] dpbi58B38 

n B8n lytfiyn lyi lysjyn P8 ,33n 

."38TB :BT'B8BByT ;[B380 ys:83 
ab'solutist «. (BB'B-P?-8B-'3y) 18 

=8t85'a iyi8 33ny'3yi P8 ,iy3:yn38 

=!fy3yi3y33iK pb b'sj'ib oyi pb ,y'B 

.iyi!'iymy3PK I8 pb b38d lya 

absol'utory ». and a. -8B-P-'>8B-3y) 

• i"t \t 5nia B380 n 3n3y38n (n 

nya=nj't lyi ns't iy3y3nyB -lyis 

.5"BTi8 iyi3y3yiBt!'"iB 8 ; nyayj 

absolve' v. ('ii58B-3y) =y3 ; iyn"vnyB 

=j)iBts'iyB iyi8 ,B3'5BB 8 pa iy"iB 

nya ;iy3y3iyB ;i"i 113 tto ,330 

, . .iy3n3» 

He was absolved from his promise. 
absolvl'tor n. (i8B-'<ll-?8B-ay) =y3 8 

.331N"1By3 ei'lK 33n"t!'BJ» S3'?Ban 

ab'sonant a. (B3y3-8B-'ay) 0'?p b'3 
B811 :b813 8 ins :ByB ins njys 
on na b"ii pk bsii ;b'j BotBe" 


ab'sonous a. (BS-3SB-'3y) 

absonant .t 

absorb' v. caiSB-ay) ,iy3MtJ"i8 .1 

Tt .2 ;i't P8 iyn'SJ"iK ,iy33''5B'j"8 

.lyay'B-iyB ,i8nB3"-i8 

1. A sponge absorbs water. 2. Absorbed In 
his book, he did not hear me. 

absorb'able a. (?3y-'a"i8B-ay) bsii 

nyis iy3Ptya3"8 Ba8ts'jy3"K n Bsn 

.lyiyii IS ty::i5t!'iyB 

absorb'ent o. and n. (B3y-'3'isB-3y) 
DSll I8t K ; nayas'SB-iya :njyj'itj"8 

.P'K B3PT 

absor'bent ground B3y3-"i8D-3y) 

PK] B:n3 •iyi3y3MI3"8 I8 (131813 

BST "lyis Bjyii"? lyn 1811 ,"ny5n8D 
iy?n8oy3 Biyii ay iy35yii n'lK Byna 

D8T t8 ,B3ny31!( MI8 Biyil ,15'3 DST 
=Mty33"8 V) ?8t iy3n8B n PB ?>18 

lypnB i'3 5st i5'3 BsT P8 lyiyii lyj 

58t iy3i8a n na rsK^i ivi na lyiyn 

.[lyiypisBB" 8 t"» 

absorb'ents n. (DBjy-'aisD-ay) =j"k 

.lyasBty yijya'it 

absorb'ing a. (3J'8-'3-i8D-3y) B811 

;Ti PS vntu Bn'S B8II ;i"s Bj'it 

.Bja'Siyiya Bsn 

absorb'ingly adv. ('5-33i8-'3"iSB-5y) 

.1't PS 3n3yn'xj"'i8 ,3njy3'n3"8 

absorp'tion n. (ist!'-'Bn8B-3y) B8T 

oya DST ; typiSB-iya dst ; ty3Mt3"K 

.[iyp38iy3 ps] VI tyay'B 

absorp'tive o. (ivB-'Bn8D-3y) BSII 

.iy33'5B'iya -lyis iy3'it3"s lyp 

absorp'tiveness n. -ivB-'B"i8B-ay) 

=3"K BB8t!'3y3"s n lyasn dst (By3 

.iy33'5i!'iyB IS nyis ty3MPS 

absquat ulate v. -p-'BsnnpB-sy) 

.lyiyn B5y3 .lyssa nB'?B (B"> 

abstain' v. ('i"BB-3y) ,iyB?8n38 VI 

.iyB;8n3"8 vi 

Wise men abstain from drinking. 

abstaln'er 11. (ny-':"BD-3y) ,t(3 s 

.nypjna b'j s 

abste'miuus a. (D8-'n-''DD-3y) =3"s 



, .lypjno 

abste'miously adv. -dis-'d-''bd-3») 

.O"i53'0!;O B'D (>■> 

abste'miousness n. -D«-io-'<i3D-3y) 

: B'lpj'oyo ; o"P3j)B5Knw:"K (oy: 


absten tion u. (iicB'-'jyBD-ay) OST 
oiN lyBJsmya dbt -rt tyB?»nJ"N 
.npysu 18 tiB B380 lyT lyo 
absten'tionist h. -j«iy-'jyBD-3y) 
=yj3» 18 ■ ,nyjyB?8ny3pnw s (qD'n 
lypj'no ,i!'"?B lyoy na mi] lyjyoJBn 
=n«ii n "2 ivo'Bi!' iiB nyns ,?»n»p?8 


abstcii'Uous a. (D8ts'-'jyDD-3y) =pmv 

.Tt iy3yjyj3«3 b'j ; tysJsnyj 

abster' r. CTiBD-ny) o'n ,iy-iyD'i' 

.iypyits'38 ; lynyT 

absterge' f. crnTiBD-sy) =nB3» 

1J1K11 8] iyr;'n ; iyB"ii3S ,iy:yp 

.[ynyo8o 113 

abster'gent a. and n. -'TiiBD-3y) 

=3if ; orj"! Duii I'xnyo 8 (ajyt^n 

.tiyjuo oyi] BJ':"! DS11 : jn:yB'Mi 

absterse' v. ('DTiBD-3y) ,ryj':"n 

.iy38D I"T 

abster' sion ». (t8B'r-'TiBD-3y) but 

.iyt!"ii3« D8T ,iyj'j"nD'iN 

abster'sive n. and a. (irB-'TiBD-3y) 

.BJ'J'n D8-11 18t 8 ; BJ'J'n B811 

abster'slves n. ciii'D-'TiBD-3y) =3is 


ab'stliience «. (D:y:-'DD-'3y) D81 .1 

'"Honyiiyj yoMiya ria Tt tyB58npnis 

o"K Dsi .2 ; iyj':3nya na lyiu ryB 

yB"?snsp?8 iyp:nB ns vi \vo'>«n 


1. If we wish to possess, we must practice 
abitlnenoe. 2. Abstinence from liquor is 

ab'stlnency n. (iD-jyj-'0B-'3y) bst .1 

' EST .2 loysy tia in iyo?8nP'nix 

=ii9(j. yo'iiyj lyoy na in tyB?8np'"iiit 

oyiayj yoniyj lypanB. na nyns lyt 

.nnn: : sp 

2. He is an advocate of abitlneaey from 

ab'stinent «. and ii. (B:yj-'DD-'3y) 

0811 ;5'Dyo ,iyB?8ny3p'nix ,iyB58nyj3s 

B?8n D811 nyj"8 ; 18J b': in b'j 

.38 in 

ab'stiiiently adv. cj-Bjyj-'BD-'ay) 

;in lyjsrss nn :3:iB?8npms b'd 

.B"p:yB?8ny33"8 nn 

abstract' v. ('BpyiBD-3y) ; nyi3ii38 

■.r:vDi> oyi tyDny:Dm8 ; iyiyjy?piya 

.lyonywBiB ,iy3"?PDn8 

ab'stract n. and a. (BpyiBD-'sy) 

i>tt>0 in BI«? B811 ,BP8nBD38 18 .1 

; I8t=injy3 8 : JBts* i'B'o iij vi 
=BB'in lyn ; Piyii 8 na jjixtpss .2 
; 33nyi3n38 .3 ; piyii 8 na B?8n3'8 

.B'nBE'lV ; BiyiJlty338 
1. Mathematics in its hleher branches Is a 
very abttraot subiect. 2. The author read au 
abitraot of his novel. 
ab8tra«'ted a. (iyB-'pyiBD-3y) =3818 
nyiiB' ,BP8iBD38 ;Biyi3ny338 .tyouya 

=BMK B'3 ; B'nBB'lV ; iyB"iay3 IV 


abstract'edly adv. -iy-'BpyiBD-3B) 

oitys ,in I'B n« \« ,bp«ibd38 O 

. . . tiB inyi»a38 ; lyi 

abstract'ednesB n. -i»-'opyiBD-3y) 

=ya I'M B"pBy'B ;B"pBnyi3iiy338 (oy: 

.BP81BD38 nn D81 :iypj8i 

abstrac'tion ». (tstj'-'pyiBO-sy) B8n 
=38 n : tyiyi3ii38 B8i ; lyonyassiK 

D81 ; B"PB"1BK'1X '1 ; B"n3yT'B'y3 

; i'i3y3 iyi!"Byi8yB » : lyTJ'BB'i 

.yyT8 yBP81BD38 I8 

abstrac'tlonlst n. -38ii'-'PJ'iBB-3y) 

="8 : BD'58yi<8 18 : nynmB 8 (bb'K 

«P8iBD38 B'o in BonyjnyB b8ii lyj 

.iy38t ya 

abstrac'tive a. (ii'B-'pyiBD-3y) =38 

t'8 0811 ; 3n3yany338i8 j'uynyun 

.B'nBB'lS ; BP81BD38 

abstract'ly adv. ('?-'BpyiBD-3V) 

abstractedly .t 
ab'stract mathemat'lcs -'sy) 

=80 y:"i (BP'K-'oyo-'K-noyo Bpyioo 


ab'stractness «. (By:-BpyiBD-'3y) 

; B"pBiyiJlty38 ; BP8nBD38 nn D8T 

=3'?B'nay33i8 : iyp:8iy3 ns B"PBy'B 


ab'stract ol title ii8 BpyiBB-'3y) 
=3yDiP8i na 31sd'18 lyxiip 8 (?b'83 
018 ti'iK B3yi=DniB3y3"R iy3yii ,iyo 
.[nyn'H ,138? ni] iyB'3 y3'?3yiiy3 

abstruse' a. ('BnBD-3y) ; iyan83iyB 
.i'5n:yBt!'iyB3iK ; n8?P B'j 

A hook full of abstruse Ideas. 

abstruse'ly adv. cJ-'BiiBB-sy) 1'iK 
lys'^uyBBfiyBJiN iyi8 lys'jnsy'B 8 


abstruse'ness «. (Dyj-'BnBB-3y) ' 

=3'?B"13y3J18 ; B"P3'?13yBE'nya31K 

Popular books must be free from abstruse- 
ness. . 

abstru'sity n. ('B-'D-'nBD-3y) 
abstruSBTiess ,\ 

absurd' n. and a. ('TinD-3y) 18 
iyay3 ; aunjis ; in:iR I8 ,niiD38 

.\ffi-ifii ,?3E' 
He made an absurd remark. 

absurd'ity «. ('o-'8-'nnD-3y) =83 

.in:iK ; B"PE"T 

absurd'ly adv. ('?-'ninD-3y) 8 ins 

.a'3nji8-,tBi8 iyt!"n83 

absurd'ness n. (Byj-'TinD-3y) 

absurdity .i 
abu'lia n. (8-'?-'13-y) y3'BD"3 8I8 
=nyB nyi nK BnyBi!'y3 D8ii B"np3BiP- 
=D3y5ni -\v-\ iia 3ji38iib'38 iyi8 ssno 

abuloma'nia n. (8'3-'"D-85-l3-y) 
abulia ,\ 

abun'dance n. (Djyi-'J83-y) =iy3'N 

->y3 D?8 inyo nn 'D8i ,[yBB'] Bi>a 

.ny3'n8 Ii8 iy3n8 ; 3i3 

We have an abundance of land. 
abun'dant a. (B3»1-'383-y> ,...B't3 Jia 

.31jy3 •iy3'K : 3''D'i?Bny3'K ;...T'K 1"1 
Our soil produces abundant crops. 

abun'dantly adv. (•i5-B3y"i-'383-y) 

■iy3'8 ; 3i3y3 ;[yaB'3i 3'D'?aiy3'K 

.lyoBo yoms n8 ;3i3y3 

We are abundantly supplied with natural re- 

abun'dant num'ber B:yi-':83-y) 
8IS — p'Byoans nyi ns (iy3-'D«3 
nn nya'x n tie yoiD n B81i ?n8v 
•yi3 i'8 ,iynyii B?"By3 typ n y3?yii 
lyp 12 ?n8S n .3 .v] nn'8 na lyo 
n .0 ,4 ,3 ,2 ,1 nn tyiyii os^Bys 
8t?8 ,16 nx nya'x ytyn tiB yois 
.[12 iiB iyDyi3 

ab ur'be con dita -'jbp '3-"imk 3y) 
lyn nB 33n3na lyi B'n (8B-n 
■inic :.-.:) ,BM-i lyo B:"a D8i] bi8Bc 

I'Jsrtyiiya ;[Bii3y3 oy'DiBDm 

ni3n 'B-Ki t'K 113 iy3n(!'y3 E 


abu'sable a. (?3yi-'i'3-y) 

=y3 mv^w ,B3n"?y3 .osmspr 
.iy3»iBy3 iyi8 
abuse' n. ('Dn3-y) »i:8ny3 
=nBy3 : 33i3n"?»3 ; ""lyJT 

Abuse is no argument. 

abuse' v. ('ti'3-») =i38ny3 b 

=iyB ; iy3nBy3 ; lyxuya b3»; 

: iyjn"?y3 ,iy?in : p:iny3 k 


1. He abutei his opponents. 2. A 
a right to make a fool of himself 
should not abuse the privilege. 

abuse' of distress' -o'l liK 

i'r] intra 8 ty3'n30'D D8i 

loira 058 mens lyonyjiya ei'i 
abuse' of prtx/ess iig 

Dyv8iB 8 iy3'n3D'D dbt (d 
=iyB 081 ; lypyiix y3''?vytyj i 
ni ,oys8nB 8 i'« ry»y3 d8i 
8 t'i53 y385P yjyj'onp 8 in 
.BinypyjDiK iyi8 y3i 
abu'ser n. (iyt-'r-3j) ,iy3'' 
=D't3 ,iyiyDDy? nffJin rtv 

abu'sive ». (ivo-'i'3-y) j' 
=n 0811 :3n3yBBB'E' :3n3, 
.ypmD'18 y38i3 B3m3y3 D8ii 

Abusive readers like the works ol 

abu'sively adv. ('5-ii'o-'r3- 
=3y3n"5y3 8 t'K :oi8 iyi3y3' 


abu'siveness n. (oyj-ii'O 
=BO't!' ,33i3n"5y3 ,i'n3D'o ,i: 

abut' V. ('B83-y) ; iyxy3yi3 
.iyxi«Bt?om8 .2 ; tJin'' 

1. The building abuts on the hlgb 
The bridge abuts against the rock. 

Abu'tilonn. (i8?-'B-'1'3-y) =381 
.iyi3y3y3 pen n pk tyoPBii t 

abut'ment n. (B3yo-'D83-y) 

,pn3 8 iiB lyvBE" n J3nnnii 


abut'tal n. i?y-'B83-y) 

abut'ted a. (iy-'083-B) Bi"y3j 
BviBBir D811 .in oinny3 a 

abut'ter «. (iy-'Q83-y) D811 

B"3 in Bsy3yi3 138? "lyiB » 

.nx Dj 

abysm' ii. rDn3-y) 8 ,ii\'\ 

.Dinn 8 x> 

abys'mal o. (?yo-'n3-y) ,i3n 


abyss' ». and t. ('D'3-y) J 

P8 lysTBty : B"3yBy'B s ,i3V 

abys'sal a. (?y-'B'3-y) ,T3n3 

.D' iyi ' 

Abyssin'ian a. and n. -'j'O 

8] iy'3'0'38 IS Biyny3 08" 

iy'>3B'B 8 :[8P'1B8=BDS 1' 

=-18 n« n] -n'p iye"3<0''38 
=in8' lytjiya n« iyi8iiy3 t 
=yn na lyBfi'iciBB n Bn> .1 

=y3 38B3n '8 ,n3ti' 'K iy3"» 1 

nions 8OB tlB ^"SB IlK 3'?' 

.[tyoy IX iyB83-iyB tyi 

A. C. lyBiyii n na nor 

oyi yijyB'i^] account e\ 



out] anno currente hb im*'[jJU 

.[■inii' njBB'i? 

aca'cia ■». (]i-'<i/-'"i>~i» ,DMa"Dvai8 

JDnSll PK BDPSll] D'la t»'S8P8 

.[b»318 nB'muB n ivain tWJin'Ja 


ac'ademe n. (on-ff-'PS) ,y'Dj;n8P8 

,y'Bi(t85's ,;i;db88'3J'd<ii tia vjib" 

.3 .T .« ynsBD'n 

Ac'ademe n. (on-y-'PV) lyns: nyi 

si8»»?'B iyB"3n3 lyi ikii tkJb na 

D'TDSn y:"T ts'a BJiyjys osn 8B85b 

.iynB8 i'8 

acade'mial a. (jy-'o-'n-y-py) =8P8 

.y'oyiBP8 18 IS BjJ8?y3 d81i ; B"nyT 

acBdem'ic n. a»(2 a. (p<t<-'i9yi-y-py) 

='oyi8P8 18 : E"Byi8yB ,is"Dyn8P8 

'B'O 8 ,18DyB«1S 8 .BJyilBD 8 ,iyp 

.y'oyi8P8 18 na lyja 

academ'ical o. (5yp-i8-'oyn-y-py) 

.BiiByiwyB ,E!"nyi8P8 

academ'ically ad». -'K-'nyiry-py) 

.o-\s iyii"nyn8P8 ei'iK ('8-5yp 

academ'icals n. (t5y-pi8-'nyn-y-py) 

8 iiB tyB:yiiBDn osir iyT'?p n 

lyBjyniBD ,iyj«iB ojbbcjb Djjnju 


academ'lc discus'sion -'oyn-y-py) 

=Dn yu-'ByngyB 8 (rw-'e'SP-on p'x 

lyvij yt!"BP8iB yj"p lyp d8ii ,\voi? 

.ryasn o'o 

academician ». (iy-'is"o-yi-y-py) 
.yayiBPB m iiB.nyjjB'D 8 

academ'ic propor'tlons -y-py) 
«y?8D P8 (rJ8iy-'ii8B-8nB P'«-'ayT 
iy:8'Xi8B8iB ytr'oyi8P8 n — "t 
i'8 y3?yii ,-iirB yBjgoyjD'iK i8] 
BB?yn 8 '11 lyj'jyii D^Moy cna i'k 
nu'B n iya?yii iiB ,5yi8B asi na 
, - .[B5i{&yj t'x 

Academism ». (at'o-y-'iyp-y) n 
.y'B8i8>'s iyi!"Dyi8P8 lyi iib yiny? 

acad emist «. (BD'n-y-'iyp-y) s 
.y'ny78P8 I8 iib nyjjB'o 8 -BjyiioD 

acad emy n. cn-y-'nyp-y) ,y'ayi8P8 

IIB i"8nyB : iyBB8ii'jyD'ii na , yJiB' 

, , .yBnnysyj 

acad'emy llg'ure -'j»b 'D-y-'nyp-y) 

.3J1H"V=>yi8B 8 '11' 

acad'emy of design' 'a-y-'nyp-y) 
Bjyny5 lya i8ii .Jits' 8 ('P8t-n ii8 
8 :[iyj8B8B i'5aytBB'in] iya"x vi 

=83B'18 '1 ettn B811 ,BB8B'5ytyj=BDJ1P 

iy:ypya lyns ny>BD:'P jyri'vny iv ya 

=isb:ip :nn] odjip -wi b'b B5iy ar\ 

.[iyMity>i8B 118 lyjiijyBB'D'iK 

aca dialite n. (B'8-5y-n-'"p-y) s 

i'?«p lya'jB'n 8 iib ?8iyj'B va 

, ,[l«JBt»(!'="J PN IIM BJ'Byj] 

Aca dian a. and n. (|j;_(i-'iip_j;) 
'"3 iyi8 lynsPB W 1"!!' t'K D811 

>yi8ayj « ;[8P'-iyB8 P8] -i3«^o»fs> 

tyiBP8 IIB nyjni>ii3"8 i8 -wiv lyj 

, . .i:8?B8t!'="3 -lyTs 

acajou H. (itj>t-y-'py) =y':s38n8D 

.r?ijn=y'38J8n8a ,D'n 

ac'alepli h. (tiy?-v-'pj;) =Dl?8a 818 
B811 ,y?'n'n ya"ii ,y3'a"?B' «■] ■>]>? 
•\tSB tyB83 8 ,[i'ay?8t!' 8 pk asy? 
.yii'B»"ip=D' ;iy5'n'n a> yjyiy'B'-iyB 

Acale'plia n. (ya-''5-y-py) 

acaleph .t .iy?ypDi?8B 
acale'pliau n. (iyB-''?-y-py) 

acaleph .t 
acale'plioid a. (TSB-''5-y-py) dsii 
.yii'Bsip=B' IX i'5jny pk 
acana'ceous a. (D8't;'-'":-y-py) ^yBE" 


acan'tlia «. (yna-'jyp-y) =8B1!' .nsn 

=Di?a n na vaty nyanyayoij' ^y^ ,5y3 

'P'''\ na n:y lyn ,b"b 8 "a lyiynya 

.[p'a lypii] 18T 

acantlia ceous a. (D8'E'-'"nB-jyp-y) 

.3'ayBB' ,3njyisT 

acan'thine a. and n. (pnQ-'jyp-y) 

»y5a 818 ; yB85 yt^nya « ix .•!i'5:ny 

8 IIB r'Btf oyi ei'iN 33ny'i'iyaTyD 

acantlioc'inus n. -'8-'D8nB-jyp-y) 
B8n D811 ,[pii!'t] lysyp sis (dsj 
yatj' I'ei'iK iy3iyn' y3y3'iay3 y3J8? 
na nyjiyn y3'X'B!!' yj"?? nx B8p 
="t yT'a na iik lypn iyB"t' yT'a 

"BB' 8 Ml BS38?3 lypn VI .B8P lyB 



acan'tlioid a. (Ti|{nB-':yp-y) ,3iayBS' 


acantliopteryg'ian u. -ssnB-Bjy-pyi 

' nyDBJajyaBBiy nyi (ly-'x-'ts'nn-yD 

=yiyBDi5a ysnyayBB' b'b E"a 8i8] 

acan ttious a. (D»nB-'3yp-y)- ,3'jint 

• .3'3yBB' 

acan tlius «. (D8nB-'3yp-y) yt!"iya 
«P8sys yoms ca yxjs^a Ms] yss? 
na 33ny'vnyanyBy?3 8i8 nyayja yo 

.[?"t 8 

;[if/^ /^\i if/'hjs 

rmm m^ 

aoari'asis n. (O'D-y-'^BI-y-py) ="3 s 

.3:m8c:;> ,3:10 

Acav'ida n. (8V8-'n8P-y) pa 8 

»ya iyun8i8B y3'Bn83ya?'B ypj'3">p 


acar'idans n. (t3yi-'K-'lBP-y) =?'0 

.iKmin y3'Bi83ya 

acarino'sis ' k. (D'D-'i8J-'8-nyp-p) 

ya5yt8 iib bbip d«ii B"np38"ip 8I8 

=ya iyB't8T8B y3'Dn83y35'D yp3'3"jp 


ac'aroid a. and «. (T8n-y-'py) B8II 

=i83ya5'D yp3'3"5p yajytB is ■^"tff vh 

»iya?'a ; lyti'^yaytcya lyansiBB y3's 

.aS'B 8 ; i'?3ny 

ac'aroid gum (d83 T8l-y-'py) kik 

saip DS11 ,BB8t ny3'Bi8'Bi3 lya'n 

.iy'?8nBB'i8 p8 D'la lyo'nys 8 iib 

acatalec'tlc a. and n. -'py?-8-Byp-y) 

DS11 B3ny3 8 : iy?nyB iii8 .nss (P'b 

lyiyi PK iy35n 5n«s y3'B'i3 n Bsn 

acatalep'sia n. (y-'D-'syJ-y-Byp-y) 

,B"P3'?a"13y3318 ,B"p-|8a3"13iyi31K 

acat'alepsy n. ('D-By?-y-'Byp-y) 

cusatalepsia .t 

acatalep'tic a. (p'B-'By5-y-Bj;p-y) 

.i'5i3yBi!'nya3i« ,T?B'n3y33i8 

acau'dal a. (?yn-'n8P-y) tps \ts intt 

.py p'p B'3 B8n D811 

acaules'cent a. (B3y^'Dy5-n8-py) 

acavline .) 
acau'line a. (n5-'n8P-y) tnit P8 D8I1 
.[iys385a "a] ^)i)3So& 8 
acau'lons a. (B8>-'n8P-y) 

lUMuline .1 

acce'das ad cu'riam Byi-'<D-py) 

Jnyaya lya'SBBnts" 8 <-By-'i-'i'p "ly 

iy3»nB-iya'n8 5st iy t8 ei'nyE' 8 is 

P8 B3'ny3 iy3nyT3 8 iib oysBiB « 

.lynyayn 8 

accede' v. CTB-py) =3."k ,iya'Bt!'is 

.iy358Ba83 ; lys'j'ii 

I will accede to your request. 

acee'dence n. (D3yi-''B-py) 'iil3"K 

na lya-iyiny D8t :33ia'Bi!'is ; 33.13'? 

.yiny lyis ysyoiy ya'in 8 ,DinB3y3"K 

accede' to tlie throne ib 'TB-py) 

.iKinB i'a'i8 I'liB (iiBiriB 'na 

accel'erate v. (B"«-iy-'5yB-py) ='3 

=y3B' i'8 iy33"ia ; iy?"8 ; iy38a lys 

.33i3yiiya •w'? 

The eugineer accelerated the speed of the 

accel'eratedly adv. -•'•'•\-s-'^vo-PV) 

inn ; 33ny5y3ii'nya ^ti-i cs-iya 

.Q"P3'i3'iit!'y3 iyi na 33ny3"BB' 

accel'erated mo'tion m. -'jyo-py) 

yaiyjyjtj'nyB 8 (isty-'isa iyB-"N--iy 


accel'erating a. -B"K-iy-'5yDH3y) 

="8 ,B"P5y3B' 'T 3'1jyiyDyi3iyB (33'N 


accelera'tion n. (i8B'-'"K-iy-5yD-py) 

ty33"na D8t ; 33ny?y3B'-iya ; y5"8 

.iy?"K D8T ; 33i3yiiy3 y5y3ti' pk 

accelera'tion of tlie moon -pj;) 

^yjt!' 'T (inia 'iiB 118 mB'-'"vy-5yD 

lyn onK n335 lyi 11a 33i3yiiy3 yiy? 

=ya 11335 'T 18 ,y'i«yB isi b'i?] nny 

lyjysE' Tiy i]ii anx bs'8 vi Bsyii 

.[iyB"s yB?8 n pk >« 

accel'erative o. {ii'B-"n-y-'?yD-py) 

D811 ; B"P3'n3'11(!'y3 'T B"iy3"BB' B811 

.lyiysystyiya is 33i3"3 't Bsn 
aocel'erator n. (■nsB-"N-iy-'5yo-py) 




• .jypDio 

aiicereratory o. -kb-"«-"ii;-'?bd-pv) 

.:njjnj(5»ji!'nyD ,jn3j;?"N'ij;Bji« (n 

accendibil'ity «. -'N-'5'3-n-:yD-pj;) 

.in:''Six:s vi obsb'JW'n 

accen dlble o. (?3n-'jj;B-pv) =bju 

.inj'VJU |j;p lya dsii ,-i83nrx 

accen slon ». (isc-jyo-py) ;3jnj'x:8 


ac cent n. (B3J)D-'py) jib jJUSBya .1 

=D'18 .2 ;[n3'Jj] B:VXP8 ;B'1S11 8 

„ „ .yaKiBK' 

2. He stieaks English nlth a Russian 
accent. ^ 

accent' *>. CBjyD-py) ty?yBi!' ,iy:sBy3 

.lysy-iBB'D'iK ,Bjyxp>« oyi 

accen tor n. (i8B-':yB-py) 'ii-iv lyi 

=)J't i"?p 8(8 nw 8 PK BJBPon lya 


_ accen'tual a. (?y-'it!'B-'jyB-py) 'Wi 
=P8 Dix Biynyj b81i ; iyD8i3 P8 /t^'o 


accen'tually adv. -5y-ii!»B-'jyB-py) 

.ryoBiJ P8 ,B:yxp8 d'd .onan b'd ('8 

accen'tuate v. (B"8-ii!'B-'jyB-py) 

.lys'^nBciyBJiK ; lyosavs 

I' want to aectntuBte the views of the party 
.in this Questlnii. 

accentua'tion n. -''<8-i(!>B-:yD-py) 
.jjiJSBy3 n USE' 

accept' V. CBByB-py) =BDy ; lyonyojs 
.iyB58my ; tyjjsa 

Please accept my Invitation. 

acceptaWl'lty n. -'?'3-y-BByB-py) 
typ Bs« 181 8 ,B"pi83anyjJ8 ('b-'8 
=ix P8 D811 i8r 8 ; lynyii lyouyj:* 


accept' a bill of exchange' -py) 
»ny::8 ('B'n3"tj'B-Bpy ii8 5'3 y 'bsvb 
»D'i8 B'D ?yiJ8n i'8 ?yBpyii 8 lyo 


aecept'able o. (jay-'asyB-py) o« 

=ny3is3s nsnyii ; iyD8P?'ii ; i83Dny3 

.tyj'33nyB b'o lya 

His company Is acceptable to everyhody. 

accept'ableness n. -?3y-'BByB-py) 
acceptability .i (By3 

accept'ably adv. ('?-3y-'BByD-py) 
.3'By?iv ,n83nny338 ; i3y3'T'-iBy3 

He served out hla term acceptably. 

accept'ance n. (B3y-'BByB-py) =3S 

.338B!!»y ;33iDny3 

accept'ance upon' pro' test .py) 

08 B8T (BByU-'lWlB 'I8B-W B3y-'UByB 

.uBynsiB iyu3iN lyonyj 

accep'tancy it. CB-oyB-'ByB-py) 

ucceptance r 

accept'ant a. (Bjy-'BBys-py) 3'5'ii 


accepta'tion n. (i8B'-'"B-ByB-py) 

8 I1B 33>B'ny3 y3yDi3y3J8 ;33i»ny3j« 


accept' ed a. (ly-'oeyB-py) ;ryBi3y33» 
.iyoi3y338 i"»y3?8 

This dictionary follows the accepted spelUnB 
of this country. 

acceptila'tlon n. -'"5-'B-ByB-Py) 

iiB ?yByx=B'iip 8 iyB58Pny b8t (isb' 

Dn'« 3n3y5nsvy3 b'3 ny3'3M53 oyi 

■ .3in oyT 

accept'lng n. and a. (33'8-'BByB-py) 

.3n3yony33K ; 33iany33K 

accep'tion n. (isis'-'syB-py) =b'18 

8 tiB 33iB'ny3 yjyoi3y33N ; vom: 

.nB3Bn ; B1811 

accept'or n. (ns-'BsyB-py) iyDny33s 

.?yBpyii 8 na 

ac'cess ». (syB-'py) ; V8lis ; BnBix 

'P381P 8 iib] 58B38 ;33nnyBnyB 

.BnB3"K ;[B"n 
He has access to very prominent people. 

acces'sarlness n. (By3-n-y-'DyB-py) 
-SWB'B ,iy3yi3iya 8 r'8 33iBny35"D 

.3313'5iiBy3 ; B"P3''T 

acces'sary n. and a. (n-y-WB-py) 

.JicB'o ,iy3yi3nyB 8 P8 ijyDny3?"B 

.iy3n5it!'B'a ; sn 

accessibil'lty ». -'8-'?'3-'K-ByB-py) 

'\PViYi B"p33n3 ; B"P1833'my CB 

.B"P3yt8?y3iv ,iya 

acces'sible a. (53'K-'ByB-py) =33y3ix 

.T833'my ; tny3ixis b3"? ,■=!'? 

He is accessible to all visitors. 

acces'sion n. (ts-'cyB-py) =nymyB 

=1S ; 3313"Bt!'y3=I8inB ; 331D1P1S ,33n 
.BnB3"K ; n03Bil ,331D'Bt!' 

acces'sional a. (5y-38-'ti'yBH5y) B'3 

338] B3y5y31S ,B"P3'B3M1 BB'in tlB 

acces'sion to the throne -'B'yB-py) 
.33i3"BB'y3=r«inB n (nsnnB tib ib i8 

aeces'slve- a.- (ii'N-'ByBHjy) =yiBis 
.3''i3yny3is ,3n3yB 

accesso'rial a. (>y-n-'i8B-yB-py) 
•yi3iyB 8 r«] 5"B38 BDny3 Bsii 

.3'BM5"3 ;'!|8t3y3y3 8 t'N B811 ;[iy3 
acces'sqrlly adv. CJ-'i-s-'ByB-py) 

.1'53yi3y3y3.; SmiX 338 ,3'BM?"3 

acces'soriness n. -'VU-'ByDHJy) 
Pk] B3'>"By3 p'l BST IlJltyB'S (By3 

.[iy3yi3iy,B 8 

acces'sory n. (n-s-'ByB-py) s5"D 

.181 iy3y3 8 ; iy3'i?iB'B'D ,iyDny3 

He was an accessory to the crime. 
acces'sory con'tract 'i-s-'syB-py) 
Biyii lysjyii bp81b3sp 8 (BpyiB-'38p 

8 IlB 331?'Bny n iyiy3'l IV B380y3 
• .BP81B3SP iy3'TlVn'1B 

acces'sory obliga'tion -s-'oya-py) 

BSn 331B3'>BBiyB 8 (t«(!'-'"3-'>-38 '1 
331B30BBnyB n '11 ] 8n-118 338 BQIP 

oyi wviWi D"3 B3y!is"iB iy?n8x is 

acoos'soryj^' sounds n-8-'ByB-py) 
•yo'iyiyj ^rwi))^ Vi3y33'?PB'D (nsiss 


ac cidence ii. (B3yi-'B-'py) V'U lyi 

OVll '1 Ml t33yiy? B811 P'B8D813 I'.D 

ly^ip "T iyii ,uiyi3yiyB tyivii lya 

.yiyi38 '1 B'O y3"8 33n3'31J 

ac'cident n. (83yi-'B-'py) : 

.5HB1V ■iy3'5P'?331K 

He met with an aooldent. 

acoiden'tal a. (?yB-'3yn-'BH3y) 

'Vi :3'B3'ii3iK ; yr"iny3'?ysis 


The election of the candidate was acci 

acciden'tal col'ors syo-'jyi-' 
B81 lyii] tyi'Sup yi833"ii' (ni 

P18BI!' 8 1'IK B"V yS'liys 8 BPl 
8 1'5«y?B Byi3S3 B'3 118 3188 

By Bfiyt iJ8B(!'3y3y3 iyB"ii 8 v 

.318B •yi833"E' iyi38 t8 183 B" 

»y3 lyn'ia ,'>vm'> ,B8n 3'i8 B8 

inyt B"ii ei'iK By oyii ,D'n I'li 

3?y3 inyt By ayii ,'i53 n'lx lyr 


accidental'lty n. -'5yB-3yi-' 

.B"P3'B3'11318 ,B"p3'5yaiS ( 

acciden'tal light 5yB-'3yv 
'-VI i»i8 B3'9 y3'53yi3y3y3 8 
Biyii DV 1811 ,"iy5n8D p«] 33 

=y3 8 15'3 IIB ISB t'B'l« \V> 
iy3'?P1'11 oyi B»3 B'3 D811 ,33 

»3yt3y3»3 8 183 i5'3 riB Bpya: 
»ry3iT '1 ,'>vo'> '11 ,BpyBy 
=D'iy3 8 1111 iy33'ii y35yii ,iy; 

8 ,nj3? '1 PB I"E' 1»1 ,iyp58' 

.[.11 .t .8 sysoy? 1; 
acciden'tally adv. -?PB-'351-' 

; 5BB1X 8 1111 ; yi"iny3'?yBi' 

We met on the street aceidetttally. 

acciden'talness n. -5yB-'3Jl-^ 

accAdetit .i .b"P3'5»bhi 

ac'cldent-col'nmns n. »B3yi-* 

*yBDP'5331K iy3'« IBB3'iy3 (IDI 
.[iy331B"S '1 ?'l 

ac'cident ma'ker -'"p B3yi-'l 

=3'l!>y3=118D IIB iyB381BD'18 18 

accip'iter n. (iyB-'8-'B'B-PS 

iyB'iiy3 8] B3'38n iyi ,5y3'iE 


accip'itrine a. (pi-b'8-'B'B-PS 

.5y3'lB 3'11 8 IS 1" 

accis'mus n. (B80-'l'BH5y) ,iyi 

.iyBB3y iyi8 38)38 iyB?yt 

accite' v. CB'BB-py) ; lyiyiii 


acclaim' ». and v'. ('B">P-y) ' 

=y'iais lyp'iiD'iK : B"n3yiy'iB 

.iyi'i85B8 : "it^ys b'o b 

The hero was received with acclaim. 

acclama'tion n. (i8£'-'"o-] 

iyi8 B"n3yiy'iBis iib "iB'y3 • 

yDn833S y3'1J83 »3'D'B!!'3"8 

=38P 8 na ?n8ii iyi8 38?b'18b 
acclam'atory a. oi-sa-y-'Dj 

.3'13yp'11B'lK ?8B"3 ; 3'13yi' 

accli'mate v. (B"D-''8>P-y) 'P 

•y3is iyi8 iVBBBis I't ,iyi't' 

lysyii] B80'?P iyB'\iy3 8 is i 


accll'mated o. (iyB-yo-''85P-! 
8 IIB BBD'jp oyi IS tyi8\iJU 

After some time the immigrants wi 

aoclima'tion n. (isE'-'"»-''?-PJ 

8 na B8D'?p Byi is I'l lysns 




accUmatlsa'tion ii. -'u-yB-'B?p-y) 

Di;i B'o vf ij;3»?:"« nx ivjnviivjix 

.1:8? innviB 8 no b80'?p 

acclimatiza'tlon ». -'B-»o-'«?p-y) 

acclimatisation .t (iis!!»-'"i 

accli'matize «. (i'8t3-yo-''85P-y) 

8 IX 1't tDJnviiVJix ,iyTr'B8D'?P8 

DXijya I'jsvtBBMn] b8»'5p dv": 

085B 118 fivn iia tVJiiynyjix dst T8a 


accU'matlzer n. -'8B-llo-'<8?P-JJ) 

>j;j] BTt'B80'?P8 Dsii i!;j"8 (nvi 

nvn ins ijxj8?b nnyia [ix Bjnvii 

.138? 8 I'8 

accll'mature n. (■iiiS'B-yo-''8?P-y) 

VI lyjnyiiyj osi ,jji'in'B8o'?P8 n 

.B8Di?P oyj 8 IX 

accllve' a. ('ivB?P-I') »iy3 ,B8?j b<: 

.j'TyswD ; ti'n8 ;t83 : j'j 

accHv'lty n. {'B-'8-^ll'?P-y) ^J'Jiya 

lyjn'yBiB'n 8 ; bis lyj'jiya : b"p 


accli'vous rt. (DSil-"'85P-y) 

acclive .t 

accloy' «. ('is?p-B) ='8 ,tyi8?iy3'8 
8 jyiy'Dt^iyB : lyriyc : iy?'Biya 
n ty3?yii B'D ?ws: 8 lyii] iiyB 
^'i BsyBB' lyjs?^;^ oiyii yiispiss 

.[DIB D'liyB IIB B"i?B I'S f"18 

accoll' V. ('?'8P-y) iy380 .lyonjys 

=8tix ;i't ty?D8nyB ; d'jb n?3p 8 


ac'colated a. (iyo-"?-8-'Py) D811 
Dsii ,Byp>?'S8iB inyo nyns "iix B»n 
=yn38 Din im8 i»3"n iy?nsny3 iy3"t 
.[iy?8iyD lyisniMBc tins 'ii] wi 

, Accolated Coia 

ac'colent o. and n. (B:y?-s-'p») Dsn 

Dsii iy3"8 ;."3-iyi BjynsJ B:n8ii 

"3iyT Bjyns: Bjnsn 

accom'modable a. (?3yn-g-'D8P-y) 

,lB31jyiU8 ; l:yD8B ; 1833"?JD'18 

iDysy ei'i8 ryiyii Byi:yiiyj3s typ dsii 

..lyiyii BD8sy3ix lyp 

accorn'modate v. (B'n-s-'D8P-y) 

=V3 .3 ; tyD8Six .2 ; n3iB 8 rsna a 

.vsv B'o] lyjisnya ; ty380 oyiip 

B3ynix .4 ; [3:iB?8myB:i8 ,iyT'?p 

.[B'ntsif 8] iy3"?jD'iK ,ty38n 

1' I was asked to accommodate a friend with 
a loan, 2. It is liard to accommodate our- 
selves to new conditions. 3. The hotel ac- 
commodates 100 guests. 

accom'modated a. -"i-s-'08P-y) 

; B38ayj B3yiis ; BDssyjix .1 (lyo 

8 B'D Bj-i8ty3 .2 ; B38oy3 nyiipy3 

• .[lysB?!? nyis iy:n«ii ix]. v8?b 

2; The farmer accommodated me for the 

accom'modately adv. -g-'ngp-y) 

.Dyiipy3 ,3n3yD8B38 ('?-d"t 

accom'modateness n. -s-'D8P-y) 

;B"p3yBDSOy3:S ,B"P3'?D8B (By3-D"T 


accom'iYiodatlng m. -B'n-8-'D8P-y) 

.3'?yBy3 (33'K 
Some people are very accommooatlng. 

accom'modatingly adv. -8-'D8P-y) 

: ia'i8 iyoyiipy3'8 vix ('?-33'o-"t 

.B"p3'?yay: iin ; BD8By3ix 

■ accorn'modating terms -(j-'ogp-y) 

«;'iy3 yi83Dny3:s (iotib 33'8-b"t 

accommoda'tlon n. -'"i-8-D»p-y) 

; [O'nOE' 8 na] 3313"?3DM8 otsw 

.B"P3'?yay3 . ,D"p3'?oyiipya 

aecommoda'tion bill -'"i-s-D8P-y) 

8] ?yDpyii=B"P3'?yay3 8 c?^ ibb" 

183 iy3y3y3D'n8 oivn dsii ,?yDpyii 

.Iiy3yii=n3iB iib iVnr oix 

aecommoda'tion lad'der -nsP-y) 

B3'BDyBy3 ByiB 8 (1V--\V? I8!!'-''n-S 
=1P1X IS ,1'tr' 8 !1B B"t»lyDM8 lyi IX 

.lyB't^ yiyn3B ix lytD 

aecommoda'tion train n. -D8P-y) 

o^voif BS11 in83 8 (t'na iSE'-''n-» 

.y'X38BD lyiy "3 38 I't 

accommoda'tive a. -'"i-s-»SP-y) 

,3'D8B ,tyiyil BD8By31X typ DS11 (IVB 

.oyiipys ; BD8By3ix 
accom'modativeness n. -s-'a8P-y) 

DST :UD8By31X I'M DST (Dy3-irB-"T 

.Byiipy3 pn 

accom'modator n. -."i-s-'08P-y) 

.ny38a'Di?t!' 8 ,iy?DiDnyB 8 cnso 

acconi'panable a, (53y-jyB-'asP-y) 

' .1'?BB8B'?yiy3 

accom'panier n. (■iy-'3-yB-'osp-y) 

»iD 8 I'ls] ■iy?y'Btj'B'D ;iyB"?3y3 

.[03yonBD3'N iyB"?8pn 

accom'paniment ». -'3-yB-'nsp-y) 
=ia P8 3:iB"?3y3 ; 33iB"?3y3 (B3ya 

accompanist n. (BD'3-yB-'08P-y) 

.-iVpyss/a^a ; iyB"?3y3 nyi 

aeeom'pany v. ('3-ys-'DSP-y) »'"?3y3 

...B'D iy"i3n I't ; !y?y'at!'B'D -.wa 
accom'panying a. -'3-yB-'DSP-y) 

"38 ; 3'i3ynyjB'a : 3'i3yD"?3y3 (33'n 

.3313yiiy3 8 IX VI 3'13yB'?!S' 

accom'plice n. (D'?a-'D8P-y) «?ie'B'D 

.[iy3yi3iyB 8 ps] nyDny3?"B oy3'T 

aceom'pliceship n. -B'?B-'D8P-y) 

.1?1B'D'D ,ea8K'3yDS3y3B'D 'T (B'Bi 

acconj'plicify n. -'8-D'?B-'a8P-y) 
accompliceship .\ ca 

accom'plish «. (B"?B-'a8P-y) =D'in 

•'B^y ;iy3iyiny~ ;-!y3'Bnyaiya ;ty-in'a 

; iy-in'B3in ; !y3'i3y ; ty3"Tiy ; ty? 

, .iy3'?p-i'iny3 

aceom'plishable a. -!:"?B-'D8P-y) 

IX yi38BB'D'8 ; T83in'BD'18 (?3y 


accom'plished «. (BB"?B-'a8P-y) 

B'D ,ty3'ixiy D13 ; asPJsa ; Byi5'3y3 

.ni?ya y58 

He is an accomplished person. 
accom'plished gentle'man -y) 

; D?t5'ia 8 (tya-'?B3yB'n Dt:"?a-'D8P 

.ni?yD y?8 b'd tj'3yD 8 

accom'plisher n. (iy-K"?s-'a8P-y) 

"By D3"-ny lyis B?'Biy Bsii iy3"8 


accom'plisher of the law -'B8P-y) 

»3yn,8 ,n'?n 8 (ns? 'hb ii8 ■iy-B"?s 

, .lyp 

accom'plishlng n. and a. -'asp-y) 

,331?'aiy ,33D'?PTlliya (33'K-1!"?S 

.3'i3y?'Biy ,3'"i3y3'?pTinyB 

accom'pllshment n. -ti»?B-'a8P-y) 

.33i?'Bny j3i3'?pTinyB (B3yD 

accom'plishments n. -t("?B-'D8P-y) 

.iyB"p3'nyB ; ni?yD vbu (DB3yD 

He is a man of man; accomplishments: be 
is a sluger, a writer, a player, and what 
accord' n. and v. Cngp-y) ="?3B'1N 

0"8iy3'8 ; 331B'BtS'3"8-iy3'8 ; iy3 

='3SDi8n : ty38D 3'D'Bi!'3"8 ; lya'aE* 

=1X S] nsP8 18 ; tysy? 3'3"8 ; iyi 

.y3nDD 8 ;[iy338?P pa 33iD'Bis'3ya8t 

accord'able o. (?3y-'Ti8p-y) oys'K 

.3'n3yT3san8n : 3'i3ya'BB'3"« 

aceord'ance ». (B3y-'TisP-y) =3"8 

' ;y'3SB'i8n ;33ia'Bts'3"8ny3'8 ;338?P 

P'lia ns lyO'BE' PB 338?P3"8 lyi 

accord'ancy ». ('D-3y-'ni8P-y) 

accordance .t 
accord'ant a. (B3y-'TisP-y) =iy3's 

;3'D8B ;338?PJ"8 P8 ; J'B'BW'N 

accord'antly oAv. ('?-B3y-'iisP-y) 

•D'l? ;3'Diy33"?3 ,3'13ya'Bt^3"Kiy3'K 

■ • . 1W 
accord Ing a. and adv. -'iisp-j;) 

...''IS3 ...B'l? ,3'?iyil (33'8 
According to the latest census. New York 
is the largest city on the Western Hemi- 

accord'ingly adv. ('?-3j'8-'TiSP-y) 

'11 ,. . . '11 'Its ,3'?iyii ; oyT 1S3 


Give me orders and I shall act accordingly. 
accord'ing to apprehen'slon 

I'B'i? (ist!?-'3yn-yi-By ib 33'8-'iisP-y) 


accord'ing to cir'cumstances 

(tyB-3yBB-DSP-'TiB 10 3:'s-'nnsp-y) 

.iyi3yBt!'ai8 't b'i? 

accord'ing to direc'tlon -'-ngp-y) 

/BB'ntfTsa B'l? (tst?-'pyn-'T id 33'8 

.331t"1138 B'l? 

accord'ing to law id 33'8-'in8p-y) 

.s'Dyoxytys ,rytyj d'i? (ns? 

accord'ing to or'ders -'nsP-y) 

; ty33i?yB(!'y3 b'i? (nyi-'ns ib 3:'8 

.?nyay3 d'i? .BB'iiyisa d'i? 

accor'dion n. (js-'-i-'nup-j;! ^lun t; 


accor'dionist n. (DD's-3S-'l-'18P-V) 

.•iy?y'Bt!'=yp'3SDi8n s 

accost' V. CBDSP-y) ; iyB3ny3 tyayiD 

=yBB'3s ; lyo'is ,tyiBB'y3 8 lynn'S-iya 

.D83 t'K Dy3"S ty? 
He accosted me on the street and began to 

accost'able a. (?3y-'BD8P-y) =yiB6J'y3 
DD'n3y3 BS11 ;i'?33y3ix ,1'?^3"^a ,3'3. 

.DB-iy IX 

accouche'ment n. (tso-'B'lp-y) =B:y 
iy3y? DST ,iyiyii ty3y?y3 dst ,33n3'3 

.ByB3'P PS 1'« 

accoucheur' n. cnytj'-ip-y) BBii3y3 

.iStciPB ,nya?yn 

accoucheuse' n. ctnyK'-iP-y) •3yn s 

.t'lynps 18 ,ya8 

account' n. and v. rD3l8P-y) ; KD3SP 




accountabll'lty «. -'?'3-y-D3i«p-y) 
'am D»1 ; t5"p3'5B-|((l11t)38nyB CO-'X 

Hccount'able o. 02V-'a:i»?-v) ^lyo 

We are accountable to tbc law for our ac- 

account'ableness n. -?3J|-'b:i8p-v) 

aocountahility ,t (oy: 

accoiint'anpy «. (<D-3y-'BJl8i5-») n 
.["nyB5(jin=iia] 3:nn'B=iia nu bd:ip 

account'ant ». (B:y-'BJi8i5-y) on 

DSJijyayi ,iynytiy3<N lys'a i.-iyojsn 


accountantship ». -ojy-'BJlBP-y) 

.nVBJBHBla 8 IIS BD8 lyi (S'i!' 

account' -book «. (pia='BJi8P-y) out 

, , .lia=8BJ8P 

account' cup rent -'nsp 'BJi8P-y) 

'HP 8BJ8P] jjijyayT yi:ysn5 (Bjy 


account -day n. ('n-'D3i8P-y) iVT 

,D8:8D iiB lyasn "nx siv I'n ,58b 

B'o iyjy3ynis38 Tt BD'tsroa t'8 dsii 

='8yB»i"8 'T i'k] ny5p8o=iyny3 n 

.[oynya r^ 

account' for (iss 'BJi8P-y) lysyjas 

; D811 lyjyii lyayj bbjipd'ik ; ajuyayn 

=iyB : D8iiBy na uiij nyi tyayjjs 

.oysy 18B r"t 1'?oi8iibj8 

account'ing «. (jj'«-'BJi8P-y) n 

ny3'3 lyin'B tia bd:ip 

account' o( char'ges us 'BJi8P-y) 

.niKsin iiB ti36!'n nyn ( Tyt^n-'is'^B 

account' of convey'ance 'B:i8P-y) 

«ny3<K IIB j:i:3yT (o:y-'"ii-:»P us 

.mino lyp't^ 

account' of disbui'se'ments -y) 

'V2V\ n (DB3yo-'DTi3-Dn lis 'bjisp 

.lyBBKPDlK IIB i:ii 

account' of settle'ment 'BJi8P-y) 

'T /^liysyiDiJi? n (B:yD-'?ByD ii8 


account' ren'dered -'jyi 'B:i8P-y) 

BJyBtyyjiv Biyii D8ii jjiMyn 8 Ciisi 

'ViVt DVi IS [ni?n] igBnynp 8 ns 

.[ni?] 18B 

accounts' n. ('DB:i8P-y) =58n3i3 n 


account' sales (t?"D 'B3l8P-y) ="iya 


acconr'age v. (B'tT'x-'nKP-y) --mv 

- .tfisnip lypyiny ; lyj'o 

accourt' v. ('Bli8P-y) =bm8 T5i:'nD 

=<?ij""iB 8 ivsyj ;r't 1330 ,iyony: 

.n<3B n?3P lya 

accou'ter v. (lyB-'ip-y) .lyansnya 

■ lyXlBD'lN ,tyB8Bt!'D'lS 

accou'tre v. (nya-'ip-y) ncoouter .i 

accou'trement n. (B:yo-nyB-'ip-y) 

.sjnysD'iK ,j:ivibdmk 

accred'lt v. (B'K-'nyip-y) : tyi-iB 

o>» iyiy>P"iv ,iyj'ByBB'ya ,iy3'i5jya 

; iy3»P"ijf38 ; iy3'B3»»?»By3 ; 3<B3n 

>Bnyip iV3yj 

accredita'tion n. -'"O-'K-iyiP-y) 

o»By3 ; 33i3ypiy38 ; jJU'a'iJJva (isb- 

.lynBj* D8T ; j:ij''B3yo 

accred'ited a. nVB-'8-'iynp-y) =y3 

•3yo?8By3 ... IV Bjypnyjs ; bj'3'i?j 

... IX BJ'B 

accres cence ;/. (D:y-'DyiP-y) lyi 
.jjiD'nBE-nyB :j:nnymj;B ;dp8iinix 

accres'cent a. (B;y-'oyiP-y) =P811kix 
.jnwB'nBB'nyB ,3njynnyoiyB ; 3n3yD 

accrete' a. ana v. '('Bynp-y) 'B'Uix 

tyDP8iiy3B'i:iv -.Bsynya : lyopBiiya 

.lyiyii Baynya ;ijnyii 

accre'tion n. (i8ty-'np-y) ,33iDp«li38 

lis] 331DP811B'131X 8 ;331DP81181V 

=ny»-iyB ; [•i»iy'?3 yB?"By33» "iix 

1081 B-18 18 I'K iy38"lBJ8 BST ; >i11 

.i"B 8 iia BKiBts' B»T nn lis iin« 

accre'tive a. (ivB-'np-y),n3yBP8ii8ls 

.i3yiyDy^3-)yB ,i3v\r]Vo-\sa vi 

accrimina'tlon n, -'"3-'8-onP-y) 

nya 8 I'N 3:i3n5it!'y3 ;y38?PJ8 (mii' 


accroach' v. cb^biwip-V) ; iyiTS3K 

.VI IX lyB'n 

accroach'ment n. (B3yo-'B'Bi8ip-y) 

oyi r8 tin33'''8 ;i'i ix lyo'n dkt 

.»B3yT B'3ynyi38 

accrue' v. cnnp-y) =yBB'ix ;iyBP8ii8ix 

.inyBE'Bjy ,iyoipix ,iynnymyB ; ly? 

Tlie bank paid rae the accrued interest on 
niy account. 

accrue'ment n. (B3yo-'nnp-y) '8ix 

.33inyBts'B3y : 3jidp81i 

acct. curt. =8p nyi na 331xtp38 I8 

pmB'iK lyjyxiyo 

account current 

accnba'tion n. (i8iS'-'"2-l''-py) D8T 

lyoy D"3 I'T iyjny538 lyns !yi8Bi!'38 

.aysjip I'K iy3y»? B8t ;[i'3idb] 

accum'bent a. (B3y3-'DSp-y) oy3y'5 

.B3ny?y33s 3't 

accn'mulate v. (B"?-l'n-'l'P-B) =:s 

•yinyoiya ; iy3"?p38 ; iy?D8t 

By liard worlt one may accumulate a for- 

accu'mulating n. and a. -i'o-'i'p-y) 

=1S D8T ; iy?08tB'131X B8T (33'8-B"? 

«;ynnymyB ,3'i3y?08tJ8 ,iyB'in3yo8t 

.[iy508t38 ^nn] yi 

accumula'tion n. (i8B'-'"?-i'D-i'p-y) 

33nny0iyB ; 33l508t38 ,3313"?P38 

.[iy508t3« ^-in] 
accumula tion of pow'er -I'p-y) 

'D8tB'lK 'T nj;-'18B 118 I8B'-'"?-l'0 
=y3 8 I'K I'tfKD 8 "3 y'3ly3y IIB 331? 

=y3=D33i3yiiy3 ih'k lyii ,b"x nyo'ii 
=yi3-iyB 3'>Dyo5y3yT Biyii B"pi3'iiti' 


accu'mnlatlve a. -B"?-i'o-'i'p-y) 

; iy?08n« iin ; B?yo8ty338 (ii'k 

.B?yo8ty338 Biyii dsh 

accu'mulative judg'ment -'I'p-y) 
>"iix 8 (B3yo-'B'n8cn ii'b-"?-i'o 
8 iy:y3 ?"biik ny3'5B3'iy3 lyo 
,Ba8iP I'K i"-i8 0V10 iy35yii ,tsnys 
:""BiiK ny3'Tiyn'iB 8 'ii Byi3S3 

.BB81P IIB B'n8 Byi'J 

aocu'mulatlvely a^^v. -vo-'i'P-y) 

aiHjumulative .i c^-irK-B"? 

accu'mulativeness ii. -no_'np_y) 

I"t B8T ; iy?08t38 D8T (Dy:-11'B-"? 

.ty?o8tix3w 1't B3"3y3 

accn'mulator n. (■i8B-"?-v»-'i<p-y) 

; ei'iK B?ya8t D811 ^81 lyns tsnys 8 

=83 yE"iBpy"iy 8t8] ikbbSioipb I8 

B?yo8ty3B'iK Biyii sy ikii "ibb 

.[y'3"iy3y ytv-iBpyjy 

ac curacy n. CD-yvi'-'py) »B811P8 

.B"P3'?0P3'B ;B"P3'8'13y3 ; B"P 

ao'ciiraH' n. lu'n-r-'py) : B8"iiP8 
.-'''Bp:'B ; 'i;y3 

ac'eurately adv. ('?-B"l-i 

.'i;y3 ,B8nip8 ; o"p3'?»P3't 

ac'curateness n. .<Dy3-B"l-V 

acctircuyy , 

accurse' y. ('BTiP-yl ; IP31I 


accursed' a. CBDTiP-y) fiVD ;t 

.lyBJifVnyB , 

accur'sedness n. (Djr3-nyD-"i' 

.oaiJBnvB i"i 

accus'able a. (say-'irp-j) I'k 

lyp oBii ,iynyii ix B38?py338 n 

.lyiyii B3't 

accu'sal n. (syt-'i'p-y) jsian; 

=nys ,iy3yn3nyB 8 t'8 lya'nsiE'yj 


accus'ant n. (Bjy-'trp-y) : nys] 


accnsa'tion «. (I8!i'-'"t-l'i5-y) =; 

»yi3nyB 8 I'K lya'nJityya but :; 

.lyjBJpijB on 

The accusations against the Jews are 

accn'sative ». and a. (ivo-Jft-'l 

'80813 I'K ivB8tiP8 nyT i-firm 

accu'satively oAv. ('5-ivB-Bt-'i 

=813 i'k] ii'B8tiP8 oyi ix 3ixy: 


accnsato'rial a. -'i-'i8B-y»-i 


accusato'rially adv. -'ijfB-Bt-i 

=i>\mi inn ; liys'ijicsa ck-; 

aceu'satory o. ci-SD-yt-'i'p-yi 

accuse' v. cti'p-y) '•jvtfvi .l»3l 

Conscience accuses more tlian law. 

accused' u. cntrp-p) ^Jiirya 
.i»Bjs5py33» tri ,x 

The accused spoke in his awn defenc 

accu'ser n. (nyt-'i"p-B) .X 

accu'singly adv. ('5-33't-'i'P-yl 

.3'i3y3'i5i(!'y3 jn3j 

accus'tom «. (D8B-'D8P-ff) =ny' 

.i"t B3nyiiy3 

Time accustoms us to hardships. 

accus'tomable a. (jay-isBB-'oi 

. .lyjPTyiiyjis lyiw iyB8Bix vt typ 

accus'tomably oAv. -dwd-'Oi 

.B"n3nyiiy3 ix 3isy3 t»« C 

accus'tomary a. (n-y-o»B-'Bl 

,3n:o oyn b'i> :i'53nyiiyj ,n3 


acons'tomed a. (id8B-'D8P-P) 

.B:nyiiy33"8 ,b 

He L<; to be found in his aceustaniMl 

accns'tomed bnsi'ness -'oi 

Bsn Bsii BByB'y3 8 (ayj-'t'S 

.BByt^yj BiiTay33"8 is : t 

ace M. (B"8) ; [lyBigp i'k] f 

; BP31B 8 ; y?yB8"ie 8 : b"P3':" 

.[080 lyis B3'iiy3 lis] 8"n3" 


ace'dia n. (y-n-^o-y) =8b-i8J31m 
BnyBwa D8ii i:8bss'is iy3'BD"j 

'OKIpiyOBMKSlK ,B"P3yt8>yj38 

i"P I'K Dyiyoj'K t"p iy38n b'3 

.11 .1 .8 

acen'tric a. (p'-io-'3yB-y) i'k 
-UP:iB?yB'o 8 in« : bP31b; 




ace oC spades (it'ED iis. D"K) 

.p^B t'lD : n:o>8 is 

Aceph'ala u. (b5-V-'bjid-») --jjok n 

'ge' »J<D"?(!' V3"11 I'D »s»»] :w?8D 

.[bvp ins iJi5'iTn rsv? 

acepha'lia n. (8-'?-'"b-»-dj;) oisn 

.BKP i"P lyagn b'j 

aceph'alons a. (o»5-v-'bj;d-v) in» .1 

" .3 ; -mrTa iwoan 8 ins .2 : bup b 

soyno -wiH 3:«bj» lyres'T 8 ins 

.[iva'nti' lyjs mn rx] 

2. An aeaphalous group of men. 

ace' -point n. (bj'SB«'B"k) I's v\e » 

•sy'Bis' « 51'iK D3"N DPJia ; lytsnsp 

.[oist] ?j;stii 

Ac'era it. (si-y-'DV) =Di5so I'd sts 

DSii [i»5'n<n WD^'JE" WMi] i»5vp 

ac'erate a. (t3'n-!)-'DV) 'yoc ,3'X'bs;' 

.[5yiS: 8 Ml '1T8] J'3 

acerb' a. ('3TlB-») ;Dn8n ; nvts'a 
:.«j;ni5i!' ; tayo ps] iibe' nyii 

accr'bate «. and a. (taT'3-"iMD-y) 

lyjj'naB'ns ,iy38D ^y'lt .lynyo's-iyB 

.(iiBB" .,Biy'inys ; i?nyj ns 

acer'bity ». co-'s-'lviD-y) 'ivo^z 
•nyit ;B"PBi8t;' ; cpajyiBc •;c3"p 


acerb' speech (b-b'SD '3TiD-y) 8 

..siv-\ yanstf 

ac'erose a. (oisi-'s-'oy) nyB=?yi8: 

o85a iiB j:in"xy3 tb Bxuya] j'd 

.[nyoy^a lyi 

Some plants have acerose leave.s. 

Acerose Leaves 

ac'erons a. (osi-'s-'oy) aeerose .r 

acer'val «.. (?yii-'TiD-y) 8 ix T?:ny 

.lys'in 8 ,yBip 

acer vate v. and a. (B"ii-'TiD-y) 

D»ii ; Diys'in t's ,oyBip t'k iyjy?:8 

.iy5Bi'3 I'N BDP811 

acerva'tion h. (isiJ'-'"l1-TiD-yj BST 

.wys'in I's ,ByBip ps ty3"5ps'nix 

(D:y-'ByB-y) -lynya 


I. CB-jy-'ayB-y) 

acescence .i 

(B:y-'ByB-y) .TJiyii 

n. (Bs5-i'-'3yB-y-By) 

.jj',?nynBMK pjy5yj n 

aceta'rioiis plants -n-'"B-'8-Byi 

. .iys:85B=B8?8B (BBjyJS DS 

ac'etary n. (n-"B-S-'By) y-iyn 8t8 

, .lyaana yB'iiyj t'8 in B:'ayj bsii 

-acetate «. (B'^B-y-'sy) "lyiy^n s 

ac etated a. (iyB-"B-y-'Dy> j'By B<a 

, ' .Biyiyj 

acetic a. (p»K-'ByB^y) ;j>By 'ii nyvit 

.3'By MB BB8B'jy3"N n anjyasn 

acetic ac'ld (Ts-'By p's-'Byo-y) 

=:'B'?a yiyiT ypnsBiy 8 : VJysy'J'By 

aees'oence n. 

aces'cency ) 

aces'oent a. 

ua8oyj Biyii sy nys^yii ns ,b"p 


acet'ic e'ther (iynB-''K P'K-'Bys-y) 

'jyi^nany t8 Bsn bsii B"pj'D'5a 8i8 

lynnyjyjjs is lis n<-i lyonyjyjos lyT 

.Psavvi lyijyjynn 

acetlflca'tlon h. -'"p-<a-is-ByB-y) 

.33ny"nya ,iy38o "lyit bst (isi^ 

acet'lfy v. ('8B-is-'ByD-y)' >y'inya 

lyiyii ; a'oy na nyB avt lyaso ; \v\ 

.yov Ml nyit 

acetlm'eter n, (lya-y-'o'B-y-By) 

'■nsBE' n lyBsyo is ojyonBBj's is 

.3'By na b"p 

acetim'etry n. i 'n-By-'a'B-y-By) 

.3'By na cpibbe' n lyBByn dst 

ac'etln Ji. (pB-y-'By) s] I'Byxs 

BnyBwa ysJyii 33n:<3iya yts"Dy3 

■ nyis i"s ns piys'Js 5ipy5so t"s na 

=3'By iy5ipy?sD "m nns "list 

ac eto-gel'atln a. -'sytytTiSB-y-'By) 

B'D, ynyit=3'By B^snaay bsii (PB-y 


ac'etone n. (psB-y-'By) sts] iSByxs 

lyonyjyjjs is b<» b"P3'B'5b ytyioys 

.[pBDB'ya iyn:yjyn3 s lis nn 

acetone'mia ». (y-'D-'i3-sB-y-Dy) 

DVi na BDip y3?yii B"np38np sis 

=y3 yB'iiya 8] tsayxs iis lyajmj'ns 

.Bi?3 BST PS [B"pa'B'5a yt!"n 

ac'etose a. (BiSB-y-'oy) =nyit nyit 

• .V> 
acetos Ity n. CB-'s-'BSB-y-By) =nyMt 


ac'etouB a. (BSB-y-'By) osii nyn 

, .PSDWa lyiyii 8 Bsn 

ac'etons fermenta'tion DgB-y-'By) 

"3 By-xsiB ivi llsti'-'VB-jya-T'ia 

..lyii B^yll p'li nyns iy3 lyajyii 

ace'tnm ». (D8B-''D-y) .3'Dy 

acet'ylene n. (p5-'s-'ByB-y) ='Byi'8 

Bsn B»ii tsa iyts?3i8a 8t8] ly? 

•j'a B3yn3 iis nn iyDny3y3383is (8 

.[B85a iy5yn s inyt 

acetyliza'tion n. -'"i-is-5'B-y-By) 

'tvs iy!S"ny3 s na syxsiB lyn ds'.:' 

.y-iyit=3'By b'd ajnj'3 

ach H. (i?By) ,=iy35'ia nytmo's' is 


ache «. and v. (p"s) ,5'nsot!' !p'B 

; isna, nyii ; n'mo' lyi"? ; 38Bnyii 


Ach'eron n. (isn-y-'py) 1"B lyi 

'n'B B3y?a isisa iy35yii iy3's isiyas 

='0 iyc"3in3 lyi ps] mot!': n lyn 

.B?yii yKim'siyBJis n ;[yas5y^ 

achiev'able a. (Ssy-'lPiyB-y) =BMS 

.nsas'my .nsain'a 

An ambition to become educated is 
achlevible In the United States. 

achiev'ance n. (B3y-'lPE^'B-y) n 

=n'anyi n ,BsnB s na 3:nn'BB'is 

.B8nB ys'na s ; tiiB dix P3 33n 

achieve' v. ciPKB-y) ,iy-in'BB'is 


Hard work achieves results. 

achleve'ment ». (Bjyn-'ii'B'B-y) 

.33133"VDMS ,33nn'BBMS 
Tlie discovery of the ' North Pole was an 

achlev'er n. (ny-'iPEsiB-y) »n»aD'is is 

.?ys P't B3'my bsii .lya'-s ; lyT 

_aehl'lary a. (n-8?-''8P-y) .lyB'? ins 

achlUe'ic ac'id -'ny p's-'ij-is-py) 
anyii yajyii ynyit V"-"^v: sis (ts 

:iyx385B yBniy3 iib iyBy?3 na lyouya 

.ynyit B'jspy 

achille'ln n. (ps-'r5-<s-py) =y3 8»8 

'■y3 iynyB'3 inyt s b'o PisBtf lytyn 

.[pxnyo PS ovi:y3 Bnyii] pboe' 

achi'lous a. (Bs5-''8P-y) .tys'? ins 

ach'lng a. (3:<s-'P"S) ; BBBnxnyOB' 

.nyii BinB bsii 

ach'ing void (tsii 33's-'P"s) =jis 

.BBiJnys nyis3BB"iB 

Dr. Herzl's death has left an aching void 

among his followers, 

achl'rla n. (y-i-|_'»sp-y) B'3 DST 

.-\:m i"P lyssn ~ 

achlamyd'eous a. -'s-'TD-y5-py) 

=B3 Biyii] y?'n 8 ins ,Byp83 (bs 

.[iyXJ8?B "3 113 B3'n3 

a'chpr n. cisp-'^s) I'aMS llSB s 

.^yanpty ; v-\yM s ,asp 

achromat'lc a. (p'S-'Byo-si-py) 

.3'B3'it3in ; ts?3n8a .iVBSDsias 

The best spectacles are made from achro- 
matic glass. 
achromat'ically adv. -'Byn-si-py) 
achromatic .t (is-5yp-'S 
achromat'ic conden'ser -svpy) 
'y3B<is sts (iyB-'3yi-3SP p's-'By?: 
osP IX BSPBsiP'D 8 PS ts?3 yayB'JE' 
.lyjnsiBts^Ba'? n lyinBjyx 
achromat'ic glas'ses -'ayn-si-py) 
iyiy53 ytj"B8osi38 (ty-'By5a p's 
■ \.-\^'>*iP 8 ins ,yi853isa] 
achromat'ic lens p's-'Byo-si-py) 
sis] yt:'? yt:"B8D8n3s is (Bjy? 
,iya''5is'y3BMs mts ,iy?n3 na mi ,ts53 
nn in'N nn Bny3 bsii b3'5 bst ts 
.[isJaisB PS 
aclironiatop'sia n. -'ss-Byn-si-py) 
oyaMS sts] B"m:'533y3T8B (y-'D 
,iy3yp"iyT ix BiyBB' bsii ,B"np38iP 
8 na lysnsa ys'aan n inyt lyis 


achro matopsy «. -ss-Byo-'lsi-py) 

achromatopsia .t (»B 

achro'matous a. (BSB-yo-'isiP-y) 

T5SP lyiysyn s na ; t5sp s ins 

.5SD1S3 Ml 

r><'hron'ic a. (P'K-';sn-py) PS Dsil 

•"3 pyBtj' n na iy3"E'iy bix v^ 

lynoMitrnya lyn ns 3:s3iyB3is:u 

.3383BMS31t "3 

aehi-on'lcal a. (?y-P's-'3Sl-py) 

achronic .t 

adc-'ula ». (yj-p-'pifl-y) Vi''i]iQ& 

8 IMS BPMiys yjn s ,iy5is3 nsn 

.n'n -isiitf nsJa 

acic nlar a. (is?-p-'P'B-y) =5yis3 


acic'uliform a. (Blsa-'5-l'-'P''B-y) 

a^}icular .i 
ac'id H. (Tis-'By) 'T ;B"PiyMt 


acid ic a. (p's-'TB-y) ps Bsn BSll 

.B"PiyMt IB 8 in 

acidlf'erons a. (BS-"iy-'B'S-TS-By) 

.B"piyMt 8 in PS BJsnBjy bsii 

acid'lfiable a. (Jay-'BB-'S-'TB-y) 

.Biymya bsii 

aeid'iflant a. CB3y-<a-'S-"PB-y) 

acidifiabie .1 

acidif'ic u. (P's-'B'S-TD-y) 

acidiflable .t 

acidifica'tlon n. -'"p-'B-'S-TB-y) 
^yMnya 'i ; lynyii lyMt dsi (isc 

acld'ifler 11. (iy-»VsB-'K-'TB-y) s 


.jjnvmvD I338I 

add Ify v. Cbb-'N-'td-v) ,ivij;'n 

.iV?nJ8mpB B"p-iy'it 8 v» 

acidim eter n. (lyo-y-'nn-'K-B!)) 

«"PJ'D'5B y-iyit IIB -U'lpJ"! UN B'^P 


addimet rlc ». (p'l-'DVD-n-'K-DV) 
rvTaxiB bj;t B'd ni3"B' t; oun duii 
.t»B"PJ''D'?B j/ivn na b"pi8db' n 

acidlmet'rlcal a. -'avn-n-'N-DV) 
actditnetric .i (5y-pn 

acidim' etry »(. (nB-y-'an-'K-Dy) 
'lyit iiB B'^pisBtr n lyTans but 


add ity n. ('B-iK-'TD-y) ,B"piy'n 

.[oyo pk] b"pbi8ij' 

ac'ldness n. (Dyj-T«-'By) acidity .t 

addom'eteF n. (nyB-y-'DSi-'K-oy) 

^nsBiy n lyBoyo ix BjynnBOj'K 8I8 

.tyivii tiB B"p 

add'ulse •«. (yj-v-'TO-y) 'Jinsty 

."lyoBii 58nv:'o ivivit iib lyDyjna 

add'ulate ». (B"5-i'-'TD-y) lyit 

Life becomes acidulated by long sufTerine- 

add'ulated drops iyB-"?-v-'TD-y) 

'IS ynyit] BJnajsa^isiB's (Bssm 


add'nle n. (Jv-'TD-y) ='n ,?n'X8 
i5(is"Dy3 878] r?8t yny'ii = nya 


add'ulent o. (Bjy?-v-'TD-y) ,iy'n 

.I'JDmiya ,bid ix nyii ; Biyinya 

add'ulous o. (B85-i'-'TB-y) =nyMi 

.'=I'5an8is' ;i'? 

add'ulous wa'ter osS-i'-'TB-y) 

.iyB8ii=58iy:''n lyn 8i8 (lyB-'ngnn 

add'ulum n. (B8?-v-'TB-y) 

acidule .t 

ac'ieragc n. (s!'n"n-y-'s-'By) =y3 B8t 

Ba'MVt''^ 18 B'a ?8Byo 8' lypyn 

.oyssna lyts'nBpyjy 18 iin 

ac'lform a. (ai»B-'K-'Dy> =5yi8J 


adna'ceous a. (D8'2'-'"J-'N-By) 5iB 

.Byiis' ,iyjiyp b"3 

adn'adform a. (msa-'B-y-'J'p-y) 

Disa n Bsn Dsii /iiviw 8 is v>iT\v 

.-itnw 8 iiB 

adn'ifprm a. (m8B-'8-':'B-y) 

.lya'nBj'Mi is i'5:ny ,j'Dnyaw3'nB 

lic'inose ». (Bi8:-i«-'By) =iyB:y3'nD 

.lynyp b'd >ib ,j'd 

ac'lnous a. (B8J-'8-'By) acinose .i 

ac'inus n. (B«:-'8-'By) 8 ,?yijyiyp s 

18 ; a'nBj"ii 8 na tnyp ; vni8' 

.?yBJ'3 8 l'8 3mBJ"ii y:?ysj"8 

acknowl'edge v. (t!'tny-'?83-P»). 1 

^yBE-ys .3 ; i"t miD .2 ; tyjypiUJ8 


1. The world aDknowledgat the greatness of 
Abraham Lincoln. 2. I aoknowledge m; mis- 
take. 3. Be aoknowltdged the receipt of my 

acknowl'edge a deed -'>8:-py) 
18 IIB j:irByBB'y3 n (nyn y i^ny 

18 lin '18038 18 »1'18 BB'1iyiyBJ18 

'BB'in] iyBn8y3 Bjanyayi iy?y'S'B» 
118 -ivvn iiD I'lpiys B"3 vnvi 


acknowl'edged o. (ii!'ny-'?83-py) 

.Bj'ByBB'ya ,Boypny:8 

acknowl'edclng a. -t;'ny-'?8J-py) 

.183PJ81 tJV8 

12 ' 

acknowl'edgment «. -B'ny-'?83-py) 

.jJij'ByBii'ya ; jJuypnyJB (Bjyo 

ac'me n. (its-'PTt) ,BP31B nyBB3yn nyi 

8 t'8] B'tnp lyBBsyn -lyi .vsv ^v•\ 


The hero reached the acme of popularity. 

ac'na n. (Vi-PV) 'Vi fanx i'B""is 8 


ac'ne ». Co-'py) acna .t 

acold' a. cnjigp-y) .ojn'piya ,b58P 

acol'ogy ». (''•.•'n-s-'58P-y) '^Wf 't 

.?yQ'D?"n tiB yT 

Acolol'thns ». (B8nB'-''8?-S-py> 818 

.iyj'?B»iyB8o vo 

acol'othist ». (BB'nB-8-'?8P-y) lyT 

«m3m lyi .itp 8 I'8 miw 8 ,bi5»p8 

«"?jy3 8 ,nya5yn 8 -itp 8 pk iy38!3 

.■iyin3«iyBB'i?p 8 ,ivo 

ac'olyte n. (B'8?-8-'py) acolothist .t 

ac'olyth n. (r]0>'>~tt-'tivY acolothist .] 

acolyth'ical a. (?yp-'8-'nB'?-8P-y) 

.B'?8P8 18 IS V-V P8 D811 

acolothist .\ 

acon'dylous a. (Bs5-n-'J8P-y) ins 

.iyp:y?yj lyns 'ny53yjp 

acon'ic a. (p'8-'J8P-y) T'tS" PK BSli 

aconite ,t .5ysni8ii=ti58ii is 

acon'itate n. (B"B-''8-'J8P-y) 8»8 

.rJst nyt!"Dy3 

ac'onlte n. (B'8J-lil-'py) =li«ll=<l5«ll 

3'BB'J 818] 5yS 

aconit'ic ac'ld 


'B'jspy (TiK-'cy 

=<Dya 818] ynyii 

»yj ny ,ei8Bi!' iv^l 

P8 i'i8 in 83'a 

o8?a ■ yjyny is'iyB 


acon'itin n. -y) 

«8py (PB-'8-'J8P 

'B'j ,nyiyB'3 BB3yn pd 8I8] pb': 

, n na B38'3yj aiyii osii ,«i8Bts' lyj'o 

.[b'i3 tys'iiya 8 na iy5sisii 

acon/itine n. (PB-'8-'38P-y) 

aoonitin .t 
Acqnl'tum n. (B8B-''83-S-py) 

aconitin .t 

a'corn n. and v. (n8P-'"8) =?y3"8 

.D':nnn lyay ,bij nyB'Ttn ,bi: 

a'corn-cup n. (BSP=n8P-'"8) B8T 

.Di^Tin 8 IIB JvaSBir 

a'corned ». {iJi8P-'"8) Tin B'D f'la 

.B'j=Tin B'D Byoispyj3s ;B': 

a'corn-oll n. (5'8=nKP-'"K) BSll ?ns 

.B'j="iMn IIB B38pyj Biyii 

a'corn-shell «. 


Dsii Jyirio 818 

IS B"P3'5jny B8n 

.?y3"8 B181 8 

Ac'orus ». -'py) 
PD 818 (B8VS 

yB't ,y3nypyD!S' 


acos'mism ~ n. 

n (BPD-'i8P-y) 

<8yB yi:'<B81N7'B Acorn-Shell 

I'oyBBnpy lyi pk aayp"? Bsii yi 
•BMny3 n] d8j lysMK B?yii 8- iib 

"18 18 118 B?yil n P8 B89 18 ,3:iB 

yiyisiiys i"p bu BiiBBnpy b83 lyo 


acos'mlst n. (oD'O-'tSP-S) 
pa i':yBB'ipy nyi pk BJVi 

.D83 lyB'U 

acosmis'tlc u.. (p'B-'B'D-tKP 
Biyp"? B811 ynsyD -lyn is 
nyD'i8 B?yii 8 pb nyao'ipy 

acotyle'don «. (mn-''?-'! 

«D"P I"P B'J DSn B811 ,J 

.["iyDy?3 nyni] 

acotyle'donous a. -'i?-'i 

.iyDy?3 nyit in« 

The oak is acofyledonout. 

acon'chy n. Ctj'-'ip-y) y? 
.TiV -i]n P8 d: 



acou'meter n. ny D-yo-'lP-J 

Ba8np=iyn n lyBByo is 


acou'metry n. (n-oyD-'ip- 

EJin] BB8npnyn •\r\ na 

acon'phone n. (ll8B-'1P-y) =' 

'iBBB-nya is !i« iy58myT« 

.oysy IIB ]:8?P 

Tliose who cannot hear well, use 
of an acouphone. 
acous'tic ». and a. (p'o-'Bip 
nyny3 ms ni3"E' 8 B8n b 
acons'tical a. (5y-P' 

acous'tic duct n. (BP81 P' 
.nyi8 na inyi=iyny3 y 
acous'tic in'strument p' 
.insi'iyn 8 (BjyD- 
acous'tic nerve (iiTij P' 
acous'tlcs n. (BP'D-'BlP-y) 
.3385? iia 
ac'qua n. (81in-'P8) 
acquaint' r. ('D3"iinp-y) «t 
.lys'ii iyt85 ,iyj"DB'D . 

1. I shall acquaint you with s 
2. 1 sliall acquaint you with the 1 

acqnalnt'ance n. (B3y-'o 
.nyD38py3 .2 -, Da8B'i 

1. His acquaintance with EnglisI 
is broad. 2. He is an old acqui 
my fattier. 

acqualnt'anceship n. -'b 

.iyB38py3 : oBscDOBpya 
acquaint'ant n. (Djy-'D3"il 

acquain'ted n. (iyD-'3"lini 

.B"ii B811 ,b; 

acquain'ted witli im-' 

»ya B38py3 ...B'D I"l B38py 
He lequalnlad his brother with 

acquest' n. ('Boyiinp-y) ; 

.B380 inn iy3i8ii 

acquiesce' r. CBy-'llil-py) 

.lysyBB- lyTiBis vi :ty3V 

We must acquiena in tlie will 




acquies'cence n. (Djy-'DV-'llfi-Pj;) 

acquies'cency n. ccj-jy-'DV-Min-PS) 

acquiescence .t 
acquies'cent a. (eJU-'Dy-nin-py) 

acqules'cently adv. -'DV-<iin-Pj;) 

.B"pj'3'j3so nn (<?-BJV 

acquirabll'lty n. -'?'3-v-v8linP-Ji) 

.■1833"'nP I"t DST CB-'N 

acquir'aWe o. (53V-'T8linp-!;) '•)]> 

.rnyii lyaismy lyp d»ii ,n833"T 

Good manners are acquirable. 

acquire' v. ('T8iinp-y) =iy MKaiymy 
.lyrip ; iw'n 

This dictionary helps one to acquire a 
knowledge of English. 

acquire' mentn. (ajyo-'Tsiinp-y) »"iy 


acqulr'ern. (iy-'T8iinp-y) .lyaiyiny 

acquls'ible a. (53'8-'ininp-y) Dsn 

.lyiyii ryaisiny \sp 

acqnisi'tlon n. (is-'iyn-'ilin-py) =iy.l 

;nDn5n 8 iin jjiDnyjj"8 .2 ujmyii 


1. The acquisition of wealth is a laudable 
ambition. 2. The acquisition of California by 
the United States was a result of the war 
with Mexico. 

acquls'itive a. (ivB-'K-'t'linp-y) '111 

.lymyiny typ dsii .-anoyaiyii 

acquls'itive fae'ulty -i8-'t'linp-y) 

=j'nya«Djjnj<BBDy n ('B-58-'pyB iro 

.BBBiP'DjJijyoB'isa n ; b"p 

acquis'itively adv. -irB-'N-'T'linP-y) 

.jjmyiny iin c? 

acquls'ttiveness n. -is-'purip-y) 

IX Hij"j n Myaiyiny but (oy:-iVB. 

.DiBjyj"K tyaiyiny 

acquit' v. ('B'linp-y) =y3 ,ty3yiBi!'"'ia 


Juries have a. tendency to acquit women on 


acquit'ment n. CB:y»-'BMinp-y) =y3 

■.30i3yist!"nB : j:i8'n3 

acquit' one's self cred'itably -y) 

(<5-3y-B'K-'iynp eiJyo t:siin 'B'linp 

.tyin'B3nn bij -^n'Ji 

acqult'tal n. (jy-'B'iinp-y) =y'iBE'"'iQ 

iy3y'i3'iyB 8 iib] jji^'nays ,jji3 

.[3in iyi8 

acqnit'tance n. (ojy-'B'llflp-y) »'11P 

nyis 3in 8 ml jJix'nsys ijjitb 


acqult'ter n. (iy-'B'linP-») ,'iy"lBy3 


ac'rasy n. (<D-yn-'py) ='a yB3y5B' 8 

tin VK B3'n3y]] lyBsst tia siw 


acra tia n. (8<t!'-''np-y) ,B"p38lii!' 


a'cre n. (nyp-'"N) ij8? iyp8 t8 ,JT80 

43,580 lyis D118' y3B8ni811P 4840] 

.[DIB y3B8"n811P 

a'creage n. (ij'tT"N--iyp-""8) Dmij n 
iyi8 iyp8 v« lyoDsnyj i?vb s iia 

acpecen'cia n. (8-''nB-'jyiiB-''''np-8) 

.m^ae/ dst ; tyopsii dst 

ac'rld «. and .a (Tv'py) ="3 ,«il8B' 

.BB'j lyaiBC 8 ; iivo 

acrld'ity n. eo-'K-'iivpy) nyB'3 

.B"PBT81i' ,B"P 

acridly adv. (iJ-TI-'py) • ='3 B'D 

.583 B'D ,B"piyB 

ac'ridness ». (Dy:-Tl-'py) 


acrimo'nious a. (DS-'3-'i8D-'l-py) 

" .13yD"3 ,f\-\»ti> ,nVB<3 ,B"BD8P18D 
At the meeting there was an acrimonious 

acrlmo'nlously adv. -ij-'iso-'l-py) 

,E"BB8pn8D /B'^PiyB'S B'B ('5-DS 


acrimo'niousness n. -'3-'i8D-<l-py) 

.BI8pn8D ,B"piyB'3' (Dy3-DS 

ac'rimony n. (u-so-n-'py) =BT8ty 

.Bt8P18B ; B''piyB'3 ; B"p 
His speech was full of acrimony, 

acrit'lcal a,. (5yp-i8-'BnP-y) 8 tfiS 

.[B"npj8-ip 8 "3] D'tnp 

acritochro'macy n. -i8B-n-py) 

8t8] B"m3'53=ty3'18B CB-yO-'lSlP 

Bp'm Bsii lys'iN n na b"p?8iois3:ik 

lyT'tyiyBJiN tyjyp b'j v» d'in vi 

.[Iy3^8B iyB"iix 

ac'rltude ■«. (TVB-'Vpy) =btsb' n 

.B"P3jyiBK' n ,B"P 

acroamat'ic a. (p's-'Byo-y-si-py) 
.niD? lyay'B s ix vi!' vk dsii 
acroatnatical .t 

acroainat'ical a. -'«-'Bya-y-si-py) 
T13 ;B0'Biyy3 iyny3 dst isb iij (?yp 
r'8 nyn' 8 iy38n bsii ,y35yt8 T8b 
liK |y3"■^6^' tiB ymsa 818 :i8t nyi 
na ?"B 8] TiD? lyay'B 8 i.iytysnsB 
=is in ryan lyBsnei' D'?yBSBDn8' 
=8siP8 B?8nj'N 118 yoisB iy"t 3y<5 

acroat'ic a. (P'N-'By-si-py)- 

acroamatical .t 

ac'robat «. (By3-sn-'py) ,B83S^P8 i8 
8 ; iy38n=iyx3ip 8 : BJsnyoBP 8 

BBS B"3 BSll -|y3"8 ; 'iyS3yB=p'lBi!' 

.P'B'?sB p8 iyiJij"o yj"! 
acrobat'ic a. (p'8-'By3-ijn-py) =siP8 

8 B'O ni3"B' 8 BSn DSII ,(!"B83 

acrobat'ical o. (5yp-iK-'By3-s"i-py) 

acrobatic .t 
acrocephal'ic o. -'5ya-yD-isi-py) 

.[|y3T8t!'] 1>VfW iy3'in 8 B'D (P'K 
Acrocephalic races. 

acrodyn'la »s. (8-<8-'Jn-s-i-py) sts 

in Bpm D811 B"np38ip yifoyTay 

118 0181 I'K lysjnyBty i<8 onx 

ijyn n v'k eisa8ip nx lyxiyais' px 

.B'B iix 

ac'rogen ». (ryBin-si-'py) Bt'J83ns 18 

ny3s] inn lyi P8 ma bbp8ii dsii 

.[pn lyi t'K B': 

acpogen'ic o. (p'x-'jya'ti-si-py) 

.inn iyi t'8 in bdp8ii bsii 

acrogen^ .1 

acrog'enous a. (DS3-y-'t^n8l-py) 

acrogenic .i 
ac'roUth n. (nB'?-S1-'py) y3iyif?«n 8 

i3yn n ,B8P iyi lys^yii iia yiBSBo 

.l"Btf iia iy3"i B'B n ii8 

acrol'ithan a. (tynB-i8-'58lP-y) 

.yiBsBD yii"B'58ip8 18 IX i'53ny 

acrdlith .t 

acron'ych u,. (p<K-'381-py) t'N DSli 

"3 tiyBB- n tia ryj^iyiy nix i^tj' 

iyi:niB'iyB lyn ti8 3383iyB3iN>iit 

.3J83an8=tii "3 

An acronych star. 
acron'ychal a. (5yp-'X-'J8VPy) 

acronych ,t 

acrop'olls n. (D'?-8-'S81-py) =S1P8 

tiB sjiBoya lyis ^yisB^x 8] D'?8S 

=y3 t'8 y3?yii .bisbc yt!"3n3 b58 t8 

.[3183 s'lns nn3 

acrop'olls of Atli'ens -s-'B81-py) 

='x] D'?sBsiP8 '1 (tjy-'nBy iis d'5 

»n3 yBDnnys <i] lynBS lis [?yi8B 

.[B18DE' yiyo 

Acropolis of Athens 

ac'rosplre n. and v. (i'8BD-si-'py) 

Dm8 ?yDp8ii D811 iy5By53 ynu'iy 'i 

»yxi8ii yBxsiBB'y3Dni8 'i ;Dst na 

lyis lyn'mye n"3] nxnn iib iy> 

=iy '1 iyx8isij'DMi8 ;[ty38D j>?8a 

.iy?By53 yBiy 

ac'rospired a. (n'8SB-si-'py) Bijiiy 

=1811 lyis iy5By53] BxsiBtyysDms 


across' prep, and adv. cosip-y) ='8 

o'n ;iyiip iyi I'k :iyi383"N iy3 

.iy3ypB38 ;iylJ83"K iy3y3 ;i'5iyi 

To reach San Francisco we must travel 
across the continent. 

across' coun'try ciB-'JSP 'D8lp-y) 

r85s 8 1111 iny3 ,i?ya dsi lyiip 

;3yii Qy3yByiBy3j"K oyi b'd b'3 1813 

.3yii lyDBBjynsj iyi 

across' lots (DB85 'BS1P-y) Dyi B'B 

.3yii lyBDBjynsJ 

acros'tic n. and a. (piD-'B8lP-y) 

Buii I'E' 8 : nnnn '(fsi b'd i'E" 8 

no oyi on? ts in iy338B nnitj' 'i 

8t8 IX i"is' t'8 Bsii ;n'3=i?8 na 

acros'tical ». (?y-P'B-'B81P-y) 

'i^SI B'B Tty 8 IX 1"^ 1'8 Dull 

acrostic ,i .nnnn 
acrote'ria n. (y-<i-''B-81-py) ''BE' 

='xiya=iyiB8BD b'b yi"3y3 8 iia tyx 



acrote'rlal a. (5y-'i-''B-8i-py) Dsii 

B'B yi"3y3 8 IIB y'Bty 8 ix i"ti' rs 

.33ny'xiya=yiB8BB 8 

acrote'rluHi •«. (Cis-'1-''B-si-py) 

•lya t'8 y3?yii yi"3y3 8 na vbe' 8 

.yiBSBD 8 B'B Biys 
acro'ters »». (iiyB-'lsi-py) 

acroteria .t 

acryl'lc ac'ld (i'8-'Dy P'8-'?'l-py) 

B"P3'B'5B yBxyry33'uix tvays 8t8 

.n'l iyBny3y338 is Q8i dsii 

act n. and v. (Bpy) ; isnD ,iy?l38n 

;3Ji5i38mya ; B8nB ,33i5i38n ; lypl'ii 

;[p'BK'=iyD8ynB 8 na 5"b] bp8, 18 

.vjn'3 iyi I'lx lyjy'BE' 

ac'ta ». (8B-'py) 'i jy'xysD ,iyBP8 

■--i^? 8 IIB iy5sP8Bsis lyis lyaps 

j^ .B3'iy3=iy3 




act above'board (iiiua-'usa-j; opj) 

5BPJ1P i"p tvaso B<J ; tHJlJBn rvsw 


act a part (onsB y opy) lyjyBis' 
„ . ., .J'?Si lyasj/B (i 

He act* tha part of Shylock well. 

act'-drop n. (ss-n-'upj;) oyt!"iis lyi 

.[lyosyo n«] jatsmss dpi*. 

ac tlnal a. (jyj-iu-'py) ■^vij) vn DSli 

=ytsB' oyi "3 ?Ma ons ysss nyT ix 


act ing n. o»d o. (jjin-'opy) .>iy .1 

182 ly-iyijs IK iiB iyt33»?B n jnjy?'B 

.2 ;[DlpO K5D0 D?«] 15"S St-itp 8 

.[lyoByo i'8] iy?y'Bti' B8T 

1. Lord Grey was appointed acting governor. 
2. Her acting In this play was very fine. 

act'ing cap'taln -'syp jj'8-'Dpyi 

.I8B'B8P ^\v^^:vav^a1VB^nttr (i"o 

act'ing con'sul -'jgp jj'x-'opy) 

.511 JSP •\V13VOV-\a-\VS'>VO0 (5»D 

act'ing-dra'ma n. -'yn-j:'K-'Dpy) 

t'N D»ii ,8B8'n [ya'jpTii] 8 (bb 

.«npTBB'18 BIX BB'BOTl 

act'ing part'ner -'bibb jj's-'Bpy) 

Mnw lyivBPB IB (lyj 

Actin'la n. (y-'B-'j'B-py) D' I'D b 

=yj yr3"B ivajyii lyjvii tyE"jyayE'y3 

08 iiB n8?a B VH Dv lyjst yainy? 

.n'n 8 t'8 By ib stsn 

actin'ic a. (p's-'j'B-py) n Bsn Dsii 

miitvi:)! ty38tiiKiyB is BB8t!':y3"N 

.[yoya i'b] lySHBiBB^oD'? iin 

actin'ically adv. ('N-5yp-'8-'j'B-py) 

actinic .\ 
ac'tinism «. (Bt»B-3'B-'py) =jyj"« n 
=ii8iyB vi ty5nBnBi!'=B3'? iib bbbb' 
.tyast t'8 lyjjnyijy yi!"Dy3 ty3Bt 

Actinism la In many casea responsible for 

the fading of carpets. 

•actin'ograph n. (tiyiJ-s-'jiB-py) 

■=iya tis BByB bsm B3yDnBB:*8 is 

'mw n tiB JJIPT11 yB"ny3 n B:y3"s 


ac'tinoid o. (T8J-'B-'py) n:y?n8iBi!' 

8t8] t!"B=nyBB' lyT '11 ■uySHBiaa' 

.[(S"B -lyijypnBiBif 

actin'oUte n. (B'B^-»-'J'B-py) nyi 


actinol'ogy n. ('Bin-s-'JBJ-'B-py) 

I'l B:'BBytJ'y3 bsii BBBU'oyBMi n 

»B3.'5 iiB JJ1P1M1 yii"By3 n b^b 


actlnom'eter n. (-iyB-y-'B83-'B-py) 

'i-iBBrs rB] lyBDyB^ryJnB'iBB' lyn- 

oyjit 'T iiB yn n ivBoyB ix Bjyo 


actinom'etry n. (nB-y-'BBJ-'B-py) 

«D'i« ria B^'piBBtj" n tyBoya bbt 

.[lysiyp yayiytynyB iib] jji^hbibb' 

act in pals ("S PK Bpy) ?"BTl« IB 

»'iK B38Dy3 P8 iy35yii ■iyB3'T B na 

B': .Biyii lis pin^Bsnyj oyi lyo 

.iy3'3 n PB iy3'nB'yj3"B 

ac'tlon n. (tUB'-'py) oyB ;j3i?iJBn .1 

=8?P ; [bbcb] syxBiB .2 :jji?iJ8n 

.B"P3'BynB ! BBflB .3 ; Vi 

1. The President's aotion may lead to an 

abrogation of the treaty. 2. The lawyer 

brought an ' aotion against me. 3. We want 

aotion, not words. 

ac'tionable o., (?3y-J»ti'-'py) .ibsjb?? 

To call a man a thief la aotlonable. 

ac'tlonably adv. ('J3-y-J»(!'-'py) 

-ys 8 IX tyin^a lyp dsii ibib ib ^i'ib 

.ysB?P iy3<?B3n 

ac'tionary n. (n-y-JKB'-'py) 'P« ist 

.ny||fxpB nyT ,iyx'iy3>iy'X 

ac'tlon ex contrac'tu o^yi isii'7'py) 
DBII ,yS8?P=5'1PX 8 (1B-'P8-iB-3SP 

=yj yjyDijyjJS n «i'ik Byi:n3y3 vv. 

.tyHiii'xy3 PB lyxyiyj y3'?BB8B'5yt 

ac'tlon ex delic'to -yi Bpy iBE'-'py) 

»1X BB1P DB11 yj8?P»5'1PX B dUB-'P'? 

.BBHB yo3y5a' b 3y'5 
ac'tionist n. (BB'B-J»B'-'py) 

actionary .t 

ac'tlon on appeal' -y ib isty-'py) 

.yJB5P«B3S<XB5yBB ('5y'S 

ac'tlvate v. (B"8-lPB-'py) =y3 P8 

='BiBny ; lyjoyiBtyiB ; lyxyt jjuyii 

.B"ps'ByTiB IX lyj 

ac'tlve a. (ipB-'py) .QBtPTii j'BynB 

He takes an active Interest In politics. 

ac'tlve bonds (n3B3 iPB-'py) =P8 

B lyjBiB BB11 lyiysBs-nBiyii ,iy'x 

,j«B ayi IIB BjyxBiB lyBjyBWJBDya 

.lyisiiyj iy3y3yMPi8 lyj'n "t dbii 

ac'tlve cap'ltal -'B-'Byp iPB-'py) 

Dsii ,oiB:yj"8 lyis iJya Ibiib (?yB 

.T>V3 IX tynyii B3BDy3 b3'"5 lyp 

ac'tlve com'merce -'bbp iVB-'py) 

y:yj"K ei'iB ?yiJBn=iniBDM« (btik 


ac'tlve debts (BByi ivB-'py) nnin 

.BjyxBiB lyjBiB BS11 

ac'tlve list (bb<5 lPB-'py) ,yBD'? n 

ly-px'Bs n lys'ity-iya jyj"t sy 1BI1 

'V? y3>yii ,BS5B iiK yyBiB lyi na 

BBjyn lyiPBPB oix lyiyii lyanya tyj 

.[nanjB '11] 

ac'tlvely adv. cJ-ipB-'py) ,BBBri3y? 


ac'tlve mate'rial -''b-^b iPB-'py) 

='ny3 8 B3BB B811 fisBB" lyi (5y-n 

=iP8 lyirnBpy^y ib pn 3:nyijy v& 

lyiB? iBsi im "•iyBB3=iyisB8?io 

.ByB<x''iBpy?y na lyns^Bjy ns 

ae'tlveness n. fDyj-iPB-'py) o'Byna 


ac'tlve prop'erty -ly-'BBlB iPB-'py) 

=PTii D8t] lyjyBnyB'iPBpB bst cb 

.[iBBB'ip B PB lyayonyB y3''5 

ac'tlve ser'vlce. (opi-'TiB iPB-'py) 

avi lyjyj iyB3'?BB na ty?'Bny dbt 

.[riBnso pb] ij"a 

ac'tlve-val'lant a. -'?yii-iPB-'py) 

.BD"ii ,B'n?yn ,3'bib nyassB (Bjy 

ac'tlve voice (D'bii iPB-'py) =bi3 pk 

.DlSa yiPBPB 'T — P'BBB 

activ'lty n. CB-'K-'iPB-py) 

aotiveness .t 

act'less a. (Dy?-'Bpy) =y3 ,tB5BB"3 

ac'to n. (lUB-'py) .33n'BBB 8 ,BPB IB 

act of bank'ruptcy -'pjya 118 Bpy 

.B81P383 Iy'ly?p^y bbt cb-bbbt 

act of com'mon pas' sage 118 Bpy) 

'■\v y3'?jnyiiy3 b (B'tixB-'Dys is-'bbp 

act of God (183 118 Bpy) OIN IB 

,iyBBynp>iiB83 n iib bbip dbii pi?3 

na as b'3 B33yn bsii i!"3ynyti'y3 b 

B'3 Bsn is'3yB 8 Bsii IIB lysyjyB 8 

.inytD'iBisB B3ypy3 

act of grace (D"13 lis Bpy) •b'388 is 

•y3B<nB Biyii bsii ,BBya'388 s ,y'B 

•yp B ny-is oJiiyjyi y"3 b pb iy3y3 

"3 lyis ,33i3."BB'ya"insiB pn "3 3'3 

»y3 'T iy"-iBy3 ix oiBy?<3p b By3"t 

lyis ,iyB»-iBt!' yBMiyj na 33nyp?yB 

.iyB3yT Bin'K iyB"n3nyB ix 

act of hon'or (is-'38 118 
="t lyB'mya ix Dy:"B i8! 
.ocyBsis IX my3 na ^yapy 

act of obliv'lon -<8-'ii'?-3S 
'-->vs y3"By3?B n ,y<BB'jo8 

act of par'llament -'J-'ibb 

»85i8a PB iyBi3y3JS I'yty3 1 

act of set'tlement -'JByo 1 
nns' pa i'yty3 y(!"?33y db- 
insiB pa 3Ji3'BByBy3 lyi iy3 
.y'BBB3n nyi3yT3BT ^y3'BX''^ 

ac'tor n. (iSB-:py) «PC -.IV. 
.ns'BPB , 

act out (BI8 Bpy) =B'1B AT 

act out of char'acter 11 8 a 

•sn liii IIB lyJBBB'iiB nso 
B mjyjysB' 3yii pb lyanpa 
ac'tress n. (oyiB-'py) ; piy5 

acts of cassa'tlon -ds:> iit 

.5"BT1B'D3S'X8B8P 8 ( 

acts of dark'ness -pisi in 


acts of faith (nB"B lis BBl 

i"( 55Bnn PB yansa yapiys ; 


acis of pen'ance (Bjy-'jys ii 

=B'1K ,13'! ei'lB VI P'l mi 

Acts of the Apostles iriB 111 
n] yBS'E'yj'SsBBSBB n i 
iyB"-iBiynyB yBt^ny n pa 
.[iS'3'5yT lya'SBD'iP 

ac'tual a. (?y-iB'B-'PB) 

The actual condition of Xbe patlen 

ac'tual en'ergy -ny-'jy 5y-i 
PS ysiyjy :y'3-iy3y ff3'?PTi 

.3313yi1ff3 PB B1 

actnalisa'tion n. _'i<j-ik-5j;- 
ac'tnallse v. (pb-JJ-ib'B-'PJ 

ac tualism n. (BPB-?y-ie'B- 
,ByBBpny3 bbii .yisyB w 


actual'ity n. CB-'K-'Sy-ltS'B-P 

ac'tnalize v. (t<8-5y-lB'B-'py 

It Is difficult to actualize one's Idi 
ac'tually adv. es-jy-iB'B-'Pll 

.?ya"iix 11 

Re actually carried out his threat. 

ac'tual rela'tlon -n 5y-i 

as B33yn osii B'3B5ymyB b ( 
tiB BPBB lya'Spipi lyiyB'iB 

.e'31811 8 t1B V 

ac'tual sin (pb sy-wB-'py) 
ac'tual state of mat'ter^ -' 

oiN=B"x n (ny-'B»B 11B b 

.y38J »3'?p-i'ii n : 

actna'rlal a. (jy-i-i-'nn- 

n PB BB'?8<xyBB 8 IX, ■=I"B' 

"y3 D33nya>nyB'B3y3y? pa i 


actua'rlally adv. -ii^-'n^- 

"ysB 8 PB iy3"Bi!' Dy7 ti'in 


ac'tuary n. CK-iy-lB'ts-'py) ijjjjp 8 

,;. a;i3-inya=D3y3j;5 iib iyj:i:3yT n lis 

.lyoBKU'Syiyj ojjn 

ac'tuate «. (o"«-iis'ta-'py) jjsj i'n 

. lyxyt B"pj'isynB pk ,iyjj'n3 

ac'tnated by (iga lyB-^N-WB-'py) 

...IIB BD1?B3"Ky2 ,. . . Ilfl lyS'lBVaJS 
Men of ability, are not actuated by low mo- 

actua'tion n. (isE'-'"K-i6!'B-py)' n 

.BB81P ynjypTii n (JJipimi 

actuos'lty n. CB-'N-'DS-itCB-py) 8 

.B"PD8tPTMl yp^8Bl!' 

act upon' ciBB-s opy) =By imk 
...BM? lysijsn ; rypTii osii 

' 3^he student acted, upon the advice of the 
act up to (IB B» Bpy) 8 tVD8BH 

BM5 lyJiJsn ; DsiiBV IX jjiJiasn 
.11 .1 .« ?n<ayj bm? ,B'XJna 

A man should act uii to the sentiments he 

ac'uate v. and a. (B"S-v-'py) '•\^& 

'Sov ;j'X''B!S' iy38D ; lyx'nJS ; lys 

.j'S'siy ; BBiBE'yj ; jnya 

acn'ity n. CB-'R-'l'P-y)', .B"PB'i8i:' 

acn'leate v. (B"8-'5-'i'-py) tysso 

.il"i»t!' tvtti J'X'a:^' 

acu'Ieated a. (lyB-'^K-'S-'r-py) 

.J'X'BB' ,tn8t!' ;3'3yBti' 

acu'leous «.. (DS-'?-'i'p-y) BsyTyjJS 

.^s^ yaMyayBts" yj"?p b'b 

acu'leus n. (DS-'J-'l'P-y) '8Bt!' IVI 

.nsi "lyj'ayBB' s ; jya 

acu'men n. (lyD-'rp-y) , =3'^^^^n 8 

.I'taisii' i'?2e/ lyijyj 

acu'mlnate a. and v. (B^J-'n-'vp-y) 

.j'X'BB' Atsw ; lyx'styas ; lyaiBB" 

acu'miuated «. (iya-"j-io-'rp-y) 

.J'X<'BE' ,sn8tS> 
Many trees have acuminated leaves. 

acumina'tion n. (tsi:'-'"J-'B-i'P-y) 

.f\tS<il 8 .V'BIS' 8 

acu'minous a. (D(s:-'D-'l'p-y) =<Bt!' 

.J'J'taiBE' ,J'X 

acupunc'tuate v. -it!'B-'pJijB-v-py) 

.?yn»j 8 B'D lyayBB' (b"8 

^ acupuncture .t 

acUpnnc'ture n. (-wina-'pitiB-v-PV) 

=jyisj 8 ; 5yiSJ 8 B'D lyayBiy dst 

.[lU'vsiyas yt!":'xnyD d58] isbb' 

acut'angular a. (iy5-i<j-:y-'Bi'-py) 


• acute' V. and a. CBVp-y) ensB' .1 

;j'3MBi8t!' >*n8ii' j'x'BB' .2 ; iVJSBya 

.j'BByn .3 

3. He suifers acute pain. - '., 

acute' ac'cent (Bjyia-'py 'Bi'p-y) s 

.B3yvp8 lyjyasiBB'yjDnN enBC 

acute' angle n. (5jjy 'BVp-y) 8 

.5yp:Mi ■iyBi8i!' 8 oyj'S'sty 

acute'-angled a. (i53jy='Brp-y) 


acute -an'gular a. -vj-'jy-'Bi?p-y) 

aeutangular .t (ly? 

acute' dlsea'ses (lyt-'yit-iT '8vp-y) 

.tyB"np:8iP yaiBii' ,yp'i8BE' 

aente'ly adv. cj-'ovp-y) J'S'SB' 

acute ness n. (Dyj-'BVP-y) ;B"pai8ii' 


acute'ness of sounds Dya-'Bvp-y) 

."Wm n tiB B"P3Mn n (njiso iib 


acutilo llate a. 


.iyBy?3 yBi8tj' osn d«ii (b^n 

acyanofelep'sy n. -isJ-y-'8D-y) 

BP'iTDsii ,-iy5nya=tyjM8 m CB-'syja' 

.n8B yM5a n inyi b'j rx d<i« vi 

ad. (ly) Bisii, nyi iib jJisTpas \« 

,yD3S38 ,nyiin ; advertisement 

.j3ia'80B:8pya ,yD85pyT 

A. D. Anno Domini na man 'B'kt 

.3 .X ,Bnuyj DiBonp iia ins' oyi t'8 

A. D. 1912 
ad'age n. (i!»n"H-'iy) .BlsilS'lBt!' 
ada'gio ». and a. osti'l'i-'Sl-V) 8 
^yj 0813385 BnVii ya?yii p^bb^pmid 
- .[iy?y'B(!'] S'Bt!' ,081338? iB^yatj' 
Ad'am n. (ay-'iy) .tiK'Nin 018 
ad'amant n. (B3yo-y-'iy) ,B3yDn 

,[t"BB'5yiy VO 818] B38n8T8 ,5n8BS? 

adamante'an o. (iy-''B-3ya-y-iy) 

.n83ayn3ix3i« ,B;yn'T mi bish 

adaman'tine a. (pB-'3yD-y-Ty) =n 

l'?3ny ,B3yD'i 8 ni Bi8n •; •iy3yB3yD 

.B3yDn IX 

adaman'tine spar n. pB-'3yD-y-iy) 

=M13 5yp3n 818] B8St!»B3yD'T (1880 

" .[iyn3'8 r8 p^bb' iy3'na 

Adam'lc a. (p'8-'Dyvy) 018 Ml Mt8 

Adam'ical a. (5yp-'8-'nyi-y) 

Adatnio .t 
Adam'ically adv. -5yp-i8-'Dyi-y) 

MlifNin 018 Ml IB18 OyT I1M8 ('8 

.[rit?8in 018 Ml] Byp83 

Adam'lc earth (nBTM8 p'8-'Dyi-y) 

.[q"5 lyBMT 818] •^^v yiy'^sjy 

Ad'amlte o. (B<8-ny-'iy) oix pb 

.Ti5B'3ya : 33io8D(5'a8 D'ntyKTri 

Ad'am's ale n. (j^k toy-'iy) .iyD8ii 

Ad'am's apple n. (jsy toy-'iy) 

.[5y3iS3 PB B83P lyi] 5yBy o'dir 

Ad'am's nee'dle and thread 

va 818 (lyinB i3y 5iy'3 tny-'iy) 

•lyT yisyjy? n iya?yii tyayii] yx38?B 

Bxuya n osn iiirRnn di8 is ,B?nyx 

.[onSB 118 5yi83 D58 
adance' adv. and a. ('D3yi-y) =38B 

Adanso'nia n. (y-'3-'l8D-3y-iy) lyi 

8] DM3083S83 "WIS 0M3BM133yB8 
0'8.,8P''1B8 PK BDP811 0811 ,0M3 PD 

yasSB B8n ny ,iy<58iBDM8 ti8 tyn 
tyn.i5a yo'Mi ycnj nyayjs yB5"By3 

yOMlS BISD 8 BDPBll On'8 eiMX tl8 


adapt' V. CBByi-y) =-i8y3 ; lyoBBix 
.[pnyii BxiBiyo'? 8] tya'u 

A wise man adapts himself to circumstances. 

adaptabll'ity n. -'8-'?'a-y-BByi-y) 

.B"P3'nyBDJ31D8BlX ('B 

adapt'able a. (Jay-'BByi-y) j'nya 

.lyoBBixix in 

adapt' ableness «. (Dy3-?3y-'BByi-y) 

a,daf)taitility ,\ 
adapta'tion n. (tsB'-'"B-By-iy) »ix 

.33108338 ; 931D8B 

adapta'tional a. ^siy-'^B-By-iy) 

Dix iy3"K BDBsysix Biyii Dsii (5y 


adapt ative a. (iVB-P-'BByi-y) 

ei^a^tive .t 
adapt'ativeness n. -ira-y-'Bsyi-y) 
adaptability ,i (oyj 
adapt'edness n. (Dy3-iy-'BByi-y) 
adaptation ,t 


adapt'ed to (ib iy-'Bsyi-y) =y33» 

.BDBayslX ,BD8B 
Our soil is adapted to the cultivation of a 
variety of products. 
adapt'ed to ouk' merid'ian -y) 

»y3ix (iy-'8-'Ti-'o 118 IB ly-'aayT 

.BIS iyT318 IX BDKB 

adapt'er n. (ny-'BByi-y) nyOBBix 8 
tji'iBiyB'? 8 B"ai8y3 D811 lya^K 

adapt'ive u,. (iv8-'BByi-y) -Da3iD8Bix 


The adaptive powers of the Jew are wonder- 

adapt'iveness n. (Dy3-l1'8-'BByi-y) 

.lyoBBixix VI B"pj'nyB n 

A'dar n. (-lyi-'nx), .-\^K tj'Tin lyi 

ad'atais n. (t>8-"B-y-'iy) oya iy3n 

=iyo8i lyaa"? 8t8] t'?DiD iyis"583 

.[nsBB' iyT'5P 

adawn' a. and adv. ('\n41-ll) =3yTyil 

.[38B tiM8] iy3'3ya i'8 ,3SB an 

ad captan'dum (osi-'3yB-Byp ly) 

.tyoipy3 lyis iyB8a is na 

add V. CMi) ^nymya ,iy3y?ix .lyayaix 

.man 8 lyasa ; tyoipix : lyn 

addabil'lty n. ('B-'8-'5'a-y-iy) 'lyB 


add'able a. (Say-'iy) »y3ix typ Dsii 

»yii Binymys typ osn ,ryiyii B3y3yT 


addec Imate v. (B"0-'8-'Dyi-y) ="b 

.ryanys 5yB3nyx 8 ,myx pk ly? 

ad'ded to (ib ly-'iy) lyjyJix ...p>o 

.tyinyoiyB ... 183 

Ho continually added goods to his store. 

adden'dum n. (osi-'3yi-y) =y3ix 8 

; [113 8 ix] yj85."3 8 :18I yBsy? 

insx PB ?"B lysssn nyBB'':iy3MK iv\ 

.ivivi tnsx "3 

ad'der n. (ly-'iy) ■iyBS3iyB<B .lyBS 

«ayiBM3ix 8 ;[a38?E' y3»Ba'3 8I8] 

.nian ibb BBiBBB^tyayi s ; 'iy3 

ad'der-bolt n. (B?isa="iy-'iy) n 

yoMiJ 818] y?ya'? >-\ .,8t8pyiBD 


ad'der-fly n. CsSa-iy-'iy) 

adder-holt .y 
ad'der-gem n. (oytyn=iy-'iy) lyi 

P8 p'BE' iyi3n 818] P'Biii=tya385B' 

,BaM53 P5SB DST Ml ,iya?yii ,i38533y 

.[d'3 rya38?B' 8 PB iy5"n ryp 

ad'der's-grass n. (Dyi3=ny-'iy) =3'P 

=1311 B'O yX385B va 818] BMIP'iyi 

.[iy5x-i8ii ya<5 

ad der's-mouth n. (nBi8B-ny-'iy) 

yx38?B yt:"38Pnyi38=Tis3 y3nyts' 8t8 

i'?3ny TyByja iin aain'Ja y3n3 B'd 

.BSp=iy3385K' 8 IX 

ad'der-stone n. (P8BD=Ty-'iy) 

adder-gem .t 
ad'der's-tongue n. (338B»ny-'iy) 

.[yX385B PD 818] J31X>tya385B' 

ad'der's-wort n. (BTisiin»tiy-'iy) 

.[yX38?B va 818] BM1P=ty338?iJ' 

addibil'ity n. ('B-'8-'?'3-'iN-iy) ^lyB 

=a'nyB n tyssn dst ,- B"pi8ainya 

.lyiyii IX BinymyB b"p 

add'ible a. (Sa'N-'iy) .•i83inyoiyB 

ad'dice ri. (on-'y) ,5yainoyi3S3 lyi 

=y3Dii8 "11X B'D a:'?p bib] jiibd 

lyjainixas bbJj bib iy?B3yn v3y3Ma 


addict' V. CBp'i-y) tJ'3y3ny3'B Tt 

»M1 lyiB .Ba'tBMB DJfXyO'B iyB318] 

.DBiiBy IX tyaySM'B Tt ;[iy? 




addic'tedncss ■«. (oyj-iVD-'pn-v) 

The man's addlctednesi to drink proved tals 

addic'ted to do lyts-'P'i-y) owk 

He Is addicted to drink. 

addic'tlon n. (isij'-'pn-y) =yjny3'X 

.33i3"j ,B"P3yi3iayiis ,B"n:yi 

ad dl em (oy-'^BT ly) .j»b avi v« 

ad' ding Insult' to In'jury jjix-'iy) 

tyiBB" BIS (n-wn-'j'N ib 'bjud-j'k 

'N msB]i3 'K ,iyiyii Bjn"?y3 is: 

.tyisiiyj B3«?yjDMK 

ad ding-machine' n. -yo-«'N-'iy) 

■inn isB pts-BB^iyayT « Cpb' 

ad'dltament «. (Bjyn-yB-'N-'iy) s 

.3SJ1S ,V8t1S 

addi'tlon n. (tsij>-'n-y) 'is ,y38Jis 

.[tyoayi !<«] iian ; rst 

addl'tional a. (5y-Js-'B"l-y) =yjis 

.B-inymys ,Bsyt 

addl'tional dhar'ges -js-'tjin-y) 

.nixsin»"3 (lyti'n-'isEi'B ?y 

addl'tional du'ty sy-JS-'B'n-y) 

nyaynyj s ,J85a'is«iy"B!;' ti cb-'i't 

.yopBB yo 

addl'tional hap'piness n. -'t^n-y) 

.P'Sj BIS as:is 8 (Dya-iK-'ayn 5y-j»s 

The hlrth of another child brought addi- 
tional happiness to tbeir home. 

addl'tionally adv. (i«-5y-j!j-'Bin-y) 

.VKtlS B?8 JSJIS B?8 

addl'tional pay'ment -J8-'i!'n-y) 

=n8sis ,3:i?n8sa8J 't (Bjyn-'"a ?y 

addl'tionary a. ('i-y-J8-'t!"1-B) 

additional .t 

ad'ditlve a. (ivB-'s-'ny) «n8T B8ii 

.iBainymyB ; lyiyii Bjyaynyao'uis 

ad'dltlvely odi). CS-^ra-'K-'iy) 

.lyinyaiya im ; ty^yayis'iJis 'mn 

ad'dltory o. (n-BB-'x-'iy) =ynjiya 

-yiJiya lyp bbii ,3n:y]y?is jnayiyo 

.lyiyii Biyo 

ad'dle r. o»kJ a. (?ny) ,ij(y5 ,jn"5 

.iyai8iiye ; rya8B an"? ;5Mn 

ad'dle-braln ». (pna-'?iy) «Dn s 

.183 "lyjyonyjas is ,B8P 

ad'dle-egg n. (3y-'?ny) ."k ?mb s 

ad'dle-head ». (lyn-'Siy) 

addle-brain .t 
ad'dle-pate ». (B"a-'?iy) 

addle-brain .t 

ad'dle-plot n. (B85a-'5ny) 'jyaiy s 


address' n.andv. CByin-y) ,Dyn8 .1 

«yD'8 IS in lyijyn b8t .2 ;3JiB3n 

=yT .4 ; BP8B /B'^panjyBtfJB .3 ; lys 

,BB'1B'B'3 ,BanB'1S ,y38nBE'J8 .v\ 

tyijyii I't ; iyTByii8 .5 ; bb'ib'pjst 
.lyBya ; tysyD'8 is 

2. He addresaed himself to the chairman. 
S. He showed much address in managing the 
meeting. 4. The speaker's address was very 
much appreciated. 5. Please address the 
letter to my house. 

address' a la'dy (n-'"? y 'syn-y) 

iri'K .lyB'ijya i'>ij"ib y»8T 8 

.[iyiiyB't8ai8] lysso tyBjyD'?B08P 

address' a let'ter -'By? y 'Byii-y) 

oyns oyi ,eiyna 8 lyToy-nB (ly 

.«iyna 8 «iM8 lya'nB'JB 

address'-card n. cnsP-'oyn-y) 


addressed' bill (?<a 'BByn-y). 8 

iy3y3y3J8 I'^toy lya^yii I'x ,?yDpyii 

.BlS"D331?n8S lyT 

addressee' n. cx-Byn-y) is ,iyT 
.BBoyns ; BToyiTS Biyii oy tyoyii 

The postmaster notified the addressee of a 
letter that had been received. 

addres'ser n. (ny-'oyn-y) '/"lysjyts 

=yBB'=yB'3 8 ,y38iat!'J8 18 B?8n DSll 

.ny3'nB'=ByTi8 ny3J8?'nyTDyn8 ,ny? 

addres'sing-machlne' n. -'Byn-y) 

lypm IS rB'80 8 ('i'B'-yo-33'K 


address' to (ib 'Byn-y) »8ais ''in 

...IS lyijyii 'nn ,iyB'n3is in ,iyB 

These men addressed themselves to the task. 

add to (IB iy) . . .lyjy^is B8iiBy 

adduce' v. coin-y) ='"iiy3 lysjina 

.[bpjib iyB'iiy3 8] iy3ya"sya ;'yt 

We can adduce evidence of his innocence. 

adduce'able a. (53y-'Bi'i-y) orr'ajs 

B?8] lyiyii B38i3y3 lyp d8ii ,n83 


addu'cent a. (BjyB-'in-y) njyn''s:s 

058 psnyo lyT pn eamays Biyii] 

.iiy^ypBin yB;iiy3 nsa 3Ji33"sya 

addu'cent-muscle n. ^ajyo-'i'i-y) 

.5ypBiD»D3Jin'sjs -i)n Ooao 

addu'cer n. (lyo-'m-y) iy3"K 

D811 ny3"8 : i;t"iiya b3:"13 dsii 

.[BP31B iyDniy3 8] B3y3"sy3 

addu'cible a. (?3<B-'in-y) 'in'ais 

D58 lyiyii Ba8i3y3 lyp B8ii : i8a 


adduct' V. CBPSi-y) lyayii] ivn'Sis 

.[jypDia 8 

adduc'tion 7t. (i8E'-'PSi-y) ^'Sis n 

.?ypD10 8 PB 33in 

addiic'tive o. (ivB-'Psi-y) ,i3yn'xis 

.lyn'sis lyp B8ii 

adduc'tor n. (isB-'P8l-y) =B33iii'SJ8 


adduc'tor mag'nus iBB-'Psl-y) 
iy?ypBio«B33in<xj« "n n (osj-'ayo 
IS m lyjisa ya5yii yp5sa lyi iia 
.lyijy? n na 
"Bloodvessels of the .518 .t 
Human Body" 

add up (ss ly) .tyjyayianjis 

adel'phia n. (y-'B-'5yi-y) =i5TB8:ji8 
=nis lyos'D lyi ni] 33ibp811bm3is ys 
.[iyB"riP38ip na] B"pa''?3ny ;[33''5 

adel'phous a. (BSB-'5yi-y) ^nanya 
::in'53 yiyn ps iy3sn Bsii ; Bnyi 
085B "3] iy?aiiyB ya'isn iy5B3'3 


a'demp'tion n. (tsty-'Boyi-y) DS"i 

=yBnya] lynnyjas lyis lynnyjpyiis 

.[lyaayi nyns lys 

A'den n. (iyV"8) .[ny 13] ny 

adenal'gia n. (y-'(!»n-'5y-3y-iy) 8 

.[lyp-n i58n] lysuso n ps nyoB' 

adenal'gy n. ('Bin-'Sy-jy-iy) 

a^enalgia .1 

adeni'tls n. (B'B-''8-3y-iy) 'J'SBjy 

.[lyim] iy?i38D n px 3311 

adenog'raphy n. ('B-yn-'38:-y-iy) 

.[lytm] iy?i38o lyayii yiny? n 

ad'enoid a. (T8-3y-ly) 'Syisso 

8 ,?yi38a 8 IS V<V> PS D811 ; J'OiyB 

.[t?8n ps] ypn 
adenol'dal a. (>yn-''83-y-iy) 

adenoid .1 

adenolog'lcal a. -'(ynsJ-S-ay-iy) 

"8 yiny? n is i"i!' ps bsii (?y-p'K 

.[lypn] iy?i:8o n lya 

adenol'ogy n. ('(^n-s-'?8-3y-iy) n 

.[typii] iy?i38D n iy3'8 yiny? 

adenon'cus n. (B8P-'JS3-y-" 

iy?i38D n iiB lynyii iy?sv 


adenop'athy n. ('nB-y-'B83- 

.[lypn] iy?i380 n pb b 

adenopharyngi'tls n. -u 

IlB33nJ'SB3y 18 (B'B-"'8t!'n- 

.i?8n PK iy5 

adenoph'orous a. (BSl-8-'B6 

«i38o Bms B'3 lyis B?8ni: 


ad'enose a. (BiS3-y-'iy) is 

. .[yim] ?] 

adenot'omy n. ('D-s-'B8-jyi 

»138D '1 lyT'JiS' BSl] B'; 

ad'enous a. (BSJ-y-'iy) "^^ 

adept' n. and v. CBSyi-y) =B 

.lyinsaiy ,iy:yp .2 ;iyjyp 

1. He is an adept in providing a 
for his visitors. 

adep'tlon n. (isE'-'Syi-y) ;3 


adept'ness n. (oyj-'osyi-y) 
.B"p3'nyB ,B"pBP''[:'y3 
ad'equacy n. ('B-i'iinP-y-'lJ 

=':y3 8 ;B"PBB8By31S ,B"i 
We shall not lack for an adequacy 
to build the hospitaL 

ad'equate a. (B"linp-y-'iy 

.•'Oy3 ,3'B3'1 ; iyBBSDy33li 

ad'equateiy adv. ('?-o"iini 

.3iB3n ,BB8By3' 
I am not adequately acquainted 
countty to be able to crittclse it. 

ad'equateness n. (By3-B"lini 


ad extre'mum (BSO-''1D-C 

,i3y lyBBnyoMK ois ,ByiBBpy 
.11B lyBsy? 

adfec'ted a. (iyo-'pyB--B) 
18B p'BsoyBsa lyi PS pmD 
=iya in ps B?8nB:y bsii ?i 
.[iyByi3 yaa'BE'yaais 

adfec'ted equa'tlon lyo-' 
=i'?3 yi!"B8DyB8n 8 dsw-'' 
Jnsx yB38pya:iK n iya?yn 
inyo lyis "iis ps iyB?8ni 
,iysjyBSB lyis ,iyisi3 ffW 

adfil'iate v. (B"B-'S-'?'B-iy) 

.iyDi?t!':s ; lyi'BBsis .init 8 

ad fi'nem (Dy3-''SB ny) .110 

ad gus'tum (dsb-'BB3 iy) ■ 

.BB13 lyns Psaif 

adhere' v. ci^n-iy) =3S ,iy 

IS iyB?8n3s in ;iy3:yn3S .2 

.33i3yiis3 lyis y 

1. The stamp does not adhere to 
velope. 2. He adheres to bis dete 
to iKcome a farmer. 

adher'ence n. (B3y-'1in-iy) 

081 ; lys'D'K IS Bi''p3'?33yn 

.yyi's 18 IS ty3" 

adher'ent n. and a. (B3y- 

.iy3:yn3« :i'?33yn3s J''i3 

adher'ently adv. ('5-B3y- 

.s'ljyBBynss ,1 

adher'er n. (ly-'Tn-iy) .• 

adhere' to the truth ib 

.nns i'i8B iyB?8n in (na 
adhe'slon n. (isc't-'Ti-iy) 
BasE'jy3"s 'i] isnyms 
p«) iyBy?pisBn3is in tyei 
.0"P3'?33yn3s ;[(P' 




adhe'sion of wheels to rails -ij;) 
='n 'T (t?'n IB t5!('iin us iistyt-''n 

t3'D tVJSJSll 'T IIB inn 'T IIB 3013 

owns Dsii ,inB3 in iia iKD?yi n 

rnvti in iy?st myi n rs ,ixnn 

.lyB'B'?: B'j !iK 

adhe'sive a. (ii'D-''n-iy) njjierjp 

adhe'sive en'velope irD-''n-nj;) 
oys Dsii ,BiyiiJ8p 8 (Biis-5yii-'jy 

.1M BSy?P 

adhe'sive la'bel -'"? ivD-''n-nj/) 

.?yi2yx=By5i53s 18 ov^ 

adhe'slvely adv. ('5-ivD-'in-ny) >y?p 

.jHjyjjynjs ; j<b 

adhe'siveness n. (oyj-irD-'Ti-ny) 

.t5"p3'5jjynjs ; B^PJisysp 

adhe'sive plas'ter -'oyja irD-''n-iy) 

.iyQD85a=3y?pjs i8 Ciyc 

adhe'sive stamp (soyDD irD-'<n-iy) 

=wi3 8] iysy5P38 BIS yp-i8D 8 


adhih'it v. (t3'8-'3'n-iy) ,iyi3yiu8 


ad hoc (psn iy) jixya i'k ; dvt ix 

.onyiJBtya ; oyi is 

ad hom'inem (Dyj-i8-'Dsn iv^i Px 

tys'Sjynys na ,i8nya ivt is aisyn 


His reply was In tbe nature of an ar^ment 
ad hbmlnem. 

adhorta'tion n. (t8lS'-""B-l8n-iy) 

»iiy?yi DST iiDiD tyuvD'K lyjst dst 

.ivayj nxy yau 8 ,iyT 

adhor'tatory a. (n-SB-ya-'isn-iy) 

jHjyinyjyn ; idid lyxyo's jnoyjst 


adiabat'ic u,. (p'K-'Bya-y-'x-iy) 

'lyoiyT PN PmpMK I8] «!"Kl838n8 

n 18B (yiByB'yaiyii) p'08J'1=8d 

oai? na iyDi58ii avi na myuy 

lyis lyK'myi iin b'j t83 nyi8 


adiabat'ic line P'8-'By3-y-<K-iy) 
yv? 8] y':<5 yt!"B838n8 t8 (I's? 
j38n:yD8nx oyi nsa qi>vqv y35yii 
183 8 na tyai5sii ti8 pm lyt^iis 
=8iiy3 B'3 Biyfi oy tyii oai? -wis 
adidbatic ,t .[B5n'py3 B'i iiK Boyi 

Adian'tum n. (DBB-'oy-'N-iy) DST 
-ys- c'D tys385a vo 8t8] isruyna 
PK IVBP811 .lyoyja yBany3 yaj'-a 
. .[8PnyD8 iia ryi3y3y3 yonsii n 

adlaph'ora n. (y-ns-'3y-<s-ny) C"53 

B'3 ,B3y5lS' B'3 B13 Q'3 ,ty38t y3'B5'3 

.[yiiyi8a] 3'35'd b'j 3'1!'"5b 
»diaph'orism n. (om-s-'By-'K-iy) 

B"P3'B?'33"53 : r38'iy?«B yiy'3'5y-i 

.B"P31B5'33"?3 ; ISi3'?yT IX 

adiaph'orist n. (BD'l-B-'By-'X-iy) 
P8 D811 lyj^'x ; tyjyo iy3'B5'j3"53 8 

.I8'3'5yi IS 3'B?'33"?3 

adiaph'oron n. (iBl-B-'ay-'S-iy) 

.181 y3'B5'33"?3 8 

adiaph'orous a. (D8■|-8-'3y-'l8-^y) 

n'?S'3 Bfj ,V^-\Vli' B'3 ;3'B5'33"53 

adiaph'orous salt -s-'ay-'8-iy) 

581B"3 ,Y'>^'< 5yB'D DST (B58D DST 

.[iSBE" nyE"Dy3 8i8] r'>»i 

adieu' n, and int. Cin-y) I yn8 

.yn8 lyT njitys "t 

ad indefini'tum -i8-Byi-3'8 ly) 

ins ; yBD''Bt!'y3318 DST P3 (DSB-''83 
.l»5S3y'13 ,eilD 8 

ad inf. lyBnyn n na 33istp3S I8 

ad, infinitum 

ad infini'tum (qso-''83-''B-3'8 lil) 

ad indefinitum .t 

ad inter'im (&'8-'-|MB-3'8 ISI) P8 

.B"s ny3'Bnyii3y3y3 lyT 

adi'os int. (Ds-'n-y) n3iiy3 "1 iyn8 

ad'ipocere n. (TD-8a-<8-'iy) ^tyo'iB 

BDip Dsii ynyB8D ysya pd 8] oys 

.[nyaiyp lyoMB 8 na iy?'ia nn 

adipoc'erous a. (D8-iy-'D8B-'S-iy) 
.ajIB'tyB'lB IS B3385y33S DSll 

adipovere .i 

ad'ipocire n. (TB-sa-'8-'iy) 

adipocere .t 

ad'ipose n. and a. (Di8B-'8-'iy) 

.BBya ; 3'S78Dt!' ; Bya 

ad'iposeness n. (Dyo-DlsB-'K-'iy) 

.B"PPn ,B"pBya 

adipo'sis n. (t3'D-'lSB-'8-iy) >Bya 


adipos'ity n. (iB-'8-'B8B-'8-iy) 

adiposis .t 
ad'ipous a. (Dss-'K-'iy) adipose .t 

ad'it n. (B'8-'iy) >1S 8 ,33833"18 18 

BliTB DSll SyjlB 8 ;33833Tn .B^B 

.yj'B 8 IS 

adi'tlon n. (is-'tf'l-y) /B'lBlS 8 

.iyny3is dst 
adja'cence n. (DjyD-'"B'n-iy) 

adjacency .t 
adja'cencies n. (ty'D-3yD-""B'n-iy) 

.iyBny083383 n3y3y3018 

adja'cency n. ('D-3yD-'"E'n-iy) 

>y3yi3 DST ,Ba8t;'T83383 ,B"PB3yns: 

.Tt IVS 

adja'cent a. (BjyD-'"K'n-iy) =jyn33« 

P8 ;B3yns3 ,"3nyT B3y'? Dsii ,i3ys 


I saw him walk along the banks of the 
adjacent mill-pond. 

adja'cent angles B3yB-'"6!'n-iy) 

ps] iy?p3Mi yijy3y'5 ty3y3 (t?33y 


adja'cently adv. ('?-B3yD-'"ii'n-iy) 

=B3n»: "Wl I'8 ,0881^183383 lyi P8 


adject' V. ('Bpyt?n-iy) =is ,ry3y?is 

adjec'tion n. (i8B»-'py(sin-iy) n 

.VBiis lyi ,33i3y?is 

adjecti'tious a. (DSK'-''B-pyii'n-Ty) 

.B?yBB'y3is ,B3y5y3is 

ad'jectival a. (Sy-iVB-pyirn-'iy) 

»18] 0-|Sll"3 8 IS ni3"6J' 8 BSn DSll 

8 Ml '118 ;[P'B8081) I'S ,11'Dpy' 


ad'jectivally " adv. -'B-pynin-'iy) 

Dyi IMS ,B-|S11"3 8 D?8 ('8-?yii 

.B1811"3 8 tlB IB18 

ad'jective n. (ipB-pyti'n-'ny) nyi 
;P'B8D813 PS [Dnsii="3] ii'Bpyn8 
'as&)Vi^^« 'T B3y3"sy3 dsii bisii s 

,]"'>? ,D'1'13 Ml] n38Bti'3y3y3 8 UB lyB 

.■[n8iiii' ,D"ii 

ad'jectively adv. ('^-iPD-pyu'n-'iy) 

adjective .t .iPBpyis 18 D?8 

adjoin' v. ci'sts-n-iy) »yn3 ;iyi3''3is 

Dis D3"8 iy3y5is ,ty5yBt!'is ; lysyo 


Our houses adjoin each other. 
adjoin'ing a. (33'K-'3'BB'n-iy) DSll 

«is ; "3iyT B3y'5 DSll n't Dsy3yi3 

There is a garden adjoining his house. 
adjoin'ing room 33'K-'3'StS'n-iy) 
iyBT83383y3 8 ,iyD'S3y3y3 8 (Dn 


adjourn' v. cn'wn-iy) iy3y538 

=iyB 8 lyD'JE' ; [b"s nyi38 !8 fi'is] 

=38 18 n'lS iy3y?38 't 118 3315081 

.3 SB lyT 
The meeting adjourned. 

adjourn'ment n. (B3yn-'3Tlt!'n-iy) 

='t 'T IIB 3313y'13iyD318 'T ; 3313y?3S 

i3y3T8 lyis Dyn33sP 8 na ty33is 

.33i5D8nyB ■iy35yii 

adjourn' si'ne di'e 'ivityn-iy) 

=318 18 «1'18 iy3y53S ('8-''8T '3-''8D 

33is''t 8 ty3y53s ; b"s yBD'Bt!'y3 
=D'BiS'y33iK 18 n'18 33i5D8nya nyis 

.B"S VQ 

adjudge' v. cu'nsB'n-iy) ='ii8iya 

»y3 : ty-iyjpiy ; iy3y'PDa'is ,iy5"o 

.iyT'ii'B3y ; lyo'BB' 

adjudge'able a. c?3y-'t!'nst!'n-iy) 

.lyiyii B5"Dii8iyfl typ dsii 

adjudge'ment n. (D3yD-'tS'nsE'n-iy) 

adjudgment .t 
adjudg'ment n. (a:va-'m-\si!>1-\-lV) 
=B3y ,iy3y'pDa'is dst ,33i?"BTi8iyB 

.[D3'iy3 PB] 33n"f 

adju'dicate v. (B^'p-'i-'WH-iy) 

adjudge .t 
adjudica'tion n. _'Mp_^^_•|a»^-^y) 
adjudgment .t dsu' 

adju'dicator n. -np_n-'its'n-iy) 

.lyas'T -wt ,iyB3'-i=i"nB tv\ (isb 

ad'jugate v. (B"3-icn-'iy) ="K-iyB 

.!yD'5E'B'131S ,iy3'3- 

ad'junct n. and a. (BP38t5'n-'iy) 

I's DSll ny3"K ; (i?'ny3=DBD8 ;i3n 

=is : DD8 P8 tysyD'8 d'o iyi3myQ 

i'8] i3yB"53y3 ,iyi3i3iya ,iy3y3y3 


adjunc'tion n. (iSi!'-'p3Sti'n-iy) 

.!i?'n"3 irstis 

adjunc'tive n. and a. -'p3SB'n-iy) 

adjunct .t (ipo 

adjunc'tively a(lv. -iiiB-'P3St!'n-ny) 

• .3'i3y3y5is ,3'i3yi3'3'iya c? 

ad'junctly adv. ('5-Bp3SE'n-'ny) 

. . . B'B ■13n 8 D?8 ,. . . D'D iyi313iyD 

ad'junct profes'sor BP3siyn-'iy) 
»sia 'iy3'5D3yTi8iyD'i8 os-'Dya-sia 
183 Dsn DSll ,i8DyBsiB 8] i8Dya 

=?yi8 D3yBD"B ,5yB'B iy?lB P'l B'3 

=DBMn Dyn "3 f|?'ny3 8 i'8 d8ii ,"iy3 


adjura'tion «. (tstf-'"'i-ltJ'n-iy) 

8 ,nyl3!^' 8 pa neij nyi ;j3nyiiW3 




,. , .riB'pa »T 

adju ratory o. (n-UB-n-'lB'n-lV) 

nynt!' ij;3<?ny"a « ix v» vk dsh 

, .mj 8 ins 

adjure «. ('•ii(!>n-iy) 8 iyjy?a'n« 

.luoya ijyjj'n ; tyiynron .nyinB- 

adjur er ». ny-'nicn-iy) =ya ivt 

tyxyo'8 «iM8 my? d»ii -lyi nyiyiin' 

.nyuB' 8 n'ns 

a;djust ». coDSB-n-iy) 'JJims i'8 

;ty38D Bsyi MVSSD B3y-iw ,iyjj"n3 

.iy3"?]DMK ,ty380 TBIJ 
The differences between America and Japan 
liave been adjusted. 

adjus'table a. (jayQ-'Dsiyri-iy) 

oayiis ,tynyii Ei3"?jyMn8 lyp dsii 

.lynyii B?yBiD'iya .lyiyii i338nyj 

An adjustable dispute. 
adjus'tably adv. ('53-yB-'DSt!'n-iy) 

3JlJnSJl'8 ,JJ13"5JD'18 IX J1Xy3 f8 

.jjiTJuyi lyis 

adjust' a busi'ness y 'BDSE'ti-iy) 

.BByroa 8 iy38D3s (oyj-'i'a 

adjust' an account' ly 'BDBB'n-iy) 

=DM8 (tUtiTl 8 iy380 B3yTn ('BJ18p-y 

B'B tyiyii fiiicio ,jjijy3yT n iy3"?3 

.;jijy3yT lyi 

adjns'ter «. (lyB-'DSE'n-iy) 3'D3n 

.nyjo'Diya ; nyTJuyi ; ny38a 

adjust'lng n. (J3'K-'BD«t^'t^-^y) n 

=3n otri ,iy3ii83"8 dst ,j:n'5ijyT 

.iy5yBij'j"K :<B 

adjust'lng-scale ». -'oDBCti-iyj 

=n?y3 AVPS^'ittn y3'5Bpj<B (Si'pd'JJ'x 

adjust'lng-screw n. -'ODS&n-IV) 

8] ei'nc'nyByDsip'a (nnpD-jj<K 

=>t-,& iyB3ny3 ,Dyjn 8 inyt b'd eimty 


adjust'lng- tool ». -jj'8-'BDSiJ'tl-iy) 

=i8n n iyT<?ijyn is j"syj 8 (5niB 

.nyj"t=!yt!'8B 8 i>8 yJBTBD 

adjust'lve "a. (ii's-'ODSB'n-iy) D811 

,iy38D B3y^lx ,iyT?ijyT in Bt8? 


adjust'ment n. (Biyn-'BOStyn^iy) 

=8D B3yT1S ,J3n'?13yT ,3J1J1183"K .1 

.lySB'mya ,iy3">jD<iK dst .2 : jju 

1. Tbe adjustment of the parts of a machine. 
2. An adjustment of the dispute was ef- 
adjus'tor n. CiSB-'DBtsin-ny) 

adjtister '.t 

ad'jutancy m. CD-jy-BlB'ri-'ny) 

eyotji n ;(i?<n"3 ;s3i3ins3"8 yj<B3n 

.B38Bm8 IS tiB y? 

ad'jutancy-gen'eral n. -tmi-'W) 

'•\S''>s-\V3Vi n (jy-iy-'wa-ti-'D-jya 

.yjyBB' b:8BV 

ad'jutantn. (Oiila-Mi>'|-|-'•^v) BJSQins 

.[iyBD8y3 lysMn s tie ti?'ny3] 

ad'jutant-blrd ». =B3yB-l(!'n-'iy) 

.rxtyau 8 ,'nsB!!' 8 (mna 

ad'jutant-gen'eral n. -iiyti-'ny) 

»in8=?8ny3yj lyi (sy-iy-'jyii'n-BjyB 

.[>iB'B iy[>"nyB'?'D 8t8] b38b 

ad'jutantshlp n. -BWB-lB'n-'iy) 

adjutancy .1 (B'a' 

ad'juvant o. o>mJ jj. (ojyii-mn-'ny) 

»&a?'n 8 ,>i?'ny3 8 •.vf'fi ,3'a?'ny3 

•"3 8 jBsyvyT 8 ix r8n» 8 ;?yD''D 


adlega'tlon n. (t«{K'-'"3-'?-iy) DSi 
lyayiBiya n no osyi yj<D"V-i8B 
'(CB"! r'8 iyB88BB' y:?y!fj"8 n ns 

«8iy3 lyn pk iy3'5"By3 ix ■nn ,i3B> 

ri3i?D yK'B'n i"i:y3?8 n iib jjib 


ad lib. ad Ubitutn 113 ]3lX'i'P38 18 

ad llb'ltnm (B8B-'i8-'3<? ly) B'l? 

.P»ati>V3 B<1> ,(!'J1811 

admanuen'sls ». (D'D-'jy-l'-oyn-iy) 

nisn 'T iyjy?a'n8 nn nynis' 8 

yB"5j:y yaJs n px] ?y3'3 nyn *i'ik 


admeas'ure «. (TiK-'E'tya-iy) «y3 

.ty?"BD'18 ,iyD'Bti' 

admeas'urement n. -TiK-'iftyo-iy) 

=DyD3S ,J31DDy»1X ,331BDyDDn8 (Bjyt3 
.[p5n 8] 3J15"B1S JJIB 

admeas'urer re. (ly-Tis-'B'iyo-iy) 
.BO'EWS D811 ,DMS B?"0 DS11 iyj"8 

adme'dlan a. {iy-n-''0-iy) ,y3'?B"t 

.[iyjn"x "3] iyB"t n pa 

admensura'tlon ». -VD-jyo-iy) 

admeasurement .t (I8b'-'"T 

-admln'lcle «. (jp's-'j'D-iy) =iyB3i« 

.tl5<n iJJlS'BE' 

admlnlc'ular a. (ny5-v-'P'8-J'D-iy) 

.jnjyajynDMN ,jn:ys'BB'iyB3i8 

admlnlc'ular CT'ldence -'o-iy) 

oyxjyny I8 (Djyn-'8-"iiy •iy57i'-'P'J 

8 pk] PMiy3 iyi:yiy?piy ny-is "Wi 


adminic'ulary a. -I'-'p's-J'D-iy) 

adminicular .1 (n-y? 

admlnlc'ulum n. (as^-i'-'pij-'a-iy) 

.ys'BB' 8 W'n 8 

admln'lster v. (lyD-D'x-'J'a-iy) 

: iy5"BDM8 ;tyo58inyB ,Iy^^'B .1 

.[niNiai] ty3y)j"8 .2 : !Viv:vi 

I. The President administers the affairs of 
this country. i. The nurse administered 
medicine to tiie patient. 

admln'lster an oath -B'8-'3'a-ny) 

,tyiyiitf iyi»? lyxyo'K (tois ty lya 

.tysyj nyisB' 8 

admlnlste'rial a. -n-''B-D'8-j'a-ny) 
=-iya lyT b'o ni3"tj' 8 B8n osii (?y 


admln'lster jus'tlce -D<8-'j'D-ny) 

.lyBSCD (D'B-'B8B'rT MIO 

admln'lster the sac'raments 

(DBjya-yv'pyB 'fia 1yB-D<8-':'Q-^y) 
8] 5n8o ijy38 yj'5"n D8i iy5"BiyB 
=8D ; yjsDynyx ytyj'pyi y3<5BD'ip 
lyoD'-ip "3 an:D lyi] iy3yj BayoBiP 

•'BE' 8 typJ8-lP=DDlJ 8 B'J hjj "lyi DSll 

.[5M0 PK Bin3 r?"n ?yp 

admln'lstrable a. -D'8-'3'D-iy) 

.lyiyii ByB?8inyB ryp dsiv (53yiB 

admln'istrate v. (O'nc-D'K-'j'D-iy) 

.iy5:i8?iyn ,iy?"BBM8 ,iyB?8inya 

administer .t 

admlnlstra'tlon n. -D's-:'D-iy) 

;:jiiy'jyi ;HiB?8inya (isb'-'i'ib 


adminlstra'tional o. -D'8-3'D-iy) 
"lya IS '!i"ti' P8 Dsii (5y-38is'-"inB 


admlnlstra'tlon of jus'tlce -ly) 

OUT (B'B-'BSB'tT 118 tSlS'-'""lB-D'8-rD 


admln'lstratlve a. -D<8-'3'0-ny) 
.anjyi'jyi ;3njyB?8inya (iPB-'nb 

admin-'lstratlvely adv. -'3<D-iy) 
oya IV jisys I'x ('?-ii''u-'nB-D''8 
,"nj8Bt!'«DjjiB?8inyB 8 ns ; jjib?81i 


admin'lstrator n. -"iB-D'8-'J'i: 
lyi ; lynyBiyisa ,nyB?8inyB 
DnyjyanBBciyB 8 IIB lyin'! 

admln'lstratorshlp n. -d'K-'J'C 
=5BinyB 8 na bdb lyi (S'tf-iSB 

adminlstra'tress n. -D'8-J'C 
»ynyBi:'i8B ,piyB58ii-iya {oyna- 

admlnistra'trix n. -D'Sf-J'K 

administratress t (Bp'lB- 

admirabll'lty n. -i8-'5'3-yn-'K 

.B"pjm'ii DJinyiJi8iiyi 

ad'mirable a. (53y-To-'ny) 011 

=ji8ii ; ijytfBiiys'K ; noiyii d:; 

The soldier showed admlrabie courage i 

ad'jDQlrableness n. (oyj-Jay-TD- 
admirability . 

ad'mlrably adv. p5-3y-TD- 
.I'^ayiBiKB ; tyiyn:i8iiy3 

ad'mlral n. (jyi-'o-'ny) 58T 
--iv-\p 8 na Tnj808P 8 na jicb 
.[ei'B' D?yi:8n 8 hb ms bbs 

ad'mlral of the fleet 5yn-'a- 
-\v\ na 58Tm8 lyn (oy^a 'n- 
='BSjyB85a nyoDByn •\r\'\ yi 

ad'mlralshlp n. (S'B'-5yi-'0 
='018 18 na 3J8T "lyi : bd8 58t 

ad'mlral's ship (e'e- I5yi-'D- 

=18 lyi 1811 ei'B' 'T] n'l!"?8TDT 

.[■=i't Dj'ayj ? 

ad'miralty /*. {^^>-'?v^-'*o-'^v) 

lyi : yo8?a lyi na jaiBJsinya t: 

='581'm8 DST ; B81=DDyB'58T 
«DByB'?8TCn8 'T ;B8T D03'iyj=t 

admiralty court 'B-?yi-'D- 

.B3'iyj=DByB'58Tm8 DSn (B 

admlra'tion n. i i8B'-'"'i-'D-iyj 

.jjnnyiya ; j:ij'iBt;ny ; jjnyi 

The brave deserre our admiration. 

admire' v. ctsq-ih) .iyiyijit 
nya .lyiyii oj'iDE'iy ; iyiyiji8ii 



.ly-inyiya ,i; 


admiration .1 

admlr'lngly adv. ('5-jj'n-'t8D 

: Jjnyiji8iiy3 b'd .jju'iBE'iy 

^ . , .J:nnyiya 

admlssibll'ity n. -'5'3-'«-d'd 

.iyts?ix D8T ,Q"prBy5is c; 

admis'sible a. (53'K-'B'0-iy) = 

.lyiyii tyt85y3is lyp dsii 
admis'slbleness n. -?3'«-'Dia 
Byi tyssn b8t : O"poyts5yjis 

., . , .^. ■'>'■'"" I'' iyr8?yjis nc 

admis'slbly .adv. ('?3-'k-'b<o 

.J'B5': :03'i5iy ,iytij; 

admls slon n. (is-'E;ie-iy) ,::io 

admls sion-mon'ey n. -ts-'tsf'o 
.n5yj-BB'iB3"8 n?yj=ts?j"i8 ck- 

admis'sion-tick'et n. is-,j»d 
.By?'3 ,yB-\8p.i8?J"i« (oy- 

admls slve o. (11'8-'D'D-^y) =ny 
ayi Bi8?iyT D8\i ,tnyjis:"i8 c 

admlr'er n. (iy-'T8D-iy) 
admir'lng n. 




admls'sory a. ci-s-'D'D-iy) 

admissive .t 

admit' v. ('B<D-iy) »m?ii; b'ibi!: .1 

osj .2 ; tyis?J"i« ; ivisJix ; iva 

.iBsyjis ,ij(3V3 

1, The United States admits all desirable 
immigrants. 2. 1 admit that you are rlgUt. 

admit' in'to (ib-'j'k 't3'D-ij;) 'VD'n 

.inyjisj'nK iviM?ii; ,iyts5i!( \Vi 

admit' in'to or'ders -'J'K '0>a--iv) 

=dj:u3"xd'1« !8 iwvj (nn-'ns its 

.[rv^^«] sbijid 

admit' one to bail rsiin 'B'0-iy) 

«"iyB na ivisjoms Qyj"N (5"3 lo 

.nmy pi'ik jjioasn 

admits' of no excuse' us 'db'd-ij;) 

'o:v B'j iM CHS? ov C'trp-Dpy is: 


admit'table a. (Jay-'o'D-ij;) :3'B!;?i!: 

.lyiyii iyts5»]J"TK lyp Dsii 

admit'tance «. (Djy-'B^a-iy) =8?is 

.jjnn'B:"-iK .-onBis UJio 

admitta'tur »; o'lD-'^B-'B-iy) 8 

IX lyDioyjB'iN j:ij'J"iJ'y2 8 ,5yBys 

- .oyB'Diyii'Jix IS t'K lyiyii 

admit'tedly adv. ('5-iy-'B'0-iy) 

.jnjVbnyjJs ; jnjyayais 

Tlie salary of the clerk is admittedly small. 
admit'ted to an au'dience -ly) 

tyi85yjix (Djy-n-'nis ty ib ly-'o'o 

.[jinynonx] v^yniitt t8 is 

admit'ted to prac'tice ly^'B^a-iy) 

IX B3yi Bsi tyjyiP (o^D-'pyis ib 


admit'ted to the bar ly-'B'D-ny) 

'BM8 Bsyi DST lyjynp (T8a 'hb ib 

.BBPsin8 D58 tyBy^Blx 

admit'ter n. (ny-'B<D-iy) =:"« lyn 


admit' tlie trutli 'no 'B'o-ny) 

.noN t'B'iK i"t miB (nBnB 

admit' to (ib 'B<D-iy) «is ivsya's 

.tnyjixo'nx lynMJiy ,iyts5 

admix' «. CDp'D-iy) .lyc'Dix 

admix'tion n. (istyB-'Dp'O-iy) ='D1X 

.ysnx ,i:Mi> 

admix'ture n. (nits'B-'Dp'o-iy) =ix 

.VStlX ,J311!"D 

ad mo'dum (dsi-"iso iy) oyi eiMn 

.*i<?jny ,'118 : laix 

admon'ish v. (ij"8-'J8D-iy) =nso"iyT 

;iynB8T ;[t"i thib] iy:T8ii ; tyj 

ty38o .n .t] lyTnp'iK -, iyTnj"8- 

.lyjst 1010 ; [jjipiyoya 8 

admon'istier n. (iy-B"8-'j8B-iy) 8 

8 ; BJ1S11 DS11 lyjox ,iyjnsinyT 

.lyjstoDin : lynyanoBT 

admon'ishing n. (i:>K-efK-'3tsa--\S) 

.[mntx] Jji3n8ii uounsmyT 

admon'istaingly adv. -t!"N-'jSD-iy) 

.HwnsBiyT 1111 ,jjiJi8ii Tin CJ-w's 

admon'isliment n. -tj"K-'JSD-iy) 

=D'iK 18 ; [mntx] J:m8ii 8 {aiva 

.j:i'iDia'BM8 18 :[jJip'iyDy3] Tn 

admoni'tion «. (i8-'B"J-8a-iy) 'lyt 

18 18a] i"iD<i8 ;3:i:i8ii ; jjunsa 


admoni'tioner n. -Js-'ti"J-SB-iy) 

;Bj-i8ii D811 iy;"8 ; nyjst-noiD ciy 

.lynyaBsi 8 

admon'itive a. (ivb-'x-'jbd-iv) 

oyjst noiD ,3n:yjn8ii ,Jn3yjn8D-iyT 

admon'itor n. (-isB-»8-':8a-iy) 

adtnonisher t 

admonlto'rial , a. -'isB-<H-3Sn-iy) 

.jnjy'iDiD ,jnjyj-i8ii (5y-n 

admon'ltorily adv. -sB-'8-'J8B-iy) 

.tyiBia'DMK iin !33ijn8ii iTn ('?-'t 

admon'itory a. (n-8B-'K-'J80-iy) 

admonitive ,t 

adnas'cence ». (ojy-'Dyj-iy) dsst 

.Bj'BDyayjix lyis lyopsiiyaix r"t 

adnas'cent a. (Bjy-'Dyj-iy) »p8liy3is 

085B "3 BS'nay:] Bj^Boyayjix ,ryB 

adnas cent plant B:y-'Dyj-iy) 

I'B 8t8] •yX38?B«Bn8'18B (B3y5S 

18 ns njrn nn'K bits dsii yx38?a 
.[yx:85B lynas 

Moss is an adnascent plant. 

ad'nate a. (B":-'iy) ,BByny33yB8nx 

.[rys385a "a] tyopsiiyj^ynsMs 

adna tion n. (tsi!'-'"3-iy) I"t dst 

.[iyx38?B "3] iyDp8iiyjaMJix 

ad nau'seam (Dy-'D-'nSJ IV) Bix l'3 

'«yii P38V.D1X i'3',tyiyii j'D'iTiy3'8 

.lyspy Dix t'3 ,iy'i 

statements repeated ad nauseam. 

adner'iral a. (?yii-'iii3-iy) Bnyj DSll 

ryts-nBpyjy rs ix aixys t'K] myj nix 

.[51PD1D 8 inn Bnyj dsii dsibi^ 

adnom'inal a. (5j>j-i8-'nB3-iy) dsii 

.[Dxy Dtc] B-isii'Ba'in 8 ix Baj85y3 

adnomina'tion "n. -'"j-is-aSJ-iy) 

oyo8tix 8] Jyea^B-isii dst (]s& 

='iyB iiB -iVBiyn y3'5jny na jJiJyBis' 

.[(yjjiB"iy3 yjyiyi!' 

ad'noun n. (n8:-'ny) 18 ,Bi8ii»"3 8 

Bisii='"3 8 ;[i8nn atitl ivBpy'is 

.Bi8ii=BB<in D58B3<n3yj Biyii dsii 

The Dood, the true, the beautPful. 

ado' n. m-y) ; Dn85 8 ivssn dst .1 
=yii 8 iy38D DST '; yn'D ; isnB dst .2 


1. They obeyed without any more ado. 2. 
Much ado about nothing. 

ado'be rt. ("3-'isi-y) =:y'i3y3=B'3 8 

B38D tya iy3?yii IIB D"5 : ?y3y<x lyB 


adoles'cence n. (D:y-'Dy?-s-iy) 

na I8D 8 "3] iyB58 diwji' ,ijy3i' 

.[12 na 'na 8 "3 iix 14 

adoles'cency n. ('D-3y-'Dy5-s-iy) 

adolescence ,i 
adoles'cent n. and a. -'Dy?-8-iy) 
5y33'K lyDpsinyT b'j isj 8 (Bjy 
.tyopBii ns B58n dsii ;5yi"D lyis 

Ado'nai n. ('83-181-8) ilin' ,'3n8 

.[B"Kyi3yn ns b83 na lyns: lyi] 

Adone'an a. (ly-'ij-ij-iv) i^j, dsii 

Adonis .t .tyD'3S18 IS l"t!' 

Adon'ic u. (p's-'38n-y) =3813 

.D'asiB IX ni3"ii' 8 Bsn dsii ; b"b 

Adonis .T 

Adon'ic verse (DTSll P'S-'381-y) . 

DISS yD'iiy3 8'] nya iyi!»3si8 lyi 

.[yB3'iy3 iy3"it? n8 

Ado'nis n. (D'3-'1Sl-y) 8] D<3S18 

na yasJyB'D 'iyt!"3n3 lyi ns lyos: 
n iy3?yii ns ,180 iy33i' oyanyi!' 8 
8 ; [B3y'5-iyB lyiiya v« Dijyii nBya' 
8 /B^njnyts" 8 iin3 s ;5y33'K inys' 

.tyX38?B nB SIS ; B38ia 
Ado'nis-flow'er n. -'i85a=D'3-'lSl-y) 

.5yO'53=D'3S18 DST OS 
Ado'nist n. (tiD'j-'lsvy) DSll •iy3"K 

nnipj n ts ,33i3"B lyi na B58n 
nin' iyB3is T53r;yi'iy3 tynyoE' y3?yii 
'3TS Bisii iiB lyisiiya tyonys iy3"t 
nm' na y38iBB'DM8 n ns D'n?s lyns 

-38 I'Jjnyiiys ns oy 'ii '3is b 
B'3 BBnrny3's d"ii lyn is3 ,i 
.iy3S"iBt!'y3D'is tyiyii ensT 
ad'onize v. (n83-S-'iy) =3813 

adopt' V. CBBSl-P) .2 ; lyony 

="s 18a lyssa ; [i3'p s] lyi' 

Dsn Dsiioy lyis i38? inyia 

.isnyB lyiayia s ix t 

1. I never will adopt such an opini 
I would like to adopt a pretty child. 

acjoptabil'ity n. _i((-'5i3-j;b-e 

Dsi ; Bi'BBsis lyiyii lyayp ot 

.Dy3y3"s isa lyiyn B38By3 ly 

adop'table a. (?3yB-'BSl-y) IW 

=yii B38oy3 lyp dsii ,btbbsi8 


adop'ted a. (lyB-'Bsi-y) ; bti 

.i3'p 8 18B iyBi3y3 ; lyo 

adop'ted child (ij'su'B lya-'B 

13'P layiB 8] 13''P Bl'BBS" 

.[iy»i3y3ix Dy3y3"s n 

adop'ted conn' try -'3SP lyB-'a 

.i385iyB8a Dy"3 8 

adop'ter n. (lyo-'BBi-y) =bs" 

8 lynuyajs Bsn Dsii iy3"s , 

.Dy3y3"s i"t isa i3''p ' 

adop'ting n. (a3'B-'B8l-y) =BSl 

.i3'p 8 18a iyany3ix bsi 

adop'tion n. (isty-'Bsl-y) »BSli 

i3'p iDyiB 8 iyniiy3ix bsi 

.Dy3y3"s I! 

adop'tion con'troversy isE'-'B 

y38ia=B"lBtS' '1 CD-l'Sll-SlI 
Bl'BBSlB BSn DS3 3MS Dyi 
.init I'M D58 IVDI 

adop'tionism n. (Dns-3Si!'-'B 
=y3 iyis3y3 I's dibd<ip i8 ,33U' 
-ysK' 1S3 iyt^3yD y58 mi bp31b 

I"! D?8 Bl'BBSlS B83 Dl'S BSI 

adop'tious a. (DSB'-'BSl-y) ■ 
adop'tive a. (ivB-'BSl-y) Biyil 

.BTBB818 Biyil DSll J lyo 
Adoptive parent or child. 

adop'tive fa'ther -'8B ii'B-'b 
loyia 8 BDny3 bsii ,i8a lyi 
=ivbbsi8 lyi] Dy3y3"s i"t ise 

adop tively adv. ('5-inB-'Bi 
iiais Dy3yDi3y33s is tins ,i83a 


adorabll'ity n. (iB-'B-'5'3-y-iii 
Da3iiyBy3iyB ,B"p3'nni D33iii 

ador'able a. (53y-'lisi-y) =( 

.iiBiyii D33iiyBy3iyB ,nBiyii 

ador'ableness n. (Dy3-53y-'iii 

D33nyBy3iya ,b"P3'iimi D33iir 


ador'ably adv. ('?3-y-'iisi-y) 

=y3iyB lyis Biyi3isiiy3- nBiyv 

.lyiyii IX 

ado pal a. (?yi-'is-iy) B3ns3 nd 

, .?ni 

ado'rally adv. ('s-5yi-'is-iy) 

.5nD IlB 331B3'- 

adora'tion «. (isty-'i'i-s-iy) 

.33iinyiyB ; lyay 
adore' v. ciisi-y) »iys ; lyir 

She adores her father. 
ador'er n. (ly-'usi-y) ; lyiyB: 




ador'lng n. (3J'K-'llsi-») 

adoration .t 
ador'lngly adv. ('J-jj<k-"iiiji-») 

adorn «. cnsi-];) ,iy'ij;'sj/3 ',ij(ij)'K 

The Interior of Hie house Is adorned with 

ador'ner n. i-Wi-'ltai-V) 'V'SiyB 8 

, , .lysisva 8 ,nyi 

ador ning a. and n. (jju-'isi-v) 

8 ,jjny:nV6!'-iva 8 ; ijyxiaw ,iJnw 


ador ningly ad/v. (<?-jjij-'-isi-I') 

.jJisiBva ■:nn ,3jny<!t-ij;B 1111 

adorn'ment ». (djud-':"!!}!-!/) 8 

.jjisisn ;j3nnvB'y3 ,:jni;'s-iyB 

Some women look better without adorn- 

adorsed' o. ('oDlsi-y) twn \^^vami 
.lypn IV 

adoscula tlon " n. -'"5-i'p-DS-l!/) 

8 tiB jfit n tyoanflva dst (ibe' 

adown' odi). om(i prep. ('Ii81-y) 

.njna oix ; 38i8 nyoons 

ad referen'dum -'jyn-y-Byi ly) 

.3Jijy5iyai8 yjmyts"!! 8 p3 (qst 

ad rem (ayi ly) nyi is ,i2pjis Dix 

.yjsiB lyi IX ,i8t 

Your statements are indeed ad rem. 

adrift' adv. and a. C'cam-y) oyoMlB' 

yiivrwi iBjyii -lyB"!! lyi I'x un 

tiMK ; lyjsio iy5yii lyjMx n isii 

.Qsiya D'BSJ 

ad'rogate v. (t3"J-s^-'^y) tyTl3BSl8 

331D'BE'1S=DP?SB 8 ITH tillt 8 18B 

iyt"p na t!"j3n?iy rs ^th lyis 
.[bmi iyB58 px] 

Clodius, the enemy of Cicero, was adro- 
gated into a plebeian family. 

adroga'tion ■«. (is»-'"3-81-iy) DST 

'T PK ,tnn 8 183 Dy3"8 lyi'DSSTS 

=DP?8B 8 Tin ,Bin p8 iyo"x yt358 

iiB (!"j3'i5iy 18 Tin iyT8 3:iD<Bty38 


adroit' a. co'sn-y) ,Bp<t!'y3 ,pv>ti 

■ .iy-in8B-iy 

adroit'ly adv. (i5-'B'81l-y) 

'IV e'D ,B"pt3P<E'yj is'a ,o"ppJ'?B b'd 


adroit'ness n, (Dyj-'B'SIVB) =yj 

.B"n3yin8Biy ; b"ppj'?b ; b"pbp'(!' 

adroop' adv. cenm-y) »3"3iyB 8 r'K 

8 B<n ; iJBBtfix QyjyjMayj lyis lya 

.B8P Dyjyj'uyj 

adry' o. csn-y) .typnB ; j'BB'isT 

adscitl'tious o. (DS-'B"B-'D-iy) PB 

B18 iyQ"ii 8 tiB ,t3a8i3y3 loy-iB nyi 

; B3y?yjis ; BJisayj ; B38-i3yj3Si8 

.Bi'PJ'Baill BBMH PB B'J 

adsciti'tlously adv. -DS-'C'B-'D-iy) 

adscititiona .t (<> 

ad'scrlpt n. (BBVlPD-'iy) <"83"? 8 

.5i85P(!' 8 nyjyj 

adscrlp'tion n. (tsu'-'fi'lPD-ny) D»T 
ni [iJ8?] iyi»3 Dix tyiJiayj pn 
=D'0 iy?8isyB VK y:yj"K3"? n ?sf28 
^'K lya'^nB'ix D«n ;[yjpi!'BB'38B] oya 
D8T t8 ,r't oyi p-8] DisiiBy tyxyo 
.[on'K IX Bjj8?y3 

adscripti'tious a. -'B"B-BnpD-iy) 

isi» B"P3'iynyjix iin lyijisyj (d» 

.lyaysncyjis d?8 

adscrlp'tive a. (iPC-'B'ipD-iy) =yjiv 

»3"5 D58 iyns3 Dix tyi3i3w ; ty3ni!' 

adsorp'tion n. (tsB'-'BiBD-iy) n 

[rynyii nyaanvj dst] is'X8tJyio»P 

ytjDyB B'B jjnnnya "Wi "a iyt8J pb 


adstric'tlon n. (istS'-'pnOD-iy) DST 

?yD'» lyijyn'XBMJix 8 ,iyn'XB'iJix 

astriction .t .[I'xnyo lin Pw] 

adstrin'gent n. and a. -'riBD-iy) 

«jyn'XB<i:ix 8 ; ijyn'XB'iJix (BjyE'n 

[.pxnyn -wi i'8] jyo'D -wi 

ad'sum int. (asD-'iy) : ST pa 1'8 

adula'ria ». (y-n-'"5-l'-iy) 'P'8 

.[piBB'lJyB 8t8] BNBB' 

ad'ulate ». (B"5-r-'iy) ,iy3'BJn 

.rypyJix in ; ty5a"Dt!' 

adula'tlon n. (ii{t!'-'"?-i'-iy) ems' 

.HB'jn ,"iy? 

ad'ulator «. (isB-^'S-v-'iy) ^''tsB* 

.iiJin ny? 

ad'ulatory o. (ii_SB-"5-l'-'iy) 

.jn'nB':n ,B'ny53"OB' 

ad'ulatress n. (Dyi-B"5-p-'iy) 

.yB'B:in ,pny5a"ni!' 

Adnl'lamlte n. (B'8D-y-'5sl-y) 18 

;B5ny PB lya'BTayj ^y^» iy:n8ii3"N 

PB tyjMxyjpmx Tt B8n osii iyj"R 

.[ijs^jjy i'8] "BnsB y?8'iy3'? n 

adult' a. and n. ('B5si-y) ,iyDp8iny 

iyj'iiiy'58B ,'iyjyDp8iny ;jnny'5sB 


adul'terant n. (Bjy-iyB-'5si-p) 

nyB ny3-i8iiyB : i8b lytsS'nB^tixu 

=''0»D3Jiis'5yB'iyB ,iy5i:'iiE' ,iyE'5ya 


adul terate v. and «. -iyB-'5s1-y) 

;[m-ib lyis 180 8] ts5"lB i^t (B"8 

; tya-ixiiys ;[pjynBy3 ,i"Bii»] lytysya 


To adulterate food and drugs is now an 
offense severely punished. 

adul'terately adv. -iyB-'5si-y) 

,[jjit!"D"a nn] Btv^yayj ('5-b"8 

.[ma iyi8 i8a 8 pb] is5'nB 

ad'Ul terateness n. -B"K-iyB-'58l-y) 

.B"p3n85"iB n ; 33it!'5ya n (oyj 

adnltenra'tion n. (lSB'-'""i-yB-5si-y) 

.jyiJ'iiB' ,iiw^jia 

adul'terator n. (isB-"8-iyB-'5si-y) 

.lyB'jyBnjyj 8 .lyts'jya 8 

adul terer n. (ly-iyB-'Ssi-y) ,ei8ij 

.I8D iyts>"lB 

adul'teress n. (Dy-iyB-'?si-y) ; njit 

.'i-iB yT8?'nB 

adul terine it. and ■«. -nyB-'58l-y) 

18 ; i!'?8B n<5xytyjjiK ly-i'nya (px 

.ijvp ii?xytyj3i8 

adnl'terlne child P8-iyB-'?si-y) 

.[■itDD] ij'p TJxyryjJiN is (iS'bb'b 

adul'terous o. (DS-"iyB-'?si-y) -'nB 

-ynayxyj ; BirsyByj ; lyansTiys ; ts? 


adnl'terously adv. -os-iyB-'Ssi-y) 

»'nB Tin ; iai8 tyBB'?yByj 8 n'lx C? 


adul'tery n. (<8-"iyB-'?sn-y) ,niJt 

=nyB ; "lyjynjyxyj ;B"prts?'nB 

.sjwjya ; B"nwaisT 

adult'ness n. (By:-'B?8i-y) »p8iny 

.■iyB?8 lyjyD 

adult'-school n. (?ipB='B?si-y) 8 

^niB" 8 ijjn^'a y-iyB'Mi t8b ?nr:' 

.yiyDp^iny iss 

adnm'bral a. (>y^a-'DS-^y) ':>J>OH\!' 


adum'brant a. (Bayia-'os-lV) B811 

•'? yiyoMN n pk im Bjya"xyj Ps 

P8 D811 ,B"p3'?jny Bsn osii iiyj 

.Bjya^xyj lya'iBE' yrj"K pk 

adum'brate v. (B'na-'D8-iy) ''<os& 

="pD ,t»M;3"x tyj'J yiyo'iK n ,iyT 


adumbra'tion n. (i8t!'-'"l3-os-iy) 

=8t!' n ; ryj'? yiyciK i'« jjia^x b' 

='PD :Jjn'X'PD ;33133"X 8 P8 rlTD 


adum brative a. (ivB-'na-'os-iy) 

y3'j"K PK ; BjB'nyjjs ibiie' nsa 

.BTX'PD ,Bjy3"xyj lyBnaiy 

ad'unc a. (p:8-'iy) tyjnaD'iK Dnp 

•\siti jyj'iB 8 PB ?yas:E' lyi 'iij 

.[pnp 8 '11 

adun'cal o. (5yp-'js-iy) oditnc .t 

adun'cate v. and a. (B"p-'J8-ny) 

^yjB'lK Dnp ; 6^~lP t»J'13DMN ,?ffD'1P 

adun'city n. CB-'B-'^K-ny) P't DST 
.P11P 8 '11 lyj'iay: 
adnn cons a. (B8p-'J8-iy) adunc .t 
ad un'gaem (oyiiru-'JB ly) «3yT pk 
.'118 BPJIB ,Bp:iB lyB 
adunque' a. ('piii--jy) adunc ,i 
adnsk' adv. cpDsn-y) on isn pk 


adust a. ('BD8i-y) '■.•rn pa Bjyi3iya 

pa] Bj'n3"iyB ;Bi8nyB ,By'?BDDiyB 

Adust complexion. 

adust'ible a. (53'K-'BDi{i-y) nVD 
.iyiyii Bjyia-iya lyp bsii n'Sjyna 

ad valo'rem (oyi-'is^-sn ly) tj'i? 
=a8=ryjyia "3 BB'nayj] -riBnyn oin 
jinino yBin'By3:"iK ti'ix rsJJisnsx 
=»inB 18 tiB B5nsxy3 ^v■^ "a lyis 

, .[B8P 

advance n. and v. CDjyii-'iy) =isB .1 

/tnyj DB-iyinsa ; ajnyoyaiya ; b'ib' 

,n5iyB 8 isnB ; nyDy3iyB ; iyj"B'j' 

.2 ; ly-iyjyjcnya ; ty38a O'lB-isB 

.tyjyJD'iK : iy5n8xya e'inikb 

I. The army advances to the frontier. 2 1 
can advance you some money if you are in 

adTance'able a. (53y-'D:yii-iy) bsii 

•yj lyp D811 ; SB'-ns-nsa lysBQ typ 

ryp Bsn ; OBiyinsa lyiyii b3813 

.B'i8i8B I'K tyiyii BJnsxyjB'iK 

advance'-bill n. (5'3''D3yii-iy) b 
Biyii D811 :JiP'ii3s=P:Ba b .pyc'o 
iyo'B:y3"K=si'E' b pb jyayjyjB'ns 
lytsiBBD 'T IX nyByiBiys p't lyiij 
B"x yD'iiyj 8 IBB BJBiiyj lyt ibb 

.D'nSB I'K [BB3B0 8 IBB B:yBD"D] 

advanced' a. CBOMii-iy) =yjt3iBa 1 

lyi PK 3'i:y"t .2 ; tyj'BWi ,iyB'it:' 

.BJnsxyao'nsB .3 ;n"T lyociyiBB 

in' sh?dle.,"""a ''„"'''"'^''H '" age. as well as 
;1„„ . ?; "' occupy an advanced posi- 

tion among the republics of the world 

advanced' opin'ions 'BDjyn-ny) 

,iy53i:"a ya'jB'iB-iBa ojb'-'j'b-s 

, ,, , .lyBsnjB yByiBBPV 

advanced' prl'ces -',sis 'aomv^V) 

J , .typ'is yB'in (tya 

advance'.guard „. n^l,,^^o:^^,'\f^ 

Bnyj B811 nmo n ,ti83J8ii8 lyT 

advance' in price' ^'.T^^LyTl^y? 

■'"IS t'N iwcf (O'ssie 




advance'ment n. (tjjjjD-'DJj/il-lK) 

'liovii'iVti ; n?ij;B ,BnE'iiSB ; j:ij'<oi!' 

.jjiB'naiva ,)jn 

advance'-note ». (aiSJ»'DJBl1-lll) 

advanq/B-bill .t 

advance' on the last bld'der -in) 

'saiyi'is (iv-'T3 isoy5''m ik 'am) 

Bsn i»3W /lyosa tyoxy?- on lyo 

.its'xp''iN 18 "a] t"iB ij/Doayn 

advan'cer n. (lyo-'jyil-iy) ''ntfiSB 

, -yDyijnya ; ■lyasnonE'iSB ; nyuyc 

.nyijyjJ'na^DLnyinsB ; nyi 

advan'ces n. (tyo-'jyii-ny) os D»T 

y^'?^J"^B dst ;]»?i!'isa lyi .lytasn 


advan'cive a. (ii'D-'jyil-ny) jnjyssD 

«"ii!'D'nsa jn^yanmyn ,yenB'isa 


advan'tage n. and v. -'jyii-iy) 

.;n?yD ,[tnn'] jisisb ;1''ij (ts'nyo 

.tyama lyxu ; lysi: ;t"t I'Jic: 

Good health Is an advantage In life's strug- 

advan'taged a. omisa-'ivn-iv) 

. ny35'3 
advan'tage-ground n. -'jyii-iy) 

8] y8?B -lyj'DDj'j 8 (iJiBia'cnyo 

.[nDn?o 8 PN jJi?yBt!' yj'cDJ'j 

. advanta'geous a. -'"t3-jyii-iy) 

lyp DSii ;ni5yD B'd n'5S'J (oses'n 

=jy3y?y3 8 ou dsii ; casis lyaoyia 

■ _ .iss'imy IS DBiiay B"n 

advanta'geously ode. -'"B-jyii-iy) 

B'D ,B'B8nB B'O ,1'5J'S-lSa ('5-DStS'n 

.B"njy3y5yj yiyoya s. 

The store is advantageously situated with 
reference to the car lines of the city. 
advanta'geousness n. -'"B-jyil-iy) 
;B"P3'5XiJ ; B"p18axiJ (Dyj-DBtyn 

ad'vehent a, (BJy^-111-'^y) Dsil 

.Biri'B DS11 ,BJJ"n3 

ad'vent n. (B:yM-'iy) o'li ; bbjipjk 
.jj.iByiu n ; jjitdbb y:'B 

With the advent of Independence, America 

Ad'vent n. (Bjyii-'iy) nsmy dst 

ns'a] DiBD<-iP Dity iia lyoip yoya 

18a ryJBBJit 4 n iLiyaDnp "a n^ttfan 

.EsiiBoyiK'ts'i] iyBa8J"ii 

Ad'ventist n. (BD'8-B3yil-'iy) iyj"8 

=ynyTii oyoiBD'-ip i'8 Banjj osn 


adventi'tious a. (DS-'l!"B-jyil-iy) 

.B3y?yj« noyia ;j'?yais 

adventi'tiously adv. -'Bi'B-jyil-iy) 

.B:y5yjiit noyiB j'jyBix cj-ds 

adventi'tiousness n. -'ii"B-jyil-iy) 

l"t Dsi ;j'?yais i"t D8T (oyj-Bs 


Adven'tual u,. (>y-wB-'pyil-iy) DSil 

n] B'n'3yn«DB383"ii n iv i"t!' t'8 

.[iyD38J"ii T8a lyjsBjn ivs 

adven'ture n. and v. ("imB-'jyil-iy) 

ynyanjis t8 lis 33innyjiyB:i8 n 

;[yt"T 8 oyis nan?D s ni] ^8t 

=83 ajyasyr 8 ,?8Bis ny3'?nyiji8ii 

yE"58p''tn 8 isnB is lyjsii ujitd 

.lysyaty tsp rs ,iy38ii -tyTPM'-i ;i8t 

The author •described his adventures in 

.adven'tureful a. (sia-iiE'^-'jyil-iy) 

.jjinnyaiyBJiN o'o 5iB ,BD»inT 

adven'turer n. (iy-ii(!'B-':yil-iy) 

'ny3-iyB:i8 "iyt?<58p'tn 8 ,BJ8pnn 8 
ti8 D811 ,nyr''8 ;B:8?ipysD 8 nyo 
:m'B'yD=iyi:i8ii b'd B?yj3nyjBn8 

'VI y"iy3yn vh ti DBiBty dsii lyj^x 


adven'turesome a. -iwo-'mt-tV) 

;ij"?8p't'T n3y38ii ,BD'm (dkd 

.j'Bin noiyiJixii 

adven'turesomeness n. -'jyn-iy) 

,tyJ811 B8T ,B"PBD"m (Oyj-BSD-'llE'B 


adven'turess n. (sy-iits'B-'jyii-ny) 

B3it Dsii Mia 8 ; '•na yBD<m b 

.?yB'n yBa8n?yB"ii!f b^d p'?) iH'n 

adventitrer .t 

adven'turous a. (Ds-niU'B-'jyii-iy) 

adventuresome .» 

adven'turously adv. -•\wu-'3im--iv) 

.j'Bia ,BD'm C'5-Ds 

adven'turousness n. -TityB-'jyii-iy) 

.lyi'p'tn ,iyj8ii u jjij^j n (oyj-os 

ad'verb n. (an'sii-'iy) 3iyin8 iv\ 

'11 ,p'B8a8iJ PK ,Bi8ii DjJiD'BB'ya] 

.[.11 .t .8 lyjiso ,B3"n 

adver'blal a. (?y-ia-'TSii-iy) Dsii 

=ya nyT is i'?jny P8 •wis anynw 

8 IS Vfi' P8 D811 ; BISll'DJJlB'B!!' 

.[a-iyin8] Bi»ii=D3Jio'B!!'y3 
adverblal'ity n. -i8-'?y-'3-T811-iy) 

=0331010^3 8 PB BB8iS'3y3"8 'T CB 

.[3iyin8] B1S11 
adver'bially adv. -5y-<3-"ii8ii-iy) 

=y3 8 PB Ba8B'3y3"8 lyT B'D ('8 
.[3iyin8] B-|811=D33la'Bt!' 
In the sentence "He talks much," much la 
used adverblall>. 

adver'bial phrase 5y-'3-"i'811-iy) 
=ynnyn lyis "lis iib yi8iB 8 (t"ib 

D?8 VBT 8 t'8 Bjy'T DSll lyBiyii VI 
.[3nyin8] BlSll=D331B'Bro3 

adver'sable a. (?ayD-'TSii-iy) is 

.iy3y3B3y ,iyTii 

adversa'ria n. (y-'n-'"D-T8li-iy) 

=58 18 ma?yn8t iyi?'i8nyD'5 i'd 8 


adversa'rions a. -'•i-'"D-TS11-iy) 

.I'?i3"a ; iy3y38T bptii D81i (bs 

ad'versary n. and a. -yD-T81l-'iy) 

D811 ;1'5i:"B ;831B' ,13"B nyJ3y3 CT 

.?"Bjy3y3 lyT pk 

A brave man never shrinits from meeting 
an adversary. 

adver'satlve n. and a. -yo-'TSll-iy) 

=3y3y3 i'8 PK 0811 ms'n -wi (ipb 


adver'satively adv. -yD-'T8ll-iy) 

.iiB'n? ,5"B3y3y3 P8 CJ-ii'u 

ad'verse a. and v. (DT8ll-'iy) ="i'll 

.BsytysjysysBjy pk dsii ; ty3y38T lyp 

He expressed an adverse opinion about the 
feasibility of the plan. 

ad'verse for'tune -"isB DTSll-'iy) 

.P'5331K (IIS-B 

ad'versely adv. CJ-DTSll-'iy) b'd 

.iy3y38T 3'ljypT11 ;BB8B'iyj3y3 

ad'verseness n. (Dyj-D"i'8il-'iy) ='ll 
=D'D ,iiV>v ,B"p3'5ynj"B ,inB(!'iyT 
=8T rypTii DST ; Q'i3 ,p'?33iK ,3?sany 


ad'verse par'ty -'nss DT8il-'iy) 

."BT8S=iy3y3 'T CD 

ad'verse posses'sion DTSll-'iy) 
lyis 138? tyony3iya dst (is-'oti-sb 
=iyB ■iy3"8 ryii] npm ^nn lycn 
B58n 118 Pin lyis ij85 P'bb' 8 BDny3 
I'l Bsn -iy3"p lis B"s y308? 8 ov 
=y3 Dy Biyii ,B3S5py3 b'3 on's ii'is 
.[DiB3y3"8 t"i D58 Bjyayi 

^dverslfo llate a. -'i8a-'D-T8ii-iy) 

iy3"t ys^yii ■iyBy?a Bsn dsii (d" 
.[iys38?a "3] yiyi38 't mvi j 
adver'sity n. CB-'D-'TSll-ny) 

It is honorable to stand by your frien. 
their adversity. 

advert' v. ('DTSH-iy) Vt /Py 

=a'iK ,iy3y3 33iBa8 ; iyn'sy3 oysy 

; Dysy I'lK iyi"ii38 ; lyiyii D8ti 

.iynB8T ,iy; 

Let your thoughts advert your tongu( 

you speak evil. 
adver'tence n. (DjyB-'TSll-iy) 

.lyiyj'iy dst : D8tp-iyDB'iK ij 

si'iK typ'ii3s dst ,!y3y3 3jid38 

adver'tency n. ('D-jyB-'T8li 


adver'tent a. (BjyB-'TSll-iy) = 

.3'B3'n8B ; D8ti: 

adver'tently adv. -ojyB-'TSll 

.D3'nsa B'O ,B"pa8tPiyBa'i8 b'c 

advertise' v. ('p8B-TSll-ny) =b. 

; iy3'Ba'-i383ya ; lyaso BJ8py3 

.lyijyo ,iyi'DJS38 ,iyTB8; 

advertise'ment n. -'P8B-TS11- 

=3838 ; D3''-ia83 ; 331380D38py3 (I 

.yD85pyT ,nyTio ,33n5yD 
advertis'er n. (■iy-'P8B-TSll- 

=l-n DI85 DSII 'iy3"K ;ny38BB3( 

DSll •Wi"^ ; iy3-3iB"s P8 niyTiD 

.D'JBiK y3yny't!'nyB «i'ik btd. 

advertis'ing n. and a. -tsii- 

DSl ,iy380 B3«pya_ DSl (33' K-" 

='D3SJ8 ,3'l3y38nB3'8py3 ; lyTD: 


advertis'Ing-agent n. -tsii- 

iyQ85pyi 8 (B3yK'n-'"8=33'K-" 

.[niyiiD 18 BDny3 Dsii,iy3"8]B 
advertis'lng-sheet n. -Tsil- 

=3838 B'D B853"3 8 (By'(S'=33'K-" 


advertis'lng-van n. -'I'SB-TSll- 

=811 8 ,iy38ii=iyD8?pyi lyi (lyiv 

.niyiiD B'D BBy?py3 

advertize'ment n. -'PSB-TSII- 

advertisement .i (i 

advice' n. ('D'8il-iy) : nsy ,nB8 

.Ba3ipD'iK ,ny'T ;Ba'ias 

1. Act -upon the advice of the ezperie: 
2. Reliable ' advices are regularly sent t 
by our agents abroad. 

advice'-boat «. (DiS3-'D'8l1-iy) 

advisabil'ity n. -iK-'5'a-yt-'811- 
advisdbleness ,t 

advi'sable a. (5ayt-''Sll-iy) =n 
.B3y5nya'K ,3'Ba3'3iyB ; 

He found it advisable to take a vacatii 
advi'sableness n. (Dy3-?3yt-''8ll- 

=y5ny3'8 ,B"p3'BB3'3iyB ,B"pD8tn 

advi'sably adv. ('?a-yt-''8ll-iy) 

.BB3i3iyB B'B ,33i3y5nya'K B'a ,n 

advise' v. CPsil-iy) '•?V0 ; lyn 

.lysy^iya'K ; 

advised' a. ('TP8ll-iy) «Ba8iya , 

.fisy 18 B'D D3'isty3 :B3y5'iya'K 

advised' by csa 'tp811-i») =i 

...lia I 

advi'sedly adv. ('5-iyt-''8il-ny) 

=38 B'B ;[3'BD8n B'j] 3313y5lJ 

tl'3 8 B'B ; 
His name was advisedly omitted from 
list of speakers. 

advl'sedness n. (Dy3-iyr-''8l1- 

=y?iy3'8 ;331P3yiaS3 ;B"pD8tB36 




advised' on (jg '^t'81l-^!)) iwynp 

.Dsiioy ^Vi^'« nsy is 

advise'iuent n. (Bjj/D-'t'Bii-iy) ,n!iy 

=?!;d ;B3n3»j : o^poBttsstinya jncsT 


advi'ser ». ciyt-'usii-ny) nyayanosT 


advise' with one no'lin 't'Sll-iy) 

.nsj; ts Dyj"« q'd in lytaJsn (isiin 

advise' with your pll'low 't'8ii-iy) 

'Dyii D'lN in fiuSK' (is5-''B "ir ntanin 

nxy IB in taJsn] tynyii nyvjp lo 

.[lyc'P t'B'o 

advi'sing «. (jjn-''8ii-iy) ,nxy IS 


advi'sory o. (n-Sl-''8l1-iy) =8"iy3 

The society's constitution provides for the 
appointment of an advisory committee. 

ad vi'vum (dsii-''81i ly) ; lyny? Dix 

.jnyay? ni 

ad'vocacy n. (<D-"P-8ll-'ny) =sin8 

=nyB n ; BB'i6!'>D;jun"i5iyB ; iicbp 

.j:ijn"bnyB ,03nyj t"i8B joiDyio 

He spolEe In advocacy of the bili before the 
Legislature. • 

ad'vocate n. and u. (ts^p-sil-'iy) 

;tyjn"Biya : ospsins 

ad'vocateship n. (Bll!»-BVP-S11-'^y) 

'ynonya ,jJij'i"BnyB ,iiB8psin8 n 

.[BS'nyj t'i8B] jjiB 

ad'vocator n. (n8B-"p-S11-'iy) 18 

.lyx'BE' 8 ; rvf Jya 8 : Bspsms 

ad'vocatory o. (n-SB-^'P-sil-'iy) 

.BBPSinS 18 IS I"!!' t'N DSll 

ad'vocatress n. (DyiB-"P-8il-'iy) 

.B8PSin8 18 ma s 

advoca'tus diab'oli D8B-'"P-isil-iy) 

n Bsn Dsn lyj'iK CBJ-s-'ay-'Bi 

.Qy:yi mt* o'XBn lyau is maiy 

advowee' n. ('iK-iBll-iy) ="i<p ivt 

■lyi tiB lyx'^ya lyn] isibbs^ivs 


advowee' par'amount -I81l-iy) 

na ismyanx iyi (D3i8n-y-"i8B=''8 

.[iJ85J3y P8] J'jyp "lyi ;i"i'P lyi 

advow'son n. (n'l8ll-iy) =sib8B dst 
=y3 lysyBBiisis oayi dst ,B3ynDB83 

.ITP 8 PS yDD8 

adyna'mia n. (y-io-'^j-is-iy) csilB* 
'PJ81P nn B38ni«iyB I's osii o^p 

adynam'ic a. Cp^N-'Dyj-'l-y) ,18iw 


adynam'ical o. (5y-p''8-'Dyj-n-y) 

.I85Ba81p ,1811B' 

adynam'ic fe'ver p<K-'oyj-n-y) 
.[B"^po8^P 8tB] lya'B^pMB (lyii-'^B 
adyn'amy n. cn-y-'j'i-y) 

adynamia .» 

ad'ytum n. (DSB-'8-'iy) oy?8 DST 

.Dwip wtp : yBDj'?"n 

adz n. (ny) lyusa b ,P8n lyusa 8 


adze «. and v. (iiy) 8 B'o lypsn 

'in lyiJsa b b<d lyjain ,P8r'iyi:sa 

.?yain lyusa b : ?ya 

sedic'ula n. (y?-i'-'P'l-'B) I"?p 8 


ae'dile n. (?ibi-''8) nyBD"a"x<?SB 

«"3yj yaOBjyay in« lynyiBMK lyi 

.p?»B na Bsijya tyiyii osii ,iyi 

redcBol'ogy n. (•n!»n-»-'?B-''l-<8) lyi 

/BBBicjyDni lytyirxnya iyi na ?"d 

•DBsyswJ n t3'0 in orBByts'ya tjsii 


se'gilops n. (DB8?-'t!'n-"'8) i"5p b 

jn8 iiB ?yp:ni lyiyrs pb inityya 

.[jMB I'anB Dt^iyj b] 

as'gis n. (D'it!'n-"'B) ; riB' 8 ,n5''is' 8 

•nyj'o payj b't pa iJ'E' iyi] yi'JB 

.[y'j8?yB<D -\vv>i>i3 lyi pb bh 

.^o'lian a. and n. (iy-i?-'18-'N) pa 

DB11 ny3"N ; [i385jyan3 \'t(l lyJBi' 

w i"t^ PB DB11 ; iy'5«y na bobbsj' 

lyi PB lyBJMi iiB BBJ lyi] DiJB'?sy 

.[y'385yB'o lyB-'ana 

seo'Iian a. (ly-'S-'is-'B) Vif P« DBii 

.uni IV 

^o'lian liarp (siBn ly-'J-'iB-'B) 

Eolian harp .r 
.^o'lian lyre (tb? ly-'Vis-'B) 

Eolian harp .t 
ae'on n. (ib-''b) iyi ; B'^Pa'S'iB n 
seo'nlan a. (iy-»j-'i8-'B) BjJ8?ya bsn 

.DD"J=B5yil BIX ,B"P3'>a''1B -\S)-I IS 

sie'on mu'sic (pn-'po is-''b) nsn n 
.tyB"s=B?yii '1 ivB yjsa 
a'er n. (iy-'"B) .Bai5 n 

ae'ra n. (^■^-'■'to .jjiMynB"S ,8iy 

a'erate v. (B"B-iy-'"B) MyiyBBiJam 
lyanmy ; isa b d'b iyi!"DjyaBns 


a'erated bread (lyia iyB-"n-y-'"N) 

.Bnia yjyjJBjyjB'iB ,yp3i3 

a'erated wa'ters -'sun lya-" 1-y-'" B ) 

.lyoBii SBiyj'tj Dyiyni ly^n'ip (nyB 

aera'tlon n. (ist!'-'"B-"iy-''B) BSl 
B'B iyB"njyo8tis bsi ,iyiyBai53'Tn 
.nsBB'iyn b'd iyt:"myB but ,bbi5 

aera'tor n. (i8B-'"K-iy-"B) =BSB IB 
.lytBJ na 3:iE"Da'uis lyi ibb bbt 

ae'rial a. (?j;-<-|-'<n_iin) bsii ,:''Bai5 
.lyBai? iyi pb i'b 

ae'rial fig'ures -'jib ?y-n-''B-"B) 
=nBD n ni] lyiu^a yj'i'npjnn (ni' 
lyBDjyaw: ,Q''1E' lyjnso iy5ni ly? 

.[.11 .t .8 

ae'rial gills (i?'i>;n 5y-n-''B-"B) 

.BpytPB IB na iy5:'?B n 

ae'rial im'age -'bib 5y-n-''B-'''B) 

8 PB Bnyt lyo. bbii I5'a dbt (Ein"B 

[lyo'iK 183 tysnaysD'iB] lyopyiusp 

.E'tBTB B ; 5y3y'Bty 

ae'rially adv. (<B-5y-n-''K-"B) =bi5 

.3'BD"3 J'B 

ae'rial plant (B3y5B 5y-n-''B-"B) 
DBii ys385a bib] yx385a=Bai5 n 
'sn B'3 ,BBi? iyi VK 3'i3y33yn bdpbii 
.[ny lyT pb ty?sisii p'p 3'i3ya 
Aer'ides n. (tii-iB-'-iy-"B) =bdb n 
=38?B pa 818] iys38?a=Bai? yBinj'B 
=<?a yon iib lyByja vmm b'o lys 


a'erie n. and v. CB-iy-'^B) na BDy3 

33i3nBii 8 :BBy3=?y3na ; ?y3nB=a'n 

^nnaysBMB "3 n jbib lyann b imb 

:iy?'naiy laoyj b pb lyjysna ya 

.BByj 8 lyna 

aerif'erous a. (BB-iy-'B'B-iy-'^B) 

.BBl? in PB B?BnB3y DSll 

acrlflca'tion «. -'"p-'B-'K-iy-"Bl 

DS1 ; BBl? PB 331?138inyB '1 (IBE" 

B'D 33n3i3nyB n ; bbi? b'o iyt!"»is 

.33iaB08nyB ; bbi? 

a'eriform a. (niljB-»B-iy-'"B) -bbi? 

.J^BiyBBBi; ,3<B18 

a'erify v. ('BB-»K-iy-'"N) =Bi>3-in 

nya ,BBW vti iy?i38inyB ; lyiyi; 
.iyi83-iyB ,iyBBB8- 

aeroblo'sis n. (d'D-'lS-'83-181-y-''''Bl 

BBI? yB"iyaD8BBB IB Vi< tyay? BK" 

.ife.atf'iyn BJBnBjy dbv 

aerocli'noseope n. -'i8?P-i8l-y-"B) 

18 B3"S B811 B81BS8 BIB (BlSpD-»; 

.lyayii na 138bb'is m; 

a'erodrome n. (Di8n-»-iy-'"B) t< 

.ty3't!'8o=n'?B IBB i*8?B«n'5s 

aerodynam'ic a. -'8i-isi-y-"«) 

BB81P iyi IS 1"!!' PB BSll (P'K-'Dy; 

.BBI? pa J3i3yiiya iyi he 

aerodynam'ics «.-'Dy3-i8i-8-iy-"B 

pa 33i3yiiy3 iyi na yiny? n (bp'k 

.lysiyp y3'BBi; 

aerog'rapher to. (nyB-yi-'38i-y-"B) 

.BB15 n Ba'^iMa dbii iy3"ti 

aerog'raphy n. (iB-yi-'38l-y-"K) 

.BBl? na 3313"1t!'y3 '1 

aerohy'drous o. -''gn-lSl-y-"B) 

.-lyDBll PB BBl? BJSnBjy D811 (DMin 

a'erolite n. (0'85-S-iy-'"B) =5yD'r 

iBBiv lyp'BB'] piBty^nsyByo ny3"BB 

1MB iy58B D811 /lysiyp yE'^yoM he 

.[ny iyi 

a'erolith n. (nB'?-l5-iy-'"B) 

aerolite .t 

aerolit'ic a. (p'B-'B'?-s-iy-"B) D811 

lyiB iy3"BB' ?yD'n n is v^ vx 

.iy3"DK'»i8yByB n is 

aerolog'ical a. -'B-'t!'n85-»-1»-"B) 

--yii yny? iyi is i^'b" i'b dbii (?yp 

.BBl? ly: 

aerol'ogist n. (BB'E'Tl-IS-'?»-iy-"B) 

.ny3yp=BBi? nyi .lyEJisBsBBi? iyi 

aerol'ogy n. ('[!'n-s-'?8-iy-"B) n 

.BBl? iy3yii ymy; 

a'eromancy n. ('D-3yD-8n-P-'"K) 

iyi3ni ,BBi? nn iit^B lyis niB'aj 

=ji3"t!'iy y!!"iyBB8DB8 yiyn38 lyiii 

.lyByii lysyii ty33i38tBm83 ; ly; 

aerom'eter n. (lyB-y-'Dgl-y-^B) 

B3niy3 D81 tyBByo is B3yonBD3''B le 

.lyiBJ 118 BBl? HE 

aeromet'rlc u. (p'i-'Dyo-ljl-y-"B) 

IIB yiny? iyi b'o ni3"B' 8 Bsn bbii 

• .BBl? n lyBDya pb lyjyii 

aerom'etry n. ciB-y-'DBi-y-'iB) '1 

BBl? n lyBoys pb lyjyii pb yiny5 

.iyt83 yiyus ns 

a cronaut n. (B83-8l-y-'"8) =BBl? s 

=83 8 PB Bn<?a B811 ny3"B .lynniB 

aeronaut'ic a. (P''B-'BS3-s-i-y-"Bl 

.iyDni!!'=BBi? B<o niai's- b osn bbii 

aeronaut'ical a. -P'B-'BS3-S1-y-"8) 

aerona%ttio .t (?j 

aoronant'ics n. (DP'B-'BS3-S-iy-"B) 

.tyianK-'BBi? lysyii yiny? '- 

aeronaut'ism n. -'B»3-ij-iy-" b) 

, 'nyr^'iity^BBi? -i (dp* 

a crophane n. (P'B-s-iy-""B) iy3'- 

.By-ip ,eiBBB' lyj'BBnBir 

aeropho bia n. (y-'a-'iBB-Bi-y-'^B) 

=y3 n IBB .n .i ,bbi? ibb bub '^ 

pa bbbbo'b b] BBl? iyi na lysjuyv 

y3yB'3y3 '^s) B"np38-i'p y'38BB-n'P 

=y3 PB _1MB ni (13in By3'y31B'D 8 PE 

^ .[iyB"np38ip ymycBM ysn' 

a erophone n. (nBB-8i-y-'"B) stl! 

na 33B?P oyi lypiBBK'iya. is bbibbb 

'B8n PD 8 nyBiyii y3y38-iBi!'y3B>iM 

.i8By?yB lyiu; 




a'erophore n. (-mja-si-y-'"K) 8 

a'erophyte n. (t5'8a-s-'iy-'"8) 'T 
BDP811 DS'll ,!(SJ85B 818] ySJ8?B=DBl? 

anjwsn b'j ,bbi5 lyi t'8 njwwn 

.[■ny ijn P8 tyjsnsii I"P 

a'eroplane ». (i"?B-»-'iy-""8) =8lSi 

. t'ts'8n=n'?a ,t8?B 

a'eroscope ». (si8PD-si-y-'"8) 18 

• yi!"ssPD8np'o lySDBnxB'iK 081838 

oivii BBi? lyii] oai? in ns lysiyp 

n BDip B818B8 lytyn nn lyanByj 

ins ,i""i jnJVBE'SsB dh'k hb cms 

.[3MBB' t'8 By lyasyiv 

aeros'copy n. ('B-sP-'D8-iy-"K) n 

.BB15 lyi Iia 331B383Sy3 

a'erosphere n. (nj;'BD-si-y-'"8) 'T 

0118 B5y33'1 DSll [BB15] yiyBDS0B8 

.5yjip=iiy nyT 
a'erostat n. (ByBD-si-y-'"8) =bbi? 8 


aerostat'ic a. (p<K-'Bj;BD-si-y-"8) 
»ny? lyi is ^"i!' vs Dsii ,t!"B8BD8iy 
ivi iiB B3Miyn"53 lyT tywii yi 

I1B BDJlp lyi IS T'B' t'K D811 ; BBl? 


aerostat'lcal «. -p'K-'ByBD-si-y-"«) 

aerostatic .t (5y 

aerostat'ic bal'ance n. -si-y-"8) 

IX 0818^8 818 (Bjy-'5y3 P'8-'ByBB 

.BB1? tin iia B3Miyj dsi iVD'oiyya 

aerostat'ics n. (BP'8-'ByBD-8i-y-"K) 

•\in lyjyii yiny? n] p'B8BB8iy n 

.[bbi5 lyi na B3Miy33"?j 

aerosta'tion n. (tst!'-'"0B-si-y-"8) 

•\vi IIB jjijyiiy3 n ;"-iya'iiB'=Bai? n 

=yDnit!"BB15 IIB BBBCJyBMl n ; BB15 

aerotherapeu'tics n. -i8i-y-"8) 

="n na ynsByn n (sp'o-'ra-y-iynB 

na lywnynjy n ^nn iyB"npJ8nP ly? 

•\vi 1811 ,iyD's oyi PS pnvBBi? 

.■nn Bj'ayj lyposip 

aerother'mal a. -"i'inQ-isi-B-*"8) 

J3ixuy3 lyi w T'ly I'w dsii (5ya 

.BBi? yen IIB 

aerother'mal ba'kery -isn-y-"K) 

1811 "lypya 8 ('■i-yp-'"3 jyo-'innB 

.BBi? yB"n '=nn iyp83yj Biyii oy 

aerot'roplsm n. (DPB-sn-'08l-y-"8) 

BP1811 oyT iyi:yiiKiX3s yiSBya n 

=8DisJ "lyn IIB iy?!n8ii=iysJ85B na 

■.iyt8J ■=nn jjibs't ly? 

Eeru'ginous ». (D8:-''E'n-'n-''8) =y3 

.[bbsi yjnai i8Biyj<n3 b'b lyans 

Beru'go n. (i8j-'n-'K) =n3] i8Bt!'j'-i3 

.[jj'Dyo -lyis lysip sims bdst yj 

a'ery n. and a. (<v'ny) ; J'SB"! .1 

«3'n IIB Bsyj 8 .2 ; jj'-i3 : iy38n-iy 

="a yBn'i3yjBns y:"?p n .3 ; 5y:nB 

8 .4 ! lyu'p yj"?P ; Bsy: 8 px lyjya 

.33i5yBti' ys'in 

1. Aery thoughts; aery fancies. 

a'ery-Ught a. (B'85-n-'ny) Jina 

.BBi? n '11 

.^scula'pian n. and a. -'nj-vp-cy) 

'D"n] nsBPST 8 inyj'snyo s (ly-'S 

T'B'.PK BSll ;[iyDS3=B8BB' D58 BjyB 

»yn -wi IIB BS3 nyi] DPB85iPBy is 
p« DSll ;[-y'JS5yB'o lyi P8 psn 
.BD:ip=?"n lyi IS i"ts' 
ses rude (in T's) ycom yBt^iy n 
ivisiiys B38Dy5 lyj"! y3?yii niyaBo 
ns nyBip "lyp'BE' yB85J y38B3"8 na 

ny"t tiB DSMiyj yJia n B8ny3 lyasn 

=yj lyasn "i iib yBsyia n] naiyii 

.[BJia "lis P3 iyj'1811 

ses'thete n. (B'HB-'By) esthete ,t 

sesthet'lc a. and n. (p's-'ayno-Dy) 

,piByBDy ; 5iap8C(s'y3 ,inyB', ti^ByBoy 

.PBDB'yj'iiK B^ninyB' lyayii yiny? 't 

sesthet'ical ». (?yp-<8-'BynB-Dy) =Dy 


aestbet'ically adv. -syp-'s-'Byna-Dy) 

esthetically .i ps 

aesthetl'cian n. (iy-'(!"B-'nB-Dy> 

sesthet'lclsm n. (DPD-<8-'BynB-Dy) 
estheticistn .t 

aesthet'lclze v. (P8D-'8-'ByflB-Dy) 
estheticise .t 

sesthet'ics •«. (DpiK-'BynB-Dy) =Dy n 
118 Bi'pjnyB' lyjyii ynny? 't ,p'ByB 
ses'tlval o. (5yii-'0-'Dy) estival .t 
aes'tivate ». (B'ni-'iB-'Dy) estivate .i 
aestiva'tlon ». (i8ts'-'"ii-''Q-By) 

estivation .t 
aet. teta'tis onsii liB jJisi'pas 18 
aetat. «Bt- .t 

seta'tis adv. .(B'B-'BB-y) =5y DVt P8 

se'ther «. (lynB-'K) .lynBy 

ether .i 

setiol'ogy n. (it!'n-s-'58-''B-'8) n 

iy38ni8 n lyi^nsBDMs is mi yiny? 

n na ^wnsao'iK n :iy3:i3"(s''iy iib 

.iyB"np38np na lyasnix 

aeti'tes n. (iiB-''BB-y-"8) 'is Mit 

«Bjy DSll P'OB' lyijn 8t8] .P'BE'-iy? 

.[iyt"8 v\ P8 B58n 

afar' adv. ('"isa-y) '"ll lyn pa ,B"il 


afeard' a. ciiya-y) 8T1d ,D8tB3iiB 


afeb'rile ». (5n-'3yfl-y) lys'B ins 

.[pj"-!? rn] 

A'fer »s. (iyB-'"K) lya'^BDyii^Tt llil 


affabil'ity n. ('B-'8-'5'3-y-ay) =3y<? 

.B"pj'?ytB"5 ,B"p3'?Byn ,in ,b'"P3'5 

af'fable a. (53y-'By) =y338 ,i'53y'? 

.I'Payn ,Qny3 

af'fableness ». (Dy3-?3y-'ay) 

affability .t 
af'fably o(J». (<53-y-'Bi;) os ,'=i'?3y'5 
.m B'o : Tijayn ; onyjyj 

Speak affably to the stranger. 

affair' n. cnnya-y) =y?yjJ8 ,p3y ,i8i 

.Bsna ; Baywyj ; B"n3y3 

affair' of hon'or Cis-'JB 118 'inya-y) 

.B"n:yjy5yj38» lyiny ; ?yn 8 

affairs' of love (lis? 118 'nnya-y) 

=3'8 Dysy? ,tyB"n3yjy?yjJ8=Dy3y'? 


affect' V. CBpya-y) o"8 i8 lyBsa .i 

; lyayiBE' ; lyinn ; jjiptii 8 ,pi"n 

=3S3 .2 ; lyji'BDMK VI ; lyiys im 

iy38» iBinB nyiyi38 -\V-i osii isno 

.^yBtyjs 18 

1. His speech affected his audience. 2. He 
affects the manners of an American. 

affect' a Stare CinyBD' S 'opVB-y) 
.jjnynjisinya na jyat^js I8 ty38B 

affecta'tion n. (isi!'-'"B-pya-y) =Dn8 
.jjij": ,y3y'? ; B"pB38oy3 ; "lyjua 

affecta'tionist n. -jsES'-'"B-pya-y) 

JyBtJ'JS 18 B380 DSll "lyj^'K (BD'8 

.Dnx in B3"B lyns 

affect'ed a. (ly-'BpyB-y) ,Binn 

iBJ"3y3 ;[B"npJ8nP 8 na] tyanayj 

na BsiBiya ,B?yBtiiiyB ,Bj"ByjD' 

.jyBB'Js 18 i3y38o ; lyDM' 

affect'ed by ('83 ny-'Bpya-y) =J"s: 

.Dsiiay nn bdi 

I was affected by the strength of his ars 
!Ct'ed friend'ship ny-'Bpya- 

lyE'Ssa 8] yB38ny3 's (s'u'-'njy' 


affect'ed looks (dpi? nya-'pya- 
.iyp'?3 yB?yBE'n: 
affect'edly adv. ('?-iy-'BpyB-y) a 
='n ;[iyj"aisDn8 I't '13] ?yBis'3s 


affect'edness n. (By:-iy-'Bpya- 

.?yBts':s 18 iy38o DST ; "-iy:"BD' 

affec'ter n. (lya-'pyB-S) ,iyD''1P3S3 

.lyjyBB'Js 18 ,nyBn83SJ 

affectibil'ity ». -'8-'?''a-'D-pyB- 

affectedness .t ( 

affect'ing a. (jrs-'Bpya-y) noyin 

.?yot!'JS 18 jnjyBi 

It was an affecting sight to see them stn 
gle for the piece of bread. 

affect'ingly adv. ('?-jj'K-'BpyB- 
affecting .t 

affec'tion ■«. (isu'-'pya-y) oyi"? 
=3'?Biys : y3y'? ,Pt!'n ,jji:"jis ,bb! 

,iyT'5 DST ,i:8BB'lS "lypJBIP .2 ; B' 

.iJSBtyisDB'Dyj ; B"np38iP 

1. I have an affection for him. 2. He s 
fers from an affection of the throat. 

affec'tional u,. (?y-JSB'-'pyB-y), 

?ia ,i'?ij"-iB j'B'j ;i'?Bnys ; bj 

.y3y'? B 

affec'tionate a. (B"8-J8tS'-'pyB- 

'Biys ; ysy? b'b ?ib ,Bj"3yj ,pE'n t: 

.i'?snyn :' 

affec'tlonately adv. -JSE'-'pyB- 

affectionate .t ('?-B' 

affec'tlonateness m. -JSB'-'pyB- 

; B"P3''?3'? ,B"p3'5BiyS (Dy:-B' 

affec'tioned a. (lisiy-'pyB-y) 

.D3"3y3 ,Bir 
affec'tion of the chest isE'-'pya- 

.iyi"?DDn3 DST (BDyiilB 'HB 

aflec'tive a. (iro-'pyB-y) : I3yni 

.?saDpm3"K ;i'?Bi 

affec'tively- adv. ('?-inD-'pyB- 

.B"p3'?Bnys B'B ,i3yii 

affec'tor ■«. (isB-'pyB-y) affecter 

affeer' v. ("lya-y) lyis iys8B 

.3 .1 .8 ns^BB'»^?y3 8 iy?yBE'BC 

affeer'er n. (^y-'^!;'B-y) =y33"K 

,33ny'3yi -ivn iib isnys yayis 

lyoiD n Boya B?yBi!' lyns bsbk' d 

ti'iK lyBisT y35yii ,iyasiBt5'n?y3 

.tyiyii B3y?y3am8 lysyt 

affeer'ment n. (ajyo-'iya-y) c 

n BM? f|S'lBE!'=15y3 8 iy?yBB'Bt 

.?8B na iyi3yBt5'i 
affeer'or, n. (ns-'iya-y) affeerei 

af'ferent a. (Bay-iy-'ay) uyiir 
ivi T8B psnyo -\vi P8 pmD'i8 i 
Dis 'iyiy'?3 n na is''S8?ipT'xn 
IIB iy33n3'BBDy n tsb nyis ,iys- 
P8 lya's Tt iya'3 y3?yii ,iyiny3 


af'ferent nerves (nnn3 Bjy-ny-' 

yiyonx n iy33"i3 osii lyinya 

,nin BIS ypm: 

af'ferent veins (t3"ii B3y-'iy-'! 
pa Bi?3 DST iy33"i3 DSll lyiyis 




affettuo'so o. (ist-'iK-iu-uvB-Br) 

„, .[JB-IB-ISB 8 

am ance n. and v. (D0»-''8a-!;) nya 
'jnatsiivB jrv'Djp'nvB ,iy3is?iyB ,jji3»5 

affl anced a. (DDjy-''SB-v) ,i2as^B 

, .iMsiBty-iva ,d'djp'ij;b 

affl ancer ». (nj;D-jy-''8a-ji) ,i3ntc 8 

, .■iy3'm!'=B'8jn n 

affi ant n. (iajy-'i8B-K) d»ii lyj^'x 

.j:ny>p'iy yiynsiits-ya 8 C38n 

affiche' n. CBJ^a-y) »85b s ,yt!"B8 i8 

cByspyjD'iK Biyn dsii -lysBB b] as? 

BJ8py3 Dsiiny -lyxyss ya^jtajyay pk 

.[B1P'531B |'T8B iy38D 1!i 

affidavit n. (oni-'"i-'«-By) =yj 8 

8 nyojiN oasDyj J3ny?piy yjya'ntj' 


affida vit-men n. sbih-'iii-ih-bj;) 

.nny yBB''1py)^yl3318 (lyo 

aflil late v. (B"8-'8-'?''a-y) =ssn8 .1 

Ti .2 njip 8 T8a lyonyjix ,tyTB 

yaoynsi v» mvotir vi : lyiauiya 


2. Politicians always affiliate witti many or- 
affil'iate a child y B"8-'8-'5'B-y) 
IS m"-\m-i njip tyioyns 8 (is^bbib 
, ' , iiyxyo'8 

affll'lated socl etles n. -in-'j^B-y) 
Dsii ,ty:"8iyB (r'B-y-''8D-sD lya-^x 
o8 avi B<o "lyji'K lyijmys ryj'n 
•jmya \vi»i duii ,ryj"8iyfi ityiyT- 
=58iBjys y3'5BB8B'j"oy3 ' 8 inn tVT 
affllla'tlon n. (tijt!»-'j'8-'i8-5'B-y) 
no'p 8 T8B lyonyjis dst jjji-i'bbsis 
af'finage «. (B'ny-3'8-'By) ="? dst 
.tiy?8ByB tia] iy38n ": ,tynyB 
affine' a. and n. CpBB-y) ; BiJ8inyB 
,B8i"n nn [anp] lyBiiBinya 8 
.tnino 8 
affined' a. cnj'BB-y) =nyB ; Bi:8inyB 
.lyumya ;bj<j"8 
affin'itatlve a. (ivB-yB-'8-'3'B-y) 
D811 ; BB8ts'iJ8inya i'8 BiiyBtf dsii 
.B"p3'?jny 18 Bsa 
affin'ltatlvely adv. -ya-'s-'i'S-y) 
ony iin ,BB8B'i38inyB Tin ('5-irB 


affin'lty n. (iB-is-'J'B-y) =lJ8inyB .1 

1111 BB8i!''n3np ; B"P3i?3fiy ; BBSE' 

.yBiyts-ys 8 .2 ; BB8t!''oninB ,nB8T'n 

2. He found in her his affinity. 

affirio' V. CDTia-y) 'Vn : lyj'ayoB'ys 
»"B ; tyi"iiy3 ; lyiyDMiyB ; tyoBMn 
»8t w B3nyj nsB iy3yiBt!'iyB i'?-iy 

.B"iT1811 n w 

affir'mable a. (?3yo-'TMB-y) lyp B811 

^yBWs lyp 0811 • ; lyiyii ByoB'iny3 

.lynyii lypiiya lyns b^b 

afflr'mably adv. cvayo-'TiB-y) 

=8t IX 8' v>ivo ,tyBBnnya w i'?;yD 


affir'mance n. (Djyo-'TlB-y) »ya 

.8' ti'i8 j:iBB'inya jju'syBC 

affir'mant n. (ojyD-'Tia-y) 'Vi D8T 

«8t IS Banyj P8 Bisiuyiny dst lya 

.nyiatc 8 in8 B"ni8ii n lyj 

afflrma'tion n. . (tS(!'-'"n-T'iB-y) 

affirmance .t 

anir'mative a. and n. -yo-'TiB-y) 
;jn:yny3'nya ; jn:yBB'iny3 .i (iro 
=jyj8t .njyj'ByBB'ya ,j<ijyD'B(!'is .2 
»y3 D811 DsiiBy .3 Mi'B'rss ; 8' ri 

P8] yiPBMSB DST ;8' eiM8 B:'ByBty 

.[lyii'BSJyj BIS fBtjyjyj 

1. The request received an affirmative reply. 
2. Ten members voted In the affirmative and 
six in the negative. 

affir'matlvely adv. -ipB-yo-'Tia-y) 
nn ; IB18 lynjyD'Bcis s nns c? 
.iPBnsB ; 8' lyjst iin ;3JiBs<inya 

affir'matlve quan'tities -'Tia-y) 
'V13 yivBMBB (iy'B-'B-'j8iinp iPB-yo 
=8DyB8o ^y^ P8 pmDM8 i8] lyo 


afflr'matory a. (n-SB-ya-'iMB-y) 
affirmative .t 

affir'mer n. (nyo-'-iMB-y) =B<iny3 "lyT 

.nyjsi 8' •^V1 ,iya'B(!'is nyi ,^yB 

affix' V. CDp's-y) ; lyBayms ,iysyns 

,y35n .sBBtyaia 8 iy?yBcis ; lyjjynjs 

.[BBnB' 8 is] tyoBJ IVlti B1K11 

af'flx n. (DP'8-'By) ; asjis .fBTis 

OS Dis y3?'t -tvis niK lyBsytyjis 8 

.3 .s .BTsii ria 511D Dis -WIS a'ln 

yBsyiyjis 8 sgood-ness, un-able 

.DsiiBy IS jjisisya 

affix' a seal (5y<D y 'Dp'B-y) =a<nK 

.[ojyDiPST 8 51'ik] 5yjyn 8 lyjy? 

affix'ion n. (isB'-'P'B-y) 'IS : jjisytis 

.Jiijjynjs ; jjUyBicis : jjiBsyn 

affix'ture n. Ciisj'B-'DP'B-y) 'IS DST 

.yBj'BDyayjJS dst ; yasy^pyj 

affla'tion n. (istj'-'"?a-y) =s?aJS dst 

lyoynBs dst ,iyT 

affla'tus TO. (DSB-'"5a-y) =ya yann 8 


affiict' V. ('op<5B-y) ,typj"-ip ,ty?yii? 

; lyjiji's ,iyp'nT ,tya8B'nyB Dmnya 


affile ted u,. (iyB-'p'?B-y) ^ya eiya 

.Bpj'npyj ny'B ,B3y»iB 

affllc'ted by (^83 lyB-'p^Ja-y) oyTJ 

.■nn lyjsJB'yj 

affile tedness ». (Dyj-iyB-'p<5B-y) 

ijoipoyip ; D'|J^y;^y ,B"PJny'nB 


affile ted with (nB'iin iyB-'p'5a-y) 

8] iiB Byi"? -lyis ryasiBy: t'k dsh 


Immigrants afflicted with trachoma are dis- 
barred from landing into the United States 

affiic'ter ».. (nyB-'p'?a-y) ,iyp<iT 

.iyrj"B ,iy?yiiP 

affilct'lng a. (jji8-'Bp'5B-y) =siyDti' 

.ijyanBya nwpo'np ,t? 

affllct'ingly adv. (i?-jj'8-'Bp'?a-y) 

afflicting .i 

affilc'tlon n. (isK'-'P'5B-y) ="? dst 

.lynip ,P'?j3i8 .D'jiyjiy ,iyi 

affllc'tlve a. (iPB-'P'5a-y) ,iJypJ'np 

.1'?siyot!' ; njysyiip 

affllc'tlvely adv. ('?-iPB-'P'?B-y) 

.i:ypj"-ip ,ii?siyoi!' ,'n<?D<'myB 

af'fluenee n. (DJy-P?-'By) ,Di5B-iy3'8 

.DiB3"i ,yBi;' 

af'fluency n. ('D-3y-v?-'By) 

affluence .t 
af'fluent , a. and n. (Bjy-v?-'By) 
DsiBty 8 njyD'JBis -.vb^i ,>y'a ,i"t 

.1"B 8 PK ["IB BBM? DSII iyD811 

af'fluently adv. ('?-Bjy-v?-'By) b<d 

•IS .Di^Biya's B'D .j'l'yBE'a ,b"P3"-i 


A man affluently provided with Intellect and 

af'fluentness ». (Dyj-BJy-r5-'l 
affluence .( 

af'flux n. (DPS?-'By) Dsi ; J^is' 
.jJioy.BB'is n ,DiSBis ivt- ; wo 
afflux'lon r.. (ist!'-'PS5-! 

afflwc .1 

af'forage n. (t>'n"8-n«-.'ay) =y3 

?SD8 Bjy5B tyn DSII iy"DK' lyc 

oyT IS i'npj8ia ps ryMiss lyei 

D'wisiy lyT T8B pTsy3 8 na db 

.tyBJ8i3 lyis r"ii tya'ipiys 

afford' V. CTiisa-y) ; lyastrnya 

;iyv?'iiy3 ; iy;j"n3D'n8 : tyayjD'i 

.iJSBB'o'K i"t .2 : tyan? 

1. It affords us plea.sure to go to the t 
atre. 2. We can not afford to take a va 

afford' means (uyo 'niisa-y) =t 

.tySB'o rysi 

affor'est «. (BDy-'i8B-y) =iJ8in 

«ji8 wsaer : 15811 8 P8 n?yB 8 i 

.lysyiy: n?8ii n n 

afforesta'tlon n. (ist!'-'"B-Dy-18B- 

'yBB' ; 15811 P8 1J85 iy?i:8inyB d 

"BD'tpy 'T nyBJIS 1385 P'Sti" 8 r 

.-iyi5yii iy:yii tysytyj yij 
affor'estment n. (BjyD-BDy-'i8B- 

PN 1385 P'BB" 8 Ty5lJ8inyB Di 


affor'matlTe n. (iro-yo-'isB-y) 

Dsi ry35yii im oisii 8 is r8i 

.Biyijyyj oiyii bii 

affran'chise v. (PB'B-'jyiB-y) " 

.lyisya ,tyai 

affran'chlsement n. -pu'B-'jyiB- 

.;jiK"iBy3 (Bjj 

affray' n. and v. ('"iB-y) =iya 

.5ynio 8 ; jyip 8 ; "lyaysss" : lypy 

affreight' v. ('B"iB-y) 8 ryis5 

.KE-D 18a ti'ty 8 lyjj'i : kb'd b'o «i' 

Affreigtit a vesseL 
affrelght'ment «. (BjyD-'B"lB-: 

DSl /Ktyn B'D (IT 8 iyi85:S D! 

.sKiQ 18B vv 8 ryjj 

affright' n. and v. ('B'8lB-y) =B'T 

.811D ,pyil!» ; KlID 8 tyBlt 

affrlgh'tad at (ay iyB-''8iB-: 

.Dysy 18B I't lypsiiyi] 

affrigh ten v. (iB''8lB-y) .lypyiKJiv 

affrlght'ful a. (5lB-'a'8ia-y) 'Pr 

.BBsniyiM!!' :rT8iiD ;i 

affrlght'ment n. (Bjyo-'B'8iB-: 

.811D ; PS- 

affront n. and v. Cbjsib-V) ; eini 

=ya ,iyri'Oya : lya^ijjs ; jjon"?] 

D'JB 58 d':b tyayia m ; tysBO' 

„ , .[jyip p8 

affron ted at (ay lya-'jsia-y) =! 

_ , ... 1111 BJlT 

affrontee' n. ("ps-BOSlB-y) lyjv 
D'JB lyiyijs oyi lyjyj anya!." Dsi 
lyo D811 iyj"8 :[:yip ps] B'jb ; 
P8 J33j<i"5ya 8 lyaisiiyj Dtrs B! 

affront'er n. (ly-'ajsiB-y) .bo'E'] 
««. ^f. •■'J"="i"« :-iy3n"5ya ,ij 
affront Ive o. (iP8-'B3siB-y) =bo'B'J 
.rijyB'njJN j'ijyjn"5y3 ,ri3i 
affront'iveness n. -iv«_'bj8ib- 
•bbd'B' dsi : Bj<i"5y3 dsii dst (d 

affuse' *. cvB-v) .B<n8 -.wo^] 

■=yj i"8 ty!:"!:B'i:is .tys'iBLi-ys ,iyc 

„„ , . .iya"iis 8 B'D p:8- 

affu sion ,1. (tstft-'PB-y) ; wio'j 




iJwnB'iJix .jjisnsiysfa ,3JiD'3a'n8 

.SP3V\0V> 'MIX !1B 

Af'ghan n. (iw-'av) llB IWOTSW 8 

'SS ; [vns PK IJK? ti] iKt}D<:83Bt$ 

.18131!' J(ty':8J 

af'ghan n. (iw-'ey) =sii V3"ll 8I8 
afield' o(to. cnjya-!;) ti'iK ,I'8 ,is 

.1?SB DJ/T 

afire' 0(J«. Ctbb-j/) t'K OB^'b I'x 

.!V085a P8 ; i:813 

aflame' ode. o»d o. {'d"5b-j;) >!;"i3 

.tVDsJB I'K ; jn:yn'?J jn:»: 

Tbe house is aflame. 

aflat' adv. and a. ('bj;?b-J!) tvi f|MK 

.■ii8?B ; rnsa bvt o'o ctjb lyajyt 

aflaunt' a. ('B3ns?a-W ^Va ,C!ViB5(2 

Women's hats are usually all aflaunt with 
feathers. • 

afloat' adv. and a. ( oiB^a-y) »Mlt!' .1 

iy3SiBDn8 VI .2 ; j:83 P« ; J'i:!;a 

.[::85pi 8 /JB'D? Ml] 

2. A rumor about his death was afloat. 
aflow' adv. and a. ('is5a-j;) 8 PK 
.IJVD'JB n^BBiyiS IVJ'D'JB ,iypi5 

aflush' adv. ('tysJa-y) twmy"B P8 


afoam' a. ('DlsB-y) ^'W j'BME' 


The water was all afoam. 
afoot' adv. ('BlB-y) .3383 P8 ; DIB IS 

afore' prep., c. and adv. ('Tisa-y) 

.BBnyinsa ; nsaix ; i8aj)3 ; DMxnsB 

afore'going a. (33'i8-iS3-'lisa-j;) 

.BMsisa Bny3 osii 

afore'hand adv. (njyn-'llSB-!/). 

.DM81SB nynna 

afore'mentioned a. -jyo-'nisa-y) 

.Bjnsmsn lynns pk dsii (njsc 

The aforementioned ' statement was proven 
to tie true. 

afore'named a. (na"3-'"iiSB-y) DSil 

.iyBny338 nynna px 

afore'said a. (iyD-'ii8B-y) I's Dsii 

.tynsiiy3 B38iy3 lynna 

Tlie aforesaid definition is absolutely correct. 

afore'thought u. (onsnta-'Tisa-y) 

=siiy3 B3K'iBy3iy3'K nynna P8 dsii 

.BCBtyyaDMSTSB p« Dsii I lyi 

afore'time adv. (n'8B-'TisB-y) px 

.B"n3y3383nBB lyn 

Things accomplished aforetime are valuable, 

to us now. 
a for'tiori (<8l-1S-'(»'-'n8a "8) 
.inyo sBoyT 
afoul' adv. and ». ('5i8B-y) «yi!'Biya 

.BMBi^jyosPn i'8 ;BiyB385BnyB :Bys 

Tbe boat ran afoul of the steamer. 

afraid' a. ('Tna-y) »B3iia ,iypsni!'iyT 

.B3'lSty3 ,D8t 

afraid' of (ng Tna-y) pyiB' r'x 

To be afraid of death. 

■freet' n. ('ByiB-y) DD"3 iyt"3 8 

.[iyj8iyon8o n "a] 

afresh' adv. cti'yia-y) ,"j dst PQ 

.?SD 8 1ST11 ,D"J 8 lya'K 

Af rican n. and a. (typ-'l-'av) DSil 

=B8 J'^B^BSyH OyT B'D ni3"tS' 8 Bsn 

=y3] nyxTsiw 8 ; nyjBpnB8 |8 : 8P't 

■ l-\Vi 

African der n. (lyn-'jyp-n-By) 8 

="N PB BP'iBB Dm P8 ny:yi83y3 

.tyiyajy vcni'sbt 

af rit n. (Bn-'ay) afreet t 

afrite' n. CB'si-ay) afreet .t 

afront' adv. ('B38lB-y) ; iy3'K3y3y3 

.D'JB 58 D'JB ; Bjyi^B PB 

aft a. and adv. (Bay) nyBJ'n Dix 

Dix B3:85ya38 dsii ■,ve' 8 na 5"b 

.I'B' 8 na ?"B lyBj'n 

af'taba n. (83-yD-'By) lyc^'nyB 818 

D3yBD"B] 3np=iyD8ii lyifni'K tvits 

.[?8Bya tia 

af'ter a., adv., prep, and c. (lyB-'ay) 

; iy3yii ; BM? ;Dyi38J nsjnyi rim 

.3n3y3n ,n38' P8 

After you have spoken to him, she came in. 

af'ter-accepta'tlon ». -py-iyB-'ay) 

y3yDi3y3JS lyBystj' n (t8t:'-'"B-ByD 


af'ter-account' n. ('BJl8P-y»iyB-'By) 

.sjuayiasj n 

af'ter-act n. (Bpy>nyB-'ay) =yBB' 't 

.33i5i:8n yiyB 

af'ter a fasli'ion -'t^ya y lyB-'ay) 

.iyD8myDPiy3 (is 

The work was done after a fashion. 

af'ter-a'ges n. (tys:'n-'"8-nyB-'ay) 
.B5yii ysmyoyBE' n ; bb3ipix <t 

It will be remembered in the after-ages. 

af'ter all (?n8 nya-'ay) ,iyDy58 'iso 

.1ST ,ByT !1P8 3n3yB38 B'3 ,dyiSSlB 
After all, life is not a sad affair. 

af'ter-appllca'tion n. -sy-iya-'ay) 
.sjnjyius yiyayssi' n (isb'-'"P-'5 

The after-application of the same remedy 
did not help. 

af'terbirth n. (riBTn-iya-'By) "lyi 

.B-|Uy33SJ ,n'56!' ,B1S 

af'terbrain n. (p'la-iyB-'ay) =nyB3'n 

.[ssp P8] nsa 

after- cab in n. (p8-'3yp-iyB-'ay) 

yDP8P D8?p mn'-ni ,yBP8P=nyBj'n 

.tv<s> 8 npx] 

af terclap n. (sy5p--iyB-'By) ->k t8 

=i8inyji8 Dysy ;3jn<D8B yi:yB'8iiy3 


af ter-costs n. (DBDSP'iyB-'ay) =383 

.ts^iynyiusj ,iyBDsp 

af'tercrop n. (B8np-iyB-'By) =383 

8 i5yB pa nxun iyBny33ST8] va:iv 

.[ins' ty3?yt ps 5sd iyB"iix 

af ter-cure ». (ipp-iya-'ay) =183 s 

1S3 iyauy3 oiyii osii nnas 18] tip 

n rys'ioyBts'JsaiyB is dik yssiip 8 

=y3 i'iP8 B8ny3 asn n dsd 33iptii 


af ter-damp n. (BDyi-iya-'ay) i83 8 

«n3=iy5npp n i'n is in b3"5p dsh 

.3JiD"iaP8 18 1S3 lya 

af ter-days n. (t"i=iyo-'By) y3y' 

.BBJipis <1 ; B?yii 

af'ter-din'ner a. (ny-'3'i-iyB-'By) 

ISi BD1P DSII ,3Sa'D 1S3 P8 D811 

af terfeed n. (iy<B-iyB-'By) Dsi 
5sD lyat^iy i'is3 as aopsii dsii ,tsi3 

»"Jiy IX Dy BSBB'38 ,Biyil 118 iyi"Ji!» 

^ .D'3-iyB'B D58 BS13ya 5SD8 1S3 lyi 

iif ter-game n. (D"3-iyB-'By) ="iix 8 

.[lyjy'BB' P8] ISP lyo 

af ter-gland n. (i3y53-iyB-'By) =80 8 

Dy iy35yii ts bb"13 dsii J^B^iyjiiy 

on'N Bsyr iis DP383yD na 5"b ps 

.3:i3yiiya ps 

af terglow n. (is53-TyB-'By) =B'n »i 

.3383iyB318=nl 1S3 SyO'n P8 D"p 

af tergrass n. (Dyi3--iyD-'By) dsi 

.iyi"3t!' i'is3 IS13 y3yDP8iiy3as 

af tergrowth n. (nBi8i3-iyB-'ay) 

.DP18113S3 ,DP1S1181S 

af'ter-bands n. (njyn=iyBr'By) 


af'ter-hours m. (ni8=iyB-'By; 

='?3nyiiy3 lyi isj] lyuiBis' v-)V 


af'ter-lm'age n. -'o's-iyB 

Dy DSll 15'3 yi833"l!' DSI (tS" 

lyo tyii iy3PK n -ibb isb in b 

'S3 Bsn lya pi oyiasJ as I'l d 

.oysy «iP8 

af'terings ■«. (i33's-iyB-'By) 

.i-?'D y3yp5s»y3DP8 y 

af'ter-inqui'ry n. -3'8-iyB- 

,33i3inyB3i8 yiyBysB' n ('Vi 

.y381B3S3 yB3'ByBt5'iy 

af'ter-life n. ci'sS^iyB-'By) 


af'termath ». (nByo-iyB-'ay) 
[ins' tyajytoyi ps] 5so ya 
=yii3SJ ; lyijya n pb tsi3 ly- 
=y3"533SJ n Ml] Dsiiay pa a 
.8 np?na s pa ,D"np38iP 8 pb 

af ter-mee ting n. -'y'Q=iyB- 

=8Ps ,tj"jy3y3y3'y3'TiyByBt!' s ( 


af'termost a. (BDlSB-iya-'sy) 

.I'E' pa ?"B lyaDiyisB ois jyao 

af'ter mucli ado' tyaso lya- 

■ .i'5i3y ; ri'o 5y'a is3 (' 

af'ter my fan'cy -'jya '80 lya- 

.p80tS'y3 P'D 183 

afternoon' n. and a. ('p3--iya- 

3SB"3 12 PB B"S n] B"SD3SBV 
='D3S3 P-8 DSll ;[3383iyB31K=Ilt 

af'ternoon far'mer lij-iyo- 

; lyaiys iyjyBs?tj''iya 8 dyo-' 

.t:'3yD iyjyts5y33! 

af'ternoon-la'dies n. -pj-iya- 

=yBy y35yii lyoijs aist 8i8 (pi- 

.I3ya8 ty3y3 ii3 3Jin'5a yiyn 

af'ternoon-ser'vice n. =pj-iya- 

DS1 ; iy3ii8i nn3o dsi (dpi-' 

.ayays 3sa<t 

af ter-nour ishment n. -lya- 

.3311083 yiyayat!' (a3yD-E'<8- 

af'ter-pains ■«. (t3"BnyB-'By) 

.[aiiay3 8 1S3] t!"3y 
af ter-part n. (BisBnya-'ay) 

.I'tJ" 8 PB 5"Biyi 

after-pay ment n. -'"a=iyB- 

.jji5nss3s: n (c 

af'terpiece «. (DyB-iya-'ay) =3s 

=isa y3"?p 8 ,iyB8ynB P8] 5j 

=318 ; [yays as'in lyi is3 3315, 

.lyinDB'B' 8 na ?"a lyats' 

af'ter-reck'oning n. -'pyi-iyo- 

.S3133yi yi3y35SB3S3 n ( 

af ter-repen'tance n. _)-|=-|];q_' 

.nam yiyaysK' (D3yB- 

af'ter-shock n. (psiy-iyB-'By) 

=iy !'is3 BBip osii 5yD"iB lya' 

.[t!»3iyB's=iiy "3 Ml] i: 

af'ter-sound n. (i3i8D-iyB-'By) 

Biyn Dy dsii typiyj iyi] 3385P 

3:85p iyi PI Dyi3S3 3385P 8 IIB 

.[tyiJisiwiya pits' P8 I 
af'ter-state n. (B"aD»iya-'ay) =, 

.USBB-IS iy3'BB3'PlX ; 138Bt:'lS iy 

af'ter-taste n. (aD"B'iyQ-'By) ■■ 

.nyB'3S3 ,P8o 

af terthought n. (BsriB-iya-'By) 




My plan to visit him was an afterthought. 

af'ter-tlme n. (a'81i=lj(t3-'aj/) n 

.B?yii viv ,BBJipis n ,B"s siyovat!' 

af'terward adv-. (Tisiin-nyia-'BV) 

.-lyojiBE' ! lynasJ 

af'terwards odw. (tllBlin-iyo-'Bj;) 

afterward .t 
af'ter-wise a. (t'siin^nyo-'ay) Byaty 


af ter-wlt n. (oMin'-iyts-'ay) 'iva s 
=j;dipvj DjfBij' IS 8 ; yMi •waravsv 

I .53tJ' IVJ 

af ter-wit'ted a. (iy-'B'iin=iyB-'BV) 

.JSiS' DIX ByBB" IS BOlp D811 

after- world n. (i5-iisiin=iyB-'By) 

.nnn wbbj'pis n : BJyn y:!/' 

af'ter-wrl'ter ». -''si-iyD-'aj/) 

.IVJVBtS'BB'lBi IVJlTiyBJ/aOi nvB 

af'ter- years n. (tTV-IVB-'ay) =j;BiS> 

.ly-ins' vnvB 

af ter you (i< lya-'By) ■-■•» oya lyo 

.?nio yt^r B"t ,...tu3 ivk lyi 
aft'ward adv. (Tisiin-'oay) o<n is: 

.[I'E' 8 "3] IVB 

again' adv., prep, and c. Civj-y) 

.?sa8 1S3 /DV'J 8 lya'K ,nnMi 

again' and again' ('tyJ-J;^JJ^'IJ)]_J)) 

tlK iny<11 ;5SD 8 1SJ 118 5sa 8 is: 


against' prep. ('BDjyj-y) ; Ij/Tinvi 

-< .ij;;ypBJ8 ; mvi 

against' rea'son (it's;''i 'aam-V) 

.ii!"n 53!^ DVT iwya 

against' tlie grain inc 'BDjyj-y) 

/iVTinn T1B8J ir\ ,'i'ib8p (i^na 

.Tsn n lyjyj nsn «;<n8 

against' the sun (isD TIB 'DDjyj-y) 

lyT IS j3iB3n lyBsytyjjyjyj 8 I'n 

.nr -ivT riB jjuyiiya 'iyi83:"i!' 

against' time (qisb 'BDjyj-y) lyn'ia 

iyj8'ny3n8 ,b"s yjyasJyaas n mi 

.B"s n 

agalac'tia n. (y-'B-'pyj-y-jy) dst 

'iTB 8 iia BB'ia 'T rx i5'a ryjnys 

.BTuyj 8 is: 

agal'lochum n. (osp-s-'jyj-y) oy5i« 

o's t'8 BDP811] r*?sn=ny'iJ ,r'?sn 


agalmat olite n. (B'85-lst-'Byo-5y-jy) 

D811 ,i"Bt!' ny3"ii 8t8] vot"T>>2 -lyT 

.["lys'jB' -i8B 8:'3 I'H Dsi:y3 aiyii 

ag'ami «. (iD-y-'jy) =yD8 lyD'na 8t8 

=yj inyt bbm? ly ,5y:'ia iy:8P''i 

B:iiyiiy: ly .Bsy^tc on'^a lyss ijmw 

.lywyo IS B15 inyt in 

agam'ic o. (p'8-'Dyj-y) ^OBSyjE-yj ins 

•yj ins in iyiyB3iia dsii ;j:n8a 

Q>:>n yoMiyj "3] s:nsB=DB3y?ti' 


agam'ically adv. (i8-5yp-'8-'oyj-y) 

agamic .i .3:nsB ys'JBSySBiyj ins 

ag'amist ». (BD'K-ay-'jy) »iyB:iK iyi 

.tyssn n:inn tis iy:jyj ; ^yB8^"n 

agamogen'esis ». -'jytjin-iSD-y-jy) 

=yj rns in ryiysana dsi (O'D-y 

=yT: i*:8: n "3] j:nsB y3<5B3y?B' 

.[iyE":yByB'y3 yj'i 

agamogenet'ic o. -'Bitl-iSB-y-jy) 

■-V1 tns iyi83y3 aiyii dsii (P^s-'ay: 

.3:iisB y3'5B3y?E' 

agamogenet'Ically adv. -isD-y-3y) 

nno': lyissy: ('8-?yp-'i8-'By:-<t!'ti 

.3:nsa ys'jBsyjcys 

ag'amous a. {DS0-y-'3y) •B3y5B'y3 ins 

.iy:83is y3'? 

ag'amy n. (<a-y-'3y) =?8np'iis n 

na BB8is'iy:3y3 'i ; iyB8T"n na 3:ib 

=y3 y3<?D3y5(!'y: na nyis iyQ8i"n 


ag'ape,«. (<B-y-'jy) 'iy3'5iyin3 s 

.tyoonp yaiyiy n "3 D"s?nso 

agape' adv. ('B"j-y) =yBS 18 B'a 

lyis 3jnyiJiNiiy3 na] ?nD ay: 


Agapem'one n. (i:-s-'DyB-y-3y) lyn 

8 iiB lyos: iyi ; yay? na Bis:nsi'i 

nKiy:yn tia p'siys iya"BD':iBSP vo 

PS ByuMjy: in Bsn iy35yii lyma 

="? iyi lyBJis 1846 ins' Ps i:853:y 

oyi B'B iy3'?BD"3 lyoMiys 8 iia 3:ib 

.d:<ib lyosj 

Agapor'nis n. (o'j-'insB-y-jy) vo 8 

nyi is] Dyi83iBSB ■iy:8pnB8 j):":'? 

.riy?3MB>Dy3y'5 n i'i8 lyiynya po 

agar'ic n. (p's-'iyj-y) =iyBy53 iyi , 

[syoyiw rn sis] dbiie' 

agar'ic min'eral -'j'D P'K-'"iy3-y) 

="11 iy3"ii 818] I5'»3i83 n (?yi-y 

.[p'BE' lyo 

agas'tric a .(pnB-'Dy3-y) =SD 8 ins 

=y3 "3] lyasa p'p b'j osn dsii ,iy3 

.[b'sib' siy'>i> yoni 

ag'ate n. (By-'3y) =y"B 8] B838 iyi 

.[p'BE' lyi 

ag'aty ». (iB-y-'jy) ni ;3'B18=B838 

.P'BB^BBSB iyi 

Aga've n. (m-'.ij-y) «] yiiBJ8 n 

.[iys38?B yti"J8pnyB8 in po 

ag'ate-bur'nisher n. -'Ti3=By-'3y) 
, .p'Btfo'PsB iyi ny-(5"3 
ag'ate-glass ». (Dy53rBy-'3y) •B838 

>1S Biyil DSII tS?J BISt 818] IS?3 

»p'Bt!' y:yiy<K'iyB na iys?sot!'y3Bnj 

=DM8 DS1 Bsn lis t8?3 yBi<5sP ly? 

.[i"Bt!'=B838 ni inyt 

ag'ate-snail n. (5":D-B"8-'jy) sts 

msa n Bsn dsii ?yt!'iD iyBnyny3 

.•iy33y 18 lis 


ag'ate-ware ». (inyiin=By-'3y) 'Soy 

.I'E'y: yBi<5 

ag athlsm n. (DPnB-y-':y) DPBsas 

'"J 8 Bsn Dy?8 18 ,a:iBBMny3 n] 

.[lyBia DIS 3313 

ag'athist n. (BD'nB-y-'3y) oyn3s is 

agathistn ,t .DPB83B IIB iy3 

ag'atlform a. (m8B-<B-y-'3y) DSII 

.["BB-'DBas PB Disa '1 Bsn 

ag'atlne u.. (po-y-'jy) tiiib> px Dsil 

, .P'BL"=B83S DIS 

ag atize v. (P8C-y-'3y) lyjiasmya 

.P'D!r=B838 P8 


agaze' a. and adv. ('t"3-y) =jypip 

yBj'iBE'iy B'a ; lyjMOB'iy b'd jn 


agazed' a. ('ni"3-y) =-iy anjypip 

age n. and v. (tS'lT'K) iyB58 .1 

nn ,iyB?8 B"s .2 ;[iy[!'3yD ns] 
;B"P3nny'5sB nyBjy .3 nym=D3y3y5 

.tyiyil B58 ,ty380 D58 .4 
1. He Is 50 years of age. 2. Ours Is a pro- 
gressive age. 3. He is of age. 

a'ged a. (itytTix) ; b58 ; o:yins'y3 

.lyms' PK 

a gedly adv. ('5-iyiyri-'"8) =58 18 ni 

.isnys yo 

a gedness n. (Dyj-iyB't1-'"s) 'i 


age less «. (oy5-'ti'n"«) =y3 8 ms 

8 BTBDnpy DSII : iyB58 lyDcass' 

.B"s y3:85 inyt 

agency n. ('D-3yt!'n-'"8) ;3:ipini 

.B"p3'BynB ; 11B3y38 

a gency-bus'iness n. -'D-:yii'n-'"8) 

.BByt!'y3=11B3y38 (Dyj-'I'3 

a gency-house n. (Di8n='D-3yB'Ti-'"8) 

agency-business .i 
a'gency-of'flce m. ='D-3ytyn-'"8) 

.-1SB3«P-0:S'D'DSP (D'8-'B8 

a gency of ProT'idence-3yB'n-'"8) 

,BB8t!'-|yn DBS3 (D3yi-'8-'1181B 118 'D 

.ri'Bia nn3B'n 
agen da n. (yi-'ayiyn-y) ; ii3=)"ds3 

=y3 tnsi DSII B"318 tIB D'33"S-iyB 8 

.tyiyii TsnD 

ibe committee took up the matters on the 

agennet'ic a. (p'8-'By3-S-B'ny) =318 

, .183B311B 

a gent n. (Baya-n-'i's) =y3 8 ,B3y:8 18 
^ .lyas'D'osP 8 : iy3yiB OBByti' 

a gent of tru'ancy ii8 B:yii'n-'"K) 
ysui's P8 lyBDsys « CD-jy-'no 

=yD8 P8] PIS' 1'3 BKBaty tlB BiyBB' 
=1SB'18 y383B'18 'T BUn DSII [SP'T 

lyiyii Bin'By33in 58t Dy t8 ,iyD8B 
•iyi3'p 'T 18 Biyisa dsii yytys dsi 
»Dp?sB '1 iy3ny3 a'DyD?yjy-i iy?st 


age of brass (oyn: ii8 b-it's) 't 

age of bronze ,t .B"S t3»l3 

age of bronze (13813 118 BftT'S) 

lyii ,B"s yBJ8ii« n] b"s usia 't 




»"« B'D BSlJJ/3 B>J ^SJ VI OW WO 

MB 3")ty3 B38DW BSiT tVD tlN tfft 

, .ttJSia 

age of chi'valry -?yii-"PB. us B-rT's) 

«5JIB'D I'k] DIBIJ/B'T na B"X 'T (n 


age of the moon ifiB 118 B'n"8) 

BJ't IJ/BSJiya T'8 D811 B"V '1 (iniD 

tn nvT B'o ij;a8iByj,in Bsri n:25 't 

njns non mp?] tsnnyo i"k nns 

.[nJ3? <ip? 

a'ger n. cw&n-^^ti) p'OU" 8 n^vs 8 


Ager'atum n. (B8B-S -'ifftyn-V) I'a 8 

"1811 nsj n P8 lyopsii dbii iyvJ8?a 

.Bpnyos am tia \rimvi vo 

a'ges ago' ('isj-y i'(!'n-'"8) 183 


ageus tia n. (y-'B-'orj-v) =P381P 818 

=n'a B': pk D'ik in Bpm Dsii B"n. 

.ayon ti'in on ly? 

age'-worn o. (nsiin^'B-tT^x) =yj3s 

.lyB?); tiB BX1JW2S /iWBiB 

ag'ger n. (ly-'u'ny) ='o 183 »ii 8 

[D'n ryB58 P8] ; lypyiix ytynvB'? 

^gu-wanx JT83 tjns usii^jJiBoya 8 

.Tiy na lya 

agglom'erate n., a. and v. -jy) 

oyD8tis ; ryJpMiaMJix (B'n-y-'D8? 

=yj ; iyn'x:yo8tix ; yaip 8 i'8 iy5P"p 

=ip 8 I'N ryBSB'y:3'iJis ; \v2«a B3n 

.yaip yjyBSBiyjBMJis 8 ; ya 

agglomerat'ic a. (p'8-'By-'iy-D8?-jy) 

yaip 8 i'8 tysisiiyjBMJix t'8 D8ii 

.jjuiis ins 

agglomera'tlon n. -'"K-'iy-DS?T3y) 

^'SjyoBiix n ,3Ji5pMnyn8ns n (ise' 

=i8ii3'iJis n ,3ji38n'B3nyj n ,3Jiri 

.yaip i"K pK 3Jia 

agglom'erative a. -y-iy-'D85-3y) 

DSll ,«in31S I'l B5yp'll DSll (1VB 

.yaip 8 i'8 ry3-isiiy3an:is aiyii 

agglu'tlnant n. and a. -iB-'l5-3y) 

=y3 DSll ,!yn8tis Bay5p Dsii (B3y3 

.lyDBtin Bayjp osii I8t 8 ; Bayn 

aggln'tinate v. (Bi'j-'B-'iJ-sy) =is 

.ryDp8iiBM:ix ,iyij'3aM3ix ,iyay?paM3 

agglu'tinating a. -B"3-i8-'i5-3y) 

«i!t ,3n3yi3'3BM3ix j'ljyayjp (3:'8 


agglutina'tion n. (tsty-'^'J-'B-lJ-jy) 

; lyaaynys dst .,ryay5p3ya8tix dst 

.iyDP8iiaM:i!{ dst 

agglu'tinatlve a. (ii'8-B":-'iB-'l5-3y) 

.ryayspa'ijix lyp dsii 

ag'grandisable «.. -'8i-3yn-'3y) 

,!yiyii BnyDyn3-iy3^ lyp dsii. (5ayt 

lyp D811 ; lynyii annyonyB lyp dsii 

.yiny lyns b38d vk lyiyii iy3Mmyi 

aggrandisa'tion n. -'iit-n-jy'13-y) 

•nyoiyB d«t ,iyiyDyn3nya dst (ise' 

lyis B38D I'K lya'imyT dst : lyi 


ag grandizable a. -'Bl-jyi-'sy) 

aggrandisahlB .t (53yi 

aggrandlza'tion n. -'iit-'1-3yn3-y) 

aggrandisation .t (isB" 

ag'grandlze v. (t'8-'i3»l-'3y) =-iy3 

=yii BiyDynsivB .lyinyoiya ,iv'iyDy'i3 

lyns B38D I'K lynyii lyanmyi ,iyT 


The United States will not aggrandize at 
the expense of the rights of other countries. 

aggrand'lzeiuent «. -P8-'l3yi3-y) 
.33nnymyB n ,33iiyDyi3nyB n (Bjyn 

All his plans are for his own aggrandize- 
nient only. 

ag'gravate v. (B"ii-yi-'3y) Bsyjiy .1 
: lypj""!? .2 ; iy38o -lyiyiiB' ,iy38o 
, „, , . . .iyx"-i ; tyiy3iy 

1. Sleeplessness aggravates a disease. 2. The 
children aggravate the teacher with their 

ag'gravating a. (33<N-B"i1-yi-'3y) 
=y3383i8 p-i»aer ,3n3yx"T j'ljy-iysny 


ag'gravating cir'cumstances -'3y) 

="iy (tyo-jyBD-DSP-'TiD 3j'8-B"ii-y'i 

.[BBtyn 8 "3] iv-iJVOtva^K ynjyiyiia' 

ag'gravatingly adv. _Mii-yi-'3y) 

; iyx"T iin ,iyiy3ny Tin ('?-3J'b 

.IB18 iynny3y3:8Ji8 I8 «im8 

aggrava'tion n. (I8t!'-'"ll-yi-3y) 

; 33nyD'5is'iyB n ,ty38» nyaiy dst 

.33ny3iy ; 3:ipj"'ip 't 

ag gravative n. and a. -"il-yi-'3y) 

Bsn DSll ■.•)V03V^& B3Nn DSll (11 'B 

DSll DsiiBy ; \siv3is IS 3:ia"j n 

.mvi-\v DSll Dsiiay ; ■iyB3y5t!' b38d 

ag'gravator n. (ijjtj-iMl-yi-'sy) ="« 

iy3"8 ;BS'n lyis Biysiy dsii ny3 

.■iyB3y5t!' B380 DSll 

ag gregant «. (B3y3-n-'3y) p's 
lyjyBB' DSll ,iy5nss yan3 s na 5nsx 

.?3n ID <S flMJlX 
ag'gregate n., a. and v. _i-)-'jj;) 

=y3BM:i!t ; 3315081 8 ;iyB'lil 8 (B"3 

.iy3'3"Niya ,!y5D8iBn3is iBSyost 

ag gregate amount' -y B"3-'n-'3y) 

.5311 ID 1S-\ ('B:180 

ag'gregate an'imals _bii3_ii-'jj() 

y35yii ,ni'n yiyiyiynya (t5yD-'N-'3y 

.y'5'a8B p'8 iyi« pa i"k is lyiynyj 

ag gregated a. (iyB-"3-n-'3y) 'is 

.B3<3"KiyB ,B5yB8ty3aM: 

ag gregate flow'ers B"3-n-'3y) 

.tyDi53 yBts"oy3 5yB3'3- 8 (ny-'i853 

ag'gregately adv. ('5-B"3-n-'3y) 

OS ;B3'3"Kiy3 ,iyD8t1S ,PM13y3'in 


aggrega'tion ■». (istJ'-'"3-i-i-3y) >i 

=ix n ,33i5D8ta'i3ix n ,33iaMna'i3i!{ 

.3313'3"8iyB ;3313"5PB'13 

ag'gregative a. (iPB-"3-'V3y) =iv 

'B'lJis ,3n3y3"5p3'i3is ,3n3yony3B'i3 


ag gregator n. (nso-"3-' V3y) ivt 

, .ny5D8t 

aggress v. ('Dyi3-y) =8B3S ,tya"i3JS 

,[3ynp 8] lyBB'Sy lyn tysnnis ,iy5 

.yp8B8 18 ty38a 

aggres sion n. (ts-'B'yi3-y) =J8 ?8 

.yp8B8 : 58338 ; «in3 

aggres'sionist n. (BD<8-3s-'(!'yn3-y) 

■iy3"N ; «1'133S 18 038a BSll 'iy3"N 

.B-I'PBBS -lyiS tS B583 DSll 

aggres sive a. (iv8-'Dyi3-y) B3"3y3 

="■1338 ; iya"133K lyis iyTp8B8 IX 

.J'13yB"133N BB'-iy IX n3yB 
Oppressed peoples ought to be aggressive 
In their own defence. 

aggres'slvely adv. ('5-lP8-'Dyi3-y) 

=38 18 iin : 1318 \w-\Vis>-ip 8 Pi'i8 

.J'BD15=B"nBB' ; Sj'IS 
aggres'siveness n. (Dy3-iP8-'Dyi3-y) 

.0"P3'BD15B"-fBt!' ,B"p3'BD15D3ynp 

aggres sor n. (ns-'Dyi3-y) ="i33s 18 

.iyn<P8B8 ny58a3s : lya 

aggrievance n. (D3yii-'ii3-y) =iys 

.33ip3yip ;D'3-iy3ny nyaip ,Di-n 

ag'^gry-beads n. (ny>3-n-'3y) =ts53 

aghast' a. i'QDVi-ii) .lypsiE'iyi 

ag'lle a. (5'K-'li'ny) .3ny3y5 ,P3'5B 

ag'ileness n. (Dy3-5'8-'B'ny) =p3'5B 

.0"p3'?p'ii'y3 i B"p3'iy3y5 ; b"p 

agll'ity n. ('B-i8-'?'ts'n-y) 

agileneas .t 

a'ging n. (33'B'n-'"8) .B?8 tynyil DST 

ag'io n. (is-'K-'i^ny) ; B5nsxy3»iB5n 

na] i5y3 na iy't!''iyB3i8=Diip nyn 

iy35ytayn na nyis iyi3y5 y3yTy'!j'iyB 


agist' V. CBD'cn-y) lyis iy3yaTSP 

•. .B5nssy3 183 nian3 yinyia lyiya'a 

agls'tage n. (t>in"B-'D<i!'n-y) dst 

y3y3"8 eiMN niana yiayia lyiyo's 

i"i8B B?nsxy3 dst : i385 yii''5np nyns 

.5ns!«38 ,-iy"B6!' : lyiyB'B 

ag'itate v. (B"B-»K-'i!'ny) ; iyT'B'38 

Dyay ; lysynanK ; lyiri'T ,iy3yiiy3 

' .yyi'K 18 183 tyiyi ; iy5i38iiy3 

ag itated a. (lyB-^B-'s-'E'ny) =b'18 

.B3yiiy3 ,B3yiy3 

a;g itating a. (33»B-"B-'8-'i!'ny) ='38 

.Jn3y3yiiy3 ;3n3y3yna'i8 ^3n3yTB 

aglta'tion n. (isE'-'"B-'K-t!'ny) n 

;33nn'-lB'lS ,IS'ltSB'>38 'T ,3313yiiy3. 

" .yyT8 18 nsa 33i3nynB n 
agita tional a. -3sii'-'"B-'N-ti'ny) 

.IS'X8B'38 IX ■'"!!' I'8 DSll (5y 

ag'itative o. (iP8-B"B-'8-'K'ny) =y3 

.I3y3yna'i8 n3yinn ,n3y3yii 

agita'to adv. (isB-'SB-'s-B'ny) =3y5 

.[pnia ps] BBsn 

ag itator n. (i8B-"B-'K-'t!'ny) is 


agitato rial a. -'i-'isB-^'B-'S-cny) 

.nSB8B'3- 18 IS V><t/ PS DSll (5y 

aglare a. and adv. ("iny53-y) »3y5p3'a 

.[lyjMs n b'b] 3n3ys'53 jn 
agleam' a. and adv. ('Dy'53-y) oy53 

.3n3y5p3'3 ,3n3y5n8iBt!' ,3n3ys 

Their faces were agleam with a pale light. 

ag'let n. (By5-'3y) bb'BE' iy3y58ByB 8 

.1131!' 8 tia n3y avi is B3'BDyBy3 

aglim'mer a. and adv. (ny-'Di53-y) 

.3'i3yiya'53 ; b3'5 iyi3yiyD<i!' ps 

agltt'ter a. and adv. (■iy-'B'53-y) 

aglitntner .t 
Aglos'sa n. (y-'D853-y) wis pa sis 
.331S i"p B<3 tyasn dsh 


aglos'sai a. (5y-'D853-y) b'3 Bsn Dsn 

.331S 8 ins ;331S P'p 

aglow' adv. and a. ('is53-y) .I3yn'53 

The skies are aglow with the suns'et. 
ag'nail n. (5"3-'3y) : nM1t!'y3=5y3S3 s 

.3'i8n»3n'n 8 

ag'nate ■«. and a. (B"3-'3y) 3inp s 

; ty5uD38B '1 113 B"t nyn ti3 ni3 

.ns p"iyBsB I'lin Bi38inyB ,ii"B833s 

agna tl n. ('8B-'"3-3y) BB8B''3np 

ns ty5'3D38a n na is tayi na ni3 
.[pmDns ■iy(j»Tnp 8] S'S'asa lyi 




agnat'lc a. (pi«-'BVj-3V) pk dsii 

ISIS IS D'1J/B»B lia ■X'if!) 8 IS 1"tJ' 

PK iy5'2D:8a n iia B"t in tie ??33 

agnat'ically adv. ('N-jyp-'N-'Byj-jy) 

agnate .t .t!"B8JJ8 

agna'tion ». (isty-'nj-jy) j)3'?3"5 

.IK OIJ/DSa tlB t3B8E''3np 

Agnoe'tse n. (ib-''k-isj-jv) j/D'iivj k 
Bsnyj v\ Bsn wsyii ,vapvt> m'5bd'1p 
UK BiyiJimnfP iyB4 i'k Byijnayj 
oyDiii58 lyT I'K Bjyp"?yj Bsn y3?yii 
t8 ,Ba'i?jyj lyisn "t .b»3 tiB B"n 
=3'yiyj im b»j d'mi yjywsnyo dst 
ISO Tt ly BjyoE' BB3ipi!t n UK ryp 
.BT8ii3yjyj "lyT tiB yo^?!!' yt!"js5 iTn 

ag'no'iaen n. (lyo-'lSJ-jy) ,iyos3lX 8 
.iyn83"3 8 

agnom'inal a. (?y3-'N-'D8:-3y) DSII 
.lynsJis "lyis iyasJ"3 8 iv i"tv pk 

agnomlna'tion «. -'"j-'x-nsJ-JV) 

»8Ps lyn ; lyDSJix 8 ryiva dst (isa' 

.Dsij 8 ; lyBiyii iva jJ8>pjyD 

agnos'tic n. and a. (p'B-'08J-jy) 
B?8n Dsii -lypjyn 8] 'iyp'BDs:J8 18 
Dsn lysst lyn'ijj bm lyp rya est 
typ B83 r8 ,ryiyii ryiniya bb"j lyjyp 

C"ll lyo DSII DST 18 tIK tyO'll B'': lyo 
DSII ;[|y3M?) IX DSII 8Q'3 t'« B'J 

Biyny: dsii ; ivp'bdsjjb n ix Biynyj 

=38 n ns lyyTs iis t^ju^d n m 


agnos'tically adv. -5yp-'D-'D83-3y) 

; DPilBlJSBC tyB"BDSJ38 18 PB ('8 
Ml ;DPX''BDS3J8 U 3313"3 lyT B'D 

agnostic .t .nyp'DDSJJS 18 
agnos'ticism n. (dpd-'D-'D8J-3V) 'T 

.•5yp'BDS338 'T PB lyyTK PS \V\T\V'> 

agnostic .t 

agnos'tics n. (DP<B-'D83-3y) =38 n 

='DDS338 n PB. yiny? n] p'bds3 

agnostic .1 . [ lyp 

ag'nus ». (DSO-'Jy) 8 PB 15'3 DST 
pity "isa 33i33"sy3 8 d?8 Days? 


"ag'nus cas'tus (DSB-'oyp DS3-'3y) 

='iya=iy3j<a D<a dm3 sts] dp3E"ip 

.[tJsp ty3'5'i53 pa 'iyBy53 y3'D 

Ag'nus De'i cs-'vt DS3-'3y) DDSJ 

T8B tynSi 8 D?8 BS'naVJ] V>VDV> 
PS ?yB3'5=nDt!'3 8 jEDIDD'IP Dity 

8 ;n5'Bn y3'?BDnp y3<?"n 8 m'P 
=3"X3s ^y^ b'd i5'3 i'?BDnp 3'?"n 
.yip 8 D38'iB DSII ,y5yny? 8 pa 3313 

ago' adv. and a. CiSJ-y) ,iy3<isa 
.lynna ,pnix : "3T8B 

agog' adv. and a. ('383-y) =y3 ,3'T3y3 
PB lyns nisn tis Bsyiysaps ;3<ddi5 

VlBltors are expected; therefore, the house 
Is all agog with excitement. 

agom'eter n. (•vyB-y-'D83-y) =3<N is 

iyi'5i3yi nyis UBDyo dix B3ynnBD 

.i38Btj'-iyTii lyEJnBpyjy oyi 

agomphi'asls n. (D'D-y-'<8a-D83-y) 

."lyjiT'x n tyiy'?iya dst 

agone' adv. and a. CiSJ-!/) "fo .1 

agon'lc a. (p's-'383-y) .lyjpj'ii tns 

ag'onles of sor'row ty'3-s-'3y) 

ys'SDi's yBoyiJ n (is-'18D iis 


ag'onism n. (DP8-38-'3y) ,«lBD8PPnB 


ag'onist n. (BD'3-s-'3y) Dsii iy3"8 

• PnS 8 iy3Piy3 IX DTT1P3SP 

agonis'tic a. (p'B-'D'3-S-3y) =3S DK11 

B3yiBB' DSII : eiBDSpByil 8 IX B338?y3 

.i5"'iy3ynp ;pm3"K is lyssn ix 
agonls'tical a. (?y-p<D-'D'3-8-3y) 

agonistic .t 

agonls'tics n. (Dp'B-'D'3-»-3y) n 

nyis aD8P=Dyii iia yiny? ps bd3ip 

.in iy?338n 

ag'onize v. (P83-S-'Jy) ,iyi»B80 

=8D v^ ;iyT'? yoms isnD38 ,iy5yiip 

ty38o ; lyxiyDts" yDma lyi"? ,tynyB 

.33133ynBl!'3N yD'n3 8 

ag'onizing a. (33n-'i83-s-'3y) B'O 

=J38T vt /I'SJ^s DD3yn ,DniD' yD'n3 

.B'lB I'B'D 3n3y? 
He suffered agonizing pain after the opera- 
ag'onizingly adv. ('5-33M-'i83-8-'3y) 

agonising .t 
ag'ony n. (i3-s-'3y) ,nD'D3 ,y'3S3S 
.D'niD' y3'5pynt!' ,B"3iyB80BPO 
ag'ony of death (nByi 118 '3-8-'3y) 


ag'ony of heat (oyn 118 <3-8-'ay> 

.vn Di3'n3 s ; r'n ys'jpyits' 8 

ag'ony of love (ns? 118 '3-s-'3y) 

.BniD' Dysy? 

ag'ony of tears (nyB 118 .»3-s-'JV) 

.I"iiy3 nya'^s^B s ; lynyiD dsibe- 8 

agou'ta n. (8B-'i3-y) 'iy3">p pd 8t8 



agou'ti n. ('B-'13-y) ty33<38P PMIC 

.[p'5SnP 818] 

agou'ty n. (iB-'l3-y) agouti .t 

agraffe' n. ('!iyn3-y) yD'na 8 

»nyB dix] 5ypyn lyis ypE'nss'iSB' 

.lynsJP 8 ,[iy3y5yBt!' 

agram'matism n. (DPB-y-'oyij-y) 

=BM31X 3iB3n yi38D{i'D<8 1"1 B'3 DST 

.rst tyts"58P'B808'i3 8 tysyats-ix 

agram'matlst «. (BD'B-y-'Dyi3-y) 

; iy3"ii!' PK tyty? b'3 lyp dsii ny3"s 

.nsn dy is 

agraph'ia n. (y-is-'Byn3-y) dst 

8 lypmiXDMS B"p3'ny3 n lyTJnya 

.BB'nty iin p38nya 

agra'rlan n. and a. (iy-n-'"l3-y) 

8 pa iy33yn3s 18 ps dsii nys'^s 

oyainy y3"53 B338?iya dsii "bt83 

=ny lyi ix T'ly ps dsii ; j315"b 

='18138] iyxny3Dn38? 8 ;331?"B-|yB 

.BBBtyBTinas? ps lyayp s : [iy 

agra'rlanlsm n, (DP8-3y-'i-'"l3-y) 

; 33i?"DiyBi38? y3"?3 PB yisyB n 

.a3i?"B-iyBi38? y3"?3 isb aaisynya n 

agra'rian law (ns? iy-'l-'"l3-V) 

.Vyiy3 DDBSE'BTinSS? 

agree' ». ('yi3-y) ; iyo'Bi:'3"8 .1 
I'l .2 ; iyD'?B'y3 ; iy3'?pi3"K ,iy3y3ix 

.13yD8B l"t ; iy3"53iyB 
1. They agreed to form a partnership. 2. 
He agrees with my opinion, 

agreeabll'lty n. ('B-'s-'5'3-y-yi3-y) 
,m ,t3"p3'?»ny3ya38 :B"pa'n<Bt;'3"N 

agree' able a. (53y-'yi3-y) : l3yD8S 

.iyn'B!j'iX3"8 3'?ni ; Dny3y338 

agree'ableness n. (Dy3-53y-'y"i3-y) 

.in ,B"p3'5any3y338 jasio'Dtyii's 

agree'ably adv. ('53-y-'yia-y) =83 

.iyD'Bt!'1X3"8 3'>P1 ,Dny3y33« ;3?D 
He was agreeably surprfsed to meet me. 

agree' again' ciys-y 'y-i3-y) lyi'ii 

.i3inB=Bi3 lyTii ;a''3"s 

agreed' int. Ciyia-y) lB38Dy33S 

1 "3iyT B3"?3 Dy I 3'B3'"I 

agree' like cat and dog 'yna-y) 
r8P 8 <ii lyo'BE' (3ST i3y avp p's? 

.13in 8 B'D 

agree' ment n. (B3yD-'yi3-y) =3"k 

.18D3S ;33la'3"SiyB JJIO'BB' 

agree'ment in tune D3yD-'yi3-y) 

.y3SDi8n (iPB PS 

agree' on some'thing is 'v-\i-Ti) 

.oysy iy3's iyj'3"8 vt (33'nB-'D8D 

agree' to (10 'yn3-y) ; ...ix iyD8Six 

.lyD'Biyis ,iyDny3:s ; lyjysya 

agree' to an of'fer ly ib 'yn3-y) 

. iynny33s bs33s 18 (iy-'Bs 

agree' to an opin'ion ib 'yia-y) 

.3313"Q 8 IX lyD'aBilX (IS'-'J'B-S ly 

agree' togeth'er -'nBy3-iB 'yia-y) 
.a'3"8 i"t (iy 

agree' upon' ('I8B-S 'yns-y) iy3yii 
DsiiBy iy3yii ,iyiyii a'3"s DsiiBy 
.DsiiBy iy3''K iyD''?t!'y3 ,!yiyii nns-ia 

They agreed upon the terms of the con- 

agree' with (nB'iin 'yi3-y) lyosaix 
.iy5yay3 ; ...ix vi 

This kind of food agrees with me. 

agres'tial a. (Jyco-'Dyij-y) ,:'ansT 
.lynyw ,DD8na 

When he came to the city, he put off hla 
agrestial habits. 

agres'tic a. (p'B-'Dyi:-y) ,[!"iyi3 
.BDSia ,B»an8T 

agres'tieal o. (5y-p'B-'Dyi3-y) 

agrestic ,t 

agres'tic life (ep8? P'B-'Dyis-y) DST 
.lysy? yB"BisT 

agric'olous a. (Ds5-s-'P'13-y) =y3 
; BB8E'BTin38? B'D I't 3n3y3'Dayty 

.B"3T8=1385 IS VV> PS DSII 

agricul'tural a. (5y-iiE'B-'5sP-''"i3-y) 

=138? ,B"318 138? IX Biyn»3 D811 

agricul tnral ant -iiiyB-'?8P-'l-3y) 
=?yii ,[yt"n8] ypsysiio 8t8 (B3y ?y 
D3»i3 yiy iia b3113 ayi 3s B3'3"i ys 

.DDy3 in'S 11a Ba8f183383 iyi PS 

agricul'tural chem'istry -n-3y) 
=?ipn38 ('iD-D's-'oyp ?y-iii}iB-'?sP 
Dsii yDy3 pa 5"o iyi] yoys^iio 
=3y3"« yt^'nya 'i b'd I't Bony3iya 
•38?B pa iya3ixyt3yo8Ps ps lyBBsty 
.[.11 .1 .8 lyoia ,i3n3=iiy ,iyx 

agricul'turalist n. -iiL"B-'?8P-'1-jy) 

=3yDill 8] BD'11B?lp'138 (BD'8-?y 

iy33yn38 is ; [bi'iii38? iy3'?0B8ii' 

,11B?lp'138 PB 

agrlcul'turally adv. -'?SP-'1-J9) 
;b"318=138? is 3ixy3 PK ('s-?y-ii!:'B 

.iy3"Bli' iy3'?Ba8t!'B1Pl=138? 8 «1'18 

agricul'tural machine' -n-jy) 

=01111138? 8 CPiy-yD ?yi-l(!'B-'?SP 

=18=1iy I8B PB-SD 8 ,Pt!'8O=0aB8t!> 

, .B"3 

agricul'tural soci'ety -'?sp-n-ay) 

=B1M1138? ('B-y-''8D-SD ?y-11S!'B 
.P'SiyB iy3i?BB8B' 




ag'rlcultnre «. (iitJ-B-Sup-n-'J!/) 
.BB8tS't3'l<11=nJ85 ,13"3-|8 iiy 

agrlcul'turism n. -iitcB-'Sup-ii-jj/) 

own D58 BBSB'OTinJB? 'T (Dt'H 

.DyuD'D nit25ipnj8 d»t ,bbsis' 

agrlcnl'turist ». -iwo-'SSp-'U-y) 

8 ,nyB"3i8=iiy is ,n!)'n 8 (od'r 


ag'rimony n. (ij-so-n-'W) ,DyptJ"!i' 


agriolog'ical «.. -'Bin85-s-n-)!;) 

na DiniB!!' dis v& vx dsii (jvp-'x 

tyB"njnsiiw iik a'anjo n iwsjivb 


agrlol'oglst n. (BD'B'n-8-'58-'l-jy) 

Din B<0 I't BOnWlVB D811 -IW'K 

118 Q':njD 'T iy3"?nj;a na dvtibb' 
i»"t P8 tyB'Jj/D n na iyB"fijnsiiyj 

.liBBtyiX lyBTI'S'lVSJlN 

agrlol'ogy n. (it!>n-s-'58-n-jy) D8T 

118 D'JiiJD n iy3"5:-iya na DiniBC 

ny"t PK lyB-wo n na iyB"njn8iiyj 

.1J8BE'1S iyBTT'5'lVSJ18 

agrodol'oe n. (ytsiB-'Jlsi-iSl-jy) 8 

.lyit tiK DM iir jJiJ'j"8iyB 

ag'ronome n. (ais:-S1-'jy) =S1J8 IS 

P8 lyBTniBB-yj 8 ,nyjyp 8] D8J 


agronom'lc a. (p'8-'n8J-Sl-3y) =nJ85 
»BiMnJ85 IX lynyj osii ,^'5bb8ij'btii 


agronom'ical a. (5yp-iK-'D8J-S'i-jy) 
agronomic .t 

agronom'ics n. (DP<8-'D83-S1-jy) 

jjiB?8ii'iya=iJ8? tiB Ba8tyoyDMi n 

jjnMi'B5ip=iJ85 lyis 

agron'omist n. (BD'O-s-JBIJ-y) 18 
=snJ8 BTniBB' DS11 lyj^N ,bsj8'ij8 

agron omy n. ('a-8-'38lJ-y) =8138 

lyTMVBJiP is BB8B'0yDMl <T ,yD8: 

nj85 iyB?8inyB nyis 
agrope' osd«. csisij-y) vk 3'njyB8D^ 

.-IVBDJ'B "lyT 
Agros'tis n. (D'B-'D8V3y) D'llBtJ' 

m va Din -x] iytsi:=-insT ,Iyt8^J 

.[lyisiJ'DjjnyD'B yBD"o >t lyiyn 

agrostog'rapher n. -'J8B-B8l-3y) 

=8: 'T BS'nssiys osii nyj"8 Ciyfl-yT 

.lyiuij iiB ryBB8E'3yj"8 n ii8 -iib 

agrostograph'-ic a. -SB-D81]-y) 

=y3 -Mil IS vie i'8 D811 (P'8-'By-ij 

.tytsiJ tiB jjn'nK' 

agrostograph'ical a. -8B-DS"iJ-y) 

agrosfographie .t (pyp-'X-'ayis 

agrostog'raphy «. -yi-'38B-D8-i-jy) 

118 11B8: lyi riB j:i3'nB'y3 n (la 

.lytsiJ na iyBB8t!'3y3"K 

agrostolag'lc a. -'s!'n8?-«B-D8n3-y) 

na yiny? lyi is i"b' r'8 psii (P'8 


agrostolog'ical a. -«B-D8l3-y) 

agrostologio .t (5yp-i8-'t!'n8? 

agrostol'oglst n. -s-'?8B-DS"i-jy) 

.tyI8^3 n« lyjyp 8 (cD'ts-n 

agrostol'ogy n. -s-'580-DS-i-jy) 
''ii -lyiy'JBBsa till na 5"b ^\l>•^ cii'tT ' 
tin B<o VI Bonyonya Dsii tiasB'jyD 
.lyiBiJ na jjityisa 

aground' otZi;. ('i:i8nj-y) Dili ei'is 
.Tiy nyi iim8 ,iyis3 oyn iti8 ,i3n3 

agryp'nla n. (y-i:-'B'-i3-y) =a8?B' 


agrypnot'ic a., and n. -'B83-Bn-jy) 

D811 ; tissty nyi BiyBU" dsii (P'n 

tya^'iBiya dik syB'o s : I8IIB' b38d 

.[I'snyo "lyi ps] nam Din 

a'gue ■«. (ii3-'"8) ; iy3'a yB?8P dsi 

.nmp yB?8P 

a'gue-cake «. (p"p=i?3-'"8) =<a -iin 

n lyBiiK BD?iKii{j'y3 8] iy3ip •iy3 


a gued a. (iiij-'"«) ; -,^313 rijy38n 

=58P iiB ni snjyiyBix ,3'Ba8my3'B 

.iy3<a lytj 

a gue-flt n. (B'B'l'a-'"S) OS •iy3'B 

, , .58a 

ague-pow'der n. (iyi-'i8S-l'a-'"K) 

.lys'B lysyj ^y1l5lB s 

a gue-proof a. (niinB»i'3-'"8) D8II 

a^>&iii ,-iy3'B IBB B'j 8-iia n'P asfi 

.ny3<B na 

a gue-spell n. (5i;sd»i'3-'"8) =y3 8 

iy3y3 BpTii D811 ,5yB'o iy5iBD'ja"n 

, .lys^a 

a gue-struck a. (P81bd=1'j-'"8) =y3 

.iy3;B na iy58B 

a gue-tree n. (vnB»i'3-'><'K) .Dn3 8I8 

aguish a. (tS"8-l'3-'"K) ; BB8n'iy3<B 

.ny3<a ryB?8P na ni anaynya's 

a guishness n, (Dy3-i5"8-l'3-'"8) ='B' 


ag ynous a. (DSJ-'B-'B-ny) Bsn DSll 

=J8?B "3] iy:83ns y3'53"ii p^p b'j 

ah int. (ns) Inn .<i8 18 Ins 

aha m. (8n-'8) [D8X 8] l8Pn8B s 

1SB yp38? 8 iyB8Xl!i38] iy3S13 8 P8 

, .[pin 8 

ahead' adv. cij/n-y) osa .Dmsa 

.BSP lis t58n lys's ;DBiyii 

ahead of us (ds 118 'iyn-y) ■isBy3 


aheap adv. cayn-y) ; ysip 8 P8 


ahem int. ('oyn-y) pmD'i8 18] ion 


ahold adv. ('i5i8n-y) 3JiB3n -wi P8 

^ .^3'll na 

The captain's ordei" was: "Lay the shin 

ahoy' int. Csn-y) =DM8 18] 1 85sn 

, .[Iyt8^B8n na oisii D3JiBn 

al ■». (i8-'8) 8 tlB tyD8J 8] <K8 

=yj "IT Dsn ysjyii ,n'n y?<ia yoniys 
.[Dia nyiy n8 5yj 

aid' n. and v. ('T"8) ; yS'BE' ,yB?'n 
.inyBiys ; lya^yn 

The strong are here to aid the weak. 

ai'dance n. (D3yi-'"8) .yxiBt? ,ya5»ri 
ai'dant o. (B3yv"8) =?yn .•j''a?<ny3 

aide «. (1118) aide-de-camp t 

aide-de-camp' n. ('|8p-yi-n"8) =is 

.,, ' - .B38B1' 

aider ». (lyi-'ns) ; -lyajyn ; ti5iny3 


ald'less a. (Dy?-'T'8) ins ,ts5a?in 
.yx'BB' ins : *i?'n 

al'ery n. and v. (i8-"iy-'ii8) a^rie .i 

al'gremore n. (iisD-iya-'i's) =niBE' 

imsya nyi 18b B3iBi8'aiyB iy?n<ip 

.nyiiJiB^D'ty lyTxnssa na 

al'feret n. (Byij-'"8) ?y3'ia vo « 
=ya 8 ;BsP I'*in8 pnp»iyiya 8 b'b 
3Jn'x 818] DmBiyBJsan ,nnp=nyT 
.[isn n P8 iy38'iB lyna bsii ,P^o<t/ 

aiguille' n. ('5Min3-"8) nyBl8B' 8 
1SB iy33y 18 13183 8 IIB J-'SB' 


ai klnlte ■». (B'8-3<p-'"k) yt!"Dy3 8 

"53 ,BioD'ii na 33n3myB=5yByiw 

8 Bsn 33n3i3iya ytyn .lysip ns 

='?8ByD 8 BID T?sp=ii?3 iy'n3=n8iii:' 

.1*3853 tyc 

all n. and v. (5ii(() t'8 B'3 n'l D8T 

Dysy ;nn p38-ip ;i3iiy3 bus iy5tj83 
.VI 3'nn3i8 ;[i3ity3 ns] iy5nyB 

Something ails me, hut I can not locate 
the pain. 

AUan'tus n. (DSO-'3y5-"8) vo 8 

.iy't8 P8 BDP811 DSll ,0113 

ai ling o. (jji5-'iik) 1^x383 P8 B'3 

.ii5P3'np ,[i3iTya] 

all ment n. (B3yo-'5i'K) =P38ip ,Yll!a& 


aim n. and v. (B'i8) =38 ; pyiix ,?yi!i 

.iyiiy5iK ; lysyiBE- ; n3i3 ,B3n 

aim at (By D"8) ...ix lysyiBts- .1 

...P8 iyiiy5'S .2 

1. To aim at distinction is noble. 2. He • 

aims at the target. 

al'mer n. (lyo-'nto =>x qsh iy3ii8 

.■iy3yiB»!'y3 8 : Byiiy5 

aim ful a. (5iB-'Dii8) =yiQE» bid 51b 

.iyB3ii38 BID lyns lyajn 

aim fully adv. (i8-51B-'D"8) B'D 

.iy33i3yiB(!'y3 nyn8 iy5y's yBDiatj'yB 

ai mlng-drlll n. (5'-n-33iD-'ii8) DST 

D"3 iyiiy5's IS Ml iyB8i58D iy3-iy5 

al ming-stand n. (ijyDD-33iD-'"8) 

oyi iyB58n insn lyD i8ii bis lyi 

.iyiiy5's D'i3 Dpi3 

aim less a. (Dy5-'D"8) ; t85pyilS .1 

.... ^ .tS55yis .2 

1. Aimless wandering. 2. Aimless shooting. 

aim'lessly adv. (i5-Dy5-'Di'8) 8 ins 

.pyiis 8 ins : 5y's 

aim lessness n. (Dy3-Dy5-'Dii8) D8T 

.5yis iyBD'Bt!'y3 p'p ty3sn B13 

ain't (B3118) am, not na 331STP3S 

.[B13 iy3iM] are not ns [D13 113] 

air n. and v. (iny) ; nyBBl5 : BB15 .1 

:bbi5 yti'i'iB iyDi3y3 : nyBai5DM8 

lyi P8 iya3iin3Din8 ,iy3'5B3yayiyB .2 

ny'5 ,yin8 ,y'is5yD .3 ; B"p3i5B3yBy 

.aaumyiy ,inytDM8 ,y3'a .4 

1. Air your room and your clothes. 2. I 
want to air my yiews. 3. He sang a fa- 
miliar air. 4. The lady has a graceful air. 

air a horse (DT8n y my) iyB"iDii8 

•\in I1M8 Twa 8 iyts5Din8 mya 8 

.Bai5 iyts"nB 

air -bag n. (jy3-'iny) p8t=Bai5 8 

lyiyn iyts53y3aii8 lyp dbii P8t 8t8] 

y3yp3itya iy3Mn is Dsi3y3 Biyii nx 

=y3 Biyii D811 P8MS53 8f8 iCiyaiB' 

P8 DDy-iiB'iiy n lysiani is bsi3 


air -balloon' n. ('ini5-y3-'-iny) 8 

, .t8583=Bai5 

air -bath n. (nBy3-'iny) ,1S3=BB15 8 

.ns3=m 8 


air' -toed n. (lya^'inj) .i'8nB8n=t2ai5 8 
alr'-blad'der «. (ly-'iyjas'inj;) n 

tS5a=0MltJ' n ,lMJyB IVT ; T85a=BBl? 

BVT t'K BB15 D'D DJ'BVJJS 1S?3 8] 
.[t!"B 8 IIB 5"B IJ/Bl!'^ln»B 

air' -born 

^y^ iib 

air'-blast n. (t3D5i?3-'iny) =obi? 8 
pm iTn lyanoyj dsibb' 
.[DjyiiMK=r?yoi!' ?8t3 

B?yBBiJ(JBMJlX ,t!i'BD8BJ8B 

air'-borne u.. (nisa="iny) ruyjsiB 

.tVBBI? iri f8 ^'t 

air'-box n. (Di383-'"inj;) ivd'ip 818 
T8B iwiMj/sriMp i'8 ni(B!;-i3 hb 
Tiisi 8t8 ; is''V85'Bj»ii ns pyiix on 
.tyiiMK'r^yDt? 8 px bbi? iyin<Bix nis 

air'-bral£e n. (p^na-'iny) =bbi5 8 

tyjn83 "1 j:iB3nj"8 n] ytDvia 

«yT n iyB58nixj"8 ty'8iiD8iB ivis 

.[BB15 yBDy-iBy:BMOis nn njn 

air'-brea'ther ». (lynB-'ni-'iny) 

Diyijstya] bbi5 Bnynas dsh rrn 8 

Boynes iix lyjji? Bsn Dsii n'n=d' 8 


air'-brick ■«. (pna-'iny) 5yjy'x 8 
na jJ8J3in oyi 18B lyay? Bsn ouii 
8t8 ; typyiis>DJs'X85'Bjyii n8B ,bbi? 
iiB DMij iVT ]>K ?yBDyp nyjy58Byo 
oyi 183 lysy? asn dsii ,5yjy'x 8 

.BB15 tlB JJ8J3ln 
air'-bub'ble n. (528a-"iny) »BB15 8 

Boiling water gives off air-bubbles. 

air'-built a. (B5<3="iny) ,niBiDD ins 

.Byi5i3yj3'<8 ,Bai5 tiB Bssoyj 

air'-cam'el n. (?y-'oyp-"iny) =bbi? 8 

o'j VI 5st n na f\w 8 pn nyo'!: 

.iyD8ii I'N iiy'B ix lyxyr 

air'-car'bureter ». -i'3-'TSP-'"iny) 

BBi? ty35yii P8 B8n8B8 18 (ly-cyT 

=8iT<n yj'D'5B B'D jjnnny3 ps bdip 

nsBif'iyjnMp na jjnj'siya 8] I8318p 

Dy Bynj'XBjy tix ["isBiV'-iyDsii b'd 

.[lyj'E'SB-tSJ "3 Bsuy3 Biyii] 

alr'-ca'sing n. (jjiD-'"P-'iny) « 

D811 ,JJ1D8a3"8 is] 3J1D8BJ"8=BB1? 

Biyii y3?yii ,Bai5 i"P iin b<j bib? 

•\mt 8 Bn8 iy53=iyt"8 tia Bssoyj 

=ByB yiyD'18 riB iyB'nis38 dh'k <13 

.[lyjjnyijy TiB8iya 

air'-castle n. (5Dyp-"iny) =bbi5 s 

air'-cav'ity n. (<B-'N-'iiyp-'nny) 

.[lyj'tysD pn] a''n=BBi? 

air'-ceXl n. (5yD»'nny) 't] y?yx«Bai? 

=-iyp avi P8 iy?y3'-ij=BBi5 yp'tcoj"?? 

.[npn 118 lyts'jyo tiB lya 

alr'-cham'ber ». ("iy3-'a"[!'D='Tny) 

^'tcBD "3] iyBD8P=BBi> nyD8P=Bai? 


air'-cock n. (p8P-'ir;y) i8np=BBi? 8 

BBl? iyi8>lXDM18 P8 iy»8?lSJ"'18] 

.[lyo'tcsn yoMiyj "3 
air'-col'or «. (i«-'5«p-'nny) =?yD'n 

air'-coo'ler n. (nys-'nip-nny) 8 


=3'-n8S y3?yii ijyn'K] iy5n'P=BBi? 

.[bbi? '1 iy?n'p IS jjib 

air'-cush'ion «. (itj-'B'ip-'iny) 8 


air'-drawn a. (insn-'liiy) »y3J"8 

.lyanwa bbi? lyi pn ;Byi?'3 

alr'-dried a. (T81l-'iny) Bjyp'IByj 

.BBl? tvi P« 

air'-duct «. (Bpui-'nny) jJ8»in 8 

.BBl? T8B 

ai're n. (yv''8) ="8 ,B81P8BD'-|8 18 

iyD8?p yiysyn n in Biynya osii lyj 

.BB8B'?yiy3 lyT pb 

air'-en'gine n. (pu'n-'jy-'iny) »8D 8 
; BBl? VBoyisyj 1111 B"3n8 Dsii pb* 
.BBl? n lyasiix BDyns D8ii ,pt5'8o 8 

air'er n. (ly-'iny) nyj"K .lyiVBai? s 
.Biypna lyis anyBsi? dbii 

air'-escape' n. ('S"p-Dy-'iny) =Bai? 8 
Bnyj BBl? n ny3?yii 'nn 18? 8 ,1s? 

air'-fau'cet n. (Byo-'riSB-'iny) 

air-coeh .t 
air'-fil'ter n. (nyB-'?'B-'nny) =Bai? S 

'T IVJ'J'n IK B818B8 818] 'iyB?'B 
.[.J .T .8 im ,3nBt!' IIB BBl? 

air'-flue n. (i5B-'nny) air-box ,t 
air'-gage n. Wtvi-'^nv) BB18S8 18 

nyis BBl? iiB pnToyT i8 bj^s d8ii 


air'-gas n. (oyj-'nny) =83irxBiy is 

=y3 lyo Dsii 183 ■iyijyB3"? P8 ny-i 

eiBosT nyn b'b bbi? tyt!"o nn bdip 

lyis pny3 ,bb8: ,Bi8y?siByB iia 


air' -gate n. (B"j-'iny) nyBils 18 
D811 ,ny3n:=iy?nMP P8 jyii iyB"Ti'8 
='Biyii "isB B!ti:y3 i'?3yiBSMn Biyii 
P8 ,a'iiB 8 PN joioay is ;is'X8? 
isB ,iyt"8 lyDSJyj Biyii oy iy3?yii 

="?P DSll ,iytSJ 'T IIB B'IBD'nS oyT 

.IS BIST v\ lya 
air'-gov'ernor n. -ly-'iiSJ-'iny) 

118 lyBSIBBB IX 3JlB3'nSB 818 (TS3 

nyis pm oyi iy-i'?i3y'i ix lyj'E'BD 
.BBl? na Bnois oyn 

alr'-gun n. (ts:='iny) DSll DP'3 8 

.BBl? yBDyisyj iin bd'e' 

air'-head'ing n. (jj<8-'iyn-'iny) IS 

»ix oyT nsa 3nj=iy?n'ip s ps jjuay 

.BBl? ycna na bhb 

air'-hol'der n. (iyi-'?isn-'iny) =bbi? 

.[B818B8 Bi8l lyByo'tsj ; nyB?8n 

air'-hole n. (?i8n='nny) =3is ,is?=bbi? 

.[bbi? iyiS?lU3"T8 IS? 8] 18? 

air'ified a. (T8B-'8-'iny) ; j'BBi? 

.in ,ni6!'Dn ins 
air'ily adv. (i?-'P8-'iny) ,bi8X ,B3"? 

.lyBJiD .ly'ssij 

air'iness n. (Dyj-<8-'-iny) ; B"P3'BBi? 

»8iJ P't BST ;B"pjny3y? ,o"piyB:io 

air'ing n. (jjiK-'iny) ,tyjypnB dst 

iBBi? yti"ia ivD'jyj dst ityiyaBi? dst 

="■13111 DS1 ,iM lyiy^ssBiysin dst 

.in iyinsB3iii dsi ;im lya 

air'ing-stage n. (cn^BD-aj's-'iny) 

y3?yii «i'i8 iyByi3 lyis DisaB8?B 8 

=nB BIS iy?snB8D Bjy?y3 lyiyii oy 

.BBl? iyi P8 lyjyp 

alr'ing-yard n. (ns'^Ji'S-'iny) 8 
.yoiiB 8 na I'ln iyi ; ti'innyvsae' 

air'-jack'et n. (By-'pyss'iT'iny) 8 



alr'-lainp n. (BDy?='iny) .BOS?=t83 

air'less a. (Dy?-'iny) lis ,tS?BBi? 

.j'Bon ,Bai? 

air'-line n. and a. (p8?-'iriy) =813 8 

.i"?3 ;y<3'? in833yt"8 y3"?3 ,y'3<? yi 

air'-lock n. (p8?='iny) iyDKP=BB15 8 

.iya't!'=iyD8inyB3iK p« 

air'-locomo'tive n. -'isD-sp=S?='iny) 

8] IPBSnSPS? iyi!"B80"3a 8 (IPB 

=y3 nn I't B3yiiy3 dsii ,ipbs»8Ps? 

.[bbi? yBDyiB 

air'-logged a. (i38?-'iny) =j<myB 

=is iyi 1111 33i3yiiy3 iyi ps aiyi 

=8o ys'iiys "3] BBI? pB 33iByiaa'i3 


air'-machine n. CPB'-yD-'iriy) 8 

BIS PB-BO 8] Pli'8a=B3S''S8?'B3yil 


air'-me'ter n. (iyB-''0-'iny) =Bai? 8 
?y'a'ii Boyn osii bsisbs is] lyBByo 

.[bis 18 PS nil BDSIBB' By BBl? 

alr'-pas'sage n. (tjiny-'ByB-'iriy) 
Bny3 BBl? n iy3?yii iiii 3yii iyi 

.iy331? '1 P8 P'18 
air'-pll'low n. (is-'?'B-'iny) =Bai? 


air'-pipe n. (S'8a='iny) ,li1si=BBi? 


air' -plant n. (Bjy?B='iny) }'38?b s 

.lyaai? iyi P8 bdpsii dsii 

air'-poise n. (Psa-'iny) 3S«=BBi? 
.[bbi? iy3yii BIX 3sii 8] 

air'-port n. (DIlSB-'iny) is? y3"?P 8 
I'tJ* 8 pa B"t P8 Bssoys Biyii dsii 

.b3'? 118 CBl? IIB B'lDlS Byi 18B 

air' -proof a. («iiiB='iny)B'3 ois? DSll 

.BBl? i"p iin 

air -pump n. (BDSB-'iny) 'BBl? 8 

, , .BDIB 

air -pyrom'eter n. -'DSl-'SB-'iny) 

lyBDya is BoyDiiBDJ's is (lya-y 

.lyiiBsiyBoyD ys'in 

air'-rcg'ulator h. -«5_P-'3yi-'iiiy) 

B818BS 18] 1SB8?13yi=BBl? 8 (ISO 

B'1BDP8 118 B'lBlS Byi iyi<?i3yi \i 

.[BBl? PB 

air'-reservolr' n. -iy-tyi-'iny) 

^ air-holder .t ('n8nil 

air -sac n. (pyo-'iny) ,?ypyt tssi? K 




.nvn tiN IVE'JVD a"3 ij/a-iyp lis 

atr'-shaft n. (tjsj/B'-'-iny) oastf oai? 

18B rv3nj=iy5nMp n t'x jouyay ?s] 

'vsv m] istJSS'Bjj/ii ; [BB15 j;b"-iq 

.[bsi5 VBins Tsa pin s r'x jju 

air'-ship m. (s'ti'-'nny) .ti'ij'=Bai? 8 


air'-space n. (B"BD-'inV) =BBl5 "IST 

.lyo'x 8 iiB B5«nj'K=BBi? nns en 

air'-sprlng n. (jjnBD-'iri!;) =l-|B 8 

=WBm:is iiB Bpmw Biyii dsii BJ'tj't 

='B'8D jcns'tj'-iva pk] bbi? vbdvis 

.[tyorussyo ii8 lyj 

air'-stack n. (p»BD-'iny) =BB15 8t8 

'^Bjyii isB ■iwij=iy5n'ip vk ivb'ip 

air'-stir'ring a. (jrN-'lMBD-'ini') 

.ijyjyim bbi? 

air'-stove n. (iisBD='iny) =S"n=Bai? 


air'-thermom'eter n. -iynB='Tiiy) 

«] lyByosaiyB^BBi? (i»B-y-'D8D 

=yj Biyii BBI? ry35yii "3 lyByosmyo 

.[nyajnpynp b^bb'jb bsmis 

air'-thread n. (lynno-'iny) ^lyoit 

lyi I's .Dayiu'BK' yuyrrja] D'18B 

.[lyoir yijy ,Bai? 

air'-tight a. (B'8B-'-iny) B3<>Bai? 

.[tyoipix B'j lyp Bai?.p'P t8 ooya] 

air'-tint n. (BJ'B-'iny) ,JJn'B8t!' BBi? 

.■|'?SP BBI? 

■air'-trap n. (BynB='iny) jis2S«bbi5 

tyt8?isDn'i8 iy:'E'8o "3 S'ujyii srs] 

.[bbi? yB?yo8tyjJs yj'is'x n 

air'-tpunk n. (pjsiB-'nny) ='11J 8t8 

IIB 3JiJV"T lyi 18a isBBJ'Boyii -lyo 

=D3Ji5D8nyB ,DnyB8yB pk bbi? lyi 

a .i .8 tysst 

alr'-valTC n. (ii5yii-'nny) Jiojyii^BBi? 

.[bbi? iyts?ix:"i8 ?yDypBB08T "3] 

air'-ves'sel n. (?y-'Byil-"iny) =BB1? 8 

='i!'8Q "3] iyB?yny3«BBi? s ,iyn8P 


air'y a. ii»-'inv) ; BBSil tns ,J<Bai? 

.ny3y? ,3'bdi? 

aip'y no'tions (tosE'-'ls: <8-'iny) 

.iyBy?t!'=BB1? ;Dy'l8BJ8B yBDIB 

ajr'y schemes (tB'PD''8-'nny) yBDiB 

.iyoy?ts'Bai? ,'iy3y?a 

aisle n. (?i8) lyirn lyts^lis jJ853in 8 

.lyBsyB 8 t'8 iy?niBB' nyis PJ'O jib 

; ?8t»B33i?D8nyB 8 lyis ITP 8 PN 

.yi",3yj 8 tiB ?yj'?B lya'nyjis 8 

aisled a. (■i?i8) ; JJ8J3Tn 8 Bsn D811 

aisle .t .?yr?B tyB'uyaiv 8 Bsn Dsn 

ait m. {B"8) 8 VK ?yt3'8 ny3"?p s 

ajar' a. and adv. ('n8t!'ti-y) tyas 3?8n 

.3:iD'Bt5'3"K V» B'J ;[TnB 8] 
Leave the door ajar. 

ajon'pa n. (ys-'iBin-y) ?yi"3 8t8 

.nyBy?3 nyis ty3"iix b'o Bpyiy3 

k jour dim 8) nn ty3SBB'ya3'in 

.3'B3<iann nin tjx 

aj'utage n. (t!>nyB-l8-'E'ny) ,yp"? 8 

«33nst!' 8 IIB] nnsi -lyBsytyjams 18 


The discharge of water through an ajutage. 

ajut'ment n. (Bjyo-'Bits'n-y) 18 


ake ». and v. (p"8) ache .t 

akim'bo adv. (i83-'D'p-y) -ijyn n B'O 

.DypS3 1-1 P8 
Her arms akimbo, she silently looked on. 

akin' adv. and a. cpp-y) ; BiJBinya 

..BB8B''3np P8 

a'kin ap'ple (?By pp-'"8) Bist 8T8 

P8 iyBP8ii y3?yii] ?yay yB'n n83 


"Cultivated fruits" .?i« .( 

akine'sia n. ( y-'b-'' 3-' K-py) p?bi8B 

iyT?'iyB B8T ; tyinyj=D33iayiiy3 n ria 

.!y3yiiy3 is "is vi bb8ip n 

a la (8? 8) ei'18 nya^Biy oyi eiM8 

.BM? ,IB18 oyT 
a la n. (8?-'"8) ='?B 8 ; yil38B 8 


al abaster n. and a. (iyB-Dy3-y-'?y) 

118 iy3"ii Bisr ■iy3"B si iyBD8358 

.■iyj-iyBD83?8 iCfBtyosmsB iyT8?P 

al'abaster glass iyB-Dy3-y-'?y) 

.[i8?a D"ii 8r8] rs?3=i?'n (By?3 

alabas'trian a. (ty-iiB-'Dy3-y-?y) 

.iyBB83?8 113 

alabas'trine a. (i'"iB-'By3-y-5y) ni 

-B83?8 IS Tity P8 BS11 ; iyBD83?8 

k la carte (B18P 8? 8) ="Bt!' nyi ■^83 
=y3 Biyii BS11 ,B"s?sD 8] yB-i8P>yt 
=ya Biyii iix isisBoyi 8 P8 lyoio 
typ'Bi^ yB?yBts'y3 n' isa "113 B?nss 
piBB' lyiyi -183 Dsn ,iypna 't on? 
,iy3y3y33s yBisB-yp'Siy lyi P8 va 

P8 Oy 1811 ,BS1=?38B IS r8t3y3y3 PS 

IBB P'lB nyDMiy3 8 BjyBB'ysBDya 

3M8 1"53 r383 ,B"S?SO lyS383 OVI 

lyns lyp'aii' y?8 iyBi3ya Bsn lyo 

, .[B'3 

alack int. ('py?-y) j nyii 8 1^8 

alac'rioas a. (Ds-n-'py?-y) ,i'?nyia 

.anysy? ,iyB3iD 

alac riously adv. (i?-B8-'l-'py?-y) 

.■T?i'iyiB ,3ny3y5 ,iyB:ia 

alac riousness n. (Byj-B8-n-'py?-y) 

=3n'nB ,B"p-iyo3io ,B"p3'BB8n3y? 

.B"p3'BB8n ,0"p3<?p'?33y3M8 ;B"P 

alac'rity n. ('B-n-'py?-y) =B8n3y? .1 

«"« .2 ;B"p'iyB310 ,0"p3n"1B ,B"P3'B 

.B"P3'BB8n ,D'jy? 
2. I accepted his offer with alacrity, fearing 
he might change his mind. 

Alad'dinist n. (BD'«-3'8-'iy?-y) s 

.■iy38iyD38n n "3 lypjyT'iB 

ala'lia n. (y-ip-'.ij-j;) iyii?-iyB dst 

.iypjy?ya n iyayiiy3 is bb8'ip n 

alame'da n. (81-'"D-8?-8) =8Bty 8 

=y3 iyB"t 'T 11a P8 B811 3J83=iiy's 

.lya'u B'D BSJ8?a 

alamodal'ity n. -■i8-'?yi-i80-8?-8) 

.yiSD tin IS VI tyD8B38 D8t cb 

alamode' adv. and a. ('iisd-8?-8) 

.Vina lyi IS BB8By33s ; yisn lyi ■^83 

alamort' a. •('B'i8B-8?-8) .1i?b<ib 

a-la-mort' a. ('B18B-8?-8) 

alamort ,\ 

a'lar a. ('i8?-'"K) is B338?y338' D811 

=nya?ya'?B ; yii38B lyiB iy?3>?B n 

, .a'o 

alarm n. and v. ('ni8?-y) 8 ,B18? 8 

; nnyiiya is iyB8i?8D lyan ; yssiiyiB 

n,, . :iy3inn3i8y3 ; lyais? 

Tlie news alarmed me. 

alarm'-bell n. (?y3»'dl8?-y) =n-iiB'j' 

B33'?p lya ty3?yii b'd ps?3 8] p8?3 


alarm'-clock n. (p8?P''D-i8?-y) »yii 8 

.[ny3"t=pyii 8] isp 

alarm'-com'pass n. -'BSP-'B18?-y) 

Bsn B8II Pl't!' 8 ei'lX B8BDSP 8 (ByS 

IS a3iB3m8a yt!"-iBpy?y yB'>iiy3 8 
B3"ii Tts" 'T lyii ?833'B»m8? 8 lysyj 

.Blip in'8 IIB 38 

alarm'-drum n. (D8lVB18?-y) 8 

.y3siiyiB BB8?p lyo iy3?yii px pna 

alarmed' at (By 'iDl85-y) =81E'iyT 

. . . na Bt!'8nny3'8 ,iyp' 

alarm'-fun'nel n. (?y-'38B-'dn8?-y) 

=yi38 -WIS I"11 ,-iy<3 -183 iy5<B 8tK 

?833'D'D18? 8 B'3 B811 iyB"P3'B'?B yi 

.?ia Biyii B8a n lyn 

alar'ming a. (33'0-'-i8?-y) =n3l!<y3 


alar'mingly adv. (<?-33'a-'i8?-y) 

=y3 B<a ; 018? B<D ; yasiiyiB iin 


alarmists. (BBia-'-l85-y) B811 lyjo^ 

.BD'tD18 tS'y-l 'iyi8 y381iyiB 8 0380 

alarm'-lock re. (p8?-'0-i85-y) 8 
lyo lyil D811 B8?t:' 818] B8?iS"D-18? 

='?tj'38 lyns lyB'Sty is i8 bitk b338b 

.[iya3'?p IS IS ny b338b lyo 

alarm' of fire (-1183 118 'm8?-y) 


alarm -post re. (BBi8a='BT8?-y) 8 

•8tis VI iy3"?p iyD8n?8B i8ii ,r8?a 

.ya8iiyiB bb8?p lyo lyii, lyo 

alarm'-tel'egraph re. -'?yB-'m8?-y) 

.ei8iay?yB»typ8?3 (siyi3-y 

alarm'-watch re. ct!'B8iin=cn8?-y) 8 

.-iy3"t»pyii iyB'8B 

a lary a. (n-y?-'"K) B3J8?y338 Bsil 

8 IIB BisB n Bsn D811 ; iy?3'?a is 


alas' int. ('By?-y) nyi"? inyii 8 lis, 

alas for shame ! (a"ti' "isa 'By?-y) 

main 8 

alas the day ! ("t iriB 'By?-y) ,8 

I"t ?8t B31?Biya 13SB iy3i?P'?3318 

I3SB -\in 
alas the while! (?'8niin <nB 'By5-y) 

P'l ?8t B31?BiyB 10"S y3'?P'?3318 ,8 

iy?"ii n 

a late a. (b"?-'"8) =?y3'?B ,B?y3'?By3 

=J8?B yBMiy3 183 a3io3"sy3 8] 3'myB 

.[B3nB -lyis lys 

a lated a. (iyB-"?-'"8) ; B?y3'?By3 

=Miy3 18B 33133"Sy3 8] 3'0-iyB?y3'?B 

.[B31-1B -WIS tyS38?B VO 

ala tion re. (t8E'-''''?-y) iy3sn B8T 
VI iyi?'3 By Ml B18B '1 ; ty?3<?B 

.iyBpyt3'8 "3 ^y?3'?a 

alb n. (35y) ^lyoB'-iB 8t8] I!»n»-183 


al ba re. (83-'?y) pK ti8Bt!' lyB'iii i]n 

.ayBB''B tymys oann ov-\ 

al bacore re. (iisp-y3-'?y) ='na PD 8 

.ij"B nys 


alba'ta re. (SB-'"3-?y) ?8ByB=D"ll 

BE"Dy33yn8IlS P8 B811 ?8ByD 8t8] 
[p3'S 118 ?yp'3 .lySIp IIB 




.al'batross n. (otita-yi-">s) va 8 
.tsu nnyt Dn'?a iMpyii ,i!'5j'?b 

albe'lt c. (0'N-''3-?ns) ,E'BS3 ,5nsii3S 

albes'cence n. (Djj;-'t3j;3-5j() =3'5D"ii 

albes'cent a. (bjv-'dj(3-5j;) ;.t5d'mi 

al'bicore «. (ii8p-<3-'5j;) albacore .t 

Albigen'sian m. ond a. -'jyctl-'a-Jy) 

n»jj"njs 18] 'ij/ijyr358 !8 (tp-'o 

=pyD ivmsBjn wjoonp j/dmivj 8 iia 

.ivtjyraJB m bjj8?mj8 dsh ;[vi3 

albi'no ». (isJ-''83-5y) M'Jtcbjjik 

085B tl8 nvn AV^iDO "3 Q"pD"ll 
tl8 BMn VD"ll«15'a B'O E'JVD 8 ; Wi 

.iy:M8 ytj'n'jyn b'd ii8 is" 

Al'bion ». (is-'3-'5j;) iwi3"Si!;a 8 

_. [iJ85Jjy] iy'J8D'-i3 D<i-ij T8a wasi 

al'bite m. •(B<83-'?y) 8I8] B'3?8 -wi 

.[fBc ij;d"ii 

alblt'ic a. (P'k-'b'S-?!/) Vff t'K DSll 

.l"Bt!'=B'358 BIS 

al'bolith n. (nB'5-s3-'?j;) =ys 8ts 

'ii/B D1S Bvijj;3 Dijm nsajyii bjj;d 

.B"3n8»i"Btj' vBjnyti'M ij;B3'n 

Alb Sun'day (in-'3»D 3?y) lyT . 
='?BD<np] 83083 18J :8B:it IVBU'IV 

.[nos nys 

albugln'ea <». (8-iK-'0'li'tl-l'3-?y) 8 

: -^VBivp ns (iBBiy yjnonyB yo^ii 

.j'lK pa ?yD"ii n 

albugin'eous o. -'K-'j<6!'n-i'3-5y) 

Iia ?yB!Ml BIS Bj:85y3J8 B811 (BS 

'"8 ix TSjny ; "8 18 iiB nyns J'ls 


albugin'eous hu'mor -ii3-5y) 

yjmyD8ii n -(isn-'r Bs-'8-':'B'tT 

.j'i8 na o"pj'B3"3 

albu'glnous a. (D8-J'(!'n-'l'3-5y) 

albugineous .t 
albu'go n. (i8j-'i'3-5y) iyB"il 8 

.[B"ni5381P>iyJM8 8t8] J'18 P8 py5B 

al'bum n. (n»3-'5y) ,ii3 ■iyi5'3 ,bi358 

.■=113 Bjjnyj'xiy ,'=113 ty'?<D8B 

albu'men n. (iya-'i'3-5y) iiB 5yB"ii 

P8 tlSBiy BS'in 8] B"11>"K ;"8 18 

-vm^ yjnysy? ■y?8 iia lysnyp Byi 

.[iy!(J8?B iyBB"n n P8 n8 tyty^jya 

albu'menizc v. (P8-jyn-'r3-?y) o"8 

."8 t8 IIB ?yB"11 B'O lyTBa' 

albu'menold a. and n. _'i<3-jj;) 

tiKBty 8 ;B"ii="8 IX vi'inv (T<s-jyD 

albumen .t .D"ll="8 B?8nBjy DSll 

albu'mln n. (pD-'i'3-?y) b"11""x 

IIB lysiyp ByT P8 isbs!' bb'ih 8] 

n P8 118 iyi!'<jyByE'y3 yj'iy3y? y?8 

.[iyxj8?B iyBD"a 

albumlnlf'erons a. -'D-i<3-?y) 

.D'M1»"8 D'n8 B'J D811 (BSI-y-'Bn 

albu'mlnlfprm a. -i3_ia_"|i3_5);) 
.D"ii="8 IX i'5:ny (Bisa 

albuminim'eter n. -'cj-'a-vs-jy) 
lyBoyn ix BjyBi-iBBJ'8 8t8 (lyB-y 
njy3T8 t'8 D"ii="8 B58nyj ayi 

.D"P3'D'5B y35yii 
albu'minin n. (p:-'ia-'P3-?y) ="n 

albu'minize v. (p'SJ-'O-'I'S-jy) 

albumenise .t 
albu'minoid o. (TSJ-'B-'i'3-?y) 

albumenoid .t 

albuminol'dal o. -''8J-'0-V3-5y) 

DSll eiSDK' 8 IX ■V<i> t'8 D811 (?yT 

* .DiMl'^S B58nB3y 

albu'minose o. (Di8-J'a-'i'3-5y) 

ti8 D811 :D"ii="8 BJsnBjy dsh 

.D"ii="B IX ^''c P8 iyi8 IX TJjny 

albumino'sis ». -'isJ-'D-i'B-Jy) 

tyii Bi?3 Byi tia i^bbcix 8t8 (d*d 

.j'BMJ Ml D"ii="8 ifiVD B?8nBjy oy 

albu'minous a. (D8-J'D-'l'3-5y) 

albuminose .i 

albu'minousness n. -■po_'i»3_jy) 
; D"ii="K ryB?8nBjy dst (oyj-OBJ 

.D"11="8 IX T?3ny t"I B8T 

al'burn m. (nM3-'5y) ; t5"B=D"il "lyi 

8 IIB B3't!'=r58n lyD'Mi lyrBBBt -wi 

.yi8P lyT iyBji8 ons 

albur'nous o. (D8:-'Ti3-5y) D81i 

iyB'111 lyrBBBt ByT ix i^iy ps 

lyT iyB:i8 b'i3 b iib BS'H'^rJsn 


alburnum n. (Q8J-'T13-?y)' nyT 

BM3 8 IIB BS'tS-^rSSn iyD"ll lyj^BBBT 

.rwp lyi lyBJis 

alcaid «. ('i"p-5y) =n8y3=BB'in IVt 

•j: 8 ; jjiBDya -\v~i» DsJtf 8 na lyB 

.iSBpyin DujjyB 

alcal'de ». (n-'5yp-?y) =58P58 -wi 

P8 nyBD"oiyjT3 lins -lyBBn] vi 

.[lyijy? yijy3y-ists'=6!"J8B(!' n 

alcaidi'a ». (8-'yn-5yp-5y) Bn8 lyn 

.yi58p58 ByT na pTxy3»B3nyj iyi8 

alcalcZe .t 

al'cali ». ('5-yp-'5y) '58p?8 : y?8n'l5 

'Mij 8 B8n DSll nsBB' "lyaxDyB sts] 

oyviT B'D lyij'Biys ix Tt j:i3": yo 

B3T8B ,iyD811 P8 B3"5 BfiyjlX ,e|SBB' 

na 5"B tin px ,m53 lysBB didps? 
=3Mi 8 P8 nyD8ii P8 Bnyjix dsii ,^8 
=nj '?8P58 lyi IX ; (i"t na ?"b lyj'B 
=i3n ,i!'8Bss ,yisD ,Di'B<5 : Biyny: *b 

.[Dl'iyX 118 DPT 

alcan na n. (y-':yp-?y) pa yisp n 
alcayde' n. ('T"p-5yl alcaid .t 
alca'zar n. (iBt-'sp-^y) iyt!"J8Bt;' 8 
.y8?8s nytjiniD lyis 
alchem'lc «. (p's-'oyp-jy) ,E"ny3?8 

B38ni8nyB I<8 lyiS BJJ85y3J8 D811 

alchemy .i .'oyBJB lin 
alchem'ical o. (?yp-'8-'oyp-?y) 

aJc/iej»ifc .t 

alchem'ically adv. -i8-'Dyp-?y) 

; IBIS iyis"Dy3?8 18 tiM8 (>8-?yp 

.y'Dy3?8 iin 

al chemist n. (DD<a-yp-'?y) lyjyp » 

alchemy .t .'Dy3?8 tia 

alchemis'tic a. (p<D-'D<n-yp-jy) .?8 

«?8 lyi IX B3J8?y3 DSll ,E"0D'By3 

alcliemis'tical a. (?yp-<B-'D'»-yp-?y) 

alchemtstic .i 
alcliemis'tieally adv. -'D'o-yp-;>y) 
.y'oy3?8 ■nin cs-jyp-'B 

alchem'lstry n. (i-iB-O'S-'oyp-Jy) 

alehem,y .t .iDy358 

al'chemy n. (lo-yp-'jy) dst] 'Dy358 

yBDsis n lyp lyo t8 ,Byi P8 tya'iJj 

.[i?sj !'8 iy?i:8inyB lyJsByn 

al'chimlst n. (BD'D-'p-'?jr) 

alchem,ist .t 

al'cohol n. (Ssn-ISP-'Sy) ,5snsP5« 

.o'TBD lyj'n 

alcohol'ic a. and n. (p'8-'58n-SP-5y) 

B38ni8Tya ; ?snsp?8 B58nB3y dsii 

.TIBB- 8 ; ?snKP?8 IIB 

alcoholic'jty /i.. -'8-'D'8-58n-sP-5y) 

.58nsp?8 IIB B"pn8Bt!' n cts 

al'coholism n. (DP8-5sii-8P-'5y) =58 

?j;'Bix IIB B"np38ip n] DPSsnsp 

.[pjyiByj yis"58nsp58 lypj'iB 

al'cohollzable a. -'B-Ssn-BP-'Sy) 

lyiyii B^yiJsinya up dsii (53y( 

iy3y:D'n8 lyp dsii ;5snsp?8 pk 

.?8nSP?8 VI PB 
alcoholiza'tion n. 

iyss"DnyB dst (isk' 

s'BDB'D B"P3'D'?B 8 

na 3J13'J"T n ; Bn 

al'coholize v. -'5y) 

'38inyB (i'85-sn-sp 

='SD Dy3"T PS iy5T 


alcoholom'eter n. 

=yDs5sn8P?8 (lya 
=nBD3<8 18] -\m 
lyn iy3?yii b'd Oiyo 

B"pT8B!!' 'T BDVO 

.[5Sn8P?8 IIB Alcoholometer 

Al'coran n. (ryT-SP-'5y) tSlBPJS 

«yasn80 n iib in djs'J'JSt dst] 


Alcoran'ic a. (p'8-'jyi-sp-?y) DSil 

Alcoran ,i .18TSP58 BIX B3385S3J8 

al'cove n. (iisp-'?y) 8 : SyiVDyp 8 

n BSn DSll 13811 8 P8 331By'BiyB 

.?yiyoyp 8 iib diss 

al'cyon n. and a. (is-'D-'?y) ^P'S tvi 

•TJiyna ,5'Dts' j'nn : ?wib 

Alcyona'pla n. (8-n-'"3-i{-<D-5y) 

=8P PB po iyD'iiy3 8] iyn838'x58 n 

="5P '11 DM8 lynyt ya^yii ,iyB'5sB=?sT 

.[lysns'iB'i;' 8 B'B ,iyiyDif=D' »p:'j 

alcyon-days n. (pn=is-'B-'>») 3yB 
y!."'3S''vr'8n n : nn ■iy3'T3yBi!'5SB pa 

•PS 118 338B3S PK 3yo iy3»n n] 3yB 

[lyajMi lis 

al deliydo n. (T8n-n-'?y) Tnyi58 

08 PB BnyacyB dsii b"P3»d'5b 8I8] 

.t«i»BB'-iy'ii B'O iyi3i3'iyB ?sn8P 




al der n. (ivi-'?ns) s3?s .nnavJij; 
.[tvaiisa j/;njf't:'nva nsa 

Alder \ 

al'derman n. (lyo-iyi-'Pris) =Q'o 

.P'i3>N J8 : oBTOisBti' na i!)'?3 

al'dermancy ». ('D-iV0-lj;i-'5ns) 

.08'l=B^sBts' ;Q8^=B^sl2ts' s na ddss dst 

alderman'lc o. (p'K-'jyo-ijn-5ns) 


al'dermanly a. (<?-jyn-iyi-'5ns) 


al'dermanship n. -jyo-ijn-'5ns) 
BBTBisBB' 8 iia -aas -\si o'e' 

al'derman's pace t3Bn-ij;i-'5n!S) 

"3 B'lB ;3J8J 1JI08I3J8? 8 (D"a 


Al'demey cow (18? 'J-nVl-'Jns) n 

B'B nip w'jp Bist 8t8]-niP '3'in?8 

=58 5iitJiN na BDip DS11 ^w^!/^ yxiip 

IJ/T B.'D D'18 1)t BJB3"S 't .'jnVl 

.Iva in'st na B"PBya iix b"p?!;'"b 

Alderney Cow 

Al'dine n. and a. (pi-'jy) '^n s 

lyty'js'xyjj/ii iVB^s n»i na Bpmw 

ni'v BjJ85y3J8 D«ii ; Dn58 j;oT<a=pm 

jDn58 na pm 

ale ■«. (5"8) ins tns ij/u] j?8 

'.[tyasn j'jj/ii B'D 

aleak' adv. oMd a. cpyj-j;) Dsii 

njBBcis twnjvjn 8 i'8 ; Bjn 

a'leatory a. (Ti-so-y-ij-'nK) d811 

D811 ;?8Bix 8 Dysjf na rajynas t'8 

iWj/'BB' ms nj?j;'Bis' is i'"tj' px 

.[n5w t'x] 

a'leatory con'tract -sb-J)-'5-'"K) 

•as iVTB BP81B3SP 8 (Bpj;nB-'j8p n 

as iwwn DS11 ,ivj:iJ3n!;a b'd isa 

.VJyavx yoo'BE'vajiK tia 

a'leatory sale 'l-SB-j;-i5-'"8) 

as BJoyn dsii eiMpnyaoMK .i8 (?"d 

.j;5yBis s/DO'BK'yaoiK na 

ale' -bench ft. (BJaasa-'Ji's) pj8a 8 

.yotyBViP 8 0118 ins ns 

ale'-taer'ry ft. ('s-'-iya-'?"^) =dt811 

.D811P ;iy'ao»"K nva 

ale'-brew'er ft. (-i!;-'nna-'5"s) 8 

" .-lynanya 

ale'-con'ner «. (ij;-'jbp-'5"k) lya 8 


ale'-cost ». {BDSP-'?"8) oj/Mia 'T 

B3'n35l3 Biyil DSll yXJSSB s] J/VJ'a 

.[tyna ly^s ns 
alectru'rous o. (DS"i-'nB-Pj;-5y) 

.insn 8 na 'n v>ir\v pv 18 Bsn dsii 
alee' adv. ('jP5-y) ,ijni an lyjyj 
ale'-fed a. (ij;a-'?"K) B<o B-inj;:w 

=sn J'jyii B'D ins ins 1^3] j;?8 

. [ I»B 

al'egar n. (ibj-'n-'?!;) no 8I8 

.iy'3 lyiy'it 

ale'-glass n. (Dy?3='5"8) =y3ny'3 8 


ale hoof ». (tinin-'?"i<) tsij- iy'3 

tyiyii DV -ij/oy^a oyDvii yx:8?a 8] 

.[iSPi-13 iy'3 t'8 Bamayj 

ale'-honse n. (Dl8n-'5"8) i!)'3 8 


ale'-house politl'cian Dl8n-'5"8) 

8 ; lyp'B'JsB pjyE' « (ty-'[5"B-'>?-83 

"TD '1'IK" IB /lyp'B'Jsa BB-'ioua 


al'em n. (Dy-'?y) =iyB y58JS'X83 n 

.insa yB"p 

alem'Mc re. (p<3-'Dy?-8) =T?'BDn .1 

; [iyi'?'BDn IK BBTBBB" IB] tB?3 

jjnyijy m Bssnisiya dsii Dyay .2 

.iyBP8T83 PN 
2. Suffering from a powerful alembic. 

alep'idote o. and n. -<8-'By5-y) 

B ; lySlB' I"P B'J BSn DSII (BIST 

.Ij/aic p'p B': Bsn dsii t^'a 
alert' n. and a. ('BTi5-y) ,iyBJlo 
■ OBii ,D8tpiyDB''i8 ; pj'5a ,jny3y? 

.■=1811 8 ;D8t 
An alert mind. 

alert'ly adv. ('?-'BTi5-y) ; lyBJia 

.0813811 .DBtpiyDa'IS ,PJ'?B 

alert'ness n. (Dyj-'DTi5-y) ' ^lyBJlo 
'3811 ; B"ppj'5B ; D"pjny3y5 ; D"P 

.B"pn8tPiyBS'1K ;B"pOBT 

ale'-stake n. (p"bd='?"k) na !?'» 8 
818 isa lyo Bjyja 5sd b] payc 8 

.[DM3 8 IIB'J'MIX B Iy3''n3y3 I^'E' 

ale'-tas'ter n. (lyB-'D^B-'J^B) 8 


ale'thoscope «. (aispD-suD-'O-y) 

=yt iyi5'3 iy35yii •nin ts5J=PiP bib 

.lyanyay? nx B?n inyD ■^'t lyn 

ale'-vat «. (Byii-'5"8) b] OBB=ii"ia 8 

lyDSjyj Biyii Dy y35yii ps dbb yDma 

•yj lyis lyTK) tnyDt5'3"K dix -1^3 


al'evin re. (pii-y-'5y) .ti"B ny:Jr B 

ale'-washed a. (B(!'81in-'?"8) ^yj 

D'o lyis iris ■iy'3] yss pb bp"ii 

.[lyasn J':yii 

ale'wife ». (e|'Blin-'5"8) ypiypjyis' B 

■ =ynB>in»3 po 8 ; [p3yt!'=iy'3 b iib] 

.(!"a lyE^JSpn 

Alexan'drian a. (ly-m-'jyt-jy-jy) 

=py?8 BlSBli' lyi IS ^kb; lis DSII 

na B'nyj] lyBB'jy pk ymjsD 
isa 332 ms' rx npio -iyi38Dpy?B 

.[BlUyj -DlBDnp 

Alexan'drian Co'dex -'3yT-;y-5y) 
'y3 lyi na yasp 8 (Dpyi-'isp ly-m 

=-iy3'B BBJ'JBIDByD iy6i"3'13 lytSDIBII 

nsB eiMB iy3n(j'y3 ,Y'jn na 3Jisyt 
P8 isiJS? nx V\ B3'ay3 y3?yii ,Bya 
lyo Banyj ,y'BsP 't] Bixytio t!"Bn3 
lyDBj'a I'B iyTsiiy3 B3B»y3 v^ ,is 
Alexan'drlne ft. (pn-'jy-isy-jy) 
DnyB{5'y3] nya iyts":mJ8Dpy58 nyn 
,iy3?'i Vii'i'7 Dpyi tiB v^i^\\> Dpyt na 

.[I't 3'13yB"3 

alex'la ». (8-(s-'Dpy?-yj »iy3'iB bib 


IIB iy38BB'3i3 \"i> wnvi lyjyp b'j 
-tyty? lyjyp b'3 

alexlphar'mlc n. and a. -Dpy5-y) 

?yB'b 8 ;Ba'3jy3y3 s (P'o-'lBa-'s 

; Ba'3 na 3jipimi 't ByBa'iiya dsii 

.Ba'33y3y3 d?8 snjypTu 

alexiter'lc ». and a. -'B-Dpy5-y) 
IS 5yD'D lys'SiyoMB is (p's-'iyo 
8 ; [B"np:8ip] sjipyou'JB lyB'myB 
08 na lyB'mya lyp dsii ;Ba<33y3y3 


alexlter'ical a. -p'B-'iyB-'N-Dpy5-y) 

DSII ; Ba'33y3y3 8 'ii dpth dsii OV 

tia lyB'mya is Ba8t!':y3"B n Bsn 


ale'-yard n. (nB'-'5"B) ,iy3385 BIB 

.iy3y3=ts?J iy?sD!S' 

aleze' «. ('t"5-y) ijsiiys p'db' b 

yiyinyo v» B3y?y3a'i3is, Biyii dsii 

.Bya 8 PB iyBy3ixiyB3iN ?sn 

alfal'fa n. (ya-'5yB-?y) ='1!;db ib 

Dyi IS Biyny3] ys^BJa^iyBi'iy -wmp 

.[iys385B=3S3 na pd 

alfaqui' •«. (''p-8a-?y) ='|J8iyn38a B 

ny!i"38iyD38o nyiny? D]s'3i5yi lyii' 


al fres'co adv. (sp-'Dyia ?8) ^imb 
.Bai? lyna lyi 

The joy of al fresco life. 

ai'ga ft. (8J-'5y) D' bib] Viii^ n 


Algae ft. ,(i{yn-'5y) d'] iy3?8 n 
ys:B3 8 PB Tt iy5"B yajyii ,!yisi3 

BO "1 lyn'S 33111183 '1 .D'3''0 il"! 

.[iyBy?3 '1 ■Hill 1S3 ,iy5sisii n na 

al'gal a. (?83-'?y) B33B5y338' DSII 

alga .1 .y358 lyi is 
algaro'ba re. (j;3-'i8n-y3-?y) lyi 


al'garot n. (Bsi-y3-'5y) =?1B BS'183?,8 

isa'B3B na iyii?ia lyDiiii b] i»ii 

' .[«iSBE' lyit B'o iyi3i3iya 

al'garoth ft. (nBSl-y3-'5y) 

algarot .t 

al'gazel ». (5yt-y3-'?y) y?yr835B n' 

.IriTI P» 818] 

al'gebra re. (yi-3ytsin-'5y) 813y358 

B3yiy? DSII p'BBByBBD na ?"B lyi] 

' >iyi'3B IIB lyaBBt^an p's lyjyayi is 

I"P B'J iy3Sn iy38BtS'313 '1 .D3y3"S 

i"t TIB lyjyp "1 ,nBiyii lyBCBtyya 

.[ll'B'lSB '11 11'B83y3 

algebra'ic a. {p'B-'"l3-yi!'ll-5y) 

.8"13y3?8 IS B33B5y338 DSII 

algebra'ical a. -'B-'"i3-y!S'n-5y) 

algebraic .t (5yp 

algebra'ically adv. -'"i3-yts>ti-5y) 

.8i3y3?B B'D lyis iin CB-jyp-'s 

algebra'ic equa'tion -yB'n-Sy) 

'B13y3?8 IB (ISt!'-'"1inp-'B P'B-'"13 

.3:i3"53 yt^'B 




algebra'ic geom'etry -vtfri-?y) 
=iJV3 n ciD-y-'DB-'ii'tT p>((-'"n3 

.l!)38JanK j/ty 

algebra'ic sign p'^-'una-yts'ti-Jj;) 

tsnvii DS11 — -\vis + tv3"x in (t'so 

.IVB^'i ms 38t31S' 

algebra'ic sum pi8-'"-i3-j;6!'n-?j;) 

=1D n] VDID j;!S"8813j;j?8 18 (BSD 

18 t'8 tsjysyiWBMJix B-ivii D811 rn 


.[8— 3+2-4=+3 .3 .it 

al'gebraist n. (BD<8-"'i3-j;(!'n-'5j;) 

.8i3yj?8 r8 lyjvp 8 

al'gebraize v. (t's-'ns-vtj'n-'?!;) 

,BiijB yB"«8i3j;;?8 i8 i'8 tyjJ"n3 

=813y:?8 18 P8 JJ1J3VT 8 lyPVOB'BMK 

.BTsa •i!;e"8 

algerine' «. ctn-VE'n-?!;) im"1i 8 

.581!' SBB'nBOTj svn 8 ,>isBBi nvjvjsii 

alget'lc o. (p's-'aVBin-Jj;) B38d B811 

.IJ/SIVDB' IS I'lB- I'N B811 -; Wt-lSDiif 

al'gid a. (•fmi-'^'V) .TSbJSP 

al'gid chol'era -j)-'58P T'li>ll-"?v) 

.ynyJsa !;e"Q8M8 n (8t 

algld'ity n. (iB-'8-'TB'n-?y) ,B?yp 


algif'ic o. (p'8-'B'B'n-5y) B38n DSII 


algif ical o. (?y-p'8-'B'i!'n-?y) 

algiflc .t 

al'gist «. (BD'B-n-'Jv) D811 -lyji'K 
.lvr!jij=B' n px ivJJP 8 t'8 

al'goid tt. (TiSJ-'?!)) DM8 BPlp DSll 

4IffCB".I .181J en 111 

algolog'ical o. (5yp-i8-'E'n85-S]-5V) 

=B' twj;ii yinj;? in ix i^b' px dsii 

algol'ogist n. (BD'B'n-S-'58J-5y) 

=iBt!' BVT B<D in BDnynvB osii ij;j"8 

.IVISlI'D' PB Bin 
algol'ogy n. (<(!'n-S-'583-5y) IVt 

VI aomii-\sa dsh p'j8b»3 hb ?"b 
.ivisiJ=B< n B'a 

Algon'kin ». (pp-'J8J-?j() P8 DSll 

=?yii B31S' -iwsnj's ivD'iiw 8 is vii> 

'KSOtl/ mtD 1-1 P8 Bi'lBBliya P8 IM 

iiB Dy3yi3 n "3 8pnj;D8=TiSJ pa tya 

.mVPS iy(!"B38?B8 

Algon'quin a. (PP-'J83-?y) 

Algon'kin .\ 
al'gor n. (iBJ-'^y) ,B5yp yplBBB" 8 


al'gorism n. (drn-8J-'?y) 'V.^«. n 

=?yii lya'if n] oyaD'o nya'x yB"3 

=an8 ; [^pJjnyiiya iy3'n3yj va ya 

.;;isnByD Dj:i:y3yT ; sp'Byo 

algorls'mlc a. (p'D-'tn-!SJ-?y) »an8 

algorism ,\ .E"Byo 

al'gorist n. (BD'l-S3-'?y) nyoyp 8 

.8P'BynBnB pk 

algoris'tlc a. (p'B-'Bn-SJ-Jy) D811 

.-lyS'S ytJ"38"l8 n Vi v^ P8 

al'gorlthm n. (BnBn-S3-'?y) 

algorism ,\ 
al'gous a. (D8J-'?y) B>'ayjJS P8 DSll 
.tSIJ'D' lit Bj:8?y3 DSll ; »S13=B< B'O 

AlgcB .t 
a'llasTi. aniadv. (Dy-'?-'"8) ,BD3St .1 
.lyosJ lyBissa 8 .2 : b'-ivub 

2. The prisoner had different aliases. 
al'lbi n. and adv. o8 ('8a-'s-'?y) 
PB B'lnjytyiiaK] i3'?8 ; isiiDiyi 

=y3 I'K iy3y-i3iyB s ikii ,bis oyn 
.Eiyisiiyj iy3:8i 

When tried for burglary he was acquitted 
by proving an alibi. 

al'ible a. (?3'8-'?y) »-in83 •,v•\iV^r^Vi 


al'idade n. (iin-'N-'5y) =D'yo?ypj'll 

'psats" 8 B'D ,BjyonBDJ'8 sts] nyts 

=DyD lit B3'n3y3 aiyii ny3?yii ,ipb 

.tiy?pJ'ii lya 

al'ien n. and a. (iyi-'?"8) ; noyiB 

,nynjy?DM8 ,iyiDyiB 8 ; B'njyJD'iK 

.ny3T3 B'j 

alienabll'ity n. -'5i3-ii8-jy'-5"K) 

! lyiayiBBjy ix B"p3'5)yD n (^b-^s 

«yii lit tyjsiBynya'x B"p3<?jyD n 

tsnys i"8 iiB [tyjymya pa] lyn 

.lynyiJB I8 lit 

al'ienable a. (53y-jy'-'5"S) =yj3s 

tyiyii lyp dsh ; B]"jyj3S : Binyp 

tyjsnByjiy3'8 typ dsii ,Dy^By'lBB:y 

.iyiyiJ8 IB lit isnys p'k iib lyiyii 

Land Is alienable according to the laws of 
the state. 

Al'ien Act (Bpy iy'-'?"8) 'Vi DS1 

=o"« lyjyj yyiyj] yiDyia tyjya ryt 

=yj Din'ayjain P8 dsii ,iyiyi38ii 

PS Dyujsp DyjspnyoB ps lynsii 

.[1798 ins' 

al ienage n. (BftT's-jy-'Jiis) 'T 

=D'is IB pn dst] BBBiS'nyijyJDPN 

.D"piayia n ,[-iyijy5 

al ienate v. and a. (B"N-jy'-'5"s) 

=nyB i"K pa iy3snBny3'K ,iyiDy-iBBjy 

: lyiyB'nnyi ; lynyiJB is m ist 

■ .B]"jyj3s ; ByiDy-iaB:y 

He alienates his friends by his conduct. 

al'ienated o. (iyD-"8-jy'-'5"8) 

.lyj't pa 3S18 ,y3it!'a 

aliena'tion n. (lSB'-'"S-jy'-5"s) 

="8 (IPS Bsyi DST tyjsiB-iy3n8 dst 

nyiyiJS is lit isnys i"s ps BiB:ya 

".nyjiE'D ;j3ij"33s ijjnDy-iBBjy 

aliena'tion of mind -'"K-jyi-5"s) 

.ptwBii .nyjKva (irso us isb- 

al ienator n. (nsB-"8-jy'-'5"s) ="k 

'oyiBDjy DSll ,B-iyB,'pnyT dsii lyj 

.3JJ B ;ByT 

Al ien Bill (513 tyi-'ji^K) tyioyiB 

=oyia lyjyj yyiyj lyDpiyj b] rytya 

.[iJ8?jjy PS v\ 

alienee' n. ("is-jy'-5"S) DSll iyj"S 

.DiB3yj"s DyByioyiBBjy 'iy3's Bonyj 

al'iener n. (iy-jyi-'?iiK) =B:y -Wl 

DiBjyj"s iy;siB-iy3's dst ,iyiDy'iB 

.nyD'piit B lit tsnys p's pb 

al ien from (dbib iy<-'5"N) =yj3S 

. „ , ...PB loyia ,Bj"j 

An alien from the truth. 

al'ienism n. (DPs-3yi-'?"8) »ny? n 

'■'■\'\i)ii DST ; nyjiBJO tiB jji?"n ps yi 

-lyinoy-ia ty3"-it!' 11s lyT'i ps tys 

.ypmD'is yioyiB lyis "lyB 

al'ienist n. (BD<s-jy'-'Ji<s) 8 


al len-of flee n. (D's-'B8-ty'-'>"s) 

.S'iP3 lyiayna dst 

al'icnor n. Cis-W-'J^s) aliener .t 

al'ienship 11. (B'B'-jy'-'Vs) 'DPS n 

»:y?DPs 18 PM dst] BBSB'iyijy? 

, .[IVT 

al ien to (ib iy<-'?"s) ...ix loyiB 

Luxury Is alien to his taste. 

alif'erous a. (DS1-y-'B'?-y) dsii 

.iy?3'?B Bsn 

al Iform a. (D"iss-'s-'?y) "^yrJE 

''JB 8 PB ymsB n Bsn DSii ;3'»iyB 


alight' V. and a. ('b'85-») ,!nyj3818 

=y3 ; tyjyiT : inyasMiB ; ?y3"Dii'3S 

.ByD3"?y3 ; Iy^3'XJ8 ,iyB3"5 

align' V. ('PB?-y) 8 ps lyjyBB-DPS 

B ps lysyBB-DPS in ; mils' w"?; 


The officer ordered the soldiers to align. 

align'ment n. (BjyB-'j'85-y) dst 

lyis mils' y3"5j b ps lysyBis'DnK 

8 ps] omit ;y'j'? yiBiJ s pit 


alike' adv. and a. ('p'85-y) ,l"?j 

.Disa -ivy^i'vmii ps n'jjny 

a'lim n. (D'5-'8) 180 '\Vq:v\]I'>S: 8 

iyB"38nyo38o 8 ,-\ii:<nsD2«o n "3 


al'iment n. and v. (BjyD-'s-'?y) 'ns: 

B'D lyjnsiys jaonnsJ y3'BD"j ;3jn 


Thought Is the ailment of the mind. 

alimen'tal a. (jyB-'jyo-'s-Jy) ^iriBJ 

.33nn83 B'D 3njy3isty3 ; Dasn 

alimen'tally adv. ('s-5yB-'jyD-<s-?y) 

.33nn8: b'd iy:isry3 nn 

alimen'tariness n. -ya-'oyD-'K-Sff) 

.B"P3'BBBmnBJ (Dyj-'T 

alimen'tary a. (n-yB-'3yD-'s-?y) 

lit Diyny3 dsii /Basmnsj .ijyinyj 


alimen'tary canal' -ya-jyo-'s-jy) 

=y3 M :?838P=m8T nyn ('?y:-yp n 


Alimentary Canal 
alimenta'tlon 71. (isiS'-'"B-3yD-'S-5y) 

■'ny:iy ; bbbip^idbj ,B"p3<DB8mn83 


alimcn tative a. (ipB-yB-'jyD-'STJy) 
nns: : 3Jnn83 is D3:85y33s dsii 


allmen tiveness n^ -iPB-'3yB-'s-?y) 
oy3 ps] B^BysB PB rn lyi (oyj 


al imony ». (u_so_h «_'?;;) »-|j;b31M 

,?yB'DDjy3y? isa yiPBis' m ;3:is'B«r 

lyn /na p't lyays tnsT 180 8 Dsn 


lyas ,in<K tie B?"i5W3«t vi tssn iv 

.Bj'yj B'j 

aline' v. n>«ti-v) 8 l'« lyjyBCBMN 

.n"i 8 PN rBSyoE'DMK in imiB' 

aline'ment n. (bjj;o-'j<85-j;) DKIT 

8 ; mils' M"5J 8 r"« tVSVBB'D'lN 

.lyopjis "lis iyB"iix yj'? yisia 

al'iped ». (ii;s-<8-'?y) »?!;j<?b ij/t 

=n'?B 8 Bsn D811 n^n «] -ivj'D'b 

='56 "t B'B tW tl« D'B n CIMK B'lH 

.[(T'lBosnyJB 8 'ID tvn 

al'iquant a. (B0j;iinp-'8-'?!;) =P'58 

18B pmB'18 'lj;!!»B8Dj;B8a 8] BJ811 

By 118 yB"llS 8 B?"B BSll ,'iyB'X 8 

=yj 10 .3 .x .Boy-i 8 "lyn'x B3"?a 
.[3 iin B?"B 

3 iB an aliquant part of 10. 
al'lquot o. (BS1inp-'8-'5y) B811P'58 
-'■'■i 8 '86 PmBMN nyB"B8DyB8D 8] 

.BByT 8 ins yo'Mis 8 b?"b bsii lya 
.[5 Tin B?"Byj 10 .3 .s 

5 is an aliquot part of 10. 

a'lish a. (t!>'5-'"K) ,-1^3 ix i'5:ny 

.p8BS!'yj lyn 8 Bsn Bjsii 

allst' adv. and a. ('BB'5-y) =n3yj3"K 

.[«1'1!> 8 "3] B"t 8 t|M8 BJ"jyj ; lyi 

aliun'de adv. (n-'3s-'i?-"8) ts tiB 

evidence aliunde .i .bis lyiJS 

alive' adv. and a. ('iv85-y) ,jny3y5 

.T'myjnysy? ; lyBJio 

Thank God! he Is alive. 

aliz'arin n. (pv»-'t<5-») m8l'58 
B?8 Bsijys A<ia& lyBiivtyuBTs ts] 


aliz'arlne n. (pi_y-'l'?-y) 

alizarin .t 

alliales'eence n. (B:y-'By5-yp-5y) 

alkali .t .<58p58 lyiyii IX joiJ"j n 

alkales'cency «. (iD-jy-'By5-yp-?y) 

allealescence .i 

allcales'cent ■». and o. -'By?-yp-5y) 

=58 lyiyii IX J3i3"j 8 Bsn bsh (Bay 

.J3nj'3iya '?8P58 I8 ; '?8P 

al'icali n. (i?-yp-'5y) .yJst ri5 /SspJs 

alkallt'erous a. (BS1-y-'B'5-yp-?y) 

.i?8p58 B58nBjy BSll 

al'kallfy v. (<8B-'5-yp-'5y) iy38D 

=B8is'3yj"8 n tyaipy3 ; <58P58 rs ibb 

aicaii .1 .'jbpjb 18 riB ryB 

alkallm'eter n. (nyB-y-'D'5-yp-5y) 

'nvi yjiyiy5j yjn s] lyayD'SsPPs 

lyoBya ix Bxi:y3 aiyii y3?yii ,5yT 

8 t'8 '58P58 iia 5"B BjyxsiB Byi 

.[jJity? lyt^'oya 

alkalim'etry ». (nB-y-'o'J-yp-sy) 

tia 5"B BjyxsiB oyi iya'BE'y3 dst 

3Jits"n yB"Dy3 ysMiyj 8 ps '58P58 

.jjiiy? lyis 

al kaline a. (p?-yp-'5y) 1"B' i's bsii 

lyJBBB'BOy P8 DS11 ; 158P?8 18 IX 
.'JSPSS 18 I1B 

al'kaline eartlis (DriBTis P5-yp-'?y) 
'JSiBB ,BiityjJ8o Ml] iyiiy='58P58 

.[.11 .t .8 dPB 

al'kaline salts (bb5sb p?-yp-'?y) 

.r'>«i'y'\'? .rssi'iSBPSs 

alkalin'lty n. (iB-'s-'j'J-yp-jy) n 

.'58P58 l"t llB BB8t:'jy3"« 

al'kalise v. (P85-yp-'?y) 18B lysso 

.'58P?8 !8 

alkali'zable a. (53yt-''8?-yp-?y) 

=?8 18 nsB jyiyii Bssoyj lyp osii 


alkaliza'tion n. (tSB'-'"t-'i5-yp-?y) 

.'?8P58 18 "ISB iy380 DST 


al'kalize v. (P85-yp-'?y) al'kalise .r 

al'kaloid n. and a. (Ts5-yp-'?y) 

=Miyj 8 ; <?8P?8 18 IX I'^iy ps bsii 

B5BnB:y bsii ,5Jn:'3nya yii"By3 vo 

.'58P?8 in P8 

alkaloi'dal a. (?yi-'<s5-yp-5I') bsii 

iy.jn^'2iya yis"»y3 n ix v^ vh 

.'Sspjb iyB58nBjy y39yii 

alkeken'gl n. ('(j'n-'jyp-yp-?y) lyi 

.[bbiib pd 818] cnsPiyajMi 

Al'koranist n. (BB'K-jyi-SP-'5y) 

>.18"1SP PK B3M5J BSII iyj"N 

all a„ adv. and n. (5ns) ; YiSi ; y58 

.ByX3B3 8 ; iyXJ8J PS 

all aboard' ! C'iiis3-y ?ns) »58 

tins inBns i8] i iyj"DB':"i8 iy5si 

.[iyjn83 PN lyB't!' 

all .about' ('Bi83-y 5ns) .58iy3'K 

all absorb'ing (jj<8-'3-isB-3y 5ns) 

oya DS11 ,iyxj8J ps B3j'5t!'-iya bsii 

.Dy58 Bonyj 

all admir'ing (ars-'TSo-IV 5ns) 

.jjnyiJi8iiy3 b'o 5ib 

all advised' ('iP811-iy 5ns) ='8 )*J8S 


all aground' ('nji8i3-y 5ns) inyi PS 

.yj85 lyBsysty 8 

Al'lah n. (85-'5y) .[lf<38T8 ps] BSJ 

all alive' ('iv85-y 5ns) : iy3y5 y58 

.B3y5yjBnK nanyj iyj"t y58 

all alone' ('tis5-y 5ns) ; 1"58 ; ■^iV'fV 

.lyans lya nyojis ;d8Tj"s 

all along' ('3:s5-y 5ns) yx:8J n 

;58iy3'K ; «iiB i'i'3 3nnjs b'jib ,b"x 


I knew tliat all along. 
all-amort' a. ('Blso-l'-5ns) 

alamort ,i 
all and all (?ns ijy 5ns) =yj58 PS 

.5533 ,1"0 

all and eve'ry one -'iiy njy 5ns) 

.Byr'srs y58 (isim n 

all and sin'gular -'ro Ijy 5ns) 

.nn'sJBMs 18 ins y58 (iy5-pj 

allan'toid a. (TSB-'3y5-y) PS BSll 

.s'n3Dy lyT na 5ypytBnn ovi ix v^ 

allantois .t 

allantoi'dal a. (5yi-''SB-jy-5J') 

allantotd ,t 

allan'tois n. (B''s-SB-'jy-5y) =Bnn 8 

s'"i3By n ps in Bj'aya osii y5ypyi 

.B'XiE' lis npn ,5y3na iiB [yit] 

allantotox'icuin n. -isB-jy5-y) 


»-iy3y5=Bi53 PS Bj'ayj lyo bsii bb<3 


al'la pri'ma (SD-'ns 85-'58) '1 

=yii iy3i8B n isiv,iy5so iib yisBya 

vp''i PS ijyii"? I'Bns B3y5yj lyi 


all around' f'ljisw Jns) lis bub 


all around' sports 'I3i8l-y 5ns ) 

.nn lis nn lyjyaBBisBD (bbisbd 

Tiiey enjoyed hunting, fishing, swimming, 
hoxing, hase-ball, and the rest; in fact, they 
were ail around sports. 

all as (ty jns) . . . ni BpJiB 

They were all as one on this subject. 

all as'pects (BQpya-'By 5ns) y58 


all at once (B:siin By 5ns) 8 B'a 


all-ato ning a. (jj'j-'iSB-y-5ns) Bsii 

„ , .1830 By58 PS 

allay' n. and v. ('"?-y) ; iy5'rQts'3"8 


; iyiyiJ"5 ;jjnyi3'5 ,jjit!'>oix .vstix 

.[By3 na] lyassnss 

alla'yer n. (iy-""5-y) ^iBt^J^s iyi 

.5y9'0BJ3nyiv5 ; iy5 

allay'ment n. (B3yo-'"5-y) 5'Biy BSI 

lyiyii 3'nn bsi ; lyivii rnn lyis 

.B-yi 8 1SJ 

allay' met'als (ijy-'oyo '"5-y) =y5 

^yciyB tyxsyot^anjix] iy58ByD lyi'j 

.[oyv's PS iy58Bya yjyi 

all bear'ing (3rs-'iny3 5ns) By58 

.j'ijyjsiBiy3<s By58 ,j'i"3yi5n 

all but (...BS3 5ns) ...lyons y58 

Ail but one. 
all but lost (BBS5 BS3 5n8) By»3 

.iyis5iyB ni 

all-command'ing a. -'ijyo-sP-5ns) 

.i3yB'iyn58 (jj's 

all-comply'lng a. -''85B-DSP=5ns) 

.By58 1S3 B'J BSll (33'S 

all-compo'slng a. -'isB-0SP»5n8) 

.By58 Bpnipiy bsii ort 

all-comprehend'ing a. -DSP=5ns) 

; jnjyBsaois By58 (ars-'uyn-nB 

.anjyonyjoiiB By58 

all-comprehen'slve a. -BSP=5ns) 


all-comprehending ,t 

all-con'querlng u.. -iyp-'J8P»5ns) 

=iy3's By58 ,3'ijy3yny3 By58 C33''s 


all-con'scious a. (DSt!'-'38P-5ns) »58 

4^ .BBlS1iy3 

all-consuming «. -'0PB-JSP»5ns) 

nya By58 ,3''i3yi3yii6!«iyB By58 (33's 


all-creat'ing a. (33'«-'B"S-np=5ns) 


all day ("i 5ns) =?« ; jsd iyxJ83 8 

.BBS1B ,1833" 8 ,1'53yB 

all day horse (Bisn "1 5ns) n8 18 


all day long (33s5 "1 5ns) iyx:83 8 


all-design'lng a. (33is-'3'8l-n=5ns) 

.iyi3''aiy By58 lyp bsii 

all-destroy'ing a. -''SIBB-n-Sns) 

.By58 DiyBSJ'lX BSll (33'8 

all-devour'ing «. -'ii8ll-'1-5ns) 

.Dy58 B33''5t!'iyB BSll (3J'S 

all-direc'ting a. (3J'B-'pyi-'i-5ns) 

.IS By58 Bin'B BSll 

all-discer'nlng a. -'-iiD-ii-jnu) 

BSll : By58 Byi"6!'iy0318 bsii (33'3 

.nn By58 B33<n 
all-disgraced' a. ('QB"13-Bn=5fis) 

.B38By3 yi38!i' IX tyX383 PS 

all-dispens'ing o. -'B3yB-Bn=5ns) 

.By58 B5"DiyB BSll (33'S 

all-dread'ed a. (iy-'iyn=5ns) =58 

.iyBy58 BpyiB" bsii : ByB3TBy3 

all ears (nyx jns) yi"3 b^d lyiyn 

.QBtpiyoBMs ,iyiyns 

all-eat'ing a. (33<s-'B's»5ns) By58 


all-elHc'ient ». (B3y-'ti'<B-y-5n8) =58 

.B8TPini58 ,i3ypini 

allega tion ». (l8E'-'"3-y-5y) =y3 

8 pa] y5yB{!' y3y3y3y33s :,33iBBnn 

=B:y n ; vst iyi ; [ii3 lyis oans:' 


allege v. ciynyj-y) =nyxiy ,iy3y33s 
•ysmyB ,iy3''ByBE'y3 ; lyasnnys ,iy5 





allege'able a. (?3j)-'t;inv5-V) Dsii 

allege'ment n. i.vavo-'wiV'?-))'. 

allegation r 

aiieg'er n. (-iv-'ts-nyj-y) 'B'lnya in 

8 tlB S'JyOB' 8 BTO'S D811 IVT ; "iV'o 

alle'glance n. (Djyii'n-''?-!') ^'n 
lynin 8 no] B"n'no .o'Tuvavaiva 
j'jjfp 8 na nyis 138>ivo8b t"t is 

.[p?SB t"t IS 
I pledge alleglanoe to ray flag and to the 
Bepubllc for which it stands. 

alle'glant a. and n. (ts^yts'tl-''?-!') 

■1V?8'S? 8 ; IVajlJIM'K ,""10 ,58'S? 

.-ivjiu nvio ins 

allegor'ic a. (p^K-'iBj-'N-sy) -bjvJb 

iVQjvtsB'iya 8 PK ,'>vm •ima] b"t 

.[ninj <3D \w>i ,'i8nBB' 

allegop'lcal o. (?y-;'«-'i83-<K-5y) 

allegoric .t 
allegor'ically odi). -p'8-'18J-''«-5J') 
; Ti'myiajyBB'iyB ; B"is3y58 ('N-5y 

.JiyD 1113 

allegop'icalness n. -pis-'i8J-'N-5y) 

; BB8B'3yj"« yts'nsjyJB n (Dyo-?y 

.SifD ima lyTn dst 

allegorisa'tlon «. -'"t-'S-lSJ-'X-Jy) 
t3<D lyT'T D8T ,ryTt'-isjy?8 dst (isb' 


al'legorlser «. (nyt-' 81-83-' 8-'5y) 
t3'a Biyi Bsii lyj"* ,i3Dns3y58 


allegorlza'tion ». -'"t-'X-ISJ-'N-^y) 

allegorisation .t (18!!' 

al'legorlze «. (t'8-l83-'8-'5y) =83y?8 

.B'JB'O B'O lyjyOB'ISB ,iyTt'i 

al'legorizer n. (iyt-'JSV83-'8-'5y) 

allegoriser .t 

al'legory n. ('i-S3-'K-'5y) =»3y58 'T 

yBSyoK'iyB ,iin3 '3D iw? ; 5co ,y'i 


allegret'to ». and a. -'Byi3-y5-5y) 
■iyt!"58p'ria 8] 8Byi3y58 t8 (isa 

=y3 Biyil DSll ,P'B1»' 8 18B pmD'18 

,8soyB lyjyjts' tjd's 8 !'« BJy'BB' 
;[si3y?8 '11 JyjB' 'it8 B'j -lyas 


alle'gro «. and a. (sis-'i'^-jy) 18 

18B pmD'i8 iyi:">8p'nD 8] 8i3y58 

»y31S' 8 I' 8 B5y'BE'y3 Biyil DSII P'Bl!' 8 

«iD r'8] BB8n3y5 ,?y3i!' ; [senyB iy? 

alleln'ia int: (8'-'i?-y-?y) 1 n'i55n 

!BS3 B3'l? 

all-end'ing u.. (3J'8-'l3yOn8) DV?8 


all-enraged' a. CiBin""! -3y»?n8) t'8 

.eys tia iyi3isy338 iyx:83 

alle'viate v. (B"8-'ii-''?-y) '3"?iyT 

.iyiy33'i3iyB ; tviyio'? ; nya 

To alleviate pain is the duty of the phy- 

allevia'tion n. (i8i:'-'"8-'11-'?-y) 

•y3J'n3iyB ; sjnyiJ'? ; 3jnyB3">iyT 


alle'vlatlve n. and a. -y-ii'i-''?-y) 

=y3 ,3'i3yiyi3'? ,3'i3yiyB3"?iyi (ii'b 

o"?iyi ,jyD'n»D3JnyiJ'? ; 3'i3y3'nn 


alle'vlator n. (i8B-"8-'il-''?-y) "'X 

.Biy33'i3iyB ,BiyB3"?iyB osii lyj 

alle'viatory a. ('i-8B-"8-'ll-''?-y) 
.Biy33'i3iyB D811 ,oiyB3"?iya osii 

al'ley «. C'K-'?y) 3J833in] yy?8 
»3in ; [iyo'i3 nnnj' "iiu iyB"iis 
yD'ii3 8 ; 5yDy3=iyB3'n ,>yDy3 ;j383 

.[D81] ?83«5y'BB' 

al'leyed a. (T8-'5y) ; yy58 18 '11 

.yy58 m 'ii BjyBtcyso'iK 

al'leyway n. ("iin-'8-'5y) .Syoyj 8 

AU'-fa'ther n. (iynD-'Ba-'?ns) iyi 

.[b83] y58 iiB lyBSB 

all-flred adv. and a. (ii'8a»5n8) 

=B3yii8iyD'i8 jj'iyi ,3'B58iiy3 n83 
.[5y'B lyis D'ii3] V> 

all flesh ((^>V5B 5n8) iyx383 I'8 .1 

=yByE'y3 y3'iy3y? y58 .2 ; B"'?a iib 


1. He is all flesh and no musdes. 2. . And 
God said: "The end of all flesh is come 
before me." 

All Fools' day ("i r?niB 5n8) lyn 

yi8o '1 i'8 oy tyii] 5'ib8 lyaK'iy 

'. [iyi83i!t3s iyiyi38 nyi iy3"K 

all-forgiv'tiig a. (33'8-'ii'3-i8B=?ns) 


all-giv'er n. (iy-'ii'3=5n8) =y358 iyi 


all hail (?"n 5.18) I yay? oy 

AUhal'lowmas n. -8-'5yn-?n8) 

Di' iy3'?BD'ip 8] y3'5"n y58 (oya 


All-hal'lown n. (tl8-'5yn=5ns) '1 

.y3'5"n y58 lis 31b di' oyi na c's 

AU-hal'lows n. (nis-'5yrp?ns) 

Allhallowmas .t 
Allhal'low-tide n. -i8-'5yn-5ns) 

8] y3'5"n. y?8 na 3ib di' (T8b 

— y3'5"n '1 1133? 31B Bl' iy3'5BD'1P 

B3yns3 B"s '1 ;[iy3nyiis3 iyB=i 

.31B Bl' lytyi 18a 

all hands ahoy'! Csfi-y njyn 5n8) 

ijyn y?8 1 ^'118 pyi=ti'ti' r'B'i8 y58 

.[yB853 iyi i'8 tin'8i38a8P] iTin 

all hands aloft' ! ('BB8?-y n3yn 5n8) 

all hands ahoy .t 

all-hap'py a. ('8-'Byn=5n8) =sp5SB 

.■=i'5p'53 tyo 

allheal n. (5y'n-5n8) B'11P=131811 Dsi 

.[yx385B iyD'iiy3 8 na tyos: s] 

all help'ing a. (33'8-'a5yn ?ns) =58 

.[lyiy BB5yn d8ii] i:ya5yn 

all-hid' n. ('Tn-5n8) t>"3yB5yny3 

.[?y'Bt!'=iyi3'p va 8] 

all-hi'ding a. (33'l-''8n=?n8) Dy58 


all-ho'ly a. ('5-'isn-?n8) .3'5"n?8 

all-hon'ored a. (ns-'38=?n8) UB 

.Binyy3 iyoy?8 

alli'able a. (53y-''8?-y) lyp Dsii 

./p D811 ;1313 8 1'8 tyByiB3"18 

.1313 8 i'8 lyiyii B3'j"8iya 

allia'ceous o. (D8'i!'-'"8-'8->y) =83P 


alll'ance n.and'o. (D3y-''8?-y) ,1313 8 

0'3iyB : BB8E'13811iyB ;3313'3"KiyB 

allied' a. ('i'8?-y) -"siya ; Baynys 

England and France wore allied together 
against Germany. 

allied' by blood (i«?3 '83 '1'85-y) 

.l!"'?B 118 Bl?3 iy3"8 ; B13811iyBDB1>3 

alliga'tion n. u8B'-'"3-'8-5y) =iya 
.33ia'3piya ,33ii3'3 

al'ligator n. (iisB-"3-'K-'?y) '-'iyo8 
.?'1»PS1P iyE"38P- 

al'ligator-ter'rapin n. -iij-is-'jy) 

•yiyiyB^iytyi 'i (t's-y-'iyB-isB 


allign' 1). ('t'8?-y) aline .t 

allign'ment n. (B3yi3-'3'85-y) 

alignment .\ 
all-impop'tant u. -'iss-D'8-5n8) 

.3'B3'11 Diyi38ty3 1*383 (B3ya 
all-impos'sible o. -'D83-Q'8-?ns) 

.1'53y0318 >'383 (?3'8 

all in all (5ns I'l* 5ns) PX Dy58 

.iyDi3y3 iyv383 

Taken all in all, I prefer a middle course. 
all in buff (f|S3 t'8 5n8) '83 rJ83 

all in flame (n"5a ps 5ns) nSJ 

.3'S'n ,T5BB8B'3yi"? ; iyD85S PS 

all-inter'preting a. -'nm-3's=5ns) 

.3'i3yiy5piy Dy58 (33's-ByiB 

allit'eral a. (5y-iy-'D'5-y) B8n DSii 

lyis 3385P !y35yT na 33i5BmyTii 8 

=5SB3S3 n"1 8 lia 338B3S P8 1118 

.lyoiyii yi3y3 

allit'erate v. (o"i-y-'B'5-s) =iyTii 

=313 lyis 3385P ty3'35ytDyi tyssn 

yi:y358B383 iib n"i 8 Ps sBBBf 

alliteration .1 .lysiyil 

allitera'tion n. (i8t!'-'"s-lS-B'5-y) 

1't iy'iin'iy3's d8i] i8'S8iyB'5's 

IIB 338B3S PS 3385P lyiS HIS 18 UB 

.3 .s .lyoiyii yi3y358B3S3 y3'5By 

.[.11 ,t .8 1t!"1 ,Q'P1 ,11331 3'S'I 

allit'eratlve o. (ivB-"s-iy-'B'5-y) 

alliteral .t 
allit'eratlvely adv. -"i-s-'B'5-y) 

lyjsmyi'ii na diss iyi ps ('5-ii'b 
ps ssBaJBu lyis '3385? iy35yiDyi 
•lyii yijy358B3S3 n"i s na 338B3s 


alUt'erativeness n. -"i-y-'B'5-y) 

»'s na D1SB '1 iy3sn dsi (Dy3-ii'B 

alliteration ] .!S'X8iyB'? 

alllt'erator n (i80-"1-y-'B'?-y) 

=S'S8iyB'5'S B'O B3"1!!' D811 iy3"S 

alliteration .1 .ty3 
all-kind' a. ('i3'8P=5ns) .3'B'358 
all kinds of. . . (118 tl3'8P 5ns) 

.V3yiy'B'iyB ,"5iy58 




all-know'lng a. (jj<K-'isj-5ns) «?«« 
all-U'censed u. (BDJj/D-"i8»nij) 

;D»58 fl'lK B3j;-| DST tisn Dsti 

all-lov'ing a. (3jiK-'iis5-5ns) =y'558 

all-ma'klng a. (jrp-'"D-?ns) =86!'?8 

all man'ner of (lis -ly-'jj/D ?ns) 


all-matur'ing o. (jj's-'ii'B-ya-Jns) 

.l'B"X D5(58 B380 DS11 

all-mer'clful o. (Jia-'B-'TiD^Siis) 


all'ness ». (DSJ-'Jns) ; B'TU^DvaJs 

.D"pxJ8a ; B"pjnMDi!'5sB 

all night (b'8J 5ns) .B38: BXJ8J n 

all-obey'ing o. (:j'8-'"3-«>?ns) DSlI 

.Bii's tBaisnw si?8 

all-obliv'ious o. (BS-''«-"il'5-3S=5ns) 

tycyjISB BJ/?8 B380 DS11 

al'locate v. (B"p-s-'5s) ,tj(?"BB'l8 .1 

.BIS BSn I»B'BW3 .2 ; tya'Bws 

1. To allocate the poor-fund. 2. To allocate 

the scene of the crime. 

alloca'tlon n. (tSB'-'"p-s-5J() =J3 .n 

.npi?n ,jji?"BBM8 ,jjia<Bii' 

alloca'tur ». {tib-'"P-s-?S') =11* 8 

^'JXytyj 8 Sl'18 11(0311 8 !1B JOiaiBB' 

»y3:yoD8P »3'5B3nw n ;?n!;Bj;3 im 


allochromat'ic o. -'bvd-sip-S-?!/) 
«8P i'8 jjnyiJJ' IS T'ly t'8 osii (P's 

alloch'roous o. (DS-S1-'P85-B) tIB 

.lyTi^sP wuiP'u'ii'B 

allocu'tion n. (lSi!»-'l'-PS-5J') ="0 8 

8 iiB jnsn 8 5y'xyBD isiyi jw'pii; 
8 ; lyosyi n ix ssivwa ms ivr"p 
1'8 -ivBBnB lytsj^SMBsp 8 iiB v^v^ 


alio' dial n. and a. (Jjz-n-'is?-!') 
BD:j;n ms tysji^nssss tia "ib 
j'j3yn38Ji8 ;[DiB3y:nK>i385 twyii] 
=JW"Nms ;r'iB ins 58i8yB-8 iva 

IX lSJJl>n8X3S IIB "IB l'8 DS11 DIB 
.JBISVB 1S18 r'lB 8 

allo'dialism ». (Dt'K-5y-n-'is5-y) 
B'j t's D811 vnp3=i385 na dj/bd'd n 
IX i!;:ji?nsx38 b'b lysisinyBJiK 
.[Bt'58isya IIB Ys^wvi in] o'sns 

allo'dialist n. (BD's-SV-'l-'lsP-Jf) 
"IB t'K Dsii 1J85 Bxnys Dsn iws 
»ra lyis i"is 8 is ij;;ji?nss38 iia 

allodial'ity n. ('B-'8-'5!/-'1-'lS?-V) 

18 IIB j'3wn38JiN ms "ia pn B81 

.[dibjw"8»ij8? tvjyii] i8nij;3'if! 

alio' dial lands (njv? 5!;-'i-'is?-S') 

="« BIX nwBii'JsB Bivnw dsiI ij8? 

.1385 Brts'T'W ; lyo'Bjyj 

allo'dially adv. (i8-5y-'il-'ls5-V) P8 

Ba:85j;3 dsii i385 P'bb' 8 ix jixm 

.iBxnw Dix i<5XJ!;s 

allodifica'tion n. -'"p-iB-'8-l85-V) 

=0'D j;58is!'B 11 i»5i:8in!;3 dsi (iti& ' 

118 !/"ia 8 P8 D1B3!/3"S=1385 IIB DVB 

allo'dium n. (DS-n-'lS5-y) =58B DSI 

na DiB3y3"8 ivis t"tn si3j;dsp 

=X3S3.-Ba385»a BS11 1385 P'Bjy 8 ; 1385 
.1»Sil!(3 DIX 1<5 

all of a sud'den (pSD y 118 5ns) 

.1<5X!;5B ,BJ!B18in!)3'18 1'383 

all of us (PS 118 5n-s) ' .P8 to 

al'lograph ». (eiJ/ia-S-'JV) 18D3S tS 

•ijsn 1D1 B'D iwiB-w BM P8 Dsn 

.D'lix "lis 8'i na W"p na bb'is^ 

allomor'phic a. (p'B-'ISD-S-SV) 

oW"8 n BX'iya Dsii ,!»"bi8bs'8 

.DI'B1S0858 na BB8(J' 
allomorphism .r 
allomor'phism n. (DPa-'isB-S-SV) 
='iiw DSII BB8E'3j;j"8 '1 ,Dpaisns58 

, iy"t IJf1J/13r IX IJ/SnM IVBSBB' VD 

' «is IS"! t!;iyi3y bu "am ns diss 

.11B83 ins J3isj;ta'i3 

all one (tsiin 5n8) .D3"8 y>« 

It is all one to me whether I do it one 
way or another. 

allonge' ». ('B'n3S5-j;) D'lBtS' in 

113t!'a'l5 ; tVBBJJB D"3'l1S(11ti' 8 B'D 

tn3iaW3S B1J/11 DSII lUty W385 8] 

=n5 DV Bsnu? ivo ijni ,iiya s ;s 

1!;'B8B 5WBI!' 8 ; [131T. in PK t!»B 

ins py^B 8 is Bsy5py3is Biyii dsii 
,1!;ds3 Dn i!;a'"its'isi!;B3iK syopyii 

SB'3 1»85S l"p inS/B pm PN DJJ IV11 

.8B13 5j;dpvii on ei'is 

allonge' wig (anin 'E't1385-j;) 8 

Bsn \m Dsii P118S i!;d'ii3 iw385 

on D1K15 na ij/b"x ^i pk iy3siBW 

.•=I"1P381B PH iyB14 
al'lopath n. (nByB-S-'5y) B8BS58 

iyB"B8ss58 iyi nBB58nDsii iy3"K] 

allopathy .t .[iy5"n P8 yiSByo 

allopathet'ically adv. -ya-s-5y) 

iyt!"B8B858 18 TiK Cs-syp-'s-'BynB 


allopath'lc u. (p'8-',iByB-s-5yJ^ =S58 

allopath'ically adv. -'nByB-s-5y) 

.IBIS tyt!»B8BS58 18 «T1S ('8-5yp-'S 

allop'athist n. (BD'nB-y-'B85-y) 

allopath ,\ 

allop'athy n. ('nB-y-'B85-y) '8BS58 

DyBD'D y.E"3'x'iyQ y3iyisB 'i] y'B 

IS j'8t3yay3 pk iyBrnp38iP iy5"n na 

homeopathy, .y .[yBSBsycsn 

al'lophyle n. (5<a-s-'5y) ; lyinyiB 8 

yD8i iyi38 18 IX Biyiiy3 dsii iy3"8 

.D8Bt!' lyis 

allophyl'ian n. and a. -'5<a-s-5y) 

;iDyia : !'D8i lyiayiB 8 na (ly-'s 

«8i lyioyia 8 ix Biyiiy3 dsii iy3"s 

.DBBiy lyis ye 

allophyl'ic a. (p'8-'5'B-s-5y) DSll 
.loyiB ; yD8i lyinyiB s na I's 

allot' V. {'B85-y) =.Miya ; iy5"BD<iK 
iyay3 jtyxya's isa lyo'BE'ya ;ty3'5 
1111] iyBy5BD'i8 ;5"B pn lyiyiy 

.[5113 8 
allot'ment ». (B3yD-'B85-y) ;3315"B1S 

,[5113 1111] 331By5BDM8 ;5"B3S I 5"B 

.By5B 8 

allot'ment certif'icate -'B85-y) 

B3yDlpS1 8 (B"p-<8-'B<B-1MD B3yO 

Biyii DSII ,Dyisp8 na d'bib 'i iy3yii 
yi38BBsp=iy'xp8 18 IIB tyay3y3DMi8 
.Dyisps lysMP 5'ii DSll isnys 8 is 
allot'ment note (bis3 B3yD-'B85-y) 
8 DSll B3yDipsi iyB3ya"xy3iyB3i8 is 

»''B3ya"8»fl't!' Dyi DM18 B'3 isibsd 

PS ,5si iy 18 ,iyB58iiiyB lyis lya 
iyi eiMs i"t Byii iy dsii b"x iyi 
y3"i IIB 5"B 8 ty5nssD'i8 ,yt"i 
lyis M1B ,iyiyD5y y3"t is nnoB' 
.isnyB iyi38 
allot'ment of land us B3yo-'B85-y) 
=''BtJ'y3 lyis ivariB'iya dsi (uy? 

Boipya lyiy dsii 1385 iy5"B n lya 

.138? tyt!''5np na 33i5"bis iyi "3 

allot'ment sys'tem B3ya-'B85-y) 

.«5ya u5"Bis na oyBD'o n (oyB-'o'D 

=1385 iyi!"iix iy5"8 yiy3y5p ps iyi 

iyB"ai8ya "t iy5st "( t8 iVB^aiB 

.33i3ayi iy3y3"8 iy"i sins 

allot'rious a. (D8-'l-'B85-y) DSll 

.i»yiB ; iyiyi38 is ix BJ385ya 

al'lotrope n. (BisiB-8-'5y) PB y3"8 

flSBty iyti"BS1BS58 18 DSll lyoiSB <1 

allotropy .t .is BBny3 

The diamond is an allotrope of carbon. 

allotrop'lc u,. (p'S-'a81B-S-5y) =858 

allotropy .t .iS"BSlB 

allotrop'ical a. -'8-'B8lB-s-5y) 

allotropic .t (5yp_ 

allotrop'lcally adv. -'8-'B81B-s-5y)" 

.IBIS iyii"asiBs58 18 I'ls (i8-5yp 

allot'ropism n. (DPB-si-'B85-y) 

.iy33iiyi3y yts'<BsiDs58 

allot' ropy n. (-'B-S1-'B85-y) =S1BS58 

lyasBB' yD'iiy3 na BB8ii'3y3"8 n] ys 

lyoiBB y3yiy'E'iyB ps ijo'BDMpy ix 

=3ya8tis ytj"Dy3 iy"i 3'i3yiyi3y b<3 

=813 ns B38o<i ,iy5nMp .a .s .33ixyt 

PS fisBB' iy3'a5yiiyi ps i"k ps b'b 

.DISS ,Bi8 ; [lyBisa y3yiy't!'iya 

allot'table a. (5ay-'B85-y) lyp Dsii 

DSll ; lyiyii b5"bix lyis B5"Diya' 

.lyiyii By5ByaD<i8 lyp 

allottee' n. ('y<B-s-5y) dsii iy3"s 

■.5"B 8 lynipya Bsn 

all o'ver (lyii-'is 5n8) =1SB ps Dy58 

.1S3 118 nSS ,DlByB18 :iy3's 

all o'ver ears in debt lyii-'is 5ns) 

''s pa B3<i5iB'iya (Dyi ps nys 

t'lyais main ps jiyiyis 'i lya 


all-o'verish a. (t!"S-iyi1-'1s-5ns) B'3 

.iyB310 1*383 B'3 ; 131ty3 tyX383 P8 

all-o'verlshness n. -iyii-'is-5ns) 

Bu ,B3y5iy i<t lyJn'B dsi (Dy3-2"s 


all o'ver town (psB lyil-'is 5ns) 

.BisBE' iys383 nyi lya's 

all o'ver with (nB'Mn lyii-'is 5ns) 

.B3'i3yy3 ; j'Bisa ; tsnayjas 

It Is all over with their friendship. 

allow' V. ('185-y) ; iy3'5<iiy3 ,i5^a''i5iy 

=38 ; lyn^Btyya ; lyayais ; lys'Ssyiva 

.lyn'xas ,iy3yayi 

allow'able a. (53y-'i85-y) j'Dy5is 

- .3<DyBB3yi ,Ba'i5iy 

allow'ableness n. (Dy3-5ay-'i85-y) 

=a'i5iy ; B"pa''DyDB3yi ;B"pa'Dy5is 


allow'ably adv. ('5-ay-'i85-y),3'Dy5ix 

.3'DyoB3yi j'Ba'i ,Ba'i5iy 

allow' a, main'tenance y 'i85-y) 

.n3pn iyay3 (B3y-3yB-'3"D 

allow'ance n. (D3y-'i85-y) =iyK'8B .1 

,33i3'B''3iya .2 ; 5"B ; nsxin ,i5y3 

.Bsasi ,a3i3'iyES'B3y 

1. The Rchool hoy receives a weekly allow- 
ance from his parents^ 2. The bill de- 
ducted an allowance tor the damaged goods. 

allow'ance in weight D3y-'i85-y) 

.asii iyi Tis nyian 8 (B"iin ps 

allow' a sum for leakage 'i85-y) 

8 iy3yayias (t!'n"s-'p'5 isb dsd y 

lis 3S11 PS [nns] 58a3"8 isb yoiD 

.Dsn P8 

allowed fool n. (5nia ii85-y) 8 

.Boiisa nDisr 




allow'edly adv. ('?-ij;-'i85-J/) =is 


allowed' to be pret'ty its 'li8?-5') 

allow'er n. Ciy-'mS-jO D»ll IVJ"!* 

allow'ing for (nsa JJ<K-'l8?-y) =y3 

alloy' n. ('>8?-ji) oyostis jjn'jy? .1 
; i!)?8oyo yjviVB'iyB iia 3Jis?yai!' 
=8tx -wi t<K ?80j;d ly-ivoDsiB in 

'3]»fi>Mia ,JJ1B"D"3 .2 ; JJIXSyOB'jyD 


1. Gold coins of the United States con- 
tain 10 per cent, alloy. 2. No joy without 

alloy'age n. (i!'n'"K-''(ii?-V) ,j3n<aj;? 

alloy .t .jji(!"n"3 

alloy' -bal'ance ». -'?y3-''s5-v) 

.ty58BBD lyjBIl IX SSE^JSM 818 (DW 

all-per'fect o. (Bpya-'Tisons) Bosyn 

.03y3"syjDnK i*j8j ; tyaspJSQ 

all-per'fectness ». -Bpya-'"i'lB-?ns) 

.B"njyo8P?8s yoDsyn n (oyj 

all-perva'ding a. -'•iiii_-|iiB-5ns) 

=isa3in Dy58 ; ijyj:m3Tn5B (jj't 


all-pier'cing u,. (jjiD-'-iy'S-5ns) 

.ijyjjm3Tn58 j jnjyny'i33in Dy58 

all-pow'erful a. (?ia-iy-'i8B=5ns) 


all-praised' a. ('Tt"iB=?ns) =yj?8 

.03'i?yj58 ,BBnn 

all right (b'8T 5ns) lyBoys I'x 

■ ;Bij ,t"a ;Bn8 li« ons bij jjouits 

iBij I'm lB3yT r:8j 

He Is all right! 
all-round a. (i:i8V?ns) ,3iB"t5s 

.tyBsnj'H y?8 i'8 

He la an all-round business man. 

aii-rui'ing o. (jjiK-'5n=?n») =-iyn?8 


AU'-salnts n. (DBJ"D-'5n8) '"H y58 

lyBi Qin 31B av iy3<5BDnp 8] yi'J 


all-see'lng o. (3jiK-''B=?ns) =yt58 


all-shunned' o. Cimn^-^ns) =y58 tia 

.lyTByjD'iK lyo 

all sorts of (ii8 db-isd ?n») y?8 .1 

; 3'B3\B nnyr ,i'?By-iBisa .2 ; d'j'o 

.nijyo y?8 b'd 

1. In his store one can buy alf sorts or 
goods. 2. He Is all sorts of a man: a musi- 
cian, a lawyer, a business man. 

AU'-souls n. (i?iijD-'?n8) iy?yyt-iy?8 

'Si iyB2 Oyi 31B DV iyt("?'lB8P 8] 


all' spice n. (D'8BD-'?ns) =Jjy ,B3yB'B 

.nMiyj=?y3Jy ; lyaya lyts"? 

all' spice-tree n. (ynB-D'8BD-'5ns) 

«nMiyj=?yj:y lyi .,D'i3=BjyDiB lyi 


all-suffic'lency n. -jy-'B^N-asD'JnB) 

.B'"n3yDSp?sB.yBDyij n ('d 

all-sufiic'ient a. (Bjy-'B"K-asD=?n8) 


all's well (?yiin t?ns) vk v» Dy?8 

.Bij Dy?8 ; JJ13TIS 

All's well that ends well. 

all talk and no elder iiy pnuB ?n!(i) 

Bt!"j i«J UK Biyiyj id s ciyi-'SD isj 

Bij"n»3 m Biyiyj id s ; isnayjoMK 


all-tell'lng a. (jjiN-'?yBOp)«) Dy?8 


all that (BynB ?n8) .iy3"?JDST 118 

all that time (d'8B BynB ?n8) i8a 

.B"x •iyxj83 lyi 

all the bet'ter (ly-'Bys 'hd 5ns) 

.'iyDy3 SBDyn 

The earlier he comes, all the better for 


all the rage (tyiT'T <nB 5n8) pn8DB' 

.lypiBss ,vitta lyT I'n 

all there (lyna 5n8) ny.,s'D3'B ,I"B 

.BTSI lyBB* 

all the same {q"d 'na 5ns) v58 

.'8D"11"8D ;D3"K 
Bain or shine, I shall go all the same. 

all the time (d'sd 'na 5nii!) ,i''i3V0<i> 


1 can enjoy myself all the time. 

all the town (ri8B MB 5ns) yX38J n 

I1B Jjnyp5yay3 yvj83 n ,bisbb' 


all the world (i5TSlin MB 5n8) 

.lyj^'s nyiy ,B5yii yxj8J n 

all the year (t" ino 5n8) 'J8J D8T 

.ins' Vi 

all things (twnB 5ns) .Dy58 

All thinss work together for good, 

all-told (i5isB-5ns) =yiyj:"'i8 Dy58 
.tyo8tis ;B3y3 

.All told, there were ten of us. 

all to one (isiin IB 5ns) lyjyj »58 


all to pie'ces (lyD-'y'B ib 5n8) 8 .1 

•DMK .2 ; iyB8?pis iysj8J i'8 ,iy38D 5n 

1. I heat him all to pieces. 2. He went 
all to pieces from orerworfe. 

all to smash (t!/vao IB 5ns) ,biB8? 

.5n 8 

allude' V. ('ir5-y) =ynixjs I8 iy3y3 

lyn'xys :i"t tmo ,iyt"iiJ8 •.tsf3V\ 

.DsiiBy V1K VI 

In his talk he alluded to bis trip to 

allud'ing to (ib 3J's-'ni!5-y) b'd 

.(tm) j3iB"irn 8 

al'lum n. (0S-'5y) .[l'58T 8t8] I'l58 

al'lumette n. (ayn-v-'Jy) =1J'S 8 

.y5y3yiiB' 8 ,5y!(5yn 

allu'miner n. ('iff-j'o-'P5-y) ,-iy58B 


allu'minor n. (iS3-'0»'v5-y) 

alluminer .j 
all up with (nBMin BS 5ns) Dy58 

The doctors declared that it was all up 
with him. 

allure' v. ('nr5-y) =n<a-iyB nyn'six 
.lyn"-! ; ty"i8:iya ,iyi 

Many people are allured by false state- 
ments, into buying lots on installments. 

allure' forth (naiiSB 'll'S-y) ='Six 
=yisBD'n« ; tyi8JiyB .lynn'siya ; tyn 


allurement n. (B3yD-'TV5-y) =<xiv 

.wi-iBJiya ;3Ji'in<aiyB ;jjin 

allur'er n. (iy-'-iv5-y) ; lyn'Xiu 

.•iyi83nyB ; -lyin^anya 

allur'ing a. (j:<8-'ii'5-y) j'ljys'n 

.jnjyi83nyB ,jn3yn<six ,jnjy-in'BiyB 

allur'lngly adv. (<?-jj'8-"il'5-y) 


allur'ingness n. (Dyj-Jj'x-'-ivS-y) 

«is ,!!"-iyin''aiyB t"t dbt ; jJin'xis <t 


allu sion n. (t81!'!-'l'5-y) ,JJlB"lJ'n 

Shakespeare's plays contain many allusions 
to English customs. 

allu'sive a. (ivD-'v5-y) ,i3yB"'iJ''n 

allu'slvely adv. ('5-1VB-'r5-y) 

.nt'oi3 .joiB^ij'n inn : >bi k i'» 

allu'slveness n. (Dyj-ii'D-'l'5-y) n 

i"t taio DST ,tyB"iJ'n na bis 

ailu'sory a. (in-SD-"i'5-y) ="i:'n 

.jnjyi'i tola ,i:yD 

allu'vial a. (5y-'ii-'i'5-») lyjsnayjjs 

.3J1S"5B1VB 8 lin 

alla'vial idepos'its jy-in-'nj-i;) 


alluvial formations .t 

allu'vlal forma'tions n. -iii-'nj-y) 

,Tiy yjy38iByj3s (t3st!'-'"D-nsB-5y 

«iya 8 iin .3 .i .s tyxJ85B ,'iB8t 


allu'vial soil (5''8D 5y-'ill-'r5-y) 

oya 8 DS11 n385 ,ij85 DyBS"5aiyB 

!y3SiBy3J8 I'nsi asn 33i)t"5a 

.3 .1 .S iy!tJ85B ,108t ,yBS53 
allu'vlan a. (ty-'ll-'r5-S) 

alluvial .i 

allu'vion n. (rs-'l'i-'v5-y) ="5Biya 

3Jis"5BnyB inn y3y38iBy33s :33ix 

.3 .1 .s iy3"at^ ,iB8t ,-]-Mi 

allu'vlous o. (DS-»11-'l'5-y) 

alluvial .i 

allu'vinm n. (DS-')l-T5-y) ,yBS53 

118 ty3S"iBiya .3 .i .s iy5i3"Bt!' ,iB8t 

.33is"5BiyB 8 TIB iyts5y3ny3's 

all-watched' o. ('BK'B8iin=5ns) 'B'IS 

.[B3SJ 8] B38iiy33in ,tytyii»3 

all-wise' a. ('P81in-5ns) =J'i5piy58 

.-\voo . 

all-wor'shipcd a. (BB't!'-'TKlin=5ns) 

.Binynya iyDy58 iia 

all-wor'thy a. ('nB-'Tisiin=5n8) inyt 

.B38y3 inyt ,3'itii 

ally' n. and v. ('■p85-y) ,yDS3y3DyiJi3 

n't ayijuiya lya lyByii b'd iy3"N 

.iy3i3"KnyB ,t»n3'3n»B 

al'ma n. (8D-'5y) =y33't yt:"BS<:y 18 

.rnpsjya ris t'l 

Al'macks n. (DpyD-'5s) "lyD'nys » 

=18B ■iy3y5B Dy ikii ,Is^3S5 ps 58t 

.iy5y3 yt!"B8npSBD'T8 tyoiP 

almadl'a n. (y-'n-yo-5y) =8pnB8 18 

8 ;ynsP=D<i3 na 5yB'iii' bj"5p yt"3 

.iyn3'K=miB I'K ti'E«5y3yt yjyjc 

Al'magest n. (BDyt!'tn-yD-'5y) =y3 K 

a58nB3y dsii ,'ii3 ^yB58 lyaann 

.tynsya y^'ics^siaDs ya58 y3'5sB8 

alma'gra n. (y-i3-'"D-5y) nyB"3BBE' 

.[58ayo 8t8] B'n3'in3 

al ma ma'ter ciyo-'so 8D-'58) ir\ 

'sm asn lya ixii b58bb'J8 Djjn5'3 

113 B3'n3y3 D3yBD"0] 33n5'3 8 lyD 

.[Bya>t-iyivjis t8 isa 
al manac n. (py 3-yD-'5ns) ,18l3y58P 


al manac-ma'ker n. spyj-ya-'jns) 

.ny3so=ni5 8 (nyp-'"D 

al mandin n. (m-3yB-'5y) -38058 

t'N l"at!'5jiiy -lyB'ii vo «] Vi 

altnandine .t .[tffvs 

al'mandine n. (tn-3yB-'5y) 8)8 

I'K T5SP iy3i5BM1 tlB P'BB' iyiy"B 

.ty33n''B8B' y3yiyi!'iyB 
"Gems" .518 .j 
almigh'tiness n. (By3-'B-''8B-5ns) 


almigh ty a. (iB-''8B-5n8) .3»a3yo58 

Almigh ty n. ('B-'i80-?n8) '58 "lyT 

.BS3 iy3'B3y8 

almigh'ty dol'Iar-'58T <B-''8o-5ns) 
.iy5sT iy3'B3yB58 lyi ny 


al'mond «. (ijud-'s) : 5j;iJ80 »; 
o«o s tie jimsa n osn dsii Disiio!/ 


al'mond-cake n. (p"p-13SD-'8) DST 

oiyii oy tvii ivJiJBD tis wy3'?aw3S3 

.?Ms DST cjpmyjD'ns "t tie 

al'mond-eyes n. (ps-ijud-'b) jsd 

n i»3sn Dy mi] iwmn wdij;b5vt 


Chinamen have almond-eyes. 
al'mond-fur'nace n. -'tib-ij!sd-'8) 

.|y'llMN»l'5J(DB' 8 (D"3 

al'mond-milk n. (p5'D-lJ8n-'8) oso 

al'mond-oll n. (5<s-njsD-'8) '?yiJ80 


al'mond-paste n. (isD"B-lJ80-'8) 
oTOtJii'ya D811 .cpnisiB lyc'BVDDxp 8 
,iy5nj8o ynyon tiB jjit!"oB'»ix 8 na 

"BD HN iyD811=I'n ,"8 18 IIB SVD'Ml 

l"ii ?!;b'd 8 D58 oxijyi onvii .Dion 

.D'ln n ij)38D IS 

al'mond-soap ». (BiSD'-iJ8a-'8) O80 


al'monds of the throat n:so-'8) 

=m] ty?iJ8D=t?8n (oisino 'no ii8 


al mond-tpee ». (yno-l3SO-'8) 8 


al'moner n. (n»-j8D-'5y) =dm8 nmj 

al'monership n. (B'B'-iK-3sa-'5y) 

.i!;5'"BdM8«nmj 8 no bds dst 

al'monry n. (n-JSO-'JV) 1811 v\r\ 8 

.[Binpn] t'inayiB is ;nmj b5"b rvo 

al'most adv. (BBisn-'Jfis) ="3 ,bd8B 

.BVB3 .sin8J 

alms n. (rons) .nma mti 

alms' -bag n. (jy3-'tDn8) =»t tnyti' 8 

ty3"?p Biiyj lyo ty35yii b'd jvp 

IIB B"i{ nyi r8 'it'P 8 P8 nma 


alms' -box «. (BP83='tDn8) 'Cib npix 8 

alms'-chest to. (BDS!!'0='tDii8) 

alms-box .t 
alms'-deed (ny'T'tons) .n8nB?nsii 8 
alms'-dish ». (B^i^'tDns) =iyB 8t8 


iy35yii P8 1TP 8 i'8 lysyB lyoiyx 
Bsn lya dsii nmj n P'Ik B't^ lyo 

=DyB8J tIB B"!( lyi I'X B?yD8ty3 


alms'-drlnk n. (pj'-n-'toriB) =n3i3 8 

.B"5 yDnS -ISB D"TB' ,pjnB 

alms'-folk •«. (pisB-'ron8) lyjsnya 

.ni3ij B'B BX'BE'yj^ lyiyii yssyn 

alms'glver n. (iy-ipj-'inn8) 5y3 8 

alms'giving n. (iJ'8-1PJ-'tBn8) 


alms'house n. (Dl8n-'tDn8) t'lnoyis 


alms'man n. (lyD-'tans) .ny5By3 8 

al'mug n. (jsn-'5y) osil l*58n D81 

ty380 IS TB18 IIB B3813yj Bsn DnTI 

=nio p.K <i>-[par\ n'3 iib tyjjixisya n 
.[D')ia?N 'sy] tyBjynnBDji8 yB"58p 
al'nage «. (uin^j-'^y) lyBDyn D8t 
DST D-iyn:8ty3 ,[y?y] 5''n 18 b'd 
nyn pn ijsiiya ?"« rB^in tyBBy.3 

pyilS OyT 18B [yj(!'tS08B] BD8=5SS 

.?nss38=i'y3yi: ns 

al'nage du'ties (lyB-'n B'n"J-'5y) 

nyB cisB!j'=iy5sii n'i8 5nss3s=ryjyi3 

.iJ85jjy P8 5SD8 ,ty5y] ?"« 

al'oe n. (is-'5y) 8] DM33y8?8 ,'858 

='3 8 iy3sn lyByja ym d8ii ,bm3 
18B B3'n3 lyo iy35yii ,BB8t lynVB 

.ISpnSS P8 0DP811 — ni81BT 

al'oes n. (lis-'5y). =13 8] BB8I3y858 

=s?8 IIB B38Dy3 fi8B6v ■iyj<3ys lyiyB 

.[nxiBT 8 D58 Bxijy3 118 ■iyBy?3:y 

al'oes-wood n. (ni8iin-ti8-'5y) =s?8 


aloet'ic a. (p'8-'By-8-5y) ,y858 lis 

aloes .t .y858 B?8nB3y D8II 

aloet'ical a. (5y-pi8-'By-s-?y) 

aloetic .t 
aloet'lcs n. (Dpi8-'By-s-5y) ni8iB-i 
aloes .t .BB8tJys?8 IIB B380y3 

aloft' adv. ('BBn»5-y) '^K ,iy3'i8 I'ln 

;bbi? -\v-i P8 -.vm •\V\ P8 ;'iy3 

P8 ,iy38my ; v<i> 8 lis pynsB i'bmx 

,j3ia<Bis' ny3y3Mnyj 8 

alog leal a. (jyp-is-'tytis^-y) ins 

.ty'iJS? BU ,P'38? 

alone adv. and a. CpsJ-y) ; P<58 .1 
.iin IX .2 

1. I want to he alone. 2. Let me alone. 
alone'ness n. (Dyj-'3i85-yT =08t3"8 

.y'38SBSP |n8 P'58 PM D«T ;,B"p 


along' -o(2u. and prep. ('jJuJ-y) ,b'd .1 
.j:y? -\r\ P8 .2 ; lynsrix 

1. Come along with me. 2. We walked along 
Ihe rivei'. 

along'shorc adv. ('iisa'-'JJSJ-y) I'8 

.jyi3 tiB jjy? is-\ 

We were walking alongshore, 
along'shore boy (f83 ll8l!'-'JJ8?-y) 
yin'8 B38D DS11 ^I'tJ- 8 IIB tSnB80 8 

.138? IIB B3yns3 lyp'T 

along'side adv. and prep. -'33S5-y) 

=y3 .2 ;yiyi38 >-\ iy3y3 y3"8 .1 (T8D 

.B"t lyi "3 ,ty3 

1. Duty and pleasure do not always Ho 
alongside, 2. He walked alongside his friend. 

alongst' prep. ('BD33S?-y) along ,t 

aloof' adv. ('finiJ-y) ="11 lis ,B"11 

.iyB"ii nyi iib ti ri3yB58n ; lyB 

George Washington kept aloof from party 

aloof'ness n. (oy3-'Bni5-y) =58n D8T 

.D3yB"ii •\in lis I'l lya 

alope'cia n. (s-'D-'^B-s-jy) =8,1 dst 

.i8ii n lyi'Piya dst ,v^s s lys 

alond' adv. ('Ti85-y) ,[l'in] B'i5 

.5ip ranx' 

alow' adv. ('is5-y) ,3my'j ,iyB3i8 


alp n. (B?y) iy3"8 ; 3183 lys'in 8 

8 ;r"iii^ lyT P8 3ny3=iyB?8 n na 

.3ny3 yt!"B?8 n pn )'8?s=D33nyB'B 

alpac'a n. (y-'pys-5y) yB"38ny3 n 

8Pnya8 am ,pk n'n pa 8] BByB- 

=y3 i'i8 BXi3y3 Biyii 58n Dyayii 

«8p8B58 IIB n38iiy3 y3n 8 :[i38ii 


al'penglow n. (is?3-iyB-'5y) =58 D8T 
=83 y3'D3yiB n pD y3"8] iyn'5a=tyB 
"3 3iy3=iyB?8 n P8 iy33i3"B'ny iib 

lyil 3383iyB318=iy3U 118 3383B'1N=iy3ir 

="t D811 3iy3=iyB?8 n na lys'SE' n 

"t Ml ty3"i>' yy3B' b'd Bpyny3 ty3 

,[ny"B IIB iyn'53 lyoJsii 

al'penhorn n, (nsn-iya-'jy) =?8>yT 

=By nsn'i'Jsn 'iy3385 8t8] n8n=iyB 

=5yii Q'a B"i p'8 na iy3.my3 Dsii 

P8 iy3ioD8B=nv n ly^ysE' "oy lys 

.[3iy3=iyB?8 n 

al'penstock ■«. (p8BD-3yB-'?y) lyn 

B'a lypyoB' iy338? 8] lypyat!' !ys?8 

=yBy5p Qix Bsi3y3 ysti/ Dy3iyp'8 I8 

.[3iy3 t|M8 ly-i 

al'pha ■«. (8B-'5y) na ni8 lyBE'-iy nyi 

na 338B3S lyT iri'a ei58 iy!S"3n3 

al'pha and ome'ga ^3y 8B-'5y)| 

.111D -lyi 118 3Mn38 lyi (83-''D-8 

al'phabet n. (By3-yB-'5l) ,n'3=si?8 





alphabeta'rian n. -'"B-jia-j/s-sy) 

.?W3'K n»3=ei5K 18 (tv-n 

al phabet-blocks n. -oya-ya-'?;;) 

'SV'Bty stB] iy>sy?p ys=s3"8 iDpsJa 

no Bnytstiiya d»ii ,nj;nj'p isb j"s 

Bpmyj !!;:"( oy ysjyii ei'i« iy?xy5p 

.yoB'a'uis ty5st lyij'p n ns ni'nis 

.[■lytaiyii ys:8j ly? 

alphabetic o. (p'8-'Dy3-ya-5y) =58 

:n'3««i?8 Dw oiynyj dsii ,(y'By38B 

.n'3=f|58 I'asJ 

alphabet'lcal o. (?y-pi8-'By3-ya-?y) 

alphabetic .t 

alphabet'ically ad«. -'tjya-ya-Jy) 

.n'3=fi?8 t'asj ('s<-?y-p'!« 

al phabctize «;. (i'8-By3-yB-'5y) 

.r;i3=ei58 ri»J lysyoB'Dn.s 

alphe'nic ». (p<j-'ya-5y) =iyj lyo^ii 

.'iypix=5ynJ8P : lypivwcB" 

Al'pine a. (pB-'?y) n is ojjspya D81i 


Al pine heights (DB'8n pa-'5y) n 

.aiy3=tyB58 n iia jys'ss!' 

Al'pine mea'dows (nsi-'ya rB-'5y) 

.Dyp:s5=t»B58 n 

Al'pine pas'tures -'Dys i'a-'?y) 

.lyWJB'DjjnyB'B yB"B?8 n (hie'o 

Al'pine plants (OBjyjB i'B-'5y) n 

.iyxj85B yts"a58 

alrea'dy adv. (n-'yi-5ns) .r'la" 

He is there already. 

al'sike n. (p'D-'5y) Dsii »xJ85a 8t8 

nian3 isa lyoia d58 03'n3yj tnyii 

iyD"ii tia iy5Byp siin vt< Bn<53] 

.[■i'5sp iy3'5B'n lilts 

al'so adv. and c. (isD-'?n8) ,VM( 
; \'if\vt ; 183 ! D5Ba3"5: ; D58ajy3y 

The father gave hlR son some money; also 
much good advice. 

alt a. (B5y)- I'8 ,yD'Bt!'=B58 tk] Tin 


al'tar m. Ciyo-'jns) .n3to rtsafs 

al'tarage n. (ctTn-yB-'Sn*) ; niJ3np 

■riiJ3ip ,5nit!' lyis itp 8 ibb nm: 

=BD"3 n IX lysyjyj Bnyii dbii n5yi 


al'tar-bread ». (nyi3-nyB-'5ns) »58 

«5yi8] BM-13 v?"n nyi8 B''n3n8o 

PS 118 yij"5MB8P n P8 iy5B'n3 ys 

lyiyii D811 tysTP yB"3BP'5]J8 yj'j"8 

.{?8a«njy38 tyj'5"n dis as^Byj 

al'tar-cloth n. (nBS?pnyB-'5ns) =58 

.■11BT8B58 .ypyiT8B 

al'tar-cnsh'ion n. (i8-'t!'lP-iyB-'5n8) 

=yt5"P t"5P 8t8] y5yi!"P=18B58 t8 

ITP I<S T8B58 t'1M8 B3y<5 D811 y5 

lU'Bysyj D8T Dii'8 tj'iK tyjy5wpyii8 

.[lyBons pa 

al'tar-desk ». (pDyi-"iyB-'5n8) 8 

=yjB'n8 Bnyii D8ii .TynjyBD •iyj"5p 

=58n IX '^TP PN "18358 t'B'lS BSyBtJ" 

=DnB tja ii3=By3y: dst cin»8 tins lyB 

al'tarist n. (BD'8-iyB-'5n8) «'18D58 


al'tarplece n. (Dy'B-"iyB-'5ns) 8?8 

D38ayj B-iyii dsii jjidbxss ya-iy'siya 

.ITP 8 P8 T8B5B' ayr lyoiTi 

al'tar-screen «. (p"iPDnyB-'5n8) 


al'tar-tomb n. (BlB-iyB-'?n8) sts 

«jny B38Dyj ps D81i 13p 8 ei''i8 navo 

.■18B58 18 IX 1'? 

al'tarwise a. (P8iin-iyB-'5ns) 58 

,nBD5s 18 IV T?3nj; j^oiyaisa 

ai'ter «. (•iyB-'5ns) ="iya ,tiyijy .i 
="3 ; nyijy in : ty38oiy3'« -.nviis 
.DnD 8 18B lyaso ,t"t didb .2 nyss 

1. I found it necesisary to alter my plans. 
2. An ox is an altered bull. 

alterabil'lty n. -'K-'5'3-y-nyB-5ns) 

.B"P3'5-iyijyiyD ,D"p3'5'mjy cb 

al'terable a. (53y-nyB-'5n8) =jyiyB 

AVtVn Biyuy-iys lyp d»ii ;i'5iyT 

.lyiyii !yB'3y3 lyp dsii 

al'terableness n. (Dyj-53y-iyB-'5n8) 

=jyj"8 n iy3sn dst ,B"p3<5iyn3yiya 

.iyB"3 IS VI Basis' 

al'terably adv. ('53-y-iyB-'5ns) 

.IBIS iy3'5iyijyiyB s I'ls 

al'terant n. and a. (Bjy-"iyB-'5ns> 

=yi:8 Biyijy d»ii oysy ; Biyijy dsh 

=yi3y B38a dsii nsiai s ; lysst vi 

.lyaiyp ps lyjjn 

altera'tion n. (tijt!'-''n-yB-5n8) ="iya 

=nyiJ8iy3<8 dsi ; wnyiw ; jjnyijy 

al'terative ». and a. (iPB-y-"iyB-'5ii8) 
alterant ,i 

al'teratives n. (iiPB-y-"iyB-'5ris) 

=:y you s tyastnisiya y35yii ,nisiaT 


al'tereate v. (B^p-iyB-'sy) ,tyB"iBE' 

.lyi'BisDn ,iyjnp vf 

alterca'tion n. (i8t!'-'"p-nyB-5y) 

.BIBDn ,B"nBE' ,PJ8S 
The tenant had an altercation with the jan- 

al'tered a. (TiMB-'5ns) ; Biyijyyj 

.D'lD 8 IBB ryiBiiyj Basoyj I's dbh 

ai'ter e'go (isj-''s •iyB-'5y) =5Bay3 

="iix D8T nyBy'iB-iyB=5yBiy lyBrBayo 

.I's ya 

al'terer n. (ly-iya-'Sns) ' oy lyn 


al ter for the worse isa iyB-'5ns) 

.iyB3y5t5' dix piyijy vi (DTBiin ir\Q 

ai'ter i'dem (Dyi-''8 lyB-'Sy) !B 

.y35ytD8T BpjiB PS D811 lyiyiJB 

al'tern a. (tl'lB-'Sy) =3S ,rijyB"3 


alter'nacy n. ('D-yj-'TiB-5y) oyiya 

.3Ji5Dpyiioi8 :3Jny-i 

alter'nate n. and a. (By3-'TlB-5y) 

;5'B"t3y3y3 jnjyB"3 ,3njy5Dpyins .1 

=yi38 n iy3's yj"s 3n3ys'my3's .2 

.lyByiBiyasyBss' .3 ; xn 

1. He also submitted an alternate proposi- 
tion. 2. 1. 3. 5. 7 are alternate numbers. 
3 He was an alternate at the convention. 

al'ternate v. (B"3-TlB-'5y) ="3 in 

5SD 8 iyB"3 VI ;ty5Dpyii I'l ,tyD 

.pnis ps pn tnyj :58o 8 dis 

alter'nate an'gles (By:-'TiB-5y) 

yijy3'53y3yj ,>yp3Mi=5yDpyii (i533y 

.[ynByoBys lyi ps] 5ypj'ii 

Alternate Angles 

altor'natcly ailr. ('?-B"3-'"iMB-5y) 

8 nn ,iais iy3n3y5Dpyii38 ts Tis 

P8 3IJU ni] 33i5Dpyii38 y3'TmD3 

« ,[uaB3 

alter'nateness n. (Dy3-By3-'TlB-?y) 
=Qis ,iy5Dpyii3s D8T ,vi ryB"3 dhi 


alter'nate propor'tlon -'TiB-5y) 

=183816 y3"53 '1 (1S1!'-'118B-81B By: 

tyii lyB's n iyti"iis B3"5a dbii rs's 
PS iyi383"s B'o tSB'3iya lyiyii "t 

,3J13"53=DJ8'S18SS1B yt!"ByDB'18 IB 
lis 12: 3=n6 :4 .3 .S 

12 : 16= 3 : 4 

11R a:l} — c:d :p»Dy3?8 iyi8 

a : c — b : d 

alterna'tion n, (tSB'-'"3-l»iB-5y) 

.1't tyB"3 DS1 ; 33l5Dpyi13S 

altcr'native n. and a. -yj-'TiB-?y) 

mn3 n 3'i3y3yj lyis 3'i3y3»ri (ipb 

; yi"a n na dj"8 iy3"5pixD'is I't 

.[m'i3 n ,5n8ii n] yiPB83iyB5» n 

altcr'native demand' -P3-'tib-5S) 

=yi8a yiPB83iyB58 ib ('i3yo-in iro 

="3 n Iia D3"s iy3385iyB dsi] 3311 


alter'natlvely adv. -iPB-yj-'T1B-5B) 
m'l3 n B'3 D8II IBIS IB ei'is (>5 

.yi"3 '1 na d3"s iy3"?pixD<is I'l 
alter'nativeness n. -iPB-S3-'TlB-5y) 

n ;in iyB"3 dsi ,33'i5t3pyii3s (Dy3 

m'i3 n ,BBBB'3y3i's yivB83iyB5s 


ai'ter one's condi'tion •iyB-'5ns) 

D:yxyD'8 lyiyuy (is-'!!"i-3gp t3Biin 


althae'a n. (ff-'»nB-5y) 8!8 ] yii580 n 

. [yx3B5B=iyBis3 

aitho' c. ('i8nB-5ns) ,&a»is ,5nsii3s 

BISII IIB 331X1ip3S] IJ'BS ,n3n 

. [ although 

alt'-horn n. (nsn-'B5y) nSi1=B58 in 

.[B3yonBDj's=i853 iyB"58P''tiD bib] 
although' c. ('iBnB-5ns) ,5nsii3S 

.15 'B8 ,13311 ,B'D83 

altil oquenee n. (D3yiinp-8-'5'D-5y) 

=iy IB ; IBISB' [yosiBw] y3y3'iny3 8 

.yiyi y3y38n 

altil oqnent a. (B3yiinp-s-'5'B-5y) 
=y3] y3yanny3 b b'd ; i3y33'5p=i'in 


altim'eter n. (iyB-»-'D'B-5y) -yo'B58 

ya''in lyBDyn Ix B3yDnBD3''K ;8] lya 

.[(3iy3 Ml) lyaiy 

altim etry n. ('i-ay-'D'B-5y) =Dya 'i 

.[3iy3 '11] lyaiy yann pa 331B 

ai'tin n. (pB-'5y) =iya b] pb5b iyi 

18 ;iy5si 2 ny is pa yaoa yi-'p 

.[Dyp'BBP 3 pa yaaa yean ya58 

al'titude n. (TPB-'B-'5y) ; B"pa'in 'i 

yann ;ibi3 lya'in uisa pa y'SB* 

.B^niyasmy jyaias' 

altitu dinal o. (5yj-n-'PB-'a-5y) 

altitude .t .B"pann ix B3385y33s asii 

altiv olant o. (B3y5-8-'iPB-5y) -I'ln 

, .i3yn''5B 

al to n. and a. {iSB-'5y) ; yB'BB"B5s 

.IMfl lyB'BB^BSB 3n3y33<t 

al to clef ((iy5p i8B-'5y) «b58 iyi 
.[iyBS3 ps iy3"x bib] 5yB<5i!' 

altogeth'er adv. (ny-'fiay3-iB-5ns) 
.tyx38J PS 1S3 ,183 ; lyaBtix 

al to-key n. ('p.isB-'>y) 058 iyi 
[tyB83 PS iya"x bib] 5yD'5t!' 

al'to-oota'vo (8ll-"'''B-p8'18B-'5y) 18 

,[pniD iyi p8] lyayn yiisaps 

al to-rilie'vo n. (i8ii-'y'5-''1»l8B-'?B) 

,B"P'D5ia ya'in 8 ,iy'5yi lys'iri 




altrop'athy n. cnLj-y-'Bsio-?);) Dtsi 

.moyia 8 

al'trniain ». (Qt'N-wo-'5») »no?8 

,i»xiJ"ij;j"K ins yav'SMcwo] ot's 

.[Dt^Miiij; IS ysijyjyj d?8 

al'truist ». (BD<«-nt3-'5y) i3D'«no?s 

tnu iVQ"iis avi 02V> otjii isj^n] 



altrnis'tic o. (p'B-'D'8-nQ-?j;) «?8 

altruism, .t .(S"BD'NnQ 

altruls'tically o. -p'O-Ts'S-nB-JV) 

.IBIK iy«!"BD'N11B?B 18 V^« ('«-?» 

al'udel n. (?si-ii-'5y) aw=TJ'D8T 8 

j/BODya -8Q BSB=D3jnyB"5 8 ,Dya 


al'mn «. o»(J «. (DS-'5y) t'l58 
iyi8 iyp"ii ; [rSBt nyit-'oys Bt8] 
aUum .t .iyD8ii I'l58 I'n lypoiBJ^K 

al'um-bat'tery «. (n-y-'Bya-BS-'5y) 
"18083 [yB'nopy?y] yt!"j8ii?8j s 

I818B I<« B"pJ'D'5B lyi I'N D811 


al'um-earth «. (nBTls=DS-'5y) =t'i58 


alu'men ». (tyo-'r-Sy) ,ny tM58 


alu'min «. (t'o-'r-?y) alutnen ,i 

aln'mlna n. (yj-iD-'l<5-y) DV:'ni58 

=158 na jJiTJUiya yt!"Dy3 8] tdps 

1'8 I't B:<ayj ,eisBi!'iyMt b'd bi'j<d 

.[my D"? 

alu'minate n. o»d «. -'D-'i'5-y) 

=iya yi!"Dy3 8] b8:'oi58 dst (B'u 

I<8 iyp"ll ; [Di<J'ni58 B'o 33n:<i 

.D1'3'D15B BID ty5lJ8nyi : Din'Dl?8 

alumln'ic a. (pi8-'i'D-l'-5y) DSll 

=158 IX V<1> t'8 DSll -ryiS B58nB3y 


aluminlf'erous o. -y-'B'J-'0-i'5-y) 
B'J DSll -WIS B58nB0y DSll (Dsn 

.ai':'Di58 D'n8 

alumin'ifonn a. -'8-'J'0-r-5y) 

;Bi'i»Di58 IS 'n'53ny t'n dsii (bisb 

.l''i58- IS ^'?:ny I'S DSll 

alu'mlnlte n. (o'Sj-'D-'i'S-y) ='di58 

.[d"5 iy:"T] B'J 

alnmin'liiin n. (as-''8-'3'0-l'-5y) 

,58Byn "lysa"? lyD'ni si Bi':»ni58 

.[.Tiy=D"5 i'« in Bj'Byj 'iy35yn 

alumin'lum bronze -'S-'j'D-i'-Sy) 

=y3 DSll j3n'jy5=58oyD 8 ((08ia cs 

?"B 1 ti8 nysip ty5"B 9 na Bnyatj' 


alnmin'luiu sil'ver -'K-':'0-li-5y) 

=158] nya5't=Br3'Di5s (iyii-'?'D os 

="5P Yl«i 8 lis Wlt^'DlS 8 BID Dl'J'D 

.Bjyssia 3 •=ny 18 ,ny35't ?"d ayj 

T5SP Byi 181 BDlpya D1<3'D158 dst 

.[ny3?M lyaay lis r:853 oyi iik 

ala'minous a. (DSJ-'D-'l'S-y) DSil 

.I'l58 VI PB D58no3y 

alu'minum n. (BSJ-''D-'r5-y) 

aluminium .i 

al'umish a. (E>'8-DS-'5y) =18=P158 

alum'na n. (y:-'DS?-y) yjytyiiya 8 
8 Bjnjyyj csn osii 'na 8 ; ny5-iii' 


Blum'nal a. (5y3-'DS?-y) t'K, Dsii 

?nity 8 113 iv^''" Dyjyyiiyj s is v'& 

' Binoyyj riB' asn dsii iH35yt8 is 

alum'ni n. CJ-'DSJ-y) 8 liB lyS^ty 

=y: I'lB- tyasn y35yii onyiJStya ,?niE^ 


alum'niate n. (B"8-''j-'D85-y) n 

=iy5 rs isJ vt B58n tyo dsii b"s 

,[is'Dyfl8ia nyis nassa n mi] lyj 

.B"S=nny5 n 

alum'nus n. (DSJ-'DS5-y) =ytyiiyj 8 

iiB lyDjnjyyj b ; BjyniBD ,ny5'ii' nyj 

.B58D{!'J8=DJ3n5'a 8 

al'um-rock n. (p8l-DS-'?y) ='d 818 
=8P iya5yj=5yn ^S^^s tyna 8 tiB ssiyj 

■ .T5 
al'um-st'one ■«. (nsBD-DS-'5y) 

alum-rock .t 

aiu'ta n. (BB-'i'5-y) nya"n bisi bib 


aluta'ceous a. (08'B'-'"B-l'-5y) =y? 

.25yj=pn3 ,3<3i8a=nyT 

al'veary n. (n-j;-Mi-'5y) : pSDB'jya 

.lyiB IIB 5?n'iyT 

al'veated a. (nyD-i's-'il-'py) Dsi1 

.PSBtyiya 8 iia Disa n Bsn 

alve'olar a. (isJ-S-'Ml-Sy) =38 DSll 

'yiB-iyB lyis iy5y3n3 n is D3JB5y3 

IS D3385y338 DS11 ! lyBiyp ps :y331B 

=ri"s n 1K11 ,p<3=p83 p« iy5y3'i3 n 

.lys't lyj 

alveolar'lform a. -in-'iyj-u-in-jy) 

iy5ys n pa btsb n Bsn dsii Cbisb 

PS iy3"i "t Ml nyp'BB'=3'Jsn pk 


alve'olary o. (n-y5-S-''11-5y) 

alveolar ,\ 

alve'olate a. (B"5-s-'Mi-5y) 'y'3 Ml 

iia Bisa >t] j'D-iya3y5ys ; iy5ys=iyj 

.[WiyDyp y3"5p 

alve'olated a. (iyD-"5-s-'Ml-5y) 

alveolate .t 

alveola'tion n. (iS6S'^'"5-s-Ml-5y) 

n IS T53ny lyjys ps BM3y3 p<i" dst 

=ys lyasn dst ; PSBi^jya 8 ps dpbii 

.■=iy5y3n3 lyis ty? 

alveol'iform a. (m8a-''8-'58-Ml-5y) 

='in3"'iyis iy5ys pa ansa n 3n3ya8n 


alveoloden'tal a. -'jyi-is5-s-Ml-5y) 

IS 118 nyjn^s n is '^"t!' P{< dsii (5yD 

.lys't "1 ya5yii ps iy5y3n3 n 

alve'olus n. (Ds?-s-'Mi-5y) =3yjy'3 8 

lysyans 8 ,5yiyDyp i"5p- 8 ,y5ys 

=n"s n 1811 ,t"3=p83 P8 iy5y3'i3 n 

.lysn -lyj 

al'veus n. (DS-M1-'5y) lyiS 58J8P 8 

»'5a 8 DD<5B Dy iy35yii Tin '7))'it\)>-\ 

.[pmDM8 n;;B"3'snyD b] b"P3'D 

al'vine a. (pii-'5y) B3385y338 DSII 

=yiy3 lyis •nM3 ais] 3"5"iyDJi8 bis 


al'way adv. (iMin-'5ns) =3yDt!' nyD's 

' .5SD y58 ,3n 

al'ways adv. (t"iin-'5ns) jiyD<8 

.5SD y58 ; 11D3 ; snjyBK' 

al'ysm n. (BPB-'5y) B"p3'nn3i8 n 

.typjBip 8 "3 

Alys sum n. (DS-'D'5-y) =:85a PD 8 

y'5''D8B lyi IS lyiynys y35yii ,tys 

lyns yD'Mi iy3Sii ,iys3B5B=Bay3yi iib 

.3J1iT?3 y3'535y3 

A. M. :iyD-iyii n pa man •'wn 
.D"S=3SB<D nsa ante m,eridiem, 

•\vi IBB 33i3a"sy3 B D58 Bsi3y3 Bnyii 

.B"S=38BiD 12 P3 Ba83"3 12 tlB B"S 

.[nnB •\v-\ P8 inys] lo A.^. .a .s 

am foy) ^e .1 .P3 

I am your frlenJ 

am'adou «. (n-y-'oy) =iyT3is lyn 

BaMiay3 anyii dsii dbiiu' bib] bbiib' 

.[ly'B lyasD is 

amain' adv. ('i"D-y) ; plBBti' ,3'Bayn 
;B581iy3 B'D JBBBIP iyS3B3 nyT B'D 

.jyjB' ,T?sy5B 

amal'gam n. (By3-'5yD-y) B8358D8 

■iya5M=pyiip pa siisjyDEijyDBiis s] 

=BM31S ,331t!'<D ;[?8DyD lyiJB IB B'D 

amal'gamable a. (53yD-y3-'?yD-y) 
lyp DSll ; lyiyii B'i'DB35Ba8 lyp dsii 

.lyiyil Bt!"Dy3BM31S 

amal'gamate v. (D"D-y3-'?yD-y) 

=5Mpyilp tytyaBMJlS] iyTDB358D8 

=is ,iyts"a ;[58Byo nyn3B ib b'd nys- 
.!y3<3"8iyB ,iynjmyB ,iyi!»DaM: 
amalgama'tion n. -'"D-y3-5yD-y) 

3311S"DBM31S J 3J1"1'D8358D8 IT (181^ 

;5BBya -lyiJB 18 d'd 'iy35'tpyiip pa 
=3'3'iya n ; lyoBT pb ajwoiya n 


amal'gamative ». -"D-y3-'5yD-y) 

=3'nya nyis 33i3"3 n Bsn dsii (ipb 

=D33w<Dnya ; iyt!"myB is im b"p 

. .3<nyB 

amal'gamator n. CisB-i'D-ys-'Sys-y) 
=iyB 8 P8 5"BJB DDnyj dsii ly^'^N 
=y3 iia 33i3''3"KnyB lyiB 33is5yDt!' 
pt^BD B ; iy3:iDny3iyD:i8 ya'SBByB- 

B'D 'iy58ByD BT<DB358D8 DSll 


amanuen'sis n. (D'D-'jy-l'-jyD-y) 

=yi38 "lyi D811 03"i(i' lyasyii ny3"8 

8 ; Ty3"-115'Ty3<K 18 ! DTDP'T 1T)-i 

.iyDTny5yj 8 "3 -lyayipyD 

am'aranth n. (riDjyi-y-'Dy) =8D n 

; 318a ya'5D'n=TiBTis b ; Bi5a»DyD 

.D'3 5so3"p ByjBMnya dbii r3B5a 8 

amarah'thlne a. (iinD-'3y'i-y-ay) 

DSII ; T53'iyBB'318 n'5DM1=11B11B 

=Bya8D BJBIBDB "lyi IS B3385y33B 

amaranth .t .B153 

amar'ulence n. (D3y5-l'-'iya-y) n 


amaryl'Ils n. (D'8-'5n-y-Dy) n 

.[Bl5a 818] y'5'5=0'S183 


amass' v. ('oyD-y) =Bn3is ,iy3"5p3s 


The merchant amassed a fortune. 

amas'sable a. (53y-'DyD-y) lya Dsil 

.iy3"5pjs Tyis iy5DBtBM3is lyp 

amas'ser n. Ciy-'Dyo-y) DSll lyj^'K 

.18 B5yaBt 

amas'sment n. (B3yD-'DyD-y) ,iyBMn 

.331508138 ,3313"5p3S 1 ySIp 

amate' v. ('D"a-y) =asp ,iy"i3n in 

.lypyiEiss : lypyiE^yT ; lyTJBS 

am'ateur n. (TPB-y-'ay) =y5n B 




=»B(j:iS t"p B'3 ,I8038a t"P tS'J /BJ8B 

n D811 .lyasnav'SBDJip s nvJVJS'o 

.VByasiB V^ B'J t'N BDJIP 

amateur'ish a. CBi'8-"ii't3-ji-Dj/) "'t 
=38a B'j ,5j;js'DyBsiB a>3 ,t!"tD:8Dy? 


am'ateurlsm n. (Qt^x-irts-y-'aj;) 

'BDJIP ,B"PJ»DVa38B O'O ,Dt<B:8Bj;>n 


am'ateursbip «. (s'ty-ni'B-y-'Dj;) 

amateur .t .dpbjbbWt 

am'ative o. (irB-ff-'Dj;) =y3] nwaj)'? 


am'atlveness ■». (Dyj-lVB-y-'DV) '1 
=jn"? ,»3yi? wSBaj/jiyw is j:ij"j 


amato'rial a. (sy-'i-'iSB-y-oy) Dsii 
OKI"? ,»2))'? wSBBySB'w IX BjJBJya 


amato'rian a. (iV-'l-'isB-y-Dy) 

amatorial .i 

amato'rious a. (B8-''"i-"i8B-y-oy) 
atnatoWal .i 

am'atory a. (n-8B-y-'D!;) =1); 0811 

«"? ijn8 wv<5 w^Baypro: apyii 

.yav? IX Bruyj ;BB8B'jyT 

am'atory po'tion ii-i8B-y-'Dy) 

.pjnB=Dyay'5 s (isty-'iss 

amauro'sis n. (D'D-'l81-8-Dy) =3'? '1 

B'J t'K D811 ,B"plJ'?a] •18Bt!' yj'o 

.[lyjMs n «i'i8 typiynya bis 

amaurot'ic o. (pi«-'B81-8-By) D811 
B3J85ya08 D811 ; 18BE' yj'B3'5 n B8n 

18B(S' yj'B3'5 n IX 

amaze' n. and v. ('t"o-y) ; lypyiB'iyi 

•IS ,ty3MBya ,iy3nDt!'iy ,iyts'8Tiy3'K 

='N jJU'iBtyiy jjipyitynyi ; ly^aiB 

.jjnyiJi8inyB jiits-sTiya 

amazed' a. ('Tt"B-y) =i8 /Bi'lBtyly 

.B?yaiBis ,B3'iBya ,Bis'8nny3 

;|Qliazed' at (ay 'Tl"D-y) BinBE'iy 

'' .Dysy nya<« 

ama'zedly adv. (i5-iyt-'"a-y) B'a 

.B"n'iyB5yDiBix : tyo'iBtyiy 

ama'zedness ». (Dy:-iyt-'"D-y) D8"i 

»ji8inyB ; lyjMBB'iy, D8T ,rypyiB'-iyT 

.j3i?DiBis ,;ji6!'8-ny3<8 ; «nyT 

amaze'ment n. (BJyB-'t"D-y) D8T 

•Ni^ys'K ,iyjMBt!'-iy d8t /typyity-iyi 

.jjiJDiBis ,J3ny^ji8inya jjib' 

He listened with amazement at the accuaa,- 

ama'zing a. (j3n-'"n-y) 'jMBtyny 
'^*ji«ii ,nw!!'8Tiy3'« niypyityiyT ,t? 

The Rtorles of CMneae cruelty are amazing. 

ama'zlngly adv. ('?-JOit-'"a-y) (i'i« 

nyi8 lyijyj'iBB'iy ,iyijy!!'8iiy3'K ts 

.1318 iyi83-iyi31811 

Am'azon n. (t8t-y-'ny) »:8t8n8 n 
='3nj i'8 inyjy lyis myaynp «] 

;n3PJ yPDB«113 8 i[y'J8?8B»B •)]!& 

.l"B»iyj8r808 lyT 

Amazo nian o. (ly-'j-'ist-y-ay) 

n"B=tyJ8f8n8 Byi IX B3j8?y3J8 08ii 

.B"ijMVnp ,BB8njy:8t8D8 

Amazo'nian chin |y-'3-'i8t-y-ov) 

.TI83 8 in8 yT18D 8 (PB'B 

am'bage n. (B-tT'a-'By) jyiiDis 18 
,l''t tynyn dst ssyii ■iy3"?j b': 8 

.[IVT'T I'X] T8?P B'J t"t DST 

ambas'sador n. ("isn-y-'Dya-oy) 'Vi 
jjnyjyT s iib lyBp'B'yj] lyBnjst 
»yT nyi38 m "3 lyBvionyB ix n 

amibassado'rial a. -'isi-y-Dya-oy) 

T'E' t'« D811 ,'T'?BB8i!'i:8iyj (?y-n 

amliossador .t .jyBiJBty; 8 ix 

ambas'sadress ■«. (Dy^^-y-'Dy^-oy) 

=nj8tyj 8 I1B 'na n ;yBynj8tyj s 

ambassador .t .lya 

am'ber n. ond o. (iy3-'oy) fBtyjiya 

':'iy3 ; j'Bi8»t"ot!'3iy3 iCpBE'-in] 

tiB B38oyj ;3?yj«i?8J ,t?8P P'bk' 


am'ber-beads ». (nya-nya-'oy) 

.iy?»n8p yjyj'BB'TiB 

am'ber-ool'ored a. -'5Bp=iy3-'Kiff) 

=n?83 ,iJ8?3=?yn ; T58P»t'Bt!'ii3 (ins 


am'bergrls n. (Dnj-ny3-'oy) . ly.T 

D811 DP811 lyriypyoB' sts] 'iy3D8 

=iiiyj 8 !iB ayiyiyj n i'8 vi Bj'aya 

.I8yp8 tytyn^'K ayT vk i!"B58ii tyo 

lyBBo IX Bxijya Biyii dpbii lyiyn 


am'ber-seed n. (ly'D-ISB-'oy) «D8t'3 

.[jyijyiyp lyjnypyai!' Bt8] nyjiyp 

am'ber-tree m. (ynB=iy3-'ay) =813BB 

BDP811 D811 5yB<13 t"5P St8] ?yBM3 

■iya'8 B8n ■ny3?yii spnsB am I'x 
lyj'iypyBB' piBBts" s ti8 iyBy?3 yjna 


am'bep-var'nlsli n. -'i8ll=iy3-'By) 

BBSayj p85 8t8] P85=t'BB'113 (B"3 

.[l»a iya'i3 lyomyj 8 na 

ambidex'ter n. (nyB-'Dpyi-'3-ey) 

•:'? lyi B'B iyB"3T8 typ D811 "lyj^'x 

=3yT lyi B'B '11 Bij 'Its -!isn -tsp 

D811 lyj^'N ; iy]n'B'jB="iix ; lya 

=DB3nyj 8 : iyB"( y58 Vi« vi anvn 

yi"a tia i5ys aanyj dsii nyjyiBiwya 


ambidexter'ity n. -Dpyi-'a-ay) 

n isxuya tyjyp dbt ('b-'«-'imb 

=^ytiyT B'B i:8n ypr? n ti8 yasy-i 

B8T !B"PJ'TB»:B="11X ;B"pBP'B'yj 1S2 

8 lyjyii] Dmx yT'3 na isya tyanyj 

ambidex'trous a. (D8lB-'Dpyi-'3-ay) 
iJ8n "iyp3'5 -wn ca ^yB"3^8 lyp D8ii 
="iix ; lyaByn lyi B<a ni bij 'ii8 
yT'3 iiB n5yj jnjyanyj ; an'Bija 
.[Byjy-isiit!'yj=DB3ny3 8 lyjyii] amx 

ambldex'trously adv. -'Dpyi-'a-ay) 
o'? lyi B'B ,i3yn yT"a B<a CJ-Dsio 
; -iyB3yT nyi b'b mi v'>i iJ8n ivp 
,Dmx yT'3 jnjyjyn ; jn'8'i:B="iix 
=yii] Bmx yn"a "a i?y) anjyanyj 
.[DyjyisiiB'yj'DBBnyj 8 iva 

ambidex'tFousnes^ n. -'opyi-'B-ay) 
/•ambidexterity .t (cyj-DBlB 

am'bient n. and a. (Ojy-'B-'ay) 'S^^^^ 
jn3y?j3'iBn8 ■,i:\-\ lyn P8 vi \sn 
,vi Bnym dsii DsiiBy ; tyB"t y?8 tia 

.0118 B?y33n D8M 

amblgu'lty n. ('0-'8-'pj-i3-aB) 'ti^ 

•B8n?yB"iix ,B"pj'B"i"iix : ptjys 

<'BB'BW3318 ; B"nDM\yj31« ; B"p3^B 
.PBD ! B"n 

amblg'uous «. (D8-i'-'3'3-By) <"iix 

018 ;BB8n?yB'M1X ;j'3'l?yBBT ,J'B"T 

.BD'OCTaoiK ,ny3n 
amblg'uously adv. ('?-DS-i'-'j'a-By) 

iyB8'BB'y331N .lyj^BXTMlX 8 t|MK 
, .IB18 

ambig'nousncss n. -D8-v-':'a-ay) 
_ am.bigulty ,t (oyj 

am'blt n. (B*3-'By) ,S38flBlK ; rv^sii 

ambi'tion n. (i8-'t!"3-By) ; !S'X'388 

.oyey i83 vi lyas' d»t ;ty3yioB' D8t 

The ambition to get an education, can 
easily be realized In America. 
ambi'tionless a. (Dy?-38-'B"3-OW ■ 

am,bition .1 .IS'S'3B8 inS 

ambi'tious a. (os-'K'B-ay) D8l3yiBB' 

jyaiBB' y3'in b iris vi iy3'imn ix 

.ty'x'3B8 ;3'Tjy3 

ambi'tiousness n. (Dyj-DB-'K"3-off) 

amibition .t .ib'Xubb lys'tyB dbt 

ambi'tious ,of (mb DB-'!!"3-By) 

...18: ry3ynBB' 

am'bltus n. (D8B-»3-'By) =yjJiB n 

=?8 I'B BBS t8 IIB Jjmy«»3 yoByn 

.138T ,t"1pBlK JJBBBIN ; D'n t»B 

ani'Me re. dnd v. (53'By) DyB853 8 
'BJBt B ,nyB B na lyan? dvbbtsjb? 

B'3 ,BBJ8t ; 3''^3y33nBB' B'J ,3383 iyt> 

.tSB'i? 3n3y3jnsB' 

am'ble one (isiin ?3Bff) DjysyB'« 

.tyasasBj 3383 

am'bler n. (lyja-'sy) dbii mya 8 

; 3n3y33'1BB' B'J ,B3JBT ,0853 BB'1> 
.3383 iyOB53 8 B8n D811 ,iy3"8 

am'bling a. (33'53-'By) ,3'i3yB'i> B853 

.ty33'1Bt!' IX tnS 3n3yBM5 BB3Bt 

am'bllngly adv. ('5-3j'?3-'Dy) b B'B 

.3383 lyBBJBt )yD3"? 

am'bling nag (sy: 33'53-'b») ,iiyB 8 

B'3 ,Ba3Bt DB'l? DBH ,B85: DB'I? DSll 
am blygon rt. and a. (l83-'?3-'off) 8 
=ByB8y3 b] pyiT ny3'n5yp3'iiaBBiBii' 
■="« lyajyii "3 ,ii3'fl wpyii w<-\ 
na ■iyDy-13 pb 5yp3«ii "it n pa iw 

.:'l5yP3'11BSB1tM!' ,-[1813 90 

amblyg'onal o. (5yj-s-'3'?3-B») 

amblygon .t .snJypj'iiBBBiDB' 

amblyo'pia n. (B-'B-'i8-'?3-By) 

triB] B"pi3'5a »3?Bn ;n'BT y38iiB' 8 

tiB 'i3y3 oyi I'B iy33nyi3ff yi83pnyB - 

.[ty3'iK n 

amblyop'ic ». (p'B-'B8-''?3-By) dbii 

35Bn :iTNn yBBiw 8 ix Bj38?y338 

.13'?3 I 

am blyopy >i. ('B-8-'53-'By) 

amblyopia .t 

am'bo n. (bs-'bb) iy35Vii ,niB» t8 

y3'B"x-i8a !'8 tyiyii B3'n3y3 B3y5B 

»JBn B3y5a n?3 ist lyssyii "a ,iy3Tp 

.nwn y3"t lyo 

am bon n. (isa-'oy) ambo .t '. 

ambro'sia n. (STt-'iBia-BB) »bb 

"3'13 •\S-\ P8] t"B8!'=nyBy3 ;y't8"13 

,t"BS!' ypBBB»y3 ,[y'3B?8B'B 1SV 

.DyP80B'»3 oyBV 

ambro sial o. (jy'!i>i-'isia-B») »yBS' 

.Psaws inyi ;it"i8i3BB ,i3yp 

ambro sian o. (lytyj-'iBia-DW .| 

^ ambrosial .t ^'^ 

am'bry n. cia-'ay) ,n'yBJB=t"Bt!' 8 

18 ; iya8P=3y?3« i8 ,iyB8P=P''Bk^ 8 

.iinpn ,pin=iyB'niii 

am bulapce n. (03y5^i'3-'ay) .13B8 

'>iyp3Bip B ; r»38ii»?8B'BD8n b jmb? 


am bulant a. (B3y?-i'3-'ay) 'BBtyans 

IX BIB tiB 3'i3yny3an8 j'njyiyx 

, .BIS 

am bnlate v. (B"?-r3-'ay) -Barons 

■BIS IX BIB tiB tnyjans ,tyiy'x 

ambula tlon n. (i8B'-'"?-r3Hsy) dst 





K?,iymj8 BIS BIS l"« no inDwnB amend'able a. (?3V-.'^jj;ki-j) ovb 
•f" ""lator n. (ise-"5-v3-'DV) 8 amend'ablenessJt. (Dj;j-?3j;-'ijj;n-») 

Biubulatory o. (n-so-'O-ra-'Dj;) 

f <iSDn8 WB n anwasn ,jMJr?iJ8ii 

,- iv.. . .ry?nJ8ii 

ambur blal o. (?v-<a-'Tn-n») =an8 

>, "jfft'nponB ; BisBB' 8 Dn8 avijvnw 

,,« .BISBB' 8 jn 

I am bury n. (n-j/a-'ny) 'sna wfyts 
=PJ8iP yD'iiy: 8 ininna "a Bj;pii8T 
="t Baianra yajjn ,tffsj8?B "a B"n 
.ij/?xiKi'i Biy 
nbuscade' n. and ■». ('i"p-Bsa-oj;) 
tsEP'JiBBDip 8 i»B3'n] B<jj;B?yny3 8 
rji58a:s ivjyp ix bis ,iyB?8nya vr 
I 8 tiB tyxyD'8 ty58Bya ; lyxyo'K «inK 
K .B<jyB?ynya 

R^m'bnsh n. and v. (E'sa-'By) =yM5 8 
I' 'BMnyi? 8 P8 mv^ dst ;Bis=Bjjn 
^ js lis .tyxyo'8. «1M8 58ajs lyi rBis 
fc>.tyQ8i58B 3Ji5"Ba8 18 ;Bn8=Bjjnyn? 
I '3s ; Bn»=BjjnyM? 8 v» bjv? dsii 
f =Bjowy'i5 8 iiB tysy»'8 vi» ty58B 
I BIS D18 18 p« tyBJsnya vi :b-is 
t .tyiyn? 

9. They lay In ambush for the enemy. 

|ain'bushed a. (otcsa-'Dy) BpyBtyiys 
I =s'i? 8 PN /tans BSjyB58nya 8 P8 


ame'ba n. m-'io-s) .8ayD8 

amoeba .i 

(i'sa-''D-y) 18 


aw-oeba .t 

ameer' ». ciyia-y) =8Dn8o 8] Toy 

lyi ;[VJnB lyis lytsJiyn ny6!":8T 

.l8BD'38Ja8 iiB nytyiyn 

am'el-corn ». (nsP=?y-'By) 8t8 

.v"ii lyBii I'D 

ame'liorable o. (5a"i-s'5-''D-y) 

', ^ .lyiyii BiypyaiyB lyp dsii 

ame'Iiorate i;. (B"i-8'5-''D-y) =nyB 

,, .iyBya, ryiyii ; tyiyDyaB<i8 * lyiyaya 

' The problem of our times is to ameliorate 
^ the condition of^he poor, 

p aiueliora'tioyi Vs. (is(!'-'"VS'5-''D-y) 

fe .iinyoyaoMK jjnyByaiya 

lijime'llopatrve a. (n'B-"l-S'5-''D-y) 

8 oasnisnyB dbii ;BiyBya-iyB D8ii 


B'iyDy3-iyB"B"p3<?jyD n lyasn dst 

.tyiyfl IS 

amende' n. ("uyo-y) ; jJU'B'Jiys 8 

.mioftrrpiii 8 

amende' hon'orable -'js 'ijyo^y) 

.jjiByanya'8 ya'jojyay i8 (?ayvs 

amen'der n. (nyi-'jyn-y) ■=yDy3iya 

amend ment n. (Bjyo-'ijyD-y) 
.jjnyijy ; jjnyBy3iyB' 

An amendment to the Constitution of the 
United States will soon be adopted. 

amends' n. ('n:yia-y) jjij'B'JiyB 

.lyiSE' 188 

a men I say ("d <8 tyn-'"8) v« 

3S( 1<8 JiyiynSIS P3 V» ,B13DD t<3 


amen ity n. {'B-'K-'jyD-y) »nyjy338 

.B"p3'5ay'5 ,B"pj'a 

am'ent n. (Bjy-'oy) 8t8] Bi?33ys8P 

.[B153 pa 

Sh and a. 

783yB8 18 rs^'jjny i'k d81i 

amenta'ceous a. (D8'ti'-'"B-jy^ 

BS11 ;B1?3WS8P 8 '11 DMK Biiyt DiSi 

._iyBi533ys8P tyBP8ii bis? 

amentlan. ' (8'6!'-'3yn-y) =ByBD"3 

yilBBBSn'K ;B"p38im 

amen'tum ■». (asB-'jya-y) =jys8P n 

o"Bis' 8 PB lyon lyi"?!!' 8 ;bi53 


amerce' v. CDTiB-y) B'D lyasiBiyya 

■ .lyjy'D:? ,i?y3 

amer ceable a. (Jayo-'TiD-y) D81i 

.i8aB8iBis' ,iy'iyii Bjy'B:p'y3 fii8T 

amerce'ment n. (BjyB-'DTMO-y) 

^ .B3P ,W]0e"-\fV3 

amer cer n. ciyD-'Tio-y) ^siBB-ya 8 

.By'Djp DS11 iy3"8 ,iya 

Amer'ican n. and a. (typ-'K-'iyo-y) 

; lyBSBBc yB3'3"8iyB 'T tiB lysTa 8 

BS11 ; (f":8P'nya8 : lyjBP'iynB i8 

.Bpnyas is v<i> P8 

Amer lean gol'den plov'er -y) 

(iy-'iis?s n'?is3 iyp-'8-'iya 

An ameliorative medicine. 

I'iUiii^^rator n. _ (n8t3-'n-»»5-''o-y) 

amen n., adv.: int. and V. (iyB-'"K) y338? "*»il]-^3<ia»158l1 ny38Pny»8 

L ''ilffiiii?"'"' ''^ ;-)°» '"'"8" ,yoyi y3'ai8B=i?83^py lysnip '« ',ty?3'3a. 

p!SB5!SW'*P'*i«^^ , ■. ,[D<3 ya-Jsw? 118 lyiyiye 
•,Bi8iiJ'esy? BUT jyays : 3'Dan iSb • 

IS 1"(!'' P8 0811 ;B?8titS'y3 Pn B'J 

.lyapytj'N y3?yi8 
am'ethyst n. (BB'nB-'8-'ay) 8)8 

3T8B tyM?3»By?S'11 IIB P'Oti'^nBIIP 
,yS38?B PD 8 ,l"Geni8" .51^ .t] 

.ni'u^ba'naiya yajyii 

am^thys'tine «^'|B|SK£!/i'^~''*-Dy) 

BD<nByB8 -wi 'If ''118 D'W'^|saLi5Sii 

=sp ay?s'ii iy?j!ji s Bjfii Dsii jtsP" 

'■'V- > >.' 

amiabil'lty .. n. Y'B-iK-'?'^-y-'p-"8) 
=Bi3 ,B'"pa'?Tj'>nB .D^'pi'ii'TOiljay'T 

a'miable a. (53y-'a-'"8) 

.3'iB1BB13 ,'!I'?l3'na ,3'T^ 
Sensible people settle their differences lu 
an amiable spirit. 

a'miableness n. (Dy3->ay-'B-'"8) 

.B"P3»B1BB13 ,B"P3'mniD3y3y'? 

a'mlably adv. {'5-3y-'a-'"8) 8 ei'i8 

.IBI8 iy3'BiBBi3 lyis iy3m''iiBjyay'^ 

am'ianth ■». (nBjy-'K-'ay) BDy3D8 

=yB P8 VI BSBBC DSII ,t«'BB' pa 8] 

=y3 818 iya8a is BSi3ya aiy-ii ,Bn 

'y3 1381iy3 ;[B'3 Bjyi3 dbii nJ8ii 
.BDV308 na B38a 

amian'thlform a. -'nB-'j;;-'8-ay) 
Bisa n Bsn B811 ,3'Bi8BDy3D8 (btsb . 
atnianth ,t .BByabx lia 
jBjHlia!!''thoid a. (T>snB-':y-'8-By) t 

— -SXSl*'^ ' J'aiBBDyaDis ' 
am'lanthus '*>i'. ^^fyf(Mi^,l ''-' »-'" " ' 
»-^-' '■.'I . 

'te^^^^to amianthifo^S^'4^^ti 
'^^afl^ld a. (T»D^'j»-''K-Dyr~' 

~-- -^5 amian 
am'iantus n. 

atnicMtli .1" 
amicabil'Ity n. (iB-'x-'S'^-yp-'N-ay) 
am icable o. csay-p's-'at) =i3"-ia 

, 1 .013 ,1'? 

am'icableness n. (Dyj-Sav-p'x-'ay) 
amicab'$ity .j .' 
am'icably adv. {'j-ayfi-'K-'oy) .si'i« ' 
.IBI8' tya'^iii'iB 8 

The dispute was amicably ^idjusted. , 

am'ical a. (?yp-'8-'ay) .•i<5BB8Bh3"-iB 

am'ice •». (B's-'ay) -'SB' "lyDi'ii 8t8 

»''5<iB8p 8 B3S1B oy D»ii ,iy358P=iys 

yt!"5MQ8P BS11 ,3'in" 818 ;n'53 -^vv ■ 

amicro'blfeo. (p'3-'i!*ip-'8-»*')_HSVL ' 

yii] iy38<f'BnBBa8ini8wtrt*Tf5r^ 

'"" ^'"""8 lyi , 

B3Bt ' 

=ni8iyB B'j PKi 

j-^-^ig Birds" .?!« .( 

^menlpil'lty «. ('o-'8-'?'3-y3-'o 
• ins'^wyiaiM^ ,D"pa'5DisiiB38-iya 
fc <B"pa''?33y3is ; B"P3''3:yna8 .a^n 
^¥nable a. (?ay:-''a-y) =B38iya 
T4i ;3'33yn38 ,iyBnsinya3i« .TJaisn 


Ke'jiableness n. (Dyj-?ay:-"'0-y) 

amenability .1 
ae'nable to a charge 5ay:-''a-y) 

^?S5P 8 -lyBJlK . IflVB!^ (E-n-lBE'B V IB 

.••wa B"P3'?B-i8iia38nsa n lysBia ; y3 

.3313n?ll!'y3 8 

. ('i3yB-») MSiyByaD'is 
.lyivii li'Ma ■■ lyiyoysiys 


Amer'lcanism n. ''^iii?-'^:'.^^^^') 
.yisift. ,Bi«iv 8j^pJ8P'iyaS' (biik 

B"BDnyBP8183 W" 13»11 ,31130 , tVp» .. , 

=s'-ia8S ■iy:8P''iya8 : [b"J8P'1»B8' *™*'' 

.BB8t!'iy3Ti3 lyilS BPB 

Amerlcanlza'tion «. -3yp-'8-iya-y) 

.33i'in'J8pnya8 (18B'-'"i-''K 

,Amer'lcanize v. (PB-iyp-'X-'iya-y) 


Ametab'ola n. (yj^s-'ayB-y-ay) 'T 
=y3 ly"! B'3 ly-iBijy dsii ,tyBpyn'8 
«:nyiiy3 n inn b'3 lynys B811 ,B?8Bt!' 
.iyBpyt:'K iib iyBiBB'»B33i?p'iiB3y ya'? 

ametabo'Uan n. and .a -y-aya-y) 
B'iyi3y B811 ,BPBi3'8 18 (ly-'S-'isa 


amld'shlpSi p>dv, 

amidst' prejit 

n.^ ('-I'B 

,iyB'B, PS 

"318 'Tyi 

y) PS 

a BBT 

-am,id .t 

Vay -ijn 

^_meer .t 

amiss' n.Madv. \m&^. cp'a-y) 

,Bayi3i8 ;•«» lyi'is b'j ;'it8 0'3 

18 ; aayjtsp .BinvpiyB ,Ba8my5nya 

nyi> P8 B'3 ,B'?8B ; 5y3'8 18 ,BDyi318 

^ .', .»mt» 

amls'slng a. (33'8-Wo-y) oyj'i B'3 

.3njy5nyB ,i3ytyii:iSr>j;^ 

CB-'s-'ay) ,aa8B'iJ* 

.tvsjin'sya yais 
(y-'ay) iib inynytans-fs" 

am'lty n. 

am ma n. 





i am man n. UV-'dv) b] isob in 
.EvMiB' IDT p« lyiisn^tsoJBP 
meter n. cwQ-S-'av) oyas ts 
' n irBDVD IS ownnDD:<N is] tvava 
.[dsiob' ij/B'nBpyji; is na D"pn8BB' 
am'mlte n. (d'k-'dv) t"t3B'3lsP "Wi 
. .lva<i> lynjn sts] 
Am mo^ n. (ts-'D») l»i>"t3B']V iri 
, , .tins Bijj 

y _ a mmo i^a ». (j;-ij-'isd-J») ps'JSOb 
^'■^-'nay»*n<BD=pj'BB' n'BSE'SJ ,[i8j btb] 

.[DJVBSIB -1133=01'] 

amimo'niac n. and a. (py-'i-'iso-V) 
=808 ; P8'3SD8 IX BJJ85V338 DS11 
D811 ,D'13 8 tia BB8r 8t8] 'D13=P8'J 
.[lJ)n:'8 BDJIll US IJCmj/B t'N BDP811 

ammoni'acal ■ a. (5j;p-i;-''8J-s»-») 
=8D8 IS i'?jnj t'K nns B?8nBJv dbh' 
ammonia .t , .pgij 

ammo'nia-me'ter n. -j)-'3-'i80-Jf) 

nn ISIBDVD DIX B818a8 I8 (■1JIB-''0 

! ..jJTiv? Vt!"Dy3 8 i'8 D58nji8=p8'Jsa8 

ammo'niate n. (B''8-'j-'18D-5') =sd8 

18 ; Ti3PS"?8B!;o B'o mjmys ,p8'j 

P8 I'n t'N DS11 tlBBt!' 1j;t5"J8JT8 

=j;ii Bsijya \vi> nB35yii Ii8 n»Q&=p''a& 

.P8'J8n8 iyTsn38B ois ivi 

ammo'niated a. (Tj)B-"K-'j-'iso-y) 

.P8'Jso8 B'a mjmvB 

ammon'ic a. (p'K-'j8»-») «'8 Dsii 

.P8'JSD8 Iia BD1P DSllT2!lS-'l"i>' 


"^'iispn ins lyj'BVtJs dst (I8»-'"P 

■; •: .ps'jsos B'O r»p- 

am'moiliie n. (b'8-3S-'bji) nsn 

=y3 ,TO?yjJV5tj'i;i po 8] tisnDJsos 

.[?V6S'iD SBnm 

amne sicv'j!. 


ammo'nium n. (as-'J-'iSD-J') =SB8 

.[(ISBti' 1!;B"0y3 8t8] Dl'J 

ammunl'tlcni n. (is-'i!"J-1'-bJ') =id8 

. ■'BD'DJV'ip inBsnisB Djsnp ; ts's'j 

[.11 .t .8 inyiiw 'ii] 58nyB 

,..»mnemon'ic a. (P'8-'J80-'J-oy) 

.rnr-iBn lyTSiya ■nn boip dsii 

^ amne'sh n. (j;-iD-''j-oy) BDiSiya 

.tn3t an iia 

(piB-'ii-DV) T'8 DSll 

'Jiya ais t'E' 
="ij;a DSll 

<B-Dyj-'ov) :y'DDj;j08 

.33Wm ,3:iP1833J»3 

am'nlon ™. (ts-'J-'ny) ="na8B' dst 
jvcn dst] is?3iyD8ii ,n'?ts' ,?yB 
="n 081 ;[vit ,B"p /snsDV in tie 
BVT t'8 y?n3'n dst Bpnva dsii ?yB 


amnion Ic o. (p'x-'js-'J-oy) vh dsii 

.?yB"na8B' an is vtv 

^ I'nlos re. (DS-'J-'BV) am,nion .t 

amnlot'lc o. (p<K-'D8-'3-ay) =y3 dsii 

amnion .t .jjiB^naBB" ayn is bjjs? 

amniot'ic flu'id -'i?a p'8-'B8-':-Dy) 

esteco-, (p'B-'Oj-a») 


.in'»i- a: 

B^pa'D'^a n] lyDBiiBBtj" dst (t8 

.[?yB"nB8(!' ayT i'k in Brsyj dsii 

amnion .t 

amoe'ba «. (83-''0-y)' 8t8] 83yD8 

Bsn esii /ly'^yaycya yt!"BSPDS'ip>D 

'•^VP tyi!"at8?B8BSlB iy38B3"8 18 

.-iVB-]Vp tiB ysys yj5yxj"8 i» ;[iyB 


amoe'ba-move'ment re. -ty3-''p-y) 
=siB lyT na jjijyiiys n (Bjyo-'iiniD 
"BB' 8 B38iBy3 lya tvii] xaisJasB 
lyo Bnyt ,8or8?BsBslB sovpki ^vp 
tyn<SB'i:is I"n t's i<t B58n 't t8 
.[lyn'siyiiBJia ii« 

amoebe'an a. (iy-''3-'iD-y) =yDpyii3S 

•wi IS B3385y3 DSll : jn3yB"3 jnjy? 

amceha .t .83yo8 

amcebe'an song {i:so ty-'is-'D-y) 
D811 ly? 8t8] j38iyj5yDpyii ivt 
ynyinyn lyis "lis iia lyjjitya aiyii 
ti8 yjBia na aisa ivi I's lyjsnys 
8) nyB 8 lyb'K tiya 8 ,btsiid38 

.[(PIDB 8 ny3'8 PIDB 

Amo'mum n. (aso-'isa-y) =J3'8 n 
085B yj'iypyoi!' vo 8] lysiB^a^-iys 



among' adv. and prep. ('j38D-y) ='11S 

.lyDjix ,]Vt!f 

anlong' oth'er things -'nas 'JJsa-y 

.DyiyiJB nyajis (tj:>nD ly 

Among other things he told me this also. 

amongst' prep. CBDJisa-y) am,ong .j 

among' the rest (BDyi 'riD 'aoso-y) 

.yjn3<8 n iyi!"iis ,ty'iyT:8 "lypiy? 

amontUla^ r;. TiSi-'y'-S'B-Jsa-yr 

■"liiOTy]8?y33s nyDu ,n»?yn pa 8(8 

Amor re. (isb-'^'k) bs3 lyTl.lsas 

.[y'3s?SB'D P8] y3y<? na 

amore'an re. (|y-'n-s-ay) kiibk 18 

•IP DSll niB?nn '?y3 n tia lyj^s] 

.[a'K3n n 1183 lyo 

amoret to re. (sB-'Dyi-s-oy) 'lya 8 

naBsa ^v^^} iias ny3">p s nyaay? 

„ .[yay? 

amori no re. (sJ-'n-s-ay) lyj"?? 8 

.Cy3y'? tiB Bsa lyn] iid8 

am orlst re. (Don-s-'ay) '•tyosi 8 

.i3"nB'iyB8t 8 ,iyay'> 

amoro'sa re. {BD-'isn-S-ai;) =D'i8 18 

.njii 8 ,'na vivasPSi 

amoro'so re. and a. (SD-'lSl-S-oy) 

;[p'iiD -lyn px] TJsy? ,T5Biys. 

.i3"i3=iya8T 8 

am'orous a. (Ds-is-'ay) n'^Biys 


am'orously adv. ('5-DK-"is-'ay); 

8 fin8 ; yay? b'd ,B"p3»5B"iys b'o 

.1318 lys'JBiys 

am'oroushess re. (Dp-DS-ns-'ay) 

.B"nB3y'?i»B ; B'^pa'^Biys 

amor'phic a. (p's-'isa-y) ; is5aisB 

.331311* tnS ; tS"?8BD'"lp D'3 

amor'phism re. (DPB-'lso-y) =Disa 

,rya8DiS' ; [yaisa 8 rns] a"p3'i85 

.aiSB ?8aDnp pip D'3 lyasn dsii 

amor'phons_ a. (DSB-'lsa-y) =disb 

.3313118 ins ; ti"58DD'1P D'3 ; IS? 

amor'phously adv. ('5-Dsa-'iSD-y) 
tns ; K"?8BB'ip D'j ; yaisa 8 rns 


amor'phousness ji. -DSB-'lsa-y) 
atnorphism, .t <Dy3 

amort' a. ('tfiso-y) =y3 ,t85D:y3y5 
.jy3S5!!'y3iyT3 ; is^bdish 

amortiza'tion re. (ist!'-'"t-'D-lSB-y) 
'1 IS DiB3y3"«i3n3 iy3y3iy3'K dsi 
='ipiyB B'3 ?sb3"p dsi iy3BP y3?yii 
='?'BiyB '1 : [.r>y^'<p 8 is 'ii] lys 
=nss3s "3 jysysD] i^ivr 8 na 3313 
tyD'iiy3 8 na fiisySD'a an's ly? 
lyis iy3'a'8a pa 33isi338 'i ;[i3sb 
BIS lyt ei'iK eii8i Dy i'3jyT'3yal 
.y.'>3v lyiyii a^s^p: 

amor'tize v. (psb-'isa-y) lya'ipij^ 
yiyi38 iyu^''i385 iy38iDiy3'« iyi8 

,BB8!!'iyBiyp 8 IS iyB'3 y3'53yiiy331K 

lyis lya'ipiye d'3 mya Dy lyp yajyii 

iy5nss3s : iyiyi38 is is iy3y3iy3'K 

.tyasi P8 3in s 

amor'tlzement n. (B3yB-t'D-'lSD-y) 

="D yOB'iyS'lK '1 PB 331SlBy3 818 

.yi"3y: 8 na m - 
, amortisation .1 

amount' re. and v. ('D3l8D-y) ,yei8 '> 

=8aD'i8 ; lysyiBya ; eiyioya ,?3i1«id ,1 

.Tt lya'imyi ,iya"i3iyi iiya- ' 

amount' of bal'ance 118 'BJi8D-y) '.t 

jsiaya iy3ya'?3iyB (D3y-'?y3 -i^ 

amour' n. cinia-y) =y'? 8 :yay>5 s 

.y3'1D3'8=DJI3 k 

am'pac re. (pys-'ay) )'« D'la 818 

BB8I S D'lis B'3 iy35yii iy'i3'K=DDs 

.n'l tyoia 8 inyt iib 

ampelog'raphy n. -yi-'385-yB-ay) ^ 
iiB 33i3"iii'ya ya'jDBBB'isnw 'i ca fe 

5p'sis n. (D'D-'B85-yB-By) 818 


amper age re. tdytT's-'inya-ay) '1 

DS1BB' iyt!"iDpy5y tb tia D"pi8De'.^ 

.tyB"n3"8"iyBa8 pk tyaDsaya '< 

ampere n. Cinys-ay) =3"8 t8] lysoB 

lyDDsaya Diyii Dy ya?yii b'd D"n 

.DSIBE' ty!S"1Bpy?y tlB D"P18Dt!' '1 

typ3yi3N Dis tyDi3y33s 33i3a"sy3 8 
.[lyBBB lyp'i'B tyBBn'iy3 ayi pa 
ampere'-hour re. (ii8-;inyB-n») tB 
B"n3"8 yc'iDpyyy !«] yi3iBi!"iyBD8 i 
='11 tyBDsayj Biyii oy iy3jyn.; t\\i. 
iyi ti'D DS1BB' 8 Bya'S'iDpyjy jya 
•'5y3 Dsn lyBDs t"8 pa B"pisBti' 

. [yi31DB' 8 PB B"S iyi PN Biyo ^^ 




ampere'-me'ter «. -"'o-"\nVB-ov) 

=?»?» 18 I1B B"p-|8t3B' n tVBDVD IX 

Ampe'rian a. (ly-n-'B-oy) t'KDSii 

IX Mils lyBDS IJ/p'CB BJ/T IX ^"ly 

.Dvnsyno j;j"t 

amperom'eter ». -y-'asi-vs-av) 

atnpere-meter .t (ijiu 

am'persand n. (ijyD-lVB-'ny) Dsi 
BSBS!':8 BSijya Biyii] & im"x 


ampere'-turns ». (tJTlB-'viliB-pi;) 

11B BBSnp IVB'iByjJSD 1S1 IIB DSD n 
I'« BD'?B DS11 DS1BE' iyt!"lBpy5V 18 
IX 1"5J r8 BB81P n .JJlBC^BSIT 8 

=iBB' lyi HB iw:i5p'ii=B»Ti Jnsx-iBT 

tlfi B"P18Blf in B<a BJI/BSIW y? 

■ p8 lyBDsoyj Biyii ny3?yii ,dsibb' 


amphib'la n. (y-'«-'3'B-Dy) ='308 

,nt!'3' lyi «i'i8 '8 lyay? dsii ni'n ,ty'3 

^ynjB'B 8 /tSiKIB 8 '11] iyD811 t'8 '8 

.[.11 .t .8 ?n8PsiP ,y38B 

amphlb'ial a. (jy-'s-'a'B-oy) Dsii 

.lya'Bas ix v^tf vk 

amphlb'ian n. nd a. (ty-i8-'3'B-»y) 

(i'i8 118 iyD8ii i'8 Bay? d81i n'n 8 

D811 ,n'n 8 IX i"t!' i'8 D811 jniya' lyi 

.lyoBii P8 ti8 ftt^a' "lyT fiM8 aay? 

amphiblolog'ical ». -8-'8-a'B-Qy) 

nyi IX Tity t'8 DS11 (syp-'s-'ctis? 

'V> B811 lytf'jyByis'ya 't lyjyii yiny? 

.nu-a' lyT 5i'i8 '8 iyD8ii I's '8 lya 

amphibiol'ogy n. -s-'58-'8-a'a-Dy) 

v-^^xiyBycya n lyjyii ynny? n cts'tT 

lii «i'i8 '8 nyD8ii P8 '8 lyay? D8ii 


amptaib'ious a. (B8-'8-'a'B-Dy) D8ll 

.nyD8ii P8 ti8 iiB'a' lyi (im8 Bay? 

amphib'iously odi;. -D8-'s-'a'B-oy) 

=811 i'8 Bay? D811 ri'n 8 'ii 'it8 C? 

.nts-a' lyT fi'is ti8 nya 

amphib'iousness n. -Dlt-'8-a'B-By) 

f|M8 118 iyD8ii P8 lyay? dst (oyj 

..nEfa' lyi 

am'phlbole m. (?isa-iB-'Dy) ?sa'B»8 

i<8 D811 ,?8nyj'a lyj'aisB ?y'B 8(8] 

118 ninyjJBD ,bvx?8P iib BxytyjB'uix 


amphlbol'ic a. (p'8-'?8a-'B-Dy) 
i'8 DS11 ; BB8n?yB"iix ,3'B"T'iix 

.?83'BaB ?8iyj'D DyT IX I"!!' 

amphlbol'ical a. -pi8-'?8a-'a-ay) 

amphibolic j (?y 

amphibolog'ical a. -8-3'B.-ay) 

="B?yssT j'B"T'iix (5yp-'8-'B'n8? 


amphibolog'ically adv. -s-3'a-ay) 

,=B8n?yB"iix 8 B'o ('8-?yp-<8-'i!'n8? 

.jjiB<nya lyB 

amphlbol'ogy n. (»B'n-s-'?8-a'a-By) 

,nyBnyii tyamayj dbi ;i"B?yB8T 

.i"B tyj'B"n"iix 8 tyasn D8ii 

amphib'oly n. ('?-»-'a'B-By) D8T 

'"11X 8 tyasn dsh nyaiyii lysmsyj 

.I"B tyj<B"T 

amphlcar'plc a. (p'S-'-iBP-'B-ay) 
amphicarpous .i 

amphicar'pous o. (DSB-'lBP-'B-ay) 
="181 "IIS [D'13 8 <1l] B'ns B'J D811 

.B3nB tya 
amphicar'pous tree -'isp-'B-oy) 

oy iy3?yii «im8 dm3 8 (ynB osa 

.Dana tyaist "iix lyopsii 

amphlchi'ral a. (?yi-'»BP-'B-ay) 

118 DBayn iyi!"iix lyti'iyBJiB ts in8 

DBayi tyiyii Bsmayj lyp dbii ; dp:*? 

.DPJ'? 118 

amphlc'tyon n. (tB-'B-'p'B-ay) P8 

:8 IX B83y?yT 8 ,i3B?jy3nj iyB?8 
=y3 8 ;3Ji?a8t'iya yn^ana yj"»yj?8 
=jy3nj tyB?8 P8 3Ji?D8nya=D;3iB8T 


amphictyon'lc a. (pi8-'38-'B-{!'a-ay) 

=?8 iyE"3'13=B?B IB IX 1"!!' T'8 D811 

.33i?D8nya lyj^ays 

amphic'tyony n. Cj-B-'B-'p'a-ay) 

='13 yB?8 '1 tiB 3y'? lyiB P'Biya b 

lyi B'B BiyBB' yiyiyciya iib tya 

B'D nDn?D iyT'DixD'18 3:iBa'?aiya 


amphicyr'tous a. (osB-'TiD-'B-ay) 

.iyB"t yT'3 IIB Ba'ipy3D'i8 ' 

amphidro'mla n. (B-'a-'iBn-'a-ay) 

lynBB iyB?B t'8 BDya=DQii3y3 di3'p b 

.[i3B?jya'i3 P8] 

amphlge'an a. (ty-"isin-'B-ay) dbii 

P8 ?y3ip ny oyi bub t't BJ'By3 

.isBBiipy IIB B"pB"ii •iy3?yt'iyT 

amphlgor'ic a. (P'8-'l83-'B-ay) 

.niD38 18 t'8 DS11 :3'3't318 

am'phigory n. (»i-B3-'B-'ay) 18 

.TllDaS IB ,PtJ18 

am'phipod n. (isB-'B-'ay) =d8 18 
Atnphipoda .t .tbB'B 

Amphlp'oda n. (yi-s-'B'B-ay) =B8 
Dayip lyi iib iy?'n'n pa bI tyisB'B 
=i8n 8 B'D Bpyiya ty3"t dsii ,y'?'D8B 
?"B 8 DS11 D'B tyasn iis )'38?sb' tya 
118 DBiymsB Dyaa'-iys lyj"! "t tis 

.[DDiyilP'l ?"B 8 

amphip'odal u. (?yi-s-'B'B-Dy) 

amphipp&oua .) 

amphip'odan n. (tyi-s-'B'B-ay) 
Amphipoda .i 

amphip'odons a. (Dsl-S-'fi'B-ay) 
ty33iDa'n yT'3 ps d's asn dsii 
P8 DSII ;[DBiyiip'i 118 DBiyinss] 

.tyiSB'BDB '1 IX f't:' 
Amphipoda .t 

amphlpro'style^ a. -'isiB-'B-ay) 

BjyisB IIB ty?"t Bsn dsii (?'8bd 

.[tyT'ay3 lysyii] lyej'n tiB lis 

amphisbse'na n. (8J-''a-D'B-ay) 'i 

8 ,tyBa'ts'y3 ?y38B ps ; 338?B'?y33'n 

tiB typy yT'3 itib bsp b b'b sjb?!:* 


amphisbae'nlc a. (p'j-'i3-D'B-ay) 

ti8 DDiyinsB ty3yiiy3 Tt tvp dsii 

;b"P3'B3"? 'iy3?yt lyi b'd DBiyiip'i 

B'D 33B?B' iyBBBri?yaBB "lyi ix t'?3ny 

.lyuy yT'a tiB syp "iix 'i 

amphisbae'nous «. (DSJ-''a-D'B-ay) 

am/phisbtBnio .i 

amphis'cian n. (ty-'R-'B"B-ay) »"8 

tyi3y3y3 'i tis iy3n8ii3"8 'i tia lyj 

, .isDBiipy Dns 

amphls'cil n. ('8-'8-'B"B-By) 

amphisoian .j 

amphithe'atral a. -y-'TiD-'B-oy) 
.lyDByB'Bas IB '11 Oyia 

amphithe'atre n. -y-'ino-'a-ay) 
=y3=Dp?sB 't] nyBByB'BDB dst (lya 
1811 ,D'i3y3 1311 ,D'ii tyB?8 P8 yi"a 
ty33i?yDB'isB lyiyii tyay3y3 ty3J)?a Dy 
yi?'ii B'a tyB'jya tyti"iix yasayp iia 
=iyB3i8»Dp?8B yiyi3B i'i8 »ii ,ni'n 
»yj t'8 DS11 yi"3y3 b ;[ty33iB?Bii 
=D8 iyt!"D'n tiB Disa lyi pb B'la 
P8 »'iy?83 yDE'iya'iB 'i nyDsya'a 
.lyBsya 8 

amphltheat'rlc a. -'ay-'iiD-'B-ay) 
Ofiy t'8 DSII lyiS T'H' t'8 DSll (P'l 

.lyasyD'BaB is ix i'? 

ampbitheat'rlcal a. -'By-'BB-'B-ay) 

»'Ba8 IB IX B338?ya38 DS11 (?y-P'i 


amphltbeat'rlcally adv. -'a-Dy) 

lis BisB lyi 1S3 ('8-?yp-'i-'Dy-'iiB 

.lyDsyB'saB 18 

Amphit'ryon n. (ts-'l-'B'a-ay) =a8 

Dy?ipiyn na lyasa^fi'DE' lyi ,ts'iB'B 

.[y'3s?SB'D iyi!"3'i3 lyi vkI 

ampbit'ryon n. (ts-'l-'B'B-ay) 

.nBl'11BDB3 B 

amphiv'orous a. (Dsi-S-'ll'B-ay) 

.t!"'?B '8 iyX38?a '8 BOy DSll 

am'phora n. (yi-sa-'oy) bisbdb 
iyu"3'i3 lyis lytf'D'ii iyB?8 bib] 

='BB' 8 118 tyiyiB "IIX B'a 311P3"11 

.[pyi tys'x 


am'phoral a. (?yi-sB-'ay) BPIP DS11 

amphora .i .KisBas 18 '11 D'lS 

amphor'lc a. (pis-'isa-ay) bbudsii 

?y3'ip 8 t'8 Bts?3 lyo '11 ,338?p oyi 

18 IX i'?3ny P8 DSll :?y[S'y?B lyis 

amphora .t .sisaas 

amphoric ity n. CB-'s-'O'i-sB-ay) 

DSll ,338?P Oyi IX t'?3iiy I"t DSl 

?y3'ip 8 i'8 Bts?a tya tyii ft Biyn 

.?yB'y?B lyiB 

amphoter ic a. (p'8-'iyB-SB-ey) 

: lyns t"ii?"0 tiK pnB t"ii?"B 


amphris'us but'terfly -'o'la-oy) 
=yat!' iyD'113 bib ('8?B-iy-'Bsa ds 

.318B iy3'?3'1ia IIB 33'?iyB 

"Butterflies" .?ij< ,t 

am'ple o. (?BDy) ,BX3yi3ya3i8 ,D'nj 

,.T?a"i ,3'D'iiy3 ,B"ia ,?ia ,3'i'yBB'3 

amplec'tant a. (B3yD-'py?a-ay) dsii 

=y?3 '11] BDsaaiB DSll ;Dii8 Dany3 

oyBty DSl tyDsaaiB i'38?b b iia lya 





am'pleness n. (D!;j-'?Bay) ,B"pD''n3 

=BJ"-|6!'W3"K B': ,B"pB"13 ,B"P?j;'a 
.,B"prB'l5B"11 ,D"p3'5in<aD'lK ; B"P 

amplex'icaul a. (SnsP-iD-'pyjs-nj;) 

»1l] BBSBDIK DS11 ,01-18 BODJ/J DS11 

.[5W3j;Bt!' DST lyosaaiN ijibji?3 

am pliate v. and a. (B^'K-'SB-'oy) 

»8D nj)B"l3 ; ivn'XD'iN ; ivivoyij-iya 

amplla'tion n. (isi5'-'"N-'5B-oy) 
^'iSB'Mi ; wn!;B"-ia-ij)a .a-iimvii-iSia 
niN'DBanvs » tj;j:J?as dst ;B"Pj'a 
=M inyo lys'np iv Avovsei simn ?"b 

am pllative a. (ivB-y-iSB-'njJ) Dsii 
'"naiya ,B'iyDy'ij-iya Bsii ,is b'j 


amplifica tlon n. (isc-'^'p-'a-'^s-Dl/) 

,:bi?'B' M^'BBMN 18 ; jJiirBj/iJiva 

.JJia"iB'j>a ins «n ' 

am pllficative a. -"p-ia-'Ss-'Dj;) 

ampUative -.r (IVB 

am'pllficator ». (iisB-"p-'a-<5S-'iDj;) 

nra ins BMS BivB'na bsii iyj"s 


am pllficatory a. -"p-<a-'5B-'aj() 

ampliative .t ci-sB 

am'plifier m. {ij-ibb-'?b-'b!;) ^lya 

.-iVlVB'naD'lK ; iv^VDVll 

am'pUfy v. (isa-'SB-'oy) ^j/Dyinya 

.tyiyB'naiva ■ ; lyi 

am'plitude n. (ii'b-'JB-'dj;) =Bm3 

; B"pBina ; Q"pb"ii ; jjsbdis ; b"p 

=yB80 8] niB'5BB8 ; B"Pa"-| ,n853 
»!)1J VB'IIW 8 183 pmBMK IVEXBBB 

Tsa pmDMs nyB"nsJsiBD8 ts ; vo 

BasD lyivBE-' 8 Bsii isjMa>i"-ip ayi 

; 3:8j-ij;bjik i"t ca jjBJa'ix t"t ria 

'-ivs 8 Dsii rp3'ia=i"ip na D'nan 

pn "3 B38D ij;j"t 8 11B 5j;pnjyB 


amply adv. (<5B-'ny) ,iudsp?sb 

ample .t .■!i<?in''aB'i8 ,'=i'5i:n3 

r.This subject has been amply treated by 
. inany writers. 

4mpnl'la n. (j;-'?sB-a!;) =b58 I8 

;.B'aBi8?fi m'b-i);b=?mip yijn SB'^ain- 

lya?!/!! I's >?3 8 ; r?8n lyjsai!' 8 

Twnp BIS 5'i8=3?8r BST B?8n tya 

I'ya 1811 '53 wiytyjj sts msjsa 8 

18B?8 I'lSa lyOBll tl8 I'MI DV1 B58il 

.im'p j;bi>5mb8P n i'8 

ampulla'ceous a. (DS'iS'-'"5-SB-aj;) 

8 IS ^'?:ny I's bsii j'aij/ajvtj'BJa 

^saty 8 B'D !i>sfs -iwaiyaswip lyijn 

, .t?8n ty? 

am pullary o. (n-"K-5SB-'By) Bsil 

iy3'anyfl=?yjip -lyijn s is. ve> t'K 

.t58n iy?sai!' 8 a<D (C8?b 

ampul'late o. (B"K-'?8S-oy) 

atnpullary .t 

ampul'liform .*. (Disa-.'s-'JSB-ay) 

=?y3ip ^y^Jl•^ 8 na Disa n Bsn bsii 

.t?8n lypsats" 8 b<b i!'8?B lyj'a-iya 

ampullos'lty n. ('B-i8-'B8?-sB-ay) 

yjyrs?3yjBMN i8 ,ytj"BD83BS3 s 

am putate o. (B"B-l<a-'By) ^'bibbb 

nya-iyp na lyjj s iynpiyj3si8 niti 

.iyD'i3 na lyj'Mis n lyT'ju'as 

Hfa left hand was amnutated In the hoi- 

amputa'tion n. (isis'-'"B-i<B-ay) 

iy'?j 8 tyany33sn8 bst ; is'S8bibb8 

.lysiyp I IB 

amputa'tlonal a. -3S(!'-'"13-1'B-By) 
.rS'SBBlBOS 18 1lf 1"ii' I'S BSII OS 

amputa'tor n. (1SB-'"B-1'B-By) 

3818 BT'JB'] BTBIBaS D811 iy3"« 

.l-tSB-)DP tlB iy'5J S 

am'pyx n. (Bp'B-'ay) yjiSBE'^nsri 8 

tia5S»8 OJy^a bsii lJ83»?8ByB 8t8] 

8 ;[bsp Bn8 tyiyii tyasiBya tyna 

• .Tiya 8 tia i3»a»ssp 

amuck' a. and adv. ('psa-y) 'VT^VO 

.Baspis nJ'ii'is'n 

am'ulet n. (ByJ-i'-'ny) «'a="iy3'is 8 

.yap 8 ; ?yB 

amulet'ic a. (p's-'Bys-i'-ay) bsii 

.yap 8 IX vn' t'8 

amu'sable a. (53yt-'ra-y) lyp bsii 


amuse' v. cira-y) nVBJis ,iyTiia8 

nya lyasii'iya ;iy38D j'bbi? jiyaJsn 

' .lys'^iBiys B"x n ; lyj'jyj 

amuse'ment n. (Bjya-'ti'a-y) ="iya 

;3JiB?8myBJi8 ;B"p3'BBi5 ; lyj'jyj 


amu'ser n. CiyT-'va-y) bsii lyo^'s 


amusette' n. ('Byr-r-ay) =3"? 8t8 

.B8a-iBn=i5ya lya 

am-u'sing a. (jjn-'i'a-y) ,BJ8tia8 

=B"s ; ijyj':yjnya ; ijyaJsmyDJix 

.J'i:y38a j'bbi? ; ijy3"iBnyB 

amu'slngly adv. C^-jJM-'l'B-y) 

.raiN tyBJ8tiB8 t8 >imk 

amu sive a. (HM-'i'a-y) ,bi'iid8 bsii 

.tyj'JJiya taasa bsii 

amu'sively adv. ('?-iiM-'l'B-y) sms 

.ryTMias ryp bsii ibis 18 

amu slveness n. (Byj-im-'i'a-y) 

.iyTtiD8 lyjyp bst ,BJ8tia8 vi bst 

amyg'dala n. (yj-yi-'jia-y) O80 8 

'11 ] j'D-iyajyiJBa t's bsii ayay -.rji 

.8 ,'n8a i'8 ,t?8n rs wiim n 

, .[.11 .t 

amyg'dalate n. and a. -yi-'j'a-y) 

08B ;iy5lJ8a IS BJJ85y3:8 BSII (B"? 

.■il5'a5yi38a ; j'a-iyB5yT 

amygdal'ic o. (p'8-'5yi-3'8-ay) 

.iy?1J8B IB B38ay3 t'8 BSII 

amyg'dalime n. and a. -yi-'3'ia-y) 

=ya 8] t'5813'aB ; 3'B-i8?yiJ8a (p? 

^usBBiya 'T tia 'iy3"8 .isbb' nyis"a 

.[iy5i:8B yiyB'3 na ry5"B 

amygdall'tis n. (B'B-'i85-yi-3ia-y) 
t'8] ry?i:8a 't na 3jnj'SBjy i8 

amyg'daloid n. and a. -yi-'3'D-y) 
'jyijsa -lyi ; j'aiyasyijsa (ts5 

.[p'Bt!' -im-lSn 8t8] I"Bt!' 

amygdalot'omy n. -'B85-yi-3'a-y) 

r'K lySlJSD 'T tyT'JWlK BST CO-S 

, , .t?8n 

amyl.ji. (S's-'oy) yo'nyj «] 5,08 

, , .[3jn3'3iya yB»By3 

amylaceous o. (Bs'!!'-'"?-'a-y) 'its 

.3'58a3sip ;58B3snp Ml 

amyl al'cohol -isP-'?y S's-'ay) 

iy3'?'i8 818] ?snsP58=?'a8 osn 

, -[a'TBD -lytsssisa 

amylene n. (p5-'K-'nj,) j,] ,yj'os 

nsn tya ysjyn ,b"P3'd'?b yts-'aya 

=BS5B' B?8 lysijya BT3nB ?sb8 

amyl'ic a. (p'8-'?'B-y) ummiK Bsil 
»SP58=?'a8 BTSnsiB BSII ; 5'08 IX 

*■ .5sn 

amylif'erous a. (Bsl-y-'fl'S-'K-ay) 
.58a3S"iP D'n8 o'3 DS11 

am'yiin n. (p5-'8-'oy) na 5"B lyi 
.lyDBll PN B'J BfiyjIS BKll PsessiP 

am'yline n. (p?-'8-'ay) amylin .t 

am'yl nit'rite (B'8VB'8J 5'8-'ay) 
'Vpyats' y3'?3?y3 sts] b'ib'j^J'bb 
.[I'X'iya I'N Bxijys ,b"P3'B'5b y3'i 

amyl'ogen n. (rytyn-s-'J'B-y) nyn 

PK Bny31X BSll 58B3S1P ns 5"B 


an'a adv. (y-'jy) i"53 lyiy tia 

=yn iy3"nB' ps iy3"x d?8 Bxuy3] 

=pyj8 ; iyBsipy:8 b'b 113 8 ; LryBsys 

anab'amous a. (Bsa-y-'3y-3y) Bsil 

=5yil tl'18 ,[S"B BlSt 8t8 IS V& PN 

'V>? tyjyp "t t8 ,B3sryj aiyn sy ya 
.B'la's ei'18 ypyiBty vi^w 8 ryiya 

Anabap'tlsm n. (Br>B-'sya-y-jy) 

'lynyii n na yiny? n ,Br'BB83838 

./Ina^ap^zst .T .lyB'lB 

Anabap'tist «. (BB'B-'Bya-y-jy) =8J8 
iy'?3B'B 8] lyB'iBiynyii ,bb'bb83 
,B3'i53 BSll ,yBpyB y3'5BB'v 8 na 
PN B"n-iJ'p lyT PN lya'iB bsi t8 
»n8T lyBpsiiB'iN D"a t« ns suyj b'3 
yapyo sis .lya'ia 5sa iyB"iis s rya 

PN 138?E'B"T P8 ByiJ'n3y3 ^'t BSH 

358n TIN iyiiy3 t'n n ,1521 ing< 

•» , .[E"BB'JlaS? 

anabaptistlc a. -'BB'B-sy3-y-jy) 

Anabaptist .» .b"bB'BS838J8 (P'N 

anabaptist'ical a. -'BB'B-aya-y-jy) 

anabaptistlc .t (5y-p'N 

anabap'tlstry re. -BB'B-'BVa-y-jy) 

n ; lyBB'BBsasJS n na yiny? 't<n 

.tyBB'BBsasJs 'T na yopya 

Anabaptist .t 

anabaptize' ». {'PSB-Bva-y-jy) ='n 

.?SB8 1S3 tya'iB-iys 

anab asls n. (B'B-y-'3yj-y) rfj'o s 

"lyBDpy yB"^yB'5'B 8 ; 3is iyi!"-iyo 

='iyBDpy yts"^yQ'5'a yB'iiy3 s ; ys 

.y'oa'ts'ys iyE"3'n3 lyn pn ys 

The anabasis of Napoleon on Bnssia was 

a failure. 

anab'ole n. ('5-s-'3y-3y) =B'is BST 

=3"'i3B'n8 BST ; ly'Btj' bsi ,!y3y'i3" 

^ , .5'iB t'B'B nn'? tys 

anabol ic a. (p'N-'583-y-3y) bsii 

.BP5S3838 IX 1"li' PN 

andbolism ,t 

anab olism n. (BP5-s-'3y3-y) =838 

=ip y35yii ;iy33i-iyn3y yn'n n ,bp?s3 

i'3 lyp'BEs- yBinysiya n i»n isb lya 

na vjvs 8 P8 Tt ty?T38inya "t 

metabolism, .t .-lysiyp 

anacamp'tlc o. (p'[3-'Bayp-y3-y) dsii 

ryai8ii8ixpnis Ba8B'3y3"N n osn 

.33B?P 8 lyiS ty5i"181B6!'B3'? 

anacamp'tical a. -p'B-'Bayp-y3-y) 
anacamptie \ (jy 

anacamp'ties n. (Bp^B-'Bayp-yj-y) 

PB 33ia-i8iiP'-iis lyi tiB yiny? n 

.338?P 8 -lyis tyJnsiBiyBa'j 

anacathar'tic a. (p'B-'i8nB-yp-y-3y) 

ins (SJ na nn'? 


anachpon'ic a. (p'N-'38np-y-:y) -838 
Ba'aB" BSII ,B"s lyi I's b'3 ,b"3si3 
tysyii] D1B8T lyis b"x -tvi B>a b'j 
tysysysiya's lyiyn yajp,, tyjoiTBsa 
I'N ti'3 lyis Q1B8T lyK'jsa s o'o 

.[b"S -lyn B'B 338?P3"K 




anachron'lcal o. -'«-':8lP-J/-JJf) 

anachronic .t (?yp 

Qinachron'ically adv. ^'jsip-y-jj;) 

anach'ronlsm n. (iai's-jsi-'py-jy) 
on^DSB MB j:nj'm!;B « ,cii<jsi38J8 

="X yjyiyiiji-iyB IS lynj/nw MJSII ,IV3 

anach'ronlst n. (bd'N-JSI-'PJ'-J!') 
'nya t!;B")(s5sJ»i3 s tsasD dsii iy3"N 
t$ I'K nijiB 8 15380 Dsii nj;:"8 ,ny? 
na ijijjiT'D8a Bi:'3-iyB lyiu dib8t 
.Dit38T t"8 nyD:i« iyi3"x j/jyiyeyij/a 

anachronis'tic o. (p'O-'D'J-Sl-py-Jy) 
=B"X I's nyjnj/B 8 o^o ,E"Jsn38:8 


anachronis'tical o. -'D'J-si-PV-jyj 

anachronistic .t (?j;p-iB 

anach'ronize ■«. (ti8-:si-'PJ'-JJ') 

.iSSnyB iyij"js?s:«n3 8 imsd 

anach'ronous a. (DS-JSI-'PV-Jy) 

. anachronistic .1 
anaclt'ronously adv. -isi-'py-jy) 

.IB18 iyi!"JS138JB 18 *1'18 ('?-D!S 

anaclast'lc a. (p'8-*BDy5p-y-jy) Dsii 

B3'5 IIB 3:i3yi3 •\V-I IX '■"B' t'K 
=1S -\ll-l IS 1"ti' t'8 DSll ; iy5n81B!J' 

»yii Dsii ,iy5yiiBBi? n na joiBisiiPn 

=n8iiP'iis ;«85P 8 na ayiS'sya ivi 

.ijy3yi3jy5n8'TBt!' ; jnjya 

anaclast'lc glas'ses -'BDy5p-y-jy) 

n lyssn y35yii lyiyJa (ty-'oyjj p'« 

.iy5n8iBi;'=B3'5 lysyis is BBBcayj^x 

anaclast'ics n. (Dp'x-'BDyJp-y-oy) 

=B3'? na jjiayia lyT lyjyii yiny? n 


anacolu'thia ». -triB-'rJ-sP-y-jy) 

»'58P'B8D8iJ lyi IIB lyjnys dst (8 

.B'^poyo^snyjOMN nyty 

anacolu'thic o. (P'nB-'l'5-SR-!'-J!') 

=58ny5DM8 E"58P<B8081J B<J I'8 D811 


anacolu'thically adv. -'r5-SP-y-:y) 

•yBJsnyjDMs b'j 8 «i'i« (ix-jyp-'na 

.taiK tyt!"?8P'B8D813 Dyj 

anacolu'thon n. (isnB-'l'S-iJP-y-jy) 

,ti'58B 1J"?8P'BSD8'1J t'8 D811 r8t 8 

P8 V8t 8 : r8t iyjyo?8ny3D'iK b'j s 

.^yB^yll iyts5yjDiit< lyo"! oy ryp^yii 

anacon'da n. (yi-'38P-y-jy) oytyn 

.8»3 iytj":8PnyD8=Tn ■,i:s'?sr 

Anacreon'tic a. (p^B-'OB-n-py-jy) 

=y3=By3y'5 yt!"T5 n is vtif v» dsii 

.isyiP838 Bysa lyc'sn] nyi lis yB3'T 

anacreon'tic n. (p<B-'J8-n-py-3y) 

"' .ysy? lyjyii snyss 8 

anadiplo'sis -n. (D'D-'ls5B-n-y-jy) 

IS on'K na ,Bi8ii 8 ty^smyTii dst 

.-lySKBDpnlj'iB iy38D 

Ours is a good land, a land of milk and 

an'adrom ». (Ds-in-y-'jy) DSii K"a 8 

.iy3"B n t'8 B' na dm-is bdmik' 

anad'romous u. (Dun-Bi-'nyj-y) 

BoniB' Dsii : «i'n8 b' na anya d8ii 

.[b"B "3] pn8 T'B I'K Q' tia 

ana'ea phan'tes -'jya 'K-'":-y) 

■■SMI ?yp5n na jj'S-iyByatj' 8i8 (dvb 

"Butterflies" .?'s .t .3186 lyay? 

anse'mla U;-'D-''3-y) anemia .t 

ansesthe'sia n. (y-'D-'inB-Dy-jy) 

Tin B"P5ns5BDi8iiy3] y<tyBD8:8 

.[panB'tisSB' 8 iin m» B"np:8ip 

ansesthe'sls ». (D'D-'TlB-Dy-jy) 

anesthesia .t 
an'aglyph «. (fi'5J-y-':y) 3?8ii 8 

8 Tix '11] J3isiBy3 yayjyn ,y'B5i3 

.tiyJVT iy38?a 8 ,[yT"3yj 

anaglyph'lc a. (pi8-'Bi53-y-:y) DSil 

.eiy'5yi iy385a 8 is B3J8?y3J8 

anaglyph'lcal a. (5y-p<«-'a'?3-y-jy) 

anagiyphic .t 

anaglyptog'raphy n. -B'5s-y-jy) 

>8iya t»38o na bdjip n ca-yvjBB 

lyi'iiBis na bd:ip n ; lyi^n is'5 

.iyi5'3 yay'?yT ,y'Q5i3 

anago'ge n. Ccn-'lSJ-y-jy) =n8jy?8 

='?B DST ;3JiB"iy3 ytj-'BO'D lyis ytf 

.^'iD I'lnn [.s .T .8 0153 ,nn'?] lyo 

anagog'ic a. (p'x-'BinBJ-y-jy) 'D>a- 

.Jtyo ima ,t!'nsjy58 ; b"b 

anagog'ical a. (5yp-i8-'!!'Tl83-y-jy) 

„ anagogic .t 

anagog'ically odi;. -is-'B'TlBJ-y-jy) 

»sjy58 lyns ryu^oD'o 8 eiMs CK-jy? 


anagog'lcs m. (DP<K-'B'n?SPy-3y) n 

[Ptyo 1113] yt!"'isjy?8 "lyis yi!"BD'D 

.5y3'3 lyi na jjityB^Diya 

■an'agogy n. ('tyn-SJ-J'-'JJ') 

anagoge .t 
an'agrani' "re. (ayij-y-'jy) D813838 
8 VK ni<ni8 n na jJio'mya n] 
.[Bisii ny"3 8 iy38o is n3Bisii 

Evil is an anagram -of live, 
anagrammat'ic a. -'oy-syij-y-jy) 

'«:« 18 Jn3yi5'3 ; K"B80813K38 (P'K 

anagram ,} .B813 

anagranunat'ically adv. -y-3y) 

na iai8 oyi eins (>K-?yp-i8-'By-Dyn3 

.B81J838 18 

anagram'matism n. -y-'eyi3-y-:y) 

.ry0813838 iy380 DS1 (DPB 

anagram .t 

anagram'matist »t. -By-'Dyi3-y-3y)' 

.ny38D»iyn8138J8 18 (BD'8 

anagram .r 

anagram'matize «. -By-'oyia-y-jy) 

anagram, .t .lyDBIJSJS. iy38a (t'8 

an'agraph n. (siyi3-y-'3y) ,iyBD''3yT 


anakolou'thon n. -'i<5-sp-y-jy) 

anacoluthon .t (isnB 

a'nal «.. (5y3-'"8) ais B3J85y33s dsii 

lyBtyiyBJ'n Dyi r's v» dsii mns 

.«j"a -lyis irn 8 na lyaiyp ns j^b 

anal'cime n. (D'D-'5y3-y) B<s58J8 

.[?8iyj'0 818] 

an'alect n. (Bpy5-y-'3y) Iia 3ISD1I8 t8 

.Banty lytynsnyB'? 8 

analec'ta n. (8B-'py5-y-jy) 'D'lS 18 

na 'yaant!' n tia yj'SDns lyis 31s 

•B8t 8 iDiyDBBiya lyis lyDBBiya 8 

.y3'SD''i8 yB?nyiiy3 na 331? 

analec'tlc a. (p<B-'py5-y-3y) =8ns 

na lyp'BB' yD?nyiiy3 na B^yBtvyajyo 

.Piyii yi^nsiyB'? 

An analflctic magazine. 

an'alects ». (DBpy?-y-'3y) lyBpyJsJS 

•nsiyB'? na lyp'Bts' yasnyiiyso'is] 

.[piyii v& 

analem ma n. (y-'oyj-y-sy) =11 lyi 
iy3?yii na as^aiys's sts oys'xsjyj 
.nt lyi na ijbbk'is njn inyt typ lyo 

analep'sis n. (B<D-'ay?-y-jy) dsi 
'smy n ,iyBByip n na lyinyppms 

.B"p1PJ81P ^ 183 331? 

an'alepsy «. (iD-By5-y-'3y) 

analepsis ,1 

anaicp'tic n. and a. (piB-'ay?-y-jy) 

8 ■'1S3 lyaayip n is snsyinyppnis 

=D33i3'Bayip 8 n3ya<Bayip ;B"np38ip 


An analeiitio medicine. 

analep'tlcs «. (DP'B-'By?-y-3y) 8 

5yB'io»D33ia'Dayip Dyt5"3'snyo 

anal'ogal a. (5ya-s-'5y-3y) ,i'53ny 

,i;"3S5838 ,T'?3 

analog'lcal a. (5;;-pi8-'tS'tT8?-y-3y) 

.1"53 ,i'53ny ; t!"as58:8 

analog'ically adv. -pi8-'t!'n85-y-3y) 

.B"p3''53ny -\vi» y'as?838 tin ('N-''y 
analog'icalness n. -p'N-'(5in85-y-3y) 

,T53ny ,E"3,s5838 n't -dst (Dy3-5y 


anal'ogise v. (n8(!'t1-S-'?y-3y) =iy 

■,'?&a 8 nn ,y'3s?838 nn tyiy?? 

.?(5'D 8 nn T"53-iya 8 lyaso 

anal'ogism n. (Dt'ts-n-s-'Sy-jy) =838 

'3i3"?3nyB ,nn ,i;;?''biii« dst ,dt'3s5 

33ny35saDi5!!' 8 ; iyB"p3<53ny nx m 

.y'3s5838 nn 

anal'ogist ». (BD<K'n-8-'5y-3y) ="N 

nn iy33ny3?sBDi?E' bssq dsii iy3 


analogis'tic u.. (p'B-'D'B'n-S-5y-3y) 

.y'3S5838 IB IS T'ty "K DSII 

analogism .t 

anal'oglze i). (r'8B'tl-s-'5y-Jy) 

analogise .1 

anal'ogous o. (DS3-S-'5y-3y) =838 

.■=i"?3 ,'!i'?3ny ,i!"3s? 

anal'ogously adv. ('5-DS3-S-'?y-3y) 

.laiN ty3'53ny lyis iy(!'''3s5838 is fins 

anal'ogy n. Ctfn-s-'Sy-sy) ,y'3S?838 

.B"p3'D-iya3"53 ,B"p3i?3ny 

an'alysable a. (53yt-i8?-y-'3y) DSll 

.lyiyii Biyiy'?3is ,qtp5838 lyp 

an'alysableness n. -5ayt-i85-y-'3y) 

=y'?3is lyis BTn5838 lyayp dsi (Dy3 

.lyiyii BiyT 

analysa'tion n. (isii'-'"t-'?-y-3y) 

iyDny3'iyi383iB dst ; iyTt<5838 dst 

.33nyiy'?3is lyis 

an'aiyse v. (n85-y-'3y) ,iyTn5838 

iy3"5piyi383iB i'?i3n3 ,iyiyiy'?3is 


an'alyser n. (ny-t-'8?-y-'3y) iy3"8 

vi B3"?p ,Biyiy'5ais ,BTin5838 dsii 

=D3318'nBt!'1S 8 ;'iyi3831B 1'?13<13 

=M'a IBB ts53 tya'?ts'y3 )im'\ sntns 
.[lypyns yi!»5Bp 
anal'ysis ■«. (D<D-'s-'?y3-y) :yf5838 
•SBtj" na 33nyiy'53is n ;33nyiy'53is 
=iB ;iyD3yay5y yty'Dys yiyn i'n lya 
8 na 33nyiy''?3is ns 33iBny:iyi383 
=DBnn n dm? BanE' lyis P38iy3 


an'alyst n. (BD'5-y-'3y) psil iy3"N 

analysis ,f .BTn5838 

analyt'ic a.' (pis-'B'5-y-3y) =''?838 

.Biyiyi?ais ,b"!d 

analyt'lcal a. (?yp-'K-'B<?-y-3y) 

analytic ,) 

analyt'ical chem'lstry -'B'5-y-3y) 

'ays yt!"a'?83B cia-D's-'oyp syp-'s 

Bj'Baycys dsii 'ays na 5"b lyi] 

lyasaty 'i tyiyiy'53-iyi383iB a'a I't 

.[iyB3yay5y=i3n3 yiyt (I'ls 

analyt'lcal geom'etry -'B'?-y-3y) 

yi!"B'5838 ciB-y-'as-'B'n 5yp-'K 

ty383a'i8 ytj"-iayosy3] ynayasyj 




PB fivn iri B'o t3ty?yj wivw w?vii 
lin p'BsoyDBo yiV3vn hn siayaJs 

.[DyBD'D=|V13«jm8SP 8 

analyt ically adv. -i5<N-'o<?-y-jy) 

nyiJBJiB iin ,yt'5KJK ^in ('K-?y 

.tyiyiy'?3ix nyis tyonyj 

analyt'lc meth'od p<N-'B>5-y-jy) 

n] nsDyo ytj^B'SBJB n Crs-'ntsyo 

Dy y3?yii iin typjyi r»« yiBtsyo 

5?3 iyj"oy358 ts a'?iiam:aovB tsiyii 

I'K id'D-iB yojspya na B'x:i'ia -wiH 

,yiSByD lyu^oyBjiD ivi w ysnyjyj 

'j'lB By:"Dyj?8 i8 ns oms isnyj dsii 

.[B'tsiB n lysyoB'woDya di« b's 

analyt'ics n. (Dp'N-'D'?-y-;y) =8J8 n 

.oBBB'jyDMi lyi PN yisncyo ytj"B'? 

analysis .) 

an'alyzable o. (Sayt-'BP-y-'jy) 

analysable .1 
an'alyzableness /t. -Jayt-'BJ-y-'jy) 
anaZysableness .) (bj;j 
analyza'tion «. (i8t!'-'"i-'?-y-jy) 

analysatiott .) 
an'alyze «. (P85-y-'jy) ,iyin'?8J8 
ty3"5piyi:8:iB i'5ijnj ,iyiyiy'53is 

an alyzer n. (nyi-'8?-y-'jy) iyj"(« 

analyser .t .Bin'?838 DSll 

anamor'phose «. (oisB-'inso-y-Jy) 

■iyj<B3n pM PS O'j 15'3 8 iy?yBi!''isa 

.5yB'D ytj^BBs yo'iiyj itit bpsbtoj 

anamorphosis .t 

anamor'phosls ». -sB-'insD-y-jy) 

n?<2 Bonpis lyis Bnynix 8 (D'D 

ly3'5BDJ'p 8 tlMX Diyil D8II 1?'3 S] 

jyjyiBB' lynnp 8 I'm bd'-ipix iai8 
;[tBiN lytc'BBs nyiJ8 m vi« lyis 
t"t PK B'j 1513 8 pa mytD>i8 dst 
=py<8ia 8 r'8 isj /BSsBwa lyj'BBn 
BSBBwa lyT na wisijainya n ;isis 

.[iyXJ8?B "3] 

anan'drous a. (Dsni-'jy-jy) D8II 

"3] DyiyB«3MBE'=iyast r"P b<j bbh 

.[iyxJ85B yoMiyj 

anan'thous a. (DsnB-'jy-jy) oyDi53 

"3] ty0153 P'p 0<J BSn B8II ; IS? 

.[lyxjsJB yo'iiyj 

an'anym n. (B'j-y-'jy) »y: tyoSJ 8 

8 r'8 tyoip npni8 n is ,Mt8 ty3'i!J' 

.3:1ms lyBinypiya 

an'apscst n. (BByB-y-'jy) BDyB8J8 lyi 

"lis /'tysB P8 B1SBBP8B yD'liy3 8] 

.[y3J85 i"8 PR ry3?n yxTip 

anapees'tic o. (p'B-'DyB-y-jy) Dsil 
anap(B8t .1 .BDyB838 nis i"B' v« 

anapses'tically adv. -'B-'Dys-y-jy) 
=838 18 PB JB18 oyi eiMN ('8-5yp 
anaptest .t .Boya 

anamor'phosy n. (iB-8B-'"in8D-y-jy) 

anamorphosis .t 
anamor'phous o. (B8B-'in8D-y-3y) 
=3n lyT pa Dni8 ,b'i8b lyi pa dm'i8 

— ■ ,B?8BB'y3 "lys'B 

ana nas n. (Dyj-'"3-y) 818] B83838 


an'apest n. (BDya-y-'jy) 

anapwst .t 
anapes'tlc a. (p'o-'Bys-y-jy) 

anapcBstic .1 
anapes'tical a. (jy-p'B-'Bys-y-jy) 

anapcestic .t 

anapes'tically adv. ->B-'DyB-y-3y) 

anapeestically .t (is^-^jip 

anaph'ora n. (yi-s-'sy-jy) =8J8 n 

"35ytDyi tiB 3Ji?8myTii n] lya 

=yT yiyinya tiB 3J8B3s pk bibii lya 

, .[yx 

an arch ». (pi8-'jy) ; BB'3i838 18 

iyBiiBB'31838 lyi PB ■iy3jyn38 is 

anarchism ,t .yiny? 

anar'chlc a. (p>p-'-i8-jy) =b<3-i838 

.3313T18 ins ; tJ"B 

anar'chical u. (Syp-'P-'iB-jy) 

anarchic .t 

an'archism n. (BP8-P'i8-':y) =1838 
lyiy iy3y3 pk y3?yii v^nv^ n ,bp3 
=n'a3"8 n B3<iyis ns 33i3Ti8=n3i5D 
By 1N11 ,iy3y5=DBB8ii'5yry3 8 18 pa 33n 

,1"P P8 33811X P'P lyTBD'tPy B'3 ?8t 

im TH' Byi tiB 33ip'ninyB3iK biss" 

.3313T18318 ; 553 ByT 

an archist n. (BD'8-p'i8-'3y) =1838. r8 


anarchls'tic a. (p>B-'B'N-pT8-3y) 

'yiB B8II ;BP3n838 BIS V^ P8 BS11 

anarchism .t .BP31838 B3<t 

an'archy n. (<p--i8-'3y) ,y'3-i838 

anarchism, .t .BP31838 

anar'thropod «. (i8S-siiiB-'i8-3y) 

B811 ,ji''3yayt!'y3 pn 8] 18Ssib'i838 

.[iyiy'53=typ3y5y3 t"p b>3 Bsn 

Ariarthrop'oda n. -s-'B8inB-'i8-3y) 

,iyB"3yayt!'y3] lyiBssiBisJs 't ivi 

,-iyiy'53=iyp3y5y3 p'p b'3 iy3sn B811 

, [-11 -t .8 Biyil Ml 

anartnrop'odous a. -'B8"inB--i8-3y) 

=S1B1838 18 lit V'W P8 B811 (D81-S 

'*""'"*'""''^'"*" •' •■'SS anat'omlsm n 

anar'throus o. (B8inB-'i8-3y) ins 

B811 ; [p<B808-ij ps] 5yp'Bn8 oyn 

Bsn -lyis ■iyiy'53 pa -Hats' 8 -wi osn 

yBMiyj lyjyii] b'3 iyiy>?3 p'p -iss 

, .[iy6!"3yByE'y3 

anasarca n. (yp-'isB-y-jy) .B'ln 

.tB"np38ip=B'in 818] BBinyosii 

anasar'cous a. (B8P-'lKB-y-3y) Dsil 

=8ii=B'iii Bsn Bsii lyis It v>tf Ps 


^nysiyB lyi nn pk ly s'li lyiyssa 

.ysiyjy iib 33n 

anastat'ic a. (p's-'DyBD-y-3y) ,b?13 

.iy380!!'313 y'B5l3 B58nB3y DSll 

anastat'ic engra'ving -'ByB0-y-3y) 

8 iyony33si8 dst (:3'ii-'"-i3-3y P'k 

'Pi']i "lyns BBnE' s lis yssp ys'Sopo's 

yB'iiy3 qin yB85s=pj'x 8 si'ik i8t 

n'lK (8 ,IB1K 818 ei'lK 5yB'D yt!"Dy3 

pn iy38Bij'3i3 n iy?si yo85B lyn 
'in iy3yp in<N b'd 5st lyo lis b5i3 


anastat'ic prin'ting -'oyBD-y-jy) 

{33'B-'JnB P'K 

anastatic engraving .t 

anas'tomose v. (tlSO-SB-'Dyj-V) =1X 

=ny3iy3'K is] lyBaynys ,iyi3'33yB8r 

.[.11 .t .8 y'iyB-i8 ttsiiu By3yD 

anastomo'sis n. (D'D-'iSD-SB-Dy3-y) 

='K 18] lyBaynyB ,iyiJ'33yaBtis dst 

.[.3 .1 .K ynyBiB avih By3yDny3iy3 

anastomot'ic a. (p'K-'B8D-SB-oy3-y) 

lyis 33i3'3"KiyB 8 ix ve^ pk dsh 

.lynyBns lyis iviyis pb 33iBByny3 

anas' trophe n. CB-siB-'oyj-y) ='n n 

.1*81 8 PN lyonyii pa 33i?yBt!'iy3 

Echoed the hills; The blllB echoed. 

anath'ema n. (ya-'s-'nByj-y) =8J8 

.Bin 8 ,li5B3y3-i'p 8 ;8nynB 

anath'ema marana'tha -'nBy3-y) 

nypi8B» 8 (8nB-'"K-jyvyD yo-'s 

BS3 11B n55p 't] mn -wis ii5B3y3Tp 

.[lyoip 5st 

anathemat leal .a -'Byo-'K-nBy3-y) 

Vif PS DSll ;j'ijyB8-nyB (5y-p'K 

.Bin 8 IX 

anathemat Ically adv. -'s-riByj-y) 
lyT PB Bin pyT b'i5 ('K-5y-p's-'Bya 

anathematiza tion n. -'K-noyj-y) 

PS iy3y53"-is DST (r8t!'-'"i-'s-ByD 

^, .Bin 

anatb ematize v. -ByD-'s-'nBy3-y) 

.Bin PS ty3y5j'ns ,iy3i5aiya (T's 

anath'ematizer n. -yo-'K-'fiByj-y) 

PS pns B3y? DSll iy3"s nyt-'8B 

anat ocism n. (DPD-S-'oyj-y) =S19 

, .D3yssia pa D3yx 

anatom ic a. (p's-'B8B-y-3y) =sb83S 

.y'0SBS38 IX B'iyny3 dsii .vq 

anatomy .t 

anatom'ical a. (5yH3's-'D8B-^j;-3») 

anatomic 1 

anatom'lcally adv. -p'K-'D8D-y-3y) 

.y'DSBSJs inn cs-sy 

anatomlsa'tion n. -'"»-'D-8-t3»3-J) 

=y'?31X DST ,iyTPOSB838 DST dSB' 


(DPD-S-'By3-y) D«T 

i5'3 8 ty5yDt!''isB DST ; iyiyns'?3ix 
•3"s yi!»a8DS38 y58 PS yiDSDD iyi«j 
TiD lyn IS ,33iBS'iny3 't ; lyD^nsyx 
tyiJ"D8B838 Byi PS Bsyj iy3y? pa 
iv\ IX y8i3y3y3 ps .lyaiyp pa 'wyj 
D3y'5 iy3y5 iia niD isi is ,33iBB'inya 

anatomist n. (BD'B-s-'Dyj-y) is 
.V'DSD838 PB iy3yp s ;BD'DS8838 

»:"s ,8 pa Ti B?yp'„BTD2ii ^«B^ '"'*"''''' "'*' 'f^^'^^^P » '"3 'J'-' 





anat'omise v. (.vna-^-'avi-s) °8J8 

anat'omizer n. (lyi-iso-s-'oyj-j)) 


anat'omy n. (la-ti-'avi-Sl) °st3s:s 

i»Biyp MB siny? Djjnn^JJiys ,»'d 

=ij;a-ii;p tia vnnj;? n ; [ninjn naan] 

.t3i;?j?pD nvani/p « : Ma 

anat'oplsm n. (opB-s-'offj-y) oix 

.IMSt na 3jn<Bn: S'ts"jsa'i8n 

an'cestor n. (ibu-dvd-'ji;) «1!;i3?i; ib 

.•iVBsa=D8ot^ 8 ,i»B8a 

ancesto'rial a. (sy-ii-'isB-ovB-jy) 

ancestral .t 
ancesto'rlally od«. -'isB-DyB-jy) 
»yB=D8B(!' ; i<?i!(B?i;="iss cs-Jv-n 


ances'tral o. (jyiB-'Dyo-JV) =y3 Dsil 

lyis iyij(B5y=isa n ii'i8 Tt bd's 


ances'trally adv. ('K-jyiB-'Dj'D-jy) 
lyis iyiyt35y»"isa n ei'ix ;'ixya i'n 


an'cestry n. (na-oyD-'jy) ,nyB5yisB 


an'chor n. and v. (i8P-'jy) nypJS 18 
o8yj tnyBB" ;nypJ8 -.Lvti/ « na] 
181 8 nypJ8 oyi lyts^asiB iBiyp 
.BjiBoyaya d8ii 


an'chorable a. (Say-isp-'jy) typ D811 

Mitm BiypjBiya 

an'chorage n. (ctny-isp-jy) ="iypJ8 

n 1811 BIS ivt] ijnjiypJ8 ,r85B 

.ei'ti' 8 iiB iypj8 y58 ; [B'iyp:8 «i't!' 

an'chorage-dues ji. -tyny-isp-'jy) 

'Its' na snsxas lyssn] i5ynypj8 (nn 


an chor bites (db'83 iSP-'jy) "Wl 

.18 Ba"-ij nyp:8 

an'chor drives (iirsiT iSP-'jy) lyi 

.Bsy?!!' lypjs 

an'choress ». (oyi-SP-'jy) =nB 8 

38 I'l BiyiJii DS11 nyo'XjynB oyo 

.mnj 8 ;B5yii lyi na 

an'choret ». (Byi-sp-'jy) lyana « 

;B5yii -iVT na 38 in BnyiJii dsii i8d 

.TtJ 8 

anchoret'ic o. (p'8-'Byi-8P-Jy) D811 

lyi |1B BnyiJityns nnj 8 mi osy? 

.TI3 8 IS vef t'8 D811 :B5yii 

anchoret'ieal a. (?y-p'«-'Byi-8P-jy) 

anchoretic .t 

an'choretism n. (Dt'«-Byi-8P-'Jy) 

Bjyii isi IIB BiyiJityj38 lyay? dbt 

nyB-iyi:ity;38 18 i"t otti ; [nnnj] 

'..[iMj] Bjyii ir\ iiB 

an'chor-ground n. (iJi8n:=lsp-'J») 

lyT 1X11 B18 lyi] "iJiiJ iypJ8 lyi 

.[ayiiyBji-ij iypj8 

an'chor-hold «. (n?i»n-i8P-'W) dst 

.B"my3n ;iypjs iib lyBJsnBoya 

an'chor-lce n. (D'8=n8P-'jy) D8ii t"K 

8 na Bina uvi Imx i» in d3"?p 


an'choring n. (jj<8-i8p-'jy) os D8T 

jfBJBoypjB ! i:n:=-iypj8 lyi ; lyiyp 

.[?ns!f38] i?y3=-iypJ8 

an'chor is apealc' ns -\tSP-'iV) 
>8?y3iyBjn8 t'8 iypJ8 lyi cpya-y 

an chor is come home pn isp-'jy) 
anchor drives .t (Disn asp 
an'choplte n. (B'81-SP-'jy) 

anchoret .t 

an'choritism n. (Dl'8-B'V8P-'jy) 
anchoretism .t 

an'chorless o. (Dy5-isP-'jy) B8ll 

Boya B'i P8 D811 nypJ8 is tfi8 t'8 

.Ba8mjsB6!' nyn8 

an'chor of hope (Bi8n lis iSP-'jy) 

.[bsj] jjijasn ypT8Bi!' 

an'chor on (is T8P-'jy) .lynypjsiya 

an'chor-stoclc n. (psDD=TSP-'oy) B8T 

na 5"B ■iyj-iys?sn lyi] r^snnypos 


ancho'vy n. (ni-'i8t!'B-:y) 5yTiSD 

.[B"a=3j'iyn sts] 


an'chylose n. (Bl85-'P-'3y) oysya >i 

=B"BB'»iypjy5yj 'i ; jjiBPsinya=iyp 

.[B"npj8ip sts] B"n 

anchylo'sis n. (D'B-'l85-'p-jy) 

anchilose .i 

anchylot'ic a. (P's-'osS-'P-jy) DSlI 

iyi8 jJiBpsmya lyi is B3Js?y3J8 

.iyp:y5yj 't na j:iB"BB'iyB 

an'cient n. and a. (BjyE'-'j"8) B811 

:b5811s ;B"s.-iyB58iis na bdsbb' 

nynj'f'u nyoJs ;j'B"ST8a ,b58 

.lyjyiB'insa s ; insa s 

an'cient au'thor -'ns Bjy(!'-'3"S) 

»5s IB ; nana ■iy3'B"S'i8B 8 (i8no 

.iyp'Bs?P lyo 

an cient days (t"T BjyE'-'j"s) =58 

.iyB"s yo 

an'ciently adv. ('5-ojy(!»-'j"8) ;58D8 


an'cientness n. {By:-Bjyt!'-'J"8)=B58 


an'cient of days ns B:yB'-'j"8) 

.[BSJ] jyB I'8 B58 (t"T 

an'cientry n. ('l-B3yB'-'j"8) 


an'cillary a. ('i-y5-iB-'jy) =B5'ny3 

«y3iyB:i8 jj'ijyjyT nsaBBjyi ,v> 


■ ancip ital a. (SVB-'S-'B'B-jy) ="iis 

="11S ;j'py="lis ;J'B"T'11S ;3'Tn'JB 

ancip'itous a. (DSO-'S-'B'D-jy) 

andpital .t 

an'cle n. (?p'jy) .?y3yjp=BlB 

an come n. (d8P-'jy) .'l'11E'yj»Bi53 8 
an con n. (i8P-':y) .lyj'UJySy 18 

an cone n. (ii8p-':y) ,i"Bi!'»J8nB ivt 
'-Vi 8 t'8] plats' nyatyiyBJis lyi 
, , .[yT'3 

an coral a. (5y-i-sp-'jj,) -.-^ ugn csil 

B3:s5y3:K D811 nypjs is pa yoisa 

.Ba'-ipy3 nyp3s IS IS 

and c. cijy) _„^ 

and all that (BynB sns ijy) oyi ns 


andan'te n. and a. ("B-'J81-3S) =338? 

»08P yt?'?8P'tiD s ; [p'tio I's] Bst 

.BP80 tyB8t338? 8 B'» yS'tSB 

andanti'no n. and a. (83-''B-38l-38) 
"3385 8 ; [P'tlO Ps] 0813385 ,3'Dyo 
08138 MB iyD8t33S5] BPSB lyOBt 


and'iron n. (ny-'8-'lJy) =iy"B 8 

y3iyt"8 "lis 8'T na ■iy3"s] lyp'K, 

y>\ir\ B3y5 lyo y35yii fi'is ,iy5yB6!'y3 

.[i'B8P 8 i'8 lya 8 iy38D is 


androceph'alous ». -'ByD-STi-3y) 

B'D Bsp lya'St^jya 8 Bsn bsii (B85-y 

.[Dp3'aB s] n'ti 8 na lyaiyp ayn 

androg'ynal a. (5y3-'8-'iS'n811-jy) 

androgyne ,t .Bl3'3m38 18 '11 

an'drogyne n. (pt!'n-8"n-'3y) =m38 

=B3y5tS'y3 'T B8n bsii iy3"K] D13'3 

8 na '8 13t 8 MB '8 B'3nB y3'5 

androg ynic a. (p'3-'8-'B'n8'n-jy) 

androgynal .t 

androg'ynos n. (BS3-'s-'i!'ns'n-3y) 

androgyne .t .Dl3'3m3S 18 

androg'ynous a. -'s-'B'nsiny) 

androgynal .( (ds3 

androg'ynus n. (DS3-'8-'(!'nsn-3y) 

androgyne .t 
an'droid n. and a. (T811-'3y) D811 
=St:'i8 IS :B5BBts'y3 y3'5is'3yB s asn 

BSBBE-yS 'T Bsn D811 I'tSiSO yB"B8D 

.B'3yo 8 '11 1't Bsyiiya ns mva s tia 
androi'des n. (Pl-''8"n-3y) ='18 tS 

=y3 'T BSn B811 ,1'tS'SO yty'BSDSB 

8 '11 Tt B3yiiy3 PS ts'3ya s na bssbb' 


andromor'phous a. -"isB-8"n-3y) 

y3'53ya s Bsn D81i !i'5:ya (B8b 


androph'agous n. and a. -'B8'n-3y) 

oya BBy B8ii njyByna^iyB'jya (BS3-y 

.583'3sp ,iyDyiB=iyi!'3yB s ; lys!' 

andropho'bia n. (8-'3-'i8a-8"n-3y) 

.BB8t!''13"B=-|y3yD ,D3-|1B='iy3yB 

androphonoma'nia n. -J8a-8"n-3y) 

ny31t!'D] y38B838BSTI38 (y-'3-'"D-8 

.[iyB'3yB lyB'iB is 
an'drosphinx n. (DP3'BB-8n-'3y) s 

,yiB813B 8] BSP'IVB'SyB 8 B'a Dp3'aB 

8 US 3"5 8 na nysiyp 8 Bsn bsii 

.[lytj'jyB s na bsp 

androt omy n. ('8-s-'B8"n-3y) B8T 

=ti'3ya art iyT'3t!'is lyis iyiy'ty'53is 

.nyaiyp iy3'? 

and so forth (nBllsB 18B tm lis 

."lya"!! 'Its 

and so on (is isd 13S) ="11 'Its IIS 





and yet (tsyi ijj) =DBynJlB ,i»t iin 


an'ecdotal <*. (jyo-isi-py-'J!;) duii 

18 w i'?jny ,Bsnp»J8 is is i"is' t'« 


an'ecdote n. (oiBn-py-'jj;) osipyjs 

8 lyjvii yJVBa'B-w DJBDynym'K is] 

.V5'nroD 8 ;[jjn'D8S -wwi isnvB 

Lincoln was a man of humor; many anec- 
dotes are attributed to liim. 

anecdot'lc a. (p'K-'osi-py-jy) 

anecdotal .t 

anecdot'ically adv. -i8-'c81-py-3y) 

oyT (i'i8 ;Bsipyj8 18 Tin (<8-5yp 

.t3»ipyj8 18 lis laiK 

an'ecdotist n. (cB't3-l8i-py-'jy) ="8 

.iyi3«ipyj8 B5nyxnyi dsii lyj 

anelec'tric «. o»(i!o. (p'iD-'py5-y-jy) 

i"p Tin D'j Bts? Dsii ,ii"'iDpy5y o'j 

OM 018? D811 ,tis!3t!' 8 ; cya'sntapyjy 

.oyB'snopy?y i"p ^nn 

ane'mla n. (y-io-'»j-j;) =Dn8 B153 
B153 PK lyil y35yt8 D"PJ8np 8] 13"P 

.[iy5yp"P yoMirayii is 18T8B iyj"t 
anem'ogram n. (nyiJ-s-'Dyj-y) ="S 

=898 iyi!"Q808Q'lK 18 IIB C38nyj Djy3 

iiB D'l'pnjnits'yj n coyn dsii bsi 

.3Jlt33n 1"! 118 IJ'll 

anem'ograph n. (eiynj-s-'oyj-y) 18 
=st3'is ojyai'xiya dsii ,myent2Dj''8 

118 IJ'll IIB tS'ipU'llB-yJ n B"li80 
.3JlD3n !"t 

anemograph'ic a. -'Byna-so-y-jy) 

BjyaniaDJis is ix T'lv t's dsii (P's 

--Vi n B"e8D8C'is t33y3"xiyB nyajyii 

n:'ii iiB 3:iD3n ns D^panj'iiB' 

ahemog'raphy n. ('B-yi-'38a-y-jy) 

t!"D8Dsi2'i8 iyjy3"xiyB vi tsDJip n 

113 jJiD3n n 118 0"p3n:'iii5'yj n 

.ij'ii iiB J:i3"it!'y3 n ; iJ'ii 

anemolog'lcal o. -'lynsS-BD-y-jy) 

iiB yiny? lyi in ■i"t!» i<s dsii (5yp-'8 

ono'iiB'yj lis j3iD3n n iyjy3"xiya 

.i:iii tiB D"p 

anemol'ogy n. ('t!<n-8-'?8D-y-jy) 

.tywii lis yiny? n 

anemom'eter ». ciVD-y-'Dsa-y-jy) 

o'liB'yj n lyDoyo w DjyonoDj's is 

.iJMi iiB pm ayT lis u^pm 

anem one n. 

Cj-s-'oyj-y) =i3'ii 8 

..[yXJ8>S 818] B1?3 


anemomet'rlc a. (pn-'oy-oso-y-jy) 

lyDDyo IIB yiny? -\v-\ ix T'ty t<s dsii 

.ij'ii iiB 3JiD3>-i 118 Bxpjnjnityyj /t 

anemomet'rlcal a. -'ov-a^a-v-iv) 

anetnotnetric ,i (?yp-n 

anemom'etry n. (ii-cy-'DSD-y-jy) 

B"PJnj'ii!!'yj n lytsDyD iia yiny? n 

.3JiB3n |"t 118 iJMi na 

anemon'ic a. (p'8-'J8D-y-jy) DSll 

=1J'll S IIB Ba8Bl>i lyiS ,W B]38?y33K 


anem'ony n. CJ-s-'oyj-y) 

anemone .t 

anem'oscope n. (BlSPD-S-'oyj-y) 

w wyonBDj's is] •iyt"ii=iJ'ii lyi 

.[iJMi na jjiB3n n iyj"x 

an-end' adv. ('njy=jy) =yjB'is isi: 
; r*'St!' I'B'is ; issipnjysiys ,B5yBt!' 

.1'5D'5t!' ,V1>1il> 
Fear made bis balr stand an-end. 

an'erold n. and a. (TSI-y-'Jy) DSll 

8 lyjyii] B"pjiDi5a i"p b'j BPsriBjy 

iyByas'183 8 ;[-iyByDsi83 lyD'iiyj 

=BB15 oyT lyBDyn IX BoyDnDDj's 8ts] 


an'erold Ibarom eter Tsi-y-'jy) 

iyByDS"i83 I'siy^s ('iyB-y-'a8vy3 

Dyi lyBDyo dis BjyonDDJ's sis] 


an'esls •». (D'D-y-'jy) tyonyj38 d"st 

»SBSD'D n IIB VI lyiyij'Diya tsts 

inyj-iys's dst : D"np:sip s na lyo 

=yTj 8 IX lyjj'i ns iso iy3nn 8 na 

na DyjiiDD n iy?yBt:'Js dst ; lyiyan 

.iyiy:nyT3 8 ix isb lyiyayn 8 

anesthe'sia n. (y-M-'TiB-Dy-jy) 

^in D"p:''ts?bDisiiy3] ytyBDsos 

.[pjnB eis5E' 8 Tin lyis b^hpjsip 

anestbet'lc «. and a. -'ByriD-Dy-jy) 

8 ;y'tyBDyj8 is Bjj85y3 dsii (P's 

«853 ni] t!"DyBDyjs bptii dsii eiSBiy 

[.11 .1 s lyriBy ,msB8T 

anesthesia .i 

anesthet'lcally adv. -'ByriB-Dy-jy) 

8 ^in : jns?BDisiiy3 ('8-5y-p's 


anesthetiza'tlon n. -''s-ByriBHsy-jy) 

ty38a dst] lyiMyBDyjB dst (isb'-'"! 

8 ^nn ijysn'BJis lyis ts^BDisiiya 

, .[pJl'lB=ti8?iy 

anes'thetize v. (nsB-^riB-'Dy-jy) 

B'D ts?BDisiiy3 lyssD] lyTiyBoyjs 

, .[pOnB^tlBJB" 8 

anet Ic a. (p<8-'Dyj-y) Biynj'5 D811 

, .[psnya s ni] lysiyDB- 

an eurism n. (Dtn-l<-'jy) lyj'Bl^s 8 

.■|yiS»D?lB IIB BD?lSllB'y3 ; Tiwyj 

aneurls mal a. (?ya-'in-1i-3y) DSll 

lyis Tiitj-yj iyj'Bi?3 s is B3J8?y3Js 

.nyiS'DJiB na BDJisiitvyj is 

an e ven cast (Doyp nnx ly) ,.jjjj 

, .ni8 IX nis ,i"53 

anew ad,\ (',,3_y) .,« ^„j ^sT pa 

.?SB8 lyiyii ;D"j>8ny3 

anfrac'tuose a. (DlS-lCB-'pyiB^y) 

.anyinyj ,Dnp ; lyjjionp b'd ?ib 

anfractuos'ity n.. -'DS-itsiB-pyiB-jy) 

; lyjjionp D'o 51B i"t DST <'o-'s 

.onymyB i"t dst 

anfrac'tuous a. (DS-ityB-'pyiB^y) 

anfractuose .t 
anfrae'tuousness n. -lefB-'pyis-jy) 
.jjinynirs ^sjionp (oyj-os 
an'gel n. (5yE>n-'J"K) 8 ,5y3Jy 18 


an'gel-fish re. (i!"B=5yt!'n-'J"N) oy 

.[l!"B I'D 8] B"B«5yj 


an'geUiood n. (nii>-We'n-'J"s) dst 

.1850 8 l"t 

angel'ic a. (pis-'SPBin-jy) 8 '11 .1 

IS BH85y3J8 D811 .3 ;B1J .2 ;1K?D 


2. He bas an angelic disposition. 

angel'lca n. (yp-'soyB-n-jy) dst 
;[ns5a yj'iypyoB'-i'D s] B'np=5yjjy 

.t"ll iy'JTSB'58p iyD"11 BISD 8 

angel'lcal o. (Syp-'K-'jytsitn-jy) 

angelic .t 

angel'ically adv. -p's-'?yE'n-3y) 

.■nsJo 8 Ml 'U8 ('s-?y 

angel icalness n. -'s-'SyBin-jy) 

.iyBa8!y3yj"s yty'^sJo (Dy:-jyp 

an gel-light re. (B'85-5yi:'n-'J"K) 

'T IIB DQIp BS11 B3'5 yBBliyS'lS DST 

lyByiJnyj s ps lys'iB' yaiciys'is 

, , , .lyBDJVB 

an gel of dark'ness us ?y[!'n-'3"8) 

.IBB' -lyn (D»j-'pn8T 

angelol'atry re. -y-'58-jytj>n-o»K) 

.BDjyvO'BSSD ('IB 

angelol'ogy n. -8-'58-?yB'n-:"«) 
.D'3S5o lyjyii yiny? 'T cts-n 

an gelns re. (DS?-yiyn-'J») Di5yHB 

DST :[n?'Bn yB"5'iB8P ys'iiyj s] 

y»"?'iB8P 'T PS iyp8?j n iie iyjj'?p 

lis B"XJ8B'o ,DjynsDn'iB lysTp 

.ijyss PS 

an ger «. and v. Ciyj-'jy) ; nss .1 
Dy3 PS ,iyiyny nynssiy .2 -.r^w 
, „ .ly-iyii Dy3 ps • iy33"i3:"i8 

1. Never spealt in anger. 8, A child's dh- 
obedience angers his parents. 




an gerly adv. (»j-iw-'jj)) ,\tt$t t'N 

.DM D'o ,jn:i!jis 

an glna n. (yj-<6!>n-':y) sj'jjs 


an ginal a. (JDJ-'ts-tl-JS) r'K ovn 

an'glna pec'toris -'pj/e ]>3-'<itn-':ii) 
=n8n srs] DVotsaD'fisn (Dn-so 


an'glnose a. (D1iJJ-<6i'ri-'JV) t'K D!«ii 
.[a:nj'XBjj(=t?8n] «:<»« is '!i"B' 

an'ginous o. (DSJ-'lcn-'Jy) 

anginose .t 

anglog'raphy «. Ca-J/l-'JS-'ti'n-J!;) 

o'K n tiK isnns 't na jjia'^iwa s 

.lysivp na Dvawtaisa wt 

angio'ma ». (SlD-'is-''(S'n-J5l) =W 8 
Dff Dsn Djn na tsaip dsii D03y5Mit!' 
ins DyayM3i53 yj 8 im oyj^'a 
.D'i8 I't Bycna !;o58 t8 dkii tiaiyi 

an'giosperm «. (oTiSD-B-'ti'n-'jj;) 
8 I'N iwv? iyo8t Dyoyiv wsJa 8 
.[5ys» 18 na oyns' 't 'ii] yjn"!^ 

angiosper'mal o. -'TMBD-s-'tS'tl-JV) 
=yii iysJ85B IS ojj8?yajN dsii oso 

.y?yTi(B» s pK iyjy<5 ty08t Dyo 

angiosper'matous a. -s-'cri-jy) 

angiospertntU .i (DSB-yD-'TiSD 

anglosper'mous o. -s-'ti'n-jy) 

angiospermal .t (dsd-'IMSD 

angiot'omy ». cn-g-'OB-'E'n-jy) 

t'K oyayjBisa ^v^^ na jjit'jb'D'ik n 


an'gle «. o«(? «. (53'jy) ?yppii s 

8 tie] typ8n 8 ; [ynoyosyj i'k] 

i!"a iy:j8a ; [ti"B iy3J8a is ypcjyii 

inn] tyjyT3D»i8 :ypojyii s o'o 

.[iyniPV3D'n8 Dvay t3"pyiD'3 

An'gle n. (Jj'jy) t3D8BE' D8ll ny3"8 

.i5yjJ8 D8Bt!' tie 

an'gled o. (nsj'jy) ,iy?pj'ii asn D81i 


an'gle-me'ter n. (■iyB-''D=5j'jy) 8 

B'D BjyOnBDJiK 18] lyBDyD 5ypJM1 

.[lyspj'ii 'oDyo lyo lysjyii 

an'gle of commuta'tion us 53jy) 

>dj8'S8didsp -\Vf (m«5'-'"B-i'-n8p 

Dyi5'3 lyajyii ,5ypj'ii lyi] ?ypj'ii 

yo'iiyj 8 tiB rspip 5st lyn tyii ^n 

.[Tiy n8 in lyi si'ix Byj85a 

an'gle of dispart' -on 118 53Jy) 

5ypj'ii lyT ,5ypj'ii=Tn'ii nyi ('bt8b 

=yj38 onyii B80i8n 8 tysJVn bm? 

5st yjs:8P 'T 18 /lyD'iy d"3 BSyBB' 

.?y's i»N tyayiB 

an'gle of eleva'tion -'K-Jy lis Jjjy) 
=Mmy ,5yprii=DJ8'S8iiy?y (ists'-""i) 
onyii Dsii ,5yp:'ii nn] jypJMi-Djjn 
oyT na yj'? 8 Bn<s ivo iyii ByiS'aya 
.3 .T .8 D'la 8 lyns 18t 8 na r'Sts" 
Bpip D811 ,iyi!'3ya 8 na 3'i8 oyi is 
8 twsyii 18J 5ypjni lyn ;["t simk 
BjyBB'yjJS Bnyii Dpn lyis B8oi8n 
.?y's fK lyayiB is 

an'gle of emer'gence us 5ajy) 

OMl'DBnBDMS •\V-\ (D:yE'n-'TlD-<K 

=B3'5 8 lyn] ^nsiDE^BS'? s na 5yp 
.t .8 -lyDsii .1853 Tin Bny3 JnsioB' 
B'D oynJ'a -w dsii 5yp3'ii nyi I's .n 
lia lyBynDD'ns d"3 i38BU'3y3y3 oyn 
=ynB3"iK D"3 ni nynyi38 18 Dn<s 
.[Dn^N PS tya 
an'gle of in'cidence -'jin us 53'3y) 
in] ?ypJ'iiD?8B3"8 lyT (Djsn-'o 

B'D Dyi5'3 SriSIBCBS'? 8 DSII ,5yP3'll 

.[Tiy lyi iiB y3y?aiy3M8 -wi 

an'gle of reflec'tion -<-| iis 53jy) 

"D<i8 .fypjni'DJS'spySByi (isBJ-'pyja 

»D3'5 8 D811 ?ypjni lyn] ?yp3MiD58B 

na ,y3y?B lyi b'o Byi?'3* jhsibb- 

.[iyaisiiy3P<iis Biyii ^v nys^yii 

an'gle of refrac'tlon -i-i us 53 jy) 

-\v-\ ,5yp3ni=D3Ji3yn3 ny«i (isB'-'pyiB 

5nBiBE'=B3'5 8 iy35yii lyojis 5ypjMi 

Bsn ly' y35yii y3y5B s na oms Dny3 

5n8iBt!"B3>? 8 lyii] iy33my33in 

ly Bny3 i3SBt!'jy3ya s iin Bsom 

•\V ni ,5ypjMi lyiJS is lyBJis dmts 

.[l"-18 t'K 

an'gler n. (ny53-'jy) Dsii iyj"8 

.[ypBjyii] 5y338 is b'd ts"a obss 

an'gle-rod n. (i8'i-53'3y) «yBt!'=?y338 

.[tc'a iy33sa dis] ypBjyii ; lyp 

an'glewise adv. (t'S1liV?3'jy) =J<11 


an'gleworm n. (DTSlin-53'3y) =yil 8 

8 B'a B"a iy3:8a is osuys ?yon 


An'glian ». and a. (ty-i53-'jy) Dsil 

«"i lyis yosi yt5"5a3y <t is i^b' t'8 

■iyE"533y -\v\ na iy'53B'D s ; us? ly 


An glican n. and a. (iyp-'53-'3y) s 

nTp iyE"Jsp'53J8 "lyT na lyjaB^a 

.ITP iy(!"J8P<?338 -\Vt IS B338?y3 DSII 
An'glicanlsm n. (Dt'8-jyp-'53-'3y) 

iy(!"38P'?338 nyn na lys'so'ia n 


An'giicfe o<?». ('D-'5a-'jy) .t!"533y ns 

Anglicisa'tlon n. ciSB'-'"t-'D-<53-jy) 

.iyE"53jyiya dsi ,iyTi'53J8 dst 

An'gliciise v. (t'8D-'53-'3y) =M'53J8 
.iyi!"533ynyB ,iyT 

Many foreigners would do well to Anglicise 
their names. 

An'gliclsm n. (DPD-''5a-'3y) DSll DST 

i!"BDnyBPsns3 lyis '=i'?D'B3ya"s ns* 

.8 lyiyjsD ,iyTi'i ps nij B"?33y 

na pmD'is ■iy3'5niBjy3"8 is ;[.j .t 

lyis Bn8ii 8 nsiBE' 'iyts"?3jy lyn 

«3jy ns B3M'i3y3 Biyii dsii pmons 

'SBty yD3'3"8iya n ns b'j ns ijs? 

.spnyos na lyBs 

Angliciza'tion n. (ist!'-'"t-'D-'53-jy) 
Anglidsation .t 

An'gliclze v. (nBD-<53-'3y) =ip5338 

.iy6i"533ynyB ,iyT 

Angllfica'tion n. (tsB'-'"P-'a-'53-3y) 

P8 iyaj"'i3 DST ; iyB"53jynya dst 

onniaans yB"53jy n b'd 338?P3"8 

.lyyi's lis lyj 

An'gllform a. (Dnsa-'53-'3y) DSll 

'P81S3 lyis yonsB yt>"533y n Bsn 

The Angliform dialects of Europe. 

an'gling n. (sjijj-'jy) ty3Jsa dst 

.[ypBjyil] 5y33S 18 D'O K"B 

An'glo-Amer'ican a. and n. -'jy) 
IS ^"Bi P8 DSll (iyp-'s-"iya-y-is53 
«iya PS DSll : spnyos ns ijs53jy 
DSll ; 8P'iyD8 ns i:8?33y b'd lyiju 
=sn y35yii ,iyijy?33y n is v^ ps 
=33y IS : 8pnyD8 ps Bsyiy3 vi \n 
»yD8 PS Bsytya vi osn d81i nyuy?, 
=sp'-iyD8 IS iyisiiy3 I's nyis sp'i 
.iy3T3 ■iy3 

Angloma'nia n. (y-i3-'"D-is53-3y) 
'ay'5 y3y3nB-iy3<s i8] yjsos^sjs 
.[Dyi!"?3:y ps dsii Dy?s isa Bass' 

Angloma'niac n. (py-u-'"a-is5a-jy) 

PS DSll Dy?8 iJ'>3 Day? dsii ,'iy3"s 


An'glophobe n. (3i8a-i85a-'3y) =•"« 
sTio Bsn lyns Bosmya dsii tin 

.E"53Jy PS DSll Dy58 "ISB 

Anglopho'bia n. (y-u-'isa-is53-3y) 

oyjs Tsa 811D nyis Dsn] y'3sas5a:8 

.[DyE"?ajy ps dsii 

Anglopho'blc a. (pi3-'isa-is?3-3y) 

"isa sTio nyis Dsn b'b BpyBt:'y33s 

.Dyi!"53jy PS DSll Dy58 

An'glo-Sax'on n. and a. sis53-'jy) 

TIC PK DSll ;DP8PS5a38 IS (IS-'DpyD 

='533y n ; yDST yE"DP8PB»5a3y n is 

.■nsiac yBi''53jy yB?8 n ;yD8i vtf 

ango'Ia n. (y5-'is3-:y) yas"? sts 

=pifi oisD 8 ;nJ8iiy3 lyT'?? yjyjsn 

.T't ni isn y3'SJ853 yaas? d'd rsp 

angora .r 

an'gor ». (TS3-'jy) ,DD3:s iy3'BD"3 


ango'ra n. (yn-'is3-jy) yjyJsil 818 

i*8P Pin BnsD s ; ^ib lyis n3siiy3 

Ml Tssn y3's:8?3 y3J85 Bsn y35yii 


Ango'ra cat (Byp y-i-'iS3-:y) 08 

y3385 B'D rsp'Pin sis] vsp=8ns3 

.[t'i Ml Tsn y3''SJS53 

Angora Cat 
Ango'ra goat (bis3 yi-'lSS-Jy) n 
y3'Mi y33s5 B<D 3y's 818] aysoyayp 

Ango ra rab bit -'3yT yi-'iS3-jy) 

■Stp 818] iy33''J8P»SlS338 DST (B'S 
=38? B'B ISn 818] Isn=T'l tin ;[p'? 

.[t'1 Ml ,Tsn y3"ii y3 

Ango'ra wool (5nisiin yi-'is3-3y) 

.[3ys=?ynyp s na ?sii] 5sii 8iS338 

Angosta'ra bark 8n-'PB-DS3-3y) 

?yD'13 S11DDS33S IS IIB yTSP H (P183 

Biyii DSll ynsp ysnypyou' s inyi] 

.[lyp'? ns Di'BisB isa Bsi3y3 

an'grily adv. (<5-n3-'3y) ,3n3iss 

.T?iy3'iy ,Dy3 b'b 

He spoke angrily at first, but soon after 
cooled down. 

an'gi-iness «. (Dy3-n3-'3y) .nss ,Dy3 

an'gry a. (<'i3-'3y) ;a'n3iss ,1<?^y3•^y 

.Dy3 PS 

an'gry at . . . (By n3-'3y) Dy3 ps 

.. . tlMS. 
Don't be angry at me. 

an'gry with the world n3-'3y) 

-\V1 B'D 131-13 (1?TSlin 'HB HDnin 

.B?yii lin eins Dy3 ps ,B?yii 

anguil'liform n. (DisB-'s-'?'iin3-3y) 

DSll ,K"B Sis] yjpii 8 na ansa n 

.[338?t!' 8 IIQ Disa 'T BSH 

an'guish n. and v. (ii"lin3-'3y) ;BD338 
.ty?yiiP : ?8iip ; iy3'BD33y 

The misfortune of his friends was a source 
of anguish to him. 

an'guished a. (BB"iin3-'3y) ,B?yiipyj 




an'guish of mind us tyMina-'JJl) 
'Wvsi ;j;iD'i3i!' VBpmw (ij'bo 

an'gular a. ciss-rj-':];) ,3n?j;pvii 


angular'ity ». (ii3-'K-'ij;5-ii;-:5f) 

.B'lpj'py ,t3"p3n5!;p:'ii 

an'gnlarly adv. ('5-ny5-VJ-'jy) 

.j'pv ,jn?yp:'ii ; ijjJpj'Ii b'd 

an'gularness ». (Di/j-iy5-vj-'JV) 

angularity .t 
an'gular point (bj'SB iv5-1<j-'J») 
BpJIB 1»t] 5»PJ'11 8 IIB ?»B"li' "IST 

Jrpj'ii 8 m?'3 D811 iv'j'? "Hit i«ii 

.[I't IVTUB' 

an'gnlate «. and a. (b"5-1'3-'J») 'Sa 

o'li ,iy?PJMi j'lJMsn ;jn?j;pj<ii tva 


an'gulated a. (iyu-"?-VJ-'jy) =3'11 

.j'py ,jn>yp 

angulom'eter n. -y-'D85-l'J-jy) 

BiyonBDj'H 18] lyoDya^sypj'ii (lyB 

.[lyjpjni Qoyo lyo lyajyii b'o 

angulos'ity «. ('B-'8-'B85-rJ-jy) 


an'gulotts a. (Ds5-VJ-'jy) 

angulated .t 

angus'tate o. (B"B-'D8J-jy) .BjJVTya 

angnsta'tlon . u. (i8i!'-'"B-BSJ-3y) 

.lyiysyoiy-iyB dst ; 5snt!' iy38D dst 

angus'tlclave n. (ii"?P-'B-'D83-3y) 

'"•\ali>'•\^s•\^\s B'O 5yBJ8a'iy3MK 818 

.lyoMi yB58 n "a ,tyB 

angustlfo'lious o. -'i8B-»B-DSJ-jy) 

.[iy»J85B "3] jmyBy53=?soti' (ds-'? 

antaarmon'ic a. (p<8-'J8D-l8n-jy) 


anharmon'lcal a. -'i8-'J8a-l8ri-jy) 

.t!»:sD-i8nJi« ovp 

anharmon'lcally adv. -iSji-jy) 

='J8B18njlN 18 «1''I8 ('«-5yp-iK-'J8a 

.rBiN lyt!' 

anhela'tlon n. (istf-'^S-'n-jy) =11P 

.VI ty3"pnyB D8t : aynos lys 

anhe'lous a. (Bs5-''n-jy) «DynB8Slip 

.3njy3"p jnjyssD ; an 

anhy'drld n. '(Tm-'iBn-ay) TiT'nJ8 

="^338 t'8 Dy y35yii iib yiyit 8] 

.[B?8ny:"iyD8ii in'N Byn 

anhy'drlde n. (Tm-''8n-jy) 

anhydrid .t 

anhy'drlte n. (B'8'n-''8n-:y) =811 

.DS'j y"-iB«nyD 

anhy'drous a. (B8nV'8n-jy) =iyB8ii 

=iyB ,t3jypnB"iyB ; [yoys I'x] 'na 

anhy'drous al'cohol BS11-''8n-3y) 

I'K B811 ?8n8P?8 lyj"! (?isn-8p-'?y 

.iyB8ii iia 'na jnwBt!'?8B 

anlgh' adv. CBJ-y) .BWns: ,ty3y3 

anight' adv. ('Bi8J-y) .B383 "3 

anights' adv, ('BB'8:-y) ,B38:"3 

.0383 1S3 B3B3 ,B383 VIV 
an'll n. (?'8-'jy) 83n3'N 818] ?'38 

iyn3'8 BByii vk bbp81i B8ii ,r38?a 

83n3'« ,318B=>'38 ; [''l?3 B3'18a IIS 

an'lle a. (5iK-'3y) ,(!'ny3"ll=B?8 

Foolish and anile ideas. 

an'lline n. (rVN-'jy) lyi] r?'38 

•l'?'3B ;[318a=P?'J8 IIB tl8BB'T3113 


an'lline pen'cil (?<B-'3yB \>^->t^-'iV) 

B811 Ba'BtJ'"53 818] OB'Bi!'"53«B3'B 8 
.[B'B813 118 P5<38 IIB B38Dy3 Biyil 

anll'lty n. (>B-'8-'?'J-y) «'t38ilt!' 

.0"P'?B3=13iy y!!'iy3"l1=B?8 ; B"P3'3 

anlmabil'lty n. (iB-'K-'>'3-ya-'K-jy) 
.33i3y?y3 ; B"piyBJia ; B'"P3'Ba8nay? 

animadver'slon n. -'TSll-iyB-'8-3y) 
.lyiB'iK :3:ip-iyBy3 ;p'Bnp (ibe' 

DST ,331B383Sy3 ; 331?18B ; Sni8inSB 

.33i5iTBiyT ; iyB'n3y3 

He alluded to the author's work with a 
- feeling of animadversion. 

animadver'slve a. -"I'sii-iya-'K-jyj 

=B'i8 Biyii Dsn ,BpiyBy3 osii (ira 

IS B"p3'nyB n mn dsii ; bbipivq 


anlmadver'slve fac'ulty -■•tt-iv) 

B"p3'nyB ('B-?s-'PVB iro-'Tsii-iya 

.B"p3'nyB=B33ip'iyBy3 ; iya"i3y3 ix 

anlmadver'slvcness n. -lya-'K-ay) 

lyi'P'Bnp ix y3B 't (By:-ivB-'Tsii 

B"p3<nyB n ; yBTinsfl iy38a nyi8 

.iyB"'i3y3 118 iypnyBy3 is 

animadvert' v. ('BT81l-iya-'8-3y) 

=80 ,iyiyiB'i8 ; iy?n<BiyT ,iyp'iyay3 

.lyTP'D'ip ; yaTinsB lys 

anlmadver'ter n. -'Tsil-iyo-'N-Jy) 

.ny5i8B ,iyp<B'ip 8 (nyo 

an'lmal n. and a. (5ya-'8-'jy) 8 

.(jinyna ; n'n 8 ,'iy'nB 

anlmal'cula n. (y5-vp-'5yB-'8-3y) 

='n»n y3"5p] lyj'n'n yty'ssposip'o 

=-iyB 8 nn 113 inyi lyp lya bsh ,iy? 


anlmal'cular a. (iy?-iip-'5yD-'8-jy) 

animalcuUne .t 

anlmal'cule «. (5rp-'5yD-i8-3y) s 

.yj'iTn yi!"B8PB8np'a 

animal'cullne a. -i^p-'jya-'B-ay) 

='B8PD81P'D <T IS B3385y3 B811 (P? 

anlmal'culum n. -i'p-'5ya-'N-3y) 

animalcule .t (B8? 

an'lmal fat (aya 5ya-i8-'3y) ,j'58BB' 

an imal food (iniB ?ya-'K-'jy) 


an'lmal func'tlons ?ya-'8-'3y) 
,yB<3BTiy3 ys'j-iyaiyp (t38ts'-'p38a 

118 iyByS8"lB=B3y3y5 y3'?BB8t!'3"Oy3 

.ni'n nx lyuiaya "3 tyB"p3'BynB 

Anlma'lla n. (y-i5-'<'a-i8-3y) =ny<no 

.B?yii lyi IIB ni'n n n'n 

an'lmalism n. (BP8'-5yo-'8-'3y) 

='ny'nB ; Bastyayn"? yts^iynB ; niKn 

.■I1B83 w 

an imalist n. (BB'8-?»a-'8-'3y) '?y3 
IIB iys'3i!'=i"BB' -WW. iy?8B ;ni8n 


animalis tic ». (p'B-'D'8-?yD-'K-3y) 
=y'nB -lyis nvn is B338?y338 B8ii 

.BB8B'3yT"? VB"! 

anlmal'lty n. (iB-'8-'?yD-<8-3y) 

=83 yt!»iy<nB ;iy33nn'BaM8 yiy'iy'nB 

.ty?iTBy3 y3'Tni«n ; iib 

In every society there is some struggle be* 
tween humanity and animallty. 

anlmallza'tlon n. -i8-5yB-i8-3y) 

8 P8 ni<n IIB 33isyty3 n (isty-'^t 

n : n<n 8 tyiyii bbt ; I3yay3 iyBniy3 

lysiyp PK tyt"BB' iib a3i?i38inyB 

.B"'?a 118 B1?3 PK 

an imallze ». (P8-?yB-i8-'3y) =iyB 
.B"iy>nB iy38D ; ty3yn3 

an'imal klng'dom -'isip ?yB-'N-'3y) 
MB B5yii 'T n^'i'iyna bst (bst 


an'lmally (wto. ('«-5yo-'«-'3y) ,t!"t<a 

.3'Tni'BB'3 ,T5iyBiyp 

an'lmal mag'netism ?yD-<K-'3y) 

Dt'By338B "lyiy'iy^nB (Di'K-Bjj-'sya 

lypTii is nrn vd'hvs iib bb81p n] 


an'lmalness ». (By3-5yD-'8-'jy) B8t 

.nm 8 t"t B8T jtynyno i"t 

an'imal pow'er (iv-'i8B ?ya-'«-'jy) 

=y33S Biyii yajyii bbbip y(!"t'B n 

BBBlP'Tiya '11 ,B"n3"8 D58 I-yD13 
.3 .T .8 

an'lmal spir'lts -"pbd 5yo-'K-'3y) 

,B"PB'iyB310y3a'18 ,B"p3ny3y? (BB'8 


College boys and girls are a Jolly set; tbey 

are always full of animal spirits. 

an'lmate v. and a. (B"B-'8-'3y) =y3 

.3'iy3y? ,B3y5y3 ; nyB3iBiy ; lyayj 

He animates the gathering by his wit. 

an'lmated a. (iyB-"B-'8-'3y) =y3 

.3'BB15D3y3y? ;BB8n3y5 ;B3y? 

an'imatedly adv. <'?-iyB-"B-'K-'3y) 

=355 B'a ; IB1K iyBB8n3y5 8 «1'18 
.B"piyB310 B'B ; B"p3'BB8n 

an'lmateness «. (BS3-D"o-'8-'3y) 
=y5 lyns lyajio ,BB8n3y5 i"t bbt 


an imater n. (iyB-"»-'8-'JB) iy3"« 

«1'18 BiyB3ia D811 iy3"8 ;B3y5y3 B81i 

.lyay? bis 

an imating a. (33'B-"D-'t«-'3y) =a'i8 

.3n3y3y5ya ,3'i3yijB3io 

an imatingly adv. -33'B-"»-'i8-'3y) 

/ .3n3y3y5ya jn3ynyB3iDB'i8 c? 

/(animation n. (i8B'-'"0-'8-jff) =y3 

.B"PiyB310 ; B"P3'BB8n3y5 .•3313y5 

an'imatlTe a. (iiiB-"D-'iK-'3y) =y3 

.:n3yiyB3imy :3n3y3y5 

an imator ». (i8B-"a-'«-'3y) nwx 

■lyiB S'lysy? b38b B8ii D8iiBy lyns 


an ime n. (yo-»K-'3y) sts] 'Bi3=yB'38 

.['ai3 iyi!"38pnya8 bibb 

an imism ». (at'o-'K-'jy) ,BPa'38 

na nyBB'tpy lyn p8 iy3'i53 in 

y3'BB"3 8 P8 iy3'1?3 lyT nyBD"3 

=B035yt -wt P8 iy3'i53 lyT :Bjyii 

lyT :nat!'3 8 na nyao'tpy -iVi^tivvtv 

, .Bti?8iBn'BB P8 lys'iJj 

an imlst n. (BB'B-i8-'3y) bB'B'38 

=B'ipy lyT P8 B3'1JJ BS11 iy3"8] 

y3'BB"3 8 PK -w-in -lyBD^'a tia nya 

animism, .( .[aJyii 

animls tic a. (piD-'B<D->K-3y) ='38 

=B'tpy lyi P8 B3'1J3 BS11 ,(!"BB'B 

='BB"3 8 PK lyiS iy0D"3 lis r3yB 

=0B3?yt lyi PK B3'i5j BS11 :B5yii lyj 
lyis m<tii 8 iiB nyBB'tpy nyj'n3yBsi' 

, .Bt'?81B'TBB PK 

an Imose o. (di80-'k-'j») ,:'BByn 

,, .3'S'n 

an imoseness n. (By3-Di8B-'K-'3y) 

"iii"3 ,B8n ,j'ni ,n8s j3nyB'3i» 

„ .B"p3'? 

anlmos ity n. ('D-'K-'D8B-'k-3») 
^ animoseness .t 

an Imus n. (B8B-'K-'3y) =83 ,B3't38 
_,,,. -[VBayjiy i'?3ytBB'in] nyaPBT 

with the animus and looks of a murderer, 
the tyrant approached his servants. 

an'is n. (o'8-'3y) anise .r 







.[PiBlBW 8t8] 

(nvp-';y) bts] ikpjs t8 


an'kle ». (?p'JS) .?»3»JP 8 

an'kle-bone n. (iisa-'Spjj;) =j)jp=Dis 


an'kle-deep a. (B»»i-'5p:];) t'3 nvo 

.'Tl'SaJ'JP n 

an'klet ». (B»5p-'JV) 

5V3WP Dns a^n s 

n:83 8 : Die no 

8 iviypnsBB'iyB vt 

.Jsawp lyasiiB' 

ankylo'sis n. -'p-JV) 

oyOBtlX (D'D-'IS? 

="3 "iix na 3J1DP811 
8 jCiysnyp pn] isj 
n no jjiDpsiia'iJis 
«B"Bt!' 8 ; lypjysyj 

an'na n. (y-'iv) V3Bo ,. .. .. .- 

.[Bjyo 3 Dn8 HBiyii vv. yajyn] 
aii'nal n. and a. OV-'iV) n'Jiny 

.[lyp'JMBSP "3] B"!Hn«' 

an'nallst n. (BD'N-5y-'jy) ^DBS'tJ-yj 

iBD] nyp'Jtjns .lypnsBD'n nwniy 

.[iy3"nt>' nunsrn 

annalls'tlc a. (p'B-'D'8-5y-jy) DBll 
IS lyns iy3'3 yiynsBD'n is t'ij' i'n 

.nyaii-|tS'=p'JIS'13 8 

an'nalize v. (t'8-5y-':y) iy3"lti'iya 

.Dyp<J8n3 n i'n 

an'nals ». (t?y-'jy) nee] oyp^jsna 

=y: 18a] iy3'3«-ins' ; [o'o'n nsT 


an'nate n. (B"K-'jy) annats .t 

an'nats n. (OBy-'jy) =''?iny< yBtiiny n 

Dsii] 138? iy3'53TP na nown ys'? 

»ny3yn n lyiynya oy ojyja ?(fQ8 

nioB': rnstn ys'Jiny dst ;[y3'?BD"3 

.lysTP yE"?'iB8p n i'8 iy38» 

annat'to ». (is-'ay-jy) ^Bin^Jya 8t8 

,nyBiB iy3i8B is bsiws] 318B y3'? 

.Dn3 I'D 8 ;[typ lyis 

anneal' ». ('5y'J-y) ; iy380 njyn'Jj 

I'K nyis t8?3 PK IV318B iy3yi3J"K 

PK lyjy? ;iyn'5JBM8 dsijjb? ;ivt"« 


anneal'Ing-fnr'nace n. -'jyj-y) 

.tyii'i8=n'?J (Dyj-'TiB-jj'K 

anneal'Ing-ov'cn n. -jj<K-'5y';-y) 
annealing-furnace ,t (iiib 

anneal'lng-pot n. (DBB-lJ'S-'jyj-y) 

ty3?yii v» BBB iyB3BDy;is°BDya bib 
-Bt yjyiy'B'iyo Bn'5jyjD<iB lyiyii oy 

Annelida n. (yn-'s-'?yj-y) on n 

.[Dnyii Tiy] onyiisyj 

Annel'ldes n. (iyn-'B-'?yj-y) n 

oyam i»3Bn dbii nnyii] Dn»ii=B'n 


annex' n. and v. copyj-y) ^yBcis .1 
VI i lyiJ'siya ,tysyris .lyayais ,ty? 
=is 8 ,i8t yjy3yjy3is 8 : iyj'3"8iya 
.tywBis ; lyj'np? .2 ; ?"b -lyBsytya 

1. The landlord built an annex to the 
house, 2. Please do not annex this umbi'ella. 
It 1b mine. 

annexa'tlon n. (isit!'-'"B-Bpy-3y) =1S 

='3"KnyB jjnj'siyo ,Misyiis ,jji3yj 

lynnyjis] i8'Dpyj8 ; jJisytots'is ■,ii» 

yi-iSBnya ynoyia 8 t»J'J"Knya ti8 

.[nyjyji'B -lyi b'o 

The annexation o£ Texas to the United 
States, occurred In 1845. 

annexa'tionist n. -JStf-'^X-Dpy-jy) 
US tyBDJij IS PB DBii nyj"B (bd'k 
8 tyj'J"Bn»a ii« iyony:is] is'opyjs 
.[lyjyji'K nyi b'o ynsB'iyB yinyna 

annexed' a. i'-\ops:-ii) =is .Bsytyjis 
.lBiJi3iya ,Bj'j"B-iyB ,B?yB!!'yj 

annex'ion n. (isti'-'py:-y) 

annexation .t 

annex'lve a. (irB-'Dpyj-V) * DBll 
'•\V1 ,BlJ'3iyB ,BJ»J"8iyB ,1S BSyBC 

annex'ment .n (OjyD-'Dpyj-y) 

annexation .t 

anni'hilable a. (?3y5-'n-''BJrJ') =1X 

=iyB lyp DBll nBSBS'jiya ,'i83iyBi!' 

.tynyii oiyBiyis lyis ByBS'j 

anni'hilate v. (D"5-'n-"i83-y) ^lya 

.5n B tysBo ; lyiyaiyis ,tyB3'j 

annihila'tion n. (isiS'-'"?-'n-'iBJ-y) 

.ajnyBtyis ,j3iB3'jiya 

annibila'tionisni' n. -'"?-in-'83-y) 

B'yE'T n DBT 3JiBBnny3 n (dpb-jbi!' 

'V 1MB HDipn p'p ty3sn b'j iy?yii 

.B?yii ly: 

annlhila'tionist re. -'"?-'ii-'83-y) 

n Dsi B3''i?3 DS11 •iy:"B (bd'k-jbb' 

noipn p'p iy3«fi b'j tsJBii cyti'T 

.BJyii nyjy< itik 

annl'hilative a. (iPB-"5-'n-''83-y) 

.uyos^jiya ^jyiyBts'is 

annl'hllator re. (-isB-^'J-iii-'iBJ-y) 

.-iPiyBti'lS 8 ,iyB3'3iyB 8 

anni'hllatory adv. -"?-'n-''83-y) 

annihilative .t (n-8B 

anniver'sarlly a4v. -'T<sii-'B-jy) 

.TSinySB n'Jiny CJ-n-yo 

anniver'sary re. and a. ~>K-iit) 

;BDyB=DVinB' ;B"SinB' CWD-'TSU 


anniver'sary day -yo-'TBll-'B-jy) 

=1' :B"s=-in8' ;BDyB=DynnB' ("t n 

lul; 4th Is the annlveriary day of our In- 

annomlna'tion n. -'"3-'KHa8:-y) 

iy3sn DBll lyaiyii tie I'nsya (istM 
iiB i'ii3y3 ; 338?P iy35ytDyT ayoa 
,tynyi38 t"=iB3 d3"b ,iyBiyii ys'Jay 
.niB iy35»ta»i b'd ib i'i iy3'in dsii 
an'notate v. (B"B-8-'3y) ; typiyajB 
.iy33ipnyDy3 lyssa 

annota tion n. (IBB'-'"B-B-Jy) OB 

.33iPiyoy3 ;33ipiyo 

an'notative a. (ll'B-"B-B-'3y) DBll 

8 IS v«f PN DBll ,3Jipny»y3 « B«n 


an'notator n. (iBB-"B-8-'Jy) iyj"B 

si'iN D'B'n'B] iy33ipnyDy3 oasn dbii 

.[piyii B 

anno'tatory a. ('l-BB-j/B-'lB3-y) 

annotative .1 
annot'to re. (l8-'B83-») 

annatto .t 
announce' v. CDJlBJ-y) ,iy3n3'P3K 
.lyTDJBJB ,iy38nBJBpy3 ; iyi5yo38 

The parents announced their daughter's en- 

announce'ment re. (BjyD-'D3l83-y) 

.yD3838 ,331380D:8py3 ; 33n>yOJB 

announ'cer n. (nyD-'3l83-y) 'B3Bpy3 

.iyi?yD38 ny38a 

annoy' v. C'SJ-y) =iyB ; ty3'BBy5y3 

.ty385B .lyoyiyT ,iy3BD em 

annoy'ance re. (D3y-''83-y) /D'iiyaiy 

.33i3''BBy?y3 .Bmiya 

Whispering at a meeting Is a great annoy- 
ance to a speaker. 
annoy'er re. (ly-'iBS-y) =iBBy?y3 8 

,P'J113 8 ,BB"33B?B 8 ,iy3'3"B 8 ,iy3 

.BBynyT dbii iy3"« 

annoy'ing a. (3j'B-''83-y) =<BBy5y3 

.jniyDy-iyT .snoysBSB jnjys 

annoy'ingly adv. (i^-aa'B-'iBa-y) 

oy385B ; rBiB r»3njy3'BBy5y3 b n^iK 

.snjyBy-iyn ,3n 

an'nual a. (5y-ii-'3y) ""iny ,3'iny' 

.3nny'3"8 n'J 

an'nual account' -y 5y-p-'jy) 

.mvn "lys'Siny cbjibp 

an'nual bal'ance -'5y3 5y-i'-'3y) 

.DJBJBSBiJty nyB'Siny (Bjy 

an'nually adv. (<K-5y-r-'3y) ,'!i>5iny' 

.ins' Byiy 

an'nual reg'ister -'(s'tiyi 5y-p-'3y) 

DBll ,'=113 8] B3ny3nnB< (nya-D'K 

.[i'?iny iy3y3y3D'n8 Biyii 

an'nual rings (tajn ?y-P-'3y) nntf 

VH VI iyi5'3 y3?yii lyajn n] ry33'T 

o'-i ytyn tia nya'n n iiB r5»n Byi 

.[PB B^n 8 B58 '11 lys'ii tyo lyp tys 

an'nual val'ue (ii-'?yii 5y-v-'3y) 

Ai8 piB(j> jD'iiya 8 DBll riBnyii lyn 

.v^inji> iy3B"iB3"B niBT DiBjya 

annu'itant re. (BjyB-'B-'P3-y) ny3"B 

.y'BjyB iiJiny B3np bbh 

annu'lty re. ('B-iK-'P3-y) y3'?iny' 

y3?yii njys yoiB 8 ; isyairiB' .yBayB 

='?inyi PB lynyii aJriBsyaoMB ^iibt 

.lyBBT ys 

annul' v. {'5B3-S) 5B3B .lyBD'aiya 


The court annuled the marriage. 

an'nular a. (nyj-p-'jy) ,3'myB3Jn 

.J3n 8 '11 

an'nular eclipse -<8 lyj-p-'ay) 

.nnn 'IP? »3'5iny' n ('db'?p 

an'nulary 7h and a. ci-yj-i'-'jy) 

8 3n3y381B ; 33'T 8 '11 J'tSiyBSi'T 

lyaiya lyi] iy33'B33'n -\vi ;33't 


an'nulate a. (B"?-1'-'jy) =y33'T P« 

.3'B-iya33'i ny> 

an'nulated a. (nyB^"?-i'-'jy) 

annulate .t 




annula'tion n. (isty-'"?-l'-Jy) dst 
.wn 8 ins t"ip 8 lv^5'3 

an'nulet n. -':j)) 
=:'T i"5P 8 (aj;5-r 
=c'n8 rjyii s ;y?w 

.5"t 8 Bn8 
annul'lable a. -y) 

IVP Dsii (?ay-'5sJ 

/tvnyil D38ayJ Joa Annulet 

.tviyii cB8t!'yj3s t»P Dsn 

annul' or'ders insn-'IS '5S3-y) 

=p»nis lyajisyou-ya lyis yjyiiia'iK 

503 ysnysya yjyayjyjo'ns nyn's 


an'nulose a. (Dis5-l'-'jy) =iyBjjn 

.[Dnyii yaj8D mi] ivsyjjn I'x ;pa 

an'nnlus /«. (DS5-V-'jy) 'y?a?jJ'T n 

"lis ryt^Mix tyi3?8nQoy i<8 dsii ya 

t'npiynyjyJPs] lycnp ytynoayxjup 

oys lyajytoyi ti'a tyiyDyia 8 P8 

.5"t3 nyai5Jny»sj'n s sEnj/a 

annu'merate v. (D'n-yo-'i'j-y) =is 


annumera'tion n. -'"i-yo-i'o-y) 

.jjuayiis dsB' 

annun'ciate v. (cs-'ty-JSJ-y) «JS 

.tyjsiDiixisB ,iyjstJs ,tn?s'a 

annuncla'tion n. (isi!'-'"K-'t!'-JUlJ-y) 

: jjijijtjs jJU'iJ'piyB ; jjn5yD:s 


Annuncia'tion-day n. -'t!'-JSJ-y) 

yiNo 1V1S /jsc^mwa ("i=i8[!'-'"8 

aid 01' lya'SoDnp 8] JJunrpiyB 

oyi iiB iyp3yiJ8 ciis nva ivozs oyi 

,yn8D-iy3'>"n nyi ix mwa d'ik5o 

.[lyDiD oyoiBDnp 

annun'ciative a. (ii<i3-"8-'(S'-'3SJ-y) 

.DnKIISB B]8t D811 ,\H UlSt DUll 

annun'ciator «.' (nsi3-"8-'it!'-'JSJ-y) 

=-isa 8 ; nyjij"n3 mitva 8 nwstos is 


annuneiate .t 

an'nus mlrab'llis -'ayi-'D D8-':y) 

ins' 8] ins' ■lya'?'ly^Jl8l1 8 (d'J-'k 

=nyiji8ii cn<D8B lyasn oy iya?yii vk 

.[tyasi y3'5 

The year 1911 went down Into history u 
an annul mirabllii. 

an'odal a. (5yi-s-':y) BjJ85ya B8II 

anode ,t .yigjs lyi IX 

an'ode n. (ni8-'jy) iyii'CM8B lyT 

[■iyB"J8ii58J] lyiynKipysy !8 tiB ?ss 


anod'lc o. (pi8-'i83-y) =ya Dsil 

anode .t .yisJ8 18 is ojJ85 

an'odyne «. ond o. (t'8l-s-'jy) 

lys'BB' IS I'snyo ;i3y?it5t!' nyot!' 


an'odyne neck'lace t'8l-8-'3y) 

.pnety n'5n n (D"?-'py3 

anod'ynous a. (DS3-'8-'n8:-y) D8II 

.lysiyoB' i35<cB' 

anoint' v. ('B3'»3-y) lyiy'Dty ,iya?8t 

.5'i8 B<n 

anoln'ted n. (lyB-'j'SJ-Ji) iVBaJstyi 


anoin'ter ». CiyB-'j^BJ-Ji) .nya?8i 8 

anoin'ting a. (33'B-'J's:-J') .,Jn3ya?B( 

anolnt'ment n. (Bjy»-'BJ'8J-y) "JBI 


An'olis n. (D'?-IS-'W) yj"5P I'D 8 

lyTJsP ''1 iyB"3 ya?yii ,Bypiyt!'Bt!'8' 

PK I'l WBW] liSV?J'083 8 '11 '118 


8P'^J'»8 na lyi^yjya yayisii 'i 
.[lyoy D1S Ba'nayj wtsn 

anom'aUsm n. (QP5-y-'D83-B) »J1« 
•?8msJJi8 ,B'?8a»J8 ; B"PJ'DyD?y:yT 


anomalis'tic . a. (p'B-'D'S-y-DBJ-V) 
»isj B'j ,yji85ijyT B'J ,rDyD?yjyiJi8 


anomalis'tical a. -'D'S-y-OBJ-V) 

anomalistic .t (?y-p'o 

anomalis'tically adv. -'D'?-y-BSJ-y) 

lyrDyDSyjyiJiK i8 *i'i8 CK-Jy-P'B 

.1618 iy58DTSJ318 lyis 

anomalis'tic year -'D'5-y-D8J-y) 

ins' yB"BD'58ns38 d8t (in" P'b 

in'x BSBB iiy 'T iya?yii px b"s 't] 

jyB 365 .n .1 ,iit lyi ons p'ipdih 

.[lyiJipyD 48 ,iyBij'o 13 ,nv^ a 

anom'alous a. (DS?-y-'n8J-y) =3i8 

=183 B'J ,y3i8?ijyi B'J ; j'DyoSyjyT 

The prosecuting attorney was in an anom- 
alous position. His duty required him to 
hring his friend to trial for murder. 

anom'alously adv. -DS5-y-'n8J-y) 
!i'i8 ;yj'i85ijyT B'J ,3'DyD5y3»iJi8 ('5 
iyj'DyD5y3yiJi8 nyis iy?8DisJJi8 is 


anom'aly n. ('5-y-'D8J-y) ,y'58aSJ8 

.B"p58m8JJi8 ; B"p3'DyD5y3yiJi« 

It is an anomaly to find English radicals 
cheering their King. 

anon' adv. ctsj-y) ,osy' n583 ,'!i"53 

.I8T ; 5803380 ,Bais 

an'onym n. (D'j-8-'jy) 8] D'J8J8 

8 iCiyosj ■iyB5yBts'iya isih lycSBa 

.tyosj i"t D'i-i8 B'J B'J D811 isnya 

anonym'ity «. CB-'N-'O'J-s-jy) 018 

'lyB D8T ;OyB'C'J838 ,B"PB0'BE'y3- 

.iy3"-ii!' i'8 lyosj Dili iyj"ii6!' 

anon'ymous a. (D80-'8-'J83-y) tns 

DS11 ; lya'-iK-yjiyBJiH b'j ,iyDsj 8 

.lyosJ i"P B'J B8n 

anon'ymously adv. -D80-'K-'J8J-y) 

.IBI8 lyo'JSJS 18 «i'i8 ,tyo8J 8 in8 C? 

anon'ymousness n. -D80-'X-'38J-y) 

lyayjjs b'j dst : Byo'o'JSJB (oyj 

.iyo8J p'p lyasn b'j dst : ivdbj oyi 

The anonymousness of newspaper writing. 

Anoph'eles n. (P?-y-'B8J-y) po 818 

.[iy?yjy'5B y3'ijyD"3] iyi808P ,p'o 

an'orexy n. ('D-pyi-8-'Jy) 5y338n tin 

.lyoy D1S B'ByB8 p8 

anoth er a. and pr. (ny-'nas-jy) 

.■iy3"8 183 ;-iyiyi38 t8 

anoth'er than (lyriB 'iy-'nB8-3y) 18 

...058 lyiyti'-iya ...d58 lyiyiss 

I am quite another man than what I waa 

anoth'er thing (jjtib ly-'riBS-jy) 
.B'lyiJS oysy 

anot ta n. (y-'B8J-y) rti'535y3 818 

.a-i8B yo'n 

an serine a. (px-iyo-'jy) ; tj"i8J 

! 1383 8 na B'ln 'T '11 ; 1383 8 '11 '1)8 

0811 ,-iyBiyp iya'5ts'3yD na B'ln 't '11 

.B58P P8 oy lyii j'i5yB"i3 Biyii 

an swer «. and v. (lyo-'jy) ; lyaBjy 

=yjas ; nysBjy ; bi8B8t /BBSE'jyayn 

.lyj'iB ; Bn8B8T lya 

an'swer a bill (J'3 y •iyD-'3y) =y3 

.5yDpyii 8 iy5n8s 

an'swerable a. (53y-iyD-'3y) 'BJ8y3 

.013 ,T53'1D n'5Bn811B38nys ;T5on811 
The owner is answerable for the action of 
his agent. 

an'swerableness re. -53y-n!;D-'jy) 
lyjyp D8T ; B"pa'5BiKiiBJ8iyB (oyj 

.B"PBD8By31S Iiyiyil ByB-|811B38y3 

an'swerably ' 0(?i'. ('53-y-'iyD-'jy) 

,'!ny3 ,D'JB5yinyB i'8 ; njysyiBtcojy 

.ysnsBsis ■iy3'B'ij tvi PR 

an'swer a claim (D"5P y lyo-'jy) 

8 iy5n8sy3 ;tyjypnyj8 jjnyiss 8 


an'swer again' Ciyj-y lyo-'jy) 

.lyayiBciyTii ; lynyaBjyas 

an'swer a sum'mions y lyD-'jy) 

B3'iyj n8B ty5yBi!' I'l (djs-'dbd 

.jjnyiSB o'i5 

an'swerer n. (ny-iyo-'jy) =yaBjy m 

.lyjjyj 8 : ivi 

an'swer for (isa lyo-'jy) iyTBJ8i8J 

. . ."183 p't 3iy . . . -\<SB 

You may give him credit. 1 wUI answer for 


an'swering the pat'tem -lyD-'jy) 

.lyBoio i'a8J (py-'Bys 'hb jj'« 

an'swer in law (ns5 P8 lyo-'jy) 

.oa'iyj oyT nsB Tt lysyoz' 

ain'swer in the afBr'mative -'jy) 

8' B'D (ii'B-yo-'Tia-y 'no pn nyo 


an'swerless a. (Dy5-"iyD-'jy) is ins 


an'swerlessly adv. ('5H3y5--iyD-'Jff) 

=y'nBisji8 lyis lyijyj'jysjis is b'd 

.lysBjy s in8 ■ ; nysBjy iyijy5yBs:'jyT 

an'swer no pnr'pose iijj lyo-'jy) 

;pyiis oyi tyayiBE'Bjy b'j (tisb-'tis 

i"P lyasn b'j ;nn33 n'ls lyj'iB 

.181 1111 IS nia"a' 

an'swer the bell (5y3 'no lytj-'jy) 

>as3 inyj ;jji5p ayi ei'iK I't lysnas 

.Bjj'5p By "lyii inyi 

an swer the door (hijt 'hb nyB-':y) 

BS85P By lyii inyiasJ n'no 't lyjyay 

.TnB P8 

an swer the pur'pose 'no lya-'jy) 
IS ;pyiis oyi lyayiBB'ojy (ti8B-'Tis 

.■=181 1S1 

an swer to a name y lo nyo-'jy) 

.tyosj 8 ei'i8 1't iyBna8 (D"j 

ant m. (ajy) ypB-siiD s ,yt"DK is 

, .[n5oj] 

antac id to. and a. (Ts-'oyHajy) 

=Tii ; iy38o P8 B"piy'u IS nsiBi 

.iy380 i'8 0"p-iy'ii lyjyj njyp 

antagonisa'tion to. -'"t-'j-s-jyo-jy) 

nyjjyj ,BB8B'1J"B ,Dt'J8J8BJ8 (lUB' 

antag onise v. (PSJ-s-jyo-JV) =yB8' 

.lyiyij'n :iys"-iB'i8 .-lyjyj vi ly? 
antag'onism re. (at'j-s-'jyo-jy) KS 

.BBsti'iyjjyj .usBty-iyTii ,ar'j838o 

The antagonism hetween the upper and the 
lower classes. 

antag'onlst re, (BD'j-ij-'jyB-jy) 8 

, .iSJjyj s :nj"B 

antagonls'tic a. (p'B-'B'J-s-jya-jy) 

.t!"iy33yj ,T5ii"B 

antagonls tical o. -'B'3-s-syB-jy) 

antagonistic .i (jyp-'c 




antagonis'tically adb. -s-jj;b-jj;) 

='DD'':SJ»BJ8 !8 t|<lN (<N-5yp-<C-'D': 

."lyMW « M1 'UN ; laiN ij/iy 

antagonlza'tion ». -'j-s-jyo-IJi;) 

-■iVi ,DB8B'1J"B ,Dt'JSJ8BJ8 (18tS'-'"I 

antag'onlze v. (t'8J-s-'JVt3-jy) 


antal glc n. and a. (p'ts'n-'JVB-Jj?) 

»j'5 is riHiBi ; lyxnyot!' bikij'? d8ii 

antal'kali n. (i5-pp-'5y-BJj;) =j;3 8 

»8P?8 B?J(lJ8inyD DSll ,(1SBI»' nvtv'o 

.I'58t I'N t'? 

antal'kaline «. (i'?-jip-'5v-bj!;) 

antalkali .) 
antapoplec'tic o. -'pj;5B-8-Bj;-Bjy) 

.»'SPj;?SSB8 Willi BpTIl D811 (P'B 

antarc'tic a. (p'b-'pt8-bj!)) =j;3 dsii 

.rB"i=nm ,i'5Tt ;58a=Tt bis bj385 

antarc'tic clr'cle p'B-'Pl8-0Jy) 

.i"npn858B iy3'5Tt'in (?p'-i'id 

antarc'tic o'cean p'B-'Pls-BJK) 

.■ij;i;Kit"N M'jTt DST (ivesi-'is 

antarc'tic pole (Jiss P'b-'pi8-bji;) 

.5SB=TI -ijn 

antarc'tic re'gions p'B-'pls-Bjy) 

'Si n] inJWnsJSB'TM (usE'n-'n 

.[5sB=Tn Dn8 \vi:vi 

antartlirlt'ic n. and a: -18-BJJ)) 

,i;i38iss lyjM 5j;b'd 8 (p'N-'Bnno 

DSll ;["iw"2 n t'« E"JMn3] B^'j 

.»n38isa B5"n 

antasthmat'ic n. and a. -bdv-BJV) 

=BJ 5yB'D 8 nJB5"n»8nBD8 (P<8-'ByD 

.[oynas lysnip] kdbdx \vi 

ant'-bear n. (inys-'a^s) is>]svat< 

=B8 -iVi ;[8pnVD8 Tt i<K n'n 8t8] 

j"\w--\-\v iyi!"J8pn 

an'te-act «. (Bpy-'B-'jy) nyti^iB n 

.B8nB ivis jji5iJ8n wn 

an'te-acts n. (DBpy-'Q-':j;) DSll ,15138) 

.iwnsa pity iwr 

ant'-ea'ter n. (nvB-'ys-'BJj/) lyT 

BoyiB DSll n'n 8t8] nyDyiBjyfDS 



an'te bel'lnm (Ds-'5y3 'B-'jy) Tsa 

p« jynp nyjT3 I'nsa ;non?D -lyT 

■spnyns tiB ivB^soiS' yBju"8iya n 

anteceda'neous a. _ij-'in-'D-'B-jy) 

nVT's ; lyiiyj lyni'iB pk bsii (ds 


antecede' v. cuo-'B-jy) itnyn^msB 

.[.J .1 .8 BOS ,i3tsi i'k] iy3yn rnyBE' 

antece'dence n. (Djyi-''D-'B-jy) DST 

.ryoip lynna dst ; inyaiymsa 

antece'dency n. (iD-jyi-''D-'B-3y) 

antecedence .i 
antece'dent a. and n. -'ib-ib-jv) 
; B"S I'S lynnS BOlp DSll (Bjyi 

;r8?B lyis B"s PS nynna rx Dsii 
nynna boip dsii oyay lyis iyj"« 

ris: j:n'D8B 8 ; V85B •\V^^S B"V i<k 

.yiyi38 18 Bcip Dy ny3?yii 

antece'dent cause Bjyi-''D-'iB-jy) 
=po8ip 8 iiB yssnis djjsbjs jt (tnsp 


antece'dents n. (DB3yi-''D-'B-jy) 

.[isnys 8 na] B"njy508JiyB 

anteces'sor n, (is-'oyD-'B-jy) 8 

tyiiyj lynna r's dsii ivt ,nyjjynsB 

.lyBSBoyBJy i8 ,nyBsa=-iiN t8 

an'techain1bei' n. (lys-D^B'B-'B-'jy) 

.lyo'visa 8 

an'tecliapel «. (jy-syB'B-'B-'jy) 't 

8 PB lyo'siyisB ivil y?ys8piynsB 

an techoir n. (iisiinp-'B-jy) «'liyj 8 

.183 ty3yj lycD'iJp 8 ps bis -ivo 

ante'cians n. (t3yit!'-''B-3y) =tyjyj n 

DSll n] >y3ip T[V Dyi iiB iyjn8iiy3 

5y58n8B iyji35yi nyi fi'is ' lyjnsii 

=y:Bjy pi'is isj ,?yjip=iiy pb v-]ati/ 

iy?"B yo'iiyj .3 .u ,tyB"r yBsytyjjyj 

.["pnVB P8 8pnyo8 iib 

antecommun'ion n. -'JVD-sP-'B-jy) 

.TTP y3''5BDnp 8 PS n5'an sts dS' 

antecur'sor n. (isD-'Tip-'B-jy) «SB 

.iyBM5isa ;iya'i?D<n 

an'tedate v. and n. (B"i-'B-'jy) =js 

=nB 8 iy3y3 ,0"!{ yjmynna s ty3y3 

o"x 8 P8 tyoipTSB ! yB8T yamyn 

.yasT yjmynna 8 ; lynna 

The American Bevolution antedates the 
Civil War. 

antedilu'vial -a. -■pl1-'1^5_■l^_•l^_Jy) 

.?1313-I'18B tlB (?J? 

antedilu'vian a. and n. -n-'D-iy) 
iy:"8 ; ?i3n I'isa na (ly-ni-'r? 
i'i8B Bi<BDnpy Bsn dsii osiiBy -wis 

=?yiyB PT8BEy T'S dsii DSllBy ; 513D 


ante-draw'Ing-room n. -'B-jy) 

=3s 58t 8 IIB ?"B 8 (ann-jj<N-'nsiT 

.1J8110"!!' 8 ^nn B5"By3 

anteflect'ed a. (iy-'Bpy?B-'B-jy) 

.IS Bjy-isa DiK. lyj'nyjD'ix 

an'teflexed a. (BDpy?a-'B-':y) »D'18 

.IX BoyisB Din iy:ii3y3 

ant'-egg n. (jy»'B3y) ."s^ypBigiia 8 

an'telope «. (Bis5-'B-'jy) bs5'bj8 

.[n'n 8t8] 


antemerid'ian ». -'Ti-'B-'B-jy) 

.JSB tysjsn Tsa (ty-<8 

an te merid lem -is-'ti-'d 'B-'jy) 

12 na B"s n] JSB iy3?8n isa (oy 

.[3SB iy3?8n 12 P3 B383"3 

an'te mor'tem 

antemet ic n. and u, -'Byo-'K-Bjy) 
; iy3yi3 lyT'Diya ix pxnyo 8 (P'8 
.iy3yi3 Byi"BiyB Bsii 
(Dyo-'iso 'B-'jy) 

.BMB DyT 188 

an'te-mor'tem a. (DyB-'l8n-''B-'jy) 

The court examined the copy of the victim's 
ante-mortem statement. 

antemun'dane a. (pn-'JSD-'B-jy) 

=83 Dsn DSll lyis ,ix ^''c I's dsii 

'V: iyB82'y3 P8 B?yii n ivt's btd 


antena tal a. (5yB-'":-iB-3y) DSll 
=yj Day:"8 isa b"s lyT is ^"B' P8 


anten'na n. (8-'jyB-3y) =?n<a DST 

o's 18 IIB ssp Dvi ti'iK 5iwiyn 


anten'nate a. (B"K-'jyD-jy) Dsil 
antenna .t .nsn=5n'B 8 Bsn 
antennif'erous a. (Dsi-y-'B'j-yB-jy) 

antennate .t 

anten'niform a. (tnsa-'8-'jyB-3y) 

.nsn=?n'B 8 tia disb <t bsh dsii 

antenna .t 

antenup'tial a. (jyty-'ssJ-'B-jy) tbb 

.njinn ivt 

antepas'clial a. (5yp-'Dya-iB-jy) dsii 

,nDB ISB IIB D"S -\V1 IX 1"E' P8 
.83D8B lyiS 

an'tepast n. (BDys-'B-'jy) »yjT8B 

.P'SEilSa ,P8DtS' 

antepenult' n. ('B5S3-'S-'B-jy) ''m 
.BT811 «iiD pa y35't yB 

antepenul'tima n. -'5s3-'B-'B-jy) 
antepenult .t (sb-'D 

antepenul'timate n. and a. -'B-jy) 

lyi IX Ti^tj) (IS DSll (B^D-'B-'SSJ-'B 

yam ; bisii ^iid iib y35't ivb'it 

.BTsii 11D pa y35it 

antepilep'tic n. and a. -is-By-Bjy) 

DSll ; yj'?8B lyjyj nann s (p<B-'sy? 

'?in] yj'?8B lyjyj nann 8 pk 


antepilep'tical a. -'By?-'8-By-Bjy) 

=83 iy:yj nann 8 Ps dsii (?yp-'B 


anteposi'tion n. (is-'iS"t-SB-'B-jy) 

lyjyBtf DST ; BJSiB ps ly^yBK' dsi 

.lynna Bisii s 

antepran'dial a. (jy-n-'jyia-'B-jy) 

.B"X?nSB OyT 183 

ante'rlor u.. Cis-n-'B-jy) ; nynna 

IIB VI Bj'ayj DSll ,^JynyBt^'D'lK^SB 


anterior'ity «. (la-'S-'is-n-'B-jy) 
nynna dst .•D'lisa P8 inyBif dst 




ante rlpr tib'ial ar'tery -'<D-jy) 

"Bloodvessels of the .?!« .t 
Human Body" 
anterolat'eral a. -'BVS-ISI-'B-JV) 
=SB 11B B"t in "3 Br? DSll (JJJ-IV 


an teroom ». (onn-'B-'J!/) ^'sisb 

The patients are waiting In the doctor's 

antestom'ach ti. (py-'osBD-'B-jy) 

"aiwsBisa] j;'5sii ,Bsnp ; lyjBoisa 

.[?yj'ia 8 

an tetype n. (B'BB-'B-'jV) ,i?'3TSa 

antever'slon n. (ise'-'T'SII-'B-ji;) 
'jia t'«] Bjnsa an twiayj t"t osi 

antevert' o. CBTsii-'B-jy) =yjj"N 

Jixya px BSi:n] Bwisa ais lyj'u 

.[tyjsJis y3<?nyj'K n ix 

anthe'llon n. (is-'?-''nB-jy) oyjya 

ByT ans 'yjjnBa'? y5yn yasyis] nt 

lyiyii y35yii n^so^iinvi 8 iia \m»iv 

lin iyi:y]yj yo'iiyj i'8 BDKriiKiya 

iTiT tynyj "t lyii .lyJnBiBB-jyjii n 

.[t8niB 8 lyns ryp?sii 8 

anthelmin'thic ». o»(J a. -5j;n-Bjy) 

lyai'iBiya ix t'X'iyo 8 (p'nB-'j'a 

nya DS11 ; [anyiyj n px] ayiyn 

.ay-iyii b3"ib 

anthelmiA'tlc n. and a. -?yn-Bjy) 

anthelminthic .t (p'B-'j'D 

an'them n. (BynB-':y) jJ8ry3=-i83 8 

.3J8tyj 8 m'P l'8 

An themis ». (D'B-yno-'jy) yaay b'j 

«i!'8osn=i?yB ,ty?yo8p»i?ya ; lyjynsp 

.[iysj8?a t'o 818] DVP 

an'ther n. (lyna-'jy) 5yB"3=3<iBE' 

Bjy<? Dy 1811 Q153 8 1'8 BIS lyi] 

.[3nBB'jyDst lyT 


an'theral u. oy-tyno-'iv) =y3J8 DS11 

anther ,t .jyB'iao'iBB' ais bj38? 

antherif'erous a. -'s's-iyna-iy) 

"3] 5yB"3»3'1DE' 8 Bsn D811 (DSl-> 

, .[iyxj85a 

anthe'sis n. (D'D-'TiB-jy) =38Jia dst 

lyii o»)t n ; iyDi?3 tia in iyn'?3nyT 

.nyi:8:ia vi iyn<53 lynua 

ant -hill n. (?'n='B3y) =-iy3=Dypi!'8iio 

.BDyj Dypt!'8iin ; 5yj 

ant'-hil'Iock n. (PS-'?'n-'Bjy) 

ant-hill .t 

antho'bian n. (|y-i3-'isnB-jy) «i?3 

.Pitj-t tyni53 ,yp?y383=iya 

anthog'raphy n. ('a-yi-'J8nB-jy) 

■■153 na j:i3"-ii!'y3 't] yasiJBBJB 

, .[lyo 

an thoid «. (ii^nB-'jy) 8 '11 '118 


an tholite n. (B'8?-snB-'jy) =D'in is 
18 ,Bi?3 yB-iy3"B^nyB y:y38njyj 

't«S <T BSn D811 I"131S' 8 P8 pm3S 

Plots' i'8 I'jaytBB'in] di?3 8 na yo 


antholog'lcal a. -p'x-'E'nBJ-snB-jy) 

.y'3S5SBJ8 18 IS 1"!!' t'8 DS11 (?y 

anthology .t 

anthol'ogy n. oien-a-'^sno-W =JS 
=y? yB?nyiiyj tia jji?B8t 8] yjsJso 
=ysB ti8 yBanyj sysyso ,nyp''Bt!'=yi 

.j:i508t=iyDl53 8 ;[D8D 

anthoma'nia n. (s-'J-'^o-sriB-jy) 

w yay? yjyanByjiys'N] y':8D8BJ8 


anthoma'niac n. (p8-'J-'"0-snB-jy) 

18 B8n DS11 nyj"8] P8'J8B8bj8 is 

.iiyDi53 IX yay? yjy3'"iByny3'8 

anthoph'agous a. (DSJ-y-'B8nB-jy) 


anthoph'llons a. (Ds5-'8-'a8nB-3y) 

=ya yo'iiyj lyjyn] jyaua Bay? dbii 

.[.a .s lywa mi ,iyt!"jyByK'y3 

anthoph'orous a. (D81-s-'a8nB-jy) 

.[y!t38?a 8 '11] iyDi?3 osn D8ii 

an'thotaxy ^. CD-pyB-snB-'jy) D8T 

D'nBE'=tyB1?3 8 I'K tyDl?3 tia tyDP811 

.?y3jyBE' nn8 ion 

anthoxan thin n. (I'nB-'jyt-sriB-jy) 

iyDi?3 P8 VI Bj'ayj dsii ai8B y?yj 

.tyaana yo'iiyj ti8 

Anthozo'a n. (y-'i8t-8nB-jy) =8BJ8 

i'8 DS11 tysfiyaywa d8?p 8] lyst 

-ivit) n'n t'8 oy ix BCBtfyaaix 


anthozo'an n.anda. (ty-'isi-sna-jy) 

=istSBJ8 t'o ayi iia t^'^yaytyya 8t8 

.tystsBJ8 'T IV v& t'8 Dsii ; ly 

Anthosoa .t 

anthrac'ic ». (p'S-'DyiriB-jy) DSll 

PJ8np t'K D811 ,?ypjm8P 8 is -lyny: 

anthrax .t .?j;pjiai8P 8 ei'lK 

an'thracite ». (B'8B-yinB-'jy) =B38 

iyBT8n ; ?n'ip=i"Bi!' nyj"T] b'S8T 


anthracit ic «. (p'K-'B'D-yiiiB-jy) 

anthracite .t .B'X81BJ8 '11 

an'thrax ■». (DpyinB-'jy) =n'ip=i"0(S' 

ya'Jinyayj 8t8] ?ypJiai8P : ly? 

?SD 8 ,niBn3 "3 DJyBD"B B"npJ81p 

.[tyE'jyD "3 I'lK 

anthrope'an a. (ty-''B-sinB-jy) 


anthrop Ic a. (p'8-'B8nnB-jy) ^B-jya 

=yii yiny? -lyi is i"b' t'8 dsii ;i'? 

.yosT iy3'?B'jyD lyi lyj 

anthrop'ical a. (?yp-'8-'B8nnB-jy) 

anthropic .t 

anthropobiol'ogy n. -isa-sinB-jy) 

=ny? 'T ,y'js?sssiBj8 ('tyti-s-'?8-'83 

.lyts-va tia ty3y? nyi lyjyii yi 

anthropocen'tric a. -sa-siriB-jy) 

lyT 18 ,ByBB'iny3 dsii (p'lB-'jyo 

T8B] B?yii "lyT Iia t'np 'i cs lyjya 

«y3 nyi is ^y^& pk dsii ;[nK'-i3n 

=:ys lyi t's t^jyo ivi t8 ,jjiBB'in 

.ns'ia -irt tia bpjib ■iy?8'iB 

anthropogen'esls «. -sB-sinB-jy) 

'T tvi» JJiDSDcas 'T (D'D-y-'jyBin 

.tyts-jyo tia jJWiiBjy 

anthropogenet'lc a. -SB-snriB-:y) 

lyT is T'ti' t'8 DSII (P'S-'Byj-'B'Ct 

'iVQ tia jji?p'iiBjy lyis jjiosBtcas 


anthropogon'lc a. -sB-siriB-jy) 

anthropogenetio .t (pis-'jycn 

anthropog'enist n. -'(!>tn8B-sinB-jy) 

yjnyiSD n tia lyjjynjs ts (BD'j-y 

PK 3JiD8Bt!'as "lyi lyjyii tyisynB 

.tyB'jyo'tia jjwiiBjy 

anthropog'eny n. -'E'nsB-sinB-jy) 
118 tyB'jyo na 3Jio8ot!'as 't cj-y 
tyjyii BBSE'jyD'ii 't ;33i?p'iiBjy i"t 
=Bjy p't ti8 ty»jyD tia jjinsDB'as lyi 


an'thropoglot n. (os?3-8B-»inB-'jy) 

8 '11 3J1S 8t8 BSil DS11 t!"jyBytS'y3 8 
.a .X '831BSB 'T '11 ,B'3yD 

anthropog'ony n. -s-'38B-sinB-jy) 

anthropogenesis .t CJ 

anthropograph'ical a. -siriB-jy) 

-\in IS T'B' t's DSII (?yp-'8-'ayi3-sB 

.iyD8T ya'?is'jyD iia yiny? 

anthropog'raphy n. -'38B-snflB-jy) 

='?(!'jyD lyi tia 3Ji3"it^y3 n ca-yT 

.yDsn nya 

an'thropoid ». o»(f a. -siriB-'jy) 

=E'jyD ps'/tyts'jyD s is i'?jny (tss 

[8J8'ty38] yB?80 8 ;B?8BE'y3 lya'? 

.Bist tyiyayn na 

anthropoi'dal a. Ovt-"'SB-sino-:s) 

-lyjyo 8 Bsn DSII ,]ve>:isia 8 is i'?jnff 

.B?8BE>y3 »'? 

anthropol'atry n. -y-'?8B-sinB-:y) 

y3'?By3 'T -\si» 3:nyBy3nyB n cib 

.lyE'jyo 8 na j:i3'?"mya 

anthrop'olite n. (B'85-s-'B8nnB-3y) 

'-ivp tya'?B'3yD 8 tia 3:nyj"BB'iy3 8 

anthpopolog'lc a. -sB-sinis-jy) 

t'8 D81l] i!"3S?SBS"IBJ8 (p'N-'E'nB? 

.[tyE'jyo tyjyii yiny? nyn is t'B" 

anthropolog^ical a. -sB-sino-sy) 

anthropologic .t (?yp-'K-'E'n8? 

anthropol'oglst /.. -'?8B-sinB-3y) 

iyj"8] BD'3S?SBS1BJ8 (Bt'E'tl-S 

='11 yiS"3S?SBSnBJ8 'T BTllBS" DSll 


anthropol'ogy n. -s-'?8B-sinD-:y) 

'iy3'8 yiny? 't] yjsJsssiBJs ce-n 

.[yosT y3'5!!':yo n 

an'thropomancy n. -8B-sinB-'jy) 

tyjst-niN'Sj DST .tyayiB dst CD-jya 
.tycjyo 8 tia T'liyjj's i»n d'i? 

anthropom'eter n. -'D8B-sinB-3ff) 
D811 iy:"s] lyByDsBsiBJK (lyB-y 
nyp tya'?i!'jyD tie iyny?j 't Boyo 
.[typyiis ya'?BB8(!'jyD'ii 3y'?is lya 

anthropomet'ric a. -sB-sinB-:y) 

=DDyD -lyT IX Biyny: dsii (P'v'oyD 

tya'jB'jyo na iyiy'?3 ■•^ pa bdjip 


anthropomet'rical a. -sino-jy) 
anthropometric .t (?yp-'i-<Byo-SB 

anthropomet'rically adv. -sinB-jy) 

'T tyBDyo nh ('K-?yp-'i-'t3yB-sB 

.lysiyp tya'jL-jyi: tia ■iyiy?3 

anthropom'etry 7i. -'D8B-sinB-:y) 

tiB iyiy?3 n pg tyBDyo dbt cia-y 

'fyii BasE'jyo'ii 't nysiyp tya'^L-jyo 

•y?j 'T pa tyBDyo dst B?yi38ny3 ya 

.-lyaiyp ty3'?K'jyD pa lyi 

anthropomor'phlc a. -sa-sinB-:y> 
=yj y3'?E'jyn s Bsn dsh (P'a-'isa 

nSB Oyi IX T'C' t>8 DSll ; B?8BB' 
B?8BB'y3 ■iy3'?E'3yD 8 PS BS3 WDO'Cf 

The religion of the Greeks was antliropo- 


anthropomor'phically adv. -jj/) 
=)ii in i'« ('K-?j;p-'a-'-iijb-sB-»int3 
=i»s ^v^\ iwvii] wmvo 8 tia DJstjis' 
■-vi lya'Stj'jyD 8 t'N osJ no jjiSj/bb' 


anthropojnor'phlsm ». -Kino-^y) 
BST ,Dt'Bl«aSBS1BJ8 (Dt'S-'nSO-SE 

'W ^)lT^?mm 8 PK osj lyjybtj'isa 

anthropomor'phlst m. -us-sino-JV) 
iyj"8] oD'aiBosssiojB (bd<b-'tso 

'fi/iVO 8 I'8 BS3 n»B I't BJyOB' DS11 

.[niB8J 118 B58BCj;j nw? 

anthropomor'phite ». o»d o. -JD) 

Dsii nyj"8 (B'sa-'iso-sB-BinB 

'W ya'^E'jvo 8 Bsn bsj dst ,b3'i5j 

IS 1"iS' t'S D811 ; lyJiTBVJ 118 B58BB' 
yD'PtS'JVD 8 BSn B8J 18 ,iy3'l?J DDT 

.lyjpTByj ya'Scjyo ii8 bssbotj 
anthropomorphlt'ic a. -siriB-jy) 

I'l jnjy^yBBilSB (P'K-'B'B-nSO-SB 

B'Q 118 BJsBiyyj -lya^PcWB 8 1'8 bsj 

.iy?n'syj ya^jE'jyn 

anthropomorphit'lcal a. -sino-jy) 


anthropotnorphitic .t 
anthropomor'phous a. -snna-jy) 
ya'Scwa 8 Bsn Dsii (dsb-'-iso-sb 


anthropopatb'ic a. -8B-sinB-jy) 

vv?<t/3iia IX B3"'i(S' DSII (p's-'naya 

.BSJ IS iyjJiJ"J "lyis tyJn'syj 

anthi'opopath'lcal a. -sB-siriB-jy) 

anthropopafhic .t (jyp-'x-'nBys 

anthropopath'lcally adv. -siriB-jy) 

lya'nu'is iin cs-syp-'x-'novB-sB 

■ .iyj:ij"3 118 lyjri'ayj ya'Stj'jyD bsj 

anthropop'athism n. -sinB-jy) 

BSJ tis jJi^yocTSB n lot'nB-y-'ass 

.iyjjij"j 118 ty?n'Byj ya<5B'jyo b'o 

anthropop'athy n. -'BBB-siDB-jy) 

=yj ys'JB'jyo ly^'ntyw dst cnB-y 

.BSJ IS .11 .t .8 iyjJij"J ,ry?n'B 

anthropopji'agi n. -'asB-siiiB-jy) 

.ty?83'j8p .-lyDyiBjycjyD CBcn-y 

anthropopbagin'lan n. -siriB-jy) 

.nvDyna tyt^jya 8 (ly-'s-'J^u'n-y-BSB 

anthropoph'agism n. -siDB-jy) 

»'J8P /nyDyiB'iycjyo (ni'B'n-y-'asB 


anthropoph'agist n. -'B8B-siriB-jy) 

.lyoyiB'tyts'jyo 8 (BD'tsri-y 

anthropoph'agous o. -siDB-jy) 

,tji"?a:ytj'jiya BoyiB dsii (DSJ-y-'ass 


anthropoph'agy ■«. -'a8B-s"inB-jy) 

."nyoyiB'iytyjyD ,Dt'582'J8P ctyn-y 

anthropopiio'bia «. -sB-S"iriB-jyi 

oya ; lyiyjyD nsB »riia n (y-u-'isa 

.W^^va IS nsJis" .Dsn^iys:' 

anthyiuiot'icre. and a. -S'riB-jy) 

8 ,«1S?1!' lyjyj BP"I<11 DSll (P<(4-'B8J 

.eis5B' lyjyj PVB'o 

anthypochon'drlac n. and a. -Bjy) 

ymJsasB'n lyjyj (py-ni-'J8P-is-B'n 

ynJS^SB^n 'yjyj jyB'o 8 ; ijypT'ii 

.[minB" mo] 

an'ti (iB-'jy) Dytyn] lyi'ii ,iyjyj 

B'D jjsnjynsiis rs nu boip bisii 

.[lyBnyii yiynjs 

antiaboli'tionist n. -s-ay-'B-jyl 

jjiastyns iiB lyjjyj 8 (od's-js-'b"? 

.lys'no tya85pc ; ■"-iyB8?pis' ns 



an'tl-ac'id n. and a. (Ts-'Dy-'B-'jy) 
antacid ,t 

an'tl-Amer'lcan a. -'lyD-y-'B-'jy) 
>nyDB lyjyj ,B"J8p'nyoB='BJ8 (typ-'8 

an'tiar n. (ly-'B-jy) 818] T8'BJ8 


an'ti-arthrlt'ic n. and a. -ny-io-'jy) 

antarthritic .t (p>s-'B'inB 

an'tl-asthmat'lc n. and a. -'o-'jy) 

=BD8 lyjyj BPTll DSll (p'8-'ByD-0Dy 

.800D8 tyjyj 5yBiD s ,B"npJ8iP«8o 

antibacchi'us n. (DS-''8P-ya-'0-jy) 

ytysB rs yoisa »] Di3P8a'BJ8 lyn 

i"8 lis lya?'! yjJ85 "iis ,iy3"ntj' 


antibll lous u. (Ds'-'^'a-'o-Jy) =yj 

.ijypTii B"npj8ip'iyJso lyj 

antlbra'cbial a. oy-'p-'ina-'B-jy) 

=8B Bis] ai8nyi8B bis BjjsJya dsii 

.[iJ8n iiB i"3iyT 

an'tic n. and a. (p'O-'jy) ; E"0D80J83 

•yosp 8:D8Bt!' 8 n'S.iyay? ; e"D8P 

The comedian performs antics on the stage. 

An'ticbrist n. (BD'8"iP-'0-'jy) ''OJS 

ij"a 8 ,DioDnp iia lyjjyj s] oonp 

.DiBDnp lyti'psa 8 :[DiBDnp na ■ 

antichrls'tlan a. (lyBiB-'D'TP-'O-jy) 

.DinojyoDnp lyjyj 

antichris'tianism n. -'D'"iP-'B-jy) 

=Dnp Dis BBBB'iyjjyj n (QPs-jyu'B 


antichron'lcal a. -p'8-'J8"iP-'B-jy) 

=o"s lyT rs iy5nya 8 jnjyaso (?y 

lyj'Ba'T nyi na jhjvs'mus ; Jjuayi 


antlch'ronlsm n. (Qt<j-si-'P'B-jy) 

.jji:3yiB"s -iST na iy3"ii3s dst 

antic'ipant a. (Bjya-'s-'D'B-jy) 

; B^'s lyi 183 BP1M1 nyis bdip dsii 

^'1 jnjyB3n ; ?n'ayjisa 8 b'j dsii 

8 na 58BJS 18 ivjyii] lynna na 

.[lyoip ensT DSll B"npJ8ip 

antic'ipate v. fo^B-'s-'D'o-jy) »nsa 

^na lyonyj-iya ; lyBisiny ; iy5n<a 

.tyassnya ,iyn 

antlc'ipated a. (iyB-"B-'8-'D'B-jy) 

.B5n'ayjD'i8TSB ,'iynna iia oysisiny 

antic'ipate payment -i8-'D'D-jyi 

.B"s nyi Tsa iy5nssy3 (BjyD-'"B D"s 

antic'ipate pleas'ures -'s-'D'O-jy) 

'ViB D<nsB ns 1't (ni8-'t!'ty5B o"b 

.[Dsiioy 'iy3<N] lyn 

antic'ipate sor'rows ->s-'D'B-jy) 

DSl B"S 1V\ 182 1't (tlS-'18D D"B 

.iyDy3s n8fi 

antlclpa'tion /t. (ist!'-'"B-'8-D'0-jy) 

'■yvs .2 ; jJioisiny ; ?n<ayjisB 8 .i 

1. Children are full of anticipation about 
their vacations. 2. Els remarlis proved an 
anticipation of my prepared address. 

antic'ipative a. (ivB-"B-<8-'D'B-jy) 

.BB83iya DSll ; ^irayjisa 8 Bsn dsii 

antlc'lpatlvely adv. -'<B-<8-'D'B-jy) 

=-iy B<D jjirayjisa s iin O-ivo 

.jjiB83nya ^in ; jjiotsu 

antlc'lpator n. (isB-"B-'8-'D'B-jy) 

.iyaii5isB 8 ,iyB83iyB 8 

antlc'lpatory a. -so-"B-'8-'D'B-jy) 

.ijyB83iy3 CT 

antlclas tic a. (p<B-'Dy5p-'B-:y) =d'18' 

.5yust 8 '11 iyjM3yj 

anticli max n. (DpyD-''85p-'0-jy) 

ly-ns lyT'T ns in lytsPasns dst 

=ji8 18 IS 181 yj'B3'ii 8 na iy3'n!S' 
lyT na iy?8B3S"i8 dsi ; yj'osni 
.I'ln lyiyjioOTjams 
anticll'nal a. and n. -"i8?P-''B-jy) 
iy3'?ijn lyi b'b lyj'nyjDns (?y3 
'y3=-ny ^v-\ "3 Bsijy3] imib b'm 

.JJIJ'13 818 jCjJU'nB" 

antlclln'ic u,. (P'K-'j'Sp-'io-jy) 

anticlinal ,\ 

an'tlcly adv. (i5-p'B-'jy) osa 8 t|'m 

.lyj^BB' iyt5"Dsp nyis tyi:"BD8B 

antlconnu'blal «. -'v-JSP-'B-oy) 

.lyssn njinn lyjyj (5y-'3 

antlconstltu'tlonal a. -JsP-'O-jy) 

=ib'bd:sp "lyi lyjyj (5y-JSB'-'i'B-'BD 

.1J85 lia IS'S 
antlconstltu'tlonallst ». -iB-jy) 

lyjjyj 8 (BD'8-5y-JSE'-'l'B-'DD-J8P 
.IS'SIB'BDJSP "lyT 113 

antlconta'glous a. -'"B-JSP-'B-jy) 

jJipyBis'Js n Bnyij<n dsii (ose-n 

.0"npj8np na 

antlconvul'slve a. -'Ssil-JSP-'B-jy) 
y'D5i8iiJSP lyjyj opini dsii (ire 


An'tl-corn'-law IJeague -'B-'jy) 

oyT lyjyj i"8-iya lyi (jy<5 ns?-'J-isP 

ij85jjy ns rytyj lyi] i>ytyj=nsP 

ojy5yjB'n8 osn dsii 1846 ins' ri'3 

»-in'ayjj"i8 pim8 i'yj3i?nss38 vdm-ij 

.[nsun yo 

antlcour'tler n. (lyo-'llSP-'O-jy) 

.j'jyp na lyjjyj s 

an'ticyclone n. (nsSP-'SD-'B-'jy) 

.[ij<ii=5y3-ini 8] issp's'BJs 

antlcyclon'lc a. -'jsSP-'SD-'D-jy) 

1S5P'S<BJ8 18 IS BJJ85y3JS DSll (P'8 


antidemocrat'lc a. -s-oyi-'D-jy) 

lyjyj ; c'BBiPSoyT b'j (p'8-'oynp 


antldemocrat'lcal a. -s-oyi-'O-jy) 

antidemocratic .t (Jy-p's-'oyip 

an'tldotal u.. (5yB-lSl-'0-'jy) DSll 

.BB'jjyjyj D?8 Bjyn 

an'tldotally adv. Cs-jyB-lsi-'B-'jy) 

.03'jjyjyj 8 B'B : os'jjyjyj 8 'ii nts 

antldo'tary n. (<vyB-'isi-'B-jy) =yj 

=5"n B380 tyo 1811 r85B 8 ;Ba<j:y3 

.lyj'snya ,iy5B'a 

an'tldote n. and v. (Blsi-'B-'jy) 

.BB'jjyjyj ; BB'jjyjyj iy3yjj"8 

Nearly every poison has an antidote. 

antldot'ical a. (?yp-<8-'B81-'B-jy) 
.OB'Jjyjyj D?8 BP1M1 DSII 

antldysenter'lc n. and a. -jy) 
lyjyj BPT11 DSII (P's-'iyB-jy-Dn-'o 
yiyojym tyjyj hkibi 8 ;ynyojym 
D<a 5833"in ,inn B"npJ8ip n] 


an'tl-emet'lc n. and a. -<8-'B-'jy) 

antemetic .t (p's-'oyo 

an'tl-epis'copal a. -'D'B-''8-'D-'jy) 

>'3 ty3s,iiiB DVBD'D lyT tyjyj (5yB-8P 

.[is'J'5yT ny3'5BDnp "lyi ns] dbsb' 

an'tl-evangel'ica] a. -jyii-'K-'o-'jy) 

.ai'?yjJ8iiy nyi lyjyj oyp-'s-'jypn 




antifanat'ic a. (P'n-'d!;j-j;b-''B-JV) 

antifeb'rile n. and a. -'aya-'D-Jj;) 

nmp mvi JWD'o :fimp mvi i?'t 


antifed'eral a. (?S)-i5l-'iva-'t3-JV) 

«N8D6!' na 1J13 8 IVJVJ ; 58iviya'BJ8 

.iy"Bi8s nyis \va 

antifed'erallsm n. -ly-'nys-'D-jy) 

t"i dst] Dt'?8iyiyB'BJ8 (Qt'K-^y 

nsa lyis lytjKSBt!' iia un 8 lyjya 


An'tl-Fed'eralism ■«. -'nya-''t5-'jy) 

>»n8 lyi na lya'sans n (Di'K-?y-iy 

•'BD'^BiyiyB'Bis iyj8pnyD8 lyr? 

Anti-I ederal party .t ."B18B nyts" 

An'ti-Fed'cralist «. -ny-'iya-'B-'JV) 

•S08 lyT na lyjjynjs i8 (BD'x-py 

t'8 "BTsa ^ye"BD'?8^v^y3'BJ8 nyr? 

Anti-Federal -party .j .8PnyD8 

antifed'eralist «. -ly-'iya-'B-jy) 

.BD'58iynya''BJ8 is (BD'8-?y 

antifederalistn .t 

An'ti-Fed'eral par'ty -'iyB-''B-':y) 

yty'BD<58iviya'BJ8 ('B-'T8B sy-iy 

nya n r^ "Bi8By3'58D8 n] "bisb 

y35yii ,8P'"iyo8 iia iyBK8Bt!' yaj'^^'K 

jjnyjyi 'i ts ,Dyn lyjya tyiiyj t'« 

lynypiBBE'iya Tt 58t isbj^b'sii P8 

yj?ysj"8 n na jjuayi ivt n'lx 


An'tl-Gal'llcan ». and a. -iB-'jy) 
8 ; iyt'i!iJ8na is ■!n?^:"a (iyp-<8-'5y3 


antlhec'tlc a. (p'B-'pyn-'B-jy) Dsii 

.BDinJMW lyiyj bptii 

antihypnot'ic n. and a. -S'n-'B-jy) 

>yay5ij' lyay: bptmi dsii (p'x-'bs: 

.I1S5B' lyjyj 5yB<D 8 ;b"P3't 

antlhypochon'driac a. and n. -jy) 

=yj BPT11 DS11 (py-'-n-'J8P-s-S'n-'B 

='ii lyjyj syB'D 8 ; ymjsasa'n m 

.[minti' mo] ymJsasB 

antihyster'ic n. and a. -D'n-'B-jy) 

=nyBD<n lyjyj bptii dsii (P's-'iya 

.ypnyBD'n lyaya 5yB'n 8 ; yp 

antl-Jac'obin n. and a. -'pyEijl^'B-jy) 
iyj'3SP8'] iJ"a nyi'3isp8' 8 (pa-s 
"BT8B ynyjs'xiJsiiyi s iviiya ryj"t 
»J8nB lyBE'iy lyi "a i'npJ8"ia i'k 
=yjJ8 Dsn yapyii ^is^xi^siiyi -lysy't'iv 
n lyj'BDyaya ix 5yB'Dn58iiyj Byijyii 
IV l'?i:"B ;[p'53iByT yeyii'iayj^'J 

.iyr3SP8' 8 

antilibra'tion n. -''na-'B^-'B-Jy) 

DSI ,B3Miyj3"?J 1'8 iyB58n DST dsts" 

antilog'arithm n. -y-'j8?-'B-3y) 

'8DyB80 8] DlDBn8J»?'BJ8 (QilBn 

Dsii lys'x 8 nsa pmonx ny!!"B 
B'B 3J8njyD8nv lyoniyj s t'8 BnyBu* 
'T .3 .s ,DinB<i8J«? P8 oy lyasyii 

,2 IV DlDB'n8JS?'BJ8 18 t'8 100 lyB'V 

DioB<i8J8> lyi P8 2 lya'v n ?'mi 

. [ lofiraritfom .t .100 Iia 

antU'ogy n. co'ti-s-'^'B-jy) ='1338 

.[j:i3yiBBiiyTMi=BD3?yt] yjs? 

Antil'ope ri. ('B-8-'5'B-oy) >'D38 n 

.nrn lyss? 

Antllop'idie n. (n-'S-'BSJ-'B-jy) >T 

nrn i'b lyoniya 8 lynyna lyatjj'Bis 

.mj 'jyo lyj'M dsii 

antlmacas'sar n. -'Dyp-yB-'B-:y) 

'>n2 IV di8 syayD isa pyiiv 8 nv 

=iv yBpnatyya 8 ; rypv?a na "i lys 

nsn I1B lyB'tnya iv 8asi 8 -i«s pvi 


an'ti-machlne' a. ('i<ti'-ya-'iD-':y) 

lyjspnyas ivi Ps] pe'8d nyn lyayj 

nyn iv BB8t!'iyMyj "lyi lysv" ,p'B'5sb 

'IBB 8 pa p'B'?8B •\v^^ pa jjnn'BjK 

iy38D 0811 ,iyJStnyB yj'j^s inn "b 

.[.iv:iv:>- 8 iiBiyi 

antimani'acal a. -y-"i83-"0-'B-3y) 

.[nyjwa] yjsa lyjya bptmi Dsii (?VP 

Antlma'son n. (tD'"D-''B-3y) »jyj 

.lyiyMD'na n pb nyj 

freemason .t 

Antlmason'lc par'ty -"D-'B-jy) 

=n8B=iynyMD'na'B38 ('b-'i8S p'k-'j8d 

P8 "BT8S yC'B'JSB yj'PBDB 18] "B 

=pj B8BB1J' I'N Byijnay; ,8pnyD8 

=8Byj Bsn DS11 ,1827 nns' I'x Pis' 

=y3JS Bu iy?si lynynn'na t8 ,B-iyT 

.[ly^yBc-Djjnyjyi n'lK ryiyii lyau 

antima'sonry n. (n-:D'"0-<B-jy) 

n ; nyiypD="iB n iv BBBB'nyjjyj 

=y3 DS11 "Bi8a lyi na lys'VJ'-iB 

.iyiy'iD»"iB n Basnyp 

antimatrlmo'nial o. -n-Bya-'B-iy) 

.iynB8T"n lyjyj (5y-'j-'i»o 

antim'eter ». (lyB-y-'D'B-jy) oni 8 

=nBD3'« lyc'BBs 18] lyBoyo 5yp 


antimet'rical «.. (5yp-»i-'ByD-'B-3y) 

DST DMX B'3 B58n DSll I tVOB'T BM 

.[yB3nyj i<8] osBjynya 

antiminlste'rial o. -D^N^'B-'B-iy) 

.QinyBD'j'B DyT ^'5i:"a (?y-n-''B 

antiministe'riallst n. -j'D-'B-:y) 

='D PB •iy:jyj 8 (BD'N-5y-n-''B-D'8 


antimonar'chlal a. -'is-Jsa-'B-jy) 

'yjyT lyc'BnBJisD -wi lyayj (5y-'P 

^yt"P 8 BiyjyT oy ikii] ym»a=D::n 

.y'3-i83SD tyjyj -.[yivp 8 lyis 

antimonar'chic a. -'T8-3SB-iB-:y 

antimonarchial .t (pip 

antimonar'chical a. -JSO-'B-jy) 

antimonarchial .t (5y-p'p-'T8 

antimonar'chlcalness n. -'B-jy) 

=yj BBStj'iyjyjyj n (Dy3-?yp-'P-'T8-3So 

o8:sa 8 lyjyj P't D8t ,yon8JSo lya 

.jjnyjyT yL"'a 

antimon'archlst n. -pT8-'38D-<B-3y) 

.DI'3T8J»D PB lyjjyj 8 (BD'S 

antimo'nial n. and u. -'i8D-'B-3y) 
o8 DSll lyis B?8nB:y D81i (?y-'3 
--■•lya 8 : cii'J80'bj8 dyi iv B:38?y3 

=y3 818] Dl'3SQ''B38 B58nB3y DSll PS 

.[siSBf ■iyt;"3 

antlmo'niate n. (B"8-'J-'1S0-'B-Jy) 

iyi!'''Dy3 818] yJst DyiymsD'BJS 


antimon'ic «.. (p<8-'38D-'B-3y) Dsil 

.1SD'BJ8 B?8nBoy 

antimon'ic ac'ld p's-'iBD-'B-jy) 

.yiyptJSB'Bas (Tis-'oy 

antlmo'nlous a. (DS-»3-'l8D-'B-jy) 

.I80''B38 B?8nB3y DSll 

antimo'nlous ac'ld -'i-'isn-'B-jy) 

.yiypt3so'B:8 CPs-'Dy ds 

an'timonltc «. (B'SO-SD-'B-'jy) 08 

.v?8t DyiymsB'B 

an'timony n. ('j so 'B-'oy) t80<B:8 

?8ByD 8 .ujyByjy-ijnj lytyoya s] 

.[T?»P lyj'VJBJJ IVD'Ml 8 B'O 

antimor'allst n. -jy-'iBO-'O-jy) 
=B'i nyns ?8nsD pb lyjayj « (bd'k 


antimu'sical a. (?y-p<t-'i'D-'B-:») 


antinarcot'ic n. and a. -i83-iB-jy) 

DSll SyP'B 8 ,t!"BSP18J'B:8 (p'K-'D8p 

.pjnBBs^B' 8 lyjyj bptii 
antina'tional a. (5y-:s-'[!'yj-'B-:y) 


antinlco'tian o. (ly-iB'-'isp-'j-'B-jy) 
.tyiys'n psasa lyjyj 

antlno'mian n. (iy-'D-'l81-'D-:y) 
»ya B'lpDna dst ,Ba<i?j tjsii iyj"N 
PK BS3 PS lyanJa ps is: onyDK' 

DSll ; tS"?81»D Tt iyiiTBB»l« PS D'3 

=sn y3yni3ya:s n ts ,ByT ps Bjyp"? 

8 n8B 3Pn 8 iy:"t tyvytya y(!"?8T 


antino'mlanism «. -'0-'isJ-'B-:y) 

,ynny5 n] di'J8''D83'B38 (otis-jy 

B'3 lyj'n BS3 PS ty3M?3 DSll n dst 

=y3:s 'T B'l? ryin'aisBMK vi anno 

.[tyvyty3 yt5"?8isD yjyoij 

antin'omy n. CD-s-'J'B-jy) ='ll DST 
'Ml -lyT : ryiys 8 pk im tyayis^nyT 
,i'yty3 8 : iyvyry3 "iis na ^naciyi 
rstjysya 8 pk dsii B'vjns nyis 553 

.iyB"llX 8 i» 

antipa'pal o. (5y3-'"B-'B-3y) lyayi 


antipapis'tical a. -iD-'D''S-yB-'B-3S) 
.1'51J"S niBDS8S oyT OS9 

antlpar'allel a. (5y5-y-'nyB-'D-3y) 
=y3 8 B'D ivas ,5y58n8B bb'i5 ds« 

.331B3'T nyDSytS333J 

antlparalyt'ic n. and u. -nys-'B-ay) 
,P58T8S ty3y3 nann 8 (p'n-'di5-b 

.P58n8S ty3y3 DPT11 DSll 

antiparalyt'ical a. -y-nys-<B-Jy) 

.T'5818B iy3y3 .IjypTll (5y-p'K-'D'5 

antipathet'ic o. -'DynB-ya-'B-JV) 

lyT ,'=|'53yiBny31K ,E"B8B'B38 (P'« 

.lyTinyn iibsj 

antipathet'ical o. -'BynB-yB-<B-3y) 

antipathetic .t (5y-P'8 

antipathet'ically adv. -ys-'D-ay) 

antipathetic .t (i8-5y-P'iK-'BSno 

antipathet'icalness ». -S9-'B-3y) 

;B"p!j"B8B<e38 n (Dy:-5y-p'«-'BynB 

.nyTinyi pn dst 

antlpath'ic u. (p's-'riBys-'B-iy) =38 

.i3y3"3as ; njyD'iBE'as ; L'"D8a''B 

antip'athy «. criB-y-'B'B-ay) ='B38 

.331D'lBraS ,a313"jas ,y'B8B 
Some Americans, unfortuDately, hare an 
antipathy towards a foreigner. 

antlpatriot'ic o. -'B8-'"iB-"B-'B-jy) 

138?nyOSB DIV ; B"BSnB8B'iD38 (P'R 

antiperistal'sis n. -'s-nys-'B^y) 

=?iPDiD ^v•\ iy3y3 ?yt3'o 8 (D'D-'5yBD 

'DM18 "lyn PS DyptyiJ n tiB'33i3ynya 

.typ'SB- yBirmyB n i<t tiB ty3""iB 

"antiperistal'tlc a. -is-iys-'B-ay) 

»DiD lyn ty3y3 bptii dsii (P'B-'5yBD 

.Dypt!"p n PB a3i3yiiya=5ip 

antipet^talsis .t 

antiperls'tasis n. -yB-'Dn-ye-'D-jy) 

n ; tyBB8E'3y3"s y3'5vyt3y3y3 (d<d 

.lyBBy-ip ys'^vytaysys na 33iptii 

antiporistat'ic o. -'K-iyB-'B-3») 

'"8 ya'?syt3y3y3 Bsn dsii (p's-'Byoo 

«syt3y3y3 D58 lypTii dsii : tyBB8B'3y3 

.lyBayip »'? 




antipestilen'tial u,. -itj-Dys-'B-jy) 

.BDjfB tww onMi 0S11 me'-':v> 

antiphar'mic n. o»d a. -'"ksb-'C-jjO 

'msi 8 i'« D811 ; oa^i'mm (P'd 

antiphlogis'tian n. -sJa-'B-ov) 
nvoJs lyi na nwaw s (ivts'o-'D'B'n 

=?yii .eisoB' iyE"n!;3 8 pn iwa ts 

.iSDD'3s?a VI Ban iva 

antiphlogis'tic ». ond a. -iB-jy) 

=j;3 ,t!"BD'3S5B'B:8 (p'B-'D'!!'n-8?a 

8 t'K "lya 18 .ynsvB ij/b?8 lyi iw 
=«?'a iVE"3nj in] «i8Bti' nj;6!"By3 
^»"a 18 ,b3'15jw Bsn JnsBtj' eist 
Bsn ly nx Bjynysy lyu'iDy^ 8 t'8 
; [isBD'3s?s tyayjyj iy»»: 8 on'x 
=S5B'B08 ;j:nj'XB:y ww bptmi bsii 
.ianj'SBjy lyjyj jyo'D 8 ,bd'3 
an'tiphon n. (isa-iB-'3y) =338ty3 8 
iy33iiy3 Biyii dsii ,'m'p s v» P'bb' 
B1S11B38 UN y38ia lis QTsa lyT vk 

=?yDpyi1 ; PIDS 8 D18 PIDB 8 Ml lyis 

JVB'SKP 8 ,n5'Bn 8 ,to'n 8 ; -\»i 

.iy33ity3 Biyii dsii D'jnn 

antipb'onal a. andn. (jyj-s-'a'B-jy) 

I'K P'BE'=3J8ty3 8 IX T'E" t'8 DSll 

D18 piDs 8 tyjJiiys Biyii osn ^tp 8 

=33Sty3 B58nB3y DS11 V2 8 ; P1D9 8 

nyT VK iy33ity3 lynyii d«ii lypiDir 

=-183 8 ; PIOS 8 018 PIDS 8 \1S DISB 

antiph'onally adv. -5y3-s-'B'B-3y) 

=y3=lS3=iyD-|'p tlB IB1K QV1 1'IK ('8 

Disa lyi I'K ry33ity3 atm dsii 338t 
~ piDB 8 nyis BisiiBJs UK wsib iib 

.plDB 8 Q18 

antipho'nar ». (nyj-"isB-'B-iy) 8 

=183 8 ; Bn811B38 118 y381B P8 338iy3 

antipho'nary n. (n-yj-'i8a-iB-jy) 

antiphonar .j 
an'tlphone n. (M8B-'iB-'3y) 

antiphon .t 
antiphonet'ic <*. (p'8-'By3-8B-'B-jy) 

BD813 D811 ,338?p 1"8 iy38il DSll 


antlph'ony n. (':-8-'a'B-J!;) o't D8T 
8 D18 PIDB 8 nj'an lyis yjB'n 8 !y3 
8 ry33uy3 aiyii D8ii D'5nn : pids 

.plDS 8 D18 PIDS 

antlph'rasls n. (D'D-yn-'B'B-jy) 18 

B?8 B1811 8 IIB 1'n3y3 iyt!"381'8 

SJiB'nya y3'5PTii pm iib iis'n nyi 

.in=!y3yj 8 :lvn: '3D tiB"?] 

antiphras'tic a. (p<B-'Dyia-'D-3y) 

1V\ D58 B1811 8 6!"3S'TK 3njy3'n3y3 

="1 ;3jiBiny3 y3'5pTii pm iib iis'n 

."linj '3D \W?i 3'13yT 

antlphras'tical a. -p'B-'DyiB-'B-jy) 

antiphrastic .t (5y 

antlphras'tically adu. -'oyiB-'B-jy) 

.ninj '3D 111^53 ('K-5y-p'o 

antiphys'ic a. (p'N-'pa-'B-jy) ='BJ8 

' «y3 3PT11 D811 ; 11B83 nvT ty3y3 ,B"t's 

.D'iyiy3 K'T P8 iJ'ii ty3 

antlphys'ical u. (5yp-'8-'t'a-'B-3y) 

antiphysic .t 

antip'odal a. (5yi-s-'B'D-3y) iia 

i-\ IS T'tj" PN D811 ;B"My3y3 lyT 

B3'By3 D811 .?y3ipiiy tiB iyB"My3yj 

.?y3ipTiy IIB iyB"t=ty3y3 't itix vi 

an'tipode n. (ni8S-'B-'3y) ibb'BJS 

. B"t lyiynas ivt na iy3n8ii3"8 i8] 

B'D tJiN iy3y3 D'i8 BDip iy35yii ,iiy 

83'3 IIB iy3n«113"K '1 .3 .X ,D'B 'T 

='nyD8 iia iy3n8ii3"8 't ix 3isy3 P8 

.?"B3y3y3 yJia dst ; iyi3y3 8 ;[8p 

antlpode'aB, a. (iy-''i-8-B'B-jy) 

antipodal ,t 

antip'odes n. (t'n-8-'a'B-3y) 't 

,v\D B"t nyiyijs -wi na iy3nsii3"8 

'T B'o 1318 iy3y3 B'18 tybip y3?yii 

antipade.\ .d'B 

antip'odism «. (opi-s-'B'B-jy) D8T 

antipode .t .E"T8a'B38 P'l 

an'tipoison n. (tP8B-'B-'3y) =iy3y3 


an'tipope n. (ai8B-'B-'3y) =iy3y3 8 

Dyi lyDny-'-is ?'ii d8ii iy3"8] BDB8a 

=3yny'3yT nsn na insiB lys'SBDBss 

.tBDSBS lyi 

antipsor'ic n. and a. -'T8D-B'B-3y) 

jyB'D 8 ; rv\p iy3y3 bptii d8ii (p'8 

.rs-^? mvi BpTii D811 

antipyret'ic n. and a. -'sa-'B-jy) 

iy3y'a iy3y3 ps'iyo s (p'x-'Byi 

.lysya iy3y3 dptii D8ii ;[nmp] 

antipy'rin n. (pi-'^sB-'B-sy) ='B38 

iyBsyty3B'i3ix nyi!"Dy3 8i8] ptb 


antipy'rine n. (Pi-'iSB-'B-sy) 

antipyrin .\ 
antiqua'rian n. and a. -'"iinp-'B-3y) 

n'5B>BiyB?8 ; 6!"'1811P'B38 (ly-'T 

na lytyiBB « ,ny38n3y'5 8 ,'iy3yp 8 

.iy38t DDlBnyB?8 

antiqua'rianlsni n. -i^-'niiiip-iQ-jj;) 
=iyB?s T8a "iy38n3y'5 't (bP8-3y 

DDlB'iyB?8 n8B 3313"J 'T ; iy38I DDIB 


an'tiquary n. ('■i-"iinpT'B-'3y) lyT 

na nysBnay? lyis 'iy3yp ,-\vw\^tt 
B'O -\v'?iivr\ -\v-i ;ty38i DoiBiyBJB 

,.iy38t DBlBiyB?8 

an'tiquate v. and a. (B"linp-'B-'3y) 

»8t!'38 ; 185X13 118 B58 D58 lyiyspiy 

.ByB?8iyB ; B?8 D?8 lya 

an'tiquated a. (nyB-"iinp-''B-'3y) 


His views of^ociety are antiquated. 
an'tiquatedness n. -"iinP-'B-'jy) 

i"t DST ;yByD?8iya D8t (Dy3-iyB 

antiqua'tion ». (i8ii'-'"1inp-'B-3y) 'T 

D?8 181 8 na 33ia8B'3s ;33iB58nya 


antique' n. and a. ('p'B-3y) =p'B38 18 

=5yt ,t!"18DB?8 ;B58 ;DlBiyB58 ,181 

.P'B38 ,tyB 

an'tiquely adv. ('?-p'B-'3y) 18 I'lx 

.taix tyt5"i8eB58 lyis iyp'B38 

antlque'ness n. (Dy3-'p'B-3y) =b58 

.B"P3'5D'DnyB58 ; b"p 

anti'qulty n. ('B-'lin-'P'B-3y) yB58 .1 

".p'iyiiBD3ip yB?8 .2 ; DiBnyB58 : b"S 

1. China is a land of great antigulty. 2. 
Modern Greece is full of antiquities. 
antlrevolu'tion ». -'i?-8-liy"i-'B-3y) 

.m'siJBiiyi'iysys 't (ibc 

antirevolu'tionary a. -iiyi-'B-3y) 

,iy38'K158}iyTB38 ('1-y-38(!'-'l?-S 

.T513"B D3'8'Sl581iyT 

antirevolu'tlonist n. -8-liyi-'B-3y) 

='Xl5SliyT tlB ■iy33y3 8 (BD'K-38E'-'1? 

=8iiyT ty3y3 lyi iib lyBJynB'a 8 : 18 

■ _ .I8'K1? 

antisabbata'rian n. -y-3yD-'B-3y) 
iy33y3 8 iri3i!' na iy33y3 8 (iy-'V"0 

"'D D?8 nsB" lyB'nas iy33yiBB' 8 na 


antiscorbu'tlcal n. and a. -'B-3y) 

iy3y3 BPTii D811 (syp-'B-'i's-iBPB 

=P38'ip>Bm8PD iy3y3 ?yB'D 8 ;bi318P0 


antiscrip'tural a. -'B'lPD-<B-3y) 

■iy3'5"n 1V1 n i'5i3"a ov-ve/u 

.[l"3n] BB'll!' 

An'ti-Sem'ite ». (B'8-'Byo-'B-'3y) 18 

lyty'B'ByD lyn na i3"a 8 ,B'DyD'B38 

.13"B=iyil' 8 ;yD8T 

An'tl-Semlt'ic a. -'B'B-yD-'B-'3y) 

.T>13"B=iyiP ,B"B'DyD'B38 (P'N 

An'ti-Seni'ltisin n. -'8-'DyD-'B-'3y) 

.BB8tJ'1J"a=iyTl' ;DPB'ByD'B38 (DT'B 

antisep'sis n. (D'D-'syD-'B-3y) DST 

D8T ■; ty381P'B IIB 131811 8 lySBB I""! 

B'3 iy?8t "( 18 ,iy38iP'o na iy3'3"-i 

.B"np38ip 8 iy38ni8iya 

antlsep'tlc n. and a. (p'B-'syD-'B-jy) 

'T QMIQIi' D811 ,5yB'n 8 ,P'BSyD'B38 

D811 : iy38iP'n na 33iptii ya'Siyts' 

=8iP'o IIB 331PT11 ys'Jiyiy 't BiyBiy 

.iyp38ip 8 na lysiyp px iy3 

As a precaution every accidental cut stiould 
be washed with an antiseptic. 

antisep'tlcal a. (5y-p'B-'ayD-'B-3y) 
na 33ip-iMi ys'Siyiy 't oiyBts' d8ii 
081P 8 IIB nys-iyp a]n P8 iy38np'a 


antisep tically adv. -'B-'syD-'B-3y) 

; tai8 iyB"BByD'B38 18 1'18 t'8-5yp 

5yB'a yiy'BayD'B38 tys'nays nn 

.[iy38iP'D na 33iB3'3nya tvi 18B] 

antiseptic .t 

antisep'tlclse v. (P8D-'B-'ByD-'B-3y) 

5yB'D yi!"BByo'B38 B'O iy5i38ny3 

.[iy38ip'B 'T iyB3'3iya d8ii] 

antisep'ticist n. -'B-'ByD-'B-3y) 

=SyD'B38 P8 B3'l?3 D811 'iy3"8 (BD'D 

.iyB"np38ip na 33i?i38ny3 yt!"B 
antiseptic .t 
antisep'ticize v. -'B-'ByD-'B-3y) 

='0 yt!"BByD'B38 B'B ty5l38ny3 (P8D 

antisep'tlon n. (t86!'-'ByD-''B-3y) 

antisepsis .t 

antisla'very n. and a. -'"5D-'B-3y) 

B'X3'i3 lyT ; "nyii8?PB'=iy3y3 ci-yii 

."iyii8?pii' mvi 

antiso'cial a. (5yBi-'i8D-'B-3y) B'3 
.BB8E'5yty3 n T5i3"a ,T5B38B'5yTy3 

Many actions may be of benefit to particu- 
lar individuals but antisocial in ttieir ef* 

antiso'clallst, a. -5ytj'-'i8D-'B-3y) 
.DP58'K8D na 'iy33y3 8 (bd'8 

antispasmod'ic n. and a. -'B-3y) 

iiyaBoynp bJ'bb' D81i (P'8-'i8B-tysD 

.tyasDynp B?'Bt!' dsii 5yB'D 8 

an'tlspast n. (BDyaD-'t3-'3y) ='B38 

tVai'lB'ys l'8 D811 ,B3'iy3 8] BD8aD 

,y35'i ysiip n'8 na bisb -\s-i p8 

=-|lp 8 lyTll 118 y338? "lis Dyi383 


antispas'tlc a. and n. -'DysD-'B-3y) 

=y3 D811 : lyBBoyip B^'Bts- dsii (P'b 

IS 5yD'n 8 ; iyt3B8BD'B38 na DnyBiy 

antispast ,i .lyaaoyTp lyj'BB* 

antisplenet'lc a. -'By3-'5BD-'B-3y) 

y'58338?yo ty3y3 bptii dsii (p'8 

.n-iirw mD lyis 

antls'tes n. rpB-'D'B-3y) lynysyn 8 

=bd"3 na lynyDB-isa 8 : •iy3'5BD"3 





antis'trophe «. (<a-ifiB-'D't3-jj/) 
*"iis lyn] nvB^iyjffj ,!)asTt3D'Dj8^ .1 
: [03'iyj iytj"T? s v» tiya liio 
iH"t "3 lyB-iyii 11a j:nypDis n .2 
„ „, .3Ji5smyTii 

^. Tne master of the servant; the servant 
of the master. 

antlstroph'ic a. (P'n-'bkibd-'D-jv) 

antistrophe .t .(!"as"ii2D'BJ8 

antisyphlllt'lc o. -'B'J-'k-B'D-'b jy) 

.B'S'B'D lyjy; BiJTii Dsn (P'k 

an tlthelsm ». (dr'N-'riB-'B-'jy) 

.[bs3 t'N tyansj B':] niDiip'St* 

an'titheist n. (oD'K-'riB-'B-'jy) »"k 

wyBD'ipy nrt pn B:yp"5 osii lyj 

.onip'BN t8 ;BS3 na 

antith esis -«. (D^D-y-'na^B-jy) *^bj!s 

.BDsiBjsp ;)'8t=tywj ;D'tyo 

antlthet'lc o. (p'x-'BynB-'B-jy) os 

.I'Ssynyjyj .ty'ayB'B 

antithet'ical o. ' -p's-'BynB-'B-jy) 

antithetic .t (jy 

antitox'lc a. (p's-'DPSB-'B-jy) Dsii 

antitoxin .t .i'DPSB'BJS 'll BPTMI 

antitox'ln m. (ps-'opSB-'B-jy) =13:8 

»:ypycB':8 lyjyj BB'wyjya »] i'dpsb 

=yBBn lyjyj jysyBD ,tyB"npJ8iP yT 

=5yii ,B"p:'D'5B 8 ;ca'jjyjyj 8 ;[Bn 

D'ls VI 11B ty?"B tysj8?B yj<j"K ys 

.ryasiP'B 11a "i o'myB ysjyii ti8 

antitox'lne ». (P8-'Dp8B-iB-jy). 

antitooDin ,1 

an'ti-trade n. (TnB-'B-'jy) iyj"K 

=siB 'T p8 tyt«?3 CS11 iyB:'ii n tie 

.iyi:y;yj ytj"B 

An'ti-Trinlta'rlan n. and a. -iB-'3y) 

n v» Bjyp"? DS11 (iy-'v'"B-'i8-jnB 

Dsii ,iyj"8 ;0"pju"8"n y3'5BD'ip 

.B"p:'j"K"m n i'8 Bjyp"? 

An'tl-Trinlta'rlanism n. -iB-'jy) 

=yp"?3s n (Dt'N-jy-n-'"B-i8-:nB 

.B"pj'j"N"iT nya'SBonp- lyi iia jju 

an'tltype to. (a<8B-'B-'JS) «118 is 

.15'31SB 8 n?'3 

antivac'clnist ». -'D-'pyii-iB-:y) 

.lyjyBB' lypsB ns -wavi. 8 (bd'j 

antlvene'real a. -ii-'ij-ii^-ib-jj;) 

=yj] yu-nywii lyjyj bpimi dsh (5y 

.iyB"npj8'iP [y3'5B3y?!!' 

antizym'ic ». and a. (p^8-'D't-'B-jy) 

=p38np 8 na] j3ipyBij'i8 cmya Dsii 

08 tyB'mya ix I'xnyo 8 ; [B"n 


antlzymot'lc n. and a. -'8t-'B-3y) 

antisymie .t (p>K-'B8a 

ant'ler n. (-lyj-'ojy) lyBrMlXiya 8 

.ts-TH 8 iia riijn 



.B'Tn 8 '11 lyjiyn y:'j"ii!( 

ant'-li'on n. (|8-''8?-'Bjy) C"? <i 

»"!( y35j;ii ,yp(!'8ii» pn 8] ypifSTio 

83813 M DS11 ,a>aiin dms in Bjys 

?!': B?8ny3 ,?y3nj » losr i'k d'in 

=pyr3'N B'D ,1't Binyjiy 118 lyBnsi 

y3?yii .Dypwiio b'o onyijstyi ,iyB 

' .[?y3'nj Tn'K r'8 r'ns bs83 't 


antoe'ci n. ('8D-''B-jy) iy:nsil3WW 

na iyB"t:y3y;i 'i pb ny3n8ii3"8] 

lyssyt nyT i'i8 .n .t ,?y3ip 1111 nvi 

B"pB"ii iy35yr lyi tiM8 tiN t8nny.B 

.[■i8B8iipy pa 

antonoma'sla «. -'"n-s-38-Bjy) 

BSBEi'38 ?1B'B 8 iyS13y3 DST (8<B'I 

iy"8 ,B"n8n lyx :5»n?] lyos: 8 
=S3=iy3"8 18 rysnya B8t iCByBoysD 
»3y3"K lyis p'BD'iyBp8i83 D58 lya 
"rsy?sa83 s pk ly" iju-b?] basis' 
"iynn'a=D3ynp iyB'n3" s BSBt^js 

.["D3n" BSBt!?38 "1?Dn TO?!}' 8" iyi» 

anton'omasy to. ('D-"D-s-'j8-B3y) 
antonomosia .1 

an'tonym to. (n'3-sB-'jy) .BisilJyaya 
«'5syt:y3y3 8 dmk Bpm Bsii bisii 8 

, "Friendship" and "hatred" 

ant'-wren •«. (ty"i-'B3y) 

.einsys tys 

are antonyms. 
="38-1811 8 

.sPnyD8=Tt P8 5y3'ia ny3'Bi8=P'i!'B 

a'nus TO. (DS3-'"K) PN 3313By 'T 

.[ny3B is] 3"5-iyB:'n 
an'vil n. (5<'ii-':y) .D83D8 ,y51811SP 



an'vil-block to. (p853-5'll-'3y) 818 

Biyii By ny35yii fi'is y?isiisp ysMia 

.■iyo8n=eiBB8T 8 B<a Biyoirys 

anxi'ety to. ('B-y-'i8t-33y) ,BB338 

=Dy 183 iy3385iya ypisBtc B8i ,31st 

, .BSll 

anx lous a. (Dst!'-'p3y) =y3 ■,l'5BB33y 

3n3y3sn : •'i3»3 inyt ;a<nn3i8 ;B3i8t 

.3n3yp3y3 .tyjisii i»pi8be' s 

1 am anxious to see my friend. 
anx'iously adv. ('?-D8tS'-'p3y) .B'o 

;ai8t B'D ,B"p3'nn318 B^D ,BB338 

! CaiKll lyp-ISBB' 8 B'B ,6!"3yp3y3 B<D 

.B"P3'?BP3'B B<a 

anx'iousness to. (By3-DS(^'-'P3y) ,BD338 

,tJ"3yP3y3 : B"p3'nn318 ; B"pB318ty3 

.B'3iKii iyi3y33m 

an y pr. and a. (i8-'3y) -jyn ; lyiyi 

.lyii '38 ;-iy3?yii layai's ;P8 oy lys 

an'y and eve'ry (n-'iiy uy <8-'jy) 

.iy3'?B'8 ,iy3"8 lyiy 

an ybody pr. (<8-iB3-'8-'3y) By lyii 

.iy3'?B'8 ,ny3"-8 lyiy ,P8 

an ybody else (D?y '8-l83-'8-'3y) 

.iyiyi38 18 lyiPD'K 

an y fur'ther (-lyna-'TiB '8-'3y) «'Ml 


I refuse to go any further in advising you. 

an'ybow adv. (i8n-<«-'3y) 'II '8D 

.B58B3yiy' ; '80 
I am going to do this, anyhow. 

an'y lon'ger (iy3-'3S? '8-'3y) 'jy? 


We can not stay here any longer. 

an'y one (isnn 'x-'jy) ,iy3"8 lyny 

.p« Dv lyii ,iy3'?B'« 

an'y one else (D?y tsiin '«-'jy) 'TK 

.iyiyi38, 18 im 

an'y place (D"5B 's-'jb) .IKII '38 

an'ythlng pr. and adv. (3J'nB-'K-'3y) 

; D811 '38 ; oysy : DsuBy ; t'8 oy B811 

.PBi?n? ,5yD'38 ,DsiiBy 

anythinga'rlan to. -'"K-33'nB-'8-3») 

.[r»'a'?yi pk] •iy3'B5'33"53 8 (ijr-n 

an'ything else (B5y 33'nB-'8-'3y) 

.E'lyus Dysy ,B'iyi38 PX^Dyosii 

I did not do anything else. 

an'ything will do 33'nD-'8-'jy)i 

syBty tyiyiflis Byii dsii '38 en 5'iin 

.013 p't Byii ,iy> 

an'yway o(fe. ("iin-'8-'3y) ;l'8Dy'H 

.'80 '11 '80 : D5»Bjyiy' 

an'yways adv. (t"lin-'»-':jf) 

anyway .1 
an'ywhere adv. (inyiin-'8-'3y) isii 
.1811 '38 ; P8 B» 

an'ywhere else (B5y iyiin-'K-'jy) 
.i8iiB'iyi38 ryjiy 

an'ywise adv. (i'8iin-'K-'3y) tni« 

.tai8 18a DSII '38 ,iBi8 lyiy 

Ao'nian a. (jy-'j-'is-y) Osil ,B"3SI! 

PB lyoys yti"3'i: b58 't is 1"B' v« 

iy3y5B "t 1811 ,bi8 bis lyis bd:ip 

.E"oysB ; iy3'ay3 vt 

a'orist n. and a. (dD'1-s-'"k) ,bO'1S8 

=B"X yt!"3'13 '1 ?1B B"X-y3y338aiyB 'T 
,BD'BB'y3318 ;[D'5yB3 i3y] lyDiyii 

;[b"s is 3isy3 I's] Bsyjyi3y33iK 

.BD'1S8 18 IS 1"ti' t'8 0S11 
aoris'tic a. (p'B-'Dn-»-"K) '38 OSII 

tIB B"S iy3y3383iyB 1»T IS B3385y3 
"80813 PS] iyB1»11B"S SB"3'1J n 
IS 31Sy3 I'K] BO'BtS'y331K ;[p'D 

, .[a"s 

aor ta n. (8B-'l8-"8) =051B ,8B1S8 

BDip 0S11 y'iyBis=Di53 yo'ns] lyis 

.[nsn PB B"t typ3'5 na o'n8 

aor'tal a. (?yB-'is-"8) b:3B5»3 08II 

aorta .t .iyi8=D5lS BIS 

aor tic a. (P'b-'18-"8) aortal .1 

aortl'tis n. {D'B-''813-18-"8) =3'S03J» 

, , .iyi8»D5lB tlB 3311 

ft outrance ('038IB 18 8) IS t'3 

•Dyia iyi b'd .fysyis lyooiyo'is iyi 

.B"pa'BByn lyo 

apace' adv. cc's-y) ,p3'5B ,?y:B' 

, . , .'=l'3 J'BDStI 

Apach e n. rx-'E'yB-y) '8P'iyD8 t8 

•"n=tyo83 lyt'isB 8 ;iy38'i3'K iy3 

, .-lys 

apagoge ». ('B'n-'iS3-y-By) '83888 
,nnK Dy3yt'iiy3 vr^' 8 tysi3y3 osi ,jj 
nns iyi38 t8 bits tia ty33'nisD'n8 
'1 lyP'iiys ;[p'B8oyo8a iyi pr] 
'1 ty3"s nn V8t s na 0"P3'b3't 
=s? iyi PS] V8t=iy3ya pa D"pi!'>8B 

I. -rp'J 

apagog ic o. (p'8-'E'n83-y-By) 'ssb 

apagoge .t .t^^i^} 

ap anage «. (L"tiy3-y-'By) ons' osi 

=38 18 : ly'BB'B'lS ; r3'1B 8 PB 1?y3 

t's DS11 138? 8] yiso'iyo y3'33»,i 
.[iyB"iis 8 na a'33yn3s 




apart' adv. and a. Cbibb-B) IffT "3 
.o?"Byj3s ; inJBJia nn^uw ,»"( 

The old man lived apart from hla neighbors. 

apart' from one nsia 'tnsB-y) 

.iVityo'K iiB B?"Byjas (iBiin 

apart'ment n. (ajyo-'oiBB-s) ='x 8 

■ "nsii i;B?"Byj3» is ; jjunsii s ; lya 

.tnn s pK 3J1J 

apart'ment-honse n. -BJVD-'BljiB-y) 

DS11 B'tBoy yj'j"N tia t'ln « (Disn 

»yj3i( yiyiJiiys pk B5"Bys:"K i'k 

.lyrunsii yB5"B 

apart'ness n. (oyj-'BnsB-y) p'l dst 

ins, B"t s pa pM DST ;B?"Byj3s 

.iyB"ii pa 

apathet'ic a. (piN-'Byna-y-By) =8B8 

«S?yJ3S ,rBlD3"53 ; ts55n'Byj ; (!"B 

apathet'lcal a. (5y-p'N-'oynB-y-By) 

a/pathetic .t 
apathet'lcally adv. -ij^s-'ByriB-y-By) 

B'D ; tBlS lytf'BSBS IS "IMS ('S-?y 


apath'ic a. .(p'K-'nBy'B-y) ,t!"B8B8 


ap'athist n. (oD'nu-y-'By) lyj^K 

apathy .t .yBSBS na Byi"? DSii 

ap'attay ». criB-y-'ay) =yj .y'BSBS 

=85W3S ,B"prBin3"?3 ,B"prts??n'a 

- .B"pjyt 

The campaign was marked by apathy. 

ap'atite n. (B'SB-y-'By) b'bsbs "Wi 

.[i58P yiynfisBDsa] 

ape n. and v. (b"k) »y3s 18 ,y38 18 

=3SJ 8 ,iyinB3SJ 8 ;yB58Q 8 ,y:8n 

»np38J ; iyx38B3SJ ,isno3SJ ; is^iisa 


apeak' a. and adv. {'pys-y) I'si'iN 

»nyii] r'BB' I'eiMK 1813 laynyBE" ir'sty 


ape-car'rler n. (iy-<8-'iyp-B"K) 


apep'sia n. (s'tr-'ByB-y) ^DjJis'myB 

.lymya lyoyp b'j dst ,B"P3'ts? 

apep'sy n. CD-'syB-y) apepsia .t 

a'per n. ("lys-'i'S) =38J 8 ,iyiiiB3S3 8 

.■iyDnp3S3 8 ,iyxoyQ 

ape'rient ■«. and a. (B:y-n-''B-y) 

.?yB'a=D33nn'B3s is ; 3s onn'B osn 

aper'itive a. (iVB-'N-"iyB-y) 

aper'tion n. (isB'-'TiB-y) =yay I8 


ap'erture n. (nwo-iMs-'By) »yay I8 


a'pery n (n-yB-'"8) iy3803S3 BST 

=383 DST ,iyX38B383 DST ,yB8 18 '11 

rsJB s ; lyas na 33i5nst 8 : lynnp 

.lyas B?sn lyo isii 

apet'alous a. (Ds-Jy-'oya-y) =i53 ins 

PB 8 IX 03385S338 BSll I iy?By?3»iyD 

=By?3=iyni?3 i"P B'3 osn osii nssa 

apet'alousness n. -D8-?y-'ByB-y) 

.iy5By?3=iyDi53 iib lysnya dst (Dy3 

a'pex n. (Dpya-'"s) r'Bc s ,r'BB' s 

.BP31B nyBD3yn lyn ; 3i83 8 pb 

a'pex of the heart ii8 DpyB-'"s) 

lyj'X'ati' ■iyBii'iyB3iK -tvf ioisn 'na 

.nsn iiB ?"o 

"Bloodvessels of the .?'« .i 

Human Body" 

apha'sla n. (8'B't-'"B-y) ='5iya DST 

'3'nya n lyTJiys dst ; Pis'? ovt lyi 

=yB n •\iii» iy3'n»' p8 lyT'i is o"? 

lyo Dsii inyBc-iya ty3yp ix b"P3<ii 

.B3"1B' •Wlit 01V) 

apha'slc n. and a. (pii-'"a-y) iy3"S 

"38 Dsii ;ti»? DyT lyisJnya Bsn bsh 

.]W? ayi lyiyijnya dix B3385y3 

aphasia .t 

aph'asy -n. ('i-"S-'ay) aphasia .t 

aphe'lian a. (ly-'j-'^s-ay) PS osii 

s pa BP31B tyoDB"ii nyn ix i^e' 

aphelion .t .By38?B 

aphe'Ilon n. (is-'J-'is-ay) =b"ii nyi 

,iu nyi P3 By38?B s na Bp3ia "lyao 

aphellotrop'ic a. -'BslB-s-'S-'B-y) 

lit lyn pa 3» in Binyp dsii (P's 

=J8?B yoMiys iy3yii] b3'5 iib -lyis 


apheliotrop Ically adv. -jj-ij-ig-y) 

331Q3'T "lyi PS ('s-jyp-'s-'asiB 

■III lyi pa pyii8 

apheliot'roplsm «. -si-'B8-'?-'a-y) 

lyT pa iyinypiX3s vi 33i3"3 n (bpb 

o8?B yo'iiyj ty3yii] b3'5 pb lyis tit 


aphe'mia n. (y-io-'ia-y) •P381P 8t8 

,tis!'5 oyT oiy'5iya lyj^s lyii B"n 

IX B"P3<nyB n b'3 Biysiya iy3s 


aphem'lc a. (p's-'oya-y) Dsn Dsii 

»ya n B'j ■iy3s pb"? nyi iyis?iya 

.iy3'ni!' IX B'''p3'n 

apher'esis «. (D<D-y-"iy-By) dst 

=DPS B'3] yDlBB' 8 lyBTBllD'nS 

.Bisii 338B3S PB y35n [y3y3S"lBB'y3 

apheret'ic a. (p's-'Byn-y-ay) =y33s 

yaiBK' s lyaiBiiD'ns dst nn bxtp 

.OnSll 338B3S PB y35't 
"Squire" is the apheretic form for "esquire". 

aph'ld n. (Ts-'ay) 8t8] Pi5=r385B s 

B3'By3 DSII ,Bpyt3's ■iy3"5p iy:nj 

.[iyx385B fi'iK in 

aphid'lan n. and a. (ly-'s-'TB-y) 

-[VI IX B3385y3 DSII ; P15=l'385a n 


a'phls ». (D'B-'"S) Sts] P15B853 

aphlogis'tic a. (p'B-'B'ti'n-sJ-ay) 

.D8?a 8 ins B3yi3 dsii 

aphlogis'tic lamp p'D-'D'E'n-s^-ay) 

''■iBpyjy n pi] 5yBDy5=n'53 s (soy? 

.[lysany? w 

apho'nia n. (y-<3-'l8B-y) ypl8BE;' 

.yo'BB' n iyT?iya dst ,B"P3nyt"n 

aphon'lc a. and n. (p<K-'38a-y) iBlBU' 

P-I8B1!' 8 ;3nyp'n PT8Bt:' ;3385P 8 ins 


aph'onous u. (D83-8-'By) ,3nyt"n 

.ya^BB' 8 ins 

aph'ony n. (<3-8-'By) aphonia .t 

aph'orism n. (Dtn-s-'ay) ,dpt8B8 

=ny5y3 y3i5p s .insE'-iny? lyxTip s 

.lyBiyii yansB" ps yxiip ps 33i'i 

aph'orist n. (BB'l-s-'ay) ; bd'Isbb 

BDsanya lyns Bxi3y3 dsii ■iy3"s 

aphorism .t .lyat'isas 

aph'orlstlc a. (p'B-Dn-S-'ay) =SB8 

=838 IS PI enSB- PS yniP ; t^'BE'l 

aphorism, .1 .npn 
aphoris'tical a. (jy-p'B-'Bn-s-ay) 
a/phoristic .t 

aphoris'tically adv. -p'B-'On-S-^sy) 

>SB8 18 Pi] slISEf PS nip ('s-?y 


aph orize v. (Psvs-'ay) =sa8 iy380 

=T1P PS iy3"i6j' -ly-is lyi'n : lynt'T 

.yxyt VS1S& ps yx 

aph' rite n. (B<8i-'ay) 8t8] ■n58pnpt>' 

.[P'BC ■|y3'X38?3 lyB'MI 

aphrodls'lac a. and n. -'pi-si-ay) 

=y3 ;t BX'n dsii] B"Bnsia8 (py-'s 

,i''5Ba8E'3yT''? ;[niNn y3'5B3y5t!' 

=y3 n iyx"T ix jya'D 8 ;3'Tnisn 

.iy338?iyB y3i?B3y?B' 

aphrodlsi'acal a. -j;_'((jt-n-Sl-By) 

aphrodisiac .t (J'VP 

Aphrodl'te n. ('B-''8l-Sl-ay) »sia8 

.[ysy? na PBy3 yt!"3n3»B58] yon 

aphrodl'te n. CB-'isi-Svay) PD 8 

.[33'5iyBynB'] ysyspa^nyoit bt<?sp 

aph'thse n. (<nB-'By) ps lySayiiB' 

.[D"npJ8iP=5'io yB'"iyn3'p 8t8] 5pb 

aph'thous a. (osnB-'ay) Bsn dsii 

.[iyi3'P "3] 5Pa ps iy?ayiit!' 

aphyl'lose a. (Dis-'?'B-y) ■iyay?3 ins 

.[iyX385B "3] 

aphyl'lous a. (D8-'?'B-y) 

aphyllose .t 

apia'rlan a. and n. -<'i-'"S-'B-"S) 

Dix] D3ix3y3y'3 IX B338?y3 DSII (ty 

.iyB3'X3y3y'3 s ;[iy3y'3 iib lyiiyisn 

a'plarlst /t. (BD'n-y-'B-'^s) =y'3 s 

.[iy3y3 ayiiynsn dsh] ■iya3iX3y3 

a'piary n. (ivy-'B-'"S) ,Pin=iy3y'3 


ap'ical a. (?y-p's-'By) a3385y338 Dsil 

apex ,t .ap3iB lyaosyn Dix ,)"B!J' dix 

ap'lces n. (pD-'s-'By) ='Bti' ; lyx'Bty 

.iyDP3iB yBD3yn n ; 3ny3 iib lyx 

Aplc'lan a. (iy'-'[!"B-y) PS DSll 

;Drx'By tists^'B lyc'a'n dix vv^ 

s] B'3ya»Di3y3 s ix vii> ps dsii 

DSll m8T lya ts ,B?8n Bsii t!'3yB 

PsoOTJ ;[B?yii ivi PB iyD<3y3-"inya 

.Eiyp'Bti' iy3yii] 

aplc'ulate a. (D"5-p-'P'B-y) >5y38oa' 

.[tyx38?a "3] 3ny3yBB' j'X'be' 

apic'ulated a. (iyB-"5-p-'P'B-y) 

apiculate .t 

a'piculture ». (iitS'B-?SP-'3-'"s) 

.iy3y'3>3'3sn lyiiyisn dst ,B3ix3y3y''3 

a'plculturlst ». -Tits'B-5sP-''B-'"s) 

»sn DSll •iy3"s ; iyB3<x3y3y'3 (db's 

^ .iy3y'3=j'3sn oyiiyn 

apiece' adv. Covs-V) ,P'CB' Viy 18B 

.lyiy isB ; isnys yiy tsb 

They received an apple apiece. 

apiol'ogy n. ('B»n-s-'58-'B-"K) n 

.iy3y'3 lysyii ynny? 

A'pis «. (D<a-'"s) DPS ny3'i5"n ivi 

.lyDB'jy yD5« n iib 

a'piSh a. (C'B-'i'S) ,3n3yX38B3S3 

=y3s 18 Ml 3n3yanp3s: ,jn3yinB383 


a'pishly adv. (i?-b>ib_'m(() i^i 1,18 

.[ya^sa] yj8ny3s is 

a'pishness n. (Dy3-t5"a-'"s) =3S3 

.'nyx38B3S3 ."lyina 




aplt'pat adv. (oya-'O'S-j)) v^Vie/ D'n 

apiv'orous a. (DSl-fS-"i'i'S-"K) DSlI 

.iyjV'3 tiDj;ia 

aplacen'tal a. (?yt3-'jj)D-!;?B-y) D»ii 

n<5!!' ivits t3^s ,isDjyss?s i"p do mr\ 

.[nrn lyaviiJ 

Aplacenta'lia n. -i5-'"q-jvd-V5B-!/) 

p'p t3'j iwsn DS11 nrn rn 8 (v 

.[n'?tj' ,tns] 8t3jj)x8?s 

aplanat'ic o. (p'!<-'Dj;J-y?-B!») ins 

=03'? n ns 3Ji3"ius ins ;3oi3"ii3S 

=B3<5 n ts ,i3VD3''nj/5nsB : lyjnsiDtj- 

.nsn: inyj lysst lyJnsnoE' 

aplanat'ic lens (tjy? P'S-'dw-VJ-bj;) 

n V3?vii '=nn ts5: yj'onj/Djyt:'? 8t8 

cs ins T8-IJ nn inyj iy?n8-it56!'C3'? 


aplanat'ic tel'escope -'Dyj-ys-Bji) 

BSPDV^VB 818 (BlSPD-V-'jyO P'S 

=D3'5 '1 ty35yii iin [irBpsBtf] 
="ii3s ms Tsna inn mw ivJnsiot^ 


aplomb' n. ('is5a-y) ,i3"PJ'i3D"-n 
=58n ynsiJ ,»it3?8n yooya ,e"pny3't 


The young man spoke with great aplomb. 

aplome' n. ('ais?-By) ,Q8?b8 lyn 

.[P'Ol!' 818] CBJBIJjyP'S 

apnce'a n. (y-'^-av) nJSDiyix 818 

.Hip'tjti' ; lyoynQs cj lyp lyo lyii 

apoc'alypse n. (DBi5-y-'P8a-y) «sa8 

='5"n=358n y3'5BD''np yo'iiyj ,yDa<?8p 

lyBPsnojy dsii ,QnaD ; ny3'3 ya 

>B:y y3<?t3yj n ;ni8'3: yj'nt3»'iBi53D 


apocalyp'tic a. (piB-'B'5-y-psB-y) 

.5yp:n ,Ba8n?ytQyT ; i!"db'58PSB8 

apocalypse .t 

apoc'opate v. (B"a-8-'P8B-y) =1^738 

nyn lyansiio'iTB ^nn atm 8 lyx 

, .y35n lyis nix lyBxy? 

apoc'opated a. (iyB-"B-s-'PBa-v) 

'■iVf av~\ iyai8iiDMn8 inn BXTpy33s 

.Bnsii 8 pa yaJn lyis riis lyB 

"Th' " is the apocopated form of "the". 

apocopa'tlon n. (isB'-'"B-s-P8a-y) 

oyi lyaisiioms ■^•\)-i lyxTpss dst 

.y35M lyis niK lyoxy? 

apoc'ope n. (ia-8-'p8a-y) «Tp3s ts 

oyn lyaisiiDMiB ^nn ansii s pa 3:iif 

— piPiya PS ;y35M lyis nis lyBvy? 

.ny?) 8 iyT'3{!'3s dst 

Apoc'rypha n. (ya-n-'P8B-y) n 
.sTD 13 ,Qunn8 Q'3in3] lyanpsBB 
«?yii D<3in3 yj'n3'8 n ps D'sjiotyn 
.[r':n aw Bjy3yiyjix o'j Iy^yll ys 

apoc'rypha ». (ya-n-'p8a-y) 

="1 Dsii ,tyBB''iE' y3'?BD'ip yo'iiyj 

; ntjinnn n''i3 i'8 lyBnyjj'ns bo ly: 

yBBsnJya'nix ,iyBB'iB' yB3y p'p bo 


Apoc'ryphal a. (5ya-n-'P8S-y) dsii 

.iya<1PSB8 'T IS BJ38?y33S 

Apocrypha .t 

apoc'ryphal «. (5yB-<VP8B-y) ois 
.j'Bayiiya ,Ba8n?yB"iiif ,D<iiyj 

Apoc'ryphally adv. -5ya-'-i-'p8a-y) 

n pa IBIS DV1 T18 ; ij"B'lPSBs Cs 

Apocrypha .t .iyanps38 

apoc'ryphally adv. -5ya-n-'p8B-y) 

=nyB -\vi» iyBB8n?ya'Miv s fi'is cn 
•taiN ry3'B3yT 

apoc'ryphalness n. -jya-'l-'psB-y) 

.B"PJ'BB8n?yB"11S ,B"P3<B3yTiyB (DVJ 

ap'od n. and a. (is-'By) ; D'B ins 

,i5"B 8 :D'B i"P BO Bsn DSII n'n 8 

.iyiyiyB=DS?B ti3 t"? bo osn dsii 

Ap'oda n. (yn-s-'By) ins fivn po 8 

r^p BO iy3sn dsii b"b vo 8 id'b 

.tyiynya=Ds?B ina 

ap'odal a. (?yi-s-'By) Bj38?y3JS dsii 

IS D3J85y3 DSII ;D'B tns ni'n n is 

.tyiynya^Ds^B im3 ins t^'a n 

ap'odan ». and a. (lyi-s-'ay) DSll 

•n'n vo 8 ;D'B ins nrn ix t'e* -ps 

=yB«DS?a ^'13 ins l^"a pd 8 ;D'a ins 


ap'ode n. and a. (Tis-'sy) apod t 

apodelc'tic a. (p<B-'P'81-S-By) ois 

;paD 8 ms PS DSll ,i83B'nBE'y3 


apodeic'tical a. (jy-p'B-'p'Bi-S-By) 

apodeictic .i 

Ap'odeS M. (m-S-'Sy) t!"B PD 8 

.iyiynyB=Ds5a v^2 ins 
apodic'tic a. (piD-'P'l-s-By) =y3Jl8 

=M01S ; PBD ins P8 DSll ,n83B"'lBt!> 

apodic'tical a. (?y-p'B-'P'l-s-By) 

apodictlc .1 

apodic'tically adv. -p'B-'pn-s-BV) 

.lBi8.!yn83B'nDB'y3:iN i8 ims ('8-?y 

ap'odon n. (tsi-s-'sy) apodan .t 

apod'osis ». (D'D-s-'lsa-y) 'SM ps 

rsi^'Bon 8 iia di?i!' lyi — p'bsb 

.r8t=D3JU3ny3 ivts 

ap'odous a. (Dsi-S-'sy) BO Bsn Dsii 

.D'B V^p 

apoge'al a. (5y-''B'n~s-ay) PS Dsii 

8 IIB BPJia lyDDB'Ml UVl IS T''l;' 

.my nyn P3 By:8?B 
apoge'an a. (iy-''tyn-s-By) 

apogeal .t 

ap'ogee n. (iE>n-s-'By) =B"ii nyT 
lyT P3 yByj8?a 8 iia bpjis nvBD 
.BP31B iyBD3yn ir: ,yy3SB8 n ; iiv 

apog'eny n. (o-y-'t^nsB-y) 'BBySK'yj 

•sn IS B'<pj'nya3i8 n .vjyBsBo's y3'? 

.inyp-iya iy3'?B3y5B'y3 iy3 

ap'ograph n. (fiy-ij-s-'By) nys's is 
.yssp 8 ,181 yjy3'-iE'yj 

Apol'lo n. (is-'58B-y) lyp's ,s5sb8 
yEj"BD'5s yE"3nj=B?8 yo'i-ij n na 
118 B3'? pB B83 nyn ns ly .lyByj 
.yiysB 118 pniD na bsj nyi ,iy3y5 

Apol'lo Belved'ere -jya is-'58B-y) 
DSll yiBSBD yBonnys 'i (ly-'nyii 
S5SB8 BS3 iyt!"3'ij oyn isa BSyar 
'yii?y3 -lyips vi Bj'aya yssyii ii8 
=811 iy3'?BDB8B oyi na ynyjsj nyi 
y3?yii ,yiB8BD ytyn] qmt ps I8P'b 
=Dyi3 n iiB yj"8 -isa in d'd B^yat;' 
PS tyo"3-i8=niBB?ipD yt^nySBD:'? ya 
lyisiiyj iy3S'i3y3D'i8 ps ,a>yii lyn 
PS Biyniimns' lyais na ynjy ds 
.[yj'sn yB?8 is lyaais pa ty'?8B'8 

apologet'ic u. (p'K-'aye'n-s-5SB-y) 

'y3 DSll ; njy3<'i?ityD:y njyj'T'Biya 

.jjij'T'aiya 8 is aajs? 

apologet'ical a. -'Bys'n-s-Jss-y) 
apologetic .t (?yp-'s 

apologet'lcally adv. -s-?sB-y) 

,jJiJn"B'iyB nn Cs-jyp-'s-'aytvn 

.jjunJwBjy inn 

apologot'ics /,. -'Byi^n-s-SsB-y) 
■lyT pa ?"B lyi] p'ayisJsas (dp's 

»nyB DS11 ynny?=D3S'J'5yi lys'^aonp 

lis iyBp8B ly^yBEiis b'd vi oonyj 

.[DiBjyaD'ip ivjyii yp'iiya 

apol'oglse V. (t'Biyn-s-'JSB-y) 

apologise .t , 

apol'ogiser n. (iyt-'8t!'n-S-'58S-J') 

apologiser .t 

apol'oglst n. (BD'B'n-s-'?8S-y) 8 

=Bjy Dis Qy3 DSll ,nyj"K nyj'T'Biys 

.jjnyjnys dis j:i3n5it!' 

apol'ogize v. (Psti'n-s-'JsB-ff) 'lys 

.vtr^ Dj:iJT"B-iyB 8 tyB58n ,iyrT'B 

.wivr\vs DiK lyays /lyjnjmajy vt 

apol'ogizer n. (iyt-i8tS'n-s-'58S-y) 

8 ,j3i:n5iB'B:y dis aya dsii ivj"K 


ap'ologue n. (3s?-s-'By) 8 ,JS5SB8 

.5y38B ,?3!!'n noiD » a<B asnya 

apol'ogy n. ccn-s-'SBS-y) »sb8 .1 

8 /jJiJ'iJiB'jy ,jjijn"aiyB ; yos? 

DIS iyBy3 dst ; ynyi=DJ3irT'Biya 

Banynya Dsii Dsiiay \2 ;jjin"siyB 

.181 "lyiJB 18 iiB r85a oyi ais^naiss 

2. He wore a crumpled rag as an apolooy 

for a bat. 

apomecom'eter n. -y-'osP-'o-S-sy) 

=3'in lyaoyD is BjyonaDj's i8 (lya 

.tyB"pD"ii ns tyB"p 

apomecom'etry n. -'osp-'D-s-sy) 

ns B"pB"ii na jjiaDyo n (na-y 


aponeuro'sis n. (D'O-'isn-lo-s-sy) 

;iy5iPDiD n PB lysoynya yamyns n 

.iy5iPDiB n apyiy3 DSii ,B'in n 

apoph'asis h. (D'D-y-'B8e-y) =iys 

IS ao Jyati'js 18 !y38D dst UJoyp"? 

.lyjnsmyi oy ist ns oysy tiB tyT'i 

apophlegmat'ic n. and a. -s-sy) 

nn'5 3s an's dsii (P's-'oyD-ayja 

niT? iyn'sis3s jya'n s ; [Q"5ii'] 

.[psnyo nyn ps] 

ap'ophthegm n. (Dyna-s-'ay) s 

inBE' iynjynny?y3 ns ^y3onB^8B' 

.ina^inny? .lyaiyii ysiip ps 

apoph'yge n. Ctyn-'K-'asS-y) lyT 

8 na 3"D •iyBnyi:nyj3s lyatyiya^is 

?"t 8 iy35yii PS Dia ■^v•^■i^'i lyi ;5"t 

.pns I't D?yBB' 

apoph'ygy n. C^n-'K-'aiSB-y) 

apophyge .i 
apoph'ysis «. (D'D-'8-'B8B-y) =is 8 

=S-18B[!'yjD'nK 18 ; !"3 8 IS DPISII 

.P'3 lyo 

apoplec'tic n. and a. -'py?B-s-By) 

="s : yspySBsBs is anynyj dsii (P'b 

=Bsa8 n BB83yj Bsn dh's osii lyj 


apoplec'tical o. (5yp-'B-'py5B-s-BV) 

apoplectic .t 
ap'oplex n. (Dpy5B-s-'By) -pyjBSBs 


ap oplexed a. (BDpy?B-s-'By) na 

.Biip?8T8a ; tyasiayj yspyjssBs 

ap'oplexy n. (iD-pyja-s-'sy) =py5BSB8 


ap'oplexy of drunk'enness -s-'ey) 

;"ii3t!' B'lB (Dy-jy-'p3Bii lis 'D-py?B 

.nn3t!' na ?8Bjs t8 

aport' adv. caiisB-y) 8 na] dpj'? 

, .['PB' 

aposiope sis h. (D'D-''B-8-''8D-s-By) 

.yiyn 8 ps rst 8 lyjnjyiyn ao dst 
M ;pmj"s lyD'iiyj s iy38o is na 

=138n PM" ;.3 .S ,V\V-I 8 tlB JJ13yi33IJ 




aposlopes'tic o. -'dj/s-s-'BD-s-bj;) 

DSll .nVT n 3S CI3j;i3 D»11 (P'B 

aiiosiopests .t .)»st dn b'j onJi/isn 

aposiopet'lc a. -'oyB-s-'BD-s-Bi;) 

aposiopestic .1 (p'x 

apos'tasy n. CD^o-'oBS-y) ; not!' 

=183 IJ/llS IS'3'?yT IIB l3"pJ'J<'lt53S 

.•\-l} B tIB 1't IWBtas DBT : "B 

apos'tate ». and tt. (b"D-'D8B-V) 

; qidto: ; iWJnD28 rs ; laico s 

apostat'ical a. (syp-'K-'ovB-Dis-By) 

.3':nBax ;iBti' iv vit^ p« D8" 

apos'tatize v. (t'8B-VB-'D8B-s) vi 

.lyiyii j'jnaas .noB" 

apos'temate ». (B'^a-'O-'DSB-V) =bm« 

.myB"« n'liti'yj b i'k i!;d"t 

a posterlo'ri CbVis-'VB-DSB "K) 

•asHB tiB oinnsBij; pa .nsnynosBB 

DST ; t'Miva ivwjjmwD'nB IB i)/38i 

a priori .1 .nsnBB na rBtjyjvj 

apos'til n. and v. (5'b-'D8B-V) =V3 b 

'V2 8 ,in 8 na nJBi oyi I'ik jjipivo 

8 IWBD iBJVaipsT 8 1MB :wtva 

in 8 IIB 1J81 DVT 1MB] JJlplVDVn 

.[BjyaipsT 8 «iMB tsis 

apos'tille ■«. cj'b-'dbb-j;) nyoffa b 

apostil .t .jjip 

apos'tle ». csoBB-y) ; n'Siy ,58BDsB8 

na Mi.,jjiwpy3 w<bd"j b tia ivinji? 

=ny5 12 yotynv it JysvBD ; i!j':'5yT 8 

=5yii ,is'j'5yi lya'SBDnp nyi na iy-i 

DiBonp na lyisiiya ap'ts-yj tyj"i ys 

[■■B DiBjyBDnp oyi lyB^nBiynyB ix 

.B5yii •^J)-l 

apos'tleship n. (B'ty-'JOSB-y) 

apostolate .t 

apos'tolate n. (B"?-SB-'D8B-y) lyi 

.58BDSBB 18 IIB nWfi/ <T "lyiS BOB 

apostOl'iC O. (p'B-'?8B-DB-By) =D8BB 

SSBDBBB 18 IS B3J85y3 DSll ,tJ"58B 

.BOB t"t i]n» 

apostol'ical a. (5yp-'K-'?8B-Ds-ay) 

apostolic T 
apostol'ically adv. -'B-'5BB-D8-By) 

.5SBDSB8 18 IS J1Sy3 VH ('N-5yP 

apostol'icalness n. -'N-'?8B-DB-By) 
=DBB8 pn tlB BaBE'3y:"K 'T (Dy3-?yp 

na yiny? n vt( iy3M5j dst ; e"5sb 

.iy?8BDSBB n 

apostol'ic creed p'8-'58B-DB-By) 

n BM? isM'5yT ys'SBD'ip n (ny-i? 

.iy58BD8B8 'T PB yiny? , 

apostol'ic del'egate -'?8B-D8-ay) 

»n 8 D'BDSBB aVl (B"J-'B-'5yT p''t< 

tyB'Mis IIB iyB.ynB-iyB lyuxBBDB^s 
apostolic'lty n. -<B-'D'5-SB-Dsa-y) 

.B"?SBDBBB PM PB Ba8C3y3"B '1 CB 

apostol'ic sncces'sion -'58B-es-ay) 
yjy38i3iyB3iB3iB n (is-'otd-pbd p'b 
DBii DasE"3 yB3'5"ny3:"B pa n"T 

t'3 lyBi'S D5SBDSB8 »T PB I'l BH'S 

,[ty3M93 iy5MB8p n mi] bj^h 
apos'trophe «. ca-siB-'DBB-y') 
»yi na yoisa b ^yiyiJB : nsiBosBB 
ayi pa 3s b3"ii •\vnv\ lyi lyii ,iyT 
B?yi38n Dy ty3?yii lysyii n:8Bti':y3y3 
,tynyi3B ib is' vi Byijyii pb vi 
yiyn n nysjyii is isnvs b is lyns 
"lyTS ,ByB3ny3 Bpyin b'3 5533 I's 
«"s 1S1 njytyiiJB b'j pb ■iy3?yii 

-DMIB BBBtVJB Boip 'iy35yii ,['] lys 

lyBiyii PB iy3BBty3i3 yjytB?y3 

couldn't — could not .3 .x mi 

apostropli'ic a. (p'B-'aBnBD-B-sy) 

apostrophe .r .B^aBIDDsaB 

apos'trophize v. (P8B-sio-'D8B-y) 

=38 iBiBDBBB IB lysyBiT : lyiyijs 

.38BB'313 Dyjyt85y3DMTB IB BSD!!' 

apotli'ecary n. (n-yp-'B-'riDBB-y) 


apotti'ecary's bill -yp-'K-'nBBB-y) 

B] 33133yi Diyp"BBB IB (5'3 1'T 

.[33i33yT yny"B 
apoth'ecary's shop -yp-'s-'riBBB-y) 

-P^BBB 18 (BBt!' T'T 

ap'othegm m. (oynB-s-'ay) lysiip b 

='?81Sn B B'O BlS113'iat!' ■|y3'B3Ml 

.PI lya' 
apothegmat ic a. -'Byo-synB-s-ay) 

B?8nB3y -WIS IS Vi' t<K DSll (P'B 

=SD B B'B -lyDiyilS'lBB' y3>B3Ml ysTip 

.Pt iyH"?BT 

apothegmat'ical o. -jynB-s-ay) 
apothegniatio .t Oy-p'K-'Bya 

ap'othem n. (DynB-s-'sy) =3yip:yi b 
D!t-\ na y'3'5 [yiBJipnjyaiya] yB 

tS3'5SS iyT8513yT 8 pa Bp31B5yB'D 

;iyB"i y3''M PB y3"B is [py=5y>B] 

'53 8 pa PyT I'BMB yjyJ8BK'y338 DSl 
.03^3 yBp'Miy33"B PB 

apothe'osis n. (D*D-8-''nB-s-By) 
"n CIS P3 33i3MmyT : 33i'iyBy3iya 


apothe'oslze v. (i<BD-s-''nD-S-sy) 
.jyoM Dis P3 lysMmyi ; iynyBy3iya 

apot'ome n. ca-s-'BBB-y) =jib ivt 
oyT PB iys383 ayi iyt:"iis lyK'iyB 
:[pnio pb] isb lysJsn iyi3y3?8B383 
Dy<3<5 "lis tyB'Mis lyiyiyBJiB lyi 
=3'<Dy3 pip iy3sn ys^yii ,iyDy'i3 nyis 

.[p<B8nyB8D pn] DSD y3'?BB8t!' 

ap'ozem n. (oyt-s-'sy) psnyo 8t8 
.iy3yB"-lp PB B38Dy3 

appall' V. ('5nsB-y) D853 ; lypyiB'iyT 

.lyJDiBis ; lyiyii v^'>2 ,D853 ; ty38D 

appal'ling a. (33'B-'5nsB-y) =yit!''iyT 

.i3y3'BiDBjy ,ijyp 

appal'lingly adv. ('5-33'B-'5nsB-y) 

; pyiB' pa 3n3y?niBis ; 3n3ypy-ii!'iy 

.pyiB' pa 3<njyiyii i"53 

appal'ment n. (Bjyn-'5nsa-y) ^lyT 

.pvitir pa i"?3 lyiyii dst ;3:ipyi!!' 

ap'panage n. (t!'n"j-y-'By) 

apanage ,1 
appara'tus n. (DSB-'""i-y-sy) »bb8 

IS DySy IBB l?3 ; 331B3mSB ; B8T 

appar'el n. and v. (?y-'i8B-y) ="5p 

,iyi"?p ; t!'t8i383 ; na ; 31S3S ,33n 


appar'ent a. (B3y-'inyB-y) o"B'3y3MB 
;BB8n5ya"iis3iB n'?B"T ,t5d3m ,t5 


appar'ent al'titude Bjy-'inya-y) 

.B"p3Mn yi833"t!' 'T (ni'B-<B-'?y 

appar'ent diam'eter Bjy-'inys-y) 
.lyByosn 'iyn833"E' (iyB-y-'oy-''8T 

appar'ently adv. (i5-B3y-'inyB-y) 

;1B1B ty3'5B3M lyTS iy-|833"iJ' B IMB 

^ , .1'?B"T 

appar'ent mag'nitude B3y-'-inya-y) 

.DM'13 yiB33"t!' (TrB-'3-'3yD 

appar'ent mo'tion D3y-"iiiyB-y) 
.3 .s] 33i3yiiy3 yn833"B' (isb'-'iso 

,V1 D3n jya'a" 8 pb Binsa lyo lyii 

■ Ivi B3yiiy3 i"B 3yi3 lyi ib 

appar'entness n. (Dy3-B3y-'inya-y) 

0<5B'n ;B"nDMiy3 ,B"P3'?3"l!'3y3Mt< 

.inytDMB : B"pnB33"B'- ; b"p 
appar'ent time (D'bd B3y-'inyB-y) 

.[lit lyT^SJ] B"S y3'D3''l n 

appari'tion n. (is-'B^i-y-ay) ="t!'iy 
n'D83iy3'B ;iyiyii n83D3n dst ;3ji3 
;3Ji3"E'iy nyBD"3 ;33i3"ij'iy y3'> 

.It!' ,BD3yBt!'y3 

appari'tional u. (5y-3s-'t!"l-y-By) 

y3'5TBBJ-|y3'B IB IS 1"!!' PB DSll 
=D"3 8 IS 1'53ny PB DSll ;3313"t!'-iy 

DSll ; iy3"t!'-iy lyp Dsii : 33i3"(j'-iynyB 

.1B3B3M lyiyii lyp 

appari tionist n. -3s-'B""i-y-By) 

.'iynyt=iyBD"3 b (bd'« 

appar'itor n. (isB-'B-'nnys-y) =y3 8 

=yny3 b :B3ny3 lysiv b vk -\v:vi 

.ByB'DiyipjiB IB pa iy3 

appeal' n. and v. csya-y) =bmb .1 

■■yBB .2 ;y'S85yBB ,33nyisBBMN ,ein 

=yB8 ; iyn3yii vi ;B3''iy3 b is lyT? 

.lyT'BiBJB 5st iy IB ,iysyD'B is lyT? 

1. The court decided on the appeal. 2. The 

speaker appealed to the audience. 

appea'lable o. (J3y5-'y'B-y) DSll 

.tyT?yB8 lyp lya 

appea lant n. (B3y5-'y'B-y) ,-iy3"B 

. .B3'"iy3 8 IS DT^yBB lysjyii 

appealed' to (■.! 'T?vs-ll) »sBy3BMB 

.[B"-iBt!' 8 iyT"t!'B3y is] lyiyii Biyn 

appea'ler n. (-lyj-'yig-y) 

appealant .t 
appeal' from (oBia '?yB-y) =ya8 


There is no appeal from the decision of 
the United States Supreme Court. 

appeal' from the chair '5yiB-y) 

lyi IS tyTJyBB (inyti'B >na m^a 

.[iyi3ys'nsB na] 33i5aBtnyB 

appea'lingly adv. (■>5-33i>-'yia-y) 

>jy3BD ,3'i3yiyisaBMB ;3n3ynyi?yB8 

B<B nM 3n3yi3yii ; inaMB ib 3n 


appea'lingness /i.. (Dyj-33'5-'y'B-y) 

.y'BBBo'D lypyii dbt ; lyiypysB dst 

appeal' to arms (loiB IB '5y<a-y) 

=aMB- IB ;'inyiiy3 lyi is'iyony3 vi 

.noRJo IS sin 

appeal' to heav'en (iiiyn ib '?yiB-y) 

»B3y 'T iy3y3iy3'B ;bs3 is ly-iy^ysB 


appear' o. Ciyis-y) ; ty3"t!'iy .1 
=yiBBMB .2 ; inytDMB ; PM i<5b"t 
=y3 8 IBB iy3"t!'-iy ; lypMi vi ,ivb 

1. He appears to be in good health. 2. 
The pi-isonei- appeared for trial. 

appear' against' one -y 'lys-y) 
>ynBBMB lysya'B iy3y3 (isiin 'DDjy3 


appear ance n. (D3y-'iy'B-y) ="t!'"iy 

; lyOyiBBMB DST ; iy3"t!'-|y DST ;3313 

; P'533S ; inytDMB ys'JiyDMB dst 

Appearances are deceitfuL 

appear'er n. (-ly-'nyis-y) osil lys"** 

■iy3'"N ;B3ny3 b ibb dmtb avia 
"iv lyis DMB tjnyt dsii DsiiBy -wis 


appear' for one (isiin nsa "lys-y) 

.lyBy-iBBMB B3iiy3 PB lysyo'B ibb 

appear' in print (B3nB ps 'lys-y) 

.pm PB iy3"t!'iy iBpmys p't 




appear' on the stage ts '■W'S-V) 

=n'3 n V1X IVOjnBBMN (BfTT'CD 'no 

/ -"^ 

appea sable a. (Jayt-'ys-y) IJ/P Dsii 
: tsivii B>'Bts'yjj"N nns Dj'nnya 


appea' sableness ». -jayt-'j/'B-v) 

=yp Dsi iD^pa'jjyn Djjivnnya (oy: 

Ti o"p3'?jyn n ;iy?'B6^J"K Tf IVJ 

IS Tt B"p3'?jyD n ; tyayaiitiya's 


appea'sably oa«. cj-ayt-'ya-y) im 

.i83BD'nB ; jjij'nnya 

appease' v. ('Iy^B-y) =y3 ,iyrnny3 

»'X ; iyBD"1B ity?'Bt!'J"K ; lyj'BBjyt 


, appease'ment u. (BjyD-'iyB-y) ^ya 

.jJU'nnya jaaunna 

appea'ser n. cyi-'y^s-y) nyrnnya 


appea'slngly adv. ('5-3jn-'y<B-y) 

=jy>ii2B'3'"« lyns lyijyj'nnya 8 finx 

.laiN lyT 

appea'slve o. (ivt-'y'B-y) '''m-\V2 

.ijy5'BS!'3"K ,ijyj 

appellabll'ity n. ->ti-'l»2-v-'>vs-v) 

B"p3'53ya '1 lyis n^sBK-ix nyi cd 

.lyiyii BT?yB8 lyjyp tis 

appel'lable a. (?ay-'5yB-y) lyp Dsii 

18 ^yB:l8 BnyBiy dsii ,iynyii BT?ys8 


appel'lancy n. (<D-jy-'5ys-y) =85yB8 

.iyT5yB8 IX B"p3'5jyo n ;i8's 

appel'lant ». and a. (Bjy-'5yB-y) 

DS11 ;jnjyT?yB8 nyjy?P nyi'sysB 

DIX hyiS I8<!(8?yB8 18 "IX BJJ85ya 


ap'pellate o. (B"?-y-'By) t<8 Dsil 

18 w Biynyj dsii ; is'X8?yB8 ix v<i> 

An appellate court, 

appella'tion n. (tsiy-'iiS-y-By) =njs 

=s: nyi iJJijyjya ;jjnyisBB'i8 ;jjib 

.y'S85yB8 ; tyn 

appel'latlve «. o»d a. -y-'jys-y) 
=Bj3iB8J ; lyosJ ;5yB'B ,tyos:is (ivb 

iyD8J=D331B8J 8 IS BJ"X DSll I iyD8J 

lyasr id^8 B3ya"xya dsii bisii 8] 

"15811" BTS11 DST .a .X Ml ,t'D I"N US 

8 tiB JJiU"sya 8 D?8 BaMiayj Biyii 

.[lyo'ia ID 

appel'Iatively adv. -irD-y-'5yB-y) 

=D:J1B83 '11 MIS ; iy»8Jix 8 B'D ('? 


appel latory o. Ci-sB-y-'Sya-Jl) DSII 

'D:y DSll ; ts'sssyas is ix BjJ85ya 

.IS'X8?yB8 18 B?8n 

appellee n. ('<?-y-By) ; lyBJsJpyjJS 

.BT?yB8 lyD iVDyn lyjyj nyi 

appel'lor n. Cis-'JyB-y) ; BJ8?yB8 

, .lyjy?? 

append' -d. cuya-y) =ix ,iy3jyn38 

.I'M «i'Dio ,iyjy5"a ,iy?yDa' 

appen'dage n. (trnyi-'jya-y) =js 

=ix 8 ,yB?yBij'yjix dst ; naDin ,jJ8n 


appen dance «. (Diyi-'jye-y) «ix 8 

.JJSnos 18 ,V8I 

appen dant n. and a. (B:yi-'jyB-y) 

.V8I1X ; naDin ; lyijmya ; j'lynyjix 

appen'dence />. (Djyi-'jya-y) 

appendance .t 
appen'dlces n. (PD-'i-'ays-y) ^yiix 
.iyj:i3:yn:» ; lyasJix ; niBDin ; yx 

appendicl'tls n. (D'a-'SD-'l-jya-y) 

.ypiy'P lyiJ'Ja lyi iib jjnj'XBjy is 

appen'dlcle n. (jp'i-'jys-y) ="5P 8 

.asJix lyis S38njs iv^ 

appendic'ular a. (iy?-i'-'p'i-jy-By) 

>ix nyis j:8njs Dyj"?p 8 Bsn dsii 

DjyBD"D Biyii DSll pmD'iK 18] as3 

.[y'DSB8:8 I'K Ba'nayj 

appen'dix n. (oP'Vjya-y) ,JJ8nJS .1 

.ypt!"P yiJ'?a 't .2 ; asJix ,i*8nx 

1. The book has an appendix full of useful 

apper'celve' v. cu'D-iy-ay) nyoya 

.iyB"ijya ,iyp 

appercep'tion n. (isE'-'ByD-iy-BV) 

"ijyBB'^SB B'D JJ1B"-I3ya ,33ipiyDya 

.P'lBDisiiya iy3 

appertain' v. ('["B-iy-ay) ,iyiyny3ix 

.iy338?ya ,iyiyny3 

He Is interested In everything that apper- 
tains to the curing of disease. 

appertain'ment «. -'p"B-iy-By) 

IX Bnynys dsii dst ,iyny3ix (B3ya 

.B3385ya DSll DST ; i"i 

ap'petence «. (DjyB-'s-'By) 'ISBB" 

;...1X 3313"3 y3'5TB8J ; BD15 tVP 

.lyayiDB' dst ; lyinysya dsi 
ap'petent a. (DjyB-'s-'ay) Bsn Dsn 

8 IX V^ t'8 DSll ; ptJTI lyplSBE* 8 

.BDi5y3 nyis PtsTi lypisBts" 

He is appetent after honors. 

ap'petlte n. (B'8B-'8-'ay) ,B'ByB8 

.BDi? lyiTsya 

appeti'tion n. (is-'E"B-'s-By) dst 

.BDi? 'T ; iyiny3ya dst ,iy338?iya 

ap'petitlve a. (ii'B-'8B-'8-'By) DSll 

; D'Byas Bsn dsii lyis ix v't!> t's 


ap'petlze v. (PSB-'s-'ay) iys"iB'is 
.B'Byas lyasa s B'syas oyi 

ap'petizer ». (lyt-'sB-is-'ay) Dyay 
.B'Byas D'n8 Ban dsii 

ap'pettzing a. (3:'t-'8B-'8-'By) dsii 
.B'Bya8 Ba8n dsii : ix bh'x 

This is a very appetizing dish. 

ap'petlzingly adv. -33't-'8B-'8-'By) 

.TJB'Byas ('? 

applaud' V. ('ins5B-y) ,tyTis5B8 

.lya'i? ,sii8ia lyt^Bsa 

applau'der n. (iyi-'ns5B-y) •iy3"s 

.Ba'i? lyns btissbs dsii 

applau'dingly adv. ('5-33'n-'ns5a-y) 

.3'n:yTis?B8 ,3'i3ya'i5 

applause' n. ('tns5a-y) ,a'i5 ,58a"a 

.iyTlS?B8 DST 

applau'sive a. (ii'D-'ns?B-y) njya'i? 


applau'sively a. ('5-ii'D-'ns5a-y) 

.lyBOyDD'TSJBS B'B I a'l? B'D 
ap'ple n. (5By) =5yay |8 ; 5yBy 18 

.3'iK na ?yB8X"i8iw iD'ia 

ap'ple-bee •«. (y<3-'5ay) j3i?D8nya 

IX 5yBy iyB"nyaix-isB lyisaasj ns 

.iyasp3"8 lyis lyjyp'iB 

ap'ple-blos'som n. (ns-'08?a-'?By) 


ap pie-cheeked a. (Dp4('B'D-'?By) b'D 

.!yP8a y?iB yB'n 

ap ple-oore n. (iisP-'?By) -Jyay DST 

1811 ?yBy 18 na iy?iyoyp 't] msn 

, .[lyjy? Dy-ns' 't 

ap ple-dump'Ung n. -'BBSl-'?By) 

.iyaip=?yBy I'o 818 (33'? 

ap'ple-frlt'ter n. (ny-'B'iB=?By) is 

.DBys r8 iyp8ay3 lyaip^pysy 

ap'ple-green n. (jyis-'Jay) I'i3'5J/By 

"Colors" 5'8 .1 .T58P 

ap'ple-jack n. (pyt!'n-'5By) '^VBS 


ap'ple-john n. (tse'n-'^By) D'38n8' 
B'3 B5'ia DSll /Jyay i'd 8I8] sjbv 

.[1'3 'UK 

ap'ple-loft n. (BB89-'?By) =8P=?yBV 

,5yay D?8n lyo ikii DVTia s nyo 

ap'ple-mon'ger n. Ciw-'Jso-'JBy) 


ap'ple of dls'cord -'D't ii8 5By) 

DSII aysix ,181 8] ?yBypj8x (iikp 

.[ons VI BD"T IVD 
Poverty was the apple of discord that 
caused unhapplness in the family. 

ap'ple of love ciis? 118 ?By) =]('? 

.VBSBSB ,7yBir Dya 

ap'ple of the eye cs tib lis ?By) 

yiy'D inyi s ;3'i8 ns ?yB8XT8iia' 

My son is the apple of my eye. 

ap'ple-or'chard «. (in8E'B-"i8-'?B») 


ap'ple-par'ing *. (33'«-'nnyB-'?By) 


ap'ple-pee'ling «. (33'5-'y'B-'5By) 

apple-bee .i 
ap'ple-pie ii. ('8B-'?By) .iy3ip=5yBy 
ap'ple-pip n. (B'B-'5By) .yins'=5yBy 
ap'ple-sance n. (DnsD-'Jsy) =5yBy 


ap'ple-tart re. (Bi8B-'5By) .BiSB'jysy 
ap'ple-tod'dy n. cs-'isB-'JBy) Bt8 

=y33"i8 lyiyii oy lyajyii I's b'3ib i'd 

.jyay y:yp83y3 B3y? 

ap'ple-tree n. (yiB-'Say) =5yBy is 


appll'able a. (53y-''85B-y) lyp DSll 

.I8ai3yii3s ,iyiyii Byi3yiiy3jg 

appli'ably adv. {'5-3y-''8?B-y) OS 

.33n3yii3s lin : isaijyii 

appli'ance n. (D3P-''85B-y) oyil3s 

='0 ;?yB'B 8 IIB 33n3yi13S 'T ;33n 

,3"xy3 ; 7yB'nB5'n ; ?yB'o5"n ; 5yD 


applicabil'ity n. -'s-'5'3-yp-i5-By) 

.B"p-183n3yil38 CB 
The argument has no applicabilKy to the 
question before us. 

ap'pllcable a. (53yp-'5-'By) 

appliable .i 
ap'pUcableness n. (oy3-?3yp-'?-'By) 

applicability .) 

ap'pHcably adv. ('53-»p-'5-'By) os 


ap pllcant n. (B3yp-'5-'By) ='5b8 

"By 183 I't Byi3yii dsii iy3"« ;b3bp 

'IBD iy3'D"5B 8 ; B8T138P 8 : DSll 

ap plicate v. and a. (B"P-'?-'By) »3S 

,B3'nay3 ; lya'nays ,iyn3yii3s iiyosB 

.Byip3sP : K"DP8iB : Byi3yiiy33s 

ap'plicate num'bers D"p-'5-'By) 
,nyB'x] iy?nsx yB38Jya (ny3-'DS3 
•3yjy3 na Jnsx 't d'is lyp'-n yasyu 

[.11 .» .8 lyL-'B 5 ,D1Q 3 .3 .X ,yi3yBt!' 

applica'tion n. (tSt:'-'"p-'5-By) os 
lynjyn dst :i't iyn3yii dst J3n3yii 

n'l"13y3 ,331D8B3S ; 338?iya 8 B'D I't 

iyB3'T DST : ?yB'o?"n ; 5yB'0DB?'n 

;[DS11By tlMS] B"PB8tPiyDB'18 'T 
, .B"P3'D"?B 

ap plicatlve o. (n's-oyp-'j-'By) dsh 
.I83n3yii3s ,iyiyii Byi3yiiy3J8 ivp 




ap'plicatory a. ci-so-VP-'J-'ay) 

.SS"DP81B ; 13X1J 

applied' ». ('TK?a-y) ; onJVllI'JJS 
.ij'opsis ivT I'N Bxuya 

Applied mathematics. 

appli'er n. (^v-••'^^?s-v) 'JVii DSii nvi 

BK11 in ; oa'nayj osii in ; tu oj;t 

^ I'N Dsii lyi jDsiiuj; isj im Byi:yii 

.DsiiBV lyoipya w rD^^a 

appllqu^' ». ondo. ('"p-'J-ay) =B'n8 

jjixiaya s ;[t»JJisian lyjyii] Bjy?y3 

.tyiyus rs fi'ix m^^ I"k na 

apply' «. (''8?B-y) ,tyijyii vi .1 

OS ,tyD!ja:s .2 ; ryaya ,iV3S?is'iss vf 

=y5B'n8 ,iyjy5is ; lyamaya ,ryijyii 

■ Wi 
1. He applies for admission. 2. It Is well 
to apply in life, what we learn in books. 

apply' a thing to jjinb y ''85s-y) 

.ist 8 B^» tysijya vt (ib 

apply' col'ors on cloth 'i85B-y) 

iyT5SP lyjyJBMiK (nas^p is ns-'JsP 

.BJBIiyj I'lK 

apply' for an of'flce -isb ''85B-y) 

,y?yBtj' 8 tvjyii tyijyn vi (d'x-'bs ry 

.y?yBB' 8 18a lyjyiaas: 

apply' for help (a?yn 18B "i8?a-y) 

.ti5'n ■1SJ lyijyii in 

apply' one's mind rjsiin ''8?B-y) 

DsiiBy eiMK lypjsiyj DDy:"K (ij'bo 


apply' one's self rjsiin ''ssa-y) 

=3« vt ;DS'iiBy IS ryonyj vi (n^yD 

.lyuyii in -.otib)! b'd tyavj 

apply' ver'ses to one '<85B-y) 

8 Byj"K tyjj'i (isiiii IB tyo-'i'sii 

.a'ns!!' Dyj"8 tyast lajstynn? 

appoggiatu'ra n. -'iB-B-BJIIsa-By) 

yB8J ysiip «] yBs^-Djjnyxiya 8 (8i 

.[jjnysiya is yis^vn 8 i'k 

appoint' V. ('B3'SB-y) ,iyB<Bi!'y3 .1 

=j"« : lyiyias ,iy5yBE'y3 .lysyiBoya 

,BDx IS lyayj .2 ; tyBS'iOMx ; tyas'i 

.yjyBB' 8 

1. Please appoint the time and place to 
talk this matter over. 2, The Mayor ap- 
pointed him Street Cleaning Commissiouer. 
appoin'table o. (53yB-'J'SB-y) =y3 
.isasyBiyjs ; i82jyjiy : ibscbe' 
appoin'tee n. (y'B-'j'SB-y) iyj"8 
.BD8 18 IS tyisiiyj B:y:iy t<N Dsii 
appoln'ter n. (lya-j'SB-y) iyj"8 
lysyo^K BD'BB'ya lyis Bjyjiy mw 
.ysyBB" 8 finx 
appoint'ment n. (njyn-'BJ'sa-y) =y3 
=iyB ,jjisytBDya jJisyBB'os .jjid'bk' 

=j;D(J) ;1358nyj ;;J1B3'1D'18 ;JJn"13S 

.BD8 ,y? 

appor'tion v. (istj'-'iisB-y) ; iy?"Bis 

;iy5"Bj"K ;D'p?n y3"?j t'« ty5"B 

=iyB j'DyoD'jB^yniya iyi8 3'Dyo3"?j 

=1811p I'8 BISBB" 8 ty5"BlS ; iy?"B 

I'ls "B18B lyuyB'iyn iyi nil ry?80 

lyan i"t lyjyp ?st n dsi ,ibi8 8t8 

.ty?n8ii n "3 jyn « b'd 

appor'tioner n. (ly-Jsty-'iisB-y) 

.iy?"Bis ,iy?"Biya iyi 

appop'tionment n. -jsiy-'i.isB-y) 

lyis yj<Dyn3"5j 'i ,j3i5"Biya (Djyo 

.jji?"BiyB yj'DyoD'3B5yniyB 

appo'sable a. (53yt-'iSB-y) lyp d»ii 

.lyiyii BDBayjB'iJis 

appose' V. ciisB-y) "3 B"t lyjyBE' 

=yi:8 iyi "3 181 t"K lyjyBts- ;b"i 


ap'posite a. (BM-s-'sy) os ,i3yD8B 

=8J ;i'?P'ii' ;[DsiiBy is] lyBDsoyj 

.B"t "3 B"t ,B:yn 

This argument is very apposite to the case. 

ap'positely adv. ('5-BM-8-'sy) 

.I'JP'E' ; IB18 tyDD8ByjlS 8 1'IK 

ap'poslteness n. (oyj-BM-s-'ay) 'P'B" 
=:yBDsoyjjs ,B"pBD8Byjjs ,d"P3'? 

.[DSllBy is] B"p 
apposi'tlon n. (is-'E'n-s-By) ,r8tis 

P'B8081J t'8] I8'SnSB8 '1 ; J"?1S 
Biyjpiy DSll . (DE') BISllBB'in I"8 

='ia 8 — lyJis 18 .3 .s ,iyiyiJ8 ayi 

, .[?yj 

apposi tional a. (5y-js-'K"i-s-By) 

D?8 lajyawJis ,Bjy?yjis t'x osii 

apposition .t .i)j'x'tsB8 

apprais'able a. (53y-'t"ia-y) osii 

.lyiyii BS865'y3 ly? 

apprais'al ■». (5y-'t"iB-y) : 3:iS8(!'as 

D3Jiiy<jyi 8 iin] J31S8B'3s ,y5y'S'a« 


appraise' v. ('ti<ia-y) =3S /lysBsf 

.ryi'Dp8B ; lyssty 

appraise'ment m. (Bjyo-'pna-y) 

.J31S8i:'3S ,3JlX8ii' 

appral'ser n. (i];t-''nB-y) nysBty 


appre'ciable a. {53y->(!'-'nB-y) =syB' 

■ lyis ryssB'3« b3"5 in am? dsh ,i83 


appre'ciably adv. (i5-ay-'B'-'iiB-y) 

.\T)iW BIS ,i83syt;' 

appre'ciate v. (D"8-i(!»-'<iB-y) =y!!' 

I'ln ; tyj-'iim ; tysyu-as j'asn ; lys 

.[i"ia j'8] lyj^BE' : lysyw 

apprecia'tion n. (tSE'-'"K-'iS'-<lB-y) 

=yE'3» yi'aan 'i ; jju'iini ,j3isyi!' 

.naiyii px !y]"at!' bsi ;3:is 

appre'ciative o. (ira-"N-''B'-'<lB-y) 

=iyJ8 BSll IBJ'IIMl B811 ,DSytJ' D811 

.naiyii lyj'aa'i ayi B:yp 

The lecturer spoke to an appreciative audi- 
appre'ciatively adv. -iiK-i(!>-'i-|B-y) 
=ypiyj8 1111 ,j3ij<nni iin (i?-ii'b 


appre'ciativeness n. -iis-iK'-''ia-y) 

=iy:8 n ;jji3'11'11 ;jJisyt5' (Byj-iva 

y3'a3'i n ,naiyii iy5iB iiB 33ijyp 


appre'ciatop n. (isa-"8-'it!'-''1B-y) 

="K ,naiyii oyi ajypiyjs Dsii iy3"8 

'ya D811 a8i8B8 I8 ; asyt!' Dsii lyj 

in Bj'By3 Dy tisB(s'="?P syam bd'be' 

.5nyo Diso iyD'iiy3 b rx 

appre'ciatory a. -!jD-iix-''(!'-''1B-y) 

appreciative ,\ (11 

apprehe^nd' v. cuyh-'i-ay) ="i3ya 

=iya ; tyaai'B ,iyB83 ,inyt3"N : lys 

.iy3J8ay3 lyanyj ,iyDB8n 

apprehen'der n. (iyi-'jyn-<1-By) 

iyi ; anyatyiya ,aa"i3y3 d8ii iyi 

.8110 DSn BSll 

apprehensibil'lty n. -iD-jyii-'i-ay) 

.8110 ; a"p3<5B"13y3 ('B-'8-'5''3 

apprehen'sible <t. (5a'B-'jyn-'l-By) 
.lOuyDtyiys ; I'JB'nsya 

apprehen'sion n. (ifju'-'jyn-'il-By) 
'lya ;BB8ip=D3JiB8aBnK ,iya"i3ya B8S1 
•iy ; iy338ay3 tyonyj dsi ; siiaasn 
.aasiiya jBaiis .B'jsisrya ; 33ia"i3 

Brave men face the future without appre- 

apprehen'slve a. (ivB-'jyn-'l-ay) 

; iyB8Bisan« 3'nya ; uya^isys b3"> 

.3<B3yiiyB ; B8IB311B ,B31Stya 

apprehen'sively adv. -'jyn-'iB-y) 

.^l^'n b'd .-BBtaaiiB ;B3i8ry3 

apprehen'siveness n. -'jyn-'1-By) 

=BaiiB ;iya"i3y3 IS B"p3<nyB (oyj-ivD 

.lOT ,B381iyB ; a"p»8t 

apprehen'slve of ivB-'iyn-'IB-y) 

B3istya, iBsiiay 18B mio px (118 

.BKiiay QiK 

appren'tice n. (B'B-'jyi-ay) =iny5 

1MN n385o sya 8 "3 33i'=iny? ;33'5 

'BB'K' ; Bp8ia3SP 8 B'O PDiyB 8 

18 ; as?B iy38P'iyo8 iyi P8 jjp 
ni iy3'3yii is3 aisn bsii ,B8Psiii8 

.[l38533y P8 ?S08] B'BP81B 1118' 16 

appren'tlced to (ib BB'B-'ayi-By) 

... "3 yiny? iyi px 

appren'tice-fee n. (y'B=B'B-'jyi-By) 

=B'ix i'i8B D?nss lyo B8ii] i5y3=iny? 

.[n38?D 8 iy3iy5 

appren'tice sea'man B'B-'jyi-ay) 

in8 33'?iny5 8 ; m-"vw 8 (lyo-'y'B 

.Vi> 8 

appren'ticeship n. -B<B-'3yi-By) 

8 "3 33i'=iny? 8 na] B"s«iny5 (B'I!' 

.[n385o ?y3 

appri'sal a. (?yT-''8lB-y) 

appraisal .t 

apprise' v. ('P81B-y) =8i!'3S ; iyS8!!' 

o83ya ,iyBni tyts? ; lyi'BpsB ; lys 

.iyji8ii ,iyB3'i 

appri'zal /t. (5yt-''8lB-y) 

appraisal .t 
apprise' v. ('P81B-y) apprise .t 
appriz'er n. (ly-'PBIB-y) 

appraiser .t 
approach' n. and v. CijiBlsiB-y) 
; iyBjyny3 lyoyio ; tyiyojny3 in 
=yB3ny3iyi ; tny3is lyxyoix is Bins: 

8 is] insaiS ;33831S ,BnBlS ;33n 


approachabil'ity n. -y-EiBlBlB-y) 

;B"pa<5i3"iB ;B"pBjynsJ ('B-'8-'?'a 


approach'able a. (?3y-'t!'Bi8iB-y) 

.1833"1iy ; 1'533y31S 

approach'ableness n. -'tyoisiB-y) 

approachability i (Dy3-53y 

approach'er n. (ly-'E'BiBlB-y) ,iyi 

.in Bjnyjiyi iy35yii 

approach'ing a. (jj'x-'iiJBlsiB-y) 

=jny3 3'i3yByiBis ,in 3'i3yiyB3ny3iyi 


approach'less a. (By5-'(S'BlS1B-y) 

.ryiyojnyjiyi is b'j ; i'53jy3is3is 

approach'ment n. (Bjyo-'B'BlsiB-y) 

.iyBjny3 lyayiBis bsi :33iiyu3nyjiyi 

approach' of day ii8 'i^Blsia-y) 

IS lyannJB bsi iinajs By38B ("i 


ap'probate v. (B"a-si-'By) =dij .1 

.lyan^iy .2 ; lya^n 

1. The people approbated the Governor'a 
choice of Commissioner. 2. To approbate a 
man to sell liquor. 

approba'tion n. (isB'-'"3-si-By) n 
«nais ,no3Dn : 33in'iBt!'ix ; sJiB^n bi3 

=Sia ; (^'33'l5iypl11 ; 58B"3 ;B"njyi 

.lyBB'lJP 8 PS B"S=y3S1B ; y3 

ap'probative «. (iPB-"a-S1-'By) B13 

''Btyis ; noaBH 8 3'ijy3y3 ; uys'Ti 

.3'13yi'3S'SP:8B ;3'13yD 




ap'probativeness n. -"a-si-'Bj;) 
"■"a tyjnp iv ivainDty Disn (ow-iva 

ap'probator ». (nsD-"3-s"i-'Bj;) "ivt 

ap'probatory «.. (n-SB-^a-SI-'By) 
approbative .i 

appro'priable o. (?3j(-nB-'lS1B-y) 
"iiw 8 180 tynyii t3jy?y33» tvp dsii 
=j;ii iKouyjpviis typ osii ;pyiiv lyo 

.I't 183 IVT 

appro'priate u. and a. -'isjiB-y) 
=yj !i'i 180 lynnyjpyiis (B"N-'"ia 
;pyiiit lyoMiyj 8 180 iyjy?3s : lyama 
o»t ; pyiix lyo'iiyj 8 n8B cijyjyjas 
Dsii ; iyt3D8Dy3J8 ,3nynyj ; n83iyT 
=jyj"N ; oiynyj lyis bdip tyxyo'x 
.oyiipya ,j'i33'i3 ,i'5D'nD 

appro'priately adv. -nB-'isiB-y) 

; IB18 iya'5a't33y3"8 m ^imx ('5-t2"K 

;1'5D'B3yj"8 ; t3"p3yBD8ayjJ8 B'o 

- .oyiipya ;j'i3a''t) 

appro'prlateness n. -ns-'isiB-y) 
oyiuu DST ;B"pjyBDsoyj3s (Dy>-B"K 
oy3"N rpyiis tycn''DB'ya 8 isb wi 


appropria'tion n. -'^x-'IB-isiB-y) 

DSllBV tya80 D8T ; 3:iM"KJ8 (IStf 

; DyBy3j"8yjj8 dst loyjyji'K nsa 
=y3 8 Tsa jjiQiBiyya n ; jjnjyinya 
naiJB iiB jjnjyinya ; pyiix lyo'ii 
•siBiya'K n ;jjnjyii:8 n ; iyi?yj 
nyp ya'?BD"j s" ix dibjwn iia jju 
appro'priatlve a. -"N-nB-'l81S-y) 
n8a DsiiBV anjyasn ,3njy:3"8ix (ii'b 
"lyis B<'pa'5jy» n asn dsii ; oyjyji'K 

.tyJJi'KlXJS 3J13"J 

appro'priator ■«. -"N-'iB-'isiB-y) 

t"r 183 B8iiBy Ba8a dsii lyi (ibb 

oysy Bony: D81i iyj"N ;Byjyj"K 

-.■nn isa pyii8 

appro'vable o. (jayii-'ns-y) ouii 

Bjymya dsii ; ?8B"a nBiyii fx 


appro'vableness n. -?ayil-'nB-y) 

»3'T1M1=DJ31D'BE'1X ; 0"pa'?3M? (Dyj 


appro'val n. (5yii-'nB-y) ; 33iD"n=Blj 

.noaon ; 331d'bu'1x 

approve' v. cimnB-y) ,iyD"n bi3 

.lyjypiyjB ,i"( dodo 

approve'ment n. (Bjyo-'iinnB-y) 

'1 ivaysDMK 118 iM i"t mio dst 

»Di3 ;[nyayianyB « iy3yii] Dnan 

.58B"a ,noaDn jjio'Diyis ,3:iD"n 

appro'vep n. (ivii-'ilB-y) --'bcis 8 

8 inoaon i"t b'3 dsii lya^s nya 

UK miD VI t'8 lyasyii .nyayianya 

.ysnSiB'D'D n dmi8 b's 

approx'lmal o. (5yB-iD-'p81B-y) =S3 

.lyosnit Bjyn 

approx imate a. and v. -iD-'p81B-y) 

VI ;\vi:v\2 BjynsJ ; Djyn83 (B"a 


approx'imately adv. -'D-'p8lB-y) 

.•nya .inyayjoix .ayca (i?-B"a 

approx'imate val'ue -''D-'p8"iB-y) 

18] OQiyii lyijyinyjjs (r-'?yii B"a 

5nSV 8 ")8B p'B80yB80 I'N pmD'18 

»!i'3'iiy3 lyn iv ajynsj yj83 i'8 D8ii 
is i"?3 i'?BP3'B B'3 ■nvt lyas -lyB 

approxlma'tion »». -'"D-'D-P»lB-y> 

.D"pB3yn»j ; 33i'iyB3ny3iyT (rst? 

approx'imative o. -"o-'D-'psiB-y) 

,inyay33it( ; 3'n3yiyB3nyjiyT '=in (irs 

.Byna .Tiya 

approx'lmatlvely adv. -iD-'p8ia-y) 

approximately ,\ ('5-irB-"B 

ap'pulse n. (dJS-'BV) ujidmbb-js 

"'iBtjiJs yi8aj"E' n ;bbjipjs jD'ibb' 

.lyO'MIS D1S ByJ85B I"N tlS 331B 
appul'slon n. (isBi-'JsB-y) =8nx 8 

' .D'lBE' 8 ; D'lBiyjyD 

appul'slve a. (ii'D-'?SB-y) 8 b'3 dsii 


appul'sively adv. (<5-ivD-'58B-y) 

.D'iD(y3yD8tis -iyis D'lBl^'JS 18 ^nn 

appur'tenance n. -yo-'lMS-y) 

8 ; y38?ix ,as3is ; D"P3nj;ny3is (Djyj 

.Bayi=DniB3y3"K 3'D"t 

appur'tenant o. and n. -vB-'TlB-y) 

•aytjyayj ; ..ix B3385ya3s dsii (Bjyj 

.y385is ,as3ix iV? 

a'prlcot n. (bsp-'"ib-'"s) ytsp'iss 

.[DM5a I'O b] 

a'prlcot-iree n. (yiB^BSP-'lB-'^s) 
.Dna tytspnss 

A prll n. (5'iB-'"8) .5nB8 B8JS0 nVT 
A'prll fool (5niB ?nB-'"K) -lyT 

B'18Jy33S t'8 DSII ■iy3"S] ISJ^S'IBB 

.[?nB8 lyBciy av\ iyisiiy3 

April-fool day ("t 5nia=5nB-'"8) 

.?nB8 lyBiyiy ivt 

a prio ri esi-'is-'BlB "S) nS'lB 8- 
D'o Byij'isya b<3 vv. dsii 33ij"o 8] 
t8 ,a'no t'8 ?at!' ^vt is: .lyapsa 
.['118 I'N Dy 

aprlo rism n. (DI»V'lS"-'8lB-"8) 8 

?3t^ -\v-i DSII pjsiys lyis 33i3"o 

.nt8 t's Dy t8 ,a<nD t's 

aprio'rlst n. (BDn-'i8-'8-iB-"K) ="« 
=?yt8 tyTBDMpy oy is ,Ba<i?3 dsii iy3 
a'HD "I t>8 ?3i!» 15(1 DSII iy'nD8 ys 
=n8B-iy n t8 ,3''d<i3 b'3 P8 Dy ns 
.lyBpsB D'D iy3'DyBE'ya "i ?si 33n 

aprlor'lty n. ('b-'8-"i8-''81B-"8) 
ivBpsa na iy33my3D'n8 pn b^j dst 
PK ity'n ?3t!' Dyn dsii oyi nn is: 
, .3''no Dy 

a pron n. and v. (isiB-'"S) ,fv^' 
, .11D18B 8 ISnDJS ;11B18B 

a proned a. (ijsib-'"n) b<o Bpyiys 
.liBi8a 8 PS isnBysjs :iidi8B 8 

a'pron of a gun (|S3 y us tSlB-'"8) 

«8P 8 IIB isMJ'x Dyi 1'is ?ypyi 8 


apropos' adv. and a. ('18B-Sl-By) 

I'tiMN ,B"!t lyaayi ix ;i8i lyi i» 

"3 ;v'>\>^^ ,ijyD8B ;Bis twaa'i 

.sniis 338 ,Q"n3yjy5y3 lyi 

apse n. (oBy) ns 5y3'?a lya'Suii 8 

.181 iya<5i3n 8 b'd ii'p b 


ap'sidal a. (5yi-'D-'By) »3iiy i'n dsii 
='5a lya'jun b is D3J85y3J8 lyis V> 

.lyDD'l^P 8 IIB 5y3 

ap'sis )i. (D'D-'£y) ivDDBjyiisJ i»i 


0118 I'l Bnyii ly lyii Dy:8?B b iib 
ii'P 8 IIB ?y3'5B iy3'5i:ii 8 : tit n 
PK 5yBDyp 818 ;i8i lya'Sun b o'd 
«D3:ip3yi:8 y3'5"n !yB5Bn is lyao'isp 


apt a. (BBV) j'nys ,Bp'E'y3 iiotbb 

.3'Biya ; i'53'ib ; B"iy3 ,D3"jy3 

Ap'tera n. (yi-jjB-'sy) iyBpyt3'8 n 

.ry?3'r'a ?"p bij lyssn dbii 

ap'teral a. (5j;vvB-'By) IP53'53 ins 

'"I '1 "3 iy?"T ins : [lyopytj's] 

.tyi"3»3 b] ijb 

ap'teran i,. (isi-yB-'sy) DpyrrK IB 

.!y53''5B ins 

ap'terons a. (Dsi-yts-'By) P8 Dsn 

.iyr'3'5B tns 

ap'teryx n. (Dp'i-yo-'sy) 'ipp lyi 

Bsn ya?yii ,i385yyt pk ,5y:'is pn b] 

=3'?D yB5yp'iiojyji8 iik j;j"?p v:b3 


ap'titUde ». (1PB-1B-'B») ,B"p3ini;B 
'jyDDSDyJS ,B"P3'?D8B ,B"p3ij3MB 
.3J'I3"3 : B"p 

apt'ly adv. (ij-'asy) ty3'D8B b «i'i8 
.B'VJ'nya b'o ; tais 


apt'ness n. (ovj-'OBy) 'i>r\VB ; jju": 

Iron has an aptness to rust. 

apt'ness to learn (pM? it) DW-'oey) 
you 8 ASiiVP DST B3"5 tya'njya dst 

apt to break (p"na ib dbj;) B3"5 

.iwnaix IS 

apt to make one Sick pno ^q qbj;) 

.lyaso PJsnp i»P dsii (P'd tsiin 

apt to think '(pj'nB lo bbj;) w^jw 

="ijjia syaB" AVPiin 5WB' ; ivansa is 


apyret'ic o. (p's-'oyi-is-B!;) ='3 ins 

ap'yrexy n. cd-pbvk-'B!;) =-iy3<a 

IKPJSIP DJ/T DS11 y?"!! n ;B"PJM»5 

.nso'B tiB as BIS? 

apy'rous «. (DsV'8B-y) ; I3;3'n!;'''a 

.lynyn Bjyiaiya D'J typ dsd 

a'qna ». (siinp-'^s) .lyosil 

a'qua aniino'niae -y siinp-'^s) 

=pj'BB'] BsiTn nvJSDS C's-'j-'isB 


a'qua for'tis (D'B-'ISB 81inP-'"K) 


aquamarine' n. ('m-8a-8linP-"K) 

=?yiy lya'jjnj lyis ny3<5ii53 8i8 

.T?SP lya'Jjnj"!?! ; v>ae> 

a'qua re'gia (8-'ts'n-'''i 8linp-'"S) 

•_ .iyD8in"B'i5SJ ; "lyosiiDj'jyp 

aquarelle' n. ('Syi-yiin-py) 5yi8llP8 

.[iy3i8B=nyD8ii i'« ly^nsoya lyi^'a] 

aquarlcul'ture n. -'SsP-'l-yiinp-^K) 

.ninsiips 18 iyD8BaM8 dst (tib'b 

aquarium .t 

aqua'rium n. (DS-n-'^Minp-y) =8ilP8 
=811 "lyis ,vo lys'JBDJ'p 8] Din 
085B lis yT'nB=nyD8ii isa vm'tvo 



=j"n3 IS tyinyi lyis 58J8P 8] jjib"? 
.[ans tyiyB'Mi 8 iib lyosii iw 

a'queous a. (DS-Minp-'"K) ;jmyD811 

.iyD811 B?8nBjy DSII ,3'BT8'iyD811 

a'queous hu'mor -'i< Ds-'il]iP-'"8) 

.j'i8 tiB BiipBsiia yriyD8ii n Cisa 

a'queousness n. (Dy:-DS-''lirip-'"K) 


a'queous rocks (dp8'i Ds-Minp-'"8) 

VI iyi5'a Dsii] iyj"Bi!' yisaayDnyo 

Bpj'MwyjJS lyiyii dsii lyBsBts" n tia 

=811 px 38 in tysyt nyis iyD8ii iia 


a'queous va'por -'"il DS-'linP-'"K) 

.siB08ioyD8ii (isa 

aquif'erous a. (DS-iy-'BMinp-y) Dsil 

.-lyDBii B'c BJTstya lyis Bj:'n3 

a'quiform a. (Dnsa-'linp-'"K) =811 

.iVDsii '11 Mt8 ,jmyD 

Aq'uila n. (8?-'iin-'py) =iy?is n 

IIB 3Ji5yBts'jyn8tix yDniyj 8 ; ty?j'ia 

y'0SJS^BD8 iyD?8 -ivi pn lyiyBts" 

.ny5ns 18 Iia ansa n Bsn dsii 

aq'uiline a. (p?-iiin-'py) =y3 DSll 

=ns 18 IS i'?jny ; iy?is ts is bjj8? 

.jyasJU" lyJTS I8 mi Bonpya ; ly? 

aq'uiline nose (tisJ P5-Min-'py) 

.ts: ynsansn 8 ,tsJoy5is is 

a'quose a. (disi1i1P-'"8) aqueous .t 

aquos'ity «. ('B-i8-'D8linp-y) 

aqueousness .t 

Ar'ab n. and a. (ay-'ny) ; lyasis 18 

IS 1"!!' PS DSll mys nyis"38T8 is 

.lyasis 18' 

ar'ab n. (3y-"iy) 18 ; iytS5D"n 8 


arabesque' a. and n. Cpoya-y-iy) 

^yt^"38'l8 18J ,5'bd iyE"38i8 I'asJ 

=y3 yt!"BDBDJ8B 818] ypDyasIS ;BTS 

.[jjis'jcD'iN nyis JJ1S1B 


Aqua'rius n. (DS-n-'"1inp-y) "IVT 

=siBD8 PS iy3"s 818] lyjy-iB lyDsii 

B'B ,D'JDD n IIB iyBB?y lyi .y'asJ 

Dyi lyjyai'sya ly^yp pyaB' n y35yii 

.['5t ?tB ;5yo'n I'B'is jyii lyjit 

aquat'ic n. and a. (p's-'Dyiinp-y) 

nyD8ii PS B3»5 lyis bdpsii dsii 

.n8?anyD8ii ; n'noyDsii ; jmvDsii 

aquat'ical a. (jy-p's-'Dyiinp-y) 

.lyDBii PS Bay? lyns bdpsii dsii 

aquat'ics n. (Dp'S-'Byiinp-y) 'lyDsii 

.8 lyB'B' I'l ,iyD'11t!' Ml] DBISBD 

.[.J .1 

a'qnatint »., v. and a. -yiinP-'"8) 

PS lyTiisiJ IIB D-isa yDMiyj 8 (bj'b 

=Bis pa 818 IS T'ts' PS DSll iiyaip 

.iyiMi8i3 '118 ; lyTii 

aquatin'ta «. ■ (yB-'J^B-yiinp-'^s) 

=ip PS iyTii8iJ na dtsb yDMiys s 


a'qua vi'tse ('B-''B11 8linp-'"S) =Dn 

.?sn8P?8 ; tyBiiBia ; b'tbd vbt^'b 

aq'ueduct n. (BPSl-'lin-'py) =iyD811 


Ara'bian n. and a. (ly-'S-'i'l-y) 

=n'N lyis tyasis is BjjsJyajs dsii 

.lyssiB IS ;'iyjnsiiJ"s yi 

Ar'abic ». and a. (p'a-y-'iy) Ps dsii 

=818 :B"3818 PS DSll Dy58 IS 1"E' 

.''isiBts' yt:"a 

Ar'abic flg'ures (ni'-'J'B P'a-y-'iy) 

='s ya'Sjnyiiyj n] lya's yts^asis 'i 

.[lyoyay-i ps lysuya td y3?yii ,iya 

Ar'abic gum (dsj pi3_y_'-iy) lou 

.[iysy5p bis] p'asns 

arabil'lty n. ('B-'8-'5'3-y-iy) DST 

=yii is Bn"tyj iis Biypsya rnva p't 

=yii IS DTiPBJip rnya p't dsi : lyi 

.[i:85 lyjyii] ly-i 

ar abine n. (pa-y.-iy) P38n8 

.['aiJ tlB SISBE" DB'in] 

Ar'abism n. (BPa-y-"iy) yu^asTS n 

.B"P3,'i?D'BJyj"S IBISlf 


Ar'abist n. (BD'a-yr'ny) =jyiy?yj 8 
=jyDMi ,iiB8iyB'? yt!"a8"i8 ps -lyo 

.11 .1 .S BBSB' 

ar'able a. (?ay-'iy) lyp lya dsii 


ar'able land (ijy? 5ay-'iy) Dsii IJS? 
is rsuyayj ps] lyiyii Biypsya lyp 

.[.J .T .S DypJS? IS ,nJ85=l?811 

The farmer has much good arable land. 

arsich'nid n. (Tij-'pyi-y) ^ ; PBB' 8 

.y?'n'n j'Dis^iyj'Bt!' 

Arach'nida n. (yi-'j-'pyi-y) po lyT 

.iyt!"jyay!i'ya yrBTs=iyj'Bty 

arach'nidan n. and a. (ly-Tj-'pyi-y) 

=<BE' nyis lyj'BB' is D3:85yaj8 dsii 

8 lyis paa" 8 ;iy?'n'n yrBn8:yj 

.y?'n'n ;'Bi8Jyj'Bi!' 

arach'noid n. and a. (TSJ-'PVI-y) 

=J'BB' BIS 1"(!' PS DSll iDayilJ'BlS' '11 

DST ; lyi'nyj 't ons 5yB"n=Dayii 
'T ; lyTnyj 't diis 5yB"n=Dayiij'BB' 

.J'lS IIB B'ln 1853 

arach'noid mem'brane -'pyi-y) 

="n=D3yiij'Sti' DST (i"na-'»y» tso 

.■=1180 Dn8 5yB 

ar'ack n. (py-'iy) =t?'bd't] psis 

.[iyBJ8ia=t"T yo 

ara'da n. (yn-'"i-"s) B"ai8ya 


arae'ostyle n. (5'8BD-s-''1-y) =y3 8 

B"ii iy:"i ya?yii ,iy?"t b'b yT'a 

.yiyi:8 't pa yj"s 

Arama'ic n. and a. (pis-'"o-y-ny) 


lyi IS Baj85ya dsii ;(iy'D8D8B8Dya 

lyis ytj"D8-i8 'T ;i8*iaB' nyiy'Dsis 

.''is'iaB' yi!"S"i?s3 

Arame'an n. and a. (iy-''B-y-iy) 

=n'S ,D-1S 138? D1S 1"!!' PS DSII 

=j"s 18 nsiBB' lyis nyjnsiiJ"s yi 

.'=i8iBt!' yt5"asis 'T ; dis IIB lyjnsii 

Arane'ida n. (yi-'s-'J-y-iy) "'SB' 'T 

.lyty'jyByB'ya ly: 

arane'idan «. (tyi-'s-'J-y-iy) IS 

.po'iyi'siy DIS anynyj lya^yii Dpyn's 

Aranei'na n. (yj-''8-'J-"l-y) 

Araneida ,\ 

ara'neose a. (DlS-'3-'"'i-y) 8 '11 

j'SJ8?J lis I'T iDayiu'BE' '11 ii'Bty 

.DayiiJ'BB' '11 

ara'neous a. (DS-'3-'"l-y) 

araneose .t 

ar'ar-tree n. (yna-TS-'TB) sts 

nya 'T «i'is BDP811 DSII D^iia lyo'na 

D'la lypT na r^sn dst] bpsisb iib 

=SP yjsisnsB s bbh iis ansri ps 


ara tion n. 


(lSB'-'"n-y) ; tivps dst 
.3JiD"ai8ya US'? 




ar'atory o. (n.-SB-!;-'nv) oiyny; Dsii 

Arauca'ria n. (y->i-'np-ns--iv) sts 

.iy'58iBDn« MS BP'nyoB 

ar'balest n. (OBVJ-ya-'ns) 

ar'balist n. (BD'5-y3-"Hi) =iy5"B Sts 



ar'ballster m. (lyts-D'S-ya-'TB) tVI 

.nSD'ic lyjna tin 5"b 

ar'biter n. Ciyo-'a-'is) =8D mB'B 8 

11B D?nyiiyj unyii esii iyj"K] nw 

8 lyasD IS iy"Bi8B yuyu'iioti' "iis 

DS11 lyj^'K ; "lyasmSBiiJ lyi ; [mt^s 

.5<ii iy '11 iy?"Kni8 ix aaso n osn 

ar'bltrable a. (53yiB-'3-'T8) 0811 

=D'\v><tf S Tin lyiyii lyiyti'Bjy lyp 

Byjyj"8 oyT is: ;j'?'1ibio nyaa'T 


ar'bitrage n. (tj>n"nB-'a-'l8) 'a:v n 

8 11B [PDB] inBCD'IX lyi JJJIT'B' 

=y3 D8T ;[iy38o=n-iE's] lyDsn'Oiyti' 
D811 /iJBBiyiX'noiyii am tywayi 
lyajynyT i<8 tyasn lyiysBB^nBiyn 
IS n3 lysyjB yjyiyts'nyB I'x b"s 

t<8 DSn BByB'yj=PJ83 8 ;b<bsib ty38o 

lys'ipiya ii8 lyB'ip dis Byij'-ijyj 


ar'bltral a. (syiB-n-'lB) 'Diyiy 

jn'rnE'B ; i'5nyB3'T 

arbit'rament n. (BjyD-yi-'B'3-"i8) 

•o'lK ,jjn"E'Bjy y3'i5iyB3n=Dny'i!' n 

=3'B3yDjyj"8 ; mts's ,T'?:'iyB ,i"53 


ar'bitrarlly adv. ('?-'-i-ynB-'3-'T8) 
; BpiyiBiyaJiN ; iy?Mi By3yj"8 oyn isj 

«"8 ,J'5M1B1D ; (!"DSBDyn ;yjtnB8P 

ar'bltrarlness n. (DVJ-'l-yiB-u-'TB) 

»"« ; B"P3'?'11B1D ,B"pJiB3yDjyj"8 

.jjiB'BB'y3 yj'Bayojyj 
ar'bltrary a. (ii-yiB-'3-'l8) 

arbitrable .t 
ar'bltrary decl'sion n-yiB-'a-'IB) 

JJIT'B-Bjy y3<?TP5<11 8 (IS-'tyt'D-'T 

»yjyjD'n8 anyii dsii jjn^tcBjy is] 
»'ii Dpjyr'K i"i B'l? Dy3"N tie tya 

ar'bltrary power n-yiB-n-'ns) 

.B380 yDpiyiK-ysJis (iy-'i8B 

ar'bltrary prince n-ynB-'3-'"i8) 

.BDTB lyBpiyityyajis (DJns 

ar'bltrary pun'ishment -'B-'ns) 

»3'5TP?'ii 8' (B:yB-i!"K-'JSS n-yiB 

■=y3 yj'BByoBDasyt 8 jajiasiBOTa 


ar'bitrate v. (B"lB-'3-'n8) ="ti'Bjy 

8 ; iy38a mcs s ; lySB'o-iyB avi 

.l"t lyBB'VDiy'B' 

They agreed to arbitrate their dlfferencea. 

ar'bitrate between' B^nB-'a-'IB) 

...tytf'iis mcB s lyasD (punB-'a 

He arbitrates between capital and labor. 
arbitra'tlon n. (isi!'-'"1B-'3-18) 'Va 

'Vi'D-lV'li' I1B JJlT'B'Bjy 118 331?"B11« 


arbltra'tlonal a. -Jst!'-'""iB-'i3-"i8) 

jji5"Bni8ya 8 is vtif t'8 dsii (?» 

Banyj'Diy'B' 8 iib jjiT'K'Bjy ii8 

■8 IIB BBSBtJ' DSII ;[B3nyj D'Tlia] 

arbitra'tlon bond t8(!'-'"lB-'3-'i8) 

»5S3 IS 3]ny3''nyB s ,nm» i8 (usa 

.iy38o«mE'B D!n JVi 

ar'bitrative a. ni'B-"lB-'3-'l8) dsii 

=B3y tlK 3Jl5"B-|18y3 1V1 IS V<f VH 

=D'Ti13] B^'^y^=D^y<li' 8 iib 3Jn"t!' 
8 iib D38n n Bsn dsii ;[B3ny3 
ar'bltrator n. (isB-'no-'a-'ls) =B3y 
,iyB3'VDiy'B' ,iy38D=mE'B ,'iyT'l!' 
DSII iy3"8 ; lyBBn ■iyB"K"B18BJ18 

yi3yB"nBt!' "iix iib D^nynys Biyii 
=y3 .lyT ; mtj-a 8 tvasD is iy"Bi8s 
="8 nyj''B3yD3yj"K lyi ;iyasnB?8ii 
ni iy?"BTiK IS B380 n Bsn Dsii lyi 
.?'ii -\v 
ar'bltratorshlp ». -iSB-'nD-'B-'TSi 

IIB iy383B'18 ■>-! lyiS BD8 DST (^^^ 
.iyB3'1=D1S't:' 8 

ar'bltratrlx n. (dP''ib-"1B-'3-'18) 

.inyBanony'ty 8 ; tny38B=mt!'B 8 

ar'bltress n. (DyiB-'a-'18) =Diy't!' 

=iiiy3 ayT'E'Bjy dsii 'nB 8 .'PiyBan 

.[.11 .1 .8 vi»o '11] iy38t yo 

She is an arbitress of fashion. 

ar'blast n. (BDy?a-'l8) arbalist .r 

ar'bor n. (iBa-'lS) O'SB* ; 3"11S ; D'13 

iy35yii ,Di'383yD 8 iib dp8 lyi] '>ri 

»y3 rs Bt'JBaya iys383 oyi B3j"n3 

?n"a 8] syT'S'iyBSB" 8 :[3Ji3yii 

ty3"iis lyn'ia b'o iynp8iiy3Dn8 

.[i"ii tyi5'ii lyis 

Ar'bor-day n. ("i-ns3-"i8) ='13 lyn 

IIB "lyBiy y3':"8 rs 3n3n 8] 3SBnyD 

8P'nyD8 I'8 lyBKSBB" yD3'3"SiyB 'T 

38B iyD'iiy3 8 BD'Btfys Biyii oy isii 
»y3 lyiyii oy iy3?yii t's ins' I's 
B'D nysy?B yo'iiy: t'8 lya'u bs38?b 
o'p=?nit!' 'T I's lyn'siy is pyiis oyi 
.[nyD'ia is yay? 't lyi 

arbo'real a. (5y-'v'isa-"i8) »'« Dsil 
DSII ;iyD'ia lyTs a'la 8 is v^vf 
.iVD'ia t»t!"iis I't Bj'Bvs lyis aay? 

arbo'reous a. (Ds-'"i-'isa-l8) t'8 dsii 
=y3 -lyns Bay? dsii ; lycia is v» 
8 IS i'?3ny nvD'ia iyu"iis ti bj'b 
B'o lyis lyo'ia b'o Bpyiya !D'13 


arbores'cence n. (D3y-'Dyi-83-"i8) 

.3313"11SiyB y3'B18D'13 'T 

arbores'cent a. (B:y-'Dyn-S3-i8) 
;D'i3 8 IS i'?jny ;D'ia 8 'ii 'ii8 


arbore'tum n. (DSB-''l-sa-l8) =83 

.iyBis3 nyB"38B 

arborlcul'tural a. -'?sP-'8-lS3-18) 

.B31SD'13 IS T'B' t',8 D811 (Jy-IWB 

ar'boriculture n. -58p-'«-ns3-'-i8) 

'B'lK lis iySJ8?B D8l] B31SO'13 ClIB'B 
.[iyD'13 IIB lyDSB 

arborlcul'turist n. -'5sp-'8-isa-i8) 

=D'13 8 ;-iyB3'SD'13 8 (BD'K-llE'B 

arboriza'tion n. (ist5'-'"t-'V83-T8) 

118 'iyj"BK' P8 iyil3'B yBP'liy3J"8 

='13 '11 D'i8 lynyt ysjyii ,iy5n'ip=i"BB' 

.iys:85s 118 nyo 

ar'borize v. (t'8"i-«a-'n8) iy380 


ar'borous a. (Dsn-8a-'n8) =y3JS dsii 

.lyo'ia B'D lyopBiiya nyo'is is B3385 

ftr'bor-vlne n. ,(i'811=ns3-'18) =?'« 

BnyiT dsii ,1813 I'D 818] I"11 -wi 

=:"n8 iynyii y35yii ,iy5y33yBB' n'lK I't 

.[nny -\vi t's BpyBsj-ys 

ar'bor-vi'tse n. ('B-''811=n83-'"i8) 8 

iysj83 t'ain v\i t'« dsii yjyo'u t'o 

ar'buscle re. (5Dsa-'i8) ;bdip jI'iibb' 

.5yD'13 ; P'318BD1P 

arbus'cular u. (ny5-i'p-'D»3-iB) 

IVit BDIP 8 IS T?3ny ;3'BlB3'nBt!' 
.5yo'13 8 IS 

arbus'cule re. (?i'p-'DS3-l8) 3iw: 8 
.[lyiyiyB -wis ivn hb 'ii] 

arbus'tive a. (ii'B-'D83-18) iyDP81iy3 

.i?8ii B'D iyDP8iiy3 : dvbdip b'd 

'arbns'tnm re. (DSB-'DS3-n8) ^''ll 

.Jynjyii t"5P 8 ;tyBis3D'i3 ; iyDn83 

ar'bute re. (bi'3-'18) ='13 iyiy3liy 

.5yD'i3 DypDyisa : Jyo 

ar'butus n. (dsd-1'3-'-i8) «'13 I'D 8 

; inS' tyS383 I'3Tn I'13 t'8 DSII J»D 

.D153 '8D 'T ; 5yD'i3 DypoytsB 8 
arc re. (pig) 358n] iy3'i3 g ,ypi8 18 

=y3 ; t"1P 8 IIB ?"B 8 ;[l13'B Slifi 


arcade' ». ('T'p-is) ='l3y3D'i8 lyT 

=jn a58n ;3:833in ■iyD35yii»3 lyjya 

.yT'3y3 n 

Arca'dla n. (y_ii-'"p-i8) ty'l8P18 

,i38?jy3'i3=D?8 i'8 I3y3y3 yjnyt;' s] 

8 D?8 iSB iy?yDE' lyBysB n dsii 

'3sa .n 1811 nj85 8 :[n385 t?p'53 

.i'?P'53 118 i8B3"8 iy3y? tyB" 

Arca'dian n. and a. (iy-ii-'iip_ig) 

,18B3"S ; iy'18p-18 IS 1"ti' t'8 D811 

; V'lsPiB IIB ■iy3n8ii3"8 i8 : (!"bist 

»8B3"R DIS 3:i3"J 8 BSn DSII iy3"8 

.iy3y? jyiyia iy3 
Arca'dlanism re. (Dt'8-3y-'V"P-l8) 

'11 Dl»n3Sty3] B"n38B3"8 yB"BlST 

•ya'J tin i'k B?yBt;'y3-isB aiyii dst 


Ar'cady n. cn-yp-'is) Arcadia .\ 

arcane' o. ('i"p--i8) =D"ny3 ,D"ny3 

.11D3 ; ?SBD'3 

area num n. (dsj-'"p--i8) ,D'3D"ny3 

.?yB'D=D"ny3 ;niD 

arch n., c. and a. (bibis) ; tys'ia 8 

8 ; typ?8a ■iyi3n a?8n 8 ,3?yiiy3 8 

•SB ;[D'n3] nan ; lyBt^ny lyi ;BB'in 




(s ins twia 8 '11 ijiv3?8n im 

;3?yi'iVJ 8 '11 ii;B"'iBi5't3'iK Ti :vnn 

"lo»33in ; »nu'3 ; j'?'1ibio ; oiv^v/ 

.E"BiJBt!' J'BDI? ; IM 

.1.1.1. I.I 


arcbse'an o. (t»-''p-i8) t'N DS11 

nin t's ns'iye lyoDBjy ist is t'ej 

.soa'OTJ nny 

archseolo'gian ». -'E»n-'iij5-8-'P-i8) 

BTllBB' DSll in] SSJSMTB 1V1 (tV 

>,B'jn:o ,bd:ip 'i 'ii .dibivbsb tjsn 

«"S JIB?B »T no .11 .1 .N B18BJ»aj)5 


archseolog'lc o. (p's-'ti'nBJ-s-'p-lB) 
•ijbjb] V'3S5sy3i8 IS Biynyj osn 


archseolog'ical a. -'tjinsS-B-'P-IB) 

yjisJswiB IX vtif »'K Duii (?j;p-'K 


archseolog'lcal a'ges -g-ip-ig) 

=yB=i"Bts"T (tyt!'n-'"s jyp-'x-'B'nB? 

tyt"K 'T UN yis'iys usna 't ,yis'"i 

lya'Siyayo lyi is aisya pk] yis'iye 

lyisiiyj BDsoyj ij;j'n oy tyii niB5ip 

tJ»i3 lis nyBSSty n»J"Bi!' tia J"sy3 

.[iyt'<8 iia lyByaiy isj riN 

archseolog'ically adv. -jj-ip-ig) 

»18 IS jisya I'K CK-syp-'s-'BinB? 

arehtBology .t yasJuya 

arcbseol'ogist «. -8-'58-'p-l8) 

""« ;y'a8?8yai8 iia lyayp 8 (BO'tyn 

.t»Bjy01380 yB58 BTTIBB' DSll lyj 
arehceology .\ 

archaeol'ogy n. CE'ri-s-'JB-'P-nB) 
=?8 .aJwiBa'DoiBiyoSB ; yasJsyaiB 


archa'ic u,. (p'8-'"P-lN) t'N D8li 

D'n8 t'K D811 ,B"s yj'iyn'iB 8 na 

.11'0'D'iB ; B58 ; yisn .na 

archa'ical a. (5y-p'8-"i'P-l8) 

archaic .t 
archa'ically adv. ('K-5yp-'x-'"P-i8) 
iyB-iyB5yiyB nyis lyivB'O'iB 8 n'i8 


archa'icism n. (DI'D-'8-'"P-18) 18 

=iyB 8 : yi8» yB58 r8 : 5'dd ■iyB?8 

.I8t yt!"n8o=B58 yBiyB5y 

ar'cbaism n. (Dt'8-"P-"i8) =iyB 8 

8 '111 I8t y{!"i8a=B58 lyns yaiyojy 

.[.11 .t .8 yi80 8 ,pmD'18 18 ,01811 

archais'tic a. (piB-'D<8-"P-18) =383 
=8t »t!"nsB=B?8 yBiyB?yiya j'i:y38n 


arch and pa'tron -'"S ijy tvonB) 

,-ivx't!'y3 118 I8my3'i8 (isno 

arch'angel n. (5y(!»n-3y-'pn8) lyi 

.D'385o 'T tia lyBtyiy lyi ,is5a bb'ih 

archangel'ic u. (p'B-'Jyiytn-ay-piB) 

.185B'BB'in 8 IS 1"!!' t'8 DS11 

arch'-bea'con n. (isp-'ya-'B'B-is) 

.D11B'B3"5 8 

archbish'op n. (B8-'l{"3-t!'tn8) «s-iy 

-BKPD'Byans ,nsB"3=BB'in -wt /tHSc's 

archblsh'opric n. -B8-'ti"3-B'B-i8) 

n nyi8 n3'3D 'i] oiBas^'ss-iy (pn 

.Itisi!"3 lyooyn: oyT tia n5'np 

arch'-botch'er n. (■iy-'(S'B8a='B'BT8) 

.(yB8B-i8S nycnj nsa 8 

arch'-brace n. (D"i3='t!'B'i8) =iyj'i3 

BS'BB' Oy DSll e|il8 iyp583 8] ysiBB* 

.[t»3'13=3?yiiy3 8 vx 

archbut'ler n. (iy?-'B83-B'B"i8) ^V^^ 

: si'in iy3'53':yp 8 na ■iyp3yt!' bbmh 

=i"ii iy3'?3'3yp :'a'i8 n3iDD lyi 

=DyT 8 P8 iy3?yp=BB'in lyn :iy?yp 


archcham'berlaln n. -'D"tS'B-tJ'BT8) 

t'8] -nymiyoBP nyots'iy (i"?--iy3 

'Y^v> BB'in •\Ti-\ ;[ei'in ty3'53'3yp 

.["6!'B83t8p] lyBC'D 

archchem'ic a. (p's-'Dyp-tfBTB) 

.Di5B3"8 tyt!"Dy3 tyBD3yn na 

arch'count ». (aaiBP-'t^BiB) 'Kiy 

.tSyB'B 8] 11813 

archdea'con n. (ip'yi-B'B'iB) ~\V\ 

•\]>-\ ;[|ii35 nstyo] (ist!"3 I1B iyB"iis 

.tist!"3 na lyByiBiyasyBi!' 

arcbdea'conship n. ~-3p'y'i-B»Bi8) 

OyOB) D'«18i!"3 8 na BBS D8T (B'E' 

arcbdi'ocese n. (B'D-8-''8l-B'B18) 

,tl8E"3=n» 18 tlB PTSy3 "lyT 

arcbdrnld n. (TB-'m-tyB-iB) 8 

y3'B"si8a 'T "3 'iy3'5DD"3=B&'in 

.tyBjyp 118 iyB'13 

arcbdu'cal ». (Syp-'i'i-tyBiB) BSll 

lyis 38s-iyn=ny I8 is B3385y33s 


apcbducb'ess n. (Dy-'u'BBl-E'B'iB) 

.n38Siyn=D'n3 nyis n38S'iyn=i'iy t8 

arcbducb'y n. ('8-'t5'B8l-t!'BT8) 

DiBa8snyn=o'n3 nyis aiBasxiymviy 

nyis 38S'iyn=ny I8 na n3i5a 't] 


arcbduke' n. Cpi'vifBIB) 'VW 

iy3'?a'3yp 8] assiyn D'n3 ,ass-iyn 

iyi!"3"iBDy na ?yB'B lyi : jib'b 

.[inn Biyi"p 

archduke'dom n. (qki-'pi'i-b'bib) 

archduchy ,\ 

arched a. (bb-bib) iJii ,03?yiiya 


arched but'tress (Dyi-'B83 bi^bib) 

.iyp583=r'BB' 3?yiiya b 

arched door (ni8T BBiBnB) =y3 8 

i'8 yajyii ,TnB b] itib yB3?yii 

.[i3n iy3'iN 

arched roof (f|nn BCBIB) =y3 8 

.■=I8T lynan ■iyB35yii 

arched shot (bbb" bbibib) na Dsc 8 

.ty3'13 8 

arch'-en'emy «. ('o-y-'3y-'t!'BT8) 

v\n ns' lyi ,ibi!' lyT ; 83iii' lyo'iis 

.[tyBijyn na k3ie' lyBDyis -lyi d?8] 

archeolog'ic a. -'t!'n85-S-'P-18) 

archwologtc .t (p'B 

areheolog'ical a. -'BinsS-B-'P-IB) 

archCBological .j (?yp-'8 

archeolog'lcally od«. _g_■lp_^^J) 


archceologically .t 

arcbeol'oglst «. -8-'58-'P-18) 

.385Sy3-|B 18 (BD'B'n 

archcBologian .t 

arcbeol'ogy n. ('B'n-8-'?8-'P-'l8) 

y3?yii ,BB8tJ'3VD'ii 'T ,y'3s5sy3'i8 ■ 

=P3yi=Tio5ip y3yiy'!siiya d'ib bb'ibb 

8'T na iy3'53iyB lys^t dbii ,iy?8D 

archwology .t .tyB"S yB58 

ar'cber ». (lyaiB-'lB) .lyD'ts'^tyj'U 8 


ar'cheress n. (oy-iytyB-'iB) ,'nB 8 
.tya'u 8 na bd'E" y3?yii 

ar'cher-fish n. (B"a-"iyt!'B-'i8) ^y^ 
B3'3yj nyajyii b"b=d'. bib] i!"B«D'ti' 
.iy'ty3'58B ri8 tyiJ'B bds n8 vx 
tv 18 ,B5nysiyT Biyii b-'b rytyi lis 
Dia 4 lyis 3 t'3 tyBsna^nyoBii BD'a" 
lys'iBcya is 'la ,bbi5 tri pb I'ln 
lyT P8 I't lys'ayj dbii tyBpyt3'8 't 
P8 lyJBBiyBsnB ty?8t "r tb ,bbi5 
D?8 DiTB IBB lyay'T ns lyoBii 



ar'chery «. ('B-iyco-'nB) ='13 DST 

"(!'=iy3'i3 ; "iyD't!'=iy3'i3 .lyo'Ei'iya 

.[ii'Bpyssp] lyD 

ar'cbetypal a. (5yB-'8B-'p-'-i8) dbii 

n?'3 iy3'533'lBt!'118 IB IS Ba38?y338 

.B'o*nyis lyBDia 8 
ar'chetype n. (B'bo-'P-'ib) "lyi 

; B'O lyiS IS'SISB ■iy3'533'lBt!'118 
.lyBDlD 8 

archetyp'ic a. (P'8-'B'B-'P-18) 
archetypal .t 

arcbetyp'ical o. (SyHJ'B-'S'B-'p-iB) 
archetypal .t 

arch'-fiend n. Oay'B-'B'B.lB) "lyT 
•snocx lyi (IBC lyi ,83ib' nyBoyna 


arch-fiend .t 

archher'esy «. 
arcbher'etlc a. 


.niDiip'BB yD'n3 


.3'TniD'llp'B8 p'lBBt!' 

archher'itlc n. (p'B-'B-'nyn-B'BiB) 

.iP'y3 nBi3 ;D-iip'B8 nyo'na 8 

archhyp'ocrlte n. -s-'BTl-tyBlB) 

.pyi3s iyD'n3 b (b'-ip 

archiepis'copacy n. -'D'S-y-'p-iB) 

yTl'11 »T -Witt B»8 DST ('B-yB-8P 

=BD"3 ny3'in b] Bstt"3=ny ib iib 


arcbiepis'copal ». -'B'B-y-'P-IB) 

.a8tj"3=ny 18 IS Biyny3 dsii (Jys-BP 

ar'cbil ». (?'p-"i8) "iy3'5»l53 p» 8 

Bt!'Byiipy3D'n8 3-i8a lyByps'ii ;i8D 

.isn nyn na 

ar'chimage n. (B'tT'O-'P-'lB) ='18 




archima'gus n. (dsj-'^o-'P-IB) 
wi'iTis n na lytJDna lytsoavn lyi 
Dis ivjyn DS11 n tis ii/is -ikp'jsd 

archiman'drlte n. -'jya-ip-Ts) 

lyn i'8 njj s ,DmJ8oi3-i8 (i3'8n 

.1TP nyB"3nj 

Archime'dean a. (|y_l^_'lo-<p-■l8) 

=J»J8D tyB"3n3 QJIl IX l^fy t'8 0811 
=V)] DyiyD'3-|8 ei8l85'B 118 lyp'CBO 

186 B-iyiJin^ins' lyo'n i''8 lyisa 


Archime'dean hydrostat'ic prln'- 

ciple -Bin-'sn iy-'n-'<D-''p-'i8) 

=s"n'n DiyD'aiB (PS'd-'p-ib p'8-'i3yi3B 

=nyp 8 tyii .n .i] b'xj'ib -lytj^osDO 

Bjy5yjj"-i8 tnyii (iitsati>:}i3ii:) lys 

]"t I1B ly t3^l5^yB ,0"P3'D'5b 8 t'8 

BBy-ioya oy ^ys'ii ,5y''B 'n8 oaMiya 

ysjyii ,tj"pJ''D'5B lyn iib usMiyj otsi 

i"t jnjyDnyjiya ,Djjyiiiya tasn ly 


Archime'dean prin'ciple -<p-i8) 

' o'lB D^ya'3■l8 (5s<D-'jna iy-'i-''D 

=?3yn iia B3'iiyM"5j -ivi tyayii S's 

,j:8B6!' 8 IS lyii .n .1 fivtis 

iVD'iiyj 8 118 BS'BtyyjiyB^is t's dsii 

yj"! yT'3 IIB lyjjsnyjjs iviyii ,bpjis 

lyT Byii ,-iyB3'ii»j yoyiyBiiyB lyiay 

,B3<1iyj3"5j I'S iy3"53 tST "IIJ J38BI!' 

=58myB m tysyii iyB3Miy3 n tyii 
lyT IS 5yjs'SisBsiB Binypyjois lyo 
"iVT 18 lis .Dayns'tyaJsoc n iib jay? 

OyT f|M8 B3'8y;DM8 Biyil DS11 pm 

•\in IS i"5j I'K jJ8Bt!' na Bpjia^r'BB' 
.■iyB3Miyj yi"3 na yoiD 
Archime'dean screw _'»o_ip_ij{) 
,3'nt!' yB'nyn'3n8 n (nnpD-jy-n 
8t8] smt^iyDsii yt!'nyo'3T8 -i 
IX -insT 8 PS s'lits"' yvB-isJsTBD 
.[lyosii lysoiB 

archip'pus ■». (ds-'B'P-"i8) I'd 8 
[jj<5iyBy'D(5'] y?yria»-iyou 

Archimedean Screw 

arch'lng ». (jo's-'cbts) 35yiiyj 8 

=yj B'D yT"3yj 8 ; lyapynyj -wis 

.yr? yjyj'i3yj ion inya' 8 : lyajyii 

archlpelag'lc a. -'Einyj-'a-'p-TS) 

B'O ?1S Q' 8 IX V<t> t'K DS11 (P'S 

D' oyT IX, v^ti> P8 DS11 ; iy?n'8 
i"5p lis iJ8?jy3nj 3S B?"B •iy3?yii 


archipel'ago n. (i8Hy-'?yB-'p-T8) 

'?yii PS D' na 5"d sJ iyyD«?yt3'8 

.[lyjtJ's yjya vi lyrayj oy lys 

ar'chlplasm n. (dI8?B-'P-'18) ='318 

tlSBti' lyD^IV'S iyBD38a3"8 ,yDt8?B 

'H lyii ,Di'38n8 lyriysy? iyiy< na 
Byn?'3y3DM8 bo ■qsJ osn nsatj' nyt 
— yjSJS'iaoy Ps ; iy?yx y:"P '=i<t iib 
I't Dyi5'3 Dy iy3?yii na ,nsBB' lyT 
'y? 8 pa tyo8t nyi nyis yit 't cis 

ar'chitect ». (BpyB-'p-'l8) =D"om3 

.DpyB'318 ,1110 

ar'chltectlve a. (iPB-pyB-'p-"i8) 
.[BiDjip='i3] -iiBpyB^Bis IX lynyj dsii 

architecton'ics n. -'jsa-pyB-'P-IB) 

no3n] BDJip='i3 PB yiny? n (dp's 

.niBpyB'3i8 ;[p:3n 

architec'tural a. -•\WQ-'pm-''P--\«) 


architec'turalist n. -'pyo-'p-is) 
=pyB<3n8 PS lyjyp 8 (dd's-sv-iib'b 

.llBpyB'3-18 BT'llBt}' DSII "lyJ^S ,T1B 

archltec'turally adv. -'pyB-'P-ls) 
niBpya'sns ix jixya ps cs-jy-Two 

.BPJIBIJSBB' ty!S'nSBpyB'3T8 18 IIB 

architec'tural mate'rials -ip-is) 
=yB8D»M3 (i?y-n-''B-yD Jy-iits-B-'pyB 


ar'chitecture n. CiittiB-pyB-'p-'is) 

.11BPyB'3T8 ; BD31p"13 

ar'chitrav.e n. (imD-'P-'ls) n 

.iyp?83oyiip n : iyp583=D3Mn 

ar'chival a. (5yii-ip-'i8) =y3 dsii 

.1P^^8 IS IX BJJ8? 

ar'chive n. (ii'sp-"i8) lP3n8 18 

IT lyBJsnya iyjy<5 oy isii bis lyn] 

pa Ty3'3 IIS lyBJVDipsT yB'nsBD'n 

.[btsbk' lyns TJ85 8 

ar'chivist n. (bD'H-'P-'ts) dsii iVI 

.1V3n8 I'BPS 11MS BD8B 

ar'chivolt n. (b?sii-'P-'18) 818 

35yiiyj 8 ; 35yiiyj s ons jjixisya 

o"s IS ; ssya 8 lyajis bx'bb' dsii 

.35yiiyj 8 na jjid8B 

arch'lilie a. (p^sj-'cBls) ix v>:rtv 

l'5jny=35yiiyj :iyri3 8 

arch'Iute n. (qvp-'bjb-is) 'BPMId sts 

.BjynnBDj's lya"? 

arch'ly adv. (iS-'iyB-iS) ; J'?niBl» 

lyvDSBB' lyns lyiB's s fiMs ;yiB'3 


archmar'shal n. (5yB»-'TSD-!."BTs) 


arch ness •«. (Dya-VBis) 'J<?'iibio 

.0"PV-|B'3 ;B"pjyts?ix ; B"p 

arcli of a vault (b?sii y 118 tiroMS) 

.3?yiiyj 8 

arcli of the aor'ta ^na lis cdts) 

-lyT na vi3D'is lyT (,so-'Tns-"s 

Bnyj <t '11 ,iy3'is na y-ij/B-is lyD'na 

.tyx-isn IIB D'ns 

"Bloodvessels of the ,?<s .1 

Il^itntm Body" 

ar'chon n. (isp-'18) IVt] tS3T8 tVl 

WOfS PS TyBD8y3'BTSBtS' TyBClff 

.[TJ85jy3'T3 ,iynB8 

ar'chonship n. (B'ly-JBP-'ns) "lyi 

archon .t .IS3T8 is IIB B08 

arch o'ver (iyii-'is t^Bis) 8 IMBO 

...lya's 35»iiff3 

archpil'lar n. (is-'S'S-K'C'is) njB'in 


archpres'hyter n. -la-'cyiB-B'Dns) 

=D'TB»-iy3'is ; "iSBD'isnya'is (lyo 

818] Tyjs'iyo'aDyis 't "3 lyo 

.[yapyD »3'5BD'TP 

archpriest' n. CBDyis-E'Bis) ='is 


archproph'et n. (bv-'bsib-b'Bib) 

.s'3: nyo'n; 8 ,s'3>BB'in s 

archreb'el n. (jy-'ayi-tyBiB) =BB'in 


archtrai'tor n. (nso-''nB-li'BT8) 

.5yii"B lyn ; lyBynya^BB'in 

.archtreas'urer n. -'E'tyiB-t!'BT8) 

.TyBD"o>r8E' BS'in cijf-iis 

arch'way n. ("iifi-'!!'Bn8) =3?yiiyj 8 

jJ833Tn nya 

ar'chy o. ctyB-'TB) ='13 ; lyj'UW 


arc of oscilla'tion -<s-DS 118 PT8) 

=TyB lyT iy35yii .lyj'u ist (ise'-'"? 

B38D nyj"! 8 IIS [nn:is] 5ypn:ya 

.jjuyiiys p't PS 

ar'cograph ». (eiyij-sp-'ns) va 8 

B'j lyp'TP iy:y3"sy3 is BjyonBDJ's 

.BPjiBJyB'D V? J'Tjyxuys 

arcta'tion a. (ist5'-'"B-PT8) "is 'T 

'SI 'T pa] ::in'SB'i:is ,:jid!;tsb'ij 


arc tic u. (p'B-'piS) =nnsj ; E"Bpn8 

-lin» 5SS=1T8J DlS Vt!' PS DSll ,T? 

.B58P :iyijy:y: :>usn-\s3 't ix 

arc'tic cir'cle (5p'tid p'O-'pns) lyT 

,='?=pnp i-\1 t"Tpn8?sB ny3'5Tis: 

23 Va Tt Bj'ayj DsiH D13S53 rn'is yj 

rvivi: n ps us ?sb=tis3 na tsij 

.[lyTiyjyj'TTs: ys^sp n na 

arc'tic fox (Dpsa P'B-'PT8) =ss ivi 
DSII DplB PD iyj"?p s] DPIB 185 

P't .!yi:yjy3=-i85s3 yassp 'T ps B3y5 
PS ,-iy'nB -inyt I't B5nss Dsii ,5yB 
lyBj'ii I's MS 'n3=T?'i?3 nyoiT ps 

.[D"11 — 

Arctic Fox 
arcti'cian n. (ly-'tiKB-piB) IS^SB 8 
in BDnyjiya dsii ■iyj"s] lycisB 
oyi Dns lyijyjyj 't lyty-isaD'is i'b'd 

, , .t?»B=llSJ 

arc tic o'cean (iyB>-'is P'B-'PTS) 

.•iyyn=t"s y3'5TisJ dst ,mpn d' lyn 

arc tic pole (?isb p'O-'pns) .>sb«tts: 

arc tic re'gions -'n p'B-'Pls) 

»B?8P 't] iyi:yjyj yL-'BpiB (t:s8!'n 


ar cuatc o. (o''s-i'P-'-i8) : lyrnyj 

.roiyejyj'u : Bcnpyj 

ar cuatcd o. (TyB-"s-i'p-'n8) 





arcua'tlon n. (ii5tS'-'"«-l'P-18) DST 
»Bonpp; ! 0"pJWM3y:DM« ,ij;jm3dmk 

.IVDnPDMK DSl ,0"p 

ar'dency n. (id-jui-'ib) ,?^n ,)"n 

.B"pj'BBBn ,iya"N 

ar'dent o. (ojy Vis) ; D"n : ijyn'?j 

j'Doyn ;jmj;"B jrs'n .•pnsoa' 

ar'dently ode. ('?-BJn-'l8) op"B 

.jnB"K ::'Ba»n ,J'S'n ."iVB b'q ,jn 

The question was ardently discussed. 
ar'dentness n. (DVJ-Bjyn-'lB) 

ardency .1 
ar'dent spir'lts -"hbd Bjyn-'is) 

.DIB'TBB' !;BT5'BDn (DD'K 

ar'dor n. (nsv'is) .yn ,pi!'n .yiTwn 
.BiipjiBByn ,iya"K ,bi5j 

He threw himself into the movement with 
much ardor. 

ar'duous a. (os-in-'is) jnynic 
.iyw85in IX im& ; ostn'o 

sir Moses Monteflore undertook an arduous 
Journey to Turkey. 

ar'duously adv. ('5-DS-in-'l8) 
.D8tn'a ■.v^'iviw 

A task arduously performed. 
ar'duousness n. (Dyj-DS-in-'l8) 


are (18) *e .t .tj;j"t 

are n. (nny) IIB D80=1J8? 818] 18 

=1811? 119.6 iyi8 lyByD'BBinsiip 100 


a'rea n. (];_iv'"s) 8 tiB rsSBiss 8 
;BSP I'BMK v'>s 8 ; nBiy 8 jyTuya 

B3KtTlKiya DSII B^np^BIP^ISn 8t8 

o»«jy3y5a :bsp 11a iy58aD'iN lyn 


ar'eca n. (yp-'N-'ny) 8t8] spynx >t 

.[en iyD58B 

ar'eca-nut «. (BS^-yp-'K-'iy) n 


arefac'tion^ m. (i8t!»-'pyB-iK-'i8) DSl 

.jJwnBD'18 ; lyjypno 

are'na re. (j;j_'i-i-j;) =eiao8P ,83yT8 

,iyB8yB'B08 iy(S"Dm=B?8 I^X 1*853 
tniN ; DlpTS 8 t'« l'85B=5y'BB' lyT 
,1853 mi8 t'« 0V<npJ81p 818] lD8t 

arena'ceous o. (D8'ii'-'"J-'8-iy) =08t 

..IKPna ; 3'BT8=1B8T ; 3n 

arena'rlous o. (os-n-'^J-'x-iy) 

.jnoBt ,jiB58n»in8t ,rBi8=iD8t 

arena'tion re. (isK'-'"J-''«-iy) '"n 8 

.ns3«iD8t so 

areng' re. ('j:yi-y) iyB58B=iypis nyi 

aren'ga re. (yj-'jyn-y) areng .t 
ar'enose o. (DlSJ-'X-'iy) 

arenaceous .t 

aren'ulous o. (D85-i'-'jy"i-y) ,3nD8t 


are'ola re. (y?-s-'n-y) lyian nyi 

«s-i8ii BDn3 xn onx t'np iy?ypj'n 

n ipiyiisyj 8 t'8 lysys <t ;iy5 

.t'i'ip»iy5n8nBt:' 8 ;y3y5a y3"5p ; y5ys 

are'olar a. (■iy5-s-'n-y) -Bjy 0811 

8 is i'5Jny v« B»^\^ ; iy5ys B58n 

are'olar tis'sue -'t!"B lys-s-'n-y) 
,.3yiiyjjy5ys dst (v 
areola'tion n. (istsi-'"5-s-n-y) 8 
.ry5yv v« jji5"bis ;y3y5B y:"5p 
ar'eole n. (5ls-'8-'l8) areola .1 
areom'eter re. (iyo-y-'nB-<8-iy) 

081838 18 ,3811 iyD811 ,iyByD8yi8 

»"P3'D'5B na B3<iiyj d8t tyo'BE'vs is 
lyoBii B'o i"53iya pk tye 

areomet'rlc o. (pM-'ByD-s-ix-iy) 
lyoyDsyiB 18 is v^tf v« D811 
areometer .t 

areomet'rical a. -n-'nyD-s-iB-iy) 

areometric .t (?yp 

areom'etry re. - (nB-y-'DB-'8-iy) 

=y3D oyT tia 331010^3 ,yiByosyT8 

DST] tyB"P3'D'5B !1B B3Miy3 iyii"B'S 

iyB"p3'D»5a iiB B3'iiy3 DST iy3'i53iya 

.[nyD8ii B'D 

Areop'aglst re. CBb'!S'n-y-'38-'8-iy) 

ayi I'K ■iyB3<'i 8] Di3838yn8 I8 

.[i:853y3n3 ,tynD8 t'8 B3ny3 iyBD3yfT 

areopagit'ic u.. -'o<t!'Tl-y-Bs-'8-'iy) 

.Bi383syi8 18 IS Vlff fX BS11 (p'N 

areopagist .t 

Areop'agus re. (D8J-y-'B8-'8-iy) 

P8 B3ny3 yBD3yn B8t] 38asyi8 lyT 

=3yn EST ;[i3853y3''i3 ,tynB8 iyD58 

.B3<iy3 yBD 

ar'gal n. (5y3-'l8) =3iMl lys"-! B'3 


ar'gala re. (y5-y3-'n8) =5yB"3 ivi 

.[5y3'ia 818] ^nsBi!' 

Ar'gand a. (ijys-'is) ■=l"ti' P« DSII 

.OyOB'B 33103"?y3 B'138318 IS 

Argand burner .t 

Ar'gand bur'ner -'Tn3 Ijy3-'l8) 

iyi3n nyi] iy3yn3=Di383-i8 ciy^ 

,3085 (Ba8J) PBsiyp 8 iia ■iy3yi3 

i'8 1783 in8' i'8 138318 iia iyi3iBiy 


Ar'gand lamp (BDy5 13y3-'l8) =18 

Argand burner .t .aps5 D1383 

ar'gent a. and re. (BiytJitl-'TB) =5'( 

;D"iMy35n ;'iy3-iy35n n'5jnyny3 

=5'I IIB B380y3 .iy35'T Ml n3yS3y53 

.l5yj ;'iy35n ; ny3 

argen'tal a. {5yB-'3yE'n-i8) Bsii 

.'iy35<t B5KnB3y 

ar'gentan re. (>iyB-3yt!'n-'18) ="3 

.iyBip=5yp'3 ; iy35n 

ar'gentane re. (p'B-3yt!'n-"i8) 

argentan .t 

ar'gentate u.. oredre. (B^'B^ystin-'is) 

=y3 8tK ny3iy35n ;Biiii=-iy35M 

.V58t='iy35n Q58nB3y bsii (isbb" wa 

argenta'tlon n. (i8B'-'"B-3yiS'n-l8) 


argentan' rum re. (D8n-'8B-3yB'n-T8) 

=8n lyp^ioys yD58 n iy35yii sisBiy 8 

=BBMn ty-i t'8 iy tx ,B3M53y3 ty3 

.iy35n 118 n583 tia 03yny5y 

argen'tic u.. (p'B-'jyii'ti-'iB) bsii 

B58nD3y BSll ;'iy35't is B338?y3 

.[33ity5 yt!"»y3 8] iy35''t 

argentif'erous a. -'a'a-jyt^n-ns) 

."iy35n B58nB3y bsii (Bs-iy 

Ar'gentlne a. and re. (pB-3yti'tn-'TS) 

»nm pk] s3'B3y3i8 is vtt/ ps bsii 

«T<3 lyis •iy3nsii3"8 is ; [spnyas 

.83<B3y3-|8 tlB "IVJ 

ar'gentlne a. and n. (PB-3yt!'n-'18) 
=5M '11 B"ii ;-iy3-iy35't ;3'Bn8'iy35't 
; pnny3?M ;3n8a=-iy35M iia ; ■iy3 
BSBii'nyay'E' ;[3385p 8] 5yn='iy35n 
'iy3'3T8a»"iy35M -\v-i ;[58iy3'o sts] 
B'Ml ;B"B 8 tlB tyaiE' n IIB mat!f 

.t!"B 818 ny35't B'D Bpyiy3 58ByD 

argen'tous a. (B80-'3yB'n--i8) BSII 
ny35;t B58nB3y isiv is v^t!> ps 

argen'tum n. (DSB-'3yt^n-i8) '5'I 

^3113 yE"Dy3 n iib •iy3"8 b58] "lys 


ar'gil re. (S'lyn-'iB) =nyByB ; n"5 


argllla'ceous «.. (BS'K'-'"5-'H5'tl-l8) 

.B"5 '11 'Its ,3'B-18=B"5 

argllla'ceous earth -'"5-'(!»ti-'i8) 

.T\V y3'0"5 (ilBTlS BS'E' 

argillif'erous a. -'iy-'a'5-'t!'tl-l8) 

.D"5 B'ns B'3 lyis B58no3y bsii (bs 

ar'gimte re. (B'sS-'B^n-'is) ='3T8 

.[p'OK* 8t8] iya'Bi=a"5 ;0'5 

arglllit'ic a. (p's-'B'?-'tJ'n-i8) 'its 

.iya'K'=d"5 '11 

arglUocal'cite re. -is-5'i^tl-n8) 

.'!l58P=n"5 (B'8B-'5yp 

argil'lous a. (BS-'5'ti'tl--i8) 

argillaceous .t 
Ar'glve a. and n. (ii'83-'l8) PK BSll 

DISBty y3'B"S18B S] B8318 IS T'ly 

.Tn3 8 ; (!"3'13 ;[l3853y3'-i3 PS 

Ar'go re. (1S3-"18) s] S3TS W 'T 

=n 50 o'D vsi> yB"T8i3y3y? yB'iiys 
.[tys'iJ yB58 'T "3 ,B-iyT 

ar'go od«;. (lS3-'-iy) ,T535SB ,St58 

.By BB"n 

ar'gol re. (583-18) argal .\ 

ar'gon re. (tS3-'l8) t'O s] 18318 

BBi? lyi PS I't B3'ey3 osii ^isoc 

=13113 yt!"Dy3 s'l iia iy3"s ps 11s 


Ar'gonaut re. (Bns3-83-'l8) iy3"S 

ci'tj" lyi (I'ls iyiiy3 PS iy35yii 

«iy '1 pa iy3"s -.iArgo .t] "83i8„ 

,y'3isB'58p PS iyiyi38ii3"8 yDty 

=1583 '1 tyoisi DpyiB3y Bsn lyo nys 


ar'gonaut n. (Bns3-S3-'l8) =S318 ts 

.[5ypBl5SO=d' Sts] B1S3 

fat j>iakJe^3L.--^ £iins.s<iS 



Argonau'tic a. (p'0-'ns3-S3-l8) 
."8318" 1'is! lyi IS Biyny3 bsii 
argonau'tid re. (l'B-'ns3-S3-18) 

argonaut .t 

ar'gosy re. ('B-S3-'18) 1"1 ys'iis 8 

.yBs5a 8 ; w y3yis5y33s 

ar'got n. (iS3-'i8) =y3 yBSyaciya s 

=3yn tyB85p yB'iiy3 "3 isibe' yBB"o 

,181BB'=lDt'?3 ,1813B'=D'333 '11 ,|yiJ' 
.11 .t .8 ''IS13E' iyj"3'S 

ar'guable o. (53y-i'3-'l8) lyo B8II 
=y3 ;ni3'i 8 iy3'iyi !y3sfi typ 


ar'gue v. (i'3-'i8) ='bisd'1 ,iyB"iBt!' 

;t"t 535Ba Tt ,ni3'i 8 ty3sn ,iyi 

.ty3'i5my3 ; lyp'iiys 

It Is useless to argue with one. who will 
not listen to reason. 

ar'gue about' ('Bl83-y 1'3-'18) 

='s lyi'DiBD'i ,DyBy lys's tyciBt!' 

-yay lya 




ar'gue against' coom-V l'S-"iB) 
.DsiiBj; lyjyj ivtbibd't ,tyD"iBB' 

He argued against the adoption of the mo- 

ar'gue a point -with one vi-'IK) 

v\ ,iVTBipBn (tuiin nB'nn bj'sb y 

.vm tK tffjvn Dyj"K B'D lyTnann 

ar'gue for (isb va-'iB) «'Bjyo«i8 

.Dsiioy 18B nrNi tVJJ'na ,tn 

The lawyer argued for the acaulttal of the 

ar'guer n. (ip-i'j-'ns) ,i!;t"iiV3 

»»S ; IJ/TBJVDUIS ; iy33"13=nVN'l 

.ni3'i ?y3 ,iyp'0!)5 

ar'guing o. (win-vj-'-U!) oVB'nDB' 

;ni'Ki :njyjj""i3 unavTBiBD'T ,jn 


ar'gument n. (bjj)o-i'j-'T8) =ij18 .1 

; ni3M ,B"nBi!' ; niNT ,t"iiy3 ,B3yn 

.lisp ,B?8nj'N .2 
1. The cannon Is the final argument of 
kings. 2. Ttie volume contains the argument 
of the play. 
argumen'table a. (JayB-'jyo-PJ-ls) 
typ \VD DS11 ■iy3<x ,*i83'iy'B3yoij'i« 
«Dn lyp lya osii i»3'x ,iyB"-iBE' vi 


argnmen'tal a. (jyB-'jya-vj-ls) 

.531!' 'B ?y ; ijyD'5a' ; ijyi'Miys 

argnmenta'tion n. -'"B-jyn-VJ-18) 

; 3Jij3'n3»i"iiy3 ,B'nBB'=tn»ii (tstf 

I8t i"K tiB JJ1D'5E' ,jjnya?sa ; nwi 

.lyiyiJB 18 «iMx 

argumen'tative a. -'jyo -va-is) 

.n3y3"siy3'8 ;ijy»"iiy3 (irB-ya 

argumen'tatively adv. -'jyo-l'l-"i8) 

B38iBy3 v» tvony: nn cs-ira-yB 

.nvHi lyns tyBJyo1J^8 

argumen'tativeness n. -'jyo-VJ-IB) 

BB8tj'jyj"K n iy38n dst (Dyj-ii'B-ya 

ns nyis nvN-i o'o lyiyii is tyt'iiys 


ar'gumentator «. -"D-jyo-i'j-'ns) 

lyis lyBiyouiB b'j bbii nyj"s (isb 

.fir8T B3:"13 

ar'gument for (i8B Bjyo-i'j-'i8) 
...IBB t"iiy3 

ar'gument from design' -r3-"i8) 
18 ,B:yai3i8 lyi (Tst-iT B8na bjvo 
5"ii ,nyBytfy3 8 iy3!sn no B5yii n 
=ya yjyiy'B'iyB n lis 'n.iyBiyp lyi 

tlK B-|'S1?BBSP '1t8 t'8 iyB"jyByB' 

»8 .lypyiix yo'iiyj isa Bossyjis nis 
lyoyp 58» Dy?8 bst t8 ,t"i b': fyp Dy 
.in iiB lynyii lyssa'ys 
argumen'tum ad hom'lnem -t8) 
ns IB CDy3-''8-'D8n ^y osB-'jyo-va 
lyBpBiBa iy3'5:ynyB b ns bjvou 

=iy3''8 in B<3 B31t BS11 BWOIJIB IB] 
BB"1J -ISJ ,B"p3'B3'T t"t B'B tyj"* 

.[isnys 'T ts 

Ar'gUS ». (D8J-'1B) 113J 8] Dins 

»y? ■iyt!"3nj nyi t'8 ,tyjM8 loo b<d 
8 ;t!':ya iyj'B3'nsB 8 ilviiVi 
ry>JMB I'D 8 ;-iyB383sy3 lyB-iBB' 

B"P3J8? lyi B'O BMN VI tyM"X B811 

t'o 8 MyiyiyB pv hk ?yj'?B sn iib 


ar'gus-but'terfly n. -'B83-D83-'n8) 

I'D bib] jj''5iyByBi!'>Bi;i8 (i8?B-iy 

.[y?yj'iBoyDit D'na 

Ar'gus-eyed a. (tb-bbj-'ib) 'S'tnsB 

,n3yB3838y3 enBC ,J<B 

ar'gus-pheas'ant n. -'tyB-DSJ-"i8) 

iVD'na 8t8] tBt8a=yiiBB ivt (Bjy 

Bjy3"X pa oin iiB "iT„ n .?yj'iB 

TJBjyiisnyDMB nrrn B'o b<i8 in 
.[py lyjJB? 


ar'gus-shell n. (Syty-BSJ-'IB) =183 

yj'O"?!!' y3"ii 8t8] ypyjtyjB^yx 


argute' a. ('bi<j-18) 'BIBB" ,n8t!' 

; [ISO 8 ryjyii] ijyjj<n3in ;j'jn 

.yiB'3 ; j'BBi? 

arhi'zal a. (5yt-''81-y) =1(1811 ins 

yi!"Bn818B IX I"!!' T'8 BS11 I W 

ty?si8ii t"p B'j iy3sn bbii iyxJ8?a 

lyn lyn'S <n iSJ ,iiy iyi i'8 

.iyx3B?a yiyi:8 iia np<3' 

arhi'zous a. (D8t-''81-y) =X1811 tns 

arhisal .t .ly? 

a'ria n. (y_i-i-'ii(() =85yD ,iy'5 ,yn8 

18 P8 p'BE'=3jn iJJBtyj ;ti33 jyi 

t"8 IIB tyjJityj Biyii D811 ,8iyss 


A'rian a. and n. (ty-<l-'"8) 18 

"JIB Dyi IV Biynyj bbii iy:"8] lyiB 

DS11 ;[d8BB'381Bt!' iyiS"J8Biyj=S1 
iyJ8'18 18 ;iyi8 IB IS 1"B' t'8 

iyij'13 iyi ,Bvi8 iia lyajynjB is] 

BS11 ;[yBpyB ys'jBD'ip yoniys 8 iia 

.yiny? pn iyi8 Bins is v^ P8 

A'rianlsm n. (QPB-oy-'1-'"8) =Bn8 

Avian .t .BP18 liB yiny? <1 ;DP: 

ar'id a. n<«-'iy) ins ; lyplIB ,181 

.ByiyBJ>8 ins ; iy3y5 

ar'idas n. (Byi-'8-'iy) iyt!"1J'K«BDS 

.i"t iyBB53 

arid'ity n. (io-'8-'1<1-y) ,B"P181 

B81 ; B"p3n85B3y3y? ; B"p3ypnB 

.ByiyB3»8 p'p iy38n b'j 

ar'idness n. (BBJ-l'8-'iy) 

aridity ,t 
A'ries n. (t,<8-il-'"8) n5B 5tD ,18183 

iyi ;[ni5tD eiJyiis n iib iyj"K] 
="8 818] iy3yi3=iy'io ,ps3=biibl" 
iy3yi3 IS lyjiyn b'd iyp?83 lyjiyt 
=Mi yB?8 n "3 ,a3iBByB yBiy38?y3 8 
battering-ram .t .[lyo 
ariet'ta n. (BB-'By-n-») .yiB y3">p 

aria .( 
aright' adv. ('b'B1-») : B3yi ,ibi3 


ar'll n. o^x-'iy) D8i] ypyi'iyoBt 
iiB tyost n Bpyiy3 bbii y?yB"n 


ariose' a. cbib-ib-iv) ; i:'<i8?ya 

.yns 18 ni 

ario'so a. (8D-'i8-n-B) 18 is i<?3ny 


arise' v. cpBi-y) "Bmb ,iy3"BB'Bn8 

«B'i8 ; i^sr't:' 11B inyBCB'18 ; inyBsj' 

; iy3MnB'iB in ; D'non fi'nn inyBty 

inyats'flnB ;[iii m na] iny3a'i8 

• lyoiponiB ; lynyBB'Bjy ; iy3y3 


aris'ta n. (bb-'D<1-») =ya y338? 'i 

iyS38?B Vii«0 eiM8 lyDPBIl BS11 Byi 

cyiya yajs? 'i .3 -sl .ns3 b ni nis 

.[iy3:8t iyBB'ip3 iik rm n'lB 

ar'istarcli n. (pi8B-B'«-'iy) 8 

.lyp'B'ip iy33yiBE> 

ar'istarchy n. ep-lBB-B'N-'iy) =yi 8 

.lyjyo yBBy3 n na sjiiya 

aris'tate a. (B"B-'Bn-y) iy3sn BSli 

"3] 1183 8 ni '118 ayiya yjJB? 


aristoc'racy n. ('D-yi-'P8B-D'8-iy) 
BBBCiyn n ;5yi8 ; y'BBiPSBBns 

.yD81P8BD'18 lis 

ar'lstocrat n. (Byip-8B-D'8-'iy) 

.iy3'?yi8 ; bbipbbb'ib 

aristocrat'ic a. -'Byip-SB-B'8-iy) 

.ti"B81P8BBn8 (P'8 

aristocrat'ical a. -'Byip-8B-D'8-1P) 

aristocratic .t (?yp-'8 

-aristocrat'ically adv. -8B-Di8-iy) 

=8iP8BBiiB 18 «in8 ('«-?yp-'8-'Byip 

.iai8 iyB"» 

aristocrat'icalness n. -sB-D»8-iy) 

=8BB<i8 VI 081 (Byj-Jyp-'B-'Byip 


aristoc'ratlze v. -yi-'p8D-Bi8-iy) 

.t!"B81P8BB'18 iy380 (T<83 

ar'istol n. (JisBD-'R-'iy) =P113 818 
18' iiB B5yBB'y3a'i3is lyiis lys'n 

B8Bi:':8 BS13y3 Biyil BBH 58D'B 118 

Aristolo'chia n. -»p-'is5-80-B'8-iy) 

1't lynyn B8ii ,iys385a pd 8t8 (y 

.lyjaiyBB" lyis lyo'u bub 

Aristote'iJan a. and n. -sB-0'8-iy) 
='13 Byi IS i"iy t'8 BS11 (iy-'5-''B 
y3"t iyi8 Dy5B8BB'i8 eistsj's iyB"3 
By?B8BB'i8 IIB iy33yn38 18 ; pi»n 
=y3 ,«i8ts?'a iyB"3'i3 iyBDn'iy3 8] 
118 BiBB'ip 18a 384 ins' I'K tyi83 

.[BIBB'IP 18a 322 inS' I'8 iy31SBB'y3 

Aristote'lianism n. -''D-8B-D'B-iy) 
=SBB'i8 na y'Bsts?'a ■>i (Bt'8-jy-'> 

Aristotel'ic o. (pi8-'?yB-8B-D'8-iy) 

iyi8 By5B8BB'18 IS I"!!' I'8 D811 

.yasiBS'B p't IS 

ar'ltiimancy ». CB-jyo-nB'N-'iy) 

B81 ; lysnss ^in ni8'3: iy38» obi 

ei>'n iyi B'o BB31P1S Day:"8 lysyia 

.lya's iiB 

aritli'metlc n. (p'D-SD-'na'i-y) 

.BBJipjysyi ; p'ByDB'^8 

aritliniet'ical a. -'8-'BSD-nB'8-iyi 

'1 IS 1"!;' i'8 0811 ; L-'ByDB'iB i5yp 

.P'ByOB'18 IIB B'?5a 

aritlimet'icaUy adv. -'Byo-nD'S-iy) 

;IB18 iyB"ByOfl'18 18 «1'18 ('B-5yp-'8 

.D'jfa yB"Byr:;B'i8 'i is 3isy3 ps 

arltlimet'ical mean -'Byo-na's-iy) 

=?yB'o iytsi'ByDB'18 (lyn :'vp-^» 

.B'3L"3in iyi .naiyii 

arithmet'lcal progres'sion -iy) 

'1 (is-'t!'yi3-8iB ?yp-'8-'Byo-nB'B 

n"i 8 .n .1 ,i8'oyiasiB yt!"ByoB'i8 

Biyii ?nss y3'iyB"ii yiy i8ii mnai 

jy'B'ii (i'i8 ,5yB '118 ei'i8 lyByij 

iyi8iiy3 iyByi3 t'8 ?n8s ys'isa >i 

yiy 1811 ,10 ,8 ,6 ,4 ,2 ,5(^05 '11 ] 

'1 iyi"8 lyByia cb ?n8S ys'iya"!! 




'V> s IS fBtJwyj I'N .2 B'D vsnynnD 

.[is'DynjsiB irB'nDVDs 

geometrical progression .\ 

aritlimet'ical propor'tlon -ly) 

IS (isB'-'TisB-8iB 5yp-'N-'i3j;a-nB'« 

B"n3"5J n] is'xnsssnB utj"oj)Da'i8 

'11 iyj:in<vs;a yiyoi/oans "iiv no 

1N11 12 ,9 ,6 i»5n»x 'T na .a .s 


arlthmet'ical signs -'ByD-no'N-nj;) 

'11 ,d:w"s j((i"BVDan8 (u'sd 5yp-'« 

.+ ,-,= 

arithmetl'cian n. -'E^'o-yn-no'i-y) 

=B'-i8 I1B lyjpp 8 njBD"D=iv3n (iv 


Ariz. 4rt3ona na jJiXTpns 

yBv:"8-iyB n iiB iwk ,8Jst<i8] 

.[8p'iyD8=TISJ lis IJ;DK8C(^ 

Ark. Arkansas na jjiSTpas 

j;Bj'j"8nyB n na nj;j"K ,D8IJ8P"i8] 

.[spnyoB^insj na tJ'BsDB' 

ark n. (piB) lycDBP'DB'tf ; lyoDSP 

B-ip^rnx ,inx iCna'n] 

ar'kite n. iB'8P-'n8) lyajpil lyo^K 

.iVBDBp D'n: I'K tyiiyj t'8 

ark of cov'enant -y-'ii8P 118 Pis) 

.ti'ip'tnx 18 (Bjyj 

arles n. (t5n8) .B5yjOJ8n 

arm n. and v. (dis) 3"11S 8 ; oyiS 18 

=iya8ii ;B58iiy3 irnix 8 :1"b 8 ria 

i'iyBJi8 lycny: ;iy3"s=iy'?'n8a ,3iyn 

IX tyB''n:ix I't ,iyjya8iiy3 in ;Dyi8 

; lyj'BDyaya ,!yjya8iiy3 ; non^o 8 

n iyD8aj"K ; 5BByD b'd lyjsJtj-ya 

.[tyj'K'So yiJi'iBpysy "a] tyayajBD 

arma'da rs. (8n-'"n-T8) =8?a=£3jy'lp 

.lyaiBODjynp ,yB 

armadil'Io ». (i8-'5'i-yo-i8) =J8B 

'BPnyoB 818] ■iy'B=?yBi83 nya^nys 

lya'iK tia Bpyiya t'« Dsii yJ'irn -lyj 

'SB" nyj'BiyaiyxJBB lyaiBn 8 b'q 



ar'mament n. (Bjya-yo-'ns) =Djynp 

=a8iiy3=Djynp ; yBS?B=D)y'ip ; b38o 

.iyB8m8n yo'n; : jju 

anuamen'tary n. .-yB-'jyB-yD-n8) 

Bns 18] lyDBPinyiiyj'Djynp (n 

.[inyuyj'Djyip B58n lyo i8ii 

ar'mature n. (TityB-yo-'iB) Bjynp 

n ; j:ija8iiy3 : iya8ii ; tyJP'oiB 

«nBpy5y "3] tyByjj8D'nB jjid8bj"8 

D58 Bjyn DS11 DsiiBy •Am^'w^o w 

lyis ni'n "3] ?yB'a=DJJirn"BnyB 

«nBpy5y i8 na iyp38 lyi ;[tyvJ85B 

=?yii ?"B lynjyTBsi lyi] I'wa -lyc 

• yB"iBpy?y n Q'd B5yp'iiy3 t'x nys 



arm'-chalr n. (inyt;'o-'m8) .SiBB'jny? 

armed a. (idis) =:"n ; DoyB8liy3 

=8B yti'nBpysy "3 lyayjasn] BDBayj 


armed at all points ?nK By iidtb) 

,?8BJS 18 "IBB '8 B3y381iy3 (DBJ'BB 

.JJ13'T"B-|ya TBB '8 

armed neutral'ity -'jyiB-i'O ims) 

8] ByB'?'8nB"3 yB3ya8iiy3 cb-'b 

='58nB"j n iyB'n38 typ osii jjitwi 

t'N n DS11 ,DyT Tin jynp 8 I'n ByB 

.[B3ya8iiy3 bu 

armed ship (a't:' ioib) <D?yiJ8n 8 

j:ny'jyT lyi na iyDi3yjiy3''8 v& 

.iypyiix»Djynp ibb 

armed to the teeth 'nu 1B lais) 
.D'B n P3 S8P IIB B3ya8iiy3 (nay'B 

Arme'nian ». and a. (iy-'i-''D-lB) 
LiBiBiy yi!"jyDn8 n : lyjyoTB ib 

.lyOyOlB IS 1"B' t'K BBll 

arm'ful n. (?ia-'DT8) Dsii lya'in 8 

B'D lyonyMiiB lyis lyBJsn lyp tyo 

.i:yn 't 

arm'-guard m. (tibJ-'bib) nti' 8 

»y3 lyj'SBDB lyT t's] i:8n nyi tbs 

=yj=iJBn oyn dns 1383 b ;[3:i:b81i 

arm'hole n. (?isn-'D-iB) ,185=018 

.[133 8 t'8] '!I»5=?y318 

armif'erous a. (DS1-y-'B'0-lB) =y3 


ar'miger n. (nytj'tl-'D-'lB) ■iy3"8 

B8pi D811 iy:"K ; lyaBii bsbib dbii 

=iyn B'D ryasii iy38'iB ix B3yi ovn 

.lyB'i 8 "3 lysyiB'iyBBii 8 ; ty3 

armlg'ero n. (isvy-'t!'(TD-T8) 

armiger .t 
arinlg'erous a. (DSl-y-'irtTD-IB) 
.ty3iyn b'd lyaBii b38ib dbh 

ar'mil n. (5'D-'-|8) =D8 'iy3'5SD8 IB 
1383 8 ; B3yDnDD:'K ■|yt!"DS3S"lB 

«8DB lyT p«] p:y?y3=i3Bn oyi ans 

.[3313BBliy3 -\)IV> 

armil'la n. (y-'S'D-iB) ,i383«n'iB 

8 IIB sj'i lyjiyf'B -lyi ;By?D8i3 

.Tt B3yiiy3 DP8 lyi dsii pb i»-\ 

ar'millary a. ci-yj-'D-'iB) =33'T 
na B5yBtyy33yD8nx i'b dsii js'divb 

.33'T 8 IS T'tJ' t'8 D811 ,iy3J'T 

ar'millary sphere 'i-yj-'D-'iB) 
lyBJB 8t8] yiyao "i85'Di8 (nyso 

=yi1S y(S"DS3S1BD8 "IBB BB18B8=33'T 

ar'millated o. (iyB-"5-'D-'lB) B'D 
.iy33'n B'D ,iyi3y3'D-i8 . 
arm in arm (dib Pb dib) ; BoyTsyj 

They walked arm In arm. 

ar'mlng n. (J3'D-'18) ; 33l3B81iy3 

IIB 331D8a3"B ;nDn?D IS 331B"-iy31Sa 

.[iy3't!'8D yts"iBpy?y "3] iyBy:38a 

ar'mlng-press n. (DyiB-33'D-'1B) 

iyi3'3:"B Dsii DyiB=i38n iy3"?p bib 

.iy3'3 lyjBDyDB' ms lysnys 

Armln'ian n. and a. (iy-'«-'3'a-iB) 

lyi na iy3jynJ8 ts] nyjB'J'oiB 

lyT ,Di'3'D-i8 IIB yiny? •iy3'?BD''ip 

=pyD lyc'TSBBD-isayT b na iyi3'n3 

"SiByjD'nB t'K y3?yii n3B5sn pb vb 

DSII ;[pii58P IIB lyiny? n iy3y3 ivb 

.Di'j'DiB tia yiny? lyi is v^\t> v« 

Armln'lanlsm n. -3y-'B-'3'D-lB) 

.Di'3'Di8 pa y-iny? 'i (bpb 

Arminian ,t 

armip'otent u,. (Bjya-s-'B'D-iB) 

.ilDWD T133 8 t'B bsil 

ar'mistlce n. (D'B-D'D-'tb) =iya8il 

=-iyB31B y3'?"11B"S B] 138Bt!'5'BE' 

.[iV'W^ 8 IIB 3313yi3 

arm'less a. (oyj-'Dis) =8liy3 b'3 

Doyis ins ;BjyB 

yD'iiy3 tysyii] 


arm'let n. -'0T8) 

IS 1383018 (ay? 

=y3 i38n 'T lys'iy 

8 JD'IBB' 8 ty3 

=D18 IB ;By5D8-|3 

.33 'I 

ar'mor n. and .v 

=D3y'1P (T8D-'18) 

=D3y'-ip ,ty;p'B-iB 
08B 8 ; inyiiys 
=nys38B 8 ; lys, 
'Djyip 8] fi'B' 
=y3 I'B Dsii n'ts- 
■-li'>^av B'D Bpyi 
»B5S iys:BB y3 
B'D iypyiy3 : lya Armor 

.iyB85S lySJBB 

ar'mor-bear'er n. -'nny3-lSD-"i8) 

'T pb] d'53 Btyij ,iy3yiB»iyB8ii ns 

iy3sn -iViV-tp 'T iy3y5B iyD"s yB?8 

"t B3y?a Dsii /isnys yjysyBD b 

.[lyasii 'T iy3siBiyB3iB 

ar'mored a. (iisd-'ib) ; B3yBBliy3 
B '11 ] iyBB?B=-iyS38B B'D Bpyiy3 


ar'mored fleet (By5B IISD-'tb) 

=5yii ,iyB't!'»D3y'-ip] yBSJa yBiys3BBy3 

«y5sBB' yp'T B'D iy3S5ii'y3 iy3"t ys 

.[lyBBJB y: 

ar'mored ship (B'B' TiSD-'ns) 8 

B'D tyasstjiys ti'B' 8] vtif yB-iys38By3 

.[iyBB5B y3y?sBB' 

ar'morer «. (ly-iSD-'lB) =iyB8ll 

lynytB'iB ib : B38P'n38B»iyBBii ; tdb' 

.lysBii iy3'B 

armo'rial n. and a. (5y-'n-'isD-iB) 

;[iy3nyn] iyB8ii=iy>'DBB na in dst 

't] iyB8ii»iy?'DBa is Bnyny3 dsii 

='D8B yt!"BB-|p8BD'1B 'T "3 D3y3"S 


armo'rial hear'ing 5y-'i-'isD-18) 

=811 ; 3nyn 8 b'd insB 8 (33'B-'iny3 

.3iyn ,i?'i'3yB 

armo'rial en'sign 5y-'i-'iSD-l8) 

armorial bearing t (i'8D-'3y 

ar'morist «. (bd'b-isd-"ib) "lysyp 

=iyn ,D3y3"s] D3yBBii=iy'5'D8B pb 


ar'mor-plate n. (b"5B-isd-'ib) b 

5SBI!' na yB8?B yp'i b] yB85B=nys38B 

.[tya't!'=D3yip Bpyiy3 lyo y3?yii b'd 

ar'mor-pla'ted ves'sel -1SD-'18) 

.ei'B'='iys38B 8 (5y-'Dyii iyB-'"?s 

armored ship .t 

ar'mor-pla'ting n. -'"JB-isd-'IB) 

OBB B'D Vft> S iy3S5E'y3 DST (33'0 


ar'mory n. ('vsa-"l8) =y3 D3y'lP 

; yaiBtBP 8 ; 5B3yD-i8 ; nyD8P="inyii 

iyS811=iy?'D8B B'D DBBt!'B3Bpy3 'T 

.lyDSB'P'BB" ; tysBH ;[iy3iyn] 

arm'pit n. (b'B-'dib) .yil38B '1 

arms across' ('DSiP-y idib) nya 

.r'-^i) 8 '11 ijyn yBjy? 




arm's'-end n. (ijj; -'mts) 13» n 

="inn] vpv-\o& j;j"?p » ibis us 


arm's-reach n. (^DKn^toiB) « 

B'c twiinyi ivp ivo dsii ypyioti' 

.ypsiOBi vD^iii DM 8 ; ijsn ■^v•^ 

ar'my ». (ia-"i8) =58D] VV01« 18 

army chap'laln (("S-'syBiD 'la-'ns) 

ar'my-corps «. ciisp-'o-'iB) n8 
/VVDis in no >"c 8] otBittP'mo 
'V\a-\vs tyj"t iyjjit283jyB8ii !)?8 ikii 
, .[ivo 

ap'my-Ilst rt. (cd'J-'d-'is) 'Mdib 
''liynyB lyj'M oy i8ii yi3D'5 n] yoD'? 
n nx iy-iy'x<as n na Dyjj8i n lya 
lyj'oyj iy5"i2=yyoiK n i8ii nyoiy 


ar'my of lo'custs -'is? ii8 'o-'ns) 

.iypi-iyt!'"n njno 8 (dbd8p 

ar'my of occupa'tion ii8 '0-'T8) 

e-\vn yajyn yym« n (isb'-'i'b-i'-ps 

Q-is By}yai:y3:"8 i8 vk lytspyjiya'x 

.iyQ58niS3s on'8 

ar'my of reserve' -n us '!3-'t8) 

waits r8] yym8=inytyT s cinni. 

'I tyii /O'lJ 8 i'8 Bsuya cnyn d8ii 

.-[iyjs?B'is i'8 yyon8 yiy?i:yT 

Ar'my Reg'ister -'i>nv\ 'n-"i8) 

army-list .t (lyo-D'X 

ar'my-worm ». (DTSIin-'O-'IS) =18 

='iiyj 8 na 8in8? 8i8] .oyTsn^yyo 

p'oty 8 "I iy58ay3 bbs .BpytJ'8 lya 

lyDyia iik nunn VD''t-\i tnvi fx 138? 

.[tyjJixJ8?a 118 lyTsia y?8 as 

arnat'to ». (i8-'By:-T8) a'n=t8y5lS 

n P8 13DP811 DS11 ,?yDMa I"?P 8.] 

=5yii tie ,8pnyD8 na lyijyaya yonsii 

y35yj=B<n sis aasay; Biyii oy lya 

.m8a=i8y5is lEnsa 

ar'nica n. (yp_<3-'-,s) sts] SP'jns 

B58nB3y DS11 D"p3'D'?B 8 ;[ys:K?B 


ar'not n. (bsj-'ts) .Di3=Tiy 

arnot'to n. (is-'BSJ-lS) amatto .i 

ar'n't (b:'18) B'J B"t ,D'j lyj'n 

are isa yasisivDMS yBXTipyias] 


ar'nut n. (oso-'IS) arnot .t 

aroint' v. CBJ'si-y) 'Sias /lyonyjix 

)J9] i:yii na as bo8t sayii na ryo 


aro ma n. (sn-'isi-y) ■'"a ; dsdsts 

Qyj"a 8 Bsn dsii nsBts" 8 ; inya iy: 

.[nin'3 nn] nn 

aromat'lc o. and n. (p's-'oyD-s-Ty) 

i BSiMiyj /BasnxTiiyj ; t^'BSDSTs 

.o'Dca ; nMiyj s 

aromat'ical a. oy-p's-'Byo-s-iy) 

aromatic .t 

aromat'lcally adv. -p's-'Byo-s-iy) 

iyi!"B8D8T8 lyonyjyjJB is b'd cs-sy 


aromat ics n. (DP's-'Byo-s-iy) 

.lyXTliyj ,B'DE'3 

aromatiza'tion n. -'"t-'B-yn-isi-y) 

.D'ots-a B'o tyB3'-iis dst ,rixTii (tSB' 

aro'matlze v. (PSB-yo-'isvy) omi 

.D'D»3 B<D lyBams ; lyx 

aro'matous a. (DSB-yn-'isi-y) 

arom.atlc .i 
arose' cnsvy) =bms ; ly^sBU-yjans 
arise .i .lyannyjBMS in ; tyj:sjyj 

around' adv. cijisvy) nm ,an8 .1 
."3iyi BiynsJ .2 ; ens ns ons ,di8 

2. I Bhall be around the clubrooms to-night. 

arous'al n. (?yi-'i8vy) ,3:n8iny »T 

•winyDB'nyBMs n 

arouse' v. ctiBi-y) ,iypyiiBMK ,]y?m 

.[nss Ml] iyjyiBM8 MVpyiny 

arouse' from sleep nsia 'nsi-y) 

.nsJB" na lypvuans (By'?D 

arouse' one's atten'tion 'ns"i-y) 

'piyoans Dyj"8 (isB'-'jyB-y usiin 

.tyasD B8I 

arouse' the mind ifio 'Il8l-y) 

="? n ; lyjyiBMs bd": ovi (ij'so 

.lyjyians lyDBSwyT 

arouse' the pas'slons ino 'iisi-y) 

.lytJBSE'jyT'? n lyaynans (ns-'ts-ys 

arow' adv. Cisi-y) 8 I'N ,mw s PS 

aroynt' v. ('B3'S1-y) aroint .t 

arpeg'glo ». (s-'u-nyB-iy) =3'?p dst 

1SJ Dj"s 1T8P8 IS na lyjyB na lyj 

.lyiynjs out 

arquebusade' n. ('Ti'B-S3-'linp-'i8) 

=yj nSIBT y3'B"XT8B S] lyBSlI'lJISII 

.[iJISIl'Dltf 8 lyj 

arquebusler' n. ('iyiD-S3-Minp-'i8) 

.-iyB*ii'=iyDp'3 s 

ar'rack n. (ps-")S) =T?'BDn] psts 

.[iya:8i3=nn lyB 

arraign' «. and n. (,'\''^'[-yi) lynyisB 

Dsi ; Banyj bis tysyBa* : Bany; bix 

.DB'iyj BIX lysyDiy dst iv\» lyiyisa 

arraign' a prls'oner -'ms y 'n'i-y) 

--Vi I'lsa BJSBDyiB IS ly^yat!' (nyj 


arralgn'ment n. (Djye-'j'n-y) 'yDB" 

.y38?pJ8 ,B3ny3 isa 3315 

ar'rak n. (py>-"\V) arrack .t 

arrange' v. ('t!»n3"-i-y) =3"8 ,!y3ins 

=BM8 ; 3313118 P8 Iy33yi3 : IVBa'T 

=yi3S iiyasoas ;n"i s ns lysyBij' 
.i"53DMs IS IK lyoip ; lyT 

I shall arrange to have you meet him. 

arrange' an account' ty '6!>n3"i-y) 

iy3y3yiy3 ; nau-n s lyaso ('03isp-y 

.ain s lyi'Tiipi? 

arrange'ment n. {B3yB-'ts'n3'n-y) 

,331311S3'<« : lyri"! PS 33l5yB6S'BMS 

=t;s ns iy33yi3 B8t ;33iBan3"s 
=Bn8 :33nyi3siyB ;33iasD3s ;33i3 


arran'ger n. (-iyE'n-'3"vy) lyT 
PS B33"n3 -lyasyii ,nyn ny3iis 


ar rant o. (D3y-"iy) Dsii ,3n3yBB'5sa 

.V>-^3V^ ,B3y?(5' : BMsain Ps 

ar'rant cow'ard -'isP B3y-'"iy) 

.33'?3"B iya'?'i3y(!' s (ins 

ar rant knave (ii"3 B3y-"iy) =31' s 

'Vt: 8 ;33P 'iy3y3'-iBy33in s ; ^83 

.601? •iy3'T 

ar rantly adv. (i?-D3y-'iy) O'lsain 

ar'rant ras cal (?yp-'Dyi B3y-'ny) 

arrant knave .t 
ar'rant rogue (jnsi B3y-'-iy) 

ajTCTjit knave .t 
ar'rant tral'tor (isB-'^iB B3y-'iy) 
.lynaynya iy3'BayiB-iyT3 s 
ar'rant vil'laln (|"8-'?mi Bsy-'iy) 

arrant knave .t 
ar'ras ». (ay-'ny) .y3 ; i*ByB ,!81PT 


array n. and v. ('"i-y) 'DMS DST .1 

;n'n ;t|MpiyaBix lyis 'its' bis lyjyBtc 

=?8D D'lK B?yOt!' lyn '11 3313118 '1 .2 

»DMs ,iy3ns ; nDn?D s ps iyB8i 
•M ; m"?P38 .3 ; n"i 8 Ps iy?yBB' 
'1 .4 ; 31X38 ;riB iiysiBDMS ,iysiB 
Dsi ;ii»B3'i] y3yisiiB'y3 na yao'? 
lyi P8 y3!;i8m!'y3 n iy3"iB'3"« 
=?8D 33i?'''B38 18 ;yyBi8 is ;yDB'? 


1. The peddler showed an array of laces. 
2. The army was arrayed for battle. 3. The 
bride was arrayed for the wedding. 

array' vvlth (nB'lin '"l-J) ,iysiaB'ls 


arrear' n. and adv. Ciyn-V) =P'i .1 

;P'iiv ;is=iyB3<ii .2 ;ain ,i?it!' ,i38BtS' 

I1B 331?"B38 is] 31X383 ,1811=iyB3'n .3 

'3>r\ Bnys dsii iicn?a ps yyais lyi 
.[(tiDson) yycis iyx3S3 lyi lyo 

1. Some members are In arrears in their 

arrear'age n. (tfiT's-'iyi-y) b>3 

iy3'i3yB!!'p'i 8 ; !yi?iK' yo?nsxiyi 

«P'i lyis 3'?j;Bt!'3S3 iy3"?3 dsi ; 3in 


arrest v. and n,. CBDyi-y) ,iyi'Bffi8 

»3s ; lysst (IMS BDyi8 18 iy3j;?B'iis 

=iyB ; lyiyijM ; iyB?8n3"s aV^vo^ 

1M ;[ni3t ps] iyD?s.iBDyB .-lyDBsn 

=JM ,33iB?8n3"s ; i8t 8 lyiya'UPB 

: 33iD,iy3BDya ; 33iBBsniffB : 33iiyi 

V':p n fi'is iiya "3 38?ts'D'is sts 

.D'3 yBB'iyD3'n n na 

arres table a. (?ayD-'DSi-y) typ dsii 

.lyiyii Bi'BDyis nisi lyis 

arrest' of judg'ment ii8 -'BDyi-ff) 

lyis 33iB?sn3"K '1 (B3yo-'ts'nsB'n 

?"D11S=DB3'iy3 8 n.B 3315yDE'3S 

arrest' the atten'tion mb 'BDyi-j) 

'Piyoa'is n lyiynE'is {ist!'-'3St3-B 

^, D"p38r 

arret n. ('»!-») na] 331311S1BB s 

lyssD IS B380 '1 osn dsii ,By3"s 

8 I1B] ?"B118 13y ;[iy3313118iyB 

^., , .Boyis IK ;[b3'1w 

arrhi zal a. (?y»-'i81-yX arhizal r 

arrhyth'my n. CD-'riBn-y) d'J dsi 

.[B3ny3 8 iy3yii] db'i i"p ryasn 

arriere' n. Ciyn-y) 'yn ,l811=iyB3'n 

na 331?"B38 is] 31X383 ,yiiB3=iyB 

=3'ii Bny3 D811 ,nnn?D ps yyois i»i 

.[(eiDSBii) yyois iyx3S3 lyi lyo 

arriere'-ban n. (iy3='iy'i-y) ^jyosnx 

.non?D IX tiiiB'is ,«in 

arrlere'-gnard n. (n83-'iyn-») 

,331?"B38=iyB'?'D 8] yil83=iyB3'n 

.[yyois lyi iyB3'n enyj ds« 

arrlere'-pensfe' ». -J8S-'inyi-iy) 

iy3yD?8n»a lyis iy3y3is3iyB 8 ('"D 

.P38iy3 iy3y3iii!;'iyB s ; P381»j 

arri^re'-vas'sal n. (?y-'Dyii-'ijni-ff) 

.B'lay? lay is ,?8D8ii s "3 ?8D8« 8 

arrie ro n. (i8l-'"8-'s-iy) =?'io 8 


ar rls n. (o's-'iy) >yp3'ii lyBisc s 

.yi"3y3 8 PS 

arrival n. (?yii-''81-y) dsi ,dB3iP3S 

DSII DsiiBy lyis iy3"K ;iyt3ipjs 

.[Jyx 8 na] 33i3"iiy ; is odip 

arri'val place (D"?b ?yii-''8l-y) . 

.y8?B"DQB31p38 ' 

arrive' v. cirsi-y) "088 ; iyDip3« 

.ty3"ny nyn 

arrive at a conclu slon 'iPsi-S) 

.D1?t!' 8 IX lyoip (18B't-'l?P-3SP B an 




ar'rogance n. (djj;j-8-'ij;) ,i5"n3ViB 

.i'?8Bti' .Bimya'K ;niTy ,ntyn 

ap'rogancy n. CD-jya-s-'iy) 

arrogance .t 

ar'rogant a. (bjj/j-b-'ij;) ,'ivia 

;j'BiaiBa'N yj'Qioann ,j'Tnssin 

.Y'>w<i> j'Tniyn 

ar'rogantly oito. ('5-B3W-s-'iy) b<d 

.rssBty B'D ; Bimwx 

ar'rogantness n. (oyj-Boyj-s-'lV) 

arrogance .t 
ar'rogate ». (B"3-!f-'ny) ,ntyn lyasn 
nny t8 i"t jDyroyByis sysis lyasn 
pit ;j'BiDiy3'N t"i nyia pn ;qub 
lynyisa ;Byn5'3yjj"N t"t ; j-Jsats" 
.BB1P Dy '11 nnyo lyiyise ; ntyn b'd 
arroga'tlon n. (isB'-'"J-8-"iy) out 
U'Yriaxin t"t OUT u'Bimya'x i"t 
='11 inyo lynyiss bst ; pM=iy-ia dst 
'jyoyia yBj'aayiyaJiK ; bdip oy jya 


ar'rogative a. (ipB-ys-s-'ny) ='fiiiy 

»yjj"s jj'Bimya'K ;3n'nB!iin jn 

=jyByia yBJ'B3y^y3JlK b'd ; ByiJn 


arrondisse'ment n. -'on-JSi-y) 

.[i"ipJ8iB pn] pTxya 8 (ISO 

ar'row ». (is-'iy) .jyj'13 8 tia. 5"a s 

ar'row-head n. (lyn-is-'iy) nyi 

BI8] B'np=5"B ;5"B IIB r'ats" 


ar'rowroot n. (ann-is-'iy) =5y''B n 

«y3 onyii yssyii ysjsja 8t8] 5ys-i8ii 

.[P'BE' 18B BSU 

ar'row-shaped a. (BB"6!'-i8-'ny) 
.?"B 8 IS T5:ny ; ;'Diys>?"S 
ar'row-stone n. (iisBD-i8-'ny) =y3 


ar'rowy a. (i8-is-'iy) 8 Ml ^'S'Sb- 
8 '11 JyJiy ;5"B 8 IX V>mV ,?"B 


arroy'o n. (is-''svy) ; 5y3"B v^'>\> 8 
.lyasna lyaypna lyayo 8 
arschin' n. ci'K'-ns) arshine .i 
arse ». (di8) .nnn ,p?n=iyB3'n "Wi 
ar'senal n. (5y3-yD-'18) ; 58JyDT8 
.P'i38a=inyiiyj ; iyj85=inyiiyj 
ar'senate n. (B"3-yD-'l8) 

arseniate .i 
arse'niate »i. (By-'j-'<D-n8) =P'jyn8 

.[pB'ty'D] rPSt 

ar'senlc ». (p'j-yD-'-i8) s] p'jyfis 

.[BjyDysy ijiu nyB"Dy3 

arsen'ic a. (p'8-'3yD-"i8) «B3y dbii 

.p'iytTs D?8n' 

arsen'ic ac'id (Tx-'oy p<8-'3yD-i8) 

^ .!;iyMt=p'jyn8 

arsen'lcal a. (?yp-'8-'jyD-i8) Dsii 

.P'jyn8 B58nB;j) 

ar'senid n. (T<K-jyD-'T8) Vt!'^0il2 « 

.58Bya B'o p'jyns lis j:nj'3iyB 

ar'senide n. (TK-jvd-'is) 

arsenid- .t 

arse'nious a. (ds-'J-''D-18) =Bjy D811 

.P'jyns IS vti/ P8 Buii -\riH bjbh 

ar'senite n. (o'SJ-yo-'ns) P'jyn8 


arse'niuret n. (ByvrJ-''D-l8) 

arsenid .t 
ar'senous o. (DSJ-yD-'n8) 

arseniotis .t 
arsen'uret ». (Byi-i'-'jyD-i8) 

arsenid .i 
arse'ward aclv. (m81in-'Dl8) =P'n 

arshin' ». ('pe^-is) .piyTS 18 

arshine .t 

arshine' 7j. ('pt!'-'i8) 'jy?8] pb'IS is 

=iyB nx tynvB nJ8?Dn I'x D8o=iyj 

iiy 18 PR vt!/-\« ly^ifln lyT ."p 

lyT .lyByo'BJBD 71.119 lyis ?ss 28 

■lyis ^yByo s i"5j pk nytc'piyB 

1 ^"5j i'8 -lyt^'nya ivt .?ss 39.37 

.[iyByo'B38D 4 B'B lyayo 

ar'sis n. (D'd-'18) ; isb na jjunn n 

.[p'tio i'8] Bjysps m rns isb s 

ar son ». (isB-'Ts) .jjnj'XiyBJix 

art n. and v. (bts) =ynBBy : ddjip .1 

•yj ,B"PB3'8yj .2 nys 8 ,yi?'j 8 ;p'b 

.[n] BP3 .3 ; B^pap'ty 

1. The art of music la as old as the human 

race. 2. There Is art In frying eggs. 3. 

Thou art the only Go* 

arte'ria n. (s-i-|_''B-T8) artery .t 

arte'rial a. (5y-n-''B-i8) P8 DSll 

artery .t .y'-iyBT8 18 is v^ii> 

arterialisa'tion n. -■rs-jy-i-i-iB-ig) 

arterialisation .t (i8B'-'"t 

arterlaliza'tion n. -ix-Sy-n-'B-iB) 

=iy'iyi8 DST iy>iJ8inya dst (t8E'-'"( 

.[lyoyBK Tin] bi?3»d?is pk bi53 

arte'riallze v. (PS-Jy-'l-'iB-TS) «jy 

Bi53=D5iB PN Bi53«iynyns d8t lyiyi 

.[tyoyBS ^in] 

arte rial naviga'tion 5y-'i-''B-l8) 

lya'E' na inypiya -lyi (ist!'-'"3-Mi-yj 

.ty?BJ8p PK iy3"B (1M8 

arteriog'raphy n. -jn-'j8-n-'B-TS) 

.iynyTS=D5ia 't iia y'nsB8J8 n ca 

arteriol'ogy ». ctjin-s-'^B-n-'B-iB) 

n lyjyii j:i5i:8n3s ys'JBBsts'jyD'ii s 


arteriosclero'sis n. -s-'I-'B-ib) 

oya 118 jJipmya n (D'D-'isi-yJPO 

=PJ8iP 818] lynyoiB 'i na jjib^be' 


arte'riotome n. (bisb-s-'1-"'B-'i8) 

«yay bis BjyonBDj''K -lyiv'jii-i'a 8 

.ynyBiB I8 ivj 

arteriot'omy n. (io-s-'B8-n-'B-18) 

.tyiyis^BJia tia yosBSJB n 

arteri'tis ». (B'B-''8n-yB-l8) 18 

n t)B iyi8 ynyBT8 I8 na jjnj'SBjy 


ar'tery ■». orad v. (in-yB-"i8) =yBT8 

,ryiyT8 n na ^yJ"K] iyis»B5iB lyn 

IS iysi8n iiB B153 D8T lyiri'B ya^yii 

8 ,?«38P 8 ;[iys-iyp na iy5"B n 

=y3 ; ByBB<B»3J1iyB8'1iy3 8 113 3"11S 

=-i8 B'D Ml nyi8 ly.-iyBis B'd lypyi 

, .lynvB 

Arte'sian a. (iy<t;'i-''D-l8) =T8 tiB 

»m8J PS yjMisiB yB58 I8] oiiyB 

iyD8ii lyjyii] {!"tyBT8 lE'i'^ipaBiB 

.[tyjiiB tyc'tyons t8 tia 

Artesian well .t 

Arte'sian well (?yiin tya't-'iB-ls) 

Dsii By:i-i3 8] Byji-13 lyB-nyDis I8 

P8 ly'B tyiyM3 ^nn msavi Biyii 

8 t33"ij-iyT Biyii oy P3 ny nyi 


Artesian Well 
art'-exliibi'tion n. -'ri-Hy»'Bn8) 

.JJl5yBB'DM8 BD31P (t8-'t!"3 

art'ful a. (?ia-'Dn8) =yj ; i!"BB'Bn8 

.1"1bb:ip ; ^sBBBJip ,yiB'3 ; BP'ty 

art' fully otto. ck-Jib-'bib) =yj B'o 

.B^'pyiB'S B'D ; SSBBDJlp ; B"PBP'l!' 

art'fulness n. (Dyj-?ia-'Bn8) =BDO'p 

=D'5 ;33138Jy3 yE-'iyPBD^'P ,B"P3'5 
.B"p3'5Bp'tJ'yj ,B"PJ'B 

artlirit'ic a. (p'8-'Bi-inB-T8) .PK D8II 
«ss] B3'3 nyi8 typjyjyj n is v^^ 


arthrit'ical a. (Syp-'X-'B'inB-'iB) 

arthritic .t 

arthrit'ical pains 5yp-'8-'BnnB-l8) 

PK JSBnyii 8 ; lysiyBB^BS'j (ij"S 

.typjy?y3 't 

arthri'tis n. (D'B-''8inB-T8) B3<3 

.[ivpoy^yj n tia aonj'SBjy] 

arthro'dial a. (5y-n-'isinB-i8) DSiv 

.lypjysyj y3'?3yiiy3="na is T'ts' P8 

arthrod'ic a. (p'^-'lBinB-iB) 

arthrodial ,1 

arthrodyn'ia n. (y-'8-'jn-sinB--i8) 

.lypjy^yj n P8 nyaE" lyi 

Arthrogas'tra ». (y-iB-'Dyj-sinB-i8) 

P8 1M3 nyn Dsii ,iyBpytJ'K y35yi8- 

.^!i'>m'''\ na B^yBWaaMJis 

arthrog'raphy ». ('a-yi-'j8nnB-i8) 

«y<?3 n na jju'nti'ya ys'JBascjyDMi 


arthrol'ogy n. ('t!'n-8-'?8nnB-l8) 

=y3 D8II ,y'D8B8J8 P8 JJ1?"B38 n 

nyjj'B ; iyp3y5ya»nyiy5j n B?yiJ8n 

.yaiBB^SMB tia ibibe' 

Arthrozo'a re. (y-'ist-snnB-iB) ='1? 

tyanp dsii yiynB] vtvrio yijys 

.[1M3 iy"I SIMS 

Arthu'rian o. (ty-'l-'inB-ns) DSil 
IS lyns "iinBTs J'jyp Byi is i"t!' p« 
ninB-18 rjyp] dipk lysyii lynayay? n 
=sy? n na ny3"K D58 Bwayiyj BTyii 
=yii .iy':8B'i3 iiB yjuyp yt!"B5yp vb 
iyi:y3y? id 8 i818B iy3"t an's lya 
B'j PS EinsBD'n isi ,ty?y38a 11s 
tyii Bsn j'jyp 8t8 b'is ,B5yBtj'y3BDya 

.[BTBD'tPy PS Dy 

ar'tichoke n. (pisi^B-'D-'ls) ''BIB 


Ml DMs Bnyt DSII 

.[ypc'ts- 8 

ar'ticle re. ' and u. 

; jyp'BIS (?P'B-'18) 
; P'BE'BBnt!' ; 18t 

= BBMn .rst'BBMn 

=B5TSa ; BpJlB ,P'B1!' 
;DP31S isb BPJlB lyj 

= 'Dts-ys ,tysytDDyB 


.BP81B3SP 8 tyBso ,ty38B3s ; lyo 




ar'ticle by ar'ticle iga JP'd-'ts) 
181 V1V IBPJIB "3 BpJlB (?p'B-'-|8 

articled appren'tice I?p't3-'18) 
.DinsBSJ 8 "3 jj'Snny? 8 (d'b-'ji;is-b 

ar'ticled pu'pil (5ib-'1'B 15p'l3-'n8) 

':•[» BIX tyouyjBMx I'k dbii ,"iv5't!' 8 

.iVJJiJJnya yoniw nnx Bamws 

ar tided to an attor'ney -"is) 
IS B!;B3'5Biya cj-'imb-j; ly ib i?p'b 

18 tIB H1B"? -\V1 lyBJIN iyB"318 

ar'ticle for trea'son isb 5piB-'l8) 

'Si nB8-nyB p8 jju'nJwya (iiyiB 

.jjiTjyT lin m 

ar tiele of com'merce us ?P'B-'i8) 

.mine ;yT8ii (D"im8-'o8P 

ar'ticle of food (iniB 118 5P'b-'18) 

.?yp'BT8 t"BE' 

ar'ticle of mer'chandise 5p'B-'n8) 

.(t'8-ljyt!'B-'TlB 118 

article of commerce .t 

ar'ticles in demand' pn t5p'B-'n8) 

rnino ,iy?p'BnB yBJsnip ('i:yi3-n 

.Dij inyt tynyj dsii 

ar'ticles of agree'ment t?P'B-'l8) 

=38 18 tiB ijiBpjiB (Biyo-'ynj-y ii8 

.18038 18 ;180 

ar'ticles of demand' ii8 i?P'B-'18) 

articles in demand .t ('ijyn-n 

ar'ticles of faitb ii8 t?P'B-'l8) 

n] t8'r?yT 8 lis onp'y n (nB"B 

'Vi 8 IIB lyOpJlB 'T ;[B'P080 'JN 

.1313 DyjyD85B' 

ar'ticles of incorpora'tlon -'18) 

n (IS1!'-'"1-SB-18P-J'8 118 t5P'B 
=8BTSP 8 DSll iyB1B8BD 'T B'D BBnSy 

nyi IS i"8 B3"T i"8iya nyis is'S8t 

IBB i!"J3'i?iy 18 iyoipy3 ix jjnyjyi 

.jjnj'ij lyi 

ar'ticles of inden'ture I5P'B-'"I8) 

BP8nB38P=iny5 8 (nitJ'B-'jyi-J'K ii8 

.[5yjr8=nny5 8 T8B bp81b:sp] 

ar'ticles of part'nership i5p'B-'l8) 

llB BP81BJ8P 8 (B't!'-iyj-'B18B 118 

.BP81BJSP=Ba8tyjyB8Jyj ,B'Bni8!' 

ar'ticles of the peace T?P'B-'18) 
=3'?Bsiya y3'5B3nyj 8 (sys 'na ii8 
'm IS B'3 iyi8 iya"i3is:8 b'j 3:iq 
Biyii B811 ,iisnyB yB'iiyj 8 \wi 
lyoyii lyjyj Byj"8 imn BjysyjBMiB 
T8 ,yj85p 8 B3813yjJ"-|8 Biyii By 

• IX BBSyjB' ISno is BJ»B3't38y3 iy 

.isnya iy:y' 

ar'ticles of war us t?piB-'"i8) 

.iysyryj=B3y'ip (msiin 

artic'ular a. ciyw-'p'B-lB) B8ii 

.lypjyjyj n w v<i> pk 

artic'ular disease' lyj-v-p'B-is) 

'lyiy^j ,B"np38ip=iyp3y?yj CPK-tn 


artic'ularly adv. (i?-iy?-p-'p»B-l8) 
,t"ii3's:"K : iBiK lyBiyiysais 8 imb 


Articula'ta n. (yB-'"?-l'-p'B-n8) 

=y3 -lysiyp lyM] yiyna lyiyjj 

='ip B811 fivn ;[iy>yjj'"i na Bnyat!' 

.1'13 ayi eiM8 lys 

artic'ulate a. and v. (B"?-ii-'P'b-18) 

=B'n 118 n8?p n'?B'n iBiyTJjyj 

»?'t yj?ys3"8 B'D ; lysyiBCBMB i'? 

.lysyiBts'BMs lys 

To speak lilnellsh well, one must articulate 

artic'ulate an'lmal b^J-i'-'P'b-ib) 
4.rtioulata .j (?vo-'8-'Jtf 

artic'ulated a. (iyB-"?-l'-'P'B-T8) 

» .BiyiyjBM8 I'jB'n jBiyiyjaya 

artic'ulately adv. -b"5-i'-'P'b-"i8) 

8 B'o i lyjjnjuiys'pjyjyj b'o c? 

;BP31B IBB Bp:iB lySBIBB'BMK iyiS5P 

artic'ulateness n. -b"?-p-'P'B-"i8) 
lyi pb] b"P3»5b"t ;jjnyiy'5j (syj 


articula'tion n. (iBif-'"5-i'-P'B-l8) 
y3'?B"T i j:n3<3iyB=pjy?yj ; pjyJyj 

=y3?n B'l? y3B1BB'B'18 ; ySBISB'S'lN 

lyjyoK' y:yBP8iiyja'iJis n ;jji?"b 
=yiy'5j-iyB -.tJys'jp] ysjBJs 8 pk 
.B3838n8P ivi ; Jjnyiy'53 ; JJn 
artlc'ulatlTe a. (ipb-"?-i'-'P'B-"i8) 
'pwjyj nyi8 lypjyjyj is viff yt< bbh 
='5b"t 8 IS vft> PK B811 :J3nr3iya 

=yjBMB Biyil D811 lySBIBt^BMB y3 

.y3?'t IBB ysJ't lysBiBts' 
artic'ulator n. (■isb-"5-p-'P'b-'i8) 

n I'SB"! BMB B3y-|Bt!' D811 iy3"B 

iMjis BSyBB" BB11 iyj"8 nyBiyii 

=8S8 IB] IBBBSlp'BIB 18 ; IVBySypD 

lysBo "3 lysijys lyBB'Bjyi bbii bbt 
tyB8Bis38 iyB'3yjnyjn"s ys'jsBj'P 

.[5'ID IIB 33l5yBE' y3'B3n n 

artic'ulatory a. -8B-"?-1'-'P'B-18) 

B"P3'5B"T 1V1 IS VH' P8 B811 V\ 


artic'ulus n. (D8?-P-'P'B-18) =y3 8 


ar'tifice n. (B'B-'B-'18) ,B"P3'BB'5 

.ypiBty.B ,5ysiBii' b ,B"pyiB'3 

artif'icer n. ("lyD-'B-'B'B-'iB) =bB3'P 

''JBsya ; n3B5D 5y3 lyap't^ys ; ly? 

.lyaayB' ; iyi3'aiy ; -^vp 

artifl'cial a. {Sy-'E^'a-'B-lB) =bbj'P 

■.B380y338J n'5TB83 B1J ,1'? 

Artificial flowers are worn on women's hats. 

artifl'cial day ("t Sy-'C'S-'B-IB) 

B3y3yiy3 3sb -iv\ .n .t] 3SB=iyjiT lyi 

B'J ,J3B3'iyBJlK=in P3 3JB3Bn8'|lt US 

.[ny? nyo i"p 
artifl'cial gem (BytJin 5y-'i!"B-'B-iB) 

.BJBOn iyi}'?8B 8 

artifl'cial heat {By<ii 5y-'E"B-'B-H!) 

.r'n y3'5BB3'p 

artificial'ity n. _'jji_i[<_tji<B-'B-"iB) 

; B"P3'5'l'B8331N ,B"P3'5BB3'P CB-'B 

artifl'cially adv. ('K-5y-'B'>B-'B-lB) 

;tB18 iy3'>TB8331B ,iy3'?BD3'P B ei'lK 

.B'lpBp'B'ys nn ,bbjip nn 

artifl'cial mag'net 5y-'i!"B-'B-lB) 

"STBBJ B'j] ■iy3'5BBJ'P (Byj-'syo 

.Byj38o [iy3 

artifl'cialness «. -?y-'(!"B-'B-l8) 

artificiality ,t (Byj 

artifl'cial num'bers ?y-'ts"B-»B-lB) 

J31?"B3B IB] lyOB'-lBSB? (ny3-'D8J 

logaHthm .t .[p'BBoyBBB "lyi P8 

artifl'cial pearls ?y-'(!"B-'B-"i8) 

.?yiyB"m?3 ;?yiyB yB3y b'j (i?i'ib, 

artifl'cial stone ?y-'t!"B-'B-"i8) 

=38oy3383 ,P'Bi!"?yiy lya-^BB (iibbb 

.P'BB'-Jyiy ^vo 

artifl clal tears ?y-'i!"B-'B-'i8) 

iy?nBP8ip .lyinyiB yu-SBB (ny^B 


artifl'cious o. (B8-'B"B-'B-T8) 

artificial .t 
artil'lerist n. (BB<«-iy-'?'B-n8) lyn 
artillery .i ,BDny?'Bi8 

artil'lery «. (n-y-'?'B-l8) »y?'B"iB 

; lyBBDiBn ; inyiiy3'D't!' yiyiiB' : vt 

=58b] iyB8i58B ynyJ'BiB : iyJ8J8p 

.[lyBBDiBH "3 lyjy'T dbh ivbbt 

artil'lery dri'ver n-y-'?'B-"i8) 

,nyB 'T iiB iy3'nB3» lyi ciyii-'Bii 

lyBBDiBn n lynn^a y3?yii 

artil'leryman n. (iyB-'n-y-'?'B-l8) 

Bjyn B811 BB1?8D 8] IS^iS^SP 8 

.[yny?'Bi8 pb 

ar'tisan n. (tyt-'B-'IB) ,iy5BD:'p 

.iyBD"D nypiyinJBn 

ar'tist n. (bB'B-'-i8) "nSD nyJBBJ'P 

IB ,BB'BiB IB ; iypnyin38n=BD:iP ,iy? 


artiste' n. CbD'B-IB) ^yiB'SyaBIB 8 

=BB3'p B :.a .1 .8 iy33M ,-iys3yB IP? 

.IBB pn VK lyjBBj'p 8 :Piy5 

artis'tlc a. (p'B-'D'B-"iB) ;t!'ny5BB3'p 


artls'tical a. (5y-P'B-'D'B-iB) 

artistic t 

artis'tically adv. ('8-5y-p'B-'D'B-lB) 

=iBB'Bi8 iyi8 iyi!"iy?BBJ'P b (i'ik 

.IBIK lyu' 

ar'tist-like a. (p'85=BD'B-'n8) =BBJ'P 

ar'tistry n. (i-ib-D'B-'18) =18=bB31P 

.DlBiy?BBJ'p ; B"3 

ar'tist's proof (tiniiB dbd'B-'18) 

«8i3nyBip B iiB pm38 -\soz''\s -\r\ 


art'less a. (Byj-'BiB) =y5BBJ'p b'3 

=83 ,B?yBB3'py3 B'J .; 1BB3"K ; B"T 
J'B3nB'lB .Vy-fO 

art'lessly adv. cJ-syJ-'BiB) 8 ei'lK 

: B"P3'B3nB'18 B'D ; 1B18 iy3'5TB83 

art'lessness n. (By3-cy?-'Bi8) =bb31p 

.B"P3'?"1'B83 :B"n38a3"B : B"p3't8? 

Artocar'pus n. (BSS-'18P-8B-18) "lyT 
tvi B3JB5y3 By lyBJyii is lyo'u pb 


artocar'pus o. (bbb-'ibp-sb-ib) BUil 

.B'13=B'n3 DIS VV PB 

art of assay' ('"o-y lis Bis) 'ilB 

118 iy3inyB31B is BDJIP 't] BB31P»T3 

.[tyJBByo tyT3ns 
art of dran/ing -'nsn iib bi8) 

,BB3iP=iy3"S n (33' B 

art of mu'slc (P't-'po iib bib) 

art'-union n. (18'J-p='b18) •BB31P 


A'rum n. (bb1-'"8) =81"8 PB bib 

"I iiB y3'3"K iib] iyS385B yt!»8yB 

•'iiy3 8 BSBoys tyjsisii n pb aiyii 

.[?883S-lp BlSt -wo 
Arunde'lian mar'bles -'n-38-iy) 

B'B 180180 tlB ty5ll8B (t?3'18B W> 

'Vi iy6!"3'13 iyi IIB iy331J3"Sa'18 


arundina'ceous a. _'»j->i_3(ji_y) 

P8 B811 ; 1813 By3'B18inB1 (BB'iS' 

.1813 By3'Bi8inBi IS i"if 

arundin'eous «. (BB-'8-'3n-38-iy) 

IS i'?3ny ; lyBpBiiys t8i3 insi b'o 

.1813 inBi 

arus'pex n. (opys-'Bsi-y) 'DllBn l»l 

iy38t»niB'33 8 .BMI iyB?B P8] Bpys 

.[ni33ip n iiB iyi"iiy33'B n nn 
arus'pice n. (B'B-'BBi-y) aruspex ,x 
ar'val n. and a. (?yii-'i8) •yayi3y3 




'Stm 8 IX 1"B' t'« Dun ; BdffB'if'J 
.1385 B"3 

ar'vel n. and a. (5j;ii-'i8) =V3J»iW3 
=M 8 IX 1"B' I'K DS11 : 13D5IB»B"jya 


Ap'yan a. and n. (ij(<-"i8) Avian .t 

as c. (ts) ;.i!)ii ;iii=nt8 ; ni ,058 

.OBBIBMJS D811 ; ?"11 

as advised' ('it'8ii-iv ty) «ji3 B'l? 

.i;383B<lN B'l5 ,B3n' 

asafet'lda n. (bi-'s-'bub-s-dj;) ="b 

BB8t nBinJBPJ'BB' inj/I 8] PjnVD5y3 

.DiJimiJ siDMiyj I1B 
as agreed' upon' -s 'nsna-i/ TV) 

- .I»DS5t!'»3 '11 CtSB 

as appears' ('nj/'S-y ty) oy 'ii 


As'arum n. (Qsn-y-'oy) pa 8t8 

'jMna yj"5P b'd iysj85B y:nypyor 

.j:in'53 y3'5 

as a rule (Jnn y ty) ,i"nyj58 pk 

.■^'Jjiiyiiy; ,5533 

as.... as (t»....iy) 111.... '118 

They, as well as their friends visited us. 

asbes'tic a. (p'B-'oys-oy) t'8 osii 

=D8 BSSHBjy D811 ; BDy3D8 IS 1"B' 


asbes'tiform a. (msa-'B-'Dy3-Dy) 

liiytD'is Dsi lyis Di»B 'T Bsn osii 

.BDySDK tlB 

asbes'tine a. (i'B-'Dy3-Dy) Bsn Dsii 
=J18 :BDyaD8 lis iyBB8tj'jyj"K 't 


asbes'toid a. (TSB-tiy3-Dy) i''5jny 
.Bey3D8 IS 

asbes'tos n. (Dso-'oya-Dy) ,BDy3D8 

lyns iV'\M ,nyD"ii Bts] Dp85B3"Bt!' 

Iia 58iyj'o lyvnoynys nyna^i'ia 

=y3 I'D 8 B38ay3 i'i8 Bnyii Dy lyasyii 

.[iy"B i'8 B': Bjyn3 osii iJsii 

asbes'tos-stove «. -DSB-'oys-cy) 
'T iy35yii "3 ,y5yii'iK=t8J 8 (iiisbd 
- .BoyiDs B'D Bpyiy3 iyj"t iy:yi3 

asbes'tous a. (DSB-'Dy3-Dy) is i'5jny 

=J18 ; BDy3D8 IlB B380yj ; 0Dy3D8 

asbes'tus n. (DSB-'Dy3-Dy) 

asbestos .t 
as broad as long (]J85 ty 11813 ty) 

.3J85 '11 B"13 'Its 

as'carts n. (D'l-yp-'oy) a"i8ii=5isi!' 

=1S B': 183 »'8 D811 ,01811 iyi311 8] 
.[ty33'1 I'8 Biyl'?3 

ascend' v. ('uyD-y) ,iy3"Bt!'B'lK 
'iyi VI ;tny3B'ii8 ;ty3"Bt!'B'ii8 
inyi ;[b"s i'n] p'hs iiiy3 ;iy3'iii 

'11 ] 33nBB'118 niS iyi8 338338 D1S 

.[T'B 8 iia 

They ascended the mountain. 

ascen'dable a. oivi-'lVB-V) D8II is 

lyp lyo D8II ei'is ; iy3"BK'iyi typ. l»o 


ascen'dant a. and n. (B3yi-'3»D-y) 

=B'1S D81 ;13yny3B'18 ,13y3"BB'B'18 

Tiy3"i3iyi n'lii iyi !'« wbi!' 
«3'in ;i3y3yiiiy3'« -.yBfi/ tyBoayn oyi 
o"» iyi3yD'Bt!'y3 ;B3'iiy3iy3'K ; b"p 


asceu'dency re. ('D-3yi-'3yD-y) =3'in 
^ysiya'K ;di5b3"8 iypi8Bt!' ;b"P 

;1'in iyi I'8 ty3"BB'a'18 D81 ;B3'11 

.r'Sty tyBDsyn oyi iy3"i3iyi bsi 

Roosevelt's ascendency in American politics 
bw l»en continuous. 

ascen'dent a. and n. (B3yi-'jyD-y) 
ascendant .1 

ascen'ding a. (33'l-'3yD-y) '"Btya'ix 

.3'i3ynyjB'i8 ,3'i3y3 

ascen'ding lat'itude 33'l-'3yD-y) 

8] B"13 y3'5l1S3 '1 (11'B-'8-'By? 

=D'18 iyti"D83S1BD8 118 iytJ"B8138y3 

• [pin 
ascen sion n. (t8B'-'3yB-y) "'BtS'B'lx 

I'« IiybB' 8 tlB 3313"B(!'a'18 '1 ; 3313 


ascen'sional a. (5y-38tS'-'jyD-y) =B'i8 

oy3'iniy ,1't 3'i3y3'iniyi nsys'^BB* 


ascen'sive a. (ll'B-'jyo-y) 

ascensional .i 

ascent' re. ('B3yD-y) ; iy3"Bt!'B'18 D81 
'1 ; B18 iy3'in iyi ; tny3a'ii8 B8i 
.3383B'n8 iyi :[3yii 8 iia] 33i3"Bt!' 

ascertain' v. ('t"B-l'l8-By) ^'Bcya 

■=B'18 : iy38Q B'iiy3 ,iysytBBya ,iyo 

.lyiya'tiya iiyj'ays 

The police entered the house to ascertain 
the cause of the -trouble. 

ascertai'nable «. -'"B-1'18-Dy) 

»'iiy33S3 lyp B811 : iBso'BB'yi (53y3 

lyiyni B3sty3 lyp bbii ;iyiyii. tyt 

.lys'i ei'i8 

ascertal'nableness re. -'"B-l'i8-By) 

tyo'BB'ya is B"p3'53y!5' 'i (By3-53y3 

.tyj'ByjisB'iN lyis 

ascertain' a major'ity -Tix-oy) 

=y3'tiyB I't ('B-'8-'i8tJ'ti-yB y 'i"b 

B"mnyo 8 b'b ,ByB'is'8o 8 b'o lyi 

.[.11 .t .8 Byi338P ,33i5a8nyB 8 px] 

ascertai'ner m. (iy3-"i'B-Tl8-By) 

B5yBii' lyis Biys'tiya B811 iy3"8 

ascertain'ment re. -'3"a-l'i8-By) 

' =y3 ; 331SytBByB ; 331?yBtJ'BByB (B3yD 

.B"nB'iiy3 ;33ny3'tiya ,33iD'aE' 
ascet'ic ». and n. (p'8^'ByB-y) =ypB8 

B811 iy3"8] BypB8 ,1't3 8 ; t:"B 

.[ntn D5iy niisn y?8 iia 3s I't Bjst 

ascet'ical a. (5y-p'8-'ByB-y) =ypD8 

.BypD8 18 '11 3'i3y3y5 : b"b 

ascet'ically adv. ('K-5y-p'8-'ByB-y) 

8 '11 'it8 ; tBi« iyt»"DypB8 18 t|'i8 


■ascet'lcism re. (nt'B-'K-'ByB-y) =B8 
I1B iy3y5 Bsi P8 yiny5 'i] opayp 
tii8i lyo f8 ,ty3'iyis y35yii ,iyBypD8 
.[ntn Q5iy niisn y58 iia iyi"is'38 vi 

ascet'ic life (ti'85 p'x-'ByB-y) 8 
.iy3y5 iy3'TniTt3 

asc'ians re. (t3y'-'B'y) 81118 lyiyjys 
oyi 0118 tiB iy3n8ii3"8 'i] ]Vo»'i> 
I1B iyB"s yB'iiys p8 i8ii ,i8B8iipy 
,iit iyi tiB iJ8Bii' oyi 3y'5is ,in8' 

D18 tyoSB' t"P B'3 1't tlB "t iyB1811 

Ascid'ia re. (y-'s-'I'D-y) 8] pyt=Q' 

B'o Bpyiys ty3"t yssyn ,ni'n=D' pd 

.[p8t iy3'Bi8?ya s 

^- / 


ascld'ian re. and a. (iy-'8-'i'B-y) 

Bpyiya pk d81i n'n=D' 8t8]^Pi8t=D' 8 

T'E' P8 DS11 ;[p8t iy3'Bi85ya 8 B'd 

.pyt=D' '1 IX 

asci'tes re. (t'B-''8B-y) B3myB8ii3'i3 

.[B"np381P 8t8] 

ascit'ic a. (p'8-'B'B-y) =iyD8ii3'i3 

.Bait'iyoBii'Tn vi» P38ip ,3'B3't 

asdt'ical a. (5y-P'8-'B'B-y) 

ascitic .t 

asciti'tions o. (B8-'t5"B-'K-Dy) =y3is 

.3'5yais ;Bsyty3ix ,B3y5 

Ascle'plas re. (By-'B-''5p-By) =58ii!!' 

818] 1813 1"t ,tS13=l5'D ;B'11p3y3 

.[iys385a iy38p'iyn8 pd 

ascri'bable a. (53y3-''81P-By) 0811 

=is ; lyjysyiisis iyi8 ly3"i[s'isis i'8 


The downfall of Spain, is ascribable to 
her treatment of the Jews. 

ascribe' v. ('3'81P-By) 'IS ,ty3"1E'1S 

iy 081 ,iysyD'8 fi'i8 iy38t ; ty3y3yi 

.I8t yo'iiyj 8 B38t lyis biiId 

ascrip'tion re. (JBE'-'B'IP-Oy) '"icis 

.8 n5yD 8 ,B8nB B] 33133yi1i ,3313 
.[.3- .1 

ascriptl'tious a. (D8-'t^"B-^'^P-By) 
iy3yii] iiy iyi is iyi3i3y3 pb obii 
,B"X iy58isyB iyi pn yjy3"B3"5 'i 
lyDBPS lyiyii DB'ipiya iy3y5B y35yii 
=y(S'By3is ;[iiy lyBB'ipiya iyi b'd 
=y33"K ; Bi'iB0'3yi ; B3y5y3ix ,ByB 
. ♦ - .58P8B81S P8 lys'iiy 

as dlrec'ted (lyo-'pyi-'i ty) D'i5 

.331t"1138 0'15 ,BB'i'e'18B 

as eap'ly as (ty '5-'i'i8 ly) ,l'iiy 

We were there as early as four o'clock. 

ase'ity re. CB-'B-'B-y) =BD35yt '1 

081 ;r3yB0'tpy y3'33yn383iB ,yj'i3yBts' 

BOBBK-ysaB iy38n is ins lyi'BO'ipy 

'1 jOBiiBy 11B iyi8 lysyo'B iia 


asep'sis n. (O'B-'syo-y) p't 08i 
.[iy38ip'D yi3yBB'3iyB ins] t!"BayoB 

asep'tic a. (p'B-'syo-y) C'OByDB 
na "IB ;[iS38iP'D yuyBB'siya in*] 


asep'ticlsm re. (opo-'B-'syo-y) 'i 

DBi]33i5i38ny3 yts"Bsyo8 y(!"3'S'iyD 

»p'D yi3yBB'3iya 'i na iyB3'3iyB 


aseptic'ity re. CB-'B-'o'B-sy-oy) bbi 

=P'D llB I"1 I"t 081 ,t!"BByB8 1"» 


asep'ticize v. "(PBO-'B-'ayo-y) lyssD 

yi3yBB'3iyB 'i tyB3'3iyB] B"BsyD8 


asex'nal a. (Sy-PBi-'pyD-y) 8 3'i3y"t 

VP B'3 118 131 1"P D'j] DIBDIP 


asex'ually adv. ('8-5y-1'tJ'-'pyD-y) 

'11 '118 ,Q1BD1B 8 Iia IBIB oyi f|'18 

1"P B'3 118 131 P'P B'3] 01B01B 8 


as far as (ly ibb ty) .'11 B"ll '118 
as far as it goes (ti83 B'B ty IBB ty) 

.BP31B lyO'llW 8 t'3 113 
His plan is good as far as it ooes. 

as fol'lows (tl8-'58B ty) ,B358B '11 

.iyB"ii iy3y'iB'y3 Bnyot!' oy _'ii 
as for cisa ly) osii ;i"t!' pb obii 

B33B5y33B 0B11 ,y313 PX 
As for me, give me liberty, or give me 

as good (mij ty) .Di3 'its lyaif 




as good as (tv inu rv) .mi dij mib 

He is SB good as his word. 

as good as done (isi ty inij tv) 

.J'BIBB '11 tSIJ MtS 

ash «■., 5). a»(J o. (aiy) ; D'13»ivot 
B<0 tVO'CTa ; E'8 ; B'ia=-|V118J'D8' 

ash'en a. 
ash'ery ». 


ashamed' a. ('no"B'-y) =iya /Onytyya 

I am ashamed of tlie conduct of my friend. 

asha'medly adv. (i?-ij;a-'"6!'-j;) b'd 

.t5"nBo»t!'nyB b'o .yiJSB- 

asha medness ». (Dyj-i!;D-'"B'-j/) 

ash -box ». (Dp83='t5'j;) .syBoyp'B's 

ash'-cart ». (BiBp^'tyy) "yii^BD'O 8 

'lyoBJ n lysjyii vk y^yayn-s] v^si 

.[bd'o yB-inypyjD'iN n tyBJsn lyinyp 

ash'-col'or n. (is-'?SP-'ti'y) ,-i'5lSP »« 

ash -col ored a. (in8-'5sp-'is'y) '\i>s 
.tff« '11 'nj ;J'318B 

(ry-'iyy) ,v5sn tyw us 

;J'li'8 iVPSf! yi1»J'D8' lis 
CX-iy-W) 1«11 ,B1S 18 

.P'n38a=!!'8Bss 8 ; ^-8 D'n8 b>e' lyo 

ash'es n. (ty-'B-y) =-iy3'8 -wi ;ie« 

.lysiyp tyBTiB » iia BDyn 

ash'-flre n. (I'SB^'tyy) lyBp'Bic'iyB 8 

ash grey ("ij ct) .[I'Sup] 'iiMi's 

"Colors" .J's .t 

ash'-hole ». (?i8n-'i!'y) i«ii ,185 8 

.(C8 O'c lyo 

ash'lar «. (iBJ-'B'y) ashler .t 

ash'ler ■«. (lyj-'tyy) ("Bts'^ina 8 

='py=i»'B 8 ;[t"BB' iyB"3n8ya b'j] 

.fBty lyj 

ash'lering n. (jj'8-ny5-'ts'y) =i»58n 8 

?583=18T OyT iyBJ18 B58n DK11 ,5"t 


ashore .aeto. and a. ("ii8l!'-y) I'^i'lN 
;[iyD8ii 8 lis] jy-i3 D!l^^ si'iK nJ8? 
.jyia t'si'i8 lyiB i:8? t'ei'18 t'8 08ii 

ash'-pan n. (tys^W) I'n] iyBD8P'E'8 

ash-pit n. (B'B^'E'y) .anM^B 

Ash'toreth n. (nByi-sB-'B'y) nnnu'y 
.[o'jyja »B>8 'T "3 I'Byj BB'in 't] 

ash'-tree n. (yno-'E'y) ,B'i3jyB'y 

.B'13 lyilSJ'DB' 

ash'-tub n. (38B''B'y) tiB D8B b 


Ash Wednes'day -'tjyiin (cy) 

isiio'o lyBB'iy lyi] i«iio'a>ti'8 ("t 

n lyii ,B"XBD8B "lys'SBD'ip lyi v« 

V'jsoyiyv yc'iivj « ryssa typ'?'iB8P 

,[B'8 D'n 

ash'weed n. (lyiin-'Biy) DiB:yjy'S 

.[y](J8?B 8T8] 

ash'-wood (niKiin^'w) .t*?8n=iyii'y 
ash'y a. ('K-'tyy) ; t^8 is v& t'8 Dsii 
.1"53 ; j'3iBb«iS'8 ; rtJ-B 
ash'y pale (?"S 'K-'cy) .CB 'll 1"53 
A'sjan o. (iy't!'-'"N) is vef t'K D81i 


Asiat'ic a. and n. (p'8-'By-'i!'-"K) 

18 :iy't8 IS yju t'8 DS11 ;b'>b8'I8 

Asiat'ic chol'era p'8-'B3;-'!!'-"K) 

.v-ivi'tts 'T (y-i»-'?»P 

as I can (lyp '8 ty) JSlfl'S 3'1K 

jEiside' adv. and n. ('T8D-y) TlK .1 
=y3 ;B"t 8 m ;DBnyiiB"i ;B"t ivi 
Bjsiyj Biyii D811 D8iiBy .2 nnait 
>i'i8 ;Biyny3 b'j Biyii oy t8 ,'it8 
18B jjipiyoya 8 — yon'3=iyB8yB ivi 
=y'a(j'B'D n D81i jJipiyoy3 8 iyi8 Tt 
.tyiyn b'j iyB-i8T ly? 

1. He called him aside, and explained the 


aside' from the pur'pose 'T8D-y) 

.181 lyn IS B'j (D8a-'TiB 'no D8na 

as if (ci'K ry) .'ii bp:ib 

I am advising you as If you were my 

asine'go n. (i8J-'':-'K-Dy) lyji'^p 8 

.18J 8 :5yty 

as Inine a. (i'83-'8-'Dy) ,?yiy t8 'ii 

His conduct is asinine. 
aslnin'ity n. ('B-'8-'j')-'8-Dy) D8T 
.Bn=?yiy i"t dst ,5yty i8 i"t 
as is my du'ty cb-'i't '8a t'8 ty) 

.03'?B 1"B t'8 By '11 

as is u'sual (sy-wt-'i' t'« ty) 'ii 


as It were (isiin B'S ty) 'ii i"5j 

.B5811 DS 

ask V. (poy) ,tyBy3 ,t»iyisB ,iy3yiB 


ask abont'! ('Bi83-y poy) I't :t$-io 


ask advice' of (ii8 'B'8ll-iy POV) 

.nsy 18 lyjyiB tysyo'K 

ask a fa'vor (■i8ii-'"B y pdv) tyBy3 

.n31B 8 

ask again' dyj-y poy) 580 8 18J 

.tynynsB p'lis ; tyBy3 

askance adv. CBjypB-y) ;B"t 8 is 

.B38DyjlS 3'18 t"S B'O ; B'tp tVt t'K 

aiskant' adv. CBjypD-j;) =jyB"t 8 b'd 


ask a price <D'8nB y poy) tyjJ85iyB 

.t"1B 8 

ask a qnes tlon (istyB-'oyiiP y pay) 

.y38iB 8 tyjyBB' 

ask coun'sel of one ?yD-'3i8P poy) 

.nsy 18 iysyD'8 "3 lyjyiB (tsiin us 

askew' adv. ci'pD-y) "B"t ,B"t 8 18 

.j'BS'T B'J ; Bnp :DBiyii 

as'klng ». (jj'p-'oy) ; lyjyna dst 

nya DST ; lynyiBB D8t ; iyBy3 D8t 

tia jJi380B38py3 ys'Sai'p 'n ;tyj38? 

iiB iy:"K 3'i8 lyB'mya is] njinn s 

iyi8 ,B8-i"myD b': i'ib' t'8 ikb ^V1 

'X\»: IS B'J tyj"t -isB-njinn ■>i 3'i8 

.[yBiJ8inyB>Bi5a yB 

ask leave (nyj poy) ; 3'1?118 iyDy3 

.0':3'i?-iy tyBy3 

ask one in (t'K t8iin psy) .iyan3"i8 

ask pap don (t8v'-i8B pay) iyBy3 

.3:ijn?iti'Bjy ni8 

aslant' adv. and ». ('BJySD-y) ; iVifi' 

.anp lyi vh ,bi'ip nyiip 

asleep' adv. and a. CsyJO-y) =85B' 

'S3 ; iya85B'yJ3"K ; «18?B' t'8 ;y\ivs 


as long as (ty J385 ty) ...'ll 3385 'ItK 

As iong as you are here, you may do It. 

aslope' adv. and a. ('sis5B-y) 3818 

.nv<t> ,ivt& :a''ip lyi i'« 

asmear' adv. and a. CiyDD-y) =3"8 

'Vae> ,3'iy'OB' ; Diy'B(!'y33"8 ,B3'1»3 


asoak' adv. and a. Cpiso-y) -'ity33S 

.BP"iiy3J"8 ; iyD8ii B'o iy3 

aso'cial a. (5yti'-'isD-y) =BBBB'5yty3 b'j 

=y3 iy3y3 iyi8 is i'5i3"b t'8 dsii ,i'? 


aso'matous a. (dsb-j/d-'isd-V) =31k 

.3'Tni'jnn ; i'5iyBnyp 

as one man (lyn isiin tff) t"8 'ii 

.3'D'Bi!'3"8 x>:sa 

asp n. (Boy) ysoy n ;B'i3«iyBBy ivi 

B3'ay3 y35yii ,3385i!' j;3'bb'3 tnsi «1 

.[iyBB'3y I's i'53ytBB'in I't 

asparag'inous a. -'s-'B'tiyi-SB-^J) 
. . .5y3i8BB' IX i»53ny (ds3 

This fruit is asparaginous. 
aspar'agns n. (DS3-y-'1SB^») nsBtf 
=3850 iyBi83 yBB8n"i83 yD'iiy3 «] 5y3 



as'pect n. (opys-'Dy) =d'i« rtJ'5338 
8 na] y38? 't ;p'53 ,y3'o nnyt 

•»3 ;B3'tJ8 ;33103'T ; [l38Bl!'3y3y3 

IIB 3315yBB' '1 ;D'3B5ymyB ;33in'S 

.tyiyi38 BIS ■iy3"8 iyBy385B n 

as pen n. and a. (lye-'DB) 'lyBDy nyi 

'11] 3'i3yiyB's ;r58n'iyBDy iib :d'13 

.[B'la'iyaoy iib 0853 8 

as pen leaf (tiyj lys-'By) tie bb53 k 

.D'U'ISBDP 18 




as'pen tree (yno ]!IB-'DV) =IVBDV 

as'pen wood (iiNiin ivb-'dv) =tVBBj; 


as'per n. (i»a-'DV) iinsn' ,itsM ,n'n 
iBis"3n; iBT t'N] vin ivpisaei 8 

.WBO I/C'PIJB 8 :[p'B80813 

as per (ivs tff) .Dn ISJ ,om? 
as'per account' ('DJ18P-!; ijib ty) 

as per advice' {'D'Sll-iy IVB m 

.yaSJB'lK BM? ,B3'iy3 BM? 

as per, agpee'ment-'ynj-V 1»B tv) 

.18038 BM? (BJVD 

as'perate v. (B"1-JJB-'dV) =80 fi'n 

.[085J B'j] VPBDISti' IM80 MM 

aspera'tlon n. (i8ii'-''n-»B-Dy) DST 

B'j] l/PBDlSty iy38D D8T ,lW80»n'n 


asperge' v. Cti'tlTlB-Dj;) ; W^pyiBer 


asper'ges n. (fU'rv'TlB-DV) 08 18 

»»jnyj B1V11 D811 yjD'ii 8 ins isb'b 

=»; i»j"s tyi83 "iix iiB iTp I'N tvj 

iv«<i dn ny3 ntt inn38 dvt lya 

iwji'n DVT B'o njj in BSspriBE* 

aspergil'lum n. (os-'J'B'n-lVB-Dj;) 

I'K BH1JV3 JytJ'B 8] ,?ytJ'B=PJnBB' 


.["lyDBM Jl)'?"?! 

asperifo'liate a. -'S-'isB-'K-iya-DV) 

.iyBV53 VJ'BDISB' B8n BSll (B"8 

asper'ity n. ('b-'s-'ivb-di;) ,B"n'n 

; B"PB853=B'J ,B"P3S'1J ;B"PJ'BDlSli' 

=j:jnBB' ; psomi i»Bi8ii' ; b'^pbibb" 

Asked politely, he answered with asperity. 

asper'matous a. (dsb-Jd-'tib-Dj;) 
.iyD8» tns 
asper'mous a. (Dsn-'iMB-By) 

aspermatoiis ,» 

aspema'tlon n. (tst!'-'"J-'iMB-Dj;) 

asperse' v. cdtib-dv) ; i»snB(5'K3 
"8 ei'iN jnn iiB'5 in""i ,rno"5iyB 
=85DMK ; tyxiaros ; iy?i8B ; lyxyo 

asper'ser n. (lyD-'TiB-oy) =0"5iyB 

=3'B 8 ; iy38538 ; yin«ni>'5=5y3 ,i»t 

«p:yiBi!' is iy3TP yi!"?'iB8P n r'K 5yt 

.iyD8ii y3'5"n dsi ly? 

asper'sion n. (tstf-'TiB-Dy) 'nBB'y3 

=811 ty3'?"ii B'o iyxnBt!'y3 dst ; 3:1s 

,3jnD"5-iyB ;iyp'5MB8P 'i "3 lyc 

.jjiBSBK-ss ; 5yi8B ! yin=riE'5 

asper'slve a. ovo-'TlB-Dy) 'CSiyB 

^ .3njy38538 jn'yin iit:'? ,is"iy- 

asper'sively adv. cJ-irD-'l'lB-Dyi 

»853s ; tBiK lycnyio'iJiyB 8 «ims 


asperso'rinm n. -n-'lSD-l'lB-oy) 

n "3] iypy3=iyD8ii y5'5''n dst (bs 

lyjpjyiBB' IX ?yr3'B 8 ;[iyp'?'iB8P 

.■iyD8ii yj'5"n d«: 

asper'sory a. (n-8D-'lMB-Dyj 

aspersive .t 
asphalt' n. and v. ('B5yB-Dy) =B8 
'D« B'O tyiyBDssa nvs^ny ,B;8fi 


asphalt'-fup'nace n. -'B?ya-Dy) 
v« ,-i»iyi «i'i.8 i»iri« 18 (Dyj-'TiB 
=D8 BxjyoB' lyis B38P lyo lysjyn 
.IST 8 iins 083 8 lyo'jya is b?8B 

asphal'tcr ». (lyB-'Jya-Dy) »D8 is 

»83 BB'jya D8I1 iyj"N ,'iyB<'3i8=u?,8a 

.B?8BD8 B'O -lyByi lyis lyo 

aspbal'tlc a. (p'B-'?yB-Dy) =y3 Dsii 

.B?8aD8 IS 1'5jny ; B?8BD8 IX B3J8? 

asphal'tlng n. (33<B-'?ya-Dy) D8T 

.D?8aD8 B'O iyiyBD85a 

asphalt' pave'ment 'B?ya-Dy) 

.iyBD8?B B?8BD8 (Bjyo-'ir'B 

asphal'tum re. (DSB-'?ya-Dy) 

asphalt ,t 

asphal'tus n. (DSB-'Sya-oy) 

asphalt .T 

as'phodel re. (jyi-sB-'Dy) =1"53 n 

.[yxj85B ya'Sjnyiy?'? srs] ai53 

asphyx'la n. (y-'D-'P'B-By) =38 DSl 

=833"!!' nyi ;ByBs iia vi lysyBty 

.ajip'Bdyi n ;b'ib lyi 

asphyx'iate v. (B"N-'io-'p'a-Dy) =iyi 

=iyB=BynB8 I8 lyasniNiya ; lyp'BB' 


asphyxia'tlon n. -'"s-'D-p'a-Dy) 
.tyiyi! Bp'otyiyi dst (ibb' 

as'pic n. (pia-'oy) inyt 8] yBD8 n 
8t8] yijyii8? t'o 8 ;[aJ85B' ya'DB'3 
yBiyii'53iyB] lyiiBD ,8B'bib ;[yxj85a 

.[tS'"?B tyoPSniX B<D Blt»S!'"?B 

aspir'ant a. and re. (B3y-'T8B-Dy) 

=nj8P 8 nyayiBc 8 !3njy3y'iBB' 

He is an aspirant for the Presidential 
as'pirate v., a. and re. (B"l-'B-'Dy) 

; SSBEiBU 8 I1B 3J85P 8 lyaMilDMS 
na 3385P 8 iy38D 1"l81i' ,ty380 plSBlf 
=D'18 lyiS iyn'XD'n8 DST ;38BE'313 8 

Biyii Dsii ; BsiBt^'Bai? 8 iin ty3'it 
38Bty3n 8 jiys'in nn ivssiSB'yjD'ix 

'DM8 Tin lySSIBifySDMK Biyil D811 


aspirated a.' (lyo-'n-'B-'Dy) 

-.lysMH im tyBsiBtj'ysD'ix 

aspira'tion n. (isu'-'i'ivB-Dy) D8T 

=Mn '1 tyiBBD DST /lysy-iDB' 

D81 ; 38D(^313 8 tlB ySSlBBlDMN JljyB 
■nn B"P3'D'5B iyi8 BBI? lyn'XDMTS 

.iyts53DMi8 D81 ; bsiBU-'Bai? 8 
as'pirator re. (-iso-'n-'B-'Dy) »bbi? 

B818B8 iyt!"3'XnyD 8 ;B818B8=3Mt 

8 I1B [yo38?a] lybi's iy3MtixDM8 

18a I'E'80»D3313'3"1 818 ; IMIWa 

.[I'E'Bo SMt'BBi? 8l riKun 
asplr'atory a. (n-SB-y-'i'sa-Dy) 

DSll ; B"P08t3yiBB' lX,B3J8?y3 D811 
y381B6!'DM8 lyiJySMH ijll IX B338?y3 
8 IX B3J85y3 D811 ; 38B1S'313 8 IIB 

vt!' I's DSll ; BB18B8 iyi:y3Mt=Bai5 

.tyoyDs Dix 

aspire' v. ('i'8B-Dy) piBBty ,ty3yiBt!' 

■.v\n lyi i'8 ty3MnaM8 m :ty3385iyB 

.tyoyB8DMK ,ty3MnDMK 
To aspire to greatness, is a laudable am- 
h^tion. . 

aspir'er re. (iy-'i'8B-Dy) .lyByiBa- 8 

as'plrin re. (I'l-'B-'Dy) lyO'MI 818 

8 18B Bxijya Biyii iy3?yii ,iyii5iB 

.BPB8oiiyi IX nsiai 

asplr'lng a. and re. (33'8-'l'8B-Dy) 

Dsi ; yjyBE' yiysyn 8 ix 3'i3y3yiBt!' 

B?8 anaypiMi ;iy3yiBii' y3'X"3iny 

.B818B8 3MtBB1? 

asplr'lngly adv. ('5-33'8-'l'8B-Dy) 

nil ; tysyiBE' ty3'X"3iny t8 iin 

.yjyBE' yiyByn 8 ix iy3yiBK' Dsi 

asplr'ingness re. (Dyj-so'K-'TSB-Dy) 

.0"po8t3yiBB' »3'X"3iny n 

as'pis n. (D'a-'DV) aspic .t 

asquint' od«. and a. ('B3MiriPD-y) «1P 

3M8'|"8 B'O 3'13yp1p ; Blip 3'ljyp 

.B"t 8 18 3'18 Oyi B'O ;B38BiyB 

as regards' ('nisj-'i ty) t'8 Dsii 

I'N jysiJ I'8 D811 ,BByiBy3 D»11 .v^ 


as respects' coBpyaD-'i ty) D8ii 

.y313 t'8 DSll ,l"t!' t'8 DSll /B338?y338 

ass re. (oy) ,331' iy38i3 8 ; ?yty ts 
.aspDii ,nDii!' ,iiBn 

assafet'ida re. 


asafetida .i 

as'sagai re. and v. csa-y-'Dy) ="?p 8 

DiyB8P '1 IIB Bxuys tyBB- yB3"5 y3 

'Sott/ lyis lyo'iB ;[8P'ia8=Tt t'8] 

.tyaB' 8t8 B'O iy3 

assa'l adv. cs-'s-oy) jyji^] myt 

>10 I'8 pmD'18 18 .D8t338? lyis 


assail' v. ('?"D-y) ="1338 ,ty?8B3S 

.tyi'PSBs ; lya 

Public men are often assailed, and their 
motives are questioned. 

assail'able a. (?3y-'5"D-y) =a"1338 


assail ableness re. (Dy3-?3y-'5"D-y) 

.iyB"131X3S B"p3'53yD '1 

assail'ant re. and a. (D3y-'5"D-y) 

; 3'13yTp8B8 ; lyB"1338 ; 13yB"1338 

assail'er re. (iy-'5"D-y) ; iya"133K 


assail'ment re. (B3yo-'5"D-y) ,58a38 

.yp8B8 ; (1'13:K 

assas'sin n. and v. (p8-'DyD-y) 8 

iy3"8 ; lynyo 8 , lyiiyo iy3ya3iiy3 

=y3 I'K lyiiso IX tyxyD'8 oait dsii 

.D"nya t'8 tyiiso ; iyii8D ;B"n 

assas'sinate v. (B"3-'8-'DyD-y) =iso 

.iyD3'3iyB ,iy3i8iiyB ; D"ny3 t'8 lyi 

assassina'tion re. (|SB'-'"3-'8-DyD-y) 

i'53ytDB'in] D'Tiys t's lyiiso dsi 

.[lynyo Dy3y33nya 8 tie 

assas'sinator re. (i8B-"3-'8-'DyD-y) 

="8 ; D"ny3 i'8 Byiiso Dsii iy3"8 

IX iyxyD'8 lynyo 8 b33'i dsii iy3 


assault re. and v. ('B5iisD-y) ,ei'l338 

.iy?8a3S ,iyB"1338 ; 58B3S 
As he was walking in the dark, he was 
assaulted by robbers. 

assault'able a. (53y-'B?iiSD-y) =3S 


assault' and bat'tery 'B5nsD-y) 
'V?e> ti'o «i'i33s 18 cs-iy-'oya uy 

assault'er re. (ly-'BSilKD-y) ="133S 


assay' re. and v. ('"D-y) =ltiyB3l8 "i 

=so y3'5B3yay tia 3jn'3sia lyis 33i3 

'Vo iia a3n'3siB 'i ; lyBj'iiys ti8 lyo 




=''5«$J8 i[t33B iyj"t "t ans] ivJsa 

, , .'rinya 

assay -'barance n. (Djy-'?j;2»'"D-j;) 



assay'er n. (ny-'"D-v) ; "ivi'asiB 

..nj;T3i{iB=iysj<o ; i»TasSB=58oya 

assay'-fur'nace n. (Dyj-'TiB='"D-!;) 

.[ty?8oya isa] lyiinx'TasiB 

assay'lng n. ^joiK-'"D-y) =ians D»T 

=iD lyi t'N] Jy'BciijB ;iy58DyD ryi 


assay'-mas'tep ». (iyB-'Dya-'"D-y) 
=8iB DS11 iy3"8] -ly-i'asns'n'o lyn 
"t 3'iK fiiyaoD lyajn ns i5sj OTa 
.[nbiyii tis Jsoyn tys'isan ria iyj"i 

assay' of arms (tois 118 '"D-y) n 

.B?81iy3=tJ'B811 tlB 'jJITaslB 

assay'-welght n. (B"iin-'"B-y) «s-iB 


ass'-dri'ver n. (lyii-'iBiT'Dy) =?yiy 


as'segal n. Csj-y-'Dy) assagai .t 

assem'blage n. (tytT'Sa-'oyo-y) =ix 

l.iB] «irj"Kiya tjn» j:i?yBts'a'i: 

Jil5D8tB'lJlS ;3Jl5»8nya ;[iy5"B 

assem'ble v. (ja'cyo-y) ;iy5n8nya .1 

=B'ijis .2 ;iyBipjyn8tis ,iy5aBtiys in 

yj5yxj"K] iyrj"8nyB lyis ty?yois' 


1. Tbey assembled in the hall. 2. The 
skilled watchmaker must also know how to 
an«mble the parts of a clock. 

assem'Mer n. (iy5a-'oyo-y) =D8riya 

8 ; yB?yD8nya n iia lyj^^ ; ly? 

.[iy5"B iy:'i!'8o lie] lyjyBtfB'iJis 

assem'bllng n. (jj'ja-'oyD-y) =iyB 8 
=B'1J1X B8T ; JJl?08ta»131!t 8 ,Wl5B8t 

tie iy?"B n tyD8saMJix ii8 Wiiottr 

.fCBO 8 

assem'bling-bolt n. -jj'ja-'ayD-y) 

lyBBiix B?8n B811 (I'nt^ 8T8 (D?isa 

V^^o 8 Iia iy?vB yj'j"K 

assem'bly n. (>ja-'DyD-y) =D8i'iya 
=BDyB ; j3i?n8t"iyB y(!"B'?8B ; aji? 
tiB t'ln yBts'iyB:iK est ;3:i?B8nyB 
n lie jJi?D8nyB lyijyayaxytyj lyi 
•Wi ;8pnyD8 PK tyB88Bi!' y:5yx3"8 

tIK iy?D8n5!BMK Tt ?8:3'B"-iyB'J'D 

.jyii t'8 j^bi'b? lyaso vi 

assem'blyman a. (tyB-'?a-'»yD-y) 

DyT na [bbbibvt] iyB:yTi8y:3is '8 

lyijyayjxyryj lyi na rnn lyBBinyBJix 

lyBSBBiy y3?yxj"8 ■<i na 3Ji?D8fiya 

.BP'iyDB r8 

assem'bly-room n. (Dnn"?a-'isyB-y) 

.^Bt'T-JBO 8 ; ?8I'DJ01?B8t-iya 8 
assent' «, and v. COjyD-y) ,iyo'OE'is 

JJlD'BtJ'IX ;tW'5'11J"8 ,t"t DODO 

.noaon ,33i3'?'ii3"8 

The parents gave their assent to the' mar- 
riage of their daughter. 
assenta'tJon n. (tSii'-'"B-jy-Dy) 8 

'Yi yrTna>jn 8 ; joib'bcix y(5"B8?pt!' 


assen'ter n. (lyB-'jyD-y) nVO'tJE'Hf 

.D'aDD r<8 BS11 iy3"K 

assen'tient a. and n. (Bjy'iy-'jyD-y) 

"'Bnit 8 ; jnjy'i Diacn ,jn:yB'Bts'ix 

assen'tlngly adv. (<5-33'B-'jyD-y) 
.a3io<Bt!'ix nn 

assen'tor n. (Tsa-'jyD-y) ,"iyB'Bt!'ix 8 
'1 tiB nyj"8 : D'aoa t'8 dsii -lyj^'x 
018 rytys an? iyBT8i D8ii nyD'aty 8 
=n38P 8 tiB r8<V83<D83 n lyvBiy-iya 

=33y P8 ty?n811=DB3yB8?18B >-l IX B8T 
.IJSJT'K tlK 138? 

assert' v. ('BTiD-y) o8 ; lyBB'inya 

^yspiy ;[DsiiBy ti'is] tya8a yansi^ 

.iy3'T'BiyB : ryi 

Freedoqt loving people assert their rights. 

asser'table a. (jayo-'TlD-y) DSll 

=yii B3n"Biya lyns tJ't358ny338 lyp 


asser'ter n. (lyB-'lMD-y) nyBS'inya 

BnyBB-ya dsii ny3"8 ; nys'T'onya 

.Bayn i"t iimk 

asser'tion n. (iSE'-'TiD-y) =B'iriya 

.33ny3'nyB ;3Jian"BiyB ;331b 

The man's assertions were proven to be 

asser'tive a. (iPB-'TlD-y) =jyBB'iny3 

="iis tns n'?pmD'i« ,D'iiy3 ;3n 

.tt"B8B3ST ; 5ya 

A man may insist upon his rights without 
being assertive. 

asser'ti-vely adv. (i?-lVB-'T1D-y) 

=ya'nyB lyis iy3'?p<mD'iK t8 n'i8 

.3njyBBnnya ;tai8 \inivi 

asser'tlveness n. (Dy3-ii'fl-"i'iD-y) 

.D"nD'iiya ;33iBB'>iny3 yb'JpmDMs 

assert' one's self tJsiin 'BTiD-y) 

='8D'i8 ; lyaayn n lys'T'Diya (ei^yo 

.aJipTiii 8 tya 

asser'top ». (i8B-'TMD-y) 

,a8serter .t 

asserto'rial a. (5y-n-'iSB-TiD-y) 

=Bnny3 ;33iBeMny3 8 D58iiB3y dsii 

I'JpmD'is ; ijya'T'Biya ;3n3yD 

'•)S B811 — P<3s? rs ;3'ijyiy5piy 

lyas By B58n j'Ban ibb Dyay Biy?p 

.s'njyiiB'ij IBB B'3 

assep'topy o. (n-SB-'TiD-y) 

assertorial .t 
assess' v. coyD-y) lyiiBB" tycDcya 
iy3y5B'n8 ;[DypB8i8B ,ty38a3s] 
.lyniDpsB .tyvBtfas ; lyati' 

This house is assessed at $10,000. 

assess'able a. (?ay-'DyD-y) "Sst'as 

.iy"DB' tyjnss en8T dsii ; i83 

assess'ably ode. CSs-y-'Dyo-y) 

.tyx8B'38 nn 

assessed' dam'ages -'ajn 'BDyD-y) 

,pvn 11B yoib yBQ^Bwa (ty-t'ny 

.tV"iyii D?nssy3 tnsi bsii 

assessed' tax'es (ty-'DpyB 'BDyB-y) 

.tyiy"BB' yapyin 

asses slonary o. ci-y-Js-'E'yD-y) 

.[lysyaosn d?8 B3ny3 v»1 ijysM"3 

asses' slonary court -y-is-'WD-yi 

lia ?"B38 t'B'B B3'-iy3 8 (B11SP '1 


assess ment n. (Bayo-'DyD-y) "lyQiy 

=y?B'n8 Dsi ;[DypB8isB ,iy38a3s] 

'T ; ayBD'D lyBE' 'T ; lyoti' tyj 
.nBiyii=D3Jix8ty38 tvi jssixsMS 

assess'or n. (is-'DyD-y) ; iSoyDS 
8 ;[5yB8iy'D8t] B3'ny3 I'N nys'r"3 
=y3 Biyii iya?yii ny3n3yBi!'iyBa8i' 
8 ; aanya 8 Ps 33iB«iya is a^nyii 
BayBO'DB IS ; lyaasya 8 na n5'ny3 
■lyajyii ,'iyB08y3 8 ;d<bs 18 ,ps 
»y3 tnsT DSII rnyoB" n 3S bsbe' 
.lynyii B?n»x 

assesso'rial a. (5y-n-'iSD-y-Dyj DSll 
=yD8 nyis yBn8y3»iy"BB' is D338?y3 

assessor .t .01 8D 
as'set n. (By-'By) assets .t 

as'sets n. (Dcy-'D^r) Dsii lyayDiya dst 
IS Dyjy3n8BB'y3 s na lya's Ba"?a 
•y3iya'K bst -.irt^w y3"t lysnssya 
tyBTB8iP38a 8 na jbb'bbp y3y3y'?3 
;ni3in '5y3 y:"t ly^nssya is ibdb'ip 
•yoiya DDy3"K na 5"B 8 iiysymya 


assev'erate v. (B"«-iy-'iijrD-y) =iyB 

; nyi3t!' 8 B'o 3:nya'nyB 8 lypisB^ 

.lyiyamya 3'5"i-i 

assevera'tlon n. (ise'-'"Vy-liyB-y) 

8 nn sanyamya yBpiscE'nya s 

.aanyamya y3'?"n 8 ; nyuB- 

asslb'ilate v. (B"5-'K-'a'D-y) tn"T 

.tyE>Bs!"ii(!' ;?ip iy3nyBT)'iip s b'o 

assibila'tlon n. (iSB'-'«<5-'«-a'D-a) 

; ?ip lyanyE'B'iiP s b'o i^tt't dst 

.lyK^t^'IIE' BST 

as'sident a. (ojyT-'s-'Dy) ="?3ya D?8 

dsii B"np38'ip 8] B"npj8np yijyo 

'pjjsip iyiJ8 18 Iia y3?sa dsb bdip 

.n3yB"53y3 ;[B"n 

assidn'ity n. ('B-'s-'PI-'k-DP) ="?b 

IS D"p3snBy3is ysniyBB-ya ; b"P3'd 

;[monn]iy3iy5 dis BS'imyais fiyay 

B"p3'533'"nis ; borujownya's 

assid'nous a. (DS-l'-'TD-y) 'ijiavn 
iy3y3iya'K ;D8tB"3n8 j'D"5b vi 

.B"ai8 IS 

assid'uously adv. ('5-D8-1'-'TD-y) 

;b"318 lyi IS B"n3S3y3iy3's b'd 

.monn b'd 

assid'noasness n. (By3-D8-P-TB-y) 

assiduity .t 

assign' v. and ft. ('P8D-y) =ya"sy3 

b] tyay3:s ; lyayjiy ."tycBe'ya ;iy3 

OS : lysyo's is wsiBiya^s ;[n3n3 

=ya ; lysytBDyB ; tyi'js'Ds ; lyp'ii 

He assigned his dalm to his friend. 

assign'able ». (5a»-'J'8D-ff) =D<BB'ya 

; nsassiBiys'K : n8at"iia83 : nsa 

assign' a rea'son (jt'y^i j> 'P8D-y) 

.yasPiis 18 iyay33s 

as'signat n. (By3-3'8-tiy) =3'D8 18 

^yBt^•^y lyn na [i?y3=-iy'S8B] y^ssj 

•'3yT nyiy3S'si?siiyT lyc'PisjsnD 


assignation n. (Iss!'-'"J-3'S-Dy) 

: 33lD'Bt^'ya ; 33i33"sya ; 33isyiBDyB 

'3y3ya is r8?B ns bis tia 33iD'BE'y3. 

.[yB3y'?»3 na I'SaytBB'in] I'l tw" 

assignee' n. cyj-'s-Dy) oyoJsaya 


assignee by deed isa 'y'3-'K-Dy) 

iyB3'BayD?sBy3 d?b BO'Btj'ys (nyn 

, .tSPiyB 8 inn 

assignee in bank'rnptcy -(B-oy) 

•yii IS tsnya b CD-Bssi-'paya ps 'yij 

"8 Dsn iy3y3y3-iya'B aisw Off jya 




.nuin '?P3 n \wwi lyJ^Biyo is ov 

assignee' in Insol'vency -'k-dv) 

('D-jj;ii-'?8D-j'K t'« 'yj 

assignee in bankruptcy .t 

assignee' of a banlt'rupt -is-ds) 

=3i;D?i{By3 in (bssi-'pjjs s ii8 'vj 

»»ny3'K DVT eiMK -lytsSBinyB ^vaya 

.t38ipj83 8 I1B iwymys Byjy3'?3 

assign'er n. ciy-'j'BD-S) ,'iyo'CiJ'y3 

01810 D811 n»j"K ;iyt"iiJ8 ny:yjiy 

IS « D8iiD» lys's oayi i"t lys'N 


assign'ment n. (B:yQ-'j»8D-y) =»3 

^ =ny3'K ,ajit"iiJS iJjisytoDya jjiD'oa' 

.[lyiyiJB 18 IX] JJW810 

assignor' ». cisj-'n-oy) Dsli "lyJ^K 

.tyiyiJ8 18 IS oayi i"t iy3'K ojbio 

assimilabil'ity n. -'?'3-y?-'iK-n'D-y) 

D"pi'nya n ; 0"PT83t5'D'D8 co-'k 

="5nyB IS Tt iyi8 lyTS'C'DB is in 

asslm'llable a. (?3y5-'8-'B'B-y) ='D8 

OyB lyp DS11 ,1833"5JiyB ; 183T>?'D 

.tyiyii iy3'?3 

asslm'ilate v. (o"?-'K-'D'D-y) =<D8 .1 

,iy"nyB ,vi v» tyonyjj"TK avvp^q 

.2 ; fi8ois' tinis i« PK iy5iJ8inyB 

'yii T?jny ; ty38n I'jjny ,ty3"5JiyB 

.tyt!"oiyB ; lyT 

1. The body asslmflatei food and turns It 
Into blood and tissue. 2. America easllr 
•■■Imitatet Its foreign poculation. 

, assim'ilateness n. -Q"5-i«-'aiB-y,) 

.B"P3"*: ,0"p3'5sny (Dy'j 

assimila'tion n. (isii'-'"?-'K-D'B-y) 

«'?jn»iyB jji3"5JiyB ; is'Sb?'D'D8 

PN jjiSiJBinya ;3:i38d'5jny ,jji3 

^y^8 ;3is?yDt!'nyB ; ei8os!' nyi:« in 

.is'S8J iyiJ8 ts Q'B ajwrnya 

assim'ilative' a. (n'o-'iJ-'s-'o'D-y) 

n 08n B811 ;qt<?'0'B8 onyii Bsn 

assimilate .i .is'S85'0'D8 is jjij"J 

assim'ilatiTe fae'ulty -'x-'D'B-y) 

•'BJ8''S8?'D'B8 n ('Q-58-WB 11 '0-"? 


asslm'ilatory o. -sQ-"?-'«-'o'D-y) 

»8?'0'D8 IS j:13"J n osn B81i ct 

.lyiyii BT5'n'B8 typ bsii : is's 

ass'ish a. (ii"K-'Dy) .an ;0B8n5yiy 

.assist' V. CBB'B-y) ; lysioty ,iya5yn 

.lyajynD'iK ,tnyBt!'"3 

assis'tance n. (Djyo-'B'D-y) : i?'n 

.WIPTIIO'D ; lJ80tS'"3 

assis'tant a. and n. (B:yo-'D'D-y) 

''DB'iyBJiK ; i:ynyoB'"3 . : T?B5'iiy3 

.ojyoB'DB ,iyB5yn ,5i5'nyj luys 

assis'tant en'glne -'jy o:yB-'D'D-y) 

.yrcBS^DBS'n s (.vmi 

assis'tant mas'ter ojyB-'D'D-y) 

.lyinyS'BBS'n nyo-'Bya 

assis'ter n. -(lyB-'D'D-y) ; "lyajyn 8 

.B8'i"3 ;iysn"3 8 

assis'tantstaip n. (S'U'-ojyB-'D'D-y) 

ojyoB'D8 18 I IB yjyoB' lyis od8 dst 


asslst'less a. (D»5-'oD'D-y) ="3 ins 

.ts?B?'n ;n?'n 

assls'tor n. ciso-'B'D-y) assister .i 

assize' n. and v. ('t'8D-y) »'i=BD3nyj 

I1B jji5D8nya ;:8o=DD3nyj ;j:is 

;j3io'BB'y3 ; wyisiiiyyj'DBsnyj n 

.r""iB Byi iyc'0!!'y3 

assi'zer n. (iyt-"i8D-y) =D"D»pnBO 

=y3 iv3?yii ,iyB08y3 ajjiTayi] ivo 

=n8 Djy3y? n nnK iyi"is n oo'os^ 

I'i8 Ml P180 BIS tynyj y35yii ,iy?p'o 

3"PJ'B3'n n «1'1« eiM« BB8S B811 "lyi 

.[|yB8D 118 B3Miyj na 

assi'zes n. (iyt-''8B-y) =yj na osnyj 

yB'SBjyay ; 3KB»D03nyj ; yoyisiic 


ass'-lil^e a. (p'ss-'oy) ; oBsnJyry 

.?yty 18 IS i"?j 

associabll'ity n. -'?'3-y'B'-lSD-y) 

B"pj'nyB n ;B"Pi83j"8iya co-'x 

; iy3U"KiyB lyis iyij'3iyB is vi 

'B'D iyi8 lysn'BB'D iib B"pj'nya n 

.Iisinsj 118 lysypDiB "a] lyi"? 

asso'ciable a. (Sayty-'iBD-y) =iyB 

,i3y5n'ao<D •,v'>0Bsit/'?viS3 n83J"8 

.[tviny: 118 lysypBiD "3] njyT'SB'o 

asso'clableness n. -?3y'B'-'lSB-y) 

associahility .t (oyj 

asso' elate v., a. and n. -^B'-'lSD-y) 

=ji3-iyB ;ty3'J"8iyB ,iBi:'3-iya (B"8 

; iyB?yn ; "on ; iyDny:?"0 ; lyn 

P8 inyBB' ;tyB"53y3 nyansin'O'o 


asso'eiateship n. -D"8-'ti'-'iSD-y) 

.BaBtyjyDSJyj .nianits' {^w 

assocla'tion n. (ist!'-'"8-'t!'-i8D-y) 

:jji3':"8iya ;jjnjmya ;I81S8^S8B8 

nya ,Ba8iJ'3yB8Jyj ,nn3n ,BB8i!'?ytyj 

=y3'8iy n] :jn3'3-iya=iyyT8 ;I"k 

18 B'o jjn:i3iya i'8 ibi I"b iib ::n 

.[i8t iynJ8 

assocla'tipnal a. -3sts'-'"8-iB'-l8D-y) 

IS 03J8?y3 D811 ; T5oa8ti'jyD8jyj ov 

association .t .I8'S8<S8D8 
associa'tlonism n. -'"R-iff-isB-y) 
=iy»T'8 lyjyii yisyo n (B('8-38iS' 
t"8 na jjnyj'8iy n] tyj3nj'3iyB 
nyn:8 I8 o'd jjn:''3nyB pk n8i 
i»Bij 8 na lyos: lyi .3 .s .tbi 
pn iyp38iy: n P8 Din8 Ban nj"i5 
=ayK'y3 P'l ,Bi8=D:ji3nsii P'» ,P'5338 

«B'D yE"0D'JlDSP 'T ;[.ll .t .8 JJIJ'B 

Fourierism .t .yma na Byo, 

assocla'tlonist n. and a. -'U'-isD-y) 
•\vt IIB lyijynjs is (BD'8-Jst!'-""8 
18 ; iy]:nj'3iya«iyyTK lyjyn ynsyo 
»D'D ivty'BD'jiDBP "iVT na lyjjynjs 
ii/T IS i"ti' PK D811 ; yniB IIB nyo 
: iyHn3myB=iyyT8 tyayii ynsyo 
nyE"0D'3iasp ijn is v-n' p8 dsii 
associationisni .t .ynia na ayoD'S 

asso'ciatlve u.. (iro-"8-''li'-'lSD-J) 
>y3 ■ D811 :ijynJ''3nyB ,iW3'3'"8"iyB 
association .t .t)siS8<S8D8 IS B]:8> 

asso'clative fae'ulty -'ty-'iBD-y) 
na B"pj'nyB n co-ss-'pya irB-"8 
associationism .1 .jjnj''3iya»iyyT8 

asso'clatlveness n. -"K-'tji-'iBD-y) 

IS oBBiyJWB n 08n dsh (dsj-ipb 

.Bj':"8-iyB -lyns tyiJmya lyiyii 

asso'ciator n. (nso-^K-'c-'iSD-y) 8 
.i3n 8 ,m3n 8 na nysio'D 

assoil' V. ('?'8D-y) ; iy3yiat!"nB 
.n't 5nio ; lynsya 

as'sonance n. (D:y3-8-'Dy) =3'5iny 'T 

J38?p ny3">s lyi ;»«'>? « na b"P 

pi-nD'18 iy3'?:ny ;iyoiyii "iis iib 

.j3iD''BB'3"8 ;5n'ayj na 

as'sonant «. and n. (B3y:-8-'Dy) 
.B1S11 yn3y):'?P3"?3 dst n^yaJ'^pa^JJ 

as'sonate v. (0"3-8-'Dy) O'^ps^Jj 
.iy38D njyj 

as soon as (ly iniD ty) . .'11 Vi '"8 

• .183 '11 
The doctor will come as soon as possible. 

assort' v. ('B-i8D-y) »1T8 ;iyTBi8t 

=j"i33yo8iis ; lysyBB'jyDBtis ; iy3 

y?8 B'D iy3n»ty3] lyToists : iy3 

.iyo8Bis ;[nninD b'J'd 

assor'ted o. (lyo-'iBO-y) ,BTBist .1 
lyaiBi yiyiytyiya 't b'i? eiiVfinvt 
.DD8By3« ,Bi8By3is .2 ; n':'D nyi8 

2. They are a well asiorted pair. 

assort'ment n. (D3yn-'oi8D-y) D8T 

5n811D'18 18 ; iy3TlS D8T ; iyTB-|8t 

o"K J mino yjy3'5py338 ,yi8ii na 

.331TS'a'D8?p ,33l5"B 

assort'ment of goods -'Bi8B-y) 

8 ;nninD tyTBi8t (nni3 ii8 Djyo 

.nnino iib lyas? 

ass'-sldn n. (ppD='Dy) ; ?yB=?yty 


as sta'ted (iyD-'"0D ty) ,B3nsoiyT 'ii 

.03sty3 lyn'iB 'ii 

assnage' v. CE'tT'iinD-y) ,iyiyn5'o 

; iy3'nny3 ; i»"iyi3'? ; \v•\vm"^?•lV^. 

.tyt853SJ ; iy3'iy'iBy3 ; ly^'oe' 

The possession of loyal friends, assuages 

assuage'ment n. (oiyD-'ctT'iiriB-y) 

"n=D33nyi3'? ;33nyij'5 ;33nyi5'a 

.3Ji3'nny3 ; syo 

assua'ger ». (iyi!»n-'"iinD-y) o"8 

.5yB'D=D3jnyi3'? ; ■iy3'nny3 ,iy5'Bi!' 

assua'slve a. (ii'B-'"linD-y) =yi5'Q 

.Ba38t n"ii ;n3yi»i3'? -.-izv-i 

assu'mable a. (?3yD-'i'D-y) lyp bsii 

"iSE'D typ lyn Dsii ; lyiyii iyoijy3Js 


assume' v. CDi'D-y) ,tyBny33s ,tyDny3 

,B"n"iB 'T iyony3 vt ;iyony:iy3'8 

.i"t lytj-B n't 1T18 lyonys ; lyoD 

assume' a discourse' y 'oi'D-y) 

=ny3 ;DyiDB' s lyin'aiya ('diisp-B't 

.oisn B8T lyo 

assume' airs (nny 'oi'D-y) 18 iy38D 

.y3'D y3'B3'ii 8 iynnyj3s ; ?yBB':s 

He assumes the airs of & gentleman. 

assu'mer n. (lyn-'i'o-y) =y33"8 18 


assume' the debts of anoth'er 

»'K (ly-'riBsi-y us Doyi 'no 'oi's-y) 

ni3in D3ynyiJ8 I8 iyDny:iy3 

assume' the often' sive 'no 'Bi'D-y) 

=3s ;*i.'i"» BIS tny3iy3'8 (ii'o-'jya-s 


assume' the reins inB 'Bl'D-y) 

=ipy3 :3Jio".5 'T iyDnyj'iy3's (t3"T 

. iJ8my3'i8 'T lyo 

assume' upon' one's self 'oi'B-y) 

.Tt f|'i8 ly^yotJ' WHO t:siin 'I8B-s 

assu'mlng a. (33'0-'i'D-y) ^rJSOB" 


assu'mingly adv. ('5-33'D-'l'B-S) 

.IB18 iy3'Tntyn nyns tys?sot!' 8 ei'i8 

assump'sit n. (0'D-'BD8D-y) 0'3 8 

="nB 8 ;a3io3'?anyB yoy'Dnn'y3iyB3i8 

.3Jio3'5B'iya y3'>'ii 

assump'tion n. (isB'-'BosD-y) =n8:38 

DST ; 33isytD'i8n8B ; mycn ; yo 

oin8B?yo'n 'n n't Tis lypyot:'. 

ayn o'l? ,?yB'n i'b'Is sjsaa'ns lyn] 

lyns DioD'ip na ,iy3'i?3 lya'^oo'np 

10580^3 8 na a3iony338 't ityiBo 

;33n5'33"8 ; 0580^3 y3yai3y338 't 


assump'tlve a. (n'o-'BosD-y) «i3y33S 

.ni-iyE'ni'i8 B'i3y3 lOsytyjD'nsa ,iyD 

assump'tlvely adv. (i^-ii'D-'BOSD-y) 

;33isytD'iNn8B 8 nyns mycn 18 inn 

.mytcn i8 na iai8 nyi «i'i8 




assur'able a. (f2S-")W-S) m D»11 
BTICTDB lyp Dun ; ISiyil BIM'nVB 

assurance n. {OiS-'tw-v) 'ISB Dsi 
•iWB ;wnw<nya ,0"mM'i ,ii;mB 

«B3 inWM ; JJlSyiBCIVB ;JJ11S3'5B3 
l'«l'1N t"1l»3 lyJistSjyoipsT 8 ; t"11 

ajnwnvB n ;Dit3JW"N ^i'ik osvt 
;D"pDD'm ; (on D5ij; (imn [bsjj na] 
=i»a=DJMV?] nsnipyDB jnssin ;ntyn 
.[.J .T .K jjnMmj;B=ip"B ,3JnJ'3't 
assur'ance of lands iis D:y-"iiB'-V) 
8 inn 1J8> ii;3wii;a'« out (tiav? 


assure' «. ciib'-j;) sdj/bj/s ,i»ijomyB 

•ipyD8 : iMsnBE'nyB ,ij(iwnis jiyj'o 

liB ,iMv? D8T iji-ivs'tiya] ryin 

.[.J .n .8 58B=op'5«i8 18 na .lya 

Assure mo of your good iBtentions. and 
1 will trust you Implicitly. 

as sure as deatb (neVT tj; iw tu) 

.O'lB "ijn '« nw't 

as sure as I live (iv? '8 tv Tin" ty) 

.aj/5 i'8 '11 ■in8ii 'ir8 

assured' a. cmiu'-j) ;Bnj;3'nya 

=BDa?3it ;Bj"sn»3'8 .D'liyj nyan 

;BD'm ; BDi8iiMBD3?j;t itviynsis 


assur'edly oiJc. ('j-ny-'i^-y) nwt 

.tynBijiaix b'd ;B"my3't b'd 

assur'edness n. (Dj;j-iy-"ilt!'-») 'V3 

.tynBnyBis ;B"my3n ;b"iidmi 

assur'er n. {-\s-"\w-S) =y3'nya 8 

.BJBiipyDN i lyT 

assur'genti a. (Boycn-'TiD-y) =aM8 

=iyBoyri3 ; j'bdi?=B"'ib(!' ; jnjyj"Bti' 

8 na nyBy53 "3] njyj"Bt!'B'i8 yo 

.[ty»J85B tins D'u 

assur'ingly adv. ('5-3J'8-'llE'-y) 

/nBis snwanD'ns jnjyiysmya 

.B'TiD'nyj istH B"my3n 

Assyr'lan o. and n. (ty-<8-'TB-y) 

■lyis [niicK] lyn'D ix vif t'8 d»ii 

: [lyn'D na iyjn8iu"8 n] lyTo 

='D na iy:yTS3y3 nyis iy:nsiiJ"K r8 

.[irnicx] 'n8iB6S' y[!"TD n ; lyn 

Assyrlolog'ical o. -s-<8-"i'D-y) 

lyi IX 1"!!' i'8 DS11 (5yp-'8-'is'n8? 

B'o VI ai^aamv^ d8ii BBsts'jyD'ii 

iyB"p3'?D<BnyB?8 n tytyiBaonN oyi 

,yn»BD<n lyi 'ii ,iy'TD yB58 n na 

.J .T .8 IIBSIP ,'!I81Bti' 

Assyrlol'ogist «. -s-'58-'8-TD-y) 

B'o VI Banyjiya dsi'i lyj^x (BO'tyn 

'T nB iJiO"p3'5a''B'iyB58 n tyiniBB' 

.lyi'D yB>8 

Assyriol'ogy n. -8-'J8-''8-'i<D-y) 
BonyjivB D811 Ba8is'3yDni n (wn 
n na tyB"p3'?DiBiyB58 n B't)":!'! 
,yn8BD'n nyt ni ,iy'n<D yB?8 

.J .1 .8 11B51P ,'!I81B!S' 

Astar'te n. co-'iBB-Dy) n] nnnsyy 
n -.[Dijyjs yB?8 n "3 pByjBB'in 


astat'ic a. (pi«-'ByBD-y) B'j Bsn D8ii 

oyatyya b'j ; jjibs't yBD^BE-ys r'P 

j<j3yna8:iN] b"B8bd8 ; Boya b'j ,3n 

'DjawKiit lyi na Di?a3"8 oyn na 

.[0TiByH8o=Tiy Dyi na bb8ip 

astat'ic needle (?iy'j pi8-'ByBD-y) 

By3J80 8] ?yi83 ByjjBD yti"B8Bb8 n 

Mrs t'8 D811 ,(D8Bosp 8 t'w) ?yns3 

"ji'sya B'3 Biyii n t8 ,ByB3'"iyj:"N 

oyi na Ba8iP"DJJin'six ivt na BDi?a 


astay' adv. ('"tso-y) '•'6e> 8 3njyi?'3 

Dyjyj'ixyjB'ns t8 na] ?yp:'ii lyj's 

.[y3y?any3n8'm.n»T b'd nypj8=n'i!' 

as'teism n. (ot'K-'B-'Dy) ,yJVB 8 

.y'j«T8 yjyiy 

as'ter n. (njB-'Dy) .Bi?3»tyi»Bt!' n 

aste'ria n. (y-n-''B-Dy) oyiyBB' nyi 

.[t"Bt!' lyiy'B 8t8] TBSt 

aste'rlal a. oy-n-'B-cy) t'8 Dsii 

n B'D j3n3'3nyB t'K nyi» ix vii> 


aste'riallte ». (B'8-?y-n-''B-By) 8 

.i!"B lyiyBB' lyBiyj^'Bts-iyB 

Aste'rias ». (oy-n-'B-oy) =yyt n 

n iy38n D811 !!"B t'O 8t8] tyiyBB' 

.[lyiyBB' na oisa 




Asteri'idse n. (n-'i8-''8l-yB-By) 'T 

lynyi D8h ii"a I'o 8t8] b"b lynyBC 

.[tyiyBB' '11 D'i8 

as'terisk n. (pD'i-yB-'Dy) oyiyBB* 

t'8 * iy3"s tvii iy3"SjynyBi!' ; 5yn 


as'terlsm n. (nt'l-VB-'Dy) yj"5P 8 

Tyi] iy3"S3yiyBts'="'n ityiyBE' ysna 

.[iy38tpm P8 *.* lyis ••* iy3"s 

as'terlte (B'8i-yB-'By) oyiyBB' lyn 

.D8BS nyi3ys:85a tsl P'BiS' 

as'terites n. (t'B-'8l-yB-'Dy) 

asterite .t 
astern' adv. and a. ctTiB-oy) n« 
lyT lyBj'n ; fi'tf na 5"BiyB3'n osi 
tyjyii] lyBj'n Tt Bj'aya d»ii -.v^ 

.[ei'S" 8 
The current drives the ship astern^ 

as'terold a. and n. (Tfji-yB-'oy) 

'-\ssiiv\HQtif B8n DS11 ; j'myajyiyBB' 

Vi^''^p 8 ; c'B'iyiyBii' ; :yoiJ3 yj'o 

»y38?B 'T ; iyBy38?B y:"5p tia yanj 

•ya'Bi' n8 biso tyt5"iis ysnj tya 

asteroi'dal a. (5yn-''si-yB-By) 

'T IV v<f t'8 D811 ; j'D-iyajyiyBE' 

lyT IS T'B' t'8 D811 ; C'B'iyiyBl!' 
='B1' 118 D180 iyti"11S S6\-\} iyByJ8?B 

as the case stands D"P TIB ty) 

=y'i i'8 ,iyn3yBB'Di8 ytyn "a (njyBo 

.?8B tyt 

as the crow flies (t'8?B I8np TIB ty) 

?yj'iB 8 '111 yj'? ■iy3"?j 8 i'8 


astheni'a n. (y-''8:-ynB-Dy) 'lysiyp 

.D"pJ'tS?BB81P !B"P3811B' 
as'theny n. (':-ynB-'Dy) 

asthenia .t 
asth'ma ». (yo-'BDV) yiyiiis'] 8bbB8 


asthmat'lc a. and n. (p'K-'ByD-Boy) 

iB"np381P'80BD8 IVT IX V^V t'8 DS11 

.nyT3yT'?'80BB8 ts 
as though (isriB ty) .'11 »1t8 
As thouBh he was nint^ter. 

astigmat'ic a. (p'8-'ByB-j'B-Dy) =D8 
.m'B8BJ'BD8 na ijyn"? ; b"b8oj'b 
asUgmaUam .i 

astig'matlsm n. (ot'B-yo-'J'B-Dy) 
D811 •iy5nya:yri« is] nt'BSoj'BBs 
iy?n8iBi!'=B3'? 'T D811 /I'isT BnyBt^yB 
Bpjia i"8 i'8 B'j 1't iyi'iBjyx:BP 
ycJsB 8 BssniKiya est ns 3'i« hb 
yB3y5B' 8 lyis ty38t na wiJyBB'nsa 

.[5533 n'KT 

astir' adv. and a. ("riuB-y) =yiiy3 l'8 

«a'i8 ;Bjyiiy3 ;3JijynB'i8 i'8 ;j:ij 


as to (IB t») t'8 BS11 ,ver t'8 dsii 

.B)385y338'D811 ,y]1J 

aston'lsh v. (t!"«-'J8BD-y) «8niy3'« 

.lyj'iBB'iy (lye* 

aston'lshed a. (BB"8-':BBD-y) =iy 

.03 'lots' 
We were astoniitied to hear the sad news. 

aston'lshed at (oy Bt!"8-':8BD-y) 

.oysy ny3'8 Bj'iBB-ny 

aston'lsblng a. (j3'8-B"8-'i8BD-y) 

.TJj'iBti'iy ; njyj'iBB'iy 

aston'lshlngly adv. -B"8-'J8BD-y) 

.tBi8 tys'Si'iBB-ny i8 n'i8 ('?-jj>8 

aston'isbingness ». -e"«-'J8BD-P) 

o» 'T ; ya'Si'iBB-ny dst (Dyj-«'8 


aston'lshment n. -B"8-':8BD-y) 

.jJiB'»"ny3'8 j:i3'iBB'iy (Bjyo 

astoop' adv. ('sniBD-») ,Bj"jyj jynB" 


as to the main* (i"o 'fiB id ty) 

.[i8t 1S1 na] vn nix v& t'8 dsii 

astound' v. and a. ('i:i8DD-y) plSBty 

PiBBB' ; lyj'iBBny lyis tyB'8iny3'8 

.Bj'iBiny ijntt BBiBinys's 

astoun'dlng a. (j:'i-'jiBBD-y) pibbb" 

astoun'dlngly adv. -33'i-'ji8BD-y) 

.taiK lyuyo'iBpny is ei'i« ('5 

astound'ment ni (ojyD-'njiBBD-y) 

.lyj'iDiPiy D8T 

astrad'dle adv. and a. (5'iyiBD-y) 

- .liBBB'ix Iy:'^:yB"^ 8 t'8 ;3'niyB"T 

as'tragal n. (5y:-ynD-'Dy> =3JnBt!' lyn 

:[dib na 5y3y3p oyT iy3'8] t"3 

D58 5y3"T "lyis 5yjjyBK' iJii s 

111 jj'i lyT ;5"t s IBB 3:ny'xiya 

Biyii oy tyJBii na] insviyBBmsn 


as'tragals n. (t5ya-BiD-'Dy) •jyeis' 


astrag'alus n. (Ds5-y-'jyiB-Dy) nyi 

astragal .t .t"3=J3nBB' 

as'tral a. (jyio-'oy) ix vv t'K dbii 

'D'lK ; lyiyDiy IX i'?jnB ; tyiyass' 't 


as'tral lamp (BBy5 ?»"iD-'Dy) "BOB 

BBS5 (BBB:) I'DSiyp BTB] B6s5>58t 

.[j'B3'? nnyt Bjyi3 iy3?yii 

astrand' adv. and a. cijyioD-y) 

lyjyii] BynjBiBtt-yj njnj avi vi« 

.tt'C 8 

astray' adv. ('"idd-9) IIB 3S18 

08?3iyD ;BT8iyD ; 3»11 iyj'B3'1 

,>v . ^ .Byti'n 

The doK went aitray. 
astrlct' V. CBp'-iB-oy) ; tyii'XjyeBtix 

.ivpjyitrya ,iyB?8n3"8 ; tyiy':t!'B'ijis 

astrlc'lon n. (tsB'-'P'iB-Dy) >:yD8ti» 

yi:yn'Xjyo8tix tia :31ptii 't ; 3:in's 

•SBnya ;[t'X'iyD lyi t'8] fyo'o 




'SO lis 3:)fiijiuiS''ivs ;[ij;jso ns] »ib 

astrlc tlve a. (ive-'pnta-DV) osii 

.iwso ivt 
astrlc'tlveness n. (DJ/J-M'B-'pno-oy) 

.tyn'XJVDsnx dst 
astric'tory a. (n-so-'pno-Dji) 

astrictive .\ 
astride' oiic. ond o. CTBioo-y) 

astraddle .i 
astringe' «. ('ti'tn:nB-By) ^viBJVDStiit 

astrln'gency n. cD-JBE'n-'j'iEi-Dy) 

.BB81P njyn'XJVBBTix n 

astrin'gent o. (BJJiB'n-'jnB-DV) =1S 


astrin'gently od». -BJVB'n-'jnB-Dj/) 

.taiK tnoyn'XjyoBns b ^imb c? 

astrin'gentness n. -BjytJ'rn-'jnB-Di;) 

a^tringency ,t (D!)3 

as'trite ». (b'bib-'db) tistcite .t 

astrog'nosy n. cb-sj-'jbib-dj;) n 


astrog'rapby n. (<a-jn-'J8lB-D») n 


as'trolabe n. (a"5-s"iB-'Dj() =j'b ib 

BXIJW ?BOB BjyJB ivsJyii ,BjyD'nBD 

«jiBii' n lis inn n ij;boj;d is tvivii 


astroratry n. (n-Bff-'JBlB-Dji) n 


astrol'oger ». (nyBin-s-'JBnB-Dy) 

.iynyt=i»iyBB' ,js5sibd8 

astrolog'lc o. (p'B-'B'nBJ-SlB-Dy) 

^yBB- IS 1"^ I'B DS11 ; E"JB?B1BDB 

lyjyii yiny? lyi is lyiis "nynyt=tyT 

.ly-iyoiji n 

astrolog'ical o. -p'N-'B'nBJ-BiB-By) 

astrologic .t (?j; 

astrolog'ical as'pects -sib-bv) 

j:i5yB6!' n (SBpya-'By 5yH3'B-'B'nB? 

.Ti lyExiis lyBVJBSB n na 

astrolog'ically adv. -'tynBS-SIB-By) 

=y3 PK ;y'Js?B-iBD8 Tin CB-jy-p'x 

."lynyi^tyiyBis' ix jis 

astrol'ogize v. (r'8B'ti-s-'581B-Dy) 

b'd] y'js5siBD8 o'o I't lyonyjiyB 

lyjBt iCiBiyBE' n tyjyn yiny? lyi 

.ty'iyBE' n iia nix'sj 

astroi'ogy ». ('(!>n-8-'5BnB-By) =bdb 

;[iyiyBiy n tyjyii yiny? n] yjBJST 

na 'nyjBt hib'sj ; 'nynyt=iynyBi!' 

.lyiyBB" n 

astrometeorol'ogy n. ->B-isio-By) 

=»5St8yBy»S"IBB8 CBin-S-'SBI-S-'B 

1B3 nyayii ayi lyD'Bifya bst] ya 

■ .[tyiyoE' n iis jjisvbb' lyi 

astrom'etry m. (na-y-'DBlB-By) =D8 

=DB lyi PB jji?"03s n] ynoyosiB 

lyn B'D I't Banynya dbii rVamaia 

liB tiB jjuyBc lyn na sjiu'iBBdMB 

.[lyiyBB' n na inn nyi 

astron'omer n. (lyD-B-'JBlB-By) 

.iy:yp=tyiyBi!' ,aBJ«iBDB 

astronom'ic a. (piB-'DB3-8iB-Dy) 

"lynyBB" is Biynya bsii ,e"dsj81bbs 


astronom'ical o. -piK-'»83-snB-By) 

astronomic .t (?y 

astronom'ical char'acters -oy) 

«?yB'n (nyB-py-'nyp jv-p's-'obj-bib 


astronom'lcaily ach>. -'osJ-BlB-By) 
'ii2 pB iyosJBiBDB inn ('B-?y-*'K 


astron'omize v. (t<Bo-S-'J81B-Dy) 

ons n lynjyiuB ; yoB^siBBB lyjiy? 

.y'DBJBiBDB iia lys's 

astron'omy n. ca-u-'jBnB-Dy) »db 

.D'JBjyp'iy-iyBE' ;y'nsJsiB 

as troscope re. (BisPD-sna-'Dy) =db 

.[irBp8SB'=ryiyBii'] B8pDs^B 

astros'copy n. cs-Bp-'DBlB-Dy) 

n tiB «iB38a8ya n] ysBPCBiBOB 

.[iPBPBSts' 8 iin lyiyBB" 

astrut adv. and a. CBBlBD-y) =?SBI5' 

.rSBBE' jnjynys 

astu cious a. (Dijiy-'l'B-By) j'bd'? 

.j'jitaiBti' ;ynB'a /isb' 

astu'city n. CB-'o-'i'B-Dy) =j'BB'? 

.BllpJ'JMB'lBB' ; B"pyiB<3 ,B"P 

astute' o. {'BPB-By) ,n5t!' j'bd'? 
.j'j'taiBB' ; yiB'3 

Blsmark was an astute politician. - 

astute'ly adv. ('?-'BPB-Dy) 

.taiB lyjiJMB'iBB' "lyiB tyna^a b I'ib 

astute'ness ». (Byj-'BVB-oy) =J'BB'? 

.B"pj''jnBi8B' ,B"pynB'3 ,b"p 

asun'der adv. (iyi-':8B-y) oiryjas 

.lyiBJBO'iB ,nynjity3 ; Biyn 

The ties of frlendsliip cannot easily be 
torn asunder. 

as we go along' ('jjB5-y 183 'lin ty) 
.•iyB"ii rnjynyj 
as well as (ty jyiin ty) .'11 Blj ntB 
as who should say ("b iniB' in ty) 
.BJBtyj B5S11 lysya'B m 
aswim' adv. and a. ('oninB-y) ='11B' 


aswoon' adv. and a. CiniBimB-y) P8 

.3'B3ynjnB ; nii!'5n vi^ ,b3bdjib 

as yet (ay ty) 53 :isj ; lyns p3 


asyle' re. ('5'8B-y) =db315bis ;5'tB 

.[Bins] Bis=nt!'^,B'is 

asy'lum re. (d8?-''8B-y) =1S ;?'tB 

8 ; [Bins] BIS^riB' ,BlS=DB315a 

/ypJBIP /B'Oin' IBB] B5BBB'J8«nplS 

.[.11 .t .8 yi3'?3 

asymmet'ric a. (pn-'Byo-'B-By) B'J 

'IBSSIB B'J ,JlByD3"53 B'J yWtOVa'^O 


asynunet'rical a. -pn-'Byo-'B-Dy) 

asymmetric .t (5j) 

asynunet'rically adv. -'Byo-'B-BV) 

iVB'nByo'BJiB IB »i'iB CB-jyp-n 

.yiByo'B ins ; laiB 

asym'metry re. (<nB-y-'D'B-y) BST 

.3'ByD3"5; Bij lyis tj"-iByo'B b'j vr 

as'ymptote re. and a. ((Bi8B-0'B-'By) 

8— P'BSayBBO lyT PB] yBBBSD'DB '1 

in B58n oy y35yii is yr? yisia 

iy38 ,y'3'5 yonp b lynyajny: pb 

IS v& t'B B811 ;[b'j n Ba'njiyi 

lyas ,in ijyiyBjnyjiyT ;y'j<? bib 

ri:y3"ijnyT b'j 5803"P 

asymptot'ic a. (piB-'BBB-0'8-By) 

asym,ptote .t .is"BBBSa'B8 

asymptot'ical a. -'B-'BBB-D'B-By) 

asymptote .t .({"Bsbbdidb (?yp 

asyn'chronism n. (BPJ-S'ip-'0''D-y) 

;b"s PB in lyayiBBnjis b'j bbt 

tyjyii] BnB' iy3"5J pb pn b'j bbi 

BsiB!j'«?yBpyii yi^'iBpysy "3 lytsa n 


asyn'chronous a. (DSi-BlP-'J'B-y) 

>yjBnjis'in b"s iy3"?j lyi pb bu 


asyn'deton re. (i8B-yi-'3'B-y) pb 
=:>DB B81 — BB3ip=yiyi lyis pnuByi 
iyi8 rBt 8 PB tyt8?BmB est ,i8ByT 
'13 ,iyBiyii=B3Jnj'3iya n yiyi b iia 
'BnB lyiypisBB" 8 yiyi iyi lyayjisis 
Bii'Bii" :i'8t Dyi i<B JB'o? ni ,pm 
="3 »iB"B Byi"oiya ,in b3'J"1 ,in 
inB Biyn ,iyjnB yj^o pa lyasna yt 
BSnya [b ,n'yt5"] "isnB is BB3y?(!' 
."PB" BiBii=D3Jii:'aiyB bsi 
at prep. (b») ; B'O ; PN ,tin8 ,"3 ; IS 

at'abal re. (?y3-y-'By) .pnB=?yByp 
at a blow (iB?a y By) .B8?P P'b pb 
at a draught (Bayni y By) vk b'd 

.580 r"B B'D ,Pl5t!' 

at'aghan re. (tyj-y-'By) iyt!"piyB btb 

.JBB'rj'P lyjJB? 

at a glance (Djy5j y ay) .-pip P'b B'd 

at a great dls'tance b"13 y BS) 

tia] pniD lyo'iu 8 pb (bjvb-'b'i 


atala'ya re. (8'-'B5-yB-y) .BliB=i8ii 8 

at all (5n8 By)' ; PBl?n5 ; 183 IIB r3B3 


He knows nothing at all about it. 

at all adven'tures -'jyn-iy Jns By) 

.yjya yps si'ib (iiicb 

at all events' ('BBjyii-'B 5ns By) 

.B'jBiB y5B «i'iB :y5yB »?8 «i'i8 

at a low ebb (ay i85 y By) nyajiiB 

asiB ; naiiB iy3'ii'j b itib ; tyoipya 

.P'lB tlB 

at'aman re. (tyo-y-'By) tB] ibbbbb 

.[lypBtsp "a i»BBB5y 

atamas'co re. (isP-'Byo-y-By) I '08 

Bsn y35yii ,ys385B yj"5p iy38P'iyBB 

.33in'53 y3'5B'ii iiB yB"ii yD'n3 

at a me'dium (db-'1-''o y ay) PB 

.1'5B'JBi3111 ,B'3i!'3111 

at an ear'ly date '5-'i'i« ly By) 

.iy3'a v» (B"i 

at an'y rate (b"1 '8-':y ay) I'lB 

.586 lyiy 

at arm's length (nB33y5 toiB ay) 

y3'5:ytiyB iy3yii] Djya"ii iyi pa 

oi3j'iy3 yiyiiB' lyBJiB ;[|y3Jin'sya 


at a time (B'bb y oy) .5bd 8 

at'avi^m re. (opii-y-'By) ,Bt'llBBB 

!yBa8B'jy3"B yD'iiy3 pa 33iaiyiya 'i 

33i3"3 '1 ;[tyB"np:BiP Biyustya] 

pa B'B iyB5B 18 is tyinypisp'iis I't 

.n>iii y3'iiyn'iB 

atavis'tic a. (p'B-'B'll-y-By) PB BBll 

atavism, .t .BPllBBB is l"t!' 

atavis'tically adv. -'B-'B'll-y-ay) 

.taiB iy(!"BB'iiBaB tB «i'ib ('B-5yp 

atavism, .i 

at a word (H'sim V By) Dyj"B B'O 


atax'ia re. (y-'B-'Bpya-y) =5y3yi3lK 

'1 tia B"p3'ayna iyi pb B"p3'DyD 

iyi PB i'53ytB'in ,iyj83is ya'Jiysiyp 

'lyinyj ; ty5ipBio 'i tie 33i3yiiya , 

oyi- PB B"p3'Byo5y3yi3iB ; lya'a 

.B"np38ip 8 tia si'i5iyB 

atax'ic a. (p'B-'Dpya-y) =yo5y3yi3iB 

.[a"npj8iP B tia i'i5iya iy3yii] 3'd 

ataxia .t 

atax'y CB-'Dpya-y) ataxia .t 

at bay ("a ay) .ty3y3a3y ty5yBt!' i't 

at best (BBya ay) ; 58B tyasya pb 


at call (5nBP By) iy3'i58a iyi fi'iB 




iKT ix i"?j ij/iyii B?nssw tvno 

at current exchange' bjv-'isp as) 

.Dllp lWBJ"n D1S ('B'nJ"B'B-DPJ) 

at death's door (tibt onoj/T Oil) 

ate (B"sj eat .t -.tVOWW 

The beggar ate the meal nltta relish, 

at ear'liest conve'nience bv) 

m "3 (DJl/-iJ-''11-JSP BDJ)-'?-'Ti1K 

.B"njwy?j;j ivbods ivbe'-i!; 

at ease (tyn bji) b'j ,j'nn ;n)/iipj;3 

.^'t B?"«!;j 

atech'nic n. and a. (pij-'pVB-S) ins 

»BDJip nB tVD'ii ms ! tyoni Dy(!"j3»B 

=3!;b i"p bij Bsn osii nWN ;P'J3j;b 

.tVDMl Dyi£"J 

atech'nical a. (Syp-'j-'pvB-j;) -"is 

.■=I8BJ"K nWlBSB ,P<«J;b IIB 

atelier' n. ('iy<5-j)-By) is] sniBD s 
nVlS ISBBJlpD K |ia lJ/D'S=DB"3nB 


at fln''gers' ends (tlW tlVJ-'J'B BV) 

.[tVB'll DJ/By] 1'5BiiT tlK 1S5P 

at first (BDiMB ay) .Bti'iyis 

at first blush (t!'s?3 BBTIB By) D"3 

.PIP ]Voe>-\v 

At the first blush we thought the; had come 
from France. 

at first dash (E>yT bdimB By) D'llB 

.IS Sua lyBBiiy 

at first sight, (b'bd bdtib ay) d"3 

.p''?3:s lyaiciy 

at foot of the pres'ent BillB By) 

"a] lyajiN si (B:y-:ty'iB 'na us 

oy tyii BBnti' lyijs lyis «i»n3 b 

«ipiyDy3 s ryjyii lytniy^s aiyi) 

at foot's pace (d"b dbdib ay) ana 

.D8rjJ8? ,Bna "3 

at full (5va ay) .tysjsj rs 

at full speed oysB 5iB By) "lyi t'« 

lyjia PK ; B"pjnj'iiB'»3 lyBcynj 


at full steam (oyaD 5lB ay) B'b 

.BB81P lysJSJ lyT B<a J nansT tysia 

at gaze (t"; ay) lyis lyj^Biyiy b'd 

.lypipjs wnyiJisiiy3 

athana'sla n. (B-'D-'"j-y-nBy) »Jis 


Athana'sian a. (iyiB'-'"j-y-nay) DS11 

lyoMiyj «] ■ Bi'DSJsnas is B«B?y3 

PS Dnxo Sty «m:8Dpy?8 fis (ibe"3 

.[aiynain ins' :yB4 

athan'asy n, CD-y-'jy-riBy) 

athanasla .i 
at hand (ijyn ay) nyi "3 ,ajyns3 


at heart's ease (tyis DBlsn By) ISJ 

.lyiynais ; lyxnsn na b'jisii oyi 

a'thelsm »s. (Di's-'nB-'»s) .ai'synos 

.Bsj PS ijnyp"? DST 

a'theist n. (BD's-'na-'iix) ,BB<synB8 

BS3 I'K Bjyp"> DS11 nyj^'K 

atheis'tic a. (p'B-'D'8-'nB-"s) «ynB8 

PB Bjyp"? DSll ; tSSBSJ ; B-'BD'N 

atheis'tlcal a. (Sy-p'B-'Dis-'fiB-^N) 
atheistic .t 

atheis'tlcally adv. -'D'8-'nB-"N) 
;tBiK lyB^BD'synas ts ^I'ls ('8-?y-p'a 

.B"PJMS5BSJ ^nn 

atheis'ticalness n. -'B-'D'K-'na-"8) 

D^i ,BD»KynB8 18 P't BST (Dyj-?yp 

.asJ na nyaonpy tv-\ ps tyjvp"? 

Athenae'um n. (os-'ij-y-nay) tvt 
«?8 ps Bjynas pay; nyi na sysoya 
»>ii nsa yoynspB I8 ; iJBJjys'iJ ivb 

.D'n ps BBBB'jyD 

athenae'um n. (as-'J-y-nay) «yaO s 

.nyn'x=yty5 s ;3i?p nBB"-i8T 

Athe'nlan a. and n. (iy-'j-''nB-y) 

BisBB' s] lynas is vtif I's osn 

V>ti> PS BSll ;[l38?jy3nj iyB?8 PS 

PB 11B51P ns iiBsnya'? ,bbjip nyi is 

.tynBs na lyn's 8 ; lynas 

athirst' a. ('aoTina-y) .j'bb'ist 

ath'iete n. (a'5-'nay) »Byii ,By?B8 

«B:y D811 nyj"s ;n3=?y3 nyasnyp 

.nyaiyp i"i na a"p'isat!' n ajyp'ii 

athlet'ic a. (p's-'ayj-nay) ,i!"By?a8 

.na 5y3 8 is Biynyj dsii 

athlet'ically adv. -jy-p's-'ayJ-nay) 

18 '11 'IIS iiais tyi!"ay5a8 18 I'ls c? 


athlet'ic frame (D'na p's-'ayj-nay) 

.'i3=iyaiyp lyiyaySBB 

athlet'ic games (ia"j p's-'ays-nBy) 

.iy?yiBt!"5ian8P ; tyJyBB' yE"BD8JD'J 

athlet'icism n. (Bi'B-'s-'ayJ-nay) 
ns lyJP'iiBjy is] lyjJis's ys'Siysiyp 
"Typ ayi ns lyjipoio n lypisaE- is 


athlet'ics n. (Dp's-'ayS-nay) =B8 n 

.(iBa8p=jrT na BDJip n- ,p'ay5 

athlet'ic sport (bibbb p's-'ayj-nay) 

.ty:Jia's ya'Snyaiyp ,yi!"BB8J0'j 

at home cnisn ay) :B"n lyi ps 

'ijB'Byj s ;o"n nyi ps 'ii ,t!"D"n 

.iwas'BjjsaBDy lya 

athrob' a. and adv. ('38inB-y) =85P 

iyijyB85P 8 n'lK ; anjynyDBn jnjya 


athwart' adv. CBinsiina-y) ,iyilP 

na ; ainypnye ,Dnp ; lyiip -\vi ps 

laayiJis nvB^'iis lyi is a"t p's 

.P'3 ,'=i'5iya'iy 

athwart'ships a4v. -'ainsiina-y) 

tins] iya"iis bis jyna p's na (oa'ti' 

.[«l'E' 8 

atip'toe adv. (ISB-'B'B-B) n si'lS 

.BypB'E'B n ei'is ,iyjJ'B n tia ijts'BI!' 

She wallied into the parlor atiDtoe. 

Atlante'an u,. (iy-''B-jy?-BS) BSll 
ps] B85a8 asj lyaJsn bis vit> ps 
=B8 ts /BjyatyynsB aiyii yijyay? •\vi 
yj"t tins ?yjip=nny oyn B?8n B8? 


atlan'tes re. (PB-'jy>-ay) tyaJ8>B8 
'Si 8 PS iy5"t B?B iyniJ'B=iyjyo] 



Atlan'tic «. and a. (p'B-'jy?-By) "B8 

«yDB as a?"B dsii] rsyps iyt!"aJ85 

D1S T'B' PS BSll ;[SBST"B nB ISP''1 

D"3 Bjy? BSll ;i8yp8 iy!S"aj85B8 

OlS BJJ85y3 BSll ; tSypS iyE"B38?B8 

Atlas t .BB5B8 a83»3?8n 

at large (i!»m85 By) B'j : tyia Ps 

=iB ps ,B'nj ty?ia I's lapjynwws 

P8 japyiaii'yj b"ii ;33TB'n3B''is ly? 

.P'oyjJB ps ; iys385 IIS iro'nj 

At'ias n. (By?-'By) 

''ana lyn] dbJbb 

D811 asJ=3?8n lyts" 

«ip=Tiy oyi BJsiB 

«"?B yj"t (I'lK ?yj 

D811 iyj"s ;[Dys 

yD'na B bssib 


at'ias n. and v. -'ay) 
=1J8>8] B8?a8 (By? 

ps 3J15D8I = lyaiBp 

B na Disa lyn 

8 na iy5"i ;[ii3 

=ij'B=iy:yD na diss ivi ps yT'3y3 

33 iia B8msa BB?3ny'B8B b ; lyi 

«iy lyT ;B'n3 5ss 26 ns jjy? 5ss 

=D85B8 ; t?8n na i"3=5yaTii isov 

»8B DS^BB ;[j"SjyTM bib] 1SB» 

.Dys"5B n nns lyasiB ,iys'Bts' jiya 

at last (BDV5 ay) .V>i:s 

at least (BBy'5 By) .DjyBBj'jyii 

at lei'sure (iityt-''? By) ps ; 'na 

.B"s lyia 8 

at length (nawy? ay) =:y as n'^ijy 

.■^'Snn'BB'is ;yT 

at lib'erty ('B-"iy-'3'5 ay) ."la 

at mid'night (b'BJ-'to By) B'k 

.aasJ y3?8n 

atmolog'ic a. (p's-'cnBJ-SD-ay) 

lyjyii BBSB'jyD'ii ist is vv ps bbii 


atmolog'ical a. -p's-'B'nB5-SB-By) 
atmologie .t (5s 

atmol'ogist n. (BB'B'n-s-'?8D-By) 
lysyiyaniBBJ 't btiibb'- dsii •\si"« 
oyB'11 nyT ps iy:yp b ; iibobt na 

.IBDBT na BBB!!' 

atmol'ogy n. ('B'n-s-'?BD-BB) 'T 

.eiBDBT lyayii BasB'jyD'ii 

atmom'eter n. (lya-y-'OBD-ay) -wi 

tyBDyn is BayonaDj's] lyayosBBs 

.[iyB"pj'B'?B na aJiBBDBiiya 't 

at'mosphere n. (Ta-DSD-'ay) =aB 

aai? 'T ,t"np=BBi5 -\ri ; yiyaDso 

IBB B"n:"s=D8D 8 my -\}n ens 


atmospher'ic o. (p's-'iya-DBo-ay) 

ayi IX otSiWi bbii ;t!"iyaD80B8 

.my lyT ons t"np=Bai? 

atmospher'ical a. -'lya-Dso-ay) 

atmospheric .t (jyHJ's 

atmospher'ically adv. -bsd-bv) 

=BB lyn IS jisya ps ('s-?yi>-'s-'iya 

nyi IIB Di5BJ"s oyT iin TynyaDso 


atmospher'ic pres'sure -bbb-bB) 

"lyaDSDBB iv\ (iiN-'wiB p'B-'iya 

•BsoBB nyn ns pm linl pm nvti' 

T'?j aayayiyj i:B?3jy ps aiyii yiya 

na ?"t "lyaj'tpyiip b na pm asi is 

ly anyii vipsbib ps .'Tin ?sx so 

760 8 na pm oyn is ^"?a ajyaynyj 

PS .?"t iy3?'tpyiip lys'in ^yayo'?'o 

"lyiyaDSDBB -wt aiyii p'33yB ivn 

b:id 15 na pm 8 d?8 aayaynya pm 




BJSt tJD t»11 .?S!( 08T1811P 8 I'lK 

B'i3W I'K ?VDj;p»(ian8T 8 18 .a .x 

S DV BJ"0 ,i3m tyiBBDSOQS 5 180 

=B811811P inj/' ei'18 BJIB 75 tlB Pm 

, .[?SS 

atmospher'ic rail' way -dko-bv) 
»yt!"iyBDSDB8 ("iin-'?"T p's-'ij/b 

'S3 B1J11 DS11 ,in83J»t"K] tn8a»t"K 

.[pm BB15 iin tyana 

at most (BDItjID BV) .DJVBDSVn 

at night (B<(!: BV) |<8 ; iv B38J 1S 
.B38:"3 ,B"S nJMS 
at noon (inij By) .B"X=3SB'0 

at no time (d'SB isj By) .580j"p 
at nurse (dtu By) =8Bbiik iyB:iN 
.yjy?BB lyT v» ;aJiD 
at odds (ns By) nits' b<j ;j':"8Jis 


He seems to l>e at odds with all bis ac- 

atoll' n. csso-s) =sp nsj'DiyBjjn ts 

.?ytj''K iy?8T 

at'om n. (DS-'By) »eiSBt!'ni8 ,B8bs 

oy Biyii mycn lyT bm?] 5y3?"B 

•5"o -lyBDjysp lyn d58 BSyatjiyjisa 

B'j inyo I'lty lyp dsii ,f\^otif lis 5y3 

;Dyj"5p I'JijyjiK ;[|yiyii B5"By3 


atom'ic a. (p<8-'B8B-y) ; b-'BD'osos 

atom .t .DSB8 18 '11 

atom'lcally adv. ('8-5yp-'8-'C8B-y) 

tBi8 dyn eiiiK ; dsbs is is Jisys vvi 

iyt!'<BD'B8B8 t8 tlB : D8BS 18 IIB 

atomi'cian n. (iy-'t:"o-s-By). =3S 18 

ynsyo iyts"BD'DSB8 lyi iib lyjjyn 

lynyBcya lysiyp^Bjyii y?8 ts .n .t1 

.[iyn8B8 IIB 

atomlc'ity n. (iB-'s-'D'o-s-Byj rs 

.B58nBjy=iyBSB» ,rjy58iinipy — von 

equivalent .t 

atom'ic the'ory -s-'TiB piK-'D8B-y) 

'SyB n] yisyB yE"BD'D8B8 't (n 

iiB lynyBtjiya lyBjyaysy n I8 ,v-\ 


atom'ic weight (B"llii p'8-'D8B-y) 


atomlsa'tion n. (isty-'"(-''8-08-By) 

''IBB-IX BST ; lyOSBS I'« iy5"B1X BST 

.[B"prD'?B «] iy3 

at'omiser n. (lyt-'B-oU-'By) =1X 8 

, D811 nyXnSB' 8T8] B818B8 DJjn'lBE' 

lyns "ly^^'K ;[b"PJid'5b 8 b3'ibis'1!: 

i55"Bis nyns b3'ibb'is dsii osiiay 

.tyDSB8 rs 

at'omism n. (nt<8-BS-'By) yiny? 't 

.lyDSDS t»»ii 

-at'omiSt ». (BD'8-DS-'By) DSll lyj^'x 

.iyD8Bs IIB yiny? lyi t'8 bsmJj 

atomis'tic o. (p'B-'D<D-s-By) =ynyj 

iiB BSyots'yjB'iJis ; lyoBos is j't 

atotre .t .iynsB8 

atomiza'tion n. isB'-'"t-'K-08-By) 

''ions DST ;iyOSB8 P« |y5"QW B8T 

.[B"PrD'5B 8] iy3 

at'omlze ■». (Ti8-»s-'By) v« ty5"»is 

"IBB'lS ; 3'1B(!' 51'1« iy?SB1S ; ty08B8 

.B"pJ'D'5B 8 IM 

■ at'omizer n^ (lyi-'B-os-'By) 

,iys'iat!' 8t8] B8"I8B8=DJ:13'1BB'1S 8 

nyji'K j[B"prD«5B s bs'ibe-ix dsii 

»1X "WIH B3'lBt!'lS DSII Dsiioy "ly^s 
.I»DSQ8 V« B?"Q 

atomol'ogy n. cirn-s-'^Bo-s-Dy) 
.tyosBs lyjyii ynny? n 

at'omy n. (iD-s-'By) 8 j DSB8 18 

;By?ypD 8 ;p'?i8P 8 nst yp:M"?p 

, .mvD lyiyjso inyt 8 

ato'nable a. (?3yj-'i8B-y) lyo dsii 

?niD lyns ty3"?jD'is ,iyj'ByiyB typ 

.isnu ii3i(fa lyp lyD dsii tins ; p'l 

at once (OJSiin By) »si?B ,?sd s b'd 

at one (isiin By) .J'J"8 

They are at one on this question, 

atone' v. cnsB-y) oya ; isnB n3it:'n 

8 isa tyoipas ;ty3"5jDMN ,iyj'D>j 

.I31P 8 iyjj"-i3 HJ't 

It is manly to atone for one's mistakes. 

at one blow (isJa tsiin By) i"8 B'd 


at one bound (1J183 tsim By) D>a 

jjnat!' i"s 

at one bout (bi83 tsiin By) 8 B'd 

.B8?P I"K B'B ;5sa 

at one cast (Doyp Isiin By) =j"8 B'd 

.tnsn i"N B'D ,5so 

at one dash (ti>yi isiin By) 

=S15B ;inB(C 1"« B'B ,B85P t"8 B'D 


atone'ment n. (BjyB-':iSB-y) ='j"iyB 

=3S DST ; 3JlB'Dl!'3"8iy3'8 ;3J13'B 

.ISHB nSlBTl DST JlJ't "186 lyoip 

The Day of Atonement is a Jewisli Fast 

ato'ner n. (lyj-'isB-y) ;'iy3'B'3iyB 

.n3i(S'n 5y3 

at one shot (BSE' isiin ay) i"8 b'o 

.nyin 3it!" dib' s ins ,33i5si5s : bk5p 

aton'ic a. and n. (p'8-'38B-y) =5't 8 

,is?38B ; Djyxp8 ms-Bisii 8 "lyns ys 

,i8iits' ,ts?BB8np ;[n3i33] Bjyxp8 ins 


at'ony n. (i3-s-'By) =3S ;e"pa85!!' 


"atop' adv. and a. CssB-y) lyT ps 
.tySMS D1S ,Y''Bi> BIS ,Tin 

at par (-isB By) tyB:y3"S'y3 B'i? 

>P8 nyis lyiy'BsB'nDiyii "3] nanyii 

,t"iB-Dis DB'iPiyB lynyii "t tyii Dys 

.[D3y3"sy3 "t (I'lK t's ny35yii 

at par'ting (33'D-'nsB By) ="iS' n"3 

.in rwT 
at peace (Dys By) .0158!' rs 

America is at peace with the world. 

at play ("Jb By) .lyjy'BB' D"3 

at pleas'ure (iis-'ts'tySB By) I'lSJ 

.lyS'ii t'BM? ,Tp5'ii 

at pres'ent (B:y-'tyiB By) .Dsy 

atrabila'rian n. and a. -o-yi-By) 

='mint!'»ma ,-iyp'5s338?yD (ly-'V"? 

.sn'minc^mD ; t!"?s3385yo ; pu 

atrabila'rious a. -'i-'i'S-ia-yi-Dy) 

.t!"5S3385yB j'Tmints-'mo (ds 

atrabila'plousness n. -'3-yi-By) 

=s3J8?yo ,n-iinti'=mo (Dyj-Ds-n-'"? 


atrabil'ious a. (D8'-'?'3-yn-By) =yn 

.jn'minBi^mo ,i!"5S338? 

at'rament n. (Biyo-yi-'By) ; bj'B 

B'D D8iiBy ;bj'b is T53ny osiiay 

.BSTsiitJ' lyo Dsii 

atramenta'ceous a. -jya-yn-oy) 

.BJ'B '11 nSlltC J3'B3'B (DS't!'-'"B 

atramen'tal a. (5yB-'jyo-yi-By) 

atramentaceous .1 
atramenta'rious a. -'"B-jyo-yi-By) 
;BJ'B iy380 IS 3'IB DSII (DS-'I 

.B3'B '11 nsiity 
atraiAen'tous o. (DSB-'jyD-yi-Dy) 
atramentaceous ,t 

at ran'dom (Dsi-'jyi By) Dy '11 
'V\a Ti Byii Dy '11 ;ty58flD'iN ayn 

at rest (bbst ay) .s'nn 

atrip' adv. and a. CB'nD-y) DsllBy 

.[I'E" 8 na] lypjs am m'lsysB'iis 

a'trinm n. (ds-'1D-'"«) =sb] DI'IBS 

;[iyt"n yt!"n'i>B?8 'n rs sspiyi 

.nsn Din iib lyoBpiso 't 

atro'cious o. (DStf-'ISIB-y) siyTlB" 

.DSt'ns ;1'5 

atro'ciously adv. ('5-Dsl!'-'lS'iB-y) 

"113 B'D ; tB18 lyS'JnyTIB' 8 fl'lS 


atro'ciousness n. (oyj-DSB'-'iS'iB-y) 

.B"PD8t'n3 ,B"P3'5iyT1tS' 
atroc'ity n. CD-'S-'DSID-y) 

atroeiousness .t 
At'ropa re. (8B-sn-'By) y3'DB'3 pd 8 


atroph'ic a. (p's-'BSiD-y) ,t!"BS"iD8 

.Dn8iy33s ,Dinysy338 

at'rophy re. and v. ca-SI-'By) =B8 .1 

=3s .2 ;3Ji'iy3SD3s ,33nnysD'iK ,y'asT 

.11385 iny3 ,ty58B 

2. Many of the apples were atrophied. 
at'ropln re. (ps-si-'By) atropine .t 
at'ropine re. (i'89-si-'By) pasiDS 
.[tiSBB" •iyB"Dy3 ■iy3'Ba'3 s] 
at sea (yo By) ;D'liy3Jl8 :D' PS 
at ser'vlce (D'ii-'tid By) .BDjyi ps 

at sight (B'SD By) =SJ tIB ,B8?3 D'llB 

jyDpyii 8] lyjyatyis ;ity5y'B»] tya 

.ei3'n ;[iy5nss dis 

at stake (P"bd ay) 3'3jyn38 

at sta'ted pe'riods nyB-'"BD ay) 

.iya"s yaD'aCTa ps (ns-'V'S 

The inspector visited the building at stated 

at'taball re. (5y3-y-'By) atdbal .1 

attach' V. ccBya-y) =yns ; iyi3'3is 

=B'n8 ; iy3'aDyay3 ; iys'3pis ; lys 

.aayis 18 iy3y? 

attach' a blame (d"?3 y 'tvaya-y) 

.[tysyo's ei'is] iy3y5B'n8 n^iB- s 

attach'able a. (53y-'t!'ByB-y) dsii 

; lyiyii BS'jpyjis nyis iyn3i3y3is lyp 

18 lyiyii B3y?y3B'n8 lyp ay dsii tis 


attach' cred'it (a's-'iynp 'tyaya-y) 

.lyna- oysy 

attache' re. ('"E'-yD-y) ="3 8 ,yt!'8a8 

iy53B'D issysysD 8 ,-iya3yinsy3 

.ya'iiD nyns Sidjsp 8 pa 

attached' a. catyayB-y) ; iyn3i3y3is 

.B3'BDyBy3is ;BB'jpy3is ;asyty3is 

attach'ment re. (ajya-'caya-y) «y3 

;a"p:yi:i3y3is ;3Jn3'3iya ;33i3'BDyB 

=Dy is] y3y?isa ;3:i3"3 ,B"n"'iB 

;B"n3y3S3ny3'8 ,B"p3'53:yn:8 ;[dsii 

DST ;5nyBy3=D33iaa8mya ;33iaB8n'iya 

lyns n5y3 n'ls] Boyis is tysy^a'ns 


attack' 71,. and v. cpya-y) =pJ8np .1 

=38 .2 ;?8B3S ,Sl''1338 ;58B3S DD"n 

.ty58B3S ,iyB"n3 

1. The baby had an attack of indigestion. 

2. The speaker attacked the Mayor in his 

attack'able a. (53y-'pyB-y) »a"'i33S 

.ty58B3S lyp lya dsh n'ls ; n83 

attack'er «. (ny-'pya-y) ="-i33S nyT 

.IS D58B Dy ny3?yii ,nyT : iva 




attacks' n. copyta-y)' ; pij;iidb<i30s 

, .[3JnW8?J)3 "a] l/'J'^DB'-lJJS 

attain «. ('t"a-») .tWJ85iy ,iM"'nff 

attainabil'lty «. -iN-'5>3-J(>"ia-y) 

IS O"p3'5jyo n ;D"pi8a3"'nj; cb 

attal nable a. (Sayj-'^o-j;) »a"Tiy 

^^ ., ^, .TSJyD ;B"BP81B ;18a 

attal nableness n. (Dyj-?ayj-=^"B-y) 

^^ , , , .I833'my i"t osT 

attain' an ob'ject -'as \v 't"B-y) 

, .pyiix oyn iy3"niy (opyis'tT 

attain der n. (iyi-'j"o-y) «B3nyj n 

tiK yoayi y?8 tiB jiinnypynB ys'? 

=nyB DST ; -lyay-is-iyB k no tyjymyB 

pyJB 8 lyasa dst ,yi38t!' lyasnis 

. , .tyoisj tyou Dsi finx 

attain ment ■». (BjyD-'j"B-y) «iy .1 

;Bjy?8B .2 ;piiyj ;3Ji3'my ,3jijj8? 


1. He worked hard for the attainment of 
hla purpose. 2. Theodora Boosevelt is a man 
of many attainments. 

attaint' n. and v. ('Bj"B-y) ,py5a 
:iyt"iiD'i8 ,tyin'flDMK ; py.SB^iJBt!' 
y?8 lyTJiys ;iypy?By3 nyaBD'B-ys 
8 nn iyB3yn ojysymya tm tyiny 
8 ; rysynaivfl s isa j:i?"Bii8-iya 
•ya :nn mya 8 iib bis 8 h'ik n:i8ii 
=nyB ;B"np:8'ip 8 lypyBtjiis .- fvivo& 
^ . , ■ .tyBa'3 

attaint ment n. (Bjyio-'BJ"B-y) n 
'".BiiNnyB n ;33iaBa'B'y3 ; ynosis' 
=ii8-iyfl ; lyoayi y58 tyiy'?iya is 3:1? 

.BByi8 ;3J15"0 

attaint' the blood ijib 'Bj"B-y) 
tyiiyE' ;bi53 D8T tyBa<3iyB (is53 

. , .B15a DST 

attain ture n. (TiB»B-'j"B-y) bst 

=y3 jyiJKic jsjipyBtyjB n ,tyt8i8t 

'S'Jnyfl IS 3Ji5"Bii8nyB .•sjiaBo't!' 

, .lyBayi y?8 \v\ 

at tal n. (jy-'By) 5y3y<s 118 •iyj"Bt!' 

, .nyiD dyjyDny338-i8 m iib 

at tar n. (ny-'By) tyt'n IIB nyay 

=Bpy lyim ;[?mk •iy3nypynE> 8] 


attem per v. (lya-'oya-y) ; lys'Dyo 
»8D ■lyssiiB' ; iyD8Bis ; lyaso i"ii 
='ii' ,iyiyi?'o ;[33ii^'D"3 iin] lys 
^ysDyB n] tyT?i3yT Myasn lyiya 

, .[11B8T 

attempt «. and v. ('BBoyB-y) 

»:« jiyTasis .2 ;ein3J8 mnya .1 

"T ; tyonyjiyBJiN ; lyssii ; iyB'n3 

, . .lyTpn 

1. Another attempt was made to capture 
the fort. 2. Wise people do not attempt the 

attemptabll'ity n. -'5u-y-BBoyB-y) 

IS ,iy'l'381B IS B"p3'53yD n CB-'N 

.lyrp'i'T IS lyns .lyonyjiyaoix 

attempt able a. (?3y-'BEoyB-y) 

Dsii ; nn8By3 ^v^^ Bsyty3BM8 vk bsii 

.lyiyii BT381B -lyis B"i<pnn lyp 

attempt' a man's life y 'BBDyB-y) 

nnx iinya=TisD 8 ivssd (t|'85 rjyo 

, .Byj"« 

attempt'er n. (ly-'BBoyB-y) -lyBJis 

-■:» iB38pnn nyTasie nyBny3 

, .lyB'^is 

attemp'tlve a. (iPB-'BoyB-y) B811 

JBTp't'T nyi8 B3811 D811 ! Bl^asiB 

.18 BB"-|3 B811 

attend v. cijyB-y) ,iy3y3 33ib38 
'V-'-W^ My3'i8iy3 ;i"t D8tp-iynBMK 

,i"t i3ytyii3s ;iyD"?3y3 ;iy3y?aB jyj 

...(IB iyDipD'n8 ,iy3?»a ; iy3n«ii"3 

attend' a mee'tfng -'yin y "mvo-v)^ 

.sjiJasnya 8 iyjnsii"3 (33<o' 

atten'dance «. (Bjyn-'jyB-y) ,b38 .1 

;y3y?BB :33i33yny3 ;B"P08tpnyDBnK 

=n8ii"a ,B"njytyii38 .2 ; BB8B'"iy3yn 

D811 lyjsnys n .3 ;33iB"53ya ;mi 

BsiiBy lyjisiya osii ,njytyiu8 tyj'n 

.ryB"5jy3 lyis 

1. The patient received good attendance. 
2. The attendance at the meeting was very 

atten'dant a. and n. (Bjyi-'jyB-y) 

»fl8i!'5yty3 ; "lyBjynys ;njyB"?3y3 

.lyanya ; nyB 

atten'dant cir'cumstances -y) 

=ya (TyD-jyBB-08P-"iMD Bjyn-'jyB 

.lyiWBtyDis yijyB"53 

atten'ded by (i83 lyn-'jyo-y) ^ya 

...ns ByB"53 

atten'dlngly adv. ('?-3jn-'jyB-y) 

=3'B3'nSB B'D ;B"plS8(PlV»B'1N B'a 

attend' one's devo'tion 'fiw-y) 

.iyjii8T (isc-'isii-n tjsiin 

attend' on one (isiin 18 'IJVB-y) 

.iy3'tM8B3s ,iy3ynya Dy3"K 

atten'tate n. (B"B-'jyB-y) B8BjyB8 

;[ty3y5 B:ysyo'8 fiMx tin3J8 I8] 

B3<'iy3 8 tia 3Ji?i:8n yB3yiy33is 

.[jJiayiBB'^'ia 8 iS3 3:i?"Bii8iya] 

atten'tion n. (tsE'-'jyB-y) =p-iyoaM8 

=y3 iB38 I'x tyanyj bst ;B"p»8t 

.B"P3'5Byn : sjis'Banpn 

He gives attention to his business. 

atten'tive a. (irB-'jyB-y) ^piyoanx 
. ■ „ , , .I'Sayn : dbi 

An attentive scholar, 
atten'tively adv. ('5-ll<B-'3yB-y)' 
.B"P3i?Byn BID ; B"pB8rpiyDaM8 B'D 

atten'tiveness .». (oyj-ii'B-'jyB-y) 
attention .) 

atten'uant a. and n. (Bjy-r-'jyB-y) 

-ita^ti, -lyis ■iy3'B<5B ;tn snjyBsa 

B38D 0S11 I'snyn 8 ;3njya8D nyi 

.Bi?3 Dsi iy3'D'?a lyns nyiyB^i!' 

atten'uate «. and a. -I'-'jya-y) 

'yB'ty ;B38Dy3 m ; tysso vi (B"8 

o'oiya ; iy38a iy3sa ; ry38B iv\ 

=38 ;pj8?B' ;tyiyjy?piyB uv\v^ 


attenuation n. (ist!'-'"8-i''-3yB-y) 
=8a3s nyB'B' lyis tn iy38a bst 
.sjnyjyspiya ; 3jnyij'a-iyB : 33ny3 

at ter n. (ly-'By) ,BnyB8B ,iyB"8 
.BB'3 ; yo385B 

attest V. and n. ('BOyB-y) =<3"E»y3 
'yBB'ya ,iy3'B3'-iy3 ; tyt"iiy3 ; lys 
'yBB-ya ;d'33"s ;iyiym!»3"K ; tys'B 

.B8BDyB8 ;3313'B 

attesta'tion n. (isty-'MB-oy-By) lyi 
: B8BDyB8 /D'JS'is ; Tiny T\ii t'niya 

.3313'J"(!'y3 ; 3J13'a'l?3y3 

attes ter n. ("lya-'ByB-y) m ,y3"s 8 

attes tor n. CiSB-'oyB-y) attester .r 

at that (oynts av) .isiyi 

tSt '" * '"''"" ^^' ""'' * ^°°^ ""' •* 

at that rate (b"i Byno ay) tin8 
;B"p?y3(!' ly, ti'D iiy3"BB' nyi 
.r8t'B3ys8iB oyn b'b ;D8a ivt B'b 

at that time (bi8B ayna tsv) -si 


at the bar (-183 <nB ay) .B3ny3 i'"i8B 

Prisoner, at the bar! 

at the bed'slde (T8D-'iy3 'fia ay) 
.aya lysyj 

Because of the seriousness of his illnesB, 
his children were summoned at his bedside. 

at the begin'ning -'j^j-ia ino ay) 

.338B38 t<K (3J1K 

at the bot'tom (D8-'d83 'fia ay) 

n D58 ;BJn3 D"3 tVI'tlS ,e|1D DIS 


at the command' ('i:yD-sP 'na ay) 

.Jnyaya h'in 

at the door (ii8T 'riB ay) lyn "a 


at the Greek cal'ends triB By) 

"■n I"! ayii oy tyii (rijy-'?yp pyna 

.B'j ?8B3"p xnn B'8'1 sya 

at the head of affairs' ina ay) 

na ys'SB' ivi m cnnyB-y 118 nyn 

18 lis ys'Bti' tvi 18 ;3Jn'3yT lyi 


at the bouse (Di8n <nB ay) .t>in i'8 

at the la'test (BDya-'"? 'na By) 


at the low est calcnla'tion tsv) 

n BM? (t8E'-'"?-i'P-?yp asy-'iB? 'na 

.DjyBDyij'o ;33i33yiy3 yassm': 

at them, boys! (jt'sa ,DynB ay) 

![nj"fl oyT] rs aB'n3 

at the out'side (T8D-'ai8 'nB ay) 


at the rate of (118 0"T 'na ay) 

y'si8B8iB -\ri i'« 119 b»t vk 


at the ta ble (5a"8 'na By) .E"B a"a 

at this mo'ment -'isB D'nB ay) 

.s:i nyT px ,- asy (a:yo 

at this price (D'81b B'na ay) inb 

.t'ns lytyn 

at this time (d'8B D'na ay) .asy 

At tic a. and n. (p'K-'By) e"jynB8 

=jy3n3 p8 tynB8 at^av nyn iib] 

iyjynB8 lyi ;e"D85p I"T ;[nj8J 

.[iyna8 na aDSBB" D811 iyj"8] 

at'tlC «. (p'N-'By) ,yp58D 8 ,DyT13 8 

^ .sya'aE-'oyTia 8 ,yni8DJ8D b 

At tic base (D"a p'K-'Q») =ynB8 n»T 

=pyB'3i8 -lyn t'8] dib3»5"( -iy»'3 

At'ticism n. (ot'D-'K-'ay) y3y'<? »t 
'V>v : t:"3'i3=i"T D8iiBy ; iynB8 is . 
. , . . .lyTn B18 iyB38J ' 

At ticize «. (P8D-'8-'By) I"B 1<l 

»*/ . ;'""'"■' ''^«J'?» :i»P'-no'i« 
At uc salt (aJnsB p's-'ay) nyscos?? 
, .i"i) iy3'j'tBn8B' :r« 

at tic sto ry (n-'i8aB p's-'ay) "ia 8 
.yp?8D 8 ,yii8B:8o 8 ,?y3'B(!^yT 
at times (to'8B ay) ,t"ii3yB"» 

..... > 'SOS 

attire t>. and n. ('n>8B-y) jiS3S 

.tysiB ,tyn"?p38 ;nB jjh"?? 
attired o. ('m'8B-V) ;Byn"?py3 


The^ American woman is well attired. 
atUr er n. (iy-'T8B-y) =">p:8 iin 
.,. ,, ."lysiBBMs -lyi ,lyT 

attir ing n. (33>8-'ii88-y) »"jp ,nB 

at titude n. ciro-'s-'By) =yB(!' n 1 
•?8n .2 ;3Ji?yBi!' nysiyp tiB jjij 
, „ .33iDny3y3 rjjio 

1. He stood in an attitude of repose % 
The President eipr«ssed his attitude on the 
Inmitgratlon question. 




aUitu'dinal a. (?yj-<i-'re-'N-oj;) 
=iyp riB jjiB58n lyi is v<t> v» esii 

attitudina'rian «. -n-l<D-<«-BV) 
?ji'B B3j(? Dsii lyj^K (iy-<n-""j 
njiBivp iiB 3JiD58n n tiMK noivii 

IBT t'K 1J;j:131K B380 D8\1 IW^K 

.-iDBiyp t"I IIB ajiBSsn 
attitudlna'rianisin n. -w-i»-0]» 

D"PJ'B3nB'lK O'J (Dt'K-JV-'n-'"J-n 

i5;B?8n D8T : j:iB?8n ivis lui""! rs 

iSiB t!fTBpj;B» 08T ; b"581bs!;b in 

.l>Sio^:» 18 ivaso 

attitu'dlnlse «. (t'8J-'iVVB-'i8-BV) 

;]jiB58n vi!"58nB8yB 8 tyonyjjs 

.tyT'T B"58"io8yB ,B:8jy5y 

attltu'dinize v. (t'8J-n-M'B-'s-By) 

=y?y ; 3:iB58n yt!"?8-iB8yB s tvonyjjs 

.lyT'T t!"581B8yB ,BJ83 

attitu'dinizer n. -n-'l'B-»8-By) 

=81685(6 Biyi D811 1»3"8 ('iyi-''8: 

=58n yi!"?8i08yB 8 Bsn lyis b"? 
iyi8 B-i'Bpyas dsii nyj"8 ;j3id 

.?VBC^J8 18 B38Q 
at'tle n. (5By) attal .t 

attol'lens n. (ijy-'58B-y) =aMn lyi 


attol'lent n. and a. (B3y-'58B-y) 

.5ipDia=a'in ivi ; jnoyanns'iN 

attone' adv. CnsB-y) atone .r 

at tongue's end (i:y t3J80 ay) 

.JJIS Y'Slif t'll'18 

attorn' ». cn'iB-y) 8 tyoypij/JS 

sT'iB tyj 8 lyayjiya's ,r'"is lyu 

.tym38 m is oysy jyayjiya'x 

attor'ney n. (<j-'TiB-y) : BBP8in8 

,iyBj'B3yB58By3 ; DinsBSJ : Bjy:8 


attor'ney at large By ':-'TlB-y) 

B8n lysjyii ,B8P8in8 18 (e'ittb? 

•lyBB'-iyj y?8 is Bnais 8 

attor'ney-gen'eral n. ij-'iMB-y) 

ivil nsiipsis 1V1 (jyi-y-'jyis'n 

=iyB IS BJyBB'yjJB px bsii B8P8in8 

aBK8Bt!' -wi liB lyoyiyBj'x n lycynB 


attor'ney-gen'eralship n. -"iMB-y) 

8 iiB B08 tin (B'ts'-syi-y-'jyB'tT': 

attorney-general .t .isnipsis 

attor'neyshlp n. (S'ti'-'J-'TiB-y) 

;B8PSin8 18 IIB BD8 ,11B8PSin8 

lyns iyBj'B3yD58By3 8 iib bd8 dsi 

.J3U'B3yD?8By3 8 IIB B"S 'T ; B;yj8 

attorn'ment n. (ajyo-'Jl'iB-y) n 

;I"1B iy"j 8 IS B13 8 iiB jJuyj-iya'N 

.j"iB ty"j 8 iiB 3Jijypiy:8 n 

attract' ■». CBpyiB-y) i"i ,iymxis 

.i3yn'S3s ins ijys'n 

Being tall and handsome he attracts at- 
tention wherever he goes. 

attractabil'lty n. -'S'a-yo-pyiB-y) 

X .BB81P=D3:in'S1S n (iB-'8 

atci^c'table a. (?3yB-'pyiB-y) ='sis 

\ n3»s"T njvn 

attrac'tableness n. -JayB-'psiB-y) 

attractahility .t (oyj 

attrac^er ■». (ijB-'pyiB-y) dsii dst 

y .IS an's 

attrac'tical a. (5yp-iD-'pyiB-y) =is 

■ .ijyn's 

attrac'tlle o. (5'B-'pyiB-y) ,i3yn'sj» 

.i3ys"T iijyn'sis 

attrac'tingly adv. (i?-33<B-'pyiD-y) 

.iyn's:s 5st By ts ;33in'S3s nn 

attrac'tion n. (iSB'-'pyiB-V) ='Sis 

.>""T IVT ,BB81P=D3:in'S38 1 33in 

attrac'tlonally adv. -JsB»-'pyiD-y) 

.5yB'D=D33in'S3s iin ('8-?y 

attrac'tlve a. (ivB-'pyiB-v) ='S38 

njys"-! ; ijyn'sis ,ijyn 

attrac'tively adv. cS'ivB-'pyiB-y) 

.iBiK tyi:ys"n 8 ti'ix ijjiri'sis iin 

attrac'tiveness n. -ii'B-'pynB-y) 

.yn ; OB8iP=D33in<sis (dv: 

at'trahent a. and n. (B3yri-yi-'By) 

iyBD8?B iyn:yn'SJS ik njyri'sjs 

.[131811 8 18B] 

attrlb'utable a. (53yB-v-'3nD-y) 

is] iyay?is ,ty3a"8is typ lyo dsii 

iy3y3yiis lyp lyo dsii jEiysyo's 

.[tysyo's is] 

at'tribute n. (Bl''-3''i-'By) 'nB8 DSl 
yB3y?y3"3 lyis y3y3nro3is n ; bu 

; tOD nyt!"BDnyBP8183 ; BB8t^3y3"K 
.BB8tS'3y3"8=lJn3 ; iy3"S3yp 

attrlb'ute v. (Bi'-'3'"iB-y) ,iy3'nt!'is 
.lysyo's IS Dysy iyj3ynis lyls 

He attributes the authorship of this book 
to me. 

attrlbu'tion n. (tsE'-'l'S-'l-by) n 
«ypiyis n ;DB8K'3ya"8 y3y3'i(j'y3is 


attrib'utive n. and a. -i'-'3<iB-y) 

8 — p''B8D813 rs] lllB13nB8 (11'B 
Oy3"8 18 B3y3"Sy3 DSII ,Bnsii 
,13y3"n(!'lS ;'iI<?Ba8B'jya"N ;[BB8t!' 

.[lysyo's IS oysy] 3n3yj3yiis 
attrlb'utively adv. -ivb-1'-'3'1B-») 

>B8t!'3y3" 8=13113 '1 iy3"lt5'lS 1'8 ('? 

D58 ; Dysy is lyiayatvois lyis tya 

="Sy3 DSII B1811 8 D58] B13'1B8 18 
.[p'B8B813 PS — BBStyjyai'N 18 D3y3 

attrite' a. CB'SlB-y) ; lys'iyjss 
i3n ti'i8 n3iE'n bub dsii ; DS»3ya3s 
y3yo8P5sB p'p D'a] sub nono 
B"3ypyii!' visn 3<i3y3sn. ;[n3it!in 

.13' 1 y3y3383y3 18B 

attrlte'ness n. (Dy3-'D'81B-y) =y33S 

»yiiy=n8n ; B"pBS'3y33s ,B"p3y3'i 

n3iB'n ;ia't y3y338jy3 isb tj"3yp 

.8110 nana 

attPl'tion n. (ts-'ty'lB-y) 

attriteness .t 
attune' v. and n. ('inB-y) iy5yBtJ'3"8 
iyi!"58P'iin 8] iy3nsJ"8 ; isa oyi 

:3385P38 rS iy3J"13 ; [Bjy011BD3'8 
'1 ; E"3SB18n iy33'5p ?SI Dy iy38D 

at war (insiin By) .syip rs 

atwiri' o. ' cji'siina-y) .3'i3ynyii m 
atwist' a. ('DD'iina-y) .BiyB3s?BiyB 
at wit's end (i3y DDMin ay) ='ii b<3 
.lysyj IS nsy i"p in lyo 
at work (pi<siin ay) .a"3i8 lyi "3 
at your command' -sp 11 ' By) 
.?nyBy3 iy"8 tiMS Ciayn 
at your pleas'ure -'t^'ty5B ll' By) 

.B5111 in'8 8'11 (118 

at your ser'vlce (DMl-'mo ii' ay) 

isna IS B"iJ ; BD3yn iy"8 is d"13 

.5nyBy3 lys 

atyp'ic a. (p»8-'s<a-y) ,3'DyD5y3yi3i8 

=yBP8183 Dyi B'3 BSn D8II ,t!"B'B D'3 

.B'B tya"BDn 

atyp'ical a. (5yp-'8-'B<B-y) atypic .t 

atyp'ically adv. (i8-5yp-'8-'B<B-y) 

8 ^'18 ;iBi8 ty3'DyD5y3yi3i8 is «tMs 

.IBI8 lytc'B'B a'3 

au'burn a. and 11. (n'i3-'ns) =5yp311 
=ty'38aB'8P ! P113«iy'38Bt5'8p ; P113 

.i'?sp iy3'n3 

auc'tlon n. and v. (isty-'pris) =P'18 

='s<? ; saiiya^atciya ys'^aayay ,is's 

.iyiy3"B!!'iyB ; yssa 

auc'tionary a. (<i-y-38tJ'-'pn8) DS11 

.yssB'S'? 8 IS ,is'spii8 18 IS aiyny3 

auctioneer' n.' ('iy'8-:st!'-Pfis) =P'18 

.iyiy3"at!'iyB ,isb838's 

auda'cious a. (Dst!'-'"l-ns) ; bD"1i 

.lyBs ,"iB ; BoyE'iyaais ; wib 

auda'ciously adv. ('j-DstJi-'in-ns) 

lyaoyii'iyaais lyis lysyia 8 V)» 

.B"pBD"ll B'D ; IBI8 

auda'ciousness ». (Dy3-DSB'-'"l-ns) 
=BDyB'iya3iK ,B"n3yiB ; B"pa'aD"ii 

audacity n. CB-'s-'Dyi-ns) 

audaciousness .) 

audibil'lty n. (iB_iit_'5<3_ii_n)j) 

IS Biynya B"p3<53yo n ;a"pi83iyn 


au dible a. (?3n-'ilS) DSII ,183iyn 

.Ivml D'l? ;iyiyn lyp lyn 

au'dibleness n. (Dy3-?3n-'ns) =iyri 

.lyiyii Biynys lyayp osi ; a"pi83 

au'dibly adv. ('53-n-'ns) 8 si'18 

.IBIS iyi83iyn 

au'dience n. (D3y-'i-'n8) "yno'ix 

DSi ;iyiynis iib 33i?B8nya s :33ii 

=MS ; iy,lD>18 18 IS (S?1S : D1P<531B . 

.[lyasnys yB?yB(s'y33nn iib] y3Vi 

au'dlence-cham'ber n. -n-Ms) 

lyi] 58t=r3y'iM8 (iy3-'8"is'B-D3y 

18 IS iyDi3y3Bn8 aiyii lyo isii 58t 


au dlence-court n. =D3y-<l-'ns) 

B3ny3iy3'is y3'5BD"3 dsi (biisp 

.[cists"3=i'iy iib] 

au'dience-room n. (Dnil^Day-'l-'ils) 

audience-chamber .t 
au'dlent a. and n. (a3y-'l-'ns) =1S 

; lyiynis s ; 3'i3yiyn3"K ,3'i3yiyn 

.IDES' n8B y381B S1118 P8 D811 iy3"8 

audiom'eter n. (lyB-y-'DS-'l-ns) 

03 oyi lyaDyo is B3yDiiaD3'8 is 

.ly^aya 8 iib iiynB'n 

audiomet'rlc a. (p<i-'ByD-s-'l-ns) 

.iiyatsTi lyin oyi BDya D8II 

audiom'etry n. (nB-y-'D8-'l-n8) 

.ny'Diyn i^in iib 33iBDyD n 

au'diphone n. (iisa-n-'n8) =3'8 8)8 

oya n iy3'iB s b'3 dsii B3yBiiaD 

.tyiyn is b"P3'5 

au'dit 71. and v. (B<l-'ns) ; lyniya 

oi33yi iva 33i3inya3i8 ;a3i3iMya3i8 

/lyiymya ; iya3i33yi tymniyi ; lyi 


au'dit-day n. ("i-B'l-'ns) 3sa lyi 

.3SB=5nss lyi ;33i33yi3s iib 

au'dit-house n. (D18n=B'l-'ns) =y3 

.lyBi'P yD'ii3 "3 lya'S'DBByt!' 

audl'tion n. (i8-'B"l-ns) .lyiyn DSl 

au'ditive a. . (ivB-n-'iis) =y3 Dsil 

.iiy'Dii'n tyin dis d3385 

au'dlt-of'flce n. (D'S-'aS'B'l-'ns) 

=y3 8 11a] iyD8P=D33133yi=iy3i18 '1 

.[33ii''3yi lyi iiB lyis ,8ai'>a=DBByt!' 

au'dltor n. (isa-'i-'HS) ; lyiynis 8 

.[inu'n nsii] isPiiyi=D33i33yi s 

audito'rium n. .(D8-''l-'lSB-''l-n8) 




"OBfivB ;[?8t=-m»nis] nviisLi'TiN 

.Tyo's=DjJ8asoy ; 58t asm 

au ditorship n. (B'B'-'i(tB-n-'ns) 

nst'iiyi^DSJiwvT » no ods in 

au dltory n. and a. ci-iso-'l-'ns) 
njmyj Djn Bonoya dbii ;jnj»iBn 
=is, 8 ,Bvi«Bn<i« ;[n»'ot!'n E'ln] 
DSll ; 58t=DJJ1?08t1»B s i ?8t=i»n»n 

au'dltory nerve n-Sts-n-'ns) 

au'ditress ». (D»nB-n-'ns) =ynix k 

au'dit-room n. (Bnn=tsn-'n8) 

audit-liouae .t 

AUge'an «. (is;-''i!»tn-n8) I'8 DSll 

D8''nN Jijyp lVB"3nj BVT IS 1"!!' 

yj"t IS iris liBJJWis tyB58 rn 
"ijn B>i5 ,ipj"t Dy M5V11 r8 r»?8i3t!' 
njvt'iB 3 isuBotryj ,jnjyj!;5 iSE'isna 
=VJ B': nns' so "t asn tjio tis* tVDPs 
.j'swa" ; Bj'Dr?38Jij(B inyt ; bj'J"t 
au'«er ». (nvj-'ns) AV^iV ^m^^-\i 8 

.?m 8 

au'ger-sbell m. (?)ft!'-nvJ-'n») 

y?'n'n ro"?t!' i"ii 8] vpwtyjraint!' 

'118 '?vma 8 PK't"K I't Bn»m dbii 

.[sj^nt!' 8 '11 

aught n. and pr. (BfiS) =DS11 ,DVBy 


au'gite ft. (Bi81i'n-'n8) B<31B "lyT 

.[l"BIS' 818] 

auglt'lc a. (p's-'B'is'n-ns) =B3J) bsii 

.B'J18 B58n 

augment' v. ('ojyo-jns) ,t!;inym»B 
=8iJ P8 ;tjnypi8BE'n»B iinvesTnyB 
«is 8] B:ycri8 t8 lyayais — p'B8o 

,B1811=B"S 8 lis 3J8B38 PK j;3?n=y8( 

.["i»tV?»J" P8 "yj" '11 

By judicious Investment he augmented his 

aug'ment n. (Bjyc-'jns) 'Sli P« 
yaj't'i-stis 8] Bjyoj'i8 i8 — p'bbb 

"yj" '11 ,B'1811B"S 8 IIB W8B3S I'K 

.["iyty?y3" px 

augmen'table a. OayB-'jyD-jnw) 

BiyoyuiyB typ D81i ; nsmnymya 


augmenta'tion n. -'"B-:yD-:n8) 

»is ;j:nnyo-iyB ; jjnyByij-iyB (tsts" 

DST ;j3ny3"B6!' ; r8tis ;yon83 

iii'S8B3yB3'i8 jEfia tia] iyj"Bi}' 

='58P811 8 PN tSB I1B JJny3"Bli' 'T] 

.[11SP8 lyts" 

augmen'tatlve u. and n. -'jyo-jns) 

oyiyoyij-iya ; j'lwinyDiya (ivB-yB 

: j'i3ynyj"B(!' ; j'ljypisBE'-iya ; j't 

«D'i8 18 na Ba8ip 't j'i3ynyj"Bi!' 

DS11 Bnsil 8 iCpiBBBBIJ 1'8] pm 

.yyT« 18 11B pmo'iK avt BpiBBwiya 

augmen'tatlvely adv. -yB-':yn-3n8) 

; iyiyj"BB' na laix ost *i'ik ('?-ii'b 

.j'i:ypi8B(!''iya ; j'nwiyByij-iya 

augmen'ter n. ciyB-'iya-ans) "lyi 

.lyinyoiya nyiyoyijiya 

augmen'tive a. (ii'B-'3yo-3n8) 

augmentative ,i 
Augs'burg Oonfes'slon jTia-'Djns) 
onpy yt!"B:8BDyB«iB 't (m-'wa-jsp 
PN lyoijyjjs ,iy3'i?j lya'jBO'iP iib 

P8 iyB38BByB81B 'T IIB JliaDi'lK 

.1530 ins' 
au'gur n. and v. (TU-'ns) iyB?8 P8 

'V\o nyjsnnsii 8 ,ii3i8 18 — B'n 

,iyBy-iB ,iy38tD'nsB ;«'a3 ,iyB 
i!ii» iya"s D?8 lyjyi ; lysst nix'aj 


au'gural a. (5yi-i''3-'ns) J'lJyayiB 

DS11 ;3'ijy38t ni8'a] ;D'nsa I'x 

.J3i38nn8ii IS B3J8>y3 

au'gurate v. and n. (B"l-i'3-'n8) 

iy3»t niK'aj ; lyayia ; lyssnnsii 

B08 DsT ;[iy3"s yiyiytfiya na] 

augur .t .ni3l8 18 na 

au'gurlal a. (?y-'i-i'j-'ns) 

atigural .t 
au'gury n. ('l-i'3-'n8) ,3313Snri8l1 
'lya B'l?] "•iy38t nis'aj ;3JiayiB 
B'l? ,D8T iiy3"s 8 ;[iy3"s v:viv-«> 

.D'nSB B38t lyo DSll 
Au'gnst «. (BDS3-'ns) «'1« B83SO "lyi 


august' a. CBDSJ-ns) ,iy38niy ,Tin 

Au'gustln a. (pB-DS3-'ns) ='BD13'18 

,iyiis lyo'iiyj 8 na i83So s] ivi 
.[i'BDi3'«t iy3'J"n Dyi iib Byi3'i3y3 

Au'gustine n. (PB-D83-'ns) 

Auguatin .t 

Augustin'ian a. and n. -DS3-ns) 

P8 DSll nyj'BDU'lN 18 (iy-'8-'J'B 
Augustin .t .iy3'BD13'18 'T IS 1"E' 

august'ly adv. ('5-'BDS3-n8) 'Sniy 

.E"ByBDy'8D ;i'?iyn ,iy3 

august'ness n, (Dyj-'BDS3-ns) =3' in 

.B"p3'5'iyn ,B"n3y38my ,b"p 

auk n. (pns) lya'iB^'SJiBSB iv 

oy? yia'1811 't ps syj'ia c 8t8] 

au'la n. (8?-'ns) SstBDya ; 58t ; t|'in 
.[ByB'nyii'318 m P8] 
aula'rlan a. and n. (iy-'i-'"?-ns) 

18 1'8 ?8t=BDya 8 IS •^■'iff t'K DSll 

=8iB 8 na ny'?3B'o s iByB'nyii'iis 

=18 iyis"533y 18 P8 Di'3y>sp«iy'isDyB 


aulet'lc a. (p'8-'By?-ns) t'8 Dsn 

lyis B"5B 8 na tyjysii' oyn is v& 

.>yB"B 8 

au'uc a. (p'?-'ns) D1S Biyny) dsii 
.fi'in iy3'j3'jyp 

Au'llc Coun'cU (?'D-'318P p'?-'ns) 
i'« ?808 BsiB'ifi -iy3'?iyt"p lyT 
=88BB' iy(!"a"nBDy nyn n38?a'B"T 


aum n. (Dns) aam .\ 

au'mll n. (j'a-'ns) lytc'is's i8 


aune n. (ns) 'JSIB yD?8] y?y ,?"« 

yi!"Dn] pens ;[Dsn'iy33y? y6!"Pis 


aunt n. (b38) yiyB?y ; yB38B ,yoiD 

8 lyB'janB" ; piysys yB?8 ; 'na 

.''lyjpyBB' lyaisii pk jyety 

aun tie n. (yB-'38) aunt .r 

aun'ty n. (yB-'38) aunt t 

au'ra n. (sn-'ns) iia] Ban ,1'in 

•dst' ; BBi? ,yiyaDS0B8 jCnysiyp 

,Dn8 Bjyjs'i DSll Di'nyo yV'ByjJBo 

lyiy ,iyBB'iny3 lyBD'BSJS'fi 't '" 

.lysnyp lys'JB'jyo 

au'ral a. (5yi-'n8) is BJ38?y3 DSl) 

E'ln] lynyj bis lyis lyiyis 'i 


au'ral nerve (in'ij Jyi-'ns) -Wi 

.inyj lyiym 

au'ral sur'geon -'tid 1>Sl-'n>t) 

.ann'3 lynyis I8 (is^n 

au'rate a. and n. (B"l-'n») DSll 

18 IS i'53ny t'K DSll ; lyiyiK asn 

.yjiBS pa 8 ; B?'3y3 ,tyn5s3 ; lyiK 

au'reate a. (B"8-'Vri8) ;B?'3y338 

.iyn5S3 ,i5SJ '11 

aure'lia n. (y-'5-''vns) ysia 't 

,Bpyt3's 18 pa iJBBB'iS'ynn lyi] 

PS syiiyj B'B Dn8 I't oj'SB' ny3?yii 

=D"D ,D"S yD'liyj 8 BT1B '11 D3y'5 

=3in j'o 818 ;[nyBj'ii lya'K DjyB 

'11 PS lysnyp i"t dsii ,b"S iy3'B3't 

.[lyniBD] BiTDiB pa 

aure'Iian a. (iy-'?-'''i-ns) =y3 dsii 

aurelia .i .ysis 8 is Bnyn 

au'reole n. and v. (?is-'l-'n8) iVt 

5i3'y 18 ; in nyi ens i'np=iy?fi8iBB' 

-\v\ '11] I8t 8 ens lysnBiBE' pa 

8 na ssp oyi ons pnp lySnsnBi!' 

iy?nsoy3 onyii oy 'ii b'i? ,iyj'5"n 

8 B'o iy>3:'nDn8 ;[^B^?'3 ti'is 


au'reous a. (Ds-'Vns) oyjyiSsJ lis 

.iy:yn5s3 8 n'JUP 

au revoir' ('iBnil-yn 18) ='1l DIS 


au'ric a. (p'l-'ns) IS B3J85y3 D811 
;l?S3 1't PS BSn DSII lyiS 15S3 

.nysiyp na Dan bis v^ t's dsii 

aura .t 
au'ric ac'id (Ts-'Dy p'"i-'ns) o58a 
.[iiSBS' iyB"Dy3 si yiyn 
au'ricle n. (5p'i-'n«) nynyD'18 lyi 
T?jny PS DSll Dsiiay ; nyis na 5"d 
ibb] inyviyis is nyis is is 
?"D lyiyj'T lyBiyiya'iB lyi ;[y3'iB 
lyiK 18 iiB D-isB 'T Bsn DSII nsn na 
=3yT 8 ,2 mnsB tyj"i iy?"D y3?yi8] 
.[nyp:'? b ns lya 
"Bloodvessels of the .?'« .t 
Human Body" 
au'ricled a. (l?P'n-'ns) 

aurlcvitOe .t 
auric'ula n. (yj-i'-'p'n-ns) 'y3 dst 
'183 8 ,[yS385B I'D 8] 5ynyiK=i»T 
'TpiiBtB] ypy:B'»?y-iy'i8 'T ;ytsT lya 


auric ular a. (ny>-i'-'p»i-n8) 0811 

IS i'?3ny T'8 D811 : lyis dis Diyny3 

.B"ny3 ;i83iyn nyis is 

auric' ular append'age -ii-'p>-i-ns) 

ajisnsBii'D'nB is (ciT'K-'isyB-y ly? 

dsii ,n8n na ?"b iyBE'-iy3'i8 oyi na 

.?yiyis 18 PB DisB 'T Bsn 

"Bloodvessels of the .j's .t 

Human Body" 

auric'ular confes'sion -'P'l-ns) 

'ni yo'Tiya 'i (is-'B'yB-3sP lys-v 

.[iyp'5'iD8p '1 "3] n?3 nsB 

auric'ular tradl'tion -l'-'p'vns) 

8 ! iiB syaBi rnin (is-'c'i-yio iy> 

.n?3P3 ■iy3'« anyi dsii y38t 




auric'ular tube iSS-l'-'P'l-niS) 

aurlo'ulate a. (u"5-i<-'p<n-n8) DSii 
IB IX i'?Jny ; mv'iN 'ii asis Bjjyn 

auric'ulated a. (iyB-">-l'-'P'l-ii«) 

aurtcutate .1 
aurif'erous u. (DS-iy-'B'l-nB) BSII 

au'riflamme «. (BVSB-'Vns) n 

.i"-iPJ8ia i'« insa .jn'Jj'jyp jij'Juds 

au'rlform a. (aisa-'l-'nu) « I'Jjnv 

Anri'ga ». (w-"i8vns) iBoinia iv\ 
jjisyotfjyDsns vdmivj s na tjjosj s] 


auri'gal a. (Sw-'^si-ns) oiunyj Dsn 

.lyjsii 8 IX 

anrlga'tion «. (isB'-'")-n-n») DST 

.iwsii 8 iwno 

aupig'erous a. (Dsi-V-'tynn-ns) 

.i?s; D'n8 0': Oisii 

aurig'raphy ». ('a-yi-'an-ns) n 

.ni'ni8 yjyi?83 qid ij/3"1(!' ix dd:ip 

auripigmen'tnin m. -jia-n-ns) 

,58iyj'D 8tB] BJVDnsBs (Dsto-'jyo 

.[■puyn8 i3?8nQ3y d»ii 

au'ris n. (D'V'ns) .lyns I8 

au'riscalp «. (s?ypD-n-'ns) =y?oy'i(! 

8 ;[tyiyMK n lyj'j'n oix] yjya 

.B3ynnBDJ'8=nyM8 iyiy'nn'3 

au'riscope n. (BisPD-n-'ns) =Dnn8 

rx B3'n3yj BjyonaD^'x I8] ssp 

BjT tyT:sD8tpy dix I'xnyo ijn 

anris'copy n. CB-UP-'D'vnB) =J1K n 
=Bn'is 18 B'o iyM8 DyT na jJiainya 


au'pist n. (tjD'v'ns) =PST tyiyiB 18 


au'rlted o. (lyo-'l-'nu) Bsa Dsil 

.lyix 18 na lynym^iK dst 

an'rochs n. (opsi-'ns) .DPS="iyMK 18 


Auro'ra n. (yn-'isvnu) nistik 

n "3 B'n=iyji8o lyi na nayj n] 

.[lyaMi yB58 

auro'ra n. (yi-'isn-ns) ,nyBi!'jyjn8D 

• .BMIjyjlSO 

auro'ra austra'lis -os yi-'isi-ns) 

.B3<?=Tt DST (D<5-'"1B 

aurora borealis .t 

auro'ra borea'lis -isa yi-'isi-ns) 

=<liy3 8] B3'5ms: D8T (D'5-'"8-yT 

IIB jjij"is'"iy iiBBJ yjnytyiyiJiKii ye 

oyjyj n rx iy5n8nBt!"B3<5 yaTJsp 

.[?8B=iis: na lyi 

auro'ral a. (5yi-'i81-n8) 'y3J8 D8II 

oyjiso lyi IX I'Jjny t'x nyis bjjs? 


au'rum n. (asi-'riB) yV'T DSl] T><» 

.[Bjynyjy ■iyt!"Dy3 d58 i5sj 

aus'cultate v. (t)"B-5»P-'Diis) =8tpy 

rynyno'iK 'inn iyp:8ip 8 iVTjyo 

ny'i8 I'B'o Dn'8 

ausculta'tion n. (isti'-'"B-58P-Dns) 

.in tyiynj''8 out 

aus'picate v. (B"p-'B-'Dn8) =1SB 

DsiiBy iyonyjiyB3i8 : p'5j lyjstD'iN 

08 ; lyjJwstD'ixiBB yj'BD:'j lyBJis 


aus'pices ». (tyB-'B-'ons) «niK'3j .1 

,?yj'iB ayi na iyn'5B Byi na "lyjst 

; miw^-w iibb: yiyiJ8 na lyTw 

=DM8. 2 ;B3MaM8 ,riti' ;3Jm'ny3Tsa 


2. The publication of this dictionary was 

begun under favorable auspices. 

auspi'cial a. (5y-'B"B-Biis) =y3"i8B 

.p<5j DMisa B3st DS11 ,njyB"T 

auspi'clous a. (D8-'ti"B-Dn8) ,i'?p'?3 

.P''5j D'nsa Bjst osii •ij'bdj'j 

auspi'ciously adv. (<5-Ds-'tS"B-Biis) 

.laiK ty3<BB3<j "lyis iy3'?p'?j 8 imx 
auspi'ciousness n. -D8-'t!"S-Dn8) 

=BM8 yj<BB3<J ; P'5J ; ID'B lyBlJ (Byj 

.P<5j eiMK iyB3n 

aus'ter n. (lyB-'Bris) .l0Mi=Bm 

austere' a. ('ny'o-Bns) f\-iSftf ,3l8n 

;Q8Pnj ,BT8n ,3:yiB» -.Iptsami nx] 

o"K ;]<By.D n'5ij"iaJi8 ;BD:iy 

.BXlSy3 B'J ; IBB 
austere'ly adv. (<5-'iy'B-ons)' 

,B"paT8i!' B'D ; IBIK tyjjyiBt!' 8 n'18 
.B"pBT8n B'D 

austere'ness n. (Byj-'iy'B-Dns) 

,\i"P33V-\0\f ,B"p318n ; B"pa'18B' 
=3l5l3""ia318 !B"pB8tmJ ,B"pBlBn 


auster'lty n. (iK-B'x-'nyB-Bns) 

austereness .t 

aus'tral a. (Syno-'BHS) Pk] 1'5Tt 

.[B"t Dm 

Australa'sia n. (.8t!'-'"5-yiBD-ns) 

»n8 n 118 y?8iBDnK] ynySBiBOMX 

.[iy5t3'8 yro 

Anstrala'sian a. and n. -yita-BliB). 

»81BBM8 IX BJ85y3J8 B811 (lyB"-'"? 

yj'Bns 'T 118 y'58iBB'i«] vw? 

.iyny58iBB'i8 18 iCiyju'x 

Austra'lia n. (8-'i5-'"nB-Dn8) =OMX 


Austra'llan a. and n. -'"1B-Dns) 

.'iy'?81BBM8 18 ;B"581BBM8 Ciy? 

Aus'tria n. (s-nB-'BnB) -.I'nBBy 

Aus'trlan' a. and n. (iy-i"iB-'Bn8) 

.■iy3"-lBBy 18 ; E"3"'lQDy 

au'tarchy n. cp-ibb-'ob) =y33ix 

.jjny3yi=BD35yi ; b38o yBPjyie' 
authen'tlc a. (p'B-'jynB-n8) '3n?j 

.B3'oyBE'y3 j'BB'i ,B3y lamni 

We received authentic information about 
the impending war. 

authen'tical a. (5yp-'B-'j»nB-fi8) 

authentic .1 
authen'tically adv. -iB-'3ynB-n8) 

.iy3M53 DIX ,jm'113M?J ('8-5yp 

authen'ticalness n. -'0-'jynB-n8) 

; B'*nB3y ; B^panTiUM?: (Byj-jyp 

.BJ'ByBWa l"t D8T ; B"p3'B3''l 

authen'tlcate v. (B"P-iD-'jyiiD-n8) 

nxB iyiy?pSy ,iy3'ByBE'y3 ,ty3'3M53y3 

.OSy T8B ,J<B3<n 

authentlca'tion ». -iB-3ynB-n8) 

.j:i:<3n?3y3 ;33i3'ByBi!'y3 dstc-'"? 

authentlc'ity n. -<8-'D'D-3ynB-n8) 

authenticalness ,t co 

authen'ticly adv. (i5-p'B-':ynD-n8) 
authentically .1 

authen'ticness n. -p'B-'3ynB-n8) 

authenticalness .1 (Dyj 

au'thop n. (isHB-'iiB) ; lysBnixiya 

nsnn oyBBSiya ; iyi3'i3 ; lyaayii' 

.lyjyBB'BsnB' ; ibb'ix 

au'tboress n. (Dy-ixna-'riB) =yBByti' 

.'Bents' : p-vyDBBiya jpiynjns Mn 


autho'rial a. (5y-'n-"iBnB-nB) BBll 

.lyBBBiya b ix v<i> nx 

au'thorisable a. (jsyi-'B-lBnB-'ns) 

B3iByBB'y3 lyiB Ba'aayiys lyp Dsii 

ayanwix n lyasn up dbii : lyiyii 

.B38D ys'jxytyj n -win 

authorisa'tion n. -'"(-'"X-TBUD-nB) 

; 3313'ByBi!'y2 ; 3313'B3yO?8ay3 (IBIi' 
B8T : iy38B 3'B5'3 D8T 1 3J13'B3yiy3 

.'T lyaya bbt ; ByBn8B<ix n iy3yj 

.B38B y3'5xyty3 

authorita'rian u. and n. --i8nB-n8) 

'W\Sn 8 IBB nx D811 (iy-n-'"B-'8 

•iy3i?jynyB lyass nx B38a iy(!"T 

B IBB B58n B811 iy3"x ; B"n"ia 

.B380 ^yt!"^yi!'^y^ 

author'itative a. -"o-'x-'iBriB-nB) 

,n3y38n B38n ; B3'B3ya58ay3 (ivb 

^nyaya ,nsi 8 nyns b38q bbh bbii 


An authoritative statement was issued by 
an official of the White House. 

author'itatively adv. -'x-'lBilB-ns) 

; 1B1X iyi3y?nyBy3 b ^imx ('5-irB-"B 

a3i3'B3yi:58By3 lys'BMJ -isii b'q 

.nyT ^y^8 

author itativeness n. -'TBnB-ns) 

«3yB5BBy3 I"t D8T (Byj-ll'B-"B-'8 

.niB'pn ,ni5i3 ; B3'B3yiy3 ,Ba'B 

author'lty n. ('B-<x-'-i8nB-n8) 'MX 

'y3 nx B380 y3''Dyaxyiy3 ; ByBnsa 

yt!"58i8o n : inytJB D8T ; bjbii 

=3n53 ;B"p3'B3Ml ; B1?BJ"8 1 BSBD 

=?83 ; 5nyay3 ; D'J3"s ; B"p3m'« 
=3M?iy ;yTiyny3 ;aon<3yT jbsbo 


au'thorizable a. (Sayi-'B-IBpiB-'fiB) 

B3'ByBOT3 1V1S B3'B3yny3 lyp Dsii 

ByBnsB'ix n lyssn lyp dbii : ryiyii 

.B380 y3'5xyiy3 n -isi» 

authoriza'tion n. -'"t-'N-"iBriB-n8) 
; 3JlJ''ByOB'y3 ; 3313'B3yD58ay3 (18!!' 
D8T : iy38D 3'B5'3 B8T I 3J13'B3yiy3 

n iy3y3 DBT ; ByBnBBMx xn lysya 
.B3BB y3'5xyiy3 

The lawyer received an authorization from 

his client to adjust the claim. 

au'thorlze v. (t'S-IBna-'ilB) =?8By3 

'y3 -.wosion'St^ ;iy3'B3yny3 ,iy3''B3yD 
"5xyiy3 'T lysyj iByo'iBBMB n iy3 

.BSBO y3 
Au'thorized Ver'sion -isna-'riB) 
=33y yBs^ByBB-yi n (isB't-'TBii ipb 
"X n] Tin am na sjixynys'x yt!"? 
1611 nns' PN px y35yii jsixynys 
'yows lyBtjiiy art BD'^Bin 3':yp na 
iyisiiy3 BO'BB'ys nx lyisiiyj bs'b 
.[lysTp n px lyxijys ix 

au'thorless a. (Dy?-"l8nB-'n8) 8 1118 

in« ;D'3s38 ; lyDBBiya lyajspys 8 

.iyBB!:'y3 B'3 Dy3"p na nyayE-ys « 

au'thorly a. ('?--i8nB-'nB) 'y3 D811 

.lyjyBE'BBnt!' B ix B338? 

au'thorship n. (S'E'-'isnB-'nB) nya 

.'nyjyoE'Ba'iE' ; aaBtfiyDBS 

autobiog'rapher -'3B-'83-8B-n8) 

D811 iy3"8] P|8138'a8B'lX CWB-VI 

.[ycaiB-ysDiysy? yjya"x I"! B3"nB'y3 




autobiograph'ic o. -s-'Ba-ijD-ns) 

.[jnjys'i-iB'jo yos'B'yjBjyay? vi 

autobiograph'lcal o. -s-'sa-so-ns) 

autobiographic .( (?j;-piK-'ByiJ 

autobiograph'lcally adv. -sB-ns) 

.laix iyi!'''a8iJ8<3ijo 

autobiog'raphlst ». -'J8-'83-80-n8) 

autoMographer ,i (oO'D-yi 

autobiog'raphy n. -'38-'83-sB-ns) 

=BD35yt n] y'a8iJS'3SDn8 CB-yi 

.[yB3<t!'y;Djyiy5 ycjoBBiyB 

au'toboat n. (Bl83-8B-'n8) =BD3?yt 8 

Biyii D811 ?yB<t!' 8] Jya'c I'Swiiya 

.[■I8B80 8 iTii tyanByj 

au'tobus m.( B83-8B-'ns) =BD3?yt 8 

B-iyii Dsii lyjsii «] lyjsii iy3'53yiiy3 

.[18B8D 8 tiB iy3nBy3 

autoch'thon n. (t8nB-'P8B-n8J iyj"8 

iiy lyT lis tyDp8iiy3DinK t'x dsii 

=3"8="ii« ;[|iti'8in 018 I'D 8] 8au 

.[1385 8 iia] -lyjpiBH 

autoch'thonal o. (5y-38nB-'p8B-n8) 

autochthonic .t 
autochthon'ic o. — '38nB-PSB-riS) 

"nSllJ^S'llX 'T IX 1"(!' fK 0811 (P'K 

.138? IIS nyj 

autoch'thonous o. -3sriB-'P8B-ii8) 

autochthonic .t (08 

au'toclave n. (iv'5P-8B-'n8) =5i8li 8 

P8 lySSP 1S( B8T8S8 18 ,18B8t'38P 

=8B8 nyi] iiBBnyBDyB 'iy3'in 8 inyt 
ty3?yii IS ?yoyp 8 iia BnyBti'y3 b81 

=318 .BB'ni!'y31S ei"BB' t'8 5ypyT D8T 

=811 iy35yii ,iyx"n 8 t'8 syoyp I'-iya 
=yBDyB n D8t »it8 ?yoyp D8T Boyi 
T( B3'By3 0811 ,'iyD8ii oyi iib -iibbt 

.[IMH inyi B3"BB' ,Dn<8 PN 


autoc'racy n. ('D-yi-'p8B-n8) 'T 

.Ba8B'iyn=BD3>yt n ,y'B8iP8BiiK 

au'tocrat n. (Byip-8B-'ii8) =8B>18 

.■iy6!'iyn=i"?8 ,iyB'nyn=B03?yt ;B81p 

autocrat'lc a. (p'8-'Byip-8B-n8> 

B'3 ; n3yi!'-iyfi"i"?8 : bxbkipbbmk 

.B38n r8 BX3yi3y3 

autocrat'lcal a. -p<K-'ByiP-8B-n8) 

autocratic .t (?y 

autocrat'ically adv. -'Byip-8D-n8) 

iyB"B8nP8B'18 18 «1'18 ('8-?y-P'8 

.3'n:yB'"iyn=P''?8 : laix 

antoc'ratrlx n. (DP'IB-yv'PBB-ns) 

.t'iyis'iyn=BD3?yt n 

autocy'cle n. (Sp'iso-so-ns) =yil 8 

8 lis tyanoyj Biyii osii nys'os? 


au'to da te ("b 8T 18B-'18) =8B'18 

PK D<D"I1PB8 tia 3313yi3iyB n] yB8T 

,331B8iy3 'T ; [58310-183 UN iy'38B(!' 

='P11PJ'K lyi IS ?"B118 D8T iyi8 

.niSD 8 !I8'X 

au'to de fe ("b "T 18B-'18) 

auto da fe .i 
autodynam'ic a. -oyj-n-SB-ns) 
PK BaB'ip=D3:i3yiiy3 'i B8n D8ii (P'x 

.BD3?yt VI 

autog'amous a. (D80-y-'38B-n8) 
lyjyiil BB3?yt vi tyB3nay3 osn 
=i<i B'D iM iyo3nay3 y3?yii iyx38?a 

=3y3y3 PK ,3'lBB'=33in'53 Dy3y3"8 IV 

=y3 ly-iyii osii iyx385s 't is vv 
JIB 3'iBE'»33in'53 oyi B'O ByB3nB 
"1 IS Biyii lyssyii ,iys385B yiyi38 
o'« ^in nyi8 iJ'ii I'Tin B38i3y3 

autog'amy n. (<D-yr'38B-n8) =B035yt 

.[iys:85a "3] 33iD3nBy3 

antoge'neous o. (D8-'3-''2'n-8B-n8) 

0811 : lysBOTs i"58 VI us o-iyii D8ii 

.iyi«3y3 p'58 VI lis Biyii 

autogen'esis n -y-'3yB'n-8B-ns) 

lyiyii D8T ; is'spn8"iB=BD3?yt (O'o 

.1"58 Tt lis ,3'33yn38318 iyB8B'y3 

autogen'ic a. (p<8-'3ytfn-sB-n8) 

0811 ,I"58 VI lis O'nS BOIP 0811 

lyp 0811 : iya8B'y3 i"58 in tia oiyii 
=yii] lynyii B"5y3B'i3is p'58 in na 
lyiyii y35yii iyp'BE'=58ByD "iis lys 
11B iyi3y 'T lysjyDtj' nn B"5y3an3is 
B"5y3B'i3is I!^a^8^ D81i lyp'ot:' 'i 

autog'enous a. (D83-y-'ii'n8B-ns) 
0811 ; tya8ts'y3 i"58 in pa oiyii D8ii 
Iia lyp 0811 . i"58 in tis Dm8 boip 
iy3yii] lyiyii B"?y3anjis i"58 in 
=is tyiyii 0811 ,iyp''Bts'=58ByD "lis 
Iia lyijy n lysjyo!!' nn B"5y3Bn3 
B"5y3an3is tyBT8i D8ii "lyp'oty n 

autog'enously adv. -v-'wttso-r\») 
in IIB lynyii lyascys nn ('?-083 
=B03?yi na oyxsiB oyi nn : t"58 
■-V0 iyB"5an3is ty3yii] 33ib"?bm3is 
oy i)-[if^) lyssyDts" nn iyp'Bi!'=58B 


autog'enous sol'derlng-'B-nsB-nB) 

iyB"?B'i:is 081 (33'8-iyi-'?8D D8:-y 

yiyn iys?yDsy nn -lyp'oc^ssoyD 

v^? "3iyi jn3y3Mi2y3 b'3 .lyisy 

.■^BByo'B"? lyjysyBD 

autog'eny n. (u-y-'cnsB-fiB) 

autogenesis .t 

autog'eny -.. ('3-8-'38B-n8) »03y 081 

8 na iyDP383is y38B3"K IIS inyoi:' 

.B^ps'D'ja iyt8?D3y3y? 

au'tograph a., n. and v. -8B-'i18) 

iyi' B<o ;i' 3n3 ,i8i38Bn8 (iyi3 
' ;B"B8i38Bn8 jiysnOTs i38ri iy3y3"8 

iy?y3'3ns :BBnt:'iyB:i8 y3y3"x n 

Pt:'8D>Pm"18138B'18 18 ;BB'1PD138D 

'"IE' ;[iy'i' 3n3 lypm is pb'bd 8] 
typin ;i38n iy3y3"8 iyi b<d iy3 

.Ptf80»Pm=18138BM8 18 B'O 

aiitograph'lc a. (p>K-'Byi3-8B-n8) 
;iy3nE'y3 3n:yn:y3"8 ; iy3'it:'y3'i"?8 

B818S8=1813y?yB 8 1S 1"!!' »'« 08" 
=5'3 118 BB'lE'lJSn '1 iy3'8 B'J D811 

=pni=iBi3»Bn8 18 'b'o Bpmyj : iyi 
autograph .t .VV«o 

autograph'lc tel'egraph -8B-n8) 
pi8i3y5yB 8 (eiyi3-y-'5yB p'K-'syis 

«>'3 118 BS'1B'138n n iy3'8 B'3 0811 


autograph'ical a. -'ayi3-8B-n8) 

autographic .i (SyHS'K 

autograph'ically adv. -'Byi3-8B-n8) 

tyB"B8138BM« . 18 V1« ('K-?yp-'8 

.iy3"iis' ty3n3yn3y3"8 m nn ; isik 
autograph .t 

autog'raphy n. ('B-yi-'3«B-n8) =nK 
="8 lyi^B'o iy3"it!' 081 ,y'B8i3SB 

='18 18 B'D typm D81 !138n iy3»3 

,yB58 lyty? osi ; pifBD'pm'iBiJBB 

.lyBS'iB" yE"B8B85B'i yosyBtj'iys 

au'to-Inoculabll'lty n. -i8B-'n8) 

=3'53ya n ('B-'K-'5'3-y5-r-P8-J'« 

.331pyBt!'38=BD35yr 18B B"P 

auto-inoculeUion .t 

au'to-inoc'ulable a. -3'8-180-'n8) 
B"p3'53yo '1 BS'tyS 0811 (53y5-l'-'P8 
I'l lyp 0811 ; 331pyBK'38=BD35yt lis 

=js=BD3?yt 1111 iyB"iBt!'iyB iyB"ii 
.[B"np38ip 8 iy3yii] 3JipyBZ' 
auto-inotnUation .1 

au'to-lnocula'tlon n. -:'K-isB-'n8) 

081 ,331pyBB'3S=B035yt (mB"-'"?-!'-?* 

lysiyp lis iy'53 iyB3iiy3 8 lypyBB*:* 
typ38ip 8 IIS Ba'3=DB"np:8iP oyi B'D 
=iy9 lyj'sjynyi na lyaiyp ns lyJa 
=yD iyi i'8 yi8Byo yo'iiya 8] I8t 


au'tomath n. (nBys-KB-'nv) =8B'1K 

B3yiy5yj I't Bsn D811 iy3"K ,bp8i 

=B03?yi 8 ,iyiny5 8 na ys?'n iyi ms 


automat'ic a. (p'8-'oyo-8D-n8) 

=3y3yiiy3 BD3?yi i't] b"B808B'ib 

=y3 ins ,B"J83yo J'layaynys i't ;[3'i 


automat'ical a. (5yH3's-'ByD-SB-n8) 

automatic .t 
automat'ically adv. -'s-'Byo-8B-n8) 

; iai8 iyiS"B8D8B'lB 18 tl'IK ('B-5BP 
=B0181iya inB ,B"383yD ,t("B8BBB'lK 

automatic'lty n. -'o'B-yD-SB-ilB) 

='18 IB ; C'BBDBB'IB I"t 081 ('»-'« 

.:3i3yiiya yt:"BBD8B 

autom'atisna ?>. (Dt'B-y-'D8B-n8) 

iy3yiiy3 dbi ;t:"B8a8B'i8 i"t obi 

=yB '1 ;l"tBD181iy3 IfiB ,(!"383yD I't 

=83yD t'i5a I't lyayiiya ni'n ts .yis 

yD'iiy3 nn .n .i .lyBsoBO'iK '11 b"j 

!y3?yii nn b'j lyas ,iysyty3 ys-'i's 

.l"tBDi«iiy3 t'K oy 

autom'atist n. (BD'B-y-'DBB-riB) ="8 

I't] lyOBDBB'IB B380 DB11 IVJ 

iy3"8 :[iy3'C8B yi3y3yiiy3=B035y> 
I't iy3yiiy3 ni'n ts oyos'inya osii 

.n .1 ,iyB808B'lB '11 t!"3B3yO t'l53 

B'3 iy38 ,iysytya yE"t'B yo'iiyj nn 

.i"tBDi«iiy3 t'8 oy lysjyii nn 

autom'atlze v. (t'8B-y-'0BB-ilB) =80 

•yiiy3>B035yt i't b] bbdbb'ik ib lys 

.[PB'Bo yi3y3 

autom aton n. (tSB-y-'OBB-ns) "18 

yi3yayiiy3BD35yt i't s ibbdbb 

.B-jyo'PB'Bo ;piyii=BD3ip 




autom'atous o. (DSB-y-'DBO-ns) 
automatic .t 

automo'blle a. (5'a-'isD-8B-n») I't 


automobile' n. and v. -i$D-tst3-ni$) 

'ntSVJ IWSll S] 5'3SOSB'l(< 18 ('?'3 

"IK 18 I'lWjnnsa ;[nst3»i3 8 tia lya 


automobil'ist m. -'5'3-SD-8l3-ns) 

BS11 .'iy3"8] t3D'5OS0SlSM8 (QD'K 
.[?'3»DSB'1K 18 Ba^lB -15)18 BS'tyi 

automor'phic a. (p'a-'inso-sB-ns) 

automor'phism n. -'nnso-BB-ns) 

.VI 18J yiyus tv5"Bni8 dst (ofo 

auton'omous a. (DS0-s-'J8B-ns) 

'sn :rijny'jy'i r'58 ■^t ,ds3so'18 

-1SJ lyTjyi IS 'T't B3y-i dst anjya 

.lyxytyj yjyr'K 

auton'omy re: cn-s-'JSB-ns) =SB'1k 

.j:n'jyi=QD3?yt ,yns3 

■ au'tonym n. (Q'j-sB-'rIs) Piyii 8 

=SJ 8 ; tycs: D'nano aii ojsib dsii 

=81 yiyinyo fi'iK vr on'xya dsii lyn 


au'topsy n. (<D-9SB-'ns) =":ts'ii{ Dsi 

018 18b] BTiB i'3SJ lysiyp oyi tyi 

ya'Sjytiya 8 ,yjyj"K I8 ;t:Ji3inyB 


The autopsy showed that the man died 
from natural causes. 

autop'tic a.' (p'B-'S8B-n8) tyo onn 

.iyj'i8 n B'D t"?8 Bnyt 

autop'tlcal a. (5y-piB-'B8B-ns) 

autoptic .1 

autotox'lc a. (ciiD-'P8B-80-ns) 1't 

autotoxin .t .jnjyBa<;nya BD3?yt 

autotox'ln n. (i'D-'P8B-8B-niS)' 8 

lyanyp ps Dns in b"3'i8 osii oa<) 

.i"58 Qfi'K Banyty iin 

an'totruck re. (psiB-SB-'ns) =M8 18 

=B381B 8 ,iy3811=B38'ia 'iytJ"B808B 

au'totype re. ored v. (B'8B-SB-'ns) 

I'N Dy'a8i3SOSB iy38a is yiSByo 8 

yBTBsp Mjyj 8] 5'0'OP8a ; lysisa 

=808a 1118 ;[BBnis'«iJ8n 8 iia yssp 

.lyTssP -lilts iyTB8iJ 

autotyp'ic a. (pi8-'B'B-8B-ns) OSll 

=i8a B'D iyTa8nJ8B8a ais yjiJ t'.>< 

.J'a'DPBB 8 IS i"ts' I'K DS11 ; lya 

autotype .i 

autot'ypy re. ('a-'8-'B8B-ns) dst 

.iy3n8B !'8 ry'TB8n3SB«B iyi8 lypm 

an'tumn re. (osB-'ns) .lyDS ,BD3nyn 

autum'nal a. (5y3-'DSB-n8) =yj DSll 

,.]VOit -WIS BD3iyn dis Biyn 

antum'nal e'qulnox jyj-'OKB-ns) 

QD3iyn i'8 B"s n (Dps3-''iinp-"'8 

n] JKB DVi B'D T'Jj t'8 B38: n lyii 

isB8iipy oyi BS'np rit n tyii b"s 

IVB22 DVi nnyay3:i8 ,Qm is anaynyj 

.[lysoyBByB ■ 

auxe'sls re. co'D-'D-pn*) ='iy3'8 n 

=8D lyoyn; D8t ,tyi»T r» jan'nB 

»3'5PTM1 lyT PK t<K 't '11 ,181 8 ty3 

jjnyDyiJiys n ;t"i aim dst';b"p 

m IS iy38D1S3"53 -liTS lyS'S 8 iia 

.lya's nyi:8 

auxet'ic a. (p'8-'ByD-pn«) 'yoyinys 

auxesis .\ .jnayiysyn ,ijyT 

auxil'iar re. ored o. (iy'-'5n-Jiis) 

.I5'n n'?a5'ny3 

auxll'iaries re. (ty'l-y'-'5't-jns) 

.5<n yjyjjnyj ,5in yB"ijy5D'i8 

auxll'iarly ofJi). ('?-iy'-'5n-3ns) 

auxil'iary re. and a. (n-y'-'?'I-:n8) 
=Da?'n 8 ; iiJ'n ; lyajyn ; I'SaJ'nys 

»y3 l'3 1'«" 1'8 "VI" ni] BTS11B"S 


auxom'eter ■«. (lyB-y-'BSD-pns) t8 

=yDyiJiya n tyooya is BjyonBDj'x 

By 5sa syani imn] BBsip'Djjn 

=:'8 yt!"BBs yo'iiyj tia •[BiyDy-iJiya 


avail' re. and v. ('5"ii-y) j'xu in 

in ,iysi3 lyn's ,iysi3 iia I'n ; iy38D 

.tysu ,npiyii ; !ysi3y3 

The doctor tried to save the patient, hut 
his efforts did not avail. 

availabil'ity re. -'8-'?i3-y?-"l1-y) 

-lya ;B"p3<?S'3 ;B"p183S1J CB 

pyiis lyDniyj 8 18b] B"p-i83i:yii 

.B"pJ'B5'J ;[B"318 lyiS 

avai'lable a. (?3y?-'"ll-y) ;1<5S'J 
;[pyiis lyDMiy; 8 is] issuyinya 


avai'lableness n. (Dy3-?3y?-'"ll-y) 

availabilitif .t 

aval'lably adv. ('53-y5-'"ll-y) 

.iai8 tyi833M'i3 lyis tys'JS'j 8 i'i8 

avai'llng a. (jj'5-'"il-y) l'8 DS11 

nya t'x d8ii -iBB^yn d81i ,i83su 


aval'lingly adv. ('5-JJ<?-'"l1-y) 

iy3"i35saiy lyis iy3<5s'j 8 ^mk 


avail'ment ■«. (BjyD-'5"il-y) ; fu 

.3?8aiy ; 5"Bisa : b<b81b 

avails' n. ('i5"ii-y) 'yi( ,nD:3n 


av'alanche re. (tyB3y?-y-'liy) yD8D 8 

i'?sy5B B?8a DSll ,T"K 118 yyiE' 

=?yii nns ; ?8nB r'x :i83 8 ria 3si8 

=3'iyj3iN ,i'5sy5B lytvjyD 8 lymp y3 


av'alange re. (t^'n3y5-y-'11y) 

avalanche .t 

avant'-cou'rler re. -<i-'ip-'B38ll-y) 

.[ity3D] lyjstjs nyansisB iyi (iy 

avant'-garde re. (n8]-B38ll-y) 

=iyB8i?sD yBDiyisa n] n8JJ8ii8 

=iyisa n ;[yyDi8 is tis j:i5"B3s 

.1811 yBD 

avan'turine re. (pi-l'B-'jyil-y) 

BS385J DSll ,58iy3'0 818] P11B38118 

.[i5SJ ni 

av'arice re. (on-y-'iiy) ,B"n3i8P 

.B"pyjiyE'i ; r"3»i5y3 

avarlc'ious a. (Ds-'irn-y-liy) ,J18P 

.yjiyt^i ;jis"j 

avaric'iously adv. (i5-DS-'(!"1-y-liy) 

.B^pyjiyts't B'D ; laiK lya's^a 8 ins 

avaric'iousness re. -D»-'B"1-y-1iy) 

avarice .t (Dy: 

avast' int. ('oD8ii-y) =iyn I e^sn 

! IMS 

avatar' n. ('i8B-y-iiy) =iypi»a n 

iiB iyDip3si8 Dsi] B"nBSJ lie jsnyB 
=yj lys'Siysiyp s ps B"nDS3 s 
;[y<J8?8B'o lytj-'ii's ivt Ps .b?8bb' 
ins BD"j 8 iia lyDipiyBjns dst 
3Jij"tyiy yjmmpiyo s :ny iyi 
yi83iyijisii 8 ; j:nyBiyp-iyB lyis 
18 11B jiuyj-isi lyis JJiiysiypiya 
lyByipJsP 8 PS yyi's -lyapsiBoss 


avaunt' int. ('B3nsi1-y) pyilS !pyi18 

nyj"3 n b'd in jsib iiyjBi iia 

a've int. (ni-'"s) =yj "1 1 y3y5 Dy 

: 5nsii 3y5 i bd'u 

A've Marl'a (y-''81-yD ni-'"S) yiis 

.[nJian y(!"5nB8P s] 8n8o 

Ave'na re. (yj-'iii-y) ; ts-,j po 818 


avena ceous a. (DS'K'-'"3-'S-liy) Dsil 

.iy3sn IS i'5jny ps 

avenge' v. ('tyniyii-y) ; v>i opu in 

«yi3S in ; lyasiBts-ys ,iyDny: y38i 


He will avenge the blood of his -servants. 

avenge'ful a. (5iB-'t!'njyii-y) ='nDpj 

.j'ljyDny: nap: ;j<i 

aven'ger re. (lyB-n-'jyii-y) =y38i 

.lyonyj^riDp: ; lyonyj 

Tlie Lord is the avenger of all. 

aven'ger of blood lytyn-jyil-y) 

lyBDBinyo iyi] Din 5sij (is?3 ii8 

nsi DSll ,iyBynsBiy is na 2\-\p 

}n:a s ; bi53 pn isa tyanyj nop: 

y3':"8 "3 lis lyi's yj'Jsos n "3 

.[Bj"n 1SJ iyn8 ps iyp?ya 

aven'gingly adv. CJ-jj'ts'n-'jyii-y) 

.nop: j'ljyanyj 

av'ens re. (ny-'iiy) Bmp=tyBpnyjy3 

.[ys:85a sis] 

av'entaile re. (5"B-:y-'liy) =BBi? DSl 

lis is: t'nsB 18? 

=:8B Dyi PS 5nD 

Bpyiy3 DSll lys 

DSll ,BSP Dyi 
lyjsiayj Bjysa 
=?s n PS lyiyii 
iyi : iyB"s ya 
5"B iVBtJ'iyisa 

iySJ8B=BSP 8 113 

'1 Dpyiy3 DSll 

lyp lis ynsD 

=yii iyts5yj3si8 

.iVBJis 1SJ lyi 

aven'turine re. 


avanturine .t 
av'enue ii. (pj-y-'ny) s . : JJSJIS 

.yy58 ; D8J yB"13 S ;3:833in 

aver' v. ci'sn-y) lyiyJpiy ,iyBB'iny3 

=j'B3<i n ; lyiysniya ;j'B3'i'i8a 

.lyj'Bayipys b"p 

av'erage re., v. and a. (tyni'l-y-'liy) 
''a DSl jBijifsin inBiyii ly^D^a 
j'DyDD'jD5ymya ; D'jB^ymya y?y3 
iy3i5B':i!'3in 8 lyniBBfys ; ty5"B 
; yaiD DD'jBi3in s is iyj:"i3 ; pns 
lyiy DSll ?"B iyi n^ya^iyssn dsi 
18a iyj8iB"3 1181 iyD'iDjyj"s=B38ia 
8 na Bi"5 I'ts" 8 iy35yii .lyisty oyi 
yaiD siBDpy is ; Q' t'ins i:mi*iidb' 
DIS o?nss iya'B:yj"s«B38ia s dsii 
,BD:y'i=j38iis iiiB" 8 na iya'B:yj"S 

.1i5B'J!J'3in ; yjT'ti'BB'iBB 

av'erage amount' -y E'lT'l-y-'liy) 

.53n ID lysija^jB-pin iyi ('BJi8a 

av'eragely adv. CJ-t^iTn-y-'iiv) PS 

.royajya'a iB'^E-sm 




aver'ment n. (bji/o-'tsii-V) «mi/B 

=j)3 Mwov^<eV2 jJU'BBvnpya ijjnw 

p«] jjnnBB 'T ;33it39Mnn ;t"ii 

lyiyiJB -ivi 18 ,is t"t< tiB [Bsnyj 

.tSfiiya lyjMoa'inya W"t ?»! ix 

aver'rable o. (Say-'Tsii-!/) lya bbii 

.tyt'Miya lyns lyos'inya \vp 

Averrho'ism ». . (Bi'«-'isvy-liy) n 

«ists?'B tytyasiB ayi iib yBSTsS'B 

I'K 1126 ins' PN lyisayj] Bysmyiis 

.1198 ins' PN lyaisBCTJ iin bustisp 

n« nyiyspiy is lyiiyj T'« Bysmyiis 

=8ts?'B B5yB8BBn8 PB lyiy'BjyDsP 

,B<!{j'-iB nyi PB lyBynanys s pn ya 

=yii B5"Byjas «n8T yasisS'a n (s 

.[ts'3'?yT tia \v\ 

Averrho'lst n. (BB'K-'isi-y-iiy) i8 

»ists?'a iyt>"a8i8 oyi pb lyaaynas 

Averrhoism .t .Dysmyiis 

Averro'ism n. (dr»8-'isvy-1iy) 

Averrhoism .t 
Averrois'tic a. (p<B-'D'N-S"i-y-liy) 
=nyii8 fisi»?'B avi is v^ pn bsii 
.yasts^'B p't IS lyis cysn 

av'erruncator n. (iBB-'ip-Jsi-y-'iiy) 

.■iytj'=nyjBny3 8 ; lyE'^ana « 

averse' a. CBTSii-y) ; Bj'Myjas 

='inyTii n'5iJ""iajiK jBinypyns 

He is not averse to receiving help. 

averse'ly adv. cj-'DTSll-y) J'i:y"t 

•an lyBxytyjjyiyj lyi pk ; Bj'nyjas 

OS jnjyn ; tys'inyi'ii b'd sjjib 


averse'ness n. (Byj-'DT^ii-y) nyTil 

pn DST ; B3"jyjas pm ost ;iy?'ii 

p't EST ;i't lynnypas dsi wyayjBi 


aver'sion n. (isB'-'TSll-y) ''inyini 

D'ns Ban oijii dst ;j:u"ja8 ,ty? 


Unlike the English and the Americans, the 
Europeans' have an aversion to sport. 

avert' v. criBTsii-y) =as ,iyi3yiias 
oyiias I't ; lyasn jnjyiias ,iyinyp 

..iyi"BDM8 ; lyT 

aver'ted a. (lyB-'TSii-y) oyiiyaas 

.B'n 8 IS oinypyjass ,B-inypy:as rBVT 

aver'tedly adv. (»5-iyB-'TSl1-y) 

="00118 i jnwnnypas ; anjyijyiias 


aver'ter ». (lyo-'nisii-y) iy:"K 

nyis as Byi:yii dsii Dsiitay lyis 

.OMS ayT'D 

aver'tible a. (5a'B-"PSll-y) typ BSii 

.lyiyii B^yBt!'yJ lyis lyTDyas'is 

A'ves n. (tMi-'"8) .iy?)iiB ,5yj<5ayj 

a'vian u. and n. (jy-'n-'^s) os Dsn 

.syjMB 8 ; ty^JMB is BjJ85ya 

a'viarlst n. (DOn-y-Ml-'"*!) iy:"S 

.pin=5y3''iB 8 B?8n asii 

a'viary n. (ii-y-Ml-'"8) .Pin=?yj'lB 8 

avia'tlon n. (ist!'-""s-Ml-y) BBJip n 

.iVBBi? iyi P8 lyri'SB pb 

a'viator n. (isb-"«-mi-'"8) =Bai? 8 

8 B'D Bn'?a B811 iyj"8 ; lyoMiE' 


Avic'ular a. (-lyj-P-'PPI-y) PS DSll 

.iy?j<iB IS v^t^ 

a'viculture n. ("iit!'B-?sP-Ml-'"8) 

.[lyjj'ia tyiiyisn d«t] BsisrsyjMa 

av'ld a. (TK-'iiy) .anyj ,y3'iyiJ't 

avld'ity ». (»B-'«-'Tll-y) =y:iy"'t 

»yB8 iv?-\«o& jpcn lypiBBt!' jb^p 

.yTiyjya ; b'b 

avocat' ■«. ('8p-8-iiy) .BSPSins 18 

avoca'tion n. (is(!'-'"P-S-l'iy) DST 
=y3'iTj 8 PB Byssia 8 lyjsiBnva'K 
=iyay3 s ;iyiyayn 8 is Banyj tyn 
as BH's BS11 BsiiBy : wia'aaytfya 
"'BByis'ya lya'jjnyiiyj i"t pa lysyo's 
B3ysyD<8 jyByiyBj'N yj'B"t s :33iJ 
.jiiJiBaywa yrByaSyayi 

avoc'atory a. and n. -8B-y-'P8il-y) 

«is n ;jn:yanas ; jnjyBnp'iis ci 

.jnyaya s na wirpspn 

av'ocet ■«. (Byo-s-'iiy) ?y3'ia 8i8 

'»3<lf Wits'? 8 B'D 118 B^B yjiS? B'D 

.is=eim8 DonpyaBMs p8 dsii /Jya 


avoid' V. CTsii-y) nya ; typ'oiyB 

=iyT in ,tya"ii jtyastypyiiB :iyiyi3'n 

.j'b5'j:ik lyaso ; tyiyB"ii 

avol'dable a. (?ayi-''Sll-y) ^T'oiya 

.3'B5'jjis Basoyj lynyii typ bsii ; T? 

avol'dably adv. (»?a-yi-''S1l-y) 

.j'B5'j3iK anjyasD ; jnjyT'oiya 

avoi'dance n. (B3yi-''sii-y) ="myB 

lyiyii an"? dst ,J3nyB"inyT ;j3n 

=8B j'B5<j:18 bst ; jJiJiBBywa 8 pa 


avoi'der n. (nyn-''Sii-y) Bsil lyj"** 

=5'j3i8 Base BS11 iy3"K ;Byi"onya 


avoid'less ». (By5-'TSll-y) =iyB3is 


avoid' no'tice (d'B-'is3 'Tisii-y) is'J 

.lyiyii Bpiyoya 

avoirdupois' n. CPSB-m-ls-liy) 

,DyBB'B Ba'iiy: yEii^ajy ya8BJ"8 n 

P8 B?"Byj PK BJ1B 8 lya^yii bm? 

.Bys:i8 16 

avola'tion n. (|st!'-'"5-S-liy) BST 

=BD81B'1N ,JJ1BDjnB'18 ; tyn'?Bpyii8 


av'oset n. (Byo-s-'liy) avocet .t 

avouch' V. ccBisii-y) =ya ,iyBB'inya 

; lyiyaMiya ; lyrayBtyya ,tyj'BByi? 

.iyD"nBij ; tyj'BiyBBay-i ; iyTB:8n8J 

avouch'er n. (ly-'E-BiBil-y) 'ya 8 

;-iyB"nBij8 ;nyiya<nyB 8 ,"iyBBMn 

.nny 18 

avouch'ment n. (B3ya-'B'B1811-y) "ya 

=iBBynpy3 ijjnya'nys ijju'ByBa' 

.jJiB"nBij ; jju'B-iyBBayT ; »ij 

avow' V. ('1811-y) ,iy:ypya ,iyiy?piy 

pyiis oyT b'b] pm nnio ,tyBBpnya 

.[lyj'BiyBBayT is 

avow'able a. (?3y-'i8ii-y) tyn osii 

tyas lyp lyo dsii ,iyiy?piy lyas typ 

typ lyo DSII nsajypiyjs ; i"t mio 


avow'ableness n. (Dyj-^ay- -y) 

lyis tyiy?piy is lyas B^'pa'^^ayo n 

.[lyj'BiyBDayT ti«] pn mio 

avovy'ably adv. ('?3-y-'i8il-y) ii'"' 
IB18 ayi «i'iK ;3jny5piy yjyas ts 
=yas lyis j:ny?pny ivivas is pb 
'iBnyaoayi in P8] vi l"t mio Dyj 


avow'al n. (?y-'iBii-y) ,D':Bjypya 

ya'PBjyajL ;t"t mm om ,3JiBBnnya 


avowed' a. ('ni8ll-y) '"ly TJOjyay 

.lyiiyj mio I'Soayay ;Bny?P 

He avowed his love to her. 

avow'edly adv. ('?-iy-'i8ii-y) o^a 

.33ijypya nya'5B:yBy lyna 
avow'edness n. (Dyj-iy-i8il-S) 

avowal .t 

avow'er n. (ly-'iBii-y) ,iyBBnnya 8 

.mio Tt PS DSII iy3"8 

avow'ry n. (>i-'i8ii-y) ;v>t mio dst 

=iyBB3yi ya'?sy(y3 n :3Jijypiy38 n 

=i3y3as lysyii 3310'db'is lyis 3313'b 

.diB3y3"s DyjyD 

avul'sion n. (ist!'-'?sii-y) ="ias bst 

=3S B581iy3 B'O t'K BS11 181 8 ; tyD 

lyasiBiya ps lya^nas dst ; lyonya 

.33is"?Bnya 8 nn iyisa=Tiy avi 

avun'cular a. (iB?-l'P-'38ll-y) dsii 

.5yp:s 18 IS B3385ya:8 

await' V. ('B"iin-y) =i8in» ,iyBi8ii 


awake' vf and adv. ('p"iin-y) 'B'ln 

;3n3ya8ii nsii ;tya8iia'iK ;typyii 


awa'ken v. (tp'"iin-y) ; typyiiB'iK 


awake'ner n. (iy3-'p"iin-») .lypyii 

awake'nlng n. and a. (33»3-'P"iin-tf) 

;«is5t!' 113 lyasiny dst : tyasmy dst 

»yii :is'a'5yT nyn pa tyay5B<iK dst 

.Bpyil DSII i'<-MW 

awake'ningly adv. ('?-33'3-'P"lin-y) 

=8iny 18 IMS ; tBiK lyijypyii 8 tins 

.IB1K Iy^:ya 

awa'kenment n. (B3yD-3p'"iin-y) 

.33ia8iny ; B"PD8taBii 

awan'ting (33'B-'3n8iin-y) .D5n»a 

award' v. and n. CTinsiin-V) =11l« 

; B'jpDB'yais Biyii dsii dshdv ; 5"b 

;'ty3ypiyis ;tyay3D'n8 5"biis is 

.lyo'BL-ya ; typDB'is 

award'able a. (Say-'Tinsiin-y) dsii 

.ty'PDBis typ tyn 

awar'der n. Ciyn-'insiiii-y) =Dyiy'B' 

ny3"8 jynao ,nyaBD=mB'B .lyoan 

.IS B'3PDB D811 

aware' a. ("inyiin-») ,B8tpnyDB'i« 

=ny3 ; BiioisBj'K ; layo'ii ^Btasii 

.038 PB in v\iVQ 

I was aware of your plans. 

aware'ness n. (Dy3-'-inyiin-y) pn out 
DST ;[niyn' lyasn dst] DToisaa's 


awash' a. and adv. ('E»8iiti-y) ^"53 
=jyt ^v^ imk ,5y3y<BB'iyD8ii oyi O'o 
:yay?Biy3ii8 lyDBii n m inn nya 
,Bp3''nK'y3 : lyDsii pa 3<i3yoipDm8 
,osy3y3 ; lyoBii ayi tiB Diyi"5B'y3 


away' adv. ('"iin-y) ; oisa ; pyilB .1 
."a-iyn 3n3y"i o^a njytyiias b'j .2 

2. Think of me when I will be away. 

away' with him! nonin '"iin-s) 
I pyiiB ly ?st I DrpB d'o pyns (i a^n 

awe «. and «. (ns) nxT] B3-iiBin» 

; iyB?8n Niio PB ;B3'iiB ;[iia3n 

.iyD'?B:"B BaiiairiB 




awea'ry a. (n-'B'iin-S) ova •.ivo 
atreath'er «. and adv. -'nojciipi-!/) 
awe-conuuan'dlng o. -'jyn-BP-ns) 

.OSIIBiny I"N BD'Jfl DSll (JJ'T 

awelgh' a. and adv. ('"iin-y) -ams 

OS Djn jnjyn'SBMiK ii/iss twnw 

.inn nvT pn I'ts' iia ivp 

awe In'to obe'dience m-'J'n ns) 

IX tWJsna «"iio lin (Dj»-n-''a-is 


awe'less o. (Di;?-'ns) ins ; snio tns 

IS 0380 «T B'J BSii Dsii ; oaniBinj' 

.B3iiBinB tsipyinj' 

awe'some a. (DSD-'ns) Bpymu dsii 

.3'Tsiia ;D3niainy 

awe'-strlck'en a. (ipntsD-'ns) 

.B3'iiB-ini; B'a iwjmyaain 

awe'-struck a. - (psiBB-'ns) 

a/we-stricken .t 

aw'ful a. (?iB-'ns) Dm: opyinj) dsii 

iS'Ti^mny ;B"D!;BDyi8D ;B3niain!; 

.lyi'iiWJis ; I'Jpyitc : D8tB3iia 

aw'fuUy adv. (^s-Sia-'ris) D'nj B<n 

;IBW lyBWByBDV'sa 8 I'ls !B3iianny 

'py'iB' ,B8tB3iiB ; B"pa'"n'inny b'o 

.lyny^is •,v'> 

aw'fnlness n. (Dyj-?iB-'ns) t"t dst 

; B'lpam'infiy ;B3iianny b'd 5ib 


awhile' adv. cs'siin-y) isa ,y5"ii 8 

.B"s ivsnip 8 

a while ago' ('isJ-y 5'8iin y) s 

.P'llS B"X ysTip 

awhlrl' a. and adv. ('5Tsiin-y) rs 

.jnmiBE' ; diibs? 8 

awk a. and n. (pns) =yjJi8 ,BP'ti'y33is 

auk .r .lya'iB'iSJiBBB lyi iDiysni? 

awk'ward odu. onii o. (il811ii-'pns) 

,j'nnJi8 ; BiyaDijyjjis ,DP'ii'y»is 

=Dis lyiiB' t's DSII :B"n3yjy?nya t's 

"j'Ba'nsB BiynsB dsii ,B'DnyT inyaix 

.nnx BBsiyiya dsii /D"p 

A country lad feels awkward In the city. 

awk'ward affair' -y nsiin-'pns) 

.SD3't!'yj y'Dis'D ,yt!'nBJ s Cinya 

awk'wardly adv. ('5-ii81in-'pns) 

t»BiysDi5y»i8 ,iyBp'ti'y;ji8 t8 si'is 

.DyiipyiJis ,Dnyjy:J83iK ; ibis 

awk'wardness n. (Dyj-ll8lin-'pn8) 

018 ; D"PBiyBni?yjjis ,B"pBp'iB'yjJis 

,B"p3'5Dy'iipy3Ji8 ,B"p3'5Dnyjyj38 


awl n. (5ns) .5ns lyBDi'ts' 8 ,5ns is 

aw'less a. (Dy5-'ns) aweless .t 

awl'-shaped a. (DB"B'-'5ns) DSll 

.5ns 18 I1B D-isa n Bsn 

awn n. (rns) n] iiS3«iyj:8t •\in 

y3J8a "3 iVDpsii D811 onya yaas? 

.[ms3 8 '11 lyjjst 

aw'nlng n. (jj'i-'ns) "lyis ,wi38T 

jjsmsa 8 jsi'ty 8 lya's pynys's 

.i8i=Bjyii"5 s ; tsayi na lyx'ty dik 

aw'ny a. (ij-'ns) "3] Tiss 8 b'd 


awoke' (pisiin-v) 1't ,B38iiy3B''is 

awake .t .sisSB' IiB BBssyja'is 

awor'klng adv. (wp-'i'Slin-y) 

.B"318 lyi "3 

awry' oto. o»d o. csi-y) ; Dnp 
.B"T lyn HB ;PSD8P iBnnypiya 

He looks awry, 

ax n. and v. (Dpy) B<o lypsn : Psn 8 

.typ8nan8 ;p8n s 

ax'al o. (?y-'Dpy) is ix BWBJya dsii 


axe n. and v. (Dpy) ax t 

ax'-head n. (nyn-'Dpy) IIB asP -\S1 

.[5"B iyjiyt"8 •wil psn s 

ax' -helve n. (ii5yn-'Dpy) syBjyn dst 

.psn 8 na 

ax'ial a. (5y-iK-'Dpy) V& t'S Dsil 

=yj DSII ; y'j'5«nyDjyx lyis dp8 18 ix 

Bxn DS11 jyij'p'Dps nyi I's in Bj<a 

=-iyBjyx n Byi5<3 dsii ;dp8 is nMs 


ax'ial line (P85 5y-'S-'Dpy) =Dp8 

;[y'r5 yDD?yD<D ,y58iDjyx 't] ^^'5 

.Dyjj80 8 na yij'5=5yD<D n 

ax'iaiiy o«ji). ('s-5y-'8-'Dpy) lin rs 

.Dp8 na jjiB3''T 

ax'ial rota'tion -'"d-st ?y-'S-'Dpy) 

.DP8 18 ans jJi3yiiy3=nyiT s dsts' 

axif'erous a. (DSl-y-'B's-Dpy) DSII 

tns n« lyj'Mix ins Jyajyatj' 8 iu nsn 

.[iyx:85a yoMiyj iy:yii] lyBvps 

ax'iform a. (Disa-'s-'Dpy) Dsn dsii 

.DPS 18 na DisB n 

ax'il n. (5'8-'Dpy) ; 5yDP8 ; yii38S n 

,5yp:'ii lyT] '5yp3iii3"iix ,5ypjMiB853, 

D8Dii' I'D'o ;"iix 8 Byi5<3 Dy dsii 

.[dm3 na 

ax'ile a. (j's-'Dpy)' ix *33:85y338 dsii 

.y'j<5=Dp8 nyis y'J'5='iyB3yx -wt 

axil'la «. (8-'5'8-ppy) .yil38B "1 

ax'illar a. (n85-'s-'Dpy) B::8?y3 Dsii 

8 -WIS 5yDp8 IS IX i'53ny t's lyis 

=y5 "3] lyDpsiiyjix ,Dayny3 ;yii383 

,[iyB"3yByt!'y3 yjnya 

ax'lllary a. (n^yS-'S-'Dpy) aoMlar .t 

ax'illary ar'tery -'is il-y5-'D-'py) 

.ynyB'i8=?yDP8 n (n-ya 

"Bloodvessels of the .5'8 .t 

Hutnan Body" 

ax'inite n. (B'8J-'8-'Dpy) "DPS "Wl 

.[P'BK' 818] B'J 

ax'iom n. (Qs-is-'Dpy) 8] yns'Dp8 

fiTST D811 ,nDs •iy3'5jyDis'iyBDD35yt 

.[b'j i"iiy3 i"p 

axiomat'ic a. (p'S-'Dyo-s-'s-Dpy) 

axiom .t .yos'DP8 18 Ml t<8 DSll 

axiomat'ical a. -pis-'Dyo-S-'K-Dpy) 

axiomatic .t (?y 

axiomat'ically adv. -'Dyn-S-'S-Dpy) 

;yQS'Dp8 18 iyxijy3 inn (<8-5y-P's 

• .yDS'DPS 18 '11 

ax'is n. (D'D-'py) =Byosy3 't ; dps is 
DjyDB' lyo y35yii dps is] dps ye"! 
«DMpy y35yii iis lypjsiya Ps isa I't 

.3 .X ,D'J B"P3'5PT11 lyT P8 DTB 

.[?yjip=iiy IIB DPS 'T 
axle n. (5Dpy) .[lyjsii 8 na] Dps i8 
ax'le-pin n. (pB-'?Dpy) ; tyisilD 8 
.5ypy?B«Dp8 IS 
ax'letree n. (S'iB-?D'py) lyDPS n 
.lyjsii 8 na 
ax'man n. (tyn-'Dpy) .iypyn»v5sn 8 

ax'olotl n. (5BS5-S-'Dpy) =858D PD 8 

.[n'H -lyDBii sts] ynjso 

0"s n 3'B3n iyD8Six3s BjynnBDj's 

IIB -lyBjyx lyi ts ,iy5'-i3 iib jjidsb 

B'D j<D3n lynipD'is 5st iy5ty5j 't 

.lyj'is ■>-[ na lyBjyx oyn 

ax'-shaped a. (BB^c-'Dpy) Bsn Dsn 

na iyBy53 lyjyn] psn s na msa n 

[iyxj8?a yo'im 

ax'-stone n. (nsBD-'Dpy) =p8n lyi 


ax'unge n. (B'n:8-'Dpy) ;DyB='inn 
.nyiyaEi'iyDps ; r?8Bis'=iytjyj 

ay adv. and int. 

="8 ,-iya's ("s)C 
. ;jn3yBt!'y3 ,yi\ 

oiKinya si ins! 

aye adv. and int. ' 

iJ'Bsn 18' Cs) 

,iya's ;i'5pTii 

«jyBt!'y3 ,j'3"se 

D"3] 183 ;;'T 
aye'-aye n. -'is) 

ya8 po 8 (' 

-mv PS DSll 

nyiiyii 8 ix vp 

Tt Bj'ay;]- m 

,18PD83B18B PS 


ayes and noes (tiS3 uy I'8) ='DE' '1 

lya'DE'ss D"3] lyjyj pk isb tya 

.[j:i5B8nyB s ^I'ls 

ayes have it (d's iiyn Ps) =inyo 't 

.isa iyj"t tya'Di!' n pa B"n 

Aza'lea ».. (s-ip-'nt-y) yssts 'l 

.[0153 pa s] 




'.. (iyB-y-'o8D-py) I8 


az'imuth a. (nBsa-'S-'ty) ='isn 8 
«y33"s P8 DSll lyj'u-P'ip iy58B:st 
=5yii IIB is'Tiya Dyi iyB"iix lyosJa' 
=»Biyii s iyt:"iix 118 1*856 P8 Dy iy3 
dyi nn anyj lyajyii ,t"-ip iy58P 
PS Bxuy3] ly-iyDB' s iia lyBjyx 
''BBiys IX pyiix Dyn 18B yasJBiBDs 
lyiyBB* 8 na bis iy3'B3''i oyi lya 
.[5yD'n PS 

az'imuth cir'cle nBsa-'S-'ty) 

»P8Bt^] sspDy5yB nyD'iiyj 8 (5p'tid 

.lypyiix y!j"asJSiDDs isa [ii'b 

az'imuth com'pass nBsa-'s-'ty> 

818] DBBOSP BlD'tS IVT (Dye-'BSP 
=DyH8a 8 B'a B818B8 lyC'aSiSIDDS 




=3n an ivo'ijE'va ix tya'ts' simk bsu 

, , .[«!'(!' -in 

az'imuth dl'al (jy-'^si nt3»n-'K-'iy) 


azo Ic O. (p<s-'18I-V) ins ,t8?DJV3y? 


azon'lc a. (p'x-'jst-y) tsjJSJya Dsil 

.ijyjyj tyjyvyBD i"p ix b'j 

az'ote ». (Bis-'ty) ei8t3B'=p't3B' ,DStS 

.[BjyDy?y nytj^oys 8] 

az'ote ac'ld (T8-'Dy tJis-'ty) «?8B 

.[nsBB' lyB-'oys 8t8] yiyMt'iyayB 

azot'lc a. (p<8-'B8t-y) D?8nBjy D811 

.eiSB(!'=p'B{!' w i'5jny t'8 lyis 

az'otlte n. (B'BB-s-'ry) «iyByB?8B 

.ri'si lyiyit 

az'otize u. (ti8B-8-'ty) lilts lyj'Byt 

.^iBBts'p'BB' B'o lyiJ'aiyB 

azo'tous a. (DBB-'ist-y) .snoyBjso 

azo'tous ac'id (T8-'Dy D8B-'i8t-y) 

.yiyMt ya'iBysJBD 

azotu'ria n. (s-'n-'i'B-s-ty) 8 

=D'n8 Biyii oy lya^yii "3 ,B"npj8iP 

.[n:n(!'n] tniK jyaix B38nay3 

az'ure », a. and v. (TiK-'U'ty) ^Jya^n 

iy3-i8B i T5SP -lyi^a^JyD'n ; 'i53 

.T'?SP iy'i53=5yD'n b b'o 

"Colors" .?'8 .t 

az'ure-spar m. (itsaO-tli<-'^1V) ='153 

.[58-iy:'o 818] USB'!' 

az'urite n. (O'BVI'-'B'IJ') =ii»8* 


az'ure-stone n. (ti»BD-iiK-'ii''V) 
asurtte ,t 

az'ygous o. (dsJ-'K-'P) "'^ '^'*" ^''^ 

.ISB I"P B'J BSfl D811 J11'» t"? 

az'ym /j. (B<8-'iy) DyBny"tyjJi« ,nxD 


az'yme n. (n'«-'ty) asym .t 

azym'lc o. (p'K-'D'I-y) t»8 DS11 

.oiy"tywi8 ;nxa is I'Jjny 

az'ymous o. (Dsa-<«-'t») 

azymic ,t 


B, b (<3) lyTllB a8BB'313 lyB'MlX lyi 

B. A. Bachelor of Arts ns J31XTV3S 
baa n. and v. (83) 8 Ml] rypyo 

Ba'al n. (5y-'"3) 5y3 B8J38 ilfT 
.lyn'D 118 D'jyj3 n "3 

Ba'allsm n. (Bt'K-5y-'"3) 'Vt D8T 

n iiB B83 lyi] ?y3 B8J tjyT lyj 
.[D'jyj3 lyiB nys'jyfl yoss 

Ba'alist ». (BD'K-?y-'"3.) D811 iyj"« 

n tiB B8: lyn] ?y3 bsj oyi ojyn 

.[D'jyj3 ,iy'xoyB yBJs 

bab n. aiil) .^J'P I"5P ,3J'?JMt 

bab'-bal'lads n. (ny-'?y3-'3y3) =J<P 

.•iyiy<? ytyiyn 

bab'blative a. (niB-y5-'3y3) =B8?B 

.rijyiyTi5B ,jnjy? 

bab'ble n. and v. (5ay3) ; tyJBsJa 

=B8?B ,"nyTi5B ; tysmio ; iyiyT<i?a 

.?ymiD ,"iy? 

bab'blement ». (Bjya-'53y3) =B8?b 

.?yDiia .; "iyTi5B ; 'ny? 

bab'bler n. (ny?-'3y3) ny?B85B 


bab'bllng n. and a, (j3'5-'3y3) =M?B 

>B8?B ,jn:yiyiM5B ; 'ny5B85B ,"nyT 

.jnjySB-iia ,jn3y> 

bab'bllngly 0(J«. (i?-jj'5-'3y3) =B8?B 

.inyTiJB iTn janovJaiia ; 3n:y? 

bab'bly o. ('?-'3y3) .njyiyTi?B 

bab'by ■«. ('8-'3y3) t"?p ,jj'?3MI 8 


babe n. (3"3) .iJ'p I"?p ,j:'?:Mt 

babe'hood ». (iin-'3'<3) 

babyhood .t 

Ba'bel »». (5y3-'"3) tiB Q-iinB lyi 

8n ; syaiayj 8 ,Dy3yB"oi!t s ; ?33 

.>33 BTSBE' lyiB njna 

ba'bel «. (>y3-'"3) 8 ,Dyjyt!"ois 8 


ba'boo re. (nn-'83) =Byn liB ?yB''B 8 

y3yT83yjo"8 n "3 B3'n3yj b"P3'? 

"i-\vn" IS TJjny ,iyn3'8 bds pn 

."lyBD'D" lyiB 

bablrous'sa m. (8D-'nn-'8-3y3) 

babtrusaa .t 
babirus'sa «. (8D-'nn-iN-3y3) lyT 
.Tin lysyni'X'BDs iyjn:i»n iyi?<ii 

baboon' ». ('inn-y3) 818] I8M18B 

babu' re. ('ni3-83) baboo .t 

ba'by re., o. (hm2 «. ('p3-'"3) .Ji'?!'!! 
s '11 lysnjsnya ; b-hj'? ; ij'p I">p 


ba'by-farm n. (Bi8B-''a-'"a) Bl8 18 

=y^sn is lyiJV tiM8 Banyj lya i8ii 


ba'by-far'mer re. (iy8-'l8B-'3-'"3) 

IS lyij'p siMK Bonyj nyssyii ,iyj"K 


ba'by-far'mlng re. (joiD-'i8B-'3-'"3) 

'Sn Qis lyiJ'p yj"5p iyanyjJ8 bst 

lyij'P y3"?p lyanyjJB dbt : lyiiyi 

.'M B'IBB lya 1811 ,B?SB1J'38 18 TB 

ba'byhood re. (iin-'3-'"3) ; o^mj'P 


ba'by-house re. (Dl8n-'3'"3) •<ct." 8 

.Dyp?8'? TBB y?y3 

ba'by in arms (\ot« pk ia-'"3) 

lyjBiB 183 IIB lya y3?yii hj'p b 

.njyn b^t tpiB 

ba'by in the eye cb 'na P8'3-'"3) 

P8 anyt lya dsii .yjyti'iya i"?p bbt 

.riB IIB ?yB8"V1811^ 

ba'bylsh a. (l"<k-'3-'"3) .b"13'P 
ba'bylsm re. (Bt<B-''3-'"3) =1S lyi 

.nyij'p y:"?p iib tidbj n iib iisa& 
ba'by-jum'per re -'B8B'n-'3-'"3 

oBnyjB'iB ?y3?iBB' lynrp bib (nys 
.lyjyii BIS TJB- yjyai) hm« lys 

ba'by-lin'en ». (i»-'j'>5-'3-'"3) O'P 

Bab'ylon «. (i85-<K-'3j;3) n ,533 

.533 I'nj'jyp DyT lis BisBsraann 

Babylo'nian o. (ij)-i^-'is?-'K-3y3) 

.?33 US 

Babylo'nian bour -ij-'ig>-'B-3y3) 
; 38B iiB 5"B iyBB5yiis -isn (ni8 ty 
D58] j:83BMB=ty3ii lis iyn:iBB' n 

.[38B lis 338BJ8 

Babylon'lc a. (p''K-':85-'«-3y3) bbii 

.533 IS VV P« 

Babylo'nlsh a. (e":-'i85-'K-3Jia) 

Babylonian .t 

ba'by rib'bon (i8-'3'n '3-'"3) 8 

.7yijy3 D85B8 58DB' 

ba'by things (ijj'nB »3-'"a) ^lyiiV 


bac'ca • ». (y-'pya) .yi38' 

baccalau'reate n. and a. -y-py3) 

=8P83 8 US 5yB'B lyT (B"B-'^-'^85 

IIB nma yE"ayn8P8 ib] syiis? 

IBB ,8pnya8 ns n:85a3y pb 33n5'a 

=5'3 yiyByn b lyjnw bsii ysJyiB 

8 IS V& t'N DS11 ;[B58DlfJB=DJ3n 


baccalau'reate ser'mon -B-py3) 

=Biy't"38 18 (IBB^'TID O'lR-n-'nU? 

'Vi iy38n ya5y« .iVBjyniBE' is snvi 
o'ln nyn pk BiniBC lyn BJMjy 


baccara' n. ('8V»-P»a) =nsp pa b 


baccarat' n. CBi-p-pya) 

baccara .t 

bac'cate a. (0"«-'pya) ;yiJ8'' 8 'll 

.OyiJB' O'nB B'J D811 

bac'cated o. (^yB-'"B-pya) 5iB 

.5iyB BIB Bsyty3 ; syias' b'b 

bacohana'lia 7t. (y-'S-'iij-y-pya) 

"58 PB 31B«B1'»pJilB 8] BByB'D13P83 

BSJ ayi DiaPBa 1133? n385jyanj lya 
•<8B?in .nnac ,y'58083p8ii :[t"ii iib 


bacchana Itan n. and u. -'"j-y-pya) 

;j3i"y3y5 ma'E» .ojsaPBa b dy-'? 

.B383P83 8 IS V& t'B B811 : '8B?in 

bac'chant re. and a. (Boy-'py3) 




=PK3 ,'805in ;wi<»V3j;? nwt!' ncva 


bac'cbante ». (oJV-'PVa) =DnB 8 
»nj t3is own D811 'ns ins I'lso 

=811{D31N 18 ;D13P83 0SJ=I"11 tJ'i!"3 

bacchan'tlc o. (pio-'JV-PJ's) =:83P83 

bcuschant .t .t!"a 

Bac'chus ». (DS-'P»3) lyn] D13P83 

.[iwna yB58 n "3 i"ii no os; 

baccif'erous o. (DS-ny-'B'B-pj/a) 

.D!;iJ8' ISDP811 DV DS11 1M8 

bac'ciform o. (D-iSB-'D-'PJ;3) DSll 

.n38' 8 no Jionsa kh tssn 
bacdv'orous a. (Bsn-S-'il'D-pyn) 

•.Dj;iJ8' BDV DS11 

bach'elor ». (-is-?y-'6S'Bj;3) ,nin3 8 
=BP8 ivav>-\V in ; ■ij;t38T"mj/BJiN 
118 i/Bi'Sjiv '1 i'8 Jyts'o ii;ii"Dn 
.l»B?8BW8nnv5 yiyayn v2"J8pnya8 

bach'elordom n. (Q!Si-i85-!;-'B'oy3) 
.t38T'mya:i8 IV3V? dst ; QB8t!'nin3 

bach'elorhood n. (iin-ls?-J'-'l!'By3) 

; B8T'n-iyB:iN iy3y5 out jBSBB'nins 

i'k] JiB'B iyt5"Dyn8P8 nyats-ny nyi 

.[8pnyo8 118 i38?33y 

bach'elorlsm n. (Bt'8-n8?-y-'[!'By3) 
.BBT'myajiK lysy? bst iBBsty'iina 

Bach'elor of Arts ii8 ll!t5-y-'tyoy3) 
=3jy n r8 JiB'B iyB"oyi8P8 (bbt8 
.lyByB'nyivJiK yt!»:8p''iya8 iix yn"? 

Bach'elor of Sci'ence -y-'tj-aya) 
I1B D18yi8?8P83 (B3y-''8D IIS nS? 

.[?yB'B ■iyi!"»yi8P8 is] OBSt^jyB'n 

bach'elor's-but'ton n. -y-'tjiBya) 

Bsn BS11 yvJs5B srs (ibs3 ns? 

.iyDi53 yj<onyBBSJP 

bach'elor's hall (5nsn tlsJ-y-'t^Byn) 

=5yii tiB t'ln 8 lyns ,B"n B'nira 8 

.pyiis t's 'nB >-\ iy3 

bach'elorship n. (B'E'-'i85-y-'t>'By3) 

bachelorhood .t 

Bacilla'ria n. (y-n-'"5-''D-y3) n 

»8ii yj"?P "myt bisd s] lynsJ'xss 

is: inyt lyp tyo bsh iyxJs5a»nyB 

.[asPBsnp'D s ^in 

bac'illary a. cvy^-'K-'aya) i'5jny 

=83 IX B::85y3J8 d«ii ; sypyaii' s ix 


bacil'li n. (i8-'5'B-y3) .ti;?'S83 


bacil'llculture n. -jsp-'s-'S's-ya) 

=snp'o] iy5'X83 tyiiyisn dst (iityo 

?y'x Byi B'D [iyB'jyBy(!'y3 yt!"B8PD 

=Tii 118 iS3y5 018 iy"t lyiniBB' iv 


bacil'lifonn a. (Dl8B-'«-'5<B-y3) 

.jypyoB' 8 tia bi8B n B8n Dsii 

bacll'lns n. (BS-'5''B-y3) .5<S83 S 

back n., v., a. and adv. (py3) lyT .1 

;ByBy 11B B"tnyB3'n tci ,typn 

="5py3 IS 3ixy3 f'8] nysiyp lyi .2 

p'lin in .4 ; lys'otj'iyBJiN .3 ;[3Jn 

''iBts'pms : lyn'xpims I'l ,ty:yiiy3 

; lyB:'!! tiB I'l BJ'Byj Bsii .5 ; lya 

.pms ,i'?"inyQj'n ,iyi53'n 

1. The garden Is in the back of the house. 
3. I shall back my friend with money for 
his business. 5. He came back from his trip 
to Chicago. 

back a horse against' the field 

=?8n (i5y'B 'HB 'BDjyj-y Bnsn y py3) 

y?s tyjyj iiya i"k isb Bynya s lyB 

.[ii'i?=Byii ps] ]i-\sni» 

back all astern' ! -oy 5n8 py3) 

o'n nvi B<o] pniv Biyin Citio 

l[BM8T8a Vftf iia ?"Biyo 

back an an'chor (isP-'W ttf py3) 

=ix 118 fi'ti' 8 I1B nyp38 18 iy3'inaM8 

.an' 8 iyij'3 

back and bel'ly ('8-'5y3 i:v py3) 

.lyoy 118 jjiT'jp 

back and forth (naiisa ijy py3) 

.pnix 118 rn 

The swing goes back and forth. 

back a war'rant (Bjy-'nsil y py3) 

=yai8 5nyay3 ivs'SBsnya 8 lyirras'is 

.BsiiBy tpi8 lyayii ; lyn'oyis ix lyx 

back'bite v. (B'83-'py3) ,iyiO"?iyB 

.iy3'nD ni5'3T ,iyTny3 

back'blter n. (nya-'ss-'pys) nya 

.ny3"nB'ni5'3T ,nyTny3 ; lyio"? 

His troubles with his partner were caused 
by. backbiters. 

back'biting n. (jj'B-'83-'py3) =iyB 

.ni?'3T ,3:nD"5 

back'bitingly adv. -j:'B-'83-'py3) 

.jn'niS'Bi ,t!'nyia"5iyB c? 

back'-blow ». (iis53-'py3) =p't 8 

.385? iyBiyaDi5yjjiN is ;B85p BBiyii 

back'board n. (iTiS3-'py3) =J'n 8 

PJ83vn -iVi "3 Byi3jny? yBty-.yB 

.Byi3 lypn 8 iJya'ij' s ii'is 

back'bone n. (iiS3-'py3) lypn .1 

=:18 ,t!'t8T1P ,JJ1B58n yB"Bt5' .2 .; P'3 

' .B"njyDs5E'Bjy y-i83jM3 

1. He fell and broke his' backbone, i. 
No man can lead others If he has nu back- 

back'-door n. (iisi-'pya) nyB:<n 8 

.TiiB yD"ny3 s n'nB 

back'-down n. (tisi-'py3) oi8 B8T 

=y?iyBJiN BST rpysy b'o tys'BO'iyB 

.in lysyjnyBJis dst ; lyj 

backed a. (Qpy3) ; lypn s Bsn Bsii 

1M B:ny5 bsii : jn:yQ"T bx't bsii 

.BX'oB'yjnyBJis ; is 

back'en adv. and v. (|'py3) back ,t 

back'-end n. (ijy-'py3) .5"B nyBsy? 

back'-en'trance A. (DjyiB-'jy-'py3) 

.j38J3"n8 lyBii'iyBj'n s 

back'er n. (ny-'py3) ='Bt:'nyB:is is 

;[i5yj B'o pyyxysB] lya^yn 8 ,iv^ 

.nyijyoyii s 

back'flre v. (■iisBr'py3) =18 iy380 

8 iyB5snix3s BIS .nai^ s yjBB'o 

="11 ny"B 8 tyts? IV Bu Bis] ny"a 

tyo Bio'x ,iyB"-iBts'nya is in lyo 

yaniyj s "lyis yT'3y3 8 is yjoo'cis 

lyn ni oyissJ ns i?8ii PS ypynsa' 

lyis nyany? 8 b3"?3 ,bms By Bi^'y? 

B3n5ny iy35yii ,r85s lyajyisyjas 

■--ivs IK in iy"B lyijyaipjs ayn bu 

.[nyB"ii lya^nsis' 

back'-fire n. (T8a-'py3) Bsil lya 8 

=yOl!'1S3S BIS ,B38ny3 yjBB'DIS Biyii 

backfire .t .naitJ' 8 W? 

back'-friend n. (I3yia-'py3) 8 

iyoyjn83iyB 8 ,13"'ib iy3nB(S'':iDi?3 

.lyif'Bti'iyBJis 18 ; sjie' 

back'-game n. (B"J='py3) jyBB' PD 8 

.iy5i:"3 PS 

backgam'mon n. (is-'ay3-py3) 

back-gaine .t 
backgam'mon-board ». -'oyj-pya) 
=y3 Biyii DS11 Byn3 sis (nii83-is 

=ij"3 B'D jy&t!' lyBniyj s isb m\: 

=D8T 8 IX I'Jjny PS Byi3 dst] iy? 

wyBpyp n bsbi!':8 isj ,Byi3 syp 

.[lyiij'B yiynJ8 ibibb iyj"t 


back'ground n. (i:i8lJ-'py3) =3'il 


back'hand n. and a. (ijyn-'pys) 

njsn 8 HJsn na B"t lypj'? lyi b'o 

in iyjn3 iy380E'3i3 sn bsii BB'iti' 

.ons'iyBj'n, j'bbj'jjis ; bp3'? ix 

back'handed a. (iy-i:yn-'py3) D'o 

=y33is ;iJ8n iyi ns B'n iypj'5 -wi 

=yj ; a"BBsPisB ,j'B"Tnix ,Bn'Bi!' 

.[p'lBB' 8 lyjyii] Binypiya anyn 

back'house n. (Bl8n-'py3) 0'1B3S IS 

"lyT iyB:'n yi"3y3 s ;[8D3n no] 


back'ing n. (j:'«-'py3) •'BU'iyBJis 

.jiiayiBpnix ;j3ix 

back'ing and fll'Ung i:y ;3's-'py3) 

.lyssSB'OWJis (j:'8-'5'b 

back'log n. (j8?-'py3) Psn 8"!^ n 

.iyBBy3 B8 Bjyi3 y35yii ,iyiin8 ps 

back'most a. (BBi8D-'py3) lyi ISJ 


back oars (nis py3) .P'lix pyin 

back'-paln'ting «. (j3'B-'3"B-'py3) 

S ins iy318B B<B iy5nSBDM8 BS1 

»J8 PS B811 i^'a Bpmyj s isj isJj 
11B B'n lyiyus lyT ins Bsyspyj 


back'-pay'ment n. (BjyD-'"B-'py3) 

.3in lyBSnsxyjBns b'j isj 

back'piece n. (By'a-'py3) =:'ii lyn 

=38B 8 tva ?"BiyB3in lyi : ?"BiyB 

.-lyBsn^p 8 ps i?'3 :'5"n 8t8 ; lyx 

back'-room n. (Bnn-'PS3) 'lyB:'!! 8 


back'-seat n. (By'D='py3) lyj'ITJ 8 

ysJB s ,TnB nyi "3 i-sjb s nJSBtj' 

.lyiins I'-iyBJ^n 

A defeated candidate often has to take a 
back-seat In politics. 

back'set ». and v. (ByB-'py3) =pnix 
.tVBj'ri I1B ivB'njJS ; j:iDnBi!' 

back'-set'tlements n. -'?ByB-'py3> 

»SP [y3'?BByii] yBByB'ni n (BBjyo 

lyBssBB' yBj':"8iyB sn ps 6^38? 

PS ByjsJsP yB"ii sn r8P'iy»8 ns 

.i:s? 8 

baek'-set'tler n. (lys-'Byo-'pya) 18 
ps yjs^SP yB"ii 8 na iy:nsii3"s 
=BByii yB'ni sn ps ?y<xyBD] ij85 s 
yBj'3"siya sn na lyuyays ys'? 


back'-shop n. (B8E'='py3) »'XiyB3'n 
=pnyii 8 PS lyis DS1P 8 P8 lyo 





back'side n. (i^sD-'pva) =nvBj'n n 

.?"B'iyBj'n in ;B"t j;db> 

backslide' «. CusJo-pM) j'jnoas 

.iyt(j5-ijfa ; ivansinya ;[i8<j'5J(t 

backsU'der n. (iyi-'i85D-pj)3) ="k .1 

noiB'n 8 ;as dvbj; tia ti?8B D811 iw 

nyis ,i»a'\?3 i"t bibJivb dsii ivj"8 

I't BinW DSIl -IJ/J'iK .2 i tVS'VJ'ia 

.ijn !;3mi;nnB vj'n is pmx bin 

2. Many reformed drunkards often becorae 

backsli'ding n. (jjn-''85D-pya) d»t 

B'J D8T ; ■\0& ; |V3M?J IVB tV^SBas 

=:nw ; i8'J'?vn na lynnji? n iwsija 


backsli'dlngncss n. -''8?D-Pj;a) 

=as ijn8 B'lppj'iBas rio& (DW-j:n 

BDMiw iia ms rn'r?!;-! iia jji58a 

.B"nJ!;pjityj : lyB'sjns y?8iso 

back'-slum ». (ns5D='pj;3) wsiot^ 8 . 

Ba8E'i8aa8J vvsidb" b ; BSJoyBj'n 

BJnSIl DV 1811 /BlSBtC 8 I'N BIS 18] 

8 ;[Ba8B'?ytw nn iia 58aa8 in 


back'-staff m. ((ij;BD='p!>a) =S1BD8 18 

n iwawontt bw bbt8B8 lyiv'osJ 

.B' I'tiMN tu in tiB ^'in 

back'stair n. and a. (TnyBD-'PVa) n 

=B8irnB : pin B"t rvB"iix na iwBt!' 

: niJ'ai ; "iy38Dj;pB8?B ; 3J8jj"T8 

,3J833"18=B8iriS 8 IS V& I'8 BSll 

=nB:<8 nns nis^ai iin ,Dn8=i»B:'ii 

back'stairs n. and a. (nns/BD-'pj/a) 

hack-stair ,t 

back' stay ». (rBD-'pva) iiB jlS'Bti' 8 

BST IS Bipa DS11 priBtj' in ; rvBj'rt 

.silts' na o'n ivbp-ivbj'h in is 5wvr 

back' stitch ». and v. (t!'B<BD-'PJia) 

.lyBj/BB' ;[iynvj B"a] 18B(!'bi/bb' in 

back'-street ». (Bj/nBD-'PVa) =lSB:'rT 


back'-strlng re. (jjnDB-'PVa) nn'B 8 

8 IS B58n t!)o mJyii b'd] iuc 

I't BJny? oy ivii ,tj)B3'n tiB irp 


back'-stroke ra. (Pl81BD='Pj;a) 

iacle-blow .( 

back'-sword «. (iiiso-'pya) =J"8 

Bsn B811 iiy'iiB' 8] myiiiJ' •\iiy-\"i& 

nv'BBn 8 ;[B"t 8 tiB tM?a (nsB" 8 

.[TiyiiB' va 8t8] 

back'swordman n. (tyn-TiisB-'pva) 

.ij/Baya iy>B8i s 

back talk (pn^B pya) "SBjyaij pms 

.tyiyaBwas lyia : tyiys 

A teacher should not permit back talk from 

back the sails (t5"D 'na pya) =is 

.inyjp'iis ; ?yjB( avi tyjyjp'i 

back to back (pya ib pya) is typn 

iyj"K Binypyj typn t'B'o ;typn 

.tyiyiJ8 D1S 

back'-trlck n. (pnB-'pya) B'-iBpn 

.jyiiD'i8 18 ;[iysi8B n"a] 

back up (as pya) iyB?8myBJi8 

lyis lyaiBE' ; tysyo's lys'BE' lyis 

'?8a r8 ! iyinypiya'8 ; p'lis inys 

?y's i'bid] lyBj^ns inyBB' — syBiy 

ly nya pms ?83 oyi lyaisiiNisas 

.["3-I8B Bn'?B 

back'ward adv. and a. (Ii8iin-'py3) 

;l'5"inyB:'n ;DBiyiipn ;pnis .1 
; iy<iB8P ; j:iB3n yBsytyjWjyj 8 i'8 
B'J : r5yBt!'iyB:M ; iy3*?3yp'-iis .2 
^yaenyB ; rJ'iuis ; sna ; BTDyiJSis 
; BiyBB" 0811 ; lyoJsnyjp'iis : bj'b 
.P'lis onyj D811 ; wisi bptii dsh 

1. On his backward journey he visited Lon- 
don. 2. Backward children need special 
back'ward and for'ward -'py3) 
.lyn 118 vn (Ti8iin-"isa iiv. Tisiifi 
back'ward-fruits n. -ii8iin-'py3) 
Biyii D811 Bana] cana^ByBB' (DDnna 

.[f|"T BySE' 

back'wardly adv. ('?-ii8lin-'py3) 

=P'T ; jJiBS'i yBsytyjjyjyj 8 i'« 

=T11 ;?MB .J'J'iuis ;p''iis ;DBnyii 

='7ay3pnis ; Bj"jy33s ; mvi >'i3V? 


back'wardness n. (oyj-Tisiiri-'pya) 

=yi3(!»ij;t33'n ;ty5'inyTii ; b"pd8m:8? 

!B"P5<1B iB"PBJ"jy338 ; B"PJ<? 

back'wards adv. (nisiin-'pya) 

backward ,t 
back'wards in du'ty tll8lin-'pya) 

.1»Q3'5BB 'T BJ'Dy538JiyB ('B-'l'T P8 

back'water n. (nyB-ns.lin-'py3) D8T 
=yQB' <T iyB"3 ^in DBiyiipn lyiyin 
Dyi:ynyBts' s ; Diym sn na jji? 
=3'is Biyii DS11 ,iyD8ii DS1 ; "lyDsii 
=siaD8T 8 IIB nyiyi n tia lya'inyj 
DST ; lyDsii Dy3yB58nyjpms 8 ; nns' 
.Dyey na in tyasoD^ns 

back' woods n. (tli8lin-'PS3) n 
PR !yijyjy3»i58ii ys'JBoyii yB"ii 
rjyi'i BDip DS11 imvi s : sp''ivas 
lyBTi'J'ii's lyi B<D wnnnya pk 


back' woodsman re. -msiin-'pya) 

=iyB n P8 Bjnsii DS11 "lyj^'x (lyo 

.lyijyii yB"ii yjyaisii 

back'-wound re. and v. (ijisiin-'pya) 

; Bns'iyoj'n lynjisinya ; lyiB^jiya 

Basoyj 1J1811 8 ,iVpn rins ijisii s 


back'-wonnd'ing ». -'ijisiin-'pya) 

=iyB ;ByiJi8inyB tyBj'n tia (w's 


back'-yard re. (in8'-'py3) =nyBJ'n 8 


ba con re. (i8P-'"3) ^''iw Biya^nyj 

ba'con-bee'tle n. (5By'3-tSP-'"3) 
''nB'Syn na piB't 8i8 
=yii D8t] "pssp Byj 
=vn iy35yii na :>i!0''-\ 
BjypMIBW pict tsi 
B'D Bpynya ps v\ 
«ya P8 118 nsn yj:8? 
Dy Dsn B'DiyT b:8P 
yBBSBEiyj n Boyiais 
.[BDlsyno P8 npn Bacon-beetle 

ba'con-hog re. (J8n«isP-'"3) '"iBPyJSS 
Biyii c"?a i"» Dsii] pniB- lyayo 
.[lyiya'n lyns mypna is B3<n3yj 

Baco'nian u. and re. (iy-'j-'i8P-y3) 
eists?'B iyE»?»y nyi is vii> ps dsii 
18 MyisyB yj"t lyis i8py3 ni8? 
«"t tiB lyis t8Pya tis? tia lyaaynjs 
18 ,B3P?j D811 iy3"8 i.tynsyB yj 
e'iy'BDpyi!''tia lyDBB-iye lynns lyi 
.tspya T18? P8 piyii 

bacte rla n. (s-'n-'ifl-pya) =yBp8a 

y(!"BSPDsnp'a yj"5P yajyts] ivn 


bacte'rlal a. (5v-in-''B-py3) =y3 DSll 

.ynyBP83 8 is i'?jny p8 lyis bjjb? 

bacte'ricidal a. (5yi-<8B-'l-''B-py3) 

.tynyBpsa s't bvb'ib dsii 

bacte'rlclde re. (T8D-n-''D-py3) 

.iynyBp83 n DyBPB dsii I8t s 

bacte'riold a. (T8-'"i-''B-py3) Dsil 

«yBp83 is ■=["& t'K ins i'5jny p« 

.lyn - 
bacte'rimu re. (D8-n-''D-py3) »P83 8 
.ssiP'o 8 ;»nyo 
bac'teroid a. (TSl-'B-'pya) 

bacterioid .t 
bacteroid'al a. (jy-'Tsn-'B-pys) 

bacterioid .t 

bac'ulus n. (DS5-i'-'Pya) lyaiis 8 

="s D58 B:ffn D811 PSBiy 8 ; lypyDB' 

.BBBB'iyn na t»3 

bad a. (lya) ; V>p:siP : P'3 ; BBy?!:' 

.^:ltyJ:1K •.v^isv 

bad bar'galn (iy3-'i83 lya) BayJE' 8 

.B'jras nyBayjB" 8 ; BBye-y: 

bade (lya) ; tyayayj ; lyBsayjJs 

bid .t .lys'iaya- 

bad egg (jy ny3) ; "8 BBySB" 8 

=nBiyii 8 ; i8'S85ipyBD yissnanyii 8 

.tj-jyo lyts? 

bad for'tnne (tiu-B-'lsa 1S2} =jik is 


badge re. and v. (i!»ny3) ,iy3"» 8 

="s D58 lyjsiByj Biyii dsii dsubs 

;ty?BoyDE' ,tyj3"SD'iN ,ty:3"sya : :»a 

.ti'B' 8 P8 yiyJBJ yDK-iyDiiK n 

badge'less a. (Dys-'B-nya) I8 ins 


badg'er re. and v. (ly-'BinyB) 8 1 
Dyi n Bsn n'oin ps ,rpn 8t8] dpst 

IIB B38Dyj BE'183 8 .2 ;[!!'nn irOSJ 

: iy:'3"S ,iy5yiip .3 ; isn^iyDPST 
.p'lB ns lyD'myBjnB .4 

3. It is not fair to badger a witness. 4. 
He wants to badger the price. 


badg'ering n. (jo's-iy-vnya) dst 

t"8 PS BJ8'ii8iB -iv-iv nsian tya'ip 

=is tyiyij8 18 PS tyB'ipiya lis bis 

.m<T 3y<? 

badg'er^legged a. (uysoy-'ctiM) 

■lyiyijs IIB nyjjy? oia i"k b'o" 

bad grace (d"1j -iSi) .>« ; tti'jis 

^ ^ , .lyJ'inyT 

bad gram'mar (iv-'oVM m) \« 

OlS 18 .PITIDMS iyL"'?8p'B8081JJ18 

.■'ISlBti' y""?8P'B8D8"IJ 

bad health (nB?yn iy3) yB3y?B' 

.D>inpjsnp :B"mjitya 

bad hours (nis nya) yoyBB' j. 

iyn:iB!S'B383 yBBy?!^ sn .2 ; tBi:iB» 

1. He keeps bad hours. 


ba'dian n. (tJ;-1^-'n^) yB"tyj'3 8t8 

badinage' n. CE'tVJ-'K-lJ'a) ,D8B(!' 

bad job OBti'tT l!)3) ; PDV iVODypv 8 

.t3"3n8 »b3i;?t!' 8 

bad lan'guage (cnyiim-'jy? iJia) 

.Tn yasna ins w?B»nji8 

bad look (pi? lya) .inVtD'IX t33j;?t!' 8 

bad luck (ps? lya) .P'53jik 18 

bad'ly adv. (i?-'ij;3) inj/t .; J'Tms 

jp:*"!? ;j'5VtDSi8 ;T5Tnj;Bj;j nJWom 

.i'?'i»iiE' ; Bay?!!' 

bad'ly need'ing (jj's-'iyiJ 'J-'nya) 

.ij/asn vena ijyjjm 

bad'ly off (ns '?-'iV3) .nnx hmh 

bad'ness n. (DJ/J-'iya) 

bad o'dor osi-'is iVi) 
=a»?is' 8 ; tyos: lycaj/Jt!' s 


VBayjiy 8 


.^nvj lyB 

bad pa'pers ((•iyB-'"B lya) ^nBiyii 

. .Dy'SP8 yis? 

bad success' ('oyD-pisD lya) oy^E- 8 

.5863111 8 : fllD -\vo 

bat'feta ». (sB-y-'aya) =n:'8»BDS 

.ti80t}i?yii8a -iv& 

baf'fle V. (?Bya) ; iy38o tyi8J D1S 

n lyiBoas ; lyrioya : lyaso d!!"j is 

=iy ; P5SB iiB ty38?E'asi8 ; lyjJUBsn 

.jSsBiy in» lyaynBi!' iiyriBB' 

His uuezplained absence baffled all of us. 

bat'fle descrlp'tlon -ovi Jaya) 

Mya'nB'ya lyts? b'j in (isB'-'Bnp 

.lynyii lyanroa lyjyp dm 

The beauty of the forest baffles description. 

baffled hopes (oaisn n5aya) ^^MBay 
.lyjjuasn yBT8jyja8 ,yB 

baf'fler n. (ny?-'aya) =is : lyiyBK'ix 
asT8 BJs?(!' Bsn nyj"8 ; ■iy38o»B(!"j 
=iya 8 ;BE"iBjy dsii nyj"8 ;p?sb iia 

,D«ii i8t 8 ; t"iiy3=tyjy3 iyijyB3'j 

.tyj'niB' D1X Dyj"K B38D 

baf'fllng a. (jj'5-'Bya) ;3njyB"iB 

.P5SB tiB ijyjsJtfasiB n3ya8b>BB"oix 

baf'flingly odi). (>?-3ji?-'Bya) =jy380 

.P58B IIB Jn3y3S5t!'3818 ! Bl!"J IX J'T 

baf'fllng wind (iJMin JJ'5-'Bya) 
.j:iB3n p't BBS B"a nyajyii ij'ii 8 

baf'fy-spoon n. (iniBD-'s-'ays) 8r8 
lyo tya5yii b'b avpvov iyjyj»mya 

.ei?S3 BSyBB" 

bag m. o«a ». (JB3) ; ?yB"a 8 ; P8f 8 

rs typ8B ;p8t=yt'n 8 ;5yB"aiJ8' 8 

'11] lytssais lytsJaans ;pyi 

=j'n8 : lyjJSB ;[itb' 8 lis jyjyi n 

'j'ns ; tyD'B' ;5yB"a=i38' vk \st?va& 

.?yB"3=nT8'5'a' ps 583 oyi tyaisii 

bag and bag'gage -'jys ijy jya) 

.P8B ti8 P8r (lyny 

bagass' «. Coyj-ya) bagasse .t 

bagasse' n. coyj-ya) iib -58338 "iVi 

- «3s: ,B3nB yiyiJ8 lyis insi lypi^f 

.BP'nyjDMS Biyn BB8t lyi ''i oyi 

bagatelle' n. ('5yB-y-3y3) =8X^3 x .1 


5y'Ba'=i5S11'B .2 ; B"P)iJ"?p ,5yB 

.[T18'5'a Va 818] 
1. To a millionaire the sum of $10,000 is 
a mere bagatelle. 

bagatelle'-board -n. -'5yB-y-jya) 

''Ssii'B Dix oxijya By-ia 8 (Tiisa 


baga'zo n. (isnB-'8J-ya) tagasse .r 

bag'-faste'ner a. (lyj-'Dya-'aya) 

.5yB"a lyis iyBD"B 8 tie 5yDy?E' dst 

bag'-fox n. (ep8B-'jya) =y3 dpib 8 

^yasiyj B'3 iy35yii] P8t 8 I's iyB58pi 

i38< lyi fiMs B'D lyonyj onyay yj 

1SJ in iyj8» i-i D<n8 Qn<8 iyTs5 tis 

o8 i"p B'j in B380 oy lyii on^s 


bag ful n. (5ia-'jya) ; P8t iy5ia 8 

.5yB"a=iJ8' iy5iB « 

bag gage n. (t5'ny-'3y3) ,B't8J83 

•aytBB'in] DB3<jyjnB s ;pyByj»yt"i 

.iiv iyj'BDi5 8 ;[mB 8 lyjyii i'5 

bag gageman n. (lyo-B'ny-'jys) lyi 

.lyjyiB'ti'isJsa lyis pyayj 

bag gage-mas'ter n. -(?ny-'jy3) 

18 ins iyB5yBiyyj3s I8 (iyB-'Dy» 

iy35yii .ei'C'siB.DsT nyis inBaaycs 

.tytsasa I'lys's B3nBn8 't osn 

bag'gage-room re. (ani'i-E'tiy-'3y3) 

.iyO'!t=tS't8383 8 

bag gage-truck n. (psiB-E'ny-'jy3) 
Bin'a lyo ty35yii fins ,5yjyii=i:Bn 8 
«in833yr"s is ins ctsasa lya's 

.iyB8n 8 I'S -\V1S IS'XSBD 

bag'glng re. (jj'K-'jya) iyp8B3"s dst 

="5 P8I ,iyp8a Div ijyii"? ;pyi I's 

»"t3in lyis tyTnB5<B dst njyii 

.ijyii"5 nn ryn 

baggy a. CK-'jyi) dsii ; P8( 8 sni 
8 ni iyis5ayjans ;p8( s ni Bjjyn 

He wears baggy trousers. .pgj 

bag'man re. (tyo-'jya) ="'i=D5yiJ8n 


is] pst'i'yj 

.[t!"B lyssa 

rmo ns3 

bag'-net re. (Byj-'jya) 

bagn'io «. (is''-':ya) 

.["PiyB ps] D'jjjyayj ;5yiis3 

bagn'io-keep'er re. -'By''p-iS'-'oy3) 

.lyiya s iiv 

bagn io-pan der re. -'jys-is'-'jya) 

8 ! lyB'n D'MjyByj tyasspi;' 8 (.-\v^ 


bag one's self («i5yD nsiin 3y3) 

.P8I I's lynsjj'ns i"58 in 

bag'plpe re. and v. (B'8a-'jy3) =n 

•spniD pD 8] i"B=P8t -lyis P8t«5yi 

ni ens Bnyt bsii a^ynnBaj's iytj"5 

.ti"B=p8i 8 IS i'5My ry38o :[p8r 8 



bag'plper re. (lys-'BB-'jya) ^ysB' 8 

.P8i'5yin 8 ins ly? 

bag'-pud'ding re. (jjis-'iiB-'jya) 

.5ypyt 8 PS B38nyj jj'iib 818 

bah ! int. (83) iia inDns is] 1 sa 

onruBTTBisjis lypisBt!' ,j:iB38'iya 

.[B"pj'3n5jjis lyis 

bail re. and v. (5"3) oasB'JTa 

pn ;fii3iy lyayj laiy iyi ;[nmy] 

iVBTBDyis 18 lyDnyjoms ; 3iy is 

5yanti' lyis lyoy is mmy ins 

>Bns ;5y^'t!' 8 IIB -lyosii lysyBJisons 

oyjyjnayj 8 b'd lyjisnya ; lysyi!' 

«i"i 8 : 1"") 8 lyis 5yB3yn=iyay 

iyi:8 IS lyis lyoy is iia 5yB3yn 

58B1S' 8 PS j:i5"B3s 18 ; '53 y3'5Jny 

.iynynj8 ayi tis iiya p's iyi!"iis 

bail'able a. (53y-'5"3) typ lyo DSlI 

1'is iyts5D'i-i8 lyis lyonyjD'ns 


bail'able case (d"p 5ay-'5"a) 58a 8 

=s5y30'n8 lyp ■iyB3S5pyj:s lyi isii 

.many I'ls lyiyii lyt 

bail' -bond re. (nj8a='5"a) Js58t 

<"s isa B3y5y3 Biyii dsii [ii3t!'D] 

=jis BDyis na B"iay3 Biyn dsii dyj 

.ni3iy lyB 

bailee re. ('y'5-"a) .DlBiiBiBS 18 

bal'ler ■«. (ny5-'"3) iyj"s ,aiy fs 

nya's Bcny: dsii iyi ;nmy b'j dsii 

"s iy3's [dibiibibs] npyss i"t is 

.lyayoiyB Djys'D . 

bal'ley re. ('5-'"3) usil yBiyioy] 'i 

iyi iD'jjjyayj lyis Ds5t:' 8 ans 

.Ds5t!' lyis jjiBDya s iib I'ln 

bai'lie re. ('5-'"3) bailey .t 

bai'liff n. (i'5-'"3) o'T ,iyB3'n385 

=DB3'iy3 :[ity'is] pTsy3 s na nyo 

=iSB 8 IIB B8iBD'3so lyT ; lyjyi 

nyB58inya ; .11 .t .s nsi ,5yBiyBi!' 

.B13 s na 

bal liwick re. (p'iin-'5-'"3) =y3 iyi 

=1385 8 IIB B08 lyiS PTSy3 DB3'1 

.iyB3'i . 

bail'ment re. (B3yo-'5"3) =y3iy3'S '1 

«'s lyBJis aiBjy3"K Doyj^s na 331a 

ipyiis iyD'iiy3 8 nsa Ba'ta'is Djys'o 

iVBTBDyis IS na 33iBny3D'n8 'i 

.nmy iin 

bai'Ior re. (i85-''<a) bailer .» 

bail out (BIS 5"3) 1'IS iyDny3D'n8 


The arrested peddler was balled out. 

bail'-piece re. (Dy'S-'5"a) =yB(!'ya 8 

8 isa Banys s na B3yDipsi iyB3'B 

IS iyDny3Dni8 5'ii bsii ,isnyB 

.nmy ins lyBi'Boyis 

balls'man re. (tyD-'t5"3) ; 3iy is 

n'BDyis IS tJ'iiiS BDnyj dsii iy3"s 

.ni3iy 1'IS lya 

bait re. and v. (d"3) bsjin'sis 'i .1 

; iys"i3s -lysynjs .2 ; lyrrsis ; i"Bt!' 

;33iS"i ;iyiyB'3iy ; iy5yiip ; iy3S5B 

D"3 8 iyB83 .lyp'siy ,iyiiyi«n .3 

.[yt"i 8 I'ls] 

1. To catch fish one must have suitable 
bait. 2. Some people think it is fun to bait 
the foreigners. 

bait a hook (pin y B"a) 'yBCB'ns 
=is3s] 5y338 ri'is 5ynyiyii dst lyp 
nn lypsJiya ay3"s ;[ti"B 'i. iyp85 

T"BK' D33'5ay'5 P'l 
baiting re. (3j'B-'"3) ="-|3S ; ysyn 

.331PS53S ,33in'S1S :331S 

baize re. and v. (t^a) =|jll •\V\>'''\ 818 





baj adere n. (ij)n-y-'"3) invaan 8 

.lynj'K PN pivxiyo iin 

bake n. and v. (15113) lypsa •^n ; lypsa 

cn8n ,tyiyii lypno -.Ivn nyi ^imk] 

.pyayj ;[)"n nn] lyiyii 

bake house n. (Di8n-'P"3) .r'inp8a 8 

ba'ker n. (iyp-'"3) t"?p 8 ; nypva 8 


ba'ker-legged o. (ijy?-iyp-'"3) 


baker's doz'en (nsi fiyp-'"3) 8 

ny'B nyn» inyipm] tsjysn mypy3 


ba'kepy «. ('8--iyp-'"3) ."lypys s 

ba'king «. (3jip-'"3) ; typ83 dst 

.py3yj D»T 

ba'klng-dlsh «. (ti>n=JJ'P-'"3) »P83 

ba'king-pan n. (tyB=j3'p-'"a) =P83 

, .tSB 

baking-plate n. (B"?s-3j>p-'"3) 


ba king-pow'der n. -'18B-jj'P-'"3) 

=yj a-\v\\ 0811 ] pyB's'iB=p83 « nyi 

.[iyii"n tasotfJB osma 

ba'king-trade ». (Tint3-j3'p-'"3) 

.Piyin:8n iypy3 

bak'shlsh n. (s!"[y-'py3) ti"(!'p83 

"Piyo P8 T njno 8 ,t8383 /iniB'] 

.[ojynK i'8 lynjy? yiyi:8 ti8 

Balse'na n. (yj-'y'5-y3) I'B 8t8 

IJ/'M B'B D'lN I'l iy:3"S DSll lyjJ'lB 

=831!' lyB'ns iyD'n3 ti8 bsp iyD'n3 

balalai'ka n. (8P-'»85-y-?y3) =83 n 
B3y8nBD3'8 ■iyii"?8PniD b] yp'8585 
B3'n3y3 Biyii .Dy3nBD 'm b'o ■ 

.[l385Dn I'X T?3VIBB'1il 

bal'ance n. and v. (B3y-'?y3) ISI .1 
=ny3'8 ; 3S11 n ; 38ii « tie 038?83 
8 liB nn3iK lyT :Dii!'ny3<8 : Bs^iiw 

iy3"53DM8 D8T ,B3'liy33"?3 ny3"t 
=3yT 8 IIB D38?83 lyi .2 ;ry58!J'=3811 

="iyB- 8 ■,]vti>w v« iH&in ID lyi ,3313 

tyD'Btyas] D38583 Oyi ty380 ;3313"53 
?y3S?E' DST :3313yil3S .3 ;[ty33133yT 
=58n-^'t ,iyTD38583 •.nVl IVT B<8 VI 
1M ,ty3yi'l3« ;B3Miy33"53 P8 lyB 

.fiyi lyT B'o lyssJiy 

2. Bookkeepers balance their accounts every 
month. 3: The decision Is still In the 
balance. ''<' ^< 

bal'ance- beam n. (By'3=D3y-'?y3) 

:[3811 8 IIB 338Bi!' lyi] iyp583=3Sll 

iy3<53yiiy3 8 pk iyp?83<D38?83 ivi 


bal'ance books (dpi3 D3y-'5y3) =83 

ny'T 8 lynipys ,"iy3'3 n iyTD385 

.BByis'y3 tiB i38Bis'i5! ty3yii 

oal'ance car'rled fop'ward -'?y3) 

=iy3'-i8 (m8iin-'nsfl T8-'nyp, D3y 

B853 Dy"3 8 v^K 8i?8t n lyjsiByj 

.[33nn'B=iii3 pk] 

bal'anced in account' BD3y-'?y3) 

=38 y3'.B"t3y3y3 iin ('B3i8P-y px 

='11? ,iy3'?3y3D'18] Bin58T 33133yT 


bal'anced ra'tion -'"t lD3y-'?y3J 

.nion3 -isB lyBiB yBB8n-in83 (isw 

bal'ance-flsh n. (K"B-D3y-'5y3) lin 

.[B"B="n I'O 8t8] E"B=iyB8n 

bal'ance in cash (ijiyp P8 D3y-'5y3) 

.yD8P lyT IIB 13tSOefV2 IVI 

bal'ance-ma'ker n. -'"B-D3y-'?y3) 

.iyD80 JSB'SSIl (1VP 

bal'ance of accounts' us D3y-'5y3) 

.iy33133yi IIB 3313"53Dn8 ('DD318p-y 

bal'ance of cash (lyyp 118 B3y-'?y3) 
balaruie in cash .t 

bal'ance of pow'er 118 D3y-'?y3) 
n iyt!"iix B3'iiy33"53 D8T (iy-'i8B 
=y3iy3'« 'T ; lyBiBB -\vi» varjs 

=186 8 P8 "0188 y3"5P 8 DS11 ,B3'11 

='113 <T iiB iy3"8 IX iy3!;3 lyp B3yo85 
=8B n iy38n ?8t n is ,iy"Bi8a yo 

England holds the balance of power In 


bal'ance of trade 118 B3y-'?y3) 

='iisnBiyii PK i"(!'-iyB3i8 lyi n'na 

138? 8 P8 mino yBirpBy33"iB lys" 

.yBin'ayjD'iiB nx 

We have a favorable balance of trade. 
bal'ancer n. (iyD-3y-'5y3) D811 lyi 
D811 D8iioy iyi8 iy3"8 ;3s B3yii 

=83 B811 iy3"8 ; D3''1iy33V53 P8 B58n 
=3yB=p'lBB' 8 ,B8381P8 18 ,OTB38? 


bal'ance-sheet n. (By'ts'-B3y-'5y3) 

Dyi B3"!{ ysjyii ,y5y38B=BBB»(!'y3 8 

P8 BByE'y3 8 IIB 138BtS'1S iy3'B3M 

.D'Bia y3"t y?8 
bal'ancing a. (33'B-3y-'5y3) =3yB58n 

.3'13yi'B38?83 ,B3<liy33"53 D»l yl 

bal'ancing-pole n. =33'8-D3y-'5y3) 

33801!' 8] 338Bti' B3'liy33"?3 (51SB 

=58n in ai8 iyx3yBp'iBt!' iib B3'n3y3 

.[B3'iiy33"53 B81 tyu 

bal'as n. (By-'5y3) balas-ruby .t 

bal'as-pu'by n. ('3-'ii-By-'?y3) 8t8 

=8P iyBnl=D8?3 IIB l"BtJ' iy3<B183<3n 


balaus tine n. (pB-'D8>-y3) ='?3 n 
=?yBy B83813 iyi?'ii ayi iib 3311 

bal cony n. ('3-8P-'?y3) ; I8P?83 



bal'anceable a. (?3y-B3y-'?y3) D8II 

balance .1 .iyTB3B?83 lyp lyo 

bal'ance account' -y B3y-'?y3) 

«yi tie ?3n ib ayi iy3"?3iyB ('b318P 

iyon833'''8 IIB iyi8 B'lyip iik Bys 

IB oyi iyn'!nyB3i8 ; ty383D'i« iix 



bald n. and a. (i5.iS3) ins /?n8P 
I'n'iN r85B 1813 8 : yB8iiy3'5B ,isn 

8 BSil. BS11, : 3183 lyS'in 8 11a fBB' 

BSP I'yis 03'ity3 r«i'is py5B iyD"ii 
,r8?B58n3's ;[ni'n lyis ?y3»iB "3] 

0'3 ,tnyt!' B'3 ; 1'53!;Bt!'313 ; T8?DB81P 
.B?yBl!'iyB318 ,iyBS ; BIB-B ,BSlBy3 

bal'dachin n. (pp-yi-'5y3) =8l?K3 

.nBin ; 33iB"iBi!'iy3'i8 : P3 

baldachi'no n. (i«3-''p-yi-?y3) 

bladachin .1 
bald'-buz'zard n. {n8-'tS3-'l5n83) 

D8II 5y3<lB3'11 iyB'113 8] iy3yi33"3 

.[3iy3 y3'in n'ls bbvj p't b'13 

bal'derdash n. (t!'yi-iyi-'?n83) »'15B 

By3yE"DB'i3iv 8 ; t!'soB"D 8 : "lyi 

.yp3yiBy3 na 

bald'face ■«. (B"B-'i?ns3) n»s 8 

; lyiyBK' I'ei'iK py?B iyB"ii 8 b'b 

.[iyB3813 Bt8] 'PD'mi yBDSlB 

bald'-faced a. (BB"B-'l5rni3) s B<a 

lypysa yB"ii b'd lyis sbp iyD"ii 

.[npn iy3yii] B8p I'ei'is 

bald'head n. (ij;n-'i5ns3) ='?B 8 

.3MB=T'in BIB ; iyBBiiy3 

bald'-head'ed o.(iy-'iyn-'i5n83) ="« 

.V'>3 8 B8n DSll iy3 

bald'ly adv. ('5-'i?ns3) ii'Js 8 B'o 

.1'5B 8 B'D '11 '118 

bald'ness n. (Bjr3-'i5ns3) =5nBP "i 

.D"pB81iy3'5B ,B"fl 

bald'pate n. (B"B-'i5n83) ='?B 8 
B'D [ypB-BBP] 5yBjy sts ;iyB8iiy3 

.BSP I'B'18 py5B iyD"11 8 

bald'-pa'ted a. (iyD-'"B-'l>nS3) 

.yBBiiy3'?B ;i'5B B Bsn d»ii 

bal'dric ». (P'n-'5n83) ,5yBlB3 8 

B na] yB3y5=5yBP8 is ;yD3y? b 


bal'dy n. ('i-'5n83) .iyD81iy3'5B 8 

bale n. and v. (5"3) ; pbb ,pysy3 

.lysiynya ,p'533i8 ; pya i'« typBB 

Cotton Is sold In bales. 

baleen' n. ('iy'?-y3) l"3] i"3 b"d 

.[e"B5811 tiB 

baleen'-knife n; (ti'83='iy'?-»3) 8I8 

iy5B3yn "iix b'd lyDyo iy3»3'iay3 

.i"3=i!"a lyT'SB" ais 

bale'-flre n. (T8B='J"3) ,iy"B=5B33'D 

=y3 Diyii DSll iy"B s] i»3"xi»"s 

.[iyB"11 IIB iy3"'t D?B iy3y'l is D38t3 

bale'ful a. (5ia-'?"3) .!i'5iyB» inyt 

.T5P'533iK ; i3y5y : I'Ssiynys 

bale'fully adi: ('8-jis-'5"3) 8 ei'iK 

;iBiK iy3'53iynyB lyis lys'Jiyti' 

.■=1'5P'5J31S ; 13y5y 

bale fulness n. (By3-5iB-'5"3) =iy3 

.0"P3'?iys!' : B"P3'53iyi 

bale up (Bs 5"3) .typ8B3"B 

balls'ta H. i8B-'D'5-y3) 'bbd'>83 

"li'BD b"" »3'l!'8D=eilBll ,[ni8BD'?3] 

="Y yB?8 '1 p« lypyiis nDn5o ibb y3 

.tiP3"Bi!' lyaiBii 1V lyB 

balize n. (•t'5-y3) : DyiiB=B3"? 8 

.D' oyi ei'iK lya'ty isa iy3"x 8 

balk ». and v. (pns3) •y3 ; iyp?83 

•?yB lyis iyB"3 iBt!"iix jis'i y3y3su 

"8 IiyiBi!' ;331B3'3iyB ;J31B"1B ; IJIl 

IV Dyay lyT'oiya ; iyts5D'iK .tnysiya 

Tt ; iyB"H!'iyi'ii : iyE"io ; isiiB 

IIB inys iy?yii b'3 pk lyj^pyjox 

.[iiyB "a] bis 

The burtlats were balked In their plans. 

bal'ker n. (ivp-'n83) ; iy38B'iyise» 

•yn 18B iyt"113»11 8 ; iy3BQ=B!i"31X 




balk'-staff n. (eiBBD-'piisa) i;:'2n « 
bal'ky o. cp-'nsa) ; b'jb'PJ;'wj"« 

.BIS IIB inVJ B'J 5<11 D»ll 
The mule is the most balky of animals. 

ball n. and v. (5niS3) Dix] ypJ'B 8 

;BD»a=n8B ;?83 S ; ?'1P 8 ;[lj;5V<9t:' 

=P"PD<iK : ?'iP 8 IM8D ; ijn msD 

.?jn":p ijn 8 iJi? 

bal'lad ». and v. (iu-'5y3) !;i8?83 n 

:i!''?=DP?»B 8 iCaanw D3Ji5nyx-iv] 

nffiv? ivosj iVJjn iivM'jbb 8 

.n8?83 8 tjiD8B-ij;a 

bal'lader n. ciy-iv-'jya) dsii nvo"K 

.Ij;t85S3 03:m nns BS'nty 

bal'lad-Jtarce n. (Di8a-iy-'?»3) ='D8P 

.P'lin B'D yi8583 .vty 

bal'Iadism n. (Bt'K-iy-'SW) '83 "l 

=83 IIB ryBB8t!'JW"8 yK^BO'iyOPBT 

.yB3nyj--DJJi5ny!i'iy ly-is tyi8? 

bal'Iadist n. (BD'8-iy-'5y3) »8583 8 

.iyjj't=iyi8?83 8 ; ■iyB3n=iyT 

bal'Iadize v. (P8-iy-'?y3) ty3"it!' 

8 IIB DisB ^s■! I'N lysnysnyi nyis 

.B3nyj=Djji?nyxiy lyis yi8?83 

bal'lad-ma'ker ■ n. -'"D-iy-'5y3) 

.ny3"nij'=tyi8583 8 (nyp 

bal'ladmonger n. (■iyj-3SD-iy-'?y3) 

nyB=iyi8?83 8 ; iyBMpiyB=iyi8?83 s 


bal'lad-wri'ter n. (iyB-"i8T-iy-'?y3) 

.iy3'ntj'=iyT8583 8 
bal'larag v. (jyvy-'?y3) ,iyaBo<i:' 


bal'last ». and v. (BDy-'?y3) ; BD8?83 

8 PK ny3"0B' 118 iD8t yBjyjyjis -t 

'VI yroMJ D8T ty38n 5si Dy n3 ,ii<ii' 

«S'n8 ; Q3'liyj3"53 P8 tyB?8il ;B3'11 

.BD8583 lyjy? 

A ship without - freleht must carry ballast. 
bal'last-en'gine n. -'jy-BDy-'5y3) 

UK ry3Snj IS Pt5'8D=«lS08T 8 (t'K'tT 

1"B 8 tiB iiy ■ly^8 losr lyay?!!' is 
.ty38a IS lyayo dh's ns 

bal'last-harn'mer «. -BDy-'?y3) 

=8n iy3'D"t"iis lyo'iiJ s (ny-'nyn 

Biyii ny3?yii .Sfoiy iyjJ85 8 b'd lyts 

[lyo'B'] lyojyi my? d"3 Bsi3y3 

.in83:yt"s t8 tia 

bal'last-hea'ver n. -'y'n-BDy-'5y3) 
: ei'ts" 8 «i'i8 iyjyiB--BD8?83 8 (nyii 
iD8» lysyjE' ris tyssiJ is vti>»a 8 
IS nyay'B Dn'8 v^o « na iiy lyns 


bal'lasting n. (jji8-BDy-'5y3) DST 

?8nyB80 DST ; BD85S3 B'B lyiSJJS 

.008583 nsB B3''n3yj Biyii dsii 
bal'last-Ilgh'ter n. -''8?-BDy-'>y3) 

: n't!' 8 1'18 ny3yiB«BD8583 8 (lyB 

.BD8583 lynn'B dis vnr y385a s 

bal'last-trlm n. (DiiB-BDy-'5y3) 8 

B'j ny3S 008583 11J B»n ys^yii ^I't:' 

.B381B 1"P 

ball'-bear'ing n. (3:''8-'iny3-'?n»3) 

DP8 18 IIB iyj85 nyi] ■iy385=?yjiP 8 

B'D Bjyjyjo'is t'8 DSII ,5811 lyis 

tyiy3y5p-iyB is ns ,iy5p"p yjy5nsBa' 

Dsii ,5811 lyns DP8 iia jjn'n n 

.[nyj85 lytyn P8 in onyii 

balleri'na n. (8J-"'l-y5-5y3) >83 8 


bal'let n. (By-'5y3) ,5'iP yj'''5p 8 

.yp5'a yj"5p 8 

bal'let «. ("8-'5y3) =n<3 ,By583 DST 

.nyD8ynB 8 ps j-jbd^ivj 

bal'let-dan'cer ii. -':yi-i'K-'?y3) 

.p-iysjyo lyis ■iys:yB<Dy583 8 (lyo 

bal'let-girl n. (5Tij-"8-'5y3) 8 


bal'let-mas'ter «. -'Dya-"«-'5y3) 

=pyTn=By583 8 ,iyin'a"By583 8 Ciyo 

, .-ISD 

bal ling n. (j3>5-'nS3) lySBD DST 

I'K iy5P"P0MK DST ;5<1P 8 '11 i:n 

.5'IP 8 

bariing-i'ron m. (ny-''8-JJ'5-'n»3) 

iyi'j"Tis3s lyp'K ■iy:yj'i3y3j"8 8i8 

.vv:^ pa Tws pa oyD'SsP 't 

bal'ling-machlne' n. -yo-jj'5-'ns3) 

D'Tsa=5yii83 ry5p'ii is I'ts-so 8 cv>^ 

.iy5'i:p I'x 

ballis ta n. (sD-'D'5-y3) balista .i 

ballis'tlc a. (piB-'D'5-y3) »y3 DSll 

lyi IS lyis i'i:'8o=en8ii lyT is bjj85 

.ISilByj in'K B'O Diyil OSll ,B"3T8 

ballls'tics n. (DP'D-'D'5-y3) 'T 

; pK'8D-tn8ii 'T lys'nsyj is 'ii -bdjip 

tyoy^y^lSD'lK 'ii yiny5 't] p'dd'583 

oyoiyjyjyj y:yansiiyj pa 3yii=n'5a oyT 

.[iy5'ipy:yoss:'y3D'n8 pa 5y'syBD .yi 

ball of the earth <nB 118 5ns3) 

.5yjipiny (noTs 

ball of the knee (y>j iriB lis 5ns3) 


balloon' «. ('tni5-y3) 8 ,18583 8 

•5yB'y5a=is53 n:n 8t8 ; is583=dbi5 

Bsi3y3 Biyii Dsii ,i58n lysiip 8 o'o 

.Dy'nsD8iS385 yij"oy3 I'x 

ballooned' a. ('imi5-y3) '»53yja'lK 

.IS583 8 '11 IVt 

balloo'ner ». (-fyj-'ni5-y3) »BB15 8 


balloon'-flsh n. (t!»'a-':iii5-y3) lyi 

1't DIS53 DSII C'B 818] (^'8=18583 

.[1S583 8 '11 TIN 

balloon'lne u. (pN-':ni5-y3) 3l8a 8 

pa T't DST Qpyiy3 lyo ■iy35yii b'd 

oin lyjyp b'j 5st tsa iri 'i3 ,p?83 


balloo'ning n. (j:'j-'ni5-y3) DST 

=a'i8 DST ; !s583=Bai5 8 PS iyn'5B 

•yii iyj:8tyj=3'i5 B'a 5yaiB 8 iy3'in 

lyt 'n3 ,iyiy'B83'nD-iyii yopiyi lyj 

08P 8 lyjyii 1V1S ,tyj"BE' 5si fis 

ny 5st ly '13 ,Bjyi385i8B PS dstt 

.lyiyii B5nyii 

balloo'nist n. (BD':-'ni5-5y3) =Bai5 s 

.■iyn'5a rs583 

balloon'ry n. (n-'jni5-y3) »'5b osi 

.ts583=Bai5 8 PS lyn 

bal'lot n. and v. (Bs-'5y3) >58J»5n8il 

=5n8ii ; Dyp58J 'i pa lyeisii 08t ; IIP 

; y38J3s»D'D!S' y3'5Ba'TB' 'T ; 5yBys 

=83 ; 5113 8 nn oyay tyD'Bij'y3 dst 

lyiS Dyp583 ITIT iyD'DE'3s] tyTBS5 

lyri's nn ryD'B!5'y3 ;['ny5Bys«5n8ii 

.5T13 8 

ballotade' n. ('T'B-s-5y3) »BB15 "lyi 

.mya 8 pa ajneB" 

bal'lotage n. (ti>i-iv-as-"?y2) =TBti' 

"lis iyi:"iis ty5n8ii yens] iy5n8ii 

"ly 'T "3 !y3sn y35yii .lyosTnasP 

»'Btf yoo-inyc 't iy3sipy3 iy5n8ii yBty 


bal'lot-box n. (0P83=BS-'5y3) =D'Be' 

BBTsii lyn 1811 5yQoyp dst] lyoosp 

=38 d"3 5yBys<5n8ii lyis Dyp583 'i 


bal'lot-box-stuf'fing n. -BS-'5y3) 

oyi lyssBtyjs dst (3J'8-'B8dd-op83 

=ST B'O OjyBOSP'D'Bt!'] lyBDBP'n'BC 

B3y5y3j"n8 lyiyii ey isii ,iypyT 5yB 

'13 ,Dyp5s3 lyns iy5Bys=5n8ii yi!'58B 

.[3:iD'Dis'3s 'T iyi!'5ya is 

bal'loter n. (iy-B8-'5y3) Osil ny3"s 

lyis yp58a 8 iin yo'Bt!' p'l 38 b'3 

tis iy5nys dis v&so s ; 5yBys=5n8ii 

=5n8ii lyis Dyp58a n ryjy3"snyB 


bal'loting «. (33'«-BS-'5y3) =83 D»l 

.iyD'Bt5'38 DST ; iyTB85 

bal'lotlng-machine' n. -BS-'5y3) 
»3'TlSa Mim V^SO 8 ('pc;'-yo-33's 
lis iy5nys is lyaosPO'Diy d"3 3jib 
^'BE" y3y3y3y338 5nss 'i ty33"siya 


ballotte'ment ■«. (B3yD-'B85-y3) 8 

8 PS 'S iny3-iyT-is yisoyn yD'iiy3 

.B'j lyns lyajsiiis' 'iia 

ball'-plan'ting n. (3J'B-'3y5S-'5n83) 

=iy3's D"3 iyD'13 lynnyjo'ns dst 

'T dn8 Tiy "Wt B'D lyoBTis iys385a 


ball'-proof a. (e)nnB-'5ns3) >iy5'ip 

.iyD'B'3nn b'j lyp 5'ip s dsii ,ny3't 
ball'-room n. (Dnn«'5iiS3) .58l=r38B 
ball'-pub'ber n. (^y-'3s^-'5^S3) =18P 

I'53nyiiy3 Biyn dsii nys pa piiiiD 
.iy5'up yD'n3 ps btbisbd38io 

ball'-throm'bus n. -'08inB-'5nS3) 

Dsii 5'i3p=Bi53 ■iyBiyii'53nyB » (ds3 

.B'1B I'Tss iys-i8n PS V) Byn5'3 

balm n. and v. (on83) : 081583 

y35yt8 :D'13=D8t583 8 ;5''1S>358I 
;358I yi3y3'lD13 ;iyS385a yB"B80S18 

;BO'nB ; lysiyot!' b5'bbi dsii 5yB'o 8 

=ny3 ,iyBD'i'iB ; iy358i ; iyTD8T583 

.ty5"n ; tya'n 

bal mily adv. ('5-'»-'n83) =jy3y3D'i-i8 

: D8T583 '11 3'l:ypyOi!' ; 081583 a'T 

.lysnyDE" 'i 3'i:y5'BE' 
bal'miness n. (oy3-'B-'n83) ost 

.081583 '11 l"t 

balm'-mint n. (BJ'a-'onss) =jyjsiB'S 

,[358t=5"n 818] yD'5yB 

balm of Gile'ad (iy-'5't!'n ii8 Dn83) 

8 ;[08t583>5"n] iy53 pa 081583 

.5yB'D ■iyijyBD'nB=5y3(!' 

Balm ot Gilead 
balmor'al n. (5y-'lSO-5y3) Wt 818 
=ya T'5p 8 ,iJ8iiya=iy5sii yoB'^Bwa 

B'D V& yB3"5 ; nSBty 818 llB B380 





bal'my o. (iB-'n83) ="s n jnjwsn 

m BpyOB' DS11 ; D8I583 Ml DBSE'JW 

'1JJ ; D8t5tS3 jnjyayjD'i-iB ;a8t?83 

.ijy?"n ,^JJ;ts"'lS 

bal'neary a. (<i-j;-':-'?M) pk dsii 

.lyij/a IX ivis in ms2 is i"(^ 

bal'aearles n. (ty'vy-'J-'5V3) 'T 

tVJ"! DSIl iy38t n ins 3101^=183 

.Tt iyiS3 186 J<13'13 

bal'neatory .o (n-Bts-V-'J-'JW) 

D1S IVIS 1M I»TS3 IS T'tS' l'« D811 

.n»iM n ny3<K nynytBM8 

balneog'raphy ». (iB-yi-'J8-'3-?»3) 

=811 y?8i»j'o ,iny3 iis ajn^iros n 

.iii8'Djji?"n iv"! 118 myo 

balneolog'lcal o. -'(!'n85-s-iJ-?y3) 

.y':8>8yJ583 is 1"!!' t'8 D811 (5yp-'« 

'balneology .\ 

balneol'ogy n. (it»'(n-s-'?8-'J-5y3) 

lyjyii Ba8t^jyDMi n] y'js58yj?83 

.[?yB'o«?"n 8 D58 iyiy3 

balneotherapeu'-tlcs «. -is-'J-Jys) 

=yii 0B8B'»BMi n (Dp'B-'i's-y-iynt5 

ly-iyDsii y?8iyro o<d im iy5"n m 

.iy3"t3 tiN B' i'8 vi tyi83 nn lyis 

balneother'apy n. -'lynB-B-'J-Jys) 

balneotJieropeMtics .t CB-y 

bal'otade n. (i"0-is-'5y3) 

ballotade .t 
bal'sam n, and v. (DyD-'5ns3) =?83 
=?8t ; iyTD8r583 ; D'13=D8I?83 ,D8t 


balsam'lc a. (pi8-'DyD-5nS3) T<8 Dsll 

; D8t583 D'n8 B'J DSll ; B8t?83 Ml 

.B8t583 Ml B?"n DSll 

balsam'ical a. (?y-p'N-'DyD-5n83) 

balsamic .t 
balsam'lcally, ndv. -'K-'DyD-5ns3) 
.D8r583 Ml Mt8 (^K-'?SP 
balsamif'erous a. -'B'o-yD-5ns3) 

.D8r583 DM18 D'J DSll (DS1-y 
balsami'na n. (8J-''8t3-yD-5ns3) 

balsamine .t 
bal'samlne n. (ii8-oyD-'5ns3) =583 


bal'samous a. (DS-oyD-'5ns3) bsil 

DSll ;D8r?B3 iiB iyBB8E'jy3"8 n asn 

.BSt583 B?8nBjy 

bal'sam-tree n. (S'nB=ByD-'5ns3) 

.DM3 D8t583 IVt 

bal'samy a. (iN-DyD-'5ns3) l'5Jny 

.D8r?83 IS 

Bal'tic a. (piB-'?ns3) Vfif t's Dsii 

.D' tI'ti"B?83 BIS 

Bal'tlmore bird "iiso-'B-'5ns3) 

Baltimore oriole .t (nM3 

Bal'tlmore o'rlole iiso-''D-'?ns3) 

tie syjMB iy:8P'iyo8 18 (Sis-n-'is 

=18B=iyi!'ti81S 18 B'D T?SP tyslBllB- 

.?yj'5B=iys'Btj' lis ?y3"3 !y;'3 
Balto. Baltim,ore hb jjisi'P3S 

ba'lu n. (1?-'83) DSll VSP yi?Ml 818 

.snosBiB TN VI B:'By3 

bal'uster n. ('is;B-DS-'?y3) lyiwsyj 8 

=8Bi^ 8 ;P'J8J lywiy-iBa « ;[npya] 

.yB-BjyisB lyis iyi«?yj s iib ypBya 

bal'ustered o. (myB-DS'-'?y3) Dsil 

, .nyijy?yj » bsi 

balustrade' n. ('i"-iB-D»-?y3) =8B 8 

;[ByiB "3] iyB?8nis3s 1M yrojyi 

.p'jsj 8 :[npyD] nyiwyj 8 

balnstra'ded a. (iyi-'"-iB-DS-?y3) 

=8B 8 lyiS yi810Dl>83 8 Bsn DSll 


balustra'dlag n. (jjn-'"l0-DS-5y3) 

p'JBJ 8 lys's yB-BjyisB s lysso dst 
"J8J flytyojyiBB isyits 'iy3'8 lyis 


bam n. and v. (Bvi) ; "lyviBya 

.tyi8338 ,iyrnBy3 !jnBy3 

bambi'no n. (i8:-'<3-Dy3) 1"?P s 

.DlBD'-lp 11B l5'3=iyiJ'P BST JIJ'P 

bamboo' n. and v. ('ni3-Dy3) =bi3D83 

=083 B'D iyjS?t!' i inS"l=Dia083 ;DM3 


;iyD38PM10 y'J8SDSP 8 ; iyB81. SD 

tyj'j"8iyB ,iyiraiya ,iyi3'3 .2 

1. The hat ha« a sUk band. 3. Thl,""'*: 
bors banded together to improve their pan 
of the city. 
ban'dage n. (t!'(iyi-'3y3) ,yi3'3 

; iyjnBy3 

; iy"i8J3S 


bamboo'zle v. (5t'ni3-oy3) 


bamboo' zlement n. -'5tni3-ny3) 

.tyisjj'ns Dsi : iy5nBy3 dst (bjJo 

bambooz'ler n. (i!;?-'tni3-Dy3) =y3 

.■iyi8J3s ,iyjnB 

bam'bosb n. (Biss-'oya) =8:3S 18 


bambou'la n. (85-'ni3-oy3) '"Sp 818 

B'D tyjMsys insi=Di3D83 IIB pMB y: 

Byi iyD:i8 nsB s ;5yB ywDByt!' 8 

.PMB 818 IIB BP8B 

ban n. and v. (-i»3) iJJlt'Mnya ; Bin 
iyjy5J"'i8 ; lysiSanys ; jju'iibdmib 

iy(!"13'8=BDS ; iyD'5t!'DM8 ; Bin PS 

='5D:yBy ; ii-idms iy3'5B3yBy ; p5Din 

P8 3]1380BJ8Py3 '1 ; JJ1380B:8py3 y3 

b'b] njinn lyis D<s:n 8 lyayii ysi'i' 

iy3"8 3M8 lyDMliyi IS iM pyiis b»i 

DBi"mya b<j pie' pk isb iyi iia 

.[lynna ns 

ban'al a. (5y-'jy3) .P'oyaJs ;?8J83 

=3s ; By"pyjiB3'K ; i'?:nyiiyj .p'cyj 

=sya Byi lyaisiiyjiVB^is ; tyti'snyj 

.DDjyn [iyti"snB] iy?8T 

banal'lty n. (iB-<s-'?y3-y3) ='58383 

bai/ial .t .BVB 

banan'a n. (j-'3y:-y3) =y3 s] 8:8383 

yonsii PS BDP811 y35yii osne yBJSP 

.BM3=8J8383 ; [ lyuyjyj 

banc n. (p:»3) .yM'iyos'i 8 

band m. and v. (n3j(3) ; 5yi3y3 ,1JB3 .1 
njno ts ;yn383 :jjn3'3iyD ;ynj'3 


ban'dager n. (ip-t5'nyi-'jy3) iyj"K 

Bir3iy3 lyis BTi!'t8i:83iyB DSll 


ban'dagist n. (BD'S-B'nyi-'jyaX =383 

=383 D38D DSll iy3"K] DD'B-tBT 


ban'dalore «. (Iis5-yi-'jy3) Bt8 

bandore .t .B3yDnDD3''s iyB"58PMio 

bandan'a n. (»-'3yi-3y3) yoMia BIB 

.iio3yt!'8o yB'i'5sp 

bandan'na n. (y-'3»1-3y3) 

bandana .t 
band'box ». (DP83-'i3y3) 5yB3BB' b 
.[iy38t yiyi38 ns en iyD5«n bis] 
band'boxlcal a. (5yp-'D-PB3-'13y3) 

.5yB38t!' 8 Ml DM13 'I J'K DB11 

bandbox .t 
band'-coup'ling n. (33'5-'BSP-'13y3) 
.1383 8 IIB typy n iy3''3"8iys dbi . 
band'-dog n. (3Si-'i3y3) ;i3in=n"P B 

.13in lyDMU I'£3 BtB 

.bandeau' n. ('iBl-3y3) =3»3 5SBE' B 

.i383=iyiyDB' 8 ; 5yi 

ban'ded a. (iyi-'3V3) ="iBt!' Dsn Dsil 

8 B'Q tyi3i3y3is ; i»i3y3. lyiB lya 

.1383iya 8 PK B3'3"«iyB ; 1383 

ban'ded struc'ture iyi-'3B3) 
=y3 iyi — y':s5sy3 p« (iwd-pbidd 
tiD BnyBij'y3 iy35yii ,T5yB b iib ms 
'1 eiMs y3"s iy3y'5 dsii !yD3''BfepiBB' 
iy"i 0M5 Tt iyi"B'iyB3iN ns nyi3B 

='Q PS ; .3 .1 .8 B'lppn ^Mla ,1'?BP 
,5t!'05 '11 ] 58iy3'0 B — y'385Biy3 

=y3:yD8ns I's iy35yii ,[dp'3b iyi 

IPB3'B' lyis iyBy53 lie 'ii D5yBtv 

.yiyi38 '1 n'ls y3"K osysyaa'iiB 

bande'Iet n. (By5-'i3y3) »3y3 i"?P 8 

.5") B «1'1S 5y0D"5 I"?P B ;5yi 

ban'der a. (ipi-'3S3) =y3 Dsn iy3"« 

.P'siya lyis iJB3iyB b is b33b? 

ban'deret n. (B!;i-5;i-'3y3) =ys"llB' B 

.i'i380BP=yyoi8 iyt!"i 

banderll'la n. (B'-'?'l-yi-3y3) B 

PS BS13y3 Biyil DSll TyBE* iy3"5P 

'1 pb] lypi's '1 PS «iBDBP=iyDPs 

.[iyi3y5 yi3y3yiBtj'=B"38st!' 

ban'derole n. (5iBi-yi-'3y3) =yi3B3 B 

.triBB y3"5p B :?(in 

ban'dlt) n. (B'i-'3y3) =iyD83 ; B'l383 

.lyiiyo nya'in 

band'-lea'der «. (ij;i-'»'?-'i3y3) "i 

.iyBD"05yB8P ; B3y3'i 

band'Iet n. (By?-'i3y3) 

bandelet .t 




band'-mas'ter n. (-lyo-'Djfo-'ijya) 

hand-leiiAer .) 

' band of mu'sic (ijm-'i'd 118 uva) 

."iVDDypis P'tio 

ban'dog ». (J8i-'jj)3) band-dog .t 

bandoleer' ». ("ivs-si-jya) 'JJIDPS 


•\r\l iyan=PMB :[-i»w ins ivcst 


bandolier' m. ('lyj-si-jya) 

bandoleer .t 

ban'doUne n. o»(J v. (p?-si-'jy3) 

=isn jtyn i»si»3 msosB'-isn bib 


bandore' n. Ciisi-Ml) Iffts^s stK 

.DSJnBD B'o DjyonoDj'N ij;ti"58p'ti!3 

.yiSD'j 8 IS v>mv 

band'-saw n. (nsD-'lJya) =1383 8 

t'8 DS11 jyt 8] w »r8?i:v I8 ,jyt 

.[33'n 8 111 ]VD^'>m VI ff* 

bands'man n. (lya-'n^n) ='110 8 

;1»BD»P18 18 t'N OSV'BtS' DSll 0J8P 

B"3 B"3-|8 DSll lSB"3n8«iy31"l3 8 

(I'ns Bsysts" lyo tyssyii b''d .p'-ib!? 

.0381!' 8 I1B j:i"i85 n 

band'-stand n. (ijyDD-'ljy3) n 

8 I'k] "lyBoypis I'nss D-isaB8?s 

.[.J .T .8 ?8T 8 ,P189 

band' -work ». (pTsiin-'ijys) dbt 

=B38i5'J"Dyj ;r"ii=Dy':8sosp ryB"3n8 

.ts'ssiysssp ,B"3-i8 y3'5 

ban'dy »., ». and a. ('i-'jy3) 8 

=;yii B'D ,Pva0 8 ;Dyp5'B pk jyisif 

=?B3 t'« ypJ'B n Biyi"?!!' lyn iy3 

=11101!' nynB iik I'ns tyaiBii isysii' 

BD'ipyj ;Ba"iBij'yj ;i"t nsino ; ryB 

.[d's lyjyii] 

ban'dy-leg n. (3y?='n-'iy3) "uyjDiis 

■ .Dis lyonp liiisi 

ban'dy-Iegged a. (-i;y?='i-'jy3) =onp 

.D'B yjyjii3y3DM8 D'o ;;'D'a 

bane n. (pu) =iy3 ; bb'j -iy3'5BMB 

.jjiB3'3-iya ; j:myT 

Noise la the bane of city lUe. 
bane'berry it. CB-iys-'^'U) BtB 
='BS'3 lytjpBii tjy iy35yii ii'is ys:853 

.Dyi38' V3 


bane'ful a. (5iB-'j"3) nvs iraau 

.TJB'IB ; -ijyB3u 

bane'fuUy adv. ('k-5ib-'J"3) fi'l8 

; IB18 lyai^B'iB -lyitj iyijyB3'jnyB 8 

bane'fulness n. (Dyj-5ia-'j"3) "B'j 

.o'lpsi^siynya ; d"'pj'd 

bane'wort n. (B-i'siin-'J"3) BtB 

lyBB'Jiyfl nsi!' iy3?yii b'o] ys38?a 


bang n., v. and adv. (jjya) ; dse' 

'lyJlK IB JDMBE' ;3S?1!' I B8?P : 1i»3? 

«is ,ty)»?i!' ; Jjijyiiy3 ti^y:& ,yByBTBii 
='ny3 I'D 8 ; lyayiBiys'B ; lyjsJis' 
; QPB8 B'o Bti'ioyj pjBiByj lyijyt!' 
,-isn yjyB'jscyjss ibij ;iyT":a'3s ibij 
01B ; lyiyBt!' I'lysiB mivn ysjyii 
;3:i5xi5B niya b na py uri typBrnvB 
.BB5P lypiBBi!' lyByBiBiny^iB ib b'd 

Bis hall Is cut In banns. 

bang a door (iist y jjya) =BDiya 
n isoB ryt 8 ,B85p b b'd thb n iy3 
=ya "yi:yj8?t!'" b'd lya^siya'B .-Tno 


bang'er n. (ly-'ijya) ny»n'iy3 8 

,i!'38-i3 8 ! ty:'? lyjys'-iB-iys'B is 

.lypyoE' lyiyiitj' 

bang'hy n. ('8-'»ya) =di3D83 818 

13il Oyi «1M8 ty'ilJ''8=BDS P8 lypyBB- 

3-iyp tyjJBnyjJs lyiyii oy iy35yii iib 

8 ;yx"?s lyT eiM8 lyjsiB ix bi^d b'd 

.lyjy-iB 8 ; ytyBBiBJ 

bang'ing a. (jj'K-'jiys) ; rBJBiiVJ 

.D'nj- j'B58iiy3 

ban'gle n, and v. (?j:y3) iy::yn3s-iB 

nya bis ;[npn "3 tyiyiB n 'ii] 

PB lyna n osii ,By5D8i3 -lyB-iyx 

IIB ijyn n «imn tyasia iy'i3'8«BD8 

.By?DBia B ; lyssyjp'Dia n 


ban'gle-ear n. (-iy>8-5j'jy3) syj3sn8 

.[npn "3 ni] lyiN -lyjyj^Bn 

ban'gle-eared a. (iny<8-5;':y3) b'd 

■ty-iyiB yjyj38nyj3sn8 

bang up (BB jjya) in ; lyjjnBU'BMB 

.iy?8B3s ; isriB 3'in b ■i'?xy?a 

bang'-up a. and adv. (B8-'jjy3) ,l"a 


ban'gy n. CJ-'oya) banghy .r 

ban'lan n. (iyi-'3y3) ,psiss5t!' 8 

=n:'B ; lynj'K pb "iniD 8 ; ibbbbp 

.D'i33y:"B lyi!' 

ban'lan days (pn iy'-':y3) jya n 

Vi> B'j tyrip lytsiBBa yajyii pk 


ban'ian hos'pltal -'B-'dbh ly-'jya) 

.yiyna isa B?8Bi!'iB=?"n 8 (?yB 

ban'ish v. (65"8-'jya) =B'nB /lyJBaiya 

.lyp'ty-iya ,iyp't!' 

Spain banished the Jews in 1492. 

ban'isher n. (-iy-(!"8-':y3) =iyB lyi 

.nys'nBiya ,-iyp<ii'-iyB nyjsa 

ban'lshnient n. (BjyD-(!"B-'jy3) =iyB 

.ni5J (jJipiciyB jJip'E'DmB ,j:u8a 

ban'lster n. (lyB-D'B-'jya) oy?yj 8 

.[ay-IB 8 iib] yBiB^y-iBB b ,-\ri 

ban'jo n. (isK'n-'jys) -iyi!'i?8PMin 8 

.OyjJIBD n^'B D'D BjyonBDJ'B 

bank n. and v. (p3y3) ; jyi3 ; Synya 

.na] PJ83 noBi vaip ,5y3-iy3 lasi 

8 iyB58n : BBBiysytyj pj83 ; [ijyj 

ly-in'B ;p:8a b pb iy3y?j"-i8 :pJ8a 

=y3 iJBii'ni!' 8 lyasD ; lyaayB-yj pjsa 

lyBJiN lyx'tiiya Tt ; 3Jinyiit!'iy3'B lys 

.?y3-iy3 8 

ban'kable a. (53yp-'3y3) os lyp DSil 

yBi3 Ml] P383 8 PB iy-iyii iyDi3y3 

.[lySDpyii nyis oyxBJj'DB 

bank'-account' «. ('BJl8P-y-'P3y3) 

.8B3SP=PJ83 B 

bank a fire cpbb y P3y3) iyB?8ny3 

.ti>s PB iy"B 

bank'-bill «. (?'3-'PJy3) ,B83p3Ba 

=yil B3yDB518B PB Yll1i>3 8 ; yXBJJ'DB 

.BByOTspjsa iy3 
bank'-book n. (pi3-'p3y3) .■113»PJ83 
bank dls'count (B3i8P-'Bn P3y3) 
DSll Djyxsis "lyi ,B3SPDn«p:83 lyi 
>'b:spd't IBB 3S18 Bjyay-i p:Ba n 
■iyo"B ,?i!'D? lyii] 5yDpyii b lyi 
PB 5yDpyii 8 v^ T>si3 iyBipy3 niBi 
DST iy3sn ?ni ly iib dhb D"!i 8 

eiMB TPil3 P383 8 DH'B B'3 ,P11!' I^JIl 

DiPB Bjyay-i lyn is3 ,5yDpyii lyiyn 

.[BjyxBiB iyD'iiy3 b 3S"i8 

ban'ker n. (lyp-'jya) =i>y3 o'i'JBa 

lya^yii ti'iB pj83 b ; iB?n ,'iy?Dpyii 

,Tiya 8 ; ?y3y's BD-isay3 lyiyii est 

.ypyi=p38a 8 : iy33nBi!' bi3 lyp dsii 

ban'keress n. (Dy-iyp-'jya) 083 

.lypJBa 8 n-iB 8 ; 'na Diyp 

bank for loans (tJis? "iSB PJya) =n"? 


bank'-hol'lday n. -■i8-'?Bn-'p:ya) 

iyj"t pjya n lyapyii pb 3sb b ("i 


ban'klng /». and «. (33'p-'3y3) «P383 

1"E» f'K DB11 ; ISDJBP 5yDpyii ,Bayt:'y3 

=JS DBT ; iy'P3B3 8 lyiS P3B3 B IS 

B tysBD ,vo na 3y-i3 d"3 Tiy lyB'i!', 

.33is"?Bnya b iy3y3 i^Bivrity 

ban'king-bours n. (ni8-33'p-'3y3) 

.P3B3 8 na iyiJiDB'=BByi!'y3 

ban'king-house n. (Di8n-3J<P-'3y3) 


ban'king-transac'tions n. -'jys) 

,iyB2y(!iy3=5yopyii (tJBc-'py-DiyiB-sj'p 


bank'-note n. (BiS3='P3ya) lysBM'DS 


bank of clouds (ni8?P 118 pjya) 
.n38ii=iyp?sii 8 ; yD8D iyp?sii 8 

bank of dls'count -'D'T 118 P3ya) 
1811 PJB3 B] PJ83«SD:SPDn 8 (B31BP 

.[lySDpyii BTBJSPDn tyo 

bank of is'sue (iB-'t!"8 118 PJy3) 8 

>y3iSD'nB Bay-i dst dsh yajyii pjsa 

.iyB8PJB3 -\ins Dy'SB33'DB lya 

■■b^nk of oars (rins lis pjya) -[VT\'\ 

lypyDB' lyin n ibii Byia -lyi] p:83 

.[5ya'i!' 8 VH 

bank'rupt »., v. and a. -'pjy3) 

«yt3s ,-iyTBsiPJ83 ; BsiPJBa (bbst 

TSD ; main iy?nss is 3''ny33iB ; lys 

.BS1P383 ty-iyii ; BS1P383 lya 

bank'ruptcy n. ('D-Dasn-'p3y3) =P3B3 

.VytJB ,B»T 

bank'ruptcy coniinis'sloner-'pjya) 

«DB3''iy3 8 (■|y3-B-'IS"0-SP 'D-DBSI 

'B'lB n B3y''? Dy lyoyii ei'iB ,iyDDBy3 

'yii iy?"B-ii8 IIB lyB'-isaisDiiB yass 

.D-i<Bsip38a iy3sn dsh lyii'jya iy3 

bank'rupt-law n. (iis5-BB81-'PJJ'3) 


bankrupt's estate -Dy=DBBSl-'P3y3) 

.myBiya Diysytjs ib ('d"d 

bank'rupt sys'tem BSSl-'P3y3) 

iyn'sy3 y3?yii tysyty3 n (DyD-'D'D 

.iyBS-|P383 SI'lB 1>t 

bank'-sbare n. ('iayti'='p3y3) =P383 





>)ank sha'ving (3:'ii-'"ti' pjya) 

inyt ri:»jjnyi»3 tWDPjiii tJfSMp dst 

..ytsjifpDn »3Mn s 

bank-stock n. (pBBD^'pjva) dvxps 

, , .PJ83 8 na 

bank'-transac'tlons ». -'pjya) 


banking-transactions .1 

bank with... (no'iin WM) twyja^K 

..."a n?w 

ban ner »., v. and a. (nv-'jya) t; 

t'K D811 ; insB 8 B'o iwnstvs ; in»a 

.yx'Btj' -iVT 18 P8 D811 ,0B'in in 

ban'nered o. (Tiy-'jya) jnJWBitJ 

.insD 8 B'D Bjnstya ; tnsa n 

ban'neret «. (tsy-iji-'jya) yjtijp ($ 

08n D811 nyj"8 ; ?y^Jnya 8 ; insa 

n tyJ8iQ IS oaBoyj Djym.ya vr 

.^^y^=Iy3n8B lyi ; insa 

ban'nerless a. (Dy5--iy-':ya) 8 ins 


ban nerman n. (tyn-iy-'iya) ivi 


ban'nerol '». (Jisi-y-'Wa) 

banderole .t 
ban'nlster m. (lyo-D'x-'jya) 

' banister .t 

bann'ock «. (ps-'jya) ; lyaip^iyasn 


banns n. (tjya) =y3 jiyPoSvss is 

njinn lyis a'sjn 8 lyjyii jjiasnojsp 

.a'ls lyoMnyT is im pyiis uvi co] 

=nya bu imb' t'8 nss ivt na ivo^k 

.[lyrriB iia bbt'Ii 

ban'quet m^ and v. (Byiinp-'jya) 

=ny DD»j"8 isa B"s5nsn s .aypjsa 

; lyBSsmyBJis T?BDya ; ooya : yi 

.yiny Doyj"8 is B"s5n8o 8 lyaso 

ban'quetlng n. (jrK-Byiinp-':ya) 

8 lyay? dst ; Byp:8a 8 lyaso dst 


ban'queting-hall n. -Byiinp-'jya) 

.58t=Bypj8a (5nsn-jJ'8 

ban'quetlng-room n. -Byimp-'jya) 

=yi"BE' ,iyo's=BypJ8a (Dnn«:j'K 


banquette' w. ('Dyp-J83) =y3B'ls 18 

=5SD lya^yii na iiy ?yjiya lyjyaTsii 

; BTs lyaiyjsJya s «imk lyo'iy iyB8T 

=S"iB 8 ;[DJ8i!'t'?n 8 siMs] ?yp:ya 8 


ban'shee n. (y'Bi-'jya)' =B8n5ya8a 8 

='nii'yo»Dp?sB n iy3?yii lyjyii Mia yB 

1811 18 ,ty5nysnyT ijsjts i'k iy? 

BaisBB- ,i'in 8 PS VI Bi"iiy3 n 

.y'?'a8a liit tia iy:"s 

ban'stlckle n. (5p'BD-'jya) t!"a 8t8 

.TypiT lyj'iyayBi!' s b'o 

ban'tam n. and a. (DyB-'jy3) po 8tS 

.i"?p ; yjyiyjyo i"5p s ; y^yiJ^n i"?p 

ban'ter n. and v. (lyB-'jys) ,DSS» 

«38 ; iy38>38 ; iy38D lOiyay? ; B8St^' 


ban'terer n. (iy-nyB-'3y3) ; lyBsat^ 

.jyaiiaDSBiy ; lyasJas 

ban'tery a. Cs-iyB-'jya) B'o Ma 

.BKBB' -lilts DKSE' 

ban'tlng n. (j;<B-'3ya) , tyaJsn dst 

•nyxiS38 •'-a yayn lyo'iiyj 8 is in 

.[nynyjsn lyiyii] B"PByB n \vi 

bant'ling m. (jj<J-'Bjy3) -.lyp l"?p 8. 

."ItBO 8 

ban'yan n. (ty-'jya) hauinn .» 

ban'yan-tree n. (ynB-iy-'jya) lyi 
.B'i3jyj"B lycnj's 


ban'zai i«*. cst-'jya) "lyT yay? ds 

n .issB' PS einoMs is] lyivp 

inys : PS jjisynya'K ya'SiyBnyii 

.[nns' ijyi'iB 

ba'obab n. (3y3-s-"'''a) =B<najya8 

Dsii ,Dna nyo'na inyt s] QPa 

.[Bpnas'JsiBjys ps bdp81i 



baptise' v. ci'so-sya) ,iya'iB 

lysjsia lyTs P'li iy'iDB''3s ; ly'iou' 

.[lybsii tys'^is] 

bap'tism n. (Dt<B-'ay3) n ,yB'iB n 

.n5<aB y3i?Bbnp 

baptis'mal a. (?-yo-'t<B-6y3) Dijji 

.ys'iB lyi IS BjasJya 

baptis'mal font (b:sb 5yn-'PB-Bya) 

.P'B1»"I1'1B lyT 

baptis'mal vows (nsii 5ya-'PB-Bya) 

.■nMinB lyT 

Bap'tist ™. (BD^B-'sya) "Wi tsns' 

lyjjynjs is ;[?3Bnn unp] lys'ia 

lyaipBD'-iP lyT na lyjjB^D nyi8 

.yapyo nyE"BDiBB83 

bap'tlstery n. ('s-iyB-D''B-'By3) 

lyi ; lyaPB dis Sivp 8 ps nipo s 

VI Bj'ayj oy isii yaTp lyi ps ai« 

.iiipn=«i'iB '1 

Baptis'tlc o. (pio-'D'B-Bya) =ya BSil 

lyBDiBBsa na iy3M5j a>-i is b:j8? 

.[yapyo yB'JBDnp 8] 

Baptis'tical a. (5y-p'B-'D'B-Bya) 

Baptistio .t 
Baptis'tlcally adv. HJ'b-'D'B^Bya) 
■iyB"BD'BBsa lyT is aisya ps ('s-?y 
=D'BS8a n na lais avi ins ; yiny? 

bap'tistry n. cnB-DiB-'Bya) 

baptistery .1 
bapti'zable a. (?3yi-''sB-By3) «B'io 

.lyaMB BIS ■=IM BD8S BSll 1183 

baptize' v. CPSB-sya) ;iy'iot!' ,iyBMB 

"Jis] lyBJBia -\iitti p'li iy'iDE''38 

.[lyDsii lyo 

bapti'zer n. (-iyt-''8B-By3) .lyBMB 8 

bar n. and v. (is3) ; ?yj'T ; jiSBty 

:iMn'DB3nyj ijaio'isiya ;iyp?s3iyiip 

8 PS IDSt ySlP 8 ; PMID PS BP8B 

;[pjyty 8 ps] tji'QpjyB' nyi ; 1"B 

n ; iyB8Psin8 na oasis'iS'Bnyp 't 

; ly-iyiJ'myB ; lyjamya ; B"Jiyi3'n 

.iyDy'?ts'B'is ; iyB3'Jiys 

bar'acan n. (typ-y-'nya) yS'n 8t8 

lis SP8T8D ps lynB n yaJyii P« 

.i"s VI iy?p'ii iy'3Bi8 

barb «. and v. (3183) ;n83 » 
8 ; 1183 8 IS VP^nS PS DSll Bysy 

niya nyt!"J8B6!' po lyo'iiys 8 ; lypsn 

• iy"?t!'»ypi!'8380 8 : 3'ib yt!"PiyB 8 

.Bjypsn lyssDis ; iiw n iyDnyj38i8 

barba'rian n. and a. (ty-n-'"3-nBa) 

■\V1 ; 1'?t!':yDJlK ,BBtm3 ,E"nB31B3 

n "3] iyioyiB-8 ;t!'jyo3is ,ib31b3 

P'P B'j lEiyo'n ns tysna yj'JsoB 

.[lyBonp yBB'ny n "3] bb'i? 

barba'rlanism n. -3y-n-'"3-nB3) 

15'11 ,t!"n8a-IB3 I"I DST (OPS 


barbar'ic a. (p'S-'iy3-183) ,n>n 

=<1PS Bt!"J ,T51!'jyD01S ,Byi5'3yjjiR 


barbar'ically adv. -5yp-'S-'iy3-183) 

'itB ; lyj^BB' jyE'nsaiBa s ms ck 

.iyi83i8a n »ii 

barbarisa'tion ». -'"t-n-ya-lBa) 

.jjnyBayjiyiyB ; 3:nyi?'inyB (mB* 

bar'barism n. (DPK-iy3-'nB3) osa . 

=813 : B"po8Pn3 ; B"m5'ii : Binsa 

ps nyjnya yasiJ : D"njyB'ii3i« ya 

.181Be> B 

barbar'ity n. (iQ-'s-'iy3-iB3) =lBa 

'B'jyojis ;B"PDBPn3 ;B"n'n ; "isa 


barbariza'tlon n. i«B'-'"t-n-y3-lB3) 

barbarisation .t 

bar'barize v. (PBi-ya-'nsa) =3"13 

=y3 ; "-183-183 -lyis B"pi5'ii IS m 

.iBisiy 8 ps nysnya yasna ry3''ii3 

bar'barous o. (B8l-y3-'1B3) ="183 

n'Sty^yDjis :n'n :CBPn: ; E"-iBa 

=si n lyjyj ; b-i'p?'ips b'j ; asis 

.iBiBB' ly-i na lyxyt 

bar'barously od». i'5-BSl-ya-'183) 

.lais lytjinBaiBS s tis 

bar'baronsness n. -Bsi-y3-'183) 

^E'jyojis :B"pi5'ii ; B"po8Pnj (syj 

. .■=18182' yBB8ni»?nyB ; B"pa'> 

bar'bary ape (B"S '1-y3-'183) n 

IB ins yBB yBJ8py3 b] ya8='i8aiBa 

B'D B^is in Bjy3"s ya^yii ,pv 

' .[UBBB'ISB in'K 

Barbary Ape 
Bar'bary horse (Bisri 'l-y3-'lB3) 
na nya v'>p b] iiya iy3iy3 dbi 

.[SP'IBB ,"iy31»3 

bar'bate o. (b"3-'ib3) b osn ottw 

.1183 8 Bsn B811 ; lypBn b iyi8 pup 

bar'bated a. (iyB-"3-'lBa) 

barbate .t 
barbe ii. and v. (3183) barb .t 

bar'bccnc «. and v. (PP-'3-'183) 




; V1)& B ins DPS rVVJBJ S 1^0813 

^S1H DPS i»v:»j nyo!)t5si3J'338 is 

jyo'n tv'no nvojis mij/D « ; fMity 

lyxJSJ 8 Itfe8"i3yj28 cnyii dv inii 

.P'lic ins DPS 

barbed o. (13183) ,Pllp 8 Bsn D811 

.1183 8 BSii D811 ; lypsn 8 i»i8 

barbed wire (I'siin 13183) '=5y38D(!' 

=1X I»D8n y3'5B» IVIS "lis] BSll 

=38Dt!' o'D nBJ"s I's Bnyiiyj3yo8t 

0118 08S 8 iy38o lit Bsijy3 Biyii .ly? 

.[.a .1 .8 i?yB 8 

bar'bel n. (5y3-'l83) 8t8] D13183 

t'8 liye "3 BDJlKlltJiyS- I'O B ;[li"B 


bar'bellate a. (B"*-5y3-'i83) Dsii 
=j85a "3] lyjyiyn yB'^BB" ,ysiip Bsn 


bar'ber n. and v. (iy3-'183) =1183 

,iyin'iB ;p'3?ii's ;iyiM'iB ,iyiyB' 

.lyiyts' ,iyi't8i 

bar'berize v. (i'8i-y3-'l83) ='tnB 

.tyiyi!' ,iyi't8i ,tyi 

bar'berry ■«. (iK-iy3-'i83) 085B 8tS 

y35yi8 tyDpBii oy iy35yii eiM8 ys 

.DyiJ8' yBMi=5yn 

bar'ber's Uch (b>b'8 tiy3-'183) 18 

'Vi I'1'18 iy?P'(S'BK"ia IIB JBJE'DnS 
.I?8n UK B3't 

bar'ber-sur'geon n. -'iiiD-iy3-'l83) 

.lyB'ijyB 8 (iSE'ti 

bar'bet n. (By3-'i83) liB ?yj'iB I'o s 

.?yBj<n 5yiiB s : lyaiy yo'isii 

barbette'- m. ('By3-183) =8E'y3B'i8 ts 

lyD'H" iyB8Di8n lyjsii tia bis lyjya 

.i:811'=iy'lD 8 «1'1K 

bar'bican n. (iyp-'i3-'l83) =iy'in 8 

>DyB 8 iia B18 lyDMiyj s bus usii 

D18 iyB3'BDyay3 8 : ds5b' iyi8 jjib 

18 ;Ds5i!' lyis jJiBoya 8 lyx'K' is 

=Dya 8 iia i:8ii=iyMo lyi pk JJioay 

.lyDsii ryony3J"i8 isa j:ib 

bar'ble n. (5318H) harbel .( 

bar'carole n. (5isi-yp-'l83) =8P183 

Diyii Dsii ly? Dyt^'J8'sy:yii 8] y?si 

18 ■ itiya'B' yj'Bisi 'i iib lyaJityj 

.lya'B' iyt!"jy'58B'8 

bar'carolle n. (5isi-yp-'i83) 

barcarole .t 
bard n. and v. (1183) ,iyo3'i 8 
•:8B ,iiyB 8 18B lyxJSB 8 ; Bysa 8 
;[Biyi:inin8' lyaie pn] ivbs^s lys 
;iysj8B 8 B'D iiya 8 iyjya8iiy3 
iy.s:83 B'o [lyE-jiyD s] lyjyasiiys 
lyis ts-'ija^i'tn ryjya pi 8 ; lyos^s 
BIS Byannn b'd iy3"5y3 ;ByB«i'tn 

.i!"'a 818 ; tyBS133"8 

bard'ic o. (p'8-'ii83) .B"Bys3 

bard'ism ». (qi''8-'ii83) ."lyBS'i 

bard of Av'on (ts-'liy 118 1183) lyi 

Ban lyDBJ Byi b<d] isiiy pb iyB3'i 

,iy'Bopyiy iyB3'i iys!"533y ayi ts wa 

=wy ,isiiJ' I's BsyJyj asn iy35yii 


bare (iny3) "• and a. ,iypi53B3y .1 
; iy3'ny3 ; iypyi3s ; ivsbo Byp83 

; tS?nBiyil ; P153 ;DyiK .2 ; Byp83 


1. Children like to walk with bare 4egB. 

2. He is making a bare living. 

barie'back o. and adv. (py3-'iny3) 

;5yB8t 8 tis iiya « «i'i8 ansyo"! 

.iiya iyB?yBsty3>B'3 s ti'is 

bare'bone n. (iis3-'iny3) inyi b 

.iy3"3 118 B'ln ; istiys yiy3so 

bare'boned a. (I3i83-'iny3) Dsil 

«so inyt] D'118 iM tynyt iyj"3 'i 

, .[iy3 

bare bones n. (t3l83-'iny3) 

barebone .t 

bare' faced a, (B0"a-'iny3) =318 ,"1B 

B'3 ; B3My3 By3yB8 IB B<o ; BDyts'iya 


bare'facedly adv. (<5-BD"a-'iny3) 

barefaced .t 
bare'foot a. (Bia-'iny3) Dyins3 


bare'footed a. (iy-BiB-'iny3) 

barefoot .t 

barege' n. ('[!»t"i-y3) y3'l Bist BIB 

lyoBi IBB 3"x 5siin'i3 lyis iyi"t 

='PiS3Bia BtB ;.Diy"?B' 118 iyi"5p 

.lyoBii 58iy3'o lysy 

bare'headed a. (iy-iyn-'iny3) b'd 

.[5yB'n 8 ms] bsp ty?Mn b 

bare'l^ged a. (I3y5-'iny3) =83 B<n 

.D'B ytayp 

bare life n. (si^b? iny3) lysy? 8 

.iy3'33iyB ins 

bare'ly adv. cs-'inys) ,t'i?3 ,BypB3 

: oyiB. ; J'l"? ; ts?iiBiyii ; Bpyiy33s 


bare'-necked a. (Dpy3-'liiy3) 8 B'O 

.t5Bn tyBypB3 b b'd ; ijbi ly^'in 

bare'ness n. (Dy3-'iny3) ; B"PDypB3 

.D"PDyi8 ,nipni 

bare truth (naiio iny3) y3"i 'i 

.no8 iyBypB3 lyi ; b"i1181i 

bare words (ni'Slin iny3j Pl?3 

.[i3y3"itiy3'8 b'3] lyaiyii y?Mn 

bar'gain n. and v. (p''a-'l83) ,«1'1P 8 

;n8<!{D 8 ; B'Bsia ; ?yi38n 8 : n'3p b 

=iip ,iy?i38n ; BP81B3SP 8 ; ibdss ib 


bar'gain and sale i^y pia-'i83) 

»3SP=DBMpiya iy3'?xyty3 b (5"d 

bar'galn-coun'ter n. -p''3-'l83) 

1811 ,DS1P 8 P8 B"B 8 (iyB-'318P 

lyJOCTi] niB'sn d'ib B3y5 lyo 

IBB BBMpiya lyo y3?yii niiino lyis 

.[lyp'iB yBTxiiyi 

bar'gain-day n. ("i-P'3-'iB3) 8 

P8 Ba'ip'iya lyo lyii ,38B iyBa'B6!'y3 

182 yi8ii lyis lypBtvyi lyosip 'i 

.lyii'ia yai^siiyi 

bargainee' n. ('y'3-"3-l83) ;iya<lP B 

DBllBy BP81B3SP 8 BD'Jt!' DSII Ti IVI 

.lysnp IX 
bar'galner n. (iy3-"3-'l83) 

bargainor .t 
bar'gain for (isB p'3-'l83) =By VI 

...IBB iy33'l I't ; iy33nDM8 D811 

bar'galnor n. (i8-3"3-'l83) lyi 

=3SP 8 DD'?6!' DSII IX lyi : lya'ipiya 

.tya'ipiya ik osiiBy bpbib 

barge n. and v. (1^11183) ,«iii:' ,yplB3 
st^D lyin'B ; [stya lyin'a dis] ypis? 

.ypl83 8 «1MS tyTBlSaD3BlB lyis 
barge'-board n. (iiiBS-'irniBS) P8 

=iyB BX'3t^'y3D'18 bis — llBpyD'318 

IS Bxi3y3 Biyii . DSII Dyi3=D33ny'x 
DSII 181 Iia Dy3yi3 n m«i>mi 

.13811 lyi iy3'8 DMIB lySlBDB' 

barge'man n. (iyD-'i!'niB3) 'W 8 
iy3'K B3MB'i8 Bsn DSII iy3"8 ; lys 

.ypl83 8 

barge'-mas'ter n. . -'DyD-'is'ni83) 

B ; ypiB3 8 IIB n'3n 5y3 lyi (lya 


bar'ghalst n. (BD"a-'183) ,nil 8 

PB BjyBEiysisa Biyii dsii ,BD3ysE'y3 

=iy vf DSII 118 i3in 8 iiB DiBB lyi 

=318 118 BIMB «1'18 lOD 8 P8 iy3"(!' 


bar'ghest n. (BDy3-'l83) 

barghaist .t 

bar'gnest n. (BDy3-'l83) 

barghaist .t 

bar'lc a. (p'8-'iy3) ix l"t!' P8 Dsii 

llbariutn .t] bpi83 D?8nB3y lyis 

.Bai5 pa iy3yii dix v<!> pb dbii 

barll'la n. (y-'5'i-y3) B'lip=l'58t 
8 ;[yi8D lyaBO IX BX13y3 r385B b] 

.?y3yiiE' B'D BE"Dya yi8D 

bar'-l'ron n. (iiy-''B-'183) ="8=3881^ 

.iyt"8=iy338BB' ; lyt 

ba'rlte n. (b'81-'"3) =83 iy3'?liBB3" 

BnyBi^y3 dsii 5Biy3<a s] B8B5iD=nin 

.[syByiiis' PK BP183 pa 

bar'ltone n. and a. (ii8ti-<8-'iy3) 

tytS"llX T'K DSII yO'Diy 8] ISB<1B3 
lyi S|P8 B3SBy3 B'3 :[l83yB PK D83 

=xy5 p't DSII ,Bisii 8 ;y35't lyDxy? 

.B3SBy3 B'3 VK y3?'T yB 

ba'rlum n. (d8-'1-'"3) b] di'1B3 

IIB B3yoy5y iyij"oy3 iyD"ii=iy3?'t, 

.[yBii3=58Byo lyi 

ba'rlum sul'phate -'JsD DS-'l-'"3) 

.i'58t=iy'it5yayiw di'183 (B"a 

bark n. and v. (pi83) J/^'BDBo "11 B 

yisp i^ya'ts" p'?p b :ypi83.B ;«)'!!' 

iiB yi8P '1 iy5"E'3s ;[d'13 8 iib] 

=ii8n ,iy?'3 ; B'ln 'i iyi3'!!'38 ; b'u b 

- .lyBDin piBBtf ; typ 

bar'kantlne n. (i'B-3yp-'i83) "11 8 

.fl'tJi ys'BDBO 

bark at (By pi83)'iB lypiisn ,ty?'3 

bark at the moon tib By P183) 

=SP oriD] n33? lyi ei'is ty5'3 (tnio 

.[?y's Bits' 8 ms I't lys 

bark'bared a. (Iiny3-'P183) =y33S 

.[D'13 8 pa] yiSP '1 B?"!!' 

bark'-bed n. (iy3='PlB3) =3"1B B 
=iy3183 B'O BysysD'lB V85B 8] Pin 

tyx38?a iyB58ny3 lyiyii oy ikii yisp 

.[iyD3'll I'8 

bar'keeper n. (iyB-y'P-'l83) =P3yt!' 

.iyB3y'iy3 p3yE' ; bi'ii 

bar'ken v. and a. (iyp-'i83) lyiyil 




8 tn?'i :[vi8P Ml] biniyt3i«m»B 

=1BB in» Ij;B"31Kt))1K ,IJ;31K3 ; nup 

.ynsp iiB ! ynsp B'D m 
bar kentine n. d'c-is/P-'isa) 

barkantine .r 

bar'ker ». Ciyp-'isa) ,-iy5'3 8 

''"B'aif m : iVBBBU'aB m ,iy'nE' « 

.[snsp n iwn iib] ly? 

bar'kery ». CN-iyp-'Tsa) =18318J 8 

.BiBP t3?8n ryo ixn ,y8?a 8 ivj 

bark'-galled a. (i5n8J='pn83) D811 

.[dM3 8 "3] Qi'ij/Ein t's j;-isp n 

bar'klng n. (jj'p-'-i83) ="B'3lj D8T 

iy3'i83 DST ; D'13 8 IIB yiBP '1 tV? 

.[njin 8 iia] ij;?'3 d»t ;J;^isp b'd jvb 

bark' -pit (b'b-'pi83) ikii 3nj 8 

.?VB n P'K ivp'Mi ^J;3^83 n 

barks n. (DP183) DST ,ty?'3 D8T 

bark'-stove n. (lllst5D-'P'i83) 

l>arfc-6ed .t 
bark'-tanned a. (iJVB-'pns3) 'Kl 

BSBtyjN DM3 8 IIB VTSP nn B3T83 

=vii] ivSsnVBBo j;B"aj;3 jdmiw iin 
lyc y3?yn ,iy38t yijnJB Ii8 Jya iw 


bark up the wrong tree bs P"i83) 

l:'?3 8 '11 IJ/BVIB (V'lB JJST 'HB 
08 18 HMX IJ;?8B] I8PT8B P8 IIVB 
IW^yil IS ,"11/1 eiMN BSDi:'J8 ■=I8t 1S1 

.[b31/-ibi!!'j;j B8n ivo 

bar'ky o. ('p-'n83) DSII -.SttSP IlB 

.yiup B'o BpyijB ; v^8P IIB BnrB!y!;3 

bar'ley ». (i?-'n83) ;Bi!'-iw 8 ,iyBE'iyj 

nyBMij i;3]ia\tfm nysyasa ;v"ia=5iyB 

.5nyo yayBBinyj 


bar'ley-bread n. (iy'i3-'?-'n83) 


bar'ley-broth n. (nBijn3"?-'n83) 

.ny'3 iyp-i8Bti' ; oast'iyBE'-iya 

bar'leycorn n. (nsp-'VT 83) '\i>-\vi 

jyBDpyt 8 TnyByjjix ; ?yijyiyp=tyB 

.[is'Bj'8] ?8v 8 na 

bar'ley-meal n. c?y'a»<?-'i83) =E'-iyj 


bar'ley-mow n. (isb»'?-'183) lyi 

^lyBB'iyj 'T fiMJis Bay? lyo ikii bis 


bar'Iey-seel m. (?y'D-'?-'-i83) n 

.iVBti'iyiiyTni!' IIB B"it 

bar'ley-sug'ar n. ny-'alB'-l?-'^83) 


r«wa'ter «. -'nsilri-'?-'i83) 

'Si ivfl "?p lyi] iyD8ii'iyBt!'iyj ciyo 

.[lyBMij'iyBB'iyj vor^np 

barm n. (cn83) B"3] qmb' ; iyii"n 


•bar'-mag'net ■». (Byj-'jyo-'i83) 8 

lyjyjriBBB' [ny3'?TB8J b'j] lyBSKoyj 

.JyJWBE' 8 IIB Q-ma 1S1 P8 ByjJ8D 

bar'mald n. (TiB-'n83) ?5yT"B=pjy6!' 


Bar'mecidal a. (5yn-'8D-'D-'T83) 

Barmecide .t 
Bar'mecide a. (t8d-'b-'183) 'n'^jny 
; B383 i"N 118 njyniB na ncyo 8 is 

.T5PT11 B'J ,l!'nSIl?'8 ,E"BD8B:8B 

bar'-muz'zle n. (?y-'t8n-'l83) 8 

B'J 58t -\V 18 ,nyB 8 18B DBSB^^'IO 

.iyD"3 lyjyp 


bar'my o. ('D-'n83) BJsnajy Dsii 

.jnjyii"n ; iyii"n 

barn rt. and v. (pbs) =3"BB' ,iy"E' b 

.-iy"ij> t'« iy3j"-i3 ny? 

bar'nacle n. and v. (5pyj-'iB3) 

DS11 JyB'iB 818] sytf-iD^tJBJjyjjn n 

Iy^:yD'lll:' iv ,iyB't!' is ib 1m BBy5p 

=py ?yt!'iB lyiyn tyjyii .j .t.8 rJsn 

'?yjjn n 18 ,yijy3y? dpjsb b btbdm 

tyjyo 8 ;[t&i83y5 iri'N na Biyii ubj 

: iyayi!'B38 b'j vi lyp lyn lyoyii tiB 

=yii n83 yiJ'ii po b] UBJJyjJn b 

»y; Dp?sB 8 BTBDMpy oy iy35yii tyj 

n"3 D'13 8 eiM8 BDP811 BM 18 .VllVi 

B na iyi83yj Biyii n t8 lyis a' ayi3 

8 lis BMit Bisi -lyoMiyj 8 ; Ifwta 

.iyr3""i3j» ; tyjiBDyBy3 ; Tiyo 

bar'nacle-goose re. (oni;-?py:-"i83) 

.[tJBJ yi?'!! pD 8t8] t:8J'?yi3n n 

bar nacle on some one ?pyj-'n83) 

,iy3y?js ayj"K ti'iB ^n (tsnn ubd ib 

.lyxyo'K e|ii8 lyjjmB'ns vt 

bar nacles n. (t?pyj-'iB3) .iy?n3 

barn'-door n. (ii8n-'n83) lyMB lyi 

.ny-L" 8 na 

barn -floor n. (ii8r.B-'n83) lyT 

P8 n8i3n n oB'y-n lyn inh rs?B 

, .•\S"t:> 

barn -fowls re. (t?i8a"'n83) 'in-inn 

, .?y3'?Byj : tv: 

bar ney ii. (>j-'i83) B'D .yr'yiyn s 

"ly^iTip 8 «i'n8 BBiBC lyo ty35yii 

j:8JaM-i8 lyjn'yBitvD 8 iti8 lyjsii 

'DywiyBDMB 8 ;[-iy3'i;»iy?nMp "3] 

yjyjMBB'yj'Bi;": b ,"-iyi8J b : (ibbbp 


bam'-owl re. (5iB-'n83) lyo"!! ivp 
tiMK D:yBD"D 1't B?8n] ?yriB»B383 

.[t"D B338B ly 1811 ly-lV'tS' I'K 

bam'-stor'mer re. (nyD-'l8BD-':iB3) 
oynyi:B« b] i»DniBB'«i»53"BB' in 
WMuns PK Bjyat!' dsii ,is'0P8 in 

•\S-IK •iy?3"BB' 8 PK D5"B3yDDinrD 


barn'-stor'inliig re. -'18dd-'3"i83) 

lyiB ■\v^a"S& am ijdiidb' dbt (j:'a 

•jyiy-rjBH 8 na lysysB' dbt] iv"v 

.[lyiB'BPB yano irt 

barn'-swal'low re. (iit-'58iinD-'n83) 

PR Boy: nn'B dj'u MSyii assiitr b 

.1J"» IS 



barn'-yard re. (ii8'»'nB3) "I'ln IST 

.n»"ti' B IBB 

bar of rest (bdbt 118 183) yi'iB B 

.[pMID P«] 

bar ograph n. (eisnj-s-'iy3) =8183 b 

B:y3>isiyB asii oyayoBiBa b] ^iBia 

.[pm-oai? nyT DD3?fft iib 

barograph'ic o. (p»«-'CBn:-s-ntf3) 

.e|81JBlB3 B IS '^"t!' PN D811 

barograph ,t 

baroi'ogy ». (^B-n-s-'js-iya) =ny? n 

B3Miyj -lyis B"Piyin!> lyi tyjy^, jn 

barom'eter re. ciyB-y-'esvys) .'wnsa 

ayi lyBoyo is BjyonBDjix m] isasa 

.[bbi? lyn tiB pm 

baromet'ric o. (p<VByD-s--iy3) Dsii 
B'B lyBDsoy: pn dbii nyis ^><t;' t'k 




baromet'rlcal a. -pn-'ovo-S-'iya) 

harometrie .\ OV 

baromet'rically adv. -'oVD-s-lva) 

'83 s 113 ii5'n Tsn B'D ('N-5j(p-n 

barom'etry n. (no-y-'DBl-va) n 
-\V\ iia pm BJ'"' lytiDjja ix 'ii yinv? 

.1J)iayDST83 8 B'D 1231? 

bar'on n. (js-'nya) nnjfrnB ,isi83 


bar'onage rs. (ti'tiy-js-'nya) nVT 

.m'11=l»183 ; UBBCJJ/'lB 

bar'oness n. (DV-JS-'iya .!)bj;38-i8a 

bar^onet v. and n. (BV-JS-'lVa)) =82 

-,5lB'B>5yi8 18 — 138?3Jy 1'k] bvjsi 

lyiiiyya ;[i8i83 <ii iwy5P t'x d«ii 

.oyjsnsa ?ib'b i'b'd 

bap'onetage n. (tytTiK-By-JS-'lva) 

138B1J' -\V1 ; By3ST83 8 riB MB'B -\vi 

.liisi>i:v pk] 5»i8 tyiy:y?p dvt iia 

bar'onetcy n. (iD-BS-Js-'iya) ij;t 

.Bj;:sn83 8 tva jib'b 

bar'onetship n. (S'sy-By-Js-'iya) 

'baronetcy .t 

baro'nlal o. (Jy-'j-'iijn-ya) «y3 mvt 

=?yT8 nix lyis 'I8i83 s is bjis? 


bar'onism n. (D»'K-JS-"iy3) =iyn n 

.Bt'^Bisya ; lyosisa tia bbsij' 

bar'onshlp n. (B'iS'-J8-'iy3) ='B lyi 

.isisa 8 iia yiTii lyis ?ib 

bar'ony n. ('8-jis-'ny3) yiTii n 

=i:8? DST ; IS183 8 tie i:8BE' -\v\^ 

_ .18183 8 iia rMya 

baroque' n. and a. Cpisi-ya) »a<i8 

=iynji8ii ,D8tB5yt ,^i5-iyiJ8t ,ijy58a 

^81 8 ; ly^BDBBJsa ; '183iyn3SI ; -v? 

.inytD<i8 iyT83ij;nJST 8 asn dsii 

bar'oscope n. (Bl8PD-s-'"iya) =8183 

Bt"ii iy3?yii BjyonBDj'K 18] B8pd 

lyn I1B pm dyi pk jjnyijy n m 


baroscop'lc a. (p'8-'B8PD-8-iy3) 

baroscopical :r 
baroscop'ical a. -'N^'B8PB-8-iy3) 
B'o ijiBDSByj tyiyii lyp Dsii i'>i>p'' 
baroscope .r . .B8Pds"i83 8 
baroache' ■«. ('tynn-yn) ,ypE'tsiT 8 

.ypB'B'13 8 

barouchet' n. ('"ts'-nn-ya) ="?p 8 

.ypcBna Vi»^? 8 ,ypt!'tsm yj 

bar' -posts n. (dbdi8S-'T83) =iyB"t n 

.iy'iB=iyBi8J 8 na oyBi^D 

barque n. (pisa) .V^ 8 ,ypT83 8 

Bfi'in tin (jy-iy-jyivn lyB-'oyo-py 

.Dyo-i8t8P na nynytanx 

bar'racks n. (Dpy-'lJu) .DyD-i8I8P 

bar'rack-yard n. (Ii8'=py-'ny3) 


barracoon' ». cinip-y-iya) =-1818? 8 

P8 iyB8?piy yjy338Byi iyD?8n iv va 


barracou'ta n. (8B-'ip-y-iy3) 

barracuda .t 

barracu'da n. (8l-'lP-y-iy3) 'tysu' 

=BDyii n P8 B^a lyD'nj 8t8] Bsyn 

.[iyiyD8ii jiB'nrs 

bar'rage n. ((!'ny-'i83) ,B58n3s 18 

.Q8T 8 ,i:nj;Bis' 8 

barran'ca n. (yp-'jyn-y3) lyay'B 8 

"DM8 jjiayBiya 8 ; ijnj38 m ,?8nB 

.DsnBcoyDsii 8 Tin iy3si:yj 

barran'co n. (SP-'jyi-y3) 

barranca .t 
bar'ras n. (0V-"\V2) .PBayBlVB 

bar'rater n. (lyB-y-'iya) 

barrator .t 

bar'rator ». (TSB-y-'ny3) lyBBn 8 

^ymya^rytyj s ; T8383 Bonyj osn 

IX IS BX""! D811 B8P8in8 18 ; lyn 

11B i8B'B8P 8 ; lyoyxsiB ivin'anyB 

.?yi3'iiB' Bnyjy3 dsii v& s 

bar'ratorshlp n. (B'a'-TSB-y-'"iy3) 

tiB "■iynnyjn8383 ; J31ny^Tlya=)•yty3 

lyajiiira'DyxsiB ys'^nnyjix ;-iyB3'T 

lyiu? IX 3jixynB'i8 ; iyD8P8in8 na 

.18B'B8p=fl'(S' 8 na ?yi:M1!i' ;TI 

bar'ratrous a. (DsiB-y-'iya) anJiB" 

.ts"'iy?iJMiE' ; nyB8n83 P8 

barratry .t 

bar'ratrously adv. (<?-DsiB-y-'iy3) 

.pyii'iiB- mT ; <■lyB8^83 ^nn 

barratry .t 

bar'ratry n. (nB-y-'iya) ; jnaya 

=ymya=i'ytyj ; pyijnia' lyaspsins 

8 na JyiJ'iiE' ; 'nynny3n><383 ; jjin 

.VI iyi8? IX 3:ixynB'i8 ; isB'ssp^n'ty 

balr'rel n. and v. (?j;-"ij;3) ,11B ,D8B 

na •\r\r\ n ;'ini8 8 ns iyi3'?'x 8 

B8Tn38P 8 DS11 yOlD n ; Dpi3 8 
D'18 B'3 BD8 iytS"B'?SB 8 '183 

;[iypyiix yj'njix -183 ^'paytBB'in] 

.D83 8 iy5'3js ; 083 8 P8 lyjyjj'ns 

bar'rel-bel'lied a. -'5y3-?y-'ny3) 

.313"3=3S1J (TK 

bar'rel campaign' -av? ?y-'ny3) 

lysjyii PK ,y'X8B'j8=?n8ii 8 Cp'b 

.lyr^'Bis' B3'ip lyo 

bar'rel churn (itib'B ?y-"iy3) 8I8 

.nyBiB lyjsJrD'iN dix svovb 


bar'racan n. (lyp-y-'nya) yssia 8t8 

^ .-inri'i'vovp iiB f\»a& 

bar' rack n. (py-'iya) =8P ; P8183 

.5yT'3=i?y3 ; ym8t 

Sol(jiera live In barracks. 

bar'rack-mas'ter n: -'oyo-py-'iya) 

.■i8BpyBD3'8 yai8t8P "iVT (lya 

Jiar'rack-mas'ter gen'«ral -'lya) 

Barrel Churn 
bar'reled a. (ijy-'iya) B8n Dsil 
=y3 P8 Bp8Byj ;[Dp'3 8 "3] insi 8 

nyiJ'S'x 8 PK \!iD»?mi:"K nyo 

.in»T lyis 

bar'rel-fe'ver m. (lyii-'iB-Jy-'iys) 

.[B3itpjnB] iy3'BMyt5'8?a 

bar'rel-hooks n. (Dpin-?y-'l83) 8 

lyo vBjyii B<D ,Dypnp wiyp'x isb 

.D8B 8 IS BDnyj 

bar'relled a. (i5j;-"iK3) barreled .t 

bar'rel of the ear <nB 118 5y-'ny3) 

5yB"n dst] 5y»siB lyis (ijpk 

DVt eiM8 Bony: dsii n»n« pk 


bar'rel of the wheel us 5y-'iya) 

isioyiBtj' na y?yii n (pyiin 'na 

.[(!'» 8 "a] 

bar'rel-or'gan n. (|yj-'i8=?y-'nya) 

.5y3n»«nyn 8 ; ypjnyBsp 8 

bar'rel up (ss Sy-'IW) lyJ'liJB 

.D8B 8 

bar'ren n. and a. (ty-'iy3) «3TK .1 

183B3na31H ; 138? BD'11 T83Bana 

»B3nB .2 ;[iyxj85a lyis ripn "a] 
;ii'BpnsiBJi8 ; lyBSBJiiyn ms ; is? 
o'NJiK ; BPSDB'ysas ; astH ; lypno 

B3yX8"lB P'P B3S1B D811 ; BJ«DynyB 


1. The West has much barren land. 2. The 
Investigation was barren of results, 

bar'rener n. (ly-jv-'iya) yiiy?8' 8 

.[b<: Tt Ba?yp dsh nip s] nip 

bar'ren ground (131813 iy-'iy3) 

=y3 Biyil] ny385«P'BB' iyi83B3nB318 

PK oy 1K11 Bjn3 8 IX y3i33 Ba'na 

»P'BB' 3''3yii inyi pk oy lyis sb'j 

.tyisa •iyT8aB3na3iK is iCiyJn'ip 

bar'renly adv. (>'?-:y-'-\S2) =B3n33i8 

.B'B8is p'p 3n3y33"na B'3 : isa 

bar'ren meas'ures -'6!»tj;o ty-'iya) 

y3i?X'33iK 113 Ba't^ IIB D'n3 n (niK 

8 PK in B58nB3y dsii ,iy5nMp«i"B!i' 

.ny lyi pk "iy385=ty5n'ip=i"Di!' 

bar'renness ». ' (Dyj-jy-'iya) =31K 

=nB ; B"p3MS5iyi3'P ;B"P183D3nB 

="iy3 ; B"pa<lS »3'BD''3 ; B"p3yp 


bar'ren-spir'ited a. -'TBD«iy-'iya) 

.DyiSBD"3 ; tS5BD"3. (lyB-'K 

bar'renwort n. (BTSlin-jy-"iya) 

n Bsn DSII' Di5a sis] Di53=iypst 

.[pst 8 na Disa 

bar'iffit II,. (By-'iy3) 818] By'183 8 

.[JVBM iyB«i5sD y38?a 

bar'retor n. (iSB-y-"iy3) 

barrator .t 
bar'retry n. (<-|B-y-'ny3) =3S DST 
Dsi ; lyoyxsiB • lyin'BiyB ix lyx"! 
IX iyx"i:s DST :ni5'3i iyB"nBij'iyB 
Bspsins 18 BinB DST lyii] npuno 
=yxsiB lynn'a ix iy3sn 5st iv na 


barricade' n. and v. ('Tip-'8-"iy3) 

PK 3yii na 33in8xiya] yispnsa .1 

=8xnya .2 ; ti"3nynjin 8 ;[non?D s 

.lyinspsisaiya ; ly^yBiriyB ,iyD 

1. The mob built a barricade in the street. 
2. The gamblers barricaded themselves In the 
room, and defied the police. 

barrica'der n. Ciyi-'^'p-'K-iya) 
.lyaBoyp'iynspnsa ; nyna=!yn8pn8a 

bar'rler n. and v. (ly-'w-'iya) 
'Dysya ; ssiBoya ; B'i3385i!' : lynsa 
; lyionsB ; 33iBDya»yy3yi3 ; 3J13'b 
; lyMD^nti' ; ryjyi3 ; i"BB'=i'y3yi3 
."lynsa 8 lyaso ;33nyBi!' ,(!"3iyi3'n 

bar'rler-gate n. (B"3=ny-''8-'ny3) 
barrier .t ."lyiB lynsa 8 




bar' ring prep. (]j'«-'-i83) ; lyD'iN 
trijiiwas ; tyoijyjD'iK jijyDV'StrDMx 

Barring accidentB, the plans will be carried 
out. • 

bar'rlng-out n. (tsjB-jj'K-'isa) n 


bar'rlstep n. (nj/o-B'K-'nva) ,bd'11' 

.BBpsms n»:yp=i*»ty3 

bar'rlster at law nvo-D'K-'iya) 

.tsspsinB (ns? uv 

bar'-room n. (dn-'l83) .piVff « 

bar'row n. and v. (is-'ij/a) ; uptfosD 

'MP 8 ; ?ynv3 8 ; jjpis'bkd 8 lynn'B 

.D'lD 8 inn 8 ; jyjiva 

bar'rowman n. (ij/o-is-'nya) 8 


bar'row-truck m. (p8iB-i8-'"iy3) 8 

=n'B IX lytyi "iix si'ix ?yjyii=ii8n 

.B38ia lyi 

barse ■«. (DlBa)- b'183 8 ,typ8 i8 

.[t!"B 8t8] 

bar'-sbot n. (o«w-'-\S2') lyjJBBB' n 
8 B'D BJ'J"KiyB iy?"Mp ■i<iix] 5yjip 
nani>o >'k BS'naya Biyii ,5yj:yBE' 

.[D' I'fl'18 


bars of the grate iriB 118 n83) 

-8 HB oypByssBB' y3-iyt"8 n (B'na 

[bdst] ypBswT 8 riB lyns ibpibs 

.lyiriK r8 rx 

bar'tender «. (lyi-iyB-'IBa) =?yp 8 

.pjyB' 8 I's lyj 

bar'ter n. 'and v. (nyB-'l8a) /B"ib lyi 

iy38B > ,tyB"3 ,iyB"iB ; syioBnts-MB 

.t"iB Dy:"?p 8 18B tys'ipiyB ; mJn 

Barter la a prfmltlve form of tradlug. 
Goods are exchanged, not bought and sold. 

bar'terer. ■». ciy-iyB-'l83) 'C'lB 8 
B'j BB'ipiVB DS11 lyi'iK] lyjijyn 

«1'1K D'lR n BtyiB ISJ ,yiN8l1 t"t 

.[yi88ii nyiJB 
bar'terihg ji. (jj'K--iyB-'n83) ^ts-MB 


bar'tizan n. (iyt-'B-"i8a) ='11? 8 

=y?=Pip B'o oyniB iyj"?p 8]» nyniB 

.[I'ln 8 na 1J811 8 IS BM3y;i!( lys 

baru'ria rs. (8-n-'nn-ya) "PJBIP 8 

.[njnti'n] iniK ns wiBamys yBssn 
bar' ways odu. (t"iin-'i8a) ost'isn 


bar'wood n. (ii«iin-'l83)' =8pnB8 


bary'ta n. (yB-''8l-y3) »iy'it=Din8a 

»'nj iyrBB'3 -lyiyiiti' nyB'''Dy3 s] 

. [lyii^iB lyD'Mi 

bary'tes ». (fB-'^BVya) 

barite .t 
bar'ytone ». o»d o. (piSB-'N-'iya) 

baritone .t 
ba'sal o. (?yD-'"3). ix 1'''B' t'8 Dsil 
=y3 nyi pk] nsBB'ijnj nyis ytsa 8 
«83 8 Dsn D8II ; ?8t:3yo8i3iB ;[y)o 

.13115 8 ,DM 

basalt' «. ('B?8D-y3) •'iW,B?8t83 

»'myB3y?"t nyj'S38?3 8i8] p'Bis'jy? 

.[p'BB' lyj 

basal'tlform a. (D-i8B-'B-'?8D-yay 

.piB((>»o?8t8a 8 in I'Jjny 

bas'anite n. (B'8J-y-'D»3) =iy'38iB 

BIX Bxijys r'BE' lyxnBiiE' bis] i'^b^ 

.[1583 lyTasiB 

bas-bleu' n. t'i?3-83) D8II /na 8 

■ B"pD8tiny?y3 ti'i8 jypts'oB ts b38o 

.'ny3"iB' iyi8 

bas'clnet ». (By3-''D-'Dy3) 'SBB' 8t8 

y3'B"si8'a n "a] 5yB'n»-iyx38B yjy? 


bas'cule n. (jvp-'oya) n'DJ8?83 B 

■\:v I"K DS11 ,iypna "3 33iB3m8a 

. «"11X IIB B3Miy33"?3 n B58n P'la lis 

.[lyjyay d"3] ijy ryB 

bas'cule-bridge ». (6!»tTl3-?i'P-'Dy3) 

o8?83 8 ^-in ^'t Bjyay D8I1 pn3 8 

P'la IIB ijy I" 8 D811 ,33iBam8a«TD 

.ijy tyB"iis oyT Ba'iiy3a"53 rs B?8n 


base n, a. and v. (D"a) ,i3n3 ,Dn83 .1 

yt83 .2 ; ?yBt!'y3=DiB ; Bjyosnsia 

yiS"Dy3 P8 eiBBtJiBS'in ,t|«Btyi:n3] 

;[iyx58i Byn?'3 tjsii ,iy3:n3'3iyB 

5Sa>D"3 P8 ;[p't1B P8] 1383 8 

iy?P3'ii lya n pb lyj^'s — ?y'Bt!' 
;3nyT3 .3 ; ny'B n^ya^jyaty pa 
B'3 iyi8ay3 jjiDSBts-aB iy3m'3 pa 
=y3 ; ifJBa ; bbt'h iya'5syty3 8 pa 
,iy5yBt!' : tyi3''"i3Sa ,tyi3n3 .4 ; p<o 
.tycsyanye ; iy3nyT3iy .5 ; tyx''Bi!' 

1. The base of the column, 3. His action 

was base. 4. Base your arguments on facts. 

base alloy' (';s5-y B"a) =33^3 

«yii iyB?8nB3y ysjyii niysBo] 3'B?8n 

tiiBT Dy '11 ny35't lyis i?83 iy3'3 

.[P't IX 

base'ball n. (5n83-'D"3) 5S3=D"3 
,ty583 B'D ?y»Bt!' -lyo'iiys 8] ■pp-'B-^ 

IX DyiBT8B "11X PB BJ^BtJiys Biyii 

p« B?y'B!!'y3 ?y'B inyt Biyii ,yiy' 9 


base'-board n. (tii83='B"3) yJSDB' 8 

BDMiy338 lynyii ey y35yii b'd Byn3 

.lya'x 8 pa i3yii 't iyB3i« pa 

base'-born a. (ps3='D"3) ry"i83y3 
iyiyB?y yB8T"n-iyaji8 i>?xyiy3 tia 

.[TIDO k] 

base'-bred a. (iyi3-'D"3) 8 b'd 

»"5p 8 pa ; piBy3 ; 33in'xiy -iy3'-n'3 

.Din' Dy3 

base'-coln n. (P8p-'D"3) .n?y3 ts'?8B 

base'-court n. (BliSP^'D'^a) '"lyBJ';! 

;ei'in=iy3n'n 8 ; Tpn 8 pa «i'in lyBS' 

.ei'in=DBany3 iy3'n'i3 8 

base'-hear'ted a. (nyB-'T8n-'0"3) 

B'o ; -lynoyTiya s pb iy?n''By3 b'd 

.n8n E'JBB 8 

base'less a. (By?-'D"3) ; t8?n:n3 


His accusation is baseless. 

base'lessness n. (By3-By?-'B"3) 

l"P lyasn B'3 B8T :B"P3M8?13n3 

.I'l iyB3i8 tyisa 
b«cae'-llne «. (r'8?''D''3) 'i3n3 n 
,:y'3'r' n ^ ^yeti' ?83"D"3 P8 ;y'3'? 

"?y'Blif IIB iy?P3'11 n B3'3"NiyB DS11 


base'ly adv. ('?-'B"3) "^ -'"^J" 


base'man n. (iyo-'D"3) PB lyj"" 

tyB-'JBP'iyDB oyi i'8 -w^ysv 3 n 

«"iix B"3 lynyBB' dsh 5S3«b"3 ?y'3ii' 

BP3is«?yp3'ii lyaiyB pk lyam avo 

baseball .t .^5ya=?y'BB' ayi pa 

base'ment n. (B3yi5-'B"3) '81310 8 

.:3i3n8ii=iy7yp 8 : yT'3y3 8 pa B3yo 

base'-mln'ded a. (iyn-'3'BO-'B"3) 

.B3''ty3 p'oyj 

base'-mln'dedness n. -'3'«o='D"a) 

.33i3'ty3 y3"Dy3 ;B"n3"oy3 (By3-nyT 

base'ness n. (Dy3-'B"3) ,B"pjnyTJ 

»B3y3iK ,B"nj"Dy3 ,B"P3'B3ynBnyT'j 

.[iy?8Bya pa] b"p 

base'-splr'ited a. -'k-'tbb-'B"3) 

; 3"B ; HB'Dys iy3m'3 8 b'o (lyB 

.P'oy3 : nBii'iyisn 8 b'd 

base'-string n. (33'1BB='D"3) B83 

.jyTB 8 pa yjnoD 

base'-tln n. {pB='B"3) .PX=358n 

bashaw' n. cnsB'-ys) be'bb nyn 

y3'B3'ii 8 ;[nsB83iy3ij nyE"piyB] 

.lysBO iyx383 8 ; B"P3'?3ynyB 

bash'ful o. (SiB-'wa) ^BBBnoBB' 

.3nypyiE' :jmi»DyB' 

bash'fuUy adv. ('K-?iB-'B'y3) B H'lK 

.IB18 lysnypyiBf -\viit !y3niiyDyB' 

bash'fnlness n. (By3-5ia-'B'ya) =08i!' 

onypync ;D"P3'iiiyDyB' ; D"p3'BBBn 


bash-ibazonk' n. Cpir-ffa-'S-B'ya) 

pa BB158D ny3'5'ii"iB b] pitwiyBa 

B'3 B8n D811 ,"018 ip[!"Piyo in 

>y3 B'3 BQipy3 P« Dn8a'318 I"p 

.B8"i?»B iyByiiyn?'iiKix b ;£o5n8X 

ba'slc a. (p'D-'"3) B5BnB3j D8ii 

IX iy33n3'3iya yB"oy3 pk] ytB3 b 

.58B3yD8i3iB ;[r?8t 8 inJ'a 

basic'lty n. ('D-'8-'B'D-"a) P't DST 

base .t .[yoya pk] ytea 8 

ba'sify o. (iBB-»D-'"a) iy?i38inyB 

.jyB'D ^K"Dy3 mil yt83=r58t 8 pk 

i bas'il n. (j'^-'tya) D'np^iy'SMBa 

yB3iB3y3 :[yx38?B ysnypyoB' po b] 

yBBiBt:'y33s Sir\» n : ?yB S3»db»b' 

iyn38 IB pa lyis bb5t b pb b'm 


bas'llar o. (n8?-'K-'By3) B3'By3 bbii 

lynys dsii : yay?Bi3n3 -wi ei'i« Tt 

.lyaiBB^SBP pa b'T83 ayi ix 

bas'llar ar'tery -'is n85-»«-'Bya) 

.iyiS=3«?li^31"133Tn 1»T ('K-iyo 

bas'llar bone (nga nB?-'K-'Bya) 

.t"3131")3 im 

basil'lc n. and o. (p'B-'j'B-ya) «3'3yp 

.yp'?'DB3 8 IS VV t'K DS11 :T? 

btisilioa .1 

basU'lca n. (yp-'8-'5'B-y3) ='?'B8a 8 

'y3 :BD8?BB ny3'>3'3»p iyB58 ,»P 

■nTP 8 nyo'ii yB?8 n "a pin=BBa'T 

'ryty3 B8t ;?'bb P'S'tsa p« B'lays 

.lyBB-ny ayi bi'?mb3 ivvsp pa iia 

basil'lcal a. ()yp-'K-'5'B-»i) 


basll'ican o. (iyp-'«-'?'o-y3) bsii 

basilica .i .yp'j'DBa b ix v^v t»K 

basll'lcon n. (isp-'K-'?'D-ya) •D3'3jp 

. .a?8t'i3i8ii ,aJ8r 

bas illsk n. and a. (pB'VK-'oya) 

•'BB'3 yi!»BB8B38B B] PB'?nB3 lyi 

•nyi Biyii By iy3Jyii lysyii ,338?b' w 




DUll -.[pip I'B'O BBB'ID M tB .e^nvi 

.[ijnyDB' 8 lis DISB 

bas'Il-weed ». (nyiiin-5'K-'iM) srs 

ba'sin ». and v. (tD"3) IJ/DBII ,t"B83 
=j»ii 8 iia 5ny5Vo dst : ivpva : lypva 
=811 ; 31-13 : i8iNinytj;T : jyovp ; ?8i:' 
inn ,1J85 noE' IVT ; lyoSsnya^iyD 
="B y58 B'a i"B 8 BD!5a oy iy35yii 

Bn<K PK iy?8B 0811 iy53"B tlK iy3 

y:8ii=nyB8ii 8 px typJiB:"8 ; p'-i8 

.tiyBi8m!f38 iyi"8 yB"n] 

bas'lnet «. (Byj-'iK-'Dy3) iy58Bt!' 8 

»ynp y3*B"xn8B n "3 ?yB'nnyvJ8a 


ba'sin of a port (onisB y 118 IB"3) 

. =B'i8 lyay'B 8] lyasn 8 iia p'B83 8 

lyB'ss" 1811 lyasn 8 px bts lyoysBiJya 

.[iyoiP3in8 lyoyp iy?st 

ba'sln-shaped a. (bb"6!'-i'b"3) bsii 

.typ»3 8 iia ym8B n Bsn 

ba'sin-stand n. (i3yBB-l'B"3) 't^Bll 


ba'sls n. (D'B-'"3) =l3n? ; BM83 
,y'j'5i:iij ; y^'Biy ,BjyD8iJiB ,yj85 
=83 n ;[5'B8ByB8D'- pn] ysyJBijnj 
"3 D811 s'oss v» B:y»y5y=ijn3] yr 
=yj tyiyii lyiyii b'd jjnomya pn 
,[iyK58t Byn?'3 

ba'slSt ■». (BB'B-'"3) ,iy5y'BlS'=B83 

bask V. (pDy3) lyT T8a] lyoynsii im 


The people lie on the beach and bask in 
the sunshine. 

bas'ket n. and v. (oyp-'Bys) ,31SP 

iyai8ii ; 31SP P8 iyj"53'n8 ; P'k'sp 

OS B'3 ,iyi"iipmx ; sispoy'BBa pk 


bas'ket-ball n. (?n83-Byp-'By3) 8t8 

ByT nn8T lyo iy3?yii "3 ,5y'B!!'=583 

"11V iia Byj"N PK iyan8ii:"i8 583 

.jyxy: nyis iy3T8P 

bas'ket-but'ton n. (tBS3-Byp-'By3) 

BIBB n BSfi BS11 ,S8JP ny:y?8Byo s 

.3TSP ayjyossJayj 8 tia 

bas'ket-chalse n. (t"B'-Byp-'By3) 

.iyi811=3'lSP 8 

bas'ket-nsh ». ((C'B'oyp-'Bya) nyi 


bas'ketfnl n. (?ia-Byp-'By3) 'its 

.iy»nyjj"n8 typ 3-i8P s 'ii ?ya 

bas'ket-taandle n. (5ijyn=Byp-'By3) 

iyjM3 lyBpmyjB'ix 8r8] tyj'i3=3nsp 

.[lyTuyj "3 

bas'ket-hllt n. (B5'n»Byp-'By3). 

»-i8a yj'D'iyB3i8P 8] BisP'TiyiiB' 8 

niyiiB" I1B tin3iJ8n ayi is ajiB3n 

.[iJ8n <i tyx'B" IX 

bas'ket-ma'ker n. ~'iiO'OVi>-'0V^) 

.iy38o=3i8P ,-iyB3y5B=3isp (lyp 

bas'ket-mee'ting n. -'j;iD-Byp-'By3) 

8 DjyBBinyo] jjijDsnya 8 (jo'b 

yo5yD8nyB n pni8ii [ytyj'JVT 

.fUBE' B'D ryj3'n3 

bas'ket-rack n. (py'i-Byp-'By3) 8 

yx'58B yj''Diya=t'yj lyis yjyB385By3 

.tyjS38ii=in83:yt"N n pk pvsvj T«a 

bas'ketry n. (n-Byp-'By3) '318? 

.iyn8ii»3TSp ; B"3n8=3-i8p ,piyii 

bas'ket-salt n. (B?nsB-Byp-'By3) =ti"B 


bas'ket-sword n. (ni8B»Byp-'By3) 

basket-hilt .t .^^y1lt^'=3^8P 

bas'ketwork n. (p-psiin-Byp-'Bys) ' 

yny ; B"3-18='iyB''T ,B"318=p''t^8P 

.lyan tia lyBSsJayj Biyii bbii ist 

bas'king-shark n. (pi8iii»j3'P-'By3) 

=D' lyoM-ij 818] i^'a'8n=iytyn -lyi 



ba'son n. and v. (i'd"3) basin .» 

Basque ». and a. (pBy3) Bsil iy:"N 

P58a 818] iypB83 n iia 3s bbbbe' 

=B83 'T na isiaty n ;[iy':8Bt!' ?'x 

tlX iypB83 n is 1"!!' PK 0811 ; lyp 

.isnati' lyu 
basque n. (pDys) =ty08T yiillP 818 


basquine' n. ('pp-Dy3) =-iyBJl« 8t8 

px yt!"pB83 n na lyisnaya ri"'?? 

.lyna yE"J8Bi^ 

Basqu'lsh n. and a. (K"N-'pBy3) 

Basque .1 
bas-relief' n. ('(iy5-n-83) '3?8n 8 
pa pm38 lyT B8ii] i5'3 "lyay^yT 

.[B?13 5yD'3 8 183 P8 lyiU'B 'T 

bass m, v. and a. (d"3) B83 lyi 
P'BB' nya'y'B' iysT8iii!' ;[pniD px] 
tyjy'BB' lyis lyaan ;iy3n3=iy?'ip I'x 
.[pMiD nyi I'x] ny'B ,j'-iyT3 ;B83 

bass n. (Dy3) ; B'i3=tynj'5 nyispnyns 

8 IX 1'?Jny (!"B 8t8] f|?811=Q' lyT 

'yj yB8D ,y!j't838i 8 ;[ryP8 .tyiss 

.yiSP BM3'iyT3'5 PB iyB38?B 

bass clef (siy?? B"3) 5yB'5t!'=B83 

.[iyB8:=pnio px] 

bass drum (bsit B"3) .P'IB VB'nj 8 

bas'set n. and v. (By-'By3) =)"11P 8 

;?y'Bis"tyB'isp 8t8 n3in=iJ8' nyj'B'a 

nyi Tix iyj"[!'iy ,b3'6!' x iy3yn33in 

.[iy3nj=ry5n'ip "3] ysyJBiys* 

bas'set-horn n. (nsn=By-'By3) =83 

=nBB:'x ■iyB"58pnia 8t8] n8n'ByB 

.[Byji85p 8 IX v'>mv Bjyo 

bas'set-hound n. (i3i8n»By-'By3) 

.B'a yxiip B'D iJin=nJ8' "8t8 ' 

bass'-horn n. (nsn-'Bys) n8n=B83 

.[BjyonBBj'x iyB"5sp'tiD 8] 

bas'sinet n. (Byj-'x-'Bya) 

basinet .t 
bass' -mat ». (oyo-'Bys) ,vm»i«-\ 8 

.yB8D 8 

bas'so n. and «.. (8-'Dy3) »B83 8 

;[n83 8 px] yD'Bij'=D83 8 ;nyj3't 

.[p'llD px] WB ,J'1T3 

bass of an or'gan -'lu ly ii8 B"3) 

.5yji8 18 PB iy?B"a b83 't (lyj 

bassoon' n. ctniB-ys) I8B83 lyi 

,B3yDnBBj'K>i853 iyti"?8P'tia 8] 
t'i53 BJy'BB'yj Biyii' oy iy35yii Pi'ix 

.[yD'DE"D83 'T 

bassoon'ist n. (t5D'8-'JniB-y3) lyT 
bassoon ,\ .ij;5j;'S!!'=l8B83 
Ijass'-sin'ger n. (iyj-'j'B-'B"3) 


bass string (3:'-ibd D"3) =083 't 


bass vi'ol (5«-''811 B"3) SIDJSP 8 
.85yx I'58'11 8 ; X'inJ83 8 ,B83 

bass'wood n. (iixiin-'By3) 'yD8 lyn 
.B<i3=iyn3'? lyjBp'T 
bast n. (BBy3) yn8P yBB'iyBJix 't 
lynyii oy y3?yii tia B'ujynr? 8 tiB. 

.[tyB8D] SyU'tXJBT B38Dyj 

bas'ta int. (sB-'Dy3) 1 3i:yj 1 8BB83 
bas'tard n. (in8B-'By3) ; TtDD 8 
yBST'ii-iyajix I'jxytyj 8 pa iyn83y3 
na lypix ,iypix nyj"! i"p b'j n8B 
PB ; B3y:ix ; BE'Jyayj ; i8ia iyB"iix 
tynynyjiix nyi8 lys'JonyiiyjjiK 


bas'tardlse v. (P8i-i8B-'By3) 'VpVW 

.TtDD 8 18a lyi 

bas'tard stuc'co -'P8DB ll80-'By3) 

.X11D8P1B1!' lyiB y:B8ii yj'i (IS 

bas'tard sug'ar ds-'JlU' ll8B-'oy3) 

bastard ,\ 
bas'tard title (58'8B TiBB-'Bys) 
1X11 ,113 8 PB B853=nyE' ■iyB"iis lyi 

"0 -iVT iy3yjyjiy3'x iix'ps aiyii By 

lyayjyjJB px lysjyii ,'ni3 na ?ib 

.B8?3«-iyt!' lyotcny I'^i'ix 

bas'tardy n. ('i-i8B-'By3) =yj 'T 

nyajix T5xyiyj pa no'P 8 iib dii3 

.-itDD 8 p't DS1 i tyiyB5y yB8i"n 

baste V. (CD"3) =yB!!' 8 B'D lyJS?!!' 

lynyjjs] tyiiya'i^s jynyj'iBB ;iyp 

rf^ov tyB'iB ;[iyB6!' yB'iu b'b 

.e"'?B ByjyBsi3yj ei'ix 


Ba'stile' n. ('5<b-DJ(3) J(i?<bD81 'T 

iis'si?siiy'i iy6!"t''ix38'iB nj/oty-ij; in 

[1789 inu' t'N 

bastile' n. and v. ('5<t3-D!)3) =DyB t! 

8 I'8 I»n8aB'J"8 ;D'JJjyBW 8 JJ1Q 


Bastille' n. ('?'B-Bjfa) Bastile .t 

bastille' ». ('51B-BV3) bastile .\ 

bastinade' n. and v. ('T"J-ib-DV3') 

n ny3'8 t»pj/B(s' 8 B'0-t»J8?t:' D8t 

"iJl»B PK JJ1B8-1BTO3 8] I»?nt=DlB 

twJyii B'B ,tywBS!' 8 :[iym»B tiN 

IVJBJB' ; 1B18 8t8 «1M8 OBSlBtyya IVD 
.iy5'1t=DlB 'T 1W8 

bastlna'do ». (isi-'"J-'B-By3) 

. bastinade .t 
bas'ting n. (jjiB-'D^a) iyj8?t!' ds"i 

1P380 B3"B 08T ;[|yp»BE' 8 B'd] 
BSl :"iyBS13 Q"3 t^i'SB B"pByB B<D 

.[lyBt!' yB'nj b'd lynyj] tyiiyanBo 

bas'tlng-la'dle n. (?ti'?-33ib-'D"3) 

B<B ,>yBy?] ^yayS'D'ity ,5yay5=iyB8n3 

.[bso oyT 38 BD'iK' lya tys^yii 

' bas'tlng-maehlne' m. -j3'B-'D"3) 

.lyiiyjnoD bis r'«!'8o 8 cpts'-yn 

bas'tion n. (i8'B-'Dy3) 18] 1S''BD83 

iiB PK 0811 5yj'iy3='ny tyBscyjB'iN 

— lyj'iBty B'D BnyiDyjOMN aaynsa 

.[typyiix^Djyip -i8d 

bas'tionary a. cvy-JS'B-'Dys) D811 

.Piyiuss ,rs'BB83 8 w vt!> pk 

bastion .t 

bas'tioned a. (titt'<a-'DV^) BS'l!'y3 

Piyil?83 B'D lyiS iyJS'BD83 B'O 
bas'tO ». (18B-'Dy3) Pk] fiyiB PIB 

.[sysMyBisp lyoniyj 8 

bat n. and v. (By3) ; PiDiynyJB 

'Vse/ Bis] p8Bty=583 ,yp3'3n /pSBiy 

njn 38 B3S?!!' 6811 nyj'JV.'iyT ;[iy5 

8 ;B85P 8 ;t5y'BB'=583 "3] 583 

iyn8 lypni ; p^oit/ 8 b'd iy3'j b8?p 
;B"pJ'?yj[i' n ; iyj'18 n b'd ty?BJ'B 

;[inyB=BB"3'18 18 186] 5yB8tP8a 8 

.tit ly^T'iKiBjypnByj sys'x 8 



ba'table a. (?3yB-'"3) .j'B"lBts' 
bata'ta n. (yB-'8i3-y3) »SB18P yen 


batch ». and v. (ts'By3) pysyj 8 .1 

i"8 «i'iK typ83y33s Kinyii bsii] 

lyiyii B811 ,ynjy8ti'jy3ynD 8 .2 ;[58o 

J3l5D8tB'1JlS 8 ; ?8B piX f|'18 B38By3 

'BMJix ; yiJVBii'jyjyj y3"5j ib s iia 
«ia8t 8 .3 ; ty38t y3"?j ■^d 8 ty?B8t 
8 tys't!'y3 ;[t''b iyi8 b' pk] pjs3 

■"'BB' B<D BI1'8 J'i:ypyiy3 P383»1D8t 

tviyii Bpjyiitj'yj38 bm 58t ny t8 ,iyj 

.D81Bt!' IIB 
2, He received a batch of letters. 

bate n. and v. (b"3) ; Pj8S ,B'nBt!' 

: tyt8?pyii8 ,iyxyt38-i8 ; tyiyio'civa 

=B'i8 ; il;iyjy5piyB ,iyiy3'Sj'inyB vi 

.typ"ll3"N ; iyJ85ts' ; lyo'iJE' 

bateau' n. ('isB-y3) 185b ,):s1> 8 
.pn3 lyijyDiiitJ' 8 ,I8BJ8S 8 ; Jya'ty 

bat'-fish n. (it"B-'By3) .b"B=(t5b "lyT 

bat'-fow'ltng n. (33'i5-'18B-'By3) DST 

iyn3y?3nyB tin b383 "3 iy?3'ia tysss 

.B3'?- B'D iy3'18 n "t 

bath n. and v. (nBys) ;y38ll 8 ; 183 8 
yen's B58 18 ;y38ii 8 i'8 tyn83 

.[n3]D8B BB"P3'B'?a 

Bath brick (p'i3 nBy3) t'''BB'»?y3's 

.[d'53 yjy58Byo lyxia bix] 

Bath chair (inyifB riBys) =typJ8iP 8 


bathe v. (nB"3) : ty!ty3y3 ; iyi83 

.y38ii 8 tyony3 

bathe'able a. (53y-'nB"3) Dix B"n3 

.ryxy: lyis iyis3 typ tyo dsii ;iyis3 

ba'ther n. (iynB-'"3) iy35yii lyi 

Dsii -lyji'^ ;BD83»yi83 8 n't biss 

.[iyB"ll!t 8] B1S3 

ba'thing accomoda'tions 33'nB-'"3) 

=31B3'13"8«yT83 ((J8t!'-'"l-8-S8P-y 

, .tyB"P3'5Dyiipy3=yi83 ; m 
ba'thing-box n. (BP83'3:'nB-'"3) 

iyT'5P3S 118 !yT'?PB'18 BIV 5yT'3 8 
.tpnS3 B"3 Tt 

ba'thing-cap n. (Byp>33>riB-'"3) 


ba'tblng-draw'ers ». =33'ilti-'"3) 

.iyt'in=yi83 (ny-'n8"n 

ba'thing-machine' n. =yo»33'nB-'"3) 

=811 ■iyBpyny3 8t8] iy38ii=yi83 cpb' 

PK P'"i8 Binsa tyo i^Jssyii b'b iy3 

.[tyi83 IX vt lyosii 

ba' thing-man n. (iyD-3:'nB-'"3) ivt 

.V85B«yi83 8 i'8 lyBByii 

ba'thing-place n. (D"5B=33'nB-'"3) 


ba'thlng-room n. (Dnn=3J'nB-'"3) 


ba'thing-sea'son n. (it'D-33'nB-'"3) 


ba'thing-tub n. (3S8=33'inB-'"3) 

.y38ii=yis3 8 

bath'-kee'per n. (iyB-'y'p-'nBy3) 

bath'-kol n. (?8P-'nBy3) .?ip=n3 8 
Bath met'al (?y-'Bya nBy3) ,33'Dyo 

'B'niV t'8 B811 ,?8Byo 8t8] P8308B 

.[lyaip 118 pj'x tiB lyxJBOifys 

bathom'eter n. ('iyB-y-'D8nB-y3) 

•ay'B '1 tyBDyo lit BjyonBBJ's 18 

.■iyD811 IIB B"p 

bat'horso n. (Di8rt-'B»3) myB'p8B 8 

"D "3 pyayj n oin'B D8ii niya b] 



ba'thos n. (DsnB-'"3) iyp:'t38i8 D8T 
>"T i'8] tys'iyi'J D1X Byjy38m» hb 
lys'Jiysy? 8 ;[iy3"i!!' lyns tVT 
.yT3 BIX Byjy38my na 3J83ny3'8 


Bath pa'per (nyB-'"S noy3) =BBSB 

.B8m»B 58B1811P PK lySBB 

Bath post (BD18S nB»3) 

Bath paper .t 

Bath stone (iiBBD nBy3) lyB'IIW 8 


bath'-tnb n. '(38B-'nBy3) .y^sii 8 

bathym'eter n. (lyB-y-'D'nB-ys) 

=yay'B 't lyBoyo is BjyonBDJ'K i8 

.B'D' tia t!"3 

ba'ting n. and prep. (33'B-'"3) B8T 
=pyii8 EST ;iy53'5B n b'o iyiyB8?a 
«"iy3"i8B ?yB iyp"iiJ"K est : iyn'5B 
; 3'n3»jy3yi38 ;iy3i83 bis "t j'ljyo 

.3'ljyB'5li'D'18 ; 3'ljyBny338n8 

batiste' n. ('BB'B-y3) =83 ^B'B83 


bat'let n. (By?-'By3) 'ts-Bll 8] P'JJBIS 

.Liyti'811 B"3 OTIl 'T iy385P BIS v>m 

bat'man n. (iyo-'BB3) "3 nyJB'T 8 


bat' on n. and v. (i8-'By3) '813808? 

PSBtS^BPSB '; P8BE'»"S'5«B : PSBE* 

8 B'D iy38?t!' ;[i8E't'TTis3 8 na] 


Batra'chia n. (y-'p-'"i8-y3) =£"818 
"Bsyi y3'53ny=!!'8ia ysnj 8] vtvo 


batra'chian a. and n. -'p-'"iB-y3) 

; yiyB'tysia 't is ^''ts- pk bsh (ly 

.ly'D'E'Bia 8 

bat'rachlte n. (B'8P-yi-'By3) 8t8 

.i^BiB 8 na T58P oyi B8n B8ii P'di!' 

bat'rachoid a. (T8P-yn-'By3) dkii 

.B'8iB 8 tia Bisa n B8n 

bats'man n. (iyD-'BBS3) Dull Ijn 

583=B"3 P8 PSBE'-aBSp ByT B?8n 


bat's'-wlng n. (33'lin='DBy3) =y?B 


bat's' -wing bur'ner 33'iiin-'DBy3l 
iy3y-i3 5y3'5B>t'iDnyny5B (lyi-'Tia 

B811 331B3"5y3=t83 P8 tV^Va ,818] 

'T B^n iy35yii ,B8?b iyB"n3 8 B'3 

.[5y3'5B=t'iDiyn»>B 8 na bibb 

bat'ta ». (»-'By3) B58ny3 siBDpy 

;iy'n3'8 PK i»B8n58D UE"53jy 't iib 

.11 .t .8 yBTBDyn8 xmv n8a B^nssyi 

O'K pk] B318PBn ;[ty'13'K I'k] 


battal ion ». (i8'-'5yB-y3) =8B83 8 

,iyB8n58B»D1B pa 331?"B38 18] 18'? 

y3'?By na B5yBt;'y3B'i3is pk S35yii 

battal ioned a. (i38'-'?yB-y3) =3"K 

.!y38'?8B83 PK B?"By3 

bat tel n. and v. (?By3) 33i33yT •<-[ 
=33y] ByB'fiyii'jiK iyii8aBP8 lia 

=1BB 8 na 3J1B?8nB'lK '1 -188 [138? 

=yi38 y?8 UK iyp3'iB ,iyBy b'd B3yT 

'T PK Tl Iy3"-1B'3"K ; iy383D'18 V\ 

ByB'nyii'3iK nyii8BBP8 na -iy3'3 

. .B3yi1BD 8 B?8 

bat ten n. and v. (iBy3) ; lyiyii ays 

iy3y? ,iyB'3yj .tysyiB ;iy38D Bye 

:[i?ya 8] lys'BO'a :3SB?n8ii pk 

lySBoss' 8 B'D iy38D'iyB ,iy38?t!'n»a 

8 ,?yBVl3=)'5sn 58DB> 8 ; ?yDy-ia 





bat'ten door (iisi t'eya) Tfio ti 

.■^yjBD"? Vtitaif I1B B38DW 

bat'ten down the hat'ches mil2) 

lypi? 'T typyisa iiv-'e>avn 'no ii<st 

pn p'N iva n'B' 8 p« w:y33in »t] 

=y3 tiK iiB?yjyt en [iyiyi:8 oix 

.tyt3D"5'i'?sn B's lyj'Boya 

bat'ten floor (iisja loya) ?n 8 

'BB"5 »?8oi!' na B38nyj [yasJiss] 


bat'ter n. and v. (ly-'Bya) ; iyj8?is' 

: B8?p 8 : eysy «i'i« lyo'sy : m»'>wi 

«pm oyjyasiaiif lis iy3"s 8 ; iyB85p 

'lya B'o iy"K y^yjsju'yjBMK ; r8( 

=y5p Bis] "5p ; tysTiiyj yjyny<E' 

18] 1J811 8 na B"P'yBiE'D n lEtys 

M Biyii lyiya't inyBB' jst ij8ii 8 

Dsii lyi iCa'TyamD D8iioy B<nyj 

D"3] P8Bt^ I'B'n 583 aii-i as Ba8?P 

.[syau' 5s3=D"3 

bat'ter at (By ny-'Bya) tyTP8B8 

»Di8 ,iyxTB!j' IS in iyi8BD :DyBy 

.Dysy tyBS'jiya ■^yns iyai8ii 

bat'ter-cake n. (p"pny-'By3) ^'P 8 

(i'i8 typ83yj 5nyD=ytnipip na jys 

.yjyoyoB lyis ypj8'5D8n 

bat'tered a. (niy-'By3) =ix ,iy:s58!'ix 

.BX'jyaas .BiyBtj'is ,bb85p 

bat'terer n. Ciy-iy-'Bya) Bsii lyj^'S 

.BB85pn lynS QJS52'1S 

bat'tering a. (3:'8-iy-'By3) oyn 

.ysiB'D an 

bat'terlng-charge «. -jj'K-iy-'By3) 

,nyii5iB 5nsx yBoynj n (tymstyB 

=yim 8 iyis5os lyp lyo y35yii b'd 

.B8m8n \]ii 

bat'tering-ram n. =3:iK-nj;-^By3) 

8] ny3yn3=iyny'iD ,psamiBK' (tayi 

=Dya 8 iy3yi3ix ix yj'tj'sn yi'S'^sisa 


• Battering-ram 
bat'terlng-traln n. =j3's-ny-'B5!3) 

ty38:8P B'D [in83] JIX 8 (l""nB 

.[typyiiv yirnyB'S'o n8a] 

bat'tery n. (iN-ny-'By3) ; iyJ8?t!' D8T 

5n»x yB'iiyj s] 'nyB83 ; ■'■'•^siv'?^ 

;[iypyMS=B;:nyj85ya nsa iyB80T8ri 

,'nyB8a yBinBpyjy i8 ; iJ8ii=BjJioByB 

=nBpy?» ynynnyo na j:i?yB6S'aMJix s 

yiyayij 8 lynipya is lyajyoyjy yty 

=583=B"a n8 ; BB81P !;E"iBpy5y 

lyssa lyT ns iyBT8ii lyi — jy^Bc 


bat'tlng n. (jvs-'Bya) iyB«5P_BST 

iyS85pB'1K B»T ; P'J^BIB 8 B'oVyil 

»"i IS By lypyBii'insT 8 b'd Jsiio'n 
'in yjy?«siioM3 -lyis yjy?sii ; ryi'J 
I'B'o ?83 ayn iyB8?P3s but ; Byp 

.[?y'Bt!' 583=B"a P8] PSBB" 

bat'tle n. and v. (5Bya) ' XiV^w 

»«n ,tyB"iBB' ; iyB58n nenjo ; non?a 

.ni3M 8 lya 

bat'tle-ax n. (Dpy-'?Bya) b?8 P8n 8 

.nan?a i'k tn^'Ja 

bat'tled a. (i?Bya) ^ BSyoiyyjB'ix 

=B'(!' B'D Bnstya ; j3in-is=B38?iJ' I'k 

BPi8BB'iyB ;[jjiBDya 8 "3] ■iy3y? 

BBBoyp lyo BS11 nJ8ii=Dj:iBByB 8 b'o 

.nyi 3y'5is 

bat'tledore n. (■iisi-'?By3) est 

=yBs? 8 iCsyiBts- b'jvb "3] ry:j8?tj' 

t'K B'n3 Bxyi lyo iy35yii b'd yo 

VJwnsn ,8 nyi8 p'j?8ib 8 :ryii'i8 

B'D ypBysB? y3iyt"8 8i8 ; E-yii isa 

="an8=t8?3 na Bsuya ?yBjyn=i'5sn 8 

; .lyB 

bat tiedoor a. (li8l-'5By3) 

hattledore r 

bat'tle-field n. (i5yiB-'5By3) bst 


bat'tle-flag •«. (jy?a-'5By3) ='5'd s 

'Vi onyii B811 insB 8 ;j8?b lyiynya 

.nBn5n P8 ty^ie 

bat'tle-ground n. (i:i8"i3-'?By3) 

battle-field .t 
bat'tlement «. (B:yo-'5By3) ^yJE'ts" 
»B::iBBya 8 :[3:iOByB 8 pk] nys 
.ri& CIS 1J811 

bat'tlemented a. (lyB-jyo-'Joya) 
=Dj:iBByB "wm. imi'rw b'o BJistya 


bat'tle-plece n. (By'B='?By3) »yj 8 

.nonjo 8 na n?'3 Dya^nsa 

bat'tle roy'al (?y-''sT Jaya) >i 


bat'tle-ship n. (B'sr-'Soya) =Bjynp 8 


battol'ogy n. ('ts'n-S-'58B-ya) ='159 

na 3:i58myTii yj<B'iJ:i8 ; "iin 


battoule'-board n. (ini83-'5niB-ya) 

onBtyais Byo'tyrnB b'o jjiaamsa 8 

.Ebipts 8 P8 BB'imy3'«] lya 

battue' n. o'l'o-ya) 8t8] i38'=a"iB 

iya<-iByjB'i-i8 Biyii n'n n lyii ,ij8' 

Bjs'yj Bnyii 118 ooyajynya in'8 na 

nvn ByBMB osii iy3"« ;[iyjy' dix 

.iyji:jnya ayjis 

batture' n. ('ii'B-y3) y:y:8iBy3J8 

iy5"B ■!|'?3ytBB'in] vo 8 i'8 niy 

yajyii ,'S''B'D'd i"b na pyi ayi na 

=yj P8 iyB8ii B'a Bpyiya b'j lyj'n 

.[ins' na lya^s yen 

battu'ta n. (8B-'iB-ya) ■iyis»?8P'tia 

«8P58a 8 ; 3:i3yiiy3=BP8B. ; JS'ti^liPSB 

TJSB'iynyu nyB": 

bat'ty n. and «.. ('8-'By3) B811 P'T 

pn n8B B8a 8 ; iyBp8ii pk B?8n 

8 IS i'?:ny ;[BJia 120] wii>« px 

* .I'laiynyJB 

batz n. (BBya) n8 yB'nys'MKS' 8t8 

inyayjJix na] , ysaa yo"?? yisfBin 

.[Bjya 3 

bat'zen n. (lyB-'aya) iats .t 

bau'bie n. (?ans3) ;i8t yts^HBiyii 8 

•nBiyii 8 ;>y'Bt!"iyi:'p 8 ;?y3?y<Bt!' b 
='?j'3yp] lyBBysB 8 ; 5y'si!' nytg? 
'«inn ty3'53'jyp oyi na CtSpyBti' lya 

.[■iyB58?yD'B PN] 18J 

baulk n. (pnss) 'iBya b'3 P'bb' 8 

•?ya yB"3i8y3 iyiJ"iis] tpsb b"3 


baux'ite n. (B't-'1S3) yB"1l pa 8 

lyD'nj 8 in vk BJsnajy bsii ,d"> 

.dp:'ai58 B:ys8iB 

bav'ln n. (p8-'iiy3) =80 Bis lysijysB' 

.iy"a lys 

bawble n. (?ai'i83) =5y'Bti'=iyi3'p 8 


bawd n. and -o. (ings) isnys 8 

8 ; t<in jnjyBi!'383iK 18 B?8n b«ii 

lyma ns lyjya iyirpajyo8ns ; tgn 

.lypyiis yt!"?8i8a:i8 nsa 

baw'dlly adv. (i5-n-'n83) .'D'ik 

.ByiiyaJimya : iyi85is ,iyB85yj 

baw'dlness n. (By]-'n-'ns3) ^yjB'iK 

.ni:i ,B"n:yD85y3 

baw'dric n. (pm-'n83) 

baldric .1 

bawd'ry n. ('i-'in83) iyB58n D8T 

»a'i3is EST ; Pin snjyatfSBJis 18 

»so3iK T8a tyne pk lyjya ryiri's 

.nB=?i33 ;ni:i. ; typyns y(!"58i 

baw'dy a. (n-'n83) ; tyB89y3B'i« 

.nut 3n3ya'nB 

baw'dy-house n. (Bi8n=n-'ns3) =183 

.[pin=n38i!'] ?yT 

bawl n. ■ and v. (5n83) ,iyanB'ls 

na i8na ■'■<im 8 : tyncBiiK v\n 

8 ;TnB lyis ir8ay; pa ,3SBnyii 

.?iP iy3M8 i'(iM8 isianip 

baw'ler ». (iy5-'n83) ,ny'nt!' 8 

.nyt^BMip 8 

baw'llng n. and a. (3:'5-'n83) =M1P 

."nyB'B'iip ; 3n3y'nti' .sniya'B 

bay n., a. and v. ("a) 18] yaais 8 

8 P8 1'85B lyT ;[D' 8 tlB B13B'18 

ynyi38 118 "n B?8n lya 18I1 nyE' 
n pa B'njytf'iis ivij \W3 nyaia 
n :[pn3 -wiv yT'3y3 8 tia iy?"t 
pa B38'y3 anyn D8ii ,n'n 8 pa y385 
=ypa38 lyJyaB- in pa n lyn] lyn 
«yiiE'iy3'K 18 ty3y3 i38ii«ni:' 8 :[iy3 
; r:8iP=iy3Ts? ; Bn3=iy3n8? : 33in 
=y3 BB"n] pna :im3'iy':8aij'8P 
.lysii ,iy5'a ;[Tiya "a aams 
bayadeer' n. ('nyn-8'-y3) 

bayadere .t 

bayadere' n. ('iy<i-8'-y3) =aBS 18 

.pnysjyB yt!"i3iK 

bay'berry n. ('8-iy3-'"3) »185 ISI 

.Jns'iyBi'D ; B'i3=iyBT'a ; B'unys 

bayed o. (t"3) b'b Bn3y3 P8 B»ii 

bay .t .ty(!"3 

bay'-horse n. (D1sn-'"3) 'ryiSBtJiBP 

mye iy:m3 

bay'onet n. and v. (Dyj-8-'"3) =8'83 

Bsytysis Biyii B811 va<» -lyi] aya 

onn -\vi» lys'naiya :[bp''3 8 is 

.By3s''83 8 B<8 tysyBB' 

bay'ou •». (18-''83) Dl5a38 18 ,?838P 

5"B -lys'iynna 8 ;b' nyis i^a 8 na 

B>yiJ8inya p8 bsii pyi>i"B s na 

.yBs?3 lyis xnyns is ns 

bay'rum n. (bsV"3) .bpbibb pd 8 

bays ». (j"3) lyu": ; I'38lp="iy3n8> 

l>aj/ .1 .[iyT'ay3 yB'iiy3 "3] 

bay'-salt n. (a5nsD-'"3) ; r?8t«B' 

.r58t yjyJsays asu 




bay'-tree ». (Jl'^o='"3) =nyai8? in 

. .D'U 

bay'-win'aow n. (ii(i-'j'iin-'"3) ts 

8 ovi5'3 Dsii iyisD:yB lymyjDMK 

=jyB»tyjn3 b ;jJiBy'BiyB lyis y«j"3 

bay' -wood ». (iiNiin-'ia) lyoDBiB s 

.V'Sn^'JSJBriBD B18t 
bay'-yarn n. (n8'«'"3) lyjyJSM 


bazaar' n. ("ist-ya) piso ,"i8t83 

18 ;[i8T tyoajyiiyj 8 b'd apyiya] 

lyBMPiya is ty?P'Bi8 iib j:i?yBti'D''iK 

.iypyiis=npiv ibb 

bazar' m. ('■i8t-y3) basaar .t 

bbl. barrel bisii tlB J31STP3U 

bbls. barrels b-ikii jib j31s-i'P3S 

, B. C. nyBiyii n tia jjixtpi* ;8 

=yj Dy'DlBD'lP T8b] before Christ 

tyD'owa IX B3<nay: Biyii .[bii3 

lyoipyansB pk y3?yii ,33n'D8B 8 

'11 ,a3i33Vn=B"x iy3'B3"n yiii 18B 

"81P8D «isi85'B iyt!"3nj lyi .Ji^n? 

18B ins' 399 iy3i8Bis'yj t'8 Dya 

.Binyj By'DiBDnp 

B. C. E. nyBiyii n iib j31stp3s 

»J8 -\r\ n8&] before common era 

=3y>B"s ■iy3'5BD'ip nyi8 iy3yDi:y3 

iiBiyis [Bni3yj oy'DiBDnp 183 jju 

Bachelor of Civil Engineering 

='ti't3'8 18 "18B siB'B'iyDinyjyj 8] 

bdel'llum n. (os-'K-'JVn) Bist 8t8 

.[n?n3] i'BB'113 ;<DiJ yanypyoB' 

bee. ('3) MyTBonpy ; lyirii ;i"t 

.iyi3<By3 VI 

be about' ('Bl83-y <3) I'si'lK I"t .1 

.nyi3 ty38n 2. ;r85S 

1. I shall be abaut In the forenoon. 2. 
They are about to sail for Europe. 

be abroad' ('nnsi3-y '3) ,B38py3l"> 

DMK ,t'in oyi D'i8 i"i ;Dyo"i3nyB 

.layiB 1V1 I'N ,1385 tjyn 

beach n. and v. {B'By'13) •iy3'lB8t .1 

lyts? .2 ;ayi3 iy38?B ;D'i"tiB 3yi3 

lyis lost t'ei'iK ti'iy 8 iyB'i?B'n8 


1. There Is good bathing on the beach. 
2, The captain beached the boat to prevent 
a shipwreck. 

beach' -co'mber n. (iya-'i8P-'(!'BS'3) 

D33"? BB'I? DS11 y^BllS'B' y338? 8 

,i8iB8D ny?'iB ,nyhi3B' 8 ; 3yn3 dyT 

t'8 ens VI B3"iB D811 •\V3"« nyis 

.BjyaBn'D' 'T 

beached a. (BtsiByn) B"3 t'K DSlI 

IIB BnyBti'y3 dsii ,ayi35D'i iy3nD8t 

l'«iM« lypyBB* iy3'?3ya ; 3yi3 8t8 

.[Byn38iBt!'y3] 3yi3 iy38?a 

bea'con n. and v. (i8P-'y'3) =b3"5 
=iy3"S ,ny"a=Bi8? : lyB'ts" ibb bub 

- iyB3"?y3 ; iy38B iy"B=Bi85 ; lya 
»B3"? 8 iy?yBts'a'i8 ; dtib»b3"> 8 na 


bea'conage ». (ii'n"S-38P-'y'3) b«t 

»B'i8 "I'lK B>n8vy3 B-iyii b«ii njys 

.BoyiiB»B3"? iyB?8niit 

be a, cred'lt (B'8-'iyiP y '3) i"t 

.yiny I8 ,a3ny'x 8 

He li a credit to hla family. 

bead n. and v. (nya) ,yJVP"P ,y>yBy3P 
•j'3 B8ii] ?yty?3 8 !?iyB ;ypiyt!'B8B 

;[B1Bn'BB iy?P8l!»aM8 B"3 Tt ByT 

n iyT38nBiX38 >yty?a i3n 8t8 

•nVB >WBI!' 8 jBIBn'BB IIB B"P18B(!' 

'pyoniB nyi P8] ?»BB"?'D33ny'!: 

=ii3ii' iyBDyiBy33s i8 ;DD'ty3 8 ,[^1B 

IIB 13833"« Byi i'8 BJ8P ny3'iDnyB 

.pypiyii'BBB BID iyiyixy3 sin 8 

be a dab (3yT y '3) .Q'tkb 8 l"» 

bead'ing n. (33'K-'ny'3) =y'X"iyB s 

=pyB'3-|8 l'8] BB'ty3 8 ,5yBB"?=D33n 

■iy3'DiyBii3t!' ■iyBDyiBy338 I8 iCiib 

8 nU 8 IIB 13833"8 DST P8 B38P 

iy?yiy?3 y3n5ynyB iyn?'3 is 5yB'B 
=38316 By B^ypsty lya lyii iya38i3 i'8 
'='8^3 iyB38i3 na b"pi8bb' n] lyi 
y35yi8 iiB ?n«s n iin ynyiJ8 lyo 
bea'dle n. (Jnyn) 'B'in i8 ; nyayn 8 
jyiys 8 ; 't'in=DB3ny3 8 v« "iJan 
='nyii'3iK 18 PN •iy3»n "iyiy3yn »] 
8 nyBD8y3«iy3Tp iy3"5p s iCayB 


bea'dlery n. (n-5Ty'3) bos lyi 

=18 18 IIB ivitt •iy3yn=BB3ny3 8 na 


bead'man n. (tya-'iy'3) =8iDyB8nB 8 
18B ■iyBy3=B8a 8 ; 'iyBy3=B83 -ivfv: 
■iy3y33ny3 8 lyTK "3 'ii] 'yiyi38 
I'l B3'By3 B811 'iy3"8 ; [•iy38t=B'np 
=y3 B^y11 nyis o^san^iS'npTi 8 P8 

.B?8Bt!'38 818 na BX'BSS' 

bead'-proof n. and a. (sinnB-'iy'3) 

n nn DiB'TSD IIB iyT38nB est 

iiyjpsi!' D"3 Biyii BS11 iy5yiy53 ?nss 

'T im] y3S'i3 n dm8 B58n B811 

.[Wpbb' na iy5yty53 5n8s 

bead'-roU n. (5i81-'ny'3) yBD'? 8 

eii8T lyn y35yii i8b ,iy38nyB n iib 

=ys 8 ;typ'?8B8P n "3 ,i"t 55sna 

.n3D2'3 main i8b 5yB 

beads n. (i-iyi) =3yts-i ; ni3(!'=?ny3 

iy?ty?3=5-iyB n iLoyiytyBBa] r38iP 

=P8B' l-in BIBn^BB P8 VI iyi5'3 BS11 

=pyB'3i8 p«] iyoo'ty3 y58ot!' ; ly? 

. ?iys sEiiB 

beads'man n. (iyD-'ny'3) 

beadman .t 
bead'-tree n. (y-iB-'iyn) =-iyB8S 

ty3?yi1 «1'18 BM3 818] n'13=-|yBD83 

y3?yii ,'=iy?B'3 yBisn y3"5p lyapsii By 

18B iyp'58B8P n na Bsnys lyiyii 

.[iyBDs3nyB8B] Byiyts-BBS 

bea'dy a. (n-'y'3) ; i'?3ny=5-iyB 

B'lB' 8 B8n B811 ;?iyB B'D Bpyiy3 

.[B'TBB yB?yB"1By3BMK 'H] 

be a foil to (ib 9'8B y <3) i»3yn 

... IS a3iiy<s 8 D58 

be af'ter (lyB-'ay '3) =<n lyns oysy 

.lya^sanya lyns iy3it lys'o 

It Is the duty of a policeman to be after 

bea'gle n. (53y'3) ; n3in=l'BB' 8 

=383 8 ; IS'Bti' 8 ; 1310=1381 iy3"5p 8 

_ • .lyi'BB' 


be agree'able (?3y-'y'i3-y '3) b'd 
lyiynais ^v•\« iyoiBti'3"8 B8iiBy 

.38?l!'-|8B 8 B'D iyD'BB'3"8 ; P't 

be aground' ('I3l8l3-y '3) P8 l"t 

beak 71. and -u. (py<3) ;i"si!' :?y383ts' 
ts • r'BE' iy3'DiyB5y383B' 8 ; i"i3ii' 
"lyVs lyonya ; lyBan 8 ; cd'S'58s 

.5y3S31!' I'B'O lyp'B 

beaked «. (Bpy'3) 8 'll ,BS'St!'y3ix 

.3'oiyB5y383ts' :5y383i!' 

bea'ker n. (iyp-'y<3) .lyavs 8 

be'-all n. (?n8-''3) Byii B8ii By?8 

.Dy58 ; i"> 

beam n. and v. (By'3) 8 ,iyp583 8 

ayi pk] W 8 iia B'ns n ;yiiP8iP 

338BB'=D38583 n iCfBJB lyBByB'^S 

8 IIB 3"iis=BB'in n ;5«t!'38ii « nB 

'nBiBc ; 5n8nBB'=B3'5 ; nsn B'ts-Tn 

.lyjnsnBB'BMs ; ly? 

This building has Iron beami. 

beam'-bird n. (nTl3-'By'3) =''?B IVT 

.[5y3'ia PD 818] iyB83=iya 

beamed a. {ioy<3) ;B3yp?83 Bsn B8ll 

=?yp'iiB3y 5iB iyi8 -Wi-wn asn B8ii 

.iy3-iyn yB 

beam'fal a. (5iB-'oy'3) =ii8iBi!' ."pvn 


bea'mily a. C'?-io-'y'3) ,B"P5yn B'p 


bea'ming a. (33'b-'y<3) Bsii 

.j'BBi? ,T?nyis : BJnsiBB' 

beam'less a. (By5-'ay'3) 'HBIBE" in8 

.B8D ,ByB3"5y3 B'3 ,155 

beam'-tree n. (ynB-'Dy'3) =5nyD IJT 

.[B'133183 8 IS V'P^^W'i D'13=B3n3 

bea'my a. ('D-'y<3) ; i3y?n8lBB' 

;iyp?83 8 IS i'53ny ;i'?nyiB j'bbi? 

.iy3nyn b'd 

bean n. (iy<3) ,?y3y3 8 ,3S3 8 

.y''?8B8B 8 

bean'-fed a. (lys-'iya) aymspya 

.3Sa B'D 

bean'-har'vester n. -'i8n-'iy'a) 

=383 IS B"n3 B811 PB-BB 8 (lyB-Byil 

.wvfrn BIS iys38?B 

bean'-stalk n. (pnsBB-'iya) "Vn 

=383 8 ; iys38?B=383 na 5y33yBS' 


Bear n. Crwi) "lis liB y3"8 n3B5Dn 

.iyBi-i3=iyiyBB' yB'iiy3 

bear n. and v. nny3) pD 8 ; iva 8 

na riB-iyii uvi lyJBB lysso : iyBB'ny3 

»n'B ,iy38iB ; ynya ivi n^iK ByspB 

:[B3nB]' iya3"-i3B'n8 ,iyx'ty3 ,in 

=?8myB VI ; iyiny3y3 ; lyi"? ; i»i5n 

=811 PN fiy'B iny3 ; lyinias'iB : tya 

.[lyB'iy "3] lyB 

bear''able a. (?3y-'iny3) . : 183381B 

.'vv^vji IS P8 B811 .n'?3yiBny 

Poverty la more bearable than Injustice. 

bear'ably adv. ('5-3y-'iny3) I8 ti'iN 

.iyi"5iyT IS : ibis iy3'53yiBiy 

bear age {mvK iny3) inytD'is 

.lyinif n 'n iy33''« 

Although sixty years old. he bean his age 


bear a hand (i3yn y iny3) ,iy?"8 

.i38n 8 iy3y5is : 5y3!!' lysBB 

bear and forbear' -i8B n3y "inyB) 

.lysysiye iib lyi"? Cinya 

bear an lll'-wlll --j^r jy inya) 

/lysyo'tt IS ii?i3"ia3i8 pm (?Min 

.lysyo'K IS B8n iy38iB 

bear a propor'tlon to y inya) 

=-iJb pb inyBty (ib I8B'-"ii8B-sib 

...IS D'3B5yn 

bear arms (tbib inya) ps iy3y'T 


bear a spite (b'bbd y •iny3) iy3siB 
.[iysyDi8 (i'ib] n83i!' b 




bear away' ('"im-V ini/a) ; ij;oiP"a 
ti'is-n iffinffpas ; iwiiw ;t"i 1313 

;Bt»?3 IJ'll Mil 1N11 B"r -Wl I'N D'J 

bear away' the bell '"iin-v inva) 

bear away' the palm '"iin-j; inya) 

.i»J»'t nn tunipD'nss (nnss 'no 

bear back (pva inva) ; iJ/BBioas 

.[(I'li' 8 iJ'ii nyi 'ii] ir^'nopms 

bear''bal'tlng «. (:jiB-'"3-'iny3) 

yjyjJBByj lis BJ<n i»i!"iix tiBDsp s 

.[bisbd -d5k] lyin 

bear com'pany (<k-jj;s-'csp inya) 

.ijBD"? BBSE'jytyj ,tnyjB'a ,tyB"?jy3 

beard n. and v. (iiya) ; ins2 8 

paj ni»3 'T lysis in .tyn'x in 

ty)['D''K tyjyj ryBy-iBDms ;[B":iyny 

lyopsii iyt«5 I't ;B-i8i»yjyj :"t rs 

.iyp8n 8 ; 11S3 8 isnBJS ny iK 

bear date (b"t inya) imk lyasn 

,[b"x tiB jJiM"sy2 n] ynsT n in 

lyis tyisiiyj. lyanis'yj t<« osi lyii 

.lyoipyjisB i'8 D«i lyii 

The letter bears the date of his arrival. 

beap'ded a. (iyi-'iy<3) ,3'ns3 

,.TI83 8 B'D 

beard'less a. (Dj;5-'ny<3) 8 tns 


beard'lessness n. (Dyj-Dy5-'Tiy''3) 

.1183 i"p ty38n B'j DS1 

bear down (nsi iny3) =iBt!'iyBjn8 

.iyjyn»3 ,iyniP"3 ; tyxi-BB-iyiu ,iyB 

bear down upon' ('ibb-s P81 iny3) 

,B"t>iJni iyi IX in lyiyBjnyjiyi 

.[ei'ty 8 "3] uni lyjyj inyj 

bear'er ». (iy-'iny3) «iy3'« ,iy:yiB 

iy38nj'8 18 iLiyna 8 iib] iyn"i3 

.jyopyii 8 tiB 

bear'er of bur'dens us iy-'iny3) 

.iyjyiB=BD85 (Djyi-'ina 

bear'er of despatch'es iy-'iny3) 

iy3"N ,iy'iip 8 (ty-'tyayB-Dyi ii8 

=y'S'as iy3'8 b'j ii8 3s bjsib dsii 

.Ij/Biyayi y? 

bear fair in hand pn inys inya) 

.ninB3n ywyB' b'd lyjymsp mvn 

bear'-gar'den n. (n'i8J-'iny3) 8 

=y3 B58n lyo ixii v85b si tnn=iyiy3 

lyjnSyaiB 8 ;[tyT''ni ix tinx lyi 


bear'herd n. (Tinn-'iny3) •iy:iy3 8 

* .iy3"iB 

bear In (pk inya) ,in ty3Sl3J"K 

lysnnp "a] 3nj pk in lyayBiva 


bear'lng n. and a. (j3'K-'iny3) D81 

'yj D81 ; iy38iBiy3n8 dsi ,iy3siB 

8 PB 33iBiny3 y^yxyao n : lyinys 

'1 ;3:nn''BBMK ,3JiB58n n : bisii 

08: 8 P8 iy?"B n pb yD'JBpymya 

iyBj'BDyBy3 oyi pb j:y5 n ; oyx 

lyB'Miv pn IS lu iyp?83 8, pa uy 

=D8Dyj] t\w 8 pa B"PB"i3 11 ; ijy 

8 ;[i'8?b tyBDyB"i3 Dyi p« lyB 

Biyii By 1811 j^'B'iyj'K'sa 8] iyj8? 

^Bt!" ;[DP8 lyiS >811 8 B5yB(!'y33"18 

.ijyB58niyBJis ,ijys 
bear'lng-rein n. (i"i-3J'8-'iny3) 

.DMX 8 pa ys"? 8 
bear In mind (irso PK inya) '«n 

»yj : pist P8 iyB58n ; lyjn i'8 lya 

We must bear In mind to keep the Drom- 
Ises we make. 

bear'ish a. (i>"N-'iny3) oik ,s»i5s 

uypmiyBJiiB ; iy3 8 ni BiyBDi?y3 

.yny3 iyi inx oyxps pa lyr^iB >i 

bear'ishly aav. («?-E"K-'iny3) »y3Jis 

.iy3 8 ni BiysDi? 

bear Ishness n. (Dyj-t!"8-'iny3) oik 


bear'llke k. p'8?-"iny3) .lya 8 ni 

bear loss (d85 inya) nyi mijiB 

.iyi8E' ayi tyi"? ,BDi?iyB 

beam n. (nnya) ' bam .t 

bear off (eisi iny3) in lyiyB'Miiyi 

=38 ;i8t iyi38 18 PB iyi8 3yia tia 

=1X38 B'3 na ,181 8 PB in lyssiB 

tyB'B' "3] in'K I'lK in lyonBi^ 

=is ,ty3niy3 ,tyirpBpyii8 ;[q' i'imk 

.[^tyn? ,T'is 8 ni] lyony: 

bear on (is nny3) nyi ;iyx<Bt>'iyB3i8 

.I3y ty3<5p<53 8 ix P3 lyiipB 

bear one a grudge luiin iny3) 

»"8 ins n«iii> 8 iy38iB (tynsis y 


bear out (bi8 inya) ; iyB58nanK 

=iyBB3yi ; iyi3ii3y3 ; lyx'BU'iyBJiK 


He who was with me will bear me out that 
I tried to see you at your office. 

bear resem'blance -'ovt-ii -iny3) 
„^ , ...IX i'53ny V] (B3y53 

She bears a striking resemblance to her 

bear's'-breech n. (E'Byii3-'nny3) 

.[yx385B 818] yB85«iyiy3 >-i 

bear's'-ear n. (in<K-'nny3) dsi 

,ys38?B=tyBis3 818] 5yiy'iK=iy3 

0811 iys58 lys'nw n pa bdip ya^vii 

dyi IX i'5jny ty:'n iyBy53 ym'K 

.[iy3 8 pa lyiK 

bear's'-foot n. (BiB-'nny3) '=iyiy3 
.[nn iyB3y?E' 8 B'o yx385a 818] bib 
bear's'-grease «. (Dyn3-'nnya). •-y3 

.[yi8DSB B58] ByB=iyi 

bear' skin ». (ppD-'iny3) ; ?ya>tyiy3 

.3"x=?yB38o lypn 8i8 

bear tes'tlmony -(ja-iB-'nyD iny3) 

.i"iiy3 D?8 lyjyi ,iy3si nny c: 

bear the bag (jya 'nB inya) iyB58ri 

"K n'3n=5y3 iyi v^ ;iyDD"B nyi 

.I5y3 oyi iy3 

bear the bell (?ya 'riB ifiya) pn 

.lyin'Bjyiyi iyi 

bear the blame (d"53 'riB iny3) 

.i?iB' n in finK lyany: 

bear the mar'ket -'isd mb inya) 

iyB3'ia83 y(!'?8a iyD"iats'iya (Byp 

iyB"iixiyB3n8 bik yny3 iyi einK 

.nns oyi 

bear through (nnnB iny3) cm 


bear up (bu mya) b'j ; iyB?8nBMK 

;BDya pn ; iyp:n -lyis iv^kb lyis? 

iKil 33iBan iyi pk ti^ji n lynynp 

.Bt8?a uni iyi 

bear up with (riBPin B8 inj/3) =10 

in iyB?8n ;[ipb3 s] !nyBi!'"a j'na 

.i5ny3 B'B lyi"? ; tiJisiip b'd ,BDya 

It la manly to bear up with misfortunes. 

bear'ward n. (iinsiin-'iny3) ^ya 8 


bear with (nBPin inya) ,iyB?8nDnK 

,Dy3"K IX i5'D VI ,iy3siBiya'i8 

oysy: bu] lytssiyanK ; iy5n'aB<D 

18B iyBsiBi!'y3 B'3 lyis in lyjyBB" 

.lysBiBB'o ; lyii'SB'o ;[Dy3y 

bear witness (Dyj-'BPin iny3) 

.nny iy38t 

I can bear witness to the truth of this state- 

beast n. (Boya) ; nnna ; n'B ,y'BDya 

.mva iy?8Dna s ; n'n y3'D'a»iy'a 

beast'hood n. (iin-'BBy'3) =ti"iy'nB 

.ByBi?8B113 ,B"P 

beas'tily adv. (iJ-'B-'Dy'S) "ynu 

.58B113 ; y'BDy3 8 Ml ,t!"1 

beas'tish a. (ts"B-'Dy'3) ,(!"iy'nQ 

.P'oys ,?8Bna 

beast'llness n. (Dy3-'?-'BBy'3) D81 

Ml in lyin'BBMK bsi ,y'BDy3 8 pn 

.Bi<n3"oy3 ,ByB'?8Bna ; yBoya 8 

beast'ly o. cs-'Boya) ; irnynB 

.V^ayi ,?8Bna : yBoys 8 mi 

beast of bur'den -'im3 118 BDy'3) 

.iy>nB=BD85 8 (lyi 

He works as hard as a beast of burden. 

beast of car'riage -'lyp us BDy'3) 

.iy'nB»BD85 8 (mis 

be astray' ('"iBD-y '3) =iyB pn 

I'K pn ; myB 8 insn ;ByE'ii38?3 


beat «., V. and a. (Bya) ,iy38?ti' 

=MBi!' ,; lyiynsn ,iyB85PDMK ,tyB85p 

=MK 'n lyasn ; lysynys ; lywii ,iyD 

; iy?i3Mit!'y3 : iy3"Bt!'iy3'K ,i38mya 

:iyiyii lyo ; tyss'ain ; iy?3yny3'K 

; niKllDMK 18 ,t!'B8331' 8 ; 385K' iyi 

iyjyBsiByj3iii=?ya 8 ; iyB8?p D81 

.BiyB8Dy3DMK ,iyD ; 3yBt!» 

beat a bar'gain (lyj-'isa V Bya) 

.in iy3j<i 

beat about ('Bl83-y By3) iy385t!' 

=ixDMK in iyi8BD ; nyi iyi b'b in 

.iy3"iBan8 in My3'By3 

beat about' the bush Bya) 

; iy38D syiiniK is Wii 'no Bi83-y 

=0118 in ,Bpjis D1X i"?3 inys b'3 


beat a charge (ts'niBB'B y By3) 

.[iyB'?<D pk] yssiiyiB lyas?? 

be at a dis'count -'on y By '3) 

.t"iB pa iyB3n8 pn (bji8p 

beat air (my By3) nnnJo lyBJsn 

iyi8?pyiix 8 lyin'B] bbi? iyi b'd 


beat a par'ley ('?-'i8B y Bya) 

,PMB 8 B'D lyp'iB nn 58J3'd 8 lyay* 

lyjyii iy?iJ8myB i'Jtib ?'ii lyo t8 

.KJity I'B'D oysy 

be at a stand (uyBD y By '3) inyBtt' 
;Bp:is lyaoayn oyi !ya"i3iyT,iy3"?a 




; isno IS D811 \VD>)^ -b'j ,tyD8?i!> 

.[oaytcj/s tw»ii] I"t isiib' 

"be at dag'gers drawn -'jj;t Bs'^a) 

.DnsDSfD ti'iK pn (insm ni; 

beat down (hkt oyia) ,iW6t5t5'38is 

. .iVD'nasiK /iwrnasis 

To beat down the price. 

be at ease (rjCN oy 13) --:w i"t 

.Dj/iipn ty?n's in ,DT'3yB't 

bea'ten a. (iBj;<a) tawira ; lyasSCTJ 

.B5B ,iyB'»'ny3DMK ; tyBSIByjDMN 

bea'ten sub'ject -'asD iBya) 

>yja8 ;iisi yBsuyjas is (Bpya'n 

. .lyuisiT 

bea'ten track (pyiB iBya) =D'lK 18 

.jyii lywasioyj 

bea'ten work (pTisiin iB'ya) ="N 

lyjsJiyyjDnN iyj"r Dsii cja yaiyt 

B'j] lyosn -8 B^o BTOB'y3D''i8 lyis- 

=D'i8 B<o tya8t ;[B"ai8=i'B'8o, i"n 

»aia "lyis lynu's y'B5ia yBSsJpyj 


bea'ter n. (lyB-'ya) =B8?P 8 ; lyay?!!' 

Dsn] 138' -ti'iK lya^nB 8 ;3"xy3 

=y3 iy"i 11B ni'n n D'nB Qa"iDi 

iy:yp "t iy?st nysy n na o^jyasyn 


beatlf'le o. (p's-'B'B-y-'a) sp'53 

>y3 ; i3ya8o 3'?"ii ; isyasa 3'5yf 


beatif'ically adv. -'s-'B'D-y-'a) 

■■"n inn ,B"p3'?ytp''53 inn ('«-?yp 


beatifica'tion ». _'iip-i«-BiB-y-<a) 

'Si 1"! DST : B"pj'5yiP<5J (ISC 


beatlf'le vl'slon -'tirv\1 P'S-'B^B-y-U) 

B83 tnyi iiB B"P3<5ytp'?3 n (ts 

.[nj'asi'n ma nonj] 

beat'lfy «. (i8B-'8-'By-'a) ="n T8B 

.lya^o' J''5ytp'?3 /ryiyjpny 3'? 

bea'tlng n. ' (33'B-'y'a) ,iyS85p DST 

.iy3S?SS' DHI 

be at Is' sue {'in-'b"n By '3) I'x t"t 


beat It ! (B'« oya) ! 38 1't SSIB 

beat'ltude n. (iiiB-'x-'oy-'a) 

="« ; P'53 yBoayn dst : B"P3'5ytp'?3 

D8I1 niaia B'lpj'Sytp'Js 8 n 11a yj 

i"r I'K iy3s"iBE'y3D<i8 Dsn DiBonp 

.3183 t'*iM8 n?Bn 

be at large (Ein-iB? By 'a) ."la v^ 

be at law (ns? ay 'a) --hib s lynri'B 

be at odds (n8 By '3) ,B3nPl!{ P't 

.3'3"8 BU 

beat off (eis By3) ,iy3S?iJ'P''li!: 


beat off the field inB «i» Bya) 
na iy3s5i!'D'n8 ,i"i lan (ijya 

be at one's book (pia t3Slin By '3) 

.iy3iy? ,tynniBii' 

be at one's mer'cy T3Siin By '3) 

.niB'T D3yxya<8 nyB3.i8 t"t ('d-'tid 

beat out of (118 BI8 oya) iyx'D'8 

tiB VI ?st ly '8 ,i!nyT iy3J"n3 

;DsiiBy iiB iyB?8n38 ;ty3Sta8 Dsiisy 

IIB pts-n oyT lyss^iyas oyj^w "a 


A trtder can often be beaten out of Ills 

be at pains 03"b By '3) »ya in 
.tyjjyiBE'is in ,iyn'D 

be at par (igs as 'a) b<d 1"53 I'n 

tyB3ya"vy3 oyi iya8n ; iysyo'8 

.[iyiy'B8B'nBiyii tysyii] oBiyii 

be at pawn (inss By '3) >iyB vi 

.Bxynya i"t ,B':iaii'D 

be, at play ("JB By '3) ,ryB'M'8 rn 

.5"B38 lyony: 

be at some one's dispo'^al By '3) 

"NB"i3 I'n (?yT-'i«B-Dn i3siin nso 

DjysyD'8 v« inyBK' ;tyjyn is tyxyo 

be at stake (p"bd ay '3) inyoif 

.tSP I'K 

be at stand'still -'ijyBD ay 'a) 
in, lyjyp b'j ,iya"53 inyBB- (5'bd 
=3y3y5iyB 8 vk i"t ; lyinn lyB'ni 


beats the Dutch (ti/aui MB DBya) 

.VI B'j ■iyDy3 lyp oy 

be at the bot'tom of 'na ay 'a) 

ny38D iys383 ivi rn (11s ns-'B83 

oyi inysiyi ,i8i 8 inyBB'iyB I'Suna 


beat the drum (osm MB By'3) 

.yD85pyn lyasn ,pns 8 fx lyss?? 

be at the play ("?b 'na ay '3) vi 

.[lyasya I'x] 33i5yaB'i8B '8 nnx 

beat the rec'ord -'pyT mb ay'3) 

'"BB-nys's ,nspyi oyi tysBJty (ns 

DS11 BP31B 8t8 iy3"i3nyi ,DsiiBy .ryj 

.aa"n3iyi b'j is: oy asn lyj'v 

beat time (n'8B aya) lyss^PDns 

.BP8B ajn 

beat up (B8 aya) ,iyB8?PDM8 .1 

oyn] tyD'nams .2 ; iy?o"nBBM8 

iyB8?p nn typyiianx .3 ;[t"ns 


1. To beat up feathera. 2. To beat up the 

price at auction. 

beau n. and a. (isa) »3M ,ai3 .inya" 

=iyo8i 8 ; b:81B 8 ; 3'B3yis ,j''B 

=18] yay? b38o dsh ny3"K n^'na 


beau'fet ■». (aya-'isa) aysia 

'lya's nis V85a b ;[P381is'>B'?3 8] 


beau'-lde'al n. (5y-'n-'S-'iS3) ='8 

=yBt!'-isB y5«yT8 , ; B'MJnyB' vpsvi 

rns] ?8yT8 v» osii osiiay ;3ji? 

iyasp5»B ,iyiy?nyB ya'SJnynyj n 

.Enn 118 nn 

beau'ish a. (B"8-'1S3) ni ,t!"B38nB 

.n3"iB'iyB8T 8 ni ; ajsna 8 

beau monde (unso 183) ■ »yi8D n 


beau'shlp rt. (Bit!'-'is3) ; "lyajBia 

.i3'nB=iyD8i 8 lyis ,B38ib 8 t'n 

bean'teous o. (os-'B-'i^a) nsys'n 


beau'teously adv. ('5-DS-''a-'i'a) 

.iai8 iyi3ys"-i 8 P8 

bean'teousness «. (Dy:-Ds-'B-'i''a) 


beautiflca'tlon. n. _'"p_<b-''B-i'3) 

.iysiBy3 DST ; myB' tya8o osn dsts" 

beau'tlfled a. (T8B-'B-'l'a) 'yj 

.BSiBy3 ; ]nw Ba8o 

beau'tlfler «. (ny-'8B-'B-'i'a) nyi 

.BiyinyiyiyB dsh 

beau'tiful a. (?ifl-'B-'i'3) .inyc 

beau'tlfully adv. ('8-?ib-<b-'1'3) 

.tBi8 Dyjnyt!' 8 i'« 

beau'tifulness /i. (Dys-SlB-'B-'i'a) 

.o'MJnyB' n 

beau'tify v. ('8b-'b-'i'3) =nyt!'iyB 

.iyny'SD'i8 ,iy3nyt!'ya ,ty'iy3 

beau'tiless a. (Dy?-'B-'i'a) B'J 

-l'?Dyn ,inyis' 

beau'ty n. ca-'ra) . .B'MJnyt!' 

heau'ty-sleep a. (syJD-'B-'va) iyi 

y358n n8B iSJiy nyi] isJb- lyBtyiy 


beau'ty-spot n. (a8BD-'a-'ra) =in 8 

«yaD8?a nsiiB' 'i"?p 8] 5yiyBD85B 

=iiy'in inyiisons aanys I'lnK ?yi 


beaux n. (ii8a) «iyo8T ; iyBJ8iB 

beau .1 .ij"iB 

bea'ver n. and u. (nyii-'ya) ='3 lyi 

8 iJyaM ny3'3 8 ;?yB=iya'a nya 

I'i8a yB8?P=D33i3By 18 ; rJys'iya'a 

=383 8 t'8 03ny3 tlB 5"B tyBE'iyBJIK 

'V'^? y3'a"sn8a n "a] 5yB'n=nys 

Ba8By3 ;[l381iy3 8t8] 1SBD8P ;[iy3 

.18BD8P IIB B38ny3 ; 5yB=nya'3 tis 


bea'vered a. (nyn-'ya) s O'o 

.?yBM>iysJ8a 8 b'd ; ?yB'n=i»3'a 

bea'ver-gloves n. (nis?3-iyii-'y3) 

.?ya=iy3'3 iib DypE'B3yn 

bea'ver-hat n. (Byn-iyil-'ya) 8 


bea'verteen «. (lya-nyii-'ya) 
818] nyBDyB'B38D nyi8 nyBDyoBo 

=DB"318 n8B eiSBt!'=5S11Dn3 lypngBB" 


be before' the mast '"iisB-'a 'a) 

.tsiB8D 8 i"t (Boya 'no 

be behind' vrith (no'lin '^3'8^-'a '3) 

.Dysy B'o s^jyawT I'M 

It is not pleasant to be behind with one's 


be het'ter off (eijj ly-'oya ^a) t"l 

8 PS lyj'Byj in niBacis lyai: 8 p« 

.»385 lyaij 

be beyond' depth 'njg'-'a 13) 
"8 lyis mnia n iya'8 pn (naayi 

.538!' \-\V1 

be beyond' endu'rance -'a <a) 

.r^\ i'?3y-iBiy3is (Djyi-'m-jy 'i38' 
be^ brief (eiyia '3)_ .iyD8B nip in 
be'bung n. (3:s3-'"3) lyiyB's Dsn 

.[ly^yasj' lyis tyjjn P8] i8b 8 lie 
be but a fool to 1 

?niB y B83 'a) 

B'3-1S3 8 Vl (1B 
...B'O 1"?3iyB P8 

becafl'co n. -pya) 
="a <i (isp-''a-8 
8m] ?yDs-n3y3 
=33n iy3"?p 
y3?yii ?y3nB 
in Bnny3-iy _ . 

.[iy3"B tIB ^«"=««''° 

becall' «. ('jn8P-'3) B'n lyanjs 
•lysfijyoyjis tyayj ;iyoy: yois'o 




becalm' v. censP-'a) ,m''oswi>2 

becalm'lng n. (jjiN-'ensp-n) dst 

became' ('d"p-<3) .msiiw 

become .1 
because' adv. and c. CinsP-'a) ;?"ll 
...on 2y'5ix ; nsaivT 
beccafl'co n. (iisp-''a-8-Pj;3) 

becaflco .1 
beccafi'go «. (isj-'iB-s-pya) 

becaflco ,1 

bech'amel n. (jyo-jz-'Biya) po 8I8 

.Bit yoanvj jjd'mi 

bechance' -o. and adv. COJVE'O-'a) 

.3<?yBl!( : iDBno ,IJ;58B!)3 

becharm' v. ('D^8K'B-''3) "ixjia 

.lyjjMixva ,ny3 

heche'-de-mer' n. ("in»D-j(n-'t5'"3) 8 

=D' lyj"?? 8t8] »pyjt!'=D' ,JJ8Brit3 

be'chic ». ond «. (P'p-'y'3) t38il 
.iVBDin iwvj syo'o 8 lODin 8*B?"n 

beck ». o»d -e. (pyi) 8 ; P:i8ll 8 
;Bsp I'B'o lyis iJsn ivt b'd iw's 

B'O tWV 8 IMSO : ?j;3"B t"5p 8 

018B 8 ; Bsp I'B'D ins iJ8n -ij;t 
beck'et n. and v. (By-'py3) 8t8 

n'lK IVtS'lB80 D811 SUP -\y-l)S si"?!!' 

=W ; pnaiy 8 ij;i:'3ivix rv38a ei'iy s 

.BUp -ljn» «l"56!' 8t8 B'O lyj'BDVB 

beck' on n. and v, (ipj;3) PJIKI1 8 
'nis ; BSP t'BiD -ivis iJ8n ivt b'd 
=3'ii : PJisii r'B'D ,n:8n ii/t b'o iva 
iviu ijsn iVT b'b] ivjpstyix ,ivp 

.[bsp t'B'O 

beclothe' v. ('nBis5P-'3) .I!;t''?pd3 

becloud' V. _ (ni85p-''3) 'VP^smya 

.i!;38o irBD:'B ; lyo 

become' v. ('asp-'3) ; wniiottfOiv 

■tvp'ts' VI : iVT'JP ,iyD8B ; tnyii 

become' adap'ted to 'bsP-'3) 

B'D ijnpii BJ8py3 (IB -\VQ-'sri-si 

.DVBv IS irjnviiw in ,DsiiBy 

beconje' insen'slble -j'n 'bsp-'3) 

.I'MBBIKllW DST ISTJiya (53'B-'3SIB 

become' known (psj 'DSP-'3) =y3 

.ijnyii BJ8P 

become' sta'tionary -'"BD 'dsp-'3) 

=snB D': ; invDt!' ij;3"?3 Cx-nff-Jsts' 


becom'ing n. and a. (3j<8-'nsp-'3) 

=83 .2 ; iviyii DsT jnyBBiB:!; est .1 

.I'JP'E' ; jniyBcos : d8tl"5P ; IJVB 

1. He is becoming an expert swimmer. 2. 

She Tvears a becoming hat. 
becom'ingly adv. (iS-jjik-'osP-O) 

.TSP'tj" jnwBtsiJs ; iwdss ^bstt'Jp 
becom'ingaess n. (Byj-jj'8-'osP-'3) 

,B"prB8S ,B"p3'?p't!' ,B"PJnoyBB'J8 
..,;.o„ .B"p08n"?P 

be concerned' ('ijtid-jsP '3) l"t 

.0V6S ni8 Bnsty3 

be confined' ('ij'SB-JSP '3) =y5UJ 

.BSBj'p rs iu;u5 v^ ; tviyii tw 

be coun'sel for one 5j)b-'ji8P '3) 

; B8Psin8 bb!;j"8 i"i (isiin isa 

.[B3nyj I'k] Byxsns soyr'N lyirra 

Becquerel' rays (fn '5yi-pya) 

=B3nJi8 ysjyts] ly^nsiBU'-^ynypya 

yj'B-is Din8i ria tyJnsiBty yisa 

='tMV08iB iiB tyBSJ ayi eiM8 ,iyasB!:' 

.[jyiypya lypM'a lysy 

becrown' v. ('n8"iP-'3) .lyj'npys 

be cur' rent (Bjy-'nsP '3) BU v^ 

t"t ;[nninB] 183jj8J i"t /lyanpiyB 

.yiSD i'8 

bed n. and v. (iy3) ; ■iyjy?yj ; By3 
>BB8'T"n ;yisJ 8 ; lyBSJiy dix rsJB 8 
=Di5B : BasE-jyospss: Myjjnrsnya 
=iyBJi8 ;By3 8 IX i'?jny Dsiiay ; pyi 
=8iix niin lyis iy?3'ia njno 8 ;38? 

S1M8 Bjy? BS11 18t t"N] BS'tS" ; tyo 

;[b8?3 8 Sims B853 8 mi ,iyiyiJ8 18 

Dsiini: s] iy3y5y3 ; By3 is iyj:'n3 

?SD8 t's oy Ml ,p?sa isB B8i"myB 

VI MyBB^B' lyjy? ;[3n:a lyn lyiiyj 

iyB?8n Tt ; lyasJEs- ; lyasSB' fyjy? 

nvn Ml] n:no 8 I's BjjyniyjBMJis 

lyjy? ;iy"r ,iys385B ;[?y3MB nyis 

.lyBa'B" rs 

bedab'ble v. (?3'yi-'i3) ,iysy3y3 


bedag'gle v. oyv\-i^) : iyitini!'y3 


bed and board (inis3 till iy3) 

n IX ji!iy3 t's] tyoy tiK lyas?'.^ 

.[mib i"t IX I8D 8 na lyBS'jBB 

bedar'kened u,. (i3p'i8i-'3) =Tya 


bedash' v. ('t!'yi-'3) ,iyx''iBt!'y3 


bedaub' v. ('3n«i-'3) ,iyxiD(!'y3 

.lyBanj^'K ; tyTBts'ys 

Bed'awl n. (Min-y-'iy3) .ny:'>8ny3 s 

bedaz'zle v. (5t'yi-'3) ,iyi3y53 

.[b3i? lyjyn mi] lyijyssiya 

bedaz'zlingly adv. ('5-j3'5-'tyi-<3) 

=yn 8 nvi iyi:y?3iyB iia tais i'sims 

.tilt? ly? 

bed'bug «. (j83-'iy3) .I-JSll 8 

bed'-chalr n. (inyES'B-'iy3) =iyp38np 

iy3'5jyD-iy is j:iB3'nisB 8 ; 5mBE' 

.By3 I'S lysytisBMs vi lypjsip 8 

bed'chamber n. {•^ji:i-a^^\i'0-'-iSi) 

.lyo'sas?!!' 8 

bed'chamber wom'en -o"t!'D-'iy3) 

8 na] tyM-ia=-iyD8P (ly-'nMin iV2 


bed'clothes n. (tnBls5P-'iy3) »By3 


bed'-cur'tains n. (tjyB-'TMP-'iy3) 


bed'ded a. ny-'iy3) 8 Bsn iy3?yii 

t's Dsii ; By3 8 fs Bjy? Bsii ; By3 

\v\v\ts lyis lyBa'tj- ps Bjy^yiBMs 

.[lyBBD^nva "3] 

bed'ded togeth'er -ib iy-'iy3) 

.iyB8tis 3'i:yas?ii' (ly-'nByj 

bed'ding m. (jj»s-'nya) lyjy? dst 

Dsii»ni3 8] ryjyjya dst ;By3 I's 

5S08 t's ay Ml ,P?sa isa B8"i"mya 

Bsi n38iiyjBy3 ;[3n:D lyi lyiiy; 

=3ny3 "l] tyB3'lSi I'S B3y5y3DMS I'M 

; i'33 8 na BjyDsioiB lyi iCiyosD 
B3y'5 By lysjyii n'ls ,'myB3is lyi 

.5yByp»slBD81 8 

bedeaf'en v. (la'yi-'a) .lyaso 3MB 
bedeck' v. ('pyi-'3) >'s ; lypyiya 
.lysiBB'is ,iyT 
bed'egar n. (■i8j-'K-'iy3) =iyiST 
.BNiit!'=iyi8T ,'=iy5yiy3 
bed'eguar n. (•i83-'8-'iy3) 

hedegar .i 

be des'perate (Bi'l-yB-'oyi '3) p't 

.B'li!' lyBjya'Misiya 8 ti'is b"13 

be destrue'tive of ii'b-'psib-b'1 'a) 

.iyB3':iyB .lyiyBi^is DsiiBy (iis 

bedev'll v. ('?iiyi-'3) ; ty>ii"BiyB 
8 I'S iyj3"'i3 ; iy5iJ8ny3 tyjyir'B 
.iy3i8inyB ; iy3'j"a ; yj85 ycjyiv'B 

bedev'ilment «. (D3yB-'Jliyi-'3) 
;Di8'? nyty^yivB s ; lysivBiya est 

.3313118318 ytJ'5yil"B 8 

bedew' v. ('i'i-'3) =ya ,iy'inBy3 


bed'fellow n. (is-?yB-'iy3) =By3 8 

,iyB85ti'B'n 8 ,i3n 

bed'-gown ■». (n83-'iy3) ,lByn«B383 

.P8'=iy3iso ; loyn'sisJiy 

bedi'amonded o. -3SB-y-''8l-'3) 

"1 B'o Biy'sy3 lyis Bpyiy3 (lyi 


bedight' v. ('b'81'-'3) =y3 ,iyi'sy3 


bedim' v. ('q'i-'3) =iyB ■,iy5p3mya 


be dis'tanced (BC3yB-'B'l '3) ='18 

.lyiyii B3s'y3iy3 

bedi'zen v. (ii;'8l-'3) ; lysiB Tt 

_ =18351811 lyi"??*!'! ; iyi"?P inyu' I't 


bedi'zenment n. (B3ya-3t''8l-'3) 

.I't iyi"5p inyis' bsi ;i't lysis bsi 

Bed'lam n. (By5-'iy3) B85iy3 

B'ysmo 18a d58bb'38 is iib iyDS3 s] 

.EIS1385 rs 

bed'lam n. and u. (By5-'iy3) 8 

=?'ii 8 ,5yDiB lyiJ'ii 8 ; t'ln^B'ysiB'D 

'D'ySWD 8 18B 3'B8a ; 331311S318 yi 

.y3iB'D : Pin 

bed'lamite n. (B'8D-y5-'iy3) =3n8ll 

;t!'3yo iyi5'ii ; iy3y3iis'o ,iy3'3't 

na iyisiiy3 B"iay3 ns dsii iy3"8 

.B5"ny3 t"ii5"B T'i53 ,t'in=B'y3iK'a 8 

bed'lamltish a. (B"8-B'8-oy5-'iy3) 

.iy3y3ii!'a 8 'ii 

bed'lamlze v. (t'8-ny5-'iy3) y3it!'D 


bed'-Hn'en n. (iy-'3'?-'iy3) .(S'yii=By3 

bed of ro'ses (tyt-'isi lis lya) 

.iy3'33iyB IIS p'53 ,By3=iyt'n 

bed of stones (t3isBB lis iy3) 

.By3 B18n 8 

be done (nsi '3) P't ,B38oy3 i"t 


be done brown (psia nsi '3) »yii 
;[nt lyi na] B3yi3y338 -nsiiB' lyi 
=3s tyiyii] iyB3yi3y33s i8 lyiyii 


be double (53si '3) .B3"liy3 p't 

Bed'ouin n. and a. (ps-is-'iya) 

='iiy3 s iiB iy3'iyny33s m] PKiiys 

=818 IS ;[B8B6!'=iyi38ii lyt^'asis lyD 

Bin'B DSll iy3"8 ;331'=iyB83 iyt!"3 

t'K Bsii : B"3'8ny3 ; lysyMyissii s 

.iy3'sny3 is v^\a 

Bed ouinlsm n. (Bt's-3's-is-'iy3) 

.lyayj'iyijsii s lyin'B bsi 

be down (psi '3) ps iy58B3"is 

.yi8333is lyis in'3i8 

be down upon' one 'tsB-s 1181 '3) 

1't ; lysyo's fi'is ly^sass (isiin 

iysyt3s I't ; lysyo's b'd lyByw - 

.lysyo's si'is 

bedpan ». (iyB-'iy3) iyai8l1=By3 8 

BSI iyoyiS11S1S38 E'85B yB"13 8t8] 

=B383 8 ;[Tt B3y5 lyn iyi"8 By3 


bed -piece n. (sya-'iys) =8131B 'i 

=pa Biyii By y3?yii si'is yB85B>B3yB 

.peso 8 B?yBB' 




id'-plate n, (oi'SB-'nva) 

hed-pieee .1 

id'post n. (BDisB-'nya) .dib=b»3 k 
id'-pres'ser n. Civ-'Dyis-'iva) 

■W\'S 8 nVBlfB 8 ,iyB85l!'»J38? 8 

id quilt rt. (DSniPip-'nva) ,yn5sp s 

.ypvi 8 

idrab'ble v. (syyiva) iwsd 

.rSlDB' 118 D83 

idrag'gle e. (jj'yni-'a) tMKO 

'8a ; yDS?3 tJiD tyS'lBBiW ; J'SIDE' 

.lyBoi^K' 8 m 
idrench' v. ('ts'tsayn-u) =yj3in 
.iin 118 iin lys 
idress' «. coyni-'a) .iyi"5pjs 
id' rid a. (^n-'^y3) : riy38M3y3 
lyns B"pB58 na oya ix lyijiayjis 
id'ridden a. (nn-'iy3) ftedrfd .1 
:d'-riglit n. (B'81-"iy3) ,B3i?aB=By3 

[ty3y5 iyB8i"myB. d"3] B3yi=By3 
id'-rocl£ n. (p8l-'iy3) lyBlsn lyT 
"11 lyi lyojix VI Bj'ayj dsii una 
JIB 8 ; iJnj'iytJya ; yD8o>Tiy lyiva 
id'room re. (Bnn-'1»3) .lyD's^Pis?!? 
id'-room ■». (Bnn-'iy3) vvk y85a 

.By3 8 

idrop' V. ('B8-n-'3) ;tyanBS3 


I dropped (BB811 '3) : tyiynanx 

.rynyii tyasiawwix 

id'-rug re. (jsi-'nya-) TByB=iy3 8 

''n8B pyii8 Bjy? wo dsii Tsyo 8] 


idrug' V. ('jsii-u) jy'Bix iy3y] 

.[yijy3iiBy3 Dnyijsty3] ryBsyxyT 

'■ dry (iR-n 13) ynytj"! ,3'BK'in l"T 

yp5yo B'j ;iyB3': fn ;DyBy isJ 

.t.Tp "3] in 

id'side n. (T8D-'nya) ans K85B 8 


id'side car'pet -"18P T8B-'iy3) 

.T8'ii8P=By3 ,ii'ByB=By3 (Bya 

id'-sore n. (TisB-'iya) IJINII 8 

y? 3J85 tiB lypJBiP 8 "3 Biyii dsii 

.B"t I"N 1MN By3 I'8 Wi 

d'spread re. (iyiBD-'iy3) =By3 8 


d'-spring re. (j3<-iaD-'iy3) lyT 

.By3 8 I1B pyTyj'ctns 

d'stead re. (lyBD-'nya) =y]=By3 

.Dn81=By3 8 ,?yBE' 

id'straw re. (nsit)D-'iy3) niBB' 

81B80 B38oyj lynyii Dy lyBJyii iia 

5xijy3 Bjy^a dsii ,tsiJ I'b 8r8 ;tyx 

.iyBy3 P8 tyiyii 

d'-swer'ver re. (■iyii-'T8iinD-'ny3) 

.'na yiBJis ,I8d lyna^is 

d'ticlc re. (p<B-'iy3) .TS''iyt>"P 

d'tlme re. (B'80-"iy3) b"v n 

.tyas?E' inyj iia 

sd'nin re. (ps-is-'lVB) Bedouin .1 

dulte' «. cpm-u) ■18B iy38o 

jsviyn MCB ayn iy3yj ; jsviyn 8 

dung' V. ('jJsn-'3) ; iyj<BD'ny3 


dust' V. ('BD8V3) ,iy3nois'y3 

.JUMBB' iy380 

d'ward o(to. (in8iin-"iy3) dix 


dwarf' V. ('«nsiim-'3) =8o t"?P 

.tyopsii lyis? D'3 ; tys 

bed'work re. (p'i'S1in-'iy3) yB3"? 

=yii tsnoyj typ D8II B^ais] B"3n8 

.[By3 P8 jnjyjy? rvT 

bedye' v. ('<Bi-'3) .ty318a3S 

be dy'ing (aji8-'i8T '3) "3 tyD?8n 

.tiD'Dj lyi 

bee re. (yi3) .iy'3=3U8n 8 ; iy'3 8 


bee'-bird re. cn'n-'ys) 

'beam-iHrd ,( 

bee'-bread •». (^y^3-'y'3) =iyjy'3 

n DSII 3'iBK' iyDi?3 -Wil D'lia 

,ys38?a 8 ;[iyDy dis ly^ost lyjya 

=tyBi53 ty5D8( ty:y'3 lysjyn tia 


beech ■«. (B-Bya) .D'i3My3i3 

Beech, Flower and Fruit 

beech' -mast re. (BDya-'i!'By'3) =(y3l3 

dsii iy?D': yj'py»"n y3?yt8] D': 

lya'j 118 D<i3<iy3i3 I'n'is lyDPsii 

.[5'i8 lyJsanBiyii 8 in tis Dm's 

beech'nut re. (Bsa-'tyoyo) 

heech-mast .t 
beech'-oll re. (j's-'t^Bya) =di3313 
heech-mast .r .?n8 
beech'-tree re. (yi'iB-'B'By'3) 

h^ech .r 

bee'-cul'ture re. ("iityB-'^sP-'ya) 

.lyjyB lyiiyisn dbt ,D3i!:<tyjy'3 

bee'-ea'ter re. (lyB-'ys-'ya) =tyjy3 

-ys BDy DSII ?ysna 8I8] lyDyia 


beef re.. (F|y3) »ij't ; ijn ,nip ,DPS 

.B'V5B=nip : t!'"?B=iyDps : bi'^sb 

beef 4 la mode (iiso 8? 8 «iy3) 

Bya B'a iyo8i3y3 B'"?a] i!"i>B=nsoB' 

.[lysiniyj ii« 

beef'-cheese re. (tytya-'ayB) =8tix 

.tji'ijBian DyBDyiByjjyB 

beef'-ea'ter re. (nyB-'y8-'ay3) 8 

JJ1' -lyayDispyHs du s ; •iyDy»is'"?a 

iyijy?j3y n lyan iyiMVJ8na n] 

.[lynso 0V1 B'D 

be effec'tive (ii'B-'pya-y 'a) pn 

/Jsaopinj^s j'aaynp ,d8»ptii 


beef'-head'ed «. (ly-'iyn-'ays) 

lyis tvasu 8 D'D ;dps 18 ni on 

.B8P tyBBSBCiyS 

bee'-flow'er re. (ny-'i85a-'y<3) n 


beef'steak re. (p"DD-'eiy3) 'B'a 8 

.pyBt!' . 

beef'-tea re. (ye-'ayB) ypi8Bt!' 8 

'Vi na B3spyj env" osii Bir=is'5i3 

.K'"5fl=tyDps lyDpsn 

beef'-wit'ted a. (iy-'Bnim«iya) on 

.DPS 18 ni 

beefy a. CK-'sya) 18 is I'my 

.rt!'"5B=pn ,DPs 

bee'-glue re. (ni5J-'y3) BP8insB 

lyjya n dsii f\suti> lyj'Bysp 8t8] 

oya •>s''''i lyiyou'ivDns lyjost 


bee'hivB »• (ii'8ri-'y3) .psoB'jys 

bee'house re. (Di8n-'y3) ,t'in=iyjy3 


bee'-kee'per re. (iyB-'yp-'y3) ="8 

.iy:ya oyiiyisn dsii nyj 

beele re. (5y3) o»D iyt"8=iyi3 8 

.lyo'M yi'ia na lypy yaiBi!' 

bee'-line re. {t'85-'y3) nyBD3"53 tvi 

.jyii lyBoyxTP iik 

Beel'zebub re. (3S3-n-'5y-<3) "lyT 

»S3 "lyi ; DTiB-js n "3 3i3t«5y; bsj 

[DysjsD] lyBs yijj?'3 i'd 8 na lyn 

.8pnyD8=nn p« 

bee'-anas'ter re. (lyB-'oyo-'ya) 

bee-iceeper .t 
been (lya) be ,t .lytyiiyj 

I have been here a week. 

be enti'tled (i5D''8B-3y '3) =ya pn 

.DynjyByiB lyasn iBi'Dayi 

bee'-or'chls re. (D'P-'i8-'y3) =iy:y3 


beer «. and v. (lya) lypj'io ; lya 

beer -bar'rei re. (5y-'iy3-"iya) =iy3 


beer -house it. (Di8n-'iy3) =nya 

.Pinnya ; p:ve> 

beer Ishly cidv. ('5-B"8-'nya) «3ny 

.j'Bisiya nya is t? 

beer -mon'ey re. ('K-':s!>-'iya) 

.n?y3=p3nB n?wny3 

beer -shop re. (B8B'-'iy3) .P3yty=iy3 

bee's' -knee re. (yj-'rya) ='3 t"5p s 

.yptsjaysBP 8 ,y5yBsiB s :y?yD 

bees' tings . 7.. (tjjiB-'Dys) yaypyip 

"in's 183 nip 8 tiB iS'D yBi^iy n]' 

, .[in ty3?yp 

bees wax re. (Dpyiin-'tyBj =ty:y3 

, .DP8« 

Deet re. and v. (aya) yB'n 8 ,P»113 8 

, .iy"B 8 tyi3'X3s :a'i 

bee tie «., v. and a. (jBys) =m3 8 

818] lyayp s ; lynsn ■iy3iys5sn lyo 

'lys?'!! 8 D'D tyB85p ;[p>|yt ,»p?ya8a 

,B?i3 ; lysnsDB'D'ns ; lyosn ovi 

, , , .Ds-isDB'yaD'ns 

bee tie-brow re. (i8i3-JB'y3) m 

.33133ymy3'18 is ,331S1808fD'n8 

bee'tle-browed o. (iisia-JB'ya) 

"3s : lyoyiB yn3y3jynasi8 yD'n3 d'o 

J"B ■lyatj'-iya'iK lyi dsii : Dyiioaya 

.iy3'i8 e33yn lyis d'iis dsibbb' 

bee'vtle-head re. (iyn-5B'y'3) 'lya « 

^ / . ^ .asp'bn 8 ,BSP lyaBsBt!' 

bee tie-stock re. (p8BD->B'y3) s 

.lyosn 8 na 5yD3yn 8 ,5'Bt? 

beetle .j 

beet ling n. (a3'5-'By'3) «8?p dst 

.nyasn oyaiyxjsn 8t8 co tys 




eet'llng-machlne' n. -jjij-'oyo) 
•JBiiya B3?j(t8 t3>D ptyso 8 Ct'lf-VO 
lUJ"? tVonB IS tasjj oivosn w? 

3et'-press n. (orth-'avi) =Dj;nB « 

.[mn] oypvT 

set-radish ». (ts-'K-'iyi-'eva) 

.ivan voMT ,Dj;p»ii3 VB'n 

set'-rave n. (ii"V'b»'3) 

beet-radish .t 
jet'-root n. (onn-'offu) 'DBPViia 

jet'-root sug'ar -'jitj; onn-'oya) 
.lypiS'Dypjnn nypiX'ivan (t8 
jeve ». (iiy'3) beef .t .ijn » 

3 e'ven with (fio'iin tli'K '3) i"t 
...D'D Clip 
seves n. (riiyi3) ,!!;dps nviJ'T 

jfall' e. ('5nsa-<a) ='D8a .lyay-io 


;fall'eh (r5risa-<3) =8a .lyasioy: 

befall .t .tiT*D 

sfeath'er ». (ly-'noya-'a) =yiy3 

.lyiyiya b'o lyp 

sfell' cjya-'a) .QTD8B ,tya»ncyj 

befall .T . 
;flt' V. ('B<B-'3) .tyoBB ; typ'ty vi 

The President mu9t live as befits his posi- 

sfit'ting a. (;j'8-'B'B-'i3) njyosB 

Beflttfng dress. Befitting words. 
iflt'tlngly adv. ('5-jj<8-'B'a-'3) 
.jnjyBtyjN ; nyj^'Bty lynjyDsa 8 V\h 
;flat'ter v. (ly-'Bysa-n) ty38D 
flB'jn B'D lyB't^jya ; tyBJ»D'?Bnsp 

jflecked' o. ('Bpy5B-'3) B'o Bpyiy3 


jflow'er t). (■iy-'i85a-'3) typyi»3 

.tyDl?3 B'O 

;foam' v. ('disb-U) B'D typyiys 


!log' V. ('38b-'3) 8 B'D lypyiys 
018 ;tyiyBJ85BnyB ;[I8dib] ?y3yj 
njBBiyjyjyj 8] ry?3yj-iya ;ty38io ns5P 
„ ,. .[y:8iB nyis 

He befogi the Issue In the debate. 

ifool' V. ('5niB-'3) ,iyi8i38 ,tyi83 

.lyjnBya ,ty3Bo lyisJ aix 

ifore' adv., prep, and c. ('tisb-'3) 

nynna .nymsB nyT'8 nsays nsa 


sfore' com'mon e'ra "iisB-'3) 
i»3'53iiyiiy3 ir\ ibb (si-'x ts-'D8P 

store' God (183 "ll!SB-'3) DBSJ 18B 


sfore'hand adv. . (ijyn-'llSB-'3) 

.j'B'iJisB oymsB ,TSBix ;D<i8isa 


sfore' long (jjs? "ii8B-'3) =iip P8 

.1583 ,tyx 

jfore' men'tioned -'jya 'iisa='3) 

■ivi lynna ,BonsD'iy'i=iy3'iK (ijsb' 


store one's face tJ8liri'llSB-'3) 

.B3nyj rx tyxya'8 (d"b 

store' the Are ("|i8a 'riB 'llSB-'3) 

.-lyB oyi "3 

store' the toot'-lights "ii(ja-'3) 

l'«] »3n'3 n»T ei'l« (DB'85-'Bia 'HB 


betore'tlme adv. (D'8B-'llKa-'3) 

.iyB"sn8B ,?SD 8 

be for some'thlng -'dsb ISB '3) 

B'O iyB?8n ,DyBy -\sb pn (jjmb 

.oysy 186 pn i'SS'J ,DyBy 

befoul' V. ('?i8B-'3) =y3 Aniam^ 


be tree of (ii8 yna '3) 8 iynipy3 

t"i B'J ; "IB t"t ; ...IX B'lBix ivna 


befriend' v. ('i3yiB-'3) ty5iJ8ny3 

.lyx'BiS'iyBJix ; ty3'BBj'jy3 ,i'?ij"na 

befrlend'ment n. (BjyD-'njyia-'3) 

.j:i?ii8ny3 ysisij'na ,3Ji:'BDj'3y3 

befriend' one's self tjsiin '13yna-'3) 

.lyjM P8 lysu y3yj"8 n tyssn (ti5yD 

befringe' v. dyni'iB-'s) lyxisys 

.[tyjJBia] tjyiB b'o 

betud'dle v. (5'isb-'3) ='j"k pTSBtJ" 

beg V. (jy3) .ty5By3 ; tyBy3 

1 beg to notify you of your election to mem- 

beg accep'tance of -'ByD-py jy3) 
.oyay tyonyoixis tyBy3 (ii8 d:vo 

I beg your kind acceptance of the offer. 

begad' int. ('iy3-i3) .I113D833 

beg all descrip'tion -oyi jns jy3) 

VI ,i833'nB'y3Ji8 pn (tstj'-'B'iP 

.tyiyii IX iy3n'E'y3 '!i<5jyojiN 

began' ciyj-'a) =yjjs ; tya'inyj:* 

begin .t .iyjj8B 

He began his address by telling a story. 

begass' n. ('Dyj-<3) baga,sse .t 

begem' -o. coyti'n-'a) B'o tssytya 

.■iyj"Bt!' ynynB 

beget' V. ('Byj-13) iy3isn ,tyiny3y3 

;[-iyBSB 8 lyjyii ^JsyiBS'in] ij'p s 


They will marry and beget children. 

beget'ter n. Ciy-'Byj-u) nyBSB lyT 

.lyasyiy lyn 

beget' ting m." (3j<K-'Dyj-'3) '»ttroti-i 

: Djyii lyT tiM« iy:;'n3 dst ,ryB 

PK Dsii DST /tyasts'yj t'K Dsii D8T 

.B5yii -ivi V1K rynsiiyj B38i3y3 

beg'gable a. (53»-'3y3) lyp Dsil 

.lynyii B5yBy3y3DM(« 

beg'gar n. and v. (iy-'3y3) ; lyjoys 

»y3 : lyonsiya ,ny5By3 8 ibb lyaso 

=yi 8 PK B380 Dsii iy3"8 ; ty3'n 

BP'iiya ly y3?yii 3JiBBiiny3 s yB83 

=iy3'K : I80=m3n 8 ; t!'B833P 8 ; B'3 

beg'gar-boy n. ('83-iy-'3y3) =By3 


foeg'gardom «._. (nsi-iy-'3S3) =By3 

.n'i3nny5By3 8 ; "iy? 

beg'garhood n. (iin--iy-'3y3) =By3 

.[iPBpy?sp] iy5By3 ; "ny> 

beg'garliness n. (Dy3-'?-iy-'3y3) 

,B"n3"oy3 ;ni?T ;nij!{3p ,"-iy5By3 


beg'garly a. (<5-iy-'3y3) ; tay-iB inyt 

.3'BDi? ,t"Dy3 ; B-nySBys 

beg'gar-maid n. (i"D-'iy-'3y3) «By3 


beg'gar-man n. (lyo-ny-'jya) =By2 

beg'gar-wom'an n. -'D18lin-ny-'3y3) 

.ypiy5By3 (ly 

beg gary n. (<«--iv-'3y3) ; "iy5By3 

.m3n=iy5By3 8 ; ni5T ,o"pDns dmis 

beg'ging n. (3j»K-'3y3) ; iy?By3 D81 


beg'ging-tri'ar ». -''BlB-33'8-'3y3) 

.■!i83»o»"iy?By3 (ly 

beg'glng-let'ter n. -'By>-33'«-'jy3) 

.fiyn3=5yBy3 8 cw 

beg'glngly adv. ('?-3J'K-'3y3) =By3 

.1318 tyB"iy?By3 8 vix /B"!?? 

Beg'hard n. (ii8-'3y3) Il8n3y3 "lyT 

yapyD nyiyu'jyi 8 na iy<53B'D 8] 

lyBJBSyB'o P8 BTBonpy Bsn ysjyn 

Beguin .t .[n38?8n pk 

begild' V. ('i?'3-<3) =y3 ,tyi?83"iyfl 


begin' V. ('p3-'3) .tyaimjs iy338B3S 

begin'ner n. (iy-'j'3-'3) nysJBBJS 


begin'nlng n. cmd a. (33'K-'J'i3-'3) 

.3n3y3'inj8 ; 3'in38 ,n5nnn jjbbos 

begin' the world iriB 'l'3-'3) 

tya8is' VI ; iy3y? iy3J8B3» (iJTsiin 

.yjVBD'Ipy 18 

begird' v. ('n'i3-'3) ; iy5B'i83Dn8 

.tyD'SW'K ; iy?33'iDn8 

beglr'dle v. (?tti3-'3) ,ty533nBn8 


beg leave (iiy<5 3y3) !!"J3'i5-iy 


beg'lerbeg n. (3y3-ny5-'3y3) mm 8 

.n8B8Jiy3i3>58iyjy3 nyt!"p 

beg'Ierbeglic ». (p<5-3y3-ny?-'3y3) 

.y':iy3i3 yts^viyB 8 

begnaw' v. ('n83-<3) =ix ,tyD"3ix 

begone int. ('tn83-''3) Ipyii8 1 bisb 


beg one's bread (iyi3 r3Slin 3y3) 

.iy5By3 pa ty3y? ; tny3 iy?By3 

beg one's way ("im iJ8iin 3y3) in 

.3yii 8 t»i8Jt!'3in 

Bego nia n. (y-'3-'is3-'3) =By'i5' D8t 

yB-l'?Sp B'D tyX385a VO 8t8] B853 

=y3 yo'i8ii P8 !yDP8ii yasyii ,iyBy53 


be good at (By ii3 '3) ix iy3MB 

inyBii'iya .oyay ix 3'nyB p't ,Dysy 

„ , , -IBt 8 B13 

He Is good at figures. 

be goose'berry ('K-iy3-'Dl3 '3) =y3 

.5yi8B B3y'?iyB 8 iyB"?3 

begot' ('B83-''3) =y3 ty3y3?3 ,tyis3y3 

beget ,t .B113 

beg par'don (ts^-'^8B 3y3) iVBjfa 

.33i3n5WB3y jJini'X-iyB 

begrime' v. CD'siJ-o) /lysiDB-iya 


begrudge' v. ('s!'ti)fn3-'3) ,iyT'3y3 

.ty3'3-iya b'3 ,pn 8:pp 

beg the ques'tion -'oyiinp 'ilB sya) 

,yB83yT 8 I'x DsiiBy iyBB'iny3 (ibb'b 

o"-i3 ; ly-iyii rypiiy3 atris f\^»^ D81i 

1V1 D811 ,t"iiy3 8 yB83yT 8 v« lyj 

typiiys Btrny i8: siibt 8ai3 i"iiy3 

, .lyiyii 

Beg'uard n. (Ti8-'3y3) Beghard t 

beguile' v. ('5'83-'3) :ryi83 ,iy3'iBy3 

■ oya ; Bi'iy3y338 b"x 't iy33yi3iy3 

=8my3''8 ; B"P3'?"11338? 'T iy3"io 

.iyB58myB3i« ; tiiii'3 nn 'ii lya 

beguile'ment n. (B3yD-'5''83-i3) «y3 

."■iyi833s jno 

begun er n. (■iy-'5'83-i3) ,iy3'lBya 

.'8m ,iyi8J 

Begu in n. (ps-'3y3) =y3 dsii ■iy3"K 

=D8 y3'?BB'np yti"j'8i3y3 't ix Biyn 

.yopyo yB"Byp 


egu'lne n. (ps-'jj/a) dsh 'ns 8 

igum' ». ('DS3-'3) B'O t»Pyi»3 

, .'OIJ 

3 gum n. (DS3-''a) yB"J8'nDno 8 


5gun CtSJ-'n) "inWJS ;IWJ8ByjJS 

begin .i .rya 

!haif' ». ('iisn-ia) ; naiB ,rvvij 

[in B^D Ba'naw doj;bd"o bivii] 

1 write In behalf of my friend. 

;hang' v. ('jjyn-'a) .rwJVnva 

shave' ». civn-'n) =b'18 bij I't 

Qij VI : ii;B?8mj;B bij in jiynn'B 


Children must be tauBlit to behave. 

shav'lop n. (n8'-'ii"n-'3) =n'BB'iN 

.jjinnww ; 3jn 

!head' v. ciyn-'a) ^nwasiB ,iyBVP 

.Bsp BVT tyo 

thead'lng /». (jrK-'iyn-n) dst 

.SUP BVT ivp^nauTs dst ,rvsj;p 

(held' cuvn-'a) .invtin ,tnytv3 

behold .t 

ihe'moth «. (nB8D-''n-'3) lyiyn 

'jn iib] invB ?': ,dps ivdsii ,dp» 

.["ninna" Bisii iyi!"K»n3 

I hen ». (tj;n-''3) srs] B!jip=ij;3'iB 


best' n. ('BDj;n-'3) ' .jnVBj/a 

hind' adv. and prep. ('ij'8n-'3) 

tSBj'n tiB ; pnix ,is;Bj'n ,'i);B3'n 

'8 jiBnvinyaj'n ,vi 18: ,i't ivarn 

.j'SVBty-ivBj'n ; njnnvBrn 

hlnd'hand adv. and a. -'ij'sn-'a) 

5MB :pnw ; ijynsBE'P'iis (ij»n 


hind one's back -'i;'8n-'3) 

j/pn Djy!(yD<8 nvoj'n (pn tjsiin 

.[D"nw i'8] 

hind' one's time -'ij'8n-'3) 

.ty3sn BrByBcii/B in (B'8b tjsiin 

hind' the car'taln ino 'i:'8n-'3) 

'8 ,iiD3 ,ib6'5ip n ivBj'n <ivb-'tip 


hind the scenes <nt3 '1J'8n-'3) 

>Vt8] t»D'?iP 'T IJJBJ'n tlB (t:j)'D 

I'j D"ii B"P3i?B:j;By n dsh dm 

, .[nsin 

hind the times iriB 'lJ'8n-'3) 

l'J:B"S -in 11B tJ':8Bt!'»J38 ((D'8B 

VJjn'DSB j;bdj;"3 n b'b B:8py3 

'B?8 B'D in iyB?8n : b"X lyi iib 

I'j lyoBB D811 B'jnjo lyiK lyyTN 

.B"s lyi iv 

hold 1). ('i?iKn-'3) ,iypip:8 ,tnyt 

1 nyt ; inynyi ; tyoasiBya 

hoi den (n'?i8n-''3) ,ByB3'?BBiyfl 

.J'n?ii!'pj8T ; i»i:mya 

hol'der «. (lyi-'Jisn-'a) .iifits/^t 

.iyB3838ya nynyiix 

hoi ding n. and a. (3jn-'?i8ii-'3) 

■lyB : iyB38iBy3 ottt ; typipjs d8t 

ya ,i:yn'V38 ; jn>ii!'pj8n ; ByB3'?BS 

, .ijyiya'iit 

hol'dingness n. -33n-'?l8n-'3) 
.B"P3n?lt!'=P381 ,331B3'?BBnyB (Dyj 

hoof n. ctinin-'a) .naiB ,tysij 

hoove ■». ('iinin-'3) »8b:8 ,tyD8B 

• .•18a 3'BM3 I"t ; ryD 
It Denoovei ua to eave for a rainy day. 

howl' V. ('?i8n-'a) .ty?'338 

the dot behowli the moon. 

ild n. and vl (i?y'a) iriif iiyv'E'ya 


be in a box (DP83 y I'K '3) I'K I"T 

.nnx «i'i8 t"t ;B"n3y3y5iyB s 

be in ac'tion (isB'-'py i'8 <3) =ynB 

.ivPTii ,i"i 33i3yiiy3 v» ,i"r 3'b 

be In a dry ditch ign V r8 '3) 

.oyiipya ii8 tvTi iy>niB vi (e'b't 

be in a reg'ular fanteeg' i'8 '3) 

^jvoK-Jsa 1") Csya-jya •iy?-i'-'3ffT y 

ion- 1118 I'a tyoMi b'j ,B?yniBix 3»t 

.'3110 ma? 

be In atten'dance -'jyB-y I'8 '3) 

=ya i"i ; lyjynya ; B'nya i"t (Djyi 

iyi8 DVBS Dn8 iny3oiK ; Bj'BByB" 

.ijytyii38 I'M ; tyxyn'8 

be In awe of (us n« l'8 'a) 8iin 

.oyey i8B lyavn 

be in black (pyja t'8 '3) t'8 l"l 

be In cash (tjiyp vk '3) .I5y3 "3 l"t 
be in chan'cery -lyo-'jyu'D t'8 '3) 

.B81p38a I"t ('8 

be in coun'tenance -'ji8P 1'8 .'3) 

.m iy3«n (Djy3-yB 

be in debt (oyi |'8 'a) .main I'k i"t 

be in depth (ncsyi i'8 'a) lyD'n 

iyi t'8 I'l "3 '11 I"t ,18t 8 1'?1J'13 


be In dlf'flculties -iK-'en pn la) 

•jyjy?iy3'i5y3 8 t'8 t"t (iy'B-5sp 

be In funds (dij«B t'8 '3) "3 t"I 


be'lng a. and n. (3J'8-''3) ='BD'tpy 

DS1 ; ?"ii ; 3'Biyii3y3y3 ;i3y"t .uyi 

.I'jyBD'ipy ; B"jyBVts'y3 ; lytyii ;t"t 

be in good gra'ces -'"i3 nj i'n 'a) 

.[tyxyo'8 "3] ,tn lyasn (tyo 

be in lea' ding strings -'y? fs ia) 

.3'13yBl!'QD35yt B'3 t"t (t33'1BD 3J'1 

be in mouir'ning (33'j-'iiso t'8 '3) 

.lyiiB t'8 i"t 

be in one's cups (db8P tJsiin t'8 '3) 

.113!!' ,85D I"T 

be in one's el'ement tJSlin t'8 'a) 

.B3y?y3B'18 B13 t"t (B3yD-'8-'?y 

be In suspense' ('DjyB-D8D t'8 '3) 

.5yB"iiit t'8 t"t ,tyD85(S'Bjy3i8 t"t 

be in the brl'ers -''813 'IB |'8 '3) 

.Dy5p iyi t'8 i"t (tiv 

be in the dark (pi8i 'no t'8 '3) 

.B"3iyBD3'a iyi i'8 tyB8B 

be In the downs (t3i8i 'iiB t'8 '3) 

.1't "3 ty58By3iyB3118 t"t 

be in the dumps (DBD81 'riB t'8 'a) 

.B0'Bi!'y3 Bay?!!" t"t 

be in the fash'lon -'t!>ya 'tiB t'8 '3) 

.»180 iyi 183 tny3 (t8 

be in the right (b'bi >na t'8 '3) 

.B3yiy3 i"t ,B3yi tyasn 

be in the run'ning 'riB t'8 'a) 

1't ty38' iyi8 tyayiBB' (33'8-'38i 

, , ^ .D811By 183 

be In the same boat >rm t'8 '3) 

Jstp'B- ty3?ytDyi tyasn (bi83 d"d 


be in the same box d"B 'IB 1'8 '3) 

t'8 t"t ,mx y3?yty'i ty38n (dp83 

.y38? lyasynyi 

be in the straw (isiBD 'nB t'8 '3) 

.ByB3'p i'8 twy? 

be in the sulks (dp>8D 'nB t'8 '3) 
'3y?f' 8 t'8 t"t ,BD'BB'y3 Bay?!!" t"t 

.y3'i? lyu 


be It remem'bered -'1 B'8 '3) 

=yii \V3ViVi B'Diyi 58t (ny3-'oyo. 

.ty38n tyj't t'8 tyo ?8i ; tyo'ii is tyi 

bejew'el v. (jy-'its'ti-'a) yiynB b'o 

.lyiyxiya iyj"Bi!' 

be jog'glng (3j'8-'38B'n '3) =pyii8 

.i'» tysiBas /iny3 

beknave' v. ('ii"3-'3) Dy3"8 tvan 

.BDi? tysn ; tyo83 jyoayJE' 8 b'd 

lenave ,t 

beknight' c. ('b'83-'3) 8 18B lyasB 


beknown' a. ('ti83-'3) .B38py3 

Bel n. (?y3) [5883] 5y3 BS3 iyi 

.533 138? I'8 

bela'bor v. (i8a-'"5-'3) 'i iy3yi338 

nn iyB"3iBy3 ; tyB"3i8y3 ; iy3"3 

^ . , , .iyB3yoi3i8 

After much belaborlno he was conTinced. 

belace' v. ('d"5-'3) B'd] tyi3'3ix 

B'O iyxyty3 ;[5yp'iBB' ijns ii3r 8 

.[yiiye'tnp] lys'se- 

bela'dy v. (n-'"?-'3) mib 8 lysn 

be laid up (b8 i"5 'a) iv lyjy? 
.P381P iy3y5 ;Bya 
belate' v. ('b"5-'3) ,iP3'ByBt!»iyB 
bela ted a. (iyB-'"?-'3) .B3'ByBt!'iyB 
belaud' ». ('ing5-'3) B'D tyO'OTS 


belay' v. ciij-ia) jjyn oin tyissB-iya 

; ty3'BDyaya ; >yi3'ais : tyiy38?y3 

.tyxisys ,ty3y5y3 ; tyiyi5 ,tyB'n 

belay' a rope (biki y '"?-'a) ^Dyaya 

.P'lBtc 8 iyi3'3ix lyis iy3'B 

belay'lng-pin n. (t'B-j3'«-'"?-'3) 

BB'BB' iy3iyt"8 iyi8 iy3iyx5sn 8t8 

.P'lBB' tyi3»B'i5 8 iB3'ODyay3 is 

belay' some one's way dbd '"5-'a) 

=iyB syii Byi iysyo'8 ciin t38iin 

.iyiy'i5B'i8 tysyD'8 ; iy5yBE' 

belch II. (tyB5»a) ; tyDByi3 ; DBffU .1 
.B58113 13'IS 1't IIB lyD'lOBC'nB .2 
1. If you eat radish^ you will belch. L 
The Tolcano belchei fire. 

bel'cher n. (lyts-B-'Sya) : lyOBjis 8 

ty'i?3 ?yp:n 8 o'o iiB=t58n Dyoju 8 

.iy5yo3'B yD"ii yo'iu ns i3nj 

belch out (D18 B>B5pa) ; tyBByi3B'n8 


bel dam n. (Dyi-'?y3) ; 'na yB58 


bel dame n. (B"i-'5y3) beldam .t 

belea'guer v. (iy3-'y5-'3) =y385y3 
.lB533'ion8 : lyi 

belea'guerer n. (iy-i»j-'y5-'a) iyi 

belem nlte ». (B'83-'Dyj-»3) >iy3n 
tie t"-3 8t8] t"B!."=iy33'B iyi8 'i"bis' 
tia D18B '1 08n D811 n'n iy3'?808 18 
.i"3 8t8 B8n 0811 ,n'n 8 ;[iy33'3 s 

bel esprit' n. ('n'iBHsy ?B3) "S'll 8 

bel fry n. ('iB-'5y3) .Blin0'typ853 

Bel'glan n. and a. (iyB'n-'5y3) 

,iy'35y3 8 ; iy35y3 is i"e' i'k dsh 

.ty'35y3 tlB ODSBi? 0811 iy3"8 

Be'lial n, (5y?-'<a) nn 8 ; IBB" iyi 

iyi!"8yi3yn tia] B"p3»i3'i ;nji 


beli bel V. (5y3-''8?-'3) ,tviDM?i» 

iyi t'8 tyio'i5iyB lyin'tiw i»i"i 



belle' «. (Mgj-'a) nij'ST ,- tj/jijt luj'? 

'381BDMK ; I'M SI BB" K'SID ,l»3'nB 
•nBtClVTIl ,B'?8B D58 ISI'MIW ; tVO 

: lyif'iisj!; «!;bv luoipauj o'j ; im 

.03'? tVB'^SB 8 I'N 1B?J)BB'1SB 
HI3 actions belle hla promises. 

belief' «. ('P|j'?-'3) D»T ; ivneiVBis 
OS .t8 ;jJi;"snV3'8 ; n:iDK ,ib3'i?j 
lUD Dsii t'8 i8t 8 ; «U"D »:vniWJ 


bellevabil'lty «. -'J'3-i;ii-!;i?-'3) 

.B"Prt3B8n3'l?J ('B-'8 

belle'vable a. (?3Vii-'p'5-'3) =3'l?j 

.BB8n3M?J .T? 

belle'vableness n. -53yiWj)'5-'3) 

.B"PJ'Ba8n3<1?3 (DW 

believe' v. ('iiv<5->3) nsBis Ijf3sn 

.iK'nBiVB ; ivPJST ; r»3M5j ; ii;<nB 

belie'ver ». (ij;m-');'5-i3) ,"U'3m53 

1W"8 jCl'DNO] B3M5J D«11 n);j"K 

.wnBivBis Bsn dsh 

belle'ving «. and a. (j3iii-'j;i5-'3). 

.nJiD8 .twiJJ D»T ;jnjy3'i?j 

belle'vlngly adv. ('5-jj'i1-'j;'?-'3^ 

.rVniBIVBlX B'D ; I»3M53 B'O 

belike' adv. ('p'ss-'s) n'?:"6!':in8ii 


beliked' a. ('Bp'8?-'3) .oav'^ya 

bellke'ly adv. ('?-'p»8?-'i3) =in8ii 
.03"5<B ;l'5:"!y 

bellt'tle V. (S'B'S-'a) ,i!;380 !"5p 
.iwiTJii; ,ti;"iy:»5Pii;o 

bell ». ond ». ova) =iyai53 ; ps?j 
8 ; cTn 8 na lypya dst iJimw. 
inyiBM8 jCB^'Pi'D'SB 8 siM8] ?yty?3 
8 lyrynfliiK ; lywjp ; ps?3 8 '11 
.cTn 8 '11 lypya ; psjs 8 lysso ,p8?j 

belladon'na n. -jya) 

,8J8i85y3 (y-'38i-y 

818] yiJ8'' yi!"B5yii 

DS11 yi38' yj'BB'j 

iyj'BB'3 8 n'1^« BDP811 

5sD8 ty:"t "t .?yD'i3 

tiB lyisiiyj Bsnys 

B'TunyB' isB lyna 

"t tyiyil BX'K ,iypyiix Belladonna 

=ya y?y'B i'8 Bxuys 

-t8BD tyjyj ,3SBnyii tyS'BB' is ,iy3<xn 

• .[.J .1 .8 lyo 

bell'-boy n. ('83-'5y3) Dsii Jya^'K 8 

8 ;[b33'5p iy» lyii] THB n Bjysy 

rei'i8 38 I't Bsn DSI1] iyjy'>?yB8n 

.[BDyj n tiB tyj:'?? 

bell'-clap'per n. (ny-'By5P-'?y3) nyi 

.P8?3 8 IIB UIK 

belle «. o»(J a. (jys) yjji' yjnyic 8 

•BSBiB ,inyt!' lyoDJnyi:' iy58 n ,yD8T 

.i3y'iy3Msy3 ,?sb 

She Is the belle of the town. 

belled a. (i5y3) .lypsJj B'o iyj38ny3 

belles' -let'tres m. (TByj-'Sys) n 

tiB J315"B3S n] iiBsnyB'? yjnyt!' 

,yny8B DSsnBjy y3?yii ,niB8"iyB'? 

.[p'Bnp=BOJip ti8 tyjJi^fiyiciy 

bellet'rist n. (BD'l-'By?-y3) 

bellelettrist .t 
bellelet'trlst n. (BD'i-'By?-y3) =y3 

=808T BS'ilB" D811 iy3"K] BO'lOy? 

.8 lyx'pD ,iy5»ii»j ,tyj3i?ny!fiy ,iyj 

.iiBBiyB'? lyjiiyK" iib iy:yp 8 ;[.ii .t 

bell'-fasfa'loned a. (njs-'u'yB-'Jys) 


bell'-flow'er n. (ny-'i85B-';y3) =s?3 



bell'-foun'der ». (iyi-'ji8a-'?y3) 


bell'-foun'dry ri. (m-'Ji8B-'5y3) 


bell'-glass n. (Dy?3-'>y3) P853=t8fi3 

IV '?3 y3<o-iyB3yp853 yj-iyty53 8t'8] 

.[Bsiioy iypyiy3 

l>ell -hang'er n. (^y-'JJy^-'?y3) ="8 

.typs53 tiMK B33yn bsii lyj 

bell -hap'ness n. (Dy:-'"i8n-'5y3) 

.iy5py53 B'o isBtyyi'inya 8 

bel'licose o. (Di8P-'K-'5y3) E'ny3y'np 

;[3ynp lyin'B is 3y'5 asn dsh] 

,'iyBP8T83 iyB"-iy3ynp 8 B8n dsii 

^.BD<Bi!'y3 E'ny3ynpt'K D811 

He was bellicose by temperament. 

bel'lied a. (T<8-'5y3) ,p>i ,3'3"3 

.3n3y5"p ' 

belUg'erence n. (Djyi-y-'(!'tT5-y3) 

.fitsnjD lyin'B D8t 

bellig'erency n. -jyi-y-'ctTJ-ya) 

8 VH tyj'ixy33"i8 t"t BST CD 
bellig'erent n. and a. -y-'K'fi'J-ya) 
;j!>ny3y'ip ,w)p B3y<5 dsii (Bjyi 
; iyBP8'i83 iyE"iy3ynp 8 Bsn d8ii 
=''isy33"n8 ; nonJo 8 is i"ty i»8 D8ii 
yi3ynnia=3ynp n ; non>a 8 I'x lya 

„ .B38tD 

His attitude was belMaerent. 

Bel'lis n. (D'8-'?y3) =-180 ,Bl53=tytJy3 


bell -less a. (By5-'?y3) .iyps53 in« 

bell man n. (iyo-'5y3) =3yil=B383 8 

Dsn [d83 t'8] iyBnD<i8 18 : -wo 

.P853 8 B'D B3J'5p 

bell'-met'al n. (?y-'Byn='5y3> =P853 

=ip lis BE!"ayj:yo8tis ?8ByD] 58Byo 

.[yi3sniB:8 118 ^yB5!^'Biy ,r's ,iyB 

bell of a flow'er (-iy-'i85a y 118 ?y3) 

5"B iVBB'-iyBjiK ivil •iy3y3'ryai53 

'y53=tyoi53 n lysjyn I'x di?3 s iib 

.[BD8By3j"8 ryj'n lya 

bel'lon n. (is-'?y3) •iyi3yT'3t!' 8 

iyB"3-18 IIB BOlp DS11 ,nynK'=Ti3 

.318B="53 O'O 

bel'low n. and v. (i8-'5y3) ,iy?n3 

,iy""iE' ;[dps 18 Ml] typy3 ,iypyo 

«n3 BUT : 'ntyys iy3'in 8 ; lyoTiBB" 

='n3 DST ; lypys but ,iypyD dst ,iy5 

.[D' .lyis ■i:'ii iib] lyt 

bel'lowing ,1. (33'8-18-'5y3) B8T 

.[njMi iib] lypns dst ,iy5n3 

bel'lows n. (tis-'5y3) .P8(=t8?3 


bell'-pep'per n. (ny-'ByB-'?y3) =8Bt!' 

.nyays lytj": 

bell'-puU n. (?iB='?y3) 5yB3yn D8t 

Bri's iVD iy35yii b'b bbit lyi lyis 

.5ypy53 8 

bell'-rlng'er n. (iy-'3jn-'?y3) =8?3 

=8»SBM8 18 ; y3TP 8 P8 iy33'5p=iyp 

IS lyivBsasps? "3 3:iB3'''n8B yt!"B 


bell -rope n. (Bisn-'?y3) =typs?3 


bell -shaped a. (BB"t!'-'jy3) =s>3 


bell the cat (oyp inB ?y3) lysjynjs 

='5inyBy3 B8iiBy ,5ypy?3 8 rsp lyi 


18 ,'Xi'o ovt B'l?] iy»ny3iyBJi8 Dys 

iy3jynisjs tyB»?t!'y3 ty38n t"D n 

.[?ypy?3 8 i-BP lyi 

bell'-tow'er n. (iy-'i8B-'?y3) =iypK?3 

bell'-weth'er n. (iy-'nByiin='5y3) 

Bny3 iy35yii ,p»?3 8 b'o i8183 8 
.nyin'B»5ynyi 8 ;yi8BD lyi dmsisb 

bel'ly n. and v. Cs-'^ys) IVT ; 1M3 

=BM8 ,iy5'B3s ; oysy na ?"b lyjyB'o 


bel'ly-ache n. ■ (p"K-'8-'5y3) =3'13 


bel'ly-band n. (ijy3-'8-'?y3) 1'13 8 


bel'ly-bound a. (iji83-''K-'?y3) 

'BBty-iya na bt"? D8ii ;3'3"5Bi8n 

.[niTsy] 331B 

bel'ly cares (nnyp 'K-'?y3) dkt 

.n3i<n=ni38T ,im3 ayT nsa mist 

bel'lyful n. (5ia-'8-'5y3) ,B"P3i:y3 

.f'SB* B80 y313y3 8 

bel'ly-god n. (n83-'8-'?y3) «'y3 8 
;3yn v<i DS11 iy3"8 ; tJsn lyB'ioiy 

??1t 8 ,1'13 -Wl t'8 58yTN lyBB 


bel'ly-plece w. (Dy'B-'8-'>y3) IVT 

.jyiya 8 iib i'13 

bel'ly-pinched a. (Bts'B3'B-'8-'?y3) 

.ny33in na Byi8Dy3DM8 

bel'ly-slave n. (ii"5B-'8-'?y3) ="k 

,i'i3 pn IS Htoptif 8 t<N BS11 is: 

.lyoyiB 8 

bel'ly-tlm'ber m. -'B'B-'8-'5y3) 

iyBSBB'isj8 58'nyB8a ,n?'38 (lys 

.I<i3 Byn 

bel'ly-worm n. (Bl<8lin-'8-'?y3) 

.B-l811=iy5lBlS' ,B1811'T13 

belong' 1;. ('j:s5^i3,) »yny3 ; iy3385y3 

.lyayiBya ,iny3Js ,iyT 

Portb Blco belongs to the United States. 

belpng'ing n. and a. OJ'S-'SJSJ-u) 

«'D'8 IS Biynyj dbh bst ;3'-iyny3is 

.BiB3y3"N ;i8t 8 IS lyis lys 

belong'ings n. (t3:'8-'33s?-'3) B8T 

.niB3y3"8 ; lys'D'K Biyny3 bsii 

belopd' V. ('Tis5-'3) JiB'B DyT iy3y3 


beloved' n. ('iiis5-'3) .lyBaysys 8 

belov'ed a. (ny-'iis5-''3) ,B3y'5y3 

.iy"B ,nBiyii 

belov'ed sin (pd iy-'ii85-'3) =3y<5 8 

Smoking Is my beloved slQ. 

be low (18? 13) t8 ,T11' 8 P't 

below' adv. and prep. ('is5-<3) =ji8 

.■iy3m'3 ; iyB3i8 ; nya 

below' pap (isb 'i85-<3) nyajis 

"i lyii iyiy'B8B=nBiyii "3] naiyii 

=3y3"sy3 lyn iyB:iK aaiipiya lyiyn 

.[riBiyii iVB 

below' stairs (nnVBD 'is5-''3) B'P8 

,pin 5"B lyewiyBJis d'P8 ,iy5yp 


below the gang'way >na 'is5-'3) 

"t8B8 lyT IS Biyny3 dsii ("iifi-'3:y3 

.[B:ya85"i8B pk] ts's 

below' the stan'dard <nB 'is?-' 3) 

.yais3 -\ri lyojiK (nnyi-'jyaB 

below' ze'ro (isi-'yn 'is?-'3) =318 

•lyB i'(i'i8] BP3iB=B33nnnB Byn lyo 

.iyi8i3=B?yp ;[-iyByoso 

belt 71. and v. (B?y3) '018 ; Jyaiss 

818 ; syB-iBJ^iyB'T ,iyoyn ; ty?Qi8J 


si'ted o. civB-'ssa) ; twvDisawDns 
; ?j;Bn8j=n!;B'T 8 co B5yBi8jy3»n8 

.?yB18J t'lBB tWSlBW 

>l'tlng n. (3j<B-'5i>a) =yB8D dst 

.DJPDn ; DJ!)D'-| 180 ?«n 

)lt'-shif'ter n. Cij/B-'B'B'-'BJya) 8 

■a^iB 8 ivpnwi»a»i8 jJiBamsa 

!1M8 1ST I"« tIB rts-Bo 8 tia ijfon 

.I!;b"iix 8 

slu'ga m. (8J-'ni?-ya) =d"ii ivt 

i?'B n»D'nj nyD"ii I'o 8] !("b?81i 

.[d'o' JIB58P n t'8 

b'Ius m. (BS?-'ff'3) Bel .t 

slvedere' to. Ciyn-yii-jya) =miB 8 

=8J 8 : tnn 8 (i'in naanK •\]ty1>:ny 

; D85B"BD1? 8 ,tnn=ij»BU 8 ; B'lj/? 

.iviyiura 8 

el'zebub n. (asa-'t-'5ya) 

Beelsebub .t 
! mare's'-nes'tlng -'nnyn 'a) 
.niDi?n JIBD1B isi ms' in (jj'b-'dj/j 
;maze' «. ('fD-'a) »ix ,iyTinj;a 
smire' «. ('T8D-13) B'D ivpffiya 

.VB8?a P« IJ/piMIVB ,VB«53 

smir'ror v. (ns-'nio-<a) .iJ/srsE'as 

! mista'ken (ip'"B-D<a 'a) iBasn 

.niVB t'K iJay? ,ni!;B 8 

iinoan' «. Ciiso-'a) «»a ,iW8?p»3 

.IJ(J"«»3 ,tVl»08' 

smoa'nable a. (Jayj-'ISD-U) Bsil 

.WllM IS lyiS OT85PP3 IS t'8 

smock' V. ('p8D-'3) ; IMbJB'ix 


imoi'sten v. (id''SB-'3) ,t»sj;jj(3 

.IJI380 B3"3 

i'mol n. (58B-'"3) ''tlD 8] 5sD'3 
KBSJ ji3?Bn 8 nsB ij;3"S nj;t!"?8P 
.[I8B riB iwnT'j 
jmon'ster v. Cij/BB-'JBD-'a) 8 
ij;5n38inyB .tvJyBB'-isB iJ'aBovpjnis' 
.n?'3Dj»p»nts' 8 px 


smuf'fle e. (?'bso-''3) .t»5p'ii:"N 
;muse' v. ('n'D-'3) t'N IVPJ'nvB 

"IS ; ?»3P: 8 B'o ivn'siya ; niDi?n 


!n TO. oTOd a(to. (ty3) no J'jyii:'8 

=ijfnv3 in ; iB0's»>8t ; ?8t pk ; Pin 

.I'<BB"jn83 8 jDlJ'tjnM ;DM3 
snch TO. oTOd ». (t}'B3J)3) "?ff3in ; PJ83 
•vj ! ivBan n : pj83"BB3nw ; P383 
;p:j;3 B'o twiBtM ; r't-inw rs iva 

.PJ83 8 1'18 t»SVIp»llB 

iiuoum' V. ('ni8D-'3) 
smnd'dle v. (>'nsQ-i3) 


bencb'-clamp n. (Boy5p-'K'B3y3) 

D'a PJ83=B8B1J'T811 8 IIB iyD8?P 8t8 

=w n Boy5P»j3"« tyiyn ey lyajyii 

B"3"i8ya tyaiBT yasyii yuyatcayj 


bench'-drill ». (5m-'BiB3y3) ?m 8 

B>'BByay3 oiyii dsii lynyn nyis 

.PiBa'asBB-nBii 8 is 

ben'cher n. (iyi!'B-'jy3)) nynVB^y i8 
.iyB8P8in8 yi!">«jf n "a lyjjB'a 

bench'-book n. (p^n-'vmiVi) 818 

P383=?y3in 8 tiB "lyaBJp lyj'Tiyan'is 

BS11 rSBn P'BB' D8T 18 B58n lysjyii 

.B?y3inyj Biyii 

bench'-lathe n. (nB"?-'6!'B3y3) 8 
yp3'(^■8D ?yDpynT lyis P8b Vi'''''>\> 
'B8Bts'i8ii 8 IS Bj'BDyaya Biyii dsii 


bench-show' to. ('ist!'-ti'Bjy3) =DnK t8 

.[nj'ii tiB sp'sysD] nrn pa jjisyati' 

bench' - stop to. 

818 (B8BB-'l7Bjy3) 
=1811 8 llB iya85p 
•?yi1 B'a p:83=BBBt5i 

=y3 anyii sy tys 
oyjy; lyi aa'aoya 
Biyn lyafyii i:bbi!' 

.B'^3"18y3 Bench-Stop 
bench'-vlse to. (D'8ll-'t!'B3y3) 8 
IS Bj'BDyBy3 Biyii dsh psBif^amE' 

.P38a=B8Bt!'nB11 8 

bench'-war'pant to. -"iBiin-'is'Bjya) 

=BB 8] snyaya'DajiBBBmya 8 (Bjy 

IB ,iyB3iK b3"nE' lyaan 8 bsii lys 

=:"13 P8 lyi^BDyis lysya'x ?st lya 

.[piiTBanyj pb \vi 

bend n. and v. (I3y3) ; ryj'l3 .lyanp 
ciis ;iyi3»3is ,iyJ<BDyBy3 :tyj'i3j"K 
='nyjnyanB P't ; lyBTBinyajis ; lyj 
,iyj'ia VI ; ty3J8ny3'iy3'-iB lyis tyj 
»3'T ;iypi3 ,iyj"3iyB I't ; lyj": in 

, =8'! 8 : j:ib''ip ,33ijn3 ; ryijyn : lya 
=y3 typ583 b] typ?B33y'iis' •iy58:sj 
=y5aBy rs ;[?»prii is ?yp:,ni pa Bjy? 

t<N BS11 epnBE' lyJBJSJB'T 8 B'o yn 

?ypjni iyp3<? lyac'iyanB tia aiyanxyj 

.jypjni tyaayT tyaiyiyBJiB oyn is 

ben'dable a. (?3yi-':y3) ,BBtJn3 

.lyj'n lyp tya Bsii 

bend a bow (is3 y I3y3) tyiT'SJs 

.iyjM3 8 

ben'ded a. (iyi-'3y3) .Blip ,tyri3yj 
ben'dep n. (nyn-'jya) ; nyo'ip nyjna 

.DIB 8 ; DBBt!' 

ben'ding n. and a. (jjn-'jya) "'13 

oyjjymysns ; Dnp ,Banpyj ; anjyj 

.jjianp n ; tyjna est ; J't 

bend'let ». (Byj-'ljy3) lyj^'SP 8 


bends n. (n3y3) n .lyp^Btsiaiu n 

.w B iia tysn 

bend'-sln'lster n. -D'B-'J'D-'ljya) 

" ty?8383Bn B B'a By?aoy is CiyB 

"IB PB B3y3"Syj PN D811 .tl^IBB" 

"lyajiB BIS ?yp:ni tyB3yi tyBB'iy3 

.?ypjni lypj'j lyatc 

bend steps (BByBB livi) lyts? in 

.iBii'yyjny inyj 

bend the brow (1813 'nB ijys) 

.fiyBB' cyi iyB»B"3p 

bend the kneo (yij inB ijys) «3"8 

"yo'K IBB tyJM3 in ;y'jp n tyjM3 

.yj33 8 tyiyii ,tys 

ben'e to. (y-'jy3) ysJBJfl Bts] BBtyt 

P8 BDP811 DK11 

"jy? yanBii 'i 
iyi tia .lyn 
"yj oiyii ys:85B 
pa BtB BaBD 
Biyii BS11 5n8 
■ iyi PB Ban'i3yj 

tIB IS'S8P'138E 

BIS ins tiK i"t 
=iyii'5s lyts'sya 
nr\Vt> '1 .Jns 
"yj tyiyii iy? 
8 D?8 aama 
"yja '1 .P'SE' 

Bene-plaut tyB58nB3y lyB 

.[isatj' lyj'syjp pa b 

beneath' adv. and prep, ('noij-'a) 

.lyam': ,iyQ;iN ; lyojiB 

Benedic'lte ». (<B-'K-'D'1-'8-jy3) 

"yj Biyii DB11 fiJ'an y3'?BB<ip sts 

lytyn is tyasj '"i ;itp pn tyjJit 


benedic'ite n. ('B-'B-'D'1-'B-3y3) B 

naia b .J3ij:yi b .awin 

ben'edict to. (opn-'s-'jya) iyj"8 

lyjjp 8 .Dsnyj noinn ois'-iy asn bsii 

.jy'n'an jya 

Benedic'tine n. and a. -'pn-'B-Jff3) 

"OBB'IP Oyi IS B3JB5y3 DSlV .1 (?'» 

iBJsa 8 .2 :Bpny:y3 iy3'?"n ija 
Dsii tyns Dyn' na ypE-BJaa lyig 
;Byi3n3yj asn opnyjya iy3'?"n lyi 

.iyp'5 BISt BtB .3 
3. After dinner they drank a Benedictine. 

benedic'tion re. (tBB'-'pn-'x-jya) 

; jjitj-jya ,j:i3jyt3"B ; n3n3 : ty;yt 

. .isnya iy3'5"n b iib n3i3 n 

benedic'tional re. -3si!'-'P'T-'B-jy3) 

1B11 .113 iyty'j'5yi lyiji'jMBBP 8 (?y 

"5yii ni3i3 yjyiy'B'iya in ty^'syj ay 

=yi yiyiyiyiya "3 B3m3y3 lyiyii ya 

.Dyjsayiys ytyj'j 

benefac'tion n. (ist!'-'Pya-'K-:ya) 

.yiB33 .-naij b. .BBna^nsii 8 

benefac'tor to. (i8B-'pyB-'«-jy3) 

. , .npis ?y3 .iyBynB5ns« 

An Inventor Is a benefactor of humanity. 

benefac'tress n. (DyiB-'pyB-'8-3y3) 

.npns"p5y3 8 ,piyBynB5nsii b 

ben eflce n. (D'B-y-'3y3) tyssn Bsi 

.lyan^iyaTp tia bbjip3"k 

ben eficed a. (BB'B-y-'jya) jn3y3sn 

.lyan^iyaTp pa Ba:ip3"« 

beneficence n. (D:yB-'8-'By:-'3) 

.B":bbi3 ,BaBiS'i:"iB : B"p3'oynB5nsii 

benef'lcency n. ('B-3yB->8-'ayj-'a) 

.3'BynB5n8ii p't dst 

benef icent o. (B3y&-'K-'Byj-'3) "?nsii 

.B13 ,3'BynB 

beneflcen tlal a. (JyBi-'JSD-iB-Byj-'a) 

.l'5ij"iB j'siynau j'ByriBSnBii 

benef icently adv. -BjyD-'8-'By3-»a) 

=Bi3 ;tBiB ty3'BynB5nsii 8 tins o 

„, . , J'siyn 

benen clal o. (Sy-'E'ia-iB-jya) isa 

B3J"13 DSII ;183B?yn ;BB8n?"B 

tyn's IS B3yi dsi an dsii :b'bsib 
_ . . .[Bi83y3"B lis ni] tysij 

He found bla trip abroad benetlcUl to hia 

benefl'cially ode. -5y-'B»»a-'«-3y3) 

•S>J lyiB tyBB8n?"B1BB 8 (I'lB ('» 

.B»BS1B 3n3y33"13 ; IBIB iy3'J 

benefl'clalness n. -Jy-'i!"a-'8-3ya) 
.B"p3''BB8n?"B-lsa ,B>ipa'?SlJ (DW 




benefl'dary n. and a. -'[i"B-'«-JJ/3) 

; npixMMTP na ?"o s ojnp osii 

.ynjvB'BD 8 taj'ip dsii DjnitsD 8 

ben'efit n. and v. (B'B-'8-'JVaO .1 

o'?yayj ; DSBiisa ; ru : B8nt35nsii 

"8 TB JJlJVBtJ'-ISB l](B8yB .2 ; B"p 

(tn'B'asiB ; I5IXU .3 ; JlX'B(^' djwo 
.lysiJ tyn's ; murnvB ,iwiiw 

a. Tour advice will benefit me. 

ben'efit of na'tare ii8 B'B-'8-'j»3) 

"aj niB8J.iyT na <i5'n n (iwb-'": 


ben'eflt soci'ety -8d B'fl-'N-'jya) 

benevolent society .t (iB-y-''83 

benev'olence ■». (DJJ/S-s-'l'iyji-'ia) 

»j'BvnB?nsii ; Bsnosnsii ,B8nB vbu 


benev'olency n. (<D-3»?-8-'llBJ-n) 
benevolence .t 

benev'olent a. (bj»5-»-'iij;j-u) 
.a'B'3 ; j<Bj;nB5nsii 

- Baron de Hirsch left much of his wealth 
for benevolent purposes. 

benev'olent fund B3y?-s-'ii);j-'3) 

.nJ8a=Djjix'Bts'ij;BJi8 (-iitsa 

benev'olently adv. -B:V5-s-'1iyj-'3) 

j'B'j ;iBi« lyrBynBjfisii 8 «im8' c? 


benev'olent soci'ety -s-'iiyj-u) 

m isa i"81!;b s (ib-];-''8D-sd bjv? 

•jjis'BB'iyBJiK iwoi'tjyj 

benight' v. ('D''8J-'3) Px lj;5P'llJ"8 

«8i!'=B38J n B'D iJipnM ,dj;j-ii;qd3'b 

.ninio n lyiyBDj'BiVB : djvb 

benight'ed a. (ib-'b'8J-'3) =8aU3 .1 

OIK ; BlVBDJiBlSB .2 ; B38J lia tV? 

2. Where there are no schools the com- 
munity 1b beniolited. 

benign' a. ('t<8:-'3) ,n5'a j'B'j 

.5iB3yi5 ,rBD:'3 

benig'nant a. (BJyj-'j'J-'S) .a'D'a 

=lj;ii? B'J .PlBBtS" B'J ; 1?'0 ; J'BDJ'J 

.[iVJ'XnVO IVJVIl] T5 

benign' disease' ('t'K-tn 't'8J-'3) 

.B'lnpjBip njysMSiyB rooj'j s 

benlg'nity «. (<b-'3-'j'j-'3) =dij 

.B"P3'BDJ<J ; B"pl?'n ,B"P 

benign'ly adv. ('5-'j'83-'3) 8 nnx 

,3'B'j ; tai« iwBDj'j ins in?'D 

ben'lson w. (|t'8-'3j;3) .n3-i3 ASW 
ben'jamin ,m. (pn-j;ts'n-'jy3) =JV3 

BSn ,8pnB8 t'N BDP811] D'13»ySt 

IX Bxuw DISH 118 nn lyau s invt 

.[BI'BISB 111380 

ben'ne n. (v-'jS3) bene .t 

ben'-nut ». (bs3-'jj;3) 8] Dij»iyn!;3 

D38n»3 Bivii B!i j;3?j;ii ria c: Bi8t 

, .[5'18 

ben'shie n. ())ie>-'3j)2) banshee .t 
bent a, oMd n. (Bjy3) ,iyj'i3y3 .1 

'jyiBWS ; 3-313n3 ; ByB3ny3 ; B3"3y3 

.;3'i8 lie 33iD3n n :331j8BB' jJia 
=y3 ys'S'pTii n .3 ; aiio'Bti' ; 3Ji3"3 .2 

Pn 8r8] I813=DM"lBtS' .4 ;ajlB"T 
'DmBB' BID tyDP81iy3 y85B 8 ;[t813 

. . .1813 

1. The old man's hack Is bent. 2. Ee has 
a bent for music. 

bent on (i8 B3y3) is POT dmi3 iy38n 
„ , .BsiiBy 

Young people are ever bent on having a 
good time.. 

benumb' v. ('B83-'3) ; tV3'iBy3 .1 

j'BoyB ry38D .2 ; ts??n'By3 ty38o 


1. The cold benumbs my hands and feet. 
2. Ignorance will benumb the greatest brain. 

benumbed' o. Cibsj-'s) ,D3'iBy3 

.iVVb lyiS 3'BD"3] 3'BDyB 

benumbed'ness n. (Dy3-'iD8J-'3) 

benutnbtnent .t 
benumb'ment ». (Bjyn-'osj-'a) =y3 

.B"pBDyB 'Jjn'IB 

ben zene n. (tn-'jya) B3"? 8t« 

Biyii y35yii ,b"P3'd<?b y3'?i:'SBjy 

'iyB3':'ny3 nyB=ty?iTip na Bssoya 

.[in3y3] Bi8y?siDyB 

ben zln ■». (tn-'jya) Biyii] t't3y3 

.[BixyjBiDys IIB B38Dya 

ben zine n. (m-'jya) benein .t. 

ben'zoate n. (B"8-st-'jy3) =y8tjy3 

.[1*581 -^WOVi 818] r58t Byiyii 

benzo ie a. (p'8-'i8t-:y3) t<K bsii 

.QiiS'yBtjya na bbbi dvi is v^ii> 

benzoin .t 

benzo'lc ac'ld -'dv p'8-'i8t-:y3) 

lysnypyoB' 8I8] y'iy'ii=ystjy3 (n<« 

=B3y DS11 nsBB' nyBxyryaB'lJix ii"oy3 

Biyii ,Q'i3=yst3y3 na bbbi dyi B58n 

=TP yt!»?'iB8P n8 im"ii B?8 Bsi:y3 

, .[rys 

ben zoln n. (n8-8t-'3y3) /ni3<yst3y3 

Ba8t lya^B-iB^'Dia 8t8] Ba8t=ystjy3 

lyoia 8 inyt Bsn ,BM3=ystjy3 tva 

=i'ai8B I'N Bsijya Bnyii ns B80is-i8 

=TP yB'»?'iB8P I'K i'n"ii D58 n8 lyo 

, .[lys 

ben zol n. (?ist-'jy3) =Bjy=Q3''5 818 

B38ny3 Biyil bsii B"P3<B'5B y3»5l3'S 

.■iyB=iy?n'ip na 

ben'zolin n. (r'5-sT-'jy3) benzol .t 

be obligefl' ('iij'n'853-s <3) nn 


be of a par'ty (ib-"i8B y 118 '3) 

.iVDnyj ?"B38 

be of disservice -'TiB-Bn 118 '3) 

''s] inyBiy'iCtyxyD'si ryisB" (B'h 

.3yii i'8 [tyvyn 

be of force (BTisa 118 '3) piSiJt!' 

.t"t BBya ,i"t 

be on back (^n 18 <3) ■•aJ'n t"t 

lyis isnB IS BS11 lys'ii b'j ,i85 

, .msi 

be on dls tant terms -'Bn t8 '3) 

IIB [iysyn'8 b'd] i"t (lai'iB Bjyo 

.iyB"ii -iVT 

be on the advance' -ij; inB is '3) 

.I'na rs lysiiDty ,iy3"Bt!' coiyii 

be on the feed (lyia 'DB is '3) 

.i"Bt:' lysit 

be on the fence (Bjya 'no is '3) 

lyjpsii] iy?nioi^ "iix lyu^iis lyvi 

lyBiss j;i!"Bi5sB "lis iyE"iis v\ 

'ViVi iy3?yii IS iyB»5i!'y3 b'j ns 


be on the par'ish -'-|J;b 'riB is '3) 

.?np na n3sp lynnyj (b"s 

be on thorns (ijnsriB is '3) lys'l 

.BypJ'Bt!' «T1S 

be out (BIS '3) .lyB'is nn 

Don't be out late I 

be pack'ing! (33is-'pya '3) 3sib 

138 VI 
bepaint' v. ('b3"B-i3) .iy3l8B3S 

bepatched a. ('Bt!'Bya-'3) Bpyiya 

.ByBS? B'O 

beplas'ter v. <iyB-'By?B-'3) =yiy3 
.lyBBsJa B'D lyp 

bepow'der v. (iyv'i8S-'3) ; lyiyiiB 

.nyivB B'D lyB'TOs 

bepraise' v. ('("ib-'3) .iy3M? PiSBiy 

bequeath' v. ('nByninp-'a) iy3si3s 

iy3y3iy3'8 ; nsis s ns r\mv s 

Most people bequeath their possessions to 
their family. 

bequea'thable u.. (53ynB-'yninp-'3) 
nsis s PS lynyii Basiy33s lyp bsii 
.nK'n'3 iny3-iy3's lyp bsii ;nE'n' bjs 

bequea'thal n. (?ynB-'y'linp-'3) BST 
.nsis 8 PS nm' 8 lysstas 

bequea'ther n. (lynB-'yimp-'a) «"s 

.nKIS 8 I'K ntJ'll' 8 38 B38t BSII lyj 

bequeath'ment n. -'nByiinp-'a) 

.'nm-\-' 8 iyast3s bsi (bj»d 

bequest' n. ('BByiinp-'3) iy3st38 bst 

BSII Bsiiay ; nsis s ns nt^iT s 

«'s Bnyj DS11 lyis Bts?y3iy3's Biyii 

.nniu -ivi 

beras'cal v. (5yp-'Byv3) isa lyasD 

.BD15 8 

berate' v. ('B"l-'a) I'T ,iyB?'i!' 

ber'berry ,„. (is--iy3-'iy3) 08?a 818 
y3?yi8 iyDp8ii By, iy35yii ei'is ,ys 
' .Byi38' yBMi=?yn 


■bereave' v. c'liyvn) ,iy3iiiy3 


bereaved' a. ciiiyii-o) : B3n-iy3 .1 

, ™ ... .BB'isnpa .2 

1." We were bereaved of our friends. 
bereave'ment n. (B3yQ-'iiy<i-'3) =y3 

.BBiJiya : ajnin 

They wrote to express their sympathy in my 

berea'ver n. (lyn-'sn-'a) "ny3 s 
, .■iy3 

bereft ('BB»n-u) .B3my3 

ftereove .t 

berg n. (j-,>i2) .ai83=l"s is 

ber gamot n. (BSD-y3-'-iM3) =8aiy3 
DSII isiB'S Bist 818] lsiB<s:yBsa 
Biyii BBst nn ,bsbsis tyBi3 s bsh 
BSII DPB1SB iCoraisB isa Bsi3y3 
=iya ; iyB8D83iy3 na Bssnys aiyii 

183] I'SyB BISI StS ; y31 83 jyBS083 

;[iy''58B<s PS 8e83iy3 bisbb" lyi 

.p838BpyDt!' BT8r 8 

ber gander ji. Ciyi-jpj-'-iiu) n 

818 ] 1383=13813 lyiS ?yB3y=13S13 
B"3 tl'IS in B58n BSII ?y3MB iyBM13 

berg mehl n. (5«D-'3n<n) 5nyo3iy3 
.[ny yau'iBtj- vi^i r383 sib J 


rhyme' v. ('d'81-'3) I'k iwj'tra 

rime v. ('B'«i-'3) berhyme .t 
ringed' a. ('ij:<v3) onyjons 
.lyjjn B'D DJw 
rm n. (diM3) vsyjVBB' SSDiy s 
nil on nx iJ8ii=Dajit2D!;a s tjii'Mix 

.Dil'K "3 1M OJ'BV: DSII IV3 
r'nacle ». (?pvj-'-im3) =5WJ'-i 't 
ftcmacle-sroose .t .tjsj 
r'nacle-goose ». (DniJ-?P!;j-'Ti3) 
VII ,r383 nJMi po 8] t:8J=5VJ3n n 
njwj)? 8 OTBonpy By iy3?yii lyj 

iyi3 B"3 BM3 8 ^'18 BDP8'I1 't 18 

IB iy-is3yj Biyii 'i t8 ivitt ,b' iib 

SJt!' iyS1811B' 8 BSn tJ8J 'T .?yt!'1D 8 

"11 B'D i?8n 118 B8P iysi8iit!' 8 ,5y3 

yiyB >i iva t'?sp lyi ; lya'nBB' yo 

yiVB yo'Mi B<D lysypjiB 8 v« lyi 

.[py B"3 lyi 

ir'nlcle ». (5pij-'Ti3) =?yjjn n 
bemacle-goose .i .nsJ 
sr'nlele-goose ». (Bni3-5P'J-'T13) 

be»'naoIc-jroose .t 
^rnouse' n. ('BniJ-T13) yB'^IS 8t8 
■■s^avi Biyii Bsii y?'n=5yB38n yjy^sii 
:8pnB8 IIB lyBiy yiynyty-iyB rx rya 
.y?''n=?yBJ8» iyKi8T 8t8 
sr'ry n. and v. (<8-'iy3) ,y'iyy3 
iy3y:BM-is ; oyijs' ty3"5p ;yi38' 
.lywii : Wis^t!' : ByiJ8' 
sr'rybrown a. (ii8n3-'iK-"iy3) «5yn 


sr'serk •«. (pTiiD-'nM3) lyiJ'll 8 

08PD i'8 iyB"s yB58-n i'8 lyjynp 


ir'serker n. (nyp-TlD-'l<13) 

berserk .t 
frth ». ond «. (riBTU) l'85B=iypJ8 

Diyii n 1811 ei'B' 8 IIB yxJSBD n] 
8 I'K iyB8?6!' BIS B18 18 :[Bnyp38yj 
;y5yDi!' 8 ; isJ8ii>in83 lyis w 
■■m'!^ 8 iyi"ii38 ; vw 8 lyiypJBiyB 

.VVf 8 «1'18 B18 

>r'thage «. (Wivrm-'va) lyi 

Tt Bj'ip !!'»• 8 Dsii lyBsn r8 r8?B 

BVT ^8B >ji?n8X38 n ; iyiyp:8iya is 

.iyB8n P8 r8?Boyp:8 

jr'yl n. (5'8-'iy3) 818] 5nya lyi 

Bj'ayj ,i"Di!'>yny ■iyj'D'i808BB'np 

.[iyT?«P yjyny'i!''iyB t'8 vi 

ir'ylUne a. (i'?-<8-'-iy3) 1'?jny 

='i?3 8 B8n D811 : i"Bt!'»?'iy3 8 is 

.318B yam 

ssalnt' V. ('B3"D-'3) ■I8B iy380 

.iyj'?"n 8 
sscoun'drel v. (?yii-'Jl8PD-''3) 

.Sni«11D'18 ,P8T'? By3"8 IVBn 

5 sea'ted (lyB-'yo '3) .1"8 Bsyt 

iseech' v. ctcBy'D-'B) ,iyBy3 pn8BB' 

■iVByB ijyjjm 


besee'chingly adv. -aj'tys-'yo-'S) 

.jnjyByB pibbs;' c? 

beseem' «. ('By'D-'3) «8Bis ,iyD8a Vi 

.l"t noiyii ,jm''ii t"t ; lyo 

besee'mingly adv. (i?-3:'0-'y'D-'3) 

.IBIK lyriTii lyis lyBDSsyjis 8 ins 

beset' V. CBya-'B) ; iyny;8?y3 .1 

; iyrnnji8y3 .2 ; lysyiDns ,tysyty3 

.Bsyiy3 i"t 

2. A mother 1b always beset with household 


beset'ting a. (M'8-'ByD-'3) =85y3 

.jnjyiyi? ; anjyiyj 

beset'ting sin (pd jj'K-'ByB-'B) 

Bcnynya osii iJ'i 8 ,i:n yijynyi? 8 


Drlnlc was his beiettlng tin. 

beshrew' v. ('niy-13) ; lyti'j'ii'iyB 

1 lyntj'yj'nyii 

beshroud' ». ('■w8nB'-'3) iy?p'ii:"s 

.B'Bnsn rx 

beshrou'ded a. (nyi-'i8ntf-'3) =J"8 

.B'3'n3n px Bjyp'iiyj 

beside' adv. and prep. Ctbd-'B) 'il3 

;ByT rin 8 ;Dyi nvB'is ;iyD'i8 ; lys 


beside' one's self rjsiin 'T8D-'3) 

.iyj<( IIB 38T8 ;i't lyo'is («i5yD 

beside' one's wit tJsiin 'T8B-'3) 

.1J8Bl!'iyB B"3 B'J (B'llH 

besides' adv. and prep. ('tT8D-'3) 

beside .t 

beside' the cush'ion ^riB 'T8D-'3) 

iy3"njiyT d': ; lysyiB b'j (ts-'sfip 

.?y's 8 

beside' the mark 'no 'tsd-O) 

-[in IS B'J ,Bp3ia BIS B'J (PTSD 

beside' the pur'pose iiB 'T8D-'3) 
.pyilS IIB B"ll (DSa-'TMB 
It is beside the purpose to talk about how 
It mlE;ht have been done. 

besiege' v. ('(i>tiy'B-'3) ; tyiyJ8?y3 


besieged' a. ('iB-nyB-iB) ; Biy;8?y3 


besie'ger n. (lyB'n-'y'B-'B) , =y3 8 


besie'glng ar'my jj'E'n-'y'D-^s) 

.yyon8=BJ3ny385y3 ('o-'i8 

besing' v. ('3:'d-<3) .ty::'iy3 

beslave' 1/. ('ii"5d-'3) .tyB85plS'^yB 

beslav'er v. (iy-'iiy5B-'3) =yil83y3 

lyj'T iyt85 ,i'3y"Bty p'd lypnys ,iyT 

.na'jn B<a lypyiys : jmd iib rsyati' 

beslime' v. ('b'85D-<3) b'o iypyiy3 

.lySlBB'yB ,B85lS' B'D 

beslob'ber v. (■iy-'38?D-''3) 

beslaver .t 

beslub'ber v, (ny-'BsJB-'B) ^nSOTS 

.tyTDB'-iya ,iysiDt!'y3 ,iys 

besmear' v. Ciy^aB-'a) ,iyT0t!'y3 


besmirch' v. ('t!»Bn<ioD-<3) .tysists-ya 

besmoke' v. ('pi80D-'3) =y3'n"iya 

: lyiyBMiB'is ;i'n b'd iy?'B:s : lyi 

.[.11 .1 .8 ty"?B Ml] lyiyBMT 

besoil' V. ('>isB-'3) '=y3 ,iypy5By3 

, .lysioif 

be'som n. and v. (B8t-''3) ; BMy3 8 

.B''ty3 8 BIO lyinyp 

besot' V. ('B8B-'3) B»yB ; ty38B an 

n iyn:y?3iyB ; lyssa niBiy ; iy38a 


besot'ted a. (iy-'B8B-'3) ; soya ; an 



besot'tedness n. (Dyj-iy-'B8D-'3) 
=B'ni3t:''"iyB ; B"PBDmya ; B"pBDyB 


besot'tingly adv. (»5-3r8-'B8D-0'3) 

: 1818 lysoyB nyis lyon 8 «i'i8 

.nyj^'Bts" iyB'-ii3!i''iyB 8 I'lx 

besought' ('Bn«D-'3) .tyayBya 

beseech .t 

I besought my friend to help me in iny 

bespan'gle v. (?j'jyBB-'3) lysisyB 

.isJnyB'JB B'o 

bespat'ter v. (ly-'BysB-'B) jiyaWB 

.iyio"?iyB ; riDE' b'd lysnaa-yi 

bespeak' v. and n. ('py'BD-<3) =y3 

«y3 8 ; iyj3"sy3 ; lyaya ; lyjyBis- 

.B<By3y3nyB8yB s ; I8I yB?yBB' 

May I bespeak your interest in my welfare? 
bespeaks' a mas'ter y 'Bpy''BD-'3) 

»1j;t3B"D 8 1'IK BP'll Oy (IVB-'ByO 


The painting bespeaks the hand of ft mftstar, 

bespeck'le v. ('?pyBD-'3) =y?B iy380 

.iypy5By3 : lyp 

bespew' v. ('paD-'3) ; lyayiBD'iK 

.yw38n3y3D'i8 b'o lyiaws 

bespit' V. ('B'BD-'3) .iy"Bi!'y3 

be^lash' v. cu'yjsD-u) .tys'iBts-yB 

bespoke' ('pisBB-'3) »y3y: ,B5yB!!'y3 

bespeak .1 .B3y3"sy3 ,iyB 

bespo'ken (ip'igaD-'B) »yj .ajyats-n 

bespeak .1 .tyoys 

bespot' V. ('B83D-'3) =y3 : iypy?By3 

.lypySB B'D iyjy3"s : lyjpjyisi:' 

bespout' V. ('B18aD-'3) ,BTBPyB8 

.iyjy"?i8B lyis ivi"t b"bd83083 

bespread' v. ('nyiBD-'3) =iy3n8 

.lypyiis ; lypyT 

besprin'kle v. (5p'jnBD-'3) =sa 

.lysnairya ; lyjpjyiBE' 

bespurt' v. ('btibd-'3) ,iya'i5D'i8 


besput'ter v. (ny-'asBD-'a) ^iibtos 
.tyi'BB'ya : lys 

Bes'semer n. ciyo-is-'Dya) iy?8Bya 
=yD lyT is: BTsn38B lynyn S3?yii 
nsBB'jySiTip -lyT] lyooyB tia vibb 
nn iyDi3y3D'n8 58ByD=n'n iia Biyii 

58ByD D8T lyil BB15 BSIBB' 8 iy3"lD 

.[lysJsDB'y: onyii 
best n., a., v. and adv. (BBy3) D8T ■ 
=Byi3 lyBoyB •\i>-\ :Dy3i53yD- ;yBDy3 

Oy3'8 ; B18t lyBDVB IIB ; ?"B 5yB 

=Dy3 P8 : yasya dst lycipys : lyayiB 
lyBBByn P8 : iy8By3 D8 : 58b lya 


best advan tage -'jyii-iy Boya) 
.I'n3y3 iyBBy3 j'u lyooyB (L-n^o 

The dressmaker used the material to the 
best advantage. 

bestaln' v. ('I"bd-'3) -yB ,typy?Bya 


best condi'tioned -'B'n-38P BoyB) 

.i3ity: ,3'BByip ojs 

best cut (BSP BBy3) 'peats' yaayB n 

.lya'D yo8B iib 8!'"?b iy? 

bestead v. ('iyao-'3) =s''3 iysyD'8 

.v^i s'BJ'nyB ;i"t I'? 

bested «. Ciyao-'B) 8 P8 B5yBts'y3 

i38Bi!'is 8 P8 in s'uyj'Bya : ya8? 

.Bo'Btfy3 ;[yB3y?t:' lyis yaia] 

bes'tlal a. (jytjia-'cyB) ni : B"iy'nB 

.i?'ii ,3813 jyaoyB 8 

bestial ity n. ('B-''8-'?yB'B-Dy3) 'Dy3 

;B"p3'?S'3yD318 ;B"P3813 ;ByB'?8'B 

.irn 8 B'O iriypiya iy3'?B3y?ivy3 




bes'tlallze d. (vs-1>vtt>a-'o]i2) tVDSO 

,3«1J ,?8Bn3 imSD ; J/'BDM » ISO 

bes'tlally adv. cx-syiyB-'Dl/a) ti'ix 
'11 Mt8 ; auij ,n?'ii ; ibik ry?«on3 s 

.y'0DV3 (! 
bestla'rlan n. (iv-'i-'^K-'B-DVa) 

Vin»3j;5 iwnajfj ?«t \vo ,ay^ win: 
lyBjyonyBDp!; vcm'S'ivd tss nvn 

.[IS'XPVD'IVII WiVl t'K B«ll] 

bestlck' «. cpiBD-'a) ; lypyBBiy^ 

iiysUBE'ann :ii;B"t v?s iib ivpyatj-vn 

.''iffBB' tvaso 

bestir' V. ("imbd-<3) ; ivinn ,ryayii!;3 

.jjijyiiya i'n tyaj'nn 

bestir' one's self r:siin 'TiBB-'a) 

VI ,iyjjyiBB':s Tt ; lynnn ^n (tijyo 


best'-maid n. (Ti<o-'BDy3) 5yT"D out 

lyii n53 lyi iib B"t lyi "3 t'« osii 

^lyBJix I'D s] nsin lyi u cnyj 't 


best'-man n. (iyo-'0By3) Dsii nin3 nyn 

Bnyj iy tyii inn iib b"t lyi "3 i'k 

.[lynn'BiyBJis i'd s] nsin lyn is 

best man alive' ('iV85-y lya BBy3) 

.BJyii isi I'K t^jyo iyDDy3 ivi 

best of all (5ns 118 BDy3) iiyaDya 08 

.iyBD3y'? 38 

bestorm' ■». cmsBB-'S) B'd lyonyj 

.QniBK' B'D iy?8BJ8 ; miBC' 

bestow' V. ('i8aB-'3) »b'18 ; iyjy53s 

; tynjyiia'18 ,- lyijyinya ; iyT8iiy3 

18a iy3yj ; iy3yj ; typjyiy ; iyi:ysL;' 

.tyB8T'myB ,3"ii 8 

bestow'able u. (53y-'isBD-'3) DSii 

«a'i8 lyp lyD bsii ,iy3yjpyii8 lyp tyo 

bestow .t .iyin8iiy3 

bestow'al n. (?y-'i8BD-'3) ,j:i3y3 

hestow .t .jjip:y:y 

bestow'ment n. (BjyD-'lSBD-'3) 

bestowal .t 
bestrad'dle v. (5'iynBD-'3) 

bestride .t 

bestreak' v. ('py'iBD-'3) d'd iypyiy3 

.iy53'iBt!'y3 : iy3'nBii' 

bestrew' v. ('nBD-'3) ; ty?pjynsi:'y3 

.lyiBtyix ; lyiBB'ys 

bestrid' ('t-ibd-'3) =8iByny3'N 

' =ynyi38JiB ; Bt"iSB'y3iy3'i8 ; lya 

bestride .t .D'B 'l B"'ibs!' 

bestrid'den (i'TnBB-'3) bestrid .t 

bestride' v. ('T8ibd-'3) nys'x 

="ist!'iy3'8 ; lyByiBiys'K ,iyB"nii' 

■-"1 :B'a '1 iyB"iBB'iyiJ8Jia ; lyt 

bestrode' ('iisibd-'3) bestrid ,i 
bestrow' v. ('i(fiBD-'3) bestrew .i 
best step for' ward -'nsB syBD BDy3) 
.QysD'8 lyBoyij i'b'd lya'i? m8iin 
bet n. and v. (By3) =yil .2 ; Byil 8 .1 


1. Shall I Dlace a bet? 2. To bet Is to 


betag' V. ('3yo-'3) =83 B'd iyxiBy3 


betake' v. ('p"B-'3) ='8 ; lyijyil I'l 

; iyBny3 osnay iti« I't ; ty3y3iy3 

.iy3y3y3 yysiy Tt 

betake' to one's heels 'p"B-'3) 

lyonyj ;nB'?B iy38D (t^yn tjsiin id 

.yX"?B •\V\ n'18 D'B 'T 

be'tel n. (?b'3) 8t8] nyays'JyBys 

.[yX38?B ivsvs 

be'tel-nut n. (b8J-?d''3) DlJ=?yBy3 
lyD'liyj 8 I'lK BDP811 DS11 D13 818] 

.[iy'ij'8 BBS I'K d'i3»tyD58a 


bete noire ctb-U D"3) D«ii 181 8 

lyo ny35yii T83 nyis B3"a Bsn lyo 

.kiiD Bsn 

beth'-dln n. (i'i-'b"3) .l'Tn'3 

be the bet'ter for iy-'Dy3 'nB '3j 

.iyiyDy3iya Tt (tsb 

beth'el n. (5y-'nBy3) -183 ^T'P 8 

.1TP y2"B38BpyD 8 ; lyiSlDSD 
bethink' v. ('pj'nD-'3) ='iy3'8 1't 

.iyp3yi38J ,iypjyiy3 vi ,mv> 

bethought' ('B8nB-'3) ='8 ,Bpjyiy3 

bethinlc .t .B3y5ny3 

I bethought myself and changed my plana. 
bethiunp' v. ('B0SnB-'3) B'D tyB8?P 

.3385P lyasDn tyiyiw 8 
bethwack' v. ('pyiinB-'3) PTSBiV 

betide' v. ('t8b-'3) ,inyt!'yj ,iyayiB 

Woe betide the man who will hetray hie 

betime' ode. ('B'8B-'3) ,iyB"xy3 

.iTia lyi t'N ; 1583 ,n'ia 

betimes' adv. ('to'8B-'3) betime .t 

beto'ken v. (ip'isB«-'3) : iy33"xy3 

'Vis&-tVB ;D'i8nsB iyt"ii ,iyB"i3s 

bet on (IS By3) .Bysy n8B lyayii 

He bet on the wrong horse. 

bet'ony n. ('3-s-'Dy3) t8n3»iy'38Dy3 

B3y?B IS13 lyty'T pa lyssisii 't] 

.[5yB'D=^yi3 058 iysijy3 5sd8 tyo 

betook' ('pid-'3) i''( ,Byn3yiiy3 ^I't 

b^aiee .t .iy3y3y3 

They betook themselves to their homes. 

-betray' v. ('"1d-'3) =38 ,iyTn'BiyB 
=iy3'8 ; iy3y3B'n8 : ty]''iBy3 ,iyi8: 

,I'1BD ;[n3"B DIX BISBC b] iy3y3 

»"X38 ; lyBBiiya :[tid 8] ty38tB'i8 

■ Wi 

betray'al n. (5y-'"-iD-'3) : 3nBy3 

betray .t .DSTiyB 

betrayed' In'to tears 'T'nB-'3) 

Bnn''iy3 3'i3y5'ii b'j (i'\va id-'j'x 

.lynnyiB is i'3 lyiyii 

betray' er n. (iy-'"iB-'3) : ny3'lBy3 

.lyfiBymya ; ibid 

betroth' v. ('nBi8iB-'3) ,iy3S5nya 

lyx'D'K B'D lysynBti'iyB ; ly'Bjp'iya 

.iy38n IS njinn 

betroth'al n. (5y-'nBl81B-'3) ='TyB 

=BBKT'n 8 ; 3313S5nyB ,B'83n ,3JVDJP 

betroth'ment ii. (B3yD-'nBi8lB-'3) 

betrothal .t 
bet round (njisi By3) ei'iK lyuyii 

I'S] 58D i"K si'i8 iiVB ynynnyD 

.[iiya "3 iyB'i5Dyn 

betrust' v. ('bB81b-'3) ,iy'nBiyB 

.[BsiiBy iysyD'8] lynaiyajs 

bet'ter a., »., adv. and v. (ny-'By3) 

=y3y3 nyiys't .iyDny3y3J8 nyBy3 

: ny3"i35saiy ; y'iyBy3 bsi ; Biys 

=y3 nfiya •:-iy3VDSP58B : iy3'5iJ'i3 

»yBy3nya ; iyay-iB-iya'8 ; tysBo' ivo 

18 ; lynyii iyBy3 ; tynyBy3 I'l ; \vi 

,338T i'8] nyiysyn lyis nyBDB5y 

.lyijyByii 8 ;[.ii .i .8 >yB'D ,yiiyii 

.I'l Byii Bsii iy3"8 

bet'ter en'vied than pit'ied -'By3 ) 

iyBy3 (ly'K-'D'B lyno lyii-'jy -w 

58t lyo lyT'B i"t NJPD "I'D lyD 5st 

.iy3Sii ni3Dm td ei'is 

bet'ter half (tisn ly-'Bys) =yn3 n 

8] "BB5yn ynyDy3 'T' ;BB5yn vtvo 


bet'terment n. (B3yD-iy-'Dy3) =Tya 

nvs 'T : lyiyii iyDy3 B8t : 33nyBy3 

.nyt"n nyis ij85 iib 3JnyBy3 

bet'ters n. (tny-'By3) ;B"5 yiyBy3 

'sytyjTBB lyiyonyjisa ;y'iy3ynyty3:8 

.lyjBnys m 

bet'ting n. (33'8-'By3) .lyayil B8T 
Betting is gambling. 

bet'ting book (pn j3'8-'By3) =Byii 

=3"K lyiyii lyByii 't i81i in »] in 


bet'ty n. ('8-'By3) D811 mnysDJBD 8 
na B"3i8 y3'5t'in 'i t'8 I't Bt!"D 
=38 t'8 D811 iy35yt8 lyiB .'na lyn 
yij'ny3"ii y3'5t'in isnB is B5yB»yj 
ty3yn3isa'i8 3"sy3 8 d'333 b :B"3-ib 
,5y(!'y5a i'53ny=n83 bib ; tyi'HB 
.5'i8=iyii'58 B58n lyo iy35yii i'8 

betu'men n. (tyD-'i'D-'3) ,iyB ny 


between' prep, and ode. ('ty''iinB-'3) 

.iyB3i8 ,iyt!"irs 

between'-decks «. and adv. -'3) 

8 i'8] pyi=iyiy'iis dbt (Bpyi-'iyiinB 

.pyi=iy(j"iis oyi pb -.Ivif 

between' ourselves' -hb 'iyiinB-'3) 

lytc'iis ;Biyiy3 t3i8 iyB"iis ('ni5yD 

iy3"53 oy 58t ,iy3"53 bbt 58» t3iN 

betwixt prep, and adv. ('DDP'linB-'3) 

between .t 
be up and do'ing (jj'B-'n I3y bb '3) 

1B"3'1B iyi IS 
be upon' one's beha'vlor -b '3) 

«B38iya i"i (i8'ii-'"n-'3 tJBiin 'ibb 
=nyjy3 lyBis B:ysyD'B ibb 1'?bi81i 

,. / . •'1'' '!"= 

bev el n., v. and a. (5y-'iiy3) =y-|BP s 

=y E' -iyi8 y3 
; 3:iB3'i ya 

IS 3"Sy3 b] B8D=3yiB' 8 

,iyt!' ;[iy?P3'ii lyBsyo 
iy3": I't ;Bnp ,3yii!' 

'^ ="31!' Syit!' ;B'1P iyi I'K 

Bevels .tyT'3t!'38 ; IVT 

bev'el-an'gle n. -5y-'liy3) 

iy3yi(!' lyiB lyBytJ" b (?33y 


bev'eled o. (i5y-'iij;3) =Bn 

=y3 ;33iB3'i ysynts- b 3'i3y3 

,eiy'if ; 5yp3'ii lysyity b B'd bdibb 

.Bnp .syity 

bev'el-gear n. (iy'3-5y-'liy3) yB"3SP 

>yi yB5yDB'y3B'i3is "lis] iyiyi3nss 




■"MX in B'a !;3"N in5'3 yaJvii nx 


sv'eling n. and a. (jrn-sy-'iij/a) 


;v'elled a. (isy-'iiya). beveled .t 
sv'elling o. (3J'K-5y-'ll»2) 

ieveling .t 

!v'el-wheels n. (t?y'lin-?j;-'liy3) 
fteveJ-srear .t 

sv'erage ». (ciTn-y-'iiya) ,pjyiBy3 


5v'y n. ('8-'iiya) ; ty?3'lB n:no 8 

8 ; y'38SDSP iV'H ysno y:"5p 8 

lyis lyjT'D 113 y^JBBDBP yj"?? 


5waU' V. ('5"iin-'a) ; iyo"iiy3 


jwai'ling n. (3:i5-'"iin-'3) DijT 

.iy3"iiy2 DsT ,ry3s5py3 

iwai'Ungly o(Z«. cj^j'S-'^iin-'a) 

.3njy:"iiy3 ,3n3y3s5py3 

jwail'ment n. (D3yo-'?"iin-'3) 

.iyj"iiy3 Dsn ,iy385py3 dst 

sware' v. ("inyiVn-U) - ; tyoTi in 

iiM B<n 

Bflwara of the dog I 

sweep' V. caynin-'a) ^ya ; iy3"iiya 


3wet' V. CDyiifi-'a) =a"ay3 ,iyxy:y3 

swig' 1). ('3nin-ia) .piiBS 8 isncjs 
swigged' a. cisMin-'a) oyssio 

.pn8B 8 3'T 

swU'der v. (lyi-'S'un-'a) ; lysynis 
.lyjoioiys' ; iyT8iya 
swil'deredness n. -iiyi-'JMin-u) 
.33ii5"aix ;33i?DiB'iyB ;33nMnyB (Dyj 
swil'derlngly odi). -iyn-'5'iin-'3) 
=ix •ly^8 lyoTinyB 8 «imk {'5-3p« 
.iai8 iyBt!"o 
swU'derment n. -lyi-'^'iin-'a) 
='oiv ;33i?oiBiyB ,33nMnyB (B:yo 

All received the sad news In bowllderment. 

swim'pie V. (?B'o'iin-'a) rypyiya 

.iy"?t!' 8 B<D 

Bwln'ter v. (lyB-'jnin-'a) iy38Ki 
.lyBJ'ii ■'11 

switch' V. ('B'B''iin-'3) ; lyiya'isya 

The charma of poetry bewitch our souls. 

swltched'ness n. (Dyj-'Bti'BMin-'3) 

.o'sits-s'iyB lyis Biyanxya f't o»i 

swltch'er n. (^y-'(^lB'11t^-'a) •y3 8 


swltch'ery n. (<8-iy-'B'BMin-'a) 


swltch'lng a. (33'K-'(!'B'iiri-'a) =ya 

.n3ys"i ,ijyiy3'ix 

bewltch'lngly adv. -33'8-'B'Bnin-'3) 

.n3yny3'ivy3 ,ijyx"i ; tn wa (<5 

bewltch'ment n. (Djyo-'E'B'llil-'a) 

.33ny3<isy3 ; tyiys'isya is bb81P n 

be with child (i?<8tJ'B riB'iin '3) 

.3ny3s-iB I'M ,jv\v>3S'\w 

bewon'dep v. (iyi-'Jsiin-'3) ty?'B3K 

01811 in iyxyo'8 tyssn ,iyi:iKii b'o 

.iyiyi3i8iiya ; tyiyi 

bewrap' ®. ('Byva) .iy5p<ii3"8 

bewrapped' a. ('BSyva) =iliy33"8 


bey,». («a) »u iyB"p"iyo 8] "a lyi 

118 tys:nB iia ?ib'b 8 ; iBBSJiya 

.["p-iyB t'8 tynyii'as 

bey'lik n. (p<5-'"a) iKii HMlsia 8 

.["piyB px] "3 8 BT3yT oy 

beyond' adv. and prep, ('iJ8'-''3) 

o'n ,iyD<iK :B"t lyjy tiMK :iya'8 

; ...D?8 inyo nyByaty nyaj'n ;d'i« 

.B"r yjy 

beyond' all (sns 'nJS'-'a) ny3'8 


beyond' belief' ('fiyj-'a 'i38'-'a) 


beyond' concep'tion -ittp 'UB'-'a) 

.T5B"-i3yaJi8 (isty-'^yD 

beyond' debate' ('B'^a-'T 'n38'-'a) 

.5yB"iis tns ; •i83B'nBB'y33i8 

The story is true beyond debate. 

beyond' dls'pnte -'on 'lJ8'-'3) 

. beyond debate .t (Bra 

beyond' expecta'tlon -opy 'i38'-'3) 

.iy3jiB'i8iny vps lya'x ci8B'-'"B-pyB 

beyond' expres'sion -Dpy 'i:8'-''3) 

»B'iK oy lyBiyii vp sb'j (is-'ts-yiB 

.'=i'5a"i!!'yajiK : lypmix 

beyond' meas'ure -'ts'tya 'i:8'-'a) 

.DSD -lyiy lya'K (iix 

beyond' one's means 'ijs'-'a) 

.iy?B'B n lys'N (t3y<D tjsiin 

beyond' our el'ement 118 'l38'-'3) 

.B"pa'?3ya nyrjix iya'8 (Biyo-'K-'jy 

beyond' reach (E»Byn 'iJS'-'a) B'J 

.ty3'n3iyT is 

beyond' recov'ery -i-i 'iJB'-'a) 

.iyis5iya ,i83?"n3i« cs-iy-'iisp) 

beyond' redemp'tlon -n 'njs'-ia) 

.is5D33iByT :3JiByT ins (rsty-'soyT, 

beyond'-sea a. (y'D-'iJ8'-''3) DSll 

.B'njyJD'iK ; B' B"t -lyjy iib boip 

beyond' seas. (lyD 'los'-u) .«im8 

.i38?D»i8 f8 : B' B"i lyjy* 

beyond' the reach of law 'ijs'-'a) 

na n8aa"my3iN (ns? lis t^Byn 'hb 

.rytys iia lysyjyis n lys'is ; vytys 

bey'shlp n. (a'B'-'"3) IlB BD8 IVi 

bey .t ."3 8 

bez'an n. (ty-'ry3) =aii3 ny(!"?833ya 


bez'ant n. (Biy-'tya) =?S3 yB?8 818 

=y3 tyay3y3D'i'i8 P8 ya?yii yaao yjyt 

'iyty<B38P3 ■iy3<?sD8 liit no lyisii 


bez-ant'ler n. (iy?-'B3y-iy3) isi 

'E'TH na 3"iis lyBB'iyBJis iyB"iis 


bez'el n. and v. (?y-'iy3) oyiB' n 

ivi ,B38P nyaiBa" ; B38P=3yTB' ,yay>B 

8 px y8>B lyi ;bs5t 8 na ensty 

•\ri DB8ay33"8 aiyii ay ikii jj't 

.tyB38pa8 ,iy3yi(!'3s ; plots' 

bezique' n. ('pyit-»3) =iyBlsp t'O 8 


be'zoar n. (iiBt-"'a) p'Bii'nBStya tSl 
avi P8 BrBy3 lyo dsii P'bs!' bis] 
«ya ,nian3 ns nvn y3'3"K na wsb 
,m3 n?yB iy3"i D81i ,n "3 oiyijst 
D?8 Bsuy3 p'Bt!' nyin oiyii 83'3 pk 
.[nxiBi 8 

bezoar'dlc n. and a. (pn-'ns-S-tya) 
=nyo 8 ; i"Bi!'08Sty3 B58nBjy osn 

;P'Bt!'«18Siy3 PB Ba8By3 P8 DSll PS 

besoar .i .Ba'3»iy3y3 8 

be'zoar-goat n. (BiS3-li8t-"'3) =y3 

"3 DSll jyS yi5'l1 818] 3y'S="l88t 

=ya nyi in B3'ay3 lysso i'« in's 

besoar .t .[p'BB'^lBSt 

bhang n. (33y3) "lyByja ViVP'i'^o n 

Biyii yajyii ysj85B lyDniyj 8 lis 

.lyiyam bis Bsuya lynj'K pr 

blan'gnlar a. (ny?-v3-'3y-»83) ="iis 

.3'py"iis ;3n5yp3'« 

bian'gulate a. {B">-P3-'jy-'83) 

biangvUar .t 
bian'nual a. {5y-i'-'3y-'8a) =8S Dsil 
ya^sn y58 ; ins' 8 5sd "lis dtd 


blan'nually adv. ('K-5y-v-'jy-'8a) 

.i'?iny' 5SO "lis 

bl'as n., a., v. and adv. (Dy-''8a) 

na 33ioan vo-i't? n ; 3:ib3't yonp n 

8 3S Bn's DSll BB81P n ;5'ip 8 

,331B3n ;331Ba'T iyi813 lilt 113 5np 
uaSl^iyi"? 8 IIB BB81P n ; 3J1J"3 

=38 : iy3yiBij' ; pyiis : 3385iya lyis 
; iyB'3ts'y3 3yit!' ; iv\'J> avv/ ; B3n 

;B"1 I"K IS 3313"3 ; 0'3B' lysyiB' 8 

IS Ba'iiy3nyiiK' n lyays ; 5"BniKisB 

.iyDi5B:"Kya ; lyuyii :b"1 p'k 

bi'as of a bowl (5i83 y lis Dy-'<Ba) 

nyBD'BE'ya 8 ps 5'ip « na J3i3": n 

bowler .t .[5y'Bii'=5y3ip "3] B"t 

bl'as of In'terest -'j's lis Dy-''83) 

="k] DiDPKS3y na Ba8n n (Boyi-PD 


biaurlc'ulate u. (B"5-i<-'pn-s-'8a) 
"a] tysnsn pk lyiyoBpnsB "lis b'd 
nyns "lis Bsn dsh ;tni'n yDniy3 

.yj/a"? ni] iy331Y18D!!'D'n8 VV>iT\V 
.[B85a 8 "3 

biax'al a. (?y-'Dpy-'83) "lis B'D 
.[p'Bas "3 B3ma»3] iyDP8 

Blaxal eye-glass. 
blax'lal a. (5y-'8-'Dpy-<83) blaxal .t 
bib n. and v. (a'a) »yDl8B='iyil83 Dsi 

: JyayDiBB 8 ; u'p i"5p 8 lie ?y3 

.lys'it ,iypj'iB ?y'B 

biba clous a. (Bss!'-'"3-'3) B3"3y3 

.PillB BIS 

bib -a'ppon n. (i81B-'"«='3'a) -83 8 

.lyu'P 188 syaya-iBBoyii 

bib ber n. (iy-'a'3) .iiaB" ,iyp3'-iB 

Bl'ble n. (53'83) ;[i"jn] ?ya'3 'i 

nyi] BjyosDDyB y"3 iik yB?8 dst 

iy3'?BD'ip Byi B'D T':n ny8!"T8 


Bl ble-oath ». (nBis-?a''83) nyuti' 8 

.min lyi "3 

bib Heal o. (5yp-'?-'3'a) Dsii ,i!"?a'3 

.5y3'3 nyi is Biynys 

bib Ucally adv. ('8-?yp-'?-'a'3) =3'3 

.5y3'a nyi an? ,b"? 

Bib llcism n. (aPD-'?-'a'a) yiny? 'i 

18a in lya^sn dsi ;?ya'3 iyi na 

, .Jya'a i»i 

Bib llclst n. (BD'D-'J-'a'a) iy3"K 

D811 iy3"s ;?y3'a 'i 013 lyp own 

.?ya'3 iyi is jjyiue' sn q>w 




bib'Uoclast n. (bov?P-S-'?-'3'3) B 
BjnSB' 0S11 1B0"«] BD8?PS'?a'3 

.[■isa<3 Bj/ca'jivB ivns 
bIb'Uograph n. ((i!;ij-8-i?-'a<a) 8 

hibliography .t .yBsias'Sa'a t'8 
blbllog'raphep ». -in-'38-'?-2'3) 

8 ,1!;:»P=1V3'3 8 ,ei8138'>3'3 8(11)3 
.»'BB1J»'53'3 l'8'1j;3»P 
bibliography .i 
bibllograph'ic a. -'a»13-8-''5-3<3) 

IX 1"!!' t'« D811 ,6!"B81JS'?3'3 (P'X 

yi»"t tiK "ivs's'tia jji3"iW3 in 


bibliogpaph'lcal a. -'a!;i3-8-'5-3'3) 

bibliographic .t (5VP-'8 

Mbllograph'ically adv. -s-i5-3<3) 

='B81JS'53'3 8 ei'lK ('8-5yp-'K-'BnJ 

bibliographic .t .ibis ive' 

bibliog'raphy ». (iB-yi-'38-'5-3'3) 

"3 tlB ;JU"'li!'y3 n] J)'a81S8'>3'3 

.1 .8 Di!?D8anyB ,B?8nJ<8 lyt ,iy3 
isns 1M'3 tiB B'J3"sij;b 8 ;[.ii 
; 80!;b yD'«v3 8 tyjyn DiyesBiya 

.iy3'3 I'N fll8'P3 

Mbllol'ater n. (nyo-y-'?8-'5-3'3) 

D?8ii DS11 iyj"8 ,iyj'>5"myB=ny3'3 « 

iyj"K :ii3 8 tiB Bnsii Dvny 3'?"n 

nST iiB Q1811 Dyiy j<5"n D58n dsii 

.5y3'3 lyT na iyj'5"mya s ;?y3'3 

iibliol'atry n. ciB-y-'58-'i5-3'3) 

=ny38 n ; iy3'3 tia jjnnyiya ypi^ot^ 

.?y3'3 iv\ iiB j:nnyiyB y!!"3'i53 

}ibliolog'ical a. -'E'n85-S-'5-3'3) 
V>» I'8 DS11 ,E!"3S5S'53'3 I.^V?-''^ 

.5y3'3 lyT iia DUBjyp ist « 

bibliology .t 

jibUol'ogy ». ('B'n-8-'58-'5-3'3) 
yB"?3'3 ; D<30jyp»iy3'3 ;y'3S5S'?3'3 

=yii yins? y(!"?3'3 lyis iiBBiyB'? 

.B83 iy3 

rib'liomancy n. (iD-jyD-8-'i5-'3'3) 

,nBD 8 lyjyay nn 5ii3 tyaisii va s 

.5y3<3 n myijstys 

>iblioina'nia n. (y-'i3-'"D-s-'5-3'3) 

=s' y3y3nBny3'8 i8] ny3iB'Q lysu 

.[iy5D8t lyau is: (!'y:y3 

jiblioma'niac ». -i3-'"0-s-<5-3'3) 

.iy3<3 IIB ny3sn3y'5 lysaspnya « (pv 

.yjyB5yt na BB'imys'N 

(ibliomani'acal o. -"D-s-'S-S'S) 

li"3y3S' IS 1"!!' fN DK11 (5yp-y-''83 

bibliomania .t .nyau.isj 

libliom'anisin n. (Dt'3-y-'D8-'?-3'3) 

bibliomania .t 

ilbliopta'aglst n. -y-'B8-'5-3'3) 

=iy3'3 8 ; lyDyia^iys's 8 (oD'ts'n 


db'liophile n. (5iB-8-'5-'3'3) "3 8 


libliopll'illsiU .». -iN-'B8-'?-3'3) 

.iS3'3 iy3«n 3y'5 oai {qv? 

libliopo'lar a. (i85-'lSB-8-'?-3>3) 

=313 ins 5yi:8n3i3 nix vt» cs dsii 


lib'Iiopole ». (5isB-s-'?-'3i3) =3i3 

na T?3ytBB'in] anao 1310 ,iy5i3yn 

.[ny3'3 y:yB5yt nt* yoJs 

libliopol'ic a. (p'S-'SSB-s-'Nsu) 

nyis iinpny3ny3'3 dis v<!' v« dsii 


ibliop'olist n. (BD'5-s-'B8-'?-3'3) 

bibliopole .t 

bibliopolls'tlc a. -'D'?-s-BS-'5-3'3) 
bibliopolic .1 (piB 

bibllothe'ca n. (yp-'inB-s-'?-3''3) 

»y3 lyiyii oy ikii vsjb 8 ,pynBS'?3'3 

.iy3'3 IIB 33i5D8t 8 ny3'3,iyB?8n 

Bib'list n. (bD'?-'3'3) Biblicist .t 

blb'lus n. (DS5-'3'3) ys385a=Dn'B8B 

n nyBy53 Djyoyii eiM« ysj8?a »] 

.[iy3"it!' iy3y5B iyBB'3y yB58 

bib'ulous a. (DS?-1'-'3'3) 8 '11 'Its 
;B811B' 8 '11 i:y3'lt3"N iDSlltJ' 

.fii'i3is' na BDip Dsii ; ijy'niSE' 

bib'ulously adv. ('?-Ds?-l'-'3'3) 

='it:"8 ,DsiiiS' 8 '11 lais DyT ti'is 

.3'ijy'ni36!' ; D8111S' 8 '11 :'i3!;3 
bicap'itate a. (B"B-'K-'Byp-'83) 


blcap'sular a. (lyj-i'D-'Byp-'Ss) 
"3] iy5DB8p=iyn'n "iix Bsn dsii 


blear bonate n. (D"j-S3-'T8P-'83) 

=y3 I'D 8] ysst Dyiyitjysn'ip jyssT 

.[r58t tm>a 

bicar'bonate of pot'ash -'83) 

5yBST (syy-'asa 118 B"j-s3-'n8P 

yii"Dy3 818 ] '?8P Byiyujyjn'ip 


bicar'bonate of so'da -'n8P-'83) 

oy?n'ip 5yBST (yn-'isD iis b"3-»3 

,[yiSD=pj'iB] 181083 oyiyii 

bice n. (0'83) lyis iy'l?3=D853 
.["iy580 Ps] I'SSP iy3'13=D8?3 

bicen'tenary n. and a. -'3yD-'83) 
=ya y3'iny'«B'iyi3in="iix s Cvj-yB 
='31' ■iy3'iny'=B'iyi3in="iis 8 ;yi8'"i 


IS v^ t'K DSII ; ins' B'iyi3in "iis 

.yis'iys iy3'iny'=Biyi3in="iis s 

bicenten'nlal a. and ». -3yD-'83) 

I'8 ?S0 I"8 BTD8B DSII (5y-'K-':yB 

=B-iyn3in»"iis 8 ; ins' BiyiJin "iis 

.yis'iys ys'iny 

blceph'alous a. (DS-5y-'ByD-'83) 


Weeps a. and n. (DByD-''83) ="iis 

=Bsp "lis Bsn DSII ,5ipDiD 8 ; 3'Byp 

=5ipDiD ;[?ipDio oyiN lyi] iyi:y 

.OyTS Oyi tIB BB81P 
blchlo'rld n. (Ti-'is5p-'S3) ?yBST 

.rJst is?3 

blclp'ltal a. (5yB-'K-'B'D-'83) ="iis 

"3] iyi3y>asp "lis Bsn dsii ; 3'Byp 

.[51PD1Q 8 

bick'er v. and n. (■iy-'p'3) ,iyB""iBE' 

?yjB' Tt ; iy?33y?i!' vf ; iy3S5B' Tt 

='i5 ; iy53ii3 ; iy3yiiy3 lyn ns rn 

."•iyp38s 8 ; B"iDE' 8 : jyity lya 

blck'erer n. (iy-iy-'p'3) "ibb' 8 

.npi>na=?y3 s ,iyB 

bick'erlng n. (3J'8-iy-'p'3) ,B"-iDt!' 8 

."1»PJ8S 8 

blck em n, (ii'is-'p's) lys'S'Siy 8 

y?i8iisp y3'S'ats' "iis 8 ;iyt"s 


bl'color a. (ls-5SP-''8a) 

bicolored .t 
bl'colored a. (Tis-?SP-''83) "lis na 


bl corn a. (nsp-''83) ; 3'lJ-iSii="llS 

.•iy3iyn "iis osn dsii 

bicor'nute o. (Di'3-'lsp-'83) 

bicom .t 
blcor'poral ». (5y'i-sB-'-isP-'83) 
'•\VP "lis Bsii DSII :3'TiyBiyp jyssT 

=nsoy3 !!"bd8d:8b lynyii oy '11] Diys 

.[ni'n y3'j"s ly? 

blcru'ral a. (>yn-'np-'83) Bsn DSII 

.D'B "lis 

bicus'pld a. and n. (tb-'D8P-'B3) 

inss=P83 lyutciy -\v\ ; 3'S'Btc»"iix 

.[B8TBD1P'3] in8S>iy3'1K, r3S3 

bicus'pidate a. (b"8-t'B-'dsp-'83) 

bicuspid ,t .3'S'be''"'1is 

bl'cycle n. (?p'D-''83) nya'DsJyil 8 


bl'cycllst n. (bd'?p-'D-''83) dsii "Hit 

.iys'Ds?yii 8 ti'18 BiiisB 

bid n. and v. (T3) ; BS33S 18 .1 

=nsB ;[t"iB 8] tyDS33s 2 ;3y?isB 

;ty?nyBy3 ,iyD"n .3 ;iyi8?3"K ; iy3y? 

=y3 a"3] lywii ; iyi853"8 ; iyBy3 

;[Tt lyjysyjys b"3 lyis Tt iyjy3yt 

.tyi'oBJPsiB ,iyD'ii iyts> 

l.Blds were received for the contract to con- 
struct the rall'od. 2. He bid blgheat and 
received the contract. ' ~ 

bldac'tyl a. (5'B-'pyi-'83) "lis B'b 


bid adieu cn-y T3) =y3 "t lysst 

.5nsii 3y5 n:it 

bid dable a. (53y-'T3) .Dsisisnyj 

bid defi'ance (D3y-''8B-yT T3) =D'1K 

• 331B38iya B'D ; DSIlBy IIB 1't iy385 

.VI iypyit!'3s B'j ; iyt"iip'iis 

The speaker bid defiance to his critics. 

bid' den (n'3) bid .t .tyBS3P33S 

The clerk was bidden to appear before the 

bld'der n. (-iy-'T3) ,iyBS338 ,iyBS3 

=y3 ;-iyi85:"s .' ■iyBy3 ny3y5-isB 


bid ding n. (3J'8-'T3) dsi :5nyay3 8 

;33n853"8 ;[IS'SP'18 18 si'Ik] tyDS3 

.3:n'n85ps-iB ,iyD'ii lyts? dst 

bid dy n. ('k-'T3) ='5ay3 Dy3'5t'in 

.inin 8 ;?« 

Bid'dy n. cs-'ts) .5yT'D=BD3y'T 8 

bide V. (T83) ; iyB-i8iny ; lyBisil .1 

:B"S y3'B3'T 'T iyB-|8113S ;iyBi8ll3S 

.iy38iBiy ,tyi5n .2 ; iy3"53 ; iy3'isii 

1. Bide a while. 2. He patiently bldei his 

biden'tal a. and n. (5yo-'3yi-'83) 

ny3n"s."iis Dsn dsii ;3'3n"S"'iis 

DSII DjyDlJSO 8 — D'n iyB?8 I'S 
t'8 )"?3 8 1811 r85B 8 B3y3"sy3 Bsri 

, .lyJsays 

blden tate a. ■ (B"B-'3yi-'83) ="iis 

, .3'3n"S 

bidet n. ('Byn-'3) .Tiya t"5P 8 
bid fair (inya 'T3) =d'is yBi3 iy3y3 


bid for an ar tide -'is ly "ISB T3) 

.18t 8 18B my<-l I't (5p'B 

bidig Itate a. (0"B-'8-'t!'n'l-'83) 

bidaetyl .t 
bi'ding n. (3j'V'83) ; 3JlBl8iny 

.13lS=D33lB?8nB'1« ,3313nS11 

Wd wel'come (asp-'5yiin T3) =5'ii 
.[lysyo's] iy3st tyosp 

blen nlal a. and n. (?y-'K-'3y-is3) 
isa B»ip Dsn Dsiiay ; s'lny^'ns 
,ys38?B 8 nns' "iis t's 5so t"K 




Bsno n UK ;jin'?3 n iwj'naix 

DST UN jjin??a n ins' vati>-\v dut] 

.[oane n — vd'mix 

en'nlally od«. ('k-?v-'k-'jj)-'83) 

.nnu' "lis »?8 
er »s. ciyia) y^^^ ^ 

est'lngs n. (tj:'B-'D'3) 

heestinga .1 

fa'cial o. (?j;it!'-'"B-'83) osn ,dsii 

IVB"t n"3 DS11 ; inVID'lN I"(( lya 

'«3 tk] inymnx i»3"5»ik in ty3sn 

. , , , .[p'JBO 

fa rious a. (DS-'i'i-'"B-'83) ="lix 
BJV'i'isyj ; ry"iix i'k bj^bw ; ^sb 
, .iyn"T "lis t'K 

fa riously adv. ('>5-Dij-n-'"B-»83) 
, .IBB'MW ; lynix PN 

fer m. (■i>ib-''83) dsii ,yxJ8?B 8 

?8D "lis BSnB B'J DS11 -lyiS Bn'?3 

.inw 8 

f flu n. (i'K-'a'3) iyjyp83yj 8 

.Jysy iyBBynByj»i8?a 

fld a. (i>B-''83) »yj lyis b?"bix 

.j'my3=?yssj ; "iis px iyB?8aB' 

f'ldate a. (B'n-'N-'B'S) bifid ,1 

flo'rous a. (Dsn-'i85B-'83) ="iw 

.iyoi?3 lyBnst "iis jnjy38n ,j'di53 

ifo'cal lens (t:y5 ?yp-'isB-'83) >'-i3 

"iix iia iynyBB'y3 ysjyii ,iy?iy5j«iy? 

IX i'8 5"B iyBc-iy3'i8 lyT : iy?"B 

=ji8 lyT 118 B"PB"ii nyn t'8 lypip 

.J .1 .8 iy3"iB' ,tyjy"5 nw lyBBJiyo 

Ifo'cal spec'tacles 5yp-'i8B-'83) 

Bifocal lens .1 (tSpyB-'pysB 

'fold. o. Cl5l8S-''JS3) =8T ,'=I8a"'ilX 

.J'B18"11X ; B?y3 

fo'liate u. {B"8-'5-'l8B-'83) ="lis 

.[iyxJ85B "3] j'Tiyoyja 

'form a. (msB-''83) ,3<onyB"iix 

.lyB^sBK'y) "lis Bsn dsii 

for'mlty n. ('B-'D-'n8a-'83) n 


fron'ted a. (lyB-'jaia-'ss) d»ii 

.lyasMyj "iix B8n 

fur'cate a. (0"p-'imb-'83) B?"Bji;j 

.iy331J"llX38 'Mix P8 

fur'cated a. (iyB-"p-'"iMB-'83) 

bifurcate .t 
fur'cately adv. (i5-b"P-'"imb-'i83) 
.iyjjij"iix3s "11X I'x 
furca'tlon n. (|8t!'-'"P-TlB-'83) 

.iyj313"11X38 "11X PK JJ15"B1X 

fur'cous a. (0SP-'TlB-''83) 

bifurcated .1 

S a. and n. (r3) ; pn :lMn ,D'nj 
'8 /"lyjiBiits" ; lysBiTiy ,vi "3 o>\i: 
lyBm Bisi 8t8 ; lyasaso ys'in n 
gam'lc a. (p'8-'Dy3-i3) P8 D8I1 
bigamy .t .y'083''3 ix v^ 
s-'amlst n. (oD'o-y-'jo) bd'D8J'3 

iyi8 ,iy3"1l "IIX B8n D8II ,I8D 8] 

.[iy:yo "iix B»n dsii ms 8 
s'amous a. (DSD-y-'3'3) 

bigamic ,\ 

»'amy n. CD-y-'j's) ''Mix ,y'D8J'3 
lya -ivi ;""iyjyo>"iix lyis "ny3"ii 
lyitj iy3"ii "iix iy3sn tiB iy3yi3 
.lyjyo 'MIX 
maroon' ». ('inn-y-3'3) oist 8t8 

I'n 118 B"t P'8 «1'18 D"1l] tytci8P 

.[nyB"iix lyn *i'i8 

blg-bell'led o. (T8-'5y3=j'3) =P'T 

.iyj:8ii6!' ; j'3"n 

blg-bod led a. (T'K-'iga'j'a) =p't 

big bug (3S3 3'3) big gun .t 

big driuk (p3m 3'3) t8?3 VD'n3 8 


bigem'lnate a. (B"j-'8-'Dyti'n-'83) 

=y53 y3'isB=?yBST b'b ; Bissys'SyssT 

.[tyx385B "3] ^m 

bigg n. (J(3) .iyBE'iy3=iyB3'll BISI 8 

blg'glu n. (p8-'3'3) ;3'imyiJ'P 8 

i"?P 8 ;iy"r=yBBP8 ; ypx 'aas?ts' 8 


big gun (183 3<a) ; \t/jVo ■iyD'n3 8 

=83p nyD'n3 8] nyaso- iyD'n3 8 


blg'horn n. (nsii-'3'3) tn8n'D'n3 lyi 

.nysiyn yD'n3 b'b DByts" Bist 8r8] 

bight n. (B'83) •y3'13y3D'lK t8 -B313 8 

5"B iy3y3'i3y3B'iK ; B' riB 3yn3 nyj 

.Byay pa 

blg'ness n. (Dyj-'3'3) liB D'ns 't 

.[Dso P8] B"PD'n3 :Dy9y 

Blgno'nia ». (y-'3-'is3-3'3) =nB 'T 

D811 lyXJSJB I'D 8] iyoi?3=tyB"D 

iy3«n ti8 lyo'u ens I't ty?33y?t!' 

• .[iyDi?3 y3'oisB>tyB"onB 

big'ot n. and a. (t3s-'3'3) ='i53=33ynBiS' 

nyp'BBJBB ,Pa8D lyplBBB' ,iy3'3 

="0 Doyjy lyijn b'j lyp dsii nyj"K 

='l53=33ynBi!' ; 3313"X-|y3'8 lyis 33i: 
, .3'3'1?3=n3'53 ,3'3 

big'oted a. (ny-BS-'3'3), 3'3'i53»n3'53 

.B:8iy?SB318 ; E!"B838a 

big'otry n. ('i-b8-'3'3) ,Dt'B838a 
=?n tyjyp b'j dst ; d"P3'3'i53=:i3-'53 
.33i3"xiy3'K lyns 33i3"a Day3y' lyi 

big'-soun'ding a. (33'l-'3l8B-'3'3) 
.338?P lya'in 8 asn dsii ; I3y33'?p3'in 

big toe (ISB 3'3) =DV3 ■|y3S-13 lyT 


blg'wlg n. (3'iin-'3'3) 8 ; iy380 8 

=n'B=?yiyT 8 ; BB8i:'5yty3 ps lyirra 

.isnys y3'D3'ii 8 ; "wt 

bijou' n. cwi-'a) =nyK' 8 ; 33ny'x 8 

.p-iyiiBD3ip y3 

bijou'terie n. (ynB-'lE'I-»3) ,33ny'X 


bijou'try ». ('nB-'itsit-'3) 

biiouterie t 

biju'ga:te a. (B"3-'it5'n-'83) Bsn BS" 

.[iyx38?B "3] nsB=iyBy?3 "iix 

blju'gous a. (DS3-'lB'n-'83) 

bi jugate .\ 

bike n. (p'83) bicycle .t 

bila'biate a. (D"8-'3-'"?-'83) Bsil 

.iyB'5 'MIX Bsn. 

bil'ander n. (-iyn-3y-'?'3) y3"?p 8 

na B"ii B'3 Bnys dsii ii'i!'=B?yi38r 


bllat'eral a. (?yi-'K-'By?-'83) "'llX 

=83 i'8 ;tyB"t "11X B8n Bsii j'B'n 

y3yiy'B'iyB "iix Bsn dsii — P'38b 

='D BSn BS11 — y'3S?8'3 |'8 ;iyB"i 

.ryB"t y(!"nByo 

bilat'eral con'tract ?yi-y-'By>-'83) 

B'o 1803S 'iy3'?xyiy3 8 (BpyiB-'j8P 

.D'lIX yT'3 PB iy331B3'?BBiyB y3"?3 

bllat'erally adv. -?yi-'8-'By?-'83) 

.tyB""t yT'3 ii'is :3'B"t"iix cs 

bilateral .r 

bil'berry n. ('8--iya-'?'3) oyT'n 

.[yi38' I'D 8t8] yx'jBn3 ,y'iy3 

bll'bo n. (lS3-'?'3) PB 33'>P -Wi 

8t8] TB8T 8 myiits' 8 ; myim » 

IX Bxuya lypyBts' s ;[nnyiiB' •iy3"?p 

; lyB'B' «i'i8 ny3yi3nyB lyasiBB'ya 

oya "11X B'O 33BBtc lyjiyp'N ktb 

•\:v Dix Ds?ii' 8 PS ty:J'i yn833'is' 

='Bij' IX BXijys iyB"x yB58 n pb] 

.[yjysjBBys ist 

bilboquet' n. ('Byp-S3-?'3) =3380 IVI 

;[r?sn pa 3"x?y'S6!' po s] iy3y3 

,isn ry?t"np ix BJVDnooj'K ts 

bild'steln n. (P8BB-'1?'3) =n5'3 "Wl 

agalmatolite ,i .p'OE' 

bile n. (?'B3) B-iyB'3'iya b ; 5S3 n 

.minE'^mD ; hbid •\iio2ii^ji> ; JiTays 

blle'-duct n. (BP8l-'?'83) =?83 nyi 

.nysnyp iy3'5t!':ya pk 583bp 

"Bloodvessels of the .5'8 .t 

Human Body" 

blle'stone n. (psbb-'5'83) .P»OtS'5B3 

bilge n. and v. (t!'n5'3) PB 1'13 nyT 

8 iy3'np ;«i'B' B na i'n -lyn ;db3 b 

; si'tr na PSt PB "IVIS T13 I'K IB? 

.iyB"i3D'iK Tt ,tyiyii iy58iiis'y33s 

bilge'-pump «. (an8B-'E'n?'3) » 


.ei'K' B PB 

bilge'-wa'ter ». nyB-'nsiiri-'E'ti5'3) 

t'«i'i8 IS Tt BJyoBt DSII nyoBii dst 

.«i'K' pa pyT 

bil'gy a. ('t!>n-'5i3) ="k 't Bsn Bsii 

=811 DST '11 n'T dyn lyis lyBBSE'jys 

pyT Dyn ^i'ib is ti BJyoBt dbii nyo 

.ei'B' B US 

bll'fary a. (n-y-'8-'5'3) Dsil J'?B3 

.583 nyi IX Biynyj 

bll'lary cal'culus n-S-'K-'5'3) 

.t"BB'?83 {DS5-1''P-'5yp 

bil'lary or'gans -'is 'l-y-'K-'5'3) 

iy5"B DSII iy383ns«iyB'iyp n (t3y3 

,iy33yB=583 -ivi ,ny3y5 •\ri'i 583 D'ik 

.typB"p y:"5p 'T PK lyssD ist 

Biliary Organs 
bilin'gual o. (5yiin3-'3'5-'83) "'iix 
=81B(!' "11X P8 BP'liy3B'18 ;3'381BB' 

billn gnous u. (D81in3-'3'?-'83) B'D 

.lyaSIBE' "IIX 3'13yT'T ; 'iy33'X "11X 

bil'ious «. (DS'-'?'3) >B3y5t!' ; 3'583 

'SO :p38-ip583 :3'Tminiy mo :3'nBio 
..„, .n3yT'53y3 

Dii lousness n. (Dy3-DS'-'5'3) "981 

BDlp dsii] B"nP381p3y380 ;B"np381P 

bil lous tem'perament ds'-'5'3) 

«83 yBiyB'3iyB b (Bayo-y-iya-'oyo 

.BjyoBiyBoyB iyB3yiy3B'i8 ib : iio 

bilit'eral a. and n. (5yi-y-'e<>-'83) 
; iy3BBB'3i3 "11X PB BnyB!!'y3 dsii 
pa BnyBB-ys dsii bisii nyis y35'T b 

.iy38BS'313 "IIX 




bilk n. and v. (p?ia) >j;3 ; ij;B"ii3jy 

»?»3 8 m ivnvnD'ns vf ; wits 

j;'?8i5 BS/j"K iMsn ;nB'?B tWBo ; ain 

unow ;[tyt3"isp i'k] sy'siy bst 

.•\il'>1i•'^w 8 ; svii'iic 

bill n. o»d D. (?i3) 8t8] PKn'tC'IBsy 8 
rB& 8 ;?J38Jti' 8 ;[inviiV3 !;t3?8 
;P8n :5i;2SJt!' 8 nss bib in "rm 
:?»By.s ,jiBB'? ,j:ij3»t : iVD»a=t»Bi«j 
;5yDP!)ii J BBSxyn ;Bpy'snB>v»tyj 

»3»:ii' Tt ; 11)380 t3:8PV3 ;»O83=p083 

.[»3V'5 tiB oil mna swib ni] ly? 

bill'-account' n. ('BJl8P-y-'5'3) dst 


bill and coo (nip i:y 5'3) 'ii iy3y? 

.iy3i1B ISB 8 

bill'-board n. (iii83-'?'3) Byi3 8 
«3SJ8 Bsyjpyjjs lyiyii oy ty3?yii f|'i8 
=D'n8 8t8 ;.J .1 .« iyjJi38aBJ8py3 ,iyD 
iyt"8 o'D Bpyiy3 Bna Bvi8Bi!'yj 
Biyii oy tvasyii I'ls ,ei'ii' 8 «imk 
.lypjs nyi Bjy5y:B'i-i8 

bill'-book n. • (pi3-'5'3) =5yDpyii 

.':il3 TBSP 

blll'-bro'kerage n. -lyp-'isis-'S'S) 
0811 i?y3 D8t] t!'t8Bnip Jyopyii (tyny 
=18. 1" t 18B BKiipy3 iy5p8o ?yDpyii 8 


bill'-bus'Iness ». (Dyj-'r3-'?'3) 

billed a. (15'3) .5y38Jt!' 8 Bsn DSll 

bil'let ». and v. (By-'5'3) ,oy?'3 

i8b] jyoys tbisiip ;5yBj)s ,5yB''iip 

'"HZ 8 ;[tMn B8iriB 8 t'K iyB8i5SD 

yjyjsBti' isin yjiyt"N t8 ; r5sn 5yB 

■|8B] T'B'1811P 8 tyt"llJ8 :338Bt' 
I'K iyB8l5SD lySyBty ;[iyB8l5SD 

.[iyt"n yBBiriB t's] tbtbiip 

bil'let-doux' n. ('nn-y-'5'a) ^y? 8 

.y5yiin3 Dy3 

bil'let-head n. (ipn-By-'5'3) 8t8 

=?8ii 8 IIS b:8"is lyi P8 syxysp i:i-i 

oyi Bn'8 «i'i8 lyri'S iit ^yawva 

■■ yj ByT IS Bj'BDyBy3 t'8 Dsii pnaty 

.ii'<3?8ii lyDyaMB 

bill'-head n. (nyn-'5'3) =D3Ji:3yi 8 

«1'18 iy33133y-l 183 PJ853 8] P3853 

lyn Bpmy3 tya'iN iib t'x By tyaJyii 

.[kstb lyT iiB Dym8 lyi nx lyasJ 

bill'-hol'der n. (iyi-'5isn-'5'3) 

=B-isB 8 .2 iiyjbpyii tiB nyD'B3y3"« .1 

.lyjBpyii iyB58n ix 5yB 

2. Bill-holders are a conTenience In business. 
bil'liard n. (ii8»-'5'3) =in8'5'a 


bil'liard-ball n. (?tiS3-Ti8'-'5'3) 

.?y31P=Tl8'5'3 8 

bil'liard-green n. (iyn3-ll8'-'5'3) 

tie T?sP "lyi •'11] T'JSP iy3n3=5yn 8 

bil'llard-iuar'ker n. -m8'-'5'3) 

"3 B3"'lB'iyB BS11 ny3"8 (iyp-"18!3 
18 : 5y'BB' IIB 3383 ByT JyiBiy^TIB'?'! 
tIB 3383 Byi iy33"XnyB 1V B8"18B8 


t)il'liard-pock'ets n. -ti8'-'5'3) 

.Iff5B"3 ni8'5'3 (BBy-'P8S 

t)ll'liards n. (iti8'-'5'3) ii8'5'3 

[>il'liard-stlck ». (piaB-Ti8'-'?'3) 


iil'liard-ta'ble n. (?3"0-ni8'-'?'3) 

.t!"U«T18<?'3 ;118'?'3 D8T 

Mil in eq'uity CB-'lin-'py P8 ?'3) 

iy3?yii t'8 ,B3ny3 pn BBnif=y38?p 8 
ti8 y38?p i"i Byi3n3y3 iy3y?p lyn 

.B"p3'B3yiy3 Biyi8B 

bii'iing n. (33i8-'?'3) tyJayjiy bst 

osT :v\ lya'ip bsi iCiyano "3] v\ 

.in typcnyx 

bil'lingsgate n. (B"3-t3J'8-'?'3) 

.iy3iMi=pT8D na ibibb- 8 

bll'lion ». (t8'-'5'3) ='D 8] t«'5'3 8 
I'8 ! 1,000,000,000,000 iyJS'5'0 18'? 

='0 ijyt'iB 8p'iyD8 118 i"-ip:8ia 

.[1,000,000,000 18'? 
bil'llonth n. and a. (no38'-'?'3) 

yB:s'7'3 8 j'njy"! ;?"b yB38'?'3 s 

billion .t .5"B 

blU'-job'ber n. (iy-'38iS'n-'?'3) =pyii 

, .'iyB'ip38=?yD 

bill'-job'bing n. (3:'8-'38ti'n-'?'3) 


bill'man n. (iyQ-'5i3) =y3 B81?8B 8 

B811 nnyiiy3 yD58 8t8 b'b Biyasii 

.P8n 8 tlB BISB 'T B8n 
bill of admeas'urement 118 ?'3) 

8] jyBys^Boyn 8 (Biyn-nis-'B'tya-ny 
iy3y3y3:s ,?i!'n5 ,i'8 oy ixii syoyx 
.Ivtf 8 i'8 Hwa nyT na B3'iiy3 B8t 
bill of adven'ture -'3yii-ny 118 ?'3) 
=y3nyB3i8 i'8 y35yii Ba'Tts" 8 (tie-b 
='Bjy3"«=Da'is' ,i8DB'ip 8 na lya'iE' 

'T 18 ,ty3"V IS t8B'B8p "WIX 'WO 

='iiy3 8 B'o Bp'B'y3 Biyii DSll mino 

118 yp't'T I"t'ei'18 B'3 »'8 V^ "lyO' 

113 T'K ,iy:y3'iE'iyB3i« lyi ,-iy t8 

iia 3:i5yBtj'is lyi isa i'?Bn8iiB38iya 

.minD lyi 

bill of an an'chor -'jy ty 118 5'3) 

.■iyp38=ti'ii' 8 na r'ais" lyi (isP 

bill of attain'der -'j>iB-y 118 ?'3) 

D811 ,B3yD8?i8s na ?nyay3 8 (lyi 

.B'lB DIS Oy3"8 BSCD'iyB 

bin of car'rlage -'lyp us ?'3). 

.5yByS=B381B 8 (tflT'X 

bill of cost (BBS? 118 5'3) =iyBD8P 

.j:i:3yi=Da'iP3"8 ;,33i33yi 

bill of cred'it (B'X-'iyip 118 5'3) 

iy3y3y3 oy3"8 aiyii dsii tiy'i3 8 

iy3y3 Dn'8 ?st ly is ,I80B'ip 8 is 

Dn'8 ?st. iyi8 B'lyip n'i« mino 

=833'D8 18 ,l?y3 ly'BSB ; n?y3 iy3TS3 


bill of discov'ery -'nsp-D'l 118 5'3) 

1"K IS B3'iy3 8 IIB OB'-IU'IS 8 Cl-y 

'W y35yii ,iyB3yoip8'i iy3j"'i3 is is 
=y3 B?8 IS iyiyi38 ayi lysyi iy3 


bill of divorce' ('Dll811-'l 118 ?'2) 

.[nin'i3 ibd] B3 8 

bill of divorce'ment -n ii8 5'3) 

bill of divorce .t (B3yD-'Dlisil 

bill of en'try (nB-'3y 118 5'3) 18 

niiiriD na 33i3"it!'iya y3'?iii'aB'i8 

«B'ii8 118 Bii'By33"i8 lyiyii y3?yii 

=Jss] y'3ii'tso8B 8 1111 Bin'By3 


bill of excep'tions -'Byo-py 118 ?'3) 

'=3yii3"8 y3'?Ba'itj' ysyoisa 8 Oisa 

.B3'iy3 na S'^nBiis is iy3y3 3:n 

bill of exchange' -spy ii8 ?'3) 

.?yDpyi1 8 ,33n"113S=l?y3 S ('B'll3"ti'B 

mil of fare (nnya 118 ?'3) »yt"B!J' 

I'S lyP'BE' lis 33133"SiyB 8] yClSP 

.[l81SBDyi 8 

bill of freight (B"1B lis ?'3) 8 

t',8 Dy 1811 jytjys 8] eiy'i3=D3BiB 

'y3 Biyii DSll B381B '1 iy3'ii!'iyB 

.[B3'1iy3 in'8 118 BP'tS* 

bill of health (nB?yn lis ?'3) I8 
iy3yii «!'» 8 18B B»33"s yjys'Bs 

=38D in'8 na 138BB'lS=D131ty3 Dyi 

.lyasn 8 I'8 is bdip 't lyii bbsb' 
bill of la'ding (33'1-'"? 118 ?'3) 8 

3313'3"B'y3 8] l"t!' = D33118?iyB = ei'B' 
D'118 B'3 I'ly 8 Iia I8B'B8P lyi DSII 

;[fi'ty 8 1T18 33118? y3yDi:y33s myii 

.11183 8 IIB I"E'=D33n8?iyB 8 
The cotton planter borrowed money on hlB 
bill of lading. 

bill of par'cels (t?yB-'18B 118 5'3) 
Dyi B'3 lya'ipiya lyi bsii 33i33yi 8 
'1 B3y3"siyB iy3"t By isii ,iyB'iP 
Bsn ly y3?yii ,niiinD 'i lis iyt"ia 


bill of partic'ulars -18B 118 ?'3) 
Dy iy35yii ps ,bb'ib' 8 (ti8?-i'-'P'B 

B'BIB '1 Iy3y3y338 l'?in'BD'18 iy3"( 

B38i3y3isa P8 iy3?yii ,p3y is na 
="Dy3?8 18 P8 Dys8iB 8 i'8 iyisiiy3 
.ni8B lyj 
bill of revl'vor -'isii-'l lis ?'3) 
lyiyii D3'iy3 iib i5"j3'i?iy 18 (isii 
na iy3"8 lyii oyssis 8 iyDny3isa'i8 

.iy31SBt5'y3 PS D'llS '1 
Bill of Rights (DB'81 118 ?'3) DSl 

na lyBxsBE' yB3'3"8iya 'i ps rytys 
iyB3yi y3'53yiiyB 'i iy3yii sp'iyos 
«33y DSl ; lyji's 'i na iyB"n"ia ns 
'1 iy3yii 1689 ins' na ryty3 ytt"? 
IIB iyB"n"iB ns lyBsyi, y3'?3ynys 
oyi iy3yii ns i38?33y ps iy3T3 'i 

QiEi-lli j;3in 11t( B8'?'ll 3'3yP IIB B3yi 

'1 lyD'iK isifiB iyt!"?33y oyi I'ls 

lyi IS iyiyny3 iy?yii y35yii ,y3'3y 

.lS'3'?yi iyt!"?'iD8P=t:"D'ii 

bill of sale (5"D 118 5'3) OSPB'IP 

DSII 3313'3"l!'y3 y3'?BB'lE' 8 1 BP81D 

iiBB-D 8 lyB'ipiya is osyi D8i b'3 
lyi IS BP'?yjD'i8 B'3 Biyii ly lyii 


bill of the play ("js 'no 118 5'3) 

=yDts'i8B=iyD8yB na isiBiyayi lyi 

.yB"B8 18 : iy33i? 

bil'lon «. (IS-'5'3) =y3 DSlI ?8ByD 8 

BE"Dy3 iy3?'t lyis i?S3 na Bnyaty 

.lyBIP B'D 

bil'lot n. (B8-'?'3) .ErSsn] B"B' 8 

bil'low n. and v. (is-'?'3) =8113=D' 8 

=iiBB' ,typii3 : y?yii 8 ,i3'8 8 : y? 

.D' I'l'is By58ii3 '1 '11 lya 

bil'lowy a. ('8-l8-'?'3) 'I't iypyiy3 

niBiS' ,3'i:ypn3 ,By'?8ii3 yD'ii3 b'd 

.D' IIB By?8113 '1 '11 3'13yo 

bill pay'able c?3y-'"B ?'3) =pyil 8 

=ys=i5iii' lysjyii i3y3i''8 lyis 5yB 


The trial balance showed many bills 

blU'-pos'ter n. (iyB-'oi8B-'?'3) 8 

•yi BBy?p DSll iy3"8 ; iyBy?p=?yBys 


bill receiv'able (53y-'iiy'B-yi ?'3) 

'I P8 ?yBys=i?iB' lyis ?ybpyii 8 

.iy?n8s 1181 lya lyoyii ayi iib uyn 

bill'-stamp n. (BDyDD-'5'3) ?yDpyii 8 

?nss38 D?8 iypi8o=D33iiy3yi] ypiso 

.[iy'B8a=?yDpyii i'ik 

bill'-stick'er n. (iy-'P'BD-'?'3) 

bill-poster ,t 
bll'ly n. ('s-'5'3) lyp'i lysiip 8 

.P8BB'="S'?8B 8 ; PSBB* 


I'ly n. (iK-'5i3) na jJixi'pas is 
WilUam isaSJ DVT 
I'ly-blind n. (ij<8?3-'k-'5'3) =u s 
iBT tin?, DS11 is?n lyDDv?!!' ins IJ'tS 
T t'K HMK ■n't B?8n P5SB tia iwi?; 

I'lycock ». (psp-'N-'Sia) ="t2t!' sts 

.Bins?'B iyi:n lya 

L'ly-goat n. (bisj-'k-'?i3) 'IJ/WX » 


lo'bate a. (oin-'lsS-isa) t35"BW 
.[lyByJa .Jtyo? '11] IVBB? "lis I'N 

A bllobate leaf. 

lob'ular a. Ciyj-i'-'sisS-'sa) 

bilo1>ate .j 

loc'ular o. (ibJ-i'-'PSJ-'BD =y3 
MIX Bsn Dsii ; W>Vi "iix pn b5"b 

.m'ana m. (yj-y-'»'3)— yas^sst I's 

.[iVB-JVa] j(jnj!;n="iis db5p m 

'manous a. (D8J-!;a-''8a) =oj;n"iis 

.iwn ""lis Bsn Dsii ,jn 

men'sal a. OvD-':va->s3) =so"iis 

■ISO "lis lilV ISB BDIP DSll /I'SBBJ 

mes'trlal a. (5j;-nB-'D!in-'83) 
"lis VI BH'S DSll n'?B8JSD="11S 
met'alism n. (anB-Sy-'BSO-'Bn) 
=j;a n"3 iib ibxij dst] ofSBBya'a 

n'?S»t»J IBB ,-|S3?'I UN 1?SJ /tyJBQ 

■ .[i?w 
metal'lic o. (p'H-'SVB-sn-'Ba) D8II 
t'B DSll ; lyJBBVB "lis na anvam 
i?sJ ,iy?8B!;D n"3 tjisuva dis i"b' 
.isyj IBB nj;35n ns'alllsin ,». (Dtjs-SP-'BSO-'Ba) 
Tiimetalistn ,1 

met'alUst ». (BD's-Jsr-'ova-'Ba) 
1?!)J -IBB 18 TBBT t'S DSll n5H"S 

,iy?BDyn n"3 n inrii bsum ij/^st 

.iva?'! IIS i?sj 

metalUs'tlc o. -'D'5-s-bj?b-'B3) 

.at'?8QBB'3 IS Vf^ t'S DS11 (P'B 

UtnetaHsm .1 

month'ly o. CJ-'nBJSB-'Ba) Dsil 

"lis ,D'l!'in "lis P8 5sa I"S BTDBB 

n n. and v. (pa) ,iyB5ynyi ; tVBDBP 
8 PS twy?pyii8 ; iy5yp=i"ii ; lyjs? 
.iy?yp=i"ii nyis^iVB^ynn 
;'nary ■«. ojmJ a. (n-"J-"'Ba) ="11S 
»"nj"s "iis-iiB jnjynyBtyyi ;j'3bb 
;B"n"lls'n ;B-isByJ ; B?yBST ; ivb 
."lis iiB ?nss n 
I'nate a. {B"i-'»B3) bdpbii dsii 
inau'ral a. (>yv'ns-3'3) Bsn Dsn 
"lis IS I'.'B' t's DSll i lyiyiB "iis 
ind n. and v. (u'sa) =3"s ; lyiJ'a 
'B'lJis ; lys'jpiya ; lyijuiya ; lyiju 
=3'n ,tyB58n3s : iyB3'?aanya j lyiJ's 
! lyiyii l"Bii' "lyns Banya ; lyiyi 
8 ;BiJP 8 ; *i"?i>' 8 ;BMt b lyaso 
.ys38?B=iys8n : ?yB3'3 s ; jjnj''3iyB 
ind an appren'tlce _y ly ij'BS) 
=3S yiny? n r« ay:"s (D'B-'jyiB 


ind by oath (nois »83 13»83) -J'S 

.nyiati' 8 iin lyi 

ind down (iisT iPsa) .lyBa'Saiya 

in'der n. (lyn-'j'Ba) '313 inyi3'3 


IB ,iJB3j"s iy3'?"iiB"s 8 ; lynra 

.lyiy'BBS 1SS jjiJ'noiiB 

bin'dery n. ('8-nyi-'J'83) ; "lyii'a 


bind in (ps nj'83) =3"s : typwiwa" 

.iyB58n3"B ; lypMnu" 

bin'ding n. and a. (jjn-'J'83) DST 

nj83:"s lyT ; i383'iyB -wt ; lyiJ's 

iBt 8 ;jJiDBaj"s n ;[ii3 8 iib] 

o'JBB-iya lyis BpjynB'y3 ,dij'3 dsii 

,s>i3yij'3iyB nyiJ'a ;D'it b :ByB 


bin'dlngly adv. ('?-jj'i-'j'83) ^VS 

'lya ,iyi3yij'anyB b pb ;t5i3'3 

.B^8 iyi3yB3'5BB 

bln'dingness n. (Dyj-JJ'l-'J'SS) 

.ayBS'^BBiya i"t dst ;B"P3'?i3'3iyB 

bln'ding-wlre «. tT8lin-JJ'l-'J'B3) 

BSIT D-ISt iy3"ll 818] BS'n=13'3 

='Dt!' iyij'3isBn3is Bsijya Bnyii dsii 

^ysanjis ivbibt yaJyii ,58Byo lyp 

.[lynyii b"? 

blnd'weed n. (nyiin-'lJ'sa) »iJ'a 

.[ISIS 818] tsna 

bine n. (p83) 8 ; J"iis lyjypna 8 

8 na jyjjyBS!' dst ; nyays b ; yjsii 

.ysJ85a iiiiiStsav>? 

bing'-bang ! int. (jjya-'Jjn) =f|'a 

I ■nBlD^'ilBnB I eiBB 

bin'nacle n. (5py-'j'a) pin^DBBBSP 

oy 1811 ,Vi!> 8 fi'iB 5yBDyp dst] 

.[dbbosp "lyT BnyBsy, 

bln'ocle n. (5ps-':'3) ,5ypS3'3 8 

.ts53"8nyB8 18 

biuoc'ular a. ('iy?-i'-'PB3-'B3) "lis 

lyjMB si"3 nsa QiVi dsii ;S'J'18 

.[5yps:'3 8 '11 ] 1"5J1S 
A binocular microscope. 

binocular'lty n. -'K-'-iy?-i'-ps3-'83) 
IS lyj'iB yT'3 IBB tyso dst Cb 
IS iyj'18 yT'3 tysi:y3 dst n"?: 


binoc'ularly adv. -iy?-i'-'pB3-'83) 

«i?'n lyi b'b ,iyj'i8 yTi3 b'd c? 

.lyj'is yT'3 na 

binoc'ular tel'escope -i'-'pB3-'83) 

ii'BPBBc^jyasT 8 (sisPD-y-'5yB ly? 

.[lyj'is yT'3 B'B lypip is] 

binoc'ulate o. (B"5-l'-'PBJ-'83) 


bino'mial n. and a. (5y-'B-'ls3-'83) 

'11 ] 5nss yj'Tiyiy'5J"iis s ,dsi'3 b 

;[a + b I"ay358 ,25—5 -\S1« 16+14 

Bsn DSll ; j'Tiyiy'5s"iis ,i!"Ds:'a 

.lysya "iis 

blnom'inal a. (5yj-'8-'B8:-'B3) Dsil 

.lynyj "lis Bsn 

binom'inous a. (ds3-'b-'D8J-'83) 

hinominaJ, ,t 

binot'onous o. (DS3-S-'B83-'8a) 

.lyjyB "lis Dsa dsii :j'jsb"iis 

binox'ide n. (td-'P8J-'83) lyjyasT 

BJBiiDjy DSll 3:iiy? b : eiSBts-oyit 

.tiSBcnyit ty?"B "iis 

bi oblast ». (DDy?3-s-''B3) =jyi5'3 8 

"SIB na yoBo y3"?p vjbj b ; y?ys yi 

DSll [sisDB-iis lyj'nyay?] yDisJBSB 

.y?ys 8 Byi?'3 

biodynam'lcs n. -'Dy:-'8V8-'B3) 

-lyts-'asss's lyi iib ?"d lyi (dp's 

B'D VI BJ'BByE'yS DSll ,DB8B'3yD'll 

yijyay? no B"pj'BynB'DJ3ijyiiy3 lyi 


biogen'esls n. (D'D-y-'jytS'n-S-'BS) 


113 tyoipD'HB lyp iwy? is yiny? n 

.lysBi y3'iy3y? tia 

biog'esny n. ('j-y-'B-HB-'Ba) =Bjy n 

'T • iyi!"3yByB'y3 ys'iysy? iib ajisp'n 

»y?'nB ajiJp'UBjy lyi iib yB3'E'y3 

.tyDt'J83is viiSi 

bi'ograph n. and v. (tiy-i3-8-''83) 8 

■ Icinematograph .t] t|8l3SB8Byj'p 

«"n(s'y3=D3y3y5] yasiss's ysiip 8 

.y'Bsnas'a ysiip 8 ty3"ni!' i[33i3 

biog'rapher n. (iyB-»n-'38-'83) 

="s] iy3"ni!'y3'D3y3y? 8 ,«i8-i3S'3 b 

yBS'B'ys^Djyay? 't B3"it5'y3 dsii ivs 

.[lyS'D'S- 113 
biograph'ic a. (p'8-'Byn3-S-'83) =S'3 

»y3=D3y3y? is V& t'S dsii ,t!"B813 

biograph'lcal a. -p's-'ByiJ-S-'BS) 

biographic .t (5y 

biog'raphize v. (T'8B-»n-'38-'83) 

='K na yB3'B'W«D3yay? 't ty3"nts'y3 

blog'raphy n. ('B-yV38-'83) '8'3 8 

.3313"'lB'y3=D3y3y5 ,y'B813 

biolog'lcal- a. (5y-p'«-'iyn85-s-'83) 

='11 lyi IS 1"B' fS DSll ;t!"3S58'3 

.iyBT':83ns 'y3'iy3P5 lysyn eajsB'jyD 
biolog'ically adv. =p'K-'i!'n85-8-'83) 

IIB lyB'SS'lB 'T IS 3isy3 I'S ('K-9» 

tiology .1 .y'3S5S'3 

biol'ogy n. ('tS'n-S-'58-'83) =S58'3 

ys'iysy? ns iy3y5 lysyii ynny? ,y'3 


biomet'riclst n. -'n-'B9B-S-'83) 

B'D Tt Ba'DBy^a D8II iy3"S (BD'D 

"5B':i!'3-in oyT ty3yii p'bd'bbbd lyn 
; lysy? lya'ScjyD oyi na lyn lys 
lyi B'D I't Ba'aaytyya dsii ny3"» 
liB D'na 118 Jnss lyi iib p'dd'bbbd 
.tyDt'383ns y3'iy3y5 iib iyiy'53 n 
biomet'rics n. (DP'"i-'ByD-s-'83) 

•y3 DSll P'BD'BBBD "iVf tlB 5"B IBT 

D'n3 lis 5nss lyT b'd v\ Ba'Dayts' 
=t'3Bais y3'iy3y5 na iyiy'53 't iib 


biom'etry n. (inB-y-'e8-'83) =8BD 't 

='n iy3'5B'3B'-3'in dvt tyayii p'bd'b 

=d'bbdd 't ; iy3y5 lys'St^jya iib i» 

=y'?3 'T IIB D'n3 ns ?nss -vn iib p'b 

.iyDt':83ns ys'iyay? "a lyn 

bion'ic a. (p'8-'38-'S3) »s5S'a I'S 

8 IIB iyBB8tJ'3y3"8 'T BSn DSll — P'3 

.Dt':8ais lys'nyas? 

bion'omy n. (»d-s-'38-'B3) =3»D'11 8 

.lyay? iib ysyiys 't lysyii BBBiy 

bi'oplasm n. (Dty5B-s-''83) ns'a 

't] tisBBiiis y3''iy3y5 »t ^ib?b 

na ,eisDi!' ys'iyay? ywissis yBts'iy 

=sn lyc'syayii'ya ys'iyay? yss iya?yii 

.[B5yp'iiB3y Ti iy3 

bl'oplast n. (BDy5B-B-''83) 

hiohlast .\ 

bioplas'tic a. (p'o-'DyJB-s-'Ba) 'S'a 

'S'3 B iiB BnyB(!'y3 dsii ,b"bd85b 

hioplasm .t .DIB5B 

biot'ical a. (?yp-'8-'BB-'B3) Dsil 

.iy3y? Dis T'B' t's 

biOt'iCS n. (DP'8-'BB-'83) '3yD'll 'T 

•y? lyn b'd ti B3'BByB'y3 dsh bbbb' 

na IyBaBt^'3y3"s ns B"P3'BynB«D3»a 

.tyDt'383Ts ya'iy3y? 

bip'arous o. (DS"i-»-'B'3) 'jynnyayj 

A'lsyasn ;?sb8 b'o nynj'P "iis an 

JJ'J'llS IS 


1 '•' 


"Copyrighted by thr) Massachusetts Aubudon Society." 

1. Cedar Bird (Ampelis Cedrorum) 

a. Chickadee (Parus AtricapUlus) 

3. Song Sparrow (Melospiza Fasclata) 

4. Cardinal (Cardinalis Cardinalis) 

5. Wood Pewee (Horizopus Vlrens) 

6. Eed-eyed Vireo (Vireo Olivaoeus) 

7. Black-throated Green Warbler (Dendroeca Vire 

S. Chestnut-sided Warbler (Dendroeca Pennsilvani 

9. Baltimore Oriole (Icterus Galbula) 

10. Chimney Swift (Chaetura Pelagica) 

11. Scarlet Tanasrer (Piranga Erytliromelas) 
19. Cowbird (Molothrus Ater) 


.NpnvnN iiQ ivtDNfe?DEi' ytDrji^xiVB n ps iv^ria 

lolden- crowned King^le (Regulus Satrapa) 

ree Swallow (Tachycineta Bicolor; 

luebird (Sialia Sialis) 

iingbird (Tryannus Tyrannus) 

i^ood Thrush (Turdus Mustelinus) 

ose-breasted Grosbeak (Zamelodia Ludoviciana) 

19. Oven-bird (Siurus Aurocapillus) 

20. Indigo Bunting (Passerina Cyanea) 

91. Maryland Yellow-throat (Geothlypis Tricbas) 

23. Redstart (Setopbaga Ruticilla) 

S3. Least Flycatcher (Empidonax Minimus) 

24. Purple Finch (Carpodacus Purpureas) 

■Xs > 




bipar'ted o. (^BB-'■l8a-l83) »V3 Bsii 

.tB>"a "lis no Bnyiaiy 

blpap'tlble o. (?a<B-'i8B-'8a) Dsil 

bipar'tient o. (Bjy-iB-'isB-'Bn) 

bipar'tile a. (?'B-'l8B-'8n) 

.tv?"B "lis I'K jn:y?"B 

Wpap'tlte O. (B'8B-'18S-'83) 'Vi 

no Bnyoroa Dsii ; tyiis rx b?"d 

.1J/?"B 'MIX 

blparti'tion ». (ts-'(fiB-18B-'82) 

.t»5"B "lis r« W1?"B 

bi'ped n. and a. (iVB-'sa) ="11K 

="11X 8 ; D'D "lis BSn B811 ; J'D'B 

.ii'n WD's 
bi'pedal o. (5y-iS(B-''83) ; 3'D'a"llX 

.D'B "lis eiM8 BnVl DS11 

blpen'nate a. (B"K-':yB-'i83) ="11X 
; IV5J'?a "lis Bsn D811 ; jn5yj'5S 

bipinnatifid .i 

blpen'nated o. (iyB-"«-'J!;9-'82) 
bipennate .t 

blpet'alous o. (DIS5-y-'B»B-i8a) DSll 

.ij(5B»5a=tyoi53 "lis Bsn 

biplnnat'lfld a. {TB-i8-'Byj-'B-'83) 

,iyxj8>a "3] j'B?8at5'='mvB=5yBST 

,i»By?3 wjjny'iymyB twsn csii 

.[t"insB iVDpsii wsyii 

bi'plane ». {l"5B-'<83) t8?B8'3 

y3"« iy3y?a "lis b<o r't!'8D»iT?B 8] 
.[yiyi38 n iy3<x 

bjpo'lap O. (185-'lSB-i83) BSn D811 

=Byj:8B "lis Bsn dsh : iy5ss "iis 
»'ts'8D ynii-iBpysy -y3'j"K mi] tysss 


bipolar'ity n. CB-'S-'iyS-SB-'sa) 

=D'i8 iyB"58p't»a b] ByBn85»BS'3 

8 tiB- nJ8Bi!'is oyT iy3y3"sy3 is pm 

.[lyJsB "lis Bsn D811 '=181 

biquad'rate n. and o. ='i8linp-'83) 
iyB?yB8T 8 ,B811811P8'3 8 (B"") 

5n8S 8 — p'B8DyBBD fs] B8^^8llP 
Biyii D811 lys's 8 tiB Boip y3?yii 

,r"58 1't B'D B^ySSiyj 580 "lis 

5il8S n ,16X16=256 118 4X4=16 .3 .S 

D811 ;[4 Iia B8m811PS<3 lyi I'N 256 

.' .B811811P8'3 8 IS Vttf t'N 

biquadrat'ic n. and a. -nsiinp-'83) 

biquadrate .t (p's-'ayT 

bira'diate a. (B"8-n-'"'i-'83) Bsn 

.lySflBiBtf "lis Bsn 

birch n. and v. (EIBT13) =iypT3 8 

«T3 8 tia ?yB'T 8 ;[yt8ny3] dms 

8 11a] Bn 8 B'O tyB"Ot!' ;D'13=iyp 

blrch'-broom n. (Dnn3-'E'B"i'i3) 

»y3 riB Dyiy3'8] oyiya ■iyiiytsny3 8 

.[iy5B'T (iypT3J yiiytsT 

. bip'chen a. (lytyB-'TU) t'N Dsii 

9T3 IIB B38Dy3 ; DM3=iypT3 8 IS '^"IS' 

birch'-wine to. (t'8lin-'tS'BTl3) =T3 

=ij j3»?niiB r8] y5iD ,Ba8i=B'ii3»iyp 

=D<t 8t8 DMIB "iyo'13'|ypT3 'T iy3 

«nyjy;j8 D58 B:yn Bsii ,iyD8ii iy3'? 

.[pjnB -lyo 

bird n. and v. (iim3) ; Jyrva 8 

.jyjMa tyB'B' lyis iy3:8B 

bird'-bai'ting n. (jj'Q-'"3-'nTM3) ='ia 

.lysyj 'nin 3j8B=?yj 

blrd'-cage n. (tytvp-'lTia) -MB 8 


bird'-call n. (5nsP-'llM3) ='S1S 8 

=ya"B B8t] 5yria tbb y5yB"a=DjJin 

=MB IIB Iy^yl!'BMlS BST 183 B380 y? 


bird'-catch'ep >i. (ly-'tyByp-'iTis) 


blr'der «. (iyi-"iM3) B811 iy:"8 

8 : ■iyB3<s=5y3MB « ,ty53'iB Byiiyisn 


bird'-fan'cier n. (-iy-<B-':yB-'TiM3) 

.■iy5i3yn=5y3'iB 8 ; iy3sn3y'5=?yjM9 

blr'dle n. (yn-'TM3) ; yjyj'iB l"5p 8 

8] ysyj'iB ;[i3'p t"5p] yj'naiy !8 


bir'dtag n. (jjn-'TU) .:38B»?y3'lB 

bird'like a. and adv. (P'85-'1T13) Ml 

.5y3MB 8 IS 1'?3iiy ,5yJMB 8 
Blrdllke rose the aeroplane. 

biPd'llme n. (d<85-'tiM3) =5yjMa 
lysjyii BIO /iBt iii''isisv'>P 8] "5p 

.[5y3MB CB83 tyo 

bird'Iime v. (d'85-'itm3) lyTOti'JS 

bird-lime .t ."5p=?yjMa D'D 

blrd'llng n. (33i5-'iim3) =mb I"5p 8 


bird'man n. (iyn-'TiM3) 08a»5y3Ma 

.iyoMiB'=Bai5 8 nyJiiyn^^ysMB nys 

bird'nesting n. (33iB-Dy3-'TiM3) 

yny"t iib jysMB n lyonyjBMns B8t 


bird of Miner'va -ia 118 nM3) 

.[8118B] 5y3MB=B383 (yil-'T13 

bird of night (b'8J 118 TiMa) n 

.[811SB] 5y3Ma«oa83 

bird of par'adise -'nya 118 iTU) 

B13 8] y?y3''ia ny=t3 bst (B'8i-y 

yjnyi!' D^yT3stya B'o yjysMB aoBpya 


Bird of Paradise 

bird of pas'sage -'nya 118 itm3) 

8] 5y3MBoyi38ii ,5y3Ma»3is (lyny 

IIB 33'?nn9 f8 Biyi38ii DSll ?y3Ma 

ti8 tyiycjyp 8 rx 08c'?p lyDnsn 8 

.tpms BDaiyn rx Bn'?a 

bird of prey ("la 118 tim3) 8 


bird'-seed /t. (ly'D-'.TTia) =5y3Ma 

B3y<T BS11 Dy'?BS38P t'D 8] DSt 
.[jyJS'lS n8B 331-^8: B?8 

bird'-sel'ler n. (ny-'Syfl-'iina) 8 

bird's'-eye ». and a. (<8-'tnM3) 
^nya inyty3* ; pip •iy3'Ba'5Biy3MK t8 
=3y5BnyaM8 ,i"Dy358 ; 3n3yaM?"3 
iji}j)a''iwsi'Vi iy3"a bisi 8t8 ;i'? 


bird's'-eye view (imi 'B-'niMa) 

IIB ,iy3M8 iia] yii'BpyBD'iyB=?y3MB 

.[inyty3 vin ivi 

bird's'-eye wood (TiNiin '8-'tTiM3) 

.r?sn lytBo 

bird's'-mouth n. (nBl80-'mM3) 

iyp58a 8 iia i3y m v« b<3!!'bm8 bib 

=583 iyi38 IB B'O iyD8B1SBM31S BH'B 


bird's'-nest n. (BDy3-'n"iM3) =5y3MB 

disB ■>i Bsn BS11 ,ys3B?a bib ; BDy3 

.BDy3«?y3Ma b iib 

bird'-wlt'ted a. (iy-'BMin-'iTM3) 

=aM831K ,T53y5aiy3MK ; 3'Byp3811t!' 

bi'reme n. (nn-''83) =<a<n=B58 8tB 

.vif iyiiv"ii!i yiy 

biret'ta n. (8-'B*"i-'3) I"?p 818 

lyssiB D'n53 yB"5MB8p D811 yjyB'n 

;yp510-|8' B ;iy3B«58P B m'p I'K 

.5yB'n=iyD<s b 
bir'gander n. (nyi-3B3-'iM3) 

bergander .t 

birt n. (B1M3) =B5B 818 ] B133"BB' 8 

.[ypiyiJ85a s mi b"b lya 

birt'-fish n. (u^a-'BTMa) birt ,i 

birth n. (nB"iM3) 'y3 BST : Bii3y3 

; 33inyBti'B3y ; Ba3ip'iyn ; tyiyii lyisa 


birth'day n. ("i-'nBiMa) =BBiiay3 

.181 lyiy IIB 338B38 "lyi : 3B0 

birth'day suit (bvb "n-'nBn.M3) 


birth'-houp n. (iiB-'iiBTia) •y3 n 


birth'-mark n. (pi80-'nBTMa) =B'D 8 

.lyanyp i'iimb ty3"s ■iyjyis3y3 

birth'nlght n. <B'i83-'nB"iM3) =y3 


birth'place n. (B"5a-'ilBTM3) 'y3 

birth'-rate n. (B"l-'iiBTMa) =y3 n 
="3 IIB r8t=B3yssna lyi] yaBi^ania 
8 IIB 33nyp5yaya lyn bm? y3y-i83y3 

By Biyil D3yBD"D .138? -\V\» BIBBB* 

.[i3yiMByiy' iia B3yDyiy3 

blrth'right n. (B'Bl-'nBTM3) =y3 

3isya pb] Bayn=mi33 ; BayvDBiia 

^.[nti'n' IS 

birth'-song n. (33SD-'nB-iMa) BBiiay3 

bis adv. (D'a) =M1 is ,5so "lis ,D'3 

.?8D8 183 iy5smyT 

bis'cotin n. (pB-8P-'D'3) =iypis B 

.5yaypy5=iy.pis 8 ;5ysy?B 

bis'cuit- n. (B'p-'B'a) »y3 ,P83yMis 

yBTtB53y3 i"p B'3 ; py3y3 yB3ypnB 

.D'?3 y3yD"? lyis y3y'8?ysi8B 

bisect' V. ('BpyB-<B3) ;"iis PB !y5"0 

.iy5"B "lis P8 iy5"B 

blsec'tlon «. . (isB'-'pyD-'Ba) 33i?"b 

»"B "lis IIB iy3"8 ; iy?"B "lis P8 

bi'sexed a. (BDpyD-''83) 

bisexual .t 
bisex'ual a. (?y-iB'-'pyB-'83) bsii 




lii'op n. (B(jl-'li'<3) ";i« 18 ,tl8li"3 

"11 iiB B38D5;j pjsntsvj srs ; n?jov3 
'Bs] nvan? in nwis iik ive'tijbis 

.?J/'Bti"18t!' I'8 [iV'S 
ih'opric ». (pn-B8-'l!'i3) BT8 Ijn 

tvjst lu Bsn fi8tj"3 8 lysjyii iwx 
'n8?yxJ8P n : fisii"3 8 iib bd8 dst 

.Htttt/i^ 8 lis 
ik n. (pD'3) .Bit yj'BBVIp 8 

i'muth n. (nDSD-'t<3) B1DDM1 

?8ByD nyj'ijypyns iy3<?BMT vo si 
IK lysiBB t'8 B3M'i3y3 Biyii ny35yii 
.[rxnyo vt< 
j'muthal o. (?y-nBs»-'P3) »bidd'11 
.BlODMl IS ■=I"B' t'K DSll ; T?jny 
s'muthlc a. (p'K-nBsa-'l'a) 

bismuthal .i 
s'muthic-glance ». -noso-'t'3) 
DM1 lynin] yj853=BiDD'ii (Djy?j-p<8 
'son n. .(t8D-"i83) DpsoyiK .^yso 
ssisn lyjBpnyas nyi?'ii I'o 8] 
, .[dps lyo 

'sontine «. (pB-J8D-''83) =Jny 
;x Vtlf V« D811 ;DP8=nyM8 t8 IS T? 
.DPS'iyiK 18 
sque n. (pD'3) =85J B'J ; Pssyiis 
; D"5 iyi8 '8?ysl8B llB n'?3 yOTt 

.Bit yroayip 8 
ssex'tile n. and a. (?<o-'DpyD-'3) 
DyB'ny3 T5B3yj"K] ins'nuy I8 
=ii3y 18 ,"j'Dpyt"iis" BiBii Dytyn 
-ivi I'K Bsn ny 5"ii ,'itK BD"n ins'' 
— tyopyt "US jyo Vi'^^J tis 5n8S 
;[jyis 365 Bsn nns' ny38B:"8 i8 ,366 
.-in^'nuy 18 is T't? t'8 D811 
ssex'tile day ("T J'B-'DpyD-'S) 
[nyi:y?8p] iib jsb iyB=366 -wi 

ssex'tus n. (DSB-'DpyD-'3) IVt 
fX ,1811373 B8JS0 IIB JSB ■iyD'29 

.in8'="ii3y 18 
s'ter n. (iyB-'D'3) l''l-|3=Di'i ,iyBD'3 
,Dn IIB B38oyj 3-18B y;'n3=5yp:n 8] 


s'tered a. (iiyB-'D'3) B'a BSiBsyj 
.I'jsTBiity ; pn3=Dn 

s'tort n. (B1SB-'D'3) =iyB80 lyT 

.[ysJ85B vo 8] Jysnsii 
is'toury n. (n-lB-'D'3) BysJ8? 8 
«MBP8T D811 ,?yiyDyQ •>sae> i"?p 8] 
.[ty:»'S8nyB8 yj'Op i8b tysuys d'i 
is'tre n. (nyB-'D'3) bister ,t 

isul'cate a. (b"P-'?8D-'83) dsii 
D'nBo] oyB'BBP yjyBJSBB-yj asn 
Isul'cous a. (D8P-'?8D-'8a) 

iiaulcate .t 
Isul'phld n. o<B-'>SD-'83) "oys 8 
»J8 18 B'o ^yByiiB" IIB HnJ'3iyB v& 
=yj Biyii Dy iy3>yii iin B:yoy?y tvi 
•Bjy Dsii ,3jn3'3nyB=?yByiii!' 8 Bvn?'3 
P'K 118 jyayiits' iyD8B8 "lis B?8n 
.Bjyoyjy lynyni's oyn iib d«b8 

blsul'phlte n. (b'bb-'Ssd-'bs) vo 8 

'811 DST iy3?yii P8 ,yiyMt»5yByiiii' 

VBJB Dyi BB?yn Banynyo eisBiS'--iyD 

.?8Bya IIB 

bit n. and v. (013) iyD'3 8 ; D'3 8 
ny3jy ;?ypiBif 8 ,>yD'3 8 ;[B'n3] 
8 iia QMS 8 i'8 D'syj lyi nyiyu 
D811 D'ls 8 iia piDB':yt"8 d8i] Tiya 
8 ;[5'iD P8 niya d"3 Bjyjya anyii 
=yj mya 8 tyo'is:"8 ;y3B0 y:"?p 

bite .t .BDMSyj3"K ; iyD'3 

blt'-bri'dle n. (?ii8l3-'B'3) dst 

«yj Biyii D811 DMs 8 iia p'BK'oyt"8 

.5'io P8 TiVB or\ Bjy> 

bit by bit (B'3 '83 B'3) .t"113y5p'Bli' 

bitch n. (»B'3) .J'lS 8 

bite n. and v. (b'83) =iya ; tyD"3 

,iyB83 ; iys-i80B' ,iy3yBt5' ; lyiJisii 

8 ; D'3 8 : lyrioys ; iyB"ij ,iyD8a 

.lyj'iBya ; jnays ; iyD'3 

blte'less a. (Dy?-'B'83) bD"3 D8II 

.TSinyByj b'j ;b': 

bite off («1S B'83) .iyD"33« 

bl'ter n. (■iyB-''83) ;BD"3 DSll iyj"8 

oya.i't Bt8? DSll ts"B 8 nyj'-iBya 

.ypDiyii 8 «i'i8 tyT83 

bite the dust (bdst 'HB B'83) 
.nai8 lyi ps lyjy? ,t\V 't ly"? 

bite up (as B'83) .tyD"3is 

bi'ting ». and a. (33'B-''83) ="3 DST 
DsT ,iysi8at!' D8T ; tysyatj' dst ; lyD 
=83 BST ; iy3'iBy3 DST ; tyi3i8inyB 
iJVT'jB' n'jsiyoB' ;j'i3yD"3 ; lya 
'"JB- ;3'iy3yBts' ; niBB" :[B5yp iia] 

.tS"BD8PT8D ,[iyT'1 -P8] 3'T 

bl'tingly adv. ('5-3J'B-''83) =yD"3 
,3'T'3ii' jiiyT'JB' ;3'ny3yBts' ;a'T 

.t!"BD8PT8D ,11181!' ,a'3yBB' 

bi'tlngness n. (Dy3-33'B-''83) =a"i8(!' 

.B"P3'T'3t5' ; B"p3'iy3yBt!' ; B"p 
bit of blue (153 118 B'3) 5yD'38 


blt'-stock n. (iJ8BD-'B'3) syBjyn dst 

.■iy3ay I8 iia 

bltt n. and v. (b'3) iy3iyt"8 18 

>i'i8 ?"t lyisynyBt!' lyiiysS'n lyis 

=3i3y3is lyiyii Dy lysjyii is ,w> 8 

p'lBc B'D iy3'BDyay3 ; piiBB" lyi 

.iy5"t y35yt8 n'ls 

blt'ten (i'b'3) 1>ite .t .tyD'3y3 

The child was bitten by a mad dog. 

blt'tep «., a. and v. (iy-'B'3) ,iyB'3 

;'!i'?i3"'ia3iK lajyiBE' n:yD"3 ,f\-\v\^ 

=yB'3 8 ; TJsiynt!' ;B3y?t!' ; Q8t'n3 

='3 iy38D ; I'S'iyo yiyB'3 8 ;l8t yi 

P'lBK' iyi3'3is ; iyiyB'3iyB ; lyB 

lyis Dy3iyt"8 is n'ls v& s I'ls 

bitt .t .?"t Byj-iys?'n 

blt'tep cold (151SP ly-'B's) yiyB'3 8 

.B?yp yijyT'jt!' 8 :B?yp 

blt'tep en'emies -y-'3y iy-'B'3) 

.B'8316!' yiyB'3 (tyo 

bit'terlsh a. ((!"8-iy-'B'3) .i'?iyB'3 

blt'terly adv. ('?-iy-'B'3) >'3 B'D 

•"3 ,iy3'?siyoiJ' 8 n'lS ; D"piyD 

.IBI8 lyost'na .lyuyo 

blt'terly afflic'ted -y 'j-iy-'B'3) 

.B3'1By3 ■=I'?SiyDB' (iyB-'P'?B 

blt'tern n. (ny-'B'3) "SJCiyn""! lyi 
•V^st I's ;[?ya'ia"i?8ii 8t8] ?y3 

DSll iyD811"P8t DST — IS'S8P'138B 

1't Dsn i'?8t '1 lyii ,-iy3'K d3"?3 
"'oys yiyB'3 sis ; btpsbbd'ipd'is 

V tsB-jya Dis B3'n3y3 oiyii dsii nyts' 


bit'temess n. (Dy3-iy-'D'a) »iyB'3 

.lyaip ;D"piyB'3 iD'j 

bit'ters n. (tiy-'B'3) DSll P3«lBy3 8 

8 • iytsi3 yiyB'3 iia B38Dy3 Diyii 

.?yD'D=D3jnn'B3s 18 ; I'S'iyo yiyB'3 

bit'ter-salt ». (B5sD--iy-'0'3) »iyD'3 

bit'tep-seap'ching a. -'TiD-iy-'B'3) 

.a'i:yT'3i5'3"8 enBC (aJ'tro 

blt'tep-spar n. (i8BD-iy-'e'3) =iyB'3 

.[58ny3'D 58BD'1P 8t8] 08SK' 

bit'tepsweet n. (Dy'linD-iy-'B'3) 

y3'i3nyBy?p vv^'' sis] D't=iyB'3 osi 

yB'n lyopsii Dy iy35yii I'ls ys385B 

=iyB'3 8 iy3sn iy3"iis yin's ,Dyi38' 

.[Dya lyD't 

blt'tep-sweet o. and n. -iy-'D'3) 
lis Dnyoy338 ;D't=iyB'3 (ayiinD 
;P"s iy35ynyT tis i"« ps v'ftivae^ 

DSllBy ;D't=iyD'3 t'K DSll DSllDy 

PS Dny3y338 lis ^'Ssiyas' t's dsii 

.D"s ■iy35ytiyT tis p's 

blt'ter-vetch n. (iyDyn-iy-'D'3) yp'll 

='?3 yB'n 118 y'i53 b'd isi3 pa s] 

.[■=i»5By53 y3'S'BB'=5siis 118 tyno 


blt'tep weath'ep (ly-'noyiin iy-'B'3) 

.lyayii lyasy?!!' 

blt'ting n. (:3'8-'B'3) sD'ix dst 

.BD'isy33"8 inya is nya :3i' s lyjiy? 

bltume' V. ('di'd-'3) =y3 ,iyTOB'y3 

'D'ls ; B58BD8 lyis lyB o'B iypyiy3 

.iyTB?8aDs ; iy3yB 

bltumed' a. ('iai'B-'3) DTaiyys 

.B3yByaD'i« ,d>8BD8 ivis lye li'D 

bltu'men «.. (tyo-'i'B-'s) -ayB ,bb83 

.D58BD8 ,iyB«ny lOisyjsio 




bltu'mlnous a. (d»3-'0-'1'b-'3) Dull 

.BiNi;?8nByB ins tsssa 

bi'valence ». (D:j;5-'ni-''83) ="iis 

B"PrBiyii pmo'iK in] i:"p:'bivii 

•811 t»0SB8 Jy'B'll Its B'J »'a»3 I'N 

"3 ivasn riD ojyoyjv is nsBB'nyD 
j'Bivii'Mis .on'N B'D jjnj'aiVB pm 

"lis J'BMJ BUfl BJJ(Dj;?y IBT 18 ,B0"O 

. [ PlSBB^IJ/DBll tyoSDS 

bi'valent a. (Bjy5-"ll-''83) =1j;il'"lis 

iivalence .t .ya 

bi'valve /t. and a. (ii?j;ii-'<83) =in 8 

; w?pn "lis iiB Bnyoroa Dsii ?yt!' 

: JVE-iD 8t8 PK Bjpi? D811 ,y5'n'n s 

=B»p nyjnyp=iyD'it th'k dbh b31-ib s 

="iis :ty"iis i'« in bjbbi!' y^ya 

.jn5ypyi"iis irJsts' 

Bivalve Shell 
W'valved a. (iii5yii-"P83) 'yT"iix 
hivalve .i .j'5sb'"11S : J'n5yp 
bival'vous a. (Dsi1-'5yil-'82) 

bivalved .t 

bival'vular a. (ny5-i'ii-'?yii->83) 

.ji58i!'"iis siyspyT "lis B»n dsh 

bivalve .t 

bi'vaulted a. (iyD-?sil-''83) B5yB8T 

.iy35yiiw "lis B8n osii ; B35yiiyj 

biv'lous a. (DS-'«-'iP3) Bsn Dsil 

.lyjyii "iiseiMN B-in"BDSii ,iyjyii "iis 

blv'ouac n. and v. (py-i8-'ii'3) "3 

I1IB8158D 183 iyj8?l?yB S] P81811 

iyiy385 :[?yn'n ty"iB I'lyajix 

.T>VB iy"ia i'«i'i8 

biweek'ly a., adv. and n. -i83) 

5SD i"K :i'?B;y3yii"iis ('5-'py'iin 

y3'?Bjy3yii"iis 8 ;iy3sii "iis px 

' .y38JD'18, 

Hb is the editor of a biweekly magazine. 

bizarre' a. ('i8I-'3) ;1'?jriy'liyjJi8 


blab n. and v. (3y53) lyT ,iyiyn<l5S 

,iyiyTl?B ;11D 8 D'18 BiyTl5B DSll 


blab'ber n. and a. (iy-'3y53) =yTl?B 

Bjst DSll 1S1 ; iyiyTi5SD'i8 oyi 

^lyjsiiOTJJs /lyssiiOTJ niD » dm8 


blab out (B18 3y?3) .iyiyTl5BDM8 

black n., a. and v. (py?3) ; yisilB' 

=D"ny3 ; iyBD:<B ; jypjn ; TSsnsirc 

lys-iBiiE' WPPVi^f unvnB ;5ibd': 

»"?P ysn8iits' ; 3183 ysisiic ; tJsp 

nsiia' ; nysy: 8 ,iysi8iits' b : Jjn 

.iy38n yi8iit!' ; tyiyii 

black'amoor n. (inin-y-'py53) »"« 

=8"i nysi8iii!' nyi tia BasBB" Dsii ly: 

.inv: 8 : yo 

black and blue (i?3 ijy py53) 

.[ryjsJB'is] M53 tiN pn3 

black and white (B<8iin us py53) 

.[lyD'Ttl'yj] D"ll nM8 n811i!' 

black art (Bl8_py?3) ,BD3ip ysiBlw 

black ar'tlst (bd'B-'18 py?3) 'Vt^iw 

.lyiyiMs :iyp'J8o ,iy?BDj'p 

.black'ball n. and v. (5iis3-'py53) 8 

=?8J ysiBiiB' lyaiBii ;yp?8J ysisiiis' 

=3in iys'D'8 lEiyB'Bts' d"3] oyp 

.jjio'DBiss lyT "3 iya-1811 

black'-bass n. (Dy3-'py53) =r"i8liB' "lyi 

VI Bj'ayj .lyia iy-i83Dy va 8] b"B 

[iyiyD8ii nyjBpnyos n pk 

black'-bee'tle n. (5By'3-'py?3) 8 

.[BpytJ's] Dn-lB lyS'lBlltS' 

black'berry n. ('8-ny3-'py?3) 

.ynj8' ysiBiw 

black'bird n. (TiM3-'py53) ?yD8iT 

=yB ysi8iii!' B'o yjyjMB a^i va s] 


' Blackbird 
black'board n. (niis3-'py53) 'isiltf 
Byn3=5iE' nys-isiiB" lyi] syiisB lys 

.[l"lp B<D iy3"lt5' DIS 

black book (ijn py?3) lys'isiiB' 
yE"?jjy 'T i'8 ■ni3 DysTsiiii' ,nyBD''jyi 
iy3'iEiiy3 lyj"! oy inii lyTDDSJSo 
8 ; TDD8:so iia Q'jnjo tis d'??3 n 
oya n lysntfiys lyiyii oy isii in 
.11 .1 .8 eisiBts' 8 DQip Dy tyoyii tyjst 

black'-bor'dered a. -'Tis3-'py53) 
.1J81 tyxn8ms' 8 B'o (Tiyi 

black'-browed a. (Ti8n3-'py?3) D'd 
ByTiDsyjJs ,nyBD3<B ; lyoy-is ysisiiE' 


black'burnian warb'ler -'py?3) 

■iy:"5P 818 (■iy5-'3n8iin iy-'j-T.i3 

n PN in Bj'ayj dsii syana lyjnyB* 

.iyi?yii iy:8Pnyi38 

Blackburnian Warbler 
black'cap n. (Byp-'py?3) »si8mi' iyi 
;[B8P lysisiiB" 8 B<a Jyj'ia srs] bsp 

p18BSi' 8 ;DyiJ8' ySIBllE" PB 818 

.?yBy iy:yp83y: iyBvm3nyB 

black cap (syp py?3) =18' yty'ri?; 8 

='5jjy 18 DSII Bin ys"i8iiE' n ; yp?iD 

inBwi8.D"3 IS DiriB lyDsn -lyt? 

.5"D118>BMB 8 pa 

black'-cat'tle n. (5Byp-'py?3) Dis rra 

black cher'ry Os-'iytJiB py53) 
lysTsiiE' iyi ,»i8p lysisiiB' iyi 

D'O DM3 -lyjBpnyDB 18] Dn33yE5'18P 

na y^sfi dsi .tyE-isp ysi8iiii' vy^P 
.[?sBnBiyii inyt pk d'13 lytyn 

Black Cherry 

black clus'ter (iyB-'DS?P py?3) «113 

.iy3'nD«i"ii yt!'n:ij 

black'cock n. (P8p-'py?3) »iypT3 iyi 

.[pn3'8 va 818] insn 

black cof'lee ('8-'BSP py?3) =18111!' 

.[i?'B ins] yasp lyx 

black coun'try (<iD-':sP Py?3) Dsi 

=5yB'D P8 r:nisiB s] ij8? ysisiits' 

yjya na imi dvi nn ixii usJjjy 

.[BsisiiE'iya Dy?8 p8 iypii383 

black'-cup'rant n.' (B:y-'nsp-'py53) 

»j"ii ysi8iity ;D»i3=5iyB3"ii lysisiiiy 


black day ("i py53) ■iy3'T5p'?::iK is 


black'-death n. (nByi-'py53) 1S1 

iyBi4 113 BDys n] bmb lysisiiE' 

.[iJ85)jy PK B-iyuinins' 

black deed (lyn py53) =y3y'i3iyB 8 

.BSHB yts-n 

black di'amonds -y-'»8l py53) 

.ly^nnp (njso 

black'-drop n. (B8n py53) =Dvas 


black'-ea'gle n. (5J'8-'py?3) iyi lysTsiiE' ; ■iy?is=i"Bi;' 

black' en v. (i'py?3) : tysi8llt!'3S 

Dny3"K iysT8iiE'iyB ; tyssn nsiity 

.lyiyii nsiii!' : lyosJ 

blacke'ner n. (iy-j'py?3) Dsn iy3"K 

.nsiw Biyii iris dsso 

black'-ex' tract n. {DpyiB-'Dpy-'py?3) 

IS lynyp'Djypsp na BpsiBDpy is 

.iy'3 lytj'jya 

black'ey n. CK-'pyjs) 8 ,iys'i8llB' 8 


black -eye n. ('8-'py53) JMs '153 8 

.[B85P 8 na] 

black -eyed u. (T8-py53) =n811B' 


black faced a. (BD"3-'py53) ,By:i"i3 

.[Bsnyj] j'3i8a=?yp3n 

black'fish n. (EJia-'pyjn) E"a=B'5 

.[t5"a PD 818] 

black'-flag n. (jy?a-'py?3) =18111!' '1 
.[iy3'n=D' na] insa ys 
black'-frl'ar n. (iy-'<8ia-'py?3) n?3 8 




n"?p»J ,i)ni» iwsp'j'osT 8 lis 

ick'-game n. (D"3-'pj;?3) 

blackcocTt .i 

ick'-grouse n. (Dl813-'py53) IVI 

.[p'lJ'K 818] msn^iypTS 

ick'guard n. (niSJ-'pjlSa) ,BDl5 8 

.Sni811D'lN 18 

ack'guapdlsm n. (Dl'K-m8J-'PV53) 

D'18 18 IIB «nn'BDMK 'T ; inVBBl? 

.nB ?nj ! isiBB' yj"Dyj 8 ; mixii 
ftck gull'Iemot (tsso-V-'J'S PV?a) 

Black Guillemot 
ack'-gum n. (BSJ-'Pff^a) »8P'iyD8 
si'lK lyopBll DJJ] a'U=l{55ISlQ -IDJ 

r?sn i"t ,DBi:8' yn53=n8'mi' nn'K 

.[p'i8Bt!' "inyt t'8 

ack'-lialred o. (nnnyn-'py?3) 


lack Hand (njyn py?a) ysiBllB' n 

=5ytyj y^nysynnyB ya^nya 8] iJBn 

iyj"8 iCtySBO'K ,iy'5'!{'D I'k bb8B' 

owBiDD iin i5yj D'lx BoyiB dsii 

.[ny3y''?8B''« n "3] eyp 

The Black Handers are extortlntr money 
from the Italians by threats. 

lack' -hear' ted o. (lyo-'isn-'pyja) 

.n8n BsySE" 8 osn d»ii 

lack' -hole ». (5isn-'py?a) =yBD:'B 8 

='0 8 ;D':jjyByj 8 i'k ?yiyn8P lyn 


lack'lng n. (jj'K-'py53) ;DP8lini(!' 

.iv\v^ lyxiBiiiyas bis ai8a ysisiiiy 

lack'Ing-brush n. -j3'«-'py?3) 

.?yBt!'iy3=5yB'Bii' 8 (b'813 

lack'-i'ron n. (ny-''8-'Py53) B': 

.iy5aMyt"8 yi3:<!tiyB i"P 

lack'ish o. (i!"8-'py?3) .i'5!(n8iit!' 

lack'-jack n. (pyB'n-'py?3) »"?P 8 

'It yi53yi3yj ;[y3oyi] n^uwa^x lyj 

8 ,>yj8? '8 ; DiB'TBD iyan8B iv lyp 

n ; lyBiB yBB'?yByj ; 3\ip 8 .v^fff 

=p:'S : n'?n 8 ; iy3'n=Bi hb insB 

.Ijjj'x lyn'n] ynjv?3 

lack'-knot ». (B83-'py?a) lyBoyB 8 

.tyir3ixnyiJ8JiB b'j i'k dsii *i"?«!' 

lack'-lead n. (iy5-'py?3) ;D'B8ia 

.■iyiyB="?3'BiB8"lJ 8 

lack'lead «. (iy?-'py?3) lypynya 

.B'B8"IJ B'a 

lack'leg «. (jyVpy?3) 'lyBiSP 8 
i nyj'iDys 8 ; iy?n:'iit!' 8 ,iy,?y'Bi!' 

.nisn3 "3 B"nP381P'D1B 8t8 

black'-let'ter n. and a. -'By?-'py?3) 

=sj ,BB''it:' ysi8iits' .BB'-iB" yoys (ly 

Bpmyj lyis tysnts'yj iBont!' yyo 

.BB'-iB" lytyn i'8 

black'-list re. (B0'5-'py?3) nsiw 'T 
"lya lyj^K i8ii yBB'? 8] yao'? yx 
oyii ,iyjstnyB iib tyoyj >i B3'ni!' 
"3 .Bin'ByjBMK B3B?isi ^I't iy3sn ya 
08111!' lyi P8 .3 .X lyiyii tyBJ8pn38B 
=18 yijyp"nBD lyaniyiyB vbd'? nyx 

B'nniD "3 .11 .t .8 iyi8B8B'J8 ,iyB"3 

iy38n D811 tyjsnys iy3nt!'i»B lyiyii 

.[.11 .T .8 BTBS'lP:83 

black'Iist v. (BDiJ-'pyJs) ="'it!'iyB 
.yBD'5 iyx'i8iiii' nyT I'x tya 
Mack-list .i 

black'mall n. and v. (j"B-'py53) 
lyi'Mits- t'i8B n?yj .isya rin'^x? 
ty?nyxiyT b'j 183 'i?yj »b5J85'i»b] 
'yjD'iK nyis B'fio8 lyxyo'K *i»i« 
K? lyn'x ; [ iyB8nB=iJ8(!' yB38iB 
.i?yj rin' 

black Mari'a (y-'>81-yo py53) 8 

«B8b] ny3yn3-iyB -\«s iy38ii»"S'5SB 

.[tyJ8ii ?n 

blaek'-mar'tin re. (tiB-'l8n-'py?3) 

.35811 tj^iy IB n 

Black Mon'day ("i-'JSO Py53) 
nyn:'P "3] j8Bjsd iy3'?p'>j:i8 lyn 
ynB) y'X8P8ii 18^ jsb nyBt^iy lyn 
inyjpms «n8T lyo lyii (^niE* iib jvb 

.[5il1t!' I'8 

black'-monk n. (p:80-'py5a) "iVT 

'iyj'Bpny:y3 n] ibjsb lyrapnyaya 

.I^ByTi5pyj n8iiE' lynya 

black'moor re. (-inio-'PB?3) 

hlaclcatnoor .t 
black'ness re. (By3-'P»53) •Xl811ti' 
=38 ; B"P5yp:n : tsbp •iyx-i8iii!' ,b"P 

.0383 ;B"p3n3M ; B"P3'5"t!' 

black of the eye (i8 'na 118 Py53) 

.3M8 IIB 5yBSS1811B' 

black'-peo'pled a. (i?Bys-'py?3) 

.lyis'jyD ysT8iiB' no oiypjyBva 

black pop'lar (lyj-'sss pyJa) •\V^ 

.Qii3=?yB8B lyxisiity 

black'-pud'dlng re. (3J'8-'liB-'py?3) 


black'rust re. (BB8l-'py?3) 818 
o8?B yiyiJB 118 rni IIB B^'fipisiP 


black sheep (syti' py?a) py?B 8 

.nnsB'o lyi rs 

black' smith re. (nB'DD-'py?a) ="8 18 


black' smithing re. -nB'DD-'py?3) 

."lyiyoB' iyt"8 (33'8 

black'snake re. (pi'3D-'py53) 8I8 

=yj (jiBiu nyp'T 8i8 ; 338?i»' yxi8iit!' 

.?yB=nip IIB lyoas^B 

black'strap re. (ByiBD-'py?3) Bi8 

;B8TB B'D Bt;"Oya DB83tt' IIB p381By3 

o^B iyt8iB8D D811 t"ii ny3'?'a 8i8 


black'stripe re. (B<81BD-'py?3) 

blackstrap .t 
black'tail re. (?"B-'py?3) wn 818 

.1!"B I'O 818 !Py IBSn8111!' 8 B'O 

black'thorn «. (psriB-'pyJa) lyT 

"13 i"?p 3ny3yBt!' 818] nsTyi8iiE' 

8 IIB Ba8Dya psBts'oyxBBi!' 8 ;[?yo 

.■>va>ii nsTViBiiB' 

black-throa'ted green warb'ler 
(iy?-'3-i8iin iyi3 nya-'winB-pySB) 

»'5jna IIB yjyj'iB nyj8P'iyo8 t"?P 8 

5yi5yn yxn8iiE' « b'b ,t?8P lya 

"Birds of the V. S." ?'8 .t 

black' -tressed a. (ooyiB-'pyJa) b'd 

.lyps? ys'18111!' 

black' -veined white bnt'terfly 

('85B-'iy-'B83 B'8iin n3"ii-'py?3) 

=it] aj^JiyoyoK' iyo"ii ivj^'^p bib 

iy5iyn8 ysiBiiB' b'd [y?y3'iBoyD 

.ty53'?B 'T PS 

black vom'lt (0'8-'d81i py^a) dst 

.nmp J?w 

black'-walnnt re. (o«3-?81in-'PJ'>a) 

DiJ=B'5yii lysiBiiB- -lyjBpnyoB ivt 


black'-work ». (pT8iin-'py53) '8"i3 

.D"3n8=iy''Be' ya 

black'y «. ('«-'py?3) 8 '; ivaffJ 8 

.n'n yxiBiiB* 8 ;?y3'ia lyxiBiv^ 

blad re. and v. (ij;?3) ; ts-BBB 8 

=oy : ?yB0i8B 8 ; P'B!!' 8 ; ibe'bbb 

=8B=icy? IIB ty3'i3 yBay?B3B'iJix ya'? 


blad'der re. and v. (i»-'iy5a) nya:yB 

=j»B 8 i'« lysyjj'ns ; t853 -; lyBK^a 


blad'der-help n. (B5Sn=ny-'nB53) 

.[»XJ85B VO 8] J38BB'=iyt853 nVT 

blad'der-nut re. (B83-iy-'ny?a) 8T8 

•lysB'B lyopBii Dy iy3?yii Tik d'13 


blad'der-sen'na re. -nj(-'ny53) 

t"?p 818] T'i-iot?=iyts53 nyi (y-':yD 

lynpii y35yii ,ibdi?3 ya?ya b'b sya'n 

.[?»B'D=D3jnn'a3s D58 oa'naya 

blad'derwort re. (BTSiiri-iy-'iySal 

D811 yx38?B 8T8] Ti5tynyD8ii ir\ 

=3yB IX i'5:ny W't lyayja ynn'K 


blad'dery a. (is-ny-'iy53) =jyt853 

.tyts5a B'D ; 3'Bn8 

blade n. o»d p. (T'53) =y?3 n3 8 

sjyB!!' 8 : i*:85B ^y^8 D'la 8 iiB^?yB 

8 lis] ?y33'5p 8 :r385B 8 na'pyj 

lyBBBnay? 8 ;[iiyiiB' ^y^8 lyoyD 

.5y33'5p 8 iy5yBB'j"i8 ; ts'3yo 

blade'-bone n. <iis3-'t'53) oyB?!!? 

oyi IIB i"3 •iy3'py="m lyi] i"3 

.[?yDP8 Dyi iyBJi8 t'Sj typn 

bla'ded o. (iyi-'"93) =By?3 Bsn D811 

=By?3 na BjyBOTSB'iJix i'8 D8ii • iv? 

t'K DS11 ; ?y33'?p 8 Bsn 0811 : ly? 

=oy53 yJsDi^ y3385 na B?yBE'B3B'i3ix 

[tB58iy3'Q yo'iiyj lysyii] iy> 

blade'-met'al n. (5y-'oyo-'T'?3) D8T 

.isniyiiB' B38B lyB D81i iib 58ByB 

blade of a saw (nsD y 118 t'?3) 8 

.[ayt na BB8?B=iy!"8 't] 3yt 

blade of youth (hbi' iib T'Jb) 

.0"X'i3yai' VBiy-iy 

blaln n. (l'>53) ■i'll!!'y3 ."I'lllfyj 
'811 8 :3"? I'ei'lS ?ytB53 ;J31X I'ei'18 


bla'mable a. (?3yB-'"J3) =51^3 

•lyjnya ;BB8n?»n8o .riBiyn D3:i3't 


bla'mableness ji. (Dy3->ayB-'"?a) 
js"p3'BB8my>nyB ; B"pj'n'ii?»i8B 

bla'mably adv. ('>-3yB-'"53) dix 
.iai8 iyBB8n>yT80 8 n'lK : ty?i8B 

blame ». and v. (D"?a) .liw ,>vn8B 
; iy?n80 ; iy3'n?iB'ya ; jiia'iJiB'ya 





bla'meable a. (?3Do-'"53) 

- blatnable .t 

bla'meably adv. ('?-3yo-'"53) 

blamably .) 

blamed a. (io"?a) ova ; DJyisow 
.o:n?i(!'y3 ; qdst 

No one could bo blamed (or the accident. 

blame'fnl a. (5id-'d"?3) =5V18B 
=ij/?nva ,nBi»ii=DjJun5i6!'!;a .oatsn 

blame'fullr adv. ('s-?is-'d"?3) 

.IBIS iyCB8n?»180 » tl'IK 

blame'fulness «. (Dy3-?ia-'D"53) 


blame'Iess a. (Dy5-'0"53) ;tis5?yisi3 

.ty"iy?nya tns jnswjix 

blame'lessly o(?». ('?-Dy?-'o"?3) 

:jn5iis>Ji8 :IB1N iytis??yn8is 8 I'lx 

.tyiyJnya tns 

blame'lessness n. (Byj-Dy?-'o"53) 

.D"PJ'I855yi80 ; 13"pjn?ltfJlK 

bla'mer ». (iyo-'"?3) »nya : lyJTBO 


blame'worthiness n. =T<(jiin-'D"?3) 

B?yn8Byj nanyii p't est (oyj-'o 

.tyiyii IV Bri5ii!'y3 lyis 

blame'worthy o. (inB-l'siin-'0"?3) 

.nBnyil=DJji?T8B : nBny';i»DJJi3'i5itJ'y3 

blanc n. (pjy53) =BB'in] 3n8B yo"!! 8 

.BIKSD I'D 8 ;[B3'iyj 1"18B I'JSVt 

blan'card n. (iT8P-':y?3) Bii8P3853 

t'N BTSn38B BJyiV'? BlSt 8t8] 

blanch v. (t!'Bjy53) -"53 ,iy38D D"ii 
=i8ais .lyj'jnyts'ys ; lyiyii B"ii ; lys 
lycn B'o nsiijyBy ts lynnaas itys 
.iyD8ii iyB"n t<K iyp"iio"N ; nyB8ii 

blan'cher n. (nyt^B-'jyJs) =^"53 8 

.iy38D=D"11 8 ,iy380 

blan'cbing n. (j:'t!'B-'jy53) Dsi 

.ty38D=D"ll EST ,ty3"53 

blanc-mange' n. ('tytJ8D-853) Kt8 
B'O [tyniBD] I'Bssyct nyaaspyj va 


blanc-manger' n. ('"t?t-3SD-8?3) 
blanc-tnange ,t 

bland o. (ijy?3) J'B'j .bbjbi ,i5'0 

His bland' maimer ot speech deceives no 

blan'dish v. (B"'T-'jy53) ; tyB'BE'85 

.Dnyoyjjs ty38o ; ryBoyo'^SBSP lyaso 

blan'dished a. (Bi!'n~'jy53) »t!'85y3 

.tyB3yB'5BniSP B38Dyj ,Byi^B 

blan'disher n. (ny-t!'n-'jy53) ="8 

'DtS? B38D lyiS Byti'BtS'85 BS11 -]])! 


blan'dishing n. o«<f o. -B"i-'jy53) 

: iJ'o ; tyB:yB'5BBsp : na'in (jj'n 

.yi:waws'? ; j<i5y3"Be' 

blan'dishment n. (BjyD-B'n-'jy53) 

=DSP ; "5y3"oiy ; Tn yB85J : nann 


bland'ness n. (Dy3-'ijy53) 'j'nBioBij 

.HBIOBaJSt : B^'PI^'D ; B"p 

blank n. and a. (pjyja) ; b"pd"11 
»y3'iis'y3JiN ;Bns lyj'T"? ; B"P3"53 
=iiSB 8 ; PJS53=iy'B8B 8 : lyssB dv: 
'S-M tns nvs « -.iiv-i'Dw n8?iD 

; BXTBi!'y3 ; D853 ; 1"53 ,D"11 : lyo 

i BDyt!'y3 ; BJyniBnya :Biyi:iKinya 

.iy3nt!'nya3iK jn"? ,iyy5 

blank aston'lshment -ey piyii^) 

sllDB'iy BytS5381Bt!' (BJyO-iJ"8-'J8B 

"MBiriy iiB iity? ins iy3"?3 dsi ; tyj 


blank'-book /i. (pi3-'pjy53) ^n 8 

,iy3Jija"xnyB lyaso iv] typ38?3 b'o 

.[.11 .t .8 niJUOT 

blank car'trldge (6!'tT-iB-'i8P P:y?3) 

.yJSBD'B=D'B' yBDIS 8 

blank cred'lt (B<8-'nyip pjy?3) »yas 

.Bnyip syopyii ; anyip lyj 

blank dice (B'ST p:y?3) iyB85J 8 

.[lyj'iK ins] 5yBTii=5y'si!' 

blank door (ikst pjyja) =j(?3 « 

.[Tno yBiyMoiys s] TnB yi 

blan'ket ». and v. (Byp-'jy53) =sil 

=Tiya ;ym58p ,ypyi ;ypyi=By3 yjy? 

=yiy3 ; 5yB38D lyjsnj'x 8t8 : ypyi 

.yii?sp 8 B'O typ 

blan'keting n. (3:'8-Byp-'jy53) dst 

=yi 8 i'8 iyaT8iiBn8 lyis lynyT'Jij' 

=By3 B380 lyo iy35yii iia hsbb' ;yp 

.Dyii58p 5n8X 8 ; typyi 

blank Indorse'ment -j'n pjy53) 

8 iy3"nt!'nyB3i8 est (bwd-'btst 

=5'By3Bfi« i"p B'j] 5yDpyn typ:8?3 


blank'ly adv. ('>-'p:y?3) ,D"11 b58 

'Savwi ins .pyii8 B85j ;j'T'? d?s 

.BWB isj ;i"T y3'i3'8 ins ; oyj 

blank'ness ». (Byj-'p3y53) ,B"pB"ll 

.B"P3'T'5 ,B"P3"?3 

blank paper (■iya-'"a poy53) =y3:i8 

.■iy'B8B iy3'nB' 

blank verse (dtsii PJy53) nya 8 

.iya8ij" ins 

blank win'dow (isn-'j'iin pjyji) 

.[BiyiBiyB] lyBDjyfl ij'?3 8 

blare v. and n. CinySa) ; lyans? 

:B"DnB 8 na va'<a& 8 lytsJcns 

'I'ln ;[358P nyis Dsyts" « 'ii] iypy3 

.0185 8 ; iypy3 DST ; lync 

blar'ney n. and v. ('j-'i853) =y3"Dt!' 

«8o lyBjyD'JBOSP ,iy:'B:n ; ns'jn ,"? 


blase' a. (''n-y53) =-iya b'o bsi 

.B8i=Djy3y5 : iy:'j3 

blash V. (^53) =3in .lyx'iBE'ya 


blaspheme' v. ('B'B-By53) iiyBBy? 

,[b"? y3'5"n 118 B83 BS'iniya's] 


blasphe'mer n. (iyo-''a-By53) »Dy5 

fnaoi snna] -lyiyBoys^BSJ s ■.•\v\vo 

.[nin' DBS' 

blas'phemous o. (DSB-'B-'By53) 

.i'?iyBBy5=DBS3 ;i'5iyBDy? 

blas'phemously adv. -BSB-'B-'Dy53) 

=yBDy5>DyBS3 b'd jjnyBsy? b'd c? 


blas'phemy n. ('D-'B-'Dy53) =yBDy5 

,j3nyBDy5»ByBSJ : sin 

blast n. and v. (BDy53) ;[nynn] 58B' 

=B'1S BST ;B'1Bli'lJ''11 ; iyiS53 DST 

=Bai5 ; is'ts?sDpy ,iyn?TB na lyo"! 
»D'iN ; 3iij=iy5n'ip 8 PS ts'tsJBDpy 
818 ; nxun na n38"i3 lyis af'^yp'-iB 
•no ; iyjs5s>' ; lyoay.B' iib B"npJ8-ip 
=Bpy ; iyjyi3iyB ; iyi853- ; lyjyB'io 
•'iyis ;. lyiyBnx ; tys85s ; lyi'is^s 
.lyosinya iCiy^'Bty] ivo 
blas'ted a. (iyB-'By53) =iya ,BD8iiya 


bias ter n. (iyB-'By53) nyjJViBa' lyi 

;[iyii5iB 'inn ny3"Bi!' bd'E'iu dsii] 

.ly-iyBB'ix ; 'iyt8?3 ,iy3s?«' lyi 

blast'-fur'nace n. (Dyj-'TlB-'BDy?3) 
Biyii Dy.iy3?yii "a ,tyii'i8»)'5yoB' 8 

.DSIBE'^BBl? 8 OVljys 

blast'-hole n. (5isn-'BDy53) =33yiBB' 

DST n'i8 B3y5 lyo i8ii is5 dsi] is? 

.[nyji'Bt!' ivD'E'ix B"3 lyiiJia 

blas'ting n. and a. (33'B-'Dy?3) DST 

oya ; m'is5BDpy is iin iyB"iB'is 

«"ia'i8 EST ; iyB'iiy3 8 iin 33ibe'ii 

=yB8B«E3s'ts5BDpy inn ny3"Bt!' lys 

.BiyBtyis ; i"53 na B3'iyB'y3 ; ?8n 

blast me ! (IB'b BDy?3) nn lyT 

! lyonyj va 5st [5yB"B] 

blas'toderm n. (m'n-SB-'Ey53) n 

.yjyx 8 IIB B'in=n"p 

blast'-pipe n. (B'8B-'BEy53) =(iaD8i 

.[l'i!'8B»tlB081 8 "a] 'inS'l=31!{ 

bla'tant a. (B3yB-'"53) ; 3'T3y"T(!' 

.s'ljyDis? ; 3'i:yT'i vm 

bla'tantly adv. (i?-BjyB-'"53) S|'1K 

.laiK iy3'noyn8'5 lyis iy3'iy"i!:' 8 

blath'er n. and v. (■iy-'nBy?3) =E"T83 

lyT'i ; iy?S8?B 8 ; "iyTi53 ; b"p 

.iy5B85B ; lynyTiJs :b"pi!"183 

blath'ersklte n. (B'8PB-iy-'nBy?3) 

; p8nyTi?B 8 ; nyon'iyB nyBBis s 

.BtS"J1S3 p'BE' 8 

blat'ter n. and v. (ny-'By?3) lyasB 
; "nyTi5s ; lyiyrUB ,iypya ; bis? 


blat'terer n. (iy->y-'By?3) ''Tin 8 

='i?B 8 nyon'iys nyoEie 8 ; iy?B8?B 

blay n. ("?a) .t!"a="?ypi8 "Wi 

bleak .t 

blaze n. and v. (t"?a) 'iy?yn ; B8?B 
«8Dt338pya ; Ba'? Eyi3y?n8nB(!' ; i"t!' 
lynycty oyT fi'is py?a nyD"ii 8 ;3Jia 
py?B iyB"ii 8 :nip tvis nva 8 iib 
«yp8?BB'iK ; iyD8?aa'is : d'13 8 «i'ik 
=Ba't ; lyasB B38py3 ; iyB3"? : ly-i 

.ty38D 183 

There was a trail blazed In the forest. 

blaze away' ('I'un-y I"?3) =3818 

B'D iyB"3n8 ; lys'tf pisots" ; lya'B' 

.monn b'd iik pe'h 

blaze out (ai8 t"?3) 8 iytS?B'n8 

=yii ; iynyp8?BB'i8 ;iy3"B'a'i8 ,b85b 
B'O lyiyT ; osynysa'is pmtntff lyT 

bla'zer •«. (iyt-'"?3) DSIl BsilBy 

118 D"n PnSBE* T'8 -\]!1S PTSBtJ' Ba"? 

iy?yn oyxnip ,nyBa"? 8 :n3yn'?3 

=?yii lyaaiK ?yD'E' 8 ; sB?8a ?y38?a 

=?8n IX 5yBt!'y3 s ^'i B3'By3 By lya 

IX ?yD'(!' '1 'n3 ,iy?n'ip yB"n lyB 

.iy38o=0J8Pya 8 ; B"n tyo?8n 

blaze up (ss t"?3) ; iynyp8?aa'i8 

.n8x na tyiJ'xjs vi 

bla'zing u.. (33't-'"?3) =yi3 ,i3yo8?B 

=Ba't ; ijyaso B38py3 ; ijyBS"? .uyi 

.ijyaso 183 

bla'zingly adv. ('?-3j't-'"?3) 8 fl'l8 

iyi3yB3"? lyis iyi3y:yi3 ,iyi3yD8?B 

=80 -18303'! ■ ,3'i:y38D B38py3 ; IBIS 

bla'zing-star n. (T8BD-33't-'"?3) 8 

8 D?8 ~Bjya"xy3 oiyii bsii ByosP 

.yx38?a 818 : a.iyn 8 lyis lyssii 

bla'zon n. and v. (it"?3) =3ya811 8 

^nyOTs ; i"B' BIX iy?yBB'D'n8 ; n?'B' 

IIB 3:i3"XD'ns : 3:i380B38pya ; ivj 

;iys8ii iy'?'08B na 33ia"nt:'y3 : i'38?3 

=3"xas y3?yr8] lyasii b'd lyxisya 

.[Byi?'D8a y3'?yi8 't "3 lysju 




bla'zonry n. ('v:r'"?3) d^jbjvp n 

.VW BIS j:i?VBlS' 

bleach ». and v. dsiBD'Ja) 1W"53 

; lyUdl D"11 ; D"11 eiMK imSB ,nSQE' 

.iy3"53 DST 

blea'cher n. (lyts'B-'V'Sa) iyj"K 

mn SJ811 8t8 :[ei(SBB'] B3"?3 D811 

.[siSBiy] ty3"?3 

blea'chery n. ck-ij/bib-'vjs) 8 

.nsBE' ty3"?3 Biv ysja 

blea'chlng n, (jj'b-b-'V'Js) '"?3 dst 

.[ 111380 D'Ml] iyD"ll D8n ,11(3 

blea'chlng-ground n. -jji(!>b-'i;'53) 

.ISBB' iy3"?3 IX r8?S 8 (131813 

blea'ching-pow'der n. -'y'53) 

.iyil?lB=1"53 (iyi-'18B-JJ'B'B 

bleak n. and a. (py<53) »"?ypi8 lyi 
lyBiiy Djyoyii B"a ny3"5p 8I8] b"d 
y3'?BD3'P iy38o IS Bxi3y3 lyiyii oy 
=18 ;:njMi ;B58P ;jn"5 ;[?yiyB 


blea'klsh a. (is"p-'y'53) 3'53'Byoi8 
.T?3'Ti'? ; 1'?B58P ; 3n3'11 
blea'kishly adv. ('i5-t!"p-'y'53) 

bleahish ,i 
bleak'ly ode. (i5-'py'>53) =18 : B58P 

bleak'ness n. (Dy3-'py'?3) ; BJyp 


blear a. and v. (iy<?3) IIB isysno 

P381P ; lyspjmya : ?yp3n ; lys'iK n 

.iy3"ii iiB iy3'i8 n ty38n 

bleared a. (Tiyi?3) yp38np b'o 

.iy3"ii TIB lys'iK 

blear'edness n. (Dy3-ny-"iy'53) -dst 

'yp3myB n : iy3'i8 n tia lynnyiB 


blear'-eyed a. (TB-'iyJs) Dsn DSll 

B<3 Bnyt D8n ; ry3'i8 ysnyinyio 

.3'B3nuiip ns>P 

blear'-eyes n. (T<8-'ny'53) =yinynB 

.[B"np38iP=iyj''iN 8t8] ty3'i8 y3n 

blear'lness ». (Dy3-'8-'iy'53) 

Mearedness ,r 

bleat n., and v. (By'?3) lypyo DST 

.typyo ; iy3?yp nyis nsis'.iia 

blea'tlng n. and v. (33'D-'y'?3) DST 

=3ypyD ;-iy3?yp lyiu f\v& na rypyn 

.Dsyij' 8 '11 yi 

bleb n. (3y53) : ?yiy?3=-iyD8ii ,?yty?3 

.iyBS53 8 

bleb'by a. ('8-'3y53) =y3 : 3n?yty53 
.iyt8?3 B'D Bpyn 
bled (iv?3) .ByBi?3y3 : tyts?y3 bi?3 
bleed .t 

bleed v. ('iy'?3) ;iyt8? bl?a ;tyBi?3 .1 
iiB BB8t n ryB8X3s nyi« i8 tyts? 
=mb] bi?3 D3yvyD<8 lyDmyB :DyBy 
8] iy3"533s :[!yi3i8inyB ivtti ivo 
IIB tyDynBD'i8 nW3 iyiyii38 ;[3nBB 
'vn ; ry>ri'B snynB .2 nsys tynyo'B 
.lyxyo'N B'D T"?B'B piBBi!' lya 

1. Many upon seeing otiiera bleed »re ready 
to faint themaelvee. 2. My heart bleedi for 

blee'der n. (■iyn-'y'?3) Bt8? D«ii lyi 

DSll iy3"8 nyT8 is lyjyBy iin bi?3 

.iyBl53 tlB ByT'5 

blee'dlng m. and a. (jjn-'y'?3) dst 

'3ij OUT : iyBi?3 Dsi ; nyis i8 lyrs? 

BB8t. 'T iyB8S3S BST iBl?3 B'D ryS'l? 

.i3yBi?3 ; yK385a nyis d'i3 b tis 

blee'dlng condl'tion jjn-'y'53) 

i3BBt!'ix iy3'?inyBy3 8 (iB-'icn-JBP 

.Bl?3 B'D :yBM?38 iin 

The patient was taken to the hospital In 
a bleeding condition. 

blee'dlng in'struments 33n-'y'?3) 

B'D tyB3yDnBD3'8 (DB3yO-nBD-'3''K 

IX -WIS 18 si'iB B3yBy tyo y3?yii 

.B153 lyiB? 

blem'ish n. and w (i!"8-'Dy?3) 'nya 

=y3 ;Py?B13B(!' ,yi38B' ; BID ,P813 ,'\V> 

'Vv ; yp'JBP : iyo83 D3yxyD'8 lypy^B 


blem'lhsed a. (B(i"8-'Dy53) =yii'y3 

Bpy?By3 ; yp'?8P 8 ins B38»y3 ; B3n 

.[y-iny nl 

blem'ishless a. (Dy?-i!"B-'Dy53) ins 

.-lyjnya 8 

blench v., u,. and adv. (t!'B'3y?3) =3S 

=pnix ,iyn'xpnix vi ;pnix iy33'iaE' 

=80 ; ly-iyii ■!i"?3 ; iyiyi3'mya ; inys 

=318 lyis yBrnoijB n'ls ; d"ii iy3 

.ty33i?nss38 yn3yB'ny3 

blend «. and v. (i3y?3) ; tyii"DBM3lx 

"'oys 8 lie] I'D ,BisD ;nyi!"oy3 b 


blende n. (I3y53) ny=P3'X ,yi3y53 

'11 syayiiE' b'o 33n3'3iya i'8 p3'x] 

="Bis' I'K iy3iBy3 i'?3nyiiy3 Biyii ny 


blen'der n. (ij;i-'3y?3) ='DiyB 1V1 

=80 8 ; lyif'D Dix jyBciya b : -\v& 

D'3'D y3yiy'E'nyB iyt!"Da'i3ix six pis' 

.3 .1 .8 lyaiBB y3ypnB ,5nyD 

blen'dlng n. (33'i-*3y53) ='aB'i3ix 

=yDp8"l83 'T 113 3313'3"8-|ya '1 :331t!' 
=yB5y yT'3 IIB iyBB8!!'3y3"B y6S"BD'T 

yjynj/its'iyB "iix IIB 33nss 8 "3 lyn 


blen'dous a. (D8l-'3y53) =nB3yi3y53 

blende .t .3'b 

blennorrhe'a n. (8-''l-S-3y53) B 

bib] lys'iB 8 ;Di5B=d"?ti' -lyp-iBBU' 

. [B"np38nP=DB3y?B'y3 

blen'ny ■«. ('i(-'3y53) K"a=D"?B' lyn 

.[(!"a=B' iy3"5P 8IB] 

blent (B3y?3) ' blend t .Dii"Dy3 

bless V. (Dy?3) '3'ii ,tyt:'3y3 : iyp'?3y3 

.iy3'l? ; P'?3 \v& 

bles'sed a. (iy-'Dy53) ; 3'?"n ; t?P'?3 


bles'sed fool (?niB iy-'Dy53) =iyB 8 

,.183 nyapBT 

bles'sedly adv. ('5-ns-'Dy53) ei'iK 

.3'?yip'?j : i'?p'?3 ; laiB tyBi!'3y3y3 b 

bles'sed mem'ory -s-'oyo ny-'Dy?3) 

.n3'13) 131-131 CT 

bles'sedness n. (Dy3-iy-'Dy?a) 'P'SS 

•lyis Bi!'3y3y3 i"t dst :B"P3'>yt 


bles'sed this'tle (?D'nB iy-'Dy?3) n 

•385B y3'iy3yB6!' bib] ?yBD'Tiy31BP 


Bles'sed Vlr'gln -'tsu iy-'Dy?3) 

'-. .^'''isp'l 'nB33i' y3'?"'n 't d'cn 

' .[DIBD'IP Dliy llB lyBlD 

bles'sc,.^' n. (-iy-'By?3) : iyE'3y3 nyi 
.■iyp'?jy3 "lyT 

bles'sing n. and a. (33'8-'Dy93) ;P'?3 

.3'i3yB'3y3 : BsnBJnsii ; n3n3 ,iy3yi 

bless me ! co oyJB) Itd i'b nyii 'is 

bless my soul ! (?1SB '80 Dy?3) 

n'?3ya DST t'K li's lyn osii ,v 

bless one's stars (hbbd t3Siin Dy53) 

SBtp'B' I'o'D lyiyiBis i"t 

blest (BOy53) .1'5P'?3 ,BB'B3y3yj 

bless .1 

blet n. and v. (By?3) =3'8 IiB iy?'ia 

=3BB3S DST ;[B3nB yB"T '111 3'3yil 

.B3nB yB"T "3 ty?'ia lyj 
blew (ni?3) blow .1 .iyt8?3y3 

The wind blew. 

blight n. and v. (B'853) BIB] 13813 

=8B yB3"? B ;[tys3B5B na B"np38iP 

;33i?n'piyB iin [33iDny5] 33n'i'?8T 

..lyBiBiiyB ; lyoB'jiya 

bligh'ted a. (iyB-''B93) .lysisnya 

bligh'ted com (psp iyB-''853) 

I'ei'iB nsp lyoiBiysBs] nsp=i38i3 


bligh'ted hopes (osisn iyB-''8?3) 

.iy33i3a8n yBiyBB*!* 

bligh'ting a. (3J'U-''85a) =3yo3'3iya 

: 13813 1111 3'13y3181iyB lyiS 3'1 

bllgh'tingly adv. ('5-j3'B-''8?3) 1111 


blind a., n. and v. (i:'B?3) ,13'53 

=318 ; 33i3y5iy3'8 iis : iBiiB" ; ?yp3n 

B ;lB3B3't B'3 ; D"nyj : 13yD'11 
=8? iyi» iyDD3yB B iy3'8 J38mSB 

yi3y?3 ; v'tr Byi lyjyDE'iys ix lyi 
B ; I"D 8 ;D3't38 18 ;[riy=p3'X] 
; ij"3yB?yny3 8 : i"id'i« ib .ni'n 

.tyi3y53 ,iy38D 13'?3 

blin'dage n. (Bitiyi-'S'BJS) ='5'D "3 
118 r5sn na B38Dy3 i38ii=rii!' b— i»o 
DSll iyB8i5sD '1 iy3i«3iya is iiy 
y3?yt8 : isii rysiy lyo^BnyB tysy? 
lyiyoB' DSll ,iyiy? na iy5'i3=iijra 
.B"i lyi na inyt ix iiya oyi 

blind al'ley cs-'^j; 13'853) DB3=PBt 8 

.[3383D'n8 I"P B'3 BSil DSll D83 S] 

blind as a bat (By3 y ry 13'b>3) 

.13'?3 PSBC ,I'1Diyiy?B 8 '11 13'>3 

blind as a bee' tie (5By'3 y ty 13'893) 

■l3'?3 PSBB* 

blind as a buz'zard y ly 13'b73) 

.13'?3 PBBiy (llB-'tSB 

blind'-bee'tle n. (?By'3-'i3'8?3) lyi- 
.[piiTi ,y>y383 yD'ii3 btb] iyayp='8D 

blind bud ns3 13'8?3) yBDS3P 8 
D'llB D'3 D33"13 D811 yS38?B 8 IIB 

.B311B lyis iynB'53 1"p 
blin'ded a. (iyi-'3'853) tyiBBC B'd 

=ytS5y3381B B'D ;tiyDD3yB '1 I'IK] 

.lyisBB- y3 

blin'der n. (iyi-'3'853) DSll iy3"K 

.^'iB'iiya B ; 13'53 bbbd 

blind'-flsh n. (t:"B-'i3'8?3) lyi 

yi3'53 BSn C811 E"B bib] C"B=13'?3 


blind fold a. and v. (i;i8B-'l3'8>3) 

"y33is ; lys'iB yapyiyjis b'd ,i3'>3 

'1 lypyiix ; B3yjiy3'83iB .dbibbbi 

.lyin'Biya ; iy:'i8 

blind folded a. (iyi-M8B-'13'B?3) 

.lyj'iK y3yi3i3iyB b'd 

blind gal'lery ('8-iy-'?yj 13'8?3) 

, .3383 lyO'Tiyj 8 

blln ding u. and n. (33'l-'3'8?3) "80 

.DSl ;13'J3 iy380 D81 :13'J3 3'13y3 




"'OB' 'T IVB"11X I»3'?3V3 iyJ"t Dljll 

blln'cllngly odu. ('?-3J'l-'r(5?3) n'lN 

.iBi« tn:y38n=iJ'?3 k 
bllnd'-lnk n. {p3'«-'nj'853) =tyi3»53 
t»o iy3?yii B'D B3'B onsi sts] oj'o 
'T Bsn oj'B lyT .ynj'53 isa b3""ib' 
y3?yii iy38Bt!'3u 't dsii Ba8i!'jyj"6( 
,B?i3 lyiyii lys'iB'yj dh'k b'd lyiyii 

O'B 'T B'D lySSBJS "t lyp tVD ts 


blind'Iess a. (Dy?-'1J'8?3) =SBB' tns 

.[lyBDoys tyjyii] lyn 

Mlnd'ly odi). ('?-'nj'8?3) ;B"myi:'?3 

="8 tns : Jjijy?ny3'8 ins : inytyjcix 

.jjuay 18 ins : liBBtynys nviVi 

bllnd'man n. (iyD-'i3'B53) =:'?3 8 

Bsn D811 .BBSS i'8 iyB08y3 8 ; 'SI 

nyns B3y?i!' 't lyry? is y38ja'i8 't 

.eiy'i3 I'lx tyoyniB yjys'iiyyj E'58a 

blind'man's-buff' /». -t3yD-'i3'8?3) 

818] 6!"jyB83 lyiat nip yi:'?3 ('«i83 


bllnd'man's hol'iday tjyD-'l3'853) 

;B"n5yp:n ,D':iyBDj'a ("i-'K-'58n 

.nwa&r] i'3 

blind mares (tinya 1J'8?3) yj'J'r^ix 


bllnd'ness n. (byj-'n:'8?3) ;B"m:'53 


blind'-rea'der n. (iyn-'y'i-'ij'853) 

'1 B8n D811 BDI$S |'8 -|yBB8y3 8 

iyi8 B3y?i!' 'T lyiy? ix ynsjs'iK 

. .«iy'"i3 iiB iyDyn8 yays'-iivyj i!'58b 

blind side (tbd ij'853) -BIIE' n 

.5"B lyBX'E'ysjiN lyn ; b"i y3 

blind'stitch v. (t!>B'0D-'lJ'8?3) ivnyj 

,iynyjD'iK Bi8t 8t8] iyBB'=n:'53 b'o 

i"K «i'iK isJ 1't lynyi lyBE' 't 181i 

.[fiSBif cyi lis B"t 

blind'worm «. (CTsiin-'i:'8?3) lyi 

ny3'5jny=iyjJ85E' 8i8] btsu ^y^J'?3 


blink ». ond «. (pj'53) I'B'D 5yBJ'B 8 

;PD8'53 8 ; 3'18 t'B'O PJlKll 8 I J'lK 

; iypD8'?3 : typj'ii ; p'?3W3'ik ;8 


blink'ard n. (Ti8-'pj'?3) D811 ny3"8 

=DyB .lynn 8 ; ty3'i8 't b'b osvarB 

BTisJj's D811 iy:"K ; coyo nys 

.oyay d'ix b3"1i -,v\tt 

blin'ker n. (iyp-'j'53) DS11 iyj"8 

; lyj'iK '1 B'D D^yoo'B lyiij bss?j 

DyB8?P y:iyny? ysjyts] iy5'n3=inya 

oy lyj'iK D'lnya nyi iy?yDt!'iyB is 

.[iyB"t 'T iiB lypip B'j 58t 

blin'kers n. <t-iyp-'j'?3) ;ty?'l3=iiya 


bllnk'-eyed a. (t8-'P3'?3) Bsn dsii 

.tyj'iN yj'iJyaj'B 

blin'king a. (jj'p-'j'?3) 3'i5yB:'a 

.tyj'i8 'T B'D j'ijypj'11 lyis 

blin'klngly adv. ('5-jj'p-'j'53) <1'18 

.IB1K tyijypj'11 8 

blin'ky a. (ip-'j'?3) BJyBJ'B D8ii 

.iyj'i8 'T B'D Dpj'ii nyi8 

bliss n. (B'Ss) =j'5ytp'53 ,p'53 DyaDsyn 


bliss'fnl a. (?ib-'D'?3) ; J'jytp'?] , 
.i'5p'5] BDsyn 

bliSs'fuUy 0(il). ('8-?lB-'D'?3) (1'18 

.3'?ytP'5j ; IB18 iy3'5P'?j BDsyn 8 

bliss'fulness n. (Dyj-5lB-'B'?3) =p'?j 


blis ter n. and v. (lyB-'D'^s) ,iyB8?3 

: lyn'x iyis?3 ; B'ln iin «i'i8 ?yty53 

lyi"? ly^8n18^yB ; iynyBs?3 ty:'ip 

="? iy38niK-iyB ;[iyiyBs?3 na 'ii] 

.iviiHttt ha '11 ] lyi 

Wis ter-bee tie «. (SBys-iyB-'D'Ss) 

,jy'?B yj'DB'J 818] jyJB yi!"J8B6!' 8 

nyi IX B3y?yjis Biyii 't tyii dsii 

.ts?3 8 lyj'isyijs lyoisT Biyii ,B'in 

Djyp'nDyj lys'iyi Diyii jyja ytyi 

lyn'xwjs iyB085B 8 d58 Bxijy3 n8 


blis tered a. (Tiyo-'D'53) =-iyDS?3 

.tytS53 B'D ?ia ; J'T 

blis ter-fly n. ('8?B-iyB-'D'?3) 

blister-beetle .t 

blls'terous a. (DS-iyB-'D'53) B'D 5ia 

.tyiyBS?3 lyns iyts53 

blis' ter-plas' ter n. -'DyjB-iyB-'D'J's) 

.jy'5a yB"JBBBi : -lyoDB^a^iyrsJa nvQ 

blister-beetle .t 

blis'ter-steel n. (?yBD-"iyB-'D'53) 

818] 5nsDE'=D3yDy!t ,5nsB(!'=tyi853 


blis'tery a. ('K-iyB-'D'53) 'lyases 
,iyts?3 -WIS iy'iyDs?3 d'd ?ia ,y-i 

blite n. (B'8?3) BBJ'BS!' I'D 818 

. .[yxJ8?a yi83Dy] 

blithe a. (nD'8?3) nyojiD ; T5nyia 

.j'BDi? ,j'iy3y5 

blithe'ful a. (5ia-'nB'853) blithe .i 

bllthe'ly adv. ('5-'nB'8?3) ,T5nyiB 

.j'lysy? ,j'BDi? nyoJiD 

bllthe'ness n. (Dyj-'nD'8?3) l"i DSl 

«nyiB lyis j'boi? j'lysy? ,'iyB3iD 

blithe'some o. (nsD-'nB'853) 

blithe .1 
blithe'someness n. -DSD-'nB'853) 
=3'5nynB ,B"p3'iy3y5 ,B"pnyB:iD (Dyj 


bliz'zard n. (ii8-'t'?3) nyplSBE" 8 

lyD'E'D'lK bsT] B581 8 ; DTlDiS'«yyjB' 

8 ;[5SD8 B'D ryDp'3 y3'?By iia 

.yp8B8 18 ,?8aiy3'N iy3'?xy5B 

bliz'zardous a. (DS-IIB-'t'^s) »jiiy 

.DniBC=yy:B' 8 is i'5 

bliz'zardly a. ('?-il8-'l'53) 

blizeardoiis .\ 

bloat n., V. and a. (dis?3) iy38D 

='i5a'iK ,iy5y.ii(!'a'i8 ; ly^siitJ'yja'is 

; lyasJyjB'ix ; lyJsiits'yjB'iK ; rya 

Iin lyjyp'iD ,iyny3'n ; tyts53a'i8 

,DD3'jyj'iD 8 ; Diy3'nyj ; iyiy3'n 

.^13!S' 8 

bloa'ted^o. (lyB-'is^a) =s53y3a'i8 .1 

.2 ; tyssJyjB'is ; lyssiwyja'TK ,iyi 

.j'Tnisj ,1't "3 tyis53y3Js 

2. Our neighbor acts as though he was a 

bloated aristocrat. 

bloa'tedness n. (Dy3-iyB-'ls53) 'B'18 

.D"n3yTs53y3B'iK ,B"njy?8iit!'y3 

bloa'ter n. (■iyD-'is53) ,iyDiy3'nyj 

.jj'iyn lyBjyns'iiyj 

blob n. (3853) ; TS?3iyD8ll 8 ; ts?3 8 

.B'?oyB3i8 yp'i yjyas^yjB'is 18 

blob'ber n. (iy-'3853) 8 hyBS53 8 

blob'ber-lip n. (B'5 iy-'3853) yp'T 

blob'ber-lipped a. (BB'5-ny-'3853) 


block n. and v. (p8?3) ; rs?? ,PS53 

=?yp3'ii 8 ; ?8BTBiiP=iyt"n 8 ; p'bb' 
isyii nyn lyossnya .lyissii'iya ;5yxy5p 
>Di5y3:i8 18 ; lyiyiJ'n ; B"jiyi3'n 8 
•j'3 8 iCrs'P P'Oiy 8] B'jyD lyBiya 
'Vi lyiyii Dsii iynyB8B=nB-iyii ?yD 
; ?SD i"8 B'D BB'ipnya lyis db'ip 
iy35yii «i'iK Jyiyi B3'BDyBy3 8i8 
.siyD lys'in IX p'lBtc 8 I't'Bn'x oy 


blockade' n. and v. ('T'p-s53) =s?3 

33ny385y3 lyis 3jid'?e'J"8 't ,yi8P 

"Dsyip ^^\■^ lyaBn lyis 3:iDDya 8 na 

=D3y'ip inn yi8Ps53 8 tyssD ; tyB'E' 


In the Civil War the Southern ports were 

blockaded by the Federal fleet. 

blocka'der n. (•iyi-'"p-s53) iy3"K 

lyasn lyis 3JiDDya 8 D'iy385y3 dsii 

Dsii ,si'ti'=D3y'np 8 ; lyB't^'Dsyip d'd 

.3Jny385y3 t's 5"nBJ8 ODny: 

blockade'-run'nep n, -'T'p-s53) 

=D3y'ip 8 ;iy3yi3«iyi8P853 8 (iy-':s"i 

=3s] yi8Ps?3 8 Iin D3yi3 dsii v^ 


blockade'-run'ning n. -'T<p-853) 

yn8P»53 8 ty3yi33nn dst (sj's-'jst 


block'-book n. (pi3-'p8?3) =D"13S 

.T813y?8p»D"13S ,'ni3X'DSJ 

block'head n. (iyn-'P853) ,BSPDn 

.BSP iy3si3 

block'house ». (Dl8n-'P8?3) l"?p 8 

.33iBDya 8 "3 syfn'iyB'S'D 

block'ing n. (33'8-'P8?3) =S53 DST 

Piyii'psJs DST .[iyn8Btj'3s] lyTisp 

.[lyiSBK'iyDJlN BIX •\ViV>i>^ 

block'ish a. (b"«-'P8?3) ,nn ,!!"183 


block'ishness n. (Dy3-i5"8-'P853) 

.D"nDn ; B"PBiyBD15y3D18 

block out (BIS P853) .lyO'JtS'D'lK 

block'-prin'ting n. -'j'nB-'p853) 

ni'nis 'T 1811 ] pm=i>5sn nyT (sj'b 

.[y5sn tia B38Dy3 ry3"t 

block'-tin n. (t'B-'p853) I'lSJ t'X 

i'8 tyDssysD'iK Biyii Dy tyii lys'j"! 


block up (Bs P8?3) =8Bi!'3s ,iyD8xnyB 


blo'mary n. ('s-iyD-'i53) 1811 ysSa 8 

Bpyi'T iyt"8ny'Dts' B38Dy3 Biyii Dy 

.viy'iyf's na 

blond n. and a. (13853) OS53 ; 13S?3 

8T8 ;y3'i3s?3 8 ; i'i3S?3 8 risn yn 

.lyx'BB'jyT'i Bisi 

blonde n. and a. (13853) =yil] 13S53 

.y3'i3853 8 ;['nB 8 ty3 

blond'ness ' «. (Dy3-'l3853) l"t DST 


blood ». and v. (is53) »iyB ; B153 

=8iyBDyD ; iy3y5 dst ; bi53 Dy3yDS3 

=153 ; 331D8Di;'3S ; Da8B'3yT'5 ; B3yD 
.iy38D 3'D ■ 




blood'-cell n. (5VD-'l85a) ="p=bi?3 k 

.?ypDiBnsp=tsi?3 ti ,»5i;p 

blood'-col'ored a. (ti8-'?SP-'1S53) 
blood'e^ a. (i»-'t8?3) Dyj"n iva 

"3] ajlD8BB'3l{ -IJ/BIJ Iia ,B1?3 

=jnjir»3 (i no i3i?3 :njy3sn ;[-n!)B 


blood for blood (ni{53 ibb ts53) 

[ii'aj nnn tsisj] ,bi?3 ibb bi53 

blood' -guilt n. (B5'j-'li{?3) iJiB* n 

.t5ID'J15»B B153 IIB 

blood'-guil'tiness n. -iB-'5'j-'ls53) 

iyD'nvB=Bi53 fN B'^panJiB' n loy: 

.[lytyjvo 8 iVBMB pn] 

blood'-guil'ty o. ('0-'?*J-'n8?3) 

.tyD'JlVB Bl?3 I'K ln5lB' 

blood'-heat ». (By''n-'i853) =tb8J 'T 

99 ■in»BVJJ1K]Bl53 IIB B"pa'1811 W5 

nvB D'B''njVTn8B isj iyi8iJ 


blood'-horse ». {Dn8n-'n8?3) =5ib 8 

.[llJIB B"38"18 t8] TWB 3'B1?3 

blood'-hot o. (B8n-'T8?3) Bsn D8ii 
.D153 iiB iib8ivbdj;b n 

blood'hound n. (I3i8n-'i853) »Bi53 8 
8 B8n B811 iJin^TBt!' va 8] iJin 
tjD iMJyii B'D 118 nnn mn is'bi8B' 

»yi31Nin»B 8 IKT'BtJ'lSSSJ m BJ!;n»3 
OJ/D DVJ!)BS5B38 18 iyi8 ly'HB DVB 

nwssaiPB iV3'BB'nn=Bi53 8 ;[i5'ti' 

blood'ied a. (T8-'n8?3) : 3'Bi53 

.D8t'nJ ; B1?3 BID BPV'TV3 

blood'lly adv. ('5-'8-'is?3) ,j'bi53 
='nj ins iyj'Bi?3 8 n'i8 ;D8i'nj 

.»B1?3 IX JJir'J 8 B'O ; Iai8 Il/D8t 

blood'lness n. (d»3-'ik-'18?3) D8T 

=B1?3 n ;D"P»8t'l"iJ 'T :J'bi?3 l"t 


blood'less a. (dv5-'18?3) ; t3i?3 ins 

■=318 :B<iB AViVf tns ; t8?Bi?3 n"93 

,-iy"B in8 ! tJ'D'j-i!;a=Bi?3 ins ; fi'fw 

.j'xiynB?8P ,B3ya8iBDyD tn» 

blood'let V. (By?-'18?3) ; tyBl?3 

.iyt8>iyis ; iyis?Bi?3 

blood'letter n. (iy-By>-'n8?3) 

bleeder .t 
blood'lettlng n. (33'8-By?-'ns?3) 

.iyt8?iyi8 D8T ,iyt8?B1?3 D8T 
blood'Uko o. (p'8>-'TS>3) >B1?3 


blood'-mon'ey n. C'8-'380-'l853) 

.iyD'3-iya bi?3 •i8b B>n8xy3 i^ys 

blood'-op'ange n. (iyn3y-'n8-'TS53) 

=5yB8 lyB'n 3'3yii3'K] i'D5yB8=Bi?3 


blood-red o. (iyv'is?3). .B'nBl53 

blood'-rela'tlon n. -'"S-n-'lsJs) 

.3np 8 ; 'iyB138inyB«DB1>3 8 (I8ti' 

blood'-rela'tlonship to. -i-i-'n8?3) 

; BB8li'n38inyB = DB1?3 (B'E'-3S<!'-'"? 

blood'root n. (Bnn-'18?3) «bi53 

.[yv38?B yB'n«Bi?3 i'» 8] b'np 

blood'-sac'riflce n. -n-'pyD-'n853) 

n'n 8 IIB I31P 8] iyaB8»Bl53 (D'8B 

.[eiiy 18 lyis 
blood'shed n. (iyi!;-"i853) »iyaBl53 


blood'shedder n. (iy-iyt!'-'l853) 

.lyiiyo 8 ;'iyD'3'iyB=Bi?3 8 

blood'sbedding n. (33'8-iyts'-'ns53) 

.iyD'3iyB=Bl53 D8T 

blood'shot a. (B8B'-'t853) 118 B'n 

.[lyjMS n tysyn] ov-i:'1q:v 

blood'-spav'in n. (P8-'liyBD-'n8?3) 

P8 lyis P3y5S3 nyi na rayS'injiyj 8 

.T\vs 8 IIB DIB nyT 

blood'-stain n. {P'BD-'1S53) =Bl53 8 

blood'stain v. (piBD-'n853) lypyjaya 

.B153 B'D 

blood'-stained a. (13"BD-'1853) =y3 

»iyB=B1?3 PN anSit!' ;B153 B'D BpySB 


blood'stone n. (ii8BD-'ls53) 'B'n 

'iy3'13 PB 8] I"B!!'-B1?3 ,I"BB'=iyt"8 

'.[B153 '11 iypy?B yBin b'd v<av/ 

blood'-stroke n. (P1S1BD-'1S?3) 

.y'Dpy5B8B8 ;385!S'=D153 

blood'siicker n. ('iy-psD-'i853) 

ny3'it=Bi?3 8 ;B't8"i8a 8 ; ypii8'B 8 
.•\ST\vo 8 ; iyDyiSD'i8=n5ya 8 

blood'-suck'ing a. (J3'K-'P8D-'1853) 

.n3yDyiBD'i8'i5ya n3y3'ii=Bi53 

blood'-swollen a. (i5isiinD-'l853) 

.Bi?3 B'D iyB85yaa'i8 

blood'thirstiness n. HDTinB-'i853) 

.B"PJ'BB'inB1?3 (Dyj-'o 

blood'thirsty a. ('B-DTinD-'i853) 


blood' -ves'sel n. {5y-'Dyii-'i853) 

.lyis i8^,DyBy3=Bi53 

blood' -warm a. (m81in-'l853) =Bi53 


blood'y a. and v. ('8-'n853) ;3'Bi?3 

;a'iy'jBi?3 :i'>3nyBi?3 ;b'1vbi53 

»-iyB ; BD8TiyB ; ■iy"ny33i8 ; D8i'na 

.Bi?3 B'D typy?ay3 ; d3i?b 

blood'y flag (ay?a '8-'i8>3) =bi?3 't 

»8B lyo lysjyii b'o msa 't] msa 

.[«1BD8P D1X D'n8 Biyi 

blood'y flux (dp8?b 'k-'is?3) 't 

B'O 3"? PI? PT8BB' 8] inn yo'n 

.y'nyB3ypT ,[j3i'in'B3s=Bi>3 

blood'y Mar'y Cs-'iyo '8-'l8?3) 'T 

pa'3yp yB"?'iB8P n] 8'n8o y3'Di?3 

.[1553—58] 138?33y HE B'nSD 

blood'y-mln'ded o. -'8-'n8?3) 

.3'-iy'3Bi?3 :j'Tni'ni38 nyi-'3'8D 

blQod'y-red a. (iy-i-'8-'1853) •Bi?3 

blood'y sweat (BnyiinD '8-'i8?3) 

.D"11B' ■iy3'B1?3 

bloont n. and v. (Dni>3) >'?3 ; Dl?3 

iyDi53 iy3y:D'n8 ; iyn'?3 d8t : 33in 

8 n3itya pk iyn'93 ;33in'?3 lyis 

yn3yn'?3 8 ;3n8B»DB3'ty3 yi3yn'?3 

=8ny3 8 ;Dyp3'ts'i8T Bi8t 8 ; B"n3ny[!' 

.iyt"8 P'BtJ' yBoyisys nyi» vatvo 

bloo'mary n. ('N-iyD-'ni?3) -KsSs 8. 

lyp'S'iy'DtJ" B38ay3 onyn oy 18« 

■ IS lyn'ia ins .ny=iyp's< ns opstn 

.iyi"8=Di3 tia-iVT iy38B 

bloo'mer n. (iyD-'ni?3) tyns 8 

='in 8 B3S10 D811 'ns 8 : T'?p=typin 


bloo'mery n. ('K-'nyo-1?3) 

hloomary .i 

bloo'mlng a. and n. (33'D-'ni?3) 

118 t!"ia : inyiy n3yn'53 ; i3yn'53 .1 

«y3ny3'T8 18 .2 ; iyn'53 dst : inyiy 

;[P85] niB'?8B «i'iK I'ln ■iy3y3'is 

.•iyB08inya ,ny3'ijyBt!'5sB .3 

1. The flowers are bloomlno. 3. He talked 
like a bloomlRB Idiot. 
bloo'mingly adv. ('?-33'D-'ni?3) ='53 


bloom of youth (nBi' ii8 Dni?3) 

.iynn8'»D33'5n''iB y33P n 

biqo'my a. ('D-'ni53) ;iyDi53 B'D 5iD 

Bpynys 'ii D'ik anyt Dsii ; i3Pn'53 

.1'5n3y31' ,V-\S • 3'1BB"D33in»?3 B'D 

blos'som n. and v. {dS-'D8?3) ='?3 
='>3 iy3y3D'n8 ;iyn'53 dst ;33in 

blos'somed a. (id8-'D8?3) Dpyiy3 

.33in'?3 B'D 

blos'somless a. (Dy5-D8-'D853) ms 
.33in'53 ms : iyDi53 

blot n. and v. (D853) : pyJp J3y5B=D3'D 

;iysiDt!'y3 ,iypy5p ,iypy5B :py53=i38?' 
=38 :iypyDD'i8 :py5B 8 i»Dny3D'n8 
.nyBBS'iyy? d'o lypy^p 
blotch n. and v. (E'D853) ; iyB»53 8 
'B'ln lyD'n 8 : B-Btyns 8 .'bb"? 8 
=y3 ; nj'n iib B"np38nP 8t8 ; p»5b 
=B"iB B'D nyis Dy'BiS"? d'd ivpyi 


blotched a. (1(^6853) ='? d'd Bpyn»3 

.Dyt^'BB"^B b'd lyns sysB' 

blotch'y o. {'8-'I!'D8?3) bloU^ted .t 

blot out (B18 D853) ,IS3"nDt!'D'1K 


blot'ter n. (iy-'B853) ,iy'B8B=DP»?9 
=iyB n ; 5y3'3=j"B8J 8 ; iy'B8B=i!'y5 

iyBDyi8 yi3yTD8B 1'53yB PB 33133"S 

-D'BS "X'58B I '8 

blot'ting-book n. (pi3-J3'8-DB?3) 

.ny'B8B=i;'y? pa ya85nyD3i8=3"nB' b 

blot'ting-pad ». (nyB-:3'8-'D8?3) 

'T ei'iK y3"8 yBsy^yas'iJis yinnyo 

.iyBy53ny'B8B=B'y? yiyi38 

blot'ting-pa'per n. -''ibo3'8-'B853) 

.iy'B8B=Dpy5p ,ty'S8B«t!'y? (lys 

blouse n. (ti8?3) .yn53 8 

blow n. and v. (is53) lyi .JBStf lyi 

; lynyii ,iyt8?3 ; iyt8?3 d8t : d'ibc 

'T P8 1»33'-1BE' ly38D ; iytS?3B'18 

iy38t ; lyBBBt^iya ,iy?TtD'i8 ;bbi? 

;iyDi?3 •,niy3ji B'nn tyjnysiyi .lyj'j 

»'53 :a3in'?3 iy33"n3D'n8 :33in'>3 

, .lyn 

blow'-ball n. (5ns3-'l853) 'BDIB 'T 
«38?B -lyD'iiyj 8 pa jysyp-osT :di>3 
"y338'i8 t'8 33in'?3 'T '11 Byi3s3 yx 

•n8] iyt8?31S D3"5 Diyil D811 iy?8B 
.[E"Dn PS ,P'S!'B38« 

blow er n. (ny-'is53) 8 ; •iyt8?3 8 
•?811 8 : t'(!'8D=18?3 8 nB»8?3'18?J 




»J8?B 8 : iponnja 8 ,ij;33'?. 8 : ii"B 

,33in'?3 DMIB ISJJ"13 D811 Vl 

blow-fly n. c85b»'18?3) .3'?a«i!'"?B 8 

blow hot and cold iJli a«n 18?3) 

n i»B"a .lyBs?!^!}:^!^ pn (^5l8P 


blow In (pK is?3) =1'5»0B' « tys"riJ"N 


blow In a wln'dow y pK isJa) 

.iwiB'nyoDJVB ivsnaiv (isn-'j'iin 

blow'ing o. and n. (j:'8-'l85a) o'll 

DST : I»t8?3 Dsi ; jnmitsi!' : jn 


blow'ing-machlne' ». =jji8-'is53) 

>8t3»D 1'8] I'B'SB 1853 8 Ct'E'-yO 

blow'ing-mold ». (nJisb-JJ'K-'iBJa) 
■-110 8 — t8'S8P'13Sa=t8?3 in P8 
tlK "IBOTJB tVD'J1S38 DniB iy3S?8t3 

.1^381 j;3'?onsr 
blow'ing-up n. (B8-33'8-'l853) DST 


D811 ti;5nyvnjn dsi /nBDnnv3 ;obi? 
.isj'osyj B'j 118 wmvvi o'j 

blow off (eis 1S?3) IVIS I!;DS1Bi!'D'n8 

B'o ^]>^^» B5811J B'D m i!;D'nD'n8 

.[.3 n .8 t83 ,(1BD8T IWPll] t!"ny3 8 

blow one's nose (tis: tJBlin 1853) 

.183 n iy!{"Ji!' 

blow one's self (tisvo »J8iin is?3) 

eyas in8 IV3"53 ; iBT'Bp8nQ in 

.[IVB'I? IIB 111] 

blow'-out It. (Bi8-'18?3) ,"nyD!/-iB 8 

.!;pJ8'5in 8 

blow out (B18 1853) 1"P IMSn B'3 

: noB'3 n B3'iny3DM8 ty38n ; bvbs 

.lyroSDMN ,IVI853D118 

blow out one's- brains b18 1853) 

?'1P 8 VI tP38'3"18 (t3"'13 tJSlin 
.B8P P8 

blow o'ver (-i»ii-'i8 1853) .OMits'-iyB. 
; tnjm ij/DWiVB ; tn5;3ny3'i8B ; ivt 
.B5yii -ivi iiB iy38iB38 VI iiyiyii b'j 

Mow'pipe 71. and a. (S'8S-'1S53) 
;[iy"B iyt8?3ixBii8] nnsvt853 8 

.insvt853 8 IS V^tif t'8 DS11 
blow up (B8 1853) tVI I'K tyn'5B 

=38 ; iyins5SDpy ,tyB"nBM8 ; bbi5 
8 iy3yii] iyt853 nypisBE' ty3J8B 

blow'-up n. (B8-'1S53) 'TtDilN D8T 

."ny3ynp 8 ; iy5 

blow upon' {'I8B-8 1853) =11SD'18 

=iyB ; tyD83 iyB3y5is' 8 iy38D ; typ 

=nyo inn iy38o 3''5"ii3385 ; wi& 

.iy58n'iyTii 58a ynyi 

blow'-valve n. (ii5yil='1853) =t853 

.[iy3iB'8D "3] ?'B3yil=Bai5 ,5'B3yil 

blow'zabelle n. (53yt-'l853) mp 8 

.typ83 ypn ,yB'n b'» 

blowze n. (11853) ='n 8 d'd ma 8 

.D'3B lyBya lyB 

blowzed a. otl853) ='n 8 B8ri D8ii 

.B'3a tyaya iix lya 

blow'zy a. (ii-'l853) blowsed .t 

blub'bep n. and v. (iy-'3853) «t5"B 

ty3"ii38 vf ; ty3"ii pi8bk' ; iv\q 

.ty3'i8 y3y58iii!'y3 

blub'bered a. (ny-'3853) =y3aMK 


blub'ber-lip «. (a'5--iy-'3853) =y3 8 

.B'5 ypn 8 ,B'5 y3y58iis5' 

blu'chep n. (■iyt!'B-'i53) »'iBi!»=358n 8 

.lv& ys'in y35yi8] 5yii 

bludgc'on n. (i8-'B'ns53) lyitnip 8 
=»5t!' BIX lyiypn 8 n3y i"8 b<d psbb* 


The robber attacked the peddler with a 

blue a., V. and n. (153) 08iyB ; '153 

:[iy<nB ty3yii] 3miy3yp5n8ii ,ti"B 

=y3 ;3'Tmintj' mo ; M53 lysisa 

; 3'i3yBt!'383i8 ; DiiB ^^yt : B3ynB 

■,5yB'n lyT :3n8a=5yD<n ,3'i8a y'i53 

.'na y3miy3yp5n8ii 8 ; b' tin 

blne'-bag n. (3y3-'i53) 5yBDn8B 8 

.lyajyaiPBT i8b 

blue'beard n. (Tiy'3-'l53) I8 180 8 

.[3"11 Pn IX] 1138 

blue'bell n. (5y3-'i53) Bi53=iyp853 

iy5yD<53 y'i53 b<o yx385B po 8] 

.[iy5py53 '11 D'ls lypip d8ii 

blue'berry n. ('8-iy3-'l53) y'l53 


blue'bird n. (ti'i3-'i53) >'153 lyT 

='153 tiB 5y3'ia •iy38P''iyD8 is] 5y3'ia 

="3 iy3'535y3=B'n 8 B'O '1'58P iy3'5 

"Birds of the V. S." .5'8 .1 .[5y3 

blue'-black ii. and a. (py53-'l53) 

,t"3=B38B5y yB3yi3y3 ; 'i53=yi8iii!' 

.nSIW l"3=B38B5y 

blue'-blind a. (13'853-'153) 13'53 
IX 3'nya3i8] 3-i8b iy'i53 -lyi -ibb 

=yi38 'tlB 318B y'l53 'T lyT'B'iyBJlN 

.[iy3n8a yn 
blue'-blood n. (n8?3-'i53) bi53 'i53 

yiJ"'3Dn' /lyBSIPBBD'-lB ,B'3Bn'] 

blue'bonnet n. (By-383-'l53) ='l53 'T 
•yi'iB=33't p'5p 8] yx'3'D •\v•^v yi."o 
=83!^ !y3"53 ri8 lyxiip myt 8 b'd y5 
B'a 183 ,D'a n8 py iy3385 8 B'b ,5y3 
PS B3y5 ,B3y5B' Bn'5a .iy53'5a v)i-\-ip 
o's B'D Tt Biny3iy 11s ryBB8t!'5yty3 
1813 i5'ii s] Bi53=n8P '1 ;[tyBpyi 
lyif'iis BDP811 D811 ,'=iy5D'53 y'i5a b'c 
=580 yB"i3y5B8i!' IIB iyD83 iyi;[n8P 
8 iyviy3 183 I'K 1385BS1!' ny3 ,tyB8i 
.n3i5B yiyi3ity3 

blue book (pi^ 153) y'i53 B81 

=B3y 0811 in D81 13S533y t'S]'!I13 

: rjyi38aDyi8P yt!"B8085B'i '1 B58n 

lyiyii By isii 113 osi /SP'iyos ps 

.[yBa8y3 B33ii'3yi 'i B3y3"xiyB 

blue'bottle n. (5B83-'i53) =n8P 'i 

15'11 8] B153 

y'l53B'D 1813 

D811 ,'!iy5D'53 

iytS"llS BDP811 

Biyii .nsp 

PX'iyO PS B!il3y3 

=y3 lysso IX I'ls iis 
iyi ;[iy3i8B yo'ii 
iyi8 iyDyiB=E"'5B 

pn s] 3'5B=t!"'5B' '1 
='153 8 IIB Bpyi3'S 

ns T58P By3y58ByD 

=3'5.B 18B "11X B'O 

=3nsiiy3 '1 B8n .iy5 
iyn'5Bixoii8 B"n 

iy3'lT lis t!"'5a BUS 
;[ni533 y3y58By3'llB 

iyi8 iypD';x'58a s 
8 PS lynytB'is 18 
8 D381B iy35yii ,5w 
.P81 iy'l53 
(BDyi3-'l53) ='153 '1 

B'O lis 5yBD'i3 IIS t58n ri'is py5B 

=5yp '1 PS I't D3'By3 .PV iy3'5D'11 8 

IIS 8B8i"s pa tyi3y3y3=iiBX yiya 

.[8PD858 PS 1'IS t"113yB"X lis tyts 

blue'cap n. (Byp-'l53) B'O B"B 8t8 

=n8P '1 ;B8P I'B'is iypy5B y'i53 

=y3 D8II «iBD8i iy3'5'i53 iyi ;bi53 

'1 PB Dy3iyBD85 '1 BUS I't bi"1i 

PS 18 ,iy3"x 8 D58 iy3yi3 ty5n'ip 

="iB'i8 iy3'5inyBy3 I't B3'By3 3113 

.183 iyi3yD , 

blue' coat re. (bi8P-'i53) D8Vi iy3"8 ' 

»'iyo8 18 :BisB'3is y'i53 8 b38io 

.BD'X'58B 8 : B8158B .iy38P 

blue'-col'ored a. (ii8-'58P-'i53) tiB 

.T58P ty'l53 

blue cop'peras (By-iy-'B8P 153) 

" .58'1B'll=iyBlF 

blue'-dev'ils re. ((51iyi-'l53) =y3 8 

.minB' mo ;33io'bb' Vbp'ii 

blue'-eyed a. (t8-'i53) ,3'3'1s='i53 

.iy3'is y'i53 B8n d8ii 

blue'flsh re. (e»'B-'i53) ,a8P=I'iats' 

iy3'5'l53 8 pa t!"B 8T8] B"a='l53 


blue'-grass re. (Dyi3-'l53) 1813 PO 8 

Bxi3y3 Biyii D8II 318a ty3'5'i53 iiB 

.nions 18B lyBia B58 

blue'-gum «. (D83-'i53) y3'5'l53 8 

0811 [Dy5D8'] l!"'5B3nSX IIB 318B 

=D'1S 818 ; 331BB'3iya="53 tlB BOIP 

.n'13='013 iyi!"581B 

blue her'on (is-'iyn 153) ='ii3 8t8 
=385 118 t58n iy3385 8 B'D 5y3'ia lyo 

.T58P iy3'5'l53 IIB lis O'B y3 


iy'i53=5yn « b'd y5y3'ia i"5p 8] t58n 

Blue Heron 

blue'-jack'et re. (By-'pyt!'n-'i53) ts 

.BB'X'58a 8 : t81B8D 
blue' -jay n. ("i!'ti-'i53) ='iyD8 PO 8 

jay .t .5y3'ia iy(!"38P 
blue' -John re. (in8B'n-'l53) =di5b 

.[P'BB' I'O 818] BSBtS" 

blue'-Iaws re. (Tn85-'l53) y33yiBE' 

.380311 iyB'n38 iy3yii iyxyty3 

blue' -light re. (b'85-'i53) =3y3 y'l53 

Piyinya yt!"58i 

Mue'ly adv. ('5-'i53) 8 b'o ,i'5'i53 

.T58P iy'l53 

blue'-mass re. (DyD-'i53) y35yt8 

VI PS tyB58nB3y d81i ,iy5'B y'i53 

.5'i8=iyt'ii PS iy35'Tpyiip 

blue'-moon re. (iniD-'i53) y'l53 8 

.[B'3 5803"P .n .1] n33? 




blue'ness n. (dvj-'i?3) ; B"PM53 

'VB ; D"Pts3nBj/3 ; e"prTmin(S"ma 

«'nBiiD] B"p3nii!;3i»p5nsii lOt'tjJST 

.ts"pnnB ypisoB' :[i!' 

blue'-nose n. (nsj-'iJa) t«3='l?3 
no nyansiiJ^N n lyanya lyiyii nm] 

■-Vi B'l?3 VMl"t 3V'?1K i:8?B»t!'«"0 

•jni 'T fKBiST lyaipys "t dkii nyt 

.[lyojyp yD'na yamyo 

blue'-olnt'ment n. (B3yD-'tsj'8-'i?3) 

=pyiip I't px BJsnojy osii 3?8t s 


blue'-pe'ter n. (iyB-''B-"i?3) 8 

tl'18 B811811P iyD"ll 8 B'D inSB y'153 

n- 18 Bt"iiy3 D811 ,iya''B'«D?yi38n 

.iny338 Bw roiBB pk v^ 

blue'-rJb'bonlsm n. -3S-'3n-'l53) 

lyis 1J83 tyM53 8 lyjsiB dst (dpn. 

■iy3n3yBB'?8B jib iy3"!i d?8 yjjyoB 

'oy-ioyj yai8i!' iib B'^piyBSsnyapms 

blue'-rib'bonist n. -3s-'3'Vi?3) 

iyM?3 8 BJSIB D811 lyj^K (BD'8 

=?ss tiB ty3"s D58 yjjyBD nyis 1383 

«'i8t!' iiB B"p3yB58ny3pmi: lyjnwBB' 

.niKpi^o ys 

blue'-ru'in n. (t'K-'n-"i?3) ■iyB3y5E' 

.BST -iyi8 iyB38n3 

blues n. 0153) ^anyna ,B"PJnyDi« 

.B^'pan'minB^mo ,B"pB3y'iBy3 ,b"p 

blue'-stock'ing ». and a. -'153) 

0811 'IIB 8 ; typSt y''l53 (3:'8-'P8BD 

B"P08nny5yj nnx DytjyByiB Bsn 
; yamiyjypsnsii 8 ; iiDBiyB'? iih 

B'J ,18B3"8 ; iyp8T yiJS B381B DSll 

.ByT'Jpyj yjTSTSB 

blue'-stone n. (tlSBB-'l?3) ,|"BB"i?3 

.[?8nyro 8)8] ?snBMViy3iP 

blu'et n. (oy-'i53) BSii K!(385a 8t8 

.j3in'?3 yM?3 Bsn 

blue'throat n. (Bl8inB-'l?3) =M?3 n 

=?yn 8 B'o .y^yjMB t"5P 8t8] iJsn 

.[i?8n i'n'18 py?B iyM53 

tluebreast .t 

blue' -veined a. (n3"ii-'i53) dbii 

.tyiyis y'i53 Bsn 

blue'-vlt'rlol n. (58-'"i-'B'li-'l?3) 

.[?8^y3'n 8t8] JB'iB'iioyBip 

blue' -winged teal (?y'B n33'iin-'i?3) 

8 B8n] ?yB3y 'iy:8P'"iyD8 Bist 8 

.[5yjy'5B 118 t58n ty3'?M?3 

"Game Birds" .5'8 .t 

blu'ey a. ('k-'i53) .■n'?'l?3 

bluff n., a. and v. (fi853) P18BB' 8 

t'8 B811 n"B 8 pa jyn3 lyj'TyBitfD 

■,p'-\ ,B015B !iy?8Wi'yjBMK jan'ysiE'a 

=yT833s 18 : typyiti'38 : iyis53yjBMK 

«<iB : "n»onny3 ^nn iyi8J3s ; "t 

.[sy'Bty'iyBTSP 8] ^yp 

bluff'ness n. (Dy:-'BS?3) ,e"PB'?8B 

.[iisnBE' lyns lyan pk] b^'Pssij 

blu'lng ». (jj'8-'i?3) B8II eiBBB" 8 

=B"B"1B ; M>3=K3n3'8 ,'i1?3 B318B 

.M?3 iy380 D8T ; ''1?3 

blu'lsh O. (t!"8-'l?3) .1'?",?3 

blun'der ». and v. (iyi-'JS?3) 8 

; inynya 8 lysso ; lyJnya 8 .inynya 

.iynyo3«?BnyB vi : iv^bmibb- in 

blun'derbnss n. (BS3-iyV3i*?3) 8 

.Bi>B nyt;"i8J 8 ;DP'3'i38n v:''':'P 

blun'derer n. (nv-iyi-':8?3) 8 

.BiJB 8 ;B8P nyjyjBiBW 8 ; ?3>i3^ 

blun'derhead n. (iyn-iyV3S?3) 8 

.Bi>B lysji'iBJ 8 ; Bwpon 

blun'dering n. and a. -nyn-'38?3) 

; 3n'53?nn ; a''i3»-iyB38?BnyB (33<k 

018 18 ;B3y?iy3'K B'J ;Bi?a nu-yo 

.liiynya isbp'OTj 

blun'deringly adv. -33'8-"iyi-'3S?3) 

.inynya lyBp'wsaiK I8 iin c? 

blun'der out (bi8 nyi-'3853) 1't 

.tyS8?BD'n8 ,iyB83B'n8 

blun'ders n. (nyi-'3S?3) =nyB y3Si3 

.B'iyB3s?B ; Dinyi 

He makes many blunders In bis work. 
blun'der upon' ('18B-8 iyn-'J853) 
8 nn DsiiBy fi'i8 ti iyB'iBE'38 

.58aiX !yi3'53 

blunge V. (mi:ns'>i) b'd b"> iyt!"D 
.?yBMB' 8 B'D ■iyD8i'i 

blun'ger n. (iyt!'n-'3853) ?ya'ity 8 

B'D D"? BE^mya lyn iy3?yii b'o 


blunt a., V. and n. (b38>3) ; fisaiotff 
; 3'xiyn3yB8 ; tyB'?t!'y33i8 - ; soyB 
,i8a3"8 ;iyony:y3 3813 im ; 38ia 
=8nyiy!t i"P iy38o b^j ,iyT"T bbsib 
; iy380 eiBDiBti' : iy380 BDyo ; oyj 
:[pB'n nyi8 B<ByB8 ayi] ty38iiB'3S 

.l?y3 IBIIO 

blun'tish a. (b"b-'3853) ,sibdibi!' 


blun'tisbness n. (By3-i!"0-'JS?3) 

=Bnyaoi?ya3i8 ,B"pBDiBt!' ,B"PBDyB 

Oyas ,B"PBDS1B ,B"p38a3"8 ,B"P 

.[Di8a iyo3"5 8 pk] B"P3<!iiyn 

blunt'ly adv. (<5-'B3853) ,eiBOlBB' .1 

'ViVi in» ,BDsns 118 tyas .2 ; soya 

.3<xiyn3yBs ,By'38o 

2: He bluntly loM him the truth. 

blunt'ness «. (Dyj-'B3853) ;B"PBoyB 

0"8 ;B"P3'S01B1S', ; B"PBiyBOl5y3318 

.B"p3'x-iyn3yB8 ;0"Pbb8ib ,B"p38a 
blunt the ap'petlte 'MB BJ8?3) 

.B'ByB8 aV\ iy3811!i'38 (B'8B-'K-'By 

blunt' -wit' ted a. ny-'B'lin='B3S53) 

.&>-\Sl ,011 
blur n. and v. (tm53) ; py5a ,py5P 

='8 iypy5By3 ' ; iypy?By3 : py5Bi38E' 

.iypyDDM8 ,iyi!'MiDM« ; !yB83 Bjyxyo 

blur out (B18 Ti?3) =Bn8 ,iypyaBMs 

.iy3'5''B-iyB ; tys^iBiy 

blur o'ver (nyii-'is Ti53) =yo-iya 

.iyB3<nyB ; lyp 

blur'ry a. ('8-'ti53) iiypySB B'a ?is 


blurt V. and n. (BTl?3) ^ysJls iyi"T 

^BSBB'nK MysBSB'nB I't iiyjsi 

.iys85BB'n8 EST : lyx 

blurt out (B18 Bin?3) =83B'n8 in 

.tyX85SDn-18 ,iyB 

blush n. and v. ((j'8?3) »yii am B8t 

nya m ; lynyii am ; yi38c na tyi 

=8P iy3'?B'n -lyns nyam 8 ; lyoyi:' 

<Ba3ny3 yisi "lyis yB'^am 8 ; t? 

■iya'BB8n 8 ;P'?3 lyj'BS'Sa 8 ;318B 


blush'er n. (iy-'i!'8>3) Dsil iy3"8 

.in aoytj'-iyB osii iy3"8 .am aiyii 

blush'ful a. (Jia-'t:'s?'3) ; aniiyayi!' 

.yi38!i' ne ni am 

blush'fully adv. ('8-?lB-'t!'8?3) B'd 

liB Ml 8"PBm b'b ,B"P3'niiyoyB' 


blush'lng ». and a. (as'X-'B'B's) 

oya nyis viim iia lyiyii am b8t 

,i3yn'?3 c'lB ; aniiyayii' : B"n3y3y? 

.i>n 8 ni i3yn'?3 

blush'lngly adv. ('5-3J'8-'ti'S53) 

.IBI8 lyaniiyoyts' 8 ins 

blush'less o. (By?-'ts'S53) nyB3iR 


blus'ter n. and v. (iyB-'Bll?a) ,018? 

; "lyannys yBm3 ; niiBts' ; ?»oib 

•lyiBtyya lyapiB lyas iy3noyi8? 8 

.jyoia ,0185 lysBO ; lyaiiats' 

blus'terer n. (iy-iya-'DS?3) =8? 8 

.iyDn'iy3 iy3nD»i 

blus'tering a. (33'8-iyB-'B893) =85 

,i!"iyonny3 ; t!"DTBt!' ; 3noyi 

blus'teringly adv. -33'K-iya-'B853) 

»<DTBt!' iyi8 iy3noyi85 8 ins (»? 

.IBI8 iyB"iyDn'iy3 8 in8 ; laix \vv 

blus'terous a. (B8-1»B-'B8?3) 

Ifliistet^ng .1 
blus'tery a. ('K-iyB-'DS53) 

mustering .» - 

B. M. E. =iyii n na 3Jixtp38 i8 

Bachelor of Mechanical lyo 

Engineering [jyB'b'iyainyJyj «] 

mechanical engineering .t 

B'nal B'rith (nBn3 '833) =yD8 lyi 

.fin3 '33 tynS iyK"T8=B"38p'1 
bo int. (183) Dy3?yi1 ,B1811 8] 1 m3 

.[i3'p 8 typyiiyixiya'K B3m3y3 Biyii 

bo'a n. (8-183) iyB'n3 818] 883 

'1 D811 883 8 ; [33851!' iy3'BB'3 B'3 

>y3 Biyii] i58n i'b'in :y38ia lyms 

.[lynyiva lyis J'5yB pa a38o 

bo'a-constrie'tor n. -38P=s-'l83) 

.883 ,3385B'=iyt'1 (18B-'P'1BD 


boar «. (1183) 18 inn 8 ,iy3y lyn 
.nnn yiyi38 y3'3"N na "iy" I8 ;"ib" 

board n. and v. (ni83) :Byi3 .1 
'8P 8 : yaD8y3 .3 : aoyp 2 : vo 
Byi3»3"iE' ,Byi3=D33i33"siya ; avisi> 
na BB8t!'iyBiyp ;[?niL" 8 PK ni] 
'ons ii'E' 8 na pyi .4 :ivB58inyB 
"3 lyoy ,!yi"Bi!' ; iyByi3 b'o iy3y? 
: iy3'BBypy3 ; aoyp iy3y3 : tysiio'K 
pyi ri'18 iny3 ; iyByi3 b'o lypyiys 
.I'ty 8 ns 

2. He pays $10 a week board. 3. The board 
held a meeting. 

boar'dable a. (53yi-'liS3) lyp Dsil 

in8 :[i'i»' 8 '11 ] tyiyii iyi85y33s 

1'l^' 8 '11 ] iy3"BL"sm8 typ lyo osii 

.[183811 iyi8 

board and board (niss ijy ni83) 

Dis B3"8 a3yns3 ;a"t "3 B"t 


board and men (ivd 13y 11183) 8 

.iyi13'B '1 B'D Byi3'181S' 

boar'ded floor (iis?3 iyi-'ii83) 
=yi3 B'O apyiy3 [5'i] y385i8B 8 


boar der n. (i»i-'ii83) ,iy3S'D38B 
118 Boyp lyuyo'N "3 Bsn B811 i»3"8 
"D3y'ip 8 ins iyB>3yo 'i ;i'ai8iip 
D'K3iB' nyi P8 i"i8 iy3:'n 0811 I'"' 


boar'ding n. (33n-'ii83) ; iyayi3 
lyvyt D81 ; iyByi3 b'b iypyiy3 b81 




'1811P US OOVP n5811J B'O I'B' 8 


boar'ding-car n. (iBP-wi-'iisa) 
•■"mBMnsaai^K lyssvii t'8 ,isJ8ii 8 

boar'dlng-house ». =3jn-'Ti83) 
18 vt o»n ivo 1811 I'ln 8 (m8n 

.tSDVp 118 ■P13T811P 

boar'dlng-of'flcer «. -jjn-'ii83) 
(Mn=?8n r8 -iy»08y3 8 civd-'s-'bb 

IVB'B' n BDltn DSll [yJi!'tS0812] 

inytiv38J iys8n i'8 i"i8 lyoip yasyii 

18 ,iyt8?-iyT B'3 118 iyiy'B8B yiyt 

nnino ly-iyii B5yjioti'yj3'n8 lysst oy 

.jji5nsi!38 tns 

boar'ding-pike n. (pi8S-J3n-'ni83) 

tyt8ii28a iy35yii o»n t'SE' lyx-iip 8t8 

.oiyB8iiy2 iyj"t ti'iy 8 fi'i8 

boar'dlng-place n. (D"5B=3jn-'-ii8a) 

hoarding-hoiAse .t 

boar' ding-school ». =3:'i-'li83) 

118 lyoy -iVVftf n inii sniiy k (Jhipd 


board of commis'sioners Tiign) 

DJ:iD?8inyB 8 (fiy-38-'K"o-8P ii8 

.t8'D'D8P 8 : cii'jyJsP 

board of control' -jsp lis iTisa) 

.Q08«5sno38P CJisntj 

board of cus'toms -'d8P ii8 -ni83) 

.DQ8=58X ,on8«iy"0(!' (IDSO 

board of guar'dians iis TI183) 

18B 03181 DSll ytj'osp 8 (ny-n-'i8J 


board of health (nosyn 118 liisa) 

=sp 58J'snyD ; BD8=DO"mJity3 dst 


board of trade (t"1b ii8 iiisn) 

.nyo8P=D5yi38n ; Qv-iyDD'j'o»D?yiJ8n 

board'-rule n. (5nn-'lii83) »i: 818 

=?yii B'D [58'r5] yp"3'5 yBTiyo 

n8iiP 5n8x 'T iyvBy:D'i8 lyp ivd ivs 

.anjyjyayT b'j oy-in 8 na dib=b81 

board'-school n. (?niPD-'l11S3) 18 

P8 ,5nit!'=DJ38B:8 18 ,5nit!^-i8Bjyoy5y 

8 lis B3'13il8 •tVI iyBJ18] 1385"y 

n'liB B?nyiny Biyii Dsii yD'osp 


board'-wa'ges Jt. -'"iin-'Tiisn) 

ys'jpin IX BJnsxyj yciiyj 8 (oyts-n 

•■1811P 118 lyoy iy"i i8b BBstfiyjyn 


board' -walk n. (pnsiin«'TilS3) 8 
nyis D' D"3 iyBy-i3 no 3yii'iyx8Bij' 

.V>0 8 "3 

boar'-fish n. ((S"B='-i183) =iyJll "lyT 

.[PUB- 8 Ml ?M0 8 B8n] iJ"3 

1)8' IMN any) lyo iy3?yii b'o lysts" 

.D'Ttn (IMS 

boar'-thls'tle n. (?ainB-'1183) 818 

.[?yDDn=yijy3] yx385B yj^syBB' po 

boast n. and v. (BD183) P'lyorPiys.l 

lyD DSll B'D D8iiBy ; iyDnny3 ti 

lis n5'3 8 typ8nDn8 .2 ; in BBn'iy3 

P8 B'O] iy3'1Bl!' y3S1J P8 P'Biy 8 
B8?5 18J B'3 ;[iyB"3-|8y3 iyXJ83 

.P'BE' 8 typBnons 

1. He boasts of his power over me. 

boas'ter n. (-ij;b-'dis3) .iyan''iy3 

boast'ful a. (?ib-'bdis3) .t!"iyDn'-iy3 

boast'fully adv. cs-5ib-'bdis3) P|'18- 

.1318 iyt!»iyDnny3 8 

boast'fulness n. (Dy3-5iB-'BDlS3) 

.'nyDnny3 ;i'i iyDnny3 D81 

boas'ting n. and a. (3J'B-'Dis3) »y3 

DST ;3njyDn'iya in- ; "lyaiPi 

.iy3'iBt!' y38i3 P8 p'BB' 8 typ8non8 

boas'tlngly adv. ('5-a3'B-'DiS3) =y3 

."iyDipiy3 nn ,B",iyon'i 

boast'less a. (Dy5-'BD183) =y3 tn8 


boast of (118 BD1S3) in lyon'iya 


boat ti. and v. (bis3) 1"5P 8 ; I'tS" 8 

.ypi85 8 B'D iy-in8B ; ypis5 ,5yB'B' 

boa'table a. (53yB-'is3) lyp D811 

iyi8 Dypi85 B'D lyiyii iyin83y33in 


boa'tage n. (B'n"B-'iS3) '381B Dsi 

183 1"1B iyi : I'E' 8 B'D tVTBISBD 

=J'8 iyi ; I'ty 8 B'D iyTB-lSBD381B 

.tl'E' 8 113 D58n 

boat a rlv'er (ly-'ipi v bis3) «'18 
.I'ly 8 B'D i"B 8 iy-ins3iy3 

An order was given to tlie army to boat-ths 

boat'blll n. (?'3-'Bis3) 'V<f iyi 

P't DSll ,5y3'lB 818] 5y3'lB'?y383t!' 

.[jya'tf 8 ix i'?3ny i'8 ?y3S3e!' 

■ Boar-fish 
boar'lsh a. (t:"s-'iis3) ;3sia :i!''Tin 

.1?'11 ,D81'n3 

boar'-spear ,i,. (iy<BD-'iis3) pa 8i8 


boat'-bridge n. (B»nn3-'B183) 8 

=ya t'8 DSll P'i3 8] P'i3 lyiiyD'niy 

.[iy5B'c «i'i8 ly-isiiyj b'u 

boat'-buil'der »t. (ijn-'5'3»'BiS3) 8 


The ship was constructed hy a famous boal- 

boa'ter ». (iyB-'iS3) .lyB'ts- 8 
boat'-fly n. ('S?B='B1S3) l>J8linyD8ll 

=11 t'B'18 BD'IIB' DSll Bpyn'8 818] 


boat'ful n. (5ia-'Bi83) liB 331185 'i 

rJ"i8 lyp I'B' 8 '11 ?y'3 'iis ,ti'E' s 


boat'-hook n. (pin-'BlS3) 3J8BB' 8 

lyis lyn's Dix i3y d"3 x>v\x> 8 b'd 

.jyB'ty 8 lyD'iDtf 

boat'-house n. (Dl8n-'B1S3) Pin 8 

=pyii8 lyiyii oy isii ,d' iyi8 1"b d"3 

.lyjB'ti' B5yBt»'y3 

boa'ting n. (a3'0-'lS3) lyinsB 081 

B'D iyin'Biy3'i8 dsi ;iy5B'(!' b'd 


boat'-in'sect /(. (BpyD-'3'8='B1S3) 

boat-fly .t 
boat'-Uke a. (p'85='B183) 8 IX 1'53ny 

boat'man n. (ij;d-'bi83) ,t8D»DB'B' 


boat'-ra'clng n. (33'D-'"1='B1S3) 

=yiny3 dsi] lya'tc iib BinsBByn 'i 

.[lyiyin iy5y3iy ayii dv lyii I'l lya 

Boat-racing is a very common sport. 

boat'-rope n. (bisi-'bi83) p'lBe-'B 

.ei'tS" 8 IS B13'3 lyD iy3?yil B'D 

boat'-rud'der n. (iv-'lS1»'BiS3) ti'B" 


boat'-shaped a. (BB"t!'-'BlS3) D8il 

.^ya'i!' 8 tiB D1S3 n Bsn 

The boat-shaped hat is out of style. 
boats'man n. (iiid-'DB1S3) 

boatman .t 
boat'-staff «. (ij;bd='bi83) BBSifJSO 
.«!'«!' 8 na 
boat'swain n. (pnipiD-'Bi83) =DB83 8 

.[«1'E' 8 1'18 lyX'Bs] I8D 

boat'swain's mate i3"linD-'BlS3) 
.18DDD83 8 113 1?'ny3 8 (B"D 

bob n. and v. (383) B3y'll DSll 181 8 
iyi3y33yn 8 'ii] I'l B5y3Ds3 lyis I'l 
i3ya3yn 8 ;[.ii .i .8 b"p .p'ibb" 

iyi313y31S 1'8 13y DIV D811 Jyp'IBB' 

B38Dy3 Jyiyi 8 ; P'bk' iyi8 "53 8 
»yD ivT^sB D1S Bsi3y3 lyiy? typ'i tio 
=nf!i iy3'py lya lyis "n 818 ; ?8B 
"3] DPS 18 ti'iK I'l Dnyn Dsii lyD 
y'iyD3833'8 18 jaa'J'tjis ;[iy3'Bi8D 
; lyB'^t:" 8 ;[b81>sd dib] B81?8D 
;n"5B 8 ,1'15 8 :y313 8 : B85P 8 

=853 ti'is y'i85yD 8- iy5y'Bti'D'i8 d81 
8 '11 ] yiB 3y'5i!f lyasD nip ;iyp 
: [nya 8 iia py oyi lyis iiS3 

B'D tf'B 588 iy338B ; P118B lyxilp 
=831^ ; iyB85p ; ry385B' : ypB3yil 818 

='iBy3 ; tyssD pun ; iya'i"5y3 ; lyB 
ti« lyns iy3y'ii ,iy53D83 I'l ; iy3 


bob a cour'tesy (idb-'1'ip y 383) 

.DP'jp lya'Sayn 8 iy38D 

bob'-apple n. (5By-'383) na JyeB" 8 

18 iy3n"!: 'i b'd tyB83 is iyi3'p 

.Dyisa 8 I'i8 B3j"n iy3'5yii ,5yay 

bob'bln n. and v. (pK-'383) ; ySiBC 

iy!{'Bij'=ry3 iyB3y?B dix ypsiaty sis 

5yi3y3 5SDI!' 8 ;[B"318=5yBy5p] 

5yii83 iiB 5yp'iBK' PI 8 lyis 

=P'ii : DP85B ?yD3'3 8 ; DP85a lyis 

.Dy5iBi!' I'ls iy5 

bob'bin and fly'-frame ps-'383) 

P8 PB'SD'JISB' 818 (D"13-''85B 13y 


bob'binet n. (By-3'8-'383) iyx'BB'=l'y3 


bob'bin-frame n. (Q"iB=ps-'383) 

.PB'8D=?1B1!' 8 

bob'bin-machine' n. -yD-l'8-'383) 
IS PB-SD 8] PtSi8D=5yBy5p 8 CVtif 

.[iyx'3t!'=ry3 y35yt8 lyp'iBE" 
bob'btn-net n. (By3-3'8-'383) 

bobbinet .1 
bob'bin-wopk n. (pi'Slin-ps-'383) 
='Bii'=ry3 y35yt8] b"318 yB5yBy5py3 

bob'bish o. (bi'k-'383) =nyiB ,iJiiy3 

.BD»BBiy3 B13 ,1'? 

bob'-cher'ry n. ('8-'iy(!'B''383) tSt8 





.ansa s «i'in Bjj"n osii e'ibp s 

bob'-jep'om n. (ds-'T)»n-'383) 8t» 

.pn8a ivjy-iijtj'vj'nip 

bob'-ma'jop ». (i8t!'n-'"0-'383) 

VD'na 8 ; 1VP8?3 ^imk mvav dst 


bob'oUnk ». (pj<?-s-'3B3) »t"n n 
•jj't j;i!"J8pnvo8 VDMiw «] j;>wiB 
8 D'D v^vriB 
•icBtynys ,iyts"i3 
=M3»jD'i8 118 tyo 

'11 ?V3SJli' BW!)3 
I'8 .'831BS9 8 "3 

iyn'?B j:'?nnB 
=80 tB^JMB ytvn 

IIBV 1'8 r"llJ»B 

118 viviSP fa 

="t B"V IViV P8; 

=i;3 Dii3t n tv: 

j;S181H!' D'D Dpn 

tyij;ni;B »d"ii ti8 
.VJ'n3 118 »3?j;j 
t'3 am BIX "t 
iy3"( B"x ivjv 
ijj'n B'i> ni3pj n is i'5:nv B'i3t n 

"T IVJKBi!' 8pnyD8=Bm I'8 .T?8P 

.[inJVBO"'! eiM8 3n 'a ?v 38 in 

bob'-sled re. (ij;?d='383) .SVB'?!!' 8ts 

bob'tail n. (J"b-'383) =vn8ti'yj38 18 

DVJin8t!'V:38 18 B'O -[-iVS 8 ;P» IVJ 


bob'tail car (i8P 5"B-'383) 8)8 

P'K iiB Biri'BW i8iiB8nB nj;j"5p 

i'8 iV3"-iBJ8 in iv35»ii «i'i8 nya 

.lUBpnJKp n»T ins 

bob'tail coat (BlSP 5"D-'383) 8 

.:>vpvi nip 

bob'tailed a. (iJ"B-'383) B8n BSll 

.P» DViV\iitt>V32tS 18 

bob'tail wig (jnin ?"B-'383) 8 

.pnsB i»:»T8'<!'i;j=nip 

bob' -white n. (B'8iin='383) =38ii 8 

.inin=i?VB 8 ;"?i;b 

bo'cai n. (Jvp-'is3) 's?D nyjn»ty5J 8 

m ; t?8n ivxTip tyB'"i3 s b'o 

=ts53 iyts''«?8pnio 8 tiB piBtyiJio 

n8?P ,B"BnB 8 tiB ni] BjpnnBDJ's 

.[.J .1 .8 By J 

boc'asine n. (l'B-y-'P83) lyj'T 


bocit V. (P83) in5s 8 ,iyp"D ,iy3yn3 


bock'-beep n. (ny'3»'p8a) BnsD 8 
Bm3yj Biyii] iy''3 B'ny'83 pn8BB' 

«8' tl« iy3DyvyT I'8 1:8?t!'B"T px 

.[nyD.i'8 lypJiiByj Biyii ii8 ibu 

bock'ing n. ijj'8-'P83) =8ii ny38"iJ 8 

=yn iyBiy3myj pd s ; inovr ny:y5 

bod'dice 7t. (d'k-'183) 8 ,l»TO 8 

=8T "3] y'?8B yBsys 8 ,?y3"?=T3(i' 


bod'dle n. (?183) oyjBSB' y3"?P 8 

.y3Bo yjiyaip yis'n 

bode n. and v. (1183) : iy]8T38 18 

.[BBBysif] lyasmn-iBB 

bode'ful o. (?iB-'ii83) «jyj«mm8B 

.jnjypyitc : s'l 

bod'ice n. (D'8-'183) hoddice t 

bod'ied a. (tk-'183) o»P 8 B8n D811 

bod'lless a. (D»?-'K-'n8a) ,i8?nyB-iyp 

u'sc] I'Siysiyp t5'3 nyaiyp 8 ms 

He is neither a soulless body, nor a bodiless 
soul. - 

bod'iliness n. (Byj-''?-'8-'183) 8 

.lytyn oys'^iyaiyp 

bod'ily adv. and a. ('5-<8-'183) 

oyp BIX oSynyj osii ,T5iyBiyp i 

; lysiyp oyi b'b ;:nji3'iyB P8 ; lys 

=BSP ,tyxj83 P8 .2 ;?ynyB8o ;i'?pnni 

.3njyBt!'?8B ,By59 

1. The minister Is Interested In matters ot 
spirit. He has no knonledge of the bodily 
part of us, 2. He wants to carry this fur- 
niture away bodily. 

bo'ding n. and a. (33<i-'is3) =DmSB 

8 :[DB3y5i!' «in8 TJsyiBBnn] 3Ji;st 

=y3 ; 3n:yj8tBm8a ; id'b tyo^v^fv 

;[BB3y5t!' «in8] iy3"si8B 8 anjya 


bo'dingly adv. (<?-j3'i-'i83) =Bm8B 
.jnjypyiE' ;[DB3y5t!' tmx] j'uyjsr 

bod'kin n. (pp-'n83) 8 lis] 58 18 
18 lypS'SB" ypn n83 8 ;[iyBBiB' 
Bonyj lyn lysjyii b<b ,B3yDnBDJ'K 

.fBtPm tlB iy38Bt!'313 Dm8 

bod'kin-work n. (pTsiin-pp-'n83) 

.B"3T8 "nyp'BB' 

bodle n. (5i83) »3y?B8is' yj";ip 8 
.P3BB yjiyaip ye"! 

Bodlei'an a. (:y-"i5-i83) t'K B811 
='318 Byi tiB pynBS'53'3 lyi is v& 
t'8 yajyii] nisBDp8 na pyB'Biyii 
nn 1597 ins' P8 lynsiiya Byii'iays 

.['?T83 D8D8nB 

bod'y m. ('8-'T83) ; «ii3 : lysiyp 

iBBBtsiiyBiyp ; p'snya ; 3"? ; tison 

iib] ?"BS'in lyT ; y'38BD8P ,yBnB 

,tiSBB' lyT ;ya8?n3n3 n lEist 8 

8 :B58n3'8 BB'in lyn ; JB'iyBBo D8T 

•'TniB'Bo 8 : t!"jyByE'y3 8 ; isnya 

=yBD'B 8 :[nyB'iyp] i38Bt!':y3y3 -w: 

.ip'y nyi ,'n8t=BB'in n : yo 

bod'y-cloth n. (nBlS5P='8-'l83) 8 

.T'5p 8 ; ypyTTiya 

bod'y-clothes n. (tnBis?P"8-'l83) 

.spvi'TWa 8 ; iyT'5p 

bod'y-coat n. (BlSP-'8-'183) »8B 8 

.P81 B-iy3?8=r3'iB 8 ;psi=y'5 

bod'y-col'op n. (^8-'5sp='8-'^83) 

B'3 BCy? C811 318B 8] 31SB=pyT 

.[iy3'i8 tia iy3y'5 b3"53 i83 nn 

bod'y cor'porate -8B-"isp '8-'lB3) 

8 ; BBBtyiyBiyp yjyD85B'y3 't (b"t 

=8318 18 iyB318 B3y? B811 BB8B'5yty3 

.33ny'ayT iyi!"B'58a lyBTP: 

bod'y-guard n. (ii8a-'8-'i83) =3"? 

.y'ii8ii3=3"? :i8ii 

bod'y-horse n. (Blsn-'8-'n83) -wi 

.i8Bt!'y3=iy'B 8 iiB iiva lyBi'iis 

bod'y-lin'en n. (iy-'3'5-'s-'T83V =318 

i!'yii=3"? ; v>m'-\VQ 

bod'y-louse n. (Di8?-'8-'n83) ,i'i5 8 

.t'l?=B8P 8 
bod'y of a bull'ding y ii8 '8-'l83) 

•"3y3 8 IIB ?"B"BB'in lyT (33'l-'?'3 


bod'y of a coach y ii8 '8-'l83) 

•811 tvi'i iyBB8P'iy38ii lyi (i^bibp 

.[lyiyT 118 iyBp8 't ins iy3 

bod'y of a discourse' ii8 '8-'l83) 
8 iiB B?8n3'8 ^v■\ CDnisp-B'T y 


bod'y of a fop'tress y ns 'K-'l83) 
.33iBDyB=BB'in '1' (oyno-'iijiB 

bod'y of an ar'my jy ii8 'K-'i83) 

=18 18 lia BiBi8p=BS'in 1V•^ cd-'ib 

bod'y of a ship (s'ty y 118 'K-'l83) 

iiB lysnyp lyi] I'b' 8 iib nsnn in 

8 iyBD8D ,iy3'K'80 'T in8 I'B' «5 

.[.11 .t 

bod'y of civ'il law ii8 '8-'i83) 

=?'ii'x na 331508? n (ns? ?'k-'ivd 


bod'y of man'kind ii8 'K-'n«3) 

.B3y?t!'ya=iyi!'3yD B81 (i3'8P-'3yo 

bod'y of nobil'lty -83 118 'k-'ib3) 

.jyis •iyBB8ty3 lyi ('b-'«-'>'3 

bod'y of reserve' ->-\ ii8 'k-'183) 

=8i?8B 't] yyoi8=inytyT 8 cm'it 

=nyB ly'T B3y'iy33s iy38n bsii ,tyD 

l'« tyiyii lyanysp'iis iy3yp ii8 pd 

.[.a .1 .8 nonjo 'ii ,58B=b'13 8 

bod'y pol'itic -'k-'58B '8-'183) 

lyi ,BB8t5''iyBiyp yB"B'5»B cp'b 

Our bcdy politic Is based on tbe principle ot 
the rule of the majority. 

bod'y-sep'vant «. -'TiD-'8-'n8a) 

."P«5 8 ,iy3y'n=3"? 8 (Bsyii 

bod'y-snatch'er n. -'(s-ByaB-'K-'lBa) 

D811 ■iy3"s] iy3'n=iy3"? 8 (iff 

=yiis yB'iiy3 18b lysiyp yB'iB By'33j 

bod'y-snatch'ing n. -'k-183) 

iy3y'333 D8l] 3'll=iy3"5 (33'8-'lS«ff3D 

.[Diysiyp yB'iB 

bog n., V. and a. (383) ; BOlt 8 

;yBS53 P8 ty5P"poil8 ;B'1B38 18 

; ity 8 ,iyBi3=B'3 8 ; son I'K iyp3n 

=8n ; a'l'ntyn ,iyiB ^D"n ; Jyivo 8 

=y3 ,iyiyii B5yB!ry33s :3383?niBB' ija 

.lyiyii Biffi3'n 

bog'-bean n. (iy>3-'383) T8ia=iyB'a 

.[yS385B 8T8] 

bog'berry n. (■>K-iy3-'383) «lso 


bog'-earth n. (nBl'8-'383) .liy=180 

bo'gey n. ('j-'i83) ,r> 8 ,iffBia=B'3 8 

.?yil"B 8 .ivf 8 

bo'geyism n. (Dl'8-'a-'l83) ='i?3 D8l 

lyis o'lc IBB lyssn niid lyiB lya 


bog'gapd n. (n8-'383) ,iyBi3=B'3 8 

.5ffll"B B /US' B 

bog'gapt n. (BlB-'383) boggard .t 

bog'gle n. and v. (5383) ,iyoi3=B'3 8 

'1 BBil 0811 Jllp B ; 5yil"B B .IB-" 8 

: lypyiras I't : tyB'3yD b iib yoiso" 

' : iy3"iiB'i8 ; lyByiBp'iix ; iy5B'nix 

iy38D : lya'iBiya n't typyiB'38 dbi 

=18 yBWBiyB :y38iB yBp'!!'y3=B»3 b 


boggle o'ver (lyn-'is 5383) =B"lW 

.Dyay iy3'K iff> 

bog gy a. ('K-'j83) .3'B853 ,a'aou 

bog'-hole n. (5l8n-'383) PK 3113 B 

=38 18 : riots' B'lK BB'a ryn iy35»)i 


bog house ». (Dl8n-'J83) ,B'iBa8 ts 
, .«B3n n'3 

bo gie n. ('3-'i83) nf 8 ,iyBia'B'>3 ts 

'811 818 : m38ii»ty5n'ip b :5y«"B b 

=5yii ,5n'a«3yt b pb oyDSyi tms i83 

.3yt Dis iysy5p 'i ix bih'd lya 

bo gle-truck n. (psiB-'a-'iss) -nnp ts 

P8 ByB5»l tl'18 183811 818 ; m381'l'tJf> 

•»?P '1 IX Bin'B iy35»ii ,5n'D=3yt ts 

.3Vt DIX IffS 




bog'-i'ron ore (iiis nJ'-''8-'J83) 

Dsii :yt"K lyn'n] i"BCjyt"«=Bon 

.[lj;anu t'« oj'aw wo 

bog'-land n. (tjv?-')83) .i:85 3'BDit 

bog'-lan'der n. (nyn-'jj;?-':s3) »"» 

: \v\3ViVi yrsDit i'n Q:n»ii dsii tvi 

.injy^T'N 18 

bo'gle n. (Jj'isi) nty 8 ,iyBiMiij 8 

.5j;ii"B 8 

bOg'-moSS n. (D8D-'J8i) .IISB nSD 
bog'-oak «. (pl8-'3Bl) r5lSrUW8 

' =Dit i<8 tyjisyj aiyii dsii [yaoyi] 
=8P ty3'?si8iiB' 8 Dsn yJsn D8t] lya 

bog'-ore n. (nis-'J83) 

bog-iron ore .t 

bog'-rush ». (B-svJBn) t8iJ=p'-iB(!» 

.[yxj89a 8t8] 

bog'-spav'in ». (i'K-'iiyBD-'383) 8t8 

=y3p=Dia tyBts'iyojiN Din Vi« Tiicyj 

..iiya 8 "a sya 

bog'-trot'ter ». (iy-'o8"io-'383) i8 

18 ; lyijyjyj ya^BDii na iyjn8iiJ"8 

bog'-trot'tlng a. (jj'k-'D8-|13-'383) 

i<« jnayay? ,iyanit lya'K laynya 


bo'gus ■«. ond o. (DSJ-'lSa) =BM .1 
; DIB'TBD lyplBBE' .2 ; B'JBB ,B3y 
=13 3STD B'O Bty'Dy3 DaBJiy 8t8 

.iyt8iD8D na lypino 

1. He paid his debt with a bogus check. 

bo'gusly adv. (i5-D83-'183) ; Day BO 

.5y"r3'llty nn 

bo'gus mon'ey ck-'jsd DS3-'i8a) 

.i?y3 afPHQ 

bo'gus pa'per CiyB-'i'B DS3-'l83) 

=D1B D'D B5'By3DM8 I'K DS11 3J1B"!: 8 
.D3y3'5 118 iy38I yB 

bog'wort n. (BTSiin-'38a) =^sd 

crattberny .t .ys'JDna ,Dyi38' 

bo'gy n. (<3-'isa) =ij=B'3 8 ,r? r<.\t> 8 

bogey .r .nyo 

bo'gylsm ». (dpk-'3-'is3) 

bogeyism .r 

bohea' n. cyn-isa) Bl8t 8 ; yyno 

.yynB yxiBiisy yBDsis 

Bohe'mla n. (y-'a-'yn-isa) dst 

«<DDi5 n ; Da8tfiyj"3's ; lyonya i:8? 

lis lyD8^yB'? ,iyns'Bp8 na D5yii y3 


Bohe'mlan n. and u.. -iD-'y'n-'iS3) 

iy3"K ; lyanya is i"t:' t's dsii (ty 

yt!»onya n ; lyanya ii3 dobbb' dsii 

8 ,B8"iyB'5 8 ; t!"ny3"3'S nSlBB' 

iy"iB ,iyDa"? s Birra dsii iy?BD3'p 

.lyay? tyBiyB!!'y33is 18 lis 

Bohe'mianisiu n. -jy-'o-'yn-isa) 

■=183 B'3 ,iy'na 8 lyin'B dst (dt's 

=y? iyDiyBE'y3Ji8 ,iyD'i yjyDi3y3:8 n 

.[■iy5BD3<p lis tyD8iyD'5 na] lya 

bo'hor n. (isn-'isa) =<ia8=DDyii-8t8 

.B8?'B38 lyis ti'T'n iyiJ"38P 

boil n. and v. (5'sa) ,iyasP ; Tiit:'y3 8 

.iy3yiBns in Myaspin jiynn 

boil away' ('"iin-y 5'sa) ^bosid'ik 

.3njyasp lya 

boil down (usT ?'8a) boil away .t 

boiled a. (i?<sa) ; iyDSty3 ,Daspy3 

.Bpois^yTi lyi Ba'n3-iyT usn dsii 

boiled down to a point nsT iS'sa) 

,npiy nyi lyonyjD'ns (d3'sb y ib 

.n'son DyT 

Tbe lawyer boUed down his arguments to 
•U Rolnb 

boiled meat (ayo iJ'sa) yDaspy3 


boi'ler n. (lyj-'^sa) ; 5yDyp«isP 8 

D38P DSII lyj^'S ; ?yDyp=eiaD8T 8 

.(I'lK oysy DTt nyis 

boi'ler-com'pound n. -iy?-'<sa) 

=yp iyiy?isBMs sisdb" s (ijiss-'i^sp 

as Tt Bxyi DSII dst] i"DE'»?yD 

8 na lyB'n n ti'is ns pyT I'eiMs 


bol'ler-ma'ker n. -'"D-iy5-'<sa) 

: lyoi^'^yDyp s nyaso^JyDyp s (lyp 

I1B yDs?a lyi r« lyoDsya iy:"5p s 

.8Pnyo8 na tyDS8DS!' yoan^Kiya n 

bol'ler-scale n. (5"pD-iy5-''sa) <yp 

ti'18 as m Bsyt DSII dst] i"Dtv=5yD 

.[^yDyp 8 na lyo'n n ii8 pyi ayi 

boi'lery n. cs-iyj-'^sa) un ys^a 8 

1811 l*8?B 8 ; D818B8»1SP 8 ; tyasP 

=B08iD'i8 iin v?8t Ba8Dy3 Biyii ey 

r58t Dsi tya?yii ns lyosii dst lya 

.vi B3'ay3 

boi'Iing n. and a. (33'?-''sa) =jyasp 

; D3yiy3a'i8 ,Ba8py3B'is 3n3y"t ;3n 

.lyin DST ,iyasP dst 

boi'Iing heat (Byn 33'?-''sa) 'Vtv^l 

.[lyasp D1S D33'na dsii yn »t] vn 

boi'Iing hot (BSil 3J'5-''8a) 13yasP 


boi'llngly adv. (i5-33'5-''sa) oyasP 

.B3yiy3ans ,Baspy3aMs 3njy"r ;3n 

boi'ling-point n. (D:isa-3J'5-''sa) 

=5yii "a iiDsiyanyB n] Bp3iB«yiyir 

'811 .tyasp IS B338B B"p3'D<5a 8 ya 

1813 100 "a ryasP is b338b .a .s lyo 

.[B"n3ynn8a isiJ 2i2*iyis Din?yx 

boi'Iing spring (33naD 3J'5-'<sa) 

.5811P iyD"n 8 

boil o'ver (-iyii-'is 5'sa) =SPiya<-i8 

.iya'i5iyan8 ,iya 

boil o'ver with rage iyii-'is 5'sa) 

,Dy3 ns pisBiy lyiyn dytTXT nanin 

.Dya na lynyii oaspis 

boil to piec'es (ly-'oyB IB 5'sa) 

.lyasPix B13 

boil up (ss 5'sa) .tyaspa'18 

bois'terous a. (DS-iyo-'D'Sa) =Dyi85 
.njynna ; B"m'Bt!' ,3'Dayn ; 3n 

The boisterous lads were arrested for dis- 
orderly conduct, 

bois'terously adv. O-DS-iyo-'D'sa) 

•nyjy ; 3'Dayn ; diibb' b'd ,3noyT85 

.I3yi'n3 ; is"3 

bois'terousness n. -DS-iyD-'D'S3)~ 
DST ; lytma dst : iyaT85 dsi (Dy: 


bois'terous youth DS-iyB-'D'sa) 

.Bsp=r'n -\viiv 8 (iiBi' 

bold o. and v. (i5isa) B'3 /DD'm 

='ntyn ,iyia ; yjyno ; lyajsnyspnix 

risa TJB"! ,B5ia ;iyia lyiyii ;3n 

1"?3 ly'B ; 5"BD ,i>riiswa ; 3'18 

.[d'b' -wis tya"B "a] 3yia n"3 

bold ea'gle (53y'8 i5isa) =D'is 18 

.lyjis lyty'SsiB 

bold'-face ». (D"a-'i5isa) ; Di3B«nuy 

nsnis' ,riis ly'B^ia ; lyBDyts'iyajis 

.Dantypm lys 

bold'-faced a. (DD"a-'i5isa) nyia 

'yi'nsiits' ,y'B5ia b'o ; Doyty-iyajis 

.nvnis yBpm 

bold'ly adv. (<5-'i5isa) =3is ,'ryiB 

'318 lyis tyayna 8 nns iDDytj-iya 

.IBIS lyaoyB'-iyB 

bold'ness ■«. (Dy3-'l5lS3) ,B"PDD"n 

.niiy ,,B"n3yia :B"PB"Bti' 

bold shore (iisa- iJisa) =<TyBiK"a 

.D' lyis T'B 8 113 3yn3 iy3 

bold'-spir'ited a. -'s-'TBD-'lJlsa) 

8 Bsn D811 : B'tsiip Dsn dsii nyts 

.riBia lyBD'm 

bold word (iTisiin ^51Sa) p-i«0!!> 8 

.B1S11 3'!{'iyn3yBs 18 ,oi8ii 

bole n. (?isa) 8 ; D<ia 8 na dsbi!' 8 

818 ;5ya<t^ i"?p 818 ; 5y3:yDt!'»tyDi?a 

?yDB8P»iyD8t n ; D"5 lyDya •iya"ii 

iDsB nsian yB?8 sts ;[y!(385a 8 "a] 

bole'ro n. (i8V'"5-S3) ■iytJ"38Bt!' 818 

.r38B 818 IK p'llO ; V380 

Bole'tus n. (DSD-''5-sa) nnsi -\VI 


boll n. and v. (?is3) JyoasP^iyosi n 

; iy?DB8p=iyD8t iy3»ip ;[iyK385B "a] 

.DSD nsian yB?8 818 

bol'lard n. (ii8-'?83) I's iyp?8a 8 

.w 8 tyi3'aix3s tyasn 8 

bol'lard-tim'bers n. -n8-'?8a) 

ly-iyii D811 ■iysy?p y3?yt8 (nya-'o'B 

.lya'sy lyia d'u B3'nay3 

boi'Iing n. (33'5-'lS3) "lyi ,5'S5p 8 

ins ns r'sts- oyn ms ona 8 na nsBts' 

.iy3"iix n 

bolom'eter n. (iyB-y-'08?-S3) 18 

y3"5p r383 lyoDyo is B3yDnDD3's 

.B"PnyTS11 113 iy331?n81Bi!'DM8 

bolomet'ric a. (pn-'ByD-s5-isa) 

B'D B3yDnBD3'i«»BlS T'B' VS DSII 

y3"5P V383 lyBDyo lyp lyn lyasyii 

.D"payi8ii na iy33i?n8iBB'D'i8 

bol'ster n. and v. (nyDD-'5isa) 818 

nyDDJsa 8 sys^Bts^BsP 8 _:y5yB"p=Bsp 

ivitt nyDDJSB 8 D'o iyx'OE'nyB3is 

; lynyDD^sBDMS ,,iyBsDt!'DMs ; iyii"p 

.Dyisosp 8 iy3y?is 

bol'sterer n. (ly-iyaD-'Sisa) =Jis 18 

.lyiyBD^ss 8 ; lys'BB'iyo 

bol'stering n. (33's-iyDD-'5is3) 8 

.ys'B(^"ssp 8 ; ys'BB* 

bol'stering-match n. -■iyBD-'5iS3) 

P8 lyij'p lis "lyB'DB' 8 (ii'ayD-33's 

n B'D VI lyansii nn •iyB's=fis?ts' 


bol'ster out (bi8 iyDD-'5isa) =D'1k 

.iyiyBD5sa : Djyc'p d'd lyaya 

bol'ster up (ss nyDD-'Jisa) ''T'Bnys 

.iy3j"ia DBiyinsa nys^DE'iyBjis ,ty3 

bolt n., V. and adv. (B5isa) ,iys?sa 8 
3'nt:' 8 B<o Ba'D» •MiP'''\ 8 -, BB'bts' 8 
8 : jysn s ,nypmya 8 ; liD Q"a 
=iyi3'5's 8 : i"?a s ; m'la 8 na 5"a 
=D'a ;?nyD iy5B"a dis 5niD s ns an 
=is ,iny33-in ] lysyiD'is dst ;iy58n38P 
lyn'sp'nis dst niya 8 na [|y3siB 
1811 ,is'SjyiiJSP iyK"B'?sB s na in 
=n38P="Bn8s n Bo^Btyya lyiyii oy 
oyTnaisjis iia BDyasna d58 ,iyB8T 
183 lyo'Dty IS in lyssias dst ;B"n 
=183 iyjy3"8 iyi na B8T138P oyi 
8 B'D lys'DDyaiya ,iy?3»nyB ; "o 
=DmB ,iyw!?B ;iy?B"a ,iyBn ;iys?sa 
D?8in lyn'sp'iis :iyD't!'Dns ,iys85B 

,IS'S3yi13SP iyE''Dl?S3 8 113 BDyosiB 

="Bi8B n BO'Bcya lyiyii Dy isii 

="S iyi 18B lyD'aE" B'3 ; iyB8T138P 

=sy53 ; ?y3t!'=r'?a ,5»3B' ; "bisb lyjys 

bolt'-au'ger n. (iyj-'ns-'B5isa) 8t8 
.lyajy lyonu 




bolter «. (iyo-'?iS3) B'MnJ'?'!( 
'1»B 8 ; ?ny» I»5t3"3 DIS ?iTa 8 I'K 
=18B V(!"B'5»B t"r Dt»?iyB D811 ,t8t 

ins t3'?n8ii n tia t5"s ivt i'x "d 
=J8Ci="t3n8B 8 iia p'liit iM on'x dsh 
0811 iiya 8 ; i3DyQ8na d?8 is'xjyii 
liB rsi 8r8 ;[dm8 osyt] iin isnw 

I»?0"3 IV B't 8 ; B"B tSIBSS IS dnsB 


bolt'head n. (i!;n-'B?i83) «t?'BB't 

8 B'D oyBW -lyjiytyjj 8t8] oyayj 

.[t>8n iyjj8? 

bolt in (UN 05183) «8BJ"n8 b'»i?b 

.nsiD I'N \v 8. '11 ty?8B:'n8 ,ry? 

bol'tlng «. (j:'B-'5i83) ■,iy?jmyB D8T 

='8 D8T ; tyan D8T : 'noec jyoj's 8 

."B-18B nyt!"ci<?sa 8 b<d lyD'mya 

bolt .1 

bol'ting-doth n. (nB8?P-H'D-'?ls3) 

'Vi Biyii D811 isBt!' lyi] nwoiy'sn 

«j'?'s=?yB"3 iyi8 lysn isa b3m-i3 


bol'tlng-house ». (Dl8n 3JiB-'5l83) 

,5n'D 8 t'8 r85B lyi] lynBP'JyB'u 

.[fl?yB"3yj Biyii ?nyD dst ixii 

bol'ting-hutch n. (BJBsn-JJ'B-'SiBS) 

=5yB"3y; D8t i«ii] tyBB8P=?yB"3 nyi 

.Ipn8 Tt B'tf ?nyo yo 

bol'ting-machlne' n. -;j'b-'5i83) 

.I'il!'8B>?yB"3 ; PB'80=B'I (Tt^-yD 

bol'tlng-mlU «. (?'n-jj'B-'5i83) 

holting-machine .i 

bolt'-knlfe n. (♦bj-'bSiss) oi3 8t8 


bolt of canvas (Dyil-'jyp 118 B?183) 

n8' 50 t'3 30 iiB iiB=5yjyi p'bb" b 

bolt out (B18 B51S3) ^D'lK ; iySMD'18 


bolt'-rope n. (bi8V'b?183) 8t8 

'yjBns B-iyii oy lysjyii b'o pnBB" 

.v& 8 lis jyjyt 8 BD<ii 

bolt'sprlt «. (B'nBB-'B?l83) =?83 818 

183 on na bmib BpyoE' B8ii lyp 

.[I'B" 8 IIB 5"Biyi8B] 

bolt up (as B?is3) =iv ; iy3'BDyay3 

bolt upright' ('b<8VB8 B?1S3) =yBli' 

.1813 3n3yn 

There he stood bolt upright. 

bo'lus n. (D85-'i83) ?'a iyD'n3 8 
181 ynny3y338:i8 is iCpitnyo pn] 
08318 18 ; lyiyii Byi?ny3 no dsii 
o'JiyaBiB no lyo dbh bibh dny3y3 


bom n. (BS3) .338?B' yDm3 no 8 

bo'ma n. (80-'i83) vsSB lyion 8 

=y?a lyiB iy?DM3 b'd Bo'ixy3on8 


bo'mahnut n. (b83-8D-'183) =?yt8 

,8P'iB8 n8 5yoM3 8 na lyont ya 

.?yB iy3-i83 in Bvi3y3 Biyii osii 

bomb n. and v. (d83) ; JBC ,?8:p 

,iyim83B83 ; iy?8B' ,iy?8:p : y3083 

.By3B83 B'O lyd'l!' 

bombard' v. and n. . ('n83-D8a) 
8 ; Dy3083 B'O lyo'c ; iyi'n83S3 
'?3 vjiyiy? 8 ;«i'B' I'o 8t8 ;y3838P 

.niNPt!>0 186 

bombardier' n. ('iy'i-"i83-D83) »083 
"3 B8158D 8] BB'iy?'B18 ,iy'T183 

iyByp<iy'Ti83D83 lyi :[iyB8o-i8n 

.CSlB 818 :[yp?y383 .pIB't 8t8] 

bombardier'-bee'tle n. -i83-o»3) 

■iyByp'iy'n83D83 lyi (>By'3-'-iy''i 

B3'By3 tVO Bdill y?y383 /PltS-t 818] 

.[-lyj^Biy "iyB31K 

bombard'ment n. (B3yo-'n83-B83 

.By3083 B'O lyB'ty D81 :33n'n83083 

bombar'don n. (i8i-'-i83-D83) 8i8 

.B"DnB iyD'n3 

bombardo'ne n. (y3-'i8i-"i83-n83) 

botnbardon .i 
bombasin' n. ('i't-y3-083) 

bombasine .t 
bombasine' n. ('|y't-y3-083) ='i 818 
='18 B811 nSOB' 818 ; n8Bt!'3yT't iy3 
.?S11 t'8 iyB318 118 T'l VK \S2 

bom'bast n. and a. (BDy3-'D83) 
=y3 ; lyBiyii yi3y33'?p3'in ,p'BD83as3 

.l!"BD83B83 ; yp'nD'18 y3y?811i^ 

bombas'tic a. (p'B-'Dy3-083) =083 

y3y58iiK'y3 iia BnyBt!'y3 Dsii ,t!"BD83 

.yp'iiB'iK yi3y33'?P3'in 

bombas'tical a. c5yp-'B-'By3-083) 

bombastic .t 
bom'bastry n. ('1B-By3-'D83) =083 
,yi3y33'5P3'in ,yB"BD83083 ; P'BD83 

.ypmD'i8 y3y?8iii!'W 
Bom'bax n. (Bpy3-'083) =T'I lyi 

I'K BDP811 B811 B'13 8] Q'13 5811D'13 

.[sp'iyoB IIB iyi3y3y3 yD"n 'i 
bombazeen' m. * ('iyit-y3-B83) 

bombasine .t 
bombazine' n. ('iy<t-y3-D83) 

bombasine .t 
bomb'-chest n. (Boy t>'B-'D83 ) 8 
.iyii5iB=D'E' iyi8 Dy3os3 b'd ?yBDyp 

bom'blc a. (p'3-'083) 1"B' n8 D811 

. .Qyi8ii=Tn 8 is 

bom'bilate ». (B"5-'3-'D83) lyE'tltS't 

.[:y'3 8 'ii] 

bomb'-ketch n. (BiByp-'D83) ti'B' 8 

.Dy3D83 lyiri'B bis 

bomb'-proof a. and n. («innB-'083) 

IBB 8110 P'p BSD D81l] iy3't=iy3083 

D8n 33ioDyB 8 na ?"b 8 ;[y3083 8 

.iy3't=iy3083 t'8 

bomb' shell n. oyi^-'oss) ; y30S3 8 

.y3D83 8 na ?yDB8P 8 

bom'bus n. (DS3-'o83) lyti'trj't B8i 

.[B"np38iP 8t8] lyiyiK 'i ns 

Bom'bus ». (DS3-'D83) =y'3 no 8t8 


bomb'-ves'sel n. (5y-'Dyi'i-'D83) 
bomb-leetch .t 

bom'bycld o. and n. (i'D-'3-'083) 

; tya'ii lyis lyoso is v^ t'8 dsh 

Bom-bycidtB .t .ys'il ; ?'S0 ,B80 8 

Bombyc'idse n. (y'i-'8-'B'3-D83) 

y3?yi8] tyBpyt3'8=iyB8D iyi8 ?'8o 

='11 ;[i»i"?P lyoyiBis BS11 iy5y3'?B 

=ip'By y3?yii na] iyB'ii"iyi"t ; tys 

.[oyiyii y3yi"t 'i D'iib lyo 

bombycld'ean n. and a. -'3-083) 

bom,byeid .t (iy-'8-'TD 

Bom'byx n. (dp'3-'OB3) '3'8 I'D lyi 

=80 '1 iyiyny3 oy iy3?yii is lyopyt 

.Dyiyii'iyi'M iib lyB 

bon a. (n83) .bi3 

bo'na fl'de (n-''8a y3-'i83) i'n 

.3'B3'i ; I'Mny ; "IB ,ty3'i?3 iyBi3 

The act was done bona fide. 

bo'na fl'de ev'ldence -'<8b y3-'i83) 

tyo y3?yii «i'i8 niiy (B3yi-'«-'iiy n 
.lytsMyB I't iyp 
bo'na fl'des (ni-'Usa y3-'i83) 

bona fide ,\ 

bonan'za n. (yt-'3y3-83) yB'll3 8 

Biyii D811 [JBByo lymn] nv vdbd 

=318 y3y33i?y3 s ;y3'o 8 pk jy3i3y3 

.p'?3 8 ;33iDny3iyB 

Bonan'za mines (t3'80 yt-'3y3-»3) 

='iyo8] 8i8iiy3 i'8 ty3'o iy35't n 

B lyisiiw iy3iay3 ns ov i8ii ,[8P 

.iy3?'t yoBD yo'iij 

Bo'napartean «. (iy-'B-l8B-y3-'i83) 

=8B lyi] 01BBB383 IS 1"B' t'R D81) 

lyBE'iy Byi i8y?8S83 ns ipo83=iy'>'o 

.[B18B8383 tyiiy3 T'S 
Bo'napartism n. (Qt'B-l8B-y3-'uj3) 

=83 I8y58S83 IIB DyBB'B yB"B'58B '1 

Bo'napartist n. (BB'B-18S-y3-'l83) 
iyK"Bi8S8383 lyi IIB ' iy33yn38 :b 
iyB"B'58B lyi IIB lyiB y'BB83n 

•"8 ;B18B8383 I85'58BB3 tlB dyBB'D 

P8 iyin'33"8 p'lis ?'« B811 iy3 

=8383 lyi IIB l"13'3yp B T'lPOBlB 

.y'BD83'l iyt!"B18a 

bona'sus «. (D8B-'"3-83) =iy'18 in 


bonbon' n. ('183-383) =38P ,0383383 

.ypiypis ; Bpya 

bon-chre'tlen «. (iyi!>-'"ip-i83) 'i 

=183 Di8t lyiyo 8t8] y3i830D'ip 

.[Off 3 

bond n. and v. (i383) ; Byp 8 : 1383 8 
; lyoBtlS B13'3 0811 D81lBy ; P'lBl!' 8 
; 331D3'5BiyB ; 33n3'3iyB ; 13ia>S 

8 ; iy3y3"8=3"? 8 : iiBsro : ni3"nnn 

='S83'538 : 3313"lB'iyB3yi5lB' ; B3y3P 
3313"lB'iy3 8 iy?yBB'B'18 ; ni3iy ; 18 

='iyB : ly'iiBiTO'iyB ; BBiioy lya'B 
; iyi3'3iyB ; ni3iy ib ibb iyn3»o 

B D58 B103y3"8 y3'53yi1»3318 iy3yj 

; iyi3'3iy3 : ni3iy 18 ibb mvm 

=38B'D iy3"0tt' iyi8 5yj's iyi3'3iyB 

.B3yDys iyi8 O"? im iyi3B 

bon'dage n. (k'(1"i-'3B3) :DB8E'D3y3p 


In Egypt, the Jews were held In boidMe> 

bond'-cred'itor n. -'8-'lfflP-1383) 

8] 18B'iyip=B38'S83'53S IB (IBB 
IB '1111 BiyB'iiyB t'8 D811 IBB'iyip 

.[nio3y3"8 iy3'53yiiy33i8 ns npiy 

bond'-debt n. (Byi-'13B3) ='S83'538 

Biy3'ty3 t'8 BB11 l?!^ 8] l?iefcB38 

="8 iy3'53yiiy33i8 iib nmy ib im 


bon'ded a. (iyi-'383) Biys'tyj 

" nmy is iin] I8'S83<?38 is iin 

"'lyB ;[DiB3y3"K iy3'?jyiiy33i8 ei'is 

=83'53s iyB3i8 B3y5y3pyiiB ; B'3i3ira 


bon'ded ware'house iyi-'383) 
o?8n lyo 1811 ,pt83B0 8 (DiBn-'inyiia 
3'i5ic t'8 lyo y3?yii n'i8 jiiiiriB 
•lyB lyiyii "t t'3 .ly'BB' lyis 58s 
iy3?yii iyD'nB3y3"8 lyt iib bb'ip 
oy B811 33ny'3yi lyi i"8 ibi b?,18s 


bon'der «. (iyi-'383) bbii iy3"« 
eiiBi oy ysjyii «i'i8 ,niinD pyiiB Bjyj 
P8 ,J8S iyi8 lyBB* lyiyii oyngsya 
oyii minB 'i n3 ,nt8a8D"B33ny'3yi b 
B i'8] p'BB'13'3 8 : lyiyii OB'ipiyB 
.[13B11 lyBiyioyj 

bond goods (tiniJ 1383) 'y^pyiiB 
iy>nss 51181 lyo y3?yii ibb ,niinB lyj 

■D331iy'3»l 8 I'8 ,?8S 1»18 iy"Bj}. 




'MIS Dnsii mino n tSJSii fa ,in838o 


bond'mald n. (n"0-'nJ83) ,|'B8?pb' 


bond'man n. (i5iD-'i:83) ,B3J):p 


bond of Indem/nity -pn iis 1J83) 

IK ,nmy jjunyti'Bjy 18 Co-'j-'nyT 

lUJnssya is lyaww oiyii dsii nmy 

.insiy ins bouivb tsb 

bond of obllga'tlon -i?-3s 118 1383) 
'ijianJiB' 8 : i"ti'=n?iB' 8 (ISB'-'": 

bonds n. (11383) :BB8t:'3!;338By3 .tVByp 

.Dy'xp8 ,iyiy'B8B=nBiyii 
bond'-ser'vant n. (B3yii-'TiiD-'i383) 

.n85plS' 8 ,iy3y3"K=3"? 8 

bond'-ser'vice n. (D'11-'TiiD-'l383) 

\"nyD85Pli' ; BB8tf3yj'<8=3"? 

bond'-slave n. (n"?D-'i383) ,ei8?pi!' 8 

.I''B8?plS' 8 

bonds'man n. (iyD-'tl383) :3ny 18 
=y33iK i"t nmy d?8 b'j D8ii iy3"« 

.ll85Pti' 8 ;DlB3y3"K i'?jyii 

bond'-stone n. (nsoD-'1383) =13'3 8 

.[13811 lyBiyiDyj « vhI p'osy 

bonds'woman n. (iy-Di8iin-'n383) 

.IiB85p6^ 8 ,y3y3"N=3"5 8 

bond'woman n. (iy-oiKiin-'n383) 
bondswoman .1 

bone n. and v. (n83) ; |y3S3P ,l"3 
=(!"B iyxyi3"i8 ,'iy3"3 n tyony3D'n8 
i3in 8 '11 iyBn8ii8ix •,iy3y'333'is ; i"3 
lyi IS 3iD"5B iyDny3 in ;!"3 8 


bone'-ache ». (p"8-'li»3) =j;3yn3 8 

.iy3"3 n I'K !:"3 

bone'-ash n. (^-'1183) «iya lis is'8 

.■iy3"3 yB3yi3 

bone'-black n. (py53-'!i83)- yB3yi3y3 

yB3yn3iyB na lyJnnp ;i"3«B38B?y 


bone'-brea'ker n. (iyp-'"l3-'Il83) 

818] iy3n33"3 lyi ,i»?i»=d' lyi 


boned a. (13183) ;iy3"3 081 D8II 


bonef-dust n. (bd81-'I183) =iy3"3 

lyj'BD'D IS iy3"3 y3y5n8ny3] s'ibb* 


bone'-earth n. (iBi'is-'Iisa) ti'8 

.iy3"a yB3yi3iyB 11a 

bone'-glue n. (153-'31S3) "5p=iy3"3 

IIB B38By3 Biyil D811 "?P BISt 8t8] 


bone' -house n. (D18n-'I183) .y3nB 8 

bone In'to (iB-'3'8 1183) 3'D"?B VI 

.DsiiBy IS iyDny3 

bone'less o. (Dy5-'3i83) .iy3"3 ms 

bone' -manure' n. ('ii'3-yo-'tl83) 

18a iy3"3 y3y?nsDis] 5nyD»ijf3"3 

.[iyi5ya 11a 3313'od»o 

bone'-mlll n. (?id-'ii83) 5n'B 8 

.iy3"3 ty5n80 i8b 

bone of eonten'tlon -3SP 118 .1183) 

=B"iB6!' iyi ;?yBy»P38S iyi (i8t5'-'3yB 

tyo iy35yii iy3'8 i"3 iyi ;bp3ib 

.npi?no 8 lis yasnis 'i ;i'i bd"i 

Tripoli wa3 the bone of contention In the 
war between Italy and Turkey* 

bones n. (t3i83) =y'Bt!' Dis] iy?i3"3 
.lysiyp lyoMB iQyjypo ;[iy? 

bone'set n. and v. (ByD-'3i83) vo 8 
»ii3D8n] 1813 t}"3'snyo iyB'3 
;nV3"3 S3y38i3is iy?"n ;[yynB lya 

18 B18 1"! S1'18 iy5yBl!'3"18 pnis 

.iy'?3 Dy3yp3i?y3D<is 

bone'-set'ter n. (iy-'ByD-'llS3) ="8 

iyi8 iy3"3 y3y38i3is B5"n dsii iy3 

BI8 iy"t «iM8 pnis i"i8 B?yB(^• 

B3Mi3y3 Biyil] iyiyi?3 y3yp3i5y3DM8 

=PS1 I"P B'3 t'8 DSII ,ty35yt8 «1'18 

bone'-spav'in n. (P8-'iiyBD-'nS3) 
OIK Dyi tlMN DP18113S iy3'ny3"3 8 

.Dia -D'liya 8 iia 5yay3p lyBts-iyB 

bon'fire n. (i'8B-'383) lyOMls 8 

»83iDi5'K 18B K85B iy"iB 8 VK iy"a 

,iy"a 8 ;33iiniD8 183 iyi8 ts's 

l'5B3yBy B3yi3iyB lyo iya?yii pim8 

.iy3<3 yi^''Diip'B8 lyis b'dhp'bs 

bonhomie' n. ('yiD-s-3S3) =B13 8 

Oyas ; Ba8B'iyil13B13 ; 11B83 yj'BID 


Bon'iface n. (D"B-'«-'383) 5y3 8 

.iyDiB3y3''''8«Pin 8 ; 8<3D38 

bonl'tO n. (lSB-''3-83) l!"B=B"13 iyi 

' .[318a ty3'5M5a ii3 t!"B»n' sts] 

yp38'?D8» lyis y3yByDD b'd ots^Dya 


bon'-ton' n. ('I8B-'I83) ,I8B IS3 

tyiy'38o ; iyiy'3»D y3"B ; isb lynu 

;DB8B'?yiy3 iy3'in iyi na yiso ii8 

.BB8i!'5yty3 ys'in n 

bo'nus n. and v. (D83-'1S3) P3yt!'y3 8 

=yj VI iyD'i« tyB?yB6:'y338 I8 is 

8 18a p3yts'y3 8 iDvoyis 8 ; bPibs 

DSII iJya DS1 ; iyt3's n yin 8 n8i?n 

pjn t"t rin 8 B3'ip iy>i3yn3y'sp8 i8 

,Di'oyiB 8 iy3y3 ; tyBD3ymyB n i'k 

.psycys 8 

bon'-vivant' n. ('I811-'11-'J83) =y5 8 

.iyiii3 iyBi3 8 ; i8oy3 

bon voyage' ('(!»t8<-Sll 183) =p'53 8 

.yr"i ya'? 

bo'ny a. (i3-'i83) ; a»liy3"a ,3'a83p 

Biy3soy3as ; iy3"a yDMi3 D8n dsii 

.1"3 Ml Bi8n ; iy3"a n t'3 

bo'ny tls'sue (i8-'B"B '3-'183) DSI 

n iiB 33i?yBi!'3yD8tis n] ayiiy3=i"3 

.[i"3 oyi iyi?'3 DSII iy?ys 

bon jour (ntsit i83) .ty3isa lyBU 
bon mot (18D 183) ,B1811 B13 8 

.rMi 8 

bonne n. (183) ?yi"n sl y383 8 

.[iyi3'p IS 

bonne bouche (ti'U 183) «80ii'y3 8 

."iyt5'83 8 riyou lyp 

bon'net n. and v. (By-'383) ; Byi83 8 

;Din=isD8B 8 ; Biii3y'iia 8 ; yJyB'n 8 

n tyiy33y5iya is iiBjysyi n^iBtj" s 

=y3DMK lyonsi 818 : 1'ts"- 8 na ?y3yt 

8 "3 ry3 8 '11 BS11 B'B iyD3s?a 

=st iyp3iB 18 lyB'niya is i'E'8D»nBD8i 

IS i'y3=BS11 818 IiyS'lBt!' B'3 D"11 ly? 

="K 818 ;y3'D 8 iiB 33i3ay '1 lypyiya 

18 'lyiB ?'B3yii 8 IIB 5ypyi iy3iyt 

18 n'i8 iyBS3iy3'i8 18 ;in8i3yt"8 

=isa'i8 ya8aB'i8 'i Bsn D811 tS'Sp'i8 

='n DSI iyn'siya'i8 ; t"iB oyi tya'in 

.iy3'iK '1 iy3'8 ?yD 

bon'net-boards n. (iiii83-By-'383) 

=8a Dyi BasD lya ya?yii na isii8P 

.B'n=iy'iiB IIB 18D 

bon'neted a. (iy-By-'383) ' Dsii 

'.ysyB'ti 8 ,Dyi83 8 b3sib 

bon'net-macaque' n. -yD-By-'383) 

'ya y35yii ys58n ,y38'iy3s sis Cpyp 

18 IS I'l lyp 118 185"S I'S in B3'B 

.iy3nyiiyais b'3 b8D'5p iyi38 

bon'net-mon'key n. -'3SD-By-'383) 

bonnet-tnacaqiw .t Cp 

bon'net-pep'per n. -'ByB-By-'383) 

.lyaya iyB"38S!;' vo sis (iy 

bon'net-piece . rt. (Dy'B-Dy-'383) 818 

,iyB5 Dyi DO'its-ii iiB y3BD y3yi?s3 

.)'3yp iy[!"i3y?BSB' iya'5808 is 

bon'nily adv. ('?-'k-'383) ,t!'3'n ,!"B 

.I'JnyiB ,3'BD15 ,iyB31D 

bon'niness ». (Dy3-'8-'38a) =nyiB 

.B"P3nyt^ ; B"P3'DD15 ;B"pa'? 

bon'ny a. ('8-'383) ,T?nyiB ,3'bdi5 

.l"B ,t!'3'n ,iyB3ia 

bon'nyclabber n. (iy-ay5P-'K-'383) 

iy'3 tiB Basoyj p38iBy3 8 ;i?'oiy'ii 

Bony Tissue 
bonze n. (nsa) i838o lysi'^bD'na 8 
83'a rs i'?3yiDB'in] lyoD'ia lyis 
.[18B8' ns 

boo'by n. and a. ('3-'ni3) iy!!"183 8 

,ti"183 ;5y3'lB»D' 818 ; HDIt!' S ,331' 



boo'by-hut ■«. (Dsn-'3-'ni3) =iya 8 

.lyB'?!!" lyDpyi 

boo'bylsh a. (E"8-'a-'ni3) ,ts"i83 


Boo'dha n. (8i-'ia) O'u iyi] 8ii3 

.[is'3'5yi iyt!"DD'ii3 iyi na iyi 

Boo'dhism n. (di'i-'13) =D'113 '1 

.is'a'5yi yt!"B 

boo'dle n. (5inia) : 5yi3'iii!' ,18383 

=iyD3i8 IS lyayjya Biyii' dsii i838a 

psn ;5ypyB ys383 dsi ; yoosya lya'ip 

.P8B lis 

boo'dler n. (iy5i-'ni3) iyD08y3 8 

=iyB D811 iy3"8 ; 18383 Bnny3 Dsn 

.18383 18B yO'BtC 1"1 BB'IP 

boo'dy V. (ii-'ni3) ; tnytO'is t3na 

.1"! 13113 
Come, don't boody with me. 

boohoo' int. and v. ('iiin-ni3) in^in 




.Tin w<-tf!> 
ok ». ond ». (P13) : ?»a'3 n ; in t! 
lyis lyJyets'va- ni3 s i'« iy3"'it!'j"N 
I'nsB r« Dyey cd lynsnys in 

IBBDiSID ;[By?'3»yt"T 8 B'O Ml] 


ok'-account' n. ('BJl8P-y-'Pia) 

. ['=ii2=D?yiJ8n 8 fK] SB38P n 

lok'biilder ». (ly-f-rsa-'pn) 0"8 

.nynraan .lyira 

>ok'bindery ». ('K-nyi-:'8a-'pia) 

."lyij'aaia 8 

lok'bindlng n. (jrn-j'8a-'pia) 

:iB naK>o n ; lya'a iyi3'aj"K D8T 


lok'case n. (D"P-'Pia) nys'a 8 

.iyo58=iya'a 8 : p^bic 

lok'-debt ». (oyi-'pia) =^ia n 

iy3'-lE'yjJ"8 t'8 DSll IfMt/ 8] 151B' 
.[113=1>11!' t'8 IIJ 

»ok do>vn (1181 Pia) ; rya'ntynya 


>oked It. (BP13) t'8 iy3nB'yjJ"K 

.BTB1SBBJ81B ,BJTSty3 ; ■=113 

loked for (isb Bpl3) DsllBy IBB 

.I"t B0'B»y3 
I am booked for a lecture next week. 

>ok'fal n. and a. (5ia-'pi3) 'Si:s 

DSll Dyj"8 «1'18] iy3'3 D'D BBSBB' 

Bsn ^y itsj lya^a 5y'B iyty?yj asn 
'11' ?y'B Mt8 ;[B'myB bi: b'j "t 

.BJBHBjy '=113 8 

)ok In boards (misa l'« Pia) 
.iy?iiSB PK ■ilia 8 
>ok'ing n. (jj'x-'pia) '"iiynyB DST 
B'D ^n tynsnyB D8i ma 8 v» lya 
lyns insa 8 b'o '1i] D''nsB i<8 oysy 
jok'lng-clerk n. (piiiSp-wis-'pn) 
=nyB DSll yoTB 8 t'K nyB5yBB'y308 i8 
DSll nyBjyBB-yjJS m ma t's Ba'nty 
lyB'ipiyB 8 ; iyBy?<a=)n8a BB'ipnys 
.8 DipTx ,iyB8yB 8 rs lyBys'a ns 

.11 .t 

Bok in sheets (DByiy p« pia) b<j 

.■^13 iyjyiJi3y3J"« i"p 

Dok'ish o. (EJ's-'pia) Bsn DSll 

o'ns t's DSll ;iy3'3 lyty? ix ay? 

Bjspya «'8 DSll ;iya'a pk isnByj 

iyts"Bp8ia I'B'o 'ii ny3'3 b'o inyo 

; iy3'3 riB lyouy: pn dsii ; :yay? 

.t!"BJ8iys ;B:yiy?yj 

Dok'ishly ddv. ('?-i!"8-'pi3) 0"-i8 

.B"B:8iyB ;-iy3'3 pk isnBya 

ook'lshness n. (Dyo-t!"8-'Pl3) DST 

PM DST ;iya'3 P8 tsnByjj"i8 pn 

'^1 na lyoijyj p't dst ; iJ"BJ8iyB 


ook'keeper ». (iyB-y<p-'pi3) =ai3 


ook'keeping n. (j:'B-y<p-'P13) »313 


ook'-learncd a. (ijnnvpia) -ya 

Mi inyo* ny3'3 en B:8py3 ; lyiy? 

.lyay? iyti"BP8nB i'b'd 

ook'-lear'nlng n. (jj'j-'TiiVpia) 

; yD'jQjyp iy3'3 ,B"pD8tiny?yj lyau 

"P8-1B I1B B'j 118 iy3'3 PB iy:iy> dst 

.iy3y> iyK"B 

ook'less a. (D»>-'pn) ny3'3 tns 

.ijyD'ii:iK ,B3yiy?yjJis 

ook'iet 7.. (tsy?-'Fia) .»?V3'3 P'JP 8 

ook'-louse n. (di8?-'P13) •iy3'3 n 

='3 yB58 BDy-IB DSll OpytJ'S 18] I'l? 


book'-ma'ker n. (iyp-'"D-'pl3) «"8 

; lyB's Bpm lyis Ba^nty dsii lyj 

iy?yjs'DyasiB 8 ; ■iyiy»0B'=iy3'a 8 

"3] iiya «iMK BJ8?ipyBD lyns lyByii 


book'-ma'klng n. (jj'p-'"d-'pi3) 

=iy3'3 ; iy3~'a typm lyis lyu'a dst 

=yii DST : 'inyTot!'=iy3'3 /nya'nt!' 

mya «imk lyTJipysD lyns vi jva 

.[tya'iJ'Byii "a] 

bodk'man n. (iyo-'pi3) =iy3'3 8 

: lyBTiiBti'yj 8 ,iyDjyny?yj 8 ,t!':yo 

S13 mo B38py3 inyo pk dsii -\v:"« 

.tysy? iyti"BP8iB t'B'D 'ii lya 

book'-mark «. (p-i8D-'Pl3) =yty5 8 

8 P8 Bjy5yj3"i8 Biyn dsii] iy3"x 

.[B?8n lyn 1811 tyD'ii is 113 

book'monger n. (iyj-:so-'pia) 8 


book'-mus'lin n. (p5-'i8n-'Pi3) 8 

.P?D1D -\V1'''< rJ83 

book'-name n. (d"3-'P13) =113 8 

8] lyOSJ iy3'?BB8E'jyD'll 8 ,iyDS3 

DSll yxj85a iyi8 irn 8 pb lyasj 

y3'?BB8B':yD'11 I'K IIJ Bxuy3 Biyii 

iya'?:nyiiyj tvi ps b'j iy3s iy3'3 


book'-no'tlce n. (d'b-'isj-'P13) 8 
8 tyjyii r'BSJ lyis B3'ny3'N ysTip 

.JJ1B"H 8 1S-I« JSnmt 8 P8 113 

book'-oath n. (nBiS-'Pi3) nyi3iy 8 

.mm lyn "3 

book of accounts' -y 118 Pi3) 

.■!I13=sb:sp ('DBJI8P 

Book of Books (Dpia 118 Pia) ='3 n 


book of commis'slons -sP 118 P13) 

.iia=DJ3i5yBis'y3:yn8ii (ijs-'k"o 

book of en'tries (tynB-'jy 118 Pia) 

"lE'iyB B-iyii oy lyaJyii ps na dst 

=yj P8 nsa bbip oy dsii Dy?8 I'ya 


Book of Es'ther (lyno-'Dy 118 Pia) 

. .inD8 n?''jD 

book'-of'flce n. (D's-'BS-'Pia) 8 

.iyBy?'3 BB'ipiya lyo ikii isb:sp 

book of In'voices -'3<s 118 Fi3) 

1811 113 DST] lU'SllBPSB (tyo-'sii 

na tyjJiwyn n B;y5y3pyii8 lyiyii Dy 
.[mino yB5yBS!'y3 
Book of Jud'ges -'istS'tT 118 P13) 
na 11a yB"iix'D8T] b^bbib' avwi' 

.[D'JWKT D'K'aO 

Book of liamenta'tlons ns Pia) 
.na's nj'ja OJSB'-'"B-:yD-y? 

book of medlta'tlon -n-yo 118 Pi3) 
.ni?Bn PB 113 8 (rsii'-'"B 

book of pnr'chases -'imb 118 Pi3) 
«V'BSJ ,iia=Da'ipj"8jyn8ii (tyD-yBiB 


book of receipts' & expen'ditures 
-n-'jys-Dpy i:v 'db'd-'t 118 Pia) 
"y383DM8 ns yDn8J3"8 dsi (nwB 
.i-iB'iya Biyii oy I8I1 113 dsi] ii3 
.[BByCTJ na riDoan ns nsxin n lya 

Book of Revela'tion -nyi 118 P13) 
oyB8D't8ns' iyj'?"n oyi (is(!'-'"J-'8 
'i] DyDB'^sPSBs lyi "lyis jJiisa 
,B3yB8BDyD oy"3 D'tiB BB'i6!> yBxy? 
1TP iy3'?BDnp nyi na Biyii dsh 
.[tsns' ?»BDSB8 oyi is lya'-iB'yjix 

book of sales (t5"D 118 Pia) =Jrn8ii 


Book of Sam'uel -p-'oVD 11B Pia) 


Book of the Dead (lyi 'nB 118 Pia) 

»D8t 8 — lyBB'jy iyj'B"xn8B Dyn I's 

B?styj lyasn ysjyii ,ni''an hb jji? 

•isoMK B'lB nsJ naer: •\s-i tyajyn 

.lyjjnyBK' iik lyinsaya- lyT'o 

book of the four kings iib pia) 

[jyWB b] y'5BB 8 (t33'P 118B 'flB 

book pla'ces (tyD-'"5s 'Pia) =:"« 

8 i'i8 ,isJ8ii B PB lyxyJB lyonyj 

.11 .t .B I'a' 

book' -plate n. (b"5s-'pi3) Jyays s 

DSII iyo<B3yj"B pa lyosj oyi b'd 

.113 8 IX BsyjpyjJS Biyii 

book'-rack «. (pyi-'pi3) nyijyBD B 

.B5lB=yiy5 8 

book'seller n. (iy-5yD-'pi3) =iya'a 

.onBD nam .tVPi^sn 

book'selUng n. (:3'B-5yD-'pia) dst 

.iya'3 lya'ipiya 

book'-shelf n. (isyB'-'pia) nya'a 8 

book'-shop n. (BBtsi-'pn) =iJ8nai3 B 

book'-stall n. (5nsBB-'P13) Bt8 

DM8 Bjy? lyo iy3?yii ei'is nyijyoD 

.lya'ipnya nix nya'a yo5B 

book'-stand n. (i:yBD-'pia) oyBD 8 

.Dyx'5SBny3'3 ; i»t 

book'-store «. (iisoD-'pi3) =313 B 

.DSiP'iya'a 8 jji5i38n 

book'-trade n. (TnB-'Pl3) =38n=1i3 

.BBys:>y:=iia ,?n 

book'-worm n. (DTSlin-'Pia) =113 

='3 BDyiBis DSII Bpytj's bib] ayisii 

DSII iy3"8 ,iy:iy5 vt< tdhd b :['iy3 

.iy3'3 PB I'l B3S1J 

book'-wri'ting «. (aj's-'Bi-'PO) 
.iy3'3 tys'nB' dst 

boom n. and v. (Bni3) J^BBiynyilP 
ny3'in b ; 5y:yT nyi ibd v» b pb 
=Bt ; lys'iy 18a iy3"s b d?8 a:BBB' 
;j38BE'=i8Bi!'iya .r^sri'isBBiiyB .yJBii 
=3yt syae* ; lyinn ,iy3»ii»3 pibbb- I't 
=BDn B ; ty?jyt y^s tyxytans ; W 
CUD lyi'iiy ; J385P lyBP'BtnyB nya 
=MBD'iB : ?ip lyBpiBBiiyB lyBBon 8 
PK n'xi5B iyj"Bt^ : lytsJaa'is : lyp 
; oBKryj P8 myay? lyiyii ; t"1b 
=MB .tyTB'JB P18BB' ; jny3y5 t»38a 
Dsi ; tyxyo'B lyis oysy tyjyii lyp 

18B lyi'B'JB IPIS lyjDlB ,!yp'1B 

.lysya's iyi8 Dyay 

boo'merang n. (jjyi-yo-'nn) VD b 

=yj jyp DSII r^sn' lyo-isn pa inyiiya 

I'l Binyp oy ts 'its lyiyn lyaisn 

i'B Dy iy:Bii pa V8?b dix pmx nis 

DS11 t85B 8 : tyisiiyj tvaisiiyj 

n '11 lyBBBJityi yBinypiya b33"-i3 

B ; ByBiBiny Drrs pa asn lyn dsii 

p'?8 P8 lyiyiJB tB "18B ty3s"ijyj 3nj 

.tyJBByjj'i-iB in's pb 

boo'mlng n. and a. (jj'o-'nia) Dsi 

:?iP lyBp'siyiyB lyaBon b tytsJB'ns 

.j'liiyin'i j'lyav? ,3'B»nD 

boom of a har'bor -'isn S 118 Dni3) 

BIX J38BE' bib] n'ia=iyB8n lyi (isa 

.[tyasn oyi tViBBts'ss 

boom -town n. (P8B-'0ni3) BISBB' 8 

tyisiiyj Bonnya lyis i"t pb osn 




>1X IVJSCB'BJJf t'N Dun OIKlii!' 8 ; DIB 

.lW8<x8?iWSD=nj8? 3i;<> 

boon «. and a. (inn) 8 : mno s 

,nj;BJiD ; B"pj'?i'avj 8 ,B8nB5n8ii 

iva iiiimov 8 ; j'Boi? ; TJnna 

Bn'8 IIB VK DP8?a D8T mi DP8?B 


boon compan'ion -'jj;b-D8p inn) 

"'BD15 8 ; is'Jsaosp nyroDi? s ds' 

.IDPJ'-IBB'D n»j 

boor n. (inn) .tfjytf nvnsij ; ivmb 

boor'lsh a. (ty^x-'inn) : B^iyns 

- .Byn?nsfjjiK ; asnj 

boor'lshly adv. (<?-i!"«-'-inn) 

'boorish ,t 

boor'ishness ». (Dy:-E!"K-'nnn) osiJ 

.B"PBsn5n!;jiii8 ; b"p 

boose «. a»(J ». (tnn) ,ii;pj'>b Jya 

=nip 8 ;pJ8nBi;j ivpibbb' 8 ; ly'nnty 


boo'ser n. (nyt-'nn) onB 8 ,113S!' 8 


boost n. and v. (Bonn) .iva'ina'iK 

IS tVDip IX lya^yn ; ivBiBU'nvBJiK 

.«l?'n 8 ,!)X'Bt!' 8 ; B38D 
The monopolist restricts the supply Iti or- 
der to boost the price. 

boos'ter ». (nj/B-'ann) is •pwa 8 

j/B'nBBSD = siBpysv n lypnsBts'nyB 

•jyopyii lyu-'iBpysy i8 iia bb81p 

.nyBiBij'iyB:i8 is ; nsiBty 

boo'sy a. ct-'nn) na s'bdi? ; niats' 


boot n. a»(? «. (ann) =J8 ; ?yiVBt!' 8 

lyn ; pii3 8 lyayj ; ?yivBt!' n isnB 

BjynnBDj'8 8i8] Jyiraty nyi!"j8aiJ' 

='J8BB' oyi B'B iyj'0"B ;[iyj'J"B IS 

; 38J1S ; iMiyj ,iysu 8 ;?yii'Bt:' lyty 

.lys'j ,iyjyn ; s"p 8 ,nyn3n 8 

boot'-black n. (py5a-'Bnn) '^aur 8 


boo'ted a. (iVB-'nn) BJsnB Dsii 

.jyiVBE' B'o ;5yii'Bi:' 

^bootee' n. Cy'B-nn).; >yii'BB'=a?8n 8 

.JyirBtf'nyn:^ 8 ; syivBa^iyosT 8 

booth n. (nBnn) 8 ,ypnn .■?rf'-''i 


boo'thage n. (E'nynB-'nn) 'nssas 

.•ny?Tn=pT8n 183 tynyBB"- ,3:1? 

booth'-kee'per n. (nys-'yp-'nBnn) 

.in»pn8D 8 I'K lya'ip-iya 8 

boot'-hook n. (pin-'Bnn) =5yirBt!' 8 

'syjpis Dis] lypsn'jyii'BB' 8 inyn's 

.[5yirB(f ly? 

boot'-hose ■«. (nsn-'Bnn) loyp'Jsii 

cjsno lyo dsii oj;ii8'5s3 yiyn:.ity3 

boo'tled o. (TB-'nn) b'd lynssyjos 
.ty38t yB3'nyj3s b'o lyisjyjjs ,2'n 

boo'tikln n. (pp-'B-'nn) "'Bty 8 

'tyBjyn nyns syivBty iy3"ii 8 ; ysyii 
=jyo iyj8-iB ?SD8 ivjy^B oy osii y^ 
=8b] b3'3 na iyB<?yj lyasn dsh \v<^ 


boo'ting n. (3:<B-'nn) iy3'3"B D8n 

hoot- .t .syivBB' lytynsaty oyn b'o 

boot'jack n. dtvm^-'i^^n^-ii) =?yii''BB' 8 

iyn'sis3sn8 yjypj'n sts] nyn's 


boot'-Iast rt. (BDy?-'Bnn) =5yivBi? 8 

»isnyn3838B] BD"5=?yirBi!' s ,5ib8P 

.[?yivBi!' ryn's 

lioot'-leg n. (3y?-'Bnn) > Bayu' « 

■jyivBB' 8 tiB [yiiy'?83] 

boot'less a. (Dy5-'Bnn) ,3?saiy ins 

.B'Bsia ins ,iysi3 ins ,is5pyiis 

boot'lessly adv. ('5-Dy?-'8nn) 

.rs535saiy ; ts?su 

boot lessness n. (Dy3-By?-'Bnn) oik 

.B"P3MS5S13 ,B"P3'S13 

boot -Uck n. (p'5-'Bnn) 18 ,iy3np 8 

.i3in 8 ,iypy?iyB3i8 

bootmaker n. (■iyp-"D-'Bnn) 8 


boot of the coach mb 118 Bnn) 

yjjyp lyn iyB:iK jyBoyp osn (stbisp 

, , .[iy3sii 8 na] 

boot -pat tern ». (ny-'Bya-'Bnn) 
=y? lyp'BE' n iyn"3B'isD'i!< nyBDio 8 
='Ba' Bny3y3 lyiyii oy ysjyii na lyn 

boot -pow'der n. (nyn-'isB-'ann) 

Dis ,v& y33y 18a lyiia] iyiiB=p?8B 

.[DiBi'eiMK iyn'sisa''n8 iyB3"5 "t 

boot -pulls n. (t?iB-'Bnn) 

hoot-hooTc ,\ 

boots n. (BBnn) lysiB'jyivBE' iyi 

n BsiB DS11 syBSii 8 PK iy3yn s] 

.[bdw '1 na syivBty 

boots and sad'dles ijy DBnn) 

=y'iy?8ii8P n iyBnB''i3is dsi (TJiyo 

'1 fi'is] iyi<BBiD isa tyB8i5sD 

, , .[nya 

boot'-stock'ings n. -'p8BD-'Bnn) 

=iy3n8 tyiyii y35yii Dyp'Jsii (t33'K 

.jyii'BB' '1 iy3'8 iy3'isy3 

boot -strap n. (ayiBD-'Bnn) I8 

lyn DS11 B'o] -5yirBB' 8 na lyix 

.[bib I'li'iN jyirBiy oyi n'lis an's 

A man can not lift himself by his own 

boot'-stretch'er n. -'lyByiBD-'onn) 
iyn'sixiyi3838a BjynnBDj's 18 (iy 

boot'-top n. (s8B-'Bnn) =5yivBi!' iyi 

.[yiiy'?s3] BByE' 

boot -top'plng n. (33'8-'B8B-'Bnn) 

=<i8 oyi iy3'3"i lyis ty3i8a dsi 

I'lya's T'K DS11 ,iTts' na 5"b lyats'iyn 

8 na iyB"T n iy3'3"i dsi jiyosii 

.3 .1 .8 yBs?a ,tsi3 na v<i> 

boot'-tree «. (ynB-'Bnn) 

boot-last .t 
boo'ty «. CB-'nn) ,[non5n rx] 3'n 
,t'iB 8 ; :3nyi3'?B ; iy38t yBS'nya 

.B3'liy3 -8 

booze n. and v. (tnn) ,iyp3'iB38 in 

.p:8iBy3 lypiBBt^s ; ly'iniyis 

boozed a. (irnn) .Bt!"Dis ,B'ii3B''y33« 

boo'zcr n. (lyt-'nn) O'lB 8 ,113B' s 

, .lyp 

boo ziiy adv. cj-n-'nn) ='inti' s 1*8 

.UBBcis Dy3yp3nBy3 ,ty 

boo'ziness ». (Byj-M-'nn) .nn3{!' 

boo'zy a. (M-'nn) na j<bdi5 ,ii3E' 

bo-peep n._ ('sy'B-is3) =DuyB?yny3 


borac Ic o. (p'N-'Dyi-83) =y3 Dsii 

IS T'ti' t'8 Dsii ,DP8iS3 na Bnyatf 

, , .DP8183 

borac'ic acid -'oy p'8-'Dyi-S3) 

•oniya Vfvam 8] yiy'n=is3 (t8 

=811 118 eisBty'iy^it u>a is3 na 33n 

, .[eiSBif'iyB 

bo racite n. (B'BD-yvisa) ,b<S81S3 

^ , .y'ty338D yiy'ii«i»3 

bor'age «. (!yn"«-'is3) ,t:'ByiS3 

Biyil 0811 ysJ8?B 8t8] tsu'Wiyjis 

=yn D?8 T)8 Ml ,B858B D?8 B3ni3y3 

.[?yB<D DyB"3'sn 

Boras'sus n. (BS-'Dyi-S3) po 8 

.D'n>iyo?8B iyj8P''iB8 
borates. (B"i-'is3) .y58t yiy<it=is3 

bo'rax.w. (Dpyi-'1S3) 8] DP81S3 

omya iyi iib Bnyatyajy dsii r58t 
Biyii .81SD B'D yiy'it=iS3 na 3311 

.?yB'a iyt!"BByD<B38 D?8 Bsuy3 

'Va iy3'3"i Dis Bsi3y3 vi« Biyii 

bordat n. ('Byi-is3) iy3'l 8I8 


bor der n. and u. (iyi-'ins3) ,1381 

8 na] ry3yi3 ;3yi3 ;bis3 ,D'it 

:331D8a3"K jyiSB'iyB ,1385 ;[1385 

=3s : ryx3yi3 ; iys3yi3y3 ; iyD8a3"K 


bordereau' n. ('nsi-yi-is3) 5y3n 8 

="3 iy3yii iyB"n5ys3"s B58nB3y dsii 

.iyB3yoipsi j;i3y3y'5 

bor'derer n. (iy-iyi-'ins3) >i>y3yi3 

B:yns3 B3nsii dsii iy3"K] iy3nsiiy3 

^ , .[!'y3yi3 na 

bor'derers on the sea -iyi-'ins3) 

iwnsii DSII iyE'3yD (y<D 'na 18 tiy 

.D' 3yi3 a"3 

bor derlng ,». (3:'K-iyi-'ins3) dsi 

nSBB- iyi ;D'1I lyis 1381 8 iy3813 

.DMt lyis 1381 8 na 

bor'derlng-town «. 33<K-iyi-'ins3) 

.BisDB'»i*y3yi3 8 (nsB 

bor der-land n. (I3y5-iyi-'ins3) 

"lis iyE"iis YViVM iyi (i'ik i385 

.i"C3yB"iis ,i'y3yi3 ;ni3'ia 

Bor'ders n. (tiyi-'ins3) 138? Dsi 

.1385BSt5' lis 138533y lytJ-MlS 

border war (msiin iyi-'in83) 

.ry3yij o'n nonso s 

bor dure •«. (iin-'ins3) ,D'it iyi 

.3310833^8 '1 ;1381 iyi 

bore n. and v. (iis3) ; iy33V .lyiyn 

-M3 ;iy3<BDy?y3 ,P<3113 ;3313'BBy?y3 

=y3 ; iy33'ii3iii ; lyiynB'is ,iyiy 

"in 8 ; iy5"113385 ; 138383S3 m'BDB? 

.y'58ii3 ys 

bore (11S3) bear .\ .lyjsioyi 

bo'real a. (?j;-<i-'is3) ,B"t IIBS is 

lyiS tlBS IS V^tff P8 DSll ;3'1'I1BS 

.13Ml=IiaS DIS 

Bo reas •«. (oy-n-'isi) iyB58p iyi 

t'K] i3'ii IIBS na BS3 iyi ;i3'ii nas 

.[y''3s5SB'D iyi:'nii3 in 

bore'cole n. (?isp-'iiS3) B'11P3'13 
B'J Vl BI'OISB DSII B'llp PO 818] 

.[iy5Byp P8 




ire'dom n. (Dsn-'li(j3) : DVp'Jiij 
iviffii Bj'BDyjya dst ; iwoDj/Sya 
r?"iijj{}5 ; \v•\v^^ B?'M»J8?y3 dst 

Such foolish talk la commonly heard in 

ir'er n. Civ-'iisa) =y3 s rwiiV 18 

StS ; Dnsil=B' 8 ; piJllJ 8 ; nWDDV? 

I'ric a. (p»n-'is3) Dnyowa D8ii 
DP81S3 IS VV> VVi DS11 ; DP8n83 IIB 
I'ric ac'ld (tin-'ds pn-'i«2) 

boraoic acid .i 

I'ride re. (Tv'.isa) ■IJ'B !;E"oy3 8 

.58t3yD 8 B<Ki T83 113 ::nj'3 

ir'lng «. (jj'iN-'-ii83) ; |y-iy<i3 DST 

,iy?'"ii«85 D8T ;is? yoiy''i3yj3nn 8 



-ya-3j'8-'iiS3) ■». 

lynsnyiyn 8 Vvvr 

.ri5'8o>?m 8 

)r'ings n. -'iiss) 

iyjyats'=-iy3jy (t3J'8 

DS11 ly^ijysis' n] 

=y'13 Cl"3 38 ty?8B 

>rn (ns3) ;tns3yj 
bear .r .iyis3y3j"8 
)rn again' ns3) 
iyi83yj "J ciyj-y 
118 i3D"j .i<K lyiyii 
I'x VI ;'iyBP8n83 
.tyiyijyois lysosj 
)pne (nis3) 'Bioyj 

.BU'DCiyBJlX : tyj Boring-machine 
hear .t 
>rnous' n. conU'-Tp) homouse .t 

>rnouse' n. conu-TU) ny3y?8ii 8I8 
.[iy3''8ny3 yiJ'iyiJ8iv n "3] 5yBJ8o 

j'ron re. (isi-'l»3) nyB"By3 8] ns3 

Dyi?'3 oy iy3?yii iib Bjyny^y'iJnj 

.[.3 .1 .8 1>581=TS3 ,iy'lt='183 VI 
)p'ough re. (1S-'1)S3) •BIBBB' ,B1SBB' 

.yi:"ny3 : pTisy3=5n8ii 8 ; i>vtV2 
jr'ongh-el'der re. (•iyn-'?y-i8-'iS3) 

'BTSBE' -\S1 ,B18B(!' tlB lynyBtJiTSB 8 

jp'ough-head ■«. (iyn-l8-'i83) 
borough-elder .t 

jp'ongh-mas'ter re. -'Dya-18-'TS3) 
.iyBD"nny3T<3 lyi (nyB 
jr'oughmonger re. -3sd-18-'183) 
D811 ,iy38D ■iyiS"B'?sB 8 ny3 
•n8ii n "3 lyo'B!!' iyny38ii'iya B3y5B 
ivl'o-isa& yjyBiBinyB y3"5p ^'8 ly? 

.138?3jy iy3'?SD8 P8 

op'oughmongering re. -is-'is3) 
=511811 B'D inoB lyT (3:'8-ny3-38D 

'BiyBc y3yBn8inyB y3"?p n iib Bsyn 

.i38?3jy lys'issas i'8 ,iy> 

Bp'ough-pate re. (B"1-i»-'183) n 

.J3i?ns!{38 y(s"BnsBii' 

Bp'ough-town re. (n8B-18-'"i83) 18 

op' row n. oreiJ u. (is-'T83) ,ty3TS3 
=yiip -wioviB 8 iib tyonyo ;iyiT'?B38 
=38 ny Bany3 lyo 1811 bts is ; y? 
.Bns iyi38 18 rysiy B'onyn iy>'Bix 
op'power re. (-iy-i8-'-i83) iy3"8 .1 
»8'38?a 8 .2 ; iy)tyB»8 "3 83-183 D811 
B'D VI BV13y3 D811 'iy3"8] 1SB 

118 B"3i8 •iyt!"i8'iyB'? lyiDyiB 
.[iyD83 Dy3y3"8 pn nyB3i8 B3"ib' 

1. Neither a borrower nor a lender be. 
3. Some literary men are borrowers. 

bop'powing re. (33'8-18-"l83) D81 

.iyvyD'8 "3 iy3ns3 d«t ,iyn"? 
bops'holdep re. (iyi-?i8n-'D"ins3) 

borough-elder .t 
bos'cage re. •(Binyp-'D83) iyj"?p ,ci3 
.p':i8BDip ,?yi?yii 
bosh re. and v. (ts'83) ,B"Pt!"l83 
.I»380 y?8P ; i!'n83 iy5i38n ; niBiy 
bosh'bolc re. (ps3-'(J'B3) .P83=l58ll 8 
bosk n. (PD83) ■iyB3ny3 •iy3"?p 8 


bos'kage re. (t!'nyp-'D83) boscage .1 

bos'ket ■«. (Byp-'D83) .?yi?yii I"?p 8 

bos'ky o. (ip-'D83) Bpyiy3 ,3n58ii 

.5yi5yii 8 B'i3 

bos'ky a'cpes (np"8 'p-'D83) lin 

.138? yB?"By338 ■lyjD'n 

bo'som re., v. and a. (DSt-'ni3) ISI 

:D"ny3 ps lyBJsn ;BDn3.n .o'ln 

D1S iyp<-nis ; lysisn pk iy3n83nyB 

.BMiBiya ,D<Bj'8 ,D"ny3 ; ivkibh 

bo'som , fpiend (i3yia BSt-'nu) 

■|ya'B3'8 ,7yB3n83 8] 13"nB=D'I13 8 


bo'som in'tepest -yB-'3'« BSI-'ni3) 

=D33'53y'? 8 ,yyT'8=D33i53y'5 8 (Boy-i 


bo'som lov'ep (ly-'iis? DSt-'nu) 

.iyB3y'5y3=D"n 8 

bo'som of the sea 11s Qst-'ni3) 

.0' iiB t}"3yBy'B (yo 'hb 

bo'som-pock'et re. (By-'P8a D8t-ni3) 

.y3yB'yp=Dyti3 8 

bo'som se'cret (ByiP-''D Dst-'ni3) 

.110 iy3'B3'll 8 

bo'som sin (po ast-'ni3) »"ny3 8 

.13'! yn 

bo'som thief (tiy<nB Dsi-'ni3) ="n 8 

.333 iyt!"D 

bos'quet n. (Byp-'D83) bosket t 

boss »., V. and a. (DS3) DP'liy3 ,ti3 

=yD iia] B83P jnyp'in nysiyp t'fi'is 

=18 ;[331TiXiyB D58 PU lyiS 58B 
='8 331X18BB'D'n8 18] BD"?«DB"3 

Biyii D811 B"ppn yBnyi8By3 >i 'iy3 

B13 iy3yp IS iy?"B»!y3'!S'8D "3 B38By3 

■ '■\-ivi lyoip D811 tysyJB n iyB'"3i8y3 
-\Vt ; pn38a 8 iia n'3n=?y3 ;[«iii3 

»Piyil IVIS p''n38B 8 P8 ■iyBD"o 

iyt!"B'5sB 8 IIB n<3n=?y3 lyi ; B8Bty 
8 -lyin'B 8 ;[8P'-iyD8 P8] "Bisa 
•MI-IS lyprnDiis Dis ayiia 8 : Bann 
;58ByD IIB yi3yBB'3y3y3 typ8nD'iK 
-'318 P8 iy33n'X-)yB y'B?i3 y35yt8 

;B?13 iy38B ;3'Tiyp'iri iy38D : llBPyB 

IIB ; BB'in ; iyD8B3'i8 ,iyB?8inys 

.yD8?P lyBBJiy na ,b'isd iyBDy3 

bos'sage re. (t!'n"8-'D83) =D'n8 8t8 

.yi"3y3 8 PN p'Btc iyi3y!:i8Bt!' 

bossed a. (bd83) : b5i3 ,3iTiyp'in 

=y3 ; BD8By3Bii8 ; By;p b'd Bxiay3 

bos'sism re. (BI'8-'D83) •'?y3 DSI 

n ,"Bn8B iyB"B'?sa 8 pk lyiiy'na 
=sa 8 iy3'8 isnys 8 tia y?siB3SP 

."B18B iy(!"B'? 

boss It (B'8 D83) .iyiiy'n3'<5y3 

boss one about' ('Bl83-y tsiin DS3) 

boss one around .i 

boss one apound' -y tsiin DS3) 

.lyxyD'K iy3'8 iyiiy'n3>'?y3 ('i3ibt 

D3j;syD'8 ■iy3'i8 nyi y?iB n tyssn 


bos'sy re. and a. ^'8-'DS3) BXlsyB 
«5yiiy3 ; 3n3yiiy'n3="?y3 :sy3p b'd 

.35BP 8 ;3n3y3'B 

bos' ton re. (I8B-'D83) 'lyBISP 818 

•Wl IIB BBBBB' iy083 lyi] ^VBIV 

.[I8BD83 B18B1!' 

bot re. (B83) ,[5yanyii] ys'n n 

=nyB n vi BSyp'iiBjy oy iy3?yii iib 

.3y'i?B»nyB n •,iv'>a 

bot. botanic pa 33isi<piya 8 

Botal's' duct (BP81 'T?yB-83) 8 

"3 113 B1''38'SP31B BSll iyiS=Bl53 

iyi 183 ,i'i3 D'lyBiD iy"t P8 iyi3'p 
=s'vp3iB IS ti'18 iy Biyn iy38 Bii3y3 

"Bloodvessels of the .518 i 
Human Body" 
botan'ic o. (p'K-'3yB-83) r'8 DSII 

iy3yii yiny? n] P'38B83 is v<tf 

. [ iyS385B 

botan'ical a. (5y-p'8-'3yB-83) 

botanic .t 
botan'ical gap'den 5y-p'8-'3yB-s3) 

.iyB183 iyB"38B83 8 (n'183 

botan'ically adv. -5y-p'K-'3yB-S3) 

=83 IS y3133 ;iyP'38B83 8 '11 <'8 

botan'ics re. (DP'8-'3yB-B3) P'38B83 

.[iys385B iy3yii yiny? 'i] 

bot'anise v. (t'83-y-'B83) P8 l»3it 

iiypyiis yB"38BB3 ibb iys38?a iy?DBt 

D81 lyi'llBiy ; iy31»iyB318 t!"38B83 

.iys38?B tiB iy3y? 

bOt'anist n. (BB'3-y-'BB3) ='38B83 

.iy3yp=iyx38?a ,iyp 

bot'anize v. (t'83-y-'B83) P8 lyait 

;iypyiis yB"3BB83 ibb iys38?B iy?B8r 

BB1 lyi'llBB' ; iy3inyB318 B"3BB83 

.iys38?B IIB iy3y? 

bot'any n. ('3-p-'B83) ; p'38BB3 


botap'gO re. (1B3-'18B-83) •=iy?B8'11811 
.IB'llBP iyt!"3y'?8B'K IIB 

botch re. and v. (cbbs) =183 8 
=3y?i!' ;iy3i8nyB ,iyiii'Biy3'B .e/aso 
; iyB8?iyB ; "lyE'BBBiBa ,b"318 ya 

'IBtfB'UlS ; EJBBBIBB 8 '11 lyBS'liyB 

.1's By '11 tyiiyp 
botched job (38(!'tl bb'BB3) =18B 8 

.B"318 ?yp<BB' ypt^BBB 
A skilled worlunaa will never make a 
botched Job. 

botch'ep re. (iy-'i!'B83) ; B'BBBIBb 8 

.P»3B1B8? 8 

botch'epy re. cx-iy-'t^BBB) =eibbbi8S 

.B"318 yp 

botch up (68 En583) =8B18BB'131S 

.t'8 By '11 iyiiypiBB'B'i3is ; lytyo 

botch'y o. ('N-'iye83) .cyt^BBBiBB 

bot'-fly n. ('8?B-'D83) .3'?B=nya 

both a., pr., adv. and c. (nBi83) 

: '=i"?3is yi"3 ; lyBBtis yi"3 ; yi"a 

.1"?31S : '118 BP31B 

both'er n. and v. (iy-'nB83) .lyiyBiS' 

=13 ,B8P 8 lynyii ; lyts? nn is b'3 

.3181 ,B8B8?3 ,ii"3ynyiiB8P -.wi 

bothepa'tion re. (l86!'-'"1-y-nB83) 

: 3i8t iy38D B81 ; bbp b tynyn bbi 


both epsome a. (D8B-iy-MB83) =318 

.3'BBy? : y3ii3 ; Bny3y338 

both'-han'dedness re. -'3yn-'nBl83) 

••iyi B'D tysi3y3 iy3yp bbi (By3-iyi 

iyi "3 i3yn yi"3 b"pb3"? iy3?yt 

i»i o'B iyB"2i8 lyjyp obi ,B"aiB 




■-2l/^ i»T CO M1 BiJ '118 ijsn ijjpj'? 


both'-sides rogue tT8D-'nisi83) 

118 DJ"8 OIV) 13811 .llfiVO 8 (J18T 

t'8 D811 iyj"8 : i!'mJ8 DVSV tl3"0 

'8 .ITIB '8 t'8 D811 ,»?8 B'D OIJ 


bo'-tree n. (v'lo-'isa) ="B iBj'S'in 8 

.iDBBnu n "3 D'i3=iw 

bot'ryold o. (Ts-'-i-'osa) 

botryoi'dal a. (5yi-''s-ii-B83) =jnjf 

iSJVii] t»3'nB:"ii 5y3jyn s is i'? 

.[iy?8ny:'o vdmivj 

bOtS n. (.DOSa) 'W DSll D'lVll I'D 8 

«ji8 ri-tvs ns T'iii;3j'8 i'8 ^'( ij/j's 
=t8J 'T 1'8 ti8 ri'P iia ?y3 ist lyo 

bott ». (B83) 60* .t 

bot'tle n. and v. (5B8b) =8? 8 ; i!'8?a 

8 :5ytsj'a 8 •.•\v&vi>s ws:h ;5yj 

.lv?Q:'a i'8 tyiJ'a ; "n jytu'a 

bot'tle-bel'lied a. (T8-'5j;a-'?t5sa) 

B8n D8II ,t!'85B 8 '11 I'la 8 BSn DSll 

.Tia iVD'na 8 

bot'tle-bird n. (iTia-'5B8a) nvT 

B'la DS11 5W1S Bts] ?vj'ia=t!'8?a 

.is'8?a 8 lis ansa lyT i'8 bdw i"t 

bot'tle-brush ». (u-sia-'Josa) 8 

818 ; iyt:'8?B iy3'J"T dis jyasynya 

.ys:85B B-i8t 

bot'tle-case n. (B"P-'5B8a) »y] 818 

.t!'8?B 8 iiB iJipyiya yjyaasJa 

bot'tled u. (i5B8a) I'x t'8 D8II 

ra"a=p'T ; ivts'S^a 

bot'tled spi'der (nyi-''8BD i5B8a) 

.I'SE' yj'3"a 8 

bot'tle-flow'er n. (iy-'i85a-'5B8a) 

.ni?3=nsp 8 

bot'tle-friend n. (ijynB-'?B83) .8 

.t"ii 5yty53 8 IS lyina lyBu 

bot'tle-glass n. (Dy?:-'5B83) =8?a 

,[tS?3 B18t lyCDBlS 8] (BJMyB" 

bot'tle-green a. (iy'ij-'5B83) «5yp3iB 

bot'tle-hol'der .n. (nyn-'?isn-'5B83) 

'T ''3 BiSJS 'T tyB58niXJ8 J"Syj 8t8 

.-i!;D"aT8 lyrs^a'tsJJ 

bot'tle-jack n. (pyE'n-'5B83) tyst!' 8 

.lyBBia Qis 

bot'tlenose n. (tisj-'5B83) "153 8 

.Tiatf 8 tia \si ya'n 

bot'tle-nosed a. (Ttis>'5B83) D8I1 

•Biiii'yja'is P'T 8] t8J yp'iy3i8 I8 Dsn 

.[ty'iiau' iiB t83 y:y5 

bot'tle-pump n. (SDsa-'5B8a) ;8 

1'8 ,B'85B 8 iy38a IS typlIB BST8B8 

.B"pj'D'5B lyiiyj i'8 ov ny3?yii 

bot'tler n. (ny5-'B83) D8II ny:"8 

,t"ii iyD'jisJ8 t'8 jjij'BBytfya i"t 

.tye'BJS I'8 .3 .1 .8 DIB'TBD 

bot'tle-rack n. (pyi-'Jcsa) =tyt!'85B 8 
=8?BiyB58n IS 1811 syBOTj 8] syDts'yj 

bot'tle-screw n. (nnPD-'?B83) 8 


bot'tle-shaped a. (Ba"B'-'5B83) >8?B 


bot'tle-stand n. (iayBB-'5D83) =8?a 8 

pyii8 Bjyat!' lya ixii] y38?iyB3i8 \se> 

.Ciyjyp'iB tvtJ'8>B 

bot'tle-tit n. (d'd-'5B83) py=iyB'85B 

.[P» iy338? 8 B'D y5y3'ia 8t8] 

bot'tle-tree n. (yiiB-'5B83) "iyt!'85B 
BSll ,B'13 ■iyt!"581BD'18 818] B'13 

.[t!'8?a 8 116 yoi8a 't Bsn 080^ r't 


bot'tle up (B8 5B83) =y3 ; iyp3yny3 

.mat i'8 iyB?8n 

bot'tle-wax n. (Bpyiin-'?B83) ^lyts-sJa 


bot'tling-machine' n. -33'5-'B83) 

'1VS 118 tvS'B IS yp3't!'8D 8 d'c-ya 

.iyi!'8?B typ^8P 

bot'tom n., v. and u,. (D8-'B8a) =8a 

:P?n=iyB3'n :DyBy na pyi : Bjn3 .lyn 

8 tia 1311338 ;5lBt!' 8 IIB v't lyT 

Bsy t D811 ] iyii"n ; 1385385b ; lyosii 
=83p nyi ;[b"P3'B'5b 8 na as I't 
-iyBt5''iyB3i8 niE' 8 iiB 5'it 118 5ya 
=P'iiB'i8 ; 318313113 ; DyBy na 5"B 
; pyi 8 iy5yBt!'3"i8 ; iyi3'i3y3 ; iy5 

'B'llS ; 51BS!' 8 1'8 r't 8 iy5yBt^3"18 

n'E' si'i8 5yB83p 118 iy5'it iy3y5 
iyi3'i3 Tt ;3i8ai3n3 'i iy3y5 
B3'By3 DSll ; iyiiyB3ii3iyi t.-.Tis 

VDBD I'l B3'ay3 DSll ; B3113 I'f|'18 I't 

iyi8 yBD3'll'3 DSl t'8 D811 ,iyD3'il 

.58B3yD8131B ; yBl!'iyB31N 

bot'tom chairs (iiiyij'B DS-'083) 
ft 8 iyBay5a3"i8 lyis iy3s5ts'B'ii8 

.51QB' 8 I'8 

bot'tom-dol'lar n. -'58l-dS-'B83) 

y3y(!'yp I's iy5si iyBsy5 lyi (is 

bot'tomcd a. (id8-'B83) 8 Bsn Dsn 

I3ity3 ,B'i3y3 pisBts" ; pyi 

bot'tom-land »■ (l3y5-BS-'B8a) 

ypyiB(S'1385 ; 1385385B yi83B3113 

.i"B 8 na 3yi3 d"3 

bot'tomless a. (Dy5-DS-'083) s ins 

.pyi 8 ins ; lya i'5i3y3iK ,i3ii3 

bot'tomless pit (d'B Dy5-os-'B83) 

.D3n'3 IIB 131133S IVt 

bot'tom of the stairs us BS-'Bsa) 

.syiB yBB'iyB3i8 (tmyBD 'na 

bot'tomry n. ci-os-'Bsa)- =1S3 DSl 

D58 tl'tS" 'l] Vli> 8 ei'18 15y3 iy3 

.[ 1131^0 

bot'tomry-bond «. -'l-DS-'B83) 

='iyB 8 na Dp8iB3sP'n"5 lyi (i383 

.pi'tjj yo'siaB^n 

bot'tomry-let'ter n. 'i-os-'B831 

bottomry-bond .t (ly-'cy? 

bot'tom up a, cask y as DS-'B83) 

.D8a 8 I's pyi 8 iy5yt3is'3"i8 (psyp 

bou'doir n. (l8-11-'ni3) 8] 181113 
D3yBB"n yaSl 8 11B iyD'S=B811'lS 

.[DDy3 yD'D3'8 tyony3ixa'i8 

bouffe n. (em) .8iyss yc'DSP 8 

bouge n. and v. (tj'tinia) na I'la "i 

.pyi i'8 185 8 tyaso ; dsb s idsb 8 

bough n. and v. (isa) na 3"iis 8 

ty38D ; iy3"iis b'd typyiya ; B'la s 
.iy3"iis o'o lyBsty 8 

bough'-pot n. (B8S-'183) iyB'113 8 
.Bypi3 8 ; yt811=iyoi53 8 ; BSB»iyDl53 
bought (0,183) ^uy .t .Ba'lpy3 

bou'gie n. Ciytl-'n) y3yDP811 8 
='3111'3 8] 13St iy08t3'13 8 : B3'5 
»y33"18 Biyil D811 B3yDnBD3'K iy» 
ty3'51i'3yD 113 iy5838p 'l 1'8 Bin'B 

bouil'Ion n. (i8'-'5i3) iy3"i] ls'5ia 

.[E"'5B lis Bit 

boul'der n. and v. (iyi-'5i83) "113 8 

BS53 ; i"Bt!'3yt5ya lysyaisinys lyB 

.iya"5B'38 ,iy3"i3s 

boul'der-clay n. ("5P-iyi-'5iS3) 8t8 

.D"5 yoBya 

boul'der-head n. (iyn-iyi-'5iS3) 8 

8 na Ba8Dy3 oiyii bsii yaD8i I'o 

,D' D"3 iysy5P y3y3s5B'y33"i8 n"i 

=8113«D' '1 IIB 3yi3 Dyi lyS'ii' is '13 

bou'levard n. (Ii8ll-y5-'i3) 1811513 

=y3 ,iyiy'S8Bl!' DIS B83 yD"13 8] 
="3 IIB iyD'13 B'D BS385ay3 i'53nyii 

.[iyB"t yi 
bouUm.'ia n. (8-'8-'D'5-ia) =83318 18 

.[B"np381P 8t8] D'BySS iy3'51'D 

bou'limy n. ('d-'5-'13) boulimia .t 
bounce «., v. and adv. (B3183) 

lyplSBt!' 8 ;3311BtS' iy3'5Sy5B 8 
8 ; PD81B 8 ,583P 8 ; D185 8 : B85P 

'8D ; iy3'5 iyD'113 8 ,"iyDn'iy3 
; iy33'iBE'a8 : iy33'iBi!'3s 5st Dy lya 

'D'118 ; l'5sy5B ; iy33'lBB'38 i»5sy5B 

na iy3';iBD'ii8 ,iyB'5t!'D'i8 ,iyBi8ii 
.y5yBi!' 8 

bounce'able a. (53y-'B3i8a) Dsil 

DSll ;[yp5'B 8 '11 ] iy33'iaE'38 lyp 

'St lyis "lyon'iys is 33i3"3 'i Bsn 

.iy3'5 iy3 

bonn'cer n. (iyB-'3l83) ; iy33'lBE' 
=3'5 iyB'113 ; iya8D=Di85 ,iyDn'iy3 
=i8Bti' yD'ii3 8 ; iy3'5 iyD'113 8 ;iy3 
Biyii BS11 331' lypisBi!' 8 ; istiys yp 
»SBDyi 8 I'S ,5yBsn s I's iyB58ny3 
iyai8iisisD'ii8 iyD8yno lyis isi 
"113 inyt DsiiDy ; Boys yB6!'3'iiy3>B'3 


boun'cing a. (33'D-'3183) ; 3'iy3y5 
=n'iy3 ; iy3'5 3'i3y3st ; pisBtv ,b'ii3 
iy"ny33is ;i3y3"iDiy3'8 3'i3ya 


boun'cingly adv. ('5-33'D-'3l83) =83P 

=ayip ; DyaD's b'd ; j'i5yDiD ; 3'i3y5 

."iyDn'iy3 b'd ;3'b 

bound »., V. and a. (I3i83) ; vy3yi3 
; iy33'iB!i'a8 ; iy33''iBty iyts5 ;33nBB' 
=3"8 ,iys3yi3y3 ; iysy3yi3 ; ty33'iaB' 
=iyB ; iyi3i3y3 : iyD'5(j'3"s ; lypjyiB' 
; D'liys ,iya't ; iyi3i3y3is ,ByB3'5aB 
tny3 IS 3'i3y3"5p I't lyis 3'i3yny3 
.r85a iyBD'Bt!'y3 8 is 

boun'dary n. ('i-yi-'3i83) .ry3yi3 

boun'ded a. (iyi-'3183) Bsn DSll 

=iyB ,iyi3i3y3 ; DS3yi3ya ; vy3yi3 s